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File: 1660514790663.jpg (565.45 KB, 1080x1293, grimespic.jpg)

No. 1616021

Etheral electronic-alternative hipster musician turned imperialist-friendly space bimbo devoted to whiteknighting Elon Musk and making lame TikToks. Billionaire exploiting his workers and enjoying his cringe celebrity phase.

>Born Claire Elise Boucher on March 17, 1988 in Vancouver

>changed her name to c, a letter symbolizing speed of light
>attendend McGill University with plans to double major in neuroscience and Russian; got expelled for skipping classes
>first began posting music in 2007 on Myspace, released music on Arbutus, 4AD, Roc Nation. In 2021 she signed to Columbia Records, cause „she needs money for her music videos” cause „Elon doesn’t give her money” (despite successfully making videos for years)
>got together with Elon Musk because they made the same cringey joke relating to theory of roko basilisk
>has a child with Elon Musk, they named him X AE A-XII Musk. (Who knows how it’s really pronounced, Grimes and Elon have different opinions on that matter)
>used to have „anti-imperialist” written in twitter bio, removed it after her relationship with Musk went public
>apparently current subject of Elon Musk’s bimbofication process, fills her face with botox, as well as getting countless other pricey plastic surgery procedurers, most probably to satisfy her boyfriend; Elon’s ex wives all mentioned he pressured them into dying their hair blond and getting surgeries.
>wrote on Twitter that Elon illegaly preventing employee unionization is „fake news”. Claimed she „investigated this heavily”
>spends most of the time whiteknighting Elon on TikTok
>walking bilboard for Tesla; starred as „cybergirl” in Tesla ad
>made „Visions” under the influence of Adderall (as well as hunger and cold rooms)
>both she and her boyfriend made public appearances visibly high on something
>made a „pro-climate change” album about goddess of climate change, relishing in human extinction, Miss Anthropocene. „My goal is to make climate change fun”
>Poppy drama: collabed with Poppy but resigned from publishing the song most probably after learning about what Poppy and Titanic Sinclair did to Mars Argo; Poppy leaked song nonetheless.
>the infamous Azealia Banks drama: Grimes invited Azealia to work together on some music. Azealia arrived at the mansion, but Grimes was too busy comforting Elon to care for the guest. Grimes left the house with her inconsolable boyfriend and in turn Banks was left alone and lost in their mansion for the rest of the weekend, later she wrote about everything on socials and posted her private conversations with Grimes, stating Elon just wanted Banks for a threesome. For some reason it took Grimes 3 years or so to react with a song „100% Tragedy” telling a story „how Azealia tried to destroy her career”. Saga continues
>various sources suggested other people write music and lyrics for her
>tried hard to make tumblrina DD/LG and gore lover Nicole Dollanganger famous
>claims she loves hentai

Elon Musk:
>CEO of Tesla and SpaceX
>more celebrity than enterpreneur
>both he and his family build their „empires” with questionable methods, to say lightly
>has benefited from Apartheid
>”Will coup whoever he wants!” Bolivia for example. „Deal with it!”
>exploits his workers; makes them work longer than average and underpays them
>uses kids to mine cobalt for his products
>pretends he cares for environment while actively contributing to destroying it
>Tesla workers report he’s an „awful boss who throws fits and treats people abominably”
>all he does in fact is firing people on a whim or throwing tantrums and calling everyone idiots
>posts lame boomer jokes and memes on Twitter, gets legions of devoted fanboys and whiteknights for being „relatable”
>”he only wants to save the world from population collapse! To set a good example!”
>wanted to save people stuck in a cave in Thailand by sending one of his shitty submarine toys to save them; when people got saved successfully without Elon’s stupid ideas, he threw an epic tantrum calling everyone „pedophiles”
>wants to „revolutionize transport”: in fact his car tunnels are useless claustrophobia capsule/guaranteed death, cause if something bad happends, the tunnel is so tight you can’t open doors and there’s no way for an ambulance/fire engine to get in
>he wants to own Mars too
>wants to air adverts in space
>has countless scorned ex-wives (for good reasons) and countless children he just produces as a side hobby and most probably doesn’t give a fuck about
>involved in various celebrity scandals

Since last thread, more or less:
>Elon & Grimes split
>Grimes now dates a trans guy
>Elon dates some new chick
>despite splitting, Elon & Grimes are having a new baby. via surrogate
>Elon dabbles in experiments and animal cruelty now! After placing implants in their brains, all monkeys went autoagressive and died
>Elon sends starlinks to Ukraine, uses the situation to make idiotic jokes and "challenge Putin to a duel"
>Elon bought Twitter
>some more Tesla problems
>Grimes gives playback DJ sets
>Grimes does some music video with Bella Poarch
>the saga of sitting at home stoned and doing nothing besides dressing fairycore continues


Old threads:

Thread #1: >>>/snow/1306047
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1426381

No. 1616023

1st thread OP here, posting new Grimes thread cause i've seen some anons asked. Sorry about worst summary, i genuinely don't remember what's been going on and can't bother to lurk old thread/past celebricows. If someone wants to add quickly what's been going on since thread number 2, feel free to do so.

No. 1616083

File: 1660520502374.png (1.44 MB, 1228x714, xavier elon.png)

>grimes dates a trans guy
jeez nonna.. u could at least say its a TiM (aka Bradley Manning), cuz the majority of people there would think that she's dating a TiF since trans guy means ftm in the troon lingo

>elon bought twitter

not true, elon says its in pending and its a possibility, every week he change his stances on it

Also for elon, one of his sons trooned out recently. Xavier (picrel) wants to be called Vivian now despite his dad's still making memes abt the trannies on twitter kekekek

No. 1616093

File: 1660521026755.png (1.3 MB, 926x974, exa.png)

OP you forgot to add that she had another biological daughter with him via surrogate after they broke up and gave it a stupid name too, albeit slightly less retarded than X-Factor

No. 1616102

File: 1660521459670.png (1.77 MB, 2190x1286, errol.png)

lately Errol (his dad) had sex with his step daughter so the world wont be underpopulated in the future (thank you Errol you saved the humanity !)

No. 1616103

True, sorry! guess i used mental shortcut writing these and didn't even notice. i've just done another thread with long summary before adding Grimes thread, so i'm a little tired and hurried up unnecessarily.

Whoa, how could i forget about his son trooning out! Didn't Xavier announce it right on Elon's birthday? i say it was worth it, just to piss off Elon kek

i wrote about baby, guess i omitted name. so thanks anons for adding up that stuff

No. 1616117

Guess Grimes and Elon just got their babysitters more work to do. taking care after 2 idiotically named babies and one anachan dressing as AI fairie
jfc, his whole family is just as fucked up, right. can't really tell who's the worst of them all because… they all have some dead bodies in their closets. literally and figuratively.

No. 1616206

Xavier/Vivian also petitioned to change their last name so not to be associated with their dad. I'm a fan.

No. 1616312

I don't recognize her anymore

No. 1616327

I fucking hate them. Let girls have childhoods, and autonomy away from men manipulating them.

No. 1616751

is she a themlet? She looks like a boy.

No. 1616803

Yeah I was asking about her. So she is anachan then. Disturbing tbh.

No. 1616871

File: 1660590879036.jpg (60.71 KB, 1200x675, bella.jpg)

Thoughts on her collab with Bella Poarch?

Bella for some reason has always repulsed me, I guess she gives off weird pedo-pandering vibes and I think it's beyond retarded that she built a music career off of lip-synching on tiktok for 5 seconds. Grimes is disgusting for a lot of the same reasons these days but at least she could be considered a legit musician at one point.

No. 1617015

doesnt bella poarch owns an OF ?

No. 1617248

i'm so jealous of grimes' small boobs. i nkow there's rational reasons to hate her too but i have a kneejerk angry reaction to women who just get to live their lives without fucking mommy milkers

No. 1617405

Tell me you're a tranny scrote without telling me you're a tranny scrote. Who else the hell would be this mad about women existing AND use the term "mommy milkers" unironically.

No. 1617406

Bella is annoying and doesn't have talent

No. 1617441

File: 1660634092630.png (188.39 KB, 505x807, Screenshot_20220816-065735_1.p…)

She's a retarded pedo-panderer who was going the belle Delphine gamer girl way then deleted all her past post including her sexualized vanellope cosplay so she can larp as the anime Loli she thinks she is. Went into music because she's not interesting for anything else. Her songs are Melanie Martinez but dark pop and her style is Ariana grande but Asian and the twin ponytails she's trying to make her signature look. Can't wait for her remaining tiktok fame to die off considering she's already losing engagement, I give it two more years when the 'real life animu girl' thing wears off.

No. 1617452

File: 1660635205412.jpg (65.97 KB, 602x1071, BP.jpg)

>I'm older than 12 I swear
Also, her nose looked better before she did whatever she did to it.

No. 1617496

>pedo-panderer who was going the belle Delphine gamer girl with songs like Melanie Martinez
Ah, so i was typing correctly. one look and you can guess what kind of "artist" she is. She's like that other Melanie larper Ashniko, or Jazmin Bean, all same trade. she realistically has maybe 1 song out, nobody knows anything else.
i mean both she and Grimes lack talent and larp as animu gamer gurl uwu so it fits i guess

No. 1617767

Also she's been dick riding Sub Urban into making somewhat good music for ter, without him she would never haver done anything remotely enjoyable. You can hear his signature beats in most of her music and videos. She is also brain dead, I could bearly get through her interview with h3, it's all like sad bating like she deserves to be famous just because she has a shit life and made goofy faces on tiktok, it makes me angry af that we are making people like her famous still, and even more often now.

No. 1617964

Ayrt, yeah since warner records made him her producer she has to keep up that ass kissing if she wants to keep making catchy music (her first two songs were and are known for being catchy not good). Also she does seem to be genuinely slow in the head with no original thought which would explain why she's only had a select few face to face interviews unlike other major and minor tiktokers. Her record label is either afraid of fans seeing her botched real face or they're afriad she'll say something out of script I'm not buying that 'sad past' in her h3h3 interview considering how too many online personalities lie for support and she got a rising sun flag tattoo to spark outrage before releasing her first music.

Reposted because I replied to the wrong anon

No. 1618582

i am just a woman with large boobs who gets mad at it and is online a lot, where the term mommy milkers is used towards your own boobs in a derogatory manner quite often. i think it's troon thinking to assume any tomboy-style speech must be coming from a penis-haver. plus troons love grimes and would never insult or be jealous of her.

No. 1618586

wow she ruined her face. this is a zero fucking makeup selfie? she looks like an asian France Gall

No. 1619094

Touch grass

No. 1619224

It's not a selfie her arm is resting on the couch you just can't see it because it's cropped, but it is from a long time ago.

No. 1619654

ok but my point is that it's zero makeup, she did not need surgery AT ALL

No. 1619670

you have to be 18 to post here

No. 1620107

No. 1620546

Anon you said the exact same thing about her smol tits in an earlier thread, please shut the fuck up, all anorexic women have flat tits…it’s like saying you’re jealous of Tess Holiday’s fat titties. NO woman is jealous of any part of Claire’s stinky rotten body.

Also, any milk on Shivon Zilis? She’s extremely withdrawn from Elons publicity circus. Just think it’s weird that she resembles Claire sooo much yet is actually interesting and intelligent……they even live together in Austin.

No. 1620556

not really? boob size is kind of genetic. if you have a lot of breast tissue you won't be flat even if anorexic. actual big boobs, not on a fat girl, aren't made of fat.

No. 1620617

Tomboy style speech? Mommy milkers?

No. 1620619

File: 1660970577707.png (340.12 KB, 564x745, fatinMYboobsitsmorelikelythank…)

just passing by but
>boobs aren't made of fat

No. 1620700

File: 1660980810750.jpg (120.35 KB, 819x1024, 1397259546623217677.jpg)

Sage for lolz

No. 1620736

she looks like she's looking for her precious here

No. 1620845

>b-but anons, tits on a stick is achtually possible!!
BS, the only "ana" people I've know who still have significant breast tissue don't have a certain low BMI which won't be named.

No. 1620849

no one said ana, Blaine. some girl just said she likes grimes tiny boobs. it's odd but believable. i read weird shit from termially online people on this website all the time.

No. 1620852

see the lobes? there is something called "breast tissue" which is why you will see thin girls with big boobs, and size 10 women with flat chests. they wouldn't make 30DD bras if breast size was 100% dependent on fat.

No. 1620919

File: 1661016138868.png (438.94 KB, 680x639, 81970F6D-6BD7-4B81-AC83-438F0A…)

My beautiful E

No. 1620924

wtf is wrong with straight women

No. 1620937

at least in Grimes' case it's mostly because she's an autistic pickme

elon's ex-wives don't wax poetic about this bloated fish carcass looking scrote

No. 1620942

Holy shit I really thought that was Bo Weep for a second. How uncanny

No. 1620978

$$$$$$$$ talks

No. 1621584

Are you gonna sit here and say thin women on average don't have smaller boobs than fat women? Body fat plays a huge role in how big your boobs are. You are either incredibly retarded or a scrote. Either way, pls stfu.

No. 1621617

i didn't disagree with that, i said it's not 100% dependent on fat. i expressed annoyance at my OWN body, which is small but has large boobs. you're really oversimplifying, lacking reading comprehension, and forcing statements into black-and-white either-ors.

No. 1621643

Ok Boomer

No. 1621646

Nta but she’s right and you’re being pedantic

No. 1621650

imagine saying breasts are made of fat and then calling someone else a scrote KEK

No. 1621653

Is she really that big of a cow if the most controversial topic in her thread is diagrams of breasts.

No. 1621667

File: 1661098803367.jpg (248.91 KB, 1080x1164, Screenshot_20220821_180535.jpg)

Grimes and her "team" are excited about destroying any thread that shows that she isn't an AI Elven musk Doll, and she and Hana alwaaaays lurk on LC, and comment shit like 'uWu I'm anorexic yet still big boobd big ouffff, why is the universe punishing meh'to get low iQ scrotes to discuss anything expect caca voucher

She is such a cow, she ALWAYS edits her nose smaller and then says it's someone else that responsible for it. Like girl, you compare your nose to Rihanna?
Her anime princess obsession clearly shows that she's obsessed with smol noses, fuck, Elon musk is obsessed with conventional beauty she naturally has to obey to him.

No. 1621682

Respectfully, grimes doesn’t have to do anything. The autism on lolcow alone will destroy this thread just fine without any help from them.

No. 1621694

major tinfoil kek

No. 1621697

Nonnie please take your meds, it's important

No. 1621699

File: 1661101689597.jpg (80.81 KB, 640x360, tg.jpg)

>comparing herself/her nose to Rihanna

No. 1621711

First 2 threads were fine. it's just this one got ruined with idiots bitching about size of their tits.
True. Can't people just shut up in times when there's no milk atm? We don't give a fuck what you guys think of breasts.

No. 1621715

Agree though on her editing her nose smaller. big kek at he trying to say it's evil photographers! uwu
She had her nose edited smaller on her own promotional photos, which she had seen and approved. she never cried about her nose made smaller then

No. 1621716

I don't get why she keeps bringing up her nose. Either get a nose job or don't, don't posture that it's somehow morally superior to declare that you won't lol

No. 1621718

severely insecure about it and cant stop talking about it

No. 1621730

Quick question, was there any proof that she wasn't live mixing at this EDM thing
Anons said so but she claimed she was 100% live mixing, this can be easily proven right there were way to many cameras

No. 1621739

her nose isn´t even that big/flat, especially compared to Rih but grimes really should stop with the keta, she looks fugly kek

No. 1621743

What is Keta? I can't find It in Google.

No. 1621750



No. 1621757

Thank You! And yes, She SHOULD stop doing Ketamine. She has 2 children now!

No. 1621767

did you repost cause you wrote god damn? kek bless you god fearing nonnie

No. 1621780

haha please don't laugh I didn't want other posters to think I was being rude to the children!

No. 1621826

She edited her own pics and used filters well before musk was in the picture. She's probably posting this now because people are pointing it out and she's getting insecure.

Her lurking in online spaces where there isn't an army of fans defending her is not a tinfoil, people have caught her wking herself in the past because she's not clever at all with integrating. She's done that for ages and still does because the one constant thing she has always had is free time.

No. 1621860

I agree that's a possibility. i remember there were fantastically stupid whiteknights in previous threads, who called her wonderful artists and would get angry when people pointed out she did playback, and then there was that other whiteknight who said they like Elon, ignored all the proofs of what he did wrong and said they feel sorry for poor Elon uwu because he was ~boolied in da past~ boohoo. makes one wonder.

No. 1621938

Just had the loudest ugliest laugh ever, what is going on here ?

No. 1622127

looks like grimes put that reflective foundation stuff over her entire face

No. 1622169

I feel like you guys are just exaggerating to have something to talk about tbh. I’m not a grimes stan and I think she’s a moron for several reasons but it’s obvious that in the spotlight she is constantly told to change her nose and people constantly talk about how huge it is. She doesn’t think she’s “superior” for just straight up saying she isn’t going to fuck with it, just like she wasn’t comparing herself to Rihanna in any way, just saying she thinks she’s one of the most beautiful women—which she is. What a sad reach.

No. 1622251

I have a fondness for her 'uglyness'. It's more the industry plant thing that rubs me the wrong way. Even in the internet age these sort of people take the spotlight from genuine indipendent talent

No. 1622374

Shivon Zilis or whatever her name is gives me gay vibes idk

No. 1622385

They do have similar noses but yeah that "makeup" grimes put on here really makes them look like chalk and cheese.

No. 1622387

File: 1661176147758.jpeg (167.53 KB, 800x1200, 634D35A6-F2A5-4A2A-B8A4-41BC4C…)

I feel like after Elon got with the Elvis actress (pic) and had pictures with her all over the web, grimes went full nuts. Posting cringe tweets as usual but being compared to an actual beautiful woman must be extremely hard for her, from all of Elons Ex’s, grimes still remains the utterly ugliest, noting special about her besides her ability to grow a moustache

No. 1622449

hard agree. also grimes grew up rich, popular, and in canada. i went to university there and the attractiveness&makeup standards are totally different than in the USA even though they're next to each other. I don't think grimes feels ugly/bad about her face at all. just insane about staying skinny, but it sounds like she's been anorexic since high school.

No. 1622451

why do i like that dress so much

No. 1622603

Elon really has a type

No. 1622722

Didn’t they just have Exa? And they’re already ripping more of C’s eggs out to shove into some fertile 16 year old from a 3rd world country? Fucking embarrassing

No. 1622729

breasts are a combination of fat and BREAST tissue.

No. 1622762

Which is? I barely see any connection between her/Amber/Grimes/that Shivon person except skinny I guess

No. 1622775

soft facial features, pale, brown hair that he can force them to lighten because hE iS tHe aLpHa

No. 1622778

surrogacy is seriously monstrous. i know it's OT but its a fucking horror movie practice and a human rights violation. i don't see how anyone could think otherwise unless it's like, a multimillionaire asking her sister who is also a multimillionaire to do it.

No. 1622787

How are makeup standards? I’m in Vancouver, and every girl wears tons of layers

No. 1622819

Well I've never been there, but In toronto or Montreal area, and all of ontario, women aren't judged for wearing little or no makeup, and there are styles of clothing that get called "boyish" or "butch" in America that are considered totally girly up there. And girls tell a lot of stories about getting blackout drunk at a party that DON'T end with being raped. I would hear a lot of party stories that had good endings compared to what I heard from campuses at home. The moids are i guess a level or two down in terms of scariness compared to here? And things just feel a bit more relaxed for women when it comes to appearance. Do the girls wearing tons of layers of instagram makeup shit on ones who don't, in vancouver? I'm Claire's age, and in Toronto or Montreal girls in one friend group could all have really different levels of makeup and gym habits.

