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No. 252024

This thread is for Hetalians to talk about both the Anime series and Manga.

"Draw a circle, that's the earth!"
Post about:
>Your Fav character/s
>Ships and shipping wars
>Hetalia media/Fan media
>Fandom activities New and Old
>Anything your Hetalian heart desires!

No. 252027

Do you think your country's portrayal is anywhere close to accurate? On the same note, what are the weirdest or least fitting characterization choices in your opinion?

No. 252032

> least fitting characterization choices in your opinion?
All of them

No. 252033

from what little i have seen and read since they have only been a part of the manga since recently, it's okay. although, many have headcannon them to be a girl for the harem-esque material considering they've been colonized by a few of the main casts. so i was kind of surprise that they turned out to be a guy and is more close to their neighboring countries as opposed to other characters, which irl we're not.

No. 252037

File: 1667306253088.jpg (337.53 KB, 900x831, 96161991_p28.jpg)

I randomly got back into this Hetalia earlier this year. I still feel kind of embarrassed about it but the comics are cute and nice to read. Prussia was my favorite character when I was younger

No. 252038

I'm not catching up to the series rn and I'm kind of afraid to (potentially) see it for myself so I'll just ask here… is Hidekaz uuuh portraying the current Ukraine/Russia situation or nah? In World Stars he lampooned Brexit so is he doing the same with the war..?

No. 252043

Newer Hetalia fanart is kinda different from old fanart

No. 252045

I don't think any of them are really that accurate, only the stereotypes are accurate. However what himaruya did to south korea should put him in jail…

No. 252054

by weird/unfitting i mean not even really matching the stereotypes, such as Poland being a crossdresser for some reason…

No. 252072

I hate you nonnie for making this
no but seriously that shit and it's fanfiction shaped a lot of my tastes today i'm so ashamed fuuck

No. 252074

it sure as hell did bring the concept of country humanizations to a new generation.

No. 252077

I think it was babys frist yaoi for a lot of nerdy girls who were too much of a coward to see and seach their own Yaoi (i sure as hell was) especially if you were on the sigtly edgy side of the internet where Yaoi was a cringe sin (again, gulty)

No. 252079

it's both and that's why it had such an impact

No. 252085

Don't be ashamed nonny, it was the same for me. It gave me a military uniform fetish and a pec fetish, made me seriously interested in history and geography, helped me discover my favorite band and a whole new music genre, helped me learn hiragana and katakana, etc.

No. 252088

A lot of the characters' traits are based on Himaruya's personal experiences with that country or people from that country. For example, Greece liking cats because Himaruya's Greek college friend liked cats a lot, even though, I've heard, most Greek people hating cats (while the cat lovers are mostly in Turkey).
Another known inaccuracy is Sweden and Finland's personalities being like the opposite of what people from those countries are stereotyped as (correct me if I'm wrong though), which was one of the reasons why Humon created Scandinavia and the World

No. 252089

>most Greek people hating cats
do they really? the last time I was in Greece they seemed to be treated quite okay, not as nicely as in Turkey though indeed, Istanbul is full of kitties which does also add a lot to its charm.

No. 252092

Well, that's what I read a long time ago, maybe it's a stereotype that exists or not, and even if it exists, stereotypes can be wrong.
But Turkey should've been the cat lover, that would be much more accurate.

No. 252094

or both of them and have their love of cats be the only thing they agree on while hating each other otherwise

No. 252096

I feel like himaruya's portrayal of england is unironically more accurate than the one i've seen from humon and polandball, even though he has a tendency to woobify him a bit TOO much. He's more of an actual bastard kek

No. 252097

That would've been so cute

No. 252111

Is the fandom still alive these days?

No. 252164

It still gets merch occasionally so I imagine there's at least some semblance of Japanese fanbase left.

No. 252174

Who remembers this video?
I used to fangirl so hard over this
Simpler times that was…

No. 252177

Holy shit this brought me waaaay back

No. 252187

Based, nonnie. He is my favorite too. I love him so much

No. 252189

samefag, but I miss the days when I could spend all day downloading Hetalia MMD models to posing them and making my favorite pairing kiss kek.
Since we are here? What are your favorite countries, nonnies? Any fanfic recs?

No. 252190

I am a retard, I am the same nona from >>252187

No. 252195

File: 1667344337446.jpg (64.91 KB, 500x677, 71bd0b2654fd335aa53bbafee3467b…)

The mmd fan animations were so fun.
Reader insert or pairings fics?

No. 252199

File: 1667345076285.jpg (55.98 KB, 593x590, 2f5b136c95316f44e403ae387220cf…)


No. 252207

It is, but it's not what it used to be. It seems there's a lot of Japanese Hetalia fangirls still (with a huge overlap with other fandoms like Enstars). But in the west it's pretty rare to see someone who openly admits to liking it.

No. 252263

mine kinda got personality changed a bit

No. 252265

Anyone remember that genre of reader insert fanfics where you got delivered chibi versions of Hetalia characters as pets? kek

No. 252272

File: 1667353817503.png (551.88 KB, 500x666, romanonendo.PNG)

They've been making nendoroids of the characters since about 2018ish, with the most recent one being Romano. I have all of the characters for their first releases so far (been collecting them as they come out) but none of the re-releases in different outfits. I also have the Italy pop-up parade figure. I remember when Hetalia had a huge western fanbase everyone would complain that there were no nendos of them. I'm really glad they make them now I always wanted some lol
Does anybody ever miss how big the community used to be in the west? I think it might be a rose tinted glasses thing because the community was always full of spergs and later became super militantly pc like on tumblr. I miss having a constant stream of discussion and fanart it was fun

No. 252278

File: 1667354563193.jpg (205.9 KB, 1624x490, 4b33448e0dfc6833a3d4779d903e1f…)

Those choose ur fav character fics and multi character fics were my fav!! Honestly shoutout to the authors that made fics with different scenarios for the dozens of characters and even catering the male fans and lesbian self inserts.

No. 252279

File: 1667354789587.png (66.02 KB, 237x211, shady.png)

>male fans

No. 252280

File: 1667355239789.jpg (Spoiler Image, 164.91 KB, 720x540, uxmem.jpg)

Tbh the way people were not so afraid of being pc made things fun. Obviously tho that didnt mean the community was supportive of racism or prejudice. Those germany cosplays being a fine example. Kek at everyone's faces on the bottom row and the norway
Spoil for sieg heil

No. 252281

Yes, surprisingly they were there

No. 252282

but did anon really mean actual biological males in the context of reader insert fanfics of all things? kek anyway who gives a shit that the literal handful of male fans were catered to. this is not about them.

No. 252283

Og anon and it was a point made to show how the effort authors were pitting into their craft for their fandom

No. 252284

oh i see what you mean now but yeah it's dumb how fangirls (in fandoms in general tbh) put in actual effort to cater to males even in fandoms where the males can be basically counted on one hand when it pretty much never happens the other way round, in fact quite the opposite

No. 252286

File: 1667356570600.png (965.54 KB, 1270x1700, __prussia_lithuania_and_poland…)

I think one of the plus about the hetalia fandom being that when nyotalia was introduced or even just including the regular girl characters, fanfiction/fanart involving them catered to girls more than boys ie. sfw art wasn't commerish and selfinsert fics still made the protagonist female

No. 252290

File: 1667357551445.jpg (54.5 KB, 500x500, 2e5bfda88deb4f878b984f9bcf4c50…)

kek I remember this shit, I had originally forgotten. The difference in humor of the dub in the first season and the latest season is pretty jarring, it shows a cultural shift I think since the 2000s were all about that edgy humor. Also I meant militantly pc like sjws on tumblr drawing everybody as fat and trans with vitiligo and bitching hard about how Hima put a large focus on European history, everything is problematic, etc. I remember towards the end of its popularity in the west people were calling Hetalia a "white supremacist anime" like as if it wasn't made by a Japanese guy celebrating different cultures. Spoiler cuz I don't wanna politicalsperg or go off-topic too hard
I always read readerxcharacter Y/N fanfic with the characters I liked, it was so cringe but I loved it
Women drawing the nyos and female characters with a female gaze always looked better than how they looked in the anime, there I said it

No. 252292

File: 1667357996928.jpg (117.73 KB, 700x528, tumblr_f55f83b24ce7a68eb6dbd57…)

I want to buy these but the prices are kinda high. I'm surprised they didn't make any before 2018

No. 252294

These fuckers were over a 200 dollars when I tried buying them idk how figure collectors justify it but i really want the Russia one

No. 252297

Honestly the tumblr fiasco was blatantly a bunch of new anime fans and twitterfags first tumblr experience. Hetalia and other adjacent fandoms ran tumblr back in the day but the fandom handled it pretty well despite the hate, threats and hypocritical actions of the "right side of history"

No. 252299

I was too young to enjoy Hetalia when it was big, and after checking it out, its not my thing, but seeing other women love it still brings joy to the heart <3

No. 252300

File: 1667359636480.jpg (20.39 KB, 250x256, 1618545.jpg)

Ehh I've never paid that much for one, I always pre-order them directly from Goodsmile or Tokyo Otaku Mode. I think people scalp them a lot. 200 USD is probably worth four nendos plus shipping for me for what I pay in CAD

Question: what characters would you nonnies like to see made into nendoroids? What about different outfits for pre-existing nendos? I think a cowboy America would be cute. Still praying for an eventual Canada nendo. I need it

No. 252304

lol I just watched a video talking about that photo the other day. It's so funny that dorky teenage fujos were branded as nazi sympathizers for edgy larping. I don't see them as a legitimate threat or malicious towards anyone, just socially unaware larping.

No. 252306

Why do i get the feeling that if it was an interest more for boys literally no one wouldve batted an eye? But "the batshit crazy fangirls" i guess

No. 252311

File: 1667362103920.png (790.37 KB, 1135x1100, babyboy.png)

It's been over a decade and I'm still not free. Alfred has always been my favorite, but he doesn't seem as popular as other countries for some reason. This thread makes me feel not so alone.

No. 252315

Switzerland even though it's unlikely
I remember those. Sucks that all the flash games on deviantart are dead now. before adobe killed flash I replayed one that was like gakuen hetalia and it was fun even if it was cheesy.

No. 252323

File: 1667366682817.jpg (54.9 KB, 150x150, d4icwjr-9cc9527f-b45e-46f3-aab…)

YOU JUST REMINDED OF THE DEVIANTART HETALIA FLASH GAMES!!! The mmd ones and Namioki's hetalia interactive series esp were so fun i remember there being even one for Roman Empire. I used to fangirl about the option of getting to"kiss" whatever character you chose

No. 252326

Omg I totally forgot about this, thank you! I wonder if it's still possible to play them with some sort of Flash emulator

No. 252328

I discovered that there's a good amount of hetalia dating game videos, and I'm going through them all right now. They're cringey obviously, but sometimes they'll make a good joke on purpose.

No. 252331

I think that you can download the file and just run it it locally on your computer

No. 252332

OMG THE COSPLAY MEETUPS nostalgia is real

No. 252340

So who remembers HetaOni? That fan game spawned so many edgy sad MMDs and music videos and I was so into it as a middle schooler.

No. 252374

Oh I played them a lot, that was a really cool fanmade one that I even downloaded the demo, but sadly I think the creator abandoned the project. I tried to look into Deviantart to at least play again but didn't find. The plot was basically Feliciano (Italy) finding you lost in a park and trying to help you, the artwork was really cute too.

