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File: 1670274838398.png (8.96 MB, 2620x2776, newthread.png)

No. 1719300

Etheral electronic-alternative hipster musician turned imperialist-friendly space bimbo devoted to whiteknighting Elon Musk and making lame TikToks. Billionaire exploiting his workers and enjoying his cringe celebrity phase.

>Born Claire Elise Boucher on March 17, 1988 in Vancouver

>changed her name to c, a letter symbolizing speed of light
>attendend McGill University with plans to double major in neuroscience and Russian; got expelled for skipping classes
>first began posting music in 2007 on Myspace, released music on Arbutus, 4AD, Roc Nation. In 2021 she signed to Columbia Records, cause „she needs money for her music videos” cause „Elon doesn’t give her money” (despite successfully making videos for years)
>got together with Elon Musk because they made the same cringey joke relating to theory of roko basilisk
>has a child with Elon Musk, they named him X AE A-XII Musk. (Who knows how it’s really pronounced, Grimes and Elon have different opinions on that matter)
>used to have „anti-imperialist” written in twitter bio, removed it after her relationship with Musk went public
>apparently current subject of Elon Musk’s bimbofication process, fills her face with botox, as well as getting countless other pricey plastic surgery procedurers, most probably to satisfy her boyfriend; Elon’s ex wives all mentioned he pressured them into dying their hair blond and getting surgeries.
>wrote on Twitter that Elon illegaly preventing employee unionization is „fake news”. Claimed she „investigated this heavily”
>spends most of the time whiteknighting Elon on TikTok
>walking bilboard for Tesla; starred as „cybergirl” in Tesla ad
>made „Visions” under the influence of Adderall (as well as hunger and cold rooms)
>both she and her boyfriend made public appearances visibly high on something
>made a „pro-climate change” album about goddess of climate change, relishing in human extinction, Miss Anthropocene. „My goal is to make climate change fun”
>Poppy drama: collabed with Poppy but resigned from publishing the song most probably after learning about what Poppy and Titanic Sinclair did to Mars Argo; Poppy leaked song nonetheless.
>the infamous Azealia Banks drama: Grimes invited Azealia to work together on some music. Azealia arrived at the mansion, but Grimes was too busy comforting Elon to care for the guest. Grimes left the house with her inconsolable boyfriend and in turn Banks was left alone and lost in their mansion for the rest of the weekend, later she wrote about everything on socials and posted her private conversations with Grimes, stating Elon just wanted Banks for a threesome. For some reason it took Grimes 3 years or so to react with a song „100% Tragedy” telling a story „how Azealia tried to destroy her career”. Saga continues
>various sources suggested other people write music and lyrics for her
>tried hard to make tumblrina DD/LG and gore lover Nicole Dollanganger famous
>claims she loves hentai

Elon Musk:
>CEO of Tesla and SpaceX
>more celebrity than enterpreneur
>both he and his family build their „empires” with questionable methods, to say lightly
>has benefited from Apartheid
>”Will coup whoever he wants!” Bolivia for example. „Deal with it!”
>exploits his workers; makes them work longer than average and underpays them
>uses kids to mine cobalt for his products
>pretends he cares for environment while actively contributing to destroying it
>Tesla workers report he’s an „awful boss who throws fits and treats people abominably”
>all he does in fact is firing people on a whim or throwing tantrums and calling everyone idiots
>posts lame boomer jokes and memes on Twitter, gets legions of devoted fanboys and whiteknights for being „relatable”
>”he only wants to save the world from population collapse! To set a good example!”
>wanted to save people stuck in a cave in Thailand by sending one of his shitty submarine toys to save them; when people got saved successfully without Elon’s stupid ideas, he threw an epic tantrum calling everyone „pedophiles”
>wants to „revolutionize transport”: in fact his car tunnels are useless claustrophobia capsule/guaranteed death, cause if something bad happends, the tunnel is so tight you can’t open doors and there’s no way for an ambulance/fire engine to get in
>he wants to own Mars too
>wants to air adverts in space
>has countless scorned ex-wives (for good reasons) and countless children he just produces as a side hobby and most probably doesn’t give a fuck about
>involved in various celebrity scandals

>Elon searches for pity points and argument win telling lies about how he „held his firstborn when he was dying” (the same son he didn’t give a fuck about and yelled at his mother for grieving after) >>1705379 His wife tells him off saying SHE was in fact the one holding his son >>1708602, >>1708665, >>1712471
>Elon surgically stretched his legs? >>1705721
>Grimey resurfaces from under the earth on a rare occasion (to fetishize Asian kpop band) along with Asian tranny, >>1714096 photographs shows she’s absolutely botched >>1705977, >>1706716, >>1708702, >>1708955
>Grimes posts a post-botching selfie from her crusty, crumb-covered, stained, cluttered, moldy room >>1706037, >>1706657, >>1714101 anons suggest better slavic larp >>1706168, >>1706169
>Grimes likes retarded tweets from few troon friend Lan Dao >>1707021, >>1713166, >>1714028
>alleged ex-worker posts about his experiences at SpaceX, talks about fake working (playing games in the office) and preparing a birthday surprise for Elon: giant rocket-styled dick cake >>1708390
>Grime cringeposts about porn on main, then says „it wasn’t meeee” >>1709194
>Melon takes Honda Civic XYZ to work (Twitter office), Grimes dies from happiness >>1709358
> GRAJMZ posts pathetic „Lil Rasputina” russiaboo LARP, deletes immediately >>1710389
>thirsttrap naked cosplay pics, looking dirty and unappealing >>1710417
>Grime’s favourite collaborator, photographer Nusi Quero, gets exposed as sex pest, predator, abuser and pervert who molests, intimidates and flashes his models, hosts them in horribly grime conditions at his grimey house, dresses them up in clothes that his cat pissed on and licks model’s underwear >>1710892, >>1710923, >>1710934
>examples of Nusi Quero/Grimey Asian fetishizm and porny collabs >>1711065, >>1711109
>creepy pics of Claire’s SJW tumblr phase >>1711195, >>1711196, >>1711198, >>1711199, >>1711201, >>1711202, >>1711204, >>1711205
>Grimes supports Asian harems >>1711341 more Asian fetishism >>1711484, >>1711485, >>1711490
>hangs out with Aella, a hooker organizing NDA „umbrella consent” rape parties >>1711435, >>1713578, >>1713666, >>1713902
>takes massive copium declaring C section scars as „underrated aesthetic” >>1712057
>a compilation of Claire whiteknighting herself and Elon on lolcow >>1712334, >>1712348
>Melon shows off his brothel tier nightstand with meticulously arranged guns and soda cans >>1712863, >>1712912
>Musky complaints about violation of freeze peach! Why Apple no giv me moneyz on tweetard? reee >>1712923
>throwback to the past: Grimes’ (very probable) self posts on 4chan >>1712926, >>1713047, >>1713048
>Claire wants to bring kids to workplaces! Please take your kids to construction places, factories, butchers shop, and so on! >>1713062 claims X „shadows others at engineering”, at the age of 2 >>1713666
>bitches that she can’t afford to pay off her nannies >>1713145
> posts AI fanart where in each her face doesn’t look like her in the least >>1713092
>brittle-boned Claire wants to be a gladiator now >>1713166
>anon discovers Claire’s secret Reddit acc (reddit.com/user/etherallobbyforce) She uses it to whiteknight herself hardcore, to the point even her reddit fans know its her >>1714316, >>1714337, >>1714345, >>1714352, >>1714359, >>1714361, >>1714362, >>1714810, >>1714817
>Allegations against Nusi Quero are being posted on Grimes reddit. Mods immediately delete the thread. When fans ask why did they do such thing, Grimes uses her fake account to whiteknight Nusi Quero and yells to take that shit away >>1715196, >>1715257
>it’s nothing surprising since Grimes was dismissing allegations and whiteknighting Dr Luke in the past >>1714204, >>1715196 and as Etherallobbyforce, she outwardly claims Kesha is lying >>1714817
>She also dismissed it when Alice Glass was abused by Ethan. >>1714829, >>1714835
>examples of Grimey’s collabs with Noosey >>1715280, >>1715312 she literally has a huge ass back tattoo designed by a sexual abuser
>Grimes gives NO response, says whole lot of nothing and just delays responsibility. >>1715798 Bitch STILL follows Nausea Queero on Twitter though, or even newly refollowed >>1716276 and doesn’t care one bit >>1716273
>fans find her lack of reaction disappointing, >>1716274, >>1716278 because Grimes used to talk about how producers wanted to talk her into sleeping with them >>1714201
>Noncey Qreepo reacts to allegations, ofc claims it’s all untrue, except for living in squalor with a traumatized cat who hates him so much that he pisses everywhere >>1716290 posts fake „redemption” messages from model who „apologizes for lying” >>1716305
>Kanye West laughs at Melon and posts pics of his pasty white blob whale self getting kindly sprayed with life providing water by a helpful gentleman, Elon gets gravely offended and bans Ye for „violating his rule against inciting violence” >>1716354, >>1716648, >>1716414 cope harder >>1716423
>Elon posts Hunter Biden Twitter story just to steer everyone’s attention away from pasty whale blob pics, fails obviously >>1716802, >>1716998
>Grime DJs dressed as Shrek, her face photoshopped to Oblivion trying to hide the botch >>1716174, >>1716627
>Grimes likes whiteknighty lies about how Neuralink is totally pet friendly uwuuu def they didn’t torture and kill the monkeys >>1716839
>Grimes is confirmed BOTCHED. I mean really. Call it karma, call Kao, doesn’t matter. RIP Grimes, RIP smiles, welcome swollen Bogdanoff >>1716927, >>1716933, >>1716949, >>1716949, >>1717002
>someone got done with Grimes shit and pulled the cable out during her DJ set >>1716948
>Psycho feels absolutely comfy inserting Neuralink chip in his kid’s brains >>1717528 guess he wants his kids to kill each other ahem
>Really Grimes, really? You think he’d pay attention to you if you flood him with fanart? >>1719060
>anon memes >>1709670, >>1711895, >>1711898, >>1712374, >>1716325, >>1716466


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Thread #2: >>>/snow/1426381
Thread #3 >>>/snow/1616021
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Thread #5 >>>/snow/1704982

No. 1719303

Alright, posting a new thread already so we can get back on topic and free ourselves from offtopping idiots in last thread. also cause i'd have no time later.

No. 1719306

great summary thank you anon!

No. 1719308

elon is fat

No. 1719334

Good post.

No. 1719341

File: 1670278592570.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1471, EBC78596-2C24-44EA-8C50-B0C9C4…)

Neo colonial slavemaster Apartheid Clyde, still having revenge fantasies of leaving all the people who made fun of him behind on earth crying, while he stuffs his fat face with cruller donuts at Tim Hortons Mars branch.

Where’s the colonies Elon sweetie? We’re waiting.

No. 1719342

File: 1670278601491.jpg (1.56 MB, 1196x1324, YznfKTf.jpg)

Grimey liked this today …

No. 1719343

>when you’re such a joke on earth you have to go to another planet and make it illegal for people to poke fun at you

wasn’t she ranting about elons big dick to azealia? sounds like someone was lying…

No. 1719345

The cope poltards tell themselves. Hilarious.

No. 1719355

So the more moidly and muh skuline you are, the less evolved? Finally something we agree on, King.

No. 1719362

File: 1670279612343.jpeg (196.22 KB, 1300x472, 02C10927-99AD-4495-9C47-311735…)

the thought of some hunched over little breadstick armed incel virgin geek, frantically typing all this out on his keyboard, comparing himself and his tiny dick to statues of Apollo while ranting about the virtues of old is so repulsive and hilariously ironic. guarantee you he’s an anglo or german murican mutt too, his ancestors were still living in mudhuts in europe 1000 years after the romans built the colosseum. pathetic.

No. 1719364

We can't fix our BS on earth, but we certainly can terraform other planets to make them habitable for humans. Sure. Makes perfect sense.

Also, Elon has a small pp.

No. 1719366

File: 1670279717359.jpeg (515.3 KB, 1242x1150, F0DD39FE-A8D8-4F5B-8EC2-738314…)

More of his tweets. He’s a lolcow, should have his own thread.

No. 1719368

File: 1670279848190.jpeg (118.21 KB, 640x583, DACC7D26-A3F5-48DA-859E-F52D17…)

>our women

No. 1719369

Maybe he can go in the vikings thread?

No. 1719370

>A moid literally can't achieve anything without women

We know. Also top kek

>Muh Underpopulation

No. 1719371

Grimes is going through her /pol/ phase because of Elon. Pathetic.

No. 1719372

Good idea, I’ll see if it fits.

No. 1719377

he's FAT and has a SMALL penis. LMAO!!!

No. 1719378


No. 1719379

This unironically

No. 1719381

I will never understand why exactly we need a gajillion humans. What changed when we reached eight billion people? Is eight bn somehow better than seven bn, because bigger number?
Elon, Grimes & co. have such a bland vision of the future.

No. 1719382

they're talking about the white race lmao >muhnation

No. 1719383

>Female humans have the most eggs in their life when they are fetuses

No. 1719385

No anon they don't have enough of the "right" people, and too many of the "wrong" people

No. 1719387

>grimes liked it
Elon a dicklet confirmed. Also isn't that from Ancient Greece, i.e what modern western society takes most its influence from?

No. 1719390

yeah these guys want to “marry” literal tweens

No. 1719408

All that brain yoga just to make up a future in which they could potentially get laid.

No. 1719422

Elon’s gonna be mad at Claire for that. Back to doghouse she goes.

No. 1719428

he’s probably been blanking her even harder than usual ever since she got botched so this is her way of shading him

No. 1719431

File: 1670284943734.png (280.22 KB, 530x447, manwithsmallppinthewild.PNG)


What in the world is that fucking thing?
Do you need some fucking tweezers to put that little thing away?
That has got to be the smallest dick
I have ever seen in my whole life
Get the fuck outta here

Iny weeny teeny weeny
Shriveled little short dick man
Don't want don't want don't want
Iny weeny teeny weeny
Shriveled little short dick man
Don't want don't want don't want
Don't want no short dick man
Don't want no short dick man
Don't want no short dick man
Don't want no short dick man

No. 1719436

I adore how this thread has become a variety shitposting thread, please continue

No. 1719447

what a gay retard

No. 1719450

translation from moidese: "i am a white male who thinks constantly about black men's penises"

No. 1719452

ikwym. as a chinese person, i know i won't be truly comfortable until we are 100% of the earth's population. it's just too scary knowing that men who look like elon can still be born at any time.

No. 1719469

Yes, i'm the anon who first mentioned Grimes whooshing her sword and i like how it became a stable element of these threads, same as non shitpost fanarts. let's keep up the tradition

No. 1719525

same here. as a woman, i know i won't be truly comfortable until we are 1000% of the earth's population. it's just too scary knowing that men can still be born at any time.

No. 1719560

It's funny how men like him reveal their deficits despite being anonymous. This is undeniably the pathological narcissism of an aging, balding man who've never been attractive to the opposite sex

No. 1719796

agreed, my fav thread finally delivering milk and keks

No. 1719839

So, Grimes is like, mask-off worshing /pol/tards now? And still refusing to disavow her coomer moid tattooist friend who sexually assaulted multiple Asian women?
These two things are funny to me together, because even if you're racist, imagine if the genders were flipped. If it was a white "artsy" female photographer who got caught being sexually aggressive and gross to non-white male models specifically or something, all racist moids would drop her like a rock because "muh racemixing". But since Grimes is a cuckquean and a weeaboo…

No. 1719941

File: 1670339962403.png (275.51 KB, 788x456, lady.png)

Our lady of small dicks has landed a new bio

No. 1719962


No. 1719985

No Claire is clinging to the last 3 brain cells she has left after discovering that abusing amphetamine drastically ages your body by decades
Her anorexia also affects how her brain functions, therefore her recent obsession with redpillers is just an early alzheimer symptom

Apprentice Planetologist? Is Elon forcing her to do some soil work so he has an excuse to send her to mars? Since it’s pretty useless to bring Gringo to mars with her brittle crack bones and lack of scientific understanding kek

Dang Elon must be really ignoring her texts when she has to subtweet

No. 1720052

File: 1670348425356.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3464x3464, ECC8923C-B948-4E66-95A1-240E3F…)

Tesla stock is crashing so we definitely know that grimes is 100% broke

No. 1720092

It's literally a white supremacist propaganda. Person responsible is old britis fuck who also faked IQ tests results from non-white countries during a major research (I can't remember his name or if he's still alive).
>Born at trinity atomic bomb test date
Classy kek. Is she a complete idiot or just baiting?

No. 1720106

File: 1670350147109.jpeg (197.48 KB, 828x1240, 2FFB6202-FDAA-4837-9394-FC80FA…)

King Gronk and his wisdom

No. 1720133

File: 1670351389852.jpeg (19.32 KB, 256x256, 92D81308-2ED0-4B24-92B6-D6BB8E…)

She looks like her dad

No. 1720142

What’s funny is that white nationalists always try to claim that the only reason European countries IQs arent as high as East Asian countries IQs, is because of foreign immigration to the west causing the average to decrease.

When comparative, historical IQ studies have shown almost entirely white European countries in the 1930s and 40s were actually more stupid and had lower IQ scores than European countries do now.

No. 1720147

File: 1670351906594.jpeg (416.05 KB, 1091x1040, 63ED0863-2D4E-49CF-9059-6D5FB4…)

Her dad kinda looks like the coomer guy.

No. 1720151

Keeekkk ur actually spot on
I feel like X is going to look like her dad

No. 1720154

Kek then why are Asians the only people receiving negative affirmative action in university admissions? Why are their grades higher than huwites? Unreal cope

No. 1720212

Claire might be waking up and realizing she's aging out of her ingenue offbeat popstar character, and that a career from her real daddy is only a few meaningless credentials away. Melons is definitely encouraging this if true.

IQ is a swindle but it's silly to say wealthy immigrant Asians that come to the west to shelter their money and send their kids to good schools are representative of all the rest. Asians also very much benefit from affirmative action. The truth about colleges turning away Asian applicants is because there are serious issues with cheating etc.. Were admissions based on test scores alone, white students would be even more of an overwhelming majority in the highest demand schools.

No. 1720224

Bro Mongolia is one of the poorest countries in Asia and still has one of the top 10 IQs in the world, cope.

No. 1720237

File: 1670357994720.jpeg (138.72 KB, 828x803, 10A5D089-3C23-4C00-8069-4C4673…)

No way would she work a regular job at her dads biotech firm, she’s way to lazy and inconsistent, can’t trust a druggie

The date is the only consistent personality trait of hers kek
Imagine being that desperate to look cool

Tinfoil/was her Montreal sexual assault story real? The one where she allegedly got the idea for oblivion for. She lies a lot, like an extreme pathological liar. I just feel like nothing she claimed before turned out to be true, everything was made up or stolen. It’s not completely unlikely to get attacked but her wording for it was just….odd. Perhaps she lied about the assault to get more SJW to hype her into mainstreamhood idk tho

No. 1720286

that story is odd. she brought it up like one time in the thing to promote her song and then she just never mentioned it again. i understand why she might not want to dwell on it if it’s true, but it’s odd for her to only use her trauma for promo.

No. 1720292

i never believed that assault happened since the song came out. there’s something incredibly insincere about her from the beginning like she just says whatever.
but with her chiming in when no one asked to make the dr luke situation about herself “producers wanna take me home and fuck meee” and then not believing kesha. then having 2 children with elon on top of being bffs with a gross predator and having his art tattooed on her really seals the deal.

if it was just a suspicion that she was lying then it could’ve happened. but considering the people she involves herself with and who she defends, highly doubt that ever happened. you’re right she is just a pathological liar.
i will almost always believe a woman with a story like that but in claire’s case she’s just a horrible liar. oblivions lyrics and presentation are just awful too, that song reads “i know nothing about assault”
who the fuck wants to make their sexual assault “pop and fun”
she’s a nasty larper gross fetishist and wishes mouds wanted to fuck her that badly

No. 1720300

I thought it was some random violent attack but not a sexual assault

No. 1720307

I intensely dislike Claire but I don’t want to believe she’d sink low enough to make up an assault story. I lived in Canada for a few years and was mugged twice and accosted and harassed and followed by a group of men. Groups of scrotes do hang around and assault and harass women and I know many other Canadian women irl who’ve had similar experiences, especially at night or walking downtown. There are a looot of shady moids around so I’m inclined to believe her. She is a pathological liar though in many other instances and that’s been proven.

No. 1720310

yeah i dont believe any woman who has actually been traumatized and terrified by men like grimes claims would be so neutral and blasé about another woman’s sexual assault or rape experience. then continue to associate with and fangirl over known predators like noncey creepo. elon also sexually harasses women which is why he paid that woman’s hush money. claires behaviour and lack of empathy towards other women who’ve been assaulted just doesn’t add up.

No. 1720321

I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's definitely some racist undertones in here. Ofc grimey wouldn't be smart enough to catch it and resist coping about how she got preggo for a uggo with a small penis.

No. 1720333

Of course there’s racism in it, it’s an account run by a fashy EVROPA wignat. The race of men who have bigger dicks than white men are black men so of course poltards have to depict them as savages and low intelligence to feel better about themselves. But then white men always cope about how they are superior to Asian men because of muh BIG WHITE COCK so it puts them in a tough spot. Are white men microdicked and high IQ? Or are they large penised savages? Hmm…

No. 1720356

I won't question whether a woman has been SA'd or not. Claire has enough milk and reasons to dislike her already, we don't need tinfoils.

No. 1720359

i know we all hate grimey here, but come on. her comment on the kesha and dr. luke situation was that she couldn't speak to it personally, but implying that she found kesha's story plausible because of her own experiences with creepy moid producers.

>grimes doesn't constantly sperg out over a traumatic assault/rape that happened over a decade ago, fake!!1!!

it's not like any of us will ever know what happened anyways. all this speculation is pointless nitpicking unless she gives us an actual reason to doubt her story.

inb4 someone says i'm claire kek

No. 1720370

She has a secret reddit account called u/ethereallobbyforce where she said kesha was probably lying about it

No. 1720372

File: 1670366986788.jpeg (26.07 KB, 275x151, F6A6D21F-696D-4C39-975C-0BF62F…)

No. 1720392

File: 1670368475487.jpg (326.53 KB, 1080x1768, ethereallobbyforce.jpg)

"piece of history" I can't

No. 1720401

File: 1670369066048.jpg (235.1 KB, 1080x1313, queen grimes.jpg)

No. 1720405

No. 1720406

20 years of doing her own makeup and she still sucks so bad at it, always looks like a toddler painted her face

No. 1720408

Found Claire’s Etsy, not really interesting or milky though, just a bunch of fake armour and Chinese dresses.

No. 1720413

>tons of ugly alternative wedding dresses
Poor Grimey she’s so delusional

No. 1720424

File: 1670370882223.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1558, 9717B28F-F327-4AF9-957A-CE64A7…)

why’d they have to read claire like that…

No. 1720425

File: 1670370965281.jpg (178.06 KB, 320x320, V6NATIZ.jpg)

What always irks me about grimes is how shitty her fashion sense is. all of her personal "brand" of fashion is like a 12 year old dipped their toes into a medieval fantasy pinterest board. there's no attention to anything more than token motifs of a style. also, it's just tasteless. there's nothing cohesive and it just looks slapstick and tacky. we get it "elf queen" go back to spirit halloween. no wonder her etsy looks like that. you can always tell when a stylist tries to do something with her "style" vs when she throws shit on from etsy.

No. 1720429

File: 1670371186725.jpeg (526.1 KB, 611x853, 270263A5-D9FF-4CA3-B1A9-72461F…)

Kek @ her taste

No. 1720431

File: 1670371216038.jpeg (1022.18 KB, 1170x1467, 4B255424-962E-4CE1-812B-E4768B…)


No. 1720432

yeah that etsy was really telling. very surface level fashions that give the vibes of those women who have no real interest in renaissance fairs/cons beyond using them as an excuse to wear revealing costumes (that they never make themselves) and to get male attention.

No. 1720434

Elon has a shrimpie. WE BEEN KNEW!!

No. 1720437

i don't really know what the context of this is but tranny model aside these are all hideous pieces, except maybe the floral romper

No. 1720443

pretty sure that's why elon ditched her lol. she is so surface level about everything, her politics, her fashion etc. you take a deeper look to anything she has ever done you realize she is a poser. at least shivon knows about ai and futurism and shit for real, this bitch is just going by the vibes

No. 1720446

File: 1670371605823.jpeg (454.54 KB, 750x1027, E1EA4B6B-8179-4191-9442-53F30C…)

kek great find, her sense of style is so embarrassingly tacky and basic. i guess now we know where she gets her anime weaboo crap from

No. 1720451

She has the same kawiwi taste as Tuna

No. 1720452

Agreed, I honestly hate that aesthetic so much. It’s just so tacky and tasteless, like those jugalette crackwhores who are really into fairy kei and mushroomcore, or those fat woowoo millennial stoners who eat hot chip and watch netflix all day. Just surface level cringe shit.

