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File: 1678045263047.jpg (790.55 KB, 1920x1080, Rachel Thread 14.jpg)

No. 1783143

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/1771990
Kiwifarms Thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/rachel-aliza-leeds-minkin-alruna-serarosier1-tayuubarbie-lucyfern13-miranda-sforza.116204/
Current twitters: @BelloPanther

Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin is a Zoophilic Pedophile from Emerald Hills California who has spent the last two weeks on Twitter having a meltdown everyday even while being locked out of one or both accounts due to the excessive violations of Twitter's terms of service. Thanks to this the prior thread was graced by a lack of her presence and discussion was allowed to occur without her obvious posts disrupting it's flow, despite usually making a solid amount of her prior threads comments it filled up all the same due to many confirmations of the many sins Rachel has committed. Rachel has also since lost interest in the Drop Kiwfarms movement instead taking to attacking various members of the Final Fantasy, Cat Twitter and other twitter communities in an effort to 'keep her position in the community'. While having admitted to owning CP, being sexual with children, and having to be pushed away from minors constantly by other communities she has since taken to declaring her intention to befriend kids and in particular, Kindergarteners. Despite being extremely bigoted against the gays herself this cow desires to actually have her own 'Drag Queen Story Hour', sans parents being allowed, as she lies about having unrestricted and unmonitored access to children through her job as a teacher. She has since admitted that she lied and only volunteered with children, regardless her bizarre journey to beguile children into hearing about her nether regions(she has done this several times)is continuing into a downward spiral so join us in watching the Rachel show.
Take anything this cow claims with a grain of salt as not only has she been known to lie but has been caught running homosexual operations with many other cows at various points in time. Although inept this cow is in the range of horrorcow and should be taken as a danger to vulnerable individuals despite her life being a Chris Farley sketch and extremely humorous. This cow gives into rage cycles while trying to build herself up as some fearsome villain, she will claim to be desirable while proving herself a virgin, she will be extremely cringe in all her private conversations, disgustingly quirky our 'Not like other gamer girls' cow rolls her way through life with an ego more bloated than her gut. Simply the harder Rachel tries, the harder she fails and the funnier it becomes to see her stomp among the ashes of something she burnt down while crying for pity having learned nothing. She is the definition of insanity and a great example of true lolcows never learning.

A Summary of Prior Events
>Rachel larps to various degrees of success on her Bello twitter account as her own rotund feline, it is now up to 1,048 followers but gets as much interaction as accounts with 1/100th that count.
>Our gal posts in her own thread repetitively leading to the rise of her catch phrases 'only she's not here', 'cope and seethe about it', 'only she's not (jealous,fat,etc)', and so on.
>Her twitter history has been a rolling slapfight for months on various accounts and for different thing mainly detailed above.
>On discord Rachel gets kicked out of two groups, a FF community after threatening to call CPS on a woman she was feuding with while posting photos of random women, and ruining an in to a twitter/discord cat community by constantly starting drama.
>Continually claims to have been swatted or had her house broken into depending on what she feels will garner more sympathy, no matter whom she accuses she will claim they are from Kiwifarms and posted about it there despite all evidence to the contrary.
>Claims that the SE twitter account is not her while giving away that it is her far too many times to list.
>Her 29th birthday is spent posting in her own thread trying to convinces anons that she was not here.
>Literally shits up her 12th thread with diapers in response to being accused of having weird fetishes giving away the rather large possibility she is into diapers and/or scat.
>Makes various death and dox threats to many different people on a public platform(Twitter).
>Goes into various minor's DMs to tell them that nobody will ever find them sexually attractive in a clear attempt at an early 2000s MTV pickup artist attempt to break the child down.
>Defends pedophilic proclivities as simple Autism and expresses that anyone with Autism would understand her clearly wrong perversions as a simple 'Moral Debate'.
>Rachel describes, straight faced, exactly what she has done to others for nearly a decade and projects it onto someone else >>>/snow/1772278
>Claims to not be defending notorious Zoophile Puppy Killer Tim Win by…defending him >>>/snow/1772320
>Obsesses over the price of adoption in very odd and possessing language >>>/snow/1772531
>Rachel's necklace connecting her to an account she denies being her and exposing just how thick her neck is >>>/snow/1772638
>Declaration of intent to invite Orphans to come into her house outside of public eye >>>/snow/1772998
>Inviting violence to others for things she has also done >>>/snow/1773067
>After grabbing the attention of a Random Pedo watchlist Twitter account she projects onto them >>>/snow/1773097
>First mention of a twitter Poll that would be voted upon by over three hundred people with thirty percent saying they were harassed by the cow >>>/snow/1773148
>Archived Copy of Rachel bragging about possessing Child Pornography and that nobody can do anything about it as well as her throwing away her whining about doxing by doxing another person >>>/snow/1773576
>Farmers speculate over when she held a job at a Casino after nailing down where she had went to college >>>/snow/1783025
A lot has happened to I had to skip a lot of the prior thread and I encourage everyone to read it if they have not.

No. 1783145

Older Milk
>In December 2020, the first Rachel thread was made on LCF and it went relatively unnoticed.
>Most of the first thread covered her harassing roleplayers and random cat accounts on Tumblr, Twitter, and other sites. This included stalking, sending death threats, making a ton of accounts that got banned for her breaking ToS.
>Rachel discovered her thread and has a complete rage induced keyboard smashing meltdown, which included the ragepiggie sending her unredacted ID to someone over Discord.
>With her continued psychosis to this day, she quickly filled threads. A Kiwifarms thread was made, as well as threads on smaller sites.
>Rachel's online behavior became even more bizarre, and she started blaming everything on her enemy of the week, believing everyone posting is this person.

Prior Threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/1095830
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1485119
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1497013
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1508548
Thread #5: >>>/snow/1518588
Thread #6: >>>/snow/1529219
Thread #7: >>>/snow/1535186
Thread #8: >>>/snow/1538415
Thread #9: >>>/snow/1538415
Thread #10: >>>/snow/1561022
Thread #11: >>>/snow/1702642
Thread #12: >>>/snow/1752926

No. 1783151

File: 1678045668068.jpeg (164.15 KB, 749x783, D56E3A03-F806-48D3-B42B-2AA9DD…)

She keeps threatening people still lol. Gonna love hearing about her eventual court hearing

No. 1783154

File: 1678045732695.jpeg (35.28 KB, 749x165, 0D5A903A-6443-48C7-9C3F-71C1B2…)

I don’t think ducks were the issue…

No. 1783157

>Disposed of.
Yeah it's like she thinks she's in some IRC chat where one can just shoot off the most vile sorts of death threats without worry when this is a lot closer to going to a park and picking fights with random joggers.
Her thinking it was proves how racist she is kek.

No. 1783158

File: 1678045844116.jpeg (114.36 KB, 750x619, DB300744-5459-4C21-B17D-C50D2A…)

Any exposure no matter how small of a Youtuber will blow up her reputation as a pedo

No. 1783159

File: 1678046209738.jpeg (33.3 KB, 749x179, 428F2D51-A14A-4444-99BB-64E698…)

Guess the praise she receives is where she gets her dumb confidence from

No. 1783160

I'm guessing he has just under one thousand subs with my Rachel to English translator here, this could be good as long as the YouTuber isn't someone who would get demonetized instantly.

No. 1783163

File: 1678046343256.jpeg (97.36 KB, 750x494, 1221C8EA-3F6A-4ECB-9DC8-F52C63…)

No it was pretty clear that you had no respect for artists and their craft when you said you’d do as you’d please and you won’t pay for art. (Which means you shouldn’t be paying for the shitty kawaii stuff or FF7 merch you buy you fat stupid cow)

No. 1783165

File: 1678046479012.jpeg (147.67 KB, 750x766, 896BBE9A-4712-4A09-AD49-6683B9…)

Her friend Dag is still a pedophile, INFP is a bunch of psych bunk ans being autistic on top of that doesn’t excuse shit. Her friend “The Rev” also replied to her tweet asking for their side of the story

No. 1783166

File: 1678046560372.jpeg (113.7 KB, 749x536, 8CB73ED3-7BAD-4E73-8C49-63336C…)

No. 1783168

File: 1678046619505.jpeg (252.16 KB, 750x1062, 1EA34BC3-3328-4CA9-9B59-167581…)

The livestreaming bit at the end feels disingenuous for some reason, can’t place my finger on why

No. 1783170

File: 1678046783402.jpeg (37.37 KB, 750x313, 21D869F1-22FD-4C68-A8F1-194424…)

Dropping this again from the last thread. She has been trying to extort people and I’m not sure if that’s her actual Venmo, but if it is, that is pretty damning evidence for an extortion and harassment case

No. 1783171

probably because of the tone shift, going from "explaining" to "tune in to my livestream"! which is probably for more explaining, but was delivered oddly. maybe due to boomer

No. 1783172

File: 1678046998904.jpeg (59.22 KB, 749x325, B50C1EF6-81D2-424E-99F9-91C25E…)

With what, your imaginary ass Lalique box? The box you posted as proof to the Genesis/Vincent was big enough to cost at least 3k if we’re talking a big item or maybe 500$ upwards in smaller packed items

No. 1783176

Yzrch was also the name of the account she had on that tentacle rape website, the one she keeps insisting wasn't hers.

No. 1783184

File: 1678047604446.jpeg (22.61 KB, 749x142, B31429B3-83CE-4435-A003-84291E…)

“The doxxing isn’t on Twitter so we’re avoiding any trouble lel”

No. 1783185

What I love is she has a ”therapist” friend but refuses to go to therapy and now has “seen the light” and is now full on delusional in believing she is sinless.

No. 1783187

It's bunk in that it's self diagnosed so simply means how the person desires to be seen if they don't match the behavior. Alongside that it's much more nuanced than most think and really its only use besides novelty is if someone is very truthful about themselves they can find some natural downfalls others similar to them have. As I enjoy psychic hoonannery so I'll go over his self diagnosis;
>I = Introverted
Harder to tell but likely not due to how he acted in the discord like a recruiter.
>N = Intuitive
Everyone wants to be N over S(sensory) without realizing what it means and trying to use it as a reason not to question their judgement or the things they say. That being said I could believe it in this case as he's shown to react quickly before gathering all the information like someone who's Sensory type is more dominant.
>F = Feeling
Feeling over Thinking could be true but again this is one of those easily misunderstood ones where it isn't 'I can't handle my emotions, I'm a F not a T', it also comes down more to thought than actions so it's very hard to definitely say someone is one or the other.The middle ones are like that where as the outer two are observable and bookend it to try to give credit to the nonsense in the middle in my opinion.
>P = Perceiving
As opposed to Judging, likely not as he takes very hard stances in his opinions with the assessments being shown to the outside world.

In essence he wants us and others to believe that he is the ideal empathetic humanitarian, withdrawn and shy, and is more of a philosopher driven to help others. For me it's more indictive of the lure or an anglerfish for his true personality underneath.
I'm very suspicious of this all things considered.

No. 1783190

File: 1678048241385.jpeg (139.06 KB, 750x731, E524F3F6-5B7B-42CC-B4AF-CA972B…)

Being unhinged over Sephiroth

No. 1783197

Rachel would be the type to fall into the traps of predatory people and is showing it with her new bestie that is definitely not Elaine. She can't see the danger of this because the outcome will only end up reflecting on her.
Someone from the rp community gets doxed and swatted? She admitted to wanting it done and all of that has already been archived by now.
The rest of the roleplay community and the FF fan community will see it go down, and any shred of innocence will be gone. Before she was able to relatively blend in and lay low until she had a tantrum and then people pieced things together but now people will sus her out sooner and close their doors even at the slightest mention of her name. Accounts like FIC and GG won't even need to exist for the Twitter crowd anymore because everyone knows and everyone will be saving receipts and archiving interaction.
It's funny yet at the same time I can't help but feel a little bad for her. Not much, but seeing her get played like a fiddle.

In the event that all of this is a bluff (admitting to having "leaked" DMs goes beyond publicly available information, which is illegal), she's damaging her reputation far worse than silly little accounts documenting her nonsense have done. She might see herself as innocent, but nobody else ever will. Good job Rachel, you've really outdone yourself this time by even making threats like you have been and encouraged to behave this way by people who aren't your friend.

No. 1783199

File: 1678050074701.jpg (108.44 KB, 1080x354, theironyofitall.jpg)

Samefag as >>1783197 posting this recent status of hers because it feels relevant. She thinks she has seen the light but whoever she has in her corner is feeding her delusions and fattening her up for the slaughter. Not that she needs anymore, but the saying applies mentally and emotionally.
It's been one hell of a ride in all these threads but this is by far the most insane she's ever been and I don't think that's coincidence. Having pedos and some crazy bitch larping as if she can save Rachel despite being unable to save herself whispering in he ears constantly has really brought something crazy outta her.
Whoever compared Elaine to Bella Janke was probably a little more on the nose than I would've ever guessed.

No. 1783202

File: 1678050542088.jpeg (112.25 KB, 750x554, ED0CA75D-C726-48EA-98F8-CD24DB…)

No. 1783204

Did you know the Meevin Cat account is run by a trans person? Berchal managed to put her foot in her mouth before anyone else even knew it with how she acted publicly and that's peanuts compared to celebrating a dox like some kind of internet capo. I completely agree with your assessment, it is quickly reaching a critical point where she's too well documented and has gone past being on some roleplay blacklist and is entered into a sphere where people will now spread the word about her and connect the dots on their own. Just because twitter isn't known for having people behave like farmers doesn't mean there aren't many who document exactly this kind of thing to them later put up on YouTube which is far more damaging for ones social status these days.
Even if it's yet another bluff the result on the impact of how others view her will be nearly the same except with more mocking ridicule if she fails.
That was me who compared the two, Elaine learned from her own abuser that actually did catfish her(see the Elaine thread for a final confirmation on that)and she's become the worst possible scenario of what anons feared she would become when she first entered the scene. I'm also well aware of how Janke operated so it was not hard to see the many similarities.
Heres hoping Rachel doesn't pork her mom or cut up her thighs huh?

I can't hold out any hope of Rachel waking up to being used as that would require her to do some painful admissions of guilt which she hasn't been capable of doing in the past.
But what about others retribution, akin to those she's attracted to Our Tubby Lady of Dirty Diapers often cannot think through the natural reaction to her actions. Princess Puddingface cannot determine cause and effect to the degree I wonder how long it took her to understand you needed a controller to play video games.

No. 1783205

File: 1678051216593.jpeg (107.03 KB, 749x490, 46C8210B-C40E-4450-97E0-EEB934…)

No. 1783206

File: 1678051267796.jpg (52.13 KB, 1536x1240, Z28vBLdV.jpg_large.jpg)

Sage for not exactly milk, here's her talking about those hideous boots she got and how she's "too juicy" for regular stilettos.

No. 1783215

In a way I can't help but feel a little pity. Only a little because they both are continuing the cycle of the abuse they say they hate when they had chances to break it. They know what they're doing and do it anyway because they think they're owed something from the world for what they went through.
As soon as you realize nobody is gonna apologize to you for whatever terrible things have gone down in your life you can heal and move on. As soon as you realize you're the only one responsible for how you recover, you can actually get better and begin to be at peace. Even if the people who perpetuated the abuse are alive and active, you can never expect to have an ideal ending. Nobody gets an ideal ending and that's the harsh reality of this shit. Therapists often become enablers of this belief under the guise of trying to heal someone. Healing isn't putting a bandaid on a bleeding wound, it's suturing it shut even if it hurts like hell. I pity them because I know they'll never be truly free unless they're willing to strengthen themselves.

No. 1783223

File: 1678053230928.jpg (398.89 KB, 809x1416, Genesis.jpg)

Genesis was originally VinVaIentine, changed characters but is still fucking her up.

No. 1783225

File: 1678053844211.jpg (475.31 KB, 784x1871, rosier.jpg)

>A Rosier by any other name would still be a liar.

No. 1783231

They keep placing their hate for people who 'hate' them(some do from what I've seen)instead of focusing on those they claim are their friends and just spending time with them outside of the negativity. Both have to dip in time and again to engage with the things they complain about.
Instead of finding places where they will be helped due to what they went through they keep going back to try and score some victory. Moving on requires effort, I doubt she has a therapist tell her anything resembling what they told her but if they had they also told her to disengage. While many do blow smoke to their patients and coddle them, they don't usually allow someone to repeat the negative behavior. Those that have never been to therapy can easily think they do since anyone who can't handle or reject therapy will ommit those words and will paint themselves as a hero regardless of what was actually said. Alongside this many therapist unless geared for Autism itself will completely forget that someone with Autism needs clear and direct goals to work towards and won't pick up the hints that others do.
People like the cow here are perfect examples of how much blame shifting will occur and how some people will claim any identity or cope to try and wiggle out of responsibility for their actions.
We are not lacking for smooth talkers among the FF communities that Rachel has provoked into this, every day she just finds new people to clown on her.

No. 1783263

File: 1678059164540.jpg (64.03 KB, 593x194, farmers.jpg)

not really about rachel but genesis says hi

No. 1783282

File: 1678061759961.jpg (634.49 KB, 810x2353, vendettachan enters the ring.j…)

Godspeed to every vendettachan who decides to face off against her.

No. 1783285

File: 1678061916218.jpg (206.58 KB, 1080x637, Hippo sized hypocrisy.jpg)

"I DESERVE WRITING PARTNERS" she screams, while threatening to dox and deplatform people.

No. 1783289

File: 1678062678080.jpg (308.39 KB, 1045x1065, Dms.jpg)

Rachel's tactic of hand waving information away and dismissing people involves having them go in DMs so she can make any evidence of her victims disappear and threaten them. Abusers love to isolate their victims.

No. 1783318

File: 1678067332452.jpg (310.04 KB, 1080x1086, hypocritical juxtaposition exa…)

The timing on this one is perfect with the immediate flip flop on vigilante justice. In her eyes everyone but her is a pedophile now.

No. 1783319

The juxtaposition of her accusing a person of pedophilia while crying about saving lives is glorious.

No. 1783320

Makes me think "she's not here" was a subconscious admission of being out of her mind.

No. 1783346

File: 1678072883978.jpeg (62.95 KB, 749x332, 576957C0-F9BE-4635-AE41-F426BE…)

Goes from absolutely sure to who it might be and starting to lose it because she doesn’t know

No. 1783359

File: 1678074870139.jpeg (85.81 KB, 749x487, 1DEAE86A-357A-4AB3-BAEB-5762D5…)

Acts like a victim and immediately turns it into a dick measuring contest with follower count

No. 1783407

File: 1678079635039.jpeg (50.93 KB, 749x362, 02A9A2D5-8EB9-462B-91F1-4054F1…)

None of which you will get. All people will give you is disdain and repulsion

No. 1783409

File: 1678079994928.jpeg (186.78 KB, 749x874, A6015958-79F0-432F-BCE3-B58E10…)

No. 1783410

well i guess they do need FAS crack babies for studies like this

No. 1783423

Didn't she say last week that she's got no health issues and she's gonna live forever or something?

No. 1783458

File: 1678086319865.png (104.16 KB, 740x728, Screenshot 2023-03-06 010427.p…)

Um? Redemption arc?

No. 1783460

File: 1678086361101.png (167.85 KB, 489x598, Screenshot 2023-03-06 010604.p…)


No. 1783479

File: 1678088623873.jpeg (228.64 KB, 900x600, 6955F9DB-2592-4B0E-9731-B801DA…)

cp bump don’t scroll

No. 1783493

File: 1678090710920.jpg (405.09 KB, 810x1434, not over yet.jpg)

Nope, not over yet apparently.

No. 1783529

rachel "calming down" isn't actually happening, because this is the third time FIC and co have given her a chance to show she's gonna own her shit, and i was around for that second time and now we're gathered here today

No. 1783536

I'd reckon it's three strikes and she's out. Gotta let her get to three.

No. 1783537

Oh Rachel's been given more than three chances but this >>1783493 is clearly Elaine shit and that bitch literally cannot dox or write OPs to save her life. Even if by some miracle Elaine Miller is right everyone will just say she's wrong. That's how bad this has gotten, that's how ineffectual these two "women" are.
They're just playing on the old scrote tactics of making threats you can't deliver on. I doubt Elaine could even give a door a solid knock at this point.

No. 1783607

Guarantee Elaine's interest is gonna wane because of the chudbuds leak situation.