No. 252404

File: 1667396178523.jpg (42.47 KB, 564x521, 1ba3c9d79cc5ef60389a63d805257c…)

God this takes me back… I used to be fucking obsessed with 2p!talia. I thought 2p!America was the hottest mf on earth, I spent hours reading reader insert fics with him on Quotev back in the day.
Also, could anyone fill me in on the tinfoil that Himaruya is actually a woman? I've seen it referenced across different threads here

No. 252416

File: 1667398692456.jpg (35.1 KB, 200x367, Tumblr_l_147252138590100.jpg)

there is no direct evidence, but the theory is plausible. some even argue he might actually be a tranny
>first his girly shoujo style, idk how many moids are into moe pastel bishies and non-sexualized girls in lolita dresses
>the blatant fujo pandering, actually can't even call it pandering because the nations having gay sex all the time was canon in the first strips and only recently retconned
>he may or may not have projected on hungary's character, she's a tomboy fujo who once believed she was a man, and if you remember the late 2000s fujos, it was common for them to say that "they're a gay man inside"
>japanese channers found a very old video of a high school female student drawing in a very similar style and they believe she might be a younger himaruya
>pic related his portrait, he arguably looks like an aiden but it could also be just the artist's style
according to one of his older pics, he has a buzzcut so the tranny theory holds water. or he could just be a gay moid with very feminine interests

No. 252428

I just can't believe that a man can have this cutesy pretty style AND make a bunch of male characters have homoerotic relationships with each other and as you say, make the girls pretty and not sexualized. Gay moids have a shounen, ugly or bara-ish style and they don't make cute characters. The whole concept and art of hetalia is something only a woman can make.

No. 252434

Kek I can't believe I found someone playing the demo, such nostalgia, sadly the download link is dead. So much memories tho!! I wish they finished the project and the game, probably would have been amazing

No. 252440

File: 1667409298757.jpg (57.76 KB, 650x673, 21821.jpg)

That actually might better explain when he was selling heyalia merch at an event in Japan and nobody was anle to identify which staff was him. But idk I still feel like he would be a guy in that he knew that the fanbase was mostly female hence all the pandering to keep the fans around.

No. 252442

kek i remember making shit like that in middle school. cringe yet good memories

No. 252446

it's not really pandering, it's what he genuinely likes. i remember he used to be obsessed with roman emperors and how they were all having sex with men. also the obsession with sexy naked men and just anything male related. he only toned down the gayness and sexual content to make his series more normie-friendly now that he has a contract with shounen jump

No. 252447

The only specifically 'male' thing about him that I remember was that he mentioned how a lot of things acceptable for men in Japan were 'weird' (aka gay) in the west such as dying your hair (which isn't weird anymore but in the late 2000s/early 2010s was mocked quite a bit)

No. 252448

how is that a male thing? a girl could also notice this

No. 252450

Idk I just remember it being mentioned as a big cultural difference in the early strips or whatever and back then I thought it made sense that a guy would complain about it

No. 252451

File: 1667410543335.png (1.17 MB, 1024x768, No.png)

Hetaoni was so fucking good for a fangame but that might be the nostalgia talking. I remember crying at england and canada's death with america. It was originally a jp fangame and was then translated over but the original jp was never finished. I think that the western fandom did end up making a finished fan ending for the original jp fangame tho.
Omg 2p!Hetalia was my shit and younger you was based for loving on 2pAmerica

No. 252452

idk he could probably just be a japanese dude who really didn't care about toxic masculinity and did whatever he wanted

No. 252453

File: 1667410668871.jpg (105.29 KB, 1024x1024, fc73c789-d14a-4fd5-9cf9-48f854…)

Samefag but picrel that moment made me cry so hard too uggghh im getting feels again

No. 252455

I really like the nickname people gave him, himapapa just sounds nice

No. 252456

I feel like that's a cope. Idk why some people don't want to accept himaruya is a woman

No. 252458

cause there's literally no evidence to suggest he's a woman other then him pandering to his target demographic

No. 252459

Idk why people wanna force the opinion that he is a women because then thats cope for liking a scrotes creation

No. 252460

why is his target demographic fujoshi, otome and shoujo fans??
i don't care if he's a man, but the evidence points towards him being a girl and i've never seen another male mangaka like him

No. 252463

idk what his intentions may have been with hetalia at the start but he picked up Hetalia was popular among fujos, rather then getting butthurt he started pandering, there's nothing wrong with

No. 252464

File: 1667411912892.jpg (204.19 KB, 1100x992, FgXKJdRVEAAN--A.jpg)

I could see hima being a guy or a girl tbh there was this one guy that used to imitate hima's artstyle pretty well so I could see a guy making hetalia. If hima is a woman then good for her for living in obscurity

No. 252466

you don't know anything about himaruya's history and earlier works…

No. 252474

i know who you're talking about, and they're not a guy, they're some sort of asexual tranny

No. 252478

you like something made by a scrote, it shouldn't be a big deal

No. 252482

what does that have to do with what i said? if himaruya is a guy, then he's clearly just gay

No. 252484

If you're talking about cioccolatodorima that's a fakeboy

Yeah, I was surprised by how complex and deep it was for a fan game. It was translated by SotetAG on youtube and the last episode was a pretty tense moment in the game and it basically "ended" on a big cliffhanger. People waited for years for an update but apparently the creator stopped because of a tsunami and never went back to it.

No. 252488

Remember when everyone used to call him Hima-papa?

No. 252493

File: 1667415153428.png (19.25 KB, 100x100, himaruyaplz.png)

No. 252494

Theu turned into a tif?? Nooo i really enjoyed her art its so faithful to hima artsyle

No. 252496

Does anyone remember this one Hetalia creepypasta kek

No. 252500

File: 1667415841653.jpg (42.49 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


No. 252514

I was a bit unnerved reading it for the first time, but looking back this is so hilarious and the narration makes it so much funnier

No. 252518

Can we talk about the weird pedo fujos fans??? They are responsible for the gore and shota fanfics that plagued ff.net and ao3

No. 252533

lmao remember the infamous fics from back in the day such as economic flushout this is nothing new at all

No. 252550

File: 1667426889515.jpg (189.43 KB, 1437x1978, yyaes3lblw781.jpg)

My gripe is how rampant all that vile pedo and fetish stuff was. I don't remember anyone condemning it other than laughs for shock value
Picrel If you know…Im sorry

No. 252551

she didn't get much portrayal i guess, but essentially having a reverse harem with my home country (seychelles) was amazing, i had never heard anyone even recognize us let alone having my fave anime at the time center her. sucked that everyone hated her because of it. also annoying how her skin tone kept changing/getting paler, but I digress

No. 252552

There was also the infamous pasta fanfic kek

No. 252563

I'm glad I somehow, miraculously did not come across any of that stuff even when I was obsessed with Hetalia in its heyday kek. I stuck to the shit that was on quizilla(RIP) when it came to fanfics

No. 252570

Same, I feel lucky, the worst Hetalia related things I saw were that infamous gang rape fic (or rather, its comic adaptation) and a fic RusGer fic where Italy dies at the end
I don't remember any pedo shit or explicit gore art

Which one was that?

Thank god I don't know then. Unrelated but Sweden is such a cutie

No. 252578

A guro/cannibal fanfic where Italy would kill the countries and make pasta using ingredients from the countries they represented. It was inspired in a MLP fanfic if I was not mistaken. Ngl, I got very wary of the fandom after that

No. 252583

Actually sounds hilarious.

No. 252605

File: 1667440967050.jpg (34.35 KB, 720x505, ye4otkjiw2781.jpg)

Danish slaughterhouse was pretty well written for such messed up themes and story. Ill never forgive what they did to sealand tho it was so unnecessary. I cried so much while reading that story

No. 252606

seychelles was cute imo I wish they had finished gakuen hetalia
same but I usually try and avoid gore. I read a lot of doujins though

No. 252618

File: 1667442847063.jpg (323.38 KB, 600x849, 36815500_p0.jpg)

Same nona, for me it's about 12 years now with Hetalia being the anime/manga series I hold near and dear to my heart. Sometimes it's lonely to stay with something that has had its community fizzle out over time, but at least we stayed with something we truly enjoy. America is best boy 4eva
I love Seychelles, she's such a sweet character and definitely needs more love. I'm interested to know what design of hers you liked the best since you are actually from there?

No. 252625

File: 1667445429503.jpg (45 KB, 499x751, bfad310a436df8e2d89fde4710f1c5…)

Id say america is still pretty popular just less people openly romance him because its popular to hate burgerland

No. 252738

File: 1667473093212.jpg (46.98 KB, 500x500, 66f11f86d9c68d194e6074fa6cc873…)

Holy shit nonas I was so deep into the Quotev Hetalia fandom back in the day… I role-played as Denmark and Prussia the most and also wrote X reader and angst fanfictions, I also shipped USUK, and PRUCAN
It makes me laugh when I remember people commenting on my Prussia angst saying 'THIS IS SO SO SAD I CRIED!!!'

It might have been a fakeboi but i was friends with a guy on Quotev who larped intensely as 2p!italy. Like OOC he would talk about his dad was in the mob and that he had a driver and butler.

No. 252743

Nazi larping is seen as very taboo online and offline so they wouldn't have been spared if they were men, in fact I would argue it would be worse because men rightfully are infamous for neo-nazi worship and violence. I know of guys who got reprimended on campus for wearing Principality of Zeon armbands (Gundam) because they looked like nazi armbands.

No. 252745

File: 1667476630027.jpeg (223.35 KB, 613x900, 16C04188-9C70-4F95-9436-8A4DDD…)


Her simple cute outfit is actually very on brand, sun dresses are very common. But I just wish since every character reflected what the majority of their country’s population looked like, she would be at minimum tan in all of her art. Himaruya seemed to do so in the beginning but it changed to pale in gakuen, which I assume wasn’t completely his control. We’re a creole country, so everyone is medium to dark brown with some French nationals around who are still usually mixed.

No. 252752

don't care about gakuen, she'll always be FRUK cute daughter to me

No. 252787

mlp cupcakes but make it hetalia?

No. 252799

File: 1667495425492.png (609.82 KB, 1080x1083, export202211021658009100.png)

Okay so regarding the Himapapa identity The chance for him being a girl is actually higher but the possibility that Himaruya is a man is still higher than him being a women. There is a tumblr post detailing it https://kieeeeeeeeeeeeeeehimaruyahidekaz.tumblr.com/post/30509513077/chiba-eriko

No. 252903

Kek that was the original fanfic nonnie. I have never read the original one, just the Hetalia pasta version and wish I could wipe that from my mind.

No. 252958

File: 1667535887967.jpg (45.93 KB, 464x600, Russia.600.1199256.jpg)

No Hetahusbando sperging? Im surprised I haven't even seen Russia-fags yet despite there being america-fags

No. 252959

File: 1667536872753.jpg (42.01 KB, 480x640, 13ff8c6610ec3e916a5fbf9e6b9fb1…)

Hetafag roll call, post your husbandos! That's an order!