If they weren’t rich Claire and Elon would be one of those obese 35 year old landwhale couples who get married in hobbit costumes, walk down the aisle to the GoT theme tune and cut their cake with a lightsaber, then post the picture to reddit to get 1.2K updoots from other geek fatties.

For once Elon is right about something, Claire’s taste is god awful.

No. 1720455

File: 1670371982980.png (747.74 KB, 1377x811, nanny gifts.png)

Yes Claire I'm sure the underpaid foreign nannies who parent your babies for you will really appreciate $25 Etsy fantasy LARP daggers

No. 1720461

I’d honestly love to see Claire trying to impress Elon in Shivon’s presence. She starts babbling and lisping about AI and pretending she knows what she’s talking about, while Shivon corrects her with technical terms Claire doesn’t understand and subtly makes her feel like a complete idiot, until Claire just becomes completely silent and crestfallen and goes back to her moldy junebug infested B.O. scented ‘studio’ to write another revenge fantasy song about killing her rival Shivon in an epic Star Wars battle, all while Sweet Prince E aka Jabba the Hut looks on. Kek.

No. 1720465

Lol she’s one of those ‘I’ll just buy them whatever I like’ selfish assholes. Does the exact same thing to her offspring, just shoved whatever she likes down their throats. 25 bucks Claire, wow…

No. 1720475

idgi why do wignats accuse other races of being barbaric and savage and hate them for it but then idolize vikings and other violent european barbarians. violence is only okay when white people, right…

No. 1720476


Nonas, stop, I cannot take anymore, this is just too fucking funny

No. 1720478

File: 1670373146880.png (728.13 KB, 1731x668, Screenshot 2022-12-06 193151.p…)

oh yeah? you think those are funny? check out her "baby education" list

No. 1720489

oh god, it's embarassing. If i was a nanny and got something like that from Grimes, i would stab her with that shit (and the plastic tip would fall off probably but Grimes would still pretend to be hurt and she'd write a song about it)

No. 1720494

File: 1670373443764.png (1.8 MB, 1760x1512, expensivebutworthconsidering.p…)

>"Expensive but worth considering"
>Some are 10-30 dollars

Even $100 or $200 doesn't seem like it should be expensive for Grimey since Elon is literally the richest man in the world. He really doesn't give her shit huh? Sad tbh

No. 1720496

Hahahaha no. I'm dying

No. 1720499

that 10 dollar hand "armor" would really break the bank, nona.

No. 1720500

does she like… make nothing on her music? Why can't she suddenly shill expensive 10 dollars

No. 1720503

This is my favourite thread rn, Grime & Elon delivers milk daily

No. 1720508

Serious question, has grimes gone poor? The shit she has pinned looks too cheap for my broke ass, I'd think someone who popped out a test tube baby for Elon musky would go for official sailor moon and sanrio merch, not the AliExpress knock off special.

No. 1720512

getting actual merch would require her to go on official websites and do some actual research. our elven mitochondrial eve queen grimey cannot be bothered with that shit, peasant.

No. 1720520

Kek, same. The commentary in these threads is life.

No. 1720528

Spotify only pays 0.003 cents per play, even if your song got a million plays you would only make $3000 from that.

Elon gives her nothing unfortunately. Azealia tweeted about this. She said Grimes was too scared to ask Elon for money because she didn’t wanna be like his past girlfriends.

No. 1720534

Yes but she sold albums and merch for years before that. tour, well she toured in the past as well. Does she really have no savings at all?
(then again, she said she's been investing in crypto/NFT/shit, so i guess she flushed her money down the toilet willingly.)

No. 1720538

The record label keeps most of the profits for that stuff especially touring and album sales.

No. 1720541

didn't elon make her her sleep on a mattress with a hole (where he slept on the side without the hole and made her sleep on the hole side)

No. 1720545

Not asking for money from your baby daddy is high grade pickme bullshit, holy shit.
Btw, for somebody her size as an artist, i don't think she is rich at all. She probably must have a moderate income that's nothing too flashy. Plus, i suspect that Elon might not have as much money as people think he does since most of his wealth is stocks and not cash. There's a reason why he has to beg for money for his bullshit whilst Jeff Bezos is doing the same space nonsense out of his pocket just as an example.

No. 1720552

So… i'm understanding that majority of her money comes from her parents pocket still?

No. 1720556

Yes lol

No. 1720557

lol if true imagine how her parents would feel about her asking for handouts while literally dating elon musk

No. 1720574

File: 1670376157887.png (101.75 KB, 802x721, muchinnovative.png)

not her sucking her own dick lmfao. sooo innovative claire. good job on discovering what a playlist is

No. 1720575

She has money, owns property in pasadena, made 6m off nfts, has expensive skincare routine (130$ eyecream etc) buys expensive designer clothes she wears once (climate change?) is always posting her expensive shit like 6k robot dogs, she always has tons of new clothes, etc

No. 1720578

Most musicians, besides the A listers who also do other business deals or get sponsorships on the side, are broke. I know a couple people who had pretty successful careers as alternative artists but by their 30s and 40s they usually only had around 100K-500K or so in savings, all to last them a lifetime. It’s incredibly easy to go through that in a few years. I’m sure Elon does give her money but being too afraid to ask your billionaire baby daddy if you can spend a few hundred bucks on some new clothes with his credit card is so weird and desperately pickme. Claire’s no starving artist but she’s definitely not rich. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s burned through most of her parents trust fund already with all her drug and larp sword habits. And we already know Elon is a huge tightwad.

No. 1720586

I’m pretty sure Elon kept the NFT money, he used as part of his pump and dump scam.

No. 1720587

>how cool and forward thinking!
Why is she so bad at larping lol

No. 1720598

Does anyone have any source/more milk on this post here?

Figures I guess. If Claire had really made millions for herself that day why would she still be unable to afford rent in Austin without Elon’s help? I’m sure if Elon knew she had millions in the bank he would be extremely reluctant or even straight up refuse to give her another handout as he’s so notoriously stingy.

No. 1720599

Ok anon

No. 1720600

File: 1670377220231.png (300.09 KB, 804x299, why.png)

unbelievably tacky. this profile really delivers the lols. Under "Nanny gifts" looks like the cheapest one is the only Sold, guess a broken plastic knife is the only thing Claire has room in her budget for her kids' caretaker
>like a 12 year old dipped their toes into a medieval fantasy pinterest board
and they have the Wiki entry on paganism open in another tab
he would love this, he was always doing stuff to his exes to make them fight/jealous. what's sad is that Shivon has substance unlike claire but she probably won't achieve as much because she settled for melon so soon.

No. 1720601

File: 1670377221049.jpg (421.31 KB, 1280x3887, elite_gz.jpg)

let's all take a moment and remember jbrooks, the pronounlord who set this whole sordid saga in motion

No. 1720603

Why does she only date trannies?

No. 1720604

File: 1670377431464.jpeg (612.88 KB, 1170x1244, C995C2CD-0309-4E24-B049-351D78…)

Chin implant?

No. 1720606

File: 1670377680264.jpeg (95.18 KB, 675x1200, BA8B2C2D-53CE-4123-AB85-61060E…)

I thought that at first but in her side profile her chin is weak and looks quite recessed, especially compared to her shelf lip and swollen pillowface. My guess is all her lip and cheek fillers migrated in an unfortunate way.

No. 1720607

I thought he gives her maximum $10k because they live in Texas. Isn't it illegal not to pay alimony? Even if the mother isn't asking for it…Is actually fucked up enough not to insist on sending them money? Damn, imagine being a poor kid because your mother doesn't want any cash despite the father wanting to give it.

No. 1720611

holy fuck what lmao? I can't even recognize that first one as her

No. 1720612

funniest bit is they weren't even romantic/sexual partners. upon meeting claire, jbrooks was sufficiently impressed to abandon his own fledgling music career and essentially become her live-in maid/petty slave for half a decade, during her post-visions mainstream ascent out in california. basically doing her laundry and dodging angry phone calls from roc nation while she did drugs, fucked other people, recorded half a dozen rejected albums and appeared in fashion spreads. and then discarded the very minute she shacked up with musk, which shook jb so hard he turned into a she

No. 1720617

File: 1670378164716.jpeg (557.11 KB, 1242x1544, 8348C65B-75F4-405D-828E-75202D…)

>still self promoting her garbage music
>still trying to sound deep
>humanist claire is concerned for mankind’s future
Have no fear, Sailor Botched to the rescue! Her foam sword whooshing will surely save humanity.

No. 1720618

Neanderthal core

No. 1720619

Having a live-in manslave is pretty based but Claire is still a piece of shit, how did she turn from that into such a pandering footstool for Elon? Did his status activate pickme mode?

No. 1720622

File: 1670378336759.jpg (28.4 KB, 386x580, dRh2Qee9Roa77vE3Cx27SemYTin.jp…)

God this is so sad to see. She was genuinely so cute back in the day. Oblivion was really therapeutic for me as someone who's experienced being attacked by a random man at night when I thought I was somewhere safe. I know anons like to roast her brow and nose but she was def relatively attractive in a hipster indie girl kinda way, and the stuff she would say about men in the music industry really resonated with me. If only she spent more time worrying about getting enough calories to not be malnourished, maybe this would've never happened. The pick me pull was too strong I guess. Imagine throwing away your artistic integrity, the concept of an actual loving and fulfilling relationship between mother and child (not mother and nanny), your looks, the respect of your fans…for a man who looks like an autistic hapa Trunchbull

No. 1720623

My guess is she’d only ever dated broke losers before so a billionaire paying her attention probably felt surreal. Sadly she fumbled the bag, got cucked then botched and now has to subtweet Melon and like small dick posts to get any kind of reaction from him. Plus she lost 90% of her fanbase in the process.

No. 1720626

Now she’s dating a rich ugly loser aspie manchild who would rather have sex with a rocket than her.

No. 1720627

They’re not even dating tho, Elon ghosted her lol.

No. 1720629

nah she's quite homely, thin works for her and makes her look alt/avant garde and not plain. her parents are so fucking rich it is impossible for me to feel bad for her, her mom is even a feminist like she had all the resources available to her and completely squandered them

does he even see the babies anymore, or are they stuck on copy with the rest of his brood on the monthly emails

No. 1720637

I am dying to see more pictures of her face I'm kinda still in disbelief this is crazy.

No. 1720640

What is this from?

No. 1720643

Old claire is a myth, she was always a shallow money hungry narcissistic asshole. She just got cockier after sucking off Melon and her awkward dorky unicorn girl mask slipped.

No. 1720647

I’m honestly super curious about the Shivon aspect too. Like is she living with him? Does he see their kids? Do her and Grimes interact?

No. 1720651

Stop fooling yourself and mourning something that was never there. i get that you're disappointed but she was never genuine nor art-oriented anyway. Of course nobody ever predicted Elon saga, but this girl always oozed pickme nlog fake vibes. She's always been a rich brat kid and an attention whore stomping on others on her way to fame, Canada anons repeatedly confirmed. Old "artistic integrity" Grime isn't real and it's been told repeatedly for the last few threads. wake up already

No. 1720653


yeah that essay def reads "i 100% worked on her music."

explains a lot. he's the guy behind elite gymnastics

No. 1720657

Agreed. Sad thing is Claire is such a litigious asshole she would immediately try to sue him if he dares tell the truth and made him sign a bunch of NDAs.

No. 1720675

Yeah it's so bad that it sounds sarcastic

No. 1720687

yeah. laughing at the idea of old claire. i knew someone in her orbit when she was part of this stupid train tour across canada, 2012 or 2013? he told me "she uses people" and that she was fucked up on drugs and acting insane the entire tour. the train tour was how she met nusi quero aka paul giese, paul was in hundred waters until he decided to use his architecture degree to make orgy bras. they've known each other for a decade. no way she didn't know he was a rapey freak until last month. she probably fucked him tbh

No. 1720747

Is Shivon even fucking Elon? I don't understand at all. She's actually attractive and smart. She used a surrogate, too. She will be lucky if she doesn't end up indicted for some Theranos-like shit at Neuralink.

No. 1720752

I would guess they don't live together. Do you think Elon wants to deal with hearing 2 screaming babies/Shivon splitting her attention between him and the babies? Even if the nannies do most of the work… I don't see Shivon being that hands off, actually. I think her parents probably visit and help with the kids a lot.

I think they used the same address on that application to change the babies' last names to make it easier for the court to decide he was legitimately the father since I don't think they require DNA tests for a name change. I don't think Melon and Shivon can live together as long as she continues to be an exec at Neuralink.

No. 1720759

File: 1670387624196.jpg (272.25 KB, 2048x1536, FdV-T_VWIAEnXwf.jpeg-2.jpg)

BTW nonnas her studio pic from Twitter had genelec speakers that are 8,000usd

As well as a 500 dollar audio interface from universal audio.

And she got 120k plastic surgery kek

No. 1720765

This is such an eyesore. I hate neon colors

No. 1720781

It's weird how there's so much money sitting on this little desk and yet it looks so "corner of a dorm room" as the rest of her place.

No. 1720811

Why does this look so cheap?

No. 1720818

All that money can’t buy taste, that setup looks like shit. Your average high schooler that saves up her 7.5 usd/hr part time job money can create a better looking setup.

No. 1720822

It’s kind of like people with money aren’t required to use it in any way except the way they choose

No. 1720825

Why does this sound like a wk?

No. 1720842

She really did fumble hard. She could've been a neuroscientist with a degree from McGill but decided to have two babies with a man who makes her sleep on holed mattresses and refuses to marry her or even talk to her all while shes so high that she can't raise her own kids without a nanny.

No. 1720845

>It’s kind of like people with money aren’t required to use it in any way except the way they choose
Yeah! Like covering all your windows with cheap nylon tapestries you bought off amazon! Nonnies are totes just jealous! /s

No. 1720848

>No Claire is clinging to the last 3 brain cells she has left after discovering that abusing amphetamine drastically ages your body by decades
No amount of surgery is going to hide the fact she's a saggy ageing crackhead now and that must be very hard to accept for poor Gringo. I personally cannot wait for her botox era.

No. 1720858

Her forehead has been frozen for years. Shes been in her botox era. Even when she looked like helga she always had her lips overlined + hair extensions, she likes to act like she doesnt put in effort (claiming to not have a skincare routine until 2020 sure jan) but she has always put in effort whether it looked like it or not. Shes been doing injections since at least 2017. Honestly her first round of filler looked good, she should have left herself alone

No. 1720859

Also, McGill neuroscientist, really? As if that wasnt a larp? In the doc about her from 2010 she claims to have studied all day every day for her astronomy class yet still didn't know answers to 50% of questions on exams. Training neuroscience isnt taking random classes you think are cool. Taking one semester of philosophy 101 does not mean you are becoming a philosopher.

Getting into school in canada is very easy especially if mom and dad pay tuition, she took a bunch of entry levelrandom science classes like neuroscience and astronomy and flunked out/ started doing music instead.

She was never “training to be a neuroscientist” that was just part of her fake NLOG lore, like almost everything else.

No. 1721062

Lol what do you mean? She could've been inventing robowombs and putting brain chips in people by now.

No. 1721087

File: 1670428377107.jpg (854.5 KB, 852x934, 7kApO7l.jpg)

botched skinwalker etsy hoarder era

No. 1721092

omg… the eyes couldn't be more upturned huh
also lol at her hiding that disturbing Sims 2 chin. that dress. that dress

No. 1721095

File: 1670428875273.png (336.14 KB, 494x748, fulll2.png)

Why not post the full pic anon? it gets worse. dollar store Winx Club

No. 1721097

File: 1670429059157.png (435.77 KB, 454x544, newpic.png)

No. 1721100

samefag, in the case of 2nd pic i posted i think it must be a few days/weeks old. In the dj pic she looked Bogdanoff levels swollen, i don't get how would it get back to "normal" so fast.

No. 1721107

she doesn’t look that bad in the face here, but style and makeup look horrendous as usual

No. 1721118

who are these boomers?

No. 1721127

He’s a painter that makes those cringe “””psychedelic””” colorful paintings that your brother’s loser friend that smokes weed and reeks of body odor would put on their wall next to a poster of bob marley in 2007

No. 1721134

> Person responsible is old britis fuck who also faked IQ tests results from non-white countries during a major research (I can't remember his name or if he's still alive).

You mean Richard Lynn? He’s also obsessed with the idea women aren’t as smart as men (muh male variability). The whole Silicon Valley rationalist sphere is obsessed with him

No. 1721139

There’s actually a bunch of stuff I love in her faves. I’m tempted to buy the one of a kind vintage items that are in her “buy soon” folder, kek.

She’s really gotta be broke if she’s just favoriting stuff and not buying it. That get up she wore in Miami was from her faves and the dress portion was $36 kekekek

No. 1721173

Meh you can get those speakers much cheaper second hand or a ‘friend’ probably gave them to her. We know the bitch is broke that’s why she says a $100 larp sword is expensive and needs Elon paying her rent. The facelift was probably free or heavily discounted, surgeons offer free surgery to ‘celebrities’ yes even C listers like Claire as promo. At best she can siphon off some of her child support money but we know most of it probably goes on 24/7 care for X and Y since Claire is a laxy useless bitch who can’t do anything except smoke crack and press beep boop.

No. 1721176

They look like pedophiles.

No. 1721177

That dress is hideous and her face looks like she just did ten rounds with Mike Tyson

No. 1721181

Her eyes aren’t really that upturned she’s just done her eyeliner in a really weird way so the wing comes off her eye and she drew it like 1cm higher than where her actual upper lashline is. If zoomers cared about her she’d be cancelled for Asianfishing by now but she’s irrelevant to them anyway kek.

No. 1721186

This belt has a chokehold on her right now

No. 1721188

File: 1670434352210.jpeg (111.5 KB, 594x591, FC961F82-F428-41FF-B4B3-00BC73…)

This is what I mean her wing comes way off her eyelid to make her eyes look more lifted than they really are. This is a really ugly liner style too. She just have some weird body dysmorphia and wants her eyes to look more upturned.

No. 1721213

File: 1670435011786.jpeg (55.71 KB, 512x512, 43E9BB52-EB5A-40E0-A7C6-65BB6D…)

The fierce big tranny wings cat eye look is so 2017. Even the Asian women who Claire skinwalks all try to make their eyes look downward tilted by doing their wing sloping downwards and actually try to hide their positive canthal tilt because they think downward turned eyes are cuter.

Claire you will never be numba wan gaijin bishoujo, you aren’t kawaii enough.

No. 1721215

she definitely just uses people for free stuff lol, those speakers probably belong to her tranny ex

No. 1721216

This is definitely one of worst looks in recent years. Elon is never gonna pick you Claire and he is right your style is hideous.

No. 1721220

I think you can tell how strung out she is by how bad her outfits are. Only a person seriously tripping on acid or shrooms would think that dress is pretty or cool.

No. 1721229

She's morphing into Talulah. Butchering your face to look like the ex of your ex who doesn't care about you. Dear lord.

No. 1721237

File: 1670436427843.jpeg (519.07 KB, 2308x1484, DE42CDAB-7AEA-472D-AE6D-9DEC1E…)

The bimbo/plastic heavy makeup looks don’t suit her at all. She looks much better minimalist and fresh faced. Yes I know left is a very old picture but she genuinely had cute features and didnt need any makeup. I know she wants to throw crap all over herself to stand out but she needs to accept she doesn’t suit the flashy OTT style at all.

No. 1721243

Claire is a contrarian brat so the more constructive advice we try to give her the more she’ll just do the opposite to be spiteful.

Just like when she started shaving again and claimed it was feminist to shave, because people saying it was cool she didn’t use razors and had hairy legs and pits were ‘anti-feminist’ and ‘trying to control her’ lol.

No. 1721244

File: 1670436688071.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1445, 91ED6B30-7285-4C7C-89ED-D3F3B0…)

How times have changed…

No. 1721249

File: 1670436808909.jpeg (62.03 KB, 580x578, 62837831-ECC2-4547-8852-303B6F…)

Aiden Claire should come back she looked better as a dyke

No. 1721250

everyone looks bad yasssified

No. 1721251

>French girls
I thought she was Russian + Viking mixed with Japanese…

No. 1721258

Did she start her bimbo quest pre or post Elon?

No. 1721260

Is she French Canadian? That makes sense, that’s probably the only true thing she’s ever said about her ethnicity. She probably doesn’t feel like French is exotic enough so she made up this Slavic Asian Viking larp to compensate. Also, I could be misremembering but didn’t she claim to be Native American at some point too??

No. 1721262

File: 1670437420698.jpeg (189.83 KB, 750x665, F6D8B88C-1C4B-45AB-B84B-4CB780…)

Lmao why does the grimes wiki say she’s Korean

No. 1721265

File: 1670437709600.jpeg (329.23 KB, 750x1183, 612F8BDC-B567-4683-BA6F-C87507…)

Samefagging but this is her ethnicelebs page if there was any doubt that she’s not actually a slavic asian waifu. She’s not even Slavic lol she just had ethnic German ancestry from Odesa

No. 1721293

File: 1670439671974.png (90.99 KB, 1024x1024, 822774D7-5B87-4B62-960E-AC51E5…)


No. 1721296

God claire shut up with your larp you’re just a whitebread euromutt like every other burger and leaf.

No. 1721300

Again her hiding her arms, this has to be due to her ugly tattoos, especially her brush stroke tattoo on her arm, is almost never seen in pics
She looks "normal" because her face isn’t moving
Surgery looks great in pictures but horrible in real life, perhaps that’s why her video looked so botched, moving her lower face really showed how tight it is. She couldn’t even smile properly.

Claire is way too short to rock these long ass gowns, even with her plateau boots it looks off, she looks like a trans boy wearing his fat moms dresses

No. 1721305

File: 1670440306044.jpeg (125.98 KB, 898x477, BD7FC27E-D781-4CE4-8B47-CEC71A…)

Her parents just look like two Canadian normies I don’t get why she wants to be exotic so bad.

Claire you’re a regular suburban white girl from West Vancouver with rich parents and that’s okay. Stop trying to pretend to be something you’re not.

No. 1721306

Left pic is heavily photoshopped idk why you would even post that. She never looked like that not even in her Prime you silly wk

No. 1721311

Also West Vancouver/Point Grey where she went to school is one of the wealthiest areas in BC and was known for being full of super rich racist white people who live in mansions. The average annual income for household in WV is 5 million dollars. It’s filled with crazy rich Asians now though lol.

No. 1721315

LOL also she's gotta be trying to flex how suPPorTive she is of thA arTisTs to cover for her awful taste as well as her recent art theft gaffe. Probably trying to get back to her hipster indie roots and fix her image since Elon isn't willing to finance her space queen wedding and lifestyle.

"love" as in for going to renfest or doing burning man, right…?

No. 1721317

Right. Didn’t Claire’s parents also later move to Montreal? Probably white flight because they didn’t like all the Chinese invading their neighborhood lol.

No. 1721324

Her mom is definitely Italian, I mean Sandy Garossino isn’t french or British. Perhaps mixed but still 50% Italian.

Btw many canadians have this complex about being "mixed" since they don’t have a real identity or culture. It’s not just Claire. They all think they’re above regular whites kek

No. 1721325

Why did Claire like elven wedding bands for men? Was she going to propose to Elon lmfao

No. 1721326

Her taste is hideous but go off, I actually agree you should buy some of the rare OOAK stuff just to piss her off kek.

She should keep up her Roman larp at least it’d be more accurate than her Viking, Russian, Japanese or Korean larp.

Yes Claire has been humbled she was so icky while dating Elon now she’s botched and ghosted and has come crawling back kek.

No. 1721328

Cocky** but I guess icky fits too kek

No. 1721330

her mother’s ancestry is one quarter italian, making claire 1/8th. it would be ridiculous for her to larp as a roman princess or something which is probably why she doesn’t do it

No. 1721331

Grimes is the type of person to order handmade stuff from Etsy and claim that she made it herself while high on shrooms uwu. I mean Elon does it too…

No. 1721333

Claire is definitely delusional and pickme enough to propose to a man lmao.

Honestly it’s kind of sad looking through her ugly black and green wedding dress ideas and LOTR wedding band likes, damn she really thought Melon was gonna upgrade her from concubine to consort huh. She really believed he was gonna pick her and that they were gonna have a fairytale elven Shire wedding and live together happily ever after. Rip.

Now her only way of contacting Melon is tweeting @ him and she lives in a prefabricated doghouse that makes a dorm look fancy, he won’t even let her sleep in the same bed as him. It’s over.

No. 1721341

Why the Celtic bands though. Is she larping as Irish now too…she’s not gonna finish until she’s larped as every last ethnicity is she.

No. 1721348

tacky as shit dress

No. 1721352

damn that is far and away the best photo i've seen of her

No. 1721354

File: 1670443057892.jpeg (112.1 KB, 828x967, 14628FEE-E55A-4913-A74F-5FFB9D…)

Yea her height and awkward body shape are her biggest insecurities, besides her mushroom nose. Her upper body is rectangular and not feminine. Hanas is her biggest muse, the way she looks at her kek. Hanas body shape, height, face, hair, her ability to actually sing make grimes envious. That’s why she’s hidden behind NDA’s.

