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File: 1672946740543.png (7.28 MB, 2880x2650, version4.png)

No. 1737960

Etheral electronic-alternative hipster musician turned imperialist-friendly space bimbo devoted to whiteknighting Elon Musk and making lame TikToks. Billionaire exploiting his workers and enjoying his cringe celebrity phase.


>Grimes likes a 4chan moid cope post about how men with small dicks are sUpErIoR cause it means supereme intelligence and aristocratic blood; Elon having small dick confirmed >>1719342

>our lady of cringe >>1719941, >>1720617
>Tesla stock is crashing down >>1720052
>anon finds Claire’s Etsy, which as expected turns out to be full of absolutely shitty taste kitch cheapest Aliexpress tier shit available on planet Earth >>1720106, >>1720424, >>1720429, >>1720431, >>1720446, >>1720478, >>1720600, >>1723684
>because the clutter she craves literally costs just few dollars worth shit, it becomes increasingly obvious Grime has no money >>1720494 also >>1720759
>thanks to Etsy, we discover that Claire plans to be „generous” and buy special gift to Romani nannies! Except it’s cheapo plastic daggers that nobody wants >>1720455
>Grimes poses in her Etsy sourced Winx Club 5$ garment >>1721087, >>1721095
>Grimes apparently is a person of many many nationalities! >>1721262 except she’s not even Slavic, she just had German grandma in Odessa >>1721265
>Melon attacks other companies for not stopping the fentanyl crisis, whilst happily hanging out with Mexican drug cartels and smuggling drugs through his factories >>1721581, >>1729157
>a rare sight of Elon going out with his kid >>1722396
>Neuralink staff say Elon caused over 1,500 animal deaths thanks to his innovative brain implant >>1722725 But it’s still alright, so alright he would shove an implant in his children’s brains without a doubt!
>An informative video of a based pitbull who happily wrecks Tesla to pieces >>1723079, >>1723081
>Grimes mocks Poppy for being anachan/workout addict, despite being anachan herself >>1723216
>Elon tries hard to be eerie and thretening >>1723592
>a video of Grimes „totally accidentally” hitting Bella Poarch in the face and being happy about it >>1723507, >>1724849, >>1724862
>Melon bans lolicon, to the detriment of Grimes >>1725066
>Grimes tries a Lucinda makeup! >>1725099 and photoshops herself onto stolen pic of a Gypsy carriage >>1725527
>Elon gets booed >>1726003, >>1726483
>Elon is no longer a richest man on the earth. How sad! >>1726606
>Twitter removed ability to register with a Ukrainian phone number bc Elon is salty at Ukrainian politics >>1726774
>investigation ongoing whether Elon Musk faked his US citizenship. If he did, he’d get booted to Africa. >>1727307
>Melon makes up an insane bullshit story about how some evil stalker followed the car which escorted lil X. >>1727598 Lil Exenne Cervenka was present in the car as well, but her father didn’t even mention her, because she’s a girl. >>1727750 In turn these idiots only let the world know that their children travel all alone and nobody fucking cares for them
>Of course turns out it’s all bullshit >>1727888, >>1729263
>Jack Sweeney, the jet spying kid still continues to torment Elon, and stays rejecting „golden offer of 5000 and a used car” >>1727821, >>1727919
>wow >>1727947
>Claire is afraid of thinking >>1728338
>Elon makes a poll to vote if he should step down from Twitter. Everybody says yes, but i see no change Elon still around >>1730359, >>1730365
>Elon scares people >>1730627, >>1730755
>chess is to pedestrian and easy for Elon>>1731778
>Grimes goes in public looking like an ogre and flaunting some Mcdonalds/KFC bag >>1736637, >>1731786, >>1731788, >>1731958, >>1732036, >>1732163,
>Grimes claims Honda Civic X can identify obscure rocket design and shadows engineering strategy meetings. Yes, at the age of 2. >>1731949
>new insight from Azealia >>1733158, >>1733159
>Elon fires all the Twitter jannies, chaos ensues >>1734647 also >>1734701
>Tesla stock collapses and loses about 1 trillion $ >>1733813
>Grimes thinks nobody will ever find her Twitter alt! >>1734732, >>1734730 it’s found btw.
>here comes an unlikely realization? >>1737026
>Tesla is dead >>1737027
>hehehe i love to be a pickme and pretend to be dumber than my man! I love to be dumb! >>1737100, >>1737284, >>1737280, >>1737284
>Grimes STILL happily follows Nusi Quero >>1737678
>ridiculous Grimes tattoo, why would you be proud of this? >>1737217
>Grimes doesn't shower confirmed >>1737659
>Grimes, just stop >>1737940
>anon memes >>1720106, >>1724747, >>1724984, >>1725237


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No. 1737966

God help my collage, please do be understanding.

No. 1737987

I think reason that grimes lives in absolute squalor is because she spent the last of her money on the Weeknd feature for her new album

No. 1737994


The collage and the summary are both awesome, thx!

No. 1737996

love the collage!
there's only one mod and anon (might be the same person) who whine about collages. There's something srsly wrong with them though.

No. 1738001

Thank you nonas! Enjoy

No. 1738066

The Telsa stock plummeting makes me so happy.

No. 1738226

the collage made me kek thanks op

No. 1738246

File: 1672966738832.jpeg (576.32 KB, 1800x1670, 2BAD2E88-4642-4033-8464-0DA9EC…)

I still can’t believe this dude is down with Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch and Claire follows… for those unfamiliar with the far right, Richard and Mike are both out-in-the-open nazis and the founder of Palladium has praised them and been in communication with them… this is getting so weird. grimes being nazi-adjacent was not exactly on my timeline for this year but I can’t say I’m shocked

No. 1738282

How recently did he praise Spencer and is it on twitter? Jw if I’ll have to dig deep to find it cause I don’t want to put too much effort in but I’m curious

No. 1738289

Here’s a thread


There’s also a super long article but it’s super long and most people don’t have 30 mins to read it

No. 1738320

Spencer is a fed. His family are super wealthy with government connections and are well known pillars of the community in the South, his mom is a literal plantation heiress. He’s controlled by the Russians and is also a homosexual.

No. 1738325

Lol I remember he tweeted something about how the Jews were stopping white men from having gay sex with each other.
Literally all these people are glowies. There is no such thing as ‘rogue chaotic celebrity agents’ that live longer than a few weeks, they are all bought by and working on behalf of someone.

No. 1738326

File: 1672972917751.jpeg (97.03 KB, 1216x955, 4CD8FDBF-3548-4BEC-A4C9-B06A3A…)

Ever since his Russian government assigned beard wife left him he’s been way more open about his homosexuality.

No. 1738327

File: 1672973087176.png (199.17 KB, 610x551, 27C01CA4-1750-46BF-9249-C98DD8…)

No. 1738328

LMAO he probably got off to being punched that one time

No. 1738342

>the movement that’s based on worshipping handsome blond men and obsessed with Ancient Greece and Rome is full of gay guys and pedos
Imagine my shock!

No. 1738347

File: 1672974202087.jpeg (175.1 KB, 1242x639, 9FFAB6A9-03C6-472C-BF4C-AF0452…)

No. 1738350

Not to derail too much but Richard Spencer's IT guy and admin, BigKK aka Nathan Gate, was an openly gay furry caught grooming 14 year old boys in 2017, on the same alt right discord server that planned the cringe Charlottesville fiasco. He was Spencer's intern. The whole server was basically just grooming young men either sexually or into committing right wing hate terrorism.

No. 1738354

Even in the 30s-40s people were writing essays on the homoerotic undertones of the nazi party

No. 1738359

File: 1672975022459.jpeg (837.73 KB, 1242x1137, 36266DE8-32B4-4583-8458-2CD2A6…)

More gossip about it here.

No. 1738364

File: 1672975307971.jpeg (41.59 KB, 329x343, B1949242-BF69-46D2-B19F-8AA9FA…)

This is Nathan Gate apparently he was a gay furry troll who would call in bomb threats to furry conventions and whatnot for the lulz.
He was extorting and blackmailing underage boys into sending nudes, cutting for him and sending videos and audio about how much they wanted ‘daddys cummies’.
Richard refused to fire him.

No. 1738366

Lmao when Nazis get upset that other Nazis are fucked up degenerates and call them “controlled opposition.” It’s almost like deranged belief systems attract deranged people.

No. 1738369

The homosexual undertones of Nazism are extremely obvious. Creaming over handsome fit young blonde men in uniform, wishing to go back to the days of Greece and Rome when it was socially acceptable to sodomize kids, indoctrinating hordes of young boys into your cult, nothing gay or pedoish about that.

No. 1738374

All these people are severely mentally ill.

No. 1738400

She's been a ~Siberia-toughened, bear-fighting red soviet~ Граймс, now it's time for .::nazi princess colonel Schmutz::.

(She'd be ANYTHING if only it meant she'd get prince E back kek)

No. 1738403

She has the nose of a cagefighter and the brain of a tapeworm.

No. 1738417

File: 1672978673394.png (4.89 MB, 1800x1670, updated.png)

No. 1738418

beautifully laconic

No. 1738434

No. 1738444

File: 1672981131748.jpeg (120.39 KB, 1242x474, DB021F07-0111-4BE5-9815-2C8E18…)

When your pseudo-intellectual wannabe fascist friends don’t like your smelly prostitute friends :(

No. 1738457

oh shit, faschy friend infighting! If only we had Grimes to intervene with her hardcore ethereal foam sword waving skills to make everybody be friends again… sad face

No. 1738465

I often times wonder whether she hangs out with these people because she genuinely believes in and subscribes to their weird right-wing ideology or if they just use big enough words and smart enough sounding cadences to make her think that they're smart or somehow rewarding to be around. anons, what do you think?

I'd honestly try to give her the benefit of the doubt but I'd also be pretty damned if she had absolutely no clue about what these weirdos are up to outside of her and their larpy convos about A.I. or "the mission" or whatever the fuck it is that they have in common enough to talk about.

No. 1738467

No. 1738468

I don’t think Claire has any solid convictions, opinions or principles she’s just a typical clusterbee with no core identity who latches onto random people, movements and aesthetics on a whim with no real deep or meaningful interest in any of them.

No. 1738472

File: 1672986039185.jpeg (842.44 KB, 1242x1349, A875FD05-A94D-4C38-9903-9C34F0…)

Aella likely lurks here, she’s been sperging on twitter about how ~akshually, being a prozzie + trying to groom other women into joining ‘umbrella consent’ orgies is not exploitative mmkay~, how sex trafficking reports are wildly exaggerated, and how sleeping with disgusting old scrotes for money after working in a factory for a while was like ‘a breath of fresh air’.

How this Anne Windsor MTF looking bitch has any clients or subs is beyond me, I’m guessing she wildly exaggerates her earnings and gets friends or business partners to make fake donations for outrage and meme headline purposes.

No. 1738474

Totally agree. She clings to whatever makes her feel like she’s superior to the plebs and the Main Character. Whether her sense of superiority comes from race/status/etc, I don’t think she cares

No. 1738475

Even does the smug tranny horse face lol.

No. 1738477

So making polls on twitter all day makes one a ‘data scientist’ now? Wonder how much she paid the trash ‘journalist’ to write that article.

No. 1738480

Yup. Claire is mid as fuck in looks, intelligence, talent, etc. She is a classic ultra competitive narcissist but also mediocre at everything she does, the only way for her to ‘compete’ with other women is by being as quirky and odd as possible, that way she feels she is ‘above’ her competition. That’s why having sense of speshulness is so vital to her, it can come from anything, whether it’s having pink hair, having a bunch of ugly tattoos, doing her makeup in a weird ugly way, not letting her kids call her mom, faking a bunch of interests and likes in obscure shit, making up a larp about having anti blue light contact lenses implanted into her eyes, developing a surface level interest in spiritual nazism etc. She is horrendously insecure and cannot bear being compared to others for fear of falling short.

No. 1738482

Also, why is the article saying she’s the top grossing OF girl of 2022???
Amouranth makes a million dollars a month and several other girls make 300-500k a month
100k a month is not that crazy for someone with social media presence who has been doing SW for 10-15 years?
Definitely paid them for this.

No. 1738483

How can someone w a decent body be so unattractive? Like she does not know how to take an attractive photo yet is “highest paid on onlyfans”

She is either- the most pathetic pick me who will do anything for a 50 dollar tip, or has her friends donate to falsely inflate her earnings. No way can someone with a face like that get a pair of fake tits and earn more than the thousands of more attractive than her women on there.

>sex trafficking over exaggerated

Please die

Her entire personality and rhetoric is a cope to help her deal with the fact that she lets old, disgusting (and stinky?) and ugly men put their old nasty dicks inside of her body and has to look into their eyes and pretend to be into it. It’s actually really sad that other women will be exposed to her mentally ill coping, and possibly even get groomed by her. Groomers get rekt. I hope she gets IBS and can’t get any more clients unless they’re into sharting, which I’m sure she would make videos of to sell to scrotes as her pickmeism is that deeply embedded into her psyche

No. 1738490

I don’t give a fuck about people not showering as long as they respect my right to exclaim ‘what fucking stinks’ and move away from them, but this bitch is a literal prostitute who will fuck multiple old men at a time. Does she just walk around with rotting curdled boomer cum necrotizing inside her pussy all week? I hope to god she at least makes them bag it before they stick it in. But I’ve heard that most johns (especially high paying ones) want rawdog sex only nowadays, so I doubt it.

No. 1738491

When people brag about not showering it just screams troon to me. Trannies always have grotesquely bad hygiene and viscerally stink, because they are too lazy and depressed to wipe their ass, let alone clean their collection of shit covered dildos after shoving them inside their assholes and necrotic axe wounds all day.

No. 1738493

File: 1672988138426.jpeg (233.73 KB, 1242x519, 23CBDC0E-0351-4C5B-8682-495664…)

>don’t you dare try to protect us
>the rest of us at the bottom
Wtf is this deluded heaux talking about?
Have the boomer microchimerisms from all her geriatric bukkake sessions entered her brain and made her senile?

No. 1738494

Regardless of anything else, this is probably the best sentence i've read on this website thus far
>Have the boomer microchimerisms from all her geriatric bukkake sessions entered her brain and made her senile?

No. 1738497

File: 1672988428251.jpeg (624.08 KB, 1242x1763, D232F153-2511-475F-BFF5-034ACB…)

It gets worse. Our veteran 200IQ bimbo whore and ‘data scientist’ even wrote an article that totes debunks sex trafficking!
>I coped myself into enjoying being a whore so everyone else must enjoy it too and I won’t listen to you if you don’t
>I have never met any woman who has been trafficked or forced into sex work so they must not exist
>There are only around 76,000 women in the US doing sex work unwillingly
Imagine being this deluded, myopic and narcissistic. She is insufferable.


No. 1738499

File: 1672988601607.png (925.87 KB, 877x854, 1672539484794.png)

this has broken my brain

No. 1738504

File: 1672988978048.jpeg (171.96 KB, 500x541, mybrain.jpeg)

> Minors engaging in paid sex is not good, but I’m not sure it qualifies as sex trafficking in the way most people conceive of it.

No. 1738506

File: 1672989086767.jpeg (Spoiler Image,133.24 KB, 720x1280, B8C55460-271A-4CFC-BA4F-71F4B6…)

Another article she wrote if anyone here is interested in reading vapid whore schizobabble. She also admits she takes LSD so she is a fried braindead druggie like Grimes.


Sucking off obese scrotes is so empowering girlies! Liberal feminism and Cosmopolitan magazine told me so! Please join me and do it too so I don’t feel so ashamed and alone when I inevitably look back on and regret it DD: I want to drag you all down on my race to the bottom too! Bad bitch lyfe!

Old lady you will wish she deepthroated more obese moids chodes, I-I promise you, okay!!!

No. 1738507

File: 1672989260790.jpeg (63.39 KB, 371x530, C4203E3F-6780-41F6-BB6B-11905C…)

Turns out taking cumshots to the face from 60 year old men for a living doesn’t exactly help you age well.

No. 1738508

Oh my god I finally see lolcow roasting this dumb slut who makes female data scientists look terrible with her shit articles. Does anyone even know what education she has? She seems to lack theory of econometrics and statistics that I learned even as an undergrad; the argument she made about how she feels about minors in sex trafficking would be laughed at in any academic environment. Many/most data scientists have graduate diplomas fyi. She makes me want to become her critic and make an opposing website to all her weird libfem arguments.

No. 1738509

Pedophilia is counter culture now apparently nonny, all the ~cool millennials~ are down with it.

No. 1738510

she prolly did some undergrad CS degree with a "specialization" in data science and now fancies herself part of the big league

No. 1738511

By the end she claims it’s even less like barely 35K. She is tripping, literally. Given the fact pretty much every town in America has at least one massage parlor with a dozen or so foreign women who are usually illegal immigrants working there at behest of money hungry people traffickers, that’s a terribly low estimate. But the whole article is in bad faith because it’s extremely obvious she doesn’t give a shit about trafficked women. Caring is uncool, having morals is square, having a natural disgust reflex isn’t hip enough.

No. 1738512

>sex work is our one chance of a good income
Aim high, girl! Don't try and, y'know, learn some skills, a profession, you're on the frickin internet where all the world's knowledge is either at your fingertips for free, or easily accessible to track down and buy, (e.g. books, courses) but heck! Why not let creepy men fuck your holes instead because it is the "only way" - extra irony in posting this on the very service that enables you to gain access to information which enables you to upskill in literally any other area. No, girls and boys, all you have are your holes so get fucking.

No. 1738513

It’s really gross that she considers herself to be “at the bottom” basically equating her position with people in 3rd world countries who are forced into sex work and trafficking victims. While apparently making $100k per month. You’re not doing this out of necessity, you can afford to get a degree or even retire at this point.

No. 1738514

There's literally a massage parlor/bordello that I had to walk past every day on the way to and from high school. I'm pretty sure other teenagers even hung around the parking lot and heckled the johns. She's really showing her ass, she must be so privileged and insulated.

No. 1738515

There’s 240,000+ massage parlors in the US. Obviously not all of them will be illicit but a large number certainly will be, and they all employ multiple women most of whom are from Asia and can barely speak English, so the number in that sector alone is bound to be massive.

Around 16% of US men say they have paid for sex irl, that’s 25 million men who have used prostitutes.

No. 1738517

I’m surprised she didn’t break her neck trying to do all those mental gymnastics. These ‘people’ are completely out of touch with reality.

No. 1738519

File: 1672990734050.jpeg (49.12 KB, 850x400, F269EC04-FE9B-48A4-A123-6937FE…)

I’m beginning to think Julie-sama was right. All Johns deserve a bullet and all sex positive hookers should have their woman card revoked, they’ve betrayed us.

No. 1738520


she's one of my personal cows! she used to be one of the most "famous" cam girls on reddit, like one of the most popular women who posted on reddit gone wild years ago, before online sex work really blew up. her whole schtick was basically acting and trying to look like a nerdy gen x/older millennial seattle/silicon valley redditor male's dream quirky-geeky girl next door gf (she claims she was homeschooled and sheltered by evangelicals, posts about lotr a lot and she was a "nude mime" on mfc and chaturbate. iirc she got popular on gonewild for making long winded, detailed quirky stories that involved her nudes) but with some sort of silicon valley polyamorous psychedelic drug abuser twist. i do not understand why but a lot of nerdy guys in the demographic i described love women that look like this. she also had a tumblr blog.

her brain is fucking fried after doing acid every week straight for a year and you can tell.

so many biological "women in tech" (and i know aella isn't in tech, she just has a bunch of weird tech orbiters) in these edgy, vaguely rw pseud circles full of "anon accounts" basically have the same autistic oversharing troon vibes it almost feels like the behavior is adopted and normalized because they have to be around troons constantly at work, some of caroline ellison's autistic ramblings made me feel the same way

No. 1738524

>i do not understand why but a lot of nerdy guys in the demographic i described love women that look like this
this is something i have also wondered about lol

also you are definitely right about the strange troon-mirroring that tends to happen to women of tech (WOT), there is a bad feedback loop between their own autism interacting with virulent strains of tech troon autism. the troons love to groom everyone around them into thinking you should always be totally willing to spontaneously open up about intimate sexual topics, then there's an obsession with hierarchical thinking, and generally just a weird dead-feeling reddit autismo zombie cadence to their speech/typing that makes you feel uneasy

No. 1738525

does this mean as a cougar i will be immortal

No. 1738544

Nerd scrotes love women who are mid facially but slim, they seem more attainable to them. Most of these guys are also totally autistic, shy and devoid of personality, so a woman who rambles incessantly and seems unhinged is alluring to them because it means he doesn’t have to make any conversational effort.

No. 1738556

Yes. Enjoy your sorceress powers.

No. 1738577

File: 1673006047948.jpg (422.19 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230106-055002_Twi…)

Pretty sure this is her alt account… lines up with when she created her book list, states she's too old for Forbes 30 over 30, all the same friends as Grimes who interact with the account exactly like they do with Grimes main account

No. 1738584

Wow, imagine your entire life being based around being the girl that will fuck any man in existence as long as he has enough money
>only 76,000!!
Wow totes NBD that these women likely get raped multiple times a day but hey that’s just the way the world turns
>sex work our only chance at real income.
Wow great thing to imply about women! That our pussies are more valuable than any of our brains ever could be! I wonder how many clients she will have in 10 years from now when she becomes a senior citizen. I’m sure her marriage prospects at that point will be full of winners and super cool guys
I couldn’t agree with this more. We’ve been so brainwashed by the patriarchy to our own detriment it’s devastating.

Sex work is not real work. Countries with legal sex work have increased illegal trafficking. Pro-sex work is one of, if not the most devastating aspects of the patriarchy and would not exist at all in an equal society. No women naturally wants to do this, and any of them who end up getting brainwashed into being into it are betraying all women and making the world a nastier darker place. The world would be so much better without women who betray their own kind, and their own self worth and virtue (I’m not trad or right btw) and without men who think women’s bodies should be commodities and that that could ever be ok.

No. 1738591

File: 1673009473571.jpeg (502.73 KB, 1179x1641, 2490A15F-5EFB-413B-9905-F8F623…)

This idiot needs her own thread

>she is so non-sexual even when trying to be sexy and seductive she is the least elegant obtuse donkey possible, smh.

After seeing grimes ask Azealia how to teabag, and watching this vid I 100% guarantee grimes is asking her for sex advice. I don’t really want to imagine, as it’s nearly impossible and also awful, her and Jamie having sex and what that actually looked like. She seems pretty inexperienced and when she tries to be sexy it’s just awkward for everyone. If she’s asking AB how to teabag, she def is looking for advice in this department. Watching this video (kek) after reading grimes tweet about apple tv’s makes it ALL add up, she’s mimicking aella talking points and it’s almost cute that she thinks aella is a coolgirl except that it makes me wanna throw up but it’s so childish and innocent on grimes part to think aella is some baddie who can elevate her sexuality, it’s both hilarious and pathetic.

No. 1738593

Why does Claire only seem to associate with the most amoral and insufferable people possible?

No. 1738595

>I’m not trad or right btw
So just off your meds, huh.

No. 1738596

Agree 100%. Because of people like this moron, scrotes think we are all idiot hookers like them and that they are entitled to our bodies because hey, we’re all just prozzies anyway right?

Cab drivers think we want to screw them. People think we slept with someone if we achieved something, not through our own merit. Random men think it’s okay to ask us if we have onlyfans or if we will send nudes. Little boys watch porn and think it’s okay to sexually harass little girls and even adult women. Coomers put spycams in toilets and hotel rooms to record and watch us. Our lives and existences are reduced to just real life amateur pornos for mens eyes. Married ugly creepy weirdos old enough to be our fathers think we find them sexy and that it’s okay to approach and proposition us, because the girl they pay to screw on weekends to pay for her moms cancer treatments seems okay with him. Men think us being kind or smiling politely so they leave us alone means we want to fuck them, incels think killing women in mass shootings is justifiable because ‘all women are whores anyway’. Choice sex workers are traitors to women everywhere, they have ruined society and put women all over the world in danger.

No. 1738597

Because she herself is amoral and insufferable.

No. 1738598

Exactly. These women who pretend to be into it, whether they are strippers, cam girls or prositutes, contribute so much to how all of us get treated

Right cus I would have to be heavily medicated to not see through this shit. Like most sex workers are.

No. 1738599

What’s the point of this video? Men fuck car exhausts, hotpockets, barnyard animals and even other men when horny enough, ‘looking sexy’ is irrelevant to moids especially the kind of moids desperate enough to pay for sex. These men would fuck a dead tunafish that had been left on a radiator for a week. They fuck trannies with worms and little Haitian children. Art of seduction bullshit is a scam and a crock for pathetic pickmes, just as much as Hustlers University and all that PUA garbage.

No. 1738601

painfully cringe and vapid, when she tries to be funny it falls completely flat, absolutely no personality or interesting things to say. i swear these women have zero social skills or redeeming features outside of advertising themselves as living fleshlights to horny moids.

like girl, just say you were the weird stuckup aspie girl with no female friends who got implants and now thinks she is a 10/10 because 90 year old men with bad eyesight tell her she’s sexy.

No. 1738602

Can we not call her a "data scientist" at all please? She clearly doesn't know any scholarly methods for collecting or analyzing data, she's just talking out of her ass. People who call her smart are patronizing her, they just think she's smart for a dumb e-whore because she uses the word "data" a lot.

No. 1738604

Libfems say the darndest things.

No. 1738608

Oh god, with these libfem types it is literally a dick-envy measuring contest of who can sustain the most degradation and objectification from men in the name of sex positivity, they are in-turn normalising it and trying to groom younger women into it too and they damn well know it. “You don’t liked to be pissed on and choked out while your bf slaps you, you don’t like to be gangbanged by old strange men, you just haven’t discovered the wonders of sexual experimentation and kink!” it is so boring and damaging. They are always pro tranny too. Get a new record to play you fucking idiots, we are bored of your one track pornsick brainworms.

No. 1738610

She seems super autismo, this dorky Vindicta-tier micro obsession with being sexy and appealing to moids seems really common with autistic pickme women.

No. 1738611

File: 1673013410807.jpeg (269.99 KB, 1086x1203, E2A7350A-BB84-4F9D-96FD-CBC7EA…)

Woah there. Full stop. How dare you discredit a data scientist just because she a female sex worker !! Swerfs get rekt, fr. She is obviously a real scientist collecting important data, and is so smart she has figured out a diet that will not waste her time on the toilet. Constipated Stenchqueen and genius.

No. 1738612

File: 1673013461739.jpeg (501.4 KB, 1024x1334, 992489A5-2376-4C1B-B05E-C937B1…)

I want to say she’s trolling but I think she’s just genuinely this stupid.

No. 1738613

File: 1673013497056.jpeg (424.02 KB, 1422x1223, 9CC21BAA-3D7F-4CF8-982A-B1DAAE…)

I think this cow needs her own thread.

No. 1738619

Yes she is obviously an autist and it’s the exact the same with autistic men. They get groomed into these PUA movements and expensive dogshit seduction courses because they are socially clueless and think being sexy is about how much eye contact you make, how much pheromone cologne you apply, how much upper eyelid exposure you have etc etc, they get so hyperfixated on irrelevant details that they miss the bigger picture of the fact they are acting like inept cringey autists, it’s the exact same with these autistic vindicta women.

No. 1738627

I agree but thing is, those autistic males eventually learn that their technique doesn’t work and so they (hopefully) grow out of that cringe phase and stop repeating it.

Whereas for these kinds of socially inept women, because they actually do get end up getting more attention and sex from men as soon as they get implants and slap some eyeliner on (as I said most moids are so depraved and thirsty that they would fuck a dead dog) they actually start believing they have mastered Le ArT oF sEdUcTiOn and actually have anything of worth to ‘teach’ other women.

They think that men spend time around them because of their wit and personalities and beauty, when in fact most men would hang around a geriatric female hobo with gangrene if they knew she would put out eventually.

It creates this feedback loop where these women actually think they are being charming, witty, interesting, smart, sexy etc and that’s why men hang around them, when in reality it’s just plain ole any hole is a goal.

No. 1738635

The funniest part is Grimes fell for her act, and clearly believes Aella has something to teach her about sex appeal (and probably how to get her "beloved E" back.) But Grimes herself is too autistic to realize men only like this smelly sperg because she's a filthy whore with no limits who pimps - sorry, encourages other women to attend "umbrella consent" parties. There's no special secret Grimes. Just have big fake boobs, zero hygiene standards, zero self-respect, and eager willingness to suck miles of geriatric obese moid dick. Hell you're already 3/4 of the way there, all you need now is the boobs.