No. 252960

File: 1667537481558.jpg (49.85 KB, 540x595, 4ff1fcbb93ae93e578d6734c5f39f3…)

he is perfect

No. 252961

File: 1667538101094.jpeg (55.95 KB, 364x600, 3FDEE10C-A10E-46AC-9B9D-9B1959…)

Been a Prussiafag since my middle school days and still listen to Mein Gott. I still love going through my old dA account just to see all the x reader hetalia fics and fanart of him I favorited as a 13 year old kek

No. 252964

File: 1667540453534.jpg (37.07 KB, 960x531, X4s5e456g24io4r7p6ehg4cj4cghmd…)

Based nonnie Prussia is really cute

I have many but Germany makes me feel intimidated in a good way. Plus the fact that he loves baking

No. 253015

All the Russiafags are on /g/

No. 253022

I loved the 2p main trio, Italy especially.
I also consumed an unholy amount of Feliciano x Romano doujinshis as well as Italy x Germany and South Italy x Spain, I was so hellbent on finding the "rarest" ones. Yes I'm ashamed.
I also remember finding out that Seborga existed but there was almost no content on him.

No. 253034

Denmark and Norway will always be my husbands

No. 253106

File: 1667589429128.png (109.58 KB, 600x388, fandomstuck.png)

I remember Hetalia and Homestuck were a thing together both super popular and big back in the day. Also Fandomstuck and people shipping Hidekaz Himaruya with Andrew Hussie.

No. 253110

Thoughts on the voice acting change for Denmark though? Because he became so intolerable for me

No. 253130

When I joined Tumblr (thanks to Hetalia) there was still a big rivalry between both fandoms. I believe the joke shipping was a reaction to that

No. 253150

File: 1667597881001.png (332.4 KB, 375x500, eb3914cba668cdb925f960f9b25199…)

I remember hetalia being my first yaoi experience never was a full on fujo but it helped me appreciate characters more. FRUK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> USUK BITCHES

No. 253156

File: 1667599357656.jpg (56.2 KB, 627x319, trust.jpg)

Finally, someone with excellent taste.

No. 253162

Based as fuck. Preach, sister

No. 253165

File: 1667600062803.jpeg (58.99 KB, 530x770, 1663706911370.jpeg)

russiafag reporting for duty

No. 253192

FINALLY SOMEONE WITH GOOD TASTE. Maybe because i'm an edgy bitch at heart but 2p>>>>>

No. 253199

Based nonas
>t. Prussia and Russia fag

No. 253221

File: 1667612444472.jpg (166.4 KB, 883x1280, tumblr_d1e9651cd95b844f9f48217…)


No. 253233

File: 1667617754845.png (30.47 KB, 196x285, tumblr_inline_p7hus9O1ee1rjvk3…)


No. 253235

File: 1667618752251.jpg (1.19 MB, 1400x1969, 287394863792.jpg)

I'm both kek

No. 253240

File: 1667620428818.jpg (318.7 KB, 768x1024, Axis.Powers_.Hetalia.full.2762…)

Nona…your picrel made me scream.

No. 253241

Worst ship after USUK tbh

No. 253243

File: 1667621931870.jpg (71.51 KB, 563x774, 69d5ac4c0126df717c41ab6e3da119…)

ily2 nonnie. one day we will defeat the schizo troon menace
uhh anon I think you mean best ship kek

No. 253245

File: 1667622501451.jpg (68.89 KB, 600x425, 2cdcea650e33d05c91958e70463308…)

the nordics have been my favorite ever since they appeared in the series. especially sweden. his gap moe appeals me.

No. 253248

>uhh anon I think you mean best ship kek
lmao yeah sure. Best ship is FrUK, sorry to tell you

No. 253253

File: 1667624962782.jpg (32.94 KB, 397x450, fruk-in-hetalia-paint-it-white…)

Lmao this reminds me of this

No. 253254

File: 1667625161106.jpg (442.44 KB, 800x630, Axis.Powers_.Hetalia.full.2061…)

I like RusAme too tho or are you more of an AmeRus type of girl?

No. 253255

File: 1667625317300.jpg (181.16 KB, 981x700, 8274495829.jpg)

Nona you are so based. That artist just keeps delivering I hope she never stops. Wish there were more people drawing it though. It's still relatively popular in Japanese/Chinese Hetalia spaces but not really in English spaces because Hetalia is kind of dead anyway.
One day you'll experience the epic highs and lows of rusame.

No. 253257

File: 1667626000637.jpg (99.49 KB, 696x850, __america_and_germany_axis_pow…)

Based opinion anon I like that she is a multishipper too

No. 253263

File: 1667628144734.jpg (69.75 KB, 600x807, 938505817.jpg)

AYRT Holy shit you are literally me. I was going through her old stuff and saw that Germany and America art. You have extreme taste and a sophisticated palate.

No. 253264

Oh sorry you guys said RusAme, not AmeRus. Yeah my bad. Good ship.

No. 253316

File: 1667638369166.jpg (142.32 KB, 750x1000, lewdalfred.jpg)

>You have extreme taste and a sophisticated palate.
Her favoritism torwards America has produced quality art

sorry for usuk but its America in lingere

No. 253329

>there was still a big rivalry between both fandoms
never understood that one. why? the source media don't even really have anything in common.

No. 253338

I'm not really sure but it might have something to do with how big both fandoms were at the time? Maybe they were annoyed at each other's presence

No. 253339

I love how they look like a boyband here
That pic gave me so many ideas, I really want to write a RusAme fanfic.

No. 253403

File: 1667672432602.jpg (139.95 KB, 1748x1181, 73341356_2533691353344941_8978…)

Merasgar used to do a lot of great hetalia fanart, but they seem to have deleted most of their hetalia work and I can only find reuploads of it. Which is a shame because I love how they draw russia, but I get it if they're embarrassed by making rochu art

No. 253407

File: 1667672516929.jpg (438.16 KB, 2048x1443, 72940717_2533695760011167_8860…)

No. 253418

File: 1667673178530.jpg (94.77 KB, 1443x2048, 72483235_2533696483344428_7379…)

No. 253426

File: 1667674184212.jpg (225.52 KB, 1448x2048, 72789047_2533699683344108_3902…)

No. 253429

In my experience, the best Hetalia artists are also RoChu fans

No. 253440

File: 1667676969093.jpg (328.4 KB, 1250x1250, Axis.Powers_.Hetalia.full.2522…)


No. 253446


the amount of FrUK in here really does make me feel like as farmers we have similar sensibilities. Absolutely based.

No. 253449

sometimes all it takes is one good fanart to make me sway. What is it about hetalia that makes multishipping so easy? so many characters go well together

No. 253458

File: 1667680755573.jpg (245.74 KB, 1000x800, 304892272.jpg)

I love how muscular she makes Alfred, I just know he bulks and cuts. Plus he looks like Leon from RE sometimes.
You should definitely write a RusAme fic, follow your heart. I used to read a lot more back in the day but most of it was written by 12 year olds, so it was just Ivan hitting Alfred with a pipe kek. At the same time, some of the most gut wrenching angst was created in that era. I'm feeling so nostalgic.

No. 253459

File: 1667680882430.png (706.14 KB, 900x510, 238b10217efb48275a86cd771a9639…)

Its cause himaruya's godly skills of making endearing/ appealing male characters. Like RusGer, two strong men in love together is so based

I feel like art regarding russia in any manner is usually very good.

No. 253460

So i wasnt the only one who noticed the amount of angsty fics back then

No. 253470

File: 1667684950135.jpg (30.65 KB, 480x436, cea3127954db2aebdb11f438549f0d…)

I like both, I think I like RusAme a little more though.
♥ ♥

I wanted to ask opinions about whether any of you nonnies have preferences for when artists draw the characters more cutesy or mature? Personal appearance headcanons? I like both styles for pretty much any character but I like it when artists draw Canada as more mature looking, America more buff, England more slender etc.

No. 253474

File: 1667685875433.jpg (878.91 KB, 1259x1062, 04838291795.jpg)

I remember some fics that were pretty good before the purge of ffn in around 2012. I think some may have gotten archived on ao3 if the authors cared enough to repost. It was like the burning of the library of Alexandria. I was a computer illiterate kid at the time so I didn't save anything, unfortunately.

No. 253495

I will, I have to create a new AO3 account, since I forgot the old one.
Depends of the character. Russia is described as someone ruthless but with childish features, so a young looking face is better suited for him, despite him being strong and tall. For Germany, a mature face would be better, since he is described as someone serious. My preferred style is a handsome face with sharp features, so something similar to mid twenties in age.

No. 253502

File: 1667694460567.png (1.12 MB, 723x1050, axisallies.png)

I also like both styles but on certain characters I am more partial to mature features.
For America/Canada I feel that a contrast between the positive and bubbly attitude and a mature look is very appealing.

I love when people draw China/Japan with a sturdy build and a youthful yet strong face.

I think for artists who draw Russia finding an equilibrium to have him come off as childish/cute yet still holding mature features is the best thing they can do.

I love a more muscular England.

France is perfect no matter what.

Italy and Romano with a toned build and boyish looks.

Germany must be manly since it serves to enhances his other traits!

No. 253506

File: 1667696743013.jpg (67.01 KB, 600x510, 12406c4d331eabce19bbd4ec1253e6…)

Based gerame but what was ff.net your preference for fanfiction? I really liked deviantart for fanfiction. I remember their being a fics of doomsday scenarios and I would cry late at night because of them. Quotev was a close second.
I think the only time I ever really read stuff on ff.net was for the famous must-reads Danish slaughterhouse and Gutters.

No. 253532

File: 1667712677924.jpeg (8.96 KB, 225x225, mrka.jpeg)

As an American, yes and no. I do not feel as if Alfred personifies the average American accurately, (especially since he's white and he'd be Native American if we wanted to get historical) but I feel that he does personify the way America as a country presents itself: as the loud one who's always in charge.

No. 253551

Hetalia is an older anime from the 2000s. If Hetalia was made today, do you think Alfred would have been presented differently and have a different personality?

No. 253557

It would be fucked if they had an indigenous representation of america, then replaced him (or them plural, because of how divided indigenous tribes were) with a single cocky white boy to illustrate the overall shift in america's identity.
NTA but I'm american, and I don't think much would change so long as it was still coming from a foreigners perspective with a limited exposure to america. The manga and anime wasn't as creative as it could've been with american topics and stereotypes to poke fun at from the beginning, it's just about being cocky, dumb, obnoxious, overly casual, and eating excessively. Then occasionally mentioning some key historical events. It'd probably be relatively the same as it was before. At most they'd make slight allusions to trump's presidency or gun issues, but that's a stretch because there has always been opportunities for relevant jokes they missed.

No. 253558

Doubleposting to say that I have not seen world stars, so if I'm wrong about what kind of jokes they've utilized more recently then I'm just ignorant.

No. 253561

not american but i think alfred represents pretty well what outsiders think of america as a nation, but in a slightly moefied way kek

No. 253563

I still don't think he'd be native american. Really "america" is the european idea of north american territory thus the character being based off the 13 original colonies and also that history being more mainstream globally than the native population already living there. But that isn't to say that himaruya couldn't do a segment with Canada and America interacting with native tribes as a children.

No. 253569

Remembering my bizarre obsession with Russia as a 13 year old. I shipped him with Belarus, who I self inserted as. I wish I had just been a fujo, what I did was so much weirder.

No. 253594

File: 1667750506216.png (494.76 KB, 526x589, canada.PNG)

I feel like Canada was accurate for the most part. The passive aggressiveness is on point and I think if he pretended to be a super empathetic person that would be hilarious.

