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File: 1641595076877.jpg (111.02 KB, 1080x585, clownshowcreep.jpg)

No. 1411291

Creepshow Art is a commentary youtuber with (formerly) 500k subs who has been receiving negative attention for her obnoxious personality, her tendency to lie for attention, her biased and often misleading videos, and her never-ending drama, and as of recent, her sudden and explosive plummet from grace and public #canceling.
In the first thread, Shannon was outed for using lolcow to manufacture drama and satisfy her vendettas. Go here for the announcement aka the infamous "lolcow posts" that Shannon has yet to address. >>1244574

Shannon's current bullshit:
>Went MIA for 6 months after all her bullshit excuses fell flat
>Released a 2.5 hour shit piece on New Years Eve to prove without a doubt that she is NOT guilty of stalking EmilyArtful. tldw; video actually proves without a doubt Shannon has been stalking EmilyArtful >>1405663
>Youtube rings in 2022 dunking on Shannon's bullshit video and milking the (hopefully) last of this cow's "who me stalking?" antics for views
>Bryce/Brandon has lots of old face pics of Anthony on his Instagram >>1410837 just two coooool dudes

Recap of previous threads: >>1251957
>Shannon's friends continue waffling and more expose videos are churned out by bystanders
>Emily's 2 hour video details years of extensive stalking, harassment and blackmail by the hands of her abusive ex-boyfriend Anthony, who later roped his then-girlfriend Shannon into the harassment campaign, video and longer summary at >>1253989
>Anthony was a wannabe school shooter edgelord who raped her while unconscious
>He and Shannon held Emily's drug addiction, underage nudes and camgirl material over her head and got her fired several times
>snapchatted her from locations nearby with schizo ramblings, making her fear for her life
>Emily believes that at some point Shannon became the sole harasser
>Shannon's entire youtube channel was designed to copy Emily's
>Shannon used vast amount of sockpuppets to harass and bait Emily and try to force a conflict between them
>may have commissioned Holly Brown just to force conflict between her and Emily
>at this time Emily did not know Creepshow Art was Shannon aka her ex's new gf
>confronted them and threatened a restraining order
>suddenly the harassment stops, but a weird account messages her with a story about how the user's little brother is stalking Emily and lists all the collateral "he" has on Emily
>Shannon's friends mostly side with Emily and voice their disappointment, save for the usual suspects >>1255437
>have compared details of Shannon's stories and found inconsistencies they're still piecing together
>one detail of note is that Shannon and Anthony allegedly shared a phone for a longer span of time, causing much tinfoiling
>RTG releases a video in which she declares her friendship with Shannon to be over >>1256392

TL;DR of first thread: >>1053928
>Shannon constantly whiteknights or insults herself depending on the time of day and the weather >>1055462
>makes a Discord, it implodes to random drama within a month or so
>gets into more and more hot water over her impulsive behavior and lies, deflects by saying she has PTSD from being homeless, deletes her twitter >>1098210
>comes to lolcow to declare she will never ever return to bird app >>1116462
>Hopeless Peaches drama continues for some reason, to the confusion of many
>Onision emails a bunch of youtubers including Shannon, Shannon is the only one who indulges him, hits reply all and shows off her smug replies everywhere
>friend of Shannon posted? >>1062438
>Farmers find Shannon’s old posts about how much she hates her sister, this makes Shannon fume
>Shannon talks more and more about her ~bad mental health~ as criticism keeps coming, almost foreshadowing some kind of guilt mmh?
>deletes her Community tab, claims her account is just broken, implies she got hacked
>uploads a glitch banner and icon because hackers totally gain access to your google account just to give your account a makeover
>fans keep asking what happened to her community tab and icon, she keeps stating she has no control over it
>Shannon’s sister lands in the ER which inconveniences Shannon, prompting her to post her sister’s social media on lolcow to convince farmers once and for all that she’s the bad seed, not Shannon! Shannon is actually super based! >>1195978
>Shannon gets sweet-talked by Gabbie Hannah into attacking another youtuber, tries to come up with a public apology that’s not too public >>1245602
>Admin outs her post history including shitposts about her own friends and manufactured arguments to create fake drama >>1053928
>Shannon goes dark except for video uploads
>Re-emerges with a long explanation stating she has had a stalker (mentioned in a previous video, but there’s no proof this person ever existed) who somehow “spoofed her IP” and posted as her for 2.5 years >>1246100
>RTG swiftly backs her up >>1246138
>Admin responds to the stalker story >>1246205
>Amy the stalker becomes an instant meme

Second thread: >>1246312
>More and more former fans call Shannon out for her "explanation", but plenty enough are still eating it up
>Ready To Glare realizes she's been had, Loey Lane is big sad, Ashlee Lillee is begging a stonewalling Shannon to ~speak her truth~
>Shannon deletes her explanation
>Several commentary people start making videos/statements, few good most bad
>uploads a Pride video, gets torn apart for her bad research and told to stop lying about "Amy"
>Shannon's friends Augie and DeOrio make fun of her on stream, DeOrio posts her private IG story on Twitter, revealing her finsta handle >>1247930
>She changes it instantly
>doubles down on her story, announces a hiatus from the internet while she deals with this "legally" >>1248353
>deletes 3 videos, farmers come through with archives >>1248791
>goes dark on IG
>Commentary youtubers are having a ball, spamming lazy videos regurgitating lolcow posts and a twitter thread
>Emily Artful drops a massive bomb, accuses Shannon of having stalked her for 10 years starting when Emily's ex began dating Shannon. >>1250044
>Accusations include spreading her underage nudes, getting her fired from several jobs, causing her homelessness, and other extensive harassment
>Emily suspects "Amy" was made up by Shannon as a scapegoat back when Emily first confronted her about the stalking
>Claims to have many years' worth of evidence announces a full-blown exposé coming today or tomorrow. >>1250044 >>1251647
>Farmers wait with bated breath, thread ends on a cliffhanger

No. 1411302

Aaaaand I forgot to include a link to the last creep thread: >>1256748

No. 1411329

File: 1641597125166.png (1.23 MB, 1086x612, Capture.PNG)

No. 1411341

>West Valley College students Anthony Clark (Music major) and Bryce Allen Youtsey (Film/Theater major) collaborated on this extraordinary student-produced music video.

Just two cool dudes. Look at the soft pastels in that music video. I'm sure the creator would never threaten to curb stomp a girl.

No. 1411353

New thread yay! So ai checked Shannon’s google doc and it was created in August 6, 2021. However, some receipts agains Emily date back years and years ago. It means she didn’t start collecting info recently. Definitely she did archived stuff even before that (in case you need confirmation because we know she is fucked up)

No. 1411379

File: 1641599306087.jpg (73.15 KB, 518x759, ohnoanthony.jpg)

Oh noooo. Even his "cutest" attempt at being an emo heart throb is ewww. How do you make dimples look that bad?

No. 1411393

That hack music video wasn’t as good as The Mind Bending Thumb Bending video Anthony. If you thought Emily drawing Mother’s Day cards on her channel was cringey I don’t know what the fuck you thought you were making.

No. 1411399

Crying at how pretentious this is. The lyrics mean absolutely nothing.

No. 1411417

Jigsaw looking ass. I can not for the life of me figure out why the fuck shannon is falling all over herself for THIS

No. 1411421

LOLLLL. The fucking irony that Shannon was on here talking shit about someone's skin when her husband has the most pocked marked crater face I've ever seen. I assume hers looks more or less the same considering every photo is filtered and edited to hell and back. These two goofy slobs deserve each other.

No. 1411427

Omg wtf is this music video!! kek Owl city wannabe, pretentious ass NONSENSE. The lyrics make no sense, don’t rhyme, he’s using 6 syllable long big brain words and it has all the soul of a rejected charity or car commercial jingle or something. No wonder his music career has failed to launch.

He seems insufferable af. Almost makes me feel bad for Shannon, but then I come to my senses.

No. 1411517

the animated part of the music video looks ripped off from the limbo game lmao not surprised tho

No. 1411526

Oh youre right! Absolutely owl city. I hear a lot of HelloGoodbye style ripoffs as well.

No. 1411547

I thought the same thing! That plus the obvious Owl City skinwalking he's doing that anons already pointed out, this dude obviously doesn't have an original bone in his body lol. Neither does Shannon for that matter, maybe that's what drew them to each other. Probably part of why they're both so jealous of Emily who seems more naturally inclined to creative endeavors.

No. 1411633

The third poc looks like what you'd see in a murder documentary when they're trying to hide who the killer is but still want to drop a hint

No. 1411685

This is what Shannon voluntarily became "homeless" for kek

No. 1411686

Is his music any good? Because according to the samples Emily showed, his music sounds like he uses a rubber duck for a mic (No wonder Shannon is drawn to him, birds of a feather and all).

No. 1411747

File: 1641631805687.png (604.78 KB, 770x534, 344655.png)

This was painful to both watch and listen to.

No. 1411771

File: 1641636562885.jpg (17.27 KB, 281x365, ew.jpg)

brandon gibbs chipmunk looking motherfucker

No. 1411775

File: 1641636988644.png (59.27 KB, 886x403, creepshowshusbandisarapist.png)

A lot of people in the replies think he meant racist instead of the other one

No. 1411785

geezus christ, good job nick. great feedback there

No. 1411839

someone really needs to tell him it's no longer 2008, I know its hard to let go of things but being an emo fag when your almost 30 in 2022 is just ridiculous. keke I don't see how he's worth staling an ex and burring everything to ground.

No. 1411945

Just goes to show some people never make it out of their awkward teen years. He is the epitome of "It's not just a phase mom!"

No. 1412038

All this because another woman dated your husband before you?

No. 1412049

File: 1641668633077.png (706.94 KB, 909x874, 18389874.png)

Just wanted to share this gem from her DeviantArt. Shannon, we know you've never looked like this and you never will.

No. 1412056

File: 1641668919695.png (695.15 KB, 802x876, 9784201.png)

No. 1412072

gods her art was crap and still is. Had she not spent all that time stalking Emily, maybe she could've gotten at least a little bit better. Since going digital art her prowess seems to have gone backwards

No. 1412095

File: 1641671223023.png (62.89 KB, 632x598, shartnon.png)

I don't know if this was mentioned in the previous thread, apologies for my autism in advance, but none of the links in the description of Shannon's video work. Aren't the three white dots supposed to be blue if they're part of a link?

No. 1412140

Simple answer: she copy+pasted that text from a separate document without fixing the links she broke by copying partial urls, and that's what we got there. The same text in her pinned comment has working links. Or are they in ger google doc… I dunno. Just another sloppy Shannon fail.

No. 1412177

as creepy as it sounds, this looks more like Emily with short hair

No. 1412181

Ykw this art may not be great and still shit anatomy wise but this 1000000% better than what her current garbage looks like. This is at least decent to look at even with the fucked proportions. Makes me think this is heavily based off of someone else's artwork because in her previous vids of her doing traditional, it looks closer to ehat we see now.

No. 1412199

Scrote’s a clown but this vid is from 2013, pics from last thread are 2013-14

At least she gave herself a muffin top and gut hanging over? Or is that just because of her shit drawing skills? Kek. She’s delusional if she thinks anyone other than an X-ray technician can see them collarbones

No. 1412594

Was Shannon ever genuinely interested in art or was it all part of the skinwalk? Towards the end of her channel Shannon wasn't even producing the background art for her rant videos anymore, she was taking advantage of smaller artists for "exposure".
If you're skilled at something your politics don't matter so much: people can separate the art from the artist, so you'd think if she was artistically inclined she'd dive into her work to cope with her near fatal ego injury, but nope. Are any of her interests truly her own or is everything she does to look good to other people?

No. 1412657


Maybe she was, but she never showcased her art due to her inferiority complex. Remember, she based her life around Emily's. She probably saw how Emily was thriving and tried to imitate it but fell flat on her face. She wouldn't be the first artist who claims to be passionate about it yet has terrible artwork.

She saw her YouTube channel as a moneymaking machine because she never expected it to get the success it did, so maybe she used smaller artists work to make herself look more benevolent. If she really wanted to hide her terrible artwork, she wouldn't have left her deviantart account up (seriously, her drawings there look like they were made by a 5 year old with a fat hand)

No. 1412751

File: 1641734208431.jpg (423.38 KB, 1080x1956, Screenshot_20220109-101124_Chr…)

Ironically, I think her art was better during that time. Not that was great but at least it looked fine. Going digital was a terrible mistake. One of many anyway

No. 1412753

File: 1641734384181.jpg (429.65 KB, 1080x1889, Screenshot_20220109-101141_Chr…)

Ha! Did she planned to move into a place with Anthony and Bryce/Brandon? I wonder what happened there

No. 1412754

File: 1641734745187.png (354.06 KB, 889x760, creepshowartnft.png)

Damn, Creepshow Art has NFTs now?

No. 1412760


The more I read about her, the more it becomes clear to me that Creepshow really has no one else apart from Anthony. Her parents said that they were cutting her off if she didn't leave him and she still chose him over them, even making herself homeless for him (well its not really homelessness since she wanted the van life but still). Seriously, Anthony isn't rich by any means, nor was he any popular, where is this money coming from? Are they blackmailing more of his exes with revenge porn for cash or something?

No. 1412913

Probably not because even this deviant art stuff looks a lot like Emily's art aesthetic with the bones and stuff

No. 1412928

Her youtube gave her like 400 a month on average. So if any of them got a part time job they could have squeezed by. But they def don't have any disposable income for a legal team. I'm pretty damn sure either her or Anthony are sending fake legal documents. If that's the case Emily's lawyers are going to eventually find out and go through the process of getting Shannon's ass to jail

No. 1413019

its not even her art.

No. 1413096

Quick aside - Shannon here is homeless in 2016. She also claimed that while she was homeless in Portland during the 2020 'riots' she regularly had 'antifa' or whatever harassing her and her homeless hubby in their car and that's why she hates SJWs or something. I forget her reason for bringing that up but I thought it was stupid and odd and didn't fit the time line.

