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File: 1668980845758.png (8.93 MB, 2524x2344, thread pic.png)

No. 1704982

Etheral electronic-alternative hipster musician turned imperialist-friendly space bimbo devoted to whiteknighting Elon Musk and making lame TikToks. Billionaire exploiting his workers and enjoying his cringe celebrity phase.

>Born Claire Elise Boucher on March 17, 1988 in Vancouver

>changed her name to c, a letter symbolizing speed of light
>attendend McGill University with plans to double major in neuroscience and Russian; got expelled for skipping classes
>first began posting music in 2007 on Myspace, released music on Arbutus, 4AD, Roc Nation. In 2021 she signed to Columbia Records, cause „she needs money for her music videos” cause „Elon doesn’t give her money” (despite successfully making videos for years)
>got together with Elon Musk because they made the same cringey joke relating to theory of roko basilisk
>has a child with Elon Musk, they named him X AE A-XII Musk. (Who knows how it’s really pronounced, Grimes and Elon have different opinions on that matter)
>used to have „anti-imperialist” written in twitter bio, removed it after her relationship with Musk went public
>apparently current subject of Elon Musk’s bimbofication process, fills her face with botox, as well as getting countless other pricey plastic surgery procedurers, most probably to satisfy her boyfriend; Elon’s ex wives all mentioned he pressured them into dying their hair blond and getting surgeries.
>wrote on Twitter that Elon illegaly preventing employee unionization is „fake news”. Claimed she „investigated this heavily”
>spends most of the time whiteknighting Elon on TikTok
>walking bilboard for Tesla; starred as „cybergirl” in Tesla ad
>made „Visions” under the influence of Adderall (as well as hunger and cold rooms)
>both she and her boyfriend made public appearances visibly high on something
>made a „pro-climate change” album about goddess of climate change, relishing in human extinction, Miss Anthropocene. „My goal is to make climate change fun”
>Poppy drama: collabed with Poppy but resigned from publishing the song most probably after learning about what Poppy and Titanic Sinclair did to Mars Argo; Poppy leaked song nonetheless.
>the infamous Azealia Banks drama: Grimes invited Azealia to work together on some music. Azealia arrived at the mansion, but Grimes was too busy comforting Elon to care for the guest. Grimes left the house with her inconsolable boyfriend and in turn Banks was left alone and lost in their mansion for the rest of the weekend, later she wrote about everything on socials and posted her private conversations with Grimes, stating Elon just wanted Banks for a threesome. For some reason it took Grimes 3 years or so to react with a song „100% Tragedy” telling a story „how Azealia tried to destroy her career”. Saga continues
>various sources suggested other people write music and lyrics for her
>tried hard to make tumblrina DD/LG and gore lover Nicole Dollanganger famous
>claims she loves hentai

Elon Musk:
>CEO of Tesla and SpaceX
>more celebrity than enterpreneur
>both he and his family build their „empires” with questionable methods, to say lightly
>has benefited from Apartheid
>”Will coup whoever he wants!” Bolivia for example. „Deal with it!”
>exploits his workers; makes them work longer than average and underpays them
>uses kids to mine cobalt for his products
>pretends he cares for environment while actively contributing to destroying it
>Tesla workers report he’s an „awful boss who throws fits and treats people abominably”
>all he does in fact is firing people on a whim or throwing tantrums and calling everyone idiots
>posts lame boomer jokes and memes on Twitter, gets legions of devoted fanboys and whiteknights for being „relatable”
>”he only wants to save the world from population collapse! To set a good example!”
>wanted to save people stuck in a cave in Thailand by sending one of his shitty submarine toys to save them; when people got saved successfully without Elon’s stupid ideas, he threw an epic tantrum calling everyone „pedophiles”
>wants to „revolutionize transport”: in fact his car tunnels are useless claustrophobia capsule/guaranteed death, cause if something bad happends, the tunnel is so tight you can’t open doors and there’s no way for an ambulance/fire engine to get in
>he wants to own Mars too
>wants to air adverts in space
>has countless scorned ex-wives (for good reasons) and countless children he just produces as a side hobby and most probably doesn’t give a fuck about
>involved in various celebrity scandals

Previously, on Grimes & Elon:

>Grimes botched her face forever, so she hides at home for months and posts old photos only >>1676808

>Elon has no other choice but to lose 44 billion $ on Twitter now. Oh no! >>1694458
>Elon is a Putin’s bitch now and advices Ukraine to kindly surrender because yes
>cries everybody’s gonna kill him now >>1675543
>receipt on Elon and Jeffery Epstein having bestie pyjama parties even after Epstein accusations surfaced >>1675646, >>1699917
>Elon’s connections with mexican drug cartels >>1675649, >>1675650, >>1675653
>Elon gets a man corset to work that wayward victorian waist out >>1676035
>Grimes gets interviewed by M.I.A., sounds like a retard as usual and lowkey gets roasted even by M.I.A. >>1680247
>Elon still trying hard to pander to fellow zoomers with his anime larp >>1681667
>Muskrat is planning to lay off 75% of twitter employees and ban left wing ‘censorship’ of poor innocent wignats >>1684669
>Turns out Grimes got a surgery from Dr Kao, a celebrity surgeon known mostly for fucking up his clients’ faces. Grimes botched confirmed? >>1687648, >>1687371, >>1687631, >>1687632, >>1687634, >>1687635
>Elon throws a Halloweed pedo rape party for his billionaire friends, Grimes doesn’t get an invite >>1689018 guests were made to sign an non disclosure forms, so weird sex stuff expected >>1689349, >>1689379,
>Melon attends Heidi Klum’s party and dresses as rotundo basilisk or what >>1690717, >>1690817
>CDAN says Elon can’t do anything in bed anymore (shocker huh) >>1694430
>Amber Heard deletes her Twitter
>Elon now forces brainded celebrities to pay 8$ for their precious blue checkmark on Twitter >>1691980
>Celebs begin to whine and Elon fucks with them, restricting/messing up with their accounts >>1693173
>Elon loses 44 billion on a weeb tranny site, loses millions in ad revenue, high profile companies understandably don’t want anything to do with Musky anymore. so he throws a tantrum >>1693911, >>1693919
>As the only thing he’s talented at, he resorts to firing tons of people >>1693919
>pathetic attempts to appease everyone >>1694048
>ooopss >>1694459
>freeze peach! Then blocks everyone >>1694462
>crybaby blocks any parody accounts impersonating him >>1695213, >>1695573, >>1695576
>Twitter already tries to rehire workers kicked out by Elon >>1695571, >>1695748
>”any name change will cause a temp loss of a blue checkmark” >>1695691
>Elon goes to 4chan to cry and whiteknight himself, but it gets too obvious and gets his ass roasted >>1695699
>Elon stole Tesla from original founder >>1696211, >>1696214
>rumours about Elon’s promptly coverd up animal abuse, hard to tell if true >>1696268
>it’s fucking November 2022, Elon and Grimes have split months and months ago, Elon has new batch of ivf kids with a new spergthot, but Grimey is STILL whiteknighting the player of food games >>1696972
>Twitter rapidly goes down >>1697367
>Doja cat uses a sneaky fortel to change her name into Elon Musk. Real Elon Musk takes revenge and perma changes her name into Fart >>1698353
>Grimes plans to make a forever delayed EP called Fairies Cum First, inspired by enemies to lovers fanfiction about her and Azalea >>1699384, >>1699385, >>1699387, >>1699439
>Melon Husk goes on a grime diet (meth) and loses weight. Shock, disbelief and still looking like shit >>1700995, >>1701141, >>1701080
>Tesla goes out of control and yeets itself the fuck at two people, to the shock of no one >>1701798, >>1701802
>Twitter offices temp closed >>1702500
>Elon gets exposed for faking his physics degree; he dropped out and just paid for fake physics bachelor diploma >>1702542
>Everything steadily coming down
>A selection of anon memes >>1680902, >>1680732, >>1680886, >>1691086, >>1686339, >>1690714, >>1691308, >>1692925, >>1693483, >>1697126

Will Twitter survive? Will zoomers welcome their anime daddy back after Twitter drama? Will Grimes stop whiteknighting Elon? (no) More importantly, will Grime every resurface from the underground to show her new face?


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No. 1704988

good thread thanks nonna

No. 1705033

File: 1668984493033.jpg (206.65 KB, 595x1056, maggie.jpg)

No. 1705035

File: 1668984587846.jpg (153.77 KB, 675x648, D1ubGiaWsAEr6Zr.jpg)

never get old

No. 1705070

kek what fucking idiot thinks that is goth

No. 1705083

she's dressed like a pimp

No. 1705086

bth its been posted 2 threads ago but ngl still makes me kek. what is this? Echo Park? isn't it a place full of private family homes (for rich LA fucks & celebs, sure but still), who the fuck would expect paparazzis there? jfc she's cosmically dumb

No. 1705263

File: 1669000142499.jpg (59.21 KB, 652x960, edc7599400652e0c45058add67df7b…)

Reposting from the previous thread, if Musk genuinely cared about superior genes being spread then he would have gotten sperm from someone like Dolph lundgren. who is 6'6, can speak 5 languages, has a degree in engineering from MIT, an accomplished marital artist and actually handsome
while musk is average height and physically unremarkable in everyway

No. 1705267

It’s at Nusi Quero’s house, the notorious coomer who got her to show tits and trades sex for photo shoots. Not implying she fucked him but I wouldn’t be surprised at all and it’s very funny to imagine.

No. 1705282

he's also really friendly and nice to everyone

No. 1705295

damn this guy makes me horny

No. 1705323

File: 1669005064416.jpeg (115.22 KB, 750x710, 66B07768-EA23-4C61-A2FF-71EDBC…)

Grimes’s mom is not a fan of Trump’s reinstatement

No. 1705341

Based. How can Muskcels even compete?

No. 1705342

Lol great thread, goddess bless you OP.

No. 1705343


No. 1705379

File: 1669017160968.jpeg (68.18 KB, 893x290, F25C0484-E1C6-43AD-BEAA-0D6BDA…)

>has no mercy for those who use the deaths of children for gain
>literally uses the death of his child for twitter likes

No. 1705382

Then why does he still allow Obama, Biden and other war mongering baby killers on twitter lol.

No. 1705383

File: 1669018598971.jpeg (131.73 KB, 882x549, 0517CD11-0FFD-4867-8788-BAF56B…)

Lol. He got owned.

No. 1705384

Lmao, after Justine said she “wasn’t allowed” to cry and mourn over their child. What a charlatan

No. 1705403

Yep, I can totally see him being like that. Other peoples emotions are too messy and annoying to deal with. He’s a selfish psychopath.

No. 1705414

File: 1669026840432.jpeg (142.86 KB, 731x730, 14C90A06-4434-464E-9815-46B6D8…)

Boomer males were a mistake. Don’t they have anything better to do?

No. 1705435

her own house in same area too

No. 1705436

God he talks like a schizo.

No. 1705439

File: 1669040228583.jpg (Spoiler Image,532.61 KB, 886x1574, FH6jwVEAEy8em.jpg)

No. 1705440

File: 1669040351542.jpg (236.37 KB, 1280x896, cwcelon.jpg)

No. 1705441

sooo he's ok talking about his firstborn son's death for attention online but would throw tantrums whenever his wife wanted to talk about it and wouldn't even let her mourn? yeah shut up you fucking lard

No. 1705448

Thanks anons! i love our collaborative effort thread pic

No. 1705453


No. 1705455

WHY does it look like wax doll with one of those moving eyes that fall to the wayside stopp

No. 1705602

I can't think of anyone with more contempt for their own audience than jordie over here

No. 1705721

File: 1669055471095.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3464x3464, D6E44E34-2633-4AB3-82CD-DAB070…)

Lil tinfoily but Elons height doesn’t make sense to me. In his earlier days he was a lot shorter than Kimbal, but as for recently he does look almost the same height.
Also, none of his sons are actually tall or as tall as him. His proportion are extremely unnatural e.g his long ass torso with long ass legs.
I actually suspect leg lengthening surgery. Elon also makes his height his entire personality, always talking about how tall he when literally no one asked. When looking at leg lengthening patients, they all have the same stature as Elon….

No. 1705729

File: 1669055844528.png (1.47 MB, 1453x705, 303ABDDA-77EA-4A10-BA88-9BC861…)

Look at this dude, and his stature, exactly like Elons, I don’t think this is coincidence kek

No. 1705734

I buy this one hundred percent. Only a manlet could be as retarded as him.

No. 1705763

I always assumed he had at least shoe lifts
But have to agree none of his sons are tall, but they’re still in puberty so idk

No. 1705784

he hated that kid and told everbody though so this isn't going to work. what a retard

No. 1705785

elon has both legs straight, standing up to his full height on the left. his brother is leaning forward, shifted to one side, shoulders kind of hunched (the usual pose a guy might do next to a shorter woman)

No. 1705786

oh yeah ronan farrow had the same thing and his legs look weird too

No. 1705792

KEK you can see him puffing his chest up to try and get an extra few cms of height

No. 1705794

Cmon nonnies he is literally 6 inches taller, don’t think this comes from him having a better posture or leaning

No. 1705797

He can also smell crime

No. 1705800

File: 1669059255572.jpeg (156.15 KB, 1280x720, 69F27A13-E1DB-4B85-857C-78539A…)

Look at his mom he’s so much taller next to her and she’s wearing heels in that recent pic
But tbh this could easily be some of these elevator shoes Justin Bieber or Tom cruise wear, I mean wearing heels as a fat moid will automatically make your torso look more forward kek they cannot balance it out

No. 1705808

How tf did all his siblings aged normally and he just looks 120 years old

No. 1705829

didn't grimes get her back tatttoo done by him/inspired by his art/something like that?

No. 1705840

File: 1669061185211.jpg (266.88 KB, 1230x715, 2.jpg)

No. 1705849

is that jeff bezos joe rogan or andrew tate on the right
i can't tell

No. 1705863

File: 1669062166163.png (584.07 KB, 1020x612, spooky little buddy.png)

what a baby.
did you guys know rod serling was 5'4"? but he didn't give a fuck and everyone loved him.

No. 1705864

i thought it was pitbull at first but i think it's vin diesel

No. 1705867

File: 1669062346842.jpeg (132.11 KB, 634x1127, F536E0D7-F762-4019-B1AC-B73C3E…)

She looked so old and haggard while getting her ugly ass scratch tattoos imo her lips really aged her by decades
Yet neanderthal Claire is the best Claire her strong brow bone and boyish jaw maybe indicated her lack of oestrogen

No. 1705871

For this major height difference he must’ve wore grimes big ass boots, his 2 inch heels wouldn’t make that big of a difference

No. 1705875

I just know her pussy stinks horribly

No. 1705945

she has so little muscle tone like almost none. if you want to be super skinny do it by exercising - ana shit just makes you look old because you get flabby.

No. 1705975

kek love you nonna

No. 1705977

File: 1669067004373.jpeg (423.23 KB, 1602x2048, E2FA4751-9E88-44FC-9D24-443797…)

Grimes and her new face at a blackpink concert

No. 1705988

Stupid incel moids like Elon don’t realize that the only reason women make fun of manlets is because they’re misogynistic fuckers who get easily triggered by being called short. Dudes like Rod Sterling don’t get called manlets except by incel dudes cause they’re not manlets, they’re fun sized men. There’s a difference and the difference is attitude.

No. 1705989

Her face looks so tight and uncomfortable. Not even in a Botox way, worse than that by a lot. I bet she can’t close her eyes all the way.

Not as terrible as I thought she might end up but bad nonetheless.

No. 1705990

Finally! and oh boy she DOES look bad. she can't even smile fully cause ehr cheeks prob sting as fuck, and her nose looks even wider

No. 1705991

Do you think she gets correctional surgeries scheduled already?

No. 1706021

bogged. she looks like a totally different person. and the fucking cheek fillers/implants are sitting in completely the wrong spot

No. 1706037

File: 1669070912681.jpg (223.92 KB, 1162x1258, media_FiHt60oVIAArxEs.jpg)

No. 1706043

>these messy rags on the windows
>that laundry hanger
>those random boxes
jesus her house looks so messy and cluttered, her house must be fucking tiny. Elon keeps her in a cardboard house

Also why does she have such red nose. why does it feel like she put those thick glasses on to cover her stretched, unclosable eyes

No. 1706053

Lmao it's literally a dorm room. You could have told me this was a random Ukrainian refugee in Poland and I'd have believed you

No. 1706064

oh, come on! she supporting ru-world so it's more like "ork's" home

No. 1706071

Why does she always have rags on her windows…? Has the room ever seen daylight? Why not just get some heavy curtains or blinders? She really does have the mentality of a crackhouse resident.

No. 1706097

Oof. She looks like she's in pain trying to smile. Her eyes also look really uncomfortable. Didn't expect to feel bad for her, but losing your smile must have a huge negative psychological effect

No. 1706099

when she lived in Bel-Air Mansion she ate in one of Elon's bathroom and not once so what you want from person like this?

No. 1706149

why does it feel like there's only one room in her house? just one. no upstairs. nothing.

No. 1706153

Maybe the slab cities conspiracy theorists are right, (jk) she even has a box in front of the door? Does she ever leave? Literally looks like they are covered because there's nothing on the other side

No. 1706156

>stained fucking carpet


No. 1706168

File: 1669077505517.jpg (75.12 KB, 602x408, main-qimg-f94cdc79c2e02383f0cd…)

Claire, i have a propositioNNN for the communists! is this what you went for? upgrade your slav larp you anime peasant

No. 1706169

File: 1669077549654.png (4.54 MB, 1744x1058, aefafadfaf.png)

shinigami rugs

No. 1706189

Definitely leg lengthening surgery, his proportions are so fucking off

No. 1706192

Who let that sad old lady into the teenybopper kpop concert

No. 1706194

she looks pained and exhausted. also why are her lips no longer like a blowup dolls? this is the smallest ive seen her gross mouth in years

she went crazy with the editing in this one & overdoing the eye-make up and glasses… 100% botched. lips also look smaller in this one, did she sneak in another surgery? is that why it took her so long, damage control?

she looks awful regardless. she cant fix her frankenstein face and she never had a personality to begin with so it's just over for her. i guess she can enjoy the rest of her lonely life larping as a poor person. does she even have friends anymore?

No. 1706198

wouldn't it be too idk time consuming? I mean, how long does it take to recover after leg surgery? I didn't even know it's possible, as in one surgery, without walking in those torturous looking leg devices for 2 or 3 years

No. 1706199

E liked this photo on twitter

No. 1706203

no way, that MUCH of attention? bet Grimes will be crying and masturbating over it for entire week straight

No. 1706208

File: 1669079615535.jpeg (84.8 KB, 692x1200, 8A326F9E-74B3-4B37-8B45-B834BE…)

She probably just didn’t go for filler touchups because she was embarrassed at how shitty her surgery turned out and worried it would make her bogged face swell up even more

Like I was actually kind of hoping the surgery would radically improve her busted Brussel sprout face, maybe the ponytail lift would have some magical effect on her weird wonky eyes and maybe give her some kind of sexy sultry fox eye look but it hasn’t like…at all lmao

It’s sad because despite that pain and effort and long healing process it hasn’t made her any prettier, not even 0.00001% more attractive, she just looks like a different 4/10 person and with the glasses trying to hide the surgery she just reminds me of the evil creepy old OCD quiverful hag from the previous thread

What an absolute waste of time money and effort. Pickmes never learn.

No. 1706209

Kek. Nonny you’re so mean but correct.

No. 1706211

not so much: he didn't give like to her selfie

No. 1706215

Her eyes look all buggy and Steve Buscemi now, it gave her too much upper eyelid exposure and a slightly psychotic look. I have similarly buggy eyes and I hate it. Why the fuck would you try to make your eyes look MORE poppy-out lol I don’t get it.

No. 1706221

File: 1669080082672.jpeg (17.53 KB, 470x179, 2B250791-EB03-4E65-96F5-4C2162…)

I can 100% see her being retarded and shallow enough to do it because she was trying to make her eyes look larger due to her entry level anime obsession, also probably trying to give herself an Asian style canthal tilt due to her creepy Asian fetish. Meanwhile it just looks like she has Graves disease.

No. 1706227

Is this from that hilariously tone deaf photoshoot she did of herself reading Karl Marx Communist Manifesto while wearing like 20K worth of Demobaza designer clothing?

No. 1706239

File: 1669081471528.jpeg (207.44 KB, 1024x819, cwcelon2.jpeg)

No. 1706242

Leg lengthening surgery recovery time is 8-12 weeks according to google.

No. 1706277

stop posting your dumb fanart

No. 1706302

Lol that room doesn't look like LARPing

No. 1706344

is it her shitty photography skills or does that jumpsuit look a lot cheaper than in the original photoshoot? it looked like high-quality bias-cut (vs. high elastic content) denim in the echo park shoot but in this pic it looks really polyester-y. i would actually buy something from that line if i could tell how plasticky the clothes look. it's lookng borderline nevstudio in this picture

No. 1706346

what i'm seeing is that she is too dumb to sit down for a bit and imagine some interior design.

No. 1706349

hey that wall carpet keeps us warm don't judge

No. 1706350

pugs are cute

No. 1706379

I don't, the carpet fits and that room actually looks comfy. Grimes could never
(i don't get carpet on the sofa though, hope they're soft blankety in texture rather than rough!)

No. 1706500

File: 1669103322522.jpg (880.14 KB, 2156x1616, grimes-ig-story-2022-11-22.jpg)

yeah, for been in venue like this need to work

and she wasn't in vip zone or in first row lol

No. 1706518

Exactly, it looks like a dumpy house. Wonder if it's hard for her to adjust to that after being in mega mansions kek

No. 1706522

Yes. She thought it was funny and edgy when really it was just obnoxious and annoying.

No. 1706523

Can she stop trying to wear korean womens skin it’s just weird

No. 1706545

Trying to look like Shivon

No. 1706559

lol and ofc nobody recognized her. she can go anywhere now

No. 1706604

What’s sad is she used to be D list but she at least had some respect as a musician in the alt scene.
Now she’s like low B/C list but still nobody cares about her and absolutely nobody has any respect or admiration for her anymore. She’s just known as that weird unfortunate looking tryhard woman who gave birth to one of Elon Musks kids. She ruined all her likeability and relatability by being an insufferable clout chasing pickme and now even her biggest fans dislike her as a person and complain about how much she has changed.

No. 1706609

The only diehard fan of hers I know is a 40 y/o guy who has never had a job and lives with his parents. He thinks the infamous photo shoot was candid and that grimes left Elon’s bitch ass yas queen. He’s also a turntable “artist” and thinks he’s the next great American novelist, so…yeah, that’s the demographic of her fans rn

No. 1706622

Honestly think 90% of her fanbase was trannies but she even managed to alienate them, rip

No. 1706657

File: 1669128850517.jpg (129.53 KB, 840x1002, FiHz8HYWYAA6ugR.jpg)

i feel like the only fanbase left she has is left of teens with twitter fan accounts, but even them mock her messy fucking room, her lack of new music, what she says etc

No. 1706716

File: 1669135492757.jpeg (446.61 KB, 905x934, 8E089867-11EB-4889-8D02-C5A16E…)

Her eyes look so poppy, bulgy and googly now. I really doubt she can close them fully with ease anymore. Such a pointless surgery.

No. 1707021

File: 1669161800235.jpg (54.85 KB, 1237x764, 316240088_899253941235078_4518…)

she's with Lan Dao (woman with male autism)

lol at her fans who think she'll snap out of it and revert back to the indie Grimes you are never recovering her from the tech polycule

No. 1707025

This opinion isn’t really all that outlandish. Hormonal birth control/oral contraceptives have posed a whole host of health issues to plenty of women who frequent this site kek…and dating apps are just a breeding ground for serial killers and pedophiles to find victims. Not sure who Lan Dao is but I wouldn’t be surprised if this does turn out to be the case some time in the future. I think we, as a society, are far beyond needing to harm/tamper with the health of women in order to prevent us from pregnancy.

No. 1707057

Was that the intent? Not jumping on Elon's population crash theory like Grimes?

Also not everyone has trouble with hormonal birth control. Sometimes it even helps. It has liberated women from men in lots of ways. It would be a huge step backwards to ban it when you can just choose not to take it if it fucks with you.

No. 1707101

Of course the pickme would latch onto a fake "fertility crisis" and find a way to blame it on women. The only culprit here is men. Their doughy, microplastic-laced soy bodies no longer produce viable sperm counts. And the rich retards with extremely low-value genes like Musk are further polluting the gene pool with the same fertility problems because he would rather artificially coccoon his rotten eggs when they would have and should have naturally died.
Men are becoming infertile, and frankly it's a good thing. Pump the men full of hormones if they want babies so bad. It's not a problem with female fertility and it never has been.

No. 1707165

liking one of the most mainstream kpop bands isn't skinwalking

No. 1707412

It's the seed oils!!!