No. 1622829

you guys sound so jelly yourselves lol
Grimes looks fine. and she has money. the issue here is more with her trying to pass for a fucking 15-year-old. the shit

No. 1623001

This will get us both in trouble but I actually agree with you! I actually am from Canada and >>1622449
Is basically right. I never heard any comments about Grimes' face until coming across this thread. Overall the standards on this website are new to me

No. 1623091

there’s something seriously eerie and creepy about the way celebs and rich people are using surrogacy nowadays. i also get like recommended youtube shorts and tik toks from pregnant surrogate women promoting this shit and that freaks me the fuck out.

No. 1623093

Yeah fr don’t care who wants to rally people against her looks like it matters lol, I agree and always thought she was beautiful who cares. She’s weird af and more people were interested in weird art girls because of her.

I think someone somewhere mentioned the site owner or idk someone was from the same area as Grimes and hated her, and she used to be mentioned in the celeb thread and maybe a couple dedicated haters would try to rally. It’s really, really pathetic. Her personality can def be on one so there’s actual material there lol, her appearance is fine unless someone is jealous of it and wants to warp everyone else’s perception to be as hateful. Usually it’s men who work like that tho.

No. 1623105

I don't think it's the site owner; I remember those posts too. It was some girl whose friends were in Grimes entourage or something and was glad that people weren't worshipping her farts anymore. I'll try to find it in the previous threads; it was when someone posted receipts that Grimes doesn't really know production and then Montreal-chan showed up like "FINALLY". But yeah, none of this had anything to do with her appearance and the little crew of anons really angry about her looks are weird IMO.

No. 1623289

they have broken up

No. 1623435

I still have this weird feeling that grimes and musk have another batch w/twins via surrogacy on the way, she talked about wanting more kids, and Elon wouldn’t hesitate to gather more ivf babies for combat battles on mars

No. 1623739

File: 1661292487519.jpeg (162.1 KB, 1282x661, FFC7E949-FA54-4102-966F-683AE7…)

>gets in a relationship with the richest man on earth after larping as a socialist her entire career for fame
>they have the most obnoxiously public autistic relationship of all time
>name their kids like literal machines furthering the media attention
>baby daddy might be one of the most dangerous powerful humans alive with the most influence/resources
>"oh no! why are people trying to doxx me and my children?"

seriously Claire? did you think that having not one but two children with the richest man on earth was gonna grant you a life of peace, quiet and privacy?

with you as the biggest class traitor in history and your ex as a literal criminal and one of the if not the biggest living threat to humanity, is no surprise the media is after you. and i'm not saying it's okay, trust me, despite all those resources i feel sorry for those kids - there are traumas money can't cure. but Claire acting surprised? gosh. autistic.

and if it is that serious - maybe get a lawyer instead of tweeting like a 14 year old? she's just so immature.

No. 1623757

she can't abandon "The Mission" which she thinks is her and her autistic Silicon Valley clique colonizing Mars, but that narrative is merely a front for the real mission; Elon Musk impregnating as many women as possible because of his psychopathic narcissism and belief in the Great Replacement Theory

No. 1623759

samefag; so yes, I wouldn't be even a tiny bit surprised if he manipulated her deteriorating, traumatized brain into believing some kind of quasi-magical narrative about why she should keep having his children for the future of humanity or whatever. she's already had two of his children, so she's never going to confront the fact that he's a psychopath who never cared about her

No. 1623792

stop making Grimes a victim, she isn't one. She is a rich aristocrat from a rich family that purposely chose this life style and she is hungry after power and money just like her rich parents. She chose Ellon Musk because it.makes her feel Powerful and special she is dating the most powerful man in the world and the richest

No. 1623817

I thought Elon broke up with her for someone else kek, I don’t think he’ll ever claim her again as his waifu gf, he moved on while she’s completely obedient to him
Desperately waiting for milk on their cringe "relationship" I just know there’s more

No. 1623845

why did she even go on a date with him in the first place? she had to have known her sincere fans were all the kind of people who would have to performatively disavow her for dating him

No. 1623957


It's not serious, she's just seeking attention as usual. Her baby daddy must be ignoring her calls since she had to remind everyone she has TWO whole designer sperm pets that she somehow can't hire security for. Maybe quit being such a cool girl and get some child support retard

No. 1623979


you are so fucking right. i didn't want to be too harsh considering two literal babies are on the picture but you are so right - this is not about them, never was.

It's just Claire wanting to humble brag once again that she had, just like you said, not only One but Two! babies with Elon Tesla Musk.

I thought after the news about cheating came out she was going to have some, at least a little bit of self love and drop all the white knighting after being so publicly humiliated.

But no, it looks like a fucking humiliation kink, she loves reminding us all that she's still his dumb little cock sleeve who he absolutely doesn't respect in the slightest. It's mortifying truly. I don't know how much lower it can get for her at this point.

No. 1624028

File: 1661318666187.png (125.43 KB, 1521x608, elontabloid.png)


that happened though, Musk went and had twins with his executive from Neuralink literally like two weeks before Claire's daughter was born

but they weren't clear on if this was a planned surrogacy with Grimes or if the sloppy fuck was just sticking his dick in everything cause I don't think Grimes knew


No. 1624030

same anon, I didn't see what >>1623979 said before I posted that article, but yeah

No. 1624031


he cheated on her. that's why grimes has been more autistic attention seeking whore posting online than ever before. also why she hasn't released music despite saying she would in early spring.

No. 1624034

At this point you can be assured every tweet she makes, she writes purely with the intent of Elon reading it. This one is supposed to inspire him to reach out and say "ohhh no bby what happened???". Even the plastic surgery appt one, he gave her a nonchalant reply and she probably did a happy dance at that alone.

No. 1624046

Really with that verbiage anon? There are ways to insult and critique without mimicking a reddit virgin with a rage boner. Gross.

No. 1624243

internet libfems would accuse you of "tone policing" here
but honestly nitpicking some 21 year olds word choice on lolcow isn't the subject of this thread - elon and grimes are.

No. 1624245

they keep saying executive like working in a corporate position at one of his companies requires anything more than "elon thinks you're hot"

No. 1624283

nah, she’s a legit machine learning person with a Yale degree, don’t be scrotey
also, she and Grahmzzz could be sisters, they both look like frogs in wigs

No. 1624341

burgers make me laugh so much. you guys are so obsessed with something you did when you were 21 and don't even notice that no other countries will hire people with your shit-smeared toilet paper of a degree

No. 1624357

If Shivon is so intelligent, why did she have kids with Elon?
That doesn’t make any sense, sure she is a smart woman but idk having twins with a man she’s not even dating that is known for being extremely cheap, and on top of that has multiple kids with different women seems kinda pickme

No. 1624368

File: 1661358008855.jpeg (580.93 KB, 2732x1948, 54E192B2-5594-4809-BCFE-180506…)

No. 1624545

who are these supposed to be and who did they get picked by ?

No. 1624555

Women Elon had babies with

No. 1624585

Not the Tesla choker kek

No. 1624680

>no other countries will hire people with US degrees
kek, nothing could be further from the truth, but go off

No. 1624718

>but go off
the universal phrase for "i am incorrect or extremely misleading" kek

No. 1624720

she looks like the star of Dans Ma Peau except without any talent

No. 1625197

File: 1661418037938.jpg (471.82 KB, 971x2028, Screenshot_20220825-050100_Sam…)

Wow he asked for honest feedback n now look…lol

No. 1625602

File: 1661454074077.jpg (1.18 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-08-25_20-51-00-995.…)

I recently figured that Elon Musk has a younger brother named Kimbal and holy shit, Elon really lost the genetic lottery, he looks so homely next to him it's astonishing, even now that they're older Elon looks like a - 2 next to him

No. 1625608

Isn't their mom some ex-model? Hilarious that Elon didn't get a single attractive gene, just autism.

Allegedly Kimbal was also the favorite growing up lmao

No. 1625672

it makes sense, you can just feel the autism radiating off of elon. brother looks normal

No. 1626006

i don't get why he's considered to be autistic. autists take negative feedback. non-autists don't understand that you can straight up explain to them what they did wrong and give them instructions on what to do instead. they won't stop doing the weird thing unless literally told in words that people don't like it.
elon seems more like a narcissist. he fakes an emotion different from the one he's actually feeling so he can use people, and believes that everyone else is doing that all the time too.>>1625197

No. 1626012

He's the autism sociopath crossover no one asked for.

No. 1626059

For any nonnies who haven't seen this, I highly recommend it.
>Elon's father, Errol, talks about Kimbal in a way that seems to suggest that he's daddy's favorite, "he's my pride and joy"
>the hosts jokingly imply Kimbal is an under-achiever compared to Elon and Errol seems annoyed at the comparison
>Errol goes on and on about how the family was successful bEfoRe eLoN wAs
>Errol talks about fucking his stepdaughter, says he helped take in her 8 year old child, became friends (?) and then a romance was struck up. stresses that it was totally normal to do so
>Errol is asked by hosts IS ELON CIRCUMCISED? Errol says 'no, no I don't think so, isn't that a jewish thing?'

tldr: Kimbal is daddy's favorite, Errol had a friends to lovers arc with his stepkid, & Elon has an uncut dick

No. 1626086

Holy shit this is so fucking funny, I really should have guessed.

No. 1626321

File: 1661526418606.jpeg (240.56 KB, 1080x720, A6BB91F7-A480-4EE7-95AE-2CA439…)

Of course he favours the son who isn’t autistic, better looking and taller. Kimbal seems low-key and aligns perfectly well with their old money beliefs. He married a Wyly.

But I don’t think there’s any sibling rivalry since Elon is obviously his moms fav

Also, the Musk family is very wealthy and conservative, I simply cannot fathom how cringe it must’ve been for Elons Family to welcome a drugged hobosexual cosplay womanchild Popstar with horrible tattoos to their gatherings. Claire is notoriously unkempt, bad dressed and lacks basic speaking skills to say the least. I hope Elons dad will spill more tea kek
Pic of grimes attending Kimbals wedding, just for lulz

No. 1626476

i mean…isn't america the only country that randomly thinks baby dick surgery matters at all? or do they just do it because hospitals want to earn every penny they can

No. 1626534

File: 1661539321676.jpeg (265.65 KB, 750x612, 4776B99C-8F4E-4F1D-A9A0-260B8D…)

She liked this on Twitter, I almost feel sorry for her
KEK why did they even ask this? Def an american thing and yes, it is only to make money

No. 1626598

muslims get circumcised as well, wdym

No. 1626632

It’s a religious thing for Muslims and Jews but it’s so normalized in America because it’s a lucrative business, for hospitals and the cosmetic industry. I’m not a burger but I have only ever heard discussions about cut and uncut from americans, they are weirdly obsessed with it, hence this strange q in the interview

No. 1626986

in the video, when Errol gets asked about Elon being circumcised the Australian host actually makes a revolting a joke about how “Australian women always want to know!”

that being said, as a burger I can confirm that it seems common for a non-jewish non-muslim man to be circumcised in the US

No. 1627179

You weren’t able to find it because not a soul calls it keta.

No. 1627740

No. 1628194


looking at pictures like this i just can't help but wonder why on earth elon dated grimes of all people…

look, i've been here for a minute. i know the basics, he gives off the most pedo vibes and she must be one of the most loli/anachan actual 'celeb/artist' out there. i get that.

but really? she went dressed like that to a wedding? he looks more feminine than she does, and i guess there's nothing wrong with that it's just unbelievable for someone who prides himself on being red/men's rights/trad pilled. what about any of that reflects on having grimes as a partner?

maybe it's the fact that she might be one of the only women in her mid 30s who is still severely anorexic and looks 16 (like i mentioned before), and the fact that she's even more autistic than he is - which is a whole achievement on itself. like fuck that's rare, so plus considering her daddy issues, maybe he found himself the perfect little retarded grooming victim? worshipper? who knows, but i would be lying if i said this doesn't have me thinking from time to time.

it's so funny because he is known for making fun of women with body hair prior to Claire and then proceeds to date someone who is literally fucking known for not showering or shaving, smelling bad, just overall being unhygienic, messy and a wreck - plus being "masculine", in the past though - there's nothing 'genderless vampire' (kill v main video fyi) about 2022 grimes. if bimbofication was the goal he must be so extremely proud of himself, i must admit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1628219

>Grimes looks more masculine than Elon, she doesn't even shave!
back to twitter you go

No. 1628279

we do in non-english speaking europe actually

No. 1628392

can we stopppp the boring "omg becky she's so UGLY" shit and shit on these pieces of shit for being the douchebags they are

No. 1628582

>i’ve been here for a minute
>doesn’t sage deranged twitter rant

No. 1629038

Can't believe it too so long to diagnose him. That photo and his computer ability test results should have been enough.

No. 1629154

Yep his car software is shit and so is he. Scrote that thinks he's the GOAT. Lol.

No. 1630221

Lol Kimbal is not low-key. He’s been caught up in very shady things but he’s not famous like Elon so it isn’t in your face. He has multiple kids with multiple baby mamas just like Elon. Epstein provided him girlfriends just like he did with Elon. He may be married to a Wyly but she was previously married to musician Skin who is a black woman. He’s constantly strung out on whatever substances. He has cartel ties. He fucked over most of his employees and committed fraud during the pandemic; wife faked a neck injury when people started calling them out for it. Those posts are now deleted. The list is never ending. The whole Musk family is a mess.

No. 1631116

I know this is only tangentially related but I tried reading Tallulah's novel recently and it was so so bad. I even went into it knowing it was basically AU Gone with the Wind fanfiction and was still disappointed. Her writing style is so terrible and I honestly believe that she purposely put one "difficult" word in every 2 pages to make her seem smarter than she is. I only got about 1/4 of the way through before I gave up. I tried to sell it on book selling apps none of them would accept it kek

Her Scottish movie that she wrote and directed about pearls or something was also terrible. Elon seems to have a thing for dumb women from privileged backgrounds who fall upwards.

No. 1633941

>He may be married to a Wyly but she was previously married to musician Skin who is a black woman.
Why does this matter, though? Kek

No. 1633988

how were you daring a billionaire and having a child with him and you had to ask for funds to record your album? what a pick me, he wasn't even helping her financially

No. 1634100

Difference is that Talulah actually got a check twice from her marriage with Musky, she played her cards right, that alone makes her smarter than Claire

No. 1634152

File: 1662172641625.jpeg (877.75 KB, 2214x1723, 1E9573B4-88C2-45B8-8483-4717ED…)

I 100% agree with you, he seems more like a narcissist that simply wishes to be considered an autist since he links it with being a gEniUs. He just looks retarded, his sister is also ugly as hell, like him.

I know old milk, but his ex "gf" Natasha posted a pic right after their breakup, and wrote red flags of a narcissist, idk seemed like a shot at Elon

No. 1635686


Where did she WK herself and how was she caught?
I also get this impression that she's very insecure and with lots of free time in her hands

No. 1637009

Does Elon Musk have any "regular biologic" child or is everything IVF and surrogates?

No. 1638506

Can we finally start discussing the obvious, that Claire is also larping as an autist?
She’s tweaking 24/7 and hardly ever eats, why is it so hard to believe that she just has severe brain damage from all the drugs she takes and is extremely insecure about her slow ass brain.
There’s a higher chance she’s a narcissist given how manipulative and controlling she is.

No. 1642286

She was LARPing as a slav too when she is just Claire from Vancouver or wherever..

No. 1643038

What's up with their second (surrogate) kid Dark Israel Sigma or whatever's the name? Who is taking care of that baby? Grimes, Elon's slaves/servants, surrogate? The same unfortunate (prob underpaid) nanny that substitutes mother for XAXEE MCMXCVII? if Dark Israel was sitting with nannies at Grimes' depressing pink neon-lit drug den, then Grimes would be probably already shoving the kid on tiktok and dressing as celtic fairy and such. That's weird, it feels like the press announced Grimes & Elon had another baby, and then they both forgot about it. just like that. like they made another IKEA purchase, or made another randomized species pet in Tamagotchi.

No. 1643361

Exa Dark Sidereal…
And the kid is a Sidereel all right…

Ignored and prolly crying a lot…

Poor kid

No. 1644098

File: 1662773412418.jpeg (127.19 KB, 1098x947, 249E719F-B081-4817-84EA-C01907…)

Here we go again, now that her elven cosplay phase is over(thank you Elon) we shall welcome a new cycle of cringe otherkin content, but unfortunately fillerless Claire can’t be a spaceship….for now

No. 1645223

a whole ass tweet announcing that her old persona is dead… how embarassing. this is a grown woman with two children. grow up bitch

No. 1646578

File: 1663021096724.jpeg (268.4 KB, 1125x1758, 6D83E267-17F8-490D-8FEE-CD150E…)

Who’s S? And she deleted this and reposted it with just a musical emoji

No. 1646581

File: 1663021155355.jpeg (526.4 KB, 1125x1841, 2E1EF0E3-1963-41D8-8947-69109D…)

Proof of delete

No. 1646584

File: 1663021230050.jpeg (185.28 KB, 1002x1846, 7A366A89-A149-4CD2-A312-E31A0C…)

Whole text photo

No. 1647202

Why do drug addicts always write cringe ass poems and post them online? Is this an universal thing?

But I’m extremely interested in her daughter <Extra dark cider beer>, it makes no sense that she hides her from the public, when their son is literally an paparazzi/media accessory for them.
Perhaps her daughter could’ve inherited her fugly fathers features, big jaw, small eyes and short neck etc. and she just don’t want haters to know

No. 1647214

S as in Shivon? or her daughter/the press ~doxxing~ her? According to that Vogue China video she is calling her daughter "Puck" for now, I literally cannot imagine how emotionally damaged her kids are going to grow up to be, absent father and a strung out distant mom

No. 1647273

What the Puck?

No. 1647389

how much you wanna bet this is a reference to the fairy/elf thing in berserk.

No. 1647458

File: 1663119944913.jpg (143.07 KB, 1040x626, SmartSelect_20220913-214552_Sa…)

Picrel and sage for Tinfoil but the baby could have FAS and they wanna hide it..

Look at the bottle refs

No. 1648068

Highly doubt it, but this poor baby was 9 months in some random polish surrogate, just to be shipped to Austin and get raised by a Hispanic nanny while Claire sits on her laptop, and begs unwashed Twitter zoomers to uncancel her and Elon

The REAL reason why she hides her daughter is the very same reason Amber Heard hides hers. Elon never really wanted any daughters and only connects to his sons, obviously grimes is very devoted to him and therefore she favours her son naturally. Her daughter is just a gimmick for Elon, he simply don’t care.

No. 1648154

Not unless the surrogate drank very heavily to deal w Elon demands or purposely did something to her to piss off elon.. you never wanna piss off a Polish lady!

No. 1648634

> in some random polish surrogate
No. I refuse to believe some Polish chick would degrade herself to be Elon's kid incubator. Don't do Polish ladies like this.
i think if Grimeth wanted a slavcore surrogate, she'd go for ~Russian tradwife nymph~

No. 1650225

File: 1663568748250.jpg (598.57 KB, 1080x2033, SmartSelect_20220916-213226_Sa…)

Elon needs to stop making babies with weirdos and fix his tech issues

No. 1650255

File: 1663572394010.png (1.03 MB, 1186x1252, 2091952439.png)

No. 1650260

wtf am I looking at?

