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File: 1638874258142.jpeg (88.3 KB, 1080x773, tajmerk.jpeg)

No. 1387114

SJW e-artist thread #2
A thread intended for gender-special artists that harass anyone morally inferior. Typically known as grifters who are terminally online.

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/1220062

Jessica Ortiz / Jay / succulentbud / joulejay / juckedj
>Notably known as a filipino-hispanic artist that harass anyone that is remotely problematic.
>Some how accumulated thousands of followers harassing people and demanding money for emotional labor. >>1221350 >>1221684
>Made shitty emojis that everyone keeps using on twitter.
>Previously known as DestinytoMoon / Ivy's girlfriend
>Ivy was outted for race faking and harassing smaller artists
>Jay buckled down and defended her e-gf >>1220675
>Ivy ghosts Jay as Jay spirals out of control. Jay is institutionalized >>1225231 >>1235570
>Even when Ivy considered herself as single, Jay's last messages were defending her. >>1247218
>Currently MIA. Most of her friends have distanced themselves from her.

Javiera Alegria Solar / ivy/ Destinytomoon /orquidiaarte
>A Chilean cis-woman that was race faking as a transwoman native-afro-latinx <3. Also had a jewish arc that no one mentioned >>1220069 >>1220127
>Got outed for racefaking, so she deleted her account
>Turns out she's now a fakeboi who draws porn. >>1286377
>Her friends didn't care that she was a race faker, but were upset that she hung out with proshippers.
>Is now dating a new beau. Jay is rolling in her grave probably.

Shae / Loved111333 / lovelyoneee333
>20 something girl who allegedly has ptsd and did
>Not that milky tbh, but she always stick her nose into drama >>1222960 >>1222962 >>1222976 >>1306116
>Tend to share the stupid opinions, such as talking about how PE was ableist.

>another artist that suffers DID
>claims that they are japanese/latine/black, but refuse to share any selfies… Their alternate personalities may be different races
>always complains how non black skilled artists get more attention than her because she is black
>shitty art

>A BIPOC artist that calls out anyone that remotely bothers her. Even if it was a misunderstanding, she is 100% right. >>1385279 >>1386057
>Has called out former mutuals for being freaks because they're not actively blocking proshippers like she is. >>1220712
>Accused a japanese girl of race faking and shared her selfies to followers to prove it >>1223005
>a 23 year old artist that refuse to log off

>actually is good at art
>threatened to draw incest porn of peoples IRL family >>1221765
>is involved in a lot of discourse like the above listed
>Got called out for her constant incest jokes. She revealed she was abused.
>Claimed twitter aint shit and left for good >>1235660 >>1243226
>Left for only 2 weeks, then returned
>beefed with cum_binary because she didn't believe Ivy counted as black. >>1220593 >>1245023

>a mutual of the listed artists above.
>does not start drama but tend to hype and spread them like a crony

Peachieflame / Perisceris / Insecure pale Latin artists
>Latina artists that sweat because people do not consider being Latin or hispanic as being POC
>Constantly bring up that they're indigenous to remind people that they are pee-oh-cee. >>1220093 >>1244966 >>1323234
>Definitely are insecure about their paleness >>1220065 >>1223610
>Not really milky tbh, but they hang out with the characters listed above.
>There has been a rise of these type of artists, so keep your eyes peeled, farmers

Alex / Cum_binary
>"sexworker" he/him that is always fighting with this circle (notably, tajmerk) >>1220583 1221032
>Defended Ivy/Jay
>Leaked a minor's nudes to her followers just to get back at her
>Private account got leaked, she sperged about it
>Extremely annoying, but has not gotten into much discourse compared to her friends

>The lead writer for the game validate
>There is a call out floating about her plagerizing from other fanfics/novels
>If you read her AO novel, there is a race-bending character that can turn black or japanese at will…There are other racebending OCs as well >>No. 1224027 >>1224076 >>1224087
>More examples of weird characters she wrote >>1224103
>Fellow artist vented how abusive and narcissistic the community has been. They raged out, citing it was ableist to people with NPD (Them) >>1222993 >>1224148
>art is as ugly as sin >>1224508
>rants a lot >>1225153

Sa1ntcake / Michie / m00nlithalo / mickey
>Artist with mediocre art who also feels the need to share her thoughts
>Once vagued about a situation, got harassed for it, then demanded reparations >>1222956
>Quit twitter after she was caught talking shit about tajmerk…Only to rejoin as m00nlithalo >>1241101

>Autistic white girl who gets called out for being antiblack or antiasian often >>1323124 >>1372660
>Claims its their autism, but I kind of buy it when they post shit like >>1303954
>Deleted their account after the call out >>1375686

>Bug-fetishist who is upset that they do not get enough likes on their art (10k likes is too little!!)
>They have a long call out about them from tumblr >>1322461
>They had a breakdown after people got upset over their cookie run opinions >>1364583 >>1366446

>Not really discussed in the threads, but they tend to share bat-shit thoughts on twiter >>1373652

Notable tweets from nobodies
>Another native american calls out eda-log despite eda being inactive for months >>1224623 >>1224632
>Some reason these type of artists worship cookie run and genshin impact, so you get stupid tweets like >>1225082
>Veechu drama >>1229081
>more Genshin impact >>1233384 >>1234576 >>1249768
>people pile a worker from infinity train for white-washing a character from the series >>1332286 ..notable because their own friends ran away during the call out >>1332667

No. 1387115

This is my first time tagging things, so I apologize if any of the links are broken.

No. 1387117

Believe me or not, but Peachieflame and Tajmerk are no longer friends. Taj was a bitch to everyone during her first con and basically helped no one, yet, expected everything in return. Everyone saw how much a user she was - and ditched her after she demanded an apology from them after they tried to talk to her about it.
Notice how Taj has been tweeting more just to tweet instead of directly at her friends/mutuals lately. Almost as if she has barely anyone to talk to anymore.

No. 1387121

File: 1638876765756.png (199.31 KB, 744x2088, rest in pieces.png)

I thought you were joking, but Tajmerk's last messages to peachieflame and her other friends stopped around the same time as comic con. I'm not surprised.

No. 1387129

Wish I was, because her behavior was atrocious. I was there at the con and asked about it, because the mood when she would show up was…heavy.
The "wandering around artist alley" is because all her merch, but her charms, were lost. Instead of making any money back-she said fuck it and just left everyone to deal with the table(mainly Peachie and this was also HER first con). Peachie still tried to help sell her charms though. She was genuinely a good friend - better than what Taj deserved.
Her friends were visibly annoyed/stressed whenever I saw her come by because she was always asking for something, never offering. Later heard from one of her friends at the height of the con she was asking for one of their badges to sneak her girlfriend in. She truly was a leech.
I've been kind of holding it in because at first, it was none of my business. But I heard about Taj recently and realized she literally told a different narrative to save herself. So fuck her lol.

No. 1387928


Interesting that they're still following her, guessing they're afraid of her cutting up dms to call them out as ""anti black""

No. 1388867

File: 1639041739802.jpg (168.51 KB, 1079x1347, 1611965453127.jpg)

OP, you should've added how Shae/LOVED111333/lovelyoneee333 harassed and bullied some 15yo biracial kid and their art at her big age of 21 just because they said something she didn't like, got her account taken down and eventually ban evaded just to later find out the kid's private account and post it like a fucking creepy stalker (pic rel). Also she's one of the main reasons the japanese artist eda_log got mass harrassed. (her callout got a lot of traction and when everything spiraled out of control she deleted it like a pussy). And her overall cowish behavior like how she kept demanding Ghada to "wake up and apologize" and creepily posted her timezone and shamed her way of drawing curls just for defending javi_draws getting harrassed and dogpiled to hell.
Also the fact that she relishes on "being a psycho" and her overall drama addiction, and how she hilariously blamed her DID for being racist on main kek

No. 1388870

This is the intersting shit I like to hear. Do you have anything else to add like how did Taj lose most of her merch? She seems really insufferable to be around and while I hate Peachieflame too, she sounds like she was being competent and trying to be good business wise.

No. 1389103

As far as I remember, she did everything last minute - her prints got turned away from a service for some reason but not her charms. Most of her friends told her to get it done before she decided to. Everyone knows UPS or any other mail service will and can fuck up sending you your things for a con.
She was staying with a whole crew of friends. Every single one saw how she acted. Most of her big artist friends cut ties with her because, I shit you not, she accused a trans guy there of assaulting her friend. Said friend is not saying this at all- only Taj. She thought he was the only 'cis' man in the group and went after him. He's known for being chill and is even friends with big artists like safifesse. I don't say this as a "People said he's good so he is." I mean this in the fact they were around people 24/7 and Taj only said something AFTER the confrontation. And even then, the dates were off, because the friend wasn't staying in their airbnb those days. Oops.
So, she basically ruined any friendships she had in one weekend. Ask her about it and she'll say, "It's not my place to say anything."
Again, it's fine if no one believes me about this with no proof- because hearing about it after it was all said and done was almost unbelievable to me, too.
Oh yeah,when I said she didn't help Peachie, I meant that even something as simple as helping her set up her table was a "No." from Taj. She is a very, very, vile person. And I hope she's exposed one day on a wider scale.

No. 1389190

oh shit, no wonder she's been so quiet. I thought it was because they all cut ties after the whole jay/ivy drama and subsequent alex/taj fight.

I thought she was distancing herself because she's now repped, but I guess she's still clinging onto her "mean lesbian" persona as an excuse to be a bully.

No. 1389231

Btw, the person teachlko quote tweeted wasn't the person who she shared the screenshot in the second tweet. According to their tweets, they were harrassed by "antis" so they locked their account for a bit.

From an outsider perspective, it seemed like teachlko was bullying a minor because they made an innocuous tweet. It was hard to tell because the dumbass privated their account.

Still doesn't change the fact that they have shit opinions and can't learn to ignore stuff they don't like.

No. 1389246

Why don't you crawl back to you art Twitter hugbox where you belong, nona? I don't give a shit about what the kid mean with that Tweet, she was still victim of target harrasment lead by a grow ass woman. You zoomies are insufferable.

No. 1389518

never said that and wasn't excusing it, just clarifying since the OP actually supported teachlko despite how she added more drama and stress to them.

No. 1389589

I think the OP was being sarcastic, and narrating things on how teachiko sees them (I am always right, I do things the right way unlike my mutuals)

No. 1390743

>afraid of speaking out against Taj and being wrongfully deemed as antiblack
This is so plausible it's so funny. Hard to feel bad for that clique tho. They're a bunch of insufferable Karens anyway so it's nice to know they get a taste of what they normalize.

No. 1392602

>Sa1ntcake / Michie / m00nlithalo / mickey
So about her, did she delete everything? I followed her privated account for shits and giggles and she baited that she was going away like 3 different times in the couple of months I followed her.

No. 1392754

She has another account @molenaide, it’s mainly for art

No. 1393135

btw OP, Javi doesn't consider herself single since she is dating some dude.

No. 1394901

File: 1639705418846.png (543.93 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20211216-193513-352…)

her art is deteriorating. i hate the way she draws faces now, they're so misshapen.

also lol @ her trying to make discourse free accounts. it never lasts.

No. 1395155

File: 1639727754827.jpg (227.87 KB, 1656x2100, 0186x9277v984.jpg)

got curious, took a peek and woah what's up with the proportions here

No. 1395470


How do you not notice you gave a character chimp proportions? This is why taking a break and coming back to your art with fresh eyes is important

No. 1396367

File: 1639857863301.jpeg (1 MB, 3232x2285, 779C6D67-7D5C-4024-B2D7-FBCCFB…)

Am I missing something? I don’t care if people get off to AC characters or whatever, but is there really nothing sexual about this?

No. 1396371

Coomers have essentially "claimed" ankha from those stupid memes and the art style looks like coomer art, not to mention the "sexy" outfit and emphasis on the curves of the body. This person is retarded.

No. 1396382

yeah calling bullshit on any ignorance of that, they're drawing sexy ankha because of that stupid porno someone made for her, so she's trending

lmao at pretending it's anything else, of course people are going to hone in on what you're dressing her in. at least own it

No. 1396400

The only thing more obnoxious and despicable than a coomer is a coomer in denial

No. 1396406

agreed. Just own what it is, there's nothing wrong with something being sexy or sexual. Even though "It's sexual because the clothing is goth" is a stupid argument, the type of clothing she chooses is sexual.

The image isn't sexual but the choice of clothing is "sexy". There is plenty of goth clothing that isn't sexy. They chose to draw her in clothes that only covered half her breasts, a crop top, fishnets, those demonia style boots and a skirt that doesn't cover her hips and one breeze away from exposing everything.

No. 1396561

holy shit i am laughing so hard at this because that artist literally got ran off tumblr for making angry birds movie porn, posting screenshots from a rape hentai, and lying about another user making a diss track about her that never existed. what a blast to the past

No. 1396740

>I-i'm not like them!!!!!

No. 1396776

idolo gets into drama the 1st monday of every month at this point. it's attention-seeking at this point.

>this isn't sexual!! WTF

it's very fun reading the replies seeing people get gaslit into justifing her denial about the obvious. the 'tism is just too strong.

No. 1396797

>draws an animal crossing villager as a curvaceous big titted woman in fishnets
>not coomer shit

No. 1396877

File: 1639899124906.jpg (Spoiler Image,110.42 KB, 744x592, dsdvds.jpg)

But she drew porn of it once wut

No. 1397029

File: 1639922625486.jpeg (237.95 KB, 750x600, CDFBF86C-A519-45A1-A071-390C2E…)

One more thing. Wouldn’t the drawing still look sexual even if she had small boobs? Why even argue for big boobs to be nonsexualized with a cartoon cat you gave big boobs to draw her in sexy outfits and porn >>1396877

No. 1398288

File: 1640066260115.jpeg (200.68 KB, 828x655, E16D5CCE-7EBE-47E3-BF11-09CE0C…)

speaking of idolomantese, they’re NSFW tis another story…

No. 1398289

File: 1640066383580.jpeg (22.65 KB, 480x360, 83AC3C1E-48E5-4FC7-A4A1-ED8647…)

Also this is that she’s referring to kek

No. 1398425

the line between themselves and the coomers they try so hard to distance themselves from is thinner than a hair

No. 1398500

File: 1640094485569.png (270.15 KB, 1184x1000, lol.PNG)

is this the same person because kek. from the art salt thread.

No. 1398516

Oh they’re nonbinary now? before they were a “he/him lesbian”. Can’t roll my eyes hard enough.

But yeah, same person.

No. 1398645

>nonbinary lesbian
every single time

No. 1398664

>people can't handle looking at some bugs
they don't even resemble bugs, their artstyle is so bland and undetailed that they just look like earless cartoon people with antennas.

No. 1398673

but what's her justification for having a porn account where she draws bug furries having sex?? there's a difference between kissing and cumflation furry porn lmao

No. 1398685

File: 1640110283466.jpeg (451.22 KB, 1506x1076, 31DF158D-BB48-499E-B616-E9E4DF…)

Agreed, I always thought Idolo’s bug designs were really plain and basic, dunno what people find so great about them.

Funny that you bring that up because they actually made a comic complaining about the kind of thing you’re talking about, which is even funnier when you see their actual spider designs.

No. 1398757

She heavily anthropomorphize them, they don't look like actual bugs at all.

No. 1398776

Why would an insect have tits? Bees feed their larvae by barfing honey into their mouths. It's hypocritical as fuck for this to bitch about coom bug designs when his own OC is a coom bug design.

No. 1398782

Ankha used to be my favorite cat villager when I was a kid because I loved Egyptian mythology. After that pedophile made that retarded animation of her, started hating her because she's ostensibly become Coom Brains' mascot.

No. 1398818

File: 1640122331694.png (Spoiler Image,19.03 KB, 593x116, 3.png)

dios mios, they're design and color sense is awful. it's actively choosing the lamest colours possible.
1+ for looking at her lazy line work and anatomy and calling it "good". the standard is rock bottom on E-artist twitter kek

No. 1398824

>expectation: bald humanoid spider with a lame outfit
>reality: humanoid creature with a lame outfit


No. 1398832

Hate the coomers, nonnie, not the victims of their porn rotted brains

No. 1398850

Idolo is the typical zoomer coomer who cry about not lewding minors but have no problem drawing porn of media aimed at literal toddlers like MLP as long as the characters being sexualized are "adults"

No. 1398887

it really shows how porn has rotted their brains, especially since idolo tries to be a "lesbian artist making lgbt representation" when all the art on her alt is typical moidy furry porn, futa, milf, cumflation, etc shit. i remember her being a hardcore sjw "protect the traumatized kids like me" types before she made her online profile be all about art, if you can understand the issues with loli/shota/etc being used to normalize pedophilia and groom kids, wouldn't you see a similar problem with publicly sharing lewd of kids media out in the option where young kids can see it would cause similar issues (speaking as someone who was messed up by being exposed to r34 as a kid lmao)? ironically if she was yet another perv i wouldn't care but her trying to be a feminist inclusive sjw type is what makes this hypocritical to me

No. 1398929

this dumbass has been retweeting porn of anhka in that same goth get-up she's been claiming isn't sexual

No. 1398936

do you have any caps of her blaming eilish for her addiction? i tried keyword searching her main/adult accounts and didn't see anything

No. 1398946

it's on her locked account i think?

No. 1398949

i'd rather not risk her freaking out over her priv but, they said;
>im not gonna be mad at billie here bc she's young and people can have really strong experiences about there experiences with porn but its so fucking weird how she randomly mentions that she watched porn when she was 11

and replied to her self with:
>like do you not think that could have dictated… how you perceive things

No. 1398953

AYRT, haha oh wow. that's kind of telling since while i'm not a stan of billie eilish (don't love or hate her), the nypost article talking about says it's not unusal for that to happen at a young age. i first saw porn via pop-up ads when i was 10, is that suddenly "really weird" to share when making a point how easy it is to find accidentally? i'm not even a hardcore radfem or anything but watching live action porn (especially hard stuff) has a bad effect even on adults, but it's worse for kids who just hit puberty and are just now figuring out what sex is

No. 1399080

Why the fuck is always the people who are the most against loli/shota the ones that bend like a pretzel to justify and victim blame a child for being exposed to porn at young age? There must be a mental disorder that make terminal online people empathize more with cartoons than real people.

No. 1399091

As someone who found out what porn was at 12 because I curiously looked up "sex" on Google and clicked on a fucking Alexis Texas pornhub video, this just makes me roll my eyes. You know how many millennials and Gen z found out about porn through pure curiosity? She's not actively telling kids to go search up porn, she's just saying her personal experience. But oh yeah sure, let's psychoanalyze someone's one off quip.

No. 1399095

Especially when the context of her sharing she watched porn at 11 was about how it mentally affected her sexuality; but ofc the chick who draws mommy milker bug porn and has that slip into her SFW stuff probably doesn't bother being critical about how coomerism affected her

No. 1399303

what type of bad effect is it supposed to have? Didn't every boy and many girls saw porn at the start of puberty? I first watched porn when I was 7 and still do frequently, I think its perfectly healthy

No. 1399348


Porn warps how you view and relate to sex. You in general, not you as an individual.

No. 1399360

No offense but can we debate the ethics of watching porn in another thread when this is just laughing at hypocritical sjw art

No. 1401616

If I didn't reverse image search this I would have kept thinking that was a child

No. 1401893

This is what frustrates me about sjw e-artists who are coomers in denial, the "adult" characters they sexualize freely look like fucking childish blobs in canon yet they still act like fucking prunes over some random weaboo fujo lusting over a drawing of bakugo with abs. fucking weirdos.

No. 1401918

This character is from a movie based off of a book series made for children yet these weirdos aren't batting an eye

No. 1403383

And they are always so fixated in children media, it's so weird. Like a R34 drawing of Morty or Peter children from Family Guy might be gross but they are still cartoons for adults so children have less chance to Google it and find porn of them. Shit like Animal Crossing, MLP, Pokemon, etc are media where the primary audience are children so if you draw and put R34 stuff in the internet there is way more chance for a child to see it even if the characters despicted are technically adults.

No. 1410868

File: 1641552577102.png (870.36 KB, 1080x1652, Screenshot_20220107-042646-606…)

Girl, go work on your fucking game hasn't it already been 2 years?