No. 253598

File: 1667753446611.jpg (108.04 KB, 817x659, cancelaformat.jpg)

Has anyone else played this visual novel? This happened a long time ago when i was 13 and was obsessed with dating sim. I met this hetalia community in devianart that was translating this 18+ game and was excited to download it. At that time i was aware of sexual things but nothing too deeper like fetishes or something like that. I inicially started on the UK route and everything was cute and fluff like most dating sims UNTIL the uk guy got mad at me and raped the mc??? like literally raped her because she tries to fight back and leave the room but cant…. I was so shocked that i deleted the saved route and started the USA route because i thought the rape part was something related to the uk character but the mc got raped in the usa route too. And in the russia route its even worse because its a much more violent sexual abuse. I never got to finish any route because the 13 old me found the game repulsive. The art of the game was so cute (theres even a cg where mc marry germany) i would never thought it was a dark game

No. 253599

I bite, someone here based some ocs in Hetalia? Because sure as hell did. A lot of them, in fact.

No. 253600

Yeah and I roleplayed those stupid bastards on TegakiE too kek

No. 253614

I remember I had wanted to play this game so bad, guess it's for the best I didn't though? Did it ever even get fully translated? I remember that deviantart group that was working on translating it but I thought they stopped the project out of the wishes of the game's dev or something

No. 253616

Dude, Mein Gott is so good. I still listen to Carrots and Sticks, too, and most of the Marukaite Chikyuus. I argue that Austria’s is the best.

No. 253618

I think you actually got the bad endings anon…because Ive heard good things about that game. But i guess it was 18+ for a reason.

No. 253626

I dont think so nonnie because i found a walkthrough for the america route and theres the rape scene too…. And the sexual abuse is not on the end of the route its like in the inicial/middle part so it can't be a bad end.

No. 253629

File: 1667762097592.png (1.4 MB, 1273x1574, de149hv-12e20971-abd5-44b2-89f…)

Oh nvm then. Sorry your kid self was traumatized like that then
>I remember that deviantart group that was working on translating it but I thought they stopped the project out of the wishes of the game's dev

Why do translators give up work like that? Most of the time ive seen it happen between eastern devs giving warnings but usually its because they think the translators are just remaking the game with different stuff all in english or spanish when the translators are being as faithful as they can (depending on their translation skills). Which is why I really appreciate the Hetaoni english Devs

No. 253674

File: 1667777997431.png (150.13 KB, 350x323, Canadaedit.png)

I agree with you about America, but I think if Canada was presented as a Métis (Native+French) man it would still be pretty accurate and probably not offensive. They have their own cultural identity rooted in Canadian history and culture. I can see why the dub crew didn't give him a French Canadian accent and gave him an English-speaking one instead, but it would make more sense that his first language is French too. Also imo he looks better and more distinctive this way lol

No. 253707

File: 1667791016019.jpg (45.05 KB, 240x400, 2PNyotaliaAmerica.jpg)

>usually its because they think the translators are just remaking the game with different stuff
Really? that's a pretty stupid assumption to make, if true. I like Japanese devs that work with overseas translators like the Luckydog1 and the I Love You!/Suki da! devs.

I think an alternate Métis Canada would be awesome. 2P Nyo America is dark-skinned (and these are the colors fans have given to 2P America, which has an official design but no colors). There should be 3P versions of the characters or something, even if they're fanmade

No. 253731

There are fanmade 3p and even 4p characters. I believe 3p england has green hair.
I think the 2p alter ego should be the only "official" character alt. If I remember correctly its not that 2p america whether male or female are dark skinned but just tanned. 2p are implied to be the evil versions of the characters and interpreted as such by fandom majority unless the regular 1p was already morally questionable then they would assume a more innocent persona as 2p ie. Belarus

Regarding repost culture. While i don't think its bad or good I can understand not wanting art spread around esp without credit. Some jp creators are so bothered by it that they can resort to ridding their pages of the content by deleting it.

No. 253769

File: 1667804406696.jpeg (96.25 KB, 600x800, 1A1D08A8-9FA8-491C-994F-C4C4D4…)

I want to see Belarus, Rome, Canada, and Prussia. Also any fun variations of the main cast. I’ve been tempted to buy Russia but I’m not convinced it’d be worth the money, the matryoshka doll he comes with is definitely adorable though

No. 253772

>While i don't think its bad or good I can understand not wanting art spread around esp without credit.
yeah we were talking about game translations

No. 253860

I feel like hetalia was revolutionary in a way? It's very joseimuke before joseimuke oriented media became a thing, like a full male cast series with fujobait and no actual (albeit implied) romance. A choose your husbando, ship whoever you want kind of series. I'm aware there were plenty of other popular series with bishies at the time but most of them were clearly in the shounen or shoujo category, like a sports series or an otome, while hetalia was its own thing? Maybe other nonas know weeb history better, but I simply can't remember a pre-2009 husbando series like hetalia, or at least not with the same reach

No. 253875

I don't think there really was.
Compared to modern joseimuke Hetalia seems a lot less intentional though. I wouldn't be surprised if Himaruya really was just a guy who stumbled onto this audience entirely accidentally and not 3 fujos in a trenchcoat or whatever the theory is these days.
The idea of making a series that's outright designed to be a big toybox for fans to play with rather than really being a story in of itself definitely seems like a post 2010 phenomenon for sure, at least for female targeted stuff.

No. 253876

It's probably a doujin circle, >>252799 pic related was most likely part of it. It was pretty common back then

No. 253877

But also
>Compared to modern joseimuke Hetalia seems a lot less intentional though.
Modern joseimuke is extremely tame to early days hetalia wtf are you talking about

No. 253904

I think it’s ok to have indigenous Canada as fanon. It would get messy if a Japanese mangaka made an offensive joke about him though. Indigenous stuff here is in hot water right now as is. I have family members that are Métis too.

No. 253983

Hetalia was probably the first female gaze version of those moe anthropomorphism franchises for scrotes. And the characters being based on countries only made it easy to become popular outside Japan because the concept of anthropomorphized countries is so universal.
I think Hetalia also made me seek other series with huge casts of cute, colorful characters like MLP:FiM (which became popular soon after I got into Hetalia) and Touhou (another Japanese franchise with a massive fandom and infinite fanworks). I don't think I could become such a big fan of another moe anthropomorphism series with bishies, though. Hetalia will always be the only one for me.

>The idea of making a series that's outright designed to be a big toybox for fans to play with rather than really being a story in of itself
This, it's exactly what I was about to say. I don't think most other joseimuke franchises can succeed at this like Hetalia did. It would feel like they're trying too hard to copy Hetalia's success while Himaruya probably wasn't even trying.

She means that Hetalia, as a massively popular phenomenon, seems less intentional than modern joseimuke franchises that are designed to get popular. She wasn't talking about the edginess.

I think it's good that Hetalia was largely about the fans creating their own content. I remember reading about this fancomic that was on dA (never read it myself) that was made by an Asian fan and got a lot of praise for portraying historical relations between South Asian countries in a relatively accurate and nuanced way or something. I know after a certain point, Himaruya started to do more research before creating new characters to avoid too many inaccuracies or doing something offensive. But I like that the fandom and the source material and its author have this symbiotic relationship.

No. 253999

Your analysis perfectly captured what I admire about hetalia anon!

No. 254009

File: 1667871783147.jpeg (55.35 KB, 564x729, bf9ee841522ed71236f49baf7c1a7f…)

what's with all the moralfagging about usuk these days? i remember it being the most popular ship in the fandom's hayday.

No. 254024

File: 1667875706173.jpg (710.88 KB, 1589x1000, aph.jpg)

sucks that the series isn't popular enough for more official games. I'd love to see a hetalia rhythm game or something

No. 254028

File: 1667879281906.png (119.21 KB, 600x800, 452c800ad153ccb0ca6e33d70a0404…)

Cause true FrUk shippers don't actually care about the moral fagging. The twitter influenced anons are the same ones to shit on UsUk because "england raised america" but then turn around and gush over SpaMano in the same beat.

No. 254029

It could work esp with all the official music stemming from the series.

No. 254032

I got into the fandom around 2014 and I also liked usuk then. Was there a reason why the pairing was so popular?

No. 254035

File: 1667880894626.jpeg (60.49 KB, 373x480, blogger-image-2083320829.jpeg)

Total buyfag when it comes to hetalia shit but not even I could justify spending money on these ugly ass dolls. Did anyone have any luck making them look less hideous?

No. 254040

Maybe look into videos of styling doll hair? Seems like it just needs a trim and some teasing with hair spray or maybe watered down mod podge to keep hold of the synthetic hair

No. 254041

File: 1667883864048.png (234.41 KB, 470x601, Canadaedit2.png)

Yeah that's a really good point, I didn't even think about that. It's true that sometimes fans make material that's offensive/disrespectful and it can be disappointing, but I think even more fans make material that's really great and well thought out or at the very least inoffensive. Although I have seen fanart of America just looking like his blonde ass white boy self in poorly drawn Native regalia… All that art is like 10 years old at least but it still exists. I think it would have been really cool for Canada to be Métis, there are very very few Native anime characters. At least we have creative liberty with fun fanon interpretations lol

I am also a consoomer when it comes to hetashit but yeah these things are ugly. If you pay so much for them why do you have to style the hair yourself? I guess it doesn't hold up in transport or something. The only saving grace is they made a Canada one, which means they know maplefags like me want merch of him. Hopefully we get a nendoroid or maybe even a pop up parade of him eventually kek

No. 254090

File: 1668031787407.png (345.54 KB, 600x808, __belarus_axis_powers_hetalia_…)

I love her I do

No. 254116

File: 1668039684456.jpg (47.75 KB, 564x860, da2943922cdff0bdff3fee9c44af83…)

a woman of taste, I see

No. 254123

File: 1668044404775.jpg (307.3 KB, 1067x800, 317f18c75fad6b7d7af4e0bae88c76…)

my criminally underrated queen

No. 254126

Anyone else remember Vandetta Cosplay? Cim was unironically my bisexual awakening.

No. 254131

I love their Canada cmv. Their song portrayal with canada is just too relatable uhhhhggg

No. 254136

File: 1668051843346.jpg (67.79 KB, 564x676, 851ae8e253af98daaaeb9d1bbac2f4…)

They're dumb and I love them

No. 254137

I did a presentation on micronations in middle school because of them. Pure autism.

No. 254144

File: 1668056430463.jpg (958 KB, 1000x900, Axis.Powers_.Hetalia.full.1491…)

Any nonnies remember Hetaloid? I used to listen to a few of them back then. Some are pretty good and some are kinda awful and choppy.

What are some Hetaloid songs you like or have listened to?

No. 254145

Did you get a good grade though?

No. 254147

My favorite one is Double Lariat where the main characters plus Spain sing. I'm listening to this again and I'm having all these sorts of feelings right now.

No. 254151

Loved this one with Spain because I have a soft spot for choppy and robotic vocaloids

No. 254157

I loved this fusion of fandom. Its the ingenuity of the hetalia fandom.
Virgin suicides with Italy is pretty good.

No. 254298

File: 1668111572049.png (1.14 MB, 1136x580, unknown.png)

I notice a lot of fans just grew up and got over the ship in general. Im not a moralfag myself (I like spamano)but I will agree with them since USUK gets in the way of my OTP now kek.
In Hets heyday, I was a 13 y/o fujoshit who adored USUK. To answer this question >>254032 , honestly I just found America more attractive and thought USUK was the better 'angsty hotter' ship of the series. I think that's what a lot of other girls felt too.
>>252496 nona please this still gives me the creeps even if its so goofy now lol
Hetalia is one the biggest thing that makes me feel like a kid again, going to cons where nobody gave a shit about clout or being super morally correct, and screeching 'yaoiiii' with other fangirls at the masquerade. Those times were so simpler.
Has anyone here read Seven Little Killers? I know it was one of the most popular Hetalia fanfics at the time - I got really deep into it before falling off and when I wanted to get back into it, the author had some drama and deleted the fic? I only recently found that someone had saved it to a google drive so I saved it to catch up to it some day. I'm not sure if it was even originally completed though.

