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File: 1619751099578.png (82.79 KB, 594x806, 1617799656071.png)

No. 1220062

While this is a jay/ivy containment thread, it is also intended for genderspecial e-artists / left leaning sjw twitter/tumblr artists. These artists are known for grifting (i.e demanding reparations) while harassing anyone morally inferior.

Jessica Ortiz / Jay / succulentbud / joulejay / juckedj
>A filipino/white new yorker genderfluid girl who has been harassing artists and others for years.
>notably known for editing splatoon fanart of marina and calling fanartists racist on tumblr
>was called out for pageshotting porn a 17 year old tumblr mutual posted while being an adult.
>is speculated to be a racefaker because his gf draws him brown. However, his selfies indicate that he is pale.
>eventually moves to twitter and start drama on there, as well.
>now dating the notorious destinytomoon

Notable dramas:
>harassing South Asian javidraws for being upset how american centric twitter is. Claims she is antiblack
>makes fun of Megan Ruiz Lopez for comforting Javidraws. Lopez is currently being sued by her school for speaking up about sexual misconduct
>attacked Chinese Kiwi Yueko for considering the pros/cons of NFT.
>made a list of artists that does NFT. States "Do as you wish with this information"
>attacked french artist kinokorp for drawing art brutalizing japanese girls. Demanded that kinokorp pay in reparations for her fans defending her.
>Spoke poorly of people who donated to the Friday Night Funkin' kickstarter. Claimed the money should go to the poor. Then, Ninjamuffin came to speak about his experience on poverty, but jay ignored it.
>got hospitalized because people called out Jays hypocrisy
>returned to twitter, only to attack kinokorp again
>destinys face is leaked and she is upset. Jay locks his account and suicide baits over the stress.

Javiera Alegria Solar / ivy/ Destinytomoon /orquidiaarte
>A chilean cisfemale artist that claims that she is a transwoman
>draws weird cat futa porn but no one acknowledges that.
>has garnered 20k followers pandering to minorities and liberals by drawing fat/brown/hairy women
>popularized the mikusonamonday tag
>constantly change her identity labels whenever it works in her favor.
>notably, claims that she is a white passing afro native latinx. Insisted her dad is black.
>briefly claimed she was Jewish but scrubbed that away.
>claimed she was bisexual once, and when lesbians spoke up about her using the double venus signs, Destiny loses her shit. She claims shes too scared to use the bisexual label due to "white gays."
>the lesbian that confronted her was a black lesbian minor. Destiny sent 20k people to harass her. (Jay also partook in this)
>her friends calls white to pick on her for "lols."
>black artists finally spoke up how Destiny was invading black spaces despite obviously being white
>chilean called destiny out for refusing to bring awareness to femicide in Chile via tumblr.
>old drama resurfaces and Destiny loses her shit.
>privates her account and claimed she self-harmed after 7 months.

Notable mutual friends:
Loved111333 / lovelyoneee333
>20 something girl who allegedly has ptsd and did
>Bullies and harass anyone who speaks up against them. Accused any critique against her as racist attacks
>is currently stalking a 15 year old biracial girl who called her out for being a bully
>Claimed that she doesnt mean to lash and hurt people, that was her did
>art is terrible

>this is loved's sister.
>tl;dr follows the same suit as above

>another artist that suffers DID
>claims that they are japanese/latine/black, but refuse to share any selfies… Their alternate personalities may be different races
>always complains how non black skilled artists get more attention than her because she is black
>shitty art

>everytime there is drama, teachicko is always involved
>like loved and forged, she bullies and harass anyone she does not like
>if you say you do not like how explosive the discourse she causes, you must be a racist or a pedophile

>actually is good at art
>threatened to draw incest porn of peoples IRL family
>is involved in a lot of discourse like the above listed

>a mutual of the listed artists above.
>does not start drama but tend to hype and spread them like a crony

>another white latine race faker.

No. 1220065

File: 1619751317767.jpg (506.63 KB, 1610x4096, 20210429_195451.jpg)

There is not a lot on peachieflame right now, but she is full of milk on twitter.

No. 1220069

File: 1619752425831.jpg (234.08 KB, 720x1370, 20210429_231201.jpg)

Shes so undeniably white….

No. 1220082

Is her avatar supposed to be her…because lmao.

No. 1220086

I asked the question in the art thread, but isn't peachyflame one of the artists that harassed the girl that made the hot yaoi mayan oc? Because if that's the case it's hilarious.

No. 1220093

File: 1619754802733.png (36.72 KB, 606x285, 1616668738302.png)

Yes, the kicker is that the artist she harassed was also latin. Guess that didnt matter, though.

No. 1220103

So let me get this straight, peachieflame is white, getting angry on behalf of >>1220086 Mayans? Kek what the fuck? And >>1220065 is destinytomoon from the OP? Jessica and her girlfriend are both such fucking weirdos.

No. 1220105

Also, curious to know her opinion on stolen Native American children and poor indigenous Latinos who don't have tribal records.

No. 1220127

File: 1619757391061.png (1022.89 KB, 2392x1196, Orquidiaarte Label History v2.…)

Might as well drop this here as the same anon who posted >>>/ot/794752 but with some updates after researching previous archives of DestinytoMoon/Orquidiaarte's twitter from the Wayback Machine.

https://web.archive.org/web/20210223204155/https://twitter.com/orquidiaarte (February 23rd. Has the gender non-conforming label, was claiming to be "mixed". The former got removed from her March 1st update.)

https://web.archive.org/web/20210313055548/https://twitter.com/orquidiaarte (March 13th. Surprisingly, in a turn of events, the gender non-conforming label came back after getting removed since a week ago starting on the 1st. Beginning of the Lesbian, Trans Female, and Genderless labels that got removed from the March 22th update.)

https://web.archive.org/web/20210322103711/https://twitter.com/orquidiaarte (March 22th-25th. What the fuck I'm looking at these labels. Claiming LGBTQIA+, Transgender (woman), and hilariously, white passing "afro-native mixed". Just can't stop laughing at this.

And to these people from the Twitter SJW Artist crowd might think this is photoshopped as a result of defamation, unfortunately all of these screenshots taken from her profile are true and they are preserved in their archive form. Maybe they're too busy complimenting her drawings and giving her and her boyfriend asspats despite the constant victim blaming on themselves and other actions they're not aware of, while not noticing the constant changes she does to her profile.

Kek, she doesn't even hide it well from her fans despite there are archives of her face surrounding the internet before going into DFE mode when she got called out for faking being trans to blend in the crowd last year.

Weird that her boyfriend is now bringing the trans woman narrative for her case after there were callouts done earlier, even though there's proof that Destiny faked it and most of their white-knights are still sucking onto the narrative that there are "transphobic" sites making this up.

How surprising. So much for the "Indigenious Ñuu Savi" ethnicity even though there doesn't seems to have any. Worth mentioning that she's associated with Succulentbud/Jay's circlejerk of friends, alongside with cum_binary/puppy and anyone else from that same group, all of them worth milky in their own while harassing nobodies and sending their followers to do the same to them.

No. 1220157

it's a very American pov to think only Europeans are white. White skin is not exclusive to Europeans. How can this chick look at herself in the mirror and think she isn't white. I've seen American white latinos try to cash in on poc oppression points because apparently speaking spanish and having non European culture means your skin isn't white. Having white skin is considered a privilege in the first place because you're treated better in the majority of cases, no matter what your heritage and race actually is. The term "white passing" is so idiotic. It's like these kids want to be oppressed to fit into their desired social circle

No. 1220208

The thing americans say about being latina/african/native/irish/italian/whatever just because they have a distant relative who was anything other than american is so fucking stupid. You're not a black latina because your great great grandfather was one, you're white, grew up with american culture in a rich white area like everyone else and being able to say 2 words in spanish does not make you latina, it makes you american. I swear it's only americans doing this, many europeans have mixed descent and I've never heard anyone here say talk like that.

No. 1220209

Also, do they even have "non-European" culture? White people who live in Latin America are the descendants of Spanish conquerers, right? If they want to get into purity tests about who is on who's land I'd tread carefully if my ancestry was Spanish and not indigenous.

this is also so true anon, white Spanish people in Europe would never consider themselves POCs or just not European period.

No. 1220226

this is so embarrassing, if you look white it doesn't matter what your heritage is YOU ARE WHITE. race is just phenotype. you may have more investment in racial justice if you're mixed race and have a pee-oh-see parent or whatever but at the end of the day you're still white

No. 1220258

She also tagged herself as a trans woman here. She's obviously biologically female.

No. 1220292

File: 1619786630967.jpg (97.41 KB, 720x1257, 20210430_083757.jpg)


Yeah shes a cis female idk why her friend group and fans run around screaming that the info in kiwi farms is fake when searching info about chileans is so fucking easy, you only need their name and then you have access to their national ID and from there you get birth certificates, education certificates, etc.

Anyway here's another account with her full name so she doesnt act as if they have the wrong info.


Also lmao at her criticizing latinos that are "obviously" white but dont choose that option in surveys 2 days ago after all this, that's what you get from trying to get those woke points.

No. 1220354

anon please thats a swarthoid(stop racebaiting)

No. 1220430

kek that makeup, is she 6 years old

the only thing that would have me believing Javiera is actually a troon is how little she has a grasp on what looks good, everything she draws is sparkly and gaudy, everyone wears heels and short skirts, troons gobble that shit up

No. 1220488

nobody knows what the fuck that means

No. 1220572

File: 1619813526573.png (95.65 KB, 612x766, ok.png.png)

when its your friends you suddenly think about the "nuance" of things kek

No. 1220576

File: 1619813715888.png (59.01 KB, 588x523, t.png)

No. 1220582

Hey, just because we like to laugh at SJWs doesnt mean you retarded kiwi farm and 4chan autists can come in here with your shitty ass stain scrote culture and shit up this board

No. 1220583

File: 1619814324952.jpeg (140.56 KB, 750x765, FFCAE33A-1A58-41AC-8953-73616F…)

Does anyone know where these leaks are? OP’s in some drama right now with tajmerk

No. 1220593

File: 1619816276634.png (90.2 KB, 608x678, dff.png)

might be because Cumbinary is ivy/destiny to moon's friend. Tajmerk is implying that they're getting harassed by her fans I suppose

No. 1220596

>>>I don't feel like dealing with a clique of messy bitches. Yall start shit for no reason over disagreements.

The fucking lack of self awareness is off the charts!

No. 1220600

File: 1619817185881.jpg (321.66 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210430-171136_Twi…)

Lmao anon thanks i was so taken back with that answer…like where do you even get that word

Apparently it's not?

No. 1220602

File: 1619817227721.jpg (292.72 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210430-171207_Twi…)

No. 1220609

File: 1619818293940.png (1.59 MB, 2048x1731, Screenshot_20210430-143058.png)

geez. I thought these people were close knit, but they really cannibalized their own?

No. 1220613

File: 1619818943965.png (34.26 KB, 598x369, Screenshot_2021-04-30 ♡Non-Bin…)

Is this stuff with Tajmerk because of this tweet?

She also made one complaining about white people insisting on getting into black spaces (but I don't have any screenshots), did Jay get angry at her for bad timing?

anon like half the people in southern europe are darker than that

No. 1220615

fuck off back to /pol/ you retarded american cunt

No. 1220616

File: 1619819422853.png (1.52 MB, 1310x2048, Screenshot_20210430-144839.png)

The tweet is now deleted but I believe whatever Alex was replying to ignited it all

No. 1220621

File: 1619820386705.png (94.92 KB, 584x857, 30cc14cc8a27516fbedff66d1eba09…)

Kirby isn't very cowish (i think they're a minor anyways) but they like to document discourse. So, if you see some slap fight happening, check this kid out.

Seems like tajmerk basically said how white-passing is basucally white. Alex went off on taj, and tajs that they dont fuck with people who fw white people. For context, Alex gf is white. So he blew up.

Now his followers (and jay's who accuses taj of posting this about ivy) are mass reporting taj.

No. 1220630

I don't doubt that Ivy/Oquuidarte or whatever is faking her race lol. Let's not forget the whole HIV Living/Issra bullshit that went down a few years ago where a 18 white girl larped as a Chinese/Muslim trans lesbian that was sold in human trafficking, just to be able to have an excuse to write Hamilton fanfiction. Ivy is very clearly a biological female white girl who's whining about her mental health constantly. She almost fits the bill beat for beat.

No. 1220631

Was it ever addressed that Chilean teenagers can legally change their gender (including on their birth certificate)?

No. 1220640

People on the kiwifarms thread said it wasn't very likelly because that is a more or less recent thing and because there had been those strong protests at the time so burocratictly speaking it wasn't very likely that she would had been able to change it during that time (from my understanding). Also I think I recall a guy saying all of her school registers as far as primary school were registered as female.
I also might be recalling this badly so don't take my word for it but I think KF dug up an essay she had written that was basically a feminist essay and IIRC she refered to herself as cis in that essay (again, I could be misremembering, and I don't really feel like combing throught 100+ pages of stuff on KF)

This kid is kind of a personal cow to me just cuz of the way they basically poke sticks at every single drama that happens. Extremelly petty. We're fortunate this kid doesn't have the same platform size as Jay.

No. 1220650

K quick question does it counts as doxing if I upload the part of ivy scho yearbook where its undeniable clear shes afab?

No. 1220654

I don `t believe so anonita is it public?

No. 1220656

File: 1619825519702.jpg (349.11 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210430-191256_Dri…)

Worryingly so

No. 1220659

File: 1619825661016.jpg (352.01 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210430-191314_Dri…)


No. 1220660

File: 1619825739352.jpg (222.21 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210430-191318_Dri…)

Btw this was all public, I just searched her: 2016 + school + yearbook and it was in the official school website

No. 1220661

Kek this is all so fucking bizarre

No. 1220666

File: 1619825946674.jpg (243.12 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210430-193731_Dri…)

Wops lastly if anyone wants to translate what it says in her info

No. 1220667

This is a whole ass biological woman I'm crying lol.

No. 1220670

What school did she go to?

No. 1220671

No. 1220673


>nickname: w/e

>catchphrase: "in what way?", "at the bottom [of one's heart]"
>useful gift: pencils, notepad, pencil case
>platonic love: w/e
>notorious for: drawing, being around [friend], skipping rope
>frustrated dream: singing, being japanese, being a killer whale
>trauma: men, het things, [no idea]
>most awkward situation: being with three men (at the same time)
>in the future they will be: drawing in japan or teaching arts
>in their past life they were: a singer

No. 1220674

>frustrated dream: being japanese

No. 1220675

File: 1619827307584.jpg (131.29 KB, 590x822, Inkedscreenshot-twitter.com-20…)

I found a screenshot from someone that follows Jay and this is what Jay says
Gonna share in two parts because otherwise it's too big

No. 1220676

>Nicknames: orca (killer whale)
>frustrated dream: being japanese
>platonic love: weeb shit
>most awkward situation: being with three men

How can someone be so cringe jfc

No. 1220677

File: 1619827346662.jpg (122.74 KB, 588x648, P2.jpg)

Part 2

No. 1220678

Her racefaking dreams started so early. Why would you share this for a yearbook

No. 1220685

>frustrated dream: being japanese
>platonic love: weeb shit
Doesn’t she have some fat latina oc that works at hooters in japan? She must be living out her weeb dream through that since it’s problematic to fetishize Japan now. I’m surprised she didn’t attempt to call herself “white passing mixed afro-native-japanese”

No. 1220686

File: 1619828657221.png (301.34 KB, 591x1012, unknown-12.png)

Kek, destiny didnt even pay reparations to the black lesbian minor she harassed last year.

More proof of these idiots talking over black lesbians. That seems very antiblack of them.

No. 1220687

I'm just sitting back laughing at all these idiots cannibalizing each other kek. Take this as a lesson to never make friends with people like this, they will turn on you at the slightest thing.

No. 1220708

File: 1619830454277.jpeg (207.81 KB, 828x1194, B1862E5E-425D-4BA9-802B-381642…)

op is a did fakeboy posted a few times on the personal cow thread. loves to post callouts and then plug her own ebegging. her handle is FatumBetuIa, but she usually goes scorched earth when her callouts backfire so idk how much of it is left

No. 1220712

File: 1619830801623.jpeg (158.22 KB, 750x1113, 006530F0-C35B-4E71-9BB1-F766B7…)

Unrelated to the destinytomoon drama but since this is teachiko:
>calls out two popular black artists, hotglossed for drawing fictional porn of teens, and toorurii for being friends with hotglossed
>implies people who drew fanart for toorurii are somehow guilty too because of this(???)
>toorurii makes some vagueposts about it
>basically she’s upset how she’ll barely have time to go on twitter(due to being busy as a medical major) and people will still assume shitty things about her without fact-checking
>unfollows hotglossed
Wondering when this’ll all blow up in teachiko’s face someday. Even popular minority artist circles hate this chick.

