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File: 1640293919445.png (1.54 MB, 1687x720, honkhonk.png)

No. 1400331

This thread covers true crime youtubers and the milk surrounding them (which can be pretty frothy, as certain cases get huge, and attract some of the lowest virtue-signaling clout-chasers, with a goal of mercilessly clickbait tragedies.)

Stephanie Harlowe
>started as a make-up channel, and began creating true crime content a few years ago.
>creates videos focused on retelling true crime stories on her main channel, as well as co-hosts another podcast with Big Brother 16 winner, Derrick Levasseur.
>comments have speculated Stephanie and Derrick are swingers, because Stephanie designed their merch with pineapples.
>any time she's mildly annoyed about comments, she rants about them at the beginning of her videos (almost guaranteed to be in any follow-up videos in a multipart case, and also the only reason I ever learned that pineapples are associated with swingers.)
>had BLM twitter rage-tweeting at her during the 2020 riots (she spends a lot of time clarifying her misconstrued twitter posts in a main channel upload.)
>gets shit in Guru Gossip after people start thinking she voted for Trump (there is speculation she's very conservative, but won't admit it.)
>her daughter had shown up to whiteknight in Guru Gossip, as well as promote Stephanie's channel in different subreddits related to true crime.
>most of her research is either taken word-for-word from a source, or an elaborate, emotional fanfic she makes up on the spot.
Bailey Sarian
>creates GRWM make-up videos while sensationally retelling true crime stories.
>uses horrific/brutal titles & ridiculous thumbnails while dressed in full glamour and duckface.
Stephanie Soo
>creates mukbang content while sensationally retelling true crime stories.
>uses horrific/brutal titles & ridiculous thumbnails.
>past drama with Nikocado.
Eleanor Neale
>creates videos focused on retelling true crime cases (she's Irish or Welsh, so she yells the whole time.)
>uses extreme titles and thumbnails with her face in the middle.
Brooke Makenna
>creates videos focused on retelling true crime cases.
>has some uwu princess personality, and dresses up in… ethereal glamour? Fairy core? Who the fuck knows, but it looks especially goofy when paired when these horrifying titles.
(I'm including these because they are very large channels, but I'm not currently aware of any milk.)
Kendall Rae
>creates videos across a variety of channels and podcasts with her husband and family, and uses her main channel to retell cases by herself.
>as far as I can tell, she's pretty well researched and well discussed, plus it can be funny to watch her pick at her husband's nonsense takes.
JCS - Criminal Psychology
>So are these "demons" in the room with us now? meme
>videos are produced with a script, and utilizes a narrator.
>thumbnails are informational, without including any glamour shots (I'm guessing this is a choice, but also scrotes look like the perps when they include themselves in thumbnails, as evidenced by Kendall Rae's husband.)

There are a bunch of smaller youtubers not included, but the combination of hot topics + little to no creative restrictions brings out a lot of bizarre cows.

No. 1400333

File: 1640294080144.png (39.86 KB, 190x189, glamourshots.png)

also, atephanie's profile pic always reminds me of JoySparkles kek.

No. 1400339

>Eleanor Neale
>Irish or Welsh
…she's neither. She's from Yorkshire in England.

No. 1400348

It’s really not milky that they put their face in the thumbnail and use “brutal” and “horrific” titles. In poor taste? Yeah definitely but milky… nah

No. 1400363

File: 1640295803339.jpg (21.57 KB, 678x452, 1639092627928.jpg)

Thank you anon, I'd been thinking of making a thread about these troglodytes but there were so many of them
Honestly fuck the make-up true crimes in particular, like Jesus Fucking Christ they make me so angry

No. 1400388

File: 1640297218660.jpg (231.3 KB, 1080x922, 20211223_155335.jpg)

ty nonnie. idk enough about the beauty channels, because their thumbnails are always too tacky to watch, but then there's so many channels, and i wanted to highlight some of the most egregious.
i think stephanie has most of the milk, but not enough for her own thread (especially since so much content exists.) the linked thread vs picrel from the same subreddit helps to highlight the turn she's taken in the past year or so (pretty sure this is her adult daughter, but blur jic.)

No. 1400390

idk I feel there's something very narcissistic about a lot of these people, so yeah potentially there's a lot of milk

No. 1400392

File: 1640297938669.jpg (192.19 KB, 1080x1037, 20211223_161817.jpg)

Oh, how could I forget ThatChapter?
I honestly can't tell if he's incapable of making a 'th' sound, or if he plays it up so he can say stuff like 'turdy turd' - can accent-chan chime in?

No. 1400397

I'm just baffled that chit-chatting about grotesque murders while doing make-up or mukbangs is socially acceptable in such a tip-toe online environment. Twitter and youtube have argued over the cracker word for a week while this stuff goes on like nothing. How bizarre

No. 1400403

Surprised Rob Gavagan/Rob Dyke wasn't mentioned. He had a very popular YouTube series called seriously strange which was fairly well-produced even though he has always gave off a reddit edgelord energy. In his other non-true crime content series he hits out with scrote opinions and surface level observations. Unsurprisingly he's been accused of having creepy conversations and soliciting nudes from his fans who are usually younger in underage girls. I remember sending him random Snapchats of my female friend quoting his videos as a running inside joke we had and he'd reply with heart emojis. This other post from youtuber general touches on it. Also he was friends with matthew santoro and I think was responsible for revealing it was Nicole arbour who abused him? Not entirely sure on the specifics

This youtuber general post touches on it >>1229284

No. 1400408

File: 1640298966228.jpg (180.96 KB, 1080x983, 20211223_162832.jpg)

>I remember sending him random Snapchats of my female friend quoting his videos as a running inside joke we had and he'd reply with heart emojis.
gross. the scrotes that include their face in the thumbnail are some of the least selfaware/most narcissistic. he looks like he does a lot of list videos. i wonder where he gets info for the videos - honestly, aside from him accidentally posting the video of him crying about nicole, the only other time i head about matthew santoro was when he was getting exposed for copying lists.

No. 1400416

I’ll have to do some research but I vaguely remember him conning another YouTuber? True crime maybe? For money and spending it on drugs. I’ll look into it more and post caps

No. 1400424

I'm not that anon but I am Irish and his accent sounds very normal and fairly non-regional to me (even slightly on the American side), I wouldn't say he's hamming it up at all. I'd guess he's just from an ordinary middle/upper-middle class Dublin family, but idk anything about him.

No. 1400439

what makes any of these people cows besides sensationalizing horrible stories and making clickbaity thumbnails? op could you summarize some of their drama/milk?

No. 1400440

I feel like this will be one of those threads that start out with no milk until anons discover something crazy. If any of these people have other social media that's probably where the answer lies.

No. 1400445

Eleanor also reads off of her source material sometimes word for word. She did it with her baby p video (I think?) but it was taken from Wikipedia. It was called out in the comments.

No. 1400458

He's literally just Irish, anon. That's… that's just what an Irish accent sounds like.

No. 1400506

File: 1640310726171.png (56.05 KB, 752x531, 2518AC71-DE3C-4594-BB7A-629CCC…)

i used to watch eleanor neale but she got really annoying. i used to think her videos were decent summaries, now she does less research and crams in as many ads as possible. she definitely has potential to be milky tho here’s some stuff i found/remember

>used to read verbatim from sites such as wikipedia and true crime wiki for parts of videos, now changes up the wording a bit to avoid getting caught

>when gurugossip called her out for stealing video scripts she tweeted pic related
>takes long unexplained breaks from posting and doesn't update her fans, vaguely blames her "mental health"
>came out as bi on camera for attention but never mentioned it again after that
>according to her former classmates she was a major bully in high school and her current personality is fake
>regularly spreads misinformation due to her poor research, such as saying personality disorders aren't mental illnesses and can't be treated, as well as getting basic details about the cases she covers wrong
>used to fight on twitter a lot but might do that less now? she used to post screenshots of comments she got that hurt her feelings and get her fans to drag them

No. 1400522

File: 1640312486907.jpg (119.25 KB, 1066x543, 20211223_202021.jpg)

kek, pretty funny catch. i think >>1400440 anon is right, and most of the milk will be off youtube.

No. 1400523

File: 1640312568387.jpg (218.07 KB, 1066x1083, 20211223_202219.jpg)

No. 1400543

She used to be the only true crime Channel I watched until she legit did a raid shadow legends commercial in front of one of the cases.
Imagine your family member gets brutally murdered and some YouTube girl goes "let's talk about this murdered women but first RAID SHADOW LEGENDS"
sorry this makes me slowly MATI because I lost a family member in a way that at one point these YouTube people are probably gonna report on it when they run out of other stuff

No. 1400548

Something I always wanted to ask, does she have lip fillers or something? Something is always off to me about her mouth.
I enjoy most of these youtubers, beside Bailey I hate the weird song she does. Anna Solves is someone who annoys me, her voice always sounds extra chipper and then right before she talks about horrible crimes against women & childern she'll shill some mobile game thats extra upbeat or some shit. Nitpicky I know but it annoys me. I think it's just her voice.

No. 1400559

File: 1640315438399.jpg (225.07 KB, 1080x1216, 20211223_204239.jpg)

Really sorry, anon. I think that's what gets me, is just looking at these thumbnails… like, if these aren't juxtaposed as part of satire, then it's really callous and cruel to the families.

No. 1400576

>>as far as I can tell, she's pretty well researched and well discussed, plus it can be funny to watch her pick at her husband's nonsense takes.
I really want to like Kendall Rae but her videos and podcast started to grate me. I find the cases she chooses interesting but they are definitely not well researched. They speculate constantly. And a lot of their takes strike me as below average intelligence. Just listen to her and her husband views on spirituality and cringe. And when they talk about true crime cases, they act super dumb about what's going on? I don't know how to describe it but they draw blanks constantly on their podcast. Simple things / concepts dumbfound them. It's just incredibly irritating.

No. 1400584

She's suddenly really good friends with James marriott but none of the other guys in that circle. He made an advent calender and she was randomly in it even though she had no relation to the rest of the commentary channels in there. She also mentions him in random videos and tweets at him, I wouldn't be surprised if she liked him

No. 1400597

Stephanie is massively a narc, and it's made me rage quit a bunch of her videos. She randomly started singing in one of her videos to 'honour' the victim it made me cringe so hard I felt it in every cell of my body. Not because it was silly or heartfelt but because it was sooo insanely self-centred. She also goes on deeply annoying, narcissistic rants about any parents even tangentially related to the case she's covering - every parent is worse than her, of course. She's an awesome fierce mama bear! She'd never respond to life-changing trauma the way that those horrible parents did!

No. 1400613

My ex tried their podcast and couldn't stand it, she told me Kendall's boyfriend ruined it for her. Not surprising, though.
I only listen to her solo videos, and do it solely when trying to fall asleep because I like her voice. You're right about being kind of shit with her research.
I do appreciate that she tries to work with families of victims, and raises a lot of money for charity. All in all not a cow, but it's definitely surprising to me that her channel is as huge as it is.

No. 1400655

People have been profiting from true crime since the advent of the printing press… sure, it's kinda slimy, but where is the actual milk?

No. 1400668

god thank you anon for making this thread. stephanie h has been the most obnoxious youtuber for so long and i’m glad someone else thinks so. in her newest video she goes from saying a girl is missing to deciding her parents were cooking meth and killed her with it????
she does this a lot too, she made a video or tweet about a guy whose pregnant wife was missing and accused him of being the next chris watts and then when it came out it wasn’t him she backtracked and pretended she never implied it. she’s too old to be treating murder like high school gossip.
also with brooke, she has a video talking about how she lost 18 siblings or something like that but it was about how her parents were temporary foster parents lol. she’s very clearly a special snowflake who lives in an echo chamber

No. 1400698

i always find it really funny when someone says Kendall Rae’s content is “well researched.” tbh, her and her husband are two of the dumbest people i’ve ever heard speak out loud. they both automatically believe the most easily debunked conspiracy theories every time they read them on their podcast. i remember a couple years ago they’d also take literally any sponsorship they could find, so they were promoting shit like essential oil inhalers as “anxiety alternatives” without doing a basic google search to see if that’s even safe or not. also they’re both fucking illiterate kek

No. 1400764

This thread is such a reach. Some people just really enjoy this kind of content. If anything why doesn’t this Stephanie girl have her own thread since she seems to be the most milky? Leave the rest of them out of it if they haven’t done anything worth mentioning.

No. 1400767

stfu, stop bitching and hide the thread. did your fave get a clown nose or something? there's discussion happening, and it's been less than a day. here's a scrote spelling it out for you.

No. 1400768

I'm trying to watch Bailey Sarian right now, how do people sit through this trash

No. 1400770

I didn’t say that the thread shouldn’t exist. I just wish there was milk. But the video you posted is pretty vile so carry on if you’re gonna drag things like that up. I just don’t think people should be drug through the mud if there is nothing to drag them for.

No. 1400773

how is your opinion milk? if you’re going to be annoying, at least sage please.

No. 1400774

kids and autists mistake her ability to talk in a baby voice for being a lot of empathy.

No. 1400777

File: 1640349580184.png (356.28 KB, 949x634, ss.PNG)

If true crime content creators in general are allowed, Mike Boudet (Sword and Scale) is a huge cow
>Uses official show account to "own" people in arguments, political or otherwise. Also uses it to say things like picrel
>Thinks he is an unsung genius, narc levels off the charts
>Latched onto people trying to figure out Casefile host's identity to say they were attempting to "doxx" and used that as an example of how true crime hosts are bullied, just like him!!1
>Hates Undisclosed host Rabia Chaudry and will go on Onision-tier twitter spergs about her
>Got deplatformed from Wondery for being an edgelord
>Alleged sexual harassment of female fans, soliciting nudes
>Trolls groups for other podcasts such as My Favorite Murder
>Multiple DUI charges
Notable socials:

Same, I think that maybe it will eventually catch some of the yt community infighting.

No. 1400782

File: 1640350070207.jpg (124.31 KB, 1080x806, 20211224_064718.jpg)

great contribution, anon. this guy looks like an absolute nightmare.

No. 1400785

I’m glad this is a thread, so many normies think it’s so cool now to be interested in murder cases. Imagine being a victim of horrific crime where you were tortured or went through terrible pain and fear and a few years later all these YouTubers recount your death for Adsense and include their own shocked sad face in the middle of the thumbnail for dramatization. So many of these people just read fucking Wikipedia and Reddit for basic details and theories, it’s hard to think any of them truly care besides the rubbernecking aspect of hearing something spooky that happened. It’s despicable that it’s something treated like a personality trait and edgy hobby like ~tee hee I love true crime I’m so weird~

No. 1400786

In one of his videos where he covered a case of a woman who was raped and i think murdered by her ex husband (not 100% sure on that, but it was a case along those lines) he chose to include a drawing of the woman being raped. Maybe the grossest thing i’ve ever seen a true crime youtuber do. This was a few years ago, around the time he did a collab video with cayleigh elise (who quit youtube)

No. 1400790

File: 1640351085496.jpg (24.78 KB, 494x750, 6zr2grm2p2l21.jpg)

Thanks anon, honestly the points I included are only his most notable milk, there's so much because he can never let any of his (real or imagined) feuds go. Also for some more context, this was the post that got Wondery to drop him.

No. 1400795

File: 1640351908188.png (381.94 KB, 961x822, n.PNG)

Example of one of his narc posts

No. 1400798

File: 1640351964562.png (570.95 KB, 1361x788, skeevy.PNG)

No. 1400801

File: 1640352590097.jpg (145.17 KB, 1080x855, 20211224_072732.jpg)

gross, i hate when scrotes get this brazen. his merch is definitely onion-tier.

No. 1400810

>She randomly started singing in one of her videos to 'honour' the victim
do you remember which video this was? this sounds awful, kek.
>tbh, her and her husband are two of the dumbest people i’ve ever heard speak out loud.
agreed. they also live in colorado and sell cbd products, so they're probably more tolerable to stoners.
>also they’re both fucking illiterate kek
josh pronouncing satanic as saitanic will always be funny to me. maybe that's why they're more transparent with their sources, because they literally get stuck on words.

No. 1400831

It's just irish accent nonna. The one issue that I have with him is that he makes so many videos on murders committed by women - which is fishy cause women commit far far less violent crimes, but distribution fo the videos on his channel are more like 50/50 female to male murderers. What bothers me about it is that it plays into the whole "WoMen AlSO aRe VIolEnT aND CapAbLe of CoMmitTing mURDer JuST likE mEN" angle. It is just not accurate and shows that he has a slant.
Also, he was talking about this one case where this boy spent tens of thousands on a cam girl from Bulgaria and he killed his parents because they wanted him to stop. Mike (that chapter) said that the saddest thing about this case was that the "camgirl didnt care about him (the killer)". Like, holy fuck. Even if a man commits a literal murder, scrotes would find a way to blame women.
All in all, I quite like his channel. I think I am just sensitive to misogyny kek

No. 1400835

yeah, humor is weird with moid creators. some of these cases are so big, and so many channels respond, that the slants on each channel become pretty obvious. there's just so many perspectives, often using the same info and video footage that anyone can access/use.

No. 1400910

File: 1640366281782.png (486.69 KB, 780x833, twittermoment.png)

old milk but didn't Eleanor Neale get "cancelled" by her fans on twitter last year because she was going to a youtuber group house event in the middle of the UK lockdown? also whilst I was looking for caps looks like shes getting cancelled again or whatever for "misgendering" that guy who was obsessed with Ember from Danny Phantom who shot and killed 3 people

No. 1400928

samefag but you just reminded me of her Slenderman stabbing video where she starts borderline blaming the creepypasta author for the murder in a very "Video games cause violence" way, She also lost a bunch of subscribers last year when she was exposed for her weird hyper conservitive views, she turned out to be a massive conspiratard and pro-trump in the "he rightfuly won the election" way

Couldn't post the embed timestamped but it's about 1:15:00 in

No. 1400931

File: 1640367753834.png (50.72 KB, 803x445, conspiratard.png)

also her tweet last year that brought peoples attention to it

No. 1400936

oh I am beyond glad to see this thread and see people talking about Stephanie lmao, I put her content on for background noise but she's so arrogant

No. 1401012

File: 1640372210195.jpg (173.45 KB, 1080x1143, 20211224_125133.jpg)

i remember a bunch of drama around the start of 2020, but i didn't think to get caps at the time, so all of the info i'm finding seems pretty scrubbed.

No. 1401018

lmao the dude never even stated he was trans outright, I remember reading about his case, he just said he felt like a girl in a journal and that men were yucky or something, he still went by his male name and pronouns as far as I know. He's totally delusional about what being a woman is anyways because he lives in cartoon world. Fuck him and the people urging others to care about some dead murderer's identity

No. 1401054

was that retard even trans? Fuck him, it's funny how everyone else can be called out their name and disrespected when they commit horrible crimes but calling a dude a dude is TOO far. Fuck him. She's a idiot

No. 1401096

File: 1640379390197.png (433.33 KB, 1790x807, cap.png)

found them I think I posted the caps when it happened because she was being very preachy about following restrictions (iirc she was shitting on people for not working from home before people pointed out to her that decision is down to the employer and she deleted) only to turn around and do this, at the time she was literally breaking the law in the UK just to go to some shitty YouTuber house of complete nobodies also one of the people tested postive during this and this was before vaccination was available in the UK.

overall just her being massivly hypocritical

No. 1401396

Shadda sha
Shadda sha
Shadda sha sha

No. 1401799

Thanks op for this thread. I fucking hate true crime people. I have a family member who disappeared and these idiots circle jerk over my family's cold case and profit off of our pain. It fucking sucks, anyway sorry for the rant

No. 1401801

It's honestly much worse with the rise of gig economy. I'm >>1401799 and before YouTube/podcast channels popped up, my family's cold case was on a true crime tv show like twice and mentioned in just two books.. now it's everywhere and these people don't even get half of the details correct.

No. 1402733

he's from somewhere in meath iirc
but this is derailing fuck accentsperg

No. 1403473

thank god for this thread, anon. I always find it funny when true crime youtubers have some horrifying case IN CAPS LOCK …"but first, a word from our shitty sponsor selling ass wipes or a totally not scam mobile game that I didn't research for 5 minutes, or something!"
Also, it's really idk, distasteful to plaster your own face in the thumbnails.

>Eleanor Neale

She was my gateway into the true crime youtubers (from professionally produced documentaries) but nowadays I feel like she just goes blah blah blablabbla way too much, like I keep losing track of the stories she's supposed to tell when she's going on and on about these boring details and ends up spreading her videos into 2-parters.
She'll promote anything on her videos with no shame, and the shift from a cheerful ad to the actual content is rather hilarious.

>Brooke Makenna

She's kind of like a discount Eleanor with the uwu personality addon. When I heard her intro for the first time I wanted to face palm so hard it could've made a hole in my head. Plus her overly forced, fake 'soft voice'. Bitch is most likely psychotic and I'm not buying the cutesy shit. You look like you're wearing your long mummified grandma's curtains, sweety. (and you killed her)

>Kendall Rae

She just keeps on ballooning on the screen, getting bigger and greasier with every new video, and the way she talks about stuff is just really.. boring?

>Georgia Marie

I used to watch Georgia because she did some more historical true crime stories. But I had to unsub when she started to push out way many much LGBT/social justice videos. And her storytelling was pretty slow as well.


One of the better ones, puts out high quality videos (more like podcasts) fairly quickly and his videos are very marathon-able. Although, when I hear his personal takes, it reminds me of what a typical neckbearded redditor would say and look like. And when I saw his face I was not disappointed.

>That Chapter

He's fairly good. Video titles are from a narrow pool of options (disturbing, bizarre, sinister). Sometimes there are these 'awkward pauses' in his videos and I'm still not sure if they're supposed to be for entertainment. Don't know any milk for him.


Some videos are very good, some are not that interesting but overall, very high effort. Videos include forensic science, criminal psychology police interrogation techniques point of view. He inserts some personal opinions in them. Takes long time to update sometimes, which has set the stage for copycats.

>Matt Orchard

Has grown exponentially in a short time. His first videos had a "JCS parody" in the title which may have helped. His humor and e-begging can be kind of cringe, but videos are overall entertaining.

No. 1403825

Thanks for the thread nonnie, a few other True Crime Youtubers who deserve some mentions:

Crime O"Clock
>Nikki Land's true crime channel
>super tacky with her humor on serious and brutal cases
>makes click bait titles with her face on both channels
>does 3 am challenges

Hailey Reese
>super click bait titles about the supernatural
>does a "shocked expression" on her thumbnails
>was "soul sisters" with Loey Lane (a cow in herself) and fell out with her
>always talks as though she is reading off a website when it comes to her true crime videos

Danelle Hallan
>over exaggerates every video
>possibly separating from husband but snarks when people make comments on it

No. 1404133

another for your consideration:

Danielle Kirsty
>classic makeup-channel-to-true-crime pipeline
>ill informed but very comfortable offering her dumb opinions, "sassy"
>ugly stank face in the centre of every thumbnail
>very clickbaity

actually now that I look at this one alongside the ones mentioned above, they're kind of all exactly the same…

No. 1404212

File: 1640794108333.jpg (125.84 KB, 1080x560, 20211229_095631.jpg)

i've been meaning to write some summaries on stephanie harlowe's latest videos, because she's going on about censorship. she links to this video, where the narrator sounds like he's trying to do a corpse husband impression, and highlights some of the more conservative channels (ie 'anxiety war' who has had vigilante issues with his local police, as well as trump-voting drama online kek.)
>Takes long time to update sometimes, which has set the stage for copycats.
it takes so much will power not to a-lot every time i see a gothboiprince upload.

No. 1404221

File: 1640794919180.jpg (128.56 KB, 1080x865, 20211229_102034.jpg)

also, i'm pretty sure this is the guy that does most of the research/scriptwriting for jcs. he is only 1 of 2 channels ever linked in the jcs bio (i stg, when the newest video was first uploaded, it linked to this guy's teeny tiny comedy channel, but now it links back to the usual 'true crime loser') and he talks about hr same cases/makes very similar observations to jcs way before jcs videos eventually come out. a lot of the recent uploads are re-edits of old patreon content, but with some out of place jokes or weird visual edits.

No. 1404223

File: 1640795004306.jpg (199.34 KB, 1080x1586, 20211229_102225.jpg)

this video especially has a lot of strange edits (and i know i watched the unedited version a year or two ago on patreon.)

No. 1404229

File: 1640795357383.jpg (422.52 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20211229-102750_You…)

these wordart edits are the only new stuff in the video, and they look so out of place.

No. 1404231

haven’t watched Kendall Rae in forever and unsubbed once I noticed she had a cut like every five seconds. how shitty are you at speaking/reading/memorizing a script where you mess up and have to cut THAT often? maybe she’s better on their podcast where she doesn’t have to edit herself constantly…?

also Stephanie Harlowe always grinds my gears when she bitches about emergency dispatchers being “rude” to people and whatnot yet she gets cunty at the drop of a hat and is sarcastic and shitty all the time when she has a 10x less stressful job.

No. 1404244

Anyone know of any female True Crime YouTubers with the same production quality as JCS and Matt Orchard? Meaning no unnecessary face cam, self-centered thumbnails, malicious advertising, etc. Honestly just a female narrator would be fine. So tired of hearing male voices

No. 1404246

File: 1640796267392.jpg (202.56 KB, 810x1467, 20211229_103524.jpg)

>she bitches about emergency dispatchers being “rude” to people and whatnot yet she gets cunty at the drop of a hat
She honestly comes across as so thin-skinned. She doesn't even include what she's responding to, other than the way she's phrased it in her cropped photo.