No. 1738637

Wtf, this is her? She's not even cute. She looks like a 3rd grade substitute teacher

No. 1738638

This is the moid ideal though. Breast implants, decent body, plain face (bc beautiful women are too intimidating) and sexually available to literally anyone with cash.

No. 1738658

File: 1673017750720.jpeg (120.66 KB, 750x573, 24913C71-2BDA-417A-8295-5904D1…)

i don’t think this is claire. it just looks like a nft bro in the same social circles. this person sounds smarter and less drugged out than claire, also claims to live in NYC and work in tech.

No. 1738667

>the rest of us at the bottom
She comes from a well-off family, and she's well-supported by the wealthy scrotes she worships and plans "umbrella consent" parties for. She's scum for trying to speak over actual disprovileged, exploited women.

No. 1738678

>Often, you want your eyeline to be lower than the man's, right? You want to give him a feeling of sort of dominance, and also, it makes your head look, sort of look - bigger as in proportion to your body, which is more childlike, because we are trying to look like…children. This is what men like.
This woman…

No. 1738684

Sounds like she read Luann Delesseps class with the countess book where she teaches women how to badly submit to men and woo them kek

No. 1738729

She's right though; at least 50% of the time when I read about a "woman" in a STEM field, it turns out to be a moid in woman face.

No. 1738730

File: 1673025434086.jpeg (15.39 KB, 168x300, 88F7FD1A-7E0C-4E80-B583-58ABE9…)

>also, it makes your head look, sort of look - bigger as in proportion to your body, which is more childlike, because we are trying to look like…children. This is what men like.
Girl sorry but no amount of bighead cope is gonna change the fact your deformed long ass papaya shaped lurch head is objectively unsexy in every culture.

No. 1738735

First off, ‘looking like a child’ Aella kys you creepy bitch.
Secondly, you will never be neotenous. You literally look like an incel on 6 months of HRT, long ass horse face Marilyn Manson headass. If only your elevenhead served a purpose like contained even a semblance of a neural network.
Small compact faces are neotenous and ‘childlike’. Not your subway footlong head.
Thirdly, nobody is taking dating advice from a washed up hooker who fucks septuagenarians for money and cries more often than she showers. Kys.(a-logging)

No. 1738737

NTAYRT but based a-log nona

No. 1738738

Grimes is the only woman even more socially inept than Aella lol.

No. 1738740

when I saw this image on the front page I literally thought it was that Scottish tranny who got arrested for sexually assaulting a little girl in a supermarket bathroom yikes

No. 1738741

File: 1673026600550.jpeg (163.73 KB, 1180x666, 88D963D2-B837-423C-9E16-97C53B…)

This one? Lmao

No. 1738742

So she's never met anyone who's been trafficked, but she's "at the bottom"? Sex work is her "only chance" to earn, but she's making 100k? Damn this woman's povertyface isn't even convincing

No. 1738743

i do not and will never trust anyone who acts morally ambiguous towards child sexual exploitation, her language and dismissiveness there seriously irks me

YES ew omg

No. 1738744

Of course it’s pure bullshit. As if this dumb sheltered suburban bitch has ever slummed it with Rosalita down at Pink Lotus Massage or talked to trafficked illegal immigrants like Mei Li a single word more than telling her what shade of shellac to paint on her nails.

No. 1738745

i genuinely feel like these kinds of women hate other women and want to sabotage them and see them suffer. no room for woman to woman empathy when you’re on your sigma female grindset main character syndrome empowered maneater slut bullshit.

No. 1738748

I get that vibe too. These women are too busy capeing for men that they’ll happily throw all other women under the bus for a crumb of scrotum.

No. 1738750

I’m surprised “circe”/vocalcry/whatever her name is doesn’t like her. This type of commentary + the ashkenazi thing is right up her alley.

No. 1738770

Please she needs her own thread. I'm just staggered by her stupidity

No. 1738777

someone should make a thread on her

No. 1738784

>Have the boomer microchimerisms from all her geriatric bukkake sessions entered her brain and made her senile?
>vapid whore schizobabble
you sound like a scrote

we already know claire's alt account, it's @felurian8

No. 1738804

I saw a couple of comments on r/grimes over the past week of people saying they think Claire has a new bf, are they basing that on nothing or did I miss something? I don’t lurk twitter too hard

No. 1738859

This is lolcow we don’t care if calling whores whores offends you libfems sweaty, she calls herself one so she should be fine with it anyway.

No. 1738861

I’ve heard those rumors too, pretty sure it’s based on her more recent sly digs towards Elon that suggest she might be moving into another relationship. Either way nobody is that excited about it because we know it’s just going to be another troon or annoying ugly artfag scrote that she’s going to mirror and skinwalk for a while before running back to Prince E.

Even her subreddit is all but dead as a doornail and most people including fans there are just shittalking her.

No. 1738865

Her new ‘boyfriend’ is probably just Lan Dao lol, Grimes is already a veteran tranny footstool and they’ve been hanging out an awful lot lately, wouldn’t surprise me if she’s hopping on his girldick too out of desperation.

No. 1738917

Damn, her and Dasha from Red Scare need to fight over who is a bigger cashew headed pornsick pick-me with bad hygiene.

No. 1738924

My tinfoil: Aella is a Ghislaine-style madame who procures women & young girls for rich Silicon Valley perverts. That's how a washed up e-hooker gets invited to all the "elite parties" she brags about in her blog. She's invested in dismissing sex trafficking, minimizing minors in the sex trade, promoting rapey bullshit like "umbrella consent parties" etc. because she's directly profiting from these things. The crowd she associates with is way too shady and she puts out way too many dog whistles, I call BS.

No. 1738925

Second that, there's a lot of milk here.

No. 1738940

100% agree. Might explain her ‘earnings’ too, would figure that a bunch of shady rich guys pay her extortion money to keep her mouth shut. I hope she pays her taxes too. The IRS should look into this and find out who is donating these mysterious sums.

No. 1738952

That honestly makes so much sense. How does a talentless braindead thot get in with this egghead tech crowd? By fucking them for money and procuring girls for them of course.

No. 1738977

Honestly I have a feeling you nonnies are right and Elon Claire Aella and a bunch of these other freaks they associate with are all in on some massive human trafficking sex cult shit. Would explain why Elon is constantly trying to deflect and draw attention away from his own shady dealings and associations by pointing the finger at everyone else. The one thing all these degenerates have in common is total moral ambiguity, that’s always the slippery slope to full blown illegal and depraved shit. It’s a bunch of ugly horny tech geeks with way too much money and a bunch of stupid enabler pickmes. Recipe for disaster tbh. Also moving so near the border to the Cartels who can readily supply drugs women and children, there’s an extremely nefarious bad stench about this whole thing, and it’s not just Aellas armpits. Something is might fishy here and its not just Claire’s vagoo. I won’t be surprised if there is a massive scandal and coverup going on here.

No. 1738978

Mighty fishy * lol

No. 1738982

> Even her subreddit is all but dead as a doornail and most people including fans there are just shittalking her.

She posted recently that she will release book 1 independently and most of her “fans” on that sub were like “the music is hot garbage anyway” or “we don’t even want it”

Honestly if Clare steps out of the spotlight for a bit and actually focuses on her children it would be the right thing to do and probably the only way she could redeem herself to the public. She needs an ego death to wake up and see things as they are. Her trying to be Ai-adjacent or involved with tech is just embarrassing, she is a musician and people in those scenes are only nice to her because they have hard ons for her baby daddy. She knows that she would never be a part of any of these conversations if she wasn’t x’s mom and Elons pick me concubine. But she wants more than anything else for people to think she’s smart an interesting.

Her McGill stint she tried to make seem like she was some smart scientist girl when in reality she took a bunch of random science classes at a school with 50% acceptance rate, never showed up, and couldn’t even answer half the questions on the test she supposedly studied for (human heart doc) but made her whole origin story that she was originally becoming a neuroscientist kek

Imagine being in a room full of actual academics and Claire just interrupts to sperg her shifty interpretations and think she is like, helping or contributing anything meaningful to the conversation.

ai scientist whispers to another
“Why is she here again”
“Elons baby mama, be nice”
“Ohhhhhh. Gotcha”
endearingly nods

I can barely stand her ranting when it’s edited I can’t imagine having to deal with her IRL, people I’ve known who worked with her say her ego and ranting is insufferable.

She’s at the point where she has no real friends and only yes men. Even Hana is just another yes-man at the end of the day. Her new friends are all Austin tech moms who’s husbands orbit Elon. She’s trapped. If she moves back to CA then Elon will spend more time with shivon and her kids. If she stays, she is also in a shitty position and has no friends that aren’t connected to Elon.

I found a Reddit of some mom who says grimes is in moms group in Austin and basically that her sperg rants are super annoying, when I pressed the account about it she deleted the comment and it would be hard to find again but it’s not impossible.

Must suck to be Clare right now, but she made every choice to get here. I bet she would do anything to go back in time before met gala. But she will never admit this, doing so would be too much. She has to convince herself that she is part of “the mission” now and that raising X is raising the next monarch of mars and that her line will rule mars in a techno autocracy.

She should start dating too, and I don’t mean Nusi getting her naked, I mean actually looking for a guy who will be a support in her and her kids lives. Elon is not a father, he is just a sperm whale. He is more like an uncle, or even a grandfather (my grandpa was his age when I was born kek) to them. But they will grow up stunted without actual father figure and she is doing them a huge disservice if she is sticking to Elon, when he is out there fucking 20 year old actresses and shaming her publicly like that. She is a woman scorned and pickme for staying with him and diminishing herself like that. She must hate women and think they are just lesser than men if she is tolerating him taking Natasha to places he knew they’d be photographed in. I think Elon is super manipulating her and she isn’t smart enough to see through it. It’s probably so easy to tell her what she wants to hear “don’t worry babe, as an alpha I have to go and spread my seed, I know you understand because you aren’t like the other girls. You were made just for me. You are my Valkyrie.” sends lolicon hentai “daddy is coming back to Austin tonight, will you be waiting for me?” “I hope you don’t mind if I bring this 23 year old flight attendant, she signed NDA’s and thinks you’re sexy/ is a grimes fan, maybe the 3 of us could hit the jacuzzi?”(sage)

No. 1738987

this makes so much sense. i think you're onto something. and, elon is definitely into that, we already know he likes underage looking women. could be why grimes is trying to autistically max her sex appeal and is trying hard to stay in aella's good graces. maybe elon is now attracted to aella (or the people she is procuring for the tech bro pervs) and grimes is in some weird copying/skinwalking/learning from them phase to win back sweet prince whale

No. 1738989

good post but pls learn to sage and don't use reddit spacing, it kind of makes your posts stand out
>I found a Reddit of some mom who says grimes is in moms group in Austin and basically that her sperg rants are super annoying, when I pressed the account about it she deleted the comment and it would be hard to find again but it’s not impossible.
if you can find it again please post caps, i'm interested

No. 1739060

>reddit spacing
normal writing format with paragraphs? Genuinely, why wouldn't someone do that for a long-form reply? makes it easier to read.

No. 1739071

Nta but you're not supposed to post in a way that draws attention to yourself. The amount of paragraphs (frequently seen on Reddit) makes the post stand out from the average anon using the board, that's all. They don't mean anything by it.

No. 1739095

"Reddit spacing" is not exclusive to Reddit, some of you are retarded.

No. 1739141

I was just being polite but you insist on being an insufferable newfag kek. Frankly I didn't care, I just thought I'd explain what that anon meant by it but honestly just learn2integrate. Excessively spacing your retarded, unsaged "contribution" doesn't mean anons are going to be encouraged to read it. Especially without caps, this is an imageboard.

No. 1739154

i enjoyed nonna's long post, and i like appropriate spacing when posting long bodies of text.
don't be so rude to nonita, she's contributed much more than you have by shitting your bitter vitriol like an emotionally decrepit moid.

No. 1739196

>Elon is a sperm whale

No. 1739318

File: 1673118672090.png (88.07 KB, 720x1263, 1672942855140[1].png)

dont let this pic die

No. 1739321

No. 1739325

I think y'all imagine these dipshit techbros a lot deeper, smarter and more masculine than they are.

They're frightened of women and have rly fragile egos. Aella's product is a certain brew of accessibility / nonthreateningness / unwomanliness that keeps them from getting frightened and going soft.

There's no Eyes Wide Shut shit here. If it exists anywhere, it's not among mediocre new-money techbro retards.

No. 1739335

Exactly… the richest dude in the world can only bag B-list actresses and musicians like Talulah, Grimes and Natasha? It's because that's all he wants. Never would he ever be okay with dating a woman even close to his level. Amber Heard both scared him and pissed him off by being an actual celebrity. The dude is a stuttering nerd still trying to prove to his bullies that he's cool and totally gets chicks.

No. 1739379

File: 1673127180499.png (2.46 MB, 1524x747, handtattoo.png)

Can we please get back to Claire? That paella thing is so uninteresting to me..

In regards to a post from the previous thread
>still covering her arms
>What are your tinfoil theories nonas? Trackmarks? Self harm?

some time ago she got a tattoo of the word beautiful on her left hand. She gave a pretty unconvincing explanation at that time on her insta
>“feeling beautiful despite many imperfections haha,
>terrible and wonderful memories etched into my skin. Even the most >screwed up ones were all done w or by my best friends and they all >feel like home.”

personally i believe its the hand she uses to throw up and got it tattooed to remember herself before she does. i stumbled across a more recent pic of her hand (on the right) and noticed you can see a fine line across the word which looks like a scar that wasn't there before. did she scratch it out when the self-hatred got too bad?

No. 1739385

damn good eye on the scratch. looks like sh

No. 1739400

as an anon that has also self harmed over top of tattoos, that guess is spot fucking on. looks like a (relatively) superficial scratch with a sharp blade

No. 1739429

If this is actually self harm, I'm more inclined to think that she's hanging out with the weird Palladium Magazine guys out of isolation and loneliness rather than malice. What could she even do to help herself in this situation that doesn't involve leaving Elon Musk alone? Sad stuff ngl. She seems pretty entrenched in this stuff and I don't see things getting better for her anytime soon if she continues to be so fuckin dumb.

No. 1739451

File: 1673137784302.jpeg (Spoiler Image,494.51 KB, 1439x1800, 1EDEB5B2-E25E-45E4-BF34-595D11…)

I think it’s really funny how one loud lesbian hates that grimes is lgbt and also dates men. I would bet $$,$$$ that this person is/was gay for Claire for some reason and they hate themselves for it or something they have tried SO hard to convince us she’s just a “stRaiGHt piCkmE” it’s such a cope for NLOG lesbians who didn’t get kissed by the hot bi Stacie’s at their high school dance during “I kissed a girl”(Severe forms of autism)

No. 1739461

kekkkk she looks like nicole cliffe
also this bitch finds underage/trafficked girls for men to fuck, calling it now.

No. 1739464

exactly. there are trafficked women in india who spend their lives in 6x3x3ft cages and get injected with cow medicine (Steroids) so they won't lose weight.

No. 1739467

this isn't even tinfoil. it's completely what she's doing, it's so obvious.

No. 1739469

well remember the dutroux thing was real. and he was small fry compared to his boss Nihoul. it's not so crazy to think elon and grimes and aella are involved in that type of thing.

No. 1739470

File: 1673140010029.jpeg (511.01 KB, 1051x591, F4AC1CE0-9A37-4601-9858-AFC4FD…)

I guess that anime profile pic from her a while back was also… a loli from some hentai anime that was so adult it got banned from funimation and you have to torrent it. I didn’t know grimes was so knowledgeable about banned hentai with little kids in it.

The character in deadflow pic is wearing lingerie and is aged down from the original design. Grimes names the artist but not the character, implying she was familiar with the artist first. the artist's other images are way more explicit, like I wouldn’t even post it on lolcow as it’s literal child -r*pe

No. 1739477

I don’t get why you think Silicon Valley tech bros who are afraid of women don’t buy prostitutes, they’re some of the worst offenders. And yes a lot of them have pedo tendencies too, they’re moids after all. It’s nothing as romanticized as Eyes Wide Shut, it’s more like the Mei Yan thread - aspie tech dorks with money to buy women who wouldn’t look at them otherwise throwing sex parties. It’s an open secret, and it’s barely even tinfoil to suggest Aella is fucking these dudes for cash and likely recruiting other women with her “sex work is empowering, I can teach you how to pander to moids and get rich like me” scammery.

No. 1739486

>"I think it’s really funny how one loud lesbian hates that grimes is lgbt and also dates men."
nonna, who/what in particular are you talking about here? Never mind whether or not blabbering about lesbian space communes or looking at lolicon makes you gay, who's the 'one loud lesbian?'

No. 1739488

>"personally i believe its the hand she uses to throw up and got it tattooed to remember herself before she does."
In the interview that she had with Stella Mccartney, she says that it was a free tattoo that she got in exchange for some tickets to her show

No. 1739493

The nonnie who has a sperg meltdown anytime someone points out that grimes is queer they literally freak out and profusely deny every time, insane cope kek

No. 1739496

All of the 'evidence' listed are shit straight girls in high school do to get male attention, especially liking lolicon and sucking a random woman's tit on camera. Being into pride isn't evidence someone is gay, literally everyone and their grandma is into pride shit nowadays.
>dated chelsea manning
Are you okay? What retard made your pic? You?

No. 1739497

>>173947 I don't think she really knows anything about anime or hentai and just pretends to so she can seem edgy and cool. It's gross, but I doubt she actually found the artist first and probably just made this her icon because it was the edgy banned anime that everyone was talking about at the time. Not that I'm defending her for it, but I don't think she even gives a fuck enough to do anything but shallow research even on hentai shit.

No. 1739500


Proving my point LMFAO

even on her Reddit and hate Reddit not one person has denied her gayness besides this one lady here on lolcow who seems to take it very personally and wants more than anything to convince people that she’s not gay, it’s weird.

No. 1739502

>getting opinions from Reddit
Go back.

No. 1739505

File: 1673144845574.jpeg (192.19 KB, 1800x1080, DA369492-C715-4AE4-AB31-761AFB…)

It’s not an opinion from Reddit retard. You’re the only person in all the grimes threads on the entire internet that doesn’t accept what’s so obvious lmao

>”go back”

Seethe and cope, sorry you didn’t get kisssed by the hot Stacie’s in high school and now hate bi women. I hate lesbians like you for real. You can’t decide who is gay and who isn’t. Claire has spoken of her queerness enough times, she’s not doing it for Elons attention or something she has been like this since high school. You don’t get to say she’s doing it all for attention because of your own, deep personal issues and hatred of women that sleep with men.(Autistic tranny or ?)

No. 1739508

Go back

No. 1739509

This thread took a weird turn

No. 1739514

>post is not about grimes but if anything wk-ing
>grimes is queer
>reddit spacing
>angry lesbian wojacks definitely not projection
>bizarre implication that lolicon indicates grimes is bisexual because pedo anime porn is of little girls and not boys
>implies grimes is a lesbian because her BOYFRIEND is pretending to be a woman
>"You lez's are just jealous of bi stacies!"
Baiting troon? Kek, what the fuck. Redditfags are mental.

No. 1739515

“this one lady” on an anonymous image board. you’re the only one here seething about a few comments speculating that she’s actually straight. my god, chill the fuck out. we get it, you wanna fuck grimes.

No. 1739519

Grimes is definitely attracted to women because she dates trannies? Are you lost. Transwomen are men, dating them is straight, just retarded as well kek.

No. 1739522

Inb4 the admins or farmhands or whoever carpet bomb our ip adresses for being so incredulously off topic

No. 1739531

kill yourself.

No. 1739539

but seriously, who're these 'hot stacies' that they're talking about? Sounds oddly specific…

No. 1739541

Kek, loving the implication that Grimes is a "hot stacie"

No. 1739543

Lesbians do not have consensual sex with men. So she doesn’t fit the requirements. Dunno where this speculating even came from, doesn’t even make any sense. Grimes is painfully straight.

No. 1739549

Samefag, most lolicon women are straight pickmes too, like Digibro's ex gf and Shoeonhead, since it's such a pedo scrote fantasy, they larp AS the loli 'uwu look at me I'm a legal loli/I like your degen porn too', not the one fucking the loli. They also consume only straight loli or mommy dom stuff moids like. Imagine thinking liking lolicon is proof of being a homosexual, it's just proof of being a degenerate.

No. 1739557

Who cares if Grimes is gay, bi or straight? Do any nonnies actually want to have sex with this trash gremlin? No? Then shut up. Lesbianon feel free to shoot your shot in Grimes’ DMs and let us know how it goes, until then none of this bullshit is milky.

No. 1739563

She is nothing more than a weird autismo girl who was socialized as male and became obsesssed with pretty women and femininity to a fetishistic degree, just like trannies do. The end.

No. 1739565

This. No man is actually SCARED of women like holy shit stfu dumb libfem. Men who are 'scared' of women actually just hate women and are huge control freaks, if anything they are the dudes more likely to want younger more malleable underage and teen girls or poor fob Asian women because they seem more submissive (techbros with Asian wives are EVERYWHERE is the Bay Area), more likely to be abusive or sadists, more likely to like the dynamic of buying women because it gives them more control and authority. All these dudes who are into BDSM, daddy dom shit, buying hookers, going to sex parties etc were usually fucking lame losers who never got action in high school and never got over the fact Stacy rejected them. They are the types most inclined to want to be cult leaders. For every subby loser who likes being kicked in the balls and girls peeing on him there are 100 other losers who love hurting and exploiting women.

No. 1739569

Yep. I dont get this claim that beta males arent just as controlling, toxic and misogynistic as outgoing jock 'Chad' types. If anything beta males are even worse because they are so painfully insecure and unattractive and they know it.

No. 1739570

This. Female lolicons are not lesbian, lolicon is just an extension of DDLG and porn addiction. Its an internalized scrote fetish rooted in pedophilia and its disgusting. Next.

No. 1739592

i agree w all this. Just explaining why mediocre looking stinkwhore has any market value or chance meeting these "men on high" (see the Amber Heard - Elon texts)

No. 1739594


firsthand exp sry you sound ugly. Men like Elon are TERRIFIED by beautiful women who retain dignity and get their brains totally rearranged. They can only assert control by completely cutting off contact.

If you don't know you don't know(learn to integrate or gtfo)

No. 1739596

It's called "loli", it's not "literal child rape", and it's part of signalling you are in the in-group of 4chan oldschoolers who aren't like the other girls – like me.

You're deranged and the thread sux. newfag retards


No. 1739597

>It's called "loli", it's not "literal child rape", and it's part of signalling you are in the in-group of 4chan oldschoolers who aren't like the other girls – like me.

No. 1739598

First hand experience because you're a troon kek.

No. 1739599

shut up tranny

No. 1739600

>"loli", it's not "literal child rape"
Samefag as >>1739597, but ky you fucking pedo.

No. 1739601

MY PC can't handle the autism of the 'she's just like me' 4fagger.

No. 1739602

If you are a 4channer who likes loli you are not a beautiful woman. 90% most likely not a woman at all. No wonder they sperged about lesbians and how liking loli proves she is bisexual.

No. 1739603

relax fatty I'm joking. The point is it's insanely retarded ahistorical shit to claim she posts loli cuz dyke.

She posts loli cuz uber cucked 4 men. Like she's always been. A lot of us in her age grp went thru a similar phase…like 15 yrs ago in college

No. 1739605

>thinks being fat is worse than being paedophile
XY moment kek. They truly are degenerates.(infighting)

No. 1739606

>men are terrified of women
No theyre not. This is deluded libfem cope, 'muh eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man, muh high heels bigger than ur dick'. Maybe they act terrified of you because youre a 6 foot hulking troon lol.

No. 1739607

this nonna is right

No. 1739608

>a lot of us in her age group
>grimes is in her 30s
>reddit posting
>obvious newfag claiming everyone else is a newfag
>I know from first hand experience men like Elon fear beautiful women
>typing like 'exp', 'sux', 'stinkwhore', all lower case
>loli isn't child rape!
>I might be a pedo, but you're fat
>she's just like me
>coupled with shit mentioned >>1739514
Men are fucking incapable of pretending to be anything other than obvious retard scrotes. I am kekking hard ngl.

No. 1739609

0% chance it's a woman considering all their posts. Can't fucking integrate, and can't larp for shit KEK.

No. 1739611

>men are scared of women
lol no theyre not. women are scared men will beat, rape and murder them, men are 'scared' that a woman will laugh at them. we are not the same. anger at being unable to subjugate and control a certain woman is not being 'terrified' of her jfc. and rich guys like melon are so used to women kowtowing and pandering to them anyway because they are rich, men pander to rich guys too. the scariest thing a woman can do to a man is accuse him of rape, and yet less than 2% of reported rapes ever lead to conviction, so thats not even a real threat to scrotes either. you are deluded.

No. 1739612

File: 1673158099308.jpg (91.58 KB, 1200x720, 1277.jpg)

Well this thread needs a bit more gasoline in it.(autism)

No. 1739613

>Bi stacies
You are a jailhouse gay tranny kek not a 'bi stacy'.

No. 1739614

>socialized as male
all women are socialized female

No. 1739618

True, as long as we are talking actual women and not trannies who are pretending to be women but aren't women because they were born with a dick. She's just an attention seeker who mimics what she thinks will make men want her, which is why she larps as a loli enjoyer, since it's a common internet scrote fetish and she wants to be seen as some hackerz chick.

No. 1739622

Everyone on /meta/ is calling you the tranny.

No. 1739626

No they aren't? I'm >>>/meta/49944 and no one else has mentioned the obvious troon in the thread. The only other anon who mentioned the grimes thread troon is agreeing with me.

No. 1739658

Only to an extent. Some girls are treated like boys by their fathers and grow up feeling closer to being male than female. It doesn’t mean they are trans or gay either, it’s a common thing in many womens childhoods.

Ugly or tomboyish plain girls like Claire are also often excluded by other girls at school. She could have passed as a twink or dyke in her teens especially with short hair. It’s clear she’s always had scrotey interests due to her brother and mostly male friends. The way she talks about other girls is weird and voyeuristic almost fetishistic. Clearly she always wanted to be a ‘girly girl’ but didn’t feel valid enough in her youth. She was more butch acting and had more feminist views. Only recently with her bimbo phase does she seem to feel like she’s actually being feminine enough for the male gaze and is being more performatively feminine to the point of changing her views to fit what scrotes want too.

No. 1739659

"scrotey interests" what are those lmao? You are just as (if not more) misogynistic as Claire

No. 1739666

Boring ass lame guy shit, duh.

No. 1739677

look I'm sorry i called out your weight.

Of course loli is pedo shit ffs. the point is 17 yr old NLOGs in 2006 who weren't obese didn't care that much. We were lolis. Maybe we are grooming victims, idk probably yes, it took me years to figure out no decent men have ever used an imgboard.

if u think it's evidence of a dyke heart to 4chanpost loli, u are retarded. It's signalling she's NLOG, from 4chan, will play DDLG etc. Self-insert. Veeery str8, like extra-str8 scrote bait. I'm just telling u what it is, it's basic reality.

Her new friends are greentext-posting twitter losers.

and "bi"? lol no. Claire is the little girl. Have you seen her tiktoks? Forever 14. Just like aella says, "we are trying to look like children. For men."

ur right. I agree more than disagree. BUT i think we are talking diff types of men.

These whiteguy tech betas aren't 3rd world Arab style royal rapists, nor bush apes, they are porn junkies from middle class Western values who can only abuse a woman as long as she stays in character. They wish they could stay hard while raping a conscious woman, but it's just not in 99% of them. They are pedos and necrophiles…masturbators. The sight of human consciousness in her eyes makes their dick scared.

We can call it what u prefer to, hate/phobia, but the anxiety around women is one of the last visceral negative deals left when an egomaniac beta like Musk is on top of his little world and untouchable.

A woman who is pretty, has white-woman dignity, and doesn't kowtow immediately reminds him what no amount of $$$ will buy him…a woman worthy of love that'll love him back. See Amber texts. Being loveless is a gaping hole in the identity of the avg super-rich scrote. Peter Thiel is way smarter than Musk, for just admitting to himself he's a fag.

Ill pipe down with my boomerposting now. but jesus wtf is this cancer ? >>1739659(reddit-spacing)

No. 1739681

Retard, you posted grimes was a lesbian because she like loli.