No. 1220715

File: 1619831155218.png (1.7 MB, 1718x2048, Screenshot_20210430-180509.png)


Clems response. This is so awful. Im sick of people assuming association = guilty

No. 1220722

File: 1619831852848.png (95.02 KB, 584x851, ivy.png)

Man, fuck the race shit. The faking trans is whats really gonna be the downfall of her.

No. 1220723

File: 1619831892274.jpeg (114.76 KB, 750x441, E80BFD25-9CE6-434B-9AE0-4AE159…)

One of the responses to the callout(for context, both he and Clem are part native american). Fun fact, he’s the one who created Anoki from Validate

No. 1220726

oh fucc if this actually involves validate then that's actually a really interesting development because that whole project is a show on it's own right
I wonder what the other members of the team would do if one of them got real cancelled. potential for some interesting team drama there

No. 1220727

File: 1619832220076.png (104.14 KB, 728x903, b8b09caf45beb5c42ab55e2b1dfe85…)

The irony in these tweets kek

No. 1220728

File: 1619832327271.png (69.85 KB, 739x551, ca6c3b2cdc0437b12fe5e7fb97e228…)

This woman is on an a rampage this week

No. 1220732

File: 1619833334712.jpg (65.88 KB, 1244x448, E0QrYU-XoAAKW4k.jpg)

This is the funniest part for me. Yes, she looks white-passing because she has her white mother's face and her black father's…eyebrows.

No. 1220734

File: 1619833729334.jpg (87.67 KB, 732x800, peachieflame.JPG)

Dani aka peachieflame trying to get someone suspended for calling her white.

No. 1220738

KEK. I love how she didn't even try to deny the race faking part and just went straight to trying to get them taken down for copyright of all things.

No. 1220739

Oh yeah btw shes not indigenous, she doesnt have the surnames nor is she in the national index (CONADI) I mean perhaps something like her great grandparents could be indigenous but…

This has 0 logic like ???? Are you this desperate lmao

No. 1220740

I swear these idiots are going to Barbra Streisand themselves into the sun

No. 1220743

>"Photos you take of yourself are copyrighted and this does not fall under fair use"
What a story. If these photos she took herself after finding out her skin turned up chalk white as she claims, shouldn't she be posting them in social media where any of her followers and anyone else could see it?

No. 1220745

You can just look up people on that site to find if they're indegenous?
Ngl this, the birth certificate, and the school year book, it's actually creepy how shitty chilean online privacy is.

No. 1220748

File: 1619835417514.jpeg (179.51 KB, 750x908, 55656CB0-8AD2-4A49-9C67-5EE926…)

I don’t think anything will happen sadly, Clem being vague in the first place likely means she doesn’t want to start shit with teachiko’s circle(which is understandable, they’d probably harass her and call her a pedo/racist/coon or something). And an anon in a previous salt thread said they know a lot of artists who try to avoid them too.

Old milk but the only popular artist I recall directly calling out one of teachiko’s circle(tajmerk) is idolomantises and that ended up with teachiko and friends(including the validate creator danulmao) teaming up to defend taj. If a validate member got “cancelled” the same would probably happen too(unless if it was for something extreme like assault or pedophilia)

No. 1220750

File: 1619835575039.png (214.1 KB, 602x648, idodl.png)

speaking of idolo, who is currently having a fit over the drama in there priv kek

No. 1220754

Lmao yeah you only need the full name, then theres a search engine for the national id an with that you have legal and free access to their school certificate, birth certificate, marriage, if they are indigenous by law, etc.

I guess it isn't much of a issue because most chileans that like to stirr shit never use their actual name

I remember when the javi_draws think happened they were pissed that she had black people blocked but it was all that friend circle like, no wonder.

No. 1220757

bug enthusiast is the fucking asshole who snitcked on a group of Rise of TMNT animators for drawing yaoi porn and put their jobs to danger. No fucking wonder she'd get shit back eventually

No. 1220758

Ok,new to this drama. Why everyone knows her real name in the first place? You have to be really stupid to lie so much and not use a fake name ffs

No. 1220759

Their cliques are so muddled and they’re crumbling before our very eyes.
Idolo tried to call out taj, the black lesbian who spoke about javiera and jessica racefaking “without meaning to”, only to get attacked by teachiko and her lackeys, then a year later idolo speaks in defense of javiera current day on her private account. Did she do it out of spite? Or because she’d have no one left if she denounced javiera?
KEK It looks like they’re going to split in half, one side relating to Validate/Black artists(?) and the other on jessica/destiny’s side. I’m waiting for someone to call jessica and javiera anti-black now. The milk would be so good. I liked how anons described them as self-cannibalizing, this group is actually crazy.

No. 1220760

The schism is more like
Industry professionals (tbh taj is the only one with a job) and neets who e-beg and has never done art professionally before.

No. 1220766

I believe that in the early fase of the Kiwi Farms thread when she was still Destiny Moon she used her real name in some of her accounts and on KF they were able to find wich school she had gone to so they also got her full name.

No. 1220770

What job does Taj have? Is it like actual industry employed or some really obscure shit and just calls herself freelance. I tried finding her past work on her website and couldn't. As for everyone else, I think it was Kiana Mai that said it best: Too many people on Twitter mess up job opportunities to dunk on strangers online. Most, if not all of these people will never actually get involved in the industry because of their abhorrent online behavior and attitudes.

No. 1220774

File: 1619838185660.jpeg (426.92 KB, 750x1096, AAE86EDA-C2CF-4A11-B542-884F98…)

Apparently she got a job with WB but I don’t know if she’s still working there.

No. 1220775

File: 1619838277076.png (45.46 KB, 784x497, Screenshot_2021-05-01 About th…)

Found this on Orquidiaarte/DestinytoMoon's about the artist bio on her tumblr. She seems to be claiming to be genderfluid, gay, ace/asexual, and the return of the GNC (gender non-conforming) label. "White Passing POC" despite she claims to be mixed according to her twitter. As of this point, she's just in denial with those labels around her head to make herself more oppressed than she is.

No. 1220776

last time we talked about her here apparently she claimed to work on WB but she mentioned doesn't mentioned them on her portefolio.
The only projects on her portefolio when I checked at the time (if my memory isn't failing me) were character design for an indie project and a project from herself which was the concept of "who is who except everybody is black and half of them are Kanye".
I think her portefolio doesn't have a tab for projects anymore so I can't show that to you very well.

No. 1220785

Yeah I highly doubt she still works there anymore. That or it was a very low level intern position. Bringing up Kiana Mai again, who actually works for the industry, you rarely see her get into petty twitter spats with people because whats the fucking point? Why would you risk looking like an ass to future employers? One 5 minutes scroll through Taj's Twitter would turn off pretty much any big name studio that isn't trying to fill a token diversity position. Not to say there aren't idiots in the industry, but they usually don't broadcast it over twitter like a 14 year old child.

No. 1220817

As a chilean, there aren't many afro latino here lol and mostly are immigrants from Colombia, Haiti, etc. We are either brown or white(blogging)

No. 1220838

File: 1619851583636.png (26.78 KB, 1185x307, unknown-23.png)

RIP. Clem broke mutuals with hotglossed

No. 1220841

File: 1619851939794.png (Spoiler Image, 232.76 KB, 880x909, insta.png)

Destiny drew vent art, probably about her and jay. Im cringing.

No. 1220908

This is ot but it's kinda interesting to me how people on her instagram aren't talking about this at all.
I'm not saying they should (I like instagram because there's almost no drama) but it's interesting to me just how self contained twitter drama is.

No. 1220937

File: 1619873928698.png (328.18 KB, 1080x1753, Screenshot_20210501-075644-853…)

No. 1220938

File: 1619874003498.png (310.06 KB, 1080x1228, Screenshot_20210501-075707-914…)

pt 2

No. 1220970

Imagine harassing other workers over disagreement online for years and then whine when it happens to you too.
These people have no sentiment of unionizing. Just crab mentality

No. 1220972

File: 1619878071891.jpeg (450.23 KB, 828x1056, C07F3C0E-9B29-463F-B4D6-850569…)

God Alex is unhinged

No. 1220973

File: 1619878105184.jpeg (78.93 KB, 1132x421, 92FEA381-DEBC-4913-9F13-4A9567…)

No. 1220974

File: 1619878248665.jpeg (67.85 KB, 1306x421, CFA3A23C-761F-4D3D-A4BD-BD9538…)

No. 1220978

File: 1619878958015.png (219.89 KB, 1080x1320, 789201765.png)

this is so shady like where's all this energy when y'all calling ppl out for the most minor things???

No. 1220980

alex is always so damn aggressive it's funny how it finally came to bite him in the ass

No. 1220994

Haha, glorious. I remember she was involved during that TMNT drama and tried to get the staff fired. It doesn't feel so good when someone tries to mess with your income, does it?
Watching this friend circle implode is the funniest thing because really, how did they not see this coming? You guys are out here every other day trying to ruin artist's lives for fun and you think your friends won't eventually do it to you too when you piss them off even a tiny bit?
No sympathy at all for either of these people, karma is delivering.

No. 1221005

File: 1619882191842.jpeg (330.82 KB, 750x642, B207B3BF-A1EE-4DF4-ABCB-26322C…)

She also said this. Could be true because she’s posted about her mom kicking her out for being gay a while back. I doubt cumbinary actually knew about Taj’s situation but seeing them fuck eachother over(at least socially) and convincing their friends the other is the worst human being ever is amazing.

No. 1221008

Whats this about tajmerk and the tmnt drama? Why would she want the staff fired?

No. 1221010

The TMNT staff for the latest series got in a lot of trouble last year because they had a discord server and someone there decided to leak the NSFW channel in the server to get other staff members in trouble because they had beef or something. This resulted in a callout by another industry person who is one of tajmerk's friends iirc, can't remember their name but they have mantis in it and they've been posted in the art salt threads before. People were trying to get the staff fired because they called them pedos and predators because of the NSFW, the usual shit.

No. 1221024

>another industry person who is one of tajmerk's friends iirc, can't remember their name but they have mantis in it
Idolomantises, and they stopped being friends a while back >>1220748

No. 1221032

File: 1619885174257.png (1.51 MB, 1008x2048, Screenshot_20210501-090522.png)

These people are insane


No. 1221033

File: 1619885203086.png (1.76 MB, 2048x1526, Screenshot_20210501-090540.png)

No. 1221037

File: 1619885537393.png (1.64 MB, 1408x2048, Screenshot_20210501-091106.png)

No. 1221040

>it was wrong of me to reach out to tajs agent in hopes of getting her to stop harassing me
Not a fan of taj but I think it’s hilarious that even cumbinary’s apology is backhanded.

No. 1221043

I actually have no idea how this kid doesn't get cancelled. The Tajmerk/cumbinary stuff seems like kinda personal stuff like friendship drama going sour and this kids comes over to "document it from a neutral perspective".
I know that LCF is basically us gossiping technically but jeez going to the point of making yourself a google doc about friend drama that you're not a part of and then sharing it publicly is absolute snoopiness. This kid even documented the time at wich taj and cumbinary did each tweet lmao.

Is this kid a farmer undercover?

Notice how at the end they basically get angry at the agent for telling them to fuck off.

No. 1221049

Hold on. Isn't the same kid who frequently white knights Succulentbud the moment there are accusations surrounding his name, and is almost involved in interactions with his posts? Interesting they made a document involving the Tajmerk vs Cum_binary situation despite they're not even involved in this discourse at all.

No. 1221053

Another anon already said it, this kid basically comments on every single art twitter drama that happens.
Basically an art twitter orbiter. Idk if theire actually friends with that group or not.

No. 1221055

there goes any chance they had of getting professional work

No. 1221081

no this is sick because this type of apology is what they dragged other users for. if it was one of their targets they'd be qtrting so their followers would dogpile them and then asking for money.

No. 1221082

File: 1619889382271.jpeg (492.1 KB, 750x1116, 78220FD1-DE0B-4B72-A043-D1AEA9…)

This person is getting dragged pretty hard too. At 27 quote retweets now

No. 1221086

File: 1619889497674.jpeg (454.2 KB, 750x1063, DE519F1E-B975-427C-93CB-58624B…)

No. 1221095

File: 1619890193620.png (825.36 KB, 931x2186, 2E884BB5-1D99-427E-A8CD-8B62A0…)

tajmerk responded

No. 1221096

File: 1619890260851.png (426.48 KB, 1080x1638, 15633790368.png)

according to taj they aren't. while it's weird that they're randomly jumping in to document idk why they're saying kirby is being anti-black or fanning the flames when it was taj and alex brought this public in the first place.

also that doc is pretty accurate. it's only missing the tweet from taj where said to her white passing is white.

No. 1221097

File: 1619890274291.jpeg (200.08 KB, 750x948, F7C39134-9F09-4286-881F-7D8C8E…)

a deleted tweet about the documentation tweet

No. 1221101

Squeezing the fuck out of the POC victim card I see

No. 1221102

>cum binary’s follower counting dropping from 16.7k to 16.3k since yesterday
Wew. May not seem like much but not sure what’ll happen in the long run since their thing was basically “black representation and black miku” and now they fucked up their reputation with bigger users who’d support that. (Except maybe Destiny and Jay, but I imagine they don’t want to associate with someone who’s getting called out now)

No. 1221104


Taj lost a decent chunk too. iirc she was at 15.9k before all of this happened and now she's at 15.4k.
serves them both right imo. the only gained their platforms cuz of the bullshit callouts they keep doing every other day.

No. 1221105

to be fair, imo documenting stuff so publicly like that kinda is faning the flames (I'm not defending taj tho)

you can check this stuff on social blade
Jay's social blade is the funniest of them all

No. 1221108

File: 1619891258922.png (195.9 KB, 1080x1243, 067853813.png)


No. 1221112


lmfaoooo and she's the one that first made it public.
honestly this group has tried to get so many people fired for various dumb and selfish reasons it's weird that she's so surprised that this was the first go to one of them would do.

No. 1221113

File: 1619891562434.jpeg (19.64 KB, 554x554, Cri.jpeg)

>Wahhhhhh they see me fighting, why they see me fighting. You all so meanie and racist. I'm calling the twitter police
Your actions has consequences. Suck it up buttercup.

No. 1221116

File: 1619891776250.png (193.85 KB, 1080x1052, upk1y.png)

kirby deleted the google doc and apologized. Why are apology threads on twitter always so melodramatic kek

No. 1221119

Don't even know what this thread is about or these people but I've never seems so much autism acting up kek twitter truly is cancer

No. 1221123

Getting second-hand cringe because if they really are a minor, it reminds of me of being a teen using a thesaurus and purposely using “smart-sounding” words/phrasing on social media to sound mature

No. 1221125

>(Except maybe Destiny and Jay, but I imagine they don’t want to associate with someone who’s getting called out now)
i don't know, nobody likes jay and the last time destiny left the internet when she was called out for troon larping last time. everyone in destiny's clique is done, i don't think they'll be able to come back from this unless they all rebrand.

welcome to artist twitter. the drama never ends.

No. 1221151

Non blacks when they step up: racists
Non blacks when they don't step up: racists

Tajmerk is the most insufferable bitch of art twitter. Worst than Jay to me.

No. 1221153

I think people are less interested on who's right and who isn't and more annoyed that they followed an artist for art and all they get is unfiltered bitterness. Jay loses followers more rapidly than anyone because her only claim to fame are mspaint emojis

No. 1221175


i disagree. i've followed taj when she had 7k followers and noticed her count only increased when she called out artists.
she rarely posted art and would often repost/retweet old artwork instead. She only recently started drawing new things and gained a few more cuz of it and cuz of the imreallyblack hashtag

No. 1221184

File: 1619898909149.png (1.71 MB, 1708x2048, Screenshot_20210501-125223.png)

This kirby person is white? Maybe they are a cow

No. 1221186

File: 1619899074641.jpeg (152.88 KB, 750x893, EA928769-F69C-4D22-9715-2D1263…)

Looks like they’ve deactivated anyway. Not sure if they’ll return

No. 1221189

I saw tweets of Taj claiming the Kirby kid told her herself that she was white

Rip we no longer have a weirdly nosy kid to give us context for every single art twitter drama out there

No. 1221195

File: 1619900156948.jpg (125.52 KB, 592x1356, Inkedscreenshot-twitter.com-20…)

Stolen but….this is no one fault but themselves like, just dont make this mess public lmao

No. 1221197

Wtf is the obsession cows have with Princess Daisy and Luigi?

