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File: 1682799838192.jpg (248.02 KB, 1080x1561, 1675328858831.jpg)

No. 1817673

Etheral electronic-alternative hipster musician turned imperialist-friendly space bimbo devoted to whiteknighting Elon Musk and making lame TikToks. Billionaire exploiting his workers and enjoying his cringe celebrity phase.

Recently (i mean 3 months ago):
>Clare tries to be best friends with openly nazi scum >>1738246, >>1738320, >>1738350, >>1738359
>Clare mysteriously covers her arms and tries hard to delete her shitty tats >>1739379
>Clare flaunting shitty loli >>1739470
>Grime wants everyone know she’s sooo coool because she’s having „disagreeable opinions” and she’s ~3dGyyy~ now that she’s in a certified nazi club >>1740027
>Elon gets fucked up, probably, and struts barefoot over to Richard Branson’s house at 2:30, unfortunately he mistakes his child for a bag of more drugs and takes little X with him >>1740018
>”Why are they talking about my totes fake emerald mine in Zambia sigh come on guyz why u so mean ughh” >>1740175, >>1740177
>Elon makes sockpuppets and makes shill threads on 4chan >>1740181 too bad 4chan morons are done with him too
>a rumour spreads that Elon is a FTM >>1740186
>Melon’s private jet produced 1900 tons of CO2 in 2022 alone, but ofc weee environment, lets save the earth with my faulty Tesla >>1740237
>Melon unfollows his brother Kimbal… trouble in the family? >>1741137
>Melon unfollows Grime >>1741657
>Melon loses 100 billion $+ >>1741144
>Elon vs Twitter fight >>1741456
> old trad pickme interview with ex wife Talulah Riley >>1743014
>the newest reoccuring tradition for Grimeth is to bait and shout that she has a ~soOpEr SiK!rith PrIvathe aCcOuthe~! On which she posts thsuper sekreth nathzi memeth! But mortals will never know, unless they’re rich and aryan enough >>1742591
>Grimeth’ incredible DJ skills, including pouting, flailing and being proud that she knows how to press a button and turn the volume up, or alternately: Shrovetide party for old fat hipsters smiling politely and shuffling their feet in embarassment >>1744131, >>1744368, >>1744188
>Grimes doesn’t have fans anymore >>1744549, >>1744424,
>another of Grimey’s secret Reddit is found, u/dalilfae. Posts line up with details from her life. On that account, she talked about ditching her relationship of 6 (Jamie Brooks) at 30yo for the „love of her life” (Melon), pregnancy being a bad time for her, Tesla and, as usual,defends billionaires. She also mentions breastfeeding and pregnancy as sacrificing her life and almost ruining her relationship (which she already mentioned before) as well as resenting baby & making it hard to bond with it. Mentions her boyfriend left her for a month to work overseas before his son was born and says he’s being a fucking asshole. Also shares an incredible advice! „Older men will treat you better and they’ll think you’re so young, go for a man in his 40s” >>1745771, >>1745863, >>1745864, >>1745865, >>1745866
>replies to her deleted post reveal that Elon is verbally abusing her, but she’s too embarassed to tell her family >>1745906, >>1745908
>dalilfae on tumblr yields some coquette shit and shows the user follows proana, slavlarpers and nazis >>1753675, >>1753878
>screens from another account that’s assumed to be Grimes or Mac Boucher, but unconfirmed >>1745945, >>1745947, >>1745954, >>1746189
>Melon’s jelly about Soros >>1746223, >>1746224
>Talulah’s old cringey (and grimey) dreams of raising trad family on Mars >>1747914, >>1749731
>similar shit but this time it’s Natasha >>1748111
>desperate Grimes bringing up that rococo lizard shit again >>1749146
>booo nobody wants to go to charity to win Tesla >>1750588
>idk even how to call this cringe >>1751426
>Grimes boasts her new nazi affiliations by making „funny” 3edgy5me jokes about Holocaust right on Holocaust Rememberance Day >>1754334, >>1754334 but nooooo! Of courth she’s noth a nathsi! Because she akshually goes to Shabbatff with Lan Dao today! >>1754352
>goes to said dinner to eat nothing >>1754620
>Behold! Grimes learned a German word! >>1754893
>desperate (might-have-been) housewife tweets at Elon in vain again >>1754369
>Alice Glass up for a catfight again >>1755149
>Claire seriously plans to build a cathedral with Epstein’s friend Joscha Bach >>1757006
>Claire and her new plastic sword (and new botch) >>1761869
>Claire makes a new twitter >>1761939 and baits everyone with a ToP $ikRitt! felurian8 account >>1761973
>example of shit she posts >>1761950
>some more twitter retardation >>1769343, >>1768397, >>1769522


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No. 1817675

OP here, wrote this summary 2 or 3 months ago and forgot. Guess we all forgot about these idiots since Aella thread was made lol. But anyways, here it is in case they get milky.

No. 1817681

nothing ever seems to happen tbh

No. 1817699

Ayrt, i agree but maybe Elon will do some dumb shit. ah well we'll let thread rest til then i guess.

No. 1817722

File: 1682806953531.jpg (424.78 KB, 2160x3840, 20230430_011409.jpg)

Thanks for the thread. Elon will produce milk. He is making major changes on Twitter. Clickbaiting news sites can soon earn money from clicks. Content creators can monetize their posts too. Just like in Patreon and OnlyFans! Too bad he doesn't have enough employees to go through the monetization applications they asked for.

Will this finally make Twitter profitable for him or are we getting another autistic meltdown?

No. 1817825

Elon is producing countless amounts of milk. It's mostly been chronicled on Reddit, on r/EnoughMuskSpam and r/TheTwitterEnd

No. 1817871

Happy to see this thread is back. The people on r/grimezsz sub are retarded and cringe af and I prefer to discuss milk here

No. 1817890

Yep also he and Grimes get discussed on celebricows occasionally, but i refuse to read this insufferable thread cause it seems almost entirely infested with coquettes and people like these idiots who boast about reading lolcow on tiktok. Elon 99% produced milk in that meantime but i'm out of the loop since the last thread tbh

No. 1817906

Same nona, though last few threads had a bunch of derailing, twitterfags and nitpicking.

No. 1817907

Ehh? What he’s advertising sounds terrible. like there’s no positive way to spin making people pay for shit that they’re used to getting for free

No. 1817912

Elon has an alt account where he larps as his toddler son X and posts weird shit

No. 1817928

Imageboard. Post screenshots.

You are correct. Elon might want to compete with Patreon or OF but you have to do more than what he is suggesting to actually make it work.

Also, no legit media publisher would consider the other idea a good deal. Letting Twitter take a cut of their subscription revenue. What he is suggesting would cause the publisher platforms a lot of extra work.

No. 1818065

File: 1682882673073.jpeg (111.21 KB, 1603x663, 7D3E814C-103A-4CC7-82D1-A3405A…)

What do you think of this nonas? Claire? Elon?

No. 1818067

File: 1682882874436.jpeg (177.36 KB, 1620x1432, 8A1F9289-9857-4A95-936F-092537…)

Didnt realize a new Grusk thread had been made, thanks OP.

Anyway, reposting from the Paella thread.

Tinfoil but some anons on 4chan were talking about how they jerk off to tiktok more than porn sites now, because of more underage girls on tiktok. Someone replies with this AI generated picture of Elon that some annoying anon has been spamming over and over for the last few weeks, and this weird tryhard millennial trying to sound young syntax. Do you guys think it could be Claire/Elon?

I am leaning toward it being Claire since she already admitted to being a pedo/lolicon, it has her same cringey syntax style that is very uncommon on 4chan, she keeps messing with and posting AI lately and she is a femcuck who thinks Elon is this godlike figure worthy of a harem of lolis. Idk but it gave me the creeps.

No. 1818068

this looks like someone impersonating for the keks but who knows, they both are known for posting retarded self-praise on 4chan

No. 1818070

File: 1682883035339.png (437.98 KB, 1296x864, E446FD73-6C15-4739-96EA-87367D…)

They kept posting other similar AI images of him surrounded by teen girls too.
Ive lurked 4chan a long time, people don’t generally talk like that.
Could be a larper but I don’t know who would bother.

No. 1818072

File: 1682883146236.jpeg (75.52 KB, 1620x500, E9075E00-D172-4D8C-ABE6-27377D…)

No. 1818073

File: 1682883184963.jpeg (38.69 KB, 1476x247, 3159FAE0-E048-4AC0-A5D3-2C8430…)

No. 1818075

anon if you're implying it's Grimes spending her free time shopping/AIng Elons ugly mug to be surrounded by a circle of teen chicks… that is a scary prospect
But why would she do this? I mean isn't she too jealous of her prince E to do such shit?

No. 1818078

The AI thing is mostly harmless cringe but the post in a thread about tiktok being great because of all the underage girls on there was just weird. Could just be a regular 4chan pedo moid but generally even pedos dont talk in that cringe way, and anyone who does gets ridiculed for doing so. I saw another post by them where they were referring to male anons as moids, so it seems to be a female poster.

Claire is jealous but she is also a huge pickme. And Elon is known to like threesomes/group sex (he is famously rumoured to have had a threesome with Amber and Cara Delavigne and Claire sperging about the imperial Chinese harem shit lol) anyway it’s tinfoil but people can speculate if they wanna.

No. 1818086

File: 1682884012501.png (229.31 KB, 996x1686, grimes1.png)

Speaking of Grime have you seen this. Ofc she's doing this pickme AI shit, ~use my voice and make your own Grime fake~ And then expects others to write Grimes "hits" instead of her, because ofc she isn't capable

No. 1818088

File: 1682884151194.png (642.88 KB, 828x830, grimes2.png)

This pic lol… i thought at first she has fading track marks on her left hand front, but then again maybe it's effects of her lasering off her shitty tattoos.

No. 1818095

Is she really asking other people to write songs for her now? Jesus. She makes it sound so sketchy too kek. I don’t know why she is presenting the whole AI voice thing as a novel exciting thing either, everyone was playing with it a couple months ago and it got boring fast.

No. 1818097

File: 1682885016008.jpeg (114.01 KB, 1080x1503, D77267C9-447A-478C-92C7-9083F7…)

I think that might just be this shitty grey tattoo fading, but it definitely looked like she had track marks before, like at the Miami dj event, and she was wearing those ugly flesh color sleeves too.

No. 1818098

Such ugly hands, remind me of Madonna’s.

No. 1818105

more likely a paid shill(he has tons of them on twitter, reddit and Instagram)

No. 1818108

She's trying hard to show ~she's the ONLY ONE ariStE that's not scared of AI, she's the only one openly embracing AI~ you know that she's desperate to come off as one

No. 1818111

Yeah there are only so many Kanye Wheezer covers one can shit out

No. 1818114

I completely have no idea/memory of her tattoos, if she had any in that place tbh. I can see last traces of that ugly red filofun string thing tattoo you just posted on her wrist, but it stops before her palm and i thought it's fading tracks on her palm. but maybe i'm just seeing things as an ex junkie lol. For sure she had some on that old photo with Elon tho, shooting uppers or ketamine probably. she's not really a person who'd go for opioids imo

No. 1818117

elon is fat as shit these days jesus christ

No. 1818118

>idiots who boast about reading lolcow on tiktok
haha what? kids need to put the phone down and play outside damn

No. 1818120

remember that time he was gathering compliments from fanboys and boasting he lost weight kek
That pic where he sprays a guy with water served him as his own thinspo

No. 1818128

File: 1682887795300.png (1.66 MB, 1276x1936, 1678197746396.png)

Damn it, planned to just paste post numbers but the most strategic post refuses to get linked properly in my post for some reason so i'll just post the pic. Pretty much picrel and >>1741817, >>1742763
still can't get over this idiocy kek

No. 1818130

samefag, whoops copied the second post unnecessarily, but well. It's anon listing lolcow threads that she thinks is made/led entirely by coquettes and fake farmers, so slightly related.
Speaking of which Grimes must have a secret coquette girlblogger tumblr or pinterest, right

No. 1818132

The person who posted this is either a troll or Elon himself. 4channers don't have girlfriends, and they consider being cucked the biggest humiliation ever.

Grimes trying to reinvent the wheel here. That's how remixes work. You have to ask permission and pay royalties just like before. Also, you want a 50% cut? Go to the fucking studio and do a collab with the artist. Lazy ass bitch expecting someone else to do all the work while she gets the profit.

No. 1818134

well I mean, millions of people know about 4chan but it still has less then 10'000 daily users.

No. 1818139

Yes but nobody boasts about it or speaks 4chan lingo in real life. and certainly nobody boasts about posting on lolcow, additionally even using your real account, showing face etc. Because what the fuck for

No. 1818140

>16 yos finding imageboards for the first time must post about it on tiktok
I'm sure their friends just laugh at them and wonder what's wrong with them without understanding or caring what they're doing.

It's definitely Elon. Moids on 4chan cannot get laid whatsoever.

No. 1818143

The idea that it's really Melon sitting and meticulously typing it down boomer style on his keyboard, in all seriousness. Just picture this

No. 1818147

Nah, he is sitting on the toilet and typing this on his phone. He lost his Reddit fanboys so he bought Twitter. He got ratioed on Twitter so 4chan is the next place to seek that sweet male validation. Why does he need it though? He got bullied at school?

No. 1818148

What's up with scrotes and women on 4chan being dumb enough to get sucked into the altright retardation and becoming even more batshit?

I mean he pretends to be his 2 year old on twitter talking about nightclubs. I believe it.

No. 1818150

>Nah, he is sitting on the toilet and typing this on his phone
>He got bullied at school?
No, HE bullied a kid, mocked his dead father and when the kid pushed him for this, Elon cried to his daddy that he was pushed down the stairs and viciously BOOLIED and attacked for absolutely no reason!1! but daddy figured out what happened and didn't take Elon's side, hence the horrible trauma. ~Elon buys 4chan saga when?~

No. 1818151

>I mean he pretends to be his 2 year old on twitter talking about nightclubs. I believe it.
caps? why is still nobody posting pics, its imageboard

No. 1818160

>Elon buys 4chan saga when
I would unironically love to see that, it would 100% kill 4chan and It would be glorious

No. 1818188

No. 1818195

i'm on board for this as long as more 4chan scrotes don't end up coming here

No. 1818197

Just imagine him trying to advertize 4chan an "accessible platform for business and companies". You can get your certified Autism Verified scout badge for only 8 dollars!

No. 1818234

she's too much of a pussy to shoot up. she may sometimes have skin-picking marks if she's inclined to get high off of (aka doesn't need a prescription for) adderall
people who have adhd don't tweak off their meds because their brain actually needs is

No. 1818342

File: 1682920961771.png (27.5 KB, 294x362, Screenshot 2023-04-30 10.53.40…)

4chan has been a glowie honeypot site for years now…you have to use discernment about what is getting posted there.

No. 1818348

File: 1682922900827.png (26.19 KB, 570x442, Screenshot 2023-04-30 11.25.09…)

Ali Alexander organized the "Stop the Steal" rally, has been working with America First/Nick Fuentes, Infowars…and is involved in a huge grooming scandal for soliciting dick pics from multiple underage boys from AF. It seems like Ali is threatening to air out Musk's dirty laundry.

No. 1818432

File: 1682944728508.jpg (87.66 KB, 1080x719, photo_2023-05-01_15-23-53.jpg)

nonnies met gala is today, do you think she'll go? she does need the PR and announced a new release supposedly in 3 weeks and mentioned going on a plane yesterday

No. 1818434

she doesn't seem important enough to attend a met gala tbh

No. 1818454

Kek and another one of Elon's NEXT GREATEST ROCKET TM flopped and threw shit around in a few hundred meter radius instead of doing anything. Everything Melon touches (or just signs under his name) turns to shit, change my mind. This is ~the man that will colonize Mars~
Elon, why not just tell everyone at SpaceX to post on 4chan with you instead?

No. 1818468

well she's gone multiple times. last time in 2021 with elon at the afterparty too

No. 1818535

Fuck off, newfag. Stop being lazy.

No. 1818541

there's no way this dude's dick even works.

No. 1818592

You don't know how imageboards work? Post caps or fuck off.

No. 1818608

kek and she called ME a newfag for wanting caps. No screenshots, no talk lol.

No. 1818675

Didn’t he try and damage control and say he did it on purpose? What a narc kek.

No. 1818679

I’m gonna believe it’s claire. She’s used 4chan for years: even Aella goes on r9k sometimes and posts essays about being a hooker who can’t find love.

No. 1818705

Yes. And at Dave Chappelle show only 10% booed at him and the rest cheered. Yeah right.

No. 1818843

She’s been going since 2013

No. 1818844

File: 1682988157641.jpeg (203.67 KB, 1242x1708, IMG_0678.jpeg)

This is painful to read

No. 1818848

Is this the inspiration for waystar royco living plus? Every era has human beings worshipping whatever is the latest technology

No. 1818911

Doubt its track marks. When you have pale skin you can see your blue veins through it very easily, and by the time you’re in your 30s the veins in your hands stick out quite a bit

No. 1818926

yeah and the veins will especially stick out if you're an anachan like her

No. 1818969

>music for machines and I wanna be software coming soon!
Simpons level of on the nose here. Like you couldn't come up with less corny titles than that?

The stuff about compensating fans is good, never seen an artist consider paying fans for their viral shit but her track record of burning bridges with everyone she collabs with makes me doubt that would happen either

No. 1818970

Claire is the only person on the planet attracted to Elon enough to do this, even his fanboys don't think he's a chad

No. 1818981

File: 1683010997040.jpg (149.7 KB, 1942x1078, Screenshot_20230502_005847_Red…)


it's a fucking shame. i think it's cool to kinda build this whole world but it's fucking sad to see shit like this.

No. 1818988

i rly like the world building aspect? idk ive always been a fan of that kinda stuff tho.

tbh the ppl on r/grimezs are so embarrassing. they make me like grimes more lmao.(sage your shit)

No. 1818997

Shut up Claire(unsaged hi cow)

No. 1819001

Unfortunately, I've blocked about 1000+ bluechecks under any Elon musk plus tweet that was… ugh, sorry nonas, dickriding.

No. 1819003

Where is this from? Seems like Claire's bullshit but ngl i first thought its Elon's shopping list, because "Colonize Mars and Universe" and especially "Create Cat Girl tech".
Sage for lolcow retardation but all i could think when seeing "cat girl tech" is Elon recruiting some of those idiots from Isibella's catgirl Chateau thread and plugging flatdisks to their brains, sorry, most advanced implants

No. 1819015

It’s from a pdf she put on her website to promote her upcoming album.

It would be cool if it was well thought out and well-written

No. 1819244

omg it's suuuuch good cringe
i love this anon ty

No. 1819315

That's some word salad. This is what happens when you fire your ghostwriters and surround yourself with yes-men.

No. 1819360

Jesus christ, men on 4chan are so fucking pathetic and worthless

No. 1819450

Babies dont care about radical art they just want to eat dirt and play with slime

No. 1819453

Someone has been lurking /pol/ and Elon + Charlotte’s twitter too much.

No. 1819463

I still don’t understand the sperg obsession with space. A bunch of dead rocks and nothingness, big wow, most of which is humanly impossible to reach anyway. I just think nerds and weirdos with control freak tendencies have an obsession with starting over and building a new world somewhere different because they failed to control and command respect from people here on earth. All this colonise mars shit is just Elon wanting a sandbox where he is the big fat bully kid who gets to tell everyone else what to do and has the power to kick out anyone who wrongs him. And Claire desperately trying to get picked again by dickriding him and his nerd revenge fantasy.

No. 1819640

colonize mars is so funny because of the original total recall movie where essentially they tortured and genetically mutated people as a power play, and Elon wants to be that guy. They really do watch/read every pointed, satirical, this is bad, guys piece of sci fi media and decide to do the thing. We will 100% have shitty battle droids called Terminators at some point because these people have no subtlety and see whatever dystopian horror represented in fiction as #lifegoals

No. 1819741

haha aww. i forgot how great babies are

No. 1820124

Moid egos destroy everything

No. 1820497

File: 1683221121777.png (2.21 MB, 1368x1724, 0dq14j2a8nxa1.png)

So. This is a thing? An nft or some shit. A lot to unpack here.

No. 1820577

That’s why I always think the farce they push of him wanting to colonize Mars as some noble and heroic thing is so funny. Either it will be used to make space for rich people to enjoy the atmosphere of Earth in peace without poors to worry about or if Earth is too fucked by then it will be the new home for the rich while they leave the poor to suffer and die. Why should any average person care? His “mission” sucks.

No. 1820764

she looks like she belongs on the short bus

No. 1821249

This honestly looks out of proportion. My eyes are fucked but first time seeing this i really thought her right leg looks like her left leg and left one looks like its her right one flipped over doing some dumb cancan dance
Optical illusions aside, this pose looks awkward as hell, and wtf is that shirt? XAEA12 Musk and LGBT? I hope its just a name on the shirt and she's not trying to LARP as her daughter (or son, i can't differenciate their dumb names) but adult version, trying to fit her into the narrative. Cause somehow i think she's not above making her children serve as hero of this dumb fantasy larp, as "future queen" of Mars, the offspring of great Grimes and Prince E. (You know that's probably exactly what she thinks and prays for, in all seriousness)

No. 1821295

File: 1683313059078.jpg (75.28 KB, 1080x574, photo_2023-05-05_19-04-13 (2).…)

Grimes went on a podcast with Julia Fox called Forbidden Fruits, it's on Spotify. Part 1 is out and I'm watching now I will try to summarize anything interesting or milky. She mentions having an ED for 10 years when she was younger and they have a conversation about body dysmorphia and beauty standards. She's living in San Francisco and says she's on a data collecting and spy mission to see what's going on in AI and tech and that she's optimistic about AI. She thinks there are potential bad outcomes but doesn't think it's constructive to discuss them in public necessarily. She thinks it's a moral imperative to make positive depictions of AI (not Terminator doom media). She doesn't think AI art is stealing because there is no original art; when artists create they take from everything they've seen. Then there's talk about how it will be democratic for art and TikTok has been an influence and how people are becoming artists from their bedrooms. They mention how art is a rich kid thing and that it needs to change.

She brings up that there's concern for the literacy rate and talks about how AI could be useful for education and that students wouldn't spend so much time in education with the help of AI so they would be able to do other things. One of the hosts bring up that child labor could become an issue if children simply breeze through school. They ask for a music update. Book 1 is 2 years old and she's really bored of it. She's making new music that she wants to release. The label (Columbia Records) and her departed in good terms but she realized she can't be on a label because she can't function normally and the normal promo stuff doesn't work for her. They ask why she thinks that and she says how she's very easy to cancel and gets canceled often and that people call her a technofascist. She says she's said and says a lot of dumb stuff but that we need a better discourse, she approaches people in good faith so she wishes people would do the same for her. That those people are mad because they want a better world. The reason she's "spying" is to see all of the new technology that comes out, she's made music for a long time but she's always wanted to make cinema and other things.

I'm tired and a 3rd world ESLfag so I hope this wasn't garbage to read, a lot of it is stuff I've already heard a lot before. Essentially more tech shilling trying to convince us that it's best for the culture without much thought or discussion of the ethics and implications.

No. 1821311

>She brings up that there's concern for the literacy rate and talks about how AI could be useful for education and that students wouldn't spend so much time in education with the help of AI so they would be able to do other things.
I'm sorry, how does that even work.

No. 1821325

yes that makes zero sense (maybe we're missing more context but im not watching it). i read it as, so basically because children are retarded due to the changes in schooling the last 15 years, the erasure of algebra/mathematics in parts of school in California for example and the erasure of even education itself, AI can do their work for them so they can continue being retarded and go carjack more kias with the newfound free time.

No. 1821368

it reminded me of her tiktok on ubi and how you could get paid for gaming. why would you want to work or do labor if you could just game and be paid for it was her line of thought. this was in the columbia era they had her active on tiktok hoping for engagement and virality and the responses to the videos were people tearing those ideas apart kek

No. 1821409

Yeah heard it all before. Everything she says re: copyright/wanting all art to belong to the public is pure retardation and I wish she would do an interview with someone who would actually challenge her. Her privilege and the safety net she has allows her to devalue her labor that goes into anything she makes, and treat it as a project rather than work that keeps a roof over her head. If she consents to her work being available for the public that’s fine but she should try having empathy for the thousands of artists who don’t consent. I do think copyright laws can be a little much when it comes to major IP like Disney and Nintendo but there is nothing wrong with someone wanting to own their work and control how it’s used. She sounds very dumb imo

No. 1821535

That sounds so terrible. Everyone needs literacy. Even a basic sense of literacy goes a long way for signing (or refusing to sign) forms, legal papers, credit cards, etc etc..