No. 1783679

The biggest thing to come from that really is proof that KF jannies let certain members do whatever and will ban and cover anything up related to it.
Rachel's right on the credibility of KF which is why I appreciate these threads so much.

No. 1783700

Wasn't that always obvious? There will be a lot of infighting as more gets revealed.

No. 1783704

File: 1678123674835.png (85.44 KB, 610x753, 20230503download.png)

From the slapfight yesterday. She may be deleting posts as I could not find this on Twitter.

No. 1783719

To me yes it was thanks to someone mentioned in these threads being rather candid as an ex staff on that site with me.
She might be getting them reported and removed as well since most of the people handling her now are just random Twitter users who are more likely to flag than to archive.

No. 1783747

>Go to read up on the leak
>Immediately see Mike and Spooky Bones named by Claire in leaked DMs
Holy fucking shit, because of course there would be some sort of connection to the gayops gang.
Keeping Rachel away from those retards is probably the best course of action.

No. 1783764

Really backs up what some people were saying way back even in thread #5. The question is now of how to separate her from Elaine unfortunately.

No. 1783811

File: 1678134685037.jpg (64.17 KB, 593x487, sayhitothecops.JPG)

Anyone else feel like this is probably where she realized she was actually fucked?

Snipped from this archive: https://archive.is/ZChQS

Looks like a lot of it got archived before she started deleting her bullshit, but you gotta scroll way down on some of em to see anything:

No. 1783824

the only problem with that is rachel saying she doesn't know who runs centennialism despite using elaine to back her up. she's nothing without elaine and that's not saying a lot, because the addresses or locations rachel and/or elaine has leaked are outdated, so why she keeps using her for doxx info is dumb on her part

No. 1783836

I honestly do, haven't seen her sperg that hard in a long time.

No. 1783850

From what I've seen on Rachel's Twitter, she blocked Elaine but she's a pathological liar so who knows how good her word is.

No. 1783852

But not on SilverElitism, she's still following there last I saw. We also don't know if they had any conversations on Discord or Guilded.

No. 1783855

Nta she's been locked out of that account since the 28th from the looks of things.
Well fingers crossed but I'm not going to hold my breath over it considering how much stuff Elaine got connected to with the recent Chudbud leaks, she obviously didn't help Rachel anywhere near as much as she could have, just enough to get Rachel to do what she wanted.

No. 1783933

Rachel doxxed someone’s dead mother btw. I have the screenshot but not sure if tweet of the person saying so has been archived

No. 1783936

File: 1678146510910.jpeg (119.84 KB, 749x644, FEFBB105-594A-4FD6-AABE-AF8748…)

I’m not holding out for change from her if she was capable of doing this.

No. 1783939

I mean she did alog a newborn baby, posting about wanting to sell it on the black market and rape it and stuff while pretending to be Nick…or was it Caleb?

No. 1783946

Don't forget the fetus dildo she had!

No. 1784023

She created a Discord… like last time lol

No. 1784025

Oooooh no Rachel girl what are you doing? That's an invitation for the gayoppers to get to her victims

No. 1784028

File: 1678158245727.jpg (378.65 KB, 1080x1377, bold move cotton.jpg)

This is a recipe for disaster to be sure, not sure how many will go for it but I know some of her ex-"friends" are watching along so it will have them socking into it.

No. 1784039

i almost want to join but this feels like an attempt to corner the people she hates so much, wouldn't be surprised if it is

No. 1784046

A good look but don't touch might be nice but it's just not worth it. A lot of the Twitter users are posting circle only to not join it so I'm not as worried some random might get caught up in stuff beyond Rachel.

No. 1784049

She did tweet that she felt like this was a whole ruse and would get conned. But people have seen this move before from her.

I presume Officer Roacher will eventually hear of her shenanigans if she decides to do anything stupid lol

No. 1784058

Think it's gonna end up being a ween fest guest starring a few of the retards with lolcalf behavioral tendencies.

No. 1784066

FIC told me not to join it, though it's tempting. other anons are probably right though, gonna be some shitshow like the last few times. i don't think that genesis account is stupid enough to let rachel back them into a corner like that either

No. 1784068

File: 1678163477550.jpeg (137.64 KB, 827x1012, CCB1CD68-CE1C-4EEA-A631-37CA1D…)

i'm assuming they gave her a hefty ban after this report. probably gonna come back with a new identity when the ban gets lifted atp

No. 1784073

The genesis account was one that posted in circle(hidden from public, and selected followers)so I can confirm they are not.
Very likely with how many reports hit her all on that date, I think that the larger follower count has helped block her from similar long periods of timeouts on the Bello account.

No. 1784076

She’s talking about finding Genesis RPers and trying to 1v1 with them on Discord. It feels like a trap

No. 1784077

File: 1678165863104.jpeg (685.32 KB, 828x1413, 71AC776B-0541-4F61-AD25-FB2D7A…)

this was an agreement they'd made with rachel if she decided to delete certain posts on her account, and hence they posted this. how long will this last though, especially with elaine's doxx threats??

No. 1784078

No clue, loving this Days of Our Lives-esque departure as well as how much Rachel is crying about them leaving.

No. 1784081

the sad excuse for a woman is dependent on anybody who will give her the time of day, let alone befriend her. what else would you expect from someone who purposefully burned bridges and harassed people? i would be messed up too

No. 1784082

Yeah it's funny, one time she told me that she'd make sure I never had any friends but from where I'm sitting…opposite happened.
Stop forgetting your sage or the farmhands will autosage this series of threads again kek.

No. 1784084

That is the most accurate Genesis portrayal she will likely get. That's the beautiful irony of it all.
Elaine seems to only get off to people who have a lot of attention on them. The FF community seems to be going dark. More accounts are locking, more people are sticking to their friend circles. She won't get the reaction she is looking for or the outrage because most of them aren't cows, they're just weird little roleplay bros who want to be left to do their thing.
If she's trying to make content for her YouTube channel or something to brag about, a non-response won't get her the approval she's looking for from the gayops gang she constantly kisses up to. No milk, no asspats.

No. 1784086

File: 1678167814441.jpg (200.36 KB, 833x1607, Fresh Garmonbozia.jpg)

Oh the irony of this all is wonderfully crafted.

No. 1784100

This Rachel arc has really played out like a soap opera where the filler episodes were an absolute cluster fuck nobody paid attention to but then all that clusterfuck suddenly unraveled for the season finale.
I wonder what the next season will have in store for us, maybe we'll find out who Roacher is and how much therapy he got after being shown pages and pages of animal genital themed sex toys.

No. 1784110

why did you report her the point of this thread isnt to run her off the internet its to laugh at her..

No. 1784147

hey now, all i said was her alternate went radio silent the day of that report, not that i had anything to do with it

No. 1784278

I had seen the screen on twitter and assumed it was from there, much less stressful an assumption, it was nice.
Sage or I'll find out who this is and harass you for over a year.

No. 1784337

Pretty sure it's someone who wants to ruin this thread/the farm, for example https://twitter.com/UndeadHeal/status/1632711814038339584

No. 1784347

Youre replying to me, I use that account for bait because it's funny how much people invest into my shitposts. Anyone using any of these sites for anything more than archiving or having fun is a retard whom I have likely called out before.
Stop eating my bait, it's for the cows, not for you.

No. 1784443

shut the fuck up

No. 1784458

File: 1678216836641.jpg (121.62 KB, 1080x586, rattling apart already .jpg)

No. 1784528

…is she diagnosing herself with addisons??

No. 1784536

I think the funniest part of this saga is how this bitch still denies the boots and room are hers.

No. 1784547

She likely has to take prednisone for her admitted hormone imbalance.

No. 1784659

I think she's just trying to say that she's been under so much stress for so long that she's been overloaded with stress hormones and now that it's "over" her brain feels fucking weird.

Can't wait for her to start blaming stress hormones for her behavior the way she tried to say getting held accountable for her actions caused her amygdala to physically shrink.

No. 1784726

the amygdala thing was way too funny actually. i wouldn't be surprised if she decided to use her cortisol levels to excuse her behavior or any future behavior she might pull out of her ass

No. 1784775

She says her brain is used as a baseline in that study but I think she's only telling a partial truth. I think she's in that study because potential drug/alcohol abuse while her mother was pregnant with her. They've got a lot of studies like that.
I would think they wouldn't use an autistic individual as a control subject because they're neurodivergent by definition as it is.

No. 1784783

That was my first thought when she said it. Gonna echo the other nonnas in saying it's so damn funny she's trying to cope by saying the consequences of her own actions gave herself permanent brain damage.
Rachel's biological mother is a known drug addict so it's really a silly lie for her to tell.

No. 1784900

the things people use autistic people for nowadays aren't really surprising. rachel herself has said shit that aligns with autism speaks ideology, i wouldn't be surprised if she did thiis to "fix" her
people have told her to take accountability and her answer is always "what if people find me out?" she knows she's done bad shit but obviously fails to understand that sometimes being a bad person means you get to face the consequences of any other bad person

No. 1784901

there is no doubting that room is hers, or was hers in the past at least. everything adds up. still wish she'd drop the link for those boots, they need to be done justice instead of whatever torture she put them through

No. 1784983

Eh I'm just glad I drove her away from the only people with her same belief that being a bad person should be allowed without consequences; here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1785094

Stop forgetting to sage

No. 1785211

go back to twitter and never come back. please.

No. 1785216

Soon as the pressure is up she's flocked back to Rubin, no particularly funny comments but Rachel is right back to sticking her head in a guillotine.

No. 1785307

How soon until she starts slapfights with people about Kiwifarms? Place your bets now nonnas

No. 1785326

A day tops.

No. 1785344

Rachel isn't gonna last long on her reformed arc but I hope you vendettachans learned to leave the cows alone. They will always inevitably fuck themselves over without you policing them.

No. 1785350

Damn, was busy since the new thread was made and some of the anons in here come off as oddly hostile. Anyway, seems I missed a lot over the weekend with Rachel. She wont last long on her reformed arc. No ones posted in her KF thread for a while so she's going to look stupid going back to following Rubin around and spamming memes at the evil kiwifarmers on twitter.

No. 1785489

you really think way too highly of her if you think your efforts are what will keep her away from farm threads especially after this is like her millionth round of "calming down" since 2016

No. 1785490

she already is, just checked her replies. since about 5 hours ago she's in his KF thread on twitter

No. 1785505

Probably was from much earlier yesterday, all I saw was from last night when she was correct for the first time in her life when she said all conservatives are pedophiles, that's what she is afterall so the self awareness was far beyond most right wing voters I must say. So props for Rachel for telling the truth for the first time ever.

No. 1785722

File: 1678396074529.jpg (324.75 KB, 804x1125, nawt troo.jpg)

She says Kiwifarms can't be used as a trusted source, but was quick to push the tranny's thread in people's faces…Rachel, your best bet is to stay outta this nonsense and keep your mouth shut.

No. 1785728

There's a really easy thing she could do to call into question her kiwifarms thread but has never tried, not quite sure why she doesn't at least try to explain how the two are different besides her being an angry dumbass. I'm fairly convinced that she would have used someone of being on Stalin's enemies list as proof of them being bad on the train ride to Siberia.

No. 1786407

Hasn’t been long since she’s returned to getting into slap fights and lying about her having a biology degree and making 100k

No. 1786411

File: 1678504492322.png (552.42 KB, 1066x1819, Screenshot_20230310-211345-587…)

She's really getting into it with Gary. But at least she's leaving ff7 verse alone (for now). Knock on wood hope she doesn't go back to her old ways and harassing people who want nothing to do with her.

No. 1786418

She has been whining about wanting to make an RP account but is scared about being shunned. She should have thought about that consequence when her first thread was made.

No. 1786431

berchel buys followers confirmed. also does she not know that its actually super en vogue right now to be a jewish nazi? well, i guess trendsetters never know in the moment…

No. 1786481

how many times is she gonna lie about her nationality….take a break lady why are you doing this shit again

No. 1786517

Is it a requirement that every person that debates her under a sock puppet write like a sperging anime character?
Just as likely that the study never existed, especially since that's not what the amygdala does. The whole thing being made up would fit her MO: Rachel can't just be a person who has sex, she has to have a whole harem. She can't just have a job, she has to make six figures "doing basically nothing". She can't just be not retarded, she has to have a brain so perfect and normal it's being studied by researchers at Stanford. Etc., etc.

No. 1786526

Rachel is sperging again!(this is an image board)

No. 1786545

lmao of course she didn't last

No. 1786553

honestly are any of us really surprised? what a failure of a human

No. 1786566

She’s getting into slap fights with FIC. She could have started over her new leaf regardless of people commenting on the slap fight she just had as a cat account but she’s too stupid to realise it. She’s threatening to sue people even if it’s the wrong person. She’a vile.

No. 1786572

Guess officer Roacher needs to be called lol

No. 1786635

I might be in the minority here, and I do think Rachel is crazy as fuck and overreacted but FIC really should take the L on this one. If they were so concerned about helping the "real" Josi stay safe why did they unlock suddenly, what reason did they have and if they were gonna unlock the account to "fix" something why didn't they give Rachel a heads up first? If you're gonna take the moral high ground at least make sure you cover your bases.
Rachel needs to get over the fact that people are going to have her blocked and not want to mend bridges. She can't expect these people to fix things for her because it isn't their responsibility.

No. 1786646

Half of them are not socks, you're just easily suggestible and had your mind blown out by someone clearly.
Honestly agree but I have a feeling Rachel broke a promise or dropped info, time for me to find out.
If I want something done right, I do it myself.

No. 1786649

Samefag, yeah uh found out fucking instantly.
That retard above me is lying to make Rachel of all people look good. Frankly at this point I think most of you left are twitter faggots and legitimate retards.

I don't mind derailing this thread off to the shit again until y'all stop being faggots.

No. 1786653

File: 1678544821837.jpeg (80.13 KB, 1169x580, 8867BA4C-7323-425E-97FE-FF1775…)

Here’s your proof of her being insane

No. 1786696

>Half of them are not socks, you're just easily suggestible and had your mind blown out by someone clearly.
what does this even mean and what does it have to do with the weird roleplaying people are doing with rachel by talking about her behavior in the overwrought language of villainous jrpg characters

No. 1786699

The only way Rachel would know this thread has been updated and that she was called out for her slap fight with Gary is if she’s been keeping an eye out here. It explains her sperging last night. Guess who’s been lurking?

No. 1786722


No. 1786726

File: 1678558072223.jpeg (94.27 KB, 750x901, 34D29BEF-8E50-4E21-9CAE-2526F6…)

This is absolutely pathetic behaviour from her. Pretending to be meek and then when things don’t go her way and people don’t want to interact with her, she throws an immediate tantrum.

No. 1786818

you… you cant get a restraining order against someone whos never physically done anything to you. youd think she'd google something so simple before talking out of her ass. "do you want me to get the wrong person?" she doesnt even know how much info you need to be able to get one she makes me laugh so hard.
theyre all sephiroth roleplayers thats why lmao
this is exactly what people who are friends with rapists say but okay rachel, i mean i guess she doesnt have to be worried because shes the friend most likely to do the raping.

No. 1786831

It’s like she forgot that she had a temporary one against her…

No. 1786845

You misread. I don't excuse Rachel's behavior in the least but FIC isn't innocent either.

No. 1786892

File: 1678572389399.jpeg (20.54 KB, 750x230, 54B7A740-9866-42B0-82DF-DB7973…)

She seems to make friends with the worst of the worst lol. Maybe if she’d stop defending predators and stop being a predator herself, her reputation wouldn’t precede her lol.

No. 1786898

File: 1678573047139.jpeg (25.6 KB, 750x309, FCE929C4-E9F9-4362-B3C4-42ADA3…)

Using ReubinRemus as a mouthpiece to further her quest to get her threads removed. He’s well on his way to getting his own thread formed if it hasn’t already. There are enough people watching him, she’s gonna bring more attention to herself if she keeps this up.

No. 1786899

File: 1678573404357.jpeg (107.55 KB, 749x926, 52BFDE70-6E49-4260-9427-36D784…)

People posting things you put out on a public forum is not harassment. FIC is right, you’re sociopathic and only care about what you can get out of others and not what you can do to make things better for yourself

Hurt feelings and people pointing out truths with do not make harassment.

No. 1786907

Rubin is an attention whore so they don't give him a thread. He inserts himself into every situation just like Rachel does.

No. 1786911

File: 1678574578017.jpeg (22.18 KB, 749x220, 19711773-9C80-4836-8B78-DF330B…)

People have actually seen her hostile and it is well documented, hence her being an outcast in the FF7 community despite her whining she deserves a place.

No. 1786965

Roacher thought he was going to have a quiet weekend.

No. 1787074

File: 1678594514263.jpeg (101.68 KB, 750x976, 0D5D8D53-064E-4937-ABDD-A2FFCD…)

Forever refusing accountability

No. 1787075

File: 1678594538102.jpeg (68.35 KB, 750x616, ADD3E7A3-875F-4E00-8B39-2D174F…)

No. 1787076

File: 1678594569640.jpeg (13.41 KB, 750x155, 5439788B-1D49-4417-A80B-5D33EA…)

Anyone who you’ve fooled or who is a predator just like you

No. 1787079

She's crying about not being able to groom a kid or was that the barely legal one? I have a hard time keeping up with all the young people she harassed.

No. 1787092

She knew Vallo for only a month or so, holy shit the cope lol

No. 1787095

twitter has been functioning poorly. rachel literally wouldn't have noticed if she wasn't consistently checking FIC. before they temporarily unprivated, it had been radio silent on their account. it was only when they unprived for a split second that rachel started attacking for literally no reason, which in turn caused them to give rachel a last chance (which she failed) and then they unprived permanently. those are the facts, you can even check timestamps.

No. 1787418

This one was doing it in-character specifically to piss her off so yeah?

No. 1787502

Fair's Info center isn't in character (I don't think) they just sign off with Zack Fair's name.
Banora Blight is in character and Rachl is obsessed with him.

I think the other accounts are all gone now.

No. 1787602

File: 1678664462701.jpeg (109.03 KB, 750x974, B312046F-1A75-4687-8D27-3C318E…)

Proving FIC right

No. 1787603

File: 1678664497909.jpeg (43.83 KB, 750x321, FAE5B651-347A-441F-82FC-658FF9…)

No. 1787604

File: 1678664632066.jpeg (23.13 KB, 750x301, C52C4502-373C-4399-B404-112F62…)

Still sticking to this story despite outing herself as woefully unaware of how just locking a car or a house doesn’t mean shit for getting valuables stolen

No. 1787605

File: 1678664706847.jpeg (53.17 KB, 750x477, 3547E2ED-7453-41D1-9641-D5C7E3…)

And yet doesn’t understand the cops will give her the exact same level of care that she claims the FBI will.

No. 1787607

BanoraBlight will not give you the same kindess the second time around, Rachel, I’m sure of this.

No. 1787616

They practically said as much so it's an easy prediction for me to make, Rachel is often the fool but I feel so extremely in this case for many reasons best left unsaid.
Did Rubin just say he hates the FBI? He needs to pick up the pipe more so he starts #DropCIAFarms.

No. 1787620

Rachel still thinks Josi is FIC, probably how she thinks Ines owns LCF.

No. 1787698

she doesnt even understand how funny she is kekkkk

No. 1787748

If she did none of us would be here, truly a harvest that can withstand any storm this cow is.

No. 1787760

File: 1678681812170.jpg (107.33 KB, 1080x1064, Rip bello.jpg)

Daily dose of Rachel lunacy, admitting to slowly killing her cat through obesity.

No. 1787761

File: 1678681854382.jpg (59 KB, 1080x564, Rubinremus Rachel.jpg)

Rachel is really showing her friends the best qualities she has to offer.

No. 1787762

File: 1678681916397.jpg (73.44 KB, 1080x603, Vagina advice.jpg)

LMAO Rachel you leave your unwashed sex toys on that nasty ass ground and then wonder why you get yeast infections.

No. 1787763

What in the utter fuck does mild mean in this regard? It's a very good thing she doesn't actually get any sex though the dirty toys explain why she always has sand in her vagina.

No. 1787764

She shops at Lush and has bins full of products that have been sitting there for years, the only mild she knows of is the mild separation that occurs after letting shit like that sit long enough to grow an ecosystem in the bottle because as soon as fingers or anything touches it there's bacteria being introduced.
Goofy bitch, a-hyuck.