No. 1221204

Someone lying about their race and being trans is def catfishing with someone else's photos

No. 1221208

I don’t know anything about these characters but my impression of them from what lgbt art twitter has shown me:
>Daisy the tomboyish energetic girlboss
>Luigi the sweet wimpy malewife
>Daisy was also brown in one game apparently

No. 1221211

>guys this isn't fun drama now
Oh right, it's only not fun when they're the ones on the receiving end for once so everyone must stop immediately lel

No. 1221247

Kek exactly. The second they find shit in their sandwich they immediately moo for mercy like the cows they are. Pathetic.

No. 1221253

File: 1619904787210.jpg (13.45 KB, 228x221, 74189345_141737717116450_84974…)

I don't even keep up with who is who anymore but it's entertaining

No. 1221263

Why do they misspell words or censor them like I have no clue if just minor mistakes or on purpose.
Shits annoying.
I'm fine with misspelled words when you type shit fast cause of autocorrect, but it's so hard to keep up with what each new thing is with these tards.

No. 1221266

Why do they assume everyone is racist? Like you are publicly bitching about something so people on the internet are going to look or chime in.

No. 1221267

Probably so their tweet doesn't show up in that user's search.

No. 1221308

>"the hell even started this entire thing"
The answer will shock you

No. 1221329

Watching these people lose followers, be at each other throats, and overall implode on one another is the funniest shit considering what they do to people on a daily basis. Yes you dumb cows, burn each other to the ground. Nothing of value will be lost.

No. 1221342

File: 1619916584940.jpeg (456.15 KB, 750x1087, 08FBB711-DB46-417C-9BBA-5752FB…)

Just noticed cum binary’s getting tons of people making fun of them for this post now (before they tried to get Taj fired, all the comments were in complete support of them.)

No. 1221350

File: 1619917852400.jpeg (472.63 KB, 1238x1100, 1E4A081E-3F31-4347-A397-A9B07C…)

Looks like they are watching the threads

No. 1221355

>Pillar of the community

Imagine being this narcissistic, kek

No. 1221356

So to sum it up; Cum Binary and Taj had a public falling out that resulted in Taj's job (maybe) being put on the line and Cum Binary being absolutely dragged for doing something so severe over a fucking Twitter disagreement. Those both effectively got a taste of their own medicine. Jay was dragged to hell and back for the FnF situation and their performative activism and is now trying to drug up pity points for his very white girlfriend who lied about being trans and is rping as non-white. This thread really did come in the nick of time to see this all explode lol.

Since you're lurking here Jay, you are not a pillar of the community. You are the nasty pool of water in the corner of the basement that contributes nothing, but to serve as a cautionary tale on how not to conduct yourself online and a how-to-stagnate-with-shitty-art tutorial.

No. 1221394

Nobody likes them other than equally narcissistic, shallow, racebaiting, minority card pulling children that only have a following built around starting drama with smaller creators.

No. 1221400

Its at the point that most people just follow them for the drama anyway. Its hilarious how they think they’re also a giant influencer at this point when they can’t even bother to do what they preach.

As wise men would say “do the shit you want done to you, to others”

No. 1221405

Anons dont you remember? Jay threw the first brick at stonewall. Every lgbt idol knows jay, kek.

No. 1221424

File: 1619928399303.png (22.78 KB, 589x227, 1619880151215.png)

Taj was able to keep her job.

No. 1221492

KEK this is so fucking cringey. All these people are extremely retarded, but cumbinary is the only one as mentally stunted as jay and destiny in my opinion. Her shit flinging antics came back around to bite her and she moos enough for an entire pasture.

She’s so overdramatic that it’s insane. Cries muh safety, but she’s the shit for brains that makes everything public to begin with? She didn’t care about safety when it came to her attempts at destroying other artists’ livelihoods. She should try proving her white internet girlfriend is black and indigenous or something instead.

No. 1221548

It's funny how all this started because of cum_binary rabidly defending that ivy chick. They literally broke up a friendship for someone who faked their identity. Hope it was worth it!

No. 1221551

I’m waiting for everyone to doxx each other at this point

No. 1221556

File: 1619948159499.jpg (655.32 KB, 1078x1082, Screenshot_20210502-022229_Ins…)

A bit OT but I cannot stand that cum_binary person. They drew this pic and had a meltdown for at least a fucking week straight on tiktok because people thought that the two people in it were mother and daughter due to the drastic height difference. They scream BPD nightmare and I'm not at all surprised that they would try to get someone fired over saying that people who have white skin are white.

No. 1221586

Wow, what a mediocre style

No. 1221594

Yeah that type of gesturing screams mother/daughter. But learning about the importance of gesturing in art is problematic I guess.

No. 1221611

>the height difference
>the maternal gesture
Oh yeah I totally can't see how someone might assume this is a mother and daughter piece. She should consider herself lucky she didn't get accused of incest shipping.
>the mug that says his/hers
So cringe

No. 1221612

>had a meltdown for at least a fucking week straight on tiktok
Is that rainbow hair? Kek

No. 1221614

The face grab looks weird to me. I get what it's meant to be from the facial expressions but it's angled wrong so that it looks aggressive.

No. 1221615

Also why is the shorter one wearing rags?

No. 1221617

They really do look like mother and daughter, though. I don't get how she didn't realize it. I didn't even notice the "hers" and "his/hers" cups until another anon pointed them out.
Normie mom and her alt daughter with tattoos and dyed hair.
Also, I thought the former's head was reversed somehow. Her front looks like her back, for some reason.

No. 1221626

The proportions are so shit, no wonder everyone thought they were mother and daughter. Learn to draw and that wouldn't be an issue.

No. 1221634

Oh god I remember this. they complained about people not seeing the bite marks on the tall one too lmao

No. 1221684

File: 1619967318383.png (168.73 KB, 603x580, 1619682980335.png)

>guys please stop uwu this drama isn't funny anymore!! People are holding me accountable for the weird racebaiting bullshit me and my friends destroy others art careers over bloobloo

Not milk but it absolutely enrages me this fuck has the nerve to say that it's unfair for people to screenshot their shit even though they do stuff like pic related to artists on their "racism" radar. If an artist can be stalked by Jay and crew everytime they dare even resurface on the internet for the crimes of drawing something Jay doesn't like than why do they think its so unfair of people to do when they're in the hot seat kek?

No. 1221688

Even if you look at the bite marks and the mugs, you could easily assume that this is a cool mom that has a kinky partner, greeting her genderspecial daughter before she drops her at school.

No. 1221705

Oh I remember that incident, also remember how cum binary and friends were insinuating it was racist to assume two black girls were related instead of dating even though
>black people were mistaking them for mother and daughter too
>other artists have drawn gay black girl art without having that issue
Maybe consider that your execution kind of sucked.

No. 1221706

So much for being on “hiatus” lol. Ofc these hypocritical sjws always come back to Twitter sooner than later because after the fallout of tumblr who else would coddle them or listen to their bs and create personal armies to do their bullying bidding? I know we’re still in quarantine but all that sodium intake isn’t good Jay.

No. 1221728

didn't Taj try and got people fired from ther jobs? didn't she also say somting like "oh is fictional? let me draw porn of your mom and siblings"? she is as bad as jay and cum_binary hope she lost her job soon

No. 1221742

>didn't she also say somting like "oh is fictional? let me draw porn of your mom and siblings"?
I completely forgot about that but yes she did. She threatened to draw incest porn of some rando's family or something because they were telling her not to harass other artists. Completely unhinged lol. I wonder if anyone has any caps.

No. 1221765

File: 1619977153615.jpg (62.53 KB, 750x910, Esbl5I9XAAELAFS.jpg)

you rang?

No. 1221767

ha this bitch crazy, and she is crying because her ex friend try to fuck her over? how funny

No. 1221779

i read through this whole thread, I had no idea who these people were like hours ago. I have to say, I dislike everyone involved, I still barely know what happened but at the same time I think I do.
They all seem like shitty people and I hope this drama continues.

No. 1221780

Same, this thread has great potential

No. 1221881

Perspective is definitely not her strong suit. Mother/daughter couple aside, those apple slices are apparently from the smallest apple on earth

No. 1221897

File: 1619993565754.png (2.31 MB, 1552x873, f43f2378d2f8e3790ea5dc94d79e08…)

I actually think their arts okay. the black miku spam is annoying but their art is passable in terms of twitter sjw art. the froggy ita bag they made almost a year ago was alright but definitely not the best looking frog ita bag on the market.

another artist (meltyplanet) also made a frog ita bag around the same time. I don't remember if she was going to do a kickstarter campaign for it or if it was just in the design phase or what but either way meltyplanet's bag caused cum_binary/coolestegg.art to majorly sperg out on twitter and instagram and iirc they essentially accused the other artist of plagiarism and it devolved into whiny "im such a victim" bullshit real quick with cum_binary making a bunch of callout posts.

it seems like meltyplanet deleted their twitter and I can't find any pics of their ita bag so I don't know how similar they were, does any other anon remember?

No. 1221911

I went snooping and found their link tree. https://linktr.ee/MeltyPlanet

Looks like they nuked everything except for their shop and Etsy and couldn't find anything on an Ita bag. Considering their entire persona seems to revolve around frogs, Alex was more than likely just being a huge whiny bitch baby and I don't even know what MeltyPlanet's bag looked like. A frog Ita bag isn't a unique idea. I remember a while a back this one frog ita bag of a frog holding a knife would pop up on my timeline. I'm not surprised Alex used this chance to try and pull a victim card.

No. 1221912

Same anon but found her Twitter on her shop follow. She rebranded probably to escape the harassment she got from Alex. Still seems to be doing fine with a sizable following so good for her.


No. 1221915

I hope cum puppy is kicking rocks with her dwindling 16k followers

No. 1221921

I don't even see similarities, they both look like generic (although meltyplanet's design looks less like it came straight from AliExpress) cartoon frogs.

No. 1221922

File: 1619997166334.png (459.11 KB, 768x768, Patch Transparent Back.png)

good find anon! on meltyplanet's shop there's a bunch on products with this frog design on it, I think it's safe to assume this is what meltyplanet's ita bag probably looked like. there are some similarities but not nearly enough to trigger the temper tantrum that cum_binary had over it

No. 1221923

the similarities are that they're both frogs with pink cheeks and that's enough. people like cum_binary don't need too much to go full retard like that

No. 1221965

File: 1620001865262.jpeg (58.71 KB, 720x720, 5332CDAA-B2DC-46DB-AB38-7C2C83…)

Just searched meltyplanet bag and I think it might’ve been this? But yeah, considering cartoon frog designs, these aren’t really that similar.

And if the issue was that they’re both frog-shaped bags, that’s not some wholly original idea either. Just google keroppi purse (though now I wish there was an alternate reality where cum_binary somehow accused Sanrio of plagiarism instead)

No. 1221973

File: 1620002975781.jpeg (27.81 KB, 500x500, 4b2a25cc811ce541405a495b7d3fb2…)

even if this isn't it, the "kawaii frog" aesthetic is fucking everywhere, and they look exactly the same. hell, that one looks like pickles the frog.

if someone is picking fights over a damn kawaii frog, they need to re-evaluate their life

No. 1221981

I'm glad meltyplanet is still around even if under a different name. The big MO of sjw twitter cunts is to force people they dislike to DFE and fuck off forever even if they apologize for whatever their imaginary transgressions are so I'm glad that cum_binary didn't win that one

No. 1222118

File: 1620017140357.png (106.76 KB, 593x816, 31a5f9fe97eae9ff969e6ccace3c9b…)

Kinda old, but the npd headwriter of validate chimed in the destiny race faker convo. But she basically say lightskined poc versus white passing poc are different. That destiny looks white no matter what because she has no poc traits.

This is the same person who attacked heybiji and calling her a coon because Biji felt as if twitter discourse users were narcs and abusive.

No. 1222126

It's literally the froggy chair from Animal Crossing.

No. 1222131

File: 1620019259965.png (79.65 KB, 576x865, tajmerk.png)

Reason why Tajmerk went priv for a day or too. The lack of self awareness from these people are insane. These people will relentlessly harass other artists they disagree with, but when it's suddenly turned on them they act like they're about to have a heart attack. The only reason she's really denouncing KiwiFarms is because she's scared some of her followers might find her dirty laundry.

No. 1222153

Kek, there’s something poetic about seeing screenshots of their locked accounts anyway.

No. 1222157

these people are seriously fucking dumb for redirecting a bunch of hate followers and otherwise uninvested orbiters to a thread full of receipts on their shitty behavior

No. 1222191

File: 1620027462011.png (37.55 KB, 593x383, ugtid8e9574e.png)

The funniest part of this is that she herself was caught smacktalking other artists on PULL. So it's ok for her to go on gossip sites to shit talk people but when people do it to her, she's a ~target~ and you shouldn't trust those sites.

No. 1222192

File: 1620027519381.png (21.43 KB, 530x269, qh34e6572.png)

No. 1222207

First time I’ve heard of this website and it seems to be down(?) right now. How did people find out tajmerk was using it? Going to op’s account doesn’t really tell much.

No. 1222219

Imagine kiwifarms but for girls. There used to be an e-artist thread where people shit talked artists. Though tbh, I dont remember tajmerk ever posting in it. Sodapaparilla, however, was a member of that thread lmao

No. 1222495

Basically Kiwi-Farms but alot more women and alot more PC. I used to frequent it alot, but it suddenly shut down for some reason last year. Does not surprise me someone as catty as Tajmerk would use it lol.

No. 1222722

I have always loved how Taj likes to act hard and act like she can fuck everyone that disses her on twitter, but in reality she's a wuss. Taj, please do yourself a favor and take some in-person martial arts classes before acting tough, you're getting bodied by a bunch of literal kiwi birds.

No. 1222793

The admin just got tired of the users being retards and shut it down without warning. The users tried to revive it but their retardation and infighting kept it dead. They have a discord server they use now IIRC.

No. 1222844

another person to note is cum_binary. Surprised he isnt mentioned in the preface.
as of right now it seems loved111333 has deleted their twitter.
there are some other people in the group but I cant remember their names exactly

No. 1222846

teachlko also has an art account @teacakecutie. I am also surprised how teachlko seems to have a normal partner that doesn't get dragged into the drama

No. 1222897

This shit could have been saged. As for cumbinary people have mentioned her itt enough already, anyone who reads the thread will be aware of her contribution to this autism.

No. 1222917

Exactly this kek. She's the girl in school that would try and start a fight constantly, but would cry at the first hit. She's constantly talking about how she'll beat someone's ass. Honey, you start acting like you're having a panic attack from fucking Kiwi Farms. Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining.

No. 1222919

Loved111333 was one of the people that harassed that artist for taking inpso from Native American culture. Anyone know why her acc is gone? Can't find anything on it.

No. 1222923

Honestly I don’t get how they’re still together. Teachiko’s boyfriend seems to be a pretty chill popular artist, and she’s just… annoying as fuck and always starting unnecessary shit?

I don’t get how even her friends stand her actually, I remember she even guilt-tripped them for retweeting a joke about crushing Baby Nut because that’s like wishing “death” on a child. She’s fucking insane and her toorurii callout shows she hasn’t gotten better one bit.

No. 1222931


Ikr? teachlko didn't even try to talk to toorurii and just assumed clem was a freak nasty by ASSOCIATION. when clem is too busy with medical school to read a callout of someone she did an art trade with.

No. 1222938

Learn to sage

No. 1222951

File: 1620095234374.png (76.2 KB, 487x860, 1614179125737.png)

Going to repost old drama here because people keep bringing up old shit that was already spoken about in other threads

Sa1ntcake / mickie being attacked by pro shippers because she vague tweet about an ex friend threatening suicide. At the same time, a fanfic writer killed herself over dream porn / harassment.