No. 1739682

Also not the same posters you dumbass tranny.(Stop the infighting, if you think someone is a tranny report their posts and DO NOT reply or INFIGHT)

No. 1739686

File: 1673171960899.jpg (67.95 KB, 750x881, w_null_q0m2bqesgbaa1.jpg)

No. 1739688


No. 1739713

Good analysis of the oldfag NLOG and oldfag scrote mindset, this is what grimes loliposting is meant to signal.

No. 1739715

She showered every ten days…………?????

No. 1739729

> These whiteguy tech betas aren't 3rd world Arab style royal rapists, nor bush apes, they are porn junkies from middle class Western values who can only abuse a woman as long as she stays in character.
Retarded and racist. All scrotes are rapists, white men aren’t less rapey or pedoish or more ‘scared’ of women than other races of men holy shit just stfu you dumb tranny.

No. 1739750

no i didnt schizo retard. diff person. lol
>californian computer boys and oil sheikh gangsters are the same
stop b8ing, we're alrdy off topic enough !!

No. 1739754

There was nothing wrong with it and all you are doing funnily enough is drawing more attention to yourself and your posts kek

No. 1739762

>White-woman dignity
What does this even mean? Other women aren't capable of being dignified?>>1739677

No. 1739765

it's the only kind of woman aura i think u can break Musk's heart with in 5 seconds. He's openly racist if u haven't noticed.

Relax I'm not being racist, I'm talking about nazi scrotes here

No. 1739767

>Californian computer boys and oil sheikh gangsters are the same
Yes. Put them alone in a room with a little girl with no repercussions, and they’ll both rape her. You are worryingly bluepilled on scrote nature.

No. 1739768

File: 1673187902260.png (20.39 KB, 720x170, Screenshot_20230108-091526.png)

Grimes fans are finally realising how weird she's being kek. After all this and the nusi quero thing, how hard do you think her album is going to flop?

No. 1739774

How are you in your 30s and type like this? I’m getting secondhand embarrassment.

No. 1739778

Of course nonna, I’m sure you have firsthand experience as a woman so beautiful billionaires are terrified to speak to you, while also sounding like a 4chan moid retard who never leaves the house. Wtf happened to this thread? Absolute lunacy kek

No. 1739805

>Claire is the little girl.

Do you know what happens when women who get off on this shit… are approaching 35? They project their kink onto younger women. It’s a very classic scenario. Men aren’t the only ones who can become pornsick. If your fetish is the little girl shit, you either have to reverse it by 30 or become attracted to it. And it seems to me like a) Claire is out as LGBT, nothing wrong with that obviously, she has communicated pretty clearly that she is not straight. No one here can just say she’s not LGBT cus she’s from 4chan and a NLOG as if both can’t exist jfc. 2) she’s more into little girl shit as she gets older, which is a sign that she is actually a pornsick scrote herself. Stop trying to let her get off easy by saying she only does this shit for Elon or something kek

DDLG girls have been caught with CP multiple times. It’s not even a stretch.

>implying a straight woman would have an account just to look at hentai CP… right. Just to be a NLOG .. ok…

No. 1739825

Are you trying to argue she is queer or a perverted pedophile? Oh wait, they're the same thing. Maybe I agree with you now.

No. 1739836

>out as LGBT,
>nothing wrong with that

I don’t think all queer people are pedo perverts, no. That’s just an overstatement, and I know where it comes from, but it’s just not accurate.

No. 1739851

Why the fuck do you type like that

No. 1739858

https://www.linkedin.com/in/phuong-lan-dao(imageboard post screencaps)

No. 1739861

>>>Some girls are treated like boys by their fathers and grow up feeling closer to being male than female.
Yeah no. This reads like an argument in favor of trannies and gender identity. You cannot feel "closer to being male" when you literally have a female body. Just because you play video games with the boys and your dad raises you like your brothers doesn't mean the rest of the world (including your male friends and your father) don't see you as female. Having "scrotey hobbies" and being a tomboy doesn't mean you have a male socialization, it's just the usual disconnect between you & gender norms/stereotypes. The experience of being a tomboy or feeling awkward with other girls because you're not girly enough is only possible when you're a girl in the first place.

No. 1739863

You're right about the loli thing, but wrong about the whiteguy tech betas vs 3rd world arab scrotes (they are both rapey). Good posts anon.

No. 1739874

*post, not posts

No. 1739892


No. 1739898

The shower one really got me too. Im sure all the numbers are somewhat fabricated to push the ~Im not like other girls Im totally quirky nerd~ thing but jfc. I can't imagine not showering once a day or at the very least a couple times a week?

No. 1739902

They say the Shayna thread is autistic and full of infighting, derailing, and bullshit but this thread looks just as bad if not worse kek.
Stop taking the bait and just report and move on. Talk about Claire and if there's no milk then shut up. Time to touch some grass, nonnies.

No. 1739993

I think what it is is internalized misogyny. Its like “bi” women who looks for a unicorn or sexualize themselves and other women for male attention. Im straight, but I used to be “bi”, though never wanted to actually fuck a woman. Its wanting to be a “cool girl”. Its fucked up, but its how handmaidens start. The whole peter scully thing (his girlfriend who abused other girls) was her getting manipulated. Its not that lesbians can’t be predatory, it’s that grimes specifically is the epitome of “cool girl”, she is the epitome of “spicy straight”. She has no defined values. She would throw any woman under the bus, including the ones that has been raped by the men she follows. Im sorry, but I’ve never met a lesbian who has hated women as much as she does. I mean, to fucking hang out with actual rapists? To defend them over women? I have lesbian friends, most of my friends are women, and even the “terminally online” lesbians aren’t even close to acting like this. Sorry, but this just seems like male validation being more important to her more than any morality. Its the exact same reason why women with men will go after younger girls to appease their moid. Why do you think elon musk has dated multiple women? Grimes is desperate, she will go as far as to giving all her morals up. She has given birth to a son and daughter, but guess who she favors more? Its not her daughter. Women who always dated men (including trans women, yes, a lot of libfems do this just for brownie points, theyre still men), are never going to be lesbians. She was a nepotism baby who pretended to be woke for followers because it was popular. She never gave a shit about women, she never liked or cared for them.

No. 1739995

nobody gives a fuck about straight women writing essays about what they think about how bisexual and lesbian women act.(infighting)

No. 1739999

You're right, don't listen to the other anon lol

No. 1740004

Just wanted to point out she didn’t birth her daughter, a surrogate did. Mothers will always favor the kids they birthed over surrogate, at least in the first few years until personalities develop. A lot of important bonding happens in the womb and during labor due to oxytocin levels. Plus the girl apparently had colic which is a nightmare, so I’m sure she spent A LOT more time with nannies during that time compared to X. Poor kid, but I am glad they at least give her privacy so far and don’t trot her around like an accessory.

No. 1740006

Oh ok, that makes a lot of sense.
I never said lesbians or bi women had to act a specific way? What are you on about? Im saying grimes isnt a lesbian because she fucks men. A lesbian only fucks women. She never fucked a woman. She doesnt even have female friends that she doesnt project herself onto.

No. 1740015

NTA but you're neither of those things. You're a coping man, and you literally think a woman dating a tranny (aka a man) is LGBT. She isn't bisexual, she isn't "kweer". She is a hyper pickme straight woman who wants to be artsy, cool and impress ugly men.
If you really were a woman in the LGBT, you would know that.

No. 1740018

File: 1673221452826.jpeg (46.04 KB, 768x432, 7C2417A7-8140-4BFD-BA7D-BB84DB…)

>Musk wanders over to Brandon’s house at 2:30am with no shoes on and holding his child
>Someone let’s him in the house as it’s apparently not unusual
>Branson surprised by the time and the whole barefoot thing
>Musk wanted to wish him luck
Sorry for boring post but why no shoes Melon?!

No. 1740027

File: 1673222043968.jpg (136.66 KB, 719x682, Screenshot_20230108-164344_Twi…)

>fans have been telling her to stop hanging out with people that vaguely or wholeheartedly promote nazi/eugenicist rhetoric
>one of her bioessentialist friends (despite being trans?) reiterates that he likes spending time with "disagreeable people" that "risk social punishment"
> she "200%" agrees

what did she mean by this? (sorry if this should be saged idk if its new info or not)

No. 1740032

She likes being a racist pickme, and she doesn't care if her fans are upset, because from her POV, the tech moids and traffickers she sucks the dicks of have more to offer her. Anyone who is a fan or "stan" of this woman is taking an L. They're complete NPCs. I don't mean this in general, but from her own outlook on things. She pretty much sees them as below her in every way, they're there to occasionally line her pockets and feed her ego. The only people that matter to her see her as inferior and dumb (and they're not wrong - she would probably agree).

No. 1740036

>She would throw any woman under the bus, including the ones that have been raped by the men she follows.
this is 100000% true. remember the last thread, when an anon shared a screenshot of her defending Dr. Luke on her spare Reddit account? jfk she is beyond saving.

No. 1740039

>"despite being trans"
is there any actual evidence for Lan Dao being trans? maybe she's just ugly idk

No. 1740042


Anyone who fails to see Grimes as anything but an autopedophile is just wrong. She wants to be the child. It also appeases her NLOG instinct to appeal to a niche of men who will throw her petty scraps for attempting to be a legal outlet for their pedo lust.

No. 1740079

Exactly. Claire is bi in the same way that Shuwu is bi.

No. 1740092

rich people are fucking weird.

The only people who need to be convinced of this are brainlet moids and libfems. I even doubt she is dating her gf, presuming she is actually a woman. I presume she is because most trans people can't shut up about being trans.

No. 1740114

I also prefer people to just admit they’re racist or whatever instead of dog-whistling, but anyone who uses their platform to spread hateful ideology is garbage regardless. She really only likes these “disagreeable” types as long as they’re saying what she agrees with. The first person who comes to mind with fitting this description is Kanye. I’d bet money they both think he’s a brave genius for openly hating Jews in a way they want to. Lan is desperate af to be a model minority and Grimes is an edgelord whose beliefs are easy to read. I think she is waiting for the album to drop before going full mask-off though.

No. 1740125

>"He doesn't really sleep at night and gets his sleep in the daytime"
The poor kid, dragged along cause sperm donor over here has the sleep schedule of a neet

No. 1740140

File: 1673243976717.png (529.83 KB, 978x1169, Untitled14_20230108225704~2.pn…)

probably the only semi-based one; they call themselves a woman, an "electronic maiden" on their substack and dresses pretty femininely but also tweets about female supremacy. in most of their pics it's obvious, especially when they're up close

No. 1740143

The "all women are inherently bi" position is a lie pushed by scrotes to maximise the amount of women they can fuck in one go.
I've seen this handmaiden scenario play out irl and it's always similar to Musk's pickme harem. The women all end up in a seething death-race once the smoke clears, much like that stupid Chinese concubine shit Grimeths and the FTX girl were pushing.

Sage and apologies for blogpost but I had an ex that was really into threesomes before we started dating, he constantly insisted that all women are bi /if you don't want to try it, you don't really love me.
Musk probably used this tactic to get Grimes to be his "pussy wrangler"… a disgusting term I learned courtesy of said ex. It's always insecure women roping other women into degrading themselves at the behest of scrotes.

No. 1740158

I have a lot of experience in this area. More than half of these women are same-sex attracted themselves. It’s insane to think they are all “spicy straight” or whatever and that just screams bi-erasure, fuck that shit. If someone comes out as queer like grimes has several times that’s totally and completely different to tinder ladies seeking a third, or only fans girls making out for tips. How retarded to even compare that. Women can be same sex attracted and prefer to date men. That doesn’t mean they don’t rub their clits in private to lesbian porn scenes. That doesn’t mean they aren’t into the women themselves. In Claire’s case it’s very obvious she is sexually turned on by women. She probably draws lesbian fanfic hentai of her and Jennie scissoring in space or whatever.(no one cares about your bi derailing)

No. 1740160

>pussy wrangler
YUCK lol

My headcanon is that Musk dumped Claire largely b/c he lost trust when she thought bringing over Azealia constituted sane performance of "wrangling". She seemed reeeally broken up about the AB thing.

There's nothing str8er than this though. Deluded girl baiting herself into retrieving other girls like a cat hunting vermin … cuz she's so desperate to finally "deserve" to be given an orgasm by a limp-dicked scrote she idolizes. He'll never live up to that str8ness girl, he can never love you like he loves 2D/children/sex dolls.

I've been with a rich scrote like that too nonna. He always said i needed to "lead with a gift", as if his porn-addled drinker dick would work normally for the 1st time in 10 yrs if I just performed better. (as if a trophy girl half his age wasn't alrdy "leading with a gift" by getting into bed with him.) That pedophile creep never could deliver.

Musk is the same for sure. bubble gutted hypertrophic organned day-drinking TRT beluga.

No. 1740169

anyone else feel like this thread’s been overrun with predditors lately? the takes have become increasingly retarded
Reddit users I beg you to read other cows’ threads here then maybe you’ll understand why your opinions are so uninformed and easily clockable

No. 1740173

Notice how I never said bi women don't exist. Just that not all women are bi.
You're being needlessly defensive, no one's trying to erase le bisexuals, touch grass.

Anon I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Funnily enough my ex was also from a very affluent background, although he was <5 years my senior.
I think access to money generally allows pornsick scrotes to unabashedly treat women like objects and the women that voluntarily submit to it pay the price with mangled psyches.
Again sorry for blogpost but once I adamantly refused to submit to his fantasies he started treating me like I was NLOG (because I showed a scrap of self respect haha)

Also I'm not sure all scrotes are awful. Just most, kek.(derailing)

No. 1740174

Most of her initial fanbase was entry level millenial hipsters who grew out of her music and moved onto more obscure ‘highbrow’ tastes. Then her fanbase became mostly trannies and enbie kids but she alienated them with the Elon drama. I think this is why her fanbase is dwindling. Also zoomers don’t really seem to give a fuck about her, outside of roasting her on tiktok for dating Elon.

No. 1740175

File: 1673250462008.png (174.25 KB, 357x557, 5D76C900-6200-4302-AD9C-30B6FF…)

Is Melon capable of doing anything other than lying?

No. 1740177

File: 1673250600354.jpeg (841.75 KB, 1242x1382, A53800E6-ED55-4044-94C9-B2DD6E…)

I mean literally everyone knows this. They had emeralds in their pockets and would go around selling them to jewellers. His dad even remembers the specific amount they sold them for.

No. 1740179

Follow-up from >>1740173 bc I forgot to add that I totally see the Grimes trying to wrangle AB thing. Highly unlikely they'd just invite her to "collab" in the middle of the night while high off their faces.

Knowing how perceptive Azealia is, she probably immediately clued in to what's going on (I remember her posting about them being super weird in real-time from their guest house).
It's so funny that those two drug addled dorks thought they could harness the force of nature that is Azealia Banks. Instead, she helped expose them both for the narcs they truly are.
I fucking love that woman.

No. 1740181

File: 1673250885728.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3670x2144, D9D83CA1-8618-4965-98E1-30CCBD…)

Even people on 4chan are beginning to suspect Elon makes shill threads on there and sockpuppets, sometimes for hours. Not surprising since he seems to be terminally online.

No. 1740183

yeppp nothing wrinkles up a scrote like unearned social esteem. Is there a word for rich faggots who are comfortable with hookers, but totally shrivel up in the presence of healthy women w/ similar social class

hookercels? That's what these guys are, 100% incel, but they have used women's bodies to masturbate themselves by dehumanizing / filtering the reviled female essence thru inherited class difference

i mean he has probably the biggest paid shill army of any private individual…not surprised 4fags are only just catching on tho lol

No. 1740184

>why yes, i have been in physical danger in the most overprivileged white man way possible and it makes for a funny quirky humblebrag
>contrasted with mines in Zambia where people, some being children, are forced to risk their miserable lives daily for subsistence wages

No. 1740185

It’s literally just one tranny (probably Blaine again) shitting up the thread with nonsense and infighting with himself. The rest of us are chill.

No. 1740186

File: 1673251196953.png (403.55 KB, 595x678, 25C62038-8481-4093-81BA-17B574…)

Rumors than Elon is FTM going mainstream lol.

No. 1740187

Elon looks full downie there.

No. 1740188

Lmfao Anon, you're based.

A lot of the time they see ALL women as hookers though, which is where the proclivity for developing a madonna/whore complex comes from.
They genuinely hate us and they view us all as objects. The moment someone throws a wrench in that narrative they jump to worshipping that person while secretly hating her.
It's weird. It's not a good position to be in because the pedestal you're stood on is propped up by disdain.
I imagine this is how Muskrat views Amber Heard (who herself is a mess irl and engages in weird sex shit but she's ACTUALLY bi and degen by nature).

No. 1740189

>tfw you’re thticking it to the man and rithking thocial exthile by pothting pepe the frog memeths and thaying nigger in private

No. 1740191

It’s a shame she(?)’s such a stereotype, the self hating Asian woman(?) who has been rejected by her own men for not living up to their beauty standards, runs to white men who will fetishize her(?) worships whiteness in any form, and whose dating pool consists of ugly autistic poltards who are seething because they can’t get a high quality white woman.

Also posting about how much you hate men doesn’t prove you are cis tbh, many trannies hate and resent ‘maleness’ and gloat about men dying and the world becoming feminized. Blaine the resident tranny for instance does that all the time.

No. 1740197

The reason we have more female DNA than male is because polygamy was heavily practised throughout history, where rich and powerful men and warlords would horde groups of women and other men got little or none. It’s pretty gross, and most of those women entered those cucked scenarios unwillingly, because a rich or warlord guy could come along when you were 13 or whatever and just buy you off your family, or take young girls by force.

Also during and after the ice age there was a serious shortage of men because more of them were dying in intertribal warfare and dangerous hunting expeditions, which led to genetic bottlenecks.

This actually gave men an advantage because they were the ones who were allowed to sexually select for women, and women had to compete harder with each other in order to be ‘chosen’.

So it wasn’t really a W for women, you still had to be raped everyday by some disgusting scrote just because he was rich or particularly powerful and violent, and would get his men to kill anyone who tried to stop him. Women would often be raped by kings or warlords and then would be gifted as wives to his lower down men, all of this without the woman’s consent.(derailing)

No. 1740199

Men who worship their moms are always the worst kinds of misogynists. Only mommy is a pure Madonna angel, every other woman is a disgusting whore made to be degraded and subjugated, and who can never live up to perfect wonderful mommy.

No. 1740200

>>1740188 Yet another follow-up, the hookercel archetype of man tends to be codependent with his mother, as is the case with Muskrat. And likely our aforementioned exes.

Sometimes I wonder if Freud was truly onto something and wasn't just jerking off to Greek mythology while high on coke.

No. 1740202

Yahp. Sorry I reposted with a better visual of how I view Freudian psychology, lol.

No. 1740203

>one time I actually saw the guns the overseers who work for my dad use to enforce his apartheid slavery business
>scariest moment of my life
those guns are yours you inheritor faggot. god it's offensive that a slaver's kid would be that sheltered.

lmao yeah I love that Amber is enough to intimidate and cuck Elon. She's pretty trashy, have u heard her accent? we're not talking about royal levels of dignity here.

You're exactly right about how he sees her IMO :)

I respect Amber a lot for refusing to respect dickless richguys lol. Polar opposite of foot-licker grimes.


lol my ex was SUPER hung up on being estranged from his mother – for being an obnoxious atheist. She was a control freak Christian. He's obsessed with her and that conflict.

>my thocial life ith totally empty becauthe of…the Jewth!!! Also me n my frenth never have to shower, becauth our japanese nord geneth are thooo epicly dope. Nevermind my nothe

No. 1740204

>This actually gave men an advantage because they were the ones who were allowed to sexually select for women, and women had to compete harder with each other in order to be ‘chosen’.
Correct. I’ve read quite a lot about this. There was more pressure on women to appear beautiful because they were the ones competing for the small pool of males and it was men who got to ‘pick’.

Yes more women bred through history than men, but it wasn’t necessarily by choice; in fact the evidence points to the opposite. You had invading tribes who wiped out entire male bloodlines in Europe for instance around 6-7000 years ago, then kept harems of their women, which resulted in much more female DNA entering the gene pool. This was not by womens choice. Scrotes still got the pick of the litter. Women who fought back against their rapists would be beaten and killed. Only pickmes who tolerated such subjugation and rape survived, sadly.
You are an idiot if you think women were ever empowered in these bloody, violent, rapey scenarios, they were an awful time to be a woman.(samefag)

No. 1740206

What's the over/under on Book 1 ever actually coming out? It's not looking good right now.

No. 1740208

>being part of a harem and getting raped by a fat rich scrote
Sounds like Claire’s dream come true

No. 1740209

yep you two are right. she's literally bragging about how her genetic avatar is guaranteed to be the 800th raped concubine of some woolly haired asiatic pedophile who just murdered her dad and brothers.

Enjoy raising his spawn in your yurt without him, honey

No. 1740211

Boomers discovering /pol/ and going through their edgy anti woke phase is ungodly levels of cringe, kek.
These people are so fucking bored.

No. 1740214

Same anon here
(Pussy Wrangler / AB and AH / Mother Dearest posts).

Yes lmao I've heard her voice, she's just a random Texan fame chaser but I also find it hilarious that her refusal to be part of his scrotosphere was enough to send him reeling. I heard he had some legal action (NDA to prevent defamation or some shit) filed against her because he became afraid of her unleashing the bpd dragon.
Again, goes to show what a narc he is, as he the need to legally pacify Amber fucking Heard, who isn't exactly the sharpest tool the shed. She's down bad post JD trial too. Also the invitro baby isn't from Musk which is why he filed a claim I think.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I respect her but I give her great kudos for bringing Musk down a peg, even if his humbling was shortlived.

Lmk if this is true in your experience but I've noticed that hookercels (I guess that's the umbrella term we're going with) act super sorry and gush that they've seen the error of their ways when they don't get what they want.

They begin apologizing provided you don't take the bait. By this I mean, they try to provoke you to wig out by insulting and degrading you so they can gaslight you into think you're crazy (since they view all women as mentally incompetent - except Mommy of course). If you ignore them and leave them to meditate on it, they come back crying. Then they revert to their nasty ways. Rinse, repeat. Like clockwork.

No. 1740216

Nothing sexier to masochistic pickmes than the idea of their dad and brother and boyfriend being killed by invading rapists and being forced to give birth to their bastards while being kept in a shitty harem breeding barn under pain of death. Claire is probably shlicking to these posts as we speak.

No. 1740217

So how can right wing pickmes be racist, it makes no sense.
>Getting raped by foreign invader scrotes is trad! Might makes right! We appreciate power! Toxic masculinity ftw!

No. 1740220

File: 1673254809547.gif (1.96 MB, 343x200, B1A5D0C0-655A-4491-BFA0-093106…)

>bad end orc hentai is soo trad

No. 1740221

>bad end orc hentai is sooo trad.
>Lawless jungle cannibalism is hella trad

They just want to get Blacked nonna. Keep in mind u can't get raped by a minotaur IRL if you don't other-ize some ppl into minotaurs.

The rest of the trad stuff is tacked on so shoddily. I guess they'd prefer to get it on a marble floor built by their slaughtered family or something. Traddily. Or just generally in the visual style of the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings.

No. 1740223

Nona why did you bahleet that was one of the funniest posts I’ve ever read here

No. 1740224

sorry babes i delete edited (aka reddited)

it's cringe ik lol

No. 1740226

Thanks for reposting. Funny as fuck, ily nona.

No. 1740227

We will probably have to start posting Claire and Elon in the TRVE VIKANGZ placentacult thread soon.

No. 1740228

>my thocial life ith totally empty becauthe of…the Jewth!!! Also me n my frenth never have to shower, becauth our japanese nord geneth are thooo epicly dope. Nevermind my nothe

Omg yeth, thame nona! I have no thent glandths in my armpiths becauthe of my thuperior 1/38th korean 1/16th thwedish geneths! My puthy just thmells like elfbar and thpaghetti naturally! The fifty year old boomerths I fuck tell me I thmell delightful!

The jewth are why blackpinks manager keepth hanging up on me. I thay thpic to our nannies under my breath. Tethla is hardcore, everybody go buy one at oneth!

No. 1740231

best thread on this entire site

No. 1740237

File: 1673257525046.jpeg (163.45 KB, 750x520, 989397CB-B8F0-42E6-A17B-274AEC…)

Yes Elon, tell us more about how your ugly cars are saving the world again. What is it with so many Reddit idiots on here lately? It’s getting annoying reading your armchair psychology essays of bullshit, there’s clearly no hope of you learning to integrate, you have made a mistake, go back.

No. 1740240

nonna no one can integrate with you– you're a 60iq who smashes unrelated sentences into schizo retard single-paragraph madposts.
>muh private jet flights
is pretty weak sauce too for describing a guy who cuts up monkey and pig brains for fun.

Try setting an example, faggot? Or go post some more schizo gibberish in meta. Or best yet u could go scream at cars from an overpass til u decide to jump.(reddit-spacing, infighting and derailing throughout the thread.)

No. 1740241

Did this fat fuck seriously take a private jet to Starbucks just to guzzle down another 800 calorie diabetes frap? What a fucking whale.

No. 1740246

You are either an insufferable man who makes women do this (or wishes he could, likely a tranny), or a brainwashed straight woman who does this for her man's amusement, and is very triggered that actual bi and lesbian women can tell she's straight.
>She probably draws lesbian fanfic hentai of her and Jennie scissoring in space or whatever.
Literally a tranny fantasy, kek.

No. 1740247

I am bisexual you ugly femcel

Go rub one out(BAIT)

No. 1740250

Why do all the triggered men who come here call women "femcels"? It's such a pathetic reach, "femcels" don't exist because sex/male companionship is ridiculously easy to get for anyone with two X chromosomes. You freaks can't even stay off a women's board or quietly visit it without seething and trying to make us pay attention to what your microscopic dicks want, kek.
Anyway, you will never be a bisexual woman, simple as.

No. 1740251

File: 1673261758546.jpeg (20.43 KB, 225x225, AE3A159A-5534-4406-87BB-842B66…)

Lesbian femcels do exist. Sorry for all the rejection you have faced from bi women who don’t wanna scissor you.

>telling me I can’t be bi

Proving my point further babe

Ugly sexless dykes like you are the worst, so tenaciously bitter about bi women and not getting laid

No. 1740252

I'm not a lesbian, I'm saying all this because I'm actually a bisexual woman. Any real bisexual woman would have clocked me from my first reply, btw. You sure are obsessed with lesbians. Nice boomer-tier feminist rage pic, really proves you're a 47 year old man who never stopped jacking off to Grimes and now needs to imagine her as queer and drooling over kpop girls for your tanked sex drive to work. Keep writing that fanfic hentai, sorry it won't ever be a thing.

No. 1740253

>>She probably draws lesbian fanfic hentai of her and Jennie scissoring in space or whatever.
Nta but Grimes definitely does that. She has an autistic porn rotted moid brain with an Asian fetish, and too much testosterone.

No. 1740257

>ugly sexless dyke as an insult

the moid integrates so poorly. ywnbaw

No. 1740259

She doesn't "fetishize" Asian women in the sense that she wants sex with them, she "fetishizes" them in the sense that she wants to be one and gets mad at girls like Bella Poarch for being younger and skinnier than her. Straight weeby women like that are dime a dozen, especially ones in their 30s. She also most likely hangs around Lan Dao because s/he's an unattractive, self-hating Asian who wishes s/he was white and waxes poetic about the "anglo spirit". For a second, Grimeth can actually feel secure around (and physically superior to) an Asian woman while listening to some cringy psuedo-intellectual takes she can regurgitate later.

No. 1740264

You retard toons seething over lesbians being not like porn because of your pornsickness will never not be funny. YWNBAW you retarded 4fag troon. Kys being supposedly in your 30s and a fucking tranny kek.

No. 1740265


No. 1740267

Men literally only know how to project. Incel legitimately describes men and is a bad thing, but scrotes don’t take responsibility for their actions, and can’t think of anything to smear women with that actually applies so they have to use insults that describe scrotes better than women kek.

No. 1740268

Jailhouse gay man coping kek.

No. 1740270

Have you cut of your penis yet you walking-symbol-of-why-women-are-better-than-men? Failsons always take this narcissist degenerate route you have taken. If only you retards weren’t born with a broken Y…

No. 1740273

It's giving "how do you do, fellow females".
Begone, scrote.