No. 1821586

File: 1683347646799.jpeg (202.96 KB, 2045x1174, IMG_6556.jpeg)

No. 1821587

File: 1683347669565.jpeg (69.72 KB, 634x1017, IMG_6560.jpeg)

No. 1821592

File: 1683347780514.jpeg (25.11 KB, 306x488, IMG_6559.jpeg)

No. 1821595

File: 1683348122588.jpeg (56.63 KB, 1080x1104, IMG_6561.jpeg)

No. 1821602

this is so sad to me. ik she can do whatever tf she wants but grimes used to be all abt body positivity and accepting yourself how you are, and now she does all this fucked up shit to her face idk what went wrong. she looks weird

No. 1821617

Whats with the black eye? And why does she have double nasolabial folds, kek.

Anyway up until about 4 years ago I always thought Grimes was ageing pretty well but all the recent fillers and surgery have aged her by 10-15 years. Meeting Elon absolutely wrecked her, which is strange because you’d think you’d start looking better after dating the worlds richest man with access to the best healthcare, surgeons and potions. Her drug use and ED also seems to have caught up with her.

No. 1821619

35 and still can’t draw her eyeliner for shit.

No. 1821620

File: 1683351010662.png (81.99 KB, 582x540, Screenshot (33).png)

>Julia Fox
Christ I hate her, she claims to be a feminist but literally stands by one of her longtime sponsors(Alexander Wang) whose been accused of accused of 11 counts of sexual assault and date rape (7 men, 3 women 1 FTM)

No. 1821662

>she's on a data collecting and spy mission to see what's going on in AI and tech
The larping never ends. How embarrassing.

No. 1821676

the juxtaposition between aspie grimes in between these two vocal-fried stacies is making me feel weirdly protective of her. rocks up with comics and magic cards and julia goes out of her way to be sweet about it, it's a bit cute.

No. 1821693

aspie or not she sucks. doesn't matter

No. 1821828

Holy shit what in the fuck. She's an anachan, but this swollen botched face makes her like those 49yo trophy wife chicks who get fat, get more and more botched monthly, spend their ugly husband's money on expensive shit but wear just leopard print and fur coats and always want fame so much they end up in shitty tv shows with names like "Queens of Life" or "Beverly Hills Wives" or whatever. Grimes, its time to stop.

No. 1821884

I was wondering if it’s some fucked up form of self-harm? Like she knows how bad it looks but keeps getting filler because she’s depressed or something. Maybe the botched facelift made her feel like it’s pointless to even try. Like if I got botched I might kms that’s why I would never fuck with my face. That Dr Kao guy should burn in hell.

No. 1821890

Nah it's just either growing PS addiction, or fear that if she stops "fixing it" it will go worse. And the blatant "i wanna be little girl forever uwu". Except no fucking chance, she cannot LARP as a kid from anime anymore when she looks like severly aged concubine. >>1821586 Not offense to aged concubines but… yep idk how else to describe it, girl fucked up. Should've stopped altogether after first Kao, couldn't she tell something's very wrong? damn

No. 1822182

Yeah this. She’s obsessed with trying to look like an *~underage anime loli uwu~* but doesn’t realize all the surgeries and ED makes her look like a bogged 45 year old trailer park crackhead Tammy. The fried hair and DIY bleach job legitimately makes her look like a prison inmate, especially when her roots are showing.

No. 1822313

File: 1683448355268.jpg (95.29 KB, 1080x869, 16eydir0pdya1.jpg)

"Lower, transitioning to upper, middle income situation" he really is perfect for Grimes they love to poor larp so much.

No. 1822317

Wonder if he actually took some pr advice. Usually his tweets are hot trash but this one faintly smells like ghost writer

No. 1822470

>i grew up in a lower, upper, blah family, my daddy was but a humble shoemaker, mother was selling pencils at the corner, and i was a poor little matchstick girl dying from cold, and i was bullied down the stairs~

No. 1822483

File: 1683480119567.jpeg (189.98 KB, 1170x1925, F81D66C6-3AD7-40E0-B3AB-D6959B…)

It’s funny how everyone in Silicon Valley loves to dogwhistle about how much they hate blacks.

Remember when Elon started ranting about homeless people going on rampages when Bob Lee got stabbed to death, when it turned out to be a millionaire business rival of his.

No. 1822485

What’s that all about? If you’re a rich kid, own it. I can’t stand this poverty porn bullshit.

No. 1822488

Interesting that he's leaving out the emerald mine…guess that doesn't fit the rags to riches story he'd rather tell

No. 1822510

As much as I hate Musk, I actually agree with him here, the media does hyperdfocus on certain crimes to cause racial tension

No. 1822589

go back

No. 1822597

File: 1683491260713.png (139.19 KB, 972x1590, 230507_231202.png)

Why would someone present statistics and purposely block the source like that? Kek. Notice the last word of the source "survey". Also, violent crime is kind of vague term in this context.

So let's look at these statistics provided by the fucking FBI. No surveys but actually reported crimes. First up murders. As you can see white people got mostly murdered by white people. Black people got mostly murdered by black people. And what is up with women getting mostly murdered by white people?
The bar chart visualizes hate crimes. Any act of violence doesn't qualify as hate crime by the way.

No. 1822638

File: 1683495911499.jpg (80.96 KB, 581x704, cfgjglkjnbvjgfuyujhvci.JPG)

The senior Musk is almost too awful for me to see any kind of humour in the clapback but the fact that he always immediately rebuffs claims like they were poor or Elon was bullied is satisfying

No. 1822657

Kekkkk i haven't seen this. Somebody (preferably someone famous enough for Elon to reply with his crybaby tier limp word slap backs) should tweet this at him. No, actually Errol should tell some stuff to US Sun again.
>Can i enter

No. 1822925

they know it's wrong. almost every single rich person i know tries to act like they aren't or they became rich and started out poor/lower middle class

No. 1823763

File: 1683637952650.jpg (68.62 KB, 1080x608, kek.jpg)

No. 1823789

She is already at the "find out" part of "fuck around" I see, yes, Grimes this is why every artist with more than one braincell is against AI, because strangers automating your life's work while having none of the actual experience, talent or skill is! shit actually! And shouldn't be/isn't legal, though in her case she put her own voice up for free use. Generally most artists do not agree to their art being used, interesting to see the response is essentially the same even when you consent to automation. It's like putting all your possessions in the street with a "take me" sign versus someone robbing your house, end result is the same

No. 1823816

I disagree. Elon doesn't see anything wrong with being rich. I doubt he is even capable of feeling guilt. He only cares what others think of him, therefore the rags to riches larp. Paris Hilton is more successful business person than Musk, but when people look at her they see a dumb spoiled heiress who doesn't have to do anything.

No. 1823822

Already regretting it, huh? Massive amounts of copium, as expected

No. 1823884

Hey grimes maybe you wouldn't feel this way if you still made music instead of sitting on twitter at home all day

No. 1823937

Her “music” is dogshit and she’s really not a musician. She very obviously knows nothing about songwriting or music itself. I really don’t understand how anyone could like her, she’s not even a good performer to make up for the profound lack of musicianship. People love shit talking Phoebe Bridgers here but at least she’s actual musician despite being a shit person.

No. 1824091

They can't monetize the songs without paying Grimes/her label. She probably thought this makes her a vocaloid character. Her ego is taking a massive hit. Serves her right. Should have thought about that before becoming "open source". Kek.

A musician who can't play any instruments. She didn't write her hit songs. The vocals are heavily edited. This means she couldn't perform any of her songs live or unplugged. Imagine someone giving her a keyboard or a guitar on live tv and asking her to perform one song.

No. 1824374

haha, respawn!! gamer!! yeah!! gaming, i game.

i feel like she's been addicted to plastic surgery for at least 2 or 3 years at this point, and every time we see her, she has a new face. and it always looks botched.
this time her face looks fat and swollen, you'd think she'd have learned with the extreme over-usage fillers.

her eyes look different, but i can't tell if that's because her whole face is so bloated it makes her eyes appear smaller. i only know so much about procedures.

No. 1824408

File: 1683725226477.jpg (91.48 KB, 1080x865, grimes.jpg)

No. 1824451

she is literally so stupid… she just gave away her main gimmick, the voice. the only thing that made her unique (i actually like her voice - don't come for me). clearly - historically - the actual song making and writing could be done and were done by others… eeeep

No. 1824595

this is just straight up meaningless word salad

No. 1824604

it's a meme on tech twitter rn

No. 1824609

like it's a meme because of it not making sense? because it's giving strong
>Has anyone ever gone so far as even to need more to do look more like?
energy, but with more stimulant psychosis vibes

No. 1824610

no, the phrase "im here for an atypical and high-perplexity time, not a good time" is a meme on tech twitter. everyone is just posting that sentence.

No. 1824611

oh thats wicked gay

No. 1824637

kek she totally wrote some scribbles and threw it into ChatGPT

No. 1824743

File: 1683765803249.jpeg (164.85 KB, 1170x1375, IMG_3303.jpeg)

Grimes getting in over her head with Milady part 1

No. 1824745

File: 1683765875318.jpeg (224.8 KB, 1169x1987, IMG_3304.jpeg)

Part 2

No. 1824749

File: 1683766184259.jpeg (189.46 KB, 1169x1336, IMG_3305.jpeg)

Part 3

And she already deleted them all.

She constantly goes between claiming Grimes IP can be used by everyone, and trying to stop the usage when the Nazis she’s gotten in with via Elon come claim her immediately

No. 1824932

At least she's illustrating bare minimum principles.

No. 1824937

She says all art should be "open source" and shouldn't be legally owned or controlled by anyone, yet she's able to see that there are reasons for these things we have in place… She still will never concede or admit that everything she says regarding that topic sounds fucking retarded.

No. 1824985

File: 1683795531297.png (396.79 KB, 720x757, Screenshot_20230511-044341.png)

Holy cow, I think that the IMS Ibiza interview that grimes did recently has alot of untapped milk. I was skipping around and found this quote about 35 minutes in:


>"(…)Daily motivation, smash the patriarchy"

>"I kinda like the patriarchy!"

>"What do you like about it?"

>"I like The supply chain, food, Uber, roads, umm, civilization, uh, y'know, like, there's alot of good things that came from it"

>"(…) I think what we need to do is, like, stop attacking the things that we don't like, and with harder on building the things that we do like."

I think it's so hilarious how she totally thinks she's 'playing the villain' or some larpy shit but she's really just making everybody think that she's fucking dumb. Playing the lolcow.

No. 1825010

I think that what you quoted wasn't even that much of a larp, she's genuinely a pickme. She acted like a pickme simp with Musk lol

No. 1825085

File: 1683810782012.png (227.12 KB, 720x1241, Screenshot_20230511-091231-543…)

Grimes calling herself a thot propaganda machine online whilst wearing musty thigh highs is never before seen levels of attention seeking depravity

No. 1825094

She's such a dumb bitch. I'm genuinely disappointed in her. I used to look up to her too.(sage your shit)

No. 1825097

She's too old for this shit. I think that in 10 years she'll be like Madonna.

No. 1825267

I’m getting a tattoo rn while reading this milk and Genesis just came on kek. Poetic.

No. 1825359

File: 1683838401384.png (7.82 KB, 529x216, stepping down already.png)

Elon's giving up his CEO position, wonder if he selected someone to be a figurehead or someone capable. At the very least we can be pretty certain he's chosen an elon yes-man and he's going to ensure she takes any and all blame for any new terrible ideas he has.
I wonder if he's also going to have his new ceo double as a new wifey. Grimes would seethe kek

No. 1825367

Madonna now unironically looks less botched than her.

No. 1825369

I hope it's Amber Heard kek

No. 1825384

How valid are the rumors that Twitter is sinking because of Musk? It would be hilarious but it also stinks of libshit cope

No. 1825407

They are not rumors. Twitter is sinking and that's a fact. Musk paid $44 billion. Five months later Twitter's value is $20 billion according to him.

Twitter's ad revenue dropped 40%. The advertisers have other reasons than liberalism to make that kind of decisions. According to this source Twitter's value was closer to $15 billion in January.

Successful companies don't fire most of their staff.

No. 1825466

File: 1683848595786.png (3.63 KB, 537x111, cliffd.png)

lamooo he's setting up his protege for a glass cliff so hard. typical. run the popular, way overvalued company into the ground, get bored of being made fun on it all day, find the nearest woman to shove at the problem

No. 1825485

having kids can age you pretty quickly too tbh

No. 1825493

File: 1683851937097.jpg (57.27 KB, 592x632, trending.jpg)

Grimes is trending over here, this is the first tweet that popped up lol

No. 1825504

She types like a schizo except she does it on purpose which is cringe as fuck. We know you’re sane and actually just a stupid narc. Would love to put her in a room with that actual schizo-chan who thinks Grimes wants to kill her and see what happens

No. 1825548

no one wears thigh highs anymore, she's showing her age a lot with her outfits lately

No. 1825564

this, the agendoid nonna doesnt realize that layoffs are bad regardless of how the company copes with doing it

No. 1825625

>Would love to put her in a room with that actual schizo-chan who thinks Grimes wants to kill her and see what happens

No. 1825701

She legit looks special needs with that outfit kek

Her exessive undereye fillers make her look old and doughy instead of etheral and chic. It's definitely not for everyone. Her face is already bloated from starving and drugs, she looks unwell with her corpse body and a fat face on top. Reminds me of alcohol bloat faces, disgusting.

Grimes is sperging about aging and womanhood a lot these days, definitely coping.
Her lolita larping days are more than over, and having 2 kids on top of that only emphasize her big age 2 her zoomer crowd.
Some nonnies believed as soon as she hits the 40 mark, Elon will put her in a cage and pretend she's not there kekk

No. 1825703

File: 1683890191990.jpg (655.48 KB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-05-12_13-15-23-347.…)

I know it's not milk but I love how X and Amber's daughter Oognah almost look like full siblings kek. It's almost uncanny but damn, that REALLY is his child.

No. 1825713

Because they are siblings. The baby was born from one of the frozen embryos she fought Elon over. Why else would Elon be fighting over those embryos???

No. 1825739

They're half siblings, technically. But Elon never claimed her as his daughter, so idk, it's just further proof that the obvious cannot be denied. Even claire ignores it.

Just thought that Ambers daughter would at least cancel out Musk retarded genes but I guess not. She and grimes both birthed big jawed Musks. Let's pray

No. 1825742

they'll do anything but go to college and actually learn the skill or topic they're larping as…

No. 1825744

File: 1683896080687.jpg (344.62 KB, 1080x2640, Screenshot_20230512_144916_Chr…)

Oh…Musk is seen just days ago with what looks like Natasha? It definitely looks like her.

Is grimes fuming? Crying? Would explain her erratic behavior

No. 1825746

She used a surrogate for the second baby because she couldn't handle what pregnancy did to her body the first time. Can't be smol with a belly full of baby poking out. I don't care how pressured she might have felt. Why the fuck did she even bother? She clearly hates being a mother or anything resembling being a normal woman.

No. 1825751

File: 1683896926755.jpg (67.66 KB, 640x708, calling-all-the-monsters-v0-tq…)

Lol at her trying to be an Aryan white nazi elf when ppl compare her to a black baddie girl….it's deffo her nose what makes her look insanly ethnic(racebaiting)

No. 1825752

She thought she'd "keep Elon" that way. i don't care what's the timeline and when, bu this idiot must've been absolutely fully believing it.

No. 1825914

on Reddit search for user dejavuser369 and read her comment history. I think she’s posted here before too a few months ago. I laugh every time I read her unhinged shit because she’s basically a cow herself, but she’s mentally ill so I try not to be too mean

No. 1825920

Samefag I should have specified to read her history in the r/grimezsz sub. She made a very long post there a while ago that kind of blew up but mods deleted it

No. 1825956

File: 1683917610510.jpg (518.27 KB, 1080x3601, world war 3.jpg)

Interesting kek

No. 1826096

File: 1683932777022.jpg (167.94 KB, 1080x1114, 35311321b31e6fda89ad80f25bd104…)

No. 1826097

File: 1683933117176.png (Spoiler Image,77.03 KB, 352x460, iiZXPjt.png)


Look at picrel and tell me that somebody would be obsessive about her to the point of suicidal ideation

No. 1826098

File: 1683933123458.jpeg (143.8 KB, 1066x1110, IMG_0933.jpeg)

It’s kinda funny cuz that person is probably sane and telling the truth meanwhile schizochan’s “bad experiences” are 100% delusion. I’m 90% sure picrel was her (from thread #5)

No. 1826136

I actually think she looks quite good when this photo was taken. Was surprised when I saw these event pix of her, she looks more polished than she normally used to. Should’ve kept whatever stylist did her up instead of getting sliced up but that’s just not *~*authentic fairy princess*~*

No. 1826207

At least China Anne McClain has warm-looking, upturned eyes and naturally nice lips. Grimes looks…off.

No. 1826253

This is obviously fake dont be retarded

No. 1826310

Nonnies who like Grimes' music, especially older albums - this song is actually better than anything Claire could produce on her own.
I'm actually really happy because since Book 1 will come out never / be a pile of dogshit, I get to enjoy some new Grimes music after all

No. 1826397

Not no whiteknight her or not that i doubt she's a narc, but:
>around 2nd year uni
No fucking way this is real, she didn't attend university almost at all did she. Too lazy to look back to 1st thread but wasn't she there for 1 semester?

No. 1826464

yeah she has always been intentionally vague about this and it's annoying… i think its because while technically she was enrolled, she never rarely ever attended - she didn't show up enough to feel secure in saying she went to uni

a common theme in her life. she was on a very good record label, every musicians dream, but has nothing to show for it

No. 1826473

I mean I know and most other people know that blacks are indeed more likely to commit violent crime, and there’s nothing wrong with openly reporting this, but the questIon is how does hating blacks or saying the N word in private change crime statistics? Are they just hoping that there will be another Holocaust soon but for blacks this time and they will be rounded up and culled? That’s never going to realistically happen no matter how much racists want it to, so I’m just wondering what their endgame is. Saying ‘heehee I’m part of the sekrit I hate black people club’ on Twitter doesn’t change anything for anyone.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1826478

Claires gonna get triggered and probably go out to get a nose job immediately after seeing this tweet kek. Calling it now.

No. 1826486

your post is weird

No. 1826490

Kiwifarms is back on tor you can go talk about your racist views there

No. 1826726

File: 1684026030388.png (276.63 KB, 1080x1241, 20230514_035953.png)

Not the nose! Her key feature in 2022

No. 1827034

File: 1684072920761.jpg (193.83 KB, 983x1200, Fvdw0HkX0AIQtQW.jpg)

New pap pics of Claire, she genuinely looks unhealthy and bogged. I didn't edit this pic btw.

No. 1827035

File: 1684072998135.jpg (233.19 KB, 1170x1438, FvdwtmbWcAAGpoC.jpg_large.jpg)

No. 1827038

>t. Average kiwifag gay male

No. 1827050

File: 1684074436361.jpg (33 KB, 800x568, 2_insects_bigbugeyes_a_rsz_dne…)

Looks like a bug

No. 1827097

Don’t think the anon above was being racist.

It’s literally a fact that black males commit a disproportionately large proportion of US homicides despite being 8% of the population. Yea they mostly kill other black males, but this doesn’t make it okay. Many racists use this stat to justify their hatred of blacks, but we know people hated and were prejudiced towards blacks even in the 1930s and 40s when they were not committing violent crime, so it’s more likely that people just want to be racist in general and look for an excuse to justify it.
Unfortunately you can’t have a dialogue about this topic without upsetting all the BLACK PEOPLE ARE LE BAD and BLACK PEOPLE DIDNU NUFFIN brainlet reactionary crowds who are unable to think in anything but a goodies vs baddies marvel movie dichotomy.
I think what they were trying to say racism doesn’t solve this problem so saying the n word and talking about how much you hate blacks is dumb, it doesn’t change the world or make it better. There needs to be more education, stricter criteria for receiving, welfare, less harsh penalties for dumb crimes like weed dealing/possession that prevent people from getting jobs later in life due to criminal records and make them turn to increasingly violent crime to make money etc.

Not really relevant to this topic but I guess it is since it’s super obvious Elon, Claire et all hate black people and Silicon Valley is full of racist tech nerds who hate blacks, many nu-intellectuals are obsessed with race theory too. And this is kind of concerning given that these people have so much access to and are controlling the future of technology.(derailing, stay on topic)

No. 1827111

>Unfortunately you can’t have a dialogue about this topic without upsetting all the BLACK PEOPLE ARE LE BAD and BLACK PEOPLE DIDNU NUFFIN brainlet reactionary crowds who are unable to think in anything but a goodies vs baddies marvel movie dichotomy.

WHat I hate about you scrotes is you pretend like you can't talk about this shit and you care about upsetting people. You constantly always talk about this. You never shut up about it, it's a day, you came here didn't even tag anyone to talk about this. Nobody is stopping you from ranting about the "Blacks" on kiwifarms, 4chan etc. There's spaces you can talk about this but instead you come here, and rant, rave, knowing it's agaisnt the rules but you can't help but to talk about it. Stop acting like you are oppressed and go to the sites that allow this bullshit.

No. 1827211

Honestly haggard even while covering half her face. Man everything is catching up to her now

No. 1827212

Like if I were to see someone like her on the street I’d think trust funded addict

No. 1827329

File: 1684113531897.png (43.18 KB, 720x868, Screenshot_20230514-211852-024…)

Imagine you hate your kids so much you just put them in a fucking box for mother's day lol

No. 1827472

She thought Elon would love her, kek. Nope just made her hate her body and ruined her image as an ethereal uwu forever loli chan. You’re a gross old mom now, Claire. That’s the reality you chose for yourself. You even have matching bad plastic surgery like all moms in your income bracket.

If she was smart she wouldn’t have gotten so much plastic surgery and would have never bred. Can’t be ethereal inhuman fairy when you’re literally a mother.

No. 1827488

is that meant to be The Fly or a mantis cosplay?
also that soft grunge pale goth choker from 2013

No. 1827500

>least retarded lolcow poster

No. 1827501

Can you stop with the anti motherhood shit, you sound like a scrote

No. 1827506

File: 1684145070228.png (1.49 MB, 3119x1496, 83B6A3A7-1D8B-4410-889C-2ECED8…)

She really does look like a long term meth user now, her unhealthy looking body (yeah she is skinny but not in a healthy athletic or aesthetic ballerinacore way, she just looks like she has a chemical dependency and shoots up 24/7) she has that pasty chalky skin that meth addicts have, plus the weird fat deposits, her eye lift just enhanced her zombie tweaker eyes that she is desperately trying to hide with glasses all the time now. 15+ years of experimenting with makeup and her eyeliner and lipstick still looks like X drew it.

The abuse of her body and brain is really catching up now, she looks terrible, and the crackhead trailer park style isn’t helping things. She can’t keep up the edgy art kid thing forever, I think she needs a makeover and to start dressing in more classy outfits but we know she is too much of an attention whore to take it down a notch.

Must be frustrating for Elon, he even said he hates the way she dresses and does her makeup and hair. He managed to make white trash like Talulah and Amber over into relatively classy looking ladies, but Claire is just a failed experiment.

No. 1827507

File: 1684145138372.png (1.49 MB, 3119x1496, 83B6A3A7-1D8B-4410-889C-2ECED8…)

She really does look like a long term meth user now, her unhealthy looking body (yeah she is skinny but not in a healthy athletic or aesthetic ballerinacore way, she just looks like she has a chemical dependency and shoots up 24/7) she has that pasty chalky skin that meth addicts have, plus the weird fat deposits, her eye lift just enhanced her zombie tweaker eyes that she is desperately trying to hide with glasses all the time now. 15+ years of experimenting with makeup and her eyeliner and lipstick still looks like X drew it.

The abuse of her body and brain is really catching up now, she looks terrible, and the crackhead trailer park style isn’t helping things. She can’t keep up the edgy art kid thing forever, I think she needs a makeover and to start dressing in more classy outfits but we know she is too much of an attention whore to take it down a notch.

Must be frustrating for Elon, he even said he hates the way she dresses and does her makeup and hair. He managed to make white trash like Talulah and Amber over into relatively classy looking ladies, but Claire is just a failed experiment.

