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File: 1474582671944.png (134.47 KB, 275x247, moomoo.png)

No. 176096

Thread #1 >>93507
Thread #2 >>131172
Thread #3 >>151227
Thread #4 >>167361

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

Glorified camwhore who pretends to be into gaming and anime to get Patreon bucks, JNig wannabe, ~thicc~ cosplayer. Wears the same Zero Suit Samus spandex suit to nearly every con.

The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Samus costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $4k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest

Last Thread:
>Put out a ridiculously over-shopped "boudoir set" of her horribly made Chun-Li cosplay
>Used her Patreon bux to take a trip to Universal Studios to chase after some azn fuckboy
>Released pics of herself in a Samus bikini while on her trip unshooped (but awkwardly posed to hide dat gut) and went on a self-righteous circle jerk about how body positive she's being and how this was the first time she's posed in a two-piece (a lie.)
>Got drunk and livestreamed for her 21st birthday
>Showed up in a Cow Chop video and ruined everything by being a painfully unfunny attentionwhore
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_avIK_dLu3w @ 10:18
>Went full-on cringey ~*Gamur Gurl*~ in an interview on Youtube and told the interviewer "i'ma smash down B your ass. oops Smash lingo. I forget that other people don't know it" when the move is called Down Smash

Last thread reached reply limit

No. 176100


Every time I think Momo couldn't be more of a bitch she proves me wrong.

No. 176102

Here we go with this "positivity" bullshit again. She didn't even say BODY positivity specifically. I'm not even going to get back into that shitshow.

"Yeah, I'm so happy when neckbeards white knight me and secretly jerk off to my bootleg zero suit, it's so """"positive"""" I'm just trying to make cosplay positive, since everyone is fake, but definitely not me :)"

No. 176109

File: 1474583296222.png (19.13 KB, 581x157, bc543662519b63c5a3c75d3b41bd06…)

Does she have mommy and daddy issues or is she just retarded?

No. 176111

File: 1474583377228.png (16.09 KB, 579x104, 6565335ad4b36c73a0b94ea98dc6a4…)

And yes moomoo, we know you want to rub yourself on other people. You really don't need to point that out.

Anyone else hopes she tries to do this and makes someone extremely uncomfortable?

No. 176112

I don't even want to get into the people on Twitter saying a custom Mei amiibo is HER and somehow not Mei. Kill me.

No. 176115

>using lol during an interview.

Girl, at least pretend to be professional.

No. 176116

I can't believe we've gotten to 5 threads about her. like seriously, she's been so shitty that we took up 4 threads. fucking kill me, i hate this so much.

No. 176147

Because calling people 'mommy' or 'daddy' is trendy among perverts and she doesn't understand. Just jumps on any bandwagon she can to seem relatable and stay relevant.

No. 176149

I can't believe she now earns over 5k a month on Patreon to use "strictly on cosplay" when we all know full well about 90% of it is not being spent on that at all. It's just vacation and spending money. Karma will get her good, looking forward to seeing her crash and burn.

No. 176163

File: 1474593437677.png (490.92 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20160922_211438.png)

It's cute how she's bragging about 'thirty hours'.. Anyone can correct me. But I know a few people and seen some youtubers put way more into one character than that

No. 176164

Because they have nothing else going on in their lives and thus have nothing to do but play video games. Momo isn't trying to make money off being a gamer, she's just catering to that gaymir gurl fetish tons of guys have.

No. 176167

30 hours is nothing. Back when I was still part of the fgc, I'd spend anywhere from 15-25 hours practicing every week.

No. 176169

Was this at a con? I know the group she usually parties with and if this was said at one of their parties at least one person would have called her out. I almost wish I was there because I would have called her the fuck out for that.

Also does that Rachel girl have a cospage or anything? Besides the massively blown out selfie I actually think she's kind of cute and curious if she's done any cosplays other than Samus.

No. 176170

That's what I'm thinking. Shouldn't be hard if she really loves the game and character. And come on. It's not like Momo has anything better to do with her time.

No. 176172

> saying she was the one true samus

Reaching usagi kou levels of delusion.

No. 176175

I have a full time job and might log in a few games every week and even I have more than 30 hours on the average character and I dont claim to be a 'huge fan' or anything. Since she has no job, doesnt seem to do anything all day and buys all her cosplays that's a laughably low number.

No. 176177

I can't believe she's bragging about "30 hours" like that's a lot. I don't know why she has to over hype her nerd "credentials" (or straight up lie) to make herself out to be way nerdier than she actually is. It's honestly one of the things that I hate about her the most. If she was honest about just being a causal nerd who was a softcore cosplay "model", she'd just be pretty w/e.

No. 176179

Agreed. What really gets me about her are comments like the Dragon Ball Z one. How no one loves it more than her. Or whatever she said. It's those arrogant comments that I dislike her

No. 176183

30 hours is nothing, NOTHING, in a game. Especially when Moomoo has no job, and doesn't go to school. You know damn well she isn't working on cosplays. OW has been out for awhile now, she should have more hours than that imo, for the way she goes on and on about how much she loves that game.

No. 176184

It was in a hotel room party
This is rachael's facebook

No. 176185

Plot twist momo only plays when she's streaming because she just plays in hopes of donations and not because she actually enjoys playing games

No. 176186

Not really a plot twist when that seems like exactly something she would do. I wonder if she'll ever take after Zoie Burgher.

No. 176188


Mind if I ask if it was at a CA con?
I don't think it's too much info but I tend to be at her group's con parties a lot and I never heard that convo.
I 100% believe it happened I'm just curious now since I've been digging up shit on her for a while trying to convince said friend group she's a shitty person.

Also meh @ rachel. She's definitely a way cuter Samus than Momokunt but otherwise she's just average. The pic you posted I thought was cute so I was hoping for an actually cute with a not piece of shit personality I could maybe follow. She's not bad I just think her other cosplays are boring. Thanks for the sauce though, that profile must be somehow protected since I reverse searched the pic you posted and got nothing,

No. 176189

So after all the shit talk of Momokunt not being able to style wigs Maroon cosplay just credited her for his Ban wig

No. 176191

It was a vegas con
But to be fair the hotel room was huge and there were 2 different parties/rooms she went to

No. 176193

File: 1474603819751.png (979.76 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4367.PNG)

So as mentioned in the last thread
So this cow was in the background of a Cow Chop video being cringy as fuck

When browsing through the comments for this video on the CowChop reddit, the guy who was with Mariah was there
Apparently she was stoned as shit

No. 176194

File: 1474603859081.jpg (3.41 MB, 3000x2399, ^68816BDCF40D56F14C6E29301FF44…)

I wonder which she’ll learn first, how to style bangs or how to close her mouth

No. 176195

>cosplay money

No. 176196

She looks like someone's 40-something mom finding their child's costume and trying it on and generally being very embarrassing.

No. 176197

All those side swipe bangs when a lot should have feathered fringe what the fuck.

Those horrible 'bedroom' eyes too. I just can't fathom this girl.

No. 176198

Opening your mouth in photos is a pose trick she's just using really poorly. Opening your mouth makes your chin stand out a little more which helps make your jawline look stronger / hide a double chin. Kind of like how she always uses the leg-cross to try to make her legs look less huge, and the elbow jabbed into her waistline to try to hide her lack of a waistline. She's using all the typical trips, but just really poorly. She can't pose worth shit.

No. 176200

didnt she say the mars shoot was old? Why does she look worse there than in half of her newer stuff? Maybe she's using the bodyfat to make her face look less old cause jfc she looks 30 something in the mars and Lust pics

No. 176201

Number three in row two looks like bootleg JNig

No. 176202

she needs to stop doing the bedroom eyes and using a lower angle. It definitely makes her look like that ape from the Planet of the Apes like someone pointed out.

No. 176203

On one hand I'm not surprised, and I personally don't mind weed
But to be caught on video drunk or high is really bad "professionally"
You don't see JNig or Yaya Han do that shit in public/ on record

No. 176204

Bulma has straight bangs
Camilla has feathered bangs
Mei has almost straight bangs
Her Chun Li bangs are TOO short
Yang has shorter bangs
Samus has shorter bangs
Lust I can live with
D.va has shorter bangs
Linkle has straight across bangs and short hair in the back
I dunno what the fuck that next one is
And Mars has (essentially) straight bangs


No. 176205

You could tell she was under the influence of something, I just assumed it was alcohol. But damn, what a dumbass on her part. Its one thing to do that shit when you're just chilling at home. But to do it in a hotel, and then be obnoxious on camera and demand attention on yourself… yeah its going to come out sooner or later.

No. 176206

I think the one you couldn't figure out is Mega Milk? Looks like a milk bottle next to her

No. 176207


Holy fuck, someone please get her some lipstick and some blush. She looks so fucking washed out with all that heavy liner and lashes with no shadows or anything. Her Lust picture where she's wearing lipstick is a huge improvement, even if her lips are super dry.

No. 176208

I wish instead of making her lips the same color as her skin she used like a nude/natural looking lipstick
it would be so much better
only certain characters need what she does

No. 176209

i think shes just being super cheap with wigs and doesnt cut the bangs so she can reuse them later
but thats too smart for even moomoo to rationalize

No. 176212

Good fucking lord, the "she's usually like that" comment. The whole situation, even. Momo is one of the biggest cunts I've ever witnessed, I had no idea it could get any worse.

No. 176216

they said she's NOT usually like that, just to clarify in case you misread.

No. 176226

Oh whoops, definitely misread. The situation is still shitty to me though.

No. 176276

#7 makes me think of Planet of the Apes for some reason

No. 176277

File: 1474639183447.jpeg (107.54 KB, 627x800, image.jpeg)

My friend Kay posted about this streamer hoe Zoie Burgher. Momo commented and now I'm just counting down until she starts doing bikini streams lol

No. 176280

>Momo sitting down in a bikini

No. 176281

She'd have to do a shit ton of covering up on Twitch if she's to become one of those types. She's always in a cosplay that covers everything or dressed in baggy clothes to hide the fact she actually isn't thicc.

No. 176282

OT but when you're a new cosplayer and don't have experience with wigs yet, do you just butcher a few expensive wigs at first? Or practice on cheaper ones? Not a cosplayer so this post made me curious.

No. 176284

All of moomoo's wigs have been super cheap though (you can tell cause by the time she wears them they're super ratty and gross) so there's really no excuse. Even if she was buying exclusively arda there's really no excuse for not styling a wig since she's obviously not smart enough to keep them in any good state.

This the only time she's worn something 'sexy' on twitch was when she wore her samus (which means she's wearing a pushupbra and her corset and everything) Other than that she's always in hoodies or baggy shirts to keep up the illusion.

TBH thinking about it I cant wait to see how she shoops her bikini samus because I would 1000000% make a twitter to constantly call her out on her bullshit.

'I thought you were comfortable with your body momo why this obvious photoshopping??' and then a comparison since with all the videos she did we have plenty of reference and angles

No. 176301

File: 1474650452214.png (396.07 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20160923_130605.png)

Trying to prove she's a good person.. After what? Laughing at a girl for doing Samus? Lol

No. 176302

God what a pretentious, sappy speech.

No. 176307

She screencapped the conversation immediately. What a fake bitch.

No. 176309

Practice on cheap wigs first
Also with Momo making 5k a month she can afford to buy an expensive wig, mess it up, and buy the same wig and pay for someone to style the new one for her
I can't stress how much 5k is a month for a cosplayer who produces average work
I am a cosplayer and I only spend about $80 per month because thats all I have left over after everything important is paid.
On 1 cosplay is about $100 - $300 (depending on the quality, and complication)
Moomoo produces like MAYBE 3 cosplays a month? So thats MAYBE $1k MAX
She can basically afford anything she wants when it comes to cosplay

No. 176314

This poor girl… She probably didn't want this to be posted. Yet, here it is. Momo didn't think at all before tweeting. This is disgusting!

No. 176316

This just shows how much she wants to be viewed as a great and understanding cosplayer. By screencapping a meaningful conversation between her and this girl and broadcasting it to social media as "proof" of her good deed to make the cosplay community a better place like she's some form of role model. She's a narcissistic cunt.

No. 176324

This is just hilariously hypocritical, especially after that anon heard her saying another cosplayer was too fat to be Samus.

No. 176325


And to add to this, 100-300 for a cosplay is reasonable if it's simple.

Cost adds up when you start doing things like armor and helmets like I am currently and needing to budget those

I'm Hella jelly and frustrated that momo has 5k a month and her costumes are….meh at best

No. 176328


Really weird she makes this kind of effort right after anon shares the story of her shitting all over the Samus cosplayer. What. a. fucking. coincidence. Obviously you can't stay away, huh Mariah?

No. 176331

It's disgustingly obvious she reads this shit. Mariah jacks off to anything with her name in it.

No. 176332

I'd be really fucking pissed if someone took something off my personal Facebook (it looks like a personal one based on the name, not a fan page) and tweeted it for anyone to see. Ever heard of privacy Mariah?

No. 176335

This is so tacky. She didn't have to post the whole conversation for asspats like this. Way to invade someone's privacy, Mariah!

No. 176336

The best part is how she makes it about herself. "I don't let people tell me what to do, I'M successful, I'M HAPPY" also the fact she posted almost immediately after…

she probably saw the anon expose her for talking shit to that other cosplayer and is trying to some sort of terrible damage control.

her caption is about one line the girl says, about how people think casual Mei is lazy (spoiler: it is, all casual cosplay is lazy, sorry) and then momo goes on a tangent about how successful she is. its so obvious she's trying to make it seem like she's super inspirational to all the other lowly cosplayers

No. 176337

Thats what I mean
For "average" cosplays, which is what she produces, its barely 1/10 of what she makes

No. 176338

File: 1474662239363.jpg (47.91 KB, 444x800, mariahs vapid confession.jpg)

Oh good, she publicly admits to doing shitty things to be the center of attention
That explains her leaking her nudes, posting bait and then playing the victim, etc.

No. 176339

she just admitted to just wanting fame?
Can someone please share this everywhere
I'm so tired of people being quiet about her
Besides this thread and private conversations, alot of people are just like "oh i don't want to involve myself in drama" but like… We need people to get on this shit and call her out

No. 176340

>No one has gotten to me
That's why you've come to every thread about you to throw a fit, isn't it?

No. 176341

File: 1474662375834.png (160.78 KB, 640x983, IMG_3755.PNG)

No. 176343

This hurts my soul
She BARELY even pulls the body positivity crap enough to be KNOWN for it
Almost everyone knows her for slutting it up, how can they believe this crap?

No. 176346


No, they're most likely sugar coating it for the sake of their reputation. If they don't dress up certain reasons to interview these people besides follower counts its looks unprofessional.

No. 176347

This is seriously worth posting everywhere. She keeps herself relevant for easy money…shallow man. Just shallow. There's no soul behind anything she does and she just admitted to being a sellout.

No. 176348

>No one has gotten to me
That's why you actively stalk this thread and continuously make posts referencing things we've said sure.
>at most 20 people
Are we allowed to ask admin-sama how many unique users a thread has cause I would be willing to bet that there are a lot more. Other than that anyway I personally know at least 20 people who know/think she's a terrible person and I know that most of them dont come to lolcow at all.

I love how she keeps saying 'oh I dont have a lot of people that hate me' when she even gets PUBLIC negative comments from more than 20 people. She's so full of it and she knows it and I just cant wait til the day she fucks up in a way she cant twist to be about the 'h8rs lol'

No. 176350

Is there proof that she actually said that?

No. 176351


No video or screencap evidence if that's what you asking. However Momo has proven numerous times how much of a low life piece of shit she is so I don't doubt this happened.

No. 176357

Oh no looks like Momo is working on a Cammy cosplay.

Get ready for THICC Cammy and obnoxious random faces.


No. 176360

I wonder if she likes higurashi or if that poster was just a freebie.

No. 176361

"stunning cosplays"
"worked diligently on her craft"
If ordering suits from China and the jokes of her craftsmanship are stunning and working diligently, then most cosplayers must be freaking divine.

No. 176362


Probably a freebie lol.
Also, she's once again NOT USING A DRESSFORM.
Pinning it to herself while sitting at the sewing machine. It'll look just as shit as Chun Li, probably finished off in the hotel room as always.

No. 176364

File: 1474668514032.png (272.49 KB, 485x346, yesiampetty.png)

No. 176365


Dressforms aren't exactly cheap but if my broke ass can afford one this bitch with 5k/month has no excuse.

No. 176366


Oh she had one, but it was no longer helpful as she "lost weight" apparently and sold it on (that's if it sold at all) for a ridiculous price not long ago kek.

No. 176367

File: 1474668922370.png (195.97 KB, 520x535, 3498u90.png)

>finish cosplay in one hour

I will never fucking understand this. Bitch, you get paid almost 5k a month to do this shit. You talk a big talk about how much you love cosplay and the community, why don't you take any pride in your craft? You don't work, you don't go to school, if you're serious about this being your job, then take the time to improve. With all the shitty pieces of shit cosplays you churn out, you should be getting better. But you're not.

Because you're lazy. And you really just don't give a fuck.

And I hate that the world feeds you bullshit because they want to stick their dick cheesed dicks into your asshole.

Whew, I needed to let that all out, sorry fam.

No. 176370

File: 1474669104097.png (52.92 KB, 622x374, novamp.png)

Looks like she has a new little squad to group with when she's Cammy too.

No. 176371

I don't think she understands quality over quantity. Nobody is going to respect or admire you for finishing a cosplay in an hour if it looks like shit. I wish she would learn that it takes time to make a good costume, and to manage her time better.

No. 176372


You're right. The cosplays she chooses are ridiculously simple. Finishing costumes is not a race. If takes her time she could finish in 1-2 days with something that looks passable. Especially the main focus of the cosplay. Not one hour.

No. 176374

File: 1474670275436.png (454.9 KB, 588x518, tasha cammy.png)

Guess who else is working on Cammy?
Gabby is famous for doing Cammy
Sierra announced she was doing Cammy a month ago
Tasha is working on Cammy too

Anyone else think Momokunt is just doing it in spite of everyone?

No. 176376

Awwww are you jealous girls and nu males

Still hating on my success?
Maybe you should spend more time prefecting your cosplay skills

And maybe one day you can rise up above me.(shitty attempt at trolling.)

No. 176377

Not sure if actual Mariah or someone trying to make Mariah look worse because she usually doesn't go under anonymous xD

No. 176378


I smell a troll here. Fuck off loser.

No. 176379

Not sure if its spite, but I noticed her taking pictures with some chick as Cammy at one of the cons she was at recently. I just feel like she's jumping on the bandwagon.

She has gone under anon while pretending to white knight herself, but whenever she's said it was her she's always namefagged.

No. 176380

Obvious troll is obvious. MooMoo is too much of an attention whore to not namefag.

No. 176381

Definitely a troll, not enough spelling errors to be momokunt

No. 176382

Probably both
Trying to be better than everyone else seems like her
Jumping on the bandwagon while also proving that she is "better"

No. 176389

File: 1474673715982.jpg (85.9 KB, 960x960, IMG_9340.JPG)

No. 176390

Also note that tasha had her suit fitted in under an hour so that's probably an extra jab there too.

I cant wait to see how moomoo backs out of this cosplay or how it fails horribly.

I wonder if she'll attempt using her samus wig or a side swept bang as cammy. This is the most I've been excited to see her fuck up in a while cause there's literally no excuse for an unstyled wig with Cammy.

No. 176391

File: 1474673795653.png (266.17 KB, 1125x1540, IMG_9341.PNG)

Her comments on that last post.

No. 176393

What a waste of a screenshot. This is boring

No. 176395

can we clock that in the interview that she specifically says that she hates liars

yet she's CONSTANTLY caught lying to the point that even JNig was calling her out.

No. 176396

So I see you're friends with Nana on FB haha
That post is a friends only post
I almost posted it too
I just think its funny that she admits to having a bunch of nudes and nudes of other people on her phone

No. 176398

Least we'll know what excuse she'll fall back on when she releases more nudes in future so she can keep being 'relevant'.

No. 176400

The cosplay world is a small one.

No. 176426

This shit kills me. Has she ever been on her own? She's needs an entourage because she knows people would fuck with her if she was alone. Grow a fucking backbone.

No. 176427

Does she actually have a nice ass or is it just camera angles and fuckery?

No. 176430


She clearly doesn't. I have a question for you: if cosplay is your career and your full time is dedicated to it, why would you go randomly to Southern California for fun, and then three days before a con, head back home? Wouldn't you stay to attend the con? Since that's your job and you're already in the neighborhood and nothing of importance and time is back home?

No. 176431

I don't even care if this was done out of spite, Tasha is more talented and pretty than Mariah could ever hope to be.

No. 176432


She was actually in Long Beach for the Samus bikini shoot too. Why didn't you just go to Long Beach Con?

No. 176433


I just realized, this is the first time Momo is showing her ass in cosplay all out there with Gabby. At a con.

No. 176437

File: 1474684657601.gif (1.32 MB, 500x246, tumblr_o4ct4pTFbT1vojxp4o1_500…)

I dont think i've ever had a more perfect opportunity to use this gif. I actively cant imagine her proving to the world how flat and flabby her ass is at a con. she can pose away and shoop photos but this will be the first time since she got noticed that she's wearing her ass out at a con and even in Diane it was somewhat covered. I am so ready for this.

No. 176438

Don't hold your breath. She's most definitely going to back out of it. Better prepare yourself for the tasteless and unoriginal Cammy boudoir photos instead.

No. 176440

she does. in earlier fb posts she talks about how much she loves shion and how she's gonna cosplay her in october for halloween. it has been awhile though so maybe thats changed. the pic has her in a badly made white kimono and shit

No. 176442

I'm sure something is going to "come up" again, causing her to wear a different cosplay or not go one day.

No. 176443

Good lord. Is she seriously that afraid of being on her own? Or does she just want to leech off of others' popularity? Ugh.

