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File: 1629639637054.png (675.03 KB, 903x398, grimeselon.png)

No. 1306047

Etheral electronic-alternative hipster musician turned imperialist-friendly space bimbo devoted to whiteknighting Elon Musk and making lame TikToks. Billionaire exploiting his workers and enjoying his cringe celebrity phase.

>Born Claire Elise Boucher on March 17, 1988 in Vancouver

>changed her name to c, a letter symbolizing speed of light
>attendend McGill University with plans to double major in neuroscience and Russian; got expelled for skipping classes
>first began posting music in 2007 on Myspace, released music on Arbutus, 4AD, Roc Nation. In 2021 she signed to Columbia Records, cause „she needs money for her music videos” cause „Elon doesn’t give her money” (despite successfully making videos for years)
>got together with Elon Musk because they made the same cringey joke relating to theory of roko basilisk
>has a child with Elon Musk, they named him X AE A-XII Musk. (Who knows how it’s really pronounced, Grimes and Elon have different opinions on that matter)
>used to have „anti-imperialist” written in twitter bio, removed it after her relationship with Musk went public
>apparently current subject of Elon Musk’s bimbofication process, fills her face with botox, as well as getting countless other pricey plastic surgery procedurers, most probably to satisfy her boyfriend; Elon’s ex wives all mentioned he pressured them into dying their hair blond and getting surgeries.
>wrote on Twitter that Elon illegaly preventing employee unionization is „fake news”. Claimed she „investigated this heavily”
>spends most of the time whiteknighting Elon on TikTok
>walking bilboard for Tesla; starred as „cybergirl” in Tesla ad
>made „Visions” under the influence of Adderall (as well as hunger and cold rooms)
>both she and her boyfriend made public appearances visibly high on something
>made a „pro-climate change” album about goddess of climate change, relishing in human extinction, Miss Anthropocene. „My goal is to make climate change fun”
>Poppy drama: collabed with Poppy but resigned from publishing the song most probably after learning about what Poppy and Titanic Sinclair did to Mars Argo; Poppy leaked song nonetheless.
>the infamous Azealia Banks drama: Grimes invited Azealia to work together on some music. Azealia arrived at the mansion, but Grimes was too busy comforting Elon to care for the guest. Grimes left the house with her inconsolable boyfriend and in turn Banks was left alone and lost in their mansion for the rest of the weekend, later she wrote about everything on socials and posted her private conversations with Grimes, stating Elon just wanted Banks for a threesome. For some reason it took Grimes 3 years or so to react with a song „100% Tragedy” telling a story „how Azealia tried to destroy her career”. Saga continues
>various sources suggested other people write music and lyrics for her
>tried hard to make tumblrina DD/LG and gore lover Nicole Dollanganger famous
>claims she loves hentai

Elon Musk:
>CEO of Tesla and SpaceX
>more celebrity than enterpreneur
>both he and his family build their „empires” with questionable methods, to say lightly
>has benefited from Apartheid
>”Will coup whoever he wants!” Bolivia for example. „Deal with it!”
>exploits his workers; makes them work longer than average and underpays them
>uses kids to mine cobalt for his products
>pretends he cares for environment while actively contributing to destroying it
>Tesla workers report he’s an „awful boss who throws fits and treats people abominably”
>all he does in fact is firing people on a whim or throwing tantrums and calling everyone idiots
>posts lame boomer jokes and memes on Twitter, gets legions of devoted fanboys and whiteknights for being „relatable”
>”he only wants to save the world from population collapse! To set a good example!”
>wanted to save people stuck in a cave in Thailand by sending one of his shitty submarine toys to save them; when people got saved successfully without Elon’s stupid ideas, he threw an epic tantrum calling everyone „pedophiles”
>wants to „revolutionize transport”: in fact his car tunnels are useless claustrophobia capsule/guaranteed death, cause if something bad happends, the tunnel is so tight you can’t open doors and there’s no way for an ambulance/fire engine to get in
>he wants to own Mars too
>wants to air adverts in space
>has countless scorned ex-wives (for good reasons) and countless children he just produces as a side hobby and most probably doesn’t give a fuck about
>involved in various celebrity scandals


No. 1306048

hope everything's fine, especially muskrat summary as i'm not an expert on him.

No. 1306052

You did a good job OP, glad these cringelords finally got their own thread.

No. 1306055

thanks anon! enjoy

No. 1306068

go back to twitter this isn't milk

No. 1306070

File: 1629642075614.jpg (190.49 KB, 1080x930, 1614209691184.jpg)

>the absolute state

No. 1306081

at least sage your shit, a twitter screencap from months ago that was meme'd everywhere isn't milk.

No. 1306110

Excellent thread. How does Grimes not see how embarrassing it is to call this grown ass man her “boyfriend” after having his kid?

No. 1306128

The way this is written makes me think it's fiction, you would definitely remember how many days you were caught in the arctic blast and your billionaire scrote certainly wouldn't let you be driving around in it for funsies. It was also dangerous and deadly for absolutely everyone, not just kids. Sounds like an attempt to sound like an altruistic celeb+one of the people at the same time.
nta but there was no thread to post it in months ago, posting previous content in a first thread is normal

No. 1306135

there's a celebricows thread already where it was discussed at length

No. 1306155

File: 1629650358438.jpg (1.23 MB, 1965x3311, image3.jpg)

she really believes all of his bullshit. i almost feel bad for her

No. 1306159

File: 1629650964769.jpg (463.23 KB, 1969x1667, image5.jpg)

also is this an example of her not being his spokesperson? all the sources she linked are from tesla lol

No. 1306164

File: 1629651444497.jpg (110.22 KB, 1024x665, IMG_20210810_204637_2-1024x665…)

Nice thread OP. more on Elon for the next one (i.e. original colonial wealth, paypal, steals ideas, absolute moron meth head, hated by entire astrophysicist community, abusive tyrant)


lol the art world is really hurting for money right now

No. 1306169

I know all those people are (probably) rich, but damn, do they look dusty.

No. 1306187

Poor Grime. It seems she is genuinely in love with this guy and he pays her absolute dust.

They both look like pufferfish with all that filler in their faces.

No. 1306193

This is genuinely embarrassing. I can't believe I used to think she was cool pre-elon

No. 1306199

She’s beyond pity. She’s a grown ass woman she made these choices

No. 1306218

Kek this looks like some private high school field trip, and Elon is the relatable “cool teacher” with boundary issues.

No. 1306224

Wait… they are not even married? Gurl.

No. 1306241

> meth head
More like insufferable douchebag cokehead

Also, are the three guys on the right his sons?

No. 1306248

Yes those are his tards

No. 1306452

aw don't validate them with a thread. i think the only way to really piss these losers off is to ignore them. especially mr. "i need a moonbase and eternal life because i don't make anything interesting that people will remember"

No. 1306537

damn what a lazy woman. i studied russian at a university with a much harder languages program and i managed to finish. i'm a drunk fucking idiot, it's not that hard claire.(no1curr)

No. 1306635

No. 1306665

File: 1629696185056.jpeg (650.72 KB, 750x1250, 427F9DB6-F210-4848-89B2-6C60C9…)

No. 1306876

File: 1629731790254.jpg (41.1 KB, 500x375, grimes1.jpg)

i'm way less surprised about her falling for Muskrat after celebricows thread's anons said she comes from rich family and her "crack den" was just apartment she was the landlord of. it's always rich girls making up "ex crack den lifestyle" scenarios and proudly putting them up on their official websites' biography pages. they just love fake rags to riches stories, whilst remaining awfully naive in terms of poverty and world problems. a room with old ugly sofa doesn't always equate drug den lol
old grime photo

No. 1306880

File: 1629732272800.jpg (45.32 KB, 417x440, grimes2.jpg)

isn't that this green-haired girl from tiktok who said she couch surfed at grimes house? of course she's thinner here and dressed in black but there's something similar idk

No. 1306923

Makes me wonder what Grimes thinks of Amber Heard's baby. There's a rumour going on that AH and Musk fought over frozen embryos in court and Oonagh (sp?) is one of those embryos, but nothing sure.

Amber Heard/ Musk is a shitshow on it's own tho.

No. 1307017

Grimes parents: mother is former crown prosecutor and arts advocate and her father, a former banker working in the business side of biotech. she went to catholic school and later just skipped classes at mc gill. idk why i ever thought she wasn't just a typical rich kid, but alot of people got tricked into thinking she's some hard working Bjork-stanning indie girl.

No. 1307992

can someone link me the drugged out public apearences?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1307995

for a while grimes had a loli from interspecies reviewers as her avatar on twitter. she loves lolicon (pedo)

No. 1308079

being a pair of likeminded pedo guys makes more reason for them to hook up than artificial intelligence.

No. 1308134

Glad I never liked her music. Was she mostly image based? There are tons more artists who do the genre way better

No. 1308186

This isn't new milk at all, but anyone who doesn't know the story behind Elon Musk's "pedo guy" comment should read this article. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ryanmac/elon-musk-cant-lose The author was involved in the court case indirectly. Musk is a horrible disgusting human being who thinks he is very smart and just rides the laurels of others. After this incident, he became dead to me. I will support any and all alternatives to his companies and products. I'm fairly sure in a few years more dirt will come out about him too.

The OP doesn't mention it, but Musk spread a lot of misinformation about Covid19 and then the vaccines as well. There are a lot of sources; this is just one https://www.businessinsider.com/elon-musk-promoted-coronavirus-misinformation-then-tested-positive-2020-11

No. 1308232

Do you have a source on this?

No. 1308257

Bingo. Thank god they were self aware enough to know that meant they shouldn't have a daughter.

No. 1308287

Elon would never have a daughter. He has like 8 kids and they're all male. There's a reason he uses IVF for all his kids.
I think this is one of the aspects of Musk that isn't discussed enough. He hates women. I mean in a very real, literal way. He is pushing to be the "future of mankind" but he means that's literally. Mankind, not women. Think how strong his beliefs are that women are inferior that he would ensure he never has a daughter.

No. 1308299


I'm friends with people who knew Grimes from the DIY music scene in Canada - she was a trust fund baby and hence had connections with media types early on. Her involvement with the DIY scene was just window dressing to gain credibility (she also plagiarised their work apparently) , she was never struggling for her art and she would always have had the financial backing to succeed and meet potential rich husbands like Musk.

She blocked/unfollowed a lot of the Canadian artists she'd used to gain credibility after getting the 90k FACTOR arts grant in the pandemic despite being independently wealthy and living with the 2nd richest man in the world. https://www.altpress.com/news/grimes-canadian-artist-funding/

Also included for lulz, her attempt at becoming Tom Sawyer - https://www.startribune.com/this-boat-don-t-float/49134952/?fbclid=IwAR0H2Z_i0StgBTZiNDhLsKkuvDQDbxI4_yMJi8S1LpYs3ar-k8-RsH9j3SM

No. 1308300

File: 1629911469169.jpg (78.44 KB, 353x500, 3i4uoufkrdx11.thumb.jpg.d434fb…)

yuck. i remember people said she posted one particular hentai artist who focused on themes of impregnation of young girls…
she appealed to tumblr crowd hard in her "alternative" years, along sky ferreira, halsey and whoever else. "etheral" and thin frame, colorful hair and "weird" weeboo clothes/videos, plus pop sound of art angels was enough to be their favourite. i feel like a lot of people didn't even like her music that much but they fell for it just cause they liked her image.

No. 1308313

I have been convinced this bitch is utterly retarded after I found out they are not married. Imagine dating one of the richest men one earth and not demand he put a ring on it before giving him anything at all, let alone kids.

No. 1308317

i found it in official articles/interviews. haven't found more info on her father, but her mother is Sandy Garossino, you can google her. she's quite known/public person in Canada.

She had quite long summary on PULL with some older info, including her bullshit on visions, previous political views, tumblr posts and other stuff if anyone wants to check:
yeah, i read about her getting that 90k, what a joke. but poor grimes doesn't have money for videos, right. wasn't she selling NFTs last year?

No. 1308368

Shes trying to be young. Having a husband sounds way less youthful than having a boyfriend

No. 1308379

Kek because “33 with a child from my boyfriend” sounds so much better, right? She’s got it so backwards.

No. 1308411

Remember the Reddit post on /r/relationships that people assumed was Grimes (and others thought it was a troll post)?

It happened not long after Grimes' mom called out Elon on twitter, and I'm inclined to believe it was real.

>I was not that surprised to find that he'd been on men's rights type websites (if you agree with that fine whatever) and was using them to express his frustration that although he'd thought he'd found an ideal young partner who would have babies and turn into an ideal housewife (which was so weird to read because I feel like I'm the furthest thing from some housewife type and I'm not shy about that, I guess my mom has been filling my head with feminist garbage my whole life after all 😂. When we first met it seemed like we had lots of shared interests and ideas and he enjoyed my independence), but that pregnancy had made me gross and useless and then giving birth made me even worse, saying the only good thing about me was that I had a boy my first go. '

Archived post here:

No. 1308418

regardless if this is her, she probably is in a similiar situation and she is so fucking stupid for not marrying him before shitting out the baby with the dumb ass name

No. 1308428

wow i forgot about this. pretty much fits everything, huge chance it was grimes. she should've pushed the marriage when she still had a chance. she avoided it specifically to keep that narrative "i'm strong independent woman tm i don't need cash from my boyfriend!" but no one's going to congratulate her, it's pure stupidity in this case. doesn't she have a single friend able to give her good advices?
Hopefully the kid has decent nannies to take care of him. i wouldn't be surprised if grimes couldn't care less for the kid. when she spoke on pregnancy, she described it as "giving up" or "letting herself go" or something like that. i mean she couldn't make it any more clear that this child is only there cause her "boyfriend" wanted.

No. 1308580

Grimes is an idiot when it comes to her artistic façade, but she knows how to con people. I doubt she didn't try making it official.
However, after that messy divorce from Talulah Riley, Muskrat won't marry any woman ever again. lol

No. 1308584

Oh that’s right! Didn’t he and Talulah get married and divorced TWICE? lmao

No. 1308612

OH MY GOD thank you for mentioning the blocking/shunning of everyone who helped her get where she was.

No. 1308620

any known/famous names who she used once and then blocked? or is it just more private people/ex friends etc? who else she steals ideas from aside from bjork and nin?
I can tell for example that she stole We Appreciate Power sound/guitar riff/overall vibe from KMFDM, the song is called Power

No. 1308669

Where did you get that info from that she stole that particular song?

No. 1308690

nowhere, i like some of KMFDM music. i meant it more as a joke, it's not that she very evidently stole entire song, so much you could immediately tell. but a section of song reminds me of kmfdm's riff, just slowed down. "we've got the power" vs. "we appreciate power". i think that could be where she took inspiration from. if i remember well, she compared we appreciate power to marilyn manson, plus she aimed for more industrial rock sound at first. wouldn't be surprised if she listened to KMFDM or Nine Inch Nails for inspo. before Miss Antropocene turned out to be watery electro ambient and not industrial rock, of course

No. 1308710

i think nonette means more like grimes didn't even try to hide her influences and made a straight-up pastiche rather than an homage.

No. 1308711

i haven't heard of any stealing, just that she ignores people as soon as she thinks she's too good for them

No. 1308729

yes, exactly lol
oh ok… she's on the level of thinking the whole world is wrong and probably just jealous of her "success", so she probably blocks anyone who dares to criticize her. i understand canadian artists who got pissed when she randomly got 90k when she was already living with muskrat

No. 1308798

if she stole this song, it is from Spitire by the Prodigy. The beginning vocal is almost perfect rip off. you can play the songs on top of each other if you need to hear it better.

No. 1308804

as far as C not producing her own tracks. Here are some very interesting quotes from her ex
" i was rarely more than 20 feet away from her at all times from fall 2012 to spring 2018."

"it consumed my life for like five years - i wasn't unhappy to be doing that work bc i felt and continue to feel strongly that the lack of women in prominent technical roles in music and other industries is at the root of a lot of the major problems in culture and society and i felt like every success she achieved help put a dent in that problem."

"once i got dumped for a tech billionaire she turned heel on me and told me i had been more of a burden than a help and that i didn't deserve any credit for any of the work i had done on her behalf, badgering me to sign an NDA that would have required me to submit all future public statements and creative works to her for approval under threat of jail time and ultimately leaving me with nothing"

"i guess i tell you this for two reasons

1. to protect the integrity of the work i did by assuring people in the strongest possible terms that she did do all that work herself and that not only was it possible for her to do that kind of work, she was better at it than any of the men i knew during that period who did AAA pop production

2. to register my contention that generally, individuals who achieve what looks like individual greatness are not doing it on their own."



super SPECIFIC wording here. its almost like brooks is saying "this is basically what i have to say so i dont get sued, but if you read between the lines…"

this is backed up by poppy saying how grimes bullies producers into signing NDAs, could this be the case for Spike who wrote for Madonna and worked on Art Angels? who knows.

all i know is that, since dumping her ex- in the most deplorable way possible ("thanks for being my literal slave for 6 years but elon invited me to met gala and actually u have been more a burden than a help, also sign all creative rights away or go to jail, you can keep the dog i never took care of) -
since that time, she has only produced with other producers and her music sounds totally different since. It also is sounding more like Hana's who i've been suspecting is producing for the Grimes team along with her bf Bloodpop. Friends of bloodpop also suspect this (irl source)

Hana deleted a post where she said she was "coming vocals for a friend"… why did she delete that post? just fishy. Also pretty sure azealea said that hana was writing the lyrics but not a reliable source.

No. 1308805

whether she did it 100% herself or not is irrelevant as she had an expert producer next to her 100% of the time she was making AA and most of MA. Brooks, if u have been following Elite Gymnastics is a SUPERfeminist. She talked about how she felt dysphoria when singing because it didnt sound feminine, that and expressing "i felt and continue to feel strongly that the lack of women in prominent technical roles in music and other industries is at the root of a lot of the major problems in culture and society and i felt like every success she achieved help put a dent in that problem" just says to me that, she was willing to help Grimes with her production just to elevate women and general and make society think a woman single-handedly made this. Is that not something a closeted trans woman would do?

No. 1308808

couple more quotes that make me believe more people may have been involved in her production than the feminist fairytell we were all tricked into believing
"me and my manager Seb went into the studio and then we mixed everything, and he basically taught me – everything is still bedroom, but we replaced a lot of the drums in the studio, put effects on the vocals. Seb made me…he was like, “we’re mixing the vocals high” and I was like [whispers] “no, I’m so scared…” but now I love it, I just had to get over that fear of hearing myself sing."

Do you think you’ll work together again in the future, or maybe remix each other?
Grimes: Probably play shows. Remixes would be good. I was going to sing for you…
d’Eon: Yeah, I definitely want to write some vocal music for her. There are certain things that I want to do vocally that I can’t do, and I’d have to get someone like Claire to sing.
Grimes: I like the idea of someone writing a song and me singing it. I do that with Devon, from upstairs – Majical Cloudz.

a lot of people in montreal during that time believed a rumor that majical cloudz was helping her with everything. he was even with her when she was recording visions, she wasn't by herself. multiple sources have confirmed that he was there. peace

No. 1308810

her live shows, she doesn't even know how to use her gear. The gear is mostly there for show until she plays a few of the black keys on her juno, or pretends to drum. The jimmy fallon performance was 100% backing track, most of her performances are backing track with no gear actually triggering anything. Shes a great faker tho, she even has backing tracks that "sound" live but arent

here is an example (timestamped) https://youtu.be/LoaGD2hTPbw?t=1321

No. 1308817

So, nonny, you have a problem with feminism? Would you kindly be a dear and remove your nutsack from this thread?

No. 1308820

she's saying that grimes used and continues to use feminism as window dressing for her shitty music despite the fact that groveling for a misogynistic billionaire is the most pathetic, debasing thing a woman can possibly do you dense sperg

No. 1308824

no, im saying that grimes' ex, a transwoman, is a hyperfeminist who greatly desires women to be in prominent roles in music (see quote above) which would be an explainable motive behind her ghost producing or helping her produce music.

also whoever rold me to remove my nutsack from the thread please sage posts where you sperg out

**typo: hana said "comPing music for a friend" (since deleted off ig) not "coming"

No. 1308841

holy shit that is blatant. I can't believe I haven't seen a callout for this before.

No. 1308847

File: 1629977191023.jpg (57.02 KB, 800x500, fake.jpg)

This is what I've never understand. She isn't really a great faker and she must realise that and just not care?? During the Art Angels tour she would bring out an electric guitar which she was never actually playing and that was obvious. That Jimmy Fallon performance had to be a joke right? It's obviously just miming over a backing track.

She's a chronic liar so nothing she says holds any weight. She made it clear that she doesn't bother learning to play any musical instrument because it's boring and waste of her time. I also always just assumed she would steal small riffs from other songs here and there and then build a song around them, she talked about 'cracking' the code on how to write music during the Visions era and I just assumed that was her idea of songwriting.

No. 1308851

tranny chaser detected. also top fucking kek that grimes ex bf is a tranny, the jokes write themselves

No. 1308852

sorry I didn't know her ex was trans, my bad. I understand now.
My post was saged though.

No. 1308854

post by u/auraphasia |reddit

James was Grimes’ “wife”

I follow James on twitter as I find their observations on pop culture and politics to often be astute and hilarious (plus I love the music they made under Elite Gymnastics and later Default Genders). A lot of people have wondered about James’s POV since they broke up, so I am posting this for those people. They also confirm that she does everything production-wise herself, although has help w/everything else.

[Source: https://curiouscat.me/elite_gz]

Anon Hi, I asked you about you daily job (once!)because I believe that you are the real song writer and producer behind grimes.

I don't expect you to admit anything or to write back but a lot of grimes fans are suspect that.and from good reasons.just look at the time line. Anyway,that is probably the reason you get asked that a lot and people gonna ask you that till your ex will produce something reasonable


gr*mes is one of my least favorite people on the planet, believe me, if i had secretly been behind her music this whole time i would have told people by now. i didn't meet her until spring 2012, at which time the album that broke her had already been completed and released. furthermore, i was rarely more than 20 feet away from her at all times from fall 2012 to spring 2018. no one else was working on her music. she made art angels by herself, and she made 2-3 albums worth of additional stuff during that time period by herself that's at a similar level of quality

i did not have creative involvement on her music during that period of time beyond like, suggesting world princess 2 should be a full song instead of an interlude and helping sequence the tracklist. i did all kinds of business stuff, emails, meetings, typing up treatments, the title cards and credit pages for most of the videos ("roccoco basilisk" was me unfortunately, so that whole thing is technically my fault sorry), housework, monitoring social media to report threats to the FBI (many of which also targeted me)

it consumed my life for like five years - i wasn't unhappy to be doing that work bc i felt and continue to feel strongly that the lack of women in prominent technical roles in music and other industries is at the root of a lot of the major problems in culture and society and i felt like every success she achieved help put a dent in that problem. i still think that was a worthwhile use of my time even though i wasn't paid for any of it and once i got dumped for a tech billionaire she turned heel on me and told me i had been more of a burden than a help and that i didn't deserve any credit for any of the work i had done on her behalf, badgering me to sign an NDA that would have required me to submit all future public statements and creative works to her for approval under threat of jail time and ultimately leaving me with nothing

i guess i tell you this for two reasons

to protect the integrity of the work i did by assuring people in the strongest possible terms that she did do all that work herself and that not only was it possible for her to do that kind of work, she was better at it than any of the men i knew during that period who did AAA pop production

to register my contention that generally, individuals who achieve what looks like individual greatness are not doing it on their own. history's great men all had wives, they all had teams of people behind them, and there's a lot of work that is necessary for that level of achievement that is undervalued and dismissed by the way laws and society calculate the value of things. no i did not secretly write and produce anyone's music for them, but also i was doing all kinds of unglamorous shit that was extremely important and if you notice a big change in that project since i stopped being involved with it, that's at least partly why. wives are important. respect wives

No. 1308856

can you stop with the autistic spacing and copy pasting of already posted information?

No. 1308857

No. 1308858

Why is this dude so freely admitting to such toxic co-dependancy. Rarely more than 20 feet apart? I'm sure she kept plenty of secrets from him, that level of smothering would cause resentment even if she herself was so co-dependant that she demanded he always be around.

No. 1308866

>she was willing to help Grimes with her production just to elevate women and general and make society think a woman single-handedly made this. Is that not something a closeted trans woman would do?
No that is not something a trans woman would do. Trannies hate women and their scrote nature makes them competitive and vindictive. They would never help a woman to further some kind of feminist cause, in fact that is the opposite of what a tranny would do.

No. 1308890

Sorry anon, this isn't the smoking gun that exposes Grimes' bullshit. He sounds less like someone who was bamboozled by her and more like a scorned ex. He tried to make his sob story more believable by tying it to feminism… which is painfully ironic, considering he's a female impersonator.

Yeah, Claire is a fucking farce as an artist, I believe the NDA part and that she's a failed control freak, but what is quoted here >>1308854
>history's great men all had wives, they all had teams of people behind them
>i was doing all kinds of unglamorous shit that was extremely important and if you notice a big change in that project since i stopped being involved with it, that's at least partly why. wives are important. respect wives
… sounds like typical tranny narcposting (a dash of woe-is-me about their relationship + "I didn't even matter, I didn't do much for her career" + "actually, i'm the shit, I did a lot"). He's pretty much calling himself "the wife", one of the important persons behind Grimes success lol, come the fuck on…
He's not the only person Claire mooched off.