What does this type of performative "activism" even do except make you and your followers more bitter? Who is it really helping? You people are more interested in viciously dogpiling white people for sjw points than actually doing anything about the violent homophobia in these countries. Real activists put their lives on the line fighting for their rights and don't have time for BS like this on Twitter while you dumbasses are too busy having literal panic attacks over a shitty joke.

No. 1415722

File: 1642037907594.jpg (214.84 KB, 646x826, 20220112_191240.jpg)

some artist apparently draws kaeluc art and now they're being doxxed and harassed because kids don't know how to block and ignore shit they don't like. this is very normal behavior.

No. 1415741

Man that's fucked up. Twitter has really allowed for the worst of zoomers to get way more power than they should. Too bad bomb threats only get taken seriously if they're directed at politicians, I'd love to see these retards shit their pants when the police rolls up. They really think they're anonymous and they're really not.
I think incest is gross af but who gives a shit. Moids jerk off to way more disgusting stuff every single day.

No. 1415773

They’re not even brothers, it was a mistranslation in the game.

No. 1415777

the classic "I'm a just a teen, you can't call me out for starting shit!" card

No. 1415788

based zoomers keeping coomers in check

No. 1415795

it would be more based if zoomer aidens went after coomer freaks like shadman instead of chimping out over benign yaoi pairings

No. 1415815

Very excited for the fujo swatting era

No. 1415854

ironic how antis and zoomers literally don't realize this is some era 2003 4chan behavior and even they managed to "not touch the cows". They talk about ships and fujos normalizing abuse but fail to realize that they themselves were the ones who normalized it by behaving like this.

Ironically it wasn't even that bad of a mistranslation.zoomers just saw 'brothers' in the same sentence and failed to realize that people can be "brothers" in more than one way.

"keeping coomers in check" you say that like these people don't only target people they aren't afraid of and like they don't crytype and private the moment they get told to go choke or get called a fag.

if only they put that much effort towards someone like shadman that has drawn actual csem and porn of real people instead of people who kept whatever they jack off to just to fictional characters. But what's funny is that when i've seen antis mention why they don't target him, its typically along the lines of "he's too big" or amounts to the fact that they're terrified of his fanbase. Its why antis only go after people with smaller fanbases and who have fanbases that are relatively 'harmless'.

they know his fanbase isn't above telling them to fuck off or in some cases dox them and then it won't be "just a pizza" anymore.

No. 1415859

luna sol and her husband posted minors’ full legal names on tiktok last year because they didn’t think she should display porn at a convention with kids in attendance. obvi it’s not good that she got doxxed but if it had to happen to anyone, she got what was coming to her

No. 1415974

File: 1642059943931.jpeg (91.62 KB, 1200x1179, 2294D79C-3A8E-4495-934A-4B4781…)

this makes me want to draw kaeluc porn despite not into genshin at all lol. I want free pizza and grenade and these teenagers be buying for me

No. 1416017

This is why you don't beef with retarded teenagers who have nothing better to do. I keep saying this. The moment some 14yo xe/xem from Florida calls you a "freak" like a suburbian soccer mom is the moment you hit that block.

No. 1416034

nahh a lot of fujos don't give a shit about seething zoomers. Luna is just too much of an attention whore.

No. 1416044

not to wk but I was reading up on this drama last night and that luna woman does do that. these weird zoomers are obsessed and make account after account to keep stalking her anyway. sometimes in the replies of her tweet you can even see them saying ‘you blocked my other account, block this one too’ or shit like that

No. 1416051

She must have done something petty in the past that twisted their jimmies. I don't want to sound like i'm victim blaming but there's other artists drawing even more ""problemutic"" stuff that don't get as much vitriol. Maybe it has to do too with the fact that she draws for a rancid megapopular and megaretarded fandom like genshin and keeps attending cons filled with teens.

No. 1416064

That's Luna problem, she keep picking fights and giving zoomer attention.

No. 1416074

But nonnie, whenever zoomer aidens have tried to harass coomers who are shadman level deranged they just get entire threads made on them here.

No. 1416075

File: 1642074773437.jpg (200.11 KB, 1080x1333, Screenshot_20220113-053707_Twi…)

These are the type of kids replying "haha it's just a pizza" to this. Bunch of chronically online, no irl friend having, let me list all my trauma and mental illnesses as as sheild, probably bullied, brainlets. You want to so badly get involved with online discourse until you get called out on your stupid ass takes and then run crying about how you're a minor. And coming from someone that went through something similar; Actually get fucked you retarded child. Media that will make you uncomfortable will exist all your life around you, untagged and un-trigger warning-ed. Either adapt and learn to scroll past or curl in a ball and cry about it.

No. 1416085

Any example? I'm genuinely curious.

No. 1416087

Sounds like this website is full of more coomer moids than we think

No. 1416100

agreed, not to mention the amount of time they're trying to name drop some no name genshin artist theyre triggered over here in attempt to get lc their personal army. I'm just a refugee in this site but cannot help but noticing their typing style (especially in fujo thread)

No. 1416162

I wish they would use those dumbass twitter fingers to go after actual criminals and do some good in the world instead of just going after people who just draw fictional shit without harming anyone.

No. 1416238

>zoomer aidens going after shadman-level deranged coomers
Kek that's a fucking fallacy right there. They never show the same antagonistic energy towards male coomers and that's something that has been discussed time and time again in these and the art salt threads.

No. 1416283

seconding this. i can't think of a single thread like this at all.

No. 1416307

Though pro-shippers have issues on their side just like antis, why do I get the feeling that considering how dismissive they were of her having a pizza sent to her house and her relatively calm thread explaining that it is kinda fucked up and it screws over the poor delivery driver who is probably gunna get yelled at or written up for an undelivered pizza for some shit that was not their fault and that they had no part in that this antis idea of "expressing discomfort" and "criticizing media" was basically calling people pedophile and abuse apologists and just going after artists and the "harassment" they got was people telling them that they're being a jerk?

like it doesnt matter whether you are a survivor or not it's fiction. You cry about how awful these people are for consuming media you don't like and then are dismissive of people basically stalking and posting pictures of her home address online even though you know damn well if random "proshitters" were sending you shit to your house you'd be private and literally never shut up about it.

I follow lunasol just to see some of the drama and she can make a completely normal thread about how harassment is wrong or mention how something happened to her that reasonably should not happen to anyone else like getting stalked at a convention, people filming her without her consent, posting about how they took pictures of her and wanted to commit actions of physical violence against her, etc. and antis will swarm the qrts and replies because they basically stalk her account for anything that they can use to justify harassing her.

Arguably she has an issue giving them attention but these kids are absolutely deranged. They'll take a reasonable thread that is anti-harassment and manage to downplay someone basically posting her address online or saying "lol its just a joke" in reference to people stalking her and publically posting how they want to punch her in the face.

they are gunna fuck around and find out at the wrong time and get arrested, charged or kicked out of a convention and then blame her for it. No shit conventions take stalking, harassment, etc. seriously because they don't give a fuck about your petty internet dramas.

No. 1416349

The amount of coping zoomers ITT trying to excuse shitty behavior is retarded. Who gives a fuck if a ship is incest, who gives a fuck if someone is an e-drama baiting tard, you don't doxx them, stalk and harass them IRL. There is no justification you can come up with that makes that behavior okay. Learn some boundaries kek.

No. 1416367

unfortunately explaining these things wouldn't matter to them, they need an excuse to kill off their boredom for being stuck at home all day instead of going outside and making friends at recess like a normal teenager. being over exposed to internet and media has rotten their sense of reality at this point and I can only feel sorry for them.

and I agree with the thing with proshipper can get exaggerated with a lot of problems, I tried to hang around their circles since I'm pretty much a degen but they're also the ones having problems with boundaries themselves. Hell, join a discord and they'd spam your deranged doujin porn pages left and right and basically asking you to validate their fetishes. They wouldn't hesitate to label -phobic you once you stopped validating their aiden self insert either.

I'm pretty much "both side are bad" kind of party here since I've observed (and received to a minimal stage) the worst brunt of these two extremes. There should be a normie textbook for these discourse because I'm just an older millennial who likes drawing cute men making out. My kind of internet was those 2002 anime forum with 2 people actively shared Sephiroth x Cloud doujin, at most.

No. 1416382

>I'm just an older millennial who likes drawing cute men making out.
Same. Both sides have shitty people in them and it's exhausting that socmed and the gentrification of the internet keeps forcing both extremes to coexist. Bring back art-specialized websites and topic specific webforums for the love of god.

No. 1416567

stuff like this is why I think social media is probably one of the biggest accepted addictions. I would say they need to go outside and make friends but you can see how some of them act at conventions assuming their posts about stalking people and filming them without consent are true.

I can agree, it's completely rotted their senses. I've seen them calling it pedophilia if a 15 year old is attracted to a 14 year old anime character because "sexualizing children is wrong" and "pedophilia is being attracted to kids" or editing pictures of babies and infants to have bikinis on them or comparing anime characters to toddlers and tiaras and act like they are the "normal" people for behaving that way.

I can agree both sides have shitty people on them, I just want to be degenerate in peace but unfortunately, I can't really say "both sides are bad" because one side is just significantly worse than the other. I'd rather be labeled as an x-phobe for not validating someone's weird-ass fetish than to actually think editing a bikini over a toddler or spreading around someone's CSEM (which is what allegedly happened to a tiktoker named mafu? masu?) is actually normal. I may not really be in the pro-ship community but I absolutely refuse to align with antis.

socmed is made for adults yet they keep trying to make these websites that lack any child safety features safe for children to use rather than enforcing that socmed are meant for adults. It's pretty clear that socmed has warped their views on relationships and how to actually interact with people to the point some think having a crush on someone is sexual harassment or threatening physical violence over fictional characters is what "normal" people do. It gets brought up that porn warps views on sex but christ at this point social media may be an even bigger danger considering that these kids get validation off of actually harassing, stalking, and damn near committing or threatening to commit felonies against people over some cartoon characters bumping uglies.

No. 1416711

> I can agree both sides have shitty people on them, I just want to be degenerate in peace but unfortunately, I can't really say "both sides are bad" because one side is just significantly worse than the other.
Have you had direct bad experience with antis? If you don't mind sharing without ID'ing yourself. I browse this thread and the previous sjw twitter artist thread and find my own solace from the blogging anon that were previously involved with these circles.

When I checked iamlunasol's twitter and expecting her drawing some troll-ish deranged fetish porn like the scat artist osomatsu artist (idr her name, stinky or something). However her works come off to me really… normal. Her art style isn't that outstanding level where she'd get fans to worship her, and then get "disappointed" that they found out she drew problematic ships & decided to punish her for it or anything. Which reminded me another long-time webcomic artist (lyrthe? or something) also got targeted by antis several time, despite her being really chill in her nature & she just seems really fun to talk to.

I have no doubt that these harassment campaign has made several artists have their art development being stunted in progress. NSFW topics for me are pretty fun to play with, though now I'm too cowardice to share them to anyone in fear of some zoomers lying about their age then blast me on public for being a degen.

No. 1417166

I can't really say I've had much direct contact with antis 1:1 in terms of like, being friends with them but when I was on tumblr and running a NSFW/DDLG blog, I did get gore sent to my inbox because I was put on a "hit list" for problematic blogs along with several others and antis in my reblogs saying their "proof" of me being a pedo was the fact that I used anime gifs for reactions and even had to deal with them stealing my content including if it had fetish tags on it and clearly marked at 18+. I don't really use this blog anymore because of the tumblr porn ban.

On another sideblog I had, I really just had to deal with antis stealing my gifs and edits and even going as far as cropping out the watermark when I had it in the lower corner (I could still see the leftover watermark because it was so large they couldn't crop it entirely) and so I moved the watermark to the center of the gif so it is more difficult. I was naive enough to ask them nicely to stop taking my content and interacting with my blog and all they did was make fun of how "easy" it was to make gifs and just took them more. So I just started blocking animecore blogs and blogs that had "stolen from: (insert user)" without remorse and I don't really use this blog because what was a relatively relaxing outlet for creatvity felt "tainted". The content wasn't even really NSFW they just decided to steal from the content because of the url.

Yeah, luna sol makes art that is decent enough. Nothing that is astounding but I can see why people like her art. The content of her work is relatively normal and doesn't even really include anything that is extreme. By fandom standards, I'd say it's pretty generic and other than antis Luna mainly just stayed in her own lane until antis decided to target her because she made a joke sticker calling two genshin characters "brother fuckers". They can say sending a pizza and filming someone without their consent with threats of physical violence is a "joke" but they can't take a joke about two characters.

On that note, I noticed some antis say she is "problematic" because she has porn at her booth for a convention where minors are present and you can see how sheltered some of these kids are or they are literally just a babies first convention. Unless the convention expressly says you cannot have nsfw material at your booth, it's fine to have it relatively open. Probably blocked off or behind a warning that gives you a chance to check IDs to make sure you aren't selling to a minor but most conventions don't prohibit it outright. Like, a lot of conventions allow NSFW and adult content because adults are the ones that are typically not on mommy and daddy's allowance money. They're the ones who actually have the time and money to practically run the convention. Either go to conventions where NSFW of any kind is prohibited in the artist alley and dealer's hall or grow up and realize that conventions are typically meant for adults not to be a playground for children and teens. There's a reason why minors typically can't even walk around by themselves at conventions until they're 16 minimum and some cons don't allow anyone under the age of 18 to be without a guardian.

Blogpost but I miss the old time of the internet where if a minor wanted to look at NSFW content, they would do so quietly and with the understanding that the artist isn't at fault. Not actively lie about their age and then make a callout post about the artist because they draw adult content. If that happened era 2010 you'd have people mocking them and practically ostracizing them from the fandom, not people ralleying behind them.

No. 1419148

File: 1642371618860.png (608.28 KB, 1058x1908, Screenshot_20220116-160654-927…)

The context is that someone posted a panel of that boyfrends webcomic and dug up how the artist used to draw BTS nsfw and said the n-word.

No. 1419151

File: 1642371722775.png (423.49 KB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_20220116-160933-759…)

the end goal of bringing up old shit someone apologized for, which we all knew

No. 1419153

File: 1642371860621.png (122.58 KB, 1080x548, Screenshot_20220116-161308-887…)

ofc it's always the minors doing deranged shit like this. twitter is just sjw tumblr redux.

No. 1419158

File: 1642372074330.png (84.79 KB, 1080x400, Screenshot_20220116-161407-395…)

also hypocritical because they "stan" a serial killer but I guess that's okay because they can separate fiction from reality unless it's time to call someone out. Also why is a minor retweeting nsfw tweets but wants to complain about 18+ accounts interacting with them?

No. 1419167

I hate those fucking mentally ill minors who have fucked up fetishes or worse yet stan murderers but still want to be puritans and hide behind their underage. What kind of fucked up and manipulative shit is this? Fuck the current internet so hard

No. 1419170

Also when the artist did this they were like, 15 or so. Yeah nsfw of an underage idol is creepy but the person who made it was the same as as the idol and they apologized and stop doing it.

imagine saying no one should have a platform cause of something they did damn near ten years ago.

No. 1419174

It's stupid. Cancel the person doing the cancellation because they themselves are a degenerate, despite being older than the artist was back then

No. 1419180

File: 1642373453582.png (227.79 KB, 1080x563, FJMdXVzVIAA0a63.png)

double post but the artist even apologized before this really blew up. They apologized before "the mob" got to them and now people are using their apology against them.

How are you supposed to improve or hold yourself accountable if dumb shit you did as a teenager or the mistakes you made means that you should literally be isolated from everyone and not allowed on social media or to interact with anyone else ever again?

they say the artist shouldn't have a platform for shit they did when they were 15 yet these kids can't go a day without being on the internet.

also i really can't tell if this screenshot is a joke or not cause zoomers unironically say this.

No. 1419981

Do zoomers even do normal teenager things anymore? Going to parties, buy alcohol with a fake id, hang out with friends in the mall, etc? Or is just the friendless terminal online weirdos who act like toddlers?

No. 1420112

Definitely the latter. Isolated, raised-on-the-internet kinda shit. Twitter is one hell of a ""powertrip"" for friendless children, they probably can't even make eye contact with a retail worker without having an anxiety attack first.

No. 1420115

>serial killer stan
>shameless degenerate
Ah it's one of those

No. 1420611

Thank you for the reply anon, I agree with everything you mentioned and I'm sorry that antis ruined your experience with making gifs! And yeah, it got me thinking about how much adults have to censor themselves online (even in adult's space!) because children couldn't keep shits to themselves and must ruin everything to everyone. I know not all zoomers are like this, and most still behave like us tip-toeing around ff.net for smut fics and kept our age / identity private to project ourselves from Real online predators. But now it's all accommodating and people of all age groups are forced to integrate into one space - which is just bad, bad idea. If anything I understand why some older fan creators tend to keep to themselves (or so called gatekeeping) because unfortunately none of us have that patience to deal with petty drama anymore. Why would anyone wants to be a fandom mom when society already puts a lot of pressure for women to be "nurturing". I just want to go online and post dumb shits that I like. Hell, do people even do "blogging" anymore or it's all influencer culture nowadays.

Anyways, hope you don't mind me sperging. While I understand the dilemma and how it leads to the current stage of online community, there's just a lot that I can't help but reminiscing from time to time.

No. 1421056

File: 1642562049155.jpg (154.16 KB, 1170x1127, FJSKUi4UYAEDNhI.jpg)

so woke twitter attacked a japanese artist kurobee for "whitewashing" the characters of Encanto, apparently this they/them fag started the harassment campaign and claimed she was an "afrocaribbean" hispanic twitter lashed back and now there is a twitter hashtag trending #ShutUpGringo2022 kek

No. 1421085

File: 1642563591997.png (152.83 KB, 1242x1251, FI60KEIXoAI2obS.png)

There was another he/they who said CONCEPT art of Pepa was whitewashing. Putting Encanto on Disney+ was a mistake.

Refrainbow should've apologized for the cringe owo chocco panel.

No. 1421097

kek has she never seen a family where the kids are wildly different shades? genes are complicated, i'm sure lots of us have a sister that looks white.

No. 1421104

File: 1642564786331.jpg (32.68 KB, 593x375, IMG_20220118_215811.jpg)

Kek and then they got salty cause they were calling them gringos

No. 1421110

How do we whitewash Twitter? As in with bleach. Where does it need to be poured to be effective?

No. 1421117

I really wish Americans could understand this, my family has wildly different skintones, e.g my paper brother is paper white and I'm light brown
though I do think that the wide range of phenotypes in Encanto(none of the characters even looked related) and was a bit unrealistic for a single family but not unheard off

No. 1421120

OP of that shitty thread deactivated, but before that they were doubling down and replying to all the rightfully upset latinos in their mentions with FNAF porn and suicidebaits KEK.

Also, fuck i wish i had screenshotted, but whenever latinos asked them why they didn't speak spanish, they said some stupid bullshit excuse like they had trouble speaking it and understanding it because of dyslexia kek it was fucking funny. Goes to show how much of a joke these twitteretes are and why you should never take this people seriously.

No. 1421121

File: 1642566427119.jpg (157.82 KB, 828x1317, JW9xWXst.jpg)

man i'm glad shit's finally blowing up in sega's face, she's been able to get away with making room temperature IQ takes for far too long

No. 1421127

File: 1642566791335.jpg (195.13 KB, 1080x1016, 20220119_112341.jpg)

I think native latin community are raising their eyebrows because op refuse to speak in native language and make some stereotype when they ask about the op's etchinity
Kinda off-topic but why americans especially american minorities like to speak over people with native or third world country background in certain race /etchinity/minority group ?

No. 1421131

Lmao this yanqui holy shit

No. 1421140

>I think native latin community are raising their eyebrows because op refuse to speak in native language and make some stereotype when they ask about the op's etchinity
Yes, pretty much. I don't need to explain how stupid it is to say "I never lived in your country and I don't speak your language, but I can dance and cook better than all of you so i'm obviously more LatinXx", because of course being Latino just means dancing quebradita and eating tamales. This person is fucking retarded.