No. 176447

20 negative attention out of 4000 attention…is she that delusional???
More like 80% of the attention is negative…and no your not even close to driving that much of traffic daily.

No. 176471

She does
I've seen it in person
I actually has bubble shape
She doesn't have wide hips though so you can't tell from the front

No. 176472

Actually her bare ass was showing when she cosplayed as Camilla
It was disgusting
Looked like cottage cheese but also super flat
Gabby actually has a nice ass and has the decency to wear tights underneath too

No. 176476

File: 1474695942955.png (798.03 KB, 640x1136, 1473342993660.png)

… wat? Moomoo has the saddest ass I've ever seen especially for how fat she is. Also tbh adding 'I've seen it in person' makes it really sound like you're one of her crew because there are PLENTY of unshooped pictures of how sad it is.

No. 176477

Learn to read, anon. They were talking about Gabby.

No. 176478

my bad. It's late and any compliment in the moomoo thread sends me into a blinding seething sperg rage.

No. 176481

File: 1474696763404.png (106.2 KB, 745x892, IMG_4017.PNG)


No. 176487

comment was about Tasha's butt
from her cammy WIP photo

No. 176490

That face looks so awful and uncomfortable
I'm just so sick of all her stuff being just "boudoir version of a character"
Like neat
It was okay at first but now i'm just sick of it
do more normal photoshoots before the boudoir one

No. 176498

What in the fuck is going on with her eyes?

No. 176499

They're pretty boring too. There's nothing special about them except a smile and hit or miss photoshop. There are so many ways you can make a boudoir shoot creative but she's doing none of it. Even the background looks like someone's room and the photog said 'aaand pose'. You get 5k a month, why not hire a PROFESSIONAL photographer and get actual results. It'll take a chunk out of your patreon money but you're not using it for cosplay so might as well use it in a better way for your patrons.

No. 176503

The amount of shoop in this.. Her underwear is fucking shooped. Does she honestly think Photoshop is the cure-all solution to her image?

No. 176504

its like she was shooped to like >>176096
you know the image she laughed about

No. 176505

they honestly blurred her crotch…

No. 176507

>I will never fucking understand this. Bitch, you get paid almost 5k a month to do this shit. You talk a big talk about how much you love cosplay and the community, why don't you take any pride in your craft? You don't work, you don't go to school, if you're serious about this being your job, then take the time to improve. With all the shitty pieces of shit cosplays you churn out, you should be getting better. But you're not.

Fucking this. She's using cosplay as a crutch to gain more fame and money. She gives out tacky pageant speeches about how much cosplay means to her and how it's practically her life, and how being able to live off of just her cosplay is her dream come true and her patreon bucks will go straight into her costumes etc. But there's never concrete proof of it. She ALWAYS cuts corners with her costumes if she even finishes them, they're always casual clothes done horribly wrong and they're just screaming how she didn't put any effort into them. She hot glues shit on fabric she could easily just sew on, she leaves out details, her seams always pucker like crazy, even bought cosplays she manages to fuck up because she doesn't know how to style a wig or even wear the costume. And the worst thing is that she never fucking learns. If she really loved cosplay so much, she'd start early and not 3 days before the convention. She'd research the characters or better yet, cosplay characters she knows and loves.

No, instead she slaps on a trashy Chun Li costume with terrible construction and makes cutesy wacky faces and poses at the official photoshoot. Moomoo do you really think people don't see right through you? You literally became "famous" for nudes you leaked yourself, not your actual cosplaying skills or "inspiring attitude".

No. 176512

Bruh, a number of her cosplays aren't even made their bought. Her Yang cosplay? Bought off some cheap website for $50. Mei? "Commissioned" Camilla? She had tons of help. Samus? She admitted she bought "the same shitty bodysuit everyone else buys". The only thing she seems to know how to do are bodysuits, and even those aren't that great.

No. 176514

Bodysuits can hide her shape management garments like the famous waist cincher, supportive tights, bombshell bra etc. That's why they're easy for her.

No. 176522

File: 1474708796210.png (88.64 KB, 616x850, IMG_3757.PNG)

Are they fucking serious?

No. 176526

You all and your 4 fucking threads about her just make her more famous.

No. 176538

>Camilla? She had tons of help.
And it still came out looking like shit?

You're an idiot

No. 176550

She can be famous for being a cunt and that won't get her very far for long. She should be thankful. Googling this cow brings up nothing but her bullshit instead of anything good. Her cosplay career will break apart in good time.

No. 176551

How sad it is that you're still this fat, ugly and lazy when you're getting so much financial help from greasy disgusting perverts on Patreon. Get off your fat cottage cheese ass, you cunt. Better yourself.

No. 176552

Because there was a much more popular Mei cosplayer there with a booth probably. EnvyUs was there as Mei on..I wanna say Friday?

No. 176595

EnvyUs is actually way uglier than Momo without her shoop. It's insane. There's a pic going around on /cgl/ of her like stripping or something and her skin is horrendous, she looks 50 years old and is built like a hamster. Sage for no real contribution.

No. 176605

>Uglier than Momo


No. 176609

>inb4 it drops again
I'm still calling that a good chunk of her backing is fake because she still has fundraisers to go to cons on her streams that dont make the full amount. Also if she's making 5-6k a month why does she need an extra $500 to go to a con? it's a chain of 'but that doesnt make any sense'

Also here's no way she's more well known/liked than Swimsuit Succubus who gets constant fanart (to the point of people making 3d models of her) and actually puts out a variety of sexy shoot styles and locations. It's frustrating because imho she's even ruining boudoir shoots because there are girls who honestly put their all into doing those properly and here she is with some dude she probably isnt paying and the same bedroom every time.

No. 176611

Seriously, this. There is so much creative shit you could do with a boudoir shoot. Different sheets, furniture, backdrops, decorations etc. to match the character. The only thing she changes is what lingerie she's wearing, and to be honest, it's getting stale.

No. 176617

And most of them are taken in the convention hotel room with a shitty camera. She doesn't even care.

No. 176630

I hate this so much. When she cosplays Mei she looks like someone's middle-aged aunt trying to be sexy. Gtfoh mooster

No. 176632

>That wig
>That bad makeup
>That shoop
>That Bra/panties not matching OR suiting the character

Also love how one of her thighs is noticeably bigger than the other

No. 176636

Lmao the editing is ridiculous. Compared to the Snapchat screenshots of her prancing around in the Samus bikini it does her no favors. What a boring shoot. It's the same bed as before and nothing special added in to make it more appealing.

No. 176638

What is the storyline for this photo? Why is she looking surprised at something off-camera?

We're about to fuck, but some guy just jumped through the window?

No. 176645

I want PS-chan to come and fix this atrocity

No. 176650

I think Momo is more well known that swimsuit succubus just because Momo posts selfies and videos more frequently. Momo also gets into a lot of drama so that gets her name out there. Mariah has more facebook like and instagram and twitter followers.
However Succubus is obviously more liked. If you look at her patreon she has 800+ patrons and the most expensive reward is only $10 while momo only has 200+ patrons and charges $50. Sucubus is making a little less than Momo but I never see her starting fundraisers. I think this backs up the fake pledge theory.

No. 176652

Sorry if my english is bad. Not my first language.

No. 176668


You made I good point. I always thought it was weird that the majority of the funds come from the $50 and up tiers when she puts out nothing but shitty content.
(also love how one of the $50 awards is the pleasure of talking to her while at a con. Like she's in that much demand. LOL)

No. 176672

People talk to her for free at cons? wtf haha

No. 176682

She may be able to fool herself, but she's not able to fool others. Most of the attention she gets is negative. I looked up what people are saying about her on Twitter and it's mostly bad. What a stupid land whale. She just fucking admitted to being in it for nothing but money and attention, not for the love of cosplay itself.

No. 176684

It's such a piss poor reward for the more expensive donates. VIP meet ups at cons that never seem to happen, Google hangout chats online? Gaming sessions? I'd like to hear from someone who actually gets these monthly as promised as it seems highly doubtful.

No. 176693

File: 1474761676585.png (18.09 KB, 112x48, Screenshot 2016-09-24 17.00.26…)

>Those eyes

This is so fucking scary

No. 176695

I know that she's said that she remembers every person who she talks to on her streams. I was talking with her at a con and some guy came up and mentioned this and tried being social talking about a conversation he'd had with her on her stream and she basically shoo'd him away cuz she had no idea who he was. A little sad cuz the guy looked like he rarely had any interaction with women except online and he definitely was looking forward to meeting Moomoo in person, and thought she'd remember him cuz she said she would. Ran after him and told him not to take it too hard and tried to console him a little. Of course she laughed about it later like "haha what was up with him, I don't even know him why would I talk to him? lol" Never really hung out with her after that con.

No. 176705

Which con was it?

No. 176707

>I looked up what people are saying about her on Twitter and it's mostly bad

How did you find it because when I look it up all I see is people kissing up to her.

No. 176708

AX, sometime in the late afternoon on Friday. It wasn't the first time he'd tried to talk to her. Apparently he'd tried to see her earlier in the day but she was busy so he decided he'd try again later. Then he got shut down by her.

No. 176714

Poor guy. As if we needed more evidence of her being a total cunt.

No. 176723

File: 1474773988032.jpg (191.03 KB, 480x480, ididntwanttosavethistomycomput…)


She is, though.

No. 176729

I just searched her last name Mallad and went back past August/July. Shift past the gross black dudes with a thing for fat women kissing her ass and those comments directed toward her aren't very positive.

No. 176753

She really isn't

No. 176755

Mariah's so full of herself. I actually tried to be nice to her before and she shot me down I guess because I wasn't someone popular who could get her more followers or I wasn't someone popular she'd want to friend overall. She's muslim too? Has nudes, gets high, drinks herself into a near coma. Probably dated when I'm sure she isn't suppose to. Her family must be proud. Hence why she never mentions them.

No. 176758

Shot you down how?

No. 176762

File: 1474790886746.png (827.08 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4436.PNG)

What photoshoot is she referencing?

No. 176763

She seems to be loved on Reddit too though.

No. 176765

So I have some insight on what happened at AX between Tasha Gabby and momokunt.
I was hanging out with tasha the night of day 1 and she said that she had to go to a photoshoot with gabby, mariah and nana later. This probably was the special photoshoot Gabby was referring to.
So as Tasha was saying her goodbyes to everyone, she gets a text from momokunt saying she cancelled the shoot, something about her getting heat sickness. Tasha was pretty pissed about it afterwards. So she just left with her boyfriend, probably went home. I heard that the photographer was pretty pissed too.

It wasnt until later i saw a photo of Moomoo partying on night 1 that I put two and two together and it pretty much became clear that she cancelled what i assume to be was a large photoshoot just so she could go party. Just my two cents on what I think happened that caused the three of them to start to drift apart.

No. 176768

I also heard that Tasha was mad at Momokunt for the whole "sponsored" cosplay she did. Tasha fully intended on paying her back for the cosplay and didn't appreciate that being said.

No. 176770

Nah mate, the actual story is that Mariah sent her $30 as a birthday present, which was used to buy Tasha's cosplay. Mariah didn't pay for her whole cosplay.

No. 176774

Who Momo? Uh think again. r/kappa won't stop calling her Fat Samus

No. 176779


To be fair that doesn't sound like a pleasant place for anyone

No. 176780

I never said it was I was just setting the record straight

No. 176786

her expression is so gross

No. 176790

It's like looking at a porn star's sad attempt at looking sexy and desperately not wanting to carry on with the job anymore.

No. 176792

The face she makes looks like she has bad allergies. Can't open her eyes and needs to breathe through her mouth.

Mouth breather.

No. 176793

On her stream someone told her she receives a lot of negativity online. And asked her how she handles that. And she responded with "most of it is fake" and that what these people have to say is so crazy and so completely untrue, she just laughs it off. It was actually weird because she was really repetitive and fidgety. Fast forward to her last stream, whichever one of her talking the last 30 minutes. About 15 minutes toward the ending.

No. 176794

Replicating what half her neckbeard fans are maybe?

No. 176804

She just wants all the little sheep watching her stream to think it's fake.

No. 176813

What a cunt
Now we won't get to see actual sexy cosplayers being sexy

No. 176817

File: 1474812331295.png (43.29 KB, 640x335, IMG_3762.PNG)

No. 176821

Hm, which one is the bigger idiot?

No. 176825

Please tell me there's some sarcastic joke happening here…

No. 176839

You know what kind of post I'm ready to see her do? An "anyone can cosplay" one. Not the bullshit body positive. But one that says "hey, maybe you're not talented enough to make Meis jacket. Or you don't have enough money to afford a replica Samus suit of quality. You can always comission! I comission 90% of my stuff."

Bonus points for being extra honest and adding "yeah I totally have no talent and need to comission everything otherwise I'd have nothing to wear!"

No. 176888


I do see a complete lack of credit given to whoever made her Mei Jacket on Facebook…Which is a shame because I think it's well made and would like to see what else they can do. There's seriously no shame in commissioning a cosplay. But when you do at least be a decent person and credit them.

No. 176912

iirc, it was from a China-based cosplay store (Timecosplay?) that does commissions. I'm pretty sure Momo is lying by omission when she "forgets" to credit them, and it's sickening tbh.

No. 176976

holy shit i'm planning to to ota vegas too. I'm gonna see this in HD.

No. 176978

*to go to
holy shit I can't type

No. 176980

No. 176983

Why does her Twitter say @Comikaze? Comikaze is over a month away.

No. 176990

File: 1474854565313.jpeg (79.2 KB, 640x591, image.jpeg)

Of course she and her attention whore friends are doing a group. If you're unfamiliar with Krissy Victory she's a major lolcow who is constantly bragging about being friends with Jessica Nigri. Nana Bear is a scammer who is always caught up in some drama. Kaybear is just a dumb pretty girl.

No. 176999

>Kaybear is just a dumb pretty girl.

Doesn't she have a patreon where she sells nudes?

No. 177000

File: 1474856602671.jpeg (65.71 KB, 640x615, image.jpeg)

The hypocrisy is strong with this one.

No. 177001

She doesn't sell nudes, she's another swimsuit succubus patreon clone doing the "lewd not nude" thing.

No. 177007

lol "we"

No. 177008

What is she bitching about now, nerd oppression?

No. 177012

File: 1474860219606.jpg (56.79 KB, 720x473, _20160925_232230.JPG)

Just more proof she lurks here.

No. 177015

Is she actually retarded? She just wants that Asian guy's tiny dick, not anyone else's. It's like she doesn't even understand what anyone says about her.

No. 177016

Yeah, who or what the fuck is this even about? Momo needs to grow up.

No. 177041

ah yes the provably popular member of a sports team. Tell me more about how hard it was for you growing up with a body builder as a dad (and whatever her mom does) Moomoo loool

No. 177045

Her mom is a pit boss at some casino

No. 177047

So I got a theory on her being Muslim. I think she is only by name. Her dad has tattoos, her parents both work in casinos which means gambling and soliciting gambling, she drinks, does drugs, has nudes, sexually active. Doesn't celebrate any of the holidays. Thinking she only says she's Muslim as a way of being unique and special, but isn't Muslim at all.

No. 177049

Didn't she whine a long time ago about how her parents didn't like her cosplay or something because it was provocative? Something along those lines, I think. I'll lose my shit if it turns out that was fake too.

No. 177052

But Mariah, you didn't experience that struggle. You went from popular high school sports star straight to fame hungry patreon thot.

the girl needs to get her facts straight. all that's been said is that it's obvious she's thirsting for the asian guy. lol

No. 177060

She said that, but someone screencapped her mother sharing one of her cosplay photos and saying something nice if I'm not somehow mistaken. She probably also plays up being muslim so she can pretend to be a victim there too. She definitely likes to milk things for pity points.

No. 177064

File: 1474874559151.jpg (102.98 KB, 720x960, jesus freak mariah.jpg)

"i'm muslim and i'm proud"

No. 177065

File: 1474874854591.jpg (49.53 KB, 640x960, mariah weight loss.jpg)

I can see she is reverting back to her old ways
Jesus fucking christ look how skinny she used to be
Also keep in mind that she is also super short (5'3)
She looks like 90lbs in the picture on the right

No. 177066

File: 1474876074112.png (263.6 KB, 1440x783, 20160923_094224.png)

Surprised no one saw this one the other day, i wonder who it was about

No. 177075

The fuck, man. She looks like a completely different person in the photo on the right. Her face actually looked good.

No. 177087

Muslims believe in Jesus. They share some religious figures with the other Abrahamic religions.

No. 177088

Ironic she's whining about someone taking advantage of her. Also, why didn't she namedrop them? What a pussy.

No. 177089


Muslims aren't allowed to wear the cross because it's a symbol Jesus died, they don't believe he died. Where's her Islamic jewelry at? Arabs love jewelry.

I bet she's bitching about Bardock, he mentioned her on stream. Guess thy got a mutual fan base because his fans keeps asking him about her but he's too pussy to say what happened.

No. 177090


Lmao please take as many candid shots as you can of this tragic Wannabe Nigri group.

No. 177102

Tbh I think she's Muslim but a lazy one, so she probably doesn't know that the cross is haraam. She's like the muslim equivalent of the catholics who only celebrate Christmas and never go to church. I'm guessing she knew Jesus is an Islamic prophet and wore the t-shirt for some attention with plausible deniability ("but Jesus is in MY religion too!") and didn't realise she couldn't do the same thing with the cross.

A lot of Muslims only believe a cross is haraam after an explanation though, so I guess she could still play the "nobody told me!" card.

No. 177140

Until she goes around claiming to be muslim again can we just drop this because it always derails into 'well some muslims do this but they dont have to but momo SHOULD if she's gonna claim to be one and blah blah blah'. It doesnt matter unless she's talking about it.

Especially when it's more fun to point out how hard she reads this thread since now after >>176983 she now magically has @zion on her name instead.

Also I cant wait to see what D-list con or 'table guesting' she's gonna brag about since she got 'such hype amazing news in the last 8 hours u guuuuyysssss'

No. 177163

File: 1474909061459.png (584.93 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20160926_125202.png)

Who'd buy this?!

No. 177164

also leaving the dude's username in is kinda scummy since I doubt she tried talking it out with him first.

No. 177166

File: 1474909444912.png (154.7 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20160926_130256.png)

Publicly attacking her so called fans. Nice Momo.

No. 177167

nah, I'd do the same thing. He used someone else's work on a commercially available shirt, no benefit of doubt deserved.

No. 177169

true but idk I feel like she should have just messaged the guy with a cease and desist first.

This would have been a good opportunity for her to go 'oh maybe I should do shirts u gaiz would anyone be interested??? winku'

No. 177170

Is she retarded? He even claims to have been kidding. As if she gives a single fuck about the photographer.

No. 177171

I'd buy one just to fuck with her and wear it in person if I ever went to one of the cons she attends.

No. 177172

Normally I'd agree with you. However, this is Momo. She loves publicly attacking people to make herself look good. Even after the guy said he was joking and he was sorry, she still went on.

No. 177175


That is honestly quite immature and unnecessary. Especially if you have a fan base like Mariah's that like to dogpile people for asspats from her. Easily could been resolved in her DMs or completely ignored.


>Even after the guy said he was joking and he was sorry, she still went on.

I really detest people like that. Acting all holier than thou just for attention. Ugh.

No. 177184

I'd buy one and sharpie insults all over it tbh. But I'm also too cheap to spend that much money on a joke

No. 177189

I agree, but there are other, more mature ways to deal with it than immediately putting the guy on blast in front of all her followers.

No. 177226

File: 1474926754528.jpg (1.43 MB, 1358x1870, You_Doodle_2016-09-26T21_51_21…)

Fixed the shirt. Just need to get momokunt to sign it. <3

No. 177231



No. 177241

God damn I would buy that in a heartbeat

No. 177253

I just noticed this, but does anyone else think it's super tacky that she left her emails/Facebook notifs in the picture? Like an "I'm so ~famous~ I have 5000 emails in my inbox" kind of thing. It's not even relevant to what she's bitching about so why else would she leave it in?

No. 177262

I noticed one of the tabs mentions a Canadian airport…interesting.

No. 177263


I feel like it was never that serious anon.

No. 177264


She only has 5k emails in her inbox because she to lazy to clean it out. They are all un opened emails that probably span over a few years.

No. 177268

I tried looking it up but I cant find any cons in Halifax and only one in Nova Scotia so idk but dear god I hope she stays the fuck away from Canada cons. I wouldnt put it past her to try since she has yet to fuck over people up there.

This. if anything those tabs just reek of 'really gurl you cant clean that up???'

No. 177273

Hal-con, Canadians like her for some reason. Wait til they actually meet her.

No. 177288

File: 1474939161522.png (39.14 KB, 750x347, IMG_4021.PNG)

Apparently she's going to see delucacostumes or something

No. 177289

Thirst is high with that ho, got rejected by David I assume.

No. 177297

already slept with him

No. 177300

Deluca? We know she screwed David but he's dating someone now.

No. 177312

i always wondered about this picture, i KNOW she is wearing a corset but she's unzipping the outfit down past where you would already see it. did they photoshop it out or just photoshop her stomach so she didn't have to wear it?

No. 177313

how do we know she screwed david tho

No. 177327

File: 1474952360442.jpg (9.14 KB, 428x68, 13213.jpg)

has anyone brought up that she buys follows?

No. 177329

Fucking sad. LOL

No. 177339


I guess he's the next Kelton that she's going to latch on to and leech off of

No. 177345

File: 1474960377803.jpg (514.23 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20160927_020659.jpg)

She tried to caption this "How you feel when you leave your friend's sleepover." No Momo. That's how all your fans feels when they wise up to you making shit cosplays and using their money to travel out to bang douchebags. Eric, Bardock, David, and now Nathan. Can it finally just stop? We get it, you're still the shallow jock girl who fucks buff guys but you just got fat.