After the confusion was cleared up, mickie and friends wanted reparation


No. 1222953

File: 1620095275196.png (81.43 KB, 485x835, 1614179213849.png)

Sa1ntcake / suicide discourse

No. 1222954

File: 1620095338016.png (96.39 KB, 489x849, 1614179339425.png)


Sa1ntcake / suicide discourse

This is going to take a while

No. 1222955

File: 1620095383350.png (66.5 KB, 464x620, 1614218706857.png)

Sa1ntcake suicide discourse part 4

Mickie clarifies thw situation here

No. 1222956

File: 1620095433069.png (168.77 KB, 907x1264, 1614253980393.png)


Sa1ntcake suicide discourse final

Mickie friend asking for reparation on her behalf

No. 1222958

Reparations bullshit aside this is the dumbest drama I've seen in this thread so far. Shiptards need to go touch grass

No. 1222959

File: 1620095698975.png (331.55 KB, 596x635, 1614405646904.png)

Alterego, the did chickwho claims shes japanese/black/latine but refuse to share selfies in black hashtag/selfie events, being cringy as usual

No. 1222960

File: 1620095777904.jpg (379.39 KB, 1080x1601, 1611939924630.jpg)

Shae/loved111333 attacking japanese artist edalog for drawing native americans.

As ref, edalog no longer posts on social media

No. 1222962

File: 1620095849551.png (1.67 MB, 1320x2048, 1611940187987.png)

Shae/lovedone111333 accuses lovelyrosebun of harassment after shae accuses rosebun as race faking because she draws too much black people despite being white latine.

No. 1222968

File: 1620096235412.jpg (83.84 KB, 828x1792, 1611732644554.jpg)

The javi draw discourse

Tl;dr javi draws insulted y2k fashion and is seen as antiblack because y2k was a black fashion movement. For whatever reason, meyoco is accused of blocking people hurt by javidraws. There is no proof of this but twitter does not care.

Popular arab artist ghana defend javi draws and twitter calls her antiblack as well.


No. 1222969

File: 1620096267855.png (69.51 KB, 658x705, 1611737416950.png)


Angelmaws accuses javidraw of being antiblack

No. 1222970

i hate the way she draws noses so bad, it makes all her art super ugly. her friends can do it so much better

No. 1222971

File: 1620096322101.png (1.63 MB, 1316x2048, 1611765726103.png)


People accuses javidraws of racefaking despite her multiple selfies. She is asian.


No. 1222973

File: 1620096382113.jpg (529.07 KB, 1080x1684, 1611852352854.jpg)

Meyoco responds to these accusations

No. 1222974

File: 1620096443015.jpg (564.44 KB, 810x2072, 1611862880981.jpg)

Javi vented how americancentric twitter is. People sees this proof of her racist behavior. She clarifies this is about the 2019 notre dame incident


No. 1222976

File: 1620096489884.png (38.48 KB, 716x327, 1611949478034.png)


Lovedone111333 joins the fray lol


No. 1222977

File: 1620096529563.jpg (53.06 KB, 265x275, 1611922866358.jpg)


Lovedone111333 flaunts her art as better than ghadaaax art.


No. 1222978

File: 1620096584349.png (66.92 KB, 594x333, 1611943745088.png)

Lovedone111333 waiting for javidraws n ghadaaax to wake up to respond to discourse


No. 1222981

File: 1620096620113.jpg (136.89 KB, 1080x966, 1611945340370.jpg)

Shae comtemplates bullying people


No. 1222982

File: 1620096726118.jpg (322.66 KB, 620x981, 1611950150478.jpg)

Alterego, our totally japanese black latine queen comments on the discourse


No. 1222983

Not related to the javidraws discourse but shae revels in someone else's pain here

No. 1222984

File: 1620096776990.jpeg (356.01 KB, 1633x1832, 690638D6-0C4D-4D33-85B3-1395C7…)

>nearly 14k followers
I’m convinced she either got this far due to drama or pity points for drawing the ugliest racebends of anime characters I’ve ever seen. I know skilled black artists who create really fun and appealing art of black characters but aren’t even close to half of this follower count.

No. 1222985

File: 1620096784691.png (20.62 KB, 578x121, 1611945772734.png)

Sorry. Heres the picture.

No. 1222987

File: 1620097065153.jpg (168.51 KB, 1079x1347, 1611965453127.jpg)

Somewhat relevant, shae used to have another account before running away because she stalked a biracial black minor

No. 1222988

File: 1620097130407.jpg (105.24 KB, 1295x1095, 1611972673741.jpg)

Continuation of last post

No. 1222990

File: 1620097224478.png (1.87 MB, 1651x2048, 1611975055151.png)

Tajmerk accuses the art community of gaslighting because people defended javidraws

No. 1222991

File: 1620097343439.png (1.64 MB, 1316x2048, 1611977586936.png)

Heybiji, a black artist retweets an old thread in response to javidraws discourse.

The headwriter of validate loses her shit over it


No. 1222992

File: 1620097369474.png (1.69 MB, 1293x2048, 1611977610980.png)

More biji thread

No. 1222993

File: 1620097406244.png (1.16 MB, 1177x2048, 1611977672199.png)

Biji thread final, it is now deleted I believe


No. 1222994

File: 1620097449355.png (1.64 MB, 1256x2048, 1611977713825.png)

Headwriter of validate, great galaktyka outs herself with clinically diagnosed narcissism lol?


No. 1222997

File: 1620097550861.png (1.7 MB, 1445x2048, 1611981540387.png)

Destiny claims white lgbt people attacked her for using the double venus sign, despite being bi at the time (when we know it was black lesbians who called her out)

No. 1222998

File: 1620097643529.png (1.81 MB, 1367x2048, 1611985792846.png)

Some more
Solange versus heybiji over fucking art discourse

No. 1223000

File: 1620097667280.jpeg (558.86 KB, 1242x1413, 1611978448028 (1).jpeg)

Greatgalacktyka demanding reparations

No. 1223003

File: 1620097749131.png (60.04 KB, 275x253, 1612084418776.png)

Antiblack artists are asked to donate money after another racially charged art drama

No. 1223005

File: 1620097897051.jpg (40.23 KB, 275x275, 1612143174898.jpg)

Teachiko shares someones selfie and accuses them of race faking despite them being born and raised in japan

No. 1223006

File: 1620097965263.jpg (221.04 KB, 1078x1570, 1612147904597.jpg)


Teachiko accusing someone of racefaking part 2

Thread that talks about it https://twitter.com/raikamudapon/status/1116545842003841024?s=19

No. 1223007

that's why they're so aggressive and always in discourse, most of the users here have mental disorders or come from bad households so they take out their aggression on twitter, since they can't do it irl.

No. 1223010

Aside from destiny/jay stuff, I compiled most of the discourse for the new lurkers. Have fun

No. 1223014

File: 1620098309393.png (526.19 KB, 1182x1390, Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 10.1…)

Just found this on Jay…not looking good


No. 1223016

Kek.. I feel like this shit is mild but I want to see Jay outted as a pedo

No. 1223019

File: 1620098638815.png (250.86 KB, 1356x918, Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 10.2…)

I also found this old tumblr post that references him being sexual w/ minors


No. 1223020

Thanks for sharing these, I wish I actually saved some of the bs this friend circle have been spewing since I seen them around in Twitter over a year now. It’s insane the amount of discourse they always get into, I had to mute/block most of them

No. 1223023

File: 1620099429147.jpg (13.41 KB, 788x225, 2129600-9d5a548fff37f29f9fcc01…)

Someone from kiwifarms dropped this cap a while ago

No. 1223025

File: 1620099770213.jpg (671.96 KB, 1496x1764, lei.jpg)

this thread reminded me of a personal cow i keep tabs on, a sjw "filipino nb lesbian" who draws mlm ships exclusively and deliberately shit stirs in her fandom in hilarious ways.

i have a feeling she's racefaking for clout but she doesn't post pics of herself, and i'm trying to figure out if she has a history

does this style/art look familiar to any notorious sjw e-artists you know?

the top right drawing is meant to be a self portrait btw

No. 1223035

the whole javi y2k drama was childish. so ppl can't dislike fashion styles now? And you notice how the other drama it led to is exactly what happened to taj? she made an asanine comment at the wrong time but now taj wants to bend over backwards to justify herself. where tf was that energy when your friends were dogpiling javi because "what else could she be talking about??"

No. 1223037

i hate twitblrs new mentality of calling everything pedophilia. they were 17, literally one year from being "legal". if that's what they consider pedo, then where will they draw the line? 17 isn't any different than 18, or 19. they gonna call 20 year olds minors too? there's even users saying how they think even 1/2 yr age gaps are "problematic"…

sage for slightly OT

No. 1223040

There is a thread on here referring to 22 year old woman as “childbride” kek

No. 1223049

OH FUCK LOL I ALWAYS SEE THEM IN THE RDR2 TAG ON TUMBLR BACK THEN. Last i heard of them was that they got mass reported for making fun of white girls i think. I think theyre back again

Their group of friends is wild as shit

No. 1223088

If it were anyone else but Jay I would brush this off, but because Jay and all the rest of that circle would eat someone alive if they found out someone they didn't like sexually interacted with a minor (no matter the age because they're the type to say a 5 year age gap between adults is Pedophilia); I want the cannibalization to further continue kek. Keep eating each other alive and weeding one another out until you're all so outcasted from the internet none of your circle remains.

No. 1223116

Exactly. These types would flaunt how easy it is to own up to your mistake. Its easy being pure and ethical. Everyone who fails to meet their standards deserves to be ran out of the community.

So to see Jay cant even meet his own standard is milky as hell. His refusal to own up to anyone also proves how hard this was for his victims to apologize too.

No. 1223162

File: 1620123781620.png (2.19 MB, 1996x1296, strangeperson.png)

Is anyone aware of floatyspacecat? I don't know anything about the show this individual seems interested in, but the posts seem milky. Honestly just seems like a random ftm troon making a petition to make their gay otp come to fruition. I made a little compilation of the comics that stood out to me.

No. 1223174

Ah yes, because it's well known that forcing the show writers to make your otp canon never ends with a cringy, badly written 5 minutes scene that is vaguely homosexual

No. 1223191

>Obsessing over a ship to the point where you start a petition that you want to send to the authors so the ship can be canon
Why are so many of the people in these spheres stuck in arrested development? You're approaching middle aged in the next few years. I don't begrudge anyone enjoying fandom things or ships just because of their age but it so often comes across as very juvenile. I'm not just picking on this individual here (this is fairly harmless), it's just a trend I've noticed in a lot of these circles. It's probably no coincidence that these are the same types of people who basically spend every waking minute online.

No. 1223216

File: 1620132274499.jpg (367.47 KB, 810x2085, 550361854.jpg)

one of teachlko's friends has been my personal lolcow for years, im surprised i haven’t seen her insert herself into this drama yet. pic rel is her response to a video of a girl’s messy room after being so depressed she couldn’t clean

>crackers this, whiteys that, anyone who slights or criticizes her might as well be calling her an ugly spic behind her back, posts about how white people should be euthanized and still cant figure out why her twitters keep getting suspended

>complains about her school being a scam but is too deep to back out when just googling it brings up tons of info about it scamming students (the art institutes)

>hates her elderly mom and tells her she wishes she would die because she's a republican, despite supporting her and her adult brother and paying for her college

>raised a jehovah's witness but separated herself from it, still believes evolution is a lie and anyone who believes in it is racist, fake deep posts about being a "racist cult survivor"

>begged for people, including minors, to draw her porn of cartoon characters but insisted she couldn’t draw it herself because of her religion

>spergs out about communism being racist and how anyone who believes in it should cut their throats and set themselves on fire, parents allegedly immigrated from cuba because of the revolution and this makes her think she can screech mccarthyism at anyone who talks about it

>spends “hours lovingly rendering” art and freaks out at anyone who tells her otherwise. got into a lot of tumblr drama because all she drew were shelf-assed midget girls and attacked other artists for drawing "thicc" girls the same way. got racist anon hate years ago and complains about it to this day, whining about how fandoms are racist and how white artists should pay her reparations for not drawing the things she likes. used to attack random artists on tumblr for drawing “abusive” ships because they enforced rape culture or some shit like that, to the point of eventually getting a hate blog dedicated to her

>“my pussy smells like roast beef”

>cat pissed on her laptop and ruined it, asked for donations on tumblr but insisted begging for money on the internet was beneath her

she’s currently 24, drawing the same things, still shitting herself over ships, and crying about how osmosis jones isn’t in space jam by @ing the directors on twitter with caps lock

No. 1223225

>Bedridden with depression
>Meticulously dusts figurines on a near daily basis
Choose one.

No. 1223228

Oh my god, this is a goldmine.

No. 1223232

>disgusting white dirty cracker yties need to DIE!!!
>lets cat piss on laptop and break it
absolute classic moves from these terminally online, rotted brain freaks

No. 1223249

File: 1620136338472.jpg (542.27 KB, 809x1990, 7586783.jpg)

No. 1223254

Sometimes I believe these people just send asks to themselves on anon to pull a "flex on the haters" or some shit.

No. 1223265

yeah that's where i first encountered her. the drama she brings is so extra, i just know she has to have a presence in other fandoms/circles. i don't pay too much attention to her friends, just assumed they're all minicows w/ less talent sucking up for free yaoi, because i can't imagine there's anything attractive abt her besides her art

No. 1223296

>approaching middle age

You have to be 18 to post on this website.

No. 1223297

File: 1620143708584.jpeg (23.6 KB, 275x202, BEDBE0AE-C8D4-4619-AAD8-9F0EA3…)

>approaching middle aged in the next few years

No. 1223311

damn osmosis jones got THICK

No. 1223320

Ever feel bad about yourself? Just re-read this and be happy you can't possibly sink this low. Also seriously what happened to Loved111333's account? It like straight up vanished.

No. 1223328

I think she deactivated her account before after the Javi drama. She'll probably reactivate it soon.

No. 1223338

If you look at her account and go look at the latest tweets replying to her they're only around 18 hours old. The Javi drama happened a while ago didn't it? Unless something else happened.

No. 1223342

I meant to say that after the Javi drama (IIRC) she deactivated but then came back a bit later, so I'm just guessing that this time she will come back as well based on that.
My wording wasn't very clear, sorry.

No. 1223347

No problem. Just didn't know if something else had went down so thanks for the clarification.

No. 1223372

File: 1620149079094.png (7.33 KB, 462x341, c37ecee02fc61c60f8e9d22b9b166d…)

Says her twitter account has been suspended?

No. 1223376

What an amazing individual lol

No. 1223399

File: 1620152071116.jpg (401.98 KB, 1080x1661, 88685.jpg)

>>1223372 my bad, her current twitter is r0th0tic and roTHOTTIEc (nsfw). some of her old suspended handles are NastyDirtyLord, roThotic, and robotThots. there's a fair bit of archives for rothotic and robotthots on the wayback machine, and some of the replies to these accounts are pretty insane

looks like her old blog was terminated unfortunately, that was really the epicenter of her insanity. her old tumblr URLs were maria-amino, mariaamino, and osmosisjones if anyone recognizes them, since she had it apparently for over a decade and bummed around in the same fandoms. i'll have to find some of the milky screenshots laying around of the crap she would post on tumblr

No. 1223420

I say that as someone in my late 20's, you guys. When you start approaching your 30's you just become very aware of the fact you're going to be middle aged in no time at all. It's not a bad thing, it's just a fact of life. I wasn't calling them that now, I'm saying they're going to be transitioning in to that stage of their lives very soon and they're still acting like a 14 year old girl on the internet. As I said it just comes across as very juvenile and like they're stuck in arrested development, like permanent tweens or something, and it's a trend I've noticed in these sorts of circles.

No. 1223480

in what sad environment do you live in where being a regular adult just doesn't exist

No. 1223503

Huh? I don't know who you talk to but regular adults don't start online petitions over their yaoi ships and shill it to get signatures so they can shove it in show runners' faces, that's the behavior of anime teens that are too online. As I said before it's fairly harmless but it's weird, that's all. It's really not that deep.

No. 1223506

None of the cows itt act like a regular adult though. They’re all mentally stunted and maladjusted to the point where they’re certified crazy, that’s why they’re cows.

No. 1223530

I know but thinking about your middle aged crysis when you're not even 30 is not normal. At that age you're out of your immaturity, but you shouldn't feel old neither

No. 1223537

File: 1620161878360.png (155.25 KB, 540x2480, Screenshot_2021-05-04 orquídia…)

There's not much milk going on for Orquidiaarte/DestinytoMoon, but she has been signaling boosting other people on her tumblr between yesterday and today. Really surprises me the moment she felt suicidal when people called her out for racefaking and not addressing the accusations against her, then she does this as if nothing happened to her.

