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File: 1455998142810.jpg (69.36 KB, 500x752, 12107866_10203604833639726_601…)

No. 19234

18 years old weeb from Las Vegas

>Pretended for a while to be half japanese and try to look like one, but she's 100% white

>Says that her dad was the Japanese one but left because he was beating her mom
>Lies about her age to date older men (for their money)
>She did cheat on her exes and probably current boyfriend
>Dated a guy after he sexually harassed and stalked one of her friend
>Stole stuff from her friend (Money, circle lenses)
>Thinks every girls she know want to steal her boyfriend, so she end up cutting ties with them, her friendships never last
>Tried to make an hostess club with other weebs
>Had a yeast infection and pregnancy scares

Some links:





No. 19235

That 5 dollar a half hour fees kek, and all the male weebs she grabbed are butterfaces, didn't even bother looking at the females. I don't know why she thinks anyone wants to steal her bf, he's a butterball too. But I guess below average people date other below average people.

No. 19236

cus only whores and sluts get yeast infections amirite?

No. 19237

No way is she only 18! Where did you got that? I knew her pepersonally for a while and she was the same age as me. So she'd turn 21this year

No. 19238

She's turning 21 ? Oops, my bad, then. I thought she was 18 because once a friend of mine was talking about the hostess club she made so he mentioned her name and how old she was along how much a crappy person she is, then later I saw other stuff about her on internet. And well, she seems to lie about her age and other things in an inconsistent way so she probably did.

No. 19239

File: 1456006492470.png (235.72 KB, 474x597, lookslikegyaru.png)

If this is what's considered "looking Asian" today, I'm living on the wrong planet.

No. 19240

Retarded weebs think that "are you asian" is a compliment. Just look at Ahripop. Bitch is white as shit but she still gets weebs up her ass like "omg are you jap or Korean???"

No. 19241

And since more people seems to knows her I guess she stopped saying directly she's half Japanese (Unless on the hostess description, wonder why…) but i'm sure she now just try hard for people questions her ethnicity so she can feel "oh so special"

No. 19242


So true.

I thought Asians were born with slitty eyes, dark hair and yellowish skin. I didn't know they were "kawaii" and blonde. Fucking hell, no wonder Dakota Rose is considered jap these days.

No. 19243


ikr. It's like if nowadays weebs thinks that someone look asian if they are wearing circle lenses, fake lashes, a colorful wig and having a flat nosebridge or whatever.

No. 19244

Well, there are plenty of Asians with round eyes and whatnot but not with this >>19239 set of defined features or whatever you'd call them.

No. 19245

You deserved this humiliation you two timing, gold digging, weeaboo trash! (remember me? We were friends back in 2014. Now we're nothing because you decided to cut me off for your so called "fame" and the jealousy with your boyfriend(s).

No. 19246

She's obviously figured out about the forums about her by now. On that note. I've been acquainted with Tavia for over two or three years now. I can tell you all that she is a big liar. A very hypocritical one. I'm not so sure about this one, but I think she used to be friends with another weeaboo called Yuuhi Takahiro. Could be possible especially with the fact they're both from Las Vegas and they're in the cosplay community there

No. 19247


Oh god don't get me started with Yuuhi Takahiro. She once sent flowers to herself in my friend's restaurant. Not surprising Tavia and her was friends.

No. 19248

File: 1456099325274.jpg (107.31 KB, 562x776, drama2.JPG)

Here's some drama involving her and another weeb girl I don't know, but well. It's just quite hilarious how she's scared people call her out publicly so people can discover how a shithead she is.

Pt. 1

No. 19249

File: 1456099353186.jpg (92.09 KB, 580x696, Untitled-2.jpg)

pt. 2

No. 19250

File: 1456107907640.jpg (36.63 KB, 640x480, 5f4.jpg)

not exactly, just highers the chances
thats why you're supposed to pee everytime after you have had sex
but idk i never had one but thats because i followed that simple rule…

No. 19251

I've met this girl at a convention here recently. She is ugly in person. I heard a lot of drama about her between some other people's conversation. She does appear skinny in photos, but in reality… Let me just say she's pretty overweight. Get on a scale hun. Your love handles are showing. ~

No. 19252

I kind of came here to ??? at that too.
I can understand OP saying 'brags about pregnancy scares and yeast infections for attention' or whatever, but yeast infections are just par for the course for some of us.

This girl seems such a basic weeb flake, she could probably sort herself out and save herself from becoming a cow. I hope.

No. 19253


Yeah it's what I meant, I added this point mostly because of the context. Otherwise no worries, I know any women can have that and can't really be helped. I probably formulated how I said it wrong, sorry !

No. 19254

File: 1456159225312.jpg (116.55 KB, 960x959, 1044566_1696308943920916_55783…)

Her cosplay is cute.

No. 19255

that hair is tragic

No. 19256

I'm pretty sure that's a wig…

No. 19257

It is not mature to post publicly about personal problems especially when it is someone you have on your fb. It WOULD be mature however to unfriend the person and cut them off completely but people like this seem to feed off of drama…so pathetic

No. 19258

Except kikithewannabe isn't any better with her lolicon shit

No. 19259

kiki deserves her own thread tbh, ive been following her a while and she has looooots of milk.

No. 19260


I don't know her at all but after checking her social medias I can tell she give a huge snowflake vibe. Vegas seems to be full of them in the cosplay/anime community… what the fuck is wrong with this place ?

No. 19261

the whole reason as to why you should pee after sex is to prevent a UTI not a yeast infection which actually occurs in the vagina not the urethra get ur shit right anon and yeast infections are extremely common you can get them from wearing the wrong type of underwear not just sex

No. 19262

I personally know her. She comes off as that nice girl at first, but eventually she becomes a bit of a hassle and is VERY ANNOYING. She's annoying because she acts like she's stupid (unless she really is) and thinks it's really cute. She told me she was part Japanese and I didn't believe it. I'm glad someone finally decided to call her out on this. She is one hell of a gold digger.

No. 19263

I was friends with her in High School. When she was 16 I remember her dating an older guy that was 30 years old and a friend had to cover up for her to mama Olsen. Talk about jail bait

No. 19264

File: 1456615137127.jpg (51.16 KB, 640x640, 12512325_10204081463355171_529…)


Really? I guess she edit her body a lot then.

No. 19265

you kidding? she looks a mess here, just asian

>her chin is a point

oh lawd

No. 19266


I wouldn't say overweight but she looks pretty average here, maybe skinny-fat. That photo is for sure edited.


No. 19267

>just asian
Wtf? This girl isn't asian.

No. 19268

To elaborate on what this anon already said.

75% of women will experience a yeast infection at least once in their lives.
It can be caused by antibiotics, pregnancy, uncontrolled diabetes, weak immune system, poor eating habits, hormonal imbalance, stress, tight pants, unnatural fibers in underwear, frequently taking baths, douching or lack of sleep.

It CAN be spread via sexual contact, but that isn't common.

It isn't a 'slut disease'.

No. 19269

I actually dated Tavia when she was 15 and I was 18 at the time. She was very nice and amazing at first, then, she would start acting all sorts of weird like she was hiding stuff from me or pushing herself away from me. This started happening after we dated for a few weeks. Then, she abruptly blocked me from everything and even stopped texting or calling me. A month later, she told me it was because her mom told her to cut me off. I then saw her with this new guy buying her all kinds of stuff and starting hear stories about her lying, cheating, stealing and being all around fake. Now, I tried being friends with her at the end of last year, but we stopped being friends by the end of last month because her current boyfriend said he found me suspicious because of her and my past. I highly doubt that's the reason though. Now, her current boyfriend is paying for all kinds of stuff for her, which isn't cheap stuff btw. I don't know man. She's something else. Something I never thought she could be from the time we dated tbh

No. 19270

This bath == yeast infection meme on here is fucking retarded.

The water doesn't go inside your vagina unless you're a full retard spreading it open or something to try and "wash" it.

No. 19271

File: 1456804490725.jpg (122.12 KB, 1028x863, tmp_13031-IMG_20160229_195400-…)

No. 19272

Her aegyo sal makes her look old as fuck. It does not look good on whites.

No. 19273

I'm part of a Love Live group on FB and she gets posted on there by some dude all the time. It's annoying because no one cares.

No. 19274

damn, shes super cute af.

No. 19275

Lmao oh my god, I knew this girl's name sounded familiar. Apparently, she and that crazy ass "Yuuhi Takahiro" bitch were good friends, both crazy weeb liars. I was exposing all of her shit on PULL in that thread and Yuuhi's friend Nitropedo messaged me asking me who I was to know all that information and asked if I was Tavia. There's some bad blood between those two and it makes me curious as fuck.

Las Vegas and Florida has the funniest (and dumbest) weeb drama I've ever seen.

No. 19276


Sadly her personality ruins everything, what a waste of a cute face to be honest.

No. 19277

Wow this girl has a seriously shitty rep. People are gonna have fun with her on here lol

No. 19278

Now hold on just a minute. I know this girl personally and have for quite some time. Almost 5 years I'd say so saying friendships never last? Bullshit. Tavia is my best friend and has been there for me through the rough times in my life.

The person who made this bullshit is someone who has beef with Tavia and is just jealous for whatever reason, but I can assure you she is not the person they have made her out to be. She's very sweet and kind, thoughtful, and like anyone, wants go follow her dreams. It's not that she WANTS to be Japanese by COSPLAYING FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, she's expressing her love for the culture and doing it passionately. So what if she's a cosplayer? I'm a weeaboo too but I don't cosplay. Wanna call me out on that? Go ahead. I'm black and Mexican too so have fun with that.

Anyway, Tavia is my best friend who has never done any of the things you all claim she has done to me like cutting ties because of a boyfriend? Really? I was friends with one guy because of a class we shared and she dated him and we were still great friends and are to this day! This whole post shit is completely lies.

No. 19279

You're either her
>ugly friend to make her look better
>An idiot who looks past all her wrong doings
>someone who gives her nice enough gifts/money
>the super awkward friend that she keeps around to make herself look better

tbh it should be telling since you claim to be her 'best friend' and yet you havent come up at all in a thread about her. (and trust me farmers love digging into the best friends)

Anime is NOT Japanese 'culture' if you're mexican would you be happy with people thinking that taco bell is mexican culture? Idiot. If she loved the culture she would know the language, know things outside of anime (such as the history) idk maybe even learn tea ceremony or ANY of the traditional Japanese dancing styles.

No. 19280

>It's not that she WANTS to be Japanese
She literally lies about being half-japanese on her host page. You're one blind bitch.

No. 19281


I can promise you both, I'm not ugly but go ahead and think that boo :*

She's never lied to me or done me wrong like some people are saying so I don't know where that's coming from but if they have beef with her, then take it up with Tavia instead of being childish as shit and posting about it on social media. And no I don't give Tavia anything mainly because I'm poor as fuck and have nothing of value to give

No. 19282


Youre on lolcow

No. 19283

Or. We could just leave this poor girl alone. She seemed to apologize for the things in the past. It's useless hating on someone for what they have done rather than seeing them for who they are now. Perhaps, you guys need to grow up and get real lives rather than bitching about something that isn't your business to strangers on the internet. It's fucking pathetic.

No. 19284


MY GOD someone who agrees with me

No. 19285


Never heard of it until today

No. 19286


Look at these cows coming home from grazing.

No. 19287

You guys are so fucked up. Who cares if she's 18, who cares if she had a yeast infection, Why are you guys so obsessed with her?!

No. 19288

She did not put that she was half Asian. Her boss put that! She came to me after and said that she didn't know why he had to do that. Her friends that claim to have met her parents are lying! Her dad has never been in her life so unless they knew him while I was dating him they are lying. She has never claimed to be Asian! Although she loves their culture. I think it's funny how someone can judge another without even knowing them.

No. 19289

She only has 50 posts and 1 thread here. No one's obsessed with her.

No. 19290

do u even read

No. 19291

you both realize you dont have to use your names or emails right? Look at these sweet summer children

pics or it didnt happen.

No. 19292

sssh don't tell them anon, let them be noobs for awhile, they're cute this way

No. 19293

Honestly she's trash.
I was friends with her in the 9th grade. She's definitely 18/19 years old. She was a scene kid and has always been obsessed with Japanese lifestyle. Her dad left bc he couldn't handle her batshit crazy mom. We were such close friends but then she still from me and always lied. She told me that she had a demon following her around and when we went to a church she said her demon friend doesn't feel comfortable. She went to Cheyenne in 2011 freshman year. She's pathetic and stupid.

No. 19294

LOL she's a high school drop out… Who drops out of HIGH SCHOOL… She's really annoying, loud, and fucks everyone. She's american not asian. she wish she was asian haha

No. 19295

Omg… Wtf? LOL. This is the kind of shit you do when you're in elementary school, not when you're in high school.

This may or not explain her stupidity.