No. 1707504

yeah, there are non-hormonal birth control options, too
framing it as “either you take the pill/implanon or you just get pregnant” is a rhetorical strategy of anti-feminists

No. 1707508

Idk what y’all talking about, she looks exactly the same to me, she still has her deep jowls and downturned depressing eyes.
Only noticeable difference is her hard looking mouth and lip area, but she had paper thin lips before fillers so im guessing she’s stretching them to look more like Natasha kek

Looks like she spend 75k on looking 6 months younger, this surgery didn’t transform her into an idol or anime girl or made her younger, she very much stayed 34yr old canadian claire with an asshole shaped mouth
Nonnies claiming she looks so different, people wouldn’t recognise her are delusional as no one irl cares for her haggard ass, she’s not that famous

Also is there a shortage of dentists in Austin? Her teeth look so disgusting and chipped, perhaps she’s grinding meth with them for Elon

No. 1707553

and they can pry my copper IUD from my cold dead hands

No. 1707575

Not that Musk is principled or consistent, but the difference here is that social media was Alex Jones’ tool to torment the Sandy Hook parents

No. 1707655

File: 1669231386558.jpg (233.71 KB, 805x574, musk.jpg)

No. 1707659

Oh no, he's spreading his retarded genes everywhere.

No. 1707728

Oh yeah because pregnancy has never killed or disabled any women, let alone 100x more often than birth control kek. Fuck off.

No. 1707731

Yes it’s not like she’s had a creepy obsession with Asian women for decades or anything

No. 1707736

File: 1669237322304.gif (3.87 MB, 327x251, 2B78A3CB-30C6-42CB-821D-AFAA79…)

>Sandy Hook was real because…IT JUST WAS OKAY

No. 1707964

wtf is this gif for non americans who don't follow conspiracy shit?

No. 1707965

You have to be an actual fucking retard to think banning hormonal BC would be good for women. Non-hormonal methods don't help those of us suffering from a variety of reproductive issues and some even make them worse. The hormonal IUD changed the lives of myself and many other women with endometriosis, it's the difference between being physically disabled and living a normalish life for some of us. There isn't a one size fits all solution to birth control, both hormonal and non-hormonal have provided women with an immense amount of freedom from not just pregnancy but also pain and drowning in our own blood lol. Just because you don't need it doesn't make it bad.

No. 1708216

i think it's a crazy person yelling at some people whose children were shot

No. 1708278


nta but it’s one of the parents of the victims laughing before giving a speech about how devastated they are by the loss if I recall correctly

No. 1708281

Americans would rather meme themselves into thinking crazy conspiracy theories than accept that maybe they shouldnt give guns to everyone and that weirdly enough ''cia psyops'' involving people shooting up school only happen in America.

No. 1708294

Anon, I'm with you but normalfaggots aren't going to look at how bizarre the "mourning" parents were acting, how they appeared in news clips prior to this, are credited as crisis actors, how some of them "coincidentally" won lotteries after this, and the bizarre paintings of the sandy hook kids that were posted online before the incident. Sadly, we have to keep it in the tinfoil thread.

No. 1708295

That's Robbie Parker, whose daughter was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He was about to make a statement to the press about his daughter, and the situation was really awkward and emotionally fraught as it was, and then his dad stupidly thought it'd be a good idea to say something like "Go get 'em, [mascot name that Parker used to play" and Parker laughed.

Conspiratards went wild about how it's literally impossible to laugh or smile at anything when you're sad so obviously Robbie Parker is an actor and the murdered children weren't real.

Bonus, that gif is slowed down to make it look like he was laughing/smiling longer than he actually was, because "truth seekers" really fucking hate the truth.

No. 1708322

based nonna

No. 1708354

nobody has ever laughed when they were nervous
clearly it is much more likely that there was an elaborate conspiracy involving hundreds of people that has never been leaked than that a man laughed inappropriately at a stressful time

No. 1708390

"Back when I was at SpaceX, Elon was basically a child king. He was an important figurehead who provided the company with the money, power, and PR, but he didn’t have the knowledge or (frankly) maturity to handle day-to-day decision making and everyone knew that. He was surrounded by people whose job was, essentially, to manipulate him into making good decisions.

Managing Elon was a huge part of the company culture. Even I, as a lowly intern, would hear people talking about it openly in meetings. People knew how to present ideas in a way that would resonate with him, they knew how to creatively reinterpret (or ignore) his many insane demands, and they even knew how to “stage manage” parts of the physical office space so that it would appeal to Elon.

The funniest example of “stage management” I can remember is this dude on the IT security team. He had a script running in a terminal on one of his monitors that would output random garbage, Matrix-style, so that it always looked like he was doing Important Computer Things to anyone who walked by his desk. Second funniest was all the people I saw playing WoW at their desks after ~5pm, who did it in the office just to give the appearance that they were working late.

People were willing to do that at SpaceX because Elon was giving them the money (and hype) to get into outer space, a mission people cared deeply about. The company also grew with and around Elon. There were layers of management between individual employees and Elon, and those managers were experienced managers of Elon. Again, I cannot stress enough how much of the company culture was oriented around managing this one guy.

Twitter has neither of those things going for it. There is no company culture or internal structure around the problem of managing Elon Musk, and I think for the first time we’re seeing what happens when people actually take that man seriously and at face value. Worse, they’re doing this little experiment after this man has had decades of success at companies that dedicate significant resources to protecting themselves from him, and he’s too narcissistic to realize it.

This post is long so I’ll leave you with my favorite Elon story. One day at work, I got an all hands email telling me that it was Elon’s birthday and there was going to be a mandatory surprise party for him in the cafeteria. Presumably Elon also got this email, but whatever. We all marched down into the cafeteria, dimmed the lights, and waited. Elon was led out by his secretary (who he hadn’t fired yet) and made a big show of being fake surprised and touched that we were there. Then they wheeled out the cake.

OK, so, I want you to imagine the biggest penis cake you’ve ever seen. Like the king of novelty sex cakes. Only it’s frosted white, and the balls have been frosted to look like fire and smoke. This was Elon’s birthday “rocket” cake.

For as long as I live, I will never forget the look on everyone’s face — in that dark room of mostly-male engineers — when he made a wish and cut into the tip. "


No. 1708507

This sounds like bullshit. Source: people fucking snitch if you play games after 5pm to pretend you're working late.

No. 1708611

Based. I hope her response gets huge retweet count and visibility. fuck Muskrat

No. 1708612

why does she still use his last name

No. 1708614

because she has 5 more sons with last name Musk

No. 1708627

How is her mom actually pretty?? When her daughter came out looking like a literal goblin lol.

No. 1708628

absolutely not true at all. Lots of people do this in looooots of companies. Source: Have seen it myself in several tech companies (and did it myself at one point), in big companies AND startups.
the sad thing is how common the 'stage manage' thing happens in tech with CEO's like this. If you don't have a CTO working closely with the dev team about this, the company will literally be in constant 'lets pivot!' mode, never properly able to publish or merge branches because 'muh ideas!!'. Elon really gives off that exact same vibe. This is a huge insight into why twitter is utterly in chaos and failing right now, they had no idea he was actually dumbshit retarded. I have a feeling they're only now understanding and probably making their own team to handle him if they care enough about making the company work with him.

No. 1708636

I forgot I live in a land of snitches

No. 1708641

File: 1669314263964.png (129.26 KB, 736x715, gross.PNG)

nona if you're in a company that has people like that I feel bad for you because most places aren't like that. I haven't run into many companies like that (and I've worked with amazon, psn, various big/small places etc.) Do yourself a favor and look for another job with better work culture, you'll love it. Or find a remote job. Those are way better now a days anyway.


I'm so glad she said something. I know it's been posted many times but I'll repost it again. The way he treated her was awful. Him using their dead baby as any kind of winning points when he literally did not give a shit when it happened (in fact was cruel as fuck towards justine during the event) is disgusting. The fact it didn't cause a huge wave of anger at the time is honestly weird.


No. 1708642

This stuff about stage managing elon is so interesting because it's the same thing that happens with celebrity artists e.g. fashion designers. Whole teams of people dedicated to interpreting what the """genius male""" says and turning it into something workable, and then of course the genius male gets credited and not all the people actually figuring stuff out and innovating. And then Twitter is what happens when there's no team to "interpret" the genius. Fascinating.

No. 1708644

you know, that's a really good point. I'm so dumb and biased about tech I didn't even think about other faucets of life. I'm sure that 'stage managing' ceos/celebs is a common place thing in lots of different careers (wonder if that's what happened with kayne too then?). And you're so right, we get to watch live, what happens when that internal '''team''' doesn't exist. You'd think other ceos would take this as a learning lesson but…

No. 1708647

>my wife is so emotionally manipulative because she was sad about the fact that her baby just died in her arms

He can't even DARVO in a convincing way, yeesh.

No. 1708665

File: 1669318325129.jpeg (146.12 KB, 750x376, ECE4D126-1027-426D-87AF-34375B…)

I can’t imagine how terrible it has to be to hold your baby boy while he dies, not be allowed to grieve and get accused of manipulating by your husband, and then witness him using your experience as a way to get twitter likes and polish his image.
I once saw her speak about him (didn’t finish) but she mostly said positive things, told a story about how the other kids threw cans at him when he was a child, but did mention that she asked him what to talk about.
Her twitter and the full text of >>1708641
show they don’t seem to be on as good terms as Elon likes to portray.

No. 1708666

And this is why you don’t give your kids a moids name

No. 1708667

File: 1669318468806.png (2.44 MB, 1916x1045, 1669315859230502[1].png)

I actually think Elon is doing the right thing at twitter with the layoffs. They were all just a bunch of tranny jannies getting paid to tranny janny. Doesn't mean it won't go bankrupt or that Elon won't eventually go bankrupt.

No. 1708702

File: 1669321546226.jpg (605.69 KB, 2880x1024, grimes-blackpink-by-mangojammy…)

No. 1708703

Men who were bullied shouldn’t be allowed positions of power, they’re always so angry and bitter and misanthropic and use it as an excuse to be a psychopath, see all the control freak power hungry weird nerd CEOs in Silicon Valley

No. 1708720

Elon wasn't bullied, he was the bully. i don't believe this "bullied" bullshit. He made up
uwu i was bullied and thrown down the stairs!" story when in fact a kid pushed him because Elon said something nasty about his dad who killed himself. Maybe he made up this bullying throwing cans incident as well.

No. 1708721

Jeeze, she looks so shiny and fucking red in the face. Her nose is twice as wide as it used to be. She doesn't look like herself here

No. 1708724

File: 1669323295392.jpg (142.36 KB, 1080x810, 223694231_143467587911771_5310…)

soo Claire took J to photoshot with SpaceX rocket but ended somewhere in venue on their concern like ordinary mortal ?

No. 1708730

god this explains why nothing happened when I reported a tranner for making death threats

No. 1708741

File: 1669324519416.jpg (34.97 KB, 898x359, jm-woke.JPG)

No. 1708831

Jennie looks really cute here

No. 1708845

Her face looks so stretched, can she even move it

No. 1708893

For all the posturing tech moids do, they actually are basically gay male hookers. This isn't the first time I hear about a tech employee having to walk on eggshells around some wannabe Elon or Zuck while catering to their emotions and interpreting their passive-aggressive email chimpouts EVEN AFTER WORKING HOURS.

No. 1708941

She has a point. The ‘anti woke’ crowd are a bunch of clueless contrarian boomers who hate young people, want to be able to openly call black peoples niggers and think Jordan Peterson and Andrew Tate are unironic geniuses, they are just as cringe and un-self aware as the blue haired tranny crowd. I hate that fucking word woke, used ironically or unironically.

No. 1708948

>gets a 50K surgery and needs months to recover just to have her eyes pop out of her skull, be unable to shut her eyes properly and make her nose swell to double its size
Epic gaymer move, Claire.

No. 1708955

File: 1669338425977.jpeg (154.4 KB, 445x518, 478D3864-9DC6-4721-BE4A-9E65C2…)

Lol she looks miserable and her nose is now like Akon’s

No. 1708958

explains a lot about twitter

No. 1708959

File: 1669338495307.jpeg (30.84 KB, 460x349, 595ED19F-EF9D-40F0-B597-DB38CC…)

illuminati confirmed

No. 1708964

This is a druggie body for sure. You can tell the difference between when someone eats clean and works out, or when someone has been smoking crack or popping pills and restricting and binging on junk. Wouldn’t be surprised if her and Elon really have been doing more meth than usual in order to lose weight.

No. 1709000

no they don't because you can say your code's compiling. i'm a genius and the first person to ever think of doing this btw

No. 1709027

little britain was a documentary

No. 1709031

how much did she pay for surgery to look like dawn wiener

No. 1709099

isn't that an old photo?

No. 1709194

File: 1669364492322.png (156.63 KB, 640x606, f80bz4vhm22a1.png)


No. 1709208

>omg lol, elon stole my phone guys. he's so silly
Is this middle school?

No. 1709243


No. 1709306

so the spics over at cuckchan are worshipping this retard because he reinstated orange man’s twitter but refuses to do so for Alex jones

Lmao fucking retards. How funny that reddit throws musk away as their mascot and cuckchan picks up the scraps and revere him(racebait)

No. 1709358

Elon Musk brought his two-year-old son X Æ a-Xii with him to intense talks at Twitter's HQ in San Francisco, The Washington Post reported.

The publication reported that on October 27, the day that Musk took ownership of the platform, the tech billionaire and his team met with Trust and Safety Officer Yoel Roth in the conference room Musk had taken over to outline his plans for the site's future. The Post reported that toys were scattered round the room and X Æ a-Xii ran around.

Immediately after the $45 billion deal went through, Musk fired some of Twitter's top execs, including chief legal officer Vijaya Gadde, CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal, and general counsel Sean Edgett. Gadde's termination meant that Roth was suddenly the highest-ranking exec in Twitter's trust and safety department.

Members of Musk's inner circle, which includes his personal lawyer Alex Spiro, tech investor Jason Calacanis, and venture capitalist David Sacks, joined Musk at Twitter HQ in what has been dubbed his "war room" after the deal went through. Musk, his advisors, and senior Twitter execs used the space to discuss topics from layoffs to the site's engineering.

The Post reported that the meeting between Musk and Roth, where they discussed content moderation, including issues related to the Brazilian general election, took place shortly after Gadde was fired. X Æ a-Xii may have been at Twitter's HQ to attend the office Halloween party that day, where some staff brought their children.

Roth ultimately quit around two weeks later. He'd clashed with Musk over issues including allowing controversial Christian news outlet The Babylon Bee and conspiracy theorist Jordan Peterson to return to Twitter, as detailed in The Post's report.

"A Twitter whose policies are defined by edict has little need for a trust and safety function dedicated to its principled development," Roth wrote in an op-ed for The New York Times after he resigned.

Musk is believed to have had 10 children, though his first-born died of sudden infant death syndrome at just 10 weeks old. X Æ a-Xii, who he had with his musician and ex-partner Grimes, was Musk's seventh child.

Since then, he has had twins with Shivon Zilis, a top exec at Musk's company Neuralink, and his first daughter, through a surrogate with Grimes.


No. 1709522

What bullied man has ever become a CEO? Elon was the bully anyway. Not business related but the columbine shooters were also bullies.

No. 1709575

He's so desperate for one of his sons to be this entrepreneurial prodigy, so he's dragging them along his meetings, hoping something will stick.

Chances are they're closer to becoming full-blown meth heads, considering addiction is hereditary.

No. 1709618

File: 1669402356155.jpg (135.8 KB, 650x647, Z4lbGNl.jpg)

No. 1709646

File: 1669403615371.jpg (74.92 KB, 720x1280, 29d1952eeb674a5ebcf524372187db…)

No. 1709661

File: 1669404670112.jpg (137.17 KB, 1170x1126, media_Fia_TQqXwAU-r1T.jpg)

Musk tweeted these, then deleted them, which sure makes it seem like he thought the obviously fake WSJ headline/photo were real.

No. 1709665

so insufferable and obnoxious. i hate narcs and aspies. they get worse as they get older too.

No. 1709670

File: 1669405102001.jpg (62.87 KB, 794x688, 9618405178568.JPG)

No. 1709679

MeatCanyon new video about Musk, while I think his video's can be pointlessly disgusting at times, I can admit that he's an excellent caricature artist and he does a great job with depicting Musk

No. 1709777

after reading this essay, i don't understand how Grimes lasted so long with Elon. she's clearly a disorganized, airheaded mess, something Elon despises and regards with contempt. it almost makes me sad for her, she obviously has 0 self worth to be so obsessed with such a brazen piece of shit

No. 1709818

that why she lived in his guest-room and then he relocaded her in another his house. she tried few time to put her things in his rooms but it backfired and in the end he kicked her from his houses

No. 1709862

I don't even think he's had sex with any of these women. it's all fridge spunk.
men with hairplugs need to take hormones daily for the rest of their lives, otherwise they'll go bald with no return. these hormones are known to cause impotence, ie. high testosterone is linked to hair loss, high estrogen with impotence, so you have to carefully balance it. high estrogen also causes men to store more fat and Melon looks like he hasn't missed a twinkie break between his drug binges.

No. 1709922

like that is so sad to me, i understand wanting a healthy amount of space but if your own SO wants nothing to do with you except when it comes to procreation, what's the point? you have to be completely mindfucked and obsessed to continue accepting such abuse. she's a shell of the person she used to be, in the worst way possible.

No. 1709975

she thought they invited her to adult table but she didn't realize (and still doesn't) she was exotic pet

No. 1710031

she really is botched YIKES!
how will she ever recover from being elons toilet and ruining her looks worse than ever

No. 1710039

topkek underrated comment

No. 1710060

yeah what a great "longterm" plan for a planet with an imminently collapsing ecosystem that may be uninhabitable by humans within the next couple centuries. i don't understand how all of these people are so myopic, after certain point of collapse you can't buy your way out of having no fertile soil and food left even if you're among the richest.

No. 1710078


No. 1710080

dr. robotnik

No. 1710082

she's got a blank empty personality, which guys like him like between marriages.

No. 1710085

>how will she ever recover from being elons toilet
you know now that i see it phrased this way i understand why she is only spiralling downwards. maybe there is no return from being elon's toilet; only madness. let this be a lesson to all women

No. 1710089

And they say Male to Female trannies can't pass!

No. 1710091

File: 1669431881339.jpg (38.81 KB, 600x400, scaled_full_d3250b3e3486440c62…)

No. 1710094

Nonnie You have me cackling lmao

No. 1710102

why didn't she just get braces

No. 1710123

He uses the same inserts that trump uses and that’s why his gait is weird

No. 1710149

Their plan is to live in bunkers in New Zealand or live on Mars

No. 1710389

File: 1669477984997.jpeg (132.54 KB, 750x944, C9991B0F-730E-4B41-B182-672386…)

Jfc I thought this was doja. Already deleted lol

No. 1710390

I thought it was Lucinda

No. 1710405

Why is she always trying to pass as some nordic slav if everyone knows she’s from Bristh Columbia…

No. 1710408

If you have endometriosis you’re likely already unhealthy and piling hormonal pharmaceuticals on top of it to further disrupt your bodies natural order is only going to make you even more unhealthy(derailing and shitting up multiple threads)

No. 1710414

Omfg…I can't believe she would get a surgery that makes her wide distracting ugly nose even wider and uglier. She looks absolutely horrendous. Nose job is next FUCKING CALLING IT

No. 1710417

File: 1669481081035.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 1170x1860, 2EB6E4E5-FBC1-4A4D-8EA1-976208…)

Anachan thirst trap but still hiding her face on main… definitely botched and clearly hates her face

No. 1710427

eww she calls herself Lil Rasputina on her priv twitter as well. did she discover band Rasputina all of a sudden? or just trying to pass herself off as Katarina the great who fucks a guy with a huge dick, sorry, rocket? cause if she's implying that Elon is Rasputin then KEK no

No. 1710429

why does her body look so crusty and dirty? literally see orange/brown grown-in dirt on her torso

No. 1710433

or wearing masks helps her pretend these pictures are art and not just bodychecks/thirst traps lul

No. 1710442

It's still really obvious she didn't play Elden Ring and is still pretending she did to get elons attention
Also did she buy an unpainted helmet off etsy and just leave it unpainted..?

No. 1710448

>the "it's ok to be transgender" childrens art on the fridge

No. 1710454

She’s cosplaying a cheeto

No. 1710478

This dumb bitch really calling that her costume this year. Truly pathetic.

No. 1710491

why does she think spelling english in cyrillic characters is russian? she can't speak russian and all russian i see written by her is google translate. if she wants to learn she can trade houses with me and live under putin. i need better english anyway.

No. 1710494

her lipo is very well done, she didn't go overboard, but i still think it looks weird when women get stomach lipo. idk i think having some womb fat, even if it does that blob thing at the waistband of your jeans, looks better than julia fox stomach. idk maybe i'm being a bad feminist, it's her body i guess.

No. 1710496

the only thing she could pass for is albanian. other than that she looks like a an english-irish-french mutt like every other 8th-generation canadian white person

No. 1710542

why would you think she got lipo?

No. 1710555

NTA but in the second photo on her instagram you can see her c-section scar; easy to imagine she had a 10 minute suck-n-tuck during recovery to have as flat a stomach as possible

No. 1710582

It's so sad she carried a child to the point of leaving a permanent mark on her body but you can straight up tell she doesn't like being a mom and doesn't like her own children. I hope they can manage to have somewhat decent lives

No. 1710592

No. 1710603

just below her pelvic bone there's some definition you only get in bodybuilders or women who had lipo.
i hate that moids demand us to have their babies, then want us to look like we've never had a baby.

No. 1710621

>maybe i'm being a bad feminist
Choice feminism isn't feminism

No. 1710624

Yep. Also for all of his pro natalist schtick Musk doesn't like being a father either. No wonder one of his children trooned out and dismissed him.

No. 1710631

reported as a moid post

No. 1710670

I wouldn’t post pics of my titties if my nipples were so fucking gross. Lookin like shayna’s nips.

No. 1710671

ty. breeding fetishist altright shit.

No. 1710672

it's so funny how consistent she's been since the beginning of her career. still pretending to be a gamer just like she totally watches anime.

No. 1710693

absolutely. untreated endometriosis will damage healthy organs.

No. 1710795

this was the first Meatcanyon video I've seen that made me laugh

No. 1710892

File: 1669504776595.jpeg (3.37 MB, 1179x19199, B6A9EC81-AA16-47FE-AAA2-D1AC76…)

No. 1710923

File: 1669505844971.jpeg (3.16 MB, 1179x22975, 307DEB91-03AB-4C28-89F2-925C1B…)

No. 1710934

File: 1669506202731.jpeg (3.38 MB, 1179x23025, E3439E3D-7C69-42B2-9B59-29E937…)

No. 1710947

File: 1669506691597.jpeg (878.65 KB, 1190x1726, 095BF714-9392-4881-A462-9E42F3…)

>please…elon-sama…notice me :(

No. 1710953

Ewww this is horrible. what a disgusting pervert. i feel bad for all these women, especially the one who decided to never model again bc of that. Grimes is nasty hanging out with him. but what do you expect from someone who fucks Elon Musk.

No. 1710955

are those…pepperoni..?

No. 1710956

She has a very androgynous body. I genuinely thought this was a femboy for a sec.

No. 1710958

Imagine my shock, all moid photographers are perverts. It’s the only way ugly men can get so up close and personal to attractive women.

No. 1710960

what person is this? searching "paul giese" or "nusi" isn't finding me a photographer or someone who hangs out with grimes (am esl and not in usa so maybe he is not well known?)

No. 1710969

Nusi Quero it's on the screenshots

No. 1710970

Yeah. Interestingly enough, Grimes is a total creep as well. She has had an Asian fetish since high school. Even her first MV Vanessa focuses on a prettier Asian girl in a super gay way, I thought it was cool when it came out, she always had that pretty Asian backup dancer, then she got that ridiculously doll like cosplayer/cow Zekia to be in her scrapped WAP video with Poppy which honestly creeped me out because it’s obvious grimes totally fetishizes her as she looks just like the creepy pedophilic hentai she would like and repost around that time. Now this whole “NPC” band thing and the lead girl is this Asian chick that it seems grimes and Nusi are both obsessed with, dressing super scantily to be grimes “npc” girls just really really doesn’t sit right with me. It’s worse than Love Angel Music Baby Gwen Stefani using Japanese girls as accessories. Calling them “NPC” removing their own identity, they are just a figments of Grimes universe, npc’s…. It’s actually disgusting she is procuring Asian women for him to dress up a just to be one of her accessories

No. 1710989

I’m really tired of artists (mostly scrotes, but some female artists do it too) and the way they demand asian womens bodies be fashioned into a commodity for public consumption. So many fetish artists I’ve seen have an unhealthy fixation with Asian women and use them as their muses, but the art is often degrading, and involves porny scrote fetishy themes like bondage, mutilation, sexy disabilities etc etc. Trevor Brown is one of those scrote artists (he literally admitted to being a pedo) with an obsession with asian girls and even tried to groom a bunch of them over instagram. I’m not even an sjw twitter fag, I’ve just noticed this weird scrotey asian obsession often in alternative music and art, where the asian woman is just this voiceless ornament there to be looked at and fetishized, and its creepy as fuck.

