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File: 1600392225105.jpg (547.36 KB, 1041x624, smartdoll.jpg)

No. 112728

Danny Choo
> king of the weebs, son of shoe mogul Jimmy Choo
> raging narcissist with a victim complex
> serial stalker of celebrities
> owner of Smart Doll
> "It's not a defective product, it's wabi sabi!"

Social media links
> instagram = https://www.instagram.com/dannychoo
> twitter = https://twitter.com/dannychoo
> shop = https://shop.smartdoll.jp
> blog = https://archive.dannychoo.com/en

Mirai Suenaga
> generic OC donutsteel schoolgirl
> Danny's mascot

Summary of choice antics posted on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/HobbyDrama/comments/gsc4gc/anime_fashion_dolls_wabisabi_or_how_to_call/
Detailed summary about Smart Doll: https://nasilemaktech.com/comic-fiesta-smart-doll/

Danny is obsessed with Japanese schoolgirls and fap. Moved to Japan, started "Culture Japan" ironically misinterpreting Japanese culture for weebs abroad, on his blog.
Read about his history of stalking and marvel at his disturbing lack of self-awareness in his autobiography: https://archive.dannychoo.com/en/posts/how-discovering-japan-changed-my-life?lang=en

Danny loves anime tiddies. He used to be a Volks (hobby company) fanboy and used a Volks Dollfie Dream (anime tiddy doll) to make a custom doll of his OC Mirai. Toured the volks manufacturing plant, then asked Volks to make an official Dollfie Dream (DD) of Mirai. Volks said "No." Danny's ego was so damaged by the rejection that he cried to daddy Choo, and daddy Choo gave baby boy Danny $30 mil to make his own big tiddy anime dolls. Despite his own dolls being near-replicas of DD, if you even mention Volks in a tweet or comment Danny will perma-ban you from his shop (even if you've never bought anything from him).

Danny's doll company is Smart Doll. It was called Smart Doll because the dolls were originally little robo-doll smart phone accessories. Now they're just regular dolls because robotics were too difficult, apparently. He's done shitty things to fuel his ego like not crediting his doll sculptors, photographing himself in front of a workstation as if he's done all the work. After one of his sculptors rage-quit and exposed him on a public forum Danny now claims he's the designer, not the sculptor.

Danny uses his dolls to RP petty revenge fantasies against his "haters" (anyone who doesn't worship him) and fills the doll product pages with baffling rants that read like an alien trying to simulate a human experience. Here's one where says having to deal with customers is literally the same thing as being a victim of the trans-Atlantic slave trade: https://shop.smartdoll.jp/products/smart-doll-courage

Danny doesn't want you to buy his shitty, overpriced dolls. In fact, he actively discourages it, because you're too much of a fucking idiot to be worthy of holding his OC waifus and any quality control issues or defects are YOUR fault, not his. Every time a customer receives an unsatisfactory product, Danny has a social media meltdown and adds another point to his disclaimer: https://info.smartdoll.jp/en/posts/before-you-buy

No. 112733

Jesus this guy is such an asshat and his dolls not cute at all.

No. 112748

I used to be into his content for a bit a couple of years ago until i moved on and forgot about this guy. The funny thing about his OC Mirai is that i thought she was more of a Mary Sue than anything and i thought it was HILARIOUS she had her own Anime in the making and it never came to fruition. At one point, i WANTED to buy his Moe-kana/Moe-Kanji cards. They were cards to teach you Japanese as well as a nendoroid figure of Mirai but thankfully, i dodged a bullet due to how utterly boring she is as a character and by design.

Video is the anime opening 'Mirai Millennuim' which to this day, still hasn't been in production. I wonder how much money he gave JC Staff to produce this. Shame cause it makes the series look boring as hell, just like him.

No. 112753

He also had a firefighting anime that never made it past the opening sequence. I'm sensing a theme with this guy.

No. 112754

I wonder how his wife puts up with all of this. He very outwardly fetishizes Japanese schoolgirls and idols, particularly idols who are underage. I guess she's fine with it because his fetish pays the bills.

No. 112758

Okay, i NEVER seen this before! Very interesting how he comes up with these ideas, gives Anime studios money to produce a PV/OP but never follows through with them. I would've thought he would've tried hyping up Mirai Millennium at the time considering it stars his mascot.

No. 112771

File: 1600406960979.png (36.62 KB, 948x288, da.png)

Damn I remember this guy from like a decade ago when he had that blog. I always got creepy vibes from him. His website product descriptions are ridiculous though. Why would you want to buy from someone who thinks you're an idiot for it?

His prices are insane, too. I know these dolls are big money, but his seem wayyy higher.

No. 112781

File: 1600408340115.jpg (274.69 KB, 930x610, 8f46e75091d07247f35d9daf518b95…)

I pulled the stalking bits. It reminds me of a 4chan stalker-kun greentext I read a while back.

> Danni [Minogue]'s body guard would sometimes play games with us - he would stick Danni in the car and drive off at speed - we could get in our car and chase. The bodyguard would wait at the traffic lights when they where green and the drive through them when they were red thinking that we wouldn't follow - we followed all the time speeding through the oncoming cars from the left n right.

> I liked Hikaru Nishida a lot - drew this of her and I standing in a streets with shops of Tokyo as I remembered it - its got bits of Akihabara and Shinjuku.
> Meeting Hikaru was also another one of my dreams. While in Tokyo one year, I waited for Hikaru at the backstage entrance of Kousei Nenkin Hall in Shinjuku and managed to pass her some presents of Marylyn Monroe that she liked.
> That night, I got a bunch of flowers and waited outside the hall for her concert to finish. I had rollerblades on and the plan was to chase after her car and catch her at a traffic light to hand her the flowers.
> However, the guards at the hall didn't like the look of me and just before her car came out, 7 or so of them rushed and pinned me to the ground until her car was out of site.
> After Hikaru's car was off and away, the guards left me in the middle of the road. I got up dizzy after being hit and kicked. The flowers still looked decent so I nabbed them and skated in the direction of Hikaru's car as fast as I could. Fate was on my side and her car was stuck at some traffic lights. She winded down the window with a sorry look and accepted my flowers. I don't think it was her decision to set the guards on me - or at least that's what I like to think.

No. 112783

I've always wondered that too. If you scroll through his 'about' page, you'll notice he used to have photos of his wife on his work desk in the early days. Then those all got replaced with big titty animu girls over time. It must be awkward to have a husband obsessed with teen girls. Hopefully he doesn't have any kids.