No. 1827650

>last paragraph

Pls tell me you’re trolling

No. 1827651

this is what it looks like when you never learn about exercise and nutrition and rely on extreme calorie deficits and uppers well into your 30s… speaking of her being in her 30s she's gotta look into pinterest or follow some younger fashion influencers, she's in a millennial rut with her fashion. i can tell she's trying to capture the genz vibes with her neons but it's still coming off 2014 tumblr try hard. she's just a total mess lately. she needs to sit down and write herself out a real plan or sumthin because she's heading into 'tacky baby mama of an NBA star' territory reaaaaaal quick

No. 1827715

I've never listened to not one grimes song I liked. Her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard and it gets lost in the production. It's literally (bad) background noise to me and I never understood why she ever had a fanbase tbh. I need one of her former stans or whatever to link something actually good (do not talk about oblivion or whatever, that's the one I had in mind when I said nails on a chalkboard voice)

No. 1827740

File: 1684168485143.jpg (185.65 KB, 1080x2101, Screenshot_20230515_182000_Chr…)

Claire is desperately trying to make her acting debut happen. Idk but starring in a low budget sci-fi production as Grimes won't make Elons musk hard. I think it's because Elon has a special thing for actresses kek
But in her current state? She looks emaciated, botched and fugly. I just hope it's not in 4k kek

No. 1827743

I just don't get why she'd think her AI voice bot is going to become successful on SM? Her voice is bad, too high pitched and lacks any form of recognition value.
The face-lift fucked her up. Her skin wasn't even saggy to begin with. It's just sunken in due to low body fat and drug use, she probably didn't have enough fat for grafting and thought she could fix it that way….but the only thing that happend was that her nose tripled in size kek

No. 1827744

her felurian8 account had ppl telling her sry, you'll get the next one recently in regards to acting… seems like this isn't the role she wanted lol

No. 1827760

>movie poster
>blue and orange
>pyramid order of cast
i hate this meme make it stop

No. 1827778

I know without a shadow of a doubt she's going to be the worst actor in that shit movie. Can't wait to watch with friends.

No. 1827781

This shit looks so ghetto it's going to be a train wreck I can just feel it in my bones.

No. 1827794

Looks like a straight-to-video student film made in someone’s basement with a budget of $12.

No. 1827858

imagine ur face looking like this despite having had work done and this is it mostly covered up. ugly grimey

No. 1827945

Pictures you can smell

No. 1828005

She’s the worst spokesperson for longevity looking like that kek

No. 1828035

Don’t call it Grimes music. It’s Kotomi using grimes AI emulator as an instrument/tool. So much work goes into making the AI actually sound good. It’s not her music.

What’s going on with her neck? I’ve never seen bruising in that spot.

I like the annoying high-pitched pop voice she does kek but if you want to hear a less grating vocal style check out her songs Life In The Vivid Dream, Delete Forever, or Before The Fever

No. 1828073

Kill v maim has comparatively normal vocals. I can sing along to it at least lol. My name is dark has some moments of high pitchiness but only at the crescendos

No. 1828075

I actually have a sneaking suspicion she’s got a major humiliation kink and actually thrives off of comments like this. Like that would explain so much of her antics humbly opining

No. 1828136

autistic tinfoil but is that a cut on her left (in the pic) wrist?

No. 1828184

no, thought the same thing. it's the red lines of a tattoo she has there.

No. 1828239

>her neck
my guess would be some kind of injectable

No. 1828256

You are right to an extent but it’s really just her narcissism. Narcs love attention whether it’s positive praise or negative + disparaging. She loves causing controversy and saying tone deaf things for attention.

No. 1828307

wtf ALL her filler migrated ALL over the place
who injected her, her kid? if it's this easy to get a plastic surgeon licence i'm gonna go get one and get super rich botching people

No. 1828310

i think she had lipo on her lower abdomen after the baby as well. much better done than her shitty face work. i just think part of her "ana" appearance is from some sculpting procedures done on her body, because her thighs and hips look much wider than they used to and not in the "i am 35 and used to be 25" way. idk she just has looked very different to me since the baby was born. in the tarmac/space launch video she is already unrecognizable to me, compared to how she looked in 2013 on tour

No. 1828314

her "voice" isn't even really singing. she can't sing without a mic because what she does is a baby voice/back of the throat squeaky mouse voice because she can't actually sing in any way. she does the contrapoints/philosophytroon method of voice-changing basically, so it does not make and "singing" for you to liisten to

No. 1828385

It’s the same with Aella. They must have gone to the same surgeon.

No. 1828387

I’ve seen meth addicts on tv and you are right, they often have weird folds and lumps and fat distribution on their faces, it makes the skin look really thick and waxy. I heard it’s something to do with the way meth affects lipids in the body. It also makes the body more plaque and fat in the arteries and can lead to heart attacks and arrhythmia. I wonder if her ‘health scare’ a while back where she said she was scared of dying and couldn’t stop googling blood clots and heart attack symptoms was something to do with that.

No. 1828388

Store more plaque*

No. 1828391

Her voice is way too easy to replicate with AI. It’s a very generic high pitched whispery baby voice, she doesn’t have anything about it that really makes it stand out, and most women can sing like that if they try to sound like a cringey anime loli. Lucky for Claire she has her rich parents and her whale betabux to rely on but doesnt seem to realize or care how AI is going to help make many singers and artists obsolete, when they literally depend on it for a living.

No. 1828514

I don't understand why she has piles of junk on the floor in literally every mirror selfie she posts. Isn't she supposed to be all about image? Just move your papers and clothes and shit 6 inches out of frame like the rest of us plebs

No. 1828524

It's true, have you ever seen her perform live? She can't sing for shit without the help of Ableton, it's embarrassing

No. 1828560

for all saying that grimes can’t sing:
grimes herself admits that she is not a singer and never had been. she considers herself more of a producer. So the 16 posts of nonnas saying her singing sucks is kinda redundant and the majority can agree she can’t sing. It would be milk it grimes on record claims she can sing, but she has never said she could and even says she isn’t good at all.
Let’s focus on her stupid ideas and obsession with plastic surgery, being a bad mom, etc.

No. 1828610

She likely got a “mommy makeover”. It’s multiple procedures for rich women to not disgust and inconvenience their husbands with their bodily changes after giving birth. All celebrities do it. There’s no way Elon didn’t have her do it. Per Google: A mommy makeover can include any combination of the following: Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Liposuction, and Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery. Traditionally, the standard Mommy Makeover entails a Tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

No. 1828612

Samefag I don’t think she got a breast aug btw but she likely got a lift.

No. 1828812

just shut up, anons can discuss her singing and music if they want to. besides, she is a dog shit "producer", her music would NEVER have gotten attention if it didn't feature the cringey high pitched uwu loli singing. that's the whole shtick that made her pop off in the first place.

No. 1828852

>grimes herself admits that she is not a singer and never had been

she says anything for attention. nothing she says is credible, she will say literally anything. what are you wking for? are you new?

No. 1828911

It's not about any of us being anti-motherhood. In a time where parenthood is seen as more optional, I have absolutely no pity for someone who subjects their kids to their bullshit because they couldn't be honest about not wanting kids in the first place.

No. 1828933

File: 1684331073139.png (307.35 KB, 1080x1878, musk.png)

No. 1829017

Why is everything only psy ops when it involves a white male

Is he willing to admit the majority of Islamic terror attacks in the west were CIA funded psy ops too?

No. 1829057

I'm very pro-motherhood and the truth is conservative men really do see you as 'done' once you've had kids. How does pointing out that you're considered gross and old in Elon's circle is you're a 30+ year old mom make someone a scrote? It IS annoying that Claire is larping as a teenage anime girl and still doing ana-chan shit when she's a grown woman with children. Trying to be a lolichan when you have a daughter is concerning simply for the fact that if that poor girl isn't consistently underweight momma is gonna put her on a diet.

No. 1829089

Saying she’s “a gross old mom now” when she’s 35 and honestly the only thing making her look “gross” is the surgery she chose to do, doesn’t sound pro-motherhood. I know this is a hate thread and I’m not even a mother but it just sounds fucking lame and moidy to say shit like that.

The shooter is actually Mexican and I think Elon’s brain is too smol and autistic to comprehend that sometimes even mentally ill brown people get into white supremacy, so he automatically thinks it’s a psy-op. He’s a very simple man and the whole thing confused him too much.

No. 1829108

tbf the shooter was a brown hispanic guy, like its really hard for me as a non-american to understand this either,

No. 1829130

The guy was simply crazy. Same thing with Kanye. All it takes to go down that path is being schizo and falling down the wrong rabbit hole online. All schizos are into conspiracy theories and almost all conspiracy theories are rooted in white supremacy and right wing stuff. They don’t care that it’s contradictory to their own race because it gives them a sense of purpose and when they find online community to validate them it makes it even worse

No. 1829140

Some people just hate their own race and wish they were white. I'm not American either, but this is basic stuff.

No. 1829149

>all conspiracy theories are rooted in white supremacy and right wing
You lost me there. I believe there is an intersection of mental derangement where some people try to blame some nefarious power for all the issues in the world and their lives. In most cases, it is the Jews (regardless of race or religion, someone will always end up blaming them), but it can also be other hyper-specific groups like the Illuminati, Freemasons, global capitalism, the Chinese race (a very popular rhetoric in southeast Asia), the Igbo people (a very popular rhetoric in West Africa), the anti-Christ, the Shias, and so on. It is what it is, and I don't think it aligns with either the right or left wing ideologies

No. 1829154

> the Igbo people (a very popular rhetoric in West Africa),
NTA but are you that one Igbo shill anon from the tinfoil threads? This is just weird and not true, kek.

No. 1829161

I don't know what your talking about, but its a fact that the Igbo people have been discriminated against in regions of west africa for being financially successful.

No. 1829167

You've posted about this before, it's just factually untrue. Their discrimination is only a thing in Nigeria, where they also haven't been more discriminated against than other Southern ethnic groups thanks to Northern Muslim instigation/abuse. In general, few people outside of boomers and the African equivalent to rednecks actually take ethnicity that seriously within W. Africa. It's a different story in East Africa, though.

No. 1829218

This is getting OT but a hate crime happened against Igbos as far back as 2022 in the UK.

No. 1829224

Do you mean the 45 year old boomer who made YT videos insulting Igbos? That's fucked up, but not a "hate crime" on par with violence or killings, anon. I'm not saying ethnic hatred is non-existent in West Africa, I'm saying it's not specially isolated to Igbos and is largely a regional and religious divide, not a financial one. Anyway I agree this is OT.

No. 1829354

She’s so obviously on insane amounts of uppers everytime she’s ever performed

No. 1829359

I’m saying she’s a “gross old mom” now because that’s literally how everyone she’s sucking up to views her. She thought she’d get to be a forever uwu loli even after giving birth, it’s just laughable. The fact that she went into motherhood wanting to be a teenage girl forever is telling. She doesn’t wanna be a mom she’s just a failed pickme who wasn’t smart enough to realize that being an untouched by birth ethereal uwu fairy was part of her shtick. She no longer looks younger than her age, she looks bad for her age.

Also she needs to just realize she’s a mom now and stop with the pedo pandering. It’s extremely concerning for a mother of a daughter to be doing and makes me worry for her daughter’s mental health. She’s gonna be in a lifelong competition with mommy.

No. 1829849

surprised no one has pointed out yet that she clearly regrets the surgery since she keeps wearing those stupid big round glasses since to hide being botched

No. 1829854

File: 1684441497691.png (35.79 KB, 1680x387, 1643267224869.png)

one of the hooker cows from /w/ posted this a while ago. true?

No. 1829962

No. 1830241

I don't get it nonnies help
Is this a thot and she thinks that if elon is gross john she is now allowed to strip herself on a site that is filled with children and people who don't want to see this crap?

No. 1830252

No, that's it. She thinks that because Elon supposedly does these things quietly that she should be able to share her flabby cunt and advertize her escort services on a site that allows 13 year olds. I wouldn't believe the tweet without someone else confirming it though as Serena Lang is known to be a compulsive liar.

No. 1830283

He’s a rich ugly moid, of course he uses prostitutes.

No. 1830346

File: 1684505361653.jpg (170.9 KB, 1080x2040, Screenshot_20230517_132552_Ins…)

I think she wants it to "heal" properly before introducing her new dough face to the masses.

I'm way more pissed that no one wants to talk about her chipped meth front tooth. Her heavy drug use takes a toll on her. Like when Azealia called her a brittle-boned methhead kek

No. 1830351

You also have to be on literal crack to enjoy her live shows.
Her voice isn't horrible but she could've easily improved it with the right vocal training, like Selena Gomez tried to.
I'm more pissed that her voice and producing got worse over the years. She's like the Benjamin Button of the Music world….

No. 1830377

I live in Scandi and I get it. Supremacist ideologies of all sorts are correlated with a need to dominate, hurt, and externalize your rage onto others who are weaker/inferior (i.e. someone who will "take it") to you in order to attain the status you want. It's possible for self-hating, deranged, or pathologically narcissistic minorities to associate with such an ideology without realizing the hypocrisy or irony of adhering to a belief system where you're considered lesser due to the darkness of your skin, because their motivating forces aren't necessarily racial supremacy, it's hatred, anger, domination, and wanting to belong to a seemingly powerful in-group.

No. 1830416

File: 1684512175420.webm (9.18 MB, 1080x1920, Hipster or homeless.webm)

That outfit is so awful I have to upload the clip here. How many necklaces is she wearing? Why does she have a microphone cord around her?

No. 1830506

Damn I didn’t even notice. Though tbh being a pregnant ana-chan is likely what caused this, not uppers.

No. 1830668

The interview.

No. 1830712

this is actually the worse she's ever looked, her ugly personality finally caught up to her. holy shit

No. 1830768

I was taken aback by it too. I think the chipped tooth is still a fairly recent thing unless I'm mistaken. I hate plastic surgery with a passion, it's a horrible result and I wish women wouldn't mutilate themselves

No. 1830805

File: 1684560521298.png (195.62 KB, 1217x895, hana.PNG)

Saged for non milk but kek remember that anon who said Hana has Christian horse girl energy and would never do degenerate rich people things like sleep with Elon. She's talented and I love her music and she's good at DJing (certainly much better than Grimes) but she embraced bimboism herself. She shares many beliefs and aesthetics in common with Grimes. Her discord server and fans are full of troons and fags and she calls herself mommy and dresses down for people. She's a classic libfem whom are betrayers to women and our safety. She recently got engaged with Bloodpop and I promise you that she's enjoying the fame and scene that comes with that. BP is involved with Gaga directly and is doing well in the "game" of fame. They are not so different from Grimes.

No. 1830808

i agree 100%, plastic surgery really grosses me out for so many reasons
i think the tooth was recent too, i've definitely never seen it before

>mommy wommy
absolutely disgusting.
not like i ever suspected anything more from hana, i raise suspicion at anyone who could be that close with grimes

No. 1830811

The caption is sus and way out there but I think she looks p good? It’s not the skimpiest outfit I’ve ever seen. It’s def fine to show off your bod every now and then if you feel like it. I understand it’s for promo and she’s capitalizing off of the look but idk to me she’s not over sexualized here

No. 1830836

She looks like she could be Aella’s sister or cousin.

No. 1830845

Yeah the weird bump under grimey's left eye is what happens when you try to get tear duct filler. Aka she wanted to get rid of dark under eye circles with filler and it was botched so it migrated into her cheek, which happens very often with this specific filler placement due to the skin there already being thin and flimsy.

No. 1830847

Yeah nowadays this outfit on a female celeb is almost modest

No. 1831114

it’s always just professional jealousy, all hail new grimes I guess

No. 1831327

Nah I hate the mommy thing but overall Hana is pretty modest and chill. I might be slightly white knighting here but she’s really not milky at all so I see no reason to hate. She’s been with bloodpop for 10 years btw it’s not like she got with him after he worked with Gaga which is what it sounds like you’re implying.
>she’s a classic libfem
Who isn’t? Weird to call out someone who is barely even famous as a traitor when literally everyone is doing the same shit. I just feel like this is just a non milky hate-post based on nothing sorry nona

No. 1831335

Yes they've been together for long, this is more of a general point to illustrate a point for those naive to think otherwise. It's not supposed to be hate or just about picrel. It's how these people live in the entertainment industry which is a den of vipers. People have a tendency to have these false idols and want to root for them because they're "based" or the underdog so one should be cautious and not get all parasocially defensive is all.

No. 1831745

>microphone cord
lol, I thought it's a bike safety cord

No. 1832119

File: 1684749094406.png (362.9 KB, 1080x1357, Trendsetter.png)

Very stylish!

No. 1832621


No. 1832845

All three of these outfits look like shit to my withered old eye. And why are they social distancing in front a prom photo backdrop?
They all look so stiff and uncomfortable it's driving me nuts man

No. 1833415

Yeah, what the hell is that. Left is trying to look like Peggy Bundy and the right is wearing a spike-ball dress while her face looks extremely bogged

No. 1833500

File: 1684934887971.jpg (34.64 KB, 720x435, image.jpg)

wtf does "promiscuous-hobbyist" mean? i don't know, but it doesn't sound very tradwife of her…

No. 1833509

I think it’s just an NLOG way to say she has a lot of hobbies

No. 1833511

It's "sex work" for con ladies.

No. 1833517

File: 1684937704186.png (334.92 KB, 1024x677, talulahr.png)

>Vivienne Westwood in PISTOL
Kek, why is Talulah Riley as Viviene? What in the world. This whole show is so fake and so bad, and i've seen only a few random scenes of it on youtube. (you don't even need to know anything about punk scene to have a good laugh) But Talulah Riley as Vivienne Westwood somehow cracks me up. Why not Elon Musk as, idk, Queen Elizabeth as well?

No. 1833703

she flops from one thing to another but people ever notice because no one cares about her. her first book was unreadable, could not finish it. her directing debut was terrible. not surprised her acting is also bad

No. 1834171

Ew and her ugly boyfriend is in it too kek. I’ve only seen her in WestWorld and thought she looked really pretty in that show but whenever she delivered any lines that weren’t “sexy robot uwu” it was pure cringe. I wonder if Elon got her that role bc they were married at the time.

No. 1834232

File: 1685016449955.jpeg (86.53 KB, 692x800, 1F7289B6-7361-479F-97C6-031220…)


Never looked at her face honestly she’s about as interesting as a piece of wet cardboard but she looks absolutely cooked ngl

isn’t she like 35 why does her boyfriend look 12?

No. 1834237

She's in her 40s and she got tired of pudgy old men. I think it's hilarious that directly after Elon she started dating young hotties (not my type, but Hollywood perceives them that way). The guy before this one was also younger than her.

Just proves marrying Elon was nothing more than getting the bag. He sure attracts classy ladies.

No. 1834462

File: 1685050771214.jpg (218.38 KB, 1080x1512, grimes1.jpg)

No. 1834463

File: 1685050881175.jpg (144.22 KB, 1080x1489, grimes2.jpg)

No. 1834464

File: 1685050976419.jpg (161.03 KB, 1080x1498, grimes3.jpg)

No. 1834469

>POV: you're trying to fish your phone out of the toilet

No. 1834471

kek nonnie

No. 1834473

Ew the facetune applied blush

No. 1834474

Ew the facetune applied blush

No. 1834481

Wow she looks like a child. Pedobait

No. 1834514

File: 1685056527098.jpeg (115.71 KB, 1242x1094, IMG_1227.jpeg)

Gorl what is going on with those teeth. She can afford to get them fixed or the best veneers money can buy but just goes around to interviews and posting selfies with broken teeth like why.

No. 1834535

She wishes, she looks like a washed up chubby old crackhead mother of 5 kek

No. 1834537

Elon must love the whole climate change denial and anti abortion platforms from Ron. I bet Claire is an anti choice bitch these days as well.

No. 1834561

no i think they meant she looks childlike. in a homely way. children aren't inherently attractive and beautiful they can be quite awkward and funny looking, and that's ok they don't need to be beautiful they're just kids growing up. pedo culture pushes the idea that little girls and teens are angelically beautiful. anon saying she looks lkke a kid here doesn't mean she looks good. she just looks like a kid. idk how to explain it. she doesn't look like a heavily aged chubby old woman either, just very sexless and scraggly and mismatched and annoying. but kids are supposed to be awkward and annoying looking it's ok when they do it lol(sage your shit)

No. 1834635

File: 1685066427847.jpeg (298.82 KB, 2048x2048, C9B29FFA-04B9-48CE-A5D7-4B8F52…)

No. 1834876

These… both look chipped? Or having massive holes in aa few places. What the fuck. No money to fix them, Claire? She's like rich and semi-famous LA artsy hags who boast about holes and spaces in their teeth and literally will never fix them, cause they think it gives them poorfag nd punk cred

No. 1834890

it shows better and looks worse on that julia fox podcast

No. 1834929

File: 1685107282240.jpg (713.68 KB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-05-26_02-09-15-413.…)

Anyone can look like a child with FaceApp, she edits her face way too young. Is she the new coconutkitten? Old af mom who cannot accept her aging while desperately trying to look like daughter.
Btw, Whoever did her liplift needs to be put in jail immediately. She looks like she suffers from FAS kek

No. 1834931

File: 1685107400826.jpg (245.78 KB, 1622x1080, Picsart_23-05-26_02-12-00-659.…)

Musk when a Republican asks 4 donations

No. 1834945

must have been on crack while editing these photos if she thought these looked good lmao

No. 1834950

I mean it looks like she used an infant filter on that pic

No. 1834955

They have the same nasolabial folds(sage your shitpost)

No. 1834958

File: 1685112522161.jpeg (177.23 KB, 1283x1499, 45DF2C2C-F96E-4DB4-80C0-F6F4D6…)


No. 1834960

She's obsessed with editing herself to look like a 18yr old slavic girl when she looks like Pete Davidsons ugly sister.

Hmm didn't nonnies used to claim that Anya taylor Joy and musk had a fling? I now believe it, wasn't Talulahs boyfriend in the chess movie w/Anya?
It's tinfoily, but didn't she went full on platnium blonde a while ago, combine that with the recent Mario thing and the fact she's an actress.
All the things Musk loves ..coincidence?

No. 1834968

I don’t understand. What stray kids, the kpop group? And where is this barbie? Because it’s blonde?

No. 1834977

>painted heart on cheek
kek Emilie Autumn would be raging back in 2010

No. 1835112

File: 1685127725394.jpeg (6.8 KB, 360x233, IMG_1232.jpeg)

Here’s a better view of them from the recent podcast. It looks like she bit into a rock. Maybe she passed out while on drugs and hit them on something? Can’t think of another way this could happen

No. 1835113

Kek I ran here after I saw these. She’s really struggling with being a 30-something woman who isn’t perceived as a little girl anymore

No. 1835115

anya taylor joy is married though

No. 1835157

well possible. That makes me think of another lolcow from back in a day (Plaaastic), she had a few day binge on meth and broke her tooth against something when she passed out. Other than that maybe some sort of compulsive/drug induced jaw clenching & teeth grinding, but would it leave as apparent and huge damage? She must've busted her teeth against the desk or something

No. 1835182

She looks way more Italian since her eye surgery lol

No. 1835184

That’s awkward moment when Hyunjin and Felix are prettier than her

No. 1835201

Celebs cheat on each other all the time. Not saying it means they did have a fling but being married doesn't mean shit

No. 1835221

NTAYRT but whats the appeal for anya? being in hollywood she has access to higher quality men in the upper stratosphere of wealth. that said, musk is known in silicon valley circles for paying women for sex and making them sign NDAs

No. 1835281

The way she tries to hold her hands in an attempt to look all “uwu ethereal disney princess” but just ends up looking like a sped never fails to make me kek

No. 1835355

She looks absolutely awful. Genuinely no amount of makeup, surgery or styling will ever make her attractive, she has to keep up the ironic quirky art hoe thing forever otherwise she’s just another ugly crackhead hag.

No. 1835403

File: 1685161284298.png (48.85 KB, 720x885, uwumyaltacc.png)

Does anybody have a clue as to why she wants us to give a fuck about her alt account so bad?

No. 1835407

File: 1685162423842.png (757.84 KB, 1080x2806, twt.png)

There's nothing interesting on it, except she stole someone's photos to catfish

No. 1835410

Lol this is like the tenth time she’s “accidentally” done this and announced it as of you can’t quickly unlike things on Twitter.

Huh? This isn’t her alt lol it’s felurian8 or smth like that. I think you’re confused? Cynthia is her friend

No. 1835411

File: 1685163944405.png (571.19 KB, 1078x1429, IMG_1238.png)

Tried to verify if this is real but it’s from a week ago and Elon is so chronically online he likes 30 tweets an hour so I’m just going to assume it is. Also saw he recently liked one of Grimes’ tweets so I guess they’re chummy atm. He’s so gross and I want bad things to happen to him

No. 1835516

because she realizes she's irrelevant and she is desperate for crumbs of attention.