No. 1740279

File: 1673269379315.png (660.41 KB, 710x1317, Screenshot_20230109_074947_com…)

Kek, as she should. One of the best parts of elon buying that site is all the troon tears about how their pedo site was taken from them. I hope he makes it actively hostile for them next. Though some probably took the loli ban as "violence"
Speaking of Grimes, I just noticed an old ~sponsored~ Overwatch post she apparently begged for. Has she mentioned the game at all on Twitter? She acts like it's common knowledge she plays it but hasn't mentioned the game since on insta so for all I know she just liked the advertising like the braindead corporate bootlicker that she is. Also that picture is just a still from a video isn't it? Much effort

No. 1740280

>longtime fan
more like longtime Overwatch hentai fanart from Sakimi-chan fan, at best

she is so fucking fake, pretends to be interested in literally everything she thinks will make her NLOG and never actually shows any interest beyond a superficial level ("haha of courthe your prethious Grimeth is the turbo ultimate nerd pixie dreamgrrl of ur dreams, robot space baby custom made for her beloved eater of buffets prince Elon)

No. 1740283

I’m not “obsessed with lesbians” Claire is. She’s building a lesbian Ai space colony remember ? Ooo I bet you just seethed just like that that “boomer tier” triggered pic when you saw that kek

> needs to imagine her as queer and drooling over kpop girls

No need to imagine retard. The idea of Grimes being a lesbian predator makes me want to barf. That’s why I want to point it out to people. I got mega creep vibes seeing her with Jennie, seeing her drool over aru.rinh, seeing her hanging with Bella Poarch probably grooming her. I don’t get off to this, and I don’t understand how anyone would, it’s gross and grimes isnt hot. Implying anyone would get off to this is fucking weird

When I first came out I had to deal with so many nasty bi women like YOU, and like Claire. Ones like you remind me of all the tumblr fatties who would rage and freak out over white feminism or whatever. And HATED pretty women with a passion (not saying grimes is pretty) Like so gatekeepy and fucking weird. We get it, you are raging with too much testosterone and undiagnosed PCOS. But can you just like, idk get on some Prozac or Lutera or something and chill the fuck out? Maybe try DBT?

I’m ending my contributions to this argument, cus I don’t wanna argue with a raging sexless femcel it’s pointless, they’re just as annoying as men.(tranny baiter)

No. 1740285

She liked a tweet from someone very recently that said they don't play video games alone, only socially when friends come over. If you're at all in the gaming community that's a laughable statement for anyone claiming to be into gaming in any real capacity. Just another chick at the party asking to play Mario Kart because she totally is a gamer who will beat you. I guarantee that's why she liked that post - I may not play the video games I'm featured in but it's because I'm only a social gamer guyyyys! I'm not a phony!

No. 1740288

File: 1673271698913.jpg (27.67 KB, 800x450, aint.jpg)

I don't read these kidns of reddit-spaced schizoposts from deranged, obsessive men. All anyone is saying is to keep your tranny fantasies about Grimes to yourself, and they're right. Go start an account on fanfiction.net or make Grimesfag threads on /lgbt/ or whatever old hons do, we don't want to hear it.

No. 1740289

What a bitter raging mannish-woman you are. I hope your healthcare keeps covering your estrogen cream babe and that you actually get laid.

No. 1740290

>no u!!
Kek, all you can do is project. I didn't even know troons had to take estrogen cream, sad for you.

No. 1740293

Ugly femcels with no estrogen also need it, maybe you should get some to balance out all that T you have goin on.

I guess I would be angry too if I had to wax my mustache every month(Male)

No. 1740294

So you admit you're a tranny projecting? That's good, now all that remains is to accept that going on hormones and trying to skinwalk bisexual women with weird yuri fantasies won't make you one of us. Or don't, but either way, you have to go back. Even the ugliest woman on earth would still be a woman, while an incel is an incel.

No. 1740301


Ok…. Moving on… kek

Didn’t AB mention something about Claire blackmailing Elon ?

*Rent-free in your head
Missing from your bed
I know your secrets, everything, oh*

Kinda holds up when reading the lyrics to shittygami eyes

Maybe that’s here way of keeping him around? Would be rich if he’s trapped or something cus he told her too much when they were on acid

No. 1740303

Doubtful, but I like your thinking. I don't think Grimes is successfully keeping Elon around. He started posting pics of X and him together around the holidays like dead beat dads are known to do then back to nothing. Grimes still sees him due to the kids (or, let's be honest, 'kid' because who cares about the girl). I don't think there's much going on besides that. Also he's the one with all the power. He helped but her house and she's got two kids with him. If she ever defied him publicly he could decide she's got the woke mind virus and try to yank the kids away from her. After all, she's been hospitalized for mental health reasons multiple times throughout the last couple of years and she's a known drug abuser. He's definitely holding all the cards and I think it makes perfect sense for someone in her position to not only stay quiet but actively dive in to his shitty technosphere. She can't get her fans back without alienating hey baby daddy so the only other choice is to join the tradwife brigade. I'm surprised they let an unwed single mother into their midst. She should be grateful Elon's influence reaches far enough to distract from the fact that if she were middle class her life would be seen as trashy.

No. 1740307

damn at least 2 of you are so fucking stupid. doesnt this site have anyone who can ban?

>ur a tranny

>ur a tranny
>no ur a tranny
>25-sentence schizo single paragraph
>im bi

and I feel like I'm going schizo too, cuz I half suspect it's 1 meth head self-debating. Y'all are goblins.

No. 1740319

I think maybe there was a point where she had a little bit of that power and probably did use it to blackmail him into staying with her like in 2019 but yeah I mean she obviously gave it ALL away, and to be a white supremacy eugenics concubine on top of it.

No. 1740323

>Calls semi-regular paragraphing "Reddit spacing"

Nonna please go back to middle school English and learn how to format writing in a way that is easy to read kthxbye

No. 1740332

I 100% am in the camp that shes a creep and predator, especially since the lolicon.

> draws lesbian fanfic hentai of her and Jennie scissoring in space


No. 1740334

He's definitely been samefagging the last two or three posts, defending himself hours later because he's mad women don't like his headcanons.

No. 1740336

see >>1739608
How many times will you do this? Kekkk

No. 1740342

Yes, although she has fuckall. She's probably buried under even more NDAs than AH, because Prince E probably bankrolled her most recent album; the production was way too solid to be her work. He probably cut a deal with her to buy out loads of talented producers to make her sound like a polished, legitimate artist in exchange for her shutting the fuck up.

Ignore the trannyposter, tinfoil, it's probably Grimeth herself trying to derail away from her engaging in abhorrent behavior.
The typing style and complete lack of coordination and self-awareness is in line with her internet ethos.

You're an insufferable run of the mill North American privileged woman Claire, and you're pushing closer to 40 by the minute. Raise your kids instead of posting on lolcow and maybe consider not being a disgusting degenerate!

No. 1740347

Corroborating evidence:
- repeatedly asserting "I'm a bi woman!!!111!!1"
- Frenzied, haphazard comebacks like calling us ugly (recall her only clapback to AB being "you're fat")
- Multiple posts in a row trying to bury previous posts
Sounds about Claire!

No. 1740355

>Ignore the trannyposter, tinfoil, it's probably Grimeth herself trying to derail away from her engaging in abhorrent behavior. The typing style and complete lack of coordination and self-awareness is in line with her internet ethos.
You realize that the way you post is extremely obvious to anyone who isn't from preddit, right? You don't even know how to greentext correctly, or space out posts in a way that doesn't reek of newfaggotry. You've been called out by multiple posters over the course of two days alone.
I have no clue what kind of mental disorder pushes a self-described person in their 30s to samefag in a Grimes thread on Lolcow, let alone make embarrassing images like >>1739451 and actual derailing posts screeching about the "ugly femcels" and "lesbians", but please get a grip.
To get back on topic, it's weird looking back at old Grimes interviews and hearing her try to "explain" Visions and "production techniques" she probably doesn't know much about, and claiming she "cares about production"/"wielding power". This is the same one she goes on about being "into" anime and the Japanese and Korean girls at her elementary school with Sailor Moon cards. A skinwalker for life.

No. 1740359

Right. Claire wants people to think she’s a predator to younger girls. Makes sense.

No. 1740362

I can absolutely see Grimes being invested in convincing strangers she's "queer", LGBT, etc. Being the quirky bi NLOG girl is a huge part of the "persona" she puts out, so it probably strikes a nerve when people can see through it. She's the type of person to argue and rage non-stop on her Reddit account about a playlist cover she wouldn't credit an artist for, lmao.

No. 1740365

In the context of being an Asian fetishist, a groomer and into pedo-anime? Lol what ? Why would she want people to think that

No. 1740367

Look at the kinds of people she hangs out with and wants an "in" with. Wealthy white scrotes who are all of those things and more, as well as fellow pickme concubines like Caroline from FTX. It's glaringly obvious what she's on, she doesn't give a fuck about appealing to her fans or anyone who's not a creep or edgelord. She won't even unfollow a rapist with an Asian fetish (Nusi Quero), she's done with that sort of pandering. It's also why she gets along so well with MtFs.

No. 1740368

The argument is over nonnie. I, like most people, know grimes to be same sex attracted, you disagree. That’s fine. You can have whatever opinions about her sexuality that you want, idc.. but please shut the fuck up now. It’s time to move on. there is much to milk to squeeze out of grimes udder, like how she can’t dj for shit or that she’s been photographed at a nazi’s magazine party. Let’s change the subject.(retarded sexuality sperging)

No. 1740370

Didn't you make this exact post like twice already? Holy shit dude

No. 1740385

Also can someone please make the Aella thread? I’m not fully up to date on her lore but she is a grand bovine indeed

No. 1740402

Yeah she wouldn't be able to describe how she makes synths in ableton or her mixing process or anything. Someone needs to ask her to do a live stream of her making one of her tracks.

While I can tell you the key of a track I made the synth preset or how I made the synth in the grid in bitwig (production software made by ex ableton devs that's more complex than ableton), I show my mixing chain, I can go over how I layer my synths and modulate them, etc.

Watch her freeze or use predone shit Hana made and then sperg about her lesbian space commune and how her music was made to terraform Mars or some shit lol

No. 1740426

>day 1706
>Grusk still haven’t fucked off to Mars yet

No. 1740593

This exactly. Grimes is "bi" in the "girls are soooo pretty and I love boobies" way if you put a pussy in front of her and told her to eat it she'd start crying and then start to tweet about how being only attracted to men is actually the most based. Her lesbian space opera shit stems from her pedestalizing lesbian relationships like every other straight girl who has a shitty boyfriend because they think being a lesbian must be so much better because girls just, like, understand each other. She's too millennial to realize people under 30 don't think being bi makes you special it's actually a meme that everyone is bi now. >>1740362

No. 1740676

I think mayyyyybe you could shower once a week if you're not leaving the house? like, i got pretty grody during a month of online grad school last year. but if you have a job in the real world outside your house, or are a model or prostitute, i don't think it's the same situation? as in, there are definitely situations like studying a lot/WFH where you could justify not bathing very often, but this woman is NOT in one of those situations+i don't know why she thinks even joking about being an unwashed cum dumpster is a good idea

No. 1740688

fascinating. can you go over how you layer and modulate your programmer socks?
seconded. The sex-crying-showering ratio got me curious enough to read the substack anon >>1738506 linked:
>Tits also functions a bit as war - it’s a sexual marketplace threat to other women who aren’t titsing as hard as I am, and might end up damaging prospects for female friendship
>It’s often polite to refrain from titsing; you’re like “I’m not gonna gravity field everyone’s genitals at me […] you’re welcome.”
>I’m also afraid of it making people judging me as “desperate for attention”. I am actively seeking attention, but
>(also, here’s a form to apply for casual sex with me)
>the “tryin’ to bang aella survey!” has two pages of shayna level degen fetish selectables including ageplay, rape, incest, castration & many more
Honestly, most millennials don’t think being bi is special either; only kool aid kweers & spicy straights with terminal grass-touching deficiency think bisexuality means sexy Cool Girl pickme points
>”lesbian space opera shit”
>Plathtic princesth thword go thwoooth thwoooth dragon emoji knife emoji hathtag luxury gay space communism
This is your brain on anorexia meth hentaiTwitter.

No. 1740764

File: 1673316395704.jpeg (370.54 KB, 1242x706, C6BA675C-ABD2-4EF4-B932-BF25D2…)

Skimmed the VF interview again the other day and was reminded of this bit, kek. Why do these interviewers blow so much smoke up her ass?

No. 1740779

File: 1673317356881.jpg (54.01 KB, 750x803, qlwagzrom5ba1.jpg)


No. 1740850

You shouldn't be "quick washing" your crevices. She forgot feet, hands, ass, face, etc. You should properly wash all of those things daily. Which means taking a full shower. It's not just about the smell, it's literally the bacteria and germs you're washing. Which can cause the smell. Not to mention dirt, oils, etc.
We get it though, you don't bathe.

No. 1740855

File: 1673319911459.png (88.7 KB, 235x276, markekle.png)

>the Grimeses of their day

lord have mercy (no offense to ancient concubines)

No. 1740899

Omg you nonnies are on one today. I’m scream-laughing at the dragging, I’d be dying inside if I was Claire reading this kek

No. 1740947

File: 1673322854405.png (11.27 KB, 308x180, 321615425_494230569526860_2628…)

I was going to be a fag and list out how incoherent that list of concubines is (Athena??) but I'm just still knocked off my feet at her reclaiming concubine as an identity like why so proud to be a cuck? Terrible. At least as a member of the royal harem he would've bought clothes for you and food besides peanut butter.

Also on the topic of Book 1 these lyrics always make me laugh. Not only Grimes calling herself a beauty but the mental image of Elon ignoring Grimes by staring at the sun.

No. 1741033

The concubine thing comes from her obsession with Dune, where some of the important characters are concubines. She thinks she’s Jessica and X is Paul (she literally said this kek). The delusional narcissism knows no bounds.

No. 1741052

>mohammed's harem of 11 yr old buttsex girls was the most smartest girls in history

Yeah yeah honey just keep sucking. And get those fuckin' schoolyard sharpie scribble tattoos removed– my investor bros are calling me a pedophile / tard fucker.

No. 1741079

Anne Boleyn was literally beheaded on her husbands orders. These people are braindead. Their ideology is just a pretentious pseud evopsych BDSM cult.

No. 1741081

Right the cuck thing is such a self own. Admitting that you aren’t special or high value enough for a man to fully commit to or fall in love with (and trust me even ‘high status’ men become pussywhipped, get oneitis and simp solely for one woman when they fall in love hard enough, probably the last person who made Elon feel that way was Amber, and she’s the one who got away) it’s honestly just a pathetic self drag to admit you can’t satisfy your man or make him love you.

No. 1741083

Painting singing and designing your own clothes are not signs of being highly educated or high iq lol. 5 year old children do that.

No. 1741085

It’s such a cringe thing to aspire to be Elon’s concubine, the equivalent of being a parasite or worm that leeches off his fat landwhale carcass. Spreading your legs for an obese geek is not exactly equivalent to being royalty.

It was never the concubines who had power or inherited anything or influenced important decision making, it was the wives and consorts. Also cringe is wanting to be a man’s ‘muse’. The concept of a muse is to brainwash women into thinking they are central to a creative process while also making sure they stay in a completely passive submissive role to the man. It’s just typical disgusting gaslighting sexist garbage.

No. 1741090

He doesn’t even fuck her, she’s constantly begging for crumbs of his dick and he leaves her starving every time kek. Grimey legit has some kind of humiliation fetish.

The anorexia, peroxide, shrooms weed and meth is fully eroding her brain, how sad that she has to invent an entire sci fi meth addled fantasy cope world where Elon gives a fuck about her and that she’s an empowered martian QVEEN when in reality she’s just a depressed junkie whose manz won’t even throw her a bone occasionally and makes her sleep on a holey mattress that Amber Heard pooed on.

They’re pretending their shit don’t stink because fairy pixie princess padme space queens dont sweat, their superior 1/584th Korean genetics mean they have no scent glands nona, they are above the plebs, not bathing is based cuz french nobility never did it and grimes is LIT RALLY modern day marie antoinette

No. 1741099

>It was never the concubines who had power or inherited anything or influenced important decision making, it was the wives and consorts.
Elon has 'innovated' what a concubine is, once again by cost-cutting: there's no palace, no beautiful clothes, no bright entertainment– that stuff makes him uncomfortable. Nah it's all xbox controllers, trashy pajamas, and on special occasions (acid trip MDMA days): dusty sandpaper-textured Etsy costume fabric.

Except it's not even that, because he prefers to just crank it by himself to bukkake.

The girl isn't a captive beauty doomed by her exceptional body, ravished by a virile warlord–she's a stinky LA party girl hanger-on with nothing going on in her life who got impregnated by latex glove and needle. Because of some dickless LA database fag's acid induced fetish that he rapidly bored of. He instantly ditched her when he sobered up. It's the exact opposite of a girl kept for pleasure.

It's rly funny to me that her tragic love letter to him ("Player of Games") has a video of a fantasy guy playing xbox. I imagine Musk prefers mouse and keyboard lol. That sort of chinese knockoff style of skinwalking is how their entire identities work. What a "perceptive" "artist"

No. 1741101

File: 1673340517870.png (426.71 KB, 1514x580, Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 12.4…)

>He doesn’t even fuck her
She's overlooked because she isn't famous but his first college girlfriend Jennifer Gwynne has let out a lot about him. According to her, he was never affectionate and for sex they "were physical when [they] needed to be". She also says he just liked to be around her. This matches up to a lot of his tweets and the way Talulah has talked about him. It's probably the autism that makes him sex repulsed like that, which is fine, but it really shows how badly he used Grimes if she still believes sex is the way to get him back. My tinfoil will always be that he never personally ejaculated into a woman to get her pregnant but instead has always used IVF.

Sort of OT but Kimbal has several kids that are not with his current wife… anyone know the details surrounding that?

No. 1741102

i share that tinfoil too nonna.

No. 1741106

It’s barely tinfoil tbh. The only ones that are up for debate are his first son and X. I think his insecurity around his lack of ability to procreate naturally is what leads him to overcompensate by trying to make as many kids possible.

No. 1741116

So he cheated on this one with Justine. Interesting. Think Justine knew?

No. 1741130

Nona, he doesn’t even fuck her. Even in her wildest fantasies Melon still ignores her kek, that’s how unrealistic their relationship is. Even in Claire’s most intense dudeweed dreams she still can’t make Elon pay attention to her, it’s that sad.

As other nonas said Melon would rather wank himself to anime titties than bother texting Grimey to come over and ride his fat beluga carcass while fake crying or give him some shit tier toothy beej.
Bleak. Claire gets cucked by xbox, she can’t even make a 51 year old man notice her, it was over before it even began.

No. 1741131

The reason he avoids sex is probably because he knows how disgusting he looks naked. Hopefully he’s at least that self aware. Elon clearly has massive self esteem issues which is why he compensates so hard, inside every arrogant asshole narc is a scared insecure coward. The validation of still being able to pull young bimbos is more important to him than him nutting.

No. 1741133

The fact the Player of Games video is themed around chess when Elon hates chess is really funny to me for some reason. It’s like him and Claire barely know each other.

I remember Tristan Tate talking about how when he has a girlfriend he generally only hangs out with her around ten times a year and I’m starting to think Elon and Grimes ‘relationship’ was similar.

No. 1741134

> The validation of still being able to pull young bimbos is more important to him than him nutting
Which is funny because he isn't actually doing that. Trying to turn ugly ass Grimes into a bimbo and failing doesn't count.

No. 1741136

Right. I think Grimes reminds Elon that he is getting old which is why he avoids her now. It’s becoming clear to him that she’s the best he can do anymore and it depresses him. He wants stunning Hollywood actresses lusting over him and posh English thoroughbred totties but the best he can get is a D list actress like Talulah and some Canadian hipster who hasn’t been relevant since 2013. Amber was everything he wanted but she was too hard to control.

No. 1741139

Maybe they fell out because Kimbal invested a lot of his money in Tesla stocks and now it’s tumbling.

No. 1741140

Also Kimbal might have said something to the effect of telling Elon he needs to shut his mouth and stop pissing people off for business sale and Elon threw a tantrum about it and unfollowed him.

No. 1741142

Business sake**

No. 1741144

File: 1673348935995.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1657, 047B184E-195F-4A01-8721-D7E4CC…)

Azealia needs to keep sacrificing chickens

No. 1741146

He looks like literal shit and all his plastic surgery is so obvious

No. 1741149

I know the Glass Onion character Miles Bron is a characature of Elon, but holy shit. Replace Mona Lisa with Biggest Loss, and it'd be a meme if it wasn't so sad.

No. 1741159

File: 1673352330779.jpg (316.28 KB, 750x667, 22014079.jpg)

Behind the narcissistic delusions lies her crippling insecurity. Elon has a very specific type, and sticking out amongst his long list of Stacy exes broke her. She feels like she needs to rearrange her entire face to compensate

No. 1741161

Grimes and Amber both stick out but for very different reasons kek

No. 1741162

He really likes pointy chins

No. 1741165

Slightly OT but the video of Amber doing sign language with a fan seems to have gone viral

I know she’s a huge bitch but this does tug on the heartstrings a bit.

No. 1741168

Hi Elon

No. 1741178

They all look kind of busted except Amber Heard.

No. 1741191

They’re all busted kek

No. 1741192

It's so pathetic to call yourself a concubine. It's even more pathetic when you consider Elon doesn't even agree with her being his concubine. At the time she was saying that he was in, and he used the word monogamous specifically, a committed relationship with Natasha and seeing a future together. Grimes can't even get him to degrade her. Really not sure why she doesn't understand that he's definitely going to go full in with some blonde, young hottie the moment he can. All that poly nonsense goes out the window the moment he's not with her. At that point she's just a baby momma and probably considered a nuisance to his new, much more stable and less drug-ridden relationship. It's so crystal clear to me this whole concubine thing is just a cope for the truth - she's a single mother. That's it. No fancy titles or special placement in an emperor's palace. Just taking care of kids she had with a man who doesn't want her like every other cheap trailer park trash slag. She's really dedicating herself to this whole cosplaying 2014 tumblr trashy poor girl vibes, isn't she?

No. 1741198

Compared to the others Grimes doesn't really look like a woman, but not like a man either. She looks like an ugly teenage girl who hasn't learned how to use make up yet

No. 1741203

Using a recent pic of her and not one from ten years ago would make it even more poignant kek

No. 1741218

Shivon should be in this line-up. I don't think Elon gave her his sperm out of the goodness of his heart.

No. 1741219

He doesn’t give a fuck about the women he gives his sperm to

No. 1741228

Agreed. This is just an infertility cope turned breeding fetish. Since his weird baby momma drama chased Natasha away I wonder if he's done with random sperm donations…

No. 1741290

scrote hands typed this

No. 1741302

The weird cuck and humiliation and concubine fetish is 1000% on Grimes herself. Elon isn’t forcing her into this, she signed up for it and is doing unpaid overtime kek.

I hate Elon with a burning passion but in his defense Elon doesn’t seem like one of those weird coomers obsessed with harems tbh, the broodmare thing isn’t necessarily sexual (and I actually agree with the nonas who postulated they never even had sex) it’s way more about his need for control and feeling like he matters and that his legacy will live on. Which in itself is pathetic but like…I really don’t think it’s a weird sexual thing. I think his anime titties is also overblown and part of Claire’s influence and his desperate attempt to seem young and cool, he said himself he doesn’t even like or watch anime.

Imo Elon is just a socially retarded insecure aspie who wants a pretty blonde tradwife to fuss over and validate him. He said himself some cringey weird shit about how he was heartbroken and how badly it hurt when Amber left him, remember his, 'If I'm not in love, if I'm not with a long-term companion, I cannot be happy. I will never be happy without having someone. Going to sleep alone kills me.’ emo rant.

The only reason Claire sticks around is because she would never be able to access and brag about all the sewper sekrit insider tech crap she has a surface level obsession with unless she was Elon’s associate and he can get her in. It’s weird, as time goes on its becoming apparent Claire is even shittier, more narcissistic and a bigger user and coomer than Elon is, and that’s saying something. I think Claire is even worse than Elon sometimes.

No. 1741319

You're right, but
>Ms Zilis, 36, reportedly told colleagues that she and her 51-year-old billionaire boss have never engaged in any sexual relationship or were ever involved romantically in any way

No. 1741363

Of course that's what she told her colleagues, however do you think Elon would give away his sperm without something in exchange? He may have a breeding fetish but he isn't just giving away his sperm for free. Strings attached.

No. 1741368

Considering he is alleged to have fought Amber to destroy the embryos, I don't think he is giving away his sperm. I think Claire was an accident and then he gave her another one to keep her occupied or so X wouldn't be an only child.

No. 1741370

Dune LARPing aside, I kind of think it’s cope for Elon not wanting to marry or commit to her. Like if you’re denied something, you can convince yourself you don’t want it anyway and never have. She is desperately trying to convince the world she doesn’t care and how she’s a Cool Girl who doesn’t mind being cucked.

No. 1741377

According to AB texts and some old interviews it was a planned pregnancy. Plus Elon clearly loves X more than any of his other kids so I just don’t think it was an accident. Elon might be sexless but he’s still a misogynist and he convinced Claire that her time is running out and she’d better do her womanly duties before it’s too late.

No. 1741389

yes, X was IVF…they all are. He was the 10th male child in a row too. Picking the sex is part of it.

He's not accidentally having kids lol; the fetish is about control. Beyond this it is factually known thru candid texts and interviews both, as nonna says.

The retard posting otherwise should commit suicide. You're not just uninformed, your intuition is garbage too. So why would you think you have something of value to add? You're almost certainly a burden to your loved ones irl etc. Hope you'll self-remove for their sakes.

No. 1741394

Yup it’s very obvious she wants Elon all to herself, her Etsy likes were full of wedding rings and wedding dresses. All this concubine shit is cope for the fact Elon won’t commit to her, simple as.

No. 1741405

He doesn’t necessarily ‘love’ X more than his other kids, it’s just that X is so young and impressionable that both him and Claire are really forcing the whole heir role down his poor little 2 year old throat that X has no choice as of now.

Narcs always get excited over new baby additions and hate their kids more as they get older because the kids start to become more autonomous an make their own decisions and the narc loses control over them and they hate that. X is just the golden boy for now because he’s still young enough to completely control and brainwash.

No. 1741413

X is also best boy because his mom promises to be a 100% submissive cuckold and betray/gaslight the child in any way Musk demands.

He had already lost connection with all his other shitty spawn b/c of the dynamics you describe, plus their mothers could pose a risk too or "poison their minds against him". X is supposed to be the first "real attempt" at an heir (which is cope, cringe and gross).

In all probability the honeymoon is already half-over with this kid too though. It'll most likely end the same way the last 10 emotionally abandoned seeds did, unless the neurotic mid-life cope ratchets up quite a bit. He's better off being abandoned than being Grusk's cope puppet for dealing w aging.

No. 1741446

the way you deleted this to add that last part is killing me nona lmao

No. 1741456

File: 1673385581348.png (45.15 KB, 606x219, Screenshot_20230110_161524_com…)

Elon vs ex Twitter employees
>Twitter promised two months severance
>Elon personally promised three
>Now two months later they've been given contracts for a single month of severance pay
>The lawsuits alleged that Twitter employees were repeatedly told that if they were laid off following Musk's acquisition of the company, their severance and benefits would be at least as favorable as those previously offered.
>this is pushing more towards joining the lawsuit against Twitter

No. 1741460

File: 1673385759182.png (Spoiler Image,539.56 KB, 850x1644, Screenshot_20230110_155443_com…)

Elon vs The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
(whole article in spoilered image)
>tweeted the intention to remove a safety notification to keep hands on the wheel illegally
>this is being added to the investigation already underway by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration looking into the crashes and all the other safety issues

No. 1741463

Its cause Amber wanted a girl and King Henry Musk VIII didn't want daughters

No. 1741472

This nonna gets it tho kek, the others are truly coping

No. 1741597

File: 1673402912749.jpg (105.88 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20230110_205148_995.jpg)

Not very milky, but has anybody else noticed the vent art that Elon's kid (Saxon) posts on twitter? This sounds kind of tinfoil-y but idk of any happy kids that draw pictures of themselves playing video games whilst adults argue in the background.