But here it's 2016 and she's definitely homeless. So was she homeless for 4 whole years? What she homeless twice? I mean, I know the answer here is just that she's full of shit but…

The cracks in her 'i was homeless' narrative really show when they show. I get a suspicion that by 'homeless' Shannon may have been referring to living in a dwelling that's not a house - so an apartment. Or did you live out of your car for 4 years to 'save money' and only got a dwelling at the end of 2020? What the hell?

No. 1413108

I remember that! It was in a video where she mentioned that but I don’t remember which one

No. 1413288


She must’ve been homeless twice because in early 2020 i remember her complaining about a guy jerking off or having sex outside her apartment in a video can’t remember the video, maybe it was related to Lillee Jean because i mostly only watched her when she talked about her. I actually think she lied and didn’t bother to think if her little lie even made sense but who knows.

No. 1413312

>>1413288 i thought that was when she was in the car at walmart? which was also a story time she stole from emily or something.

No. 1413356

My bad, i guess i got things mixed up, i wouldn’t be surprised if she stole it from emily though.

I don’t think it really matters if she was homeless for 4 years because she:
1. Lies a lot.
2. Was homeless by choice.
3. Only uses her vanlife phase to garner sympathy from snowflakes.

She even cried about living in a dangerous neighborhood but got mad when people assumed she was doing well because she did monthly giveaways.

It’s weird that she hates SJWs so much when she has the same self-serving victim mentality as them with the difference that she was actually rich and gave everything up to go with live in a van with two school shooter wannabes.

No. 1413404

I stumbled across this video earlier and though most of it is p. boring ranting about feeling betrayed as a viewer of CSA, they bring up a clip I don't think I've seen mentioned elsewhere and found interesting. It's Shannon talking about how teens can't be judged for being dumbasses, and bringing up an example of how she used to obsess over Gerard Way and write smut about him to illustrate that. She even says that if it still existed she's sure someone would try to use it against her (and it would be ridiculous).

Seeing as how she tries to use Emily doing that same thing with her teacher against her, it might suggest another story she's stolen from Emily given her pattern. Even if that's tinfoil, it at the very least shows her whole hypocritical ass yet again.

No. 1413456

I think it's more indictive of Shannon kind of "flashing her hand" so-to-speak. Either as a way to taunt Emily when Emily was alone in her suspicions, or if not that, because the dumb bitch was just projecting on her devious plan to dig up old shit.

No. 1413458

Anyone else feel like Shannon 110% wrote those crazy emails she claimed her "sibling" sent herself? She didn't even mention WHEN they were sent, so it could have been a psychotic ex-fan sperging out in her inbox after the drama first happened even if she didn't write it herself. It just feels too convenient for Shannon to have screenshots of emails of people telling her she should commit neckrope to me.

No. 1413463


p sure shannon was talking about the rioting in portland after the results of the 2016 election?


No. 1413488

Ahhh okay that fits a bit better. That's probably what she was referring to, but I still remember her bringing up how the 'riots' disrupted her while she was 'homeless' and that was her excuse for being critical of the BLM movement in 2020 when everyone else was doing a virtue signal. I remember thinking "That's bullshit, but I can't put my finger on why."

Anti-Trump protest =/= BLM =/= Antifa =/= Anarchists =/= "rioters and looters" and anyone who thinks it's all the same people all the time is dishonest and/or disinformed and that's all I'll say about that. Par for the course for ol' Shanno.

No. 1413491

FWIW BLM did protest the 2016 election results

No. 1413499

Yes, but during those particular riots in 2016 in white-ass Portland the main chants and messages being expressed was not "Black Lives Matter" but almost entirely "Fuck Donald Trump".

No. 1413508

File: 1641786554967.jpg (300.24 KB, 1600x720, Screenshot_20220109-224458_You…)

Mot sure if anyone pointed this out yet, but either that picture in the upper corner is a baby picture of Emily or a picture of Emily's kid. Either way, fucking creepy.

No. 1413560

finally watched through the whole thing after falling asleep watching twice, Shannon is definitely trying to get eyes off of her past which makes me wonder what we missed that she's put out there. funny how Shannon refuses to talk about Camelia because she wants to draw away attention to the other proof against her

No. 1413584


Who cares? We’re talking about Shannon, a massive liar. She could have a video of BLM protesters vandalizing her car and i’d still question if she is just fabricating evidence once again. There’s no reason to have a serious discussion about it.

No. 1413585


Just noticed the Bryce cameo.

No. 1413591

frankly it doesn't matter anyhow because none of it affected shannon regardless and she was just looking for a reason to whine about how hard it is to be fake homeless. you can tell anthony is likely a right winger and she dabbles in his "edgy" opinions. she absolutely would abandon any pretense of being center-left if the circle she was in online was particularly encouraging of right wing opinions

No. 1413593

File: 1641797160823.jpeg (233.42 KB, 707x1372, CF142F60-EF62-491C-8329-F7C69C…)

Emily says the script for her response is fully written and that it will include a statement from one of her exes Shannon mentions in her video, “Bob” (I think this is the one Shannon claims to have forced Emily into camming?), that backs up Emily’s story as he witnessed some of the shit from Anthony/Shannon first hand.

No. 1413603

I, for one, can't WAIT to hear what Bob has to say about Shannon.

No. 1413611

Does anyone have the specific time period as to when Shannthony were homeless? If someone did, it would be easier to narrow down if she's lying. Granted she's a pathological liar, but what she said about rioters is plausible.

No. 1413638

File: 1641802406006.png (91.61 KB, 981x660, emilyartfulbrandon.png)

No. 1413719

File: 1641817726275.jpeg (222.37 KB, 554x910, 6617AF61-92F9-4894-A978-EB8DA5…)

I made some digging after Emily said that Bob will make an appearance in her video because he is pissed (I would too if I was accused of forcing someone to do camming).

Anyway! In one of the screenshots from Shannon’s video she puts this IG post from Emily thanking Bob for some paints (I covered his IG username because I am not a little shit like Shannon).

However in a October 31, 2021 Emily posts this video about using some expensive watercolors. The same ones in the IG post.
(https://youtu.be/JQUQSYOIxvk )
She thanks B and his mom for giving them to her as a present (3:26). She speaks fondly of the paints and them so I highly doubt he is the one that exploited her. It is not like giving expensive paint makes you a good person instantly but I doubt she would bring this people up so recently in a positive light.

So it means that Shannon was picking straws and trying to blame someone else so everyone forgets about her. I wonder if Bob can sue her at this point

No. 1413723

I think that Creepshow don't care about clearing her name, she made this video to torment Emily further - that drama was dying anyways. I think first video from Emily was enough to explain the situation, but Shannon deliberately was giving different versions of events to make people question the narrative and forget about her lolcow posts.
And now, just when people were moving on, she posted her bs expose, so Emily must relive this shit again and again. And drama channels are focusing on HER timeline and everyone involved, not on Creeps shitty behaviour. I'm glad that now people are not buying it easily.
Do you think she will really quit yt for good? Or rebrand herself on new channel? Or put a video every 6 months to shit on Emily or her ex friends from yt?

No. 1413734

Why is Bryce still defending Shannon when she tried to blame him for the whole thing?

No. 1413740

because she leaned into him being autistic, so anyone critical of him is an ableist

No. 1413748

I don’t think she’ll leave youtube, she is a terminally online pick me girl and the only humans she physically interacts with are the two cool dudes (I’m dying to know how she made him forgive her for throwing him under the bus, maybe she is a pro manipulator after all).

No. 1413781

I don't think that Bryce watched Emily's video, he must be getting second hand information from Shannon or Anthony

No. 1413811

Near the end of Shannon's video, she didn't disprove her sisters claim that Shannon was stalking her and Emily. She just basically doxxed her sister again, her past employer's full name and making up shit saying that Shannon out of the kindness of her heart paid her medical bills when we know that her sister wanted her to fuck off from her life. jfc
No wonder Shannon's family disowned her.

No. 1413829

Because Bryce, like Shannon, probably wants Anthony's dick

No. 1413906


there was another point in the video where for a split second emily surname wasn't censored. not gonna point out when in the video it is but it made me seriously want to vomit until my digestive track ripped itself out of place and came out my mouth. what the fucking shit is wrong with this psycho bitch?

No. 1414199


Shannon said at the beginning of the video that wasn’t censoring Emily’s surname on purpose because it was “public information”. She also said she wasn’t going to link any of Emily’s facebooks and she did anyway in the pinned comment.

No. 1414247

And remember when Shannon deactivated her account over “getting doxxed” and the dox in question was her first lolcow thread were her full name (which was already public) was shown, she had all her stupid friends defending her too.

No. 1414303

She's the lamest, softest, most insufferable mini-boss in the entire dramatube. drop loot: shid and bad dox

No. 1416208

File: 1642091784246.png (69.14 KB, 1051x340, 51dislikes.png)

51K Dislikes, Lessgoooo

Also what did she mean by "I want to thank my friends and family"? Jem disowned her for the doxxing, her parents cut her off, and Anthony is estranged from his family as well. Who are her "friends"?

No. 1416333

Friend: matrix retard Bryce
Family: scumbag coward

Anything I'm missing? Does she have any pets?

Wait up… red flag! Did Shannon ever mention having and loving a pet? I actually can't recall any times. People who don't like animals because animals don't like them - the animal knows best.

No. 1416410

File: 1642106545190.jpg (68.49 KB, 1077x720, Screenshot_20220113-173021_You…)

I was checking Shannon's video about being stalked for 8+ years because I was bored and I found something interesting.

She said that she does not have the anonymous stalker threatening emails anymore because she deleted them. Fair enough.

Still, she mentions 10 emails she saved that are relevant. These emails are from when "Amy" got pissed and their relationship went bad. She specifically says that she put two and two together and found out that her stalker was Amy since both of them signed with "kill yourself".

My point then is that, if she has this quite strong evidence…Why did she not add it on her comeback video? If you are being accused of awful things and Amy not being real… Wouldn't make more sense to show those messages instead of the early cringy ones?

The answer is easy and I think everyone here knows it

No. 1416426

File: 1642107833461.gif (5.58 MB, 359x202, 4KoAfXu.gif)

I think we can now all safely say that Shannon's most recent video is basically a huge ass confession. That and she couldn't change the number she stalked Emily? She really didn't think that through did she?

Still, her video got a lot of views. She should pull a Nikocado, embrace the 180 personality switch and just post bitchy videos on the regular. She can have her cash and not hide who she is.

No. 1416429

Actually she mentions that Amy made a guy climb up to her window to "bring her chocolate and watch scary movies all night". Dude, that's fucked up.

She also says she is bad at lying because she can't remember what she says. I think she is right there

No. 1416430


"I am, in fact, a shitty liar. I won't remember my lies very well, and I end up exposing my damn self"

lololololol we know (it's at about 7 minutes in)

No. 1416432

seeing as how Amy is Shannon's alter ego that too seems like an eerie confession. She knew that Anthony was there and was probably there to do harm. Unless she believed Anthony was just going to climb up a girls window at night and bring her chocolates and romance her. What weak woman would allow her bf to do that? Oh, I guess we know who

No. 1416433


Wait, was this when they were dating? I thought Anthony did it prior to meeting Shannon, and then he lied to Shannon saying that Emily made it up (or encouraged her to help him hide it up).

God, how is Shannon not scared that he'll do it to her too?

No. 1416440

Pretty sure (hard to tell with this timeline) Shannon and Anthony were 'together' when he was still hanging out with Emily doing a music collab. It was around that time that he took advantage of her. Not sure what kind of relationship Shanthony were doing at the time, but I think Emily was completely unaware that she was involved in a toxic triangle and just trying to work though her own toxic character arc.

No. 1416492


Emily mentioned in her second video about Shannon that Anthony didn’t disclose Shannon was his gf when they still had contact, that makes me think he wasn’t proud of dating her and maybe was unfaithful.

Clearly no one gets why she is still with him when he’s a shitty musician, ugly and a terrible person but since Shannon is petty she should at least let us know.

No. 1416511


Maybe Anthony was using her for her body (Shannon is the sort of dumbass who would be oblivious to that sort of thing). But when he saw the $$$ her YouTube raked in, he went Griffith mode and decided to make her his Princess Charlotte.

As for him being ugly…I haven't seen his full face, but from Emily's video, he kinda reminded me of this side character, Jamie the Postman, from Steven Universe down to the horrid Calarts style.

No. 1416542

Ugh you nailed it. I thought this brand of 'dude' got cucked and fucked and died out years ago.

No. 1416554

Well she's barely making anything now. But a few hundred enough might be worth it for him. He seems like the kind of band looser who gets no gigs, sits on the sofa playing video games with his other band mate sucking down McDonalds fries
"Hey babe! I'm going to be famous some day chill! I don't need to get a job"

No. 1416584

Damn I wonder how Shannon would react if he broke up with her suddenly since she's no longer useful to him. Her reaction would be popcorn material.

No. 1416602

She would start to stalk him instead or go full Lorena Bobbitt

No. 1416646

instead of the commentary community making videos on her the true crime community would be covering her, if you catch my drift.

No. 1416649

tbh I hope its such a no nothing "end" affair and we never get the pleasure of hearing about her ever again.

No. 1416657

Nope, she'll be back in 6 months

No. 1416659

Bet on it! My money is already on her missing the monetization renewal deadline by a day and us getting one more tremendous display of Shannon's incompetency.

No. 1416687

I think “Amy” is an amalgamation of Emily, herself, and some random chick she had beef with. Probably she wanted to spice up a situation that happened with the latter and took inspiration from the girl she hated and what she did to her

No. 1416847

File: 1642146106568.png (433.62 KB, 743x493, anthony.png)

No. 1416854

accept not even close to CalArts. well, maybe physically lmao mfer was going to a tiny liberal arts community college somewhere in silicone valley. He wishes he was at CalArts

No. 1416865

He’s not ugly from far away but you can see his face here >>1411379

He’s ugly.