Also, hana 100% fucked Elon, they sing "WE appreciate power…" and she resembles Talulah more than Claire

No. 1721355

I've always thought that people like Claire who LARP some ethnicity they've decided to romanticize because they don't view themselves as special or exciting enough (or god forbid "pure" enough) are just deeply devoid of any actual creativity. I am a super wide variety of ethnicities (most of them central and eastern European, but also native Mexican/North African etc). I don't have any shame about this - I think it's amazing. I have a lineage of people who weren't so tied to their country or history that they traveled and weren't so closed minded that they married people from wildly different cultures. People who are so future focused like Claire can't seem to see that we are, in a lot of ways, already the next evolutionary step in human history. Us mixed kids might not have one rich cultural background to draw on - we have them all. How sad to be so small minded you can't see that. But I know Claire isn't known for her big brain lol.

No. 1721357

Hana has a great body and insane proportions I’m jealous…But Claire isn’t hiding her away, she fucks BP so she technically doesn’t need Grunks shit albums. Hana has her own life as a semi successful Djane, not everyone wants to be in the spotlight.

No. 1721363

good post nonna and i relate to u on that. i’m 3 different kinds of asian and also 25% euromutt, and i kind of understand why claire would want to larp as something else because i used to feel like i couldn’t connect to any of my cultures because i wasn’t enough of any of them, and also that none of them were the “right”/cooler kinds of european/asian. now i’m mostly over that and i appreciate my background more, but i think claire just hates herself and wants to be someone else wrt everything she does. major “anything is more interesting than who i actually am” mentality. her entire image and artistry is cultivated from things she sees on other people, likes, and copies/steals, so the same goes for her ethnolarping. she probably grew up culturally removed, it’s not like the average suburban white girls are immersed in genuine european culture, and white people aren’t usually considered to have a mixed background even if they’re from all over europe. so she pretends to have some distant korean or métis or russian because she likes the idea of being legitimately exotic, not the typical white canadian similar background to everyone else in the suburbs yet too far removed from her cultures to feel like she’s really connected to them.

No. 1721367

Totally! I think you're spot on with that analysis. I just think it's really funny that Claire's obsession could be viewed as a desire to return to some kind of tribalism (esp alongside her barely concealed "master race must populate earth" regressive ideology.) when being multicultural is waaaaay more revolutionary from a historical perspective.

No. 1721372

Stop this bullshit nonsense self sperging.
This isn’t Reddit bro no one cares about you or about your struggles as a hafu. If you want to talk about your identity struggles write an essay and stfu
God sometimes I hate this thread, these redditors really need to chill

No. 1721375

dude why are you seething about people having a tangentially related conversation? if anyone needs to chill it's you, you're having an aneurysm over here because of a couple innocuous posts

No. 1721379

It's commentary related to the cows behavior/psychology, no one's sperging but you. go take your lithium jesus

No. 1721380

i’m not a redditor and my post is about grimes, retard. i mentioned my own background in like 2 sentences to give context for why i think claire acts this way. it’s relevant to the current topic which is claire’s ethnolarping. post milk if you want to see something else.

No. 1721383

I don’t want to hear you guys derailing about Claire’s delusional master race plans. Practically everyone is mixed.

For nonnies who claim that Claire was totally assaulted at night, I read a blog once idk where, that claimed she was never alone. Ever. Always surrounded by at least one person. From the time that alleged attack happened.
Only believable story would be her flaunting her money to actual homeless people and someone wanted to rob her.
But cmon she lies so much, I’m 50/50 on this. She probably attacked a random asian girl and made a narc story out of it.

No. 1721390

It’s been discussed in thread #1 go back and re-read it. Bro you literally posted half a book to get a point across and mentioned yourself 10 times grow up, btw I’m actually having an aneurysm rn

No. 1721397

a paragraph is half a book to you? do you not read anything longer than a tweet?

No. 1721398

"You can't ever mention a topic again if it's been talked about it before and you dared to use yourself as an example THIS IS A HIGH CRIME AND I WILL NOT ALLOW IT TO GO UNPUNISHED" Do you hear yourself?

No. 1721399

Yes everyone is mixed and even Europeans are all mutts no matter how white they are, but that doesn’t stop right wing whites dehumanising everyone else. Elon’s been dog whistling pol theories for years now despite pretending to disavow the far right, and with Claire liking and replying to tweets by various far right racists (this definitely isn’t the first time) it makes me uncomfortable and I’m white myself. Her current bff is a self hating Chinese troon who talks like a white poltard male and rants about ‘Anglo supremacy’. They don’t mind whites or some ‘correct’ types of Asians but everyone else is beneath them in their eyes. It’s all becoming super ugly.

No. 1721406

i think whoever you're replying to is terminally zoomerbrained unfortunately

No. 1721414

I get that but Claire hangs with everyone who puts her white inbreed ass on a pedestal, and I doubt that fatty Musk and smelly Claire could change our society with their /pol/ bullshit. People hate them, like hardcore hate them. Grimes lost an insane amount of fans, musk lost billions, they don’t gain a thing from being redpilled idiots. Not even Trump likes Musk. Just wait until they realise that being PC makes them more money.

No. 1721422

File: 1670447309918.jpeg (862.24 KB, 3440x2920, 4FD80FCC-8162-440C-9282-66DF41…)

Omg yessss grimes was sooooo beautiful before any of her surgeries sooo sad!
Now she looks very ugly but damn she was an elf before she really didn’t need surgery just look at her before after

No. 1721423

no one needs plastic surgery.

No. 1721424

why does her nose look so different in both of those pictures? is it the camera angle or filter?

No. 1721426

It’s edited to mock nonnie from tag kek

No. 1721428

oh thanks im stupid kek

No. 1721430

being from the PNW and growing up in a spooky mansion is pretty exotic sounding to me, an actual asian. don't front, grimes. isn't thinking that her background is "norma" kind of racist because it's not normal to people from the rest of the world

No. 1721436

File: 1670448187304.jpeg (184.46 KB, 640x587, 9D911D46-0D10-4EB4-90CB-27C592…)

No. 1721437

File: 1670448224664.jpeg (258.44 KB, 640x589, DF4CFC04-3607-41BA-B05E-17BEF0…)

No. 1721452

AYRT, I hate how misandristic this website is. No one cares if you hate men. shut up and keep it to yourself. Some of us actually like men, and most men are great people. In fact I'd go so far as to say that most women are bitches anyway and I'd 100% want regular ol' men to be born instead of misandrist feminazi dykes like you.

Elon is just mildly cringe, and Grimes is the real cow here, as well as all you dumb bitches who say shit like that here. Stop, for crying out loud. Again, no. one. freaking. cares.(infighting)

No. 1721455

Grimes was never going to be a Stacy under any circumstances, but I think before getting botched she could have looksmaxxed herself enough to be actually quirky-cute. If she kept the autism under control and enlisted the help of a professional stylist who knows their shit she could have potential.

At least ugly weaboo retard zero self-awareness Grimes is an entertaining train wreck.

No. 1721457

File: 1670449870074.png (178.02 KB, 275x275, 1643941790682.png)

Old money male who LARPS as a genius self starter and has built a career off of the exploitation of people and the earth while unironically claiming to be humanities savior is totally the same as a cringe Grimesy LOL. You're actually retarded. A huge portion of men are rape apes and the stats prove it.

No. 1721459

Learn to sage you moid loving piece of shit. A lot still fuck with men but this is the only site we can shit on them with no repercussions and it’s gonna stay that way. Enjoy your ban nlog/scrote

No. 1721462

Nobody here cares that you’re seething with righteous indignation on behalf of men, including men themselves. They don’t respect pickmes for literally any reason. Save your energy for something more productive, like slamming your head against the wall.

No. 1721463

obvious elon fanboy moid post is obvious. learn to sage next time

No. 1721464

File: 1670450124698.gif (380.4 KB, 498x498, alien-twerking.gif)


No. 1721468

Elon will never give you a robot child

No. 1721482

>Again, no. one. freaking. cares.
Clearly you do care.

No. 1721483

sorry for being dumb, what is that cube thing on the left?

No. 1721484

"again" this has to be the poster that just flipped their shit on people for talking about themselves hahaha. What an absolute loser for so many reasons.

No. 1721488

You sound like a spiteful uggo with no sense of humor. It was a joke, and even if it wasn't, you're on an imageboard you fucking sensitive mouthbreathing zoomer. You should consider refraining from using the site rather than expecting strangers to cater to your autistic needs.
>In fact I'd go so far as to say that most women are bitches anyway
Your ugly bullied girl-syndrome is showing. No one cares about you being too weak to see criticism about "regular ol' men" (autismspeak). No. one. freaking. cares

No. 1721500

I think it's just a decorative light

No. 1721502

>Elon is just mildly cringe, and Grimes is the real cow here
t. an actual retard

No. 1721540

File: 1670454489876.png (308.52 KB, 553x615, cowsinspace.png)


Melon's silver spoon breedharem is all about agriculture now. Looks like Elon is stingy even with Shivon, he's still making her work and shill his latest pet interests/play stocks to support herself financially. Makes me wonder if part of Melon's "interest" in Claire was to get to her daddy's money and influence lol

No. 1721546

Early but this should be in the next thread pic

No. 1721565

File: 1670455989663.png (101.82 KB, 775x555, venus.png)

elon wanted grimes because he was a fan of her music, back then before they even met he would post grimes' music. he basically wanted a shiny interesting toy, got bored after 3 years of playing and discarded her.

No. 1721566

kek anon Claire would probably thank you for making her into Alita Battle Angel tier shit in the left pic

No. 1721574

File: 1670456409259.png (397.28 KB, 1035x466, cube.png)

looks like another shitty decoration from etsy. took me 3 seconds to find it, searched up futuristic cube decor lol

No. 1721575

If you understood anything about stem topics or economics, you would understand how Elon is infinitely milkier. We are on the precipice of a financial breakdown worse than Theranos because of Elon's ineptitude.

No. 1721581

File: 1670456839177.png (361.04 KB, 535x731, no_u.png)


Fr hate this pos. This is an issue close to a lot of ppl's hearts and he thinks it's a funny little gotcha to excuse slaving his employees. Absolute mask off narc moment. Honestly hope that one of the anonymous users was Claire, if she took down King Cow's empire one petty brick at a time as revenge it would be an awesome redemption arc.

Let ur para-boyfriend know that he could help the fentanyl crisis in San Francisco by not patronizing cartels for drugs/letting cartels smuggle narcotics through his factories (allegedly)

No. 1721584


No. 1721595

is this not a copy pasta? LOL

also came here to say this. why skin walk Korean girl groups when you can skin walk the boy groups with 0 surgery required?

No. 1721604

kek, she's reading the threads and this is a greeting

No. 1721609

Shivon is still at Neuralink, someone posted a photo of her backstage at the event last week and she was coordinating the Q&A.

Do we think she is sleeping with Elon? She seems gay gay gay to me.

No. 1721620

File: 1670458621651.jpeg (245.89 KB, 750x403, 78A3547C-CF7C-40B0-9470-3AB3B8…)

And now she looks like psy. Her korean ancestry is really coming through

No. 1721628

I finally forced myself to listen to LOVE and her other couple most recent tracks and goddamn it’s a lot worse than I thought it was gonna be. Her ghostwriters have definitely disappeared, makes me think maybe it’s some dude from her past that Melon forbids her from talking to anymore. He’s ultra paranoid and bugs all his gfs devices remember.

I genuinely really liked Oblivion, Genesis and Kill vs Maim, and even they were very simple single bar loop synth style tracks, but at least it was catchy and pleasant to listen to.

Her new music is absolute garbage and the fact she keeps delaying releases all the time despite ‘working’ in her ‘studio’ all the time is super fishy. It’s not like she’s looking after her kids or anything so I don’t understand why her release schedules and song quality has declined so fast since she started dating Elon.

No. 1721631

Psy is a Chad compared to her and also more talented lol. She looks like Jay Leno or a Dorito.

No. 1721656

Moid and/or troon detected

No. 1721671

Is he implying you can’t care about multiple issues at once?

Sad the kid died but the mayor of San Fran isn’t going around picking up every single fentanyl patch (which just looks like a piece of paper tbf) that some junkie left out in the entire city so somehow it’s his fault a child died?

Also what’s with Elon constantly using childrens death to shield himself from criticism? Pretty disgusting if you ask me. Remember one of his malfunctioning shitty Tesla cars killed a schoolgirl and another person just a couple weeks ago, and he refuses to admit it was a fault and always tries to blame the driver when one of his cars goes haywire. Remember other people have protested and said they were threatened or silenced when they tried to complain about their Teslas malfunctioning too.

No. 1721692

they have the same overfilled cheeks. when will this trend stop, it’s objectively terrible looking
he looks down on Alex Jones for using the death of children for attention, yet he does the same and none of his fan boys make the connection and blindly praise him for linking an article. He does not give a shit about children.

No. 1721697

what happened to Hana then? they're still friends, why Hana not doing her serfdom anymore

No. 1721704

He'd blame the killed schoolgirl if he could, just to avoid the blame. if he released a passengerless self-driving Tesla and it killed someone, he'd blame the victim

No. 1721712

Me too but I think that's the high functioning autism more than gay. I only say autism because of the relatively flat affect, monotone etc.. She's almost never changed her look, seldom wears any makeup. At peak involvement with Musk she cut her hair to shoulder length and lost a bunch of weight, wore jeans that fit, but nothing else changed and it seems like she's gone back to her old look these days.

Ugh it's hard for me to reckon with the fact she's a broodmare, she seems fun and authentically smart/interesting.

He does this kind of thing all the time because he's a narc and what little restraint he had in his younger years is getting fried by crack/the hormones he has to take to keep his hair plugs in

he doesn't look down on Jones at all, he doesn't like him either probably. Muskrat is wholly concerned with furthering his agenda which is the same agenda as any other narcmoid: get the world to see them as the godemperor Chad they feel they are deep down inside

No. 1721723

I’d like to think lesbian women have more self respect than agreeing to become some fat old narcs broodmare. I also don’t really get lez vibes from Shivon, just aspie vibes.

I’m fairly certain Elon just lusted over her eye color and used her DNA for gene banking.

No. 1721749

i always thought claire was one of those albino black people

No. 1721752

>what’s with Elon constantly using childrens death to shield himself from criticism?
Probably guilt and projection at being a pedo who went to Epstein’s dinner parties even after he was a known sex offender who abused underage girls.

No. 1721761

Also guilt at not being a good father and letting impoverished Mexican and Lithuanian women take care of all his offspring for 20 dollars a day.

No. 1721793

based stacy post

actual cow post

No. 1721808

I've met her and she's not on the spectrum at all. She's funny and she can connect emotionally with pretty much anyone. She's also very empathetic in a non-superficial, sincere way.

I don't remember when she weighed more… I wish we knew more about her. If she's not aspie, is she just gay?

No. 1721813

File: 1670468789804.png (69.12 KB, 1184x334, -.png)

hey does anyone have the screenshot from one of Claire's IG posts where someone asks if she's a member of the LGBT community and she says she "joined the ranks in high school"? the only reference i can find to it anymore is this cringe reddit comment.

btw claire, making out with a girl at a high school party / aella orgy does not a bisexual make

No. 1721815

It's weird how Melon attracts these lesbian/maybe kind of types like Shivon, Amber, and I guess some people are saying Claire a little bit.

Do you think he was being serious when he said sex without procreation was silly/a waste of time?

No. 1721818

anon, your writing style is oddly familiar, in fact I’m almost positive you’ve built a social media platform out of being a NLOG I highly suggest staying there where scrotes continue to feed your ego because you are never going to find it here. Again, no. one. freaking. cares.

No. 1721896

File: 1670477503776.jpg (7.69 KB, 251x201, download.jpeg-5.jpg)

Oh I haven't laughed this hard in a long, LONG time. Thanks for that, sweetheart.

No. 1721903

Nah. He regularly meets various thots for casual sex, or was anyway. Agreed about the lesbian thing, though bisexuality and flexuality is really common among artists and actors, his preferred pool of mates. If he wasn't so interested in his breeding kink, it isn't hard to imagine Melon trooning out to satisfy AGP lesbian fantasies.

No. 1721941

Imagine being this anon, it would take years to fix this amount of brainrot

No. 1721957

This bitch really has to go back all the way to 1587 just so she can LARP as 'ethnically spicy' kek. Unsure if that means you get positive or negative woke points. Gringo might want to shack up with another troon just to be on the safe side

No. 1721970

File: 1670488051637.png (1.21 MB, 1232x1484, Grimesedit.png)

She could have been pretty if she just fixed her potato nose and maybe had a lip lift. But now she looks horrifying. Sage for retard fan art(do not post fanart)

No. 1721972

Ugh I hate people like you. stop spreading your mental illness to other people and get some fucking therapy.

No. 1722030

What’s the point in even getting plastic surgery anymore? You can just filter and shoop everything so easily now

No. 1722039

File: 1670497303626.jpeg (271.09 KB, 640x856, EEDDEC96-A833-4403-BCE7-0CDAA2…)

Why is she getting Chinese costumes for her kid?
So Elon could swear allegiance to his new investors/overlords?

No. 1722045

She shouldn’t have “fixed” anything. Mutilating your face so other will find it pleasing is never going to fix anything, the neverending circle of trying to please people will never stop.

No. 1722132

This looks just as botched, calm down BDDchan

No. 1722133

god if my parents had dressed me like that i'd disown them for being turbo fobs

No. 1722210

I think she's just a typical Punjabi girl who grew up with South East Asian parents in Markham Ontario. Her parents likely limited her time for non school activities which includes talking with anyone who isn't a relative. Also regardless of growing up in Canada you still get your parents' mannerisms from growing up with them and considering she grew up in Markham I'm going to hedge a bet and guess she grew up surrounded by other Punjabi families. Punjabi culture is quite different with how people act around each other under different settings, some of her awkwardness could even be from the more image focused mentality these cultures put into you making her overthink herself. Also let's be real, if she was a nerdy brown girl she likely didn't have that many friends in class to get typical social development with.
I'm curious to the site you're referring to. Is it a fakeboy Troon site?

No. 1722263

I think it really is less he chooses lesbian-type women, and more that he just gravitates towards women with kind of dominant personalities and/or incongruent interests. Who often either seem gay, or are gay. I think he probably fantasizes about breaking a woman like that, or otherwise taming the shrew. I think the only time he was super successful was Grimey becoming a bimbo version of him, and he left her behind maybe because of that. Elon is a creepy fucker and kudos to Amber Heard for not letting him do it to her.

No. 1722273

>financial breakdown worse than Theranos
NTA but I believe that this would be hilarious but unfortunately I don't think it will happen. If it was going to happen, it would have happened in 2018. The stock will drop, financing will be more expensive, but the company will pull through I believe. If it gets in trouble, more sweet sweet subsidies and rebates for electric cars. There'll be more competition for sure, the Ford electric truck looks capable but I haven't seen any electric sedan take market share out of the 3. Comparisons to Theranos are a bit harsh, it's not like Tesla is selling ICE cars and claiming they are electric. On top of that Elon is making plenty of money allowing cartels to smuggle drugs through his Boca Mesa company town lol.

No. 1722317

So basically typical beta male complex most troons have, obsessed with the most virginal, rejecting and unattainable (dykes).

No. 1722369

A Punjabi girl with typical south Asian parents? Lol her dad is white and her mom seems whitewashed as hell too. No way a racist piece of garbage like elon would date a full blooded Indian woman. Shivon is like the whitest Indian woman possible, she’s literally white passing and both her and her mom have blue eyes.

No. 1722375

nta but shivon’s mother has blue eyes? is she fully punjabi?

No. 1722379

She also doesn’t have even the slightest trace of Indian accent. And she just wears regular western clothing all the time aside from one or two Indian wedding pics where she is wearing a bindi and some low-key kind of sari type thing. Honestly nobody would even be able to tell she was Indian aside from her moms name/appearance. She’s basically just a white woman.

No. 1722381

Yes she credited her mom for her ‘big blue eyes’. Light eyes aren’t that rare among Indians.

No. 1722385

>On top of that Elon is making plenty of money allowing cartels to smuggle drugs through his Boca Mesa company town lol.

Holy shit, source?

No. 1722388

Pretty sure it was Elon, he's big into bimbo chicks, just look at his previous wives

No. 1722396

File: 1670532692327.jpeg (508.91 KB, 1512x2016, FjeMItEVsAAjwfL.jpeg)

New pictures of baby X, posted by Elon. I think he looks like his dad, but he's actually cute. I don't see any resemblance to Grimes. Tinfoil but I think all of Elon's kids that we've seen look a lot like him and not the mothers, making me wonder if he did something during the assisted reproductive technology process to make sure they all look like him lol

No. 1722397

File: 1670532718615.jpeg (607.77 KB, 1536x2048, FjeMUX3VIAAS1h8.jpeg)

No. 1722416

Man I wish he would give himself a porn-induced cuck fetish so he could find a Chad with normal teeth to harvest genes from. Dentist work is going to wreck havoc on this guy

No. 1722418

hahaha, duly noted, thanks for the keks

No. 1722451

I think Telsa has been overvalued the same way Theranos was overvalued. Tesla was valued as a tech firm and not an electric car company, this inflates the value and they have not been able to deliver on their tech fronts the same way Theranos didn't . He's already being sued left and right, he's lucky none of them stick and that his PR team works harder than the devil on crack. I think really all it takes is some bounced checks and things in his empire would break down quickly.


No. 1722463

don't you all ever read previous threads? It's all there a few threads back. read summaries at the very least

No. 1722470

Neuralink is more like Theranos than Tesla. I can see some Neuralink execs getting indicted for fraud or something depending on what they told the investors. But because it is Elon's company the investors will never get the DOJ to pursue it even if he totally fleeced them of hundreds of millions of dollars. But they are making really irresponsible claims about what their dumb brain chip will be able to do.

No. 1722498

I think Melon’s Beans from Even Stevens genes are just really strong tbh

No. 1722506


That's so unfortunate. I wonder if Amber's genes will be able to overcome his ugly genes. I feel for the daughters if they look like him.

No. 1722515

You're forgetting that Tesla (apart from being a horribly built piece of shit EV that will get absolutely obliterated by the larger car makers anyway) is promising fully autonomous driving, which is literally not possible. He calls his crusty ass lane assist full self driving however, which causes retarded Tesla owners to habitually delete pedestrians, other drivers and themselves in horrific accidents. That's about the same in principle as presenting a diluted shitbox of blood and then running every assay on the Siemens, if not worse.

And that's just Tesla. I'm not even gonna mention the retarded tunnel, retarded brain chips, retarded spandex robot (absolute top fucking kek that people actually looked at the specs on that and decided it's gonna happen in 2 years), retarded cyber truck (which Rivian absolutely BTFO'd him at anyways) and many more "ventures" that were due to come out "next year" for like 6 years by now. He takes investor money and never delivers, mostly because it's impossible, just like Holmes - in fact, I find it super fishy that Holmes was taken down so fast even though melon has done worse.

No. 1722517

Damn, children grow fast

No. 1722520

it's not his genes in their case

No. 1722522

It's a cute kid, but he'll probably grow up to be a scrote.

No. 1722527

File: 1670538197038.jpg (41.42 KB, 640x640, 12383130_1527406224256758_1045…)


ew how the fuck did she get near the Greys

No. 1722528


it's allyson and alex grey. they own the chapel of sacred mirrors. alex grey is known for making a lot of the psychedelic art for TOOL.

No. 1722540

Nonna, you forgot about the funniest one - Hyperloop. They build a tiny section on a completely flat desert, tested it, made a lot of noise about it and promised it will replace trains soon, and then disassembled it and forgot about it.

I can't believe people invest in his shitty products. He is not even a good salesman.

No. 1722566

Truly! He’s the Trump of tech.

No. 1722570

it's sad. X is a cute, happy-looking little kid. but there's no way he won't grow up to be as narcissistic and misogynistic as his father, possibly even worse, because he's being told from day 1 by his delusional parents that he's super special and destined to save humanity from itself by spreading his superior genetics around or whatever. in the interview where she revealed her daughter, C went on this tangent about how she watched dune and it made her realize x is just like paul and x is going to be a chosen one tasked with being a great leader who will save our species. telling your kid that is a sure way to make him grow into an entitled scrote with a god complex who will think he can do whatever he want in life.

No. 1722575

they’re not so great themselves. alex committed necrophilia in the 70’s under the guise of “performance art” while he worked at a morgue, and his complicit wife photographed it. I have no idea why anyone gives them the time of day

No. 1722585

He's such a scammer, it really makes me wonder how someone as smart as Shivon fell for his bs. She was already rich on her own so I don't buy any gold digger arguments about her. She could have been the next Mary Meeker but instead she chose to be a true believer in Elon's cult. I wonder if she has friends.

No. 1722586

maybe she wanted the status?