No. 1787767

I'm just imagining any non-powder based foundation and, you win, I'm grossed out.

No. 1787768

She even gets those small "acne" bumps on her face that aren't actually acne, but will go away with an antifungal cream. This bitch keeps slapping pimple patches on them and while it's a fun little thing to do, they keep coming back because she isn't treating the issue.
She also needs to be changing her sheets regularly which I doubt she does. Pillow case changes daily until the skin clears up, then 2x weekly especially for breakout prone skin. The antifungal should take care of the spots but she needs to really keep up on the little details of hygiene.

No. 1787798

why is she still shaming people for living with their parents in this economy, is she so rich she forgot people can't afford to live on their own or some shit?

No. 1787799

uses nasty toys left on her carpet AND washes with scented and glittery soaps from lush? does she know if she washed with only water that maybe her UTIs and yeast infections would go away?

No. 1787801

She still lives with her parents, she shames people for living with their parents.
She is fat, she shames people for being fat.
She is ugly, she shames people who she sees as ugly.
A repeated trend here.

No. 1787853

She's a hypocrite but at the same time you should move out, anon.

No. 1787893

Living with family in this economy is just smart, Rachel's fat and retarded of course she's try to make the cope that worked up until COVID. Moron doesn't realize how foreign the whole thing was to any culture before the 50s and thinks it's some grand flex to waste money on renting.
>Yeah I live on my own and so does the rest of my family.
>I give my corporate overlords and lazy ass landlords way more money than they deserve.
Literally baby logic nonna.

No. 1787939

this is like responding to a tweet asking for tips on anal by proudly proclaiming that you wipe your ass

No. 1787957

Imagine Rachel trying to give herself aftercare after anal and I cannot stop laughing.

No. 1788243

File: 1678772164675.jpeg (86.85 KB, 750x870, 500E0026-0C2E-47AA-9C8E-66184D…)

Seems like Rachel befriended someone who thinks Michael Myers is real and has been harassing this account for supposedly bullying. But the issue is, this person does the same thing Rachel does: attack, harass, believe that she is the authority on a fictional figure, blames everything on her autism (and CPTSD) but with the exception that she believes that Michael Myers speaks to her.

I smell a potential slapfight coming on and another cow in the making.

No. 1788245

File: 1678772301520.jpeg (30.17 KB, 750x247, 05DE5DC0-E1A7-4B4C-9B00-C2B032…)

Her not understanding the point of a video was that the girl was calling out the double standard of women being virgins is acceptable and men being virgins is not.

No. 1788250

i have a feeling that bello, much like rachel, actually has no idea how fat he is.

No. 1788283

I love deranged fangirl types.

No. 1788290

File: 1678777383914.jpg (113.05 KB, 736x552, 6d2e163b00855a7051e3b88b6a01a5…)


No. 1788376

File: 1678800939480.jpeg (18.48 KB, 749x190, 1E6EC227-7F8E-4667-8554-ACEE37…)

No. 1788382

>I'm still standing Marty
>You can't kill da Kang bish
>I lived, Bitch
Three different rage cows, all the same bit.

No. 1788398

Eating yourself to near-death doesn't count, Rachel. That's self inflicted.

No. 1788498

File: 1678819442998.jpg (312.03 KB, 1080x1760, one of the few times Elaine ha…)

Elaine is admitting to troll shielding Rachel here among many other things which are more relevant to her own thread which I will crosspost to.
What's relevant here is the confirmation of tinfoil and also a possibility that Rachel was in fact never here and it was Elaine the whole time.

No. 1788535

File: 1678823226824.jpeg (18.65 KB, 749x202, 9740B8A3-67DF-48AE-B144-1170D6…)

No. 1788562

Perfect timing, their goose is cooked.

No. 1788598

File: 1678830518600.jpg (89.86 KB, 1080x636, yoikes.jpg)

Yes Rachel all we are good for is making babies barefooted in a dirt floor kitchen, just take out the middle part and it's fine. She just had to say the downside to abortion bans are that women will die and not be able to have children, simply fascinating how her mind sabotages itself.

No. 1788603

Rachel has been here and her posts have been pretty obvious, but the same can be said for Elaine. You can figure out which posts belong to whom because Elaine is just as bad as Rachel when it comes to pretending. None of that comes as a surprise to me, but Elaine admitting to it is another nail in the coffin.
Who does she consider a friend? Mike, the Nazi lolicon? Kengle, the CWC ween? Does she know Naught was ousted for being a pedo? The kind of people she considers friends are truly terrifying. Then again she protects the pedos who are nice to her…

No. 1788621

File: 1678832458422.jpeg (33.94 KB, 749x341, 39995D6C-C860-4BB5-9965-049C95…)

Rachel supporting incest in all forms of media, real or not, just like the predator she is.

No. 1788642

Of course she's justifying incest to excuse the nightly activities she partakes in with her own family. Her father reportedly has Alzheimer's Disease and an extreme disdain towards her and that could be easily explained by his brain knowing his own daughter molests him even if he cannot consciously remember. When you combine that with her admitting to "cuddling" her mother it adds up to a horrific tale of parental sexual abuse.

No. 1788648

Doesn’t she have half siblings?

No. 1788657

Do you think she half molests or fully molests them?

No. 1788704

File: 1678839435228.jpeg (83.47 KB, 750x752, E27CCBA1-84E1-4245-A06B-DCF1BD…)

No. 1788712

>pedo incest lover supports pedo and incest
what a surprise

we should use that on her whenever she's confronted with something she doesn't like
>don't like it? go read a book

you're a stupid cunt rachel, and nobody likes a stupid cunt

No. 1788767

I'm going to scream this didn't have to go as hard as it did omg lmao

No. 1788780

File: 1678846456547.jpeg (47.15 KB, 749x468, 9B053E04-3B87-4D82-8644-FC97F9…)

They’ll come back soon enough if you keep tard raging and keep harassing people because they keep telling the truth about you. It’s been two weeks. Let sleeping dogs lie if you want to be left alone in peace you dumb cunt.

No. 1788783

He wasn't even a "source" he just reposted stuff everyone else posted.

No. 1788794

Gaia’s God came back. She’s addicted to getting all the negative attention from Fairs and Gaias because no one will give it to her in real life. This is her only source of attention.

No. 1788797

File: 1678849446906.jpg (193.72 KB, 1079x1666, Ggreturns.jpg)

GG post

No. 1788798

File: 1678849488486.jpg (130.44 KB, 1080x1196, Ggreturns2.jpg)

Rachel really wants that Genesis dick even though he's gay af

No. 1788799

File: 1678849624800.jpg (112.6 KB, 1039x1065, Ggreturns3.jpg)

Damn she really does love that attention.

No. 1788801

Now she’s gone back full swing harassing people and being a menace. This cow will always stay being a cow

No. 1788803

Lunatic behavior fr.

No. 1788805

She's completely unhinged, hopefully it gives her a stroke with those obviously clogged arteries of hers.

No. 1788868

File: 1678857684323.jpeg (58.73 KB, 750x509, 76C7EBF6-7CBE-49F8-A1FB-EE75CD…)

Make of this what you will

No. 1788885

File: 1678860694101.jpg (82.96 KB, 1080x583, Elaine supreme hacker kween.jp…)

lmao she's pathetic.

No. 1789000

File: 1678882754902.jpeg (78.11 KB, 749x826, 92A21E50-9205-4CD0-890B-706AF0…)

No. 1789051

Shes getting flushed currently, expect Elaine to get even more unhinged for a bit as it's all crashing down.

No. 1789056

She should do the same thing Rachel's been told and stop trying to groom minors, then take her meds.

No. 1789064

Her, Chris, Mike, Naught and Rachel should all stop that yes and then promptly kill themselves, they hitched themselves together quite well to the point it's undeniable now.

No. 1789094

She’s currently throwing a tantrum about multiple things currently. It’s so pathetic at this point now

No. 1789153

File: 1678905692209.jpg (120.91 KB, 1080x1897, Who will Rachel blame for her …)

It got even more pathetic.

No. 1789183

HAAAA she insults the guy, gets mad at him for coming back, he leaves, gets mad that he left. That's either peak trolling or he figured she was too crazy to continue to deal with and dipped. Idk what it was but that's the most hilarious and pathetic thing I've seen.

No. 1789206

Peak trolling but I'm not giving away their clues.

No. 1789299

File: 1678918790153.jpg (492.62 KB, 810x4671, Elaine goes nuclear.jpg)

Elaine replied to this >>1789153 post 10 times pretending to be a good guy after faildoxing FIC and threatening people online while discrediting their very real criticisms towards Rachel. A lot of these people she's trying to dox are also autistic or disabled in some way too. Suddenly Rachel wants to put her faith in Elaine, who has been trying to groom minors and pretend to be a part of some elite hacker group. She can't even dox the Wendy's Chili person from KF even when they quite literally went onto a site without proper opsec that she had admin access to. I don't expect Rachel to be smart but Elaine isn't reliable at all. The only reason she's involved is because of Spooky and Blaine having been involved beforehand. She doesn't actually care about Rachel, and Rachel being desperate for someone who will overlook her actions is eating it up. Both of them should take their meds.

No. 1789544

it's pretty much grooming at this point. rachel makes a whole deal about people calling her rachel but elaine does it and it's fine. elaine uses slurs against people who are neurodiverse while "protecting" rachel with her autism excuses and it's fine to her. it's clear elaine doesn't care about rachel either but butters it up and decorates it for rachel and she bites the bait every time

No. 1789602

If only someone warned everyone and wasn't trans, shame really that there's only one adult among a few dozen websites that those two shat up.
Downright pathetic really.
Disgustingly pathetic.

No. 1789614

Like I hope no farmer has any children, those are just sitting rape bombs waiting to happen due to how unobservant you all are and how you'll likely give the child over to the rapist themselves over a whistleblower. Hell let's be real, with this chronic pedo problem?
I hope no farmer has children because they'd fuck their own kids. None of you are better than Elaine or Rachel, you're the same level of exceptional.

No. 1789630

Shut the fuck up. Same rhetoric that Rachel uses and it’s disgusting.

No. 1789632

File: 1678977850197.jpg (112.88 KB, 1080x1079, on the hunt.jpg)

She's back on the hunt again.

No. 1790085

File: 1679031883600.jpg (39.47 KB, 1080x240, Clown world.jpg)


No. 1790086

File: 1679032010853.jpg (35.17 KB, 1032x273, SS sephiroth.jpg)

The only reason she keeps tagging this Sephiroth in particular is because he's got 13k followers and she thinks that means something. This guy never really roleplays either, it's almost all out of character stuff. For someone who likes to be a canon purist she sure does throw her ideals away if someone has a "big" follower count.

No. 1790088

File: 1679032212067.jpg (134.59 KB, 1080x1031, delulu.jpg)

She truly is running with this idea that her brain shrunk. If she gets the scans like she says she does, she should be able to get confirmation she can show people. But she's instead saying it like it's fact. The only thing making her brain shrink are the mental gymnastics she does to avoid responsibility.

Maybe you can ask Elaine to tard wrangle for you, Rachel.

No. 1790216

File: 1679063460083.jpg (155.64 KB, 1080x1175, New story.jpg)

Rachel's true and honest break in story is now an attempted break in. Her story has changed again.

No. 1790218

File: 1679063560354.jpg (59.09 KB, 1080x598, Pedo Rachel.jpg)

>Accused of being a pedophile due to inappropriate relations with children
>RTs jokes implicating sexually assaulting children to own the haydurs

Good job, Rachel.

No. 1790219

File: 1679063654834.jpg (77.26 KB, 1080x799, More pedo shit.jpg)

After what she did to that one lady's newborn, this post made my skin crawl. I know she's "joking" but this woman truly has no remorse for how she behaves and it shows.

No. 1790220

Reminds me of when she sent that photo of the baby head dildo. She's awful and she knows it which makes it worse

No. 1790239

>I was only sharing it ironically guys, I wouldn't actually use it uwu

No. 1790469

File: 1679098926167.jpeg (42.35 KB, 749x403, F374F2BD-3411-4838-AB30-1D31AC…)

Proving this point right lol

No. 1790485

why is she just finding randoms to dump her "trauma" all over? this wasn't even about her
hopefully they blocked her kek

No. 1790501

File: 1679107026824.jpg (117.66 KB, 1080x1009, Autismspeaks.jpg)

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel…

No. 1790575

File: 1679128179143.jpg (42.9 KB, 1044x357, Cultural appropriation.jpg)

I think she's bullshitting but of course she's a cultural appropriator.

No. 1790578

File: 1679128239661.jpg (201.64 KB, 809x1637, lies on lies.jpg)

Another fanfiction from the mind of Rachel. If she put this much effort into her roleplays maybe she'd get a kind hearted Sephiroth willing to fuck her.

No. 1790579

File: 1679128402945.jpg (72.31 KB, 1080x580, Deranged.jpg)

Rachel fantasizing about being a broodmare and Sephiroth holding her crotch spawn.

No. 1790998

File: 1679192422401.jpeg (19.88 KB, 749x188, 72D3C876-FABE-49F7-8CB8-572216…)

No. 1791108

Rich of her to say that because she doesn’t listen to an entire community that consists of her victims and blames it on autism lol

No. 1791177

Guess she doesn't know a new account set up shop.

No. 1791417

sobbing at just tonedeaf she is, this is EXACTLY how the people who block her feel, after blocking her

No. 1791567

She’s gonna have another mental breakdown when she finds out and the account.

No. 1791586

File: 1679251478065.jpeg (33.68 KB, 749x256, C976D29F-8E2A-42B5-B62D-2A2550…)

Her saying she has CPTSD is new. And she absolutely remembers people in the RP community, why the fuck would she block evade in the first place if she didn’t lmao

No. 1791588

File: 1679251699044.jpeg (79.56 KB, 749x702, A0136B7B-7197-4E13-A3A2-19EA88…)

No. 1791590

File: 1679251894555.png (37.2 KB, 1080x451, Screenshot_20230318-190912-021…)

Watching her go ignored by that Sephiroth who then made tweets pertaining to her behavior is so funny to me.

No. 1791592

File: 1679252070507.jpg (127.65 KB, 1080x1523, Sera RP account .jpg)

New account of hers.

No. 1791645

File: 1679261058351.jpg (12.27 KB, 581x508, Asking about noncon.jpg)

Dump of older stuff, a confrontation she had with another roleplayer who she wanted to write rape shit with

No. 1791648

File: 1679261117327.jpg (41.19 KB, 903x399, Confrontation1.jpg)

She's so good at roleplaying nonnas

No. 1791649

File: 1679261206795.jpg (20.03 KB, 492x379, Confrontation2.jpg)

More of that convo

No. 1791650

File: 1679261254407.jpg (25.06 KB, 514x459, Confrontation3.jpg)

She's so bizarre…

No. 1791651

File: 1679261289767.jpg (9.23 KB, 454x208, Confrontation4.jpg)

Uh oh sisters

No. 1791653

File: 1679261356706.jpg (6.56 KB, 332x148, Confrontation5.jpg)

I know commentary isn't necessary but it's hard to resist…she talks like a creepy dude.

No. 1791655

File: 1679261536703.jpg (61.78 KB, 1004x451, Confrontation6.jpg)

This is where she explicitly talks about noncon/rape and how nobody else would be willing to roleplay it like she was. She denies rape being a kink of hers and something she constantly inserts into roleplays…but when she thinks she isn't going to get in trouble she brings it up.

I have a few more things to post.

No. 1791656

File: 1679261611458.jpg (16.09 KB, 862x303, Pr1.jpg)

A story in three parts from our rich girl who can spend money on frivolous shit but wants random people to run PR for her for free.

No. 1791657

File: 1679261689687.jpg (16.83 KB, 645x353, Pr2.jpg)

Miss MENSA member, multi-million dollar house owning, multiple true partner having Rachel.

No. 1791659

File: 1679261729084.jpg (22.28 KB, 966x202, Pr3fin.jpg)

The conclusion to that trilogy.

No. 1791661

File: 1679261790619.jpg (7.29 KB, 452x137, Same account.jpg)

Further evidence the accounts were hers, but I don't think anyone here is doubting. Posting for archival purposes.

No. 1791662

File: 1679261847068.jpg (6.68 KB, 581x105, Sock queen.jpg)

Rachel is the laundry monster making socks disappear because she uses them all and will make as many sock accounts as necessary.

No. 1791672

File: 1679262925269.jpg (99.02 KB, 1080x797, Spilled.jpg)

So she's attempting to roleplay now.
Asking for a friend, how does someone spill a chuckle?

No. 1791679

Nitpick anon has never read a book

No. 1791683

Using purple prose is just putting a bow on a steaming pile of shit nonna.

No. 1791685

She’s currently throwing tantrums on her SilverElitism account.

No. 1791686

hahaha holy shit she is fat FIC posted a video of Rachel in bed, presumably nude because of the way she has the camera angled and all her fat pooling around her neck.

I'd post it here if I could figure out how to upload the video so I'll link it instead.


No. 1791687

File: 1679265535215.jpeg (45.66 KB, 750x342, 13461661-6C3D-4080-8336-6C74BB…)

Could easily pay for a PR manager to clean up your reputation if you really wanted to on that salary and have your polycule chip in, you solo broke bitch

No. 1791688

She looks like a fucking pig lmao. All that hate inside her made her look so ugly outside

No. 1791689

She looks like a female Ethan Ralph

No. 1791691

File: 1679265912132.jpeg (25.89 KB, 749x210, EB85F96D-4578-493F-AED4-440B3C…)

I have trouble believing that people would pay to watch her on Chaturbate or any similar platform after seeing that. Her go to is to threaten livelihoods when she’s going on squawking how capitalism is shit lol.

No. 1791693

Don't think they'd even pay to watch her on a feeder site either, tbh.

No. 1791698

File: 1679266542031.jpeg (57.39 KB, 750x570, 86A20715-3C0B-4367-BCA4-106CBF…)

Watch her throw a tantrum when she finds out she has the wrong person.

No. 1791703

File: 1679267624514.jpeg (33.72 KB, 750x334, AF31E946-EAA5-4476-99F4-24948A…)

No. 1791713

A chuckle spills from the cheeks if anything and it's used for speech, not facial expression. C'mon now.
Genderblob in it's final form.
Rachel doesn't have childhood post traumatic stress disorder but I'm willing to bet a few of the people she fucked with do, I wonder how she will claim to be 120lbs now.

No. 1791721

File: 1679269986053.jpeg (95.22 KB, 750x979, A5407747-91D7-4398-9C5D-A431CE…)

Day by day she’s turning into the rage pig she was meant to be

No. 1791722

File: 1679270013275.jpeg (121.29 KB, 749x1016, C01D448F-F09B-4879-A6CD-CFE54E…)

No. 1791723

File: 1679270037838.jpeg (24.16 KB, 749x205, A8EC2435-1221-4C71-A5F5-3B5BCC…)

No. 1791724

File: 1679270096199.jpeg (32.37 KB, 749x336, 76497A15-6DCC-4DBC-BF76-6EAC73…)

No. 1791726

File: 1679270550076.jpeg (78.48 KB, 750x658, 36DABD48-F56C-43F0-8865-D47C47…)

As someone who was a victim of CSA, she needs to shut the fuck up. She is a pedophile no matter how much she stamps her feet that she isn’t and that no one knows what it means.

No. 1791728

File: 1679270620738.jpeg (32.96 KB, 750x262, D6163F01-3097-4EF2-93C6-62F54B…)

No. 1791729

File: 1679270650258.jpeg (108.71 KB, 750x1015, A8273677-751C-4FEA-9DD6-BFB850…)

Stay being the cow you are you fat fuck

No. 1791731

File: 1679271053971.jpg (73.51 KB, 667x800, fat_finatasy___sephiroth_by_nj…)

Does it bother you that this is what I’m attracted to? Does it make you butthurt to know that this is what makes my pussy wet?

No. 1791733

>I'm not an admitted pedophile.
The mind immediately jumps to this as an admission of being a child molester.
Don't like it? Deactivate.

No. 1791734

Usually people with those kinds of bodies don’t go for fat blobs like Rachel lol. She can delude herself into thinking she can catch people like that but people like that typically go for people who have the same activity level and are not sedentary fatasses like her.