No. 1416881

Speaking of Anthony, I think this video raises some good points.the tl;dr for the section I'm most interested in is that Anthony and Shanon share a phone, so he may have contributed to the lolcow posts. Also the possibility that she was successful and hes a failure may have triggered him.

No. 1416969

File: 1642163405672.jpg (1.04 MB, 1015x1500, dereksavafe.jpg)

He looks familiar

No. 1417088

It was pretty fun to see her make a video on Shart, but I'll never forget some snake enthusiast making a video ranting about her and telling her to stay in her lane (most/all of her video came from his original video.)

No. 1417376


A lot of it is tinfoil although i too think Anthony is probably abusive with Shannon and even Emily laid the groundwork for Shannon to blame it all on Anthony, however, we know Shannon is a vindictive, emotionally retarded creep regardless of Anthony by how she’s treated HP, and other people for very minimal reasons and she had no problem using her friends and fans to attack them. It’d be good for her to leave him, but she’d still need to work on her shitty personality to rebuild her relationships with her family and friends (if she has any because her online friends don’t count).

No. 1417403

File: 1642198904870.jpg (1.42 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220114-161751_Dri…)

Deorio dropped a link to a leaked manuscript for her video, 112 pages but the good stuff comes in with the dirt she tried to drop on other youtubers
It also proves that she was in fact mostly pissed at tipster for commenting at Anthony

No. 1417405

File: 1642198934211.jpg (1.43 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220114-161804_Dri…)

Same fag but second half

No. 1417407

No. 1417418

File: 1642199772532.gif (283.22 KB, 220x153, 054A4939-5E95-4B9B-8E0E-C8A071…)

Awwww poor Shannon. She angy

No. 1417430

angy and broke

No. 1417444

She goes on too much about Tipster's dick. Did she tried to fuck him or something

No. 1417457

Kek. Poor little Shanmu. So flustered and bothered that she couldn't even spell shit right. She was better off binge eating her feelings at Taco Bell like she normally does than making this pitiful video as an act of vindication.

No. 1417502

Liked the video well enough but had to skip the "lolcow could be sued and they'll lose" potion after a few minutes. You have no right to anonymity if you break the website rules and dox people.

No. 1417718


Seeing her angrily list all her love bombing is so funny to me, but i found the last paragraph the funniest. We all knew there were no lawyers and no lawsuit but seeing her brag about possibly winning a lawsuit is genuinely funny, not only does she not have a clue how hacking works, she doesn’t have a clue how lawsuits work, if she ever had a case now she doesn’t. Good job Shannon, that’ll show them.

No. 1417905

she's never been able to spell lol Shart is dumb as a box of rocks

No. 1418358

why is she harping so hard on friendship when it was proven by lolcow that she was friends with no one and shit talking them. Hell she even tried to take down a couple of her friends for the lulz and views BEFORE the lolcow posts were released. I guess it sucks when it happens to her.

No. 1418366

It's something narcissist's do. They don't like people fighting back when they themselves know they'll lose. So they beat the person down so they don't want to do anything.

Though Shannon really showing her colors lately. I don't know what the video and this love letter was suppose to do? She's so irrationally upset. That and she literally told people not to defend her. She's swinging a knife around in a desperate attempt to hurt someone but she's just stabbing herself.

No. 1418494

I'd say the example you provided is more attractive unlike Anthony he doesn't look like a shy emo bitch, with dead inside eyes. this guy he may have been beat with the ugly stick one to many times but he's looks personable and not a whiney emo bitch boy.


No. 1418650


This guy is Derek Savage, and he actually is a whiny emo bitch boy, he threatened to send someone's address to ISIS because they made a YTP of him


Also the chick that Shannon called a "scam artist" who drew her pfp responded


No. 1418687

Shannon calls herself an artist but can't even draw her own pfp. :D(:D)

No. 1418691


No. 1418694

File: 1642335061823.jpg (228.61 KB, 521x461, toxicEXcreator.jpg)

Well luckily there's a new creator out there who's coming for Creep's spot… but with a lot less bullshit and a lot more healing. And… yeah… see ya!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1418872

File: 1642352849287.gif (1.38 MB, 320x240, dig-grave.gif)


>Shannon, showing her face on the internet again and making this video.

No. 1418876

kinda off topicy but why does Shannon, in most pictures of herself, have brown hair, but on youtube, the pfp of herself is blonde? Is that Jem's photo or did she dye it again?

No. 1418897

File: 1642354924870.png (562.58 KB, 775x798, Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 12.0…)


Wow she's really out here burning every bridge and acting like a fat and ugly Regina George.

At least Regina got nicer after getting hit by that bus.

No. 1418905

She uses a childhood photo of herself to appear relatable and garner sympathy. Hair can change colors as you grow and enter puberty. I was born blonde, had brown hair by age 8, and it's been red since 11. I assumed the same for her, as it was not the norm to dye a child's hair at that time.

Also it's probably the thinnest photo of her that exists

No. 1418921

File: 1642357888676.png (131.46 KB, 1289x661, Screenshot (203).png)

Someone made an excellent point. Shannon wants to pretend lolcow doesn't exist because the first person she shits on 4 years ago is EMILY ARTFUL! Shannon even outs herself further by saying "Emily is attacking people who does art story times. What a cow"
The exact same phrase that Shannon use to tell Emily on her sock puppet.
All the proof Shannon is a POS was provided by her and it's beautiful

No. 1418930

She even admitted to reuploading Emily's videos. 4 years ago Emily was a nobody. And on Shannon's own google doc, most of her archiving of Emily was between 2017-2018. Right when Shannon says "Someone" (Shannon) is doing it.

No. 1418934

File: 1642358319989.png (220.48 KB, 1126x765, creepshowarttrivia.png)

What if Anthony made her fatten up because he has a big woman fetish

Also relevant: her wiki page's trivia

That youtube channel that uploads her old videos is run by her and Anthony isn't it? If its still up, can Emily sue Shannon over it because its literal stalking?

No. 1418939

Shannon has always been a fat ass. It is, and even if she denies it, if Emily pursues this she's fucked. For me there is so much solid proof against Shannon. I hope Shannon is reading these threads. More people are aware of lolcow and someone else is going to see she was shit talking Emily 4 years ago.
When she was pretending she didn't know her

No. 1418967

Anyone ever catch her love bombing in the wild? I used to follow Syren Cove on Twitter and saw Shannon come into her page like a freight train with the compliments and drawings like every post Syren made had Shannon on it but after a while I saw her respond back less and less I’m guessing Syren could smell petty bullshit from a mile away and was just playing nice as everyone does when love bombed like that lol

No. 1419044

tbh going to be honest, I kind of always thought shanmu was crazy to begin with, my sperg senses were tingled when she kept making videos about some random tumblr spergs doing spergy edgy mcedgey art. these artists other wise than stupid videos I really had to search for them to see them in the wild in tumblr.

No. 1419147

I had a stroke reading this

No. 1419616


I said that creepshow was a stalker and literally just making things up.
Shannon, how much did Suzy pay you?
Please tell me it wasn't just in followers.(namefagging)

No. 1420006

File: 1642460490976.png (334.5 KB, 1252x386, Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 5.54…)

i was reading the doc, in multiple parts Shannon has the narrative like she thinks all these people are gonna be on their knees begging for her forgiveness and she literally gets herself riled up as she types about how she won't forgive them no matter how much they cry and beg. like she's fantasizing about it.

No. 1420161

"my children" kek since when did she want kids

No. 1420169

I don't think Shannon would be welcome in any family funerals. Didn't her family disown her for her shitty behavior, doxxing her sister and dating Anthony?

I guess Shannon forgot she gave up her entire life and career for Anthony

No. 1420281

I wonder if Shannon is just raving at the fact that this wasn't the roast she thinks it is and will only cause more legal trouble and getting exposed. Maybe she'll abandon society altogether and become a hermit given her pattern of running away and never owning up to anything.

No. 1420284

I know Holly is milky and kind of cunt, but even she's become more humble, admitted her art phases were toxic and retarded and made some effort to change. Even if Holly is shallow, she at least gets some enjotment from life and has hobbies. Shannon is simply a sadist edgelord sociopath who becomes emo when she can't masturbate to people's suffering or fuck Tipster.

No. 1420288

I also feel like Shannon's long doc is feeling of Isabella Loretta Jankeisms but unfortunately, doesn't have the glowey parents to back anything and has faceless threats.

Shannon standing up to far bigger and badder commentary channels is like that Chuwauwa who keeps barking at other dogs. They're dumb enough and unaware enough to think they're hot shit, but eventually they'll get hurt from it.

No. 1420291

File: 1642491962195.jpeg (25.56 KB, 600x460, the-best-funny-pictures-of-lit…)

Shannon going against commentary channels(sage your shit)

No. 1420333

File: 1642496827904.jpg (281.65 KB, 543x960, tumblr_ngzwrin4qC1su6fxxo4_128…)

Found this pic of Shammy thanks to her doxxing her sister's personal tumblr in the doc.

also I used the wayback machine to see Shannon's own tumblr (shannonmargaret) and all i saw was a reblog of a porn gif eating pussy lol

No. 1420334

File: 1642496937087.jpg (480.78 KB, 1178x960, tumblr_ngzwrin4qC1su6fxxo4_128…)

No. 1420347

yeah it's been gone since at least 2019.

No. 1420437

Feels kind of chilling. I've seen lots of people irl who look like this. Hell, I've seen women in California who look like this before I moved. I could have seen Shannon irl and we could have passed by each other and I would have never known.(sage your shit)

No. 1420482

lmao relax, she's not a serial murderer or something.

No. 1420655

What fresh autism is all this? Is Shannon trying to derail the thread or something?

No. 1420735

Is she pregnant? That could explain why she looks so fat.

No. 1420838

No shes talking about future children with rapist Anthony Parker. she’s always been fat, and her sister is fat. Maybe it’s a genetic thing.

No. 1420863

KT is that you?

No. 1420865


Shannon's job is (was) YouTube and her husband is a bum with no money, how are they gonna get the funds to raise a kid? I recall somewhere else it was said Shannon has infertility problems as well…

No. 1420933

Isn't this to her they/them sister (I might be wrong)? If she's not lying about her having BPD (they both seem crazy), this seems like the only way to respond/react to her

No. 1421004

Shannon is lying about everything concerning her sister. I dug pretty deep (thanks to Shannon providing all the links and dox), and the sister is just an lgbt fat feminist who wants to be left alone by her. Some recap:
- the sister is estranged from her whole family, including Shannon and wants no contact.
- Shannon stalks her as much as she stalked Emily. She made an anonymous reddit post about her, made that SJW video about her, and in the doc clearly confesses that she stalks her private socials. Also the sister claimed that she too would get sockpuppets messaging her.
- Shannon has been randomly sending her money for no reason, while knowing the sister wants no contact from her. Including being the anonymous donor who donated $13k to her gofundme, sending her $1k through venmo, etc. There is also a screenshot of Shannon emailing to tell her that if she ever needed money to let her know.
- when the sister was in the hospital, the staff called her emergency contacts, which was her estranged family. shannon got worried and call back, the sister hung up on her. Shannon got so mad that she came and doxxed her on lolcow, which is the reason she was exposed.
- the drama blew up, and thanks to the dox, people found the sister's private twitter and bombarded her with questions about shannon. She briefly unprivated and answered questions.
- Shannon is irate that she answered questions, hence this ragey google doc attack. The doc is full of more lies. She lied that the sister emailed her to kill herself right after the twitter Q&A, but doesn't show a screenshot of it because it didn't happen. I guess that was her pea-brain attempt at publicly smearing her as revenge.

tldr: shannon is a lying + vindictive jealous stalker of not just Emily but also her sister.

No. 1421155

Hopeless peaches made a good point in her response to creepshows video, she pointed out that Shannon forgot that the dates under some of her proof shows that Shannon took the screenshots far before 6 months ago. I went to the facebook that Shannon links in her script and would you know it Shannon was sitting on this screenshot for a year

No. 1421157

File: 1642569604298.jpg (846.79 KB, 2896x2896, 20220119_001340.jpg)

Samefag this is the screenshot in question vs what it says if you look at the comments as of 2021

No. 1421167

No.. Emily's video came out in June 2021, this post is from December 2012.

In June 2021, December 2012 was still 8 years ago, with 6 months before it turned 9.

No. 1421211

omg I bet it is

No. 1421232

File: 1642583939332.png (697.67 KB, 1957x1308, Shannon isn't too bright.png)

Shannon definitely started archiving her proof before July 2021, her replies to >>>/ot/350999 are proof enough.

not to mention she thought others would ignore that she put wayback links that are dated August 11 and 22 2013, Meaning they were archived right around the time that Shannon started dating Anthony. all her other Archive links are dated August 10 2021 look like Shart was trying to make it look like it was all saved at the same time.

No. 1421299

File: 1642595821979.png (679.64 KB, 1246x700, tsktskshannon.PNG)

Edwin also noted in his video about one of the screenshots. The FB post is from August 29th, 2009, aka 12 years ago, but above the comments it says 11 years ago, meaning she likely took the screenshot in 2020. Oh and the wayback machine evidence just seals the deal.

No. 1421300

Edwin uploaded a new video getting reactions from people Creepshart ragetyped about

No. 1421454

>dug pretty deep
>everything is in the last thread
Oh dear.

It sounds like someone pretending to be / referencing it. Unless Shanmu watched a gamegrumps video one time or something, KT wouldn't care.

No. 1421649

File: 1642619990123.jpeg (141.99 KB, 640x481, 63D77243-B1CB-49E4-8BAF-63AB61…)

Once again, Emily released her video in June 2021. That post is from August 2009. Shannon had 2 months after the video was released to take that screenshot where it would still say “”11y”.Can you basic math?

No. 1421702

KT used to claim that Shammu was paid by Suzy to make that “Game Grumps Stalker” video so I bet she’s relishing in the fact she got called out

No. 1422053

Shannon actually looks quite a bit thinner here than I’m used to seeing her. Was this during her so called eating disorder phase?