Even in that interview Grimey gave about being in school and how ‘le Japanese girls were the prettiest and I was soooo in awe of them sailor moon teehee xD’ sounded so male gazey and scroteish. She was trying to make it sound like a compliment but it comes across as rather dehumanizing, idk why people view asians as this different species that is either superhuman or subhuman. Like why can’t you just be normal.

No. 1710996

File: 1669509558944.jpeg (463.6 KB, 1133x1073, C7F2F3AB-65D6-4BD5-9ACA-13832F…)

Pure VIKANG here. Move bitches or I’ll woosh my plastic sword at chu!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1711001

i think you're right. i'm from "east asia" (coastal china) and it's odd since moving to the usa how asian women for no reason are viewed as sexual/kinky/crazy sex perverts. in china or japan you might see filipino or nepalese women stereotyped like this, but that's because they are coomonly trafficked as slave prostitutes. so they are often thought to be employed by some pimp. all racism is wrong, but where i have lived before this, white women are viewed the way these artists like grimes treat east asian women, and if we think that's bad then why do we let white people do it to asians? not meaning to racebait, but i'm glad someone mentions how asian women are accessorized or used as aesthetic. we're just other women, idgi sorry.

No. 1711009

File: 1669510062382.jpeg (Spoiler Image,35.71 KB, 472x550, A3172214-3832-415E-8683-E5C7D9…)

i blame tumblr for popularizing that kind of shitty pseud fetish art

lol this is exactly the type of art grimey would think is super cool and probably reblogged all over her page in 2012

>little asian girls being hurt and restrained is so sexy amirite guise uwu

No. 1711022

File: 1669510716068.jpeg (161.61 KB, 998x1024, 1A20C1FA-8823-493F-9862-B173D9…)

What’s funny is Elon brought Trump back on twitter for the publicity and to trigger the WOKE ESS JAY DOUBLE YEW SNOWFLAKES, but Trump is barely even interested anymore and is still promoting his freeze peach app Truth Social lol.

Sidenote and sage for OT, Trump agreed to meet with Kanye yesterday, but apparently Kanye brought 3 other Chuds with him including Sneako and Nick Fuentes (who is Trump’s #1 fanboy and sleeps under a MAGA flag) and Trump basically blanked all of them and pretended they didn’t exist kek. Then called Kanye a seriously troubled man. Hilarious. Poltards just keep cannibalizing each other and it’s so funny.

No. 1711053

File: 1669512639081.jpeg (235.38 KB, 1039x1354, A210F180-77FD-4F18-9157-71985F…)

/pol/ is just TMZ for incels

scrotes especially right wing scrotes are so fucking pathetic lmao if they dont suck their celebrity daddy figures dick 24 hours a day unpaid they’ll die

No. 1711059

Grimes and Elon aren’t together anymore and they are both too milky on their own to not deserve their own appropriate threads. I’m here to read tea on Claire personally. The Elon stuff is a distraction but deserves it’s own thread.

No. 1711065

File: 1669513162891.jpeg (Spoiler Image,777.72 KB, 1179x1740, 058A3324-28CC-4C50-BF1F-9B76C1…)

The worst, most lowly type of pickme’s are the ones who procure men for scrotes to do scrote activities with. Definitely got this vibe when she was with Elon and the AB threesome fiasco… but the whole NPC thing and Grimes procuring women for Nusi to disrobe and tie up into skimpy little bondage clothes so they can be Grimes’s NPC’s is a whole ‘nother level of ghislaine maxwell type of BS

No. 1711066

The thing those men all have in common is they’re ugly and suffer from hair loss. Another reason to never trust a man with a receding hairline.

No. 1711075

I agree, 30+ Grimes is fucking horrible, she’s become a monster, I also get major Ghislaine tier pickme vibes, uwu daddy im so devoted to you, let me procure some underage girls for you to fuck in front of me bc I’m such a coolgirl doormat. Yuck.

Claire always seemed like one of those not like other girl assholes who believes she’s superior to other women bc ‘muh male autist brain’ and tries so hard to be open minded to the point it’s actually damaging (eg making her infant son watch violent war movies with her) she clearly doesn’t give a shit what happens to other women, as long as she’s alright.

Any woman lowly enough to agree to be in a harem for some rich scrote has revoked her sisterhood license as far as I’m concerned.

No. 1711080

>making women into sexy male gazey non-playable character virtual reality bideogame hookers in skimpy outfits
How scroteish and original.

No. 1711084

>then she got that ridiculously doll like cosplayer/cow Zekia to be in her scrapped WAP video with Poppy
Is this video available anywhere online? i never knew of this

No. 1711086

I think you're right, Grimes is obviously fetishizing Asians and she's like the female equivalent of Nusi Quero, just without feelin them up and licking their underwear. I think it's concerning that she loves incest/impreg fetish pedo anime and hentai, that stuff is default Asian girls drawn in a way to be little girls with bursting melon tits and butts, but childish facially. and she thinks there's nothing wrong with that "Legit love hentai i love looking at naked bluehaired pretty girls which are always better than reality"… uhh what the fuck? it's creepy to think maybe Grimes views Blackpink girls like uwu cute token Asian hentai girls to "look at and admire".

No. 1711112

What is this NPC thing? Is that for her music video or she ordered a custom larp based on her fetish or what?
Lmao, the pregnant one is OBVIOUSLY Claire's self-insert. She has same hair like grimes in Shinigami eyes video. imagine basing the character entirely on your billionaire pregnancy.

No. 1711151

I assume no one picked up on it until recently because shes got the "pickme defence" due to moids and other women assuming she is only parroting this shit for moid attention

No. 1711156

it's almost like she wants them to have them on her good side, so she can soak not only attention of their fans nd media but also she thinks she can somehow leech their "youthful" beauty and energy. like she hopes being in their proximity will automatically make her seem cool and similar to them. how do you do fellow russian nordic asians pls gimme your sailor moon card i'll give you my untouched peanut butter uwu

No. 1711157

She’s probably trying to groom them into becoming part of Muskrats harem, groce.

No. 1711164

Lol maybe those selfposts about her being a psychic vampire and vvitch are true.

I remember before I just vaguely found Grimes annoying but ultimately harmless, after reading all her milk she genuinely repulses me and both her and Elon make my skin crawl.

I wonder how she managed to become such a disgusting person or if she’s always been this way, she just needed a billionaire scrote to get her gassed up and cocky enough to shamelessly show her true colors. I actually think she’s an even bigger narc than Elon.

No. 1711167

The whole thing is so vile. It’s like they’re running a mini organ harvesting cult but instead of kidneys it’s womens eggs, genetic data and wombs. Disgusting.

No. 1711168

Can they both fuck off to Mars already. Please.

No. 1711171

after reading about amber heard's bugged car i don't think your post is tinfoil. what the fucking hell is wrong with claire

No. 1711175

It was the closest color match to her actual nips

No. 1711186

My personal tinfoil theory is that the only reason Grimey is still hanging around Elon like a stinky fart that just won’t go away is because she has so much dirt to blackmail him with. He’s definitely sick and tired of her and you could see that in the way he referenced her even when they were supposedly happy together, but he knows she has a big mouth and blabs about his private business to anyone who’ll listen.

No. 1711192

ohh true, and he didn't make her sign an NDA because he thought she was too dumb to pay attention to anything

No. 1711195

File: 1669522458700.jpg (33.78 KB, 500x373, FanCY_dUIAMkS6c.jpg)

I sometimes forget how ugly and annoying was before as well. this account has a lot of her old pics (https://twitter.com/GrimezszIndex). i'm gonna show you nightmares

No. 1711196

File: 1669522482116.jpg (19.98 KB, 500x333, FZ0CYUAUcAU1Td7.jpg)

No. 1711198

File: 1669522595629.jpg (69.58 KB, 590x790, FcuiRtzaEAAQriG.jpg)

No. 1711199

File: 1669522633207.jpg (85.05 KB, 960x720, FdrVtuuUUAQfAa7.jpg)

No. 1711201

File: 1669522657630.jpg (54.21 KB, 500x751, FfmLne3VUAAdi8w.jpg)

No. 1711202

File: 1669522687042.jpg (164.29 KB, 1280x873, FgfQKKNWAAAzdDU.jpg)

No. 1711204

File: 1669522720951.jpg (180.4 KB, 683x1024, FbbVFC7UIAEJPqa.jpg)


No. 1711205

File: 1669522768820.jpg (156.34 KB, 1280x853, FeT3_5GUcAA30m6.jpg)

No. 1711214

but she'll never tell on him bc she STILL desperately believes he'll come back to her, so she'll sit quiet forever, waiting. i don't think he feels threatened when she's always going to chase after him ready to welcome him back like a patient Penelope waiting for Oddyseus. they're not together now, her threats apparently aren't working anymore. if she revealed his secret intentionally to fuck him up now it wouldn't help her because then Elon wouldn't come back to her either. i don't thnk they hang out anymore, except when he wants to take his kid with him for a "bring your teddy bear to work" day occasion or something.

No. 1711223

She’s always been an insufferable ugly attention whore. Covert narcissists are actually worse than overt ones imo.

No. 1711225

the handlebar-moustache-and-non-prescription-glasses hipster crowd where most of her fans came from always considered her to be "hot" though. i never understood. men would call you ugly and complain about your clothes in that scene, but considered her a goddess. maybe just because of her babyvoice vocals? like maybe that's a deeper indicator to gross males of how a woman would submit to them idk

No. 1711227

samefag, *deeper indicator than we think

No. 1711228

We’ll yes it’s obvious she’s still a massive cuck and femsimp for her bearer of breasts gamer daddy dom, they might not be in a relationship but Grimey still sucks his dick on command because she’s a pathetic cuckquean, Elon plays her like a fiddle and it’s hilarious. But she also had a lot of dirt on him, as long as he keeps breadcrumbing her retarded bony ass she’ll hang on his every word forever.

No. 1711238

They’re two narcs who manipulate each other. Once narcs aren’t attractive enough to whore around anymore, get old and need to settle down, narcs almost always end up in relationships with other narcs. They team up and make a joint decision to victimize their children and make their lives unhappy instead.
All those moids were ugly as hell too though lol, men are awful clout chasers and status seekers, my guess is that because at the time the scene was such a sausage party and she was the one of the very few woman in those shitty music hipster circles, they saw her as some kind of ugly trophy.

All those moids are in their mid 30s to 40s now though and are married redditors or wizchan coomers, who moved onto new pastures long ago kek.

No. 1711243

probably, at that time she looked like a mentally handicapped teenage boy, hipster scrotes are all fruity pedophiles so they probably found that sexy lol

No. 1711248

Jesus Christ, that’s so gross but she actually does lol

Claire Missing link confirmed

No. 1711262

goddammit spoiler

No. 1711263

File: 1669526766612.jpg (Spoiler Image,14.34 KB, 338x344, E-zGRwdXMAMEOD8.jpg)

reposting for spoiler but I thought she had heart shaped pasties on instead of Joe Rogan nipples

No. 1711278

kek I thought the same

No. 1711295

That's better than what I saw, I thought she had done that thing where you tattoo your areolas into heart shapes and they match the color. The reality of her just having Joe Rogan nipples is actually far more bleak since I'd actually expect the tattoo from her.

No. 1711300

File: 1669531619893.jpeg (147.28 KB, 750x310, A7232FDB-4F17-4BB3-BB8A-FCF4DA…)

I am still stuck on this thing from last thread >>1704085
where Grimes is name-checked in the article about “hipster eugenicists.” She was going to meet with them. What are the chances she is having more kids with Musk (via surrogate of course)? Even after he had twins with Shivon?! She has bought into his scary right wing cult ideology completely

No. 1711341

File: 1669538398100.jpg (65.88 KB, 1080x243, Screenshot_20221127_003728.jpg)

She liked this cringe shit a few nights ago. She's already drank the Kool aid.

No. 1711433

Jesus she just gets more and more disgusting and vile. Claire is a fucking groomer just like Epstein buddy Elon, she needs to be kept away from young girls at all costs

No. 1711435

File: 1669550940459.jpeg (449.37 KB, 1071x762, B338A4FC-3572-4F90-AAE8-A885CE…)

The fact she is twitter bffs with a high class hooker from Austin who admitted to organising ‘umbrella consent’ parties where rape on private property becomes acceptable and she tells female guests to bring along more women along to be gangraped by old farts tells you everything she needs to know

No. 1711449

I don't understand why some posters itt keep calling her an Asian fetishizer when all she's ever dated and been obsessed with is weirdo white scrotes and trannies. The "aesthetic" she's trying to go for doesn't look like Asian trends

No. 1711484

File: 1669558649310.jpeg (462.89 KB, 1242x1037, 1664423341427.jpeg)

jfc really anon? or are you baiting? someone please explain some shit to this confused anon. heck, or just read these threads carefully, ffs. Haven't you seen that post? >>1711341 associating with another asian fetishizer? >>1710892 masturbating over kpop? literally any of her music videos? and thirsting over asian teens in this interview? everything she does is asian centered, except when she wants to be nordic russian slavboo

No. 1711485

File: 1669558690721.jpeg (309.31 KB, 1242x636, 1664423504302.jpeg)

No. 1711490

File: 1669559176672.png (853.94 KB, 640x951, 2342341412.png)

she uses chinese apps to make her head "small and cute" which for whatever reason is a trend for some asians. I'm not trying to reeee how dare you wear asian fashion or whatever. But she's just obsessed with Asians in a creepy way, especially when she thirsts for much younger asian artists and it's deeply uncomfortable.

No. 1711520

ugh the fucking necklace spells "grimes" in cyrillic characters. THAT'S NOT THE SAME THING AS SPEAKING A LANGUAGE CLAIRE my god i hate her

No. 1711527

A lot of racist white aspies are obsessed with Asians. Just look at all the weebs on 4chan/pol if you need proof of that. Hell, even Hitler was a weeb who deemed the Japanese ‘honorary aryans’

Nazi aspies think Asian people are some kind of superhuman alien species because of their IQs and safe societies, dumb shallow stuff like less body hair, fast metabolism, looking young for a long time, no body odor, etc they are also obsessed with their culture and anime and think it’s cool but on the other hand they’re still racist pieces of shit and white supremacists so they will simultaneously dehumanize them and claim to be superior.

No. 1711530

She really wants to be an anime character and have Asians worshipping and fawning over her but she’s just an ugly inbred looking piggu who stalks Korean girlbands and begs them for collabs lol.

Japanese people love Avril Lavigne though and she is incredibly popular in Asia, Grimey must be malding so hard over the fact Avril mogs her. She will never be ichiban Canada jin.

No. 1711537

>Japanese love Avril Lavigne
true. She came back to favours now with her new pop punk (but unfortunately boring Travis Barker side project) album, but for the last decade she was a forgotten starlet in USA, despite having loyal fans. At the same time though she was a huge star in Japan charting at no. 1 etc. I find it funny that when she made that nonsense Hello Kitty song and video everybody reeeed how it's racist towards Japanese but Japanese people actually loved it. it thought it was fine, a japanese themed video made strictly as a thank you to Jap. fans. the only problem is that it's cringe af. Grimes though is a regular weeb who loves loli porn and sexualizes young Asian girls. is she even popular in Japan? it'd be funny if not, all that trying hard and larping for nothing

No. 1711555

Lol nobody in Asia gives a fuck about Grimes she’s a literal who, even after her collabs with Loona and Jennie, still nobody cares.

Avril got famous for just bee-ing herself and making good catchy pop punk songs, she also has the look that Asian fans really go crazy for. The whole Hello Kitty thing was just a retarded move by her record label but yeah I don’t think any Japanese were offended by it.

Meanwhile I think Asian ppl can just sense Grimes is a tryhard creepy weeaboo hag and it’s rather offputting, her looks and her music just aren’t considered good in East Asia, she doesn’t have any appeal to them despite trying to hard to desperately make herself look like a fantasy character (but just ends up looking like a bogged albino tranny sex worker).

No. 1711592

the thing with asian women is just that thing where women of "conquered" countries/ethnicities are loot. like the weird feeling you get when a white person is all over a hot black or asian or middle eastern woman, that's what it is. the women are prizes from their viking raid

No. 1711595

>she also has the look that Asian fans really go crazy for
this and also she is the stereotypical white girl character - like "punk" stuff, rock music, being casual/sloppy/chill/boyish etc. like if an asian-american woman played up the sexy dragon lady character to get famous in the usa. grimes doesn't seem to actually understand ANY eastern cultures at all kek.

No. 1711625


Bella Porch is 25 anon

No. 1711647

File: 1669570459417.jpeg (299.27 KB, 1543x969, 1C51919B-A431-4B92-82DB-B56E75…)

I mean prime Avril mogs prime Grimey into the dirt by every measurable standard, it’s no contest.

How can Clairecels even compete?

No. 1711648


That's not an Aiden? That's Grimes?

No. 1711653

That still makes Claire almost a decade older than her.

It’s sad that Grimes latches onto every zoomer idol just to try and attain relevance (and it still backfires)

No. 1711704

On all of these she looks like an awkward dork but it's so endearing, so much better and more genuine feeling to whatever she's trying to make herself into now. As a former fan of her music I'm really upset to see what became of her, your photodump is nostalgic

No. 1711752

manly ass hands

No. 1711842

She was always an asshole, she was just humbled by being ugly. Now she’s latched onto a billionaires (literal) tits and got plastic surgery, asshole Claire has jumped out and she thinks she’s gods gift.

No. 1711861

Sure these grimey old pics look more genuine from perspective of time, but SHE wasn't genuine probably ever. at the time she still was lying about credits, was a rich landlord kid larping as junkie, then as hipster girl uwu sah awwkward uwu, and was probably manipulative/using people for her fame gain even at this time. Speaking fashion wise strictly, i still dislike this autistic hipster goblin, best she looked was Art Angels era, with the right styling and photographer work.

No. 1711895

File: 1669586027083.jpeg (710.82 KB, 1620x2048, 17A5FDA8-B790-49ED-AC4C-6BAF4F…)

I had to make a meme with her ugly goblin face

No. 1711898

File: 1669586091308.jpeg (402.62 KB, 1536x2048, 7D65FD74-BF39-474C-BBCB-83F172…)

Her delicate ethereal features really remind me of anime cat girls uwu

No. 1711899

>not even an sjw twitter fag
what does this have to do with pointing out someone's predatory behavior?

No. 1711914

She has old lady fingers

No. 1711934

File: 1669587804118.jpg (77.04 KB, 750x792, 20221127_232248.jpg)

Ogre larping as an elf

No. 1711977

kek amber is the only one who looks good. he's such a piece of shit that being the richest man in the world still only gets him women who look just ok with all their makeup and hair stuff on.

No. 1712057

File: 1669595040021.png (33.49 KB, 793x193, Screenshot 2022-11-27 182210.p…)


No. 1712064

File: 1669595531681.jpeg (66.13 KB, 679x376, 7C438212-1341-4AA2-8F0E-750727…)

No. 1712071

This thread was poking fun at her scar not too long ago, yeah? I know it's been suspected she lurks here, this feels a little more than coincidental.

No. 1712088

File: 1669598373617.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2730x2048, 21791741-946A-4285-AC5C-627566…)

No. 1712138

ofc she lurks here. Grimes comes to this thread periodically. i don't believe anybody else could be that retarded to describe her as such a genius artist and whiteknight Elon in a very, very specific way like that >>1696942 it must be her. here's listing of these posts

She also posted a pic of Exa after anons whined she never posts her (or something) and this one >>1702201 had me wondering. now she took offense in you guys talkin about her c section/lipo scars hence the newest copium.

No. 1712207

File: 1669607253279.jpg (167.91 KB, 640x417, 2.jpg)

Grimes bitch if you're reading this at least clean your damn room

No. 1712211

I guess stacyvon pushed twins, damn

No. 1712224

Needing a c section probably means she’s dysgenic as fuck according to her own gene theory lol.

No. 1712235

Her fetishy obsession with violence irks me more tbh.

She tweeted about how she’s completely obsessed with warlords, according to Elon she’s always listening to podcasts about violent scrotes, she writes cringey revenge fantasy lyrics about going to war and fighting physical battles with people who called her an ugly crackhead.

She’s always waving her stupid ugly larp swords around for attention, or brandishing knives at the camera on her tiktoks because someone made fun of Elon’s breasts. She’s almost fucking 35. Fetishizing knives, weapons, violence etc is such a scrotey hobby in general.

Not only that, but knowing what a weak, passive aggressive, fragile suburban brat she is makes her fake sword whooshing and tough girl act even more pathetic lol.

No. 1712247

He’s a solid 3/10, and his god awful personality makes him -1000/10, he should be thankful he gets any woman at all and deep down he knows it.

No. 1712249

Ahahahaha those posts were hilarious and definitely her, someone should make a compilation image of them.

No. 1712252

Lul not to nitpick but what is up with her hands they look like a man/trannys hands.

Also what the FUCK is wrong with the ends of her fingers in that pic ewww, they look so filthy and are actually bleeding because she chewed/picked so much of the skin off, so disgusting wtf. Giving big Shaynus bleeding cuticle vibes.

No. 1712253

probably picking her skin due to all the meth she was taking lol

No. 1712255

‘Obsessed with warlord figures like they’re boy bands…’

No. 1712257

Imagine the smell

No. 1712273

>suddenly acting like she’s proud to be a mother
Lol you can tell she really hates it, it clearly makes her feel old and cramps her style, she barely has a role in her childrens life anyway
>making it solely about the aesthetic again
God she’s so peabrained and shallow.

No. 1712276

she'd be the easiest opponent to defeat ever, just trip her and she'll break a hip thanks to early onset anachan-induced osteoporosis kek

No. 1712280

File: 1669612231444.jpeg (714.56 KB, 1620x989, 5DFA13B9-6418-4BB6-AE71-0AED21…)

She either really fucking hates being a mom because it makes her feel old and unsexy, or is coping and making excuses because her kids think the nanny is their actual mom.

Genuinely feel bad for those kids.

No. 1712288

What’s funny is when she first got knocked up with X she was trying really hard to make her pregnancy aesthetic and talking about how exciting and crazy it all is, now she is bored as fuck of the mom thing and has dropped it entirely like she drops every other passing trend and fad in her life lol.

Being a mother is just too uncool for her, she would rather pop uppers and lay in bed like a slug in her VR goggles all day, flicking her bean to hentai.

No. 1712300

File: 1669613182051.jpeg (405.15 KB, 986x1989, 38FFC517-4091-41E9-9345-CBCEB0…)

Comments on her n00dz lulz

No. 1712334

File: 1669615757108.png (1.37 MB, 1856x1964, grimes on lolcow1.png)

here. I honestly forgot how much of that shit she produced, must've been adderal binge lol

No. 1712348

File: 1669616151459.png (541.13 KB, 1484x1780, grimes on lolcow2.png)

it's not as obvious and funny context wise without posts responding to her, but she just ignores all of the arguments why Elon is an asshole who can't do shit at his "job". But these posts sound most like her, who else would fucking care?

No. 1712356

File: 1669616451217.jpg (363.57 KB, 1534x2048, 1643592924737.jpg)

no idea who she is but anon said Kristina Basham. >>1431115

No. 1712357

>the other cows
If the posts are really hers then she's a regular user lol. Interesting

No. 1712358

i just love how she screams at everyone to "understand them deeply" and not "judge shallowlt" and then she shallowly judges women and calls them Kardashians and Barbies.

No. 1712361

she was self posting on 4chan before, and it's not as difficult to integrate as some anons think. Lurk for a few weeks/months, notice how anons post and what words they use and voila. That being said, she still shows signs of naivety/not lurking enough, especially when she says "shut down this thread". Threads on lolcow aren't being shut down just because random anon doesn't like "shallow" nitpicking.

No. 1712363

I can't tell if i remembered correctly (i was lurking everything while compiling screenshots) but anon responded to that i think "yeah something sad is prob Elon abusing Grimes" and then she went with the whole talk how he isn't abusive, he just had failed relationships as always.

No. 1712402

its possible its grimes but there was also that one radfem acid burn muslim girl that definitely lurks here that was in love with elon musk

No. 1712443

"shut down this thread" is probably just some anon who thinks the thread is useless, with no milk. that doesn't have to mean they think the thread can be locked on their demand

No. 1712454

>he used to get badly bullied as a kid and was even put in hospital
he was thrown from a flight of stairs for making fun of the fact that another kid's dad committed suicide. that's what he got "bullied" for. such victim. just like when he lies about holding his dying baby, he tries to distort reality to make normal people who have the ability to empathize with others feel so bad for poor little Elon. he's 100 % a psychopath

No. 1712471

File: 1669634322369.png (73.62 KB, 594x556, Screenshot (46).png)

Adding on to this. He lied about the experience too. Fucking vile.

No. 1712475

>womb fat
are you the same troon in the anorexic thread with 0 knowledge of women's anatomy? >>1706463 Women don't have "womb fat" and mothers don't gain abdominal fat to protect their baby, you just have a fat fetish.

No. 1712480

I should look up the interview someone did with a lady he tried to date in college. She was very creeped out.

No. 1712495

I keep thinking about this post
Have the names of the twins been confirmed yet? Maybe someone was bullshitting, but if it turns out to be true, it’s at least someone with inside knowledge posting here.