No. 1223539

Anon, I think you're reading way too deep in to what I said. No one said anything about a mid life crisis, I pointed out that in a few years they're gonna be middle aged and it's weird that they're still acting like a 14 year old. It's totally normal to acknowledge that when you're gonna enter your 30's? I don't know why you think that's so strange, most of my friends have been thinking the same since you have to start thinking about life things like buying a house or having kids and things like that (if you haven't done so already). I don't think 30's is old either fwiw but it's way too old to be acting like a tween and I was just using it to illustrate my point.
This had gotten way off topic at this point but ultimately it's undeniable that they act sort of mentally stunted like >>1223506 said.

I really do wonder how she is going to get out of this one. Is it even possible for her to rebrand at this point?

No. 1223559

Why do so many artists use mental illness as a justification for shitty behaviour? Mental illness may make it more difficult for you to control impulses, regulate emotions and think rationally, but at the end of the day, it's still your own actions that you need to take responsibility for. You can't just be a shitty person, then try to gain sympathy points for being a shitty person. When I'm having a manic episode, I become a huge fucking bitch, but that's on me. It's not because of my illness, or my environment, or the world that's out to get me, it's because I acted out shittily in a moment of low self-control. I still need to to take responsibility and try not be such an ass to the people around me. Cows think that mental illness gives them a free pass into entitled, hateful and borderline criminal behaviour because they've got too much of an ego to see that they're the problem, and at the end of the day their hugbox will tell them they were just acting out due to an oppressive society and that it's okay to be such bitter half-wits.

Sage for sperg.

No. 1223594

>racist cult survivor

what a fucking drama queen. i was raised one too & it's literally just like any other fucking religion. i'm tired of them blaming their crazy on religion, oppression, parents, etc etc.

i swear every time these cows go on about how abusive their parents or home life is it's probably because they're freaks among normal people. sorry your family doesn't support your fucking diaper fetish or whatever.

No. 1223600

>You can't just be a shitty person, then try to gain sympathy points for being a shitty person
kek immediately made me think of that greatgalaktik or whatever person who flaunts her diagnosed NPD like a badge of honour.

No. 1223606


what's more fucked up is how some of the cows on this thread use their mental illness this way, but then bully white or non-black artists that use the same excuse. like nah, fuck all that. mental illness is not a way to avoid accountability, just like how being part of a marginalized community isn't either.

No. 1223610

File: 1620169009351.jpg (122.59 KB, 1078x908, Screenshot_20210301-113526_Chr…)

Found this while looking for something. Thought it was ironic considering OP is pale as hell

No. 1223622

Dani shut the fuck up and realize race works differently in the United States where you are not from challenge

No. 1223626

What is it with this bitch and her obsession with being the only valid Latinxxx in the Twittersphere?

No. 1223627

Are we sure she's not in the US? Her Wix lists her as being in Florida. I think half of these kids are lying about living anywhere else for attention.

No. 1223633

She claims she lives in Mexico but with the amount of oppression LARPing art Twitter does who knows if she’s telling the truth

No. 1223642

Maybe someone here follows her and she's spoken about it and they would know more, but lying on her portfolio would be the weirder option. Which definitely makes it seem more likely that she did immigrate to the united states at some point but is aware of the optics are that of a pale-skinned, english-speaking person who encountered little trouble immigrating. At the very least it would strongly imply her family comes from money if so.

But I might be biased in this assumption because my experience with these kids on art twitter is that the reason theyre all obsessed with the idea that people only get jobs in art through Big Accounts boosting them or from some sort of privilege is that they mostly come from backgrounds where they've succeeded over others through family money and connections and they're sensitive about it.

No. 1223651

File: 1620173250091.png (27.57 KB, 607x508, Untitled - Copy.png)

whoops meant to attach this

No. 1223652

I also think she could be an immigrant clinging hard to her 'oppressedness' despite being pale as shit. Either way her attitude is so gringo-fied, speaking over others, the cringy hero complex and whatnot. It's sad to see really.

No. 1223658

Oh lmao ok that explains a lot. Funny how she doesn't clarify on her bio she resides in the US. Not like I wasn't expecting her to, these people are easy.

No. 1223665

Kek, I’m darker than her despite not having the ~community involvement she claims you need to be considered brown in Latin America. Hope you can get over your white guilt soon, gringa cosplayer.

No. 1223677

Plus the way she just turns brown characters into some sanrio thotty rubs me off the wrong way

No. 1223699

No. 1223760

but i thought any woman over the age of 21 is a decrepit hag who needs to fuck off and go pay her taxes? i wish these retards would make up their minds

No. 1223794

How the actual fuck do people live like this? It's not even walking on eggshells at this point, these people are walking on cactus needles. This is the most horrifying thread since the zoosadism one.

No. 1223798

IDk but i love seeing these woke people who love to dogpile and "Cancel" people get a taste of that themselves. I love seeing the dumbest shit get them in drama. It's like they expect everyone to be perfect but when they get caught up it's different.

No. 1223822


Blog post, but I used to be a sjw twitter artist. In fact, I ran in a circle that was mutual to jay's friends.

I also used to have thousands of twitter followers and would often humiliate people for being problematic. Despite me being a complete bitch, I was getting so much followers, so much replies, so much validation that once in my life, I felt very important.

Im not sure what goes on with other peoples life, but most of my like minded friends and I had no friends or family IRL. The internet was our friend, and as long as we remained top dog, our depression, anxiety, or disorders would be gone. But all of this would be temporary. My friends were notorious for calling out race fakers, but in their private accounts, they would be having hours long break downs how they hated themselves lmao. No one said anything about it. I really thought this shit was normal, kek.

But like what happened with Jay, I was not the perfect little sjw angel as I presented myself to be, and eventually got cannibalized. Later, I checked myself into therapy and cut off most of my sjw friends.

It's weird to now witness all of this happening to people I knew, who I used to respect. I cant help but feel bad knowing all of this are just huge signs of mental illnesses. It's so fucked up.

While, I dont wish ill will with these type, I cant help but feel bad for them. They are so insufferable now, and it's probably because they have nothing good in real life. Sometimes, I wonder if I should leak out shit my former sjw friends did that would be now seen as problematic. But other times, I prefer to watch the fire from a distance.

No. 1223847

>I dont wish ill will with these type, I cant help but feel bad for them.
I get where you're coming from but I really don't think they deserve any sympathy. I'm usually sympathetic to a lot of people who have threads on here if I'm being honest but that's because most of the time they're not malicious and aren't hurting anyone except for themselves. The same can't be said for these people, they are really very vile.
A lot of internet friends of mine have had similar life experiences as you've described, as well as varying levels of mental illness and have never participated in this type of cruel behavior. It's fairly obvious that people like Jay have nothing else going on in their lives but I really don't think it's the catalyst for them acting this way because most people with these problems keep to themselves and don't do this. Most of them are adults too and are actively choosing to ruin other people's lives in order to feel good about themselves.
You are right though that a lot of it is manifestations of mental illness and I'm sympathetic to the situation itself, in that these groups do trap people from seeking recovery and treatment and generally just improving their lives overall, like what happened to you.

How do you feel about everything now? Do you feel bad about what you did to people?

No. 1223856

Yeah, you're absolutely right. These types are usually aware of their illness manifestation and behavior but chose to ignore it.

I feel a lot of guilt of what happened. I know when I left social media a lot of people cheered in joy. Im not hurt at all, I was a complete menace.

Now, I have a job IRL. I made new friends at college. It boggled my mind how obsessive I was over internet people. Obviously, this will always be over the head for the rest of my life. But that is a consequence of my actions.

Sometimes, I do look up my former sjw friends, and I see them ranting for 40 minutes straight on twitter. It feels weird. People who used to be so close to me were the same one who said I was abusive, evil, derranged. It really is a piranha pit out there, tbh.

I really do hope these people get better because all of this is literally insane.

No. 1223864

I'm amazed at how this callout thread that @'s at jay directly hasn't got any whiteknights yet. Not even qrts. Maybe ppl are chickening out?

No. 1223875

i think they're mostly focused on kiwifarms. haven't seen them mention lolcow once.

No. 1223896

They’re focusing more on the KF threads, which it looks like a few twitter users/former followers have gone to since a lot of them have said they’re done just being quiet

No. 1223921

I think Ivy herself is starting to "chicken out", apparently according to kiwi farms she deleted her insta (even tho I don't think anybody was calling her out there)

Do you think she might try to "rebrand" again?

No. 1223923

Blog posting a bit too but I also used to be part of a friend group that would constantly shit talk other artists before the SJW callouts were a thing on Twitter, they did it completely privately and basically hated anyone not in their clique. Ironically one of them's since made a public Twitter where everyone constantly gushes about what a kind, generous person she is because she sucks up to everyone lmao. It's not entirely the same but I think the mentality is, they were all bitter, miserable people and I eventually got targeted and in the last year or so the group has imploded so it serves them right.

I also have an ex mutual who got really sucked into the nasty side of SJW callouts on Tumblr back in the day. She alienated herself from her entire friend group because she'd be watching all of us like a hawk for 'problematic' behaviour which was often innocent things like reblogging from a 'bad' artist. She'd never confront us directly but would block then talk shit about them to act like she was some kind of saint. On Twitter she was a total nobody until she started sucking up to this group of people and constantly join in on their dogpiling and then gained several hundred followers in a short amount of time. I'm really glad I'm not involved with any of these people anymore because my mental health was terrible the whole time, I now have a normal, chill group of online friends and I'm much happier.

No. 1223926

If it’s a sign of anything, most likely she will: run away from all her problems. She still has the DTM twitter up, but everything else regarding DTM such as the tumblr, Insta, etc, was deleted.

No. 1223938

This. I really doubt that such a massively coddled, terminally-online snowflake is going to acknowledge her bullshit maturely and drop it for good. Remember how it only took her one month of absence from Twitter to rebrand after getting busted for lying the first time? She's just attempting damage control. Watch her come back on twitter in a few days at most and make a shitty lukewarm tweet thread of how eeevol the internet is towards poor marginalized nd artists or something.

No. 1224027

File: 1620234338682.png (892.36 KB, 1286x890, comparison.png)

I always found it weird that Greatgalacktyka made a split between white passing and those with white features when I believe they have an OC that is apparently Blasian but is allowed to be either pale or dark-skinned at the same time?

No. 1224076

File: 1620238590620.png (173.75 KB, 621x606, 52gW1q7.png)

No. 1224087

File: 1620240145869.png (487 KB, 617x906, 9825879324.png)

twitter link seems bugged, pic for reference

No. 1224089

99% asian, 1% black blasian I guess

No. 1224095


got curious, went digging. the funny thing about Greatgalacktyka is that their whole """novel""" has been dragged for being racist and also stolen.

racist : http://webfictionguide.com/listings/division-by-zero/
stolen : https://twitter.com/a0webnoveltheft

not to mention the whole validate dev team seems to be a hyperonline hotmess : https://kiwifarms.net/threads/validate.69267/

No. 1224103

File: 1620241337018.png (Spoiler Image, 214.81 KB, 366x676, pYRPiqJ.png)

>apparently black and a military general

How the fuck do any of their followers not see the hypocrisy with how oversexualized the design is while somehow being "woke" by letting a character's skin colour change at will like a coin flip?

>the entire novel is stolen and apparently illegal cause of plagiarism

Jesus Christ what a rabbit hole. All the replies just look to be people claiming racism.

No. 1224110

File: 1620241807104.png (294.8 KB, 756x2072, validate.png)

>not to mention the whole validate dev team seems to be a hyperonline hotmess

haven't looked at them in a while and damn, apparently there's a big issue of unpaid work. They wouldn't have had this issue if they stuck with only one artist, or max three (character artist, colorist, background artist), but instead they hired more than 10 and they only do character art.

No. 1224113

Haven't the devs talked about how they're technically in debt with the artists? Idk what they were thinking with hiring so many styles, but this honestly seems like a huge grift in the making which kind of sucks for the artists involved, however shitty or cringe they might be.

No. 1224115

File: 1620242311494.png (991.39 KB, 1301x686, 934875349.png)

>apparently there's a big issue of unpaid work

the kickstarter made $47,035, what did they spend all that money on?


No. 1224116

File: 1620242503633.png (751.28 KB, 812x830, Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 8.19…)


>the hypocrisy with how oversexualized the design is while somehow being "woke"

also 30+ and hypersexualized is dating a 14 year old girl. Greatgalacktyka is very woke though, so it's fine now.

No. 1224121

File: 1620243165653.png (502.98 KB, 595x773, 7hnsdu832.png)

>it's fine cause the 14 year old is secretly a 1000 years old

I feel like this hole is one that keeps giving. I wonder if there's anymore about Solange if people started digging since apparently the novel has been going on for a long time?

>what did they spend all that money on

I mean, one of the devs apparently stole from the game so…

No. 1224122

one of the artists*

No. 1224142

Wait didn't greatgalaktyka bitch abt proshippers/lolisho/"illegal" ships before???
Because shipping the character that looks like a 14 year old with the dominatrix big titty general isn't a good look.
(Might have mixed her with someone else tho)

No. 1224147

File: 1620245501455.png (103.6 KB, 558x905, 894823.png)

found this search
- https://twitter.com/search?q=%40greatgalaktyka%20%22proshippers%22&f=live

apparently there was a whole stunt with a/b/o and minors though

No. 1224148


>Wait didn't greatgalaktyka bitch abt proshippers/lolisho/"illegal" ships before???

>Because shipping the character that looks like a 14 year old with the dominatrix big titty general isn't a good look.
>(Might have mixed her with someone else tho)

I ran into GreatGalacktyka from Validate discourse. They've been in multiple discourse over shipping.

I can't point to a specific instance off the top of my head about the "illegal ships," but I've seen it come and go through their twitter and their general crew. Often. From whatever discourse I've seen, their whole crew seems to be tumblr-rejects, you can guess about the puritan, holier-than-thou attitude that happens almost always on their twitters.

No. 1224150


isn't this the young version of that character? so isn't this straight sexual loli content? lol

No. 1224156

>kind of sucks for the artists involved, however shitty or cringe they might be
I personally think it's very funny when the terminally online get grifted, which is why I am here at lolcow.farm

No. 1224157

I saw an image of their graph showing how they would spend the money and iirc about half of it was to go towards merch* and they had a similar percentage of money dedicated to the artists, to the programmer, and to the music composer, even tho there's one music composer and one or two programmers vs 13 artists so I could already see issues with that.

* I gonna take a wild guess that most of that money just went straight into someone's pocket

No. 1224158

File: 1620246064587.png (1.91 MB, 4628x1564, solange abo drama.png)

found something that might be close to the illegal thing? ones to the left are the original tweet and the screencaps to the right are them getting ass-blasted for the take, sorry for the weird quality

not shocked at all to hear that this is common with them

the character is 15 in the main story apparently

No. 1224169

File: 1620246893874.png (78.94 KB, 651x666, ZePk6nI.png)

Isn't this the ValiDate person that always ends up e-begging for money to their PayPal from their followers whenever they get into discourse? They always demand and guilt-trip whenever they do too

No. 1224174

File: 1620247188013.jpg (544.24 KB, 3800x1080, pjimage.jpg)


Yeah. They always ask for 'compensation' for their troubles. Why is the name on this paypal korean?

No. 1224182

it's so disgusting how this person DEMANDS money.

No. 1224184

fucking hypocritical bitches. they're always so quick to harass better artists when they pull this trope but do it themselves? freaks.

No. 1224192

As someone who's trans, those replies on the right side made me happy lol. You know you can say you don't like the trope without trying to justify it so much to the point where you use other people as a scapegoat.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1224200

File: 1620248973300.png (52.05 KB, 623x481, 6nisPre.png)

their current page has them trying to ebeg for a $100 fucking Uber ride which i don't even know how that's possible even in super big cities unless they're travelling 30+ miles out or some shit

pretty sure they live in a big city so it's funny that they're asking money for a surgery that sounds pretty serious (some kind of tooth issue) instead of like… calling the office for some help? the subway? a fucking bus ticket that costs way less?

No. 1224223

>As someone who's trans
this is the kind of people this thread is tracking, uh

No. 1224225

Jay and Ivy's KiwiFarms thread is filled with people saying the say thing because they're scared of being dog-piled for calling them out on Twitter soooo your point? Unless I read this wrong.