No. 1422070

shannon never puts up a photo unless it's extremely filtered, so i'd seriously doubt anything about pics she uploads herself.

No. 1422214

Its heavily filtered but also an illusion of the clothes. She carefully used the over-shirt to hide her gut and shadow it at the sides but if you look you can still see it. She hides being a hambeast as well as she hid being a complete unhinged nightmare

No. 1422288

>I didn't know how to contact her. I had no way of doing so. And she never contacted me for any refund, which I would have given her if she had. But after she left, Emily found my posts and offered to pay off the rest of the commission FOR Shannon.

Damn Emily is genuinely a nice a person. Shannon could never lmaooo

No. 1422708

Nah she would, she'd just hold it over your head if you dare tell her she made a mistake once.

No. 1422775


Shannon you are a serial liar and expect people to believe you.

No. 1423153

My bad, I'd forgotten about that.

She'd only do it if it was in a stream for a bigger name or something. Some situation where she could show everyone what a great person she is. And then go back to shit talking them behind the scenes.

No. 1423965

Finished watching Creepshart's comeback vid and her entire argument is that Emily's timeline is off but the first thing she does is prove that Emily has a traumatic brain injury. An addict with a tbi misremembering a timeline? How shocking lmaoo.

Idk why Shannon spends so much time sperging about Emily having a small frame and naturally large breasts but it sounds like Emily is wearing the wrong bra size (a 32D isn't actually very big). She needs to hit up the r/abrathatfits calculator and save herself the backpain lol.

No. 1423976

If she spent a lot of time sperging about Emily's breast size she's obviously jealous

No. 1423999

I had to the worst dream Creepshart dropped a new video exposing Emily Artful and commentators and it had like five douchy commentator friends she somehow was still friends with and it was an hour and 20 minutes long.

No. 1424029

She has such clearly wildly unchecked bpd that she's obsessed with her and jealously hates her so much that she also wants to fuck her too. bpd is a wiiiiiild ride till you complete dbt treatment…

No. 1424064

She could have have BPD and narcissistic personality disorder based on her behavior, but it's hard to say without a confirmed diagnosis.

No. 1424123


It's unfair to assume or armchair analyze without a diagnosis, but it's also plain to see she has been hoarding all 9 criteria for the last decade.

No. 1424136

Not every shitty person has a mental disorder. Sometimes people are garbage and just that. Some of the nicest people I've ever met have struggled with mental illness. At the end of the day human brains are diverse, and unless Shannon gets an actual diagnosis from a licensed professional, I'd rather not throw around those terms so casually.

No. 1424274

I know it is a super unscientific thing to say but some people just have a rotten personality. I do think there is a nurture factor that influenced Shannon’s behavior but, at the same, I think she always had a skewed moral compass

No. 1424325

Ive seen undiagnosed cows get called bpd for doing less than what shannon has done. Its not far off to say the girl that stalked and harrassed her scrotes ex for YEARS while posting on lolcow dissing her friends MIGHT possibly have a personality disorder.

No. 1424329

You’re beyond ridiculous. Just stop diagnosing through a screen, you don’t know what bpd is by the sound of it.

No. 1424330

I cant be the only person who thinks shannon stalks emily bc shes in love with emily. Its probably why goes going off about her boobs. Also would explain her gat slurs bc shes a closet lesbian. I think she only dated anothony because anthony used to be close to emily and emily is who she really wants

No. 1424331

Tell me you’re trolling. IQ -80

No. 1424335

As a closest lesbian i can almost guarantee shannon wants to fuck emily(sage your shit)

No. 1424377

I think it is more a case of skin crawling imho

No. 1424397

Shannon also kept going on and on about Tipster’s dick too so does that mean she’s actually bi?

No. 1424430

we get it, you're gay

No. 1425176

File: 1642995007652.jpg (47.79 KB, 1072x236, eyesemojii.JPG)

From Bryce's video, peep that he liked this comment.

No. 1425310


(link to timestap: https://youtu.be/Y3xHC4GwNrQ?t=5820)

In the timestamp, Shannon is talking about Brandon, and the section also uses footage of her "flashing people at the gym" storytime which has now been deleted (hmmm, sure wonder why).

In the DMs Shannon pretends to be a victim of what Emily had been through, after Emily tells her about the harassment she's been receving.

Shortly later, an account named Britta Filter messages Emily and takes responsibility for the harassment (after Emily told Shannon she was going to get legal authorities involved, hMMM).

Oh by the way this Britta Filter account? It's also a sockpuppet Shannon used at one point as shown here: https://twitter.com/dishsoap1234/status/1403807304307425281/photo/4 and here: https://youtu.be/mE4NMeN-APg?t=352

No. 1425654

instead of deleting videos Shannon is setting more of them on private. I guess pretending to be a "bad bitch" is really incriminating now

No. 1425908

Remember that creepy channel with Emily’s old videos audio and gameplay footage? It seems that Shannon deleted it ( assuming it was hers but we know that’s probably the case)

No. 1427400

A self hating dyke on lolcow dot farm? Shocked. Shocked I say.

I love reading anachan pick me radfems sperging about two average girls being so fugly. The projection is delicious.

No. 1427434

I wouldn't think too much about Shannon's sexuality. She's boring and straight. She's only fascinated by Emily because she use to date Anthony. She feels insecure and keeps comparing herself to her. She can't compete, even with 10 filters over her sagging, chubby face. Why she was spread the rumor Emily was born a man.
Emily is no model but she has a better body (even after children), has better hair, skin, everything. That isn't saying much, everyone looks better than her.
Guess that diet of tacobell and hate really ages you

No. 1427841

spoken like a true bpdchan

No. 1428089

File: 1643269163178.png (57.61 KB, 892x232, shanmulawyer.png)

No. 1429122

File: 1643356675700.png (4.34 MB, 1489x2048, shannonhighschool.png)

No. 1429130

Its empty threats. There would have been no video from her if she was actually working with a competent legal team/lawyer.

No. 1429166

File: 1643366653325.jpg (147.72 KB, 1200x900, 11239627x18-el-da-en-que-m.jpg)

A letter from a lawyer is not the same as a court order so it's really just a scrap of paper. Sounds like Shannon got herself a one time Lionel Hutz to send a threatening letter.

No. 1429202


I think the lawyer is for the lolcow stuff/everything else she DIDN'T address in her latest video. Many people did point out that the video never addressed the lolcow allegations, after all.

Also I wonder if LegalEagle would make a video on this

No. 1429226

You can buy a cease & desist online from a lawyer for $250. They give you a form letter and the option to fill it out yourself.

No. 1429247

Emily has expereince with law enforcement before, I think she'd be smart enough to tell what's fake and what isn't.

No. 1429736


She was definitely no stunner, but she looks a hell of a lot better with lighter hair than the obvious boxed black hair dye that she likes to use in an attempt to look like Emily. She tries extremely hard to pull off that hot goth e-girl look but it just doesn't work for her. She needs to embrace her plain-janeness and stick to a more natural appearance. She has a horribly prominent widow's peak that isn't flattering to her bulldog face and the jet black hair only exaggerates that. Though, I don't think it would be out of the realm of possibility if Anthony made Shannon dye her hair and look a certain way similar to Emily since he's so fucking obsessed.

No. 1429835

File: 1643439691889.jpg (146.14 KB, 1282x460, fb.jpg)

sorry if this was mentioned already, but in the video doc Shannon claims (twice) that she attempted suicide + starved herself and for that reason she was left infertile, she uses this as both a guilt trip and to claim that her sister mocked her for it. But in the original doc, there is zero mention of any of that, and instead there's 2 casual mentions of future children with Anthony.

No. 1429839


Probably just another fucked up excuse to make herself seem more so 'relatable' and victimize herself even further. 99% sure she can probably carry a child to full term and is just using it for sympathy points. Anthony probably just doesn't want to have a baby with her gnarled, fucked up uterus and rather Emily's. That's why he's so fucking obsessed with her and her current offspring.

No. 1429852

If anyone thinks Shannon is attractive, then you must think Lillee Jean is attractive too, because they have the same singular appeal. That being the white halos of having blue eyes, fair hair and fair skin. If you can look past that, Shannon doesn't have a single feature that is conventionally attractive, and that's without considering she's a whale.

No. 1429985


Uh…how can starving yourself cause infertility? Sorry if its a dumb question but I've heard a lot of women carry pregnancies successfully despite health complications. Or are Anthony's children adopted/from a prior marriage/partner?

No. 1430047

You're forgetting the fact that she has ruined her body and skin and will never be even close to looking like that photo again.

No. 1430091

She meant future children with him. Before changing her mind and faking infertility via starvation to use as a victim card against her sister. Shannon loves lying about shit she doesn't even have basic understanding of.

No. 1430095

Well…I decided to research Shannon's claim that she "witnessed a rape". Apparently there WAS a reported rape at the college she attended, but since it happened at 2 AM in a dorm room there's no way she could have witnessed it unless she was the culprit, or an accomplice, or just a coward who sat by and watched their roommate being assaulted. I'm more inclined to believe if she was involved at all that she was the offender, seeing how many rapists will whale (pun intended) on and on about how much they "hate" rape culture as a means of deflection. Think about it, Shannon's channel mainly grew from her sending PA requests against "predators" to her retarded middle schooler sub base, and it later turned out her buddy Jakeyonce is fond of "cheese pizza", and the Peaches drama came off to me like a groomer scorned by their victim.

No. 1430103

Maybe her husband was the rapist

No. 1430104

more like Shannon heard news of it while she was at school, but in typical Shammy fashion, twisted the story into a dramatic ploy for sympathy towards herself.

No. 1430115

where did you even find this pic of her anon?

No. 1430135

Nta, it's been posted before. It was found on Facebook originally I believe.

No. 1430154

I think Shannon used to be pretty in this picture. Aside from her weight her other features look ok. her skin complexion, hair and eye color and small delicate features go well together. Her face is average yeah but she really wasn't as ugly as she is today. It's as if the evil she has done projected to her face and ruined her looks as time went on. She looks much worse now.

No. 1430485

I have a feeling her "starving" herself is limiting herself to just 3 meals a day and no snacks.
But yeah, seeing as how Shannon lies about everything, her having no kids is a choice. I don't think Shannon has the capacity to love anything, including a kid. If she did have a kid, I would feel so bad for them

I don't count pictures of when someone was a child or teen as an accurate measure of how attractive they were or cold be.

No. 1430569

Those senior pictures are almost always retouched iirc

Her evil personality has degenerated her into Rosie o donnell 2.0

No. 1430655

I mean..knwoing you're infertile would require actually trying to get pregnant and failing at it every time, there could also be a lot of false pregnancies. After that you would undergo some testing. Has Shannon been busy trying for a kid at this time?

No. 1430689


I doubt Shannthony have the wealth for fertility testing, or even IVF/adoption. And its possible that Anthony may be sterile, or got a vasectomy.

What happened to the rapist? Was he arrested?

As horrible as Shannon is, if the victim was someone close to her/ a friend, I can understand why she would feel traumatized enough to leave the college.

No. 1430771


The rape happened a little under 2 months before when Shannon would have been set to graduate so that's unlikely. I doubt she has the empathetic capability to have friends or recognize that rape is wrong, the bitch has CP on her devices after all.

No. 1430785

Idk if it is a false memory or something but I remember that Shannon also mentioned she struggled with addiction (alcohol specifically). I remember because she made it look like it was during her homelessness days. I am almost sure she mentioned it in her early vids

No. 1430824

Honestly with how much she dramatized her voluntary homelessness, i have a feeling she would also dramatize a possible addiction. If she was dealing with addiction, she would have probably been more sympathetic and understanding of Emilys addiction. Or maybe not, some addicts get a holier than thou judgy attitude once theyre clean. If this is true, i have a feeling she only binge drank a couple times then acted like she had a full blown addiction

No. 1430843

I'll try to find the video. Maybe I misheard but I remember I even left a comment saying I was glad she was in a better place and all that jazz (cringy, I know)

No. 1430912

I'm sorry but this bitch has not starved herself to the point of infertility. A straight up lie.

No. 1431054

She was probably just trying to heavily imply she's pregnant so people would feel bad for attacking a pregnant woman and might be less harsh / minimal on the backlash imo

No. 1431324


yeah, the only reason she wants kids is to spit out a bunch of living fleshlights for anthony (herself too maybe)

No. 1431330

i doubt she would even starve herself

No. 1431360

Apparently Bryce's FaceBook page is public, and it's sheer fucking cringe. Unironic Tony Stark fan, gets butthurt about how video games intended for a SJW audience have themes that would be interesting to a SJW audience and not him, and still uses "gay" as a term for "stupid" like he never matured past high school. Creepy as fuck.


No. 1431437

I hope this guy is on some watch list

No. 1431454

Here she mentions she might not have bio kids because her eating disorder in case someone need confirmation of that

No. 1431473

No. 1431497

that’s so outrageous

No. 1431514

and Shannon is pissed her fans "Don't care" about issues she use to preach about. But her only friend outside of her husband is like this. It's good to see people finally seeing how she really is. I was getting tired of Shannon's obvious "White savior" complex. She's just your typical racist/homophobic white chick who desperately wants to be better than everyone else

No. 1431524

Her saying she had an ED is just as ridiculous as Tess Holiday saying she has an ED. Also, didn't Emily have an ED? She's just one of those obese people who whine they can't eat 10k calories a day so they must have an ED
"b-but I only had a tacobell 12 pack with no burritos! I'm STARVING myself because I'm scared of getting fatter!"

No. 1431565

Even though I do not like to guess about someone else's mental issues, I feel that giving CSA's record, it is very possible she overblowed the real extent of her situation. Like, she went through an overeating or restrictive phase and she was like "I HAVE AN ED OMG!". The same with alcohol, maybe she drank too much for a short while and she presented this as being alcoholic.