No. 1404247

Stephanie Harlowe has a massive "Karen" vibe in all her videos especially with how judgemental she is of the people and families involved in these cases she covers, I've noticed she tends to shit on lower income families who can't afford childcare anytime in comes up in a case she covers that and I remember her shitting on mentally ill people/addicts quite often in her videos too like "why would they do that how crazy are they??" after going into detail about said person struggling to get the help they need MH wise because of these systems being shit in most countries, she really speaks from a place of privilege and judges others constantly one of the main reasons I stopped watching her

No. 1404256

File: 1640797132759.jpg (134.54 KB, 1908x1080, 20211229_105757.jpg)

>Although, when I hear his personal takes, it reminds me of what a typical neckbearded redditor would say and look like. And when I saw his face I was not disappointed.
100% agreed

No. 1404258

File: 1640797187387.jpg (212.75 KB, 968x1080, 20211229_105924.jpg)

No. 1404272

the closest i'm getting to meeting those criteria is 'true crime daily' with anna garcia, but it used to be crime watch daily, which was produced by nbc and hosted by chris hansen. it's currently hosted through zoom, and when it wasn't done through zoom, there were a bunch of other nbc hosts that would take turns doing segments. i kind of like how astounded she can sound kek, and her interviewing skills are a lot more polished - all of this feels like a reflection of her professional experience, but there's also no discretion with sponsorships, which comes across as very 'corporate shill'.
she's guested stephanie harlowe, which resulted in a pretty funny battle of the karens. stephanie keeps making claims about the case they're discussing, and anna keeps questioning her.

No. 1404276

Anna Solves is so disgusting, adding her weird memojis or shitty sprites at the beginning of the videos. The overly cheerful voice seems so disrespectful to the murder victims.

No. 1404279

I recommend Unmasked. She's pretty good and keeping it sort of professional. She doesn't upload complete videos too often, though, and mostly does livestreams and podcast-style videos. But the ones that she has are really good

No. 1404306

I'm curious too since it seems like male true crime channels will always take the "women are just as violent and murderous as men!" angle every time

Used to watch harlowe but she really reminds of the women who post on the wattsofftopic sub that shits on Shannon watts for having been in a mlm and supposedly annoying on social media. That's enough reason for them to justify being brutally murdered while pregnant. I think theres a pipeline between the anti mlm commentary and true crime community. Pretending to care for the people involved but only really interested in profiting off the subject for yourself

No. 1404329

File: 1640803503749.jpg (461.43 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20211229-124222_You…)

Video summary (the best stuff starts at 33:35, when Anna passes off the second case to Stephanie.)
>35:00 Stephanie mostly derails by discussing the perp's parents,and what it was like to trick-or-treat for him.
>38:15 Stephanie claims the perp used to do electrolysis experiments as a child. "Electrolysis experiments? I don't understand… the removal of hair?"
>40:05 "all the locks had been filled with this goo substance-" "Glue, right. They had been glued."
>40:40 "surprisingly, it doesn't seem like he was expelled." after some back-and-forth "Is it clear? Did he absolutely go back to school? That's not clear to me. Yeah, I'm not sure whether he went back to school. I'm not certain of that timeline…" Stephanie has nothing to say about this, kek. "well, the reason he ends up building this bunker…"
>Anna takes over the storytelling for a few minutes after Stephanie starts saying she doesn't understand the perp's motivation for building a bunker.
>44:35 Stephanie interjects to resume control over the case discussion.
>47:20 "So let's get to the day of the fire!"
>51:10 "technically the tunnels were structurally sound - okay, they weren't going to cave in on you."
I'm pretty sure the comments have been scrubbed, because I remember so many people complaining about the tension between the two when the video was first published, and now it's nothing but ass-kissing.

No. 1404339

exactly. she comes off very sanctimonious too when she constantly interjects “as a mother” every chance she gets, as if she’s got some special level of empathy because ~*~she has children~*~ and idk, just comes off shitty as you said.
iirc, she addressed in one of her videos, trying to find it but no luck, something like people getting onto her for being so harsh to CPS workers, dispatchers and the like, and I think she said something like well, it needs to have attention brought to it because it’s a problem and can’t get fixed unless it’s talked about. I can’t remember if her response was reasonable or bitchy, but it’s a broken system and way more of a deeply-rooted issue than “O M G can you believe this CPS worker is a joke and didn’t do their job!” reeks of fucking privilege and ignorance to how things work when you’re employed in social work. it’s easy for her to comment in her cushy office, recording videos. I get investigative reporting and shedding light on a shit system, but she’s just so snarky and interjects her judgmental opinion, so to me, I don’t see how that is going to change anything.

also, her ad reads are so long-winded, ffs. such a windbag.

No. 1404346

I’ve found Tactical Breakdown recently, there’s no face, just narration, but it’s mostly interrogation commentary. I think she mentioned that she used to be a paralegal. it’s not up to par with JCS/MO really, but they’re okay, and not a failed makeup channel that I know of kekeke.

No. 1404351

I've tried to listen to her, but she sounds like a middle schooler writing fanfiction.

No. 1404354

loool true, you’re not wrong.

No. 1404431

if he wants to be a serious youtuber, maybe he should start with changing his channel name? Just food for thought..
And I checked out his vids once and noticed he made a video about that highschool kid, Kendrick or something, who was found dead in a gym mat and says he believes Kendrick was murdered. (Even though anyone who knows more about the case would be aware that Kendrick's family is literally insane and have a certain agenda)

No. 1405127

File: 1640895051230.jpg (210.29 KB, 1080x831, 20211230_140720.jpg)

is anyone else getting this channel recommended lately? it seems like true crime reactions are making the rounds on twitch (hasanabi is also doing this) and then clips are uploaded to youtube. wtf do trisha and gabbie have to do with true crime?

No. 1405129

what is with the editing on the eyes? it looks deepfried. also the overlap between youtuber drama and true crime is that the people who report on them have no empathy for anyone involved and just want clicks.

No. 1405977

File: 1640997157691.jpg (95.18 KB, 1080x548, 20211231_182926.jpg)

i'm posting this faggot here, because i hate him so fucking much. he acts so smug, but he gossips about stupid youtube drama in-between "case analysis" videos. he always says stupid opinion shit in order to get his commenters to go "yass king, you're so sassy and smart, lol!"

No. 1405981

I dropped him the second he accused a teen of being at fault for her own narc mother verbally abusing her. I forgot which one exactly, but it was some popular case in the media where a rich kid was displayed as "bratty" by fellow boomer parents because the kid had a nervous breakdown and vented about her mother on a video, therefore she deserved the abuse.
Scrotes are simply not fit to work in mental health.

No. 1405984

it's funny how the entire focus of his career is narcissism because that probably is a projection of himself. Only a narcissist can film themselves for hours and call everyone a narc just because they're a doc. Being a doc doesn't mean shit when you became one to spill your own insecurities and project. Only a narc can film themselves for hours like that and give their opinion on everything

No. 1405986

File: 1640998242176.jpg (132.5 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)

I'm surprised nobody mentioned this bitch (and if she was, my apologies). Christina Randall is a true crime youtube I subbed to a while back but I started to find her insufferable. She regurgitates content from news sources and sprinkles in muh concern and virtue signaling ala readytoglare. I think what pissed me off was her video on AstroWorld and pushing the dumb conspiracy about "demonic portals" and shit where she found it applicable to add her Christian beliefs. She claimed that anyone who even wore a "satanic" symbol was not right in the head, blah blah. I don't give a shit about that scrote Travis but I found it hypocritical of her to be saying that while capitalizing on tragedies. The banner on her yt page with blood splatter is also hypocritical for such a good Christian.
she shared similar sentiments on randy stair (old news) and his views on reincarnation. He was a deranged troon lunatic but she once again virtue signals by shoehorning her religion and prasing jesus.
I have nothing against Christians but she bashes others beliefs without thinking about alienating her viewers and realizing it comes off hypocritical.
She's a reformed prisoner so I can maybe understand why. There is fake positivity in every video.
She's probably more popular with older people so perhaps I'm being unfair to her kek. Sage for my sperg, just wanted to no if anyone else watches/watched her.

No. 1405991

File: 1640998495693.jpg (296.64 KB, 1080x1453, grossnarc.jpg)

>it's funny how the entire focus of his career is narcissism because that probably is a projection of himself
Absolutely - other than flagrant narcissism, idk how someone can be so smug, especially when he used to film from his dirty room like a neckbeard.

No. 1406009

I decided never to watch a video of his again after I saw his AnALySiS of the Paris Hilton documentary. He gave off pretty similar vibes to what you're describing. He didn't really have any sympathy for her as a child being forcibly taken to a "school" where kids were abused and an adult man grooming her when she was a teenager and it being sold around the world as a sex tape. He's so wooden and weird.

No. 1406014

There was a case where a step mother was treating her stepdaughter like crap and the dad didn't do SHIT to stop it.
The stepmom would lie on the girl, she even got put on probation because the child told her teacher that and they investigated the step mom.
So basically the step mom ended up killing the child while the dad was at work. He didn't even leave work when the step mother told him the child was hurt the dad didn't even come home. He finished his shift. When he got there the daughter ended up dying, they kept her in the room for a few days. He didn't call the police and then put his own daughter in a garbage can and tried to light her body on fire. It didn't work. He then went to WORK with the garbage can in the back of his car and told his homeboy who told him to finally call the police.
I tell you all this background cause I watched this case on her channel. She tried to say she felt the dad felt he was doing what was best for everyone. Then started talking about how manipulative women can be and how she talked to people who worked at jails & they said that women were worst then men.
Thats when I realized I didn't like her. Alone with her ugly ass hair. That man wasn't manipulated he just doesn't care about his fucking daughter. Even in the clips I saw he didn't show any emotion.
It wasn't a ebil woman making a good father not care for his daughter. He never gave a shit in the first place. And neither did the disgusting woman.

No. 1406015

This, then her shilling mobile games and the dumb air headed comments she made. She made a video titled, "Man kills woman for having male genitals" or some shit & I finally clicked the option so that I don't get recommended her channel.
The way she talks about shit always rubbed me wrong, so I stopped watching but I keep getting recommended her until I finally stopped it.

No. 1406028


That’s when I unsubbed too

No. 1406048

Glad there's a place to talk shit about Stephanie Harlow. Her wattpad tier fanfic parts of her videos are so cringe. She has the tendency to be sympathetic towards murderer mothers. Either that or uses her holier than thou "as a mother" quote to give herself asspats. Her intro song is so stupid too. She didn't even realize she had to fade her intro music till last year.
>40:05 "all the locks had been filled with this goo substance-" "Glue, right. They had been glued."
this made me realize how often she purposely misconstrues aspects of the crimes she's retelling to add more mystery

No. 1406050

Anna Solves is run by a company and not an individual, right? The videoes are pumped out too quickly and are too polished for me to think she's a real person and not a voice actor hired by a studio, especially considering she has a drama channel too and always used that cartoon PFP pic instead of her real face like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joh57TFfajI

No. 1406054

stephanie harlowe has fuckin spermy lookin eyebrows and looks like she does the curly girl method on straight hair. i cant stand how absolutely full of her self she is in every single one of her videos

No. 1406056

That video was one of the most cringe things that I've seen in awhile. It's pretty obvious "she" is a team.

No. 1406059

File: 1641005843678.jpg (28.85 KB, 374x289, disneyvillainarch.jpg)

>stephanie harlowe has fuckin spermy lookin eyebrows
KEK, I always thought it was her autism stare that bothered me.

No. 1406060

oh, i remember that case. it's insane bc the stepmother didn't really kill the girl outright. the poor 12 year old girl was starved to death slowly. the father had no excuse. there's no way he didn't know his daughter was dying, she weighed 32 pounds at the time of her death. and the stepmother was already on probation at the time for beating the girl with a belt. if that was really her take, it's fucking trash. the dad was just as responsible.

No. 1406061

Her eyes are so close together

No. 1406062


shit ive never noticed lmfao

No. 1406068

Can't stand this smug scrote with his pseudoscience degree

No. 1406073

Huh, she does true crime now? I only watched a couple of her vids back when all she would talk about was her prison experience for clicks and views. Her voice was so grating though I couldn't watch more than a couple

No. 1406081

is brooke mckenna the one that calls people a genuine gem and forces herself to sound more 'soft' and quiet? i can't stand her voice

No. 1406083

File: 1641010638636.jpg (290.36 KB, 1893x1080, 20211231_221635.jpg)

yes, kek. her intros are obnoxious.

No. 1406091

that dye job is not very historical!!!!!! to the gallows with thee

No. 1406095

I've been getting her in my recommended as well. I tried to watch her jeffery dahmer vid but I had to stop. She pauses way too often (not sure if she does this in all her vids) and tries really hard to be loud and funny.

No. 1406115

I still watch Dr. Grande Latte, but I agree the Paris Hilton video was a horrible, I haven’t been able to take him as seriously since then. And after that video he has just gotten even more snarky with his growing popularity. I feel bad for his past clients who wonder if he was talking shit about them in his head.

No. 1406119

I only watched a few of his vids but stopped after I saw this video talking about how unprofessional he comes across in his videos

>demonic portals
Why are people so eager to accept that explanation over how poor management was and understaffed they were

No. 1406154

He's cut from the same cloth as Dr. Phil. Both trash scrotes pretending they care about helping people for fame/money

No. 1406181

I think I watched one video from this ratchet ass looking bitch and she just kept talking about how she went to jail. I don't think she has any idea what's living in those dreads (aka hair turds) of hers.

No. 1406189

I have no idea how anyone can get through her intros

No. 1406204

I'm really surprised you mentioned that subreddit. I've lurked (occasionally posted) for at least a year and they really are crazy nlogs

No. 1406223

lol his phd is literally in counsellor education or something. he's clearly stealing psychologist valour.

No. 1406237

stephanie harlowe is insufferable.
she basically read out of wikipedia and keeps putting her opinion in it.
i don't remember which video she made about two girls but she kept saying she loved the movie of the story and say "if it was me".
if she says something wrong and gets corrected in the comments she deletes the comment.

eleanor is also often giving out wrong information.

and why are all these true crime youtubers girls saying "kiddos" all the time.

No. 1407923

File: 1641244243727.jpg (132.51 KB, 1080x775, birthdaykek.jpg)

he's shilling some "healthy" probiotic brownies about 2/3 of the way through his newest video.

No. 1407981

Surprised no one has mentioned Bella Fiori yet.

I've only ever watched one of her videos (video related) but she came off as really disrespectful to me. The way she talks about these girls' deaths sounds so light and fluffy, I hate it.

No. 1408161

I fucking hate Americans man. It's literally just a Dublin accent.

No. 1408186

File: 1641268036999.png (48.54 KB, 1808x363, stephanieh.png)

>any time she's mildly annoyed about comments, she rants about them
Stephanie will literally sit there for hours after a video is out and sift through comments and reply to anyone saying anything negative. Literally comments that have 0 likes are completely obscured but she feels the need to reply to them. And of course she needs to "I know right" anyone kissing her ass.

No. 1408198

>she basically read out of wikipedia
Which is ironic because she has said in multiple videos "if you're looking for a reading of a Wikipedia article, this isn't the video for you" when her information is either taken verbatim from wiki articles with a few key words changed around, or even out of whichever book or documentary she can shill out through a sponsorship.

No. 1408205

File: 1641269365199.png (442.39 KB, 1080x1712, bgcreddit.png)

No. 1408329

File: 1641288768981.jpeg (361.86 KB, 750x581, 873B41D3-7330-4E55-90DC-01F79B…)

No milk so I’m going to sage but this sort of thing bothers me. I thought doing your makeup while talking about someone’s murder was bad, this is worst. There’s even “spoiler” warnings. https://youtu.be/4_frf_-xeqo

No. 1408337

It just annoys me how desensitized people have become.

When I watched this video I just remembered reading the comments on and like every second comment was saying "omg! I've never even thought of how true crime videos would make the victim's family feel!" Like their mind had just been blown. Sorry but how could that not be like… the first thing you think? Did you forget murder victims were people with lives, friends and families just like everyone else?

No. 1408340

They don’t see it as something actually happening to a person, just a story form of entertainment like a spooky fanfiction that they can gawk at like seeing a car accident on the road, also betting a lot of them are kids/teens who can’t grasp the horror and depravity of violent crimes and how those things affect loved ones. It’s sick how people treat it as entertainment to indulge in when it’s literal tragedy that’s turned into a hobby and edgy personality trait or aesthetic

No. 1408343

Honestly, just him interrupting video twice for fucking sponsors made me unsubscribe. kek

No. 1408351

File: 1641293732424.png (67 KB, 436x361, hi.png)

Found the sensitive bitches

No. 1408354

I'm a sensitive bitch, Idgaf. Better that than consuming stories about people suffering horrific deaths as some kind of fluff while I do my makeup or whatever.

No. 1408356

>"spoiler" warnings
>just a story form of entertainment like a spooky fanfiction
they absolutely see it as a form of creepypasta. stephanie harlowe's plagiarism was really obvious in her christie marceau video (side note: i hate accentfags, and moike from "that chapter" crams as many 'funny' words in his script, because it encourages the commenters to post about how much they love the way he talks, but stephanie is absolutely retarded with the way she pronounces words, and she calls auckland 'Oakland' the entire video, kek.) it's a 2 part case and, at the end of part 1, she tells people not to look up the ending before she can post the next part. i didn't feel like waiting, so i looked for more info and found vidrel (posted 3 months before stephanie, and much of the stuff she said was word-for-word.)

No. 1408359

go enjoy your belliwellis while you work on your 'to hunt a killer' subscription, faggot

No. 1408416

kek at tc meta insults

he's certainly hit a new low, and now I cant get the vision of a typical reddit mod suffering with regular explosive diarrhea

No. 1408441

not sure if it’s really what that post is getting at, but it’s always been weird af to me when these YouTubers project their own image of the victim, completely just assume based on what they’ve read and their “research.” I feel like Stephanie Harlowe definitely is guilty of this. she comes off really sleazy to me, she acts like she knows the families, because she may have spoken to them a bit prior to making her video. there’s being sympathetic to what someone has gone through, and then there’s worming your way close to people for some… empathy brownie points? she just seems super histrionic to me lol.

No. 1408536

File: 1641316537441.jpg (278.49 KB, 1080x1292, nicetips.jpg)

in her latest tweet, she's giving tips on being nicer to a family member of a missing person.

No. 1408600

I'm so glad there's a thread for this bullshit. I'm tired of seeing people gush over these assholes who put on clown makeup or gorge themselves with food and profit from people's horrific tragedies. And to the anons earlier in the thread asking if this was milky, STFU you retarded shills.

No. 1408737

File: 1641331681565.jpg (267.31 KB, 1080x1134, 20220104_152447.jpg)

>I have been very, very sick, to an extent I have never experienced before"
omicron? i can't remember the last time she took a break. she was even complaining on twitter that she didn't get holidays off.

No. 1408742

File: 1641331765413.jpg (169.89 KB, 1080x814, 20220104_152914.jpg)

No. 1408784

>omg! I've never even thought of how true crime videos would make the victim's family feel!
If you look at the comments on a beauty true crime youtuber's videos, most of them are about how good the youtuber looks rather than about the victims. It's rarely ever about the victims. It's pretty gross.

No. 1408819

oo great thread. i'll be completely honest, i dont give a shit about victims families, but i do think its strange that so many people completely uninterested in the crime solving field suddenly became so fascinated. i guess its more of a youtube trend really though. well and tiktok-are there prominent tiktok true crimers too??

things like unsolved mysteries, americas most wanted, court tv live trials, a&e crime investigation shows ive always watched since well duh, dream field. for some reason though these broadcasts never got as popular as these youtubers are which i dont fully understand because they're way more information? hell, the court tv youtube channel provides more info. these people cover trials like all they read was two sentences-or show clips like all that was available was mere seconds. entire trials are usually up for grabs elsewhere. local news stations constantly run stories too, fox and abc channels for whatever towns/states. credible sources right there!! but its these sleezes with the awkwardly placed video game ads that people want to learn from? i'll never understand it

No. 1409390

File: 1641407509044.jpg (332.53 KB, 1903x1080, pineapples.jpg)

oh my god, it's taken me the whole morning to watch half of this most recent 2hour video. i keep having to pause and watch some new content, because this is all info stephanie already put out in videos on her own channel. this side podcast feels more and more like an excuse to flirt.

No. 1409410

kek at her still after all these years calling her patreon patrons "patreons"

No. 1409411

I like Dark Curiosities and Reignbot, I find my issue with most female narrators is the weirdly seductive voice some put on (Like Explore With Us) or the incredibly upbeat upward inflection some have (Anna Solves) where every sentence sounds like a clickbait question and the script doesn't match the script she's got edited into the video.

No. 1409417

Why is Tori Amos even podcasting? She has an album to promote.

No. 1409443

kek, she wishes

No. 1409444

I literally cannot watch the EWU videos with the female narrator. She sounds like she's working on some seedy hotline. It's turbo cringe and unbearable to listen. Half of EWU's videos are unwatchable because of her

Btw, did anyone else notice that GothBoiPrince (I have shudders just from writing that), probably the most shameless JCS copycat, recently changed his channel name to "GBP - Criminal Behavioral Analysis"? Not sure if he read how LC nonnies shit on his channel name, or just a coincidence. But seemed to have happened just very recently.
He also removed the animu girl banner from his channel (which was still there yesterday after the name change)

No. 1409446

has anyone else watched the videos on eleanor neales second channel? it feels so… eerie knowing that she can afford a life in london with money made from talking about the deaths of strangers. i genuinely don’t think she’s a bad person but it just feels very weird

No. 1409447

File: 1641412178675.jpg (180.85 KB, 1080x1162, 20220105_134741.jpg)

>jcs rip off
he definitely gave those vibes before, but wow @ the name change and copying the format. it seems like i've been getting this channel recommended since the summer, so you might be right.

No. 1409451

File: 1641412649744.jpg (290.67 KB, 810x2033, 20220105_135630.jpg)

he was still gothboi as of 10 days ago. also, why is he typing like the queen from deltarune, kek?

No. 1409454

Looks like his fortnite streamer career failed so he decided to assimilate JCS.

Interesting. I'm not gonna say it's because of Lolcow, I mean, who knows maybe he lurks, probably just a coincidence. Right? One can hope. But it's definitely a change for the better - if I see someone with an anime profile pic no matter what their content is, I'm not going to interact with their channel and I'm sure many others won't either.
I wonder when he's going to drop the (JCS INSPIRED) from his titles?

No. 1409493

the sole thing that upsets me is that she’s made enough money period, I was subbed to her for a bit but then I realized I can’t really stand her, she comes across like she’s dumber than a box of rocks and her content just seemed like the bare minimum, whatever regurgitated case all the other true crime content creators were making that same week.

can I just say also do we really need another fucking reading of the JonBenét Wikipedia page from these true crime airheads? done to death. Matt Orchard’s recent video about it at least compiled it in a more compelling fashion.

No. 1409766

I remember this. She was being so combative with people in the comments telling her that she was acting like a rude bitch. She thinks her kids would behave perfectly fine when being accused of murder but that's rarely ever the case. She's usually pretty rude to Derrick even though they flirt.

Her Monday intros are also fucking retarded. No one wants to see her make coffee. We don't need to see her walking around the corner to make some coffee with that corny ass song playing. We see that she has a cup of coffee in her hand when she actually sits down. Just start the fucking video.

No. 1409808

File: 1641441614715.jpg (290.31 KB, 1069x1080, stupid.jpg)

>She's usually pretty rude to Derrick even though they flirt.
picrel, but this came across as extra retarded to me (this was stephanie's christmas gift to derrick.)

No. 1409834

Was this really her gift? Zero effort was put into it and it's so cringy.

No. 1409841

File: 1641444515369.jpg (130.32 KB, 1080x781, 20220105_224713.jpg)

they talked about it during this series (bonus scentbird shilling)

No. 1409985

theres a whole bunch of mentally ill retards on Twitter who fight for their queen Andrew and shit their pants everytime it gets misgendered

No. 1410035

Didn’t she do a video on Anneliese Michel and never mention the psychology aspects of the case?

No. 1410089

I didn’t realize that was him when I saw that channel come up on my feed. I wonder… what’s the point of trying to rebrand at this point? especially still using “GBP” it’s like, people are going to ask what that stands for and so it’ll still be said regardless? he has a decent amount of subs and has gotten popular with that name, so either keep it based on “recognition” or change the name completely. the name is cringe but now the channel name/icon just blends in with all the other JCS copycats.

No. 1410193

at this point, with the courts hosting trials through zoom, and interrogations getting uploaded to youtube, it's so much easier/less brain-rotting to watch the stuff directly.
the 'law & order' channel hosts a lot of big, current trials. cw: they're in the middle of a trial about some moid that slaughtered/dismembered his parents, and they're showing gore (evidence slides) on youtube.
i wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of channels start making content on this case. also, between this faggot and joel guy jr, i'm never having kids.

No. 1410237

Could you drop a link to the channel please? There are a few with that name.

No. 1410314

sorry - you might have been able to find it if i didn't confuse their name with the tv show. it's law & crime.

No. 1410330

File: 1641500679735.jpg (358.18 KB, 1080x2107, 20220106_142400.jpg)

the chat looks like a mix of boomers and /b/tards

No. 1410456

File: 1641509466166.jpg (148.75 KB, 1080x920, chat.jpg)

they just finished and meant to cut the mic for streamers, but everyone's mic kept turning on at the end, kek. also, the chats for court livestreams are wild.

No. 1412523

I'm watching this and maybe i'm retarded but it seemed like she was trying to say being attracted to children is like her "being attracted to boys & girls". I'm still watching but I don't know.Anyone have any info on her? I found her in my recommendations.