No. 177346

She can say what she wants but she's just the jock girl who wants to cash in on the "it's ok to be a weeb" trend. Actions speak louder than words. I'm about body positivity! Yet you only fuck around buff douches and hang out with friends who are uglier than you to look better. I'm a hard worker! Really? Then why are a bunch of you're patreons complaining about shit not being sent out on time? I'm comfortable with how I look! Then why you Photoshop? She's just a dumb hoe who in Highschool got fit so ugly buff guys fucked her. Now she's trying to continue until the trend is over and she'll hop on a meal ticket to validate her opinions just like her Mom.

No. 177419

See i'd love to accept this but when I checked mine it was saying I had over 1k (out of about 30k) fake followers and I've never bought a follower.

It's SUPER weird that she has more fake followers than real ones though

No. 177425

I'd believe it with how many fb likes she got in such a short amount of time.

No. 177427

1 k of your followers are probably spam accounts, but you say 1 k fake followers where she has 18 k that's a big difference.

No. 177429

File: 1474989523830.jpg (228.6 KB, 678x857, fackery.jpg)

She turned into a bobblehead, but at least she no longer has linebacker shoulders.

No. 177484

sometimes it's really obvious which posters here who are salty males

No. 177509

Sometimes it's really obvious which posters here are shitposters

No. 177567

File: 1475035265890.png (33.12 KB, 588x118, Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 8.00…)

Coming from the bitch who doesn't know shit about Metroid.

No. 177570

This honestly just reeks of "I just learned about this thing, I should post about it to show my nerd cred"

No. 177575

It reeks of her parroting it. She probably saw a tweet or FB post about it and went 'YEAH'

Also does she not mean Kraid's Theme?

Either way I have no idea what she's talking about cause Kraid's theme isnt 'iconic' nor 'unrecognized'.

No. 177578

mine shows up with a suspiciously high amount of fake followers as well. the number is definitely spam or bot accounts since i've never bought followers either.

>Kraid's OST
OST stands for original soundtrack…

No. 177579

>Kraid's OST
>Original Sound Track

Damn girl, way to solidify your identity as a total poser. Fyi Momo, the track is called Kraid's Lair.

No. 177580

>searches Kraid's Lair on youtube
>'About 32000 results'

No. 177581

Sound track means album, not a single song

No. 177582

File: 1475039212201.jpg (22.19 KB, 587x167, thatisnotwhatthatmeans.JPG)

Obviously. But apparently that retard thinks it means one song.

No. 177584

>sesshomaru's theme

but I thought she was the biggest DBZ fan like ever ermagerd~

No. 177585

lmao what a dumb fuck

No. 177587

She's too stupid for her own good. I can only imagine what she would say if someone asked her what's her favourite movie ost
I s2g she just comes up with random bullshit on the spot to look cool.

No. 177589

File: 1475041754531.jpg (33.93 KB, 581x394, capsfromyouractualtwitterthoug…)

And then says shit like this when we call her out on it.

No. 177594

Is it really that hard for her to be honest and just say she doesn't know shit about the things she claims to love?

No. 177596

gurl, we ain't making shit up. its your dumbass that thinks a single track = ost. i don't even know how someone could think that? thats like saying you're favorite album is one song.

No. 177610

File: 1475047989198.png (32.16 KB, 583x282, aeb04ccb7da1c6d2389b17f0fdeea6…)

I'm in a shitty mood so I couldn't keep my mouth shut for once ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 177611

Brace yourself, she might get her whiteknights to bash you. lol

Seriously though, I'm glad someone corrected her.

No. 177618

I've dealt with one of them before. I called him out for being a whiteknight, and in return he told me he's 15 and doesn't know what I'm calling him.

No. 177619

I'm the anon that's been capping and I was just going to see if anyone would even bother to correct her, lol.

No. 177625

File: 1475054379412.png (297.05 KB, 488x493, a68e9b804a74d64ae004b65d5bc8f3…)

Including vapid cunts like yourself, right moomoo?

No. 177645

>It's such an iconic OST and it hurts when people don't recognize it!
>But I know all about it so that makes me a true fan!

I swear her fans are being wilfully ignorant at this point.

No. 177646

I've always thought Nigri is ugly (super not my type) but after looking through a thread of moomoo pics I was like WOW NIGRI IS SO PRETTY HERE for a few moments lol…

No. 177648

File: 1475070018152.jpg (110.33 KB, 626x704, momo.jpg)

No. 177649

Good lord her face

No. 177651

If she thought that chun li photo was actually "good" enough to post god damn I want to see the bad ones. This is hilarious omfg the cheesy pineapple lamp and her craftsmanship Is so bad can't handle it. I think I realize now why she usually just goes for the stupid open mouth pose now. This chicks modeling is so bad and her smiles look so forced she actually looks better looking like she's about to start drooling rather than smile.

No. 177655

the edging (idk what the word is) around her neck and chest is so awful, it's killing me
couldn't she at least try a little bit harder?

No. 177656

she's smiling because she wants him to hurry up and take the picture so she can get out of that awkward ass my arm is hiding all my rolls style pose

No. 177661

Even tho jess has a 5head, Clint Eastwood lips and huge nasolabial folds I'd still agree

No. 177663

And yet you can still see her rolls. She's going to need hammier arms.

No. 177666

she reminds me of that crazy vegan woman on youtube, her name is rawkristina or something and sometimes she reminds me of Lady Gaga, they have the same frog eyes and droopy nose

No. 177670

Ignoring the shitty craftsmanship, but why does her cosplays always look dirty?

No. 177671

lmao i had the same reaction anon

No. 177673

Pretty sure she does her makeup, then pulls the cosplay on over it and calls it good.

No. 177694

>Earns '5k'
>still cant afford to get her teeth whitened

Especially when she's by those white sheets you can see how grossly yellow her teeth are. Usually I'd consider that a nitpick but she's making bank.It really shows how gross moomoo is when she's gonna get eyelash extensions that dont last instead of spending it on things that she can properly benefit from.

She could easily afford waxing or a laser hair removal and teeth whitening but she spends it on horrible looking lash extensions

No. 177721

>Kraid's OST
Fucking god this bitch pisses me off so much.

OT but you can rag on her fat ass and the terrible eyelash extensions all you want but teeth whitening damages your teeth in the long run and her teeth aren't even particularly yellow to me. It's shitty to rag on people's teeth because most people have a yellowish hue naturally and unnecessary fiddling (veneers, crowns or whitening) might fuck them up really bad and irreversibly.

No. 177726

File: 1475091288355.jpg (3.95 MB, 3988x3701, moochlette repeat gijinka.jpg)

Oh wow I wonder where I've seen that gijinka design before
Oh wait? -.-
She needs to be more original

No. 177729

Teeth whitening has come really far and doesnt 'fuck teeth up' anymore unless you try to go to a really shady place with old chemicals.

Also being a fat lardass is way more damaging to her entire body than some teeth lightening would be. Mind you this is also the same girl who stayed out in the sun until she got 'severely' sunburnt and got eyelash extensions that can also mess up your natural eyelashes. She's also obviously ashamed of her teeth because how many of her pictures do you see them in? She always has that agape mouth her teeth barely showing or smiles with her lips pursed.

wow her head looks like an actual potato also how the hell does that read as eevee? I cant wait to see the trainwreck ears she makes for it.

No. 177734

Why are the patterns and lace on Eevee so loud/distracting when Eevee is such a plain Pokémon?

No. 177735

jesus, i know this thread is about mariah, but what a busted face

No. 177736

I feel like moochlette has too little drama for her own thread and should be encompassed in moomoo's since according to FB they're a ~*couple*~

No. 177737

Next thread should just be called Momokun and Friends

No. 177739

I feel like "friends" is pushing it. "Lapdogs" would be much more fitting ^^

No. 177743

its called heat n' bond honey…

No. 177745

you niggas need to stop obsessing over people you don't know bros(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 177746

No. 177747

Hi Momo/Mooch/white knight!

No. 177751

"bro chicken nuggets are my favorite" - drunk moo

No. 177758

You know what sucks? She's going to a con with two amazing cosplayers that I both use to look up to (now I don't know) because she's popular.

For nudes. And commissioned cosplays.

This is why the cosplay world sucks. She's not talented, not pretty, has a negative vibe, and gets bank on patreon and attention from popular cosplayers. Why?

No. 177759

you mean high moo

No. 177760

You'd be surprised at how many people in this thread actually know her personally

No. 177763

Dont blame the cosplay world blame your expectations. TBH all the cosplayers I actually look up to stay away from her and maybe if you're lucky nana and whoever will figure out that she's a phony but you're only buying into moomoo's lies if you actually think she's popular. There have been WAY 'less famous' cosplayers get invited to cons and the such (even AX) so dont let her get too salty

No. 177765


No. 177767

It's actually hilarious how she has to leave the country for a con where NO one knows what she is actually like in person to guest and you can bet she got there because her male friends helped her out, and she does NOT have a passport yet lol. Con is nov 4th-6th. Maybe she'll stay in Canada.

No. 177770

File: 1475105524133.png (150.77 KB, 640x843, IMG_3767.PNG)

Who calls her Bodysuit Sendai?lmfao everyone Whod met her just calls her a cunt.

No. 177771

Christ, she's shit at sewing spandex though. And didn't moochlette make her Diane suit? And didn't Tasha teach her how to make bodysuits in general??

No. 177772

Fatty loves her spandex

No. 177773

Who wrote this garbage?

No. 177774

Hal-con did

No. 177776

There's a few cosplayers I really like who've been pampering Momo with compliments and such as well in order to be her friend. I honestly do not understand how they can look up to her. Is it because she's forcefully becoming more popular through her own desperate attempts to gain more efame, so they use her as a step up in the same game? That's all cosplayers seem to do now is ride on each other's attention buses to get noticed more.

No. 177777

It's sad they didn't do their research before inviting this trash. There's plenty of guests that could replace her.

No. 177778

I dont want to cosplay anymore…

No. 177785

Actually she most likely wrote it herself. Most cons will just take whatever the person sends them and publishes that. That's how the whole Hioshi Jackson thing happened. If the con wrote it none of that stuff would be there. They would know that she doesnt sew her own stuff and no one has ever called her 'bodysuit senpai'

Not sure who you're talking about but they're probably doing it cause she's always crying about 'da haterz/bullies' and people love seeming righteous and 'standing up' for people.

You weak as fuck. Legit I find it decidedly more gross that you're letting her get to you and stop doing what you supposedly enjoy than moomoo's cheap attempt. Even if it's a joke. If anything seeing moomoo's piles of bullshit makes me want to be more public about my cosplay (I tend to just do it for fun but I'm p confident that I could lap her)

No. 177789

File: 1475111091008.jpg (59 KB, 720x462, _20160928_210240.JPG)

Ugh. Makes it seem like she's above the said cosplayer or something

No. 177793

I've known and cosplayed with Mariah for a little over a year now and I can confirm no one calls her bodysuit senpai
You're completely right. Most of the people who stick closes to her are there for the extra attention and fame. You should hear her when she's drinking or having one of those super "deep" conversations about the cosplay community she's always saying things to other cosplayers like "You're just as good as me with cosplay but no one gives you the attention you deserve but I do." And it's super annoying because a lot of the time she says that to cosplayers who are far better at her in every category, and it brings them down, especially if they don't realize they're being played by her and from then on they equate their work to equal to or just below Moomoo so she is seen as "senpai" and she gets to keep their skill in her back pocket.

No. 177795

Calm down. Being discouraged because this chick has to do practically nothing to gain recognition isn't weak. I know many cosplayers who are amazing but receive nothing meanwhile I watch her commit social suicide like every week with no repercussions. So excuse me for feeling a little down about it.

No. 177799

"Mariah, I need help with this bodysuit!"
Mariah produces AliExpress link to purchase said bodysuit.

No. 177810

Agreed. It's incredibly disheartening to see her be successful when it she's not working at it. Look at her Mei. What did she make? The gun, the coat, the utility belt, the leggings, the boots - ALL commissioned. And then she gets invited to guest at a con? I mean give me a break. That sucks. There's no talent and being cosplay positive or COSPOSITIVE as a friend of mine has already coined and produced a clothing line for is not unique. There are HUNDREDS of better cosplayers, all around better, and this one keeps jumping to the top. Yeah so I agree, this makes me want to give up too.

No. 177812

Your grammar is too good to be Mooch and you aren't kissing her ass enough to be a good friend or I doubt someone mentioned here.
This curiosity is killing me since this time last year was a bit past Sabakon and no one gave a shit about her there last year.
I doubt this is Gabby. Dare I say…. Eric? Hooooooooooo man how fucking rich would it be if Eric posted here?
I am in no way saying this is him, from my somewhat limited contack with both him and Momo I don't think it would be him but my mind is just reeling with possibilities now
If this is Nana then what the fuck no one in the Vegas community knew you unail you cosplayed with Momo. It wouldn't be Steff, at least I doubt it since Steff never did any cosplay with Momo and already had her own fame.
Really all I can think of are Mooch, Eric, or maybe Nana.

No. 177814

Sage for samefag but my previous post was under the assumpteen when you say you cosplayed with her that means you planned something, not just you were in the same fandom or series and happened to take a picture together

No. 177815

Nana and Mariah have only been friends for less than a year
Mariah started kissing Nana's ass because of her followers and now they're friends

No. 177816

Those three wouldn't come here and shit on Mariah
There are alot of other people she knows/has cosplayed with before that she doesn't post about haha
It could be a number of people

No. 177817


What spell check homie

No. 177818

Nice quints bruh

No. 177822

Its funny no one noticed Bardock popped in. Seems pretty unprofessional to me ya big bitch.

No. 177823

And it is him since he just liked a tweet by Momo which was a reply to somebody asking why they don't talk anymore. Guess he's still salty that she doesn't want to fuck him.

No. 177826

Idk, that doesn't really prove it was him posting.

No. 177872

You'd be surprised which of us come on here and shit on her.
It's been a little over a year, give or take a few months.

No. 177929

I wonder if she and momo are going to try again with trash gijinkas. It's still pretty unrecognizable.

Haha. Oh, come on. Her craftsmanship is shit-tier. You know she or one of her super asskissers wrote it.

No. 177935

Supporting other cosplayers with strictly for cosplay patreon money to make her look like such a thoughtful human being…yeah sounds about right.

No. 177939

Now you're just going over board. Being a fake gamer girl for cash and being thirsty for attention doesn't somehow eliminate all human decency she has. Danielle makes less money on patreon, maybe momo just thinks she deserves support.

No. 177940

Ok momo I know you want everyone to know how you're such a kind and thoughtful person for giving money to people lower than you.

No. 177941

Are you new to these threads or something, anon?

No. 177948

Why are you here?

No. 177951

Momo supporting other cosplayers who aren't making it as good as her on Patreon is nothing more than a way to gain special snowflake points for herself. They get support probably because she feels sorry for them, they shower her with attention & get sucked into her bubble and it just carries on. No point in even trying to defend anything Momo does as it's never from the kindness of her heart.

No. 177963

File: 1475175954346.png (68.62 KB, 633x439, IMG_3769.PNG)

Miss I'm a Japanese translator.

No. 177964

Japanese addresses aren't even that complicated…

No. 177966

No. 177972

>Japanese patrons
>implying Japanese people would pay to see chubby girl boudoir shoots

No. 177982

So uh
wouldnt they have typed out their address properly? I'm pretty sure as long as you have all the information needed on the package it'll get there?

No. 177983

There's chubby chasers there too, but realistically it's probably some weeaboo neckbeards living over there for school or something.

No. 177986

Lmao isn't she supposed to be a Japanese translator? So much for that skill.

No. 177988

Didn't she use to brag about being able to reply to emails in Japanese?

No. 177998

She was trying so hard to humble brag about getting a person from Japan that she forgot that she lies about being a Japanese translator. That's cute.

No. 178080

So She's currently streaming working on cosplay which is supposedly why people watch her WITH deluca and only pulling under 50 viewers. She started 30 minutes ago too

No. 178083

File: 1475203105087.jpg (60.88 KB, 803x421, CtGa9LlUAAAhfNJ.jpg)

Samefagging to add: She's currently still sewing her Cammy that she was bragging about getting done in an hour.

Also I have proof she's scamming people: She's been resetting her Comikaze money funding bar. Here's a screenshot saying she got $172 in donations and now in her current stream it's at $0. You have to actively go to the site and reset it according to my knowledge.

No. 178084

File: 1475203326100.png (647.73 KB, 799x448, moomoothescammer.png)

Deluca has no idea who she is and kept calling her Mah-ree-ah instead of Mah-rai-ah
She's apparently going to katsucon? I'm getting mixed signals because she said that her friends keep telling her to go but then she said 'oh I think my room is in the gaylord' and then laughed and said 'you cant say the name without laughing' such an adult.

Also the chat is 99% ignoring her and either silent or talking about their own shit.

Just telling you all what I caught and I'll stop samefagging now

No. 178091

File: 1475204129934.jpg (498.55 KB, 1409x1284, Screenshot_20160929-205144.jpg)

Someone feel like calling her out?
I don't care enough to make a throwaway twitter but also because people were harping on how much she loves Metroid I feel like some anons might have an opinion

No. 178092

I'm pretty sure if you asked her about anything related to Metroid she wouldn't be able to answer it. Someone could just tell her to download Dolphin, download a metroid ROM and play & stream from there, but she can't expose herself by showing she's never played Metroid before

No. 178093

So why doesn't she just grab Dolphin and emulate it?

No. 178095

"My first metroid game" aka the first one I watched gameplay of only a few months ago

No. 178097

Why would you get rid of your gamecube?

No. 178112

In a series of tweets between her and some other chick, she said she didn't even know any similarities between the Alien franchise and Metroid
(Metroid was based off of Alien, in super obvious ways, and she claims to love both series)
Its even stated on the Wikipedia page like wtf
If you love both series you totally would have noticed the similarities
The other person had never even played a Metroid game and knew

No. 178122

She can't lie about it now! She just said (multiple times) on her stream that the corset would look good in the Cammy suit.

No. 178145

She has such a flat ass, it looks like a pancake. No ass. Her thighs are huge and if she wasn't wearing a corset the description would go from thick to straight up fat.

No. 178159

File: 1475232402521.jpg (98.26 KB, 742x1200, Ctlf5bBUIAAZwqe.jpg)

her ass looks so strange
it looks like she has no ass

No. 178160

Why would she post such a bad photo. That pose is so weird

No. 178162

I really hope those aren't the shoes/boots she's going to try and wear with this.

That's a lot of blur on that thigh, too.

No. 178166

It's a common pose tbh
It only looks weird because she seems to have no butt at all

No. 178170

Fatass with a flat ass!

No. 178178

File: 1475239263656.jpg (63.05 KB, 736x963, cammy.jpg)

Fucking nailed it.

By the way, since she's on a Street Fighter kick lately, why hasn't she done R. Mika?

No. 178190


those gloves lmao

No. 178199

Can't wait for the Cammy boudoir where her ass will magically look a lot better

No. 178201

How "body positive" of her

What a cunt

No. 178205

I just noticed that moomoo blocked me on Twitter, guess it was for >>177610

No. 178206

File: 1475245712936.png (56.61 KB, 619x384, f9fe446a11b61db4430615fa08a2aa…)

"lol I'm such a gamer girl, of course I know about Mega Man! He's from Smash, right?"

Also Mega Man is not even a good character in Smash

No. 178246

Sage for kinda OT
Actually, Styles is relatively known Mega Man main. She probably looked at his profile and saw that and figured she should say something Smash related to help her gamer gurl image just like in that interview

No. 178255

So is "down + b" the only thing she knows how to say in Smash-'lingo' ? God, why is she so embarrassing.

No. 178261

If Smash is the only place where she recognizes shit then she's in desperate need to expand her knowledge. I don't enjoy Megaman either but it's mostly because of the SNES games, not because of his specialized move in Smash. That's a shitty way to dislike a character.

No. 178262

Fucking everyone is doing Cammy
Which is fine cause Cammy is an awesome character
But it makes me too scared to wanna do Cammy
Also frustrated cause Moomoo is only doing it for the sake of having her flat ass out in the open, she probably not only doesn't play Street Fighter, but she probably doesn't even play as Cammy or like Cammy

No. 178265


Well I encourage you to do cammy still

To your other comment, it reminds me of morrigan as I'm pretty sure 90% of the girls who codplay as her never played dark stalkers

Heck I play a decent amount of fighting games and I never played that one

No. 178266


Meant to say cosplay

Auto correct was a failure

No. 178271

File: 1475262348801.png (149.86 KB, 747x992, IMG_4034.PNG)

What does she mean she was "comissioned" to do cammy?

No. 178272

Someone requested her to cosplay Cammy for payment?

No. 178274

That guy is fucking disgusting, I pity him

No. 178283

Well at least she admitted to not knowing anything besides faking it.

No. 178284

Jesus, at least try to hide your thirst.

This. It's pretty sad when you have to relate everything to Smash because that's the only game you're ~good~ at, and it's even sadder when you can't even get basic game terminology right.

No. 178286

One of her tiers on her Patreon is to choose what cosplay she does, I think.

No. 178287

File: 1475273142877.png (76.68 KB, 640x750, IMG_3772.PNG)

trtimg claim the Yaya Han patterns she ALWAYS uses as her own patterns. The

No. 178288

kek there's no way that shit pattern she posted made that Cammy suit

No. 178289


I never saw the appeal of that. Suggestions are always appreciated, but I ultimately if I'm going to slave over a costume for weeks it has to be something I love.

This is why I can never relate to Momo. I can't muster the patience to make something I don't care about just for attention.

No. 178290

Yeah but we all know Momo doesn't slave over anything tbh.

And for me the money is the issue, why waste money on a character I don't care about when I could do a character I actually wanna do.

