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File: 1692426835544.png (1.53 MB, 1100x1104, thread.png)

No. 1884242

Etheral electronic-alternative hipster musician turned imperialist-friendly space bimbo devoted to whiteknighting Elon Musk and making lame TikToks. Billionaire exploiting his workers and enjoying his cringe celebrity phase.


>Elon (or Grimes) retarded selfposting on 4chan >>1818065, >>1818067, >>1818072, >>1818073

>Grimes tattooes irritated varicose veins/self harm looking shit on her hand >>1818097
>Grimes publishes new self-insert Mary Sue gets sorted to Slytherin and colonizes Mars fanfiction >>1818844, >>1818981, >>1820497
>Grimes goes on Julia Fox podcast, sporting chipped tooth and impressive face botch >>1830346, >>1821586, >>1821587, >>1821592, >>1821595
>Melon poverty LARPs and cries about coming from „lower income situation”, „not having a happy childhood” and how he „never inherited anything from anyone or received any financial gift” >>1822313
>reminder that his own father periodically calls out Elon poverty LARP bullshit and probably keks in private at the newest pity party tweet >>1822638
>Grimes sacrifices her shit voice and music to the gods of AI, immediately regrets it >>1823763
>unsurprisingly, captain NLOG reveales she loves patriarchy >>1824985 what she likes about it is uber, roads and food.
>Melon gets himself fired and introduces a new CEO of Twitter/X, the unbelievable part is it’s a… woman. >>1825359
>in the depths of her cardboard bungalow, Claire undergoes kafkaesque metamorphosis and crawls outside as a praying mantis in a 2014 soft grunge attire >>1827034, >>1827035
>for Meth Day (sorry, Mothers Day) Grimes plans to just put her children in a box and escape to the anime room >>1827329
>Claire scheduled as „actress” for some shitty sci fi movie >>1827740
>chipped meth tooth saga >>1834514, >>1835112 sure Claire, of course you chipped it while „stagediving in Japan” >>1844300
>Elon still thirsting for cartoon lolis >>1835411
>Grimes baits a remaining handful of simps with new CD tracklist >>1838700, then immediately assures them they shouldn’t expect it coming in next 10 years at least >>1839073
>Claire adds fresh „longlife hard working 80 year old with varicose veins” look to her collection >>1839225 except it finally ends up as „14 year old who slashed her legs for Deviantart” >>1839232
>new scratcher tattoos >>1839426
>Grimes new compass tattoo. It actually means „Love me Elon” in marsian >>1844237, >>1844562
>teehee i’m such a madgirl psycho, my terapisthhh said i have liek 20 disorders & i need antipsychotics uwu >>1840948
>also tries very hard to make everyone think she’s an autist >>1843964
>Grimes cancels Copernicus >>1852692, >>1852695
>In a race to destruct Twitter some more, Elon introduces a post viewing limit (600 a day) >>1856696
>Elon stops paying Google Cloud bills >>1856980
>Twitter workers again trying to save his ass but they can’t >>1856981
>Grimes hanging out with alt right eugenic freaks >>1857300
>the pains of being ignored by Elon >>1860358
>apparently Grimes interacting with some child grooming internet cult >>1861194
>Melon tries hard to make his own ChatGPT, a good 6+ months too late >>1863710
>in a properly pain-inducing cringe manner, Claire responds to lolcow, producing highest quality strongest verbal comebacks and truly telling us all off! >>1867780
>Claire gets surrounded by 19/20 year old Asian girls in hopes this will somehow turn her to 19 year old pretty Asian too. >>1868865, >>1868933 Sword whooshing ensues >>1874747
>new horrible I Waanna Be a Software song, new levels of hitting the bottom >>1873582
>Grime in her natural habitat >>1869794
>Grimes crawls out of the house, incidentally wearing… the same dress Amber Heard wore >>1871250, >>1871257
>Claire gains a bit of weight and looks better >>1871260
>the parents of the year reunited! >>1877769
>Grimes back on „I don’t mke people sing NDAs! Poppy lies! Poppy didn’t write anything!” saga >>1877792
>Titanic Sinclair responds, showing there was in fact NDA and implying he and Poppy were involved in songwriting >>1877995 He plans to make a podcast about the whole thing
>two retards Melon Husk and Mark Zuckerberg schedule epic retard fight, but are actually too retarded to get past organization level >>1850993, >>1850995, >>1861169
>Elon asks Khabib Nurmagomedov to train his lard ass, Khabib reasonably refuses >>1878208
>Melon wants appropriate setting for the retard fight (Colosseum) because obviously Zuck leaf slapping Melon across the face is an equivalent of gladiator fight. Somebody please call Ridley Scott. Elon calls to bother Italy’s culture ministers ass with his ideas but Italy’s culture minister politely says to fuck off >>1880090
>yes yes Grimes, X and Y will change the world, because they’re called X and Y >>1880191
>~i love patriarchy and mansplaining~ >>1880424
>we back at it with Azealia Banks >>1882061
>Grimes performs live, the biggest surprise Elon wobbled over at the show to ostentatiously film her and disturb everyone. Third baby in the works? >>1883951, >>1883953, >>1884233


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No. 1884247

The next baby will be called Z. Place your bets now

No. 1884249

But what with the 4th baby though. They will run out of alphabet at this point. And you know Claire will consider A and B too plain and "NPC"

No. 1884251

I really wonder why she doesn't just get a really nice-looking blonde wig of top-tier quality instead of frying her already damaged and thin hair by bleaching it. If she's gonna insist on being blonde in the hopes of being Elon's favorite concubine, she might as well do it properly - she can, I'm assuming, afford it. Why doesn't she just go to a really great hair stylist and ask how she should maintain her hair + get a wig when she's a celebrity??? It looks so lifeless that it makes me wonder how much more bleaching her hair can take, and it actually saddens me that she's continuing to damage the little hair she has left

No. 1884255

looking polished will take away her pseudo nlog schtick she’s been cultivating for more than a decade now. her having a glow up now wouldn’t really make sense and also she would still get roasted for trying. but she should consider at least taking care of her hair. going bald as a female would suck, even if grimes sucks.

No. 1884259

i think the next one will definitely be a boy, or probably male twins because elon loves multiples but he never had any with grimes

No. 1884287

If they actually wanted a unique name for the child, they would call them Y. There are not many names starting with that letter and those that do, are weird

No. 1884417

File: 1692462003078.jpg (388.65 KB, 1080x1462, Picsart_23-08-19_18-17-53-629.…)

This is the very same woman who made fun of Caroline Ellisons looks..
I'm genuinely shocked at how ugly she is in broad daylight

No. 1884422

yo, she looks actual normal weight here. Never thought i'd see the day. She needs to ditch The Fly/mantis glasses though, she gets the Ugly Betty effect.

No. 1884431

she looks so crusty, bogged and washed up. it looks like she was blind picking out her outfit for the day

No. 1884438

File: 1692466477972.png (948.81 KB, 1979x933, ewings.png)

cucumber story looking increasingly likely, this pic also tags 'Deep Blue'

No. 1884440

First thing I noticed too, she looks almost bigger than the asian woman next 2 her kek
It could be the outfit tho, her torso is broad and wide, this long skirt only emphasizes how curveless she really is so idk

No. 1884459

She’s still extremely embarrassed about her botched uneven eyes.

No. 1884462

She’s so fucking ugly lmao.
I mean she was never a looker but she had that uglycute quirky thing going for her. Uglycute only works while you’re young. You can tell she dreads every minute that she’s inching closer to 40. I have a theory she currently hates her face and is going to go full plastic Pete Burns tranny bimbo within a couple years, mark my words.

No. 1884466

KEK I legitimately thought somebody edited her eyes to look like she was wearing glasses with derpy eyes painted on the lenses before I enlarged this image and realized that’s just how this bitch is walking around looking. I feel second hand embarrassment just looking at this. She looks so smelly, imagine being the richest man in the world’s baby mama and not having a stylist when you have such bad taste.

No. 1884505

File: 1692477996980.jpeg (30.74 KB, 180x180, IMG_3463.jpeg)

I thought someone edited her too because it looks absolutely hilarious in the thumbnail. I wonder if she is okay with looking bogged, especially at events like this (hackathon), because it makes her seem more like a legitimate smart nerd. Like if she put effort into her looks, the people she’s trying to impress might write her off as a dumb celebrity? Or she’s just given up.

No. 1884517

Old Mother Hubbard looking bitch lol.

No. 1884532

File: 1692482580988.jpg (156.14 KB, 1080x1226, ynsguw9x0wib1.jpg)

Thanks for making a new thread OP. Good job!

Shivon Zilis posting a picture of her kids was mentioned in the end of the previous thread. Here is the pic with caption. Has she revealed their names or genders yet? It was speculated whether Musk being in Japan with Grimes has something to do with the timing of this post.

No. 1884537

She doesn’t even look ‘bogged’ because the word bogged implies some kind of extreme body modification type bimbo surgery and Claire loves that shit and would take that as a compliment. She wants to look like a Bogdanoff and appear other worldly and alienish, or as a plastic tranny like Amanda Lepore. She actually looks nothing like her original post surgery photo where she genuinely did look bogged and her facelift has dropped but the skin is more uneven now and has left her with strange asymmetrical buggy eyes. It did nothing to make her attractive or younger looking. In fact now Claire is straight up hagsville, like she aged 10 years in one and became naturally uglier. I thought facelifts were supposed to make you look younger and more catlike but she looks dopier, saggier and older.

No. 1884538

I bet Elon has already shunned them for not being naturally blond. I genuinely do believe the man is that shallow.

He’s also probably feeling super old, fat, tired and unsexy right now (all of which he is) and is low on narc supply atm since everyone hates him and it’s no longer cool to be associated with him.

Claire being his most loyal footstool and a fellow ‘how do you do fellow kids’ zoomer skinwalker is his last shot at feeling youthful and desired by someone, he’s probably hoovering her again and will drop her as soon as another blonde 20 year old actress replies to his DMs.(learn2integrate, reddit spacing)

No. 1884554

File: 1692484586280.jpg (142.41 KB, 640x1012, 6tsonrqoorib1.jpg)



No. 1884565

yeah, all this shit was obviously true. not sure why anons couldn't tell. she literally still acts in these ways.

No. 1884577

File: 1692485830775.png (189 KB, 1041x1064, in-his-shadow.png)

Musk's behavior at Grimes dj session was considered very offensive by the Japanese audience. Here is one example. Not only is he blocking the view. Getting on stage with the artist uninvited is not acceptable in Japan.
I understand Musk doesn't care about Grimes music, and this is a business trip for him. He is promoting Starlink and Twitter's new live streaming feature there. However, making a fool of himself is not a good move.

No. 1884702

A very autistic moment for him and it’s hilarious. I wonder if he or grimes have seen any of these tweets of Japanese people roasting him.

No. 1884718

File: 1692494059159.gif (420.13 KB, 200x200, 200.gif)

No. 1884722

all the money in the world and these two are your run-of-the mill crackheads with delusions of grandeur and power fantasies up the ass. i don't feel sorry for either of them for making such fools of themselves. thanks for the new thread OP, good threadpic

No. 1884728

>I bet Elon has already shunned them for not being naturally blond. I genuinely do believe the man is that shallow.

Shivon is half Punjabi Indian but she has big blue eyes, maybe that was "Aryan looking" enough for Elon and he didn't know, kek

No. 1884809

I believe he may have banked her genes for blue eyes because her eyes are an unusually icey and clear blue. However he has a blonde blue eyed aryan fetish and I can 100% see him being pissed at the kids not turning out naturally blonde. So it at least looks like gene editing didn’t take place with Shivons kids.

No. 1884813

I can’t deal with these frumpy ugly 40 year old silicon valley freaks who try to dress like they’re still in high school(sage your shit)

No. 1884816

It’s honestly depressing that Elon is so rich yet both him and Claire both look like shit. If even billionaire scrotes look like fat bloated pig crap and their 35 year old escorts look like haggard 65 year old grandmothers there’s really no hope in terms of anti ageing or anti obesity cures is there? And this is despite Claire ranting about all the supplements she takes and still looks like hammered shit. Depressing

No. 1884819

I don’t think Elon gene edited any of his kids tbh, they’re all too ugly and he’s too much of a tightarse to splurge that much money on it imo. If he was going to try and create the perfect spawn I’d assume he’d choose someone with far better genes than that ugly neanderthal blobfish nose Claire. He probably just wants to give the illusion of being so powerful and rich that he can choose whatever his kids will come out like and Claire is obsessed with Dune so she probably loves the whole gene editing mystique surrounding Paul in that movie.

No. 1884821

Sage for severe autism but tbf Paul isn’t gene edited, his family was just slowly bred over time like a show dog breed. So Muskrat is attempting the same thing with his progeny lmao, too bad his sperg genetics are too overpowering.

No. 1884826

CRISPR gene editing costs around $2 million a pop. However there’s still a ton of flaws in their methods especially if you want multiple edits, so it’s risky and can end up deleting whole sequences and parts of chromosomes etc which can lead to pretty bad outcomes. Its not like simply removing a letter of the DNA code with tiny tweezers and inserting another thing in its place, it’s quite inaccurate to perform and a lot can go wrong. I’ve seen Grimes asskissing the Chinese quite a lot on Twitter and stuff and Elon has travelled to China quite a bit in the last few years so it does make me wonder if he’s been contacting unethical crispr labs about this stuff. I also don’t think they’ve actually done gene editing however, but it’s probably something Elon is interested in.

No. 1884830

I refuse to believe Elon gene edited his offspring simply because he’s a narc who can’t stand the idea of being looks, intelligence, height and lifemogged by his own son kek.

No. 1884834

I remember Claire talking about elf ear body mods and how crispr could make them a thing but that she was sad that she was ‘born a few generations too early’ and that was only last year so I assume even they know it’s not really feasible or far too risky in its current stages. The gene editing thing is a tinfoil imo. But the other neuralink cofounder guy does have a new startup company full of crispr engineers.

No. 1884836

Tbh her supplement regimen is pretty decent. But mixing that with various illicit uppers and 20+ years of anachanning, filler migration, likely non existent skincare routine, bad hygiene in general, and having gone through a pregnancy in her 30s? when she had always been an unhealthy anachan ? That’s what you get.

No. 1884839

You don’t have to be rich to look good at 35/55 nona, literally just don’t eat like a pig or spend 20 hours a day sitting at the computer (like Elon does) or being an anorexic vegan meth addict since your teens (like Claire). Literally just take care of your body and eat healthy and don’t do drugs or lead a sedentary lifestyle and you’ll age well no matter what.

No. 1884840

Oh and not getting botched plastic surgery and fillers helps too.

No. 1884853

I doubt she even does half the shit she namedropped, just like her supposed ‘1000 square foot infrared sauna’ she had installed in her ‘studio’ (aka that shitty little moldy box room she had her shein lights and wish furniture set up in lol).

No. 1884854

Just like her ‘blue light omitting eye implants’.

No. 1884862

What’s the point in pretending to be a ‘wellness’ fanatic if you’re going to constantly do drugs, eat either nothing or pure crap like McDonalds and spaghetti, swallow 10 grams of Chinese lipgloss every day trying to overdraw your ugly ass overfilled lips, dye your lymph nodes with tattoo ink, inhale fumes at the nail salon and pour carcinogenic chemicals all over your head every week?

No. 1884871

For a sec I thought the love me Elon tattoo was real lol. Also anyone else think she didn’t actually chip her tooth doing anything but it just broke off/rotted because she was grinding her teeth so hard or has bad hygiene? Her teeth are all yellowish and see through at the bottoms. She doesn’t even cut her toenails regularly so I can see her neglecting her mouth.

No. 1884925

Is this like her mom cosplay? Kek. I just get the impression she's "uglying" herself so she looks more "serious" as a mom.

No. 1884928

Tinfoil upstairs is that she ate shit on an adderall bender. Can’t confirm but she was for sure stage diving in Japan. And that’s how it happened.

No. 1884934

they already named the daughter Y. X and Y. like the sex chromosomes. haha so funny

No. 1884957

>Can’t confirm but she was for sure stage diving in Japan. And that’s how it happened.
She wasn't. Back at the time she claimed she stage dived in Japan, she was in America. She had no Japanese tour/dj set scheduled and i very much doubt she dumped her kids in a box and went to… i'm sorry, let me correct myself. I don't doubt she dumped her kids in a box and left, but i doubt she just went to Japan for 1 day for some random band?artist? gig, pushed to the front, wobbled onstage intact, and then stage dived. She never mentioned the artists name. The Japanese DJ set with Melon happened after that.

The only believable thing in all of this for me is that yeah, she'd absolutely chip her tooth, and not only because nobody would catch her diving. cause nobody likes her in Japan lol.

No. 1885001

i think ayrt was being sarcastic

No. 1885015

Why would she even stage dive? She is not a rock artist, there is simply no hype or expectation from the audience for that, she has no personality for it, and it has never happened before. I know it's obvious, but it's such a ridiculous lie, something a child would make up. Imagine being a Japanese fan reading that explanation and thinking "when were you in Japan?". She damn well knew no one would ask that

No. 1885108

I was. Thought it was pretty obvious

No. 1885141

i agree with you that she does not take care of herself at all, but that bitch was not vegan. she is not a credible source of information (lies about everything) & she said she was "like vegan" and ate "only spaghetti for a year" in ONE interview. as if her anachan ass has ever looked at spaghetti. she just wants to sound quirky and is always on drugs she will actually just say whatever comes to mind like >>1884853 and >>1884854 have said

the "stage diving incident" cracks me up too much. she was better off saying nothing about the chipped tooth.
you are right, it actually sounds like something a child would make up. she wasn't in japan, her brittle-boned ass would never and has never staged dived, especially in her condition now. in all of her performances she just jumps around like a tard. you know she was on drugs tweeting it and thought she would sound super cool. iirc, she deleted that tweet later right? kek.

No. 1885168

File: 1692555698730.jpeg (214.37 KB, 943x1024, F30r-tyXQAAve0c.jpeg)

Here is the pic in better quality. I am surprised, it seems like the twins are one boy, one girl. One is wearing blue and a more masculine cowboy hat, the other appears to be wearing pink and pink bows on her hair. Interesting timing to post this, for sure. I think something's going on with Grimes and Elon, they probably either had a baby recently or have a currently pregnant surrogate again.

No. 1885175

Well then pardon my autism anon. guess the 30+ degree heat is badly impacting my comprehension today

No. 1885193

Why does it have to have anything to do with Elon and Claire?

No. 1885195

We all know it never happened you can move on from that now nona.

No. 1885211

>Uglycute only works when you're young
other girls that uglycute just disappear into thin air as soon as they show any signs of aging

No. 1885223

When are they going to go to mars and get blown up during launch? I’m so tired of these two faggots(non-contribution)

No. 1885279

I hope it has nothing to do with Elon+Grimes. Shivon is actually smart. She is a real scientist unlike her baby daddy. It's a shame she fell for one of Musk's many scams.

Musk is practically a cult leader. Making IVF babies with young women, promising to take them to Mars and making them the Martian Eve. Wtf? He sure as hell ain't taking them to Mars but he might make them drink the kool-aid.

No. 1885323

It would actually make him smarter imo if the Mars thing is just a red herring and he used it to manipulate a bunch of dumb sperg women into having his kids lol. Also you can buy blonde blue eyed womens eggs from Eastern Europe for like 200 dollars so I don’t know why he doesn’t just do that instead of cursing these poor kids with double sperg genes.(forgot to sage again)

No. 1885335

Grimes herself said even if they do go to mars it’ll be in like 15 years minimum so she’ll be at least 50 which will make Melon almost 70 (if the fat fuck even lives that long) they already both look like they’re falling apart at the seams so just imagine those two decrepit uggos going into space at that time kek.

No. 1885338

She’s not a scientist. She’s never been a scientist. She’s probably posting these pics to get them out on her own terms before they are revealed in that biography about Musk that Walter Isaacson is releasing next month. She’s been posting a lot more on Twitter lately so maybe there is some unflattering things about her in the book and she’s trying to get ahead of it. I wouldn’t call her smart considering she had the cult leader’s kids and works at his companies.

No. 1885342

This, nonas in the thread really need to get off Shivon’s dick. She’s also a massive fucking pickme and recently just quit her OpenAI position after Elon bitched the company out on twitter. She’s a willing moronic slave just like Grimey, nothing admirable about that woman except she may be 30 IQ points smarter than Claire (which isn’t saying much).(if you're not sageing then at least post screenshots)

No. 1885353

Sage for blogpost but I feel so sad when I listen to her music from Visions and Darkbloom. Everything from that time just feels so fake and rotten now even though it felt real at the time. Even back then I could tell she was kind of a not like other girls type girl but I guess like a lot of other people I was taken in by her sweet seeming sperginess. I always thought she was such a talented creative feminist artist but it turns out she was just a narcissistic mean girl who bullied people over their looks, stole all her ideas from others, had random guys write all her music for her, swallowed the pretentious LA asshole koolaid and became a pathetic scrotum-lifter pickme as soon as she met Elon and started trying to be as controversial and insufferable as possible to stay relevant. It’s just disappointing.

No. 1885390

lol, how is she a scientist? she studied philosophy and economics. she is a venture capitalist with no stem degree or experience in the industry who got the job at neuralink who knows how. she is exactly like elon - money and connections turn them into "scientists" while actual smart people work for them and produce results

No. 1885392

nona, i feel you. really well-said. i was a long-time fan until the whole communist manifesto publicity stunt along with the cringe instagram post where she wrote about gaming and crypto-currency along with the communist manifesto pics. the whole thing read like schizobabble.
her rapist friend took those photos and it was so obviously a photoshoot. i was pretty floored. and i feel like you summed it up really well. i thought she was a bit of a tryhard, and a pretentious hipster at most. she definitely had the wool pulled over a lot of people's eyes for a long time. she is a disappointment, and it's clear as day to me now just how nasty and insufferable she is, and how low she will go for any crumbs of attention

>turns out she was just a narcissistic mean girl who bullied people over their looks, stole all her ideas from others, had random guys write all her music for her, swallowed the pretentious LA asshole koolaid and became a pathetic scrotum-lifter pickme as soon as she met Elon and started trying to be as controversial and insufferable as possible to stay relevant

honestly, 100%
her latest "song" is more proof that she never actually worked on her songs kek

No. 1885395

Her degrees are in economics and philosophy. She does have a pretty impressive resume though so I’m sure she’s adequate in her field and probably works a lot harder than Elon does. According to wiki she’s director of ops for Neuralink and was a project manager or something at Tesla.

What’s interesting to me on wiki is that it says when she changed her kids’ last names to Musk, they were registered as living in the same address in Austin. Someone on Reddit recently posted them hanging out together/training to fight Zuck with GSP in what I’m guessing is their home? I have a tinfoil that Shivon did something recently to make him mad, he’s being petty by publicly giving his attention to the other sisterwife (Grimes). Until grimes pisses him off, then he’ll do something else to humiliate her like make more babies with Shivon or another woman. Endless cycle of narc chaos

No. 1885413

I’m actually surprised they missed the chance to name the child Yvain after Scott Alexander’s LessWrong username kek

No. 1885414

If she pisses him off enough she will find herself without a job. I guess at that point she can file for child support but she won’t be respected in any future career because everyone thinks she slept with the boss. I don’t think that’s her house I remember seeing pics of it online at the time and it doesn’t look like the style. I think it is Lex’s house.
Shivon is a gross pickme who has adopted all of Elon’s interests like Dune and Japanese culture stuff. I wonder if she has any female friends who aren’t in Elon’s circle. Maybe she is antagonizing Grimes by posting pics of her kids but Grimes knows whether or not she was Elon’s concubine and could out her so it seems like a stupid strategy. I kind of root for Grimes in this situation because Shivon comes across as duplicitous.

No. 1885420

Claire and Shivon remind me of Esther and Joan from the Bell Jar in a way, of course Claire and Shivon have less than half the brain of either.

No. 1885457

That was a satire article

No. 1885458

Stage diving in Japan is the wildest lie you could make up, especially for someone who has done shows in Japan. Japanese people would never in a million years catch you.

No. 1885504

Ronan Farrow is dropping something big on Musk tomorrow. He seems to specialize in #MeToo so this should be good! Perhaps this is why Shivon has been posting photos and more to twitter and praising random people she works with.(post screenshots if you're gonna bump the thread)

No. 1885507

And also why Elon has been with Claire publicly.

No. 1885529

Pardon me for being out of the loop but. Who are Lex, GSP and Scott Alexander?

No. 1885536

I think you’re right especially about the last part, something weird is going on between Elon and Shivon right now. I also suspected he’s playing off Shivon and Claire right now and Claire is his most faithful doormat and surefire source of supply right now. Idk why but I also find it kind of funny that even though he’s so rich the only women who he can find to tolerate his bullshit long term are a 4/10 clusterbee sperg like Claire and a 6/10 aspie lady like Shivon, and even they are constantly malding and mad at him. What a mess.

No. 1885542

Where did you see this? I haven’t seen anything alluding to it.

I used to think it was a sexist tinfoil when people said that she didn’t write her own music and got moids to do it for her but god her music really has gone to absolute dogshit in the past few years since her ghostwriters cut her off, like srs wtf is this latest sissy hypno beat garbage it’s almost unlistenable, and her DJ set (that she’s been playing over and over for the last year straight) is also super simplistic looped techno garbage that just about anyone could write.

I wonder if she actually wrote or meaningfully contributed to writing any of her own music at all besides the ‘baby I need you, oh baby baby’ lyrical stuff (which has been a mainstay of her music since the very beginning and I believe is her input for sure, but I don’t think the melodies and hooks were her creation) I also always found it weird how the explanations and many of her concepts for songs, artwork and albums etc were quite cerebral yet her lyrics are always so brain-dead. There’s like a huge gap between her supposed ‘ideas’ and how she executes them so stupidly and simplistically that’s quite sus and makes it feel like they’re mostly plagiarized.

No. 1885556

File: 1692602490405.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1179x7723, C26A1BDD-3119-4C2E-A5AE-325F41…)

Claire’s supplement routine was a troll and a joke, shes even admitted it before. Her brother wrote it or something.

The treavor story was really interesting for those who have followed, i want to find the book where he wrote a character based off her. This isnt the first time she was accused of being a bully either.

No. 1885568

I figured it was a joke when she started writing about the ahpc nonsense and talking about having a 1000 square foot infrared sauna installed. We all saw her room and ‘studio’ she doesn’t even have a closet and it was all cheap wish crap lol, anyone who follows that lifestyle should look much better than claire does, her terrible appearance is a testament to her shit lifestyle and lack of self care.(sage )

No. 1885577

If you look up Claire’s social stats it’s blatantly obvious she buys followers and views too.

Her total daily youtube views fluctuate from like 50K views one day to 500K+ views the next day and vice versa, and this is when she’s not releasing content. Also looks like she’s haemorrhaging followers and subscribers but for instance, on August 8th she had less than 50K YouTube views then suddenly gained 10,000 subs and had 500K YouTube views in one day for no reason on August 9th lol (her shit new single was released on July 29th and she hasn’t released anything else on her main so I can’t see any reason for it other than she bought views)

No. 1885578

Oh yeah and within a day or two it was back down to 60K average daily views so yeah she 100% is botting/buying views lol.
Also just look at how low her interactions are on twitter and stuff. 1.3 million followers but usually only has a few hundred likes and is lucky if she gets a few thousand likes on even her most attention seeking and headline baiting tweets.

No. 1885590

Lex Fridman is some nerd with a podcast that likes to suck up to Elon and Claire. GSP is an extremely famous MMA fighter who I guess Elon paid to train him for a day in an attempt to scare Zuck. Idk about the other one.

No. 1885594

>sissy hypno beat garbage
Kek why is that so accurate. I love how when she’s called out for it she was just like “Sorry guys I just really love dance music now!”. So your goal is to make music that’s less interesting/appealing than your previous music? Nobody is buying it. Either there was a ghost writer(s), or she has damaged the creative portion of her brain with too many drugs.

No. 1885607

She has always been a flop and she was never making numbers besides for Oblivion, and I wouldn't exactly consider that one a hit either. She was never really a successful artist and she caused her few existing fans to leave by acting obnoxious, now no one likes her and she has to buy views. She can't top 10k views in her latest single ffs

No. 1885620

It's funny he left Justine, looked for similar-looking women to replace her and who broke up with him and after Amber he just gave up and went for random women willing to put up with his shit

No. 1885641

>her DJ set
it's not hers, she is just playing remixes of her songs created by others or songs literally composed by others such as Boris Brejcha or deadmau5. she probably didn't even create the playlist. My theory is that i_o was working with her on MA and Book 1, but since he overdosed, she can't do anything

No. 1885646

He pushed his luck with Justine, and Amber was his Waterloo. Amber mindbroke him, literally lol. They were both Stacies way out of his league and Elon realized he couldn’t break them down and control them like he wanted to. Talulah’s self esteem was also high, she could outwit him and he couldn’t master how to control her fully either because he was intimidated by her confidence and her ability to constantly but subtly tease and neg him (you can see this even in their early interviews). Guess he decided to lower his standards and go for needier, aspier and less attractive women with low self esteem who would be easier to manipulate.

No. 1885678

I always thought he tried to transform Grimes into Talulah/Amber with style and surgeries. It never worked and he ended the relationship promptly after.
Grimes isn't glamorous or desirable she's merely his nerdy fuckbuddy that gives him kids. Trust me, he's still looking for his high IQ stacy, and grimes knows this too

Does anyone think she was in rehab? Looks like she gained at leat 10 pounds while looking extremely miserable, she must be sober kek

No. 1885704

File: 1692628204406.jpeg (53.93 KB, 500x500, 3E9BD62E-8146-4D36-9D8A-F36382…)

I think you are right, but I do like to think that Geidi Primes was all her. They record is really bare bones synth stuff with her intelligible singing. The written material on Art Angels I also think is her as well, because a moid could not have the capacity to write from a woman’s perspective like stuff from “world princess.”

I honestly think that Claire does not care about music anymore. And I think bad health and drug habits have probably corroded her brain. She’s okay with releasing brain rot garbage, she doesn’t care about artistry or have a shred of dignity. Her interests are elsewhere now.

No. 1885830

Yep the whole reason he got with Claire is because she looks like Talulah’s uglier retarded sister. I do see a slight resemblance (weirdly I think she looks more like Sandy than Claire) but Talulah just somehow manages to be prettier than Claire especially after her nose job (and boob job?) plus her body looked way better and she just is naturally feminine and built slim-curvy compared to Claire who is built like Randall. And she is also much more charming even if she is an annoying pickme. He 100% tried to make her into a Talulah clone but Claire isn’t even a fixer upper she’s just cursed with very unfortunate looking genes and no amount of surgery could make her into a Stacy. Plus she’ll always be predisposed to her desperate pathetic bpd behaviour, ugly shein swamp hag style and her overall grotty nosepicker aesthetic. Can’t polish a turd like Claire.(learn to sage)

No. 1885846

The Ronan article just dropped today. Can read the full thing for yourself here


TL;DR elongated muskrat definitely never should've been given control over anything more complex than a microwave TV dinner.