No. 1722601

Incredibly retarded of her if she was independently rich, she's just gonna take the fall for when investors go after his ass

No. 1722604

Add to that the autism he likely inherited from his old, autistic father. Lol

No. 1722634

Nah she wanted to be picked, she was young enough to have idolized her boss before she actually worked for him which is why the whole affair is particularly sickening. I get she's a fan favorite of the brood mares but she's still clamoring to stay in his orbit like Claire is. Shivon is just more useful. I'm sure she's standin' by her man and helping crack the whip at employees that dare go home to sleep in their own beds kek

you kidding? that is definitely her/her dad's nose and ears, might be her brow as well. Those features just look cuter on a boy. They both have smooth philtrums so unsure where that's from.

Amber is the closest he had to ideal, there wasn't much he wanted to change about her surely. though i think he probably had the strongest real emotions for talulah.

HAHA are you really trying to say that Indians with BLUE eyes are "not unusual" gtfo. She credits her Punjabi side with "big" eyes not blue eyes. Shivon is white passing and definitely fooled Melon Husk at least at first.

No. 1722635

That’s not confirmed and he denounces the rumors himself. I feel like he’s the type who would go with it and especially if he’s pat the statute, but who knows. Don’t say it like it’s a fact though please.

No. 1722639

Remember that tweet around April 2020 where Shivon said Elon was the kindest man she had ever met and the man she admired and respected more than anyone? That was so weird. That's when he was making his factory workers go back to work even though the county had forbade the operation of the factory at that time because so much was unknown about covid.

She used to be a kind and empathetic person, so I don't know what happened to her brain. It's really interesting to me to see how someone like her could fall victim to a cult and work at a place like Neuralink and actually think Melon's vision of everyone having a chip in their head so they don't have to use a keyboard could ever be realized. I wish we knew more about her.

No. 1722643

because she was a highly sheltered rich girl that encountered a man she probably idolized for years before actually working for him. Was she even left leaning or pro labor? I wouldn't be surprised if she's right leaning, there's nothing available about her dad online but he gives me RW vibes. She just didn't have the same walls his exes did and was a way, way easier mark since she was already subordinate to him.

No. 1722655

She used to be left leaning if you go through her liked tweets before Melon she definitely was to the left. Now she likes tweets about billionaire politicians.

Is Markham a rich suburb? Her bio says she went to Yale with a lot of financial aid. Her dad was a government worker and I don't know what her mom did.

No. 1722678

>that hairline
>grimbo's nose
>ugly fit
That kid looks like a sped I'm sorry

No. 1722682

File: 1670549841016.png (43.2 KB, 732x300, areavibes.png)

to get an idea, here are businesses with Canadian headquarters in Markham:
AMD, Huawei, Honeywell, Scholastica, Motorola, IBM, Johnson and Johnson, Toshiba…the list goes on.
Markham ON is expensive and most people living there are making great livings, despite many being immigrants. It's safe to say anyone with Canadian heritage living in Markham comes from some money from real estate equity alone. Cannot find anything about her mom or dad besides like, a couple pics. Bios all over the place call her a "venture capitalist." Where is she getting the capital?

No. 1722686

i agree with you but roasting a literal toddler's fit is also retarded (albeit hilarious)

No. 1722688

Where have you seen that her dad was a government worker? He has a fancy degree from one of the most prestigious universities for science (if not the most) on the planet, MIT. If he was a government worker…it was probably for defense and probably contractual. Guys like him do not come cheap.

No. 1722691

kek anon the GTA is full of "nerdy brown girls". if you're too white-acting you would have fewer friends and possibly get weird social development from being a smart kid whose friends are all non-nerdy white kids from outside your classes.
tbh a lot of what anons say is gay acting is just cause she's canadian. we have way different social standards for women than the usa even though we're right next to it, idk why.

No. 1722692

Faggots are always so obvious

No. 1722699

holmes just had usa military connections from her dad. elon has international and government connections on a level way past her and also was a billionaire before he bought tesla. he has way more shit backing him

No. 1722714

No wonder his son is one

No. 1722716

This website says his LinkedIn said he is/was "Borrower Services Clerk" for the City of Markham. That sounds like he works at the library… maybe a job he took up after making a lot of money doing something else? I do remember reading a bio of hers that said she attended Yale on financial aid, but that doesn't make sense because the Ivies don't offer financial aid to foreign students… I think.

No. 1722718

Sorry I forgot to link, here is the website that says he is a government worker https://gossipnextdoor.com/meet-shivon-zilis-family-father-mother-siblings/

No. 1722725

File: 1670554358591.jpg (641.93 KB, 1076x1854, SmartSelect_20221208-215032_Fi…)

This is just sad. Those poor animals. Elon is such a disgusting scrote. Hope they shut neuralink down.

No. 1722730

he wanted successful trials not for SCIENCE too but for marketing so he can kick the can down the road even further in his scam

No. 1722731

File: 1670556001292.jpeg (3.56 MB, 1916x6000, B3279B14-52FC-4287-A874-889111…)

i’m sorry if you’re a fan but i really don’t think it’s a rumor nonna. tbf it’s very unlikely claire knew about it as it’s not well known. but she does seem to attract the most sus people.

image sources:
(page 9)

No. 1722732

Do we think Melon will father Bari Weiss's next kid since he's so into gay and gay-adjacent women?


No. 1722737

she's Jewish, so probably not

No. 1722738

ugh of course everything is protected/private now. There is no way he's making so little living in Markham, traveling all the time, especially not with an MIT degree. Her mom is educated as well. Wonder if he's a consultant or maybe just had a few big payouts he could soft-retire on?

No. 1722741

I think her mom works at INAC or whatever it is called now. How do we know the dad went to MIT?

No. 1722749

This is revolting, men really should have no access to anything except buttons and screens. They are subhuman creatures who treat everything else of higher being (women, children, animals) as if they are as worthless as themselves.

No. 1722761

I’m not at a fan, his art is alright but no opinion beyond that. You added links to two books do you expect me to read them right now or can you provide passages and pages where it’s admitted? The other links I’ve read before I even replied to you and they’re interpretations of his art and thoughts. I get the impression it was a trip or a “dream” like he said in the response(second pic in your picrel) and no pictures/film have ever come to light that his wife supposedly took. Idk I’m just skeptical and you’re still not giving me any solid proof.

No. 1722782

Here’s a free pdf copy of the first book with all the artifacts you’d expect from a scanned copy. You can command + f Alex Grey to find this entry about him in the footnotes, it is footnote 90.


You can read the same claims in last image yourself on the 3rd page of this magazine hosted on Grey’s own website:


and you must be mistaking me for someone else. I just found out about this yesterday and was shocked and revolted at the claim and researched it myself.

No. 1722810

Jesus Christ why are scrotes like this.

No. 1722811

Older men are also much more likely to give their offspring schizophrenia. Something like over 1/4 schizo cases are directly linked to having an older dad.

No. 1722812

Reading this has made me lose what little faith I had left in men, even rocks have a better sense of morality than scrotes at this point. I know we say abort male fetuses, but can we actually start doing it now?

No. 1722814

Lol you’re retarded and racist it’s definitely not rare for northern Indians to have hazel, green and sometimes blue eyes. One of my Indian friends entire family have green or amber eyes. She couldn’t have blue eyes unless her mom was the carrier for the blue eyed gene in the first place.

No. 1722820

Yep. Sperm starts rotting once the big 40 hits. The mutations can't just cause birth defects and physical and mental illnesses, but they can also seriously harm the pregnant woman. Miscarriages and various illnesses can be caused by defect sperm.

No. 1722830

Don't forget that embryos that get spontaneously miscarried are usually nonviably retarded. And miscarriage/abortion of retard male fetuses result in a lot more of their cells being released into your tissues. Retard male DNA is already implicated in age related cognitive decline in women because male microchimeric cells enter women's brains and fuck shit up there.

I've always wondered why young women who date old liches tend to age like dogs, and this could conceivably be one of the reasons. They could be accumulating rotten downie autism genes through chemical pregnancies without even knowing it happened.

No. 1722836

Just admit u misquoted her. & It is extremely uncommon for an Indian to have blue eyes anon, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it. No one said anything about any other color, please take the L and stfu. Why is there so much race coping ITT?

No. 1722848

You probably don’t know a single Indian person irl lol just kys.

No. 1722849

Can you shut up with your ableist eugenics bullshit you sound like the tranny who rants about Down syndrome people all day.

No. 1722852

It’s Bl*ine I can tell from the way he types. He’s on cc 24/7 too spamming porn and gore.

No. 1722871

beyond disturbing I have no words

No. 1722895

File: 1670579355745.jpeg (1018.65 KB, 1179x1407, 90F699E6-189C-4554-A21D-28B34A…)

So many of their employees have come out but most have signed NDA’s. She should be more careful about who she calls “heroes” like Alex and Alyson Grey… I used to like them too until I learned how they completely use people and doing dark black magic bullshit rituals… I hate how people at the top always have to have some human pyramid of bodies (in this case literal corpses) under their feet. That being said, Grimeth’z new MV has her standing on top of a “pile of corpses” which is just… so fitting after the whole rent-a-womb situation, the “NPC girls” (POC accessories with no character of their own, just NPC’s in grimes world LOL) she probably thinks she’s an immortal elf genius and regular humans are just pogs in a machine that she and Elon sit atop of. She probably thinks her gardner, housekeeper, etc are just NPC’s… these people are all the same, using as many other people as you can, getting them to do the work, taking all the credit…I was reading all the “cosm cult” allegations… nothing TOO spicy but enough to make me get a sour taste in my mouth when thinking about them. Alex Grey thinks he’s divinity, so does Claire… there you go.

No. 1722898

is this not the man from the all gas no brakes video who says he wants to do acid with his grandchildren ?

No. 1722911

Its ironic reading this after a story over here in the UK of a cleaner who has been sentence extended after more evidence of him abusing womens and childrens corpses has come to light. They really are the diseased sex.

No. 1722919

He should get beaten to death.

No. 1722925

File: 1670583494980.png (40.62 KB, 1833x252, gr.png)

Reminds me of this 2019 /mu/ post about her from a stan. Even her worshipers know she's a complete fake, some just cope harder than others.

No. 1723038

yes, and Earth is flat because evil down syndrome and autism genes got to its core and flattened it! If any young women who date old fucks are "aging like dogs", maybe they are because of the stress of dealing with old narcs who treat these women like shit, not because evil "downie autist genes" get to their brains or whatever. >>1722849 is right you sound fucking deranged

No. 1723041

fucking disturbing, but totally not surprised Grimes is surrounding herself with such people.

No. 1723044

gotta love how its not even that much talked about, huh. This scum kills animals left and right and talks he'd be completely fine puttng a chip in his son's brain. How much more years have to pass before the society turns against this fat blob

No. 1723079

File: 1670603579361.jpg (614.7 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-12-09-11-30-49…)

Casually browsing Twitter at work when I see a shitbull successfully destroy a Tesla.

Elon musky should market Tesla as the first biodegradable car.

No. 1723081

I gift you anons with a link, cause i can see nothing here >>1723079 lmao watch this, so satisfying. Amazing job pitbull sweetie, keep up the good work

No. 1723124

HAHAHAHAHA based shitbull. i hope the rumor melon hates dogs is true so he seethes extra hard over this

No. 1723139

How come these elites never have pets or own animal sanctuaries like mid-rich lonely people do? Claire was destined to be a horse girl but somehow got led down whatever path this is instead. Just think about it.

No. 1723162


Tuning in to Claire's mom's co-hosting live with Canada's National Observer. She is so articulate and easy to listen to. No idea how Claire turned out how she did. Sandy is probably exhausted of being constantly reminded Elon exists and her daughter fell for his con. I wonder if she's disappointed? She overly respects her daughter and probably would never admit it

Kek for real. Working with animals would have improved her personality. Does she even do anything charitable/philanthropic besides buying stuff from Etsy artists for social media backpats?

No. 1723203

Spotify doesn't pay per stream, misinformed nonnie.

No. 1723216

File: 1670615265111.png (394.81 KB, 1080x1779, FF685E9A-3C88-49E8-B871-0F0B7E…)

autism on r slash grimes over grimes's recent reply to a tweet about poppy writing WAP. lots of people saying it's mocking poppy's ED?


No. 1723236

Cute and based dog, don't care about "ree filthy shitbull" spergs

No. 1723238

if she was mocking poppy’s ED, that’s low. i think poppy said she was addicted to exercise. poppy is a cow too though and she probably didn’t write WAP. my tinfoil is that hana wrote at least most of it, it sounds like her to me and i think she said her vocals were the first ones to be recorded.

No. 1723240

Why do so many white canadians want to skin walk asians so badly??

No. 1723241

File: 1670616651229.jpeg (81.67 KB, 750x283, DECC1E8F-E6FB-4C90-97C4-66C20F…)

No. 1723251

Why cant someone kill this ugly mofo already

No. 1723252

You're not wrong, which is why women who have sex with older men and allow older men to use them as just as bad. they are reproducing with low quality sperm and giving birth to retarded sons.

No. 1723254

ironic of grimes, considering she has an ED herself. isn't exercising still better than smoking crack?

No. 1723302

yep, imagine offending a cute dog who destroys Tesla and has such fun while doing it

No. 1723312

i think maybe she's taking a dig at Poppy's ED or how she looks now, because she's very ripped as of late.

No. 1723376

Cope. Retard males rape their own mothers, they might as well make them age worse.

No. 1723384

>being fake is good
I think he's one of those "ironic" people who do things "ironically"

No. 1723463

she thinks her ED is better lol how age appropriate of Claire

This tbh even "high functioning" auti-narcissists like Chris chan can't help themselves. Moids with fully functioning frontal lobes can't be trusted, why would you ever want to spend a lifetime with one that has no impulse control?

you're everywhere with this race baiting aren't you? what an exhausting, irritating personality trait

No. 1723484

File: 1670631227713.jpeg (176.89 KB, 1170x1523, F5D6111D-0F5F-4EA3-9712-E7AECF…)

I agree about racebaiting but it does apply in this situation 100%

No. 1723494

>my dad was 46 when I was born
how autistic am I nonnas

No. 1723496

Not enough, noni

No. 1723505

Ofc she is mocking her, she made fun of Azealia and called her fat knowing she had an ED too.

Claire is such a cunt. So threatened by and bitchy towards younger women who are in competition with her, Elon probably casually mentioned Poppy was cute once 3 years ago and Claire has REEEED about it ever since kek. Such a pathetic passive aggressive vapid bitch.

No. 1723507

File: 1670632939779.png (388.85 KB, 704x402, thory.png)

in the comments someone linked a thread with this BTS video from Bella Poarch's video where grimes was like "has anyone ever hit you in the face" then proceeds to hit her in the face. it's honestly hard to tell when she's being malicious because terminal retardation

link to video: https://old.reddit.com/r/Grimes/comments/w315nq/bts_grimes_in_bella_poarch_video/

No. 1723520

File: 1670633621446.jpeg (49.01 KB, 1080x720, 6FCE0968-EA59-4EB4-A65A-1B49C7…)

Something just clicked, when she tried doing a song with AB, it was a covert tactic to get her to 3some with Elon. I also have always suspected that’s why she brought Jennie to SpaceX. Claire is attracted to young looking girls, as young as pre-pubescent (see the deadflow hentai she posted) so it makes sense in Grimes Creepy world, she thought Poppy was like her doll (see photo) whom she could utilize in her political propaganda larp, and possibly fuck. The way she is posed with Poppy is so creepy, she’s trying to look like the puppet master, like poppy is just a lifeless NPC doll. That seems to be her type, as she is wanted to put Zekia/aru.rinh in the video in full 2b cosplay (max appeal to scrotes) which she did, but the video was scrapped. 2b is a humanoid combat android. This is also in theme with her NPC girls, which I think is the creepiest shit from her…pregnant Asian grimes? Naked dehumanized women being called “NPC” and removed of their agency? When poppy worked with Grimes, she didn’t have much agency at all and was depicted on YouTube as a doll/robot who isn’t a real human with wants and needs. Poppy as her weird puppet in this photo, Aru.Rinh as 2b, taking Jennie to SpaceX, the Deadflow hentai, the dehumanized NPC girls, her K-pop obsession, her constant appeal to scrotes, the AB leaked texts… what does this say to you?

No. 1723526

Poppy looks so done with this shit

No. 1723531

File: 1670634278413.jpeg (104.42 KB, 500x699, 8077EB34-9DEA-4CC3-B35D-1D7A2B…)

Anyone who is attracted to someone who tries this hard to look like a literal child is a pedo. Also anyone who tries this hard to look like a literal child has serious pedo issues as well. I used to live in Portland and be active in the cosplay community. Only time I’ve heard about female pedophiles in their 20’s is within those groups. These girls expose themselves to so much anime and hentai moid shit that they start to get into it themselves, even playing the part of the “little girl” ie DDLG is bordering on pedo, a lot of those girls end up actually being obsessed with the little girl thing and that doesn’t age well when you no longer look like a young girl, I’ve seen it happen. Someone in Portland, a female attractive weeb, even got busted for CP. the hentai/cosplay world can be really creepy when people get too into it.

No. 1723533

File: 1670634443120.jpeg (337.62 KB, 1080x1350, F8432A3C-A87F-44C7-B98E-DBDCCA…)

Claire used to like every single one of her pics back in like 2018, she really tries look like a child. Anyone male or female that’s attracted to this shit has serious problems.

No. 1723540

File: 1670634761474.jpeg (679.79 KB, 1179x955, 2F37C6FE-76B1-4C9C-814C-11F8A4…)

She reappropriated some of the scenes from WAP into this retarded love song video, but Claire had shared these as WAP video sneak peaks in ‘18

Imagine how awkward it was for her to shoot that. She never even followed Grimes even when she followed hundreds of people. She even looks uncomfortable here.

No. 1723544

I know that this is bad meitu but it doesn't look like a child
Also you know people have babyfaces, what should they do, fuck off honestly

No. 1723545

She doesn’t have a baby face, retard. Look at her before photo. This shit is 100% intentional to appeal to hentaisick scrotes

No. 1723592

File: 1670638776510.png (54.54 KB, 474x348, 4BC128FC-9A08-4070-9F0B-06FE73…)

Why does it sound more like he’s bragging than warning people?

No. 1723600

She's just asian, retard. NAYRT but this is very clearly just the fucking asian beauty standard, which you can say is broadly pedophilic but it's not really particular to her.

No. 1723603

I agree with you 100%. That shoot didn’t sit right with me either. Claire is so moidbrained she always needs to depict the female artists around her as either born sexy yesterday lifeless dolls without agency who she is controlling, or male gazey, fake badass videogame vixens in sexy outfits and lycra.

The way she hung out with predators for years and refuses to condemn them/makes herself the victim, attacking or gaslighting women who have actually been raped and refusing to condemn their rapists, her creepy pandering to old farts like Elon and being a turbo doormat/engaging in self objectification, being friends with escorts who organize ‘umbrella consent’ parties for young women aka orgies with old rich creeps, taunting other women over their EDs, hanging out with girls 10 years younger than her, stalking Asian girl groups, falling out with so many female artists (except Hana because Claire needs her to sing and write her songs for her lmao), lying on Elon’s behalf, her shameless open nauseating NLOG obsession with hentai and lolis and anime titties…list goes on and on.

Claire is definitely a lipstick bi/lesbian with a psychosexual obsession (to use Azealias phrase) with young looking girls, she would probably pimp them out to Elon and throw endless women under the bus just to get Melon to notice her existence again.

Unfortunately this behavior is not that uncommon in Becky pickmes who are desperate to hold onto men they deem as being more valuable than themselves (Myra Hindley, Karla Homolka, Carol Bundy etc). Grimes is definitely a groomer in the making and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she tried to groom Poppy or Alice or Azealia and has already made Hana fuck Elon as well. Ghislaine 2.0.

No. 1723609

That's interesting about the female weeb cosplayers being pedos, it makes sense with how women absorb and internalize men's fetishes. Appealing to pedo coomers and entering their minds means accepting it as "normal" and becoming a pedo yourself.

No. 1723611

you're definitely onto something. most likely grusk did have creepy intentions with poppy. at the time, poppy's aesthetic was blonde dead inside controlled lifeless emaciated bimbo, aka completely what elon is into.
nailed it. claire is a misogynistic female who will throw other women under the bus and harbors a weird coomer obsession with pornified young women. i don't think she's actually same-sex attracted, though, what she gets off on is pleasing the moids around her. she dehumanizes other women (who are usually prettier) and just sees them as objects to be attracted to, which is probably also related to her loli porn addiction, but it must be some kind of cope for how she feels unattractive and worries about losing elon's attention. if SHE can't get his microdick up, she can at least provide him with someone who can, because she's sooo quirky and unbothered and not like the other girls!
>hanging out with girls 10 years younger than her
also worth mentioning that in 2018 poppy was 22 and grimes was 30. while they were both adults obviously, there is a bit of a power imbalance, and it's weird that claire only hangs out with women she has seniority over. does she have any female friends her age (hana doesn't count b/c she's probably only there on contract)?

No. 1723613

Amazing fortunetelling from the idiot who bought Twitter for 44billion, and every single one of his projects fails. Forgive me if I don't take him seriously.

No. 1723626

Shes 100% same sex attracted, her only male lovers have been unattractive, huge tell. Nothing wrong with being gay but shes a creep about it.
>>1723600 Asian beauty standards are not the same thing as anime/hentai/waifu/loli beauty standards. Learn to know the difference

No. 1723630

The power imbalance was there already she didn't have to take that weird photo. That photo creeps me out especially after hearing what Poppy said about the situation. She cant be trusted with any power.

No. 1723631

agree with most of your analysis but Claire does not read as bi to me at all. she’s never dated a woman or even shown attraction to one that’s not in the creepy way you described. seems more like a hentai coombrain thing or clutching to her fading youth than a woman with a genuine, healthy attraction to other women.
same with shivon, I don’t get why anons say she has lesbian vibes. looks like just another workaholic straight woman.

No. 1723633

>i don't think she's actually same-sex attracted, though, what she gets off on is pleasing the moids around her.
nta but you can be both. there are bi pickmes and they are massive shit-disturbers. and like >>1723626 says, they always date insanely ugly or dirty men.
i don't think grimes is one of these just because she never has a girlfriend and it would be easy for her to get a drug-addled soft butch who doesn't mog her so it's not an ego thing.

No. 1723634

Call me schizo or whatever but this reads like a threat to me.

No. 1723635

I’ve always seen her as a melanie martinez type. She probably draws lesbian hentai fan art of her and Jennie fingerbanging on the floor at space x. She has too much T to not be at least bi if not completely gay.

No. 1723638

They're unattractive because they're in the same league as her. She doesn't seem ssa. She just seems like she thinks it's quirky to pretend to be, because she saw it in the coomer anime she watches.

No. 1723639

File: 1670643974940.jpeg (Spoiler Image,50.13 KB, 640x483, FDF26EA7-8517-41D0-80E0-096269…)

Right a straight woman would totally post straight up loli-con

No. 1723640

For male attention

No. 1723643

a lesbian wouldn't either? she is obviously trying to cater to gamer moids.

No. 1723650

you may need to look more into online weeb culture because it’s not same sex attracted women posting lolicon, it’s straight women who fantasize about being an uwu kawaii little rori for big strong warrior man elon. coomer loli anime like sword art online and no game no life are targeted to straight men and these types of women, not lesbians.

No. 1723653

pls learn to sage, the lack of sage makes it really obvious that all your posts are coming from you. and i can't see her as anything but straight. she's never had a girlfriend or even shown attraction to a real live woman, and no, lolicon that's designed for men doesn't count. she gets off on the idea of herself as the loli. t. an actual lesbian who is sick of straight girls who would be disgusted by the idea of real lesbian sex thinking they're soooo gay because they think boobs are aesthetically pleasing or they watch hentai.

No. 1723658

File: 1670645218892.jpeg (Spoiler Image,68.37 KB, 800x533, E350F760-71DF-486D-B053-4F54BE…)

Right, Dating sexy Chelsea manning was for male attention(sage your shit)

No. 1723660

bradley manning is a male retard

No. 1723664

File: 1670645340926.png (60.63 KB, 864x663, n3io239djn1c3d.png)

not very milky but the reddit account that was either grimes or her brother plus the "bi or pickme" shit reminded me of this account.

the Utena clip in idoru video weirded me out because I thought it was about melon like the rest of the album but then why the yuri? looked into it more and it's not about him but a different guy apparently? which still makes no sense because why the queerbating then?

there was this weird reddit account I found while looking who was vague posting like they had insider knowledge about the situation. likely this person is just a schizo but who knows maybe it's another grimes alt trying to make herself sound mysterious

and still don't know what the Utena shit was about lol. apologies for the lesbian sperging

No. 1723665

You really think a straight chick would fuck chelsea? Or even imply that? I dont really care if shes gay or not shes a creep. It just seems so obvious that she is, not that theres anything wrong with that. Kinda like how closeted dudes always end up doing creepy shit.