No. 1712505

Wtf is womb fat and why do you sound like that cow in the ridiculous photoshopper's thread image?

No. 1712554

>he's 100 % a psychopath
Or autistic…the only difference between autists and psychopaths is in social skilla

No. 1712587

I actually think Shivons twins are boys, after being forced to not only have Oonagh w/Amber and Exa w/Clare one of his twin sons trooned out, perhaps he thinks having a daughter is useless since he already has 3 kek

Side note…shivon gives me normie nerd vibes, I don’t think she’d name her kids the way Clare did, perhaps Leonardo or some Greek philosophers name instead of Dark souls characters kek

No. 1712590

nta but i think they just meant to say lower-belly fat kek

No. 1712591


No. 1712592

she sounds like a narc real bad in this

No. 1712594

she looks fucking hot to me. stop writing your lesbian space opera grimes you don't know what you're doing

No. 1712597

no i called it that because it's super low on the abdomen. she had it before the baby. it's a little piece of fat lots of women have down there

No. 1712601

She just hates ageing imo being reminded that your a mom now instead of the manic pixie dream girl probably makes her skin crawl. She’s not a regular mom, she’s a severely depressed try hard "young" mom who’d eat diarrhea with a spoon if Elon said so.

No. 1712604

Couldn’t it be simply her starving herself while high on meth? Makes more sense than a lipo for an already malnourished person
Some of you never took hard drugs and it shows, you can easily lose 10 pounds in a few days even when you’re already skinny

No. 1712748

She didn’t do anything, she had a surrogate.
Also, grimes is only saying this because she has the scar. If she had her baby vaginally, she would talk about being a portal from the unknown void to the material world or something like that.
Before Elon brainwashed her with his breeding kink depopulation world savior viking harem ideas, she’s was def the kind of woman to make fun of mothers for scars, weight gain, loose skin and stretch marks.

No. 1712787

Harems may have been a place for men to collect their female relatives and wives away from other men but they weren't exactly orgy central, they were usually rooms where rich women gossiped while being served tea like some high class families in Asia still work today. Walk into a very rich Asian home and you'll find a tea parlor where the women and maids gossip and do nothing much else except shop and watch dramas. Men fucked their wives in the bedroom like pretty much every other part of the world (and usually got a new wife to replace an old one or out of political convenience so again, orgies not exactly some common thing). This pick me should just accept she wants a modern western degenerate polycule where everyone is having pity sex with each other and convincing themselves they're hot
Kek, thank you nonna for informing us of her "Russian". Wonder if Elon has some back door deals with Putin and she's trying to larp as a Russiaboo to get her Rick and Morty gamer back

She jumped from tumblr fantasy straight to reality and I don't think quite realises it yet. I truly believe rich people should be round up and sent to the sweat shops and child mines they make money from. Grimes needs to see that for all her memes on communism and supporting Elon not giving a shit about the real human cost of a coup and cartels, there are real people being beaten and killed for her lifestyle. Since you're reading here Claire, you say Elon cares about cobalt mines right? You're convinced he's different from every other brand owner caught using child labour? So has he changed or investigated any of the third party contractors he uses for his minerals? Because that's how they get around directly using child labour Claire. I'm gonna take a bet and say he didn't but feel free to vague tweet in defence of a man who couldn't care less if you've got an excuse for him

No. 1712791

ayrt i was a drug addict for 12 years. idk what this meth thing is about. claire had access to prescription amphetamines and likely avoided crystal the way most women concerned about their looks do. in her early 30s i could see her railing it a few times as the metabolism slows and you get a bit shocked that you can't maintain low weight the way you used to be able to. but with elon's money and access to american doctors she wouldn't have been regularly snorting it and defnintely never smoking it.

No. 1712794

she makes herself look like a total rube. with men like elon, you're supposed to get in, make the connections/get the money, and get out. he's not long term husband material, he's not dating anyone because of feelings. you're supposed to know it's a not-really-caring-about-each-other professional opportunity for both of you with bonus sex. i'm not saying men should treat women this way - just that if you want have a publicity relationship, you have to understand he doesn't really care about you and he's going into it thinking you don't really care about him. it's very sad to see basically a groupie think she is dating the celeb she hooked up with.

No. 1712858

Does Claire even drive a Tesla?

No. 1712863

File: 1669668577123.jpg (221.36 KB, 934x1030, Screenshot_20221128_153731_com…)

This is actually really embarrassing (two articles were written on the subject and got tended to me, wonder if he's buying articles so seem relatable?). He jokes underneath about needing coasters as if that excuses his nasty fucking coke rings on his night stand. I don't trust anyone with soda on their nightstand to brush their teeth. God he must smell disgusting. Also what's the point of displaying these guns on his nightstand? I'm hoping they're actually on display on his house somewhere and he doesn't actually go to sleep looking at display guns and breath bombs (especially cause it's more funnier to imagine him staging the guns and ignoring the mess like any other cow on snow). Maybe it's a good this he just starfishes during sex so he doesn't actually force a kiss on anyone

No. 1712870

Definitely her since when she isn’t on twitter she always writes long boring ass textwalls, like the psychotically long message she sent to Alice lol

No. 1712871

>two toy guns, one from deus ex game series
>empty goyslop full of aspartame soda cans laying around because he is a gross slob who doesn’t wash his ass
>no family pictures, no kids pictures
>nothing meaningful or beautiful, just a /pol/ thread pic in a frame
He’s literally soijak incarnate.

No. 1712876

Right. She is arrogant and deluded enough to think a rich autistic narc like Elon will actually fall in love with her, but also desperate enough to accept being cucked and pretends she’s totally cool with it.

Even though half her lyrics are about feelings of extreme jealousy, sadness over the fact he doesn’t really love her and inferiority and jealousy of his exes an his relationships with them.

She lives off crumbs of Elon’s attention and probably writes self insert fanfics to cope with the lack of irl attention he gives her lol. I genuinely think she is delusional and aspie enough to have actually formed a parasocial relationship with Elon based on canon in her head.

No. 1712885

Agreed. Nothing narcs hate more than getting old. Both her and Elon are having a midlife crisis and being called mom or dad makes them feel ancient.

Notice how she didn’t say she lets X call her Claire because he wants to. She said she makes X call her Claire because SHE wants him to.
She’s so narcy she would rather deny the natural and beautiful dynamic a mom and child have together just to desperately preserve her ego and not feel old.

The plastic surgery, the dramatic new tatts, the nude thirst traps. It’s all so attention seeking and desperate.

No. 1712888

A lot of oldfag anons people on /mu/ claim she used to selfpost then sockpuppet and promote her music there.

No. 1712890

I also think it's her, because her whiteknighting is similar to how she does it on Twitter. this anon never came back again, which i find suspicious. And i don't think Romani-chan stopped posting on lolcow. I mean anons believed Grimes posts on 4chan for much less, and here we've got textwalls of really crazy whiteknighting similar to her tiktok/twitter routine.

No. 1712891

I'd be mortified if i was his kid and my pic was shoved in the back among all of that

No. 1712896

hello /fit/izen

No. 1712912

File: 1669672133157.jpg (300.99 KB, 1080x1129, Screenshot_20221128_154045_com…)

>two toy guns, one from deus ex game series
Fucking kek, the fox news article had people praising the guns as if they were real and there was also this under the tweet as well as a few similar. My commiserations for American gynes dealing with both red meat burger moids and soy burger moids

No. 1712923

File: 1669673426331.jpg (69.96 KB, 1024x623, 0stmt4nvtq2a1.jpg)

No. 1712926

File: 1669673541643.jpeg (220.1 KB, 1102x756, 4289BE12-0BEE-4807-B3C9-5AFB3B…)

She loooved to make useless Grimes threads on /mu/ and then proceeded to spam them with wking
It was extremely obvious but I thought everyone simply knew it was her or her team. (Picrel)

Also, I vividly remember how almost everyone on 4chan was taking shit about her, calling her ugly and smelly or untalented…..this was in her earlier SJW days and then suddenly, every moid adored her quirkiness and threads would be flooded with positive memes and approval of her intellect and beauty, both things no one would’ve associated Grimes with, very sketchy and manipulative


Hi Grimes pls stop snorting stuff, your nose is already so huge and flat I’m scared it might collapse k thanks bye

No. 1712928

kek, ol' Legohead picking a fight with Apple. Ask Epic how that worked out for them.

No. 1712936

always with that dark wood ass man cave ass furniture. you know just out of frame there is a gunpowder bacon candle, vape juice and beard oil

No. 1712943


this is so fucking pathetic HOLY SHIT, Elon, dude, get off the internet for a few days

No. 1712946

my sides

No. 1712962

She even captioned her nudes ‘Hobbies: killing her enemies’ how edgy and cringe.

Just the fuck up Claire, we all know if you encountered any of your ‘enemies’ irl you’d spill your spaghetti and start trembling, run away and then send an anonymous message 3 hours later calling her fat.

No. 1712976

Poor Justine. In her op-ed she wrote about him being extremely cold towards her afterwards and how he never showed any grief. I never questioned her story but he just solidified it.

No. 1712997

this checks out, that looks like the bedside table of a very fat man.

No. 1712998

>delusional and aspie enough to have actually formed a parasocial relationship with Elon based on canon in her head.
it's fine to have one of these with your fuck buddy or rich guy you go on dates with that you don't tell your friends about because he's lame, but you don't POST IT ON TWITTER or even ever say it aloud. just…relationships with men like him aren't real and you are a sad case if you think that type of guy has the capacity to care about or think about anyone.

No. 1713000

I doubt she knows how to drive a car

No. 1713001

that furniture looks like it's a children's "pirate ship bed" or some tacky shit like that

No. 1713005

hoky kek 3/5 of those posts are definitely her. christ.

No. 1713013

it's meant to be in the medieval style, it seems

No. 1713025

imagine him carefully selecting and arranging this stuff to get the best shot.
does he do anything besides shitposting, ignoring his kids and firing people?

No. 1713047

File: 1669681272018.png (807.48 KB, 980x2288, 4chan1.png)

No. 1713048

File: 1669681343811.png (646.02 KB, 980x2455, 4chan2.png)

No. 1713054

Eh, grimes had tons of orbiters on /mu/ at this time, I honestly doubt that that's her self-posting.

No. 1713062

File: 1669682385823.jpeg (336.31 KB, 750x1085, 4BC9A5D5-9148-49F3-A6FA-D31DB6…)

Grimes QTed the hipster eugenicists just now.

No. 1713065

misery loves company, i suppose

No. 1713070

Nah bro people still didn’t like her that much on 4chan where moids and femcels only favoured asian chicks or conventionally attractive singers like Alice glass or mars argo
Grimes was never marketed as a beauty it was her great music that made people interested in her……why all of sudden this praise on her looks? She’s clearly staring these threads but perhaps not spamming them all the time

No. 1713079

this is insane. she’s out of nowhere trying to act like a mother and doesn’t know how, so she just spews this horrible opinion like it’s fact. what the fuck is she talking about?

also i think her pointing out her csection scar is all about people noticing she had lipo done & so she diverted the attention as narcs always do with “c section scars are an underrated aesthetic uwuu”
please get a job or a life or actual hobby or something, she is just a complete fucking idiot

No. 1713080

>i guess it's what money does to people
pretending she earned anything from her music kek

No. 1713082

you forgot "eating all the pies"

No. 1713085

wtf are either of these retards talking about

No. 1713091

No. 1713092

File: 1669683956173.jpeg (212.87 KB, 750x1089, ADA93202-5F7A-4FFA-AB2F-F919CA…)

+ new photoshoot by her pedo friend Aella

No. 1713096

grimes wishes she looked like this, she looks absolutely nothing like that

No. 1713098

That caption is giving word salad, I hate it when stupid people try to say deep shit

No. 1713101


go back

No. 1713104

>X shadows engineering/strategy meetings
He’s two, Claire. Your son is 2 years old.

No. 1713106

>someone ITT points out how she doesn’t seem to give a fuck about her kids or being a mom
>suddenly starts gushing about her son on twitter and how great kids are
Sussy lol.

No. 1713107

I wonder if her love of art theft extends to her own music? Art is just training fodder for a neural net after all

No. 1713108

Why are all of her ‘enemies’ harmless young women, and not her fat child exploiter Epstein buddy daddy dom and his friends?

No. 1713110

Elon must be really ignoring her hard right now lol.

Pseud fake deep stoner babble

No. 1713111

it’s too funny that a 35 year old ‘celebrity’ cow is lurking right now
she’s bored as hell

No. 1713113

This captions feels weirdly similar to what an anon said in the previous thread about Eve of Africa being our collective ancestor and mother. She’s just plagiarizing nonnies at this point because she’s too retarded to come up with deep things on her own lol.

No. 1713116

She’s so desperate for X to be Elon’s favourite child lol. She’s desperate for Elon to love and respect her by proxy. She’s desperate to prove she’s genetically superior enough to be capable of producing some kind of organic child prodigy.

Never gonna happen Clairo, sorry.

No. 1713118

well, there's AI generated music already, so she must be happy about her work being fed to the great computer in the sky or whatever.

No. 1713120

Is it not well known that the more you try to force a hobby or interest on a child the more they come to dislike and avoid it as they grow older? I just don’t understand parents shoving their own interests down their child’s throat from birth like that.

Your child is a person Claire. He has his own individual wants and needs. Your son is not an appendage for you to use to manipulate your baby daddy into giving a shit about you.

No. 1713122

All her simps are enbies and trannies lol. Or rather, were. Most roped, grew out of her music, or disowned her.

No. 1713123

i was thinking this exactly when i read the tweet and im still flabbergasted by it 20 mins later. i actually lold at your reply nonnie, it’s too perfect.

No. 1713126

can't wait for x to become a luddite and join the amish.

No. 1713129

>muh AI gods
>muh space hotels and colonies
>muh starbucks on mars
Kek she’s so brainwashed. Literally high off the smell of Elon’s farts.

You know that take about how narcissists have no core personality? Like how their persona is just a mishmash of random shit that takes their fancy, stuff they plagiarized off others, as well as mirroring whoever they are currently trying to manipulate and impress? Yeah, that’s Grimey all over.

No. 1713132

what a mombie

No. 1713135

File: 1669686742906.png (94.72 KB, 916x554, grimetfff.png)

Seconded. The insistance on how beautiful Grimes is (and how she's just as famous as Bjork kek) is similar to whiteknight posts compilation. Narc celebrities google themselves all the time, especially if they're terminally online, their threads can pop up randomly on google image or even backpages of search. Grimes is even more that that, she knows about 4chan.

she really is that kind of a person who religiously follows everything about her and gets pissed when her stan accounts, even with like 19 followers only, write something about her. idk what was originally posted but look at this. who tf else would care if shitty stan account posts inaccurate information?

No. 1713136

biiitch the picture on the left, holy. No. Her face doesn't look like that, not even close. not even half like that, not anymore. not ever

No. 1713137

her core identity is larp sword whooshing, trying to skinwalk asian girls, being elons footstool, and self insert daenaerys headcanon

No. 1713138

she lives in a tinyhouse in shithole Texas with a baby and a toddler, her life is a living nightmare

Claire, show us your crib!

No. 1713140

Dont forget bogging herself and doing meth!

No. 1713145

File: 1669687236602.png (113.33 KB, 918x742, 222.png)

Grimes, what is going on? can't you afford your nanny? Good for her, if i was XXyyxyx's nanny and took care of your kid 25/7, i'd ask for 3x the raise too!

No. 1713146

She’s the Reddit version of a soccer mom.

No. 1713149

File: 1669687367818.jpg (1.01 MB, 2000x1333, p10-martin-tiny-spaces-c-20190…)

what kind of "work" is she talking about? where does she want to drop her baby now? don't act like you care for anyone else Claire. "So kids can see how the world rly worlds" lmao. it's your and only your fault that you never let your poor child out of a pink-lit crackhouse house that looks like that

No. 1713150

>bring your baby to work day
Didn’t they already try that in the 80’s?

No. 1713153

Lol I remember that Simpsons episode

No. 1713154

none of them look like her and they each have a different face

No. 1713156

Is all that baby at work talk because allegedly Elon recently took X with him to Twitter office? maybe he regretted it and never came back, that's why Grimes is crying about lack of baby work spaces

No. 1713157

why is she so dumb

No. 1713164

Claire’s ‘work’ is smoking dude weed while sitting in a dingy room that smells like BO and lentils in her flatpack home, with her Wish pink neon striplight, shitty redbubble curtain and clothes hangers in the background, adding reverb to premade sound plugins. Aren’t her kids technically at work with her all the time?

Unless of course, she’s admitting the kids are always elsewhere being looked after by someone else.

No. 1713166

File: 1669688161446.png (138.92 KB, 920x814, 123123.png)

>sport simulates great world war
>would be down for pure gladiatorial combat
haha sure Grimey. you've already fought a great world war, sorry, Azealia, til last drop of blood like a true gladiator you are

No. 1713167

Lan_Dao’s tweets seem like an AI that regurgitates /pol/ greentexts and combines them into a word salad parody. Even has an Asian woman as the profile picture to emphasize the authenticity.

No. 1713169

I still can’t get over the fact during their ‘fight’ she said something about a buffet then immediately apologized.

Also when she was so triggered by Azealia making fun of her and calling her a crackhead, she cried and fell into a depression, Elon told her she must act like she’s ‘in battle’ and then he tried to keylog her phone. Kek.

No. 1713173

File: 1669688892316.jpg (114.57 KB, 555x740, cutecat.jpg)

Have either of these psychopaths ever owned a pet? People who have the means to have a pet and don't are usually the worst kind of narcs.

No. 1713174

she talks about fighting a lot. what is that about?

doesn't elon own a shiba inu?

No. 1713176

No. I was a heavy /mu/ user at this time. It was an in-joke for users to talk about how she was stinky but they wanted to fuck her anyways. The grimes posters were infamous for being relentless and annoying, especially in the mid 2010s.

No. 1713177

It may be weird question but does she have any pics with TWO of her kids and her together? Or kids playing with each other? Idk why but i always get weird impression that they kind of don't grow together, and Grimes is never with 2 kids at once. she just picks one kid, gets a twitter photo, gives it away to nanny, gets another kid to spend "some" time, then gives away both and fucks off somewhere to do drugs. i sincerely doubt she's capable of splitting her attention and dedicating it to two kids at once, or engaging an activity (playing toys, reading, etc) for both. she can't even do it for one.

No. 1713178

don’t forget that claire malded over that incident for 3 years straight, even wrote a diss track about her revenge fantasy gladiatorial fight with her enemy azealia. she only released it years later, literally years after the feud. too fucking funny.

No. 1713179

I haven’t seen a pic with both of them either wtf

No. 1713182

Not to double-post but no one cared about Mars Argo on /mu/, tiktok zoomer detected. Alice Glass was posted about but that was more of a tumblr thing. Lauren Mayberry of chvrches, Grimes, St. Vincent and Bjork were probably the most thirsted-over female pop musicians of mid-2010s /mu/. Even back in 2011-2012, when Born to Die came out, no one really cared about Lana del Rey. or anyone like that - it was primarily Grimes and the rapper Kitty (at the time Kitty Pryde), Kitty even posted on /mu/ and shouted out /mu/ memes in her songs. I’m not a moid btw, just happened to witness this

No. 1713184

Right? I forgot that 100% Tragedy was only released in 2021, because it’s such a shitty forgettable song.

She really kept that shit going. Imagines herself as a dark souls Joan of arc Viking final boss war fairy, but cries and malds for years over a text catfight, claims A tried to ‘destroy her’. Claire pretends to love brutality and war yet she’s a pathetic fragile little bitch, lmao.

No. 1713186

>she talks about fighting a lot. what’s that about?
Probably the same reason incels fantasize about being warlords and dictators and killing people who hurt their feefees. Scrote-minded cowards always fantasize about violence and hurting people because they’re pathetic ragie losers who are too scared of confrontation irl.

No. 1713193

There's no way either of these women have ever played a competitive team sport. This is so embarrassing to read.

No. 1713194

The scrotes on 4chan will thirst over literally anyone though lol, they’re still talking about how fuckable Caroline Ellison and Greta Thunberg are.

Lana, Alice etc were too conventionally pretty, young Grimes was one of those uglycute girls who seems accessible and attainable to incels. If any of them still actually cared about her, I’m sure they’d be seething that their quirky arthoe /mu/ waifu was really just a hypergamous status seeking golddigger whore the whole time. Nobody gives a fuck anymore though, they have a way bigger boner for Elon than for her.

No. 1713196

The other account is literally a bunch of white incels running an odd troll account and using a random Asian woman’s pic. I guess Claire has autism so she took the tweets seriously.

But yes both parties are breadstick armed losers fantasizing about gladiators fighting to the death and feral states of tribal warfare, from the comfort of their computer chairs in their suburban homes in their first world countries.

No. 1713202

She used to have a pet in her "alt" Canada days and then she abandonend her dog and left for her ex to take care after. that's what i've read at least, Montreal grime oldfags can correct me on that if i'm wrong. so yeah she didn't care about her dog.

No. 1713249

File: 1669696138700.jpeg (239.85 KB, 828x1215, 3F4CBF67-7766-4FA6-A0A2-0231C1…)

Idk about abandoned or if he just wanted to keep the dog but yeah Q lives with James - now Jaime

No. 1713341

Muskrat with his fake guns and Grimey with her fake swords. What a pair of dweebs.

No. 1713345

why is the diamond sticker for the woman on the left backwards, but hers is the right way? like i'd expect them to both be mirrored if the photo was but they're both different wtf

No. 1713348

fuck that
christ I'm so glad I wfh now, can you imagine if this actually became a thing lmao. The last thing engineers/devs need in their space while working is a fucking 2 year old trying to "shadow" them.

This demonstrates just how little experience she has with both actual working and children. And she's proud of this tweet I bet lol.

No. 1713367


Kek I was just thinking that. It’s all “win win 4 all” until little x chokes to death on a white board marker cap and begins haunting the Tesla factory.

No. 1713395

"We need to normalize children in highly potentially dangerous workplaces, oh and force your coworkers/employees to watch them, tee hee"
Ugly and stupid, like, damn bitch, pick a struggle.

No. 1713522

She probably stuck it on backwards cuz she is just so quirky and randum xD

No. 1713540

wdym? which delivery driver wouldn't want their little bundle of joy with them at all times? or the construction worker? or firefighter during an emergency?

No. 1713555

Isn’t this the same line of reasoning pedos use to justify fucking kids? I’ve seen pedos say similar arguments
>oh we shelter children too much
>we need to expose children to the reality of the adult world while they are still young
>there’s nothing wrong with making children watch adults have sex or letting children experiment sexually with each other
>there’s nothing wrong with showing kids porn because they need to see how sex works
>children are like mini adults and can consent
>babies are known to touch their genitals and sometimes kids play with each other’s parts therefore it should be legal to rape babies
Etc etc.

Is that, god forbid, a wider part of what she’s getting at?

She has no problem letting her kid watch ‘radical art’ violent movies either. And now she wants them to sit in the adult workplace. People who want children to grow up too fast just creep me out so much.

The human lifespan is longer than ever and they have 80 more years to be a miserable wagie. Just seems like something corporations would love in order to groom more people into being wageslaves.

And also acting like X doesn’t have 3-4 nannies fussing over his every move even if he was at Elon’s work. Not everyone has that luxury. It’s just so disingenuous and gross.

No. 1713559

File: 1669732090963.jpeg (769.18 KB, 1242x1405, EBAC1212-D573-4CA6-A2DF-C3B53F…)

Canadians were a mistake lmao

No. 1713565

>these pics look great bc they look nothing like me!
why did she just shade herself like that lol

anyway i see zero resemblance to claire, they look like a weird morph of hillary swank, brittany venti, and a random brazilian woman

AI is so retarded it needs to get better asap

No. 1713578

File: 1669733491128.jpg (132.89 KB, 702x618, gross.jpg)

>hello! i don't have a personality! so i make sex and talking about dicks, vaginas and fetishes all the time into my whole identity! maybe disgusting old men will pay me more attention if i talk about orgies constantly!

No. 1713582

ohnononono prozzie sisters…

No. 1713596

kek it's cause the problem here wasn't "take your kids to work", it was "ontarians can't drive"
legit all the morning radio shows in the GTA have a collision report SEPARATE from the traffic report because the 401 is more of a demolition derby than a highway

No. 1713599

>miserable wagie
you can also, you know, sign up for classes in stuff you like and then get a job that isn't something you hate
they teach french and computers and baking in high schools now, and if your high school doesn't have that stuff it's easy to get into translation or culinary or graphic design in university. even architectural design or parts of game development are techincally just visual studies jobs and don't require any math or science, if those subjects give you a lot of trouble.

No. 1713601

>hello! i don't have a personality! so i make sex and talking about dicks, vaginas and fetishes all the time into my whole identity!
kek this was literally lux alptraum and fleshbot back in the day

No. 1713612

Sure but let’s be honest, most people work boring or shitty jobs to pay the bills. Only a tiny amount of people will ever actually be able to have a successful career in something they truly love. If people love their job or want to work that’s fine. I just don’t believe in grooming children for the labor force at such a young age.