No. 112786

File: 1600408977234.jpeg (194.41 KB, 828x775, 5CECF444-0A25-498C-9443-B65A63…)

He does

No. 112788

Imagine giving your baby the same name as your fetishized underage oc. God, that's disgusting. Poor kid.

No. 112792

Maybe she participates in equally degenerate weebshit. One of his blog posts says they met while working at a Benihana. Ironically, Danny calls Benihana an authentic Japanese restaurant in the same post kek.

She's also technically named after her dad's "business" since his oc's name comes from his business name. Two Chinese-British people having a baby with a Japanese name is peak weebery.

No. 112793

File: 1600410024618.jpg (59.99 KB, 657x700, ldRaJGG.jpg)

sage for offtopic but reminds me of the JBox guy who uses an animu based on his daughter as his mascot

No. 112807

When was this post from? I didn't know he mentioned his kid on his site. I really hope he's joking about calling his child Mirai in context of his big tiddy 15 year old anime character Mirai.

No. 112849

Wasn’t the owner of jbox exposed as a massive creep too? Or am I thinking of some other anime-related business?

No. 112852

File: 1600443911785.jpeg (118.85 KB, 585x423, 5E9FEAE4-3E18-4D8B-9D51-A19626…)

The post was from April 2012. I agree it’s super creepy since he often labels cartoon Mirai as “forever 17”. Sorry for the weird crops I didn’t want to post his baby’s face.

No. 112853

This cringe fucker is Jimmy Choo's son? Suddenly all his money makes sense, I always thought he was a business man. You have to admit it must be fun to be an adult weeb with a trust fund

I'm really curious to know how that will affect her as an adult

No. 112942

File: 1600506710969.jpeg (116.98 KB, 828x1032, 28400642-8A6F-48C9-A917-146161…)

Off topic but that’s fucked up if true considering how he uses the mascot

No. 113152

Unironically can't wear Jimmy choos bc i think about his cringe ass son IM SORRY JIMMY(no1curr)

No. 113184

I'm pretty sure his dad hates him, don't worry

No. 113243

>Daughter is named like his "forever sweet 17" oc
Yikes. Yikest of yikes.

One would think than a dude whose oc got featured in various anime, game and tourism companies, would keep his shit together (or hide it better).
Wtf with his attitude? What happened on his life to be like this? I've been reading some customer's horror stories and I can't belive there is people still buying his products.
That poor, poor child…

No. 113250

sage for more off topic but he absolutely was, I remember reading an ex-employee's expose about him

No. 113261

highly doubt it. his dad funded his cringy ass.

No. 113309

OT but source for being based on his daughter? I can only find a blog post where he says she was designed by a random Japanese artist and named after an ex-gf which is its own type of weird, but pretty different from being based on your own child.

No. 113311

his dad made the shoes for his crappy dolls so i think they're fine

>What happened on his life to be like this?
He was born filthy rich to parents that gave him money instead of love. He's off the charts entitled like most rich kids, but not smart enough to hide it.

No. 113313

File: 1600719921721.png (693.19 KB, 925x592, 3986c6cefc8bd4bcb0502b765de36f…)

I found the insta post about his Dad making the shoes. This was 2017 idk if something has happened since then

No. 113318

This is sad. I remember reading on his vlog that he had foster parents due to economic problems (if anyone cares I could try finding that part of his long ass self pity biography).

Thank god this place is anonymous, he is pretty evident at lurking and stalking. This is mostly important because he has banned customers from his shop and the email customer support.
If any of you are from that doll forum, watch your writing style. Although I don't know why anyone would like to do business with him when there's better dolls out there..

No. 113320

Thank you anon, finally. Though this thread could've also been the Doll Hobby community in general.

No. 113327

File: 1600734581662.jpg (191.85 KB, 685x228, foster.jpg)

He states his parents paid the families to look after him and he would go home on weekends. It's been speculated elsewhere that it was regular childcare and he's saying 'foster' for sympathy points.

No. 113332

>Although I don't know why anyone would like to do business with him

This is crazy to me, too. His doll heads aren't even compatible with other brands bodies.

From Jimmy Choo's Wiki:
>After college, Choo worked at two design companies for a total of nine years before opening his own business. Choo's parents moved to Britain to help him get started, and he eventually expanded the business by opening his own shop in 1986, renting an old hospital building. His craftsmanship and designs were soon noticed at London Fashion Week in 1988. After seeing his creations, Vogue featured the shoes in an eight page spread.

It doesn't sound like his parents struggled much, or even his grandparents tbh since Jimmy attended college and started working for design companies right after. Danny was born in 1972. It sounds like it was normal childcare because his parents were working long hours, which would make sense if they owned a store. The way he describes his childhood being "school > go home > eat > TV > to go room" sounds like a basic af childhood.

The Hadid sisters also claim they did it all themselves. I think it's common amoung rich kids to make up a struggle so they don't have to admit they had it all handed to them.

No. 113333

> posted on April 1
I can't be 100% sure this child exists. Danny posts confusing and unfunny April fools jokes every year.

One theory is he PVs creative products on April 1 so when feedback is lukewarm or negative he can backpedal and claim it was all a (really expensive) joke. The products that get positive feedback go into production immediately, like his 3-eyed doll head.

>> 112753

Video was uploaded on April 1 and it was supposedly an April fools joke. It's confusing because he teased the project earlier as if it was a real project and hints to be going ahead with the project in the April fools blog post.

No. 113336

If it is I apologize for making the insinuation he did something creepy like that.

No. 113344

File: 1600752769875.jpg (658.34 KB, 2500x1875, IMG_6103.jpg)

I feel you anon. I feel like they are the same rotten garbage (like, come on, this dude is rich, and the fruit doesnt fall off very far from the tree), and while Jimmy Choos are legit beautiful, these dolls look like attrocious things and give me weird sex doll vibes. Like, comparing them to let's say a Pullip or another cute fashion doll vs those creepy as fuck japanese sex dolls that look young af, they look more like the latter.
His smart doll website also says "find out why they are smart ;)" with the ";)" emoji in them and I legit thought they were going to have a hole opening in them or something like that. Like, who actually buys these? These are not cute or fashionable. They look like weird mini humans. Yiiikees.

No. 113345

File: 1600753388348.jpg (340.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200922-004402_Chr…)

These are so pretty, I could had never imagine this kind of story about the son of Jimmy Choo in my life. Thanks OP for the thread

No. 113349

File: 1600755706271.jpg (840.65 KB, 1238x1238, tiddybank.jpg)

I have no words.