No. 1308906

>grimes' ex, a transwoman, is a hyperfeminist

No. 1308949

I was just listening to HANA the other day and I was thinking the same thing!

You can especially hear it in’ ‘So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth’ and there’s even a couple of notes/a sound effect right before one of the verses that sounds EXACTLY like a part in Hana’s “Chimera” (which came out in 2016, years before Miss Anthropocene)

For as much as they’ve been ‘hanging out’ I wouldn’t be surprised if she was on Grimes’ payroll

No. 1308952

hilarious to imply someone who was with grimes during the years she produced her worst records would be behind her success

No. 1309172

Saying “i did not have creative involvement” followed by

“ once i got dumped for a tech billionaire she turned heel on me and told me i had been more of a burden than a help and that

i didn't deserve any credit for any of the work i had done on her behalf, badgering me to sign an NDA that would have required me to submit all future public statements and creative worksto her for approval under threat of jail time and ultimately leaving me with nothing”


“i guess i tell you this for two reasons

1. to protect the integrity of the work i did by assuring people in the strongest possible terms that she did do all that work herself…” why would saying that protect the integrity of the work? Because you have to say that or get sued??

2. to register my contention that generally, individuals who achieve what looks like individual greatness are not doing it on their own.

Is basically brooks is saying “i did help with production, but in the NDA i signed prevents me from stating anything other than she did the work herself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1309173

File: 1630008979236.jpeg (388.09 KB, 1026x1063, 9C58504A-F397-432E-BDB5-C5C4B6…)

No. 1309182

poppy should release the part with her bridge

No. 1309185

Grimes is credited as a writer and producer for 'Play Destroy' though. If she really did jack shit, I'm surprised Poppy didn't try and fight it. Maybe since she has Elon money it was a lost cause though.

No. 1309188

those grants are very difficult to get and i have seen professors at my prestigious school who are highly acclaimed&do shit tons of outreach for at-risk students (of all ages) get turned down year after year.

No. 1309189

what happened to devon welsh? tinfoil but he fuckin' disappeared after she outgrew him and now i'm wondering if she shittalked him to get everyone to forget how much he did for her

No. 1309193

what?? but the whole hype about her is that she's supposed to be a wizard at live mixing!!
can you elaborate nonnanne, this is outrageous if she's lying that much

No. 1309199

saged bc old milk but i found this interesting. tumblr rapper kitty (pryde) apparently was going to collab with grimes but then claire backed out with no explanation. she talks about it at 2:45.
kitty's story is very similar to what poppy ended up saying 4 years later. so many people have identical stories, it sounds like grimes is a nightmare to work with.

No. 1309214

i thought grimes backed out because of mars argo drama. it was the time when it blew up and all, and apparently grimes unfollowed poppy and gave mars a follow. but now i see maybe she used the situation and her behaving "right" as a coverup, an excuse to back out for whatever reason. at the time i thought poppy was exaggerating with "bullying" talk, now i think the bullying was probably reference to forcing NDAs. both grimes and poppy are shady, unoriginal and hardly indepentent so i can't take any sides here. and Hana is definitely on the payroll.
I remember how Claire said "i never play guitar cause guitar is boring" and that's so stupid, guitars are most commonly used, most obvious tool for composers, even if you can play only a couple of chords. just say you're salty you can't play any real instruments

No. 1309234

Wow I'd never heard this story before, that's so shitty.

No. 1309265

That's the thing, even the most exclusively computer-based artists learn how to play instruments. Generally people that love music naturally do that. It's want started me thinking that perhaps her whole career is a scam.

No. 1309268

>("roccoco basilisk" was me unfortunately, so that whole thing is technically my fault sorry)
Lmao, damn.
>monitoring social media to report threats to the FBI (many of which also targeted me)
What? Why would there be threats to the FBI?

No. 1309270

the stupid rococo basilisk joke is what got elon's attention to begin with, she didn't even come up with it herself? kek

No. 1309278

guitar is never boring, it's the one playing it lol. artists who cannot play any instruments (who strictly sing for example) usually have to work with someone who can play instrument to make a full song, it's obvious. the videos of her just carrying guitar around are hilarious
probably meant threats from psychofans to artist, from stalkers and whatnot. he had to report to fbi that grimes receives such threats
omg what. so it wasn't even grimes but the guy's mistake? and the whole "romantic" backstory of their first interaction is ruined kek

No. 1309281

They're all clean and those are expensive IPA type beers on that table, I'm screaming. Thanks for posting this anon, I've always heard her narrative and thought it was fishy af. Compare this to something like Luna's den of filth and the bullshittery of it all comes to light.

No. 1309317

File: 1630020867701.jpg (29.48 KB, 500x374, what.jpg)

i found more old grimes photos from high school/university/pre-grimes bands and first grimes shows if you want to analyze lol. for starters this is high school Grimes

No. 1309320

File: 1630021446418.png (1.03 MB, 780x1162, g2.png)

original descriptions:

"above: one of the first attempts to integrate into normal society while still a goth
below: at the pyramids in mexico with d’eon <3 best trip ever hehe"

No. 1309322

File: 1630021783065.png (763.99 KB, 524x749, g4.png)

"my old noise band liturgi with duffy that had to disband due to the creative differences as well as the success of the better band from nyc known as liturgy."
second one is first grimes live show ever at lab.synthese.

No. 1309329

File: 1630023099507.jpeg (Spoiler Image,59.2 KB, 628x628, A73DEB01-8E6F-481C-BA6D-931BF3…)

>the better band from nyc known as liturgy
Hunter Hunt Hendrix from Liturgy needs his/her/their own thread. Undoubtedly schizophrenic who writes 50 pages worth of theological philosophy every day, with the big twist being that all the theology starts fairly abrahamic but then suddenly supposes all these strange things, concepts, words, and entities that nobody else on earth understands or has even heard of. It’s like Tolkien writing The Silmarillion except 100% serious/non-fictional and EXTREMELY pretentious while written as if it’s academic (Hunter’s family are all university professors).


(NSFW image)

No. 1309374

File: 1630027504509.jpg (168.77 KB, 902x1200, 31d2378fef566630a7d5d87b679978…)

Behind every great woman is a martyr male-wife.

No. 1309382

Has anyone else listened to the trueanon eps on Elon? They're pretty interesting if that's your thing. I downloaded free rips off the "blackepsteinfeed" subreddit

No. 1309416

wow, i knew j_brooks from my Hipinion days and i did not see this coming

No. 1309433

i goog'd him and jfc he looks like motherfuckin Pennsatucky

No. 1309435

how come none of these guys seem able to notice the epic CHINNNNN in the mirror

No. 1309470

I haven't, do you have a tl;dl summary?

No. 1309788

File: 1630095963216.png (657.5 KB, 1170x2532, F702D16A-EEC0-478C-9245-9E45DC…)

So weird, there was a female writer originally listed on My Name is Dark…. Some rock chick… her name has disappeared from any credits tho!! Did anyone else see this?

No. 1309810

File: 1630096951725.png (579.83 KB, 1170x2532, E69DF938-2EBA-45BB-8422-FACB99…)

Found it. And her https://www.instagram.com/kcdalager/?hl=en

So interesting how wikipedia, lyricsgenius, discogs, list claire as sole writer. (Looks like she didnt legally change her name afterall, another lie)

Whats insane is that Claire could have elevated this girls career by publicly cosigning her as a writer but here she sits with 12k followers and claire doesnt even follow her… i bet she has a lot to say about this but probably signed NDAs

No. 1309898

damn it that makes me wonder if there's more info on people ghostwriting for grimes on official music databases. good example

No. 1309899

File: 1630102965222.png (189.89 KB, 500x494, 1620847398471.png)

>hentai is so impowtant uwu hehe im actually a pervert blue hair pink hair girls are everything owo booba brings me joyy
such a genuine take, never have I ever read anything alike

No. 1309951

File: 1630107738435.jpeg (456.68 KB, 1170x1111, 1D4D9353-062D-41B3-B37E-1F85B4…)


I looked up this dudes art and was really grossed out, like as someone who regularly watches really fucked up hentai- this still made me squirmish cus i am not at all turned on by prepubescence. I wish i cud unsee this dudes art but if ur curious its here https://nhentai.net/artist/deadflow/

No. 1309953

Its literally children being raped

No. 1309957

the tranny trend is so amusing to watch. it's really funny how to be involved in art or music you have to be peer-pressured into becoming extremely fat, hairy, and ugly from other exposed-nerve narcissists.

No. 1309970

It's so bizarre to see this uber rich actual celebrity tweeting like your run of the mill degenerate weeb-cow. She should hire digribro to ghost write her tweets

No. 1309976

File: 1630109589362.jpeg (128 KB, 640x870, CBF790C6-4138-4065-AF22-4E234E…)

>im not one of those dumb sjw feminist with the ugly bangs anymore guise
>literally appeared with the exact same sjw haircut a day earlier

No. 1309991

oh god… what was she expecting, people congratulating? "wow claire, good taste"? this idiot willingly boasted to the whole world how much she likes hentai drawings involving children and abuse, for brownie points. what's wrong with her
tbh surprised if she never announced liking ddlg shit. every "alternative" tumblr favourite from lana to melanie martinez to billie eilish was into daddy bullshit
kek btw interesting how she's sort of shitting on feminism ever since getting with musk. lowkey and jokingly but still.

No. 1310047

I mean, she uses the word "daddy" a lot in a song with Blood Diamonds (though I guess "daddy" could be God).

No. 1310058

ugh…any chance she speaks the language whose characters she's using?
"Asian" isn't a fucking aesthetic, claire

No. 1310089

she made that girl from Loona the godmother to her child? Shes like 34 and the godmother is born in the year 2000, idk i feel like she fetishes these young k pop idols it sorta rubs me the wrong way… when i (27) hang out with 20 year olds i have not a lot in common with them and it never feels right.. i remember her saying this in 2012 “i refuse to be infantilized” and now she makes literal baby noises in her music? (End of violence, pitching up all her vocals to sound like a literal 2 year old) i think her being into DDLG is spot on.. i mean getting horny for elon must be quite difficult

No. 1310148

sage your retarded rants, twitterfag

No. 1310160

File: 1630133145215.jpeg (79.91 KB, 608x450, B86C3192-2646-45E5-AA6C-C1DA39…)


Grimes in 2012: “I don’t want to have to compromise my morals in order to make a living…I don’t want to be infantilized because i refuse to be sexualized.”

Also Grimes in 2012: Anime-inspired sailor outfit with pigtails and uwu faces

No. 1310161

+ Pitching up her voice to sound childlike in all of her songs

No. 1310265

gowon from loona isn't her child's godmother, that's a meme. loona fans tend to make a lot of memes that get picked up as news.
and i agree that she kinda fetishizes them and treats them like memes instead of real people and artists. she keeps bringing them up, liking memes about them, commenting fairy emojis under gowon's pictures, and making tiktoks about being trapped in gowon's bag and shit like that cause she wants to be hip with the kids.

btw she also isn't listed in the credits on the song she did with them. is she really ''featuring'' on the song just cause she says ''finally introducing loona'' in the beginning of the song.
she was supposed to produce the song for them and everybody keeps saying that she made the song for them, but she isn't listed as a producer/composer/writer or anything

No. 1310315

Liars grandstand and lie about the dumbest shit.

From her 2020 Rolling Stone interview:

- When she performs her old songs, she has to “do the baby voice, and that feels weird. This music was created by a very young person, in a very young state of mind.” -

Like what? She's never stopped using the baby voice and she used that same baby voice all over the album she promoting for this interview. She loves sexualizing herself by infantilizing herself. Maybe she's in denial or maybe she's just an asshole.

No. 1310319

File: 1630157290301.jpg (74.99 KB, 728x384, grimes-we-appreciate-power.jpg)

lol what very young person? what very young state of mind? she's 33 now and she was 23 when she released geidi primes, she was an adult woman. she never stopped the baby voice, neither the visual.

No. 1310329

She’s 33?? I thought she was in her early to mid 20s this entire time. Somehow all of this is worse.

No. 1310336

File: 1630159475909.png (56.73 KB, 1118x608, anachan grimes.png)

sage for no new milk, chairmandore was the name of her old flickr and last.fm accounts.

No. 1310356

I keep forgetting her age honestly. I feel like a lot of people do and give some of her music a pass because they think she did it when she was a kid. Visions came out when she was 24, I thought she was like 18 at the time.

No. 1310357

ooh I've never seen this but it checks out
>would've been 18
>"grade three and four" Canadian verbiage
>listening to arovane

No. 1310359

>HW 118
That's pretty skinny and normal. I'll never understand the anachan mindset.

No. 1310494

ALL ANACHANS put their LW between 80 and 89. it's never true unless the person is short or one of those so extremely anorexic people who ends up on the news.

No. 1310694

adding Poppy's official statement on the whole thing from old press articles:
>"We planned the song coming out months ago, and she was preventing it. I got to watch her bully songwriters into signing NDA and not taking credit for songs that they were a part of. She doesn’t practice what she preaches. It’s really upsetting to work with a female that is very outward about a topic, but behind closed doors, it’s the complete opposite. It’s actually very disheartening to people that are actually feminists and supporters of other females."

No. 1310774

If anything shes increAsed the baby voice, her new track anhedonia and the end of violence has this weird baby “mmm gah” sound at the end that literally sounds like a 1 year old cooing… which is weird enough when a 20 year old does it… but being almost 35 and making literal baby cooing ? Is elon into this shit or something ? Shes chilling w girls 14 years her junior, dressing more and more like a 16 year old… likes lollicon, and said the world needs more lollis…

No. 1310782

lol that's probably the only reason. besides idiotic rococo joke that wasn't even her, elon must've watched one of her baby anime videos or google photos, she could pass as baby-voiced teen in some of them. before she started altering her face, of course. she's now freaking out cause she's getting older. what do you think are their shared interests? not neuroscience and not robotics, even though she likes to larp as some expert on technology and science

No. 1310793

they obviously tard out together and engage in some sort of drug fueled VR headset orgy, just speculating.
i also think they have the same sort of cringe humour devoted to internet subculture even though elon is pushing literally 55 with his decaying pumpkin face and grimes has a child, wish they could be offline like the other billionaires of the world…

No. 1310815

yeah, this. or playing nintendo
Idk judging from her "hobbies" and activities Grimes must be a nightmare to be around. all she does is dressing up as some space elf, dancing/wiggling swords and fans in the air, playing nintendo or VR, watching anime and hentai, making idiotic tiktoks and probably scrolling gossip and socials all day, drugged tf out. people with small children rarely even get time to read some book in the evening and she just behaves like a child herself

No. 1310840

She has like a million nannies that kid has no mother. Just a spoiled big sister. My heart goes out to him.

No. 1310848

Btw her team 100% found this thread cus theyre using SEO tactics to bury it in google results. Everytime i search it, its further down on the list.

No. 1310856

how do you search for it? these threads never show up close in search unless you specifically type lolcow or the cow is not very famous. when i type "grimes lolcow" i get this thread only on 2nd page way after all celebricows

No. 1310860

It was the 4th result 2 days ago and keeps moving down. Anyone else’s lolcow comes right up when u search name + lolcow

No. 1310866

lol what suckers. grimes thread will be still available in lolcow catalog and probably bumped to the top a lot. sending links is a thing too.
either way it's not even needed to know about this thread to notice there's something wrong with claire, her dating muskrat is enough

No. 1310890

If that is true and you are reading this, grimes' team, please make her shut up about lolicon hentai

No. 1311049

Grimes and Elon want to turn Mars into a planetary scale Epstein island.

No. 1311117

I am happy her and Musk got a son instead then. Daughters life would be a huge nightmare.

No. 1311121

probably a good thing for Claire’s rep that she never collabed with Azaelia, if only because Azaelia would’ve been all over this accusation if she’d also witnessed Claire in the studio (poppy’s not as loud or interesting)

No. 1311173

lol this. Azealia still spilled a lot, wonder what else they messaged about.
adding to Poppy, on her album under Play Destroy (Grimes collab) in liner notes she listed author as "authentic songwriter" and "authentic producer" before Grimes. claire was listed last as writer and only as "additional production". I think Grimes uses ghostwriters for writing base of the song/melodies and then only messes around with Garageband clicks and beats to enhance

No. 1311268

grimes called azealia banks fat and i also read she has horrible eating habits
is there anything out there about a possible ED?

No. 1311294

Is ever there anyone posted here that doesn't have an ED of some kind?

No. 1311297


She also did ballet until she was a teenager apparently, I think there was some legit sauce put earlier in this thread as well connecting her old MySpace page to an ana club and her basically confessing to an eating disorder. Only someone with an eating disorder would call azealia fat, she literally isn’t and never has been and it’s obviously a delusion to say so, there are so many other things to call azealia like literally schizophrenic but jumping to her weight seems like such a strange projectional cope to me

No. 1311299

ntayrt, but I discovered lolcow a few years ago in a google image search for Emily Artful to see more of her work after finding her on youtube. It led me to a really old artist salt thread which wasn't exactly buried very deep in the image search, and it had long since been locked so it couldn't have been because of SEO? (also funny because I remember being really confused about the ire directed towards EA, but that's all come to light as to what that was about)

Anyway there's been a bunch of other times I've found lolcow through google images without including lolcow in the search, and without much effort. It definitely seems plausible that Grimes team checks every facet of google search and found this thread through google images.

No. 1311303

hey now, HOLOGRAPHIC Epstein island, HOLOGRAPHIC loli, I’m sure they could somehow justify that as being removed enough away from legit cp to enjoy it somehow, grimey might get too jealous of the holo loli tho. First lovers quarrel murder suicide on the planet Mars material?

No. 1311320

Nta but right here >>1310336
I think there was a vice interview too where she talked about having a very restricted diet.

No. 1311321

All elites are pedophiles. They have everything they could ever want and could fuck anyone they could ever want so they are bored and they keep pushing things to be more and more extreme to still feel some kind of excitement and thrill. All of them.

No. 1311323

she tried vegetarianism and veganism with breaks and in that one interview she said she ate spaghetti only for a whole year or so

No. 1311353

If I search "lolcow grimes" the first 5 results are all other lolcow threads, then this thread, then more other threads.
SEO tactics would involve new, unrelated websites or accounts being made with similar keywords to push it further, they can't affect previous lolcow threads.

No. 1311366

I don't think her team found it, I think she did. She's been known to search herself on the internet and shitpost on anon historically. Seems she hasn't changed.

No. 1311376

Can't wait for the "I'm not Claire but…" posts defending her

No. 1311380

this is all from memory but i remember an article from 2012 or so where she talked about her upbringing. she mentioned her family was fitness crazy and would go for runs early in the morning, and she would also dance - so all in all like 4-6 hours of exercise a day when she was growing up. it’s possible she exaggerated but after a seeing a pic of her family it kinda made sense (they look stepford). plus something about her dad being a health nut and making them drink these protien shake things instead of eating. sounded like the perfect environment for EDs…not to mention she’s never looked particularly healthy.

No. 1311389

Yea, but she really is just a compulsive liar. She obviously has an ED but any story surrounding that is likely fake. Also for a dancer she doesn't have much flexibility, and that's usually something you retain if you did dance in your formative years.

She has said she never consumed any media growing up and also that she didn't know people actually wrote lyrics in songs, she thought they just kind of said words. Other times she has said she grew up listening to Marilyn Manson and NIN - or maybe she didn't but her brother said she did. She's not popular enough to get called out on her lies and that's also another reason I can see her not touring again. With all the Elon notoriety, more people might give a shit that she's faking doing anything up on stage.

No. 1311403

File: 1630277440544.jpg (54.33 KB, 550x550, hei that's my gimmick.jpg)

>She has said she never consumed any media growing up

Claire's clone from the tundra obviously took detailed notes.

No. 1311414

>also that she didn't know people actually wrote lyrics in songs, she thought they just kind of said words
Why would you say something that makes you sound so absolutely fucking stupid?

No. 1311422


It's in the beginning of this this video.
She was just soooo crazy.

No. 1311433

How is she sooo crazy? Were u homeschooled or something? Shes basic af or she wouldn’t have to constantly lie about herself to seem interesting. She reminds me of every borderline, identity-less hot topic teen i’ve ever met(sage)

No. 1311437

File: 1630279467060.png (183.19 KB, 633x356, Idoru-Grimes-Main.png)

I think one of the cringiest things about Grimes is that she uses that manga/anime aesthetic and drawings a lot. it doesn't fit, you know, real artists. you can release your manga book like Courtney Love did but not throwing this into your music videos or everyday style. it feels like cosplayer not musician. totally not an expert on anime characters but people were mad she inserted some classic anime or manga character into her video.
lol she's like a cross of Grimes and Sia

No. 1311442

I was quoting her and being sarcastic. She is indeed basic and beyond ridiculous. Rewatching that video I'm surprised she mentioned having a manager back in 2010 before releasing Halfaxa. Isn't she from some DIY scene where her friends created her initial record label? Why would someone so 'self-made' bother with a manager that early on especially when everyone knew each other?

No. 1311447


I’m unfortunately very familiar with the Canadian DIY scene and they all work for eachother essentially, her “manager” was probably just one of her friends she recruited to book her for montreal basement ketamine parties, everyone in the diy scene is very very bent on being seen as professional so they will recruit anyone they can into their posé to look as cool as possible

No. 1311448

I must say something retarded, does anybody else think grimes looks like a weaboo Shayna in this thumbnail?

No. 1311460

I think Grimes is one of the ugliest women alive but Shayna wishes

No. 1311481

it used to annoy me to no end how the toronto guys would say stuff like "manager" or "video director" or "label" and all the meant was jen, chris from the bar, and alex sending the FLAC to greg in the east end who has a record pressing machine in his basement.
the canadian DIY scene is just whoever is wearing the trendiest clothing getting free labour from the four bearded guys who own the recording equipment.

No. 1311516

File: 1630288728715.png (713.64 KB, 376x669, AD0698F2-D379-4322-8342-C007F3…)

No. 1311519

File: 1630288977449.png (3.15 MB, 1170x2532, 94ABF1DE-9322-4ECA-8830-FEA510…)

She lost all respect from me when i read “at least im not fat” thats just so insanely low… AB lost a lot of weight recently but she has never been anything near “fat” … if she thinks AB is fat, she must realize half of her fans are average weight which apparently to her is fat… girl look at your boyfriend?? Elon is at least 2 azealeas wide

No. 1311521

File: 1630289066846.jpeg (313.2 KB, 934x1920, B3FAFD40-608A-4C42-8D15-5C2280…)

No. 1311522

File: 1630289220835.png (5.18 MB, 1170x2532, 2D7905D5-B185-47B8-8F57-30168A…)

No. 1311523

File: 1630289255988.jpeg (845.72 KB, 1170x1476, B63E9DD7-22A2-4E79-85A0-7C5D0C…)

Sorry for out of order

No. 1311524

File: 1630289277273.png (4.81 MB, 1170x2532, 79E52DE0-2AA7-4A89-93BC-C891B3…)

No. 1311525

File: 1630289322974.jpeg (253.56 KB, 1170x463, 288F4FAB-7E1D-4AFF-BB0F-DE15A4…)

A highlight
“She asked me how to teabag”

No. 1311526

File: 1630289502907.jpg (199.67 KB, 1058x896, origin.jpg)

she has such immature and weak comebacks. AND THEN she backed out of everything
Has anyone seen Azealia's response to Grimes talking about 100% tragedy being about her? she dumped some spoked stuff in her stories back then but they expired

No. 1311532

>>1311525 i cant believe she tolerates this from a man? Telling her shes not good at sucking dick? Pressured into having 3somes? This is why i never date rich dudes they’re all pigs and ephebophiles

No. 1311535

Her new music reminds me of something jeffree star wud premiere on his myspace in 2009 but not in a good way … it sounds like the songs that result from when girls from drag race release a single, but also not in a good way. If this were her first release no one would know who she is cus her catalogue would get lost in a sea of female vocal shitty tech house

No. 1311550

This. Out of the multiple things you could accurately call Azealia, fat isn't one of them, and it's very telling that in Grimes' mind that's the worst insult she could think of.

No. 1311554

It cracks me up that in all of these photos/videos from this it makes her look bald with pigtails

No. 1311555

'friends' i.e. her brother that she has on her payroll

No. 1311557

I hate Grimes as much as the next anon but she did the best to de-escalate that anyone could when dealing with the horror that is Azealia Banks. Maybe she realized her insults just couldn't compare. She seems genuinely stupid and it's hard to insult someone when you have no grasp of language

No. 1311558

These lyrics are already hilariously bad but when i reAd grimes say they are about azealea, it became 10X more funny

Try me tonight, try me tonight
I'll defeat you by the moonlight
Witness your own tragedy
I look like a flower, but I'm a serpent underneath

A hundred percent tragedy x2

Fallen angel, fallen angel
No forgiveness for betrayal
**I could have you on your knees
I look like a flower, but I'm a serpent underneath**

We dance now
You'll be mine
I'd fight her
In my mind
I'd fight you
'Til daylight
I'll hunt you
'Cause you're mine

No. 1311560

It's one of those situations where Banks is kinda right but she is still an unhinged bitch

No. 1311561

I read her apologising and saying she's sorry she hurt her as her just being passive aggressive. That's her comeback, acting like she did more damage and is taking the higher road. That would deeply piss a narc off - whether Azealia is or isn't a narc is anyones call.