No. 1412526

I just got done watching this, I didn't see much gore, I mean blood and dismembered hands but nothing else. That scrote was pissing me off with how he looked popping his eyes out the whole trail.
And I feel like him and his "best friend" had more going on

No. 1412735

Stephanie Harlowe is actually the only channel I can stand to watch. While I find all of her online persona outside of the true crime videos cringe and I know I'd probably hate her if we were to meet irl, I really appreciate the amount of detail she relays & the compassion she shows the victims. Her daughter looks like a rat tho kek poor girl lost the genetic lottery

Eleanor Neale is fucking insufferable too. She can't even use the actual names of the perpetrators or victims in the titles of her videos and always goes for something cringe and clickbaity. Every video she says something to the effect of "Well, I'm not sure exactly how this works, but…" and it drove me fucking nuts. Just research it then retard. And then she concludes every vid with her normal chipper voice like "and this gruesome murder will forever be remembered. WELL GUYS thank you SO much for watching! This has been so much fun, love ya!!"

No. 1412736

File: 1641732037656.png (1.5 MB, 1673x871, Screenshot (24).png)

samefag, but I'd also like to introduce MrBallen to this thread. Picrel. He's just the fucking worst. I found him through is caving/hiking accident videos and kept watching for entertainment, b but I just couldn't take it anymore. Ex army fag, 5,09 subs and all he does is describe in intense detail these horrific deaths and ordeals those people experienced, with zero compassion and clickbaity thumbnails. His stupid expressions make me want to slap a bitch

No. 1412772

responding again with some text links that are more permanent

>Law&Crime Network

this channel streams court cases (not the only one, but you might have to look for local news channels if you're looking for coverage of a specific case.) this channel streams a lot of big cases, and doesn't include any commentary during streams.
>BlueDot Crime and Interrogations
this channel has a bunch of unedited/no commentary interrogations and other firsthand evidence.
>Red Circle Interrogations and Confessions
this channel isn't as active, but it's similar to bluedot, and uploads interrogations without commentary. they use a red circle to watermark their uploads, and it looks like they're trying to show you a spider on the wall or something.
>Susan Bahns
she used to be really good about getting interrogations to upload, but has been doing more commentary. also, she's been editing pixel shades and blunts onto all of the policemen in her thumbnails, kek.
>Alice Liddell
i just found this channel, but it's been pretty good so far. she has a bunch of interrogation footage that she uploads without commentary. i did find one video that was 'jcs inspired' (vidrel) so you can hear she's an actual woman, and not a scrote larping.

No. 1412774

File: 1641736667494.png (349.45 KB, 600x875, 45f.png)

he looks like he's imitating soyjack for his thumbnails

No. 1412892

Stephanie herself doesn't look too bad imo she just has the worst fucking taste in everything. Nothing she ever wears or does with her hair and makeup flatters her in the slightest. Idk if she's color blind or just has reverse body dysmorphia or what

No. 1413053

this guy is so annoying. clickbait, stupid titles and ofc the red arrow.

No. 1413074

His videos really depress me. He has a knack for making you empathize with the victims in their worst moments, so all I feel when the video ends is intense dread and anger at the fact that he'd dare to make his money by exploiting them

No. 1413164

Looks like true crime youtubers are having some problems. First I thought JCS had enough of the copycats but looks like youtube is automatically removing their videos.

No. 1413174

I like Mr. Ballen only issue I have with him is his shitty ass clickbait thumbnail. He doesn't even have to do them anymore, people like his content, they know what he does. He can stop.
Sometimes the thumbnails are so distasteful too depending on the context.

No. 1413283

File: 1641769769898.jpg (131.19 KB, 1080x657, baleeted.jpg)

wow, that's a lot of views gone. i wonder how they're justifying this (via tos)?

No. 1413285

File: 1641770008387.jpg (132.7 KB, 1080x652, nooo.jpg)

omg, the meme one just got deleted too

No. 1413298

File: 1641770722389.jpg (85.69 KB, 1080x481, nomoretwitchcontent.jpg)

i hate that this spoiled moid thinks he can throw a tantrum to get his way, because his stupid uncle chunk yogurt gave him everything.
anyway, my guess is jcs will reopen their patreon.

No. 1413372

It's really shows how fucked up things are when you can have videos with million of views, that are well made and when you complain no one gives a shit.
But when a youtuber who has connects "talks" to someone suddenly shit happens. I find it so weird how open bigger youtubers are about the "Privileges" they have. I guess JCS is greatful but it's just so weird seeing it out in the open like that.

No. 1413703

>i dont give a shit about victims families

if your loved one was murdered would you want their murder to be exploited by some asshole on youtube for views

No. 1413727

I'm watching her latest video now, the Anne Marie Fahey Part 1, and she mentions at 1:40 that she can't taste anything. Also said she was "at death's door". So probably covid.

No. 1413730

Right? The families of these victims are already dealing with a tragic loss, so being critical of them like they're celebrities that chose to be known is super fucked and retarded.

No. 1413893

File: 1641839214611.jpg (17.8 KB, 691x566, stan please go.jpg)

>the compassion she shows the victims

No. 1413927

kek, I think you found stephanie's source too.

No. 1414037

If you can direct me towards any other true crime yt channel that devotes that much time to the victim's backstory, personality, and family, I'll gladly change my mind

No. 1414102

no one is going to spoonfeed you - there are a bunch of comments with recommendations (mini spoonfeed: ctrl + f 'youtube' and you'll find link recs, ctrl + f 'stephanie' to see what a bunch of criticisms.)

No. 1414106

girl what
I've read the thread. I just disagree. And I'm not interested in a bunch of interrogation footage.

No. 1414178

and that anon seemed to think your opinion matched that of a meth user. also, your inability to understand a joke/needing someone else to tell you how to feel matches a stephanie stan.

No. 1414188

I just found True Crime recaps and it's a nice channel but..can someone tell me whats up with the lady's host (the scrotes wife, I assume) face? Did she get fillers? Lip fillers? If it's just her face my bad but looks like she got some kind of work done. The channel is nicely done though, I might just check out the podcast instead though.

No. 1414437

I've heard them mention they both have adhd (hence why they cover 'true crime in half the time') but the wife's facial expressions come across as autism. Tbh, I like that they don't have children, so they don't make up stories about what a great mom/parent the victims were, and seem to focus more on facts of the case.

No. 1414529

i still personally find these people less annoying than my favourite murder. karen's photoshopping is fucking embarassing, she might as well have a hololive avatar instead of what she tries to pass off as a photo of herself

No. 1414603

She’s a normal looking little girl and doesn’t look like a rat. It’s users like you that actually piss me off and make me wanna stop coming here. Why insult her kid when she has nothing to do with the cow? Like I ACTUALLY wanna get a life now. Bye anons

No. 1414610

great job drawing attention to it with your unsaged rage - bye, kek. anyway, stephanie has been really playing up some gamer personality in her sales pitches in her most recent series.

No. 1414613

oh man, glad i stumbled upon this thread!!

I'm into true crime personally but not for edge points but for genuine interest in the psychology behind what makes people do these things. I've ALWAYS thought videos that discuss cases should focus on the victim/s and if possible not even name the perpertrator/s at all. Correct me if im wrong but the only person i've found thus far who seems to genuinely care is John Lordan of LordanArts. i know he has collabed with Stephanie harlowe before but for the most part he seems to be the only decent person in the youtube true crime "community" but if he's just as milky let me know

i used to like harlowe's stuff when i first discovered her as i thought she was one of the few who went REALLY in depth and covered aspects of cases i didn't know but thought I was familiar with. That all changed when I saw her Slenderman video (posted further up on this thread) and her Bianca Devins video where she was victim blaming her. Utterly disgusting and I quickly unsubbed and havent looked back

eleanor neale is basically british kendall rae but probably even worse. speaking of kendall what are your thoughts on her and/or her husband josh??

No. 1414619

kendall seems nice enough but shes always picking viral stories to cover. somebody with her size and viewership, imo should devote time to lesser known cases that need eyes and ears. it feels like shes rehashing cases that anyone who cares enough would have known about. as if she makes her videos for the more opportunist viewers who couldnt care about the victim beyond the story video they get to watch out of it.

anyways ive been really enjoying search and recovery videos lately. like eg. divers doing volunteer work recovering lost vehicles tied to missing persons cases. they seem show more empathy than any of the other "documentary" styled videos of the same genre.

No. 1414623

JCS playing their cards right and garnering attention/money from loser twitch streamers and their gullible audience lol. I've felt weird about them the moment all of their old videos got placed behind a paywall.

No. 1414666

Looks like she had a rhino, the way her lips go upwards(?) like she's smiling is weird but can be natural. I didn't notice anything weird on her face.

No. 1414681

File: 1641926922830.jpg (788.56 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20220111-124757_You…)

I just finished Stephanie's newest video, and she goes on a rant about blaming a 1996 murder on the Twilight series and 50 Shades of Gray.

No. 1414684

yeah cause that's not the daughter, that's stephanie as a kid. and have we not established that the daughter has inserted herself into her mom's online presence by doing such things as hosting reddit AMA's?

No. 1414935


Nta but don't worry anon it'll only be a matter of time until her daughter jumps on here just like she did on GG, then you can see for yourself that she's honestly not much better than her mother. Thought I agree with you going after her looks is lowtier kek.

Also learn 2 sage.

No. 1415577

There is drama in the search and recovery community, too. The Adventures with Purpose crew went their separate ways last year because the main guy was getting too fame hungry and wouldn't share the money that they got with the rest of the crew. The videos about the drama were privated, but they were on Sam Sam The Adventure Man's channel.

I tried to listen to this and the first part, but she rambles on and on about unnecessary stuff that I zoned out and missed 60% of the details. One of her biggest issues is that she can't stop fucking rambling. It's the same with her ads at the beginning of the videos that go on for seven minutes.

No. 1415667

Who was the first TCY to talk about the "Port Authur Massacre"? I watched a documentary on it I think…a month ago, today at least 2 TCY posted about it. I've been seeing it so much, I always wonder how old cases Suddenly become the talk of the TCY community always around the same time. Did it go viral on Tik Tok or something?

No. 1416167

i kinda have mixed feelings about true crime content because i listen to them as a white-noise to focus on doing other task (yes there are audiobooks etc i guess true crime vids are just more accessible & easy to listen to idk). annnd i honestly dont really like it when they do ad reads ? it feels icky listening both in the intro or outro, even worse if its in the middle as if moments ago they havent just talk about brutal crimes. idk it just feels so wrong for me and i always skip those parts

No. 1416176

i like atrocity guide, the channel is more focused on random oddities and unusual events, but it does touch on true crime-adjacent topics.

No. 1416189

I get recommended this "Serial Killers Documentaries" channel alot on youtube and he ends his very serious videos with a 2min serial killer meme montage, really rubs me the wrong way. Can't believe he's doing it with 600k subs and no one mentions how weird it is in the comments.

No. 1416225

Atrocity guide is my favorite YouTuber, no lie. Her voice is extremely calming and soothing to me, I love to rewatch her vids to fall asleep to, despite the content lol.

No. 1416248

Totally OT but this dude glorifies the "brilliance" of serial killers while referring to the victims as things such as "whores" and "trash". Really loaded words for the victims but less for the culprits. He's also almost 40 years old and just used a fuckton of his youtube bux to get hairplugs done in Turkey. Made me laugh.

No. 1416255

maybe he should be on some kind of a list. Could be mark twitchel #2 in the works.

No. 1416400

He also made some quite distasteful jokes about prostitutes even though he calls them "sex workers" and keeps calling any murderer with a wig "she", even if he didn't officially transition and defends them lol

No. 1416466

Plagued Moth annoys me to no end. His daughter got sick and he made a gofundme for it instead of saving up for this type of shit like any normal parent would, then flipped shit when people called him out. His videos are him talking about cases in a monotone voice while making edgy jokes and stealing other people's iceberg charts. I don't know why he even makes videos, they're all so lazy and he acts like he's forced to make them.

No. 1416521

tbh i somewhat expected the drama with how big awp was getting, if you happen to know, is that why sam isnt around much?

No. 1416559

File: 1642116888744.jpeg (183.06 KB, 750x608, AEE4DC68-03D7-47C8-A087-93B551…)

>my ex who is clearly running things
>sorry for everything
I have no idea what's going on but this is hilarious.

No. 1416604

omg I never would have expected jcs to be a cow, but this looks milky af

No. 1416609

that is a joke im pretty sure

No. 1416610

he's just saying that because they took down a lot of his videos

No. 1416641

That's just a joke, anon. However JCS does have the potential to be a minor cow maybe, with the cringey anti-liberal videos on his personal channel.

No. 1416704

Saged for newfaggery: what is JCS’s personal channel ?

No. 1416764

she's not a little girl, she's in college and has rodent features

No. 1417160

File: 1642183271545.jpg (46.23 KB, 640x417, jcss.jpg)

JCS seems to be officially "over" .. for now. Interested to see what will happen to the other true crime channels. I'd rather see someone like Eleanor Neale than him go, though.

No. 1417161

So what's the issue from youtube's side? Can they not monetize true crime enough with ads? ThatChapter seems to have no problems with getting ads on his videos.

No. 1417167

as far as I know, true crime youtubers don't get money from their ads. That's just a misconception. Youtube puts the ads whether they want it or not. TC youtubers make money with external advertisements aka sponsorships, which is why so many of them shill some ass wipes and fucking raid shadow legends kek

No. 1417406

Yeah, he quit. So did another crew member but I can't recall his name. They did a video about it on Sam's channel but it's private now.

No. 1417698

Cayleigh Elise was great, she focused on some more obscure cases and was generally quite respectful, she had face cam in some portions but it was done in an unobtrusive and professional feeling way.
She ended up deleting her channel because YouTube was apparently having a negative impact on her mental health, but a lot of her stuff has been reuploaded if you feel comfortable with that.

No. 1418272

File: 1642285717084.jpg (353.08 KB, 1080x1797, 20220115_162310.jpg)

he's either having a meltdown, or there's some reference I'm not getting

No. 1418893

I think he's just enjoying the attention from his "martyrdom"

No. 1420554

File: 1642526516562.jpg (268.33 KB, 810x1497, cowcollision.jpg)

damn, crapshart really was making up stories about everyone. i can't remember the exact videos, but there was a time when she was riding stephanie's dick in some true crime videos she attempted.

No. 1420652

Sounds like bs to me. Got a source or nah?

Fucking Trashlee desperately trying to milk the creepshow shit again, what a surprise. I'd take that with a whole bag of salt, Trashlee tried to bump Emily out of her own story and write herself in. She's desperate to be the queen of the victims, a la shiloh from the onion files.

No. 1421809

She misprounces her name and is constantly making mistakes. She doesn't even pretend to care about what she's talking about. I was happy to see people pointing it out in the comments.

No. 1421984

idk if i buy that Stephanie is a hard-core conservative, to me she always seemed like a right-leaning libertarian- not that those things can't go together, just she definitely has a few videos in which she mentions not liking politicians in general, no matter from which side.

she definitely lets her personal biases get in the way of the story she's telling though. i was shocked by how much she completely misconstrued the body-cam footage from the gabby petito case; she was saying that the police didn't intervene because they had come under so much criticism for being unsympathetic to mental health issues, and that they were lenient and didn't step in because they didn't want the backlash of arresting someone with OCD/ experiencing a mental breakdown, essentially making out that it somehow the BLM/ police reform movement's fault that the police didn't do anything to help her.

if you actually watch the video for yourself you can see that's complete bullshit, they didn't do anything to help her because they didn't sympathize with her at all, clearly thought she was just being hysterical and that her POS bf was the real victim. talking about how "my wife is just like that", and offering to let him stay in a hotel room for the night, missing all the signs that gabby was likely being abused and needed help. even if you don't like Kendall Rae i think her analysis of the footage is much better, and really shows how completely wrong stephanie was.

No. 1422224


Idk if she still is but she was pretty hard core. She used to post con stuff all over Twitter, I believe theres screenshots on her GG thread I'll link the thread. People got really upset that she voted for trump and I believe that she was anti BLM but I may be wrong about that. Thought I believe her daughter said she regretted voting for trump she also sort of tried to jack the thread and white knight her mom (cant really blame her thought). Stephanie has a long history of being problematic as shown with her biases on her videos, but alot of her milk came from her twitter even before the GG thread.

I dont even care about her personal life tbh I just wish that she'd stop putting her damn biases and victim blaming and much amazing mother that would never happen under my watch bs on her videos we dont need to hear her thoughts and opinions like she believes we do kek.


No. 1423082

One look at her daughter's Instagram tells you that she's the average college liberal. If Stephanie is really that conservative, I wonder how they get along.
I know from watching Stephanie's channel for years now that she's pro-guns, pro death penalty, and anti ACAB, but I don't think she's xenophobic, outwardly racist, or antisemitic, and she seems to be actually quite anti-authoritarian in some places. I know she's at least not conservative when it comes to religion or relationships (i.e. traditional views of marriage). So I really wonder what those hard-core conservative views are supposed to be.

No. 1424341

File: 1642899457541.jpg (191.79 KB, 1916x1080, thisisFATS.jpg)

i kek'd at this guy's newest video (picrel is another anti-diarrhea sponsorship)
gurugossip is a fucking nightmare to navigate, but this anon linked the thread >>1422224 and her daughter shows up after about a dozen pages of people commenting on the insta story she posted outing stephanie voting for trump
idk what you consider
>xenophobic, outwardly racist, or antisemitic
but i've heard trump voters referred to all of these things very frequently and adamantly. either way, why is she being dodgy about it and hiding it?
>and she seems to be actually quite anti-authoritarian
because even in being a conservative, she's still an nlog by being a faggot libertarian

No. 1424346

File: 1642900000443.jpg (166.74 KB, 1080x872, 20220122_190449.jpg)

this was her adult daughter posting about coping with it

No. 1424353

File: 1642900280583.jpg (227.25 KB, 1080x1146, goruwu.jpg)

I cringe every time I see this scrote's edgy middle school-tier content in my recommendations.

No. 1424359

The existence of the alt right has skewed a lot of peoples opinions on what right wing beliefs are to the point people think "right wing = bad"
You can be right wing and not be a far right puritan who wants to kill Jews. Most right wingers aren't that. Pro death penalty + anti government is telling me she's most likely right wing libertarian

No. 1424388

kek how can you be pro death penalty and pro cop and somehow also anti-authoritarian? The government gets to carry out executions and have a paramilitary force give you parking tickets (at least in burgerland) but somehow that's not authoritarian? I'm not even anti death penalty or anti gun but something tells me she never really thought her politics through in the first place. I'm not trying to shit on you anon, I know you only said anti-authoritarian in some places, but I'm guessing based on your info that she's probably just like those weed and guns "libertarians" who only differ from basic boomer conservatism on their right to piss off their parents.

No. 1424535

He has such a scrote, “dark humor” where he makes jokes and light of gore and gruesome content, then goes onto say “Those people who don’t understand me are weak and can fuck off” type of attitude.
He’s so easily bothered under any criticism, that in and of itself is more entertaining than his shit content.

No. 1424588

By anti-authoritarian, I meant the's distrustful of the government, as well as the rich and powerful. I don't think she ever described herself in those terms.
With the cops it's kinda difficult to say. She seems to defend the system a lot, generally assuming competency, but also vehemently condemns entire police departments for how one singular case was handled. I think maybe she's biased because her cohost is an ex-cop?

I also noticed a big difference in how she talks about the mentally ill perpetrators in the Slenderman Killings, the Alyssa Bustamante case, and the Rachel Barber case. She's almost sympathetic towards Rachel's killer even though the woman was in her 20s and arguably should be treated with less leniency than the young teens from the other cases.

No. 1425597

Did you know that song is from the simple life, Paris and Nicole sing it to each other all the time on the interns season and even got a passenger on the greyhound bus they had to ride to join in as their third member. I s2g it’s the price is right theme song though.

She got like 25 videos deep into her true crime direction and literally did a Hillary Duff make up tutorial that no one at all watched and I think it’s the funniest thing. She has an endearing personality and has said she does the true crime thing because it stuck. She stands out in the true crime community because she’s a pretty make up artist that is funny and bubbly, and she stands out in the makeup community for being alternative, dark, and openly talking about women being murdered when the makeup community does openly misogynist things all the time. She’s said doing the videos gets to her a lot, plans to do the videos every other Monday now, and was in no rush to come back from a holiday break. I don’t blame her and wish she would talk about how blowing up for this format has made her feel, she’s personable and has a unique experience.

Love that for women to have traction in the beauty community they have to talk about women and children being brutally tortured while they do their makeup, and all the men used their platform to hit on little boys on Snapchat like future John Wayne Gacys and Dahmers. That’s cool.

No. 1425762

I knew that song sounded like it was from a game show!! I thought it was only me.
Apparently Bailey and her husband broke up. I don’t know if that’s going to affect her posting schedule as well. I cross-posted from the alt-cows thread bc I’m not sure if the split is even that relevant here.

No. 1426608

>Apparently Bailey and her husband broke up.
silly nitpick, but I think that's called a divorce lol
fwiw, vidrel (thatchapter) is how quickly youtubers start milking cases for videos. he makes an out-of-place 'diabeetus' joke about the convicted murder's brother @4:05

No. 1427199

not necessarily, lots of married people break up months or years before they actually legally divorce.I believe the term you're both looking for is "separated".

No. 1427557

File: 1643226530636.jpg (339.82 KB, 1080x1920, livestreamkek.jpg)

u right

This channel (as well as his second channel/'Mentour Lawyer') that has been a bit of a personal cow for a while. It seems like he practices law in Florida, so he requests a lot of interrogation footage from cases around the state, which other channels then re-upload. It's really seemed to upset him, to the point of splitting into 2 channels, where he's made a lot of weird attempts to 'watermark' his uploads (usually with his own audio - sometimes rambling/commentary, sometimes just 'be sure to like and subscribe!') and cutting/reuploading the same footage a ton of times.
His lives always look and sound like a confused old man.

No. 1428055

OMG Thank you for this. I have been thinking for so long “where have I heard this..” and now I know.

No. 1428056

Same anon here. I didn’t mean to respond to the first anon listed.

No. 1429201

Omg this guy is so gross, he watches child snuff videos with a straight face and describes them to the camera with no emotion, he for sure needs his hard drives checking

No. 1431465

Wanted to share this video a small yt channel did about Stephanie Harlowe, I'm glad people are starting to talk about the issues with her content on the actual platform she posts her videos on, hoping more videos like this will come out in the future from bigger channels. It's not mega milky but I thought I'd post it anyway.
Here is a video summary for you nonas:
>intro and general info about Stephanie Harlowe's channel ends around 6 minutes
>mentions how Stephanie has a tendency to let her opinions bleed into her videos, especially when a case involves children, leading to a biased narrative in some videos
>says Stephanie tends to give evidence side by side with her opinions without clarifying that it is an opinion, influencing viewers opinions on cases about real people
>discusses TCC ethics, or lack thereof in the case of many channels on yt
>discusses Stephanie's video on the Bianca Devins case referring to victim blaming and other issues, includes a few timestamps
Timestamps provided:
>11:30 Stephanie disagrees with the concept of not saying a criminals name to refuse them notoriety, says this is only done to appear woke, and actually gives the criminal more power. Studies say otherwise.
>14:00 Stephanie says Bianca "likes the attention" from her would-be killer, despite acknowledging at 13:30 that Bianca had told him she was not interested.
>14:30 Stephanie says Bianca should have stopped leading him on, claims she believes the boy would think Bianca must like him because they hang out as friends, despite already being rejected.
>video host goes on tangent about the concept of "boys will be boys"
>17:00 Stephanie says Bianca was "wallowing in depression" because she was listening to sad music
End of timestamps
>talks about Stephanie posting videos so soon after victim's deaths. Mentions that Stephanie's video about BD was only 5 months after her death, full of victim blaming statements. Mentions her video about Gaby Petito being posted before having any information.
>video host brings up a comment that Stephanie approved of, a summary of the comment is scrotes are scrotes and women are weak. The person says it's dumb to say that 'she should have done x or y' is victim blaming. Compares women going outside and expecting to be safe from men is like expecting to be safe from lions in the woods, says it's dumb to want to try and reform men and teaching women to not get into bad situations is more important.
>talks about Stephanie attempting to rationalize the behavior of the police in the Gaby Petito bodycam footage
Starting around 37:30 the rest of the video is the host talking about her personal experience with domestic violence, its actually pretty brutal, but it doesn't have that much to do with Stephanie. I hope at least some of that was interesting!!

No. 1431483

I was trying to listen to an old Stephanie harlowe video today (part 1 of her ken and barbie killers videos) and at the end she properly goes on a rant about how everyone is allowed to have different opinions, guise, it's just an OPINION get over it, and it's so grating but especially since she has the thinnest fucking skin ever and in every single video she's like "and before you come at me in the comments- because some of you do, some of you always do" and she is always so wound up and unable to accept any criticism. Hilarious.

No. 1431485

great summary - it's only the smaller channels criticizing her atm, since the larger channels just circklejerk eachother. i remember this video from a few months back got decent views, but the woman has some speech or processing disorder, which unfortunately makes it pretty hard to listen to.

No. 1431491

Isn't this weirdo also SJW? Said his daughter is pansexual? I want people to call out scrotes like they whine about Stephanie all day because some of them in this community are disgusting. I can't remember the channel but I used to watch this gay guy cover gross movies and he used to literally throw up on camera, but he seemed more respectful then this scrote

No. 1431502

apparently bi wife and pan daughter, that's why he was loudly shilling pride month

No. 1431503

Sage for the opposite of milk but I saw people asking if there were any TCY who focused on tbe victim/their family and the only one I can think of is WV Mysteries. He refuses to give graphic details about the body or sexual assaults, focuses on the victims life and upbringing first and foremost, and he speaks with oldschool terms and reminds me a lot of a Bill Kurtis-esque show. He only focuses on crimes from West Virginia because he can access records about them pretty easily, though. He's also solved several crimes now and is often messaged by PIs about the info he has. His intro song is nails on a chalkboard though, and you might despise his voice or tone. Also he's as ugly as sin, but I can't help but admire him for not being a fucking assclown and treating heinous crimes like they're appetizers.