No. 113357

File: 1600760932785.jpg (56.21 KB, 570x570, DD_Mirai_DD-f3_570x.jpg)

it's just an anime style doll like dollfie dream. the comparison to sex dolls is unnecessary and tryhard. Also kek at "weird mini humans".
I don't like smartdolls or shoe child but you sound like you never saw a doll beyond Pullip. Next you will be scared they come alive and kill you

No. 113383

Just want to touch upon something on the OP, I think Danny trying to be passive aggressive discouraging purchasing the product is quite recent. Not just the FAQ but all the disclaimers on each dolls page, I think some anons from 4chan noticed it when it changed. It was sometime this year.
This man is slowly losing his mind and one day he's going to have a bad freakout and it'll be funny as fuck to watch.
They're called Smart Dolls because they were intended to be robotic, so they could dance, but Danny is lazy as fuck. Can't even deliver the one promise he set out to make.
Best he got was a USB charger body.

No. 113414

File: 1600798473709.png (2.64 MB, 1304x1234, dolls.png)

>the comparison to sex dolls is unnecessary and tryhard

lol. When I look at these dolls I think the target audience is not children, but adult men. It's obvious these dolls are meant to be sexually appealing to men and probably used for masturbatory purposes, even if they don't have a hole (yet).

No. 113427

File: 1600804067997.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.41 KB, 368x500, 22718648735_7e78ce4ffe.jpg)


Most if not all (adult looking) BJDs have weird sexy bodies, its just another way to distinct them as super speshul adult collectibles than just toys.

Sure they can be used for spank bank but most people who spend thousands of dollars on these won't even dare to touch them with dirty hands.

No. 113429

The audience is definitely not children, but the expensive, fancy little doll market is actually mostly women. They're kind of fun from a fashion and photography standpoint. No doubt some scrotes cum on them too, but to be honest I kind of like the look of the Smart Doll, even though I know they suck and definitely Danny Choo is a weirdo.

No. 113447

ok, you really don't know shit about dolls. >>113427 and >>113429 are right. You can get literally any bjd with an attractive body even tho women make up most of the customer base. Even Tonner dolls (not bjd but close enough). It's not weird unless you make it (to be fair, stuff like the piggy bank tits is creepy and gross, but the dolls are nothing especially scandalous.

No. 113457

>ok, you really don't know shit about dolls.
Nta but you're right, but doll knowledge isn't exactly a flex kek

No. 113464

Been waiting for this thread. My local bjd comm is obsessed with Smart Dolls, I'm so fucking tired of it. They all have four or five each at this point. They're really not any different from Dollfie Dream, just with a shitty narcissist behind their name. I haven't been to any meets in years (at least since the last one I went to one of the ladies showed up with a stroller full of Reborns) and it's only gotten worse, I can't imagine seeing nothing but ratty Mirais in baby-onesies-turned-tube-dress clothes.

No. 113469

sage but ew what the fuck am I looking at? I feel disgusted, these are just sex dolls

No. 113470

you're the one who sounds tryhard defending his dolls lol
For the record, dollfies are actually kinda cute

No. 113472

What even is the appeal of Smart Dolls? They're not as good quality as DDs and are more expensive as well. (DD Mirai is $473 whereas Smart Doll Mirai is $495)

What's with the prudish anon(s) in this thread looking at any doll and calling them sex dolls? Have you never seen a sex doll before?

No. 113480

To be honest with you I have no idea, no one in my comm has said anything about the quality. It just started one day with one lady saying "I got a Smart Doll!" And then suddenly everyone wanted to be included in the club.

I've yet to find a flaw with my DDs that I wouldn't expect from a Smart Doll so from my personal doll experience? I think people just want to be noticed by Danny Choo. My comm is close knit with the staff of another doll company so maybe it's the "we have friends in high places" bug.

No. 113491

Ah ok, I just didn't think any woman would want to buy something that looks like it was specifically made for scrotes to jerk off to. But I guess women also watch anime with bouncing breasts and pantyshots and music videos with 16 year old "idols" dancing around in bathing suits without realizing how fucking disgusting it is. Japanese culture is so hyper-sexualized I guess you can't even buy something as innocent as a doll without it looking like something out of a hentai.

No. 113499


I used to own one, from the One Piece collab. I stopped being a dollfag and sold all of my dolls because I found less boring hobbies. Plus the doll community is full of munchies. The appeal for me was just fancy character merch.

I didn't find Nami particularly shitty compared to my DDs but I know Toei is fussy so maybe that had something to do with quality control for that release. Would love to hear horror stories.

Danny himself is a narc and I didn't know about him naming his kid after his waifu. That's creepy as hell. I remember him having a serious health issue of some kind (tho munchieism is all the rage in the doll hobby so who knows if they are real) maybe the wife isn't worried about his creepy waifuism because she expects him to lose mobility or die soon.

No. 113520

Yes I have seen sex dolls and they look exactly the same lol

No. 113559

Lmao at the doll girls in this thread acting like these dolls aren't sexualized as fuck

No. 113560

not that they arent sexualized, that they arent SEX DOLLS. maybe you dont know shit but there is a difference.

No. 113583

People are just so used to sexualizing the female body they can't look at a slightly realistic doll without assuming the worst. Danny definitely initially aimed for sexy in the design, especially as be used to have wayyy too many bust sizes available to choose from, but now his hopefully-not-really-called Mirai irl child is older, he's pretending these dolls have been for children the whole time.

But generally BJD are not a sex thing in the slightest, like if you wanna jizz on something why choose a 60cm piece of plastic that cost you $600 when you could just buy a full size sex doll for 1-2k. Like they are primarily collector items and people are just weird about dolls.

No. 113598

File: 1600950598645.jpg (19.59 KB, 307x512, unnamed.jpg)

okay but talking about stuff you dob't know shit about and sounding like an idiot ain't either.
apparently attractive, realistic body = hentai lmfao. I guess this male bjd body is also hentai tier to you? I am not a fan of big bust bjd but it's normal that you can get them. In my opinion the bodies are neutral. It depends on the owner if the doll ends up looking sexualized or not. You can stick your big tiddy anime doll in a sweater and jeans and she will look normal, and vice versa. The bodies are imitating human bodies. They are idealized obviously but since they are realistic, it's normal they have tits and even dick. Most adult collectors are mature enough to not get shocked at doll nudity lol.
The sexualization of the dolls by Choo himself is creepy as fuck, but it's a problem of framing the dolls and not the dolls itself.