The funniest thing of all is that they also tweeted that being "hispanic" means ancestry and genes rather than nationality and culture, and then they go and say they're latino because "they cook and dance". The levels of stupidity are amazing because One, "Hispanic" is not a fucking race, it literally relates to the capacity of speaking spanish, which they obviously lack, and Two, they can't even form an argument without contradicting themselves every two minutes. Just plain deranged shit.

No. 1421151

Samefag but I wanted to add how hilarious it is that they fight tooth and nail to "prove" they're Latino/Hispanic while treating both terms like they're interchangeable and also a race, the fucking ignorance, I'm glad they're getting shat on.

No. 1421206

I know some Nahuatl and can read some classical Mayan logograms, can I be an honorary Latina? I drink horchata and slap cockroaches with my flip flops, too, that's what they do in Chile, right? Sometimes I get mistaken for a Cuban on account of how slowly I speak Mexican

No. 1421260

these people are completely unaware of their class privilege, no matter that you have curlier hair than the people calling you a gringo, you're still in a much richer environment with much better services and security

No. 1421384

I wish I had the screenshots but apparently she was also saying latinamerican women bleached their skin and she also was making fun of the typos made by latinos tweeting at her in english, imagine accusing an artist of being racist over a drawing only to out yourself as a racist instead, she should delete at this point lmao

No. 1421390

File: 1642604825378.jpg (213.28 KB, 1080x2160, IMG_20220119_090438.jpg)

Samefag I found it kek

No. 1421412

never heard of this sega person before, since they're not notorious like teach1ko. What exactly did they did do before? I never got to see the arts myself ny
> born in 2001
> concept artist
press X to doubt

No. 1421419

never heard of them either, but i hope they get blacklisted whatever art related industry they try to get into

No. 1421429

Oh god this bitch. I blocked her ages ago for being along the same likes as Teachiko, SucculentBud, Orquidiaarte, etc. Glad to see she's finally getting some karma kek. She went private too. These people will relentlessly go after other artists, but the moment they get heat they turn tail and run.

No. 1421617

File: 1642618281639.jpg (112.75 KB, 716x866, 927373113653.jpg)

iirc they got some beef with strwberryhalo and their clique back from when that r0th0rtic person (gaby) went on a public meltdown and got ran off for being antiblack or something. I think cxsmic tried to defend gaby kek.
Anyway, it seems ppl are also shitting on cxsmic for making fun of someone's dead pet hedgehog

No. 1421644

Like >>1421429 stated, this bitch is basically in the same grouping as Teachiko, Tajmerk, SucculentBud, and Orquidiaarte. Seemingly every week she finds some art from a random Japanese artist to bitch about.

No. 1421684

Pretty bold for someone who has to make a gofundme because she and her dog are homeless.

No. 1421686

Browsing that hashtag is the funniest shit, it's glorious watching actual South Americans making fun of oversensitive American gringos. People from Latin America love seeing representation of their culture in media even if it is slightly stereotypical yet it's constantly being censored to cater to American feefees, I absolutely understand their frustration.

No. 1421698

The hashtag got so big that a lot of loud sjw artists are pussing out from mentioning it directly and just limit themselves to do small vagues that barely get any traction, very obviously afraid of the backlash. I think that's funny.

No. 1421946

Seriously, the biggest tweet I saw had almost 50k likes on it. Good on Latin art Twitter for standing up to this type of shit. Also thank god Cxsmic only has like 5k followers. If it was Jay or Ivy levels it could have been alot worse. I just know she's crying victim on private right now too.

No. 1421960

File: 1642638178024.jpg (300.58 KB, 1080x1782, Screenshot_20220119-181928_Twi…)

CxsmicVerge came off private and is hosting a space talking on latin culture when she's not latin in the slightest. In other news, Cum_Binary, the person that went to Tajmaerk's employer to get her fired over the whole Orquidiaarte situation, apperantly posted revenge porn. Pic rel

No. 1421986

it's always these bitter bitches begging for money online and using their mental illness/skin color as an excuse not to get a job but love to go around tearing other artists down. Then they wonder why they don't get hired.

No. 1421995

this woman is an idiot, but so is the person being quotetweeted. why do white and mestizo latinos pretend that racism against blacks doesn’t exist in their countries?

No. 1422010

As a hedgehog owner this piss me off so much. I hope her broke ass die in a shitty motel and her dog eat her corpse.

No. 1422013

>10 Jan 2021
fuck cum_binary but i'm curious, isn't this from 1 year ago? why it is resurfacing now?

No. 1422054

File: 1642644347114.png (116.17 KB, 720x754, 018374849758585.png)

This person's meltdown is so funny. Pic rel is cxsmic/sega accusing a random weeb of cultural appropiation for retweeting anime fanart. I wonder what makes her think it's a good idea to unlock and double down with random nonsense and sassy "gotchas" when she's being ratioed and thrashed back and forth this badly. Is that amount of negative attention really that worth it? for what?

No. 1422074

Agreed, colorism is a big issue in latinoamerica, that rando was being incredibly naive. Watch sega use those dumb responses as a shield to deviate the issue from "don't witchhunt harmless fanart because colombians aren't offended by it and it's not a big deal" to "latinos are racist and attacking me just because i'm black"

No. 1422125

rando is naive but colorism is different than racism even if only in nuance.

unfortunately you cant discuss colorism or acism in latinoamerica because the conversation is dominated by typically white americans who think racism in america is the same as racism in other countries and manages to twist every instance of racism or colorism into anti-blackness specifically. like saying calling a black person a gringo is anti-blackness and racism because its supposed to be used on white americans specifically and only. mfers who've never so much as stepped foot out of america let alone lived in another country for any remerable amount of time and this is coming from an african american. i wish everythign stopp getting turne dinto anti-blackness

No. 1422187

>typically white americans who think racism in america is the same as racism in other countries
Hey speak for yourself. I know damn well why darker-skinned people in Central and South America are treated worse than light-skinned people. But then some of my family has studied the history of the cultures, so we're not ignorant retards. Same shit goes on in Asia, too.

No. 1422252

it's cultural appropriation to retweet anime fanart now? then what about the picture where cxsmic was wearing an anime shirt?

No. 1422265

File: 1642673917412.jpg (2.13 MB, 3464x3464, Tshirt.jpg)

Do what you will from this information.

No. 1422356

any attention is good attention to these types

No. 1422358

The bastard has a point. Hispanics/Latinos whatever tf they’re called, are the only POC that try so desperately to appear white. It’s sad.(racebait)

No. 1422643

Racism and colorism can still be the reason why darker-skinned people are treated worse but I basically meant that people think every country has the same race relations, history, etc. as it does in the US and the only study they've done is a college class on systematic racism that was taught by people with white guilt and never took the time to actually live on or do a deep dive into another culture in a way where they don't just pick and choose things they specifically agree with.

No. 1422854

File: 1642734070457.png (980.6 KB, 1080x1663, Screenshot_20220120-205246~2.p…)

taj put up a doc about vvickelodeon but it really doesn't say much.

No. 1422855

File: 1642734101204.png (509.57 KB, 1080x1246, Screenshot_20220120-205404~2.p…)

No. 1422872


No. 1422894

kek @ that vvickelodeon kid changing their handle reeeal fast. Also they're a twitterbrained kid, no wonder they were retarded enough to fail at staying anonymous on a fucking anonymous board.

No. 1423031

Oof, good for her. Minors can go eat shit.

No. 1423079

I'm with her on this one, adults not wanting to befriend teenagers is normal.

No. 1423923

Late and nta but sometimes this thread reeks of bad takes… I'm not sure about now (probably a little better) but in the past American kids would make fun of/ignore kids from 3rd world countries and those kids often would be splintered off from the larger community… The internet is not an accurate reflection of real life, especially not literal smooth-brained twtards, jfc.

No. 1423929

Sure nona, but all that shit started because Sega/cosmic/whatever cried whitewashing over some Encanto fanart made by a japanese artist. Then, the artist ended up deleting the artwork, and a lot of colombians and other latinos residing in latinamerica (the people that movie was inspired by) started to voice frustration over yet another american forcing an artist to delete harmless work. Sega then began to double down of course, picking incredibly petty fights with the latinos in her mentions and pull the "i'm-more-oppressed-than-you" card and cry white-on-black racism because she happens to be mixed black.

Makes you wonder what's more 'colonizer behavior', an american being mad at other minority for not caring about some dumb twitter fanart or said minority telling her to fuck off and not speak over them.

No. 1424013

> American kids would make fun of/ignore kids from 3rd world countries and those kids often would be splintered off from the larger community
you mean white American kids? Then definitely. I think the anon you're replying to
> americans especially american minorities like to speak over people with native or third world country background in certain race /etchinity/minority group
is true, unfortunately, especially when natives aren't that fluent in English yet. I'm native and I've had enough of asian-american trying to speak over my experience when I argued their overtly fetishization of communism & socialism. It's exhausting and no one wants to engage with them except for political science journalists on twitter.

No. 1424379

the art wasn't even whitewashed, it just had a color filter over that made ALL the colors lighter. But all the characters still kept their values (e.g. the dad was still dark, the mom light, & the kids in between). I'm tired of how much they overreact to the colors not matching 100%, especially when some of their community darlings do the same shit but it's a-ok.

No. 1424442

Kek if you look up tajmerk on google these threads show up on the first page

No. 1424449

> or said minority telling her to fuck off and not speak over them.

Those people are white Latinos though, so it’s not really those minorities who are speaking. If any dark skinned Latino expresses discomfort over dark characters being lightened, the white ones will eat them alive. Source: soy colombiana y he visto como funcionan esos espacios kek

No. 1424475

No, the bullying would also come from non-white kids (like black American kids would call African kids "African booty scratcher"). Maybe it's different in the Asian community, but I don't think "speaking over" or w/e really happens between black and African people or Latin people. It might have changed now, though, but most immigrant kids would either get made fun of or just hang out with each other.
I agree, I think cxsmicverge or w/e their name is is definitely overblowing how much the Japanese artist whitewashed the characters (it's pretty clearly a filter and the colors are pretty similar to what they looked like in the movie) but I could see >>1424449 having a point. There's definitely a nuance towards race/colorism in Latin America that a lot of Americans don't understand because Latin folks are all mixed to some degree. Even in countries like Haiti where most people are dark-skinned/black, there is a racial hierarchy that favors mixed/lighter-skinned people. Slight blogpost, but for example, my own mom did not even realize there was a color-based hierarchy in her country until everyone else in our family told her so. Based on that alone, I could see why this whole debate is as polarizing as it is.

Regardless, it makes me wonder if that user had ever grown up around other Latinos besides (possibly) their own family to be this dumb. If she's really Dominican/Costa Rican like she claims, then I wouldn't be surprised if one of her grandparents looks/is white, or she might have cousins that fit the bill.

No. 1424532

Yeah its complicated, another factor is what exactly is considered white in LatAM
both Italians and Arabs are considered "white" in LatAM

No. 1424537

File: 1642926237171.gif (41.53 KB, 250x185, DB85A8C3-6F2C-40D4-AFCA-76143F…)

>fiction puritan
>billy loomis fan
>billy fucking loomis
>the character who literally gave a “fiction is not reality, go touch grass” speech in his source material

the absolute lack of self awareness of these microscopic brain antis never ceases to amaze me.

No. 1424543

The problem is tho, that issue wasn't for gringos to debate in the first place. It's about latinos and so it's up to latinos to decide whether they felt there was a ill intention and wether the artist should be called out. A gringo shouldn't be debating latinos on what they are or aren't.
But it wasn't latinos that were going after the artist, it was gringos, that's the thing.
Te daría la razón si fuera una situación diferente, donde aunque sea hubiera algún indicio de mala intención del artista. Estamos hablando de un artista japonés que no tiene nada que ver con peos latinoamericanos y que hizo un dibujo bonito y aparentemente bien intencionado. Ningún latino se pone así de insufrible porque los tonos no hayan estado 10000% exactos, ni que los hubiera dibujado blancos o algo. Haciendo ese berrinche lo único que se logra es que ese artista y su comunidad más nunca quieran acercarse a la cultura colombiana ni a un kilómetro de distancia (no vaya a ser que accidentalmente les dibuje una arepa de tostiarepa en vez de budare y se vayan a ofender también). En mi opinión ese nivel de loca entitled insufrible de esa twittera es muy particular de los gringos

No. 1424546

I worded this the wrong way
I mean to write that the standards of what's considered white in LatAm are different from most of the west
Arabs, Lebanese, Sicilians are all considered white here and unlike American there isn't a one drop rule type predicament, anyone with a Caucasoid facial structure and height is considered white here

No. 1424575

The minor whom Tajmerk recently made a google doc on is also a Billy Loomis stan lol. What's with that character being so popular among obnoxious twitter puritans?

No. 1424626

File: 1642942213926.jpg (160.45 KB, 532x325, Stuilly.jpg)

In the slasher community out of the all deformed monsters and burned child rapists, Billy Loomis is the only conventionally attractive one out all of them, also the fact that he gets paired with his co-murderer Stan
he basically is the almost perfect kinny for these wanna be edgelords who are still attracted to attractive dudes

No. 1424781

It might be because of your own search history, but if it isn't, oof because that is not good for future job prospects.

No. 1425262

File: 1643018013795.png (260.8 KB, 1080x1225, Screenshot_20220124-035125-777…)

puppychan is getting heat for being mutuals with 4lung, an alleged pedophile (alleged because I have no idea who that is), and other loli artists.

No. 1425286

wasn't she the one edating some /pol/tard despite being black

No. 1425327

we have a thread on 4lung. He did actually try to abduct a minor

No. 1425349

wasn't puppychan literally a minor a year ago, does she have to cut off all her teenage friends when she turned 18 in order to be labeled as "predator"??

I'm not a fan of puppychan, but seeing enough of people screeching about her despite she just acts like any teenager back in pre-social media.

No. 1425448

Lead the way anon

No. 1425761

File: 1643062445758.png (223.14 KB, 1080x1448, Screenshot_20220124-013023~2.p…)

I'm not surprised puppychan is befriending some questionable people because I can guarantee that they're probably being more accepting than her fanbase, picrel. Remember those minors/mentally ills were just waiting to turn on her ever since her first offense, when she supposedly exposed minors to porn. Which, iirc was just some dragon furry cleavage.

No. 1425813

It's surreal to me to watch how someone who, just a couple years ago, was so coddled by everyone, just become so ostracized by her own community. Reminds me of javiera tbh.

I don't care about puppychan but man I feel like i'm watching a human experiment. It's incredible what twitter clout does to an unstable person.

No. 1425831

No. 1425876

she follows 16< year olds who also follow her, tweets softcore (or sometimes straight up) furry porn, and retweets their fanart of her softcore porn. it's definitely not normal

No. 1429187

I'm sorry, but this dumb take always pisses me off. "white people can't cook or dance hurr", yeah are you gonna repeat the same after visiting a French restaurant and watching a ballet performance? The world doesn't end at the American suburbia. But I shouldn't be surprised since these people already display their ignorance with dumb art opinions.

No. 1434235

File: 1643949730944.png (405.63 KB, 1079x639, dramablog.png)

I honestly feel like the adoptable community is an extension of this crap, it's so milky. I've run across four different drama blogs dedicated to this extremely niche hobby of artists shitting themselves over nothing.

No. 1434366

they're a good way to make a quick buck off of rich people with a spending problem but stay tf out of cs communities, they're filled with insane people

No. 1440542

File: 1644582030619.jpg (259.07 KB, 1080x1413, Screenshot_20220211-061436_Twi…)

Cxsmicverge, the one the whole "shutupgringo2022" thing was targeted at is now whining about still receiving comments about it, despite earlier in the drama saying she was unbothered by it and was replying to people because it was funny. It might be unnecessary for people to still being hounding her about it, but it's also funny seeing her all of a sudden turn all "woe is me" over it now when she's the one still actively engaging with the comments. If she wants it to go away so badly she can just ignore it. What do you expect when you keep feeding into it you dumb fuck.

No. 1440549

are they a sega fan by the name?

No. 1440908

Always funny to see someone get a taste of their own medicine and yet still lack the self awareness to humble themselves.

No. 1441383

why is it always "they need to lose their platform" over the stupidest shit with these people?

No. 1441779

File: 1644703208934.jpg (1.4 MB, 3413x1920, 2346784145515186.jpg)

I just think it's hilarious that teachiko, the most crabby grifter tumblrina, is having meltdowns over other mentally ill people having meltdowns and lashing out, tumblr crab mentality, and constant negativity.

No. 1441785

File: 1644703859340.jpg (623.2 KB, 2443x1920, 917373747478485.jpg)

context: she made some dumb and aggresive thread about le evol rich whites having money to get therapy and still not getting better while her poor oppressed self can't afford that, and some of her friends got put off by her childish view of mental health and recovery.

No. 1441997

>i'm a spiteful menace
Imagine saying that shit unironically on fucking twitter lmao. These people get off on feeling oppressed so no wonder she can't shut up about it. It all comes down to attention whoring.

No. 1455162

File: 1646179784907.png (105.65 KB, 1080x565, Screenshot_20220301-180118-316…)

so a disabled artist kept getting harassed and sent death threats over genshin ships by lesbians who thought them shipping m/f was "literal violence" and now gimme ur dollar is blaming said disabled artist for outing her harassers and spreading lies. the artist just now deactivated.

No. 1455164

gimme ur dollar is the one spreading lies btw, not the artist. worded that terribly.

No. 1455251

lilyglazed is constantly getting shit from annoying fucking dykes who think someone headcanoning their uwu wesbian anime gacha characters who DEFINITELY aren’t made for coombrain men as anything other than Soft Sapphic Lesbians is ‘LITERAL VIOLENCE!!!’. they give her shit every single day, they constantly quote tweet her shit to accuse her of homophobia or whatever, blah blah. i’m not involved in faggy shipping bullshit but i feel so fucking bad for her for attracting the ire of retarded twitter lesbians

No. 1455815

File: 1646241444190.png (157.95 KB, 1080x674, Screenshot_20220302-111424-483…)

you know damn well they're gonna accuse lily of victimizing herself ESPECIALLY because she's white and just forget that she's disabled because she's an acceptable target to them.

No. 1456045

this isn't the even the first time she has gotten into trivial twitter "discourse." minors really shouldnt allowed on the internet

No. 1456363

This stupid bitch again? lol

Can't wait for her to get into really stupid shit one of these days. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing mediocre ass """artists"""" shooting themselves in the foot because they rather indulge in stupid ass innocuous twitter bullshit everyday than fucking draw.

No. 1456564

and then they end up begging for donations and using the same 4 pics as promo during hashtags for more followers even though their accts are 99% discourse

idk maybe if they drew more they could work for their money but being a grifter is more lucrative ig

No. 1458729

I think I am too old to understand what the hell is going on

No. 1458899

File: 1646528635894.png (665.81 KB, 1080x1108, Screenshot_20220305-165743-524…)

lunasol is cringe and she's said some weird as fuck things but i hope she actually is pursuing legal action against these users. not sure what it'll do but maybe it can make some of these terminally online kids step back. Once their little games go from "peepeepoopoo" tweets to trying to stalk ppl IRL it's become too much.

These ppl need to learn to block and ignore users they find weird instead of trying to deplatform them just b/c the content they create makes them uncomfortable. Unless it's someone like that 12 forever chick, leave these people the hell alone.

No. 1458949

File: 1646534612568.jpeg (403.88 KB, 1242x1991, BC5F4200-9D2F-42EC-B1CB-92D392…)

I guess they can’t meme away from that. I hope this becomes a trend, kids don’t think of their impact on people’s lives with their stupid accusations. I don’t get why don’t they just focus on the actual pedos who spend their days posting their rape fantasies on Twitter.

No. 1459000

further context? what did she do to make them back away?

No. 1459051

lunasol @-ed one of her harassers school on Twitter and is looking to pursue legal options against the people sending her death threats.