No. 1835551

KEKKK are you retarded?? that's not her alt account
does anyone remember when she passed out a couple of years ago? i think she had to cancel a concert or something too. probably from that tbh but also lots of people have chipped teeth so who knows

No. 1835567

Then why did >>1835403 post as if it was her alt?? It's her fault not mine.

No. 1835655

File: 1685208743781.jpg (44.11 KB, 500x500, artworks-9gyCyWJKyY4k6291-OzY0…)

Ik off-topic but does anyone know how tall Claire actually is? And what her actual weight is? Not to be a pro-ana scumbag but she loves to claim 5ft5, but imo she looks more like 5ft3, especially next to Hana. Her shoe game is also crazy, almost exclusively wears platforms ect.
Some ppl say she weights around 110lb so idk….she sometimes looks sooo skinny but her weight fluctuates a lot for a self-proclaimed ana waif.

No. 1835660

not a very good source because its old/probably from her teen years but her old myproana account or whatever it was said her highest weight was 118. also not to blog but i am 5'3 and if she was that height she would not look as thin as she does, even at 100 pounds i had thick thighs and looked "chubbier" than someone at 5'5 or taller would look at that weight

No. 1835676

kek are you ESL or just illiterate?

No. 1835715

File: 1685218906859.png (194.94 KB, 1080x1572, 20230527_231523.png)

Does Lil Rasputina (cringe) have other alt accounts? Why would she keep talking about deactivated account? I guess the alt didn't have any milk because no one delivered any screenshots here.

No. 1835722

I’ve seen her in person and would have guessed she was a couple inches taller than 5’5” actually. I’m 5’3”, there’s no fucking way she’s that short.

No. 1835730

Oh ok, I was just curious since she looks so small, perhaps it's just her proportions

No. 1835748

I honestly wonder whether she was into him/older men and wanted a few children, but then Elon and his boys made her realise it's hell which changed her dreams and preferences.

No. 1835761

She only allowed people she knows to follow so it’s hard to get milk but you can still see people who have replied to her and her a little bit of context. on Reddit recently someone posted replies to a tweet that indicated she’s interested in trying some kind of diet pills like ozempic and one of her friends was saying weird pro-ana shit. I do think she has another alt besides that one tho

No. 1835792

File: 1685231198757.png (186.12 KB, 720x856, yks6o3i6wgkyk2i.png)

I think she just hates working ATP. Why doesn't she just retire?

No. 1835794

For some reason I like Talulah. Don’t know, there’s just something cute and charming about her, and it’s based that she left Elon and dates younger guys now.

No. 1835795

She has a bunch of simps who will gladly do free work for her so why not profit off of them? Just sad that these people are using their creative energy on this instead of their own projects bc her name attached to their art makes it somehow more valid. It’s very bleak and uninspiring to me

No. 1835970

i mean i've known her since 2012 and never seen her weight "fluctuate" let alone a lot tbh. obviously the only time would be pregnancy and then she bounced back afterwards. she's always been slim

No. 1836068

Makes me think of how Elon posted a drawing of the character from Nier automata and refused to credit the artist because "art should be free" or something like that. The artist didn't even want money for it, he just wanted to be recognised.

If the rumours that her ex-boyfriend produced most or all of her music are true then she never actually worked. Same with people saying they wrote lyrics for her and she claimed them as hers. She is extremely lazy in general and can't even manage to educate herself on topics she is interested in, stimulants don't get you far.

I bet she would say something similar to Elon, that art is more important than money and ego, that you should be glad to be a part of an art project and other anti-capitalist cliche. All that bullshit while taking money from the Canadian government meant for struggling artists during the pandemic so that she could post videos from Elon's mansion.

No. 1836069

It was meant to be a reply to >>1835792

No. 1836167

Yeah, Claire has done and said a lot of insufferable things over the years but for some reason her asking other people to write her songs and make her art is grosser than anything else she’s done so far

No. 1836273

File: 1685308140257.jpeg (260.01 KB, 2000x1270, andre3000.jpeg)

She looks like Andre 3000

No. 1836327

You know her? Drop her secret Twitter (not the one that’s been posted we all know about the other one)

No. 1836974

i know, why does she look crazy hot in westworld but not irl or anywhere else? i was blown away by her appearance in that show, like both turned on and jealous at the same time.

No. 1836977

upper-class people (like born into money, not just "rich" - guys who got rich on their own don't do this) like to leave their teeth if they get broken/chipped/knocked out because it makes them look like they have "street cred"

No. 1837367

Nah, I don't now where you got this information from but claire isn't an affluent brit kek
She loves to larp as savvy and cheap so Elon will like her again. I can hear her saying how >>muth money i thaved by not going to the dentithzz like thzoo overrated, i like my warzone toothzz <

No. 1837368

Idk man, it seems a lot of artists nowadays are extremely lazy. Many outsource and barley work, especially musicians.

Ot but is claire the laziest untalented artist on this planet? She hasn't done anything meaningful in a decade. Just some crumbs so she won't be completely forgotten
She puts all her time into her situationship with musk, without realizing that he despises lazy woman kek

No. 1837381

She looked great in the white dress and short hair a la Sharon Stone, but her face was still weird to me

No. 1837881

being anorexic is a full time job for women like claire, add two (?) children to the mix plus securing the elon bux and trying to stay relevant she just doesn't have the energy to do anything but direct a discord army of troon contractors

No. 1838700

File: 1685582493169.jpg (198.6 KB, 1170x1184, 20230531_211640.jpg)

After like 2 or so years, Grimes has released a tracklist of sorts.

Grimes fans in this thread, will you be listening?

No. 1838708

Yes I will give it a precursory listen through but I likely won’t be adding to any of my playlists. I liked shinigami eyes and love enough but couldn’t thoroughly enjoy. Funny that love didn’t make the cut kek. It is high cringe knowing who it’s abt

No. 1839015

She already deleted this and posted a Twitter saying she's not committing to a 2023 release. I think she's trying to make it seem like she's going to flake out again but actually deliver by the end of summer as a way to combat the work ethic criticism she gets.

No. 1839073

File: 1685641058646.jpg (119.26 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230601-193837_Red…)

No. 1839225

File: 1685658702005.jpeg (82.57 KB, 757x626, tattoo.jpeg)

this dumb bitch really gonna tattoo varicose veins on her leg now

No. 1839228

File: 1685658804456.png (38.79 KB, 235x278, eszfxu5y.png)


No. 1839229

File: 1685659041845.jpg (245.15 KB, 1170x1902, Fxf6hmSagAAiO9C.jpg)

imagine this in red, fucking kek

No. 1839232

File: 1685659439574.jpg (139.98 KB, 720x1600, new-tattoo-v0-hyxilw4guf3b1.jp…)

Stolen from reddit- it certainly doesn't look good and it's going to fade even worse.

No. 1839244

I will listen but I’m feeling a little pessimistic about it sounding as good as her older stuff. I have a bad taste in my mouth with how lame she’s been and even these song titles are lame to me. The chatGPT lyrics of Music For Machines are top tier cringe. Her simps will accept anything though… she could release it in 2030 and theyll be like “my goddess of chaos is so quirky and adhd hehe”

No. 1839256

File: 1685662111761.jpg (378.15 KB, 1644x2754, _20230602_002520.JPG)

Her twitter likes are overflowing with milk

No. 1839258

File: 1685662349801.jpeg (Spoiler Image,36.53 KB, 615x345, D6CF5509-62C0-4624-8700-E1D029…)

that just looks like the burns you can get from lightning strikes

No. 1839259

Red usually takes the longest to heal too. Imagine willingly doing this to yourself

No. 1839261

god damn that just looks like self harm on a massive scale, the lightning scars at least have a cool story behind them. Sis needs to put the pipe down fr

No. 1839281

those look kinda rad tho

No. 1839355

I thought these were stretch marks/varicose veins at first kek her taste is horrendous

No. 1839414

Disgusting. Disfiguring your body with ugly ass huge tattoos like that is just self harm.

No. 1839417

Every arthoe and their mom is getting these ugly jagged tattoos nowadays. This style is becoming so generic and faddy. Imagine trying so hard to stand out when every hipster in LA has these now.

No. 1839426

File: 1685677810361.jpeg (183.33 KB, 724x1482, Web capture_2-6-2023_45028_twi…)

girl stop

No. 1839433

Nose looking like Melon's micro-peen. Also what is with her chest? Cuts? Scars? Shitty tattoo? Meth scratches?

No. 1839448

It looks like self harm, like she's scratched a word into her chest almost but I can't make it out.

No. 1839469

It’s a white ink tattoo that’s another uwu elven queen symbol like the one on her back, likely also designed by nusi (though he’s not the only artist who can make stuff like that)

No. 1839473

the thumbnail just looks like a bloody leg, it gives me the heebie jeebies

No. 1839476

File: 1685683517837.jpeg (37.74 KB, 431x600, IMG_1322.jpeg)

$100k+ facelift that likely needed revision and took almost a year to heal, plus filler and possible other procedures like lip lift only to look exactly the same from the side and have weird looking uneven eyes from the front. Rich people have boring hobbies. Do something interesting and turn yourself into a lizard person or something

No. 1839480

File: 1685683853566.jpeg (118.73 KB, 1278x852, grimes before communism.jpeg)

i agree that it was not worth it, but that old picture is heavy filtered. i think pic related shows her old nose, old lips and old cheeks better. i think she looked pretty and now looks like any other rich woman on instagram.

No. 1839504

I've never met Claire but I'm close to many people in some of the new circles she hangs out with… My info is that she's in a drama-filled polycule with Samo Burja and Palladium Mag related people

No. 1839513

This looks like veins in blue nd in red looks like fresh self harm from afar… and you know what's worst? That she has these red scratches AND vulgar black paint brush splatter tattoo on her another leg, to complete this collection of nightmares
Anon you just gave me a horrid vision of Grimes cutting "ELON" into her chest, i can't bear the cringe

No. 1839517

File: 1685689623218.jpeg (286.1 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_4549.jpeg)

kek this is so out of pocket but i believe you nonita. he posted this pic a while back too.

No. 1839531

She did something to her nose right? It looks much smaller! Recently she said she doesn’t want to change it though

No. 1839535

i think it’s just facetune

No. 1839557

Do they all fuck each other? I can’t imagine the smell

No. 1839560

Makes her crackhead legs look like a deformity. Elon can't get her some new socks?

No. 1839562

Am I a prude to think hippies/polyamory is gross

Like I think the 60s were cool but can’t we leave free love back there. That’s my biggest prob w neolib and leftist circles

No. 1839574

You're not weird for having standards, that shit is weird and should've stayed in the 60s. Note how all those who partake in it look ugly and unwashed

No. 1839585

Woah, that newfag ban looks sick

No. 1839594

She looked horrible, and now looks like another kind of horrible.

No. 1839599

i knew 2 ppl who practiced it (like on the far end of my circle of friends) and in no time flat turned out to be weird, lonely, and extremely pathetic druggies that peaked in high school. it seems attract those irresponsible types thinking it will fill some void in their life

No. 1839610

I can't believe anyone would want to be in a polycule with Samo, but I am often surprised how ugly people are promiscuous, participate in orgies, have multiple partners

No. 1839629

her profile is very oonga boonga

No. 1839633

tattoos are such a meme. so ugly

No. 1839651

Take a deep breath and relax. She looks totally fine here.

No. 1839673

Are you sure it’s a tattoo? It looks very uneven and like it’s bleeding or something, ew

No. 1839674

I think it’s her Neanderthal brow ridge and maxillary excess (space between upper lip and nose juts out from the side profile) plus the fact she has a degree of prognathism, it can make you look quite apelike.

No. 1839678

>still bleaching her roots every week to maintain the nordic vikang fairy facade

Claire stop trying to hide your French-Italian ancestry, you will always be a honhonhon gabagool generic mystery meat euromutt chick from Vancouver, just embrace it.

No. 1839679

I bet she is seething that she already told people her dad is French and mom is Italian and it’s too late to take it back. I bet she wishes she had larped as 100% Russian and Swedish plus 1/5th Japanese kek.

No. 1839715

So Samo Burja really abandoned his wife and child in bumfuck nowhere eastern europe?

No. 1839717

Nonnie these people are reactionaries

No. 1839728

so much $$ in this pic and they still look like a bunch of stinky, fugly inbred retards.

No. 1839781

Yes. Fresh tattoos sometimes look hella irritated, bleed, and leak plasma all over the place if the person who did it was heavy-handed. If it was scarification it would be a bright red literal open wound. Looks like she got 3 tattoos in one sitting.

No. 1839798

File: 1685731180195.jpg (208.25 KB, 1000x1414, Fxj4An3XwAAdOWf.jpeg.jpg)

>this is a transmission from the future
>a lore for modern magic
Damn, all that and she's still just a malnourished ape smashing buttons

No. 1839800

looks to me like she cut "Love me Elon" into her chest like a 15 year old

No. 1839802

I hope the 9th thread will have "Love Me Elon Edition" in the title

No. 1839836

You don't have to not be relaxed to state your opinion on a photo, chill out. She's unfortunate both ways. Dirty-looking and just ugly features that she's been trying to push as "unique" and proof she's a "real artist" unlike those other girls since like 2012. The grift is over, the waifufag whiteknights have moved on, and we are free to tell the truth. She's gross-looking.

No. 1839837

So funny how the character in all of her art is like an aryan/Asian fusion and clearly what she wishes she looked like. Shall we start taking bets on how long before she gives in and gets the nose job?

No. 1839842

File: 1685736352590.jpg (156.27 KB, 1179x1403, j32xr4jn0j3b1.jpg)

based Azaelia

No. 1839843

File: 1685736600546.jpeg (29.88 KB, 480x319, IMG_1328.jpeg)

NTA but still think you’re exaggerating her ugliness or have ridiculous standards. The only thing actually ugly about her old face is her mustache which wasn’t noticeable in most pics and sometimes (often) she had horrible unflattering haircuts.

No. 1839847

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, anon. She just looks unhygienic and gross to me, and I acually think it's pretty when women have "strange" features (like Bjork and SZA). The only thing that made her remarkable IMO was the bad haircuts and "alt" fashion, but she just never had a pretty face.

No. 1839850

File: 1685737222474.jpeg (20.14 KB, 754x562, IMG_1329.jpeg)

Samefag I also noticed this line on her nose tip and wondering if it’s anything or just a weird make-up choice? Idk anything about plastic surgery procedures or how they heal. It also looks like there’s a faint line on her nostril.

No. 1839885

tbh i like a lot of her features like her rounded / wider nose and defined brows with dark eyes and softly rounded cheek / face shape I think are all quite cute and pretty together. because i have those features and I have a conceited unearned sense of superiority with my looks lol. at the same I can see what you mean that something about her looks unhygienic and I can't quite put my finger on it.(no1curr)

No. 1839926

Could it be an allergic crease? They are the result of something known as “allergic salute”. Although her line is quiet low.

No. 1839934

Whos the chunky girl in pearls second from left? I think she's someone from the Post-Leftcows thread but can't figure out who

No. 1839938

Wait, what?

No. 1839953

Is that a troon

No. 1840197

sorry, but they all look like troons to me besides the last girl on the right and the third one from left

No. 1840245

looks to be from a camera flash. multiple cameras taking photos and one takes a photo out of sync with another's flash.

No. 1840328

her skin is such an unhealthy color… so gross

No. 1840487

the longhaired chinese dude in the middle is a troon. the other ones are all fat and ugly except for far right who is…cute but not what i picture when i think of "prostitute hired by billionaire moid"

No. 1840542


Lol SZA? What facial features of hers are "strange" that aren't just ethnic? Genuinely asking(Male baiting, don’t reply)

No. 1840586

Nta but nona probably meant post-surgery Sza. She had a beautiful face and decided to destroy it and remove her ethnic features with weird bimbofication surgeries

No. 1840607

Not a single bio vagina in that whole pic

No. 1840608

Oh. Didnt realize SZA had surgery, that would explain why she looks so off, and that weird nose that she is always drawing overly heavy contour with charcoal on. Her before nose was so much prettier and actually looked smaller than her new one.

No. 1840627

Transvestigating is a retarded qanon rightoid thing to do. Lan Dao is honestly the only one that actually looks like a troon and the rest are just mid or ugly trads. Ugly women exist.

No. 1840690

The filthy mismatched socks I can't kek

No. 1840697

the point is that they are weird/ugly/manly looking. But I thought Lan Dao is actually transsexual

No. 1840745

I thought this was just a lolcow thing? Not gonna lie it's annoying when people transvestigate to the point where it really is confused whether someone is trans. Lan Dao is bio fem. Not tryna kill the fun, have at it by all means, but she is in fact a bio she… Sorry, y'all.(sage your shit)

No. 1840768

What the fuck is a bio fem/bio she

No. 1840864

god elon musk literally looks retarded. how can anyone have sex with him when it would look&feel like you were molesting one of the special kids from the school bus

No. 1840874

twitterbrained tard get lost

No. 1840948

File: 1685912566175.jpg (53.75 KB, 960x577, jkmi0yowew3b1.jpg)

saw this on reddit kek

No. 1840953

kek she wishes they diagnosed her with anything but npd

No. 1841082

File: 1685924598122.png (520.72 KB, 987x2516, 20230605_030947.png)

Grimes is being questioned about producing her albums all by herself and she tries to make her fans attack Poppy, because Poppy is the source of all the false accusations according to Grimes. She responses to tweets because that's "correcting the narrative".

Does the second tweet about "her ex, who literally hates her" mean the transgender confirmed Grimes produced her own stuff, or the ex produced Grimes' stuff?

No. 1841648

when will the larp end, her entire personality is playing pretend

No. 1841689

grimes having her chuunibyou in middle age instead of middle school

No. 1841977

To be fair, she is very invested in her delusion that her son is Paul Atreides and she’s going to live on Mars as Elon’s chosen forever-teen waifu. Any psychiatrist that hears that is going to call her retarded and put her on drugs.(sage your shit)

No. 1842046

the way she larps as lady jessica is so funny to me

No. 1842523

File: 1686174376294.png (32.05 KB, 754x615, Natasha-Bassett-Early-life-and…)

Not milk but I just love how Elon dumped pro-ana Claire for a normal sized Natasha. Grimes is probably raging, the way she fat shamed Azealia who's smaller than natasha kek

No. 1842569

you know claire is seething kek
also unrelated, but i love the otter on her shirt

No. 1842769

why is her head so small?(Sage)

No. 1842845

looks like some weird editing/photoshop. maybe one of those chinese apps that makes your head look smaller and your body look really long? her face is definitely edited there its all blurry compared to the rest of her and like you said her head looks small.

No. 1842958

It’s the transgender. Jamie B said he cooked breakfast for grimes, made leaflets, sent out emails for her, basically being her hypeman, administrator and secretary. And there’s an old grimes tumblr post where she talks about how Jamie did stuff for her around the house and how she had “Don Draper” energy that pissed him off. He’s never claimed to have produced her stuff, but that he did a lot of work behind the scenes to make her popular that she ignored after dumping him for musk.

No. 1842973

I don’t think Elon likes sticc, he likes curves and some titties/ass. Justine, Talulah, even Amber all had beautiful very womanly bodies. Natasha has a beautiful body too, very fertile looking and feminine.

Claire is just built like a flat autistic toddler and she’s morphing into Madonna during her meth/exercise + plastic surgery addiction phase.

No. 1842980

Her therapists are right though lmao.
Reminder all clusterbees manipulate their therapists and part of their condition is a complete inability to admit there is anything wrong with themselves beyond self pitying compliment fishing. If they cannot manipulate their therapist properly or their therapist doesn’t let them control the situation, then they will designate that Dr as a ‘bad person’ and dismiss everything they say as either untrue or a personal attack.

Cluster Bs are such awful insufferable people that many therapists refuse to work with them because they know it’s beating a dead horse and that very few of them ever gain the introspection or willpower to change.

No. 1842985

I wonder what other delulu things she told her therapist kek. I bet it was a goldmine of deranged power tripping narc fantasies.

No. 1842989

If I were a therapist I'd just go along with it and smile knowing how much of their money i've pocketed solely because of their addiction to attention. That's probably why i'm not a therapist.

No. 1842998

Bad therapists will tell their client anything they want to hear so they keep coming back for money. Good therapists will call the patient out in their bullshit and genuinely try to help them. Claire’s therapists obviously were the good kind who genuinely want her to stop being a delusional ego tripping ana junkie and aren’t scared of telling some spoiled brat the truth, and of course she paints them as awful people trying to dope her up because they wouldn’t kiss her ass. Typical narc lol.

No. 1842999

On their bullshit*

No. 1843000

Antipsychotics are serious medications usually only reserved for psychosis (obviously), schizos and hallucinations. If the doctor wanted to put her on them they just have suspected there is something pretty seriously wrong with her lol. That’s pretty telling.

No. 1843006

Unfortunately that’s absolutely not true, at least not in the US. They’re often tossed at problem patients simply to make them shut up and stop complaining and they’re (idiotically) used as a sleep aid. There’s even antipsychotics that are specifically marketed to “augment” the antidepressant one is already on. Some psychs really like doping everyone into submission. No one should ever take that shit unless they’re actually psychotic or are having extreme and dangerous behavioral issues imo.

No. 1843051

Nta but yeah i've heard of them being used on pretty much any condition listed in the DSM here in the states. If you put up any sort of fight they'll be shoving them in your face in an instant.

No. 1843164

t. Clusterbees who need to take their meds

No. 1843165

cluster a, thank you very much

No. 1843166

>doping everyone into submission
Funny way of saying wrangling annoying tards who have the emotion self control of a toddler and make problems for everyone else.

No. 1843229

>thinking you are le based sigma schizoid when really you’re just a typical bpdemon/narc
Just cluster B things.

No. 1843248

nta but your caustic, accusative way of communicating is giving more of a cluster b vibe than anyone else in this thread rn lol

No. 1843325

That clearly isn’t the patient group I’m talking about although I don’t think it’s cool to dope those people either unless they’re violent. You conveniently ignored the part where I explicitly said it’s used as a sleep aid and as a way to “augment” antidepressants in depressed individuals. They are genuinely prescribed willy-nilly to patients who have no idea of their serious and potentially life altering side effects. All I’m saying is I have no problem believing Grimy was prescribed antipsychotics simply because they are so commonly prescribed.
The anons who are over-eager to call everyone cluster b always seem to be projecting.

No. 1843636

>no u
Ok bpd chan(infighting)

No. 1843956

takes one to know one, bucko

No. 1843964

File: 1686383242759.jpeg (406.14 KB, 3465x3465, 6F092555-EB07-4247-A6DE-0410B4…)

is claire on the spectrum for sure? she always tweets shit that vaguely implies she’s autistic. her fans especially on her cringe reddit will say she just has adhd and is joking. watching her interviews makes it so obvious she’s autistic though. since elon is openly autistic it makes sense he would get with an other aspie since usually aspies only go well together. she even looks like an aspie woman. has aspie posture and shitty eating habits

No. 1843966

She larps as an autist but she’s just a methhead with adhd. She loves clubs and hates nature and that’s the most non autistic shit ever.

No. 1843983

classic grimes grift, pulls autism out of her ass when people aren't kissing it, just a narc.

No. 1844037

pretty sure autism is the real thing her and elon bonded over, albeit not consciously

i think a lot more famous people are on the spectrum than we realize. it's what makes them different. people just don't know it or have a divide in their heads between famous autistic traits and irl autistic traits, despite the overlap. her sludge food and spaghetti diet scream autism irl but is just a weird quirk as a celeb

No. 1844048

nah they bonded over being money-grubbing fascists and a shared ddlg fetish, autism is an accessory to them

No. 1844057

i don't mean they sat and talked about being autists but they probably share similar speech and thought patterns

No. 1844062

ur premise is wrong, they are not autists they are dumb as rocks and take too many uppers

No. 1844089

>hating nature is not autistic
grimes is just jumping on the tiktok bandwagon with the autism stuff but that's so not true kek i don't know a single autist who isn't a permanent basement dweller who absolutely hates sunlight, dirt, water, literally anything about the outdoors that i guess gives them le sensory overload or whatever.

No. 1844237

File: 1686426227814.jpeg (172.48 KB, 1125x1111, 2F6C5B18-C2E3-48BB-B13C-EF40E5…)

The fuck is this

No. 1844241

File: 1686426696919.jpeg (89.22 KB, 828x823, 7F723FFC-F6CF-490C-AAD9-67AEE4…)

No. 1844249

that "Please Love Me Elon" in elvish scrawled with a school compass. i refuse to believe it means anything else.