No. 1713628

a lot of people start out loving their job but it quickly turns into drudgery when you have to do it day in and day out in order to avoid homelessness

Anyways this is all besides the point because Elon's spawn will likely never have to worry about selling their labor in order to survive because rich people don't have to work

No. 1713656

Yep. Going to work is a day at the zoo for rich people like them. It’s novelty, a funny experience.

Being a moron with a fake degree, making smart people work for you while you take credit for all their intelligence and merit. Delegating and bossing around immigrants all day while you try to make it look like you did all the hard work. Apartheid Clyde must love that.

No. 1713666

File: 1669739829104.jpeg (1001.36 KB, 2715x1532, 3FC945A0-7B34-49E0-886F-9A6CD0…)

Yes Claire, Elon did the exact same things with all his other sons as well, forcing them to stay at dangerous SpaceX and Tesla factories for hours, taking them to international meetings with shady businessmen, or forcing them to read sci-fi books in his so-called "spaceX school", yet they ended up not being interested in space, rockets or engineering, literally no one.
Her being a mombie won’t change the fact that this way of forceful parenting doesn’t work kek and most likely will backfire on her

No. 1713672

They’re so desperate to prove to everyone they’re gonna have child prodigy genius children. They can’t accept their kids will be dumbass to midwit trannies at best.

No. 1713675

an old but lulzy grimes lie…
>Grimes said “I have also eliminated all blue light from my vision through an experimental surgery that removes the top film of my eyeball and replaces it with an orange ultra-flex polymer that my friend and I made in the lab this past winter as a means to cure seasonal depression."
>An ophthalmology expert responded to the statement, saying “There is no legitimate eye surgery available to eliminate blue light, nor a reason to eliminate all blue light.”
>An anonymous cornea researcher at a major university added “There’s decades worth of work trying to come up with a superficially placed contact lens replacement. They’ve all failed, because a material placed in the superficial cornea ultimately starves the underlying cells of nutrients and oxygen leading to corneal haze or scarring and vision loss.”

No. 1713681

She doesn’t even deserve the title of mother tbh. Neither does Elon deserve the title of dad.

No. 1713698

That’s honestly such a weird thing to lie about lol. Another stoner fever dream by Claire likely fed to her by something she read on twitter. Also ‘my friend’? Why does she always steal other people’s ideas and never give people who are obviously much smarter than her the credit for stuff? She’s one of those annoying horse girls who made up elaborate lies of what they were doing all summer break when really they were just rotting in their room.

No. 1713700

yes claire im sure its the blue light causing your depression, and not the fact you’ve been frying your dopamine receptors with meth and weed for the past two decades

No. 1713703

She said she doesn't even "identify with the word mother", and that X calls her Claire and not mama because he can sense her distaste for the word, yet she also says she wants to have four kids. If you hate being a mother, why do you want more kids? I guess she finds it easier to be detached since surrogates give birth, and nannies take care of her kids for her….

No. 1713705

Or c.o.'s. Let the pedos window shop.
Being called mom isn't a title, it's a term of affection. Imagine being so emotionally distant that you don't even see yourself as that. Get help Clare.

No. 1713711

Yep as I said what’s fucked up is she makes X call her Claire to preserve her own ego, not because the kid wants to or because she cares about what he wants. So mentally stunted and high all the time that she can’t even understand it’s a term of endearment and affection.

No. 1713715

it’s honestly more likely that the nanny is taking care of the kid so damn often that X and Y genuinely think the nannies are their mothers and it would be strange to call claire mom since she’s hardly around.

No. 1713717

That’s because she never wanted to be a mother, she just adopted this breeding kink to hang on to her piece of shit boyfriend. It sounds like becoming his IVF broodmare is necessary for any woman to get into his inner circle, and Grimes is a turbo pickme so she’ll pretend to be into it too while her resentment leaks out in every interview. Poor kids.

No. 1713720

Someone on tiktok insinuated it and Claire got very triggered by it lol.

She said she ‘didn’t know’ you are supposed to teach babies words. ‘Didn’t read the manual’.

Now she is coping by doubling down and saying she doesn’t like being called mom anyway. Top kek.

No. 1713724

can you imagine the kind of life those children would have if they didnt have a wealthy dad and numerous nannies and maids running around after them? they’d literally be taken off those fucks for elon being awol all the time and claire being a neglectful crackhead.

No. 1713725

Right. She literally had a kid just so Elon might pay more attention to her. Fucking gross.

No. 1713732

Looking forward to the day both kids troon out, change their names to Brad and Ashley, and refuse to speak to their crackhead sperm & egg donors ever again.

No. 1713734


sorry to dwell on that but i find the /mu/ topic interesting for some reason (probably cause it was so long ago). i get that 4chan is filled with the lowest of scrotes but why would anyone want to fuck someone who literally looks like she stinks? is it a fetish? or is she such a manic pixie dream girl loli voiced faery that they are willing to look past the smell? did they say anything on that? makes me want to look for the old threads cause they seem like comedy gold kek


honestly her whole life without Elon would be an absolute mess. sometimes i wonder where she would be if he didn't pick her, cause yeah true now she's acting all cluster b and spiraling but AT LEAST she's well off and rich to a degree so it's 'fine'. but without his $ claire would probably be living with her parents again at this point. the loli larp only lasts so far and plus 30 with no money no one would have bought it, doubt anyone would care about the music at all anymore.

No. 1713758

I feel bad for Exa. Elon's two biological daughters were both born via surrogacy like test objects and he never acknowledges them. He hasn't said anything about Exa since her birth. I think he has barely any involvement with Amber's baby. I assume Shivon also had twin boys with him considering his obsession with having sons? Elon neglects her and Grimes uses her daughter like an accessory, she's already projecting her cringe taste and personality onto a baby. "Exa Dark Sideræl Musk" on its own is an awful name to be born with. She said "This will most definitely change btw haha but it won’t be for public". Other names she said she considered for Exa are "Odysseus" and "Sailor Mars". Maybe it's a good thing she's raised by nannies, so she doesn't have to endure Grimes' bullshit too much

No. 1713760

What an idiot. Why's she pretend she's like a cyberpunk modified human, anyone with a brain cell can tell you this isn't possible

No. 1713762

File: 1669743554788.png (210.44 KB, 673x531, 607B90A0-ED44-4780-B574-73C0D1…)

And Claire is the most egregious example kek

No. 1713769

File: 1669743952093.png (65.08 KB, 1298x430, 5655899912.png)

No. 1713780

Filled out a troll one lol.

No. 1713805

These are aí generated.

No. 1713837

That's because having 4+ kids through ivf is a next and the only opportunity for her to see Elon

No. 1713848

File: 1669751313318.jpeg (200.18 KB, 771x513, 5A7EE05E-490A-42EB-B6ED-71EE95…)

I remember thinking that she was feeling herself here and in the Violence video, even though they’re edgy crap. Probably she never had more attention from “my beautiful e” than before conceiving Kwisatz Haderach-123. That’s when he abruptly stopped appearing with her in public, anyway. She really thought that she’d be in space by now kek, but instead she just aged 25 years. We’ll never see her euphoric like this again.

No. 1713856

Why is she holding a bow with no arrow. Lame.

No. 1713857

Because she’s aimless? Or because her biceps can’t hold a bow string taught.

No. 1713858

Claireo is obsessed with fighting and conflict. But seems like she’d be shit at it. Maybe this is her way of expressing all the autistic pickme rage she bottled up towards Elon.

No. 1713870

4 years and she still hasn't released "the official music video", probably never will at this point. Lazy

No. 1713881

How dare you? Being an autistic contrarian who - unlike the other intellectually shallow, politically correct girls - dares to be an intellectual rebel by making polls on Twitter asking men about the youngest girl they'd be willing to fuck is not only a personality, but it's the most desired one a woman could have in the Silicon Valley subculture

No. 1713902

File: 1669754872581.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 3464x3464, 497131FF-DF27-4BE7-8826-7FE306…)

She’s just a regular onlyfans model with deep anxiety about ageing and not looking hot to fat white farts. That’s it.
She’s throwing these sex parties to in hopes to become a pimp ala ghislaine maxwell so moids don’t age shame her out of her own sex orgies lmfao
She also edits her pussy to make it look more appealing kkeekk
Bonus pics of cringe ass long torso aella queen

No. 1713908

I wish she would stop talking about warfare when she's a 34 year-old upper-class former rave kid whose biggest adversity in life was getting humiliated by Azaelia Banks, and quit romanticizing war when she's a pathetically weak woman approaching middle-age starving herself so that her psychopathic baby daddy might mistake her for a 16 year-old Russian girl. Literally anyone could easily kill her; there is zero strength in her body, and all of her fantasies of destruction stem from being criticized online. Also, she has absolutely no personality of her own. Nowadays she just embraces the cultural memes and signifiers Elon are into

No. 1713917

Why would a label even give lazy junkie Claire an allowance for a geeky music video dedicated to Melon Husk that no one cares for? Her music is awful and unpopular on its own, her latest attempt with the player of games "music video" was horrible and everything looked extremely cheap, especially her costume and make up.
Book 1 is going to be a financial nightmare 4 the label, no one buys her shit, the label is probably delaying the release in hopes that grimes will forget it completely kek

No. 1713920

HAHAHAAA OMG is that supposed to be elon's body? are we supposed to fucking believe that??

No. 1713922

she seems to think this is a successful "in-character" bullshit statement, like when lady gaga used to do interviews in character and say "popstars should not eat, i do not eat" or "my workout drink is whisky and i never take off my sunglasses at the gym" that kind of silly fun crazy crap

No. 1713924

I would beat the shit out of her in any combat, and she knows it! Her face is way to punchable and not even her smell would throw me off
Grimes vs Nonnie

No. 1713927

it's true. i can't remember which celebrity or politician said this, but there was an american man who said he thought the nanny (who was black while his whole family was white) was his actual mother until he was 6 years old because his rich as fuck parents were never home

No. 1713929

File: 1669756007075.png (38.05 KB, 880x188, screenshot.png)

Upcoming milk? Any predictions?

No. 1713936

Oh man, time to grind Twitter’s reputation further into the dust!

No. 1713942

Bring it. I can't wait to see how this will blow up.

No. 1713943

if you google or whatever there are more pictures of her where she just looks like the classic mid 20s hipster girl of the 2010s. that was the "art ho" option compared to hayden panettiere stacies at the time.
she still had a thin body so wasn't that much of an "embarassing" choice for hipster moids who had to pretend to be attracted to alt girls on their level while really only wanting to date way-out-of-their-league normie women who also made more money than them.

No. 1713948

samefag i'm grimes age and had a few friends in her circle so i hope my explanation makes sense. it was a super libfem/choice feminism culture and the men really did avoid dating women of their same subculture or income level, to a weird degree imo. if you were a brokeass girl in a zooey deschanel costume, you would have to be extremely hot to date (not hook up with, fully date) a brokeass man in a conor oberst costume.

No. 1713953

i'm glad his two daughters will get to grow up without him in their lives. i want to start a conspiracy to get a radfem farmer hired as grimes' nanny.

No. 1713955

elon musk's self-driving car ran over a teenage girl with her whole life ahead of her.

No. 1713957

maybe she already shot it when we weren't looking?

No. 1713958

she looks miserable
she isn't even ugly or aging badly but her own anxiety, insecurity, hate of other women, bad attitude about aging are really shows on her face and it makes her unnappealing. looking fucking miserable with your life is what her problem is

No. 1713959

an actual 16 year old russian girl could kick her ass, both of your asses, and then mine before we even had time to finish laughing at grimes for getting her ass kicked

No. 1713961

kek look at his pfp fatass really thinks he's iron man

No. 1713973

Lol she thinks she's so hardcore. That reminds me of the behind the scenes video for Bella Poarch's Dolls where she fights her. Someone asks them "Who would actually win in a fight between you guys?" and Grimes says "I feel like I'm pretty crazy… If it was like a fight of… where we can't cheat, you would win. And if it's a fight to the death, I think I would win. If it was like a real, we're going at it, like, if I had to kill someone, I would do it."

No. 1713996

File: 1669759532942.png (47.22 KB, 309x170, 55555.png)

hahahah sure Claire. Bella Poarch would snap you in the half, just with a measured flap of her single ponytail. anyone would blow her like a thread of grass. you've already seen how you "fought to death" with Azealia, a real "battle mode".

No. 1714008

Like anyone gives a fuck lol. He needs to shut the fuck up and dig up files on himself being buddies with Epstein and visiting his mansion, also Epstein being Talulah’s pimp.

No. 1714010

Jfl @ that t rex armed junkie thinking she could kill anything lol

No. 1714014

In general I feel like it’s spoiled suburban western kids who live cushy lives who romanticise and fetishise war and violence the most. People who actually had to live through that shit just want peace in their lives.

I might even respect Grimes more if she made her revenge fantasies about gutting pedos and had lyrics about lynching child labor exploiters. But instead her ‘enemies’ are all young women whose ‘crime’ is being hotter than her, or nonnies from lolcow who made fun of her nipples. It’s just so sad and pathetic for a near middle aged woman and mother of two to be like this.

No. 1714028

File: 1669762651123.jpeg (317.26 KB, 1125x1915, 4976C10A-1A6B-43B2-BB72-9BA223…)

end my suffering

No. 1714037

I kind of get what you’re saying lol. Sage for OT and loooong blogpost, please ignore unless you wanna know more about that scene but
about 10 years ago I ended up getting dragged into the underground/soundcloud music scene in London, women exactly like Grimes were ten a penny. There were soooo many ‘experimental female artists’ like her, which sounds badass, but the scary thing was most of them were ultra pickmes who were in relationships with the shittiest type of scrotes, like actual pedos, abusers, junkies etc. I don’t know why but hipster and art kid circles always attract the absolute worst kind of scrotes and that’s why I ended up hating those movements entirely. They’re always rapists and pedos and just absolute shitheads but they can always find a gf.

Despite going out of their way to be as strange and radical as possible they all ended up looking acting and being exactly the same, they’re usually average looking to kind of ugly but have enormous egos, super contrarian about everything and determined to have an alt lifestyle in any way possible (polyamory, veganism/freeganism/breatharianism whatever the fuck else), pro tranny/pedo/map whatever other shit, usually had some kind of extreme political views like either post ironic commies, morality is a social construct, pro technocracy or low-key white nationalists/nazis (‘but only for the aesthetic!’) and literally all of them did shit tons of drugs all day, that was their main hobby besides making shitty plug-in music. Nearly all came from privileged as hell backgrounds with rich parents too.

Oh and they were always obsessed with shitty obscure music and made it their personality, or dumb scrotey Japanese fetish art. Have to be open minded about ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING because seeing Japanese women being tied up in bondage and cartoons of children being raped by octopus robots is just soooo radical art mmkay.

Honestly makes my skin crawl to remember how many gross degen amoral people I met back then, Grimes would have fit in with that circle so well. I don’t know how the scene is in New York or Canada, but I imagine it’s probably very similar if not even worse. It was an experience for sure. I just coped by telling myself I was Louis Theroux kek.

But yeah jannies will probably ban me for this but idc. I just want nonnies to understand how god awful those scenes really are and why people like Grimes are just a product of those environments. None of her takes or actions surprise me in the least because I’ve seen it all before.

No. 1714045


Thanks for posting nonnie, gives a lot of good context tbh. Tracks with what little I've seen in the alt scene locally too. People who really, really want to be special will do fucked things

No. 1714046

Why are white incels larping as Asian women who speak solely in scrotey 4chan lingo? These people need to be euthanized.

No. 1714053

god im just so glad these ‘people’ have absolutely no genuine political roles or powers.

No. 1714055

File: 1669764246038.gif (103.15 KB, 220x165, 7C007AE3-0C0D-4198-99B6-622981…)

Did they leave for Mars yet?

No. 1714056

i'm the canadanon who wrote >>1713943 and just want to add that a big part of it was in that scene (2010s hipster) you have to to check off ALL the stuff on the identity list, like you say vegan/bicycles/tattoos/some random new artist with huge hype who just sounds like static/be EXACTLY like everyone else in the scene and something like wearing high heels as a girl, or having short neat hair as a man, will make adult moids angrily and viciously tear you down every time they see you. it's basically people who were normal and cool in high school going super overboard affecting "alt" lifestyle and appearance. so grimes had a thin, conventionally hot body, long hair, makeup, just one actually "weird" feature (her nose) and checked off all the boxes girls in that scene were supposed to have wrt hobbies, clothes, etc. so she was every moid's favourite
hopefully this helps people who don't really understand why sweaty/bogged grimes nowadays was considered super hot in the past

No. 1714059

isn't lan dao the woman claire went to the blackpink concert with?

No. 1714068

samefag, can someone who's finished dune tell me if these tweets make any fucking sense?

No. 1714072

they do not. the closest thing to a "modern bene gesserit" right now would be lesbian radfems who run their own business, oddly anough.

No. 1714073

samefag, and who grow and smoke a lot of weed.

No. 1714090

Grimes doesn’t have any friends, Lan Dao is an ugly AI fren like Lil Miqaela

No. 1714095

my cantonese is a bit rusty but i don't think any woman would be named "Lan"

No. 1714096

File: 1669766409057.jpeg (817.24 KB, 1184x1483, 27C4F8BC-AC8C-4400-B659-E08A84…)

He’s real but he’s a Chinese tranny. That’s why he uses with that autistic scroteish vocab. The inevitable fate of every self hating sexless male who browses 4chan.

No. 1714098

No. 1714101

File: 1669766662599.png (518.06 KB, 738x960, grimes's brothel.png)

why wouldn't you post full pic, shows grimes disgusting room from a wider angle. they could stand elsewhere to avoid the mess, but no >>1714096

No. 1714105

definitely a mans torso

No. 1714106

I was trying to show his manly ass face and he also has big hands for an Asian ‘girl’. A lot of people are kinda faceblind with Asian faces especially if they’re white, but as an Asian girl I can tell you with 99.9999% certainty that’s a man. Also no Asian women would talk like he does on twitter. Disgusting self hating tranny freak with endless internet induced neurosis. So embarrassing.

No. 1714108

File: 1669767084877.png (79.23 KB, 930x500, 2376.png)

grimes, you don't join shit. you sit in your carboard cubicle 24/7 while your children are kept away in the basement

No. 1714114

oh ok. his glasses blinded me. I just thought he's an around-40yo, very manly faced woman. but hey, what was i expected.
unpacked carboards and bags of stuff and clothes on the racks in the picture, just perfect. is that weights handle behind her? who is lifting in this house? strongass hindu/romani nanny? cause surely not grime

No. 1714115

I feel like only trannies could truly tolerate hanging out with Grimey. She’s too competitive, autistic and creepy/groomy towards other women (unless they’re similarly brainwashed pickme junkies like herself) But she’s also too much of a idiotic airhead to hang out with high quality or intelligent moids.

So she has to hang out with mentally ill tranny eunuchs from 4chan, who have a surface level interest in history philosophy and politics, and who can only understand references in terms of movies, videogames and memes instead.

No. 1714118

the way he talks on twitter just screams tranny tbh

No. 1714120

File: 1669767763050.jpeg (184.53 KB, 1284x862, 11495B90-110D-4137-9206-55311E…)


we really don't make enough fun of the fact that grimes only has ONE room (that she shows at least) in her "concubine mansion" and it's always filthy, but seriously, is this her only living space? can someone tell her that if she's really stuck ("trapped under elon's foreskin" azealia kek) living in that mono room she should at least visit r/femalelivingspace or heck even r/malelivingspace for ideas? but srsly there's no way someone lives like that without experiencing some sort of neurosis. fitting.


if he really is a tranny this type of disgusting misogynistic posts he writes just turned 100 times worse, but once again, fitting i guess.

No. 1714124

Where is this screen from nonny?

No. 1714127

>LeT mE tElL yOu WhAt YoU wAnT SIs
pickmes fuck off and die challenge

No. 1714129


one of his articles, from the link on his twitter bio. i was trying to find some evidence of him being a troon but gave up after reading that. enough.

No. 1714130

File: 1669768104025.jpeg (33.57 KB, 319x390, 3FDD8FDF-90ED-4A4F-96B7-377929…)

Grimes lurking right now like

No. 1714136

lol claire’s imperial chinese concubine harem living quarters are very chinese indeed. what with her wish.com furnishings, her piles of aliexpress cosplay catsuits, her made in china cardboard box collection and alibaba.com wall decor

No. 1714142

Somehow that’s exactly what I imagined Claire’s room to look like, just more clothes all over the floor, more mold on the walls and more bongs laying around.

Where the fuck has Melon Husk tried to bury her now, looks like an actual bedsit/halfway house.

No. 1714147


you just made me realize there's a pleated school girl skirt in the background kek, probably from shein too .. i hope it's just an anime outfit .. talking about chinese propaganda - goes with her vogue china cover


the fact that grimes probably read that article and was like oMg fR sAme siS !!1 along with the tweet she liked "it's cool for a man to be able to physically overpower you" kek

claire if you are reading this get treatment for your cluster b disorder, there's hope. and just because your trauma might make you think you "like" those things doesn't mean the entire female population does - give the projection a rest we are tired and you have young girls looking up to you

No. 1714152

Ew I can just picture claire in her shein schoolgirl skirt, talking in her retarded baby voice, desperately trying (and failing) to increase bloodflow to elon’s flaccid pork sword and his obesity damaged penile capillaries kek. Even her amazon sailor scout costume didn’t work, time to bring out the viagra and botox shots for Elon’s floppy old boomer cock

No. 1714160

Kek, nona stop. Claire is probably masturbating furiously to this mental image rn.

I don’t want her hornyposting on main again about ‘my beautiful e’, player of games, maestro of man-mammaries. It’s all too revolting.

No. 1714163

File: 1669770217071.jpeg (Spoiler Image,139.81 KB, 1024x768, 4DA6A190-3231-47D6-8330-EBA545…)

Just googled manmaries and this was the 3rd result, why does this look like Melon lol

No. 1714164


No. 1714165

nitpick but 30s isn’t middle aged, but I agree with everything you’ve said

No. 1714168

Average female lifespan is around 80 so she’s only 5-6 years off but yea.

No. 1714179

File: 1669771078871.jpeg (Spoiler Image,563.54 KB, 1242x966, C954331B-453A-4177-B504-1174F7…)

since grusk are obviously so into experimental plastic surgery, body mods, hair transplants etc i can def see elon being the type of dude to get a penis implant. it just seems like something he would do.

No. 1714191

I wanna believe there’s some kind of trauma that caused claire to become such an insufferable clusterbee cunt so maybe I can stop loathing her so much, but somehow I can’t imagine someone as coddled, comfortable, sheltered and spoiled as her ever enduring any real hardships in life

The worst thing she’s probably ever had to endure are Melon’s dutch oven farts in the morning. Back when she was still allowed to sleep in his bedroom and wasn’t in the doghouse like she is now.

No. 1714201

File: 1669772091687.jpeg (166.74 KB, 1242x704, 910EA499-BF27-45D8-8FFF-B2B34E…)

poor claire can’t even press beep boop on her laptop keyboard without men trying to rape her

truly a manic pixie fair maiden, her siren-like beauty and voice too pure and tempting for this putrid world!

No. 1714202

the thought of these two having sex traumatizes me. just him looking like in that fridge bellied old ogre with unhealthily white, smelly feet (you know which pic i'm talking about, the one where he's fat at the beach), laying all flabby on the bed and apathetically playing candy crush while Grimes wiggles awkwardly trying to remember all the advice she begged from Azaelia and lisps "Yeth send your SpaceX to my little Mars", then she asks him why is he ignoring her and Elon makes a disgusted face and tells her not to disturb cause tries to get to the next level

No. 1714204

The article, from 2016 mind you.

(talking about Kesha’s lawsuit against Dr Luke)
>“I don’t know enough about the specifics of that situation, because it seems very complicated,” Grimes said. “But I will say that I’ve been in numerous situations where male producers would literally be like, ‘We won’t finish the song unless you come back to my hotel room.’

>’’If I was younger or in a more financially desperate situation, maybe I would have done that.’’

>Grimes has spoken before about the sexism of the production side of the music industry. Last year she told the Fader she was angered by the failure of many music business people to recognise that she was in charge in the studio, rather than only being a performer.

>“The thing that I hate about the music industry is all of a sudden it’s like, ‘Grimes is a female musician’ and, ‘Grimes has a girly voice.’ It’s like, yeah, but I’m a producer and I spend all day looking at fucking graphs and EQs and doing really technical work,” she said.

What did she mean by this?

No. 1714207

If she’s a self made producer and so tech minded, why is she admitting she needs a moid to finish her songs for her? It’s different from a pop star with zero musical abilities who only sings on premade tracks, she’s always bragging about how she taught herself how to produce and dj and makes her music by herself on her computer. Music production and adding bass boosts or reverb isn’t rocket science lol especially for shitty loop techno music like hers. Sussy.