No. 1723667

She been sucking tiddies since 2012 and only dates trannies or men who look like Aiden FTMs

No. 1723668

File: 1670645600360.png (58.72 KB, 803x533, nicole.png)

interesting the grimes subreddit thinks idoru is about nicole dollanganger lol

No. 1723669

there is literally 0 evidence she dated Manning this is just retarded cope from people on twitter trying to justify still liking her music because it shows she's sooo progressive and kweer

No. 1723670

Is this bait? Chelsea Manning is an mtf troon.

No. 1723684

File: 1670647008010.png (1.56 MB, 1406x899, chyna.PNG)

she favourited a bunch of traditional Chinese garments like hanfu and cheongsam.

No. 1723686

>Claire is definitely a lipstick bi/lesbian
Sure, she's clearly so moidbrained and "one of the guys" that she's coomed herself into being a lolicon, but what is the deal with nonnies seeing women who are clearly obsessed with men and having sex with men and having babies with men and calling them lesbians? Are you retarded, she's just a straight (maybe bi) William who pornrotted her brain with lolicon because all her male obsessions are pedophiles. I hardly would believe bi with the way she treats the women who have tried to be her friend, she seems to genuinely hate them sometimes.

No. 1723687

I don’t think Claire is really lesbian, lipstick lesbian/would do a threesome to please her scrote at most. If she was lez she could just date lesbians and get more social clout for it from lefties but she only ever dates troons and is a footstool for scrotes and tranny scrotes alike so she clearly ‘prefers’ male energy. Just look at that Chinese tranny she is currently BFFs with and how he talks just like a 4chan addicted scrote.

I think claire is just one of those weird girls who was excluded at school by the pretty popular girls despite desperately wanting to be part of their cliques (it’s obvious in her weird rants about ‘the japanese girls who were the prettiest girls at my school and never let me play sailor moooooon’).

Sidenote: To me Claire is just like those white weeb incels who were obsessed with anime and wanted to play yugioh and Pokémon with the cool Asians at school, but the cool Asians never let them join their clique because the incel kids were creepy and smelly and weird. Those incel kids then grow up to be wignats despite retaining an extreme obsession with Japan and ‘Asian culture’ while simultaneously resenting and hating Asian dudes for never letting them join their anime club or tabletop games.

I feel that like many girls that age who weren’t pretty or popular enough, Claire probably felt like a dyke compared to the hyper feminine stacies and Stai Cees at her school and maybe even got socialised as a lesbian.

I think she developed moid interests as a defense mechanism to cope with being rejected by other women, she seems like one of those girls who everyone thought was a lesbian and who now needs to ‘prove’ her femininity by dressing up in sexy outfits and getting plastic surgery to look more ‘feminine’. It’s like she is just discovering her idea of ‘womanhood’ after being the weird aspie Aiden girl for so long.

And similar to trannies who grew up being socialized or treated as men, she thinks womanhood and femininity is about sucking moids dicks and wearing tons of makeup and being a bimbo and starving yourself when really that’s just a fetishy outsider male gaze view of womanhood.

Claire is just so obsessed with superficial beauty that she develops an obsession with people who meet her ideal, but probably also holds resentment at never being really beautiful herself.

She obviously just hung around with scrotes all the time who probably turned her onto all these scrotey interests she has like philosophy, sci fi, 4chan, anime and fetish art, obscure techno artists etc. She knows she can never compete with hot girls on a conventional level so she needs to invent a whole masculine alter ego to protect herself from being excluded by them again while also desperately wanting to be accepted by them.

Hence the weird, moidbrained way she seems to view other women, she feels like a man because she was a butch looking, autist acting outsider growing up. And that leads to her possibly internalising male gaze and sexualising other women inappropriately.

Her ED also shows her clear control freak tendencies and competitiveness with other women. In every situation it seems like she is trying hard to control it, though with men like Elon she becomes more subservient because she thinks it will make him like her more. In reality it has the opposite effect which is why she has been all but ghosted by him and is desperately compensating now. Pickmes never thrive and they never get picked.

Thanks for reading my not so brief armchair analysis of Grimey.

No. 1723688

File: 1670647379997.png (2.01 MB, 1044x1226, ec0jn5m.png)

She just seems gay. I get gay vibes. Maybe she's just Canadian idk.

No. 1723689

Any woman with a deeper voice who doesn’t wear makeup just gets pinned as lesbian now. Who the fuck cares? It’s none of our business.

No. 1723690

She doesn't have a deep voice. None of anything on here is any of our business. Why are you even here

No. 1723694

Zoomers have been ruined by hyperfeminine culture. She's just a pick me in a t-shirt, nothing about her gives lesbian vibes, nonnie….
Also sage non-milk so you don't keep bumping, tourist.

No. 1723695

She’s basically just a yellow fever incel poltard, but with a vagina. You underestimate how many nerdy white people have a creepy obsession with Asians, whether they’re male or female, whether it’s a sexually motivated obsession or not. Lots of racist or just autistic people fawn over Asians because they lowkey view them as magical exotic aliens who never age or get fat or something.

No. 1723698

This isn’t a Shivon thread and who she finds attractive really isn’t relevant. Gay/lesbian people or those in the closet already have weirdos obsessing over their sexual activities and trying to out them, idk if shes a lesbian or not but it’s none of our damn business unless she talks about it.

No. 1723699

Ghislane is genuinely bi, so is Claire. She def masturbates to weird hentai and cosplayer lewds. I would not be surprised if she subs to girls on onlyfans so she can brag about supporting sex workers with her moid friends

No. 1723700

how is this gay? she looks like an extremely normal nerdy millennial she-autist. girl math major phenotype

No. 1723701

I don’t watch Chinese pedo cartoons.

No. 1723705

File: 1670648114033.jpeg (319.38 KB, 2048x1367, 46BC427C-7C89-4B08-9F09-181F63…)

right, how could we forget she hooked up with this womanly female and fingered his rot pocket, indistinguishable from a real vagina. on to the next discussion!

She said in a rolling stone interview it’s about one of her ex boyfriends, probably Devon imo since he makes music she admired. The Utena stuff must’ve been because she liked the aesthetic and probably loves redditors speculating she’s a lesbian.

No. 1723706

who gives a shit about if ghislaine is bi this is totally irrelevant to the thread learn to sage

No. 1723708

Dating a tranny is just a Canadian girl rite of passage I think.

One of my favorite Canadian ASMRtists ended up marrying a tranny moid with a post op axe wound and who blatantly doesn’t pass.

No. 1723711

Someone in this thread really doesn’t want her to be gay…. weird. >>1723520 she’s a total creep get over it.

No. 1723716

I have no opinion on her gay/non-gayness. But she's not an autist or a math major. She's not even a technical person, she knows the business side of things. She was a management consultant and then a VC, not an engineer type. VCs are super social. They are like the Hollywood agents of Silicon Valley.

She looks like a tired tomboy in this pic.

No. 1723720

That one comphet checklist really brainrotted some of you guys
>Straight pickmes who aren't conventionally atttractive? Uhhh obvious closeted lesbians/bi women!
Stop it

No. 1723721

anons love discussing Claire’s sexuality but if all the evidence you have for her gayness is moid pandering lolicon porn and dating a tranny for a hot second, no one is gonna be convinced

t. another lesbian, honestly part of me would be happy if grimes were really gay and it was all just a bad comphet dream it’s just that she’s not lol. hi other lesbians itt

No. 1723724

She’s probably quite intelligent, not a genius or anything but she’s obviously a smart woman. She probably just isn’t a pretentious twat and doesn’t try too hard to sound smart or deep by babbling on about whatever latest new age buzzword or idea she ripped off her twitter feed today, unlike someone we know…

No. 1723726

So… what's his job again?

No. 1723729

I think she's attention/validation-sexual, and she likes pleasing men (especially ugly/gross ones). Remember that ugly fat man she talked about "always thinking should be surrounded by hot girls"? That's what she's on. Wants to be one of the boys, but with a pussy, and she'll objectify other women to make herself look quirky and alien and unique (while the rest are disposable ofc).

No. 1723733

I think she's conventionally attractive. But not if she fucked Elon. That crosses the line. If she did that then there is something wrong in her brain.

No. 1723736

>she's a lesbian because her male lovers are ugly
Today I learned every woman is gay

No. 1723738

>One of my favorite Canadian ASMRtists ended up marrying a tranny moid with a post op axe wound and who blatantly doesn’t pass.
Albinwonderland right, or another one? I have no idea why he even transitioned. Noel Fielding and Noel fielding with boobs, utterly pointless. Though I think he trooned out after they were married about a year.

No. 1723744

File: 1670652466364.jpeg (885.63 KB, 1800x1200, 974108F4-2A2D-4AEC-BCE5-9EA238…)

Yeah she seems to be obsessed with that kind of aesthetic.

No. 1723747

File: 1670652604825.jpeg (511.51 KB, 960x1537, F9C637F3-49DF-43FA-8D62-C642F2…)

She literally nuked the website that posted this picture out of existence kek

No. 1723750

so obvi made up for press like her dumbass “paparazzi” shoot

No. 1723753

Definitely lol she didn’t take the site down

No. 1723758

He paid 44 billion dollars to be a janny.

No. 1723759

>bitches after they watch GoT once

No. 1723821

She’s gonna seethe when people outside of this thread put 2+2 together and figure all this out. It’s so obvious

No. 1723854

File: 1670671572296.jpeg (1012.33 KB, 1179x4447, 71270D9D-FCE1-4659-8279-EC6E30…)

Found a bunch of her 4chan self posts

No. 1723902

File: 1670681680287.jpeg (289.35 KB, 1170x620, EA963DE0-EDD1-4882-8034-58FDF4…)

Sage for skim milk but is this supposed to be about her parents or is she now so far into the cope she sees her relationship with clyde as a marriage?

No. 1724015

She’s in Musks tech cult and fucks the cult leader, that’s it kek
Same with Claire

But I do believe that Shivon became extremely important to Musks money making machine, she’s very good with investors and respected among the technocrats. And unlike Claire actually smart and useful kek

Poor lil x he’s very unfortunate. Not only having the biggest attention seeking narcs as parents but inheriting literally every ugly trait of both of them is just the cherry on top. Let’s hope he stays this happy. He has great nannies tho

No. 1724022

Probably not. She has an immense amount of orbiters on /mu/ at the time.

No. 1724026

File: 1670690152996.png (2.7 MB, 828x1792, B1E2DDB9-9087-48F8-A864-E12049…)

Grimes is into anything that is popular among teens and Elon I guess. She was so obsessed with many things and after people weren’t buying it or not interested she just never mentions it again for example cyber punk or her Perfume ideas kek

Anyone else feel like that grimes health is very bad? Like she constantly fearmongers about certain illnesses and she also never looks healthy or glowy, does she perhaps silently suffer from something that she won’t openly admit to the public? I’m talking like an actual physical illness besides her anorexia

No. 1724035

Ok what the fuck I can't find this tweet anywhere. Tell me please if you screenshotted it right from his twitter or if you found it on some other website like /pol or something. The tinfoil hatters would be going insane and I got a finger on the pulse of the conspiracy community

No. 1724039

Even then, at her highest peak, moids constantly hated her SJW haircut and her hairy armpits. Yes she had bunch of fans but they weren’t actively promoting her shit and spamming /mu/ with random online articles where journalists were paid by claire to write how much of a genius producer she is kek
She’s known for paying media outlets to write about her, no one cares for her like that
Real fans don’t spam they make fan groups

Plus, her die hard fans in her discord don’t even lick her ass like that. Never underestimate mentally ill Claire. She’s obsessed with 4chan for whatever reason

No. 1724040

She suffers from anorexia and drug abuse that’s it

No. 1724071

Why is she dressed just like the shrek above, green hair and all

No. 1724089

What a nightmare it will be for preteen Exa, always alone with this catty discarded boymom.

No. 1724104

All of that is true and I agree but
>Stai Cees

No. 1724168

File: 1670701344176.jpg (67.88 KB, 580x577, grimes20hana_2.jpg)

Unpopular opinion here maybe, as a lot of anons itt seems to praise Hana for some unknown reason. I think Hana is probably just as vain as Grimes. Yes, she's pretty and she can write songs for the 2, but i think if she was a decent person, she'd drop Claire already. Why else is she still hanging out with her? she must know firsthand how insufferable Claire is. And if it is true what a lot of anons say and Hana fucked Elon, then congrats, she's even more pathetic, they're all the same

No. 1724179

damn it looks like she 100% intentionally hit Bella in the face, what a bitch. Also this video shows perfectly how her filler migrated all the way down, she has 2 chins.

No. 1724195

Idk much about Hana, except that she has good music. But is there milk besides "she is friends with Grimey"?

No. 1724218

Lol I feel like you can tell Bella hates her in this video

No. 1724221

Hana also outsources to others so grimes has resold resold beats lol.

Hana also does ket and comes off as crazy. Also remixed stuff for that cringe af group pussy riot. Also hangs out w hassan piker.

Hana is another w rich parents too n a bg like grimey. Mommy n daddy bought her career kinda thing.

No. 1724226

She’s so jealous of other women and obsessed with control, it’s nauseating

No. 1724227

She’s just a typical uncoordinated violent sperg, Elon her tard wrangler should have been watching her more

No. 1724241

grimes looks so much better styled like this.

ok, her going on and on about violence is so weird. grow out of your childish revenge fantasies, you're in your 30s.

No. 1724255

Ayrt, idk if there is, and yeah she has some good tracks. But I'm just wondering why she sticks with annoying Grime for so long. If she stands her for so long, then i assumed she must be also airheaded to let her use her like that.

>Also remixed stuff for that cringe af group pussy riot.
True, they're cringe as all fuck. The Pussy Riot chick did great "performances" where she was getting gangbanged while 9 month pregnant in the museum, and in another project of hers her band came to McDonalds to throw living cats over the counter. Great people.

>Hana is another w rich parents too n a bg like grimey. Mommy n daddy bought her career kinda thing.

Interesting post, tell more

No. 1724289

She got training from artists that are not cheap at all for… as in you gotta have lots of money to be able to train and mentor with.

No. 1724300

Lmao and you believe her she fucked chelsea? Chelsea Manning dating was a publicity stunt, and sucking tiddies was just another straight girl ~being wild~ and doing "i kissed a girl" shit. How is that not obvious

No. 1724322


The pussy riot chick deserves her own thread, she’s a complete sociopath/deadbeat mom. What’s funny is watching the stream with her and grime on Hasan it’s so obvious she’s using Claire and doesn’t respect her at all, I noticed some of her fans pointed that out too. She’s notorious for fucking her way up the clout pyramid and leaving her kid in Russia with the dad so she can take ass pics in her hot topic sale rack hello kitty outfits. she’s like 35 at least and still tries to dress like she’s 14 it’s bizarre. She’s ran dozens of crypto scams and runs off with the money to spend on penis statues. Don’t even get me started on her lack of talent and completely terrible music. She is like grimes and Elon in that she took 100% of the credit for the “pussy riot” movement and used mommy and daddy’s money to get publicist and hella press about it to completely center the story around herself. She’s such a fraud.

No. 1724331

Idk how consistently milky she is, but could be. That bitch was mentioned in first Indie Band Cows thread though (including cowish pics i mentioned). If you have milk anon please post in indie thread, it's much too dead as of late. i'd be interested on more info about her for sure

No. 1724334

Pls make the thread

No. 1724341

File: 1670718161747.png (79.53 KB, 918x468, 33333.png)

I know they're talking about tattoo ink not tattoo itself, but looks like Grime isn't embarassed at all about having white ink tattoo done by Noosey. she even wishes it was whiter.
if i was her, i'd be thanking god that tattoo was white ink and therefore less visible, not wishing it was more visible.

No. 1724350

Hana looks like so much more of Elon’s “type”, she kinda has an Amber Heard look at some angles. I’m surprised he didn’t immediately glom onto her

No. 1724370

Hana is in a monogamous LTR with bloodpop, grimes ghost producer. Blood Pop was doing a lot of sessions with Grimes to help her with Art Angels, after these sessions she would go home and work with Jamie on developing demos to bring to Mike. Mike introduced Hana to Grimes and started teaching Hana how to take over the ghost production work so he could focus more on his own music as the Grimes project was taking a lot of his time. Hana started helping out Grimes with production and the two became fast friends over their love of anime, Pokémon and video games. Grimes can never be alone. She was glued to James 24/7 and he helped with every single thing, basically her maid, cool, therapist, punching bag and ableton coach. He would literally sit with her through the entire recording process, telling her how every little thing worked every step of the way. The three of them went on tour, where James was basically the personal assistant/servant and Hana helped with everything else, they often shared hotel rooms and spent every day together for months. Hana is very sweet person, and she loves Claire even though Claire drives her up the wall with her narcissistic antics, which Hana and bloodpop are growing out of being amused by. The reason MA was delayed is because the departure of James and that BloodPop was sick of being a ghost producer and wanted to put 100% of his focus into lady Gaga instead who actually credits him. Hana might be growing out of Claire’s all-about-me universe and personality, but she is too sweet to just complete write her off. Plus, it wouldn’t help her career. People mostly know of her thru Claire, and Claire is someone she cares about at the end of the day even tho it will never be reciprocated because Claire is unable to think of anyone other than herself unless it benefits her in some way. Hana is not gonna cheat on bloodpop with Elon, she wouldn’t get anything out of that. She also isn’t the type of girl who’s down to get dicked down by an old ugly just because he is rich. Hana is Christian horse girl energy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Grimes tried to make that happen though, as it was around the same time when Hana herself had enough and started focusing on her own music rather than helping Claire. This was also when she deleted all of the evidence of her helping Claire like her “comping vocals for a friend” post among others. She didn’t and wouldn’t fuck Elon, she is a woman of self respect and dignity.

No. 1724377

Cool story.
Have you heard the saying do a little something strange for a little change?
People like money and things and that's exactly what hana proximity to them brings.

No. 1724381

am i the only one who thinks this post sounds oddly specific

No. 1724387

god, this sounds spot on. this was the impression that I had of their relationship. I've seen Hana & Grimes interact in BTS vids and livestreams and I always got the vibe they were actually best friends. It really seemed like there was love there. weird.

No. 1724409

I remember that one time when Hana put out a video of her making music and she said something along the lines of “I’m making some beats for a friend!” and it sounded VERY grimesey and then a day later the video was taken down, kek. I always assumed it was her producing stuff for Miss Anthropocene and grimes told her to take it down

No. 1724434

Lol ok Hana no1curr

No. 1724453

learn to sage Hana/Bloodpop/James. Grimes doesn't write her music, we been knew. you guys fucked your own self over, Claire's the one who gets all credit and royalties.
>she is a woman of self respect and dignity
nah, she's a bestie of Grimes and gives all her music away to Elon's doormat. Hana you need to quit your christian horse girl attatchment to Grimey, better start leeching off Lady Gaga instead.

No. 1724462

File: 1670726953406.jpg (757.64 KB, 1076x1629, SmartSelect_20221210-214828_Fi…)

>Christian horse girl energy
Then why does she work with pussy riot, the antichrist then?? She works with and is freinds with them?

Also says she basically fully endorses them as in picrel

No. 1724469

nta but it's obvious that anon meant the VIBE, not literal 'christian' jfc l2context much?

this is so spot on, I'm sure you're probably someone who knows them irl but I had a feeling this was how they were. I've personally met claire myself unfortunately once due to organizing a stage and yeah, she was pretty full of herself (there were other way bigger artists there girl… Are you for real?). I kind of feel bad for hana though, she always seemed sweet, quiet and down to earth. Nothing stings more than essentially making your own art and someone regularly using you and taking credit. I hope she eventually cuts her off, narcs are vile as shit.

No. 1724484

Pure people don't work with trash like PR.

And pure people dont let themselves be doormats either.

Hana is either very naive or influenced by drugs or is playing innocent.

Or is a narcissist herself also using grimes and bloodpop…

No. 1724490

i fully believe this, it’s exactly what i would have expected from these people

No. 1724491

yea I dunno it's hard to say, that's just the vibe I get. Not saying she's 100% innocent or anything like that, I'm sure she works with grimes for her own career but I don't really feel like that's that bad considering grimes takes credit for so much of her work anyway.

No. 1724498

Ok anon go back to church

No. 1724509

They are the one that brought up the Christian horse girl energy thing lol.

I'm not religious but I know for a fact Hana isn't innocent like the other poster claims…

Purity extends beyond religion…

That's why I said that…

No. 1724523

i think you should…

go back to boomer facebook…

or learn to integrate…

No. 1724532

Hi grimes("hi cow")

No. 1724534

nayrt but i don't think anybody here has a problem that Hana uses Grimes for fame or whatever, she deserves it if she writes so much of Grime songs. I for one was wondering why is Hana getting along so much with Grimes/other stupid ppl, maybe could be that Hana is as much empty/narc person asGrimes. idk all details and whatnot, and if Hana is a genuinely good person then all fine i guess? or not, we don't know much about her. if Hana was smarter, she'd probably team up with better people though. i wonder how much money she makes on writing shit for Grimes.

No. 1724537

yeah like i said it's hard to say. Maybe she is a narc too but from the few times ive seen and watched her stuff she doesn't seem so (at least not as obvious as grimes?). I'd assume its because hana understands she has to for her own career/sake? But you're right, she SHOULD be teaming up with better people, especially by now since she's sort of been on the scene for some time. But there's always the chance she's just not getting as many collab requests etc. hard to really say

No. 1724701

I think she is just tomboyish, and not only based on this pic, but also her interests like hockey and IT

No. 1724710

Hana is just always high af, and seems "nice" because of ket and molly serotonin overflow lmfaao
I was a big fan of grimes and was at one of her shows in Berlin ca 2016 and Hana was opening….let me tell you even tho everyone was high on smth Hana was TWEAKING and talking to the crowd how much she loves Berlin and crying, obnoxiously dancing off beat
Sweating like a bodybuilder and her jaw clenching jfc, she’s just like every other DJ and completely lost in substance abuse hence her delusions

Hana knows that Claire is too lazy to learn how to produce on her own, that’s why she’s still bffs with her, she knows how much her vocals are needed. But I feel like they only seem close when a new album is due kek
Grimes prefers liv Boeree or a tranny

No. 1724712

Gosh Claire looks so doughy, short and stubby
Can someone logically explain how a malnourished, borderline anorexic chic can have a double chin? Is it perhaps her wide jaw and short neck?

No. 1724715

We’ve been knew that hana is a druggie nonnie she’s not hiding it

No. 1724716

File: 1670757514505.jpeg (92.69 KB, 1280x720, 49175208-F7A4-414A-B3C7-908DB3…)

No. 1724725

I am pretty sure he just got eggs from her and they fertilized them artificially.

No. 1724745

Can anyone confirm this is a real tweet? Couldn't find him tweeting that and nobody's talking about it.
So its fake?

No. 1724747

File: 1670764288843.jpeg (259.98 KB, 1068x1059, 77D934F8-EC8C-4E2C-8595-A03F01…)

No. 1724750

They still fucked, Elon is a known sex addict, constantly fucking models, orgies with random people and his passion for cheating. He’s also charming and Shivon fell for it, she’s his biggest fan.
The way they made a big secret out of their twins and then proceeding to change the names for everyone to see hmmm…she’s a very smart woman and

I swear to god I saw a deuixmoi post where someone saw Elon and quote “Elon musk at dinner at xy restaurant with boring brunette lol”
I forgot to screenshot but this was early 2022
When I know look at Shivon it was probably her, I’m still looking for that deuixmoi post tho

No. 1724752

nonnie, I had the same thought about her being the boring brunette lmao try looking in the /ot/ celebricows threads from around that time. I think it was posted there, because back then these threads didn't exist yet

No. 1724755

Thanks nonnie, I haven’t seen it been posted here soo…ty

No. 1724795

I wonder sometimes too just how many of the “headlines” we see about these two insufferable mall ninjas are paid for/written by them.

Googling any shit about Edong and Grimey only seems to bring up inane shit that I doubt literally anyone ever clicked on.
Like “Grimes posts nude photo to Instagram sparking discussion about art and nudity”….. no tf she didn’t. She uploaded a thirst trap and quietly deleted it when there wasn’t enough attention/controversy surrounding it.

Same with Elawn, “(he who shall not be named) shares with the world his tragic personal reasons for not allowing Alex Jones back on platform.”

Meanwhile these weirdos are busy impregnating every viable womb they can access for money.

No. 1724849

File: 1670775006735.png (876 KB, 1307x920, Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 10.0…)

the way she's sitting there smiling and looking her widest around the middle after cutting this little girl's face with her $32.99 Etsy silvertone alloy claws. yeow

No. 1724857

Why do I think Elon still messes with Natasha, they’ve been on/off for a long time before the big break-up in summer. She definitely left him and idk he’s into woman who reject him. She also still hangs with his mom.