I am pretty sure that even the Amy deal kinda happened but she took pieces of different stories and put them together to create something interesting for her channel

No. 1431720

Sage because it’s not new information, but someone made a little cartoon about Shanthony and I thought this depiction of Shannon was the closest so far.

No. 1431755

>even the Amy deal kinda happened
No it didn't. Shannon wishes. She views having a stalker as something flattering, which is why she made it up in the first place.

No. 1431793

i cringed so hard my face hurt
this is scrote tier humor

No. 1431802

i thought it was funny too. maybe you're just a cringer.

No. 1431851

Why does Shannon like like Peter Griffin and Anthony looks like a teen

Why is it drawn in the boomers artstyle they use for their r/phonesarebad comics

Why is Anthony's hair styled like Sonuc the Hedgehog

No. 1431959

Agreed. That was embarrassing and not funny

No. 1433094

File: 1643832150578.jpg (28.19 KB, 360x450, 0220202195838384_save.jpg)

The general vibe of his profile.>>1411747

No. 1433405

fucking kek

No. 1433503

Accurate but this felt like something id see from some flash animation site from 2009. Although I am glad more people are making fun of how anthony is letting her fend for herself right now even though he was the one that this whole psycho stalking and harrassment thing stemmed from. Imagine doing all this psycho ride or die type shit for a guy who wont even publicly defend you

No. 1433722

Shannon fits what Anthony wanted. Desperate, can't get any other guy, alone and willing to stalk and obsessive over his real love interest which is Emily.

No. 1435540

EmilyArtful said on Tuesday her response video was coming this week, I wonder if that’s gonna drop today or tomorrow. I’m sure Shannon has been refreshing constantly.

No. 1435881

ik nonna I've been checking YouTube almost religiously. There is also an interview by Emily coming on another channel, can't remember what it was called but its ran by some obnoxious bitch in a teal wig.

No. 1436001

Oh swoop, she’s mid. She did a 48 minute video on creepshow already but tbh I don’t know if there’s anything new to add to the conversation. I’ve been refreshing Emily’s Twitter, she’s still working on her video so my guess is Monday or Tuesday now

No. 1436274

>some obnoxious bitch in a teal wig.

This is such a funny description especially when that teal wig is her skinwalking her ex friend Mykie's Youtube profile image

No. 1436929

File: 1644242987784.png (114.75 KB, 945x640, anthonyisamy.png)

Thoughts on this comment?

Also Creepshow's response to Emily is at 61K Dislikes, I am so proud of this community <3

No. 1437074


That comment implies Shannon was really being harassed by an "Amy."

No. 1437263


It’s a theory, but if that was the case then why does Shannon say in her original version of the document that “Amy” is a woman named “Stephanie”? If “Amy” is real, then why is Shannon only showing us supposed conversations from when they were younger when she’s stated more than a few times that “Amy” is someone she still had contact with to this day? Hell, she didn’t even post screenshots of the conversations where “Amy” supposedly showed Shannon her daughter or when Shannon consulted her about making the stalker video in the first place. I don’t doubt that Anthony was also harassing Shannon in some way, but I think it’s a stretch to say he was “Amy”.

No. 1437344

This person is so amazingly stupid, why did you screenshot their ridiculous theory and bring it here?

No. 1437529

Painting Shannon as Anthony's victim tries to paint Shannon in a more innocent light
Shannon is just a cunt

No. 1437618

The bit about Anthony playing Shannon and Emily off of one another. I'm not sympathizing with her, but she seems the sort of idiot to fall for Anthony's trap especially as she refuses to divorce him despite the proof that he's not a good person

No. 1437675

In order for Emily to be pinned against Shannon, it would have involved Emily knowing Shannon was behind the stalking. Neither Anthony or Shannon wanted Emily to know she was behind it, they both tried to run her off their trail many times. There doesn't need to be some conspiratorial reason for why this all happened.

No. 1437789

According to Shannon, Amy started stalking her before she and Anthony even met.

No. 1437817


who let shannon back on lolcow?

No. 1437931

Ik the "hi cow" posts got old fast but i really do wonder if shannon is stealth posting occasionally. I wouldnt put it past her to start trying to set up the "anthony did all of this, i was just a victim!" route. I do believe that shannon is a victim but shes also still responsible for her own actions. She can be a victim and an abuser

No. 1437947

Lol. Do you think Shannon would post anything here implying her precious angel Anthowy is less than a perfect feminist icon?

Also wasn't she banned from the site after she publicized her sister's Twitter

No. 1438010

Anthony is the closest thing she will get to dating a hot "young" punk/alt guy bad boy. We all know Shannon wants to date a Corpse Husband look alike (The drawing, not the actual Corpse)
Anyway, my point being, she would never leave Anthony because Shannon looks like an anthro bulldog

No. 1438025

Wait, she was banned?(namefag)

No. 1438180

I know Anthony looks like the incel silhouette and is peak cringelord, but I actually liked that little snippet of his music from Emily's video. Shannon is obsessed with the scene/emo aesthetic, she even made Amy a scene queen who had "hot emo boys get into literal fist fights over her", so Anthony being an emo boy musician "bad boy" as anon said, is probably her wet dream. Now consider that she's a fat, frumpy, talentless pickme and it's no wonder she's so viciously jealous of his prettier, thin, talented ex.

No. 1438431

anybody else furiously refreshing Emily's youtube? it's time.

No. 1438437

No. 1438506


babe wakeup i- new emily artful dropped

No. 1438515

Bob is not giving me “force you into caming.” He sounds and looks very sincere.(sage)

No. 1438597

That means absolutely nothing anon

No. 1438638

It doesn't really bring anything new to the table, and good for her. At least creepshart will stay dead and buried, even though I kinda hope she would try to make a comeback

No. 1438647

I hope Shannon becomes a washed up has been.

No. 1438651

Also why does Shannon accuse Emily of over sharing yet reference their sibling publically on the internet?

No. 1438667

It was the video we expected, which is good because everyone could see the holes in Shannon's response.

The only thing you could point out as new is the suboxone angle. I can see Shannon in 6 months from now posting how Emily is a liar like "sHe CHanGed HeR StORy,mY dUDes! SEE? ShE sAid shE wAs HIgh on hEROine bUT noW sHe saYs shE WaS higH on suBoxOne!!!!!1". It would be fun to see her trying again.

Also the video's last bit about Shannon not fulfilling a commission was perfection. Her "I support small creators" narrative went down the drain

No. 1438668

I'm not surprised Shannon is a scam artist tbh.(sage)

No. 1438671

I hope the artist Shannon scammed gets to move on. I feel like that was a dick move.(i hope you learn how to sage properly)

No. 1438877

I’m a single day Emily’s video already has 200k views while Shannon’s still has 300k after a month, I know that alone gotta hurt her lmao

No. 1438990

It is kinda funny that shannons art isnt even good enough for people to do the whole "seperate the art from the artist" thing.

No. 1439224

You mean she hasn't already? I mean, the lawyer she got on her side is some pathetic firm who're in the business to remove negative reviews for businesses. She's sunken lower than a washed up has-been. She's floating about in the sewers right now.

No. 1439287

Shannon is a washed up never-was.

No. 1439308

I have a strong feeling that we'll get a part 3 when Shannon and Anthony break up and she makes a video with a new twist to all of this pinning all the blame on him.

No. 1439347

Either that or shes going to pull a Karla Homolka, she already put her face to the collected "evidence" she and her husband have on Emily minus whatever she was alluding to withholding in her script. She practically archived Emily's birth at this point; did a shit job of hiding it given most of the archiving on wayback was directly after they started dating. I feel like even if Anthony got over Emily, which I very much doubt, Shannon would probably obsessively bring her up just to be like "yea fuck her, lol I'm so much better than her.. right? RIGHT?!"

That or Anthony is the one talking about Emily which feels more like every white dude who cannot fathom the fact that all their ex.
Idk why but Shanthony strike me as that couple that watch Onision and harem animes together while both scream "your gonna leave me" at each other.

No. 1439378

File: 1644476795842.jpg (58.4 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20220210-015920_You…)

Shannon really is such a moron that she used messages of her and Anthony sperging out about Emily as proof? She also forgot to leave out the part where she literally proves Kevin's statement true by saying that he didnt tell her.

No. 1439416

Finally got through watching it and like >>1438638 mentioned, nothing new added but I understand why she made it and I'm happy for her. It's cool that she stood up for herself and tried to go over as much as she could and felt necessary even though she didn't have to.

I think at this point. Shannon has been effectively canceled and there's no way in hell she can have a successful comeback at this point.

No. 1439472

I don't think she'd try that after she's been mocked to pieces by everyone. Then again she has the emotional maturity of a 6 year old so who knows.

It would be really funny if Anthony dumped her and began dating another chick who would start harassing Shannon online tho.

No. 1439494

I wonder what does Shannon do for a living now that there isn't much of a chance for her to do youtube? A lot of companies wouldn't hire someone who's been very publically outed for bad behavior.
What did she work with before youtube?

No. 1439495


Emily said she met Anthony while working shifts at a movie theater. And since she bragged about making 20K a month on lolcow, she probably has enough to fund her own college education.

No. 1439740

In my state it costs $400 to legally change your name. She could just take Anthony’s last name (which isn’t really Parker) and escape the google search problem pretty easily.

No. 1439931

Theoretically yes but in california (I believe) if you want to change your name you have to send out a public notice in a newspaper or something.

No. 1439936

Didn't Shannon state she resides in Nevada (in one of her storytime videos, but it could have been a lie she copied off Emily)? It costs $270 to change your name there. Then again her face is pretty damn recognizable. Besides won't it show her old legal name if you dig deep enough? We all remember what happened when EDP445 tried that.

No. 1439953

I think if she changes her name so she can't be googled she can find a job. However I don't know what marketable skills she could use to do so

No. 1439979

>Besides won't it show her old legal name if you dig deep enough?
no lol, i speak as someone who has legally changed their name, there is no paper trail back to it. you would only know from word of mouth, like somebody who knows Shannon calling her employer and saying "she used to be called Shannon Campbell, google her". Besides you're WILDLY overestimating Shannon's "fame". She was a faceless art commentary youtuber for a short time, that's an obscure niche. And also she didn't do anything that bad to be left unemployable. She's a cyber-stalker, that's it.

No. 1439995

I mean she was famous enough to be named by KeemStar, H3, Corpse and Dangelo (prior to her being exposed). And it was more than cyberstalking, she had 'videos' of Emily. Shannon also stated in her doc that she was recognized by irl people.

No. 1440042

Nothing comes up if you google Shannon Campbell, creepshow doesn't appear in any of the results, images or suggestions, even if you scroll down or go 10 pages in advance. Top things that came up were Ashley Campbell's brother, a councilwoman from Florida, and a guitarist on youtube with 1.6k subs. Shannon and these people from the drama/tea/commentary niche are no where near the celebrity status you all think they are.

No. 1440048

>>1439995 yeah but shannon is a liar and she was using the "i was recognized" bit to try and guilt trip everyone for daring to call out her shit behavior.
i think i recall that statement being a hypothetical, like "WHAT IF i was recognized and bludgeoned to death because of all these lies!? what then!?" bullshit.
unless you're referring to a quote that wasn't referenced on here. i didn't care to read 100+ pages of psychotic seething.

No. 1440169

I remember Shannon saying she worked for a company using her art. I never believed this EVER, and I remember someone trying to argue that she did in fact work for a company in the art field and thinking about it… it was probably Shannon lying as some random person on the internet. No way she uses her “art skilled” and gets paid lol.

No. 1440183

I remember she mentioned she worked in an exclusive doll store when she was living in her car. It seems most of her job experience is in retail

No. 1440234

File: 1644543025509.jpg (208.16 KB, 707x434, jjk.jpg)


No. 1441344

the drama did make it to mainstream media though. Several news sites made articles when the whole debacle started.

No. 1441428

kek, get wrecked shart

No. 1441509

Creepshit Fart BTFO'd hard lmao

No. 1441606

Emily's interview with Swoop is out that she mentioned in her video on Shannon


No. 1441609

>>1441606 same anon, apologies not sure how to make the thumbnail show up. Just a warning there is a few tangents but the most interesting thing mentioned is the question of Shannon uses any other websites, which she probably does cause I'm sure shannon is seething at the fact she can't post on lolcow anymore kek

No. 1441650

A few things Emily said I found interesting (but yeah, it's mostly a recap of why Shannon's video failed so hard, stuff we already know, + Emily adding to the info in her video)

- She kinda thinks the response was written by both of them or that at least Anthony was a source for information (mentions occasional use of 'we,' the texts amongst themselves ABOUT her + lying about friends they 'verified' with like anon mentioned)

- Emily: Anthony's silence through this "says everything it needs to."

- She said Shannon's video was "the greatest gift she could have given me, because now she has nothing left to hold over my head." Also unwittingly revealing that in recent years Emily hasn't done anything Shannon could even skew as wrong

- Swoop asks Emily about the 'blurred DMs' and what sparked that confrontation with Shannon. Shannon talked about these DMs in her video but it was to try to make Emily seem deceptive since she ~blurred out~ part of Shannon's text (about–you guessed it–she was homeless). Fucking lol that one of the unblurred sentences Shannon revealed for this gotcha was literally "Please don't tell anyone."

- Emily's most shocking realization through this was that Shannon had so much rage that she didn't even give a shit how she made herself look. That she had so much anger and bitterness and hatred for Emily she could not inauthentically play nice or even care at all about saving her own ass

- Swoop asks if Emily sees forgiveness happening. Emily believes Shannon is a victim of Anthony in some way too so she says she is still angry, but has already forgiven Shannon. "Anthony is nothing. No forgiveness; he gets nothing."

No. 1441849

Something I found super interesting was the reason behind Emily posting her first vid. She said she was afraid that Shannon was planning to pin her down as the "hacker" who spoofed her IP here. The fact the brought up Amy made her think she was going to make a video on her to save her ass

No. 1441862

I think you misinterpreted. it sounded more like she saw the lolcow expose go down and thought "she's weakened, here's my chance", because before that Shannon was too intimidating to provoke. That's also how I remember it happening. Emily's first tweets about this was how she was crying and shaking because her stalker was finally being exposed for the shitrag she is.