No. 19296

You guys are so pathetic to believe everything you read. It saddens me. Just shows how sad and shallow all of you are. Your life must be so terrible, and you must be so deeply insecure. I'm sorry for all of you. Good luck succeeding in happiness. yeah I dropped out , but guess who's getting her ged and all college payed for. Me. Im moving forward with life . Guess who's sitting behind that computer screen, depressed and insecure? You . I'm not proud of dropping out of high school but at the time it was the best decision for me. I dated one guy who was 30, I was young and immature, it was a very bad relationship and I am happy to be out of it. Yes I had a yeast infection but guess what guys? You're probably gonna get one sometime in your life too (: it's natural. I am not a gold digger and I respect my friends, the ones who have not betrayed me , I hold them very close to me and they are very supportive. I have not once claimed to be Japanese , my boss put that up because he said being half is more appealing. Which I admit is true. But as you can see you have no proof of me claiming to be any other race other than white. I have been interested in Japanese culture since I was young , I took time to study and learn some of the language. But with me balancing work it's too much for me to learn right now. Yeah I love it , cosplay is super fun, and the culture is awesome. But you all seem to find that as negative but whatever, moving on now. the more and more you read into these comments the more you guys get so desperate to put me down, go ahead. It's fucking hilarious, you're all struggling and desperate to find something negative to puke out about me. All the girls on this site that you post are so beautiful and successful, but you people just want to live and dig into the pores of their skin , you're all leaches thriving on these people's flaws that you're so desperate to find. It's so disgusting and pathetic. But look at them and look at you. Where are they and where are you? You're sick and lonely sitting behind your crusty computer while they have a clothing line in japan, they are an idol , they are just another girl interested in cosplay but just starting to get popular. I'm on my way girls. Where are you ? Go ahead and think about it.
Sincerely, your little snowflake

No. 19297

damn you must be a faggot

No. 19298

Holy fuck, what kind of outfit is this even? You look huge and repulsive.

No. 19299

> trying to act like a GED is equivalent to a Highschool Diploma. /cringe

Good luck with your resume, and "future".

No. 19300

You lose actually because you felt the need to defend yourself on fucking message board. If you're really successful and proud you wouldn't feel the need to even say anything.

No. 19301

File: 1457415170147.jpg (19.97 KB, 577x149, lmao ok.JPG)

No. 19302

File: 1457415224414.jpg (33.33 KB, 640x480, ok.jpg)

No. 19303

how many of you guys actually know this girl? all I see on this page is low life people who like to do nothing but put people down and point out their own insecurities. it makes me sick. I hope when you guys get older and look back at this, you will hate yourself for doing this. so what people make mistakes. there is no reason For any of these stupid comments.

No. 19304

File: 1457415754058.jpg (71.56 KB, 482x380, expectation vs reality.JPG)


Better than wasting time photoshopping selfies to the point when they don't even look like you.

No. 19305

Lol. Hi, Tavia.

No. 19306

If you're going to try to pretend to be a different person that's defending you, you could try to be a little more discrete about it rather than changed the "name" area to anon and suspiciously typing in all lowercase and also using the exact same words than you do.

Welcome to the fucking internet, Tavia. Grow up.

No. 19307

File: 1457417614273.jpg (8.57 KB, 289x22, sd.JPG)

Not at all. She's fucking huge in person.

No. 19308

I love it when naive teens come here to defend themselves or white knight. They always use the same material. Lol

No. 19309

LOL tavia and her friends replied. None of her friends are attractive. That post actually made her look even more pathetic. OOOOUU G.E.D. too bad employers look down on G.E.D.'s
I'm a busy person and probably everyone here is more successful than you. We're just here for entertainment because you're a stupid fat bitch. loooool

No. 19310

Your friend is stupid as fuck, fat, ugly, a racist who tries to look like an ethnicity that she 100% isn't, and also a dumb cunt that steals things from people. Pro Tip: Fuck off.

No. 19311

File: 1457433208835.jpg (91.24 KB, 720x960, 166706_1698597693692041_847697…)

Why did you delete your pages, fatty-chan?

No. 19312

File: 1457433263221.jpg (55.25 KB, 640x640, 12540887_1703509686534175_4188…)

No. 19313

File: 1457433292146.jpg (110.18 KB, 768x960, 12795555_1716777225207421_5138…)

This one always makes me laugh really hard.

No. 19314

File: 1457433324252.jpg (88.39 KB, 960x960, 12439251_1702006130017864_5659…)

No. 19315

File: 1457433459371.jpg (232.06 KB, 960x960, 1932248_1697990013752809_20587…)


No. 19316

File: 1457433513311.jpg (111.47 KB, 960x960, 10251_1697743773777433_4693495…)

No. 19317

^LOL "fatty-chan"

No. 19318

File: 1457434572551.jpg (5.76 KB, 225x225, miss hernia.jpg)

Damn.. miss hernia… why you always lookin like a bag of dicks?

No. 19319

File: 1457435623209.png (25.57 KB, 380x380, ITS ALLLLIIIIVEEEEEEEEEE.png)

This bitch is delusional. It's hilarious.

No. 19320

Her and some of her friends are freeloader as fuck lol only acknowledging your existence when they have a problem or want something from you

No. 19321

What kind of boss would want you to change your ethnicity?? It's not like it matters to them. Your boss is either delusional or you're fibbing

No. 19322

Rinn, Kimmy are yall in here?? Wouldn't be surprised you two dirty hating bitches would come to contribute since you both have no friends irl lmaooo Aren't you supposed ti be busy fucking your dad or some shit kimmy? lol

No. 19323

No. 19324

You don't need your high school diploma to be a success, you morons.

No. 19325

>a bunch of actors and actresses who went straight into acting
>Also many of whom have psychological issues
>Also many of whom went STRAIGHT into a profession

This girl is lounging around shooping herself and doing shitty cosplay and shooping herself.

Also there are hundreds of thousands more examples of people who are homeless or in shitty living situations because they didnt get their degree rather than 20 celebs who have all been around forever

No. 19326

Why do you even care so much?

No. 19327

Oh shit rin's here too? The bitch got fat too and no body like her. Tavia and rin are the equal shits of las vegas weeb trash. I have no idea who is worse LOL.

No. 19328

LOL I like it when people use that as an excuse. Those people are like the % who has made it and has already been successful IN highschool. They had something special about them since they were kids. Tavia on the other hand, LOL what success? Acting Japanese all the time? God damn you guys are making it too easy to trash on her.

No. 19329

how many times did she steal from others ? It seems there's more than one person in the thread who mentioned she stole from them so it look like she do this quite often ?

No. 19330

> Comparing celebrities to an instagram/facebook talentless nobody

Ok, lol

Good luck you wannabe asian bitch, your GED still will not be the equivalent of a Highschool Diploma, and yes, future employers DO look at that and CARE about that.
Not like you'll be able to get anything out of retail - oh wait you have your "dating compensation" aka whoring job. Don't need anything for that, so my point is still proven.

No. 19331

Lol not sure, ust assuming that sh is since Rinn hates Tavia's guts and was super active in the Yuuhi thread when all that shit went down. Honestly, Rinn is the shittiest person in Vegas and I think she deserves her own thread for the shit she has pulled

No. 19332

>>19330 wat do you have against her??? wat did she do to you??? Hahahaha

No. 19333

Btw, the whole GED argument should not be used against her as supposed 'milk'. she could have become a stripper and said that was that but she is atleast trying to get her shit together. She fucked up, nothing she can do about that now but move forward, saying'hurrdurr GEDFag' is dumb ass fuck lol

No. 19334

I bet if this was a thread where you had to post your name and not be anon… You guys wouldn't be talking shit right now. But instead you gain up on a girl who had not done nothing to you guys at all Just to gossip at what gain?? Not like you guys are getting paid to talk shit you guys just are. Tbh, you guys are the lowest of anyone because you guys have nothing better to do but talk someone down and stalk a forum because you guys are probably insecure and hate your life. You guys are really sad and i ligh at you guys more.

No. 19335

Lol your logic is so fucking stupid. There's this forum called PULL where you have to make a name to post so yes, people would still be doing it. Several Vegas Anons did it with that crazy Yuuhi/Mariah bitch.

No. 19336

She's disgusting, this is so fucking funny rn.

No. 19337

The amore hostess thing only lasted like 2 months I heard. She's not working as a hostess anymore. It failed pretty hard.

No. 19338

But what does any of this have to do with you guys?

No. 19339

Why so butt hurt to talk about someone

No. 19340

>Dropping out of highschool
>Trying to get shit together

ok newfag get out, obviously you haven't been here long. Yeah it's not milk, but it's something to talk about and also upsets her - which might possibly give milk.

you sound butthurt, you don't have your diploma either? tavia's friend is that you????????? birds of a feather, flock together

No. 19341

I can be where ever i want to be honey. i just dont see what the whole point of the thread is to be honest to say oh she is this.. she does that…. sooo? And your point is? Theres more important things to be talking about and this is probably whats on your mind when you wake up which is completely sad.

No. 19342


> why are you guys picking on her

> you're no better than she is becuz ur anon!!!!!!!!!!

Let's be honest, no one here really needs high credentials against her, pretty sure most people in this thread already stand above her.
She's coming in here and defending herself, over stuff she supposedly doesn't care about because she's
> getting her ged and all college payed for.
> Im moving forward with life

With the way she talks, no wonder she dropped out. Must be hard to continue schooling, when you're not smart enough to understand and apply it.

No. 19343

tavia we know it's you, if you're going to pretend like you're not new to lolcow the least you could do is learn how to post correctly

No. 19344

I honestly wonder what you must look like ha you're putting her down so much but honestly she's pretty cute in person. Yeah she's a little chubby but she's not even close to being fat. Ahahaha you loser you think fatty Chan is an insult? Post a picture of yourself you must be some hot shit if you think she's ugly. You Stupid fuck

No. 19345

Its sad how you wish i was tavia posting. you want her to post on here that bad? Wanna treat? If she comes? may not know how to post correctly because i don't waste my time posting about people on bullshit forums thats why.

No. 19346

don't flatter yourself, you're not chubby you're fat

No. 19347

why are you here then if you don't waste your time visiting these types of forums
and why are you here defending someone that you aren't

anyways, more talking about how tavia is ugly, fat, and will still be nothing by the time she's 30

No. 19348

File: 1457501264666.png (14.34 KB, 251x196, FATTY CHAN.png)

You type like a fucking retard. She's fucking huge, not chubby at all. Full fucking fatass with the ugliest makeup, fashion, wigs, face. Everything looks like total shit. Stop trying to look like a race that you aren't, you come off as a stupid ignorant little girl. In the real world that shit isn't tolerated. It's disgusting.

No. 19349

File: 1457501763510.jpg (3.26 KB, 224x224, HURR DURR.jpg)

I'm laughing so hard at all of the retarded caveman typing Tavia does. What a stupid Fattychan. And all her ugly ass friends are chiming in too, sounding like total morons. Oh, Miss Hernia, will you ever learn?

No. 19350

I'm just gonna throw out some names of salty weaboo Vegas bitches who are probably in here passing out the cups of haterade. Rin, Kimmy, Lynn? Who else is in here, come on out yall don't be shy. Lol fucking dumbasses. Robert is your ugly five headed ass in here too?

No. 19351

File: 1457502015251.jpg (83.95 KB, 843x592, LOL.JPG)

Stop infantilizing yourself.

No. 19352

File: 1457502037562.jpg (97.46 KB, 924x589, Racist Cunt.JPG)

No. 19353

File: 1457502095366.jpg (125.7 KB, 821x589, LOOOOOL.JPG)

Okay, if you're moving on then why do you keep replying and getting your haggard ass friends to join in? You fucking chode.

No. 19354

You are giving me Cordelia vibes rn. If you're not her, be aware that is not a compliment.

No. 19355

Aw, did I hurt your little feelings?

No. 19356

They all do that. Saying they don't care but keep commenting, lurking and sending their personal army. But the thing is that it just make the situation worse.

No. 19357

Actually, just shut the fuck up and face the fact that you shouldn't call yourself "chubby" because you're fucking huge and you look so puffed out it's repulsive. And while we are at it, don't say you're half jap and half white at your workplace. That's disgusting and racist as fuck.

No. 19358

My God do any of you have lives? This shit is still going on?

No. 19359

And let's not forget actually trying so fucking hard to make yourself to look Asian. Fuck right off with that shit, you dumb cunt.

No. 19360


U mad m8

No. 19361

You're still here, so you're basically doing the exact same thing that we are. And yes I do, I'm way farther in life than you'll ever be. Lol, dream big, good luck.

Dumb fucks at their finest.

No. 19362

Stupid ass white bitches trying to look exotic just because they get stuffed up on too much shitty anime. At least watch the good shit.. like my god.. so fucking funny.

No. 19363

Lol. Good one? Go back to being racist among your haggard friend circle.

No. 19364

if you are so far in life, why you talking shit here?

No. 19365

Passing the time after a long day of making big money. Jealous, bitch?

No. 19366

Go fuck yourself. That's not even the point. Literally anyone here is more successful than you fat vegas weaboos.

No. 19367

tavia good for you! you finally learned how to reply to posts
how long did it take you to read the info page at the top? you know, since you're a retarded drop out

No. 19368

Lol your calling me racist but i bet ur the type to say "hurrdurr blacklives matter is a h8 group, save the white peoplz!!!!1111


You make that money riding dick you useless hoe?

No. 19369

What big money? That minimum wage job at chuck.e.cheese?
No im not jealous.how old are you? Dont you have adult things to do?

No. 19370

"Tbh, you guys are the lowest of anyone because you guys have nothing better to do but talk someone down and stalk a forum because you guys are probably insecure and hate your life."

And here YOU are, on this thread as well, fighting people the same way they are nitpicking you. Talk about "INSECURE."

Your logic is irrelevant. Come back when you're not a dumbass bitch.

No. 19371

>"moving forward with life"
Anon, whores get nowhere in life except hell. lmfao.