No. 1741657

File: 1673412007838.png (117.68 KB, 1186x484, vDdsZhX.png)

Looks like they had another fight

No. 1741664

File: 1673413682183.jpg (526.09 KB, 1078x1079, Screenshot_20221208-124254_Fir…)

I will always be sad that we never got the AB x Grimes collab. Devastating.

No. 1741714

Very creepy.

Maybe the whispers she got a new manz are true. Or maybe Elon tapped her phone and caught her posting here and recently calling him a whale kek.

Why was Elon talking about 'biological fitness' and nachooral selekshun anyway. Didnt one of his kids die in infacy of a congenital disease?
Hmm. Very callous. Maybe the rumors he sacrificed his baby to satan for wealth are true.

No. 1741721

CP on first page b careful

No. 1741730

nonna what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 1741739

There's literally CP on /snow/ (just bumped it to second page) so don't scroll to page 2 or look at the catalogue for a while. Are you new?

No. 1741776

Optics for album cycle

No. 1741785

saxon is 17…what's this? weird if him either way.

No. 1741786

I agree but did she unfollow him too or was it just him? I don’t have twitter

No. 1741789

File: 1673434044785.jpeg (800.62 KB, 1242x1104, 4DBAD983-12F2-46D9-ACD2-6E258F…)

She looks worse each passing day, morphing into one of those tranny stories for kindergarteners demon troons

No. 1741792

Jennifer Coolidge’s mirror selfie got 100x more likes. Claire has no fans.

No. 1741795

But nonna the QVEEN doesn’t even want fans, okay? It’s too horrible to be famous that’s the only reason she won’t release any of her angelic tunes. Her kid is getting attacked by ASSASINS nonna. Please show some mercy

No. 1741812

The era of grimes is over. As soon as Gen Z realizes she’s been lying about doing all her own production and wake up to what a pathetic pick me she has become. Wait til they find the web of pathological lies she’s crafted about herself to be NLOG. Wait til they see how shitty she treated her own fans on her secret Reddit account. Wait til they find her twitter likes and investigate her new fashy friends. Wait til they realize she not only didn’t apologize or even comment about the Nusi Quero situation, but had him personally dress a bunch of women, called her “npc girls” (dehumanizing narcissism) who didn’t even get to even have underwear on set and had to be physically touched by Nusi who orally raped someone and molested dozens more. And he used her name to get girls to shoot with him. Not even an unfollow. Lack of apology was bad enough. Once TikTok discovers she’s a crypto fascist and having secret babies with Elon it’s over for her. Even her own fans are starting to wake up and I’ve seen hundreds of comments in the last few months from fans that were along the lines of “I’m done” she’s laying low because she hopes all the drama will dissipate, but it keeps getting worse. Surgeries, scandals, dropped by label, singles from album released a year ago ?? (11 months for shinigami) when all of this hits tiktok… oooo Lordy.

No. 1741821

She's been on Tiktok. She was not well received… she's way too old millennial to get along with gen z. Her style lately has been off (very obvious millennial fashionista clothing and costume choices when she dresses herself) the mark and her wishy-washy politics online matters a lot more than that kind of thing used to in pre-cancel culture days. When women like her with complete lack of self-awareness start to get older they start hating the world because they no longer get a pass for being young and easily influenced. Grimes isn't being coddled and told she's awesome every time she puts her foot in her mouth or hangs out with the wrong crowd anymore. People think that a 35 year old mother of two should know better by now.

No. 1741822

What even happened with the fake assassin kid who supposedly tried to murder Elon and his children? He was some crisis actor Elon paid right? No police report, no charges. Yep, looks like another false flag bullshit.

No. 1741824

Nobody even cares about that stuff enough to even bother investigating it nona, she’s an irrelevant literal who to gen z and zoomers. We are the only ones who even care about her enough to delve into her shady antics. We are the closest thing to stans she has.

No. 1741825

>We are the closest thing to stans she has.
this and the odd, misogynistic tranny who wants to be her or live vicariously through her.

No. 1741826

File: 1673442235925.jpeg (897.59 KB, 1242x1643, 4A287C3D-5538-41FE-B84C-A1AE24…)

Grimey could never.

No. 1741831

>the era of grimes is over
For most people it’s been over since 2012, nobody really gave a fuck after Oblivion which was her peak. Most people just know her casually from random dailymail articles and don’t bother to delve any deeper, they just think she’s some weird ugly C list tryhard who dated some fat rich asshole.

No. 1741833

agreed, visions was the only decent release lifetime. art angels sucks imo

No. 1741843

People have forgotten all about them both lying about that for some weird reason. Why did they both lie about how many kids were in the car and why weren’t either of them with their kids at the time??

No. 1741861


Nooooooo no no she’th the Queeeeen of, like, every chethboard

No. 1741870

I honestly think they made up the assassin lie because Elon was desperately trying to gain favor with his twitter audience, and he thought pretending to be the victim of violence would fix that. He's also desperately been trying to have a viral tweet this whole time for cool points lol

No. 1741924

No to wk Claire but I thought some tracks on Miss Anthropocene were bangers. Just the tracks themselves though, her pedo loli voice is still irksome as shit.
It's clearly not her production because it's too advanced and sounds like there's live instruments in there at some points. It's also just not her style

No. 1741938

Hes posted himself + it's been confirmed by musk himself in a tweet

No. 1741940

File: 1673460909044.jpeg (Spoiler Image,248.02 KB, 1170x1014, CCDE5A29-2539-44E1-9630-E29A04…)

Nusi Quero’s private acc where he can post how much he loves molesting women

>kek only 123 followers

whats the bet Claire’s private ig is following the account

No. 1741969

Why does she always do that stupid pedo child voice anyway??

No. 1741993

lol i showed my mans this vid and he instantly says
>looks like something out of "meth head lifestyle" magazine

No. 1742021

Kek I hate when people make posts like yours.
>I showed my Nigel a picture of (woman) and he said she isn't cute, in fact he said she's repulsive!! totally not his type!
Yeah, obviously? He's not gonna say "damn I'd fuck" in front of you when you're sat there with puppy-dog eyes going "b-babe look, what do you think about her?"

No. 1742030

Nobody wants to fuck Grimes and her stink pussy though. Not even Elon kek.

No. 1742101

I first heard Kill v. Maim on a playlist of feminist songs (lol) years ago, and even then her super high baby voice was over the top grating. I had no idea why a grown ass woman would sing like that, I came to the conclusion that she just had an unfortunate naturally squeaky ass voice especially because she tries to do some growls and screams in that song kek

No. 1742106

File: 1673471043674.jpeg (310.01 KB, 824x477, A14129E1-C778-4EF6-9D50-9C2360…)

Not to compare grimes to an actual celebrity, but some of her mannerisms and the way she looks into the camera when she tries to do this fucked up “sexy smile” reminded me of Britney Spears’ unhinged Instagram videos except worse.

No. 1742112

Because this whole video is a tangled vomit mass of cringe and "YAAA UM CRAAZYY" kind of acting/singing. Down to that "whaa i'm eating i'm eating" thing she does at the end.

No. 1742114

damn u are spergin girl. u okay?

No. 1742118

i thought she was chewing up time release adderall was the vibe?

Idk tho, but the Britney vid comparisons are apt. She looks spaced in a way only weird psych meds and lithium can induce.

No. 1742123

>i thought she was chewing up time release adderall was the vibe?
Definitely the vibe, she probably shot it on one of her 4am drug benders. I mean even the lyrics kinda fit
>I will never go to sleep again
(or something) I believe Grime, i do.

No. 1742166

>10 low quality males
>one is now a tranny
I hate this time line Muskrat has made

No. 1742172

This video was sad and she was trying way too hard to seem sexy and vampy that it came across as a drag show parody, like you can tell she is really miserable but going through a meth induced manic phase. She is trying to pretend she is some smug boss bitch when in reality she’s a depressed ageing junkie femcuck.

No. 1742179

She really does look like an albino Namibian transvestite kek.

No. 1742189

She literally is balding and malding like a troon too lol. Trannies who have been wearing glue down wigs for decades have less bald edges and better hairlines than her. Her diet must be absolutely fucked right now, I think she is just smoking or slamming meth full time now.

That was the whole point lol, she’s trying to seem unhinged and play up some vampy psycho succubus role but it just comes across like campy desperate garish orange wine aunt vomit like other nonas said.

In all honesty I kind of have a little bit of respect for Elon now. Claire is so used to getting attention and manipulating guys and her fans through these silly cringey campy shows of sexuality and childish attention whoreing. And yet by her own admission Elon still ignores her and gets more turned on by rocket engines than her. For that alone, he has a little bit of my respect. It’s about time someone reminded Grimey she isn’t speshul.

No. 1742247

Well now his son is a tranny lmao

No. 1742251

File: 1673481508626.png (1.23 MB, 924x1236, player of games.png)

Is that a roast kek

No. 1742304

This is probably why he unfollowed Claire lol

No. 1742309

File: 1673487634576.png (1.97 MB, 1022x1601, musk(1).png)

maybe this is more to her tastes

No. 1742311

Listened to orange haired vomit clip My Name Is Dark with a sound, not a fan of Grimes so i didn't know the song but omg, this is insufferable. The "sexy 7 yearold girl" lispy voice she puts on is hurting my ears, why would anybody find this good sounding? Has this bitch ever tried to sing with a normal/low voice? Putting on an atypical, high pitched voice all the time like that damages tf out of the vocal chords and probably gets painful at some point. Britney Spears is a good example of this, her labels always told her to sing with a baby voice, but her old child/teen vids show she has a natural deep low voice. But whatever Britney did pales in comparison to Grimes, she at least sounds like a popstar with a squeaky voice but Grimes sounds like a morally retarded age-regressing idiot who resorts to cooing and babbling in her son's baby walker and soon will start googoo in diapers if Book 1 ever comes to fruition. she honestly should team up with Melanie Martinez, she missed her chance to prance around in adult diapers and pacifiers.

No. 1742315

Lol, bet this goes straight into her hentai jerkoff folder now. Elon in ~le epic dark leather~ and not usual autistic sweaters or t-shirts with strategic cut to hang out his gut from

No. 1742319

She’s obsessed with the concept of babies.
I don’t think there is one song where she doesn’t say baby in it. Maybe one or two tops.
Also baby noises at the end of violence, “mmmgah”
I remember she said she didn’t wear lipstick cus it looks like lipstick on a baby ?
I always thought it was weird how much she’s obsessed with the word and also sounding like loli

No. 1742337

>at the end of violence, “mmmgah”
I thought you're refering to "I like it like that" but for real, i forgot after a few seconds of silence there's weird knocking/stomping and this dreaded sound. she's severly lacking braincells and so do her fans, it's kekworthy to read their comments on YT how wonderful and arTiStIc and deep this song and video is! And then… mmmmGAH i'm baby shayna moment.

No. 1742349

The original is so much better
The way she breathes in between “feed off hurtin me me huh haaaa” to sound like she’s being fucked makes me wanna puke
She basically messaged i_o like can I justht take this sthong and put baby diarrhea on top of it and make my my new single instead ? Shame he never officially released the original which is far superior

No. 1742371

bro you jusht pothted cringe

No. 1742375

brian peppers + a billion dollars = elon musk

No. 1742379

because she doesnt know how to sing or do anything with her voice/lungs/head/chest/singing muscles

No. 1742380

do any of these people ever go outside

No. 1742381

no… does Grime even has a place to go out? I have suspicions her texan cardboard hut doesn't have a garden or backyard space, prob isn't fenced and no balcony. if she goes out, she goes to a nazi hangout at Palladium carpet. with a ritualistic stop at McDonalds before

No. 1742457

File: 1673504926542.jpeg (411.67 KB, 1125x1034, 7C474C63-49BF-4EBD-8A01-8C30CD…)

I'm sorry but what the fuck is this?

No. 1742461

some random chick in Iceland or something that kinda looks like grimey so it became a meme. Don’t tell me you thought it was actually her

No. 1742470

No. 1742557

>obsessed with babies
Shame she doesn’t give a fuck about her own

No. 1742566

File: 1673520455353.jpg (46.61 KB, 621x555, 51307924.jpg)

Cringe. These people want to come off as smart and quirky desperately but it's so forced

No. 1742568

Honestly cackling @ how no amount of lisping and squeaking like a hentai girl or gyrating in her $2.99 schoolgirl skirts from shein or whooshing 10 dollar striplights from target around while naked can distract Elon from his rockets and shitposting on twitter. It’s like the greatest fuck you to Grimey possible. I love these two narc idiots constantly wounding each other’s egos.

No. 1742571

Anyone who uses the NPC meme unironically is an npc. That meme was invented by 15 year old boys on 4chan.

No. 1742591

File: 1673523043094.jpg (425.62 KB, 1080x2023, cringe.jpg)

No. 1742628

She is painfully unfunny and trying too hard. Is she acting like this so Elon follows her back?

No. 1742684

>Dionysus worship

What’s she is referring to here is orgies

No. 1742699

she wishes. just drugs and drink.

No. 1742706

Worships Aphrodite and still ugly as fuck.

No. 1742709

sage for OT, there's no real evidence that mass orgies happened, other then the spiritual intoxication there's nothing that was truly confirmed about the Dionysian cult, it was more likely a "sect" then a cult and it attracted women, low born people and slaves and placed Dionysus as a redeemer/savior of humanity

No. 1742712

>rumors he sacrificed his baby to satan for wealth

No. 1742728

They have brain worms don’t worry about what they say

No. 1742732

This. It's the "ugly femcel dyke" poster, just ignore them.

No. 1742752

Topkek, ngl I really did

No. 1742756


she will never be seen having that much fun

No. 1742773

>worships Aphrodite
is the trve viking pseudo-pagan neofolk flavor of
>holds up spork

No. 1742816

No one cares about your schizo Gayreek fanfiction.

No. 1742854

omg one of those is mine!!

No. 1742879

holy fuck her epic bacon gentleman redditspeak here is all too much for me

No. 1742917

shall we adjourn to the abbey le dionysius for a positively continental bacchanalia of rum & cokes + xannies + adderall + blankly staring for 45 mins until i am drugged fully unconscious, dear madame??

No. 1742918

fucking lol, this really is the best thread left on this site

No. 1742939

Agreed, Grimes haterz are all Stacies who are intelligent and hilarious too.

No. 1742941

Why does she talk like a cringe yellow fever white guy redditor trying to hit on Asian women

No. 1742970

You know that stupid saying that's like "you are the sum of your 5 closest friends" or whatever? It's like that but her 5 closest friends are fat sweaty beneckbearded redditors

No. 1742971

Is it true that Elon made fun of Grimes's sex skills?

No. 1742997

don't forget ACTUAL, non-larping asians. we hate her & if any russiachans are here lmk if you feel the same way

No. 1743014

I read an interview with Elon's second wife who he married twice and it's interesting to see how differently he treated her in comparison to Grimes. she is more "conservative" than I expected. She claims to be an abstainer, openly identifies as trad and "not a feminist". In some ways, she's very different than her, in other ways, they're both pickmes.
>After a total of ten days in each other's company, Elon proposed. Talulah was still a virgin. 'I've never slept with anyone apart from Elon, which is nice. I mean, which is great.' She had had one boyfriend, who was Elon's age, 'who was very lovely to me'. But she always made it clear she did not believe in sex before marriage. Why not? 'For no reason that I can explain. I'm very shy. I don't drink. I had a gulp of alcohol once and it was disgusting – so bitter. I don't drink tea or coffee. I'm like a child, I like fruit juices and sodas and creamy hot chocolate.'
>Talulah likes being a traditional homemaker. She isn't a feminist, she tells me, and proudly describes how she dresses Elon every morning. 'It makes me feel domestic and happy.' Until Elon told her to give herself a rest, she also used to get up early to bake the boys bran muffins.
>She was an only child, had a pony, and went to Haberdashers' Aske's girls' day school in Elstree, which encouraged its students to become independent professionals. 'In assembly I remember they read aloud with great scorn a 1950s ladies' advice manual that said, "Put a ribbon in your hair when your husband comes home from work." We were meant to find it shocking but I thought it sounded quite nice.'
>She rarely had boyfriends (of which more – or rather, less – later) and was more interested in quantum mechanics. In order to get a grounding in Newtonian physics, she was studying in her spare time at the Open University. Until she met Elon Musk.
She also claims she always wanted 10 children but she never had biological kids despite being married to Elon for years, so she's likely just full of shit lol. Maybe it never worked out because she insisted on having 5 daughters?
>Flashing on Talulah's ring finger is a diamond as big as Lake Victoria. It is the third engagement ring Elon has given her. 'Elon designed it himself. The diamond in the middle symbolises me and him and the sapphires round it are the ten children. I've always wanted ten children.' Thanks to the wonders of IVF, as practised by Elon and his first wife, they are already halfway there, with five boys. Talulah adores living with them in Bel Air, misses them Monday to Wednesday when they stay with their mother, and would like five girls of her own. 'When I was a little girl I told everyone I was going to marry a very clever scientist and have ten children. I would always draw the children and they included blond-haired twin boys whom I named Theodore and Frederick, Teddy and Freddy for short. It became a family joke, but Griffin and Xavier are those blond-haired twins.' She looks down, defeated for a second by the wonder of it all.

No. 1743059

I find trad women like Talulah insufferable… she even had a horse, literally a horse girl. Grimes is at least fun and modern. lol

No. 1743072

No sex before marriage because she's shy and doesn't drink coffee and likes juice like a child. Having a normal one I see

No. 1743076

kek thanks, most of these are mine

No. 1743080

same, grime thread shitposting/fanart is treasured
no but slavnon here and her i'm so ukrainian/russian LARP is always a good source of laugh

No. 1743089

File: 1673557840278.jpeg (31.64 KB, 800x450, F3733DE8-8B71-4E0B-B24C-0E26F4…)

>Talulah was still a virgin

No. 1743095

>ooooh im soooo shy!
>ooooh i like chocolate and juice boxes! im so childish and coy oohoohoo
>uwu im still a virgin i don’t believe in sex before marriage uwu
>teehee i love staying at home and baking bran muffins
Damn she really did a number on Elon. Who knew it was this easy to manipulate rich geeks? Just tell them whatever they wanna hear and you’ve already got the bag.

No. 1743102

Not that it really matters, but I’m a millenial bong and I can confirm that adult virgin British women (like 18+) are exceptionally rare here like almost unheard of, especially in that scene. There may be some outliers, but in general British culture (especially upper middle class and high society where Talulah is supposedly from) is really debauched. All the rich kids do cocaine from about 14 and are fucking each other in each other’s parents beds at parties and on ski trips to Switzerland. Promiscuity is definitely the norm here among all classes and virgins are actively ostracised and shamed. I would be extremely surprised if Talulah was a virgin at age 23 before meeting Elon. It’s almost unbelievable tbh. Just knowing how Brits are.

No. 1743107

Of course it’s bullshit, she was a huge slut and likely the rumors of her being one of Epsteins baby prostitutes are true. Since when do wholesome girls choose to hang around with degenerate coomer pedophiles and sex offenders?

No. 1743113

damn, she actually manages to make claire look less insufferable by comparison

No. 1743114

>She also claims she always wanted 10 children but she never had biological kids despite being married to Elon for years, so she's likely just full of shit lol.
Oh she is definitely full of shit. What a weird pathetic bitch, it’s always funny when pickmes can’t even walk their dumbass pickme talk.

No. 1743120

>they met at a bar, was she there to sip creamy hot cocoa in the corner?
I’m fucking wheezing nonny. Ily.

No. 1743124

It’s a known fact that she and Elon met at a bar. Was she just there to sip creamy hot cocoa in the corner?

Also OT but she’s currently dating that 15 year old twink looking guy from Game of Thrones/The Queens Gambit kek

No. 1743125

Sorry I dirty deleted to talk shit about her new bf

No. 1743128

File: 1673559630022.jpeg (560.53 KB, 1242x1342, 78BE4F84-0C55-4B8C-9006-55F970…)

What’s interesting is that in the interview concerning her dogshit novel (the same novel she supposedly visited Epstein for ‘advice’ on, the male love interest in the book is called Radley Blake btw, top kek) she describes the main female protagonist as ‘Manipulative, conniving and totally out for herself.’ Interesting.

Based Hindu man telling like it is?

No. 1743133

File: 1673559809394.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1370, 0917AEC9-10C8-4098-80B2-048C71…)

She seems to have a fetish for Down syndrome manchildren.

No. 1743140

nonna that's just rich males (and all their inbred glory)

No. 1743142

File: 1673560121852.jpeg (768.01 KB, 1089x1442, DE9BBDAB-6D2A-4242-91C9-967C95…)

I believe in physiognomy and I don’t like her shady hoebag eyes or her fake crocodile smile. Low trust, deceitful phenotype, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

No. 1743145

It’s just Anglo Saxon men in general. They’re doughy and flabby and skinnyfat and gross.

No. 1743147

Her eyes do have something devious to them

No. 1743152

i hate that i love the elven/impish british moid phenotype. they just don't look human to me and that attracts me

No. 1743154

Yeah, she went from being in relationships with old rich scrotes like Elon to dating a younger twink actor. He might not be as rich but he is a more age appropriate partner than they are and from the same field as her. At least she doesn't have to larp as a totez submissive tradwife that wants to stay at home and have 10 children with him kek. I just can't imagine her acting like that with this guy. She is seemingly still in contact with Elon though, she told him she'll help him fight wokeism so maybe her mindset hasn't changed much.

No. 1743156

British men are god awful. Even that runt is probably a massive manwhore. God knows how, only in Engerland.

No. 1743157

I think its the ketamine

No. 1743158

Is that Harry Styles? All these pug faced gurner Britbong moids look the same to me.

No. 1743171

Both Claire and Elon should start dating other people asap, the Grusk saga has overstayed its welcome, we need fresh milk from both of their failed love lives.

No. 1743242

Slavic/Asian here and can't stand her…

No. 1743245

love to see it

No. 1743314

God, this bitch is such a disgusting freak. So she admits that she believes most men are pedophilic, yet she's comfortable fucking them and using childlike body language to seduce them? What an absolutely worthless, Silicon Valley-brainwashed waste of space. Serious question: are there really no men who aren't pedos, or has this excuse of a person just been degraded and used to the point where she doesn't believe in the concept of decent men because she assumes that all men are like her pathetic clients? What's the fucking point in the continuation of the human species if all the males are pedos? Once she realizes that she wasted her pitiful excuse of a life getting fucked by men twice or even thrice her age, seeking male validation, and defending pedophiles online, she's going to feel great about herself

No. 1743354

I think in this instance she’s referring to neoteny and just being a fucking weirdo about it, but she’s obsessed with pedos from what little I’ve seen of her Twitter polls. I’m with the tinfoil anons, I think she’s a groomer and providing women and girls to these men.

No. 1743362

In that case she should've just said neotenous features like a normal person. It's like she's in those Silicon Valley spaces where Just Asking Questions and playing the devil's advocate in the name of edgy (i.e. pedophilic, eugenicist or racist) thought experiments is a common occurrence so frequently that she doesn't realize how disturbing, autistic and socially inept her rhetoric is

No. 1743365

i could see her being one of those "blowjobs only because i can't get pills" types. if you're pretty enough you can get away with being a virgin because people think it's a choice, instead of thinking you're a worthless loser (i know very well the community you're talking about, unfortunately.)

No. 1743366

they look like siblings ew

No. 1743379

more likely she got money from elon to say she lost her virginity to him. i'd lie about that for a settlement from a billionaire for sure.

No. 1743397

You know what, Talulah should be coquette idol. The trad shit she says sounds like something all these nlog "uwu i'm pure trad sexy virgin" bitches say.
hope she's over this nlog traditional snowflake phase lol.

No. 1743491

russiachan here. i personally don't hate her for larping as russian bc she larps as everything under the sun. it's also hilarious to watch her grapple with cyrillic and fail every time.

slightly off topic but the red scare girls are more annoying to me because they're just generic brooklyn thots capitalizing on their "assimilated immigrant" status for nlog points

this phenotype of woman genuinely scares me. i'm convinced if one dares question tallulah's virtue, her head does a 360 degree turn and she starts hissing demonic babble under her breath

No. 1743495

File: 1673592219322.jpg (86.19 KB, 891x793, ccj6erc586s81.jpg)

Never forget

No. 1743503

File: 1673593142440.jpeg (40.45 KB, 403x960, B8DA4D4B-D6CC-44F9-AB52-AE1B62…)

Can we fling this bitch into the sun?

No. 1743509

bro how many times are you going to delete and repost this lol

No. 1743512

Is this person confused between supply and demand? And also confused thinking pedos are just in it for the money?

No. 1743515

File: 1673594175318.png (257.3 KB, 377x377, maurice.png)

i'm germanchan, stemchan and married my loyal, handsome husbandchan as a virgin-chan and i find her evropa larping and tattoo regret extremely funny.

American mutt neo-Nazis are the saddest creatures living. I have everything trad claire wishes for without the help of Nazism, b/c of my own choices… which is probably exactly why bitter, compulsory, murderous & suicidal cuck ideology does not interest me. I got here with decent moderate parents who named me after my grandma, not drug-Nazis who'd name me RfRuK VK 4501H Ausf.E.

Sorry you couldn't choose decency when allowed free will. Maybe your parents were dogs just like you?? (that NOSE your dad gave you, wtf is that?)

Sorry spergy bragpost lol. But seriously, girls like they wish they were DO exist. We just aren't whores, so we can't be found with lisping/stuttering neonazi database admins. Even AH couldn't stomach the loser they are pining for, and she gave Depp a real try.

inb4 i'm ugly and delusional lol (i'm not)

sorry, being self conscious lol. sry for posting cringe(blogposting)

No. 1743519

>bragging about not being a whore

No. 1743520

File: 1673595105384.jpg (178.3 KB, 1300x957, cat-lying-dandelion-meadow-enj…)

Porn bump don't scroll nonas

No. 1743526

im embarrassed but im not deleting the post, i spent too much time trying to de-cringe it. roast me at will, i deserve it.

but seriously where is that nose from? I'm sensitive to European noses but it's not of any type i'm familiar with.

There must be like a Polish village somewhere with noses like that, or is it inbred? or maybe it really is a native american dominant gene in the woodpile? Physiognomy nonnas any ideas?

No. 1743530

>sensitive to european noses
you're really weird and sound like a neonazi yourself… i don't want to engage with you kek

No. 1743539

I just meant to signal that i don't think like "all big noses are jewish", nonna…buuut was mocking a nazi who by her own standards would burn. It's a little indulgent I admit. I'm sry and I'll check myself (and stop posting).

No. 1743541

>> American mutt neo-Nazis are the saddest creatures living

Not that this isn’t true, but Claire and almost the entirety of her social circle are Canadians living in the US who feel inconvenienced by having to see all of the brown people we have here.

No. 1743542

I am pretty sure it was meant to justify banning the account reporting his jet flights. He didn't want to be the uncool billionaire afraid of people seeing his stupid trips, he played the "it threatens my child!" card

No. 1743552


What a retarded take. Everyone understands that getting off to porn only increases desire for the object or acts depicted. I'm sure nothing wrong could happen with rewarding and reinforcing pedophilic desire via orgasm.

Only pedos and major tards earnestly argue for more easily accessible cp.

No. 1743553

This plus does she not know that they would have to use real CP to train the AI to create its own CP? One of the most braindead ideas I’ve ever read

No. 1743554

I suspect i_o who "collaborated" with her on this track created most of her music for MA and some other songs for Book 1 or at least a solid foundation she could alter a bit and then he died from overdose and she is stuck, that's why she doesn't release anything besides remixes and very simplistic stuff she can make

No. 1743561

Yeah and Grimes had him killed so he wouldn’t tell. Who dies of a heart attack at 30?

No. 1743562

>people are paid to make child porn
Not necessarily at all. Lots of fathers uncles family friends and tourists make and upload child porn for free, some might paywall it as a moneymaking side gig but it quickly gets torrented and shared freely among pedos.
A large proliferation of child porn doesn’t make people want it less, there are billions of porn images and clips online and yet there is still a massive demand for even more new porn daily. Pedos are notorious for having massive CP stashes, Ian Watkins had something like 27 terabytes of child rape videos and images on dozens of laptops and hard drives.

And yes, pedos are already using AI to generate child porn, it isn’t reducing the demand for real child porn at all. It’s like saying sexbots will reduce rape, rape is about feeling control and power over a sentient and scared human. Pedos similarly want to see REAL children being hurt and raped because the terror and pain is a large part of what gets these sick fucks off, their appetite for this stuff is endless.