No. 113647

These dolls have really plain and frankly boring face molds, I don't get the point of shelling out big bucks for one. I cant put my finger on it but the faces just look plain weird Even DD dolls have nicer faces and can look stunning with a fresh faceup. Smart dolls are just bland looking.

No. 113692

the way dollfairy idolises this guy weirds me out.
Smart dolls always seemed uncanny valley to me. Either go full anime or more realistic.. the inbetween is creepy.

No. 113697

That's the average fan tbh, have you seen the FB groups? Or the comments on his instagram?

How does your local wealthy mfs perceive our underage-anime-titty god? Has anyone got a doll with a "birthmark"?
I want to know how long it takes for the first wrist to break off, if possible.

No. 113699

take your doll autism somewhere else please, no one cares about how much you love your shitty overpriced weeb barbies

No. 113701

File: 1600995050300.png (Spoiler Image, 857.62 KB, 1242x444, dffgg.png)

>people are used to sexualizing the female body
>they can't look at a slightly realistic doll without assuming the worst
kek listen to yourself. Plastic dolls are not real and do not look like real women lol
Look at this picture and tell me which ones are most resembled between each other.

There's a difference. I think this woman is attractive, but not sexualized. I understand and agree that collecting BJD isn't an inherently sexual hobby, but come on. There's many people who are indeed into dolls as something to masturbate with, more than you realize.

No. 113704

Well I look more like the iplehouse (i think) on the left than lopsided on the right, obviously nobody looks like the sex doll in the middle. It really is not a sexual thing despite the few degenerates with onaholes. It's like 99.99% women with fancy doll collections.

No. 113705


sage for dollsperg but

>dolls that are suposed to have silicone/padded bra boobs so they HOLD UP CLOTHES

>saggy post-breast feeding boobs

There's a practical reason dolls have bolt on tits, even barbies have silicone-looking breasts.

No. 113706

To make my point without shitting on the rando on the right, dolls are obviously idealized human forms, some people do actually have nice bodies and symmetrical faces. A nice body and face does not = instantly a sexual thing, since some people are just born that way.

The vinyl doll hobby definitely has more perverts than the resin side, due to softer material, onaholes and silicone boob options, but really very few people are out there fucking resin dolls (iplehouse on the left are resin) and still most vinyl doll owners also do not fuck their dolls, but there are definitely more dollfuckers on the vinyl side (gag). The anime figure collecting side of things does swing male and incel so it can be a problem.

But BJD aren't sexual simply because the bodies are symmetrical and well sculpted. Barbie probably has similar or worse proportions to the iple dolls (and was originally inspired by a sex doll) but again is 99.99999% little girls buying it and not perverts.

tl;dr ideal proportions does not = sex thing, but obviously people will fuck anything, and some dolls are aimed at perverts, mostly on the vinyl and anime figure side, which obviously is what Danny chose and is now pretending was for children the whole time.

No. 113707

lol I just beat you on the dollsperg, sorry everyone on /w

No. 113709


Is this a self post? Sorry no one wants to buy a doll with droopy lopsided tits, plastic is not like flesh where that can be hidden in a bra lol

No. 113712

File: 1601003021195.jpg (292.93 KB, 817x814, 2Bchoo.jpg)

>I think Danny trying to be passive aggressive discouraging purchasing the product is quite recent.
I think it kicked off in 2017 when Danny teased a 2B Nier Automata Smart Doll before he got approval or the IP license. Volks got the license to make Dollfie Dream 2B and 9S instead, kek. Waifu doll rejection again tied to Volks.

He likes making Smart Doll of his favorite animu waifus. He teases official chara dolls without licenses as if he's pushing the rights holder to give him permission to make the doll. "see look I already made a prototype. I did all this work it's only right you let me make the doll"

Danny's business practices are not congruent with Japanese business practices and he's driven away most of his Japanese consumer base. It's easy to assume that the companies who own the characters he wants to make dolls of are refusing because of his reputation in Japan.

No. 113721


the doll spergs are ruining this thread. It was actually fun until ya'll felt compelled to come in here and defend your creepy ass hobby.

I've seen the doll community in action twice, once on reddit and now here and all you guys do is fucking bitch, complain and fight. This being Danny Choo's hobby makes so much sense to me now. The entire community is fucking insufferable.

No. 113724

The thread is for making fun of Danny Choo and his insanity though not the entire BJD community or your opinions on the hobby? Stop shitting up the thread

No. 113726

Crazy that a thread about the leader of a prominent BJD company would attract fans of BJD? Who could've guessed?

No. 113729

File: 1601012218567.png (9.61 MB, 2500x2500, etgege.png)

I agree so hard with you anon. Every single BJD fan is a fucking self-centered freak and they defend their plastic doll way too much for my liking. Like, they defend them and treat them as if they were real people lol, the fact that Danny Choo treats his waifu as if she was the real deal is a common thing in that community. They're obsessive and creepy.

>is this a self post?
>I don't agree with you so this must be a self post?
>no one likes seeing real nude women in their natural state without sexualizing them so I must continuing consooming my plastic idealized sexy ass dolls but call others out if they sexualize them cause they're totes not for pervs!!!! they're a real serious mentally stable adult hobby I swear!!!

No. 113732

Sorry that you're a prude who's scared of plastic tiddy anon. The plastic tiddy can't hurt you, I promise.

No. 113733

Okay I know I'm the one you're replying to but I legit kek'd

Back to discussing Danny Choo though, this video is very cringe.

No. 113736

I can't believe I forgot that he's the dancing stormtrooper meme … wtf

No. 113741

Sorry but if a person completely unfamiliar with BJDs can take one look at them and realized these just look like sexdolls without a fuckhole, maybe all of you weebs and dollnerds should realize you are being biased and a bit deluded.

I'm glad you like your japanese fap-dolls, but these are targeted mainly to perverted scrotes. And yes, they will pay $600 for something without a fuckhole, they pay for anime figurines to cum on all the fucking time.

No. 113752

>plastic tiddy edges closer

No. 113754

File: 1601031374807.jpeg (39.97 KB, 560x560, shopping.jpeg)

I personally think the dolls are cute, but I didn't know about the dude behind it, ack

Is there any other doll similar to his, but Dollfie Dream? DD are cute, but I actually like the half-anime half-realistic face thing.

Maybe I'll just buy them second hand.

No. 113757

don't you have some anime to watch while cuddling your $600 doll-waifu?

No. 113759

What's up with normalfags on lolcow in general? Kill yourself please?