No. 1714210

kek, true. Grimes is retarded but some of you zoomers are ridiculous with your 30yo "middle aged" bullshit, and saying this someone in similar age too. a great deal of 30yos still look and behave like 20yo, why is this a foreign knowledge to some? you're gonna get "middle aged" too. Guess whatever generation that's after zoomers will probably think 25 year olds are "old hag/middle age"

No. 1714211

File: 1669773068721.jpeg (960.94 KB, 1242x1716, 2FA54807-3683-4B66-AA49-5F19F1…)

No. 1714213

>I wanna believe there’s some kind of trauma
There isn't. she's been a rich and coddled kid and anorexia was probably the only problem she had. she made herself a rug to step and shit on on her own wish. no need to feel sorry for her because she hates other women and children and she doesn't mind when they are suffering because of her ~beautiful prince E

No. 1714215

It’s mean but I have to laugh at the thought of studios forbidding Claire from touching any of the expensive equipment because they knew she was a retard and would probably end up breaking it.

No. 1714216

>I don’t want to be sexualized or infantilized
I miss radfem Claire, even if she was a phony. Sad to see what she’s become, watching her degrade herself to such a pickme doormat and posting thirst traps to try and make some fat old man notice her. Sad!

No. 1714217

what’s wrong with being middle aged? being middle aged is an underrated aesthetic.

No. 1714218

God, I had to mute her because her shit takes were shitting up my twitter feed, but the last I saw was her making a whole thread about how non-client men are still attracted to her and want to date her despite being a prostitute and how she totally and seriously once talked about marriage with a man.
Grimes was sperging at a random guy who insulted (? he deleted reply) her about how aella has a “high dating market value” (only a very specific type of people use that term) for being creative. This woman is throwing orgies and making graphs about fetishes with literal pedophiles participating.

Misery truly loves company, they both are in the same boat full of cope, misogyny, self loathing and dick cheese. And they both still put so much worth on being attractive to males that the whole polycule opem relationship LARP seems like nothing else but a big ole cope. I think if Elon proposed to her and wanted a trad marriage, she would do a whole 180 because her beliefs and opinions are just like her meth head bones. Brittle and weak

>increase bloodflow to elon’s flaccid pork sword and his obesity damaged penile capillaries
I am going to have terrible nightmares tonight kek nona why would you write this

No. 1714223

Lmfao nonny stopppppp, this is definitely canon tho. Grimes is lurking and getting off to all of this.

No. 1714242

Oh Grimey definitely wishes she could have Melon all to herself. Her jealousy and seethe is palpable and nearly all her newer songs are about her seething. She had a full on mental breakdown after Muskmelon was spotted with Natasha, remember. Nothing she wants more than to be an anime tradwife for her monogamous kawaii bishie hunk of blubber anime prince E.

But Claire is such a spineless simp that she accepts being cucked MULTIPLE times by her fat old billionaire Splenda daddy who doesn’t pay attention to her and won’t even buy her a new bed. The dude who sticks her and their IVF kids in a flatpack trailer home where she doesn’t even have a closet.

She copes and seethes about how she’s living the glamorous life of a pampered imperial Chinese concubine who has dramatic stylized katana fights in the hallways of her palace with her polycule competitors, when really she’s just crying and malding and smoking weed all day in her shitty moldy room.

Like many resentful women in relationships with shitty scrotes who cheat, she directs all her repressed rage at other women and would rather fantasize about epic catfights in the Colosseum and brandish knives at teenage girls on tiktok, rather than just telling the fat old scrote to go fuck himself. Her world revolves around escapist fantasy bullshit because her reality and non-relationship to her estranged test tube baby daddy is so bleak.

No. 1714245

yeah if she's so legit why can't she say to the guy "i'm not fucking you, get out of my studio"

No. 1714256

File: 1669776660283.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x2012, 42B861C4-01A2-4302-A988-5C2CE2…)

scary thing is i think she is genuinely gonna start malding hard again (when is she not?) due to the ana, crack, botched facelift and stress from not getting melon’s cummies.

she already said multiple times that her hair would fall out spontaneously, dont wanna be getting that pennywise hairline again

No. 1714280

Azealia? Is that you?? Kek

No. 1714297

omg of course she had a poorly cared for shitbull

No. 1714316

File: 1669783137823.jpeg (372.04 KB, 1179x646, D4868B5E-28FD-4399-9D9A-CD1913…)

Claire’s super obvious secret Reddit account. I have so many screenshots of her being nasty to her own fans and gassing herself up at literal pixi-Teri-tier levels! But this just… pissed me off. She’s literally saying Kesha wasn’t raped and lied about it for attention. I can’t believe I used to think she had principles.

No. 1714328

>Epstein being Talulah’s pimp
I couldn't find anything except her denying this and a photo of them after she was already with Elon. Got links to anything I can read?

No. 1714337

File: 1669785687851.png (291.03 KB, 1472x1644, reddit3.png)

good find! this is definitely either claire or some schizo fan who tries to act like her. they are a mod on the grimes sub, the entire account is dedicated to white-knighting grimes and arguing with people on r/grimes who criticize her. could also be a troll but that's unlikely bc they've been consistently active for 3/4 yrs.

something that makes me think it is her account is that claire stole art from a fan on the grimes subreddit and made it her spotify banner, which proves she's active enough there to see the art that gets posted. then the account was in the comments saying claire has every right to use art of her likeness etc etc despite getting downvoted to hell and most of the other fans acknowledging it was a shitty thing for claire to do without asking permission.

No. 1714345

File: 1669785952156.png (312.83 KB, 896x1000, reddit1.png)

samefagging, this is the art claire stole and the artist saying they weren't asked permission. their signature was cropped out too

No. 1714352

File: 1669786403543.jpeg (3.51 MB, 1179x20439, 0BA73E56-D0A2-47DA-8375-8E6EDF…)

It’s 100% her.
There are only 3 mods on the “grimes created Reddit” and that’s her public account (warnymph) her brothers account, and her secret account. It’s her writing style, she brings up similar stuff she’s brought up publicly (Kesha stuff) and it’s the same username as one of her TikTok’s, that has visuals not posted anywhere else. Also the profile photo on the account, her seal, has never been uploaded anywhere before. She didn’t even try. Typical HPD stuff.

No. 1714359

File: 1669787419721.jpeg (2.58 MB, 1179x14680, 3A3D15A2-8FD2-46C4-A37F-39E6FC…)

“How cool and forward thinking”
“Jesus is gonna save you”

She really is on a level with Pixi and Kiki, a true thoroughbred lolcow

No. 1714361

File: 1669787489546.jpeg (3.9 MB, 1179x17349, ECD3A464-4870-49F0-8F9A-A9EF70…)

Even though I already knew that she was pretty whack, I’m still a bit shocked how rude she is to her own biggest fans. Insane

No. 1714362

File: 1669787594550.jpeg (493.91 KB, 1179x2470, 16E97E08-0C5C-4AFF-AF31-3247E8…)

Sage for samefagging but the last bit got cropped, just further proof this is her

No. 1714370

what a nutcase. Imagine sitting online all day while your baby daddy ignores you and the nannies watch your kids refreshing r/grimes over and over to argue with your biggest fans who are still sticking around when they offer anything except complete ass kissing

No. 1714376

Dumb selfish bitch and always has been.

No. 1714386

a lot of these are grimes maybe, but lmao that azealia banks one is me. I thought the entire drama between her and grimes was fucking funny as hell. Grimes' retort was 'youre fat lul' what a stupid ass thing to say.

No. 1714389

>it would be wise to research “how computers work”
Right back atcha, technocrat’s cumdumpster. Soon you’ll be old and no one will be listening anymore unless you come up with something actually interesting to say.

No. 1714401

Shivon is sorta normie. She gives off gay/lesbian vibes, right? I'm on the fence whether or not she slept with Elon.
-Pretty sure she she used a surrogate because none of her twitter pics from summer or fall 2021 show her pregnant.
-I agree she gave her kids regular names.
-She makes a lot of money as a board director at OpenAI and made a lot of money on Tesla shares and as a Bloomberg VC before that so I think she bought her own house.
-I don't know if Elon lives there. It's not that nice from the Zillow listing I saw while it was still up. Only reason it was 4m was because inflated Austin market and large parcel of land near Lake Austin.

No. 1714413

Disappointing how much these rich assholes engage in completely unnecessary womb renting. I wish the surrogates, nannies who were involved with actually carrying these neglected children and raising them would speak up one day although they were paid and probably signed something that forces them to stay quiet. I really think Grimes was lying talking about how her pregnancy was causing her health problems that was making her collapse and almost die. X was born healthily, she's back to her usual self shortly after, she had access to the best healthcare possible. She might have had some difficulties for real, but that just happens with pregnancy. You are not erasing the risks of pregnancy and childbirth by getting a surrogate, you're just putting that woman at risk you don't want to deal with yourself. Judging by how fast she bounced back, I think she really just lied or acted dramatic to convince everyone that she had "no choice but to resort to surrogacy" when she decided to trouble some poor woman from a third world country with her autistic geriatric scrote spawn. Which could hypothetically make sense if she ever acted like she genuinely wants children but no, all she's ever talked about is not wanting to be a mother. All she cares about is that child support money

No. 1714415

File: 1669796147199.jpeg (412.74 KB, 1284x2142, E834D17C-C9F2-4B39-A053-F41715…)

troons can't be bene gesserit, good job on being a self admitted schizo poster though, and giving claire some self awareness

it's the delirium of grandeur that irks me the most, u r an unknown tranny and claire is a self admitted concubine to a billionaire sperg - that's it, you own nothing


is not the child support money she's after, it's elon's flabby member n full attention (reaching for the starts w the last one kek)

No. 1714463

Of course it caused her health problems nonnie she is an anachan and does meth.. her doctor had to tell the retard to eat fucking fortified cereal because she literally was being anachan even during pregnancy. This is a woman who could have the best nutritionists and prenatal care in the world with her own coin. Fortified cereal? That would only make sense if she was living off snap benefits in a trailer in Chattanooga Tennessee. Her body is weak, malnourished and brittle, not fit for carrying a baby or a sword for that matter. But don’t forget she could “have you on your knees”

But yeah she hemorrhaged cus of course “Women with an active anorexia disorder were at a 60% increased risk for antepartum hemorrhage” she put her own babies life at risk to look better for the camera. ED is sad but once someone else’s life is involved I have no empathy whatsoever.


No. 1714467

God that’s so scary. I don’t understand how selfish and narcissistic you could be to prioritize your eating disorder over your own pregnancy/delivery and the babies health.

No. 1714468

No that was me sorry i’m not her lol. Claire has many haters.

No. 1714470

File: 1669812041761.jpeg (801.99 KB, 1242x1591, 5A53CCDF-D11E-481F-9B3E-B9E8E3…)

Where would rumors like that even come from tbh because they’re pretty specific and Epstein and Talulah really were friends at the very least (she admitted it). She went to his house to get advice on ‘writing a novel’ lol.

Both Talulah and Melon associated with him even long after it was public knowledge he was a sex offender who assaulted underage girls. So it doesn’t necessarily make them sex offenders themselves but it is pretty gross to keep company with pedos.

OT here but everyone knows Epstein was very close to the Victoria’s Secret CEO and there are rumors Jeffrey would procure models for the company. They would have to fuck him to get modelling gigs with VS.

Talulah ain’t no VS model but I wouldn’t be surprised if she fucked Epstein too. Epstein also apparently got Elon’s brother Kimbal a gf from his personal ‘stash’. I liked Talulah at one point but the more talks the more she reveals herself to be insufferable.

No. 1714472

Hahahahahaha that account is 100% her.

No. 1714476

>She keeps promising futurism but it’s just e-girl clothes, finger guns and swords
Based truth teller.

No. 1714491

You’re not gonna find detailed accounts of any of that shit as it doesn’t benefit either party to reveal it (and one side is dead) Talulah isn’t gonna come out and admit the only reason she got some shitty acting gigs or found a rich husband is because she fucked some disgusting rich pedo and networked through him. All we can do is speculate.

No. 1714500

your reads are impeccable, bravo

No. 1714507

Ingenious dune reference, nonna, can't hold my kek

No. 1714528

people who are into kink are always so… uninteresting. like >>1713958 said, she isnt ugly, she has a really nice body but the energy is not there. she looks hollow. so forced.

No. 1714547

LMAOO they're all the same huh. except she has whiteknight slapfights online 24/7 and beautiful prince E just cries on twitter. Elon also posted a picture without giving source/author, and people said you didn't link author and he acted like a total bitch, turned his signature black and was suicide baiting how he's gonna quit Twitter and shit

No. 1714567

Jesus christ, Grimes is 100 % a narcissistic cunt just like her autistic baby daddy. She can't even accept that using someone's art without their permission isn't ok without trying to neg the person into feeling a different way about it. So entitled and useless it makes me ashamed I ever liked any of her music
Grimes, you're a bottom feeder despite having grown up extremely privileged. You're just as pathetic as Nick Cannon's baby mommas, please don't assume you're any less of a sucker just because you and Musk are white. You willingly chose to have kids with a psychopath who uses women as baby-making factories a la Epstein because you can probably relate to his level of narcissism, lack of empathy, and pedophilic tendencies. You know you sacrificed your integrity for material comfort and hopefully being considered a high-status mom due to having kids with a successful monster, which is why you defend your worthless, deserved reputation on Reddit while your ex scouts for new, younger women to impregnate. You're both old retards desperately trying to look cool to the younger crowds for very different reasons.

No. 1714578

>Elon also posted a picture without giving source/author, and people said you didn't link author and he acted like a total bitch, turned his signature black and was suicide baiting how he's gonna quit Twitter and shit
Are you serious nona holy shit that’s fucking hilarious wish I’d seen it

No. 1714596

File: 1669823580002.gif (4 MB, 498x465, A61A2B55-349C-46D8-B2C2-864500…)

Get ha

No. 1714622

No. 1714651

This bitch looks like the coroner will write BOTULISM as her cause of death

No. 1714656

Lmaoooooooooooooo holy shit what a pathetic faggot.
Thanks nonny.

No. 1714662

This is so fucking embarrassing I want to die

No. 1714777

claire doesn't even type like this though she makes misspellings all the time and types like a retard in tumblr and twitter speak. random reddit accounts isn't milk kek don't flood the thread with this.

No. 1714781

this isn't grimes. idk if you guys have bad pattern recognition skills or what, but 99% of the comments don't sound like her. it's definitely someone close to her/on her team, obviously. they need to mind their business tho, it looks bad & stupid for them to fervently defend her like that kek

No. 1714785

Claire, it’s over. Like give up. We outted you. No one says “ppl” and “y’all” as much as you do lmao. Also found your other account today too. Go put on your VR googles flick your bean to some hentai. You’re new music is retarded and you such at dj’ing. Gtfo of here, there’s no point in trying now. We know you post here too, and you’re so fucking obvious(hi cow)

No. 1714788

File: 1669840676286.jpeg (139.59 KB, 828x513, 919E1707-09C2-422F-A152-E42856…)

not racebait but i really don't think claire talks like a black zoomer (or zoomers who try to sound black) or like someone from lipstickalley she talks more like shayna… "hai bb uwu im such a widdle baby". never forget this one tweet.

No. 1714794


what other account?

No. 1714804

yeah, I realized it doesn't sound like her shortly after posting this >>1714567 so I apologize for making unhinged assumptions
it does sound like said mod could be someone from her team though considering there are only three mods (two of them being Grimes and her brother), but it's also possible that it's just a fan who's been active in the sub for years.

No. 1714810

File: 1669842577755.jpeg (345.59 KB, 1800x1800, 892DDB85-4A95-4D26-B60F-BA8497…)

“I realized it doesn’t sound like her”

Look at her idiosyncrasies, they all line up. The constant use of “y’all” and “ppl” just how she writes on twitter. It’s definitely her.

No. 1714811

File: 1669842688157.jpeg (376.95 KB, 828x556, F8CBCC43-8FCD-4EDF-8746-6EE9D1…)

total tinfoil but could the Reddit account belong to Claire and BloodPop’s manager Daouda?
the ‘insider’ knowledge (posting the art kit, sperging about the music industry, etc) would be consistent with a manager or member of her team, and the account being a moid would be consistent with the cringe Kesha take.

the account owner also cares heavily about the “ethereal as a genre” project (picrel) so it’d be interesting to find out who other than grimes was involved with that.

No. 1714813

oh good catch, idk how this guy types but on second thought it makes more sense for it to be someone on claire’s team rather than her directly. or maybe like a shared PR account?

No. 1714817

File: 1669843068264.jpeg (406.73 KB, 1179x969, DE80A2E1-688A-4979-9F1B-34A0B6…)

Even one of the old mods in her Reddit agrees that her and her brother both use the account

But I’m sorry no str8 bro would ever post “ all your posts on this thread are an attempt at taking down the Queen Grimes on her glorious day.” It’s such a self post

Claire Publicly: (talking about Kesha’s lawsuit against Dr Luke)
“I don’t know enough about the specifics of that situation, because it seems very complicated,” Grimes said. “But I will say that I’ve been in numerous situations where male producers would literally be like, ‘We won’t finish the song unless you come back to my hotel room.’
’’If I was younger or in a more financially desperate situation, maybe I would have done that.’’

“Kesha lost the case. In a world of #metoo it’s clear that dr luke isn’t categorically a criminal and maybe she was lying a bit

The way she replies to fans on the Reddit is almost exactly how she replies to people on her Twitter, uses same tone and wording and stresses the same exact points.

No. 1714818

why don't you learn2sage before posting. you unsaged accused me of being grimes and im just a random literal nobody anon who also doesn't like grimes. grimes can barely type a coherent sentence on twitter i don't think she wrote any of that reddit stuff.

No. 1714829

File: 1669843981925.jpeg (315.12 KB, 720x1340, FA028B52-144F-434B-8B27-C6E01D…)

Claire’s writing style changes all the time. When she wrote her massive long textwall spergout letter to Alice it was all capitalized and punctuated normally. When she’s on social media she writes in a fake zoomer way to try and come across as cooler and younger, with all lower case and saying u, ur and stuff.

Something she seems to do consistently is write unnecessarily verbose textwalls though.

No. 1714835

File: 1669844188784.jpeg (271.53 KB, 719x1313, B907B376-3450-4956-BB86-71EB80…)

And yeah obviously there’s one or two wrongly lower case letters but for the most part it’s formal, it’s dumb to say she only types one way.

No. 1714837

>just because you ‘feel’ something is true doesn’t make it true
Has Melon been coaching her?

I’m mean she’s not technically wrong but that seems like such a scrotey thing to say tbh. FACTS DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS. Lol.

Probably something Melon said to her during one of their arguments kek.

No. 1714839

bitch…don’t make me ‘hi cow’

No. 1714853

why would i be claire if i'm still speculating that it's someone from her team obsessively wking her? get a grip schizo, i can disagree with you and not be grimes. if you read the posts for more than 10 seconds you can tell it's someone else, again not my fault that your pattern recognition skills suck

No. 1714856

even this doesn't line up with the reddit account though. look at the emails and her tweets. she puts TWO spaces before a new sentence like an old ass millenial. the reddit account types with the normal one space we're all used to now. but as a zillenial i remember that two space taught. ofc elderly claire would type that way.
also you can't hi cow us when we're different anons and i am definitely not grimes like please take your meds

No. 1714862

You’re not smart enough to cover your tracks or even to be a covert troll.

No. 1714865

She can write clearly and coherently when she wants to, we’ve proven that. The all lowercase and spelling mistakes on twitter is her attempt at seeming younger and even dumber.

No. 1714868

The point being that she doesn’t have any particular signature writing style because she changes it depending on the context.

No idea why you are getting so butthurt over this particular issue, whiteknight-chan. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

No. 1714870

mods please give us a claire post history reveal already

No. 1714873

I agree. I wish this board came with a poster ID and automatic post count.

No. 1714877

NTA but lol don't you think she's capable of faking normal writing? (i know, i know but still) she doesn't fave to use uwu writing all the time. especially since she's trying hard to come off as someone else on that account. But ofc i accept it's deranged mod as another possibility.

No. 1714879

If she was wk-ing herself and didn’t want people to know it was her she could very easily change her writing style including normal spacing. Especially if that was know as her specific typing style or ‘signature’. It’s not exactly difficult.

i can. do that. too.

No. 1714886

i have a horrible sneaking suspicion she liked to squeak and pretend cry like an animu girl during sex with elon since they’re both disgusting crusty pedo hentai addicts and she puts on that retarded lispy baby voice to sound like a kid

No. 1714887

Not the other anon but yeah, I also think some of you tinfoil too much. Could she be posting here? Yes, it's possible. It would be lulzy if we had confirmation that she does, but a lot of the posts you guys call Grimes or Azealia don't really sound like them. At the end of the day, these people are celebrities. Someone you think is Grimes is also likely to be a larping troll, someone that knows her, a whiteknighting fan, who knows. "Hi cow"ing without solid evidence derails discussions about actual milk

No. 1714888

Her obsession with babies is weird. Her nft had a song where she’s trying to sing like a baby and make little baby coos, then the little baby coo at the end of violence “mmmgah” and all the baby art. Also I can’t think of ONE song of hers that doesn’t say “baby” lol

Kek @ violence and so heavy both being about fucking Elon.

No. 1714892

>so heavy
that’s a good way to describe sex with melon when he’s on top and his 400lb pasty bloated beached whale man gunt is smothering you and titties hit you in the face while he grunts and pants and sweats like a fat pig. mmm… sexi

No. 1714893

It’s not that deep, chill C lol.

Why do she always sperg out so hard over nothing.

No. 1714896

She’s obsessed with babies but doesn’t even take care of her own ones. Elon is her big fat 600lb balding bouncing baby boy.

No. 1714906

File: 1669848004926.jpeg (113.37 KB, 750x928, 47836E59-B6FB-4624-B6A5-60530E…)

She already outed herself as a lolicon on main a while ago lol

No. 1714908

File: 1669848168093.jpeg (Spoiler Image,103.74 KB, 675x1200, FCEA5FA1-A0B4-4A7F-A16A-BA23E9…)

Full pic btw

She deleted it when people started calling her out for being creepy. Also that artist drew porn doujins and was known to incorporate a lot of underaged girl characters.

No. 1714911

yes omg i remember claire posting this and then deleting it when people in the replies questioned her. i also distinctly remember her tweeting she had an alt to look at porn or something

No. 1714915

File: 1669848615920.jpeg (621.72 KB, 1242x1633, 9A5D816B-2DB4-4651-BCED-401BBB…)

Yes a few years ago she said she has a fake account (noticing a bit of a theme here…) just to look at naked cartoon 12 year olds with blue hair. She loves porn and anime titties cuz she’s such a coolgirl.

No. 1714924

File: 1669849401641.jpeg (289.07 KB, 1242x1255, 0B8D80BD-B0E3-4D57-A454-15AE42…)

Claire looking at Elon like <3

No. 1714960

“Illustrations of things always better than real things” wow what a gross chronic masturbator comment to make. God imagine what she has to think about to cum, actually never mind please don’t imagine. Eww. She’s like those incels with all the big anime titties figures on those ikea shelves who only fuck dakimakura. I wouldn’t be surprised if she sleeps with some creepy loli dakimakura and humps it every night

No. 1714965

File: 1669851694520.jpeg (974.42 KB, 1242x1642, B7CA5521-510C-412F-910A-9BE5FD…)

If grimes was a man she’d be one of those creepy canadian numales who leave thirst comments and drooling emojis under girls nudes on asiansgonewild

No. 1714966

She’d 100% be a yellow fever twitch simp porn sub reddit mod lol.

No. 1715051

PULL claimed this particular one involved this girl (being young ofc) getting impregnated by an old fuck

No. 1715060

Sounds like Claire’s biggest fantasy

No. 1715154

well, and apparently her dream came true. (just not at teen age)

No. 1715196

File: 1669858211567.png (102.32 KB, 1066x810, newwww.png)

Apparently someone posted allegations regarding Nusi Quero being a sex predator pervert on r/Grimes and OF COURSE Grimes (or her mods, on her wish) deleted it and behave like a bitch. Thread was removed by SpaceGenesis mod, but etherallobby is saying this shit and i think it's possible its her. either way, Grimes lurks her thread 24/7 and she definitely knows what's up, probably was the one who instructed mods to delete. Can't say i'm surprised. fuck you Claire.

No. 1715200

ilu azealia, never change

No. 1715208

Yeah this is just wayyyyy too much of a coincidence. These posts remind me of the way she has gaslighted people who have called her out in the past, as well as either being neutral on or defending predators like Dr Luke and Quasi. She’s so vile. God I hate her.

Good digging nonny.

No. 1715210

does black pfp or signature or whatever mean something? like did it mean something already so him using it sends a specific message? sorry i'm almost as old as elon and don't know twitter things because i'm not a tranny

No. 1715220

jesus claire you went to a really good school. stop typing the way a 5 year old talks

No. 1715221

lol even stans on her reddit sub majorly believe Etherallobbyforce IS Grimes. waiting til she snorts her adderal and goes on to a bigger WK spergout rampage through the night

No. 1715229

twitter fags make their pfps black to indicate that they are depressed

it HAS to be her, there's no way. the "you are confused/crazy/wrong" gaslighting is just like her email to alice

No. 1715233

i don't know about twitter either but on facebook i've seen black pfp is when you're mourning after someone who died, a friend or family. idiot mourned his own baited departure from twitter.