No. 1844273

File: 1686431272800.jpg (60.56 KB, 564x742, d4d130fbcfc2e654eb6c36ce2ff77d…)

She wants to look like these kinds of drawings. Unfortunately, it doesn't really work for her. Her face looks like one of the sisters from Cinderella.

No. 1844274

I don't get it how one can have so much money and not fix a broken tooth that is so visible

No. 1844277

File: 1686431916138.jpeg (168.29 KB, 1125x1111, AA1B20EE-0A07-4F11-AFD7-BEB613…)

What’s it supposed to mean?

No. 1844300

File: 1686435682449.jpeg (80.19 KB, 1170x731, IMG_0035.jpeg)

Kek, “stage diving incident in Japan”, she wants it to sound so much cooler than it probably was. She was probably high or drunk off her ass and fell and broke her tooth on a table or something

No. 1844325

Damn, it's like anons said, she wants to keep it fucked up ~for the street cred~. Except her admitting she kept it because it looks "cool" out loud (well, online i mean) is somehow even worse.
This looks like one of Lil Bo Weep's horror tier edits

No. 1844327

Anons going to kill me for this but I actually dig this gross, sweaty, greasy, meth-addled Petite Meller look. At least it's not her elven instagram bimbo shit, though it does have an uncomfortable self-infantalization vibe going on. You just can never win with Clare I guess.

No. 1844333

I don’t think either of them are autistic, Elon is a soulless narc who can’t empathise with people and Claire is just a junkie with ADHD as the other anon said.

No. 1844464

She’s so aggressively hideous. I can’t.
Even monobrow claire was better than this, she’s trying way too hard nowadays and looks worse and more busted with every passing day

No. 1844562

File: 1686468009451.png (592.9 KB, 1125x1111, decoded.png)

No. 1844566

File: 1686469849616.jpeg (121.05 KB, 1170x708, IMG_0254.jpeg)

Lol, such audacity, given that she hasn’t released stuff for ages. I hope they don’t do a video at all just so grimes doesn’t live out this super boring cliche idea. Her tattoo just looks like spider veins. Her pictures look like a girl who hasn’t showered in a week due to depression then puts makeup on for “self care” vibes.

No. 1844573

KEK nonna. Thank you for the translation.

No. 1844603

Idk her hair looked suspiciously good in the emo barbie post. Is she wearing extensions?

Her nose looks hideous sorry nonnas who think she looks cute or whatever. Shrek type nose that dominates her entire face Kek

No. 1844614

File: 1686481474374.jpeg (85.15 KB, 750x933, IMG_7225.jpeg)

jessica alves wannabe smh

No. 1844619

obvious that she does. not only she is too unhealthy to grow nice, long hair, you can see how thin her hair is near the scalp and then she has these strong wig-like locks that come out of nowhere, just look at this >>1834958

No. 1844637

kek, next thread pic and edition title please.

No. 1844660

tard fans be like "let her do what she wants!!!"

mutilating yourself with so many ugly tattoos and modifications is alarming and it's an ugly affront to my eyes, i don't care. this is just sad and a cry for help

No. 1844672

I would be so embarrassed of this were my mom.

No. 1844704

File: 1686499903089.jpg (1.2 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-06-11_18-08-19-277.…)

As soon as I saw that pic, I thought of that alveres troon. It's the textured skin in combination with the icy blue halloween contact lenses, so unflattering.

Idk her retarded weaboo face reminds me of Martina from EYK kek

Is anything mayor happening? Feels like everytime elon does something with other woman she goes completely nuts. Its a cycle.

No. 1844705

Omg you are evil

No. 1844814

Fair enough but I think a hiking trail has more in common with someone’s basement than a club with tons of sweaty people and flashing lights and music so loud you can’t hear your thoughts. I think literally any autist would rather hang out in the woods than go to a nightclub.

No. 1844866

grimes has never ever stage dived in any of her performances like ever? just watch any live performance, go to her shows, she just stays on stage, awkwardly moving her body. this is 100% a lie and she’s just trying to justify probably a very embarrassing moment for her with a “cool” story like hardcore stage diving lol

No. 1845061

She’s shopping herself to try and look like some of those Russian arthoe instathots

No. 1845064

She needs to stop trying to be a Slavic bimbo, she’s a swamp goblin and always will be

No. 1845068

File: 1686560387992.jpeg (111.7 KB, 1104x1121, FB557FB2-E2A6-4FB2-98C9-81E110…)

She’s blatantly trying to look like pic rel

No. 1845090

This, i mean WHEN did she "stage dive"? When? She hasn't played a real show in years, and at her DJ events she was standing and wiggling behind a DJ table onstage kilometers from the audience or even on some sort of balconies. Don't believe she'd stage dive at some other band's show like that. she broke her tooth while on adderal binge.
isn't that this Krasei cringe bitch from Lilith threads? I bet Grimes wants to morph into Hoffmanita though

No. 1845091

This, i mean WHEN did she "stage dive"? When? She hasn't played a real show in years, and at her DJ events she was standing and wiggling behind a DJ table onstage kilometers from the audience or even on some sort of balconies. Don't believe she'd stage dive at some other band's show like that. she broke her tooth while on adderal binge.
isn't that this Krasei cringe bitch from Lilith threads? I bet Grimes wants to morph into Hoffmanita though

No. 1845242

Pretty sure I’ve told you in a past thread that your usage of “le” is extremely cringe, outdated, and unfunny.

No. 1845258

keeping a tab open to this thread so i can wait to see which cluster b diagnosis that out of touch millennial bpd retard slaps on you lmfao

No. 1845433

Shut up Blaine.

No. 1845436

She’s lying, she never stage dived and she certainly didn’t stage dive in Japan, she made that up. Her next gig is in Japan in August, she wants everyone to think she’s jetting around the world in Elons private plane when in reality she’s holed up in her room popping addies and impulse buying 30 dollar hanfu from alibaba.

No. 1845461

File: 1686607540991.png (1 MB, 1079x1487, Screenshot_20230613-000340.png)

She has to be doing this on purpose, all the qrts are making fun of her.

No. 1845462

File: 1686607475537.png (1 MB, 1079x1487, Screenshot_20230613-000340.png)

She has to be doing this on purpose, all the qrts are making fun of her.

No. 1845537

Is the black on the one leg paint or is it also a tattoo? I know the dumb red shit is a tat

No. 1845566

please take your meds

No. 1845609

she needs to either learn to do eyeliner or hire a makeup artist her eyeliner always looks so wonky
kek the fucking 2014 tumblr caption

No. 1845681

she is spiraling downwards lmao, forget therapy, she's beyond gone
wasn't she tweeting a month or two ago about working stuff again? now she's just posting more gross & dusty over-edited selfies
she's totally drugged out, idk if we'll ever see any another claire arc outside of her trying really hard to stay relevant but not actually doing anything at all except for posting sad pictures and retarded shit on twitter and instagram all day
what's funny about her botched face is that she edits every selfie of hers to look like a completely different person. i think she must know that any fans that she has left are stupid enough to think she actually looks like that

she really is a methhead, if she's gonna lie about her chipped tooth, it should at least be a believable lie.
couldn't have gone the route of simply not explaining it. that would have been better than "stage diving incident"….fucking kek
brittle-boned claire would never. she hasn't played a show in forever and all the nonas are right, she doesn't stage dive, not 10 years ago and especially not now

No. 1845714

it's a tattoo nonnie, she's had it for long

No. 1845762

It’s so cringe seeing her trying to act like 19 year old Slavaboo instathots who photoshop their pictures to intentionally ridiculous degrees

No. 1845763

Grow the fuck up Claire you’re 35 years old and a mother of two.

You will never be Slavic. You will never be an anime girl. Elon will never love you. All the gross ink from your hideous crackwhore tattoos is seeping into your system and poisoning your brain. Grow up and stop being a pathetic junkie leech.

No. 1845765

I agree she is spiralling, fans said she was drooling on herself when they saw her. She chimps out whenever Elon gets involved with a new woman and resorts to restricting and popping meth pills nonstop, posting crusty musty desperate thirst traps and mutilating herself with ugly new ink as all cluster b cows do. Such is the troonlike psyche of an autopedophile narc who can’t stand getting older. It’s beyond cringe seeing a grown ass woman behave this way.

No. 1845769

>stage dived in Japan
Kek when the fuck was she in Japan doing a show that involved a stage within the last few weeks that the tooth chipping thing happened? She is literally lying through her rotting chipped junkie teeth. Bitch ate shit when she was drugged up and really made up a whole story about jumping off a stage that didn’t exist during a gig that never happened. Kek.

She’s also basically irrelevant in Korea and Japan despite literally stalking Korean artists into a collab and bombarding + harassing Japanese music festival organisers into letting her perform.

No. 1845770

Cool Asians don’t give a fuck about you Claire just like the ~pwetty Japanethe girlths~ in school that you stalked who thought you were a skinwalker weirdo and ignored you. Stick to the vikang larp, at least you are in good company of insecure compensating racist losers.(samefagging)

No. 1845989

The thing that gets me the most is that she’s a fucking mom. She’s a mother of two. And one of her children is a girl. Basically she’s ensuring her daughter is going to grow up with an ED and multiple mental health conditions. Y is being made to have BPD in real fuckin time right here. It’d be sad and cringe still if she were doing this at her age without kids, but WITH kids?!? It’s just so much extra awful that way. Claire if you wanted to be an uwu forever loli why the fuck would you have kids? That ship sailed when you decided not to get an abortion in 2019 sweetie.

Literally would be better off dyeing her hair silver and remaking herself into a wise old elven crone character. Would actually be fitting and could work really really well for her. Like a wise old elven faerie woman witchy medicine woman aesthetic, I know she reads this thread, stop with the pathetic autopedophilia shit and dive headfirst into being a wise old woman. I know she’s not actually wise but she could totally play it up and it would be a breath of fresh air for fans and ex fans alike and it would be good for Claire mentally.

No. 1846005


its very clear by her alt accts she's still deep in her proana 'high fashion thin' ED phase and not even slightly trying to overcome it. there was a post on reddit with an acct of hers that was very new. it had such personal stuff on it that even the hate subreddit for grimes deleted it. on that account she was talking about overcoming weight gain when stopping uppers (Adderall) and she was giving tips n tricks. i try not to think about the fact that she has a daughter. between elons sexism and "i like the patriarchy" proana grimes that little girl doesn't stand a chance. also grimes only brings up being a mom as a deflection. i don't think she is that into it at all. maybe little ys nanny is a better person…(sage your shit)

No. 1846032

>there was a post on reddit with an acct of hers that was very new. it had such personal stuff on it that even the hate subreddit for grimes deleted it
Caps? Name of that account? We already have quite a collection of her alt reddits uncovered (dalilfae, that etherallobbyforce one, proana livejournal, possibly? coquette-ish tumblr). I'm sure she must have some old SkinnyGossip or MyProAna (i thought it was gone but guess they just recently renamed it into ED Recovery forum or something kek) account too.
I feel bad for her daughter, she 100% will be one of those munchie moms, like Eugenia Cooney situation but with mom being anachan too.

No. 1846036

caps or it didnt happen

No. 1846074

not the school compass KEK, so damn accurate.

No. 1846086

She’s the least involved mom I’ve ever seen. Tells her own kids not to call her mom because it makes her feel old. Put her kid in a cardboard box for Mother’s Day and called it a playdate. If she wasn’t protected by Elons status and nanny cult she’d be getting reported to CPS for neglect and drug abuse. It’s actually disgusting the way rich people treat their children, no wonder they all grow up to be weirdos and psychopaths.

No. 1846101

She had kids so Elon would pick her nona, not for any other reason. You can tell she hates being a mother.

Shes so pathetic, holy shit. I feel bad for her kids having such a detached druggie self absorbed mom but in all honesty with that given, the less time they spend with her the better.

She doesn’t seem to give a shit about her children outside of using X as a pawn to try and win Elons favor and blasting Y’s cranium with shitty techno music to get clout from her industry sycophants.

No. 1846172

kitan4 on reddit seems to be her. her newest alt on twitter is scholarsmate8. before that, her twitter alts were lilrasputina and felurian8. i'm sure she has others, she's generally not as clever as she thinks she is

No. 1846178

File: 1686701618728.jpeg (164.89 KB, 1170x990, 3C6FE54C-F212-4765-A7B6-B2C137…)

Apparently just some girl from Florida who posts nonstop to random communities including EDanonymous and grimes fan subs

No. 1846180

why do you think that she wouldn't make up shit to hide an alt

No. 1846205

NTA and Idk if that's her but you have to admit people here and on reddit are quick to want to think basically everyone is her. There are also a few people who go out of their way to LARP as her and it's annoying. Also, there is a large overlap of people who interact in her subs and in ED subs.

No. 1846218

If she’s American then why did she spell dehumanizing with an S like leafs do? Kek that’s obviously Claire.

No. 1846227

that's british spelling, but a lot of canadians use british english settings because canadian is rarely an option.

No. 1846319

She was always a "tumblerina", music was just something to fit the aesthetic of being an artist, musician. There are tons of such people all over the internet, they talk a lot about creating, being artistic and making music, but it takes them years to compose and record pathetic five songs. Now she is solely focused on her appearance and creating photos of herself that people can repost on tumblr, site which no one cares about since 2013

No. 1846371

File: 1686733081748.jpg (306.07 KB, 2217x1214, lol2.jpg)

kitan4 isnt but this 1 is Grimes WKing herself im sure

No. 1846671

File: 1686779418088.png (6.38 MB, 3840x2160, 20230615_004201.png)

Grimes could be a momfluencer, but of course not like other momfluencers. She wouldn't even have to show her kids' faces. The picture of her girl got more likes than any of her cringe selfies. Grimes could be a cool mom, a career mom, a stay-at-home mom. You name it. But she can't deal with someone else getting more attention than her.

No. 1846723

She also puts her kids in boxes and I guess let’s them shit and piss and do whatever in them so I don’t think that would work out

No. 1846877

Let's hope Grime isn't responsible for feeding them when she goes on a 3 day meth binge and cracks her teeth on her loli decorated desk. All hope is in Pakistan nannies

No. 1847172

File: 1686865124634.jpeg (19.27 KB, 739x244, IMG_1561.jpeg)

Wtf grimes actually did something I like. But kek at all of the coping fans who still think she left Elon for Chelsea Manning (something that NEVER happened) and how she is a huge tranny ally despite all of the obvious signs that she’s a wannabe trad rightoid now

No. 1847189

She hates being a mom because it makes her feel less like a 14 year old loli elf, nona. She won’t embrace her motherhood outside of rare photo ops where she’s occasionally interacting with her offspring, because she thinks it’s beneath her and it threatens her narc ego.

No. 1847193

She just isn’t that interested in children nona. Remember Grimes whole life has been about trying hard to seem cool and impress other people with her quirkiness and kooky outfits, hairstyles and word vomit. There’s no substance to anything she does, it’s all for show and validation from external sources. Babies really don’t care about clout which is why it’s so dull and frustrating for her to deal with them.

And she’s doing the exact same thing with her kids. Filming Y dancing to techno and calling her ‘hardcore’ to try and make Y seem cool to random strangers. Talking about X ‘shadowing board meetings’ at Elon’s company to make her 2 year old seem like some kind of genius child prodigy. Doing funky hairstyles on her kids and dressing them in quirky clothes so that they are ~not like other babies~. It’s not about the kids, it’s just Claire using them like props for clout and trying to get feedback from the people she’s always been trying to impress her whole life.

No. 1847214

Yall think she’s changed a single diaper since having a kid and buying another from a surrogate? Also wonder if it bothers her that she’ll never have a true motherly bond with her daughter since she was carried in another womb.

No. 1847230

Honestly pregnancy is really hard on some peoples bodies and she might of had a really traumatic experience so she prob doesn’t even care that someone else had the other kid

No. 1847282

She didn't want to ruin her already prepubescent boy body by having another child, but yet here she is getting some shit ass 2017 Tumblr style scribble nonsense tatted across her leg LMAO. she's such a dumb loser.

No. 1847290

okay not that i disagree with you but didnt she say she had complications during birth? i also dont think the solution to that is surrogacy but elon wouldnt have wanted to adopt anyway because like another anon said hes obsessed with impregnating as many women as possible. its completely understandable why she wouldnt want to go through that again. shes not as small as she thinks she is but she still has narrow hips, and being an anachan certainly doesnt help with having a healthy birth and pregnancy. i dont think its all down to "not wanting to ruin her body" because if you think that pregnancy ruins womens bodies hers already would be.

No. 1847350

Nobody should be entitled to having children if their bodies can’t handle it. It’s just a fact that important bonding happens in the womb. Probably doesn’t matter if nannies do everything anyway

No. 1847363

they're in the last thread newfags

No. 1847422

>It’s just a fact that important bonding happens in the womb
Then where is her bond with the kid she birthed?

No. 1847509

Pretty sure that’s what nona means. Her bond with X already seems weirdly weak but she can at least use him as leverage with Elon, but I imagine her bond is even weaker with Y because she’s a girl and was a surrogate baby. I feel sorry for Y.

No. 1847526

also worth noticing that she might like X better because at least Elon held him/shows round with him for pics, mentions him online and whatnot, but completely doesn't notice his whatshername daughter existence. Remember he didn't even mention her being with them in a car, only listed X back in his OMGZ I WUZ DRIVING WITH MY SON AND WE HAD A STALKER!1!1 phase, while Grimes said it was both kids.

No. 1847532

That was honestly really sad. Not ‘I feared for my children’s lives’ but ‘I feared for my son’s life’. Jesus Elon really is such a fat disgusting piece of shit and Claire is his enabler.

I still think that whole incident was a staged failed publicity stunt by Elon to try and win public sympathy tho, kek.

No. 1847553

Nothing weird in her lack of bond with the kids. Someone is a mom material and someone isn't and pregnancy will not change it. So the "special bond" is crap.

Too bad morons like Grimes don't get it and give birth(or buy) kids no one wants

No. 1847631

It definitely was Elon having a chimp out about that kid who tracked his jet. He was trying to make a point about how it’s sooo dangerous for people to know his approximate location and used his kids to gain sympathy points. Notice how it was never talked about again once people started questioning things because it was obviously fake. Elon is an embarrassing retard

No. 1847650

Remember how she said we need artificial wombs to free women from the pain and complications of pregnancy? It was after she gave birth and before she subjected some poor woman to pregnancy to impress Muskrat

No. 1847705

Yeah the timing during the flight tracking controversy and fact he never brought it up again (plus the fact nothing actually happened like probably would with a real deranged stalker) makes me believe it was 100% staged by Elon kek. So cringe.

Not really. There are people who don’t give a fuck about kids and want nothing to do with them and aren’t really looking forward to being moms and then after they give birth they become great moms who are obsessed with their children. It is rare but it does happen more often that people think, a lot of moms admit they never cared about kids until they had their own and then they became completely immersed in motherhood. Claire’s narcissism has overridden her biological maternal instincts which is quite impressive kek.

No. 1848009

People don't have instincts. And you said that a woman who didn't like kids and then loved hers is rare, so nothing impressive in Grimes situation. It was impressive if she suddenly changed and cared about her kids.

I hope I won't offend you, nonnie, or other nonnies who have faith in maternal instinct. For me is very important not to spit nonsense about womb-bond and maternal instinct and rare cases when women changed their attitude towards children so retards like Grimes will not birth and kids(for the kid, mother and humanity sake).
To non-mother material: don't make kids. You don't need them, you won't change, you won't love them, you won't be happy, people don't have instincts, so no magical feelings will kick in when you'll give birth.

No. 1848157

>people don’t have instincts
you do understand that people are animals, yeah?

No. 1848183

Yeah, so what?
We also don't have fur, tails and a buch of nipples. Still, biologically we are considered animals.
Anyway, if you are interested then google. Humans lack of instincts is not that controversial and new.

No. 1848249

>Mother's response to their baby's cry
>Fear response (I don't know if you've never felt true fear but it absolutely dominates the brain, I pray you never have a raging scrote come after you)
Do you have any links about a lack of instinct? I've literally never heard anyone deny humans being havers of instinct. Now it's obviously not that we're total animals without conscious thought but that conscious thought is routinely going against the assorted instincts we have. Instinct is just our organs and shit communicating to our brains about things from "run from predator" to "eat and drink water dumbshit"

No. 1848281

Can you please stop derailing the thread. It’s well known that the body releases a bunch of potent hormones like oxytocin and dopamine during childbirth which is supposed to help the mother bond chemically with her child.

It’s possible Claire has fried her brain and dopamine receptors so much with drugs that the theshold usually required for bonding wasnt reached and the bonding didn’t properly take place, same as what often happens for heroin addict and crack moms.

No. 1849236

File: 1687172089081.jpeg (103.48 KB, 1200x800, Fysbu9ZXwAM-KNK.jpeg)

Saged for dry milk, but what is happening with Grimes aesthetic? She's all over the place, as usual, but I feel like she kinda let go of that cyber medival goth fairy thing, especially after her failed Book album. She doesn't have the features for a dainty elven look anyways.I can't put my finger on it but she might go back to indie before the big 40s happen. Maybe it's just wishful thinking cuz I HATE the way she dresses kek

No. 1849415

Plus some moms just don't give a shit about their kids even without drug abuse. Giving birth isn't going to turn a narcissist or sociopath into a good person who cares about anyone other than themselves.

Thinking giving birth magically turns all women into devoted moms is some tradscrote horseshit (which is ironic since tradthots are notoriously awful mothers who blatantly despise their children).

No. 1849601

File: 1687213666549.png (224.85 KB, 1080x665, 20230620_012406.png)

Don't worry. She is actually protecting her kids in the other universes when she let's them shit in a box. Kek

No. 1849606

File: 1687214273617.png (203.24 KB, 1080x769, 20230620_012348.png)

Grimes finding out people can analyze her voice using her open source voice emulator.

>That said I am far from the worlds best singer, but also good to remember that ppl can easily make fake grimes vocals

Cope harder.

No. 1849969

File: 1687270198831.jpg (227.39 KB, 1079x1918, Screenshot_20230620_155522_Chr…)

Saged for tinfoil but is this Claire?

Besides the obvious Musk worshipping and calling Grimes "a gift to music, same lvl as Mozart" there's this pseudo-science aspect that I've only seen on Claire's main. Reddit obsessed and twitter poll fanatic, anime girls with books, Musk hero of humanity AND basically 0 likes besides having the account since 2014. Either this person is a mentally unwell stan, or Comrade Boucher herself ass-licking her stinky butthole with fake accs that Elon verified.

I could post more screenshots kek but idk I need more approval

No. 1849984

File: 1687272137030.png (1019.87 KB, 1080x1215, Picsart_23-06-20_16-44-04-389.…)

Her voice is hideous. Live performances prove that she has no idea how singing actually works.

I feel like she knew her voice sucked ever since, but after dating elon she developed this cringe complex and won't ever shut up about it. She's utterly embarrassed. I like it tho.

No. 1850494

File: 1687331949506.webm (393.33 KB, 448x640, VID_20230621_002511_626.webm)

Idk if this is old milk but I died laughing

No. 1850539

is grime working for putin or just a raging idiot?

No. 1850545

honestly i'm laughing at how retarded she is

No. 1850547

What happened to her tooth? With all the work she’s had done you’d think she’d fix her chipped tooth.

No. 1850593

ate asphalt during a meth binge

No. 1850703

Usual tweaker shit.(sage your shit)

No. 1850756

File: 1687373919458.jpg (97.84 KB, 980x625, 980x.jpg)

>Comrade Boucher
kek you just reminded me of this 3edgy5me atrocity

No. 1850827

I'm not even sorry, fuck.. She is so ugly

No. 1850831

File: 1687382516127.jpg (154.26 KB, 1200x1200, rs_600x600-140724094659-600.pe…)

No. 1850853

File: 1687384996749.png (99.74 KB, 1794x1320, 1593762227084.png)

based elon

No. 1850854

File: 1687384872295.png (99.74 KB, 1794x1320, 1581751426342.png)

based elon

No. 1850863

There so many scrotes who say "based" things only to recant them and become super TRAs or chasers, I simply don't care. Scrotes can never be trusted in gender critical conversations. They are never doing it for the right reasons. They also don't truly understand it. So this is nice but whatever

No. 1850958

She doesn't even look bad there she just has big ears.

No. 1850972

File: 1687400036252.jpeg (122.04 KB, 653x980, IMG_1666.jpeg)

Some nonas are always saying she’s a hideous beast even though she’s naturally average and only looks ugly at times from her own poor choices and bad taste.