No. 1459078

luna’s pushing 30 and goes out of her way to troll proshippers. she obviously says things to get a rise out of them and she even started drawing porn specifically to get more reactions from the minor sjw antiship crowd. i think getting mad over ships is retarded but luna obviously loves the negative attention. she feeds into it and then plays the victim when she gets the reaction she knows she will get. imo posting a random 14 year old’s school is going too far even if the kid is a dumbass twitterfag

No. 1459125

normally I'd agree with you but these kids (and even young adults) are getting worse in their harassment campaigns. One of them posted a tiktok of themselves following a woman around a store saying it was luna (luna denies it was) and they themselves aren't above death threats, dog piling and doxxing users they think are "problematic". Blocking and ignoring them does nothing b/c they create sock puppet accts and stalk users trying to consistently deplatform them in the worst of cases. These people are obsessed with what fiction other users consume and create to an unhealthy degree and it's time ppl on the receiving end stand up for themselves. I hate that it's luna, of all people b/c she does stir shit too, but she's the only one with the balls it seems.

also i think the user in question was 18 y/o.

No. 1459169

nah. regardless if she feeds into it and at the risk of sounding like one of those old people bitter at life, twitterfags need to see their actions have consequences it or they'll be pushing 30 like her and still go on harassing people over fiction kek. it's a bit hypocritical since this is lolcow, but they need to get a new hobby other than getting triggered over fictional ships they dont like and starting weird crusades over it. more people should pursue legal action with things like these or at least threaten it. like with that other kid who was sending rape threats to a streamer and only apologized and showed an ounce of reflection after being scared shitless when said streamer faked an email with screenshots to school's head.

No. 1460489

She started drawing nsfw because it was something that as a full grown adult she wanted to explore and then thats when the harassment started.

she gets people sending random pizzas to her house or bomb threats but posting @ing kids school who was saying they knew where she lived is "too far"

No. 1462481

File: 1646869975791.png (489.99 KB, 1080x1340, Screenshot_20220309-165828-005…)

cosmicxverge posted a "callout" (with the client's email visible) for a commissioner who waited 7 months with no communication, only to be met with the excuse that cosmic is still homeless. The only updates this person received were only because they themselves reached out. Also cosmic has a history of mass deleting tweets, so there's no way the client would know any update unless they were on her page 24/7. The client opened a case with their bank, so hopefully they'll get their money back.

So cosmic has time to always tweet about random discourse but can't update their clients? And this was a 150 dollar commission too.

No. 1462491

fuck commissioners who take money in advance lmao I hope he gets his money back if he's legit been waiting seven months with no updates

once money's involved, it's an actual transaction, and should be treated like one vs "I'll get to it when I get to it, fuck you for asking"
keep them in a queue until you're ready if that's an issue, don't take the money until you're ready to start working on it

No. 1462657

File: 1646881339831.jpeg (354.2 KB, 750x956, 3E16DA62-FAEF-410F-96D5-A06757…)

Here’s the commissioner’s side of the argument btw, they posted this yesterday

No. 1462669

if they sent the payment through friends and family, i'm not sure what recourse they have.

No. 1462759

Apparently that's how cosmic requested the money, but they should've just insisted on doing goods/services. But I do think they'll have a good chance since they went through the bank and haven't received a product yet.

No. 1462836

they can build a case with screenshots of the DMs, I did so myself a while ago.

No. 1462927

>So cosmic has time to always tweet about random discourse but can't update their clients?
This is why i hate twitterinas so fucking much, i hope theyre getting shamed to hell in the qrts like they deserve

>And this was a 150 dollar commission too.

Good god.

No. 1463395

I know it can be risky for artists to accept payment after delivering the work but i don't like feeling like i'm taking money for nothing, even if it's for a while, so that's why i prefer it that way. idk.

No. 1463418

you take payment after? be careful with that, that leaves you very open to just not getting paid at all

I use the queue, much cleaner. that way I can hammer out the sketch and show it to them, agree on it, take payment, then work on finishing it

No. 1463426

you can take half the money for a sketch/draft, then the other half for the finished product.

No. 1463475

File: 1646962048262.jpeg (2.34 MB, 3264x2308, D009704D-8063-4123-9A45-36D2DA…)

So cxsmicverge did complete the commission and claims to have e-mailed it multiple times, while the commissioner says they haven’t received the e-mail at all (also said they checked the spam and trash folders too)

It’s insane how 90% of twitter drama could be avoided if people bothered to practice basic communication skills. If I were in that artist’s place and the commissioner said they didn’t receive anything, my first thought would be to 1) DM an image of the commission so the commissioner knows it’s done. And 2) Fucking just talk it out and clarify if you sent it to the right e-mail? Is that such a difficult option to consider? Not to mention this drama could’ve been avoided from the start if the artist bothered sending at least one process image for their $150 commission.

No. 1463512

$150 for that? What an ugly piece of artwork.

No. 1463628

what bullshit kek if she had it the whole time what stopped her from sending it sooner??
>that's strange that you say you didn't get it! can I have your email again to verify?
literally it, I swear every single twitterfag is autistic

No. 1463815

I'm 99% sure that cxsmic only recently rushed to finish this after the amount of backlash she got. Funny how the commissioner is able to show proof that they didn't get the art but cxsmic somehow can't show her outbox to show proof that she did send it. Yeah, I call bullshit. She's also a huge narc. In every drama she gets in she can never admit fault and always either deflects or flat out lies and blames things on her being homeless and an abuse victim. One of the most annoying gnats on twitter.

No. 1465542

File: 1647123174604.png (165.96 KB, 720x1083, 9173848575885.png)

Of course these insecure, smoothbrained, tumblrish maggots would justify scummy business practices because it's a POC doing it rather than call out unprofessionalism and shitty attitudes towards a client.

Why the fuck would anyone have to endure an artist trauma dumping them over being asked for the commission they got paid over a hundred bucks to deliver is beyond me. These cunts must live in an alternate fantasy world of their own where everyone gotta deal with their childish bullcrap or something.

No. 1465567

nah the second they throw race in, it's an extra shield
but isn't the commissioner also POC?

They have nothing to stand on because they have no proof that it was ever sent out, and instead had a whole shitfit over it and then banged out that piece and pretended that it was done the whole time
fuckin juvenile shit

No. 1465892

File: 1647143680170.png (64.81 KB, 747x301, uh.png)

I didn't know if I should put this in this thread or the western animation one, but I'm so confused. Apparently turning red had black caricaturizing in it? I just watched the movie and saw none of this at all, apparently she's referring to how characters snapped their fingers and said "yeah girl!" as if every teenager wasn't doing the same thing in the early 2000s. Like I'm sorry, but your experiences aren't universal. I don't care how others read into movies but it's a super strange nitpick.

No. 1465907

idk what that word salad is but another black artist made a thread questioning Turning Red's use of black culture (beatboxing, rap, slang, etc) but not having black characters in a main or main-adjacent role a while back. I'm pretty sure it got posted on one of these threads because Dani reacted to it very aggressively and people were telling her to chill out.

IIRC, the OP didn't make a huge fuss (Dani was the bigger fuss lol) and she got a variety of responses either agreeing or saying they were looking too much into it.

No. 1473668

File: 1647662600069.jpg (299.66 KB, 1080x1076, Screenshot_20220318-235451_Twi…)

Not everything has to include yall

No. 1473674

prya is brown lol

No. 1473775

okay while I think she obviously made a dumb take, a brown Indian person is not even anything close a black person
also the story is set in Canada in 20002, no one used black zoomer slang the way they do now

No. 1473827

File: 1647683954889.jpg (249.91 KB, 1080x1203, Screenshot_20220319-055559_Twi…)


Also aside the fact there was a major black character that helped move the plot forward but he doesn't count cause he "started out as a bully" and "wasn't revealed as black until halfway through" (????) Plus other minor black characters like three of the 4town members for example.

No. 1473828

whose the third black guy in 4town?

No. 1473885

iirc there's the french main guy then he has two backup guys

honestly I wasn't sure if the bully was black, I thought he could have been hispanic but I wasn't thinking about it too hard

No. 1474388

It's just so dreadful whenever some disney movie comes out. How can people waste so much energy having cat fights over this inane corporate bullshit made to pander to kids, i just don't get it.

No. 1475951

File: 1647855386866.jpg (221.53 KB, 1080x1329, Screenshot_20220321-043320_Twi…)

Imagine tweeting this and still expecting people to take pity on you because you're oh so homeless and spend all your pitty donations on Starbucks. Cxsmic could probably have her own thread because she constantly thrusts herself into dramas.

No. 1476063

the quote rts on this kek

No. 1476503

You wouldn't believe how stupid the Sega defenders are.
Some days ago someone made a vague about the whole situation painting Sega as this poor poc victim and how much "they can't stand seeing friendly fire". Holy shit imagine getting scammed and having random people you don't even talk with calling it "friendly fire" KEKKK

No. 1477360

Best part is she has literally no likes on it. Even her most ass kissing fans/friends aren't going to support a death threat.

No. 1487930

File: 1648715080738.jpeg (587.36 KB, 1664x1530, 6B9EE699-FE75-4B6F-A203-DC7C37…)

Regardless of what you think of the puppychan drama, this is the bizarrest response to “x person is a child groomer” I’ve seen yet

No. 1487985

"Perhaps she's a child groomer but have you considered she's black"

No. 1487997

every time someone calls out puppychan they make things sound 10x worse than they are. when they said she exposed minors to porn, I thought it was full on hentai when it was just some fully-clothed dragon with fat tits.

the “grooming” here was an underage fan asking her advice on posting risqué art without getting dogpiled. puppychan didn’t solicit nudes or try to start a relationship or even suggest they do nsfw art first. The minor approached first, though puppy should have not interacted.

>tl;dr the terminally online are blowing shit out of proportion, puppy is just being stupid.

No. 1488002

File: 1648729361027.jpeg (513.34 KB, 1290x1230, C6D31D2D-679E-40A2-86EF-E7C4A6…)

This user draws very borderline nsfw even though they’re, according to their bio, a 17-y/o minor. Weird considering they made a tweet about how minors shouldn’t be drawing porn or even anything close to it out of safety concerns, but have no problem doing it themselves.

No. 1488003

File: 1648729410492.jpeg (527.97 KB, 1310x1299, 536F53A7-94F9-4BE0-BE18-554140…)

>clown music

No. 1488008

File: 1648729710620.jpeg (517.99 KB, 1270x1363, 90FD7940-39FC-41BE-9075-F211E7…)

maybe follow your own advice…?

No. 1488078

File: 1648738251388.jpg (105.3 KB, 720x837, 20220331_101922.jpg)

Why does ackee keep getting into twitter controversies when she's guaranteed to have a mental breakdown about the backlash. Just log off you don't gotta make a statement on everything

No. 1488105

why is she trying to make this situation about herself lol

No. 1488688

This sounds a lot like she's just fabricating imaginary anons as a leeway to wash her own hands from puppychan's controversies, since idolo defended her -that- one time. But at the same time, people on twitter are stupid and idolo has a shitton of followers so it wouldn't surprise me either if some people are actually sending her messages pestering her about it.

>okay, i'm crying

why are these clowns always so fucking melodramatic. What do you obtain from announcing every single shit you do. Grow the fuck up and log off and get real meaningful human interactions, my fucking god.

No. 1488739

File: 1648788774247.jpg (436.48 KB, 1080x1224, Screenshot_20220401-004801_Twi…)

She "apologized" for continuing to support puppychan through multiple controversies which shifted everyone's focus onto her and a bunch of people were basically like "we told you" and then dragged up the other stuff she's done that pissed people off

No. 1489147

Idolo is so fucking retarded, reminder she also supported Javi until the very end.

No. 1489696

the creepy weirdos defending this child's softcore fanart with THe GaMe iS aBouT wAnTinG tO hAvE SeX AnYwAy, my god the utter retardation

No. 1491953

Has anyone noticed how Tajmerk deleted all of her tweets past a certain period? She's even deleted a lot of her art as well. Is there some type of drama/callout she's trying to get ahead of?(sage)

No. 1492031

Well, she used to be a lot more reactionary and got herself into a bunch of dramas and fights last year. Idk if anything has happened recently or if she's just trying to move on from all that.

No. 1492263

an anon claimed they'd gotten into drama with their clique but it's hard to tell for sure without evidence, the group was already splintering after jay/ivy. I thought she was just cleaning up since she's looking for professional work and her chimp outs and mean lesbian bully persona doesn't look good to potential employers.

No. 1492747

She deleted them shortly after her falling out with Alex, though it didn't stop her from getting called out over the tweet that's being used as this threads header.

No. 1493581

She actually doesn't tweet much aside from art and occasionally people crying about racism anymore. When she fell out with Alex when she went after her job I think that was kind of a good scare for her to learn and shut the fuck up in case future employers find her social media. Also funnily enough you'll find alot of her retweets are from Alex sperging out. Thought they hated each other after Alex went after her job, but I guess they're the only ones who can put up with each other kek.

No. 1493972

>>1492263 Eh, her future employment chances in the industry are pretty much shot. There's not only tons of images and video evidence all over the web documenting her shitty, wannabe bully behavior, but also documented harassment, and bully attempts of industry professionals as well. The industry may front being woke, but there's still certain lines of behavior they wont tolerate, especially if they see she has a nasty pattern of this behavior.

No. 1497698

File: 1649588927120.png (131.26 KB, 1080x674, Screenshot_20220410-034823-051…)

>OP makes thread about how Danganronpa is problematic.
>"stealing the characters as my ocs"

It's okay to just say you like things. You don't have to make a think piece to justify your interests…

No. 1497734

wtf? danganronpa is popular as fuck, you can't just pretend you invented it kek. what a childish thing to say

No. 1497761

Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with drawing inspiration from media for OCs but this obsession with "problematicness" is annoying. DR had gross things but I don't see how it's different from any other anime

No. 1497789

Damn… imagine that a series about a murder mystery where the characters are manipulated to kill each other (between the actual killing and then the person voted as the murderer also getting fantastically killed) might be a bit fucked up and problematic??? Big shocker there, never saw it coming. I cant understand people caring enough to want to steal the characters though cause they're patently shallow caricatures of existing anime stereotypes with most of the designs being completely forgettable .

No. 1498230

It's a joke you faggots

No. 1498646

no1curr it's not funny

No. 1499190

I'm so tired of these people getting so caught up with how problematic something thats been around for god knows how fucking long is. Fucking crazy since so many of these types were obsessed with it for years and just now decided it was the right time to get all retarded about the creator.

>I'm just critical of the content I consume.

People like this and randi make me want to bash my head in because it's just moral grandstanding. Just like the series or whatever without making it a contest.

No. 1499570

Just a couple of years ago they were going crazy for Junko's "beta" design because it was black but now they randomly want to write think pieces on how x-phobic it is.

No. 1500775

>"I'm just critical of the content I consume"
red flag for performative twitter virtue signaling.

No. 1500792

A joke for quirky twitter teenagers, yes.

No. 1504188

File: 1650244235668.jpg (97.28 KB, 1242x1173, 20220417_200438.jpg)

an artist had the black lesbian (??) flag on her icon & multiple black artists told her to take it off. she did and someone dm her to take blm/acab/etc out of her bio also (picrel) but now they're jumping at her like she's racist because she did what they asked.

No. 1504192

File: 1650244559956.png (852.21 KB, 1080x1368, Screenshot_20220417-201507-690…)

No. 1504231

… all over a barely noticeable virtual flag.

No. 1504251

was it not just the color palette of her pfp and banner??

No. 1504268

File: 1650252016833.png (479.14 KB, 1080x1793, Screenshot_20220417-221910-810…)

jesus christ go outside children

No. 1504273

Any excuse to "cancel" whoever even slightly missteps. Like what is up with this interrogation, who gives a shit? Does it really matter if a white lesbian used the black lesbian flag without knowing? She probably thought it was like the updated pride flag (with the troon and brown stripes) and thought she was showing support for black lesbians.

No. 1504278

File: 1650253761204.jpg (60.79 KB, 473x1024, 20220417_224830.jpg)

the creator if the flag even said they can use it out of solidarity

No. 1504288

Omg Gen Z Twittards are some of the most tiresome assholes on the planet…

No. 1504392

LMAOOOOOOOO I feel so bad for people in those circles, imagine living in constant fear of doing a woopsie and getting trashed back and forth no matter what you do over dumb shit that doesn't matter outside twitter.

No. 1504469

Why feel bad for them? They all actively participate in this shit until they become targets themselves

No. 1504611

You're totally right nona, but I just can't help it. Considering most of them are loner children who keep imitating what they think is 'cool' from the average quirky twitter artist til they are unrecognizable from the rest. Sad pathetic little cycle going on there.

No. 1504699

The only thing this retarded bullshit is doing is creating more racism and animosity. Like I didn't give a fuck or treat anyone different prior to clown world, but now when I befriend anyone black I'm terrified of setting them off by saying something that could even be interpreted wrong and getting chimped out on. Which is why I tend to stay away from some people now which is sad.

No. 1504761

this only exists online though and with the younger crowd. minorities in real life aren't as delicate as these kids because they 1) aren't terminally online and 2) are grown adults who pay bills and have experienced actual hardship.

these online kids are so focused on hypotheticals and the "idea" of racism from online trolling without the real life experience. so they blow up the most minor offenses to be able to say they're oppressed and continue the grift because it pays off in this age. the overlap of constant discourse & living off donations without having a job is huge. they wouldn't give two shits about things like someone drawing a skin tone one shade lighter or using a barely noticeable flag if they had jobs or had any life outside of twitter.

No. 1504832

"so what about you saying the dyke" … isn't that a lesbian they're harassing? Why wouldn't she be "allowed" to say it? Unless this is one of those people who think "dyke" is AAVE or only studs can use it…? Am I missing something lmao

No. 1504999

File: 1650337421863.png (693.7 KB, 1080x1917, Screenshot_20220417-222432~2.p…)

someone claimed that dyke was aave and that white people shouldn't use it, but another user debunked it. of course no one cares about facts so they took the initial claim at face value without checking sources and if you try to prove otherwise you're racist.

here's the debunk and a carefully selected chimp out for your amusement.

No. 1512258

File: 1650988121666.jpg (464.49 KB, 1072x1253, Screenshot_20220426-114400_Twi…)

These people really cant go a week without trying to start drama over literally fucking nothing. Who even has the time to word search random users to put them on blast? Get a job ffs

No. 1512334

they're jobless and want to live on handouts. Explains all the time they have to invest in non issues.

No. 1512470

Wait are they complaining about the use of AF and ASF? (I’ve heard people call that aave). If I ever spoke regularly on twitter for even a minute I’d get so many callouts.

No. 1512514

File: 1651009463382.png (101.63 KB, 720x697, 028384957855885.png)

Loud opinionated assholes cannibalizing themselves, i see. And the reactions are always entertaining, this "thank gooood i always hated themmmm" quirky juvenile cringe shit like picrel lol

No. 1513163

File: 1651071260836.png (65.5 KB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_20220427-095254-838…)

did the bitch finally get suspended?

No. 1513168

wrong account, right one is @biackwashing but the 'i' is capitalized so it looks like an lowercase 'L'

No. 1513439

File: 1651090207012.jpeg (72.68 KB, 719x600, B25E8827-5796-463C-BA66-8A1F0D…)

poroshya is from ukraine and esl, so she probably picked up those “aave” words from the internet. isnt assuming non-native english speakers would automatically know what is considered aave pretty anglocentric and xenophobic or something? would it cancel out in some kind of wokeception?

the biackwashing girl is always calling people out for being “anti black”, she also claims to be half chinese but draws herself as fully black and darkskin, and she’s never posted any selfies. i wouldn’t be surprised if she’s racefaking like she accuses other people of doing kek

No. 1513484

Yeah, I follow Poroshya and a decent amount of ESL people I've spoken to whose main exposure to English online is "multicultural" spaces tend to pick up on some AAVE phrases and assume it's Western slang. I understand why some might be uncomfortable with that, but using phrases like "y'all" and "af" is barely appropriation. It's like making a mountain out of a molehill, why care when there are white people freely saying the N word uncensored

No. 1513553

that's what happens when they don't face any actual racism because they spend most of their time grifting online by capitalizing on their race and avoiding employment.

No. 1513636

I notice a lot of these people tend to be decently well off. Middle class and above people seem to be more obsessed with postmodernist concepts (ex: transgenderism) and being extremely politically correct to the point of controlling how people speak about things (even if they don't have any actual racist intent).

No. 1513651

>black/latine/asian lesbian that spends their days talking about black washing. She also have DID.

Is this alterego alt account? Their biography is down to a T. But this account claims that she's Chinese while alterego claims that she's Japanese.