Idk the whole fight scene was unimpressive and boring imo
I don’t think grimes did it on purpose, it’s very tricky for an untrained person to mimic a fist fight. she took to much molly before the scene because ~anXietyy~ and thought she was in full awe of herself, when in reality she’s just overestimated herself kek

Also Grimes hair and make up were horrendous and made her look trans

No. 1724862

File: 1670775742966.jpeg (110.11 KB, 675x1566, 131679AD-7198-45F1-9466-ABF06F…)

Post the whole picture of her standing there like a bloated toddler with her sagging face

No. 1724881

Bumping because the janitors apparently love the child porn that’s being posted and refuse to delete it because they want us all to eat it up like a chopped cheese

No. 1724902

File: 1670778737511.jpeg (532.84 KB, 2308x1601, 8DA9ECB5-6F31-410F-A31C-63BF9F…)

>teehee i hurt the cute Asian girl and mutilated her face I’m so proud of myself uwu
She’s a disgusting jealous violent asian fetishy scrotebrained sperg, where was her wrangler that day?

I hope to god Bella got a tetanus shot after that, Claire’s Neanderthal nails always look filthy and disgusting and probably crawling with bacteria from being inside Elons ass.

Her real body and face is so disgusting, she is so ugly inside and out.

I can’t with these two insufferable attention seeking narcissists anymore, they’re actually too annoying to follow for milk.

No. 1724930

So why is Grimes so upset about it? If Elon never had sex with her? It's weird to me idk. What guy would want to date Shivon knowing she has twins with Elon? Men are possessive and don't like sharing and I think there'd always be some question that she is fucking Elon or did fuck Elon.

No. 1724932

I think they didn't put Elon's name on the birth certificates originally because she had them by surrogate and because they weren't legally married so I think Texas law might have not allowed his name initially. Something is weird with why he didn't go on the birth certificate originally.

No. 1724936

She just has really bad genetics and then add all the fillers and drugs on top of that and it just exacerbates it. Literally the only thing she has going for her is her eating disorder if she was fat she would be an actual 1/10. And she has zero hygiene + stinks. I can’t even look at certain pictures of her because I can smell them through the screen.

No. 1724940

File: 1670780689716.jpeg (99.44 KB, 1242x272, 4345D1F9-0182-4AB2-894A-174465…)

He throws out the most basic old ‘truther’ bait and the infowars dot com retards fall for it every time.

No. 1724965

File: 1670782870195.gif (2.96 MB, 500x281, 91B2EAC6-CD66-4D69-B618-253D85…)

His one and only love
I actually believe that this sociopath had real human feelings for Talulah, she was the one that got away

No. 1724966

God he looks so fucking gross and creepy.

No. 1724968

That heavy breathing, he looks like he's 5 seconds from jumping her.

No. 1724983

File: 1670784894974.png (1.28 MB, 1382x596, 67454.png)

Grime just wanted to "accidentally hit", either to show around how cool or dangerous she is, or to have "realistic shots". Or, more realistically, she punched Bella Poarch bc she was fucking jealous of her. look at these odd sideways looks.

No. 1724984

File: 1670784934334.png (2.03 MB, 1048x1840, qwrttr.png)

No. 1725001

File: 1670786226001.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3464x3464, 7D672A43-C4DA-4586-BE9F-6BE7E1…)

Yeah him and talulah were made for each other both extremely racist idiots with a god complex
Btw the amount of kissing pics they have could only make Claire dream of kek

No. 1725005

why are their kisses looking weird af
elon keeps his head too high

No. 1725007

Spoiler that shit lol

No. 1725011

I think you take mens self reported "preferences" way too seriously lmao

No. 1725039

it's so much grosser if you know that Bella was physically abused by her adoptive parents AND was assaulted twice by randos prior to becoming tik Tok famous. this ugly white pickme cannot stop herself from lashing out at people above her

No. 1725046

File: 1670787803382.jpeg (156.66 KB, 824x1293, 16F20521-43DC-4B9E-AD75-6AE48B…)

No. 1725055

she was in military? can't watch rn
You could see how shocked and disappointed she was with Grimes at that shoot, that realization when you understand Grimes is a creep.

No. 1725056

I think the cheek cut is makeup, it's a little too perfect to be from grimes. I don't think it broke the skin when she hit Bella but it obviously hurt her

No. 1725066

File: 1670790194394.png (51.12 KB, 875x398, 41E34597-8A80-40CA-BC92-D8EFF7…)

Melon should ban Grimes too seeing as she’s a shameless lolicon

No. 1725068

Claire is so creepy. She’s basically an incel in a female body.

No. 1725069

The contrast between her bobbling head and his still perfectly child rapist stare is so hilarious.

No. 1725084

File: 1670791712733.jpeg (47.33 KB, 800x420, b96ecd90-1c1c-11ea-b22b-5f8504…)

Bella knew too. Just look at her facial expression. Probably Claire asked if she had been hit in the face before, hoping that Bella would say "and what about you?". She likely had a lame embellished story ready to go about getting into a fight once, but no one played along lmao.

No. 1725089

She was in the navy, yeah. Iirc she joined with her brother to get out of her abusive household.

No. 1725099

File: 1670793637782.jpg (419.94 KB, 890x821, e44c11e7cf2ce0bc98da48ea2e0fbe…)

lucinda makeup!

No. 1725103

oh my god before i expanded the image i thought this was the lucinda thread

No. 1725109

Kek she will never be Lucinda

No. 1725113

She didn't actually cut her, you dummies. That's an edit. But yeah– Probably a legitimate mistake. It's bound to happen when people with no experience do stage combat for the first time.

No. 1725127

Everything she does is so corny and stupid lmfaoooo look at this wreck

No. 1725129


…I feel like the caption is lowkey shade at zheani who posted about ai art being shit in her most recent ig caption kek
she took all her dune fans and gronk has been malding ever since

No. 1725133

as someone who was also abused by their parents I would’ve broken into tears had it been me. I felt so bad for her watching that like she was trying to keep her composure while grimes is laughing like a nervous incel

No. 1725138

Fitting cuz they both edtwits

No. 1725142

File: 1670797620586.jpg (35.93 KB, 483x326, Qgm9Pwq.jpg)

Felon hasn't called someone a pedo in a while, so here's him barking at Jack Dorsey.

No. 1725147

her dorian electra era

No. 1725152

File: 1670798429029.jpg (38.11 KB, 577x407, JuhXkyb.jpg)

Someone needs to tell him about wordpress.

No. 1725161

She looks so much like Justine here, it's surreal

No. 1725162


confused, would it be better if he didn't bring attention to this and ignored it like the previous administration? is it barking at jack to call out his obvious lie? i draw the line at defending pedophilia in any manner

No. 1725171

Grimes thought he wanted to have children with her because she is special and he loves her, and believed that their offspring will help form the colony on Mars. Shivon made her realise she is just one of many in his "harem" and that her children aren't special and need to fight for his attention.

No. 1725174

He is her boss, maybe that's why? By law, they can't have any interpersonal relationships, I believe.

No. 1725176

sugoi, shibon-chan is star of hit new anime 'My Baby is a Business Deal??!' waa..

No. 1725182

I feel like him calling everyone else pedos is pure projection

Why was he still going to dinner parties held by a convicted pedo?

No. 1725184

It’s virtue signalling. If he actually cared about curbing pedophilia he would be donating tons of money to missing or abused children orgs or paying for therapy or shelters/centres for CSA survivors.

He is virtue signalling the pedophilia thing because he knows a) it’s low effort bait b) it gets him attention and c) people assume anyone who speaks out against it is automatically the good guy even if they have a shady history themselves.

Elon doesn’t even care about his own kids, he leaves them in strangers hands 24/7 and they could be doing anything to them.

No. 1725200

Of course he doesn’t care. He’s a pedophile himself, and he protects his pedo friends. He is a puppet posing as a savior for ‘the people’. He really is just grooming his gullible followers for his masters NWO agenda. Pushing those shitty brain chips as a good thing, but they will be used against them.

No. 1725202

That music video is fucking stupid. NPC dolls rebelled and are fighting each other and then decide to fight men and the patriarchy, despite Bella showing her butt straight to the camera for the male gaze and Grimes fantasising about Melon dominating her, featuring porn stars who make a living by appealing to commers, and scrotes like Hassan and Mizkif.

No. 1725215

Wow. Not gonna watch it but that sounds incredibly retarded.

No. 1725221

File: 1670804729505.png (977.84 KB, 1617x686, 1171053747182299_4824036540014…)

oh god is that what she's going for? it just makes the final look that much more tragic

No. 1725223

File: 1670805097866.jpg (386.88 KB, 621x684, 537891368197021_38828234089988…)

i mean this in the lesbian way- she has one of the most tragic butts i have ever seen. why choose a costume that emphasizes the complete lack of ass? her mind…

No. 1725224

File: 1670805137021.jpg (61.73 KB, 1024x487, bladerunner_107pyxurz-1024x487…)

i thought they were going for Pris from Blade Runner.

No. 1725236

well she has a flat ass, who cares. The problem with that costume though is that it's tight and emphasised her stomach. that costume looks tragic overall, she looks either naked or like a toddler in a diaper pulled over a body pyjamas

No. 1725237

File: 1670805893228.jpg (701.99 KB, 1187x1416, Screenshot_20221211_184136_You…)

This is a massive waste of energy efficiency at this point.

No. 1725240

There are no laws against sleeping with your boss or sleeping with your subordinates if it is consensual. Companies may have policies but I doubt his companies have policies and if they do he will just exempt himself. If they would have put it on the birth certificate at birth no one would have even known that the kids existed.

No. 1725242

File: 1670806464696.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1418, A04060A7-2B63-4705-9E18-1143C0…)

See, this actually looks kinda cool but this particular makeup just emphasized Claires Neanderthal brow, doughy saggy face and huge nose, and because she’s so goofy looking ended up looking like caveman SpongeBob.

She attempts so many looks but they’re all a flop.

No. 1725248

File: 1670806922981.jpeg (282.78 KB, 1227x1538, 7AA26D7E-9864-4747-8B65-5808BE…)

She’s so proud of herself lol despite having such a basic boring tranny body.

No. 1725252

she's so skinny but she has no muscle mass and it's obvious she never works out. basically skinnyfat. extreme laziness bc she can definitely afford the best personal trainers and has time to work out if she wants to

No. 1725254

File: 1670807206204.jpeg (21.49 KB, 564x317, 8A6280EB-85B7-4D05-B996-9D82E3…)

Didn’t she already post this pic last week then deleted it? Kek.

Anyway she looks like stupid trash. She really cannot pull off any look other than androgynous tumblr fakeboi Aiden. She should go back to her tomboy phase it suits her way more.

No. 1725258

File: 1670807366894.jpeg (90.39 KB, 750x924, 479BA79C-45C1-4559-8F5A-979E32…)

Soft masc and androgyne styling just suits her way better. I’m not even a fan of this style but it definitely is much more her.

No. 1725260

Trying to skinwalk FKA Twigs hard…

No. 1725262

wow, this is the first time i've seen her dressed in a way that suits her and actually works with her features. aiden claire is actually really cute she should've stayed like that

No. 1725265

kek! sometimeth you jutht need to pee and fart and watchth chicken run

No. 1725266

File: 1670807711405.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1242x1228, 12A532B1-E73B-4AB8-9E05-30A492…)

Yes we know she has no ass. She has a flat tranny man butt. However that’s not really her fault.

No. 1725269

I agree, she actually looked cute as a tumblr twink.

This whole shiny yassified bimbo e-girl phase is definitely her worst.

No. 1725270

She looks cute here. Weird.

No. 1725299

File: 1670809764345.jpeg (61.86 KB, 634x453, D5AEE5A0-7328-436C-9382-21843E…)

It’s crazy she doesn’t realize the long hair really isn’t flattering to her face shape and ages her, she looks so much better with short hair or dark hair

No. 1725312

File: 1670810453487.jpeg (1005.11 KB, 1168x2229, ED040C1D-0AF6-4237-95FE-9E74DF…)

Yea it was in the last thread

No. 1725330

Hard agree, bobcut and short hair is so much more flattering on her.

No. 1725331

Claire officially skin walking Lucinda

No. 1725340

ok but why does she have to? It's not anyones obligation to adjust their flat asses and build ass muscle. she's lazy for sure but i don't think the universe will suffer greatly if grime doesn't get her ass fit
She should dress like that. floppy Dulux paint advert dog hair and suit/coat and baroque and victorian style shirts, justchange ugly sports leggins and shoes. idk if this would fit her new botched face though. Russiaboo Lucinda style is a no

No. 1725343

her twitter logo from a while ago is so shitty, the one with something like G/C or the moon or dragon and some bimbo sitting on it

No. 1725351

dude lol who cares? if grimes wanted she would have a bbl by now
she just does these stupid shock-value photos to be a pick me

No. 1725353

Honestly, she should've gone the androgynous route instead of her viking/Dune/Final Fantasy cosplay.

No. 1725385

She can’t pull it off tbh. That’s what she gets for skin walking tumblr models, it’s like she’s wearing a mask that just doesn’t fit her or flatter her at all.(sage your shit)

No. 1725437

these androgynous prince looks are cute. i wish the west had more prince type lesbians and not just studs

No. 1725474

she looks like a lesbian(she looks awful imo).
why does she have to dress masc because of her body?? fashion is a choice it's not mandatory

No. 1725479

File: 1670835393962.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1529, EEBE2BA3-9718-48B5-894F-B69EA9…)

No one is saying she has to do anything. Just implying what is most flattering, what has grimes done to deserve this extension of kindness from farmers? Idk. But she can wear whatever she wants, just like britney spears can post whatever she wants

No. 1725481

mask off moment for the homophobes in this thread. no wonder all the sexuality discussion was so retarded

No. 1725503

Based. So many anime pedos on Twitter are seething over this rn.

No. 1725522

Talulah's racist? What did she do?

No. 1725523

Elon only bought Twitter because Tallulah texted him crying that The Babylon Bee was banned and it’s too woke

No. 1725527

File: 1670850330561.png (4.97 MB, 828x1792, F9E53E6E-CFA6-4185-9349-CA3399…)

Kek at her genius creativity, I hope AI kills her first for starting twitter fights while looking a caricature

Found this on twitter

No. 1725528

Nice pic what does it have to do with anything?

No. 1725532

Elon’s LA residence in 2020, suburban Austin rental in 2021, tiny home in 2022, van living in 2023?

No. 1725539

NTA, but use your eyes and look at the post they are responding to?

No. 1725627

She wishes she could be as unique as Lucinda lol

No. 1725677


Wowwwwwww she’s literally just direct stealing now

Probs thinks the same as Colon about not crediting artists when you use/post their work.
unless it’s some creepy l*li shit ofc

No. 1725681

Oh she had no issue crediting the lolicon pedo artist deadfellow. It’s her fans who she hates to credit, has been caught doing it more than 5 times, and then even went on to argue with her fans about it via her Reddit account u/ethereallobbyforce (receipts in last thread) she was literally saying that they should be grateful she used the pic at all

No. 1725687


Some “artist”

What a grift

No. 1725713

>she looks like a lesbian(she looks awful imo)

No. 1725730

if that's what "looking like a lesbian (awful)" looks like, then surely, "looking like a straight woman" for grimes >>1725479 >>1725299 means looking like a transgender ogre

No. 1725832

t. Has never heard of kibbe types
There’s a reason something that looks amazing on one woman looks awful on another

You can see in her 20s grimes was much more androgynous and it suited her. Now she’s forcing the bimbo thing because of elon and it looks so trashy on her.

No. 1725859

She can't hide that gigachad chin lmao

No. 1725916

Why does this feel not written by Claire? And like, an actual PR narrative

No. 1726003

File: 1670895773112.png (108.32 KB, 611x680, BOOOOOOOO.png)

Whoever that nonnie was who said grimes is infinitely milkier and we should leave Elon alone was soooooo sooo wrong, the twitter spiral saga has been insane, its just going to get worse. What amphetamines is this man on?

No. 1726006

>sporting an "I love twitter" shirt
jesus christ, how does anyone take this man seriously

No. 1726059

Has anyone else lost respect for Chapelle after he's been touring with Musk? Why is he even doing this?

No. 1726060

They’ve been friends for a while. A couple of years ago either he(Dave) gave Covid to Claire or vice versa at his show in Austin lol

No. 1726077


The trans stuff has overshadowed that Chappelle has been really classist for a long time. Way more so than most other comedians. I think most of the time people wanted to believe he was leaning into a bit when those are his actual views. He was never Carlin.

No. 1726081

TIL that Dave Chapelle was born to two university professors. The more you know, huh?

No. 1726084

no one gives a shit about "classism" or his views, he's funny end of story.

No. 1726102


I mean that's the thing isn't it? Bringing out Elon wasn't funny. It's just Chappelle trying to suck up to other rich assholes as insurance against being canceled and the audience is there to sit through it.

No. 1726117

I think it was me but what I meant was neither Grimes or Elon deserve to have their posts buried in this joint thread. Elon drama gets drowned out by grimes drama and vice versa. They each deserve their own respective threads, they aren’t together anymore. People coming here to read about one of them will be forced to look through posts about the other one, and it dilutes the milk. AA unpasteurized whole milk is what we all deserve.

No. 1726147

nta but they are kind of a package deal considering grimes's cowlike tendencies only started coming to light after she became involved with elon, and their relationship drama is a good part of what's milky. neither of them produce enough consistent milk to sustain their own threads and a dedicated elon thread would just become a cespool of reddit fanboys more than this one already is.

No. 1726160

Neither of them produce consistent milk? What? This is like the 3rd thread in 2 months. She’s also been milky long before Elon. Why dilute her milk with his? She has enough on her own, she’s too much of a cow to have a shared thread(Sage, non-milk)

No. 1726163

You're right, I can see it now

>isn't it insane how grimes is getting her 4th facelift after elon told her she had too much flesh on her face to be his true android queen?


No. 1726175

Yeah this. Their involvement with each other is 50% of the milk.

No. 1726220

This argument doesn’t make a lot of sense considering grimes has TWO of elons children and also regularly takes her kids to space x or is obsessed with larping it. didn’t she move to Texas to be with him? I guess he is just on meth dealing with Twitter now

No. 1726222

No. The only reason these threads are alive and funny is because it's Grimes + Elon both. if you split them, it's gonna turn to shit. Elon thread would become /pol/ Elon fanboy refuge hangout and Grimes thread would be a paradise for "EEEEE Grimes was so CUUUTE before she had surgeryyyy" bullshit even more than it already is. They always had a split share of posts and they're not that funny on their own. If you have this problem on a 6th thread all of a sudden, follow them separately on other sites.

You're the only one bitching and bringing up this issue at all, and you have no fucking idea how to sage, case dismissed.

No. 1726262

How has no one caught onto the fact that elon is only having so many children so that he can harvest their organs because of his likely various health issue specifications, and when he continues his nueralink tevhnology to allow for souls to inhabit younger bodies, he has many options that he will force to compete in a narcissistic olympics where all die (organs obviously repurposed) except for elon's new host.

Thats why he only has male children, and why his son wants a sex change to get out of his saturn father devouring him and the lifeforces of his offspring forever. Through this meta inbreeding/bodysnatching, his/it/their autism will become literally radioactive, forcing the aliens to intervene.

No. 1726294

This is like some metamockery of reasons moids want sons

No. 1726302

To Miss Clare Boucher,
You will have a tough time fronting as a "woke" lgbtq+ kawaii elf android communist while your vagina reeks of wealthy old man jizz.

A farmer(integrate)

No. 1726311

It does matter when it makes him unfunny

No. 1726355

> when he continues his nueralink tevhnology to allow for souls to inhabit younger bodies,
i believe he may believe this is possible, because he is a complete moron, but it is not possible and will either never be possible or it will take hundreds of years to be possible

No. 1726401

Are you accusing him of being a white nick cannon lol

No. 1726415


No. 1726480

File: 1670952985731.jpeg (421.95 KB, 1170x567, 9646DB20-83B9-4E4B-BC10-4CA811…)

She literally turned herself into that spitting image doll they made of her…can’t wait to see what she tries to do abt this when all the fucked up filler starts to migrate even more

No. 1726483

For the low low price of $200, you could have booed Melon for TEN minutes after seeing a Dave Chappelle standup.
>Why'd Dave do that omg
He definitely knew this was gonna happen, it's San Francisco, they have completely disowned Musk. I love watching him deal with the real world reacting to him w/out it being filtered thru his handlers and sycophants, his broodmares probably jumped on this opp to tend to his wounded ego

No. 1726537

It seems more like the way Chapelle introduced him as the richest man in the world was to be absurd. Like "Look at me, I'm a comedian, what reason would the richest man in the world be associated with me?"

No. 1726559

File: 1670958479572.jpeg (95.72 KB, 1014x1168, C67D021C-6997-46FA-9D54-96CA22…)

Damn I got second hand embarrassment from watching this old fart getting booed by the very same millennials that he tries to impress so hardcore kek

Do u guys think this is just the beginning of his downfall? I always thought that he takes his son XII to public events so people won’t boo

I also never met Elon/grimes fans irl wich is very weird tbh

No. 1726572

Dave fans aren’t even woke lefties so idk hating on Elon is a universal thing not something political
He is the personification of the evil corporate boomer boss

Tinfoil beware kek
Some nonnie said his main fanbase are technerds from India, perhaps that’s why he had kids with Shivon? So his whiten indian hybrid kids can latch into bigger markets kek

No. 1726582

This makes sense, he prolly gon get his sons kidneys when he needs them in a couple of decades, his 10 sons would give him their organs for free as well

Who will actually inherit the Musk empire? Definitely not X kek

No. 1726606

File: 1670962984953.jpeg (320.58 KB, 828x1415, 549215AF-0BAB-4B8B-902A-DD1F12…)

Musk’s wealth is largely tied to Tesla shares, and as for now, it’s looking really bad for him. His title of "richest men" was his entire personality

No. 1726607

Most people think elon is a gaping asshole, even if they're happy with what he's wreaked upon twitter. boo-urns!
The faggot guardian newspaper doesn't get that the US has a roasting comedy culture and Musk gives so little of a fuck that he was up for a small taste of it. They boo musk, they don't cheer the left.

No. 1726610

I thought this was obvious to everyone but I guess it just means we can see how bad things really are, anon.

No. 1726617

That reminds me how much I think we need a New Age/Hippie cow general

No. 1726657

File: 1670967380152.jpeg (127.17 KB, 1014x1168, 1670958479572.jpeg)

No. 1726664

No. 1726707

Wasn't going to put this out there for free but since you guys are the only ones giving elon the polynesian pig roasting he deserves and making his incel fuckery more tolerable, i'll accidentally help a qurl out.

Filler atrophy isnt that drastic and it takes many years, sometimes essentially trauma can be caused to the skin around injection sites which can result in what looks like heaviness, water retention, bumps, scar tissue, etc. Microneedling fixes almost everything because the skin is great at repairing itself and creating new collagen including volume, but fillers are easier to push and show an instant result that is easily advertised.

The other thing is (facial) lymphatic drainage which is best done with a gua sha tool. It's honestly fucking stupid how much gua sha solves, no one needs botox they need to be taught how the body maintains itself. I unintentionally gave myself a brow lift, releasing the muscle tension memory your face holds also releases puffyness, like along your jaw when you're underweight. I thought it was a grift to sell more overpriced rose quartz items, but it's the cheapest most effective tool.

Long ass post to say she is not the filler migration boogeylady, she's just bloated with a toxic and tense facial musculature that has high sodium retention and scar tissue. Literally everything a man has but not nearly as bad.

No. 1726727

Anon she had a ponytail lift it's very much not just fillers

No. 1726774

File: 1670976863946.png (299.7 KB, 859x1163, hjjkdkjdhjfkjkg.png)

twitter removed the ability to register with a ukrainian phone number. elon bought out by russia or is he genuinely that petty?

No. 1726784

yooo he's still seething and tearing up bc ukrainian politicians/ppl told him off. next will be Elon banning ukrainian war posts/ukranian content. just out of spite.

russians mocked his ass too, but somehow he doesn't remember~

No. 1726794

If she didn't spawn more Melons she'd be in the indiecow thread or something like that, maybe. She went from D list musician to C list celebrity because she let Musk breed her and crash her self esteem with no survivors; even if she had her own thread it would orbit Elon just like she does.

could always get more surgery to fix it. I cannot wait

something something bots I'm sure

No. 1726810

Kek "I don't give this information out for free" like you're Edward fucking Snowden publishing state department secrets. Makeup thots are the funniest

No. 1726831

I thought the same anon. You can find all of that info on google or any random skincare obsessed girl

No. 1726845

A mixture of both selling out to the Russians and narcissism.
Remember Grimes claimed that the Russians wanted Elon dead and that her and the kids were ‘kidnapping fodder’? What happened to that? Did he bribe them to leave him alone?

No. 1726861

>If your body has to make collagen because collagen was broken down and destroyed, you are going to deplete your body's ability to make collagen sooner, hence accelerating the aging process
So is this just naturally happening to those of us blessed with hormonal acne…?

No. 1726877

File: 1670987465523.jpeg (119.67 KB, 1014x1168, 1670967380152.jpeg)

and his breasts

No. 1726926

Me in the back lol

No. 1726927

oops, Claire's adviced meth diet didn't help him. yoyo effect will have its revenge on Elon.