No. 1431506

File: 1643645393357.jpg (76.26 KB, 1080x660, twistedcyclepath.jpg)

he's so gross, and tries to be edgy with including as much footage as he can get away with (along with an 'i have patreon so i don't need yt's permission' attitude.) i remember him posting some weird hello kitty maid shit with a caption like 'when he asks you to watch gore uwu.' this sort of stuff really illustrates how it's just creepypasta for some people.

No. 1431509

I'm very interesting in what the results of this poll are kek

No. 1431511

File: 1643645946467.jpg (90.44 KB, 1080x816, 20220131_101833.jpg)

kek, my bad - gore with emoji is winning

No. 1431512

Gross. Not surprised, just disappointed.

No. 1431570

For the anons who want a true crime channel with a female (or at least female sounding) narrator who doesn’t sensationalize shit (you never actually see her face in any of the videos), heavy casefiles is good. Profiles a lot of cold or older (like decades old) cases with non traditional (read: not pretty young white girls) victims too, as well as ones that were solved recently via genetic genealogy, which i find super interesting.

No. 1431585

Why was I under the impression that EWU crew's sultry "female" voice was just the main male narrator's voice pitched up to sound female? I swear I read it somewhere on his channel years ago now. Please tell me I'm not crazy

No. 1431624

Seconded. This is my favorite true crime channel. Not sensationalized and pretty sensitive & respectful to the victims, plus I’ve almost never heard of the cases she covers.

No. 1432472

not really milky, but kendall rae just announced that she is pregnant and will be starting another channel to post pregnancy vlogs and family-related content. i'm happy for her, but it's so weird that her whole job is basically talking about brutally murdered women and children and at the same time she's going to be making cutesy family vlogs.

No. 1432481

JCS - Criminal Psychology makes a ludicrous amount of money from YouTube and Patreon for what is basically very sporadic content that mostly consists of replaying footage. Even the analysis part is about 2% of the video and is usually rehashed criminal psychology textbook lines or outright abstractions.

No. 1432482

oh no… maybe she will be a great mom, but making content off children is so predatory (while also exposing the children to other predators.)

No. 1432487

File: 1643758794686.jpg (147.53 KB, 1080x750, ugh.jpg)

I wonder what case they'll cover.

No. 1432490

Also, Paige recently made a 2 part video series covering Anna Solves being a company/team/content farm.

No. 1432492

Oh wow she's being called out? Thank God.

No. 1432514

I assume they'll just talk to her about being in the true crime space and her opinions on various cases, it will probably be boring as fuck
I'm happy for her, especially after the miscarraige the way she openly spoke about it made me cry, lets hope she's not retarded enough to show the kid's faces but I feel she is probably too paranoid to do so, the vlgos will probably just focus on the nesting process, kinda cute ngl

No. 1432973

File: 1643823124066.jpg (321.22 KB, 1911x1080, fellowkids.jpg)

why did they leave this in, kek? picrel is the newest crime weekly episode. she also raves hard about using a new el gato capture card in the first 4 minutes.

No. 1433169

am i missing something? they mentioned the capture card once for like 20 seconds…

tbh i don't think it's that much of a bad thing that she shares her opinion on cases, obviously if she's biased to the point of misrepresenting what actually happened like in >>1421984 that's an issue, but i think it's more interesting when she puts a bit of herself into the case, i mean there are more than enough TC creators whose videos scripts could be basically interchangeable for how little personality they show. plus it kinda helps me form my own opinion in a weird way, bc i can decide whether or not i agree with her.

yeah lol it's so weird how people who obviously think of themselves as anti-woke or whatever will go on these long rants about how they think other people are too sensitive, and end up just exposing themselves for being unable to take any criticism

No. 1433309

apparently he's dealing with patreon issues (he discusses it in the beginning of vidrel, complete with a classic 'hunt a killer' sponsorship.) cw: scrote posting blurry gore

No. 1433629

inb4 the white knight comments, I actually agree with you. I appreciate her opinion, even when mine differs from it. I never had to "rage quit" any of her videos, like other anons on here lol
And to the point that she just regurgitates facts verbatim from articles, books and documentaries: so? I'm not gonna read/watch all those. I'm glad someone's compiling all that and not only giving me the cliff notes version of a case, like Eleanor Neale for example.
But ik lolcows not the place for nuanced takes, we either hate a bitch or don't ig

No. 1433639

Stephanie stans are retarded, and need to keep the dick sucking to her comment section. An almost 40yo woman trying to appear cool to zoomers with vapes and brand name capture cards typically advertised for video games is cringe, especially when she's using true crime cases as a prop to display those hobbies.

No. 1433923


God, I'm so glad this moid is finally being talked about. He annoys the hell out of me.
Unfunny, edgy, lazy, uncharming. Sometimes I watch his videos because I get bored and have to stop half way through because he just makes me feel this intense wave of second hand embarrassment. Personally, one of his worst moments is when discussing "Old No. 7" which is some deep web zoo snuff video and instead of actually doing research he watches the video. He poorly acts how disgusted he is with this video but he KNEW what he was getting into watching this video. I don't trust any moid who willingly watches a video of a dog getting tortured and sodomized.

No. 1434815

File: 1644014301068.jpg (91.04 KB, 1080x1243, 20220204_163602.jpg)

This other awful moid channel has been popping up in my recommends lately. He uses some kid's voice over to remind people to sub to his channel in the middle of retelling true crime content like it's creepy pasta, and then posts these awful polls for interaction.

No. 1434818

File: 1644014776664.jpg (466.01 KB, 1080x1792, 20220204_164516.jpg)

Between using 'circus' in the name and the face paint, I'm convinced he's a juggalo.

No. 1434827

File: 1644015268313.jpg (527.39 KB, 810x3976, notlikeothergorehounds.jpg)

he's so awful. even if you can't stand to listen to his fedora-tier summaries, his descriptions are a solid reflection of his edgy nlog persona. what does it take to get a skillshare and hunt a killer sponsorship? literally just a minimum subscriber count?

No. 1434952

Sweetie they’re all juggalos. American culture in 2022 is essentially juggalo culture. There are no differences to be spotted, and I have been observing this dystopian takeover for years. Multiple soda companies are a result of the Mandible Degenerative effect, it’s all faygo and it always has been. True crime is a psyop to eventually arm everyone with a hatchet.

Unrelated but the Irish or Scottish boy is attempting comedy before and throughout the duration of descriptions of murder and torture. Why would he think “you know what this story about incest and how it created a serial killer and how it still goes on today as we erase the victims experiences more and more needs, my undeveloped personality and improv arc constantly rearing its translucent head every turdy seconds to remind everyone I’m single and will be in your area if you make easily misunderstood commentary”.

No. 1435142

File: 1644052382977.jpeg (7.29 KB, 200x250, plsbetrue.jpeg)

>True crime is a psyop to eventually arm everyone with a hatchet.
massive kek, but derrick/the tv cop is shilling 'keep you safe' kits

No. 1435145

File: 1644052777761.jpg (162.5 KB, 1080x1089, tree.jpg)

>improv arc constantly rearing its translucent head every turdy seconds
moike absolutely plays up his accent for his audience, i don't care how defensive eurofags get

No. 1435192

"GTFO bracelet". Seriously?

No. 1435211

He is the only one I like because except for the dark humour and his Life Insurance jingle at least his thumbnail doesn't involve his face anymore, and his videos are short and sensible for the victims, unlike some of the others true crime youtubers like Harlowe which is highly insensitive and sometimes insulting blaming the parents or somebody like she knows it all with her fugly mugshot in every thumbnail

No. 1435267

The content is okay but thorought every video it sounds like she's constantly running out of breath/is about to cry. Also, I was wondering why she sounds so familiar, does she have another channel I watch, but then I realised she sounds a lot like Lomi's Playground (a bjd youtuber)

No. 1435338

File: 1644079177964.jpg (920.42 KB, 2500x1935, kyskit.jpg)

These 3 items are $85?! True crime cows will pretend their shilling is an act of empathy, but this is hardly any different than influencer cows and their aliexpress garbage (supposedly everything is locally sourced, but that markup on a few shitty trinkets is ridiculous.)

No. 1435382

she looks so much like a less busted version of Karuna satori

No. 1435385

If you're in a state where this shit is legal, surely a knife and or gun would be too?

No. 1435391

File: 1644083071165.jpg (288.57 KB, 1080x1674, lmaoweed.jpg)

did she pick up this new hobby while hanging out with the 'mile higher' crew?
also, they named their family channel after their weed company

No. 1435396

File: 1644083139039.jpg (168.77 KB, 1080x857, hightimeswithbaby.jpg)

No. 1435401

File: 1644083475320.jpg (144.38 KB, 1284x1529, 20220205_114723.jpg)

I actually think this was hype for going to Denver, because it was posted a few days prior. Fullres of the text, because it's embarrassing and reads like an obnoxious teen.

No. 1435403

I’m actually very pleased for her.

No. 1435416

this is embarassing

No. 1435428

File: 1644085614070.jpg (296.72 KB, 1915x1080, noglasses.jpg)

The glasses really help, otherwise she looks cross-eyed.

No. 1435448

File: 1644088006461.jpg (38.03 KB, 620x349, 62eaccaa1eeed2a8013a650795b05b…)

lol she's really cross-eyed, I've noticed for years. she's obnoxious but I always thought the eyes were cute. she's like a basic bitch, untalented 21st century Karen Black with the eyes

No. 1435451

I don’t know who this is. I just came here to say she’s beautiful.

No. 1435481

File: 1644090720730.jpg (184.41 KB, 1080x844, smuggrande.jpg)

no matter how many times i clicked 'not interested' youtube kept recommending me this idiot's channel, so i started reporting it for bad content. finally, his main channel quit being recommended, but i guess he started another side channel named after his dog? i remember he kept referring to 'his' bella (a small white dog) when he was milking the chris watts case.

No. 1435504

This is so fucked up and twisted on a whole other level. I think they actually do have those cat shaped self defense pointed knuckles on any cheap website for less than ten dollars, and statistically it’s obviously women in poverty who are targeted more. These people have huge platforms and could bring awareness to certain trends in kidnapping, or try to sponsor something involving fucking self defense and fitness. There’s even books specifically for women with psychological and verbal ways to identify and handle people who are alarming, do an audible sponsorship and shout them out for fucks sake. It’s the worst when men shill this shit because they wouldn’t get a second, or first, look in prison, they don’t have a single clue what happens when you’re targeted.

I’m surprised it didn’t come with those cheap but super loud alarms. You can get mace, bee spray, and tasers online. Anything with knuckles is good so it’s harder to be stolen from you. Any man worth talking to has been able to listen to women for a single minute to know how dangerous it is and that every women has had a close call with some violent shithead, and will know to be respectful. If they approach a woman alone they’re asking for it. Fuck living in constant fear, and fuck people who shill unrealistic self defense kits how is any of this real it’s garbage. Oh you want to kidnap me no let me just reach into my bag and find this fucking smooth and easily unidentifiable pencil out of my purse and you’ll really be scared. If someone is spending $85 on that, they will not know where the best places to stab are because people like that already have knives.

No. 1435539

anon can you recommend me some good self defense videos or kits?

No. 1435603

File: 1644100700797.jpg (599.42 KB, 1080x1230, Screenshot_20220206-003435_You…)

As silly and ridiculously marked-up that 'stay safe kit' or whatever it's called, at least it makes sense to shill given the nature of the channel, but this shit by eleanor neale is next level cringe and disrespect. The crime scene tape around the plant and the magnifying lense make it even more stupid. Girl, you're not investigating shit, you just compile a script from wikipedia and news outlets, and shilling that 'cute' figure of her on a channel dedicated to describing gruesome murder and torture is just…ick

No. 1435613

god I hate his face so much and wtf, this thumbnail/title makes it sound like he's accusing the Turpin girls of being reptilians

No. 1435633

File: 1644102424246.jpeg (414.45 KB, 720x997, 4D2FD480-94F0-4DB1-815A-B9EC80…)

He looks so uncanny and ugly

No. 1435657

his dumb face makes me want to a-log. he's such a weasly weird man, and his whole tone/the way he speaks (vidrel for reference) gives off vibes that he thinks everyone is beneath him.

No. 1435692

someone must make a separate thread for the Twitter True Crime Community lolcows

No. 1435710

not fat enough, inaccurate portrayal lel.

No. 1435712

why not just post them here? this thread is dry enough as it is, it could become TCC general

No. 1435730

yeah, you're good to post any true crime creators here (i'm avoiding posting about victims themselves, because i don't want to laugh at that.)

No. 1435733

i HATE this dude. legit makes me want to a-log. the way he went after Claudia Conway claiming she's lying about Kellyanne abusing her and distributing her legit CP, saying it's perfectly fine for Kellyanne to take away her phone (that Claudia pays for), because it's her only way to access people who might give a shit, absolutely disgusting. he is a repeated victim blamer. and i REALLY hate the way he acts like psychology is so legitimate and that he's such an intellectual, "roasting" others while always placing himself above them in the roast. it's not lighthearted, it's not appropriate, it's not wise. it's very pathetic and he is always punching down.

No. 1435741

File: 1644112186741.jpg (332.99 KB, 1080x1735, 20220205_194624.jpg)

>and i REALLY hate the way he acts like psychology is so legitimate and that he's such an intellectual, "roasting" others while always placing himself above them in the roast.
His comment section is such a circlejerk.

No. 1435863

not to be a total white knight but Eleanor has actually lost weight pretty well she might eventually end up looking like that

No. 1436082

he's not even a proper doctor

No. 1436286

File: 1644175154600.jpg (58.19 KB, 1080x556, 20220206_131841.jpg)

this is so stupid kek

No. 1436651

at least Dr. Phil has a Ph. D in Clinical Psychology, and people with that credential are generally called “Doctor” in a counseling setting
I see that Grande has a Ph. D in “Counselor Education” from Pat Robertson’s shitty Christian university, kek

No. 1438984

oh my god, she'd better not show her baby on cam when they start family vlogging (apparently stephanie has no problems with it, because her pinned tweet is her toddler daughter)

No. 1438988

I just saw this on my feed and immediately came here to bitch. I actually like this podcast and have watched for a while. As far as I know, this their first guest? If so, why would you have her on at all, but especially as your first guest?!?! I’m not gonna watch it.

No. 1439007

I'm 24:40 in, and they keep making jokes until Josh segues into serious time,vthen immediately cuts to a sponsored break.

No. 1439016

Ik this comment is a couple of days old but I'm pretty sure those cat keychains are illegal because they are considered "brass knuckles"

No. 1439084

Stephanie Harlowe is so fucking annoying.

I used to put true crime playlists on while I'd work or clean and I didnt realise every single fucking video of hers has that song blasting at the beginning. I literally cannot get SHE'S LIKE A SICKNESS IN MY BRAIIIIN out of my head like I've been tortured by the CIA in an underground lab for 2 weeks listening to how much of a good mommy she is and did you guys know she's a mom and likes coffee btw?

No. 1439438

finally a thread where I can vent about this one moron who does TC videos, GRAZY TV is a channel I watch reluctantly, she is as far as I know the only TC channel that covers korean true crime stories(she also occasionally covers crime with in other asian countries) and the stories themselves are really interesting(also kind of revealing how fucked up korea can be) but almost everytime I watch one of her vids, I end up getting mad over the shit she does
e.g on a case where a 9 year old girl was brutally raped and hospitalized, she started off by showing her fashion haul and what she bought(she does this for every vid btw) she almost always goes into tangents about her own dumb life(mostly relating to dating, embarrassing moments, sex and partying) and its always super inappropriate

No. 1439449

this chick is making true crime videos now lmao anything for clicks i guess. she used to be mostly known for her botched ps and lukewarm kpop tea because she got 5s of fame cosplaying as harley quinn on a shitty rap show.

No. 1439459

>this chick is making true crime videos now
yup and its her most successful endeavor thus far, most TC youtubers are limited to only english language sources and many channels cover the same crimes over and over, her focusing on just south korean crime was like finding gold and as I stated the stories themselves are super interesting, you get an idea of just how different korean culture is and how it effects both criminal motivations, police work and how the crime is perceived by the general public
Its honestly such a waste of potential

No. 1439511

I once left a long comment on her new video why I was disappointed she's promoting Raid shadow legends (it's basically just promoting gambling) and and she deleted my comment within a minute. Kek, need to protect sponsors at all cost.
This bitch always has the dumbest sponsorships anyway, anything from shampoo to fucking paid tarot readings or something online, and other scammy shit that really shows what a bimbo she is.

No. 1439523

No screen caps, but he also was extremely awful when talking about mentally ill people. He basically would just say mentally ill people are dangerous on various episodes of his podcast.

No. 1439537

File: 1644501705407.jpg (140.49 KB, 708x1080, psychoticmoid.jpg)

>and many channels cover the same crimes over and over
It's because there are no copyright issues, so it's free rein to try and sell brutal murders/violent crimes.
The Chandler Halderson case posted earlier in this thread already has a bunch of channels milking it.
>That Chapter
>Fart Grande
>Christina Randall
>10 to Life
>True Crime Loser (he recaps trials/interrogations, but his stand-up comedy routine comes through sometimes. This is why he uses a narrator for his JCS channel.)
>True Crime Daily (they covered this case pre-trial)
picrel is Chandler posing where he later hid his mom's dismembered legs. I wanted to show how quickly content gets made by numerous channels, but I also think the autistic Stephanie stans might understand what's going on when she inevitably makes a multipart series.

No. 1439540

that's what I mean, she has an advantage compared to other true crime youtubers, access to local stories that are only available in Korean, If she just slightly better presentation she could be one of the top true crime youtubers

No. 1439542

old, but why consider it gross?.. genuinely interested
as I see it: a fan send him a thing to be validated as a fan and he replied with a like emoji
not on a snapchat though, so I don’t know what etiquette is there

No. 1439553

yeah, same with crimes in japan. i only ever hear about them in true crime subreddits.

No. 1439669

Thanks for the recommendation, nonnie. I'm watching his video now, and her storytelling seems respectful (no jokes, no grwm, no mukbang, and CRAZY TV includes clips instead of stock footage.) I kind of think she appears unpolished because she's not cracking jokes and making a soyjack face in her thumbnails (like the popular youtubers do.) Anyway, I'm into her so far, and she's got my sub.

No. 1439766

OT anon but are you talking about Unboxed, Watched, and Reviewed? I loved that guy. Plagued Moth is gross, he pretends to be virtuous while profiting off of disgusting content/people's pain. That Unboxed guy made light of nasty shit (I don't remember if he covered much gore, tbh) but he certainly didn't act like he was a morally good person for doing it, unlike that creepy closet case Plagued Moth.

No. 1439794

File: 1644515823846.jpg (32.82 KB, 1280x720, f7Kun6u.jpg)

I skimmed but didn't see him mentioned but anything bad on That Chapter? I enjoy his straightforward method he just reports might poke at absurdity but he doesn't seem full of himself.

No. 1439929

His forced awkwardness is tiring.

No. 1439958

He's annoying and I feel like his videos are too goofy/insensitive but that isn't milk.

No. 1439967

God, I fucking hate him and was hoping more people would be shit-talking how annoying and ugly he is. Dude looks like he's gonna age into a very old, old man before he's even 40 and has a child's voice. Just so ugly. I couldn't stand him long enough to see whether or not he was milky

No. 1439970

ctrl + 'turd' 'turdy' 'moike' 'that chapter' 'thatchapter'

No. 1440005

thank you nonnie. he's so ugly and desperate for validation easily gained by viewers who haven't heard enough irish accents for them to stop being a novelty and is the only one I've seen make jokes explicitly at the victim's expense, just creepy narcissistic vibes all around. I honestly think at least one of the maybe 3 posts in this thread throwing him out there were written by him too.

No. 1440006

sage shit like this

No. 1440085

Just like something for once without compulsively trying to dig up dirt on it nonnie. It's ok.

No. 1440128

File: 1644535134309.png (30.81 KB, 204x246, 1620656509194.png)

kek anon

No. 1440151

I absolutely loathe that fucker too. his channel was recommended to me by YouTube (I guess because I like watching spooky stuff/some true crime) and looking at his thumbnails alone made me nauseous. More than any of these goofy, vain true crime channels, this disgusting person profits from pure pain, misery and horror. he makes my skin crawl.

No. 1440280

i agree that he is leaning too hard on the dark humor since he’s blown up but I can’t remember him ever making a joke at the victim’s expense tbh

No. 1440500

you can't remember because he jokes about everyone involved in the case for his quirky storytelling

No. 1440664

File: 1644598499838.jpg (338.84 KB, 1080x1878, banforrodentgenes.jpg)

Did you even watch this >>1426608 video? Not even 5 minutes in he makes a beetus joke about the son of the murdered victims (the same person who will probably give a victim impact statement at the sentencing hearing.) The brother's diabetes was a big point in the trial, because the murderer immediately pretended he got a head injury for sympathy and to keep lying.

Old post, but I missed it because I was banned (to the mods credit, they revoked it because the anon that reported me can't read) but this guy is a stand-up comedian on his other channel.

No. 1440703

go outside and touch grass

No. 1441065

you’re right I totally forgot about that, i even remember thinking it was inappropriate when I watched it so im a dumbass

No. 1441417

you're good, nonnie - there's so much tc content, and all the creators regurgitate eachother/wikipedia/magellantv/audible so it can be hard to keep track.
Also, bless the anon that posted this creator >>1439438 (she meets a lot of this criteria >>1404244)

No. 1442172

File: 1644761606279.png (16.05 MB, 5248x19000, jcs infograph.png)

i made an infograph about jcs and his side channels because i saw someone asking about it, and noticed he recently removed the narrator from the description credits. i wonder what's up with that? he's always been credited previously.

No. 1442188

Nonny…. This is a little embarrassing for you. I'm sorry you put so much work into it but there's no tinfoil. Gotta do a bit more research beyond just youtube.

Youtube has been removing JCS Psychology videos due to violence or whatever, and JCS Psychology actually recently made a post about it (I'm subscribed). The J C S channel is the patreon channel, I accidentally stumbled upon it once and was happy cause I'd seen all their vids. I'm assuming TCL and JCS work together, I recall someone saying that TCL has assisted JCS on some videos. Of course there's no "jim". It's a group of folks working together, and one of those people can definitely be TCL. Content farms are gonna content farm. TCL posts and JCS shares it in social media spheres vice versa. They're not the same person and there's no conspiracy. They shared topics around the same time because they both worked with each other on said topics, plus they have different methods of delivering the content (in a way).

I don't understand the "conspiracy" around kizzume? Kizzume posts extremely political content, and I'm assuming people think that Kizzume is JCS? And maybe the traffic to Kizzume's channel is not exactly what JCS would want. I've been to Kizzume's channel, what a shit show in the comments. I can only assume that JCS didn't include Kizzume because either Kizzume doesn't want to be involved in YT nuking JCS or because JCS and Kizzume have nothing to do with each other as channels, he's just a narrator.

No. 1442189

File: 1644763844972.jpg (315.6 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220213-093628_You…)

Forgot screenshot. Seriously, what's the tinfoil? JCS has never claimed to be Kizzume vice versa same with TCL and they've been very transparent about working together until recently when YouTube started trashing channels and related channels, so I'm sure they cut visible ties

No. 1442197

Because it explains his shitty jokes >>1416559 - did you even watch 'wrath of jodi'? It was unbearable with all of the unnecessary and unfunny jokes. It also explains why JCS videos take so long to come out, and why they're mostly lazy re-edits >>1404229. I understand this thread casts a wide net, but true crime stans are seriously as thin-skinned as the creators.

No. 1442361

I can't remember which video it was, but I stopped watching after he made repeated jokes about how men can't be victims of sexual or physical abuse, even though the video was literally about some guy being sexual abused and murdered.

No. 1442478

who was he sexually abused by?

No. 1442574

I don’t understand how men think that sexual abuse or rape is a joke, what the fuck is the punchline? It’s not funny it’s just not something they understand so it’s an unknown they are able to laugh at, it’s ignorant as fuck. Women don’t joke about that, and men need to check their male friends about it. A lot of men do get sexually abused especially when they’re younger because older male caretakers have access to them, and the extremely rare woman, but that does happen with men who end up committing crimes after the damage it causes. A lot of men who were abused repeat the process, women tend to internalize it. The point is it’s not funny, and it’s not even just about “hur hur men can’t get sexually abused/raped”, it’s obviously the violation of autonomy, the blurring of those boundaries, and how they survive around other men. I’m actually shocked more men don’t call out their male friends when they probably know someone who was abused, they’re definitely not all smaller and afraid of someone like him.

No. 1442821

As I mentioned, JCS is not one individual person.
> It also explains why JCS videos take so long to come out, and why they're mostly lazy re-edits
Or, as I said and as you mentioned, they all do research and make vids on the same topic and are a content farm, spacing out the rate at which they deliver content so that it doesn't seem like they ARE basically rehashing content.

I'm not being thin-skinned, just pointing out how you're incorrect with some of your tinfoiling kek. If you want to consider me thin skinned for actually asking you to go further in your theory and answering the questions you posed, then maybe you're the one that should thicken up nonny.

No. 1442823

samefag, but I wasn't even trying to be mean necessarily, just bewildered that you went into a great effort putting that image together for "shocking" news that isn't super shocking if you cast a rock further than the bank. But also! You should be a bit more expected of people to poke holes at your theories, that's the whole point of a theory/tinfoil. You are not always going to be 100% right and it's kind of cringe to get mad at people that correct you/provide explanations to you.