No. 1850993

File: 1687402908838.jpeg (69.73 KB, 828x834, IMG_1076.jpeg)

No. 1850995

File: 1687403286170.png (235.39 KB, 507x369, IMG_1078.png)

No. 1851032

It's that blind parasocial hatred.

No. 1851066

if this face was two shades more tan you would be in agreement that shes ugly.(racebaiting)

No. 1851102

She is ugly lol deal with it

Literally looks like a chimp that had its fur shaved off

No. 1851103

File: 1687426894968.png (410.51 KB, 1242x1407, 76D42D33-C87D-4FB1-B831-1FCA45…)

This is true, right wing moids only hate ugly trannies. They all want to fuck attractive trannies and suck their ‘girl cocks’. Scrotes are disgusting pigs who think with their dicks, I’m tired of seeing TERFs align with conservative males due to their hatred of trannies when all men are chasers for attractive trannies regardless. Men will never be our allies.

No. 1851177

agree. swallowing elon's bait as if he's a terf or something is so stupid.

No. 1851178

well that's why conservatards humor blaire white for some reason even though literally tranny. or when lauren southern called milo the face of the right wing or conservative movement kek like a fag is?

No. 1851193

Agree w you nona.

No. 1851197

shes haggard. every thread people argue about this but honestly shes botched now and looks like a gross wannabe hag.
whether or not she was once attractive just feels irrelevant at this point, shes bogged now and forever

No. 1851297

File: 1687454916167.jpg (45.01 KB, 640x494, 0.jpg)

no one thinks he's a terf. it's just nice to see him make troons seethe. he has too much power and he uses it for dumb shit, this is a good cause

No. 1851301

She was average for a normie. In LA standards she is ugly and the operations are not doing her any favors.

No. 1851331

File: 1687459664806.png (67.16 KB, 597x640, tweet.png)

moid humor

No. 1851404

is this real?

No. 1851416

Obviously the intentionally shit meme edit he's laugh reacting to isn't real, but anon's screenshot is real

No. 1851699

He really just sees her as a play thing. Like if Grimes were ever in love w him and just based on their coupling, I’d be dissuaded from the whole notion.

No. 1852692

File: 1687677306159.jpg (86.17 KB, 864x718, tumblr_51807427573ab837ad521eb…)

No. 1852695

File: 1687677533535.jpeg (297.58 KB, 1170x1759, IMG_1920.jpeg)

An attempt at a joke but she’s the least funny person alive other than Elon.

Also came here to post picrel

No. 1852721

Who the fuck is she even speaking to? Why is she making less and less sense…? Like I knew she's an Adderall fiend but I swear she's making less sense than a crackhead

No. 1852727

This is genuinely the dumbest shit I’ve ever read.

No. 1852808

Something that bothers me about her is how consistently bad she is at eyeliner. She has enough money that she could get it tatted on or some shit, or she could just fucking not do it. It’s always so scraggly and weird, and it sometimes doesn’t even line her eyes, she just puts weird shaky wings. Sometimes it’s the only real flaw I can find in how she presents herself in some pictures (emphasis on some). It makes her look like a 13 year old art hoe.

No. 1852959

she is so fucking vapid oh my god. "Canon" history isn't some fucking fanfic you massive retard

No. 1853035

File: 1687721631883.jpg (100.34 KB, 914x1101, grimesmusk.jpg)


Oh so she cares about bigotry when it wounds her fragile ego

No. 1853040

they really are soulmates, aren't they. it's almost a privilege to witness two people who made so perfectly for each other.

No. 1853075

Actually agree, both are painfully desperate to be seen as cool and edgy main characters. Both constantly fail socially despite having everything a human could ever need, constantly embarrass themselves, laughed at by the majority while their ever-dwindling fanbase have to defend them by saying things like “Everything they say is a joke. They don’t actually believe that. They’re obviously just trolling lol” It’s been a wild ride. The bittersweet end would be finally shipping off to Mars in 2050 and exploding within minutes of launch.

No. 1853295

Or imploding like the sub

No. 1854408

Right, she’s been doing her own makeup for like 15+ years and is still dogshit at it(sage your shit)

No. 1854561

Have a feeling this thread is gonna dry up for good soon. Honestly feels like both Grimey and Elon are just spewing any retarded bullshit and memery possible to stay relevant now. Grimes with her increasingly idiotic takes and ugly tattoo collection. Elon constantly teasing about being le based and redpilled on da joos through various boomer memes. The Twitter purchase was probably the height of their relevancy and now all that drama has blown over the milk is stale and powdered. Glad to see the back of these two attention whores,

No. 1854572

Thing is I think Grimes did stand out when she originally came out when she spoke out about the music industry and had her own style which was alternative and edgy in its own right, not this weeaboo shit shes trying to pull now.

Elon could have had this too if he learned to shut up. People seemed to admire him for just being stupidly rich, then he opens his mouth to show hes just another cringy nerd with too much money.

No. 1854866

I agree, this thread isn't working right.

See, ever since Musk bought Twitter and got a lot of hate for his antics. He realized that the majority of people didnt like him and he decided he didnt want to be a celebrity any longer. The bad paparazzi pics, stalker saga and him being booed at a SF Chapelle show. He's just done with being a public person since he cannot control the narrative.
Grimes isn't as attention seeking any more, sure few shizo posts here and there, but her private life is never discussed. She's mimicking Elons decision to be more laid back and chill.

Long story short, unless Elon announces that hes dating another woman or is expecting another lab baby we won't see a lot of milk from claire. She's too low key since elon is too….

No. 1855365

Eh, i don't get what's the problem. Just post the milk when the milk is there. They might not be as consistently milky as they used to, but that's the case with a lot of cows on snow, threads get revived after longer periods of cows radio silence/lack of cringe, or fall down when cows grow out or move on. That being said, you don't have to worry, both Grimes and Elon will always stay attention whores and special snowflakes in love with their own selves, I really don't think they will just shut up now because "privacy".

No. 1855369

this. people like those two thrive off of trying to remain relevant, they'll take any crumbs they can get. i don't think they'll ever stop or be quiet for too long.
any sort of radio silence on their part is probably them drugging out too hard or maybe small periods of being embarrassed by how truly embarrassing they always are. constantly being humiliated must be tiring.
but who knows, i don't know if narcs actually feel a shred of humility or embarrassment kek. it's always about themselves, no matter what. i remember early this year when claire was so botched, we weren't seeing any pics of her for at least one month (maybe 2 or 3?), imagine how many times she was in the plastic surgery clinic trying to fix her frankenstein'd face kek

No. 1855372

>Elon is lowkey
kek, imagine saying this when he is in the midst of embarrassing cosplay as a martial artist

No. 1856696

File: 1688245696782.jpg (75.91 KB, 960x928, ratelimited.jpg)

this is such a dumb move

No. 1856698

Scrolled for about 8 minutes and hit my rate limit. What a joke, that fat bastard really ruined Twitter in record time.

No. 1856713

The only time I've seen rate limit exceeded is on Mastodon, you are limited to 30 deletions per half hour since it puts a load on the server since they are deleted from several locations.
This is very shooting yourself in the foot of elon, how are people to see the shit ads he puts every ten replies in a thread if you hit your rate limit after opening 6 threads? View counts will plummet too.

No. 1856718

word is that he’s refusing to pay the bills to Google and AWS for cloud services, which ran out literally today kek

No. 1856726

this is so unbelievably dumb holy crap, is he trying to drive users away?

No. 1856734

holy fuck, now I understand what's going on. I thought it was my shitty vacation wifi somehow

No. 1856736

Speculation is that hes doing this now to introduce a monthy fee to pay for unlimited scrolls probably because a lot of people have not chosen to get the blue tick.

No. 1856757

It feels like they’re still vaguely trying to be milky but both of them are just so boring it’s not really working anymore. I used to love how active and full of fresh milk these threads were but Grimey and Elon’s udders are definitely drying up. I don’t know if there’s actually anything they can do that can possibly make them more unlikeable or insufferable than they’ve already shown themselves to be. Even if one day they manage to beat their own record of annoyingness I’m not exactly sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for them. They’ll always be in the public eye doing dumb shit but I think they’ve already peaked.

No. 1856787

Will this mark the end of Elon's reign over Twitter?

No. 1856839


Elon Musk is such a fucking idiot.(sage your shit)

No. 1856847

Kek Elon has def seen the most death threats in his life since that update of his was made.

No. 1856869

elon really saw that reddit was in the news for being awful and couldn’t stand not being the center of attention.

No. 1856931

Good. Twitter is full of the worst people on earth and I enjoy them suffering a bit while also increasing their hatred for this pasty fatty. I genuinely believe being called on his bluff and forced to buy this app is the worst thing that’s ever happened to him and I relish in the whole process of it continually humiliating him. I wish he’d buy Reddit next

No. 1856960

kek same nonnie let it die

No. 1856980

File: 1688298973066.png (754.67 KB, 1080x1859, 20230702_145334.png)

Yes. He apparently doesn't pay Twitter headquarters rent either. What could go wrong?


No. 1856981

File: 1688299985612.png (575.61 KB, 1080x1192, 20230702_145351.png)

Linda Yaccarino getting glass cliffed real fast! Who wants to advertise on a malfunctioning site? Introducing a short-video feed increases the hosting costs, so maybe focus on stuff you can afford first.


No. 1857122

Sounds like Twitter’s jumping on the wagon of copying TikTok like every other social media. None of these companies want to be unique.

No. 1857180

Musk is trying to build one app to rule them all. An "Everything App" like the Chinese WeChat. Not going to happen. Using Twitter to compete with TikTok is reasonable but competing with PayPal is delusional.


No. 1857285

Why is he so retarded and incompetent

No. 1857300

File: 1688352302286.jpeg (857.83 KB, 1170x1171, IMG_3864.jpeg)

Grimes linking up with an alt-right-adjacent autistic eugenics guy Razib Khan

He was also on Red Scare podcast recently

No. 1857335

based. she looks cute

No. 1857357


No. 1857370

>eugenics meeting
>two ugly autists
Like pottery.

No. 1857381

>Red Scare
Bet she's thirsting to be interviewed by these two morons. All three of them are equally badly looking and they're on the same level of intellect. Would be an equivalent of edgelord's potato sack race. The "based but edgy" takes. The race to "outsmart" each other. The race of "who pandered to 4chan moids in my wild, wild youth" harder. Just imagine.

No. 1857464

how can someone who looks like that man be a eugenicist

No. 1857494

ayrt, i do agree with you. they'll always be embarrassing themselves, but the old threads were a lot more interesting. you're right, it's been boring these days.
overall i agree with what you said, but i feel like eventually something more exiting will happen. i can only see it going more and more downhill for these two morons.
i'm in it for the ride even if it's gonna be a slow burn.

kek i don't know what it is, but something about her face reminds me of an old woman, she really is a hag.
no surprises about the tard she's with. shit sticks together

No. 1857543

Her skin looks better. Maybe it’s the lighting or maybe a skin resurfacing procedure

No. 1857641

Why does the eugenicist look like Soren

No. 1857710

God that ponytail facelift fucked her face up big time. I wonder if she thought that because it cost 100k it must make you look amazing? Kek

Pic was probably taken shortly after her monthly bath

No. 1858060

File: 1688484589695.jpg (120.61 KB, 1080x1066, 102756.jpg)

he's so annoying

No. 1858083

File: 1688487638426.jpg (112.07 KB, 628x812, Antisemitic Intellectual Depic…)

Sage for OT, but why the hell are men (and sometimes women) who would 100% be deemed subhumans by Nazi regime always seem to be the ones spouting this crap? I know plenty of tall, blonde, muscular men who fit the Aryan ideal, but they're just regular guys who are normal and probably never thought about Eugenics a moment their lives, but these fat, short dark-skinned men are obesseded with it.

No. 1858114

>Pic was probably taken shortly after her monthly bath
kek nona i choked

No. 1858132

Thought this was a TIF until I saw the description lmao

No. 1858146

textbook projection, they know this deep down which is why they become so obsessed with it.

No. 1858151

i already replied to this but i have to add, she looks so exhausted, like absolutely tired and dead inside.
there is zero going on in her eyes, they look weirdly spaced far apart and glazed over.
one eye looks sort-of? half closed and it look like she's been high (no surprise) or crying. something just doesn't look right.

No. 1858217

Starting to think Elon musk is genuinely retarded

No. 1858333

I was literally about to say I always see old woman in her these days too. Idk why. Also haven’t seen her with nice looking hair in literal years and it seems like nobody talks about how shit her hair is.

Yeah because all of the boomer and Gen X parents did such a good job in securing good futures for their kids. Or are we going to blame that fuck up on the childless somehow? Anyway Elon will die alone and unloved while taking a massive shit like Elvis (manifesting)

No. 1858558

self hatred and being obsessed with white people

No. 1859244

Yeah… It's just one photo so it's not necessarily indicative of how she's doing, but… given the context of everything else going on she looks pretty defeated.

No. 1859591

Rich ppl like elmo and grimes go thru a self sabatoging phase bc they face no real challenges in life

No. 1859830

File: 1688757555185.jpg (118.16 KB, 1080x788, Screenshot_20230707_204034_Tum…)

Claire if she was born in Oklahoma

No. 1859832

Is Grimes dead? All she does is waddle around, high as a kite pretending to be a scientist on various occasions. While subconsciously looking like a 40yr old crack mummy.

Sometimes I crackle when she says she doesn't want to be a celebrity anymore, when in reality she's been 'out' for quite some time now. It's like she can't accept that being untalented and lazy will have consequences and one doesn't stay relevant/popular just because they had a mid indie carreer over a decade ago.

Also, I need a Grimatorium for my relentless spergs of her fuck face. If shayna got one I want some 2.

No. 1860089

File: 1688796786495.jpeg (703.02 KB, 1170x1032, IMG_0126.jpeg)

no way she took a picture while having wiggly eyeliner like this on and posted it publicly. 13 year old got my first 50 cent wet n wild eye pencil type of shit

No. 1860358

File: 1688839079306.jpeg (186.4 KB, 1082x872, 9397713A-1580-4FD0-90D6-0346FB…)


No. 1860364

The fact she is probably talking about Elon and she posted this on Twitter, the platform he owns and most certainly reads (I see his replies everywhere) is the most genuinely artistic thing she's ever done, big 18th Century love letter vibes from this

No. 1860389


greatest joy: his full commitment

greatest fear: raising two kids by herself

on a srs note i wonder whatever she meant by that

No. 1860398

How is she so stunted? My eyeliner looked like this freshman year of high school

No. 1860414

Some women never get the hang of shit like winged eyeliner even with some practice, it doesn’t make them stunted, they just can’t master the technique. Grimes IS clearly stunted and deeply immature but she’s also just bad at makeup. What I don’t understand is why she wouldn’t hire a makeup artist to put her clown makeup on in a way that looks presentable or simply not wear any. Surely there’s plenty of freelance makeup artists where she’s living who’d be able to come to her.

No. 1860416

Anon learning winged eyeliner and/or decent makeup skills is not difficult. There are countless tutorials she could watch to help. She's just an actual retard and she keeps proving it to us in various ways, like this. She's 35, she should be able to do a straight wing without having to hire an MUA

No. 1860429

It really is that hard for some of us and the weird expectation that all women need to know how to do makeup shit or they’re somehow failed as a woman is retarded. She likely has tremors from drug use and under eating which makes it even harder. Idk I don’t think it’s a big deal or weird that she can’t do fancy eyeliner but it is definitely weird to either not be aware of how bad it looks or just not care especially when she has enough money to not have to do it herself.

No. 1860442

If watching youtube helped you magically develop any skill I'd be a comedian, web-developer, farmer, physician, psychologist, mathemetician etc all in one

No. 1860473

Makeup isn't rocket science, just practice. If 14 year olds on TikTok can figure it out, so can Claire.
Claire's tremor hands tinfoil are even more reason for her to avoid even trying wings for media posts. Quit defending her mediocrity because you want to pivot the conversation into your therapy sessions.

No. 1860492

Women who are good at makeup seemingly can’t grasp that some people never get the hang of it even with practice.
Good for you for knowing how to apply insta whore makeup but there no need to be so rude when I’m clearly not defending this talentless hack. My point is that she’s allowed to be bad at it and being bad at make up in and of itself does not make someone stunted but she should recognize it looks bad and not post it online.

No. 1860537

The Claire defenders in this thread are so fucking weird. I don't want to get banned by hi-cowing but seriously what is this lol

No. 1860599

I hope this is sarcasm because it’s actually pure retardation to vaguepost like a teenager about the father of your kids

No. 1860603

My tinfoil: he said she was ugly/not hot enough to his standards at some point years ago and after all of her procedures, still tells her she’s not hot. There were some screenshots from her alt account about her talking about getting a boob job, as well as trying to lose more weight. Clearly suffering with image issues and she was already anachan for a long time before they met. That’s my guess for “greatest pain”. For joy, I’d guess he either told her that her music sucks or that she’s not smart enough to understand AI/tech stuff that she obsesses over, but could be something else entirely.

No. 1860827

File: 1688897895041.jpg (135.27 KB, 741x1200, F0jq0vFaUAAOng4.jpg)

Elon endorses SolBrah.

No. 1860828

This is such pathetic moid behaviour. Why do they all think life is still a huge competition and everyone is against them? I fucking hate this insufferable retard, all CEOs and companies have to act "cool" and "in" for some reason these days. I get such a strong urge to a-log whenever I see his annoying mug.

No. 1860834

of course hes on fag moid twitter

No. 1860869

this is so cringe they acting like they on fucking sparta or something when they just sit in an office all day and maybe hit the gym for 1 hour then go home LMAOO

No. 1861001

“Your enemy” bro you’re going to get home and play video games for 5 hours. These are so funny, motivational accounts for moids are always so silly but they love them. Idk why they need some random muscle man to LARP as a warrior to tell them to do some exercise. That male solidarity must be in their DNA.

No. 1861169

File: 1688939970278.jpg (17.64 KB, 590x355, gi62m9eubzab1.jpg)

He's losing his damn mind.

No. 1861188

File: 1688942114163.jpeg (Spoiler Image,213.26 KB, 1093x1336, AF86923D-3BED-4D7C-BCDD-160587…)

For the anon in the other thread defending Terry Richardson, he is 100% a rapist and still a huge shameless disgusting degenerate. Some of the most recent work he published is girls being hanged and porn of women in BDSM bondage. He’s a sick fuck who loves seeing women degraded and hurt and you should in no way be defending him.

No. 1861194

File: 1688943378595.png (226.99 KB, 600x884, grimezsz.png)

Isn't it weird she keeps "accidentally" interacting with a child-grooming internet cult? (𝕭𝕽𝕲
= based retard gang, remilia/milady/kaliacc/Rohit Okhandiar's newest attempt to target vulnerable teenage girls and turn them into anorexic nazi esluts.)

No. 1861198

It’s more cringe when you realize physical strength is completely irrelevant in this day and age and even a 90lb 16 year old girl with a handgun could end this roidfags life in an instant. Just moids being homosexual muscle daddy worshipping lizardbrained faggots as usual.

No. 1861209

File: 1688944935928.jpg (234.04 KB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_20230703_204643_Ins…)

I guess newfag nonna was kinda right. Her biggest fear is literally to be alone. She has serious codependency issues. Whether her troon ex or hana, she literally cannot be alone for long. Musk prolly isolates her and dictates who she can hang out with. She seems miserable for a long time now. Prolly haven't seen her mom in ages.

Ot, but Natasha also did a cringe break up post dedicated to Musk. It's white old man summer for elon I assume.

No. 1861210

Musk is aging horribly imo. Both Zuck and Bezos look "fit" and healthy compared to him. He's projecting extra hard. His tits also continue to grow.

No. 1861253

True but I don’t think Elon is open to discussion the way you or I even define what a discussion should be. With controlling partners, sometimes hinting is the only available option. It’s def telling though, of their maturity levels.

No. 1861363

Elon trying to run away from his skinnyfat twink past by surgery-ing into a cookiecutter "CEO Man" bodytype, only for his roid and hormone injections giving him mantits and a beer belly is extremely gratifying

No. 1861366

Yeah he is but Zuckerberg is 13 years younger so the Bezos comparison is more compelling.

No. 1861374

this is actually cringe, her replies make me so grossed out. claire we know you have bpd. you will never be asian nor a beautiful princess, just another shriveled up botched hag with no ambition or direction. she makes me laugh at how clueless and how much of a reply-guy she is.

100% agree nona. on both fronts. they're perfect for each other in how immature and clueless they are. a match made in hell, both hideous and narcissistic and i bet they bring out the worst in each other

No. 1861456

Considering how he told his ex-wife Justine aspiring to be a writer that her books are stupid and worthless, I suspect the same as you said. I think her fear was loneliness, though. She is somewhat of a romantic and really wanted to get married, have an older, admirable man devoted to her and give him children. Now she just has children she doesn't like and about whom he doesn't care.

No. 1861490

Her scrotey long term obsession with Asian women is so cringe

No. 1861808

File: 1689031864653.jpeg (648.88 KB, 941x1244, 85C0DAC1-E844-47CF-A8C2-1988D6…)

Still desperately trying to stay relevant

No. 1861810

It’s pretty funny how she considers herself a skilled artist and has even done detailed artwork for her album covers but cannot draw a straight line on her eyelid

No. 1861812

Probably hired some Chinese girl off fiverr to draw it for her then made her sign a NDA.

No. 1861832

Greatest pain/joy probably just refers to her ‘relationship’ with elon and her confessing to still being madly in ~wuv~ with him and how she would die for him, while he admits he simply isn’t in love with her/isn’t that attracted to her and openly bangs other high class prostitutes/has test tube babies with other women while trying to gauge a reaction from her the whole time (and Claire just sits there and takes it and malds and purges and whooshes her sword around in her room because she is a masochistic doormat).

But yeah he probably just laughs or cringes when she tries to show him music she’s been working on. She probably wrote a love song for him and he told her it was shit lol. I feel like that’s a big part of why she mostly gave music up and lost her passion for it.

I think she is just spiralling and abusing drugs like crazy lately, even harder than she always has with trying to keep her weight down and suppress her appetite with adderall, likely using something else on top of it now. Drooling on herself, completely dead behind the eyes, mysterious bruises and marks on her arms and trying to cover them with flesh colored sleeves. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got addicted to oxys since her surgery or is just slamming heroin/fent or something at this point, honestly. She’s admitted to wanting to die before, seems absolutely miserable and wouldn’t be the first or last art scene washout who gets addicted to smack.

No. 1861840

Tinfoil but her face fat is looking lumpy and her nasolabial folds are looking a lot larger these days, which shouldn’t really be the case if you’ve had a strong ponytail lift that yanks everything upwards. Could just be the natural ageing process and filler migration, but I’ve seen that kind of waxy pallid skin and foldy facial fat distribution with shard addicts before and it’s quite distinct.

No. 1861995

It’s really interesting because in her vogue get ready with me vid she draws perfectly even lines whenever she does that art stage makeup stuff on her forehead. So she can do it, but for some reason she can’t replicate it for her eyes?

No. 1862048

Ive seen a lot of teengirl tiktok egirls with horrible sloppy eyeliner. I feel like Claire thinks this is a quirky thing to copy so she can be seen as cool (which isnt creepy at all).

No. 1862125

I've been watching this whole eyeliner debate thinking the same thing, Claire is a tryhard (the ai shilling, the weird red/alien tats, her life in general) so the eyeliner is shitty on purpose to look like a teenager, definitely not something she's overlooking

No. 1862511

thank you nonas, i'm so glad someone finally said it. i've always suspected the eyeliner was purposely shitty similarly to how she fakes/forces a lisp. she thinks she's doing something remarkable

No. 1862705

No. 1862707

File: 1689132598500.jpeg (101.3 KB, 592x587, 33368D20-60AB-4E65-AD20-254FD4…)

This is probably how Elon and Grimes see themselves kek.

Nazi elf AI rendered Aryan demigods out to save the white race and establish EVROPA among the stars. When in reality Elon is a fat cunt who cant launch a rocket without it exploding into pieces, Grimey is a wizened depressed crackhead and their kids are ugly and look chromosomally challenged lmao.(sage your shit)

No. 1862708

Isn’t Grimes like 10 different races including Métis? Very Aryan.(learn2sage)

No. 1862712

So she claims, about as real as her 1/8th Korean claims kek. She’s just a bog standard European French/Italian/Anglo mutt.

No. 1862713

Why are both of them so deadset on pretending they're icy golden blondes with blue eyes and chiseled facial structures? Elon looks like a potato and Grimes has a potato nose.