No. 1513949

what the hell is a "system"? i saw her rt someone bitching about it being appropriated by nonblack ppl? is it a mental illness thing?

No. 1513974

Pretty much every other week they claim a random word is aave or "began as a slur" so only black people can use it. Dyke, motherfucker, bimbo, etc., are all ones I've seen, and God forbid you fact check them cause then you're """anti-black""" as seen in >>1504999

No. 1514003

Ever heard of "Dissociative Identity Disorder"?
Fake Disorder Cringe compilations are filled with these fuckers who think they have multiple people living inside them. A "System" is just what those nutjobs call someone who has multiple personalities (or Alters) living in them. Seriously just watch some "Fake Disorder Cringe" videos on Youtube; it's the dumbest shit you'll ever see. TikTok is filled with them.

No. 1514621

poroshya is litcherally in the middle of a warzone idk im not rly expecting them to research every english word/slang on the internet before using or know what words are aave or not it thats such a first world problem

No. 1514640

just privileged shut-in children reeee-ing.

No. 1514899

File: 1651217037400.png (187.37 KB, 1080x743, Screenshot_20220429-021323-562…)

her people's art is getting looted by the same people that are killing them, there are bigger things to worry about you first world privileged bitch.

No. 1514996

twitter is fucking cancerous. I honest to god wish that it fucking dies.

No. 1515015

File: 1651232026519.png (98.96 KB, 720x1034, 0183847485885.png)

>the biackwashing girl is always calling people out
Oh it shows. Lol.

No. 1515144

File: 1651241010665.jpg (2.69 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20220429_085539076.jpg)

even her black edits are terrible, which is sad because they're the easiest to make. speaking of which, I'm tired of all the black edits now. they started off good quality but now that the good artists stopped all the shitty ones took over, picrel. top left is by bIackwashing.

No. 1515148

File: 1651241369717.png (132.83 KB, 1080x554, Screenshot_20220429-072946-943…)

also bIackwashing is catching some heat for this tweet

No. 1515172

Black edits really are the laziest most un-creative form of representation in online art. The only one I've seen that actually seems decent was the Blacktober redrawing of Tanjiro.

No. 1515198

Post screenshots. I want to read the autism.

No. 1515217

Easy clout.

>even her black edits are terrible

You really think someone who spends all day collecting screenshots and calling people out for typing "fr" on twitter is gonna have any kind of artistic skill? They probably can't even look away from twitter for more than an hour.

No. 1515552

File: 1651270778300.jpg (1.91 MB, 1920x1920, 2021710412.jpg)

I actually agree with her because how can you be lesbian if you like men but I'm down for her getting shit on. You'd think if she can believe she's multiple people/a fictional character she can believe in mspec lesbians.

No. 1517977

Every once in a while I see people try to gotcha "exclusionists" with "heh you're so online, if you said that irl nobody would care" and it's just ironic because it's always in ways that would apply better to themselves

No. 1518316

File: 1651560997016.png (247.66 KB, 1080x976, Screenshot_20220503-015057-997…)

so the dude who made kipo and the wonderbeasts is getting hate because he admitted he never intended the MC to be black and now the usual artcows are losing their minds. saintcake (molenaide) even chimed in even after supposedly having an "art only account".

my question is why the fuck any of it matters. yeah it's weird if he never clarified (he gave the MC a black dad), but he says he did and he's okay with them headcanoning her black. these kids are always blackwashing characters anyway.

No. 1518355

File: 1651565599644.jpg (90.43 KB, 705x896, 20220503_021230.jpg)

additional context

No. 1518356

File: 1651565634624.jpg (114.02 KB, 706x1320, 20220503_021209.jpg)

No. 1518359

File: 1651565891919.jpg (345.67 KB, 1028x1873, t.jpg)

No. 1518383

kek so the evil yts aren't even allowed to acknowledge that 'BIPOC' (read: black) people exist now? yet you know if a creator who happened to have made the terrible mistake of being born white made a show with no black characters (because having asian characters definitely doesn't count since asians are obviously basically yts too ofc), these same black yankoid retards would be on twitter screeching and screaming about it. fun!

No. 1518386

File: 1651570704248.png (112.01 KB, 720x647, 9273848585858.png)

this pathetic bitch needs a fucking job.

No. 1518558

File: 1651591198095.png (421.02 KB, 900x506, ThisBisSuppose2Bblack.png)

You're telling me these nutjobs watched this entire series and thought that this girl was suppose to be half black?

No. 1518659

File: 1651602055368.png (342.03 KB, 729x406, 0A8ABA92-B610-49D1-AA77-9CF1BA…)

Tbh as someone who watched it, I just assumed Kipo took on more of her asian mom’s features because of the scenes of her dad and pregnant mom. I’ve seen similar situations with a few black biracial kids before. (In b4 anons accuse me of siding with twitter sjws, idgaf whether kipo’s asian or blasian, this was just what I assumed while watching casually. Out of context I wouldn’t have believed Kipo was black of all things)

No. 1518718

File: 1651607932810.jpeg (160.86 KB, 750x906, 07070619-448D-41AA-9A20-CEADC0…)

Just saw this screenshot.

No. 1518737

File: 1651609039136.jpeg (561.01 KB, 2048x1387, EF98ECD3-490C-49A4-A406-6AA5AF…)

Also here’s a newer post from him. I don’t think he’s racist or a bad person or something. Just an old guy who needs someone to help with social media to keep him from interacting with certain fan discussions and getting into these dramas.

Because based off his older and newer tweets, it sounds like he did intend Kipo to be just asian, started accepting her as blasian after the black crew member’s suggestion and fans assuming she was, and only went back to her being fully asian after people started complaining about her design.

No. 1518772

I don't understand what their actual issue is there's many other black characters on the show

No. 1518908


She's the main character, they probably watched because they thought the main character was black/biracial.

It's not that much of a reach tbh. I could easily believe this was a black coded character, especially since she's around a lot of other black characters. The theory was that she's purple tinted because she grew up underground.

No. 1518955


you can fart wrong and it will bother her so much she rips her skin off. Idk how teachiko is able to exist offline like literally everything gets her so heated for no reason

No. 1519056

IKR? Everytime I happen to run into teachlko she's flailing about something and flipping her absolute shit over it, or being condescending about whatever others happen to be doing. Daily. And that's her MAIN account mind you. I can't for the life of me imagine dealing with someone so unhinged and fucking unlikeable.

No. 1519094

File: 1651636599877.jpg (348.46 KB, 1080x995, Screenshot_20220503-215050_Twi…)

the drama is that some popular artist claimed that she invented an art style, so of course an amazing artist like tea must take her down a peg

No. 1519095

File: 1651636624662.jpg (287.8 KB, 1080x926, Screenshot_20220503-215344_Twi…)

tea's own art

No. 1519105

File: 1651638384510.png (61.79 KB, 716x519, excellentskill.png)

what's hilarious is that her art looks flat and traced as fuck, yet she still manages to draw shit like picrel.

No. 1519165

File: 1651648760775.jpg (480.38 KB, 1536x1968, 20220504_011804.jpg)

if anybody cared to overlay this with the original art, it'd be obvious that this "redraw" is nearly a line by line replica of the original

No. 1519195

File: 1651652654461.jpg (836.94 KB, 3413x1869, kek.jpg)

More of her "redraws". Tea is super aggresive with her art hot takes (insults and whatnot) while drawing shit like this and expecting asskisses for it. Just fucking goofy shit.

No. 1519241

they both sound fucking insufferable and retarded

No. 1519497

File: 1651685270033.png (103.92 KB, 937x712, Screenshot_20220503-182454-629…)

checked the LSA forums to see if this was brought up and LOL

No. 1519498

File: 1651685312638.png (153.02 KB, 935x903, Screenshot_20220503-182638-968…)

even their own people think these autists are too much

No. 1519908


I don't get why they don't do this more. I feel like it's really easy to find black creators working on something cool and promoting it but I guess complaining about shit that doesn't matter is even easier.

No. 1519957

I know the OP is retarded and all, but Teachiko should be the last one to talk with her ultra flat borderline traced art

No. 1520162

File: 1651729473676.png (117.5 KB, 1080x543, whoisthis.png)

so apparently some big artist pissed a lot of people off because, according to them, she claimed to have influenced a generation of artists on tumblr. can't find caps of the original tweets though.

later she claimed to be talking about a specific case of oc theft, where the user stole her character and drew them in her style.

No. 1520167

I was hoping someone would have posted manda, the entire thread had people dragging her from every which way it was so funny

No. 1520173

she literally has such a generic style lol

No. 1520193

soooo… no luck finding out who was she talking about yet? Nonas in the art salt thread are starting to believe she was just making up an hypotetical person lol

No. 1520224

File: 1651735739598.png (941.09 KB, 1080x2013, Screenshot_20220505-022704-737…)

so biackwashing finally deactivated. hopefully she didn't run away to another alt. apparently she harassed/has been harassing an artist in the Twisted Wonderland fandom.

No. 1520467

File: 1651755382524.jpg (255.72 KB, 1080x929, FRxHVqCVsAEaA57.jpg)

laizyboy keeps on getting harassed. from thorki to drawing an explicit fanart of a character in twst i believe. she also got hated for having a headcanon that zuke, a 'supposed black-coded' character from no straight road, for being 'aggressive' or 'threatening'. laizy previously deleted their marvel fanart because of it.

people do love harassing artists that keeps to themselves.


No. 1520568

>"bc u ppl love to ignore serious issues"
>serious issues = fandom shit
children are retards

No. 1522318

File: 1651932614942.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20220507-090818-153…)

Your average black person doesn't give a shit about this crap. It's only the sjw, terminally online kids that get offended.

No. 1522334

Christ good riddance. TWST fandom was relatively quiet and peaceful before the english release, it was always this kid and her followers at the root of any drama by constantly spreading misinfo and we all fucking hated it. Hopefully she won't reactivate in like a week like usual

No. 1522420

I was about to say, wasn't she one of the more 'woke' artists in the fandom? It's always those that try to appease that get the most hate by their own.
These kids would have a heart attack finding out what else Yana wrote.

No. 1522647


Culturally, I can understand some artists attempting to negotiate with these people BECAUSE they want to resolve the issue peacefully. However, in every other case we've seen posted here, these crazies will always gang up on you regardless of how you react. If anything, the best thing you can do is just turn off/make DMs selective, post whatever you like, and ignore the people trying to bait you into stupid arguments like these.

These people ALWAYS eat their own. How many people in these threads go through some mean girls shit and say stuff like, "oh well I never liked them anyway!"? It's simply not worth it to give ANYTHING to this people content wise. They get triggered by the drop of a hat, start campaigns against you for no reason for the most overblown drama and even if you do try to fight back it's somehow twisted to be your fault.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if some artists catching on to this nonsense just avoided drawing certain topics to weed out these types of people.

No. 1522681

>Hopefully she won't reactivate in like a week like usual
I hope she reactivates so she gets shitted on more. These idiots can't live without twitter after all.

No. 1529519

File: 1652631838489.png (512.07 KB, 1080x1099, Screenshot_20220515-104720-417…)

so someone (vibrantn64) accused wayna of tracing and now wayna and cosmic won't stfu and all the black artists are making vague posts about referencing/tracing.

wayna traced a figure for her black maka art and someone found cosmic had traced the pose of another artist.

No. 1529523

File: 1652632015788.png (728.29 KB, 1080x2031, Screenshot_20220515-072157~2.p…)

here's the cosmic part. cosmic is annoying but honestly their art is much better than waynas

No. 1529637

if i were to ignore ANY and all drama both users have been involved in and focused soley on art, cosmic has much more integrity as an artist while wayna's art is just shit. i may also be stupid and dumb as fuck but i cannot see how cosmic's art is traced, i'll have to overlay the pieces myself to check it out

No. 1529663

File: 1652644569703.jpg (118.98 KB, 720x720, 927384847.jpg)

I was -just- wondering why that circle was suddenly tweeting so much about the integrity of tracing lmao.

To be fair, I agree that tracing is not "cheating" or whatever. But I don't think tracing by itself is as helpful as these people make it out to be. They make it sound as if you trace, you will magically improve and that's not how visual learning works. In order to better draw a 3D space, you have to make a conscious effort into interpreting 3D volumes into a 2D plane, and that's why referencing is so useful, because when you reference, you interpret, unlike tracing where you just follow lines. That's what makes so evident when someone with poor visual skill traces, because they don't know how to interpret 3D volumes by themselves, so it looks flat and unappealing despite being more anatomically "accurate". Tracing can be extremely helpful for people who need to keep a faster production for whatever reason, or people who can translate 3D shapes into 2D interestingly, but as a sole learning tool without concious effort? I doubt it. Referencing is more useful in that regard i think.

No. 1529664

>tracing over 3d model
might be helpful
>tracing over someone else's art

No. 1529696

File: 1652647246945.jpg (163.73 KB, 828x1035, 9273848475858.jpg)

>cosmic is annoying but honestly their art is much better than waynas
This looks fucking terrible, wym

No. 1529700

Teachlko deactivated?

No. 1529701

File: 1652647706563.png (11.11 KB, 525x559, 565.png)

No. 1529707

wtf i wonder what happened

No. 1529830

i hope to hell this is permanent

No. 1529844

Sorry for quoting an old post but the k-on picture is really funny. That artstyle was not meant for noses like that..

No. 1529877

Her art account @teacakecutie is also gone ?
Absolutely hilarious that this happens the moment tracing becomes a talking point

No. 1529914

File: 1652659378463.png (66.61 KB, 703x347, killyourself.png)

hilarious how every time drama she herself starts bites her in the ass, its always her saying "sowwy my wording was bad :'(" like no bitch you lied

No. 1529959

She locked over this? LMFAO
bunch of talentless pussies.

No. 1529968

So wonderful seeing these socmed addicts destroying themselves

No. 1529994

Cxsmic should have their own thread will how many times they have popped up on here.

No. 1530048

File: 1652664407392.jpeg (202.43 KB, 828x788, 7CF4604B-E6B1-4AEA-ACA1-CE686A…)

i’m sure we can find instances just in this thread of her going out of her way to attack someone by incessantly qrting them, if not just her straight up threatening or saying fucked up shit to someone on her page. just thought this was incredibly ironic.

all of them fight and pester each other about the stupidest shit i’ve ever seen. i cannot believe this drama is over someone tracing a fucking figurine. who the fuck cares? both of them are complete imbeciles. they are chronically online 20 year olds that bring their entire twitter community into their stupid fight like middle school girls. at the same time, i can’t wait to see what new non-issue cxsmic plunges herself into next week.

No. 1530220

File: 1652668185923.png (66.81 KB, 730x671, HASAPOINT.png)

even a stopped clock is right twice a day

No. 1530224

yes cxsmic does the same shit, but theyre still right

No. 1530268

Roll (the figurine) has those proportions because she's a toony robot. She's not human. Maka looks stupid with those elephant feet even if it's supposed to be "chibi style". This dumbass is so lazy she just traced the shit to gain easy likes and called it a day without putting the slightest amount of thought into it. "Oh it's chibi practice :'(" my ass.

No. 1530290

I missed the post cause I was sleeping and can't find a screenshot but r0th0tic came back and made a callout post about her

No. 1530295

File: 1652670756995.jpg (373.54 KB, 875x624, pickone.jpg)

This is why I tracing discussions on twitter are irrelevant and pointless. People cherry pick what is "truly" traced and what is not based on how much they dislike the person who drew it.

No. 1530334

r0th0tic never made a callout post about teachiko, but wayna did try to divert attention from herself by siccing her followers on him

No. 1530422

Man. What a mess lmao. I guarantee that person is being serious.

In what world is it wrong to make comics where men are doing sexual things to each other lmfao

Okay, is it better if the men are ravaged by monsters and tentacles instead? It's not gay when it's not another male then.

Man this new generation sucks.

No. 1530424

Perhaps I'm getting my wires crossed then. Last post I saw from her before going to bed was something about an ex-mutual making a callout on her, and waking up seeing she deleted and everyone throwing a fit about rothotic. Could be unrelated I guess

No. 1530426

r0th0tic had apparently been on twitter for a few months but he seems to have kept to himself avoiding everything. When wayna outed his account he just up n left. I don't blame him, these people are insane(sage)

No. 1530445

File: 1652681909306.png (103.5 KB, 720x858, teashitko.png)

According to this reply to her priv she's on a "break" or something. I searched her @'s but I couldn't find any callout. Now i'm really curious to know who was this ex-mutual she was talking about and what the callout was about.

No. 1530591

File: 1652690714116.png (489.69 KB, 1080x1072, Screenshot_20220516-033839-179…)

they're always whining about getting unjustly suspended when they tweet dumb shit like this. like, all r0th0tic did was call a dog "ugly chinese dog" it is NOT that serious.

No. 1530731

Rumor is an ex mutual put out a twitlonger about how teachiko is a shitty person but I can’t find it either.

No. 1530733

File: 1652711893064.jpeg (288.65 KB, 1152x1139, 9A3020CA-FB82-4EC0-8B8E-D33056…)

@greatgalaktyka who’s private now

No. 1530747

her lack of self-awareness is incredible.

No. 1530776

catastrophe ..

No. 1530830

Hooooly shit fucking awesome
Can't wait to read that twitlonger

No. 1530875

anyone have screenshots of this twitlonger? i desperately want to read this shit

No. 1530923

anyone hear about ofangie

No. 1530924

File: 1652728164729.jpg (772.7 KB, 972x2893, Screenshot_20220516-150426_Chr…)

Bare with me nonnies it's a lot and it's all stupid shit anyone with eyes saw

No. 1530925

File: 1652728186016.jpg (819.48 KB, 972x2891, Screenshot_20220516-150455_Chr…)

No. 1530928

File: 1652728319696.jpg (890.67 KB, 972x2894, Screenshot_20220516-150508_Chr…)

No. 1530931

File: 1652728444048.jpg (853.69 KB, 972x2891, Screenshot_20220516-150530_Chr…)

No. 1530936

File: 1652728600686.jpg (817.72 KB, 972x2891, Screenshot_20220516-150544_Chr…)

No. 1530941

File: 1652728751368.jpg (833.94 KB, 972x2892, Screenshot_20220516-150558_Chr…)

No. 1530949

File: 1652729129738.jpg (848.04 KB, 972x2891, Screenshot_20220516-150611_Chr…)

Last one. TLDR: tea is a bitch and nobody will say anything cause they're cowards

No. 1530954

Nona I love you I'm gonna have a blast reading all this

>Because this person is really manipulative and a strange combination of aggresive while being passive-aggresive

No Shit Sherlock

>Many people are afraid of her, many of those people being her friends

Absolutely no surprises there

>just seeing the @ might surprise you

Not at all

No. 1530992

nona thank you. i was afraid initially that this was gonna be petty fandom shit when i read about her shipping opinions but this is legitimately crazy ass behavior. her blocking rather than try to have a conversation w/ this person is extremely telling. i would say i hope she fixes her attitude or get some kind of professional help for but this seems like that isn't gonna be the case based on past experiences.

No. 1530996

File: 1652733408024.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.48 KB, 589x900, FS2oCblXwAASxx-.jpg)

Got called out for this inappropriate picture and weirdly defended herself about it saying she wasn't racist

No. 1531000

Oh kek she mentioned this >>1441785.
Well, Tea's deranged twitter rants sure are a lot funnier after reading that. Not like it's hot news or anything that she's a toxic maggot with anger issues, but the fact that she's also a massive coward who can't confront people is just golden. What a turd.

No. 1531003

who dis

No. 1531005

@ofangie on Instagram

No. 1531072

What, where? All I saw was one rando on twitter who got mad

No. 1531224

Literally who?

No. 1531411

why is she being such a coward?

whenever it's an evil yt or someone nonblack they're loud with the callout. they screenshot and post receipts trying to deplatform them and hold them accountable even months after. now teachlko is being abusive and ableist and suddenly y'all are quietly whispering about it? it can't be because she's black since they've called out other black people before.

let's call it what it is: galaktyka is only mad because her friend turned on her. she, like the rest of their friend group, don't really care about any real life stuff. it's why they'll go after someone like javi for saying something innocent like "I'm tired of y2k fashion" and twist it into being racist but when one of their own is being manipulative, bigoted, etc, they stay silent.