You forgot something, the part I thought was most interesting: Emily says that multiple people who know Shannon have DM'ed her to say that Anthony has been abusive to her, but she won't listen.

No. 1442191

what's with all the twitterfags?

No. 1442217

swoop is literally unwatchable. She's so fucking annoying, trying to be #RELATABLE and actually comes across as pretty manipulative through pretending to be nice and supportive. I could barely skim through that video.

No. 1442219

I can buy Shannon being a victim of Anthony, but why would Emily forgive her? Shannon literally has done so much shit to her and never even apologized/shown remorse. Did Shannon at least say "I was wrong" or "I hurt you and I should be held accountable". Emily is a much better person than I am.

I recall her sister also called Anthony an abuser (but according to Shannon she hates him 'for being a straight white male')

No. 1442223

her triple checking with emily before asking her any questions felt so performative, and her constant cutaways to "petty university" segments are equivalent to poop emoji sweatpants cringe.

>if she's gonna be built on petty, she should be aware she looks like a dead fish in all her thumbnails lined up together.

No. 1442343

I like her but it can be a bit over the top sometimes. I dont think she was manipulative but the whole petty kween valid kween stuff was a little over the top when emily was explaining pretty well articulated responses that weren't really petty in nature.

Emily reacted pretty reasonably and mature and even at times sympathetic to the bullshit shanthony put her through, and most people wouldn't have been so mature and probably would have truly petty and kicked their doughy asses by now. I should clarify thats not a threat since im sure shannon is lurking and always overdramatizes everything. Emily was an easy target for them and thats why she chose her. And even now she is very mature in her responses

No. 1442363

Saged because this is a question I'm looking to hear some thoughts on this but I was watching Emily's recent video with a friend and when it got to the part about the rape, she says that Emily is being ridiculous and that she wasn't raped by Anthony.

I tried to explain that it's because Anthony was sober when he had sex with her while she was heavily drugged and drunk at the same time, that she wasn't in the right state of mind when they had sex but she thinks that it was consensual because she's the one who invited him over. I tried to explain that even though she had invited him, he should've seen that she more than likely was not in the right state of mind.

We agreed to disagreed but I'm wondering if I was really right to believe it was rape since she did invite him over and technically engaged but still, she was drunk and high… I'd understand if both parties were intoxicated but from what was shown in the story, he was completely sober.

No. 1442383

File: 1644785883049.png (102.86 KB, 488x312, kys.png)

>she had invited him
Both of you fucking stupid for one simple reason, Emily never said she invited him over FOR SEX, that was not a sex invitation. Nor that she engaged sexually with him while he was raping her. She only noticed he was doing it while she was drifting in and out of consciousness.

No. 1442487

Saged because it is not that milky, but I found an interesting piece of info.

Shannon in this video says that she was getting weird DMs with triggering SH pics from a fan. She says then that's the reason why she is closing DMs and why she closed Twitter.

Her last lolcow post was in March, one month before she posted said video. I think she was getting ready to her downfall and making excuses to justify herself.

My question is, she could have know she was going to be outed here? I'd have loved to see her freaking out during those following months

No. 1442536

>if she's gonna be built on petty, she should be aware she looks like a dead fish in all her thumbnails lined up together.
KEK. I had to scroll back to her vids from a year ago to find a pic of her with her mouth closed

No. 1442576

I guess I wasn't paying as much attention as I should've. So she invited him over but not for sex, just to more than likely talk/hangout. I got caught up with the whole he came in through her window thing and the text message.

The point though is that she wasn't in the right state of mind since she was drifting in and out of consciousness. So technically it would be rape. I forgot to add that my friend said that she couldn't believe that it was rape because in her words she said "I think rape is more about having sex against your will" but I was still trying to get her to understand that she was crossfaded. I was trying to argue that Anthony was not drunk or high and thus was the sober one and if he were decent, he wouldn't have engaged in sex with her seeing her drifting in and out of context but she (my friend) said that "she shouldn't have invited him over then".

I just think my friend was being stupid and not understanding what informed consent is.

No. 1442692

I sympathise with Emily in every other way, but I think you really can't have sex and then years later decide it was rape and start publicly calling out the guy.

No. 1442754

People normalize certain behaviors and then realize they are not normal. Rape is not always like in the movies, super violent and at gunpoint. Grow up

No. 1442771

Well I feel uncomfortable about my first time. I was definitely coerced, but I still agreed to have sex. Should I start publicly outing him as a rapist all these years later because I realised later that I was pressured and uncomfortable?

No. 1442785

even if she invited him over "for sex," the fact that she was heavily intoxicated and he was sober means she couldn't meaningfully consent and he should not have engaged with her sexually. the reason he was invited is irrelevant.

why not? sometimes you need a bit of distance from a situation before you can process it properly. also, as an adult it's much easier to recognise that something you rationalized or blamed yourself for when you were younger was actually fucked up.

No. 1442787

Do you know what it means to be nodding off due to heroin? It's not the same as being slightly too tipsy to drive, it means you're literally going in and out of consciousness.

There are definitely times I've been coerced that I wouldn't classify as rape but there have been times that I probably would consider rape. But in your case, ask yourself a few questions

A) Would it be safe for you to out him as a rapist?
B) Do you think it's a repeated pattern of behavior of his and do you think warning other women would potentially help? Like, would they actually listen?
C) Why are you still so profoundly uncomfortable about the coercion these years later if you believe it to be a consensual encounter?
D) How would you feel about using the word 'rape,' in the privacy of your own brain? If that word seems to strong, maybe coercive or non-consensual?

Emily didn't publicly out him as a rapist until after a decade of stalking. Nobody is asking you to publicly do anything. Most of us don't speak up. Just try to examine the facts of what happened to you, maybe with a therapist, before imagining the hypothetical court of public opinion.

No. 1442803

Why is there this obsession of having to yell "rape" as soon it happens, otherwise it does not count? Jeez…

That's a very Shannon train of thought

No. 1442968

Let me paraphrase what happened since you’re so confused. Emily invited her friend Anthony over to her house to hang out and talk. She was taking a lethal mix of hard drugs and alcohol that could have killed her. By the time he arrived she was completely incapacitated and incoherent. A non-rapist would have crawled back out of her window and gone back home. Anthony saw an opportunity to fuck a barely conscious female body without consent or resistance, so he acted on it. It’s literally like getting roofied and raped, except Anthony was lucky enough to stumble on her already drugged and alone. At this time Emily had very low self-worth and was mentally ill, which caused her warped brain to blame herself before she would ever blame Anthony, until a she relayed the story to professional who told her that was a rape perpetuated solely by him.

There was no coercion here. There was no consent of any kind. It was an opportunistic rape.

No. 1443099

Coercion is rape, so yes, if you're comfortable with/feel safe calling out your rapist, go for it.

No. 1443405

>A non-rapist would have crawled back out of her window and gone back home
It would also be a good idea to stay to monitor the situation and turn her onto her side to make sure she wouldn't choke on her own vomit. Something "Sobriety Advocate," Anthony should know.

No. 1443574

I can't believe I watched this whole thing but swoop is so fucking annoying. cutting away to petty university every 5 minutes, also with the "OOOOOH CHILE" and constantly throwing around the word bitch trying to be sassy. it feels so forced.

No. 1443576


cant stand her, she acts so pretentious too I garuntee the only people laughing at her lame "jokes" are obese cat ladies that have nothing better to do

No. 1443670

Smokey Glow posted a recap of the situation & Shannons video, in case you wanna save your time and just watch that for 1h

No. 1444019

The amount of idiots that are willing to believe Amy's existence, even to an extent is amazing. If Shannon wasn't so pea-brained she could have probably gotten away with even more blatant lies and fantasies, because this community is gullible as FUCK.

No. 1444353

I'm just waiting for June to roll around to see what kind of BS video she will post to keep the money rolling in

No. 1444395

I have a feeling that she will try to pit out a hit-piece on some of her ex friends. As bitter as she us with them, especially tipster, I cant imagine she wouldnt come out swinging and foaming at the mouth.
Unless she goes down the route of trying to save her reputation by throwing her shitty scrote husband under the bus but I'm thinking for now that's unlikely

No. 1444420

Tbh I think the 6-month activity thing for YouTube to continue monetization was debunked by someone that made a video against Shannon. But she will probably still come back because she’s seething and likes attention

No. 1444422

if she didn't intend to come back she would have deleted her channel.

No. 1444616

She will eventually come back because she likes to have the final say. If she breaks up with Anthony she probably will return and blame him of everything.

I always got the feeling that Shannon's social circle was very limited (which is sorta confirmed by now) and YouTube was her only window to the world. She needs that outlet. She won't resist much longer, hence why she kept her channel up.

No. 1444825


That's absolutely not what happened. Emily took many years to reflect and realize what having sex with someone who's so high they're not conscious is not consensual sex.

No. 1444830


That sounds like something she'd do alright. After going so hard at them in those drafts and trying to get Gabby Hanna to go after ReadytoGlare, it sounds like Creepshow is furious at everyone and wants to drag them all down.

No. 1444840

late, but it seemed like the common consensus in the older/original exposing posts was that shart was probably tipped off when she tried to post and got a permaban message (i'd give anything to see what the ban message looked like on her end) - even in readytoglare's video on the situation, she mentions she thinks shart knew this was coming, and sent rtg roses preemptively.

No. 1445113

Its just baffling how she explained how "amy" did all this targeted harrassment and bullying towards shannon for like 8(?) years. Then they made up and the world was full of peace and rainbows and unicorns. It makes sense why people wouldnt doubt her story back then, but looking back now, it's insane how much it feels like a wattpad story.

This is the kind of reasoning I'd expect to hear from a scrote, come on anon. Its obvious she was taken advantage of and it just wasnt "regrettable sex".

No. 1445170

File: 1645073423909.jpg (246.36 KB, 403x800, Amy.jpg)

>it's insane how much it feels like a wattpad story.
right lol

No. 1445308

Do you have the video where they debunked that, I'm curious as to how the YT system works. Is Shannon still getting money from YouTube even though she's been inactive for a while and mass-disliked (I know they removed dislikes but browser extensions)?

No. 1445342

dislikes count as engagement as far as YouTube is concerned

No. 1445466


NTA but I remember it too. Edwin and the guest he had explain it at 31:59 in this video.

They basically explain that as long as you meet the thresholds/requirements for adsense (that is as long as you have enough monthly views/watchtime, and retain enough subscribers - you don't have to gain any just have above 1,000 - you can stay monetized without uploading. They mention that with the amount of videos Shannon has uploaded, it's unlikely she was at risk of demonetization.)

No. 1445743

File: 1645141043358.png (79.9 KB, 709x551, Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 6.35…)

She's definitely planning on returning. She deleted another video on the 12th

No. 1445796

Just delete the whole account. Nothing of value will be lost

No. 1446128

any ideas which videos she has hidden/deleted?

No. 1446130

kek who made this

No. 1446153


not if but when she does come back what do you guys think her comeback post will be

No. 1446182

Probably "exposing" her "friends". She went hard into Tipster in the New Years video, she'll probably do it again in her next video, along with adding in more people.

No. 1446183

She should but she won't because she's still getting money. Shannon is too fat and lazy to get a real job.

No. 1446191

File: 1645196298245.jpg (235.96 KB, 904x1410, creepshowartstimeline.jpg)

Twitter account that exposed Shanmu's lolcow posts posted this


She'll likely tell us more about her husband and how he can't be an abuser because of his sad home life (insert sob story here). And she'll also try to spin his stupid decisions like living the van life as beneficial for her like she did in her old storytimes

No. 1446241

this timeline is so fucking stupid. why does it matter if emily was camming in 2014 as opposed to 2013? how the fuck does shannon know emily was never high in her father's home? she kept track of emily's sobriety? what kind of stalking fuckery is this?

No. 1446540

Kek at shannon for trying to insult sykkuno's skin, while Anthony literally looks like deadpool without his mask

No. 1446587

If she and Anthony break up, she will make a video where she blames him for everything.

No. 1446719

You know, if she invested nearly as much time into herself rather than the countless hours she obsessively lurked in the shadows and stalked Emily like a goddamn weirdo, then she wouldn't be in this predicament in the first place. She has no one to blame but herself. All of this misplaced anger at Emily and her ex-friends is hilarious considering all of this is her own doing. It's like watching a child throw a tantrum when they're caught doing something they're not supposed to.

If she invested the time spent stalking and being a menace, she could've otherwise worked on losing weight, finding a job, maybe returning to college, seeking therapy for her low self-esteem, mending the strained relationships with her family, and most importantly ditching the failed musician emo husband who still pines for his ex's attention.

But she will never do that because Anthony is her beacon of hope. The next coming of Christ. Her proudest achievement. The greatest thing since sliced bread. This greasy untalented rapist is TOTALLY worth being homeless, possessing CP, stalking, sacrificing her dignity, friends, family, and career over.

No. 1446729

Some of you act like she's Hitler and it's really cringe.

No. 1446737

oh hi shanny

No. 1446743

I don't know if this is weak bait or what. But Shannon wasn't as rich as she was pretending to be. She wasn't as poor either. Just basic all around. Well we can say for sure she's broke now

No. 1446747

let's not forget she wouldn't even be raking in money if she hadn't copied emily's sketchbook storytimes to begin with. she'd still be a homeless college dropout living in a car somewhere. looks like she's reverting right back to where she started. she can't live off ad revenue forever so she probably will have to resort to working a regular 9-5 job. either way who knows if the 20k a month was legitimately true or not considering she lies about everything.