No. 1224227

File: 1620251269407.png (228.78 KB, 1145x752, Untitled-7.png)

No. 1224229

File: 1620251514784.png (750.41 KB, 1080x830, cWwriR9.png)

No. 1224235

Don't know if you're excepting me to go back and forth with you or post a pity-me donation link some shit but I'm not lol. Anyways, looks like Ivy is pretty much done with her Orquidiaarte accs. She has a habit of abandoning accounts and coming back under a new name when shit hits the fan. Unless Jay stops publicly talking about her it'll be near to impossible for her to come back tottaly unnoticed though.

No. 1224241

Here’s a link to the webnovel if you want to see what her writing is like http://divisionbyzeros.com/

No. 1224255

>anonymous site
>in which no one knows anyone’s identity
>afraid of getting dogpilled by twittards
Sounds like retardation, tbh.

No. 1224259


>Here’s a link to the webnovel if you want to see what her writing is like http://divisionbyzeros.com/

>stolen: https://twitter.com/a0webnoveltheft

from what i can tell, everything good is stolen. everything else is totally incoherent garbage. not worth anyone's time.

No. 1224262

How is anything this person is saying radfem or terf? She's literally complaining about "cis people". Are those just their special words for anything that makes them angry, kek?

No. 1224263

File: 1620253383522.jpeg (254.3 KB, 1280x732, 8E8EF948-07C9-4828-849D-477663…)

I thought the right image was just fanart but I checked out the webnovel’s twitter and yeah, that’s pretty weird.

I feel like if she wasn’t a part of THAT friend group, she’d get a ton of shit for having a black character whose design flips black and forth between looking like a black woman and a pale asian lady. I get the impression that all her characters were originally just asian, but she felt guilty about not having black characters so she just slapped blasian on all of them without thinking.

No. 1224267

>How is anything this person is saying radfem or terf?

they've had a weird history equating a lot of trans issues as just lesbian issues, apparently in the same vein as lesbian women who say that men who transition into women are going to invade their spaces and other retarded shit that makes no sense. they seem like the type to act like they're an authority on every "woke" issue possible

No. 1224271

>same vein as lesbian women who say that men who transition into women are going to invade their spaces and other retarded shit that makes no sense.
Nah that makes sense, she's still retarded though

No. 1224278

You should read the MTF thread here. That "retarded shit that makes no sense" is not only not a fantasy nor just a possibility, but something that is really happening now

No. 1224291

But that makes sense and it is not just lesbians saying that, tourist

No. 1224294


The bigger problem from that whole a/b/o thing looks like them jumping on a topic they had no fucking clue about from the looks of it.

The MtF and lesbian stuff sounds like a rabbit hole that isn't worth touching but that's just me. I'm just wondering how this whole friend seems to be so W O K E yet so ignorant at the same time with their own art and stories? How has no one picked up on a ValiDate artist making ships that break the lines of literal lolibait, lmao.

No. 1224296

wokies pull the "rules for thee but not for me" everyday tbh

No. 1224299

a/b/o is retarded

No. 1224300


Yeah. The extreme woke usually are just hardcore coping for how unwoke they are kek

No. 1224315

Classic case of trying to be so woke you pull a 180 and end up looking like you're against it kek.

No. 1224316

File: 1620261130799.png (239.96 KB, 1084x644, 0192732903.png)

Checked out that quiz she made https://uquiz.com/quiz/f5mbIn/what-a-0-character-are-you

Didn't initially plan on posting but jesus, how do you make a 9 question personality quiz such an unfunny slog?

No. 1224319

File: 1620261900501.jpg (34.85 KB, 400x504, 81636478585.jpg)

Holy shit those reviews made my fucking day, thanks for sharing anon, this is gold.

No. 1224323

I actually forgot how old this artist is due to this quiz. This quiz reminds me of something you would find on the website Quotev with all the teenage girls trying to be edgy or cool adding roleplay quizzes and the casual 'Does so and so like you?'.

Currently on her twitter, she is claiming that she worked on this for a month. Her twitter kind of reminds me more of a 13-14 year old girl than a 27 year old woman.

I'm sorry for my last post for some reason it couldn't read the file that was saved.


Is her art degrading or is it just me?

No. 1224326

this is a terf heaven board, kid. Have a nice day

No. 1224344

File: 1620265244251.jpeg (1.73 MB, 3464x3464, 5CEEE3DF-715A-4F5B-856D-E78006…)

The fuck is this?

No. 1224346


GreatGalakytka is a proud, admitted narcissist. So naturally…

No. 1224351

Destiny deactivated her insta.

No. 1224358

radfem juice? terf shit??? demented.

No. 1224508

File: 1620297348214.jpeg (990.45 KB, 1833x2231, 9C99A4A0-8279-44A5-AE6E-AF7396…)


No. 1224526

How are you someone working on ValiDate (A visual novel that heavily relies on visuals and art, even trying to promote it and get fans to make it as well granted even if bad) and suck THIS much at art?

Look at the way she barely knows how to even shade and color skin, granted it's hard for dark skin but the way she paints even if digitally just seems like something a kid would do. The middle left one is absolutely horrifying as I can compare it to a middle school art piece, she barely knows how to shade with that skin color and the colors clash. It's like her hair is connecting to her skin. How is she working on two visual novels but can barely draw/color things without it looking like a recolor which I don't doubt she traces and recolor pieces.

No. 1224536

is this badly traced art? It looks like someone badly traced actual pictures of people and badly colored them in.

No. 1224545

Given that they have head writer in their bio, I assume their art is the reason why they’re writing the (awful) script and not doing any characters (thank god)

No. 1224554

It's kind of sad how she's not only bad at writing but art. She's just not talented in the creative fields in general.


I'm 100% sure the middle right picture is traced from a meme and the top right is traced from an e girls model/girl on pintrest.

Also reading the comments of her pieces, it's clear that she's really an amateur/beginner artist to the point she's in the phase of just recoloring and drawing over everything. She barely gives credits to the pieces we know weren't drawn by her in other posts like this one: https://twitter.com/greatgalaktyka/status/1390185901226090501

Doesn't matter if she's a writer and these artists are her friends, she should AT LEAST give credits. At this point, looking at these posts and the things she does, she's either very autistic or just a poor sad woman edging in her late 20's that was spoiled as a teen and a child and was pampered to believe she was creative and artistic to where she believes she can write and create things. It's kind of hilarious and what I believe to be what a lot of lolcows are now.

No. 1224560

This is apparently a big issue with the novel's Twitter. A lot of genuinely nice (and I think wasted effort) fanart pieces that have no credit because… what, it'd ruin the aesthetic of the caption?

It's really sad. I can accept them being a beginner artist because art is usually a field people grow up learning as a kid than as an adult, but their novel really blows. There was a Tweet going around that I can't grab at the moment but it said it was getting PROFESSIONAL editing at some point?

No. 1224568

At this point, I'm ready for ValiDate to blow as well and disappoint so many people or it to be popular for one week before it dies completely.
Although this is quite sad to say this and sad that this novel was supposedly professionally edited, but the fact that there's only ONE writer who is barely capable of writing good stories and scripts and plagiarized from another novel just kinda makes it expected how it was going to fail either way.

No. 1224576

I want validate to fail super hard and be remembered as a kickstarter disaster so people make it a meme and dunk on the shitty devs.

And then watch the devs sperg out on how people didn't like the game because it included queer pee-o-sees and that they're all racists and homophobic, because let's be honest, seeing how the game is going it's pretty logical it will end up like that

No. 1224589

Maybe it'll show other people that they can't make a game/visual novel based on being a minority and nothing more, it's so annoying seeing many artists try to do this and say, "Why support this game made by white people when you can support a game made by black non binaries???"

Also probably good to teach these grown adults they can't live life through making people pity them.

No. 1224623

File: 1620315554824.png (420.74 KB, 591x663, E0tpDUlVgAMaV7Z.png)

There's someone trying to start the harassment against EDA again, reposted EDA's artwork without permission, and shitted on the work AGAIN claiming that she is "drawing their gods into anime fuckboys" while she announces herself as "hot-ass lesbian native".

No. 1224625

Lmao she blocked someone for asking if she played a game, she's just casually getting butthurt and blocking so many people while trying to laugh at the fact she got blocked herself.

Another Jay 2.0 who although can draw, will get into drama herself and cry.

No. 1224632

File: 1620316631006.png (596.45 KB, 1197x701, ksldjgklsj82356923752bufru.png)


Why there are so many people like this in the US? jfc

No. 1224635

File: 1620316948594.png (29.64 KB, 300x300, c84418a7d614af2eef815d524346de…)

No. 1224637

Can ya'll move on with that subject already?

No. 1224645

This makes me so angry. This artist did nothing wrong. It seems like the most vocal of the defenders are actual Native people, while the complainers are mostly a bunch of weirdo white people who saw 1% Native American on their 23&Me test and never shut the fuck up since.
That "hot-ass lesbian" "first nations" person probably hasn't posted a selfie on that account, because you already know exactly she looks like.
Even worse, isn't the artist inactive now? What more do they want, a death sentence?

No. 1224646

The artist came back but the OP keeps throwing tantrums and some white knights are trying to say it's okay to harass him due to sexualizing their culture: https://twitter.com/eda_log/status/1390318312148537346

You can also see the screenshots of the OP calling people nazis.

No. 1224648

I feel so bad for EDA, their works are actually really good and you can see they genuinely like native american culture. Ngl, i think first wave of hate they got was pure jealousy by mediocre woke artists.

No. 1224653

File: 1620318308832.png (32.07 KB, 726x246, what.png)

It's always one of those weird people who found out they were 1% Native American to say something like 'settlersplaining'.

It's worse when these are adults acting like this instead of teens.

Poor EDA.

No. 1224656

Ntsa but great to hear you’re doing better! Personally I wouldn’t feel too quilty over who you were, you’ve changed and are doing better and that’s what’s the most important thing. All of us have been to some level of entitled, especially during our teen years when the empathy is still forming and the hormones are rolling, some of us just are able to let go of it and grow while some stick to that high it gives you. I don’t know how old you are but especially if you’re a bit younger, early into adulthood then that kind of ”phase” is rather normal. What’s not normal is 25+ years olds acting like psychopathic teenagers, because at this point they literally know better but choose to ignore it. Also what it comes to publishing thier dirty laundry. I bet a lot of us here would love to see it but I would advice to be sure if you want to show them because you want to or because we want to. In a ways it can be a way to cut yourself off completely from these people and in another way it may pull you back in to their radar. Point is, you do what you feel is best!

No. 1224658

It's a shame to see artists and just any kind of creator not even be allowed to try and explore different cultures in what honestly looks like a respectful fashion?

EDA's art genuinely looks like they took the time and patience to put in Native American touches with proper research. But somehow it doesn't reach someone's magical standards because of an arbitrary rule?

I hope another social media platform comes around for artists that is more accessible (Artstation is a thing but definitely has more professional vibes) and filled with less circlejerking adults stuck in their own little bubbles.

No. 1224661

Agree with this 100%. Solange up there has been my own perosnal lolcow for YEARS even before their Twitter shit but I'd have to dig up so many years of teenage crap to begin with the shit they did that exactly describes what happened to you, Anon. Keep your head up.

No. 1224666

^^^^^^^^^^^ this. Twitter already is full of those jerks. I already have enough of them and I want them to get suspended for targeted harassment seriously I hate that they can do that without getting any consequences

No. 1224674

File: 1620320136396.png (71.96 KB, 251x275, what.png)

I would most likely not recommend anyone to be an artist for twitter for it's shown so many times that these are people who screech about diversity and cannibalize each other.

I had almost befriended two artists on twitter and saw so many red flags to them talking about things like this: Culture appropriation, flexing off their trauma and more. Twitter isn't a place for professionals or serious artists, but a place for politics and usually I never talk or say things like this: Pushed agendas.

There are many better spaces for artists but due to the fact Twitter is nationally big and trending constantly, it makes it hard for other social medias including Instagram to shine through. You just become sort of a mind slave or try to push yourself to be an artist at a popular platform to hope one day you become big or it can help build a portfolio. It's honestly sad and why I wish for popular artists to just remain on small art sites, call me optimistic but if they can use things like Art station or other places, they can at least show others that there's safer and less toxic platforms to share their freedom of art.

Also I know this artist is 19, but it's funny how she's going after an artist for culture appropriation but is heavily inspired by anime, also her art isn't really that good compared to EDA's from what I can tell, just shows how much of these artists are jealous of one's success and tries to call you out when they feel intimidated or annoyed by your talents.

No. 1224676

As shared, I have a long history with Solange and that whole group but this sector of art Twitter is really just a broken remnant of Tumblr starting from… Probably 2014ish? They finally all went to Twitter after Tumblr's silly porn ban some years back in December.

There are plenty of ways to filter out this "Woke Art Twitter" circle thankfully if you are careful and simply follow away from these groups, though it sucks that you can end up falling into them if you just want to see some interesting LGBT+ works not purely advertising on "we have minorities xD". Doesn't even begin to tread on tbe fact that these people are mostly American and thus think "diverse = black" when there's so much more to the concept, but saying that would get me Cancelled or whatever.

In my experiences with these groups, sadly, a lot of them are mentally ill and I feel like a lot of them lack the real life support networks to stop them from being terminally online. Solange is just one extreme case out of so many here.

Part of me feels sad that this part of Twitter are really just people taking advantage of other mentally ill people without realizing it themselves. The other part is just baffled that no one around them seems to notice their online behaviour lands on shit like lolcow.

No. 1224680

>hasn't posted a selfie on that account, because you already know exactly she looks like.
Oh exactly this. If you're going to pretend to be CEO of indians I better see a selfie.
Okay, real talk (as close as I can get without tripping the racebaiting rule) I'm not really deep in indigenous social media but the "indigenous" emojis and edited reaction images seem kind of larpey to me? Anyone else who runs in these circles, do you see them often?

No. 1224681

Was about to repost from the other thread but yeah, legitimate question:
Why is it cultural appropriation for that Japanese artist to depict Native American aesthetic in their art, but it's not cultural appropriation for her to draw herself in an anime style?
I don't understand why these types think it's ok to indulge in anime art styles which is so inherently Japanese in aesthetic (and they claim whatever anime art style they cultivate as "developing their own style") but still act so fiercely defensive over other cultures.

No. 1224683

>Also I know this artist is 19, but it's funny how she's going after an artist for culture appropriation

This reminds me of a funny case about cultural appropriation. I don't know if anyone remembers the drama that happened on Twitter over a teenager wearing a traditional Chinese dress (qipao/cheongsam) to prom and doing some manners relating to the culture.

While Twitter raged on, a lot of Chinese people? They said they actually appreciated her exploring the culture and didn't find it offensive at all. Half the time, all these "Woke" people get angry on behalf of groups they aren't even a fucking part of.

>heavily inspired by anime

Even more shows of disconnect between America and everyone else.


Video above is Japanese people reacting to a kimono image that went viral some years ago. Most of them? Didn't give a single shit or even said they liked it.

No. 1224684

File: 1620320819936.png (220.45 KB, 1080x1350, what.png)

I barely noticed it was posted already, I was already scrolling through her art pieces she kept trying to promote. But if someone posted this too, then to be honest I'm kind of glad I wasn't the only one that noticed.

I just personally think these people are mental. It's also ironic that these are the same people who screech about Asian lives but then harrasses and bullies asian artists for their art and go on a rant about their own culture, ethnicity, and race.

She's still going by saying: Do you see me making my gods anime fuck boys? Our just drawing native people because I’m hot like that?

No. 1224688

I mean it doesn't take a galaxy brain to figure out that Asian Americans are going to have different reactions from Asians to American issues. IDGAF about cultural appropriation but "muh REAL Asians" is a stupid POV in this situation.

No. 1224689

This is such fucking bullshit. An answer to "define cultural appropriation".
So basically they're saying that it's EDA's fault for gaining notoriety? But why did he gain notoriety uh. Idk maybe because his art was good?
Imo the concept of cultural appropriation works only when it's about big brands/super famous creators. Not an indie artist with 20k followers that is clearly enjoying the culture.

If he was openly mocking native americans I would've understand. But he is literally celebrating the culture smh.
Waiting for the day a japanese person will call out an american pee oh cee for drawing a blackwashed anime character in a kimono.