No. 254345

Speaking of Hetalia cosplay videos, I was reminded of this. Fun times.

No. 254368

File: 1668131023096.png (35.59 KB, 485x187, prus.PNG)

I will literally never stop buying these shits. I'm actually still waiting for my France nendo to come in, it's being held by Goodsmile because Japan Post still has suspended shipping rip. I paid in total about $30 USD because I purchased it through Tokyo Otaku Mode and I'm subscribed to their membership so I get points and the member discount. Also I feel like they are maybe ramping up production of the heta nendos? I noticed that the two most recent ones are being released only one month apart, maybe they will start to release two at a time? I can't wait until they announce the next characters lol

No. 254371

File: 1668131765201.jpg (110.65 KB, 570x800, a8c99da83795ef3aa0f62.jpg)

How expensive are shipping fees from Goodsmile? Do they add random import fees after you pay?
Also, does anyone else think it is weird how the pop up parade figures have a really realistic body and extremely anime face? Regardless, I'd consoom so hard if they made an America version.

No. 254373

The grip this video had on me… it inspired me to do my first cosplay (which was Hetalia) and go to my first con. It still makes me smile.

No. 254379

File: 1668133286119.jpg (72.25 KB, 564x852, fdf7c3775b54099e427ad0a08a0db0…)

Fuck agreed nonnie I would snatch up an America pop up parade so fast it's not funny. To me the faces depend on the character, I also think Germany looks a little too kawaii lol.
I think I always pay a bit of money for import/customs fees once it gets here… When I bought the Italy pop up parade it came in a pretty big box for the item and I paid like $16 CAD in fees. To Canada the shipping from TOM was about $10 USD cheapest option and from Goodsmile it's $18 USD.

No. 254455

holy fucking nostalgia. hetalia fans truly all watched the same content despite the sheer amount kek

No. 254550

File: 1668216648609.png (730.72 KB, 704x1000, Axis.Powers_.Hetalia.full.2811…)

Husbandofags do any of you remember the sheep counting audios?
Russia's is literally the best and France is a good second
Russia lets out the cutest giggle

And if you don't you should def listen because the whispery/ gentle voices melt your heart!

No. 254551

I would kill for a Prussia one

No. 254552

Samefag, oh I definitely remember them. Lmao it was my go to ASMR before ASMR was a thing for me. The Russia one is definitely adorable, and I love the one of my albino husbando too.

No. 254553

Tangentially related these asmr videos make me want to rip my ears off

No. 254571

File: 1668224242523.jpg (999.36 KB, 1836x1498, 223202.jpg)

Fresh rusame off the grill to start your weekend.

No. 254576

File: 1668228301821.jpg (44.47 KB, 564x789, 717256cfd963b4e527fac88aabbeb3…)

hot off the press!

No. 254583


I wonder how that girl is doing now and if she cringes about it

No. 254584

File: 1668232916944.png (169.46 KB, 1125x817, not found.png)

I envy america here I wanna be devoted to Russia too!

No. 254586

God I had such a crush on him back then…

No. 254598

File: 1668246948434.jpg (45.37 KB, 586x525, 044758.jpg)

I thought that was Ivan until I saw the cross. That's a rare PruAme artifact, never seen another like it. I wish there was more of it because they are both my favorite characters. You've inspired something in me.

No. 254600

>the uniforms
Marvelous art

No. 254604

who is the artist for this i love this style

No. 254630

He is such a cutie!!

No. 254633

File: 1668264847587.jpg (93.35 KB, 700x1000, 70b4408f7248e7427792442e7004ea…)

I pretend he's not a canon pedophile according to himaruya

No. 254640

File: 1668268433473.jpeg (52.87 KB, 480x640, A3242EFD-089D-43D8-83C2-1C906E…)

I was always a Denmark fan.

No. 254650

Wait what. Did he say he was a pedo?

No. 254651

File: 1668274193586.jpg (27.46 KB, 450x490, 7ee0f13be40a95c39f348e9c670e17…)

No. 254660

norway calling himself onee-chan always cracks me up kek was hetalia the first series of an older brother obsessed with his little brother? i've seen this trope again in more recent series like enstars

No. 254670

A canon WHAT

No. 254675

File: 1668283373935.jpg (425.68 KB, 1476x1708, 837291659321508.jpg)

I love America's Revolutionary War uniform.
>calls Denmark a pedo
>refuses to elaborate
We need to know the lore.

No. 254680

nta but this is very old info and might have been retconned. netherlands was written as a "lolicon" early on

No. 254683

multiple countries were acting like pedos at the beginning of the series, so let's not single out just netherlands kek newer fans might not know, but early days hetalia was absolutely unhinged (and in a bad way at time)

No. 254698

File: 1668288539660.jpg (20.85 KB, 335x500, a8eff03122e4c66ca9938b2aa7af55…)

not in the slightest.
realistically speaking, greece should have been hot-headed, extroverted, sleazy, faux-puritan and a people-pleaser (but still talking shit behind everyone's back).
ideally, he would have been a proto-reigen of sorts.

No. 254704

I think that netherlands being a lolicon probably has to do with stuff I heard about the irl dutch government being relatively lax on pedos for decades and have created or allowed circumstances for them to indulge in their crimes and even have a political party dedicated to pedophilia

Honestly its news to me and I actually liked netherlands so now Im distraught about having learned that it is canon

No. 254714

File: 1668295334634.jpg (120.75 KB, 1225x1459, 39489274806.jpg)

Americafag ayrt I just realized I said Denmark instead of Netherlands because I was looking at anon's pic of him, sorry Denmarku. It's kinda funny how they both have spikey hair.
The real pedo normalizing history of the Netherlands is gross as fuck, I never knew that. The wiki says he has a "Lolita complex" and likes "young women". I never really paid attention to him, so I don't know if he was written in a different light later on. Are the people saying he was retconned coping or was he really fixed?

No. 254734

I had the biggest crush on Cim from Vendetta cosplay. I dont want to look them up now, but Cim was always really androgynous and I'm worried she's a they/them or trooned out. she was my favorite cosplayer in that group. They made some catchy stuff.

No. 254735

Their ship is called Coldwar.

No. 254736

No its RusAme


Thats sounds like a cringe ass country humans title

No. 254751

MHA is like the modern version of Hetalia (fandom wise)

No. 254752

I have to disagree

No. 254757

No way, isn't it full of moids?

No. 254778

i see where you're coming from but id have to disagree.
i don't really think there is a modern equivalent to hetalia. bnha is similar in terms of the sheer size of fans, but their fans arent at all comparable to hetalia fans. for one thing i think current zoomers would deem hetalia too problematic, and you wouldn't see people openly shipping things like USUK like you did back in the day.
say what you will about og hetalia fans but id take them over your average bnha kid any day

No. 254784

Uh im dutch and i dont know anything about how pedos can "indulge" in there crimes.
>even have a political party dedicated to pedophilia
This is because in the netherlands everyone is allowed to create a politcal party, you dont even have to be dutch to create one or be an adult. I right now can create a TERF political party if i wanted and no one can stop me kek. The pedo party you mentioned was created by 3 pedo moids, however surprise they had no supporters so the party was disbanded. Is it ridiculous that literally anyone can make a political party, maybe. But also political parties have no power here unless you actually get enough supporters, which you need a lot of and otherwise you get disbanded. Im not saying there are no pedos in the netherlands and that our goverment doesnt suck. But lets not pretend its worse here then japan where you literally have idol culture where old moids go after 12 year old girls, take panty shots and molest them in trains. Feel free to share any sources about netherlands normalizing pedos because google gives me nothing and it sounds interesting

No. 254786

I really disagree, nonny. While MHA has a lot of Dabi and Bakugou fangirls, TodoDeku shippers and a lot of fujo shippers, the anime is very aimed at moids and the fandom is infested with them. The majority of fanarts are coomer hentai shit made by scrotes. I agree with the other nona, there is nothing modern that compares with Hetalia. Modern anime is basically ecchi filled shitty isekai for moids or coomer shit for moids. The last thing I could see that would get close to Hetalia it's Free!, but it was made in 2013 (I think), so it is ancient at this point, honestly

No. 254787

That art is so beautiful, but then I remember that dutch moids dont wash their hands and it ruins my fantasy

No. 254789

that's a weird comparison, why MHA in particular? their fanbase isn't any different from other shounen series. well maybe a bit more attractive to genderspecials for some reason but still
there won't ever be another fanbase like hetalia because unhinged fujoism and y/n-ism has became very niche, most weeb fanbases these days are puritanical and filled with troons

No. 254792

The only fandoms nowadays that are rife with y/n fanfics are the k-pop fandoms, kek

No. 254794

Is there anywhere on the internet where you can be an unhinged fujo other than imageboards and discord?

No. 254870

File: 1668363741934.png (57.73 KB, 716x1046, 9d14e891d8916b22f447fcf2c602af…)

Do you think hetalia has any lost media? Like I know that their have been some deleted strips but Im pretty sure they're archived unless they haven't. Another possible topic being old fanart/fics

Any fanfiction sites

No. 254916

File: 1668375070059.jpeg (94.47 KB, 500x707, cab5e-1.jpeg)

13 year old me thought this doujin series was the deepest shit ever

No. 254917

I think every country should've ben at least 30% more racist and my country should've been 60% more racist.

No. 254920

File: 1668376924916.jpg (168.82 KB, 2000x1200, Twitter_105544.jpg)

This is hilarious to me but I agree kek. Germany especially for obvious reasons, but he did have a random antisemitic moment that caught me so off guard in the anime because it's never really addressed otherwise. The anime was so fast paced I felt like I was high witnessing it. Out of body experience.

No. 254924

File: 1668377543853.jpg (161.53 KB, 700x678, 1645988228949.jpg)

Man, I miss Hetalia. I stopped keeping up with it in 2012 because of the webcomic hiatus and the insane newfags who got into it because of the terrible American dub. When I was in Japan in 2020 I saw the manga in Animate and I didn't buy them because I was worried I wouldn't have enough space in my suitcase for everything and I was right, but I regret not buying them anyway. Next time I will. I'm still surprised to this day that we didn't get an official release of the manga in France despite almost everything and anything having official translations and releases here.

No. 254925

holy SHIT memory unlocked, i remember replaying and thinking "whoa did they go there?"

