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No. 135445

Meet Holly "Dolly" Fallon aka "Dollilicious" / "The Meat Queen" as stated on her FB


>Brags about being diagnosed with psychopathy, for attacking someone.

>Insults and makes up rumors about other peoples sex lives, but is really just projecting her own insecurites and behavior onto those in the community.
>A huge bully, can't hold a friendship without causing major drama, usually followed by an explosive falling out.
>Known for being a pedophile sympathizer / defender, has tried to push known issues under the rug instead of bringing light to the situation and allowing others to educate themselves.
>She made a GoFundMe, received $2300 and has never launched the actual shop.
Completely silent about updates on the shop ever opening. She bought a domain in June 30th 2020, hasn't updated it since.-
Was originally announced to open September 1st. That was bumped to January 1st. To this day, it is still not open. People who have donated have not received their reward.
>She was the straw that broke the camels back when it cxame to her parents divorce. As soon as she broke up with an ex boyfriend and moved back in with her parents, her father was so against it, he filed for divorce.
>She treats her mother like garbage, and yells at her when she doesn't get her way.(shit thread)

No. 135458

Get the thread rolling.

No. 135469

File: 1612084467813.png (546.13 KB, 996x2048, 143679332_433497234507257_3752…)


Here's some backstory. She is an admin in a group called "Anime Boston Social" and there was a dude that recently v& for being a pedo. She deleted the post and then when people called her on her bullshit for defending a pedo here's PART of her sperg moment

No. 135470

File: 1612084513047.png (608.54 KB, 996x2048, 144040218_237909164462474_1388…)


No. 135471

File: 1612084638640.jpg (120.39 KB, 1125x1468, 144595053_105910404748934_4441…)

Here's her making a status publicly dragging her "best friend" for not unfriending someone that she DEMANDED she no long be friends with

No. 135472

File: 1612084766285.jpg (175.36 KB, 1048x1206, dolly4.jpg)

Here is the back and forth between her and someone confronting her about letting creepers / rapists / pedos into her group, but actively deleting posts about it

No. 135489

this does not need an entire thread………

No. 135559

i met her in real life on the cicada party on the boat and she is the fucking cringiest person that i have ever me in my life. she was outside screaming at the security people about if they could invert their penises before going on a long rant about how her being half asian meant she would have smart babies or some shit. i cut my cig break short and went back inside because i couldn't stand her fucking voice.

No. 135560

These explain nothing and your green text explains nothing. Im.guessing the biggest issue is she's an adult who dressed as rugrat and apparently its pedo pandering somehow.

No. 135625

it takes a special kind of desperate attention seeking to sexualize a baby. kek

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