No. 1743564

it's her faggy way of signalling to johns that a.) she's a libertarian retard who buys into "muh market" lobotomy patient arguments and b.) she is OK with their pedophilia, will RP as the little girl etc.

She really thinks she's the queen of empathy b/c she sucks off pedophile johns for a living lol.
>If i weren't gargling him his MANLY, NATURAL animal lust for dead-eyed 11 year olds might overpower him!! We're fighting demons when i throat this 60 yr old !!!

meth heads and their friends, that's who

No. 1743565

She probably only encounters pedos so she believes all men are pedophiles. Pedos are probably extremely overrepresented in the tech and sex industry.

No. 1743567

>"all men are into children – most are just cucks in denial."

guaranteed. she probably can't respect a man who is not a pedo.

No. 1743568

I agree. Is it hard to lie about this stuff? Not at all. Any woman can pretend to be a tradwife. Telling rich men whatever they want to hear is the oldest trick in the book. I’d lie and tell an insecure billionaire I’m a virgin who loves baking bwan muffins and dwinking cweamy hot chocowate too if it meant securing the bag. Throw in a $1.99 fake hymen from a Chinese market too and you’re good to go.

No. 1743570

As a rule of thumb, nothing that's actually desirable needs to be shilled this much. No one needs to painstakingly sell people on having money or fun. It's just what everyone wants.

The only concepts I see that require active recruiting and shaming tactics involve being a breeder bangmaid or an onlyfans whore, and that's how it becomes plainly obvious that you're being scammed. It's just not how desirability works. If bangmaids and of whores were happy, they'd be treating their lifestyle as an exclusive club instead of foaming at the mouth for new recruits.

No. 1743572

File: 1673603627630.jpeg (495.05 KB, 1000x562, 3E207A76-EF01-4B5D-924D-B57063…)

That’s just a French alcoholic nose.

No. 1743576

>if bangmaids and whores were happy they’d be treating their lifestyle as an exclusive club, not foaming at the mouth for new recruits

Very true and good point nona. Deep down these women subconsciously know it’s a horrible lifestyle, they just want to drag other women down with them so they don’t feel alone when they’re older and regret living such an unfulfilling degrading existence. It’s the exact same as druggie parents who try to get their kids addicted to drugs too. Misery loves company. This massive push for women to do sex work or become bangmaid tardwives is just race to the bottom, bucket of crabs garbage.

No. 1743580

Funny thing is by her own standards and the standards that moids hold women to, she’s a eggless childless hag who hasn’t fulfilled her biological tardwife duty of popping out 10 kids by age 35. In fact most of those ‘bad girl’ party chicks who spend their youth sleeping around drinking and hooking up with random guys eventually settle down, marry and have kids by 35, and yet Talulah hasn’t, despite her protestations of being the traddiest tradwife in all the lands.

No. 1743581

Growing up with money makes even the ugliest most stupid people confident.
Talulah and Claire both come from wealthy families which gives them the confidence to keep flaunting their retarded mid selves. Here in the UK most of the upper class are incredibly ugly but they have insane confidence because they come from money.

No. 1743585

The thought of this chalky skinned, subway footlong head, horse faced, lofty 5ft8 bitch who looks like she smells of boogers and ear piercings, trying to be childlike and coquette and thinking she can appeal to pedos has me cackling. Delusion is a hell of a drug, these ‘people’ live their entire lives huffing copium and god knows what other substances to keep from killing themselves.

She also lies about her age on most of her profiles and still claims to be in her twenties, insecure much?

No. 1743586

File: 1673606124049.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1960, 1067617A-FB65-47A2-80D0-AACD7A…)

if i passed her in the street i would assume she was trans tbh

No. 1743589

Even has the smug tranny face, evil groomer pedo enabler bitch.

No. 1743590

she looks like she fucked a lot in high school and got Cs.

I kinda get the pedo appeal, "perma high school brain" is the first thing her face puts in my mind.

No. 1743591

Aimee Terese/communism kills physiognomy. Why do they all look like a tranny cosplaying a middle aged, solemn Jewish mother of 5? Also no wonder she's obsessed with neoteny, women with faces like that genuinely look 45 the moment they hit puberty.

No. 1743594

Yeah a lot of guys are obv drawn to youthful features but I do think some undesirable women use it as a cope excuse. “He won’t look at me because I look like an adult woman. It can’t possibly be because I’m ugly and unwashed”

No. 1743597

There are manly, mature looking hot Stacies. Gisele Bundchen comes to mind.

This creature is the proverbial "witch" vindicta types post about. No cheekbones, naturally hollow temples, tall narrow forehead, hook nose, thin lips, egg shaped face, Brady close set droopy eyes. She looks like a female redditor. Just dreadful. How can one be mid but also unspeakably ugly? Just how?

No. 1743599


Beady* kek

No. 1743600

>Gisele Bundchen is manly

No. 1743603

File: 1673608440442.jpeg (473.68 KB, 1152x2048, 481555FF-E3D4-4704-9339-A3FF33…)

She is Jewish and tried to hide her Jew nose which is kind of funny considering she’s hanging around poltards. She’s had a lot of plastic surgery and still looks like shit.

No. 1743605

File: 1673608848426.jpeg (262.23 KB, 1049x1080, 0C328D0F-DF8F-487B-A33F-B546A2…)

You should see her before her surgeries. She literally looked like an incel on HRT.

Why is their such a correlation between Becky physiognomy and being a pickme?

No. 1743606

?? yes she is, tranny. she's a masculine beauty.

omfg she is post surgeries??? sad lol.
she must have sucked grandpa dick good to make that surg $ lookng like that.

No. 1743608

What the fuck, is that really her? I thought that was a tranny before I read the actual post.

No. 1743611

Yes. She’s had a lot of plastic surgery since.

No. 1743612

And her ‘quirky NLOG’ behavior is collecting garden gnome figurines and posing nude with them.

No. 1743619

kek she looks like that pedo may who just married ethan ralph

No. 1743666

No way, that has to be a guy.

No. 1743676

literally looks like mother and son. fucking gross

No. 1743688

Are those… hairline sutures? The creature had "her" hairline lowered?

You guys sure this entity is cis?(bait)

No. 1743696

Your blogposting sounds even more deranged than Grimes and Aella’s pedo pandering tbh. Also who is that ugly male?

No. 1743702

Grimes and Aella are Silicon Valley autistic crypto bro dreamgirls though. Dorky & horse-faced enough to be nonthreatening, but also filthy whores who’ll gargle their micropeens while cooing like a sexy baby. If you created an ideal woman in a lab for these defective moids it would probably look just like this photo. That’s why she’s been so successful with that crowd, despite looking painfully “mid” and sounding like a pedophile to normal people.

No. 1743704

grimes's banker pappy

No. 1743731

No. 1743736

There's enough for a thread on her lol
>I think this is because very few of the events made me feel afraid for my life or well being. The forced sexual contact was really annoying and uncomfortable, but I wasn’t afraid they would hurt me, and I think on a gut level I don’t view ‘having my hand shoved onto a dick’ as much different than ‘having my hand shoved onto a forearm.’ It was mostly uncomfortable because of social anxiety – I wasn’t sure how to effectively communicate without ruining my social ties later on.

No. 1743743

I wonder how much of an influence she had on grimes’ plastic surgery sex doll bimbo orgy phase. I know people here are saying Elon bimboficated her but the only thing he’s into is the blonde hair? Maybe this is why grimes suddenly wants to get her boobs done too.
Btw I’m glad she’s talked about here now because I was the one who brought up her weird ass predatory umbrella consent parties and people on twitter talked to her like she’s not completely deranged lol made me feel insane

No. 1743778

I'm not, I unironically believed I was looking at a man. The stubble especially doesn't help. Sorry if it's offensive, but photos can be very unflattering and it looks like she was always unfortunate.
Also fuck her and her demented scrote-brained takes anyway lol

No. 1743781

>how do you do fellow girls, w-what if we all just decided to stop caring about sexual assault??
Watch out Caroline Ellison, we have a new turbo NLOG on the loose.

I agree with nonnas who say this cow is more than milky enough for her own thread, but idk if anyone cares enough about her to make one (I sure don’t)

No. 1743786

I'm collecting stuff from this thread and will work on it when I get off work tonight. IF I come up with a decent OP, I will link ITT later. Anyone nona that wants to look thru her substack for milk and post in here feel free

No. 1743816

I’m just confused as to how she got hairline lowering surgery yet her twelvehead is still absolutely massive.

No. 1743817

I skimmed through her blog and here are some quotes:

>Since I’ve turned 30 I’ve been like, holy shit, I need to bang way more people.

>This kirbyfication of my vagina is definitely a reaction to seeing the future wrinkly me staring me down from the future corridor; I’ve got maybe 5 years left of feeling peak hot, and another 5-10 years of scrambling-hot after that. The feeling of being hot and sexually desired is awesome. And the thought that maybe I’d just coast through into oldtown without having properly banged enough people who love my body got really scary. I imagined being an old woman on my deathbed, her life flashing before her eyes. And her life gets to the age of thirty - what would she want? What would I want for me, that memory? I often use this mental exercise to calibrate on decisions in my life, and in this case the urge is clear - dying, old lady me wishes she’d used being hot to its full pleasure possible - she should have fucked more.

>What doesn’t help me getting taken seriously is being sexy, or at least being visibly interested in being viewed as sexy. Often when people ask why I’m popular, others respond, “tits.”

>I’m also afraid of it making people judging me as “desperate for attention”. I am actively seeking attention, but I’m afraid that people will view it negatively instead of with celebration.


No. 1743819


(body was too long)

>Escorting Was Good For Me

>the best thing to happen to my sex life, really

>I’ve been poly for over ten years and it’s been largely great. I’ve never regretted or doubted being poly, and plan to be poly for the rest of my life.

>But much as the structure of monogamy can sometimes lead to unhappiness, I did have one poly relationship that was pretty psychologically damaging for me.

>Our relationship only lasted a few months longer, but shortly after the breakup I moved into a group house with friends, all of them single men (one of them my ex). Their life revolved around dating - discussing which women to go on dates with, who was cute or not cute, and so “the male gaze performing evaluations of women” was part of my daily environment, loud in my attention, and every time one of my friends rejected a woman I thought was prettier than me, I sank a little deeper into the hole. I was having cystic acne breakouts and when I looked in the mirror my face repulsed me and I wanted to die. I was surrounded by evidence that I was a biological failure, that I’d come out of the womb with a physical body that would fail to secure the love I wanted.


No. 1743820

She might as well be a man for all her scrotebrained retardation tbh. Even if she isn’t physically a tranny she is spiritually a disgusting tranny.

No. 1743821

>When I mention my dad’s abuse, I usually mention salient things – physical pain, insults, and controlling behavior. These are “clearly bad” – if I tell that he you often told me I was lazy and would fail horribly at life once I left home, you know it’s bad, because it’s concrete, easy to imagine and obviously unkind. But this wasn’t the worst of the abuse; the most terrible parts were extraordinarily hard to understand or describe.

>In his world, I felt insane – I couldn’t tell what was real, who was at fault, or why my heart hurt so much. My sense of clarity around my own intentions crumbled; everything I thought or did might have seemed good on the surface, but that goodness became just a disguise for my true, darker intentions – all helpfully revealed to me by my dad. And none of it was salient or concrete or easily understandable; I remember my mom once telling me, “I can’t describe what this is like to other people. The individual things seem so silly, I can’t put the important thing into words.” 


>Probably the most common criticism I get is that I am troll-edgy. I’m often characterized as the first example – I enjoy sitting around and thinking about what will make people the most mad, and then I go post it and revel in the retweets.

>And this… kind of got to me after a while, because I do like getting retweets, and I do think about what makes people the most mad. Am I… troll-edgy? Am I just getting off on making people upset? I felt sensitive around it because I was confused about my own motivations, and everybody was telling me that my motivations were bad. Was I bad?


>When I was ass deep in sex(y) work, I heard a common story: “I’m married,” they said. “I love my wife more than anything, but we don’t really have sex anymore.” One guy (married), dipped his toe in after he found out he had terminal cancer. Another was a caretaker for his wife who had too many medical problems to have sex. Yet another simply had married a woman who’d lost her sex drive. Occasionally it would be someone who simply wanted a little bit of novelty.

>It started to feel weird that they had to keep me such a secret. I felt bad for them that they were trapped in a culture that shamed extra-relationship sexuality so much. Why should it be so wrong that they seek to fill their needs of physical intimacy?

>But lots of cheating is done with intense guilt and reluctance – and almost all of it is done at least somewhere on the spectrum between “sociopath” and “kind lonely old man”. It’s gotten to the point that usually when I hear a tale of cheating – particularly in longer-term relationships – my sympathies go equally to both the cheater and the cheatee. They were both caught in an unsustainable arrangement, fed the powerful old story that sexual intimacy is equal to love and commitment, and then blamed themselves (typically the cheater) when this story fails to be realistic or sustainable.

>It’s insane that we got to the point where our culture is both so sexually open and where the only two socially-approved options are either “explode your entire life” or “never experience sexual intimacy with someone again”.


No. 1743823

She reminds me of this former female dating coach cow I know on Instagram. She too swallowed the L.A. BDSM polyamory sex work polycule cult spiritual bro kool aid in her twenties and thirties, and now that she’s in her 40s all she does is screech about how everyone abused her and took advantage of her lol.

No. 1743828

Why is it always ugly or plain Jane type beckies who are into this pickme shit? Being socialized as an ugly girl makes some women so weird, part of it is society’s fault but the rest of the responsibility lies on these women themselves. No matter how much plastic surgery these vindicta autists get they are still the same sad desperate insecure loser horse girls who throw every other woman under the bus for a crumb of dick.

No. 1743841

What you're describing is being socialized as a "mid" girl. Plain girls get less attention even than ugly girls. Fat and ugly girls get noticed enough to be bullied while plain Janes are invisible to everyone and grow a complex over it

No. 1743849

Link to the dating coach?

No. 1743859


I tried nonas. I hope it doesn't get deleted and people don't complain I did it wrong. I've never made a thread before ;_____;

No. 1743898

the pic you posted is actually the best one i've seen of her. kind of sad but w/e she doesn't seem to care

No. 1743899

brady works too kek

No. 1743901

what the FUCK.

No. 1743907

i never thought of it that way. i'm ugly AF and after about 19 years of that you kind of just say "fuck it, can't change genetics" and focus on work or school or drugs and get over yourself by your late 20s and most of the time actually do wind up happy. i could never understand why i kept seeing normal, average-faced, non-acne-scarred-to-hell women who were so insecure and dating really shitty scrotes all the time, but your explanation solves that mystery.

No. 1743947

please do, this thread has enough of her shit, like you can even include all of these "genius quotes" from her in the summary bc they tell everything on their own.

No. 1743969

plus it'll be helpful to any lawyers looking for dirt on her during her trial for human trafficking in a few years

No. 1743974

I see a lot of reddit (real XX cis) women getting this surgery, and they all have this fucking oblong peanut witch face. What is it with this fucking type? What is it about reddit that turns women into kikomi tier FMTF troons?

No. 1743998

Feeling bad about your looks? Just sell your body to old, primarily married men! It's funny that some of the worst BPD women like Grimes and Aella are so drawn to adopting hyperrational personas when they are the epitome of irrational self-destruction

No. 1744010

i think she was exposed to hella testosterone in utero, i need to see her digit ratio

No. 1744034

But where are her cheekbones, jaw definition and any other high T features? She looks like a soy redditor in a dress, or an Aiden, but also like an MTF simultaneously. Her features are somehow both amorphous and hyperfeminine while also being male and troon like. Her appearance is honestly breaking my brain, she seems AI generated to embody the most undesirable features of males and females alike, I'd call this negative androgyny. Holy shit, what a fucking gigabecky.

No. 1744039

It's not so much about cheekbone/jaw definition that made me think that as it is the overall size of her head which seems huge
but if any anon knows of a video or photo where she shows her fingers outstretched i would legitimately be curious

No. 1744042

then again macrocephaly is associated with autism, could just be that autists tend towards this weird look since trannies are almost always autists too.

No. 1744043

Forgot to add, she also has round, downslanted, retarded cowgoggle eyes. Forgive me for a-logging, but it looks like her T went in literally EVERY wrong place.

No. 1744048

I'm committed to the universal autistic phenotype hypothesis at this point.

No. 1744049

ive seen a lot of autists in my day and they all tend towards oddly androgynous or otherwise "unique" looking features, i think its just to do with having an altered development overall

No. 1744057

But are they hot androgynous, or detransed post-op tranny androgynous? I've never seen a sped that's like Roger Garth or Kate Moennig.

No. 1744061

Mostly the latter but sometimes the former for higher functioning ones who groom themselves

No. 1744131

File: 1673659599641.png (608.65 KB, 526x892, ttg.png)

DJ anons, my question is what is she doing in ths video and if she's doing anything at all

everybody lookin dumb as fuck

No. 1744188

File: 1673662493110.gif (811.88 KB, 498x278, 6DC16721-1565-4A62-AD2A-FB6D89…)

>claire doing her narc pout and hxc l1pbit3
>flopping around like a tit and pretentiously trying to look thuper $exii..
>look at me guithe, prething a thingle button with a playback track requireth THO MUCH EFFORT
>6 self conscious ugly hipsters awkwardly shuffling their feet to her shitty beatz
>random Asian kid who looks like he’s been drugged/so bugged out he doesn’t even know where he is occasionally flailing arms to her skrillex techno garbage
Top kek, my fucking sides.

No. 1744190

>long sleeves again and even has wrist warmers over the top covering her hands
sussy balls…

No. 1744192

She’s literally just turning the volume up and down slightly lol. Wonder how many times she completely paused her ‘set’ again that night.

No. 1744199

Even Claire’s handler/wrangler (Bloodpop, more like Beetuspop, lay off the fudgesicles dude pls) looks so embarrassed by her kek.

No. 1744201

Does she only associate with obese scrotes because they make her look thinner by comparison lol

No. 1744228

>She’s literally just turning the volume up and down slightly lol.

Those are the mid and low frequency knobs nonnie. That being said, she can’t mix for shit but that’s true of almost all celebrity dj’s and who cares. She plays the same set almost every time and still fucks it up nearly every time and needs helpers around (who can be seen helping in some vids kek)
There is no reason to use cdj’s and a mixer for what she does, she could do all of this on a laptop and it would actually fit her style of dj’ing more than the full setup. But it’s there for show just like her synths which she, by her own demonstration, has proven to be almost completely inept at using. And I’m not even speaking of her keyboard skills, or lack thereof. That’s an entirely separate topic. She’s made an entire career out of thinking it’s cute she can barely use her own gear.

No. 1744230

>that self satisfied proud smirk, as if she's doing something exceptional and showing everyone off how good she is, jaws droping on the floor
>thinks it's good enough to post it
what's the point of inviting Claire to a dj party? she just brought her CD party 2010 mix and pressed play, anybody could do that. i'm sure village fest random DJ Tragic or DJ Nobody would be more fun and engaging than her.

No. 1744236

when was the last time Grimes played any real show at all?

No. 1744259

>Those are the mid and low frequency knobs nonnie.
So the volume, right.

No. 1744271

she hasn't played a real show where she actually sings since i think 2016/17. she toured after art angels, but didn't tour for miss anthropocene, and then she had the baby and she's done nothing but those cringe dj sets since.

No. 1744275

No. The main knobs dj’s use on a mixer are the lows mids and highs. She still can’t dj for shit and doesn’t use the knobs with any sort of proficiency. But there is enough to make fun of here without implying falsehoods, it waters down the milk. Also i_O didn’t do production on MA beyond violence. Again, this is by no means a defense of clayyurr. I just think mixing in conjecture and falsehoods, despite it being lolcow…actually helps her out. She can point to posts like that and say “look they don’t even know what they’re talking about this isn’t even true” and it makes all the good theories and good posts look like a bunch of bitter baseless theories

some people posting here seem to have inside information or at least back up their theories with enough credible fact. That is how quality grade AA milk is produced. And nonnies deserve nothing less IMO. Accurate critique > baseless conspiracy theories and nitpicking. There is SO MUCH good milk here. Let’s not degrade the quality too much. If people are trying to find legit dirt on her and just come across too much inaccurate analysis, they will dismiss the legit dirt along with it. I hope you see wut I mean here . Sage for rant. Also sorry for deleting i kept finding grammatical mistakes and it was bugging me

No. 1744279

I have never seen a crowd this still during any COBRAH mix in my life, kek. Tragic.

No. 1744285

Oh my god how is she so off-putingly SMUG


The little cocky movement at :17 KEK




I know this is an image board but I don’t think the YouTube link input works for TikToks so you will have to see what I mean. Also too many rich lolmoments in all 4 vids, needs to be seen in motion.

No. 1744288

She is coping hard. She knew we would be watching so she’s pretending to be smug and happy but we can see through it like Elon’s girdle.

No. 1744292

The vibe at that ‘’’party’’’ is missing and presumed dead.

No. 1744294

ok but why is there a 12 year old boy at the party

No. 1744295

Its a high fashion event hosted by gay guys, ofc there’s gonna be underage boys on the menu.

No. 1744316

I won't click on spyware tiktok links
If a kind nona can upload them it would be nice

No. 1744317

Do you really think there aren't any brown people in Canada?
Vancouver is basically an asian colony, and there are tons of NAfricans, & Caribbeans in Montreal.

No. 1744356

File: 1673678140423.jpeg (947.49 KB, 1179x2166, 96165379-6782-4FF4-B051-6E35EF…)

The top comments on any TikTok about her kek

I think the reason why IG and Twitter are full of positivity is because her label made dozens of fan accounts (a common label tactic these days) and a bot net. This is so common even lonely fans models get botnets these days. Easy way to spot them are they all repeat the same phrases like “release book 1” and all have names that are her song names or lyrics

it’s so different from in the past and when she had genuine engagement, a lot of her genuine fan accounts have stopped posting or deleted their accounts and it’s mostly label personnel and bots now

No. 1744368

File: 1673680065701.jpeg (433.94 KB, 763x800, 36A76C77-53A2-4CCB-85B2-887C4D…)

Kek this isn’t a flattering view at all. Also want to clarify for nonnas that don’t want to click the links that this is from last May. Pre-facelift, has awful fillers though

No. 1744381

Based zoomers, they are right to hate this smelly cabbage bitch

No. 1744382

Yes we could tell, she actually has hair there

No. 1744385

Bear in mind these videos are heavily filtered and softened cuz it’s tiktok

The reality of the light of day/night looks way worse

No. 1744390

She looks like an average middle eastern woman. Why are westerners so happy to call middle eastern/ Jewish or black women tranny looking as if western women don't look like trannies next to asian women themselves?

No. 1744395

I think it's mainly because she has a loathsome personality and people are just looking for more avenues to hate on her

No. 1744396

Hating her personality is fine but modt anons would rather physically insult conventionally attractive women rather than insult their personalities, especially if the woman in question is a sex worker. I think it's because the anons who insult her are fellow sw who think they deserve to earn more than her.

No. 1744397

>implying aella is attractive

I know there are a lot of femcels in this thread but Jesus u guys. That’s a post-op female at best. I know trans women who pass leagues more convincingly than this.(Tranny)

No. 1744400

>especially if the woman in question is a sex worker


No. 1744407

File: 1673685524476.jpeg (255.6 KB, 1800x1285, 12D05ED5-E05E-47DB-800D-58C566…)

Looking male has nothing to do with race poltard. There are mannish women from every continent. White women or black women do not look “more trans” next to an Asian women you retarded cooming incel

Also comparing aella to the average middle eastern woman is insane. Middle eastern women are pretty aella is not even handsome and only passes cus bolt ons, mini BBL, bad filler and lash extensions.

Gtfo with your racist ugly vindictive incel logic. No one from any continent wants to fuck you. Seethe.

No. 1744408

An ugly woman will always look more female than a handsome man. You make no sense because lookin like a woman has nothing to do with attractiveness, only closeted "straight" men think ugly women aren't women and the twinks they feel attracted to are somehow women.

No. 1744410

Reminds me of Paris Hilton's set during Tomorrowland except she looked amazing, happy, and didn't pretend to know about being a DJ, she just played from a laptop, danced, and had fun with the audience

No. 1744417

I know males that aren’t even trans that are more feminine facially than this person. There are thousands of trans women who have more feminine features than aella. Femcel coping logic, how pathetic. Not all women are pretty and feminine unfortunately.(male )

No. 1744418

You must look identical to her, calm down. She looks more “western” than middle eastern to me so not sure why you’re hung up on race and bringing your Asian fetish into this

No. 1744419

this is very cute. she looks like she's having so much fun

No. 1744421

Sage, scrote.

No. 1744422


I’m not a scrote I just happen to not be ugly and don’t live in a delusional fantasy world where even woman is a pretty princess.

Aella looks like they could have been born male, even more than the many people who have been confirmed to be born male. You either look exactly like her or aella is self posting here now. Stop WKing her looks, clown

No. 1744423

Just report. It's a racist tranny that thinks he passes better.

No. 1744424

File: 1673687839796.jpeg (343.45 KB, 1439x1800, 6654C970-A121-49F6-872A-5936A2…)

Let’s get back to Claire . Aella has their own thread now so I think anything discussing them unless it’s directly correlates to Claire is no longer appropriate.

No. 1744425

I'm actually fully unfamiliar with this thread or who Aella is. I just saw your post because you didn't sage and I can smell a basement dwelling scrote from a million miles away kek. Even the women you find unattractive are still fortunate enough to swerve your limp dick.

No. 1744429

File: 1673689113320.jpeg (627.03 KB, 1179x1335, 6ABB1AAA-2A5B-4F6A-AA15-D3C72B…)


Kek the only people who want to fuck aella are tech industry incels, she is very ugly and looks transgender

stop WKing an actual scrote human. Even if she was born female she loses her female-card in my book for absolutely having zero principles and existing to please the lowliest pedophilic scrotes on the planet(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1744437

the way she moves is sooooo funny. LOL. Idk if it's smug. maybe, but if it is, it's smugness filtered thru soo many anti depressants & mood stabilizers & deep insecurity that she even belongs on a stage lol.

Those wack ass "we appreciate power" lyrics sure splat onto the table even in a DJ setting. I would have thought with the bdsm angle they felt slightly less skinwalker creepy on a dance floor. Terrible shit

No. 1744438

kill yourself worthless xy chromosomoid

No. 1744439

NTA but honestly you seem really really interested in "the trans issue".

Aella does look like a tranny, that's just a simple observation.

Since you're intent on destroying this thread spilling your tranny+ugly spaghetti, in an impartial way I recommend you wrap your lips around a revolver ASAP. You don't have much to lose doing so.

No. 1744440

File: 1673692483194.jpeg (781.4 KB, 1179x1353, 35CE8DD4-46A9-4D6E-814B-52BDC1…)

It’s sad that ugly nonnas find it absolutely unbelievable that non uglies also frequent lolcow and like to gossip also. Oh and that anyone who points out your femcel loser logic must hAVe a pENiS Why are we arguing over how ugly aella is here when they have their own thread. Let’s keep this thread about Claire(Tranny)

No. 1744443

i pegged nona as ugly too so that's funny, but you have to stop replying with those cringey wojaks you gutter slime

both of u stfu thanks

No. 1744445

This photo is the reason I will never ever get filler. The way it makes her lip project from where her nose is makes me squeamish.

No. 1744446

File: 1673693348420.jpg (55.26 KB, 1280x720, palate.jpg)

sus for sure. she's open about drug problems. Then again her tattoos are extremely embarrassing.

I literally have pored over old claire photos multiple times because I thought she had a repaired cleft palate that I'd somehow failed to notice before.

The way her lip flaps like a rubber chicken when she speaks gives me mercy killing nausea. I feel like I should reach in my waistband for the luger of compassion. Like with siamese newborn horses, or a badly wounded man.

No. 1744448

Didn't read, kill yourself tranny/tranny chaser.

No. 1744449

>Why are westerners so happy to call middle eastern/ Jewish or black women tranny looking as if western women don't look like trannies next to asian women themselves?
?? Where did this come from? She's a western woman, and she indeed looks like a tranny. Stop lumping ME, black and Asian women into this ffs

No. 1744451

File: 1673693946606.png (1.55 MB, 821x881, janny.png)

No. 1744454

honestly, and I'm not racist, but I pretty much assume everyone on imageboards today is a bitter third worlder or American brown person with some kind of racial chip on the shoulder. I only lurk now and then myself (originalfag white). Mostly hispanics, arabs and pinoy style brown impoverished asians are what you talk to on these boards.