>musk providing internet access to ukranians during the war via spacex

>developed using starlink technology to prevent russian ddos attacks
>in usual muskrat fashion muskrat complains about the costs and threatens to yank the technology if not given more dough
>musk starts siding with putin

>at a conference in Aspen attended by business and political figures, Musk even appeared to express support for Vladimir Putin. “He was onstage, and he said, ‘We should be negotiating. Putin wants peace—we should be negotiating peace with Putin,’ ” Reid Hoffman, who helped start PayPal with Musk, recalled. Musk seemed, he said, to have “bought what Putin was selling, hook, line, and sinker.”

>A week later, Musk tweeted a proposal for his own peace plan, which called for new referendums to redraw the borders of Ukraine, and granted Russia control of Crimea, the peninsula recognized by most nations, including the United States, as Ukrainian territory.
>suddenly starlink stops working for ukranians
>Musk said that he was looking at his laptop and could see “the entire war unfolding” through a map of Starlink activity.
>“This was, like, three minutes before he said, ‘Well, I had this great conversation with Putin,’ ” the senior defense official told Ronan Farrow.

other means of control:
>spacex is now sole provider for nasa's space missions
>government has been relying more on muskrat technology
>In a podcast interview last year, Musk was asked whether he has more influence than the American government.
>He replied immediately, “In some ways.” Reid Hoffman told me that Musk’s attitude is “like Louis XIV: ‘L’état, c’est moi.’ ”
>muskrat owning twitter
>muskrat launching company based on artificial intelligence
>Sam Altman, the C.E.O. of OpenAI, with whom Musk has both worked and sparred, told me, “Elon desperately wants the world to be saved. But only if he can be the one to save it.”
>article rehashing muskrat's past as a nepotistic brat and his business ventures prior to spacex etc etc

>some figures in the aerospace world, even ones who think that Musk’s rockets are basically safe, fear that concentrating so much power in private companies, with so few restraints, invites tragedy.

>“At some point, with new competitors emerging, progress will be thwarted when there’s an accident, and people won’t be confident in the capabilities commercial companies have,” Bridenstine said. “I mean, we just saw this submersible going down to visit the Titanic implode. I think we have to think about the non-regulatory environment as sometimes hurting the industry more than the regulatory environment.”
>poor safety regulations of tesla's self driving feature and musks aversion to safety in genrr discussed
>"Musks personal wealth dwarfs the entire budget of OSHA…"
>“There’s a lot of underreporting in industry in general. And Elon Musk kind of seems to raise that to an art form.”

>how musk bought twitter

>in texts later disclosed during the Twitter-acquisition process, Musk’s ex Talulah Riley expressed frustration with the development and urged him to purchase Twitter to “fight woke-ism.”
>musk implied that the Allen shooting and bellingcat journalism group was a psyop
>muskrat firing half of overall twitter employees
>muskrat being sued by several twitter employees for paying them no severance and improper and informal methods of terminating them
>muskrat harassed and dug up ancient tweets from over a decade ago to troll employee who resigned

>talk of muskrat's speculated drug addiction and abuse of ketamine and ambien

>muskrat really wanted openai for his own
>Musk left the company in 2018, reneging on a commitment to further fund OpenAI, one of the individuals involved told me.
>“Basically, he goes, ‘You’re all a bunch of jackasses,’ and he leaves.”
>musk signs petition opposing development and calling to pause the escalation of artificial intelligence technology
>then starts developing his own ai
>“I will create a third option, although starting very late in the game of course,” he told the Washington Post. “That third option hopefully does more good than harm.”

No. 1885920

We’ve already gone over pretty much every single one of these points weeks/months ago in detail in past threads. Looks like Ronan’s been lurking.

>tfw farmers unironically make better journalists and researchers than actual journalists/researchers


No. 1885936

He loses me at getting into the Covid and trans shit, this makes me more sympathetic to musk. Many private individuals are more powerful that the government, are we going to condemn all of them or is this just internecine fighting between elites with different ideologies. If anything, musks desire to be liked makes him more willing to compromise with the public than someone like thiel or rothblatt. Is ronan pritzker funded?

No. 1885945

The ketamine concern troll quote is so ironic considering you can scroll Instagram and tiktok and get targeted ads selling you ketamine infusion clinics in your area as life saving mental health care. Musk sucks but this piece is from the greater evil who are guilty of the exact same things

No. 1885951


No. 1885953

Elon Musk is not more powerful than the government KEK he’s an impotent little nerd trying to start over on Mars because everyone pokes fun and calls him a fat faggot on earth

No. 1885960

muskrat is a textbook narcissist.

No. 1885966

Lol Ronan Farrow lurking here? This info has all been in the news, all over Reddit, etc. It’s not unique info to lolcow threads kek

No. 1885996

Read the article, the US government had to rely on his corporations technology to keep Ukraine online and representatives admitted it was an uncomfortable situation that a private individual had that much power.

No. 1886060

Narcissism rivaling elons

No. 1886078

Ronan farrow expose kim jerry challenge

No. 1886089

I don't buy the tinfoils that her work wasn't made by her, what I do buy is that there are definitely sampled works (e.g. So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth samples Lorn's Mercy, My Name is Dark samples the kick drum from SGL by Now, Now, 4aem samples a Bollywood track I can't remember) which give a lot of structure to her work. Even earlier there are straight samples e.g. Rasik (extra track from Halfaxa) originally samples from Rasik Balma in Chori Chori, a Bollywood film from 1956. Samples aren't bad, samples comprise a majority of Daft Punk's ouevre, and I do think the scrutiny on how much is 'her' is there more because of her being female but also because she did emphasise that female-first producer aesthetic. She has always been DIY and kind of sucky and she's never been a popstar and I think her aesthetic of the past ~4 years has not worked with that. I enjoy reading this thread because I like Grimes' artistic output and I find her funny and now horrifying.

The real explanation for her recent output isn't the disappearance of ghostwriters, it's because she's sold out. It's as simple as that to me. I don't think you need a tinfoil to explain why her music isn't interesting. She's collaborating openly with other producers and her work has suffered because I think her role on the most recent album is more curatorial (which is still a form of production) but it is much, much less interesting. She's more interested in the presentation of ideas less than she is the substance because she's in a comfortable enough position where she doesn't need to work for it anymore.

As someone familiar with Grimes' discography, I really don't think she was getting someone else to do it because some of it is just bad and you can see a clear development across Geidi Primes to later albums, to the point I'd argue her new music is overproduced and unoriginal. I think she scored her singular hit with Oblivion because it seemed to resonate with people at that point in indie time but it never represented her entire output. Most of Visions is not very good (imo it's probably only stronger than Geidi by a bit) and it shows that it was made quickly, so I believe her on that. Then once you get into the finer stuff like the guitar in AA evolving into Delete Forever, I think the case of tinfoiling she didn't make it doesn't make sense when you listen to her music beyond Oblivion. (Also, when it comes to Darkbloom and contrasting her production aesthetic with D'eon's - it's a collaborative EP - his is really not that good or similar to her. I don't like that EP).

I find it much sadder that a female producer sold out.

No. 1886101

you are perhaps too smart to be posting in the "is ronan pritzker funded?" thread but A+ analysis and post

No. 1886107

fully 100% agree. the whole narrative that she didn’t do any of her music at all and it’s all credited to who she was dating at the moment is really cringe and misogynist imo.
Like you said, she just sold out and like the other anon, she doesn’t care about music much. Even in her recent interview she said, she doesn’t have an interest in being a “pop star” anymore. She bagged a billionaire boyfriend and had his kids, why try anymore when you are pretty much set in life, even if it’s little scraps of affection from muskrat.
That’s all it really is.

No. 1886134

File: 1692678458689.jpeg (451.06 KB, 828x818, IMG_0953.jpeg)

On one hand it’s kind of incredible to me that anons aren’t embarrassed to announce how out of touch they are, but on the other hand the image attached to that article is like the epitome of lolcow shitposting so I just don’t know.

No. 1886144

Why was the article hyped here?

No. 1886155

Come to think of it, yes. I was laughing at the absurdity of the pic when I first saw it

I'm the one who summarized it. I generally like Ronan's work kek

Even if you don't like Ronan's stuff, he reaches a wider audience. Small time internet deep divers may do a lot but outside there how many people actually see them as authorities and will listen to what they say? Until someone in authority says it's true you feel like you just get called deluded for saying it by normies who refuse to burst their own bubble. Then those same normies cow tow when they hear someone in authority regurgitate and rephrase what those underneath the surface said all along. Like it sucks but I like seeing there be more awareness to the malicious and creepy side of Musk's douchiness and not just him as a meme and the controlling idiot who sunk twitter

No. 1886182

I think all of her music is shitty and if there's anything good,she always ruins it with her babbly googoogaga toddler lisping in a diaper voice anyway (My Name Is Dark, Violence as recent random examples, but it goes on). I have no idea if she ever wrote anything on her own, but i believe other people are responsible for more than 50% of texture of her songs (why using NDA contracted ghostwriters? Why? Why if she's allegedly able to write on her own?) But if we throw away all that and assume she wrote her stuff, then there's nothing shocking about it either. Artists just go to shit over time - happens to majority of them. They peak with something and suddenly their output quality spirals down and aren't able to produce anything good or even remotely similar to their best works. Then they age, hire stuckup narc cunts like Mark Ronson to quickly boil a hit for them and "save their careers" etc etc.
My opinion is she was once able to compose, had other people fill up the blanks/make it better production wise, then she just stopped being creative. Burning out, depression, lack of interest, wanting too much but not happening, brain fry, choosing to chase fame - all of that as a reason, probably. Maybe she just chooses listening to mainsplaining over music nowadays.

No. 1886250

Except no one said her boyfriends wrote music for her? People were saying someone else was creating for her because her music got noticeably worse after she dumped Jamie. She can't use her gear during live shows or does something extremely basic and keeps telling people to sign NDAs which led people to believe she steals from collaborators.
>She bagged a billionaire boyfriend and had his kids, why try anymore when you are pretty much set in life
yeah, because the only thing a woman can possibly want is to get a rich boyfriend and have kids with him. especially wealthy woman like her. all she did before melon was just to kill time before becoming his concubine. what you wrote isn't even true, she isn't set in life - he gives her some pocket money until the children are adults and they aren't married

No. 1886268

>yeah, because the only thing a woman can possibly want is to get a rich boyfriend and have kids with him.

I didn’t say that as if that’s the only thing that women want. I said that because it seems to me that it is what Claire wanted. Stop making generalizations. And yes, people did say that whoever she was dating helped contribute to her music. I remember reading that on tumblr.

No. 1886395

I don’t have a real hypothesis either way but it’s really intellectually dishonest to say that people’s suspicions regarding her ex are based in misogyny. There are legitimate reasons people believe that.. When her music quality was consistent, nobody thought this way. It’s literally people speculating on why she went to shit seemingly overnight, not assuming that she could’ve never made good music because she’s a woman. Maybe elsewhere on the internet, but it’s ridiculous to say that here. Not to be petty but one could also insinuate that it’s misogynistic to say her motivation to succeed was drained just because she had babies with a rich guy.

No. 1886398

And btw I don’t think Jamie really did much if anything personally. I’ve heard his music and it didn’t strike me as good enough to be her sole ghost producer/writer.

No. 1886449

I'm p sure grimes lurks and posts here.

No. 1886453

>in texts later disclosed during the Twitter-acquisition process, Musk’s ex Talulah Riley expressed frustration with the development and urged him to purchase Twitter to “fight woke-ism.”
so he did the Twitter nuke because of Talulah?
JUST BECAUSE HE WANTED TO IMPRESS HIS EX-WIFE he ruined a billion-dollar company, a number of people lost their jobs, etc?
This is the most beta thing I have ever witnessed.
And also proof to the fact that he's still after her and all the other women are just substitutes.

No. 1886457

Imagine if Grimes asked him to nuke some site bc they posted her botched candids or something. Grimes could never

No. 1886467

She was the one that got away kek

No. 1886472

Twice married, no kids. Elon is seething over her

No. 1886486

File: 1692738787533.png (132.62 KB, 1137x652, elonmabpd.png)

I genuinely feel bad that she let this man destroy her self-esteem. Based on what she's said about him and he's said about himself, I wouldn't be surprised if he had episodes of uncontrollable narcissistic rage where he would project all of his own shortcomings onto her, because he prob knows she loathes herself enough to accept it. She should've been based like Amber and given him temporary BPD by not being such a pushover (pic rel).

No. 1886509

>implying that Musk's BPD is temporary

Also OT but are you a Slav, nona? I saw your image filename.

No. 1886559

Agree. What’s funny is that Talulah really played up the whole childish pickme thing to a crazy degree. Talked about how she’d always wanted 10 kids since she was a child herself and how she would draw pictures of 10 little blonde children in school that she wished were her family. How when she was at private school they watched a video about tying your hair up with a ribbon and looking pretty for your husband when he comes home from work, and how she thought that was lovely. How she was a virgin and wanted to give her virginity to Elon. How she’s terribly shy and introverted, how she just wanted to be a mother and wife, how she has never drank alcohol and ‘has the taste buds of a child, I can only sip fruit juice and creamy hot chocolate’ kek (despite meeting Elon at a bar). Elon really fell for it hook line and sinker. She’s also very good at negging him with that big Cheshire Cat grin the whole time, you see her make some sly digs at him even during their press interviews. She was very cunning and crafty, played Elon like a fiddle and never ruined her life with his shitty ugly spawn.

No. 1886560

The typical narc moid conundrum.
>When you want a glamorous trophy wife to show off and get external validation from, who is also an absolute doormat who worships you and gives you endless narcissistic supply, but at the same time you get bored with that and want someone to play push and pull with you because if she submits to easily to you, you are disgusted by her and think she’s lesser than you, but if she doesn’t worship you enough you get bored and cheat
This is why they’ll never be happy, and that’s a good thing.

No. 1886602

seconding these nonas, the accusation that she didn't make her own music is pretty dumb and misogynistic given how nebulous the evidence is. creative collaboration can exist without it meaning the man involved did all the work too.

No. 1886622

Claire cope, she didn’t write her own music.(hi cow)

No. 1886673

it's not impossible that she would have produced most of her earlier work herself. as she started working on bigger projects, it wouldn't have been a big deal to have gotten help from others, but she painted herself into a corner by claiming to compose and produce 100% of her music, and also play every instrument in every song. she claimed to have taught herself how to play all the instruments on artangels, including the violin. i started wondering about it after following her on twitter for a while back in the artangels days. she sounded so dumb. i remember when she tweeted that her music (after artangels and before MA iirc) would take longer to come out because she didn't buy beats and did everything herself. by her own standards of super special lone producer, that's the bare minimum. it just struck me as odd that she made it a point to repeat it so often. her best work was at the very least polished by a team. she seems to have a hard time materialising ideas by herself, or she can't wait to be praised for it so she talks about it too soon. e.g. book I, the AR musical she was "working on", the NPC digital girl group, the novel, the loona vocals she claimed to have but never used. I definitely don't believe a troon is the mastermind behind her best work, though. her style changed as the people around her changed. the tumblr feminist thing was popular at the time and she built a fanbase around that. a lot of her fans were disappointed when she started dating elon bc she stopped being "the old grimes" but that person never existed. I'm really fond of some of her music still and I wish she were actually as passionate about music as she pretends to be. she reached madonna levels of botched has been before she even hit 40.

No. 1886696

To clarify she did say that she played all the instruments on art angels, but she also said she didn’t learn them classically or anything. If you listen to how she used them, it’s very minimal. Anyone can pick up a violin and play a few notes with the bow, without actually learning to play classically. Same thing with the guitar, the bits where there was guitar, it was just like three chords over and over. Anyone can do that, so I do believe that she did play those instruments despite not know how to “play” them.
It’s not unusually for musicians to use an instrument as a vehicle for sound, than using them in a virtuosic way.

I still believe she wrote and produced all her albums up until art angels

No. 1886704

it isn't misogynistic to think she didn't make her music when there's actual evidence to support that claim. i think woman can be talented and creative artists who can do great art through a large variety of means. claire is just not one of them
you say the evidence is "nebulous" but i disagree. it has been known she makes people sign NDAs.

isn't just men writing these songs for her either. there are several NDAs she has had woman sign as well. men and woman alike have been helping claire's career. again, there are many, many talented artistic woman, claire is not.

No. 1886717

The real reason is so blatant. The timeline correlates perfectly with when she started simping for Elon. She said he 'pushes her' to be better which essentially translates to breaking her into thinking exactly like him. Please someone find that recent quote where she straight up says he has old-world discipline. Dude fried her brain further and this bitch is toasted, crispy, gone.

No. 1886755

whatever happened to Poppy NDA by the way. Recently Grimes was bitching Poppy this, Poppy that, Poppy attention whore, and then Tits crawled out of his depths of self-pity and desperation, and going against his deep seated hatred he took Poppy's side and posted a screen of NDA. And Grimes ignored this i guess? I was hoping for a bigger NDA drama saga tbh.

No. 1886856

>I said that because it seems to me that it is what Claire wanted
And why does it seem like that to you? She kept making music and performing after they became a couple. Why do you assume music wasn't her passion and that all she cared about was getting a rich boyfriend and alimony?
>And yes, people did say that whoever she was dating helped contribute to her music
Because Jamie posted a rant about how he helped her for years and got no credit for it and that he had to sign a NDA. So people suspected he can't talk openly about helping her with production or lyrics

No. 1887051

Everyone missed the Tits post so it was easily brushed under the rug. I don’t even think it was posted to the grimes hate sub filled with mentally ill people? Could be wrong though

No. 1887053

File: 1692825227967.jpg (47.03 KB, 640x544, image.jpg)

Why are only sons important? You have a daughter too.

No. 1887055

She hates her daughter for being female, despite choosing it herself

No. 1887070

I believe she wrote most of her own lyrics because her lyrics have always been quite braindead and repetitive (like I said even her songs with deep or intellectual titles always have those same baby voice and pretty simplistic dumb lyrics) I think that reflects Claire’s personality of having surface level knowledge about a lot of topics and her love of namedropping things that sound cool without really having the knowledge to back them up.

I also think she could have come up with some of the hooks and bars on her own, but she’s always needed other people to arrange, produce and mix them for her and tbh that’s the real art form in music.

Anyone can come up with a catchy little bar or a melody but actually compiling and arranging them together with all the other parts and making a good song is the part that requires real talent.

That doesn’t just go for Claire btw. A lot of bands are absolute garbage without amazing mixers and producers that refine and arrange all their songs and make them actually sound good. You’ll notice the massive difference between quality of albums of many artists because they often work with a different group of people to their best sounding album and then their music sounds like dogshit and they barely have one or two really good songs on the whole album. So yeah she has received a massive amount of help and input from other people, and I definitely think she’s had more than her fair share of ghostwriters or people she stole parts from. But to be honest most musicians who aren’t naturally gifted do this too.(sage your shit)

No. 1887071

Boymom moment.

No. 1887074

She is spewing Elon natalist rhetoric. He’s literally said people with no kids shouldn’t have the right to vote. They’re both retards who struggle with empathy so they think the 2% they gained in relation to their son is revolutionary. I hope everyone who still likes her is willing to accept that she’s anti-choice in regards to abortion. Tired of seeing people who call themselves liberal post like “omg she’s so weird I love her” whenever she says something stupid

No. 1887076

I’m so sick of breeders pretending to be clued in on some ~sekrit knowledge~ that people magically attain when they have kids. Many of the most fucked up retarded people on this planet are parents and likewise many of the most intelligent and knowledgeable people are childless.

Narcs love having children because theyre an 18 year (sometimes lifelong) source of narcissistic supply. You’ll very rarely meet a narc who doesn’t have kids or doesn’t want a bunch of kids. And oh yeah doesn’t matter if narcs have 12 kids they always stay the same retarded selfish fucked up assholes.

No. 1887082

Bc she's a pickme and men > women

No. 1887084

Okay well why are the countries with the highest birthrates like Somalia, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Congo still absolute shitholes. She’s just repeating tradthot rhetoric now that all of society’s woes are to blame on spinsters and childfree women rather than the Y chromosome rape ape hellspawn that breeder idiots keep insisting on shitting into the world. Also how she only mentions having sons. The last thing this world needs is more scrotes. Societys ills are because we have TOO MANY MALES. 80% of them should have died out by now in a moid chimp war or hunting expedition before their 25th birthday,

No. 1887089

Even though I despise Lan Dao I admire her for at least pointing out men are biologically disposable. Sad to see Claire becoming an even bigger pickme than her.

Also what is she sperging on about politics and history lol. Most moids in history were simply the bottom bitches of a more powerful violent ruthless man. Without laws based around the female instinct for empathy and justice protecting them, nerdy little scrotes like Elon would have been tossed down the stairs in their childhood by alphas for being so insufferable (and apparently he already was kek). Most moids were literally disposable canon fodder and manpower that would be replaced by another teenage moid once they’d been worked or fought to death.

No. 1887095

This braindead junkie will pretend she believes gender is a social construct, anyone can be anything and all that when she's around a tranny, but when it comes to not enforcing retarded gender roles on her children it all goes out the window. I feel sorry for her daughter. Both of her parents are narcissists who keep pretending she doesn't exist. She will treat her autistic son as a genius and let him get as fat as he wants like Elon while she giving her daughter an eating disorder and forcing her into a career in entertainment to live through her. She even romanticized her "learning pain begins at birth" because another baby mama was quicker and gave the spergy name she had in mind to her daughter instead. I hope she will turn out okay.

No. 1887176

File: 1692836186821.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.49 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

replying to ancient post because I was catching up with this thread but I'm screaming how she looks like the windowlicker people (pic related and spoilered because ugly)

No. 1887208

sage for slight derail but just to clarify, we're on the same page that ketamine infusions are lifesaving for individuals with treatment-resistant depression, right?
i don't think Musk falls under this category…. he's just a wannabe psychonaut turned recreational drug user (and by the looks of it, abuser)

No. 1887222

It’s absolutely not and will be opioid epidemic part 2

No. 1887238

Kek is this sarcasm

No. 1887242

Link to tweet? Kinda looks fake

No. 1887246

Zoomies are fucked

No. 1887254

Someone on the Grimes sub is claiming they’ve seen Elon at numerous sex parties even when Claire and him were a couple. They’re also claiming that they have a third kid together and that he’s actually got a bunch more surrogate IVF kids with different women besides Claire and Shivon.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1887255

And I have a feeling the person leaking this info might be Aella because they mentioned they work in the sex industry and attend sex party events for rich people and she also has some insider knowledge of their lives.

No. 1887260

heard the sex party thing from a different source(not reddit, someone I know). Aella likely isnt part of those since shes based out of Texas now IIRC and more importantly, isnt at the caliber of looks from the women in Silicon Valley area and LA that get invited.

No. 1887261

Not surprised at all, all rich scrotes are degenerates and there’s no way someone like Elon who has a breeding kink and money to burn isn’t hoarding a bunch of surrogates and random women’s eggs.

No. 1887263

Also that guy Bob Lee who founded cashapp and got stabbed to death in SF a few months ago (and Elon tried to blame it on a homeless person) was apparently also a huge degenerate who went to these orgies and drug parties with Elon and other people like Sergey Brinn.

No. 1887267

Also according to Wall Street Journal, the reason Bob Lee was stabbed by another tech dude called Nima Momeni is because he was sleeping with Nima’s sister, Khazar Momeni, and also taking her to these orgy and sex parties, and obviously her brother was disgusted by it when he found out.
Kind of OT but interesting nonetheless. Bob Lee was also previously married and had 2 kids but his wife separated from him in 2019 because of his cheating. Scrote kinda got what he deserved, honestly.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1887277

>one degenerate rapey coomer dead in the ground
>one violent homicidal moid in jail

No. 1887282

If this isn’t bait or a joke please don’t be ignorant. It’s not easy at all to get ketamine prescribed and in many cases they only allow the patient to do it medically supervised at the clinic.

There have been rumors about a third kid going around for a month or 2. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true, but they sure have been traveling a lot without it during crucial bonding time if true… Which is par for the course. I’m sure they avoid infants at all costs.

No. 1887332

People do go overboard with ketamine and become addicted. This happened during the pandemic because of telehealth. It’s a problem now.

No. 1887334

I was reading the interview you quoted and found these details interesting.
>Flashing on Talulah's ring finger is a diamond as big as Lake Victoria. She shows it to me, beaming. It is the third engagement ring Elon has given her. The first was 'too unwieldy' (more Matterhorn, less Lake Victoria) so, 'bless him', he bought her two others, one for everyday wear, and this one, 'for bling'. 'Elon designed it himself. The diamond in the middle symbolises me and him and the sapphires round it are the ten children.' The ten children? 'I've always wanted ten children.'
>Thanks to the wonders of IVF, as practised by Elon and his first wife, Justine Musk, they are already halfway there, with five boys. Justine, a Canadian-born author of sci-fi novels (BloodAngel and Lord of Bones), gave birth to twins Griffin and Xavier, six, and triplets Saxon, Damian and Kai, four. Talulah adores living with them in Bel Air, misses them Monday to Wednesday when they stay with their mother, and would like five girls of her own. 'When I was a little girl I told everyone I was going to marry a very clever scientist and have ten children. I would always draw the children and they included blond-haired twin boys whom I named Theodore and Frederick, Teddy and Freddy for short. It became a family joke, but Griffin and Xavier are those blond-haired twins.' She looks down, defeated for a second by the wonder of it all.
Firstly, wow, he gave her multiple engagement rings and even designed one himself. Not to mention he proposed to her very quickly and they got engaged 10 days after meeting. It's funny to think about how he wouldn't do any of this for Claire no matter how hard she tries.
Another thing that caught my attention is that Talulah said she wants five daughters. Her statements in this interview, looking back now, do seem like she was just full of shit and saying whatever to get the bag, she had years to have 10 (or 5) kids with Elon and she didn't. Even now, she is childless. We know he is down with surrogacy too, I wonder what stopped her. Maybe she never really wanted kids with him. Or maybe the fact that she wanted girls was a problem with him because he only wants sons.
>He's very chivalrous and protective; always concerned for my comfort. And he's very romantic. On the first day of filming St Trinian's 2, he sent me 500 red roses on set. And he sent every other woman on set a bouquet so they wouldn't feel left out.'
He would NEVER do anything like this for C lol that must sting really bad.
>There is such love and optimism in everything Talulah says that it is awkward to think of Justine, whose postmortem of their marriage echoes around cyberspace in her notoriously frank blog. While she praises her ex-husband's strength, persistence and so forth, she also chastises herself for 'buying into a fairy tale when I should have known better'. This time around, hopefully, Elon's story will end with retirement on another planet.
Based Justine. 13 years later, it still doesn't seem like he will retire anywhere but on Earth.

No. 1887335

No. 1887339

File: 1692861475270.png (569.19 KB, 634x601, image_2023-08-24_001931403.png)

obsessed at the absence of life in musk's fask compared to talulah

No. 1887342

Talulah never seemed like she really even liked him let alone loved him. She always seemed like she could take or leave him and he really liked that, same as Amber.
Even her body language in that photo is facing/pulling away. I still don’t really know what her endgame was I think she just wanted a rich guy who would simp for her and maybe networking and making some connections along the way lol.

Him sending the other women on set bouquets as well is probably the only nice thing I’ve ever heard him do (even then it was just a form of manipulation to get Talulah to remember his existence lol but still) even in his early interviews he’s a little bit more likeable, sad what a pompous asshole he became as he grew older

No. 1887345

Based Talulah refusing to bring any more Musk scrotelets into the world. Interesting how he stayed with her so long despite her obvious reluctance to have his sons.

No. 1887367

Talulah is a based only child Libran woman. Of course she’s the one muskrat still pines for and was willing to go to the ends of the earth to please.

No. 1887368

Talulah just got engaged last month, apparently, to a guy named Brodie-Sangster. I wonder if Musk is trying to make her jealous, fucking kek if so.

No. 1887399

>It's funny to think about how he wouldn't do any of this for Claire no matter how hard she tries.
no doubt Talulah and Amber are more to his liking, but I think Elon realised he was gullible and that there is nothing beneficial to him about marriage. He wanted a trophy wife, but he was also too narcissistic for that, he wanted to be the prize. The current strategy works, he is in control and just using women for his spawn while they simp for him
>she had years to have 10 (or 5) kids with Elon and she didn't. Even now, she is childless. We know he is down with surrogacy too, I wonder what stopped her.
is it possible he was content with the amount of children he had back then? And I suspect she kept making excuses as to why she doesn't want children and said she wants to focus on his sons and he timidly obliged

No. 1887402

Talulah definitely is his dream woman, everything about her fascinated Musk. She also looks very 'old money', like his mom, if that makes sense.

I personally think the main reason she didn't have kids with Musk is because she already was a full-time nanny to his 5 sons. His kids were young, loud and most likely mentally unwell. Having Elon as a Dad….

He choose Grimes because of her willingness to do anything to be near him. If elon would force her to eat his shit, she'd ask for a spoon. But undoubtedly he's not really into her, she's not his type. You cant brag with Claire Boucher. She's fucking ugly even for SF standards.(learn2integrate, reddit spacing)

No. 1887404

File: 1692874166562.png (25.55 KB, 580x323, muh sons.png)

>u don't rly understand the human experience unless u have kids
in other words men will never be fully human since they can't have kids.

this is the tweet she was replying to btw, what a pathetic dumb take lmao. young american men were literally larping counterstrike in the iraq war listening to let the bodies hit the floor while shooting up civilians. these boymoms are acting like alicent hightower.

No. 1887427

>I remember reading that on tumblr.

No. 1887444

>is it possible he was content with the number of children he had
no, he told Justine he wanted to have ten sons with her

No. 1887485

File: 1692886336792.png (1.4 MB, 1125x2436, D361B11E-D8BB-4E2D-BD12-AB539A…)

Any guess what this supposed trauma is

No. 1887493

File: 1692887166105.png (1.17 MB, 1125x2436, EF2A229F-6733-4C33-9FCE-D46D84…)

No. 1887504

Elon has a new gf or something

No. 1887505

> She looks down, defeated for a second by the wonder of it all.
way to go Talulah, she should have gotten an award for that performance. I don't believe a word, if she would have wanted any children Elon would have made this happen whatever the cost

>Justine, whose postmortem of their marriage echoes around cyberspace in her notoriously frank blog

is this blog still around??