No. 1311565

She's delusional. She really thinks she's a badass bitch with all this power because she's dating Elon and since she never had a strong grasp on reality to begin with, things will only get more milky as time goes on.

No. 1311566


No. 1311568

Nah, it was 4am and she was high off her mind

No. 1311570

The fact that AB has Grimes' pic set as the Quasimodo girl from Game of Thrones has me SCREAMING

No. 1311574

not to azealia sperg but when you compare this to the few lyrics azealias dropped of a diss track on grimes it looks even worse. azealia called her "childlike and bitter" which is a little too complimentary to grimes loli loving starved brain

No. 1311582

lmao thanks for describing my exact feelings when I listened to Miss Anthropocene. It felt familiar, trashy and bland, all at the same time.

Azealia is bipolar and doesn't take meds. There's no apology or comeback in the world that can calm down people like that when they're manic.
Claire is really not used to people coming at her throat, when literally everyone who's dealt with AB knows that the best strategy is to stop replying.

No. 1311585

she seems clueless/terrible at sex? is she closeted maybe? idk anything about her. or sex with men. she seems straight to me but she sounds so sad and confused here

No. 1311586

>We dance now
>You'll be mine

>I'll hunt you

>'Cause you're mine

What is this? Her way of saying she's still down for the musky threesome?

No. 1311588

>she dumped some spoked stuff in her stories back then but they expired
What'd they say?

No. 1311595

sounds like an anime intro
she's just a pedo weeb

No. 1311609

interesting how this is the fault of "lesbo-feminism" and not grimes herself.

No. 1311622

I will never understand the confusing timeline of that encounter. Grimes befriends AB (when, where?) Grimes invites her to Elon mansion for a collab and possibly 3some. but Grimes and Elon dissappear somewhere and AB is left alone in his house for a couple of days and… she does what exactly while waiting?? Aren't there other people on the house? Grimes and Elon come back, high on drugs and… AB witnesses elon being crazy, a fight ensues… I can't keep up.

can some anon direct me to a site that can recap the events as detailed as possible? I am not asking to be spoon-fed everything, but when I try to research about this mess it is extremely convoluted and confusing. it reads like a pipedream.

No. 1311626

>Has anyone seen Azealia's response to Grimes talking about 100% tragedy being about her?
Vidrel, it's this one.

>Sis, what is the tea? What is it giving? What do you want from me, white girl? Why are you bringing this stale ass tea and this stale ass beef up, bitch? Youwannaeatmypussy. Wanna eat my pussy? Then just say so. Are you tryna be my friend? You wanna be friend. You really wanna be my friend? That's really what is giving? It's giving "I wanna be your friend, I wanna eat your pussy", it's giving very much sad girl. Relax a bit. Relax. Don't you got a baby?
>That nigga Elon ain't giving you no dick, well, he heavy… cuz he look like he heavy. He look like he fucking heavy and you's a bony bitch so I know you… [laughs] hard to breathe down there. Cause no, sis, don't bring up this stale tea, like, no one wants stale tea, they want fresh tea. Okay? So, like the stale tea, like you gotta use the stale tea because you giving stale con, bitch. Like take the fucking elf ears off. Pull all that fucking fairy wiccan elven shit and get the shit out of here.
>[proceeds to shit on Grimes' new song, her lisp and aesthetic]

I can't sleep and I'm bored. Enjoy.

No. 1311633

Lol thank you for this anon. “Like take the fucking elf ears off. Pull all that fucking fairy wiccan elven shit and get the shit out of here” is SENDING ME

No. 1311634

“Your lisp is working against you, sis, it makes my ears hurt” lmao

No. 1311676

AB truly has a talent for bullying, I wish the song she put out after this roast wasn't some generic fuck-me-daddy first draft over a $5 Beatstar beat. That really would've shown her. No matter how hard AB goes in on her flaws she can't help but seethe at Grimes' proximity to wealth.

No. 1311718

ohhh my i haven't seen this one. "i'm not like ~~other girls~~ i don't want money i'll be just fine watching contrails in the sky and lie down for him to dust off some floors at Tesla"
girl even fucking Tesla janitors have better position than you if that's true. Grimes is just a pro publico bono prostitute for Elon lol
thank you anon! lol
if i get it right, Azealia lives in some faraway city and was invited for a collab, they talked for a while and then they just left for a few days without telling her when they come back. and then Grimes' record label called Azealia's label to tell they graciously booked a flight home for her lol. and Azealia left without seeing them again i think. i get it lol, it's irritating when someone invites you then leaves you alone cause they've got "plans". either way Grimes just wanted big sister's advice on sex and then she had to gatekeep Elon from Azealia kek

No. 1311720

Elon for sure wanted to fuck Azealia and Grimes didn't have the stones to tell him no outright, so they had to get his dick out of town until AB went home. After inviting her there. Wow.

Those two are assholes and clowns, but the longer AB rags on it the worse it makes her look as well.

No. 1311732

who in their right mind would let a stranger ~alone~ in their home for days on end? what did AB do in that time? empty the fridge? swim in the pool? watch Netflix? and then she was supposed to hand her phone to Elon and asked to leave?

must be some grade A+ drugs in the musk residence.

No. 1311761

Her reddit praise:roast ratio has completely flipped in the last year or so. Even when she first leaked her new song, it only had like 60 upvotes and 9 comments, but negative threads will get like 200+ comments and have to be locked or removed…there are so many posts that express the opposite of excitement for her new music. I feel like she disappointed most of her original fans and her new fans are more fickle than people who were listening in the tumblr days… her trajectory could have been so different. The most disappointing of it all is just to see how she treats others like her ex, ab, kittypryde, etc

No. 1311776

agree but azealia was quiet this year until Grimes released her weird "i'll hunt you down one day for my 3some sacrifice" enemies to lovers fanfic song.
alot of fans on her reddit admit she's dumb as fuck especially after that "is he hot" tiktok, but then there's also a group of whiteknights who think Grimes "slayed" haters on tiktok kek

Anyone in Grimes discord group? she posts there so there might be some milk

No. 1311906

Is there anything to indicate Grimes is getting financial support from Elon Musk? She is dating the richest man on earth, gave him a child and it seems like he barely helps her.

No. 1311942

maybe she paid him for his super cum

No. 1311951

she could get huge monthly maintenance money from him, and not just could but should cause he's obliged to pay for his child. but somehow i can believe she just says "no no no i'm fine, i'm noth like othel harpy gold diggerth Elon" and he's happy not to pay. i wonder who pays for her face altering sessions, if she pays for procedures that Elon wants her to undergo then she's a joke.

No. 1311983

File: 1630354108491.jpeg (351.09 KB, 2048x2048, 085A8B7A-70D0-4502-9F61-CAF9BB…)

No. 1312286

File: 1630376926451.jpg (59.45 KB, 828x546, 240741495_877053669914506_1874…)

timestamped but in this video she talks about her grandparents "living way up in the mountains" and having a lot of "instruments" as in picrel of c

No. 1312296

File: 1630377774821.jpg (29.71 KB, 420x315, iloveskiingsomuchnonnies.jpg)

fyi, whistler is "in the mountains" kek.

No. 1312298

to clarify: that's not her house, i mean like up in the mountains in the rockies isn't the same as in appalachia. she's not from some loretta lynn shit

No. 1312305

anonita she's canadian

No. 1312308

File: 1630378245564.png (374.77 KB, 1189x613, image.png)

Mid-life Crisis Man recently unveiled another attention-seeking venture - a robot despite his history of bullshitting about the dangers of AI - by getting a mime in a costume to open for him on stage during a presentation. An entertaining way to hide the fact that he couldn't even manage to get a prototype built I guess.

No. 1312323

wait, elon bitches about the dangers of AI? the guy who enables idiots to sit in the backseat of their Tesla bc it’s “sELf-DRiVInG”?

No. 1312340

just like these idiots bitched about planet destruction, as if he cared. maybe he wants to discourage other companies from working on AI cause only Tesla must be "competent" enough to control it. or he's paranoid from all these drugs lol.
Grimes on the other hand apparently can't wait for "AI overlords", cause she probably thinks she'll be their fav for some unknown reasons, or that Elon will turn her into robot. he might actually, with all the botched plastic surgeries.

No. 1312354

kek me too. i was saying that where she is from is NOT like some types of "up in the mountains" in your country.

No. 1312356

why assume all anons are american? anyways i don't think anyone was assuming it was the beverly hillbillies or anything, it's established she has money, it's now established her family has lots of expensive weapons.

No. 1312360

File: 1630385200719.png (112.85 KB, 1673x359, image.png)

Yup. He seems compelled to talk out of his ass about whatever tech topic is trendy at the moment, whether he understands anything about it or not, so it's no surprise that he's not very consistent.
The guy is a megalomaniac who managed to convince people that he's a supergenius when in reality even the people doing the work for him can barely even function because his leadership style is hilariously bad and anyone half-competent leaves for greener pastures as soon as they can. This Something Awful thread featuring a guy who worked on Tesla's IT infrastructure is a trip: https://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3862643&userid=0&perpage=40&pagenumber=62#post487296229

No. 1312422

Seeing this just confirms my tinfoil about Muskrat and Grimy legitimately and wholeheartedly subscribing to Rokos Basilisk.

No. 1312426

Okay so let me get this straight

Grimes is an insecure anachan, weeb, obsessed with looking young and small who pretended to be against the capitalist system (?) and pretended to be some underground poor kid from canada but dates elon musk and now has to follow the same path of bimbofication and weird sexual deviancy but so far so good??
and who do u think doesn’t want to get married in this situation, elon or grimes?

No. 1312431

File: 1630397372430.png (26.81 KB, 761x372, from tmz.png)

Sage your shit.

>who do u think doesn’t want to get married in this situation, elon or grimes?

Both. Elon doesn't wanna go through Talulah Riley 2.0 and just wanna party, Claire is desperately clutching to her indie clout (marrying him would sour her fanbase even more).

No. 1312467

Then why tf did he have a baby with her? Who has a baby with some annoying weird ugly bitch (who was dating a tranny of all things which just makes everything weirder) because they just want to party and do drugs? I’m not saying you’re wrong, the scary part is I think you’re right. They’re psychopathic hedonists who don’t give a shit about the kid and probably birthed him for some sick black magic ritual. I mean she carved a pentagram into her pregnant stomach

But tinfoil or whatever

Oh and didn’t azalea banks slaughter a bunch of chickens in her nyc apartment closet for A ritual

No. 1312484

His first wife said he wanted ten sons… whether that's a fetish or just his megalomaniac ways, you decide.
I agree that Claire is a hedonistic retard but not a psycho/sociopath. She's just a typical dumbass rich kid who can't think two steps ahead because, in her world, literally anything can be solved with money and a NDA.

AB practices Santería/Palo Mayombe/whatever branch of syncretic african spirituality she has in her area. Idk if she's a legit initiated palera or whatever, but animal sacrifice in african religions isn't wasteful killing. Most parts of the animal are consumed, it isn't a "satanic" shitshow of brutalizing it and spraying its blood in your house for the edge.
Whatever, clearly her ~magic~ ain't working since her music still flops. lol

No. 1312485

She got pregnant for the same reason most basic women get pregnant- to keep a shit man for his money or clout. Right before she got prego she started the bimbo makeover and I remember people speculating that E was about to dump her then boom, pregnancy.

No. 1312492

File: 1630409408960.jpeg (51.5 KB, 602x441, Elon-Musk-Hair-Transplant.jpeg)

I see no one has mentioned Elon Musk's hair plugs.

People who get hair implants have to perpetually take finasteride (aka Propecia), which is a hair loss drug - and also a hormone blocker prescribed to TIMs. People who take it often grow breasts, but if they stop taking it, their hairline will keep receding past the implant point.

No. 1312495

Ironically so many men leave their pregnant wives, I don't understand the logic. It only works the other way; a man can trap a woman with a baby but a woman definitely can't trap a man by having his baby. Otherwise single mothers wouldn't be an incredibly common phenomenon.

She's just an entertaining young woman to him, I don't understand the reason for a baby at all. He will never marry her since like Bezos wife and Gates, too easy to claim his money in a divorce. Just an indie songstress who happens to have birthed a millionaire's baby for absolutely no reason.

No. 1312497

File: 1630410912549.jpg (69.53 KB, 728x546, 0ceb66.jpg)

That explains why he mostly wears black shirts in public. It hides the moobs that will continue growing lmao
Thanks for the info about finasteride, I thought the procedure itself fixed their hairloss.

Muskrat trooning out when?

No. 1312500

I just discovered lolcow and the first thing I check out is this Elon Musk and Grimes diss thread. Needless to say, i'm already loving this place.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1312503

Buckle up, buttercup- you ain't seen nothing yet.

No. 1312504

File: 1630413458426.jpg (44.56 KB, 750x563, Smile_and_wave_boys.jpg)

are there any details about Elon's other sons, the oldest two should be 18 right now but there's literally no details about them not even a social media presence

No. 1312528

>She's just an entertaining young woman to him
she should understand this better what with coming from the music industry. i am one of the groupie anons from the indie thread and messing with rich famous guys is only fun if you understand that you're kind of like their favourite bar in that city. a scrote with a top ten record is still a scrote. just have fun entertaining each other.

No. 1312532

Good for them, hope they get a chance at a normal cushy rich life without their asshole dad embarassing them. Can you imagine Elon being your dad? With his gf who could be his daughter and the anime pfp. I would cringe myself off a cliff if that was my dad.

No. 1312622

I just discovered lolcow and the first thing I check out is this Elon Musk and Grimes diss thread. Needless to say, i'm already loving this place.>>1312503
I'd really appreciate if you told me what to look for

No. 1312624

>>1312622 I messed up and can't even delete lol

No. 1312638

This. This thread fills me with so much gratitute for being born into a middle class family in bumfuck nowhere with a mother who isn't trying to be hip with the fellow degenerate weebs.
By the way, are his ex-wives lulzy at all? I feel no sympathy for grimes but the few times I heard something about them, I just felt sorry they had to put up with Musk

No. 1312640

this, lol. i bet they cringe inwardly when Elon meets them while tagging along Grimes. his older kids must be aware how their mothers and other ex-wives were treated and i wouldn't be surprised if Elon behaves like a total idiot dad when they spend time together. he probably gives them new computer model and calls it a day.

No. 1312674

his first (i think) wife pretends she was a rags-to-riches diy intellentsia type is super cringe and wrote a super cringe article about their marriage where it's clear they both have their heads so far up their own asses that they've created pocket dimensions in there

No. 1312675


It's also worth a mention that if someone uses Finasteride/Propecia, it's recommended to stop using for at least 3 months before trying to have a child since it can cause birth defects on the child. It's not always but there's some risk.

I'm curious if he did that.

No. 1312677

File: 1630429959634.png (1.05 MB, 1600x900, image.png)

>Grimes is an insecure anachan, weeb, obsessed with looking young and small who pretended to be against the capitalist system
not only that, but she decided to get knocked up by someone who's brutal to his workers because he wants other people to see him as a ruthless capitalist. In reality he's incredibly incompetent and his ventures are kept afloat almost entirely by govt subsidies and starpower.
>runs car manufacturer like a rinky dink mobile app startup where shipping new features is more important than quality or fixing what's broken, thus allowing problems and inefficiencies to pile up and grow over time
>absolutely no regard for process, standards, and inter-team communication, thus paving the way for even more inefficiencies and issues
>because of aforementioned problems, allowed other car manufacturers to easily enter the market with better EVs, which will eventually reduce Tesla into becoming a battery manufacturer and carbon credit peddler
>transforms fresh-faced, starry-eyed techbros into bitter curmudgeons via massive amounts of labor theft and office politics
>most talented workers leave once they get their RSUs (if they make it that long), leaving the most incompetent and cattiest workers to stay and guide the new cohorts of suckers
>high turnover means that institutional knowledge can't develop, thus making the work even more inefficient and error prone
But who cares so long as the person responsible can go on Joe Rogan and post epic memes xDD about dogecoin on twitter?
Sage for autism

No. 1312690

the fact that all of his sons choose to stay with their mother is telling. though it must be embarrassing have that jackass as a father

No. 1312695

This thread is WILD, holy crap

No. 1312704

File: 1630432447370.jpeg (347.33 KB, 750x524, D090DBB0-3C3B-4F86-931A-58472E…)

Welcome anon, and enjoy the ride.

No. 1312705

I’m really not a tech tard at all, but I have heard through some of my university classmates that the lithium batteries in Tesla cars are actually only functional in certain climates (ie nothing too cold or too hot), meaning that basically if you live in an area that is very cold (basically anywhere in northern Canada or Alaska) your car literally cannot work because the chemical reaction in the battery is slowed, Tesla cars are basically only functional for city people in relatively temperate climates, which is VERY ironic considering how climate change will make temperate climates basically extinct

No. 1312708

No. 1312711

File: 1630433385183.jpg (29.31 KB, 210x459, 1630413458427.jpg)

Poor kid

No. 1312718

I know that Musk has some visitation with his sons because there are pics of them together with Grimes, but I’m always curious about how they feel about him. They must use the Internet and even disregarding how he acts like a cringe jackass, their mom wrote an article you can easily find awhile ago about how he emotionally abused her and treated her like she was insane for crying when one of their children died from SIDS. How do you respect a man as your father when you see that?

No. 1312722

I think it is delusional to think that they actually hate him or think he is cringe, he is one of the wealthiest people to ever have existed, most moids worship him, what makes you think his moid crotch goblins would see through it.

No. 1312724

Because he seems like a shitty dad… all the money in the world cannot fix an emotionally neglectful egotistical dad who is allegedly a drug addict according to AB

Sage up newfag

No. 1312727

Yeah but a billionaire is way more likely to pay child support forever than some random guy. The baby was definitely for that

No. 1312732

plus his original money came from an emerald mine in africa (slavery) and he sources parts from wherever is cheapest (slavery)

No. 1312761

apparently for his last like five kids (no idea with Grimes) he did IVF so I don’t know if he even had to. probably how he ends up with all boys too.

No. 1312788

He does gender selection intentionally and IVF because the hormone blockers he takes to save his hair plugs probably make his testosterone too low to produce viable sperm. Basically he only has sons bc he keeps cheating nature.

No. 1312983

File: 1630457991281.png (130.21 KB, 1152x552, 87b521a2acf6981af6b1cae3e20198…)

actual retard

No. 1313015

I read that article too anon. Very sad. Elon sounds like a nightmare.
From the article:
>Elon made it clear that he did not want to talk about Nevada's death. I didn't understand this, just as he didn't understand why I grieved openly, which he regarded as "emotionally manipulative." I buried my feelings instead, coping with Nevada's death by making my first visit to an IVF clinic less than two months later. Elon and I planned to get pregnant again as swiftly as possible.

No. 1313041

File: 1630470376922.jpeg (166.53 KB, 1242x364, 5192DAEC-DB4E-4FB7-8F3C-5E5D59…)

just took a look at shinigami eyes and wow, she isnt even pretending to be an independent workaholic female producer anymore, this guy is credited for literally everything. and the song is genuinely fucking horrible. i used to like her music a lot, particularly because she was (allegedly) the sole creative force behind all of her art, and it sucks watching her devolve into the complete opposite of what drew me to her as a teenager.
at least she got me into hana, who actually livestreamed herself doing the production on her first album. queen.

No. 1313059


super late but oh lord no anon, those are $6 40 oz bottles of 10% alc beer you can buy at every convenience store in montreal

No. 1313060

>if she pays for procedures that Elon wants her to undergo then she's a joke.

jesus. I would legit kill myself if I ever sunk that low.

No. 1313061

learn to sage newfag

No. 1313147

how the fuck is grimes 33 with the way she acts, jesus christ

sorry to gagafag but i'm so goddamn glad she's not on the remix album

No. 1313160

File: 1630487922486.jpg (303.28 KB, 1080x1653, IMG_20210901_121723.jpg)

Ay, anyone knows what's up with Amber Heard and Muskie? I read somewhere on reddit that he was a giga-simp for her - tried to woo her for years and paid for her attorney at depp trial. And that Claire was just a backup option for him, the one who he really wanted was amber

No. 1313187

Yeah, I mean Amber is the super hot bisexual blonde of his dreams. He probably settled for Claire bc she’s easy to manipulate and is into his weird pedo shit

No. 1313195

Where doI start? TBH, Amber her own thread, but in short:
1. When married to Depp she was serial cheating, including deFranco, Musk and Cara Delvine in any configurations, not excluding multiple- somes and orgies.
2. When she divorced Depp she jumped ship to Musk.
3. They were tigether a year or so, in clearly weird relationship, not excluding BDSM and likely abuse (they were both bruised during pretty much all the time).
4. Given Amber's cluster B personality and being lesbian who uses men for fame and money, I would guess she was sexually meeting Musk's incel like porn expectations.
5. Amber promised her divorce winning 9 mil to be donated to charity- apparently Musk was donating in her name which Depp made very public.
6. There's a rumour they ended it over fight about their frizen embryos (showed up in texts from her mother, who thought Musk was evil compared to Depp in his defamation case against AH), but nothing confirmed outside of hearsay.
7.Musk is rumoured to be paying Amber's defence in said defamation case through ACLU. She clearly doesn't have enough work to earn enough money to be paying for all that lawyering that is going on from her.
8. Amber had had a baby girl via surrogacy with birth timed exactly at when original process with jury against Depp was supposed to start, with announcement being out a day or two off from original process date.
9. Not confirmed, but ut is speculated it's Musk's baby from those embryos.
Given how Musk is selective for boys and Amber hates men I can see why they would argue over embryos. I can see hiw AH would want Musk baby- get that income coming for life. And if what anon say it's true he's all for AH, I can also see hiw he would bend for her in this case.

Like I said it's a shitshow. AH is raging drunk cluster B abuser and Depp vs Heard is a treasure trove of diary products.

No. 1313198

There's no way that Musk would be able to put up with Amber for too long. No matter how smitten a scrote is, Amber flinging glass bottles around and beating his ass like a crazy chimp is going to get too much to tolerate in the name of his ugly degenerate sex fantasies. He would have to be utterly retarded to actually pursue Amber for a full relationship if he acknowledges all of her behaviours

No. 1313199

You're forgetting he's autistic AF, to the point he didn't understand why his wife cried over their dead baby and thoughtshe was manipulating him. He doesn't have the same base level as the rest of humans.

No. 1313201

autism or a sociopath?

No. 1313203

Watch his SNL skits. Autist 100%, can't even copy human emotions at all.
That said, why can't it be both?

No. 1313204

to add to #5, Depp called out the fake donations in her name and she’s now claiming that she promised the donations over the span of 10 years. he got a court order I believe allowing them to investigate whether she ever donated to a bunch of organizations.

No. 1313205

the depp bots are leaking from tiwtter. Johnny depp will never have sex with you. Stop it.

No. 1313206

Get over yourself gatekeeping anon, you're not as cute as you think I would defo not have sex with you.

No. 1313212

ntayrt but go back. Johnny Depp looks like a bloated yet leathery corpse.

No. 1313217

I won't. I would not have sex with the gatekeeping anon who thinks that just because somebody doesn't shit on a man, they would want to have sex with them. Being retarded femcel is indeed not cute.(infighting)

No. 1313242

time is cruel but you never got to be young depp or young winona fucking each other.

No. 1313265

To be fair, he was so wasted during the Winona era there probably wasn't much going on.

No. 1313275

Wow who cares

No. 1313314

Yeah, thankfully not

No. 1313322

tbh based amber. Fuck men honestly, especially musk. Say what you want about her being manipluative and shit but at least she's ten times smarter than grimes who's legit a moron for not seeing how musk is just using her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1313326

She once abused one of her ex-girlfriends. Not based.

No. 1313336

^ this. Just scrotes being scrotes. If she really abused her she would of been on depp's defense.

No. 1313395

File: 1630525759667.jpg (430.17 KB, 750x1671, Ambers shit.jpg)

Think as lowely of Grimes as you feel like, but she's still way above to freak gutter that is Amber Heard shitting in her marital bed.

No. 1313400

You clearly never had any experience with an abusive cluster B. But something tells me people around you had quite a bit.
Amber was arrested for domestic violence, nothing her ex says is better proof than actual police record. And when Amber pays for her ex's legal fees, that are clearly in thousands.
I too would take the money, shut up and hope it all went away when the fight doesn't even concern me.

No. 1313404

get off your high horse. Just because I think amber is better than grimes doesn't equate to me being cLuStEr B. There's multiple evidence on her getting fucked over too. The fact you can't accept that someone has a different opinion than you without devolving into personal insults says more about yourself than me nonny.

Men will find any way to twist anything to make women seem hysterical/insane. Depp is no exception. Besides, until that lawsuit totally finishes up we won't really know for sure what's true and what's not.(infighting)

No. 1313437

G on Twitter shows a lot. Not on the remix of her adored lady Gaga. Her aggressive and delusional language tries to cover her inability to deliver a tape in time bc all others are guilty. Very manipulative, no fun surrounding for E and X. new pic is in a baroque hotel room fitting to Marie Antoinette look which she used years ago. Looks like a creative burnout, only collaborations, small music clips. No big success,losing relevance to her fans,music sector. E paying only for X, G Selfsufficient?