No. 1531571

It's so weird how she starts the text with "I'm not Tea's first victim and I won't be the last. Btw don't retweet pls" like ?????????? if you cared about others you would spread this to prevent people from going thru the same ordeal, especially because Tea is a person who hides behind a veil of wokeness and puritanism and has a big number of followers. It's so stupid. These bitches are truly performative.

No. 1534100

Have I just completely missed it or has there been no real blow-up since this happened? Despite teachiko being deactivated for 5 days and having a callout.

Usually when artists, big and small, get into drama, there are multiple tweets vagueing them, namedropping them, spreading information about what they did. But I haven’t noticed that at all with teachiko.

Even if greatgalaktyka locked her account preventing people from retweeting the callout, she still has sjw followers who would go ballistic over the “problematic ship” and “toxic friend” discourse, and could easily share the twitlonger link or talk about it. Hell, why aren’t other people who were on the discord server saying anything?

I know twitter artists who absolutely hate teachiko and complain every time she gets into drama, but said nothing about this situation, which tells me they don’t actually know because people aren’t talking about it. Seriously, what gives?

No. 1534303

File: 1653070317136.png (132.5 KB, 720x761, 92738474785.png)

>Have I just completely missed it or has there been no real blow-up since this happened?
No one is saying anything for some idiot reason. Teachlko ran away but from what I've seen she doesn't seem to have as many people pampering her ass like greatgalaktyka has, unless it's all private accounts. She even deactivated her private now. Picrel are some interesting replies to her -now deactivated- private.

This just proves that what greatgalaktyka said about her "doing all her dirt in the dark" is totally true. Who knows what stupid shit she's doing in private or how many people she's trying to manipulate to get on her side, and if she comes back and addresses the callout, i think she would totally try to make herself a victim and blame it all on her mental illneses or some stupid cowish tantrum. Hopefully she keeps this up and the callout spreads.

No. 1536400

File: 1653249727970.jpg (192.32 KB, 1080x754, Screenshot_20220522-155725_Twi…)

Do we wanna take bets on whether this is related to teachiko/greatgalaktyka or r0th0tic

No. 1536405

If it was about r0th0tic they wouldn't vague it, they would name him. I'd say it's most likely teachlko. Why they keep protecting her I don't fucking know. Fucking performative pussies.

No. 1536522

This is just a repeat of the bullshit that went down with Tajmerk, Orquidiaarte, Succulentbud, and Cum_Binary at the end of last year. Everyone in the circlejerk clique are snakes that don't hesitate to turn on one another if it means they get online brownie points. Please continue to cannabalize one another, it's incredibly fucking funny.

No. 1536797

File: 1653280803585.png (194.71 KB, 1080x894, Screenshot_20220522-233615-632…)

I'm so tired of these bitches vague tweeting. Be as loud with it as you are when you're trying to cancel someone for something stupid.

No. 1536834

File: 1653284222379.png (400.07 KB, 1080x1904, 1.png)

Still refusing to make a real call out post, I see.

No. 1536835

File: 1653284258984.png (349.94 KB, 1080x1764, 2.png)

No. 1536836

File: 1653284350748.png (299.27 KB, 1080x1376, 3.png)

No. 1537115

File: 1653322622789.jpeg (275.63 KB, 989x1235, 0C5A5DCA-37BD-4744-81C4-D4FCC9…)

I wonder what’s going on here.
>Saturn, formerly @akagicyrus
>dating teachlko while working for greatgalaktyka on her webnovel
>teachlko’s @ gone from bio while the webnovel acc is still there
Did he purposely remove the @ or was it just something twitter did after tea deactivated? Because it’s weird how he left the “my wife,” part in.

He doesn’t seem like someone who cares about drama but tea is definitely the type of person who’d complain about who he works with. Plus greatgalaktyka mentioned tea talking shit about her to multiple people >>1536834

No. 1537118

There's something visceral about how they're suddenly all discreet when one of their own turns out to be way worse than the people they like to put on blast frequently over fucking tweets.

No. 1537279

wym nona, tea's @ is still in saturn's bio, unless it's my twitter app not updating or sumth

No. 1537288

File: 1653332271089.jpeg (245.83 KB, 750x479, E0502EBB-D7C3-48D3-A9C2-25661D…)

Oh that’s weird, it didn’t appear on the twitter app at all for me. I see it now that I’m using safari.

No. 1537775

biackwashing unfortunately didn't stay gone and just came back as @xi_heise. The account isn't an alt, she just changed her username so you can see all the past bullshit and know that it's her. Her edits got uglier while she was gone, but I hope she takes the chance to stfu.

Did she lie about LaizyBoy fans outing her to her mom? Her tweet on it says that it was her mom that outed her but it could be a typo.

No. 1538575

File: 1653406380394.png (312.18 KB, 1080x1311, cultural_appropriation.png)

didn't she chimp out over people using aave but she's putting Chinese in her display name?

No. 1538588

cringy shut-in weebs be like

No. 1538732


Yes. She also must think she's sneaky and that nobody but her knows Chinese; Her new username still says "Black Washing" (xi is wash and heise is black. 斩击者 is slasher, her name.)

She said she changed the username because she didn't want to be outed again, but didn't actually change it much at all. She must think everybody but her is stupid, ironically.

No. 1546005

File: 1654102561778.jpg (408.74 KB, 1080x1203, Screenshot_20220601-125253_Twi…)

How long do we give it before she starts an argument over some stupid bullshit?

No. 1546024

File: 1654103563200.jpeg (251.8 KB, 726x1171, C1117EB1-0D4F-487F-90EA-12E8B3…)

By the way this was teachiko’s response to the callout >>1530924 I don’t think it got posted here because she deactivated quickly

No. 1546263

>blocks the other party everywhere
>gets pissy because things didn't stay private
this bitch is so fucking retarded

No. 1546558

"should have remained private and hashed out like the adults we are" why the fuck should anyone give you the benefit of a private confrontation when you have literally NEVER given that decency to anyone else

No. 1546614

She's a complete fucking moron and so are the people keeping silent out of fear of this mentally stunted whale.

No. 1547606

File: 1654224259763.jpeg (117.47 KB, 994x1188, 8EDBCBAF-AC1A-4836-BDE5-009EC1…)

Did something happen? She deactivated again

No. 1547658

kek maybe she doesn't want to lose followers. People can't unfollow you while you're deactivated.

No. 1548214

File: 1654284252020.jpeg (228.82 KB, 750x997, 92D699F7-1511-4A56-B0BF-DC234D…)

The revival of tiktok kids getting angry at Emily Gwen over unfounded bullshit is the most online thing I’ve ever seen. She simply doesn’t examine every aspect of her online presence because she’s poor and out working, and now teens are campaigning to withdraw all support from her and replace the lesbian flag over a claim (dyke is a slur for black lesbians) people can’t even source.

At least this post defending her has a lot of likes (and explains the situation) but it still believes that dumb rumor.

No. 1548216

File: 1654284343246.jpeg (689.87 KB, 1670x1864, E65D38D0-C010-4988-8D7F-6D4B42…)

And this tweet string perfectly exemplifies how bullshit this entire discourse is.

No. 1548555

>dyke is a slur for black lesbians

since fucking when? it's for all lesbians, like fag is for gays

I hate the internet stg

No. 1548681

File: 1654331038346.jpeg (251.92 KB, 750x603, C52FFA3D-8531-4D4A-9037-36E12B…)

How do you even come to this conclusion

No. 1549071

For a lot of twitter teens and people who avoid their meds, someone disagreeing with them means harassment, so

No. 1549372

like im so sick of this. no amount of apology and trying to make right is ever gonna satisfy these fucks bc at the end of the day they arent even mad, they just wanna harass people for funsies. its so fucking sick and twisted.

No. 1549561

People wonder why blacks get shat on. it's because shit like this. why do they want division so bad?? really? a black lesbian slur? it's a slur against all lesbians. I've been so confused lately why racial divide is happening among gay people. this is insanity

No. 1549588

they keep trying to reclaim every trendy word under the sun as AAVE and because people are too chickenshit to call them out & be called racist (picrel >>1548216 ), they just spread misinformation.

No. 1549630

File: 1654400545937.jpeg (447.81 KB, 1515x1169, ECD01532-C36B-41DB-BA2C-FE0679…)

I can’t even be mad at this. Gay people are going to ruin pride month all for themselves with all this discourse and callouts. It’s like watching a circus.

No. 1549698

love how you can just say whatever you want on twitter with no proof and no one will say anything. They hate that she made the prettiest flag and the rest are so fugly in comparison

No. 1549920

twitter is so fucking performative it makes me gag
>hey BFF!! gonna say this publicly!! if I say this in a DM noone else will see it!

No. 1550051

Is that not just the same flag but they turned up the brightness?

No. 1552731

The only justification I’ve seen is that “bulldyke” (allegedly) originated in black lesbian communities and morphed into dyke but it’s been such a derogatory slur for all lesbians for so long I really don’t think it matters. Even the consensus on tumblr is that this discourse is zoomer rage bait and that ‘stud’ is the term non-black lesbians shouldn’t use.

No. 1552931

File: 1654687905933.jpeg (252.01 KB, 750x1113, B76AF2C0-C990-436F-BA0F-1796B2…)

>The only justification I’ve seen is that “bulldyke” (allegedly) originated in black lesbian communities and morphed into dyke
Someone actually debunked this too. I saw OP commenting with this on multiple tweets about the discourse, but the people spreading that “dyke is AAVE” are pretending not to notice it I guess.

No. 1552932

kinda ot but the word dyke reminds me of a YouTuber called Rob Dyke, and he had to change his name on YouTube because it is a 'slur' but that is literally his real last name kek

No. 1553007

>but the people spreading that “dyke is AAVE” are pretending not to notice it I guess.

see >>1504999

No. 1553021

File: 1654697638169.png (517.02 KB, 1080x954, Screenshot_20220518-210026-491…)

If more people made a stink about these people and their race trolling, ESPECIALLY when they resort to death threats, reported them, & stopped being scared of a bunch of unemployed mentally ill grifters they wouldn't be so comfortable starting shit. But these sjw culture kids enabled this behavior and here we are. But they're more afraid of being called racists than taking a hard stance.

No. 1569282

File: 1655946107333.png (20.29 KB, 731x228, norerason.png)

coming from her? priceless

No. 1569420

KEK fnafsperg but looks like Vanny had too much fun

No. 1569744

have you tried reporting literally anything on twitter before? you could see the most heinous shit being posted that 100 l% goes against the rules and the most you’ll get is a ‘yes, this goes against the rules’ email back despite the account and content being left up. twitter does not give a fuck about these NEET freaks telling people to jill themselves, likely because they’re the ones spending the most time humanly imaginable on the website in the first place

No. 1569745

samefag, sorry for the illiteracy, i’m on mobile

No. 1570068

Care to give a crumb of context nonnie?

No. 1570471

File: 1656046818236.jpeg (347.75 KB, 750x909, D970918D-ACEF-444F-957B-97592F…)

nta but it’s this

No. 1571522

I didn't realize at first that's Wayna… did she rename herself after the drama with the traced figurine? lol

No. 1572316

she's been jam/strawberry halo for a while now, even before the tracing.

No. 1574743

File: 1656444228112.jpg (447.28 KB, 1080x1756, lol 2.jpg)

I hope it's alright to post some slightly older news to get a chuckle out of. Teachiko/Tea reactivated both accounts briefly. I didn't think much of it because her behavior was pretty much the same, so I didn't have any caps for proof. But then, and I must have missed this, she seems to have shot herself in the foot by clearly shittalking ValiDate and its devs on the replies of a public account. I didn't cap the contents because…well, they're deleted and private, but there appears to be several long winded replies about them from her in this person's thread. The ValiDate devs are embroiled in their own latest stupid controversy right now, hence her commentary. But because Solange/greatgalaktyka is a ValiDate dev and Tea and Saturn are apparently still dating…it couldn't have ended well for her. Again, older news, and she's deactivated since then, but I thought it was worth documenting for when any of the parties involved inevitably explode again.

No. 1574745

File: 1656444314582.jpg (305.63 KB, 1080x1085, lol 1.jpg)

Here's the full OP thread for context. She left about three consecutive replies to it.

No. 1575214

Shittalking Validate would be the first remotely sensible thing she’s done, I still don’t get how people can delude themselves into defending the team’s dumb decisions if even teachiko of all people can notice the hypocrisy

No. 1575620

File: 1656522812568.png (579.58 KB, 740x1390, 1655328864875.png)

Oh, undoubtedly. A broken clock is right twice a day, and there's been a lot more of those popping up like Tea and the person she replied to. Pic related is just one of many shitfits on the main ValiDate twitter that spurred this on. Dani then somehow had the nerve to brag on her own twitter afterwards about being such a good social media manager that she should be paid no less than 5 figures, lol.

No. 1575812

File: 1656536329648.png (487.24 KB, 1080x1876, Screenshot_20220629-155404-804…)

oh she's mad mad that people are calling her out on her BS

No. 1575904

>should of
how are people this retarded

No. 1575918

File: 1656544219130.jpeg (426.14 KB, 983x1826, A60BEB2E-5654-4579-817F-8CFA6F…)

I was around for this drama too kek, unfortunately a lot of the sound criticisms I saw seem to be deleted(?), so I’ll just highlight this commenter for saying as nicely and subtly as possible, “your black girls look fucking terrible”. Too bad she got ratio’d anyway, I thought they were all about listening to black voices

No. 1575967

File: 1656549196740.jpg (820.37 KB, 1464x1194, FSQOLwoWUAAvZ9k.jpg_large.jpg)

I went to see who Keaton's mom is, and I don't think people are interested in her because she's white. The image attached is a piece the official account shared

No. 1576252

File: 1656569279636.jpeg (475.78 KB, 1710x980, FEE5EB46-8958-4686-81B7-ED2933…)

Yeah the ‘white favoritism’ complaint about the fans is kind of absolute bullshit and I don’t know how Validate creators are getting away with making their audience feel bad for liking their characters. If there’s any “white favoritism” it’d be on the creators for making the white characters the only skinny attractive ones who fit popular archetypes (edgy alt boy and milf), and proceeding to have marketing specifically hype only them up.

Going on a tangent here, but take Pokemon SWSH, it had multiple brown characters who fans adored because they were given attractive designs and marketed well. The drama around Nessa was annoying yes, but do you remember seeing that level of fandom fuss over Olivia? Kiawe? Lenora? Marshall? No, because fandom didn’t give a shit about them. (although I like Olivia) Their designs didn’t have that kind of mass appeal. Seriously, at least make your ‘diverse’ characters attractive for your fucking dating game if you want fans to thirst over them, it’s not rocket science.

No. 1576335

wait are they mad there is… one white person out of a cast of 12 characters and want him to suddenly be made not white? And now they are losing their shit even more because there might be, heaven forbid, TWO white people? lmao.

No. 1576423

They're upset that those two white characters seem to be getting better fan reception than the rest of the cast.

No. 1576436

File: 1656588383704.jpg (531.37 KB, 1968x1084, name one personality trait.jpg)

I can’t see why, who wouldn’t be obsessed with other glorious characters like uhh…?

No. 1576546

File: 1656600107003.png (625.87 KB, 1920x1080, dear god what the fuck 1.png)

And those are the "improved" designs, you should look at the older ones like Catherine

No. 1576556

I love how every brown character is either fat, a troon or dressed like a fucking freak. They are trying to tick off these "Woke" boxes. God forbid you show a POC being attractive, dressed normally and not a gender blob.
Ths shit looks disgusting, even in context of the game it looks like racists 4chan art. To protray a dark skinned fat woman as a badly dressed, ugly wig/weave wearing, sloppy hulk monster is disgusting.
Like the darkest one in the college looks the most freakish. What the fuck?

No. 1576562

This cant be real. Is this secretly orchestrated by 4chan or something? A obsese dark skin black single mother with neon colored hair and ill-fitting shein clothes? They couldnt have hit more racist stereotypes if they tried

No. 1576573

File: 1656601979302.jpg (571.47 KB, 3700x3700, FPIlPvOXsAUSckj.jpg)

this is the white guy by the way. Mediocre scrote irl but way ahead of everyone else in this game

No. 1576583

why are all of them fat?? but of course the white kid and his milfy mom aren’t fat kek

No. 1576592

Their secret preference for white moids shines through everything they do. No amount of screeching about how much they hate white people can mask the fact that most of them dream of dating a normie mediocre white male

No. 1576597

>Bigs Smallson
fucking kek

No. 1576636

I find it funny this mother, even though she's really sexualized with big breasts and kind looks like they traced over a male body & added female features, she's still smaller, more put togeather and they are promoting her as "attractive".
Meanwhile, the black mother is a sloppy mess, in a clown wig, with clown glasses, talking about Beenie babies and looking a fucking fool. That should tell you everything about the people who made this game.

No. 1576638

Even though she's not overly sexualized is what I meant

No. 1576839

File: 1656614607743.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1526, Screenshot_20220630-131918-371…)

i like how now they're holding up the last two examples as good when last year they were bitching about online artists using these light/greyish tones and calling them out. just another example of their performative callouts because it's easier to tear down better artists instead of improving

context: everyone's throwing a bitch fit because the new genshin region leaked characters and they're all pale

No. 1576857

File: 1656615565644.jpg (100.26 KB, 597x576, index.jpg)

>Meanwhile, the black mother is a sloppy mess, in a clown wig, with clown glasses, talking about Beenie babies and looking a fucking fool.
>A obsese dark skin black single mother with neon colored hair and ill-fitting shein clothes?
That character is actually a man kek. Interesting that the Validate team made their only TIM character the most disgusting looking one. If I didn't know this was a genuine project I would think this was a 4chan psyop too.

No. 1576962

In which universe would a tim be a single parent of his own biological child but also be a hsts coded editor of a fashion magazine? They pulled this out of their ass so hard

No. 1577119

File: 1656631300503.jpg (272.81 KB, 1993x2048, FTzqj5AWUAEnXaX (1).jpg)

>In which universe would a tim be a single parent of his own biological child but also be a hsts coded editor of a fashion magazine?
AND he's a lesbian.

No. 1577226

File: 1656640655749.jpg (99.06 KB, 934x527, 20220630_184333.jpg)

Speaking of lesbians…these absolute virgins have never been to a lesbian bar once in their life. There's like, eleven in the entire United States. What the fuck are they bringing up made up Twitter discourse for in their game that's supposed to be about "real struggles"? Every single "struggle" I've seen in this trainwreck has been based off incredibly online discourse or petty twenty-something drama. How do they honestly expect to get an audience outside Art Twitter with this kind of shit in it?

No. 1577237

Is that Alex guy drawn by a different artist? The difference between him and the brown chick is ridiculous. Imagine making a dating sim where the only attractive people are the non-dateable side characters.

No. 1577353

Based off the lineart, lighting, and coloring style being exactly the same, as well as the fact that this Alex dude looks similar to how they draw Keaton and his mom's sprites, I'd say that's a safe assumption to make. It's like they can't help telling on themselves.

No. 1577385

I would love more context for this screenshot

No. 1577603

Im pretty sure real lesbians do care about who comes into their already far and few between bars. If these clowns strutted into a lesbian bar with some moid in tow theyd get their ass beaten

No. 1578298

It's peak twitter discourse because I live in one of the states where there's a lesbian bar left it's been rebranded to be inclusive to all "queer" people (although the reviews I read had straight couples complain about hostility kek). So the issue wouldn't even be there.

No. 1578338

File: 1656734195111.jpeg (138.54 KB, 1354x764, 5C191A7A-8C64-4D21-887F-0E4295…)

Dani posted this shot on her personal twitter and I think this character’s personality quirk is that she’s one of those twitter queers who have aNxiEtY and spend too much time online. But like, does any gay person actually want to see that kind of character in dating sims?

No. 1578453

File: 1656748188711.png (360.87 KB, 1080x1502, ithoughtreverseracismdidntexis…)

Okay, so she cant change the race or remove the character for some reason, right?

So why didn't she make him an old, fat redneck or a disgusting neckbeard in the fist place? Wouldn't that be a LOLEPIC troll move? What was the reason for making him conventionally attractive if you knew this is an issue. And on top of that, why focus on the white mom who wasn't even a part of the stretch goal in the first place?