No. 113762

A lot of people opt for second-hand to avoid Danny. My theory is he has some copyright situation happening with Volks; maybe they told him he can continue to sell his similar dolls as long as he doesn't try and replace any of their product lines. Hence canceling accessory sales when it's for a DD or they don't own a Smartdoll.
I particularly like Tomorrow and Monday, but could never shell out that much for a doll personally.

No. 113785


Most bjd collectors including SmD owners are 30 - 50 year old women. Scrotes like Danny Choo are vastly outnumbered. Sorry you chose this hill to die on, anon.

I wish Volks would ditch resin and do all their regular sculpts in vinyl. There's Dollfie Icon, but the head is kinda derpy.

No. 113791

File: 1601059927445.png (130 KB, 1916x356, Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 11.4…)

BJD stuff aside, does anyone else remember all of Danny Choo's super insensitive posts regarding tsunamis and earthquakes? Pic related.
>ugh there's a tsunami warning but I wanna play with my ps3 and I have figures otw!

I remember he also had a post where he and his wife rushed back to Japan from HK after a natural disaster and his entire post was about the natural disaster was him complaining about how some of his figures fell and were damaged beyond repair. Other people lost their homes, livelihoods, families, and lives while this spoiled manchild was crying because his plastic anime girls got damaged.

No. 113793

File: 1601060186045.png (3.04 MB, 1896x1234, Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 11.5…)

I can't find the post where he talks about him and his wife vacationing in HK prior to the natural disaster but here's another one of his posts focused on his poor figures after an earthquake

No. 113798

aww she's very cute, first one that doesn't look like a complete sex doll
NTA But I think lolcow has many normalfags always

No. 113850


Cry more your hobby you use as a personality is meant for children.

there's nothing more normie than playing with dolls you tard.

This is some creepy shit

No. 113852

nta but that's only true for resin bjds. the vast majority of dollfie dreams and smartdoll owners are male. angelphilia too. these are all marketed with male gaze in mind.

No. 114011

File: 1601185958052.png (1017.94 KB, 2066x900, dcig20200926.png)

Danny posted his weekly scheduled rant about how special his business practices are and the customer is always wrong. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFkC2gWBkgh

His stans are mini-cows themselves.

Context for non-doll anons:
> 'Milk' is one of the skin colors for his dolls.
> Milk is popular because it matches rival Volks DD color and people could hybrid the doll parts together.
> Smart Doll bodies started out being similar in price or a little cheaper than DD, and Danny sold an option part that connected DD heads to Smart Doll bodies, until Volks sent a C&D.
> Now Smart Doll is way more expensive than DD and people want to put Smart Doll head on DD body because its cheaper by a couple hundred dollars.
> Danny refuses to sell doll heads separate unless customer can prove they own one of his dolls already.
> Danny sells his standard doll heads alone for close to $300, compare to DD standard heads at around $40.
Danny being petty and greedy.

No. 114012

I need to marry the red censored person.

Has Choochoo ever credited a design? Because if I have to belive all the shit he says, I must asume that the "employee's creativity" he refers to is… Performative assembling?

I love how he credits everything to himself, yet when he lurks feels attacked, he has to paint himself as a hero.
I'm kinda sad the lincenced dolls are (apparently) canceled. More popular designs meant new buyers, and I was so hyped for bigger meltdowns.

No. 114019

I love that he did a rant about milk right after appearing on lolcow.farm. I wonder if he's seen this thread.

No. 114135

File: 1601249253569.jpg (204.7 KB, 605x641, cult.jpg)

Are the stans in a cult or something? https://www.instagram.com/p/CFlgdkwjm9d/

No. 114557

No. 117943

File: 1603737835621.png (246.15 KB, 684x677, 42oP3eo.png)

Danny is telling his stans to harass anyone who says they aren't satisfied with his product.

Context is he's selling blind box dolls for the same price as regular dolls (around 500 bucks). Customer complaints have included poor quality items and getting doubles of the same doll.

Doubles wouldn't be bad in a regular gatcha, but this is the guy who double-checks the order history of everyone who buys his shit to ensure their worthiness to give him the yens. He knows what dolls they already bought from him and the dolls aren't packed in blind boxes.

No. 117946

excuse double post.

The blind box Pebble is the only way for customers to get special dolls like blue skin or boys. Most customers appear to be getting unpopular dolls instead of the teased exclusives everyone is gambling on.

No. 117965

Is he using a reverse psychology as a marketing technique? It seems to be working if people are still buying his dolls.

The milk is rare but I still enjoy his antics

No. 117995

To agree with No. 117946
DC checks all pebble orders and they are not random sent. Customers who made the cut are getting the teasers, the rest - get basic Mirai mold. And not even once.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 118047

He promotes his products a lot. The whole "don't buy this" is elitism and exclusivity run through a cringe weeb filter. Like, he's so rich that he doesn't care if he lost a sale to a customer so he can tell them to fuck off and buy something else. Similar to designer brand stores where the staff will say if someone can't afford anything in the shop they should just leave. That makes people with the dolls also feel elite like the Smart Doll is a status symbol. Smart Doll is a Gucci or Coach purse.

It's also so when an unfortunate sap complains about a shoddy item Danny can turn around and say that he warned them not to buy it, so it's the customer's fault and he has no responsibility to make it right.

No. 118056

I looked up some of the pebble reviews and it seems like there are people who are getting items that aren't even compatible skintones. It also seems like pretty much everyone only got Clarity, who looks exactly like Mirai.

No. 118102

It's actually hilarious he made a $500 dollar item called pebble with a picture of a pebble, and people are buying it and calling it "my pebble" in the comments of that video.

Please Danny, send someone an actual pebble, I dare you.

No. 127901

Sorry for the necro, but can we use this thread to talk about general doll drama here?

No. 127952

I think there was a BJD general on /snow/ but it's been dead for a while. I would be really interested in a revived doll drama thread, but since this is such a niche it would probably be slow moving. Maybe a general toy collectors thread?

No. 127954

BJD discussion can be had in the toy collecting thread, and there was a BJD thread that turned into a Gutterface thread but it's dead. The toy thread is BJD friendly.

No. 127957

The toy collecting thread in /m/ is just about the hobby itself, though. Or are we allowed to discuss cows on there too? I wouldn't want to derail about drama if there are anons who are just there to talk about new releases and such.

No. 128010

Just use the BJD thread over here >>>/snow/18928

Necroing is only an issue if you aren't bringing fresh content so it's not a problem to wake up a sleeping thread, the last post there was only a month ago anyway
The mods can move it to /w/ if it becomes active again.