No. 1442980

File: 1644862404414.jpg (187.28 KB, 1080x794, LEAVE.jpg)

wtaf are you on about other than dick-riding for a content creator? i made an infograph because there are anons in this very thread that were asking what the side channel was (not to mention the general confusion outside this thread)
and this is a fucking imageboard, so i'm not wasting time writing out a thesis to white-knight some creator, especially when they have comment sections where you can go bash clits with other stans and get a creator heart for commenting how funny and smart they are.

No. 1443892

File: 1644943720548.jpg (147.51 KB, 1929x1080, kekdripdrop.jpg)

Enough infighting - I present another funny cap from the true crime juggalo. >>1436286

No. 1443964

File: 1644948702492.jpg (185.65 KB, 1552x966, www.JPG)

"I have a world wide Team that helps make and produce these videos"

No. 1444209

File: 1644969270142.jpg (299.5 KB, 1080x1590, 20220215_175231.jpg)

these intros and comments are hilarious.

No. 1452551

File: 1645896363915.jpeg (859.47 KB, 828x1402, 05250ECC-E905-4BF8-97D6-1AF2BC…)

Grazy TV is posting about their past life regression session and their fans are eating it up.

No. 1452566

her sponsorships are also the worst, she's always pushing some new age, pseudoscientific shit. just off the top of my head: psychic services, essential oils…

No. 1452624

Drip Drop is awesome. One time he wore a scarecrow hat in an intro. I never knew I needed a true crime Juggalo (my autocorrect capitalized Juggalo kek) until Crime Circus. I think the kid that narrates sometimes is his son, "Mini Drip". He mentioned it in the comments or maybe it was at the end of one of the videos.

No. 1453191

File: 1645979012352.jpg (30.94 KB, 300x300, hallan-danelle-image.jpg)

What are your opinions on Danelle Hallan?

No. 1453196

I can't stand Stephanie harlowes "sickness in my brain" intro thing

Also pretty sure ThatChapter intentionally talks as slowly as possible. HAVE to watch him on dpuble

No. 1453210

In the newest Crime Weekly ep, ep 65, there's a little argument between Stephanie and Derek at 1h 42min ish.
"You saying you can't judge someone? Guys!" when Stephanie defends the PI in the case conducting himself in an unprofessional manner due to being emotionally attached to the case.
Sage for no milk, just thought it might be an interesting tidbit to add to our character analysis of the two.

No. 1453309

Even the way he types is Juggalo-reminiscent. Bless

No. 1453414

Any milk on LPOTL? I enjoy them but the tendency to blame mothers for criminal scrote behaviour they have annoys me a bit. They totally blow mommy issues out of proportion like if the mothers weren't there men wouldn't become serial rapist murderers or something. Sage+sorry for no contribution and spoonfeeding, ctrl+fd the page but my browser is a bit janky.

No. 1453960

sorry on who?

No. 1454051

I just found a new channel… "Musical True Crime." Yikes.

No. 1454381

File: 1646096793056.jpg (215.16 KB, 1080x808, 20220228_190554.jpg)

i'm pretty sure this guy has a sissy/humiliation fetish

No. 1454392

Last Podcast On the Left.

Not YouTubers, but I haven't seen any milk here.

No. 1454395

Unfortunately I don't know any good milk but I want to finally say that I can't stand Henry and all his porn addicted coomer MILF shit. His wife Natalie is also a huge pickme who has a whole true crime podcast (Some Place Underneith) related to missing women with a cohost where they constantly apologize to troons that their material is always focused on ""cis"" women. Also they unironically say "not all men" all the time on SPUN.

No. 1454396

seems like a sweet person and her videos have never come off as disrespectful in any way, she's really good at empathy. i do wonder why she homeschools her kids and if she divorced but that's just because i'm nosy lmao

No. 1454503

Everytime a male starts a true crime podcast or youtube channel, I just expect them to hunt down female criminals to "balance out" their catalog of material due to how the majority of crimes, especially the worst ones, are committed by men. And even if that, they'll somehow try to tie it back and blame the women around those criminals for the crime. I just dont bother with them

No. 1454662

That's fair. I think a lot of people had LPOTL as their first true crime podcast since it was the first in the true crime/comedy podcast genre and has been going for like ten years or something, but they're still scrotes so they have the same issues as all of their clones in the genre

No. 1454971

I hate that intro too. Nobody wants to see her corny ass walking into her kitchen to make coffee. She's so full of herself.

No. 1454999

File: 1646173961488.jpg (229.36 KB, 1080x1250, 20220301_162926.jpg)

drip's got a sponsor in his newest video, paired with the title 'CRAZED Man in DEBT does Multi State Crime Spree'

No. 1455003

File: 1646174058583.jpg (49.11 KB, 1080x597, 20220301_163336.jpg)

he also flashes a cotton candy drank and some actual cotton candy as snacks for the interrogation kek

No. 1455193

File: 1646180770476.jpeg (797.4 KB, 2183x854, 9FE4EBB5-F92C-4B8A-AA99-7AF154…)

Surprised nobody has talked about this chick yet. Terribly researched videos, grammar mistakes all while doing makeup a la Bailey Sarian or whatever

No. 1455229

did she use the same picture of herself for two different thumbnails? kek

No. 1455235

File: 1646182552963.jpg (376.03 KB, 1080x1920, inthisvideooooo.jpg)

Clipart spamming of their own image is pretty funny - I noticed this with Eleanor Neale's channel, because she's been putting in a random fat picture of herself between updated pics.

No. 1455247

was literally just watching the Robert Hansen video while doing chores. her research is terrible. he grew up resenting women because he was disfigured from severe acne and had a stutter. he was ignored by teenage girls during school. she doesn't say any of that. she instead talks about the fact his school yearbook spelled his last name wrong?? these true crime youtubers are becoming dangerous with misinformation. i hope she doesn't do current cases.

No. 1455360

She's encompasses everything wrong with zoomers. She makes terrible meme jokes constantly and has shit takes because TikTok probably taught her psychology

No. 1455446

She also got several points wrong in her JFK assassination video. like she called Lee Harvey Oswald, Lee Howard in the video. Thats SURFACE LEVEL research and she got it wrong

No. 1455623

I like her compared to all the others. I still don't like when these creators put their faces in the thumbnails, though. I think it's enough that you're presenting yourself the entire video, I just think the thumbnails with their faces are a lil cringe, some definitely more than others…

lol'd at the file name.

No. 1456673

Paige made another video covering true crime content more generally.

No. 1456698

File: 1646325342710.png (4.35 MB, 1080x8596, harlowe slapfight.png)

kek, found a slapfight over stephanie harlowe in the comment section

No. 1456797

SA-The first Stephanie I'm talkig about is the white one with the glasses btw.

No. 1456954

every time i see people defending stephanie harlowe it's always that she's "so researched" but the few videos of hers that i watched were 90% wikipedia point-by-point. the other 10% was a deodorant ad. i don't even hate her but thorough is not a word i'd use to describe her content

No. 1458640

File: 1646506151847.png (226.43 KB, 1275x1200, stlc.png)

anybody listen to Suffer the Little Children? I saw this comment thread a while back and thought it was interesting, though I don't really agree about some parts, but wondering what you guys think? Maybe not even about her content in particular, but do you think it's GOOD to have a ton of details, even if they are unsettling? to me, it's kind of refreshing to have actual details directly from police reports, etc. compared to all this regurgitated information that adds nothing new, and when people get upset it kind of strikes me like they want to be ignorant of the truth, almost? they want to like pretend this horrible shit doesn't exist in the world?

Do y'all think having "gory" details should be a no-no, or if it's done in a black and white and factual/respectful/analytical way, it's fine?

No. 1458740

I think people only find her research good because the bar is literally underground with some of these youtubers, like Elanor for example. If you even put a little bit of effort into making it look like you did some research you can get praise from true crime youtube fans

No. 1458836

I was literally thinking this the other day when reading the thread. when the competition just re-hashes the same common-knowledge information about cases, you’ll stand out if you put a tiny bit more effort. it’s amazing how people are blinded by her embellished, projecting and takes it as like she has some sort of insider knowledge or like she did extra research. it’s all her own projection and she pads her videos like a student trying to add extra words to meet essay requirements lel.

No. 1459024

to be fair, i think this can be said for like, most genres of youtube. music, general commentary, fashion, movies, video games, etc. they introduce a clip, talk over it the entire time (or keep stopping it), and then explain it afterwards. that way the runtime pads to over 10 minutes easily. instant 500k views.

No. 1459048

Ive kind of avoided talking about her because I find her personality significantly more likable than most of them but she is definitely one of the more disrespectful and exploitative such as Bailey. I think she’s a competent entertainer and storyteller truly maybe should pivot to something else

No. 1459055

File: 1646545786303.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1026, CB4945C1-F722-459F-A861-B6633C…)

The way this thumbnail is arranged I really thought she was the face of the murderer for a moment lmao. Til I recognized the chandler name in title. Like her hair and makeup is truly giving off pathological liar who murdered her parents I can’t understand them thinking look cute like this

No. 1459198

File: 1646559551425.jpg (1.02 MB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20220306-033139_You…)

>The way this thumbnail is arranged I really thought she was the face of the murderer for a moment lmao
kek - kendall rae's husband (josh) always manages to looks like a perp, even with other moids in the image. i think these women feel like they somehow enhance a case with a glamour/pouty/vanity moment.

No. 1459314

Yes, this is so true. Youtube used to be so much better before the most generic, low effort content became all that could gain traction without being banned for content violations

No. 1462956

File: 1646918218831.jpg (26.82 KB, 378x295, Näyttökuva 2022-03-10 140433.j…)

What the actual fuck is this? Why is the literal child edited to look like a hooker?

No. 1463102

kek @48:00 stephanie and derrick start talking about 'cloning willy' kits, and they banter back and forth about no one having suggested derrick clone his. they also talked about meeting up in a hotel and doing unspeakable things at the beginning of the podcast - i stg they're encouraging the swinger rumors.

No. 1463109

Omg, this kept popping up for me, and I thought it was a weird Selena Gomez edit.

No. 1463119

I want to know the reasoning behind this, it keeps showing up in my recommendations.

No. 1463155

they've 100% fucked and you cant convince me otherwise

No. 1463229

unrelated but related, there was a video about a very traumatized little girl, she had this hair style and a striped shirt. I know she went through sexual abuse and the title of the vide was like, "child psychopath " or something really distasteful. It was made by a crime youtuber and I can't find it but it gave me the same vibes as this thumbnail. I don't know maybe I'm misremembering but I do know it rubbed me the wrong way.
Also, I saw three people talk about the same case again. It's a old case too, about a young scrote killing a young girl and hiding her under his water bed. It's like one person talks about it and suddenly five other channels make the same video, with the same details. It's like they do no research or look for unique cases.
It's almost always old cases too. I find it weird that murders "trend" on crime youtube. Like some become "popular " to talk about of that makes sense.

No. 1463342

was it about mary bell as well?

No. 1463353

Funnily enough her name is Beth, and the title was "evil" child. If I can recall her story was she abused her little brother. Seems like she hated men because what happened to her, she was sexually abused by a scrote (I believe her dad). I haven't watched a video on her case in a while though. This is what I was talking about. I don't like calling a abused girl a "evil child".

No. 1463380

Yeah they definitely gotta chill with making these sensationalized titles and thumbnails to get those views. She never had a chance to know what morality and normalcy truly is when she was already being mistreated and abused. This sensationalized shit where they call young kids psychopathic and evil when they act out in extreme ways due to abuse is a bit odd.

No. 1463400

I like her but im not a huge fan of her true crime content cause she still has some of the same issues as other true crime youtubers. Honestly she should probably pivot to other content more since she is a good story teller. True crime brings in the views but more and more people are calling it out and realizing how exploitative the community is as a whole.

Like others have said, ive noticed multiple things shes just gotten wrong, and a couple misplaced jokes that could have probably just been taken out, but not as inappropriate as baileys jokes. Although I do think her conspiracy videos are a good replacement and less annoying than that guy who fucks his cat.

No. 1463883

>Also, I saw three people talk about the same case again. It's a old case too, about a young scrote killing a young girl and hiding her under his water bed.
it's pretty funny/sad how obvious these creators treat actual incidents like royalty-free creepypasta fads
>Eleanor Neale (1 year ago)
>EWU Crime Storytime (13 days ago)
>Twisted Minds (8 days ago)
>True Crime Recaps (4 days ago)

No. 1463912

File: 1647004231265.jpg (101.4 KB, 1080x1080, 20220311_070512.jpg)

case in point, mr 'clumpy rhino' reuploaded this documentary, but otherwise uploads elden ring and dark souls gameplay.

No. 1463914

not related to this content but does anyone find harlowe's intro with "she's like a sickness in my brain, blah blah blah", basically a romantic song idealizing a woman combined with an intro of HER making coffee seem a little narcissistic? why would you overlay a song praising a woman (obviously poised to make it look like yourself) while you stand around doing slice-of-life dressed up in makeup shit for a fucking youtube video about horrific crimes?

No. 1463919

File: 1647005507046.jpg (141.3 KB, 1080x1085, 20220311_072920.jpg)

>'everyone is milking bianca, but i wanted to make sure to be respectful!'
>squirts half a hershey bottle into a mug while seductress music plays

No. 1463920

it's annoying as fuck but she's also genuinely a huge narcissist and has to insert herself into any situation even in the most horrific disgusting crimes. look at the way she has to mention "well as a mom i personally…" in any context where the parents of a murder victim acted a way she didn't personally agree with. she's one of those people who will have to CONSTANTLY remind you about her opinion and the fact that she'd probably do it differently(which means better in her head kek).

No. 1463922

I think in her mind, she's that ideal, badass woman when really she's just a fucking dork. She probably has written edgy fanfiction at one point in her life with a Mary Sue self-insert.

No. 1463925

her aeryn gillern video helped me realize how massive of a cow she is, it all boils down to 'europeans bad, americans always right'

No. 1463987

If the creator includes themselves visually in the videos at all it's a hard no.

No. 1463989

>edgelord name

No. 1464040

yeesh, clickbaiting your relationship with an abusive murderer by using a title like 'My Friend Decapitated His Girlfriend' is an unholy level of grimey. these people are something else - the woman seemed to feel like it was necessary to talk about her best memory with the murderer. just, wow… i counted 17 ads.

No. 1464082

she 100% thinks her intro is her theme song

No. 1468543

nasolabial folds

No. 1469065

my best guest would be someone ran the original image (which is very grainy) through remini or something to make it higher quality, and the AI added in those details? still very weird tho lol

No. 1472356

File: 1647568691125.png (759.99 KB, 662x816, mim.png)

wait, did eleanor neale get weight loss surgery? or did she just lose weight naturally?

No. 1472420

i noticed her face changing pretty gradually in her videos so i think it's natural but i could be wrong. she looks great though

No. 1472541

File: 1647581326424.png (625.21 KB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_20220318-022613~2.p…)

Laughing at this reply I'm just seeing, I commented this a week after the video had been out, no one else had even noticed my comment. Kek, the cope.

No. 1472543

Samefag but I'm sick of her shitty intros and that Chemical Love song. It's insensitive as fuck to prance around in your expensive kitchen using your 400 dollar espresso machine while you're about to talk about the murdered and the missing. So self indulgent and vain. I don't need you to giggle and smile at the camera, Stephanie, I want information about these missing kids.

No. 1472544

Holy fuck Derrick is blowing up like a balloon

No. 1472584

File: 1647586794683.jpg (13.26 KB, 342x152, 20220316_123617.jpg)

KEK she's so fucking cunty, and her weird sperm brows don't help. sage for stupid, but her eyes in the newest crime weekly seemed extra intense.
also, she's trying comedy to get people to not 'spoil the ending' of a 30yo case.
she's clearly telling her fans not to watch these videos, or post 'spoilers' in the comments
he has a very unfortunate jaw shape

No. 1472586

File: 1647587413104.png (1.07 MB, 1051x855, thumbnail.png)

Thumbnails like these make me so sick. How do these people live with themselves?

No. 1472587

She removed the comment kekkkkk

No. 1472594

she's terribly immature and pathetic. a mother of like 3?? acting like this. it makes you a jealous idiot to find the opening distasteful. okay, stephanie. i am so sick of her. i can't stand the way people act like she's "one of the good ones". literally where. she's so unbelievably vain and thinskinned, both absolutely incompatible qualities for such a channel.

No. 1472598

Would she talk to me this way if she knew that I've watched her for 3 years and was her patron for 2 years? Probably. She'd probably be bothered that I was no longer a supporter. This comment wasn't even about the chemical love coffee bullshit, it was cringe at her stupid spooky stairs video. It was actually bad, hard to listen to. I couldn't even get through the video because the women was just reading creepy pastas on reddit. I just watched her Orson and Orrin Wells video and of course she had her sickening obnoxious coffee intro, and throughout the video going on random tangents about how a person is saying a word too many times, or about how she was retarded and didn't know her infant sons leg was broken. She is so far up her ass, I don't know how people stand putting up with her useless interjections.

No. 1472609

File: 1647592727371.webm (17.41 MB, 1920x1080, shitto baka.webm)

> I just watched her Orson and Orrin Wells video and of course she had her sickening obnoxious coffee intro
a gift for my fellow jealous idiots
oh my god, i need to believe her narcissism is bloated to the point she monitors unsaged threads. i have tinfoil there are messages between her and crapshart, because shart was sucking stephanie's tits so hard before she was exposed for posting here last summer. fr tho, why would she leave such a petty comment up for 3 weeks before removing?

No. 1472762

I know it's a nitpick but her coffees always look so gross too with all the whipped cream or Hershey's syrup or whatever that runs over the cup

No. 1472832

what does she honestly think she has to be jealous of?

I’m a barista and her shitty coffee is so goddamn triggering

No. 1473156

Wow lurking much Stephanie? Wouldn’t be surprised she can’t take hate at all

No. 1473737

This is a bit tinfoil-y but years ago I was on a support forum for abusive/narcissistic/dysfunctional families and a poster there was ranting about his brother who was a licensed professional and made youtube videos about mental health, behaviors, relationship dynamics etc. and yet was unable to see how their lives growing up abusive I ALWAYS wondered if he was talking about this guy lmao. The main things I remembered was that this poster said their dad beat them on the regular and that his brother (youtuber) was the golden child, still had contact with the family while the poster was the scapegoat and was pretty much no contact with all of them.

No. 1473972

I hate the fake stutter thing That Chapter does, if it's not fake it's annoying.
"Then-then he decided to sucks teeth" do the old snatch and grab dramatic pause* he wasn't the only one thinking of doing that this night. You see, it-it wasn't a good idea"

No. 1474071

File: 1647711225374.png (518.52 KB, 329x655, mrballs.png)

I don't mind his videos but this one reaction face he uses for every other video he puts out makes me want to gouge my eyes out every time i see it

No. 1474191


As someone who got weight loss surgery three years ago, I think she got it as well. Her hair looks more scraggly, a little thinner from hair loss. Her eyes look more sunken in compared to before the surgery (the hair loss as well as the sunken eyes/less fat around the eyes are definitely from not absorbing vitamins from food as well anymore). She lost the weight REALLY fast, actually (you drop the majority of it within the first 6 months, and gradually more over the next year or so). Her face probably held onto a bit more of it for a while, the same happened with me. She probably got the sleeve.

Her vanity is SUPER annoying now and shows how full of herself and arrogant she is. Can't stand her anymore.

No. 1476901

anyone looking for an awesome true crime podcast check out true crime brewery. its a husband and wife who do their own research and give the victims of the cases the respect they deserve. theyre a bit older so theyre over all the bullshit. I also like lordan arts. he has stayed the same the past several years I been watching him. theres a new true crime channel called dreading which the narrator kind of sounds lispy like napoleon dynamite but he does a ton of research and always adds stuff ive never heard before.

No. 1478307

File: 1648021035795.jpg (179.05 KB, 985x1229, Screenshot_20220323-093552_You…)

I really could have lived the rest of my days peacefully without seeing cunty Stephanie's unfortunate cleavage

No. 1478352

She looks like an older version of that weird bitch who trolled chris chan

No. 1478388

This somehow feels in poor taste.

No. 1478421

>cunty Stephanie's unfortunate cleavage

kek'd out loud

No. 1478493

kek she really needs to leave her glasses on. also, derrick's dreamworks eyebrows make him look extra stupid.

No. 1478603

in stephanie's newest multipart series, she kicks off with a native deodorant ad and says he favorite scent is cherry macaron, but pronounces it like 'macarone'. she pronounces a lot of words in a really bizarre way (especially documen-tary) and brags that her dad knows another language (i'm pretty sure she's mentioned french specifically) - i think it's an nlog thing, but it always reminded me of vidrel.

No. 1478792

sage for irrelevant but I'm pretty sure her dad's italian.

No. 1478894

File: 1648061021305.jpeg (297.3 KB, 880x663, 87E63D3D-248D-487B-84FC-833F41…)

ASMR talking about a murder? Wtf. I hope there is an afterlife so these youtubers who make actual tragedies into trivial things to discuss after sponsoring Raid Shadow Legends or some shit burn in hell. This is so weird and gross.

No. 1478903

we having Mukbang true crime YouTubers, really can't get any lower then that

No. 1479030

Shes sounds like that because she lives in upstate NY. I have the same accent.

No. 1480143

Out of all the stories she did, bailey sarian won't touch the black on white crimes ones.

What a fucking bitch, always preaching about justice and racial prejudices while completely ignoring the blatant ones coming from black America against white and asian folks. don't sperg anons, stats are real, get over it.

She also is so nonchalant when talking about white on white cases, yet will literally shed tears for the rare white on black crime stories. What can I say, antiwhiteism is real.(racebait)

No. 1480163

Tbh these youtubers have no business talking about stuff like this and true crime should just be demonitized content. I cant think of a single reason why some random person on YouTube who had no background in criminal science or any of the adjacent fields should get paid for regurgitating murderpedia with their own performative reactions. Half the time these people are spreading some kind of misinformation and the half of the time they're so biased it's almost embaressing to see the lack of self awareness. People shouldn't make entertainment based careers based on the disturbing tragedies of others. Its delusional these people think they have the right to make money off of turning other people's suffering into content.

The Mukbang ones are disgusting beyond belief and I think there's a special place in hell for people who can casually laugh and gluttonsly consume more food than one person should have in three days all while talking about the brutal rape and murder of innocent people. It's like they're trying to tackle all the "seven deadly sins" at once kek. This new generation is so fucked with how much media is shamelessly desentizing human suffering.

No. 1480390

just had this in my recommendation and had the same reaction as you.
Also aren't asmr videos for relaxation, who in their right mind is being relaxed by a murder explanation video????

No. 1480396

>>whispers they were strangled to death
Oh yeah this is so relaxing.
>>then they had their parts cut out
oh yeah this is giving me tingles
>>then they were cooked and eaten
mmm now im asleep.

No. 1482203

File: 1648318227132.gif (835.71 KB, 300x214, kitty.gif)

omfg the rat face is even worse without the glasses.

No. 1486751

KEK @moik casually mocking english accents in his newest video (8:50) how will accentfags cope?

No. 1486757

Newfag here so sorry if I'm late to the party.
I'm 100% convinced the reason why the Orrin and Orson West case got fumbled so badly was because of all the true crime youtubers that leeched onto the case….there were a lot of people that took it upon themselves to play the vigilante justice route because of shit being said on the internet.

The cops could've done better and it was obvious the parents did it but I feel like any early attempts to make arrests got fucked over by careless clickbait farmers.

No. 1486759

absolutely - i remember this linda woman covering the case, and it always rubbed me extremely wrong that she was ordering frames for victims before they were confirmed to be dead. the adopted parents of the west twins recently got arrested, and i saw she upgraded to a rotating digital frame.

No. 1494584

Will slapping Chris seems to be adjacent enough to true crime that all the grifters are giving their opinions. I'm 10 minutes into vidrel and they're still talking about the assault.

No. 1494589

File: 1649265886624.png (3.12 MB, 1080x2712, i hate fart grande.png)

I choose to believe this tinfoil.

No. 1494701

Anyone know anything about Dreading? I've been listening to his videos and I find him a lot more tolerable than say, JCS (JCS got so weird and the bitchy commentary/sly jokes were just annoying). But I haven't seen a lot of his videos yet so I could be wrong. I wish there was a female true crime YouTuber who was just a voice and not annoying as fuck

No. 1494711

i started watching his channel too, nonnie. i actually find him pretty enjoyable i hope he keeps it up.

No. 1494744

sick of this self-righteous faggot

No. 1495700

Couldn't even get through the video because they wouldn't shut the fuck up about something completely irrelevant to the victim that they're supposed to be talking about. They were sharing jokes as if they weren't about to talk about a kid being killed.

No. 1496214

File: 1649431368311.jpeg (43.19 KB, 1170x252, 38F99EF7-521F-433F-B428-98ECB1…)

I’m so tired of people sucking on Buzzfeed Unsolved’s dicks. people shit on female true crime youtubers all the time for daring to do makeup or talk about the cases in a casual way but Shane and Ryan can joke and laugh for like 300 videos about the dead and that’s totally okay bc they’re like gay for each other or something. they don’t add anything of value to any cases, Ryan is a scared little bitch and Shane is a calloused asshole. yet it’s okay for them to joke about child murder? fuck scrotes.

No. 1496262

File: 1649438229950.png (564.77 KB, 750x1334, 922A8757-12C5-4C14-AB8B-A50A81…)

Maybe don’t put your image or YOUR CHILDRENS images on a non-private account for random people to see.

No. 1496265

File: 1649438342715.png (446.36 KB, 750x1334, B88869BF-3CAB-4850-B3CC-09ACBB…)

Samefag, but especially when people were already rubbed the wrong way about her face being the whole video but she never cared then…because she was on this weight loss journey and felt good I guess. Now that she’s lacking confidence in her image she has something to say about people pointing out her appearance. She needs to get over herself.