No. 1791735

File: 1679271647358.jpeg (68.1 KB, 750x667, 9A2174AC-CF18-4E9B-8631-26B1F1…)

No. 1791741

File: 1679272080340.jpg (158.95 KB, 1080x1341, No polycule.jpg)

She has a whole day off and is spending it being a Karen instead of being with her boyfriends and girlfriends.

No. 1791754

File: 1679274549718.jpg (105.83 KB, 1080x799, Skinwalking as Elaine .jpg)

She is the Darth Vader to Elaine's Palpatine LARP. The apprentice is learning from the "master"

No. 1791757

This is a girl skinwalking a girl who is skinwalking a comedic bit perception she has of someone. It's simply astounding the level of dumb that is expressed everyday by those stooges, god help us all when they find a third.

No. 1791758

Does she not know that people in actual polycules don’t call it “harem”?

No. 1791799

This bitch is pressed. She spent the last two hours getting into slapfights and defending her racist tweets from her MadamMidgar account lmao

No. 1791814

File: 1679281743829.jpeg (81.34 KB, 750x687, 22033083-EDA9-4A5C-8253-50467A…)

I love that slip from her. She hates being autistic so she takes it out on other autistic people who don’t conform to her idea of what it is, whatever that may be

No. 1791815

File: 1679281783359.jpeg (28.11 KB, 749x282, 2A11069C-D6F9-46FC-B8E4-9B6267…)

No. 1791823

Ragepigging intensifies.

No. 1791826

Lots of milk to come nonnas lmao. She’s threatening to go full Karen and called a McDonalds to try and get someone fired. I can’t wait for someone to get her ass for doxxing them and harassment.

No. 1791860

File: 1679288063754.jpg (46.43 KB, 1080x366, Trooning out.jpg)

She's claiming she isn't cis now.

Apparently she has an ID picture from someone in her server she is now slapfighting with, and is threatening to post it. Exactly what she said wouldn't happen has now happened, who would've thought?

No. 1791865

Guess BanoraBlight will actually follow up on saying hello to Officer Roacher this time eh lol

No. 1791867

Someone will be, I bet.

No. 1791879

File: 1679291388646.jpeg (38.83 KB, 749x295, 6865FEE6-F9F2-4E25-972A-00A5C5…)

Trauma dumping on people who show you the slightest amount of kindness is also why no one wants to be around you. You lash out when it doesn’t go your way

No. 1791896

Guess her "harem" is tired of her shit too.

No. 1791897

File: 1679294393599.jpg (82.32 KB, 1080x676, Zooey.jpg)

In what world?

No. 1792033

Why does she keep deluding herself and lie to others about how she looks? There's videos and photos of her everywhere. She's not 120lbs like she keeps insisting. She's more than that. I'm closer to her weight and I have neck definition when I lie down.,

No. 1792044

Same as Elaine, jealous of how a fucking tranny looks. Same as many such cases but Rachel really glued onto my weight.
Elaine's wig nearly fell off yesterday during his stream as an aside, I worry so much for my fellow hons but I'm ever so glad I don't have to deal with them anymore and I can finally capital I internet die now.
Also this character was based off a Brandon Rodger's bit, no points for any houses as nobody ever guessed it.
Also Rachel is fat and nobody can have sex with her, the flap covers it all up, icky.

Why one final monologue? I know Rachel reads this and will misunderstand all of this and think I killed myself and that's funny to me personally.

No. 1792073

File: 1679325784071.jpeg (40.06 KB, 750x294, BEBC62E3-73BE-4E21-8B0D-F3F8CF…)

No. 1792103

I bet she will never do an ancestry test. If she did, there wouldnt be any native american. She has a tiny pinched nose and flat ass cheeks with thin lips and fine hair. I must kek

No. 1792279

File: 1679350890806.jpeg (48.49 KB, 750x534, 55822D91-A55D-460F-96E4-87DD97…)

If she hadn’t been violating Twitter rules and getting into slap fights with people last night, she would be online all day still continuing and not with her polycule. She’d make some fucking convenient excuse that her boyfriends are busy and her girlfriends don’t need attention from her.

No. 1792281

File: 1679351065916.jpeg (66.81 KB, 750x688, 6199986D-2EB6-420E-9FF1-F8DBCA…)

If you looked the same at twenty now, then you’d still be looking like you’re pushing forty with that tired ass, thin lip, no melanin face of yours Bertha.

No. 1792348

File: 1679357994213.jpg (Spoiler Image,137.35 KB, 298x399, Jumpscare.jpg)

Spoilered to prevent anyone from being jumpscared.

No. 1792399

File: 1679364728985.jpeg (7.72 KB, 274x184, download (19).jpeg)

I literally cannot tell the difference between these two images.

No. 1792489

File: 1679376312824.jpeg (119.25 KB, 750x1054, 624A2327-F570-4FFB-A063-0EA784…)

She outed herself real fast on this account lmao

No. 1792490

File: 1679376400247.jpeg (68.04 KB, 749x624, F79E3A08-3A1D-4EB0-91E7-485E9C…)

I’m sorry the autistic people I personally know don’t become rage pigs like this when denied opportunities in their chosen fandom. Stop lumping other autistic people into your bullshit

No. 1792604

Love how she's basically forcing people to roleplay with her even if they don't enjoy it. As long as she's happy nothing else matters right? What a delusional toady woman

No. 1792645

There's a term for this in the combat RP community, Plaype, or Play-Rape, and it means you are raping me on a stage in front of an audience. A single act of intentional plaype is taken seriously enough to get someone blacklisted. All Rachel's rps are Plaype.

No. 1793241

File: 1679501527492.jpeg (55.38 KB, 749x686, EEFC5795-E8B8-493B-9D25-7410A7…)

Found this gem. She’s delusional as hell lol.

No. 1794090

She’s back to harassing people again lol. I’ll post interesting milk later after I deal with irl stuff

No. 1794175

Her imaginary boyfriend is so bad at eating pussy she can play on her phone and get into twitter slapfights while he does it.

No. 1794177

File: 1679633671795.jpg (135.95 KB, 1080x1255, RachelsPussy.jpg)

Same fag. Image didn't work for some reason. Trying again.

No. 1794178

Don't forget about her admitting her biomother doesn't love her, that was fucking hilarious.

No. 1794200

She tweeted out a cropped photo of her disgusting pussy claiming she got creampied. She hates children and has been vocal about it but wants kids? Make it make sense.

Also she never had sex lol. If you look at the spacing of the tweets it’s all within the same two or so hours she started getting into slapfights with people on Twitter. Bitchless behaviour.

No. 1794202

My bet is that she’s masturbating while getting dogpiled on which is why she keeps coming back.

No. 1794212

File: 1679641217413.jpeg (69.69 KB, 750x556, 379D5B70-459D-4FFF-ACDE-82069D…)

No. 1794217

Does she know what defamation is? Taking screenshots of things she's said and posting them so other people can form their own opinions isn't defamation.

No. 1794220

File: 1679642530286.jpeg (Spoiler Image,15.23 KB, 239x320, 54C4DD11-DBFA-4A41-B378-A060F1…)

There’s no way this fat cow is 120lbs at five foot two

No. 1794284

That wasn't her pussy. That's why it's cropped. She thinks she's being clever but if she posted what it actually looked like she'd have to admit to being alone and obese.

No. 1794341

God this is fucking disgusting put it in the mtf thread for the love of God it doesn't belong here.

No. 1794364

That's pathetic and disgusting lol. It's probably yeasty as fuck anyways knowing she keeps her fucking sex toys on that dirty ass carpet in her room

No. 1794392

Every post of hers is a confession and last night she went ham on accusing others of having stinky vaginas, she even accused Voldemort of having one.

No. 1794723

File: 1679706027400.png (23.04 KB, 589x541, FsBsgyUacAA5I0J.png)

She keeps saying she doesn't need or want this guy but she won't stop tagging him. He's still locked and she's losing her mind.

No. 1794734

Let's be honest that's the most "male" attention she's had in months.

No. 1794792

So she does know what wiping your ass is, shocking.

No. 1794877

It's pathetic lmao. Her mind is broken and it's satisfying knowing that BanoraBlight has that kind of power over her

No. 1795793

File: 1679873167256.jpeg (57.49 KB, 749x480, 85B07A7C-7FE6-4434-A138-54EC74…)

Old milk, but she loves to circle back to this

No. 1795796

A group of users including BanorasBlight and some of the artfags plus people who used to be in her server have discussed an anti-Rachel discord server to coordinate what they're gonna do if she keeps going. Oh joy, more discord gayops?

No. 1796104

Gonna stop you right there newbie.
Discord gay ops happened thanks to Elaine and Angry Canadian supporting Rachel, do you see those two maggots here? No?
Then stop jumping to conclusions and bring their little puppet by equating everyone with their level of depravity.
Oh joy, comments from a girl who clearly doesn't know what she's talking about…

No. 1796800

File: 1679982970670.jpeg (24.59 KB, 749x234, 1A2A732B-E357-4B8A-A244-8EA106…)

Truly the definition of rent free in someone’s head and pressed

No. 1796860

File: 1679995206946.jpeg (37.66 KB, 750x352, 182A85BF-6DB6-453E-8167-3576C8…)

No. 1796861

File: 1679995235514.jpeg (22.71 KB, 749x306, C147891C-6B56-4CCB-B9F8-C70B4C…)

No. 1796862

File: 1679995432822.jpeg (95.99 KB, 750x793, 980320ED-E363-47B3-902D-171DA5…)

You’re just latching onto the autism label because it’s hard to disprove Bertha. I don’t think you actually have it and have some form of sociopathy/NPD plus some form of retardism. You sure like to throw around being autistic as a slur and as someone who is so proud of it, that doesn’t line up.

No. 1796864

File: 1679995508519.jpeg (36.49 KB, 750x364, 92443173-D5F4-476F-A594-D903B2…)

No. 1796865

File: 1679995544995.jpeg (65.3 KB, 750x587, 005B9A42-8690-4013-AE63-9DC45B…)

No. 1796867

File: 1679995590810.jpeg (41.23 KB, 749x445, 0DB3AB9B-7907-4EF6-A6FC-80BCBB…)

I damn well wouldn’t want my children near you you fat fuck.

No. 1796868

File: 1679995631322.jpeg (18.47 KB, 750x259, 0E101EA6-B332-4071-AE5D-0CECF2…)

Stop projecting Jesus fucking Christ

No. 1796869

File: 1679995675444.jpeg (45.34 KB, 749x477, F86A44A7-1FD1-4584-A99C-8612C3…)

And we’ll continue to treat you however we want too. Fair’s fair.

No. 1796871

Funny she would say that because she said they knew and they would offer her a lawyer if it came to anything lmao. Fucking lying bitch.

No. 1796873

File: 1679996493580.jpeg (40.87 KB, 750x400, 2B16B307-6044-4CDB-B0D8-5C9522…)

No. 1797053

File: 1680013403357.jpg (122.54 KB, 1080x910, Rachel coping.jpg)

Apparently there was an earthquake south of San Francisco this morning, USGS must have been able to measure just how hard Rachel has been "coping and seething about it."

No. 1798723

BanoraBlight has nothing to do with any discord chat, he's only active in this on twitter through that account. He's also been pretty quiet since telling people what penal code to use reporting Rachel to the police. That's what's got her so pissed off, he's still around but he's done with her and nobody knows anything else about him.

No. 1798738

File: 1680169538263.jpeg (37.25 KB, 749x365, 4E67F1CD-AA90-4EE2-88A4-C62119…)

This girl pretends so much lol. She acts like she’s so sex positive but in the same breath she slut shames like there’s no tomorrow.

No. 1798850

File: 1680188452501.jpeg (68.27 KB, 750x947, 87951855-1841-4FD5-BC8E-E5B3C8…)

No. 1799244

damn this voice in her head sounds crazy, she should really get some help with that.

No. 1799344

that’s you hunni

No. 1799345


No. 1799347

or it could have been yknow the fact part of California sits on a major fault line retard

No. 1799355


your children are already near her

“bertha” ok piggy

yes, she lives rent free in your head

bc you have no power and it’s true

No. 1799358

Welcome back Bertha, here back again because you are locked out of your rage pig account? How nice to see you here and have you fill up another thread.

No. 1799362

File: 1680231671436.jpeg (92.36 KB, 750x1097, DCBBCD64-C463-4B7F-996B-04AEE2…)

No. 1799363

Every day Rachel remains free is another day farmers and kiwis suck shitty donkey asshole.

No. 1799364

“bertha” ok piggy

No. 1799366

im in ur skool
touchin ur kids

No. 1799377

ur just mad bc she’s rite

No. 1799378

14 whole threads and the only thing proven here is how obsessed you faggots are lmao. She’s still free and still doing better than any of you.

Twitter is due to self destruct in around 15 days, so what are you gonna do when you’re blocked from the teat? Cry? Pee yourself? Maybe shit and cum?

No. 1799380

14 whole threads about how someone simply could've gotten off the Internet and stopped being a rage inducing sociopath and gone to therapy instead of doing whatever this shit is

No. 1799381

This thread always looks like it’s just 2 schizo monkeys knife fighting.

No. 1799382

Changing how you type doesn’t change the fact you’re the only one here defending yourself. There’s no way that your little friends who you repeatedly told that lolcow hosts CP would be here defending you lol.

No. 1799384

File: 1680233014972.jpeg (48.5 KB, 750x460, E10B78D9-A6E6-4C94-806C-A28B47…)

Rachel went after someone completely unrelated and tagged multiple people calling them Josi. I think she’s the one obsessed. Once she fixates on a person, it sticks for a while, like Ines, or Ghoulie or DBS.

No. 1799385

I feel like posting old milk just for the heck of it.

No. 1799386

File: 1680233106930.jpeg (74.82 KB, 750x568, 9A7D90CE-D1E8-4CE3-BB4A-556624…)

No. 1799388

File: 1680233165525.jpeg (35.32 KB, 750x292, 13662869-61F4-49A6-8A90-FAB503…)

No. 1799391

File: 1680233403794.jpeg (101.99 KB, 750x792, 77E19F19-A32D-428B-835C-8B2149…)

This is in line with the two monkeys schizo posting no?

No. 1799393

File: 1680233534133.jpeg (61.23 KB, 750x478, FCC62610-4EA8-46FE-9898-624B31…)

No. 1799396

File: 1680233779724.jpeg (43.49 KB, 750x320, 77D07990-DB97-4A0A-9805-A55A1E…)

The only reason you would know this Rachel is if you came back here despite claiming you haven’t been here in a year. The last thread was created a month and a half ago and you were there defending yourself lmao.

No. 1799397

Literal word for word what was written here lol. You got caught lurking.

No. 1799399

Nice touch rectifying you make 100k USD and not any other currency because you’d been going around saying it was just 100k in dollars and it could have been any dollar that was weak against USD.

No. 1799400

no way i actually made queen berchel rise from the dead with one offhand comment. and so close to my birthday too, i am truly blessed.

No. 1799401

why is she switching the $ to front and back now? seems very euro

No. 1799402

Her best friend Dag is from Europe. Probably got it from him.

No. 1799403

File: 1680234525167.jpeg (68.68 KB, 750x545, 47141B31-74AE-4E21-9589-3CF543…)

No. 1799404

File: 1680234631853.jpeg (63.25 KB, 749x603, CF1256A6-5FA2-45E3-9A97-9FD48A…)

No. 1799427

File: 1680238517410.jpeg (15.52 KB, 750x167, 059A55FE-CC80-4323-8F5E-335660…)

Amusing since you try to kill people through character defamation (something you’re single handedly doing to yourself with how you act) or attack people to trigger them to harm them in some way when you feel cornered.

No. 1799490

Rage pig decided to be a rage pig again. I’ll post the milk once she’s done

No. 1799491

Nice to see Rachel delusional enough to show up here.

No. 1799493

Stupid cow doxxed someone unrelated again lol. She does realise that it’s a felony in her state right?

No. 1799494

File: 1680251351591.jpeg (42.56 KB, 749x425, E4893BD8-D59E-488E-97FC-7B2F16…)

No. 1799495

File: 1680251397257.jpeg (33.52 KB, 749x384, 7708BF11-B832-47FB-86FC-13AD0A…)

No. 1799497

File: 1680251437951.jpeg (73.6 KB, 749x646, F53FB457-9E6D-4852-AE70-8E0CB9…)

No. 1799498

File: 1680251585038.jpeg (96.92 KB, 749x955, E3E16262-4CDF-49B5-A9B8-3F488A…)

She alternates between wanting to dickride BanoraBlight and hate tweeting them lmao. This isn’t how you try and be friends with people who show you the smallest bit of kindess.

No. 1799499

File: 1680251624666.jpeg (128.55 KB, 750x975, 1166FA00-FB38-4974-9AF5-6444B5…)

No. 1799500

File: 1680251668915.jpeg (106.01 KB, 750x859, AFD0B177-83B4-493D-BDD2-419326…)

You’re pathetic “Sera”

No. 1799502

File: 1680251799312.jpeg (22.49 KB, 750x214, 26F0AA59-67C5-4B2B-B92D-A8A7A5…)

If you’re this insufferable online and you act like this offline, I kind of have to sympathise with your school bullies Rachel. No one likes people who throw tantrums like this when things don’t go their way. You don’t make friends like that. Even the children you claim to befriend know this and act better than that.

No. 1799503

File: 1680251837479.jpeg (45.66 KB, 749x410, CBA3A8CB-5E60-46DC-9487-4AD9F7…)

No. 1799505

File: 1680251917889.jpeg (69.65 KB, 749x695, 7004513C-6DD6-44C2-9501-85EB68…)

There’s a lot of milk.

No. 1799507

File: 1680251967580.jpeg (36.94 KB, 749x307, 31DB9643-E2C0-4AD5-8D5B-8FDA52…)

No. 1799508

File: 1680252000604.jpeg (37.56 KB, 749x364, A001EB2D-30C7-4EF5-84C6-DC1428…)

No. 1799509

File: 1680252033923.jpeg (40.09 KB, 749x373, 72541DD0-7779-414B-8B65-0A8615…)

No. 1799510

File: 1680252060944.jpeg (27.94 KB, 749x339, 63A5ADAF-683D-4FCE-9A7F-B48417…)

No. 1799511

File: 1680252101509.jpeg (96.42 KB, 732x824, 84149718-3E81-42D4-9101-48A4A1…)

No. 1799512

File: 1680252132592.jpeg (80.59 KB, 750x692, A34D2968-65CA-45D9-919B-F52BCD…)

No. 1799513

File: 1680252175251.jpeg (77.82 KB, 739x739, F08B9C99-0774-4DB9-BBA0-540A94…)

No. 1799515

File: 1680252204967.jpeg (32.38 KB, 749x378, 58B16F7B-B224-41AA-8382-463E62…)

No. 1799516

File: 1680252236738.jpeg (11.89 KB, 749x207, 61FB7E92-C373-4920-9EA2-7A20CD…)

No. 1799517

File: 1680252281766.jpeg (29.9 KB, 749x327, 0D0C97CB-6CFD-4F16-AD8E-A6FEAF…)

No. 1799518

File: 1680252318314.jpeg (41.32 KB, 749x406, B3D49CB4-5685-4596-9B6F-E814F8…)

No. 1799519

File: 1680252375700.jpeg (50.54 KB, 749x443, 391090B3-6DC8-464A-BBCB-C590E8…)

I’ll keep uploading as she goes.

No. 1799520

File: 1680252410179.jpeg (79.43 KB, 750x751, 72E1E8BD-8200-40EE-910C-C3F860…)

No. 1799521

File: 1680252444186.jpeg (29.74 KB, 749x333, B1E47A0B-7A0A-4EA6-BE1D-6738DD…)

No. 1799522

File: 1680252472630.jpeg (17.48 KB, 749x179, B5949B5B-B5A7-440E-B398-5666C8…)

No. 1799525

File: 1680252565926.jpeg (51.76 KB, 749x479, 53FA158D-9348-43C9-AB43-52630C…)

Bet Gaiasgod is still around, just not in a way you’re aware of. You’re owed nothing Rachel

No. 1799526

File: 1680252636829.jpeg (89.05 KB, 750x790, B7DC8F24-AE53-4E4D-9147-63CE35…)

The number of people in your “polycule” keeps changing. Last I checked it was five including you. Now there’s eight?