No. 1650269


Threading and fillers by the looks of it

No. 1650271

She is botching herself jfc get a grip

No. 1650275

some people also said elf ears but that might be wishful thinking

No. 1650289


I think she did get the elf ears. A common body mod since BME days but watch her pretend that it’s the most radical never before done shit ever.

No. 1650315

And Elon still won’t be picking her

No. 1650317

>elf ears
Where does this meme come from? It's only recently become popular

No. 1650332

And that tweet above about elven etherealism being out…

And she does it even harder…

Wtf is she anymore lol

No. 1650388

she's tweeted before asking what body mod she should get next saying she'd already decided on the elf ears

No. 1650396

anorexic insecure women just hate their daughters because they're jealous of anyone younger or smaller than them. which is an ok emotion to have, but you don't direct it at your CHILD or hold resentment towards your FUCKING BABY because it was born later than you were.

No. 1650397

no way, it's fake. she's done a prosthetics thing and is gonna be all "lol i troll u"

No. 1650519

Yeah the excessive tape pulling back her face in the photo doesn’t really make sense with any actual procedure, there is no incision or scarring. It looks like the bandaging is what’s pulling her face back, and the purple on her eyes is clearly eyeshadow and not bruising.

No. 1650564

ayrt kek i was just like "why would she wear makeup after surgery", i see now it's supposed to look like bruising. even sadder.

No. 1650578

File: 1663602276735.png (502.39 KB, 555x677, pick me elon.png)

nobody commented on this yet but… that looks like a bite mark on her neck lol, i've had a fair few in my day and it 100% looks like one

she is trying so fucking hard to be picked by him. referencing the 'joke' that got the two autists together to begin with, vagueposting about a 'crazy surgery' when Elon specifically tried to talk her out of the elf surgery… sis needs to love herself fr

No. 1650679

looks like she got a facelift and more fillers in her lips. women who get facelift were those bandage thingies shes wearing.

No. 1650733

I had a temporal lift and chin lipo and had to wear something similar… but I definitely didn’t look that clean, glamorous or unbruised afterwards. It seems staged?

No. 1650734

my tinfoil is that x is elon's baby to do whatever with, & claire's keeping her daughter to impose her own narc will on. like x is the one elon parades around as his heir. before x was born claire was saying she'd never post him or reveal his gender before he was old enough to choose fame for himself, but elon went and tweeted his face out, confirmed name, gender & everything literally seconds after x was born. grimes seems to be raising her daughter the way she'd planned x to be raised. & it makes sense elon would want nothing to do with her, because elon blatantly doesn't want daughters.

No. 1650739

she def got injections, maybe a face lift but probably not much else

No. 1650820

File: 1663616881704.png (208.66 KB, 550x224, Untitled.png)

looking at the neck bruising, and the bandaging, she def got neck lipo while she was at it. probably will say she only got her ears done

pic related, from a plastic surgery subreddit. wont be as dramatic of course

No. 1650827

its not elf ears, she has bandaged pressing against her ears

No. 1650828

fatty(unsaged shitpost)

No. 1650836

personally i think elon is a raging misogynist and only gives half a fuck about his male children, so he's effectively left his daughter behind whilst giving X much more attention and whatever weird version of love he gives.

No. 1650875

Definitely has to be lmao. She's so detached from reality, like this isn't even like an autistic detachment, she's just retarded. Her using her children as extensions of herself, the whole "cutesy" presentation of herself, etc. There's no other word to use other than cringe.

No. 1650890

She's so jaundiced acute might be her next residence… she's getting more and more ACUTE by the day…

No. 1650930

Rattle on soldier

No. 1651028

I know this bitch isn't trying to pass off that purple eyeshadow on her outer lids as bruising. This looks so staged af that I'm ready to nitpick the floor.

No. 1651084

Her pickmeism is chronic. Elon has a very specific type. She's the outlier in the women he has dated since college. All the other women could be related they look so similar lol she can't grasp that she was a failed beauty project for him.

No. 1651198

Fucking actually horrifying. She said she didn’t want her lisp corrected but somehow she’s on the plastic surgery train now? This has to be all Elon

No. 1651432

wow she's so proud of that one shitty pun about a concept that is used by social media addicts to signal a surface-level understanding of computers

No. 1651433


No. 1651462

That's the way of the pickme… surface level understanding of whatever gets them scroties….. ready to glare and any other ethots do this too…

No. 1651505

She just wants to milk his attention. He’s the player of games, the player of games.

No. 1651534

fix your potato nose already

No. 1651617

unrelated to current discussion but Grimeth went and shut down her official Discord server after all that shilling she did for them, and pushed all the users there to the Grimescord from Reddit.

like what was even the point of all of that then

No. 1651799

I honestly thought this was Trisha paytas lmao

No. 1651875

I'm guessing fox eyes

No. 1651884

File: 1663692776210.png (522.22 KB, 757x782, grimesdaughter.png)

she posted her daughter two days ago, probably coincidentally but it feels like she lurked and reacted kek

No. 1651891

I have to say it would be pretty based if she got the elf ears she wanted, since Elon was whining about the cons outweighing the pros when she first posted about it

No. 1651932

plastic surgery is never “based” lmao especially not something as dumb and complication prone as elf ears.

No. 1651947

ok grimes kek

No. 1651978

File: 1663698539447.jpeg (757.97 KB, 2730x2048, 30071CDC-4600-471F-AC54-7E1BB2…)

She obviously lurks on every single thread about her and Elon, because she’s not ready to accept the fact that he dumped her for someone younger and prettier.

At this point I argue that Elon is done with her for good, and she’s slowly realizing that her music career ended with their relationship.
This is all promo for her upcoming Album.

she desperately clings to her youth because that’s all she has…especially as an Artist ..clair hates aging because the only old woman Elon likes is his beloved mummsy

No. 1651985

that edit of elon on stan's face is creeping me out

No. 1651993

Duh, she’s super busy with being Elon Musks human toilet after all, also stalking him and his interest is a full-time job.
Do you think larping as a neuroscientist/ genius producer/ history nerd is easy? It takes up hours on Twitter silly anon.
And most importantly, who’s gonna send Elon cringe 2013 memes?

No. 1651996

Tank you took me sum while

No. 1652001

Well if that was your intention, you did a great job

No. 1652053

her mods were probably grooming kids, as tranny jannies do. supposedly the 100gecs cord had the same issue

No. 1652054

mutilating yourself to own daddy!

No. 1652073

kek, ofc she's lurking here. I refuse to believe that "Elon did nothing wrong" and "b-but Elon was bullied at schoooool" whiteknight from 2nd thread was anyone else than Claire

No. 1652408

>i haft to shay it'd be prhetty bashed if she got teh elf earsh she wanted

No. 1652760

Ugh you're probably right on 4chan's music board there were incels who made dedicated threads almost daily

No. 1652856

Not really, because they are notorious for complications and the cartillage is essentially pinned up into a sharp end artificially. This is devastating for someone who's expected to wear headphones most of the time. Don't know why she did it if she did.

No. 1653177

File: 1663767648684.jpeg (78.62 KB, 828x401, 1C4733E2-A80B-48C7-8BF6-F750BD…)

Can u retards stop with the idea that she got the elf ears, she clearly has not done them yet. Her ears are bandaged to her face that alone indicates that it’s just a face lift with possible fat grafting.
It’s just -crAazyyY- because Claire Elise is a fucking boring ass millennial woman with extreme jowls.

Also, hi grimes pls next pic of your hardcore techno daughter with her younger half brothers from the other ~cool science girl concubine~ ahah so cooul and diffrnt

No. 1654472

File: 1663865581537.jpeg (448.51 KB, 1524x1546, 900DDD28-974F-4B04-B610-398E71…)

Does anyone genuinely knows where Claire lives in Austin? Like does she lives there alone with her kids? Some said she lives near Lake Austin…

There were some court documents between Shivon and Elon that showed that they both share an address/house also in Austin. Makes me think that Elon is building a tiny village of single mothers where he can visit all his sons at once.
Sibling rivalry at its finest

No. 1654784

based francine my queen would have put her foot down by now

No. 1654787

she didn't do shit, it's a prosthetics larp for her next cringeass tryhard "era"

No. 1654794

why does it feel like she just mailordered a new xyz dark israel model kid just for her aesthetic tradelfwife pics
Her kids, once they get over being neglected by their own mother, sorry, Claire, will treat her like a moron minded older sister

No. 1654973

File: 1663900189116.jpg (520.47 KB, 1440x2326, Screenshot_20220922-212614_Fir…)

No. 1654990

Of course he has troon kids

No. 1654991

Rich af and still dressing like he shops at target. How male of him

No. 1655132

This guy is an obvious AGP, ugly slob tranny

No. 1655221

It's insane that these women have agreed to being the incubators of a malignant narcissist whose father groomed and impregnated his step-daughter. I understand the economic aspect of it, but to willingly choose to be involved with an autistic psychopath for at least 18 years who WILL neglect your children when you can have a stable marriage and family with a decent tech guy who makes significantly less (which is still quite a lot) blows my mind. Yes, money is immensely important to survive, but it's not everything, and it doesn't make up for the pain having two insane parents; an uninvolved, socially retarded, empathy-deficient autistic psychopath for a father, and a delusional doormat for a mother. That's the kind of dynamic that gives rise to men like Andrew Tate, the man who's erected a thousand narcissistic defense mechanisms to convince others that he's a top G and not just a bald, abusive loser like his equally worthless and psychopathic addict loser father.

No. 1655341

Grimes and Musk's relationship is a mess. She has said her plan is to have "at least 3 or 4 kids" with Musk, I'm assuming their future kids will also be born via surrogacy. She talks about how hard pregnancy has been for her and also says she doesn't "identify with the word mother and would rather be called Claire by her kids".

They announced their breakup in September 2021. Shivon Zilis gave birth to twins in November 2021. The surrogate gave birth to Exa in December 2021. Musk was involved with Natasha Bassett and probably multiple other women that we don't know about, while Grimes keeps being a pickme and calling him the love of her life. She claims that he doesn't fund her career. How does she rationalize wanting more kids with him?

Supposedly she was living with Bradley Manning in Austin. Cringy journalists reported it like "They U-Hauled it and they're getting serious", but they broke up in a few months. I always suspected their relationship was just faked for publicity though. When Glenn Greenwald asked Manning to send back the $10.000 he gave him in prison because "he's thriving financially now that he's dating Grimes", but Manning responded saying he doesn't have "$10.000 to give right now" and he's terrified of Greenwald. Someone is lying.

No. 1655389

I’d actually love it if she has more bastards with Elon, that’s her Karma I guess.
Elon is openly cheap as fuck, he pays for nothing at all, I claim that Claire is paying a lot for him tho, NLOG pickmes always do that

She has to literally gaslight her son into loving rockets and space, because she fears her son won’t be the fav for too long, she’s literally creating a circus animal that yells >space, rocketssss< for Elons amusement and affection….

But I have to agree, there’s probably another twin pair of ivf sons via surrogate on the way, like the humiliation she had to go through after Elon and Shivon announced their new batch, she now has to prove the public that she’s still concubine #1 and will defend her territory like the dog she is

No. 1655406

Do you think Elon Musk would have also trooned out like his son, if he was around 20 years old now? Considering how narcisstic and terminally online he is (and how he could anger his own father with it), I think it would be possible


wtf, she really is a pick me

No. 1655444

File: 1663944056283.jpg (982.94 KB, 933x1582, 115928427803.jpg)

>Xavier has been pictured for the first time since his legal rift with Elon was made public - stepping out in Santa Monica, California, when he was seen enjoying a quick shopping trip, before climbing into the back of a Tesla to head back to his mother's house.
Why is he still driving Teslas if he doesn't want to be related to his father in any way?

No. 1655461

File: 1663945094804.jpg (64.58 KB, 900x615, 1zkrdjsxxqb21.jpg)

Why does he look like Robert Z'Dar?

No. 1655462

File: 1663945123488.jpg (191.75 KB, 1170x1504, 20220923_075810.jpg)

She looks SO BAD!!! she used to be cute. What is she doing to herself???

No. 1655464

her skin looks so stretched across her skull. am I misremembering or did she get a fox eye lift?

No. 1655474

too soon for a facelift. she doesn't even look like herself anymore.
why she botch herself like this

No. 1655475

She tweeted "I am very seriously considering getting a white ink tattoo on my face next week"… Why is she so determined to destroy her appearance?

No. 1655477

she really doing all this for Elon to take her back?
her skin wasn't loose to begin with, now she looks uncanny valley with facelift

No. 1655483

Lol all this and she's still defiantly not getting a nose job, the only thing she actually needed

No. 1655489

What the fuck is wrong with his face? He looks like he's having a bee sting reaction. Does he just look like that?!

No. 1655498

She looks like an alien pug. If any of you Nonas have daughters make sure they develop good self esteem, the pickmes going out sad rn

No. 1655501

nothing would have changed for either of them, elon's kids will all be autistic or narcissistic because they are genetically predestined to be, as would claire's kids. these types attracting each other and pairing up keeps their dark strain of family away from good, normal people.

No. 1655505

he destroyed her self-esteem

No. 1655509

dating elon broke her brain; she immediately made "we appreciate power" and dove into plastic surgery/fillers. nonas can argue that she doesn't look botched (imo visible surgery isn't necessarily botched because it's become a status symbol) but she definitely will. maintaining plastic surgery/fillers is what gets most botched and she's already starting to look off at 34. she's gonna look terrible by the time she hits 50

No. 1655512

the comically large lips make her face look even tinier and enhance her big nose. she was really uniquely pretty before she met elon, now she looks grotesque

No. 1655527

he seems more like a non-hypersexual vaguely autistic kid who thinks because he's not into 24-hour violent porn and sports that he must be a fEmAlE

No. 1655535

Lol he has male eyes

No. 1655537

No. 1655544

i don't understand why she would continue to fuck with her face. she already has such a youthful, unique look considering she's 34, used to abuse drugs, and has birthed a child. she makes no fucking sense.

No. 1655549

This is so sad, she doesn't even look real.

No. 1655551

I'm guessing either she is going deeper into her elf fantasy vibe or Elon has left her with very low self esteem and she feels the need to make herself more beautiful or get more attention.

It's really sad to see a successful woman act like such a pickme. I guess if you put his looks aside, the idea of dating a famous billionaire making breakthroughs in space and technology must be nice but she needs to value herself and walkaway, especially after how Elon treated her after the birth of their first child.

No. 1655552

kek my god anon that's is incredibly accurate. What the fuck is wrong with that troon's face for real? He's lucky that the recessive hair gene comes down the mother's side, or else he'd be looking at plugs in the next 6 months.

No. 1655596

tinfoil obv, but it’d be funny if trooning out is just his way of getting free plastic surgery for his unfortunate face since daddy’s not going to pay for it

No. 1655601

Is it just me or wasn’t she already pretty elfish and ethereal looking naturally? But more like the folklore kind of elf… guess she prefers the uncanny valley anime sci-fi fantasy alien android variety. Gross.

No. 1655784

is she trying to make herself look like a white black girl? her nose already looks like it belongs on a black face, now she made hr lips huge…? Like, if her skin was brown she would pass for a black girl.

No. 1655805

That poor child inherited his dad's looks

No. 1655818

File: 1663973175517.png (931.81 KB, 850x978, Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 3.45…)

wtf is happening here

No. 1655840

Bad photoshop, bad skin, bad plastic surgery, bad makeup

No. 1655886

swelling from the fox eye threads

No. 1656009

jesus christ. Claire, he's not your soulmate. If he was, you wouldn't have to try and make him care. Nothing about your relationship has improved who you are as a person or an artist. this situation can cause you to grow and become more evolved or you can try and fill the hole with…whatever this is. I recommend the former.

No. 1656021

Fucking tragic. I know some nonnies will reee, but I genuinely thought Claire was a cutie with a super unique look. Past tense, pre-Musk and pre-fillers/first brow lift. Now with this insane shit she looks like a goddamn aged clownish sex doll.

No. 1656053

No I agree, she looked way more elvish before whatever the fuck is going on here

No. 1656149

could this "letter to S" be addressed to >>1654472 shivon? it would make perfect sense if it were.

No. 1656162

File: 1663999928288.jpg (42.26 KB, 416x614, eebf1c3afb4211907f4ff6b2a19c26…)

Claire, it's time stop.

No. 1656171

Pretty sure she would appreciate this comparison

No. 1656173

There was that person who kept posting in a mommy subreddit about how her cheap billionaire baby daddy wouldn't buy a new mattress and forced her to sleep on the side with the hole and everyone was pretty sure that the posts were all made by Grimes. If true, then it checks out that Elon is cheap AF

No. 1656176

almost certain that was confirmed by Claire in an interview… gonna search for that

No. 1656179

File: 1664001621695.png (55.02 KB, 714x528, czWOznQ.png)


same anon as >>1656176

yeah she said that in that Vanity Fair magazine interview where the interviewer found out about her daughter Extra Dark Sidecar

No. 1656182

> I have to eat peanut butter for the 8th day in the row
Oh, come on. It's not like she doesn't have money of her own. Oh wait, I guess what she is trying to say is he was financally controlling/abusive.

No. 1656272

she'll never shut up about this now, thanks anon.

No. 1656339

Gelfling isn’t an insult to a dork

No. 1656389

crying like the white spoiled Karen she is

No. 1656419

File: 1664033055503.jpeg (1.44 MB, 3464x3464, A8A5E037-1938-4A74-A68A-33F10E…)

I feel like a lot of you don’t realize that Claire changed a lot during her career, not just hair and make up.
She definitely has had some subtle work done to her Checks and nose, and I’m talking early 2013/14, she was never natural to begin with. She now has to keep the work up.

But to be fair, she looks still quite swollen rn, that’s her kind of publicity since no one cares about her shit music

No. 1656482

she lost a significant amount of weight tbf she isnt naturally that thin

No. 1656488

Black girls do not look like this, racebait anon

No. 1656515

Her nose is the same, they just edit it in event photos

No. 1656521

File: 1664041576912.jpg (657.49 KB, 1170x1504, Picsart_22-09-24_13-44-26-993.…)

This is what I think she was going for. This is prolly how she feels she looks… lol.. sage for fanart

No. 1656523

No. 1656549

shocking that everyone in elons orbit is exactly as fucking grotesque as him

No. 1656553

i dislike insulting other womens appearance but she is such a dumb pickme i dont feel bad calling her an ugly fucking bitch

but this is actually cute

claire boucher has never been "elfish"

No. 1656579


No. 1656612

File: 1664047275644.jpg (419.65 KB, 515x1523, SmartSelect_20220924-152056_Sa…)

I think grimes looked best with black hair

No. 1656620

File: 1664047557049.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1088x1799, 44745E14-7D2D-41C6-9B2A-C2A0AF…)

Kek based azealia

No. 1656624

American Psycho is the most popular movie for a reason. Lots of men asked for this.

No. 1656628

File: 1664048297385.jpg (113.76 KB, 640x945, Couple_de_musiciens.jpg)

Grimes is a biological male whose parents belong to an old as fuck androgyny cult (like some people here). HE has gotten facial feminization surgery and a tracheal shave under the guise of quirky/spacegirl weirdness. They all do it and they all have the scars.