No. 1446748

unpopular opinion, but if she was making anywhere near 20k/mo on youtube, you can fuck both college and getting a real job. that would have put in the top 3% of American earners, and in the top 1% of white millennial females. And it sounds like she was so loaded she didn't know what to do with it all, she was donating $60 a night to Nicholas DiOrio, sent some random viewer $2k, and was regularly sending her sister thousands anonymously.

deleted my last post to edit typos**

If it's weak bait, then debunk it. By all appearance it was true. Maybe not as high as 20k, maybe that was just during the holiday season when youtubers earn the highest, but it was enough to donate thousands to strangers on the internet every other day. That's not 'basic', brosky. No point in denying something just because it'd be admitting she had something good going. She fucked it up now

No. 1446892

I feel like doing all those things wouldn't give her the satisfaction she craves. She got a rush out of doing what she did to Emily. Andrewthony validated her feelings and that meant more to her than losing weight/getting ajob /self improving.

No. 1446908

Has anyone here brought up thr fact that peepshow fart was super protective of her old computer and wouldn't get it worked on nor would she let people like Black Wolf Company take a virtual (I guess - he's in Australia but she mentioned him and this in an old live stream) look at why it was going so slow. During the handful of live streams she did she talked about her computer being super old and her being attached to it, even if it did crash during live streams. With all that's gone down know, I'm willing to bet money that her laptop is loaded with even more receipts from her stalking of Emily that she doesn't easy anyone to find. Anyine else smelling that underage nude photo Emily said blandshow shart had?

No. 1446914

>If she invested the time spent stalking and being a menace, she could've otherwise worked on losing weight
>otherwise worked on losing weight


No. 1448144

honestly i don’t think it was close to even half that. it was probably more than she would’ve made with a full time job but far less than she bragged about (albeit anonymously), she just had low monthly expenses and didn’t really use it frivolously outside of giving some away to fellow youtubers and followers

No. 1449502

this. I don't know why people are acting Shannon gave like, 600 bucks per donation.
On average she gave each friend like 60-200 bucks IN TOTAL. Which mean she would go into streams and donate like 20 bucks.
The only one she gave a lot to was that dude who needed a new computer. But that was to hold over his head

No. 1451167

Shannon is guilty(sage)

No. 1451168

why bump this thread? learn to sage

No. 1451344

that looked like a deliberate bump

No. 1451420

sorry, not milk but these old quotes were incredible.

No. 1451497


Shannon's mom is as much as a psychopath as her crotch goblin, Jesus…(don't post family members)

No. 1451544

this whole creepshow fiasco started off with her doxxing her own family, maybe try not to do the same?

No. 1451682

anthony just needs to assrape shannon at this point, the landwhale fucking deserves it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1451775

ok? wouldn't be too far out of the realm of possibility considering he's a renowned rapist.

No. 1451780

what the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 1452016

This looks like something a scote / Anthony would say. Have they broken up and he’s self posting now?

No. 1453268

if Shannon and Anthony did break up we wont hear about it for another 4-3 months as she attempts to guilt trip people. Anthony is a horrible guy, but so is Shannon. They are perfect for each other.
Anthony def dated Shannon because she was crazy and desperate. But he 1000 percent only kept her around for the money so he can be a band boyfriend bum. Now that she isn't making enough for basic rent I'm sure he's upset

No. 1453421

I just had a horrible thought

So we know how in Shannon's Myla Staufer video she says that she can't have kids/is childfree? But then in the doc she says that she may have potential kids?

It seems wierd/invented for sympathy. But given how Shannon has a need to emulate Emily in every sense (such as making a YouTube channel because Emily did, dying her hair orange because Emily did, even plagiarizing storytimes from Emily), its very likely she may be having kids just to be like Emily. Maybe she doesn't want them but Andrewthony told her "well Emily has kids so you should too" and she got pregnant just to appease him. She would be a terrible mother.

No. 1453634

just had a thought, could that ass rape poster up there be Shannon? I remember that Spergchan/Kiki would write over the top hate in her own threads as a means of garnering sympathy + to make the thread look worse than it was. The post just looks so out of place, just like Kiki’s did.

No. 1453790

I had thought of that as well. Not only that but if it had been her she could try to use that as, in her mind, "ammo" against here to garner sympathy in a later video along with likely playing the card of "see it couldn't have been me posting there because you see the horrible things they think/say of me? I wouldn't stop to that" except with a lot more of her saying bonkers or my dudes ect.
Its just my two cents and speculation though

No. 1453910

lmao stumbled upon an old deleted video of shannon pretending to talk to anthony in her sleep for attention. the cringe is unbearable.

No. 1454611

has anyone talked about what shannon was alluding to when she said she knew what the dramatubers did at that shitty christmas party they had?

No. 1454853

Like every party there was drugs and booze. The guys hosting the event didn't know someone's plus one brought in heavy drugs however and things got out of hand. I think some people started groping each other or something. But Shannon is blaming all her ex friends for some odd reason. A few of them were not even at the party
Weird how Shannon has a "holy than thou" attitude when it comes to drugs. As if she's better because she doesn't do any. I would rather hang out with someone who does drugs than Shannon any day.

No. 1455255

Which is funny cause it seems like she can barely handle sobriety

No. 1455310

shannon just hasn't ever been offered any drugs because she gives off weird horse girl energy.

No. 1455350

File: 1646194731552.webm (1.71 MB, oh.webm)

Audio of Shannon admitting to everything!

No. 1456259

What’s hilarious is I swear Shannon talked about smoking weed and getting high before in videos.

No. 1456313

ayrt, thanks for the info nonny. i know she’s twisted the story but, i’m curious as to why shannon thinks she can bully them in to silence with that. imagine being that delusional that you thought you had the upper-hand.

No. 1456356

she bragged about people being afraid of her when she was on here. she got used to it and still thinks she can intimidate. Shannon (pretty obviously) is a sadist who gets a kick out of power-tripping and humiliating. i wonder how much more Shannon's harassment of Emily would have escalated if she hadn't gotten distracted by her own success. Emily had her kids not too long ago and they were already weaponizing the children in their hate messages (and Shannon's lolcow posts), that's already pretty far down the gutter.

No. 1456742


It's especially hilarious how hypocritical she's been. She's pretended to be super accepting and forward thinking and she's now trying to make fun of men for crying (which I don't think Tipster even did?)

But even if he did, who the fuck would care? Is she seriously trying to bully men by going U CRIED, UR A MAN AND YOU HAVE FEELINGS AND YOU CRIED!!!

If anything, this proves she has absolutely nothing left on anyone. She's trying to shame people for being normal humans and holding the times she gave them a few bucks over their heads. Textbook narc. She couldn't make herself look like more of a villain if she tried.

No. 1456816

He didn't cry. Shannon is just a 29 year old woman that talks like a 13 year old zoomer with catchphrases like "cry harder", "touch grass" etc.

No. 1457583

Anthony's "what" had me cackling. Decent shitpost. It's crazy how much she reveals in her videos.

No. 1460966


She has Onision-like approach to drugs. Maybe the anti-drug and anti-alcohol attitude comes from the fact that they can't use drugs because if they did they couldn't control themselves they would end up doing stupid shit and reveal who they really are. Tho that's something neither of them has to worry about anymore.

No. 1470500

lmao who made this

No. 1474774

This is what addicts say before they become addicts.

No. 1484238

File: 1648429109420.jpg (24.07 KB, 600x449, anthony.jpg)

bryce is a spaz who connects all his accounts to his real name, managed to scrape a pic of anthony out of his old myspace, he looks like a stiff breeze would snap every bone in his body. i was expecting him to be fatter than shannon, to be honest

No. 1485793

I stumbled upon a YouTube shorts tiedye storytime where the narrator sounded awfully like Shannon. The account it was on was full of shorts from other creators so the account probably wasn't the original poster. But Shannon might doing shorts/tiktok storytime videos now.

No. 1487425

Where did you even get that?(sage )

No. 1487444

I believe I found what you were referring to. Was it a video of someone cutting open bags of glittery slime and mushing it together as an weird ASMR type thing? It vaguely does sound like her with the speech impediment and all. I wouldn't be surprised if she was still trying to make a living off YouTube again since she got a taste of it the first time before she squandered it. Money must be getting tight for Shanthony. Won't be too long before they're hOmElEsS once again and living in their musty car filled with old Taco Bell crumbs.

No. 1488212

Just two more months before we hear back from Shannon
She might get 100 bucks a month from her channel. So it must be worth it

Though something funny was her and Anthony were claiming in the past that she was buying views. But I think it's pretty clear that Shannon bought subs and views in the past to appear more relevant.

No. 1488693

who wants more dirt on anthony? hat tip to bryce for being retarded and linking everything to his real life name


No. 1488980

Just your friendly neighborhood annon. Got lazy at the end sorry

No. 1488987

File: 1648824684937.jpg (31.13 KB, 344x266, P1010177.jpg)


No. 1489604

Elliott Smith in a hateful wig

No. 1489649

I have never read something so disrespectful in my whole life.

No. 1489746

that hair is atrocious lmao wonder what he looks like now as a 30+ year old

No. 1491871

Same stupid hair but black in a sad attempt to be an emo heart throb. Just think of a skinny Yan Dev but greasier

No. 1492633

She found herself her own little social repose, down to the creepiness and jackassery! How sweet

No. 1493369

Except without any of the e-fame. Can’t stand Richie but at least he runs his own mildly successful YouTube channel where he actually uploads music. Anthony’s pathetic through and through

No. 1493618


this is four days old but it's sending my sides into orbit

No. 1498474

Social Repose doesn't hide behind his GF when situation heats up.

The one thing that made me lol about Shannon's response to Tipster is that she called him coward and whatnot. But if Tipster is a coward what does it make Anthony? A man who vanished off the internet the second shit hit the fan. The man who made his wife speak for him. Very brave, many courage.

No. 1501360

File: 1649938348165.jpeg (Spoiler Image,320.7 KB, 828x556, F2F8B00C-3FD0-42F9-807E-4C8AB3…)

No. 1501855

you can post the vid
anyway, it's a well done timeline of the shit show. Over half a million views
And you know Shannon is aware of it

No. 1501861

Shannon def doesn't love Anthony. But she has such a weird hate boner she thinks she's winning by having Emily's ex. But if Anthony is your only "trophy" you need to re think your life

No. 1503011

Watching this video got me thinking about that segment that Shannon says that she does not want to return to her past self (in response to someone who had only said that she would like to see Shannon doing more research as she used to) and also when Emily says that at some point after her restraining order the stalking stopped. I wonder if when Shannon said she does not want to go back to her past self, she kind of admitted she did all those things and acknowledged how problematic (to say the least) her behavior was.

No. 1504310

I would call BS on that because she just stalked, harassed and tried to ruin the careers of her friends
Seems to be her thing
She's def planning on taking someone else down. Or twitching that her word means nothing now

No. 1506975

where is emily? she hasn't posted anything for two months.

No. 1507856

idk if you're new, but that is such a "chicken before the egg" weird ass statement. Shannon wouldn't know or care who Emily was if she wasn't Anthony's ex.

No. 1507859

I wish one of these documentary people would stop explaining the lolcow expose as something that needs to be explained with hard evidence. It's as simple as "If Amy went through such trouble to spoof her IP and did so all with the intent to ruin her, why the fuck would Amy be promoting Shannon's patreon? Why does Amy also hate Emily and knows(created) that archive channel with 3 subs for Emily's deleted videos? Why does Amy know who is on her sister's hospital contact list? I suppose Amy hacked the hospital too?"

No. 1508053

Everyone knows Shannon did it. It's just in case Shannon wants to take it to court. Though I don't know why people are worried, you need some money for that.

Other than that
In about a month or so I expect Shannon to come back with another "Fuck everyone" video

No. 1514006

the hypocrisy is what gets me. Shannon got exposed for… what exactly? posting in the fakeboi thread? …and that is… extremely awful?


is she not allowed to have any unpopular opinions about transsexuals? (considering her sister or brother?? apparently is one, seems like this is a large part of her own life that directly affects her. yet people freak out when she has an opinion on this topic… which plays a large role in her own personal life.) like is she not allowed to have opinions about her own life now? (and yea, her sister is still a part of her life. you don't stop being family just because you have a disagreement with your siblings.)

again, just because she does not want her sister to mutilate her own body (get top and bottom surgery) does not mean she doesn't care about her sister. just that she and her sister have differing views on the topic of gender.

other people are dragging her for not being loyal to her "friends". but the people they list as her "friends" are youtube content creators who live in a different state. people she has never met in real life. have you ever considered that youtube might be just a job to her? so she'd see other youtubers as her coworkers, rather than her friends. you can be friendly with a coworker without being friends.

idk Shannon seems to be pretty loyal to the people who are actually in her life.

which brings me to Anthony. if the rumors are true, he is anabusive sack of shit. like a steaming pile of dog poo. and Shannon is stuck in anabusive relationship with him. and….instead of reaching out to help a woman stuck in a hurtful marriage, what does the internet do? that's right. you laugh. you laugh at her misery. how does that make you any better than Anthony? you people are enabling him, by allowing the abus to go on.

it's not funny to see a woman used like this.

about Emily's first video, feels rather like it was a calculated move on Emily's part. she waited for the perfect moment to drop that video: right when everyone was already disliking Shannon for the crap she pulled with Hopeless Peaches. had that same video been released a year earlir, no one would care.