>Justine … chastises herself for 'buying into a fairy tale when I should have known better'

Exactly what happened to Claire.

No. 1887513

File: 1692889004491.jpg (111.57 KB, 893x378, Screenshot justinemuskblog1.jp…)

guys I found it. It's a livejournal, kek. Earliest entries from 2005.
I have yet to dig through it but I believe its gonna be juicy.
Love how snidely she comments on a Talulah profile.
Also, apparently she called him E as well

No. 1887514

File: 1692889167652.jpg (149.23 KB, 895x417, Screenshot justinemuskblog2.jp…)

sorry I forgot the link.

Also love this bit about Elon cutting the mother of his 5 children off even before the divorce was settled.

No. 1887525

> young american men were literally larping counterstrike in the iraq war listening to let the bodies hit the floor while shooting up civilians. these boymoms are acting like alicent hightower.
God this. It will never stop being both funny and sad how most mothers are totally unaware how truly shitty their scrotelets are.

No. 1887533

Elon is dating a new woman and cut off Claire’s Etsy vouchers

No. 1887535

She’s always hinting about supposed health issues, she made a similar vague statement during Covid about some other health disaster. Claire’s munchie crunchymom arc would be the cherry on top of her cluster b cow behavior.

No. 1887541

yes it's just as regulated as gender affirming care and is not a moneymaker /s

No. 1887548

I skimmed through her blog and I think she was a trad pickme tbh, not surprised since she has 5 children. She made a lot of bitter posts about Talulah and complained about being called a gold digger. She had an allowance and said that finances bored her, and she didn't have a say in big financial decisions/purchases.

No. 1887557

This bitch is in for a rude awakening when her sons fuck her over and forget about her the moment they get a gf. Weirdly obsessive women's children usually distance themselves from the parents as soon as they can, usually at 18.

No. 1887569

>because she already was a full-time nanny to his 5 sons
You would think so given how she was overwhelmed, but it doesn't make much sense because the boys were with them only for a few days and they certainly had a nanny and a maid to take care of them. He told Justine that nannies are a must. If he cared enough, he could have insisted on having more children and simply pay people to take care of them

No. 1887604

She probably didn't want kids with him and didn't feel any attraction to him - just like amber who coincidentally is one of the few women Musk respects. Musk looks down on any woman who chases him, that's why he's mistreating Claire. He knows he's not a catch and once a woman tries to win him over, the woman's value decreases in his eyes.

No. 1887614

Have you never met an adult momma’s boy? Literally a nightmare. I hate the boymom thing too, but plenty of men still cling to codependent mommy well into their adulthood even after they get in relationships. Causes many break ups and divorces.

Like she said, she’s said this many times before in the past few years. I don’t think she knows what trauma means. It was probably a bad fight. I have no idea why having a bad time in your life would stop her from dropping a video? She isn’t the one who has to do any of the work involved in that? Sounds like she wanted an excuse to vent.

No. 1887618

Think this has something to do with Shivon? Pretty weird that she posted a picture revealing the twins same day Claire and Elon were in Japan and same week Claire claims she’s going through a crisis.

No. 1887625

My guess is Elon is dating someone new. Makes sense why Shivon and Claire seem to be trying extra hard to make him pay attention to them this week. Also sounds like Claire was vaguely threatening to reveal their living situation on Twitter for a sec there. Saying she’s keeping quiet >out of respect for others
And how she’s on her last legs sounds a bit like she’s threatening to reveal all. Unfortunately I doubt she will anytime soon she’s still Elon‘s bitch.

No. 1887630

Agree 100% with your posts nonas.

No. 1887638

Yes ketamine is a controlled substance that can be addictive, just like adderall or Xanax and many other medications. Still doesn’t mean it’s at all comparable to the opioid epidemic. That’s just unnecessary pearl-clutching over a medication that seems to be effective for many people.

No. 1887639

Elon should just cut Claire off and put her out of her misery. Unfortunately he’ll keep hoovering her until he gets bored then discard her completely for a younger woman without a single thought.

No. 1887640

She mentions it has been going on for the last few years and has to do with her personal life so it must have something to do with Elon, I have no idea what he has done but he probably abused her really horribly this time. I mean, she already tolerated him humiliating her publicly, dating other women, having kids with other women, what could be worse? I don't think she would react like this if he was simply dating someone else.

No. 1887649

File: 1692903703974.jpeg (153.24 KB, 750x834, 20810B03-1999-4CE9-A748-B82BE5…)

> my theory is that shes chimping out bcus people are finally discovering how many completely racist POS are in her inner circle now and that “the mission” is a fascist eugenic narc fantasy which she has dedicated all of her music and life to, according to her. I mean WAP was literally promoting yarvins fantasy of an ai ruled society with elon at the helm as the “god/ceo” (u rlly cant make this shit up)


And claire actually believes this bullshit. She brags about being a literal CONCUCINE… bcus lady jessica in ~dune~ was a concubine and her son became the leader of arakis.. and she ACTUALLY thinks that elon will become the “god ceo” of the galaxy and her son will inherit Mars… seems like she was duped harder than tallulah or justine and he just has her wrapped around his finger while he fucks hookers and actresses still in a relationship with her. That would do a number on anyones health but she is mega stupid for thinking anything otherwise would have happened, anyone who has made their way to billions and military contracts is obviously not a good person… but claire lives in a narcissistic delusional fantasy land so she was easy to be played

No. 1887669

Maybe you're on to something here.
I wonder if X is going to Mars but Elon intends on ensuring Grimes is erased from the picture and doesn't get to go too (not that I expect either dumbfuck to end up on mars regardless)

No. 1887683

It’s very clear he doesn’t give a single fuck about the mothers of his children. He still simps for Amber and Talulah because they left him and played him at his own game, not because of anything to do with children. As for Claire Justine and Shivon I really don’t think he gives a shit about any of them. He could technically hire nannies to work and raise the kids full time but having an actual mom there while the kids are still small means it costs him a bit less and preoccupies these women and ties them to him more so they’re more likely to stay around and keep giving him validation until he is ready to dump and discard them and move onto his next broodmare.

Kek she’s so pathetic acting like a flailing retarded brat when someone calls her out on her shit. Honestly the only time she makes a song and dance about something is when Elon develops feelings for someone else so my guess is he’s either seeing another woman that he’s getting serious about and talking about having kids with and ignoring her right now, or maybe you’re right and she’s just found out she’s been left out of the Mars plan. I definitely don’t think it’s about her being neo nazi adjacent or her rep, she already tarnished that long ago and seems to be deliberately ruining it. Elon is very crafty by allowing her to alienate most of her fans and ruin her image and then dumping her on her ass when nobody likes her anymore.

No. 1887686

AI is retarded. Everyone was worried about it like 2-3 years ago because journalists kept spinning all these spoopy yarns about it becoming sentient (literally impossible btw lol) and morphing into a fascist overlord that uploads peoples consciousness then tortures then for eternally. It’s literally scifi hysteria bullshit. What’s it actually been used for since its conception? Making porn and fantasy art, and helping kids plagiarize school essays. The AI hysteria has mostly died down now. Moderate calm takes dont sell headlines or garner clicks. It’s exactly like the Y2K hysteria and Covid hysteria all over again.

No. 1887687


No. 1887689

My personal feeling on AI is that these tech assholes like Elon and Yudkowsky are trying to scare government boomers who don’t know anything about technology into capitulating to them, so that they’ll eventually see these tech assholes as the saviors of humanity and grant as much power and access and money to these tech assholes as they want instead of learning about AI and deciding how to regulate it themselves.

No. 1887701

Hm I think Elon is pushing her hardcore. He notoriously hates lazy women, and Claire is very lazy, and a woman kek
Claire isn't a workaholic girl boss, she naturally needs a lot of uppers to meet Musks work ethic. She's most likely burning out.

Wasn't there an article with Justine where she said that Elon is under constant pressure and always on the go, and got very angry with her when she was 'lacking'?

No. 1887712

File: 1692911105066.jpeg (201.36 KB, 1242x343, IMG_3533.jpeg)

Yes. Both Justine and Claire have said dating him is like a boss/employee dynamic. Ew. Also early in their relationship Elon praised Claire’s work ethic to WSJ I believe (Picrel). This was when she was working on MA. I think she worked very hard on that partially to impress him in their honeymoon phase. Several years and a hard pregnancy later she’s burnt out/losing drive and it’s very possible that he’s being a control freak about it.

No. 1887717

He wanted a manic pixie crazy girl and got a doormat instead

No. 1887729

she's such a drama queen

>munchie crunchymom arc
KEK. also no kidding, i remember one time reading a reply of hers that said something about her """cptsd""" making it so it's impossible to walk so she keeps falling over. as if

No. 1887765

She's having a bad day because Musk is having a bad week. Ronan article. Other researchers beat Neuralink (by a lot) to high speed text to speech brain implant. DOJ sues SpaceX for refusing to hire non-US citizens. Nobody likes his presidential candidate.

No. 1887777

She finally read these threads thoroughly and the truth dawned upon her

No. 1887800

in the OP nona summarized about Claire performing with Elon recording her and made mention of a third baby possibly coming.

what if this crisis is her having a miscarraige or something?

No. 1887804

No way. Clair will never be voluntarily pregnant.

No. 1887809

from the replies on her side twitter in last thread it seems she already had the baby. people asked if they were calling it z. probably a surrogate like y was.

No. 1887814

File: 1692920657095.png (151.92 KB, 684x320, retard.png)

GrimesIndex posted a simple update about the software mv being on hiatus.
claire asked the account to delete it. i'm lost? it's an update account that didn't even say anything wrong, only posted a simple update based on what claire said. i didn't get a screenshot of the original post but i read it and it wasn't even making her out in a bad light or revealing that much. is she really just that dramatic?

No. 1887818

She is so fucking dumb. You're a celebrity with tons of followers. You post about how you had the worst day of your life, people will take screenshots and crosspost it all over the internet. What's wrong with people talking about what you made public yourself? I'm taking this as something happened, but she will let Elon get away with it again

No. 1887837

it's just amazing to me how someone could spend "the worst day of their life" on twitter looking up what accounts are saying about them. she has enough time to ask someone to take a respectful post down that wasn't slandering her or anything.
shouldn't she be sobbing her eyes out and tearing her hair out binge drinking on the bathroom floor? or better yet, starting to "figuring out her family and health"? but no she's just asking someone to take down a harmless tweet
like, seriously. so fucking over the top

No. 1887854

File: 1692925741863.png (679.64 KB, 1200x1200, image_2023-08-24_181118501.png)

let's hope talulah's next wedding ceremony isn't as tacky as the one with elon.

No. 1887877

Yeah she’s already been cucked by him multiple times and has to watch other women have kids with him too so I wonder what could possibly be worse than that. Maybe surrogate had a miscarriage or something but I doubt Claire is empathetic enough to get that upset about it if it’s not something happening to her. My guess is Elon either physically abused her, has told her he’s cutting her off for someone new, or she had an altercation/fight with one of the other broodmares and Elon took their side instead of hers.

No. 1887880

Or Elon fucked Claire’s mom because she looks more like Talulah, kek.

No. 1887883

Kek, right? What an attention seeker.

Anyway she’s mentioned health scares before and she’s a known hypochondriac (last year she admitted she’s obsessed with getting blood clots and said that her pregnancy was complicated by a health issue) and now she has brought up health issues again so my guess is she got an arrhythmia or clot or something from abusing drugs and travelling on planes and had to go to the hospital and is now blaming it on stress from her relationship with Elon.

No. 1887887

Any excuse to delay releases lol she does this every month. She’s so lazy no wonder Elon is getting fed up with her. All she does is pop addies and browse the internet looking for new obscure things to skinwalk and namedrop.

No. 1887890

LMAO she’s just fishing for attention as always. She always makes these stupid cry for help tweets and then when people inevitably get curious and concerned and ask what it is and if she’s okay she’s all ‘sorry you’ll never guess I can’t tell you guise it’s suuuuuper sekrit :3’ Literally fuck off Claire if you can still like neo nazi tweets during your worst week EVAR then you’re certainly not having a real crisis.

No. 1887894

Nonas I don’t think it’s anything to do with Elon because she’s still liking tweets from assholes he supports and riding off the high of him bothering to go to Japan with her (even if he humiliated her in front of the Japanese audience)

There’s a blind item on gossip sites saying Elon is currently being investigated by the FBI for helping to spy for Russia, Ronan Farrow’s article went into it a little bit, so they might have got raided or interrogated or something by the feds this week.

No. 1887903


Was posted 4 days ago. Elon might have been bought by the Russians and using money they paid him to prop up twitter so he wouldn’t have to dig into his own pocket to keep his stupid moneysink meme site afloat.

No. 1887904

If it’s to be believed that Elon is abusive… an abuser having a bad day/week is a very, very bad time for their family.

No. 1887905

Good I hope he gets jailed for treason but of course he won’t because he’s rich.

No. 1887916

omg can we not post that stupid shit site full of qanon garbage? pls stick to reality nona

Random TikTok trash gossip does not know about an FBI investigation

No. 1887926

File: 1692934861601.jpeg (266.4 KB, 1125x1339, IMG_7901.jpeg)

Would she even be high functioning if she performed worse than literal toddlers? Her Wikipedia elaborates and says she’s talking about motor-skill issues, but children at that age are learning how to draw with a crayon

No. 1887940

Adderall overuse can cause drug induced formication/delusional infestation (bugs crawling on your skin sensation/visualization) and anxiety and shaking, that is what probably got misdiagnosed as RLS and schizoaffective disorder.

Adderall overuse can also cause psychosis and hallucinations which would again explain the schizoaffective misdiagnosis.

She seems to be referring to sensory issues such as hating the feeling of fabric on your skin (kind of hard to believe as she always adorns herself in cheap uncomfortable itchy looking crap) not motor skill issues. But Adderall can also cause irritability and sensory issues. It honestly sounds like she has a serious amphetamine addiction and is in denial about it, ready to blame autism instead.(unsaged medfagging)

No. 1887944

honestly she's just outing herself as a total narc mom, taking her kids to get medical care and making it all about herself. Autism screening for children under 5 is completely different than the evaluation they give adults, I'm sure the psychologist was so fucking annoyed with claire making every single test about herself when she was supposedly there for her kids. typical bpdfag, she's trying to kiss elon's ass by larping as ~totes autistic too~ because he likes to use that as a front for being an asshole and thinks it gives you automatic genius powers.

No. 1887952

I'm sure everyone spends the worst day of their lives sitting on Twitter, tweeting numerous times

No. 1887955

I got clothing sensitivity issues and the clothes grimes wears would annoy the fuck out of me. It looks so cheap and uncomfortable and would get in my way because it's so ill fitting I would get it caught in stuff and trip or something…

I also got hand and eye coordination issues and it would make mine worse.

I seriously doubt she has any of that and so many people claim they have that and it's becoming a fad and ruining stuff for people with legit issues..

This is becoming the new gluten thing all over again! It's beyond frustrating!(integrate, don't blog, lurk more)

No. 1887969

She’s mirroring Elon to try and force a narrative that they’re soulmates and meant to be, total BPD cow behavior lol.

No. 1887995

File: 1692947957916.png (419.07 KB, 1052x426, cf8e0dae765183037d52749d9b77e2…)

Her zodiac sign has nothing to do with it. Talulah is just a very cunning, attractive woman who knows how to use the push/pull dynamic to her advantage when dealing with a narcissistic man.
Also; it's always the rich kids who've had tons of shit handed to them by virtue of their parents' wealth that want to LARP as power-wielding misanthropists later in life and restrict the rights of other groups, pic related. Imagine supporting a pro-genocidal but simultaneously utopian ideology that is supposed to make the world better by killing billions in the name of progress (longtermism). Yeah that sounds so coherent and consistent and does not at ALL sound like the wet dreams of a sadistic, sociopathic, megalomaniacal doomer nerd who wants to punish the world because he didn't get to be the supreme king of it. All of these men peddling this ideology are bitter autistic bugmen a la Keith Raniere who has to settle for a harem of mentally ill poly women with autism, questionable hygiene, and a lack of self-preservation instincts as a result of not being able to acquire what they actually want, which is why they want to reset the world. The hollowness of her new music is an accurate reflection of the ideology – or rather, the incel revenge fantasy masked as an ideology – she's peddling.

No. 1888010

This is so spot on. They’re so confident that they know what’s best for humanity and care little about the consequences of if they’re wrong. Kind of off topic but their natalist obsession is another example of this. Many millennials and zoomers are unable to afford a 2 bedroom apartment, much less a house, and having a child will easily put a couple into poverty. Meanwhile Elon is constantly harping about breeding (and Claire has recently joined him). They’re so far removed from reality that they can’t possibly guess why more people aren’t having kids. And think tweeting about it will change anyone’s mind. It’s laughable.

No. 1888013

A lot of nerds and outcasts are sociopaths and complete assholes. I never understood why in teen movies for example, smart nerdy or alt kids get portrayed as the good guys and attractive athletic kids get portrayed as villains and bullies. A lot of the time it was the opposite irl. It’s just typical of losers that nobody liked in school because they could sense their budding narcissism to have these grandiose revenge fantasies against humanity for some perceived wrongdoing. Revenge of the nerds shit is real and people like Elon just want to establish mars as his personal sandbox where he can boss others around because nobody respects him on earth. Claire would love to be his lapdog too because she’s basically considered a joke now.(sage your shit)

No. 1888014

Same if I covered my face in that disgusting white chalky makeup and magenta greasepaint she always wears, those hard ugly pointy plastic pieces of body armor, scraping my hair back with gel and putting metal wire all around it like she did for the met gala or constantly had bits of retarded etsy elf jewellery clinking against my forehead and ears and face all the time and stupid plastic valkyrie crowns with feathers poking my head it would drive me insane. Same with all those tattoos and shit. I think she’s completely exaggerating. Sure when she’s on an addy bender I bet she wants to tear her skin off. That doesn’t make her autistic kek.

No. 1888016

>I never understood why in teen movies for example, smart nerdy or alt kids get portrayed as the good guys and attractive athletic kids get portrayed as villains and bullies.
Because the alts and nerds are the ones who later become arists and writers and make all that media lol it's as simple as that

No. 1888024

eh I see what you're saying and agree with you that the scenario you're describing is for sure a phenomenon and that Elon especially falls into that category (as do many writers and artists who as >>1888016 pointed out), but the trope of "popular" athletic kids being bullies in media exists and perpetuates through time is because it's a real thing too

No. 1888068

File: 1692968396932.jpg (23.63 KB, 320x209, breakfastclub03.jpg)

that's why the breakfast club remains one of my favorite movies. the nerdy kid is constantly portrayed as obnoxious and ends up with no one, while the popular jock guy is a sweetheart and ends up dating the "weird" alt girl.

No. 1888069


No. 1888075

yeah but in them ending up together she no longer dresses like that and her having changed is depicted as a good thing

No. 1888084

File: 1692971855418.png (926.28 KB, 1080x1722, Screenshot_20230825-004513.png)

i wonder how much claire regrets not securing the bag

No. 1888093

>She seems to be referring to sensory issues such as hating the feeling of fabric on your skin (kind of hard to believe as she always adorns herself in cheap uncomfortable itchy looking crap) not motor skill issues
I figured but was confused at other articles paraphrasing what she said as motor skills. I don’t even think sensory is assessed by physicians at her children’s age, just sensorimotor skills in which Claire would have to be a literal retard to do poorer than a three or two year old. I don’t know how this led to Claire getting an autism diagnosis since a pediatrician isn’t going to diagnose or refer a thirty something mother, more than likely she’s lying through her teeth again.

No. 1888123

For both Grimes and that redditor(and, past tense Kaya from the altcows thread) the man walking ahead of you means he's single in his mind and very literally does not see himself with you, or see a future with you. (anyone see that viral clip of the man faking out jumping into a swimming pool together with his wife on their wedding day, she jumps in and he strides along, dry, on the tiles without her, same thing, the body is doing all the talking) Grimes finds all the novelty of muh richest man in the world as a sufficient excuse for everything else, but a man with an excess of power is not gonna be dedicated to one woman and one family. Very few men have the right type of brain to genuinely dedicate themselves to their families in a healthy way and there's no way a billionaire is gonna have a selfless, empathetic part of him remaining.

No. 1888159

Im actually kinda sad for her for this

No. 1888185

Elon is probably dating another model or actress or something

No. 1888187

I still believe that that old Reddit post (from that woman talking about her older, controlling husband trying to alienate her from her mom) was actually her. People said it was a larp but she went into such detail about her pregnancy complications and how dismissive her husband was that I fully believe it’s true

No. 1888227

Just don’t date narcissistic assholes and have families with them? Ffs.

No. 1888230

We all know she’s lying nona, because she’s always so bad at it and none of her stories make sense. She took a 3 minute online test and self diagnosed herself with autism, is now talking about it on twitter hoping Elon will notice and engage with her and think they are meant to be because of their mutual autism and come running back to declare his undying love for her.

No. 1888244

My guess is that Elon told her that she's not successful as an artist or how her latest single 'iwbs' failed hardcore. Nothing too crazy. She probably held all this anger and resentment in for too long and finally broke down. Elon is absent and controlling, Claire is a prisoner with two autistic kids she never really wanted. X also isn't unconditionally loved by Elon either, as some nonnies love to claim. His love towards Claire and X is tied to their willingness to obey to him and his beliefs. She finally realized that I think. I also believe that Shivon is 100% on her back to become concubine #1. She's stressed as hell if she has to compete with a girl boss like Shivon who wakes up sober kek

Geez no amount of nannies will make parenting easy, especially when your a single mom. She's overworked, underweight and not getting any younger. Elon most likely doesn't even help financially.

Has she ever said the truth? She's a compulsive liar.

No. 1888260

I know he is a billionaire, but someone has to have zero self-respect to entertain a doughy bodied old man with (at least) 10 kids and 3 baby mamas. Even if you secure the bag by giving him more kids, they’re likely to have issues from his old sperm. And they’re going to be mentally screwed up from that insane family dynamic unless you stay far away, like potentially what Amber Heard did. Anyone who dates him at this point is a complete retard.

No. 1888297

don't be, her dumbass signed up for this every step of the way and she became his apologist, spokesperson and footstool in the process. she deserves no sympathy. she's retarded and is reaping what she has sowed
everything she does on twitter is to garner sympathy, i wouldn't be surprised if her likes were an extension of that. this bitch would do anything for a man who won't look her way unless she begs him to. she chose this for herself and had 2 (3?) kids with him knowing damn well what he's like. she only cries about it when it may be convenient for her. she acts like an emotionally stunted 14 year old, and all she ever does is lie

No. 1888324

Can’t believe she ever wanted to be the next Dolly Parton. But shoulda listened to her, Claire babe. You think she wrote the Bridge as a cute little story?

No. 1888353

>worst day of my life
Maybe Elon just told her he won't take her to Mars and make her alpha concubine…

No. 1888393

tinfoil but what if he has been secretly dating someone and expressed the desire to marry them? I feel like Claire doesn't care about additional kids with other women but would care about marriage

No. 1888401

This. She’s a grown woman and she chose to get with him. She’s defended him almost every step of the way. Stop infantilizing her and making her a victim.

No. 1888404

I agree with you that Elon marrying someone else would kill her way more than him having kids with other women. Claire desperately wants to marry Melon and he’s not interested. However in this instance I think it was more likely some kind of hypochondriac episode or health crisis, she’s been talking about stress and her health a lot the last year or so, I think her years of drug abuse are catching up and the stress of her weird pseudo relationship with a narc is making it worse. I also think her drug use is making her more paranoid and anxious in general.

No. 1888483

Looks like Claire and Elon have unfollowed each other(again) now Claire is virtue signalling about the Indian moon landing and a black techno event. Seems like she’s only doing it to troll Elon. I’m sure she’ll go back to liking Nazi apologist tweets again once they’ve made up.(sage your shit)

No. 1888496

People who genuinely think like this are mostly men and the most insufferable nlog women alive. You also have to be a certified retard to still think like that after having children. Of course a cold and jaded autist would think that living in a freaking pod on Mars is like totes cool, God forbid you put any effort into the real world.

No. 1888519

File: 1693026496979.jpeg (563.17 KB, 1800x1350, B7EE860F-628D-4479-A112-88F33C…)

Seething and coping

No. 1888524

god i can only picture their relationship behind closed doors. what we get to see is so gross and it's likely just the tip of the iceberg. you just know these two bring out the worst in each other

>I’m sure she’ll go back to liking Nazi apologist tweets again once they’ve made up.

she certainly will kek
i knew yesterdays meltdown definitely had to do with him, but who knows what happened. maybe we'll eventually find out. looking forward to more of her drug-fueled retarded twitter meltdowns.

No. 1888569

The milk flows just as I finished backreading the previous threads. Nice.
I see a lot of anons on different sites including here discuss Grimes pandering to the right wing now. If that's true it makes her even more vile than I thought she was. I thought she was just a retarded shitlib but considering her parents professions I can't be too surprised.

No. 1888579

OT but 95% of men who want a family do so for narcissistic reasons, especially today

No. 1888584

It is all true. She endorsed a republican candidate like a week ago to finally confirm what everyone already knew, and now she’s playing dumb and pretending she didn’t know what his platform even was kek. Personally I wouldn’t care about the anti-trans/anti-woke politics that everyone else is mad about if she hadn’t also hinted that she’s against birth control and abortion in the past. Total lost cause.

No. 1888633

File: 1693051039324.png (94.7 KB, 277x321, freak.png)

This is the face of an alpha man suited for mastery and conquest. God I hope these people just die before they accumulate enough power needed to take out the pain of being undesirable losers onto the world like Caroline Ellis attempted to do

No. 1888788

He’s a Jewish pro elitist. When he says society should be controlled and ruled by elites he really just means he wants it ruled by Jews.(baiting)

No. 1888824

who is this picture of?

No. 1888828

He’s only half Jewish and doesn’t consider himself a Jew/doesn’t practice. He has said plenty of edgy shit that borders on antisemitism, he’s a pick-me racialist not whatever shit you made up in your paranoid schizo mind.

No. 1888885

File: 1693084988317.jpg (186.79 KB, 1080x914, Screenshot_20230826_231811_Chr…)

Why is she constantly talking about IQ all of a sudden? Elon probably made all his broodmares take an IQ test that isn't from Google kekkk and she probably is average IQ and seething hardcore.
Shivon probably was high IQ that's why she said "creativity cannot be measured by those tests, aka Shivon may be a lot smarter but can she take acid and doodle for hours???"

She's big mad about something IQ related.

No. 1888902

I see she's on her dune shit again w that name change

Done with grimes for now but how long…till the next big space x or tesla or x announcement probably.

No. 1888924

She probably remembered because she lurks and we talked about it ITT like 2 days ago lol. I feel like she’s so bored and attention deprived these days she just throws out bait to see if we’ll talk about her.

No. 1888992

>15 years
Lol Elon will be well rid of her by that point. He has a penchant for spying on people and he’s probably gathering dirt on her RE her mental illness and drug use to use in his future custody grab for X.

He tells every woman he dates that he’ll make them queen of mars, he’s literally just a creepy old car salesman/cult leader with a breeding kink. Only Shivon and Claire are aspie enough to fall for it, Talulah and Amber saw right through him and just wanted the bag (and ultimately decided he’s so ugly and obnoxious that it’s not even worth it)
They’re never going to Mars. Their nerd revenge and colonizer fantasy is just that: fantasy.(learn to sage)

No. 1888995

Curtis Yarvin, noted dipshit

No. 1889006

someone should tell the people on that lineup a bit more about their sponsor, highly doubt any black people wanna associate with claire whos friends are claiming blacks are more suited to slavery than whites etc

No. 1889010

I think I might believe the fake reddit advice thread was really her now.

No. 1889045

I rly hope she's OK.

No. 1889071

File: 1693124590312.png (153.62 KB, 1279x722, 1.png)

Are you talking about this post? (1/2)

No. 1889072

File: 1693124618396.png (145.21 KB, 1262x712, 2.png)

No. 1889076

NTA but I believe they are. I was on that post back when it was originally posted and the OP eventually said in a comment that her son is named Elliot, after a character from the show The Magicians. It could very well be c trying to get suspicion off of her but seemed very specific and kind of random. If you have access to the archives from undditt (if it didn’t get wiped after the Reddit API ordeal), you should be able to see the comments where she talks about that

No. 1889086

I wanna look her in her eyes and tell her "girl you know you gotta watch your health"

No. 1889095

It's hard to empathize with her when she made being a drug addicted anachan her aesthetic for over a decade now. Who would've thought that shit can be… unhealthy.

No. 1889110

Claire would never ask for her mother. Claire hates her mother and wont even call her “mom” claire refers to her mother as Sandy. Sandy is on the left, Daddy and his parents are more conservative. Claire being conservative is largely to rebel against mommy. That being said if you want her real reddit its dalilfae, which wss also her spotify (she posted in a story and on twitter and its DEFINITELY 100% her spotify) and she changed the name of the account when it was outted (in fact the very next day it was changed bcus shes obvious as fuck) that its also her twitter, tiktok and reddit username! She was using her TT and (x?) to bully teenagers i can post the milk here if you’ve not seen it yet. But she did have a very similar post (now deleted) about elon abandoning her. I want to feel sorry for her, i do. But she is a horrible horrible person. She is a bully, a gold digger, an opportunist, etc etc. its honestly her own karma for being a wretched cunt. She dug her own gilded grave.

Kitan4 is also likely her. The quitting speed posts were p telling if theyre still there.

But her known reddits are ethereallobbyforce (great milk if youre not up to date) and dalilfae

But no, claire would never ask for her mom. Theres a lot more in that story thats bs. But its wild that the real shit is mostly still there— the comments are at least and its all women telling her to leave the situation and that its not ok. (Scroll to first dalilfae post on reddit)

Claire is a millionaire and owns a house. If she really wanted to she could buy property in the middle of canada, take her kids there and write corny graphic novels for the rest of her days but being famous is more important to her than her kids or her own wellbeing… also elon has probably been collecting evidence of her shitty drug use during motherhood so i do think she could be in a choke hold as far as custody… but if thats the case she doesnt deserve to raise her kids anyway… just like every other tweaker junkie bitch w broken teeth(sage your shit)

No. 1889121

Hard agree with u nonna, she's definitely not a mommy's girl and most likely makes fun of Sandy in front of Elon. She's way to misogynistic to even remotely care about her mom helping her. She has plenty of nannies and other female grifters who would gladly help her with X, just to be close to Elon.

I also don't think Elon would want full custody of X, he's way to busy with himself and hates kids. Perhaps when he's 14/15 but I doubt that he wants him 24/7.

I genuinely hope for the worst! I hope she has a mental breakdown after another till she completely fades into irrelevance and is only remembered as the butt ugly gf musk once had during a drug induced midlife crisis kek
She's an ugly troll and will be remembered as such. No sympathy for ugly bitches, as Musk said once!