No. 19372

No. I'm calling you racist because I'm Asian and it's because, well, you know, you actually ARE racist. What kind of statement is that even? You don't even make sense. You sound so dumb.

And no, I don't ride dick for money. I have a career that you would never be able to obtain in your entire life.

Are you 12? You aren't allowed her, little girl.

No. 19373

lol you guys have outstanding logic, typical fat neckbearded 4chan bitch thinking. Guess if people try to defend themselves they are dumbasses. Wipe the doritos out of your ladystache you fat fuckwads

No. 19374

Please stop defending her your making things 100x worse

No. 19375

Holy fuck, you're an idiot.

Maybe when you stop being a racist fat cunt we will stop.

No. 19376

this thread is going to exist whether or not someone comes to defend her

No. 19377


No. 19378

You're making yourself and your ugly friends look a million times more retarded. Your logic is the shit that's outstanding, it's so embarrassing. You all just made your reputations so much worse. Good job, fatty-chan crew.

No. 19379

I agree. She's a haggard cunt too.

No. 19380

And the threat is just gonna repeat itself because in reality you guys don't know shit

No. 19381

Tavia, shouldn't you be doing your ugly racist cake face alien ugly ass makeup that probably takes 4 hours to do? Funny thing is that it doesn't hide the fact that you have such an unfortunate swollen looking face. Get that shit fixed instead of wasting the money to not look like the boring white girl that you are.

No. 19382

Oh, and don't you have some boyfriends to steal from your friends? Go on!!! Get crackin!!!!

No. 19383

LOL BRUH YOU PULLED OUT THE ROBERT CARD. I think i know who you are but i'll keep it on the dl LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL go ham on these bitches. Lawd please.

No. 19384

Ah because she also flirt with her friend's boyfriend ? gdi…

No. 19385

Lol yep you probably know who i am lmfaoooooo

No. 19386

Yeah, she's a total slut. Everyone can see it.

No. 19387

Actually I haven't checked this site since the last time I commented soooooo…. I just can't believe people would take the time to trash someone who's doing what they like to do. >>19361

No. 19388

Fuck Robert sounds familiar.

No. 19389

How do you see a slut? Does it require special lolcow faggatron glasses? What kind of perscription do i need? Pls help, vry importanta

No. 19390

Aw, are you gonna cry? A sad day for racist bitches.

Stop trying to look asian. It's racist. How many times do we need to say it? I don't give a fuck if it's "what you like to do", it's fucking gross and unacceptable.

What? You aren't even funny. You just sound retarded.

No. 19391

LOL is this bitch for real? What a try hard. Trying hard to be clever is next level cringe.

No. 19392

tavia you really should have stayed in school

No. 19393

Naw, but can I borrow your super special asian wannabe transformation eyeliner pen?

No. 19394

LOL omg i love you anon

No. 19395

you didn't answer my wquestion i need these special slut glasses that help me see sluts. Right now all you cunts are invisible ;)

No. 19396

No. 19397


You heard what I said. I said get crackin at stealing your friends boyfriends, you chode lookin ass bitch. We aren't invisible because you keep posting here (like a fucking retard I might add) and it's major cringeworthy.

No. 19398

What are you even saying?

Lol, this bitch is next level autist.

No. 19399

>tfw you think your own comments are fire, but they're really not

tavia your low iq is showing, this isnt middle school

No. 19400

lol I'm not Tavia, guess again bitch. I'm allowed to post here, I'm having as much as you guys are, salty tears are my favorite, i thinks it's cute you guys all band together to be haters :)

No. 19401

I'm actually not racist at all so I don't know where that came from sweetie but okay

No. 19402

> sweetie
> cute
> :)


No. 19403


Uh, my comment >>19393 was making fun of tavia, where did you get the idea that I was supporting her?

No. 19404

Trying to look like a race that you aren't is racist. Go back to grade school, fuck sakes.

No. 19405

I know you guys are trying to help but it's just making it worse . Please stop defending her .

No. 19406

You're completely racist. You're daft as dog shit.

No. 19407

I'll stop lol.

No. 19408

You're trying to appreciate Asians by making yourself look Asian but it's pretty fucking racist to do that. Do you get it now?

Good, get the fuck out of here.

No. 19409

Thread summary: Tavia and the Keyboard Warriors. …That'd make for a great band name.

No. 19410

a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
synonyms: racial bigot, racialist, xenophobe, chauvinist, supremacist More
having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another.
"we are investigating complaints about racist abuse at the club"

That makes no sense at all honestly. Asians don't look like the characters in anime at all and many Asians cosplay as well. I see no racism involved in that because you're dressing up like a fictional person

No. 19411

It's so sad that you actually had to google it. Making your face look like an asian face is racist. You're so fucking retarded. Just stop. You know exactly what you're doing when you pull your eyeliner inside your eyelids like that and you photoshop your selfies to hell and back to look like a different race. That's what racism is aswell as what you had to google.

No. 19412

What does anime have to do with it? The point is that your making YOUR FACE look like an asian girls.. that's pretty damn racist.

No. 19413

Someone shut this dumb bitch up. For the love of god, she still doesn't get it. Sigh. Stop racism.

No. 19414

nasty ass crusty azn gyaru wannabe

No. 19415

Lmao you're trying so hard to defend her. I like how you're replying for tavia. You're such a fucking tool. I'm counting down the days before she fucks you over and you'll realize how dumb you were.

No. 19416

how did tavia even find this thread, did she google herself?
girl, you need to spend less time looking yourself up, editing your selfies, and spreading your legs
and more time trying to pour knowledge into that empty ass head

No. 19417

This thread really does serve as a great reminder why all the normal cosplayers, Lolita and gyaru don't want to be associated with the Las Vegas community: it's been overrun by a ton of cringeworthy weebs now. Hell, they even ruined the fall Japanese culture festival. All the people from the old community with talent either left or just don't do anything related to Japanese pop culture anymore.

In other words: weeaboos ruin everything.

No. 19418

No. 19419

plot twist
> tavia made the thread herself because she's so self absorbed and thought people would defend her instead of skewer her

No. 19420

I'm betting either she did that (Yuuhi found her PULL thread the same way lol) or someone here linked her. It seems to happen a lot for some reason. Most likely the same person.

No. 19421


whose boyfriend did she try to steal?

No. 19422

I'm not replying for anyone sweetie. She's my friend and I'm gonna defend her no matter what but I can see that it's pointless when surrounded by bigots. Barely any of you know her in person so you can't really say anything.

Anyways, Kiki and Yuuhi, next time you have beef with someone don't post it on social media because it makes you look childish and jealous as all hell. Kiki has horse mouth and doesn't know when to shut the fuck up. I know because I went to high school with her. If you wanna attack someone, attack Kiki about her dick sucking video on Instagram, whorish poses and unfortunate horse teeth problem. R.I.P. Kiki

No. 19423

Does it matter? She's a huge slut, she probably tried to fuck every dude she came across.

No. 19424

Pro Tip: Get a new friend. Tavia isn't worth your time.

Have fun in your racist weaboo circle jerk friend group. Y'all reputations are over :)

No. 19425

File: 1457505953636.jpg (67.4 KB, 720x960, lol who dat.jpg)



No. 19426

All I could say is, soon….

LOL whose kiki?Soundslike a train wreck and yuuhi got destroyed a long time ago don't try to cover up trash with more trash.

No. 19427

File: 1457506524188.png (27.07 KB, 420x436, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD!!!!!!…)


No. 19428

File: 1457506691930.png (341.87 KB, 380x600, 1456354772231.png)


>whose kiki?Soundslike a train wreck

Pulled from her thread:

>Forever 20 y/o lolicon wannabe who tags her photos as ddlg/nymphet/etc

>Ex (?) friend of Tavia after apparently stealing and wearing her stuff and not returning it
>Hosted multiple gofundmes- Failed
>Tried being gal- Failed
>Now is trying to do the ddlg or big brother or whatever shit to get people to buy off her amazon wishlist

No. 19429


Long story short, Kiki is a girl who is very jealous of Tavia because of the simple fact that she's prettier than her and when the two applied for the same job, Tavia got it and Kiki didn't so she went bat shit crazy on Tavia. She's a liar, manipulator, self centered hoe who has nothing better to do than make up lies about someone she once called her best friend

No. 19430

…fucking Vegas. I remember seeing her thread.

No. 19431

Another pedo slut that's a part of the kawaii black girls community which is basically a congragation of pedo sluts

No. 19432

Tavia isn't pretty though. They both look like homeless dogs.

No. 19433

Tavia looks better than Kiki by a long shot. She doesn't need make up to look pretty, while Kiki needs a dump truck of make up

No. 19434

Atleast Tavia doesn't look like she can chew through cement with those fucking bucky the beaver teeth

No. 19435

…you're joking right? Tavia looks like a retarded crusty swollen skank. And without makeup, it's truly more horrifying, which is shocking because even with makeup she looks like a litter box. She is nasty all over.

No. 19436

They are both seriously disgusting and hideous.

No. 19437

okay so Tavia's army come here to tell us we don't have lives to put down others but do the exact same with another vegas weeb ? fucking hypocrite LMAO fuck off

No. 19438

Nice trying to derail the thread off of the attention towards yourself, Tavia. Done being a racist hoe yet?

No. 19439

Does she consider this a good cosplay? Damn, there is no hope for you. Get your damn face fixed instead of caking on nasty makeup on top of the tragedy.

No. 19440

I only said that because Kiki deserves all the shit she can take, Not Taiva. As you can see my name is Ariana and I'm half black and went to school with the both of them and saw first hand how horrible Kiki is

No. 19441

And yet, you're doing what >>19437 said.

No. 19442

When will white girls stop trying to look asian?

No. 19443

Not that I really care because I can't stand Kiki anyways

No. 19444

Lol someone link me to the kiki thread thoooo and keep this thread all about trashing tavia

No. 19445

Shit's lit af lmao

No. 19446

So you're basically proving you're just as bad as Tavia. Got it.

No. 19447

File: 1457508289021.jpg (61.85 KB, 856x580, hilarious.JPG)

Damn, seems like you've always tried to look like a face that you aren't.

No. 19448

File: 1457508347472.jpg (93.62 KB, 1053x660, faggot.JPG)

I like your "thinspo" album.

No. 19449

I realize I made a mistake in bashing Kiki, but I really can't stand her ass. She gives anime loving black girls a bad name

No. 19450

File: 1457508440401.jpg (56.51 KB, 1264x656, what the fuck.JPG)

This display photo is rediculous. Tell me this shit isn't racist, I dare you. Dumb bitch.

No. 19451

File: 1457508540567.jpg (84.09 KB, 1083x625, llollllll.JPG)

No. 19452

File: 1457509083433.jpg (16.88 KB, 155x418, yikes.JPG)

Fuck off forever, Tavia.

No. 19453

File: 1457509211087.jpg (26.62 KB, 501x372, LOL.JPG)

No. 19454

HAHAHA damn just straight killed tavia right there.

No. 19455

oh fuck i saw this bitch on the gaijin gyaru comm
everyone kissed her ass

No. 19456

File: 1457509628418.jpg (39.46 KB, 510x439, DAS RACIST.JPG)

No. 19457

File: 1457509705395.jpg (30.23 KB, 382x477, white bitch.JPG)

No. 19458

File: 1457509753694.jpg (35.28 KB, 375x500, hurrdurrrrrrr.jpg)

No. 19459

Yeah, please stop trying to make yourself look asian. It's fucked up.

No. 19460

Wow you went out of your way to find her on every social media site that you could. Good for you. So cool.

No. 19461

…I'm sorry, do you not know how this site works?

No. 19462

Nah, took me two minutes after a swift google search of her name.

Lol. You're still here? That's embarrassing.

No. 19463

Wanna know what's super cool? Trying to look a race that you aren't and saying that it isn't racist.

No. 19464

File: 1457513472912.jpg (35.6 KB, 420x240, weaboo tears.JPG)

boo fuckin hoo

No. 19465

File: 1457513628616.jpg (17.43 KB, 201x292, lmao.JPG)

No. 19466

File: 1457513760464.jpg (85.52 KB, 861x621, sup.JPG)

No. 19467

Boo hoo get the fuck over it. It's over.

No. 19468

Just because you say it's over doesn't mean it is. Try again!

No. 19469

Seriously it's kind of getting old. You're saying the same things posting the same things. That's not even a video of Tavia those are some random English girls. It was funny at first but now it's just seems a bit forced.

No. 19470

Tell me why this bitch get fatter after every boyfriend. Does she suck the life out of them each time? lol

No. 19471

Nice try. Wont distract from the fact that she's a racist cunt. This thread will be on the internet forever. This isn't like 4chan where a thread will 404 with inactivity. Everything posted here stays here.

Most likely.

No. 19472

She's posting things here incase she deletes her accounts, duh

No. 19473

Posting information isn't forceful. It's what you're supposed to do on lolcow. If you aren't going to contribute, you shouldn't really complain.

No. 19474

Getting old? Do you know where you are right now? Threads are supposed to be jam packed with info.

No. 19475

Hey newfag.. she's doing what is expected here. Even if it's the same things being posted/said it's still funny as fuck and it's contributing to the thread. And not like Tavia has any particularly interesting photos, being that she takes the same kind of selfie every time. How is she supposed to make screenshots unique? So why are you even bitching? Oh, that's right, probably because you're one of Tavia's friends or you're actually her trying to samefag to make this thread disappear.