No. 1726932

nta but collagen production depletion is a myth.

No. 1726937

pretty sure its a scheme by the meat industry to slough off their byproducts onto insecure people with expendable income, if they market it as the fountain of youth they can price it higher than simple gummy bears

No. 1726965

Meat is not expensive

No. 1726973

depends where you are but most governments subsidize meat industry heavily so it is artificially cheap. also i was saying they were taking advantage of a new way to overprice the cheaper parts of the animal that contain collagen but can end up as waste like connective tissue and bones. The benefits of dietary collagen are largely a marketing scheme.

No. 1727191

this is off topic entirely but saying collagen doesn't do anything is completely wrong. Why are anons derailing this thread with shitty beauty advice? Supplementing collagen helps joint pain and skin elasticity, here's only a few studies of many that prove this:

No. 1727307

File: 1671044139057.jpeg (168.77 KB, 828x879, AD6736E7-6335-4EF5-A75F-921BA4…)

The amount of racist republicans defending his illegal immigration is insane, I hope they deport him kek

No. 1727367

10 anchor babies

No. 1727375

anyone see the tweet she replied to abt female hormone optimization? kek
someone just realized laying in bed all day watching hentai on VR and eating caffeine gummies fucks your hormones

No. 1727431

collagen is broken down into its constituent amino acids during digestion, so there's nothing really magic about it. that said, most people's diets are deficient in some of the amino acids that are abundant in collagen like glycine and proline, so collagen supplementation works as a source of those AAs

No. 1727434

Does sage contain much collagen?

No. 1727437

No. 1727438

>likely he could be
ok i won't anticipate deportation but i'll hold out hope this will cause him some public problems

cool maybe you and secret guasha anon should start a blog

No. 1727467

File: 1671058086028.png (123.9 KB, 484x340, C99B65D7-2C0B-4D23-85D3-95A355…)

Boomer alert

No. 1727524

nah it's not a scheme. using collagen supplements is actually really good for your skin if you have low collagen (or even high collagen already) it's not related to the fact that collagen depletion isn't real, plus all the other benefits anon mentioned. >>1727431
some types are used and stored as collagen, not all of them break down.

No. 1727528

2023 prediction: grimes will debut as an alien/elf vtuber to promote her new album. She will absolutely suck ass at livestreaming and her channel will flop. The album gets postponed again, grimey pretends the whole thing never happened

No. 1727535

lol that’s exactly what she did with her warnymph 3d model alter ego thing, which she just forgot about and now pretends never happened

No. 1727539

Men use "art" as a way to violate human rights, fucking insane his wife photographed it. Weird how male "creativity" is just perversion and trying to drag others down to their miserable level.

No. 1727577


Nah she’s going full fash with Melon next year music is scrapped

No. 1727579

No. Trump was actually funny sometimes.

No. 1727581

Inshallah he gets deported.

No. 1727594

people keep tagging Sherri Bemis’s kids in her recent selfie vom those poor children let them grow up offline so grimey doesn’t get further surgery trying to look like an 8yo

No. 1727598

File: 1671069754179.png (202.17 KB, 1208x776, Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 5.59…)

According to Elon, yesterday in LA a crazy stalker tried to block in and climb onto a car that had baby X inside

No. 1727602

doxxing REAL TIME location. so regular doxxing is a-okay.

No. 1727603

File: 1671070002166.png (371.9 KB, 1505x1607, grimes hormones.png)

if you're going to clog the thread with 0% nonfat, at least include an actual screencap. anyone know who this guy is? seems like a quack to me but i don't know shit about body health based on how much i lurk here kek

No. 1727608

i don’t see why a family doctor who works with obese patients would know shit about hormone optimization.

No. 1727610

He's way too much of a desperate tryhard to be anything like Trump.

No. 1727611

wow, i knew he was pissed about @elonjet but this is a pretty stunning backtrack from ""muh freeze peach"". i wonder if he's serious against legal action against jack sweeney, that would honestly be pretty fucked up to do to a kid.

No. 1727612

>>1727528 kek i could totally see this happening

No. 1727649


lmao Elon lying using his kids again. Let's see the police report Elon you fuck

No. 1727696

File: 1671076799192.png (261.32 KB, 806x872, doxxing is good when i do it.p…)

andddd now he's posting a video that shows the face and pans down to the license plate of the guy he says stalked X, directly as a reply to his tweet where he bans doxxing, lol. you can easily get a name and address from a license plate. if he was so concerned for safety, why didn't he look up the license plate on his own or have someone do it privately to press charges instead of sending his twitter mob after him?

No. 1727700

File: 1671076868393.png (317.85 KB, 818x857, weird elon guy.png)

cap of the first part of the video >>1727696

No. 1727705

I want to marry this man

No. 1727714

Melon is such an attention whore narc with a victim complex, honestly wouldn’t surprise me if that dude is an actor and Elon paid him to pretend to stalk him

Think about it. Elon is a paranoid fat fuck and constantly going on about how everyone wants to kill him. If someone was following you and you were scared for your life or being assassinated, why the fuck would you go up to a potentially armed stalkers window and start filming? Dude could have easily been carrying a gun. Elon is full of shit.

No. 1727719

Come back to this post next year, I bet you nonnies money that she’s going to get a stripper pole and bolt ons. She wants to be twigs so much, and wants elons attention so much, I am 99% certain she has a pick-me-pole in the house Elon bought for her. 2023 is going to be so fucking funny

No. 1727721

File: 1671078490230.jpeg (108.46 KB, 719x974, BB9CB1E7-20CB-48B2-81B5-28E70B…)


No. 1727722

File: 1671078539181.jpeg (211.39 KB, 828x884, 27A07EEA-3D5E-481B-8EA6-EDE3D7…)

kek down 2.7b
lazy businessman or did the ‘stalker’ steal his crypto

No. 1727750

File: 1671080738303.jpg (335.67 KB, 1912x1200, smek296.jpg)

still only acknowledging his son with her even though it sounds like his daughter was in the car too

No. 1727759

why can't this billionaire afford security? No other billionaires are complaining about this because it just draws more attention and more crazies (if it actually happened, which I doubt)

No. 1727774


No. 1727818

Pathetic and obvious false flag.

No. 1727821

File: 1671093093643.jpeg (225.4 KB, 1908x1146, 70A588FA-088F-4EAD-85B0-50EC19…)

Elon is soooooo fucking triggered by that Sweeney kid kek good luck sueing a teenager for posting your flight paths retard because some antifa crisis actor jumped in your bonnet a bit lmao you don’t have a fucking case

Jack Sweeney. What a little Chad.

No. 1727823

Why was he in a different car to his kids anyway?
Is only Shivons kids allowed to ride with him?

No. 1727832

How on earth can you have your kids with the most famous person in the whole world and then not expect this to happen? You chose that route for your own spawn. And honestly stop complaining about the setbacks, it’s trade off for the insane privilege and wealth. It’s just tone deaf. Also it’s probably fake cus they both really need attention right now, and public sympathy, people are fed up with both of them. 2 years ago it was 75% praise, now it’s literally at about 5% for both of them (see their respective reddits, tweets about them, etc, we all know)

I would never chose my spawn to go to someone like Elon for so many reasons, it’s just so irresponsible. She already knew she was “kidnapping fodder by proxy” and decided it was a good idea to bring multiple little ones into that situation? She only thinks about what’s best for herself, she could have had kids with James and lived a respectable life in Canada, now she’s taking mommy and me twerk classes with all the moms in Elon’s circle in Austin and her brain cells have been fried by doing drugs with him, looks like that’s the case for both of them and they both ruined each other.

(Not HiCowing, just hate replacing “ “you”with “one”)

No. 1727835

Because he’s not a real dad and is never with any of his kids

No. 1727845

“Doxxing” lmao posting public data is not “doxxing” these kids should not be getting jetted back and forth sans-mom, sans-dad, that’s no life for a kid. He could have just stayed in California, taken on a lesser role in his company and had a nice safe home for his family. but sadly his children never have and never will be his #1 priority. if they were, they would be safe, out of the public eye and living stable lives. Kids need stability more than anything else. He doesn't prioritize them, or their safety. He is the richest person on earth, he could keep them safe if that was the thing he cared about most, and it damn well should be for ANY parent
Ok sorry for rant nonnies

No. 1727856

phantom thieves are really phoning it in these days

No. 1727858

>our children
>lil X

Grimes still including Elon in her phrasing, while he can't even bring himself to to call X "my son" or "my child."

No. 1727867

Lol I noticed that too, Claire really thinks they are a family yet Elon uses the most detached language possible and he didn’t even mention Y despite her clearly being there too. Huge fucking yikes.

No. 1727871

Was waiting for this. Didn't expect this much melodrama though kek. He's become very stupid and transparent, his companies are gonna floor and Claire will be thrilled to only have to share e with Shivon once he's poor and no one else will have anything to do with him

No. 1727873

Was it only the kids in the car, no mom or dad?? Wtf

No. 1727879

What the fuck is this inconsistency? If this actually happened, was Exa there or not? Why is Grimes responding to Brianna Wu in the first place?

No. 1727888

File: 1671106716980.jpeg (330.33 KB, 1179x845, 454D10B2-BD5B-479E-91A2-6B01CF…)

No. 1727904

Note how the other billionaires know how to keep their mouths shut.
But not Elon. He's not your regular billionaire, he's a cool billionaire.

Sooo, it was bs then?

No. 1727913

God he looks so bloated like he’s been inflated and deflated again

No. 1727915

Someone needs to tell him the internet is not his personal army. Loser thinks he’s running /b/

No. 1727916

Neither of them are saying Claire was in the car either.
Granted, she was probably flicking the bean to hentai on her VR at the time.
It’s a fake story. Or there are holes in it that make them look really, really bad.

No. 1727919

File: 1671110195517.jpeg (512.63 KB, 1179x1033, 666AE939-2E52-4911-A45F-9C17D2…)

No. 1727927

Gets bullied as a child, makes revenge-billions, still gets bullied.
Almost poetic.

No. 1727930

File: 1671110766517.jpeg (95.21 KB, 634x605, D4F50652-DB08-49F5-8DE3-8EB6CA…)

If he actually cared about his kids safety all he had to do was give the kid a Tesla and 50k, so 110k total. That’s 1/1,607,272 of his wealth. That would be the equivalent of asking an average American for .04 cents. What a cheap ass offering 5k. Now he is going to try to ruin this poor kids young adulthood by drowning him in litigation, he’s a bully, a spoiled brat and an ego-pig. He wouldn’t give the kid more than 5k based off his own pride, and now his kid was supposedly endangered. He could have prevented this from happening by a) not being an abysmal father, actually protecting his kids, not shipping them around constantly everywhere like they’re in demand super models. Or b) giving the equivalent of a nickel to us to get his way

No. 1727934

this has to be some staged shit.

No. 1727943

File: 1671111383994.jpeg (140.73 KB, 1300x956, 68648EDD-83B3-4ED9-BCD1-B2C009…)

Also it sounds like neither of them were even with the kid which is INSANE. A toddler going through airport with Nannie’s and escorts and security and no parents? WtAf. Notice neither Clayurr or Elon mentioned themselves in these posts

I know where my children are at ALL TIMES cus I am not a POS parent. They don’t deserve custody if their kid is going to be in this supposed situations, which might be totally fake and gay and made up for attention.
Paps get on car hoods to take photos like this, I wonder how much “climbed” was a stretch.

No. 1727947

File: 1671111843801.jpeg (458.73 KB, 1179x1218, 0AC9A9D2-0BF7-493D-8CEA-658E02…)

Lol @ whatever Twitter employee is putting these here. Must be hard for him to realize his own employees have no respect for him. A true leader commands respect from everyone around him, Elons kid disowned him, his employees have lost respect for him, his fan clubs have turned on him, America has turned on him, I don’t see how long he can keep this whole thing goin. Tesla stock down 50%, public trust and respect down to 5% and the secret babies keep coming

No. 1728119

File: 1671134001492.jpeg (149.53 KB, 669x1308, D7262A59-D7FB-4779-B813-EB9A43…)

Security for A-listers is insanely expensive and Elon is extremely cheap. I remember Kylie Jenner stating she has to spend around 300-400k a MONTH on security.
Elon doesn’t pay for any security at all, that’s why he’s so paranoid and pressed. Claire also cannot afford 24/7 security. Elon probably only spends like 50k a month on random stuff

I don’t feel sorry for them, they put X out so much, take him to big events, constantly posting his face, make videos on tik tok with him I mean he’s also lowkey famous at that point. They are just shit parents who don’t protect their kids while actively marketing them to strangers

Pic of Xs room……..Claire is such a bad mom

No. 1728133

File: 1671135792298.jpeg (532.32 KB, 1561x1886, F83A6E2E-AAA3-4579-BA86-6E5F75…)

My Grimes '23 prophecy

-new baby in 2024, Chinese year of the dragon and grimes is weirdly obsessed with coincidence uwu

-Musk will publicly date another 20something actress, while grimes starts her first acting debut (her dream role would be princess Leila but she’s happy playing Yoda)

-Boob job, ass shots and Bikini Pics, to win Elon over again, won’t work, but cost her last remaining fans

-Grimes starts to go back to University but silently, so she can shock us all with a payed MIT Bachelors degree in quantum physics aka "I told u guyth I was thmart lul“

-Elon will move to Europe for a while, preferably a country with the lowest age of consent and low taxes

-Grimes will do an tell all interview with some paid fan journalist and gonna complain the whole time about gossip about her and Elon, she most likely will cry the entire time

No. 1728140

obviously true

No. 1728148


Also their fascist regime will drop the same day as claires album and the fans will be like yass motherrrr slay the poors

No. 1728154

He's such a scrote, can't even call the kid "my son". Also, is there any reason why he's so hellbent on ingnoring the existence of the girl? It would be funny if she ended up as the genuis child and promptly disowned both of her retarded loser parents.

No. 1728215

Ultra kek if she changed her name to Stacy

No. 1728221

yeah, i wouldn't be surprised if Elon completely made that up just to gain pity AND have opportunity to attack Elonjet kid.

No. 1728289

That’s the weirdest thing though. The people on that list a) grossly exaggerate their net worth and b) also definitely aren’t the richest people on the planet. Also having a net worth of 200 billion doesn’t mean you go to the bank and see 200 billion in your bank account.

The richest people on the planet are usually these super lowkey old money boomer couples from banking families who live in the south of France and Switzerland and upstate New York and are never seen in public except from attending the odd dinner party now and then. The Rothschilds are worth something like 500 trillion but they never divulge that and they never flaunt it in public.

No. 1728290

Saudi princes too… they even put Elon and bezos to shame…

No. 1728292

Idiot could've given that kid 50k, and another 50k as a gift, ask kid to take it down and ask teh kid to keep it a secret. win win. but nooo, Elon's pride won't allow such things! Sweeney kid, continue to broadcast his ass online.
And tbh I think this incident was 100% staged and they either framed completely unrelated random weirdo who didn't give af about them, or hired an actor. less meth Elon, so you won't get paranoid delusions.

No. 1728296

File: 1671150567536.png (51.54 KB, 908x376, nnnnn.png)

what is this doing in her likes? she's always slobbering just whenever AI is mentioned. i though she's all fine with AI pics, she retweets dozens of edits in which she has someone else's face, lol.

No. 1728299

Damage control and PR from her history of stealing peoples art while her and Elons names are still in the press lol

No. 1728303

history has taught them flaunting their wealth while 99.9% of the people around them are suffering does not bode well for them at all. elon is just a new money egotistical retard

No. 1728312

Not wking but 99.9% is an exaggeration lol.

No. 1728322


Read her interview with MIA, watch her other interviews where it’s more of a discussion. she will say one thing, then the other person says the opposite, then grimes backtracks and agrees. She has no core personality, I’ve seen her literally say things almost word for word statements she’s stolen from lesser known influencers who she larps as. She is completely phony. Her whole fake-genius, comparing herself to aphex twin, lying about speaking multiple languages and producing music by herself, larping as an academic… every single thing about her was a stretch or a lie. She has no core, any core she had before has been dissolved with drugs. She’s always been a phony, with fake values and principles, but she used to surround herself with people who she could mime and absorb and those people really did have strong principles. Notice all of those people hate her now and she has zero friends from her past other than blood pop, who never hangs with her anymore. She has always said whatever will get her the most attention and praise, people like that can not be trusted.

No. 1728327


honestly surprised more people don't throw the hypocrisy back at them and say all the art kids should go get federal job retraining programs so they can learn to do something else.

No. 1728334

>no core identity
>mirrors the object of their idealization
>shallow superficial interests
>takes credit for other peoples ideas and work
>lies and exaggerates constantly
She really is one big fat narc like Elon.

No. 1728336

File: 1671154855741.png (250.83 KB, 934x1384, 12312.png)

Yes to all that. and just look at what she liked a few days back, this passionate word shitting some idiot produced to prove that stealing someones art is 100% is ok, bc hey if you never tried it you don't know how hard it is!~ And she liked AI art on the same fucking day she liked the "protest against AI" post. bitch is a weather vane, whichever way the wind blows she'll say this and that.

No. 1728338

File: 1671154950499.png (755.96 KB, 792x1036, ew.png)

yes, we can tell it is for you, Claire.

No. 1728389



Podcast interview with Tesla drug smuggling whistleblower. There are also articles about this around

No. 1728391

always good to see a nonna with some sense in here, the people who say they "miss who she was" or "she changed" are just new

No. 1728392

How do you know the Shivon Zilis twins were by surrogate? I strongly suspect this but I have never seen any reporting or evidence of it.

No. 1728395

because obesity is often caused and/or affected by hormones, especially in women (see: bodyfat and menstural disorders, testosterone/estrogen levels, pcos, etc)

No. 1728398

So Grimes is trending on uk twitter right now, checked the tag its nothing new, there is one post about her kids being followed but most is by butthurt troons trying to mock elon for grimes dating chelsea manning (why? im not sure)

No. 1728406

because she posted pics and videos throughout 2021 including in late summer and in the fall where she clearly wasn't pregnant. she was also ice climbing when she would have been pregnant or doing fertility treatments. it's also probably why Claire didn't unfollow her until it became public– she probably didn't know because they kept it from her. that's my theory.

No. 1728407

if Claire wants to know about hormone optimization for women she should just talk to her obgyn

No. 1728432

File: 1671165816791.png (21.08 KB, 543x356, chrome_NKjjM8tMgv.png)

Elon Musk was on a twitter space with the journalists he suspended for "doxxing" and was seething the entire time before he rage quit
"You dox people you get suspended"

No. 1728445

I would believe this, but Hana was around before art angels. I remember her dancing on stage for grimes' oblivion tour

No. 1728446

he probably read in a book that thing that kissing the upper lip makes you dominant and autistically ran with it.

No. 1728623

Grow up Claire you’re almost 35.

No. 1728639


Ever think about how she described hentai as ‘better than the real thing’? Vom.
She can’t stand to look at actual human womens bodies because she hates women so much

No. 1728640

Imagine thinking hentai is better than irl. Just how bad is elon’s dick game kek

No. 1728641

I thought it's because he uses X as an accessory, something to make people go "awwwww" (useful when you staged a stalking event), he knows they don't know much about Exa and don't associate her with him, same with Shivon's twins. "Lil X" elicits a certain response - people think of the toddler he so eagerly showed, him being in danger is more concerning than his older sons.

No. 1728645

she actually said that? fucking traitor to women.

No. 1728664

Yeah but I think most people understood it as a reference to actual cp material because she was sharing l*li hentai

No. 1728665


Judging by how unco-ordinated he is irl I’d say the dick game is weak or he’s shrimpled

No. 1728907

Also you would think they have a dash cam on whatever car they were in and could provide more video if they want to find that guy. Is Elon too cheap for a dash cam too? Why didn’t whoever that was filming call the police if the guy was just sitting there allowing half of his face and his license plate to be recorded? I really have a hard time believing this load of barnacles.

No. 1728908

I just realized their names are Ex and Exa, basically the quirky version of naming your children Mario and Maria or Paul and Pauline
I found it so ironic when this >>1725066 came out since she’s so into that stuff, also remember when Elon had his anime catgirl phase and was posting little anime girl memes lol I remember him tweeting about how he loved catgirls.
I guess she has to spend even more time digging through Twitter to find her blue haired little girls now. Disgusting

No. 1728930

Tbh I think he used x as a prop to manipulate ppl bc he's a scrote… they tend to do that…

Also used this whole thing to manipulate ppl into thinking shutting that kid down that tracked his jet.

Bet yah anything there's a new island they all go to now… and he met with anal schwab to figure out how to shut down jet tracking kid so ppl don't find the new island.

No. 1728937

We can’t even blame the catgirl shit on Elon either because remember during an interview in 2020 he said he doesn’t like anime (two years after tweeting I Heart Anime much to the excitement of his incel fanboys) lmao. This is Claire’s influence.

No. 1728939

He definitely uses X as a prop/mascot. It’s just a quirky attention seeking thing to bring a baby into the office.

No. 1728972

File: 1671227733193.png (106.15 KB, 1139x734, 378F8B9A-DFC3-43E6-B5E2-1A1197…)

CIA needs to just assassinate him already t b h

No. 1728979

give it a bit, his shareholders might get to him first

No. 1729044

File: 1671236972540.jpeg (27.73 KB, 595x253, 0B803426-012C-40BB-A7AC-E99D15…)

>noooo you can’t just track my jet during my trips to pedo island!!!

No. 1729047

>Criticizing me all day long is totally fine
He banned people on twitter for making fun of him

No. 1729055

Yup. This is part of why he's being so paranoid with his "assassination coordinates". Bills are coming due and he's gonna get whacked.

No. 1729056

I honestly think she's just autistic.

No. 1729058

I hope so with the daughter too, or she turns into an exact clone of azelia banks' personality.

He probably cant acknowledge the daughter because of safety reasons, which is literally exactly what he should be focusing on with whatever power he has, making the world a safer place for it to be possible for her to exist. But he's the exact kind of man he would be fighting against, and so are all his friends.

No. 1729086

You know what, nona… I think you're not far off with that one. Pissbag can't play super busy CEO when he's flying around tropical islands searching for his next +1 for his harem.

No. 1729133

Okay, for future predictions, so far we have
>X grows up to hate technology and becomes Amish
>Y is the actual genius child and she makes it out, disowning her parents and hopefully gives us the milkiest tell-all novel in history

No. 1729157

File: 1671244335786.jpeg (915.96 KB, 1242x1841, BDB17965-D7FE-4292-9876-4E7A9B…)

I’m sure junkie Melon is thrilled about this lol

No. 1729161

i like how the image looks like something a "based" meme page circa 2916 would have posted as like a parody of a hip hop album cover

No. 1729172

tbh I don't think ANY of his children love him. He has got so many kids, it's impossible to provide for all of them emotionally to maintain any kind of meaningful bond that goes beyond sending the annual birthday card.
He puts X front and center, because he's the Narcs' golden child.

No. 1729181

File: 1671245593249.jpeg (76 KB, 593x525, D6BF72EA-B3E4-40D3-AD30-5FDEFA…)

He’s literally a fat petulant toddler

No. 1729184

He knows he’s failed with all his other kids. He thinks the reason they’re distant is because he didn’t brainwash them hard enough, not because he was a shit dad.

So now he’s practically taping X’s eyeballs open and forcing his interests down his throat, along with disgusting enabler Claire who is desperate for Elon to pay attention to her by proxy and making her two year old son who can even speak yet ‘shadow business meetings’…I just feel so sorry for that little boy.

No. 1729190

does anyone else think this is actually pretty funny and would make a good comedy skit

No. 1729210

Eh don’t feel too sorry for him he’ll likely turn out to be a spoiled entitled narc scrote just like dad.

Elon probably removed the empathy gene or added the psychopath gene or some shit in him too to make sure he’s as ruthless and guilt free as possible.

No. 1729219

kek and she’s better?

No. 1729227

She is. Next question.

No. 1729244


Are you the singular viewer that saturday night live has and can you stop im asking nicely

No. 1729263

File: 1671250232862.jpg (144.92 KB, 1080x257, SmartSelect_20221216-225000_Sa…)

Elon is a lying sack of shit!

No. 1729274

usually, I'd say it's just a distraction from some bs that's about to drop, but at this point it's like trying to distract people from an erupting volcano with a jingling set of keys.

No. 1729279

I knew it but where is this from? Interested in reading more context

No. 1729290

Doing that will just martyr him. I want him to off himself once his techno-fash empire crumbles around him and he’s realised he’ll never be anything

No. 1729342

More like

>X becomes embittered with the world and becomes a fascist dictator, competing with his 58 other brothers and the trumps

No. 1729350

No. 1729353

File: 1671256867187.jpeg (80.65 KB, 1024x942, 82D6A32C-C1C3-47D4-A42D-CA8752…)

He conceded lmao

No. 1729358

absolute cuckholdery

No. 1729390

File: 1671262161887.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1170x1889, DF42DA25-E2DF-477E-BD79-84AAF3…)

Hmm you’re right…she would’ve been 6 months along in this video taken September 2021.