No. 1496291

>Ryan is a scared little bitch and Shane is a calloused asshole
I fully and gladly admit I don't watch buzzfeed, but this is a hilarious summary of those annoying soys.
It's always funny to see the hypocrisy of these creators.
>You surely wouldn't say this to someone's face!!!
They never seem to consider whether or not they'd say all the gorey details about a victim's death to their face, so it's honestly ridiculous when they're so upset about the comments on videos they choose to publish.
>53 seconds ago
She couldn't even wait a full minute before bitching on another platform kek.

No. 1497417

File: 1649548852222.jpg (241.41 KB, 1079x892, Screenshot_20220410-005831_You…)

For anons who have been asking about a female led true crime channel which doesn't have faces in it I can recommend Truly Criminal - I think it is run by 2 sisters, they treat the subject matter very seriously and there is no joking around. They also tend to some lesser known cases (to me at least)

No. 1497423

Bailey's not even a cow, so why include her? If that's all it takes to be a cow, then aren't cows, too?

No. 1497424

then aren't we cows too?*

No. 1497430

She talks about murdered women and children while doing her ugly ass drag make up. How is she not a cow?

No. 1497433

Sorry anon but Bailey is easily one of the worst out of all the true crimes cows. Even when she's talking about the most hideous disgusting explicit shit, she can't even take it seriously and always has to put on that sarcastic jokey tone. At least people like Kendall Rae try to take it seriously and also have a support line for relatives of missing people etc.
As far as I'm aware, Bailey does nothing else except apply shitty makeup while making cringe quips and quirky dark little jokes over a person who got assaulted or murdered. The entire idea of "makeup and true crime! Xox" like it's an unconventional little storyline is fucking abhorrent and a big fuck you to both the victims of those crimes and their relatives. The least these cows can do is at least pretend to put on an act of seriousness or genuine care, but they don't.

No. 1497487

don’t think he’s been mentioned, but have binge watched Dave’s Lemonade recently and I think he does fantastic doing the victims and their family/friends justice. he speaks very poignantly about them but not in a weird projecting way like Stephanie Harlowe does.

No. 1497731

Watching one video of his was enough for me to know he is a retarded scrote with no real insight on topics he spergs about. I hate him and people that keep watching him and with their time pay for his bills.
To think this sort of person may treat real people professionally is scary, maybe it's for the better that he is on yt and can't directly harm anyone, but there is still a possibility his moronic takes do harm other people's perceptions.

No. 1497887

Hard agree with this anon, this channel absolutely deals with these topics with class and dignity.

No. 1498346

Dave's Lemonade kicks ass.

No. 1498444

I absolutely hate the way he compares himself to Chris Watts by saying how much better he is. Like, no shit dude - literally everyone is better than Chris Watts. Vidrel was a hot topic for a while, and Grande Fart was acting so smug about being married whenever he talked about Chris having affairs.
Also, he needs to shave his balding head.

No. 1498451

File: 1649662623870.jpg (183.25 KB, 1080x804, 20220411_023047.jpg)

What a disgusting looking group of moids. How is he still talking about Chris?

No. 1498540

if they found he had terabytes of cp it would come as no surprise.

No. 1498988

Coffeehouse Crime is a very nonthreatening British gay who covers cases respectfully. Not amazing but a good background listen.

No. 1499023

File: 1649716244718.jpg (432.82 KB, 1080x1652, 20220411_172700.jpg)

ok anon, anonymously shitting on these try-hard attentionfags is totally the same as making soyjack thumbnails to cash-in on someone else's trauma and murder

No. 1499438

He's great, especially love his old pedo content.. Sometimes he just talks so much about hypotheticals though.. It can be exhausting.

Recently been loving dreading, just sometimes the pauses and exhausted sighs, or super quick sarcastic comments..

Damon variel? Only two videos so far, but I enjoyed them. More psychology instead of speculating. More jcs then daves lemonade. Also does brief summaries on the victims with a moment of silence for them. Makes it more personal..

No. 1500335

agreed anon, I just subscribed a month ago and have binged all his content. I love that he doesn't use any scandalised or salacious tones (looking at you Bailey) and pays a lot of respect to the victims.

No. 1500463

File: 1649867738052.jpeg (165.78 KB, 1125x865, BFC80117-4DEF-4730-9AED-20E69E…)

sorry but what the hell is this neck in this thumbnail

No. 1500557

No. 1501531

I'm putting this here because I'm sure many true crime creators will cover this (Stephanie Harlowe already did a 3 part series covering the crime 7 months ago.)
This moid killed his family 2 years ago, and the trail just started. Vidrel is him testifying in his defense yesterday.
If you can watch this moid blubber about how his wife was bit by a bug therefore it was actually her that killed the family/herself, and you have no idea what to think until Stephanie or Moike reuploads the footage while going 'omg what a monster' then you need to seek an autism diagnosis.

No. 1501532

dreading's editing is kind of cringe right now (his thumbnails like this one are shitty and he leaves verbal stumbles like stutters in his videos sometimes), but I genuinely think he's one of the best new true crime YouTubers right now. Unbiased and straightforward.

No. 1501556

File: 1649955701380.jpg (336.14 KB, 810x2086, 20220414_113234.jpg)

>dreading's editing is kind of cringe right now
the cringe part is over half of each video is reuploaded interrogation footage with very little to no commentary.

No. 1501603


Dreading really doesnt understand that the appeal of JCS was that they provided a lot of commentary throughout the interrogation footage and fast forwarded through the boring parts. I tried watchin a few of their videos and they're barely okay.

No. 1501753

Someone I haven't seen mentioned yet is Emma Kenny. I have not watched that many of her videos yet, but she seems to be really respectful of the victims, she's empathetic and humanizes them which is sometimes lacking in other channels. What I don't like is that she can be very repetitive throughout pretty much the whole video, and she tends to ramble which is why they are so unreasonably long. I understand an hour and a half long true crime video if it's someone showing analysis or psychology of interrogation footage etc. but this is mostly just her sitting there and conversationally describing the criminal/crime, probably ideal to play in the background. Her video on Aileen Wuornos was very based, and she seems pretty based in general regarding women's safety/predatory men. I don't know if she's a cow or not, if not then this is a recommendation. Also I like her intro

No. 1501775

File: 1649974859341.jpg (203.97 KB, 1080x1218, 20220414_172015.jpg)

reeee she still pronounces it weirdly like macarone

No. 1501776

she was featured in most episodes of a programme called Britain’s Darkest Taboos years ago and I remember not being able to stand her because she just rambled on and on about the most obvious, basic conclusions about a person’s behaviour. that plus way too much chewing the scenery put me off her big time

No. 1501778

File: 1649975106231.jpg (68.08 KB, 1080x834, chacarron.jpg)

No. 1501890

The watts case is just frustrating to keep up. You have women that are basically grown up columbiners who want to fuck chris and trash and blame shannon for being murdered. Then you got scrotes on the other side justifying it because "divorce rape" is worse than annihilating your entire family.

No. 1501916

i'm so tired of it. i'm tired of true crime nuts speculating on it. i'm tired of his dumbass face. i'm tired of people whining about shannon's mlm bullshit as if that justifies her being murdered. let her and the girls rest in peace and let him rot.

No. 1503026

the true crime juggalo is on it (i'm pretty sure the interrogation is cropped from the trial that was streamed this week)

No. 1503031

This trial is wild - the murderer gave a rebuttal to the victim impact statement, and I want to kek, but wow. Also, the detective that testified against this moid is a total babe, and I'd hope someone like that would be in charge of investigating my hypothetical murder.

No. 1503313

She's such a narcissistic asshole. Out of all of the things to blast someone for…a cookie? Really?

No. 1503386

eww. if you’ve seen dreading’s video on this case, the rambling letter he wrote to his father from jail was a real gem. always has to attempt to get the last word in by rewriting the narrative, it’s crazy that he couldn’t help himself to try doing it even in court. you can feel how uncomfortable everybody in that room is lmao.

No. 1503578

File: 1650190223068.jpg (727.83 KB, 810x4420, 20220417_045141.jpg)

The original gif was a dad being upset at a gender reveal, and Kendall Rae posted a gif of a disappointed grandma at a gender reveal. Stephanie jumped in to whiteknight, kek.

No. 1503585

A 40 year old trying to act and relate to 20 year olds is also full cringe Stephanie, but you still try.

No. 1503761

kendall and josh literally have two braincells between them. i remember this old episode where they covered conspiracies around jeffrey epstein's suicide, and they showed drone footage which they mentioned was uploaded by a man named 'rusty shackleford' @1:45:00 (this is also an episode with josh mispronounced 'satanic' as 'saitanic')

No. 1503763

File: 1650209281721.jpeg (12.79 KB, 289x289, pocket sand.jpeg)

i was a little blown away that they didn't get the reference to the meme name of a cartoon conspiracy theorist

No. 1503764

I love Coffeehouse crime. You can tell he does his research and he is so respectful. I always watch his videos before I sleep lol. He is really the only one I watch at the moment.

No. 1503780

No. 1503984

hate both Stephanie and Kendall. but fuck Stephanie especially, she preaches “research and knowledge r gud” then says somebody is cringe for backing up a claim?

No. 1506813

File: 1650472816634.jpg (362.44 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20220418-140900_You…)

picrel from the ewu channel made me kek

No. 1506815

that song stephanie uses or idk if she still does during her intro is the worst and most annoying thing ever

No. 1506825

File: 1650473507673.jpg (344.26 KB, 1080x2057, 20220420_115127.jpg)

yeah, but she made a joke in her newest video about renaming it to 'hot chocolate & crime' after being roasted too hard for her drink concoctions.

No. 1507095

Emmy Kenny ramblings on and on, sometimes I start her video and i'll look up and she's talking about something that barely has to do with the case. I think maybe the video went to the next case, nope, it's 30 mintues in and she's barely gotten to the point.

No. 1507163

This is weird, I just put on her new Tia Sharp video for background noise. I actually really like her. She had a few based takes

No. 1507292

I do enjoy her videos, she just rambles a lot, funny enough that was one of the videos I tried to watch today and then I closed out. I actually like long videos. Maybe it's just me then.

No. 1507668

god I tried to watch Stephanie's most recent video for background noise and a few minutes in she's like "and most of you know my feelings on childrennnn, and the parent child bond" as if you have to specify that children shouldn't be murdered and that's some kind of personal opinion. I have kids myself and I fucking hate when Stephanie puts on the mom act in her videos to do with children, relating all the kids to "MY BeLLa" is just nauseating

No. 1508677

i remember a few weeks ago she did a small q&a on instagram where she said that she doesn't want to talk about her weight loss and how she went about it (yet - if at all). to me that kind of implies that she had weight loss surgery, which is fine. she seems to be happier but i find her so annoying on her socials now. she was very quiet before she started posting thirst traps on the regular, which makes me feel like she probably needed to recover from surgery for a while.

No. 1511213

File: 1650898203268.jpg (336.38 KB, 810x1855, 20220425_094808.jpg)

kek the video was only published an hour ago, and she's already clarifying her teehee i'm so ditzy comment she made.

No. 1511214

File: 1650898353500.jpg (316.92 KB, 1080x1894, 20220425_095222.jpg)

No. 1511284

File: 1650903183663.jpeg (517.08 KB, 1242x1807, 54129EE7-561D-44BB-9480-9E4138…)

i know a lot of TCYTs insert themselves in their thumbnails but this woman makes herself the focal point of all her thumbnails, with the victims and suspects somehow being secondary in a situation that has nothing to do with her. I got recommended one of her videos about a man killing his wife then having sex with his 1st cousin near her deceased body. She was smack dab in the middle of the thumbnail with 2 people behind her. Since the story involves 3 people I thought she was the moid's cousin.
Idk there's something annoyingly vain about things like this- along with doing your makeup, eating, anything that takes away from covering a serious and disturbing story

No. 1511295

wrote all those words when she could’ve said “my medical history doesn’t have anything to do with the victim we’re talking about and i made a poor choice in mentioning it”

No. 1513192

i stg this woman has completely rotted her brain on too many zoomer tiktoks. @8:08 she does some deepfried editing that i haven't seen her do before.
kek, true narcissism is slapping your face in the middle of crimescene photos/mugshots.

No. 1513248

I love listening to those old lovers passive aggressively try to out do eachother

No. 1513340

File: 1651083758273.jpg (544.43 KB, 2220x1080, code stinky.jpg)


No. 1515695

Can't believe it's 2022 and I'm watching Petty Paige again. I watched her a lot around the John Kuckian era of drama channels

No. 1517773

File: 1651506426335.jpg (602.91 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20220428-184858_You…)

they were recently at crimecon shilling their new coffee company. y'all think they shared that hotel room?

No. 1517774

No. 1517838

oh they're sleeping together for sure

No. 1519131

I literally searched for posts about Stephanie Harlowe because I recently watched her on crime weekly and was getting major vibes that she was weirdly, super into Derrick (and he was pretty indifferent lmfao). Now that I found out the pineapple thing has to do w/ swinging I’m absolutely sure her and Derrick are sleeping together. She gets butthurt about comments on it like it isn’t our business, and that’s fine if she’d just say she doesn’t wanna talk about her relationship stuff but she LIES and openly flirts w/ him despite being married.

Today I started watching the crime weekly part one on Blaze Bernstein and hearing her compare herself to the victim because they’re both supposedly good at writing? I’m sorry, but while I think Stephanie is more intelligent than the average person, she is not nearly as intelligent or talented as she thinks she is. It was really gross to see her try to find herself in a victim by talking about how much she loves writing and having Derrick give her compliments. If her scripts are an example of her writing, again, she’s smarter than average, but her writing is preeetty garbage. You really had to talk about yourself when you were supposed to be shining the light on a victim’s talents? The more I watch her the more I can’t stand the ego!!!!

No. 1519133

shes like a sickness in my brain(don't use emojis)

No. 1519139

They're not true crime youtubers though they're comedy youtubers, why would they be respectful of the dead lmao they're trying to be funny not informative.

No. 1524071

wow lol, why would they upload this? it's some footage they cut from their newest multipart series, because stephanie has 'weed' giggles and keeps saying 'fuck you mannnn' to derrick while he acts annoyed.

No. 1524318

i went to the video to see other comments because this made me ridiculously uncomfortable, and apparently the viewers were laughing along with her. nothing about this was funny, it was like watching a 13 year old talking to an older boy for the first time and not being able to keep it together, all the while thinking shes being charming and adorable. its clear that she is also uncomfortable at some point becUse she gets snappy back at him after he tells her to be professional. yet continues to act like a child. enarrassing behavior.

No. 1524470

File: 1652132115959.jpg (59.87 KB, 622x380, Screenshot_4744.jpg)

Meanwhile, Plagued Moth is selling shirts based on a real life murder.https://www.plaguedmoth.com/

No. 1524477

File: 1652132864616.png (591.53 KB, 822x822, Screenshot 2022-05-09 174530.p…)

Not really on topic, but it's on the same tangent, the this is monsters guy went to a true crime convention and I am really baffled why you would have such an event. I remember going to some oddities expo and so many people were wearing t-shirts with serial killers faces on them like they are the joker or something. So many true crime fans fail to realise that these cases are about real people and are not these edgy stories.

No. 1524631

wew i couldn't believe derrick called her his work wife
i hate this edgelord, and i hate that he has a daughter
it really is just creepypasta to them

No. 1526186

I didn’t watch it when I saw her upload. I’ve been watching her true crime content for a while and still enjoy it due to its length, but once I realized she has a pretty bad personality, she’s gotten on my nerves every time. Didn’t click on that video cause I figured it would be “I’m so goofy and quirky haha look bloopers” and what’s the point? Most of her subscribers who actually comment eat it up without question. I’m probably going to stay subscribed but if you say anything about Stephanie, they defend her so hard. Even if you’re not being aggressive. And since she gets butthurt over any and all criticism I just don’t feel like watching her bloopers would be enjoyable. She talks like she’s better than just about everyone.

No. 1526191

Disgusting. There’s even a website where you can buy murder related items, and murderer‘s autographs.

No. 1526195

I hope you’re joking about the work wife thing. I’m going to watch it right now! Derrick really susses me out with the way that he says a few things here and there? And he’s kind of a diehard for the cops. But it makes me uncomfortable to see his behavior with Stephanie and to know he has a wife and child. (And why is his daughter named that? They didn’t have to do her like that) I just hope if he and Stephanie are sleeping together that their spouses at least know about it…

No. 1526480

I mean he used to be a cop, obviously he would support them

No. 1527483

Coffeehouse crime is really good imo, respectful and spends time covering victims. Found him a few months ago and I’ve been liking it ever since.
Also really bally dislike it when people refer to the outcome of cases as a spoiler, feels like they’re treating it as a horror story imo

No. 1527895

I really like his videos but my only problem with him is that he usually talks about cases that have been covered a thousand times already. Wish he did more unknown ones.

No. 1529327

I’ve actually found that he does cover a good number of lesser known cases from around the world. Recently, he seems to be covering more famous cases, but in general he has a balance and I found out about cases I had never heard of from him. I appreciate that he actually puts effort into researching locations and pronouncing names correctly – that should be the bare minimum for these true crimetubers.

No. 1529667

This was haunting but I'm glad he's calling attention to it and encouraging people to ask questions. I do enjoy his content sometimes..

No. 1529775

his Vanessa Guillen one was really good, too. the military cases are so fucked.

No. 1530618

File: 1652695779246.jpg (201.72 KB, 1080x1192, 20220516_050703.jpg)

>I hope you’re joking about the work wife thing.
no, lol - he says it when he's in the middle of ranting that she's going to keep him up past midnight, and he knows this because she's his work wife.

No. 1531447

It's funny how other creators can cover the same cases in half the time -with the same amount of detail- as Stephanie because they don't speculate/insert their opinions based on what 'they would have done' or how 'they' feel. They don't relate every case to themselves or talk about how much they are 'personally' affected by the case (gross). Dark Curiosities covered the Asha Degree case and IMO, her vid was a LOT less tedious to sit through.

I used to listen to Stephanie's videos as bg noise even though she came off to me as a bit of a flake/look @ me/basic bitch. Now she's so hostile/defensive and the videos she makes feature her selling her 'personality quirks': "I'm totes a cool kid guys, I vape and smoke pot… don't come for me! Pineapples, amirite? lol, buy my merch! I am so sad this kid got murdered [sad face]. SOMEONE MENTIONED THE HAIR FLIPPING AGAIN, REEEEEEEE." Five to eight minute in-vid ads with ad rolls every five min after and healthy unsolicited updates on her family life. I was there for crime and facts. You are not nearly as interesting as you think you are, Stephanie. Like, chill out, you aren't the MC in the game of life. The whole world isn't gang-stalking you. The cigarette butts at the end of your driveway were just from someone smoking while waiting for a cab. Make a separate channel for conspiracy/opinion shit.

I unsubbed to both channels a bit after the podcast came out and you kind of got to see more of the narcissism and inability to take any criticism. Same reason I unsubbed from Karl Smallwood and the Serial Killer Docs guy. Constantly be a cunt to your fanbase, you will lose people. It isn't YT mass-unsubbing. I don't miss seeing the same 'look at how solemn I am while taking up 1/2 of the preview image so you can see my makeup/hair' thumbnails on my main YT page.

Derrick seems like a nice enough guy but his input always seems very surface level for a former cop. More rational and grounded in reality than his totes srs business detective armchair detective 'work wife' though.

/sage went in all fields, thank you for reading my shitty blog

No. 1534898

File: 1653122477348.png (298.45 KB, 1282x309, image.PNG)

Thumbnails like these are so cringe-worthy.

No. 1534902

Yes nonna, we discussed this already. True crime youtubers are raging narcs who can't help but edit their horse-face trannie make-up looks into thumbnails of serious video topics.

No. 1539341

So a new Dire Trip video dropped and I like his videos, but his voice. I just noticed he kinda sounds like a woman am I the only one who thinks this? So I googled his name and the first thing that popped up was, "Dire Trip trans" but no information other then that.
I didn't look that hard, regardless he makes good videos and I like them.

No. 1541564

File: 1653650825856.jpeg (210.05 KB, 1119x1253, 8C712607-F187-4391-8B73-9B1476…)

Eleanor is getting shit on in the comments for her milking the Bianca Devins case and the title kek

No. 1541827

post sc's of the comments then I'm not gonna give her a view by clicking on the vid

No. 1541924

File: 1653685805522.jpeg (523.47 KB, 1732x1732, D26B22CF-6D7F-4548-BF87-027A2F…)

She’s been deleting comments

No. 1546383

File: 1654124849730.jpeg (Spoiler Image,73.13 KB, 1170x1067, EA36FEF2-EAC0-4B82-8523-150C09…)

Bailey tweeted about not wanting the Heard v Depp trial to end. People understandably got pissed at her and she deleted the tweet.

No. 1546411

That’s genuinely so fucked up she’s deleting the comments and leaving the video up, like give that family a mother fucking break. It’s so obvious when people involved in true crime have had zero experiences in their life suffering from themselves or someone close to them being harmed, and dealing with the legal system or anyone that ignores boundaries and their humanity.

I noticed that Dreading had a video about this, and was kind of shocked because even I know her family has been like literally fucking begging people to stop and leave them alone which is more than reasonable. I haven’t watched it for that reason. She could have made a video about how the families of specifically female victims struggle, because there are so many very real and deep issues that I wouldn’t wish on literally anyone because of YouTubers trying to monetize homicide without any understanding of it. There are hundreds of active serial killers, and thousands of women who get murdered by men every year, no need to torture this family and her friends just because she did her makeup and outfit a certain way in a few TikTok videos. Seriously fuck off all of them deserve better and so do all of the girls that see her murder constantly trending and being used for money.

No. 1546419

I know someone who knew Bianca and she’s been posting in her close friends story about how disgusted she is that true crime beauty youtube rags are picking this case up and getting facts wrong. I have noticed Bailey Sarian has at least swiveled to older cases probably to avoid hurting the victims families worse, super grossed out that Eleanor seems to just latch on to more and more recent cases.

No. 1546485


I'll take my a-log ban, but I hope something terrible happens to all of the true crime YouTubers who profit off tragedy. Ofc they're spoiled upper middle class white girls who haven't had to do so much as even worry about her safety. I guess it's okay if the cases are really really old (as in the deceased doesn't have living relatives or if they do it's distant enough not to be traumatic for them).

The ones who salivate over recent cases and act like the victim wasn't a person with friends and family,but just a character on a show? Yeah. I wish nothing but the worst for them.

No. 1546524

I’m really so sorry to hear that and I’m so fucking angry people can’t seem to respect this girl or understand she is real, has very real people who actively have to see this shit and relive it, no matter how much anyone who knows of her families wishes has tirelessly spoken up on their behalf to give them a fucking break. If she wants to talk about the dangers of the internet there are countless cases where families are desperately trying to get coverage, leave her the fuck alone she still has rights.

No. 1546745

File: 1654153521012.jpg (165.83 KB, 1080x814, Screenshot_20220602-090343_You…)

Hailey Elizabeth has also made a video on Bianca. Fucking gross.

No. 1546813

why do these types of channels always do the same subjects around the same time? And why did they wait so long to make a video on Bianca? I remember it being big news when it happened, but it seemed like the family was finally able to move on but they bring it back up?

No. 1546880

my guess is that they have a group chat/discord together. that’s why they all have the same misinformation too, like they reworded someone’s homework in math class so no one will get caught.

No. 1547120

File: 1654187463681.png (166.53 KB, 700x582, Capture.PNG)

Bailey is the most upvoted post on r/trashy right now kek. I always disliked the silly shit she did in the beginning of videos and her drag make up.

No. 1547125

Because they are lazy. Remember that case about that mass shooter, with the long blonde hair? 1 person posted about it, then the next day like 3 other people posted it.
They just go by what is "trending". I watch a lot of true crime shows & there's cases that I've never seen these youtubers touch. If they actually watched true crime outside of what is popular to talk about they'd have a lot more diversity.
There was a case about a mass shooter who shot, I think 22 kids in his school and to stop him a bunch of kids just sat on him. I saw one youtuber cover this. It's very rare that I find out about new cases from these people.
I'm starting to not want to support them because even if some did care in the end, a lot stop caring or care very little.
I'd rather support tv shows, that have actual people who witnessed/family members then YTers. I know it's still exploitive but not in the way I feel true crime youtubers are getting.
Some of them act like they are doing the world a favor by talking about some shit 10 people talked about before them, in the same week.

No. 1547139

Oh my god, she's one of the worse true crime channels out there. It always feels like she doesn't care about the topics and would rather do vlogs where she can talk about herself, but she knows that no one would watch that. It's already weird that she calls real tragedies something "spooky scary skeletons" in her dumb intro, but when she makes jokes or starts talking about shit like changing her bangs after discussing some terrible murder case it just becomes so obvious that she'd rather be a beauty-influencer or something

No. 1547141

Also, a lot of people are kinda defending Bailey or blowing it off. So I'm not sure why it's at the top, when a lot of people don't even think it's "trashy"

No. 1547183

I just ran to this thread to post the same pic. Bitch gets what she deserves.
I subscribed to Bailey back in the day when she had only 20k-ish followers, as soon as she became more popular, her cunty side started to show in the comments.
She just is getting worse.

No. 1547186

In the beautygurugossip reddit most people find her trash for a longer time now. Not that they are reliable with their opinions. A long time before that, she was hyped until the tide turned.

No. 1547310

I hope this leads to more people talking about how her entire gimmick (make up and true crime) is offensive and disgusting

No. 1547538

At least it wasn't as cringey and misinformed as Elanor's video. Imagine dying and because of some youtuber's video title you're only remembered as a psycho coomer's anime girl wet dream murder.

No. 1547845

Late but thanks for posting, been looking for a new TC channel to watch. Been wanting a good female hosted channel ever since Cayleigh Elise left.