No. 19476

LOL nice try

No. 19477

i really don't see anything similar besides the file names? much better than leaving them a bunch of random numbers. like i don't understand why you're even saying this?

No. 19478

File: 1457519830557.jpg (39.8 KB, 478x810, ok den.jpg)

This is pretty lulzy. Why don't you just delete it? Ya racist hoebag.

No. 19479

File: 1457524048178.png (575.27 KB, 964x918, Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.45…)

No. 19480


Right, Tavia, that's why you posted it on Facebook. You getting some asspats now because you pulled out the "uwu im so frail and im recovering from alot!!!1" card? Dumb ass chode.

No. 19481

I have no sympathy for racist bitches. Cry cry cry, I don't give a flying fuck. You deserved this thread with all the shit you pulled.

No. 19482

No one feels bad for you. Get a fucking backbone. Fuck off.

No. 19483

File: 1457526717922.jpg (74.61 KB, 635x634, no.JPG)

I showed my professor this and they said this is racism. I didn't need to since I already know that it's racist. But it just goes to show that even a "normie" can see that this is straight up racism. Stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 19484

File: 1457527031027.jpg (54.76 KB, 475x630, LOL BITCH GIVE UP PLS.JPG)

Just dumpin' some pics of a dumpy ass hoe.

No. 19485

File: 1457527046181.jpg (65.53 KB, 637x624, miss hernia.JPG)

No. 19486

File: 1457527143648.jpg (74.66 KB, 1091x514, ok....JPG)

No. 19487

File: 1457527212280.jpg (42.02 KB, 391x627, crusty ass.JPG)

No. 19488

File: 1457527257199.jpg (42.25 KB, 349x619, nasty ass.JPG)

No. 19489

File: 1457527284945.jpg (41.54 KB, 355x622, weaboo ass.JPG)

No. 19490

File: 1457527503086.jpg (33.86 KB, 335x558, LOL.JPG)

No. 19491

You're so obsessed ???

No. 19492

You wish. That's literally all you have to say. You're disgusting. Stop trying to be a race that you aren't.. plain and simple. It's more offensive than anything. If you truly appreciate Japanese culture you wouldn't try and insult us by trying to make yourself look Asian. It's nasty.

No. 19493

If I saw a white bitch trying to look Asian on the street, you best believe I would go up to them and say something.

No. 19494

Willing to bet you got facebook back to make sure girls arent flirting with your bf because youre such a jealous and ugly ass hoe. He prob already cheated on you though!

No. 19495

"ShotaBoyLovechuu" What a stupid pedophile bitch.

No. 19496

File: 1457530076635.jpg (51.42 KB, 462x466, AniMegaCunt.JPG)

Pretty much. That url is disturbing. Pedo ass bitch ;_;

No. 19497

Plottwist during her gyaru time and still now she was/is one of sere (kabukichoes nr not 1) asskissers

No. 19498

>wearing qipao is racist
Troll confirmed.

No. 19499

You're fucking stupid.

No. 19500

Read the thread over. She's pretending to be half jap at her workplace aswell as in real life. Among other bullshit.

Goddamn these newfags.

No. 19501

>being a normie
there's your problem right there. they likely agreed with whatever you said as to not step on eggshells.

while i do think that trying to look a specific race/ethnicity other than your own is stupid, it's not racist. there's nothing hateful about it and it doesn't reinforce any stereotypes. it might be offensive also, but there's a difference between being racist and being a fucking idiot.

No. 19502

It's racist.

No. 19503

My professor who is an asian woman? No, she was really disgusted, anon. I understand what you're saying but it actually is racism and it's a thing that goes on that really shouldn't go on at all.

No. 19504

>an asian woman
her being an asian woman has nothing to do with it. under the tumblr version of racism it might be racist, but it's really just stupid and dishonest. can you explain what exactly is racist about it by definition?

No. 19505

It makes all the difference that it wasn't a white woman that I went to, I did that to get a good result. It's internalized racism to paint on an ethnicity that isn't your own because you can't just put on a face and change your ethnicity just because you feel like it. Because when you do that it's just like women trying to look Hispanic or black to be more exotic. Whether you think that it's "tumblr" or not, this has been a real thing in the world for a very long time. You can't just pick a race and run with it. It's really not a nice thing to do. It's ignorant and it comes off as derogatory. It's disgusting how while most people seem to understand that blackface is an offensive and outdated practice, yellowface seems to get a pass as "not really racist".

No. 19506


No. 19507

>it doesn't reinforce any stereotypes

No. 19508

I'm not gonna lie, I totally would've bought that she was a Japanese gyaru/cosplayer if I hadn't seen this thread.
She's pretty cute. Cringy that she lies about her race thoughh

No. 19509


No. 19510

Don't be fooled, it's all circle lenses, photoshop, and tricky makeup. In person (which I have seen her) she looks completely different from the photos, even the candids.

No. 19511

>reee this is racist
Anyway, she seems to flipflop on her race a lot, but seems to say she is only white as well. Beside her identity crisis, what the fuck is lulzy about her?
This thread has become another giant race bait circle jerk discussion now. Wonderful.

No. 19512

Lol UNLV professors will agree to anything

No. 19513

none of this means anything. you just spouted off buzzwords. even assuming anything you said was legit, most of the words you used don't work like that. this sounds like babby's first SJW rant. it's also almost sad how you're trying to claim the asian professor's view hold more weight when you should know that japanese people would be up in arms and kneejerk over a non japanese person saying anything about it.

>internalized racism

>implying all asians are the same
you just sound stupid.

No. 19514

Nice samefagging. You don't make any sense. Cya l8r!

No. 19515

I'm japanese with a japanese professor, cunt face. And that's how I speak in real life. I'm so sorry that you're too retarded to realize the issue here. Good luck in life, kid.

No. 19516

lol i bet you guys who are crying 'muh raacismmmmm!!!11" are the same bitches calling girls in the black kawaii threads niggers lol.

No. 19517

You still here? Damn, that's so saddening.

No. 19518

No. 19519

i didn't say anywhere that what she does isn't cringy or retarded, but it's not racist. if anything she's being racist to herself(which also is not the case) cause she's ashamed of her own race.

>implying multiple people don't think tumblrina anon is an idiot

No. 19520

Not ur Tay sorrrrry. I would agree with you guys on the racism aspect if you didn't pick and choose when something is racist. I agree, her portraying herself as asian, especially at that piss poor hostess club was definitely wong, but how is her interest in gyaru and kawaii fashions racist? Please break down for me which negative stereotypes of asians she is perpetuatig.I'm just not seeing the milk in this.

No. 19521

>getting this triggered and rage blogging over a nobody doing gyaru make-up

No. 19522

I get a feeling your haggard friends are still here trying to defend you, Tavia.

No. 19523

Willing to bet you rage in threads on the daily. You're on lolcow.. it's kinda the point around here incase you didn't know?

No. 19524

i definitely agree with you. but there's no use arguing, the thread is filled with a bunch of tumblrinas with hurt feels about how their precious POC are being exploited, when we all know that the japanese do not give a fuck and are probably more amused that white girls are denouncing their heritage to claim their superior one.

No. 19525

The samefagging is very strong with you, eh?

No. 19526

No. 19527

this is legit more stupid than the other comments.

No. 19528

Exactly. Not seeing why everyone has their crusty labias in a knot.I never see anyone cry racism about their precious waifu Kota.

No. 19529



Oh god, you're still fucking samefagging.

No. 19530

uh, cus kota never has once called herself half jap and doesn't pretend to be asian.

No. 19531


No. 19532

Okay but she hasn't done this recently????????? Almost all of the screenshots you guys have on here she claims she's white.

No. 19533

It's the fact that she's putting the face on and that she spouts it all over her workplace.

Also, fun fact, she told my friend when he met her that she was half jap just only two weeks ago. She still does it, it's so weird.

No. 19534

She still does it anon

No. 19535

Okay well then that is understandable. All i was aking for was some recent evidence lol

No. 19536

I get you, don't worry. I find it so odd that she just lies like that though, it's not normal.

No. 19537

She was listed as an "Asian model" on Bravo's site at one point lmao

No. 19538

Yeah, but I doubt Kota was behind that. She probably had no clue they would list her as such. That's hella embarrassing for her though, kek

No. 19539

Well, I know everyone on a mission to destroy her or whatever, but try to look at it from a different perspective. Maybe she has internalized racism because people of her race race treated her badly/made fun of her for being interested in asian culture. Thisis not an excuse for her behavior, but i can sort of understand where the fucked up thinking may come from. All throughout my life i was told i wasn't good enough for my own race or didn't act like people of my own race and therefore i never felt comfortable or understood where i belonged. I also got told i looked mixed a lot so i began to internalize that as being a good thing because people often treated me better because they thought i was mixed or whatever and i felt like i fit in better with people outside of my race. I was very stupid and racist to myself but now that i have grown up I love my race and am super proud of who i am, but it took me accepting that here was not stereotypical way to act in ANY race to understand that. Maybe that's just a lesson Tavia needs to learn for herself. What she is doing isn't right, but i can definitely see why she may not be accepting of her whiteness since she may not get the same attention for being a boring white girl as she does for looking like an exotic one

No. 19540

That's a very interesting way to look at it. I'm really glad that you've found happiness and acceptance within yourself.

No. 19541


No. 19542


Exactly what I thought, but wasn't able to put it into words. I hope she will finally learn this lesson and stop trying hard like that otherwise people will continue to call her out

Well, I am glad that you realized it in your case, because not everyone could do that.

No. 19543

When ya'll say yuuhi, do you mean yuuhi takahiro or w/e? Isn't she like 14 though?
What is tavia's old crusted ass hanging out with a kid for

No. 19544

she's always been called out on it though

No. 19545

> white bitch tavia
> people of her race treated her badly

wtf kinda stupid shit?

we're talking about tavia here, so I don't feel like that type of thinking applies to her because
she's a stupid white bitch, and probably the most traumatic "racist" thing that's ever happened to her was
> hey cracker

gtfo with trying to make her a victim of racism when it never fucking affected her

No. 19546


Yes, it's about her. I know nothing about their supposed friendship, though. Maybe someone else can confirm it

No. 19547

all this talk about races, who gives a fuck, shut up

we're not here to talk about your views on what is racist and what is not racist

we're here to talk about tavia's ugly dumb ass

No. 19548

Ew, what the actual fuck? That's so creepy. What an embarrassing url… that's so fucking pedophilic.

No. 19549

Tavia deleted her instagram

lol, tavia what's wrong?
I thought you were moving on with your life and you were fine, and none of this affected you?

No. 19550

tavia you need to stop wearing thick makeup, i don't know how old you are but i can only imagine what your shitty skin looks like

you're doing way too many layers of foundation

No. 19551

so she still has this facebook up?

I find it funny that even though she posted on facebook, about her thread, that no one has come in to defend her.
She's defending herself, her friends haven't come and not even people that think "they know her" bc they're a fan.

guess you're not as well liked as you thought, tavia

No. 19552

She kept deactivating it and reactivating it a shitload of times last night. It was lulzy as fuck. I guess she deleted it again because we called her out on her disgusting fb url lmfao

No. 19553

No, you just think everyone defending her is tavia.

No. 19554

Learn how to reply to posts properly if you're gonna sit your ugly fat ass in this thread, Tavia.

No. 19555

Obviously this bitch didn't learn her lesson.
She's trying to make it look like she did nothing wrong lmfao. I hope this hits her so hard she turns back into a normal white girl.

No. 19556

She deleted all of her posts and changed the username but kept the account cus she don't wanna lose that super special very important follower count. LMAO

No. 19557

thanks anon!

No. 19558

This isn't a Kota thread. Stop.

No. 19559

File: 1457552878208.png (27.79 KB, 751x159, kekeke.png)

Looking at this old screenshot makes me deff think she saw this coming.

No. 19560

lol being a proud skank makes you no better than her.

No. 19561

File: 1457554186143.jpg (38.49 KB, 350x620, nope.JPG)

No. 19562

File: 1457554759548.jpg (89.28 KB, 640x1136, hahahaha.jpg)

No. 19563

File: 1457554767397.jpg (109.58 KB, 640x1136, hahaha.jpg)

No. 19564

File: 1457554777220.jpg (188.69 KB, 640x1136, haha.jpg)

No. 19565


"'My boss told me to say that im half japanese…" What kind of boss would care about whatever you put on social media that's work related + your ethnicity. Pathetic

No. 19566

it matters in this case, because she's a prostitute, and that is what brings in more money - being ~exotic~

No. 19567


>>because she's a prostitute

Host clubs are not prostitution…

No. 19568


Why would a host club be a good idea in the us anyways lmao

No. 19569

Definitely wasn't a good idea and whoever funded the idea was stupid af, but japanese host clubs are defintely not about sex unless you are going to a sketchy one that has an underground prostitution ring.

No. 19570

> Vegas
> "host club" in the us
> type that works there: no education

there are some host clubs in japan, the seedier ones, that do partake in prostitution

sorry kid

No. 19571

Her face reminds me of Park Bom. That's NOT a compliment

No. 19572

To the person who claimes to hang out with her and be her friend why don't you just say this to her?? If you hate her you should confront her?

No. 19573

Shut the actual fuck up, Tavia. No one feels bad for you at all.

No. 19574

Why…? So your online presence won't be tainted? You had this coming you haggard land whale.