No. 1862761

>why would two people with an extremely high likelihood of a cluster B personality disorder base their identity around something delusional?
Gee nona. I’m not sure.

No. 1862778

Amber Heard was the closet Melon Husk will ever get to this image.

No. 1863710

File: 1689264638399.jpg (245.33 KB, 1080x2362, Screenshot_20230713_175048_Chr…)

Musk decided that he wants what Sam Altman has and boldly announces on dying twitter, his newest Startup 'xAI', that just does the same thing as ChatGPT.

He constantly talks about the dangers of AI and how it shouldn't be in the wrong hands, and is critical towards actual programmers with real knowledge on the matter.

Her lisp is almost GONE, either she is finally in speech therapy or gave up the larp.

Who was a lisp singer first, Melanie Martinez or Grimace? I always thought she copied her.

No. 1863914

File: 1689291481587.jpg (2.96 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-07-13_19-38-06-996.…)

Noticed this pic she gave off Caroline Ellison energy so….(sage your fanart)

No. 1864067

Is this the racist dude who was revealed to be dating some black or Indian girl?

No. 1864071

many such cases. I wonder what happened to girls like that to be with someone who despises them

No. 1864850

File: 1689430151250.png (417.36 KB, 1315x571, anawarrior.png)

No. 1864858

It would smell like sweat dirt and piss

No. 1865095

I couldn’t imagine her saying shit like this even just a couple years ago. We’re deep fried now. Feeling sorry for her yes men

No. 1865115

Don't forget the roll of nickels

No. 1865199

Did you mean:
Earring backs?

No. 1865484

No way she wrote that herself, it must be some quote.

No. 1865511

It's so nonsensical I suspect chatgpt wrote it

No. 1866458

it feels so desperate at this point. everything she's done lately just feels like lukewarm bait.
she can't get attention from her baby-daddy, she has hardly any genuine fans left and i think the only people who give any real attention to her is this slow thread. she's pissed people off so much, i'd find it hard to believe she has any friends at all anymore.
no one is interested claire, not even nasty-ass aella

No. 1866689

File: 1689609474052.jpeg (39.94 KB, 592x1280, sjo36WL5MDxlMPGEFu-BARW1oAkKEk…)

She's not like other girls. She's one of the boys.

No. 1866695

Is he even following her kek, he seems so unbothered by her existence

Look, even though Claire is extremly delusional I don't think she ever wanted to get married nor have kids. She's immature and is probably more interested in staying a preteen gf waifu 4ever than anything else.

She most definitely knew Elon would never ever marry her and would ONLY STAY with her when she agreed 2 have some kids with him.
And Claire knows damn well that Amber was Musks #1 option, she's just the uglier placeholder. And it's eating her alive.

No. 1867245

File: 1689666430539.jpeg (610.34 KB, 1284x819, IMG_7712.jpeg)

someone who was friends with Lao (infamous troon on here) actually confirmed on the alt grimes subreddit she's a cis woman

No. 1867299

She's 100% reading this thread ahah
idk how winged eyeliner is twinky since the vast majority of gay men do not wear makeup

No. 1867309

She’s always lurking

No. 1867310

How does this person know unless they’ve seen her(his) vagina? He’ll forever be a Hong Kong bus stop pedo to me.

No. 1867311

Grimes EDP would 100% smell like BO, mung beans, moldy basements, vomit, yeast infections and McDonalds bag grease.

No. 1867313

Oh and ear piercings.

No. 1867314

I think Grimes definitely wanted to marry Elon tbh. It’s so painfully obvious she wishes she was his main bitch. Her etsy wishlist is full of ugly ass wedding dress and ring ideas. Elon probably hinted at marriage and duped her into thinking there was a future in it as long as she had his kid and strung her along and she’s seething about it. X and Y are the only things she really has as living proof they were ever a couple but she is so narcissistic and bored by children that she can’t even feign an interest in her own. Then again I think Grimey is so desperate she genuinely would have settled for a fake wiccan marriage joke ceremony that lasts like 20 seconds. I can imagine her trying some shit like that one night with Elon when they were both drunk or something and her delulu brain genuinely thinking it means they are husband and wife now and going to be 2getha 4eva kek.

No. 1867343

This is the woman who told multiple journalists that she believes she’s an AI creation who only exists to be “the perfect companion” for Melonhead. She’s the pickme-est pickme to ever pickme. There’s no way in HELL she ever wanted to be baby mama #47 and sleep on an air mattress in Austin while he chases bimbo actresses. I think she truly believed she was such a super special NLOG that he’d give up his whore mongering ways for her. Oops! Love to see it kek

No. 1867345

It’s “I can fix him” taken way too far. They see it as proof of their desirability if they can get a racist moid to overcome his beliefs and fall in love with them. It’s a fundamental misunderstanding of male nature, no moid holds any “beliefs” stronger than his need to coom.

No. 1867365

For real, are so many screenpoisoned heterosexual women so fucking weird about gay guys? Like their only meaningful interaction with gay male stuff is RuPaul and yaoi and it shows. Such a bizarre manifestation of homophobia and internalized sexism.

Agree. She changed herself to fit what she thought he wanted, but you can never ever please a misogynist like Elon. She thought his exes were deficient and that she could end up differently than they did if she was ~good enough~
He's a user and a disgusting freak. It looks like she hasn't realized that, though, and probably blames herself for not meeting his expectations instead of hating him for selling her a false bill of goods.

No. 1867396

>and act like a twink
what the fuck is she talking about

No. 1867688

not surprised at all by her desperate attention grabs, but kek she looks like dogshit even with a filter

was thinking the same thing nona lmao

No. 1867772

File: 1689764366981.jpg (138.16 KB, 1080x706, Screenshot_20230719_125952_Pic…)

Grimes kinda looks like hitler pikachu in her recent tiktok

No. 1867780

File: 1689766398019.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x1716, 72C2730C-48A0-43F7-B9AF-FF5EAD…)

The lack of self awareness.

No. 1867783

this bitch is CRACKED

No. 1867788

Sage for OT but It's weird to think how massively popular Elon Musk used to be in the 2010s and how his image has vastly shifted. It wasn't just his tech-bro fanboys, but even people on Tumblr assumed he was a brilliant inventor and the "real-life Tony Stark". It's wild to compare that era to how much he's hated today, even by his main "supporters" think he's a useful idiot and make fun of him.

No. 1867806

He had an entire pr team back then because he desperately wanted to be a celebrity but knew that he is stupid and unlikable. They did too good of a job and he got high huffing his own farts, fired them all, and started doing unscripted interviews and tweeting 10 hours a day.

No. 1867816

She’s lost it.

No. 1867830

Even from the cringe le network spirituality lainchan-core this makes no fucking sense kek I can't believe she was ever on tumblr she's so fucking stupid and clueless about online culture

No. 1867833

He's hated here so I know no one's going to agree but a big part is he stopped toeing the "party line" here in the US. You have to follow a particular mindset culturally and politically and if you deviate there will be a concented effort to make you look bad or like a fool or evil. Elon is just one example of many celebrities and public figures it's been done to over the past decade. Not saying he isn't a jerk, but this is very common if you pay attention.

No. 1867835

>libs forced elon to offer 4.20 per share to buy a social network then forced him to run it into the ground fr fr

No. 1867836

Elon is in no way a case study of this phenomenon. Everyone loved this guy until he tried too hard to be a twitter funnyguy.

No. 1867860

File: 1689783588418.jpeg (179.61 KB, 828x639, IMG_0850.jpeg)

Not saying what you’re saying is necessarily false but the “party line” here is arbitrary. He was a self-described socialist until he was clowned on by Twitter so he “came out” as a republican, failing to understand that he was clowned on because he’s a raging faggot. Attributing that to democrats is just his fragile ego trying to reconcile why public perception of him shifted and someone might possibly not like him and deciding it must be political instead of realizing he’s a spoiled fat ugly unfunny unintelligent daddy-money loser.

No. 1867863

beautifully said nona lmao
same vibe as azalea banks calling him a hair plugged roided-up incel, love to see it

No. 1867913

I personally believe that Musk and Jeff Bezos are equally bad in terms of the damage they've done to the world, but Jeff Bezos isn't an annoying asshole and knows when to stay off twitter.

No. 1867932

One nonna claimed Claire loses her shit every time Elon finds a new girlfriend. Who might be the unlucky woman?

He is doing this to himself. He is a con man. How many projects has he failed to deliver? Remember Hyperloop?

No. 1868001

I don’t like Bezos either but Amazon and same day delivery is still a million times more useful and cool than twitter for gods sake.

No. 1868003

That nona is right, just like all clusterbees Claire is so predictable in her behavior patterns, the recent bloobloo posting on twitter, sperging literal nonsense and selfie posting is definitely a sign he’s seeing another woman.

No. 1868201

Jeff Bezos is much smarter then Musk and keeps a low profile. definitely the most influential billionaire on the planet with AWS and his company blue origin taking away the space launch contract from spacex.

No. 1868292

File: 1689851289518.webm (3.64 MB, 576x1024, h8CkCn54bE.webm)

I saw a clip of their podcast and damn it's like they all collectively share a single brain cell, Its just jarring how moronic they seem and its frightening how much influence they have over many young people.

No. 1868301

The "don't be a pick-me" obviously refers to this thread, but the following one? She thinks we picked her by making fun of her. It's meant to be a diss, but…it still doesn't change the fact Melon didn't pick her and that she was desperate for his approval

No. 1868305

The ginger one sounds like Pamela Anderson parodying herself/playing the role of a dumb blonde, the valley accent only accentuates that, but I haven't seen the whole podcast so I can't say whether she says dumb stuff. Also notice how Grimes sits like a man, tries to sound tough and emulate "firm Elon talking about evil technology". She really comes off as masculine here, it's not just her low, boyish voice. Not to mention, everything she said goes into the trash since she is editing her pictures and trying to turn into a bimbo with plastic surgeries

No. 1868332

So jarring how retarded she sounds next to julia fox.

No. 1868340

Its not like Julia is any smarter.

No. 1868341

No, but even she sounds eloquent next to grimes

No. 1868342

I hate Grimes but both aren't exactly eloquent.

No. 1868363

File: 1689868215766.jpg (182.46 KB, 1080x1080, 8962334d2962-catwoman-t.jpg)


Jocelyn Wildenstein vibes

No. 1868375

Yeah but last time Musk went public with Natasha, Grimes canceled all her upcoming shows due to ~illness~ so idk. Her posting thrist traps means something diffrent imo, maybe promo for her shitty hyperpop album.

Do nonnas also agree that Shivon is weirdly interesting? She has the youngest Musk batch at home. Claire is probably more fed up with her than with Amber or Natasha

No. 1868417

I always felt like Claire was a self hating cryptoAiden. Autistic women tend to fall into that rat trap because of muh ‘masculine brain’.

No. 1868465

actually hilarious. can't tell for sure if she thinks she's dissing us in this thread, but she's truly lost it either way.
i can't stop laughing at the caption and >>1867783 this reply
she must have finally come to realize this is the only place where she can get any attention.

claire wishes she had autism

No. 1868490

I can't get over the fact that a billionaire looks like he does and won't do a damn thing to change it. Except take diabetes medicine off-label because he was ridiculed for looking fat in that yacht pic. Why not hire a chef and personal trainer and good doctor to fix that mushy overbotoxed pasty face? But no, Elon hates vaccines but is totally fine with injecting a diabetes drug known to cause thyroid tumors just so his lazy ass can lose weight. It's not that hard Elon, calories in vs. calories out. Do the math.

No. 1868526

Musk has to take hair loss medicine. Side effects cause fatness and moobs.

No. 1868548

Kek you’re right. It was meant as a diss to us. Couldn’t even tell until I read your comment nonna, I’m cackling, that’s so pathetic.

Most farmers literally only read/post here when we’re shitting, still in bed trying to wake up, and/or bored as fuck with nothing better to do and no friends available to chat with. I feel like 95% of farmers would be too busy having fun and creating art to lurk here if they had her wealth and fame. I’m sure plenty of us are losers but none of us are rich losers with industry connections (if any of you are, just know you’re an extra cringey loser for even reading this, get off your phone and have fun you rich dumbass). Idk, something about a celeb lurking on their lolcow thread is just top tier ultra pathetic cringe, and literally making posts directed towards us on her SM??? We got two posts directed at us in less than a week! Claire please do something better with your time and money and fame girl. Put your phone down and interact with your children. Get a cat. Anything but directing posts to lolcow dot fucking farm.

No. 1868549

Claire is not even vaguely autistic. ADHD yes, autism not a chance. She wishes she had the tism.

No. 1868574

Grimes is very clearly autistic. It seems like a few of you have put autism on some sort of pedestal because you have it im assuming, but everything about her has always screamed autism and the idea that it's some sort of elaborate larp is so schizophrenic

No. 1868595

everything about her is also made up of lies, and shouldn't be trusted. her whole personality is a larp, she just says shit. she's not interested in anything but herself and her image. try again

No. 1868628

I genuinely don’t ever remember him being popular except right before he bought twitter. What are you smoking nona. Also nobody watches the simpsons past season 10 lol.

No. 1868765

Just because you can't remember something doesn't mean nona you replied to is high on drugs. Who cares what you think about the Simpsons. Elon's cameo was in 2015. That means he was a household name, because the Simpsons is mainstream and they don't feature nobodies. (At least in 2015. Don't know about current situation.)

Musk did have a huge pr campaign. The Real Life Tony Stark documentaries and books targeted at young boys. He also appeared in Ric n Morty, and South Park. Here is a list of all the cameos he made during that time period.

No. 1868774

File: 1689949885559.png (23.67 KB, 583x293, retardedgrimetweet458975349875…)

No. 1868787

Kekkkk. I can just imagine walking into a bathroom and seeing her spazzing out and crying while wearing in a frumpy oversized blazer (which she thinks is “a suit!!!”) or something. I’d just assume she was a homeless crackhead and get the hell out of there.

No. 1868865

File: 1689964039145.webm (7.5 MB, 720x1280, Software elfs.webm)

What the actual fuck is this? Who told her this was a good idea? Who is this for? Must be hard for Claire filming with girls 10 years younger than her. Claire, there is nothing wrong with aging. It happens to everyone. Act your age ffs.

No. 1868885

just because his pr team rammed him down peoples throats via unfunny shows it doesn't mean anyone liked him

No. 1868893

those lyrics are killing me, just random words. "I wanna be cd-rom, the best usb plug, update your windows, look at this sign"

No. 1868896

This song sucks ass, I just know she used ChatGPT for everything and feels like Beethoven.

Tinfoil: Grimes will have a thrid baby by musk soon via surrogacy. Sometimes I think there's already a new baby that she isn't allowed to talk about idk

No. 1868917

I always resort to calling her a retard, but even retards have more intelligence. She's so embarrassing, she doesn't deserve to be on social media.

No. 1868922

File: 1689971226018.png (405.53 KB, 304x880, Screen Shot 2023-07-21 at 1.26…)

Kek everyone involved looks so awkward, this girls' face made me kek. It's embarrassing watching Grimes making everyone pose in the dirt, waving around plastic toys

No. 1868933

File: 1689972578520.png (657.47 KB, 560x503, natural selection.png)

of course, there must be a realistic looking gun and pointing it

No. 1868943

I did but got bored when it became obvs she was just a pickme, complete with brainy dad she spent her whole life trying to emulate/impress. Circumstances (young professional bangs boss) are very typical and this norm is a plague on white collar women who aren't interested. She stepped down from OpenAI after new daddy Musk criticized it, p sure still works for Neuralink. Probs have the most respect for Tallulah out of all his most public relationships so far, she avoided becoming a broodmare and actually got something of a bag from him, and he still simps on her to this day, Shivon and Grime are low tier

No. 1868944

he is the king of pathetic men, kek

No. 1868967

File: 1689976213127.png (1.05 MB, 792x686, dwarfgirlstudyingtheblade.png)

This dwarf from Dragon Age made me think of Claire

No. 1869011

NONNIE I cackled and spit out my tea

No. 1869034

The girl behind her is like a much better version of what she's going for with her surgery and hair. Surprised she was cast or asked to join or whatever.

No. 1869055

nonnie… that’s an Asian girl, kek.

No. 1869067

File: 1689985879592.jpeg (581.13 KB, 1053x1464, 952DB383-3F5B-4285-87EF-5EA929…)

Samefag but just factbchecked myself and I was right, that is an Asian girl. A 21 year old Filipina to be exact.

No. 1869107

Nta but so what. Grimes wishes she looked like that. Sh's obsessed with asian girls.

No. 1869170

Looks like a Lisa wannabe

like why are they sitting in the dirt?? I feel like the desert setting worked for 1 vid but it's overdone for a 3rd time. She did Genesis and Go in the desert too. How is software and tech even related to a desert or elves?

No. 1869185

I think it's even funnier that it's an Asian girl. Claire seems to feel cool about being a "blonde" white person but this Filipina has a way prettier blonde and also has the fine, snatched features she can't achieve. Pretty is pretty, no matter what race.

No. 1869262

As an autist I agree. Lots of autistic people are annoying as fuck. She seems to have some form of autistic narcissism only matched by Elon.

Side note/blog: All of her new music sucks ass and the more that comes out the more I wonder if someone ghost wrote her old stuff.. Even though her troon ex denied it. I’ve never seen such a steep drop in talent from an artist who is still young and could have been in her prime

No. 1869354

she is literally a raver junkie party girl trying to be a DJ, what's with the larp?

No. 1869366

I agree. She has been doing this for more than 10 years. Her songwriting skills should have advanced. Of course she had to evolve her style which doesn't always please the og fans. That happens to every artist. The video quality has dropped too. The toy weapons and clothes look so cheap.

No. 1869383

I think shinigami eyes, player of games, violence are good music videos in terms of quality

No. 1869647

Claire has never been to a rave in her life.
She calls all electronic music techno and thinks a Montreal house party with djs or a Steve Aoki headlining festival is a rave. She really wants people to think that though. She’s poser and a skinwalker.

No. 1869649

So, someone on her main Reddit exposed her dalilfae twitter and TikTok. They explained how it’s the same name as her Spotify, which everyone knows (it will even have stuff like, songs to DJ and she will DJ those songs after adding them, has playlists for her babies, to play with illangelo, etc) it’s like 100% her basically… so, she literally changed the name of the Spotify that day, you know, so people wouldn’t think that it’s her name on TikTok, possibly tumblr, Reddit (deleted) twitter (interacting with random accounts that she follows and interacts with like no444h) and anyone remember when she said she had secret twitter accounts to bully her enemies? She’s said this multiple times. So pretty funny the only public replies on TikTok and twitter are her bullying people in their teens and twenties(this is an imageboard. post caps)

No. 1869692

I’ve always found her music decent or at least inoffensive, although I do have a soft spot for cheesy electronica. She’s just a massive cow as a person.

No. 1869719

Big agree I also believe the ex producing all her old stuff tinfoil because it's never been that good since and that was a decade ago. artists should naturally improve at their craft with time

No. 1869740

obviously the dream has been dead for years now but this is a true rest in peace to the idea of an artangels part 2. she's truly lost in the sauce

No. 1869794

File: 1690136975611.jpeg (259.39 KB, 1080x1920, RCRjY4OEMmX25jX3NpZD.jpeg)

This is just nasty.

No. 1869798

Isn’t this milk like a year old? What’s the new info?

No. 1869799

File: 1690137995450.jpeg (824.93 KB, 1242x1340, IMG_2407.jpeg)

I can’t with the people on Reddit who are like “well I have to admit her facelift looks good now that it’s healed”. She looks so odd to me, like a step away from being in an AphexTwin music video.

No. 1869823

I mean idk it’s p easy to get into a warehouse rave. But agreed wouldn’t describe her as a raver

No. 1869826

Let’s not praise an equally as surged up younger women just to own Claire. The Asian vs white dreading is very moidy

No. 1869831

Fillers aren’t your friend, Claire.

No. 1869873

File: 1690149309237.jpg (685.24 KB, 3840x2160, 20230724_005618.jpg)

I'm glad she doesn't have those nasty fake nails on every finger.

No. 1869876

Was it established which albums he supposedly produced? I think Art angels were different than the previous ones, as if written by her/someone else, and this new style was present on MA as well. Book 1 however sounds like it was made by the same people who did her DJ set

No. 1869891

Her yellow broken meth teeth & nails are wigging me out. I bet a roll of nickels is the nicest thing she smells like nowadays.

No. 1869894

somehow it's even worse that she has the claws on just three fingers…looks so trashy, as if she lost them and didn't care to glue new ones on

No. 1869902

They were together from like 2012-2018 I think but a good chunk of MA was written before they split too. I honestly don’t know if it was Jaime or another person/people altogether but I have a hard time believing it’s all her. I guess it’s possible the drugs fried her brain to a point where she lost her touch

No. 1869997

She did get popular being a lisa look alike back in like 2019 she does edgy tecno costume shit on tiktok now

No. 1870025

Women like Grimes and Shivon are incapable of realizing that to a narcissistic psychopath, adopting their preferences and parroting the shit they say/think won't make them respect you - it'll just make them think you're weak and easily controlled. Literally the ONLY women these men will ever "respect" are women who don't fall for their games as easily, and these women will always be the ones Elon pines for whilst Grimes continues to annihilate herself in the hopes of getting a crumb of attention. It's horrible how one abusive man can have such a massive negative effect on a woman. I consider her life post meeting Elon to be a cautionary tale about what could happen to your life, creativity and sanity if you "submit" to and change your life's direction for a man that clearly isn't a good person just because he looks incredible on paper.

No. 1870098

This is old but I stumbled upon this channel where a psychologist interviews Elon's father. He is a piece of shit as expected and weirdly similar to Elon when he talks. Vidrel is about Amber and Errol's boomer takes on male-female dynamics, I found it interesting.
>He speaks supportively of Amber. He says Johnny is someone he wouldn't invite to his house
>He talks about how his children who met her said she's nice
>He doesn't like how people are enjoying Amber's discomfort
>He says that there is a hierarchy that goes like men > women > children and if a man in South Africa said his wife is hitting him or saying bad things about him, they would laugh at him, a man should forgive
>He says if Johnny sued Amber, then he could also sue Maye because she also says bad things about him, adding that everyone's exes will talk badly about them
>He states that South African women are the highest quality in the world and Amber is like a South African woman so she fit their family easily
>He was sad when Elon and Amber broke up because he thought she was an ideal woman for him and any man that gains her favor should feel lucky.

No. 1870116

Thanks nonna was rly interesting!

I always assumed that the Musk family must've loved Amber, she fits the image perfectly. Her beauty almost seems AI generated.
Claire on the other hand…is probably the least liked gf overall. Even Musks mommy is obsessed with Natasha.

To even be in Elons outer circle you have to complete obey to his crazy beliefs. I think to be chosen by him to even come near him, you have to observe him, perhaps study him.

Playing strong independent lib woman wouldn't get you far. Musk needs control and Claire played her cards very well. Unfortunately, as you said, you cannot win. He eventually leaves cuz he's bored.

No. 1870118

She doesn't look good, but definitely back to her regular deformed face. Ppl forget how she used to look like b4 the lift, very much the same. Her lips were huge already in 2020 so idk?? Can't see a difference tbh.

No. 1870165

RIP forever. I know she obviously has agency but muskrat kills everything he touches

No. 1870167

Is it weird I find Elon’s dad way more likeable than him? I know he’s creepy but he calls Elon out on his shit and I like the fact he supported Amber over Depp.

No. 1870172

>Probs have the most respect for Tallulah

He ignored her when she texted him to congratulate his purchasing of the website formerly known as Twitter to defeat wokeism or whatever. I think he only respects those who completely leave him, such as Amber. No doubt if she stayed he would’ve eventually disregarded her as well.

No. 1870174

>messy arthoes with yeast infections sword whooshing and shooting plastic guns at each other
schtick is so old and corny. She really can’t get over her 2012 tumblr phase which was also her career peak.

No. 1870179

Claire is very moidy and so is her obsession with Asian teenagers. She’s always been the type of person who worships creeps like Terry Richardson and probably puts art of Japanese women being tied in bondage and dismebowelled and hanged on her bedroom wall for the aesthethicths.

Feels like at this point she only puts Asians in her videos for diversity points because she hates blacks Latinas and Arabs and Asians are a safe ‘other white meat’ option that please the lib crowd without getting too ethnic.

No. 1870182

Elon doesn’t look incredible on paper kek he faked most of his credentials, had various flopped companies that went under before learning how to fuck other people over properly like he did with the actual founders of Tesla, and he would be nothing without his family’s money and connections.