Emily's first video now looks like a calculated move on her part, to completely discredit Shannon, and bolster her own career. (Emily waited literally years to tell this story, and decided to tell it at the exact moment it would have the greatest possible impact on Shannon's career… years after the 'stalking' ended. this sounds more like a carefully calculated revenge plot to me). which makes Emily look just as psycho as Creepshow. (she knows this woman is stuck with an abbuser, and she decided to take away this woman's income… to make it more difficult for Shannon to leave Anthony). do you see how this actually hurts Shannon more than it hurts Anthony? you can't tell me Emily was not aware of this. she's an adult who has been working on the youtube platform for years. she knew what she was doing. her beef was with Anthony, but she decided to take it out on Shannon.

why do some women still choose to act this way? the man hurts you, …so you go after his next girlfriend. women fighting women because of a man. instead of taking on the man himself, or simply leaving him and moving on with your life. this Anthony scrote lives rent free in Emily's head. how can this be healthy?

and now Emily is revealing super personal details about herself (if you watch her videos, you know what I mean… I don't want to ruin her reputation any more than she already has), and making it sound like "Shannon made her do it". no one made Emily do anything. it was her choice how to respond to the 'stalking'. she chose this. she chose to plaster all her own personal information all over the internet, and make herself (and her trama) the topic of conversation.

besides, as Shannon's response video mentioned, it looks like Emily attributes a lot of the stalking to Shannon… when… there is little to no evidence it was all Shannon's doing. I'm sure Shannon is guilty of part of the internet trolling Emily experienced. but keep in mind, Emily has been a public creator for many years, and she had many other haters. yet now she blames it all on Shannon. bloody convenient, isn't it?

post that video when Shannon is already getting hate, knock her while she's down. stew over all this information for years, then release it at the perfect moment to make Shannon look like a pieace of shit. (while carefully avoiding to mention all other haters you had, and casually blaming Shannon for everything that ever went wrong in your life).

and now the internet is blowing this whole fight out of proprtion. creating video after video whining about this conflict between two women. people who have nothing to do with any of this are getting involved.

I just think the hate went a little too far. yes Shannon is manipulative and annoying. but so is Emily. and I don't think we should encourage women fighting women over a man. or get deeply involved in their personal life.

This is what manipulative people like Emily and Shannon do: they triangulate. They want us to get involved in their own mess of a personal life, and 'take a side'. When… I'm not even friends with any of these people. I don't personally know them. Why should I have to pick a side?

No. 1514137


Thread was dying peacefully until you showed up.

Guess Shannon couldn't handle being finally forgotten.

No. 1514178

Who cares it’s old news now. Shannon’s “career” is dead kek.

No. 1514182

Shannon's fault is easy to understand if you have a functioning brain: She didnt stay in her lane. You cant go around virtue signaling for clout and then shit talk the same 'virtues' that gained you your following.

No. 1514183

Shannon shat up a woman's life, tried to skinwalk her and stalked her for years. I unironically saw some of her posts before she was outed and thought they were funny, what she did irl is the reason she's a cow.

No. 1514614

"Its not funny to see a woman used like this" and yet you seem to have no pity for how emily was used by cowardly Anthony.

If shannon was so loyal then how to you explain how she wanted to sic Gabbie Hanna on Ready to glare? How do you explain the split facedness on Tipster or Ashley? Spitting vitriol on Edwin? Doesnt sound loyal to me?
She had no good relationships, neither friend nor fam, and I think that speaks for itself

No. 1515163

Hi the name's Abby I'm A trans girl Mtf It means iam a girl with a huge juicy Coc and balls/testicles i have also abilities to born babies alot of boys girls because my balls produces sperms babies eggs alots i can pregnant any girl with it btw I'm 16y/o and im from America California USA I'm looking for here friends or maybe more so if you're interested in me then feel free to pm me!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1515179

File: 1651244826169.jpg (27.03 KB, 452x452, unnamed.jpg)

Hi cooganmadison@gmail.com. Nice Google profile picture.

No. 1515180

Shannon stalked a woman for over 8 years because she dated her incel boyfriend and then not being content with that she basically made her life a living hell to the point of threating her children, yeah if it was only the lolcow posts nobody would give a shit what this cow does but she was a wolf in sheeps clothing pretending to be this defender of justice while in the background she was harassing a single mother just trying to do her best. Yeah no… Fuck Shannon, if she would have owned up to all this crap but nope she had to double down instead and prove to the world what an insane stalker she is

No. 1519806

Less than 30 days before Shannon comes back
Super excited

No. 1520544

I don't know why idiots came to the thread after this video was released. Either way, most, if not all the dirt from the art commentary is out there. Shannon is the worst because everything she does is malicious

Though the whole community suck. I forgot that if these idiots hate someone they just point "racism" or "Pedo" to the point it's comical. I can't believe anyone takes these people seriously

No. 1524990

Controversial opinion. But it's really not Shannon's fault that Emily is a single mom.

Using that as an argument against Shannon, is a bit weird. Don't you think?

Emily's private life is really none of our business (Even if she'd like to make it our business by broadcasting it online). If she chooses to marry, or stay single. Her choice.

There's also been no proof Shannon actually threatened Emily's children. That's just a rumor started by Emily, perpetuated by fans, which everyone was so quick to believe. I'm sorry but Shannon jealously screenshotting Emily's middle school Deviant Art page is not Shannon "threatening Emily's kids". Back when Emily was in middle school, she had no kids. Also those screenshots only prove that Shannon lurked online and read the things Emily posted about herself. (And possibly that Shannon envied Emily at one point). It doesn't prove anything else.

A lot of this story is "she said she said". If Shannon is truly guilty of endangering someone's child, she should be tried in a court (and locked up if the judges find her guilty).

Just because Shannon believed in cancel culture and retarded virtue signaling, does not mean we have to. Just because Emily is spreading rumors about Shannon now, doesn't mean we have to turn our critical thinking off and be spoon-fed everything by Mommy Emily. Just because some Commentary Channels are trying to make some dollars off this old story, pandering to the popular opinion, does not mean we can't have our own opinion.

I don't particularly like Shannon. But this is getting a bit ridiculous.

No. 1526064


I am pretty sure Emily is married so I have no idea what you’re talking about as to her being a single mom.

I’ve never seen evidence that Shannon ever threatened her kids directly, more like that Emily just felt that the safety of her children was threatened by the harassment and stalking.

No. 1528456


Emily is married lmao

No. 1536769


Oh hey, Shannon. We hoped you were dead.(hi cow)

No. 1536788

I can't wait to see Shannon's BS in the next week

No. 1539641

Found this while browsing Reddit. I know it's a stretch to think this is the same Anthony, but something about a guy named Anthony with violent tendencies who gets underage girls high just to rape them and has shitbag friends who enable him sounds…too close for comfort. I'm 100% convinced Anthony has raped more people than has come to light…


No. 1545890

Welp today marks the official day that Shannon lost her YouTube income since she hasn't uploaded in 6 months. I highly doubt either her or her bf are working. Wondering if they're still together.
What options does Shannon have? Can't move in with her family, they all hate her. Maybe she actually is homeless now. The beautiful irony. Or maybe she's a squatter. She is a big enough POS for that move

No. 1550032

this theory is not true. I dont know where this "post every 6 months or you'll lose income" came from.

No. 1550150

Probably not. There isn’t any evidence that Emily was threatened with knife and that the rape victim was fully conscious at the time. And even if it did happen, why didn’t Emily mention it in the first place? You’re probably confusing this with another Anthony.
Sent from my iPhone(sage your shit)

No. 1550153

No one cares that this was sent on your iPhone, please at least sage your nonmilk.
SeNt FrOm My IpAD

No. 1551076

What that anon was saying was it could be another instance
But I personally think it's silly to claim that every Anthony who commits a crime is the same dude
Eoyjer way, the milk has died down for now. Yeah, I'm sure Shannon is still trying to take down people behind the scenes or is now hate browsing lolcow. But she's def taking the private route. Whatever she's doing now, she's dried up in both milk and income. Completely isolated with no friends or family

The only thing that's pretty damn funny is her keeping her youtube channel up. She's too proud to let that shit die even though she said she's done. For me, it screams that she might want to come back at some point.
I'm still holding hopes she becomes a cringe tuber like Nikocado. But also happy with her choice to permanently fuck off

No. 1551222

you sound schizo. half of what you said never happened.

No. 1555727

Actually she would have until June 30th since she uploaded on dec 31st. I’m just waiting for the shit show with my popcorn…

No. 1555785

It’s already been stated this isn’t true. YouTube doesn’t remove monetization from inactive channels if they still meet the metrics requirements of 4,000 watch hours in a year and 1,000+ subscribers. Her channel hasn’t fallen below this. She still gets paid

No. 1555801

Also why she hasn't nuked it

No. 1567348

Taylor Nicole Dean went over a year without posting, something close to 1.5 and never lost her monetization so as much as people may wish Shannon wasn’t earning residual income, she likely is. Who knows if it’s worth writing home about or not though. Sure not $20,000/month

No. 1567552

File: 1655800167028.png (17.18 KB, 971x82, ccc.PNG)

this is just sad, she is doing everything she can to revive her channel even going as far as spamming comments on random people who support emily and making comments antagonizing emily, or trying to spread false news lol(namefagging)

No. 1569499

Omnia released a new video on Shanon. Nothing of value was said.

No. 1570063

i dont even want to watch this garbage, tldw?

No. 1570149


"Shannon lovebombed me also y'all are so rude about Emily's trauma."

Literal clickbait.(namefagging)

No. 1570430

It was so fucking stupid. Like, if you have nothing to add to the conversation, don't say anything.
Also, I don't understand her point about people being rude about Emily's trauma. Her point is "People who talk about petty tracing drama or cringe content shouldn't talk about Emily's situation" BUT THAN she goes on to talk about it after making a video on zeefixesart.

No. 1574201

Omnia is a cow in her own right. She just has nothing to talk about other than kicking a dead horse. I'm just waiting for Omnia to call someone racist again for having another opinion than her or telling her to shut up

No. 1592490

It’s been over 6months without any word from Shannon. Does this mean her monetization is gone?

No. 1600111

That's not a thing that happens especially if you're as established as CreepShart who still has quite a bit of subscribers and lots of videos. She'll keep raking in that passive income from her past videos. Sage for somewhat necro

No. 1601622

youtube makes you lose it if you don't post videos or post on your community tab for 6 months. This is pretty well known. Besides, 100 bucks a month isn't worth keeping

No. 1603200

When do you think creepshow is coming back?(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1603261

Not so much. Taylor Nicole Dean went more than a year without posting a thing and didn’t lose hers. As long as the channel continues to meet the requirements for subs and views, the cash keeps rolling in

No. 1604918

File: 1659421220939.jpeg (934.54 KB, 1387x1021, 0513CDDD-AF97-4CE6-B69D-41D991…)

Is this Shanthony?? I assumed it was just a dumb troll at first. But one of the links, link to a Reddit post, linked to a post made by Creepshow Art on Twitter 2 years ago. Not sure why Shannon would do that over a sockpuppet account, but idk.

No. 1604953

those subreddits are fucking weird

No. 1604992

>but idk
I'm going to reee about newfags if I have to see that again.
The poster just seems like a severely mentally ill sperg, but I'm not that familiar with Shannon's mannerisms.

No. 1616365

File: 1660546314803.jpg (83.79 KB, 750x750, E-dM53GX0AAs0D7.jpg)

No. 1616385

It really sounds similar but we would need a side by side comparison to really see if it's the same. The accent sounds a bit different at times I think. It's plausible though lol.

No. 1616390

I doubt it's her, Shannon is fat and the channel has a lot of videos about r/fatlogic and fat stuff.

No. 1616414

Most of the fathate-type subreddits are famously populated with as many fatties as actuallesbians is populated by troons so i don't think that argument is going to work out for you, Shannon.(hi cow)

No. 1621552

she said she is fat

No. 1621583

I doubt it, but wont rule out the possibility. Shannon's voice is typically more shrill.

No. 1622372

I see I'm not the only one finding shannon-like voices on youtube/tiktok.

This sounds a lot like her but it hurts less my ears so idk. Could imagine her dipping into low effort reddit stories tho. Requires even less creativity.


No. 1622692

Roblox is a pretty good game I recommend it(underage b&)

No. 1622709

oh cool ive never heard of it

No. 1622720

You need to be 18 or older to post here, Victoria

No. 1623292

i dont hear it as much as the other but idk

No. 1704576

so i found anthony's mom's facebook. turns out she's a junkie, so anthony being a retarded holier-than-thou str8 edge is literally just his fucking mommy issues showing. how much more worthless and pathetic can this goddamn parasite of a human get?

[[Links redacted]](Don't post family members)

No. 1704579

You necro'd this thread to post private family social media accounts which is blatantly against lc rules? Delete it, fatty

No. 1704581


i'd say its probably not the same anthony, but i 100% believe that anthony has definately raped at least 5 people. the dude sounds like enough of a psycho, and his non-dealt with mommy issues are a recipe for an incel piece of shit who thinks he has a "right" to beat and rape women because mommy was too nodded off to feed him when he was little, and he was too much of an edgelord to face the music and fucking see a therapist.

No. 1704582


sorry that i don't care about anthony or his family's safety, fatty, kek.(read the rules)

No. 1704638

Post screencaps pls this is an imageboard and not all of us have fb

No. 1751895

File: 1674638461285.jpeg (88.08 KB, 1407x212, ED48552B-3EDB-4BF1-AB65-5354A6…)

The same account that was linked there posted this. It was also retweeted by Shannon

Found all by searching through his sub r/onisionismassivechad

No. 1751904

>the op's username
>the sub name
>the thirst posts about Shannon
>the user who browses r/hentaicomics
Kill them all

No. 1751944


Was responding to >>1604918 btw

No. 1752094

why are the owners here a bunch of fags(ban evasion)

No. 1757926

If she focused even a quarter of that energy she did on stalking Emily and pretending to be some woke virtue signaling bitch on working out, deep conditioning her hair, and figuring out some makeup she'd be less tragic to look at

No. 1793079

File: 1679472683926.jpeg (35.89 KB, 1125x507, 20BB0CA5-D0A9-4FB0-AE7A-963467…)

Is this a new channel by Creepshow?
It’s been a lot I’ve had this thought in my mind. From how she speaks to the theme of the videos… I wonder .. is it also weird that this channel was using some voice filter before, to hide from the hate I was thinking, and just recently started making videos with their true voice. And it’s .. really similar? Or is it just me?(sage your non milk)

No. 1793083


It's just you.

No. 1795254

the chances of Shannon coming back are slim to none. She def already moved on with her life
If she does come back she is def coming back on her main youtube

No. 1810000

She deleted her youtube channel. Instagram is still up.

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