No. 1889128

File: 1693141396623.jpg (100.26 KB, 1296x829, 060431.jpg)

Elon most likely has joint custody with the mothers being the primary caretakers. He calls his children resource conflicts afterall.
Slighty ot but I found this pitchfork article from 2014, even Ariel Pink called grimes retarded kek.

No. 1889129

iirc her mom has tweeted about how she hates MRAs too which seemed telling…

No. 1889175

men hit their late 20s and turn into psychos like this immediately

No. 1889176

File: 1693154917973.jpg (21.98 KB, 499x238, C-658VsXoAo3ovC-3349882172.jpg)

i wonder how ariel is coping getting baby-trapped by a fan, it's like the male version of what's happening to grimes

No. 1889182

Do you expect her to call her mom "Sandy" on this throw away reddit account nonner

No. 1889201

Problem is she’s on a power trip with this whole Mars business. Elon wants to conquer Mars because he has a schizo obsession with a Werner von Braun novel and wants to make it a self fulfilling prophecy. Grimes wants to be made queen of Mars and also wants the status of being the worlds richest mans concubine even if he treats her like absolute dogshit. That’s literally the only reason she hasn’t left him. She’s obsessed with this delusion of grandeur and it fuels her ego and nearly all her decision making (same with Elon). She won’t leave him until that’s off the table completely. They are two narcs completely wrapped up in their power fantasies (and no not everyone narcs date are a victim, narcs end up with other narcs a lot in life too)

No. 1889203

That’s what Elon always does. He makes sure to preggo-trap women and stick them with the kid for the first 10 years or so until the child is old enough to require less attention and the women are old tired and worn down enough to have fewer dating options, then he discards the mare entirely and tries to force his kid to take up his role for after he’s gone (but it usually never works no matter how hard he attempts to brainwash them in their formative years).(delete and repost instead of commenting twice. also learn to sage)

No. 1889210

Why does Claire hate her mom so much? Idk Sandy personally but she always seemed like a pretty nice and level headed lady with reasonable takes on things.

I really feel like Claire has a scrotey brain where she hates women but also is insanely obsessed with pretty girls and fetishizes femininity and bullies other women to the extreme because she feels incredibly jealous. Her way of sexualizing other women is like her control thing, her way of setting herself apart from the ‘whores’ while larping as a nerdy NLOG who is too special and unique to be treated in the same way as them. A few people have compared her to Ghislaine and I can feel it. I also have zero sympathy for her. Claire is an extremely vile petty insecure and competitive asshole who has painted herself as a dorky innocent oversharing quirky horse girl for too long.

No. 1889212

Probably because Sandy sees through Elon's bullshit and warned her against him immediately, and repeatedly, ever since Grimes started dating him. Alternately, she laughed in her face straight up and told her daughter some inconvenient truth that's obvious to literally everyone but Grimes.
Idk if she hated her BEFORE Elon, but i doubt Sandy was quiet when it all started. No mother would be quiet if her daughter packed herself willingly into dating Muskrat, or at least i'd like to think so

No. 1889223

I saw an interview she did back when I liked her and I got the impression Sandy was controlling. She said Sandy would throw away all her old paintings and compulsively stalk her social media for any sign of wrong doing. If I remember correctly. I don’t really believe the latter to be that bad but I can believe her mom did throw away her stuff especially if she’s particular about the home. Also letting her grandpa lock her in his shed.

All the same I think it’s stupid Claire is still rebelling against her. It seems she’s in a permanent state of arrested development.

No. 1889229

sage goes in the email field dear newfag

No. 1889249

>It seems she’s in a permanent state of arrested development.
I know a lot of nonas don't like it, but this tidbit about her relationship with her mom makes me think she really does have autism. she also just happens to be a horrible person who is famous so it's harder to see.

No. 1889308

She grew up rich and chose to live in musty trailers while faking the poor artist trope. She will always have her daddy and mommy to fall back on.

No. 1889351

youre not convincing anyone claire.

No. 1889439

You’re seeing autism everywhere because you’re personally convinced she’s autistic. I can see how a parent routinely throwing away a child’s possessions might fuck them up but stalking them on social media and via smartphone GPS is just what helicopter parenting looks like these days. Considering Claire is 35, she really didn’t grow up with social media or smartphones so I can’t see how this could’ve affected her upbringing. I’m assuming the reality is that she’d post stupid shit online and disliked that her mother could see it and perhaps comment on it in person.

From the screenshots previously shared regarding how she was “diagnosed” with autism, it’s not like she was diagnosed as a child and her mom was trying to protect her little sperg. Claire is either so genuinely retarded she believes she was formally diagnosed during her toddler child’s assessment OR she’s deliberately misrepresenting being told she has some autistic traits (everyone does) and could possibly be on the spectrum. To be clear, most parents of autists are told the exact same thing and it does NOT mean they are diagnosed with autism or that they would be diagnosed if formally assessed. Taking her son’s diagnosis as her own is just reveals her narcissism if any of you follow munchies AgonyAutie did the exact same thing and now autism is her whole personality and she can’t/won’t meet her actually autistic son’s needs

No. 1889464

Not that anon, but I do think a mother throwing away precious things that belongs to their child can be fucked up. Especially their art or things that can mean something to them. Because that just gives the impression that anything you create is not valuable and your parents are not being supportive and loving.
Can vouch for how this can create resentment even into adult years. inb4 blog post no1 curr, but I had parents that did the same thing and threw away important cds, paintings I was proud of, etc and it really can make you feel like you’re worthless and parents don’t support you unless it’s something they approve of or whatever. anyway sorry for long blogpost, but I can relate to Claire on that one for not really liking her mom over that.(blogging)

No. 1889487

Weird observation but during one of Talulah and Elons interviews there was an upside down pineapple on the table. Upside down pineapples are the symbol swingers used to signal to other swingers, weird.

No. 1889491

Never contended that. Just pontificating as to why she might dislike her mom in particular

No. 1889494

For godsakes take your meds

No. 1889495

File: 1693213500912.jpeg (21.76 KB, 548x309, IMG_3563.jpeg)

Surprised this hasn’t been listed yet, Elon brought X to a Valorant tournament and was booed before the crowd began chanting “Bring back Twitter”. Humiliated in front of his own son and the world.. whenever things like this happen, I imagine that he imagines lasering everyone in half like Homelander. Link has video of it


No. 1889497

He needs to leave these poor kids out of all his lolcow antics. This is just sad (for the kid, not for Elon, he’s a retarded faggot)

No. 1889500

Bully Claire came out in that stream she did with Hana a couple years back when she was pregnant with X imo. Idk why but Claire was acting so weird in that interview, I think because Hana was there and Claire was trying to show off to her or something.

Hana actually came across okay. But Claire was trying really hard to act cool and offhand and had this stupid smug expression and just had that weird body language where she tries really hard to act all laidback and sexy lol, she was being all cocky and really thought she was so cool kek. It reminded me of some loser girl who gets invited to hang with the Stacies and starts acting all uppity lol. Anyway, it was just so funny and cringe to see her acting that way. And she said herself she was pregnant and couldn’t take any drugs at that time, so she has no excuses. But I could definitely see her being the type of asshole who tries to bully other people to show off to her friends in school and get in with the cool kids.(sage your shit)

No. 1889503

That’s weak shit. Sandy should have beat her.(alogging)

No. 1889511

LMAO thanks for the prime milk anon this is beautiful

No. 1889529

It's so annoying when he is doing the "hello my fellows" routine. You can tell he went to the tournament to look like a cool, relatable gamer dad and gather a lot of attention. Must suck to be one of his teenage/young adult sons who play Valorant and would love to be there with their dad, but who were rejected for the sake of Toyota because he is cute, new, and softens Melon's image

No. 1889551

>rejected for the sake of Toyota because he is cute, new, and softens Melon's image
kek yeah this is exactly what i've been thinking too. He only tags along little Toyota X like a Gucci handbag because he thinks it makes him a based cute protective father doing cool dad activities uwu
He rents X like a tape from VHS rental

No. 1889663

I know someone said this in an earlier thread but X makes Elon look a lot younger than he actually is. Most men with toddlers on their hip are between 30-35. That's why he's barely seen with his teenage/adult sons, they make him look "old"

Damn, lil motherless X looks so scared and uncomfortable. Why would any mom allow her toddler to participate in these events is beyond me. I hate mom shaming but claire is a horrible mother and never protects X.

Throwing away doodle art that your child made is traumatic eh? Grimes most likely was painting a lot and her mom threw away a few old paintings…like most parents when their kids leave for college. On that social media controlling thing, wasn't there a blind item that said grimes used to post extremely obnoxious shit on MySpace and tumblr when she was younger? Might explain why her mom monitored her.

OT but is grimes still living with her younger brother? Sandy failed all her kids. Oldest son is a certified moid, Claire is retarded and youngest gay and insufferable kek

No. 1889683

The nanny he brought (you can see her holding him in the video) is probably basically his mom kek

No. 1889713

nta but kek nona, its a lyric from her song Oblivion
>I need someone else
>to look into my eyes and tell me "Girl, you know you've got to watch your health"

No. 1889715

kek didn't he troon out? I've been out of the indie music loop

No. 1889786


apparently sandy's just as bad lol. she's done a good job convincing people she's more libpilled but apparently shes super classist and status-seeking

No. 1889787

File: 1693258699322.jpg (147.92 KB, 468x906, Picsart_23-08-28_23-39-46-211.…)

Not to nitpick but what the fuck is Shivon wearing kekkk
I mean sure she's not a fashionable person, she doesn't have to but still….she looks like the geeky girl trying to look cool/edgy

No. 1889807

>Throwing away doodle art that your child made is traumatic eh?

Again never stated this. I never thought monitoring your kid is traumatic either I just can see why Claire wouldn’t prefer Sandy if she threw away her work. Also this particular instance she mentioned didn’t happen when she was a kid. The paintings in question were drawings she made during Halfaxa/visions at the start of her career. But def agree Sandy failed her somehow. Whole family has to be off because Grimes isn’t your regular WASP she’s an AI artsy maven cool girl who shops on Etsy WASP

No. 1889812

Haven’t seen a biker cap, studded leather jacket or sneaker wedges since 2009, um okay chile go off I guess(unsaged autism once again)

No. 1889824

>X makes Elon look younger than he actually is
This. I genuinely feel like Claire would throw X into a bonfire if Elon told her to at this point. Just if it meant getting attention from Elon for more than 0.1 nanoseconds.

I actually feel so sad for X his dad uses him as a stage prop and his mom uses him to get attention by proxy from Elon. Such a toxic narc family as usual it’s always about themselves and what they can get out of the kid, and never about the child.

And of course Elon likes his son while he’s young and easy to goad into following his every instruction, but as soon as X hits puberty and starts expressing interest in his own passions and disobeying Elon his dad will toss him to the side and replace him with a younger IVF half brother, just like he did with all his other kids.(still hasn't learned to sage)

No. 1889881

she's trying to be 'cyberpunk' at some neuralink party or smthg. Still can't tell if she is gay or not. Maybe she herself is confused.

No. 1889919

She has those skinny little Indian chicken legs lol sorry I’m laffin(sage your shit)

No. 1889940

he's trying to transition into a real man

No. 1889975

I don’t mean to go back to this but meant to phrase the first part to say that having a parent monitor a kid’s online activities is likely a non issue to the kid. Unless it borders on obsession which I don’t think is the case here. But based on the little info given in that interview, Sandy seems to be at the very least image conscious to me. It’s a common character trait at their income bracket whether they admit it or not. I’m leaning towards Sandy believing herself to be above all that, something she passed onto her daughter.

No. 1890047

sandy is bad eggs, where ya think grimey gets it?

No. 1890070

File: 1693315323854.jpeg (257.45 KB, 1170x1162, IMG_0566.jpeg)

kek elon is removing the videos of him recording the performance

No. 1890134

anon you're replying to. you're right, she's just retarded and awful

No. 1890181

File: 1693328125726.jpeg (368.17 KB, 1170x830, IMG_0568.jpeg)

fucking kek what is happening in elon’s harem. her and c DEFINITELY had something between them

No. 1890183

The opposite lol, he went to J6 and insists on Twitter everyone there was innocent and Trump did nothing wrong bc they all believe the election was stolen in their hearts. His Twitter history is so sad and he complains about how his "life is totally destroyed" while he has a newborn kid.

I teased him for being an obvious self hating tranny (his avatar was anancient pic of him in his teen years looking fem) and he changed the avatar instantly LOL. U can talk to him on Twitter and he will respond

No. 1890188

He probably found someone new - and less autistic and unattractive.

No. 1890192

Well two teams beat Neuralink to a brain implant that does brain thoughts to computer speech. Elon got sued by the DOJ. The Ronan Farrow piece has probably made DOD mad because they look weak. Elon probably feeling the heat from DOD brass. Elon's FSD demo did not go well. Elon made people like Zuck. Elon got booed at some nerd event. I'm sure he's taking it all out on them.

No. 1890218

No sympathy for these dumb cunts

No. 1890221

Even if Claire dislikes her mom it’s perfectly possible she cried and wanted her after childbirth. Its normal for women to want their mom or another close trusted female family member to be with them at such a difficult and stressful time when you’re a new mom and don’t really know what you’re doing. In a way it’s not really Claire’s fault she was raised in a household full of scrotums and Sandy is her only female immediate blood relative afaik.

No. 1890292

turning a pineapple upside down will help it ripen more quickly. I doubt it was a swinger dogwhistle in this instance

No. 1890402

I hate that they’re both vagueposting. Say what you mean! Clearly they want attention and speculation. If they wanted privacy they’d post on alts or not at all, but they’re a couple of 35 year old mothers acting like teenagers. So irritating. I hope shit finally hits the fan soon

No. 1890696

Yeah no way Elon the poly degenerate would ever be into swinging

No. 1890697

Kinda sounds like he’s cutting off their heavy train or threatening to take full custody of the kids. Weird how Shivon posted herself holding hands with the kids as a statement. And then Claire said something about changing for the sake of her kids and her health. Idk it sounds like it has something to do with the children for sure.

No. 1890698

Gravy train** meant to say lol. I don’t think this is about another woman. They’re in a gross open polycule together regardless.

No. 1890699

Grimes songs are extremely mediocre and the melodies are nothing special, it was always more about the aesthetic and concept of her songs rather than the track itself which is why she tries to create so much artificial hype around the songs and especially the music videos. Y’all really need to stop acting like only a genius could compose her type of songs or that she must have got outsiders to write them for her lol basically anyone could make her songs on their laptop looping GarageBand/plugins like she did.

No. 1890701

Two 35 year old Discord kittens (koshkas?) fighting over their server owner…

No. 1890702

And she especially did this on Miss Anthropocene with the ‘omg scary global warming AI extinction goddess’ concept that she kept explaining in her interviews, if she didn’t explain what it’s supposed to be about and choose controversial subjects then likely nobody would care about the songs. It was the same with Oblivion which came out in the early 2010s at the time tumblr feminism was huge among young women and really taking off. Saying ‘btw my song is about being sexually assaulted’ obviously gained it traction. There are thousands of people making her equally boring macbook music while incorporating videogame elf aesthetics, she just gets the most publicity for it because she knows how to market herself (as well as buying subs and views, being controversial on purpose, dating Elon etc) She just says and does and appeals to whatever current social fads are trendy and gain most controversy to sell her crap.

No. 1890703

Kek. I can totally picture Elon yelling ‘daddy mad’ when he’s fighting with his aspie discord femsimps.

No. 1890706

Maybe the stuff about the stuff about Elon’s house being raided by feds is true. Claire and Shivon might have been asked to testify against him.

No. 1890709

Kek basically calling him a fat toddler.

No. 1890711

As someone who doesn't like her music, I have to admit, her music isn't bad as ppl make it seem.

All of her art feels incredibly unfinished tho, idk if that's her aesthetic but I highly doubt it.
Every song I kinda enjoy screams "this wasn't produced by clair"
Genesis was amazing but she never could replicate this vibe..ever…same with So heavy, it felt like Hanas song that was produced by BP and her brother.

I know this sounds insane but I've never met anyone who would identify as a Grimes fan/stan irl. Maybe it's my bubble but even tech obsessed fairycore nlogs don't care about her existence. She definitely buys followers and likes.

Shivon is just as pathetic and lame as clair. And whoever said she isn't sucking musk dry is insanly delusional. They 100% fuck. Musk is waaay to dominant and entitled, shivon couldn't get away with just being friends with him. He needs sexual devotion from all his broodmares. Shivon isn't an exception from it. She isn't something special to him kek
But I do think he took her virginity

No. 1890716

Genesis is a good song but again it’s just one bar of synths looped over and over, and mixed well. Not exactly Mozart kek. I agree though she could never replicate that vibe so I definitely think it came from someone other than her.

No. 1890741

I get major asexual vibes from Elon despite his waifu posturing BS. I think he's scared of dying moreso than a breeding fetish. I mean he doesn't even have sex to produce his musklets.

No. 1890763

Musklets lmao
I agree nonnie, I think he also has a deep need to leave a legacy and thinks hundreds of kids is the way to do that

No. 1890788

I agree, I think he's more interested in having his harem to show off that he can in front of his nerdy, anime-loving fans. Realistically he could just pay off a load of top OnlyFans girls to follow him around the world but instead he's collecting women with particular stats like the autist he is

No. 1890806

what stuff about the feds raiding his house? doesn't he famously not have a house and stay with friends? I think any incriminating evidence would be on his devices. I doubt he has paper records at his house. Where did this rumour star?

No. 1890810

I get asexual or in the closet vibes from Shivon. If it is so obvious they are fucking then how does anyone at work respect her? Doesn't she manage a bunch of people?

No. 1890811

I bet no one respects her. They just smile at her face and then laugh their asses behind her back.

No. 1890836

You act like he hasn’t tried

No. 1890843

I don’t think he is asexual but I do think he avoids sex more than most moids because he is repulsed by his own body (and rightly so)

No. 1890844

He isn’t asexual he asked Amber Heard to procure Cara Delavigne for him so they could have a threesome together.(unsaged doubleposting)

No. 1890891

File: 1693424969812.jpg (292.13 KB, 1075x1790, shivon.jpg)

No. 1890903

File: 1693427151310.jpeg (48.9 KB, 490x788, file.jpeg)

He does seem kind of asexual sometimes. His college ex-girlfriend said
>She even said that the relationship was sweet but he lacked affection or PDA. 'We were physical when we needed to be… but there wasn't any hand-holding or anything like that. He liked to be together. He just liked having someone there with him, someone to support him.'
Who knows whether they actually abstained or not, but he also married Talulah who said she believes in not having sex before marriage.
He also claimed he has not had sex in ages in 2022 where he could've been involved with Grimes, Natasha Bassett, Shivon Zilis or other women that we don't know about. If it's true, it's surprising, but he's probably just lying.

No. 1890919

File: 1693430306016.jpg (66.74 KB, 640x640, 14451847.jpg)

contrarian for the sake of it

No. 1890947

>musk is way too dominant and entitled
Musk seems like he is physically incapable of thrusting. He 100% lays on his back like a tick full of blood and starfishes while any poor woman hes with has to do all of the work and pretend they can feel the three inches left of his penis that is still accessible.

No. 1890958

>comparing perfect blue to the idol
Did she even watch perfect blue or is she just name dropping satoshi kon titles to seem cool? I hate this fake bitch.

No. 1890981

There was a blind that said he has hookers do all the work on top while he’s on his phone kek I know blinds are usually fake but it’s still funny

No. 1891005

This is why I believe she hires other producers. All her albums sound dramatically different from each other. I think she comes up with the bare bones and melody/hook then someone else comes in to do the mixing or final mix/tighten so it sounds listenable

No. 1891013

I think this is where Shivon and Claire's worst month ever came from:
It's a criminal and civil probe by the Manhattan federal prosecutor and the SEC. I don't see why it would involve Claire, other than her freaking out about Musk, but it would probably involve Shivon because she was special project director for the office of the CEO at Tesla, just like the Omead Asharf guy who is being investigated. Elon moved Omead to SpaceX after the investigation began and I wonder if Shivon was moved to Neuralink for similar cover up reasons. Like maybe when he said Cybertruck was going to have bulletproof windows, maybe all that research and development was for his future glass house. Maybe he gave her the twins to keep her quiet and bound to him. I kind of don't believe they slept together but I'm on the fence about it. He definitely didn't sleep with that Omead guy and he seems to have made the same moves within Elon's companies as Shivon.(imageboard)

No. 1891020

Federal prosecutors in New York are also investigating whether Tesla/Elon lied about range estimates on Teslas. Shivon possibly could have been involved in that if it was a decision made after she joined. Anyway, because this isn't solely a civil investigation with no risk but petty cash, she is probably pretty scared and Claire is probably scared her cash cow is going to prison (he's not, they will use all these cases to get him to stop interfering in foreign policy). They could also do something like make a plea deal with Shivon in exchange for her testimony against him (if she did anything). I knew it was always going to end in tears for the broodmares. This is giving big NXIVM vibes. Crimes against investors (donors) are always taken seriously by the feds.

No. 1891063

He never married shivon or grimes, therefore they can be forced to testify against him.

They prolly were forced to…

No. 1891081

Maybe it’s a weird coincidence but I noticed that the concept from MA seems inspired by “Time Is Up” by Poppy and Diplo, two people she hates. It’s not exactly the same narrative but pretty close… the song came out in 2018 and I’m not sure when grimes decided that was the story.

Ew why would he share that? and of course that girl’s username is lovemesomemusk. Wonder if these girls think he’ll pick them to be the next baby mama

No. 1891144

And this is a very common practice btw so I’m not saying she’s a complete hack the only thing I’m pushing against is her account that she mixes and produces everything. I just don’t buy it. She lies pathologically to give herself more street cred

No. 1891154

I really just think he's doling his sperm out. Arent there still rumors he's the donor for Amber Heards baby?

No. 1891179

File: 1693481365460.jpeg (515.34 KB, 942x951, 01E358AD-B8F5-4FDD-BD3B-ADCDFD…)



No. 1891208

I don't think it's about adding another concubine to the harem. Claire would tweet about that because in general she's always breaking down about minor things, but Shivon would only tweet something personal that was going to come out eventually. Shivon can't be mad about another concubine because the official story is that she and Elon were never romantically involved.

No. 1891216

Nah that was Leonardo DiCaprio hon. Said he just lays on his back and puts his airpods in and vapes while the women bounce on his fat gut. Elon probably does the same though.(sage your shit)

No. 1891217

Claire definitely stalks the people she hates and skinwalks them just as much as people she simps for. She’s just a weird clusterbee cow like that.

No. 1891221

I wonder if the Starlink in Ukraine and aiding Russia stuff is true now, honestly. The whole Russia topic is boring as fuck, but Elon has been known to collect data and spy on people, I remember Amber terminated her account when he took over twitter and it seems that it’s because she know he likes to snoop on her dms (he also bugged the Tesla he gave her). And yeah Elon is a tightwad who doesn’t like to dig into his own pocket or sell stocks if he can avoid it, so I can definitely see him doing whatever shady side stuff he can for extra money to avoid coughing up.

No. 1891222

I would love Elon to go to prison for treason. That would be hilarious.

No. 1891223

I can’t stop laughing at his plan to build a bulletproof house. What a retard, he thinks he’s in James Bond or something. Anyone who wants to kill that fat fuck isn’t going to come to his house and do it, they’d just kill him in the street or something. Plus his fat ass is a big target, pretty hard to miss kek.

No. 1891333

File: 1693506499989.png (820.92 KB, 1284x2778, 7A1F2376-0A64-4995-9122-DE0B58…)

Elon hacked Grimez Twitter account begging for sex, not just any sex, poly sex.
2 days later after it was posted, Grimez complies and posts nude Halloween pics, only this is a month later. Her excuse
She forgot

No. 1891350

whatever you say, rmastin09@gmail.com

No. 1891417

File: 1693517300901.png (176.96 KB, 602x473, likewow.png)

Not enough people talk about Grimes texting Azealia about Russia wanting Elon dead. Then nothing comes of it and suddenly Elon is Team Russia. Yes she could have randomly lied to sound cool but idk. I think they have something on him.

No. 1891422

The rumors are that they made embryos together while dating. He wanted to prevent her from using them and one of them sued the other over it. The rumors are that she won and had his baby basically against his will. Not sure why she would do that though because he is ugly and doesn't have great genes, but maybe it was so those frozen embryos don't go to waste? I think it will be more obvious when the girl grows up if she looks like him or not.

No. 1891448

Reminded me of that too. But tbf there are enough multibillionaires and oligarchs in Russia. Putin doesn’t need to send a team of Russian kidnappers to Elon’s house (would he even pay Claire’s ransom anyway? Kek he’d probably let Y and Claire die and only rescue X) to extort money from him or teach him a lesson.(sage your shit)

No. 1891450

Amber’s daughter is definitely his. Only reason she had a kid with him is because she’s broke and knew Elon would pay for everything and then some. But yeah I did hear he was enraged when she dumped him and he wanted to destroy all the embryos they made.

No. 1891452

I’ve heard a lot about how Austin TX is becoming the new Silicon Valley and a lot of tech nerds and tech prozzies are moving away from California and setting up there instead. Interesting.

No. 1891457

Abbott gives big tax breaks to corporations that bring their employees. The comedy scene completely moved to Austin too, along with all of the Twitch streamers. It’s terrible.

No. 1891459

Elon is seething about his son trooning out and called him a communist lol. Meanwhile Elon used millions of dollars of taxpayer money to prop up his companies. Socialism for the rich but no one else.

No. 1891460

Makes sense. Still, pretty funny having all these soft schlubby Bay Area numales and oatmilk latte holding tech troons with green hair moving to such a redneck state.

No. 1891489

lies to pander to his virgin incel followers. not that he'd get any pussy whatsoever if it wasn't for his money.

No. 1891546

Nonsense. There would be public record of the lawsuits if he tried to stop it.

No. 1891564

File: 1693535600414.jpeg (311.99 KB, 1798x1011, 1085A786-E297-41BC-AF0D-F6B108…)

Not all babies look this similar… i mean….

No. 1891593

File: 1693539752356.jpeg (201.31 KB, 893x748, IMG_3616.jpeg)

I tried to find the source of the rumors and apparently Amber’s sister’s boss submitted that info to the court, she said Amber’s mother told her about it. Maybe info got confused along the way or they reached an agreement out of court. Who knows, it was never addressed.

Austin was hippie and troon utopia for decades before it became SF #2 btw. It was comparable to Portland

No. 1891677

some interesting bits from the elon musk book by walter isaacson. mention of shivon
>Shivon Zilis, who manages Neuralink (Musk’s company working on implantable brain-computer interfaces) and is the mother of two of his children, noticed that by early April he had the itchiness of a video-game addict who has triumphed but couldn’t unplug. “You don’t have to be in a state of war at all times,” she told him that month. “Or is it that you find greater comfort when you’re in periods of war?”
>“It’s part of my default settings,” he replied. As he put it to me, “I guess I’ve always wanted to push my chips back on the table or play the next level of the game."
mention of xavier. apparently he has been a troon since age 16 and trying to hide it from his dad. he made it public in 18. elon claims he was brainwashed into tranny communism because he went to a progressive school
>…a new ingredient had been added to this cauldron: Musk’s swelling concern with the dangers of what he called the “woke mind virus” that he believed was infecting America. “Unless the woke mind virus, which is fundamentally anti-science, anti-merit, and anti-human in general, is stopped, civilization will never become multiplanetary,” he told me gravely.
>Musk’s anti-woke sentiments were partly triggered by the decision of his oldest child, Xavier, then 16, to transition. “Hey, I’m transgender, and my name is now Jenna,” she texted the wife of Elon’s brother. “Don’t tell my dad.” When Musk found out, he was generally sanguine, but then Jenna became a fervent Marxist and broke off all relations with him. “She went beyond socialism to being a full communist and thinking that anyone rich is evil,” he says. The rift pained him more than anything in his life since the infant death of his firstborn child Nevada. “I’ve made many overtures,” he says, “but she doesn’t want to spend time with me.”
>He blamed it partly on the ideology he felt that Jenna imbibed at Crossroads, the progressive school she attended in Los Angeles. Twitter, he felt, had become infected by a similar mindset that suppressed right-wing and anti-establishment voices.
mention of natasha. he went on a trip with her and spent the whole time browsing twitter
>He then flew to Larry Ellison’s Hawaiian island, Lanai. He had planned the trip as a quiet rendezvous with one of the women he was occasionally dating, the Australian actress Natasha Bassett. But instead of using it as a relaxed mini-vacation, he spent his four days there figuring out what to do about Twitter.
>He stayed awake most of his first night stewing about the problems Twitter faced. When he looked at a list of users who had the most followers, they were no longer very active. So at 3:32 a.m. Hawaii time, he posted a tweet: “Most of these ‘top’ accounts tweet rarely and post very little content. Is Twitter dying?”
mention of grimes. x was born in may 2020 and y was born in december 2021. x only got to meet his grandparents and great-grandparents in 2022. for some reason, they don't talk about y here. elon doesn't go to meet grimes's mom and dad so he can sit in the hotel room, play elden ring and think about twitter
>Musk then flew to Vancouver to meet his on-and-off girlfriend Claire Boucher, the performance artist known as Grimes. She had been pushing him to go there so that she could introduce their son X (yes, X) to her parents and aging grandparents. But when it came time to drive to see her parents, she decided to leave Musk back in the hotel. “I could tell that he was in stress mode,” she says.
>Indeed he was. Late that afternoon, Musk texted Taylor his official decision. “After several days of deliberation—this is obviously a matter of serious gravity—I have decided to move forward with taking Twitter private,” he said.
>That night, after Grimes returned to their hotel, he unwound by immersing himself in a new video game, “Elden Ring,” which he had downloaded onto his laptop. Elaborately rendered with cryptic clues and strange plot twists, it requires intense focus, especially when it comes to calculating when to attack. He spent a lot of time in the game’s most dangerous regions, a fiery-red hellscape known as Caelid. “Instead of sleeping,” Grimes said, “he played until 5:30 in the morning.” Moments after he finished, he sent out a tweet: “I made an offer.”

No. 1891687

File: 1693560586451.jpeg (545.15 KB, 1918x2418, IMG_1546.jpeg)

It’s not even a conspiracy at this point. Oonagh is musks biological child. Who else would she belong to? Amber won a legal battle over the rights of two embryos they created together. I just hope she grows up and looks like either her mother or grandmother Maye Musk. Oonagh isn’t even Musks child, really. He has nothing to do with her and likely never will but she has his genes.