No. 1715242

her zoomer speak comes off as someone from msn messenger days trying to use that slang because that's what they think "teens" sound like. source:i'm old
the two spaces after a period isn't a millenial thing, it's from people born before 1980. (because of typewrites which used monospaca[?] font)

No. 1715257

File: 1669859231131.png (382.96 KB, 1008x3076, reddit.png)

it happened just today, 7 hours ago. she's in a hot water lol. It doesn't help that the mod who removeed it is a scrote, but i 100% believe it was consulted or even ordered by Claire. she's supporting this idea as Etherallobby.

you can read the thread while it's still not deleted:

No. 1715264

>it HAS to be her, there's no way. the "you are confused/crazy/wrong" gaslighting is just like her email to alice
Yes! Idk if it was 100% her, but even on lolcow when i listed what are wrong/evil things Elon and Grimes do, she accused me of being mentally ill/wrong and acting out my illness on others lol

No. 1715271

What are the things Grimes worked with Nusi Quero on besides the bald head-stinky pussy in white tights-breakfast packing paper background photoshoot? did he make music videos for her?

No. 1715279

The way she is super concerned with people spreading fake news. The concerns she has. The syntax, grammar, etc etc. even Kiki kannibal did a better job than her. She doesn’t even try to integrate, she’s like the most downvoted person in the sub and her tone and use of words is so easily identifiable.

No. 1715280

File: 1669859778943.jpg (105.82 KB, 720x907, FAoQ5xCXoCA_VYy.jpg)

nusi did the design for grimes's "alien scars" white ink back tattoo, he's done a lot of her photoshoots and made accessories for her, and there are a lot of pics of them hanging out. if not friends, they are at least very close collaborators.

No. 1715289

File: 1669860112363.png (20.03 KB, 815x249, warnymph.png)

on claire's official reddit account she denied having throwaways lol

No. 1715299

No. 1715312

File: 1669860634010.jpeg (Spoiler Image,4.58 MB, 1179x20357, CDC565BF-845D-4425-BC0A-5C4F7A…)

No. 1715344

Lol the other anon ITT (probably grimes) was sperging out over the screenshots saying Claire always types in all lowercase with tons of spelling mistakes and double spacing so it couldn’t be her. And look, Grimes is not even doing it there on her main.

No. 1715354

Damn she sure loves working with Noncey Queero.

No. 1715366

what in the ugly tacky pornified scrotey bullshit…

No. 1715369

Wow, so it's all the recent, newest stuff. Also, what the victims said is pretty mch confirmed, he loves to shoot "cam below the pussy upwards" angle. he's got at least 2 angles with Grimes like that.

ew, he probably went on the side and licked all these 2mm wide net/bandage/string "costumes" the models wore

No. 1715383

Ofc that's bullshit, everyone in the world (including Grimes) is capable of typing normally if one cares, without odd spacing. Does that anon think Claire went to school and was writing her essays in lowercase, shortenings, aeve or double spacing as well? lol. that's no argument, Etheral lobby is Claire confirmed.

No. 1715388

Claire is a notorious liar and general clusterbee cow who fabricates just about everything she’s ever said, so it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that she’s doubling down on her denial now that she’s been caught.

No. 1715408

>her zoomer speak comes off as someone from msn messenger days trying to use that slang because that's what they think "teens" sound like
Yep, 100%, but she’s such a retarded fake scatterbrain she can’t even be consistent about it lol.

No. 1715418

i wonder if it spreads out beyond reddit. She's been cancelled 100times before, but dismissing Kesha, Nusi's victims AND repping 2 sexual predators is not something her fans take lightly

No. 1715448

It’s funny because even despite trying to turn herself into a forced meme for years, she’s still a literal who to 99% of people, or just, ‘oh, that weird ugly bitch’ to the remaining 1%.

Nobody even gives a shit enough to cancel her on a larger scale despite her being a huge scumbag lmao. If she was any other artist doing this stuff and working with sexual predators people would be doing mass call-outs and roasting the hell out of that artist, but she’s just not even important enough to ‘cancel’.

Us and her tiny cluster of fans are the only people who care about or follow her closely enough to pull up all the shady shit she’s done.

She can go to a concert with thousands of kpoop fans and despite doing multiple collabs with massive Korean girl groups (after stalking them and bombarding their managers with begging emails), only about one person at the concert even noticed her. Lol.

And now even her small posse of obsessive fans are turning on her and calling out this stupid grotesque bitch for lying yet again, its truly over for her.

No. 1715453

lol black pfp is for discord trannies when they write a bait goodbye note and fake their suicide

Elon is discord tranny confirmed

No. 1715511

its also really poorly transliterated which shows she doesn't even have a great handle on the basics, should have used з instead of с at the end since the s at the end of grimes makes more of a z than s sound

No. 1715573

it cracks me up that she said the stuff about bringing kids to a workplace as if kids observing their parents and not being able to get to them wouldn't lead to a meltdown, and distress both the parent and child. she tells on herself not being an involved parent constantly

No. 1715694

meanwhile Azealia has just announced a tour including Australia get tilted Claire, you would sell 0 tix if you tried an aussie tour. nickle-stinker can keep greasing up her shitty apartment, not teaching her child to speak and watching lolicon like the untalented pickme she is.

sorry if that sounds aloggy just feels good on a wednesday that Claire is digging her own grave and it ain't on mars kek

No. 1715699

Holy shit I can't believe she's defending that Nusi predator, even the fans on her subreddit are disappointed that she hasn't said anything, but she fell in love and had kids with Elon Musk so what do we expect? She would rather suck misogynist dick than have fans. RIP grimes

No. 1715753

She literally uses Google translate lol

No. 1715798

File: 1669906307433.jpg (216.64 KB, 1242x1383, RDT_20221201_09501395211537574…)

claire's "response" to the nusi situation.

No. 1715821

this is how she responds to every situation when it comes to abuse allegations. she remained neutral on the dr luke situation, giving a fake sounding personal anecdote about how male producers suck but never actually condemning luke’s actions. also she dismissed alice glass being raped by ethan and brought it up in her email unnecessarily saying something like “i understand shit’s fucked with ethan and he took a lot from you, but not me though!” you will never catch claire acknowledging “this man has a history of abusive conduct and harming women and i support his victims,” she will only give some vague “sorry something happened” at best. and when it comes out that one of her friends is a superpredator, she isn’t going to try to support the women involved or denounce him, she’s making it about herself and how hard it is for her. what a pathetic bitch, women who subtly defend abusive men while acting like other people are unhinged for calling them out are disgusting.

No. 1715834

dodging responsibility, the classic narcissistic trait when they are forced to say something or take responsibility.
she's never cared about being constructive or helpful, once, so this is just to cover her ass as usual. i wouldn't be surprised if she already knew

No. 1715877

Wow what a bitch. "My friend molested women and that makes me the victim, poor me, I'm grieving" She has 0 empathy for other women I'm starting to think she's a psychopath just like Elon

No. 1715885

>implying she hasn’t already known about what he’s been doing for years

God I know she’s such a self absorbed twat, I truly despise her.

No. 1715886

Time to cancel Nausea Queero and Clarissa Bologna.

No. 1715887

Lol the wig cap shoot was absolutely awful. Grimes is a terrible model

No. 1715891

She really did look like an albino transgender black prostitute in that shoot lol.

No. 1716013

No, no, NO. She's not saying anything, she's just DELAYING that responsibility and just hopes nobody ever asks her again! This is EXACTLY what Courtney Love said when people told her Marilyn Mansonn is a rapist and she didn't want to believe but said whatever just so people fuck off. Claire is doing the same thing. And no matter what she says now or "would" say later, she already was in the comments whiteknighting him, so fuck her. her fans shouldn't forget about that etherallobbyforce account.

No. 1716070

File: 1669929423482.gif (3.61 MB, 640x360, 1C2B8C24-213F-45FC-A299-A887C4…)

>mfw still waiting for Melon to nuke mars, the space colonies and red planet hotels, robot catgirl waifus & catboi husbandos, brain microchips and sentient AI gods
>mfw it’s all just Elon still just dicking around on twitter

No. 1716075

Funny thing is after all this time AI is still completely retarded. All the speculation about it becoming sentient etc is complete bullshit.

No. 1716172

File: 1669942803474.jpeg (264.33 KB, 750x1178, D9DC1B8A-6740-4981-BF57-E719DE…)

>translation: I get stoned out of my mind for hours as soon as I wake up to numb the pain of no longer being Melon’s numba wan Chinese concubine, lay around browsing ig and googling myself all day, get the munchies so binge on spaghetti and sweets then purge, snort some speed or smoke some crack out of fear of getting fat from my binge earlier, do an hour on the exercise bike out of guilt and tweaker mania, whoosh my plastic sword around for a few hours to try and kill the imaginary spiders crawling all over my skin, then return to my ‘studio’ (laptop in my moldy bedroom) to press beep boop for 30 minutes until the methamphetamine high wears off

No. 1716174

File: 1669942851573.jpg (561.93 KB, 1071x1444, SmartSelect_20221201-195901_Fi…)

The smoothing filter and she still looks dirty ha ha and her hair looks like she hasn't washed in months!

No. 1716178

she looked so much better before :( damn. its not a total botch but it really looks bad(:( )

No. 1716183

Crackhead at the renaissance fair vibes, ugly hair, abused the blur tool so much her face is nearly blending into the wall, belt and corset (is that one of elons?) do her no favors and draw attention to her waistless thick torso and zero tits, still balding, still looks like she stinks.

No. 1716186

So basically Grimes is Vicky Shingled with a bigger budget.

Wait… isn't astroglide a lubricant?

No. 1716191

File: 1669944462429.jpeg (149.36 KB, 1080x1080, F1C512B3-1B00-4E12-A03E-1D30E4…)

I used to think she had a good body but now I realise it’s because she frauds so hard and angles and edits all her pics. I think she also wears waist cinchers and shapewear under her clothes and bodysuits especially for videos and stuff. Because her real figure is actually pretty ugly (like in this brand shoot she did where she assumedly couldn’t edit the pics herself) Flat chest, thick torso, shit waist to hip ratio, random ‘hip’ fat bulge low down (pretty sure that’s just the elastic digging into her skin and she also has some flab there) then hip dip etc.

No. 1716196

File: 1669945112971.jpeg (751.89 KB, 1489x1498, 7F6B528B-CF76-43F6-83AD-535B0C…)

She could get all the plastic surgery and wear all the makeup in the world, she will always be mid as fuck.

No. 1716197

holy shit. “Flab” and hip dips? You almost sound like a scrote. Go back to your selfhating women subreddits.

No. 1716198

Lourdes and the black girl look stunning tbh, angelic. Claire looks like the 40 yo cleaning lady who wandered onto the set and started trying on all the clothes. Lourdes body language also looks like she knows Claire stinks lol, when C opened her armpit to put her hand on her hip that stank must have filled the room.

No. 1716201

t. Skinnyfat claire having an ana meltdown.

Go smoke some more shard.

No. 1716202

>hip dips
Gtfo tranny

No. 1716207

Cope lol its trannies who have hip dips which is why they have to inject fat or wear pads to pass, stop being so insecure.

No. 1716210

>grimes has hip dips
>hur durr only trannies have hip dips
Are you retarded or what? You will never have female bone structure. Get over it

No. 1716215

>implying grimes isn’t a tranny
Good one, anon. Sorry about your dips, tranny-kun.

No. 1716217

ive always thought grimes was born a man

No. 1716224

i really liked her chill feminine electro in the 2010s and it was some of my favourite cozy stoner feeling the sisterhood music. i'm so disappointed in her and can't read or listen to any of her new crap. her brain is FRIED

No. 1716225

i like "Noncey Creepo" myself

No. 1716226

Ugh I hate trannies and all but I’m a woman who has hip dips/violin hips and many of us do. We still have a waist and hips, unlike men, but there can be a bit of an indentation right underneath the hips and it’s because our asses are wider at the bottom. It is NOT a tranny trait, don’t let those pieces of shit commandeer that too.

No. 1716227

she's edited her eyes into 2008-tier CGI here. it must look awfully bogged IRL.

No. 1716229


No. 1716230

File: 1669947101568.jpeg (40.15 KB, 500x625, BB2FE5AB-8426-4400-93E3-185BD6…)

Could be just the ‘tism face. I read a study somewhere saying autism is linked to higher testosterone and androgens in women

No. 1716234

No idea why everyone’s getting so triggered by this kek both women and men can have hip dips, yes some women have them but just google MTF hip dips and there are trannies crying about having them too.

No. 1716238

File: 1669947582160.jpeg (234.53 KB, 1006x1500, B1203792-CFF4-4EF8-8722-957C81…)

This look was cute. I also miss happy down to earth early 2010s naive Vancouver girl Claire and her more feminist songs like Be A Body and Oblivion.

Shame she became such a cringey pretentious pickme edgy vapid LA asshole. She seems so jaded and miserable now too and I hate most of her newer looks and music.

No. 1716241

File: 1669947756021.jpeg (60.52 KB, 600x800, 1EABC92D-4590-4817-A3F4-F1C6A6…)

Why is she hiding her crackhead tattoos? Kek
Also Claire dying her hair in an ogre bright green makes me think that her bimbo times might be over for now…
Her body is insanely awkward, for being so skinny almost malnourished she does look pretty wide, or dare I say it, big boned. Perhaps that’s why she’s so obsessed with staying tiny.

Lil funfact proana scumbags from skinnygossip don’t claim Claire kek, they say she’s disgustingly skinnyfat and doesn’t look dainty enough for thinspo….it really be her own people lmfao

No. 1716242

she's just so fucking insecure. that's all i see when i look at her. she's not even ugly just so desperate for moids' approval that it's ruining her appearance

No. 1716244

Because clearly the anon nitpicking her body is a moid who has never seen more than one woman, his mother who hates him, in real life to assume women don’t have hip dips and this is a woman’s board

No. 1716245

Can y’all please stop reposting these obviously photoshopped pics?? Getty even admitted to editing all her photos from that particular day, it’s on their site as well. She does not look like that, and frankly no amount of make up or lightening would change that thx

No. 1716246

File: 1669948026506.jpeg (119.38 KB, 602x764, D0A24A6C-AB56-4B80-A78B-35C612…)

Another one of her best looks. She really suited block colors and modest but feminine and tight clothing, with minimal accessories, and simple winged liner.

Now she just throws 982718182828 accessories on, her clothes are usually ugly and her heavy or dramatic makeup makes her look like a drag queen. The dramatic OTT style doesn’t suit her at all.

No. 1716247

big boned is the word yeah. she's small on top, maybe just turned ana from feeling (unnecessarily imo) bad about her legs/hips? i think that body shape is sexy but i guess some women just want to be skinny no matter what

No. 1716250

i wanna know who cares so much that a hot chick has a dent in her legs like wot?

No. 1716251

damn she has april lauren narc face in this pic.

No. 1716252

a lot of women would be very happy to look cute in plain clothing. a lot of tall or solid/athletic women can't just wear a tee and skirt, we'd look like horrifyingly shit. idk what her problem is with herself but she needs help

No. 1716254

She’s ana because she’s ugly. If you have a face like an ass and your features are too hard to fix even with surgery, the only thing you can really control and improve is your body.

Her body is just a average slim woman’s body. She isn’t supermodel thin but she’s not fat either. She doesn’t have a terrible shapeless body but she doesn’t have a great or nice shapely body either. She’s just mid.

Her best features are probably her arms because they’re toned, but even then they’re a bit too long like a monkeys and she has big tranny hands too.

No. 1716255

god that editing is piss poor
holy moly she must really look like pure dogshit to be editing her face to be unrecognizable
maybe she's hoping to try and fix her botched mess of a face before she's seen too much in public

lmao nonnie spot on

No. 1716258

File: 1669948359530.jpeg (163.85 KB, 1920x1080, FB73AFDC-DBE5-4915-B488-D78B51…)

Her real unedited face from front view, it’s not masculine but very androgynous. It’s not ugly but fairly basic

No. 1716259

I have a feeling Elon was mad about her getting more tattoos. Especially now with his Jesus phase. Trad scrotes always hate tattoos on women with a passion.

No. 1716261

Spoiler that shit next time pls nonny

The braindead smile and Neanderthal brow ridge gives me uncanny valley vibes like I’m looking at some kind of prehistoric hominid

No. 1716262

The chimp ears too :/(:/)

No. 1716264

i genuinely don’t think melon cares at all about her or what she does anymore tbh

hence all her recent cries for help and attention

No. 1716265

Post Art Angels Claire is dead to me, I refuse to acknowledge later Claire exists.

No. 1716268

Yes I’m aware they’re edited but I wanted to add at least SOMETHING nice to this grossout thread

No. 1716273

File: 1669949286795.jpeg (763.6 KB, 1242x1890, 378C168F-0D8B-47A3-837D-87F3A0…)

Uh oh Grimey even your fans are pissed off at you…

No. 1716274

File: 1669949331090.jpeg (554.49 KB, 1006x1737, 6EA14026-7F62-47A9-BDD0-04EBDC…)

No. 1716275

I always thought the same, she even started removing them. Elon probably told her she’s not waifu enough with her trucker tattoos kek

No. 1716276

File: 1669949517573.jpeg (383.97 KB, 1242x1213, 0C6C5217-A73D-4DED-98BC-A097C6…)

No. 1716278

File: 1669949556578.jpeg (485.17 KB, 1242x1402, 0E8D3239-AB06-40C6-BA23-F68EFF…)

Wtf I love Grimes fans now

No. 1716280

I don’t mind tattoos but her big leg tattoo and hand tatts are hideous.

No. 1716290

File: 1669949888232.jpeg (587.52 KB, 2484x2208, 8D9C390A-39B9-4C0D-B939-3953AA…)

Noncey responded to the allegations

No. 1716296

>got knocked up by a psychopath narc
>got her body marked for life by pedo/sexual predator
damn grimey you sure know how to pick them

No. 1716300

File: 1669950338181.jpeg (150 KB, 687x663, E2D1041C-6821-4AB9-9BB2-60B475…)

Daenerys Targaryen if she had severe brain damage at birth

No. 1716302

File: 1669950406381.jpeg (96.96 KB, 640x804, 0706996C-BA98-49F5-8FF4-F35F4D…)

Yeah shes removing them, her hand tattoo is almost gone see picrel

No. 1716304

Oh nooo, poor Grimey will need to hit the crack pipe extra hard to stay up all night defending herself and attacking her own fans on Reddit

No. 1716305

File: 1669950441336.jpg (346.93 KB, 1080x1470, Screenshot_20221201-220629_Ins…)

presented without comment because i honestly am not paying enough attention to know who this could be from kek

No. 1716308

WHO would even write that- it’s clearly fake wtf models aren’t that desperate

No. 1716323

Size of her nose jfc

No. 1716325

File: 1669951711779.jpeg (535.92 KB, 2730x2048, 913C8A74-38FA-40C4-8C4D-221673…)

At least she got picked y’all

No. 1716327

She looks like the tranny that I went to college with kek
Gosh her nose really looks so unflattering with front cam

No. 1716328

i like her leg tattoo! looks like brushstrokes

No. 1716330

Don’t really see how those two texts are directly related, especially with a 10 month gap. Plus multiple people have come forward.

No. 1716331

i think it's just the focal length

No. 1716335

All designer scrotes and male photographers are perverts, I’ve seen his pieces and photographs and they’re all porny and scrotey as hell, tits and pussies hanging out everywhere. I don’t care, I’ll always take a woman’s side over a moid.

No. 1716337

Damage control
Typical sociopath behaviour

…also how is a random unknown underpaid model blacklisting him, the great Nusi who worked with Beyoncé? Make it make sense, no model has that much power. And that cringe ass emoji on top of everything smh

No. 1716339

File: 1669952338090.jpeg (189.85 KB, 634x1143, CD000E04-16C9-4786-BB0D-18224A…)

It’s the front cam, her nose gets all the attention kek but it’s still enormous on her rather small face

No. 1716340

No. It’s horribly done. I’ve seen ink/brush stroke style tattoos on people before and they look great. This one is shit. Looks like a child painted and tattooed it, no flow to the pretend brush strokes, and whatever the fuck it is isn’t even discernible apart from a dumb badly drawn sword shape. Literally hideous.

No. 1716341

File: 1669952418277.jpeg (209.15 KB, 1080x1349, 6F29B5B3-253C-48E5-B337-82FA82…)

Forgot pic rel. God it’s just so clunky, overly big and ugly.

No. 1716343

Her toenails give me anxiety. Absolutely disgusting caca

No. 1716344

File: 1669952621961.jpeg (1 MB, 1242x1601, C6BA7B07-0331-4E11-91E1-9A5C51…)

Lol I didn’t even notice that. She has toe fungus.

Her chewed bloody fingertips give me anxiety too.

No. 1716350

File: 1669953283657.jpeg (484.66 KB, 1446x1449, 8A4FC01F-F93E-48F7-BD1E-0E7681…)

Petition to make this the next thread pic lmfao

No. 1716351

"we appreciate power" yet we cannot even grow a cm of calf muscle lol

No. 1716353

Gremlin ass bitch

No. 1716354

File: 1669953788380.jpeg (652.15 KB, 828x1090, 779D0C17-0EC9-4837-BC65-3DD575…)

Kanye redemption arc?

God her teeth are so yellow she’s just so fucking nasty in every way humanly possible. Maybe if she had brushed her teeth and showered once in a while Elon wouldn’t have cucked and ghosted her.

No. 1716377

So nice to see that kind man with the hose keeping that beached whale alive by spraying him regularly with water <3

No. 1716400

File: 1669959492266.jpeg (261.85 KB, 1080x1421, 46F6AAC8-A2C3-4767-A4E6-EBC9A1…)

grimey ponders breast implants after posting nudes online. (screenshot is a reply to her private twitter acct felurian8)

aella, the austin ex-fundie hooker with implants, chimes in to suggest claire stuff her bra to check if she'd still fit into her anachan e-girl clothes if she had tits: https://twitter.com/aella_girl/status/1597026377332494337

No. 1716402

lmao elon is going back and forth with kanye rn on twitter and suspended him for posting a religious symbol but elon said it was "inciting violence"

No. 1716414

File: 1669961169938.jpeg (59.37 KB, 584x277, 345D57F5-8F39-4AD6-A5AB-8F05A4…)

Elon suspended Kanye’s account bc he posted that picture of his fat ass getting sprayed with the hose.

LMAO. This is violence against Elon’s feelings.

No. 1716415

Her body fat is way to low for implants, would look fake and hard, yet she never developed breasts so I assume she wants at least some cleavage since moids love it

No. 1716416

File: 1669961215559.jpeg (51.84 KB, 1024x776, 6D495710-B75E-4C6A-9133-8DA89A…)

Fart Always, Fart Often.

No. 1716417


No. 1716418

Ewwww how can someone be this raggedy
Someone should teach how to shower n stuff

No. 1716420

Yet retards like her will still inject their bloodstream with carcinogenic tattoo ink and snort coke that has been purified with bleach and has been smuggled inside at least 4 Mexican mens rectums.

No. 1716421

he just learned that acronym, didn't he?

No. 1716423

File: 1669961994499.jpeg (358.06 KB, 828x1171, 5A6843D4-C942-40EA-BBE2-E0102A…)

No. 1716425

Is he fat shaming Kim keeeekkkk this is tooo funny rn

No. 1716426

The bio on her alt makes me cringe so damn much, she’s beyond brainwashed. Really thinks she’s gonna live in a palace on Mars and populate the dead planet with her and baby daddys geriatric autist sperm. Meanwhile he pays her no mind, is ignoring her almost constantly and has stuck her in a shitty crackden halfway-house here on earth. Where’s your palace Grimes sweetie? Where’s your Martian empire hmm? Where’s your man?

Her delusion truly knows no bounds. She’s the same kind of idiot who thinks AI will be able to feel emotions one day and that robots will have souls and breaking one will count as murder. Absolute retard falling for the bot meme.

No. 1716427

Kek he lost 10lbs from doing crystal meth and now thinks he’s ana-chan. Must be picking up Claire’s habits.

No. 1716428

can someone do a skinny legend shoop of elon pls now that he’s ana-chan lol

No. 1716430

Now Elon has alienated all his poltard fanboys too. Good. He has no fans anymore. He paid billions just to be a janny and Kanye is humiliating him and making him clean it up.

No. 1716435

File: 1669963926717.jpeg (158.44 KB, 1400x1050, 82D26FD0-31F5-49A3-818F-1FA0C9…)

old rotten stale milk but fyi elon never sent a car into space

you can tell it’s all cgi and greenscreen

when asked about it he said ‘you can tell it’s real because it looks so fake’
yes it looked fake because it was fake retard

jfl at anyone believing this fat lying narc piece of shit ever tells the truth about anything

No. 1716439

>two narcs obsessed with scifi raise their son to be the start of some master race of autists but he grows up to see technology as the devil and joins the bumkin christian cult
if this happens, my sides will beat Elon to the moon.