Elon's daughter is reverting back to her biological sex. You can even see in the "candid" where the invert pap shooped her one wrist bigger than the other. The chubby cheeks are because she is female and females have subcutaneous fat. Like Contrapoints, when you see a pic of their tranny families it becomes obvious what is really going on.

The reason they have all their babies through IVF/"surrogates" is because the early hormone fuckery messes with their fertility or the fact that the supposed "male" is carrying it. Elon is a fat ftm tranny who gave birth to most of those babies, probably even the most recent by looking at pics from last year. Leo DiCaprio is another, Vin Diesel and obviously Rob Kardashian.

The reason for all the sex scandals (like incest) is simply to reinforce their assumed genders since none of them actually pass in comparison to real men/women. It's the reason there are literally no consequences to anything, ever, in Hollywood.

Billy Corgan wearing a huge freemasonry pin on late night tv and the "leak" about Khloe posing in hospital bed (like Ivanka Trump or any other mtf hollywood tranny) while not being the birth parent, is soft disclosure.

Welcome to the Great Awakening everyone! They're all fucking trannies and they lie about absolutely everything.(tinfoiling)

No. 1656634

File: 1664048613891.jpeg (732.28 KB, 1078x1761, 5FB93446-536A-4B14-98D8-D7E00C…)

Grimace really is obviously trying to have her cake and eat it too by aspiring to be this medieval ethereal lotr knockoff norse fairy but also try to come off as "ethnic".

she's such an insufferable Asian fetishist of course she'd get the Asian eye surgery. The realti video was essentially just shots of various Asian and southeast Asian countries.
She even used my country Philippines as a filming spot…there were zero filipino people in the video of course.

She also loves our southeast Asian tribal culture since her "ALIEN SCARS" are literally just indigenous Indonesian designs based in borneo (alt Asian artists like yuele who's race grimace wishes to skinwalk has them on her neck she's austronesian by being Singaporean while grimes is white ) but won't credit our culture or work with actual austronesian people. Yuele publicly makes a point to try to collaborate with Asian artists while grimes uses white artists (alot of them are failed musician moids) unless they're a famous Asian she can posture next to.
We also cannot forget her "alien cyber braids" which was literally just box braids shoot with another white photographer who's also a failed musician Brian ziff lel

Sage for long rant about this topic but I'm just so tired of people like grimace

No. 1656645

Take this to a transvestigation Facebook group lmfao

No. 1656652

File: 1664050035395.png (26.44 KB, 699x377, basedazealia.png)

Azealia is the gift that never stops giving, I fucking love her.

No. 1656664

File: 1664050476898.jpg (82.62 KB, 1075x1348, aqv2qql3gtp91.jpg)

There's not really a need for investigation since Grimes and Elon are basically open trannies doing tranny things. Nothing would really be different about their story except for the "womanizing". The reason they breed them with young mtfs is because the sperm is better quality. Older eggs don't really matter. Now that they've done the pregnancy psy-op once with Grimes, they don't really need to do it again. Same with tranny Kim gaining a bunch of weight so that Rob could handmaids tale the baby.

Anyways I'm only here because Grimes is great for waking people up. Ben and Abby Shapiro are good too. Brothers and sisters always are.(schizo)

No. 1656674

holy shit she was fugly with that pink hair. i know facial hair is normal but she looks unkempt af and feral there. i think she looks weird now but kind of an improvement honestly

No. 1656679

Azealia sounds like a jealous cunt. grimes never talks about her anymore but she feels the need to start drama, embarrassing.

No. 1656682


How dare you accuse Vin Diesel of troonfoolery

No. 1656684

is this grimes posting kek
cause there is absolutely nothing to be jealous of in Grimes

No. 1656688

If you're even remotely into numbers - mine should always be a clue.

Secondly, what is more schizo: That these people are simply lying trannies or the absolutely insane stories they tell you?

She looks like a young boy who then became a young man and developed a square jaw and adam's apple. Who then had both reduced through FFS.

No. 1656796

azalia is based, sorry, miss claire boucher

No. 1657028

Thank you anon for the best schizo post I’ve read in a long time

No. 1657250

She's just regurgitating another popular hot take twitterfags can get behind the for a crumb of relevancy. I have no doubt this has nothing to do with racial ambiguity it's just something she can easily drum up controversy for so she has an excuse to mention all the "L's" Grimes has taken recently while being a South Asian saviour. Grimes is a retard, but that doesn't make Azealia any less retarded either.

No. 1657685

File: 1664134769684.png (262.02 KB, 589x718, Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 12.3…)

You're a 34 year old mother Grimey, not a 14 year old worried about mom finding your smut stash

No. 1657700

yah when she showed up at the met gala she didn't look the way i remembered her from 2013/14. but everyone was acting like nothing had changed so i thought i imagined it or am autistic or something

No. 1657702

her new lips look like they were, idk, violently(?) made? like they look like they were cut off someone else with a bread knife then badly stuck on to her using that purple stuff.

No. 1657704

that looks feral to you? she looks like a clean rich kid who wears a stupid magazine-inspired fake working class hipster look. (i had lots of friends like that)

No. 1657780

She looks like she's wearing someone else's face

No. 1657846

File: 1664144844960.jpeg (128.07 KB, 562x428, 0199F0FF-DBB9-4E4E-953B-E0AA83…)

It's a clone.
I Mean kevin Hart un-jokingly said he has a clone.

Natalie portman and Avril Lavigne definitely have them.
She posted the vague "surgery" so she can weasel out of being confronted for looking totally different

Most celebrities are beginning to create clones and then migrate to be living in massive cave cities "Slabs" underground that have their own farming. Hence her "kids need to garden no more toys" and her "sleeping in dust" (the cities have been created for decades and lying uninhabited miles down, collecting dust)

Notice a lot of celebrities are posting Instagram photos with no windows, or any natural light sources.
They may surface for an awards shows or premieres but then right back to the slab cities

She literally looks different, her nose less defined. And it's clearly not obvious what she did as she looks worse

Look at the lack of paparazzi photos for some celebs. She clearly doesn't look any better lately in the recent pics and it's not obvious at all what she did (unless she received a neuralink prototype of course)

My information does not come from private sources, just gathered in on the internet from obvious info, forums, photos and blogs

No. 1657856

File: 1664145191898.jpeg (89.39 KB, 798x436, 854F1ADB-D9D6-42D3-B8F5-80332F…)

Samefag Anon from above ^^^ exactly!

Someone else's face: the public facing Grimes is no longer Claire Boucher Canada Art Angels Grimes

You may think I'm nuts but you'll start to notice. This is a stupidly addictive hobby to start to try to notice.
Why, you ask, are celebs doing this? They have more money than God and there will be a solar event coming soon enough that they are already starting to go underground. Don't know when, but soon. Probably before 2026(take your meds)

No. 1657861

I'm gonna pretend you actually believe this bullshit because it makes the world a lil more entertaining for me

No. 1657868


>Avril Lavigne

i find it hilarious how when she was gone sitting at home and treating her bug disease, everybody was like "OMG AVRIL IS DEAD SHE DIED IN 2003! CLONE!" and counting and measuring dots and marks on her faces with a ruler, but now that she shits out pop punk album, nobody doubts legitimacy of Avril Lavigne anymore, kek
unironically one of the most entertaining things since the beginning of the thread

No. 1657902

Your schitzoposting is award-worthy, thank you for sharing your nonsense about slab cities with us

No. 1657911

You are my new favourite cow

No. 1657985

she's so fucking ugly wtf is that

No. 1658019

i would think it was azealia but not enough cursing or emojis

No. 1658068

File: 1664161835845.jpeg (25.73 KB, 302x413, BB6BB514-5D50-4973-99B3-AF9E07…)

Tinfoiling: what if she’s butthurt because Elon and Shivon literally named one of the twins Valkyrie, which was a name that he and Claire had discussed for Exa? I think he would approve of it for dogwhistle reasons (see https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unity_Mitford) and it obviously appeals to Claire for dumb larp reasons. This would mean that at least one of the twins is a girl. Anyway, if true then damn it’s no wonder that Claire feels replaced.

No. 1658069

seeing this i remember of all the anons who always reee "Grimes is so pretty!u all jealous!1!" or how "she's botched now but she was SO fucking pretty and unique"… wtf. Girl, this is Grimes pre-surgeries. i mean, middle aged leftist LGBT activist hen/franciscan hairstyle never helps, but… WHAT are we supposed to be so fucking jealous of? lmao

So, anon. Do you think Grimes in fact NEVER even dated Elon physically? Did she just send her avatar to fuck, while in realiti she never leaves home and just stays in platonic egirl e-relationship with her balding
rococo basilisk? Does she use her clone as a nanny for XOXO and Ex Dark Rafael 24/7? so much to tinfoil about

No. 1658078

Even without this tinfoil, which imo is probable, it's apparent how much she's raging about it all. she's ashamed, and realized her and the new kid isn't even special bc her space daddy was copy pasting new kids on the side. she could not have been more straightforward here, even if she thinks she's ~poetic~ and hiding the grand meaning between several layers.
>an insult to my daughter's pride
>will now carry her mother's shame
shame she cannot reach a full realization that she's makin a fool out of herself & still simping nonetheless.

No. 1658091

She looks like Na'vi from Avatar. Maybe it's just after the treatment so she looks swollen and it's not as bad (I hope).

No. 1658172

File: 1664175803708.jpg (1.44 MB, 1080x1392, Picsart_22-09-26_02-53-35-668.…)

Picrel what she would think she would look.
Sage for fanart bit I had to lol

No. 1658173

So a low res Elder Scrolls character?

No. 1658186

OT but the person she replied to is a weirdo escort who throws “non consent” (?) sex parties mostly males attend so she has to advertise free entry for women and has pedophile tier hot takes such as we should let children be sexual because she wanted to when she was a child and that the teacher TiM who wore the giant fake boobs should be allowed to because we have to expose children to sexual content.
Apparently grimes is friends with her, birds of a feather etc

No. 1658200

you know she'd take that since she's a bit too low class to be in a From Software game

does she lurk around here? I bet she saved this, nonnie

No. 1658230

STOP. You've violated the law.

No. 1658278

How do we know that one of the twins is called Valkyrie? As far as I know, their names haven’t been announced yet?

No. 1658393

In her defence she's probably one of the better looking oblivion high elf npcs

No. 1658412

Source? Never heard this and can't find it anywhere.

No. 1658415

File: 1664202316236.png (1.16 MB, 1912x1118, Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 10.1…)

IMO not enough people are talking about this aspect, that Elon's twins with Shivon were not an affair but intentionally through IVF. That means he planned to have these kids at the same time as Grimes was having Exa. Just some next level betrayal and backstabbing. I have to wonder what Grimes new and when.

Nonnies I really wish you would dig for milk more instead of going back and forth about your stupid opinions constantly.

No. 1658417

File: 1664202545074.png (231.61 KB, 1308x976, Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 10.2…)

Samefag - Grimes was friendly with Shivon for awhile but no longer follows her.

Grimes's mom Sandy Garossino does follow Shivon currently tho kek

also - knew* not new

No. 1658515

elon wants to populate mars with his sperg babies. elonworld

No. 1658568

I always thought "S" stood for Claires mom Sandy, who publicly bashed Elon for being a cringe MRA

Since grimes is so obsessed with him I can understand why her mom is resentful. She isn’t as stupid as Claire and knows exactly that Elon only uses Claire for PR and babies. There’s definitely some tension between them.

No. 1658606

nta but S def sounds like it's directed at shivon, this is the type of shit 14 year old hs girls do to the gfs their ex bfs date after them, mega cringe.

No. 1658609

Oh come on, Elon fucked Shivon, even though she gives off hardcore lesbian vibes, they for sure had a sexual relationship behind closed doors.

But I do believe that Claire knew about the babies, that Vanity fair interview seemed staged af. She knew exactly that Shivon was coming out with docs, and wanted to share to the world beforehand that Extra Dark Ciderbeer is also here and female, even though she wanted to keep her daughter private

No. 1658641

Maybe. But don't underestimate how weird these people are with their culty eugenicist harem nonsense.

Either way, the point I wanted to get at is that he intentionally had children with another woman at the exact same time as Grimes was having their 2nd kid. It's such a calculated betrayal compared to just having an affair. It's downright diabolical.

No. 1658672

No pity for Grimes. She needed to learn the hard way that all CEOs are sociopaths and cozying up to one was a profoundly stupid idea.

No. 1658685

>deranged art
wow so edgy using nazi lingo
kek anonita

No. 1658686

>“non consent” (?) sex parties
what???? explain please

No. 1658688

k obviously she lied because she knows that women get way more shit for fucking a married guy than the married guy does for cheating

No. 1658857


Well it’s even weirder than that, not like Grimes was even carrying that baby - just had a surrogate to do all the work. These people are so far from humanity - no pity for any of them.

No. 1659109

Yes. Also I wonder if Shivon actually carried the twins or if they had another surrogate. Elon has a harem of women and they have an army of gestation slaves

No. 1659111

You can see why Grimes and other bourgeois feminists would be into the idea of liberating women by making robots do gestational labor. They take this concept and use it to justify their exploitation of the bodies of poor women.

No. 1659120

File: 1664246853695.jpg (232.42 KB, 999x909, SmartSelect_20220926-224110_Sa…)

There's no pregnancy pics of shivon!!
And picrel bc Elon doesn't want much to do w the babies unless it's a photo op..

No. 1659128

Disneyland Dad in billionaire form.

No. 1659161

Wow, not only does he treat his kids badly, he doesn't value his partners' time at all.

No. 1659175

These two are so soulless it’s so funny to see them talk about children in such a robotic way. All their kids are going to hate him with a passion only seen in homes with teenage daughters and pastor dads.

No. 1659226

A lot of people think Elon talking about declining birth rates is a wignat dog whistle and I also believe that, so I thought it's interesting that he had kids with a woman who's half Indian.

No. 1659232

I think it’s just for legal reasons and iirc (not going through her acc because i’ll throw up) it was called umbrella consent, meaning that by coming there, you have to consent to everything happening, a lot of people questioned the term and somebody explained it as “if you go there expect to get fucked”. Reminder it’s predominantly male and she was telling the women to bring friends.
She definitely used another woman as an incubator just like grimes and amber heard because they are girlboss career women and “don’t have time” or want to ruin their bodies with a pregnancy

No. 1659242

>umbrella consent, meaning that by coming there, you have to consent to everything happening
God that sounds nightmareish, no wonder they had a hard time getting women to turn up. Hey go in here, ladies, and get gangraped!

No. 1659246

>She definitely used another woman as an incubator
My opinion about surrogacy drops lower every day when I see how rich celebrities use nameless surrogates for mere convenience. Elon churned out 4 kids in 2 years (that we know of) 3 via surrogates, all of whom are essentially vanity kids, as most celebrity kids seem to be. Just status symbols soon to be abandoned to a nanny, rather than fulfilling any innate desire for a family.

No. 1659287

Seeing Khloe take photoshopped selfies in a hospital bed holding the baby was it for me.

No. 1659381

If you're referring to Grimes, only her stepdad is Indian. She is 100% white.

No. 1659384

Yeah I remember one of the Real Housewives talking about how she used surrogates so that she could maintain her youthful body. It's that shallow for them. Poor people's bodies are just an expendable resource for their convenience and leisure.

No. 1659441

File: 1664286262374.jpeg (607.09 KB, 828x1175, CF284E77-C5C1-4602-AFCA-13DC62…)

Not Grimes, Shivon.

No. 1659494

financial aid at Yale (and all Ivy League schools) is based only on family income, what a completely lame lie from Shivon

No. 1659516

Maybe she’s “aryan” enough for him kek

No. 1659517

He probably doesn't mind because she has blue eyes. Most of these white supremacist weirdos are just retarded LARPers

No. 1659521

File: 1664291428732.jpeg (257.71 KB, 828x1173, F2D8174C-12DC-4E25-8D1A-112E4B…)

She definitely lurks/trolls in here, it’s painfully obvious. Her latest tweet about housing in Houston was so cringe I almost vomited.
We get it Grimey, Elon let’s you live in a tiny house/ trailer park with his other cum rags. While he lives with Shivon in their Villa kek

Shivon is different from Grimace since she’s actually smart and educated. She definitely isn’t a science girl LARPer she’s the real deal and very well respected in their nerdy circle.

My tinfoil theroy:

Elon and his SpaceX crew probably realized that Claire isn’t as smart as she portrayed to be and he didn’t trust her enough to raise genius kids.
He needed Shivon to make sure he at least has 2 kids with a ”normal“ mom just in case X and Exa gonna troon out. This has nothing to do with low birth-rates kek

Next Musk baby will be here before 2023

No. 1659557

I think you just want her to lurk here tbh.

No. 1659574

Yup, you are so right about the status symbol and lack of desire for an actual family.
I forgot her name but there was this actress posted in the celebricows thread who made a pity post about having a baby through surrogacy because she didn’t want to put her career on hold for 9 months which absolutely baffles me since babies take up more time after they are born but you can always give them to a nanny and pick it up when you’re bored, right?
Bleak, people like this shouldn’t have children.

No. 1659586

tbh, if fucking doja cat admitted to lurking here then i could see grimes also doing it bc she is even more terminally online

No. 1659691

I think you just enjoy thinking wishfully

No. 1659712

k that doesn't sound legal at all

No. 1659713

they still definitely fucked. he seems to need the women he fucks to have his babies as some kind of control thing. he lets them use surrogates but he still demands they make a child using his dna and theirs.

No. 1659715

yo what is that horrible font and what kind of news website would allow that

No. 1659781

File: 1664306071714.png (1.14 MB, 1507x843, sbFXiq3.png)

She claims she can't independently afford to buy a 3 bedroom home in Austin? Bullshit.

No. 1659785

kek yeah she's crazy. you can buy a literal mansion in downtown austin for less than 1 million US. meanwhile in toronto or montreal it's 1 million for the type of homes in your picrel.

No. 1659844

File: 1664308613735.png (1.15 MB, 1192x888, Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 12.5…)

Sounds like every autistic tech scrote I've worked with, they'll make money in the multi-six figures and dress like shit and have living rooms like this

No. 1659856

Looks like his kid got ffs, all that swelling is probably from a jaw shaving or something.

completely and entirely botched

kek nonny.

No. 1659876

File: 1664309892164.png (3.94 MB, 2170x1020, Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 1.17…)

Oh my god, I hadn't heard of Yeule before so I just googled her, this is exactly how Grimes wishes she looked.

No. 1660007

yeule is like…nice to people though. grimes has always blatantly dropped people who were no longer useful to her or didn't fit her friend group's aesthetic.

No. 1660027

I find this 180 change weird, so she's admitting she's using Elon's money now? just half a year ago she screamed that she never gets money from him, bc she's so successful and has her own. and then says she can't afford 3 bedroom house
and anything but peanut butter

No. 1660037

she's just an empty person. she's never been deep. should have just stuck with "i make robot songs for fun and think women should be allowed to speak out against rape". no one would be bitching about her and this thread wouldn't exist if she didn't front so hard.

No. 1660247

You're right, and anons in the celebricow thread have been seething hard and trying to deny it kek

No. 1660282

Nta & i haven't seen seething in celebricows, but that's nothing suprising. Celebricows is full of coquettes, anachans, redscare fans & overall newfags who came to lolcow to larp as "mean girls"/bad bitches, but only stay contaminating celebricows thread. it's apparent when they whiteknight Grimes, Ariana and the likes, or when they say tea instead of milk.