No. 1548083

File: 1654275313152.jpeg (268.08 KB, 750x1045, 1E206DA4-677C-46D4-8132-1BE5A3…)

Bailey’s reaction to seeing herself on r/trashy. She has deleted it, but her bot on Discord still has it up as a preview.

No. 1548122

>sorry for being interested?
Yeah you are a freak for being excited to profit off of a domestic violence case that has been bastardized so hard by media (especially social media) its legitimately taken us back years in regards to how men think they can abuse women and we should just shut up about it or how we can "trigger" a dark side in abusive men. To be "sad" the case is over isn't just morbid curiosity. Just like making a video where you get hundreds of thousands of views and paid on an innocent persons murder isn't just "curiosity". You're profiting off of the darkest parts of human nature, slapping a makeup tutorial over it and then acting like you're reacting to a supernatural episode and not real people fucking dying. There's such a lack of empathy here for anyone besides herself.

Shes an absolute fucking freak and I hope people call her out more. The cognitive dissonance these people have is shocking but I guess it makes sense considering you have to be pretty unself-aware in the first place to make that kind of disturbing mix of content and see nothing wrong with it anyway.

No. 1548145

She's a freak for making gross voices and doing drag make up while talking about the deaths of women & childern for money. No respect or anything about it. I'm sorry but i'm getting more and more sick of these people.

No. 1548300

What happened to Cayleigh Elise? I feel like she just disappeared one day. She had a podcast with Rob Dyke at one point and I think was part of his team for videos. I watch ReignBot since she had a similar style to her

No. 1548449

File: 1654303468827.png (1.03 MB, 1290x880, camwhore phase to true crime p…)

sage because I feel like I'm probably late to the party, but when the fuck did Breeland/Glitterforever17 stop being a camwhore and start true crime shit? I'm wheezing at the cross earrings and fractured jesus picture. I'm stunned she has the audacity to keep whoring herself out like this.

No. 1548453

File: 1654304011726.png (1.37 MB, 1496x889, at least put it on another cha…)

samefag but I don't think I'm late to the party. She only started doing this a month ago and I see no mention of it here. Up until the true crime "documentaries", she's been linking her OF in the description of all her videos, including all these clickbait titles of her husband. Also absolutely tacky to call your following a "cult" in this context. I thought she might be trying to distance herself from her past actions, but it seems she's just bandwagon hopping.

No. 1548481

kek this is actually hilarious

No. 1548502

this is hilarious. I also can’t believe she’s still with her faggot husband. i might actually start check in on her again if she’s gonna start producing milk again.

No. 1548623

File: 1654322275386.png (2.19 MB, 750x1334, 68D1C252-9093-4A49-886F-350251…)

Already seeing it. Honestly I’ve seen it a lot and I used to call it tacky too, some people agreed with me but some smooth brains would justify it by saying she was bringing awareness or whatever. I hope she gets canceled and her money pool dries up because she is honestly so annoying and Stupid

No. 1548990

File: 1654362286749.jpg (252.58 KB, 1913x1080, 20220604_120101.jpg)

kek if we ever get a second thread, i vote this for the op pic. between the bailey drama and breland entering the true crime arena (picrel is her editing on a recent case) i hope people are starting to peak and realize how stupid the 'bringing awareness to a situation' reasoning is, because these weasels are just trying to camouflage the fact that they're mainly generating money and attention for themselves.

No. 1549042

I'm not totally sure but I miss her a lot though. Idk if it was more something in her personal life or just the emotional toll of covering these kinds of topics getting to her, but I do remember her talking about leaving YouTube for the sake of her mental health. I hope she's doing well, whatever she's doing now. Kinda weird that she got her start through Rob Dyke and that they were friends bc I've always found him to be annoying and arrogant and his vids always felt so gimmicky and disrespectful. She was the polar opposite in that regard imo. She was one of the few true crime YouTubers who handled the cases in a serious and empathetic way. She also covered lesser known cases, putting a lot of research into the details, and engaged with her viewers quite a bit from what I remember. A shame that she left, but she genuinely seemed to care so it makes sense that it would take a toll on her

No. 1549283

I also miss Cayleigh, she was one of my favourite true crime youtubers and I was so sad when she took down her channel.
Shortly after the left yt I found this channel, Dark Curiosities, that really reminds me of her, to the point where I actually thought it was Cayleigh under a new name kek

No. 1549382

I remember her goodbye stream, I understand why she left but I’m still so sad over it.

No. 1549628


Yeah, she seemed to really care. I binged her vids just before they got deleted. It was such a shame.

No. 1549821

File: 1654422566971.jpg (478.33 KB, 1080x1649, Screenshot_20220605-024015_Red…)

How are people on reddit to dense to other people's pain? Do they not think about how this makes the family feel at all.
I feel bad she even has to state this.

No. 1549823

File: 1654422646057.jpg (61.23 KB, 1080x181, Screenshot_20220605-024827_Red…)

The top comment on r/TrueCrime.
I hope she does take action and it makes these people think about what they are doing to poor families

No. 1549865

she's talking about james renner, an abusive scrote who has taken advantage of and harassed multiple victim's families to sell his books. he also hit his son. he is scum and i hope she can do something about him legally.

No. 1549930

That would be so amazing! It is disgusting how many podcasts have actually tried to paint him as a victims advocate. I was so disappointed that a podcast I listen to had him on. I even talked to the lady who runs it, and she basically said, Oh well, having him on the show increased her views and the shows patreon.

No. 1552773

File: 1654663275505.jpg (404.02 KB, 313x497, Ia1Dkxv.jpg)

saged because not quite milk, but YouTube is doing an interactive tarot even and used her for the death card. I guess seeing this made me mad. I hate that insensitive sack of shit and her stupid drag makeup.

No. 1553172

File: 1654707098336.jpg (352.82 KB, 810x1844, 20220608_115126.jpg)


No. 1553179

KEK I love this she’s insane

No. 1553205

I'm so confused is this a troll post? Why did a gay man marry a straight women? Even if he came out as gay during their relationship, it makes no sense to stay married. Unless he's planning on using her womb. This is just weird.

No. 1553764

i think Slava married breland to get a green card. he is originally from russia

No. 1553845

Sorry I’m so late but she looks GAUNT as fuck, holy shit she’s really done herself in ffs.

No. 1554628

pinely made another video shitting on true crime content creators (now including the fine bros.)
are you autistic?

No. 1556846

File: 1654922803232.jpeg (747.05 KB, 960x920, FE42536C-EAE7-4D71-9382-C9DBCC…)

They are in an open relationship. He has a Grindr and doesn’t even share a bed with her. Breland’s life is an overall mess. She admitted she doesn’t like to do Onlyfans anymore but she needs to do it for the money. They moved to L.A even though they are broke too. She seems to have jumped on the true crime bandwagon and makes merch out of it which is tacky as pic rel.

No. 1556860

Not milk but I notice that people who defend Bailey Sairan and Stephanie Choi tend to say that they can’t handle true crime and they make it more lighthearted through the makeup or the jokes. True Crime isn’t supposed to be light hearted. These are real victims who lost their lives. If you can’t handle it don’t watch it. It’s sick how they treat these tragedies like a tv show.

No. 1556949

The fuck would even wear this garbage serial killer merch

No. 1557001

Sorry if this is a late reply to this, but I just wanted to say that dreadings video on bianca was actually quite good. I felt that it was very empathetic towards Bianca and was really insightful. I was kind of grateful for it actually because I felt everything else just painted her as a crazy "egirl" who deserved it or something. in reality she was just a child who didn't deserve to die or be ridiculed and used by so many people ( fugly true crime idiots ). I have to say dreadings videos are pretty good at humanizing victims.

No. 1557011

he has good points. I don't understand why people need TC content creators. its so off putting

No. 1557406

WHY is there a Jeffrey Dahmer pug t-shirt? disgusting, pugs don't deserve this

No. 1557459

>There was a case about a mass shooter who shot, I think 22 kids in his school and to stop him a bunch of kids just sat on him
what? I'm sorry, can you give me anything googlable? i beg you

No. 1557559

Fifteen year old Kip Kinkel shot 25 kids,killed 2 kids and his parents. He was mentally ill and about to be expelled that day.

No. 1557986

I’m surprised no- one has mentioned Kimberly Flower 40- something woman, of course previously a beauty channel, who covers mostly child murders like an obsessed cunt. Goes into sperging mode in every video and inserts her opinions constantly.

No. 1558010

A beauty channel? Her make up always looks horrible. I watch her sometimes but her voice…and you did make me realize everytime I see her she's covering child cases.

No. 1558593

Ah fuck, I've heard about the case but never went in-depth. that fascinating detail escaped me. Thank you!

No. 1559124

i’ve been enjoying dreading’s videos lately, but i really don’t care for the ones that contain court/interrogation footage without commentary as the majority of their content. if i had wanted to watch that footage in full, i would have looked for the original videos myself.

No. 1569927

File: 1656005671737.jpg (207.85 KB, 1080x810, 20220623_122655.jpg)

idk when this happened, but the thumbnail was changed (it had to be semirecently because i wouldn't click it when it had the previous thumbnail, and did today after not recognizing it kek)

No. 1570298

File: 1656030073502.png (Spoiler Image,154.01 KB, 419x241, Capture.PNG)

Do not watch this video, it's from one of Anna's many channels, "Anna's Story time" or whatever. I hate when these true crime youtubers put dead bodies in the thumbnail. I don't care if it's not graphic it's fucking gross. Especially on a channel like Anna's who care LESS then usual about who/what they are talking about.

No. 1572600

Late, but she battled with heavy depression and she felt that the channel (researching the topics etc.) contributed to that a lot so she felt inclined to leave. Though she said that she will leave her channel up to help spread awareness so I have no idea why did she take her channel down.

No. 1573047

It appears Emma Kenny’s long winded ass is anti vaxx. In one of her videos she blamed the increase in child abuse deaths on lockdowns.

This woman will go on for hours rambling about nothing. In one of her three hours videos, she only spoke about the case for 45 min! Just shut up and report the case.

“BANG TO RIGHTS”, “Do not Comply” merch . She loves hearing her own voice.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1573057

Stephanie Harlow lying in her Brittanee Drexel saying she went to the same high school after Brittanee disappeared. Bitch trying to pass off as younger than 30 yrs old. lol Too bad we all know she's in her late 30s and looks 40s. Then when called out, Stephanie got all angry at her viewers!

No. 1573096

But didn't you know? Stephanie has people who want to hurt her and her family, and that is just sooo easily facilitated through her graduating year.

No. 1573206

30s? No way. I thought she was in her mid 40s.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1573489

lmao at all the bitches thinking she's sooper serious and respectful.
>wahh, what's wrong with vaping, you prude?!
vidrel @1:15:59 cuts to her in a room filled with vape smoke while she's talking about a man being murdered.

No. 1573499

File: 1656333943150.jpg (615.3 KB, 810x2618, 20220627_074220.jpg)

No. 1573500

File: 1656333970682.png (72.42 KB, 1616x790, k9buvpj87ru81.png)

No. 1573502

File: 1656334093347.png (8.76 KB, 1544x154, prt76fj87ru81.png)

No. 1573503

File: 1656334191265.png (29.16 KB, 1683x666, kyqrafj87ru81.png)

No. 1573525

Casefile team really can't catch a break with true crime cows ripping them off or trying to drag them into their slapfights, it's gotta be rough being part of one of the like three online true crime productions that actually do their own research

No. 1573548

Yeah I believe Dire Trip is FTM as well. But they seem nice enough and aren't super weird so I'll deal with it.

No. 1573845

I’m so glad you’re able to not be triggered by a stranger doing whatever they want with their own life. ‘Dire Trip’ is probably very relieved you didn’t have a conniption because of his gender. wtf? lmfao

wish you would’ve talked more abt the content instead of giving some stranger your stamp of approval

No. 1573852

LOOOL Stephanie Harlowe’s the one who’s always talking about how much work she does, how “educated” she is, how much she loves writing. How ironic. It figures though. I thought maybe but wasn’t sure.

No. 1573855

yeahhhh a room full of vape smoke doesn’t exactly fit the tone of discussing a man being murdered. but yea stephanie the audience are prudes for sure

No. 1573860

100%. I used to watch Bailey Sarian but the way she handles cases became even more inappropriate and uncomfortable to watch as her popularity increased. Like are we on the same page here Bailey?? I thought we were talking about a murder and how it was solved. Maybe I missed the haha moment idkk

No. 1573868

>his gender
you have to go back

No. 1573875

Thank you for saying that, I watched her early true crime videos and while there's debate about the makeup thing, makeup was what was big on youtube at the time so it made sense in a way. But in order to combine these stories with comedy you have to be able to do it in a very specific way that actually makes people think more deeply about the situation and only makes the killer(s) the butt of the joke, and Bailey just cannot do that. Her sense of humor is way off for the kind of stories she is telling and her videos became progressively more unnatural and "yassified" as time went on.

No. 1574092

get over it. the word “he” can neither hurt you nor me lmfao. you don’t have to agree w them but it’s possible to just not be a dickweed?If you wanted to go by the name Steve, I’m not gonna run around calling you Joe. Try to avoid the conniption mentioned earlier and stay focused on the true crime content ,thanks
although, if someone’s voice not sounding “manly” or deep enough is too upsetting for you, try other podcasts. You’ll be ok, promise.

No. 1574097

Absolutely. I started watching her around 2019/2020 then with the pandemic, her channel blew up. The jokes became even more inappropriately timed and her personality started to feel really fake. I like content creators who genuinely care about either the victims, or the psychological/criminological aspects of cases. Bailey talks about an innocent person’s horrific last moments like she’s telling a spooky ghost story at a campfire. Speaking about death and tragedy and calling it “today’s story,” when it might be a case where literal children were murdered. If you want to do your makeup and talk about something, fine, but it should still be done keeping the real victims in mind.
She’s also gone on podcasts/shows as an “expert.” Expert of what? Lol(learn2sage)

No. 1574130

Calm down NTA but do you know where you are?

No. 1574162

sage your handmaiden ass bullshit, anon.

No. 1574176

Is she still a handmaiden if she is simping for TiFs not the timmies? Does she still get a funny hat?
Honestly I'd rather they call her "he" than "they", at least it's grammatical.

No. 1574292

Kyle/Dire Trip has a personal instagram linked to his youtube channel where he's shared a few selfies, and he has quite a prominent adam's apple. The surgery route for that is apparently nightmarish and difficult to obtain, plus he refers to his girlfriend as his girlfriend and not his "partner" or some other bullshit. His autistic anime art is so bad in such a Grade 6 Boy kinda manner. I combed through everything and to me he just reads as a super autistic dude. Very awkward hand and head movements, plus he taught himself Japanese for no real reason besides interest. Just nothing in his personal life besides looking and sounding like a soyboy really gives me the vibe that he's trans, plus who the fuck these days wouldn't milk that for views and attention? Just my two cents.

No. 1574722

honestly no LMAOO I did not realize the beliefs of the majority of this website and as soon as I did I had kind of a fist-bite moment where I knew the other anons were not gonna like what I said. Oh well. I stand by not giving being an asshole to random people regardless of beliefs. I think certain religions r delusional, but if I said that to those religious people I’d be an asshole. Same thing applies here; it’s just unnecessary.

I feel like why expend my energy to criticize beliefs that don’t affect me. I’m just not that sensitive and I don’t feel the need to be an asshole to a stranger who’s minding their business.

That being said, I’d much rather just talk about the true crime content (the purpose of this thread) rather than get my panties in a twist speculating over the sex of someone I will never meet. That feels like a bit of an overreaction. If you wanna talk about the content, sure.. hit me back LOL(at least sage, damn)

No. 1574725

is it simping to not care enough about people I do not know to have an angry mental breakdown

No. 1574726

sometimes this website really just feels like a middle school clique of edgelords being contrarians

No. 1574796

Honestly you were the one who started whining first. The post about him possibly being FTM was made a month ago. One nonnie responded and then you over reacted. Nobody even cared for a whole month about what was said. You immedietly jumped on the ONE person who said anything but now, "I just wanna talk about true crime"

No. 1576983

It takes Emmy Kenny a hour to discuss a crime that other youtubers have covered in 10-15 mintues. It's not like the time is spent with her giving extra information. Nope, it's her rambling about random shit, sometimes talking about herself, going off on side conversations, over explaining everything etc.
I would'nt mind it if it was like Dreading who has a bunch of information in the hour long videos. Emmy just goes on and on.

No. 1577891

Every thread on /snow/ has become nearly unreadable garbage but /pt/ still has a couple of good threads that manage to stay on topic

No. 1583063

File: 1657233734205.jpeg (237.66 KB, 750x610, 85227A8E-33AD-47C9-8E9D-F5A370…)

I don’t think anyone mentioned this but Harlow accused Soo of stealing her own research word for word in Soos podcast a few months ago. AFAIK nothing ever came from it, just Harlow bitching on twitter

No. 1583284

LMAO you mean shortcuts in life like paying rent by reading Wikipedia articles of other women and children’s tragic murders?

No. 1583332

I was just about to say this kek. They all just read wikipedia articles out loud, no shit they'll end up sounding the same.
Imagine profiting off of the murders of women and children and having the audacity to play the ethics police.

No. 1583346

They make no bones about adding anything new to the case. They're entertainers first and foremost but most importantly what set them apart from all these other True Crime Youtubers is that they carry themselves with a sense of professionalism that others dont.

No. 1585665

>reee she read the same wikipedia page i did

No. 1587460


I guess Soo didn’t embellish and interject her own assumptions and fairytales enough to distinguish it the way Harlowe does.

No. 1591220

File: 1658199411820.jpg (324.96 KB, 1080x1758, 20220718_213116.jpg)

not milk, but pretty cringe lol - kinda weird she uses her pseudonym/work account to promote true crime cases, while also following silly personal hobbies and interestes like gorey horror vidya.
idk her last name, but there was some drama in the op gurugossip link where she had a shitfit over someone using it - i can't believe this woman reads people's diary entries on youtube kek.
>inb4 retards with no reading comprehension think i'm critiquing shartlowe for enjoying games

No. 1683528

he’s cute
never thought i’d say that about an aiden but here we are

No. 1863437

File: 1689220162151.jpg (918.83 KB, 972x4037, 20230712_224224.jpg)

holy shit has anyone else seen this? this woman got autopsophy photos from the recent stauch case via FOIA, then SOLD videos containing the photos. if anyone kept up with the recent plagued moth drama, it's weirdly similar.

No. 1863463

File: 1689220544433.jpg (299.57 KB, 972x2490, 20230712_225630.jpg)

every reply is shitting on her

No. 1863475

File: 1689220716465.jpg (764.93 KB, 972x4075, 20230712_225856.jpg)

No. 1863506

>plagued moth drama
if anyone missed it/wants to catch up.
he lost his patreon recently because that creepy reading reported it for selling gore/hurtcore shit + didn't verify his age. moth said it was lgbtq hate.

No. 1863533

This is what happens when you consume too much true crime you dehumanised the people you cover.those are real people not props or something to be gossiped about. God I hope the family sues her ass to the ground. I would be so devasted to see my child's autopsy again..god those poor parents they have to grieve all over again.it infuriates me so much what a disgusting bitch

No. 1863545

File: 1689225895938.jpg (146.79 KB, 1064x1424, 20230713_002626.jpg)

No. 1863552

>I hope the family sues her ass to the ground.
jesus, same - one of these losers getting slapped with a suit might actually shock some of the other retards into acting like a decent human with basic compassion. the victim's dad did an interview on news nation a couple of hours ago about the photos being posted.

No. 1863569

My faith restored in humanity seeing her fans shit on her, so incredibly disgusting these true crime channels can profit off of a victim to a crime, I hope the family sues her ass for all that she’s worth. So incredibly sad these families are made to relive the traumas of losing someone close.
Hope this is a wake up call to all the invasive true crime channels.

No. 1863605

File: 1689237421191.jpg (94.35 KB, 1080x602, 20230713_033224.jpg)

I haven't seen the video, but jfc this explains why she felt the need to mention genital rumors… this is actually horrific.

No. 1863660

There really needs to be a way to copyright strike these people if they are getting $click$ off of a family member (that isn't even their own) murder. Especially in the case of children.
I've felt these so called true crime YT's have been getting more invasive and unhinged in their quest for clicks and Patreon subs and this just proves it.
I hope the family sues for everything.
I’d sure as hell donate to their GFM for legal fees!

No. 1864243

She uploaded an apology video.
>"I want to apologize, esp to Gannon's family"
>been soul searching
>"not making excuses, not looking for forgiveness, just offering context"
>Made request for all written, video, audio records while trial was ongoing. Claims she did not explicitly request autopsy photos.
>Mainly wanted interviews with Leticia
>Claims most photos were already shown during televised trial, she had seen the photos on public YT channels that livestreamed the trial.
>Put photos on Pateron due to "sensitive nature of evidence" and "added security"
>Didn't put the video with autopsy photos on Youtube, even though it "would have made her more money"
>"No photos show genitalia"
>"I didn't make jokes about the photos, I don't even cuss!"
>Patreon has been shut down. Doesn't specify if she shut it down or Patreon did.
>"I let the troo crime community down"
>"I'm looking into sensitivity training"
Personally, I think this person is legitimately a psycho. Her affect is almost completely flat and all she did was blame other people. "The images were televised anyway" (doubt), and "I didn't even profit off these photos as much as I could have!!" is an insane response to this.
Picrel are some comments under her video.

No. 1864244

File: 1689352762011.png (93.84 KB, 1213x803, Comments 1.png)

Sorry for being a n00b, I didn't realize you couldn't post pics on video posts.
Picrel are comments

No. 1864247

File: 1689352864150.png (95.05 KB, 1214x799, Comments 2.png)

No. 1864253

jfc, this guy is saying completely the opposite (even has a screenshot of a comment.) he's rants for like 30 minutes, but starts talking about the zav situation in the last third of the video.

No. 1864258

>"The images were televised anyway" (doubt)
i've seen some law & crime livestreams where they actually don't blur autopsy photos as they're shown, but later censor it with an edit. >>1410193 >>1440664 still, looking at a recording of an image on a screen is a lot fucking different than looking at the originals. this woman is unhinged.

No. 1864261

File: 1689355612993.jpg (289.95 KB, 1080x1568, 20230714_122801.jpg)

First 20 minutes is this flavor of rant kek.

No. 1864265

Wow, even of a kid?! That's insane!

No. 1864270

the one i actually saw was an older aged man, and i didn't watch the stauch trial as it was happening because i was more invested in the vallow trial, but i don't doubt it was visible for a bit.

No. 1864274

Doubt retracted then! Thanks for the context.

No. 1866813

charlie reacted to the zav girl situation

No. 1866823

File: 1689618046769.jpg (165.14 KB, 1920x521, photohype.jpg)

deleted cap of her hyping the photos was included

No. 1866830

File: 1689618259088.jpg (348.65 KB, 972x2169, guysitwasntthatmuch.jpg)

She's a complete 180 in her only recent posts
>"Wahhh, I'm giving refund anyway!!"
I don't think it was posted, but she only charged $3 USD to access her infamous video and the original photos

No. 1866874

File: 1689621308668.jpg (42.23 KB, 622x622, 7d4b866e3017dbf878d26c0c427d94…)

sage for OT but I despise these people, they are so detached from their own humanity that they are unable to see the harm in treating human tragedy as entertainment or worse a joke. As someone who has personally experienced the tragedy of losing a loved one, with my cousin having been murdered in a mugging, this mentality boils my blood. I can't bear the thought of a family seeing their loved one's death being turned into a form of cheap entertainment.

No. 1866876

I don't like the misery machine people, they have some stupid disclaimer about how youtube makes them censor minors pictures like it's a BAD thing. In fact, I get a nasty taste in my mouth about most youtubers who focus soley or heavily on cases involving kids.

No. 1866907

Kinda nuts she hasn't been kicked off YouTube, given she's a small creator (low profit for Google) and they're desperate to be ad friendly.

No. 1866929

File: 1689624758738.jpg (161.15 KB, 1080x1365, 20230717_135721.jpg)

>I despise these people, they are so detached from their own humanity that they are unable to see the harm in treating human tragedy as entertainment or worse a joke.
>i have the originals where it's not a recording of a crooked tv screen LOL
sorry you had to go through that nonny. if it's any consolation, people are still shitting on zav in her most recent community post.

No. 1866947

The only thing a refund helps in this situation is Zav Girl's attempts to undo her 'mistakes'. Sometimes, the only autopsy photos available to the public are taken from a court stream (if they're available at all) and now the originals for this case have the potential to exist on the internet. I've seen random comments that she paid 17k for her FOIA request, and there were 8k downloads of the patreon video, but can anyone verify this?

No. 1866966

Can't she technically get charged for selling CP? She charged people money to watch/look at/make fun of a child's genitalia. That can't be okay.

No. 1866973

i think it depends on the intent of the photos. like pedophiles can unfortunately collect photos of kids in bathing suits or underwear in catalogs or from social media because the intent isn’t sexual. an autopsy photo wouldn’t be considered sexual and so she couldn’t be charged with CP. if she knew she had fans that were pedophiles and she still allowed them to pay to see these photos, i think she could be charged with distributing CP. this is how l understand the law, at least. i might be wrong but i’m not in a hurry to look up “are autopsy photos considered cp?”.