I know this thread isn’t about Amber but it concerns me that she had trouble bonding with her baby girl. She had a surrogate, first of all, and when she was born Amber was caught up in the highly publicised trial that ruined her life. As a result she’s either never with Oonagh or goes out with a nanny helping her.

No. 1891694

lol, of course blame the school. Who sent him there? Who raised him so that he doesn't think critically and becomes easily brainwashed? Where was he when Xavier was growing up?

No. 1891697

Worth mentioning that Amber, like a year after Oonagh was born, made a post in which she treats her like a prop by exercising with her. Even that child has a narcissistic parent

No. 1891707

File: 1693565619431.jpg (Spoiler Image,202.89 KB, 572x343, amber3-1683603213-1872-1683603…)

Idk man, Oonahg doesn't even look like Amber let alone Musk. I still think it's their daughter but tbh, exa looks way more like musk, tragically.

No. 1891712

Imageboard. Can you post a screenshot?

No. 1891714

Taurus women make the best moms, unironically. Her daughter will be fine.

No. 1891715

>treats her like a prop while exercising
Or maybe she just wants to be held? Like little children so often do? Regardless if their parent is busy or not? Wasn’t Amber holding the worlds tiniest little dumbbell at the time? I mean I’m ayrt and I’m concerned that women who have surrogates struggle to bond with their baby but what you’re saying seems unfair. >>1891707
She has ambers eyes and elons nose.(sage your shit)

No. 1891716

File: 1693567103186.jpg (193.62 KB, 1600x902, 0.jpg)

I think she resembles him more here

No. 1891719

File: 1693567285860.jpeg (173.82 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_1550.jpeg)

Elon has a big fat malformed head and underdeveloped nose bridge so actually every baby on earth looks like him.

No. 1891720

File: 1693567338126.jpg (392.96 KB, 1350x1080, Picsart_23-09-01_13-22-01-214.…)

Saged for fanart(don't post fanart)

No. 1891723

Have you been to Austin, nonna? Bay Area techies would fit right in there. Texas is huge and has lots of different communities.

No. 1891739

I want her to keep wearing those goggles forever kek genuinely cracks me up every single time I see her(sage your shit)

No. 1891759

>father is an autistic rich misogynistic man
>son declares he hates rich people, identifies as a commie woman
It just sounds like he's doing all he can to be different than his father who was absent and probably abusive to his mother. Sad.

No. 1891763

he gives zero fucks about his female children and grimes bragged multiple times about not getting money from him, i doubt he'd pay amber a penny for oonagh even if he were obsessed

No. 1891777

Nta but Musk treats Grimes and Amber differently, though. He even donated money in Amber's name.

No. 1891779

File: 1693575564646.png (1.44 MB, 2494x465, BAC687D2-084C-48A1-82FC-9D31D2…)

Im still trying to work out what that eye lift was for

No. 1891837

File: 1693582567009.jpg (155.29 KB, 962x1360, messages.jpg)

Yeah, there is a small chance that we might be wrong and there was a different sperm donor, but the most likely explanation is that Elon is her biological father considering the legal battle over embryos rumor and everything else. It all sounds like something he would do, he's practiced IVF and surrogacy many times.

Elon has been pursuing Amber since they both appeared on the 2013 movie Machete Kills which was filmed in 2012.
>Musk showed interest in the actress despite never sharing a scene with her and sent emails to director Robert Rodriguez and others asking for an introduction. "If there is a party or event with Amber, I'd be interested in meeting her just out of curiosity… Allegedly, she is a fan of George Orwell and Ayn Rand… most unusual." A dinner was set up but Heard, who was dating Depp at the time, did not show up. Musk was reportedly not looking for a date, as he often likes to meet "interesting people from all different industries."

They were seeing each other in 2016 and announced that they are dating in 2017. He was simping hard for her.
>They have known each other for a while. They were friends first, but Elon was always very fascinated by Amber. When the time was right and they were both single last year, he started pursuing her romantically. She was playing hard to get for a while, which made him even more interested. Elon loves a pretty face, but he needs more to be intrigued. Amber has lots more to offer. Elon is attracted to her edginess. She isn’t frightened about being different. She doesn’t get easily intimidated. She is very focused and loves to learn.
Maybe Grimes is trying to imitate Amber's edginess that Elon liked, but she was no doormat like her.

Amber's dad said they were planning to get married and have children.
>Amber Heard’s father, David Heard, said that she wanted to marry Elon Musk. In 2017, he spoke with Grazia Magazine about her daughter and her plans to settle down. “Amber and Elon are both very serious about each other. She would love to get married. One of the things they want to do is settle down and have a family. They are making plans for that.” However, later another report came in from a source close to Elon Musk who claimed they didn’t have any plans to get married.

When they first broke up in 2017, it was reported as if Elon dumped her and it was due to their schedules but he immediately ran to an Instagram post she made commenting "V cute" with a heart emoji, and adding:
>"Btw, just to clear up some of the press storm this weekend, although Amber and I did break up, we are still friends, remain close and love one another. Long distance relationships, when both partners have intense work obligations are always difficult, but who knows what the future holds."
A few months later Elon said:
>"Well, she broke up with me more than I broke up with her, I think. I was really in love and it hurt bad. I will never be happy without having someone. Going to sleep alone kills me. It's not like I don't know what that feels like: Being in a big empty house, and the footsteps echoing through the hallway, no one there — and no one on the pillow next to you. Fuck. How do you make yourself happy in a situation like that?"

They were seen sharing a kiss a month later, in December 2017 and Elon went to Chile with Amber and his brother. They were together for a short time, then broke up again in February 2018. Elon's dad talked nicely about Amber in this 2022 video https://youtu.be/ZtDvJxHixzw and he said he heard good things about her from his children, so maybe he was talking about the vacation with Kimbal. He also said she is the type of person that would fit their family. All of this came across like he knows Amber has a kid with Elon to me.

In 2019, Johnny Depp claimed that Amber was seeing Elon one month after they got married. He said she received late night visits from Musk at the L.A. penthouse they shared while he was out of the country. He got married to her on February 3, 2015. Elon was married to Talulah between 2010-2012 and 2013-2016. There could be some cheating or open relationship thing going on, or maybe Johnny is just full of shit idk

No. 1891838

File: 1693583216879.jpg (134.65 KB, 634x984, 101747320.jpg)

On her post about Oonagh's birth, she basically confirms the father is Elon by mentioning she decided she wants to have kids 4 years ago. She made post in 2021, and in 2017 she was with Elon. However, it could also be interpreted differently I guess

No. 1891844

Well, her eyebrows are placed higher now which is considered more attractive ig.

I love Amber (besides surrogacy stuff), but why Oonagh out of all names? How is it even supposed to be pronounced, like Una?

No. 1891846

I want to see the autistic “last text” he sent her before that exchange

No. 1891854

Yeah it’s pronounced like Una. Tbh I think it’s cute like a little cave girl baby lmao manifesting that Amber’s beauty genes overpower Elon’s autistic uggo ones.

No. 1891890

It’s an Irish name.

No. 1891891

where do you find the images without the faces blurred out nonna?

No. 1891895

There is this law that prohibits European countries from publishing pictures of celebrities' children in the media. However, the images can be given/sold to non-European countries, for example Turkey, India or Russia, and they gladly publish them. I am using google translator (kek) to search for pictures of 'amber heard with her daughter' but in turkish. At some point you will see the uncensored pictures if you scroll a bit, works every time kek

No. 1891899

like >>1891890 said, awesome irish name, and quite feminine as in "lamb". I really don't mean to be unkind but are you american? that is a very american question lmao. you are the be all and end all apparently. did you have a seizure every time you read the "siobhan o'shaughnessy has died" headlines?

No. 1891902

As a Britbong who spent a lot of time around rich kids in uni, can confirm that Amber would be the dream woman of a lot of old money English men. She’s that very gung-ho, G.I. Jane type of American woman that old money families would be very impressed by. I can see why Errol liked her so much, she’d be the perfect addition to a rich Anglo/Boer colonial family, if she had been a little more stable.

No. 1891903

NtA but isn't Talulahs mom named Una? I always found it quite funny Amber picked that name…what a coincidence

No. 1891907

Oh and men from those rich coloniser type families who holiday in Africa and stuff (a lot of rich Brits still do) REALLY like blondes like Amber too. Not that bleached way like Claire but just that natural looking blonde women, very ‘Aryan’ and strong looking with sharp features. Now that I think about it, his family is very stereotypical of European upper class families (creepy perv dad, slightly incestuous dynamic, somewhat awkward son, falls hard for a feisty blonde American woman etc etc)(sage your shit)

No. 1891911

Una is a relatively common first name for Irish women and women of Irish descent in the UK, both Talulah and to a lesser extent Amber have Irish ancestry (Riley is a very Irish surname) Yeah is pretty weird tbf to name your kid after your ex bf’s ex’s mom but I guess sometimes you hear a name and just really like it and there’s nothing wrong with that.

No. 1891912

uhhh…that's surely not utterly diabolical it's someone being quirky right? his broodmares are all unhinged but that one is odd. (the choice, not amber. amber would be based if she never huffed a musk in her life but alas)

No. 1891913

She's just insanely pretty let's be fucking honest nonna. Elon would've never dated her if she looked like her sister for example.
Her beauty is almost surreal, especially next to someone as ugly as Elon. Sure she's smart and witty but I doubt that her GI Jane persona made her popular among the Musks. Or am I just too poor to understand the dynamics of rich ppl kek

No. 1891915

She hasn’t aged well due to stress but in her youth yes she was definitely a 10/10.

No. 1891916

A huge amount of upper class European men definitely have a fetish for blonde bolshy American women. But then I guess that’s a lot of mens type. There’s something intimidating about Amber she has big clit energy.

No. 1891917

It was Una but she Americanized it to Oonagh, so it sounds more like OORAH.

No. 1891926

That Shivon war quote is so painfully cringey. Elon is nothing like a warrior or military commander or whatever child’s fantasy he has. He really thinks he’s like Genghis Khan kek.

No. 1891931

NTA but as an American, I know the name is Irish but that spelling is a very poor choice for an American to give their American child. Here it would be pronounced in a particularly hideous way by every single teacher or whoever that isn’t familiar with the name. I don’t think being a celebrity will prevent it. It was a weird choice when Una or even Oonah are options.

No. 1891937

This. I’m American as well with an Irish born father who named my brother something painfully Gaelic and he went through hell in school and workplaces because of it kek. I do still think Oonagh a cute name tho and I like the spelling. Still, it def will be hard for her growing up.

No. 1891951

Shivon didn't come across as one of his concubines. I'm having doubts they ever slept together. Maybe she is gay like nonnas said.

No. 1891958

anyone who names their children an Irish name with the Irish spelling (and aren't Irish) are retarded and selfish as the child is going to have to go through school with teachers unable to pronounce their name

No. 1891963

Some Deppfags tinfoil the name "Oonagh" is in reference to the character Oona in the 1985 movie Legend. The main characters are called Jack and Lili. His son is nicknamed Jack, and his daughter's name is Lily Rose. They think she picked this name to be connected to Johnny. I searched but couldn't fimd him confirming he chose these names on purpose to reference that movie, so all of this could perfectly be coincidental but who knows

No. 1891988

People keep saying that. I'll believe it when there's any shred of evidence other than "she dresses like a tomboy". If they have a relationship Elon would be protecting her career by not being open about it. She's still a weird simp for him whether she's gay or not.

No. 1891992

wow what a tough life they must have lol

No. 1891993

she look more autistic looking than elon himself(sage your shit)

No. 1892035

Is this from a costume party? Why is she dressed like that?

No. 1892039

File: 1693608193668.jpg (114.65 KB, 1080x1303, Amber-Heard-dumbbels.jpg)

No, she wasn't just holding her, otherwise I wouldn't have said that, it looks like she was using her for the picture and the way she was holding her looks unsafe. She probably thought it's going to look cool and get likes on instagram, similarly to how Elon posted that "my sparing partner" photo

No. 1892088

Can we stop talking about amber this is starting to feel like a femcel-logic stacy discussion its derailing the thread and there is always fresh milk from claire and her big tits pig bf

Everytime amber is brought up shit gets so derailed into talking about how much of a queen and how hot she is, a lot of us are not here for that level of simping were here to laugh and drink milk. There are femcell forums for that.

Amber is pretty but shes a golddigging narcissist who cares about her beyond possibly having one of elons retarded sperms in her legal possession that she turned into living child maybe (probably) like go to reddit to suck her dick please and ty

In other news elon getting investigated for using government money for building himself a mansion explains claires fake propaganda about how he lives below the poverty line and sleeps on mattress with a hole in it. She is using everything she has to spread propaganda for him.(derailing, essayposting)

No. 1892122

It’s not unsafe to hold a baby like that I saw a paediatrician recommending this pose for babies who have gas or babies who keep crying(sage your shit)

No. 1892123

I don’t think it was fake did you see Claire’s shitty room? She didn’t even have a closet and the furniture looked like it was from alibaba kek

No. 1892128

Yeah who is this sperg who keeps saying Shivon is a lesbian. I hope to god no lesbian would act this pathetically.

No. 1892135

wrow i didnt know she had muskles…

No. 1892158

If she had Elon's babies but is not having sex with him, do you think he's going to be fine with her dating other guys? Do you think other guys will want to date her while she has young Elon spawn and he is such an oversize pig presence in her life? She's either asexual or gay because I don't see her getting any guys to sleep with her atm because of Elon. Or she's having sex with Elon but I really don't see that either. I'm not Punjabi but do you think her parents would be ok with her coming out as gay? I can't think of any Punjabi people who are gay or bi except Jameela Jamil but her family probably knows she only says it for attention and is fake bi.

No. 1892170

Bay Area guys are usually poly freaks and wouldn’t care about her having Elon’s kids. They fancy themselves as extremely progressive and sexually liberal or whatever. Hence the frequent orgies. Maybe she is just a hardcore devotee to Musk and is too busy working constantly to date. There just isn’t enough evidence to say much about her sexuality.

No. 1892171

stop writing shivon fanfic please this isn’t ao3 you tumblrfag
she knows she fucked up she won’t get rid of those ugly glasses. she tries too hard to act as if she’s just being ~quirky~ but she’s obviously trying to hide her botched face

No. 1892176

Only her mom is Indian her dad is white and they aren’t traditional they are progressive and she was born and raised in the west, Hindus don’t give a fuck about homosexuality they arent Muslims. Dickhead.(off-topic)

No. 1892204

Punjabis aren't only Hindus, they are Sikhs and some are Muslim too. Especially Pakistani Punjabs are Muslim. Do we know she is Indian Punjabi?(derailing)

No. 1892216

Her mothers name is Sharda which is a Hindu goddess name. Please stop tinfoiling.

No. 1892260

Paediatrician recommends waving them carelessly like that for the sake of photo with the other arm occupied so that if you lose balance, you can't grab the child? If yes, then they are moronic

No. 1892363

Amber is a vapid, needy, BPD, narcissistic actress/celeb, like most actresses. Though the trial probably humbled her some. The only thing unique about her is/was her beauty but she used plastic surgery to get that way. There's not much more to say about her so let's discussing her. There was no lawsuit with Elon because there is no record of it. Maybe it was a private battle who the fuck knows. Maybe she also had eggs frozen at same time she made embryos with Musk. I don't know how she affords to buy/rent a place in Madrid after having to pay Depp 1 million. And after all her legal fees. So maybe Musk did give her money and maybe that is his kid. We won't know until she is older. Moving on…

No. 1892376

I don’t see what’s wrong about bringing Amber up. Every other cow thread talks about their exes, love triangles, rivals etc. I don’t see why Elon and Grimes should be exempt unless ofc Claire is lurking or something and her feefees are getting hurt.

No. 1892399

johnny depp won't fuck you sis(infighting)

No. 1892425

Weird cause weed isn’t legal or easily accessible in Texas and neither is abortion

No. 1892475

File: 1693682039687.jpeg (513.93 KB, 1170x1098, IMG_5088.jpeg)

Repliers are asking “Azure?” (I know nothing about Elden Ring)

No. 1892476

Also, it looks like Shivon deleted her distressed tweets. I just searched for the word “fort” and nothing since 2015.

No. 1892492

It says it’s inspired by so I don’t know if that means that it is the same name as a spell. When did Elden Ring come out? These people are such fucking dorks.

No. 1892497

How can someone with roots be called a natural blonde I don’t understand kek

No. 1892500

yep, shes def apart of the muskrat harem

No. 1892501

i'm embarrassed for her. 'Our daughter' and sounds like they picked out the name together. Brainwashed

No. 1892514

Sage for OT but she is probably basically infertile long before she got with musk from years of obsessively taking accutane and was in her 30s. She probably was given a medical opinion that this round of IVF was the best chance she was ever gonna get to have kids, and the baby daddy can reliably financially support her lifestyle vs some Hollywood actor that could potentially go broke in 5-10 years. Although I think Musk will probably be pushed out Tesla and maybe even spacex at some point in time the way that Dov Charney was with AA for being a retard he will always have investments and other assets to keep the money coming in for child support(medfagging)

No. 1892517

accutane doesn't cause infertility and if she could get embryos off a round of IVF she could get them off another round. She took birth control when she was with Depp.

No. 1892536

weird because Elden Ring didn't come out until late February 2022 and their daughter was born in November 2021. So do they mean a nickname?

No. 1892537

Weed is extremely easily accessible here, always has been. Almost everyone I know smokes and only small town cops actually care about weed. Abortions were also super accessible up until late 2021. OT/blog but I had an abortion here in 2017 and it was at a clinic 20 minutes from my house, it was very easy and the staff at the clinic were angels. It’s all fucked up and awful now but most tech people can afford to travel to CA for a week for abortion if needed.

What was the first tweet she added this onto? I wonder if she’s trying to compete with grimes by mentioning Elden Ring, since there was that whole thing that just came out about Elon playing all night while they were in Canada visiting her parents. Maybe it made Shivon jealous that they shared that moment together? Idk I just get that vibe from a lot of her posts.. whether she’s romantically attracted to Elon or not, I definitely think she competes with Claire.

No. 1892579

i’m convinced elon puts chips in his concubines’ brains no way these bitches are all this stupid. Also the timing doesn’t match isn’t elden ring kinda recent? Did she have a third kid with that scrote?

No. 1892598

Yeah but still, the difference between ordering weed online and getting it delivered in a specific timeframe and knowing the exact strain is way different from even the best black market weed purchase. Would be a hell of a transition.

No. 1892613

how do you think people got weed before 2012 or whenever you could order it online?

No. 1892620

she is a Yale grad, former VC, and someone with a lot of tesla stock options who is competing with Claire over this fat pig's attention?
It's weird she says "Our Daughter" instead of "my daughter." My mom always says 'my daughter' when she refers to me even though my dad obviously exists and they are still married.

No. 1892641

This is interesting you say that, tbh. My mom does the same and always has. Not saying every woman ever has to do that or that it’s better or worse but since you pointed it out it is odd how much emphasis Shivon seems to be putting on the OUR. These women who are a part of his harem just make me so sad like…how could it ever be worth it to be tied to THAT CREATURE? Smh coulda got a hot donor from a sperm bank she’d never have to see again but I guess the Muskbux are too tantalizing? Or something?

No. 1892708

fighting over a pig like elon is embarrassing enough already and her opponent is grimes? fucking kek shivon please get the fuck up you were supposed to be better than this

No. 1892717

Stop blogging about your abortion weirdo no one cares

No. 1892718

Ikr it’s pure Reddit mom vibes. I genuinely can’t respect or take someone seriously who is 25+ and still fawns over video games.

No. 1892719

Saying our daughter is a way of triggering Claire. They are definitely fighting over him kek. The 35 year old discord kittens in a catfight over their lardass server mod.

No. 1892721

I’m guessing it’s Azura or something especially if the baby girl came out with bright blue eyes like Shivon’s. That’s honestly a very cringe and millennial type of name though honestly. Like those fanfics where they always describe the person as having cyan or crystalline blue eyes kek.

No. 1892724

Probably cause she doesn't feel super attached to the baby, due to her renting a womans body to give birth to the baby for her

No. 1892725

Just because someone is nerdy or booksmart doesn’t mean they make good choices in life or in their partners nona. Especially if they are aspie and prone to the trendy moral relativism that’s so prevalent among silicone valley techies. People here really need to stop expecting anything from Shivon shes a retarded pickme just like Claire.

No. 1892726

Baby eyes don’t come out with a color like that. They are all vaguely dark grey. But also the game came out months after the twins were born so I think she’s somehow lying about how they picked the name.

No. 1892727

It’s probably just a dogwhistle to Elon because he likes that game or something and like Claire she’s mirroring his interests to try and get his attention. Also babies definitely can come out with bright blue eyes I’ve seen it myself and scientifically speaking babies melanin is at its lowest right when they are born. I definitely think Elon wanted to bank her genes or something and is on some kind of quest to find the purest blonde and purest blue eyed alleles for his creepy nazi mars expedition.

No. 1892728

Also i remember in one of MJ’s biographies they said he did the same thing with Debbie Rowe. He really wanted a woman with extremely bright clear blue eyes to have a kid because he was obsessed with the idea of having a white kid with really blue eyes like Paris Jackson does now. They were also rumors at the time he’d done some kind of gene editing but now it’s pretty much accepted that Jacko wasn’t the bio father and he got a friend to be a sperm donor too.

No. 1892729

File: 1693715096944.jpeg (198.08 KB, 1200x1473, 414CCA3F-4585-44F2-B087-CAD6C3…)

Elon has dull kind of hazel or greyish eyes and they seem to have muted Shivon’s blueness in their kid.

No. 1892730

File: 1693715172356.jpeg (45.1 KB, 450x450, 4442CEDB-6C16-43E3-8300-87232D…)

Also OT but the kid Jana and Errol had together, Elliott, is actually so cute. She will definitely be a stacy when she grows up, I’m just amazed Errols rotten old sperm produced such a cute daughter.

No. 1892732

Don't post kids' faces on LC.

No. 1892735

Oh my god shut up.

No. 1892736

It only counts if there’s an expectation of privacy or if the kids are unclothed. They are clothed and their parents shared these pics publicly so there’s no expectation there.

No. 1892745

that’s not Shivon’s kid it’s a relative iirc the picture was taken before her twins were born

No. 1892765

this is a good observation nona. Although she posted that picture saying that her kids mean everything to her. But the language about the name is very distancing.

I don't think she's a real aspie. She's in her feelings a lot, it seems, and she seems like more of a consigliere to Elon than a romantic partner (tho I do think it's possible she is a sexual partner). I'm not sure that she ever fit in Silicon Valley with the moral relativism, and I think that's why she ended up with Musk. I'm not even sure she agrees with him on everything but she is very loyal so she defends him and does not show disagreement in public.

I know lots of booksmart SV/Ivy super successful types but her path is uniquely weird.

No. 1892781

Shut up.

No. 1892783

Only ugly bitches hate Amber, that’s a scientific fact.

No. 1892785

People like you who act like having to spell a name out is traumatising for a kid are so funny. Sorry your parents didn’t love you enough to give you an interesting name, I guess. Teachers are fucking retarded and will refuse to pronounce or spell any name correctly if it isn't John or Becky.

No. 1892792

Shivon is just as pathetic as Claire. Maybe even more so than Claire because she let Elon out her in a compromising position that might get her in trouble with the feds

No. 1892802

>She will definitely be a stacy when she grows up
You could've ended it at "she's so cute" but you just had to use incel terminology to describe the attractiveness of a kid. Go outside

No. 1892808

Stacy isnt incel terminology it’s a trope that’s been around since 90s movies kek go do your homework zoomer.

No. 1892828

File: 1693738765251.jpg (221.92 KB, 1000x634, Picsart_23-09-03_12-57-51-948.…)

Yeh her daughter is cute but this Jana chick looks absolutely gruesome kek

No. 1892832

File: 1693739267187.jpg (265.22 KB, 1080x1080, Picsart_23-09-03_13-01-08-043.…)

OT but Errol had two biological daughters with the mother of Jana. And I feel like Alexandra Musk,one of them, is not only the prettiest but also Errols secret fav daughter. She reminds me a lot of Amber kek
Error Musk belongs in a mental institution, he's a creep and I genuinely hate him.

No. 1892833

Go back to Reddit my god. I hate how yall flocking to LC and act so holier-than-thou, with your overweight morals kek no one cares
What's will all these redditors joining the Grimes thread? Are yall bored?

She's deffo attacking claire with that post. Did Elon ever acknowledged Exa? Is there even a pic of them? Exa is Claire's daughter and she knows it kek But is Shivon a mean girl kek? I'm impressed. No surgeries, has a full-time job and still looks better/younger than Claire.

No. 1892836

File: 1693740123870.png (136.5 KB, 1080x600, 20230903_141131.png)

You zoomers are so cute! FYI video games are marketed for all age groups. It's a billion-dollar business after all.

This is strange. Maybe she named their daughter after Microsoft Azure and is trying to backtrack. Elden Ring was released for beta testing in November 2021.

No. 1892840

Disgusting. So he created a child with an essentially younger version of his ex-wife whom he also helped to raise since she was 4 years old

No. 1892867

Nta but it was a TROPE since the 90s, not a descriptive word. You’re using it the way incels use it.

No. 1892868

She’s probably on drugs to cope with the pain of being groomed by her stepfather.

No. 1892880

What’s really creepy is they look like a mixture of Shivon and Amber, they have Shivons wide set slightly froggy features with Ambers coloring, anyone else see it?

No. 1892889

File: 1693752407497.jpeg (958.81 KB, 3264x2975, 0CD105A8-6E39-404E-94F3-2568FB…)

So weird. Jana really looks like a Shivon and Amber hybrid. Shivons big round dopey eyes and wide-ish mouth with long outer corners, and Ambers pointy nose, longer face and eye/hair color.

No. 1892944

natural consequence of hitting the weights as opposed to the crack pipe

No. 1892969

From personal experience it was a pain in the fucking ass and you never knew what you were smoking and your dealers would constantly either stop dealing or go to prison for selling harder drugs or just run out of weed. And they were always flaky as all fuck on the best days. You could wait outside from sketch apartment for an hour and everytime you’d text them they’d say they’re on their way down. Basically it was a shitshow and the thought of going back to that is horrifying. Maybe the rich and famous have it better but drug dealers are notoriously flakey flakes. The only reliable dealer I ever knew in the times before medical weed in my state was an extremely old man who had set hours like a store and didn’t smoke weed himself, and only sold weed, no harder drugs - an extreme rarity. No deliveries, gate closed at 7 pm sharp. Weed was always consistently decent. He always answered his phone. Maybe Austin is chock full of old weed men but even if it was these dudes only ever had like two of the same strains that they’d buy in bulk once or twice a year so you weren’t getting freshly harvested anything. Anyone from a legal market is spoiled and smoking stuff harvested within the last month or two.(derailing)

No. 1892973

What muskbux? He’s a notorious tightwad who made Claire sleep on a broken mattress. She’s not getting any money from him. Does anyone else remember Claire saying she’s in a cult and implying Elon is the cult leader? This whole thing is some weird space cult and everyone in it thinks Elon is fucking cosmic Jesús. And just because Shivon went to Yale doesn’t mean she’s immune to falling for dumb cult brainwashing. There are Mormon medical doctors out there.

No. 1892995

NTA but you know it’s incel terminology just own it and say “who cares? I like using it” instead of reaching and trying to play dumb

No. 1893008

Or hot bitches who are sick and tired of being told "omg you look just like Johnny Depps ex!!"

Smells like ugly ho up in here though, fo sho(blogpost derailing fo sho)

No. 1893016

Omg, imagine being told "omg you look just like Elon Musks ex!!". I don't know if in this world exist something more offensive than this kek

No. 1893038

Not a single soul alive cares

No. 1893051


she shidded on a bed and decapitated his fingertip. its a bad look for people diagnosed with BPD and for women in general. I wonder if he had to replace that mattress lol.

No. 1893053

File: 1693777185527.jpg (101.47 KB, 1280x720, a1f01f2884ea5004efc69b3fef811e…)

I just noticed Grimes has a thread on Kiwifarms. The OP is very thorough. All the Grimes lore in one place. And pics too, like this one. I had forgotten how ugly the cyber truck was. Now, is Claire going to create a KF account just to WK herself?

No. 1893065

I desperately want to know how Claire and Shivon avoid each other. Don’t they both live in Austin? And they both pal around with various other Elon sycophants to fill in his absence. And they have babies the same age! It’s got to be a pretty small world?

No. 1893068

File: 1693780778501.png (888.79 KB, 1028x2192, 20230904_013519.png)

There are also archives of the indie blog Grimes and her team DDoSed. I thought the blog had some dirt on her but it's just encyclopedia dramatica meets 4chan tier dumb shit.

No. 1893071

File: 1693781652931.jpeg (53.34 KB, 800x533, 05B96479-A325-404D-9122-BF9D15…)

The real power move is to take a laxative and shit in a cat box and not cover it. Then gaslight the man and insist it was the cat

No. 1893077

File: 1693782797093.jpeg (172.22 KB, 1169x935, IMG_5131.jpeg)

Is this Grimes liking a tweet roasting Elon here or am I misunderstanding it?

No. 1893083

File: 1693783054187.jpeg (782.92 KB, 1170x1506, IMG_5132.jpeg)

She’s also now liked several posts about “deadbeat men”

Was there proof that she and Elon unfollowed each other last week? I follow too many ppl who follow them to be able to check for myself…

No. 1893099

>I don't think she's a real aspie
Kek what is with this thread and several of you trying to pretend autistic women are cold feelingless Stacies

No. 1893102

It's still hilarious to me that this is about Elon freaking Musk. Oh my god sometimes I just think about it for no reason and combust

No. 1893105

the 12$ shein wig will always make me laugh

No. 1893109

The whole exchange is retarded. Elon made an unfunny joke. Random guy replies trying to make a point/dig that doesn’t need to be made because it was clearly a joke. Grimes likes it to be petty because she’s mad. Yes her likes are all intentional though, especially the ones about divorce/deadbeat men etc that have been more frequent. She and Elon often use twitter to passive aggressively communicate

No. 1893115

File: 1693789836948.png (790.94 KB, 747x788, nasty.png)

it's so fucking bad too, genuinely pathetic. she embarrasses herself over him for free kek

also not really related (but somehow more related than most of the posts in the last day), i came across an account that makes memes of grimes. it very much comes across as a fan account but it has so many cringe videos and outright bad looking photos for her, which makes me laugh
picrel from that awful interview, she looks like a bloated chimp

No. 1893117

File: 1693789999206.jpg (176.84 KB, 1024x1102, media_Ft6qC6MWcAA2P-h.jpg)

apologies for the double post but here's another one. haven't seen this picture posted in this thread yet and it has me speechless, look at her fucking eye

No. 1893121

there's nothing to suggest Shvon is autistic. Nothing. Being a VC requires you to network and take meeting after meeting with founders. Basically all you do as a VC is go to lunch at help the autistic founders focus their ideas and pick a board etc. You are a business advisor but the role is highly social.