No. 1660358

i think she means the people getting mad at anons who say grimes is being creepy or racist with her asian fetish

No. 1660454

yeah i know. I don't get it bc i's apparent she has some sort of asian fetish. her slavic nymph larp is also amazingly disconnect, typical "rich canadian boring girl discovers google translate" sort of thing
anons disbelieving that forget this girl would wear the skin of japanese/korean/russian whatever tf else just so she's more ~special~

No. 1660522

Honestly haven't been posting in that thread but are you quite sure some of the anons aren't simply sick of twitter race discourse bleeding onto LC? I agree she's trying to larp as anything but a boring Canadian girl but I always side eye the anons who bring shit like that up for their verbiage and complete inability to intergrate.

No. 1660618

i wasnt that anon. you sound like claire.

No. 1660622

oh this is hilarious. claire must seethe seeing her

No. 1660646

idk i'm chinese and a white(?) anon said it's racist to use languages you don't speak, and i get what she meant but i think other nonnnies red it as "omg japanese characters are aesthetic" = as bad as lynching. when really i think she meant something like alphabet =/= clip art for your album

No. 1660649

samefag - japan still sucks - i am not defending them. they didnt apologize

No. 1660726

Didn't she admit she and "her team" are searching up her name online? Plus there was a really idiotic whiteknight in 2nd thread sperging how Elon is alright bc he was bullied at school and saying that Claire is a great writer/instrumentalist and clearly not using playback!1!1 idk i can't describe that anon other than grimestarded, and unless that was epic troll i think it was her

However tinfoil: she knows about 4chan and found lolcow by chance, but she still doesn't understand the board culture entirely

No. 1660728

> Elon who fetishises white Asians
i think he fetishizes regular asians. arikaaners tend to fear white asians because they can't fool them the same way they fool north americans or europeans.

No. 1660730

she lost her friends because she dropped everyone the instant she could use them anymore. i remember when she suddenly did a 180 on all the arbutus people coincidentally right after she got an article in the nyt magazine. she shat on everyone who used to be nice to her when she deemed them too "small" aka not famous enough and felt they made her look bad.

No. 1660886

How did she kill hipster runoff? I thought Carles just got tired of it. Fucking miss it though. Wish he would come back and eviscerate the dimes square/red scare scene.

No. 1660990

She bragged that she "hacked"/ddosed hipster runoff bc they mocked her or gave her bad review iirc. if that's true, that's another thing. won't be surprised if someone else did and she's just claiming the credit. stupid bitch

No. 1661058

File: 1664400568816.png (10.82 KB, 681x117, Screenshot_1620.png)

based on this i'm pretty sure she just asked a simp to do it for her lol

No. 1661109

fucking idiot. i'm very curious what was written on her on that hipster website that made her soo furious to ask some gaming incel to do the job for her.

No. 1661327

File: 1664414114853.png (14.93 KB, 737x177, Screenshot_1622.png)

she was most triggered by a photo apparently

No. 1661348

File: 1664415355556.jpeg (111.2 KB, 800x600, F21BC187-BB06-49DE-9625-13102E…)

God she’s embarrassing, obviously paid that dude to do the most simple "hack" and fabricated this fake matrix scenario for her ego.

She also plays this cute spectrumy girl in interviews when she’s just lying like a nervous toddler and plays it off as autism.
Everything she does has been done before, and even better. What’s the point in being a shitty "producer" when you can’t even afford rent in Austin kek

Ok tinfoil but didn’t she said in a livestream she invested all her money into crypto&NFTs?
Could be a lie but she’s definitely stupid enough to do so. Maybe after the big crash she lost a fuck ton of money.

No. 1661442

File: 1664420673926.jpg (148.54 KB, 720x1265, grimeth.jpg)

here nonnies, alice glass is having a meltdown on her stories and said something about grimes. it ain't much but it's something

No. 1661448

File: 1664420995822.jpg (307.44 KB, 720x1340, 1Instagram.jpg)

more on the kill v maim drama this looks like an email grimes sent alice pt1

No. 1661449

File: 1664421019814.jpg (263.85 KB, 719x1313, 2Instagram.jpg)

No. 1661470

>umm sweaty I understand that Ethan situation! I understand he took a lot from you!
>I tried to be ur friend :c
>umm that’s weird toxic and sexist sweaty
>ur being petty
>umm ur creepy leave me alone
>just because you ‘’feel’’ something is true doesn’t make it true
God Claire sounds like such a patronizing passive aggressive piece of shit. Literally talks down to Alice like she’s a 5 year old. Fuck her.

No. 1661473

File: 1664423341427.jpeg (462.89 KB, 1242x1037, D6EB48A0-1C7A-4F72-8BB0-6F6139…)

Lmao I remember reading this interview back in 2013 and thinking it was really weird even back then. She’s so blatant with her weird Asian girl fetishism.

No. 1661474

File: 1664423504302.jpeg (309.31 KB, 1242x636, B607742F-399A-40B2-AFD4-658562…)

>I’m really into like, anime, ya know? like sailor moon. yah. like, cosplay yanno. like yah. gothic lolita.

No. 1661479

File: 1664423926692.jpg (237.33 KB, 1125x2000, 309438693_5501775979900261_900…)

She talks just as much bullshit as arrow de wilde, they just Say Words and hope nobody is paying too much attention to the fact it's all bullshit
After looking at Alice's instagram stories…is she always like this? She's starting fights with like three separate people in the space of like 6 story posts, idk how good this is for her career.

No. 1661481

Yup. Grimes knows having a kid would ruin her uwu delicate slavic nymph forest pixi sprite body. I can imagine muskrat stroking her little mosquito bites and talking about how ‘nubile’ she is kek.

No. 1661482

>I used to go to Comic-Con
My fucking ass you did.

No. 1661487

Lmao yes half punjabi with blue eyes is definitely ‘Aryan’ enough for poltards like him. He probably sperged about how she’s clearly descended from pure Brahmins on the first date lol.

He wanted to harvest Amber Heard’s eggs because she’s a high T low inhib dommy mommy rootin tootin Texas dyke and looks like a female Nazi prison guard of his poltard fantasies but he had to settle for an aspie Canadian blobfish and a depigmented Pajeeta instead lel.

No. 1661491

File: 1664425014810.jpeg (586.45 KB, 1242x698, 905AD1D1-B8B7-4A41-853A-80444D…)

Lookswise she reminds me of this slightly retarded underage girl who used to spam herself on 4chan a lot and try to collect pedo orbiters.

He seems to have procured a type: uglycute FAS looking womanchildren with a dumb, special ed look about them. Basically exactly what incels find ideal. It creeps me out.

No. 1661495

Alice is telling the truth, I definitely hear both AW and KH in her voice. They both play up that bratty kid voice but with Alice and KH it’s definitely more dark, acerbic and sarcastic. Grimes just sounds like a pedo panderer all the time as if she’s genuinely trying to sound like a lispy little girl (just as she does in interviews too) and it’s gross.

No. 1661496

If she’s going for the bimbofied plastic look then why didn’t she get her double barrel nose done too for the hell of it. Just ended up looking like an albino black woman.

No. 1661499

You can tell in her messages to Alice she still handles conflict and drama like a bitchy huffy 14 year old lol.

No. 1661500

Muskrat’s healsluts and footstools never fail to amuse.

No. 1661503

>in her defence she's probably one of the better looking high elf npcs
Kek. She wishes.
Also hi Claire.(hi cow)

No. 1661506

Without hair she literally looks like a British man. Bri’ish builder on a sex tourism stay in Thailand vibes, fitting what with her Asian fetish and all.

No. 1661512

>huge conversation piece
God imagine this spastic going into a 3 hour long lisping sperg monologue about porn and thinking she’s being interesting.

No. 1661518

File: 1664427729378.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 225.5 KB, 1242x427, ADE9AFF9-AC11-41E5-B285-38B57D…)

Lol that was her promoting herself and even the retards on /mu/ began calling her out on it after a while

No. 1661519

File: 1664427923090.jpeg (592.46 KB, 1242x1200, 820CC3C2-3194-47EC-9BCD-6E25B8…)

This thread was weird, someone started posting about how she’s a witch and does blood rituals and stuff, a lot of people started calling her out for posting about herself. It seems like her distinctly retarded aspie way speech patterns.

No. 1661523

File: 1664428260199.jpeg (205.12 KB, 1242x338, 4F3F75C8-AC5E-4346-BC3F-B68497…)

More tinfoily stuff

No. 1661524

File: 1664428369353.jpg (200.62 KB, 720x1280, 3nstagram.jpg)

this is a first for her. I used to be a big alice fan but I can't take her seriously anymore especially the way she handled this. she keeps bringing up being "scared" in her stories but keeps talking about this shit. honestly I think both is true, grimes is a patronizing retard and alice has an inflated sense of self importance and is beating a dead horse to further her dead career

No. 1661525

File: 1664428369742.jpeg (280.25 KB, 1242x565, BE3DCF58-04F8-48B6-8CBA-0D2597…)

No. 1661526

File: 1664428403676.jpeg (344.42 KB, 828x907, E284C2F5-2AD1-4377-BB12-8D3F1B…)


No. 1661527

File: 1664428582655.jpeg (173.13 KB, 1310x949, 8BDA92D6-772B-468E-BA80-F1974C…)

Yes Alice is a drama whore and kind of a lolcow, she is right though. Claire is evil. And when Alice says she’s scared of her, she probably isn’t joking. This bitch is an edgelord satanist who is into spoopy scary blood rituals (there’s a video of her doing one back in 2014 from ig that got deleted) and she also has deepstate links.

No. 1661529

File: 1664428745307.jpeg (436.71 KB, 1242x1076, 2400E35D-6D9B-4D82-9777-6473F8…)

She definitely joined Muskrats CVLT. Wonder if he brands his human egg farms like the NXIVM guy did.

No. 1661536

5th line looks like crypto/p-trapping billionaire.
6th line looks like covid and vaccines.
7th line something about Russia war.
Next line…being shocked and disgusted by something then falling back in love…
Moons…something about a ritual…8 moons then bunch of exclamation marks so maybe another pregnancy? Idk.
Dragon…no idea…do dragons fly? Maybe her and Muskrat are going to fly off to mars lol.
Last line…nuclear Armageddon and end of the world.


No. 1661538

Dragons are reptiles. Muskrat’s reptilian ancestors are going to come abduct him and grimes and float them to safety while Putin nukes the world. Then Mars will be colonized by her and Muskrat’s autism babies.

No. 1661543

File: 1664429920020.jpeg (415.45 KB, 1242x2143, 3696232B-449B-4E8B-884D-506A3E…)

She just alluded to being suicided by Muskrat wtf.

I know Alice isn’t the most mentally stable person but this is legitimately sad and she has said multiple times she’s scared of speaking out against Grimes/Elon.

Save Alice Glass.

No. 1661546

File: 1664430515170.jpg (88.65 KB, 1080x773, 85afa5713d678a3c26688e204c57bc…)

Alice is an idiot with mediocre music and no creativity and Grimes… Well, they're both pic related.

Oddly specific

No. 1661547

File: 1664430899529.png (7.17 MB, 2208x1242, 79F5F026-4183-4E9E-ABBD-16E5B8…)

>‘That’s Mike Tucker one of my best friends. He’s very popular with the ladies, he’s very smart and overly confident. He always says IM ON A PILLAR TO THE SKY! He only dresses in black. We wanna make a really strong image for him. I always thinks he should have tons and tons of girls all around him and stuff.’
Pic rel is the image Grimes recommended for this weirdo to use as promo. Lmao.

>Narduwar: Who is Duffy?
>Grimes laughs nervously
>’Duffy is my muse and he also runs the cult…(stops for a second and realized what she just said) that I’m……um……in. I’m the high priestess. And it’s a surrealist cult that’s completely centred around bureaucracy. You can never do anything because there’s so much paperwork. He’s just…crazy.’


Weird as fuck lol.

No. 1661548

Seeing a fat ugly incel surrounded by a harem of hot women seems like her handmaiden fantasy come to life.

No. 1661549

Azealia was right. She’s such a dumb blabbermouth sperg who can’t keep her mouth shut. She’d be the worst cult member ever because she doesn’t know when to shut up.

No. 1661552

>organized orgies and umbrella consent
Why don’t we just call it what it is. A sex trafficking ring for rich old fucks and legalized rape on private property. Probably full of Ukrainian refugee girls of dubious age flown in by private jet like Epstein. These people aren’t normal.

No. 1661554

And this bitch is clearly the madame/groomer who ‘recruits’ other young women to come suck off all these ugly billionaire boomer fags. Disgusting.

No. 1661557

Her bio is literally ‘whorelord’ and she casually tweets about fucking babies…join the dots lmao

No. 1661559

This is the first time she's posted a long callout for Grimes, but she's been feuding with Sadie Pinn from CRIM3S and many other artists in the same scene for years now. She posts cryptic stories like this once or twice a month. It's funny, Alice and Claire are both very antagonistic towards other women and as a result they're pigeonholed into collaborating with literal whos, Claire with TikTok influencers and Alice with drag queens.

No. 1661563

Autism and BPD will do that.

No. 1661598

didn't she gave birth to her first kid by herself? Only Exa somethings was born by a surrogate, right?

what the fuck. Why are all celebrities pedophiles?

No. 1661602

Can anyone post the link to the youtube video Alice linked in her instagram story? I don't have insta so I can only view copies of her story online and none of them have the link to the youtube video she's upset about and I wanna know what it is

No. 1661603

File: 1664437758911.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x822, 4C556963-8090-4568-B4CD-94E7C5…)

>wasnt she really preggers
Probably not. She likes to shoop a lot, not that hard to fake a pregnant belly or wear a fake belly in public.

No. 1661605

Letting ugly men compensate for their sexual repulsiveness with money is the worst thing we as a society ever allowed to happen and you can’t tell me otherwise.

No. 1661607

Nta but she looks pretty pregnant here, her face even looks fuller. I'm sure her narcissism impacted her decision to not carry her second child but this is kind of a silly tinfoil, she was obviously pregnant.

No. 1661609

Or maybe she was just fat?

No. 1661612

But what would be the point for her to get fat, pretend to be pregnant with her first kid and then use a surrogate for her second and admit to it? Why wouldn't she just use a surrogate for both and be honest about it? It would make no difference lol

No. 1661613


claire is that you? go take your meds babe i already told you!(hi cow)

No. 1661615

File: 1664439774636.jpg (147.3 KB, 1125x2000, 309116537_1553104045119295_854…)

No omg I used to respect Alice but what the fuck is this. What is wrong with her this is so embarrassing, Sadie sounds nothing like her and Crim3s came out of the witchhouse/alt scene in London. Why is she trying to take credit for the creation of every "weird girl." This is so embarrassing and screams insecure jealousy. Not to mention Crim3s' lyrics are actually creative and not the same repetitive edgy tumblr 2010 trauma core bullshit like Alice's omg girl stop.

No. 1661627

> Crim3s' lyrics are actually creative and not the same repetitive edgy tumblr 2010 trauma core bullshit

What..its way worse than crystal castles and dumber

No. 1661629

No I'm talking about Alice's music not CC's. And fair enough this is just my opinion but I feel like Crim3s puts the effort forth to try to make it sound less cliche and kind of obscure what the message of the song is and make the listener figure it out. And they cover more topics than just abuse and being sad, Alice literally just repeats the same trivial face value lyrics like "love is violence" "I want us to feel pain" "I want to erase myself." It's all the same generic shit.

No. 1661632

Alice seems drugged out. She's giving Hollirx/heroingranola vibes in her recent story.

No. 1661690

Non of the houses actually go for that, Austin has a big influx so most people can't get houses right now, you have to bid on them and the prices shown are basically start prices which tuen end up in a bidding war. Anyway, she should still be able to get something with the musk money

No. 1661705

yeah this is where I was so fucking confused because their sound and looks have always been different. Alice's experience in cc got to her head bad. what the fuck is sadie even saying? the only thing I know of is that Ethan stole their equipment and something else I can't remember, so sadie got pissed and confessed that Ethan shit his pants at a show like the sad old man he is. Alice almost deserves a thread imo but I feel there isn't enough milk for one

No. 1661733

exactly, she sounds like such a bitch. threatening alice to publicize these mails which do nothing but make grimes herself look bad, kek. if the cheerleader chant whatever thing came from alice then she should be credited. people get writers credits for doing much less.

No. 1661735

File: 1664459950549.jpg (179.59 KB, 1125x2000, 309272536_785287689350866_5163…)

She's accusing Grimes of copying her essentially and claims she helped write Kill V. Maim and was left uncredited, she also is mad Grimes never sided with her publicly when she came out about the abuse she faced from Ethan. I'll post the stories pertaining to Grimes, two of them include a supposed email Grimes sent to her about Kill V. Maim. She also calls Grimes evil and accuses her copying other artists as well as feigning stupidity to seem cute lol.

No. 1661737

File: 1664460011407.jpg (159.07 KB, 1125x2000, 309080691_622107682878575_1619…)

No. 1661751

File: 1664460633371.jpg (228.1 KB, 1125x2000, 309222836_141284971955503_5117…)

Last one this is about Sadie again, Alice is accusing her of copying her but claims she hasn't even listened to a full song of hers. Alice needs a thread on her own damn self at this point. Sadie has a British accent that comes through when she sings, it sounds nothing like Alice's. And loud distorted female vocals are a hallmark of witch house, Alice didn't create that. She is such a cow holy shit.

No. 1661768

>sadie got pissed and confessed that Ethan shit his pants at a show like the sad old man he is
Omg that killed me, amazing. But yeah I agree I feel like Alice is pissed (rightfully so) but lashing out at the wrong people. I don't even think Sadie made any comments about Alice she's just going off some random persons comment on Instagram. Witch house is just one of those genre's that has a lot of similarities, if she's going to accuse Crim3s of copying her she might as well accuse White Ring, You Love Her Coz She's Dead, Salem, Ritualz, Purity Ring, Sco, Aimon, even IC3PEAK of copying her. They're all within that genre but are unique enough to tell them apart.

No. 1661780

File: 1664463093720.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1127x1421, EA507BCB-5864-41D3-B833-0E4442…)

I would like to apologise to the black woman whose hair I had to use to make this. She’s pulling a race change on us. Looks like she’s wearing someone else’s face.

No. 1661782

This is a reach… people claim she’s asianfishing all the time too. So which is it? I think she’s just going for the bimbo plastic surgery look I guess and she has a wide flat nose kek

No. 1661783

Ok but she looks better like this.

No. 1661791

This thread attracts a lot of weird tinfoilers and schizo chans huh

No. 1661792

File: 1664464212801.png (916.2 KB, 1366x586, 1224.png)

my autism is already peeking through but if nonnies make a thread for alice i will go full autismo mode because i was truly obsessed with them years ago. i don't know how alice is posting that gofundme and calling herself broke while someone is posting this shit in her tags LMAO
exactly. i'm starting to think she believes she has the same level of influence as the og riot grrls because she keeps fucking bringing them up. sage because unrelated to grimes (sowwy mods i know im an autist)

No. 1661798

i can make an alice thread when i have time. she’s been a personal cow for a bit (along with sadie pinn and everyone in that former scene) and i’ve got some stuff saved. these people are not the most active except for bringing up old drama though so idk how active the thread would be

No. 1661799

i appreciate you nonnie i would but i'm not confident in my thread making skills. hopefully alice keeps the milk flowing which i think there will be more since her tard wrangler bf isn't on tour with her.