No. 178297

He probably paid for the entire thing in that one donation. Her fabric looks like that shitty $5.99 knit they sell at Joann's and her boots are ones she already owns. Joann's gives out coupons like every week so she probably got 20% off of a $14 purchase as well.

No. 178301

Yeah, if Momo were actually as talented, passionate and involved in the community as she says she is, she could use the $100 tier for things like tutorials, pattern sharing, progress videos, a little video together with an up-and-coming cosplayer she likes, etc.

But she isn't, so her best reward is "hey neckbeards, tell me what spandex suit I should wear next." Tragic.

No. 178304

Anyone got a download link to her mei shoot?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 178305

Whats retarded is that in the past when she posted "mock-ups" it was clearly the Yaya Han pattern but the finished product wasnt. She would still claim she made the pattern even after posting a progress picture with obvious pattern pieces laid out.

No. 178312

Fuck off neckbeard

No. 178313


No one here wants to see her flat flabby ass.

No. 178317

File: 1475281103676.jpg (58.21 KB, 640x960, download.jpg)

ok is anyone else really weirded out by the way her face looks here or is it just me? shoop gone bad or what?

No. 178319

Her face is like a full shade lighter than the rest of her body.

No. 178320


Her face is so much lighter than her body it is practically glowing. And they airbrushed the shit outta her face but not the rest of her body??

No. 178321

Her circle lenses always look awful to me but these brown ones are especially bad

No. 178322

In what way? not trying to whiteknight just curious how circle lenses themselves look bad. like color not right for the character?

No. 178324

different anon, but they look too piercing to me. Like, they're fake-looking almost.

No. 178326


I think she should have gone with a darker shade or softened it with photoshop. Mei have a very sweet and gentle look. Not a piercing stare like she's about to eat your soul.

No. 178327

but i do, for the milk

No. 178328

Why do you legging have weird designs on them? I know she has the other pair that is straight blue with a literal paint strip on them. Could she not redo the legging on just a basic blue fabric?

No. 178329


That's the design on Mei's leggings for her default skin (though it is much more subtle) which is also the cosplay she's wearing for the shoot.

You maybe thinking of the leggings she wore for casual Mei and that's a different design.

No. 178330

File: 1475283662367.jpg (46.72 KB, 489x565, Mei_Kneeling.jpg)

Mei's leggings have that pattern, so that's actually accurate.

No. 178331

How is she getting $6,200 on patreon for doing absolutely nothing? Cosplay truly has become fetish bullshit.

No. 178339

It's actually sickening to me that she makes as much as she does for the bullshit caliber work she produces. There are people who deserve much more than she does…so to watch her make half-assed bastardized versions of every costume she does, is just completely absurd to me. This is a person who needs a serious reality check and a sense of humility, but she'll never get there with all these people feeding her ego. I wouldn't even bat an eye to it if her costumes were well made, but geez. They're all such shit and she doesn't even try. She deserves none of it. Rant.

No. 178340

Its so subtle I never noticed it before, damn

No. 178345


She's not even making anything all that unique. It's always the same cosplays that have either been done to death or ones a thousand other cosplayers are making (and doing it better) at the moment.

No. 178346

I agree. Some of the people I follow put out absolutely breathtaking work and struggle to get any attention, while Moomoo can just shit out terrible cosplays and "look at me I'm a thick geek girl!!" and get shit-tons of likes. It's kind of sad that boobs get priority over construction and talent nowadays, but meh.

No. 178350

This is actually 100% not Momo's fault. It's all men. Men don't give money to women with talent, they blow cash on jerk off fuel. None of her patrons care about cosplay obviously.

No. 178353

jfc why does she wear her wig so far down? it's like she thinks foreheads are only 2" high. Also more proof she has no ass.

No. 178355

Idk about Momo's forehead, but my forehead is really tiny, like 1 1/2 inches, so I have to pull mine really far down. It could be possible…?

No. 178356

My forehead is only 2 inches high. But I think it's just because she still can't style bangs/fringe, so she just pulls the whole wig forward.

No. 178371

Yeah you have to go to the site to reset it. Someone call her out on this

No. 178375

She couldn't style a wig to save her life.
In all her cosplay she's had vaguely parted sideswept bangs. And for Mei if styled correctly a half assed side swept bang could have worked except HOW DO YOU FUCK IT UP SO BAD???
I think I'd recognize a Mei cosplayer with a good wig just by a bust shot even if they were casual Mei. If Moomoo took off the jacket and just took a bust shot in that wig (without the pin visible) I would have no idea it was Mei.

No. 178378

drag queens do it but that's to hide their big man heads. god knows with her.

No. 178383


if you look at >>177648 she has a pretty average forehead so she doesnt really have an excuse. it's just noticably low and looks so so so bad since the 'whorl' of the hair is almost where her hairline is

No. 178391

I genuinely don't understand subbing $50 a month for softer-than-softcore pornography that's been run through Photoshop a few too many times. There's plenty of free thicc clogging up the internet as is.

I wonder what girls like momo will do after the sex robot revolution. They don't even need to beat the Turing test to have more charm than her.

No. 178414


Exposed waist.

No. 178511

I only really noticed because I thought about cosplaying Mei for a little bit.

No. 178593

File: 1475377105091.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0534.PNG)

That blurry photoshop on her armpit though ?

No. 178594

Does she really need to make that face in every single boudoir? It's not alluring, it just makes her look like she had a stroke mid-shoot.

No. 178600

File: 1475378389723.jpg (56.84 KB, 720x478, _20161001_231253.JPG)

No. 178602

>I genuinely don't understand subbing $50 a month for softer-than-softcore pornography that's been run through Photoshop a few too many times. There's plenty of free thicc clogging up the internet as is.

They're lonely and capable of finding emotional comfort by wanking to women they feel like they have some sort of personal connection with. They see Momo as an accessible, "real" person who just so happens to share their nerdy interests, rather than some random underwear model who is way out of their league, has nothing in common with them, and couldn't care less about them. Basically they see Momo as the girl next door who would definitely be willing to be their girlfriend if they ever got a chance to hang out. That $50 a month they spend on her shitty pictures makes their sad jerk-off sessions slightly less sad.

No. 178604

hahahaha nerds are so pathetic

No. 178605

Funny ass comments on Tasha's curious cat about Mariah. http://curiouscat.me/tashalej

No. 178608

If she's wearing Cammy to SLCC then I'll laugh because there's a cosplay guest named Raychul Moore attending who always does that character. Wonder how long it'll take for MooMoo to try and buddy with her because they're cosplaying from the same game.

No. 178613

>>178608 Who Tasha or Mariah? (about wearing it to SLCC)

No. 178614


Mariah lol.

No. 178615

Lets stop bringing up people that aren't Mariah or her minions
They did nothing wrong

No. 178616

I agree, Tasha seems like she just wants to distance herself from all the drama.

No. 178640

File: 1475388796913.jpg (16.88 KB, 266x395, alliecat wicke.jpg)

Looks like Mariah isn't the first "THICC Wicke"
This chick
A++++++++++++++ 100/10
F-, -100/10

No. 178647

File: 1475395304665.jpg (125.03 KB, 720x960, IMG_0535.JPG)

You can see the weird ass padding she put in sticking out of the bra omfg why would she post this?! I'm embarrassed FOR her lol.

No. 178656

She looks great! I'm so happy to see a cosplayer has done it right and it doesn't look like trash.

No. 178670

File: 1475407296505.jpg (328.5 KB, 1082x1924, 16-10-02-07-14-57-178_deco.jpg)


That's the Victoria's Secret Front Close Bralette. It comes with removable padding but it comes out at the sides and I don't know why it's poking out from the top. I also notice she's wearing the lace short underwear from VS as well.

I've also noticed that Momo used the Bombshell Multiway bra for her Camilla cosplay. I'm wondering why she used that bra– it's a "two-cup" push up bra but her boobs were spilling out.

Source: I work at VS lololol.

No. 178674

Saw she is complaining about a woman wearing a hijab and saying Islam is great for women's rights as a joke. Don't make fun of my culture please, ya know the same one that would demand I'd be stoned to death for my boudoir photos.

No. 178681

File: 1475416984589.jpg (257.61 KB, 639x1080, 1474894170142.jpg)


No. 178683

File: 1475417427262.png (79.86 KB, 600x488, triggeredmomo.png)


The comments kill me. They're all turning a blind eye to what Momo actually does which is usually deemed as disrespectful to Islam and are more focused on the woman in the picture instead. Screencap for future reference incase she deletes.

No. 178684

Is this supposed to be Charlotte? The wig is even more wrong, and Charlotte strikes me as the type of character who would go all out with her lingerie, not just toss on something basic. jmo of course.

This girl is adorable. Her wig is perfect!

No. 178689

this is not a flattering shoot for Vamplette's face.

No. 178694

How exactly is that disrespectful? Am I retarded?

No. 178696


Nah just a bunch of pissy SJWs including Momokunt losing their minds over a satire joke. This isn't the only Muslim jab this girl on Twitter has done. It's actually fucking hilarious seeing how angry people become.

What's disrespectful is seeing Momo's pale lard ass in shit costumes.

No. 178700

There's no flattering shoot for Vamplette's face.

No. 178702

does this fugly whale even have a job or smth? is this shit she calls "cosplaying" actually her job?

No. 178706

File: 1475424075608.jpg (180.32 KB, 691x421, 1453526667127.jpg)

>Islam is the best for womens rights!

No. 178709

Nope, she's a full time lazy slut.

No. 178712

She quit her job for cosplay. Literally quit it once her Patreon amount per month increased. It used to be on her page about how she could leave and make cosplay full time if she reached a decent amount.

No. 178715

Beyond the lingerie being kind of half assed at least it's a cute color I could see Charlotte wearing.
What's killing me the most though is those fucking nails, I would rather her nails be plain than that shit that's on it right now. They're front and center in the photo and so OOC it hurts.

No. 178717

fuck yeah I love Alliecat Cosplay! She basically does exactly what moomoo does but without begging for money or claiming to be anyone's 'senpai'. I wish she had more time for cosplay cause I think she could overtake moomoo in everything. Sorry I'm geeking tf out cause I have a huge lady boner for her.

Wow sometimes having someone ugly will make one person look better but all their ugly just makes the other look uglier.

No. 178730

Wait, she's just 21? I'M FUCKING 21!!! I thought she was 30. Goddaaaaaaaaaaamn

No. 178732

Allie is actually really cute. And she works a lot on her costumes unlike this fat cunt. And yet she gets more recognition. Why?

No. 178741

File: 1475431311432.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1505x1920, image.jpeg)

This photo is so bad and the cosplay is so unflattering that it's impossible to shoop her hotter.

No. 178744

File: 1475431533417.jpg (59.31 KB, 434x627, CisIK0uVAAA8eMb.jpg)

moomoo shoves her ass in everyone's faces. She does everything she can to be the center of attention. She actively goes around and makes sure people are giving her attention meanwhile Allie seems to just do her thing.

The pose is awkward and terrible too because she couldnt actually do the full cammy pose or her back and stomach would be all rolls. also she's so body positive yet in EVERY picture she's covering her stomach.

No. 178746

see >>178350 and >>178602. The people who follow Momo just want to look at titties and pretend she's their waifu, they don't really care about craftsmanship or effort.

No. 178782

So moochlette is basically moomoo's ugly friend right? she purposefully chooses bad photos of her in hopes that her own ugly mug looks 100% better.

No. 178783

File: 1475440325389.jpg (40.76 KB, 600x450, l.jpg)

also this is all i see tbh

No. 178786

^more like her ugly rat dog pet TBH

No. 178788

Except unless Moomoo fattens up Mooch then Mooch is always gonna make Moomoo look like the fat cunt she is kek

No. 178793

File: 1475442957412.jpg (269.06 KB, 1536x2048, 14551095_10210984638276329_101…)

>claims to be a master level seamstress
>puts pins in the wrong way
>good job Moomoo

No. 178794

File: 1475443487333.png (124.44 KB, 1080x1523, 14536942_10210984763039448_268…)

Higurashi though?

No. 178797

I fucking hate it when she sticks her fat ass out like that ruining everyone's photos. It's not cute Momo. It's just makes you look like a cunt.

No. 178799

File: 1475445679060.jpg (52.72 KB, 720x496, _20161002_180003.JPG)

Waiting for her to claim to have some anxiety disorder. Specially after this tweet.

No. 178801

Please tell me she was joking

No. 178808

I'd love to call her out that panic attacks are serious, but she probably would turn around and claim she did have them.

No. 178809

Yeah says she relates to Shion and used to RP on the "old forums" back in the day. Claims its some huge undertaking that she is working hard on.

No. 178816

Her saying 'I had like' just makes me think she's saying it to say it. She probably doesn't know how scary a real panic attack is. I would call her out on it.

No. 178824

interesting that she's doing a higurashi cosplay when people were just speculating onwhether or not she's actually a fan

No. 178829

File: 1475457326659.jpg (40.96 KB, 704x396, snapshot20060529163656.jpg)

Looks like she's doing this. It's been years since I've read Higurashi, but isn't it a pretty big spoiler that this is Shion?

No. 178830

Cant wait to see the side swept bangs lol.

Also Higurashi is old as fuck so imho it's in the area of it no longer counting as spoilers. Also inb4 people dont know/dont care who she's cosplaying since it's basic and you basically have to cosplay a group or one of the MAIN girls for anyone to guess it's supposed to be Higurashi. Probably why she's using the hashtag already too.

No. 178832

I wish she'd wear a burqa.

No. 178835

I want to barf how can anybody think this is attractive her ass is disgustingly fat

No. 178838

I suffer from severe anxiety, so I'd roast the fuck out of her but she blocked me for shitting on her about Metroid

No. 178842


This thing is so fucking old! There's like a 0.0002% chance she might have actually liked it or at least heard of it back when she was younger. BUT if Momo's cosplay patterns have told us anything she doesn't cosplay from a franchise unless it will get her a lot of neckbeard attention. No one will give a shit about her cosplay. This total stinks of "Those bitches called me fake! Waaahh!! I'll show them!"

No. 178847

why the fuck are her seam allowances over and inch long? I thought she was a "pro" cosplayer.

No. 178849

I don't see the point in her doing this since it's not a sexy cosplay, but she'll probably be flaunting her boob crack in this. I guess we'll see.

No. 178852

Not sure if relevant but Steff just posted a picture from a long time ago when she cosplayed Higurashi. Vendetta maybe?

No. 178855

Make a new account.

They have to be that big or else her fat will burst out of them.

No. 178857

File: 1475465916404.jpg (104.36 KB, 900x1200, Ctz_F2IVUAAaqhy.jpg)

No. 178858

>inb4 "kimono" "boudoir" photoshoot

No. 178861

File: 1475466966230.png (234.82 KB, 319x461, Shi_pc_am.png)

>when u wanna slut up a character but dont have the skill to make the character's canon slutty outfit

No. 178880

I see this then this

And I can't help but giggle.

Who even remembers Higurashi anymore? I never watched it but the only thing I remember is that nice OP.

No. 178896

Does anyone have a larger version of this picture, it's hilarious

No. 178903

Yeah this is the one she should be doing! Knowing her shit skills though it'd look awful.

No. 178913

i just realized there's going to be two snowflakes at one con that i'm attending next month. this whale being one of them, is there anything you guys may want? or any questions.

No. 178914

Christ alive, this woman has a fucking litter box in her bedroom. That is absolutely nasty, Momo. the fuck. cats' excrement isn't something you want to sleep around is it????

No. 178930

Check the last thread. It was posted there.

Tbh it's not a hard costume, but it would just take a lot of work and she's too lazy to do it.

No. 178931

Who is the other snowflake?

No. 178949

If she is doing something like that exact picture, then I can believe. All she has to do is put a literal bedsheet over herself and then "LOL I'M COSPLAYIN"

No. 178957

File: 1475517206773.jpeg (128.14 KB, 1080x1080, image.jpeg)

What momo wishes she looks like lol

No. 178965

Ok but this is photoshopped to hell.

No. 178966

well no shit. its hilarious because she can't even photoshop herself well enough to look good

No. 178972

File: 1475522250745.jpg (3.14 MB, 4000x2804, gabby vs moochlette crossover.…)

Looks like Moochlette kinda copied Gabby with the red-headed crossover idea
At least Gabby's make sense because Asuka and D.va are alot alike
Nami and D.va? Eh, I don't see it

No. 178977

Her fat ass isn't even that good. She looks like she wears diapers all the time. imo there's good/sexy kind of chubby and there's Momo. She literally looks like a giant baby

No. 178979

I wouldnt say copied I mean the fanart its based on is pretty popular right now. She is just guilty of jumping a bandwagon for a grab at more neckbeards.

No. 178980

They're not fun. Had my first panic attack 2 months ago. That was a nightmare, I thought I was having a stroke or smth. Couldn't move or talk and could barely breathe. My whole body started tingling and I felt numb af. Oh well she probably just made a cheesy joke

No. 178981

They are each others' ugly friend.

No. 178982

File: 1475524049164.jpg (12.3 KB, 500x281, 019ed782327a1c8c0a6e7650e4ab8d…)

jesus christ

No. 178985


I know you said it was based off of a fanart, but.. what?
I get the Asuka thing, after all, i'm pretty sure whoever designed D.va's suit got inspired or even made a reference to Evangelion, but… Nami? Wah? Well, whatever.

No. 178989

I couldn't even tell that Collette was trying to cosplay as someone else lol it's just so much more recognizable as Asuka. Asuka makes sense cause she actually inspired D.Va. collette looks like she's just reaching to attract fandoms.

No. 179001

Oh man I totally forgot about the Asuka crossover. I just know alot of people are posting the One Piece crossover which yeah doesnt make alot of sense.

No. 179002

idk, moomoo is a raging fucking bitch, but i do think she is way more attractive than colette.

No. 179008

File: 1475529294596.png (238.19 KB, 495x556, 401f7e4212f552be403af87a3117cd…)

How is she "almost done!" when it looks like she's wearing a fucking blanket?

No. 179010

Yeah the fanart was stupid and that wig is 10000% incorrect for nami since her hair is way curlier than that.

that sleeve is way too big and long you can tell. Yukata are literally the easiest thing to make.

No. 179027


I have NO CLUE how she is fucking this up so bad. You can literary buy yukata/kimono patterns at every Joann.

No. 179041

no no no didnt u know moomoo is queen of cosplay and makes her own patterns obviously she doesnt need your lowly patterns that's why all of her costumes are so unique

…ly bad

No. 179047

You can get free ones online as well. But hey she'll never learn, everything she does is rushed.

No. 179049

That taped on straw hats logo

No. 179065

Even historically, Kimono making is sewing literally straight lines. It's one of the easiest things I've learned to do for cosplay and I pray to god she actually sews hems on these things instead of gluing.

No. 179069


How does someone glue their hems? Do you mean she just uses fray block? I've never heard of this and I'm starting to imagine her hot gluing her cosplay together.

No. 179071

An ex friend of mine did that to save time (it didn't really…) because she didn't want to sew them in time for the convention.

Literally all she did was fold over the fabric like you'd normally hem and just glue it down. She used super glue then she used the fray block but she never sewed her hems.

I remember seeing moomoo sew her Chun Li ribbons >>178681 up close but they weren't tucked and frayed to all hell. For getting the bucks she is monthly, at least make shit decently eye appealing that should take 10 minutes to run properly through a machine.

No. 179093

File: 1475558894993.jpeg (278.71 KB, 1001x1500, image.jpeg)

What made her think this was okay? She looks retarded.

No. 179095

that wig looks incredibly crusty… it looks almost like dandruff even

No. 179096

probably used a ton of hair spray stuff and gel in combination. I hear that can cause the dandruff looking stuff

No. 179099

I don't think this is too bad, actually. Except for the wig

No. 179100

Yeah got2b does that on dark colors easily

No. 179109


Up close her nose looks like it was shooped onto her face with how discolored it is compared to the rest of her. I know Mei has a little cherry nose but idk if that was what she was going for? Imo she just can't pull off cute characters at all.

No. 179112

She wanted it to look like she was in the cold, but it just makes her look like she HAS a cold.

No. 179116

you think the picture where it looks like she has a unibrow 'isnt too bad?' or are you choosing to ignore that the shitty lighting on her glasses actually ages her more by making it look like she has cheek wrinkles.

it's because she has a potato nose and she REALLY needs the bridge of her nose to connect her nose to her face. cutting off the bridge of your nose when it's so fat is a fatal error.

No. 179138

Aw, look! Her care worker helped her dress up as a video game character!

…seriously Momo, that open mouth thing is a no-no.

No. 179143

So, what are some actual good cosplayers you guys follow? Anyone who is the opposite of Moo cow.

No. 179153

Alyson Tabbitha.

I don't know, this looks better than her usual pics. At least here she doesn't do that awful luscious face

No. 179177

Angela Bermudez
Bindi Smalls
Karin Olava
I could go on

No. 179178

I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and assume they wanted locals

No. 179180

Pretty much everyone is better than them in the local community so really no challenge there TBH

No. 179214

Doesn't matter if they're local. I just wanted to see what a well made cosplay looked like. I've never been to a big con before or anything.

No. 179215

For local Las Vegas/western area, I like Steff Von Schweetz, Gabriel Cooke Cosplay, Kiki Kabuki, Angelic Threads, for probably the most well known ones. I have a few friends that make really amazing cosplays but since they're not well known i don't want to put their cosplay pages on blast

No. 179216

Gabrielle Cooke jfc

No. 179220


omg, the shadow from the glasses makes her look like she has a unibrow. Why didn't the photographer fix that??

No. 179221

Why does she use the same makeup for every cosplay?