No. 1893122

ty for the link nona, reading through now and you're right, the OP has a lot. good stuff! thanks for sharing

No. 1893163

You’re so fucking stupid. You think she threw a wine bottle from halfway across the room and it landed directly on his finger, and you think a woman did a Yorkshire terrier sized shit on a bed that SHE had to sleep in that evening, to get revenge on her husband who was going away for weeks? She’s never even been diagnosed with BPD unlike you probably.

No. 1893172

She's a brunette but there's one racebait-chan talking about how amber is a natural American blonde that old money men love or something. Most white people like her have blonder hair as children which gets dark with age, obsessing over the color is useless.

No. 1893184

Shes gurning on something

No. 1893187

They look like a lesbian couple on their way to Costco with their adopted kids in the back(commentary dumping + lack of sage)

No. 1893200


No. 1893205

She looks downsy here. Sometimes I forget what she used to look like because she looks so different in every picture now

No. 1893228

What’d you do, climb out of a goodwill dumpster? She’s trailer trash without the trailer. Any fucking brain dead idiot (no offense to you C ) could tell you the only way Muskrat is ever going to keep you around is if there’s something of value to keep and free pussy isn’t one of them. All he has to do is offer another horse to a flight attendant or fuck one of the bitches at your drug fueled orgies(newfaggotry)

No. 1893233

Simping for Scamber is as bad as doing it for Elon.(continued derailing)

No. 1893301

File: 1693852920452.jpeg (203.28 KB, 1170x695, IMG_3979.jpeg)

Yidlover alert! Gross…(racebaiting)

No. 1893324

Did this thread get raided by a bunch of braindead kiwifarms faggots?

No. 1893359

File: 1693867798244.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1014x1796, D22BBD14-03ED-4292-AC56-C5F585…)

No. 1893421

Woop woop TikTok moid alert

No. 1893442

What did she do to her eyes again? They're droopy and heavy lidded, as opposed to elastic panties rubber tier stretched fox lift. Buy a pair of plain black sunglasses Claire, these glasses are only making your problem worse

No. 1893463

File: 1693901998208.jpg (147.48 KB, 1080x445, Screenshot_20230905_022037.jpg)

Tbh the ppl in the ~hate sub~ are so fucking cringe that it makes me like Claire again.

No. 1893464

Her eyes are so botched kek. She wanted the fox/cat eye look like Asian eyes and now they’re uneven and look more droopy.(unsaged nitpick)

No. 1893469

Same I really can’t stand them. Still dislike Claire and the sub is interesting at times, but it’s mostly awful and has a lot of troons in it. When they get on the subject of her or Elon being transphobic I’m like good for them. Grimes isn’t even actually transphobic though, I might like her if she was

No. 1893470

File: 1693906684963.jpeg (817.85 KB, 1242x1667, IMG_3638.jpeg)

Botox can sometimes cause eyes to droop. The left woman in picrel has an extreme case and it’s usually more subtle like what grimes has. I am pretty sure that’s what’s going on here bc I have no idea what else it could be. She has bad luck with every procedure she gets kek

No. 1893476

That left pic is scary kek
heavy benzodiazepine use causes that sleepy eyelid droop, too. I love talking shit about grimes bc she's retarded but I hope she isn't on heavy doses like that to put up with muskrat's bullshit.

i dunno. i was prescribed way too much for years. 3 yrs clean.

No. 1893480

File: 1693913226710.jpeg (148.94 KB, 1200x900, D79C952B-8E6B-4F08-A8C4-96F0A7…)

It’s not, she just had slightly hooded eyes before the upper facelift and the lift pulled back the brow skin and exposed the eyelid underneath making her look all bugged out and uneven. (Pic rel on the left is hooded eyes, notice how the surgeon lifted the brow skin and exposed the eyelid underneath making it look more ‘normal’ this is an example of a subtle and well done brow lift)

Claire got greedy and wanted her eyes pulled from the side to give her a more foxlike appearance but the surgeon went overboard and pulled then stapled her skin from way above on her hairline, so it’s pulled her brow skin up way too much, exposed too much eyelid and given her uneven eyes.

No. 1893481

File: 1693913556320.gif (408.14 KB, 1200x600, 9F35CB44-A830-43E2-8124-646FCF…)

Another example. Claire’s eyes weren’t that hooded before, just a little. The surgeon stretched her eyes wayyyy too tight and pulled the forehead skin up wayyyy too high. I imagine it’s very uncomfortable and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is depressed over it, she seems to be very self conscious and trying to use oversize glasses to distract from it a lot.

No. 1893482

Also the reason it probably looks worse and more prominent now is because the swelling and fluid retention has gone down and how her eyes look more sunken.

No. 1893492

i can't help but feel incredibly sorry for her here. but then i remember she says shit like "i kinda like the patriarchy" and i stop.

No. 1893505

File: 1693921031113.png (1.18 MB, 1270x645, wat.png)

me too, every time.
on rewatch wtf is this outfit?? scandi wood elf faeri in a seifuku? someone get this roll of nickles off etsy

No. 1893506

File: 1693921048466.jpeg (271.6 KB, 1169x1359, IMG_5169.jpeg)

A bunch of replies to Grimes’ alt in the last 1-2 days seem to be answering the question “should I choose war or peace?” (to resolve a problem)

One replier says re: choosing war : “Given that family and kids are involved I imagine that's hard”

I have my own guess, but, thoughts on what this is about?

No. 1893509

Didnt Poppy confirm she makes songwriters sign NDAs and doesn’t pay them and Titanic posted a screenshot of the NDA to confirm it?

No. 1893510

File: 1693921611456.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1620x2068, AF099493-E177-4256-9B82-FAA49E…)

I mean I don’t like Tits either but proof is proof.

No. 1893513

Jut having her weekly discord kitten cluster b breakdown.
Also the Vogelfrei account sounds like her replying to herself lol.

No. 1893515

Azealia did say Elon gets pure lsd and molly from a lab and likes micro dosing.

No. 1893517

Is this the interview where she says she wants to be Hitler or Stalin?

No. 1893526

Tinfoil but I remember Claire liked a tweet (it was a parody of the total n*gger death copypasta) that talked about Gauls while pretending to be Caesar. I wonder if she seethes because she’s mostly Italian and Talulah is Irish and Amber is open about her Irish ancestry/gave her daughter an Irish name. Sounds far fetched but it’s that petty and jealous of Claire to do something like that.

No. 1893532

It's exactly the same as this place, loser

No. 1893535

all the tech bros adopted internet culture and micro dosing as almost a way to larp as us, just like Grimes larps as poor. they are all soulless and need to feel lower class to fill the void.
hence all the techocracy going to burning man and bouncing when it all got too hard

No. 1893571


@ 34:34 he starts talking about Claire. Apparently he wrote the lyrics and the guitar riff for we appreciate power. This is what… the 3rd person who has said she has songwriters sign ndas? He goes on to speak on the illusion that is grimes

“ her whole life it's like everyone's just been like this genius writer and producer and this and that and that's what I thought too and then five minutes into the first session I was like…ah.”

No. 1893584

File: 1693935698257.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1509, 20230905_204021.png)

That is a reply to this. A freshly made account is trying to dox people. The Op is warning others but doesn't claim it's Grimes or any of her people.

No. 1893588

A user on reddit named alex leaud was doxxing people from her snark/truth subreddit, and he was also following her private twitter. She follows his “hatetracker” account on twitter where he was doxxing people from the sub. And commenting support under his posts. He’s a sex buyer who goes to japan a lot for sex tourism and talks about retvrn to rhodesia so just an example of the company she keeps now. He also has seemingly met Man Dao.

No. 1893597

She’s always been a talentless hack.

No. 1893608

I finally watched this for the first time. Imagine willingly portraying yourself as inferior to a mood.

No. 1893634

That faggot lies about everything. I know grimes interacts with him but he makes it seem like their connection is anything more than her occasionally thanking him for WKing for her. He’s probably a bigger threat to her than any of her haters because he has obsessive stalker tendencies and is constantly openly talking about how she is on his side and hates black ppl and trannies just like he does. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know Lan Dao but has mutual friends with her because they’re from similar circles from Canada (though he lives in Japan now). Claire is a retard for engaging at all but I do think she’s too stupid to piece it together. I wish the troon who threatened to dox him didn’t wimp out and actually did it but oh well.

No. 1893637

And also this user is definitely “Alex”. I’ve talked to him at length and recognize his typing “voice”. He’s certifiably insane. He mostly does what he does because he is an abuser and gets off on terrorizing a small corner of the internet he found that’s mostly women and troons. It’s not really about him loving grimes so much because he’s such a dedicated fan. He just gets off on harassing women and making them feel threatened. I feel bad for the prostitutes he abuses too.

No. 1893648

File: 1693943827161.png (322.37 KB, 507x369, IMG_0644.png)

i mean, titanic is a cow himself. 2 talentless retards calling each other out. I’m not sure if we can trust his word

No. 1893656

Even if Tits is a cow, at least he can prove he can write songs. Claire has never been able to prove that she has actually written something or can write in her entire life. And even though Poppy and Tits hate each other they’re still in agreement that Claire is a conniving lying fraud, so I believe them.

No. 1893705

yes, and similar smile

No. 1893778

He's from MA not Canada

No. 1894098

File: 1694038770353.jpeg (379.19 KB, 1439x1799, FDB23973-C070-452D-B02C-429A94…)

Shivon with “Strider” and “Azure” + Claires reply

No. 1894105

I’m really wondering what went down 1-2 weeks ago, because Elon, Grimes and X were just together in Japan mere weeks ago. She’s know about the Shivon thing since it happened almost 2 years ago right?

No. 1894119

Those names are terrible. Did she post this on her alt? Did Shivon post this pic on her twitter? I'm weirdly sympathetic to Claire here because you know Shivon did some ruthless Ivy League boss girl shit here.

No. 1894130

Walter Isaacson, who wrote Elon’s book posted the original tweet, and that’s her main acct but she temporarily changed her name after a Dune character. I feel a lil bad too. I just want to know why Elon would take X from her and not her daughter. If she’s an unfit mother he would take both so I think he’s just being a psycho. This all happened pretty quickly.

No. 1894143

not to give elon the benefit of the doubt but maybe he just took x with him on a trip w shivon and their kids and claire is having a bpd meltdown over it trying to make it seem like he kidnapped him?

No. 1894147

Shivon was just on a trip with her girlfriend whose AI company she joined the board of. She flew commercial. And the week before that she posted that she was sick in bed.

No. 1894148

Wish she'd give more context if she's already posting about it on twitter because what

No. 1894154

I know the most pertinent thing is the obvious but what is that atrocious interior. It’s like Ikea level design just with upgraded materials. No taste

But sad Claire thinks they were ever a family. She got played

No. 1894157

Please share more details

No. 1894159

They are outside. That's not the interior.

Shivon seems like a psychopath. Isaacson calls her Elon's "intellectual companion." Is that some sort of euphemism or does he really just compartmentalize like all men but on steroids? Intellectual companion, flesh companion.

it's on Shivon's twitter(once again, you need to post screenshots)

No. 1894166

Twitter doesn’t really let you see anything if you don’t have an account and this is an image board so.. NTA but I just want to know who her girlfriend is kek

No. 1894169

not romantic girlfriend. friend girlfriend bethany or something

No. 1894193

post caps lazy

No. 1894326

It was obvious to anyone with a brain that Elon discards all his broodmares once the child is old enough, he already did it to Justine.

And Claire is probably not fit to be a mother, she doesn’t like the role outside of a Dune fantasy context and as a way to get to Elon, I wouldnt be surprised if Elon has gathered a shit ton of dirt on her RE her drug use and her generally weird erratic behavior to use against her so he will get sole custody I already called it here >>1888992(sage your shit)

No. 1894327

>Why would Elon take X from her and not his daughter
Because he doesn’t give a shit about his female offspring. How new are you lol.

No. 1894328

None of these nouveau riche techies have any taste nona, they buy the ugliest basic mcmansions possible then fill it with their 10,000 dollar pokemon card collection and anime figurines.

No. 1894329

Stop gaybaiting, we’re sick of your Shivon is a lesbian headcanon.

No. 1894330

I didn’t see this tweet on her account. Is it fake or did she delete it?

No. 1894331

Also I thought twitter removed the block feature lol

No. 1894332

Why Elon looks so tense lol it's as if he was forced to have the girl in his lap and is scared to touch her wtf he is so desperately ignoring the her

No. 1894337

He’s like a 5 year old boy sulking after being forced to hold his baby sister.

No. 1894344

>screenshotted: now
Claire is that you lol.

No. 1894345

Elon still in his ‘ew girls have cooties’ phase despite being a 52 year old man.

No. 1894346

Rich Jews are already triggered that Elon’s threatening to sue the ADL and Haaretz is kvetching about him so I predict something bad will happen to Elon’s life soon once Jews cancel him lol.(racebait)

No. 1894347

File: 1694085543506.jpeg (291.82 KB, 828x1792, IMG_3421 (1).jpeg)

The post was deleted. This is not my screenshot.

No. 1894351

Must kill Claire that she will never be big in Japan no matter how much she wishes she was. Lady Gaga and Avril Lavigne have huge fan bases over there and Japanese people absolutely love them. But I’ve never talked to a single Japanese person who heard of Grimes lol. There were like 40 people at that ‘festival’ and most of them looked bored as fuck, all her and Elon got from that gig was negative press for being stupid arrogant foreigners. She’s so stupid for letting him damage her rep even more among a foreign market.

No. 1894358

I don’t think Shivon did anything, Elon is just an ageing narc playing off his two discord kittens against each other and trying to make them jealous so he feels more wanted and validated. And Claire being retarded takes the bait every time.

No. 1894359

This is so funny it’s like Nick Cannon and his hoodrat baby mommas fighting over him lol.(derailing, racebait)

No. 1894415

Someone on the subreddit said her 2016 concert sold out but her popshop/meet and greet she had this time around was barren. I could see her being popular in Japan if she came and played songs from her Visions/Art Angels era, or even MA but literally no one wants to hear Grimes DJ except maybe the few hardcore fans she has left. Watching Elon move his disgusting drugged up body and completely block her from people who paid to see GRIMES for half her concert was completely embarrassing, probably ruined any future ventures in Japan. If it happened anywhere else I guarantee someone from the audience would’ve thrown a drink at him

No. 1894424

No. 1894438

yeah i think art angels/visions did have some following in japan but i don’t think ma did good numbers over there. We all know elon only went there to have gang bangs with japanese girls while carrying claire around like a purse because shivon wouldn’t agree to it

No. 1894449

File: 1694101508666.jpeg (216.51 KB, 1169x871, IMG_5248.jpeg)

Shivon appeared in both new Walter Isaacson articles as Elon’s chief confidante. This language is eerily similar to how C was once described.

C did not appear in the Time article at all. (https://time.com/6310076/elon-musk-ai-walter-isaacson-biography/)

No. 1894480

File: 1694105795870.jpg (123.91 KB, 1080x410, Screenshot_20230906_173241.jpg)

Bitch, no he didn't. He's not even 2 yrs old lmfaooooo.
(Saged bc nonmilk but wanted to share because it is so cringe)

No. 1894484

This is so deeply embarrassing lmao like yeah HP is great but your not even two year old baby didn’t ask to watch it kek

No. 1894485

he says "feed me, mother" and she fully hears "harry potter" someone save the child

No. 1894513

File: 1694109756929.jpg (230.45 KB, 1080x1423, Picsart_23-09-07_20-00-51-637.…)

The tiresome trio strikes back with fresh, juicy milk. Who would've thought, Musk takes X from his rapid aging crackhead mother and let's his half-indian geekmaiden raise him.
But let's be honest here, Shivon is a genius psychopath and I love her for it. Sure Claire thought being white and resembling Talulah was enough for Musk to pick her but she forgot how intelligent Shivon is, its almost laughable how hard Musk ignores Exa, never even talks about her and now Shivon has him with his daughteron his lap for the world to see, what a great dad. Is he starting to claim Zillis?

Boucher never stood a chance. I actually don't get how ppl from her snark reddit feel bad for Claire and hate on Shivon, like she isn't some opportunistic cunt who neglected X for most of his life and took him to raves and let Musk dictate his personality.
Shivon girlbossed Claire out of the picture. I'm genuinely impressed.

No. 1894524

I wonder if Elon sits like that in order to not touch girl so she won't fall. She just sits by herself while he dies little by little. What a man lmao
I bet Shivon have some awful blackmail on him if she managed to put her girl in his lap

No. 1894535

Kek nonas I feel like this recent piece with shivon is simply a pr tactic to try n prove he's not antisemitic lol

No. 1894536

Are they filming this scene?? I'm curious. But I dont think shivon forced him, he cannot be forced to anything.

No. 1894539

he looks like he's in a k-hole

No. 1894542

so all those times tik tard zoomers and woke mental health faggots armchairing muskrat and claire as nEuRoDiVeRgEnT, they really are just geeking out on hallucinogens.

I'm so fucking tired of this clarie vs shivon shit. theyre both pickme tards. if you breed with an ugly billionaire wannabe mars colonialist who has a track record of running companies and women to the ground, attaches his name to space development to fufill his nerdy dreams, bought a social media company to rationalize his terminal online behavior and play king of the world, youre not smart at all. youre there for the money and drugs.

No. 1894543

You probably never seen anyone in a K-hole then kek
Ppl lay around, unconscious, he looks unwell tho but not overdosed

No. 1894546

I'm esl so I'm not sure if I understood you, but if by "filming this scene" you mean if this is shot for something then yeah, it's for that TIME article.
And he IS forced. Just look at him. He don't want this and don't like this.

No. 1894572

>and tell Elon to let me see my son
Wtf? Does it mean Elon took away X and is not letting Grimes see him? what in the world
Now this is something none of us saw coming huh. I thought he doesn't give a fuck about this kid

No. 1894600

Why is she pretending to care that she can't see X like nannies aren't raising him? They raise him whether they are with her, or with Elon. They are both useless parents

No. 1894601

I wonder how long before shivon bleaches her hair too. It's only a matter of time Lmao.

No. 1894603

You know kids can point at stuff and tug at their mom right? Don’t have to be able to speak to ask their mom to watch a movie with them lol. Weird nitpick. Certainly better than Claire making her 2 year old watch apocalypse now with her.

No. 1894615

Honestly, Exa is lucky that Elon hates girls because she gets to be free from his insufferable presence while he drags X everywhere with him and wants him to be Elon Musk Jr. Now he is caught up in this weird baby mama drama

No. 1894621

She is stuck with her bpd mom Grimes though, which is just as bad. If not worse.

No. 1894629

Yup her pickme anachan meth addict mom who resents the fact she can’t use her daughter to make Elon love her. Depressing situation all round. I still think she’s spending 99% of her time with nannies though so hopefully not too bad.

No. 1894632

You’re analyzing it too hard, it was a candid pic and he’s regularly microdosing on shit, he’s just high and spaced out lol.

No. 1894635

>why is Claire pretending to be upset over X
Because X is the only bargaining chip Claire had to get to Elon, nona. Claire is butthurt that she can’t use X to manipulate Elon into paying attention to her by proxy.

If Elon decides to demand full custody and can also produce hard evidence of her abusing drugs, acting erratically etc (and I 100% believe Elon is the type to bug every room, record everything, spy on people etc) then she is fucked and basically erased from the picture entirely and loses all her leverage.

The only thing keeping him from cutting Claire off entirely right now is a) he can’t find any other women atm and she’s still obsessed with him which he likes b) all the dirt she has on him could hurt his image even more.

She’s having a meltdown because she’s being edged out of the Lady Jessica Mars colony fantasy that Elon promised her.

No. 1894637

Also, Elon isn’t a fool when he comes to his dealings. He loves fucking people over in business and doing the typical sudden narc rugsweep and discard like he did to Justine. I’m sure he was extremely careful this time round and learned from his past mistakes. Claire is getting the Justine treatment now.

No. 1894643

I dont like Shivon but Shivon, Elon and the kids really do look much more like a normal healthy family unit here than anything he ever had with Claire. Him and Claire always looked so odd and dumb and mismatched together. With Shivon they actually look like a real husband and wife.

I really do think Claire was just a midlife crisis phase for him. Obviously I don’t know the woman personally but Shivon in most interviews comes across like a calm and grounding person to be around. With all the stress he currently has, that’s probably exactly what Elon needs right now.

No. 1894649

Sage for blogpost but I’m Asian and I’ve worked in marketing and had to work on products that would specifically garner mass appeal to Asian markets. Sorry to say but Grimes is not the type of artist who is appealing to Korean or Japanese markets. Like at all. She tried really hard with Jennie and the Loona stuff but Claire is still very much a literal who to most East Asians.
Even when I occasionally see comments on their articles from Asian news sources, netizens are usually just commenting on how ugly and cheap looking both Claire and Elon seem to be.

No. 1894654

Dunno if this is an autism thing but when Shivon talks I noticed she opens her eyes really fucking wide to the point it’s kinda disconcerting lol. I wonder if Elon likes her because she looks like the irl Alita Battle Angel out of his teenage nerd wet dreams.

No. 1894698

Shivon seems insufferable, she and Grimeth are the battle of the pickmes and fighting over a 52-year-old tub of lard who looks like a pig. I feel embarrassed for the both of them

No. 1894711

File: 1694130053159.jpeg (99.48 KB, 607x733, IMG_4212.jpeg)

I feel like I’ve seen her mention being “pUnJaB wItH bIg bLuE eYeS” more than once so I think she tries to show them off kek

No. 1894713

“a STATE OF WAR” lmaoooo she’s talking about an old silicon valley man being stressed about work. Kek I can’t with the dramatics

No. 1894747

I don’t think it’s others armchairing as much as Elon and Claire literally telling everyone that they’re autistic and people believing it. Whether they’re lying or not who knows, they’re both narcs

No. 1894759

I was just thinking today about how annoying it is that everyone itt is more focused on talking about how ugly grimes is as opposed to completely alogging elon musk into the ground for being a monumentally horrible piece of shit. Now I just saw the newest tweets and I feel even more disgusted by his existence, I hate even looking at him and I don't understand how more people aren't vocal about how repugnant and evil he is.

No. 1894760

He looks like he doesn't want that baby anywhere near him.

No. 1894762

From the few things I've seen her post she gives of actual psycho vibes. This is a really weird thing to lie about especially when in the public eye. Also the fact that she literally stole her baby's name from Grimes is weird as fuck. She has crazy eyes too sooo.

No. 1894780

This! Elon is a bona fide cow in his own right, sadly Reddit (particularly r/NotEnoughMuskSpam and r/TheTwitterEnd) seems to be the only place chronicling and discussing his milk in depth. I wish he were discussed more here

No. 1894790

To me it’s just a bit ironic that it happened days after Claire tweeted in support of the idol talking about how she loves to see a cunning Machiavellian woman. I think Shivon is definitely Machiavellian. She managed to secure the bag with her billionaire boss while he was in a relationship and slowly won him over completely. She even has Elon describing her as his intellectual companion. I think that probably stings more than if he were to say she’s his girlfriend or something. They twisted the knife deep and very publicly too.

No. 1894831

I don't get how people like Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes got 5150ed and they are nowhere near as crazy and destructive as Elon and grimes, yet neither of them have had any psychiatric interventions! How the fuck?

No. 1894862

File: 1694152773988.jpg (175.58 KB, 690x792, Screenshot_20230908_000149.jpg)

No. 1894865

Fucking lmao

No. 1894871

I thought it would look bad picturing it in my head, but it actually looks like it could work for her! I imagine it’s a nightmare to properly lighten and tone Indian hair though

No. 1894882

Stop dickriding this woman

No. 1894896

You have a weird definition of dickriding

No. 1894898

File: 1694160927806.jpeg (249.55 KB, 1290x1368, 98F48235-F3E9-40F2-B65B-E1CB01…)

Insane for her to think that A) her kids wouldnt be ok if she wasnt ok (they would be way better off for SURE)
B) anyone besides her team and bot army give a flying fuck about the video for ~i wanna be software

Also lmfao at how she posted a tweet about going back to hardware, girl just stick to ableton and try making something that isnt retarded.
She should Stop trying to appease fans of her older work , its so regressive and pathetic! shes not gonna make another halfaxa or visions and that should be a good thing. like stick with software and your new vibes but make it good? Doing what fans want is always a good marker for the ending of someones career. Shes so uninspired that shes thinking of going back to hardware or releasing old music. And shes narc enough to think anyone beyond a few bitter people on reddit would care. Watch as this all gets swept under the rug and she goes back to teabagging fat elon

No. 1894931

Actually looks really cute(sage your shit)

No. 1894933

File: 1694171019784.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1530x1703, BA421C5B-F397-4E55-81FE-6D701A…)

She basically looks like this 90% of the time. Yeah idk if it’s her trying to show off her eyes or an autistic thing like Adam Lanza but it’s a bit unnerving. Some people said she looks like she has cameras in her eyes lol I wonder if Elon likes her because she acts like an AI robo waifu.

No. 1894934

Is she actually admitting in public that Elon is an abusive sack of shit and becoming the broodmare of an obese egomaniac hasn’t worked out well for her? I might regain a tiiiiny bit of respect for her if so.

No. 1894935

File: 1694171201098.jpeg (34.96 KB, 639x365, 6350797D-6A46-444E-85E4-ADB92B…)

Okay I actually don’t think she’s doing it on purpose, while watching her I noticed it’s kind of hard for her to blink sometimes like she has to make an effort to do it, she might have hyperthyroidism or something, it makes your eyes poppy outy and harder to close your eyelids. She has both upper and lower sclera exposure which is usually a sign of it, so I don’t think it’s her fault.(medfagging)

No. 1894936

Kind of surprised she didn't do this before. I feel like if she was a natural blond, or pretended to be one, a certain kind of people would swear on their life she's a beautiful unique goddess and never stop punishing this thread insisting she's a 10/10.

No. 1894940

Huh? It completely clashes with her skin tone and looks brassy & terrible.

No. 1894942

File: 1694172852659.jpeg (405.14 KB, 1620x920, CFE9991F-3ACF-4388-9904-29972E…)

I saw her tweet about going back to hardware too kek. She was asking people who are actual musicians what equipment to buy/hire because it’s clear she’s a hack who has never played an instrument or composed a song in her life. But no she can totally play guitar violin drums piano you guise! In fact she’s so amazing she taught herself to do it!

Kek I remember at her concerts in like 2016 she would always pretend to play the intro to Flesh Without Blood on guitar to a playback track intro, (right after pressing the playback button ofc) and you can see she forgets to pretend to move her fingers on the fretboard during certain chord changes kek.


How did this talentless bitch ever make it? Her whole career is built on lies and her dad funding everything.

No. 1894945

I just read some details about monkeys at Neuralink biting their toes and fingers off from the experiments done and I can't see Shivon as anything but a monkey torturer now(learn2sage)

No. 1894946

It’s giving Trace Cyrus pretending to play guitar vibes.

No. 1894948

What happened to the IWBS music video anyway? It seems to have flopped before it was even released.

No. 1894949

False alarm nonas don’t fall for it. We all know she’s gonna go back to licking his ass by next week if she hasn’t already. She’s too much of a retarded pickme and becoming Elon’s main Mars concubine is more important to her than her self respect.

No. 1894952

File: 1694174243454.jpeg (870.28 KB, 1255x891, FC0D2AFA-F440-4B2F-8E93-9C66D5…)

What tour? Kek. She played one shitty playback DJ set to like 30 people who looked bored and annoyed the whole time.

No. 1894953

File: 1694174380542.jpeg (765.69 KB, 1246x1145, 84D3BC7B-6D66-4DDB-8C4A-79FC03…)

>reading all my fanmail uwu
What fanmail?
Also lol wtf is this.

No. 1894954

File: 1694174515648.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1620x1146, 7DAFAC14-1862-427F-B920-5FA27D…)

The only person I could find called Tama-Te-Ra Tikao Calman is some dorky incel looking kid from a family of white Hawaiiboos.

No. 1894956

She didn’t even spell his name correctly. Brutal.

No. 1894957

why doesn't she do something about her nose if she wants to look uwu elven

No. 1894959

She probably thought some Japanese filmmaker is obsessed with her and wrote a script about her life but turns out it’s some creepy american incel with schizophrenia.

No. 1894961

Looking more and more like a troon each passing day.

No. 1894967

no she doesn't. you can insult her without trying to pretend she looks even remotely male. this type of shit only benefits troons

No. 1894975

I have a question for thread frequenters since it seems to cause disagreements sometimes: Do you mind seeing posts about Elon's other partners like Shivon, Amber, Talulah itt? I think it's interesting and perfectly on topic, I don't expect to see only Grimes milk here.

No. 1894980

i personally like those posts and it’s definitely on topic considering this has always been a thread for both grimes and elon, and most of the milk about elon rn concerns shivon/his other baby mamas or, from grimes’s end, her sad attempts at winning elon’s attention back from them. amber and talulah might be old milk but they’re still interesting because they’re part of elon’s pattern of behavior.

No. 1894982

it’s fine. they relate to the current situation of grimes and elon so of course they should also be discussed. i’ve been enjoying the shivon-posting recently.

No. 1895002

have you heard Shivon's voice or her weird laugh?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVvmgjBL74w&t=3812s her voice starts at 24:50(learn2embed)

No. 1895022

never been interested enough in grimes to watch her live, but she sounds like absolute shit.

No. 1895026

File: 1694186487857.jpeg (673.67 KB, 1170x1331, IMG_5262.jpeg)

Shivon absolutely belongs, she is Grimes’ main rival and fixation and will be for years to come. And she is hilariously cringe in her own right.

“I’M PICKLE RICK!” (https://x.com/shivon/status/1232892654737690624)

No. 1895041

shivon seems like such a redditor. harry potter, elden ring, and rick and morty, so effin cringe.

No. 1895060

She's cringe but in the average millennial nerd way, not really anything special.

No. 1895074

shivon is def apart of the musk harem, its just fucking annoying how people seem to root for her or think shes better than grimes, when everyone in this situation is terrible and shes just another fleshlight for elon.

No. 1895100

I can't get over how stupid she looks. She moves like she learned to dance in a Donald Duck suit at Disneyland.

No. 1895101

I think her personality suits Elon tbh he’s also a old school kind of nerd and fan of bad dad jokes.

No. 1895105

I love how even her fans have to admit she’s a fraud all the time, like ‘Yeah we know she sucks and can’t sing and sounds terrible here, but that’s because she edits the shit out of her vocals in the studio mmkay its not her fault!’ Even her whiteknights know she’s garbage but still defend her anyway.