No. 1661831

Please do! I await the moment. So many people she's collaborated with and still do are cows themselves. Jupiter being one of them.

No. 1661841

File: 1664467705128.png (170.16 KB, 401x709, Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 12.0…)

All her fans are turning on her, this screenshot was a comment about Sadie that she deleted but a fan posted it anyway.

No. 1661876

is the fat guy in the middle the one who trooned out and was crying in here that grimes was a fraud and that he made all the music and let her take credit because female producers need a leg up or something?

No. 1661884

really? i only knew her as that gnome girl, i remember back when that gnome thing happened, weird af to think she's friends with grimes now

No. 1661891

File: 1664470375033.jpg (49.1 KB, 480x372, 8.jpg)

It's Blood Diamonds, or now BloodPop. He hasn't trooned out. Supposedly he's been dating Hana this entire time though.

No. 1661920

File: 1664472066968.png (138.41 KB, 500x553, 9E22CACF-E868-46E6-92E8-6E23BD…)

Finally I can use this pic again kek

No. 1661930

Not to bump but where the fuck are grimes brothers? They must’ve also helped her, wasn’t there a blind item that her brothers are way smarter than her and the real artist behind Claire

No. 1661988

File: 1664475920392.jpeg (19.67 KB, 554x554, 148BD4B8-F42F-4B66-ADA0-567E03…)

Boris Johnson??

No. 1662018

File: 1664477887778.jpeg (279.23 KB, 602x1065, B82C560C-BF88-4FD0-ADB0-69830D…)

alice bringing up the fact that grimes is older than her even though she’s only older by a few months is absolutely killing me

No. 1662023

Ew I hate fat men. No longer listening to that 1 song he made that doesn’t suck ass. He should be harvested for lard, get the pig out of the studio.

No. 1662032

ew why would she say that out loud. i wonder why those girls didn't want to be friends with her /s
fucking gross. no woman would be allowed to walk around looking as bad as he does. i was in the toronto scene adjacent to grimes' montreal scene (i think i'm a year older than her) and i remember so many guys who looked like andy milonakis, or guys who looked like that homeless guy who got his face eaten (the way he looked before the face-eating), all treated like sex gods because they had a "noise" band, wore the right pants and used the right slang words, while beautiful and ambitious young women were shit on, harassed, and hated (often by men 5-10 years older than them) for stuff like "wearing heels and a blazer" or "being too peppy". not to mention zero consequences for sexual assault because somehow it was impossible for the social group to understand that "man raped a woman" and "i know that guy" can be true at the same time.

No. 1662037

women who talk like this have been brain-poisoned by scrotes. most people think 1-2 years age difference is "the same age" and being younger by a few months wouldn't matter unless you were a moid waiting for a grooming victim to turn 16.

No. 1662069

Angrily lashing out about old grievances against a bunch of different people combined with the manic posting…it reminds me of my friend's psychotic break a few years ago to a T.

She became super paranoid and started accusing people of being complicit in violence against her even when they had little or no involvement. Blame everyone else. It was cope for fucking up her own life. Sorry the parallels here are uncanny

No. 1662084

this + the junko pfp attached to all of it really gives it that 2013 tumblr kinnie slap fight flavor

No. 1662088

that would be fucking ironic considering Holli became tumblr famous once for skinwalking Alice Glass kek

No. 1662090

Interesting lol can you talk more about it?

No. 1662116

I feel like she just brought it up because grimes is sensitive about her big age since she’s so obsessed with looking younger.

He’s the fat male version of Claire, just with talent and bigger tits kek

For someone who claims to love anime and been inspired by it for decades her tiring shinigami song was kinda late to the party, almost as if she just watched it recently with Musk. Her gamer girl persona is also fake, she never streamed anything considering how easy it would be for her to just play games online. Elden ring my ass, she’s just way to lazy for any real talents/skills in any subject.

No. 1662120

kek someone needs to tweet at her to stream as proof of her gamer girl persona, then when she finally does because she can't ignore any criticism, her shitty playing style will make her look even worse
sorry that probably sounds really incelish but i'm stoned.

No. 1662121

Phone Sex is one of the better songs that features Grimes, but the best version is the Unicorn Kid remix so you're not even hearing the Blood Diamonds part of it, kek.

No. 1662127

Same kek

No. 1662140

File: 1664483456799.jpeg (72.57 KB, 750x747, 7CDD92F0-851F-426F-9DBE-F1E862…)

alice still going about claire and how scared she is of her. the idea that grimes and elon would make her disappear seems seriously unhinged, obviously elon is powerful but this beef is so one-sided and grimes hasn’t acknowledged alice in years. the anon that said it sounds like a psychotic break could be onto something

No. 1662142

File: 1664483479229.jpeg (88.17 KB, 750x795, 38B66A69-774B-4E61-9F59-6507F1…)

poppy is catching strays too kek

No. 1662199

why is she under the impression that clyde would retaliate on claire’s behalf? he won’t even post her hahaha

No. 1662219

This is a very sisterly fight, I think this is Alice's way of showing love.

No. 1662220

blood pop sounds like something he came up with while fiddling with his hemorrhoids

No. 1662221

Alice is screaming for a headline and no one will give it to her. The last time she did this late as fuck rant about MGK and it got picked up by music journalism. She will keep sperging until someone finally gives her the attention her mommy and daddy didn't. She needs a thread asap

No. 1662223

File: 1664489850510.png (971.83 KB, 768x1438, 222222.png)

True. Grimes sucks but Alice is clearly starved for attention and sounds idiotic with her "Everybody copies me!!! I'm the original!! i influenced everybody, why didn't you credit me, me me me the big OG!1!1"
They're both fucking cows and both fucking attention whores with huge ego. Two retards fighting indeed.

I've always felt Alice Glass is a cow, especially after seeing her recent traumacore tumblr tier pics with a touch of Nicole Dollangager bugs in a rice pudding bullshit and capping her pics with Trauma Queen like a tumblrtard

No. 1662227

And she is wearing a sissy fetish outfit for her coomer boyfriend from amazon

No. 1662231

Eww. honestly i'm down for an Alice thread if that anon decides to make it. If not, let's take it to Indie Band Cows at least, she's already been mentioned very briefly. like look at this horrible shoop >>1469523

No. 1662234

haha i'm writing the op for the alice thread rn
anything else i should include besides grimes/mgk/jupiter drama?

No. 1662238

>No woman would be allowed to walk around looking as bad as he does
Truth. Especially to be a music producer, a woman who would be as big as him wouldn't get any attention. Claire pretty much used him for shock factor lol.
Also fucking hilarious Alice keeps mentioning how Claire fucks Musk. Alice fucks a guy who dropped out of a pretty successful band and now he's stringing along trying to be as successful, but literally can't. No one knows who Jupiter is, no one knows who Alice is. They're just known as being members of the bands they got out of.

No. 1662242

Great. idk no idea, maybe mention that she's hanging out with hyperpop cows like Dorian Electra and taking after them which is cringe

No. 1662257

she poverty larps, says she has no money from cc but lives in a multi million dollar mansion and as posted above buys outfits that cost thousands

No. 1662259

it's awful what ethan did to her but she doesn't seem to be coping well. she acts like she replaced validation from an abuser with getting attention in general? idk i'm not a doctor but she's acting like one of those girls who had a really shitty mindfucker boyfriend who can't handle being single afterwards and lashes out at all other women she knows because she's scared of them? sorry i hope this makes sense.

No. 1662264

Include ethan as a co-cow maybe. I forgot about him until >>1662259 and I feel like his retardery contributed to how crazy she is nowadays.
If I can find interview or written evidence his weird disavowal of guitars/instrument playing/basically the entire genre he worked in until 2013 I'll post it once the thread's up. He's a really empty attention-seeking weirdo too. Always claims to be 100% into whatever trend is currently hot as if he has no past.

No. 1662295

She has been with Jupiter for 10 years now. I think 10 years is enough time for therapy and DBT.

No. 1662299

thank you!
i made the thread >>1662298 i hope it's ok!

No. 1662366

yah that's what i mean. it seems like instead of doing therapy and DBT, she learned whatever this new behaviour is called

No. 1662368

ugh hyperpop "we're so subversive by unironically imitating the most popular algorithmically created music and i'm not objectifying myself it's eMpOwErInG"

No. 1662445

Nta but they're both mid thirties lol a few months makes no difference whatsoever and Alice bringing it up is weird. No one's talking about teenagers and grooming, obviously a couple years makes a difference to someone in their teens but again these are women in their mid thirties lol. That's not "scrote brain poisoning" that's just true for anyone older than like 25.

No. 1662503

File: 1664506897396.jpg (320.47 KB, 1080x1080, Untitled.jpg)

calm down gwen stefani

No. 1662505

That jawline.

No. 1662526

File: 1664509520646.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 44.45 KB, 619x475, Claire's second cousin.jpeg)

Kek I was making a joke about how retarded the facial models in oblivion are, you need to go outside more often so you can interpret a joke when you see one. Picrel.

No. 1662534

I bet she has never even been to the Cloud Distract nonna.

No. 1662541

why does that elf look like kanye

No. 1662571

Difference being Gwen created an iconic body of work and didn’t actually have some sort of obsession with Japanese people, just a passing fascination that made a very good album and Japanese people dgaf

No. 1662572

It literally does not you’re just a retard

No. 1662586

lol exactly, i've been wanting to make a hyperpop/pc music thread for awhile now. that whole scene is basically an expansive ranch of cows

No. 1662658

Alice is a legend she’s allowed to be crazy. She’s alt Britney.

Interesting how this thread got derailed when we’re supposed to be discussing Grimes.

No. 1662659

>you need to go outside more to understand a joke about a videogame made for neckbeards
Ok retard.

No. 1662672

No. 1662679

Didn't Ethan first have sex with her when she was 14 and he was 25? And the legal age of consent in Canada is 16? That person sounds psychotic

No. 1662822

File: 1664553522917.jpeg (260.13 KB, 828x1318, B2B6B86E-5FAC-4DBA-B453-855CA2…)

Yeah definitely!!!

Have you all forgot who was casted as his cyber gf before Claire nonnies?
Right after Amber dumped Elon he was pretty much begging her to take him back. She ofc didn’t(queen) and he needed someone new and less famous.

Picrel is Ramona Flowers wannabe
He was looking for a manic pixie dream girl for a long long time, Amber was pretty enough but he needed a more unconventional girlfriend to make him seem “different and not like other billionaires” this btw isn’t a tinfoil theory, insiders know.

He needed to rebrand himself AND Tesla, to appeal to millennials, techbros and zoomers, basically only way to get Investors and hype.

Grimes starring as a Cybergirl was calculated and even though he loved that she was super submissive and did everything for him, he did lost interest in her after he realised that she wasn’t popular among zoomers and actually was hated by many.
At one point people would hate Grimes more than Elon, his fans also would ridicule him for being w/someone so unkempt and ugly, distancing from her was a clever move.

No. 1662834

Age of consent in Canada was 14 until 2008. Wait until burger moralfags find out about it though.

No. 1662840

All Canadians are pedophiles, day of the rake cannot come soon enough!

No. 1662848

Seriously worried about your mental health
Grimes and Elon are pretty much the exact same person and bonded through their beliefs more than over looks

No. 1662849

Have to agree so unnecessary to bring up his dating life when Elon clearly moved on and has 2 whole children with Grimes

No. 1662871

ayrt i think it would give me a rage attack kek but do it anyway. i like th indi band, arrow dewilde, and alice glass threads. also all these scenes have a troon problem so you know, collecting their rape and pedo tendencies could actually be a public service!

No. 1662876

the 14 aoc was supposed to be so high schoolers who had sex wouldn't get ruined like they do in the states, but it wound up just making SA harder to prosecute in larger cities. i'm glad they changed it to 16. 14-16 year olds can still legally have sex with each other, and we should all just ignore them because they're kids.

No. 1662882

actually this sort of rings true. There's been rumours about this for a long time because it did bring a lot of zoomer marking towards his brand. He even went on rogan and smoked weed like a boomer and did a bunch of other clearly pandering towards zoomer shit. I kind of see this nona's viewpoint on that.

HOWEVER they did mention the reason they 'bonded' was over the really stupid pun/joke she wrote. Regardless if he lied or not, she did write that joke forever ago, and so they clearly met because of it, probably not shopped around a la tom cruise and his gfs/wives.

No. 1663004

i fully believe that two valueless narcissists would start a relationship over a tweet. it's not hard to imagine at all

No. 1663048

touch grass AB

No. 1663083

It was her ex before Elon who came up with that stupid rococo basilisk joke too lmao

No. 1663122

nta but it makes it even more hilarious, it wasn't even her

No. 1663125

also the whole rococo basilisk thing makes me cringe to no end. this kind of "joke" is just an unfunny boomeresque stupid shit you say to your family or a friend when you're sitting at home and make lame joke just cause. Not something you blast online, not something you're so fucking proud of that you literally build a whole sooper cool cyber romantic backstory of your relationship around

No. 1663145

File: 1664576993927.jpeg (167.03 KB, 450x450, DFAFDDDA-D032-4F53-A649-AA52CE…)

Not to grimes-fag but it wasn’t a joke, Roccoco Basilisk one of several characters from Art Angels, picrel from 2015. Elon musk (barely) tried to make it a joke because he is a boomer. He was basically like “Roccoco Basilisk. Is that anything?” because he’s not clever or funny enough to form a cohesive thought. She at least fleshed the concept out.

No. 1663152

LMAO that's so cringe that it wans't even him who thought of that pun! I had no idea LOL but of course, that's par for the course for elon. not to blogpost but I work in tech and EVERY SINGLE techbro is obsessed with elon. He didn't even make paypal, he bought the codebase. EVERYTHING impressive elon has ever 'done' has been him buying his shit off someone else and 'marketing' it 'better'. That's IT. He's not some fucking genius, hes literally the steve jobs to wozniak. It never made sense to me why retard moids obsess over him if you work in tech at all you avoid spacex's recruiters like a plague. And grime sucking his tiny peen over how much of a visionary he is. It sucks because I used to love grimes and her music but it's so hard to listen to things like we appreciate power and not cringe at her turbo pickme shit

No. 1663162

kek that marie antoinette plus tennis court look is from mid-00s juicy couture ads.

No. 1663292

Did Claire ever date Pictureplane at one point? I swear I heard rumors back in the day. Looking it up now I can only find a photo of the two hanging out with a rapper, but back then they seemed they were pretty close in the scene, like alongside Molly Soda and Hot Sugar.

No. 1663303

kek molly soda. she's like the vanilla ice of visual artists. her 15 minutes were like 15 seconds and evaporated into cringe almost overnight

No. 1663327

Makes totally sense, Elon is old as fuck and pay a lot of money to appear young and hip to the public. His next girlfriend will be in her 20s.

I weirdly think that he was interested in Grimes for a longer time but she wasn’t his first option. The tweet was probably the reason he finally texted her.

Grimes has never been that creative nor innovative, she stole a lot of art from tumblr. I’ve seen homeless people be more creative than her and Hana combined. All seen before, just by lesser known artist she can comfortably steal from. Nowadays she probably hangs on Pinterest like every 30yr old mom does.

Looks like it, but who really knows. They could’ve just casually dated, drug addicts tend to sleep around in their circle to stop spreading AIDS to the general population kek I’m just being goofy

No. 1663360

actually drug addicts sleep around in their circle because they don't understand boundaries or long-term relationships due to brains fried from drugs. you and all your friends have sex with each other because other than drugs, literally nothing matters or causes drama/emotions
and then you don't realize that's unusual until you meet non-addicts who have rules and etiquette for socializing

No. 1663369

File: 1664598359485.jpeg (182.49 KB, 750x1227, 2D0CE247-6A5A-49B7-B85F-EB324B…)

Grimes & Shivon both watching/interacting with Tesla live event

No. 1663378

Yeah, the ultimate form of moralfaggotry is caring about the fact that a 25 year-old man fucked a 14 year-old. You retarded fucking loser.

No. 1663379

straight women have some self-respect challenge

No. 1663424

File: 1664605307461.jpg (113.48 KB, 1000x563, feinstein-edna1_wide-6710320b4…)

and the glasses and purple hair is dame edna

No. 1663454

Agreed. Although I do like one or two of her songs and videos, I’ve never seen anything truly original from Grimes and everything she does has a distinct ‘I’ve seen this somewhere before’ vibe for me. Everything she does is derivative in some way, just a clusterfuck of ads and y2k imagery from google, 2007-2012 tumblr aesthetic, photoshop, videogame and mainstream anime references and then throwing together a bunch of synth plugins on her macbook like every trendy millennial musician.

Also have to remember that Crystal Castles first iconic songs like Crimewave were released in mid 2007, and their first album was released in early 2008. I was a teenager at that time and that music genuinely changed the world, they were the most popular electronica band of that era.

Grimes first album came a couple years after, and you could see she was highly influenced by CC. She has her own flair and her music more colorful and poppy than CC, but she should still give credit where it’s due.

And Ethan, despite being a disgusting pedo groomer, also has to be given credit for that distinctive electronica style that influenced every other band of that time. Alice and Ethan’s talents together were magical. It’s just a shame their relationship was so predatory and toxic.

No. 1663455

Challenge failed.

No. 1663456

File: 1664608712735.jpeg (311.86 KB, 750x858, 3C927177-B11E-4B32-B0A0-FEDF21…)

the moid is talking about a cat girl version of the robot they made and the replies are of course full of oversexualized “female” robots and sex robot “jokes”.
I bet they’d all love to have one since they are socially retarded and ugly

No. 1663459

Someone seems to have hit a nerve lol.
‘Grimes and Elon are the same person!’
Elon is a nepotism baby who just happened to make a bunch of good online business deals in the early 2000s when most people were still tech illiterate retards and it was an incredibly easy and small market to exploit.

Grimes is a glorified tumblr girl who thinks covering anything in fake blood makes it art and that repeating a bar of beep-boops and remixing some Yamaha presets makes her some kind of musical genius.

Theyre both PR manipulators who managed to capitalize well on their thinly spread talent. In the sense of being grifters and magpies who steal ideas from everyone around them, collab with whoever is currently seen as hip - and know how to market themselves using twitter to come across as quirky down with the kids richfags - I guess they are similar, yeah.

No. 1663466

The funniest thing is they both try so hard to seem cool and underground but they both come across so boomerish/millenial and hopelessly alt-mainstream.

As another anon said the whole Shinigami Eyes thing was hella late to the party. Death Note???? Elf ear mods?? Coming out of the closet as Republican? Lol. 2014 called sis. Might as well throw on a Tomie or Pepe the Frog shirt and call it a day.

No. 1663467

He’s trying so hard to appeal to zoomie moids. Cringe.

No. 1663470

File: 1664610672713.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1520, D9B551D9-4299-4C3A-9470-A26DCB…)

>collab with whoever is currently seen as hip
Reminds me of pic rel.
Her obsession with skinwalking and stalking new Korean girlbands and trying to stay relevant by association is super annoying. And just shows what a desperate cloutwhore she is.

No. 1663472

>Manager-unnie, is that creepy white lady still stalking us?

No. 1663476

That's a lot of anger towards people you've never met, how about you touch some grass?

No. 1663486

>you’ve never met
And never hope to. Imagine the smell.

No. 1663489

nonna what are you on about? do you know where you are right now?

No. 1663491

Smells like Grusk in here.