No. 1313444

File: 1630530346549.jpg (100.23 KB, 1280x808, tumblr_messaging_pnygax7Eah1qe…)

No. 1313448

what does this even mean? sage wtf

No. 1313464

Why does this read like a series of Trump tweets

No. 1313608

not to pscychfag but sociopaths are highly adept at copying emotion, which is what makes them effective manipulators. he is indeed just a turbo autismo with a fuckton of money and a boner for being perceived as a Cool Guy

No. 1313745

…let me guess. She wanted the name Paprika because of the anime.

No. 1313862

I was thinking the same thing. She's so boring and predictable.

No. 1313926

Grimes is always doing these collaborations" with artists like Ashnikko who have more talent arguably. She riding on their coattails.

No. 1313928

Think that both have a lot of business stress. G must finish record, musical etc. and E is pressured by trails, china, bezos etc..Not the right time for big break up which would destroy his positive dad image. Assume they handle coparenting. G seems delusioned by the size of her success. No powercouple. She will be keynote speaker AI at a university event in autumn, not a stadium to play in. Her popularity is already decreased by fans and media and E. Next steps ? Villa, jet to house and car?

No. 1313936

This thread is the perfect place for you, word salad-kun.

No. 1313957

File: 1630593566230.jpeg (309.19 KB, 750x625, 8D59118D-5830-4CAA-9EFB-CDDAAF…)

>tfw one of your favourite artists collabs with miss penny smell

No. 1313959

File: 1630593925516.png (2.54 MB, 750x1334, 217CF6E1-05FC-4E59-B5F9-CEAEC8…)

meanwhile eartheater goes to an azealia banks concert kek

No. 1313965

>his positive dad image
What? He's on his seventh son and still hasn't managed to achieve this image.

No. 1313976

kek now that she's posted it i bet Grimes will back out of that collab and ghost her

No. 1313990

eartheater is a rape apologist, great combo

No. 1314001

ntayrt but actually this isn't true

No. 1314089

? I wasn't able to find much info googling this, what exactly happened/source? I feel like Grimes would def virtue signal about this shit but doesn't care about Elon's abuse allegations soooo kek

No. 1314099

File: 1630606070955.jpeg (40.79 KB, 750x364, 737CEB10-A0C8-475A-9C14-CEA8F0…)

Twitter gave me a hearty laugh

No. 1314170

File: 1630611411978.jpg (208.85 KB, 1152x2048, D1ublmpX4AAzM-o.jpg large.jpg)

No. 1314172

File: 1630611513348.jpg (100.11 KB, 722x1155, tumblr_43f84a2ad5cc632c69ad0e4…)

No. 1314173

File: 1630611589071.jpg (75.43 KB, 675x1200, D1ubGiaWsAEr6Zr.jpg)

No. 1314179

File: 1630611885712.jpg (197.61 KB, 842x750, 00.jpg)

No. 1314183

Azealia’s a complete but herself but I would buy this. Grimes looked like she was on another planet that whole sketch.

No. 1314229

so like she takes mdma, ketamine and adderal all at once or mixes throughout the day? (and add meth and cocaine too apparently) this is just stupid, and it probably hits hard someone as thin and starving inclined as her. she's going to end up with brains drained and health ruined. absolutely no wonder that she keeps getting dumber and dumber.

No. 1314234

If I was a trust fund cluster b anachan with a boiled pork skin of a boyfriend that kept steadily ruining my reputation and neglecting our baby, I would do this too. Shit, bitch. She's taking uppers to stay awake so she doesn't accidentally kill Toyota AE-86 by neglect and everything else is to feel something positive momentarily. She's riding that bullet train until her organs give out and Elon reluctantly saves her so he doesn't have to raise his kid. If he even does that. I wouldn't put it past him to just straight ignore it and have someone else take care of it. As shit as Grimes is, nobody deserves having to deal with Elon, even the ones dumb enough to let him knock them up.

No. 1314263

uppers and downers mixed at the same time are the most dangerous combo

No. 1314288

>Toyota AE-86

anon my fucking sides

No. 1314296

azealia definitely knows that junk = smack, why would she call speed junk

No. 1314297

this is like asking for catastrophy. and she can allow herself to just sit fucked up aaall day long, everyday, if she wants. was she that much of a drug freak before elon? i mean besides whole adderal album bullshit. she looks like that type of idiots who think doing dextrometorphane is "intellectual" activity cause it "opens up their mind and helps them discover hidden regions of their brain". except she probably could afford lsd instead of dex.
lol i vote C6H5COONa or e=mc2 for grimes next son

No. 1314495

For dirt on Elon, you guys should check out $TSLAQ on Twitter - subculture of stock investors who track Elon’s bullshit and make fun of them.

Associated with it is the TeslaCharts podcast. They have an episode with a whistleblower who talks about how Tesla is involved with fraud and drug cartels


No. 1314568

because she's a crazy lady who kills chickens in a closet

No. 1314579

File: 1630659953962.jpg (255.43 KB, 1080x1920, media_Ez9vnIjXIAQ6_8b.jpg name…)

No. 1314586

Holy shit KEK

No. 1314600

File: 1630663421895.jpg (172.33 KB, 916x1390, Kali.jpg)

I know what she was going for but theologically wise it gives off the wrong message
see the story of this icon is that after killing some demons kali(the blue skinned goddess) goes into a mad rage and starts dancing, her dance is one of the signifiers of the end of the world and it causes wide scale destruction, her husband Vishnu see's what's happening and tries to stop it, so he just jumps straight down with his body and interprets her mid-dance, Kali accidently steps on him and gets embarrassed and her tongue comes out
So Knowing this story, It comes across as Azealia being deeply in love with Elon and getting embarrassed in front of him

No. 1314601

so based

No. 1314606

File: 1630665492205.jpg (614.25 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210903-063732_Ins…)

No. 1314609

Jesus Christ why is she incriminating herself like this. Anything happens to aeonflux1985 and the cops are gonna look straight at her.

No. 1314617


I can't record it but she's put a voice note on her story talking about how accidents happen all the time and Grimes' son could get hurt. Idk how she's saying it's not a threat, she needs to take her meds.

No. 1314635

File: 1630669942260.jpg (178.36 KB, 675x734, D1ubGisWkAEQaPi.jpg)

No. 1314658

She’s an idiot, she doesn’t understand how “karma” works and all her supposed hexing victims turn out fine while she gets crazier and crazier.

No. 1314662

I think she accidentally tried collaborating with the wrong Banks

No. 1314663

Why would he despise her and how would she know that? I believe it, it’s just sad lol

No. 1314687

Vile. Azealia said she was a "fierce protector of children" in her texts to Grimes and has talked about how much she cares about them in general. Guess those were lies.

No. 1314688

Why are you all surprised that azealia banks is acting crazy. That's literally all she does 100% of the time. Nothing she says can be interpreted as real or honest, tbh I'm not WKing grimes but I doubt anything azealia has alleged is the whole truth or even in the general vicinity of it. She just makes shit up because she's nuts and i love her for it kek

No. 1314694

she sounds like most rabid twitter stan. that child is not responsible for being born in such fucked up "family". i love when she posts milk on grimes but she sounds like a fucking elon stan who's just jealous.

No. 1314697

banks is like the biggest pick me MRA ever so no surprises here. she definitely isn't based she is just batshit crazy and sometimes funny but overall a nutcase

No. 1314717

was she like this in the beginning/peak of her career? she must've had more idk clear-minded times right

No. 1314725

>i love her for it

No. 1314730

she’s always been edgy and reactive but i don’t think she was this bad in the beginning. she really has always said vile shit just for attention though so it’s hard to say

No. 1314760

File: 1630682645134.jpg (80.06 KB, 1005x1200, D1ucyveX0AE8wjT.jpg)

No. 1314662
no, grimes asked AB for collab since 2015(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1314764

File: 1630682773025.png (5.48 MB, 1242x2208, C2590415-8079-4CC1-ABBC-1F01D7…)

Kek wtf

No. 1314786


Psycho. I’m not WKing Grimes either but Azealia’s output has been shit for 10 years. Scarce and bad quality. She stays relevant by being a psycho. For me there’s no contest between Azealia and Grimes

No. 1314792

Ok fuck off AB, the baby didn't get to choose his parents.

No. 1314798

File: 1630686303801.jpg (644.33 KB, 1080x1047, 00.jpg)

No. 1314837

Is this old or is AB obsessed with Grimes?
Nice blue collar cosplay?

No. 1314849

They seem obsessed with each other and need to get over themselves.

No. 1314863

I hope she at least gets off the meth and ketamine if it’s true. She said she was sober making art angels and I think it’s a great album.

No. 1314864

File: 1630690360166.png (491.57 KB, 1290x1172, Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 1.29…)

CDAN alleges that Elon got Azealia pregnant

No. 1314865

File: 1630690412499.png (447.57 KB, 1294x1128, Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 1.29…)


part 2

No. 1314877

Bullshit. Enty always posted fake gossip every now and then to throw off the scent on who are the actual people behind CDAN.
If AB got pregnant by Muskrat she would spill it on Instagram. Bitch can't keep a secret since she's manic most of the time.

No. 1314884

>killing animals with the celebrity CEO after drugs and sex
I knew about the chicken closet, but this is pretty disgusting if true. No wonder she defended Shia LaBeouf after he abused FKA Twigs, knowingly infected her with herpes and bragged about going around killing random dogs "so he could understand what's it like to be be a killer (for a role)".
She definitely killed her cat too (didn't just dig it up, learn how Palo works), but I know her braindead stans aren't ready to accept that.

No. 1314901

There's a high chance that she sends blinds like that in herself to get buzz/attention.
The same site also has one about her trying to sell bleaching kits for babies. It turned out to just be a "normal" kit for adults who are beginners at skin bleaching, but she called it a "Baby Bleaching Kit" lmao.

No. 1314992

This makes way more sense. AB would be ecstatic if rumors got around that she fucked Elon and she’s the only one I could think of who would come up with such a story. 100% believe she sent in the blind about herself

No. 1315035

I stg they just photoshopped Elon’s face over a model’s in the last one

No. 1315059

File: 1630705761140.png (3 MB, 1002x1352, grimess.png)

new photos, looks so shiny and irritated as if she was stung by a bee

No. 1315071

It's like everyone forgot about the time she purchased a dead child's skull.

No. 1315074

that's overlining

No. 1315090

Yeah, definite over line but I can only think she’s just trying to stick to that “I over line them to look like dolls lips” tweet. It’s in the last three threads of celebricow. You can see where they really start and it still looks like she got them done.

No. 1315099

yes, i know, it just looks swollen at first sight. she overlines bottom lip like crazy, it's like halfway up the space between lip and nose. most girls who overline do it way better, it looks messy and dirty. she gets fillers too, her lips used to be definitely on the thin side.

No. 1315106

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like she’s really trying to look black here. Is AB getting to you that much, Clare?

No. 1315107

>still under Elon's bimboification ray
What's next, tanning? Boob job?

No. 1315110

she literally looks like she's trying to look like a latina here kek the tanning/editing to appear more tan definitely already begun

No. 1315119

File: 1630710886741.png (573.55 KB, 713x747, mrspotatohead.png)

Sorry for awful Melanie reference but Grimes is doing literally this to herself. recreating that video story in real life.

No. 1315130

Eh, I disagree. Doesn't look "latina" nor "black", just a NLOG bimbo with an orange (?) filter.
Trashy 00s fashion is coming back en vogue, bringing back glossy overlined lips… and she's also trying to hide her fillers.

No. 1315136


I didn't even recognize this as Grimes until I read the replies, she's absolutely race baiting and I bet it's because Elon wants to hatefuck AB and Grimes can tell Elon is sick of her despite making her into his new model bimbo.

No. 1315138

god that's not even a tarantula. learn your spiders, azealia

No. 1315141

>believing AB is sane or intelligent enough to know how palo works herself/do it properly

No. 1315151

Do you think they live together at all? musk has a shit ton of residences, so he could just drop grimes in one that he liked the least and go live elsewhere, and sometimes stop by to do drugs with grimes and maybe even visit XYZ if he's lucky. probably calls to arrange their "appearences" at events. maybe they're like Lindsey and Manson, Grimes is making it bigger than it really is.

No. 1315175

File: 1630714215703.jpg (100.28 KB, 1440x831, uhhuh.jpg)

Supposedly Musk has been selling off his properties and lives in a tiny house like the one pictured. Here's an article about it:


Of course it's all bullshit. Who the hell knows how often they see each other or their own kid.

No. 1315181

Nah. It was public info that Talulah Riley lived with him and his kids too… but Claire? No info. They just party and show up outside with lil Mazda RX-7 for pics during daytime.
I'm not expecting them to poster pictures of their kid all over the internet, but I don't think they're really taking care of the little guy.

No. 1315197

Talulah always wanted lots of kids (I know someone who went to high school with her and they told me this when I asked about her because why wouldn't you ask about the person who willingly married Elon Musk?).

I think Grimes wants her special child and no one else's.

No. 1315200

I'm not sure if she's trying to look black/latina/whatever, but if you need to use an orange filter that deep and overline your lips, it was pretty much over before it even started.
FKA Twigs, Erykah Badu and others with the tattoos and faerie-like/boho/"natural" vibe already have the spots a wannabe-black Grimes would try to occupy. A faux-artsy meth head from Canada with a fanbase primarily full of other faux-artsy white people and racist waifufags is better off staying in her zone.

No. 1315231

I don't think so either. idk maybe i'm wrong but i had impression Grimes treats him very… idk even how, like a canvas that she projects herself onto. "Oh look i made my featus a future instagram account! oh look X plays with my synthesizer! we took him to some robot gallery, he's sure a science mind" etc. In a really immature way. As if it was just a play not reality, and he was just a toy that she remembers of only when she's in a mood, or when she's not high, or not busy doing intricate fairychan makeup. doing other superficial shit. not saying she can't have time for her hobbies (if doing drugs can be called hobby lol) but damn she must be getting babysitters running 24/7.
She had a tiktok where she danced with some other girl, her kid watched and wanted to be picked up and held. which she did in the end, after finishing dance, but it looked sad more than anything else, knowing she cares more for fame & internet nonsense than X. hopefully the kid has level headed nannies
yeah FKA Twigs is probably that look she went for

No. 1315295


I don't think Grimes wants her child at all. She just had it on a whim or as some part of a weird fantasy without realizing what a child would do to her anachan body and her hot desirable young indie elf shtick.

No. 1315297

kek yeah, a tiny house on a million square mile property he owns and has tenants on, i'm guessing
or he lives there during the weeks when he's hiding from his kids

No. 1315299

her drug-doing image is mostly promo. there is a serious drug scene in both montreal and toronto and she is firmly in the category of people who get high at concerts and complain if junkies/shroom people are in her bar

No. 1315441

Is anyone going to mention the fact that HANA definitely composed So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth and then deleted her tweet about it immediately

No. 1315443


No. 1315513

That is my choice car in Need For Speed Carbon

No. 1315850

She's really a sidenote to everything but I'm really curious about HANA. From Mormon-raised Christian contemporary guitar girl to digital offbrand lotr elf living with the world's chubbiest adderall fiend and working as a glorified Grimes yes-man.

No. 1315877

i'm curious about her too. she probably sticks to grimes in hope of getting wider audience, but she's still underrated and hardly recognizable. which is a shame, cause she's 100 times more talented than Grimes. i wonder though if Grimes pays her well enough for ghostwriter work. i wouldn't be surprised if Hana didn't even make such a big coin. waiting for fallout and Hana spilling. anonymously of course, she probably signed fuckton of NDAs.

No. 1316413

File: 1630859617640.jpg (42.71 KB, 552x960, IMG_20210905.jpg)

No. 1316414

from tumblr:

Looking back I think those days they were in Miami & New York showed real grimes. How she was confident & full of hope “I’m someone” in Miami, then shaking like a leaf at the end snl, insecure, overwhelmed little girl next to elon, miley, later hiding behind drugs, realizing not even the paparazzi wanted to do anything with her. I think her album is going to be unsuccessful & a disappointment to the record company& to her fans. That is, if she delivers… Not even making it on Gaga album is, although she needed the publicity, tells a lot. Hard to believe that show is going to help her. She should have started her own little label & stick to her own music, instead of trying to become elon of music world, no offense but she doesn’t have what it takes (nor majority of us, but we don’t go around pretending we can fill stadiums) 🤷🏻‍♀️ ps. Crazy ab was right, how long is she planning on hiding behind elon?

No. 1316429

context? kek it's not on her stories anymore

No. 1316445

this thread just feels like an Azealia banks talking ab Grimes thread

No. 1316469

I've always felt Azalea Banks is a farmer.

No. 1316495

she could be one of those gore posters

No. 1316502

I choose to believe Azalea blessed us with the 5000 USD needed to keep the farm going.

No. 1316517

Is…is this blackfishing?

No. 1316533

I really think AB's peculiar manner of speaking would shine through and we'd know it

No. 1316538

but that's Shiva she's dancing on in your picture, anon

No. 1316543

It’s not that I think she’s posting, is whole thread is just screen caps of shit AB posts

No. 1316572

File: 1630874561621.png (574.36 KB, 1500x1500, grimes.png)

No. 1316580

File: 1630875490343.png (123.13 KB, 280x340, E6MoMvQXsAcgn2Q.png)

No. 1316740

she has definitely had some fillers or work done but this is a standard perspective photo thing. try taking a photo of yourself with your face close to the camera and then take one with the camera far away and zoom in. the difference is crazy. the facial features look smaller and the face looks wider when the shot is taken from far away

No. 1316745

hana probably makes plenty of money on twitch and doing various other things. she seems pretty well adjusted compared to claire and is likely content making a decent living doing what she loves. she's been replaced by Liv as the BFF it seems but is probably low key relieved about it hah

No. 1316757

possibly, but still it looks so weird. like a Sim with stretched chin and face thinning levels to maximum. if that was just a photo and not video i would think it's photoshopped. legit thought she got chin surgery
Is that Liv friend anyone famous? damn being Grimes best friend must be relying on taking care for her kid, being a yes sayer and not criticizing "her beautiful E" lol.

No. 1316795

her chin looks like a dorito

No. 1316868

File: 1630903584141.jpeg (174.59 KB, 828x729, 691F4E1D-0E05-4986-BEBE-25F8FE…)

liv boeree is semi well known but not famous. try hard scientist, talks a lot about futurism, game theory and space on her YT channel and instagram. Very on brand BFFS.
they went live together on the Grimes meta verse discord talking about Homo Techno (??) which was explained to be some kind of wackass theory about how humans and technology are fused now, of course the discussion devolved quickly and was very disjointed and pseudo intellectual. She does seem a lot smarter than Claire, before Liv went all cyberpunk faerie she was one of the worlds most financially successful female poker players and does sound a lot more actually informed on the topics she's speaking about generally. Pic is them together recently in Berlin

No. 1316926

File: 1630912916881.png (1.45 MB, 1440x1788, soretito.png)

Wtf is she doing to her face

No. 1316939

Liv wanted and asked be at Elon's circle for years but she didn't have chance. She wasn't Grimes' friend in 2018 but in 2019 Liv saw Claire as her ticket to big tech world and did a lot to became her friend and Claire was alone because Elon's friends didn't welcome her (they became nice but not close to her) and her own friends weren't to welcome in Elon's world. Liv wanted pass to SpaceX/Tesla events and she got them (and vip pass to tech events like Florida Tech where she was with her bf and Claire and last Italy-event where Liv was invited only because Claire asked to not be alone and Liv was in EU that time. Maybe Elon took g because she asked to see "her friends" in EU and on private jet it's better). But Liv isn't Claire's real friend if tomorrow Elon will out with new girl Liv wouldn't bother to pick Claire's calls. Hana is more mature and smarted and happier (she has work, house, bf who really cares, family and friends, dogs - Claire doesn't have this) and maybe this create some cold in Hana-Claire relationship.

No. 1316948

Honestly, this doesn’t even seem like Elon’s actual doing at this point but instead what she thinks he wants. Look at the transformation of the first wife and how the second/third wife look…. this bitch is way off kek Claire, not even pregnancy got him to marry you so quit fucking with your face.

No. 1317007

The AB stuff is imperative to the Grimes/Musk drama. Also, its honestly hilarious that the richest man in the world and his pet rat are being haunted by a witch doctor popstar who kills chickens and posts cryptic threats. This is all gold

No. 1317008

I think it's both. Elon could be like "i like this look", then Claire was like "omg me thoo haha thaths like sssuper rad" and now she's serving us unwashed fairy bimbo realness.
He doesn't really pay attention to her so this filler saga is only gonna get worse.

No. 1317044

Why not fix her nose and front teeth before getting lip injections? Just a friendly advice.

No. 1317093

> front teeth

oh no she got a middle tooth

No. 1317142

she looks like khloe kardashian kek

No. 1317485

Whatever it's one of Elons 7 (or 8?) ivf scrote children

No. 1317533


This is amazing but what is the context

No. 1317710

first son died. then were twins in 2004 and triples in 2006 then x in 2020. all via ivf (no mater what Claire said)

No. 1318115

File: 1631043583415.jpg (122.9 KB, 750x359, hana.jpg)

Sage for really old milk and mini sperg regarding Hana, I always thought her jump from being a failed Twilight soundtrack guitar girl to ghostwriting for Grimes was weird as shit. She dated Ben Moody after he left Evanescence and they made an album together (picrel for proof). It's implied that Moody abused her during the relationship. Later in 2013, she started dating BloodPop and met Claire through him. I'm fairly certain she learned how to produce music from BloodPop. Aside from that, it's obvious she contributes to a good portion of Claire's music. It's sad how she's getting tossed to the side for Liv so Claire can finally have a scientist tech bestie who isn't Elon. I hope some hyperpop cow other than AB and Poppy spills major milk on Claire's "songwriting process". It's only a matter of time since they all hang out together (Dorian, Rina, Caroline Polachek to name a few) and someone's bound to talk shit.

No. 1319795

File: 1631204013216.jpg (56.09 KB, 640x660, 20210909.jpg)

from new interview

No. 1319796

File: 1631204048613.jpg (120.72 KB, 1080x593, Screenshot_2021-09-09.jpg)

No. 1319812

I would have never guessed that was her. Where is the interview from, I wanna know if it looks different in motion. She can't continually be getting work done, is this everything just settling?

No. 1320099


"I love producing, I have huge stage fright," Grimes – who shares a son with Tesla and SpaceX honcho Elon Musk – told journalists on Wednesday during the "Alter Ego" virtual panel for FOX Entertainment's Fall Television Critics Association event.

No. 1320161

"I want to really care about making beats. I want to really care about all this stuff. And when my career first started, everyone was sh–ting on my appearance because I didn't wear makeup," she lamented," adding, "and then I just slowly started feeling this pressure to be physically beautiful or whatever."

"Now that I’m getting older, I'm like man, I hate that. I don't care about that. I just want to make cool stuff," she noted.

She added that she has also been dabbling in the idea of stepping outside of her gender simply as a way to get a feeling of what it would be like to be someone else once in a while – a means of liberating her mind, so to speak.
all of this is really at odds with the pathetic doormat bimbofication she's been embracing.

No. 1320186

>stepping outside of her gender

Oh, PLEASE. eyeroll

No. 1320188

Don't most people produce children as a hobby? that can be claimed for anyone not just celebrities.

we might as well take photos of any random on the street and accuse them of being pregnant for attention

No. 1320215

You think Elon would ditch her for that?

No. 1320224

Only if she went fully into that, i mean drastically changing her look into genderless elf or something. which she won't do. she can talk such stuff for attention all the time or even say she's officially they/them from now on (which she'll do soon if she hasn't yet) but you know she'll stay a bimbo/feminine if she still wants to see Elon every now and then.

No. 1320264

On the subject of grimes ripping off other musicians, it definitely feels like she ripped off “in two” by Nine Inch Nails for Medieval Warfare. If you took away the vocals they’re almost indentical. Not too much of a reach because she’s cited NIN as an influence before


No. 1320269

What the fuck does that even mean? No, most people do not have children as a “hobby” and you sound fucking crazy and retarded. Some people actually want to be parents and are not just attention whore narcissists. This shit is not normal. Celebrities and e-celebrities are not normal, the vast majority of them are exponentially more narcissistic than the average person. Don’t let yourself think that normal random people are comparable to celebrities. They are not normal ppl who happen to get famous. They’re like the freak show of the world at this point.

No. 1320275

She wore makeup a lot. She just wasn't pretty. Why does she constantly make shit up?

No. 1320306

This, anon. I don't get what that anon's comment was even for either, to justify their shitty parenting? Elon Musk "makes" all his children via in vitro, just so he can select his "prefered" option and have sons only, and then goes on to do anything else but taking care of them. He literally admitted in press that he doesn't take care of X now at all and will only start to "teach him" once he grows up to more appropriate age. Grimes doesn't fucking care, she'd just do anything to make that idiot stay. they live in some drug-induced fairytales inside their heads and don't have to take any real responsibility, unlike randoms. Randoms don't have babysitters running 24/7 just so they can go get fucked up on meth, ketamine and adderal, all glammed up to wave their plastic swords and act like immature idiots for some tik tok videos. randoms don't decide to have kids only cause they can't say no to Elon Musk.