No. 1895113

I don’t really hear anything weird with her voice or laugh. It’s just a bit deep. Though I kinda giggled when she said ‘Elon do you wanna come join us?’ She sounded like a stern mom talking to her kid.

No. 1895116

I like it even though I dislike Elon and all his exes and broodmares, but it’s even funnier knowing Claire lurks and is probably seething and malding over it.

I think Elon and Shivon seem way more like a genuine couple tbh. Claire is too mentally unstable and emotional and needs to be tard wrangled too often and I think Elon knows he’s getting too old for that. Shivon seems less neurotic and a bit more emotionally stable. She probably actually understands the stuff Elon talks about and can engage in a dialogue with him about these things, whereas Claire with her ‘love language’ needs things mansplained to her constantly and can only chime in a ‘wow, thathsth like, thooo cool’ now and then. I can’t really blame Shivon for avoiding Claire and not wanting to drag her own kids into her messy clusterbee nonsense.

No. 1895124

If Shivon didn't want to drag her kids into Grimes' clusterbee chaos, she shouldn't have joined the harem. But also why would she want to be Elon's mom/therapist? All her needs will need to be sublimated to his. And she'll eventually be replaced, especially if she ever has any needs that interfere with his own.

It's a very dorky laugh

No. 1895162

when elon replaces and fucks over shivon I feel like it'll be a nitemare for her.
Don't have kids with your boss. Especially if he's fucking insane.

No. 1895165

Claire herself said
>The best situation here is me training the girl and him training the boy.
Musk took X and Claire is acting shocked. I don't think Elon will keep X. The kid will show temper and talk back to him. Musk will have a new favorite baby boy with new baby mama by then. (Unless he goes to prison.)

Shivon is a better choice because she is more responsible. She acts her age. She doesn't look like a junkie and she can actually hold a job.

Musk might go back to Claire at some point, because she allows him to treat her like shit. You know how narc scrotes behave.

No. 1895190

I would block claire too if she wrote such a creepy retarded poem about my daughter

“A letter for S”
The matter of a mother's pain
Is manifested in a name,
My daughter is a Valkyrie,
But the forsaken cannot see

"A rose by any other name",
So a warrior she will remain
But one thing I cannot abide:
This insult to my daughter's pride.

It's your child who is sacrificed-
Forced to live a borrowed life.
A girl cursed with my daughter's name
Will now carry her mother's shame

My Valkyrie has been betrayed
Before a cry she ever made.
But isn't it a helpful curse?
To learn that pain bеgins at birth?

So I embrace this violent gift,
A wolf can liе behind a kiss.
I didn't know the death you need
To truly forge a Valkyrie.”

Like what the fuck is she snorting to think she should write let alone post that

No. 1895200

Elon probably prefers Shivon for the simple reason that she expects nothing of him as a romantic partner, you know, human obligations which Elon is too important for

No. 1895204

File: 1694207656619.jpeg (348.22 KB, 828x947, IMG_9466.jpeg)

(1/1) Shivon never posts photos of her kids, but just decided to today amidst all what’s going on. Coincidence or a jab at Claire?

No. 1895205

File: 1694207699849.jpeg (304.61 KB, 828x755, IMG_9467.jpeg)


No. 1895226

Shivon is being so weird. I wonder what is going on in her head. Why hide them, never even mention them, for almost two years and then decide to go super public? It just reminds people of her connection to Elon. I don't think she would want more twitter followers because that will be unpleasant for her. Is there some sort of pickme contest going on? I thought she had won. I guess you never win in Elon's harem. There can be no first wife.

No. 1895227

File: 1694209742657.webm (2.73 MB, 480x270, Shivonkids.webm)

Whose house is this? If they are at Elon's it might be a jab at Claire. Claire is supposedly blocked so she shouldn't see this. Tsk tsk.

Notice how the kids are wearing normal clothes and running around in a safe environment for children. No itchy Etsy dresses or swords sticking out of walls. These kids won't be sitting inside boxes. (I really hope Claire was joking about putting her child in a box.)

No. 1895231

This video is actually very cute and must have made Claire seethe like crazy if that was the goal, because it is exactly her dream and she will never have it. A little girl running around like a normal baby, having a loving relationship with her tech girlboss mom who lives in an expensive mansion gifted to her by Musk.

No. 1895244

That's a nice house, good for them for not having to suffer in a crack den surrounded with shitty Etsy purchases. It's jarring to see just how much better he treats Shivon compared to Grimey. Yet another case of being a pickme getting a woman nowhere. She ruined her hair with all that bleach, changed her entire face with plastic surgery, carried one baby for him and had one more via surrogacy, destroyed her reputation and music career for him and this woman who has an actual education and promising career, looks natural, doesn't wear makeup, dresses like a lesbian can get treated much better than she ever will, probably because she doesn't think "I don't make my billionaire boyfriend pay for anything, I just love him for his golden heart!" is a flex.

No. 1895253

Shivon has Tesla RSUs and options and also the brain chip company private shares. She probably bought the house herself. As to her promising career, if news reports about things behind the scenes at the brain chip company are true, she could be heading down the same path as Elizabeth Holmes. Additionally if her peers think she is Elon's romantic whatever, she will lose respect from them, if she hasn't already by being a broodmare.

No. 1895255

Elon’s biography is coming out in 3 days. My tinfoil is that they agreed to fully come out about the nature of their weird dynamic in the book so she’s getting ahead of it since people will read it anyway. Why Elon decided to do a book is probably pure ego. It’s probably a huge ego thing for her too.

No. 1895260

I find biographies on living people so useless. The one exception could be if it's someone who's really old and exceptional. What is special about Elon? Like what is this book even going to be about? Oh, I was born to a rich family, then I started some businesses and people hate my guts. Fascinating stuff.

No. 1895280

kek where did she post this

No. 1895302

whats with the weird shivon white knighting on this thread?
>>1894643 "Shivon in most interviews comes across like a calm and grounding person to be around. With all the stress he currently has, that’s probably exactly what Elon needs right now."
>>1895231 "tech girlboss mom"
Shes just a slightly better Elizabeth Holmes, as in she can actually code, but just as unhinged and manipulative.

No. 1895310

I don't think she can code. Why does everyone think she is a technical STEM person instead of a VC business person? And I agree about the Shivon white knighting here. I don't get it. She's still in the harem. At least Claire got with Elon when she was the only girlfriend/broodmare in the show, even if it was naive of her. Shivon got with Elon eyes wide open knowing she was basically joining a harem. In that Isaacson excerpt Elon goes from Shivon to vacation in Hawaii with Natasha to seeing Claire in Vancouver in under a week. Yalies everywhere are proud of Shivon, I'm sure.

No. 1895311

She canʼt code, she studied economics and philosophy.

No. 1895340

Kek. The white knighting is fucking hilarious. She had kids with elon musk and worships his ass. elon is using her and delusional shivon thinks it makes "a happy family"

Also lmfaooooo economics and psychology. How is she qualified to be in charge of neurolink? Oh, right. She had kids with her boss.

No. 1895346

She has a severe case of Kubrick stare sanpaku eyes and her behavior right now is crazy. They hate grimes so much they'd pretend to worship this random pickme that is just as bad to feed their obsession.

No. 1895370

Elon is now being accused of meddling and playing both sides in the Ukrainian war, which he’s obviously been doing for months. He’s involved in so much shady shit that I see a long prison sentence and/or mysterious “accident” in his future. These women are so stupid to appear in public with him and co-sign his bullshit.

No. 1895372

She’s suddenly posting her kids on main nonstop while her and Grimes both hint at drama going down. It’s obviously a dig, and Grimes clearly took it as such too. All those poor kids are so fucked.

No. 1895373

It seems obvious Neuralink is a scam and probably a money laundering front. What has that company actually produced besides animal cruelty scandals? If Elon goes to prison, Shivon will rot with him.

No. 1895376

She’s not in charge of neuralink. She’s a director of operations. Coding ability isn’t required for that role. Don’t care to WK her but I also don’t get people acting like she’s in an engineering role or CEO when she isn’t.

No. 1895392

Claire and Elon were broken up when the Shivon stuff started. It wasn’t a harem situation at least not back then. Claire is just as manipulative for trying to get back with Elon as soon as she saw he had moved on and started making kids with another woman. She’s fighting for her place as his Mars concubine. Also, Claire and Elon aren’t dating now either. Claire is delulu and thinks he will wife her.

No. 1895393

She also mimicked grimes post about it being the toughest time of her life nearly word for word barely changing it to say its been the hardest month of her life, after mostly silence. She's a bunny boiler for sure.

No. 1895394

Claire is such a cow if she started bitching out a literal child like that then I would also troll the fuck out of her just to get a reaction, she’s gross.

No. 1895396

Sorry but just because Shivon and Claire have the same baby daddy, why should they be hanging out together or be friends? Shivon doesn’t owe Claire her friendship or time spent, nor does she owe her kids becoming friends with Claire’s kids. If anything I’d think it’d be even weirder and more pathetic if they were all living together as the weird degenerate polycule harem cult that Claire dreams of.

No. 1895398

Elon approved the biography and has read it so the fact that he is hanging out with the writer taking public pics with Shivon posting them to Twitter and wanted Grimey intentionally erased from his life story says it all. I think Claire is still holding on for dear life but she can’t accept he’s done with her. She’s another discarded broodmare. Claire, it’s actually over. You got played.

No. 1895399

File: 1694238223596.jpg (232.45 KB, 1080x681, Screenshot_20230908_234622.jpg)

Neuralink is his company lmfao. He is still her boss.

No. 1895405

I think she’s objectively pretty even if she wasn’t linked with Elon, roasting someone over their eyes which is probably part of a medical issue is a dumb nitpick. With Claire it’s a bit different because she actually got surgery to get Elon to pick her then got botched which is cow behavior.

You know you don’t just stop magically learning after college, right? It’s been 13 years since she graduated which is plenty of time to absorb more information, she was working at IBM since 2007, it’s clear during the neuralink meetings and conferences that she’s an intelligent and informed woman.

There are studies that show people who were Ivy League dropouts end up making just as much money as those who attained an Ivy League degree. When you’re smart enough to get into an Ivy League school then you’re usually smart enough to go into any field of your choosing later.

No. 1895406

Smells like a roll of nickels in here.

No. 1895407

That has nothing to do with my post? I was replying to someone who asked how Shivon is in charge of Nerualink, which she isn’t.

No. 1895409

She's a moron who smoked her whole career so she could be a musk broodmare. All dropping out of an Ivy shows is that your mom and dad are wealthy. What is this wking it's a little revolting

No. 1895411

The shivon wk-ers made me like grimes again.

Anyway, musk owns neuralink and zilis works for neuralink. He's her superior. She is also a brood mare.
Neuralunk has only killed at least 1,500 animals since 2018.
Grimes put out some bad songs. That is so much worse.

No. 1895412

The timeline is really unclear because in the interview where it’s revealed that Grimes has a daughter, she was still dating Elon. She was born in December and the twins were born in November. Shivon filed to charge their last names in June 2022. Claire and Elon were broken up at that point but the surrogacy definitely had some overlap

No. 1895413

Weren't the animals that were given neuralink literally attempting to gnaw themselves to death?

No. 1895414

Stop being a contrarian retard. Claire did all that and worse. She’s a bully, a user and a thief.

No. 1895415

Yes and Claire still sucked Elon’s cock after finding this out.

No. 1895416

Infighting tranny detected.

No. 1895418

I hope Claire is suffering for harassing her teachers and bullying her classmates for years.

When it comes out that Shivon was also a massive bully in school who harassed her teachers and openly humiliated people in front of the class and is known for stealing others intellectual property to pass off as her own lmk. Until then I’m team Shivon.

No. 1895419

Grow up nonna, we’re here to laugh at the cows not pick “teams” like braindead Twitter stans

No. 1895420

Obviously lines are blurred when Claire has stayed obsessed with using Elon to fulfil her weird science fiction movie fantasy and is prepared to stalk and simp for him for years, even when it’s clearly already over. That doesn’t mean they were dating, maybe in Claire’s bpd headcanon.

She saw another woman encroaching on ‘her’ territory and decided to try and scare her off by posting psycho poems about her children, using X to manipulate Elon, and trying to claim Elon as her manz. Now that it’s not working and Elon is ignoring her she’s throwing a hissy fit and trying to guilt Shivon into letting her access their current family unit. Claire is just a typical spurned baby momma who got played by an asshole. It’s literally hoodrat tier drama.

And yes Elon will definitely do the same to Shivon at some point, but right now Claire needs to accept she isn’t wanted and back off/learn boundaries. She had her time as concubine #1 and now it’s Shivon’s turn. Acting like a psycho and trying to stalk Shivon and her kids isn’t helping.

No. 1895421

That isn't really whiteknighting. Yeah, at the end of the day, she is an Elon cultist and we know that. However, most of us don't like Grimes, someone like Shivon was exactly the karma she deserved so I'm cheering on her current arc.

No. 1895422

Yup. Gnawing their hands and feet to cope with the stress and pain.
Ya, Claire sucked his dick during this time period. and shivon decided to take it further and work for the place that is responsible for unethical animal testing. But at least shivon did t make bad music and tweet while she was upset. All she did was have his kids, quit openAI, and get a a leadership position for neuralink (a company owned by her baby daddy)
Both of these bitches are stupid but for different reasons.
Worth a read: https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/neuralink-musk-fda/

No. 1895423

Personally I don’t really care about the poor heckin monkeyrinos. If it saves humans lives later down the line then it’s worth testing on them. Pretty much everyone ITT has taken a drug or used a product that was also tested on animals.

No. 1895424

Avoiding the topic of monkey torture, Shivon is a VC person aka a glorified Powerpoint reader. She's not some entrepreneur or machine learning genius. Still better than Grimey the bpd bully retard though.

I bet Shivon plays well to Elon's ego though. She's worked in Silicon Valley for a while so it must be a fever dream come true for her to worship theee Elron Hubbard on such a personal level.

No. 1895425

>cries about wking
>comes to the grimes thread to wk grimes
she is by far the most disgusting person compared to everyone else in the harem. we have been documenting what's terrible about her for almost 10 threads and suddenly all of that shit goes out the window because a few anons spoke supportively of baby mama #957?

No. 1895426

>elron hubbard
I laughed out loud. That is perfect haha.

No. 1895427

File: 1694241393996.jpeg (161.54 KB, 1024x1001, 34DFC8D0-98DA-496E-B537-68CDEC…)

Damn I thought these threads were dying but so much fresh milk got delivered the past couple days. Drink up nonitas!

No. 1895430

They're both fucking stupid. it's gonna be funny to see how shivon gets fucked over, too. Imagine willingly having kids with this guy because ~our IQ~ kek

No. 1895447

So Shivon posting pics of her kids and Elon hanging out with them was scheduled for the biography release date? Why did Musk take Grimes to Japan and lead her on then? Seems a bit cruel. He could have promoted Starlink and X live streaming feature with any other artist.

Unless all of this is some fake and gay viral marketing campaign for Musk's biography. I agree with nonna saying reading biographies about people who are still alive is a waste of time.

No. 1895463

100% >>1895405
Shivon is at least dumb in some ways, very emotionally immature… she knows exactly what she's doing posting pics of the kids, sing song-y about playing with her babies and watching Harry Potter. She cannot contain her glee that she's publicly winning vs. Claire, gloating AF.

I fought like that over my rich, emotionally unavailable bf when I was like 25. These women are way too old for this shit, like wake up, not worth it no matter how rich he is. He's disgusting, and his "empire" could come crashing down at any moment, his fuck ups are very high stake

I do think Shivon is prettier and her eyes are objectively striking, thyroid disease or not. She looks bright and healthy compared to malnourished grey Claire. She really blew it with the surgery, she would have reverse aged like a decade if she was willing to keep on an extra 15 lbs. Anorexia + filler + surgery always goes south

No. 1895476

File: 1694255812974.png (969.17 KB, 1768x1182, Screenshot 2023-09-09 at 6.27.…)

The timeline is not that unclear. The surrogacies happened at the same time.

November 2021: Shivon's twins born
December 2021: Grimes's daughter born
March 2022: Article revealing Grimes's daughter comes out and she tweets that she and Elon have broken up again since the writing of the article, but that "he's my best friend and the love of my life"
April 2022: Shivon and Elon file in court to have their twins' last name be "Musk"

It's not clear whether Shivon and Claire knew that the other one was also doing a surrogacy with Elon at the same time. If Shivon knew and Claire didn't, she is evil for colluding with Elon's savage backstabbing and betrayal.

And even if Shivon didn't know, then the situation is still terrible, and any normal, empathetic person would be mad at Elon for being a sadistic two-faced player and keep a low profile. But Shivon's taking up the spotlight with Elon. She is an idiot and will reap what she's sown when the exact same betrayal comes for her later. Enjoy, Shivon

No. 1895477

File: 1694256187008.png (101.24 KB, 1290x478, Screenshot 2023-09-09 at 6.41.…)

May 2021: Grimes and Musk appear on SNL together

September 2021: They "break up"

It would appear that Grimes and Musk were together when Shivon's surrogacy started. At the very least, they were planning a new baby together.

So maybe Musk misrepresented to Shivon whether he was "together" with Grimes…but they were literally on SNL together 3 mos into Shivon's surrogacy.


No. 1895479

>All she did was have his kids, quit openAI, and get a a leadership position for neuralink

Not sure if you’re just listing things randomly but that’s not the other in which things happened… she worked at both Tesla and neuralink starting in 2017 and had access to Elon for years before all of this.

No. 1895482

File: 1694259245702.jpg (51.97 KB, 1284x838, i am very smart.jpg)

i feel like elon wants to come off as if he dates "smart girls" now who are just like him frfr or whatever, as opposed to just hot actresses. but neither shivon or grimes are actually like that, they just pretend to be. which makes sense because elon's status as a big science man is also just a total a fraud. if he actually was a 200 iq galaxybrain genius he probably wouldn't date randoms like shivon or even grimes. but bc he's just a dumb af poser with a fake persona he would never be able to have a relationship with an actually smart female stemlord. so he'll settle for average girls with a bit of a geeky vibe and make them larp as space rocket ai engineers lmao.

No. 1895487

very true nona. these people are all retards and there's a reason why we're laughing at them

No. 1895490

I don’t really have any sympathy for Claire. She had her time in the spotlight and now it’s Shivon’s turn. She too will be replaced eventually but Claire really needs to back off because the angry bitter spurned meddling ex look is not good for her. I do agree it was a bit mean of Elon to accompany Claire to Japan (and I assume he paid for everything so it did seem like he took her there) but it was a business and promo trip for him and his son, mostly. Just because he went somewhere with Claire doesn’t mean they are dating or back together and Claire needs to accept this.

There’s rumors that Elon has multiple if not dozens more kids born to surrogates that don’t live with him, through the IVF clinic he bought. He basically only cares about spreading his DNA as much as possible and basically has a bunch of random third world baby mommas.

I don’t know how true that it but I wouldn’t be surprised. A lot of men have a breeding and impregnation kink and if they had the means to do it like Elon does hey would 1000% be doing it too. So I assume the other baby mommas are mostly kept in the dark about each other.

Most likely it was supposed to be another surrogacy venture with Shivon but Elon started liking her and now they’re dating. Claire can’t handle it because she’s still obsessed with her retarded Lady Jessica fantasy and is terrified Shivon will take her place. In reality both of them will be discarded entirely within the next year or two when Elon finds someone younger and more attractive who gives him the time of day.(sage your shit)

No. 1895492

Elon really hates lazy people. There’s a lot of stories of him berating employees for not working hard enough, and by all accounts he’s a busy guy almost always working day and night on some kind of project.

I think Claire is just too lazy and undriven for him. I understand part of that is probably depression at how shitty her pseudo relationship with him was, but the problem with Claire is she’s a huge fraud who has let other people do the work, winged it and lied about her abilities during her whole career. Elon likely sussed her out and realized what a charlatan she is. Her laying around feeling sorry for herself, popping adderall, letting the nannies do 99% of the child rearing and pretending to dick around on her laptop doesn’t help her case.

Shivon seems pretty hardworking and passionate about her field. I don’t think she’s a genius or anything but you don’t really need to be all that smart to know about machine learning and neuralink tech. Anyone who reads up on it can absorb the information. She’s definitely a harder worker than Claire is and that’s probably why Elon respects her more. When I saw Shivon talking to Elon on video, she doesn’t seem afraid of him or subservient, she talks to him normally even though he’s a billionaire and her boss, and I think that’s a good sign because Claire always seemed quite pathetic and deferential when interacting with him.

No. 1895493


this is so true. a 200 iq stemlord with you know a grad degree thesis and actual scientific inventions of their own would realistically not be chasing tons of women even if they had his status. elon's fantasy projection of himself as an autistic oppenheimer tier stemlord who only cares about science and is consumed by his scientific work is totally at odds with his other projection of himself as a playboy who bangs hollywood actresses and owns the libs on twitter i mean X all day.

No. 1895497

He’s not 200IQ or even the 155IQ he claims to be. He definitely has a passion for science and technology, but he’s absolutely no von Neumann or Nikola Tesla. He’s just a slightly above average IQ guy who is good at fucking people over in business and has a lot of money and the means to pay actually smart people to further advancements in his companies and parrot what they say. He’s no playboy either, simply being rich and high status will attract many women. But he’s not conventionally attractive and he’s also very insecure, he will never be a Chad and all of his relationships so far have failed. All of his fortune in life comes from his wealthy background and having enough startup capital to build on.

No. 1895498

>slightly above average IQ guy

No. 1895499

>A literal beached whale made of lard hates lazy people
I have to laugh

No. 1895500

He might be physically lazy and unfit but he definitely works hard at his ventures.
The average IQ is around 100 so he’s definitely around the 120 mark. 150-200 no way, that’s genius and child prodigy tier.(sage your shit)

No. 1895503

File: 1694262177634.jpg (25.43 KB, 615x297, screenshot.jpg)

He always wanted to date attractive celebrities like Amber and Talulah but these women don't stick around and he can only get Z-list autists like Grimes. Remember when he tried to hit on Taylor Swift?

No. 1895504

File: 1694262359358.jpg (29.71 KB, 507x631, screenshot2.jpg)

Then when she ignored him, he tweeted this after a few months like he couldn't get over it? Literal manchild

No. 1895505

hasn't he seen taylor's exes? she only dates male model looking guys. even matty healy was attractive before the drugs got him.

No. 1895507

File: 1694262649051.png (11.43 KB, 201x251, download.png)

he also praised her for "seeing through" FTX (which later turned out to be a fake story. she had actually wanted to go through with a contract with FTX but FTX pulled out).

No. 1895508

Just around her breakup too lol he really tried

No. 1895514

i meant his iq is lower than "above average" not higher. he's average at best.

No. 1895554

>Elon hates lazy people
Elon is a micromanaging tard who likes yelling at people and confuses “pointless activity” with “meaningful work”
remember when he told people at Twitter to print out their code so that he could review it personally
his “I work so hard” shtick is just narcissistic performance

No. 1895555

The poem is deranged but Shivon is also deranged for allegedly choosing to name her daughter something that another baby mama chose for her daughter. Well neither of them ended up choosing it so “Valkyrie” is now officially up for grabs with the next baby mama contestant.

All this fuss over a tacky name that’d just be shortened to “Val.” Really is hoodrat shit. The technocrat rats

No. 1895560

Miley Cyrus mentioned Elon tried DMing her as well, I think on the Joe Rogan podcast. Musk literally desperate to date someone, anyone not sitting at the weird kids lunch table but now that he's old and known to be a cheap ass he can only get Shivon and Grimes to pickme fight over him. Totally blew it with Natasha Bassett, probably because she won't let him debauch her whereas Shivon and Grimes are happy to do all the ketamine and coke he wants


No. 1895580

>Miley Cyrus
He clearly has a type. And it's not Claire kek

No. 1895612

File: 1694283686532.jpg (326.79 KB, 1080x838, Screenshot_20230909_122332.jpg)

There's a 3rd kid.

No. 1895617

I think your hatred of Claire is blinding you because in what universe do they look any more caring than the Grimes pic. Hell Elon looked like his drugs had just kicked in so he had an emotion in it, here he's balancing his kid so he doesn't touch her and Shivon is a void too.
punjabis trying to be visually Pashtuns or white again just cause they're generally darker and have a lesser chance of blue eyes than others in the area kek. Most Punjabis are generally gorgeous, minus Shiv, but damn do they love acting extra white even when mixed ones practically are
It seems very surface level "nerdom", just the normal stuff you'd expect out of someone in stem and not even anything unique or particularly nerdy when you take her background into account. She acts like she watched the Harry Potter movies back in the day and sperged about spoilers among book fans. Kinda nitpicky but wouldn't an actual intellectual nerd huge on "child intellect" like Elon like she claims be interested in reading HP to their kids instead of inventing stories of them babbling at the cover of the movies to watch? Granted we don't know her irl but it does just feel like she turns on the tv and consumes basic stem pop culture stuff that would maybe be considered nerdy in the 00s if you were a child among jocks at school if you were a bigger fan than others or read the books but everyone cool and nerdy watched HP back in the day, it was much bigger than the books and being a fan of the movies doesn't make one a nerd, it was common. Everyone in her space has seen Rick and Morty, she's just got the basic shows and movies that everyone at university has flipped on at one point or another who wouldn't consider themselves remotely nerdy for. Also after lying about the Elden ring spell quite embarrassingly I'm just going to assume she's playing it up for Elon and scrotes.
Elon is aware of the Internet's pedoscrotes, especially on twitter. What the actual fuck is this retard doing allowing these videos all over after his supposed crying about his children's safety after that fake stalking or whatever he pulled a while back. And anyone who calls shivon smart or mature needs to rethink that when she's risking their safety for clout/claire
Either the writer is playing him and getting him to drop his guard or this is just a useless pr stunt and book that'll make him look great again for the public
Kek, on this board it's hard to remember two of these people are classic mad scientist animal abusers and one is war profiteering too
Oh no, a boooly. There's no way shivon's later sociopathy could be at least equal if she didn't also booly fatties in school not saying Claire isn't a bitch with a long history of it but really nonnas?
Nobody is acting vegan here, read the threads, the animal abuse is horrific and an exercise in unrestricted individual scientists acting unethical like the male rat pregnancy tests where they sewed the female to the male one Nazi style.
They're doing the silicone valley programmer route of "work fast break things" but with living animals instead of doing any normal theorizing and tests before jumping to chimps. Elon represents pretty much any tech bro or VC getting their hands on biotech and treating it like code and Shivon (along with the rest of his engineers) with him
Next he'll make the landmark statement that Shakespeare is also better seen than read. Who'd have thunk a poem could possibly sound decent by audiobook?
X's spare

No. 1895623

we called it weeks ago when we saw those replies on her "secret" account

No. 1895625

File: 1694285559711.jpg (495.91 KB, 1080x1311, Screenshot_20230909_124147.jpg)

No. 1895626

File: 1694285827495.png (1.15 MB, 973x3038, 20230909_213308.png)

I have bad news for Grimes stans who fell for her Elf Tech scam. (I don't believe anyone else used it.) The site doesn't display any How Tos or Terms of Use for visitors. You have to create an account just to browse the site.

So anyway, you need to pay for a distribution plan. If you want to release your song you sign an NDA. (Surprise!) You are not allowed to promote your song before it's published by the GrimesAI team. And there is a threshold before you get the 50% revenue you were promised.

The last screenshot is from a disappointed user who may not have even released their song. The threshold is $500 so it takes a while for getting any money from the song you made. But you get your name in Spotify as a featured artist. Yay! So basically you have to pay to write Grimes songs. What a deal.

No. 1895630

Soooo, turns out it's the names of her three kids?

No. 1895639

No. 1895643

It’s all getting so trashy that I’m starting to lose interest. Like a billionaire episode of Maury. Maybe that should make it more fascinating but as more retarded shit is revealed I’m just like fuck these people. They are boring garbage doing desperate insane shit to be interesting and treating children and women’s bodies (surrogates) like nothing. Send them all to mars.

No. 1895667

scrambling to fix releasing her voice as the career killer it was. funny how when holly herndon she's a genius

No. 1895668

Imagine having a third fucking kid with a guy who doesn’t give a single fuck about you, not only that but naming it TECHNO jfc lmaooooo. This whole charade just gets worse and worse.

No. 1895669

Pretty disgusting that Claire, the woman who hates being a mom and doesn’t identify with the role, had another child with Elon quite literally for the sole purpose of making him pay attention to her (and it hasn’t even worked). Actually gross.

No. 1895674

File: 1694291575765.jpeg (239.06 KB, 1620x315, 40A5BA7D-508C-421B-BEB6-A60539…)

Cant stop laughing at this(sage your non milk)

No. 1895676

File: 1694292622328.jpeg (287.9 KB, 1170x676, IMG_5288.jpeg)

Giving the kids your last name and spending time with the kids and mother is not what “sperm donor” means…


No. 1895681

Yeah so last year Elon said he doesn’t think he has any more kids looming. No reason to lie since c already said they planned on 4 and on Lex Fridman she said she wanted another son (I think they were broken up at the time).. so he could’ve just not commented or said it’s up in the air. I wonder if they had a bunch of embryos already made and he didn’t really want more but couldn’t stop her (like with Amber)

No. 1895683

why would u need to sign an nda for this unless she was planning to take the songs and release them as her own without giving credit?

No. 1895685

kekking out loud imagining this fat autist awkwardly approaching random women like "uh… have you heard of… eugenics? you're very smart… smart girls should make babies… can i be your… sperm donor? uhh, not like that! we can do surrogacy!"

No. 1895688

Elon reminds me of one of those misogynistic coomer scrotes whose main interactions with women are pornstars and prostitutes and spend all their time crying about how all women are braindead and less intelligent than men, to the point that they think any woman who namedrops Nietzsche or Kant is massively fascinatingly intelligent and not like other girls. He would 100% be the kind of guy who sends money to Sasha Grey and leaves comments under her videos talking about how brilliant she is because she reads books from time to time.

No. 1895689

Unfortunately this is what happens when you give incels too much money and status. Exact same thing happened with that Brian Warner. Ugly freak started thinking he’s Chad and hot shit because certain women said yes to his advances as he was famous and rich. Got too cocky and started abusing most of them.

No. 1895691

Lol Taytay likes conventionally handsome young men in good shape, not fat schlubby whales having a midlife crisis.

She’s also the woman poltards constantly fawn over and talk about being ‘peak Aryan breeding material’ while crying because she’s feminist and still chosen to remain childless for now.

Hilarious that she ignored him completely. The nerdy autist who nobody likes dating the popular Stacy, literally Elon’s wet dream. All these tech losers are so funny, they never grow out of being spurned by girls in HS and spend their whole lives trying to make up for it.