They get attracted to imageboards b/c they are highly racist and want to join the white racists on them and basically compete to see how white they are. Typical cargo cult / imitation game stuff. What they don't realize is that all the educated whites stopped lurking in 2009 and it's been a big 3rd world cesspool of off-white envy ever since.

It plays out a little differently here cuz racism isn't treated as virtuous, but the same audience dynamics apply. What I'm saying is, forgive nonna's trespasses, for she posts from a UNICEF phone in a bitterly hot tent with her feet in the mud.(Global rule 7, also stop derailing.)

No. 1744455

File: 1673695195380.png (1.48 MB, 993x725, roganchappelle.png)

let's clap nonnas, Claire's graduated to the status of a Man Show bimbo

No. 1744457

There's not a pretty person in sight

No. 1744458

What’s funny is that you’re way too retarded to even tell the difference between my posts and other posts. how confused you are. I mean it’s an anonymous image board, but you’re delusional and fucking annoying. Stop detailing the thread you hideous self hating monster. Bi femcels are the most hateful bitter people as they have been ignored by both genders. Stacie’s are not racist. >>1744454
You are racist and a disgusting poltard scrote GTFO.

Can we please stop detailing the thread now

No. 1744459

That wig is atrocious

No. 1744460

File: 1673695895838.jpg (489.53 KB, 1080x2100, tranny hates women.jpg)

No. 1744461

nonna, i can tell you're a schizophrenic retard simply because you're rolling my posts in w someone else's posts…posts which I disagreed with. You aren't even close, but it's probably a waste to explain that.

It's legit crazy how anyone who criticizes your shrieking at every passing car becomes 1 homologated straw man. You're genuinely insane. I hope you'll leave the meta posting to ppl who are not actual clinically diagnosable paranoid retards.

No. 1744462

It's the same moid who was attacking lesbians and calling them "dykes" and "femcels" because of his fetish a few days ago. He replies to himself, constantly starts shit saying anons "must be ugly or fat" if they disagree with him, and is now obsessed with racebaiting (taking aim at brown and SEA women now for some reason), I guess. He's going between posting "Aella looks like a tranny" and "Trans women are so much more feminine than Aella you femcels" because it's getting him attention.
He's so fucking clockable once you recognize a few of his posts. He'll keep spamming, samefagging and seething forever, probably best to ignore him.

No. 1744464

…was replying to this post b4 it was delete-edited:

admins here should ban schizo spam. I reported it, for what that's worth.

No. 1744465

These embarrassing tradthots always ignore the basic reaction to all their bullshit: If women are so powerless and chihuahua-like, why do you think you have the right to speak as a woman? This is assuming Lan Dao isn't just a tranny, of course.

No. 1744466

Same person that was trying so hard to disprove any possibility of Claire being a predator to women. Might even be her.

No. 1744469


Classic brain-dead take. Childrearing can be used to reduce woman's urge to be 'catty'. Imagine basing (sorry, miso-ing) your politics around how much of a pick-me you are, pathetic lmao.

No. 1744470

File: 1673696555991.png (57.03 KB, 735x601, pr.png)

"Pretend", ie drop the facade and post as yourself.

(Actual) anons, remember to report the troon instead of engaging with him. He gets off on the replies and can never integrate.

No. 1744473

File: 1673696599890.jpeg (1.09 MB, 960x1939, 35A78D2C-8E2F-489F-B0AF-B062E6…)

I think man dao is a woman. But I still like to call her man dao kek. Aella on the other hand it’s really hard to tell. I’ve seen trans women that look more feminine but I’ve also seen cis women who look indistinguishable from a man. Masculine women definitely exist though. I think Cassandra bankson is pretty but she has the same kind of androgynous look that aella has. There’s also a trans person i know (not a friend) that looks super similar to aella since taking e.

No. 1744475

Pre-surgery, Aella looked like a man on HRT. Post-surgery, she just looks like a plain/slightly above average woman. Trannies can't get the sort of results she did because they have male bone structure.

No. 1744478

Might I suggest we continue this discussion in their respective thread ?


No. 1744481

Yeah, agreed. The thread's been derailed enough by the wojaksperg or tranny.

No. 1744541

Desperately trying to portray yourself as superior on an imageboard tells me everything I need to know about your looks and mental stability
You're definitely a racist loser who thinks the world revolves around whites and the hatred other races have towards them as a result of their success. It's funny that you believe only third worlders are capable of being resentful on imageboards when 4chan, the place you originally hail from, exists and mainly consist of white men.
If Lan Dao is an actual woman, she might be the ugliest woman who's ever existed. She must hate herself so much considering how much she capes for Napoleonic values. Then again, her entire personality is probably just constructed to attract as many ugly resentful small-dicked white men as she possibly can, given her bottom of the barrel looks and personality.

No. 1744549

File: 1673708466130.jpeg (402.73 KB, 1170x1091, FAD257F3-68DD-4B43-BBEC-052979…)


This is grade A milk. The whole interview should be obvious Grimes pays these nobody from nowhere journos to inflate her fragile ego.
nobody truly believes her music has always intersected with tech/ai, only after she started skinwalking poppy and her “I are computer” nonsense

>”..we’ve lived in a society for so long where you’re stuck in the shell that you’re in, and you just have to deal with it. We might be about to enter a new reality where we can all live to the potential of our brains. As a woman in the industry, I don’t give a fuck about how I look. I hate thinking about that.”

i guess that’s why someone would drop 120k on becoming a kaofie from outer space. Top fucking kek.

No. 1744550

…uhh, fucking weird murder fantasy there “nonna.” This whole thread and the Aella thread smell like scrotum, although I guess it’s no surprise given how scrote-pandering both these women are.

No. 1744552

it's literally a scrote from reddit in his 30s or something who's sexually fixated on grimes and comes here to dunk on "her and the rest of the womenfolk" for hours

tbh i think this is a normal shitpost for a kid or teen to make, especially if their parents fight

No. 1744567

I find it so fascinating that some of these people like Lan Dao or Grimes, who constantly signal how much they vehemently oppose groupthink and being "NPC:s" (i.e. adopting the ideology of a group in the hopes of attaining status and belonging) don't realize that they are engaged in the exact same process where they're spouting opinions and talking points they've been fed as a result of being in an echo chamber; their echo chamber just happens to look edgier, more exclusive, masculine, and war-like. They are engaging in the exact same form of groupthink and virtue signalling they (rightfully) accuse leftists of engaging in, their virtues just happen to be different as a result of wanting to belong/attract mates in tech spaces where these right-wing ideological inclinations are significantly more common. I love how a pitiful excuse of a fully formed human being like Lan Dao thinks they're being an intellectual rebel for regurgitating the same kind of reactionary ideas that sexually frustrated teenage boys on /pol/ came up with a decade earlier. All of it to hide the inferiority complex she has as a result of not being special, neither looks-wise or intellectually, as well as being a self-hating minority. Sorry in advance if I'm not explaining this kind of hypocrisy in a way that makes sense or if I keep repeating myself, English is my second language

No. 1744575

I know exactly what you mean, anon. They're as much "NPCs" as the people they look down on. They subscribe to an alternate, just as retarded form of groupthink because they don't actually have an original thought in their heads. All they know is to conform and comply.

No. 1744610

Why are pickmes never married to, dating, or even organically photographed standing next to a beautiful man? The buff young guys in the Oblivion video don't count since they were actors. (And why would she choose random attractive men to represent sexual harassment by doughy nerdneck DJs and producers?) If a pickme somehow has an experience with a babe, does her worldview collapse? Is she cured forever? I'm serious.

No. 1744620

Yup, I noticed it too. So fucking pathetic lmao. It might be the cp spamming tranny too since he's doing exactly the same thing, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's typical tranny behaviour.

No. 1744644

jajajajaja srsly mods though is there any way to perma IPban the troon(Unfortunately they keep on ip hopping between different ip's so its hard to do so.)

No. 1744645

File: 1673717180865.png (118.17 KB, 380x428, overbite.png)

simpsons overbite

No. 1744646

we use the janitor money to buy food so our hair doesn't fall out, claire.

No. 1744648

they want an orbiter to put them on their queen pedestal. an anon pointed out mrs. midwest and emrata as the perfect example of this. those women try to have a "strong badass but still hot independent woman" vibe, but tell on themselves when you see how they only accept ugly men as partners because they want to be stay-at-home bangmaids whose man will never leave or make them get a job.

No. 1744697

Agreed. While following the mainstream mindlessly isn’t a good thing, being a contrarian dickhead who opposes all norms just to feel speshul is equally retarded. Anti woke people are just as cringe as woke types, they are two sides of the same idiot coin.

No. 1744700

The tranny arguing with everyone one is Erika aka Bl*ine. He has about a million VPNs and he is the one spamming every thread, he programmed a bot on cc that just writes endless word vomit and nonsense posts then spams a bunch of gore and porn and he does the same here. He is also the one posting gore and CP and soijaks here. Impossible for mods to ban him sadly because he literally uses endless proxies, he does it on 4chan too.

No. 1744701

I mean, most scrotes are just ugly too. Straight men aren’t raised to invest in their appearances so they don’t. Most women (not just pickmes) don’t have the option of finding a decent loyal man who will provide for them & their kids AND who is beautiful looking, so they’ll sacrifice beauty for other qualities. Also some women believe beautiful men are more likely to cheat and avoid them as long-term partners. That said, pickmes usually seem to end up with men who are ugly AND cheaters AND piss poor providers to boot so idk why they even bother.

No. 1744703

Lol what? She doesn’t look like an average MENA woman at all. She looks like a white incel on HRT.

No. 1744705

>claire: valkyrie viking joan of arc warrior pixie
>also claire: gets ptsd from twitter

No. 1744707

Because all pickmes are clusterbees and clusterbees attract the absolute worst kind of scrotes like flies to shit.

No high value woman acts like that. Pickmes never thrive.

No. 1744708

But they're hardly paying her any attention at all, much less orbiting. And darling E is neither faithful nor providing kek. My schizo hypothesis is that a woman's self esteem almost spawns counterpart males. Her twisted thoughts about herself (and other women and girls) are personified by the deformed males around her for all the world to literally see. This goes doubly for any unnatural handflapping sons she may be cursed with. Serves them right for being pickmes though.

No. 1744748

There are two trolls who have been derailing this thread since the beginning, please ignore their bait and attempts to derail this thread. Replying to their posts will now result in a short ban so just ignore and report their posts. Stop falling for bait.

Additionally, derailing about Aella will also result in a ban.

No. 1744756

Don't celebrate prematurely. We are just being gratuitously cruel, no shim (especially a bricky one like you) will ever pass even next to her.

No. 1744764

thank you farmhand

No. 1744770

based farmhand

No. 1744826

That moid is so obviously an elder millennial arr/gamergate impact font male to fail burnout it's actually hilarious. Moids can't even pass as a slightly different type of moid, let alone a woman.

I particularly love how autistically elated he gets every time he sees a real woman called a tranny because he wants to believe it's a genuine sentiment. "Finally", he thinks as he flaps his HPV ridden crotch udder in excitement. "A cissy fugly and tranny-like enough to make me pass by comparison! My chance to blend in with the lolcow foids! They said it, I totes fit in guise! I may be a tranny and my entire existence is used to imply that a woman is ugly, but it looks like I can compete with literally subhuman tier females!"

Reminds me of when a popupular clique in high school bullies an autistic nerd by pretending to want to hang out with them or date them, and the nerd buys it, to everyone's cruel amusement. Sad cringe.

No. 1744835

Queen shit

No. 1744838

It’s not even two trolls it’s just the same tranny on two proxies arguing with himself and trying to start drama.

No. 1745040

Is that the one that lives in Wisconsin? At this point it’s time to collect all his posts and evidence to deliver to local law enforcement in his town, especially because of the cp.

No. 1745043

Samefag, IC3 has forms to fill out that will take the complaint to the local authorities in your behalf

No. 1745169


More tranny sperging. It never ends.

No. 1745410

Yes it’s Blaine Gaven Ross. He lives in WI.

No. 1745635

>Also some women believe beautiful men are more likely to cheat and avoid them as long-term partners
is this for real? do women deprive themselves of what they're actually attracted to like this? straight women pleeeease respect yourselves

No. 1745636

They truly do think that way and the worst thing is that THE REVERSE is true. When you demonstrate weakness of mind by dating someone below your league the scrote will never respect you. Love yourselves sisters. A man’s soul reflects on his face.

No. 1745658

This plus ugly guys cheat because they’re deeply insecure and can’t stand the idea that their partner can do better, even if she’s ultimately loyal and simps for him. It’s easy for them bc home-wrecking types don’t care if the guy is attractive, they care that they have the ability to seduce a man who has a hot woman at home.

No. 1745716

File: 1673830978157.jpeg (390.94 KB, 1439x1800, C7230339-AC7B-4A88-8E3B-D0F60C…)

Remember when grimes said she had secret accounts to troll? I found something interesting… she’s a low key bully

(Part 1)

No. 1745718

File: 1673831045672.jpeg (212.8 KB, 1439x1800, BB554BA6-BC04-41A8-BF1E-0CB1BA…)

I wonder what other whack shit she’s said to people from her fake accounts.

No. 1745725

Yes. You would be amazed at how many women are bluepilled and think ugly guys cheat less or will love you more. Lmao.

No. 1745731

Nadya Okamoto is a Japanese-American period product entrepreneur. She got famous on /pol/ for a while because people kept posting tiktoks of her and her supposedly ‘handsome white bf’ while Nadia herself has been rated unattractive. It caused a little bit of an uproar with incels complaining about how picky women are and how even ugly girls can pull attractive guys, as well as a bunch of racebait.

If that’s actually grimes then that’s so weird, because it confirms a) she uses /pol/ and b) she is hateful and catty towards Asian women especially the ones who date white guys. Oof. Our suspicions of her having an obsessive hateboner towards Asian women are confirmed.

No. 1745734

How do you know this is her nona? How did you find it?

No. 1745738

File: 1673831790115.jpeg (764.15 KB, 1242x1570, BDB0DD7A-609D-448A-9FF3-446FFD…)

This is Nadya Okamoto and her bf btw.

No. 1745742

>pickme anachan is a catty bully who is also jealous of younger women and racist
imagine my shock!

No. 1745743

She was a regular poster on skinnygossip so I’m not surprised in the slightest

No. 1745747

Uh how do we even know this is Claire? Sorry if I didn’t lurk enough

No. 1745752

Same name as her secret Spotify and one of her secret Reddit accounts (where she complains about how much of a pig and asshole Elon is, and how he left her when she was pregnant(deleted) then goes on to advising younger women to date old dudes cus they treat you better. You can’t make this shit up.

Her secret reddits are
U/ethereallobbyforce (not so secret) and u/dalilfae

In case some people here haven’t seen, she was also incredibly rude to her own fans on the E.L.F. account

No. 1745753

Nadya is a legit fetish tho lmao

No. 1745755

Ah okay well that does build a convincing case that it’s her, thanks nona

No. 1745756

Tinfoil I do have a feeling she’s his sugar momma, but at the end of the day it’s their business and the amount of racist and scrotey shit she’s had flung at her is undeserved

No. 1745761

men seriously get fomo even when they have pussy at home?
that's fucking gay. literally. who says no to vagina every day? gay men, that's who.

No. 1745763

asian women only date the blandest-looking white guys with no personalities though, so what is grimes jealous of

No. 1745767

post caps

No. 1745770

She’s Adolf Boucher now, gatekeeper of the white race, her job as entry level stormfront tits is now to send catty messages to people in mixed race couples all day

No. 1745771

NTA but I checked this account and it does seem legit, for example she writes about ditching 6 year old relationship for an older guy (she was dating Jaime Brooks from 2012 to 2018, her relationship with Elon began in 2018. She also calls Musk 'love of her life' in this post kek) She also writes a lot about babies, pregnancy and breastfeeding - her posts are from two years ago, similar time she gave birth to X. They are also written in her style.

The post about Elon ditching her before their son's birth is also still there.

No. 1745805

take screens if you anons find anything interesting, i'm gonna take a look at it as well. I believe anon is probably right. i'm curious what other usernames she has, cause somehow i think she has more fake accounts.

No. 1745849

i second this pls post screens

No. 1745855

This. RIP to the tranny who was insisting she's just "queer" and wanted to be with Asian women, not skinwalk them. Probably makes her seethe that she's stuck with uglies like herself "dethpite being white!!".

No. 1745863

File: 1673844925448.png (31.12 KB, 912x376, grimes1.png)

It's definitely her, hahaha.

No. 1745864

File: 1673844968634.png (82.46 KB, 902x546, grimes2.png)

we've heard it all before from her, about billionaires.

No. 1745865

File: 1673845542591.png (123.78 KB, 912x854, grimes3.png)

talks a lot about pregnancy being shitty time for her, would line up with what she says.

No. 1745866

File: 1673845640621.png (74.97 KB, 947x475, grimes4.png)

a fragment about Elon ? (she's talking to a girl who was raped & pregnant and her current bf of cours peters out, unrelated but she sperged about her own "boyfriend")

No. 1745868


i was on skinny gossip for a while before they kicked me like 3 years ago and i never saw anything about claire beside the ~thinsp0 thread with her name on it. they talked horribly about her though so i don't see how she would be there.


looked up that @ and couldn't find anything about it being claire's acc… by the tweets and interactions it looks like it was a fiona apple stan account? does she even like fiona apple?

No. 1745876

That moid is literally mid and so is she lmfao, someone actually pays to bone that?

No. 1745877

well maybe then that twitter handle wasn't Grimes. Reddit though kinda fits. screens above show variations of things she lowkey said about her pregnancy and hints about her boyfriend & his behaviour are aligning. this pickme shit though sounds like her life philosophy kek >>1745863 Idk about 6 year relationship though. who was she dating before Melon and for how long?

No. 1745881

The cognitive dissonance is wild with her describing Elon’s shittiness in a few comments and describes him as the love of her life in another. Also tinfoil but I randomly clicked on a pro-grimes comment in r/grimezs like a week ago and the acct was active in a pro-ana sub so I felt like it was her but unfortunately I forget the username. If I find them again I’ll do more digging

No. 1745885

>> Idk about 6 year relationship though. who was she dating before Melon and for how long?
Jaime Brooks (now a tranny), 6 years. He confirmed she left him for Elon so it lines up

No. 1745886


i remember when they did the r/grimes subreddits overlap and the most popular ones were r/notlikeothergirls (kek) r/redscarepod r/bpd r/1200isplenty … there's a ridiculous amount of grimes fans that are severely anorexic for some reason

No. 1745906

File: 1673850590828.png (247.32 KB, 1466x1170, 2b4IPaB.png)

the most interesting thing from that account is that she made a post about him abandoning her where she described him belittling her. she deleted the post so you can't see what the original post was but you can see her replying to the comments in it about how he was emotionally/verbally abusing her.

No. 1745908

File: 1673850635857.png (107.88 KB, 1752x568, Afbsf8m.png)

No. 1745937

Type in “unddit” in place of “Reddit” on the URL, usually that works to show deleted posts

No. 1745945

File: 1673855864986.jpg (421.79 KB, 1483x1197, g2.jpg)

NTA but Unddit doesn't work for that particular post, not sure why. It might be too old or she deleted it too quickly. I did use it to compile some other stuff.

A lot of people think this user is Claire… I'm on the fence whether it's her, a friend (Lan?) or some skinwalking freak that wants people to think they're her. They delete all of their comments to not leave a trail but thankfully we have Unddit. Making a few posts with these bare with me

No. 1745947

File: 1673855997613.jpg (93.03 KB, 1267x334, g4.jpg)

The reason I'm on the fence is the typing style is somewhat different and because of this comment but like why think the hate is Mac? Do they have beef? This was on the post saying she'll never go to mars

No. 1745954

File: 1673856664778.jpg (186.69 KB, 1282x508, g1.jpg)

Last one, a few comments combined from different posts. I found some others but I'm just trying to see if y'all think this is her

No. 1745994

It sounds like her but meaner, and she probably was on drugs in the first one

No. 1745997

>older men will treat you better
top kek

No. 1746014

No thanks bitch, advanced parental age is linked to schizophrenia, autism, and a bunch of other diseases and pregnancy complications even if the mom is decades younger. Claire is lucky she can afford some third world nannies to wrangle her tardbabies.

No. 1746062

always that
>dis make you a fake fan
>sounds like you don't like Claire at all!
shit, lmao. It's fascinating that we keep discovering newer and newer fake accounts from Claire. It's just so much of them, fake reddit, fake twitter, tiktok, prob ana sites, wonder where else she hangs out instead of raising kids that she resents so much. Etherallobbyforce and Dalilfae accounts are 100% her at the very least.

No. 1746087

this thread is so fun

No. 1746089

it is, and she's birthed a calf! grimes' greatest work has been introducing us to paella.

No. 1746151

makes me think of anons who bitched that this is twitter tier shit & she doesn't deserve a thread. kek no. Grimes & Elon produce milk almost daily, and its only a tip of an iceberg. this thread is cool also bc anons shitposts are sometimes funnier than the milk itself

No. 1746154

I wonder what she meant by that. Paying alimony and for nannies?

No. 1746166

Ironically, that’s probably what caused Claire’s ‘mysteriouth birth complicathionths’. Who knew having a gross old autismo scrotes DNA directly injected into your body causes you to age quicker, get more depressed and have awful pregnancies and complicated labor?!

No. 1746169

kek paella. love it here.
cheers to you nonnitas x

No. 1746173

>whites stopped lurking in 2009

what's up with you all and lying

No. 1746182

Especially since he depends on in vitro to conceive at all. Every baby mama's ovum independently tried to say no lmao. How does she reckon that she's "mitochondrial Eve" when everyone can see that time's been up for Elon's failure genes? I predict that he will never become a grandfather even if he has 20 kids.

No. 1746189

File: 1673893952132.png (170.12 KB, 1626x732, fine.png)

this definitely sounds like her

No. 1746197

Girl it's the truth of dating men. Most men are unattractive. You will have to make compromises. If he's good looking, he might cheat and he might be broke. If he's rich, he might be ugly and old. Grimes is no looker either but Muskrat is a quite ugly, out of shape, old man. The only reason he is able to cheat on her is because he's rich, but if they were just average people, he would be thankful to even have a chance with her. He wouldn't be able to afford that hair transplant and would look much worse than he already does. If she was dating a conventionally attractive guy instead of ugly fat men and troons, he would be much more likely to cheat because he would have more options.

No. 1746204

False. Are you coping because your baby father is ugly, Mother of Incels? Also since when does Elongate not cheat?

No. 1746213

He’s mid but he’s far more attractive than Elon which is probably why Claire seethed so hard

No. 1746238

I think he's just jelly

No. 1746267

Oooo this is definitely her. Doesn't she keep calling melon 'bro' in that vanity fair interview?

No. 1746278

I feel likes it’s a clusterbee (especially HPD) cow thing for them to write posts that are very obviously about themselves where they play the victim and talk about how abusive people are to them, make them easy to find, so that people read them and feel sorry for them. I’ve seen a number of cows do this before.

No. 1746313

File: 1673906269563.png (1.39 MB, 1548x1252, F8FB9F93-7469-4F0E-A3CF-6BE292…)

Claire’s picture should be on this

No. 1746317

Thx nonna I missed this one and I feel the “bro” thing is a tell. So that brings me back to the comment about Mac and makes me wonder why she thinks her brother would write a long ass hate rant about her

No. 1746323

He’s so embarrassing. I’ve never met a single sane person who gaf about George Soros. He’s nothing but a common boomer rightard who’s always 5 years behind on the meme lingo he hopes will make women forget he’s old as shit

No. 1746324

This. Someone needs to tell him it’s not 2017 anymore. What a dumb fat odious lard.

No. 1746332

This account doesn't sound like her at all. The writing style is totally different. When grimes talks about things, she talks about them in a distinctively non-confrontational way. Grimes is also completely on board with escaping to mars so she wouldn't argue that isn't "the mission". This is a male stan for sure

No. 1746564

Was Claire ddosing LC again?

No. 1747332

Ok so I’ve engaged with this person a bit to try to get a feel and at the very least they 100% want people to think they’re Claire. But they (annoyingly) usually spell “an” instead of “and”, which I’ve never seen her do. They also go overboard on the metaphorical schizotalk. I’m getting skinwalker vibes… it’s pretty pathetic and mentally ill if that’s the case

No. 1747914

File: 1674090681641.jpeg (629.78 KB, 1242x1293, 433BF212-F0D3-41B1-BD35-3BBA13…)

>10 years later
>still no shabby chic mars space hotels

No. 1747946

>elon will zoom around outside on rockets while she makes their biosphere cosy
what in the hell

No. 1747950

File: 1674094267615.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1242x2074, 424B349E-7118-4DB2-A329-4A1BFA…)

What’s funny is her house is so bland and boring and her decor style is basic and soulless, literally looks like a cheap ikea show room despite costing millions. Not quite as bad as Claire’s vaporwave aliexpress curtain; wish furniture and cardboard boxes full of coathangers and shein clothes, but still.

No. 1747981

File: 1674096341836.jpeg (Spoiler Image,135.57 KB, 1920x816, 89091C45-91E3-4553-A61E-F0C751…)

A shy awkward virgin goody two shoes tradwife who has no qualms about taking all her clothes off for numerous sleazy male directors, doing sex scenes, being friends with pedopimps and playing strippers. Mmhmm sure Talulah honey. Nice bimbo boltons btw.

No. 1747993

That isn’t her

No. 1747999

So Talulah and Grimes are really interchangeable. He probably tells every woman they’re gonna live on Mars with him and be space queen.

No. 1748010

Yep. Pretty sad. Difference is Talulah was smart enough to eventually realize its all a deluded narc fantasy and bounced. Grimes is retarded enough to still believe it, kek.

No. 1748111

It's hilarious that Elon tells every woman he dates the same thing and Grimes thinks she's special. We will go to Mars, you are not like other girls, our genes are superior, mother my children so they can be the princes of Mars, then you will be the queen of Mars. Bet he told Justine similar stuff to convince her to have 6 kids in 3 pregnancies. Then he told Talulah she would be the queen. Then he told Grimes she's the one. Probably told Amber the same shit to convince her to have kids with him. Many years later, he has not managed to accomplish a single thing to colonize Mars.
When Elon was dating Natasha Bassett, articles about her were also talking about how she is family-oriented and trad kek.
>She sees what a great father he is to his children and how he makes sure they are all taken care of. He puts his children before anything in his life and this is one of the things that she found so attractive about him. She knows that he would be the same way to their child if the road does lead there for them. She has never met anyone so intelligent and so generous, and yet still so humble.
>Natasha and Elon are very serious, and they use the word love with each other. She wants to have a husband and a family one day and, although her focus at this time is not on that, but rather on her career, she has discussed this with Elon. He knows that this is what she wants ultimately, and he has not dismissed this.
After the breakup:
>Natasha wants to have a family one day and is certain that she will have one, but she has very traditional values. She is also young and having kids is not a part of her plan at this time. When the time is right, she will be ready. Instead, she is focusing on herself, and her career and she is in a good place right now.
Supposedly very traditional, but wants to focus on her career as a Z-list actress instead of marriage and having children. She sounds like Talulah. It's good that they broke up right after the twins with Shivon Zilis reveal though. Also funny that Elon's mother was so enthusiastic about Elon getting married to Natasha,
>Maye “is hinting and pushing for an engagement for her son and Natasha” and thinks that she is the “perfect” woman for him! “His mom adores Natasha, and they get along marvelously, which is super important. She has also met both his siblings and they all think that Natasha is amazing."
But when it comes to Grimes:
>(How is your new grandchild — Elon and Grimes’ son? Do you and Grimes talk about fashion?) Absolutely adorable. He was with us at the launch. She has incredible fashion and is creative. I admire people who are creative because I am a scientist. I work with so many creative people in the fashion industry.
>(Will Elon and Grimes get married?) I didn’t ask them.

No. 1748124

I remember seeing this photo a few months ago, it's from some weird hangout where they all went to a cabin or something. Jordan Peterson was also there, I remember seeing photos of him with Elon and Rogan in the same outfits they're wearing in this pic.