No. 179227

She uses the cheapest "professional" she can get hence the awful photoshop/posing/styling in all her pics

No. 179252

File: 1475628780170.jpg (184.93 KB, 998x681, trash.jpg)

Another trashy ass hoe

No. 179255

nice crayon drawing on her head

No. 179259

I kinda only really pay attention to smaller cosplayers like Tasha, Gabby, ThorneChan and Question Kid
Or I like bigger cosplayers like Alexandria the Red, Jessica Nigri, Steff Von Schweets (kind of in between), Vertvixen and a bunch of california famous people

I have weird taste TBH so my input probably isn't much help haha

No. 179260

I like newer cosplayers because they seem like genuine people and they grow over time so its nice watching people start out and grow and just be real, you know?
And then the "famous" cosplayers because of their super experiences craftsmanship and super professional/artistic photos

It helps that I think they're hot
Nothing wrong with T&A as long as they're not shit personalities like Moomoo

No. 179272

>Nothing wrong with T&A
Call me a faggot all you want but JNigs really overdoes it

No. 179274

I don't mind if its in character, but I hate when people sluttify them up. You can be creative and make alt looks by not having to show tits and ass, but I guess thats what gets you attention at the end of the day.

No. 179276

>>179274 Thats what I meant
PS I'm the "nothing wrong with T&A" guy
IF its in character
or just posting because they want

No. 179281

Who's vertvixen and question kid? I've never heard of them. And I'm from socal

No. 179293

File: 1475640865499.jpg (70.3 KB, 640x960, vertvixen cammy.jpg)

Vertvixen is pretty popular, especially in SoCal
Probably has about the same amount of followers Mariah has (maybe less now?)
But she host/guests at alot of cons

No. 179294

File: 1475641096479.jpg (111.77 KB, 960x676, question kid.jpg)

And Question Kid isn't famous
I mentioned her with the smaller cosplayers I like to follow
She is really cool and she streams alot
She has big boobs but she makes all her costumes and they're pretty fucking good for a novice
This is her Skullgirls cosplay
Its so accurate AND it being sexy is part of the character

No. 179295

File: 1475641811577.png (217.67 KB, 382x348, tasha trim.png)

I'm sorry, I know someone said we shouldn't talk about Tasha but jfc she used the same trim shit that mariah used for chun li( >>178593 )
And hers looks so much better
This just show how shitty Moomoo is at her craft

No. 179297

whoa her cammy looks spot on! and her figure looks really nice, although it's really obvious that this photo has been altered…

she looks really good as eliza, but i'm sorry her boobs are kinda gross.

No. 179298

The average Halloween costume has better craftsmanship

No. 179302

jessica nigri kek

No. 179303

You know it's a slow day for momo being momokunt and moochlette when you guys start chatting about other cosplayers

No. 179306

yeah but thats what big boobs are actually like so i don't mind haha

No. 179307

Nigri may be boobs mcgee but her craftsmanship is amazing
the details and quality of her work is phenomenal
Although she did start out being a dumb "gamur girl"
And I don't mind her personality
Obnoxious but seems like it isn't fabricated for her own benefit (like moomoo trying to be like JNig to be more famous)

No. 179308

Legit kind of upset she isn't posting stuff so we can shit all over it
I may or may not have a problem but this thread is so interesting and nobody else i know knows her so i can't shit talk her to them

we need more content

No. 179309

File: 1475649176856.jpeg (100.05 KB, 724x720, image.jpeg)

>her craftsmanship is amazing
>her craftsmanship

No. 179311

No. 179315

Why are people anonymously asking everyone about Mariah? First Tasha, now Sierra
Good thing Gabby doesn't have a Curious Cat

No. 179316


No. 179317

She might not make everything but she makes alot of her stuff
What are you old? She has been doing her own stuff for a while now

No. 179327

That A1 defense lol. You are delusional

>still liking Jnigger in 2016


No. 179341

okay let's just ignore the videos where she has literal proof that she makes a good chunk of her costumes. Actually get over yourself.

>so accurate
You mean the missing defining headpiece, the missing belt/ankh and the incorrect skirt??? Also using a purple lipstick is ridiculous since her lipstick is supposed to be BLOOD red (obviously) It's not the worst Eliza I've seen but it's far from 'accurate'.

>sage for not about moomoo

No. 179357

What videos? Link them. I would love to see

No. 179358

she has her own thread

No. 179370

I know. But its a 1000 posts long. Just give me a couple videos and Ill be happy.

>stanning this hard for a balding 2007 raccoon make up scene queen with 90's style implants who dont give a fuck about you

>Jessica nigri still has fans in 2016 and its you boo


No. 179376

okay this is going to be saged for the derail but this anon needs to stfu and go to the jnig thread.


more on her fb and maybe more on her YouTube.
Again go to her tread if you want to have a cry. This thread is for Momo.

No. 179386

I know people are saying fanart, but i have noticed cosplayers seems to copy other cosplayers versions instead of the cource material. A lot of cosplayers copied jessica nigiri's versions of vegeta and goku instead of the actual source versions. I am starting to understand why some people say they are "fake geek girls" (although i do hate that term) when they pull this shit.

No. 180007

This is fucking awful, anon.
I'm not from America and to me cosplay is still about craftsmanship and love for the character so people who come in to make fun of momoshit but then list equally bad softcore porn cosplayers as their favourites really piss me off. You're the fucking reason people like momo are getting 5k on patreon a month, if those favourite prostitute cosplayers of yours had a thread here you'd make fun of their slutty asses too.

No. 180012

File: 1475689118125.png (2.06 MB, 1008x1160, dang.png)

is this meme still a thing?
sorry i had to lmao

No. 180035

She was also a sabakon guest a few years ago

No. 180040

I'm quite sure I liked the right cosplayer's page a year ago, because of this photo. I'm a woman, but that ass is majestic.

No. 180043

File: 1475699200480.jpg (11.76 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)



No. 180047

File: 1475700023065.png (107.27 KB, 640x738, IMG_8387.PNG)

I laughed

No. 180049

Even other "chubby" cosplayers have better butts than Mariah. It's amazing how flat momos butt is. She's all thigh.

No. 180050

File: 1475701516654.png (121.24 KB, 750x849, IMG_4058.PNG)

She looks SO old in this picture, even more than usual.

No. 180051


Her face looks swollen and haggard…

No. 180053

"shot whore photography"

No. 180057

Is that the print of the suit or is it pilling that badly? Might be time to invest in a higher quality suit, MooMoo.

No. 180061

Liking ass doesn't make you gay, so it's fine

No. 180067

File: 1475705057961.jpg (483.59 KB, 498x754, 1475701516654_mr1475704760683_…)

I am bored, so I tried.

We all know Moomoo isn't very fresh looking but I will never understand why her photogs never edit out her eyebags.
It improves her look by a lot

No. 180069

Because they're too busy editing out her blatant fat rolls she's in such denial of.

No. 180075

File: 1475709122522.png (516.81 KB, 493x721, Untitled-1.png)

No. 180077

I will never understand how some of you guys can stand to look at her face long enough to attempt to photoshop it to look half way decent. stoppppp working so hard

No. 180078

No. 180106

wtf y r u photoshopping momocunt?
whats wrong with these people

No. 180110

People just don't know how to correctly PS momokum.

Yall missing some dicks and cum

No. 180111

File: 1475719812797.png (792.85 KB, 456x754, 1475701516654_meitu_1.png)

It's been pretty common in threads on lolcows to shoop them into something better. Pretty sure it started back on /cgl/ with the original Pixy threads.

Her face is truly irredeemable, though. Very hard to save.

No. 180118

File: 1475721216148.jpg (115.19 KB, 746x843, image.jpg)

All I have is my phone, I tried.

No. 180120

The pilling on that suit is so out of control. You can see holes on the tip of the fingers too. I can't even imagine how awful this thing must look in person with all of the pilling and holes covering it, embarrassing.

No. 180128

LOL I was literally about to post "is the suit sparkly and the specks are glitter or is is just pilling/covered in debris". It's so bad I thought it must be a glitter treatment or something

No. 180134

File: 1475725908562.jpg (1.27 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20161005_235031.jpg)

Staring at her photo makes one realize how meh she is.

No. 180135

It's amazing how such subtle changes make her look so much better.

No. 180140

I searched alibaba for Samus suits and they do all kinda look like they tend to pill like that but didn't she order a custom suit that she kept complaining about the shipping on a while ago?

Also MOOMOO IF YOU DO LURK THIS THREAD STYLE YOUR FUCKING WIGS. We've been harping on her Samus wig for months now and though she clearly lurks here she absolutely refuses to style them. I don't know if it's a matter of pride but good job "professional cosplayer" on your half assed bought cosplay and shit styled wigs.

No. 180142

File: 1475728397402.jpg (1.38 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20161006_002903.jpg)

No. 180145

Found the Korean.

No. 180155

Is this a korean app? Which one? These are the best shops I've seen of moomoo so far.

No. 180156

so? make a fresh new jnig one to satisfy yourselves. no derailing.

No. 180157

No. 180202

Wait is this photog's name s hot whore photography?! Lmao

No. 180207

Mix of two apps, but I was using the liquify and concealer tool. Nothing other apps can't do.

No. 180217

Spike from the land before time

No. 180230

File: 1475768526528.jpg (253.87 KB, 693x516, spike.jpg)

cannot unsee. they even have similarly-structured bodies

No. 180232

She gets it from her Dad.

No. 180234

File: 1475769525653.jpeg (98.15 KB, 481x731, image.jpeg)

Best I could do on Meitu

No. 180237

File: 1475770492470.jpg (235.95 KB, 480x749, 20161006_171102.jpg)

I enjoy doing this

No. 180238

It's the joker

No. 180239

I think the thing the reason I don't like Mariah is the fact she makes over 6k while she lives with her parents who obviously have money. Her Dad is security for a hotel and her Mom does sales. Two positions that pay well in any hotel but more so in Vegas. She lives in a big house, Dad's got a big car, Dad's got big dogs, and her really only big life challenge was her being fat with bipolar depression. Plus her parents breaking up, most likely over dear Dad not being faithful, but shit they got back together.She is the quintessence of fat privileged white Daddy's girl. Knows no real struggle but wants to go up to people and advise them about how body positivity/attitude changing will help. Bitch, Summelin, the neighborhood I think she lives in, is probably a nice suburb with a gate. So come cleam, just riding neck beard dicks with cosplay in order to pay for shit now and have a fling here or there with dudes but in the end drop this when you get a degree or some rich douchebag sweeps you off your cankle feet.

No. 180244

While there are cosplayers out there struggling to make ends meet in order to follow their dream career. Live on their own and take the time to craft great cosplays. But oh wait she hangs out with Koreanbarbq and Vamplette. Yeah, a stuck up Korean whose parents have enough money for medical school. Then a 26 year old who is obviously trying to get noticed through Momo but is just so obvious and dumb it makes it not work. Biggest example of being atuoid, getting your car fixed with other people's money then buying a tattoo. Maybe should if git the car fixed then save up money to sort out those teeth that everyone points out whenever someone posts the twerking DVA gif of her.

No. 180247

almost worse than Jnig

No. 180249

well ofc she makes her stuff. look at that beautiful costume! >>178593 #hard work #hotglue

No. 180250

I'm sick of the bullshit. Here's a recap of this bitch in her personal life within the last year.
Gets with Eric a.k.a Maroon Cosplay September 2015
Break up after 6 months together because " we want different careers"
Says it's amicable and tweets " i love him but it just wasn't meant to be." But keeps around as bag boy
Within 6 months of break up, flirts with 4 guys.
Bardock, Koreanbarbq, Overtflow, Deluca
Each is just a tool and literal one for her to use.
Bardock with "FunAmation connections"
Korean with heavy armor cosplay
Deluca with some cosplay skill
Overtflow with an audience on Youtube.
They're all buff dudes, all with a hard on for her but she isn't gonna jeopardize the utility of having multiple guys she can ask stuff for who will give it wilingly so they can prove their "worthy" of being with her.

No. 180251

They were talking about JNig, anon

No. 180252

I cant even look at that wig. so disgusting

No. 180253

File: 1475773051705.png (138.21 KB, 382x365, mariah-b.i.g..png)

No. 180257

>Within 6 months of break up, flirts with 4 guys

Wow, someone call the fucking pope on this out-of-control slut

No. 180267

You try to do better, anon. We aren't exactly working with the best canvas.

No. 180304

moomoo is going to a convention that is where duluca lives, i'm curious if shes going to be staying with him for awhile….

No. 180316


It wouldn't matter at all if it weren't for the fact that she's clearly only trying to use these guys either for their skills or popularity.
Not a slut just shitty and manipulative. Though at least from the looks of the Korean guy he knew what he was getting into and just wanted an easy lay, I hope it was worth it.

No. 180318

I'm sure it wasn't

No. 180320

File: 1475800076210.png (105.4 KB, 629x651, IMG_3788.PNG)

So, did she have at for this or did he?

No. 180323

File: 1475803726286.jpg (400.22 KB, 1000x1546, crystal-graziano-tumblr-nn38a4…)

Girl on the right is Crystal Graziano, who is pretty much the opposite of Moomoo in talent and personality. Pic related, she's also an amazing artist.

No. 180340

Please for the love of fuck tell me she isn't buying a goddamn PS4 with Patreon bucks

No. 180356

>I swear all the patreon money goes strictly to my cosplays, guys!

No. 180360

It looks like she bought it for ovurtflow and it will be on his blog. Too soon to say she bought it, but it was implied that she did.

No. 180372

She bought the expensive Soldier 76 figure today too. I hope those thirsty neckbeards realize that they're paying her to hit on other guys.

No. 180374

Fuck me, why is moomoo such an awful person? Why do people enable her? I want to die.

No. 180391

File: 1475820880516.png (248.14 KB, 1080x1172, Screenshot_2016-10-06-23-12-11…)

This girl just had no fucking self awareness. I doubt anyone said that to her.

No. 180392

Yeah, everyone knows only white people are capable of putting down another race, duuuh.

Oh, what happened to the days of pretending you were Italian Mariah?

No. 180394

Lmfao who does this bitch think she is? Hilarious

No. 180395

>"I'm not some white girl!"
>literally looks like any other fat white weeaboo bitch out there

Funny how she's only a minority when it benefits her. Also funny how she thinks that minorities can't be predjudiced against nor emulate each other.

No. 180445

I almost forgot it was 2016 and how it's all the rage to feel like you're being oppressed by some made up scenario

No. 180515

Who owns this ass?

No. 180516

Last time I checked weren't Lebanese considered Asian and Arab a language not an ethnicity?

No. 180592

File: 1475847824297.jpg (77.13 KB, 640x960, 13653316_1217310368333205_8410…)

You're right, that's her name.
Mariah wishes she looked like this.

>Like I'm an Arab I'm not some white girl like why as a minority would I try to put down another minority like like like
Yeah, because only white people can be racist. She's a dumbass anyway for giving credit to crazy sjw theories about "racist makeup", but her reasoning is at the same exact level

No. 180598

"don't [highlight] like ryoma"??? Is she shittalking about Ryoma cosplayer now? Idek what she means by this comment.

No. 180610

Stop trying to give people makeup tips, Moomoo.

No. 180619

Lebanese are from the Near East, Arab is an ethnicity, and Arabic is a language. lern2anthropology m8

No. 180633

Arab is technically white.

No. 180641

>PS4 gaymer starter kit
>Won't pay for good cosplay
>Won't pay for a competent photographer/shopper
>Won't pay for a new spandex samus suit for fucks sake it's got holes in it
>Won't send people the shit photos they spent $50 on

Mariah, I know you're reading this. You make filthy money off of idiot neckbeards but even they'll get sick of this shit eventually.

No. 180651

File: 1475860833988.png (163.73 KB, 533x935, Untitled.png)

Here's the full thread.

No. 180667

She keeps her wigs unstyled so she can be like her idol Jnig

No. 180670

Alright, that makes much more sense. Thanks for the full screencap.

No. 180723


Except Arab is a cultural ethnicity and not a race.

No. 180772

File: 1475891970692.png (1.08 MB, 1074x1415, 20161007_181148.png)

Kek ok Moomoo keep telling yourself that

No. 180776

No. 180777

Take a shot for every time she says "someone sent me this"

No. 180778

You'd end up dying of alcohol poisoning.

No. 180779

File: 1475894918161.jpg (56.24 KB, 640x960, FB_IMG_1475894838588.jpg)

This is seriously the ugliest pose I've ever seen.

No. 180780

I'd rather pay for Cosplay Deviants than this shit. At least they're mostly butterfaces instead of buttereverythings.

No. 180781

wtf is wrong with her lower lip?

No. 180783

Her lips are triggering me immensely.

No. 180786

The longer you look at it the weirder it gets. Just look at her bottom lip. This doesn't even look like a real person. I don't understand why you'd seriously willingly subscribe to get pictures like this SENT to yourself. What are you supposed to do with a pile of her pictures laying around? Somewhere down the line they're just going to end up getting thrown away because no one is literally going to keep this with them foreverz. She frustrates me because she's such a waste of time. She's wasting her own time where she could be doing something besides this whole lifestyle~* I'm not even in the cosplay scene but ahh she's one of my favorite cows.

No. 180787

I feel like mei has normal (not small?) lips so I'm wondering why she did her makeup that way. Was she trying to make herself look more Asian?

No. 180795


The lighting on this photo is deplorable.
She looks 45.

No. 180796

Lmfao girl, pull your head out of your flat ass

No. 180803

To think Momo left college and quit her job to make a living selling repetitive cheap boudoir cosplay shots and spends most of the money on trips, cons and trying to lure in new friends & trashy men only after one thing to stick by her side…what a life.

No. 180816

All I see are 2 trannies

No. 180820

File: 1475910821753.jpg (1.02 MB, 1440x2211, Screenshot_20161008-001100.jpg)


I've never even googled her or looked at her social media, this isn't some Google suggestion right? Why is her fucking ugly shit the first result.

No. 180821

I wonder what she's gonna do in a few years when cosplay dies out for her. She dropped out of school and has no real fucking job skills other than being a barista. Uneducated with no skills. How smart are her life choices I wonder why her parents approve for being so "religious and strict"

No. 180832

I like the Mei on the right

No. 180840

Maybe she tried to do the Asian gradient lip thing? Nah who am I kidding Moomoo sucks ass at makeup and she can't do anything outside her normal hoe look.

No. 180851

Sometimes I see Momo sucking up to lesser known (but way more talented) cosplayers on FB and I gotta wonder if I should message them all to warn them how she is

No. 180859

do it anon. make a dummy account and message them asap. link them to these threads if you have to.


it's a google suggestion. if you've googled anything like her name or momokun cosplay, it'll give you pictures of her first. that's why if you look up something like "cat" on google images, it'll give you results that are different from the person sitting next to you or something.

No. 180861

She concealed them to make them appear smaller, even though she claimed she doesn't do that.

No. 180866

This looks like it was taken on a cell phone while someone used the hotel lamp for lighting

No. 180869

the only ones i know of personally (through friends of friends) are Beansprout, Cosbunny, Antares, Porcelain? but theyre all local to Vegas and not too well known

No. 180875

Don't bother with Beansprout and Cosbunny. They're in her mutual friend group so they'll probably just tell her people are trying to start drama.
I don't know who Porcelain is but I do know Antares and I have no idea how she would react. To get to her I think you'd have to convince a good friend of hers to do it because I think if you sent it from a dummy account she'd pick up on that immediately them blast it out and complain about people trying to start shit in the community.

No. 180891

I know Antares is very, VERY opinionated so honestly trying to get her to change her mind about something is basically wasted effort. She'll make her own opinions about shit and doesn't really take into consideration what other people say.
Cosbunny and Beansprout are really nice girls, so it's a shame they've been sucked into that friend group. I've only really hung out with them once and i'm kind of surprised that's the kind of company they keep.
I'm not that familiar with Porcelain either, but her page says she won a best craftsmanship award at Sabakon. That's probably why Moomoo wants to be friends with her.

No. 180896

imho if they're in the Vegas area they should know about her already. I'd only worry about if she starts hitting up non Vegas small cosplayers then you should contemplate maybe warning about her but otherwise It doesnt seem worth the hassle.

TBH anyone with two eyes and who has followed her twitter for more than a week should be able to see what kind of person she is (giant two faced liar)

No. 180917

Beansprout and Cosbunny are very sweet. I think because Momo has never done anything to wrong them personally that's why they're okay with her and just chalk everything up to rumors and gossip. Honestly Momo is the worst part of that group though, that group parties a lot but most of the people in it are pretty okay.
Momo is most vile on twitter and as far as I know Beansprout, Cosbunny, and Antares aren't active on twitter much or at all.

No. 180949

Well, we shouldn't interfere with the cow's life. We're just watchers.

No. 180988

File: 1475953945247.png (259.28 KB, 358x529, fatlard.png)

anyone gonna talk about her michael jackson-esqe ren faire outfit?
why soes she always make her face pale af?

No. 180998

>that face paint
Try to be jnigs a little harder, Momo. How long before she kills Jessica and wears her face as a mask for the patreon bux?

No. 181000

File: 1475955587642.jpg (67.8 KB, 540x960, 14642782_10211039207520526_882…)


No. 181004

her eye makeup literally never changes i don't understand.

No. 181006

I think that eye makeup is flattering on her
Maybe play around with eye shadows and not do the tear duct liner all the time?
But it's definitely not the worst part of her makeup

No. 181011

I meant in a cosplay sense, she does the same eye makeup constantly. For every single character.

No. 181015

Considering there's younger hotter costume girls out there prob not likely unless Momo wants Jessica's leather face mask

No. 181016

wow to straight up rip Jess' Umbreon makeup like that is so tragic. She really doesnt have an original bone in her body does she???

Momo has no interest in being attractive. She just wants the neckbeard bux (also imho Moomoo looks older than Jess most of the time which is sad since Jess is almost a decade older than her)

No. 181017

Oh Momo is hideous she looks like Franklin the Turtle for sure. But have you seen Jess in person? She looks like she's 45. They are both grannies

No. 181029

File: 1475964314240.jpg (464.86 KB, 1773x1773, PicsArt_10-08-03.02.30.jpg)

Tried to make her look decent. She has the eyes of a goat and mouth of a turtle.