No. 1320313

> randoms don't decide to have kids only cause they can't say no to Elon Musk
And how do you think he's going to populate Mars?

No. 1320355

this 100%. Musk sees women as a way to breed his "superior" genes, nothing more. He must have access to some of the most accomplished, smart women in the world But instead he pursues Z-list actresses and Grimes? This is a man that doesn't even want to come close to sharing power. Grimes is an insecure mess and I truly believe she'd go to scary lengths to keep Elon because at this point she's irrelevant outside of him, even to her own fanbase.

No. 1320404

So muskrat is basically every wealthy man ever. Why am I not surprised?

No. 1320441

It's mind-boggling right? Also, a decade late, she learned about winged eyeliner like a year ago and has been using it all the time now. No one who doesn't care about that stuff anymore is getting plastic surgery, getting fillers and overlining their lips or abusing filters. Keep pushing that cope Claire!(sage)

No. 1320444

There is not a single man on this planet who wants a "strong successful woman" who is his equal or is more successful than him. Women hold the ultimate power because we have what they want (access to a vagina) so they need to compensate for that by having power in other areas. So you kind of have to chose as a woman what you want in life: a man who is utterly devoted to you or success and money. Men are too insecure for us to have both.

No. 1320485

Go back to Reddit

No. 1320501

Considering how she looks post-Elon, this sounds more like a confession — she's gonna continue bimbofying herself, but ""outside of gender"" even though she doesn't enjoy the effects of Elon's bimbo ray.

Idek what she means by "I just wanna make cool stuff" because her stuff is pretty much somebody else's work (50% Hana & Bloodpop, 30% random people and 20% hers). She should just do it herself instead of whining in the media.
She has all the time and money in the world, it's not like she's taking care of Skyline GT-R anyway.

No. 1320505

You mean where your redditor boyfriend posts who managed to convince you that he is totally ok with you earning more than him while he jerks his dick raw to BDSM porn?

No. 1320514

anon i dont disagree but that isnt the point. Musk goes out of his way to avoid smart or accomplished women and always has. He actively looks for younger, insecure women to manipulate into a stereotype. And yes, lots of men are like this. But those men aren't claiming to pioneer the future for what is meant to include women, too. You can't talk about Musk in a broad scrote sense and it's dangerous to lump him in as "another scrote".

No. 1320575

The smart and accomplished women don’t want him though. Sure on paper it would seem like everyone would want to date a billionaire, but Musk is an ugly innsecure sperg behind all the money. Only a select few self-hating women could lower themselves to date Elon for money, that's why it seems like he only goes after Z-listers. They're the only ones who want him

No. 1320577

old post, but that guy seb is producer sebastian cowan who owns the arbutus label and is credited for mixing and mastering visions, halfaxa, geidi primes and the darkbloom ep. he also worked on d'eon and majical cloudz records. when she says "we mixed everything" it is misleading because she didn't know how to mix or master music and he did it, which probably changed the records quite a bit. "we replaced a lot of the drums in the studio" means HE replaced all the drums/beats with new ones, which you can tell because visions was a much more technically advanced record than the previous releases.

No. 1321182

I can't imagine how awkward they must be during sex(sage)

No. 1321257

Learn 2 sage, but also yeah the mental image of that stiff anachan giving it the "yeth, yeth, ugh, yeth Daddy park your thethla in my puthy" under Elons fat pasty sea lion body is hilarious

No. 1321304

Aaaaahahahahaha anon I’m dead

No. 1321358

She looks like Belle Delphine, it's uncanny.

No. 1321396

Based but also incredibly retarded. Go off I guess

No. 1321546

File: 1631400465059.jpg (123.91 KB, 1125x1077, we live laugh love lince in a …)

anon pls

No. 1321783

File: 1631432257123.jpeg (54.3 KB, 828x385, 3C6F3503-C433-4502-82B7-D7D360…)

Admitting to lip fillers in tiktok comments, surprised no news outlets picked up on it as they're constantly writing about her nowadays since hooking up w Musk

No. 1322057

File: 1631456585504.jpg (16.77 KB, 284x556, day.jpg)

No. 1322064

This reminds me of Epstein's documented plans to breed a super race with genius-level women, but all he could do was talk, he never could bite the bullet and arrange an insemination, and died presumably childless.

No. 1322108

I wonder what first attracted grimes to the world's richest man, elon musk?

No. 1322116

File: 1631462041710.png (1.2 MB, 1164x706, grimesdollcage.png)

what's up with her use of the word "doll" as of late? is she just acknowledging her cosmetic surgeries? i've seen a lot of mtf trans refer to themselves this way on twitter as well, maybe she's pandering to that audience.

No. 1322118

Unwashed SJW doll

No. 1322123

I think she tries to cope with Elon's obvious bimbo fetish by calling it 'dollification' instead

No. 1322161

This trend of acting like fillers are cute is weird. Yet at the same time "body positivity" is trendy(sage)

No. 1322170

Did you notice that Elon stopped support/like/PR any of Grimes' projects/stuff? one like at summer from him was to her mother-tweet

No. 1322194

didnt she say he doesnt give a shit about her music or listen to her stuff when she was making her last album?

No. 1322195

File: 1631468739956.jpg (80.09 KB, 750x1334, met.jpg)

No. 1322197

I think she's trying to say "my fillers are not a result of crippling insecurity, it's just an ~aesthetic~ uwu"

No. 1322223

tinfoil: elon is corpse

No. 1322224

it feels like she hasn't made or talked about making music in years

No. 1322232

my tinfoil is that he "fathers" these male kids for future organ donation options.

No. 1322234

A lot of her aesthetics and art seem inspired by BJDs. Too bad Elon wants a Barbie.

No. 1322245

Well anon if you opened your eyes and looked at >>1322057 you would know she is drawn to his big fat pasty sea lion body, obviously. It's all about the blubber just makes Grimes squeal "yeth daddy"

No. 1322357

Grimes always pretends to be this cool alternate alien who's not like other girls cause she's smart, she studied neuroscience and she dates Musk so now she also knows rocket science and will totes populate Mars together with E! so powerful right? doesn't matter that all her "power" is entrance pass so she can be rolling on the floor among old boxes at Tesla's boiler room or something.
She likes loli and puts on odd baby voice so i'd hazard an unhappy guess that Elon is her preferred fatherly figure… (ew)
Anyway he first asked her out to that gala, right? probably that impressed her alone. that someone asked her out to celeb party.
kek anon

No. 1322376

File: 1631481783508.gif (874.59 KB, 354x193, 2C6AFEBB-FEA8-420F-B3BF-480E96…)

Holy fucking shit my sides

No. 1322449

File: 1631486297600.jpeg (Spoiler Image,29.4 KB, 400x225, F45874AE-7373-4C0C-8397-05CE5C…)

Made me think of this for the first time in years

No. 1322787

real deep cut reference there hence the knife I guess kek same energy as covering Today or Disarm at an open mic

No. 1323668

File: 1631615187572.jpg (638.38 KB, 1080x1768, Screenshot_2021-09-14-04-04-05…)

No. 1323671

File: 1631615398355.jpg (844.68 KB, 1080x1774, Screenshot_2021-09-14-11-08-04…)

No. 1323682

Huh but that’s not what she wore

No. 1323689

It says "look #2"

No. 1323707

There is Met Gala and Met Gala after party. in 2018 she had 2 looks too

No. 1323763

the eyeliner is tragic but at least her make up artist didn't ridiculously overline her botched lips

No. 1323789

I still can't believe this gimpy lipped prick was invited to the MetGala but Lana wasn't

No. 1323791

I just want to take a wet q-tip to her eyeliner and fix it for her.

No. 1323816

I think lana just didn’t show up no?

No. 1323856

I liked her first outfit but yeah the eyeliner was a bit tragic. The met gala is such a circle jerk of pretentiousness but i do like the more artistic takes. The theme was kinda dumb this year

No. 1323873

There was no guest chapel and complimentary Vyvanse bar. Can't blame her for staying home.

No. 1323914

I don’t know about Lana, but I read of a few celebrities didn’t go to the event because there is a vaccine mandate, everyone needed proof of vaccination to even enter.

No. 1323975

i think this is meant to provoke alice glass, they have beef and she has called her fans “dolls”

No. 1323979

and she brought it up that week in her discord. her dress this year has the same white to black gradient as last year, why even bother its almost the same dress

No. 1324228

I read somewhere that elon designed that first black and white dress so maybe she’s being a sentimental clinger

No. 1324246

But why does that eyeliner look like it was done with a sharpie, why doesn’t it come to a delicate point

No. 1324289

blunt to match her features

No. 1324332

File: 1631666853853.jpg (213.93 KB, 624x1600, Untitled.jpg)

i've never wanted to kill a man more than i want to kill elon musk

No. 1324334

He's so gross. Why do so many white scrotes endorse him?

No. 1324337

File: 1631666951431.jpg (34.46 KB, 640x640, media.jpg)

I didn't find anything about the 'beef' except some rumours. I found this though kek.

No. 1324338

he is their fantasy of dumpy weeb pornsick racist piece of shit who dates younger and is allowed to get away with all his manchild shit because he has money

No. 1324339

File: 1631667078356.jpeg (214.36 KB, 828x825, BBE3DDD9-F9F3-4057-A231-64B97B…)

her constantly janky eyeliner makes me very irritated
i was visually stimulated by the main look but unimpressed with the overall execution, it looked busy and juvenile

No. 1324350

the dress is cool, but the accessories make her look like a teenager who paid way too much for someone else to make her cosplay and doesn't know how to style around it

No. 1324352

File: 1631667555411.jpeg (203.51 KB, 1125x1455, 508D890F-B510-44F0-9902-A3DAB0…)

u didn’t look very hard nonnie, it took me five seconds to find multiple screens. Grimes mentioned it recently by saying she will never collab with alice because she “thinks she hates me”

No. 1324353

File: 1631667591796.jpeg (55.09 KB, 640x349, 7C86913A-4102-4F87-8F61-E79E7D…)

No. 1324357

File: 1631667810749.jpeg (106.87 KB, 1125x479, 7E940683-9553-4184-887A-0509BF…)

Its about kill v maim. I have more screens but why shit up the thread

No. 1324359

She has never mentioned Grimes' name so we can't really know. Anyway Grimes is an ugly pickme and I hope that people don't think I'm wking.

No. 1324361

Is she broke? This is the same dress from the violence MV. She should have made muskrat buy her a new one.

No. 1324365

>that portuguese comment saying "did you both take a shower today?"
Post the screens, anon. It's old milk, but it adds more to the "Grimes steals from everyone" lore.

Not broke, just lazy.

No. 1324373

Different dress but same designer. She still didn't have to pick something so similar though.

No. 1324375

at the time the consensus was actually in grimes favor because the original claim didn’t make sense, but i do think grimes stole some lyrical content/ideas because it seems off brand and sticks out to have a song about hating men (i know oblivion is about this but its more veiled) The only other screenshots i have are random tweets and youtube comments some linking to an old tumblr page that goes more in depth. if you’re interested it should come up on searches

No. 1324378

all i’m saying is, grimes has a discord chat, answers that alice hates her, almost immediately starts using the word dolls frequently

No. 1324379

File: 1631670409780.jpeg (197.81 KB, 828x1025, 9EFE7C59-3C79-4FCB-B714-36A86D…)

it's not the same dress, although it looks extremely similar. it was designed by @irisvanherpen, you can find her on instagram. i wish they'd stayed true to the original sketch, it's a lot more pleasant on the eyes.
this is a problem with futuristic fashion, especially when it leans toward the cyberpunk aesthetic. its all just metallic, swirly lines, boots and masks, robot or goth inspired. there's not a lot of places it can go. once you start throwing in the edgy accessories and accents, it ends up looking tacky & misses the mark.

No. 1324380

She thinks alice hates her because someone posted a comment on Alice's insta asking for a Grimes collab and Alice replied saying something along the lines of "I don't want to work with someone who doesn't represent my values, i don't think people should be billionaires" so basically she dislikes her for hooking up with a rich dude lmao wish i could find the caps, maybe someone else has.
I don't think any ideas were stolen & the dolls thing is a coincidence. the 'beef' stemmed from that comment

No. 1324382

That is exactly what happened only she’s like 33

No. 1324383

She didn’t even study neuroscience. Everything about her is a farce just so she can be ~not like other girls~ which is pathetic because had she put her energy in actually achieving everything on her own instead of pretending/lying she would’ve be legit cool.

No. 1324389

i get that you’re new to this but if you were around in 2015 when this happened the whole internet knew she was talking about grimes and they have hated each other since, this is just how its being resurfaced

No. 1324390

No. 1324395

File: 1631673493613.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, FB4FE5F2-3FF9-458F-9265-751D90…)

Ok so I actually thought this makeup was cute. She had a stylist here, and the liner wings are still pretty wack but I’m surprised with Elon’s moneybags she doesn’t put more effort into either 1. Regularly having a stylist who can help her before events so she doesn’t look grey and dirty or 2. At least buy nicer makeup and watch a few YouTube tutorials ffs. With her anachan body and the right stylist she has the ability to look high fashion if she actually put in the effort

No. 1324396

it would be a cute look if her fat ass nose wasn’t covering half her face

No. 1324402

ikr, every woman who can afford it should have surgery asap to swap out their unique features with whatever the hot look is at the moment. When all women have the same face, we'll reach true utopia.

No. 1324405

I laughed at >>1324396 but this is true. If she got a nosejob we’d all be here sperging about how she got the nose that every other woman in hollywood has and saying she abandoned her authenticity or w/e

No. 1324467

Agree with all of this. She could easily hire makeup artists, even someone to teach her in person, and any nice makeup she could want. Musk pays hefty child support for all of his kids and I think to his ex wives when they split or something, I would assume he would want to clean up Grimes and i can see that being an entertaining project for a billionaire. He’s such a weeb and so is she, but he doesn’t care about her enough to make her queen weeb even after having his kid? No style or soul, huge missed opportunity. This makeup looks so beautiful, and the blunted liner is growing on me because it is less precise and interesting next to the meticulous pearls.

I actually think her nose is cute but I always thought she was pretty, and I’m noticing that’s an uncommon opinion lol. If she keeps maintaining her ed without getting fat transfer back into her face, her nose won’t be as balanced and look bigger because of that. She’s a large unkempt weeby womanchild and having a refined nose wouldn’t be true to her character.

No. 1324472

I remember her saying in an interview once that she'd never change her nose and change her appearance because she wants to remain true to herself and embrace her quirks or something to that effect

No. 1324474

What the fuck is everyone on? How is this basic makeup beautiful? Meticulous pearls jfc surely you realize you sound like an idiot

No. 1324500

Right? It’s just years late euphoria makeup kek

No. 1324520

File: 1631688967987.jpeg (363.23 KB, 940x600, B48BCD62-2733-4FE6-8CE7-AE289C…)

lmao it's so obvious some dumb stylist/intern putting him in all these t shirts, he doesn't know what the fuck he's wearing. same as when someone put him in a darkthrone shirt for picrel. and it's the same as his twitter when he's making "references" to "nerd" things to make the zoomers hype his brand. how anyone can believe he's genuinly interested in any of those things is beyond me. actually i can believe it, because his followers have the collective IQ of a special ed classroom with a fly stuck inside.

No. 1324522

those wings seriously look like shit

No. 1324532

Do you realise both of these images are photoshopped? lol

No. 1324599

File: 1631702377073.jpg (187.69 KB, 1024x1280, 2021 Sep 13 Met Gala afterpar…)

Elon was on Met Gala but he didn't go with Grimes on red carpet. Hosts said in stream they will interview Elon and Grimes means they expected to be together but Elon didn't go there and went directly inside. He was on Alicia's after party and then did his own private party in club Zero Bond. Grimes was on Rihanna's after party alone (photos on JustJared) and then went to his after party - video of her dancing in her ig story from there.

No. 1324613

No. 1324653

>so what was the inspo for this one?
>just kind of like sci-fi, uhh, kind of inspired by the movie Dune

Isn't Dune… a book. Oh my god.
It's like saying you're inspired by the Harry Potter movies. Cringe as fuck, has she even read the fucking book? Besides, how does this outfit relate to the Dune aesthetic at all?

I don't really understand why she names 'AI' and Dune as her inspiration for everything, and never divulges what exactly she finds interesting about AI, or discusses it beyond dropping the name for cool nerd girl points.

Nonnies, she really had me thinking she's cool, and since these threads, the facade has shattered.

No. 1324656

she about new show Dune, check her likes on twitter. Mask from Dune

AI is Elon's theme and she wants to show she is cool too

No. 1324657

File: 1631707331878.jpg (390.98 KB, 1080x1131, Screenshot_2021-09-13.jpg)

No. 1324659

is that dobby from harry potter(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1324663

i was gonna say. Dune is a series of really old book. she's so embarrassing

No. 1324668

File: 1631708966519.jpg (206.7 KB, 2000x1334, elon-musk.jpg)

No. 1324677

Imagine being this creature with turtle lips and thinking you're the man to populate Mars with your offspring

No. 1324678

she is so, so ugly. i don't mean to contribute to the misogyny inherent in the site, but grimes is so god damn fucking ugly. it's not just her unfortunate features but the fact she constantly looks unwashed and haggard despite being married to a fucking billionare. she can't dress herself and always has a bad dye job. she gleefully supports capitalism and the exploitation of employees while prancing around acting like some broke california street kid who refuses to get a job because their parents can pay for their "homeless" lifestyle. she's a hypocritical little goblin who's more than happy to be the manic pixie cumbrain dream of her dipshit husband. in a few years she will lose her appeal to him, and elon will cheat on her, because he is nothing but self-serving and will refuse to date a woman over 30 for very long. i hate them both so much.

No. 1324683

>so like, she said do something sci fi with her hair, so I made a fat pink chode on top of her head.

No. 1324684

i mean she did make an album referencing dune in like 2010. so it's fair to say she knew about the book. she is cringe for many reasons but that's a reach, the movie is just currently being highly publicized

No. 1324692

File: 1631711981049.png (997.14 KB, 750x1334, 0CD8D5D9-AC1C-4AA7-942C-78B3A6…)

Tinfoil hat, but considering that she is now welded to the aerospace defense industry by blood, Grimes’ multi-year effort to normalize CGI avatars replacing in-person appearance has psyop written all over it to me. Picrel

No. 1324695

any ideas why? is elon already tired of her?

No. 1324700

File: 1631712840032.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, 52D987BF-84E0-4F4B-9813-9D6882…)

It appears Grimes and Elon hosted their own Met Gala afterparty? I wonder where it was

No. 1324702

get a nosejob already claire. all the makeup and lip fillers in the world won't make that beak less prominent. she should have either refused to have any surgery done whatsoever or just gone for the full bimbofication. anything in between just looks sloppy.

No. 1324704

She isn't marry. And he doesn't give her money not only on her work but for her clothes too. Grimes has clothes what Turner can have for her

No. 1324705

It was his private party in club Zero Bond. Dj is friend with Grimes but Claire wasn't host or did party. Phones were banned inside so no photos/videos from party

No. 1324706

Elon avoiding to do official photos with Grimes. Check for example Getty images: you will find photos from Met Gala 2018 and Hyperloop 2018 (both before AB drama) since then there are photos from fans or paps but these photos can't be used in press. There is rumor they already only co-parents and friends but not a couple.

No. 1324736

File: 1631717257647.jpg (106.05 KB, 1000x660, dune-1984-002-kenneth-mcmillan…)


There was an '84 Dune movie directed by David Lynch and there were multiple miniseries produced by the SciFi channel. It's an incredibly popular series so there has been a ton of media produced around it. She's probs referring to the Lynch movie which is still funny as fuck since her style doesn't resemble it in the slightest. I for one am eagerly awaiting the day she unveils her Baron Harkonnen look

No. 1324746

im not a fan of iris van herpen anyway but this is the laziest dress and i cant understand why shes getting so much praise for the look. i would have liked to see her step out of her box and worn something grandiose but traditional. the designer who did her last dress was bragging about it while drunk (not the main one but someone else on the team) and i was shocked that it turned out looking like spirit halloween garbage. this year is equally as bad

No. 1324755

She maybe is Elon's gf but after 2 years of being half-joke half exotic pet she isn't something with whom PRO want to work. She isn't on Gaga's album while her friends are, she doesn't have big names for collabs and she disn't have something what did WOW-effect. I though first she used dress from her clip.

No. 1324767


‘Mathter hath given Grimeth a thock! Grimeth is FREE!!’

No. 1324773

I can’t stop laughing about her muffled voice from inside the mask hahaha

No. 1324813

File: 1631724659426.jpg (95.94 KB, 1066x451, lol.JPG)

Nice amazon prop there!

No. 1324868

someone fix this mans eyebrows with a spoolie

No. 1324948

men are allowed to be absolute frump dumpsters if they have any money

No. 1324955

Compare it to what she usually insists on doing herself, that’s what I meant lol. The shades used flatter her and she could never consistently glue anything to her face, I was pleasantly shocked into generosity. I find it so strange she claims to be creative and makeup seems to be a big part of her look, yet she hasn’t learned to do it correctly herself.

No. 1324957

He’s paying for a lot of drugs

No. 1325019

File: 1631735135862.png (60.83 KB, 444x270, Untitled.png)

her stupid overlined lip tho. makes it look chapped

No. 1325070

File: 1631739244177.jpg (457.59 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_20210915_235310.jpg)

Today's launch.

No. 1325078

They look cute though

All the money in the world and he can’t get fitting pants

No. 1325091

no they don't, grimey stan

No. 1325093

Her nose is cute, grimes is cute, the main milky thing about her is her choice to team up with, and birth a child by, an insufferable billionaire who saw Total Recall and wanted it to be real

No. 1325098

File: 1631740953558.png (531.76 KB, 588x698, Untitled.png)

grimes has one of those stout piggy noses, she's extremely plain looking and her poor styling/lack of washing makes her look worse. stop stanning her it looks sus

No. 1325112

holy kek this pic can’t be real?!

No. 1325114

grimes vs a camera she can't manipulate the image of using angles

No. 1325115

This not only pic it's screenshot from video. It is from pregnancy time

No. 1325134

Imagine being rich and not immediately getting that nose fixed

No. 1325135

File: 1631742828221.png (414.4 KB, 495x496, 57469A3C-6EF0-447B-A975-D23D86…)

grimes fucked up her face with lip fillers. why on earth doesn’t she stick to sickly weeb waif bjd enthusiast

No. 1325141

File: 1631743392198.jpg (114.68 KB, 1024x716, IMG_20210916_005937.jpg)

No. 1325142

that fat flat nose is unfortunate no matter what the rest of her face looks like

No. 1325143

Because she was ageing out of it. She only got a pass for all the lame, stupid shit she did because she looked young and smol. As she ages, she's more likely to get called out or ignored for that same shit so she's desperately trying to turn back the clock. A 30 plus woman acting like a sped is not cute.

No. 1325144

All the nose sperging ITT is annoying. She looks fine and keeping (most) of her natural features makes her look cuter than going the insta model plastic surgery route. Her looks are not the problem, its her dating the elite and defending the elite that is the problem. I think a lot of us liked her and her music before she started dating elon. Hell, i think a lot of us would have continued to like her if she would have just said she was milking him for his money instead of doubling down and defending him to be a good waifu

No. 1325146

shut the fuck up grimes(hi cow )

No. 1325147

This is honestly how I feel. I had a crush on her before all this shit happened. Now I'm just disappointed and annoyed.

No. 1325153

>t. fat nose

No. 1325154

File: 1631744204014.jpg (157.18 KB, 741x1024, IMG_20210916_011456.jpg)

No. 1325160

why does she dress like its 2013 and she finally graduated from american apparel to nordstrom rack

No. 1325161

im not anachan i swear but she looks pregnant again fuck

No. 1325165

Justine had kids in 2004&2006 so I wouldn't surprised if g would have 2020&2022

No. 1325168

Stunning read

No. 1325170

i am begging this bitch to use her bf's money to get a stylist

No. 1325173

>>1325170 just fyi Talulah was married him twice and got only 20M (4M after first divorce and 16M after second) and not in cash in one time: he wrote in prenup she will get money in their anniversary day every year for 9 years (last pay will be in 2025) and she was wife while Claire is just person who agreed to be near because she doesn't have honor

No. 1325178

we're allowed to make fun of her for more than one thing. she's ugly inside and out

No. 1325180

Jesus fucking Christ sage your replies and put them in a single post. Also Google translate isn't working so well for you

No. 1325187

Why put these replies in single post and why are you rude to person whos english isn't native?(sage)

No. 1325229

Elon ruins launches for me. For starters space travel is wasteful despite being a great human accomplishment. the emissions are horrific. I hate how people still think he is the brains behind the operation as well but he clearly markets him self as such. I can't believe people don't realize the utter hypocrisy of him and grimes essentially shaming people for using things like straws and ziplocks and not driving an electric car, as if it's even accessible to most lmao, yet their carbon footprint is bigger than many of us combined. It pisses me off that people don't seem to put 2 & 2 together. Also hope the people lauched today realize that they're literally guinea pigs and their lives don't matter to elon and other higher ups. I remember the article where grimes claimed she would move to mars in 20 yrs, "even if it meant manual labour until death". I laughed my ass off, yeah right! Most likely she'd be right next to elon goading their space slaves along to work in exchange for being kept alive

No. 1325241

Her cheering in the back like a suburban housewife

No. 1325242

File: 1631754081902.jpeg (77.96 KB, 441x577, 15769031-BFF5-466B-935E-F8E96C…)

another pic from launch lmfao

eh, she doesn't look pregnant at all. she has to have cycles of eating sometimes or she'd be too sick to function. maybe shes decided to gain a little so she doesn't look like a gross skeleton as she continues to age. Good decision if so

No. 1325243

Is this one of their long-suffering nannies in the thread?