No wonder Elon had to dumpster dive for a 4/10 Canadian washout whose music never even charted and resents the shit out of her for deferring to him and showing she’s beneath even his pathetic self.

No. 1895692

File: 1694294270826.jpeg (319.17 KB, 1170x821, IMG_5289.jpeg)

Does this mean Elon sent a picture of C’s vagina to her father and brothers? That’s literally a sexual violation but people excuse everything Elon does as “ahh he’s just a quirky autist who doesn’t understand people” it’s disgusting


No. 1895693

He sent it to his friends too? Christ, he’s so gross, I hate this fat evil sped. Claire is absolutely pathetic for tolerating this and agreeing to have even more kids with such a piece of shit. Please can they just speedrun their Mars expedition and the rocket blowing up on takeoff, I’m so sick of these freaks.

No. 1895694

Not gonna bother reading the article or book because this is a clear desperate publicity grab by Elon and Claire to stay relevant, but damn that’s vile.

No. 1895697

File: 1694294795716.png (330.01 KB, 1080x1073, 20230910_001830.png)

Because they scam you. Grimes' manager made this artist sign the NDA. I don't know if Grimes has anything to do with the company policy. A "piranha contract" sounds like a deal no artist should sign. This artist got more listeners on their tracks but no new followers. Most of the new listeners were only interested in the GrimesAI song. Elf Tech promises monetization but best they can offer is ~exposure~.

No. 1895698

That last point tho. I honestly think Elon hates Claire because she’s a reminder that despite all his status and wealth, she’s all he can really get and it kills him. Deep down he’ll always want his 200IQ 10/10 Nazi propaganda poster nerd Stacy. Amber was a fluke, that’s probably why she broke him.

No. 1895700

Could also just be plain old narcissism. They completely lack boundaries and are unable to empathize when others feel violated or hurt. But yeah that’s Chris-chan tier revolting male cow behavior. Still have zero sympathy for Claire though, she is an enabler.

No. 1895707

She had a c-section so you can guess what that probably looked like. She described her delivery experience as "almost dying" so that's probably the reason why she reacted negatively to this rather than exposing body parts, I think

No. 1895709

I’m cackling at this. Her Scandiboo ass is so pathetic, it’s not even a cool obscure Viking name/word but an ugly mainstream redditor Marvel universe viking word.

The butthurt poem kek sounds like a middle school weeb who wanted to call her pet goldfish Light Yagami but her best friend already named her dog that so she wrote a poem on betrayal about it.

Yeah, the fact she called her son Techno Mechanicus makes perfect sense now. This situation is really no different to two hoodrat baby mommas fighting over Deshawn and racing to get pregnant so they can call their baby De’shawn’stiny first.(racebaiting)

No. 1895710

If this tattoo was before those replies to her alt about a new baby, maybe she has more than 3 (or she got it while surrogate was pregnant.) Anyone want to check the dates on that? I have a feeling there’s more babies

No. 1895712

I heard they have might have 5 (or at least she wanted 5). They made a bunch of embryos together basically, not sure how many have been born yet but I did hear Claire wanted five. I think Claire is just trying to maximize child support payment gibs and use them to make Elon pay attention to her. I really don’t think she gives a fuck about any of those children outside of what they can get for her from Elon. When she said she prefers X calling her Claire instead of mom that was 100% damage control for the fact he doesn’t spend enough time with her to classify/recognize Claire as his mother and is a way to lessen her own guilt about being a deadbeat absent mom.

No. 1895714

He’s basically Henry VIII. Fat destructive cunt with an autistic obsession for male heirs.

No. 1895718

didn’t shivon reveal on that interview that he spends all night playing vidya? elon is lazy as fuck himself, i mean, look at the way he’s built. that scrote is NOT moving around.
yeah considering elon’s breeding fetish and her accessibility to surrogates it wouldn’t surprise me tbh

No. 1895728

This is probably the most accurate assessment of their relationship. He probably does this >>1895685 to his gaggle of would-be broodmares (or soon to be buyers of another woman's womb) and him and grimes pulled each other with the whole "omg we care about creating roccoco's serpent we're obviously destined for each other" (except grimes didn't realise she hadn't played him but the other way around)

No. 1895729

File: 1694297507140.jpeg (367.47 KB, 1242x852, IMG_3743.jpeg)

Yeah 3-4 minimum

No. 1895778

i honestly have to wonder how many other women hes done this to. and these low self esteem pickme bitches want to say associated with him jfc

No. 1895788

Literally everything Elon does in life stems from him trying to cope with not being a Chad, including the obsession with eugenics. Murderous, self-hating nerd moids with dark triad traits are truly one of the biggest threats to the world right now (Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Curtis Yarvin, etc.)
I hope he dies. I understand that he's incredibly rich and powerful but what the fuck is wrong with the women who have chosen to procreate with beast? I would respect it if they only took financial advantage of him because he's such a monstrous cunt who deserves being denied love and scammed ad infinitum, but why would women subject their kids to this horrible psychopath?

No. 1895807

>I'm team shivon
You're a loser. There aren't teams, these are all shit people.

No. 1895809

This is crazy to me because his bloated frog trumpian body speaks otherwise

No. 1895822

is there any truth to the conspiracy floating around that elon was diagnosed with some sort of thyroid cancer around 2018 and that might be related to his mid life crisis behavior starting in that year?

No. 1895832


because he's rich af and having kids with him is a way to get a constant stream of money. very opportunist on the women's parts if they weren't obsessed with him which I think Grimes/Shivon are (Amber and Tallulah definitely weren't though and just wanted money).

No. 1895872

thank you for this lmao
god I cant wait to see what else is in this book. it's not even out yet and already so much shit has hit the fan lol.

No. 1895884

His behavior is drug abuse and egoism.

No. 1895886

There is no way he is even half as productive as he tries to project. I imagine he plays video games for hours at night and then when morning comes acts like he's rushing off to a meeting and finds a room to sleep in while periodically waking up to fuck around on his phone. He may have brief binges of appearing like he's constantly doing something but j gauruntee it's just Adderall brain frittering.

No. 1895887

I'm curious too. Isn't this book written to whiteknight Elon though? They revealed quite a lot of ugly secrets about him regardless

No. 1895895

People have stopped caring about Elon and Grimes and this book is a blatant publicity stunt. Even if it reveals a bunch of ugly misogynistic shit he’s done who cares? Who will he have to answer to? Nobody. All his morally bankrupt scrote simps and pickme fangirls will just talk about hilarious and charming and based he is.

No. 1895896

>y-yeah we’re very fluid
>w-we just need to be free
Claire said, through tears, as she added the 3000th ugly swamp green wedding dress to her etsy wishlist

No. 1895898

What’s funny is even after Henry VIII had his wives beheaded he still had more lady-in-waiting fangirls competing to marry him and sabotaging each other for his attention. The depths of pickmeism knows no bounds.

No. 1895901

Also the whole sons only scrote autism isn’t rare unfortunately. There’s blinds about how Ryan Reynolds treats Blake Lively like shit in private especially because it took her so long to have a boy. That’s apparently why they named their first daughter James because he really wanted a son with that name. Also heard various other stories from women about their scrotes throwing hissy fits after their daughter is born because they wanted a boy and guilting/abusing their wives for not giving them sons.

No. 1895903

Considering everything, I really wonder how Talulah managed to dodge creating Musklets for 8 entire years of being with him, she kept talking about wanting 10 kids and Elon rushed into their relationship, I imagine he would've asked her to have kids as soon as possible too. We know about Elon's breeding fixation, how he made Justine have multiples via IVF very quickly, how he created embryos with Amber, how he made "I don't like being a mother" Claire have 3, how Natasha felt the need to make a statement about how she wants kids but not now, how he approached Shivon to be her sperm donor, it is typical Muskrat behavior to ensure you will make babies with your current object of affection.

Why do you guys think she pretended she wants to have many kids with him but never did? Is it as simple as "she just wanted to get the bag and she was larping the whole time"? Her wanting 10 kids since she was young must have been a lie, I mean, it sounded like bullshit from the start but we see that she still has no kids. I think her only being with him for money seems likely but if it was the case I think Elon would've cut ties with her already, he still simps for her.

Didn't they meet via richfag connections? Maybe someone who really hates Elon and knows about his fetish assigned her to him on purpose lol. Thanks to her involvement with him, at least no more Musklets were produced for almost a decade.

No. 1895906

KEK nona, spot on

No. 1895918

>With Shivon they actually look like a real husband and wife.

Where lol he is completely checked out on drugs and isn't even touching the child, it's just resting on his knees like a bird that landed there. Plus clearly the communication from both adults is so shit the babies are like hey to each other despite babies usually preferring parent attention

No. 1895926


they are desperate for media attention even if it means selling out their own children.

No. 1895931

Shivon works for his shitty brain chip company which has tortured and killed thousands of animals to date, and seems like a moron with harry potter and rick and morty references, the one or two anons in this thread praising her as a "genius" and "girlboss" are blatantly trying to wind up grimes since we know she lurks. weak and lame.

No. 1895934

Yeah that first quote reads just like some PR shit from a celebrity "source" like how the fuck you can judge someone as grounding and all this other shit from a couple of videos. Shivon's PR agent working overtime. I know celebrities use social media to rig "popular opinion" one guy admitted on Twitter that as part of his job, he would have access to a thousand dummy accounts across various platforms, used solely to push certain narratives about celebrities. So the idea his harem lurk this thread is not much of a reach.

No. 1895937

>If it saves humans lives later down the line
How stupid are you, genuine question. A technology which makes animals chew off their own appendages is going to "save lives" pull the other one. It's clearly bunk. And even with medical technology that works, people have found that the companies pull funding, go bust and not only does their device not work but they are legally not allowed to fix it. So even on the off chance a brain chip would work (it won't, it's bunk) this type of device becomes e-junk inserted into your body after enough years.

No. 1895938

i know it hurts but calm down claire(hi cow)

No. 1895969

How about Grime and Shiv do a coding contest and whoever wins gets to be Elon's top G?

No. 1895989

Have you considered she might just be infertile

No. 1895992


Tallulah has some connection to Epstein and she and Elon met with him at one point. That would be interesting if she were assigned to target him. Apparently Epstein also set up Musk's brother Kimbal with a woman.

No. 1896000

They should have to print out their 100 best lines of code and Elon can judge. (Shivon would google the better code to print out.)

So do we think Elon is only Shivon’s speed donor or are they in a sexual relationship?

No. 1896007


No. 1896008

File: 1694357917816.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1170x1936, IMG_0675.jpeg)

considering the amount of dick sucking on her twitter likes, i’m gonna assume a sexual relationship

No. 1896012

Elon can afford all types of fertility treatments, and he wouldn't have stuck around with an infertile woman for that long

No. 1896019

….yeah this is a sexual relationship.ill await the inevitability of when he dumps and ghosts her, the REEEEEing from her will be glorious.

No. 1896031

File: 1694361422322.png (99 KB, 985x741, his own money.png)

does elon pay his broodmares to do personal social media PR for him or something? ever since meeting him both grimes and shivon have started spamming their sm with posts in elon's interest, whether it's cringe like this or shitting on mark zuckerberg and bezos and whatnot. so are they getting paid by him to do it, or are they just stupid enough to fall for his bs and want to be in his fan cult? also
>that pic

No. 1896033

Is the news about Grimes and Elon's third baby Tau actually confirmed by either of them? I'm only seeing news sites and no actual word from either if them.

No. 1896034

File: 1694361821060.jpg (460.25 KB, 1080x1951, Screenshot_20230911-000537_Ins…)

No. 1896036

I reckon she got jealous that Shivon had twins and wanted to outdo her by agreeing to a third kid with him

No. 1896048

Unrelated but grimes looks 10 times better with jet black hair compared to fried platinum blonde. I have always liked this particular look and hate the fact that elon is in every single picture from this day.

No. 1896058

This 100%.

No. 1896065

The jealousy is also confirmed because she shortly started getting cosmetic procedures shortly after this time. It's like a dog that has been kicked but keeps going back to it's owner

No. 1896074

Lesbian Shivon conspiracists, how do you explain her rumored past romance with Andrej Karpathy?

No. 1896077

I think she definitely has jealousy issues with Shivon as well because there's that tweet crying about the situation ripping her family apart and complaining she hasn't seen photos of the babies until they were posted online and complaining that Shivon has blocked her. She doesn't have an issue with Justine because there's photos floating around of her and Elon hanging out with Justine's kids. I think because Shivon not only kept the kids private and they were born the same time as her own daughter and the fact she blocked her has triggered something in her.

I think she wanted to be the younger cuter baby momma with the kids that had the funky alternative names. She kind of took pride in being the more interesting intelligent, musician, scifi girlfriend so she never saw Justine as a threat. But then comes to find a woman who Elon is working closely for who appears to be a lot more intelligent and has twins with him, a boy and a GIRL. I think she probably felt special thinking she had the only girl with him and then bam along comes Shivon with the double whammy of twins and one being a girl. Also freaking out because she has no access to those kids. Like she really wanted to play the role of cool stepmother like with Justine's kids.

No. 1896086

dont all of elon's baby mamas eventually get some type of plastic surgery?

No. 1896088

I don’t think Shivon is a lesbian but I thought her and Karpathy were roommates with another dude. I get gay vibes from Karpathy tho.

No. 1896090

I think Y and Tau are twins.

No. 1896092

I mean Justine did. I don't reckon Zillis will but she's still probably an insecure freak as well. Just more private about it. If she ends up bleaching her hair then we will know the theory about how Elon makes them all stepford wives is true.
Also I'm tripping out that Shivon is half Indian. I can kind of see it in some images and videos but she really does look white. I wonder if Elon is trying to race mix in his weird eugenics plan he has going on.

No. 1896093

I followed Shivon on twitter before it was revealed she was Elon’s concubine and she didn’t used to like posts like this. She has only really started liking these types of posts en masse since she posted the first pic of her and the kids like 2 weeks ago.

No. 1896094

Y was born shortly before the Zillis twins. Tau was much more recent. Grimes didn't have twins.

No. 1896095

Y was born a month after Shivon’s twins but we don’t know if Grimes’ surrogate was implanted before Shivon’s or after because twins aren’t always carried to full term. So even tho Shivon’s twins were born before they may have been implanted after Y.

No. 1896096

I think Elon is definitely pitting Grimes and Shivon against each other. Grimes would have been jealous regardless of whether Shivon blocked her or not or whatever happened because she's sensitive like that but Elon is definitely telling them both shit behind the scenes

No. 1896098

I think they all know what they're doing. It's happening conveniently just before the book release. Both Grimes and Shivon are probably getting some cash from this PR stunt.

No. 1896100

I agree they are all money hungry and attention whores but I do think Grimes is actually freaking out and somewhat jealous.

No. 1896102

She was keeping Y secret and it was only revealed when she was being interviewed by vanity fair or some shit and they heard the baby crying. Wouldn't she reveal Tau if they discovered Y at that time? I don't think Tau and Y are twins

No. 1896110

File: 1694368467234.jpeg (419.41 KB, 1512x2016, IMG_3491.jpeg)

Isaacson shared some photos from his book. There is X and Tau

No. 1896111

File: 1694368495974.jpeg (404.9 KB, 1303x2016, IMG_3492.jpeg)

No. 1896116

why does the baby not have much difference in size between almost a year? maybe i don't know much about babies but shouldn't he look different in that space of time? also when was he born if he looks that big in june 2022? wasn't y born in november 21?

No. 1896119

File: 1694369327778.jpg (581.12 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230910_205613_Chr…)

And that the liked tweet after that - his mom

No. 1896124

I wonder if there is some kind of error. If you look closely at Musk in 2022(bottom photo) he had his temples shoved, but the top left photo looks like he's hairy. Though I'm not sure if both photos were shot on the dame day, though it implies there were hmm

No. 1896126

Why does everyone look miserable

Her supposed freakout right around the time of the book launch is too much of a coincidence. I really think this bunch are cynical and narcissistic enough to fake family drama for publicity. They’re trying to be like the Kardashians or some shit. I bet they’re loving people talking about them again.

You know that Indians are very diverse looking right? You get gingers and blondes with blue and green eyes and paper white skin in many areas in the north and people who look African in the south and everything in between. There was a Pakistani-Punjabi girl in my class who was paler than me, a white person.

Shivon is Punjabi and many of them have latent Slavic ancestry. Add someone fully white to that gene pool and genetic recombination can easily make them white looking. The actor Shashi Kapoor had a blonde blue eyed son with a white woman from England.

But Claire must have known the writer was interviewing both her and Shivon at the same time. And she chose to have another kid via surrogate after Shivons kids were born. Idk, I feel like she’s lurking and enjoying all this attention.

No. 1896128

Is Shivon a Hindu name? What’s up with the spelling?

No. 1896129

Claire doesn’t view Justine as a threat because she’s older, Elons ex and he’s not interested in her anymore after doing the full discard on her.
It seems Shivon is getting very close with Elon now and replacing her as first place concubine, so of course she’s freaking out.

As you said she’s smarter than Claire, actually has a job and does things besides popping addies and pressing beep boop on garageband, and is also prettier than Claire in an unconventional way. Not to mention Claire is ageing pretty terribly with the fillers, awful makeup and the botched eye lift probably has her crying at night for both physical and emotional reasons. Botched surgery is really really psychologically damaging. Elon’s lack of commitment and blasé attitude towards Claire can’t be helping her self esteem, whereas Shivon still looks fresh faced, doesn’t wear makeup and appears quite young. Shivon also comes across as a weird anime eyes AI Alita android and Claire is obsessed with trying to larp as an anime girl AI robowaifu so I bet that hurts her that Shivon naturally comes across as such whereas Claire even when she tries her hardest just looks like a crackhead.

No. 1896131

Yeah. Shiv just = Shiva. My guess is her mom liked the name Siobhan but wanted to incorporate her Indian ancestry so made it Shivon as a kind of east meets west name.

No. 1896132

Or Shivon could derive from Shivonne, that is a Punjabi name and has a meaning of - Devotee of Lord Shiva

No. 1896133

Also some Indians call Lord Shiva Lord Shiv in English which is also an acceptable form of his name. Most Hindu deities have hundreds if not thousands of different titles. Shivons moms name Sharda is an alternate title for a Hindu goddess.

No. 1896135

She probably just liked the same because it’s western enough to not get made fun of but also has a Hindu element to it. Probably a smarter choice than naming her something American teachers would constantly be mispronouncing and classmates might be making fun of.

No. 1896136

Yep. Kids are always merciless with foreign sounding names in America and the UK. Like people above were saying even little Oonagh will probably get made fun of for her name when she is a little older by other kids, even by American kids whose own heritage is Irish, sadly.

No. 1896137

Agree with majority of this.
I dont think Grimes has botched herself personally, I think she could have the potential to look cute if she ditched the shitty zoomer makeup she is trying to replicate and stop fucking with fillers. Like even after the facelift I wouldn't say she is botched. Totally agree though that Shivon is more effortlessly pretty and the big eye robot thing would definitely be bugging Claire.

I think if I saw Shivon as a regular person I'd probably find her somewhat pretty but the fluoride say and the way she acts creeps me out. Like there's an Elizabeth Holmes theronos vibe there for sure.

What I want to know is why Elon seems to favour X over all the children so far. Like he changed Twitter's name, brings that kid to all the random work things. I wonder if he will stay the fave or he'll be replaced with Shivon's son. It's quite obvious he doesn't give a shit about the girls but what about his previous sons? Like obviously the tranny hates him but the others?

No. 1896139

no lesbian would have elon’s babies. end of the discussion

No. 1896141

I dont reckon she's a lesbian but I also don't believe her when she said they don't have a sexual relationship. Like yeah maybe your babies were ivf babies but they definitely fucked. Even if they used a surrogate I have the feeling he has to leave his mark if you get what I mean.

No. 1896142

I think Elon was really whipped for Talulah, thats it. She wasn’t a 10/10 to begin with but she definitely glowed up and soft looksmaxxed after her nose job and becoming a little more glamorous and put together from using Elon’s money.
I’m not sure if her tradwife schtick was fully legit, an act, or a little bit of both, but she definitely managed to manipulate Elon with it well, many insecure moids are addicted to that. She claims to have been a virgin when she met Elon and for some scrotes that’s also extremely enticing, they’re obsessed with taking a woman’s virginity and I can definitely see someone as insecure as Elon wanting that. Add the coy but confident personality and British accent and private schoolgirl with a pony twee background and I think he fell extremely hard for her (she also had a pretty amazing body even if her boobs were probably fake, slim but curvy and feminine)

You also have to remember that Elon was nowhere near as famous or well known back then. He was still someone only nerds and people in billionaire circles really talked about, so I think he had far fewer options back then. Funnily enough he still has very few options because he’s so old now.

No. 1896146

Elon seems like he’d want dead fish sex once a week at most imo. He’s probably just like Leo, puts his headphones in and vapes while the girl bounces up and down on his gross bloated gut. I think he knows he’s kind of repulsive deep down but would still want to have sex occasionally to reinforce his ‘ownership’ of a woman. If he was really a coomer with a breeding kink he’d insist on impregnating all his broodmares personally through dick in vag and wouldn’t want to use surrogates.

No. 1896149

>Like he changed Twitter's name,
His obsession with the letter X predated that by over 20 years. There was some currency website a long time ago like in the earliest days of the internet called X. It was pretty popular for the time, Elon lifted it wholesale (including the font of the X) and tried to convince the other guys at Paypal to change it to X.
I suspect (and there are interviews to back this up) that he wants to turn X into weibo "everything app" including e-wallet services. in the US this is desirable since afaik they have more of a hard time using bank transfers etc than we do in Europe. They have also recently changed the X privacy policy to make reference to jobseeking/employment history so basically Linkedin as well.
This is all to say X the child (and now the website) is named after this very old plan of his.

No. 1896151

It’s normal to get lesbian vibes from women in Silicon Valley because they’re aspie or had to learn to be more assertive due to working in male dominated environments, and it’s also common to get fag vibes from the men in SV because they’re so effeminate and soi. Usually they’re 100% straight though, which is what makes it weirder.

No. 1896155

Epstein was a kind of ‘talent scout’ creep and financial backer for many women trying to make it in showbiz back in the 90s and early 2000s. It’s said he slept with most of the Victoria Secret models and gave them hush money and careers afterwards. I have a feeling Talulah might have been one of ‘his girls’ at some point and there was some kind of blackmail situation going on there between him and Elon (both had dirt on each other and Talulah was part of it)

No. 1896156

And yes Talulah didn’t seem to like Epstein but she visited him at his mansion to ‘interview’ him for her book so I’m guessing she had previous encounters with him before. Epstein also attended and funded a lot of dinners with people like Bezos, Gates, Elon etc. Some fishy stuff there but not quite clear what it was. Its known now that Epstein acted as a kind of pimp for these rich ugly autists and would procure attractive young women for them.

No. 1896158

I personally think the thyroid cancer thing is 100% real. First off it’s a very specific rumor about a very specific body part. I’ve seen certain fans of him who’ve been stalking him since the mid 2000s talking about it and they won’t deny it, and he also has a big scar on his neck, so I think there is definitely truth to that rumor. I’ve also heard from other sources that he’s absolutely terrified of dying especially before all the colonize mars shit is achieved (and he genuinely thinks he is some Mars Messiah figure from Werner Bon Braun book) so a cancer scare would 100% explain his weird behavior and this seemingly crazy rush he’s in to get everything competed and have as many kids as possible in as short a time as possible. 100% ties in with his scrotey fear of mortality.

No. 1896159

von Braun**

No. 1896186

File: 1694377986671.jpg (8.99 KB, 235x215, 0293u4hdlw.jpg)

Was wondering why they use this ancient photo (literally their first time out together) but there are so few pics of Melon and her together and the ones that exist are candids that look like a father/daughter more than a couple.

No. 1896188

I think he promoted X the way he did because his mother is a celebrity, his first wife wasn't famous, she also likely wasn't okay with them being used as props for attention while C is a pickme who is down with whatever he asks. Tau and Shivon's son could possibly become new favorites, though.
Elon doesn't show them off like X but he does go on trips or attend events with them quite often. As you know, Xavier trooned out. Griffin and Damian are studying STEM fields in good schools. Damian is the academically overachieving son afaik. I haven't heard much about Kai, I don't know what he does. His son Saxon was diagnosed with autism at a young age (so was X), I don't know what his education status is but he is very into video games and his Twitter handle is @CChomp13. Elon posts Saxon quotes sometimes, he loves him. I think these kids will turn out alright because Justine did a good job

No. 1896193

Karpathy did leave Tesla around the same time Shivon's twins would have been ~in utero~
It was gonna be a sabbatical but he ended up just leaving the company months later. Hence the rumors.

No. 1896231

Karpathy is still doing Elon adjacent events tho like that hackathon Grimes spoke at a few months ago. I think Karpathy left Tesla in spring 2022. By that time Shivon had already moved to Austin in summer 2021.

No. 1896239

Elon seems interested in group sex and kinky sex, Amber Heard seems to have procured underage girls for him too.

No. 1896262

File: 1694386842527.jpg (408.02 KB, 1080x2174, Screenshot_20230910-165904_Twi…)

No. 1896265

ew. so she won’t address the fact that elon is stealing x from her but will shift focus to shivon only while pretending that’s the ~feminist~ thing to do? Yeah she definitely didn’t write this, it was her (and elon’s) pr team.

No. 1896266

Why did it take nearly 2 years for them to have a single conversation about their children who are half-siblings? They are in their mid-30s. So fucking weird. Sad that billions of dollars and in Shivon’s case an Ivy League education can’t prevent trailer trash behavior.

No. 1896272

People who speculated this was a publicity stunt are vindicated I guess. She never disappoints when it comes to disappointing

No. 1896273

File: 1694387712904.jpg (265.91 KB, 1080x763, Screenshot_20230910_171744.jpg)

Kek this feels forced

No. 1896283

Interest in that biography definitely skyrocketed so yeah I’m pretty sure it was all orchestrated. Why else was Grimes’ big blow up tweet directed at the author? Imagine having a book written about your life and only being able to generate interest because of your trashy baby mama drama and breeding kink. Elon is a fucking loser.

No. 1896298

I don’t care if this comes off poorly I wish I could hire a surrogate to have my kids for me

No. 1896300

It doesn’t make sense to be orchestrated because Elon already has all the media’s attention. This book was going to be number one bestseller regardless of grimes and Shivon. All this did was bring attention to how trashy and messy they are. Shivon should be embarrassed that she agreed to that joint tweet. She sounds like the Ashton and Mila “apology” video. It’s also completely weird that they live in the same city (a small city) have the same boyfriend, same age kids, and yet haven’t talked to each other in that whole time but somehow we’re able to mend things in one conversation.

No. 1896303

These attention whores should redirect this energy into raising their sped kids.

No. 1896313

sage for blogsperg but it has its cons ethics asides, it makes it harder for you to connect with the kid and may lead to emotional issues for the child, both grimes and amber heard spoke about struggling to connect with their kids, they also dont have access to the birth mother's breastmilk which is important for the immune system, i can't have bio kids and have looked into both surrogacy and adoption and its a double edged sword really.

No. 1896322

You're just like his retarded simps that think he's a genius. That chip won't do anything for anyone in this lifetime or the next.

No. 1896324

Nta but a lot of you have such an unreasonable amount of hatred and malice for grimes, it's almost desperate how you think complimenting shivon who is just like her will upset her personally or something. It only makes you look like a deeply parasocial loser. Every single one of these freaks is a terrible person.

No. 1896325

I hate the way he poses for photos. Fucking quirky bull dyke nasty indulgent delusional old man. Idk how you all can hate grimes more than you hate him because I want someone to push him off a wall and watch him roll like humpty dumpty(alogging)

No. 1896326

using poor women as incubators is wrong, nonna.

No. 1896328

Obviously drumming up fake controversy for the book.

No. 1896331

That’s an insult to bull dykes

No. 1896340

File: 1694397100933.png (190.68 KB, 422x347, Screenshot 2023-09-10 at 6.15.…)

He's certainly very ugly.

No. 1896363


iirc X was not diagnosed with autism? only claire was(needs sage + you still haven't learned how to not stick out)

No. 1896365

Does anyone have a ss of the article snippet that mentions Shivon being pregnant instead of using a surrogate? I swear I saw it on Reddit but can’t find it now and I think the article is NYT which has a paywall. It talks about grimes going to visit her surrogate at the same time Shivon was giving birth or something

No. 1896368

Thought this was moot for a second

No. 1896378

File: 1694404308336.jpg (125.95 KB, 993x429, RDT_20230910_18273939092004867…)

No. 1896380

I call bullshit. Too lazy to go back through old threads but long ago nonas were posting pictures of Shivon zip-lining when she should’ve been pregnant with twins. She deleted those pics. Tinfoil but I’m convinced Shivon is a lurker either here or on Reddit because many of her actions or tweets have seemed like subtle replies to gossip. Maybe she wants to separate herself from the narrative of being a surrogate user, which most non-rich people feel pretty negatively about.

No. 1896385

I truly thought she used a surrogate as well? I used to think the anti-surrogate stance was crazy on here but now that it's boomed, it's a horrible and selfish option used by rich people and has literally become rent-a-womb for women otherwise capable of giving birth on their own.

No. 1896434

I don’t see why she thinks Shivon owes her anything. I wouldn’t want my kids around Claire either, she doesn’t even take care of her own.

No. 1896435

So Elon fucked off while his broodmares were in the hospital together? Kek. He doesn’t give a shit.

No. 1896436

>everything nice people say about someone else is designed purely to spite me
Only a narc would think this way. Your post is weird and reeks of a roll of nickels.(hi cow)

No. 1896437

This is the politest ‘don’t call me, I’ll call you’ kek. She sounds so unconvincing. It’s clear she doesn’t want anything to do with Grimey.

I also don’t think Claire has good intentions here. If she did, she would have made it more about the fact Elon is taking her son but she’s more obsessed with getting Shivon to like her. She simply sees Shivon getting more attention from Elon atm so she’s trying to muscle in and inject herself into the situation to avoid being shunned completely. Pretty gross.

No. 1896438

They haven’t mended anything nona they’re still rivals and were likely told to tweet this to save face for Elon (he probably threatened to cut off Claire completely and file for sole custody if she didn’t publicly apologize) not that it would make a difference to X’s life because he’s already being raised by nannies 99% of the time anyway. Shivon is still main competition to Claire’s bpd ass and it’s clear Shivon can’t stand Claire either which is why she avoided interacting with her for two years and her blocked despite knowing all about her and Elon’s history.

No. 1896440

Had her blocked**
Anyway Elon is trying to make them compete for his fat lard ass and it’s working.

Hugh Hefner used to do the same with his girlfriends, would constantly play them off against each other like that too and try to spark rivalries and fights between them because he loved them competing for his attention.