No. 1799527

File: 1680252664407.jpeg (34.41 KB, 749x331, EE863426-856D-4E70-996E-8AE71B…)

No. 1799528

File: 1680252700210.jpeg (58.35 KB, 749x588, B3067739-EDE3-47DF-81A2-4485E6…)

No. 1799529

File: 1680252737430.jpeg (75.71 KB, 749x641, 6CF005BF-7757-4126-97AF-1756D0…)

No. 1799531

File: 1680252771708.jpeg (40.77 KB, 749x304, CB871D29-9596-4D60-96A5-1EA279…)

No. 1799535

File: 1680252917070.jpeg (32.47 KB, 749x334, 56042814-6CF6-4473-A2F9-1BF30E…)

There’s a difference between a furry and a zoophile. Furries tend to make good money for their suits. Zoophiles can be anyone, like you Rachel who keeps retweeting photos of photoshopped cat anuses that have glowing lights.

No. 1799536

File: 1680252997959.jpeg (32.39 KB, 749x269, AB312258-6507-4F4C-8C89-21ABC3…)

I’m deciding to post everything she’s tweeted within the past hour and currently because she came here trying to defend herself lol. Let’s give her another thread for her CWC level of delusional rage

No. 1799537

File: 1680253038291.jpeg (25.23 KB, 749x214, F0490EB9-E06C-4D01-8492-253B49…)

No. 1799538

File: 1680253110890.jpeg (32.28 KB, 749x334, 198AD1C3-C416-4680-B07E-C0BDF9…)

No. 1799539

File: 1680253152708.jpeg (35.14 KB, 749x273, 68BED246-5BB1-493C-BC1D-028906…)

No. 1799540

File: 1680253183264.jpeg (77.79 KB, 749x710, D56B970D-1AE1-47F3-8C8A-6D7267…)

No. 1799541

File: 1680253222345.jpeg (98.58 KB, 745x818, 53FB5FB6-B3D9-46F4-9B4F-F3BFA1…)

No. 1799542

File: 1680253249449.jpeg (119.99 KB, 750x948, 7A8C3FB2-F448-467B-8223-97D0E2…)

No. 1799543

File: 1680253293906.jpeg (68.75 KB, 749x628, 0FA20AFB-FF45-49FD-A27B-644CD9…)

Keep deluding yourself.

No. 1799544

File: 1680253326539.jpeg (29.9 KB, 749x336, 8271F18B-31D2-4BDF-9ADA-15B0B1…)

No. 1799546

File: 1680253414593.jpeg (58.53 KB, 750x490, C5C75376-88F6-46B4-AC8F-8F3812…)

No. 1799548

File: 1680253497408.jpeg (33.62 KB, 749x387, C3C74223-2869-47AB-A333-1E01A4…)

No. 1799549

File: 1680253588673.jpeg (48.33 KB, 749x570, 3DA88681-822A-498B-B82F-5DA833…)

You say you want children and yet you’re being absolutely awful to mothers and children in general. You just talk shit about wanting kids. You’re not fit to be a mother. Your anger issues will kill a child.

No. 1799550

File: 1680253627655.jpeg (94.15 KB, 749x1090, 664A83BE-08D9-4D08-8EFE-9A2681…)

More gayopping with Elaine looks like

No. 1799551

File: 1680253651875.jpeg (33.8 KB, 749x263, 06FBDAC0-555C-4605-9DAD-18C4A7…)

No. 1799552

File: 1680253676723.jpeg (63.96 KB, 749x575, E5FDCE35-CE1B-482F-8D90-6A0970…)

No. 1799553

File: 1680253734330.jpeg (109.86 KB, 750x973, 0718F5E8-B011-43B6-81AE-D4CEA4…)

Keep the rage coming, piggy. Oink oink

No. 1799565

File: 1680256656318.jpeg (22.74 KB, 749x220, CC3EAD97-83C0-4B9C-B3C0-60FCB8…)

You’ve gone after enough mothers. Many would consider it karmic justice tbh.

No. 1799686


No. 1799687

Nothing excuses your mental gymnastics of trying to justify this.

No. 1799688

constantly just screenshotting her new posts and posting them here doesn’t count as milk anon

No. 1799689

“piggy” projecting much?

No. 1799690

Too bad. It’s her right to have as many kids as she wants, and you will pay taxes for them to go to school.

No. 1799691

“deluding yourself” projecting much?

No. 1799692

I don’t think you understand CWC very well if you keep trying to compare her to him.

No. 1799694

so what you’re saying is you don’t understand cat owners or humor of any kind and you are a zoophile bc you’re projecting

No. 1799695

I love how the first thing you do when you wake up Rachel is to come online and start fights and try to white knight yourself.

No. 1799697

14 whole threads and the only thing you’ve been able to accomplish and prove is that you have no lives and she’s justified in her behavior. Hm.

No. 1799698

Rachel always bitches about how she's under attack and I've never seen Eve mention her once, but here is Rachel picking a fight. She's got plenty of people alogging her but she has to target the ones who have done exactly what she asked them to do which was leave her alone…and then she acts like she doesn't know why people come after her? Rachel since I know you're reading this you really shouldn't provoke the people who have tried their best to stay out of your way because they can go scorched earth on you and never look back.
I would say it's gayops but Elaine hasn't even acknowledged her in public. She's too busy courting the scrotes of the sektur to feed and water her pet retard.
Rachel does think about sex all the time because all of her arguments devolve into how she's got her harem and then she posts a picture she's cropped from porn because her fat ass isn't getting any. She's got that Jonathan Yaniv type "I get turned on by teaching minors about their periods" of energy and denies it. By the way, Rachel, if there really is someone at risk in the community you'd be helping them out but instead you're too self centered to do anything good for others, you only bitch at other people for not doing the things you want them to do for you. Treat other people the way you wanna be treated, since you treat them like shit it comes back to you in spades.
Good thing you're not having sex, Rachel, and are still a virgin. I don't need to wish for anything to happen because the reality is ideal. I love that you're alone and single, still living with your parents and never going anywhere in life. You can lie all you want but living in a delusion won't make your harem any more real.

No. 1799699

“slapfights” ok dogfucker

No. 1799700

File: 1680280176216.jpeg (23.32 KB, 750x391, D61259EF-253D-4AC0-97AC-FC2464…)

Oh for sure Rachel is unbothered which is why she keeps going after glitchpop. /s

No. 1799701

File: 1680280262499.jpeg (24.44 KB, 750x368, 74C9A511-CFFA-493F-84D7-297350…)

sing song voice Someone’s living rent free in Rachel’s mind

No. 1799702

File: 1680280303162.jpeg (71.39 KB, 749x622, 3C0A0E88-9F04-4551-8F74-51E1A1…)

Pretty sure the home value just changed right now lmao

No. 1799703


Who cares? It pisses gliitchpop off. It’s funny.

No. 1799704

So nice to see the fatass herself back in her thread. As if she wasn't getting felted enough on Twitter, she's a glutton for punishment because she has to come here and get it too.

No. 1799705

File: 1680280359085.jpeg (19.29 KB, 749x258, DD5C892C-CC47-4DDA-BFB9-3789CE…)

The TRO she had says otherwise. There’s a paper trail on her already and she’s too stupid to understand that

No. 1799706

Nope. She’s living rent free in gliitchpop’s mind. Can’t you read? Silly retard.

No. 1799708

A civil court case doesn’t count as a police record in the USA.

No. 1799711

File: 1680280458220.jpeg (109.43 KB, 750x833, 912CEAE3-A176-467E-8970-E44716…)

Gayops Idk who tf the Don person is but I haven’t seen Rachel or heard of Elaine having any beef with this person

No. 1799712

She has no clue what the cops have on her. I'm sure she's on a watch list because of her account on that tentacle rape website she used to frequent.

No. 1799713

File: 1680280507332.jpeg (98.52 KB, 749x745, 949DA7CB-D9CE-4945-9EF3-A135FD…)

No. 1799714

really now? what restraining order? the one Melissa Benitez Flores of BH Permanent Makeup tried and failed to press on her? That got thrown out with the magistrate telling her to fuck off and stop wasting law enforcement’s time? If it gets thrown out, that reflects on the person trying to file it with a police record. Not the accused.

No. 1799715

File: 1680280541123.jpeg (117.55 KB, 750x1001, 508A1632-D214-4466-A3BB-9C0DCD…)

No. 1799716

The cops have nothing on her because police records are public and if she had a record, you would know.

No. 1799718

Nigger nobody has the time or patience to read that text wall congratulations or sorry that happened but nobody cares

No. 1799719

Good job outing yourself Rachel, you pretend like you've got WKs but you always reveal information that only you'd know or care to hold onto. Stupid lmao

No. 1799720

It’s still in the system as far as I’m concerned. TROs have to be filed through the police even if it is a civil case and you doxxed her again you cow.

No. 1799723

Elaine hasn't done anything and Rachel believing in her "hacker skills" is probably the most pathetic thing I've seen. Dumb and dumber, what an ideal pairing. The skelly and her pet fatass.

No. 1799724

Really? And not the false pedophilia and zoophilia accusations you’re trying to throw at her?

How your diseased, drug addled mind tries to rationalize all the gross shit you say defies all forms of logic.

No. 1799725

I think it’s the other way around. I’m on lunch passing time while I have to get back to doing shit in real and you just woke up to defend yourself and get into slap fights on Twitter lmao

No. 1799726

Ton of typos on mobile while waiting for lunch to be made lol.

No. 1799727

File: 1680280943777.jpeg (47.1 KB, 600x560, B76D4025-C3E6-419F-AADA-1B9DD9…)

It’s not in the system. It was thrown out. It’s only on Melissa Benitez Flores police record for wasting the justice system’s time.

No. 1799728

I didn't even bring those up but if you wanna attach those labels to yourself go ahead. If the shoe fits wear it, Rachel. Considering your fat ass has its own center of gravity finding something you can wear is impressive. Enjoy.

No. 1799729

It’s 8 PM here but nice try

No. 1799730

Sage your shit retard

No. 1799731

lazy ass can’t even make their own damn lunch lmao

No. 1799732

It’s so cute how Rachel comes here to help us push for another thread on her. She could just leave everything alone and ignore people talking shit about her but no, she has to come and add to the threads herself because it’s her right as the star of the show.

No. 1799733

“outing” like how you unironically outed yourself as a fat zoophile?

No. 1799735

Imagine being so asshurt that you gotta alog someone's lunch.

No. 1799737

Lmao more like I have money to pay for someone to make it for me. I have disposable income for that kind of shit Rachel unlike you

No. 1799738

that’s not how any of this works. you just keep making more threads regardless of whether she interacts or not bc you have no lives or hobbies or significant others or anything better to do. her interaction isn’t contingent on whether or not another thread is made. it’s contingent whether your mommy decides to let you use her phone.

No. 1799739

Girl you don't even know who I am but we know all about you. Keep trying though, we'll be at thread 15 soon.

No. 1799740

”money to pay” ok fatso enjoy your heart attack on a bun power to you

No. 1799741

don’t have to lmao you just think i’m her because you’re a schizophrenic fuckwit who thinks they have money lmao

No. 1799742


No. 1799743

fatty here projecting

No. 1799744


No. 1799745

Good thing you're providing lots of milk, especially in your own thread now.
If you wanted it to stop you would stop. You wouldn't come here. You would live your life. But you had to come back here and make a clown of yourself. You really do love us, Ragel. Your boyfriends aren't real and neither is your fantasy of leaving your parents home. Cry harder.

No. 1799748

File: 1680281547882.jpeg (112.35 KB, 750x921, 73E28C9F-DC99-47C0-8B6E-88AB35…)

Since you wanna call people fatasses Rachel, you sure do love sweets don’t you. Were you thinking of this when you typed out fatty to that anon who was eating out at a restaurant?

No. 1799750

Of course she enjoys the sweets but is racist towards anyone with even the slightest hint of melanin or culture that isn't whiter than wonder bread.

No. 1799751

I don’t live in the same time zone as you Rachel. The world is a big wide place with different times. Or are you too pea brained to fucking know this

No. 1799753

Rachel you should go clean your room, that shit is nasty.

No. 1799763

I still can’t get over the fact that one of you dumb motherfuckers thought you could seriously get her fired from her casino job. Let me remind you. It’s a casino. The epitome of greed where dreams of gamblers go to die. They don’t give a shit about what she posts on social media or how you think she’s a pedophile. They don’t care, so go ahead and scream your lungs out about how you want her fired.

No. 1799764


No. 1799766

she’s not here. oink louder.

No. 1799767

projecting your own stupidity onto her how delicious

No. 1799769

It's a glorified bingo hall Rachel. Since they've got a largely Chinese staff and patronage I bet they'd care a lot about your racist remarks towards Chinese people.

No. 1799772

TLDR fatty fatty no life refers to harassing innocent autistic people as “milk” like get a life faggot lol

No. 1799775

so you admit you’re racist to Chinese people. hm. not as big of a flex as you thought it was

No. 1799777

600+ pound proana retard thinks skinny people can’t enjoy a treat occasionally

No. 1799778

“glorified bingo hall” have you ever been to an actual casino anon? they’re disgusting but they make good money

No. 1799787

Makes sense why Rachel would work there I guess.

No. 1799793

cat buttholes are gross and not funny whenever i see someone with teehee cat butthole stuff i side eye them, but maybe they just have toxoplasmosis and arent trying to fuck their cats because i think cat balls are pretty funny. stop retweeting pictures of cats bholes though rachel, thats definitely weird.

No. 1799801

Yep, but Rachel has never actually dropped her grudge so she doxes her whenever she thinks she can get away with it. Rachel doesn't make friends with women unless they're useful to her, she also hates when people are skinnier and more attractive than her.
Good thing Rachel doesn't know that the person she's doxing no longer has the same name or workplace because she's moved up in life. Rachel sure does love outdated dox info.

No. 1799812

Rachel is far from skinny lmao

No. 1799835

File: 1680289449761.jpeg (33.18 KB, 750x360, 8C163C49-F765-41DB-A583-6399EA…)

With what proof are you gonna go to any animal’s rights organisation with these kinds of claims about anyone who you alog that is a pet owner? Btw, Bello doesn’t count as one of your polycule.

No. 1799838

File: 1680289630107.jpeg (80.16 KB, 750x669, BF4A2206-6308-4152-A99A-4473E8…)

Pretty sure the people you claim that love you find you a burden. Why else would you constantly insist that they love you? No one who knows that they have people love who them insists to this degtre

No. 1799842

Gonna post old milk because people keep coming here to white knight Rachel and it’s hilarious seeing their responses. It’s always some variation of “No you”

No. 1799845

File: 1680290001563.jpeg (55.12 KB, 750x484, 1BD34070-F0F5-406E-9C7A-FC7925…)

Gods, I wish I could be that satisfied it if someone I hooked up with lasted only mere minutes and called it a day. Quickies usually last as long as that claim in a lot of peoples’ experience that I talk to.

No. 1799854

File: 1680290654840.jpeg (62.16 KB, 750x538, 64FDA2B6-66B6-424E-B38C-318282…)

Where did you get the time to get fucked while you were tweeting cohesively with paragraphs mind you, at a rate of one tweet per few minutes within that three hour-ish time frame you were busy trying to fight people when you were tweeting this?

I wouldn’t be able to tweet like this if I was getting railed by two men at once

No. 1799855

File: 1680290741933.jpeg (61.62 KB, 750x524, 85A782F5-2D86-4A07-A4C9-540224…)

The sheer entitlement

No. 1799872

You must be new here. It's always her WKing herself. She doesn't have anyone who cares enough to WK her.

No. 1799875

Oh I know she WKs herself. It’s funny to indulge her in her delusion that anyone she’s warned about lolcow and successfully convinced to defend her would come here and WK on her behalf. It’s nice to see what she might come up with like Nick and Caleb

No. 1799947

I love the delusion that she thinks anyone would come here to WK her kek as if she has friends

No. 1800060

File: 1680310407659.jpeg (10.15 KB, 750x156, 26F077E7-98A9-49C3-B5E5-2E1862…)

And yet you’re still a nuisance and blight on humanity.

No. 1800063

File: 1680310464113.jpeg (42.6 KB, 750x430, FB17F93A-A34E-4234-AE2A-849BE5…)

You don’t have one either

No. 1800064

File: 1680310503694.jpeg (64.1 KB, 750x606, 0385B450-5442-40F7-8704-364AD7…)

No. 1800074

Nobody would shed a tear if she was somehow not.

No. 1800207

File: 1680315416230.jpeg (101.34 KB, 750x1109, 2B6956BE-A4D3-4FB1-928D-DE1783…)

No autistic person has come to your defense, and if they have, they’re just as awful as a person as you. Dag, pedophile and that autistic girl who believes Michael Myers is real and is in love with her.

No. 1800277

Rachel's continued marine biologist LARP is giving middle school horse girl that gets bullied not just because they're weird but because they play pretend as a status and privilege thing.

No. 1800352

File: 1680341082262.jpeg (50.01 KB, 749x485, E3590545-D128-463A-9EBE-ABA10B…)

No. 1800353

File: 1680341145465.jpeg (38.69 KB, 749x383, DA64F8A0-24B0-4B2D-B83B-EA244E…)

You can still have the hobby, just stop being an asshole to people

No. 1800354

File: 1680341193669.jpeg (42.7 KB, 749x421, BDEA2741-6B4B-4C5A-A293-F18D3A…)

I think it’s the other way around you moron

No. 1800355

File: 1680341244113.jpeg (61.83 KB, 749x658, 3FE73CB3-ED6B-4F56-9E80-DD6F5E…)

Yay harassing people randomly and being uninvited worked once for you

No. 1800356

File: 1680341278609.jpeg (75.27 KB, 750x765, 5B1E7625-7A8A-4D0D-85F0-15E1FE…)

No. 1800357

File: 1680341320452.jpeg (65.76 KB, 749x635, DA55E69B-321B-4E2E-A5F6-92D60F…)

Says the catfucker

No. 1800358

File: 1680341354563.jpeg (76.3 KB, 749x807, 3EF0A558-E44B-4A7F-98C9-D218DF…)

No. 1800359

File: 1680341408801.jpeg (95.51 KB, 749x1202, 8DED4997-3768-4080-B9E1-14667B…)

Keep picking random pins to dox unrelated people you cow

No. 1800361

File: 1680341458065.jpeg (100.1 KB, 750x1270, EC3C9A82-5693-4F89-B4E4-CB8AE5…)

Doxxing some random person in Milwaukee makes you feel big hub

No. 1800641

File: 1680384104097.jpeg (16.71 KB, 749x181, 4523153E-36F4-4D77-8696-4780AE…)

No. 1800643

File: 1680384184429.jpeg (98.56 KB, 750x887, 0FA98462-882A-4691-B075-D238C5…)

No. 1800646

File: 1680384372687.jpeg (60.18 KB, 749x627, 601AE773-247E-47F2-A19C-B7946A…)

Coming from someone who was SA’d as a child, fuck you Rachel for devaluing the word pedophile by doing this shit. You’re making it look worse on yourself and making it seem like you are one. Which you are. You help no one by insisting other people warning others about you are the ones in the wrong.

No. 1800648

File: 1680384436374.jpeg (58.73 KB, 750x583, CC77C8CE-7D02-4656-BC20-6DFFB3…)

Goes aggro by trying to call someone out for her “help” and triggers their mental health issues. Good job asshole

No. 1800649

File: 1680384524907.jpeg (89.04 KB, 749x1010, 2E00195B-4E8B-48D8-88FF-959CA5…)

No. 1800650

File: 1680384727946.jpeg (93.52 KB, 750x677, FC8BBAFB-F71C-4BD2-A3FF-C4F42A…)

No. 1800651

File: 1680384761444.jpeg (46.2 KB, 750x382, E3ED62DA-F073-497F-AC8A-5DFB16…)

FIC are not your abusers lmao.

No. 1800652

Is she calling the police officer that came to her an idiot because what she’s describing sounds like an officer or some kind of person with authority coming to her to make a statement

No. 1800676

File: 1680387838858.jpeg (123.11 KB, 750x1015, D04F4EA7-D28A-40F4-8795-87F445…)

No. 1800686

File: 1680389228019.jpeg (40.46 KB, 749x364, C92482B0-E88D-4829-9EEC-AB2448…)

Get it through your thick skull that it stopped being a cat account when you used it to harass and attack people when they started warning others to block you just in case you ever decided to be unhinged which you are.