No. 1663493

It’s so embarrassing that people actually thought the whole RB thing was a really deep and thought provoking concept lmao.

No. 1663495

I genuinely hope you are a black woman although I highly doubt you are because if not that makes this soo creepy and weird

No. 1663496

It reminds me of when someone posts a really retarded conspiracy theory to 4chan and then all the impressionable autists get into a huge flap about it and meme it to death. Even the dude who first coined the term banned people talking about it because he was so embarrassed for bringing it up lol.

No. 1663498

Mad because she looks way prettier as a black girl.

No. 1663499

??? She isn’t a black girl and never will be. Wtf is wrong with some of you.

No. 1663501

I hope one day these anons realise the destructive, sexist, weird and toxic implications of this. Seriously, this is creepy.

No. 1663504

I see the spergs from the celebrity cow thread have also made their way to this one. The fact someone took the time to make that image is beyond creepy.

No. 1663505

Stop saying this weirdo shit. Next thing you know, it'll be considered "racist" to find this ugly white woman ugly

No. 1663514

All of you fags need to be quiet, not a single autism-free post has been made for the past hour

No. 1663522

Agreed. It’s sexist, destructive, weird, toxic and creepy.

No. 1663546

this is what all kpop idols say every morning when they wake up

No. 1663548

bod fates gags.

No. 1663797

Why is she so obsessed with Asian women lol. She’s like a Koreaboo Iggy Azalea.

No. 1663834

anachan from vancouver
she fears the superior cantonese metabolism

No. 1663947

I wish more people would see through her carefully arranged persona, it’s all fake.
She’s only interested in surface level knowledge that anyone can acquire through YouTube, her recent history obsession didn’t start until meeting Musk. That’s a fact.

My opinion is that Claire could comfortably pretend to be a musical genius in 2013, since she wasn’t mainstream and people weren’t as interested in her, I mean she pretty much told everyone that she was a neuroscientist turned genius producer, while literally starving on meth. The media attention really made people realize that she’s just a industry plant with rich parents.

Their genius creativity must be genetic kek, her older brother Mac Boucher was in this boring Sofie Tukker Music video and it is sooo bad and cringe, is he gay?? Music video is linked for anyone who is suicidal enough


No. 1664026

based junkies deconstructing social niceties for us autists

No. 1664035

I despise Grimes but Crystal Castles themselves were also derivative and were always stealing shit from chiptune artists online.

No. 1664069

i_o died 1 year after this weird post…

No. 1664071

Yup, she definitely has a very surface level poser tier knowledge of almost everything she talks about or incorporates into her work and you can tell whenever an interviewer presses her on it more deeply. Also contradicts herself constantly during interviews. She just namedrops a bunch of things to sound deep. The kind of people who namedrop Nietzsche or Kant to sound smart are so cringe, especially ones who pose their babies in front of such author’s books. Honestly, both her and Musk are such cringey tryhards.

No. 1664072

Crimes killed him.

No. 1664077

Chiptune music can’t be stolen. It’s already so derivative.

No. 1664080

Not really, it can involve a lot of sound design which was especially the case for the track they ripped off.

No. 1664085

Grimes has had a lot of friends die it's kind of creepy. She even said in a video once that a bunch of her good friends died within a short time span of each other and she said it with like no emotion at all. I wanna find the video I think it was one of those lyric explanation interviews.

No. 1664090

Samefag but I found the vid real quick, apparently it was 6 friends who died of opiate overdoses. I remembered because she made a song called Delete Forever about it and she has a lyric in it where she says "lost so many men" and apparently it was about that.

No. 1664099

I remember this video. It is weird, how does she just happen to have 6 friends who died from opiate overdoses? Why does she continue to talk about drugs the way she does?
>In 2014, Boucher wrote a blog post expressing her aversion to hard drugs, distancing herself from her previous endorsement, saying she does not want "[hard drug use] to be part of [her] narrative". "Losing people to drugs and alcohol is the worst because they destroy any good memories you have of them before forcing you to deal with the empty space they leave behind. I want people to know that I hate hard drugs. All they've ever done is kill my friends and cause me to be unproductive."
We've seen how she followed up with these statements since then.

No. 1664100

>My opinion is that Claire could comfortably pretend to be a musical genius in 2013, since she wasn’t mainstream and people weren’t as interested in her, I mean she pretty much told everyone that she was a neuroscientist turned genius producer, while literally starving on meth. The media attention really made people realize that she’s just a industry plant with rich parents.
this and >>1664071 sound about right. i'm from toronto and went to mcgill and met many girls like grimes, right on the pulse of tumblr/local fashion trends who would jump into any conversation and need to prove they knew what you were talking about. i think the internet age was still new enough that you could craft a persona like grimes did. for some reason in the 2009-2014 hipster era, having girls with a certain look in your band/scene was more important than having a competent member who happened to be a woman. dilly dally took ages to get big despite being the most technically skilled band in the whole scene. austra is the only group i can think of that had actual skills behind the looks, but they were actually female-led and not just using women for some image.

No. 1664101

it's a lie. 2014 is when the opioid crisis started. before that she was claiming hamilton/brantford-style crackhead deaths.

No. 1664113

Even weirder is at the end of the video where she explains the lyrics about their deaths she says not many people around her could relate because it's an unusual occurrence to have her best group of friends die "really violent fucked up scary deaths." Like wtf, I thought opiate overdoses were kind of peaceful? Maybe I'm just a tinfoiler but it's weird she called the deaths "violent."

No. 1664141

it is weird, and it's because she doesn't know wtf she's talking about

No. 1664161

File: 1664665397994.jpeg (333.51 KB, 1242x783, 80917454-32D5-43C9-AB73-768041…)

Lmao this. Even actual opiate addicts called her out on her bullshit.

No. 1664171

No you’re right, heroin OD is probably one of the most peaceful blissful deaths possible, they literally just go unconscious and stop breathing. So the fact she’s talking about how scary and violent the deaths are is really funny because it shows she’s lying again.

Also she’s trying to make out like she was slumming it with a bunch of cool arty junkies in some lofts or alleyways. In reality she was just ‘speeding’ and being a rich girl with ADHD snorting adderall.

No. 1664179

File: 1664666721579.jpeg (525.25 KB, 542x1810, A0A91225-9889-4A6C-90A2-6D92F9…)

Kek, oh yeah.
Reposting this rotten old milk because her weak anemic comebacks just calling other women fat are funny as fuck.

No. 1664180

Apartheid Clyde.

No. 1664182

File: 1664666967150.jpeg (506.63 KB, 1242x1336, E9929B5E-D679-4B64-A29C-CB71F2…)

She’s so autistic, it would actually be kind of sad if she wasn’t such a manipulative self righteous bitch lol.

No. 1664190

File: 1664667317803.jpeg (263.15 KB, 816x664, 9DEDC2B9-64BD-4D69-BDC4-89FB7A…)

I feel like Claire lays in her bed and just makes these stories up, but more realistically: She briefly knew a lot of drug addicts due to being rich and owning an apartment. Probably heard from friends that person xy died and acted like she genuinely knew the dead person to gather attention. In these early alt scenes, it was all about credibility, like you had to prove to be cool and rebellious.

Is she still on adderall? I simply cannot fathom how she wants to go to mars in 20yrs when she’s so unhealthy. Like besides her being underweight, she’s on a lot of drugs as well, not gonna age well…..

~*Lying thooo awake….thingths that I can’t ethcape….~*

No. 1664196

She called her fat and remembered that Azealia is going to post their chat kek Grimes is such a loser

No. 1664224

>want some food

No. 1664230

Should be the new thread pic kek

Grimes also queerbaits a LOT, was she ever in a relationship with a woman? Manning doesn’t count

No. 1664233

yes to have that many friends you directly hung out with, aka not acquaintances, die of drug-related deaths, you have to be a full-time addict yourself. and still, it would be incredibly, like 99% unlikely that they all would have died of the exact same drug. more plausible would be something like, 2 shot, 1 fentanyl, 1-3 aspirations/alcohol seizures, 1 barbiturate+alcohol intentional suicide. and in a major city in canada aka a pretty safe place, this is like the upper limit of sketchiness. up north or in newfoundland you might have a higher nuber of dead friends, but again most would be drinking or MAYBE gunshot deaths.

No. 1664237

how mad would grimes get if people constantly came at her with "well you're short"
like wtf is this shitty comeback "oh yeah well you look different from me BOOM ya burnt"

No. 1664239

Does she even know anything regarding neuroscience or Russian at all? She dropped out too early to be educated about much. Every time she has opened her mouth about STEM subjects, she sounds like her knowledge is very surface level. It's been a decade and she still can't speak Russian fluently either.

No. 1664241

I have a degree in neuroscience/worked in a neuro lab and I've seen no indication that she has thought about it beyond the level of reading pop science articles.

No. 1664243

no. i never heard of this russian shit - i was at u of t for russian to english translation when she was at mcgill with a friend of mine and never heard a word about what she was supposed to be studying. in canada you pick your major in "second year" aka after getting a certain number of credits, and i dont think she ever made it that far. i was very separate from all my other university friends who went to u of t or mcgill because they were mostly in sciences with one in art history, and i would have fucking glued myself to another slavic specialist if i ever met one. it's not a popular field - the office at u of t is the biggest in the country and it's a single floor of a 4-story building with no elevator.

No. 1664257

i would be surprised if she ever spent a minute in a russian class. it's part of her slavic larp. see also how she lied about being slavic and calls herself ukrainian because her grandpa was german and lived in some eastern european country for a couple years

No. 1664271

I seriously doubt the Manning thing was real. I think it was just a PR stunt. 0 photos of them together

No. 1664279

I think they were at Hasanabi's studio together, but there are no pictures for some reason

No. 1664280

The Manning thing wasn't real at all imo, Manning already said he only dates men and wouldn't move out from NYC, he's still streaming from the same NYC apartment as always too.

No. 1664292

File: 1664672652272.jpeg (880.27 KB, 1242x2127, 38C1EDAC-67AA-4C52-B879-470448…)

She loves being called short because it furthers her uwu pixie womanchild self image. She only said it to AB because she knows AB has struggled with eating disorders. She also kept calling her a narc which is funny as fuck considering Grusk are two of the biggest narcs on the planet.

No. 1664296

She didn’t drop out iirc she actually got expelled for never attending class. The Russian thing really made me laugh when I first read it because it’s SO cliche, literally every suburban anorexic whitebread girl wants to larp as Slav because they’re the ~exotic sexy forest nymph supermodel~ white meat

No. 1664297

File: 1664672922251.jpeg (560.2 KB, 1242x1387, DCFCA0B8-C0F5-426B-B961-9EC5E9…)

No. 1664301

File: 1664673225076.jpeg (167.12 KB, 938x938, B1D60571-3F75-42EF-A7EE-6C59C2…)

Claire’s old school seems to be at least 70% Asian, she must have been in Asian fetishist heaven lol.

No. 1664304

OT but that’s actually scary, RIP Canada, you’ve now officially become an insect colony.

No. 1664307

more proof that she lived off of trust fund/is not "self-made" like she's always on about. chinese people in vancouver are upper class only. it's not the same as eastern canada wrt immigration. wealthy hk or singapore chinese go there.

No. 1664309

The fact this was two 30 year old women speaking to each other…kek.

No. 1664310

Yeah you can tell, ones wearing Fendi and another is wearing Moncler lol. Her dads a banker and her moms an art curator ofc they’re gonna be rich.

No. 1664314

Yeah and the gist of their argument was "you're fat" and "you have no tits" lol, it's sad how developmentally stunted they both are

No. 1664317

Yeah I also didn’t buy it, she was fucked that Elon dated this model actress who was prettier and younger than grumsk and after the private jet pictures of them went viral she wanted to bring the media attention onto her to make Elon jealous. Didn’t work plus Manning is grotesque and utterly disgusting, wouldn’t make anyone feel jealousy kek

Really excited for season 3 of Musk of Love
I can’t imagine Claire ever moving on, she will forever be his pet.

If I were Claire I would put my heart and soul into getting this picture deleted from the internet kek it’s haunting her for like a decade

Not to wk but McGill even announced a "grimes scholarship", officials claimed she actually studied neuroscience just not for a long time but she did study it for at least a while, I’m not really sure how easy it really is to get into such an abstract field. Does anyone knows if she was a good student in high school?

Major tinfoil: her lisp is made up

No. 1664318

They remind me of my last two brain cells having an argument

No. 1664322

>season 3 Musk of Love
Lmao stop nona you’re hurting me.

No. 1664324

File: 1664674430131.jpeg (47.83 KB, 400x400, A26FF504-FC1D-4E69-94B5-FF0191…)

Claire reading this thread rn

No. 1664327

lol accurate

No. 1664328

Went once to Canada, was super full of Asians. Not to be racist but I could literally take pictures in Vancouver and pretend it’s Seoul, why do they all move there, is America to hard to enter?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1664329

Neuroscience is one of the easier courses to be honest. It’s literally just memorizing a list of shit about the brain and the nervous system and it’s far simpler than studying all of human anatomy and functions like med students have to.

No. 1664330

This picture makes me severely uncomfortable nonnie pls spoiler it next time

No. 1664344

I think the Canadian government is heavily influenced and bribed by the CCP lobby, same as Australia. They make a lot of money off of rich chink students. I live in Yurop and noticed a shit ton of Chinese students milling around my city in the last 3 years, also a ton of Chinese funded student accommodations springing up all over the place. Previously there were only a handful of East Asians in my whole city and I would usually not even see one a day when walking around my neighbourhood. Now I see maybe 50+ a day. I really hope my country doesn’t turn into a bug colony like theirs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1664347

>Claire-o’s face when he sees a heckin qt Asian girlerino

No. 1664352

Tweets like this make me believe he has a social media manager. There is no way someone can tweet that much and know so much internet culture and actually get things done (and father so many kids to abandon…).

No. 1664353

File: 1664676053373.jpeg (56.5 KB, 604x438, 84282CD3-58A9-46C9-80A6-9F248C…)

No. 1664361

Lol people act like Elon is in there with his wrench personally working on his spaceships and bots. He’s a billionaire who sits around all day browsing twitter and paying eggheads and engineers to do all the work for him.

Didnt Azalea even say that the reason her and Grimes collab was interrupted when she went to their house is because he was tripping on acid trying to work twitter and Grimes was trying to help him?

He also said that he only saw Azalea for a few seconds after his workout. Busy boffins don’t have time to work out lol.

No. 1664362

Lmao I wish someone would make an edit of this with her face here

No. 1664363

anon he doesn't get things done. he doesn't do shit. he sits around drinking and visits factories to hit on female receptionists when twitter gets boring

No. 1664365

Oh and Grimes mentioned here >>1657685 about the nannies so chances are neither of them actually do much parenting apart from some one on one cuddle time. The nannies and help probably do all the labor and hard parts of child rearing while the parents dick around doing acid and tweeting about porn and catgirls .

No. 1664367

File: 1664676972111.jpeg (72.73 KB, 604x430, 1F95FB8D-96B8-48D7-ABAC-AEBDCF…)

Probably the worst edit I’ve ever made sorry lmao

No. 1664371


No. 1664908

File: 1664736472141.jpeg (588.4 KB, 2732x1990, E109905E-9E0E-44A6-B33D-D02FA9…)

Finally someone with common sense, the internet changed a lot in the past 10 years and she simply didn’t. People nowadays don’t believe everything that’s been posted in online threads and want to see the evidence, that’s her biggest enemy, she can’t prove anything.

Does she really game? Never even a short snippet of her playing, you’d think someone sooo obsessed with video games would at least show their skills in some way.

Nonnie you kinda get that wrong, she studied neuroscience for like 2 months before literally being kicked out, anyone can come this far kek, she probably realised how math and meth don’t combine and begged her mom to drop out and become an artist since making art doesn’t require talent when your parents are rich as fuck.

Nah she likes asians because of their beauty standards e.g be as skinny and pale as humanly possible….also Koreans/Japanese tend to act more childlike/submissive instead of sexy and emancipated like western woman tend to do. Plus white men fetishise Asian woman to the core, Elon as well. She wants to be liked by her master.

Anyone remember her early interviews where she’d couldn’t answer any questions normally and just said some quirky neck beard things to seem cool? And after every interview someone on 4chan coincidentally made a whole post on how enlightened and mysterious she is. While literally 99% of channers would mock her appearance and music. She was so sloppy with self posting, she’s gotten better w/lc

No. 1665030

>Koreans/Japanese tend to act more childlike/submissive instead of sexy and emancipated like western woman tend to do
kek i wondered why she came from vancouver but seemed obsessed with every asian except for the cantonese ones she'd have grown up with
PK Gweilorimes, now fix my car

No. 1665586

late but she did stream bloodborne once, she sucked ass though and outright said she hated boss fights and was bad at them, which i thought was weird since she later on started making soulsborne games a huge part of her identity.

No. 1665652

She also made Dark Souls her entire personality, one of the harder games to play. My boyfriend even said it’s a very difficult game even for trained gamers and it apparently takes up a lot of when not ALL of your time if you seriously want to be good at it. So I thought she might be lying since her main hobby is looking at lolita anime child porn on twitter.
No but seriously, I don’t even believe that Elon is a pro gamer. His management probably told him to act gamer so zoomers can relate to him, and once again doggy grimes wants to be like her owner.

No. 1665660

She just wanders around admiring the architecture and kills lvl1 opponents kek btw wow her voice is incredibly annoying and scruffy, in combination with her lisp extremely hard to listen to now I see why she never streams

No. 1665732


she 100% is playing elden ring/dark souls because of elon. She's awful but so is elon. I don't know if of the nonas here play elden ring but elons' double shield build was complete ass and he was absolutely garbage. He's 100% pandering towards zoomers. I don't wanna go super into why his build and gameplay was awful but I can if anyone cares and if it's relevant to anything (which I doubt). Suffice to say, ya'll are right.

No. 1665764

I would enjoy a gamer anon's takedown of muskrat's build

No. 1665818

File: 1664822060752.png (561.96 KB, 1080x2869, Screenshot_20221003-133015.png)

The ugly apartheid rat with a microscopic penis continues to sperg on about Ukraine and how they should surrender to Russia. He sperged and deleted a poll saying Ukraine should hand over the illegally stole lands. He's now doing BUT BOOTH SIDES SUUCK Rashist cope. He claimed in the deleted tweet (if someone has a cap, please post it), that he's being botted.

Grimes needs to go and get her ugly pet rat and put it back into its cage. She needs to consider euthanasia on it, it clearly has rabies.

No. 1665822

File: 1664822284495.png (440.12 KB, 1080x1632, Screenshot_20221003-133536.png)

He's as good at politics as he is with robots and not cheating on his partners.

By his logic, Alaska belongs to Russia as well and the Ottoman Empire still exists.

No. 1665835

not defending grimes but that's just not true. iirc elon hadn't ever mentioned dark souls or anything like that until they were dating and he made that incredible embarrassing tweet comparing soulsborne games to social media platforms. and grimes had already branded herself as a ~gamer~ at the start of her career. remember her triforce tattoo? kek.

fromsoft games are all obsolete now anyway.