Now she wants to bitch about all the attention going to the only characters who don't look like cavemen? FOH.

No. 1578473

Totally shocking that people want to fuck the hot emo boy and his milf mom instead of twitterfag nightmare hamplanets. I'm still not convinced this isn't some troll project siphoning money out of retarded wokies.

No. 1578474

My thoughts exactly. That white guy was the only attractive looking character in the entire lineup. Dead serious. Every "PoC" in that game looks like the cartoon caricature of the dangerhair feminist boogeyman redditor moids always talk about yet the white guy was made into an attractive emo hunk, it just makes the creator look like the specific kind of clown that bitches about white people only to cover up her white boy fantasy.

No. 1578479

The reason he's conventionally attractive is that all these twitter sjws wanna fuck white guys, which they see as the ultimate prize and validation. Plus it's the fantasy of "educating" a white man and turning him woke enough to want to date someone like them

No. 1578544

I don’t support racebending this guy because it’s bizarre and a lot of trouble when he’s already been introduced and the game hasn’t released yet(plus they made it a kickstarter promise to add a white dude, why would you even do that to yourself if you hate white people kek). But I don’t get the “we can’t racebend him because it’d turn out bad for us” angle because I’m pretty sure the people who’d play this game would love that anyway. The ones who would give them shit are people who already hated the game from the beginning. I’d find it more embarrassing that designs like Catherine and Inaya exist than a guy getting racebended.

No. 1578549

File: 1656762167937.jpg (223.16 KB, 1920x648, Validate-Characters.jpg)

This lineup looks like an assortment of racial caricatures. It's actually fucking insane to me. Just look at it. Everyone is either morbidly obese or dressed either like a freak or in a spirit halloween level caricature of their intented ethnicity. The mid white emo boy genuinely looks like the only one designed with the intent to be mildly attractive. What a surprise that people want to fuck people who look decent are not just an assortment of unrelated marginalized identities. Nobody is attracted to hamplanet trannies

No. 1578570

File: 1656764709430.jpeg (156.79 KB, 1511x851, 7A3EDB3E-7940-4FE6-B66B-9AFC58…)

I don’t know if it’s just because the original sprites are so awful in comparison, but this CG artist manages to make two of the worst designs look somewhat normal. I still think Catherine would look better with black hair or natural lipstick, but I’d much rather have this artist doing the sprites.

No. 1578588

How can these people so fucking blind, every single one of these characters looks like a parody some loser on 4chan would make to mock SJW's in 2016, but this is meant to be genuine, also why is every female character fat

No. 1578590

The art style itself is actually quite nice, what a shame. The two males on the far left/far right are genuinely the only good looking characters lol. Also why is the italian one named Keaton? Not very culturally sensitive by their standards. Never forget these are the same people who think JKR is literally hitler because of Cho Chang and the Patil sisters, KEK. If this isn't some satirical 4chan thing I'll be shocked, honestly. It looks like total bait.

No. 1578593


I'd argue that ashlie and yolanda are kinda cute too

No. 1578595

I don't think they have any understanding of any people's culture or history, outside other americanized wokies, for e.g Inaya(I have never heard of anyone with that name btw but it could potentially exist) is just listed as pakistani, there are like 5 racial groups with in Pakistani and dozens of ethnic groups, but they just depicted as a general vauge brown person

No. 1578598

File: 1656767843986.jpeg (230.53 KB, 1001x835, 06198E7A-62C6-4A46-8D85-3FF8E6…)

>far left
Fun fact if you play the demo: That guy is a deadbeat dad with two baby mamas, a soundcloud rapper who gives everyone his mixtapes where he raps about not knowing his kids, and the manager of a fried chicken restaurant. There are other black characters sure, but you just know everyone would be calling this racist if he appeared in any other normal game.

No. 1578600

Its also just disgusting to me how the darker a female characters skin is the more ridiculous and obese she looks

No. 1578602

didn't catch that but your right

No. 1578604

why is it that the one white character in the game(keaton) is the only attractive character, what gives ?

No. 1578636

Is black/chinese the new black/japanese because of genshin? Westerners are so ignorant and predictable.

No. 1578646

I'd argue inaya's biggest issue is the overalls, they're so cartoonishly childish

No. 1578651

It's so weird that the Asian black characters (Yolanda and Rocky) have the darkest skin tones when with a mixed heritage like that you would be considerably paler, do they think non-white ethnicities add up creating an even darker skin? Also why are all the girls fat but the tranny is portrayed as a fit, muscular e-thot?

No. 1578662

To be fair genetics in real life tend to be pretty weird and a lot of east asians aren’t light skinned. Plenty of them can get pretty dark.
Either way in the case of this game the way these two characters look does not even hint at them being mixed which is ridiculous, but I’m scared the artists couldn’t pull it off without making a literal racist caricature.

No. 1578675

File: 1656775329983.png (822.42 KB, 735x1102, 631E6520-C179-4136-A02E-8C849F…)

There is a black korean model (Han Hyun Min) with a skintone similar to Yolanda’s. Though the way these blasian characters are portrayed is still odd to me because they’re named “Yolanda Cerise” and “Rocky Harrison”. What, did they both have asian moms who decided to give them american names? I haven’t noticed the twitter post anything relating to their heritage either afaik. It feels like the ethnicities were pasted on because blasians are ‘trendy’ and not because they actually think about portraying black people with asian heritages. It’s a waste considering mixed asians in asia are treated like not ‘real’ asians that don’t belong.

No. 1578684

Kinda ot but imo it is because the black genes dominate the Asian genes imo, whereas I think that when it is a white/Asian mix, I think the Asian gene dominates the white genes. So they look more Asian, for instance, Joji is mixed and looks more Asian than white.

No. 1578688

AYRT and that's interesting! I've never seen a blasian with a skintone as dark as his before. That said I agree, the names sound as American as apple pie so the ethnicities legitimately sound like they were throwing darts at a map and just deciding on what sounds cool.

No. 1578748

File: 1656781620913.jpg (623.92 KB, 949x1215, K.J._Apa_(44563642331)_(croppe…)

Arhi looks like a light skinned black guy, nothing about him indicates he could be half white and samon, I don't know any samoans but I know some half maori's and 9/10 times they either look white or really tall Asians, fun fact Kj Apa(archie from riverdale) is half white and half samoan, his father was literally a tribal chief and he looks like this

No. 1578767

why even bother to include multiple races and ethnicities if all of them are going to look like obese black American tiktok users? every single one of their facial features looks the exact same - i.e. a racial caricature of what a black person looks like according to retarded terminally online yanks. absurd

No. 1578777

This is unreal. This cant be real. This is some 4chan type level of tasteless stereotypes. Oh really the black guy manages a FRIED CHICKEN restaurant and raps on soundloud about his baby mamas and how he doesnt know what his kids look like and its played like a fucking joke? Please let one of these sjw twitterfags put two and two together and write a callout

No. 1578807

I was thinking this. Anoki doesn't look native at all, she just looks black. And she's one of just two non-black POCs. Arihi looks neither samoan nor white kek.

Also are those self harm scars on Inaya? Surprised they don't have a character with vitiligo.

No. 1578813

That's hair, not self harm scars.

No. 1578817

oh right I'm retarded

No. 1578839

I feel like the designers had American race identity politics brainrot and think all non-white ethnicities equals African American black. Weirdly enough the only actually African character looks the whitest when Ghanaians are pretty dark skinned on average.

No. 1578849

That's it, I'm putting my life savings on this game being a huge 4chan style troll, kinda like those monkey NFTs. There's no way a wokie could write this shit without being cancelled to hell and back.

No. 1578884

My prediction to how theyll fix the Keaton debacle is that theyre going to trans him and claim hes an aiden. which makes any criticism of him being too much at the forefront of marketing a transphobe. Its such a bulletproof plan

No. 1578913

File: 1656791490130.jpg (384.03 KB, 750x784, why.jpg)

Found this tweet and I’m flabbergasted that none of the qrts or comments notice how performative this is. Has any creator asked their audience this before? And I doubt fans identifying with these characters are getting much representation beyond their country being mentioned on a character profile

No. 1578936

gotta love how none of the asians look even slightly asian. wokes really think asians are white

No. 1579047

This is so clearly fake. The fact there are no constant threads of 4chan scrotes seething over this on /v/ is really suspicious too.

No. 1579300

I was skeptical of this until the 'Ghanaian' character turned out to be a black American stereotype.

No. 1579312

File: 1656845371904.jpg (264.77 KB, 663x374, VdUMkB5.jpg)

He's also a serial cheater and his exes have…a restraining order against him? I'm convinced now. This has to be some kind of elaborate trolling scheme. If not the woke cloud has officially come full circle lol.

No. 1579313

*crowd, not cloud kek. Sorry for my retardation.

No. 1579400

God it's such a stereotype,but so true. Idk why they just didn't also draw him with a bucket of chicken, grape drank, and watermelon if they wanted to be this racist.

No. 1579402

>Black man
>working in a friend chicken restaurant

top kek

No. 1579419

I'm not surprised, I expected something like this(though maybe not to this extent obviously) this game had many woke black women working on it, and woke black women hate black men

No. 1579432

Making a game full of minorities is performative now. Just ignore the game and go back to being a crusty white person it's not going to hurt you ffs

No. 1579433

>>1579432 Don't be upset babes that no one likes your low-hanging fruit performative wokie game with ugly character designs. People don't have to be white to hate it.

No. 1579436

File: 1656860468543.jpg (134.6 KB, 2039x171, FJepUnUWQAgcxZ1.jpg)

just focusing at just their faces its pretty clear how everyone looks like an exaggerated racial stereotype, Keaton is drawn in a generic anime style and that's why he's the only one looks halfway decent, though I'm sure if they drew people actually attractive looking they'd be accused of featurism, so there's no winning

No. 1579439

It’s performative because they obviously made that tweet to show off how diverse they are by making their fans go “omg I’m this ethnicity too I feel so represented!!!!” instead of actually showing any substance to who they’re ‘representing’.

No. 1579450

>o-o-offended because you’re w-white, a-aren’t you!!!!
now say all this again without crying this time, twitterfag

No. 1579468

Wokies are just as racist towards other minority groups as your average white middle aged man from the south. They just wrap it in a bunch of whataboutisms and use the excuse of oppression to dislike other races that are not apart of their own or don't look like them. Same as the evil racist whities they hate only you can't call out a BLM bio twitter schitzo saying something racist. They can call YOU racist though for daring to checks notes not donate to them so they can sit on twitter and harass minors and artists all day.

No. 1579551

Would YOU fuck any of these characters?

No. 1579697

File: 1656881424880.jpg (243.18 KB, 1080x1280, EdEKyZeWkAEIpsZ.jpg)

I guess the kickstarter goal "joke" was that if you want white representation pay us 30k for your token white character? Anyways they fucked up making him not hideous while making the other characters look like that. The hard truth is that even sjws gravitate towards conventionally attractive characters, no matter the race.

No. 1579982

It was pretty clear what I just said mayo I guess they don't have good literacy in that trailer park of yours.
>a game full of minorities that has shown game play several times that's clearly got a niche audience
>It'S PaNdErInG!!
And the thousands of games full of ugly ass white people aren't? Don't you have a first relative you should be getting groomed into a relationship with right now

No. 1580022

Why are you white knighting so hard this ugly ass game? No one would be bringing up the characters' races if it wasn't for the game devs themselves.

>clearly got a niche audience

4channers who hate play it? Like you got asked before, would you fuck any of these characters? Because that's the whole point of a dating sim.

No. 1580073

have you tried not being a retarded sperg and whiteknigting some racist piece of dogshit game? if you think a black male character who works at popeyes and drops mixtapes about his multiple baby mamas who have restraining orders against him is good representation thats your problem. there are plenty of games with brown characters who are not intentionally made to look like freakish racial stereotypes

No. 1580224

File: 1656948389392.jpg (459.32 KB, 1080x1796, queer representation.jpg)

>trailer park
>minorities, referred to in the third person
If you were trying to look less like a guilty woke white person sticking up for the innocent indie devs of color then you didn't quite hit the mark, sperglord. Of course you think people should just suck it up and deal with minstrel-era caricatures so long as there's representation.

Also, Dani and the rest of the devs have explicitly tried to market this game as hard as possible towards a general "queer gamer" audience. Dani is very, very confident in the reach of ValiDate, hinging on the hopes that it will be the next indie VN hit a la DDLC. She made a whole thread about how the game is held to "insane" standards for "queer media", comparing it to entire Netflix series and other corporate productions. Which is not something I'm here to really get into the details of, but I don't think making your Ghanian guy not work at a chicken shop and abuse his baby mamas is an insane standard, lmao. You can't play both cards simultaneously. You can't whine that your "niche game" got out of its designated Twitter circlejerk and got rightfully pointed out as ridiculous and insincere, but also want it to be a big cross-platform hit. Come on, now.

No. 1580227

>Big fat American
>Named 'Bigs'


No. 1580271

I think he’s a Biggie Smalls reference. Certainly a wise choice to make for a dating sim candidate.

No. 1580346

>corporate queer media like Heartstopper
that shit started off as a webcomic for christ's sake what is she going on about.

No. 1580445

honestly i'm pretty sure the only "queer gamers" who like the game are zoomers and tiktokers who only have being queer as part of their personality and aren't even gamers. They'll probably critize the game the moment any of the devs slip up and do something unwoke.

validate is just a garbage game in general and the devs just seem to lack any sort of respect for fans or potential fans considering they made a stretch goal to put a white person in the game and then another to remove them.

No. 1580623

>considering they made a stretch goal to put a white person in the game and then another to remove them.
This right here lol, what the fuck?? who, outside of their extremely online twitter circle, considers this a sane and reasonable idea? what gives?????

>They'll probably criticize the game the moment any of the devs slip up and do something unwoke.

Most likely, yeah.

No. 1580762

Steven Universe is "corporate queer media" and it got criticized to shreds. Entire accounts on twitter and tumblr dedicated to shit on it. /co/ was a lot more positive about that show than its target audience, which hates anything that goes against its personal desires/headcanons and labels the creators -phobics for not doing things their way specifically

No. 1581345

File: 1657063803241.jpg (2.23 MB, 2178x2048, 20220705_050825.jpg)

lilyglazed drew some validate characters and surprise, surprise she didn't make them look like troglodytes.

No. 1581362

Oh wow, these actually look really good

No. 1581488

I love her style! She drew them in a way that accentuates their ethnic feature without making them look like Jim Crow caricatures. I would’ve played validate in this art style tbh

No. 1581649

See how they immediately look nicer while still keeping ethnic features and without slimming them down? These characters would look fine if the validate artstyle wasnt complete garbage and also if the characters werent connected to some cartoonishly minstrel-esque storylines

No. 1581753

>The Asians look black
>The Native American looks black
>The Middle Eastern Qatarian looks black
>The Samoan/White guy looks black
>The actual African guy looks like a tan guido
There are so many different ethnicities found around the world besides white and black yet they just dumped a truck full of African American looking characters slapping on a random nationality and a couple of Hispanics and called it ~diverse~.

Now they all have the same button nose, lip filler, bugeyed Disney Princess face. It's attractive, sure, but boring and bland.

No. 1581760

They look really cute, digging this style a lot.

No. 1585104


I'd rather cute, but generic disney princess rather than ugly orcs with the worst stylized features imaginable.

No. 1588983

File: 1657923918713.png (22.37 KB, 734x216, girlwtf.png)

didnt expect anyone in this circle to basically admit hating the people they surround themselves with. no wonder theyre all miserable

No. 1589307

I don't fully disagree with this person tbh. To softblock someone you lost interest in is a curtesy

No. 1589431

Is it commonly regarded as one? Softblocking is convenient but I’ve seen people, including mutuals, say they hate it because they’ll be totally unaware of it. Internet etiquette is confusing to me.
Regardless, I just think it’s dumb how it’s impossible to break a mutual without someone acting like you’re an asshole.

No. 1589466

People who get petty over not being softblocked need to grow up and manage who they follow themselves. I never do it, it's not my job to decide whether someone continues following me or not unless I do want to get rid of them for whatever reason.

No. 1589778

Sage because I’m late as shit on this, but holy kek I just noticed googling tajmerk brings up this thread as the 2nd result. No wonder she changed her twitter @, not even searching “validate game” or her friends mentioned in op has it this bad.

No. 1591410

Also a reason why you never see her get into drama like she did before. I think she finally got an IQ higher than double digits and realized that if a future employer were to search up her name and saw all the dumb shit she was involved in she would pretty much be blacklisted. She nuked alot of her past tweets for this reason too.

No. 1591735

>>1591410 im surprised she hasn't been blacklisted already

No. 1591773

File: 1658260847748.jpg (74.51 KB, 1079x491, Screenshot_20220719-145448_Twi…)

I remember seeing a theory that she may have lost her internship at Warner brothers because of what cum_binary did on top of them going through her old tweets. Check out the "All opinions expressed are my own" KEK. She's employed by a book publisher at the moment but that's far from the animation jobs she was shooting for in the past.

No. 1595146

File: 1658557472190.jpg (426.16 KB, 1080x1750, 748274738473.jpg)

it only took a matter of time for gaby / rothotic to come back but glad to see she's still a weirdo

No. 1596657

She sounds so spiteful for no reason. Imagine being mutuals with this person and reading this, wtf.

No. 1596663

Same anon, I just wanted to add, if she's 'not a fan' of the work of anyone of her mutuals then why is she following the people she follows?

No. 1617159

File: 1660610332733.png (29.18 KB, 575x207, 81802504229149eded1d50dafdd2a2…)

tea and saturn broke up. her name is no longer in his bio

No. 1617399

Man I wish Saturn was the type to start drama like tea. Could you imagine how messy this would be?

No. 1618176

File: 1660704587641.png (1.85 MB, 2048x2000, smtwitg.png)

I posted this on KF but I wanted to ultimately share it here. i see kai playing weird games on twitter and i feel like i'm catching on to something (sorry for autyism)

Too many things seem similar, like art styles and themes, the creation of camille's account, the signatures, the number 2s… but maybe i'm just seeing things, i need alternate opinions.

No. 1618196

File: 1660708241467.jpeg (68.86 KB, 933x535, 9A2B10D1-5A15-4B2E-A052-FD46C5…)

AND they used the Popeyes porno chick for background art, how classy

No. 1618199

Huh, I wonder if this has any connection to tea still being deactivated

No. 1618248

KEK I love the random Italian thrown in at the end there.

No. 1618341

Rocky is cute

No. 1618368

go back to twitter

No. 1618393

i think that word can also mean multiple people. Just maybe though.

No. 1618509

Didn't this happen before when she deactivated? >>1537115

No. 1618697

Anon is clearly referring to the game team, take your meds

No. 1618718

That was actually just a glitch >>1537288 Funny that it ended up happening for real, though I assume everyone was expecting it anyway

No. 1618747

File: 1660772235922.png (2.08 MB, 937x1102, fds.png)

Kind of unrelated but since you brought up the background art, all of the backgrounds in Validate were stolen. Picrel, Dani googled 'lesbian bar', stole the first picture she saw, and made small edits to it.

Btw, the character on the left is a Pakistani she/theyfab and the character on the right is a Arab/African biological man.

No. 1621686

>Huh, I wonder if this has any connection to tea still being deactivated
I would say most likely, lol. Also, if I remember correctly Tea was counting down the days to her meetup with Saturn before she deactivated so I'm really wondering what the fuck happened

No. 1624822

File: 1661384781845.jpg (436.52 KB, 739x574, 1661384132136blob.jpg)

Sega is going to rebrand. If she did have to do pay people so they wouldn't publicly dox her it sucks, but at the same time I really can't muster up alot of empathy for any of these people that go through this. These are the people who thrive off drama instead of being genuinely good at art and go after people usually much more talented than they are. When they're on the receiving end they act like the slightest insult will make them want to kill themselves. All the shit that cum_binary, tajmerk, angelmaws, succulentbud, cxsmicverge, taechlko, and anyone else have put people through out of virtue signaling can gladly fuck-off and take their dose of cosmic karma.