No. 1800702

File: 1680391829206.jpeg (41.15 KB, 749x260, 1225D670-E010-4F3D-94AD-B971F0…)

That’s because you block evade and can’t help but look and be in places where you aren’t wanted despite being clearly told “no” and don’t understand consent.

No. 1800703

File: 1680391864731.jpeg (86.38 KB, 750x815, 3BF48743-1484-4AA8-8D1A-5AF1F5…)

Same shit you do but they’re not narcissists and they’re not silencing you lmao

No. 1800714

File: 1680393182220.jpeg (52.87 KB, 749x542, DB64E10C-C9BD-4517-ABFF-6C389E…)

Keep proving me right Rachel that you are a piggy who gets off to being unable to ignore shit and loves being a drama whore. I know you’re reading this thread and is now having drama bleed into all three accounts.

No. 1800722

Nobody actively wants you dead, Rachel. But nobody would cry for you if it did happen.

No. 1800735

File: 1680395270109.png (520 KB, 1000x2500, Previous Admin of Onionfarms A…)

Elaine gayopping with Rachel? But here she is gayopping with Onionfarms previous admin Void/Angry Canadian/Michael Thurlow, what a busy lady!

No. 1800781

Idk, don't feel that this is too relevant to Rachel. Interesting but off topic.

No. 1800798

File: 1680406333963.jpeg (51.61 KB, 750x544, C33F4C40-FA6F-4A3D-BD83-1D503B…)

No. 1800799

File: 1680407352263.jpeg (44.09 KB, 750x424, DB59ACB2-FBAF-402F-BE4B-F54A35…)

You’re not trans. Deadnaming doesn’t apply to you fatass

No. 1800800

File: 1680407565401.jpeg (68.99 KB, 750x681, AFB1E786-B8ED-442E-ACE8-67115C…)

At least you were honest enough to out that Discord account

No. 1800805

File: 1680409269820.jpeg (64.88 KB, 750x697, BA68BFBB-4C04-4964-B969-FED651…)

And yet on the Discord account that was outed, the accused is stating they are being accused of being a pedophile and are using childhood PTSD as an excuse to be an asshole. Something you’ve absolutely done lol.

Also, you’re LARPing as a childhood SA victim now? You’re vile

No. 1800806

File: 1680409317453.png (24.69 KB, 584x175, 2CCCB8D3-1B7A-4AD0-85D3-5059DD…)

No. 1800807

File: 1680409341816.png (36.68 KB, 593x215, 486A3138-8A64-4823-B90D-9B410A…)

No. 1800808

File: 1680409450358.jpeg (28.93 KB, 750x358, FABFA1FA-4471-452C-B7D5-4E0452…)

No. 1800810

File: 1680409649282.jpeg (41.11 KB, 750x1086, 4993432C-D8CD-4D8A-ACA1-C706A0…)

Victim blaming childhood SA victims and mocking them by using that to taunt people? Vile. Also marked out this Josi’s face to give them privacy because Rachel has been doxxing this poor girl non-stop.

No. 1800811

File: 1680409747963.jpeg (42.12 KB, 750x382, EBA66EB6-C747-402B-AC73-8E5532…)

Mental gymnastics at its finest

No. 1800812

She's probably jealous that she won't ever be desirable. And besides, the picture won't even do anything, Josi's in cosplay.

No. 1800813

I guess so. Just wanted to err on caution because I don’t wanna be like Rachel and fucking dox someone. She gets off on doxxing people, I don’t.

Also, sage your text commentary.

No. 1800815

File: 1680411490197.jpeg (49.86 KB, 750x440, 064CEDA3-A3D4-4CFA-8237-DD8CAD…)

No. 1800816

is that white hair? is rachel just mad because if she was skinny and had stronger bone structure she'd cosplay her husbando too?

No. 1800818

She already is desirable.

No. 1800819

File: 1680411586892.png (580.73 KB, 1290x2796, 5F5C7F05-46FC-43D6-B851-F40290…)

Just another fat pig

No. 1800820

hm idk still looks thinner than my 600lb life candidate berchel

No. 1800821

hey rachel. did you get locked out of all your accounts again?

damn, jojo's kinda cute in a geeky cosplayer way.

No. 1800827

She’s cute for a girl who seems to be average sized. That’s average in America and not a fatass. All the weight seems to be in the right places even if a bit curvier.

No. 1800835

“Berchel” still projecting your weight onto poor Sera, Fatty Patty Ines?

No. 1800836

She weighs more than you do, Fatty Patty Ines.

No. 1800837

She is skinny tho

No. 1800838

Mental gymnastics on yours and Josi’s part, Fatty Patty Ines.

No. 1800839

File: 1680412953676.png (453.83 KB, 1290x2796, A8E2C225-E010-49F5-9951-9F5AAF…)

Too late.

Lord spic fat af

No. 1800840

“Fatass” rich coming from a 600 pound sand nigger land whale. Man the harpoons!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1800841

File: 1680413107480.jpeg (53.14 KB, 750x445, 713FFC9D-7DA0-4744-8B1B-AC83EE…)

Stopped dick riding now that FIC said I love you huh lol

No. 1800842

“LARPing” sir she either was or she wasn’t. She says she wasn’t and it isn’t her account

No. 1800843

sage your shit, constantly posting new tweets of hers that literally anyone can go look at right now with a few clicks isn’t milk.

No. 1800844

Troon alert

No. 1800845

still seething over the fact that youll never be as skinny or pretty as some random brown woman and calling her racial slurs how many months after the fact? sad!
his personal vendetta is always so obvious.

No. 1800846

File: 1680413353343.jpeg (47.73 KB, 524x699, 268C8B6B-10FA-4300-9335-5D2671…)

She’s not here Fatty Patty Ines. That’s where you’re so wrong and it’s hilarious. The human brain is supposed to be mostly comprised of fat but I guess your thick skull made it all go to your face and stomach. More people would cry about her than they would for you. Unlike you, she has family, friends, coworkers, and significant lovers who love her.

No. 1800847

Tl;dr Fatty Patty Ines projecting her 600 fat onto an innocent wealthy skinny successful beautiful woman that Fatty Patty Ines herself will never be. You’re brown. You will never be beautiful.

No. 1800848

So much copium.

No. 1800849

he did say he was gonna stop but so much for that i guess. we should bet money on these things.

No. 1800850

File: 1680413561934.jpg (68.65 KB, 700x467, 001_DSC_0895a.jpg)

ok now i know why youre mad, she has a skinny neck, meanwhile you have the fat roll on your neck/chin of a female rabbit.

No. 1800853

Hey now, fat rolls on rabbits are cute. Rachel’s make anyone, even chubby chasers sick.

No. 1800856

It creates more milk with her responding here to each one that has commentary lol.

No. 1800857

TIL what a dewlap is. cute

No. 1800859

File: 1680414378413.png (49.56 KB, 600x600, 1650344754320.png)

i know, im sorry mrs rabbit you are beautiful and healthy sized unlike berchel.

anyways, i was browsing the old threads looking for the picture of ines because it really makes me kek how this bitch actually thinks she mogs her just for being an ugly white woman, and i found this masterpiece that i somehow missed.

No. 1800861

Yes, Sera does have a skinny neck. Meanwhile Fatty Patty Ines looking like Jabba the Hutt out here lmaooo

No. 1800862

what is this?

No. 1800863

Sera’s not fat tho. She weighs 120 pounds unlike your gargantuan ass, Fatty Patty Ines.

No. 1800864

Sera is a beautiful white woman.

No. 1800865

im not surprised you didnt recognize her, this is seras true form

No. 1800866

uh oh, sounds like a fatso is angry sera’s skinnier and better looking than herrrrr~

No. 1800868

File: 1680415129790.jpg (44.33 KB, 740x593, 04012023-1.JPG)

Not milk but there's something funny about watching FIC and BanoraBlight just taking the piss while Rachel's over here slowly transforming into a corncob.

No. 1800869

File: 1680415172048.jpeg (24.7 KB, 275x266, 1606810608898.jpeg)

rachel? its ines, im sorry i was so mean to you i just want you so bad and i wish we were sharing this delicious brownie sundae. please call me back.

No. 1800870

Rachel isn’t beautiful even by inbred redneck white folks standards. She’s fugly

No. 1800871

That doesn’t look like 120lbs.

No. 1800872

how dare you insult my birlfriend like that? she is a beautiful and healthy 90 pounds, thank you very much.

No. 1800873

All the “non-milky shit” is just helping Rachel get a fifteenth thread faster imo. It helps her rage because it infuriates her and it makes her break down both on Twitter and here. The more the closer she’ll be to any cow out there with a sizeable amount of threads honestly kek

No. 1800874

Oh sorry, I had no idea she had friends here. Color me wrong.

No. 1801375

That sitting picture reminded me of something during my walk and it dawned on me.

Plucked raw butterball turkey.

No. 1801376

File: 1680488110985.jpg (132.64 KB, 1170x1560, 6BD51AD0-9DC9-4B9F-9EBB-1DC44F…)

Sorry dropped the photo.

No. 1801449

kekkk youre insane anon

No. 1801536

Needs to be the next header for thread fifteen. She spent the last two hours rage pigging again lmao.

No. 1801537

File: 1680522412896.jpeg (31.49 KB, 737x351, 62C2EC63-C7E4-4C8E-91CC-20E569…)

Your boyfriend is Bello. Stop LARPing as if you have any appeal with your rage issues

No. 1801539

File: 1680522503866.jpeg (32.08 KB, 750x348, 69B95A79-94BC-4A45-94CF-55803A…)

And you’ll have 85% of a chance all your rage pigging will be shared here so that you keep having more threads bitch.

No. 1801540

File: 1680522528928.jpeg (52.77 KB, 750x540, 8F5B7CA1-046D-426C-8127-E054CD…)

No. 1801541

File: 1680522627699.jpeg (57.53 KB, 750x469, 139A613B-9A5E-402C-B78C-E29070…)

You’ve been found out repeatedly on all of these and have either been banned or blocked by people whom you seek out. I don’t think that’s supposed to happen at the frequency I’ve been hearing about for RPers

No. 1801542

File: 1680522722473.jpeg (43.1 KB, 743x396, 4B405C2C-A693-48A1-A714-2DB0BE…)

You would know since you do it all the time and then give yourself away by raging about autism and your “rightful place”

No. 1801543

File: 1680522797423.jpeg (72.29 KB, 747x677, 96C853C6-FBBF-4D0C-B3B2-56F016…)

Such a violent little piggy. I hope that same bravado will see you well in jail.

No. 1801544

File: 1680522897639.jpeg (128.91 KB, 750x873, 9CB93E7F-F2F8-48A6-B2FA-0AE3F8…)

Really we’ve seen interactions with your harem? I don’t remember seeing any of that considering how you keep on popping up unwanted in our lives and are forced to see your pathetic drivel

No. 1801545

File: 1680523034705.jpeg (79.4 KB, 750x575, 00BCE060-54DD-491B-9475-975A34…)

Why is masturbating your go to defense for everything? God you’re fucking disgusting. You talk about it all the time even outside of it being a defense to being accused of sexual inappropriateness

No. 1801546

File: 1680523062623.jpeg (34.39 KB, 750x343, FFB7B398-9207-4E14-B1C9-B68347…)

No. 1801547

File: 1680523121162.jpeg (87.64 KB, 750x767, 8F9B74A6-801B-42CC-925E-5E150B…)

No. 1801548

File: 1680523174697.jpeg (70.54 KB, 742x582, 9B7F6D05-BFA7-4C96-9E1B-C04E68…)

You doxxed yourself and your parents. You still live with them

No. 1801549

File: 1680523282582.jpeg (106.46 KB, 750x973, 3439E3A7-61F5-43D6-9A00-427762…)

“Volunteering” to do story time isn’t an educator. Your name should be public record in any school district or education system.

No. 1801551

File: 1680523353987.jpeg (46.6 KB, 750x398, 74A1CD73-F2FC-4D40-A4EE-7A712F…)

Again, why do you always go to HIV with the kids?

No. 1801552

File: 1680523400708.jpeg (43.98 KB, 750x401, 3A1E36F3-F40E-4066-86A1-3B6210…)

No. 1801554

Not sure how it works States side but where I live, educators and staff are publicly listed on school websites. I'm sure there's some directory of people with educator licenses because her admitting to this can be a ticket to getting her ass fired and away from kids

No. 1801648

File: 1680540683800.jpg (105.95 KB, 1080x1153, California teaching credential…)

She's not listed on CTC under Rachel Minkin

No. 1801651

Which means she’s just a volunteer. Even with a low grade certificate she has to be credited in a database

No. 1801658

Are non-parents usually allowed to volunteer at US schools? Maybe it's at a local library or something

No. 1801669

File: 1680545157551.jpg (220.27 KB, 1080x1623, marine.jpg)

She was tweeting about being a marine biologist before lol, maybe it's this?

No. 1801682

Might make sense since the accreditation is probably low requirement LOL

No. 1801691

Not usually, unless you sign up and do the required course that gives you a worthless paper that means nothing in the actual education world. I checked the staff and PTO pages and she’s nowhere on there, so definitely a volunteer if she’s “working there” “full time”. But it gives us a lead.

No. 1801695

File: 1680548390331.jpg (263.19 KB, 1080x1991, marine institute jobs.jpg)

This is the marine institute, it's only a 20min drive from the artichoke joes casino that I'm fairly certain she works at and they have internships/volunteering roles

No. 1801713

File: 1680551284372.jpg (198.56 KB, 1080x1745, sped.jpg)

Paraeducator SPED jobs don't require accreditation. This is from the Redwood city school district. https://careers.rcsdk8.net/

No. 1801716

File: 1680551580233.jpg (187.69 KB, 1080x2091, k-8.jpg)

If she's not bullshitting it's one of these

No. 1801720

File: 1680551790377.jpg (276.86 KB, 2160x1620, Roy cloud.jpg)

Roy Cloud PTO had an event the day before this tweet

No. 1801727

Think we got a bullseye on where she volunteers.

No. 1801730

It's only 5min drive from her address as well, can't believe I didn't just search closest schools first lmao

No. 1801820

Her fat ass could be walking or biking, but instead she has to be carted around in a livestock trailer.

No. 1801895

File: 1680569968357.jpeg (119.53 KB, 750x1101, EEDD6C83-A51E-4CFB-8407-5AD86A…)

Semi-related but it’s funny how she is totally fine when another account that does the same thing that FIC does for her comes in and warns her of someone doing the same things she does, she doesn’t bat an eye. Ironic parallels and it will never dawn on her why or she knows and refuses to acknowledge it.

No. 1801958

She thinks she can do no wrong and thinks her life is a fanfiction. It's Chris-chan levels of delusion.

No. 1801961

The funny thing about this is if you check that horror account. The person that is being warned of is delusional to think that she is married to Mike Myers. Just like Berchal thinks she is married to Sephiroth.

No. 1802270

File: 1680633138598.jpeg (63.05 KB, 749x743, DA42ECBF-F2B9-46C2-91FC-8DD786…)

Chile, you do use it as excuse though. Those who are mature and smart enough to say it’s a reason learn and grow. You don’t. You stay stagnant as a human being.

No. 1802272

File: 1680633245406.jpeg (15.9 KB, 750x149, FE0BCAEC-4BA5-414F-B9A3-FC2FA9…)

You probably should learn to so you don’t relapse into shitty ass behaviours. Most autistic people learn to move on. Especially if they claim to be of MENSA level intellect

No. 1802273

File: 1680633303394.jpeg (98.05 KB, 750x1012, AED2DCC9-F968-40BE-B2BF-EC9EED…)

LARPing her Japanese skill uwu

No. 1802315

File: 1680639301063.jpeg (68.59 KB, 749x539, 65BBE0BE-66EC-40A1-B766-A5A132…)

No. 1802317

File: 1680639355846.jpeg (43.86 KB, 749x386, AA4D1E06-72EC-444E-852A-531314…)

You literally took joy in the thought of a CSA victim possibly enjoying getting sexually assaulted you pedo

No. 1802318

File: 1680639419106.jpeg (98.06 KB, 750x826, 275754ED-9DE0-46D1-8508-FD29C1…)

Again, inserting sex into everything. You’re exactly like the manlets you make fun of Rachel

No. 1802319

File: 1680639477013.jpeg (40.16 KB, 750x371, 0F07084E-22ED-4275-B393-087C93…)

Pretty sure you mom and dad won’t be helping you out with your legal fees this time around. Nor will your “harem”

No. 1802320

File: 1680639576936.jpeg (44.11 KB, 750x456, AC89AEB2-F4F7-40DF-97E0-8BB478…)

People keep an eye out for you and on all your accounts you’ve tard raged and even on your mains no one stepped in to agree with your. Not on your main Bello account where you have 1k+ following you and no one stepped in for you, not even your harem.

No. 1802321

File: 1680639625229.jpeg (45.41 KB, 749x409, 3870BB04-1578-4A6E-977D-2E1C53…)

Yet you go around telling people to stay away from KF because it hosts CP, hypocrite much?

No. 1802517

File: 1680667650428.jpeg (80.54 KB, 749x480, 65F7067D-96A5-4259-BA00-986010…)

Work? You’re not even on any staff pages for any of the schools within your district. You either work with SPED children which you are definitely using their status as such to take advantage of or you’re nothing but volunteer.

No. 1802518

File: 1680667650428.jpeg (80.54 KB, 750x635, CABA1408-2EC3-417D-B335-A0F29F…)

Pedophiles are statistically more likely to be someone a child knows, so that makes the probability of you being very high compared to this person who is baiting you and fighting with you.

No. 1802519

File: 1680667650465.jpeg (41.55 KB, 749x480, 65F7067D-96A5-4259-BA00-986010…)

Work? You’re not even on any staff pages for any of the schools within your district. You either work with SPED children which you are definitely using their status as such to take advantage of or you’re nothing but volunteer.

No. 1802520

File: 1680667650497.jpeg (80.54 KB, 750x635, CABA1408-2EC3-417D-B335-A0F29F…)

Pedophiles are statistically more likely to be someone a child knows, so that makes the probability of you being very high compared to this person who is baiting you and fighting with you.

No. 1802521

File: 1680667650554.jpeg (72.97 KB, 749x762, F8681E38-4D04-430B-A7F7-E10504…)

You keep circling to rape and HIV. Are you telling on yourself by using these points? Also the fact you keep insisting that children don’t know when they have parents and other trusted adults that are not you makes me think you’re taking advantage of that fact they are naive and you’re using it as a chance to spread misinformation to take advantage of those poor children.

No. 1802522

File: 1680667650673.jpeg (72.97 KB, 749x762, F8681E38-4D04-430B-A7F7-E10504…)

You keep circling to rape and HIV. Are you telling on yourself by using these points? Also the fact you keep insisting that children don’t know when they have parents and other trusted adults that are not you makes me think you’re taking advantage of that fact they are naive and you’re using it as a chance to spread misinformation to take advantage of those poor children.

No. 1802523

File: 1680667804716.jpeg (115.48 KB, 750x1025, 8493EE06-86ED-4AFA-A590-5C44E1…)

You also keep trying to use telling random grown ass adults parents’ who disagree with you and fight with you on how wrong and disgusting you are as a power play.

Rachel, do you use that as a means of overpowering children you abuse? Do you try to shame these children if they don’t do as you say? Pedophiles are notorious for taking advantage of power imbalances. You seem to revel in having power over people.

Quite telling and frightening.

No. 1802524

File: 1680667901760.jpeg (112.74 KB, 749x1057, 72000BB3-A58C-4F74-8803-79E822…)

It sounds like you use these kinds of tactics when you “educate” children and use these to shut poor children up. You’re a vile pig.

No. 1802527

File: 1680668914351.jpeg (67.74 KB, 749x718, F0E800B0-53F6-4D09-B1A6-E3ED4E…)

He might as well start making those Youtube videos about her. Might gain traction and others will follow suit lol

No. 1802528

File: 1680668993065.jpeg (66.52 KB, 749x571, 2FD6430A-2C8B-487C-9A99-0DB2B1…)

Might I remind the class that she started harassing and stalking people first when she was in the beginning stages of exile from multiple fandoms as well as cat twitter

No. 1802529

File: 1680669065402.jpeg (57.38 KB, 749x638, 5513F305-4E9A-4AB9-A8CF-9D7BFF…)

It isn’t libel when people are actively documenting and commenting on things you post that have come out of your mouth.