No. 254927

i love this thread so much, i haven't thought about hetalia in so fucking long but it's nice to relive these feelings but with farmers this time. the fandom was infested with some of the worst TRAs and other bs over time

No. 254930

File: 1668379047115.png (118.12 KB, 486x610, netherpan.PNG)

have no clue what this shit is about so im going to ignore it but i just remembered my favorite rare pair, Netherpan

please post more rare pairs. im so surprised netherpan didn't gain more traction, they had a whole strip where netherland gives japan tulips and is the only european country to talk to japan during its isolationist period

No. 254973

>Your Fav character/s
>Ships and shipping wars
Always fun to see the shipping wars as it was a classic part of the fandom, I can’t think of any ships I’m still into off the top of my head (though I like sufin and usuk fanart) but I was into the pretty basic bitch ships
Always hated Prussia x Canada though, dude was pretty clearly thirsting for Italy on oresama blog
>Hetalia media/Fan media
All of it is so nostalgic to me, it’s impressive that you still see people like kyokoon64 playing hetalia fangames!
Mostly just typical middle school stuff, I never got to fully cosplay like I wanted to but I had fun doodling characters, I remember I had this card deck (which was probably bootleg) that I really liked.
>Fandom activities New and Old
Haven’t participated since middle school, but I like looking at fan games every now and then!
>Anything your Hetalian heart desires!
Considering getting the Russia nendo someday, he’s so cute!

No. 254975

god when I finished this doujin I kept thinking about it for weeks

No. 255061

File: 1668452295788.png (1.14 MB, 609x905, 1668369241518-0.png)

Some anons here were talking about how Hetalia kind of killed the concept of humanized countries (mostly because of tumblrfags reeing) so I wanted to share.
Humanized countries are not a novel concept but the designs really remind me of Hetalia, especially America's. France and England look like shit though. I wonder if people will say it's problematic too if it gets popular. I see some crossover potential as well.

No. 255063

I saw this on fujochan and the art looks like shit, especially Russia and France god damn. This looks like Walmart Hetalia and I don't know why the creator would make designs so similar. Isn't Japan crazy about copyright/copying in any capacity?

No. 255066

File: 1668453246865.jpg (355.04 KB, 1000x833, sadandgay.jpg)

Yes, that's where I found out about it. It really does look like a bootleg hetalia. Love how the only designs that are somewhat original look the worst kek Also Russia is a manlet

No. 255069

>short Russia

No. 255074

I don't want to be too mean but i've seen better hetalia offshots in twitter

No. 255085

> Anons who are easily deterred by tumbler whining


No. 255092

No fucking way they made Russia a manlet and made China mog everyone. I hate how yellow America's hair is and France's Tumblr blue streak kek. This feels blasphemous as a concept.
It makes me ill. He should be built like a brick shithouse.

No. 255096

I need to rewatch then because I don't remember that scene at all.
Kek the America one is a copypaste of Hetalia's America, without context I would have thought it is another casual!America fanart of him
>Russia is a manlet
What a sad day, the only I found cute was UK tbh.

No. 255103

File: 1668467912599.png (130.97 KB, 205x636, Prussia_uniform.png)

As someone recovering from tumblrbrain, this thread sent me thru so many emotions. Hetalia was just about the only reason I took AP history in highschool or had any interest in the subject. I remember going home and checking the livejournal for hours every day for translations and fanworks. Prussia was always my bestboy, I love pathetic fictional men.
The shitty funimation dub ruined it, the manga never felt malicious and avoided atrocious subjects on purpose but the asshole dubbers couldn't resist Nazi jokes.
Sorry for blog posting but, man, hetalia had the biggest autistic hold on me for almost a decade

No. 255113

Idk why everyone hates the eng dub
Its really not that bad and for a comic involving people based on stereotypes an personal author experiences I think its fitting that it be a offensive some times also glad it was made back then cause pc culture now would make it insufferable an boring.

No. 255137

holy shit how did i forget that it was on livejournal? and same, made me really get into AP history and refreshing the page was such an after school habit it surprises me i forgot. man i miss livejournal, hard to replicate the user experience from that time of the internet, it was less narcissistic.

No. 255165

honestly himaruya's designs are just way too good so anything else will look bad next to it kek

No. 255232

tbh I don't even think the dub is that offensive. I could live without the Holocaust jokes but I think they are only in season 1 then they stop making them luckily. I rewatched the dub recently and was actually surprised that people claim it's super offensive

No. 255318

Germany was my sexual awakening as a tween I am 21 years old now and I still want to fuck him.
This is my horrible confession, nonnas. I also still have a 2gb Hetalia folder on my laptop. Mostly yaoi. Mostly with Germany. I haven't opened it in years. I'm scared of it.

No. 255319

File: 1668565164189.jpg (22.01 KB, 564x564, f393107acafd4338ea2326d9004cb0…)

damn 2gb?? open it and post any interesting findings, you coward

No. 255353

File: 1668574025868.jpg (879.63 KB, 1274x715, omg_ross_sama.jpg)

my russia folder has like 300 images in it and its only 200mb, how much germany have you got in there holy shit

No. 255359

Oh man do I miss my old hard drive. I had all my Hetalia porn in there. I saved everything related to uke Germany that I could find- except Germancest because I don't like that pairing

No. 255383

File: 1668584426869.jpg (396.3 KB, 500x617, 3386555.jpg)

(Possible Hetalia drama in western fandom I figured out and put together)

Does anyone remember platinumspeed? Dude was an infamous spain cosplayer back then and there are multiple yt vids of of other aph fans filming him. He had a yt channel and he made a pretty good spanish dub of one of spain's character songs that I really kick myself for not downloading and saving tbh. It would be years till now that I tied to revisit the channel to fine out that all of platinumspeed's accounts across the internet are deleted. The lasting evidence of his existence would be the fan recordings of his cosplay, cosplay pictures with other creators on deviantart, and his cosplay.com account which he must've forgot about(which is where I got picrel).

I was super confused at first as his content was pretty decently made. His channel to my memory consisted of aph characters songs cover, possibly some cosplay skits, and voice acting.

No. 255392

File: 1668590170581.png (3.41 MB, 5848x4583, PlatinumSpedgross.png)

If we pay attention to the fact that most of his net footprint has been scrubbed and that he had an interest in voice acting it. His works are still mentioned on the hetalia animo platform some even asking about his dissapearance.
Platinumspeed's VA interest can connect him to not just hetalia but also the Sonic fandom. He would eventually become a part of sonicsong182's group to voice act in its sonic animation content. It was apparently a very popular thing and still kind of is.

PlatinumSpeed would eventually go on to troon out publicly in 2016 and he would alternatively be known as as Chrissy Bears.
Because this form degeneracy is recognized as a valid social image it was a little challenging trying to find info for the male as any mentions of PlatinumSpeed in sonic fandom would mistakenly call him a 'she' while the hetalia fandom rightfully remember him as a male. He eventually would be a part of a streaming host duo channel on youtube going by Transmission*.

I forgot to include that he had a tumblr account and you can find comments on hetalia related post on tumblr and deviantart from deactivated accounts with his username.

The way I confirmed that the Hetalia spain fanboy is the same person as the sonicsong182 member VA was that the links used
for his user for his facebook, youtube and twitter under trans*mission video descriptions are all defunct, except, when you click on the twitter link you would find that whoever took over his name had decided to keep it as a warning to all that PlatinumSpeed/Chrissy Bears groomed minors within the sonic fandom.

Also kek at the twitter comment I found from a fan of platinum speed apologizing from what I assume to be his sperging about "muh pronouns"

No. 255394

My sexual awakening was pirate!England lol

No. 255396

damn this sounds kinda eerie. Are there no recent comments on those videos and profile? Did you not find any mention of drama? Weird. Maybe he died or something

ok nvm. Thank you for your 2-hour search, this was a very interesting read. What a shame that he trooned out and that he's a pedo groomer like so many perverted males in fandom.
>sonic fandom would mistakenly call him a 'she' while the hetalia fandom rightfully remember him as a male
Based politically incorrect hetafags.
I hope you've archived every link you found though, in case he finds your post and deletes the last traces of his true identity and grooming.

No. 255399

File: 1668592420781.png (2.23 MB, 2550x3169, timesproof.png)

Some screenshots to prove Chrissy Bares (or Chrissy Bears??) PlatinumSpeed activity during old hetalia fandom days

No. 255410

File: 1668595818053.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.56 KB, 1000x565, 2019.jpg)

Holy shit, I feel sorry for whoever may still be attached to his Hetalia content. Also it seems that he trooned out publicly before 2016, as there are 2015 callout posts on Tumblr that refer to him as "she", and most notably, his post-troonout blog was first archived in March 2015. https://web.archive.org/web/20150309074027/http://platinumbootyreportingforduty.tumblr.com/
DeviantArt account in 2014: https://web.archive.org/web/20140704034040/http://platinumspeed.deviantart.com/
I've been reading this post https://chikkou.tumblr.com/post/131193136335/callout-post-for-platiniumbootyreportingforduty and holy shit, it's so much worse than I imagined. Fucking scrotes, never trust a male in a female-dominated fandom, especially if there are a lot of underage girls in it.

Spoiler because ogre troon.

No. 255413

jesus fucking christ what is this creature

No. 255414

same guy as >>255383 can you believe that

No. 255415

perverted tendencies aside, there must be a correlation between being an autistic moid and liking sonic

No. 255450

File: 1668612592447.png (4.77 MB, 4751x3026, ChrisChrissyBaresexpose.png)

I have reason to believe that this guy has potentially groomed/creeped on hetalia fans not just sonic fans. On Chris Bares (PlatinumSpeed) wiki page as Chrissy Bares for the Sonic VA stuff, his date of brith is listed as 25th of Dec. 1992. Ive seen somewhere that he was involved with hetalia since 2008 but from my references there are yt video from early 2010s of him acting out the character of spain in front of other hetalia fans, mostly girls (eyebrow raiser for sure).
The earliest video I could find was dated from Anime Expo 2010 so we can speculate that it may be 2008/2009 that he was apart of the fandom so since he was 16/17, though in 2010 he was 18.

Now I know that in the callout post
The user chikkou, she details a few things of interest (note that "she" in the greentext below refers to PlatinumSpeed/Chris Bares/Chrissy Bares):

>when i was 14 and chrissy was 19, i had met chrissy through a mutual friend.

>she was always flirtatious, making sexual advances which i wasnt used to receiving and misinterpreted as her genuinely loving me and wanting to be with me.
>this happened repeatedly over the course of maybe over half a year. ("this" refers to the sexual abuse)
>she stopped pretending to care about how i felt and would come to me almost exclusively to get herself off, despite the fact that she had a girlfriend who didnt know about what chrissy did with me (and that i didnt know even existed).

Now these details bring a couple videos I that I was mention about earlier. Chikkou admits that PlatinumSpeed(Chris Bares) was in fact 19 meaning that it had occurred circa 2011/2012 at their time of meeting meaning that Platinum Speed(Chris Bares) was pre-transition at this point.

A youtube channel by the name of Teddywangdoodle has videos uploaded of a 2012 hetalia meetup. They do not reference PlatinumSpeed in title or desc so the potential for these details could be missed.
There are 3 videos in particular that really add to the claims of Chikkou as a victim and the speculation of the abuse occurring potentially with other unheard victims.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Video#1 is especially telling of the greentext details. In the comment section of Vid #1 the uploader basically confirms that the blonde girl who is closet cosplay france that kisses PlatinumSpeed was presented as his girlfriend which lines up pretty well with what was said. Secondly, Platinum speed exihibits weird sexual behaviour even if it was for fanservice it does get quite strange as Video#3 is basically him repeatedly licking ice cream sexually. Now his promiscuity is again shown in Video#2 where he kisses someone who is not his gf who is cosplayed as Sealand (seriously this doesn't look good in the slightest) who looks to be undeaged . Even if the gf was consenting to Chris Bares doing that, his willingness to go along with schemes as such really and knowing that his sexual depravity went that far back and probably even further definantly shows the potential for abuse. Again, going back to Vid#3, the amount of girls fangirling over him doing shit definitely must've made occurrences for him to prey on the vulnerable relatively common and I don't doubt that there are dozens more victims.