No. 19575

Guys, This is what tavia sounds like. I'm pretty sure its noticeable. Lame/middle school style insults and caveman language. Anyone else is probably defending tavia. Especially the one changing the focus to dumb racism. I'd like to remind you guys this is about that fat lard tavia not racism.

No. 19576

No one is talking about racism anymore but it is actually a huge factor in what she is. Stop complaining.

No. 19577

Lol but people are starting to sound like butthurt weebs like tavia defending some dumb hostess club definition. Wtf cares.

No. 19578

Found another own account of tavia's again "Sasaki Hina"
How many dumb japanese names is she gonna have.

No. 19579

tavia, stop trying to be japanese
whats wrong with this ho

is the account instagram or?

No. 19580

Can you provide links/screenshots please instead of being lazy as fuck?

No. 19581

Hey, provide links/screenshots.

No. 19582

Lazy ass…

No. 19583

File: 1457592393154.jpg (62.56 KB, 479x586, swollen members.JPG)

No. 19584

File: 1457594875657.png (339.94 KB, 886x592, i don't think that giving your…)

No. 19585

Thank you! I tried looking for it but I didn't think to put her name as well as her fake azn name, lmaooo.

This is further proof of her foolishness but all in all, I ain't even surprised that she actually made an account with a made up name. Godddddamn these weeeeeebs.

No. 19586

lol shut the fuck up. Its on facebook. We we're talking about social media its obviously either Facebook or ig. Copy, paste search bar and done. I don't want to screen shot the bitches profile. It'll filth up my computer.

No. 19587

Newfaggot detected. You really don't know how this site works. You just made yourself look even more stupid.

That's the point of threads even existing, fuck face. Screenshots provide info, not just saying "it's here and over there!!!11" without putting any actual effort to contribute. Just saying "she has a another fake name acc guys!!!!!" gives her a chance to go and delete the evidence of being a lying scumbag. She lurks this thread and posts here all the time, she deleted her two facebooks and deleted all her ig photos because people were just saying shit without screenshots so we lost somewhat a good amount of stuff. There is still a lot of infomation here grabbed already, thank fuck. Get it?

No. 19588


>It'll filth up my computer.

You realize that you can delete files right? You need to understand how thinks work around here.

No. 19589

I assume she lives by herself?
what do her parents think of their shitty kid, do they even want to associate with her anymore

No. 19590

File: 1457633918043.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, image.png)

Weeb with her pig dad, lol

No. 19591

is she adopted? her dad's pretty hot, she just looks like a chink

No. 19592

Looking at this photo she's not that fat to be honest lol

No. 19593

I remember Yuuhi. She used to be friends with Tavia which isn't really a surprise. They're both snowflakes. Difference between them right now is that no one really talks about Yuuhi that much anymore and I used to be friends with both of these girls at the same time. I'm not that close to Tavia but (sorry Tavia that I'm about to say this) the difference between them right now from what I know for a fact is that Yuuhi has a way better personality and a brighter future than Tavia. (Which I find hilarious because Yuuhi is younger than her.) I'm saying that from my point of view because the last time I've seen either one of them was at Otakon in January. If you were to speak to both of them separately you (which I did at some point during the convention) can tell who has their life together and who doesn't. That's what I thought at least. I'm not friends with either of them anymore and I don't think they will ever be friends with each other again.

Also if you guys want to know about Rin… She runs some sort of Kpop group in Las Vegas. She's fat and she has caused a lot of shit. From what I know Tavia and Rin have a lot of beef with each other.

Kimmy is some black girl who wants to be some kawaii black girl lolicon pedophilia crap. Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with that Bitch.


"What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas"
"What happens in Vegas ends up going online"

No. 19594

Dude, she's fat. I don't even think that's a pic of her in the present

No. 19595

I've seen her in person multiple times. She's fucking huge. Trust me, seriously.

No. 19596

I know nothing about the LV commas, but the Yuuhi your referring to is Yuuhi Takahiro(or something)? Or another one? If the first, has she really improved from all of the allegations I've heard about her?

If its the right one I'm thinking of, she had a long ass thread on PULL before the forum got deleted.

No. 19597

File: 1457678537373.jpg (84.24 KB, 1271x696, LMFAO.JPG)

Oh boy, Tavia, will you ever learn you fatass weeb skank?


No. 19598

File: 1457678548497.jpg (56.01 KB, 834x602, LMFAO1.JPG)

No. 19599

File: 1457678572738.jpg (65.96 KB, 817x600, LMFAO2.JPG)

No. 19600

File: 1457678588618.jpg (107.42 KB, 933x602, LMFAO3.JPG)

This is so fucking lulzy.

No. 19601

Holy fuck. Stop trying to be asian.

No. 19602

LOL tavia no one likes you

No. 19603

"petty girls" im a guy and I don't like you either. Fat ass.

No. 19604

To answer your question, yes I am referring to Yuuhi Takahiro. From all the allegations I read back in that long thread on PULL before it got deleted, Yuuhi really has improved. It's actually really hard to believe. I couldn't believe it either since she's done so many bad things, but I'd rather still be friends or at least acquainted with Yuuhi than be atound Ms. Hernia/Tavia. Tavia is really fake and she lies so much you CAN really see through her lies. It's even more sad because Tavia has been such a weeaboo since elementary school and it has gotten worse throughout the years up until present day. Which Tavia is now 17 or 18 I believe so.

No. 19605

Are like 90% of these posts by one salty bitch or a jilted ex with a vendetta or what? Similar file names on all the screens. People didn't even scream about that UR NOT ASIAN THIS IS SO RAESIST shit half as much in the Ahri thread.

Every few posts it's

>holy shit stop trying to be asian you dumb bitch

And some variation of

>stupid as fuck fat ugly racist

>nasty ass
>fatass weeb skank
>[insert more a-logging here]

Calm your own fat fucking cow titties OP.

No. 19606

Fucking this Anon, this is literally a hot steaming pile of vendetta bullshit. All these tumblr-chans don't even know what racism is lmfao. Half of this site is white kawaii desu chans but i have yet to see a post more dedicated to fighting "asian upresssionzzz" than this.
Even Yuuhi wasn't called racist when she was pretending to be a special halfu, just a liar lol

>>B-but she wore a kigurumi and dolly wink lashes, RACIST

>>B-but she's fat and i have the copyright on being a cute fatass. COPYCAT RACIST FATTYCHAN

I swear, imma start donating more to Autism Speaks because the autist levels are too damn high

No. 19607

I noticed that about Yuuhi too. Got curious the other day and decided to look her up. I'm glad after she got destroyed on PULL by Vegas Anons, she's actually being a kid, not trying to be an adult like before. It's hard to believe but that thread actually changed her for the better. Thank god.

No. 19608

WHAT? SHE'S 17/18

oh man
I thought she was 23-25

No. 19609

Yuuhi did turn out sooo much better, but honestly i also think that her staying away from the anime/cosplay/kpop community was really what helped her transition. This vegas cosplay scene is toxic AS FUCK. I know a lot of people in it and i am just a distant observer to all the shit that goes down. This isn't just a Tavia, Yuuhi, Rin or Kimmy problem. This is a "my mommy and daddy work all day and night at casinos and i'm struggling to live in a city where being a druggie slut with no aspirations to go to college and break the cycle" problem. These girls are doing ridiculous things to gain acceptance in a place where nobody gives a fuck about childhood, friendship, sparkles and rainbows. It's like yall expect more out of a town run by casinos with one of the lowest education rates in the U.S.

No. 19610

Shut up. This isn't even about the file names, it's about this bitch. Stop derailing, the race conversation is long over, why are you bringing it back?

Fuck, lolcow is ruined because of fags like you.

No. 19611

Wow you lived here long enough huh? Haha because thats EXACTLY how vegas is. 80% of the people here are very into themselves and theres only like 20% genuine and good people. Alot of people want change in vegas but can't change themselves. Example: Yuuhi, she doesn't even call herself that anymore or some fake ass Jap name. Its simply Mariah and it seems she can actually keep friends now. That one thread trashed her so bad she got her life together (i hope). So threads like this, trashing the shit out of a terrible person can be a good thing.

No. 19612

Yuuhi is really old news in my opinion. Since she's changed and has grown up more (hopefully). But Tavia is a HUGE problem. She acts so fake. She'll put on some "Im stupid and it makes me cute" act. Since I knew her during the time I knew Yuuhi as well there is a lot of stuff I can just spit out. Actually, Tavia was involved in some sort of orgy a while back I think. I just heard from a lot of people in the community that she was involved in one, one time.
Not for sure about it though but a lot of people confirmed that it was true

No. 19613

I agree with both of you. The majority of people here are horrible and don't want to do anything to change themselves but expects everyone else to. The cosplay/gyaru/anime/etc. community here is toxic as fuck! Anyone else who says other wise has to be on meth or is just plain dumb or blind. So many people in the anime scene here don't want to do a thing to better their lives and just focus on fucking cosplay. If you're majoring in something like theatre or costume design, sure I can understand that but don't make cosplay your entire life. Too many people here don't want to go to college, get a viable skill, set a realistic goal, get some certifications etc. and yet, they expect to have everything handed to them. It's no surprise that Nevada is basically dead last in the nation for education. The limited amount of smart people figure their shit out and leave once they realize that this isn't a great place to build your future upon.

No. 19614

Where's your guys proof? You're saying all this crazy shit but nothing to back it up. Come on guys this is what this sites about you cows.

No. 19615

The only thing you have on this girl is claims. The only solid shit is the half japa/white on her hostess job.

No. 19616

You know what's hilarious? You don't even know if it's true just because to you it is just "claims", but there are actual people on this thread who used to be her friends with this girl and know almost everything that has happened with Tavia.

No. 19617

I'm actually curious, If Yuuhi knew Tavia for a certain period of time wouldn't Yuuhi know a lot about her and maybe events that happened during their friendship? Same with that Rin and Kimmy girl. Wouldn't be surprised if Rin or Kimmy was roaming around her talking smack

No. 19618

I don't think Yuuhi gives that much of a fuck tbh but when Kimmy and Tavia had their public fallout she did comment on Kimmy's post siding with her, I'm blocked by Kimmy so I can't give you proof. Rin on the otherhand I am sure is very active in this friend since she was one of the people who posted the Yuuhi thread on facebook when it first started and she also has a vendetta against Tavia for stealing her bff foreverzzzz. And Kimmy just obviously has made it public that sheis uper jealous of Tavia or whateverso it's kind of a default that she would be here.

No. 19619

Yeah, theres not much proof, but if a lot of people claim all these things (including me), its very likely these things are true. Doesn't prove the claim but sure as hell supports it. In my opinion i believe all these cliams are true because I've seen the shit fat tavia does. If you want solid evidence, go meet her yourself you'd either be a blind white knight faggot because shes nice to you at first and get backstabbed later or you'd be smart enough to judge her character right off the bat.

No. 19620

I heard of that actually. And it was with some ugly ass kids lmao.

No. 19621

Samefag lmao

No. 19622

Are you retarded?

No. 19623

Your fucking stupid. Get off a lolcow you idiot

No. 19624

Im not even a fan of tavia and reading all of this made me sick to my stomach. You all need lives, stat.

No. 19625

> pretending you're not Tavia
It's obviously you. No one on the farm fucking talks like this.

No. 19626

Stfu. This is lolcow fucking dumbass. "ohh its getting old hehe letss move on already" No you stupid bitch this thread is here forever.

No. 19627

File: 1459270353696.png (628.4 KB, 922x434, 4671fbef563caa0ec7b3f43ca3ef55…)

Sugar Baby Alert~
"Hey look, my husbando is taking me to California where he'll buy me everything I want because I'm a big sugar baby who really doesn't give a shit about this guy except for his money"

What she really meant to say. Come on we all know it.

No. 19628

I wish I had such a shoopable face. Like seriously her irl face is pretty plain but she can turn it into sth cute with just a very few simple 'tricks'. My face is always ugly damn

No. 19629


No. 19630

What proof do they need?! Everyone even some people who KNOW her even confirmed how much she mooches Off of the asian guys she dates

No. 19631

This is the bitch that pretended to be my friend and then stole my boyfriend. They won't last.

No. 19632

File: 1459687988801.png (811.01 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Ur not going anywhere ya fat hoe

No. 19633

Truth that she's a gold digging sugar baby. Who else is taking her to wonderful Nippon land other than her old ugly Asian boyfriend! You sure know how to pick them fatty chan. Kek
Or maybe you're just lieing to get more attention?

No. 19634

Tell us more

No. 19635

Yeah you probably are ugly haha

No. 19636

who wants to bet she didnt check to see if she needed a visa to go through any of the chinese countries the trip takes her on and her ass gets stuck

No. 19637

Vegas anons who know Tavia will know what I'm talking about when i ask this, but was she actually raped by Nick or did she make that shit up for attention?

No. 19638

That nick guy has a really bad past with other girls so I wouldn't be surprised if it's true. I heard rin ( some other Vegas bitch ) claimed he also raped her. And a lot of other claims, so I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he did something to her.