No. 1802531

File: 1680669142582.jpeg (106.37 KB, 749x1024, 6A6D316C-31E2-45CF-934D-D6D93F…)

Where is this boyfriend of yours? Or is that the one you were accused of having yellow fever for and you threw a tantrum about ducks for two weeks for

No. 1802532

File: 1680669180859.jpeg (73.63 KB, 749x818, 188B53EE-9986-400C-8E50-09F38A…)

No. 1802550

She's claiming the "break in" almost killed her? Also, if her cat actually had a urinary tract blockage, the number one cause of those in cats is feeding them kibble that is cheap and not suitable for cats. A cat should be eating grain free kibble, low in sugar and high in protein and vitamins.
Kidney failure and urinary issues are so common because the cheap foods are basically giving your cat the feline equivalent of sugary cereal day in and day out. For someone who claims to be a cat expert she certainly is driving Bello into an early grave.

No. 1802756

Watch her make an excuse about how it’s the breed or some other shit.

No. 1805138

Rachel sure has shared a lot of pictures of Peach getting fucked by Bowser lately on her "Sluttiroth" profile. I'd share the images here but it's redundant.
Really funny that she swears up and down she isn't into zoophilia but shares zoophile adjacent art.

No. 1805523

File: 1680997602908.jpeg (81.35 KB, 750x1015, 1399524F-3B4D-45AA-AC76-C0BCCE…)

What was the point of her tweeting this lol. Is she trying to prove that some rando she picked is part of her “harem”

No. 1805525

File: 1680997830911.jpeg (38.8 KB, 749x326, C9753201-62A3-4CAE-9C2B-C594D6…)

Not necessarily Rachel posting but it speaks volumes on how she’s trying to rebrand.

No. 1805676

You can go to a grocery store check out and get a more meaningful conversation with someone. Not much of a flex to be making small talk with someone over Discord.

No. 1806515

File: 1681160869416.png (22.94 KB, 554x742, Screenshot 2023-04-10 160728.p…)

Damn… There she goes again.

No. 1806680

She’s gonna mess with the wrong person one day. I know she’s stupid enough to let her anger issues bleed into real life. Can’t wait for it.

No. 1806684

File: 1681180807198.jpeg (78.54 KB, 750x952, CE30F3D5-2144-48EC-91BD-91B15C…)

Bitch, no tf you’re not lmao. You’re still replying to everything about you.

No. 1806686

File: 1681180912039.jpeg (77.51 KB, 750x1026, 5FFD63F4-0E42-4C43-9BEA-DCEF4B…)

“I’m not a zoophile,” she insisted to herself repeatedly, in a trance, a mantra to convince herself as she typed out the thirst tweet.

No. 1808937

File: 1681560802454.jpeg (48.43 KB, 750x493, C8858602-E0BE-417D-B9F8-2A7F93…)

This bitch does not know when to give up. She’s showing she has multiple people stuck in her head rent free by actively stalking people’s accounts.

I know for a fact she stalks people in real life too which is why she still lives with mommy and daddy. Probably has to legally stay at home due to legal troubles and is this delusional online to cope.

No. 1809383

File: 1681605169087.png (6.92 KB, 683x157, Screenshot 2023-04-15 193218.p…)

Larping as if she knows Spanish when the other day she called a latina a slur

No. 1809802

File: 1681661224300.jpeg (44.59 KB, 749x386, 2FF4D93C-F382-4F41-ACE4-A82CA0…)

This damns her even more with the pedophilia accusations lmao. She’s a pedophile apologist

No. 1809941

So who do we know that Rachel knows that never got upset about pedo accusations but blew them off? Could be any number of men that she met online and this is the fourth pedophile Rachel has white knighted for in my memory but you're right in that her wording here is extremely clear in it's pedophile apologist language.
No matter what she tries to say she is the biggest monster she knows however, not defending that random pedophile but unlike her they actually feel remorse for what they are.

No. 1809952

oh my god, i've read her thread after not seeing it for a few months and her descent into madness is alarming. her larps have intensified 10000%, and she's still doing the pedo apologist thing. girl is straight up delirious, and has no contact with reality anymore.
if the parents don't have the heart to wrangle her i hope they can put her in a home… can you imagine being so kind and loving you adopt a kid and going through this the rest of your life

No. 1809955

samefag but thanks a bunch screencap anon or anons, that was a crazy read.

No. 1810121

File: 1681698514804.jpeg (116.03 KB, 750x980, 58EC5D35-E914-4014-A90A-F08FC2…)

I’ll post the entirety of the rant that included her being an apologist for paedophiles

No. 1810122

File: 1681698544747.jpeg (97.33 KB, 749x898, CD178C05-10A2-4098-8D42-A37599…)

No. 1810123

File: 1681698601894.jpeg (128.64 KB, 750x1059, B50ED2BD-BE43-4C5C-919E-F6FC29…)

Second part of her paedophilia apologism

No. 1810126

File: 1681698706529.jpeg (41.17 KB, 749x342, 989B81C2-84E5-46A7-A848-60C125…)

She’s a cesspool of all sorts of digusting shit. The autists being accused of pedophilia are a minority. It isn’t a trend and she keeps on finding them on purpose because she’s one herself.

No. 1810127

File: 1681698747291.jpeg (77.75 KB, 750x668, CE89C534-B53F-474F-BAE1-7C2511…)

No. 1810129

File: 1681698795137.jpeg (102.14 KB, 750x1071, 3E0902C7-1132-41EB-856A-0AA307…)

No. 1810130

File: 1681698866835.jpeg (88.88 KB, 750x757, 5CAB76B7-7BF2-4A54-9AB1-90ABC0…)

I’m guessing that pedophile reverend she’s friends told her God is innocent lol

No. 1810131

File: 1681698903201.jpeg (75.63 KB, 749x861, BE3CB535-7C61-4114-AD48-5571AE…)

No. 1810132

File: 1681698933385.jpeg (46.78 KB, 749x409, 94D01E75-68D4-495F-B30F-556DB1…)

No. 1810133

File: 1681698991125.jpeg (45.45 KB, 749x296, 82A7F784-DD16-4EEE-B88E-0B123F…)

The FBI have already checked your devices Rachel, they know you’re sus.

No. 1810134

File: 1681699060076.jpeg (64.61 KB, 749x641, 8099A9D4-6740-4592-ADF0-6BF265…)

So all the people that are being outed as pedos account are innocent? Gotcha.

No. 1810135

File: 1681699159089.jpeg (34.45 KB, 750x287, C3F99F81-6C57-45F9-81EC-49E63C…)

But you’re the biggest misogynist and transphobe out there in any community you’re part of lmao

No. 1810182

She wouldn't be defending a pedophile if they said a single mean thing to her. But she'll defend whoever if they play along with her delusions.

Rachel hunny, since you're reading this thread, if your boyfriends were real you'd drop the sex tape and not randomly cropped pictures of jailbait porn (gross).

No. 1810183

Imagine the Chris-chan level tantrums on the floor of congress, throwing herself to the ground and clutching her nasty ass Sephiroth plushie.

No. 1810321

Anons, during the start of this thread and last thread there have been a few times someone had to delete or accidentally double posted, might be singular now as she's got the best eye for it.
She's falsely accused autists of pedophilia, do we have any proof of any person falsely accused without her involvement? Kek
Well since you're not posting his stress spot above his tail I'd say yes he looks abused Rachel.
Do we need a neon sign that says Rachel has been reported to the police over this? I guess we do.
Rachel thinks trans women are women, and she hates women.

No. 1810487

She keeps gunt guarding pedos and it’s like anyone who is immediately nice to her becomes part of her imaginary polycule she made up in her head loool

No. 1810676

Been away from the farms for a while. I can not express how fucking funny that video of Rachel laying in bed is. Love that no matter how much time passes I can come back to her threads and nothing will have changed. Looks like we're in the Ines arc again. Love it.

No. 1810958

File: 1681832309852.png (275.87 KB, 580x502, OTP.png)

what do you guys think ? also lol at her immense double chin flab going below the video controls

No. 1811058

File: 1681844274095.jpg (53.13 KB, 1000x1058, MV5BMTU5NTkxMDk4MV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Her mouth to jaw ratio is reaching Robert Z'dar levels.

No. 1811061

Ah shit, pack it up, looking at this we have been cataloguing Robert Z'dar in a wig this whole time.

No. 1811131

to think he had us fooled… Ines will be devastated

No. 1811144

Her fat piggy face makes me want to vomit lol. The gall to say she’s beautiful? She’s the bottom of the trash barrel white folk type of look.

No. 1813599

where are her lips??

No. 1813735

File: 1682259909826.jpeg (57.61 KB, 750x594, IMG_6299.jpeg)

Keep cementing your reputation as a pedophile fatass

No. 1814296

There's more tweets with the word pedophile than tweets with cat pictures on that account. It's hilarious, she's going to be like this forever.

No. 1815457

File: 1682500149274.jpeg (71.43 KB, 750x540, IMG_6321.jpeg)

Why is she so vocal about proshipping when all she does is do ERP of questionable things?

No. 1817625

File: 1682792402271.png (5.97 KB, 633x109, IMG_6332.png)

Fairsinfo does wonders for the community you claim you have a space in.

No. 1817658

File: 1682797960749.jpg (120.2 KB, 1043x932, Pedogene.jpg)

The Sluttiroth account is a goldmine of Rachel being Rachel while thinking people don't know it's her.
Some random told her that pedophilia was genetic and she believed it right off the bat.

No. 1817659

File: 1682798023578.jpg (98.6 KB, 1080x910, Pedogene2.jpg)

Immediately uses this new information as an insult without fact checking.

No. 1817661

File: 1682798061320.jpg (158.88 KB, 1080x1348, Rachelnonsense.jpg)

Random slapfights

No. 1817689

File: 1682802160090.png (5.96 KB, 724x135, Screenshot 2023-04-29 160218.p…)

Damn fuckin right you are god damn

No. 1817734

Jesus Christ how insufferable.

No. 1817793

Best part is she doesn’t realise it and thinks she’s fine

No. 1818849

File: 1682989113442.jpeg (39.44 KB, 750x461, IMG_6358.jpeg)

Why does she think sexually harassing someone is a win? It’s disgusting and pathetic

No. 1818851

File: 1682989457519.jpeg (99.77 KB, 750x1071, IMG_6359.jpeg)

She keeps telling on herself when she jumps into discussions about pedophilia

No. 1818854

File: 1682989507242.jpeg (54.22 KB, 749x666, IMG_6360.jpeg)

No. 1818855

File: 1682989556235.jpeg (59.5 KB, 749x704, IMG_6361.jpeg)

Why does she always go back to HIV? Does she have it?

No. 1818856

File: 1682989610797.jpeg (71.03 KB, 749x693, IMG_6362.jpeg)

What a moron, there is no such thing as a pedo gene

No. 1818921

File: 1682998942841.png (86.82 KB, 518x710, Screenshot 2023-05-01 224027.p…)

Saint is SEVEN, Rachel!

No. 1819104

Ew. Fucking ew.
She reads this; kids don't need porn to know. There are many ways of non sexually warning your child about molestation, wanna know the simplest one that works if your child isn't autistic? "Trust your gut, if the man feels bad get me as soon as possible."
It works.
It fucking works wonders Rachel, you've never saved a single child so you have no fucking clue about what you're talking about plus you're autistic and much as I love my autistic people they are not good at teaching others social nuances. Ya retard.
It's so weird that Rachel convinced others she's a pedophile faster than anyone ever could with these threads, it's almost like hunting pedos online is really pointless. Almost?
Scratch that.
It is.
No she had aids.
Pedo gene, my god this is what happens when people with too many of them sperg too much about chromosomes. It's just retards enabling other retards clearly like so fucking obvious the second you open your mouth about it irl normies look at you like you need a drool cup because you do because you're using 200 year old science without any understanding.
Rachel is a terf plain and simple, she has the gene.

No. 1819106

Forgot to add in the post, last line is clear sarcasm. I only add this since one person ITT consistently misses sarcasm like the plague.

No. 1820126

File: 1683165720314.jpg (203.28 KB, 1057x2220, Rachel Elaine.jpg)

Okay I've got some good shit. The user Warhammer is posting leaks from Elaine's server on KF and guess who I saw adding nothing to their epic hacker conversation and being unable to integrate into a group setting?

No. 1820273

File: 1683186999361.jpeg (124.78 KB, 750x875, IMG_6378.jpeg)

No. 1820282

File: 1683187817961.jpeg (62.65 KB, 746x964, IMG_6382.jpeg)

Nowhere on the site does it say anything about rhodium plating lol. It does say if you sweat it will discolour which leads me to believe she doesn’t take it off ever because it’s costume jewellery and she believes in her “connection” with Sephiroth lol.

No. 1820669

File: 1683237873262.jpeg (30.41 KB, 750x255, IMG_6384.jpeg)

Moving her sperging and raging onto her main account because BelloPanther2 seems to have been suspended lol.

Rachel, it’s not a cat account anymore when you pull shit like this and retweet you trying to deflect and defend yourself against people pointing out truths about you lol

No. 1820724

Rachel is desperate for attention. The sektur will eat her alive if she continues to fuck with people who are active in it. They hate women more than Rachel hates other women.

No. 1820865

File: 1683252096567.jpeg (16.49 KB, 750x213, IMG_6385.jpeg)

No one has to reply to you. Stop being so entitled.

No. 1820876

File: 1683252830960.png (41.19 KB, 519x375, 1683243252610.png)

Rachel and Empresa slapfight in Elaine's server, part one

No. 1820882

File: 1683253019936.png (81.97 KB, 612x640, 1683243379974.png)

I wish they'd leak more of her autism, it's pretty funny.

No. 1820884

Ah it's finally time for the harvest.

No. 1820886

Just when I think it’s getting slow, something always manages to pop up

No. 1820888

File: 1683253152249.jpg (38.41 KB, 1080x340, Rachel fucks her mother.jpg)

Since everyone knows her SOs are fake this is ringing all of my alarm bells.

No. 1820891

I found these in the Elaine thread on KF, apparently this came from OF but I can't figure out where they came from. Maybe someone else with better skills can find more Discord leaks or Empresa will provide them.

No. 1820910

I ain't jumping in there to scrape lol.
Trips confirm she porks her mumsie.

No. 1821277

What incestuous bullshit is this. Ew

No. 1822515

File: 1683483751290.png (32.7 KB, 567x740, Screenshot 2023-05-07 132133.p…)

Getting into more slapfights, this also continued onto her sluttiroth account as well

No. 1823417

File: 1683591243236.jpeg (117.56 KB, 750x980, IMG_6417.jpeg)

At this point, she doesn’t even need FIC to be recognised as a pedophile lmao.

No. 1823619

Rachel doesn't understand that pedophilia extends beyond a person having an inappropriate attraction towards minors. People with poor boundaries around minors can be pedophilic in nature, and she definitely falls into that category. She doesn't need to be attracted to minors, she behaves inappropriately towards them and then blames the children for her own inability to function.
She should stay away from kids but she refuses to.

No. 1823791

File: 1683641568434.jpeg (65.94 KB, 749x617, IMG_6431.jpeg)

There are homeless people in Japan Rachel. Stop talking as if you know everything and stop acting like the gross unwashed weeb you are.

No. 1823794

>Rachel thinks the mentally ill or those that don't fit into the mold for jobs are treated better in a society which can be memed as a hivemind due to how replaceable they view their populace.
It's sad so few of us left can truly appreciate the depths of stupidity this cow has.

No. 1824058

File: 1683666991293.jpg (41.21 KB, 1080x612, Poverty.jpg)

>one million yen

No. 1824116

File: 1683674556287.jpeg (49.47 KB, 749x468, IMG_6435.jpeg)

She’s spent all day getting into slapfights. She’s gonna carve her name in the trans community as someone who is a hypocrite when they do some digging on her lol

No. 1824140

File: 1683677683342.png (49.86 KB, 1080x670, Screenshot_20230509-191235-628…)

It's like watching two lunatics go at each other. She really does not like when someone steals her favorite quote huh

No. 1824148

File: 1683678785191.png (40.84 KB, 1080x536, Screenshot_20230509-193104-592…)

Last thing I'm posting for now. As someone said in this thread before, that account stopped being a cat account when she started getting into slap fights on it. Also, just pick one struggle to pretend to have, stop trying to collect them all like Pokemon cards god damn.

No. 1824233

She's about as indigenous as a kid dressed as Pocahontas for Halloween. Funny cope.
Hanging around Elaine has really made her want to claim all these different things. It's also real funny when she's supporting trannies one day and then doing this shit. She's so inconsistent. Can't wait for the LGBT people to dig up her history.

No. 1824409

That fatass is white as they come. The person she replied to asked her which reservation she was from and she was too busy being delusional and avoided the question. Funny how she replied to literally everything else though.

No. 1824521

File: 1683740348053.jpeg (70.72 KB, 749x847, IMG_6462.jpeg)

No. 1824596

The cope is that none of it was even real, she manufactured it all so she could play victim.

No. 1824614

File: 1683751897241.jpeg (52.09 KB, 749x535, IMG_6461.jpeg)

What are the chances she reads/watches futanari porn and that’s why she’s so insistent that trans people look better than the transphobes? It gives her a chance to project and not be true to herself.

No. 1824615

File: 1683751942480.jpeg (126.06 KB, 749x1089, IMG_6460.jpeg)

No. 1824616

File: 1683752002076.jpeg (52.68 KB, 749x560, IMG_6458.jpeg)

No. 1824621


No. 1824623

File: 1683752527377.jpg (48.96 KB, 1080x450, getfuckedrachel.jpg)

Random Twitter user who has no history of interaction with our fatty summarizes all the Rachel tranny discourse in one sentence

No. 1824659

Naw what the hell!!!
And she says she's not the new Chris-chan. Yeah, right, okay Oedipus

No. 1824686

File: 1683758810074.jpeg (106.35 KB, 749x950, IMG_6451.jpeg)

She says the most factually wrong shit ever though all the time

No. 1824835

File: 1683774707221.jpeg (127.94 KB, 750x974, IMG_6444.jpeg)

What are her sources for the bullshit she spews about Japan

No. 1824837

File: 1683774766809.jpeg (80.71 KB, 750x837, IMG_6442.jpeg)

MENSA with an interest in biology, everyone

No. 1826671

File: 1684020254769.jpeg (74.43 KB, 749x856, IMG_6480.jpeg)

The more she squeals about how people are “wrong” about her being a pedophile, the more it makes her look like one

No. 1828369

File: 1684260260890.png (95.49 KB, 1080x1423, Screenshot_20230516-130418-403…)

Rachel again saying fictional incest is "fine" because it's fictional. Some context is this is about the TMNT apparently. I didn't bother reading the whole thread.

No. 1829170

Fictional incest is a slippery slope.

No. 1829949

She reposted a lot of trans sexual fanart which explains a lot.

No. 1829957

She reposted a lot of trans sexual fanart which explains a lot.

No. 1831306

Boy do I have milk. She’s getting into slap fights with someone who she’s been beefing with claiming the black girl is racist and is now claiming she’s in tech lmfao.

No. 1831374

thanks for the summary, unfortunate that there is no way to capture this exchange and get it into an image board somehow.

No. 1831410

I’m waiting for the cow to sleep so I can finish capturing everything lol

No. 1831412

File: 1684660821373.png (35.35 KB, 1080x635, Screenshot_20230521-042107-249…)

She downright doxxed herself and says this

No. 1831430

File: 1684665291321.jpg (109.45 KB, 1079x1235, revengeofthedildos.jpg)

Rachel is dildoposting again too, beautiful pour nonnas

No. 1831466

File: 1684674143068.jpeg (68.97 KB, 750x606, IMG_6656.jpeg)

No. 1831469

File: 1684674186932.jpeg (46.61 KB, 749x430, IMG_6655.jpeg)

No. 1831471

File: 1684674234775.jpeg (51.04 KB, 749x428, IMG_6657.jpeg)

Her denying Sluttiroth is her account

No. 1831473

File: 1684674263200.jpeg (64.31 KB, 749x587, IMG_6654.jpeg)

No. 1831474

File: 1684674318434.jpeg (66.89 KB, 750x780, IMG_6652.jpeg)

Her supporting incest.

No. 1831476

File: 1684674371869.jpeg (54.89 KB, 749x473, IMG_6651.jpeg)

Lmao her going delulu and showing herself

No. 1831477

File: 1684674435517.jpeg (45 KB, 750x411, IMG_6650.jpeg)

Just like people can say whatever the fuck they want about you, except they have proof to back it up

No. 1831478

File: 1684674473638.jpeg (17.54 KB, 750x151, IMG_6649.jpeg)

On a fucking Chromebook?