No. 138054

Danny officially made it to the big league by having his product bootlegged, kek

this site popped up in facebook advertisements this week. So far no comment on it from the man himself.

a few people in doll discussion groups made purchases to see what kind of shitty knockoff gets sent. I'll update if they receive anything and post pics.

No. 138214

I would buy the knock off if it was ok. Weeb man ain't getting any of my money.

No. 143123

File: 1617059440561.png (302.34 KB, 1169x2185, image0.png)

Danny decided that buying 2 dolls from him ($1000+) is no longer a sufficient display of brand loyalty to qualify for buying his overpriced gatcha (~$500 a pop). Now you must buy 5 dolls ($2500+) to qualify for the privilege of purchasing a gatcha doll.
> gatcha is the only way to get certain desirable dolls that are not released for sale

Needless to say, some people were upset about this bullshit change in policy and expressed their disappointment in the FB groups and on social media. His stans harassed them and posts were quickly deleted.

Smart Dolls are luxury items and most people have to save up months and months to afford one basic doll. Danny thinks if you don't have enough wealth to drop $500-$1000 on an impulse purchase that means you are a poor person and you should buy food for your family instead because he doesn't want dirty hobos touching his painfully generic big tiddy waifus.

Pic is Danny's response to the "haters" hating on his 5 doll minimum purchase policy.

No. 143129

Kek. Anyone who spends money on this overpriced garbage deserves to be ripped off by this greasy weeb.

No. 143194

This guy is a genius. I’m sure half of the marketing major graduates wouldn’t dream of pulling off this scheme. It’s so stupid it’s brilliant

Tbh I wish I were in bud community because this cow has potential to become my new favourite scenecow.
Updates are very much appreciated!!

No. 143707

File: 1617490457315.jpg (5.63 MB, 3258x4644, aprilfool2021.jpg)

Here are the 2021 April Fools ""joke"" posts.

No. 143715

>The majority of smart doll customers are children

He keeps peddling this lie when it is blatantly untrue.

No. 143722

>eye fitting device
Did he just make an overly designed and expensive clone of a Volks product? https://www.dollmoon.com/dollfie-dream-fitter/
Oh wait… that describes everything in his shop.

No. 144098

>I wish Volks would ditch resin and do all their regular sculpts in vinyl.
Why the hell would you ever want that though?? Vinyl is such a shitty material compared to resin - it stains easier and looks and feels cheap, also ages badly. Volks resin ages beautifully and resin in general looks and feels expensive and porcelain-like.

No. 144133

File: 1617822406970.png (782.36 KB, 758x1371, noshippingforyou.png)

Someone asked for a shipping update and having to provide customer service triggered Danny (because as we know from OP providing customer service is literal slavery)

If you email to ask when your $500+ order is expected to ship you will be punished for your transgression
> https://www.instagram.com/p/CNRF_VWBDGk/

No. 144137

File: 1617822914264.png (410.71 KB, 1242x1488, multicharges.png)

Folks report being charged multiple times when they place an order through the Smart Doll website. Instead of looking into technical problems Danny calls them scammers and bans them from his shop

No. 144166

It amazes me that Danny won't pay for an IT guy to fix his site but will drop loads on any stupid project starring his OC Mirai.

No. 144206

I like how along with shitting on all his past BJD collector customers by setting up the smartdoll website as a product for children (as if it has always been this way) he has now extended the shipping time (that's two weeks to dispatch not arrive) when short shipping times was one of the things he did right.

The resentment really comes out in that last paragraph about the shitty bra top maybe being a different color in future orders.

No. 144230

I don't really get why he bothers trying to have at big company when he doesn't understand the basics of customer service, let alone what would be expected from a "luxury" or niche market.

If he wanted to be a piss baby about everything, he should have thought about keeping it on a very small hobby scale.
Like that chick that makes custom porcelain dolls. When you're doing something much more specific and artisan, then you can be expected to not really give a fuck.

I wonder if the kid rebranding has to do with his family thinking it's weird to sell dolls to adults?
Raising spoiled kids like this is how you get Danny.

No. 144305

why does he call them girls and not dolls? he's so creepy

No. 144794

File: 1618113026199.png (419.75 KB, 800x600, 142190630.png)

No-one posted about the bacteria yet?

Last year there was dolls with bright pink spots in the plastic. The pink marks are made by bacteria. The mods in smartdoll groups defend the spots saying its not a flaw of quality control. How??

Because of previous typhoon, smartdoll shop was flooded. The pink marks appeared on dolls purchased directly after. Have dolls been in dirty typhoon water and sold to customers? Of course smartdoll did not accept any fault.

No. 144802

I am a vintage My Little Pony toy collector and a lot of vintage ponies are susceptible to this same kind of mold problem in the vinyl. It can also appear as "black spot". There isn't a lot that can be done to get rid of it, as it actually stains the vinyl. Best thing to do is to keep the infected dolls away from the healthy ones, as it can spread.

No. 144804

Jesus, I've noticed this with playline vinyl doll heads. Depending on how they were stored before you purchased them, I have had to throw away two cheap playline dolls due to a black spot appearing in their vinyl (my home is always temperate without any damp or mould issues)

For $500 dolls to have this issue is terrible and imo it can't be fixed, like good luck getting mould out of the inside of any porous surface. I will assume no replacements from camp Danny for those.

No. 144821

holy shit, I used to frequent Anime Expo a lot back in the late 00's and this faggot was always mentioned in the catalogs lmao

No. 144830

My thoughts exactly. G1 MLP are between 40 and 30 years old, those are brand new dolls made with current technology and that cost 500 USD. Unacceptable

No. 145459

File: 1618516273042.png (318.38 KB, 720x1216, 20210415.png)

Can someone please translate this? Thanks.

No. 145460

wait his dad made jimmy choo's i hate rich people they be acting like they are self made, self taught self everything. UGH. i remember when i was younger i used to read his blog and he talked about how he learned japanese so fast but dude probably had a fucking tutor. IM MAD lmao

No. 145550

Absolutely no idea anon. Imagine being an esl person reading his posts I guess I must be shit at English because I can't understand this nope, just more incomprehensible word salad from Danny.

Honestly I believe his dad gave him nothing like he says, he wasn't raised by Jimmy and rich people being assholes to their kids is very much a thing. They still are only really business associates imo. So I think he did struggle upward (hence the obvious huge chip on his shoulder) but he really needs a social media manager at this point.