It honestly creeps me out to know that these videos are of what is seemingly an innocent weeb engaging with other people while simultaneously being involved in some of the most depraved behaviour ever. PlatinumSpeed being a hidden predator in a predominantly female fanbase meant that this sick fuck was definantly in situations it where he was constantly in reach of many potential victims especially considering that he was quite popular for both his content, cosplay, and being a guy into hetalia.

No. 255451

File: 1668613097081.jpg (119.33 KB, 697x598, Axis.Powers_.Hetalia.full.2729…)

My favorite APH characters are all over the place (it's like a new flavor of the week thing for me) but I loooooved ChanCake/Awdeko's APH fanart. It looks like a lot of it got scrubbed from her deviantart account unfortunately, what a shame. She mostly drew the Asian countries and I believe her family is from Hong Kong so she drew a lot of Hong Kong. He is really cute and definitely one of my favorites too.

No. 255453

File: 1668613436616.jpg (98.6 KB, 500x627, bbc941c73fcd44ae1de0416ed41cc1…)

Also one of my favorite rarepairs/unusual pairings was RusCan, but I will admit my cringe and say it was mainly because I had a huge crush on a Russia cosplayer and I was a Canada cosplayer kek. In one of the few existing RusCan fanfics they talked about mixing vodka and maple syrup so the first time my idiot underage self got her grubby little hands on some vodka, you can bet your ass I mixed it with maple syrup. Absolutely disgusting shit but a really funny memory when I think about it.

Also if that isn't cringey enough, I had a huge crush on a France cosplayer (although I mainly enjoyed France/Canada content in the form of wholesome parent/child content), and literally about a decade later I finally got the courage to talk to her because we both still cosplayed and we ended up dating for a little bit kek. She did a France cosplay very recently with some old friends and she still looks so fucking good as France.

No. 255455

Trans*mission's other co-host's video confirming that PlatinumSpeed/Chris Bares/ Chrissy Bares is a predator. Comments section of vidrel is very telling.
All samefagging and so is this post.
I really wish I hadn't found this rabbit hole of fuckery. I genuinely thought that it was a case of someone being embarrassed of old weeb days and I wish it was. Godspeed to the victims of that sicko.
Thanks to >>255396 I remembered to archive what I could.
Thx anons for other information and corrections.












Another 2011 ax in dealers floor/artist.alley

2011 sandiego

2012 ax france gf

2012 sealand kiss

2012 icecream

No. 255456

when will they talk about the holocaust(newfag)

No. 255467

File: 1668616458390.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.13 KB, 1200x849, f.jpg)

Anyone else a Furansu fag? He was my first hetalia husbando.
That being said, wtf are those proportions? Why are his thighs so juicy and where's the happy trail? Still swooned though.

No. 255709

File: 1668670338168.jpg (53.27 KB, 500x552, tumblr_inline_olrlhzMc4G1tt0sv…)

Despite what others think that he's a perv, I like him. I'd like a romantic pathetic man with beautiful blonde locks and a stubble who'll shower me with love. He's a great cook too but also great in bed. Also, wew that France pic based Himapapa drew. Now that you mentioned it, wasn't France canonically hairy?

No. 255761

File: 1668687857774.png (146.53 KB, 500x500, 88531456897575321580614379903.…)

I like to think that France's tender moments are more of a subtle romantic who's gentle but confident in his intentions/actions the thought makes me ///blush/// !

No. 255785

You're both so right, A bientôt! Until We Meet Again and Though I May Depart, You Shall Remain illustrate that so well

No. 256108

File: 1668808662991.png (1.41 MB, 1558x2200, 2375867078463468974253.png)

I had a lc dream that anons were complaining about the hetalia thread because if hetalia fans wanted to talk on /m/ they should just merge with every other husbando flavoured theme board

No. 256156

Don't worry nonita, no one wants to see our autism outiside this thread.

No. 256639

File: 1668992978684.jpg (43.95 KB, 480x400, accc3c4a2b8d494278488cc0dfe3ed…)

Here's to my hetanonnies, I hope you all have good weeks this week. Snowfall already started where I live, it is now time for cozy RusAme art

No. 256947

File: 1669088473316.png (87.32 KB, 600x851, 373535279302643316364548352423…)

Ty nonnie! I really love winter related fanart its always so cozy to look at

No. 256956

File: 1669092202112.png (658.8 KB, 1002x860, Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 11.3…)

woah this thread brought back so many memories! i created my first tumblr account to post about hetalia. Romano and America best characters

No. 256967

when retards cancelled hetalia and its fandom it became only the start of what would become cancelling people on twitter for liking the wrong thing

No. 256991

File: 1669102938353.jpg (56.16 KB, 680x556, f79.jpg)

Based international and JP fans threw the fire right back at them tho! It was such a nice time seeing the sjw and the "always trying to be politically correct crowd" get told to fuck off kek

No. 257732

you are literally me. i was so obsessed with this doujin i wrote fanfic for it LMAO

No. 257746

File: 1669351267077.jpg (45.86 KB, 397x561, 185e5fe0bfa369270bf267590e71e9…)

To all nonnies interested – Arthur in the Dark can be read here! -> https://archive.org/details/ArthurInTheDark/mode/2up?view=theater
I remember there was also a short USUK doujin where England went mute. Hetafags love making British eyebrows man helpless and weak although I'm not complaining kek

No. 257864

nonnas, thank you so much for the deepdive. I was actually recently wondering what came of him, and I thought i had heard something negative but couldn't put my finger on it.

No. 257866

nonna* didn't see this >>257864
Men existing in hetalia was so rare I think I've seen one man in a hetalia cosplay all of once and every girl fucking swarmed him. Kind cringe but this video demonstrates the point perfectly

No. 257938

I'll always associate Hetalia with the 'When I'm Bored' video format. It was huge at the time. Loads of MLP, TF2 and Homestuck variants as well. In a way it feels like a precusor to modern fancams/edits.

No. 258018

I associate Hetalia with old school AMVs lmao
>tfw most of these are 7-13 years old

No. 258026

are the american fans really behind all the moralfagging?

No. 258027

she did came out as nonbinary this year this year iirc. made a post on insta about it as well. cim is still dating that girl in their vids, the one who cosplays levi.

yeah, i miss them. fia deleted some of their vlogs though. mica and her broke up too and the group haven't been close as they were years ago.

idk whats with swedish hetalia cosplay years ago but their skits were always funny and surprisingly organized and high quality, which reminds me of FarbrorEstersPojkar and its disappointing to know that the group or someone within the group decided to delete their entire videos because a commenter keeps on misgendering the sweden cosplayer even though at the time she didn't disclose herself as a tif. at least that's what i've read after scurrying through the internet to found out why their videos have been removed from their channel.

No. 258055

File: 1669460087309.png (1.16 MB, 1280x1600, DF05334B-5308-4A39-9049-CEE665…)

Sweden yes

No. 258066

Burgerfags have the loudest mouths and you know for a fact anyone else parroting is because of american influence

No. 258067

Anime fangirls paved the way for fan culture today tbh

No. 262084

File: 1670565661475.png (104.85 KB, 850x563, 65386578349964905180.png)

What I love about hetalia is that no matter if no new content comes or if anyone as even watched/ read all of the content, people can still take part of discussion/fanfiction. The versatility of the character potential while being perfect visually is such a rare commodity. No matter the circumstance you place them in, the human and country characterization of the protagonists shine through very well. Hetalia has been able to maintain such a dedicated fanbase unlike most seasonal anime that's only saving grace is a slight tweak in an already played out scenario and animation that is sure to be inconsistent in quality.

No. 262123

File: 1670581654360.jpg (246 KB, 610x850, Japan.full.1389632.jpg)

Erico Lotus is definitely one of my favorite Hetalia fanartists next to Cioccolatodorima. It's so beautiful like the characters drawn in Final Fantasy's art style.

No. 262137

File: 1670585707569.jpg (49.04 KB, 500x500, artworks-000161848537-ol4e03-t…)

Romano, my beloved

No. 263438

File: 1671012689097.jpg (28.72 KB, 564x656, feliks.jpg)

How do you think people from your country would feel about its hetalia personification? I'm talking general public. Accurate? Inaccurate? I'm Polish and people would 100% call him a faggot and they'd probably talk about it on the news saying it's an attack on the entire nation or something lol
Oh and gendie zoomers would insist he's one of them

No. 263446

The same thing happened with South Korea and that's why he's not in the anime iirc. I don't know about France, but I'd say a lot of things about him are accurate kek. He's not complaining enough though.

No. 263449

To be fair, I think they would have reacted like that regardless of S. Korea's depiction just because they hate the Japanese. Though having Korea copy Japan all the time and making light of the molka problem certainly didn't help

No. 263452

I feel like poland is one of the most inaccurate portrayals in hetalia. Clearly hima just wanted a crossdresser type of character and used poland for it. As for my nation, he's relatively accurate so I guess there wouldn't be any outrage, most of the general public would be okay with him

No. 263457

File: 1671018471590.png (1.09 MB, 960x846, gymrats.png)

He was originally supposed to be a girl but Himaruya decided to change it for unknown reasons. But you're right, he's not based on any Polish stereotypes, really. Except for his stupidity I guess. His relationship with Lithuania makes the least sense imo and it's such a huge aspect of his character. Poles don't care about Lithuanians and Lithuanians don't like Poles because to them the Polish Lithuanian union was forced and pretty much a conquest. I still like Feliks though, even if he's a retard.
I can't speak for German nonnies but I've always felt like Germany was the most accurate one. And America, but I feel like Amerianons would get upset if I said that kek

No. 263468

Why would you say that about Germany? Because he has a stick up his ass? Not German but my overall impression is that Germans tend to be friendly and have super weird porn (that last part is in the manga iirc)

No. 263473

Not at all, I'm a doitsufag after all. My experiences with Germans left that impression. Their culture seems very straight forward and people tend to be direct. When I think of Germans I think of efficiency, attention to detail and beer lol. Where I live German things are also associated with high quality and Ludwig is shown to be very hard working and a perfectionist. Also, there's the German stare phenomenom where it's been proven that Germans look at people for a longer period of time than in other cultures leading many foreigners to think they're giving them an unfriendly stare. I wouldn't say they're especially friendly, not unfriendly either, just average. From what I've been told they tend to follow the rules and it's a stereotype that if you cross a street at a red light people will scold you for it. I think Germany is a good represantation of both stereotypes (such as being serious which ime is kind of true) and cultural traits. Most of the stuff I mentioned are either my own experiences with Germans or my aunt's who lives there. German anons feel free to correct me.

No. 263941

Burgerfag here, based on my experience with a small sample size of Germans I'd agree. They're direct and blunt, as opposed to us Burgers and Brits who will dance around subjects or have surface-level conversations because we're afraid of making people uncomfortable. Like if you ask "How are you?", Americans and Brits might say "I'm good!" even if we're not, just to be polite. Whereas Germans wonder "Why does this random person I don't know very well care how I am?" or they will actually go into detail of how they are i.e. "Not well. I'm having health problems-", etc kek

No. 264048

Ayrt, that's so true about Brits. I lived in the UK for a few months and it took me like three to figure out that when people ask 'how are you?' they expect you to say 'good, how about you?'. I would always give long, elaborate answers talking about my day and they'd just reply with 'I'm good' and it felt really awkward kek. May I ask what you think of America's depiction? I always thought the American smile thing was so accurate because all the Americans I met irl smiled a lot and seemed very open towards strangers. And you also seem to really care about your teeth looking perfect inb4 euro teeth jokes

No. 267564

It wouldn't really make sense for Canada to be Metis, since at the time of his creation, native folk weren't granted much representation at all. As a representation of the Canadian state, it'd be inaccurate to

Making him Metis would be this liberal kind of whitewashing of history, like, oh, totally, the indigenous people were involved in this, no kid-stealing involved at all. And given that none of the characters change over time, it's unlikely that his looks would change much, either.