No. 1866977

in the medical field there are sometimes cases relating to children death but the difference is that they are investigating the photos or the body for the purpose of the autopsy. She distributed these photos on the intent to making fun of it which is highly unprofessional and as far as I know she can nor deny it as there is proof of her stating it looked like a marshmallow (which is a disgusting thing to say to a child corpse) so she can be charged with it possibly as she also put that behind a paywall. These photos were accessible to tbe public so doctors can study them not for the public to see it and distribute them. If there's one good thing coming out of this is that we may see changes to who can access these files anymore

No. 1866983

>If there's one good thing coming out of this is that we may see changes to who can access these files anymore
Yeah, it kind of seems like the most hopeful thing can come of this is maybe a law change. One of the most recent examples of this is Caylee's Law, which was made as a result of the Caylee Anthony case. Other than that, it looks like it would be up to the victim's dad to pursue a civil case, and he's saying he doesn't have it in him. >>1863552

No. 1867020

I knew I hated true crime YouTubers for a good, valid reason. I hope the shit storm kicks up so hard YouTube just bans them all. We don't need some dumb narcissist bitch talking about someone's murder like she's Shannon fucking Lester on the Wendy Williams hot topics segment whilst applying makeup by the pound.

No. 1867110

we live in a society where people get rightfully publicly ostracized for doing shit like this. using it as an excuse to water down FOIA is like using some fox news talking point about kids using litter boxes as a reason to half the budget of every school they accuse of letting it happen

No. 1867129

in the instance that anon gave, the law only created the possibility of a crime occurring where there wasn't one before (a parent now has a legal duty in certain states to report their child missing within a certain time frame, otherwise they are committing a crime.) these sorts of changes usually don't happen unless there's enough noise from people asking "how is this not a crime?"

No. 1867163

I don't blame you for the non-hurry. I wasn't sure how it would work considering she charged money but the intent thing makes sense.

No. 1867167

Hopefully this pushes for changes because it's terrifying that people can just throw some money at someone and get access to things that no one should be seeing outside of the courtroom/classroom (in the case of doctors).

No. 1867218

it seems like the most logical solution here is to give the affected parties (victims, defendants, families) the option to press charges if the content accessed by FOIA is being profited from.

No. 1867221

that's what civil cases are for. people can make police reports, but it's the state/attorney general that pursues charges if there's a case. it's why police are supposed to take someone into custody when they're called to domestic violence situations, even when the victim is unwilling to cooperate, because otherwise a lot of women and children end up dead.

No. 1867269

god this unfunny cock obsessed scrote grinds my gears, why would you post him here reeee

No. 1867375

I hope there's a major cultural backlash against people who do this. It's really just fucking repulsive.

Her mannerisms/looks are a bit like keffals now that you mention it lol

No. 1867411

kek he's disgusting but it shows the normies are talking about the drama

No. 1867517

File: 1689709937741.jpeg (603.4 KB, 750x1280, 89EA5892-6917-46D2-9D8B-13FA22…)

Kek, not to give him the satisfaction of being ~~hate-crimed~~ but what a whiny faggot. Just goes to show watching gore and child pornography doesn’t make you tough.
>see my child’s autopsy again
That’s the worst part, the dad left the courtroom when the autopsy photos were shown and the family made a big deal about not seeing the photos. Zav is scum. Scientific detached way? Psychopathic way.
More whiny faggots. The girl’s name is Yerby for God’s sake and she wears these giant cat eye glasses. They’ve used a couple videos to crowdfund for cat vet bills, I think they’re so annoying but they cover really niche cases. I finally soured on them when they posted pic rel, all the videos before and after are covering children. When I commented that they never stopped covering children, they REEEEEE’d about it but hadn’t replied to many other comments. Stephanie Harlowe status.

For anyone asking about good women who create true crime content, Unpredictable is a new channel that covers crimes without embellishment, no face cam and she has a really nice voice.

No. 1867549

File: 1689713563993.jpg (408.31 KB, 1080x1756, wheresdinner.jpg)

Stephanie Soo made a new channel without the stupid mukbang shit (I had to click the 2nd video to make sure I wasn't just being racist when it popped up on my feed.)
Damn, I thought the misery machine was a funny way to describe these calloused assholes, not an actual channel.

No. 1867625

She's such a piece of shit, just because you are not eating doesn't mean you are not exploiting tragedies of real victims.
Fucking vulture.

No. 1867649

I will admit that I have been watching this channel because she covers cases from parts of the world where the news is fairly inaccessible to me (mostly East Asia) and I think her videos have been fairly good so far. The one thing that really gets to me is the very performative way she will become choked up when talking about victims. At first I thought it was sincere but it's so consistent that it's difficult to view as anything but a cynical act.

No. 1867873

You're better off watching/listening to Lazy Masquerade if you want more obscure cases from east Asia

No. 1868033

She's a pretty good storyteller when you remove the context of what she's talking about, but the way she recounts these crimes and the tone of her voice seriously rubs me the wrong way.

Her video about Alexee Trevizo really pissed me off.

No. 1868370

I agree, the total lack of nuance in how she presented it ("this girl is an evil inhuman monster") was honestly surprising.

No. 1868391

She was talking about a 19-year-old as if she were a full-grown adult and not a teenager. The way she kept pointing out all the ways Alexee could easily have gotten an abortion ignores how shame and embarrassment could affect someone that young.

And it is completely normal for people to refer to babies as "it" in conversation when they're newborns. Just a major pet peeve of mine when people act like calling a baby "it" means they're automatically a sociopath.

No. 1868569

I realize this is an old post I'm replying to but the thread has been kind of revived so I'm replying anyways.

I'm convinced that recently dreading has been using an AI to at least voice his videos. If you compare a new video's audio to an old one, you'll notice that weird rasp that AI voices tend to have, as well as really odd pacing in his sentences. I'm assuming he must have trained it off of his old videos.

Also, not 100% sure about this, but he might be using some kind of AI to also write his scripts as well. In one video, I noticed he called the town Fox Lake as "Fox Lakes" (understandable if he didn't proofread that) and "Lake Fox".

I don't know, maybe I'm just overthinking. What do you guys think?

No. 1868695

>I'm convinced that recently dreading has been using an AI to at least voice his videos. If you compare a new video's audio to an old one, you'll notice that weird rasp that AI voices tend to have, as well as really odd pacing in his sentences. I'm assuming he must have trained it off of his old videos.
nta but I never thought about that. But you're probably right, these morons don't ever do any research, and getting an AI to write and voice their scripts would to be par for the course with them.

No. 1868720

Dreading is actually a really great channel. Well-researched, thorough, doesn't sensationalize, and includes very little of the creator's own opinion/personality, being more fact-based instead. The videos are extremely respectful of victims and family members. There is no face cam. I sincerely recommend it.

No. 1868738

kek i think you're right nonna
dreading has always been lazy >>1501556 i can't stand how much credit people give them

No. 1868769

I used to like Dreading for these same reasons, but out of nowhere the bulk of his videos became glorified raw interrogation footage like >>1868738 said. Dave's Lemonade has a similar style and is much better.

No. 1868773

Dave's Lemonade is my favorite. His videos are the closest thing to JCS's old style, but he goes into even more depth than JCS ever did

No. 1868785

dave's lemonade is one of the only channels that seems to have a actual respect for the cases he covers
>provides background details
>uses original sources and incorporates them in comprehensive videos
>often covers regional cases (australia/new zealand)
matt orchard is similar, but the way he shills his patreon is obnoxious and his snarky commentary veers too much into todd grande territory (semi related but the jcs guy was shitting on grande's joke-telling in vidrel at 15:25 kek)

No. 1870132

Kek is there trouble in paradise for Harlowe and her nigel? She was thirsting over 6' 1" state troopers in the DB Cooper crime weekly episode, and in today's video on her personal channel (vidrel) she starts gushing about how good the police chief looks in the Carlee Russel case (41:15)

No. 1871448

Late to this convo but the girl did still murder her newborn, literally as hospital staff were asking her if she needed assistance from outside the bathroom. I don't think shame and embarrassment could drive 99.9% of people to do that. Stephanie anyway did include some of the sympathetic opinions from online at the end of the video but seriously, most people rightfully see her as a monster.

No. 1872251

If she's a monster, then there's nothing more to understand and nothing anyone could have done to stop her.
Taking a situation as nuanced as this one and boiling it down to "this girl is a monster" is incredibly reductive and limits our ability as a society to learn from what happened here and hopefully prevent something like this from happening again.

No. 1872328

Late but this guy also believes in Missing411 bullshit (Bigfoot is stealing people from US national parks and the national park service is covering it up) so he's clearly an idiot. It made me unsub from him.

No. 1889865

Not sure if this was posted but thought it might be of interest to you guys

No. 1912155

>Emma Kenny
She rambles so much..am I the only one who gets annoyed? I can watch her videos and like 34 mintues will pass and I'll realize 15 of it was just her rambling about random shit.
>Danielle Kristy
"Yep..mhnmmm..you are going for get so mad when I say this…yep..mommy guess what she did? She killed him! I know! Can you believe her?"
I do like her though and unpopular but people often post her when complaining about true crime channels but she's very respectful. Yes she is doing her make up but she's not singing silly fucking theme songs like the dark haired girl (Bailey) or doing costumes make up(bailey). She's also not stuffing her face (Stephanie).
> Misery Machine
Still are making distasteful thumbnails (Mom puts baby in microwave!) Wattpad cover of s microwave with blood splattered over it. Idc they don't handle the countless stories of torture/murder of kids with respect. I hate their titles.
I probably said all of this before.

No. 1913080

File: 1697215491671.jpg (528.66 KB, 1080x1963, 20231013_114048.jpg)

it's kinda funny to see the usual true crime channels alongside YouTube drama channels

No. 1913082

File: 1697215519290.jpg (443.69 KB, 1080x1835, 20231013_114212.jpg)

No. 1913084

File: 1697215667026.jpg (446.59 KB, 1080x1940, 20231013_114421.jpg)

I recognize 10 to Life from the Chris Watts and Brian Laundrie case. These smaller channels are so unhinged, using pictures of victims as background decor.

No. 1913089

File: 1697216389366.jpg (235.81 KB, 1080x963, 20231013_115940.jpg)

case in point

No. 1913091

>144,000 + subs
hardy har har, it's cheesy and callous

No. 1915405

Not even the slightest bit true. Watch his video on Aaron Hernandez where he spends the last portion of the video reading this mans suicide notes to his loved ones in a nasty, mocking tone and makes fun of him for the delusional way he is speaking in the letters. Then not even a minute later, he explains to the audience that during the autopsy, they found that he suffered with one of the worst cases of CTE to date, which he also goes on to explain is the likely reason for his actions. His new content is just 95% interrogation footage, and 10% him "commentating" and trying desperately to squeeze in a witty comment. This dude is a lazy, cringe retard.


No. 1915594

>Emma Kenney rambles too much
To be honest that's the only thing wrong with her, and I would much rather have a qualified mature person who has a career background that gives her an understanding and respect for the cases she covers than any of the Bailey Sarian style faggots that get called out for being retards every few weeks

No. 1915815

lmao i enjoy the true crime loser tbh. i guess he could or should be more performatively serious but there's something refreshing about his john mullany ass voice and how he mostly just shit talks about how a criminal got caught and made a fool of themselves etc. that is oddly more human.

No. 1915816

holy shit i listened to some of her podcast and i thought i was imagining it when i got the weirdest are they having an affair vibe with her and the cohost. or aren't cheating but want to. tho it could just be me disliking stephanie lmao

No. 1916225

they're all trash

No. 1919111

File: 1698244889635.jpg (192.13 KB, 1998x1080, 20231025_094004.jpg)

you da what? true crime juggalo is doing halloween costumes kek

No. 1919117

they're 100% fucking

No. 1919422

File: 1698293348583.png (87 KB, 573x352, image_2023-10-26_150856466.png)

Real classy Velma ad Crust

No. 1919444


No. 1921317

Shes a huge cow(unsaged non-contribution)

No. 1921374

am I the only one who is kinda disappointed with harloween this year? idk I usually like her storytelling and I thing she is better with historical or bigger cases and I enjoy background info/extra trivia. But for example the one about a haunted castle had a lot of fluff that made me skip. Maybe I am just tired of her format and need a break.

No. 1934644

I've been suspecting that Stephanie and her husband are divorcing for a while now - she's not wearing her ring anymore in this video and seems bitter and unhappy, lol.

No. 1937702

Lazy Masquerade covered a case that Stephanie Soo (Rotten Mango) covered very recently. It's insane how different the set up was, because Stephanie spent so much time setting up the events that lead to the murder like a kdrama and not even once mentions that the person in question was a lesbian who got catfished by a man pretending to be a woman who later forced himself on her. I did not even recognise the case in question because she made it sound like the events were almost completely random, never talking about how the guy pretending to be a woman was going on lesbian forums and not disclosing that they are a biological male to lure them into nights out. Murder is never right but the level of victim blaming that went into the Rotten Mango coverage of this acting like it was a random hate crime is insane

No. 1938310

Please link both.

No. 1942010

File: 1702407576165.jpeg (434.59 KB, 1080x1191, 9AD61534-D1A4-4F28-896B-ABC730…)


A Pinely video about SKYND when?

No. 1942025

That's really gross for her to leave out such a huge detail. Did she think it wasnt important to mention how the guy pretended to be a lesbian to lure the woman? Seems lazy and biased.

No. 1942028

Ayrt, she didn't leave it out she completely rewrote what happened to make it seem like he was just an innocent LGBTQ trying to live their life as a woman and ended up getting hatecrimed. I'm not advocating for murder but she made this out like the troon wasn't interested in dating the girl so she killed him out of spite, and then acts like the rape or the subsequent harassment were a made up story the family gave police

No. 1942032

Definitely sounds like she's defending the troon. Based that she killed him. All men who catfish lesbians should die.

No. 1942048

Has anyone else seen Kimbyrleigha's new channel with her boyfriend Jon, Darklivity?
I've watched all 5 videos so far, and I just can't stand Jon's narration. I can't put my finger on what irks me so much, but he sounds like a sped middle schooler doing a presentation and ineptly reading off a script. His cadence is just awful. Every time he starts to talk I feel like clicking off the video.



No. 1942478

File: 1702500282659.jpeg (73.07 KB, 463x848, A32E7C64-BB08-44B3-9B70-318DF0…)

No. 1943810

For the last few weeks ever since Kendall Rae stupidly did an ad read for BetterHelp the MileHigherPodcast reddit has seriously turned against her. A lot of the criticisms are really dumb, in classic reddit fashion, but a lot make sense. Supposedly the family of a victim she did a video on Linda Stein asked her to take the video down multiple times and she never did, which is funny given her track record and moral grandstanding. She privated it recently. She also tweeted that she’d never take a sponsorship from better help, and a link to the tweet was posted and she deleted it lol.

No. 1944095

Wasn't Stephanie a victim of sexual assault herself? That's really fucking disgusting of her to be crying "woe is me, I got assaulted" then downplaying another woman's horrific rape.

No. 1944256

not uncommon for pickmeisha types to use their own sexual trauma as an excuse to downplay others

No. 1944316

Kendall is starting to remind me of Stephanie Harlow a bit

True crime music genre was not something I thought would be a thing, who asked for a song about richard ramirez or columbine. To pass it off as respectful to the victim is insulting

No. 1945448

File: 1703084266640.jpeg (458.28 KB, 1170x1527, IMG_6009.jpeg)

Kendall Rae’s “documentary” dropped and half the comments during the premier were talking about how messy and disorganized it is, how she didn’t have a clear vision on the subject, and having too much of the victim’s family crying. Kendall and Josh said that investigating this case made them feel “rejuvenated”, which has irked a lot of people.
Kendall’s deleting comments like always kek, they went off on Mile Higher a few weeks ago about people not being happy about where the direction of the show was going. They’ve become quite milky tbh.

No. 1945449

who's a TC YouTuber than you actually like and isn't milky?

No. 1945451

that chapter and explore with us are both pretty good, though that chapter can be a bit moid-ish about things like excusing porn usage and stuff like that.

No. 1945453

I like Coffee House Crime. His videos are organised and straight to the point, no embellishing or anything. Just simple researched and structured videos.

No. 1945454

I like EWU too! I also have been watching a lot of his body cam channel, I have no idea how he gets all of this footage which is like unseen stuff

No. 1945455

I love the YouTube channel, Dark Asia With Meghan

No. 1945457

Omg she is one of my recent favourites too! She does some really dark, disturbing cases though (very fitting for the name)

No. 1945530

I like High Time Crime because his weird manner of speech pleases me.

No. 1945549

>I have no idea how he gets all of this footage which is like unseen stuff
Freedom of Information Act.

No. 1945637

This could just be me but I never really feel like TC youtubers even say the same amount of stuff a documentary would in the same or shorter amount of time. Many of these youtubers make hour long videos which is the length of a long doc and tons are on youtube and documentary sites and the comments will tell you if it's decent or crap on a quick glance

No. 1945995

i cant stand that guy

No. 1949104

File: 1704040927797.png (785.26 KB, 600x1048, D11B6E9F-3E7A-4938-AE57-5AE57A…)

>To pass it off as respectful to the victim is insulting

they even used a.i in their video about Bianca Devins. i cant..

No. 1949977

I want to a-log Danielle Kristy so bad for doing her makeup while talking about terrible things and having that weird ass accent however I have to say she's respectful enough and seems to realize she's talking about actual human tragedies.

No. 1951785

this entire scene is why gen z needs to be exterminated, in totality(alogging)

No. 1952296

File: 1704703938541.png (1.15 MB, 950x885, P2RYSGH.png)

imagine being murdered only for your gay moid cousin to exploit your death and with this thumbnail

No. 1953118

I have the irrational fear that I will get horrifically murdered and some soy faggot will make a video like this about my demise. Or even worse, some bitch does her makeup. The concept alone is infuriating.

No. 1962945

File: 1707165355083.jpg (29.44 KB, 631x554, SKYND-video-comparison.JPG)

The funny thing about that SKYND video is that it’s true that it was made using stolen art, but it looks like they just recycled some shots from another video they made. Even made by the same director. Laaaazzzyyyy…(sage your shit)

No. 1963006

The way I would come back and haunt a family member for this

No. 1964200

Most of the true crime cows aren't gen Z you old cunt(infighting)

No. 1966623

Her face is the worst part. So ugly.(responding to a 2 year old post to nitpick, not even saged)

No. 2003863

Update on Dreading, he’s currently being suspected to be Anthony Parker (Creepshow Art / Shannon’s rapist husband) >>>/snow/1999045

No. 2003912


Dreading seems incredibly reasonable and well adjusted and generally decent in his videos though, what evidence is there besides the apparently similar voice?(sage your shit)

No. 2006571

It's disgusting that she plastered her sad face on the thumbnail of this one. They're all bad, don't get me wrong, but she clearly wanted to grab extra attention by mentioning Junko in the title. Most of the comments talk about Junko, not the victim the video is about. She did the victim a disservice here. The issue with many of these true crime Youtubers is their need to put their face in the thumbnail instead of the victim's. It may be their channel, but they're making money off of the victims. At least dedicate the fucking thumbnail to them.

No. 2007498

Can't stand Stephanie even before the Nikocado nothingburger drama. It's even worse when she eats like a disgusting hog with some of these.

No. 2007751

File: 1719244947616.png (32.31 KB, 648x287, steph.png)

Haven't followed Stephanie Harlowe in years but her (ig ex?) husband is posting about their marriage all over reddit atm. Kids, money, her having an affair, her having him arrested multiple times. A whole mess to wade through in his posts.

And him leaking a vid

No. 2007753

can’t stand this bulimic idiot’s face. she looks like she has down syndrome. i wish all of these true crime youtubers would get real jobs instead of profiting off people’s real-life tragedies.

No. 2007831

I love every second of this milky karma.

No. 2007835

File: 1719258884367.png (108.43 KB, 952x912, sheabitch.png)

More from her husband Adam.

No. 2007871

Is there any evidence this isn't your typical lying abusive moid? This shit sounds unhinged and unreal, I don't really believe cops would arrest a man four times based on complete lies, and being a cow or an annoying youtuber does not rule out the possibility of a psycho ex husband at all.

No. 2007885

I think they're both lying and abusive assholes who seem to use their kids as weapons.

No. 2007894

yeah he sounds unhinged

No. 2007901

Agreed nona, they’re both fucking stupid I remember her bringing her husband up in past videos when I used to watch her back in 2019. Like she would make passive aggressive comments or make him seem like the perfect gentleman, truly birds of a feather. Didn’t her daughter go on a tirade on gurugossiper too to justify her right wing views?

No. 2007915

Is this the same guy she had that daughter with? If so they were very young -like teenagers- when they got together, throwing that away in an affair is crazy to me. But I think they're both weird toxic people so who's surprised. Her daughter is always in her comment section defending Stephanie against all the haters, strange family

No. 2007927

Here's to hoping she shows up here to defend her narcissistic mother.

No. 2008672

File: 1719475206468.webp (31.46 KB, 1080x1017, deleted-insta.webp)

Has deleted his socials since but this is the affair partner/new live-in bf James

Daughter showed up on the subreddit where adam had been posting for a while. In defense of mom. People started arguing that at 22 she's still a minor. Drama about protecting (22yr old) minors ensued. Adam got banned. She got banned. Posts are gone and mods are alluding to some behind the scenes communications they had with both of them thats "above their pay grade"

No. 2008682

File: 1719478912890.png (127.27 KB, 460x334, colemanbrosfilms.png)

Samefag, shittest pic but to add context he's one of the colemanbros who she worked with on the 'Serial' series. Those having thumbnails like her just sucking on a fat candycane make that much more sense now.

No. 2008772

She’s treated like a holy cow in this community and any criticism of her is immediately shut down by her stans, I honestly don’t get it.

No. 2009149

Stephanie is such a "good person"… while telling her husband she could ruin him. lol
https://www.reddit.com/r/ViralVideos/comments/1dm08li/this_tracks_pretty_well_a_year_later_im_a/(this is an imageboard)

No. 2009178

Yeah wtf was that stuff with Nik from years ago? She was acting like he raped her and all he did was make her uncomfortable by acting like the same spastic fat retard he acts like online. I remember the security clips she teased of her tossing and turning in her sleep and then crying in her fiancés arms, I thought he assaulted her but it was literally nothing? She’s such a cow

No. 2009183

Her 1st daughter she had with a high school fling. She didn't meet her current husband till a bit later at a bar. During her whole youtube career she's had her daughter be overly defensive and defend her all over the internet over every tiny thing (even when she makes a mistake, the daughter just gives excuses). Its been super tacky for Stephanie to use her daughter that way. Now the daughter's involved in this breakup. They had to ban her on some subreddits.(sage your shit)

No. 2009191

Her lack of clarifying those clips really made it seem as if Nik had raped her, and she was rightfully called out for it. Nik's retarded and disgusting and would probably trigger anyone from his presence alone, but don't be such a lying cow about something as serious as rape either.

No. 2009224

Maybe I'm more online than the average Stephanie Soo enjoyer, but wouldn't it be like very public well known common knowledge that Nik is gay? I don't think anyone would assume he raped her especially since by that time he already had viral pics of himself being gaped by a man all over the internet. She was for sure very over dramatic for clout but let's be real it wasn't about painting him as a rapist

No. 2009232

Good point but Stephanie’s video was set up in a way that it seemed like he assaulted her in some way. She kept teasing the clips of her having a breakdown on her security footage, and early on in the video she mentioned she had been assaulted before. The way she set it up really seemed like he had done something awful.

No. 2009242

omg stephanie soo. i tried watching her true crime podcast but i absolutely cannot stand the overexaggeraded and melodramatic storytelling. its almost disrespectful to the real victims
her fans are also rabid so obviously you cant critisise her(sage your shit)

No. 2009259

Truly Criminal is my favourite up till now, I started with coffeehouse crime but he's such a whiny twat. As if pooping out a half an hour video a week is so much work. Maybe a nitpick of mine but long ass introductions about the city itself that have no relevance to the story shouldn't be part of the video.

No. 2009292

>long ass introductions about the city itself that have no relevance to the story shouldn't be part of the video.
agreed. He sometimes spends more time talking about the city than the victim's life.

No. 2009763

I used to like Coffeehouse Crime when it was still a relatively "small" channel (around 100k subs), but for at least the past two years I just haven't had the energy to watch his videos. I don't know what happened but somehow his storytelling started sounding like it was AI generated and he inserted way too many of his personal quips and opinions into it at inappropriate times. And he did what so many other true crime channels ended up doing, added tons of unedited interrogation footage to pad the video. Compared to a channel like Rotten Mango's over the top melodramatic narration he's the other extreme.

I think it's because he believes it's "worldbuilding" or setting up the story but it ends up having no point because the specifics of the city or region don't have a whole lot to do with the story. I like that he uses the opportunity to introduce lesser known countries for example but it's so awkward.

No. 2009778

File: 1719751002581.jpeg (274.74 KB, 1170x1701, 36g4moh33m9d1.jpeg)

She's now replying to sympathetic comments saying she's lucky she escaped alive.

Lucky escape from the doormat who found out about her affair and offered to have a one sided open relationship to keep her happy? The comfort she had threatening him to his face after she had an affair.. Just split your shit in court and carry on with the midlife crisis. Doubt the new guy who handily.. ebegs her audience to fund his projects will have a happy ending either.

No. 2010003

>>2007498, >>2009178, >>2009191, >>2009224, >>2009232
Interesting how many nonas are questioning Stephanie’s claims about NikocadoAvocado because I remember there was this smaller art commentary channel named KurenaFujio that heavily questioned her a few years back. I don’t know the most about the situation between her and Nick but I find it funny how Kurena’s video got dislike bombed yet the top comment (which is more recent from two years ago) says that Nick is a bad person and Stephanie over dramatized the situation which seems to line up with a lot of nonas’ takes, almost as if people have been universally taking a more critical eye to Steph’s claims. As I said before though I know like absolutely nothing about this because all the drama with Nick legit repulses me

No. 2010045

Nikacado is a carefully crafted troll. I wouldn’t doubt if they both orchestrated this act together for attention

No. 2011561

I wish she would just stick to talking about trashy romance books and thrillers so I don't have to buy them, kek. It is unreal how she often distorts the cases she talks about. Sometimes I barely even recognize the same crimes she talks about when I read about them.

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