No. 1325262

do they really have a latina nanny lmao

the optics

No. 1325283

Kid has 4 nannies, nurse and bodyguard.

No. 1325286

Americans seem to have no issues with the obvious classism/racism of hiring POC nannies.

No. 1325289

File: 1631757933064.jpeg (112.42 KB, 1200x628, EF96E2AE-DB4F-40C2-BA4C-5138D1…)

jesus that girl on the far right is cute as fuck, they're probably all fake workers though it looks so weird and staged
she's not pregnant, honestly i doubt she'd survive another pregnancy. i think she's just not "recovered" from her last pregnancy and birth. her belly has been kind of sticking out since she gave birth which is normal but it looks especially jarring on her otherwise stick figure body. in the doja cat music video it was very prominent.
she actually looks like taylor from RHOBH
wasn't the coparenting confirmed? there are several articles about it online. she still calls elon her "bf" on tiktok like they're the same age lol

No. 1325299

On SNL on stage he called her just Grimes, not gf or dear or whatever , no, just Grimes and he congrats Maye (episode was for Mother's day) but he didn't congrats or say something about Claire (in 2020 he posted tweet about Mother's Day and mention Grimes). Before he called her partner . He mentions her much less than she does, she already understood when she mentions him she has more views and attention from media.

No. 1325329

neither of them is American tho

it doesn’t surprise me that Elon wouldn’t think twice, but Claire should know better

No. 1325335

The "fake workers" are the 4 people that just flew up to space lmao

No. 1325367

Is she one of those people who kept changing her optional classes so she could say it was (per google) neuroscience and Russian when most of her credits were in Drama and Music Appreciation or something?

No. 1325369

Ooof, that hair transplant ain't holding. Just let it go with dignity, Elon.

No. 1325372

kek i was wondering what statement she was trying to make.

> I kan reed

> reeding is gud
> yey bookz

No. 1325373

Yup. I don't care about her basic bitch nose or her rubbish makeup looks, but shacking up with Autistic Tony Stark and changing her name to "the mathematical value of light", while spouting all kinds of pseudo deep bullshit just rubs me the wrong way.

I still sometimes think they named their kid Alex though, and the AE 666 WTF thing is just a joke on the media.

No. 1325374

The only Space X fakery is that Elon does all the hard work.

No. 1325378

File: 1631767785986.jpg (147.37 KB, 720x869, 20210916_014603.jpg)

more recent pictures

No. 1325380

File: 1631767871982.jpg (100.76 KB, 720x727, 20210916_014528.jpg)

No. 1325381

File: 1631767942557.jpg (87.34 KB, 720x756, 20210916_014513.jpg)

No. 1325387

sperging about grimes being pseudo intellectual is like shaynas tits. can we just move on and mention instances of it instead of harping on it in general, its implied, sorry to single u out nonna nothing personal

No. 1325391

Muskrat is so fucking ugly and disgusting.

No. 1325393

he looks pregnant, what the fuck, awful fat scrote

No. 1325412

> Her mother, Sandy Garossino, is a former Crown prosecutor and arts advocate; her father, a former banker, works "in the business side of biotech". In 2006, Boucher graduated from Lord Byng Secondary School and relocated from Vancouver to Montreal to attend McGill University focusing on neuroscience and Russian language, but left the university in early 2011 before finishing her degree.

damn, you’re right: rich bitch with canuck cop/banker parents who was privileged enough to enroll in school and bounce around majors, drop out, and pretend to be an expert.

No. 1325414

i think this weird bag lady witch shit is hilarious but her scam missed the mother fucking mark. if she teamed up with azalea banks instead of whatever she’s trying to pull off against her, they could have both had their way.
but no. now we just get some gelatinous middle aged fried egg titty elon musk pregnant with all his dead and failed testosterone cells doing toddler shit and destroying the mother fucking environment. i wish hair plugs caused cancer i said what i said.

No. 1325416

has she literally ever shown any understanding of the russian language and why would she choose that, tf

No. 1325417

No and it was because she was a down bad commie before fucking Muskrat

No. 1325423

russians and specifically russian musicians who get their shoes shit down bc of censorship hate communism, she is a dumb ass. she’s also a woman and surprise you’re a subhuman to their communist culture. she’s so out of touch it’s obvious she’s from money.

No. 1325440

File: 1631778270530.jpg (308.68 KB, 1080x872, Screenshot_2021.jpg)

No. 1325447

ironically she looks older here maybe because of the cheeks but either way she just looks weird

No. 1325449

I wish she'd pick a lane between smelly hippie art ho and bimbo trophy wife, this attempt at a mashup is just grotesque and ages her horribly.

No. 1325464

File: 1631782333691.jpeg (105.6 KB, 600x500, 2.jpeg)


Her face already has that puffy immobile plastic look to it. He's not worth it Claire, grow a spine and leave.

No. 1325481

File: 1631787237303.jpg (701.79 KB, 2584x872, grimes time.jpg)

No. 1325484

File: 1631787441168.png (781.41 KB, 720x1280, highendhippie_001_270.png)

this was just dress, in video from backstage you can see she is flat

No. 1325490

The worst crime here is the eyeliner. What a fucking horrific and unflattering shape to pick for the wing. I mean the rest of her face is a tragedy too, but then again I always thought she was ugly as hell.

No. 1325491

azealia is that u lmfaoooo nice roast if not

No. 1325520

she admittedly photoshopped the 2nd pne (prob the 1st one is shopped as well)

No. 1325561

We love you Azealia ♥

No. 1325664

these surgeries age her awfully, i thought she intended to look as young as possible.
that video, her "performance" was quite jarring. all these chicks fit the aesthetic well, but Grimes just sat in that limousine and "vibed" in such an awkward way, out of rhythm. almost expected other girls to stare at her with disapproval

No. 1325672

This looks like that Hollywood Faceapp filter, there's something very unnatural about her face in this pic. I always found her pretty but she's slowly ruining it all with shitty fillers. Truly sad

No. 1325784

Choosing a language as a minor, especially a globally relevant one, is a smart move in many fields. My friend did Economics with Russian and it's serving him well. For Grimes, though, it's just so people think she now speaks Russian. So QuIrKy!

No. 1325855

It really looks like she had cheek fillers too doesn’t it? We’re seeing the beginnings of the pillowface arc a la Chrissy Tiegen

No. 1325933

File: 1631823876192.jpg (745.83 KB, 970x2342, Screenshot_20210916-214330_Twi…)


This lady was one of main engineers in Tesla and now has a bone to pick with Musk, a lawsuit for defamation. She shits on him without prejudice about legal stuff, and work force stuff and him being one big retarded manchild, but she sometimes drops goldnuggets like these.

No. 1325944

Based bitch

No. 1325953

Maybe about work her words are true but about dogs aren't. Musks (not only Elon, but Tosca, Maye, Kimbal, Ali and rest) have dogs. One thing: Elon doesn't take rescued dogs from shelter (how did for example Mac, Claire's bro, and his gf) he buys expensive pets.

No. 1325967

File: 1631826882325.jpg (292.57 KB, 1080x1080, Gatsby & Marvin the Martian.jp…)

Elon's dogs photo by Elon.

No. 1325978

He looks like post-scandal shane dawson

No. 1325984

yes, "focusing" means those weren't her major(s) and she wasn't admitted because of grades/previous studies in those areas.
there are "breadth requirements" at canadian universities and you can take a russian language year 1 class as an elective and be super annoying to the translators/other majors in the slavic language&literature department. there are also fake-ass neuroscience, astronomy, and computer science classes only available to humanities majors to fill the elective/breadth requirements.
she did not study anything at mcgill. she was in art history or pSyChOlOgY or something along those lines. "white girls who ony speak english and can't do math or fix a car" degrees

No. 1325985

samefag. i meant that the word "focusing" indicates that those are just things she likes. if she had really studied/majored in them she would be using more official language.

No. 1325988

i don't trust her because she's using "if u dont liek dogs i kno u r evil". fuck off with that bullshit

No. 1325989

but nonnie dogs are god's perfect gift to humanity of pure happiness how can you not like them you must be dirty on the inside you filthy soulless ghoul

No. 1326052


I went to McGill and took (non-Russian) language courses there. Level one courses assume no prior study or that you're just as bad as someone who never did. She would have only needed to declare a major/minor in her second year if she wasn't bringing in credits from high school, and you can essentially declare anything you want within your faculty. Since she dropped out, fulfilling the requirements for a Neuroscience/Russian double major wouldn't have mattered anyway. The upper-level Russian courses seemed really intense, so I doubt she ever came anywhere close to that.

No. 1326218

Can you take your dog hate autism elsewhere? Musk is indeed a shitty person and we all know it, lmao.

No. 1326250

File: 1631850836032.jpeg (84.39 KB, 998x787, 8EA8E744-CE6E-492B-A2AC-88AFE8…)

vogue interviewed her while getting ready for the met gala

2:58 "I think having a baby was a big kind of like, rebirth for me like, artistically, like, it just like, i don't know"
"being a mother feels weird to say for some reason, i don't like, identify with that word"
""which is also really weird cause X, he says Claire, he doesn't say, like, Mom, which is so like, i'm like, how are you… like, maybe he can like sense my distaste for the word Mother. which i don't even know why i have a distaste for it, i just can't identify with it weirdly"

that poor child jesus what is this. surely your desire to be a decent loving mother to your child should overpower your need to be soo quirky and NLOG

No. 1326257

I'm choosing to believe she only said that for the cameras.

No. 1326269

> i don't care if anyone listens to it
> i just want to make great art

is that why this is her most generic sounding album yet (based on the songs she's shared)

No. 1326272

>>1326250 I can't tell if she has just had so much tear trough filler and migration that it's making her nose look flatter and shapeless or if she's snorted so many drugs over the past few yrs that she's starting to get a saddle/coke nose a la Artie Lange; aka the cartilage is being eaten away and collapsing.

No. 1326274

Her nose is df not the issue lol it's crazy how many of you are talking about that, although the lip fillers somehow made her face look really bulky almost bloated, but just in the face, if that makes sense. I started this year being a fan of her work and inspired at the idea of being able to make music all by myself and now I'm just…depressed really. She def gives me peter pan syndrome vibes. Also she would look really high fashion if she took a fucking shower.>>1325381

No. 1326278

She's had cheek fillers too I think, contributing to the bloated look

No. 1326298

all that forehead and still a sad, pornsick manbrain. god his hairline is horrible and his face is so small in comparison to his neanderthal cranium.

if this gets redtexted for nitpick then you're men. i properly saged and he deserves it as much as the nitpick for Grimes' looks does.

No. 1326307

Scrotes gotta scrote

No. 1326318

i don't think she really loves that kid or thought much about having it beyond "oh well i'm gonna need one anyway, might as well have it now"
before she met elon her career had peaked, the hype around her died down, and the scene/subculture she was part of doesn't exist anymore. I don't know how to explain it but people from that scene seem to be having kids now to prove they're adults after not getting famous like they wanted?

No. 1326321

>inspired at the idea of being able to make music all by myself
agreed. i was never a fan but the whole point of her was that she did 100% of it by herself. and she was supposed to be this master of live mixing, like it was touted as her signature thing.

No. 1326342

Found the traumatized autists who never had the mental fortitude to overcome a minor trauma involving dogs

No. 1326402

the kids who had major trauma from doggos are dead.

No. 1326594

Yes Claire, your child naturally doesn't call you mom and it has nothing to do with you being just a small blip in his life. This is the kind of interview that will turn normies away, her 'quirkiness' was whatever when it was just her, but this makes her sound like a narcissist. You're a mom Claire, deal with it.

No. 1326693

Lmao that's exactly what I thought. I feel like I lose brain cells every time she speaks, she sounds like a sheltered middle-school aged kid. She doesn't even have the intelligence to spin this into an argument about retaining your personhood after having children or something. It's obvious that she never wanted to have children and doesn't have anything like a "maternal instinct" because her sense of self importance is so overinflated. If anything I'm surprised she hasn't tried to justify her lack of involvement in her kid's upbringing by comparing herself to the queen of england.

No. 1326702

make the music grimes is too busy defending musk on tiktok to make, nonita

No. 1326703

Does she know that kids need to be taught to call their parents mom/dad? Maybe he's picking up what he hears other people call her. Gotta love her eloquence either way

No. 1326711

If the photos from that Space X launch are anything to go by, that kid is being carried around and interacted with by nannies 90% of the time and he just hears them refer to her when he gets put into ‘Claire’s’ arms when it’s time to take pictures. Bleak.

No. 1326713

File: 1631899914599.jpeg (347.69 KB, 1125x1014, 9370446E-9D64-48F4-93F4-3A124C…)

She’s just that delusional. She also claimed her infant could comprehend Apocalypse Now.


sage for old milk

No. 1326716

I'm not surprised she claimed the baby could mix at like 6 months old or something and made a song

No. 1326738

maybe they just think dogs are dirty. in my country they're considered gross and not supposed to be indoors. you could have one on your farm or guarding a warehouse but no one's stinky enough to let one walk around their house.
also i find in the west people want dogs as pets but don't train them? your friends invite you over and think it's totally normal for you to spend 5 minutes getting jumped on/licked/your clothes covered in hair and touched by dog feet before you can get past the front door.
cats are dirty too but at least they leave you alone. pet dogs have no chill

No. 1326759

can you autists stfu whether you like or hate animals no one cares

No. 1326780

Claire has pathological liar vibes

No. 1326811

She is lier. Take any her news or interview and you will see lies but when you catch her she claims it's a joke or trolling or that's not what she was meaning

No. 1326816

File: 1631905707282.jpg (79.14 KB, 802x774, e60e1.jpg)

No. 1326822

noo what is this jumpscare. that's the kind of "i went to sleep in full makeup and dragged my face across the pillow a few times" look

No. 1326839

She's the definition of that kid who spent too much time around adults being told how smart and creative she was and then never developed a personality beyond that validation-seeking from authority figures. Muskrat really found the most insecure girl in the world with sharpie on her face and realized that he could do the bare minimum and she would stick around if he called her smart a couple of times a year. She had his whole ass ivf baby and everything and ended up with the maternal instincts of a wire monkey.

No. 1326840

this is what you get when you're high as shit on uppers or ambien

No. 1326883

She’s cringe, but this is something that a lot of women struggle with. “Mom” isn’t a label lots of people are comfortable identifying with. You’re _’s mom, demoted to second rank personhood. You’re not even a full person anymore. Sure, there isn’t only one way to be a mom, but the most common one is where you lose yourself and become a slave. I can definitely see why some hesitate to embrace a label that mostly requires them to give up everything that makes them bright and become NPCs. It’s why some women opt out of motherhood, after all. And when you mention this some faggot pops out and says, “B-but you’re supposed to be selfless and sacrifice yourself for a-a higher goal!”

No. 1326886

she sounds like every pretentious dick i knew who went to a Steiner school

No. 1326889

Giving me "Manchester lost the big game" vibes

No. 1326900

You’re giving the capacity of her intelligence way too much credit. She just wants to be a loli anime fairy and remain attractive to powerful men, it is as simple as that

No. 1326998

Damn it's really like she used Elon's secret technology to time travel to 2011 to have Kreayshawn do her makeup.

No. 1326999

How is her nose not an issue? It's so fleshy, flat and wide it throws off her whole face.

No. 1327009

She chose to be a parent but has zero maternal instincts is the issue. No one was saying she should sacrifice her sense of self for her child

No. 1327017

i think it's more than that for her. struggling with your new identity and finding your sense of individuality as a new mother? sure. literally being uncomfortable with your child calling you mom? nah.

No. 1327034

File: 1631916116385.jpg (152.95 KB, 1080x1349, E_grSqvXsAgxgiN.jpg)

comment from site: That picture of her with that Adam Ant looking guy seems more like a couple pic and then you see Elon lurking in the background like a third wheel. Weird Again he looks like he was photoshopped in. Maybe that is just how he looks. Photoshopped in

No. 1327038


I think that's Jordan Roth, who's gay

No. 1327044

File: 1631916722485.jpg (2.99 MB, 2048x1620, Jordan-Roth-at-2021-Met-Gala.j…)

you are right, it's him. thanks for info!

No. 1327050

Being called "mom" by your child is literally the bare minimum. If you're so fragile that your identity is going to be shattered by your kid calling you "mom" instead of "claire", you're too fragile to have kids in the first place. Get a puppy.
There's an ocean of difference between maintaining your sense of identity independent of motherhood and being a smooth brain pickme with more 3d modeling software than self respect.

No. 1327053


GRIMES: I’ve done some babysitting lately, and I’ve just been like, “Oh, fuck. Kids are nightmare creatures.” You have to stop them from being evil, and it’s existentially threatening. They just said something crazy, and if you don’t shut it down in the right way, they might turn out to be Hitler.

No. 1327066

Society treats women like shit, you're not wrong, but Grimes is part of the problem. If she feels like she's losing herself it's cause she's dating Elon and trying to be his dream woman and she shouldn't be taking that out on her child. She of all people has the resources and notoriety to be able to show moms as full fledged people.

No. 1327069

Damn it Claire shut up. yes, the kid said something "wrong" or let's say repeats a swear word heard in the house, so of course it'll turn to Hitler! what a fucking idiot. just do a fucking minimum, take care of and love your child if your don't want it to grow up troubled. it's sad that he can't even call her mom. what was even his first word? "Tesla?"
Have you wondered anons what happens when the child grows up to age 7 or 10? Grimes will be tagging him along to galas, dressing up as Marsian and paint his face with smudgy glitter makeup. This child will probably grow up among money, superficial things and idiocy but i hope he grows up to a total opposite of his parents and gets the fuck out from them and the spotlight when he grows up. or alternatively spills all family secrets to media

No. 1327083

look on date of interview: it was in late oct 2019 (published in dec) when she was two months pregnant already.

No. 1327084

She really doesnt seem like she was ready to have a child yet. I get shes 33, but acting like shes shriveled up is a scrote opinion.

No. 1327088

I don’t like grimes and i hate musk but i’m confused by your post.
Having the emorional maturity to be able to compartmentalize giving your child the security of calling you mom -or dad- like most kids call their parents and still living a full adult hunman life is.. bad? Or? How is this bad, please explain

No. 1327090

that actually make it even worse. she was already past iv procedures/decision making process and all, awaiting the kid. it's not like she should know everything immediately but these words only highlight how unprepared she was. as in not ready, not really wanting.
And it didn't even help her keep Elon as close as she'd like. wouldn't be surprised if they had open relationship or something even weirder.

No. 1327102

File: 1631922302384.jpg (389.6 KB, 2048x1364, Jul 28, 2021 from SpaceX South…)

Kid knows how his dad is. https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1359545545900048386 - video did by Elon, X says "dad"

Elon spends with him lot of time. not once people saw Elon with son on worksite

No. 1327104

She was at dj sets in dec 2019 and feb 2020, where she dancing and jumping and doesn't care about belly. and you asking about her words in interview? /s

No. 1327115

i didn't know about that. who knows what else she did during pregnancy. she probably had more than just one type of drugs to lay off

No. 1327125

File: 1631924296097.jpg (308.25 KB, 1242x2183, dec 16, 2019.jpg)

in her&hana's stream in feb 2020 she said how she missed smoke/vape and how she can't wait to back for this habbit and her last inteviews show she is back

photo from rave bday-party and she was there in same dress what she used for her dj set early that month. It was VIP-party where other girls were in designer dresses but Claire was in cheap one.

No. 1327174

it’s kind of disturbing how obviously brain dead claire is but elon was the one that decided she was the next human host for his son. if you were used as a human host you’d probably be on drugs too and traumatized. i understand she had to have agreed, but this is billionaire elon musk and she is simple enough to be mystified or at least confused as fuck. he’s way older and has done this to multiple women and has her so wrapped around her finger she is so defensive and terrified of asking for access to money or resources. billionaires are all antisocial and she’s an easy target, i’m surprised that’s not getting called out more. i never liked her but elon is a gigantic piece of shit. some people said she was “reddit’s girl” or something like popular with male nerds, maybe he just got her pregnant to do that. he constantly belittled her in interviews and he has the smallest of men complexes. idk. look at dobby’s master.

No. 1327194

i doubt he has the time or energy to sleep with other women, def pornsick tho like most techbros.

he's so gross and non virile, and she won't take his money; what the hell does she get out of this relationship? Free PR? she's annoying but i feel kinda sorry for her, girl must have huge attention seeking problems.

it pains me to think of the ego implosion and debilitating mental issues she'll suffer from when she's nearing 40 and he's done with her, and she realises she never properly bonded with her child because she was too scared of appearing matronly or basic.

No. 1327197

File: 1631935160909.jpg (180.6 KB, 970x1226, Untitled.jpg)

anon, us making fun of claire boucher does not mean we're stanning elon musk. they're both bad people. they both deserve to be picked apart

fucking this, you don't need to give into society's obsession with the mother identity but your baby should not be the one to suffer the effect of feeling distanced from you and unable to call you his mom

No. 1327198

not saying elon isn't massive piece of shit but it's not as deep as you make it. she's not "terrified" of asking for money, she's just a massive NLOG case, and she probably gets at least basic minimum for children care from him and sits in one of his residences, but it doesn't go well with her narrative so she doesn't count it in. (and if she doesn't, she has grounds to demand it and she will in a few years.) second, she's got her own fucking millions to fund herself and rich family to fall back on. that in vitro thing had her agree on everything, it's not like she couldn't say no and Elon dragged her by the arm. and she still can go away any time, she ALREADY sits alone all the time and Elon doesn't give a fuck while she just talks about him for attention. have you seen her call him "her beautiful E"? yes, he has her wrapped around her finger, but not in such "human host traumatized poor victim" way. i don't doubt he's antisocial and cruel bastard and her infatuation is tragic (what's worse than simpig for Elon Musk) but i feel like you make weird excuses for Grimes or look for something that isn't there. she still has her own brain, or at least remnants of.

No. 1327203

samefag, not to say that i don't feel sorry for Grimes and situation she's in, although probably it's the child who is in worst position. both Elon and Grimes are insincere and narcissistic people on their own (Elon infinitely more of course). it's just so irritating that this woman ignored all these articles from Elon's ex wives and all the red flags she's seen and experienced firsthand, there must've been some even in the very beginning, before the pregnancy. her family and friends must've warned her too, at least i hope so.

No. 1327219

i can appreciate your opinion, unless you’ve met a very psychopath or sociopath in business it’s hard to describe how they manipulate and charm you. they will lie
about absolutely everything and anything and because they have no remorse it’s easy to believe. unfortunately, most likely her family and friends were encouraging her to “not mess it up”, and because she’s “so different” from his exes he probably convinced her he was looking for something new. these men are billionaires because they are scamming extremely intelligent people to do what they want, while exploiting abusive labor conditions. she’s so boring an inoffensive i can’t compare her to someone that is actively destroying the planet lol. i can’t. if she grew up in a rich family she probably thinks she can make people think she belongs, but she doesn’t and her weird and quirky child act doesn’t hold up when she’s in her mid 30s and a mother now. she’s probably doing so many drugs to cope with having to understand how much this man took from her life, future, and body. she doesn’t have to be a “poor defenseless victim” or whatever, she’s in such a bizarre situation in life that is actually really fucked up. they are not and will never be in the same galaxy of narcissist, claire didn’t credit some of the people that helped produce her music, elon is a soul sucking planet destroying obese misogynistic greasy pig billionaire. i really think he just wanted to check off impregnating a manic pixie dream girl which is pathetic enough. if he can scam highly intelligent people out of billions, she is going to do and think whatever he wants.

i know how they started talking off of some dumb joke, but i wonder what his lovebombing looked like.

No. 1327229

everything about the pregnancy screams accident and all the speculation about ivf is purely based on his history ive never seen it confirmed that they did treatments. i think it was an oops baby

No. 1327238

Finally some reality in this sperg thread. Even dudes shooting at low rates can have accidental babies. The IVF was because of the grief of losing their first baby to SIDS. Probably took them a long time just to have that baby naturally that died unexpectedly. If Claire had a baby born through any scientific intervention she'd be screaming it from the rooftops.

No. 1327249

File: 1631944729525.jpg (Spoiler Image,21.16 KB, 476x315, cool rocket.jpg)

No. 1327251

Kids who firstname their parents usually hate them, it's not looking good for Grimes that she's actually aiming for that

No. 1327253

exactly, i don't know why everyone seems to think it wasn't an accident. in that suspected claire reddit post she says "having a boy on my first try" or something, which if it's her clearly means it wasn't ivf.
if she wanted an abortion i can definitely see elon bullying her into keeping it. that kind of shit would work on her.

No. 1327338


I thought I remembered her saying something about making a deliberate choice to get pregnant because he asked her to, but in hindsight it could have been about her deciding to stay pregnant because he wanted her to keep it. She made a big deal about how she was capitulating to something that she fought against for so long but that she just loved him soooo much so she was like, sure why not.