No. 1870376

It’s reasonable because he is less autistic and comes off as approachable. However let’s not downplay the creepy factor, that he fucked and had children with a girl he raised from the age of 5. He’s despicable, just not as off-putting as his toad of a son.

No. 1870965

I’m thinking Art Angels was aided by Bloodpop and MA Hana. Plus whatever inspiration she borrowed from Jamie.

No. 1871119

Does anyone else in this thread fucking hate Grimes music?
She has like one good song, genesis, that's it. Her cringe Vanessa song was horrible and boring af. All her albums basically suck ass, even her earlier work is painfully bad. Are you guys indie freaks or just listend to her shit-music long enough to finally gaslit yourselfs into liking it?
Sorry 4 venting kek

Elons Dad has a huge crush on Amber. That's all. He wouldn't defend her if she was ugly like Claire. For him, Amber was the perfect woman.

She really thought dating Elon will make her super famous and popular among zoomers. That alone proves how low IQ she really is. Claire basically lacks common sense

No. 1871223

It's the other way around, actually: Elon thought that dating Grimes would make him popular with zoomers

No. 1871250

File: 1690409454358.png (2.14 MB, 1148x1622, Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 3.13.…)

Looking real good Claire. All that work definitely made you look like an uwu young fertile fairy lolita - or whatever the fuck she's into at the moment.


No. 1871257

File: 1690410362132.jpg (1.22 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-07-27_00-26-25-290.…)

Ok hear me out on this….can she be that obvious?

No. 1871260

File: 1690410521937.jpg (25 KB, 306x417, Picsart_23-07-27_00-27-00-151.…)

Also kek at this awful pic of claire in her hotel room. She looks at least 15lb heavier without make-up and showing her body. Does anyone know why? (Didn't edit her at all, just changed lighting)

No. 1871261

Coke bloat maybe? or mia bloat

No. 1871263

File: 1690410929787.png (762.09 KB, 566x740, Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 3.37.…)

cryptid energy

No. 1871270

He fucked his adoptive daughter anon

No. 1871281

>Are you guys indie freaks or just listend to her shit-music long enough to finally gaslit yourselfs into liking it?

Is this your first time experiencing the world or something? You're acting like it’s odd that not everybody likes what you like.

No. 1871284

You are heard, or rather she is? Quite the coinky dink

No. 1871323

Nah I started listening to her after Art Angels so without nostalgia I still think Visions is an amazing album. There’s another thread on /m/ where people were sharing their favorite albums and that was one of the most popular ones I saw posted. It’s just subjective. I’m sure there’s an artist you like that sounds like dogshit to me too

No. 1871326

It’s too much filler. This effect is called pillow face.

No. 1871340

Interesting how they aren't pictured together at all.

No. 1871346

travel can make you retain water. tbf weight is the one thing I don't like making fun of her for. she's an anachan and looks better when she's not

No. 1871367

she actually looks not awful here. she should put on some weight

No. 1871374

ok but she also can't produce. so your post makes no sense sorry

No. 1871419

Her looking 15 pounds heavier would be a good thing though, not a negative. she looks better with a little weight and fullness to her face. If anything, it makes her look younger. the pic you posted isn’t even bad either

No. 1871432

She should have just not gotten fillers and not bothered with a facelift. A little Botox and staying at a normal BMI was all she needed to make her face look better. I wonder if after losing the baby weight from x and going back to her anachan body, she thought she looked old and instead of realizing it was because 35 year olds don’t look good as skeletons (nobody does, but it ages you especially bad if you’re 25-30+), she just stayed anachan skinny and paid for dumb procedures that made her look botched.

Gaining weight is good for her and she looks better a bit heavier. It’s just sad that she botched herself when she just needed to not be so thin.

No. 1871475

That begs the question: what did Grimes think? Elon wanted popularity and a child, Grimes thought he would make a lovely husband who understands her? I mean, I think we all know she was a victim of his narcissism and a lack of human qualities, but she lacks common sense for dating him for whatever reason

No. 1871485

Why on Earth would she wear the same dress as her rival and make Elon compare them?

No. 1871511

I wondered the same and my conclusion is she really sees it as her Dune moment. If Elon wasn't rich she wouldn't bother.

However it's not a typical case about securing the bag because I think she would have pushed to marry him. She really does see herself as Lady Jessica and X as Paul. I think deep down she does want to marry him but he would never do it as we know.

My other guess was she wanted fame. However she was able to acquire it, whether through music or breeding with the world's richest man. She dropped music as soon as she saw another path to fame

No. 1871574

people with actual autism 100% could not do what she does. My bf is actual autistic and can't imagine anything worse than being in a loud, noisy club. The loudness, music, chaos and people is a literal nightmare for him. I can't think of a more unfriendly job to autistics than a fucking DJ/popstar/ENTERTAINER. Claire is just a retard with narcissistic personality disorder.

No. 1871655

still can't believe this bitch is so bpd that she had a damn BABY to get attention (and then threw it away like the animes she pretends to like until they're not trendy anymore)

No. 1871670

he basically got away with it and continues to get away with it just because the women in his photos aren't all runway-thin. that's seriously how low the bar is

No. 1871674

omg i'm the og anon who made that post

No. 1871682

Which thread was someone defending him in? I saw him recently in LA and he was limping and alone kek

No. 1871683

she has a wide frame (skeleton) and people like that look bad in drapey or baggy or men's clothes

No. 1871733

>he basically got away with it and continues to get away with it because
there are no consequences for men who abuse women and girls
even when it temporarily looks like there might be

No. 1871776

Yeah, I think that's it. She is living the fantasy of being a concubine of a famous rich guy and the fantasy of them being a perfect match: she is a futuristic musician and he is a tech mogul and genius inventor (kek). It also explains why she doesn't care about the children, they bred them just to further their goals and pass on genes, in the same way many aristocrats in the past created children and then forgot about them, leaving them to be taken of by nannies and teachers.(sage your shit)

No. 1871780

dress is wearing her

No. 1871781

male and female autism is different. her styling, viewing herself and other women thru moid eyes, and overall stuntedness scream female autism

No. 1871821

He is slowly turning into Pepe

No. 1871824

Sensory overload affects women too though i'm a female autist so i can confirm

No. 1871827

i hate to agree with blaine but he's right here

No. 1871851

I can’t even pretend that it’s annoying to name twitter after baby X kek. It makes me laugh too much when i think about it

No. 1871853

It's not though, elon has had x.com for years and has been trying to name a business x ever since just to use the domain

No. 1871857

If anything X the baby was named after X the domain

No. 1871860

How did Grimey manage to cheapen that dress so much? The lack of any alterations or attempts to make it fit her, tacky sunglasses, 2012 necklace, some ugly purse, fried untoned hair with 4 months of grow out. The worst part is she’s probably gloating about how much skinnier she looks than the other woman.

No. 1871874

I find it interesting that more gay people are really upset with grimes more than they are Elon and obsessively insult her while making halfassed "oh elons a fat blob hehe" comments while getting super empassioned about hating grimes. Is it because she makes music? Jealousy they never got the same attention for their failed attempts at butchered hyperpop, maybe?? Just an observation ive made, has nothing to do with this silly little fringe thread but the way gays on Twitter talk about her in that weirdly bitter misogynistic way.

No. 1871898

wow he named his favorite child after his favorite asset. Beautiful

No. 1871905

This has less han 1K views kek. Something is off about it. Like the vocals or something change halfway into the song


No. 1871914

2 hours ago 900 views is insane kekkk it sound like shit too did she use her own grimesai tool to create this? i’ve heard more natural sounding jiafei edits on tiktok compared to this

No. 1871919

This is.. bad.

No. 1871929

Nitpick but the way the Capcut logo comes in is kind of annoying.
I Feel Funny by Justin Bieber

No. 1871930

Wow lmao this is absolute dogshit and I say this as someone who actually really likes some of her songs. Most generic boring melody imaginable, sounds like she wrote the lyrics 2 minutes before recording and shows zero skill or songwriting ability. Any retard can loop an ugly cloying basic synth preset over and over like that. Earrape tier song.

No. 1871931

Sissy hypno type beat.

No. 1871932

When it switched up to the chorus it was so anticlimactic lmao. Oh my god she’s fallen off so hard since her tranny ex stopped coming up with melodies for her hasnt she.

Kek I actually agree with you nona. Tech illiterate stan tiktok gays have managed to pull catchier songs out of their pozzed asses.

I also got gross sissy hypno garbage vibes from it but it’s not even catchy enough to blow up on tranny twitter kek

No. 1871934

That autotune sounds disgusting and I say this as a Bladee and Kesha fan ffs.

No. 1871937

Annoying/jarring is the only word I have for it. She isn’t even trying anymore.

No. 1871938

Stinky vag club type video. Neovagina axewound club type beat.

No. 1871944

>pozzed asses
What the fuck, you sound like a faggot yourself

No. 1871969

This is sad. I was hoping there would be more to it than what was played in the previews we got, but it’s literally just that on loop. Very boring song and the best-sounding part at the end has disgusting simp for Elon lyrics. I wish she’d announce her retirement from music forever already

No. 1872019

File: 1690535977699.png (1.45 MB, 591x904, CdywQxLFQT.png)

You forgot to mention wearing motorcycle/winter boots, during summer in Italy. The worst is that this is how she attended someone's wedding

No. 1872028

The song doesn't even make sense… Artificial voice of a bot/android, generated by software is singing about how it wants to be software, cold, and have their mind uploaded. It's like a human signing about their wish to become human. I bet her rebuttal to that would be to say she wanted to be artificial so much that she altered her voice, but the truth is that the song would've been extremely boring with her ordinary voice

No. 1872042

she gave up on music with this. There are so many great songs in which her AI voice is used and one doesn't have to wait years for her half-assed songs. I wouldn't be surprised if she feels she can't compete with them and that she has no ideas. This is also the reason why so many fans believe Grimes is an artist collective there are a part of - so she can claim their artwork and music as her own

No. 1872099

gonna be honest i haven’t been able to find a single decent grimesai songs. i suppose it’s because most grimes fans that still follow her after all her fuck ups are annoying edgy weebs the ai music they create is shit too. Vidrel is better than most I’ve listened to but still not very good imho

No. 1872165

Every single look she does is so cheap and tacky and smelly looking.
You could put this bitch in a 10 grand haute couture gown and she’d still manage to make it look like it cost 10 bucks.

No. 1872195

this fucking sucks and like another nona said, i'm saying this as a long-time listener who doesn't hate her music (there's songs i like whether or not she actually even worked on them kek)
like genuinely, this is probably the worst grimes song i ever heard and i've listened to all of her releases over the years. just absolute dogshit… it just proves more and more that she never actually worked on her music.

i think that between her bad reputation among the artists she's tried and failed to collab with (azalea, poppy, kill v maim alice glass drama, and potentially kittypryde?), and the fact that she's likely alienated herself from everyone she knows since becoming elon's full-time toilet, no one in their right minds would want to help her music
other nonas are right, she's not even trying anymore
the comments on vidrel have to be bots because i can't imagine that many people actually enjoying this song unless they were as much of a methhead as she is

spot on nona

god damnit kek, you're so right

No. 1872264

her kid is so fucking ugly. poor little guy

No. 1872286

it looks like he is cross eyed :((:()

No. 1872299

It's just the autism he was born with.

No. 1872342

i just know she regrets having a baby, honestly. never have seen her happy about her kids unless she is trying to push some pretentious shit into them to show off

No. 1872467

File: 1690605496783.jpeg (219.83 KB, 1170x619, IMG_0353.jpeg)

No. 1872484

I just want her to acknowledge that the ones that are actually good are good because of the skill of the human producer, and that her AI voice could easily be replaced by a real human too. The AI in the equation is a gimmick that only helps the song find an audience because her name is attached.

No. 1872488

File: 1690610445931.jpeg (360.52 KB, 1276x1915, IMG_2513.jpeg)

I 90% agree but in 2021 she had a moment between being styled for that shitty Alter Ego show, the Iris Van Herpen dress, and even the Dune photoshoot. During that time I thought she finally achieved the dream aesthetic she always wanted, then she got a facelift and devolved back into a gremlin.

No. 1872491

She could honestly do so much if she rode the gravy train of Elon Musk and didn’t insist on doing all of her own stuff to “be real and not like the other girls” or whatever she said. She could have at least have an awesome stylist team for public appearances but chose to be such a pickme instead. Sucks to fumble the bag so hard

No. 1872498

Kek it’s true and hilarious

No. 1872561

File: 1690627754104.jpeg (36.11 KB, 491x625, tweet.jpeg)

elon congratulates his ex wife's engagement to a young twink actor.

No. 1872594

this look and the one from their first date were easy to pull off, she had dresses which forced a certain style, she had nice hair. Still, she managed to cheapen it with that Chinese plastic "book" from Amazon. In short, she can present herself well if she has a consistent concept of how she wants to look, but when she has a freedom of choice she just wears chaotically whatever she found in the pile of dirty clothes on the floor and adds accessories inspired by whatever movie/tv series she recently watched

No. 1872621

File: 1690637665147.jpg (244 KB, 970x966, Screenshot_20230729-073320_Ske…)

No. 1872721

Why do they all look alike

No. 1872779

He’s sooo fucking hideous to me this is wild. Good for her for not caring about looks ig

No. 1872783

>young twink
He's 33 and she's 37.

No. 1872871

this look was so good (book nonwithstanding). Muzzled and dangerous sci fi being. I legitimately think Claire would benefit from rich ass rehab because there’s no way she devolved into that sloppy tiktok beast unless she’s been doing uppers non stop (which she evidently has been)

No. 1872978

>book notwithstanding
not even with sitting. literacy as aesthetic. cargo cult reading

No. 1873121

OT but whoever styled Amber like this needs to be fired. That shade of red lipstick combined with the red color of her dress, the headpiece, the harsh makeup… So many bad choices

No. 1873141

File: 1690728925486.jpeg (1.08 MB, 828x1428, IMG_8398.jpeg)

Literally how is this real

No. 1873147

My only comfort is that so few people are going to see this they can't make too much of a mess of feminism. But my cynical mind can't help but think these girls are being used to try and shut down real talk about what the sexual revolution means for women and to stop women from seeing the revolution in saying "no" to mediocre sex that only benefits scrotes and only accepting mates you actually enthusiastically want

No. 1873186

Idk what grimes is doing there, but Louise Perry makes the point in her book "the case against the sexual revolution" that lib fems and their sex positivity regarding everything (kinks, sex work, porn etc) made things more dangerous for women. It's not against the sexual revolution that women can say no to sleeping with men, it's about the more current trend of how women are told to be sex positive about everything, so they will not report rapes or think choking is normal.

No. 1873210

she’s on Red Scare Anna’s side, though, and Anna has never believed any woman who spoke out about rape/abuse/harassment
“the so-called sexual revolution made it harder for women to say no and be believed” is a pretty standard second wave take, as well as correct

No. 1873233

On many pain meds so excuse the mess but I was more trying to say that these idiots are probably being used to drown out the real dialogue and issues you're bringing up because women are becoming more aware that the sexual revolution was infected and ruined with "Pro kink" shit and other stuff, let alone convincing women that saying yes to every man is what freedom is instead of a different box and that saying no doesn't make you a backwards prude but is part of sexual freedom. Most girls who grew up today grew up with this bastardization of sexual freedoms. One no makes you an upright prude who isn't free according to the nonsense. But girls are increasingly educating themselves now on it and even libfems are gaining some awareness.
Anybody who booked these girls know they're not exactly the world's best thinkers and are probably hoping they're going to say whatever stupid shit comes out of their minds about sex and the plan might be to make this what people read about when they try learning actual sexual liberation for themselves (like when the no work movement was crushed due to platforming the worst moid and nobody read further). Just flood the search results with idiots so nobody can find good stuff. I expect to see lots of libfems, tradthots, and the like flooding the conversation with their terrible takes in more events like this. Can't have women develop any form of awareness about how feminism has been attacked by men at every turn, including and especially the sexual revolution which saw men jump on what they could manipulate for their own benefit. It's like how VSCO girls were quickly replaced with the bimbo girl revival, except preflooding the new sexual revolution with more pro kink and male benefitting sex talks before we get the fgtow girls or whatever.

No. 1873466

KEK you guys really do try to gatekeep autism just because you hate her, it's actually kind of sad. Are you upset that she's autistic or does it just not align with your beliefs of her? She's autistic as fuck.

No. 1873467

No. 1873470

Is she pulling an Emilie Autumn? The vocals are extremely redundant and have too much tone control so it sounds a lot more like AI than it does sincere singing.

No. 1873494

File: 1690768855936.png (353.34 KB, 1980x1282, 2018E2099302DEZI9OP.png)

Those lyrics are truly terrible, even for her standards. It's really transparent and embarassing how she has switched her whole aesthetic and genre to cater to Elon's tastes. I don't know her discography that well but it seems like she introduced the tech, futuristic ai shit (especially in the lyrics) with We Appreciate Power and the MA album and is now sticking with it to pander and get noticed by him. The last two songs she released were already dedicated to him, how can one be such a pick me? It isn't the first time she has written something directly referencing someone to get noticed, see the Shiloh poem or picrel from 2015 she herself described as a "male producer diss track". Her "art", life and aesthetic is fueled by her ego and need for validation by others, that's why she cannot create anything valuable by herself, on top of lacking any producing or singing skills.

No. 1873499

nta but everyone throws the autismo card around like it’s nothing. she’s just a fucking retard.

No. 1873563

except MA was actually somewhat tolerable, it had some catchy tunes and a decent aesthetic (before she changed the album cover to that hideous art on streaming services). even though the execution was flawed, i enjoyed the demon of destruction stuff going on. she wasn’t a full on pick me back then and still had a solid ground. but since player of games it’s been such a shitshow she wants to become ai generated lady jessica so bad and tries too hard to prove elon that she is still fuckable and can still become his dream anime ai courtesan meanwhile elon just laughs at her desperation

No. 1873577

Those lyrics were so cool imo. What in the fuck has she become. Now she’s who she sang about, but to Elon

No. 1873582

Compare Realiti:
Get up, this is what I see
When we were young, we used to live so close to it
And you were scared and you were beautiful
I wanna peer over the edge and see in death
If we are always the same

Oh, I feel that no life will ever be like this again
'Cause your love kept me alive and made me insane

There were moments when it seemed okay
(But I go back alone)
Whether you go or whether you stay
(I go back alone)
There was a time when the music would play

Oh, baby, every morning there are mountains to climb
Taking all my time
Oh, when I get up, this is what I see
Welcome to reality

To this abomination:
I wanna be software
Battery heart
Infinite options
State of the art
I wanna be software
I wanna be code
Digital dancing
Upload my soul
I wanna be software
The best design
Infinite princess
Computer mind
I wanna be software
Live in the cloud
Fictional system
Tell me how
I wanna be software
Upload my mind
Take all my data
What will you find?

You can write me, you can design
You can make me however you like

No. 1873603

It's her best work in my opinion, really solid overall and she brought new things to the table. Delete Forever is one of her best release, one of the few songs in which she heartly sings without her high pitched baby voice, the lyrics are truly great (if she wrote them herself, which I kinda doubt), it's pretty airy and minilastic so it was a refreshing piece for her. I think leaving her label was a huge mistake, she needs a team of creatives around her and some budget or her whole shtick cannot stand on itself. The latest release really shows how she cannot manage herself, especially if she wants to stick to the ai tech slave thing. Filming in your backyard with asian girls in taobao costumes doesn't fit that aesthetic. I wonder what happened between shinigami eyes, a shit song but with a cool mv and some budget, and that one.

No. 1873680

It's a condition that requires a diagnosis, how on earth can either of you be this confident in saying she is or isn't autistic? Who gives a shit

No. 1873697

File: 1690813169778.jpeg (833.09 KB, 1170x1617, IMG_4191.jpeg)

Basically every quote tweeter of the song announcement is saying the AI dancer’s choreography was stolen from “Ooh Ahh” by TWICE


No. 1873879

File: 1690836220814.jpeg (187.05 KB, 1080x1284, download.jpeg)

Did Grimes post this because someone pointed out the pillow face bathrobe photo?

No. 1873898

X marks the crop top. And elon’s attention

No. 1873919

A $15 bottle of shampoo would do more for her than a $100K facelift

and what is this pose? If I didn't know she was afab I would almost think she is a tim since they're usually built like this

No. 1873966

omg what? hard disagreee

No. 1873968

File: 1690846250538.png (147.26 KB, 248x296, freehat.png)

kek free hat!

No. 1873984

All of you, evidently.

No. 1874034

jesus christ she actually looks horrible, like an abomination. love to see someone's ugly catching up to them

No. 1874037

Some women never learn to contour or twerk, are they any lesser for that?

No. 1874070

The past few pics of her have this red spot in her cooch area… gross..

No. 1874083

she had a c-section
as much as I don’t like grimes, it’s dumb to make fun of her body esp on things she couldn’t control.

No. 1874091

If she was autistic, she'd say so. She's talked about Elon being an aspie before in a positive light, so she's obviously not ashamed of it. She likes being mistaken for autistic from time to time because it fits her "weird quirky girl" thing, and I guess that confuses some people.

No. 1874096

File: 1690870810595.jpeg (342.17 KB, 1352x1099, IMG_0378.jpeg)

kpop steals shit all the time tbfh and that particular choreo was a super generic >>1873919
she really is built like a fridge. azalea was right when she said she looks like a teen boy. being an anachan with her physique is actually a very bad idea, her skinniness make her even boxier. picrel from pog mv makes me giggle every time i see it, she looks so angular.

No. 1874120

She had the c-section 3 years ago. That looks like a rash. Maybe her pants are too tight or she doesn't take care of herself.

No. 1874146

File: 1690883469548.jpg (27.19 KB, 640x357, screenshot.jpg)

People are speculating that they recently had a third baby via surrogacy because of tweets like this in response to her alt and her hanging out with Elon again

No. 1874170

File: 1690887263376.jpeg (162.34 KB, 1010x1280, FF31E4CD-77C9-42A4-B7B3-6A21C5…)

Elon aged 10 years in one month and is turning into an old Chinese man

No. 1874231

File: 1690896435752.png (856.58 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_4209.png)

Oh my god you’re right

No. 1874242

File: 1690897104602.png (861.37 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_4211.png)

Uhh what do you think this is about?

No. 1874243

That mouth and chin rash look like the one you get from making out with a guy with a beard (that is too stubbly or too dirty)
Of course he likes anal. Pride month is over Elon.

No. 1874264

File: 1690900317869.jpg (206.94 KB, 736x1000, F15Av7CZXUopL.jpg)

Pretty much, even on twitter I remember him being considered a generic smart-guy in the cultural zietgiest(like Stephen Hawking and Einstein)

No. 1874284

ty anon i agree even tho grimes is a dumbass

No. 1874285

kek din't know so many anons had given birth or had caesareans
thank you doctorchan

No. 1874286

he's so damn ugly even after photoshop and it's a pic from 6 years ago
just get some exercise, elon

No. 1874357

That was more than 3 years ago and I'm talking it looks like a big ol rash not a Lil scar…

Her last kid was surrogate so…

No. 1874600

nta, but do you actually think that those scars completely fade in 3 years? I have some news for you, they don’t.

No. 1874613


lol samo burja and danielle fong

No. 1874747

Thank you for editing it out in the next short.

No. 1874751

how many teasers is she going to drop?? gor this shitty video she filmed at her backyard and edited on capcut?? just drop it and go claire you are not a kpop girl group you don’t need a bazillion teasers

No. 1874794

Tbh this look only worked because she covered 2/3 of her orge face. Not to be rude but the etheral aesthetic didn't suit her at all. She's way to scruffy and her face isn't elven like. Not many people can pull this aesthetic tho

Claire legit looks like a Neanderthal in this pic wtf they must hate her

She's probably heartbroken cuz musk played her like a fiddle with their third son. She wanted to be Ms.Musk and he wanted another white baby with gigantic elephant ears.

No. 1874816

Major tinfoil theory: Musk and Claire love to claim that X is incredibly smart and already highIQ but I highly doubt it. Musk won't teach him stuff and claire leaves him with her nannies all the time. If he was really that gifted they would've bragged about it waaay more with valid proof. They would film him doing impressive stuff but I feel like he's just Musks favorite cuz he's the cutest out of all his kids

No. 1875271

It goes back to: if you have to say something is ___ then that something isn't ___. Elon and Grimey can pretend to be elite geniuses all they want but that is far from their reality. Can't take someone seriously when they think their literal baby smashing a keyboard makes them high IQ.