No. 19639

Damn so Nick really is a fucked up person. I was asking because I've have friends who are friends with him and I've hung out with him once or twice and they all got invited to a party that Tavia was at and she freaked the fuck out because they told ick to come too. Apparently there was a party about two years ago and some inside sources told me Tavia and him went off together and she didn't really want to go with him and people told her she didn't have to but she did it anyway and when they came back from where ever the fuck they went she was crying and saying he raped her

No. 19640

Ah I was at that party and she was even yelling help……. I don't like this scum at all, she is trash in every single way, but I guess as a female I got to say rape is kind of a serious thing? that guy was trying to sleep with me that night too and I avoided him for a while until he found a new target I guess.

No. 19641

Yeah some people i know who were at the party said she was mouthing "help me" before they left together and it kind of pisses me off that no one thought to stop them. Like fuck, Tavia is a bad person but no one deserves to get raped

No. 19642

Are you guys talking about that nick chantawhatever the fuck? I know him from a party too!!! That guy tried to rape my sister! I didn't think I'd ever hear nick and rape in the same sentence again but fuuuuuck. That guy is dangerous! I wonder if anyone's filed a report? If not they really need to!

No. 19643

My friend said he tried to rape her at a party too. He's disgusting and needs to be in jail.

No. 19644

Nick? I know that kid, I was at that party too. The only thing I didn't understand was why Tavia went with him, she really didn't have to even when we told her that too but she just went ahead and went. I mean not to sound like it's "her fault" but if we tell you that you don't have to go then don't go with the creep, but she went with him

No. 19645

Nick is the most perverted and horrible man you will ever meet. He will do anything to get laid. I knew Nick, Tavia, Rin, and almost everyone those 3 had connections with. Nick is truly a rapist, I heard about the party with Tavia but some people who said they were "close" with her at the party said she didn't even mind having sex with him and she was just crying for attention (but I don't know the true story behind it). However, Tavia is sex-crazed I'll tell you that thing for sure.

Another story I've heard in the Vegas community here is that Nick actually purposely gets a girl drunk just so he can get with them, and I heard his dick is the size of a thumb. Which is funny and sad.

No. 19646

Tavia has such a thing for Asian guys I don't think she gives a fuck if Nick fucked her anyways. If she lies about almost every fucking thing about herself, her life, etc. Then what makes you guys think she wasn't just crying to make it look like she didn't want it? Some hoes do shit like that and that isn't cool.

But from what I know. Nick is that type of guy to bang anything that moves so maybe he did rape her. Who knows?

No. 19647

What i don't get is, with the Vegas community being so small and what not, surely people know Nick is a bad person so why has no one done anything about this yet? If he is actually raping all these girls within the community he needs to be put away.

No. 19648

She didn't have sex with him

No. 19649

Y'all pretty low for tossing rape around like its a joke. For the people that were REALLY there at the party, they know what happened. This guy is really dangerous, and we know she's not lieing about it. But he goes around twisting the story as if it sempt like it was the girls choice. That's how he does it, he manipulates you to feel like it was your fault. Perhaps this is why girls are too afraid to report it.

No. 19650

Couldn't have said this any better myself. Rape isn't something to be talking about it's serious and really traumatizing for the victim.

No. 19651

Then her friends need to report it. Anyone who knows about him and continues to let him walk around and take advantage of these girls is just as bad as he is. If you all know he is doing this and don't say anything he will continue to do it because he feels like he is invincible. don't fall victim to the bystander effect.

No. 19652

To convict someone of rape you need some sort of evidence… This happened kind of a while ago… You'd be surprised how hard it is to convict someone. And this event happened over two years ago, he's not going to get in trouble for anything.

No. 19653

Not trying to defend anyone at all but. To add, isn't kind of weird, that the people who claim this are well known liars?(Rin and Tavia)
I heard from a lot now.. ALOT of people that not even a month later. She had an orgy with 3 guys the next month and was still dating a 30 year old boyfriend.

No. 19654

Its even harder to convict the dumbass because I heard he was drunk as well too. So if you think about it, neither of them had consent. But thats a fucking sketchy topic.

No. 19655

I don't know how it works in the US but in the UK you are able to contact police with information without reporting a crime, and that information stays on file for x amount of time and is only used if that person gets called in for something similar.

All of you that know about this irl should reach out to the police, there is no excuse for letting this go unrecognised.

>She had an orgy with 3 guys the next month and was still dating a 30 year old boyfriend.
That's irrelevant and you know it

No. 19656

"A women may lie to cover up that they're cheating on someone" Every evidence is crucial. People who falsely accuse someone of rape may get worser sentence. Thats the only reason why I said that.

No. 19657

She didn't rape her. They were both under the influence of alcohol during the time, so it's both on them, but he has had sexual encounters with multiple other women without their consent. Tavia wasn't raped though.

I was there and I heard both sides of the stories and they are both complete liars about it because their stories keep constantly changing until now.

No. 19658

The orgy Is a true fact. She had an orgy with 3 UNLV students in the apartments near UNLV. That was a huge rumor for quite a while in the community and it was confirmed after I heard from Tavia's friend that it was true.

No. 19659

I went to middle school with Tavia and High School. I wasn't really friends with her but I knew her. I never wanted to be friends with her because after talking to her a couple of times, I could tell she's a compulsive liar. When I heard she dropped out I was so happy. Knowing that she's doing 10x worse now and not doing any better after dropping out and she is continuously lying about everything about herself and her life. I wouldn't trust anything that bitch has to say.

No. 19660

Any more info on this? Because it kinda goes againest with what she is saying. She also claimed other guys "raped" her too and these might be those people.

No. 19661

It is not the same in US

No. 19662

Her boyfriend is 22 .

No. 19663

That's what it is , a rumor. You're such a bullshit liar. The fact that her friends know what happened, and she was not involved with it because I was there. I saw that shit happen and Tavia for a fact was not there. That little bitch yuuhi was pissed because she thought Tavia made the PULL about her. she went and spread that rumor about her. I know this because several of my friends claimed that she told them this. Tavia wasn't involved. I would know because I was there through the whole fucking thing.

No. 19664

The only story that's kept changing is his, I've heard both the stories too.. She's only told a select few people what happend. And the fact that he has a huge past with sexual assault doesn't really look good on his end. You must have some sort of personal vendetta on her because the proof is there and when it happend the people that saw knew it was serious. When he tried to come back to the party they kicked him out and everything.

No. 19665

Yeah! I heard that too! They kicked him out and he had to drive home.

No. 19666

I remember when Mariah "Yuuhi" accused her of making the Pull thread. She was scrambling all over the place. Funniest shit when someone gets called on their shit. Even funnier when you have countless proof of it too. Remember when she make that wiki page and the fan videos. Lulz af

No. 19667

I wouldn't be surprised if miss hernia made her own fan videos too, she's so full of herself
I saw her at this party the other day and she had such a bad attitude with everyone it was gross

No. 19668

lol i know which party you are talking about.

No. 19669

if they knew it was serious why didn't anyone call the police? Those are some shitty ass friends. It just blows my mind that he is walking around freely despite all these sexual assaults. Only in Vegas is it okay for Chester the Molester to hang out at parties where everyone knows what he's done. That's some sad ass shit right there.

No. 19670

No one honestly likes her. I'm sure they weren't really their friends.

No. 19671

This whole "Nick is bad because he's bad" and the white knighting and the flip flopping. Doesn't add up. It escalated too quicky. It seems clear no one knows him personally. The only people who really knew what happened is them two. But think about it, theres solid evidence of Tavia lying since she was in middle school. But theres zero evidence that nick did any of that let alone, people who knew him for a while. Very black and white and one sided imo.

No. 19672

Nah he has witnesses. He's knows through out the community. He must be your friend, sorry to let you down but way to many people know him for hurting these girls.

No. 19673

There were people at the party that heard her call for help and that's not proof enough for you. Lol you must hate this bitch.

No. 19674

You brng up a valid point anon, but it also kind of supports her story. No one knows Nick besides his history of sexual assault. That's disturbing as fuck. Even people who don't believe Tavia said he ttakes advantage of women. I fno one kows him personally, why the hell would they make up all these stories about some random kid? The whole situation sounds fucked

No. 19675

Solid evidence since middle school? Where's it at? I want to see!

No. 19676

if you're his friends and you won't acknowledge his behavior, you are a part of the problem anon

No. 19677

To add, rin was at that party. And she doesn't like anyone and would talk shit about anyone just because they dont hang out with her.

No. 19678

Well shit. I didn't know what happened but back than. he said got all confuesed when she started crying when someone saw her. When they kicked him out he hated himself for a while. Because he didn't know what went wrong. He realized that she had a boyfriend (ex who was 30 years old). And felt bad for about himself for a good month. Until that orgy with the 3 Unlv kids. Thats why #samefagging I said it goes against with what she claims. Everyone realized she was a hoe.

No. 19679

I know the guys you are talking about and I know for a fact Tavia has had sex with those guys (whether it was all at the same time or on separate occasions who knows) but that still is besides the point. If she had sex with them it was CONSENSUAL. Whatever happened with Nick seems to lack the very key element of explicit consent. Even if she said no just ONCE. Even if up until the point she was dtf and then she changed her mind, guess what? NO IS NO.
>>But anons he was so hurteded and upset with himself uwu

Fuck that shit bro. Tavia is a liar,a cheater, boyfriend stealer and an obviously fucked up girl but guess what? She still didn't deserve to be raped.

No. 19680

You people disgust me. First you’re talking shit about this hoe and now you guys are believing her bullshit story. Instead of talking about it, ask him you’re dam self. Second you defend him, then you throw some random shit in it. It doesn’t make sense like what the fuck. Shady ass bitches. This hoe is using rape to condone her hoeish actions. That is not right. THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO ARE ACTUALLY RAPED. I don’t care for her, I wish her the best and to become a better person but I don’t like when she brings people into her bullshit mess. And who are these other girls that claimed they got rape? Who? Where they at? I want to fucking know.

No. 19681

He was drunk too. Its not fair because he couldn't even say yes or no to anything. So only women can have consent? Double standards. And remember, Tavia is sex-crazed. Someones white knighting hard.

No. 19682

You guys are also forgetting the part where she walked with him. ON HER OWN WILL. No pushing no pulling. He didn't even hear a no because of his drunk ass. Drunk enough that if you push him a little bit he'd fall face flat. (Why try to cover that up?)

No. 19683

Who's story is that? Nicks? A rapist isn't going to admit he raped the girl. And for a matter of fact he was sober enough to tell her he was taking her to mc Donald's. I'm sure he remembers that part of the story, because that's what he told everyone at the party.

No. 19684

He tricked her into his car and that's how it happend. That's what he does, annon. Sorry to burst your bubble.

No. 19685

it's useless anon, obviously Vegas people support rape if the girl is a slut

No. 19686

You must have some huge beef with this bitch. NO one deserves to get raped you sack of shit

No. 19687

I'm not surprised that nobody is replying to my "you people disgust me post…" But I am surprised that this website exists. Who gives a fuck if this chick is a hoe? That is her problem. If it bothers you then confront her, keep your man away from her, or just not be her friend. Basically just stay away from people like that. But the reason I am here is because you shady ass people brought my friend into it. Rape is a touchy subject and you people or one person are using the term to play victim and that does not sit right with me. Like come on people, stop making shit up. The only people who REALLY knows what happened is nick and the girl, tavia. Don’t go around calling people a rapist when there is no proof. IT IS NOT OKAY TO RAPE SOMEONE AND IT IS NOT OKAY TO FALSELY ACCUSE SOMEONE. TAVIA IF YOU’RE READING THIS… PLEASE DO NOT START SHIT JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE SOMEONE OR THEY DON’T LIKE YOU. YOU CAN CRY TO ALL THESE MEN SO THAT THEY CAN BE ON YOUR SIDE BUT I KNOW GIRLS LIKE YOU. I KNOW YOU REGRET WHAT YOU GUYS DID, THAT’S WHY YOU’RE PLAYING VICTIM.

No. 19688

someone already pointed this out

No. 19689

Damn straight. This person gets it

No. 19690

If your friend is such an outstanding citizen, why are there multiple people who say he is a predator. Excluding Tavia, there seems to be about 3 or 4 anons in this thread who can vouch for his behavior. Does that not concern you at all?

No. 19691

File: 1459839349202.jpg (13.16 KB, 960x781, FB_IMG_1459839098515.jpg)

Ms Hernia's motto you guys

No. 19692

I see it this way.
She Screams "help and rape" when it's a guy she doesn't like at all.

She doesn't scream "help or rape" if it's some one she's trying to get with who is 30 years older than her.

Not sure what this tells us.

No. 19693

I'm not saying he is an outstanding citizen. But You and I both know that those 3 or 4 people are either made up OR is one person so that is why it does not concern me.
LOL that picture though.
EXACTLY.This tells us a lot. Please people, let that shit sink in.

No. 19694

File: 1460240758417.jpeg (43.77 KB, 494x410, image.jpeg)

No. 19695

The one and only yuuhi takahiro! She told me how she wanted to expose Tavia about a month ago and just announced to me that she was the one to make the thread. Pretty ironic huh?

No. 19696

Kek I know for a fact she made a couple other Vegas girls threads too~

No. 19697

Omg did you notice how people were defending yuuhi earlier??????? "Omgggz yuuhi is so mature now, she's really grown up"

No. 19698

I already knew this from the start honestly. It's usually the girls who are exposed for really terrible things that are the ones to post about other girls. Mariah is not mature.

No. 19699

They're both shitty people

No. 19700

I'm not surprised they were both friends at one point. Fake people stick to fake people.

No. 19701

Dear god. Real grown up huh. You and Tavia are going to rot in hell bitch, you're no better than her!