No. 181034

She looks like one of those generic instathots. Her face really isn't that bad, it's just her personality and body that's shit, honestly.

No. 181040

File: 1475968245585.jpg (1.25 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20161008_191014.jpg)

No. 181041

The subtle titty work was a nice touch, i appreciate your commitment to detail.

No. 181043

File: 1475968728371.jpg (942.91 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20161008_191819.jpg)

No. 181046

What the fuck is she supposed to be? A Wilds groupie? These kind of costumes aren't very attention grabbing either. Lol

No. 181052

Also love the fact that she's literally wearing a long sleeved shirt and leggings to a ren faire. Way to put in some effort Momo.

No. 181085

Putting in no effort is what she's known for. I've seen a fucking tree costume get more attention at this year's festival. It was a very pretty and festive costume though.

No. 181101

So I was looking at this monstrosity of a interview and woooow

>claims to have sewn her samus bodysuit together since the company just 'sent her the fabric'

>claims to have 'made' her shows (apparently painting her shoes counts as 'making' them)
>was supposed to be 'working on' lightup shoes for Samus
>specifically says she's doesn't consider herself a professional cosplay
>'I'm always making new cosplays'
>Says she's 'working on' Mei even though she blatantly said in tweets that she bought/commissioned it.
>the infamous claiming to be Jessica's friend
>I network with a lot of them after only
>claims people threw stuff at her in middle school (is that even something that actually happens)

Like how does she get away with this shit? Just blatant lies upon lies upon lies.

No. 181191

File: 1476017244609.jpg (71.06 KB, 750x750, 14581480_683804758464189_33276…)

Do you think she copied Gabby?

No. 181193

WOW. even down to a silver cross necklace. But it's funny that with slight differences Gabby's looks like it makes sense (the scale shoulder piece really helps and obviously the sword) meanwhile momo looks like someone who just bought her corset at a con and wanted to strap it on over what she was already wearing.

No. 181195

>claims to have sewn her samus bodysuit together
oh lord, yet the arms and legs are noticeably too long. how could this be.

No. 181205

Oop, yep, she totally did. Dang Momoo why are you so mad.

No. 181210

And finding Gabby's top isn't even that hard. The scale-arm shirt looks like it is by the brand CQbyCQ and is on Zulily every month or so.

No. 181244

I wouldnt be surprised if she got the corset from Gabby when they were still friends and since she doesnt have an original bone in her body decided to just to do the same outfit Gabby used it for.

No. 181253

Jeez. At this point someone should just post a 'who wore it better'. My votes on Gabby since she's got a small armor thing going on. It makes me think she spent more than 5 minutes on her outfit.

No. 181301

lets be real the size that fits Gabby probably wouldnt fit Moomoo's fat ass unless it's hella adjustable.

No. 181320

Yeah now that I look at both corsets Gabby's looks like a better quality and Momo's is the knockoff.

No. 181328

yes, look at the hardware for example, or the way Gabby's one has dimension and everything on Momo's sits flat.

No. 181342

How sad is it that even with a corset on she's still got a gut? Like damn I've even seen landwhales actually get a shape while wearing a corset but you can see moomoo's stomach still jutting forward from under that thing.

No. 181345


How much longer until Momo tears off Gabby's face and wears it.

No. 181374

Even with Gabby's cute face stretched over her gross skull Moomoo would still look hideous

No. 181378


probably just a cheap shitty corset, doesnt really do anything besides just look like a corset

No. 181379

Hey, this is Momo were talking about. Why would she waste money on good quality products when she can buy a cheap shitty knock-off for 1/3 the price? It's not like she makes 6k on pateron or anything.

No. 181381

Christ, is she actually going to a ren faire dressed like that? I'm embarrassed on her behalf.

No. 181383

Poor Gabby :(
I met Gabby she is prob one of
The sweetest girls i know that cosplays.
I really hope this fat slut dosnt Chase her away from cosplaying.
I saw the fat cow at the ren fair yesterday and moomoo looked Like a misarable fat chick cause everyone was talking and laughing and not paying attention to her. LOL

No. 181386

Seriously. Moomoo's obsession with Gabby and JNig are so creepy. Gabby's a really sweet girl too. I'm glad she got away from Moomoo.

I'm not surprised that Moomoo wasn't getting attention. Her costume is bland as fuck and not something you'd give a second look at. Making/throwing together a standout Ren fair costume isn't hard at all and yet, Momo-fat can't even do that right. Lmao

No. 181397

It's a shame Moomoo isn't obsessed Jnigs workout routine. If she did she might actually be able to squeeze her fat ass into a real pair of pants.

No. 181399

File: 1476068632006.png (58.97 KB, 624x577, IMG_3791.PNG)

She wants a harem of Asian boys, I guess she's pandering to her neckbeards. But she's also fucking objectifying men, does she not know how to do anything or appreciate something without objectifying or exploiting it? Mariah you want to quality Asian guy who's good looking, will actually put up with your shit personality, and has a good career, your going to need to sign up for a suger baby website as a suger mama.

No. 181405

what happened to her totally real relationship with Vamplette??????

No. 181432

I think what annoys me most about this is if say a white guy said he only wants to date Asian girls SJWs would be all over that shit, but because Mariah is a PoC and a woman suddenly it's okay to have a race preference. Fucking double standards much?

No. 181443

http://ask.fm/MariahMallad You have to remember that this is the same girl who said she will only marry a bodybuilder What's your biggest fear
… Honestly letting my father down. I don't care but if I don't one day hear my father say he is proud of me…. I could die. That's all I ever want in life. And I fear of my fathers rejection. Like this girl has serious Daddy issues

No. 181444

Also she's a hoe
How do you have a boyfriend but are constantly flirting with matt?
Matt is like the only guy I can talk to about working out/bodybuilding etc. He's my online working out buddy. And yes we do occasionally flirt, but I care about my boyfriend and I'm loyal.What now?

No. 181445

It's one those I hate her but I understand posts. She's just one if those girls with serious Dad issues. Like a stripper. Any guy that she goes after that caves in easy to her advances she will lose interest in. She's got this high standard of her Dad that any dude trying to get with her will fail unless he plays her. Then it just feeds her tragic cycle until she realizes it or she marries some dude just like her Dad. Whom from what I can gather, cheated on his wife or was unfaithful. Or maybe she will realize it when said guy beats her. Idk but this isn't someone people should look up to. Yeah she's got 75,000 likes on Facebook but her personal life will self sabotage it

No. 181460





No. 181472

Matt as in the ice cream man? The one from cgl?

No. 181475

She probably bought most of them, lol.

No. 181509

She does waste money on good quality products and them promptly butchers them. :^)

Someone get mostflogged on this. It would be the fight of the century.

No. 181512

omg yes, someone please @ mostflogged into this.
I would pay to witness it.

No. 181517

File: 1476115555450.jpeg (83.23 KB, 743x544, image.jpeg)

She's already there

No. 181523

Looks like MostFlogged has lost her flare.

No. 181524

Yeah that's why I was asking, I've literally never googled her, not even once. So unless Google knows I look at this page on lolcow…

Or maybe it's because I've googled momosweetcosplay (that Ahripop girl's old name). Idk.

No. 181532

she's probably trying to cut back on drama since "mostflogged drama" comes up when you google her name

go back to pull, anzutakamaki

No. 181533

Don't speak for everyone, this shit is not okay. Its never okay to sexually fetishized an entire race no matter your race/ gender. Momo ain't shit.

No. 181541

wtf are you saying? the farmer you replied to was just pointing out that there's a double standard of people thinking that mariah saying this is ok whereas if it was a guy saying it, they'd be shit on immediately. ofc they think it's not ok.

No. 181659

Her lips look so…. nasty

No. 181660

File: 1476145957813.jpg (609.75 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_4101.JPG)

Oops forgot to drop pic

No. 181663

Concealer lips, mouth partially open, and no styled bangs. Tragic.

No. 181672

Momo: I want more money, how do I get attention and more money? Dress up like a high school girl and flash my tits, shut up its cosplay! It's art! I'm a woman and I deserve respect because I show my tits! Give me money! I deserve it because I was brace enough to do Lolita stuff!

No. 181676

No. 181677

Something about her boobs is always really off. Like there's no fullness to them they aren't even big they are kind of just flabby? I can't put my finger on it they just look really really strange does anyone else feel this? Is it cause she doesn't stuff properly? Do her bras not fit? What is it??!

No. 181678

Double bras her tits that she's admitted having surgery on. She had them reduced though because they hurt her back when she was 14 apparently, she's never honest so who actually knows. But here's she's using double bra.

No. 181679

She normally wears very ill-fitted VS bombshell bras. Just look at her casual Mei cosplay from fanime, the quadboob was from that.

No. 181680

File: 1476148510139.png (28.3 KB, 640x303, IMG_3792.PNG)

Proof of double bra. Black bra underneath a deep v nude bra. She's not even trying here.

No. 181682

File: 1476149339160.png (454.46 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20161010_141643.png)

Bet she's loving this

No. 181683

Honestly it's probably her corset, she wears it with just about every costume so why not wear it with this one? Either way, >>181677 is right in the fact that her boobs always look weird. She doesn't know what she's doing.

No. 181692

Using the photoshopped version of the bikini pic..

No. 181696

It's the unshopped version, it's just in preview mode so we can't see her gunt

No. 181698

She's a bit SJW-y, right? So why is she turning a kimono into sexy lingerie, das appropriashun.

No. 181702

File: 1476153017005.jpg (38.6 KB, 704x396, Higurashi_no_Naku_Koro_ni_17_w…)

Great wig, fish face.

No. 181713

Is anyone else bothered that she put her boobs out and specialized a 14 year old??!! I get people do it a lot but it's not fucking right

No. 181717

it's because she gets bras that she can add cutlets/stuffers in. I dont even know if she's smart enough to double bra because it usually at least pushes them up rather than just together.

But that's her issue. Her boobs are usually only pushed together and not up and since her boobs are so deflated and saggy naturally (i.e. in these pics where they look like they're sagging even with a bra on. Full boobs dont do that)

I think Shion is 16 but yeah it's still gross especially since she's basing it off of the manga which is stupid cause it's not the source material and in ALL the other material her boobs are totally covered. Either way it's a sad sad cosplay cause the bitch couldnt even afford to get the right color wig OR a ponytail wig. I cant imagine taking a cosplay selfie with my bra showing like that though so tacky.

No. 181719

Shion is 16, but this is definitely going too far.

No. 181722


As fas as I've seen, I wouldn't call Moomoo SJW-y because there's difference between actually believing that shit and just using it to your advantage if you can.

A bit off-topic, but I don't get whining about "blackface" and other shit if you're cosplaying character who happens to be different race. It's called trying to look like the goddamn character. The original blackface was rather crude racial caricature, so I can kinda get why that's offending (although not worth of the kind of shitfits SJWs throw about it) but that's completely different thing.

No. 181729

Moo doesn't get paid to make well made, decent, accurate cosplays. She gets paid to show her doughy body stuffed into shapewear, corsets, and showcasing her cow udders. Yall pick these things apart like she's even any good at what she does, or even cares about it.

No. 181733

do neckbeards go for the veiny tits thing. I would have thought put a bit of foundation over them.

No. 181737

Why is the edge of the bra grubby and stained? Like, if you're going to have a bra showing at least use one that's not dirty!

No. 181742

File: 1476160529330.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

W-when she opens her mouth, her entire neck disappears. Truely frightening.

No. 181747

File: 1476161241038.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 181760

She's so stupid thinking there's another season. The date on that promo image is old and it was just for an exhibit to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the anime. Kind of embarrassing since she's so hyped about nothing and even cosplaying something she assumes is making a comeback because she doesn't understand Japanese text.

No. 181773

I feel like she's personally out to ruin some of my favorite characters with her cosplay.

No. 181908

File: 1476205335847.png (158.9 KB, 338x480, Umineko_no_Naku_Koro_ni_Majo_t…)

No anon. You're clearly the wrong one here since SHE'S the Japanese translator! It says so on her twitter profile even. You're just not as amazing and talented as she is and are clearly reading the date wrong. But in all seriousness Higurashi has like little to no chance of getting a new anime. It's easy to remake the games since they're VNs and all you need to do is fix the art but I would bet good money she's never even attempted to play those. She watched the anime like all tryhards did to seem cool (between Higurashi, Umineko, and Mirai Nikki)

TBH I'm amazed she didnt buy a taobao Beatrice cosplay but then I guess she wouldnt be able to flash her sad tits all over the place. But how could she possibly cosplay a character that obviously fits in the type that she likes when she can throw together a shitty yukata and rub blood all over her tits.

Also: I would LOVE if she used the type of fake blood that stains fabric pink.

I dont see how she could. SHe doesnt even look like half of the characters she's cosplaying i.e Shion doesnt have dark green hair.

No. 181916

Oh no I really hope she doesn't cosplay Beato.

No. 181918

File: 1476206574101.jpg (16.28 KB, 240x320, disgusting .jpg)

Can't wait for this dumb bitch to start camwhoring and gtfo cosplay

No. 181968

this doesnt even look like shion wtf

No. 182028

I never knew it was possible to have canckles but on your wrists.
Damn Mariah. Pork it up more why dont cha.

No. 182036

This just looks like her attempting to be a weaboo-who-died-in-Japan ghost…. and Sadako and co don't even wanna hang with her.

No. 182038

Moochlette's new twerking gif reeks of desperation.

No. 182181

Oh god don't give her any ideas, Umineko is my baby.

No. 182227

That really is too much. It actually make me feel uncomfortable and I don't know why.

No. 182231

File: 1476237536258.gif (979.96 KB, 500x367, 1448492707805.gif)

This isn't cosplaying, this is straight up camwhoring.

No. 182241

I hate this fat mei shit. Mei isn't fat she has that snow suit on amd everyone assumes shes fat but the official art has shown her without the suit.

No. 182245

File: 1476240974777.gif (676.77 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 182246

at least she's got a nice ass?

No. 182254

new "i'm pooping" pose

No. 182265

She looks like she's struggling…

No. 182270

Is that a cat walking by in the lower left?
"Hold on, I'll feed you in a sec, gotta film myself wobbling my ass around!"

No. 182273

is it just me or does her left butt cheek look flatter than the other one somehow? is it just poor lighting?

No. 182294

File: 1476246112848.gif (1.67 MB, 245x200, giphy.gif)

Compared to actual twerking and not the physical embodiment of tryhard it's become

>>twerking: just a dance black girls did that emphasizes ass, looks fun

>>twerking becomes a meme
>>people everywhere start violently slapping their backs up-and-down, nobody looks comfortable
>>rest of the population wonders why spazzing like a cat trying to cough a hairball out its ass is called dancing

No. 182295


It looks so to me, but yeah, I'm not sure if it's just lighting.

No. 182317

That girl can actually pop her ass though, like sure, twerking is whatever, but she's obviously capable.

Then there is this… it's just sad looking.

No. 182366

if only i didn't know what it looked like from the front

No. 182370

File: 1476262677860.png (11.88 KB, 285x364, 0.png)

No. 182376


No. 182399

Ok laquisha and larohnda

No. 182408

Moomoo's forced ass-shaking is pretty cringy, but seriously, twerking just looks retarded. Period.

(saged for off-topic. I hope. sincerely, newfag.)

No. 182476

File: 1476315081929.png (132.36 KB, 712x1190, IMG_0953.PNG)

Lmfao Mariahs real body everyone thanks nana

No. 182483

nah she's still sucking it in super hard. you can tell because she's specifically looking into the phone preview to make sure she doesnt look as fat as she is

No. 182485

christ what a lardass

No. 182491

That's Vamplette
Momo's supposed "girlfriend" with the uglier face but the hotter body and also Moomoo's sugar baby from the looks of it.
She has an ass a million times better than Moomoo's "thicc" bullshit though

No. 182494

That drawing of moochlette is scary accurate oh my gosh whoever made this props. That drawing took more talent than anything the two of them have done in their life TBH

No. 182496

File: 1476320777302.jpg (109.87 KB, 1122x646, IMG_20161012_210542.jpg)

Why does she think this is ok?

No. 182498

I wish Moomoo wasn't in denial, she's fucking obese

No. 182517

This is actively depressing. It's basically admitting 'no one wants to see my face. All I am is a fat ass to them so that's all I'll show'

She looks like she's going for a piss though with how she's lifting her leg.

No. 182520

Because she knows the only reason people put up with her is because she's desperate and try-had and probably puts out.

No. 182522

I've never understood why twerking became a thing. I've never seen anybody's ass look any better just because it's moving about.

Show some respect to momo please. That ass is apparently worth over $60k a year when stuffed into old spandex.

No. 182545

because she THICC AF ok emoji x 3 YAAAASSS QUEEN SLAAAYYY

No. 182547

File: 1476330045161.jpg (80.65 KB, 500x378, 1475262750507.jpg)

to me twerking ALWAYS looks disgusting and trashy

No. 182560

I actually want to vomit…men think this is attractive?
How fat are the men paying for her Patreon? Usually only much larger men are into or at least are ok with this size, but that front muffin top tho…i want to vomit.

No. 182578

are you trying to be a special snowflake? because twerking ALWAYS looks disgusting and trashy to people who have any taste.

I'm betting only like 75% of her fans are piggies. The other 25% are the type of basement dwellers that think there's no woman good enough for them and also think JNig's tits are 100% real.

No. 182580

Legit question: Was she raised by baboons?

No. 182587

Depends on the man. I think she's sexy and I'm a 28 inch waist. Most guys I know would say she's too fat.

Couldn't deal with talking to her for more than 5 minutes though.

No. 182588

Anon, calm down. We get it, you are the classiest and most elegant anon of all time.

Nana Bear is pretty heavy, but her proportions look so much better than Mariah when they stand side by side like that. I wonder how long Momo will allow herself to be the "ugly friend".

No. 182594

>I'm a 28 inch waist

Nobody cares
Besides if you think that size justifies your opinion think again.

No. 182595

The question was literally 'how fat are the men who find her attractive'

No. 182596

>>182595 anon assumed you were a girl

No. 182601

dick pics or gtfo

No. 182632



Ah the suck in

No. 182648

Nanabear: wearing something appropriate for her body type and size, making a normal face, good pose, looks sexy and classy

Momo: crammed into the largest size VS shorts that are still 2 sizes too small, sucking it in and posing retardedly, stupid, unsexy expression

Two plus size girls about the same size (Nana being bigger probably) yet the difference is like night and day.

No. 182719

The girl on the left actually looks confident while moomoo is trying so hard to be cute and isn't even looking straight ahead

No. 182776

she kinda looks like this guy

No. 182809

I usually can't stand Nana's appearance, but this is a really flattering look for her. Momo looks more like trash than usual next to her.

No. 182814

The worst part about this is that I actually like Nana Bear, maybe she'll open her eyes and realize that Mariah is a fame hungry cunt.

No. 182816

Nana is too lol

No. 182846

Were her nudes appearing an accident or an 'accident'?

No. 182854

File: 1476424656330.jpg (256.55 KB, 1365x2048, 14708051_1157775180982878_5785…)

No. 182864

She admitted to being drunk and self posting on tumblr. She was 19 when she leaked her own nudes. 21 now.

No. 182865

i legit just bust a gut laughing at this. Her tits are so sad and flat for someone who just hit 21 by the time she's 30 she's gonna look like a grandma. Also wtf is she doing with her leg??? if you're gonna do a crazy pose just do a crazy pose dont try to add a weird 'babby's first modelling' point into it?

Also i dont care how big of a higurashi fan you are this just looks like a 'oo i'm a spooky japanese ghosters' photoshoot since the wig just looks black and the shitty overlay over it REALLY doesnt help.

No. 182867

The setting's the best part of this pic, but nowadays everything's done with shoop and I'm terrible at telling so idk.

No. 182868

Unless anyone told me this was from Higurashi I would think it was nothing more than a spooky, slutty Japanese ghost picture set or some Fatal Frame failure.

No. 182869

Its a place here in Las Vegas where you can rent rooms that are themed for photo shoots.

No. 182899

I have no idea what this is supposed to look like, but her facial expression looks like a horse

No. 182914

How the fuck did she get that from this >>178829 She is guckingcterrible at this holy shit. All she needed was a bed sheet and a decently styled wig. Still fucked it up.

No. 182931

Getting ever closer to the ~artistic~ topless photo that puts momo in the category of 'softcore porn model'

No. 182978

That doesn't even remotely look like Shion. There's so many scantily clad female characters, why bother trying to make a random one look "sexy"?

No. 183130

File: 1476488510883.jpeg (61.57 KB, 750x535, image.jpeg)

No. 183133

File: 1476488817543.jpeg (535.01 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

No. 183134

She translates mangas? Momo knows moonspeak?

No. 183135

puts all this money into it doesn't even style or purchase even remotely close to the right wig

No. 183137

I'd fuck the shit out of Nana if she lost 40-50 lbs.
Shes pretty down to earth but I'm betting it won't be long til she's doing soft core pics too.

No. 183139

>put the amount of money that I did into it
>uses a literal fucking bed sheet and a wig that isn't even styled correctly or even matches the character's hair color

jfc, I'm starting to think she believes the fucking delusions she vomits out of her own mouth.

No. 183140

samfagging to say I am 99.9% sure the only reason she did Shion now is because farmers were questioning whether or not she actually knows anything about the series. its all too conveniently timed.

No. 183141

No way, she's a fucking liar. Just a few weeks ago she was asking her followers to type up a Japanese address for her because she couldn't do it.