No. 145592

Just Danny passive aggresively shitting on his customers through the lens of his OCs, typical weebman nonsense.
Nah, his dad seems pretty supportive, though I doubt understanding, of his doll business. Wouldn't surprise me at all if Danny's only real hang up was that daddychoo never spent as much time with him as he would've liked as a kid or he had a hard time making friends while growing up. Though I completely agree on him needing a SM manager.

No. 145665

This reads like a 13-year-old describing their edgy oc on deviantart.

Jimmy seems pretty supportive of Danny's doll ventures. Danny has(had?) a blog post about making shoes in his dad's factory and said that his dad gave him a job before when he couldn't find one. He also allowed Danny to make prototype shoes for his dolls in the factory.

No. 147688

Old milk, but an anon wrote about how their bad experience added a point to Danny's list of disclaimers (see OP). People in the group Anon mentions remember this shit show happening.
TL;DR version:
> Anon is disabled in their hands and had trouble putting their doll's arm back in place. Anon vented in a SmD fan group.
> Danny had a meltdown, left the group, added a new disclaimer to his site.

Danny panders to the woke crowd using dark skin, vitiligo, port wine birthmarks, and prosthetic limbs on his dolls, but interactions like Anon's prove it's all for show and Danny has no empathy for the groups he panders to. Instead of reaching out to Anon to offer advice on assembling the doll, he added this disclaimer to the doll's product page:
> If your hands don’t have much strength then you should not buy this product.

No. 158278

File: 1625179406689.png (669.88 KB, 2048x1374, resellers.png)

Random updates and gossip from doll anons, in no particular order:

> $5000 mystery product http://archive.today/0Wb8b

A "Dummy Product" page went live on the Smart Doll shop, causing confusion, amusement, and speculation. It's gone now but someone archived it for posterity.

> $200 for reject-bin doll eyes https://shop.smartdoll.jp/collections/chaos-bundles-the-outlet-stuff/products/chaos-resin-eye-prototype-bundle

Why pay $20-$30 for a pair of pristine new doll eyes when you can pay $200 for a pack of 4 pairs discolored old doll eyes with Smart Doll branding!

> Supergirl Smart Doll release drama https://twitter.com/SmartdollLand/status/1406422241898766340?s=20

> product page https://shop.smartdoll.jp/products/smart-doll-supergirl
The long-awaited Supergirl doll sold out within minutes and was followed by Danny cancelling a handful of orders on suspected "fraud" and "reselling." In Danny's context, "reselling" does NOT refer to scalpers but rather people who have purchased dolls in the past, enjoyed them, then sold the dolls as personal sales to other collectors on the secondhand market. Doll anons who sold a Smart Doll in the past were upset to find their orders had been cancelled and refunded because Danny or his cult of social-media-stalking snitches put their name on his list of "resellers" and "haters." Yes, he has a list. He shares his list of banned people with official USA dealer Fabric Friends Doll Shop and the dealer won't allow banned people to purchase Smart Doll products through them, either.
> Context for non-doll anons: Secondhand doll prices are usually near the original retail price, depending on condition and ower for standard dolls and higher for limited editions. Scalping is rare as the collector base is small and the dolls are expensive; most collectors know the retail value of the dolls and will not pay scalper prices.

> Doll Anons Rage-Quit Smart Doll

In response to ongoing asshattery, a wave of doll anons have recently been purging Smart Doll products from their collections on the secondhand market, stating Danny's asshattery as the reason for selling.

> 3D print your own doll tiddies at home!

Old, but it might be amusing to anons. Free STL files for doll tiddies are on the Smart Doll website:
> Extra small tiddies https://shop.smartdoll.jp/collections/filter-learn/products/xs-bust-3d-data
> Extra big tiddies https://shop.smartdoll.jp/collections/filter-learn/products/smart-doll-3d-data

> Additional SM links

Links missing from the OP that may be of interest:
> public Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/dannychoodotcom
> Twitter alt https://twitter.com/SmartdollLand

No. 158302

The resellers point in particular is ridiculous since this is a collector hobby, reselling is an integral part of the hobby. You're not a scalper for reselling a collector item.

No. 158407

File: 1625246374149.jpg (184.88 KB, 1140x816, retarddoll.JPG)

>Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) has chosen to partner with Smart Doll as a platform to represent their properties such as the DC heroes and heroines for the first time as large-scale fashion dolls in the Japanese Anime/Manga aesthetic.
Honest question, is Warner Bros Consumer Products run by retards with no access to social media, or is Danny Choo the cheapest option to get anime style BJDs of their characters done?
Also sorry if this has been posted before, but I cannot stand his smugness. Bet he gets off on the power he has over his consoomers, like they cannot buy another BJD. I wish people stopped supporting Smartdolls, they aren't anything special and the owner of the brand is a giant turd.

No. 158417

I swear he adds more and more to these disclaimers every time I see them. I think this used to be only 5 bulletpoints long.

No. 158421

Idk why people who ask this question on lolcow dot farm haven't figured this out yet. Big brands like Warner Bros don't care if the internet guy they're partnering with is obnoxious, as long as he doesn't violate their brand usage guidelines and they get their money. They typically don't invest in enough resources to keep tabs on the influencers they're working with outside of the copy, images and products directly related to their IP. Everyone who is doing affiliate marketing with internet personalities has to deal with annoying narcs like him, but retarded internet people drive sales so they see it as a necessary evil. That's why all the cows and flakes end up with sponsorships, partners and collabs despite being completely insufferable.

No. 158607

just found this thread and am actually shocked to read this about him, i've been following him for years on instagram and he never striked me as a narcissist? can someone elaborate?

When it comes to its dolls the wabi sabi statement refers to the fact that not one doll is like the other and staff will add differing moles, beautymarks or lines on their bodies, "imperfections" that make them unique. it's not a quality defect.