No. 1624890

sage for mild ot but @ofangie has been a cow of mine for years. who could forget when she was cancelled for fetishizing gay men bcuz all she drew was porn of her little uwu gayboy characters. her art style has always annoyed tf outta me too

No. 1626020

Is this a dating sim that actually depicts TIMs as the hulkinng men they are? Amazing!

No. 1629008

I can't say that I feel sorry for her since she is an awful person but what goes around comes around

No. 1629662

File: 1661787710255.png (665.04 KB, 1080x1896, infighting.png)

Oh NOW they all wanna speak up. You freaks sure as hell didn't care when you were with them tearing down artists for racist crimes such as checks notes saying they're tired of Y2K fashion.


No. 1629668

File: 1661787982972.png (179.09 KB, 1080x765, hypocrite.png)

No. 1629908

‘Still has a platform’ deluding yourself into thinking that anyone who was some kind of following means that they somehow hold even a modicum of power. I can guarantee you a majority of the people following all of these accounts couldn’t be fucked to even pay attention to what’s going on. No one cares about this as much as you think they do.

No. 1630218

File: 1661813162244.jpg (177.25 KB, 672x1179, Screenshot_20220829-174140_Sam…)

Press x to fucking doubt. I doubt if cum_binary hadn't gone for their employment she would still be doing the same armchair activism and harassment. She got scared and decided to shut the fuck up for once because I'm pretty sure either cum_binary or her tweets cost her the internship at Warner Bros. She has the header image for a reason. These people will always self cannbilize so all you have to do is sit back and wait for karma to take it's course. Both her and Cxsmicverge can both get fucked and cry more.

No. 1630318

Love seeing her slowly realize these people are psychopaths but still unable to dig herself out of the wokehole

No. 1630407

Not one drop of sympathy for Tajmerk. Those post, deleted and otherwise, are just the deluded ramblings of a higly narcissitic individual, she's not actually remorseful for her previous actions. If you read carefully, she's actually just angry she didnt get the chance to get her petty revenge on those she feels wronged her. And to the above poster, she absolutely would still be engaging in her typical armchair bullshit, if it werent for her stupid ass losing her job, and being dragged to hell and back, fucked over by cum, jay, & Ivy, etc. Karmas a bitch, aint it..

No. 1630820

Does anyone know what happened with Shae / angel?

No. 1633414

No idea but shae was easily the most unhinged of the bunch. Shit hasn't been as chaotic as when that bitch was shit-stirring everywhere like a maniac… i kind of miss it.

No. 1635197

File: 1662254399979.jpg (2.14 MB, 2489x1920, 3838277272.jpg)

Fuck Taj and fuck this whole group. Remember when they all jumped on Biji and Mia for calling this out a year ago and forced them to apologize? Then they kept subtweeting about "biracials" to dunk on both of them. It's sad that it had to take her getting cannibalized before she finally learned how toxic these people are.

No. 1635519

Oh how the turned have tables.

No. 1643740

File: 1662750988320.jpeg (390.14 KB, 828x1194, BB40EF70-8FA8-4E90-B05A-539F0F…)

It appears cxsmicverge has been called out once again for scamming people, harassment, lying, etc. This probably comes as a shock to no one. Now that she is in the spotlight, she is bringing up her grievances with every person who ever had a negative interaction with her, and every single pathetic sob-story type excuse they can muster up to try and make herself seem like the victim. She keeps saying she’s going to move @s to cruxet, which I personally don’t believe will help her because all she does is react to people in a way that is inflammatory and starts more drama. What an insane individual. If you need a laugh, search her up on Twitter.

No. 1644078

You would think how these clowns are reacting they were a part of some undercover racism psyops and not just posting mediocre art to twitter.com

Do these fucked up neets realize you're not supposed to treat anyone like that not just their weird circle of people who also never leave their house. These are people who arent even able to work retail jobs because theyre too stunted to interact with people irl but suddenly have this massive superiority complex behind a screen. I've genuinely never seen a more needlessly aggressive group of artists but at least they're finally reaping what the sow except for angelmaws who manages to cause an insane amount of drama off of Twitter with minors everytime pastel animal character is made kek. I'm glad the era of these freaks has finally almost come to an end because they had zero self control and have a compulsive need to bully people online.

No. 1644242

She is having a mental breakdown in real time and it's funny as hell. She's been toxic from the start I'm surprised she had any friends left.

No. 1644326

all of the fights she's having with her ex-friends back and forth seem genuinely so retarded and juvenile, you wouldn't believe these people are young adults. My brain melted trying to read any of their spergs. Minutes of my time I'll never get back. What an embarrassing bunch of losers.

No. 1647587

File: 1663131938266.png (299.32 KB, 1080x1560, Screenshot_20220913-220533.png)

Someone in the community made an anonymous Twitter to call out cosmos and her clique

The user provides no evidence but insists that they have proof

No. 1647589

File: 1663131986496.png (395.02 KB, 1080x743, Screenshot_20220913-220607.png)

Funnily enough, they also made a non problematic list, which contains tajmerk /blaque rainbow

No. 1647622

Man twitter really is tumblr 2.0. They eat themselves with this holier than thou bs call out cancel shit. I wonder if that means tumblr is almost normal and worth going back to.

No. 1647809

it mostly is, yeah

No. 1647859

When Yahoo purchased Tumblr (iirc) I think a lot of its userbase migrated to Twitter. I noticed the same thing around that point in time

No. 1647878

File: 1663170061667.jpg (194.99 KB, 1080x1116, Screenshot_20220914_113718.jpg)

How does this one always escape "callouts" and other stupid shit like this? She's literally a clone of cosmic, calling each other twins and even made a new account with her. Always arguing on behalf of cosmic when she's in a new drama every other week.

No. 1648246

How do we know this isn't cosmic's sock puppet account?

No. 1648342

kek i was thinking the same thing anon

No. 1648486

I bet monet / badtwtartists is probably cosmic, also. It seems strangely coincidental that this account sprung up after cosmos's latest breakdown.

No. 1658604

File: 1664212667701.jpg (234.07 KB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_20220926_131210.jpg)

I think this might be the missing shae/angel
>mutuals with a lot of the regulars here
>argues about DID
>black and roughly the same age iirc

No. 1658619

>pysch grad

No. 1659202

File: 1664257641884.jpg (128.28 KB, 720x970, 8273849587273.jpg)

It is Shae. Picrel is the character she used to simp for.
>twitter full of her qrting other people and dunking on them for being terminally online unlike her
Glad to see she's still an idiot. Hopefully she starts posting "art" again soon.

No. 1660249

File: 1664331851517.png (417.43 KB, 1080x1656, Screenshot_20220927-192233.png)

This artist isn't as milky as our current cows, but he's been a huge advocate about black representation in games like overwatch. Today, he was called out for allegedly black fishing. 1/?

No. 1660250

File: 1664331886787.png (707.82 KB, 1080x1690, Screenshot_20220927-192251.png)


Now his own is cannibalizing him

No. 1660253

File: 1664331922676.jpg (71.78 KB, 720x593, 20220927_192505.jpg)

No. 1660255

File: 1664332036365.jpg (87.94 KB, 720x839, 20220927_192509.jpg)

No. 1660258

File: 1664332163781.jpg (85.64 KB, 720x838, 20220927_192511.jpg)

No. 1660261

File: 1664332264596.jpg (59.97 KB, 710x503, 20220927_192513.jpg)

No. 1660267

sage for self blogging, but black ppl in new york (especially those who go to parsons or other fashion programs) literally do dress like this, it’s all over tik tok. speaking from experience. also it’s a fucking anime and as a black new yorker i fucking love zapp

these tweets are definitely fucking weird

No. 1660284

>I love zapp
Based Blood Blockade Battlefront enjoyer

No. 1660330

What the fuck "proper research" is there to do on a fucking fictional game???
Holy shit they're always bitching about allies not being proactive and when one is they immediately cannibalize them. Do they think black folks irl would care so much? This is peak jobless behavior.

No. 1660644

File: 1664371662588.jpg (186.17 KB, 1080x711, Screenshot_20220928_092720.jpg)

All this happening cause he said David cage has better writing then kingdom hearts.

No. 1660664

They're not wrong tho kingdom hearts is my favorite thing and I'll admit it's a damn mess

No. 1660667


I love this thread because it reminds me that twitter isn't worth shit.

No. 1660686

u should never listen to freaks like this if you’re someone who wants to write black people. it’ll never be enough for them, they don’t even care about like racial justice or anything like that. they have an inferiority complex & use that stuff to live out their revenge fantasies on non-black (mostly white) people. it’s one big power trip. black people aren’t a monolith, maybe some chronically online loser hates the character but there’s definitely many black people that like him & see no problems with it. also if you’re tweeting about black peoples problems so much that people mistake you as black you should take a step back and contemplate

No. 1660742

I mean not unture

No. 1661046

Can twittards not detect sarcasm

No. 1661098

File: 1664401965565.png (384.63 KB, 1080x1883, 93836282829272738.png)

danulmao opening her big ass mouth like she didn't say THE SAME THING about that video game character

No. 1661103

File: 1664402189202.png (1.71 MB, 1080x3980, cosigned.png)

No. 1662562

File: 1664512042004.png (238.81 KB, 296x499, Screenshot 2022-09-30 12.08.32…)

fan artist drew picture of character based on her book description after a black girl was cast to play her in the tv show adaptation. some people in the fandom are mad at her and say it is racist to not draw the character as black after the intense backlash for the casting and the harassment the girl playing her got.

No. 1662563

File: 1664512073089.png (294.28 KB, 379x653, Screenshot 2022-09-30 12.09.33…)

No. 1662566

File: 1664512217621.png (130.71 KB, 501x683, Screenshot 2022-09-30 12.11.51…)

No. 1662567

File: 1664512620763.png (316.88 KB, 593x663, Screenshot 2022-09-30 12.33.26…)

No. 1662588

The fact that she literally drew black annabeth in may but is still getting harrassed is something

No. 1663241

Do they expect people to forget that Annabeth has been described as as a blonde white girl since the first book was released in 2005?

No. 1663263

File: 1664586425301.jpg (450.76 KB, 1080x1254, Screenshot_20220930_210235.jpg)

Teachiko is back lads! As speculated she and Saturn broke up and it was "traumatic and messy". How long before she starts popping off?

No. 1663510

File: 1664617956378.png (622.56 KB, 1080x1387, diversity was a mistake.png)

No. 1664058

>I would like to return to my art in peace
Absolutely not deserved you fucking cunt. Remember how this retard aka. miss I'm Always Right & Invincible cemented her whole online presence on insulting, harassing and callouting artists for 3-4 years? Fuck her I hope she gets callouted over and over again so she finally gets a taste of the shitty online environment she perpetuated for years.

No. 1664181

File: 1664666893591.jpeg (488.06 KB, 1230x1640, 03169DDC-7B13-48A0-9438-0C13BD…)

ValiDate is out nonnas. It’s got all the poor writing choices you can imagine and then some. I’m 99% sure the devs just don’t know how to write black people

No. 1664326

Wow a ban on creativity!!

No. 1664419

I still can't get over the fact that this game had MULTIPLE artists working on it and not one of them could do backgrounds. Like, you went through all that effort and couldn't just try drawing one?

No. 1664485

Is this bait? No one can be this stupid right?

No. 1664725

File: 1664723194857.png (1.19 MB, 900x1550, D177B653-996D-4311-B63E-131581…)

Do they believe in bi/pan lesbians? Or did they change her sexuality last minute? Or is this going to be some shit about how the he/him Notorious B.I.G. reference is actually le sapphic nonbinary

No. 1664730

isn't that character supposed to be a transbian anyway

No. 1664731

wow they finally did finish it. i'm actually surprised kek

No. 1664735

Really? I only know about the pink haired one. I can’t tell because these days I see lesbians calling themselves trans because they’re ‘nonbinary’ or ‘transmasc’

No. 1664739

File: 1664724375673.jpeg (557.9 KB, 720x1052, 024AD7BF-AB61-4529-A732-039552…)


No. 1664755

pretty sure in some interview the character was described as "bigender transfem"

No. 1664901

the devs posted a thread of which characters are trans, but a lot of them were she/they women and like 2 TIMs and 1 TIF

No. 1665007

I can't believe it's finally out!!! Looking forward to someone trashing it. I may even download it so I can marvel at the trashfire

No. 1665016

Looks like it was drawn by Holly Brown

No. 1667091

File: 1664925030757.png (44.28 KB, 597x258, Screenshot 2022-10-04 7.01.55 …)

it's not bait at all; the percy jackson fandom can be kinda insufferable when it comes to representation. the author quit twitter because some fans kept harassing him to make one of the characters a lesbian when he himself said she's asexual. now he has people saying he hates lesbians and is a "lesbophobe".

No. 1669595

File: 1665161501141.jpeg (803.44 KB, 1170x1512, 7E96A474-307E-40E7-9BF5-470FDB…)

Jesus Christ imagine getting mad at Madagascar gijinkas of all things

No. 1669603

its a damn animal from a cartoon for kids…jesus

No. 1669656

>an african lion whos whole thing was trying to reconnect to his african roots.

I mean, it does sounds like one of those white americans who discovered through an ancestry test that they're 1.3% black and couldn't let it go lmao

No. 1669662

Isn’t he voiced by a white guy kek?
(autism) I do think the lemurs are supposed to be natives though. I used to follow a Japanese fujo who made gijinkas of them and the penguins.

No. 1669696

File: 1665169644834.jpg (42.55 KB, 500x280, jillionquotes.com_africa-mean-…)

all I can see

No. 1670241

kek i hope there’s a smart ass in the comments who just goes “nah they from ny fr” cause people on twitter are so easy to bait.

No. 1736293

File: 1672725033330.jpg (299.29 KB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_20230103-003054_Twi…)

Teachiko "broke her silence" regarding her breakup with Saturn. Her doc appears to have been deleted for violating guidelines, but from this QT thread it seems like it was filled with lies and manipulation, which she's famous for, so I don't doubt this claim.

No. 1736296

Let's all act shocked at her claiming abuse.

No. 1736325

He was played by Zoolander star Ben Stiller lol. Also they didn't want to go back to Africa wtf? The whole point of the trilogy is them going back to the NYC zoo after they get shipped out after the Zebra (Chris Rock) escaped for a walk into the "wild" outside the Zoo, no mention of a return to Africa (pretty sure he was coming right back before the zoo opened in the morning and was going to Connecticut). The movies end with them in a circus and not in Africa unless this person has only seen the first two lol (but even then it's made clear they want to leave Africa at the end of the second movie). Alex finds his parents in the second Africa based movie but if anything it was a gay metaphor not a return to Africa one cause his arc was that he was flamboyant and his dad had to learn to accept his ways and they combine their talents to save the day. Before leaving Africa for the place they felt they belonged, NYC.
Jaida Pickett Smith played the hippo and is the only other black actor but she didn't want to leave the zoo and like the others is happy to leave Africa, Ross from friends is the giraffe who feels the same, Alex felt the most extreme about going back to NYC again despite the roots, Chris Rock zebra wasn't linked with Africa other than Chris Rock being black and he hated it there because he wasn't unique. The moment they leave Africa in the third movie it's not brought up again.
Borat played the king lemur but he put on an accent and the lemurs were definitely coded as natives, I think a black guy played his more knowledgeable assistant. They happily go wherever the plot takes them. The others are very much coded as straight up Americans stuck in other parts of the world trying to get back. Even the unionizing monkeys leave Africa before the others do to scam a casino in Europe with the penguins.

No. 1736533

I tend to HC characters as black if the VAs are black or something else points in that direction but ultimately I don't think this qualifies as racism… also if the artist is asian it explains a lot too lol in the end they're fictional animals, even if it makes no sense to the plot like gijinkas of The Lion King characters being white

No. 1736556

Also have to act shocked none of her friends (ex friends?) are saying anything about the situation despite being ready to jump anyone at any time

No. 1745632


are there any screenshots of the doc??

No. 1745823

From what I can tell no, and I think teachlko might have deleted the tweet too as before she had it pinned and now I can't find it.

No. 1749846


praying she does something to piss em off and its the final straw for them

No. 1750051

File: 1674372745356.jpg (945.69 KB, 2736x2559, dont scroll.jpg)

bump, dont scroll please

No. 1750064

cp bump

No. 1880178

File: 1691822296674.png (475.92 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_7980.png)

No. 1880179

File: 1691822360652.png (410.66 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_7981.png)

No. 1880180

File: 1691822385359.png (569.82 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_7982.png)

No. 1880181

File: 1691822450176.png (416.62 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_7983.png)

No. 1880183

File: 1691822477206.png (512.32 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_7984.png)

No. 1880184

File: 1691822523655.png (1.03 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_7987.png)

No. 1880186

File: 1691822569114.png (876.07 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_7988.png)

No. 1880195

Can I ask why you are posting these screenshots. Like what is the context for these.

No. 1880197

if it makes you feel any better nonnie, to me you both seem like equally horrible cunts

No. 1880253

File: 1691842707919.jpg (56.09 KB, 640x480, please.jpg)


No. 1880295

>"you think you're a bid bad tank? meet my anti tank"
the fuck is this corny ass shit lmao are you 14?

No. 1881237

File: 1691987263528.jpeg (115.2 KB, 1000x750, IMG_8171.jpeg)

>>1880295(sage your non contribution)

No. 1881259

Apparently this is teachiko that nonnie is messaging but who the fuck is nonnie and why do we care about their slapfight with her

No. 2002202

File: 1717808477593.jpg (320.93 KB, 705x2048, Wolfertinger.JPG)

I know this thread’s been dead for a few months since general art cows is dead and I doubt artist salt cares about drama, some new milk on Puppychan. Puppychan is back as WolferTinger666 on Tumblr and give this apology a few months back

No. 2002215

Her kiwifarms thread has been semi-active. Mostly just reposting her slightly-more effort than usual artwork.

Its funny she's here saying she intends to be more honest but she is literally pretending to be 'plural system' , DID-whatever, and pushing responsibility onto an 'alter'. I have no idea if she's even maintaining that larp still.

She's just been quietly posting her work and her he/him/they, hourglass shaped, furry ocs for a while now.

No. 2002221

File: 1717812144633.jpg (Spoiler Image,818.77 KB, 1424x1808, 1000003229.jpg)

I've been reading her KF thread like the newspaper. She drank the gender juice harder but for a hot minute her art was actually somewhat improving, but now it downgraded to coomslop with broken anatomy all over again. She apparently draws on a phone with her finger and renders via the blur tool, which explains a lot.

No. 2002320

puppy can be milky but I never got the impression she did anything outright bad. Just a case of someone ruining themselves spending too much time online

No. 2002433

File: 1717868663031.png (98.28 KB, 720x1600, 1606997795591.png)

Puppychan went under fire on Twitter years ago because she had a huge fanbase of minors and posted NSFW on her accounts the moment she turned 18. There's also logs of her giving tips to a 15 year old on how to draw sexy art that isn't porn, but she tried to frame it as being "blackmailed" by a kid when she was 19 or 20 when this happened.

No. 2002472

TurkeyTom made a video on Puppychan’s past shit shows a while back. It’s pretty obvious the whole “multiple personality” shit is faked. Literally everything about “Salem” is the same as Puppychan, bitching about the family, acting horny 24/7, still making barely disguised fetish art. Side note but I’m pretty sure Dollieguts/Dreamalgia also used to be named Salem, that’s just a really funny coincidence to me

No. 2002531

oh my god is this ackee like ackee who got caught liking angry birds porn?

No. 2002596

File: 1717908448605.png (149.92 KB, 1064x848, Pubbychan.PNG)

Puppy has become even more pretentious, imagine thinking that all this fat fetish/diaperfur art is gonna cause some revolution

No. 2002607

I don't believe anything puppychan says about her parents, life, illnesses/identities. People are still caught up about her "abusive upbringing" but I think it's just a sympathy ploy, like all this new alter stuff is. She's been incredibly dishonest since the start & I feel she's just Ivy part 2.

No. 2003141

Kittydog seems like a good cow IMO, recently she got herself into more bullshit and was exposed for having an abusive relationship with Birdie. She comes from the animation meme community as well and they’re filled with cows. There’s a full recap and all that in artist salt >>>/ot/1985552 I think the situation is kinda dumb but also really funny, she also has a shitty sadgirl music side thing going on

No. 2003159

A what porn excuse me?

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