No. 1224690

File: 1620321046191.jpg (65.98 KB, 720x382, 20210506_185616.jpg)

Shit forgot the picture

No. 1224698

>I'm not really deep in indigenous social media but the "indigenous" emojis and edited reaction images seem kind of larpey to me? Anyone else who runs in these circles, do you see them often?

I think I might know what you're talking about. Can you share some examples or link to an Anon's post here?

>I don't understand why these types think it's ok to indulge in anime art styles
In my experience, I think this becomes a subjective and circular debate over whether not it's anime enough to be considered cultural approrpriation or just "anime-like"; they'd find some way to justify it.

In my opinion: the Tumblr art style is a mish-mash of too many things to point to one source. Alongside that is probably the overlapping trend of that whole cultural bubble already borrowing so much casually from Black slang and Japanese aesthetics that it's just normalized. Not saying I think that's necessarily an issue to outcry about per say, but I think this is them lacking self-awareness to the rules they try to call others out with.

TL;DR: too commonplace to point out anymore with a dash of hypocrisy/actually not self-reflective enough to notice this point.

No. 1224701

Cartoons in a Japanese style dont hold the same level of cultural significance or importance to Japanese people as Native American cultural garments and regalia does to them.

It is disrespectful to Indigenous Americans/Canadians when people draw "cool cartoons" of their ethnic group who have been killed and tortured for wearing their own clothes or hair braids up until the 1990s.

It is not disrespectful to Japanese people when other ethnic groups imitate Japanese cartoons, because no one has tortured any Japanese people in a boarding school for drawing cartoons. They don't care about it.

No. 1224703

I like how they use the word "notoriety", almost to imply that it garnered infamy of some kind.

I definitley don't deny people trying to pretend they're brown on Instagram because it's trendy (Kardashians, models and shit like that). Thing is, that image is trying to point to an issue that isn't applying with EDA's art?

>same cultures we were not allowed to practice

If EDA was Native American or any other race, this wouldn't change what looks like the authentically positive response to the art and thus, exposure to the culture and interest. It honestly reads like nothing more than gatekeeping quite frankly.

No. 1224705

This is an interesting point I haven't thought of. My response to this, at the very least, is where to go from here and how should we feel about artwork that tries to, with as much good intent as we can see and recognize, explore cultures that have suffered atrocities like this? Because there is definitely a lot of history tied to multiple cultures with those kinds of events unfortunately.

No. 1224708

Didn't mean to come off that way, my bad.

No. 1224710

Kind of ironic and weird due to the fact that a while ago, Jay and another person called out an artist for fetishizing asians by drawing them getting tortured and abused. There has been events to where technically artists 'fetishized' tragedies from Japan such as that one girl who murdered her own boyfriend and decided to sit there while smoking, waiting for the cops.

But also, the fact that this artist clearly didn't draw anything offensive ON PURPOSE or draw cool cartoons of their ethnic group being killed and tortured especially in recent times, why harrass people who simply want to dive into another culture?

Do these people think the Japanese do not have any culture just because they're pale? (Ridiculous but some people actually think like this)
Why is their culture more important than any other culture? I'm sorry if I seem ignorant but these are truly questions I have.

No. 1224712

I don't know where you're from anon, but if an artist has the chance to explore, study and draw their own region/country they should do so to be honest. I used to draw a lot of anime and american cartoons, but got really into my country's history and draw mostly that now and I couldn't be happier. Because of massive globalization, a lot of cultures are dying, and it's great when artists help cultures being remembered

No. 1224718

File: 1620322282569.png (751.33 KB, 1115x368, eeyes.png)

Here are three I found while scrolling down her page.
I wish more talented people created more content of my culture, but it certainly won't happen with these dickheads running around.

No. 1224724

Tbqh the concept of (online) cultural appropriation is an extremely American-centric concept. Most countries love seeing their cultures depicted and celebrated. I don't disagree with the idea of it in the context of "please don't bastardize and make fun of our culture for easy profit while doing little to no research and misinforming the masses", that's a valid complaint obviously. Someone just drawing shit from that culture though? It's not inherently racist and it's insane to imply that someone liking a culture is being racist. I guarantee this bitch was a weaboo too so how is she any better? At least the artist in question is respectful about their interest.

I mean yeah, I understand why one is more protected than the other and why one has more historical background (though I do think it's kind of unfair to imply that anime isn't something very culturally significant to Japan, it was mocked for decades in the west as being weird and quirky and was practically deemed unmarketable to the mainstream until the mid 90's, after which Japanese culture was fetishised by weeaboos. That's a whole other conversation though, so lets not get in to that right now). However playing by their social media rules, one shouldn't be given a pass while the other doesn't get one, was more where I was coming from. It's the lack of consistency in what counts as cultural appropriation in these particular people's eyes and what doesn't. By their own rules, claiming a very inherently ethnic style as /their own/ is tantamount to colonist behavior but they do that anyway. There's such a weird disconnect there, you know?

No. 1224727

Oh yeah, this sort of thing is super common with pretty much any ethnic culture. I don't have many opinions about it other than the trend being another part of how this part of art Twitter just generally communicates.

Whether or not it's LARPing would depend on the OPs behind it if I had to guess.

No. 1224736

File: 1620322551982.jpg (249.55 KB, 1080x1350, 917373774112319.jpg)

this is so cringe lmao take a load of this narc

No. 1224739

>where to go from here
We must make it so that peoples whose ancestor(s) did not live in pre-colonial sub-saharan Africa or North America cannot depict BIPOC and aspects of their culture in images, similar to how it is sacrilege for muslims to depict Allah (swt). Only then can we truly end racism.

No. 1224744


People draw depictions of gods (new and old) all the time. Scrolling through EDA's art, they seem pretty respectful about it and the "hot anime" thing just seems to be their art style more than anything else. It's weird because Shugs is clearly a weeb. So they're allowed to draw anime but the japanese person isn't? Would they think its more respectful if the japanese person drew it in a realistic style or a western style? It's all very moot-point to me. I agree there's an important discussion around appropriation and respect for cultures, but ultimately, this person isn't being disrespectful or breaking any cultural standard.

TD;LR western whitey is being a western whitey.

No. 1224751

Made me lul. Thank you anon.

This really feels like an Americal or perhaps a generic "Western" phenomenon but mostly a US one still. Simple answer I can give is just due to the country's history regarding several groups from several places in the world. All that tension is coming to a boil and has if the last few years have a anything to say about that.

People's sensitivities to seeing certain pieces of art, while I and I think a lot of people think the reactions are overblown, I _sort_ of see where it comes from.

>There's such a weird disconnect there, you know?

Pretty much.

>the fact that this artist clearly didn't draw anything offensive
>why harrass people who simply want to dive into another culture?

Twitter is a bad platform for a lor of reasons but a huge one is the loss/unreadability of intent for so many people. Not surprising given how everything is limited to such small character counts. That breeds these sort of nightmares.

No. 1224755

File: 1620323170345.png (170.58 KB, 616x571, 4124235534hnmklo12.png)

It seems like she filtered the replies.

No. 1224761

kek her art is exactly how I expected it to be, bland amateur cookie-cutter mikumiku twitter weeb ass garbage. It's as if these fuckers were mass produced, you can't distinguish them from art alone because they all produce the same trash.

No. 1224762

I'm not what Twitter would call "White™" by their standards if that helps. That's a really cool thing to hear about for you though Anon! Plenty more people should take creative avenues for cultures of their own and others. Even those that get labelled as having "no culture" like East Asia and many Europeans because apparently being pale negates you from this.

(Not like both of those places have tons of mixes anyway… Or the fact that most of us probably have generations of different cultures and nationalities in us somewhere down the line)

No. 1224764

I wouldn't even be mad at this Tumblr-like artstyle if it wasn't behind so many gatekeeping shitlords half the time.

No. 1224767

Is there any bigger sign of a native larper than "two spirit"
I'm pretty sure not all native groups believe in two spirits, and if they do, not in the hyperwoke way modern americans seem to think.
Also, it's kind of fucking offensive to treat any native imaginery/costume as 'religious'. natives were normal fucking people. They had casual clothes, and casual events. A lot of their geometric art is purely decorative, because like everyone else on earth, they had a sense of aesthetic.

No. 1224768

File: 1620323658353.png (119.19 KB, 1200x819, what.png)

Why is ADHD such a trend now?
Have you ever notice how so many teenage/young adults claim to have ADHD now? Granted it is common from what I read the last time, but why are these people acting as if it makes them special and needs to be treated as such? Some of the people that are 'diagnosed' with ADHD on twitter just seem entitled and relate every daily thing that humans do such as: Twiddling your thumbs unconsciously, tapping your foot, even short attention spans as 'stims' and signs of it.

At this point I think the world has ADHD.


It's hilarious how she's not only calling people nazis and white racists, but now wants to call everyone who is native men…But at the same time drew a sexualized (going by how she sees 'sexualized' characters) native man before.

No. 1224775

"Despite you being native, your opinion doesn't count on native issues because you are… checks profile a cis male"

No. 1224779


Your opinions are irrelevant because … (throws a dart) (something that makes you less "oppressed" than me here)

Oppression olympics.

No. 1224780

There are tons of Native artists living off selling their own historically accurate arts and crafts, beadworks, fine tapestries, pottery, etc. but unfortunately there's a huge market for fake shitty imitation arts like the Kardashians, so they mostly aren't getting the same attention that a white girl indie brand or a twitter cartoonist who means well but didn't bother to research what any of the colors/feathers/garments mean before smashing them together.
>it was mocked for decades in the west
>in the west
Japanese people don't care. Weeaboos and otakus are regarded the same in every culture, an embarrassment and mockery.
Colonialism doesn't mean "drawing in a popular toon style" it means "stealing an entire country with lethal force and making the people homogenous".
There is no disconnect. One is a trivial online thing that only you care about and one is a crucially important historically significant event.

No. 1224790

I can't tell if you're purposefully missing the point or not, anon. You're talking to someone who comes from a colonized country and it's a big part of my culture so I'm familiar with what it is, thank you.
Kindly explain how stealing something that is not from your culture and explicitly saying it belongs to you doesn't fall under that umbrella, because it does. Significance is completely irrelevant despite your personal feelings on the subject, if one culture is taking something from another and claiming it is theirs, it falls under that bracket.
I personally don't care about weebs and I'm not trying to bat for Japanese people or trying to shame people, I'm pointing out that this girl is a gigantic hypocrite for doing the same shit but screeches about a Japanese artist "appropriating her culture" solely for the fact they drew artwork surrounding it.

No. 1224794

File: 1620324778086.png (454.26 KB, 767x604, of course.png)

Of course the 22 year old furry/friend of hers is trying to defend her and harrass the artist as well lmao, Maple Wozapi is the innocent indigenous white girl who cannot ignore people critizing her and tries to make her situation worse.


All of this is coming from the person who only draws nothing but popular characters as native americans and so much more, also got butthurt one time when the mlp creator put something that she saw as culture appropriation but continued to draw mlp either way.

At this point, either she's truly a teenage girl trying to larp as a Native American, or she is actually Native American but decided to make everything about her culture obsessively, like Blacktwitter.

No. 1224800


You think your life is hard being a Native American? Well I'm a 19 year old Native American WOMAN. What was that? You're not a man? Your bio clearly says she/her/female? That's too bad, you're still a nazi.

No. 1224809

No I get your point just fine, its just really dumb to conflate "drawing cartoons from a Japanese confluence" to bear the same weight as "stealing something that isn't from your culture". When Japanese official representatives agree to insist that they want anime to stop being "stolen" by every cartoonist who isn't Japanese, then sure Maple would honor that. But the Japanese government has launched several initiatives to spread Japanese pop culture and actively campaigns for other countries to copy anime and jpop and jfashion, even when its ignorant and inaccurate staring with japonisme in the 18th c. Native Americans hate when people make ignorant unresearched copies of their art.

You're making these hypothetical statements from the position of making up a false equivalency that has no realistic basis in human history to ground your argument.

No. 1224822

Alright, so you are being deliberately obtuse. This girl is harassing a Japanese person and calling them racist solely for drawing from her cultural aesthetic, yet she does the exact same thing to the subject in question she's vilifying. That is where the disconnect is. You already know that though, so I won't be wasting any more of my time engaging any further.

No. 1224838

i really feel like these people have that main character complex. they have the delusion that the world revolves around them and their struggles and everyone needs to listen to them. i guess that's what being terminally online does to a person?

No. 1224839

it's an american taking inspiration from japanese art, while shitting on a japanese artist. It's really not that hard to understand

No. 1224842


terminally online people just never grow out of their extremely small word views. its the same way that everything is the end of the world to little kids, because their whole world is just the school yard. these people's whole world is the internet, so everything is so deep and personal and world-ending when it really doesn't have to be.

it's sad to watch. they need to get help.

No. 1224868

>because their whole world is just the school yard. these people's whole world is the internet, so everything is so deep and personal and world-ending when it really doesn't have to be.
Agreed, also the quarantine situation push people for not going outside. Theese people stuck in own bubble. I don't they are brave enough to take media that challenge their mind.

Honestly I just feel really fishy about it. I think she only doing it for followers and try to represent what majority of Native American minds, I bet people who likes her tweets aren't native.

These people struggle with loneliness from my observation.This type of act like making fuss over smallest thing is way of coping, definitely not unhealthy one.

Loneliness is a one of major problem 21st century so that contribute to.

No. 1224894

"aesthetic" and "inspiration" are diminutives in this case because cartoons are different than traditional regalia garments. It would be similar if maple were drawing geisha in inaccurate makeup and backwards kimonos. But even then japanese cultural spokesmen don't care about that, so it wouldn't matter.
to maple she's "rescuing all natives" by being an embarrassing jackass on twitter because she would never actually donate money or volunteer at a reservation where people don't have plumbing or grocery stores. its all smoke & mirrors

No. 1224917

It's ungodly frustrating knowing that it takes only one of these mentally ill motherfuckers to castigate at least 50 Japanese artists who will in turn eject in panic and delete their entire being, running back to Pixiv and leaving their international fanbase in mourning. They can't even defend themselves due to having only very limited English skills so what else could they do?

>That "hot-ass lesbian" "first nations" person probably hasn't posted a selfie on that account, because you already know exactly she looks like.
Shocking. The person who's larping as a noble savage indigenous stunning and beautiful POC isn't actually posting any selfies or showing any other proof besides wikipedia snippets about the culture they claim to represent. This bitch goes straight into the garbage pile already filled with "I'm actually Japanese but all my photos are from America and I never post a selfie" people.

No. 1224969

This is really the state of SJWS in america now. All they do is cyber bully and repost people's works just to laugh at them . it's really a disgusting look.

No. 1224972

god and they're so obsessed with ID'ing as lesbian too. half of them aren't even lesbians. it's so irritating they spend all their time dating men and fakebois but want special attention they think they wouldn't get if they admitted they were straight or bi.

No. 1225082

File: 1620349138792.png (1.49 MB, 1531x2048, Screenshot_20210506-175720.png)

This artist drew fanart of a cookie run character and everyone is accusing them of white washing because they converted his cookie skin to human. I hate this community

No. 1225084

saw someone commenting on that with "WHERE'S THE MELANIN"
on…cookie dough…melanin
you love to see it seriously
absolute mental

No. 1225092

kek I feel sad for kids today who only can afford to play gacha shit and are stuck with some unbelievable toxic fanbase. We used to just pirate our shit back in the day.

No. 1225098

the cookie run fandom in general deserves its own /snow/ thread for some of the batshit events that have (and keep) happening because of twitter "artists".

No. 1225108

Maybe a gacha general thread to throw the Genshin Impact fandom there too.

No. 1225140

File: 1620353181552.png (91.24 KB, 1174x548, Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 9.06…)

another anti tweeting bs

No. 1225149

not a lolcow

No. 1225151

File: 1620354152891.png (1.12 MB, 1176x1276, Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 9.21…)

no but they are a hypocrite

No. 1225153

File: 1620354229800.jpg (1.73 MB, 972x6295, Screenshot_20210506-140339_Twi…)

Solange/Greatgalaktyka has a habit of going on rants about not getting enough engagement on their webnovel, even ranting about the people who actively try and support such an endeavor. There's a lot I could say on this particular rant, but I'll let it speak for itself. Absolutely unhinged.

No. 1225155


>SVA student


No. 1225157

Ah, sorry for the spastic layout, by the way. Was on a burner. Read from bottom to top.