As you can tell I always liked the brand and Danny, but if they are shit I for sure wanna know about that :/

No. 158734

The "moles" and "lines" are NOT intentionally added by staff. They are dirt and debris imbedded in the vinyl during the casting process, which most high quality vinyl toys don't have. Calling the marks Wabi-sabi is a bastardization of the philosophy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wabi-sabi

Smart Doll is literally his vanity project and reading through his self-biography and shop pages checks off every box for narcs. Here’s a short version if you’re too lazy to read all the info linked in this thread:
> His need for constant, excessive admiration = long posts about how great his design and business philosophies are, fostering a cult of stans to stoke his ego. Example of an acceptable stan post here >>114135
> Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it / Exaggerate achievements and talents = In the beginning he was actively presenting himself as the sculptor of Smart Doll and taking credit for the work of the artists he hired. He only began crediting his artists after one of them quit and exposed him on an English doll forum (I tried finding the posts to link but can’t remember the keywords to search for it, if another anon has it please post). He asked the artist for WIP screenshots, full-screened the screenshots, then got someone to take a picture of him posing in front of the computer as if he was doing the work.
> Inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others = see any instance of a customer seeking help with a product or payment processing issue and being blasted as ‘stupid’ or ‘scammer’ on social media. >>144137
> Behave in an arrogant or haughty manner, coming across as conceited, boastful and pretentious = Read any of his “before you buy”/design philosophies/character stories. This one is obvious if you haven’t drank the Choo-cult kool-aid.
> Trouble handling anything they perceive as criticism = Anyone who offers constructive criticism or feedback that isn’t stroking his ego is a “hater”; see convo screenshot in >>114011 He blocks and bans from his shop anyone he thinks is a hater. He punishes people seeking help with products. He punishes people who inquire about shipping times. >>144133 He punishes people who aren’t entirely satisfied with their purchase and encourages his stans to harass them. >>117943 >>143123

Here is a thread with almost 80 pages documenting and discussing problematic behavior since April 2019: https://www.dolldreaming.com/topic/17079-the-facebook-debacle-other-issues/

No. 158763

Not that anon but wow he's so much worse than expected from just skimming past posts on his threads for years.

Surprised that even with nepotism support he's still cheap and lazy with his company. You'd expect him to do better with all those resources.

No. 159123

File: 1625623145355.png (518.13 KB, 1148x631, 5khorsegirl.png)

Last year's centaur "April Fools" prototype was listed for $6100 USD today. Reading the description, he spent 6 months developing an April Fools joke product.
Six months. Six. Fucking. Months. of making his employees work on an elaborate, complicated joke product that would never go into production, but he doesn't want to "overwork" his employees by making high-demand products available like standard-model Smart Doll Boys and blue skin tone.
Danny lowered the price to $5K and someone bought it.
Someone paid $5K for a cracked 3D print held together with sticky tack.

>>158734 He only began crediting his artists after one of them quit and exposed him on an English doll forum
Post located! https://www.dolldreaming.com/topic/9955-danny-choo-smart-doll-boy-nsfw/?do=findComment&comment=179830
"Actuality I'm right there with you because it hits close to home with me more then anyone here. Because of things just like this and other factors I decided it was time to resign from Doll projects after Chitose. Probably why he asked on FB for 3d artist applicants. Also no he doesn't actually model anything him self though I've love to see him try, he just doesn't credit commissioned people that aren't as popular like Iku or Nao which says a lot about where his interests are. Many cases he takes a screen shot I send him throws it on his mac book air which btw the software doesn't even run on and then talks about what he designed. The one time I was credited as "aid" on his site was over a year ago half way down one of his posts and now magically that is gone. I'm not trying to take his achievements in directing the project away from him but in the art world even commercially unless they are an employee you credit people. Since you like Eiji I'll leave you with the first version of Eiji's body back in the Mudbox days over 1.5 years ago. Yeah its been that long I've been sitting on this."
Sculptor links his time lapse 3D work as proof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgImRGP6Q0c

No. 159140

Whoever bought that could have frankensteined a horse body from some other doll brand, since it's a simple sculpt, with a Smartdoll for the same effect and saved themselves 5k.

No. 159151

Thanks, I don't follow any actual influencer cows. What you said makes sense but it's still shocking how they ended up with a guy who doesn't even want to sell his dolls lmfao

No. 168172

File: 1629245059223.jpg (1.69 MB, 1498x2996, dimension.jpg)

Danny would like to use his 7-page product description for a fashion doll to tell you that you're an NPC if you're not a trust-fund baby living your dream.

No. 168182

I don't understand how this is real and not self parody, but I don't think he's that self aware.

No. 168472

Idk what mental illness this is but it's getting fascinating. The uglier and tackier his dolls get, the more he unravels.

No. 182859

File: 1637115917320.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.79 MB, 1860x2092, mirai.jpg)

Danny proudly showing off and selling lewd artwork of his underage OC in his "Culture Japan" TV series.

No. 182863

File: 1637116461501.png (466.83 KB, 618x617, sideview.png)

Anons may notice Smart Doll faces are only ever photographed from the front; it's the only good angle they have.

pic is a limited edition character doll that cost around $1,500

No. 182874

File: 1637121351314.jpg (35.64 KB, 312x191, da.jpg)

>underage OC

No. 182895

I've always wondered what his wife thinks of all this shit. Or if she's even still around.

The character is also not underage in the context of Japanese law anyway.

No. 182901

File: 1637138127315.jpg (357.35 KB, 2560x1440, 708ade2f970dc82fe7b2ef01c6c946…)

All his characters are sexy 13-17 year olds, very much underage by anyone's perspective. Picrel is supposed to be 16

No. 183094

I mean unless they’re getting assaulted what’s the issue here? Is drawing underage characters a crime? What are you, a Twitterfag?

No. 183191

Careful anon, the brigade defending horny drawings of minors is running rampant across /w/ lately. Straight up scrote energy tbh.

No. 184319

Get the fuck out of here, pedo

No. 185004

16 is legal in Japan (and most other countries in the world, even some states in the US) so nah. Who cares

No. 185321

File: 1638417266485.jpg (829.98 KB, 4096x4096, FFjh_xbVIAIXkUg.jpg)

Ok anons, what's your vote in this situation?
> Danny is blaming the hAtErS for issues with Shopify's credit card payment system.
> Danny is stalking hobby forums to collect and record personal data of his critics, including real names and addresses.

No. 185553

It's definitely the later of the two but he doesn't do it alone. All of his simps help him in banning people. And we all know Danny bans people for dumb reasons. He's the primary reason why smartdoll owners/their community is infamous for being toxic. And that's compared to the people who turn their dolls into… stress relief aids.(sage)

No. 281772


No. 281860

Saw this got bumped so I decided to check in on the website to see what new screed Danny has posted and he did not disappoint: https://info.smartdoll.jp/en

You see guys, SmartDoll is for THE CHILDREN, look at THESE CHILDREN making the world a better place with their $500 dolls. Wabi-sabi guys, wabi-sabi.

No. 281867

Imagine giving a giant-tittied coomer doll to a child. The price ain't the problem.

Also kek at all the diversity bs but also absolutely refusing to ever make a fat doll. We all know the real reason why not.

No. 281911

>Made by kids for kids
>Because I'm a BIG kid!

My sides

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