She would have been 14~ around the time she claims she translated the mangas. I have a feeling she took a Japanese language class in middle school and then decided she could translate

No. 183145

To be fair, I started learning Japanese in middle school and was part of a scanlation circle when I was 14-15, so it's not completely implausible. But I agree, it really seems like she took a basic class and was like "lol I know Japanese now, give me nerd girl points!" because she never talks about anything related to translating unless she has an opportunity to brag about her skills and knowledge.

No. 183162

I've been in minor scanlation exploits as a page editor and I wouldn't even claim that I'm anywhere near professional. Putting "Japanese translator" in your profile implies you're both fluent and professional but Moomoo can't write an address?
I took one semester of Japanese and I know the basic 1-10 number kanji and do you really need more for addresses?
Can people with throwaway accounts please start messaging her in Japanese to see how badly she fails in responding. I checked her Twitter and she still claims to be a Japanese translator on there so some anons sending her messages should be cake for her

No. 183163

She probably did. The tweet she made about translating in 2009-2011 was posted not too long after we started getting on her about not being able to read that poster correctly.

No. 183164

This is the highest level of BS. If you look at >>181760 moomoo cant read japanese to save her life. She thought an image celebrating the 10th anniversary of Higurashi was announcing a second season. Also the date on the image had passed too so she doesnt even understand the japanese date writeup.

So ridiculous to lie about that.

No. 183165

Does someone have the image she misinterpreted? Where did she post it?

No. 183169

Can't link it atm. but I think it was in the background of an image of her working on her Cammy image or something

No. 183170

File: 1476500629606.jpg (57.45 KB, 720x459, IMG_20161014_230211.jpg)

i believe it was this

No. 183174

So if she did Higurashi based on those two things then that's the SADDEST reason to make a cosplay that I've ever seen.

Also just thought of it, but Higurashi would be a perfect cosplay for Halloween since there's blood. But Soul Eater would have been good too since that's more recognizable than Higurashi with newer anime fans.

No. 183196

Well imho unless you Rena or have a full group no one will know what your cosplay. The outfits are all pretty casual wear too so I think the only other option is to have wigs that are 100% accurately styled which momo couldnt do if you sent a styled with to her she's probably still manage to fuck it up.

On the other hand there arent any characters that show cleavage (except for Arachne) in Soul Eater so moomoo wont go near it. Hell all the sexy ones she wont go near because they would require effort and crafting skill. She wouldnt be able to half ass it like with her Fire Emblem 'underwear + hotglue'

No. 183200

meh I think she looks a lot better here than her usual shoots. The robe is flattering and the blood…helps.

No. 183202

Looking at the placement of the robe Im betting the photog had to shoop out her areolas

No. 183213

File: 1476512796813.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.92 KB, 600x413, Mariahmallad-nudeling-2.jpg)

took me a minute to find it

No. 183214

File: 1476512860053.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.5 KB, 600x600, RfPJRq2l.jpg)

No. 183216

File: 1476512980091.jpg (110.32 KB, 640x774, FullSizeRender (5).jpg)

No. 183217

File: 1476513034672.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.33 KB, 510x408, tumblr_o0y3chjUe21rqvkuyo7_540…)

same bracelet

No. 183219

File: 1476513588175.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.36 KB, 445x333, 1456988155491-2.jpg)

No. 183220

File: 1476513625973.png (71.09 KB, 200x192, 17d.png)

Those seams oh god

No. 183231

There is Blair though, I'm surprised she didn't pick her as a Halloween costume because she's basically the Slutty Kawaii Witch choice.

No. 183234

She most likely picked Rena because a.) it's easy b.) she thought there's going to be a new season and she's going to be the FIRST!!!! on the oncoming bandwagon. Soul Eater is too passé and nobody even remembers it anymore.

No. 183241

She only has herself to blame after admitting to just watching a LP of one of her "favorite" games.

Someone should ask her what she thought about Trianthology.

No. 183257

File: 1476542369750.jpg (158.14 KB, 700x828, M2.jpg)

See the thing is if she was gonna make Blair properly it's impossible to hide shapewear under it. Blairs outfit is meant to show off sideboob and I admittedly forgot about blair's other outfit which has a bare stomach which she rarely does.

Also I hasnt actually read though these 'the way I wanted to do it and put the amount of money that I did' She's… she's actually trying to claim that a yukata that she didnt even make/wear accurately was expensive??? I've seen people make gorgeous oiran style kimono for under $200. There's no way this cost her more than $50 unless she bought inaccurate fabric and splurged for no good reason.

Also THAT basic NOTHING is what she 'wanted to spend money' on???? She didnt wanna, i dunno, commission or make a better zerosuit samus? yknow her 'totally favorite video game character'? Or since she's also such a huuuuge zelda fan there's nothing from that series she wants to cosplay? She decided that the basic as fuck white kimono that any first time cosplayer could easily make was what she needed to 'splurge' on

Also I'm amazed she didnt cosplay this version of Mion because this would have given me a gooooood chuckle.

No. 183294

>Also THAT basic NOTHING is what she 'wanted to spend money' on????

This is why I hate this hoe. If I was making the amount per month that she does I'd be busting my ass to make cosplays as close to God-tier as possible. But this bitch actually has the gall to claim THAT- which has no craftsmanship and no soul put into it- justifies giving her 6k. What a complete waste of everyone's time and money. I swear, I just want slap her in the face.

No. 183302

Bitch aint even in amateur tier

No. 183313

Yeah, for $6k a month, I'd be expecting something jazzy with LEDs and custom tailoring. Also better photography…

But… we get this.

No. 183325

File: 1476566334035.png (103.17 KB, 750x769, IMG_4144.PNG)

So Martin Wong is having a cosplay contest and saw this …

No. 183341

PLEAAAASE I want to see her not place at all and then try and justify it or just not talk about it whatsoever

No. 183344

You can see thread loops from improper tension on her machine. It's pretty clear she has no idea how to sew.

No. 183345

>bad news guys i didn't win
>i guess they think only slim people deserve to win
>but i love my thicc body anyway!
>please donate at www.patreon.com/Momokun if you want to show your support for body positivity in cosplay! :)

No. 183346

File: 1476573739384.png (17.78 KB, 583x108, Untitled.png)



No. 183361

I just want to see her wear her "best" and look like absolute garbage next cosplayers with real talent.

No. 183363

That's not salty enough. It'd be more like

No. 183373

wow. Wow. W O W. Beatrice is not yandere even in the loosest imaginations. Also Yuno Gasai is a better known and better written yandere than both of them.

Inb4 she magically now talks about mirai nikki and how much she loves Yuno Gasai or some other character about it but it's TOTALLY not cause she frequents this thread or something.

No. 183376

She's… she's joking, right? Nobody is this stupid, right? Not only is Beatrice not a yandere, she doesn't mention Lambdadelta or Bernkastel, who I would argue are actual yanderes.

I'll give her Shion, but like >>183373 said, there are shitloads of yanderes who are both better written and more famous.

No. 183402

File: 1476587560789.png (144.59 KB, 376x408, Bea_a11_akuwarai5 (1).png)

I think she might be confusing yandere for just the homicidal part and forgetting about the loving exterior personality, but this is huge error, especially when she claims to be a huge fan of both series. Yanderes also have nothing to do with being airheads so wtf.
Moomoo please stay away from my witch gf

No. 183447

this fucking bitch though.

Why does she write plurals with a '? Like "Yandere's" and "Manga's". I'm not a native English speaker and even I find that annoying as fuck.

No. 183453

Calling it now, she's not going to place. She's only fuckable through the eyes of gross chubby chasers.

No. 183465

File: 1476618854349.png (72.67 KB, 583x588, yuno.png)

Yuno is too mainstream for our special snowflake.

I don't get why Mariah acts so elitist when most of her fans are huge casuals.

No. 183473

While Yuno is a garbage character and a very cliche example of Yandere it's so obvious she is just trying to get hipster points.

No. 183500

Apparently being a nerd girl™ winning those neckbeard points is all she cares about.

Did anyone catch when she tried to argue with that teenager last night by putting her on blast? Real classy Mariah.

No. 183510

Mariah is so fucking childish it's painful. She's extremely rude and condescending and tries her best to act like a know-it-all, it definitely shows there. What the fuck is the point of retweeting a conversation like that, she obviously wanted to "prove she was right" and win those points and try to get others to back her up. The thing is, when she figures out people aren't buying into her shit she'll immediately pull the victim card. I hear all about her shit from my friends and she irritates the hell out of me, I can only hope she gives it up soon.

No. 183517

The argument she ended with "there are plenty of people who agree with me" despite being proven wrong several times over? Yeah, that was embarrassing.

No. 183600

5 threads about a chick you people supposedly hate. Yall don't have much to do, do you?

No. 183602

Checking up on 5 threads to write a comment no one cares about. You don't have much to do, do you? :^)

No. 183604

Why everybody on here is anonymous?

No. 183605

How new are you?

No. 183606

Momo isn't going to fuck you, Jason.

No. 183703

>comparing Yuno to Kirito
>all of my wry

Yuno is a better yandere than shion because she actually has a reason and is a better yandere than Beatrice by actually being a yandere. The concept of a yandere doesnt even work without being annoying because they're obsessed. Also momo calling anyone trashy just makes my side eye so hard.

We spend time hating on momo and yet we still use our time better than her lazy fat ass cause at least we're doing something kek.

No. 183793

Such a stunning example of one of the many reasons why she will never be a respectable cosplayer. Whether you like her or not, there's no arguing that that kind of attitude is U-G-L-Y.

No. 183922

"trashiest and most annoying characters in anime"
She says unironically meanwhile she cosplays characters like Sakura, Diane, D.va and Mei
Who are famous for being the trashiest and most annoying characters

And then she has the nerve to repost photos of a Yuno cosplayer? what a fucking hypocrite

I can't stand this cunt

No. 183923

I hate her and her body but god damn am I jealous of her boobs

No. 183928

This looks nothing like the character
As much as I hate her and hate to admit it, I love this picture
The photographer is actually a really good one and the shoop on it makes moomoo look tolerable
Such a shame that a good photo was wasted on a shitty, cheap ass cosplay and a cunt

No. 183946

No shame in loving the picture, Anon, it's a fucking sweet photo. Especially considering what the photographer had to work with.

No. 183951

They're fake my nigga

No. 184052

Yeah jealous of her pasty looking flabby ass boobs? There are plenty of cosplayers with much nicer boobs than her trust me.

No. 184053

File: 1476679149266.jpg (110.95 KB, 1200x900, Cu8YUXCUEAECFmP.jpg)

her ass is soooooooooooo fucking gross

No. 184055

so "thicc"

No. 184056

Ngl, that looks low tier to me because of the heavy make up but mostly the CALVIN KLEINS logo is so damn distracting. If she's going to do boudoir shoots she should invest in something nicer that would also flatter her body type. The bathroom selfie of Nana is a good example of that.

No. 184060

Another boudoir shoot in another hotel. She's basically a hooker minus the sex.

No. 184063

I don't know anon, chubby escort-chic is a good look

No. 184070

For being as big as she is, she's not very curvy at all. Her ass is kind of flat and her chest is incredibly average, if not kind of small for someone her size. Her calves and upper arms look huuuuge here too.

No. 184086

Where'd you get this pic? Damn I'd smack up this bitch easy

No. 184157

Love yourself, anon.

No. 184172

File: 1476710266225.png (238.83 KB, 500x365, desireh Kinzo Umineko.png)

>mfw I used to be one of the most active people in the Umineko fandom and I know exactly who translated official works and fanworks at the time
This fucking liar. I'm betting she was at most one of the idiots who lurked AS to post their retarded theories. Umineko had/has such a small fandom that we all knew each other, even if only indirectly.

Also Higurahi is fucking mainstream.

No. 184195

"Japanese translator" has to be Momo's dumbest lie since she can barely speak English.

No. 184208

Call her out on it? I don't believe for a second that she's been fluent enough in Japanese to translate the official works since she can't even speak well enough to understand the Higurashi promo and constantly asks help with translations anyway. I'm guessing she translated random panels in a discussion and with her that counts as "translating the manga".

No. 184240

This is going g a bit far, they aren't that big anyways for her size, and its dumb to think anything this size for her body is fake.

No. 184246

I'll be frank, since it's clear she lurks the thread if I called her out on Twitter she would know where I came from (I don't follow her) and I don't wanna be outed as a farmer. If anyone would like to however, I'll be glad to supply them with whatever info might be useful.

For now I can at least say that the Umineko "manga's" have ALWAYS been translated by the same group, When They Do Not Deserve, and while some members of the staff - some of which I knew personally - have changed through the years I highly doubt Mariah was ever one of them. I'm sure you could ask the head of the project for confirmation of whether or not Mariah was ever a member.

Fancomics and doujinshi were mostly translated by the same 2-3 people and usually on /a/. AS was the haunt of the VN translators (WitchHunt) and lotsa anime only fans or people that stanned the most ridiculous theories.

No. 184394

iirc, they were reduced when she was 14 or something like that, so they're real. Now whether or not she decides to plump 'em back up for extra neckbeard points is a possibility, I guess.

No. 184398

File: 1476726812044.jpeg (316.06 KB, 1804x1920, image.jpeg)

I don't get why she doesn't just shoop herself hotter

Why don't you just make a throwaway account?

No. 184399

do we actually have proof that she got them reduced or is that just an excuse for her flabby tits? I mean we've seen plenty of pull on pictures of her boobs and there isnt any scarring whatsoever. I feel like it's her saying 'omg i CHOSE to have my boobs this small but they used to be super big omg~'

No. 184405

I don't have anything on hand, no, but I think it had to do with her involvement with sports at the time or something. It's come up a couple of times in previous threads.

But yeah, going through the newds, I'm not seeing scars either. I'm not really knowledgable as far as how breast reductions are conducted.

No. 184422


Idk, it just keeps coming up.

But then there's this >>149359

Who knows. Momo, can you confirm? kek
We know you read this shit.

No. 184431

File: 1476728043289.png (111.11 KB, 1154x548, breast1.png)

when she photoshops herself you make fun of her and when she doesn't you call her gross lol. damned if she does damned if she doesn't. no need to act obtuse by questioning why.

with breast reduction surgery the scar is around the areola. if she got the surgery done when she was still a child then the scar would've healed very well so it may not even be noticeable if we saw her actual titty.

No. 184438

Why tf did you have to give her a more "white-looking" nose???

No. 184459

She looks like foreverkailyn from the side, holy shit

No. 184466


The scar isn't always around the nipple you can clearly see the scar in her past nudes, they are super dark lines right under the boob.

No. 184470

Pretty sure people make fun of her "photoshopped images" because it looks horrendous and extremely sloppy. Like remember in her milk Patreon shoot how the photographer just blurred her legs but didn't blend anything out? Looks ridiculous. So yeah, people dislike both her untouched and retouched photos. She's hopeless.

No. 184491

Because her sand nigger nose is ugly

No. 184494

What I don't get is why she doesn't just make any kind of real effort to stop being very overweight? It's not like she works anymore, and the effort she puts into her cosplay is minimal. She has so much time on her hands, but she has only gotten bigger.

No. 184535

after the shoop, she looks a little like a slightly more attractive Mooch

No. 184551

Please leave the thread, Azealia Banks.

No. 184560


tbh her face isn't really that bad, she's just so goddamn fat now

No. 184562

No. 184577

File: 1476741056151.jpg (42.71 KB, 640x480, 15 - 1.jpg)


She must really know her shit guys, guess we were wrong all along. I mean Mirai Nikki? Sword Art Online? She knows some really obscure anime, I'm impressed, she even describes characters as trash, wow.

No. 184578

No. 184587

This is Momo we're talking about here. I would assume the exact same thing because it just makes so much sense and could do so much good for her. But sadly, by now we should know better than to expect any bit of effort on her part to improve herself. At this point all we can do is watch her make a fat idiot of herself.

No. 184611

I'm going to take a guess that she's too fat to fit into Victoria's Secret lingerie, but seriously? Those unsexy Calvin Klein undies? Girl, I'm sure Lane Bryant has alluring underwear for big girls.

No. 184785

nigga where??
her titty is flat af and that dark spot isnt a scar at all.

No. 184800

File: 1476759831372.jpg (26.21 KB, 798x335, Incisions-locations-breast-sur…)

breast reduction surgery is always around the nipple. what may change is the type of incision that goes down. some go under, some don't. but again, if she was 14 when she go it, veeery unlikely there's a visible scar.

>they are super dark lines right under the boob.

haven't seen it but fat people often have hyperpigmentation under their breasts from sweat/friction. she's arab so she's more prone to hyperpigmentation in general.

No. 184801

i might be imagining things but i'm pretty sure you can see a faint vertical line coming down on both her nipples.

No. 184802

I kind of want to call bullshit on her "breast reduction" claims too. Her boobs don't appear to have any kind of visable scarring anywhere, even in old nudes. She's got a smaller chest and a smaller butt for a girl of her size. I will give her that she has fairly perky boobs for someone as fat as she is, but seeing as she is still young and there really isn't that much breast there, and these were much older nudes…

If she keeps gaining weight, even they will go to shit.

No. 184804

arab women are notorious for having ginormous/inconvenient titties tho. and i could believe her getting them reduced for sports since she actually did play sports, instead of the usual which is back pain. getting them reduced as a kid makes sense because they would only get bigger and at her age the scar would heal better. no doubt she didn't have plans of being some pin up cosplayer back then. maybe it's something she regrets now.

in any case i'm like 87% sure i see a vertical line coming down from both nipples here so i'm inclined to believe it's her. >>183217 the perfectly round pepperoni nipple with a sharp line also screams surgery to me because areolas are usually soft around the edges.

No. 184924

File: 1476783913364.png (72.6 KB, 639x257, Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 1.43…)

Oh no…..

No. 184925

Let's be honest though there's no way she has the skill to make it or the money to commission someone to make Beato's dress, so it'll just be one of those crappy taobao ones at best

No. 184934

Oh no please oh my god I want to either kill myself or kill her please someone stop this woman

No. 184936

We're going to have to brace ourselves for a shitty eBay Beatrice. No fucking way would she be willing to shell out $600+ for a properly made accurate dress.

No. 184938

This is honestly the worst thing I've ever heard in my life. Not with Beato, please Mariah.

I've had enough with shit fat Beatrices with terrible gowns.

No. 184941

I'm not ready for thicc, sluttified taobao Beato.

No. 184951

The wig is going to have fucked up bangs and be Barbie yellow.

No. 184953

Thanks anon

No. 184954

she probably wont even do the dress, but the ep 2 blouse/skirt
though she would look awful with thigh highs

No. 184956

File: 1476793282130.png (555.5 KB, 950x1161, 335fuWA.png)

No. 184965

What happened to her Wicke cosplay plans? She would have gotten much more attention jumping on that bandwagon instead of unsuccessfully trying to establish herself as some sort of 07th expansion expert.

No. 184977

Knowin her; she mucked it up and is looking for someone to commission it since she doesn't know got to see her way out through a simple scarf.

No. 184989

File: 1476801829356.png (613.14 KB, 1074x1270, 20161018_074047.png)

I don't understand is she actually gonna put her titties away and crossplay or is she gonna do a "fem" version and sexualize him?

No. 184991

tfw no one will give a singular shit about this. You cant closet cosplay Yuri cause he's super basic. Yurio and Victor are possible but this is funnier cause at least she'll be size accurate to when he gets back home: aka a fatass.

No. 184999

samefagging to add: This reeks of her trying to grab at a large fanbase. From my memory she's never mentioned being a BL/yaoi fangirl or a sports anime fangirl or anything in the realm of liking this so does she really think 3 tweets out of nowhere is gonna make people think she's 'totally into Yuri on ice'? I really hope no one buys into her BS or that in the end she's not as good at skating as she obviously thinks she is and doesnt end up posting anything.

No. 185002

I'm betting $5 that her "closet cosplay" will just be her in a sports bra, leggings, and gloves with her natural hair and the same makeup she always has.

She'll probably put concealer on her lips to have "small Asian lips" too, even though her lips are already nonexistant.

No. 185013

yuri actually loses the weight, moomoo

No. 185019

No. 185020

I fucked up but, I'd bet serious money that Moomoo wants to cos from Yuri on Ice because Steff Von Schweetz did a makeup test for one of the characters. Like, Mariah doesn't have an original bone in her damn body so anytime Steff or Gabby or someone cosplays from something she's gotta get involved too even if it's not something she'd normally care to do. I'm waiting for her to say how much she loves EVA or something and cos Asuka just to try to stick it to Steff.

No. 185023

Okay so legit I think when moomoo does something like this (blatantly copying someone) when moomoo posts her BS we then all RT whoever she copied to kind of wash her post away from anyone's possible timelines? Also maybe it'll make other people realize she's just copying other cosplayers?

No. 185029

File: 1476808911969.png (403.72 KB, 582x518, Beato cosplay.png)

No. 185050

Why does this not surprise me.

No. 185092

Waiting on a Elizabeth Comstock cosplay from momo now ngl

No. 185096

File: 1476813917788.png (99.93 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20161018_140224.png)

This is extremely popular. I feel like she's lying for those nerd credits. Also, has she even mentioned Rooster Teeth outside if Rwby?

No. 185109

Shes such a fucking secondary lol

No. 185128

File: 1476818104444.gif (5.14 MB, 270x480, Vamp plz.gif)



No. 185141

LOL this is going to be so bad. I'm making a Beatrice dress soon and even though I'm a professional costume maker I'm a bit intimidated on getting it all right because it has a ton of detail. And it's one of those dressed that just looks bad if it's not done right. There's no way in hell she's going to make it. I would hope she'd commission someone but why spent to patreon money on what it's meant for instead of food and vacations???

No. 185143

I'm out, nope. Don't wanna see her ruin my waifu.

No. 185145

She is really not good at twerking. This is sad as fuck.

No. 185148

I wonder when she will realize that people just retweet and share her twerking gifs because they are bizarre and cringe worthy to the point of being funny and not because she's good at it and it's actually sexy.