No. 1748162

>We will go to Mars, you are not like other girls, our genes are superior, mother my children so they can be the princes of Mars, then you will be the queen of Mars.
And any woman who falls for that is dumb as rocks, full offense. Elon is the complete opposite of charming and charismatic so you have to be an extra retarded breed of pickme to make yourself believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

No. 1748174

>LeT mE tElL yOu wHy oUr GenEs aRe SuPRiOr

No. 1748176

Were their CIA handlers present also?

No. 1748189

Yes, then they all sacrificed children to Moloch, did acid and had a big orgy.

No. 1748227

I completely understand why desperate power-hungry women would flock to a rich moid like Elon. What I don't understand is why they all believe they'll be the one to lock him down into a traditional marriage with a cozy little family home on Mars. Justine exposed his bullshit years ago, so the naivete of these recent groupies is just embarrassing. If you want to be IVF harem broodmare #17 go for it, but stop pretending there's anything "trad" or wholesome about your desire to secure a bag.

No. 1748304

So what I've gathered is that none of his exes have walked away with anything except a few tardbabies. Great. If you're going to fuck a billionaire, at least take it for all he's got.

No. 1748308

Justine got a pretty big payout iirc but she has to look after those 5 ugly tardbabies for life so I don’t think it’s worth it

No. 1748325

This is backstage at Dave’s show. It’s when Claire allegedly gave him Covid lol. Joe Rogan had to tweet “Grimes didn’t give Dave Covid, I swear!” (probably asked by Elon bc why would he give a fuck) even though there’s no way he would know. She had it less than 2 weeks prior and they were probably sharing blunts etc

No. 1748368

Cute how they’re acting like they don’t hate black people

No. 1748492

It is so painfully obvious that Elon’s camp is behind the “young innocent virgin trad wife” PR treatment these women get. Clearly that’s who mommy wants him to be with but the problem is no attractive intelligent young virgin would stand to be around him long, especially now at his old age and with his newfound public reputation, let alone birth more of his children seeing how the previous ones are turning out. His father has his own issues but he’s right to have the belief that Elon is going to die alone. Elon probably really did delude himself at one point into thinking he could start over again on Mars but that is very obviously never going to happen so the best he can do is use that fantasy to string along his few braindead pickme exes. What a waste of a billionaire.

No. 1748564

Ohh okay that makes sense as to why Peterson was there, it was around the time he had just moved to Austin. I remember thinking it was funny that meant Grimes must've met Jordan and that seemed like a weird hangout to me lol

No. 1748812

If you see those videos of Elon and Talulah together they’re hilarious and awkward as hell. She is constantly saying passive aggressive remarks about their marriage and making low-key digs at him the whole time while he silently psychopath laserbeam stares at her and she just gives him the widest smiles knowing exactly what she’s doing (honestly kinda based of T lol). She actually says she would have said yes to any man who proposed to her who seemed half-sensible lmao.

The part where he’s acting like he actually does dad duty and understands inter-sibling relationships is super cringe and he talks like a massive sperg comparing it to resource conflicts etc (expected). Talulah looks miserable with the kids on her hip, she leaves him and the kid to play a puzzle or something and touches Elon’s back while she leaves and he doesn’t even acknowledge her or say bye kek. She also is staggering along with some boxes while wearing heels and he doesn’t even try to help her into the car. So painfully obvious their relationship was loveless and based on money and Elon needing a stepmom for his kids.

No. 1748813

It’s been posted before but here’s the video

No. 1748816

Maybe it’s just her weird eyes and messy hair but at some points she seemed kind of drunk or on drugs. Does Elon just naturally drive women to substance abuse?

No. 1748819

>when you try to show off to the world that you’re a hotshot successful business and family man who has a hot younger blonde bimbo wife and happy kids and nice home
>but your kids end up looking like annoying brats, your house is ugly, your wife basically admits she’s only with you for opportunity and has thought of leaving you behind and going back to her home country many times, and you come across like a social retarded autismo
>all while comedic melancholy music chimes in the background

No. 1748839

This is legit hilarious. What a shitty situation, no wonder she left him. No woman wants to become an instant stepmother to a rude autistic moid’s five insane moidlets no matter how rich he is.

No. 1749051

B-but she said she wanted 10 kids! Kek. Her unabashed cruelty in front of cameras convinces me that she has no problem blatantly lying to Elon + interviewers about being a virgin princess trad wife. She’s ruthless and high key evil. Almost respectable, but not quite because she still married this guy twice.

No. 1749146

File: 1674253282827.jpeg (883.6 KB, 1242x1257, 73BDB736-1EE7-4993-937F-6D1634…)

Kind of fucked up of her to use the term her ex coined that led her to leaving him for Elon. I wonder if she ever told Elon that Jaime gave her Rococo Basilisk? Also wonder if she’ll ever stop being cringe about AI.

No. 1749196

claire's final evolution: spaghetti fingers. now she can count over ten.

No. 1749264

Either the vax don't work or she faked it for the met. Wtf

No. 1749266

to be fair you can still contract and spread covid even if you've been vaccinated, it does reduce the odds though. though i would not put it past claire to lie about being vaxxed

No. 1749321

where have you been regarding vax spread since "breakthroughs" of early-mid 2021?

No. 1749450

File: 1674294883841.png (15.29 KB, 610x261, 0.png)

Homosexuals are going too far but the man who treats women like broodmares isn't going too far with heterosexuality

No. 1749458

>the vax don't work
jfc Claire, he's not gonna come back just because you remind him of your honeymoon wishful beginnings.

No. 1749483

Why did he even bother to tweet this? For the midwestern hillbillies and wine moms who worship him to tell him how based he is? Still waiting for him to stop pretending to be an enlightened centrist already. I guess it’s related to ad revenue for twitter. Can’t go mask off if you want Apple and Coca-Cola money eh

No. 1749601

Married him twice and is still in contact with him. She may not have been able to hide her disgust for him but she’s still trying to milk him for something though he’s a cheapskate so it’s not really worth it.

No. 1749731

File: 1674339694296.jpeg (417.45 KB, 1242x758, 6B406AF3-012B-4474-99A8-925A5B…)

Talulah embarrasses him again here and Elon doesn’t find it funny, same laserbeam flat affect stare.

Describes thinking of him as a hapless little engineer who wandered into a club and just looked SO SAD’ (I thought Talulah was ‘incredibly shy and doesn’t drink. Do shy teetotal tradwives really hang out in busy London clubs waiting for random men to talk to? And why would an ‘incredibly shy’ introverted person mock another shy introverted person and call them sad? Kek, her whole persona is a lie.

I honestly think Elon just has a ball busting fetish at this point. He loves women who publicly humiliate him and make him seem like a helpless baby. He’s also a neurotic wreck.

No. 1750296


it 100% is her, here she is boosting her own work same wy she was known to on 4chan

No. 1750390

this is an imageboard. post pics instead of a suspicious link

No. 1750588

File: 1674466548697.jpg (355.25 KB, 1020x1025, SmartSelect_20230123-043353_Sa…)

Lol the pic they used for this… and the poor charity… they need to make it a different car tho

No. 1750683

File: 1674485236290.png (273.85 KB, 2217x1214, 2022-12-15-6.png)

ibb isnt sus nonna, clicked it for u

No. 1750688

File: 1674485732368.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1648, 1DB54462-2133-467D-8E80-C24A5C…)

>when you feed prompts into a chatbot GPT

No. 1750796

No. 1750902

Looks like he's detransitioning gross

No. 1750933

Sounds to be written by a sperg. “artist’s artist” kek. Idk I’m like 50/50 bc I’ve read so much of her writing and posts over the years. This person comments and deletes on almost every post on both subs, always with cryptic cringe shit. Claire can def be pretentious, but she more often than not speaks pretty plainly as we’ve seen on her other alts. The reason I care is bc if it is her, it’s kind of sad that she just lurks on Reddit all day

No. 1750977

Christ. Not surprised that Lan Dao's fash, but the flagrancy on display here is really something. This along with Aella_girl, the creepy pronate billionaire tech couple, Claire really hangs out with the nastiest fucking people. She really is a dime-a-dozen.

No. 1750982

Even if it's not her account, she lurks reddit all day anyway on (prob several) other accounts. Etherallobbyforce and that other pregnant fairy account are hers. she probably remakes new accounts and abandons later all the time accordingly to what she needs them for rn, and maybe because she's scared of getting recognized.

No. 1751056

Lan Dao posts about being the perfect tradwide and building up her husbands social life and status while simultaneously doing things to get her name all over lolcow forums… not as bright as I'd expect a girl who went to medical school to be. On another note, did anyone else notice that while Talulah got to be included in the Twitter talks, Grimes was left out. You'd think Talulah was his baby momma. I have a theory Elon loses respect for women after they've had babies even if they're his. Talulah gets to be the golden girl forever because she never ruined her virgin madonna vibes by becoming a mommy. Poor Grimes isn't even second best in his book if you look at his behavior kek

No. 1751334

True and yeah those are the other alts I had in mind. Very different commenting styles (I’ll spare you my spergy reasonings) but I guess she could change it up to a super cringey caricature of herself out of desperation for engagement.

No. 1751495

She’s a whitewashed self hating poltard pickme, dating some Silicon Valley Jewish beta moid, and now won’t shut up about it. Why do west coast Asians behave like such a stereotype, it’s embarrassing.

No. 1751497

But isn't this a guy?

No. 1751507

Getting into medical school isn’t really a big achievement, I say that as someone who knows lol. Lay people seriously overestimate the intelligence of doctors, because most people have zero medical knowledge.

Almost all the people in this particular circle are 90-110IQ midwits larping as super intelligent child prodigy geniuses or something. They can blag their way pretending to be smart to idiots, because like I said most people have zero knowledge of these subjects, so just start dropping tech, history or medicine related buzzwords and you’ll seem more intelligent than most.

No. 1752317

File: 1674686978598.jpeg (565.38 KB, 1242x671, B4DEEB24-9B07-408D-A060-B5C07F…)

Jeffrey Epstein dreamed of fathering thousands of babies and planned to open a personal IVF baby clinic/clone farm/cum ranch in Mexico. Wonder if Elon took inspiration from him?

No. 1752322

File: 1674687139685.jpeg (1004.03 KB, 1242x1762, 888652BD-9DBD-4FD5-9A7B-5B12C9…)

He was also very interested in immortality, cryonics, eugenics and gene editing.

No. 1752323

There are also rumors that Epstein has already gathered dozens of children since the 90s.

No. 1752325


No. 1752376


No. 1752378

Wouldn't be surprising. Virginia Giuffre said that he and Ghislaine basically tried to force her to have a baby for them. I'm sure she wasn't the first or last.

No. 1752391

He tried to have a literal breeding compound kek

No. 1752409

billionaires are obsessed with longevity/immortality because they are on some level aware that they have done nothing of value and will not be remembered after they die in the way people with less money, but more skill/talent/children who love them, are.

No. 1752466

File: 1674695660096.jpg (105.59 KB, 634x630, ezgif.com-gif-maker.jpg)

Elon's genes are shit to start with and he has only made things worse by his degenerate lifestyle. He cares so much about spreading his seed yet takes zero accountability to make sure he produces healthy children. why go through the trouble when you're a literal crackhead that gets with other junkies? Pathetic.

No. 1752601

Does she still use her Etsy, and if so what’s her username?

No. 1752779

No. 1753301

File: 1674776500747.jpeg (661.63 KB, 1005x1234, CFC02085-F3C5-43FA-9EAA-E4C349…)


No. 1753434

that very much fits, the skull/corpse bride and fiance pic symbolizes exactly how long Grimes must wait until Elon finally asks her to be his sailor mars bride.

No. 1753649


Most celebs have bot nets to do this now.
Elon was involved financially with the development of chatGPT.

No. 1753661

File: 1674813014841.jpeg (2.69 MB, 3465x3465, 299DC83F-29D0-4061-85E0-1CC1C7…)


grimes doesn’t believe this shit, defs a male fan

grimes believes in the cyclical extinction events (and it’s connected conspiracies), mostly everything her and her new friends say line up with this

Surprised nobody has brought up the close proximity to Raelism here or on Reddit either.
Raelism, the crazy alien cult (or Martian technocracy, you could say) that claims to have created the first cloned human in 2001, a baby named “Eve”

these people are up to weird shit if it weren’t already obvious

No. 1753675

File: 1674816181425.jpeg (908.96 KB, 1170x1622, 9A19973B-2FCB-4977-A2E6-3BCD22…)


the dalilfae tumblr yields the most milk imo

No. 1753687

That’s a red herring and just Kanye being schizo imo, Elon banned him as soon as he uploaded that picture. Raelians are mostly harmless and I don’t think Elon has anything to do with them, the leader is some old French pervert who likes to sleep with young women (it’s blatantly a sex cult) but he had a stroke a few years ago so he mostly retired from the public eye.

Rael believes he met the supreme intelligent alien aka god/Yahweh decades ago, and describes him as an Asian man in a spacesuit.

No. 1753751

Yeah, it’s weird af

Mind my schizoposting but I get the feel this shit is connected somehow
I guess it’s up to how much merit you wanna give these people for organizing anything outside of drugs and umbrella consent parties kek

No. 1753754

Think about how breathtakingly pathetic it is that a woman like Grimes, who grew up upper-class and had every opportunity to make something great of herself (esp. in her musical career) just resigned to being a developmentally arrested, reactionary, auto-pedophilic wannabe jailbait bimbo in the hopes of being considered a high-status harem girl to a disgusting-looking elderly sociopath. I'm glad her daughter has such an incredible role model to look up to

No. 1753757

File: 1674832855289.jpg (243.69 KB, 1024x1536, 20230127_100627.jpg)

found on twitter. What is it with some Grimes fans making the ugliest fucking ai "art" known to man and posting it hoping for encouragement and positive response? taking a fugly ass nude that grimes (willingly) posted of herself and plugging it into some software to make it look even more fucked up??? Wtf is the end game here? The fact that midjourney or whatever else is capable of making this insult to eyes everywhere is enough of a reason to shut it the fuck down.

No. 1753775

File: 1674834967050.png (370.55 KB, 720x1074, Screenshot_20230126-082804.png)

Grimes low-key nostalgiafagging on twitter. I wonder how much she misses the time before she got with Elon and fucked her life up

No. 1753849

YES nona, you summed her up perfectly.
Get her.

No. 1753878

File: 1674842267917.png (319.56 KB, 704x678, siebzig.png)

lol she's following literal proana nazis

No. 1753886

Some gay tweaker Slavlarper Russia fetishist. Why are these people so obsessed with us, as an actual Slav I cringe.

No. 1753936

Nah nona you’re absolutely right to tinfoil. Rich freaks are obsessed with cloning and ‘spreading their seed’ through immoral means.

There’s a tinfoil theory that all the tranny and gender ambiguity stuff is being forced on us because artificial wombs etc are going to go mainstream soon, they are purposely trying to make the importance of female gender and having a womb and motherhood irrelevant, because men want to get their grubby mitts on child producing technology. Soon scrotes and pedos will be able to farm children, while reducing suspicion on themselves by identifying as female and pretending to be ‘mothers’, and nobody will be allowed to question it without being called a transphobe and possibly even being punished for ‘hate crimes’ against these people. In my country they are already referring to pedos legally as MAPs rather pedophiles.

All of these rich incel freaks including Elon are in on the same agenda, cloning, harems, immorality and longevity tech etc. The governments keep trying to force electric vehicles down peoples throats and all the zero emissions bullshit/climate lockdowns/banning gas talk. If Elon really was a free agent running his mouth then he would have been killed by now, the fact he hasn’t shows he’s obviously one of them. It’s all extremely fishy.

No. 1753937

Rather than*

No. 1753941

because they like pretending they actually care/have legitimate roots in [insert whichever European culture they happen to fetishize because one of their parents are half ___] whenever they feel particularly mediocre, bland, or surrounded by too many successful/intimidating/annoyingly woke brown people. It's always surface-level and solely based on aesthetics and vibes - almost like they approach issues of identity and core values like it's an Instagram feed that they're trying to aesthetically perfect and they never bother to actually learn anything. they also associate russians and vikings with being superior warriors, and considering they're raging narcissists, that's a very appealing cultural meme to latch onto when you're an autistic adderall junkie mongoloid whose life constantly feels like it's on the verge of spiralling out of control

No. 1753942

File: 1674846126610.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1184, 291C9F28-5C2E-48D1-829E-840D24…)

You can also see the media slowly trying to normalize pedophilia. The recent news story about the girl who looks like an 8 year old girl for instance. And all the tiktok couples with massive age or height differences. They are trying to normalize the sight of such pairings and ingrain it in people’s heads.

/end schizo rant

No. 1753947

This. Wignats also see Eastern Europe as the last bastion of whiteness so it’s a huge attraction to racists, even though Russia is a very multi-ethnic country and Moscow is absolutely full of central Asian Muslims and Middle Eastern looking Caucasus people, Balkans have always had gypsies and other minorities, Baltic countries always had lots of Jews historically and are actually partly Asiatic, similar to Finns.

No. 1753953

>In my country they are already referring to pedos legally as MAPs rather pedophiles.
WTF what country are you from?

No. 1753958

Lol I watched that segment and when they were talking about where they’d like to travel to he said South East Asia, he’s 100% a pedo kek.

No. 1754098

Sorry if this is too off topic but have you heard of that new show MILF island? I watched a YT video on it and it was so fucking disgusting. Such a thinly veiled attempt to normalize incest and porn scenarios. This society keeps getting sicker and sicker.

No. 1754170

Yes both porn and mainstream media keeps trying to inject incest and pedophilia and other sexual taboo themes into the mainstream consciousness and make them socially acceptable and blasé to us through repeated exposure. It’s all intentional. Sexualization of mother figures as objects to fuck and MILFs etc is designed to break down already dwindling respect for and boundaries towards women (nothing is sacred) and normalize incest like you said.

No. 1754307

i know right, ffs pushkin was part african

No. 1754334

File: 1674872755717.png (86.07 KB, 926x437, what.png)

making nazi jokes on holocaust remembrance day and then whining about nobody liking "dark comedy"? stay classy, claire

No. 1754341

Oh god. OT but I put it on thinking the title was clickbait and it was just a regular reality dating show (yes I know they’re dumb & trashy, don’t judge my taste nonnas kek) and noped THEE fuck out when they brought out the sons and started making incest “jokes.” So disgusting and off-putting. I feel like I’m turning into an old boomer because I’m legit shocked by what they’ll put on TV nowadays.

No. 1754352

File: 1674873945155.png (201.17 KB, 1076x878, FY6lUrc.png)

No. 1754366

kek she really thinks letting nazis build space colonies is a reasonable option and people upset at her insensitive jokes just don't get her totally galaxy brained different solutions!!11!1!

No. 1754369

File: 1674874660857.png (108.05 KB, 1072x402, DM9Z9pl.png)

she's also replying to elon on twitter again

No. 1754372

She’s such a fucking moron. If she had any sense she’d log off Twitter before she loses her two remaining fans.

No. 1754514

Would it kill her to use proper English and grammar just once?

No. 1754620

File: 1674902519465.jpg (411.22 KB, 2048x1536, clairedeathhand.jpg)

Pic from Lan Dao. That hand lol

No. 1754640


look at her plate. damn Claire, it's okay to eat something

No. 1754644

only one at the table still drinking from a mason jar lol. She's deleting posts rn.

No. 1754653

File: 1674906844430.png (252.81 KB, 904x654, pathetic.png)

Her and Musk are true soulmates, because I've never encountered two people so painfully unfunny, socially awkward, and autistic all at once. Two ugly rich autist peas coping with being deformed, addicted to uppers and unable to connect with pro-social people by embracing ultra-white cultural memes that makes them feel like the one true masterrace in a pod. I have nothing against edgy humor, but if she wanted to get a better reception on a nazi joke, perhaps she should strive to make it funny. I don't expect someone as emotionally underdeveloped and sheltered as her to understand that though; she will always play the victim whenever she gets any backlash, whether it's justified or not.

Isn't it funny that the women who get in relationships with Elon Musk end up talking exactly the same (picrel)? What brave free-thinking spirits he's molding them into! If you primarily frame the world as if it were a game/simulation which you have spawned into, you should be deemed philosophically retarded and banned from ever engaging in those kinds of discussions again. Most of the people talking about "the simulation"/NPC's are just using that highly solipsistic philosophical framework to excuse dehumanizing other out-groups anyway (because all the NPC are, conveniently, feminists, liberals, and every other ideology they disdain and look down on), so to me, it's indicative of someone being quite narcissistic and lacking in empathy (as well as lacking the ability to understand why someone would adopt a position diametrically opposed to yours, automatically deeming them as less than human for doing so instead).

No. 1754682


I was just laughing at Grimes' buddies all desperately trying to prove they're not literal nazis, lmao. Girl, your baby daddy let Nick Fuentes back on the platform because he considers antisemitism free speech. Right at the same time y'all are all friendly again. So you know a few jews. Duh, it's Hollywood. That doesn't change the fact that she says she's "p red pilled these days' on her alt account. Do they think because they haven't formed a lynch mob or alienated the many Jews in their circle who personally benefit them that they are somehow not disgusting bigots all the same? Getting tired of the idea that you have to be Kanye-level hateful before we can call bullshit. Your friends are gross, Claire. Hang tight to them, though, they're all you have left at this point.

No. 1754704

She is not wrong, these people who are whining about a joke like that are humorless woke retards. The problem is she knowingly cultivated an audience of humorless woke retards for years by larping like she was one of them, identifying as a commie anti-imperialist tranny lover. She could've attracted a different type of fanbase if she wanted people who get edgy jokes. It's her own fault

No. 1754725

What are you smoking anon? Even if you “get edgy humor” it’s not even remotely funny, just retarded.

No. 1754742

To you. Humor is subjective

No. 1754775

No. 1754855

??? Anon holocaust jokes aren't funny. There's plenty of edgy joke subjects that actually are. She's too old to think this shit is funny tbh

No. 1754893

File: 1674930823349.jpeg (683.36 KB, 1284x2230, 31A3D5F4-0C5F-40A0-9F48-AFDE20…)

Hate posts getting popular on main gossip subreddits - she's lucky she's not even relevant enough to be cancelled, nothing to cancel about "elon's musk ex gf"

No. 1754918

The point of dark jokes is they have to be funny. Claire has never been funny, once, in her entire life. Any joke she tells is lame and immediately falls flat.

No. 1754920

Is the shabbat dinner being held by Billy Betabux aka the Jew tranny Lan Dao is dating. Kek.

No. 1754924

Is that blood/a cut on her wrist? Wtf. Long sleeves again I notice.

No. 1754926

The challah is almost burnt.

No. 1754928

File: 1674933536982.jpeg (359.9 KB, 1242x969, 125BE433-851E-471A-A08A-C50595…)

Chinese tranny going on another ‘men are better than women’ spiel

No. 1754929

File: 1674933614164.jpeg (405.02 KB, 1242x898, 2BF664E3-B9D5-4532-8D77-61147C…)

>women aren’t allowed to be great because other women hold them back
Oh fuck off. I hope she isn’t trying to refer to herself by that btw.

No. 1754931

>men have higher variance women are more conformist
I’ve literally seen incels spout this exact same evopsych bullshit musing for years. Her entire personality and ‘hot takes’ are literally just 4chan greentexts she plagiarized from incels. Embarrassing.

No. 1754935

File: 1674934249564.jpeg (1.85 MB, 3523x3931, 6C829817-59DC-4CF0-A145-18CAC5…)

Lol all I had to do was type in ‘women conformist nature’ into 4chan archives and found hundreds of posts saying the same thing. Pathetic.

No. 1754940

This is just how ugly pickmes devise to get picked by the insecure losers they orbit. Just start mirroring and parroting a bunch of things incels say and hope they think you’re more ‘based and redpilled’ than other gurlz.

No. 1754942

How are women more conformist than men? Literally every guy I know has the exact same personality and interests as the other guys in his age bracket, you could probably just split male personalities between male nerds and male jocks. Men are the most boring fucking people on earth and they only get more boring as they age.

No. 1754944

File: 1674935096683.jpeg (86.57 KB, 680x536, 80AACA75-9F7C-44CB-9DB3-83B1C2…)

Men convince themselves they are more complex and speshul than women as a form of ego preservation. They’re not. Male emotions are just hungry, horny, angry, simp. They watch movies like The Joker and Taxi Driver and think WOW HE IS LITERALLY ME. Just like every other moid who has watched those movies, ever. They all bootlick authority and latch onto celebrity or fictional or religious daddy figures. They worship ‘alpha males’ like the pack of dogs they are. They think they’re unique for listening to BoC and Radiohead and Aphex Twin. They chimp out and kill each other in wars because deep down they know the world is better off without them. Scrotes are pathetic jokes, and so are the pickmes who dickride them.

No. 1754948

It's true though, women are more susceptible to peer/social pressure and men are more individualistic and care less. It's not about being boring or not boring.

No. 1754951

What does this even mean
Does this retard just make shit up? Who says this? The manosphere?
Men peer pressure each other all the time. What do you think alpha versus beta shit is? Or manosphere rhetoric or making fun of each other for being virgins? Just because males are naturally disagreeable unless being brow beaten by other, stronger males doesn't mean they are le epic individual sigmas. They are a hivemind, they are Icarus- look at porn. Men will create communities as well that revolve around getting each other into weird fetishes. You're on /snow/, pass by the troon thread, and see how males peer pressure each other into troondom. Just because men peer pressure each other into self destruction doesn't mean it isn't peer pressuring.

No. 1754952

>men are more individualistic
>still results in them being clones of each other
Really makes me think

No. 1754954

In this context it means ‘women are inferior to men because women didn’t see the point in slaughtering millions of innocent people in order to reach their schizo utopian ideals that didn’t even work out in the end anyway.’

No. 1754957

This. Men are NPCs.

No. 1754958

Wow, sorry for not chimping out I guess.

Also it’s not women who chastise and bitch out great/strong women. It’s moids who do that.

No. 1754961

EXACTLY. Go on any manosphere, incel or male dominated political board and see how the moids talk. They literally ALL have the exact same opinions despite fancying themselves as edgy controversial rebels.

Look at all the buzzwords and terminology 4chan users utilize to the point their posts are completely interchangeable and could easily have been written by bots.

Look how men from lookism and /pol/ talk. Literally just a giant echo chamber playing the same broken record ad nauseum. Men are a hivemind even when they try to be unique.

No. 1754967

She's a fucking retard and my one wish in this world is for her to lurk here and see me calling her a fucking retard. (already got my twitter banned for calling Elon one)
This is clearly cope for her being bullied by other women for a majority of her life. Men have been the ones stunting women's ability to do ANYTHING since the beginning of time. We were considered literal property for most of history. I guess that was all because other girls were so mean to each other though!

No. 1754973

File: 1674937410065.jpeg (956.59 KB, 3751x4443, 2FEB37D7-4E06-43F1-8686-FAD87D…)

Yup men are definitely not a hivemind!

No. 1754977

>Nearly 2 million results
Why are men so gay? Why do they let this ‘Chad’ guy reside in their heads rent free 24/7 and imagine him having sex all the time?

No. 1754983

By no means trying to defend men but 4ch especially pol has an insane amount of bots, I can bet you most of those are not genuinely user-generated bc bots rely on buzzwords. Like moids are a hivemind indeed this is just not the best example imo.

No. 1754985

File: 1674937959227.jpeg (137.16 KB, 1242x438, 405372D3-F466-4748-8653-2C88E1…)

They need to invent boogeymen to blame all their personal failures on. Chad is the reason they can’t get laid. Feminism is the reason women don’t want to fuck them. Jews are the reason they’re neet losers etc.

No. 1754987

File: 1674938007760.jpeg (128.03 KB, 1242x400, 05807743-DF3B-4A49-A583-052D4A…)

No. 1754989

Nah, incels and poltards just seem like bots because they’re so interchangeable.

No. 1754991

File: 1674938547843.jpeg (117.5 KB, 1170x1025, B01BC9D1-0E99-4140-A8ED-3B460C…)

Porn addicted scrotes are already obsessed with making AI porn. Can’t wait for them to fry their brains entirely and drop out of society completely, hopefully they end up killing themselves en masse once they can no longer attain the dopamine rush.

No. 1755011

Seethe and dilate, what I said is still true

No. 1755030

Shivon talked like this before she met Elon. I think the actual criticism of Shivon is that she has too much empathy and this led to her empathizing with Elon.

No. 1755041

Lol no it’s not. I’ve joined incel discord servers to hear what these retards talk about and it’s full of tards who talk exactly like this irl. Keep capeing for moids dumb tranny.

No. 1755044

Sage your shite, newfag.