No. 1716454

imagine your lower body looking like SpongeBob. I could never

No. 1716466

File: 1669968575510.jpeg (131.76 KB, 1024x1024, 3FB7A655-5D01-44A9-B54D-34DDC3…)


No. 1716477

there’s nothing wrong with hip dips though

inb4 delusional nonna accuses me as claire

No. 1716504

fuck, anon, I snorted laughing

No. 1716510

>only trannies have hip dips
How to spot a gay male with delusions about the female body

No. 1716524

she has venus/margot vibes here topkek

No. 1716553

nonna…..you bumped the thread for this??? i swear this thread is teeming with zoomer newfags, lrn2integrate plz

No. 1716570

That would be so wholesome. Rooting for X’s Amish arc.

No. 1716573

That would be surprisingly wholesome. Rooting for X’s Amish arc.

No. 1716575

She hates herself so much. Bolt-ons will look absolutely terrible on her. I wonder if one day, her self hatred will grow bigger than her spiteful, contrarian appreciation for her nose and she’ll chop that one up too.
I don’t even want to imagine what it’s like to have her as your mother as a girl

No. 1716618

Jfc why is her corset made of cardboard. And WHY is her dress NOT IRONED

No. 1716627

File: 1669999367413.jpg (225.94 KB, 1080x1125, SmartSelect_20221202-113516_Fi…)

Someone wanted her to do Shrek rave lol

No. 1716643

You know… the thing that passes me off the most about this is the fucking DENIM. WESTERN BELT. WHAT THE FUCK.

No. 1716648

File: 1670002509188.png (209.85 KB, 299x419, elon.png)

I was just going to say that she looks like Hunter Schafer lol
Kanye got banned again from Twitter for that tweet. It was fun while it lasted. So much for freeze peach. That's Ari Emmanuel, brother of Rahm Emmanuel hosing down Elon. Imagine a beautiful woman like Amber Heard underneath that blubber.

No. 1716651

I thought she was shrek

No. 1716654

She doesn’t look anything like Hunter, Hunter is actually elegant and elfin looking from some angles and has some charisma, he also doesn’t have a fucking fungus tumor for a nose. Grimes is an undesirable bog dweller Albanian and always will be.

No. 1716671

File: 1670004706474.png (2.02 MB, 886x1920, AwUErWH.png)

I think that's just more gaslighting to try to make us believe that troons can be beautiful lol

No. 1716692

hunter is delicate looking for a male but paradoxically, his undeniable male features are more visible the more girly he tries to appear
>Grimes is an undesirable bog dweller Albanian
kek this is so accurate

No. 1716711

hunter is a great example is why beautiful male =/= beautiful or even average looking woman, I will admit he doesn't look like a man more like a teenage near-pubescent boy but of legal age, a perfect pedophile fantasy

No. 1716727

Nah, it’s actually real. Idk why you’d think someone with a literal rocket and car company would fake that? It’s not a mcdonalds marketing gig kek
Also it’s not that hard to do that tbh

No. 1716744

Elon Musk has faked every single thing he’s ever done, why should we believe him on anything now?

No. 1716802

File: 1670015508371.jpeg (515.06 KB, 1242x1513, 922BCEAF-37A1-49E4-822D-61A408…)

Kind of hoping they’ll whack him ngl

No. 1716804

>doing this just to distract people away from the Kanye drama and how he made fun of your fat ass publicly
Haha what a faggot

No. 1716839

File: 1670018927130.png (149.67 KB, 1306x424, Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 10.2…)


No. 1716844


kek this is just golden. he can buy twitter, he can conquer mars, he can bimbofy as many alt singers as he wants, impregnate as many young women as he wants and still he will NEVER come back from these pictures. there's no coming back from this, elon THIS is how humanity will remember you - like a colonialist parasite blob

No. 1716848

yes, nonnie. falcon 9 landings are not real. you're so smart and DIFFERENT.

No. 1716859

Don’t be cruel nonnie, prob a zoomer newfag kek but I also thought it was fake until I googled it, it’s way to boring to be CGI, that’s what gave it away for me

No. 1716860

File: 1670020762563.gif (8.55 MB, 640x640, F0071406-3770-45B7-ACF9-EACFA4…)

This gif is so weird? Why does she talk like a choking toddler? Is she lowkey vomiting at the end of every sentence? Is she disgusted by her own smell?

No. 1716864

Why is she so obsessed with the word "profound" kek is it a Canadian thing
Wow she’s even uglier in motion

No. 1716878

Hunter is a huge creep and was exposed to be on this site.

No. 1716888

hahahaha sure. Neuralink shoved implants into monkey's heads, which resulted in severe pain and monkey self mutilating and tearing each other apart befpre dying a long [painful death.

One question: has anyone tried to expose Grimes? like, list out everything wrong she's done/liked/said? i know, we have our thread, but i'm surprised that expose channels never tried to make a video on Grimes

No. 1716892

why does this gif look lowkey like sims in The Sims 2 doing boolprop cheats > Cory's Group Talk

No. 1716893

lol could you link posts/thread? Hunter looks like a creep. I always think Hunter looks like Tyler Grosso from soundclout threads

No. 1716903

File: 1670025803523.png (302.04 KB, 473x592, 6EFDA0D3-236F-4858-A0DC-7300DE…)

confirmed bogged. unedited video screenshot of grimes' new face

No. 1716908

She fucked up. She’s got the Chrissy Teigen cheeks

No. 1716910

File: 1670026316340.jpeg (94.96 KB, 675x1200, BE32119C-D426-476C-A3F3-AAC73E…)

her chin and cheeks look even worse than when she had fillers, her face is fucking massive. and also looks like she had something done to her nose which was her "signature feature" and something she'd never mess with, according to her… ? lol

No. 1716913

Wtf she looks special needs. What is this

No. 1716915

No one cares about her cause she's ugly & weird

No. 1716917

Jesus Christ what has she done to her face
She looks like a bloated corpse

No. 1716918

File: 1670027445568.jpeg (554.85 KB, 1242x960, A37D1A2E-0C88-4265-B3E2-9E30EC…)

What is she wearing those weird flesh coloured sleeves for? Is she trying to hide her track marks?

No. 1716919

Her hair omg she’s literally a greasy balding mess like Elon, she didn’t even bother to shower for her meth event
I know this sounds weird but did she gain some weight? Or is it just her swollen cheeks combined with that atrocious outfit but idk she doesn’t look that malnourished anymore

No. 1716920

Holy shit she looks so fugly, flatfaced and botched her edited pics from that BP concert really didn’t show the full effect jfc she looks like a tranny

I’m genuinely shocked how oily her hair looks, also swamp green does not flatter her at all

No. 1716927

File: 1670028683617.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3464x3464, 4908D0A5-43BC-4AA0-B653-99AC47…)

Other unflattering screenshots holy fuck as long as she isn’t moving her face it does look decent but when she’s smiling she looks insanely botched…nonnies were right about her being botched af

No. 1716928

Perfect Shrek cosplay

No. 1716929

He's pretty in a Rosamund Pike kind of way

No. 1716933

File: 1670029003845.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1809, A85F814A-7DDF-40D5-B1B0-7E5CE9…)

God this actually made me sad.

Yes she was already kind of ugly before but she was still cute sometimes.

Now she just looks like a monstrosity. Bogged beyond repair, rip.

No. 1716934

Oh my god :(((((((((((

No. 1716938

My god Claire nononononono what have you done to yourself…

I actually support getting plastic surgery if it’s what the person really wants but jfc, this is nightmarish…

No. 1716942

agreed that her hair looks like shit but it's easily fixable if she washed it, dyed it back to her natural color, and got a flattering cut

as for her nose, I'm meh. Not saying it's a button by any means but it's not ginormous. front facing phone cameras distort and make most noses look huger than they are. I think fucking with the rest of her features though will only cause focus on it tho

No. 1716944

wtf she is so botched. she looks so bloated and her nose definitely looks different and her face looks huge and puffy but at the same time her nose/eyes/features look way too small for her face? also it almost looks like she has an underbite there but i think her fish lips are just giving that impression.

this is actually pretty sad to see. i've never liked her but imo she could be cute sometimes & i think most of the time, women look better with their own natural features than surgically altered ones that just don't match the rest of their face, especially here when the whole face just looks wrong and weird. it's bleak to see a healthy, relatively normal looking young woman ruin her face and become irreversibly botched. inevitably, she'll probably fall down the rabbit hole of getting more and more corrective surgeries to make herself look "whole" again, but it'll get more and more into uncanny valley territory.

No. 1716946

Pickmes never prosper, she deserves to be botched.

No. 1716948

File: 1670029532074.jpeg (190.31 KB, 923x1290, C56D3744-A4FA-465E-BFAE-62AEDC…)

On that tiktok the girl filming said Grimes dj set stopped because someone turned the power off.

The lights in the background all stayed on which means someone actually unplugged her equipment at the mains. Top kek.

No. 1716949

File: 1670029587470.jpeg (239.78 KB, 947x1695, 9DDA0A88-924D-4322-B763-BC0987…)

Clairesisters we got too cocky…

No. 1716951

Did she get a chin implant AS WELL. Holy fuck.

No. 1716953

That’s honestly hilarious. Based set unplugger who had enough.

No. 1716955

RIP Eclair Bolognese x

No. 1716956

Kek at all of this

No. 1716957

her eyes look like they've recessed into a bed of puff pastry

No. 1716959

This is actually too much milk at once, I can’t deal.

No. 1716962

File: 1670030221141.jpeg (307.42 KB, 2500x1563, 86DCE53B-CFCA-4CAF-BD8F-AE9460…)

Claire Bogdanoff

No. 1716977

KEK anon it's cold outside!

No. 1716978

So we’ve established Claire looks fucking awful. Does anyone actually give a shit about the Hunter Biden stuff? I can’t be bothered reading the thread.

No. 1716979

File: 1670031995005.png (1.35 MB, 762x1372, shrek prince grimes.png)

her chin and cheeks are MASSIVE >>1716903 She looks and dressed like every character from Shrek at random

No. 1716983

File: 1670032402194.jpeg (625.83 KB, 1242x1131, F126B2A0-800C-4B03-B63D-A1B0A2…)

>it’s cold outside so I’ll wear these sheer extremely thin arm covers that provide almost no warmth
Ok retard

No. 1716986

she's losing hair bc of drugs, could have messed up her hormones and she has too high testosterone levels. She should NEVER tie her hair up and back like that. and definitely shouldn't do it on a 4th or 5th day without shampoo cause, well. exactly THAT happens. grimey as all hell.

No. 1716987

Wasn’t the set in Texas? It was like 70 degrees today which is pretty lukewarm.

No. 1716988

is that a huge bruise or just a shadow in a hollow of her arm

No. 1716989

File: 1670032648947.jpeg (977.42 KB, 817x1725, D7D5301E-5A78-4CED-BE9F-BBC365…)

Not to nitpick but she’s always had a kind of weird aspie body. She’s pretty big boned and wirey.

No. 1716990

Tinfoil but it could be a bruise from IV drugs and it’s in the right spot…

No. 1716991

oh god… she isn't even smiling, she's trying hardest to spread her lips to the sides and being in pain doing so. Her face looks like i's filled with granite or concrete inside and about to explode

No. 1716992

She was also wearing a stuffed bra in that video which helped her look slightly more proportional. Nothing against flat chests but hers is too flat for her frame. She isn’t really dainty. Claire is kind of built like a hungry Clydesdale horse.

No. 1716994

the what? post caps yourself

No. 1716996

people often get addicted to drugs after surgery and she was already a junkie so it’s possible kek

claire is now slamming meth

No. 1716997

The thread is like 100 tweets long I can’t be bovvered.

No. 1716998

Here is the thread if anyone wants to dig through it

I got bored by the 3rd tweet

No. 1717002

File: 1670033421981.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1242x2053, F4D93E4A-03C4-4A1A-A89A-820FB8…)

She looked so miserable lol

No. 1717004

I would slam meth too if I looked like that…

No. 1717010

I also love the fact that nowadays anyone not severely brain damaged can get booked as a DJ- Claire’s set sounds so unimpressive for someone who’s marketing herself as a genius live mixing goddess
Gosh I also hate Liv Boree, ultimate pickme NLOG who’s main job is to look cool to nerds and Elon, she’s a professional asslicker

No. 1717011

File: 1670034269954.jpeg (56.02 KB, 960x960, 06A673D5-EC49-4C7B-8F26-2FED7D…)

Why is she morphing into Abby lol

No. 1717012

Paris Hilton is unironically a better DJ than Grimes.

No. 1717016

Miami which was like 80 i think…

No. 1717032

Well there you go.

No. 1717078

Serious question, I know getting a ponytail lift would make your eyes and cheeks and upper face swell but why is her jaw so malformed too? Have her fillers migrated or something?

No. 1717090

she's had so many fillers in recent years, ofc it migrates and migrated. idk why does it look so bad now though. It's weird because she looks way worse NOW than she looked a week ago (Blankpink concert) or a month ago ("blackfishing" selfie). It seems to be she's been to a PS clinic again, probably this time in desperate attempts to fix herself (and big kek if she went back to Kao with it. RIP)

No. 1717121

File: 1670041487601.jpg (251.4 KB, 2632x1220, twitterwtf.jpg)

Good thread. We already knew that twitter and other big tech was suppressing information about Hunter Biden's laptop so that Trump would lose. These internal documents show the questions twitter staff were asking each other while it was happening. Basically the NY Post got their twitter banned because of an article about Hunter's laptop. Trump's Press Secretary then got banned for posting a link to the NY Post article. The thread shows the internal conversation twitter staff were having while this was happening. They used the excuse that it was posting of hacked material but others in the conversation started questioning this rationale. They finally decided to "stay the course" with blocking information about Hunter's laptop.

No. 1717145

Literally no one cares about Hunter Biden, that’s why, Elons brother been fucking underage prostitutes from Epstein and I don’t see big media making a deal out of it. We can all agree that men who hold power likely abuse it. And last but not least, this isn’t Biden nor Trumps thread, idk nonnie but Claire’s botched orge face is 10000x times more interesting than a rich scrote getting high on meth kek
So pls stop

No. 1717149

Spacing like Claire hmmmm nonnie are you trying to prove smth?

No. 1717159

Someone asked and I answered. We already know that elites get away with all kinds of corruption but this is interesting because it shows how big tech cooperated with it. Her face is cringe but it's even more cringe that she would have a baby with that fat beached whale and be persuaded by him to have that work done.
What do you mean? My spacing or the spacing in the image?

No. 1717270


ur late nonny i posted this on reddit days ago(sage your shit)

No. 1717273

Well you didn’t post it here newfag so go back to reddit or at least learn how to sage

No. 1717282


wait are those self harms scars? there were rumors about grimes being a cutter but i've personally never seen scars on her before.

please correct me nonnies if i'm missing something here? or either confirm or deny this but as a ex tumblrina that used to self harm a lot back in the day those definetly look like self harm scars

No. 1717287

Imo it looks like the sheer sleeves she is wearing are bunched up around her elbow

No. 1717303

sage your shit, super unique former cutter

No. 1717314

She 99% got a non-surgical nose job unless all the pulling coincidentally affected it like this

No. 1717318

that's just material folds.

No. 1717378

File: 1670074107928.jpeg (158.33 KB, 403x550, 4299639E-236A-42BC-8AC7-FE6A11…)

No. 1717379

File: 1670074132775.jpeg (186.67 KB, 426x540, C0C85CCE-F125-4AC3-AADD-026371…)

No. 1717380

File: 1670074185648.jpeg (175.19 KB, 403x553, 1A31B243-B2F9-4F18-9172-A614CC…)

No. 1717383

Yeah I think she got a NSNJ too, the tip looks like it’s been injected with something but it looks all lumpy. She was probably trying to get an upturned elf nose but if you have a wide mushroomy nose like Grimes it’s generally a very bad idea to inject more fillers into it as it can make it even bigger.

No. 1717387

I don’t see the point in wearing ugly sheer flesh coloured sleeves with your outfit when it’s 24C outside unless you are trying to hide something on your arms. The fact she has dark patches that look like bruising at sites where injections usually take place is very sus to me. Junkie claire confirmed.

No. 1717407

Wtf is an aspie body, cause I'm pretty sure I have that. Rip =')(='))

No. 1717413

don't compare him to actual adult women, his appearance is literally that of a tall skinny prepubescent teenage boy with long hair

No. 1717417

File: 1670080114543.jpg (93.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

for years i thought grimes reminded me of someone and just right now i had the realization of who it was

No. 1717431

Helga was based because she bullied men. Grimes is a pickme, she could never.

No. 1717439

File: 1670083246480.jpeg (218.65 KB, 851x1519, B324E087-82B4-48AB-933F-1B5B88…)

Kekkkkk this made me genuinely laugh nonnie ty

Perhaps looking like a twelve year old boy? Her body couldn’t develop normally due to her anorexia and drug habits, but to me she just seems anorexic? Someone pointed out her bottom half looks like SpongeBob, but usually anorexic chics look that way see picrel but idk

No. 1717441

Claude Botched really fucked up this time
I mean she probably thinks she’s cute and not a complete monstrosity, her poor kids have to cuddle with a literal mutant

No. 1717444

Grimes is turning into Katie Price.

No. 1717448

does someone have the video these stills are taken from? i need to see this in motion

No. 1717449

Claire isn’t even that thin people need to calm down, besides calling her anorexic means she takes it as a compliment.

No. 1717465

She is, but she’s also extremely wide and big boned, almost never looks too dainty, her face also holds a lot of weight probably from purging but Grimes is anorexic just not in a hospitalised way kek

No. 1717494

She has the body of a junkie. Not dainty, not aesthetic, just someone who smokes crack and eats garbage, she has a barrel torso and long wiry simian arms and legs.

No. 1717512

i’m nearly speechless at these new pics, i knew she was botched to all hell because of her abusing filters and hiding her face and not posting anything for a month or two
i knew she was definitely botched and maybe getting more procedures to try and fix it, because she wasn't posting for a while but damn she looks worse than i thought somehow
i agree with other nonnas she def had something done to her nose, she looks bloated to all hell and her hair looks so bad at the scalp so i dont know why she chose that hairstyle. i genuinely thought she was lying about having a dj set because shes so botched i didn't think she would actually be seen at an event

well im glad it wasnt a lie because now we can see her face looking worse than ever.. truly a monstrosity
but i wanna say i definitely believe she had whatever lip fillers reduced somehow because all the new pics, her lips look tiny and nowhere near the uncanny blow up doll proportions they were a few months ago. her face has gotten bigger but her lips are abnormally small from before.

somehow i saw this coming. claires always had a nonexistent chest but bolt-ons would truly look horrifying on her. i knew she had to have been insecure about her chest but i wasn’t sure she would commit because shes a pedo panderer

No. 1717516

i feel like unskilled junkie grimes if anything, if thats bruise it looks big

No. 1717528

File: 1670089819845.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1142x1408, C7200E0A-A87B-466C-9EA6-3C0AF5…)

Elon looks like a butch lesbian and X looks like an albino Namibian baby he stole from Africa

No. 1717531

The fact she had the nerve to show off her bogged puffy bloated corpse face and bald spots in public is just testament as to how arrogant she is. She probably thinks she looked great that night.

No. 1717537

File: 1670090444352.jpeg (64.58 KB, 540x573, 1223BA95-8063-4D55-B1CD-5B728D…)

No. 1717538

you're too right lmao, i bet she actually thinks she looks like the blurry filtered pic here >>1716174

i watched the tiktok that person posted and she's looking way too confident and arrogant to be looking that bad

No. 1717543

No, I'm sorry, I like insults towards Elon's looks, but he doesn't look like a butch lesbian here, kekking at his zoomer haircut though. Also X does not look like an albino black kid, he does look miserable being held by his evil father though. What the fuck is that metal brain in the background though? Is that what Elon's trying to make now? He's gonna give X a robotic brain?

No. 1717548

Grimes is snorting a lot of cocaine before any public event, or at least using some upper,I’ve actually noticed it back in 2015/6. she’s very insecure and probably needs it because she’d be insanely boring without it

No. 1717549

I actually think butch lesbian is an accurate description of Elon, he has sturdy tits and tries hard to dress like a bro, his walk is also kinda sus
As for X, he’s definitely big nosed as I’ve seen before in african babies and looks like Drakes son kek perhaps just ugly toddler

No. 1717556

I'm sure Grimes said YETH and is all aroused to let beautiful E shove an implant in X's brain, doesn't matter if he dies in pain! jfc these pathetic psychos

No. 1717558

Fuck dude she's actually botched. I hate her dumb ass but part of me genuinely feels bad that she was stupid enough to do this. Something is wrong with her

No. 1717559

File: 1670092531012.jpeg (1.55 MB, 3464x3464, 60A44E05-2B5E-4BF6-B024-1D63DA…)

She used to look completely different, sometimes when I’m browsing tumblr i see her old pics and get nostalgic. Old grimes would stab new grimes in a heartbeat

No. 1717560

No. 1717562

I can't believe how much of an embarrassment she is..at least my embarrassing horrible life choices aren't in the public eye… I don't think she's lying about anime and video games. I think she is legit a autismo weeb that had no idea how to handle fame. She don't seem in touch with reality.

No. 1717563

So sad I miss her, RIP Clarinet Booger x

No. 1717568

File: 1670092813580.jpeg (899.13 KB, 1242x1258, BD4D9703-DB16-4595-AEC7-567C06…)

She’s literally just gonna post AI forever now to cope with her botched old lady face

No. 1717569

grimes is more like helga's mom nowadays, a shell of a woman beaten down by a man

No. 1717571

Right looks way more like that e-girl Lolo something than Claire, she wishes she looked like any of this art.

No. 1717597

it's just 1 of the 10 monkeys/organ donors he has

No. 1717601

she thinks this is what she looks like. delusion

No. 1717610

sorry nonnie, she's always been like this. grimes was a persona. we were fooled

No. 1717628

File: 1670098389114.jpeg (279.37 KB, 1000x566, F529CDE8-2816-4BDC-8E0E-A6E462…)

Yeah but Elon gassed her up with his "muh superior genes" bullshit, she really thinks they’re gonna breed high IQ AI kids who can fly to mars, she’s arrogant as hell for even thinking one of her eggs are worthy of becoming smart, she’s not intelligent nor is Musk, just privileged white rich kids with parents who lead them into adulthood with money.
Without the generational wealth from their parents Elon would be working as a sleazy cars salesman in SA and Claire would definitely work at hot topic kek
They’re just too selfish to understand

No. 1717637

how many times are you going to make these retarded name puns? you'd think after twice with no replies you'd get the message kek

No. 1717642

left one looks more like natalia vodianova.

No. 1717660

t. Chlamydia Boingboing

No. 1717667


ya I've been using Futaba imageboards since 2005 so oops,

sorry I don't know the sage etiquette on ur special site

I bet you pronounce it "sayge" instead of "sah-gay" lol

No. 1717669

it's probably to cover up arm hair.

No. 1717673

"big tech" only supports the democrats because they want to import and underpay programmers from other countries.

No. 1717677

I do believe nonnies who claim it’s because of her shit tattoos that she regrets, Elon probably hates them too

No. 1717678

idgi cause she'd look hot if she let her body be its natural weight. she obviously has the bone structure of a curvy-athletic woman. she'd even have an easier time asianfishing with thick thighs and tiny boobs. whatever redtext me for sounding like a moid but i'll never understand why some women would rather be ugly than "not skinny"

No. 1717679


No. 1717682

no one even cares about boobs anymore though. women with large breasts hate them more than ever because boobs aren't even on the fucking radar in terms of beauty standards. men have been like straight up not looking for boobs since 2013. i don't even think she's insecure about any specific part of her body, she's just throwing everything at the wall to see if anything makes elon come back to her.

No. 1717683

KEK nta but this is cringe as fuck “wElL aCkShUaLlY” go back to Reddit. You don’t fit in well, including your spacing.

No. 1717693

you can see the line where his special effects makeup ends and his real skin begins on the side of his head
it looks like he got a latex mask made of himself

No. 1717694

omg damn yah this is the face you make when you're feeling really ugly one day in 10th grade but have to stand on the stage for the fundraising assembly you signed up for last week

No. 1717696

all canadians do coke any minute they're not at work though that's not really specific to her

No. 1717702

she doesn't look like an old lady! old ladies look old. and there is nothing wrong with that. if you look good, you will always look good. just when you get old you look like a good-looking old person.
grimes is NOT an old lady. she is a botched lady. no wrinkled old ladies look like the bogdanoff twins. rude

No. 1717705

nta but insecure women shave their arms or wear nitpicky clothing items like these super thin sleeves she has on. people with major body image problems have all sorts of bizarre layers and accessories to cover up the things they think look bad

No. 1717741

If she has surgery, she probably also lasered her body hair off

No. 1717793

Roger klotz looking ass

No. 1717796

File: 1670111125114.jpeg (66.36 KB, 679x376, D1598A8D-F1C6-4E96-876C-7E86D7…)

>no one even cares about boobs anymore though. women with large breasts hate them more than ever because boobs aren't even on the fucking radar in terms of beauty standards.

No. 1717802

File: 1670111909356.jpeg (457.4 KB, 1242x1016, 385902F9-B67E-49B0-AC29-575E89…)

Have her paid twitter bots stopped working today? She gets so little interaction o