No. 185158


The way she plants her feet down, parts her legs and squats down slightly at the beginning like she's about to take a piss is one of the least sexy things I've ever seen.

No. 185164

>cant even afford a good wig

what the fuck is that shiny ebay shit?

No. 185168

Which is funny because she used to be a stripper. You can see why she quit.

No. 185172

I want to laugh at this but it's really sad. Kind of like she's having a seizure or something while holding onto the bars.

If she wants to twerk she'll have to start working out and practice. Being fat doesn't you good at twerking.

No. 185187

I take it vampette has put on weight? how old is she?

No. 185190

I believe she's like 26? Or somewhere in that realm?

No. 185194

File: 1476828197973.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 165.44 KB, 736x1218, image.jpeg)

No. Who wants that?

No. 185201


No. 185204

While I will admit nothing I have nothing definitive I have sources who went to high school with her and confirmed it.

No. 185210

wow is that all?! thanks anon!

No. 185217

Vamplette used to strip?

No. 185224

Agree we're gonna need some proof here

No. 185226

It's kind of sad because didn't Moochlette used to be a pretty decent cosplayer? Now she's kind of taking a leaf from Moomoo's book for the worst and ho-ing it up instead of just using her skill and talent to be popular. C'mon Mooch you used to be better than that!

No. 185227

You cant really get proof of that short of her admitting it. You arent really allowed to take pictures in a strip club. Only thing to go on is mutuals who knew her from before Momo.

No. 185247

Even her or a mutual saying it online or in some documented way is evidence enough. Right now that claim is baseless since there's no proof other than 'he said, she said'.

No. 185267

I was told in person by her a long time ago that she used to strip so she could get by in school, but she quit because she hated that life and became a barista instead.

No. 185281

Goddamn, her legs are shaking more than her ass

No. 185292

She's never cared about being talented and admired for skill, moochlette just wants money, attention and to be the next Jessica nigri.

No. 185296

Even for lolcow that's a stretch unless someone backs that up. If it's true than holy shit that's sad.

No. 185340

Are you new here? Being a stripper is fairly common for a lot of cows. I don't think it's very far fetched that Moochy may have stripped at one point in time. She makes shitty twerk videos and posts pictures in her underwear all the time.

No. 185354

Mooch yes but anon said moomoo

No. 185355

I don't recall moochlette being a barista she's a cashier, which is why I'm questioning it. They implied that moomoo was a stripper

No. 185393

She used to work at Starbucks before working as a cashier. Looong before she met MooMoo

No. 185427

If that's true, moochlette clients probably saw her snuggle tooth and boner went down.

No. 185431

Where? Noone implied it was Momokunt. The initial claim was made in response to Mooch's twerk video.

No. 185432

Its listed on her FB

No. 185433

I am legit curious where this place is…?

No. 185436

It's called Photo Bang Bang in the art district downtown.

No. 185496

File: 1476883480897.jpg (625.05 KB, 1440x1343, Screenshot_20161019-062011.jpg)

How ironic, Colette needs to cut the "look at my ass" bullshit and actually go back to being an actual good cosplayer

No. 185506

This, wtf are people talking about? The anon literally replied to Mooch's twerk gif saying she used to be a stripper.

No. 185545

Aw, Look Colletes dream is slowly coming true

No. 185666

File: 1476908956193.jpg (223.93 KB, 1001x957, ss (2016-10-19 at 01.28.16).jp…)


No. 185669

Glad this post has 666 in it because it's really the devil.

What the fuck is with those blurs. Nana looks like Miley Cyrus in a crunchy party city wig. Momo's eyes look so pushed together and her head's tiny.

I noticed she's more and more using objects to hide her gut.

No. 185670

File: 1476909755040.gif (1.26 MB, 352x264, absolutelydisgusting.gif)

The shape of Nana's tit pushed up against Momo's back, paired with her derpy expression is just so revolting.

No. 185671

"I want to relax in December"
Like she actually does any work at all

No. 185678

Okay, I can't tell because I'm on mobile right now but is Nana wearing a cheap synthetic wig or something…? The highlights in her hair look like a cheap party wig.

No. 185688

File: 1476911699007.png (129.1 KB, 366x335, 1420685265710.png)

Oh. My. God.

They barely even look human, what the hell. Their faces are so blurry, their tits look so weird, their hair looks fake, and does Moomoo have a spit bubble forming at her lips? What is the worst part of this pic because I honestly can't decide.

No. 185699

tbh I wouldnt mind it. I would be happy not to see her flabby ass strutting around. She'll probably freak out when her patreon drops (and if it doesnt we'll just have more proof that she's been faking donations)

No. 185702

File: 1476913605893.png (101.51 KB, 179x224, burnit.png)

She looks like a mole rat

No. 185708

No. Just No. Even for Momo this is disappointing. If that is the "best" preview pic she has to offer I shutter to think of what the rest of the photos look like.

Your eyes do not lie Anon. Even on larger screen that wig looks like a cheap Party City monstrosity.

No. 185714

>you both look drop dead beautiful!
hahahahaha what!

No. 185718


well, I guess they do look like they're about to drop dead at any moment. moomoo looks like shes having a stroke

No. 185720

There is absolutely nothing appealing about this picture

No. 185724

File: 1476919718082.jpeg (2.98 MB, 3072x3072, image.jpeg)

who copied who? These Patreon bios are almost identical. I wonder who started their Patreon first. I'm cringing seeing this copy and paste shit.

No. 185730

Has she ever actually done enough work to make a tutorial?

No. 185731

considering how i've knew Nana when she started her patreon. Momo copied it.

No. 185732

Now compare their bio with JNig's. I suspect they're actually both guilty of copy/pasting from Nigri.

No. 185733

just checked Patreon graphs and momo definitely compied nana word for word. I would be so pissed if someone copied my entire Patreon layout and it's making 4x more than me all while being a shitty cosplayer. does this girl even have an original bone in her body? Can't even come up with your own Patreon format huh moomoo?

No. 185734

Nana started in Feb 2015 and momo Jan 21st 2016. Nigri on Jan 15 2016.

No. 185751

I like how she has given up on actual posing and is just hiding her gut with a pillow. Also, her head looks tiiiiny on her body here. Is she still gaining?

No. 185798

I just want her to give up this cosplay charade and become fat fetish porn model she was obviously destined to be.

No. 185820

Namefagging and begging for lewds. You must be lost…

No. 185822

File: 1476931179751.png (272.05 KB, 888x462, autist.png)

He deleted his post now, but here's a cap of his twitter to confirm her fans are aggressively autistic neckbeards. He's a member of the MLP forum too of course.

No. 185873

No. 185888

so instead of the cosplay plans that she SAID she was gonna do she went and wasted money shooting guns? okay. I'm happy she didnt touch Yuri but this is annoying in the sense that it wasnt even like she had to make the cosplay since she said she was only gonna do a casual thing. Way to reconfirm that you're a lazy piece of shit moomoo

No. 185909

She can delete things from instagram, post screen shots instead.

No. 186010

I might just be blind, but did she even hit the target once? It looks like it's pretty close too lol

No. 186019

Its hard to see a small hole

No. 186038

She hit it a couple of times. You can see where the paper ripples from contact. But she still did pretty awful that close to the target. She also complained about her shoulder hurting, which shouldn't happen if you're holding it properly.

No. 186040

File: 1476985860661.jpg (18.62 KB, 220x257, 849d7aadf6045a9b6d5288b0509087…)

Did Picasso come back from the dead to photoshop this? How are the perspectives on their faces so fucked up?

Would-not-give-benis/10 this time momo

No. 186042

And baleeted

No. 186059

Christ, what a thin skinned baby. I find it convenient that she deleted when questioned on her accuracy and ability to hold it properly. If it was her first time then it's normal to suck. It's like she expects to be praised for everything she does or for basically existing.

No. 186086

The main difference between Nana and Moomoo is that Nana isn't as fake
Like yeah Nana does sexy stuff and wants followers and shit but she isn't really a JNig wannabe like Moomoo
Nana's personality is her own and she is pretty cool. She doesn't at least claim to be something she isn't. She has extremely unsexy cosplays and the shit she makes is her own and its pretty okay (not the greatest, but WAY better than Moomoo)
And Moomoo just has a Nana/JNig rip off personality

Like I'm not defending Nana and y'all can think whatever you want about her but I know her personally and I can honestly say she is 10/10 better than Moomoo
She isn't a shady lying cunt. If she is bitchy she owns up to it while Moomoo hides behind her followers playing the victim sayings she would never be mean or talk bad on anyone.
Honestly hearing Nana talk in a video just makes me think that Moomoo completely copied her
Nana has been in the game much longer and I get why her and Moomoo are friends but it really saddens me that people don't see Momokunt for what she is. And if they do, they don't care.

TLDR: Nana isn't that bad especially in comparison to Moomoo

No. 186087

She calls this a cosplay too
WTF way to pull a Moomoo and throw on some cheap ass clothes, a wig, and contacts and say its cosplay
Why Hinata too? Not only is this NOT in her personality, but it isn't even an outfit Hinata wears

No. 186112

Than you honestly don't know nana lol she copy and patreon cuz momo helped her. Nana has been known to lie cheat and steal from people who commission her. Nancy isn't as bad as momo but she is not the honest person you think she is.

No. 186113

You're talking about this as if this is something new to vampette, have you not seen her other cosplays? they are cheap and ugly af.

No. 186301

Well I didn't say she was a saint but I meant more honest than moomoo
And copying a patreon description is hardly the worst thing she could do

No. 186302

Thats debatable
You can hate her as much as you want but as a cosplayer I can admit her craftsmanship is pretty damn good
Definitely not "professional" level but better than average
Well mostly her pre/early-momo costumes

No. 186307

If she is so honest why won't she admit the real reason why she wants a patreon in the first place? Be honest about the people she screwed over? Nana is so fucking stupid she couldn't even lie well about why she couldn't process print orders via etsy and keep a patreon going until she asked momo how to actually use it, if anyone copy and pasted nanas info on patreon it was probably momo. Nana is using momo just as much as momo uses her, moochlette and nana are only in it for money they don't give a flying fuck about craft and cosplay respect. Just like momo.

No. 186311

Yet Nana has been cosplaying for years before money was in the picture?
Not everyone on Patreon is only in it for the money
Alot of people have Patreon so that people can enjoy their craft and some people just can't afford doing what they enjoy doing?
Do you know how to read? I literally just said she isn't the best and all I meant by it was she is so much better than moomoo

No. 186312

I'm not gunna sit and defend someone and something that isn't that big a deal
you need to chill haha

No. 186315

Just found this thread, didn't plan on commenting, but I'm curious now, and have some insight. I know for a fact that Antares hates Momo already, so I wouldn't be surprised if she's in here commenting herself, ha.
Do Sprout and Bunny actually hang out with her? I don't think I've ever seen any of them together. I might not be looking hard enough though.
I'm only personal friends with Antares, so I don't know about anyone else. I don't think I've ever even heard of Porcelain.

No. 186325

File: 1477013670493.jpg (1.01 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20161020_213228.jpg)

She needs new photo editors.

No. 186327

while I appreciate the sentiment, she still looks like a fucking alien in the second one too. If not moreso.

No. 186329

Editing on the phone is tough. :( Also, tough when the canvas is…. questionable, imo.

No. 186335

dude what editing software do you use????

No. 186338

In that case…..Good work

No. 186339

Seconded. A lot of her work pre-Momo is actually really great, and she WAS a really stand-up person overall. She had a lot of respect in the community. It's actually too bad to see her sink down to Mariah's level.

No. 186344

File: 1477016740053.jpg (171.16 KB, 960x1280, IMG_4293.JPG)

"Gender Bent yuri"

No. 186349

Nana was whoring out her crappy implied nudes for 3 years now, she's always made it a goal to make money from cosplay get your head out of your ass

No. 186350

She didn't even bother to make it like yuri

No. 186366

She did that weird bottom lip thing again with the concealer. What is she trying to do?

No. 186369

On the plus side she's exercising since ice skatings a workout for beginners. On the other hand, why the HELL such a long wig? Most female ice skaters don't have long hair. If they do it's about medium length and they put that shit in a bun or out of the way. She could have at least researched the sport a little further than just the damn anime. She's not Yuri, she's just wearing a long wig (which I see as a hazard if she falls) and decided to go ice skating.

No. 186378

it literally makes no sense that a female yuri would have asslength hair. is this just her silk wig that she dragged from under her bed?

No. 186384

I thought it was the same wig she used for that one blood filled photoshoot

No. 186423

"Asian lips"

>She could have at least researched the sport a little further than just the damn anime
That doesn't fit in with her lazy bum lifestyle though.

No. 186445

File: 1477038504191.jpg (37.32 KB, 750x750, 14719049_378298725834793_79314…)

kinda reminds me on voldemort

No. 186456

ew, where is her nose and why the fuck does her head look so small?

No. 186489

File: 1477055651312.jpeg (517.47 KB, 1768x2048, image.jpeg)

Lol god.

No. 186493

This is embarrassing. Which cosplay is this supposed to be for?

No. 186498

No. 186499


yuri on ice

No. 186502

File: 1477058270513.png (452.89 KB, 750x750, lolcow.png)

No. 186508

So a fat girl with long hair in a skinsuit now counts as a Yuri on Ice cosplay? Jesus fucking christ she just makes me angrier every time.

No. 186523

for her mei apparently

No. 186544

Go back to pull

No. 186555

I have never been to that site and i can't find it on google.

No. 186558

When you already have no lips the trick is not to make them look even more nonexistent with nude colors.

No. 186714

cries "Guys be more positive to others and stop hating on me"

No. 186722

File: 1477127955852.png (341.52 KB, 1071x762, momo.png)

So she's doing a Q&A on curious cat and someone asked the real question. Way to go moomoo

No. 186752

so she's fully aware that she's full of shit? great cause that means I can blatantly hate her. It's BS for her to say that she's posted unedited photos because angling yourself and wearing corsets MEANS that she doesnt love her body. The fact that she attempts to claim otherwise is the biggest pile of bullshit she's spewed so far.

No. 186809

She's not fucking special she's just in denial.
Seriously, you instigate shit and then try to cry to fans when you can't keep up. Grow up Mariah.

No. 186812

File: 1477163694628.png (35.95 KB, 1238x176, Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 1.14…)

No. 186815

You can tell how much she's bullshitting because if she was actually going to try to claim that people are lying about her why not straight up say 'this is what people are lying about and here's proof or some attempt at proof' So while she blatantly admits that people are right about some things she lays down a heavy layer of 'so many people are spreading lies' to make her neckbeards think that ANYTHING she says is lies.

Also extra bullshit: this is so so so staged because you can TELL she knew she was gonna do this video because show me a SINGLE picture of her where she's left the house without makeup? If this was 'normal' moomoo she would have at least eyeliner on. We constantly see her with caked on foundation even on a normal outing? yeah. She obviously didnt put on makeup to make herself look worse because you can see that she's not legit crying because her eyes never get redder and then she easily calms down and talks without the 'cry' voice. She claims she's 'confident enough to make a video without makeup or her hair done' and I laugh cause there's even a cut where she jumps to her fixing her hair and she is constantly fixing her hair through the video.

she even STARTS admitting to something but then backs down immediately because she doesnt want to admit to any of the shit that she's done. She's done tons of shit that she could easily admit like the many times she claimed to have guested at cons???

Also she slid in that jealousy card and tries to claim that she's working 'SO HARD U GAIS WEHHHH'

BONUS DRINKING GAME: Take a drink every time she says that 'she realizes people are gonna say shit about her' or something along those lines.

tl;dr - it's regurgitated BS that she's copying from every other video like this.

No. 186817

I lol'd at working so hard.
Yes. To buy premade costumes and glue shit to a corset. Great work.
At least people learning how to sew know how to buy/read/cut a retail pattern and make their own garments PUH-LEASE

No. 186820

>she slid in that jealousy card
I will never understand why people use "you're just jealous!!!" to excuse everything they do. Yes, we're so jealous of Moomoo's shitty craftsmanship, her terrible shoops and photoshoots, her inability to make/keep genuine friends, her hordes of neckbeards who only like her because they can rub one out to her…

She has to be either braindead or truly ignorant to still think that people hate on her for no reason.

No. 186822

>her inability to make/keep genuine friends
This is the MAIN thing that pisses me off about how people trust her. If we compare the people she hung out with a year ago Vamplette is the only person still around. MAYBE just maybe if someone cant keep the same friends for longer than a few months they're a shitty person? How do people now see through her? I can understand friend interactions changing up over years but she's only had a snow thread for 8months and she's gone through like 2-3 friend groups.

No. 186827

> angling yourself and wearing corsets means you don't love your body

That's a bit of a stretch, anon.

You could say the same with makeup. Someone can be proud of their face without makeup and love it, but they like trying different looks and changing up their face with makeup too. It doesn't mean they dislike their face.

No. 186829

There's a curious cat on her Twitter and she avoids answering shit and got called out on it. I need to hear all the "this and that" part of her video of shit she's done to other people. I'm waiting to hear her admit the bullshit she did forward me, Ms. I'm not a bully.

No. 186830

Love how she always say, 'there's some people who aren't gonna like you. That's fine. I get it.'

Lmao, yet, she's the one a few months ago was trying to change our opinions about her. You're not ok with it Momo

No. 186832

makeup is adding something on a foundation.

A corset is literally a physical body altering thing so no it's not really comparable. Also tbh makeup is a skill that takes time and effort and slapping a corset over her growing meat tire is not. damn if anything I'm offended that you would even compare the two.

No. 186833

File: 1477168135432.png (147.76 KB, 480x480, 1453158836937.png)


No. 186836

File: 1477168606935.jpg (21.51 KB, 275x206, 1433894368972.jpg)

What all of this video is about.

No. 186837

Contouring and other makeup tricks can easily be compared to a corset but being this nitpicky isn't really worth my time haha

I don't think the girl preaches body positivity, but to say she doesn't like herself because she wears a corset and uses photoshop is pretty ridiculous

No. 186840

What the hell was the point of this video? All I heard was "People are mean to me!! Feel sorry for me! Bwahhhh!!!"

No. 186843

Actually wat? There's only so much makeup can do and it is literally an art. Wearing a corset is literally faking a bodyshape that isnt there just do people can think she's 'thicc'. The level of effort by itself is a HUGE difference. Putting on a corset as she does (no back lacing) takes a maximum of 5-10 minutes. Doing full contouring makeup takes a minimum of 30 minutes for a full face.

Also see: >>185666
If she loved her body so much why is she actively covering up her stomach with the pillow? There are a million ways to show that she isnt body positive too. Hell you can even compare it to what she wears. She wears loose baggy tops anytime she isnt wearing a corset or if it's a cosplay photoshoot. If she wasnt constantly hiding what her stomach ACTUALLY looked like (the only time she's even acknowledged that she's got a fat stomach was carefully crafted to get pity points like her samus 'oh i'm SO proud of myself for feeling COMFORTABLE wearing a two piece in public for the VERY FIRST TIME' Half of the time even when she's wearing a corset she's got her hand on her stomach hiding her stomach.

No. 186846

File: 1477170394454.png (179.63 KB, 771x642, Screenshot 2016-10-22 14.04.10…)


No. 186848

File: 1477170591916.png (55.68 KB, 626x197, Screenshot 2016-10-22 14.08.49…)

Kill me, I forgot to expand this poor guy's comment.

No. 186851

File: 1477170939874.png (258.69 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20161022_171419.png)

No. 186853

>inb4 "I never attacked anyone on Twitter! You can't prove those are my nudes!" etc.

No. 186857

File: 1477171551049.png (79 KB, 750x390, IMG_2109.PNG)

Taking bets on how long all the mean comments will stay up until removed.

I couldn't bother to watch the damn video. If Momo really wants to change she'll dip out of sight for a while to focus on being a better person and not being so self absorbed. It would be better for her to truly appreciate and love herself before she went out to mend old relationships she screwed up. She should stop taking shots at people on twitter, being jealous of others in her community and more importantly, treat her patrons with the respect they deserve. She gets so much money and shows little appreciation to them in low tier costumes/photoshoots. Get off your ass and show the work that's deserving of 6k. There is NOTHING wrong in commissioning a cosplay (preferably from a cosplayer or real seamstress– not china) to get the best results. There is NOTHING wrong in hiring a professional photographer (not a FRIEND) because in the end, when you put in the effort and put together a portfolio, it's going to look amazing rather than this low tier shit.

Because in the end, once she actually does appreciate everything about herself and stops being self absorbed, the anons and people who don't like her won't get under her skin anymore and that's strength.

Tl;dr Momo stop complaining and fix yourself.

No. 186859

Lmfao holy calm the fuck down
I even said I didn't think she was body positive but what you're saying was ridiculous.

No. 186861

>There is NOTHING wrong in commissioning a cosplay / hiring a professional photographer
This, so much. There are people who take commissions for cheap and still make high-quality cosplays, same with photographers. And it would make her look like she cared about the community by bringing attention to people with great cosplay-related skills.

Too bad her ego would never allow her to say someone else made her costume or that she got a "nobody" to do her photography. Sage for no contribution.

No. 186877

I can't even remember the last time she failed to credit someone, or called someone out on twitter, or there was actual evidence of her being shitty to anyone. I've been noticing lately that we're making some huge leaps and assumptions based on little information, but now that I'm thinking about it… we spend so much time focusing on who she used to be that we're never going to fucking notice if she's changed.

We have people here calling out the fact that she posted nudes. That was fucking YEARS ago and we still act like it's evidence to her being shitty now. We have people spouting nonsense about who she's dating… I know her group well enough to be partial to information and she isn't dating anyone (that's right, not even Vamplette).

I took some time to think after that video, and I don't want to be a part of this anymore. Time to grow up. Write me off as another white knight if you need to, I guess.

No. 186884

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