No. 1225159

Im not in the art industry, but is there something wrong with SVA? Im just curious because two of my worst friendship breakups were from SVA

No. 1225165

This is so lulzy from an outsiders perspective but I feel so bad for teens growing up brainwashed by twatter into believing this is some deep social issue and not just a pathetic cringy non-issue fueled by miserable schizos.

No. 1225166

>lack of engagement demotivates me wah wah

please, if that's what stopping you, you never wanted to do it in the first place

No. 1225168

Sva itself is just a regular college, it's just that it attracts cows and BDP freaks trying to be the next Rebecca sugar

No. 1225171

Lol what a darling, jesus christ I can't believe she's twenty-seven, fuck this miserable deranged loser narc.

No. 1225174

The webnovel she heavily plagiarized? Nah, I'd rather support black-made content that is actually…content, not a compilation of cherrypicked quotes from random books you read.

No. 1225179

i wonder if solange realizes that black people and people from all kinds of races make content successfully

outside of twitter

because they they actually try to make a platform for their shit outside an echo chamber

someone should probably dm them and tell them that all those indie creators they wanna see prob don't use twitter for the same reasons they see no engagement, kek

No. 1225181

File: 1620357596476.png (89.39 KB, 658x748, unknown (1).png)

That's the thing. If they're so proud of themselves, why go on these hysterical guilt trips? If they're so certain of their talent, too, to compare their own…uh…talent to Puella Magi Madoka Magica as they do in this separate rant they wrote about it, how does it demotivate them to not get the specific, exact praise they wanted? "CEO of sad, dark stories", but you're super sad when people who aren't interested in these kinds of stories support your work from a distance? I just don't understand. The more I dig on this person, the more they boggle me.

No. 1225183

File: 1620357867071.png (33.75 KB, 593x621, Screenshot_2021-05-07 TikTok.p…)

Update: As of today, DestinytoMoon/Orquidiaarte has locked her Tiktok account and has removed everything from her bio.

Other social media accounts such as her Instagram (orquidiaarte, her second account), Tumblr (both orquidia and orquidialgbt) and Youtube are still up. Seems like we are about to see an incoming purge from everything soon.

No. 1225231

File: 1620364990864.jpg (179.02 KB, 720x1457, 20210507_012225.jpg)


No. 1225232

File: 1620365084119.jpg (201.08 KB, 720x1469, 20210507_012238.jpg)


No. 1225233

File: 1620365132035.jpg (196.59 KB, 720x1460, 20210507_012247.jpg)

Welp you reap what you sow

No. 1225237

I just stumbled across this video and holy shit. This is why cancel culture should be stopped. By the way the person is talking youd think the target probably sexted a 24 year old online but no all they did was some vaguely questionable fanart 5 years ago. It's also the epitome of everything wrong with the art community
>trigger warning drawings and "fetishization" of abuse and pedophillia
>I mean it's technically not incest but it still grosses me out so I have to cancel her
>we have to unpack this
>shitty speedpaint

No. 1225238

I meant 14 year old online not 24. Also
>um keep in mind that she is NOT a minor

No. 1225241

PMMM wasn't trying to tackle mental illness at all, maybe if this person could analyze themes accurately instead of projecting they'd be a better writer

No. 1225244

Genshin Impact already has a thread in /m/, sure it's not /snow/ but the retarded fandom discourse has been discussed there multiple times. It could use some fun drama instead of just anons blogging about their gacha results.

Bitch really talking shit about PMMM because the girls didn't "act like real teenagers". No shit, I pretty much doubt the point was to show the struggles of teenage girls but instead tell a dark story about desire and obsession.

No. 1225247

>"I would like to come back and take accountability for the wrongdoings i've made with my platform bla bla but i'm nwot fweeling too good right noww"
then what's the point of talking then, just for pity points? to show the world how uwu hurting you are for being a cunt on your public twitter with 18k followers? fuck you

No. 1225254

I feel like the "friend" part is bs.
> Wants to come back to Twitter anyway because she can't stand not being the center of attention
Well…How about no. Hilarious of her to start going "pity party" route so people would stop calling her our for destroying others online presence for no reason (well, the reason is jealousy and thirst for money).

No. 1225266

It's always hilarious when these types go on to complain about black artist not getting said attention, but those same black artist are constantly engaged in drama, and this bullshit archair activism, and blaming whites, while wondering why they're not getting hired. The constant circle jerk, it's hilarious.

No. 1225271

So what exactly happened that made her fall? Did her girlfriend take her down with her?
>This is a friend of Jay
Lmao sure. The good old "I'm having a mental breakdown this is my unnamed friend who's totally not me typing for me because I'm too scawed to face my own consequences uwu!!" strategy to dodge guilt and avoid having to face the replies calling you out.

No. 1225275

File: 1620374244577.jpg (9.32 MB, 2772x3525, fatkidbook.jpg)

anyone familiar with FtM artist @nabihaiderali? i mostly follow her for her religious/cultural art because it's gorgeous. she's a muslim convert and a textbook case FtM: probably suffered sexual abuse, controlling traditional family, almost forced into a marriage to be made "normal", fat with low self esteem…but totally a man on the inside. no reason behind it! it was meant to be!
she was just published for a kids' book.
it's about loving yourself as a kid made obese by your own parents' negligence. imagine if you saw a kid this fat IRL. that's bleak.

No. 1225276

File: 1620374349678.jpg (4.93 MB, 4096x2617, fatkidbook2.jpg)

diet culture is bad because…it could make your morbidly obese sister sad. okay.

No. 1225280

File: 1620374833077.jpg (1.92 MB, 1536x2048, fgsdjf.jpg)

actually looking up who @nabihaiderali is would help, anon. her bio says "butch, he/him" now, maybe she'll detrans quietly…someday…

No. 1225281

I always found the "support black artists!" so fucking dumb. I literally don't care about your race when it comes to art, i only care about the aesthetic of your work.
I won't support an artist that creates pieces I don't like wth.

No. 1225284

the art is fine but what a weird topic for a children's book. kids should be taught healthy eating, not be exposed to dieting culture. being obese isn't good, are books teaching kids to eat apples and exercise being banned lmao

No. 1225286

isn't this the one with NPD? bitch get some fucking therapy instead of trying to manipulate your followers into reading your plagiarized pedo novel. so many black artists are being very successful with their oc stuff because they actually have talent and aren't splerging on twitter over useless sjw garbage (brian ball, shauna, biji, etc)

No. 1225288


I try to respect people's choices about their bodies because it's not really of my business or quite frankly of interest to me whether or not people wanna be fat, but kids? That's genuinely fucked up.

I was a fat teenager due to hormonal issues and lost a ton of weight as soon as they were fixed. Fat people can say whatever they wanna say but being skinny/average weight is literally better in every fucking aspect. You care less about food, you feel better, you look better, people treat you better, you can actually EXERCISE. I still remember being in school and struggling like mad in all of my PE classes. To have an obese child is proof that something is seriously wrong and acting like it's a 'normal' thing is just fucked IMO either see a doctor or eat better or you'll have issues for life.

No. 1225290

The creator of the Boondocks is a black guy who created a 3-season animated series centered around black culture and got half of the episodes animated by an actual prolific Japanese animation studio, Production I.G, something that's extremely rare. Your webnovel gets no engagement because it's shit, not because you're black.

There's a lot of stuff to unpack with her already skinny sister going on a diet to fulfill unrealistic beauty standards and that's an actual problem that should be addressed, not some overweight kid having to lose weight. Someone with a BMI of 19 trying to drop 20 pounds is unhealthy and dangerous on a physical and mental level. But no, it's always about making fatties ignore the health problems that come with severe obesity.

No. 1225304

File: 1620383822830.jpg (170.27 KB, 720x1370, 20210507_123506.jpg)

Am I the only one that can smell the incoming drama that the twitter tip jar is gonna create or what
Especially with our e-begging cows lmao

No. 1225386

imagine being this obsessed with discoursing with someone that you expect them to be on Twitter the moment they wake up, ready to get into meaningless arguments.

No. 1225409


Holy shit I used to follow the artist in the video! I'm not going to bother watching, but does it mention how she interacted with NSFW art made by people who were open about being underage- even people too young to be on tumblr lol. She's probably just a dumb fujo though. Last I heard she'd moved on from shipping skeletons to making yaoi art of Disney and Cuphead characters….

No. 1225455

Has anyone ever made a block list of all the people who act like Jay? Harassment, stupid callout posts etc.. I just want to block them and all of their followers and never cross paths tbh

No. 1225464

if there is it isn't public due to them calling anyone who blocks them racist or transphobic. Just block as you go and eventually your timeline will naturally clean up

No. 1225467


you can also always blockchain.

No. 1225478

They'll assume you're racist if they catch you blocking their entire clique for sure, but if you rly want to just run a blockchain on their asses and keep checking the threads for new nutcases.

No. 1225504

> "This is a friend of Jay's typing a message from Jay"
Do I smell some bullshit that Jay pretended to be this "friend" all along and wrote this message by himself vaguely to his followers? Don't get me wrong, but if said friend (assuming they're from his own circlejerk) was the one behind this tweet and not Jay, how did they manage to know his account's credentials to post this half-assed apology thinking that their friend is automatically forgiven despite most of his harmful actions he has done in the past?

Going to give him around a week and expect how he magically change his personality outside the internet, would bet that he's willing to go back in his old ways the moment he's going to worry about losing followers after posting that statement.

No. 1225571

File: 1620421128506.png (307.25 KB, 494x588, Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 3.58…)

at least some people are holding them accountable (1/2)

No. 1225572

File: 1620421167110.png (243.26 KB, 494x542, Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 3.59…)


No. 1225581

Oh shit they're cornered KEK

No. 1225678

I couldn't help but roll my eyes at the part where she says, "Drawing a kid LUSTING over an adult is weird." Doesn't tv portray kids having small innocent crushes on adults and older teens all the time?

I found another video that was made one month ago but the op's voice is annoying, practically screaming:

The problem with BlogTheGreatRouge art who is still to this day get called out (according to others, I'm just observing) is the fact that they were affected by her art at the age f 13-14 (which to be honest, I would blame the parents for allowing full on access and no security to websites, a tumblr post said that their parents gave them social medias like musically at the time) to where they thought that the dark and questionable subject affected how they think and made their thought process fucked. This video kinda goes into more detail than the other annoying one where they practically couldn't explain why people are upset in detail: 'pedophilic art'. One character was 18, the other character being below 13 and shown practical sex scenes between them, many rape scenes (To be honest some just seem like it wasn't trying to pass as a sexual assault scene but maybe it's because how it's portrayed until they get into an actual comic where a character wanted to remain friends and got raped and suffer of course, trauma from it but it makes a joke about it) , etc.

I understand people realizing that these things were majorly uncomfortable and overboard as they grow, even I saw this as I was younger but had a few questions in my mind, but then again I moved on and blocked the person. I also find it ironic how these people want to protect children and say they care about those affected, but then there's clearly children/young teens who doesn't know what this means and they become up and arms about it and start blaming them instead of getting them to understand PASSIVELY what this means.

Also I don't understand the attraction in the first place of BlogTheGreatRouge's art, it's just flat and boring though maybe the fact it was undertale is what drew people to enjoy the art.

Also Rouge's response of course didn't help them in any way though it seems like they wiped their social medias clean anyways so you can't really find where they are actively.

No. 1225685

>Doesn't tv portray kids having small innocent crushes on adults and older teens all the time?

Oh well can't be weird then

No. 1225700

Not in a weird sexual way, lust meaning very strong sexual desire, do you see little kids full on lusting over adults?

Or a child just going on a tangent and having a small crush they grow out of?

Why make that seem sexual or weird, I should clarify that it's not just in tv shows but in real life where you see kids talk about having crushes on adults anon, don't be a smartass.

No. 1225703

File: 1620434264049.png (46.01 KB, 738x331, what.png)

It can't be weird if it happens in real life and crushes aren't entirely sexual, what's weird about a dumbass kid liking someone older when we all did that before. Though it gets weird when the adult crushes back on the kid. Swear people take everything as sexual these days.

In other news, more people are criticizing Jay's actions on twitter including this tweet from a while ago(Sorry if it's reposted): https://twitter.com/SucculentBud/status/1390519002351419395

Also a new account that was made May 1st posted a lot of information of course from this site and Kiwifarms: https://twitter.com/FakingIs
I pointed this out since people are directing others to this and unlike the other account, this one is getting followers and people trusting them a lot faster.

I love this tweet that basically pays attention to how Jay and her friends call themselves the pillars of the art community.
It's just satisfying seeing more and more people attack her like how she attacked others.

No. 1225715

it sucks that they got backlash ONLY after such a demented reason (destiny faking race) and only -now- it's worth bringing up their constant dogpiling and targeted harassment that, by the way, is against twitter's tos.

No. 1225745

Yea what they’re effectively saying is that behavior is ok as long as you’re poc/lgbt/some mental issues

No. 1225749

Let's not forget, as long as you find a 'reason' that the person you're harassing is racist like: Digging up their past, noticing an artist coloring a character's skin lighter, or simply calling them out for their behavior then it's okay to harrass them.

Or used to be since now Jay's whole group is getting into trouble and their mutuals are slowly starting to cut ties with them.

No. 1225762

I do love that they’re getting fucked by the same exact method they use but it doesn’t solve the bigger issue.
Someone is gonna replace them and will likely be a tad bit smarter about it but this vicious cycle will continue.

Idk why they can’t just let people exist peacefully.

No. 1225848

This. I'm not sure if people were just waiting for whatever excuse to get rid of these two psychos and latched on to this since it was the best they could do with or if they genuinely think them faking identities is worse than them ruining peoples' lives over drawings. But whichever the case it all comes down to shallow identity politics > peoples' rights.

No. 1225894

File: 1620471285757.png (268.56 KB, 1063x1331, Screenshot_20210508-055142-699…)

not her saying this when she and her croonies always starting discourse over any little thing

No. 1225912

LMAO I blocked that stupid bitch a while ago because of that. Nothing funnier than the hypocrisy of these terminally online dogs with high egos always thinking they're above drama when they LIVE on it. jesus christ.

No. 1226143

File: 1620512772592.png (295.81 KB, 1190x1122, Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 5.25…)

ivy was female presenting at age 5 according to the kf photos that i've seen so i'm calling bs

No. 1226168

It's not even 'KF photos', her school yearbook is publicly available. She just had the tremendous misfortune of living in a country that doesn't give a shit about its citizen's privacy. I mean if she was going to lie so blatanly at least she could have tried to do a better job at keeping her personal life separate instead of, y'kno, following her family members on her art instagram.

No. 1226190

File: 1620519050682.png (1.28 MB, 2048x1529, Screenshot_20210508-171006.png)

Why are yall so obsessive over your fucking follower count

No. 1226225

Validation. I feel these people are in the constant fear of being cancelled.

No. 1226233


>these people are in the constant fear of being cancelled.

hopefully this doesn't count as blogposting, sorry if it does.

i used to run with some of these circles and it's exactly that. winning arguments here is 'who is the loudest.' and whoever wins callouts is the bigger following with the bigger victim complex. nothing to do with real, documented bad behaviours. i was basically an angry attack dog so that i would stay in their good graces. as soon as i stopped started employing some critical thinking, they made a whole scene about it.

getting cancelled next is exactly it, so they posture and fall into this culture even if they don't believe it so they don't 'lose everything.' but you learn to stop being terminally online, and that getting cancelled really means nothing in the real world.

these people would really stop acting this way if they had anything going on outside the internet. but followers, likes, and asspats are all they got. can't lose that.

No. 1226358

File: 1620537216959.png (288.62 KB, 606x867, 752f392281493ace349b5245eaf6ba…)

Updating on this situation.

People started editing the girls art because she "whitewashed" a cookie run character.

It's been a while since she logged on so people started spamming her last tweet, demanding her to respond.

She finally logged in today, obviously upset.


No. 1226360

File: 1620537241435.png (101.31 KB, 595x896, 0b667f31d1c4146cfe2494de574a30…)

No. 1226362

File: 1620537283094.png (168.09 KB, 596x1484, unknown-22.png)


Her reply

No. 1226365

File: 1620537374793.png (18.62 KB, 312x312, Vampire_Cookie.png)

For ref, heres the character in question

No. 1226367

File: 1620537502784.png (1.76 MB, 2048x2029, Screenshot_20210508-221721.png)

The artist posted this a few hours ago, as well

No. 1226402

who wanna bet no one here is older than 17. Also I lol'd at the spanish tweet being the only one like "are they gonna get doxxed over fucking pixels?"

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