Regardless, it's sad as fuck that the kid is more of a prop and a novelty, or a thought experiment at best, instead of genuinely loved by the people who brought him into the world. He's going to be narc damaged as fuck, but at least he'll be able to afford therapy.

No. 1327374


It seems she was a virgin before Elon or at least she didn't have much experience

No. 1327383

In the Azealia texts from 2018 she was saying she was gonna get pregnant and the two of them should get pregnant, that's captured here >>1311516

Then it was Azealia that claimed ivf which no one would have been surprised if true, especially as the baby was a scheduled c-section so he could be born on May the 4th.

No. 1327419

LMFAO underrated comment

No. 1327424

AYRT i agree, of course nobody questions that her egoism/lies/sm addiction can't be compared with everything evil that Elon does. her situation is odd and it's sometimes hard to judge what's going on. idk if she drained her brain with drugs or was so naive in the first place. it's hard to be empathetic towards her in moments like when she acts like his attorney and lies for him, even though these things can be easily verified online or impossible to verify cause Tesla resources aren't really resources. or when she publicly marvels at fucking hentai pedo-pandering things, while also having a child on her own. i have conflicting feelings on her. sure she must've been manipulated. what i meant was i don't think she's terrified of him (but who knows), she's pathetically in love. as for her family reaction, now i remembered something from reddit, i think her mother was against Elon after things mentioned in that reddit post and that's why Elon tried to isolate Grimes from her mother. so there was at least one moment when her mother felt that was wrong, but who knows maybe they settled it. or maybe Claire stopped seeing her family.

No. 1327603

File: 1631988883992.png (28.38 KB, 784x219, f.png)

elon musk being one of the worst human beings on the planet doesn't mean grimes is free from being criticized. she's not a good person. you can cringe at her situation with musky while also recognizing they're both pieces of shit, one is just bigger and stinkier.

anyway have muskrat "well akshully"-ing the mother of his child

No. 1327676

File: 1631996033673.jpg (106.04 KB, 972x628, Screenshot_2021-09-18-23-07-42…)

No. 1327852

derail but i never liked alanis much, considered her to be straight girl shit, but as an older woman she's really done a good job of not sperging on social media or thinking she's a bigger deal than she is. she seems like a pretty grounded, not full of plastic surgery adult. and i think she is cuter now than in the 90s, possibly because of the no ps

No. 1328123

File: 1632051454871.jpg (94.11 KB, 1200x628, maxresdefault-5675.jpg)

>he constantly belittled her in interviews and he has the smallest of men complexes. idk. look at dobby’s master.
Did you casually ask us to compare Elon Musk to fucking Lucius Malfoy? Am I reading right? I googled to make sure I' am not misunderstanding, but there is no other explanation. You have balls to do that on lolcow lmfao

No. 1328335

this would be such a look on anybody else but her. the lips probably top the azaelia collab/musk baby as worst decision of her career

No. 1328641

File: 1632099384746.jpg (56.08 KB, 728x506, elon muskfoy and grobby.jpg)

No. 1329146

File: 1632154409983.jpeg (912.66 KB, 1242x1254, 00CBC512-A9AB-498E-A98C-C94409…)

i don't know if the black smudge on the top of her lip is eant to be some kind of shadow but she needs to get off the ket

No. 1329434

File: 1632175579044.png (507.72 KB, 593x347, 2021 met gala.PNG)

No. 1329437

File: 1632175938686.jpg (442.39 KB, 1080x1518, 2021-09-20-Screenshot.jpg)

No. 1329440

>a full paragraph on her ugly balding soulless boyfriends goofy ass space whatever the fuck
>uhhh… oh and i guess helping dying kids was cool too
imagine being this much of a fucking pick-me for a fat ugly cunt like elon. thank you grimes very cool

No. 1329604

He’s 1 year old. Babies will look at anything with noise, movement and color. She has to be trolling, there’s no way a successful adult human being could actually be this dumb and vapid.

No. 1329607

Grimes acts like a hyperactive 6 year old who has just learned some basic fact and goes to tell her parents like "omg look what I've learned!!! Awesome right?" and they have to pretend they're impressed

No. 1329615

She's practically his PR agent. Why pay a professional?

No. 1329685

Is that guy kekking after seeing her because it looks so much like that -
Stop shilling for your ugly scrote, c, he hasn't even married you. She really is his free PA/PR girl.

No. 1329721

File: 1632195719798.jpeg (275.7 KB, 828x1419, 5861DEE5-593D-420F-8092-2A5089…)

Sure Jan
Def not a backpedal because you tweeted this all coked out then realised you sounded dumb & that the small account you replied to was being harassed by your deluded stans

No. 1329747

Lol c’mon anon, there are so many stupid people who are rich and famous. They had advantages that got them places. Also many of them fry their minds on endless access to drugs and excessive lifestyles. She is only currently relevant because of Elon. She’s just so sloppy, her PR team must be screaming everyday.

No. 1329756

What a manipulative bitch

No. 1329856

>civilian spaceflight
cool, so spaceflight with no financial transparency or budget accountability.
the only thing we have proof of is that elon musk has enough money to buy spaceships. that's it. just because you can pay a bunch of scientists doesn't mean you've invented anything.
i'll bet that literally nothing he claims about his space projects is true. it's just like elizabeth holmes; they'd rather have a company that does nothing, as long as people believe and give them attention for the crazy stuff they make up, than accept compromise or transitional stages towards actually producing their supposed miracle product.

No. 1329867

she really thinks she's going to mars. elon is going to leave her behind and she will regret doing all this free pr for him

No. 1329935

File: 1632218299624.jpg (57.96 KB, 875x361, cdan.JPG)

No. 1329944


The launching video show G and the nanny coming later from a side behind E. E didnt know they were behind him. G then says smth to him from behind, he turns around, sees her and steps back from her like he was surprised she was there then looks at X in the nanny arms and makes a step forward while having a short exchange with G while she was grabbing the baby. Then he signals his assistant & just leaves very fast leaving G and the nanny behind. Even his assistant had to run to catch up with him.

No. 1329951


Anon this video is hours long, can you please give a timestamp for when they show up?

No. 1329976

File: 1632224929055.png (340.22 KB, 605x410, time.png)

scroll to T-04:07:00 on screen

No. 1330065

He left to go to the launch facility. The other bystanders stay at the observation gantry. He was probably saying goodbye to them because he wouldn't see them for the rest of the day.

No. 1330118

She wanted photos and attention she got them by included herself in stream. You can compare this event and for example Dragon Crew in may 2020 when she got spot away from Elon and his family and was cutted from photos and videos. Same weird things were at other Elon's events. After Met 2021 she maybe remembered how be not just "Elon's gf" but forgot she hasn't something to give her audience except new "family photos" and new tv show what she finally started promo in her media. Elon didn't left to say final goodbye he went to launch room where she could be too (it's Spacex not NASA)

No. 1330145


Keep drinking that musky kool aid grimes

No. 1330154

Makes me think of this post >>1312360
When he revealed the android thingy I laughed, that shit will never work.

No. 1330633

File: 1632265008351.png (173.09 KB, 540x520, gtwitter2018.png)


since 2018…

No. 1330717

came here to post this, i am glad someone else remembers!!!

No. 1330793

why does it feel like Muskrat only chose her for that gala a few years ago as his "cyber goth gf" for attention/casual hookup and now regrets this/tries to stay away from Grimes maintaining safe distance like from some rabid psycho fan…
tell us your Montreal era Grimes stories anon

No. 1330954

Why does she look like she did a face morph with Cardi B
Is elon just there to confirm her delusions?
one of the bigger media types i can recall from back then was ryder ripps

No. 1331056

File: 1632300861436.jpg (867.82 KB, 1080x1760, Screenshot-g-ig-story-2021-09-…)

No. 1331061


Is she even aware hes a fucking BABY, an infant. Shes so pretentious.

No. 1331062

What the fuck is that window blind on a coat hanger situation?

No. 1331064


its "art"

No. 1331065

I have seen some tweaked out creations but that is truly something else wtf

No. 1331069

Guys can we talk about pheebee bridgers. Everything about her seems pretentious and I heard she has some weird persona going on that involves discussing shitting in trader joes.

No. 1331071

You can in the celebricows thread this is a grimes thread

No. 1331076

Imagine having a baby with a billionaire and yet you live like you're in the ghetto. She can't even hang a poster, let alone whatever the fuck is happening with the blinds.

No. 1331086

My bad anon I was being retarded

No. 1331124

hey anon indie band cows general might be a better thread than celebricows, see:

No. 1331326

her rooms are so fucking depressing, that pink youtuber-tier lights permanently on. feels oddly claustrophobic
Phoebe is being/was already discussed a lot in an indie band cows thread if you want to check

No. 1331391

Never? What about the “my baby watched ‘radical art’ like Apocalypse Now and really likes it and I don’t think that’s problematic” shit.

What an inconsistent liar, can’t even keep track of her own stories. Is posting a pic of LittLe X parked on a bed in front of a MacBook playing Studio Ghibli supposed to prove she’s actually a present parent? Why is she posting so much lately?

She’s sloppily back pedaling all her dumb shit and trying to do damage control probably because Elon is trying to pull out of this big stinky stupid mess of a “girlfriend” he has, who just humiliates herself and him with most of her public statements and actions.

No. 1331506

File: 1632341359925.jpeg (518 KB, 750x1008, 61443972-D1B9-41E5-AF12-773CAF…)

This twitter poster has some fascinating threads about Elon and his companies

Basically they are a cover for covert military research & development

No. 1331545

this post is fucking stupid. Their baby died of SIDS. Using IVF makes no difference to that.

No. 1331570

>cover for covert military research & development
Of course. I mean "space technology research" has always primarily been used for rocket (weapon) advancement and (spy) satellite advancement.
This is just common sense.

No. 1331583

File: 1632344661607.jpeg (240.58 KB, 1080x1080, BC457BD5-268B-42E9-B6D2-6549A6…)

This airs tonight. the editing team for Alter Ego must have had a really hard time because she’s about as entertaining and engaging as a bratty toddler or a roadside tweaker. She isn’t funny, smooth or clever. She is cringy as fuck in video. Her interviews are painfully bad and she admits that she has stage fright. It’s crazy she thinks there is any reason for these gigs other than being Elon’s spawn carrier. She could just stay in her lane of making methy copycat electronic music, but she’s a vapid unrelenting attention whore. Gonna be milky!

No. 1331627

it makes less sense the more you look at it, there are blackout curtains that are hung up correctly, and the coat hangers don’t even have clips and something else is used to tie them to the shades? why not just use whatever she tied them with to tie them directly onto the curtain rod? why not install one of the many apps to just hire some motherfucker to come over and install it correctly in maybe one-two minutes?

she’s asking for High Art recommendations for her actual baby who is sitting there with her entire attention on her mirror selfie, with the tweaker curtain disaster in the middle like she did it on purpose. did she do this shit in her river person chucklefuck finn boat? she fucked a billionaire and lives in an anime trap house shamelessly

No. 1331751

File: 1632353288849.jpeg (67.61 KB, 270x514, BABE13ED-D735-484F-84CB-FBE937…)

>lives in an anime trap house shamelessly
lmfaooo anon i want off this planet

No. 1331776

File: 1632354228718.jpeg (2.18 MB, 1682x1125, F39A21E9-5EB1-4ADB-86DC-2E03CA…)

Her look at the Met Gala has been her best move since Elon fame and all she did was be skinny enough for a designer dress and carry a sword.

She’s a braindead poser who just cops corny novel aesthetics and tropes from classic fiction media and anime as if she’s discovering it for the first time.

I seriously doubt she “made all her music herself”. She just LARPED being punk/working class, copied shit superficially, had money and got carried by other people who do have skill. If she really made a good song or two “on her own”, it was a fluke or just her peak and she probably can’t pull it off again without ghost writers/producers.

The most actually punk thing she could do at this point is poison Elon or expose Tesla secrets, but she actually seems in love with him and seems to love the luxury celebrity lifestyle.

Depressing cuz I actually thought she was just fucking with him but it’s been like years now and she’s still spending her limited remaining time as a relevant celebrity white knighting him on social media even though he’s gonna drop her as soon as he finds a way.

There is no missing the old Grimes, it turns out she was always fake. Oh well I’m still here to watch the train crash. It would be nice if she released something actually decent to make up for this parade of cringe but all we will have left is Oblivion which doesn’t hit the same way anyway.

She isn’t a class traitor because she has always been rich with access to Adderall and has always had her basic security covered.

She posts these dumb pics in shitty looking rooms with broken blinds to desperately still seem punk despite wearing designer brands and sucking billionaire dick for scraps of his affection. I used to think she was a closeted lesbian, but she can’t be this captured by Elon’s big scam without being actually in love with him. Let’s hope she’s just the most epic troll of all time?

sage for bitter ex-fan walltext sperg

No. 1331777

lmfao holy shit. i was so concerned by her puffy face/lips that i didn't notice this disaster

"we never show x tv" kid has a star wars shirt on for what reason?? god she is so retarded

looks like she has a fancy coke nail on tbh. i wonder if she made the jacket herself because the paint is chipping off on the arms and looks like shit.

No. 1331784

Anon she’s bending gender by wearing a men’s jacket covered in spraypaint !!! Very queercore bestie

No. 1331847

none of this was ever punk and if you bought into that lame shit while she was going to a rich ass school the whole time i’m sorry you got scammed. all male artists do exactly what you described they are just even more shameless and no one expects anything from them so they never have to adjust. it means nothing. she’s living her best diy interior decorating life and effortlessly undermining elon in a subtle but deep way that people in those circles would find hilarious, and he deserves. i don’t think it’s intentional at all and the fact that she fried her brain is better than whatever this larp is. you can’t seriously think whatever she’s doing now is worse than that?

well coke nails don’t have giant holes where the coke would go so i’m going to say no

>she’s a vapid unrelenting whore
for doing some dumb tv show because she can? for continuing to have a career? why can’t you use those words to more accurately describe the bloated wax figure of nick lachey after his actual and literal vapid attention whoring? she’s just multicolored and controllable with tattoos, she fills a diversity quota while that man is desperately scraping by.

No. 1331865

File: 1632360382146.jpeg (76.77 KB, 637x441, 0EBEF520-199F-46C4-A116-8A4D0F…)


this interview tho
watching her try to act like she's not bored out of her mind while anyone else other than her is talking & watching nick try to keep a straight face when she's on some tweaker tangent is some decent entertainment

No. 1331868

cuz this thread isn’t about Nick Lachey or feminism. Yes, yes, men have it easier… yes, yes she is being criticized for shit that men easily get away with. Great post SJW 101, why don’t you take this obvious shit to the indie music thread where gender equality in the music industry is actually part of the subject context?

but true, looking back it should have been obvious to everyone that she was just dressing up as punk.

And yes she is still an attention whore, she quite literally fucks Elon Musk for it… if he even lets her anymore. She would have had none of these opportunities without him, her music was going downhill and she historically makes bad business decisions and flakes on collaborations.

No. 1331996

Ahahah the coathanger blind holy shit. It's like a joke about how many people it takes to change a lightbulb, in Grimes' case I guess a team of 20 is required.

No. 1332000

>Of course. I mean "space technology research" has always primarily been used for rocket (weapon) advancement and (spy) satellite advancement.

The fact half of his rockets blow up is a bonus in that case. I don't know how anyone trusts him enough to get in anything his company designs.

No. 1332093

How does she revert every question to talking about herself?
Claire, take a public speaking class or something if you're going to be a 'popstar'.

No. 1332110

No. 1332442

File: 1632429509436.png (323.77 KB, 1440x1090, the system works.png)

Samefag, just saw on Twitter a thread where someone's 2015 Tesla bricked itself in the middle of the highway without clear reason.
Unlike a normal car, he couldn't put it in neutral and push it to the side, so he was stuck literally in the middle of the highway and the only reason a crash didn't ensue was the workmen with cones who were luckily working nearby and cordoned off the area at the driver's request. Yet he signs off with "The system works" meaning the text emergency system where you need to text your issue to Tesla via app (no phone numbers available) and wait for a tow truck to turn up. I know Tesla is a company Musk bought out rather than truly founded, but it's definitely being run on moron juice right now.

No. 1332468

No. 1332469

File: 1632431496280.png (25.79 KB, 723x246, CDAN 2021 sep 23.png)

No. 1332471

File: 1632432032670.png (194.13 KB, 1096x1504, CDAN 2021 sep 23 2.png)

No. 1332476

>cool human guy
can everyone that talks like this please drop dead I am so sick of it

No. 1332486

I think she is rather sarcastic but has to play nice as she was maybe threatened by Muskrat's legal team

No. 1332489

oh my fucking god this is mind numbing. i wanted to see her new hair and how she handled this, damn. they asked her where her favorite place on set was and she said the bathroom so she could talk shit about the performances with her glam team. nick answered right after that his favorite place was the actual set lmao, and it was painfully obvious although he’s washed up he is professional.

no idea why she talks the way she does about “radical” or “inclusive” fucking anything because she’s on a show for fox fucking network. and if it was actually inclusive in any way then it wouldn’t be selling a corpse husband mentality and more disassociation from human bodies. she also can’t shut up and keep interrupting nick which i would think is very funny, but it’s like she’s 15 and this is the first time she took adderal and this is a conversation that extended family members are forced to have with their niece because they’re worried she spends too much time online and have to bite their lip and nod while she goes on and on about twitter logic and buzzwords. but she’s like 34, has been in the industry for a while, and nick lachey is there who would have an interesting take on what body image was like before technology. grimes said she released music during the “napster era” which was way before her time and she was only a thing because she’s skinny and white. what tf would she have to add to this besides jerking herself off and fidgeting while watching herself switch between ana body checking poses?

she fucking started eating, like full on dinner plate pasta and shit, in the middle of the damn show. the woman reached with her right hand for a while and i swear she was typing to grimes to stop shoving fucking food in her mouth. and she really can’t talk about anyone but herself. you can tell her parents raised her by falsely calling her “gifted” holy shit. she even starts stretching in the middle of this promo interview. like sis go for a run before this and eat so you can have a clear head with no distractions, she really doesn’t give a fuck it is so self absorbed i can’t. i said i thought she was funny because she’s sabotaging elon but after listening to her i can’t gather my own thoughts sorry, the holes in her brain are contagious

No. 1332490

i agree with you but shes 100% being sarcastic with this and it’s so funny lmao. i love that she blew up their spot. i’m dying idk who this is but i love it.

No. 1332518

link to her tweet from met gala night https://twitter.com/MichaelaOkla/status/1437173041469952000(Post screenshot)

No. 1332622

File: 1632446066249.jpg (26.49 KB, 318x351, kek.jpg)

I'm laughing tbh also what an odd pairing

No. 1332691

did you catch when the host said "yeah you guys were going to the bathroom like every minute"
cokeheads confirmed - would love to be a fly on the wall when will.i.am, nick lachey and grimes were railing lines together

No. 1332712

He def threatened her.

No. 1332736

this is dumb and fake. theres no olive garden in newport beach and anyone whose actually in orange county wouldnt refer to irvine or huntington where the olive gardens are as newport. ignore this embarassing shit, even though i wish it were true

No. 1332793

File: 1632466474181.jpg (450.89 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot-g-ig-story-2021-09-…)

No. 1332798

Ana queen showing off er, listening to the first song on a Spotify playlist called "Harpsichord Music" if we didn't need more proof that her musical prodigy schtick is a charade.

No. 1332813

>girls in the age gap threads showing off their bf be like

No. 1332815

i don’t think elon knows that and took it seriously lmao.

her eyes look so sunken in, same with her cheeks. people mention she looks different and that she got cheekbone filler but i really think it’s her face getting more hollow from her long term eating disorder so they stick out more. she doesn’t even look good this thin and can’t form a cohesive thought.

No. 1332843

https://www.tiktok.com/@grimes/video/7011323446470724870 - #duet with @fettacheenie my new name is dog

Lil X says daddy, Elon is in the room you can hear him. But X calls grimes dog or Doug(don't use emojis )

No. 1332848

File: 1632475652073.png (298.81 KB, 648x576, ssstiktok_1632475094_001_595.p…)

No. 1332852

File: 1632476297648.jpg (46.73 KB, 511x478, time.JPG)

No. 1332886

No. 1332932

"harpsichord music" kek how cultured of you Claire
lowkey wonder if she listens to Emilie Autumn now lol

No. 1332946

lmao why do people from California get so crazy about what you call places? I swear I only see this shit from brain-dead Californians that think they're special for living in cali. Oh noez she referred to an area as something different! youre the embarrassing one, not her.
so the pr firm he hired to give him his anime nerd personality worked. Shocking.

No. 1332973

File: 1632487925540.jpeg (81.43 KB, 828x728, FA23A19D-672A-4F56-9C68-9CE669…)

the frantic energy in her voice and the thousand yard stare is kinda unsettling lmao
why is she drawing attention to this embarrassing interview

No. 1332989

Do any selfies of her exist that aren’t obvious ana bodychecks

No. 1333026

i know i'm late to the party but is that baby actually named "X whatever" on like, his birth certificate and ID…

No. 1333036

Three paragraphs of shameless asskissery, just short of saying he's the second coming of Jesus. Puke.

No. 1333047

I bet I could get their kid to call me mom in less than an hour

No. 1333055

She sounds so awkward when addressing the kid, like it's some distant friend's child that she doesn't particularly like.

No. 1333066

Standing in a photo isn’t a body check. She’s trying to show off how ~cool and unique~ she is with her spotify playlist.

No. 1333067

Probably already calls the nanny that.

No. 1333083

File: 1632495135063.jpeg (551.81 KB, 828x1167, 4EEEBE9C-88E0-4509-9348-97DC17…)

Finally a pop culture moment. Who gets R2-D2?

No. 1333094

And we were still just at the first thread, kek. Wasn't even half way full

No. 1333097

File: 1632496191907.jpeg (161.64 KB, 828x584, E660009F-E9F7-4366-BE38-7808D3…)

Grimes cheated LOL

No. 1333098

No. 1333099

All I can think is that he looks terrible, what's it that he does to his face? Botox?

No. 1333100

File: 1632496347300.png (1.21 MB, 828x1792, AD78C647-DE38-4927-92B0-D00034…)

No. 1333102

That's old news.

No. 1333105

Everytime I get to know a cow's parents, I learn that from the start they never had any chance to be normal

No. 1333113

this is called damage control from his PR camp, anon. He's not going to let Grimes damage his reputation, even slightly.

No. 1333114


Elon Musk and Grimes have broken up after three years together, Page Six can exclusively reveal.

The SpaceX founder confirmed that he and the Canadian singer are “semi-separated” but remain on good terms and continue to co-parent their 1-year-old son, the epically named X Æ A-Xii Musk.

“We are semi-separated but still love each other, see each other frequently and are on great terms,” Musk told us.

“It’s mostly that my work at SpaceX and Tesla requires me to be primarily in Texas or traveling overseas and her work is primarily in LA. She’s staying with me now and Baby X is in the adjacent room.”

No. 1333115


lol, how about AB drama in 2008? or pregnancy photoshots?

No. 1333123

File: 1632497672531.jpeg (610.14 KB, 828x1481, 55BCB19A-F7AF-4EF0-A833-BD84CB…)


No. 1333127

File: 1632497876827.jpg (634.41 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_2021-07-02-01-09-41…)

sooo will Elon confirm now Amber's kid is his and back with her (he said in tweet he wants baby-girl next) or he will be back with Claire about month later because he has attribute to back with his ex for one more try?

No. 1333139

File: 1632498548198.jpg (29.49 KB, 583x227, tweet.JPG)

No. 1333147

kek that was fast. can't believe it was grimes cheating and that she's actually letting go "her beautiful E" just like that. good for her i guess, i just thought it would last a bit longer.
Question is, will she still stand by what she said in her Elon whiteknight phase?

No. 1333150

File: 1632499354522.png (404.95 KB, 708x728, elon.png)

No. 1333157

Damn, guess she's never going to Mars now. Who will get little Mitsubishi A-67 now?

No. 1333158

File: 1632499814518.png (16.81 KB, 447x153, 1855114F-2510-440D-BBB1-FFCD01…)

I don’t think Musk handles rejection well.

No. 1333168

I wish this could come true but azealia was just wishing death on the infant, what, two weeks ago

No. 1333170


aka I'm desperate and terrified of being alone but also insufferable and rich as fuck so I'm going to string her along to make her have to win my approval until I find another 20yo blonde to pump a (male obvs) baby into.

No. 1333177

>My daughter was born on April 8, 2021. Her name is ooga booga


No. 1333190

File: 1632503347234.jpg (51.13 KB, 484x690, wew.JPG)

also how embarrassing…

No. 1333193

>dad/daughter incest
guess daddy musk is the pedo guy

No. 1333195

kek i also read it as this god damn she's unsufferable

No. 1333196

Grimes & Azealia enemies to lovers story arc when?

No. 1333197

pick mes stay losing

No. 1333199

File: 1632503914353.jpeg (160.9 KB, 828x428, F04439FC-B8DB-4CB9-86BD-EA8060…)

Rumours or is Noah the other man?