No. 1665845

File: 1664824611232.jpeg (444.03 KB, 2732x1534, 4F87A1F2-68B7-4FBB-B388-A93A20…)

Gosh Elon is utterly embarrassing, someone needs to take his phone away, how old is he again? Elon isn’t an aspie, he has severe BDD and believes he’s a high IQ anime villain and somehow thinks humankind desperately needs his boomer tweets to survive. In his mind he’s Light Yagami, a literal teenager, like his own dad claimed. He refuses to grow up and act normal, Elon is in his rebellious emo phase rn

No. 1665853

File: 1664825152255.png (986.66 KB, 1172x1006, 5D76F27E-E2C8-4646-AD79-3AD71E…)

She also claimed to speak russian, remember her cringe ass leg tattoo? She just pretends nonnie. Anyone can get a tattoo.
I have a friend who dedicated a whole ass sleeve to Zelda and she like only played it a few times. Only because of the aesthetic. Same with grimes, only the visuals matter.

pic just 4 lulz

No. 1665858

His takes on the conflict are so retarded, why can't he keep his mouth shut for once?

No. 1665861

yeah, i agree with you anon. i just meant elon isn't some gamer playing dark souls in his free time. that particular persona came about after he met grimes.

No. 1665877

File: 1664826615005.png (612.14 KB, 355x587, 7yBb1664829328.png)

>>1665818 Hes doing it all for us, ladies. He works a 2646 hour week, and yet still finds the time to solve all of our petty little wars and such, even if his hard truths make him unpopular and may be hard to swallow.

No. 1665909

did you not watch him talk about elden ring and talk about his build? lol
no no, you misunderstood, I'm not saying he's playing it in his free time (especially before grimes), he got it from grimes probably talking about it. It's been obvious for a long time that elon panders to zoomers so it'd be natural for him to pick up a popular game that came out during that time.

BUT I bet you money that considering grimes never played any of those games (she's been well documented being a fake gamer which is massively cringe as it is), that elon playing elden ring when it came out got her to hype up that lie even more so. Hence like, yes, she technically got him into it but she never played it originally herself.

No. 1665916

File: 1664829964983.jpg (30.41 KB, 750x522, 9687z5nbel471.jpg)

grimes was hyping up elden ring on her twitter way before it was released though. this is from june 2021.

No. 1665921

complete & total armchair here but i'm pretty sure claire has severe adhd and that's why all of her interests and knowledge are surface-level (because there's no attention span to go any further), also probably why she acts so retarded all the time - total lack of impulse control + money & fame are a bad combination.

No. 1665963

File: 1664832786767.jpeg (119.95 KB, 828x811, F3460CCE-A6D2-434A-A9DC-94CC6C…)

orrr she’s just on fucking drugs. Y’all act as if she just takes drugs casually when it’s pretty known that she’s a daily&hard user for almost two decades now. Noting nerdy about being a junkie skunk.
If you want to be anorexic for 15+yrs and have high energy levels you must be on some kind of uppers. All.the.time.

Yea but wasn’t like Hana the gamer girl of them two. I remember she posted something in her story about how she always plays PC games and grimes only likes Nintendo or something. She probably saw how much male attention Hana got and stole her entire personality.

Hmm you kinda right, he panders to zoomers, and they notoriously hate Grimes. That alone proves that he’ll never claim her as his main gf.
The clowning he received after being with Grimes did something with him, especially when all the techbros said he could do much better. She isn’t a desirable woman in his eyes. And with every year that passes, he will be less attracted to her naturally. She already lost.

No. 1665977

>If you want to be anorexic for 15+yrs and have high energy levels you must be on some kind of uppers. All.the.time.
NTA but that and she does adderal/alike to keep her weight bc she's anachan. I'm sure she wouldn't get fat without it, but i guess she's paranoid enough to never let go of some uppers cause she's afraid of gaining.

However, there's always been something about her where she just… idk, overreacts, overacts, overdoes shit to the point she looks ridiculous. I know it's just a dance, i know, but i always thought she behaves like a total idiot in Kill vs Maim & other videos, throwing herself around fucking unnecessary. The same thing is in the way she talks, the way she overshares, etc. etc. The stupid sharp, aggressive, fast movements. i don't think its because of drugs, or ADHD. rather because she's just uninteresting idiot who tries to be interesting but doesn't know what to do, so she just throws herself around. it's not subconcious, looks like she very much does it intentionally.

No. 1665988

>The clowning he received after being with Grimes did something with him, especially when all the techbros said he could do much better. She isn’t a desirable woman in his eyes. And with every year that passes, he will be less attracted to her naturally. She already lost.
this reminded me of all the anons who were bawling and crawling out of their skins to prove everyone Grimes is totally a classic beauty, totally typical Elon type and absolutely in the same league as his previous chicks, "cause why do you think he picked her?!1!1" lmao Grimes was nothing but failed experiment for him. no big love nor attraction here. they got a lot of "scandalous" press coverage & zoomer attention, until it went wrong way. it worked in the beginning, but guess he realized in further years hanging out with her "stains his reputation" more than anything. but even without it he'd drop her finally bc he's incapable of being with anyone for long or caring about his disposable kids.

No. 1665991

File: 1664834335799.jpeg (363.96 KB, 750x1036, 59D5BAF5-3C0C-4BD1-B04A-2E27CB…)

Grimes’s mom weighs in on Elon drama du jour

No. 1665995

>The stupid sharp, aggressive, fast movements

Idk nonny, I think she's just tweaking.

No. 1665998

Aaaand she already deleted that most recemt tweet.

No. 1666013

>She probably saw how much male attention Hana got and stole her entire personality.
that's just not true at all. if anything it's the other way around. hana was doing taylor swift level basic bitch music (video related) before she met her bf bloodpop in 2013, who was already associated with grimes and had collabed with her. i guess a while after that hana rebranded as more of an electronic pop artist. as she started collabing & touring with grimes she also got more and more into a similar vibe and image as her, although still in her own way. she didn't start streaming until 2018, which is when grimes also did her bloodborne stream btw.

grimes have been doing the whole gamer nerd schtick since forever. now i'm not saying the schtick is genuine, obviously she lies and exaggerates compulsively about everything that can make her look more uwu and interesting, but she didn't pick it up from anyone she met in the last 10 years at least. she discovered the dark souls series i'd say some time after it peaked in mainstream popularity and obviously wanted to attach herself to it as it fits the fantasy aesthetic she tries to convey. but she's always been talking about what an epic gamer she is, before she met hana or elon.

No. 1666020

File: 1664836556542.jpeg (443.37 KB, 1242x1599, C9EDD508-4113-4EBD-8F6A-CA07F3…)

Lol even zoomers notice how insufferable he is

No. 1666023

File: 1664836646548.jpeg (56.2 KB, 1242x298, 5BE3840F-79C2-4711-93F6-8F2A10…)

No. 1666026

Old milk but did Grimes ever try to collab with Azealia Banks knowing fine well how messy she is and her penchant for exposing and fighting with people? It’s also clear she hates white people with a passion too. Their fallout was so cringey with back and forth insults about each other’s bodies, as well as their ‘diss tracks’ towards each other (which were basically revenge fantasy vvitchy shit about putting curses on each other) I genuinely can’t believe these women are 30+ years old.

No. 1666043

File: 1664838216319.jpeg (183.62 KB, 1222x642, E521E3D9-0694-4827-9CD9-42A68C…)

I agree Claire is definitely a failed experiment for him. He’s so out of touch that he genuinely thought she’s popular and sought after among zoomer males when most of her fanbase is millennial trannies. I also think Claire’s obsession with staying slim is because she’s so unfortunate looking in every other way that it’s her only appeal. When she gained weight she did not suit it at all and looked like a British builder. Her nose got even blobbier and face looked rounder etc. The only thing she’s good at is namedropping and skinwalking trends for 5 minutes so maybe Elon uses her for that? I can’t imagine he pays her or their kids much attention.
If he said a huge proportion of twitter is bots then why is he even bothering to make a poll?
One of the people she follows probably was hyping it up and she decided to copy them. As another anon said it seems to be almost all about the visuals of these games for her. She does indeed have extremely surface level poseur tier interests in everything.

No. 1666047

Her cope about her embracing features like her nose makes me laugh when she uses filters so much and is always trying to make her jaw look smaller and pointier and nose smaller.

No. 1666051

File: 1664838993351.jpeg (143.78 KB, 828x958, 9875137F-0AAC-4A82-BB2E-E4CFBD…)

It’s already so wide when using large focal length I imagine it must look ginormous on an iPhone camera. I can understand her trying to fix her eyes as there was always something beady and ratty looking about them, but it’s so blatantly Asian-fishy. She probably keeps her wide nose because she thinks it makes her look more ~Thai~ or some shit lol. People were roasting her on 4chan with edits like pic rel. She’ll probably take it as a compliment though because it makes her look more Asian.

No. 1666053

Lol at Zelenski mocking Elon. was this idiot seriously thinking everybody's gonna ignore or believe he was hacked by mean cyberpunk uwu bot? or better, Ukraine would listen to his advice & surrender, because he's le based techbro posting funny memes, must be so wise, right? somebody better babysit him and give him ban on all socialmedia use
Is Grime even on speaking terms with Sandy? considering Muskrat tried to separate them and Sandy is prob deadly embarassed of her daughter, it'd be no surprise if not

No. 1666054

pink anime themed tesla collection when?

No. 1666056

File: 1664839511125.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 83.96 KB, 600x480, FD0E944F-A9E7-4B7E-B91D-B61064…)

I wonder if she can even close her eyes fully now lol. They’re watering in that pic. She should be careful. Don’t wanna turn into the woman from AA who had a facelift and can’t close her eyes fully and now has tears/mascara dripping from her eyes 24/7.

No. 1666059

He’d honestly have got more respect and clout if he dated a famous tiktoker or e-girl. Imagine he’d dated Belle Delphine kek.

No. 1666061

Belle isn’t enough of a pseud. He needs someone to pretend to be smart with.

No. 1666066

iirc BD thirst-tweeted him a while ago. grimes must be insecure as hell with all these zoomer thots constantly DMing him. tinfoil but i wonder if that time she was ‘helping him do twitter while he was tripping on acid’ was really her mass deleting his DMs from hotter girls kek.

No. 1666069

Part of me hopes he’ll start dating a skinny Asian 18 year old, just to see Claire’s reaction.

No. 1666070

she’s such a desperate pickme she’ll probably try to do a threesome with them lel

No. 1666076

i imagine she'd go through a time of acting unbothered "We def aren't fighting guyzz!", whilst lovebombing Asian girlfriend and trying to pander in a "we're so similar omg we should watch anime/make a tiktok/play elder scrolls together" way. then, after realizing Asian gf ignores her, she'd go through silent but apparent rage and seething phase of jealousy.
all the while dressing as geisha and getting asian eye lift.

No. 1666078

Yeah I’m honestly glad Zelensky subtweeted him and basically told him to go fuck himself. Just because he has the most money on the planet this suddenly makes him an expert on foreign policy and moral gatekeeper of the world. Fuck off Muskrat, you’re out of your depth.

Hate the way Americans bootlick and dickride richfags so much that they genuinely start developing a god complex. In Europe Musk is mostly irrelevant.

No. 1666091

File: 1664842410376.jpeg (681.1 KB, 1242x1713, 7C49F589-8F03-4C96-AECD-41400C…)

Also what’s this about negotiating with terrorists and trying to placate Putin by giving them x amount of territory that’s apparently ‘owed’ to Russia? Might as well argue every other country can expand its borders to wherever it ‘feels like’ it should own. Yep, just give aggressive invaders anything they want to keep the peace, nation borders are arbitrary and whoever terrorizes people more should get it so that nobody gets hurt. What a retard.

Let’s just argue now that the Mongols own Russia and Ukraine because they occupied them for 200+ years, helped establish Moscow and rebuild Kiev, and the Russians were still paying financial tributes to the Mongolians until 1700. Or that Poland and Lithuania should be given Ukraine because they ruled it for centuries too.

Kiev was established long before Moscow/Russia was and is older than Russia linguistically, culturally and in terms of empire. Russia didn’t expand their territories until fairly recently. In fact Ukrainian territory was only formally part of Russian empire from the 1790s to 1917 (Ukraines independence) so that’s only about only 127 years. Sorry for derailing I just hate people like Musk who have no idea about the history of that area.

No. 1666101

File: 1664843261878.jpeg (182.23 KB, 640x1212, C2192601-E07C-4019-AA85-235DA1…)

Interesting to see these two interacting. Aella (supposedly high IQ) is offering her genes for the right price. Get that Elon money!

No. 1666102

I’m retarded but if I’m understanding this correctly, does this mean Russia was actually established by the Ukrainians and not the other way around?

No. 1666112

Yeah remember how self important and boasting was he when he sold the starlinks? behaved like he was gonna save Ukraine just with his shitty tech. god complex.
And then he "challenged Putin to a solo duel" with him and thought it's a brilliant joke. Jfc. Iirc Zelensky was cringing back then as well and told something about it too, but now he told him to fuck off more directly this time.
First he wants to "fight" Putin, and now he encourages Ukraine to do America a favour and give in. makes sense huh. Following Elon's logic, America should do everyone a favour and return Alaska back

No. 1666129

File: 1664845678159.jpeg (477.6 KB, 1242x1047, EBFFC7B8-3B3D-434C-9956-F6D351…)

Basically yes. Kiev was founded in 482. Moscow wasn’t founded until 1147. So Kiev is older than Moscow by 665 years. ‘Russia’ as a country did not even exist nor was mentioned, until hundreds of years after Kiev and Ukraine was mentioned. It was always called Kievan Rus, a territory that eastwards from Kiev. So this idea of Ukraine being Russia’s ‘little brother’ or whatever is nonsense.

First mention of Ukraine as a country and the oldest surviving chronicle is from 1187 as Krajina which means country and also named Galich Ukraina, nearly 1000 years ago, long before the idea of a country called ‘Russia’.

When Russia captured parts of Ukraine in the late 1700s, they immediately decided to fill it up with Russians and East Slavic peoples who they knew would be more loyal to the Russian leaders than the Ukrainians who already lived there and were pissed off that Russia was colonising them.

The USSR also officially gave Ukraine back control of Crimea in 1954, acknowledging that it was theirs. The only reason Putin tried to grab it back from them in 2014 is because he felt threatened about how Ukraine was forming an alliance with the west (and rightly so, because who wants to live near a psychotic threat like Putin)

No. 1666132

Expands eastwards*

No. 1666137


No. 1666141

His tech is honestly garbage and breaks down all the time. Zelensky shouldn’t even mention this twat because it’s just feeding Musk’s relentless narcissism and desire to be taken seriously (which he should never be, he’s a forced meme and it should stay that way)

No. 1666150

Grimes is literally that girl who couldnt sit with the Cool Asians in school and has never gotten over it.

No. 1666164

File: 1664847048127.gif (1.91 MB, 268x300, 3931EA39-03C4-4AAA-8026-CDBF47…)

>when Crimes wont take a hint and asks you if you want to watch anime and eat sushi together for the hundredth time

No. 1666204

File: 1664848546160.jpeg (165.02 KB, 1152x1160, F726C0EF-EBA5-4F0F-A296-0735F1…)

Grimes literally mentioned in texts to AB that the Russians want Elon dead and that he has to encrypt everything extra securely due to fear of being hacked.

So why is he suddenly tweeting in support of Russians? Do they have dirt on him to blackmail him with? Is he scared they’re going to release his private messages or bank statements and get exposed as a pedo/money launderer/human trafficker? Lol.

No. 1666212

>x country has a bigger population than y country, so we should give x country whatever they want
Holy shit what a moron

No. 1666220

I’m just really fucking grateful he was born in South Africa and can never run for president. Moment of thanks to Mommy Musk for birthing her mutant son in Pretoria rather than the US.

No. 1666255

Lol he’s coping about mobilisation, Russians don’t want this war, barely anyone want to fight, Russian men are fleeing to neighbouring countries en masse, soldiers who have already been conscripted are defecting or forming mutinies. Even his closest aides are turning against him. You can’t have a war if none of your soldiers are willing to fight. All Russians should just say fuck you to Putin and lay down arms, he can try and throw everyone in jail if he wants, try it and the people will rebel, storm his office and he’ll go the same way as the Tsars. The old fuck is 70 now and increasingly senile, he’s on his way out.

No. 1666262

it's americas fault that the war is happening
when soviet union fell they signed a contract to not put former soviet union under nato
trump sent them weapons and obama started it all with the coup and biden was literally in charge of ukrainian policy last term.
they are trying to get rich off of more wars again moron don't look too far back into history it's not relevant where a country got established when it comes to war
it's who gets rich and it's always americans

No. 1666263

Neither of you are wrong. Putin is a senile genocidal old prick who needs to get Romanov’d ASAP, and the Americans are shit stirring and war profiteering as usual.

No. 1666279

Agree with both anons like >>1666263 said. Except >>1666255
>he can try and throw everyone in jail if he wants, try it and the people will rebel, storm his office and he’ll go the same way as the Tsars.
They won't. they all could've said fuck you long time ago, but they didn't. Russian soldiers bitch and moan tthat they don't want to fight and die, but they still have no fucking problem with killing civillians, torturing ppl, raping women and children, stealing shit, and after that boasting on tiktok what they stole today. eventually get blackout drunk somewhere in the back some defunct store. No problem firing rockets. As for civillians, they also had no problem at all in the beginning of the war, not only they refused to believe the war is happening, because ~it's western tv, everybody but Russia is lying~. and when they realized it IS happening, they said "well awesome" and started praising Putin. They had monstrocities like stupid bitches giving their soldier husbands a blessing to rape ukrainian women, as long as they wear a condom cuz you don't know what you can catch, teehee!

I mean sure, there's plenty of people in Russia who don't support war but are too afraid to admit. but the rest acted like total morons all throughout the war, basically givign Putin a blessing, up until they realized russian army sucks and now mobilisation is happening, so suddenly Putin crazy, Putin bad!

I guess they've figured out by now what's going on, but i feel like ppl only change their minds because mobilisation. People say there's gonna be huge rebellion and russians will dump or even kill Putin, but it's never gonna happen. it's just all talk and predictions but no action. No one's gonna start that riot for Russians, they are the ones who can, but it doesn't look like they really want.

No. 1666281

Even better than laying down arms: Russian men should take the guns they are given and turn them back on Putin. Nobody wants this war except Putin, and partly America for financial reasons too. No soldiers = no war. No Putin = no war. It’s up to the Russian men to refuse to fight and rise up against Vlad, and already we’re seeing more and more men rebelling against Putin’s orders, which is great. I hope they storm the Kremlin, give him the Romanov/Gaddafi treatment, if anyone deserves it, it’s him. Putin’s only human and will die one day too. He should be afraid. Young people aren’t willing to die for a little despotic bureaucrat in a suit or a flag anymore, and good.

No. 1666287

Nobody thought French monarchy would get beheaded by the people, or that the Romanovs would be killed, or that Gaddafi and Saddam would be beheaded by rebels. Or that Shinzo Abe would get shot, or that the Sri Lankan presidents house would be stormed. It still happened. We are in an age of awakening now. People aren’t willing to die for their country anymore. This is a global phenomenon. The patriotic fools rush in first and get killed, but nobody else wants to fight. Putin is only one man. He’s a mortal like everyone else. He has so many powerful enemies. His closest allies and friends are even turning on him. It’s only a matter of time before he goes. Russian men don’t even have to take an aggressive or active role in this rebellion, all they need to do is refuse to fight for him. That’s it.

No. 1666289

File: 1664854220776.jpeg (295.46 KB, 1242x574, F3926147-449D-4431-8A6A-BF49FA…)

Lol, Putin and what army?

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