It might score you points with the diversity crowd who don't actually know much about history, but given a slight bit of actual analysis, it'd actually be more problematic to portray him as non-white, not less.

Here's an interesting example: I saw America once portrayed as having Native America as his mommy. First off, there were many Indian groups with varying cultures, having just one is erasure. Second, like Canada, the American state and its people excluded the Indians from their sense of being a nation. And third and most awkward, it was the US that erased many of these groups from the map.

It's a stupid idea.

In general, Hetalia's, like, textbook problematic: not offensive, problematic. Those have overlap, but they're not the same thing. Conceptually full of holes, doesn't make sense, crazy inaccurate, bad lore. At the rotten core of Hetalia's conceptual issues is its extreme inconsistency vis-a-vis the nature of statehood. But I like it anyway, fuck the haters.

Speaking of haters, thanks for the pics, lolcow. I await this site's death, along with all you phobey fucks.

No. 267569

This post radiates so much newfag autism it's amazing

No. 267579

>Speaking of haters, thanks for the pics, lolcow. I await this site's death, along with all you phobey fucks
what did she mean by this…

No. 267581

I assume it's autism is in relation to anons not bowing to, to put it in their own words, 'the problematic male supremacist view that a man is a woman just because he has long hair, wears a dress, and tries to embody female stereotypes'. Possible ftm tard rage considering the thread is about cute anime boys with a lot of fujo bait.

No. 267718

Those aren't my own words, female, that's one word I used, and a lot of other words you added, that's not how you use that phrase. I could excuse it if you were like speaking in another language then inserted in that English phrase, that's fine, that's cute, but you're still speaking in English, you must adhere to parallel structure. You are contaminating the air with your lack of parallel structure.

This is more grammar autism more than anything. I've thoroughly loosened up on most syntax issues, I'm liberal with language now, so my family doesn't hate me anymore, but I'm still pretty conservative on principles like parallelism. I have no patience though for forcing upon others problematic concepts such as arbitrary Latinate adposition prescriptivism, to which, in writing, I honestly find myself still adhering. I am a coward, yes, please punish me, daddy, daddy Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Please don't be offended, I'm not calling you guys haters. I'm the hater, I hate you, no offense. And not newfag, more touristfag than anything [I'm not coming back because duh]. I'm on a Hetalia image source run, and this page came up on Google Images. For what fucking else would I come here? Great pics, guys, please source your shit, I've developed a thing against having pics and not knowing from whence they came.

Hetalia's one of those fandoms with incredible art that amazingly hasn't been soured by the "activist" artists on Tumblr. Even on the Western side, that's commendable. There's this resurgence in art and fandoms that are, like, "problematic" [in the colloquial sense the kids like to use, you know, the one that means nothing], and I am all here for it. Hetalia must rise to destroy the inferior country gijinka shit floating around. Hate that ugly shit.

Oh, and I'm an incredibly cis whatever I am. I'm not telling you just what because I enjoy being an anonymous cipher, I've gotten too used to it. It's a mental security blanet like an online burqa. I should buy a burqa, IRL. Not blue, I don't wanna be insensitive to the Afghans, they're going through some shit. But yeah, project whatever you want, black, white, gay, girl, cis, trans, monarchist, old, young, Asian, whatever. I can be your Army Boi of the Naqshibandi Order.

Also, I love seeing the word problematic on this site, coz I love me some Comic Sans MS, it's just such a fun, festive font, don't get the hate for it.(What the fuck did i just read)

No. 267721

So who is your favorite hetalia artist?

No. 267726

New autism copypasta

No. 268378

File: 1673411455467.png (279.04 KB, 450x515, metiscanadamybeloved.png)

Thank you hetasperg-chan, you made my day ♥

No. 268525

File: 1673473246352.jpg (349.59 KB, 1200x848, damn.jpg)

Now that the autistchan is gone everyone look at America's ass I want to touch it so bad

No. 268527

No. 268589

File: 1673526974899.jpg (1.19 MB, 1640x2360, 101206492_p4.jpg)

No. 268592

link me the artist

No. 268604

No. 268629

Any nonnies know good fanart of Russia as a cosmonaut?
I really have been thinking of writing a reader insert where you get selected as an engineer for the soviet space program and you met one of the most famous and prolific cosmonaut that you admire, Russia-chan, only to discover that he is a cold and distant guy, even sort of a prick, but as time passes, you discover it is more of an act and you two fall in love. Pure cliche tho.

No. 268646

every lesbian hetalia fan loved russia, i need to understand why

No. 268691

File: 1673580548472.jpg (68.91 KB, 468x604, 724ce1b1d671bb686a7642300e6542…)

Damn this is hard to find. Most space themed Russia art is RusAme lol. If you don't like these you could crop one of those pictures to be just Russia
I never heard of this, I'm also curious now

No. 268692

File: 1673580609847.jpg (70.71 KB, 480x637, 19671182047da59a5141adf6573b5e…)

this one too

No. 268694

File: 1673581009542.jpg (159.8 KB, 750x1333, c6b59b7834b038bac512101a0f8b8f…)

sorry for dump, this one is really pretty

No. 268695

File: 1673581579015.jpg (307.01 KB, 800x1200, 77072608_p4.jpg)

No. 268698

Got banned in my country lol

No. 268702

File: 1673586875804.jpg (3.49 MB, 1700x2100, 83400489_p0.jpg)

Really glad that I never stuck around for the fandom beside for the scanlations, fanarts and fanfics on deviantart. I even miss Hetalia AMVs which often featured songs from said countries and those silly videos with the characters being animated by fans into doing dances or silly skits.
I don't want to ruin the place they have in my heart.

No. 268712

this picture reawakened my dormant crush on england

do you have any other arthur fanart saved nonny?

No. 268715

File: 1673590653075.png (228.79 KB, 500x519, 14074842_p0.png)

Not as much as I like to be honest.

No. 268716

File: 1673590778931.jpg (33.8 KB, 357x264, 25335530_p16.jpg)

No. 268717

File: 1673590802367.jpg (2.56 MB, 2480x3508, 74500023_p5.jpg)

No. 268718

File: 1673590837380.png (480.92 KB, 800x800, 101971057_p13.png)

No. 268719

File: 1673590869822.jpg (2.52 MB, 1700x2100, 83400489_p11.jpg)

No. 268720

File: 1673590899068.jpg (1.12 MB, 1700x2100, 83400489_p9.jpg)

No. 268724

File: 1673591214880.jpg (948.27 KB, 2000x2000, 83400489_p6.jpg)

Reminder to the America and Russia fans there is a bunch of pics of them in the maid thread and a few in the ouchie thread though mostly America

No. 270562

File: 1674097898929.jpg (25.12 KB, 563x377, dd53c204d63801503cbaeda17b61fe…)

Post your lovely hetalia husbandos, nonnies! Main site's back up!
Do you have any headcanons? I bet he fucking loves Shania Twain.

No. 270570

anything that's mmd brings me back

No. 270571

as a freshman in high school i had the fattest crush on Japan and I'd watch the OMG anime vine compilations on yt. and that's how i discovered lemon. oh god america x fem!reader . brings me back. I also had a thing for china and maybe that's why I love asian men with long hair. Canada was also a favorite of mine and I wish they focused on him more. I'm glad I graduated from that phase. Remember that creepypasta from decades ago?

No. 270590

File: 1674109697740.png (45 KB, 480x640, 364858939847.png)

Its so hard to choose! I feel like hetalia might've been a select few or possibly only series that caused some people to fancy almost all the characters both male and female though I'm sure everyone has their favorites.

I wanna know if anyone has ever been "In love" with a hetalia character.

I was such a try hard in gym class because I thought that would be impressive to Germany if I had a sporty/ athletic attitude kek

No. 270874

File: 1674256109651.jpg (194.85 KB, 672x950, 29010502_p0.jpg)

based Germany enjoyer

I read Clausewitz in middle school because I wanted to be cultured about war for Prussia. lmao.

No. 270887

This pic is too good

No. 270889

File: 1674266359435.jpeg (252.89 KB, 703x900, 7C63F9B2-AB6A-4E4E-A3AC-F1B1EA…)

Feliciano by JrJane

No. 279926

File: 1677877361527.jpg (136.75 KB, 650x800, tumblr_7b38e1bf2b0934ef45cd56a…)

Nonnies I'm freaking out he's so perfect, he's even in his little mountie uniform

No. 284378

File: 1679342417046.gif (5.31 MB, 498x498, baldtalia-bald-russia.gif)

Can anyone tell me the origin of this meme? It seems fairly recent cause it seems like something that would've been memed like doitsuism if it came from back then
Is this one that you can airbrush yourself? Also they should release life size plushies of characters. I can only imagine what the fans wouldve been like if they released something like that during peak fandom kek

No. 284386

File: 1679344654913.jpg (32.28 KB, 362x512, 1ba243cbfd631e31368202c4d14366…)

So I'm a basic bitch but I'm obsessed with EnglandxJapan / Asakiku, mostly just because I think they look good together.

No. 284750

File: 1679516173981.jpg (545.85 KB, 1431x2048, 35b46ddd95962ae38204f4c0cff249…)

Not a russiafag but I rly like this fanart

No. 285011

File: 1679638910298.jpg (30.03 KB, 400x500, 4e5c4ae474fd2dd6df06efb9c867a9…)

It's a prototype! They release these before they finalize the colours to hype fans up.
And yeah those plushies are bald as fuck if you lift their front hair piece. If you search "baldtalia" on tumblr there are shitposts and some (ironic? hard to tell sometimes) fanart for it. I found a few people who mentioned it's from a Hetalia Discord server on both reddit and tumblr so that's the origin. The reddit post included the link to the server in the comments but was over three years old… The newest post on tumblr is approx. 2 months old. So there's a server called "The Hetalia Region" with 3779 members that's been active for 3+ years making bald country memes and fanart. Honestly I respect the dedication.

Asakiku is very fluffy but I found this while looking for more pics, rarepair alert lol

I like it a lot too, his eyes and face look awesome. But it kinda looks like he's smooching a monkey paw because of the shading and I can't unsee it

No. 285358

File: 1679701456845.jpeg (170.69 KB, 1100x1465, 5CC38A64-9AE0-4428-8CC1-E7FAA4…)


No. 285367

That is a rarepair! I honestly love rarepairs, and love when people try to ship two 'unlikely' characters together. I think it can create some great dyamics.

No. 285399

File: 1679725420734.jpg (112.88 KB, 1280x898, tumblr_de46d189ad0c5c44a0f6be5…)

I agree! They have this interaction from the comics that's absolutely adorable too lol.
I was just reading how Germany and America are perfect foils of each other and both grew up way too fast, but had polar opposite results for their personalities. I never considered before how those two characters would interact. It's always fun to hear why people like their rarepair ships

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