No. 1333204

anon roasted me for this but its a joke. she tweeted two days earlier that she wanted to “make it happen” and encouraged a copypasta. the reason i brought up no olive garden in newport beach is because shes just throwing funny things together for a viral tweet congrats for making it work

No. 1333214

apartheid clyde omg lmao
i love how even though she ripped her apart she’s still basically reaching out to her weird white gorl friend to give her something to work on through the breakup. but she did also threaten to kill her and her baby so idk

No. 1333215

File: 1632504780187.jpg (47.71 KB, 590x318, tweets 2.JPG)

No. 1333223

i’m not looking for it and mentioned this in celebricows thread after it was posted two prior threads there so pictures exist, but she tweeted about being austistic (it was in a pom that contained lines about the game stop stock thing so it was that time) which explains a lot. her parents really fucking ran with the “you’re special” label

No. 1333231

Azealia is crazy, nothing new

No. 1333236

File: 1632505780962.jpg (68.94 KB, 876x594, reddit.JPG)

No. 1333264

people tried to make that dumb ass argument here like they could ever be compared, any woman who makes a choice or has a boundary is a narcissist to them and that’s somehow the same thing as an actually evil man

No. 1333266

Nah this can't be Musk's child, he insists on gender selection so all his offspring are boys.

No. 1333272

Oonagh (also spelt Oona, occasionally Una) is an Irish name. Doesn't seem weird to me but I live there so wtf Caoimhe/Aoife names have become second nature.

No. 1333276

Elon doesn't need to use famous women to get fame and power though, like what this Redditer is talking about. His wife was just a normal person known for being his wife when he got super rich and famous.

No. 1333286

There was a rumor that there was a legal battle over the embryos. Wouldn't surprise me if she wanted to keep the female embryos and he didn't.

No. 1333289

You're so fucking ignorant and bigoted, what a fucking retard. Racist.

It's *insufferable you idiot.

No. 1333295

File: 1632509353457.jpg (48.75 KB, 711x418, tweet-girl.JPG)

He wants girl now, he will have/has girl now

No. 1333299

I'm sorry for making fun of your name oonagh did it hurt your fee fees

No. 1333302

ooga booga

No. 1333308

mfs named ooga booga:

No. 1333316


No. 1333320

Fellow Irishanon here, its hilarious hearing Americans referring to the sprog as "uh-nag" or "ooooo-nag" in videos

No. 1333327

Caoimhe being pronounced "key-vah" is the greatest trick you've ever played on outsiders

No. 1333333

File: 1632510525000.jpg (27.71 KB, 583x186, tweet.JPG)

No. 1333344

Now Grimes can't go to Mars like she wanted.

No. 1333358

your tweet isnt funny

No. 1333371

File: 1632512549175.png (61.49 KB, 868x351, CDAN 2021 sep 24.png)

No. 1333378

Noah is not an A lister though

No. 1333383

File: 1632513650437.jpg (88.9 KB, 828x951, 3C6f06JeI2ayj2sExgnIK47CY_3ntH…)

this is old but the breakup reminds me of when that reddit post came out that ppl suspected was her. she liked these tweets at the time too

No. 1333387

File: 1632514267838.png (1017.11 KB, 1440x1337, Screenshot_20210924-210631~2.p…)

Okay this transliterated Grimes quote from the tmz breakup article had me like, cackling. kek

No. 1333389

File: 1632514530712.jpg (444.39 KB, 1080x1481, Screenshot_2020-05-18-18-10-31…)

She did

No. 1333394

Actual retardation. That poor kid is going to have a worse speech impediment than all his other kid’s combined.

No. 1333409

He shouldn't have any more kids. He doesn't like them, can't name them, and probably has forgotten half of them. But because he's living Onision's dream, of course he's going to have more.

She'll be running to the spaceship in boots bigger than her head.

That kid was doomed when he was just an idea in their high as fuck minds.

No. 1333414

Ew noooo can you imagine the level of handmaid pick-me Elon would raise? She’ll be fatherless with 100% chance of BPD.
I laughed

No. 1333415

The fully bleached money pieces but leavimg her ugly roots on the pink hair is ugly

No. 1333424

I don't think this is the end of those two. Seeing how Grimes has gone turbo pickme, she will probably beg Elon to let her stay as a free prostitute or something. Then there will be a Vogue article where she will bullshit how Elon and her are "above mortal relationships and their bond is in 6th dimension that peasants can't understand so that's why they broke up but like not really uh"

No. 1333440

File: 1632519979557.jpg (185.25 KB, 901x1606, 9b4d6e049e77f5c6f6025eddd89e78…)

TikTok video she deleted.

No. 1333443

She's literally already doing that. They're "semi" separated. It's an open relationship with extra steps.

No. 1333480

What’s it about her that just makes her seem like she’s into much younger guys? Or have I just had too many unfortunate encounters with shotacon ana chans? Maybe it’s her immature way of typing?

No. 1333513

I'm also partial to Americans attempting "um… is that.. See-ob-han? Sibian?" (no I'm not a Siobhan myself but it's good one)

No. 1333552

ugly retard name

No. 1333564

File: 1632529511100.jpg (81.9 KB, 944x297, midlife crisis.jpg)

he is an adult, but she did cheat on a billionaire that she has a child with to hang out in an olive garden with this guy, so maybe you're onto something

No. 1333586

was gonna say inb4 elon harem lmao

on top of being an innate turbo pick me (most likely due to her upbringing) she is like a carbon copy of every other woman in the western canada EDM scene that's into abusive/shitty "poly" relationships cause she's ~not like the other girls~ or whatever, smell and everything from the sounds of it

No. 1333605

this arc is gonna be good

No. 1333611

it’s not like she didn’t know he was a corny mra guy though. his history is out there and he treated her like shit and probably promised her a whole narc fantasy. everyone talked about how he was so rude to her and even azalea blew all the shit up in her face and she still didn’t listen. pretty sure her mom said something before too. she’s a fucking dumb ass and should have listened to literally every single person and her fans that he’s scum. i can’t feel bad for her at all, they can’t be compared but seriously most people would give so much to have had people warn them that their relationship was abusive when they couldn’t see it. she should’ve finished her nonexistent degree she never went to classes for so her professors could fail her out of her delusions so this narc couldn’t sell them back to her.

No. 1333615

"Semi-separated", yeah sounds like they're not even splitting once and for all, prob still plan keeping their drug abuse parties up but also subtly letting the world know that they want other people in bed too. there's no tears and denial on Grimes part so it's just them wanting poly relationship. call Azealia lol.
guess she took a leaf out of Elon's book there

No. 1333639

I'm shocked she doesn't get dragged in the media more often for acting like a crackhead. This isn't even autism at work, she's truly a triple threat: dumb as a stump, delusional, and extremely self-absorbed. In every appearance she makes she reminds me more of Vicky Shingles.

No. 1333822

Shut up you stupid nig-nog golliwog.
Ooga booga is a perfect name for a nigger.
Another nigger called Ooga Booga in the thread kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1333837

kek anon this got me good

No. 1333840

This interview seemed kind of normal.. in vidrel the energy felt cold and awkward most of the time. I don't know maybe it was because I watched The Voice interviews, where you could feel actual chemistry between the judges, before watching this one.
>she fucking started eating
kek she was eating in vidrel, too.

No. 1333844

moid energy

No. 1333852

lietrally no connection between those two

No. 1333863

He does have a girl already with Amber Heard.

No. 1333872

He didn't confirm this. Let's wait with whom he will go on next event.

No. 1333881


I think it’s because he really just doesn’t want her or anything to do with her mother, similar to DT’s relationship to Tiffany. Supposedly they were fighting in court about him wanting to destroy those embryos (why the fuck would you make them to begin with, with a woman you barely know?) so he clearly didn’t want a kid with her. Now he has to quietly funnel $$$$ at her for the next 18 years to avoid an embarrassing child support case.

No. 1333896

He met Amber in 2012 and since then they dating. He "met" with g right after another fight with Amber. He needed wow-thing for change media-storm about tesla-hell in april-may 2018, he got it. Maybe he thought he looks young and fun with "uniq singer" and then AB drama happen. There is rumor after it grimes was in rehab

No. 1333908

lol he can decide what sex his future baby is publicly on twitter but the spergs in here will still swear he doesn't use IVF for all of his sprogs

No. 1333913

it's pretty obvious if you've followed muskrat at all that he was obsessed with Amber. She's a blonde bi-sexual actress that isn't too famous that she can dwarf him but still brings him attention. Especially in 2012 when they started. That's his type. He went to the met with Grimes to make Amber mad and it backfired. Grimes was nothing more than a rebound, and that's why he obviously never gave a shit about her. This is what happens when you go turbo pick-me.

No. 1333931

he called amber really crazy, but every man ever pulls that when he fucks up. i wonder what she would see in him besides money, but yeah i agree he is completely obsessed with her. she’s everything he could never have even with billions lmao.

No. 1333932

lol yeah men love to call women crazy and then crawl back later. i've no doubt amber heard is crazy, but men like elon musk love that shit and actively look for it in women. I guess the power + money combo is what draws women to him. Most actresses could probably land a rich guy no problem, but a billionaire space boy is another level.

No. 1333951

File: 1632584578956.jpg (Spoiler Image,93.45 KB, 432x725, MonkeyAssMouthNigger.jpg)


>Whines in ghetto, watermelon, fried chicken and victim mentality

Kek monkey ass mouthed ooga booga(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1333959

So, is there a single racebaiting anon or several, all speaking in the same retarded manner?

No. 1333961

How about ignore it and don't acknowledge it like you should?

No. 1334016

report and ignore

No. 1334052

why he love crazy?

No. 1334063

Ayrt, but also
>"my name is Aoibhean"
>"your name is Ay-yo-bean?"
The way we produced our own names is the funniest thing we could have inflicted to the feckers that are non Irish

No. 1334074

why the fuck you'd name your daughter ooga booga

No. 1334099


It's hilarious to me how Elon states they are "semi-separated". He could've bulshitted and say open relationship or polyamouros but he obviously doesn't want to be associated to her while she is probably begging him and bombarding his phone daily with pickme essays.
Elon is a disgusting shit scrote bit I don't feel bad for Grimes who started acting like she is a higher lifeform and above "commoners" as soon as she started dating him. I wonder of she will be invited to next Met Gala.

No. 1334100

Peak Irish humour.

No. 1334141

Did she was invited or Columbia just bought ticket for her? Feels like second. Claire was on Met Galas before Elon but will be after her next works will show

No. 1334152

jfyi CDAN is mostly creative writing and stuff peeled from other gossip sites, and the guy who enty let pretend to be Robert Downy Jr kys'd himself a while back.
Wouldn't be surprised if he has some sort of eugenics mindset where he wants to have as many kids as possible to improve the gene pool or something. You can just tell that he's one of those types.

No. 1334165


He is quoted in the Vance biography explicitly stating he thinks intelligent people should have more children and unintelligent people less. Like the plot of Idiocracy

No. 1334167

File: 1632603313217.jpeg (264.48 KB, 750x639, CE69BE6E-4069-446B-84BA-D56E6F…)

He was so obsessed with her, he wanted to kill any future children they could have. Idk anons if you look at his ex wives and grimes they all have one face, kind of chipmunky with big cheeks and heavy nasalabial folds. Amber is the tourist out of his comfort zone.

No. 1334173

Amber wasn't. If you put his gfs photos together you will see they look somehow like young Maye.(learn2sage)

No. 1334242

what is this nonsense. as if they couldn't be in a relationship, just living in different states

No. 1334272

File: 1632612447128.jpg (53.59 KB, 589x522, amber.JPG)

No. 1334276

I really don’t want to say it….

No. 1334312

why the fuck is this retard holding that baby like that?

No. 1334331

so this person is saying that compared to elon, jonny the abuser was a saint or angel? d a m n

No. 1334367

Didn't need his ex to say it to figure that out. New age slaver, son of an old age slaver.
His treatment of his lovers is among the lesser of his sins.

No. 1334390

Ok so I’m kind of an idiot but just so we’re clear: the Olive Garden thing is just a meme right

No. 1334400

So they really broke up and because Grimes didnt marry him, she got..nothing? Does he even have to pay child support? Pick mes thriving

No. 1334465

Yeah. Michaela is known for that exact type of humor. It's more obvious that it was a joke if you've followed her for a while.

No. 1334581

Kek did anyone else who's watching this see Grimes get a little too excited for emo boy before his performance?

No. 1334650

She is such a raging narc lol.

No. 1334807

File: 1632666966063.jpg (129.24 KB, 1080x621, grimes-Screenshot_2020-01-09.j…)

funny how her fans think Claire will get BIG MONEY after break up. Elon loves his kids but not his exes. He spent 2 years in court with Justine burned money for his and her lawyers (by court he had to pay for her too because she hadn't money on them) for get what he want (he got major custody on kids she got mon-wen days and 80K per month on all 5 kids but this isn't like he gives her cash every month he keeps an eye on where money goes (only for kids!) and prob now when sons are adult money goes direct on their accounts)

After Justine (with her he had postnup) Elon became smarter and with Talulah got prenups. After first divorce in 2012 she got 4,2M but:

According to the docs, Riley gets to keep her Cartier watch, her Gucci watch, some diamond jewelry and her Tesla Roadster.

Riley received $500K up front, $900K after her lawyers signed the judgement documents, and she’ll receive the rest of the money over a nine-year span. The LA County Superior Court docs also revealed that Riley will receive $700K after one year, $280K for years two through eight, and a final payment of $140K. The divorce will become official on September 27.

After second when Elon's net worth was 12 billions he had agreed to pay her $16 mil but again not in one time.

Amber got Tesla (with bugs) and he spent a lot on her and her friends (one of her friend got 300K for her project from him)

And Grimes? She said herself she "no need $ from a man"

No. 1334811

None of that matters though. They were never married buy she'll be collecting child support from him for the next 18 years which is based on income. She'll be getting a LOT of free money from Elon. This was all about securing the bag for her so she never has to make a shitty album again

No. 1334820

He "hasn't" homes and he "hasn't" salary, his "money" on papers (pedo-case showed him his "weakness" spots and then he changed this - they asked money based on what he had at that moment) and she will not have based on income (Justine hasn't too) And for now kid with Elon maybe he already got full custody. He wanted full custody on his olders too but Justine went to court

No. 1334824

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO confirmed he has roughly a $20 billion fortune (Forbes pegs it at $23.6 billion), but added that his liquid assets are relatively low. “Some people think I have a lot of cash,” he said. “I actually don’t.”

The revelation adds to the stakes of the trial. If the jury levels a large judgment against Musk, he may have to sell part of his stake in Tesla or SpaceX, a move he has historically avoided. (Another possibility: He could borrow more money, using his shares as collateral.)

As much as 99% of Musk’s wealth is held in shares of those two companies, Forbes estimates, which helps explain his lack of liquidity. In 2018, for instance, the bulk of his compensation at Tesla came in the form of stock options. Musk declined to accept his base salary of $56,380.

More important, Musk, 48, owes more than $500 million in debts, according to financial documents published earlier this year. That includes $208.9 million in liabilities owed to Morgan Stanley and $213 million borrowed from an affiliate of Goldman Sachs. Musk has pledged nearly half of his Tesla stake as collateral for those loans.

No. 1334828

Lol that’s what her fans keep saying, but she’s only getting free money for 18 years if she avoids pissing him off. He has powerful lawyers and a history of putting his exes through hell in court. She’s an open drug user who is constantly high and has made public statements about her ambivalence re: motherhood. You’re naive if you think he can’t use HER words and behavior to portray her as unstable and sue for full custody at any time. She is very stupid for not forcing him to marry her and sign a pre-nup before having his child; now she’s stuck dancing to his tune for the next few decades if she wants to secure any type of bag at all.

No. 1334832

…or see her child. i wonder if this will finally compel her to get sober. that rehab rumor makes a lot more sense after she was allegedly on ecstasy until daylight after snl and met

No. 1334836

he said "she's staying with me now and baby x" not "she and baby with me now" looks like she already has visitations

No. 1334838

Yeah, if I was her lawyer I’d advise her to stop tweaking at public events and bragging about how she shows her baby violent movies and despises the word mother IMMEDIATELY. You can tell she’s still stuck on her “muh boyfriend” pick me bullshit and doesn’t have good counsel around her. And I’m sure it doesn’t help having stans who gas her up with “yasss kween, secure teh bag!” without having a clue how predatory billionaire moids like Apartheid Clyde actually operate. Hell his ex already exposed his legal abuse and Claire’s dumb NLOG ass really thinks she’ll be the exception.

No. 1334839

If Elon will pay if will be directly for kid's things she wouldn't get cash what she can spend how she wants.

No. 1334853

That's for this summary anon. What did you mean by Amber Heard getting the Tesla with bugs?

No. 1334872

Does he even want full custody though? That doesn't seem like that would be a motivation for him but idk. Does he have full custody of his other kids?

No. 1334880


Amber Heard is said to be convinced that her ex-boyfriend Elon Musk, who she claimed was "controlling", gave her a bugged Tesla car, according to court documents.

The documents, seen by the Mirror, state that Heard's family friend Jennifer Howell said that the actress' late mother Paige claimed that her daughter was paranoid about the car.

Ms Howell is a non-profit founder who became close friends with Justice League star Amber's younger sister Whitney Henriquez while she was her boss from 2014 to 2016.

During that time, she also became close to the sisters' mother Paige, who has since died.

Ms Howell claims that Paige would divulge secrets about Heard's relationship with the SpaceX billionaire, who she dated after her split from Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp.

"Paige shared with me while I was visiting Whitney that Elon Musk had gifted a Tesla or multiple Teslas (not sure if it was one or more), but Amber found out that they were 'bugged'.

"Paige told me that Amber said Elon was controlling and that she was in a legal battle with him over the rights to embryos that they had created together."

She also claimed that Paige had described Musk as "controlling" and that she said Depp was an "angel" or a "saint" compared to the technology giant.

During the hearing, it was claimed that Musk would regularly visit Heard late at night while her husband Depp was away.

It's been claimed that they had an affair, but he has denied it, saying their relationship didn't begin until after she had split from the actor.

He said in a statement: "I wish to confirm again that Amber and I only started going out about a month after her divorce filing. I don't think I was ever even in the vicinity of Amber during their marriage!"

No. 1334882

He wanted but Justine went to court and after 2 years there Elon got 4 days (Thu-Sun) per week. Doesn't look like he is happy with Grimes as mother.

No. 1334956

He has joint custody of his other kids but only after a bitter years-long custody battle with his ex, who was married with a postnup. Grimes has even less legal protection. A lot of rich men just sue for full custody nowadays to avoid child support and baby mama drama, and then hire nannies to raise the kids. Hopefully Grimes got some legal agreement in writing, or she could get royally screwed whenever he gets tired of her.

No. 1334971

Gos I hate this picture. I hate this is where we're at with society and celebrity culture just nobody giving a fuck anymore it's just 100% vanity all the time.. go ahead use your newborn as a prop because nobody cares anymore.

No. 1335008

File: 1632682046083.jpg (43.41 KB, 750x673, tinder.jpg)

No. 1335011

Elon Musk and Grimes’ relationship has come to an end, but the pair will continue co-parenting their one-year-old son, infamously named X Æ A-Xii Musk. Although the couple seemingly never married, the Canadian-born singer will be entitled to financial support from her ex, California family lawyer Joanne Ratinoff told HollywoodLife exclusively.

“She would [likely] assert rights to child support from him since their child has the right to share the lifestyle of the father,” Joanne explained. “[Grimes] could also claim that she wants to be reimbursed for prenatal care and hospitalization for the birth of the child. The duty of child support runs in California until the child is 18 years of age.” Joanne also explained that Grimes could be entitled to ‘palimony’, which is a play on the word alimony, as it relates to unmarried people.

“California recognizes palimony action also known as a ‘Marvin’ action after the famous 1978 case in which Lee Marvin was sued by his former girlfriend for money to compensate her for the fact that she claimed she gave up her career as an actress to assist him in his career,” Joanne told HL. “Grimes would have to prove to the court that she had a stream of earnings from her own career prior to the time that she met Elon Musk and the fact that she was with him and had a child with him forced her to give up her career.”

Joanne noted this would likely be a “much more difficult suit” to prove. California family attorney, Kelly Chang Rickert, also told HL that palimony wasn’t often awarded. “Palimony is not easily granted. Unless they had a written agreement that he pay her prior to separation, he doesn’t owe her palimony,” she explained. “[But] they have a child together, so he would owe child support.”

The couple announced on September 24 that they were going their separate ways following three years together. “We are semi-separated but still love each other, see each other frequently, and are on great terms,” Elon told Page Six. He said that he still cares for Grimes, 33, but things just didn’t work out between them. “It’s mostly that my work at SpaceX and Tesla requires me to be primarily in Texas or traveling overseas, and her work is primarily in LA.”


One thing: Elon could already change his and kid documents to Texas' one .

No. 1335014

File: 1632682733453.jpeg (1.17 MB, 4032x3024, CB52BF63-4CFE-4BB9-98A3-66E821…)

Well he named his kid kdkdk5jfjf or something like that so yeah no wonder his wife divorced him lol(namefag)

No. 1335016

Grimes wasn't his wife and name was her idea

No. 1335019

kek she's rarely high. it's an image she fakes. she's not anywhere near what regular drug users in canada are like.

No. 1335029

Self-funded? She was born into wealth and still has rich parents, dropped out of a free ride to college, recently received funding from Canada, got carried by people who have more talent and common sense through her entire career, gets tons of free shit.

Claire should call her next album “Delusions”

No. 1335035

File: 1632684413588.jpeg (43.78 KB, 429x432, 8B351231-8A66-44D6-94CC-F618BD…)

This just in, Grimes actually paying attention instead of ana-posing and eating chips = being “taken”

No. 1335039


You’re delusional or haven’t been following Grimes long if you think it’s about securing the bag. She is from a decent amount of money and made enough from her career. She was thrilled at the prospect of dating a famous powerful ‘innovator’ involved in space exploration

She got her thrill

No. 1335047

yep and now that Grimes has more recognition as being Musk's latest babymama, she will get more opportunities and exposure in the biz so she won't have trouble securing more money in the future.

No. 1335055

File: 1632685840200.png (23.21 KB, 716x108, gtwitter.png)

(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1335108

Didn’t say the Musk ship was about securing the bag, it’s obvious she’s a dorky weeb who was easily impressed by his rocket ship and saw the tabloids as a way to boost her career. She also probably genuinely wanted to go to Mars and bought his lies about busting the Tesla union and the environmental impact of Bitcoin and SpaceX. But she definitely is not “self-funded”

No. 1335187

>“Some people think I have a lot of cash,” he said. “I actually don’t.”

A little cash to a billionaire is probably way more than any of us will ever see in our lifetimes. I really do believe grimes doesnt care about the money though, she just wanted to be a nerds wet dream

No. 1335189

And how exactly would you know if she's rarely high or not??

No. 1335204

File: 1632695146000.jpg (72.15 KB, 718x679, okland.JPG)

No. 1335205

File: 1632695196211.jpg (26.46 KB, 719x260, grimes.JPG)

No. 1335223


Why the fuck are these stupid ass tweets being posted on the thread?

No. 1335229

maybe because Michaela first posted about Grimes kissed Noah and after this story became crazy and ended few day later with news about break up?

No. 1335259

maybe read the thread?

No. 1335283

File: 1632701172150.jpg (42.62 KB, 711x286, prenuptial.jpg)

news from Canada

No. 1335361

anon…lots of us knew her in her montreal days or still speak with people who stayed friends with her.

No. 1335377

She is another level pathetic. He didn't even propose to her and got her to sign a pre-nup kek

No. 1335539

Do you know something about Grimes' NDA with other artists? Is this true she takes others works?

No. 1335581

No. 1335626


I'm surprised that no one in this thread has mentioned perhaps the most jarring alteration to Grimes' face– what appears to be a brow lift? It makes her look radically different and, imo, much worse

No. 1335641

this bitch cant seem to form one coherent sentence. she acts like like like a spastic 14 year old.

No. 1335648

Imho her brows don't look that bad but her cheek implants are scary. She should have left her whole face alone though, I'll agree there

No. 1335653

The one and only thing she could've done to look like a normal """pretty""" white woman was a nosejob. Instead, she did everything else and now she looks like an ugly woman with ugly plastic surgery.

No. 1335663

God this is so funny. This isn’t the flex that she thinks it is

No. 1335670

>“We are semi-separated but still love each other, see each other frequently, and are on great terms,” Elon told Page Six. He said that he still cares for Grimes, 33, but things just didn’t work out between them. “

Translation: They're in an open/poly relationship and announcing it publicly

No. 1335675

>see each other frequently
didn’t he say their work schedules were incompatible?

No. 1335853

They would announce it as an open relationship then, I'm sure pickme Grimes would've bragged about it. Actually their relationship was probably open from the start (aka Grimes let Elon fuck other women)
But she is quiet on social media, probably begging him to let her stay relevant so she can continue her delusions of being an advanced ubermensch that will visit mars and become one with AI. She doesn't want to face reality that she is just an egotripping dumbfuck who offered herself as a free prostitute to an old ugly sociopath.

No. 1335860

File: 1632776087247.jpg (352.44 KB, 1080x1513, pagesix_g__2021-09-27.jpg)

No. 1335876

How the fuck do people keep a straight face while interviewing her? Genuine question.