I am still curious for confirmation beyond a shadow of a doubt though. Don’t understand why there isn’t one single journalist who will dig in

No. 1729410

Are you kidding me? Obviously

No. 1729413

both of them despise women (AOC sells us out to the progressive troon lobby on a near daily basis, i feel nothing but disdain for her)

No. 1729421

>doxed with two xxs
What a faggot

No. 1729442


It should come as no surprise at this point that they’re in some weird baby raising cult (fighting for who gets to raise the Ubermensch kek) and have no problem using women’s wombs from the lower end of the socioeconomic incline.
None of these women give a fuck about these kids honestly, you can tell by how they’re never actually raising them, they have Nannie’s, maids, babysitters.
The only thing they’ll have in common with these children is the claim to their names and ultimately that’s what matters to these women because in SV it’s all about securing the bag.
Getting pregnant to the worlds richest man even if he’s a fucking idiot wannabe dictator is apparently securing the bag.

It really goes no further than that for these women. Notice how most of them claim to have never wanted kids until meeting Elon? Funny how money and a whole team of people to raise your kids sweetens the deal.

They think they’re running some kind of monarchy, when really they’re just being paid and manipulated to take part in Elons breeding kink, using babies as props for their public image.

No. 1729444

I agree with you on that, I just think that Elon is far, far worse

No. 1729446

File: 1671278822906.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x2227, 0B5494EE-52CD-4F05-8B95-B41F23…)

There were no new articles just days ago, now the feed is flooded with “aw baby pics of melon and grimeys baby”

Defs paying for press at this point to flood out the negative (actual) stories otherwise people would catch on how sketchy they are

main subleddit is being flooded with “aw 2014 grimey soooo pretty yay” too
same shit

No. 1729447


Both or either of them definitely keep an eye on what people are saying about them. Either here or on Reddit. It’s how they stay ahead of the media curve and manipulate their image just so.

No. 1729451

Same shit with Nick Cannon's baby cult. No one can tell me Nick or any of these women give a flying fuck about raising their kids. For years he had a fairly normal family life and then he just went off the rails and went on a pregnancy rampage. The women KNOW he's easy money.
Him, Elon and all their orbiting uteruses are cut from the same cloth.

No. 1729452


And if you wanna get really tinfoil it could well be that these people think they’re birthing body doubles for when they get to Mars (won’t be in our lifetime) they think they’re gonna upload their consciousness onto some chip and take over their kids brains kek

theres enough milk without conspiracies however

No. 1729455

Speaking of this whole colonizing Mars fantasy; I've read a while ago that we don't even know if we can set a single foot on it's dusty surface before the radiation fries our chromosomes.
Which is why I wholeheartedly support him going up there asap. For the good of humankind.

No. 1729456

My personal tinfoil is that Elon is aware that he has/is predisposed to some illness and he’s creating as many organ donors as possible. That’s the case with Nick Cannon since he has lupus nephritis

No. 1729460

He could get the same effect stepping into an industrial microwave which we have plenty of right here on earth!

No. 1729484

Next they will have a third child, named Exe (in honour of Microsoft Windows) and Grimes will raise them to be non-binary.

No. 1729489

God that’s so disgusting.

What’s weird is that with Claire at least I don’t even think it’s mainly about the money because she’s still poor for a musician, she’s still in love with Elon and she said herself she doesn’t like to ask him for money which is why she still wears shein clothing, thinks 50 bucks is expensive and always looks like a brokie.

I think for her it’s purely about some weird egotistical power trip revenge fantasy (and let’s face it she has tons of those) her and Elon are two unpopular losers who were excluded in school for being weird and insufferable and they’ve never gotten over it. Which is why Elon is so obsessed with creating a whole planet where nobody can bully him, becoming neo colonial mars overlord and claire with being his le mitochondrial eve consort (demoted to concubine who doesn’t even get an occasional dicking).

No. 1729492

Holy shit I think you might be on the money.


I think Exa’s face will never be shown because Exa is Grimes’ clone. That would make “Mitochondrial Eve to Mars Nation” make actual sense.
These people want to live forever and reckon they’ve found it.
Wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t any actual human surrogates either.


No. 1729493

Also kek

No. 1729500

Yeah, the spaceflight alone is dangerous to our health. Living for extended periods of time in such environment (high radiation, low gravity) would be devastating. Here is more if anyone is interested: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effect_of_spaceflight_on_the_human_body

No. 1729505

Hey nonnies, didn’t Claire claim to release music under a different name on Spotify? I didn’t find her quote but I actually believe it.
Are there some internet detectives who could figure out under what persona she releases shit nightcore hyperpop music?

I thought for a long time it was yameii online, but idk I don’t think Claire would work with nyc producers, or work at all kek
Pls help

No. 1729506

I would bet money that Exa looks exactly like X or like Elons big jawed Sister. Daughters tend to look more like their dad anyways, so I guess hiding their daughter is a good idea

No. 1729513

I think it’s mainly Claire who puts out these stories, Elon may be an attention whore but people like to report on him, especially on his family.

But grimes? No one cares for her at all, when I google grimes I just see some walking dead fan shit or it’s other celebs with the surname grimes kek
I’ll give her two more years until people completely ignore her "radical" tweets

No. 1729524

File: 1671291991014.jpeg (1.64 MB, 3464x3464, E233C6D0-3BE1-4EFF-A7E4-16656E…)

TINfoil—I heard people saying she works with the artist Sw0rdes like undercover but it’s major tinfoil
She definitely has Claire’s old aesthetic and their music is also similar, her song 'no return' was inspired by genesis as well, could be her?

No. 1729544

>i dont think claire would work with nyc producers
wasn't she closely tied to anamanaguchi and their possee for a while?

No. 1729565

Note how Elon only seems to want kids with women who don't naturally want them.

No. 1729579

You’re under the assumption she wants to work or put out music at all kek there’s about a bajillion beepboop synth pile driver manic pixie dream girls since grimey gave them the illusion it’s possible to make it mainstream, so it’s no wonder most of them sound like her(learn2sage)

No. 1729584

Probably because any mother who actually loved and cared about her child would never let them anywhere near a freak like Melon

No. 1729667

Find a source that isn't Metro UK, they're known for writing tabloid puff pieces and quite literally make shit up for entertainment value

No. 1729750

she shared one of their singles on tumblr back in like… 2013(? during endless fantasy, whenever that was) but i don’t think she ever worked directly with them on anything, individually or as a band. i could be wrong though… i was just super into both artists back when they were at their most relevant and i feel like i’d def remember them working together. also it’s weird how many times i’ve seen anamanaguchi mentioned on here kek… it’s such a random band to see on lolcow.

No. 1729758

if mars fries chromosomes imagine a man setting foot there and it magically unfucks the y chromosome

No. 1729764

There have been those girls since long before grimes though, she just became the most popular one. But any art school across USA you could find someone like this for the last 20 years.

No. 1729774

File: 1671325059780.jpeg (654.78 KB, 1170x1872, 03C630FE-0069-48B7-B8DA-DC0B87…)

Healthy and normal

No. 1729793

File: 1671326519078.jpeg (504.71 KB, 1075x1019, 52CC372F-C11C-4434-A054-A74D30…)

Let’s break down the lies here.
1. Learned logic for neuroscience class.
It was a psychoacoustics class, which she never attended. She skipped 200 days of the school year and said so herself. She was never training to become a neuroscientist, she chose a bunch of random science classes that sound fun and then never went, failed her exams and dropped out after her parents paid 30k for her to attend. She started producing and singing because she sang backup vocals for a friend.

2.the viral MySpace with absolutely 0 evidence and in no one’s memory

3. Crack den in Montreal, it was an apartment in the 3rd most expensive city in Canada, in the most in demand neighborhood… think bushwick hipster lofts if you are from America or downtown LA big expensive apartments that look “artsy” her apartment was huge and had floor to ceiling windows, someone found it once and posted and rent was like 3500 a month in 2021 or whatever

4. Playing “raves” there are 0 videos or flyers or evidence whatsoever she has ever played a “rave” in her life. She played hipster parties where half the people were in their 30s wearing owl necklaces, black thick rimmed fake glasses, uppercuts, man buns and American apparel. She’s never played a rave in her life.

5. Visions recorded during 2 week speed binge

No, most of the songs from visions were recorded well before this As evidenced by her playing those same recordings live months prior.

I don’t need to comment on the rest as the narcissism REALLY speaks for itself here

No. 1729798

>where she got frostbite twice
rolls eyes

No. 1729799

Libfems were a mistake.

No. 1729806

This is so disgusting and damaging. E-whores are truly broken individuals.

No. 1729844

Re: #3
wasn't she the landlord of that apartment?

No. 1729970

File: 1671358674599.jpeg (114.63 KB, 897x715, CBB3955C-1FFF-414B-A82E-A0DD63…)

No. 1729993

It’s the only rumor she’s denied explicitly so I assume that part wasn’t true.

No. 1730009

Pretty sure they are back together by the way. Insane. He dumps her, is fucking someone less than half his fucking age, publicly with her, publicly shaming Claire, so she gets a facelift and all of sudden they’re back together? So. Gross. Wtf

No. 1730083

File: 1671383802303.png (1.59 MB, 1218x1046, Screenshot 2022-12-18 at 11.15…)

Uuuuuh….Grimsey, this isn't about Melon, is it?

No. 1730133

It’s not like either of them can get anyone else lmao. They’re decaying in front of the public eye.

No. 1730189

File: 1671392408287.jpg (547.76 KB, 1039x1603, SmartSelect_20221218-143517_Fi…)

Elon needs a rubber room not a board room.

He singlehandedly pissed all the creatives off.

No. 1730233

I never believed they truly broke up for more than like a week. Their original reason for splitting was because she was based in LA and spent too much time apart, but she ended up moving to Texas. Grimes defined their relationship as “fluid” meaning Elon can freely fuck and impregnate whoever he wants and she’ll still be dedicated to his egomaniacal “mission” because it inflates her ego too. The only reason she doesn’t speak freely about it is bc she’s trying to retain the fans she has left since her music doesn’t appeal to Elon fanboys and old conservatives and she’s not hot enough for them to like her for anything else

No. 1730235

it's insane but also hilarious. fuck twitter. no more onlyfans in the linktrees either

No. 1730243

Someone on kf just observed that Elon has turned into Lowtax in under 2 months. Absolute kek. I look forward to the boxing match.

No. 1730249

File: 1671398609485.jpg (98.63 KB, 537x687, AcLAIru.jpg)

At least his mom thinks it's a good idea.

Jesus Christ, this is way too accurate. Grimes better hide the guns.

No. 1730252

>twitter users are now employees of twitter
no need to wonder where elon got his uniquely retarded common sense from

No. 1730267

It’s not even a real relationship though. There’s evidently zero feelings there on Elon’s part, apart from general narc possessiveness and insecurity.

Claire is like some stray pregnant dog he picked up off the street and he throws her scraps every now and then, she keeps him company when he’s being a twat because she’s the only who is doormat enough to tolerate his shit, he just lets her stay in his vicinity because he likes the puppy more than her.

No. 1730268

Onlyfans girls make up like 60% of users tho. The remaining 20% is kpop stans, 10% trannies and 10% lost normies who need attention because their kids and friends don’t listen to them.

No. 1730278

well he's is trying to make twitter into something it's not and hasn't been for years. it's like he's back in 2016 again when it was boring and full of corporations. it feels like he wants to be back in 2016 in general honestly.

No. 1730289

Typical poltards just can’t accept that trump lost

No. 1730308

Musicians use stuff like linktree, distrokid hyperfollow, etc so that people can find where to listen to an album or the artists whole catalog, in one link.

Makes it easier for artists to share without posting each of the 20+ places to listen to the song… they just share 1 link and listeners pick a place to listen to it.

I use it for my stuff. Distrokid hyperfollow is easy and so is linktree for my non distrokid releases.

Elon removing this hurts musicians. Now it will be harder for them.

No. 1730315

he's fucking any professional over

No. 1730330

lot easier to sell advertising spots when your platform is sanitized and mostly corporate exposure

No. 1730341

I'll believe you bc I don't remember twitter in 2016. Or I didn't know it existed

No. 1730359

File: 1671409177284.jpg (264 KB, 1079x1077, Screenshot_20221218_161754.jpg)

so elon is having a meltdown on twitter again over the backlash

No. 1730365

File: 1671410032193.jpeg (62.63 KB, 663x680, bWVkaWEvRmtUS1BpblVvQUVVSzVQLm…)

I wonder what he means by this. So Twitter could just shut down?

No. 1730368

No. 1730373

surely they have already decided and he knew most people would vote Yes. He’s just doing it to not seem like the evil authoritarian billionaire but instead like “one of us” and like the peasants have a say I things

No. 1730409

what a retard! richest man in the world tries to bribe a kid with a used car?

No. 1730454

File: 1671419679345.jpg (583.47 KB, 748x915, FkSiCJJVQAAqqYV.jpg)

No. 1730598

Why do they look like two demons? They look even more sinister than the Saudi sheikhs which is saying something.

No. 1730603

File: 1671437915296.jpeg (48.69 KB, 640x640, 573ACF62-DF01-4E8E-87EA-AAD51B…)

Imagine paying 44 billion dollars to be a janny and being so terrible at it that the internet constantly tells you to quit.

No. 1730608

Lol he’s just fishing for attention and narc validation. He wants people to beg him not to go.

No. 1730627

File: 1671444592870.jpg (350.96 KB, 2048x1365, zobd0q2ehq6a1.jpg)

Richest man in the world and he can't stop himself looking like that. He looks like an 80 year old who had Grimey's face-lift.

No. 1730629

He’s so embarrassing, I almost feel sorry for him

No. 1730638

guy on the left's face says it all

No. 1730667

Why are they standing…? So people will notice them?

No. 1730708

One step away from passing a note in school to your crush saying: Do you LIKE like me? Yes or no?

Checkered shirt guy has meme potential.

No. 1730736

It truly is a random band, they seem to get caught up with cows… coincidentally, such as the drummer dating the weeb musician troon tied to omocat and leia of red scare roommate fame. Kek. Grimes did work with that NYC wigger Pictureplane. She did a remix of Real is a Feeling for him.

No. 1730740

is there a thread about said 'weeb musician troon'. i am almost certain this is a person i used to know irl holy shit hahahaha

No. 1730744

If you're thinking of gwiz, there's no thread for him, but he's mentioned in the weeb artists and musicians thread here:

No. 1730755

File: 1671464349279.jpeg (438.51 KB, 859x864, 77FF7094-D0F5-43C9-B74A-322946…)

No. 1730763

bless u nonna

No. 1730775

i was thinking of a different TiF the drummer dated kek

No. 1730940

jw what makes you say that? not saying i dont believe you but is there any evidence? what about shivon?

No. 1731022

File: 1671485075631.jpeg (756.34 KB, 902x893, 4BCAE3A1-6504-4C21-834F-8D3164…)

Skin is about pictureplane

No. 1731028

Shivon probably loves her family and doesn't like drugs, probably doesn't have a cluster B issue and is likely very boring to Melon.

No. 1731029

File: 1671485513090.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1179x7320, 952CF037-CF44-4F2A-A3BC-41FC82…)

No. 1731033

youre not wrong but im just wondering how we know hes back with grimes. some how i doubt it but…

No. 1731236

Calling him Melon is confusing; it doesn't rhyme and I keep thinking you're talking about Anthony Fantano.

No. 1731277

File: 1671506368566.jpg (39.9 KB, 612x612, istockphoto-185310961-612x612.…)

3rd picture… I know it smell crazy in there.

No. 1731410

they definitely have enough money to go to a good plastic surgeon so why do they all look so ugly

No. 1731491

File: 1671851156963.jpeg (997.14 KB, 1242x910, C4B299B1-44F3-43BD-82F1-07DE0D…)

He’s so fucking creepy

No. 1731492

I don’t know how fat guy anatomy works because I don’t fuck fat ugly bastards, but wtf is that line between his moobs? Is it a binder/bra? A girdle?

No. 1731494

we’ve well established that he wears a man corset

No. 1731495

File: 1671851542184.jpeg (84.87 KB, 950x950, 7A4EB7B7-8C85-4CAB-A773-5BE681…)

and yes fat guys wear them to flatten their gross beer guts

its also possible hes wearing some kind of moob flattener/binder type manbra thing too, but judging by how much theyre still pointing out I’d say a man girdle is much more likely

No. 1731503

File: 1671853068865.jpeg (983.07 KB, 1170x1379, 72B46510-352C-49AC-A1A1-A63646…)

Lan Dao meeting up with Twitter pranksters Ligma and Johnson who did a photo op with Elon

No. 1731505

I hate this ugly troon and the fact he still talks like a 4chan addicted scrote despite trying to pass as a girl makes him even uglier

No. 1731617

>assuming mr turboautist actually likes one of his kids
Kek. I was with you until that point.

No. 1731705

what the hell is going on with this dude's body
he looks so fucked up in every picture

No. 1731706

lan dao just seems like one of those bus stop pedos from hk or singapore. like he doesnt' even look like he's in drag, he looks like a creepy longhaired guy who tries to get school girls to kiss him at the bus stop

No. 1731778

File: 1671929867361.jpeg (131.52 KB, 1016x1024, 5FC0736F-F861-461B-B0D5-F5DD08…)

Elon is too big brained for chess, our prodigy mastered it as a child apparently, it’s boring to him because there’s no nerf guns or half naked anime slave girls.

No. 1731779

suuure Elon. i wanna see you prove you play chess, and win, and then you can talk.

No. 1731781

this is something yagami light would say

No. 1731783

No. 1731785

"Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex" -Albert Einstein

No. 1731786

File: 1671931487080.jpeg (106.87 KB, 568x830, DDDDA69F-74DB-4366-B830-F9926D…)

Why does her chin look so long here?

No. 1731787

Chin implant, mouth opened.
was just about to post this pic as well, damn she looks. bad.

No. 1731788

File: 1671931621942.jpg (286.64 KB, 1600x1200, Fkk60rzVQAA4PEn.jpg)

Who are those losers

No. 1731801

More like something a 14 year old kid who saw Death Note would say

No. 1731810

He sounds like one of those Rick and Morty copy-pastas trying to convince everyone of how superior his intellect is. Sadly way too many people literally believe he’s a genius so I guess his act works.

No. 1731827

Kek, is that samo burja? Is grimes still hanging out with tech losers?

No. 1731831

Kek the desperate attempt to hide her botched face like just say you have a cold and wear a mask dumbass

No. 1731833

At this point Grimes should go to Botched or Celebrity Plastic Operations or whatever shitty reality show where a strongly faded celeb whines about botched surgeries and addiction to ps and then they fix them or not, if they can't. in that case faded celeb just warns and moralfags to viewers/goes to botch herself more.

No. 1731835

I see she’s also eating from a fast food bag wtf? Like the rest of the people in this pic at least have put effort in their appearance, but grimes has just crawled out of her hole, chucked her hair in a bun and gone past Burger King on the way to the bar

No. 1731837

yeah. Reminds me of that time she was live on that Idol/X-Factor like show where she was jury for some anime avatars or whatever and all the jury members were doing their job and she not only talked embarassing bullshit, she just pulled out a plate of spaghetti and was stuffing that shit during a shooting or during interview.

No. 1731842

if only someone would invent a cringe-powered car

No. 1731843

this picture cured my body image problems

No. 1731874

This image should become a meme template

No. 1731876

I feel like ana chans pull that shit all the time though like uwu look at me I’m such a foodie that I’m literally eating right now, I love eating in inappropriate situations! because I’m a foodie girl like I’m just effortlessly thin teehee

No. 1731878

This guy looks like a creepy pedo lizard, is this his personal paid for rent-a-harem? Were they discussing egg harvesting again?

No. 1731879

File: 1671955475785.jpeg (102.39 KB, 800x530, 8A2C4440-2363-47A0-B13F-BA1AF4…)

Lmao this such an accurate description. Reminded me of left.

No. 1731905

Now he's going to get his engineers to develop the best vibrating AI chessbot butt plug technology, Hans Niemann style.

No. 1731906

This answers what I was going to ask about >>1731837 and >>1731835, because she's supposedly scarfing down nugs and sghetti while her legs in >>1731788 look like sticks and she generally looks like a crackhead.

No. 1731913

Anachans always make a big deal out of being seen eating in public. Anachan celebrities do it all the time too, like anorexic cokehead lindsay lohan and Paris hilton holding in n out burger bags.

No. 1731949

File: 1671986271735.jpg (360.94 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20221225_183333_Chr…)

No. 1731958

File: 1671988445701.png (677.95 KB, 582x1078, sb.png)

I think he flies under the radar because he's so boring no1currs, but the guy is a total lolcow if you look closely. His (thiel-funded?) magazine published a masturbatory interview with the pedophile remillia guy https://www.palladiummag.com/2022/11/04/i-do-not-want-to-be-an-internet-person/

He's from eastern europe and married with kids but never brought his family up and would flirt with minor egirls from tech twitter all day, and his life goal is clearly to be a respectable, sober version of curtis yarvin and other right-wing nuts, and be a big tech guy influencer - he's a big enthusiast of great man theory of history and he's constantly trying to respectabilitywash edgy online shit. They probably are discussing his plans to copy muskrat and have a dozen kids, never mentioning his wife.

No. 1731979

yes they also bring the bag to an event so they csn say "oh i ate already, nothing for me thanks"

No. 1731981

samo has pedoface

No. 1731987

she looks classic bogged here wtf
they've been a meme for decades, why did she still get fucking bogged
there's no excuse for not knowing this will happen

No. 1731996


Are there any Slovenian nonnies to confirm his name sounds very weird. He changed it to sound cool, right?

No. 1732024

I really do wish all these freaks would fuck off to mars and never come back. What’s the holdup? Like just leave earth already lmao.

No. 1732030

I want to know why she goes through the process of plastic surgery and being anachan just to put 0 effort into her hair

No. 1732036

File: 1672010208313.jpeg (685.23 KB, 1535x2040, 1BC782ED-9427-45C3-9E64-BAE843…)

straight out of the dumpster

No. 1732043

Did she get that long manface to make her troon friend there feel more validated and affirmed(tm)?

She looks like a dumpster diver looking for her next fix

No. 1732049

first straight look at her face in proper lighting and that's unfortunate. i wonder how much she paid for the muppet nose.

No. 1732082

not as botched as i thought. thank god she got those lip fillers dissolved, even before the ponytail facelift she was looking bogdanoffed…. she doesn't exactly look rejuvenated post lift but she looks younger. her cheeks and chin aren't as bad as those grainy photos we all saw either. she might have even gotten revision (she prob lurks here… because what the fuck else is she doing, she's not working on music) or filler dissolved in them in the meantime hence no good recent photos
meh shrug

No. 1732096

all else agree except
>but she looks younger
No. botched by plastic surgery didn't make her look younger. she just doesn't look as scary shocking botched anymore. As for grainy photos, they weren't the only ones showing the botch, even on heavily shopped pics she posted she looked swollen and awful. i think it looks better now bc well, some time has passed and she maybe even tried to fix herself in the meantime like you said. the greasy receded hair looks horrid though, i regret zooming in.

No. 1732138

full-on fuchi next to her

No. 1732161

They’re both so unfortunate looking and I feel bad for them because it’s in a way where there isn’t actually a surgery available that is going to make you look prettier.

No. 1732163

File: 1672043344459.jpeg (688.49 KB, 988x1259, 329711D4-081C-4A64-B8D3-EB4E4F…)

Her hair is thinning very badly at the front, it’s so sparse and you can see her scalp underneath. All the extensions tugging on it aren’t helping. Somehow she looks more masculine than she looked before the surgery.

No. 1732164

Her eyelid creases are also quite uneven and wiggly.

No. 1732165

Why is she sneering lol or is it just the Botox affecting her face muscles

No. 1732249

She looks about the same to me. 15 thousand dollars down the drain. Kek

No. 1732266

That’s her real nose. She has said multiple times she won’t touch her nose. Anons have also said multiple times that she should fix it because the lift makes it seem wider kek

No. 1732400

she doesn't look like herself anymore. she doesn't look "masculine", more just like a shitty sculpture of someone who isnt grimes.
and. everyone is calling out her greasy hair but no one mentioning that her face and hands looke FILTHY

No. 1732404

Add another zero… kek

No. 1732425

Why… is her nose kind of dirty, and her face covered in dots. is that freckles or zits? never seen her look like that before.

No. 1732431

this is random but i really want to see a grimes full house / apartment tour…it always looks so chaotic just in the small background of her selfies, i’m so curious to see the full manic extent of her decorating lol

No. 1732445

File: 1672102531437.jpeg (147.4 KB, 1095x526, image.jpeg)

She really told the surgeons "give me the ex-wife face" after the bimbofication didn't take. Elon definitely has a type…

No. 1732452

Yikes he has always resembled his father more than his mother but right here he could be his 70+ year old father's twin

No. 1732457

Late I know, but chess is a fucking strategy game not an mmorpg, Elon is such a fucking retarded nerdy mutated mass, How is he real?