No. 19702

pukes this is getting so juicy

No. 19703

Guys guys guys I saw Tavia the other day and she's gained so much weight! She has got to be at least 180 plus lbs.

No. 19704

if you saw her, why didn't you take a picture……??

No. 19705

Personal vendetta much? Two pees in a pod! Both obsessive liars! They should be friends again! I'm laughing my ass off right now. Of all people to make this thread, the infamous yuuhi takahiro!~~~~ kek

No. 19706

waiting for these two to milk hahahahhahahhaha

No. 19707

Of course Yuuhi and Tavia have beef with each other. I'd love to see both of them get into a huge fight! Now that would be worthy to post on here!

No. 19708

i forgive her tbh we all here at some point lied about our ethnicities, especially us mixed race anons.

No. 19709

Where are your guy's evidence? Not taking any sides here but it would be great to see if this was true or not.

I was friends with both of them and I'm friends with both of them on Facebook. I know they both had major beef with each other but I never took anyone's side at all. I'd like to know where your proof is though. So are you telling me if I asked Yuuhi if she did it she would confirm that she did? So where is your proof? Evidence? Pictures?

No. 19710

Hi guys, I'm LaoLic from the Pretty Ugly Little Liars thread. Let me clear up the whole story here. I started everything. Yuuhi Takahiro, Kiki/ Kimmy Chu, or any other friend with personal vendetta with Tavia didn't start this. I personally have hated all of these gals for the longest time I've known and heard about them. Vegas is a toxic place and I love to expose bitches in the cosplay community here. They deserve it. I know almost everything all of you guys don't know. The true story between Nick and Tavia. The story between why Tavia and Yuuhi don't like each other. Along with the story of why Kimmy hates Tavia. I only know of the past of Tavia and Kimmy and a few facts about Yuuhi's past and the stuff between her and Tavia.

Who am I really? I am someone who has been active in the cosplay community here in Vegas for as long as these three bitches have. I've made multiple accounts and I have posted about multiple Vegas Cosplay threads or Vegas threads in general. I wasn't the one who made this thread because I'm not huge with lolcow but I know the person who made this thread and I can confirm it was not Yuuhi.

What I can confirm is that me and this person both dislike Tavia as much as these other people do and that is why I made the Pretty Ugly Little Liar thread about her and this person made this lolcow thread about her.

Tavia if you're reading this I've been watching you since High School up until now. Keep watching your back because this isn't it whore. I know every single thing about you trailing back to High School. See you at the next convention you go to bitch. I'll give you a hint to see what you're looking for.
Hint: I'll be cosplaying as someone from Love Live! Have fun finding me this year. If you can.

No. 19711


No. 19712

You whoever the fuck you are dumbass

No. 19713


No. 19714

File: 1460334489856.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 77.21 KB, 480x640, image.jpeg)


No. 19715

You sound like the most toxic of all tbh.

No. 19716

Like who the fuck 'watches someone since high school'. Mess.

No. 19717

>>19710 we all don't like her… But
honestly this kinda makes you seem a bit psychotic?…. "Watch out?" You've been watching her . Lulz it's a bit much don't you think? And to admit that exposing girls is your hobby? Thank god I don't live in Vegas. Y'all dirty as fuck.

No. 19718

Why are you posting this? Are you trying to show what you look like?
if that's you, I'd be pretty fucking embarrassed. You look like a bitch who would spend their life stalking other girls. You look like the fucking grinch. I can't believe you admitted that. Fucking cringe. Tavia is a fat fucking hoe, and you're a weeaboo skank! HAHAHAHA

No. 19719

If she posted a picture of herself why would she have gave her hints about herself it defeats the purpose of why she would do that. It has to be someone who knows her or if she did it or Tavia posted it.

No. 19720

You're so stupid

No. 19721

She's probably panicking trying to find out who did it. Lul but I agree someone who knows who laolic is probably posted that or possibly Tavia is at rock bottom turning over all her friends.

No. 19722

LAOLIC the exposer becomes exposed ~
That would make for a pretty cool movie

No. 19723

holy shit the lulz. I literally can not wait for Lvl Up Expo, I'm gonna go and find the Loalic bitch. Lol you sound like a fucking sociopath. But you've provided some grade A keks I'll give you that. >>19710

No. 19724

Sam flower? She did go to the same highschool as me and tavia. This is too funny. Look at that face!

No. 19725

File: 1460365299411.jpeg (36.81 KB, 223x436, image.jpeg)

Hint: I'll be hanayo desu. Better watch out Tavia senpai! LULZ

No. 19726

This thread is supposed to be about ms hernia. Stop trying to derail the attention away from her.

No. 19727

For all we know this might not even be her you're just bullying this girl for no reason

No. 19728

I guess we will find out at the next convention Lul

No. 19729

Lulz same person detected

No. 19730

By the way things are being said by anon, I don't think it's even her. Anon probably has personal beef with her and just wants to derail the thread and point fingers by posting pics, pls get back on track .

No. 19731

File: 1460368297284.png (Spoiler Image, 52.99 KB, 742x581, 001.PNG)


wait, wait this sounds way too convenient, someone mentioning about how yuuhi made the thread? then a pull user comes in to "spill the truth" and say that it's not yuuhi? stop throwing other vegas cosplayers under the bus to cover your ass yuuhi, we know its you. kek the way you type sounds exactly like that one diet post you made about yourself

No. 19732

File: 1460368684245.png (Spoiler Image, 95.42 KB, 1172x615, thankukamisama.PNG)

image 2, thank you kamisama cosplay reviews

No. 19733

File: 1460369644512.png (45.02 KB, 1012x273, laolic00.PNG)

laolic lowkey justifying yuuhi's sin of thick brows

No. 19734

File: 1460369748021.png (56.28 KB, 1025x377, LAOLIC03.PNG)

laolic " in my opinion she isn't as bad as what she used to be "

No. 19735

File: 1460369889474.png (79.82 KB, 697x658, laolic02EDITEDCAHCHED.PNG)


laolic's cached, non-edited post about yuuho that doesn't make any sense

No. 19736

File: 1460370918474.png (24.72 KB, 1214x151, know u long time.png)

you make it sound like you've known her a long time but your pull account says other wise

No. 19737

sounds like 'intermittent fasting', which is not gossip… unless you're in high school. how old are you anyway anon?

No. 19738

I'm looking forward to the next convention. I wanna see who this LaoLic is. Sounds like a complete psycho.

No. 19739

Just look for yuuhi lol

No. 19740


Laolic is yuuhi confirmed, see you at lvl up yuuhi I mean mariah

No. 19741

Don't you mean sam??? lol

No. 19742

No because laolic/"sam" (who is yuuhi obviously) swoops in and covers her own ass when people suspected that she made this vendetta thread. That sam person probably has nothing to do with this

No. 19743

Lol cringe

No. 19744

When yuuhi is covering up for herself with this Sam girl , it's really Sam making it look like yuuhi is covering up using herself. Lol samseption

No. 19745

Hi mariah (:

No. 19746

Someone should make a "who's laolic" thread with all the cringy stuff she posts. Lol "I'm watching you Tavia chan" kek

No. 19747

I know everything about you. Better watch your back! I might expose you for not noticing me! beahahahahahahahhah

No. 19748

Grade A keks. This is getting so milky.

No. 19749

Not mariah, im saying it's not that sam girl im saying that it IS mariah / yuuhi that's laolic

No. 19750

Yuuhi your writing style is so obvious, your such a dumb ass for coming here. Should of kept up being in the shadows. Now we have to make a whole new thread about you kek.

No. 19751

yuuhi doesn't cosplay anymore so why would she say "hint I'm going to be in a love live cosplay"
Sam attended highschool with Tavia and I, she was the president of anime club. Sam was my friend at the time but I heard all sorts of stuff about her saying some pretty mean stuff about the other girls in the club. / cringe // Later the art teacher [he let us use that room and helped operate the club] told her she can't be club president anymore because she had several reports of bad talking the other club members. Basically everyone hated her. Lul . She told me she thought Tavia had "snitched on her to the teacher" After that I stopped talking to her. Obviously because she's got some issues.
Also, she's known for doing love live cosplay. Weird right? Maybe just maybe! she's been holding onto this grudge for that long? I thought it had to be mariah but there's no reason for her to say she was cosplaying love live end of story.

No. 19752

lol this shit keeps getting better and better. Can someone please just make a Las Vegas thread. Vegas has so much milk, it's a dairy plantation.

No. 19753

File: 1460433403510.jpeg (48.27 KB, 369x280, image.jpeg)

Fat ass Tavia on the left phsyco Sam on the right!

No. 19754

File: 1460436776248.jpeg (555.13 KB, 2000x2000, image.jpeg)


No. 19755

Sounds like a shit cover up, made up random hs story because everyone on lolcow believes that shit. Everything sounds coordinated. No one gives hints unless they have a plan later on to frame someone else. The only person that does the whole Q and A thing I know is Yuuhi. What was the point of laolic even posting then…all we know was to back up yuuhi's ass even though Yuuhi is laolic.

No. 19756

"End of story" my god lmao how obvious can you be YUUHi

No. 19757

this shit has me dieing. Rofl

No. 19758

On pull LaoLic claimed to have met tavia at a convention, does anyone have scream shots of this. It's defiantly yuuhi.

No. 19759

Sorry about my spelling I got too excited.

No. 19760

File: 1460437485137.jpeg (46.24 KB, 728x292, image.jpeg)

No. 19761

Please make yuuhi a new thread oh god she earned it

No. 19762

Laolic (yuuhi) also stated that tavia suffers from yeast infections. Sounds like something that a middle schooler/high schooler would say. What's yuuhi this year again? A sophomore?

No. 19763

> ewwwyy yeast infections what a slut disease !!!1!1!
Someone needs to send her to boarding school. Please give her proper education.

No. 19764

And what backs it up even more is that yuuhi thought Tavia made the thread about her. After being exposed why not pull more girls in the pool with you?

No. 19765

Yuuhi isn't going to lvl up expo or any other convention ever. At Otakon she said that it was her last convention so it can't be her :?

No. 19766

I heard none of them are going to lvl up. Fattychan is pointing fingers at every person she can think of kek. This is news

No. 19767

Right who knows, just let the milk flood in. One of them is bound to crack. lulz

No. 19768

Did hernia change her Facebook? I can't find her anymore. Also her Instagram. Maybe I'm blocked. She must be turning on all of her friends by now! Just watch her scramble.

No. 19769

Hi LaoLic! 8)

No. 19770

bet you hernia is scurrying around everywhere blaming everyone she knows

No. 19771

Hi anon! :P

No. 19772


Hi sam! Lol

No. 19773

Lmao you're the one we're laughing at along with hernia. Go back to pull you autistic sheep.

No. 19774

We're laughing at you and hernia. Get off of lolcow

No. 19775

Anyone can say they are LaoLic stop pretending you're them. So repulsive.

No. 19776

This thread is totally bogus now. I'm out.

No. 19777

Sorry I forgot to change the name LMFAO

No. 19778

You're obviously her friend. You liked her photo. Fucking Lul. Get off

No. 19779

what happens if LaoLic ends up being no one we mentioned in this thread and still don't know who it is after lvl up? exciting

No. 19780

Not really. Don't make them feel good about themselves. They're probably getting off on the fact that everyone is trying to figure out who they are.

No. 19781

And to add to this. It is for a fact someone with a personal vendetta. So not worth your time to get your panties in a bunch.

No. 19782

File: 1460446650396.jpeg (91.85 KB, 671x402, image.jpeg)

LaoLic at lvl up ?

No. 19783

File: 1460446841997.jpeg (441.81 KB, 2000x1199, image.jpeg)

No. 19784


Why are you deciding for yuuhi with such certainty, a random stranger on the Internet, you're only making yourself obvious yuuhi.

No. 19785



No. 19786

Because I'm not Yuuhi. Because she said so herself. If you're friends with any of her friends they would know

No. 19787

Dead fucking give away.

No. 19788

I saw her at otakon but she doesn't go to conventions anymore? You're a joke.

No. 19789

one more month till lvl up. let me get my camera ready

No. 19790

I'm LaoLic lul

No. 19791

Now I'm Sam

No. 19792

Now I'm Yuuhi

No. 19793

Now I'm Tavia

No. 19794

proves that any anonymous user here could be any of these cows.

No. 19795

I already made that point

No. 19796

They wouldn't be as dumb as you to use their real name ya moron.

No. 19797

all 3 of them can be in here pointing fingers at each other

No. 19798

Who the fuck is Sam. Did you guys really pull this girl out of your ass?

No. 19799

read the thread you fucking idiot

No. 19800

File: 1460448399317.jpeg (28.75 KB, 236x337, image.jpeg)

Sam on the left
>Is a girl who went to highschool with Tavia and kimmy
>apparently has beef with a bunch of girls
>love live cosplayer
Nothing else to really add…. Someone claims she didn't like Tavia in highschool but that's probably a given.

No. 19801

they're all so ugly. where do u find these people?

No. 19802

Seeing how this thread is going on, someone should just make one for all vegas weebs in general instead lol.

No. 19803

Yuuhi doesn't cosplay so why would she say hint: love live cosplay blah blah blah see you at the next convention. That really doesn't make sense. It has to be someone who is friends with yuuhi, since on pull "LaoLic" is defending yuuhi on some threads. Also someone is popping up defending her here saying "oh she doesn't even go to conventions waaaa" it just doesn't come together.

No. 19804

Las Vegas baby

No. 19805

God it's done!!! Stop trying to figure it out. You will never ever find out….

No. 19806

none of this makes any sense. I'm trying t figure it out myself

No. 19807

what they said

No. 19808

But it's so juicy! Wouldn't it be so funny to find out?
LaoLic chan the girl with one million vendettas

No. 19809


Is that girl sam friends with yuuhi? Can anyone confirm that?

No. 19810

omg that would be absolutely fantastic!

No. 19811

That's what I've been thinking but they aren't friends in Instagram or Facebook so I can't find a single connection.

No. 19812

To make it seem like LaoLic is not her, even though I'm 1000 sure she is. Yuuho probably has beef with this sam person so she's replying to her laolic posts with sam's pics in hopes of lolcow not mentioning yuuhi ever again . It was all a master plan

No. 19813

I'll keep looking for it might not even be any of them for all we know. But holly shit that would be one juicy exposing!

No. 19814

It's a good point.

No. 19815

All the people trying to say it's done, get the fuck off lolcow. Did you forget what this site is about? If you're so tired of it, move to another fucking thread.

No. 19816


Las vegas megathread guys. There's just too many to have one for each lmfaoooo

No. 19817

It's gonna be really fun lmao

No. 19818

This thread is only here because Tavia thought that her friend Sharon was trying to steal her ugly ass bf when Sharon already has one. Tavia's bf was the one trying to get with Sharon. Tavia is an in denial bitch thinking everyone is out to steal her man when her man doesn't care about being with her at all and would rather be with another girl

No. 19819

File: 1460754922341.png (2.29 MB, 1440x2192, Screenshot_2016-04-15-14-13-13…)

Talking about her? Shes Cute. Better looking than Tavia's fatass

No. 19820

File: 1460756015903.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-15-14-31-14…)

Is that who you are talking about? Lol!

No. 19821

she's ugly

at least she's actually asian unlike tavia's wannabe ass

No. 19822

File: 1460758584045.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-15-15-12-28…)


Hey guys, look what I found!

No. 19823

I think the thread is here because Yuuhi thought that Tavia called her out on PULL long time ago. When personally I think it was Katherine Dunn. Then, when Tavia made her fan page on FB Yuuhi came back as LaoLic and made the Tavia thread. It makes more sense since technically, LaoLic is always justifying Yuuhi.

No. 19824

Honestly i think it was Yuuhi too. Only yuuhi would that childish ass comment about her having a yeast infection as if that's milk. Rin definitely contributed to this thread though lol

No. 19825

At the end of the day though it doesn't matter who made this thread because now that there is the Las Vegas thread, everyone is getting called the fuck out. I bet all the weebs are scrambling to figure out who made it and slowly but surely the mistrust and hatred in the cosplay/kpop community will be too much haha

No. 19826

she has a huge past with being overly flirty with her friends boyfriends. Everyone knew she was obviously coming onto him. The only ones denying it is her 12 y/old weeb friends. She got way to close to my boyfriend at the time too. It's just her personality. She's known for her cheating. Her best friend kikithewannabe told everyone about her little 3some mishap.

No. 19827

>If ur Asian it's ok to be a slut

No. 19828


Sharon chan coming in here to defend herself

No. 19829

You know Sharon and yuuhi used to be best friends but they had a huge fall out

No. 19830

So I wouldn't be surprised if yuuhi posted about her in here. She also commented on the post that kimmy made. It said something like "no one wants to steel your dirty boyfriend" or something. If someone had screen shots that would be cool.

No. 19831

Sharon thinks Yuuhi was trying to steel her boyfriend. He is hideous by the way. (Prob the reason she cheated on him). Sharon says that all he talks about is her. And he even admitted to even liking her.

No. 19832

Austin invited her and her boyfriend to go eat but she didn't tell her boyfriend about it. Probably because she wanted to get him alone hehehehe if you want to be a slut, more power to you! You're Asian so you must be better than hernia chan right? Fugly little slut. Someone add her to the Vegas thread right meow!

No. 19833

If you look on Sharon's cosplay page you can see them together both cosplaying as shiro with Sharon's boyfriend
In my honest opinion yuuhi looks better lulz

No. 19834

Yuuhi can you make it any more obvious?

No. 19835

It is yuuhi. We all know she did it. There is way too much evidence.

No. 19836

File: 1460782182653.jpeg (77.21 KB, 960x540, image.jpeg)

Sharon behind yuuhi
Depression much?

No. 19837

File: 1460782346645.jpeg (298.63 KB, 1365x2048, image.jpeg)

'Barfs' bloody hell

No. 19838

This could be many times better just with some product smoothing the wig out and a pose that isn't guaranteed maximum inflation for chubby arms.

No. 19839

Bet you Sharon made this thread. She's friends with Yuuhi so of course she would

No. 19840

Possibly. It can be a teamwork thing? Not just her

No. 19841

Austin invited her only. He never invited her with her boyfriend. Stop trying to cover up for your boyfriend Tavia Unless this is this boyfriend himself. Sharon had no interest in TTavia's boyfriend. Tavia's fucked up head just thought that Sharon wanted to steal her bf when Sharon only thought it was two friends having lunch. If Tavia wasn't always thinking that every girl wants to be with her ugly boyfriends she wouldn't be put in situations like this. She brought this thread upon herself.

No. 19842

May 14 @3PM find me

The creator of this thread went by the name Kurasu on PULL. After revealing myself in this thread they mysteriously disappeared and is now known as 01067. Your welcome :)

No. 19843

^You guys suck at attempting to figure things out. Keep talking about all of these Vegas weebs. Getting no where with it.

No. 19844


Awww laolic to the rescue. I wonder why???

No. 19845

tavia's a wannabe asian, that girl is actually asian

where did you pull slut from??????

No. 19846


What if you're AXTUALLY karasu…I mean you did say that you made many accounts

No. 19847

Rescue? Hun please. This simply is a game I'm playing with you idiots who have nothing else to do. Shows how meaningless our lives are since you guys care who did this so much. Nothing but fools who care too much about the internet.

No. 19848

Kurasu messaged me after I posted on my own thread asking who made this one. Giving you screenshots would be pointless since the account is gone and the messages are wiped out.

No. 19849

I would reveal my true identity if it wasn't so entertaining to watch you morons fiddle around searching for your worthless answers and needs to entertain your own selves by making a Vegas thread about these weebs and creeps when in certainty none of them are significant to who really began this.

No. 19850


Ow the edge

No. 19851

no one's trying hard to look for things and find out
this is a thread about tavia, not someone who's actually interesting

but if you want to feel important ok

No. 19852

The funny thing Laolic is you are one of those fools. You're trying so hard to seems like your on some moral high ground that we can't reach yet here you are, on lolcow, trying to play cat and mouse bullshit games lol. The fuck bitch this ain't pretty little liars, and you aren't "A". We come here to talk shit, get the fuck over yourself and accept you are just as much of a bitch as the rest of us. It doesn't even matter who you are at this point because when it's all said and done the moral of story remains, humans talk shit about other humans. Lol

No. 19853

Sam if you're on here and you made this bullshit ass post, I can honestly say I regret being your friend in high school. You were super chill in school, but now if this is really you, you turned out to be a crazy bitch

No. 19854


Pretty sure LaoLic is Yuuhi though (or Rin, but most likely Yuuhi)

No. 19855

File: 1460868310541.jpeg (148.96 KB, 750x589, image.jpeg)

Boo hoo ya ugly frog

No. 19856

You're very welcome Sharon 8 )
It's too bad not very many people know about your compulsive cheating problems! Cry all you want. You need the attention don't you?

No. 19857

You know what's pretty funny
She's never actually had a real job. I remember when she was complaining that her daddy wouldn't buy her new circle lenses, pretty positive that her parents buy all her cosplay for her. She's so ungrateful. Let's move this to another thread it's milky but it's directing the attention away from hernia.

No. 19858

Not surprised she hates hernia chan lulz

No. 19859

This fucking thread is cancer. If you hate someone provide evidence of their antics instead of lameass name-calling. Not everyone knows your whorish social circle.

No. 19860

Sharon plans on cosplaying from love live and is friends with yuuhi. also this thread was posted right after her and Tavia had that drama. Pretty fishy right? 8)

No. 19861

File: 1460951190730.jpeg (209.67 KB, 750x1162, image.jpeg)

Nozami chan with a mighty strong vendetta!

No. 19862

LaoLic (yuuhi) is this your little partner in crime?

No. 19863


No. 19864

Are you sure they are still friends? I thought they aren't friends with each other now? I'm confused

No. 19865

They're still friends on Facebook so I'm not sure.

No. 19866

lmao tavia is such a fuckin weeabo ass hoe, she should go run into traffic. sincerley kl0wn3d(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 19867

Isn't Laolic that guy withe the anime bitches on his car? That was his name on Instagram

No. 19868

His name is Laoloser On iig

No. 19869

I've got some juicy milk on this biyatch but im not gonna spill unless people are interested. Who wants milk and cookies?

No. 19870

C'mon spill the milk

No. 19871

She deleted all her stuff, is she even on any social network anymore? or did she just remake

No. 19872

Lol since you are here for it. I'm a friend of a friend of Austin's. Tavia and Austin went to Japan and he paid for the entire trip which was $1,000+. Well this money grubbing whore made him spen extra money on top of that paying for expensive dinners and all liz lisa bullshit. Before that they went to San Fransico and he spent money on a Miku Hatsune concert too. Well apparently the entire time she was using him and she broke up with him directly after the trip and is now dating some white guy. He is PISSED and wants his money back from the trip, but now she is telling people that he was emotionally abusive (I guess so people pity her and she doesnt have to pay). She's also supposed to be moving out of the state and i guess that's how she plans to get out of paying him.

No. 19873

She remade her insta i think, not sure about the rest of her social media.

No. 19874

So she finally got her payed trip to Japan lol

No. 19875

File: 1466879810238.png (331.42 KB, 480x616, Screenshot_2016-06-25-11-28-45…)

Here is her new wallet. If someone knows this kid save him before he gets sucked in and lands himself in debt

No. 19876

File: 1466880112506.png (257.27 KB, 480x685, Screenshot_2016-06-25-11-29-00…)

No. 19877

He looks somewhat mixed race

No. 19878

He might be part Asian. I can see that since we all know Tavia can stray from her fetish too much kek

No. 19879

Her new instagram


It's set to private, but her display picture tells a lot - still wannabe asian so bad.
She's even doing the eye bag thing in that picture. she's so trashy

No. 19880

lol you'd think after she got torn the fuck apart by lolcow she would change but guess sloots gotta sloot

No. 19881

File: 1466889639964.jpg (61.58 KB, 926x597, gross.JPG)

nope, judging by his littler brother, he is either hispanic or filipino. If he is filipino, then that is nothing to brag about. Filipino's are shit tier "asians".

No. 19882

This thread is calling this hoe racist and calling Filipinos "shit tier Asians"
>coming back to a thread that has been dead for months to update us on some spoiled ass milk
go home anon, come back when you have some real dairy.

No. 19883

Do you have proof that she's moving? Screenshots? I would like to see her gone for good.

No. 19884

Talked to Wallet-kun by pure coincidence, Tavia was fired from Yojie and had to go back to her previous job xD

No. 19885

Which wallet lul

No. 19886

I saw Tavia at Sabakon and she's gotten soo big that I didn't actually recognize her until someone said her name lmao

No. 19887

lol she's now a hipster apprarently

No. 19888

They broke up already ?

No. 19889

Hipster? That bitch is nothing but a weeaboo gold digging whore. With a huge asian fetish. I heard from Austin how much he's payed for her for everything. It's girls like that who need to learn their place

No. 19890

Can confirm I didn't spend a fortune on her, just saw this thread and was like "oh wow"
>little brother is thai and Spanish
>yes I'm mixed
>she claimed she was Thai and Swedish
>she dumped me to date a older guy with money I guess.
>now I have ammo, she will read this comment eventually. GG I tried getting you into college Tavia.

No. 19891

Not to defend this ho but once you pay for someone's dinner/concert/gifts you have no legal expectation to get it back unless you had an agreement that money would be returned (in some countries even an oral agreement is fine)

He's a goddamn fool of he thinks he can get money from gifts and shit back just because the relationship didn't work out. If he doesn't like it he needs to be more careful with his money. Maybe DON'T pay for everything???

No. 19892

I feel sorry for you anon, Tavia has used the college excuse so many times befote but we all know she isn't going to college lol. She played you bro. You should give us any milk from your relationship if you have any. But look on the bright side, atleast she didn't make you pay for a 2 week trip to Japan lol

No. 19893

Didn't she come here and try to defend herself saying she was better than most cuz she was going to start college or some shit like that?

No. 19894

No. 19895

File: 1527720109832.png (390.27 KB, 1440x2199, Screenshot_2018-05-30-15-37-00…)

Kimmy and tavia I guess are friends again. But these comments

No. 19896

>hate korea so much

girl you’re not Japanese, chill.

No. 19897

File: 1527735822889.png (1.38 MB, 1440x1440, Screenshot_2018-05-30-19-56-50…)

Looks like someone had fun at EDC

No. 19898

I honestly didn't even know Kimmy and tavia were friends again. I thought they had a falling out lol

No. 19899

I did thanks

No. 19900


Ooft that pregnant stomach(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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