No. 1831479

File: 1684674514823.jpeg (71.82 KB, 749x622, IMG_6648.jpeg)

No. 1831481

File: 1684674563157.jpeg (95.65 KB, 750x725, IMG_6647.jpeg)

Her Japanese is absolutely Google translated

No. 1831483

File: 1684674641614.jpeg (38.74 KB, 750x353, IMG_6646.jpeg)

Says the white girl who keeps outing herself on all her accounts

No. 1831484

File: 1684674670922.jpeg (41.66 KB, 750x310, IMG_6645.jpeg)

No. 1831486

File: 1684674705635.jpeg (105.89 KB, 750x809, IMG_6644.jpeg)

No. 1831487

File: 1684674751543.jpeg (53.46 KB, 750x444, IMG_6643.jpeg)

No. 1831488

File: 1684674801645.jpeg (53.87 KB, 750x480, IMG_6642.jpeg)

Note how she gave a specific time frame, outing herself

No. 1831489

File: 1684674835563.jpeg (28.33 KB, 750x280, IMG_6641.jpeg)

No. 1831490

File: 1684674886591.jpeg (99.74 KB, 750x914, IMG_6640.jpeg)

No. 1831491

File: 1684674928924.jpeg (99.36 KB, 750x760, IMG_6638.jpeg)

No. 1831505

File: 1684676362124.jpeg (94.89 KB, 749x801, IMG_6637.jpeg)

No. 1831506

File: 1684676450171.jpeg (51.72 KB, 749x440, IMG_6636.jpeg)

Same tired ass “flex” she uses across the board

No. 1831507

Now she works in tech. On a Chromebook lmfao. Also it’s so disgusting how she believes she’s speaking for CSA survivors but by taking this aggressive stance, she’s actually spitting on their lived experiences for speaking over them. Peak white saviour behaviour.

No. 1831508

File: 1684676597840.jpeg (83.27 KB, 749x684, IMG_6635.jpeg)

Whoops forgot to add this to the last one

No. 1831511

File: 1684676687503.jpeg (39.24 KB, 750x333, IMG_6633.jpeg)

Still on that “sandwiched between two boyfriends” boat huh

No. 1831513

Excellently put Nonna.
Wow if Rachel has all that why is she still so wound up from a shit stir two years ago?

No. 1831517

File: 1684677054494.jpeg (29.47 KB, 749x272, IMG_6632.jpeg)

She’s so gross for thinking sex is a “flex” in any argument lmfao. This bitch is so brain dead that only sex is on her mind even in regards to children

No. 1831518

File: 1684677120488.jpeg (Spoiler Image,85.73 KB, 750x881, IMG_6631.jpeg)

Still looking up nudes online to pretend that she’s getting nudes from her “boyfriends”

No. 1831519

File: 1684677193324.jpeg (Spoiler Image,81.14 KB, 750x835, IMG_6630.jpeg)

No. 1831520

File: 1684677253289.jpeg (78.17 KB, 750x777, IMG_6628.jpeg)

No. 1831521

>Calling another person's pain rancid.
I don't have words for how disgusting this is when combined with her claiming to be an advocate when a true advocate tries to explain others pain as well, using their own experience as the vessel for communicating the pain to those who don't comprehend it yet.
Tying sex to hate is such a fantastic idea Rachel, self reporting on your penchant for rape I see.

No. 1831523

File: 1684677485241.jpeg (76.85 KB, 750x659, IMG_6626.jpeg)

Congrats Rachel, you’ll have thread 15 by tomorrow at least

No. 1831524

File: 1684677563935.jpeg (84.08 KB, 750x1084, IMG_6625.jpeg)

Careful what you say Rachel, because I’m pretty sure you’re the one who can’t afford the lawyer. Even if you were to make a GoFundMe, no one irl or online would donate.

No. 1831526

File: 1684677639634.jpeg (23.14 KB, 750x194, IMG_6624.jpeg)

Note how she keeps using “raping children” as a point against pedophilia. Has she raped them in her time as a education assistant

No. 1831527

File: 1684677741738.jpeg (36.96 KB, 750x342, IMG_6620.jpeg)

But you’ve been using “seethe” in literally every tweet that you think is a flex and a win. It’s always an L with you girl

No. 1831528

File: 1684677775919.jpeg (82.61 KB, 750x935, IMG_6619.jpeg)

No. 1831529

File: 1684678098754.jpeg (43.72 KB, 750x382, IMG_6618.jpeg)

No. 1831531

File: 1684678551828.jpeg (20.99 KB, 745x261, IMG_6617.jpeg)

Girl is projecting hard in this meltdown

No. 1831534

She learned about CAREN after threatening to falsely report people for having child porn

No. 1831535

File: 1684678720756.jpeg (61.04 KB, 749x544, IMG_6616.jpeg)

Shit, forgot to add this to the last one

No. 1831536

File: 1684678771000.jpeg (51.95 KB, 750x475, IMG_6615.jpeg)

You’re so fucked lmao.

No. 1831537

File: 1684678823188.jpeg (51.2 KB, 750x453, IMG_6613.jpeg)

I love how she’s grasping at straws because she’s been found out

No. 1831538

File: 1684678886792.jpeg (98.62 KB, 750x725, IMG_6612.jpeg)

Wasn’t she a meth baby herself? Bruh, the projection

No. 1831539

File: 1684678956082.jpeg (58.35 KB, 750x507, IMG_6609.jpeg)

Another one of her tells, 4.5 million dollar house

No. 1831540

Sure if we want a sloppy OP kek.
Children can't consent is why pedos are Pedos so it's rape every time, even a heated slip up is self reporting rather badly imo as it shows she thinks you can fuck kids without raping them.

No. 1831542

>Rachel thinking racism allows her to "nonrape" someone's kids no doubt.
Probably like the 5th false pedo report she's made let's be honest.
If only we could all live in Rachel's delusions where her ghetto suburb has that price range, the dumb bitch.

No. 1831544

File: 1684679349795.jpeg (49.51 KB, 750x439, IMG_6602.jpeg)

Another tell of hers, putting the onus on others for x, y, z and absolving herself of any responsibility. Also seems like she found herself a new victim to harass

No. 1831546

File: 1684679438688.jpeg (84.94 KB, 750x713, IMG_6601.jpeg)

Lmfao she doesn’t drive according to the ID she doxxed herself with

No. 1831547

File: 1684679504778.jpeg (29.24 KB, 750x368, IMG_6596.jpeg)

This is so fucking damning and actually proves that she’s a pedophile

No. 1831548

File: 1684679585940.jpeg (137.53 KB, 750x1111, IMG_6594.jpeg)

Lmao what is UCLA gonna do? They’re an alumni. They only care about donations from alumnis

No. 1831550

File: 1684679652419.jpeg (65.66 KB, 750x513, IMG_6593.jpeg)

Maybe you should take advantage of the gym, pool and health care to stop being chronically online you lard ass

No. 1831553

File: 1684679731600.jpeg (60.47 KB, 749x513, IMG_6590.jpeg)

Usually when someone claims something they have proof to back their claims, like when they claim you’re a gross predator.

No. 1831554

File: 1684679835779.jpeg (90.08 KB, 750x756, IMG_6589.jpeg)

Being a fan of the OG game means nothing, nitwit

No. 1831555

File: 1684679897826.jpeg (24.57 KB, 749x211, IMG_6588.jpeg)

Oh? She’s fleshing out her fake house’s lore.

No. 1831556

File: 1684679943694.jpeg (117.72 KB, 750x1038, IMG_6586.jpeg)

No. 1831557

File: 1684680018165.jpeg (63.14 KB, 750x586, IMG_6585.jpeg)

No. 1831558

File: 1684680096588.jpeg (96.23 KB, 750x789, IMG_6584.jpeg)

What sort of comp tech are you?

No. 1831559

File: 1684680145281.jpeg (121.51 KB, 750x1060, IMG_6582.jpeg)

Still trying to beef with people years later lmao

No. 1831560

That’s all the milk from her meltdown. I have older milk saved but that’s for another time

No. 1831574

Rachel is only claiming that girl as racist because that girl called her a cracker once and immediately she claimed racism.

No. 1831595

Cracker isn’t even a racist term lol. Does she not know the history of it?? What a dumbasa

No. 1831607

What the fuck.

No. 1831631

She has never even played the OG FF7. She can try to pretend all she wants but she saw Advent Children once and decided after that she'd become a fan. Part of her biggest cope is knowing she can't compare to those who were fans from the start.
Rachel went to the Elaine Miller School of LARPing for her tech degree(s).

No. 1831693

Watch her defend it and say that as long as its fictional, incest and pedophilia are absolutely fine. Fat fuck runs her mouth so much without knowing anything that it’s both vile and hilarious

No. 1831738

Not to bring it into the weeds but plenty of people started with Advent Children and went back to learn the lore, Rachel not only ignores that but anything released after for her idealized husbando that doesn't even exist in his own canon and is just an amalgamation of three clones. Whoever could do something like that should be a protected class because it's so delusional I cannot even comprehend it if I tried.
Yeah but it's unintentionally hilarious so I think she's actually a pedophile and not proving some weird point.

No. 1831925

File: 1684718607410.jpeg (54.24 KB, 750x548, IMG_6717.jpeg)

Still continuing her whale level tantrums with false reports to the police uwu

No. 1831928

File: 1684718901985.jpeg (76.44 KB, 750x857, IMG_6716.jpeg)

No. 1831978

File: 1684724840678.jpeg (20.83 KB, 750x202, IMG_6728.jpeg)

Sounds like she has covid since it’s lasted a month. What are the chances she’s antivax?

No. 1832089

File: 1684744027590.jpeg (51.26 KB, 750x394, IMG_6735.jpeg)

After spending all day the other day denying this is her account, she finally outs herself on the Sluttiroth account lmao

No. 1832090

File: 1684744146376.jpeg (84.11 KB, 750x775, IMG_6733.jpeg)

No. 1832130

File: 1684751703238.png (234.46 KB, 1080x890, Screenshot_20230522-053537~2.p…)

Okay, go ahead and punch a mirror then

No. 1832157

File: 1684758831271.jpeg (120.73 KB, 749x1045, IMG_6738.jpeg)

Still trying to call out FairsInfo as pedophiles lol

No. 1832159

File: 1684759070159.jpeg (89.19 KB, 749x728, IMG_6739.jpeg)

All your attempts to try and “out” FairsInfo as pedophiles just shines light on all the shit to you’ve done over the years if people bother to actually look to verify your claims. A lot of people do that these days now.

Besides Rachel, you literally outed yourself on the Sluttiroth account within the past day or so. Lmfao, fucking dumbass.

No. 1832163

File: 1684759219805.jpeg (31.13 KB, 749x264, IMG_6736.jpeg)

That’s you Rachel. You literally spit on minorities all the fucking time every time you try to “speak up” for them while at the same time actively harming them in the process

No. 1832164

File: 1684759278325.jpeg (64.4 KB, 749x472, IMG_6726.jpeg)

No. 1832171

File: 1684760000623.jpeg (60.4 KB, 750x568, IMG_6749.jpeg)

Lmao she just made a new burner account to try and pit people who follow FairsInfo against them. How stupid is she?

No. 1832176

File: 1684760639655.jpeg (20.45 KB, 749x241, IMG_6753.jpeg)

What kind of chip on your shoulder do you have that you have to constantly tweet this to convince yourself that this is true lmao

You know deep down that no one would touch your bedsore, yeasty, crusty fat ass

No. 1832186

File: 1684762040096.jpeg (20.57 KB, 750x179, IMG_6756.jpeg)

Humiliation kink with attempting to be a brat but just ends up being gross.

No. 1832191

File: 1684762552907.jpeg (58.49 KB, 749x568, IMG_6757.jpeg)

Who is going out of their way to argue with you? It’s the other way, lard ass

No. 1832239

Cool fail dox

No. 1832299

File: 1684778113674.jpeg (68.92 KB, 750x491, IMG_6761.jpeg)

Why are you such a gross ass bitch? You make EVERYTHING sexual. Children should not be near you and the fact you get off to pregnancy porn is kind of sus considering you’re a known pedophile. Getting off to the idea the baby is experiencing sexual things before it’s born?

No. 1832303

File: 1684778167311.jpeg (63.89 KB, 750x472, IMG_6762.jpeg)

Keep telling on yourself while you try to deny this is your account. We see you getting pressed over how you worded that shit pedophile

No. 1832304

File: 1684778238609.jpeg (30.17 KB, 750x241, IMG_6758.jpeg)

No. 1832394

File: 1684786472878.jpeg (78.3 KB, 750x968, IMG_6769.jpeg)

Rachel made a crappy video trying to call out FairsInfo

No. 1832395

File: 1684786508970.jpeg (136.97 KB, 750x1045, IMG_6770.jpeg)

No. 1832398

File: 1684786632357.jpeg (133.29 KB, 750x1040, IMG_6771.jpeg)

She used a voice editor and created a brand new Youtube account just for this lmao. All this is gonna do is give FairsInfo more traction because the truth will speak for itself

No. 1832399

This bitch has not slept either btw. Spent all night in her head trying to not to out herself on Sluttiroth, reading this thread and responding on Twitter to everything here

No. 1832400

File: 1684786855252.jpeg (39.06 KB, 750x325, IMG_6764.jpeg)

This is peak pedophile behaviour lmao. Also didn’t she come out multiple times saying she despises children? There was a tweet on that account about her harming children.

No. 1832406

File: 1684787397293.jpeg (26.63 KB, 749x224, IMG_6322.jpeg)

Rachel, you really shouldn’t be talking about protecting minors when you tweeted this confession out.

No. 1832492

That video of Rachel trying to expose FIC is the funniest thing ever because on one hand I don't understand a word she's saying and on the other hand she sounds like she's LARPing as a middle school mean girl. She really is becoming just like Elaine…

No. 1832661

The flow of these caps are perfect, setting herself up to take a fall. What a good clown.

No. 1832818

File: 1684847310554.jpeg (79.8 KB, 749x762, IMG_6326.jpeg)

Victim blaming

No. 1832848

That Sephir0cks person that Rachel is suddenly besties with is a fat TIF who pretends to be tranny Sephiroth while being fucked by other fatties. If only I could unsee what I saw because this bitch has willingly chosen the nastiest pics to put out in the open.

No. 1833023

They’re a cow in their own right from what I saw.

No. 1833175

File: 1684887758678.jpeg (87.05 KB, 750x877, IMG_6787.jpeg)

Has the gall to call a black woman racist yet actively follows and retweets an account that is racist towards Black people

No. 1834566

File: 1685062621100.png (11.19 KB, 1077x1118, Screenshot_20230525-195420~2.p…)

No. 1834579

File: 1685064229881.jpg (152.19 KB, 1080x1081, darling1.jpg)


No. 1834582

File: 1685064308942.png (57.53 KB, 561x620, IMG_6806.png)

Anyone who has a brain knows doxbin isn’t safe

No. 1834583

File: 1685064327424.jpg (144.04 KB, 945x2048, darling2.jpg)


No. 1834587

File: 1685064483896.jpg (49.21 KB, 555x430, darling4.jpg)

Since the 3rd is up above here's the 4th.
>Rachel calls herself Q now?

No. 1834589

If she were truly working with law enforcement she’d be keeping things confidential until investigations are done and not squawking about it every chance she fucking gets.

No. 1834602

She's picked up all these behaviors from Elaine Miller, who has made Rachel her pet retard. Her LARPs were always so one dimensional before Elaine, now she's claiming to be an expert in so many areas, a member of MENSA, a techie, a marine biologist…
More character put into these personas to defend herself than she put into the self insert Mary Sue she plays.

No. 1834604

I'm just waiting for her ensuing meltdown because her main account is suspended and she's locked out of all her other accounts

No. 1834607

Who knows, she might have a meltdown here. She actively replies to things that have been said here because she lets it live rent free in her head lol

No. 1834609

Lmao she just made a new account to have her meltdown on. Brb, collecting milk.

No. 1834611

File: 1685065569774.jpeg (32.79 KB, 750x252, IMG_6808.jpeg)

God this is gonna get good

No. 1834626

Can't wait for this one to get locked in a matter of minutes for spam

No. 1834627

File: 1685066092748.jpeg (64.13 KB, 749x505, IMG_6784.jpeg)

I’ve been out of academia for a long while, but I’m sure they still don’t allow Wikipedia as a source in papers

No. 1834644

File: 1685067496134.jpeg (57.01 KB, 749x581, IMG_6766.jpeg)

I’m gonna be posting old milk now and then while waiting for her latest meltdown.

The irony of her calling out slut shaming when she does it as a means to try to get an L

No. 1834654

File: 1685068245900.jpeg (82.22 KB, 750x825, IMG_6742.jpeg)


No. 1834658

Spamming the same reply over and over again is her speedrunning to her next ban.

No. 1834669

File: 1685070125817.jpeg (33.57 KB, 749x289, IMG_6719.jpeg)

I love it when she projects

No. 1834850

File: 1685093909088.png (51.04 KB, 1080x1182, Screenshot_20230526-043829~2.p…)

Confirm she likely never sleeps because she made YET ANOTHER account to continue her meltdown on. I feel she must be going mad from the lack of sleep she's been getting at this point.

No. 1834871

File: 1685099886252.jpeg (37.21 KB, 750x295, IMG_6811.jpeg)

She made another account lmao

No. 1834874

Only four tweets on it, probably because she got locked out of it already

No. 1834878

File: 1685100361698.jpeg (Spoiler Image,101.67 KB, 750x1048, IMG_6718.jpeg)

This is why her Sluttiroth account got suspended

No. 1834880

File: 1685100454664.jpeg (23.62 KB, 749x281, IMG_6713.jpeg)

Explains all the geriatric penises she’s been posting lately

No. 1834882

File: 1685100874952.jpeg (46.98 KB, 750x433, IMG_6712.jpeg)

You know, law enforcement stops taking you seriously when you keep making false reports. It’s also a crime. But good attempt at trying to scare people.

No. 1834883

File: 1685100955555.jpeg (44.61 KB, 750x351, IMG_6711.jpeg)

Posts are pretty clear cut Rachel. Kind of hard to not misconstrue them.

No. 1834884

File: 1685101023281.jpeg (45.65 KB, 749x397, IMG_6710.jpeg)

How if you don’t know where they live or if they are in another state or country lol

No. 1834887

File: 1685101254633.jpeg (90.81 KB, 749x995, IMG_6664.jpeg)

She gets called pedophile so often that she has turned her attention to the anti/pro discourse and seems to be for the questionable content

No. 1834967

She has been involved in a while and considers herself proship and loves to fight with anyone she can about it.

No. 1835023

File: 1685121507302.jpeg (16.09 KB, 749x161, IMG_6553.jpeg)

You will never be a tradwife lol

No. 1835024

File: 1685121558495.jpeg (69.68 KB, 749x496, IMG_6552.jpeg)

You’re still a weeb Rachel.

No. 1835027

File: 1685121737319.jpeg (24.32 KB, 750x181, IMG_6554.jpeg)

Case in point, and side bar, we’ve seen your gross greasy hair.

No. 1835039

File: 1685122625981.jpeg (68.41 KB, 750x643, IMG_6550.jpeg)

She still peddled this story and when asked for proof, she couldn’t provide any lol.

No. 1835042

File: 1685122749196.jpeg (57.81 KB, 750x550, IMG_6546.jpeg)

If she’s never had this happen, it shows she’s delusional and is a femcel who knows nothing about what it is like to just exist as a woman. She really is a man in a whale’s body.

No. 1835197

It's never happened to her cause no man wants a pig like her

No. 1835253

Not even the pig fuckers want her.

No. 1835518

File: 1685188649820.jpeg (32.37 KB, 1420x252, IMG_6836.jpeg)

FIC had some screen caps from a Neopets server she’s in

No. 1835519

File: 1685188671196.jpeg (32.25 KB, 1448x292, IMG_6837.jpeg)

No. 1835520

File: 1685188711719.jpeg (84.44 KB, 1468x632, IMG_6838.jpeg)

No. 1835521

File: 1685188825948.jpeg (129.3 KB, 1376x1336, IMG_6839.jpeg)

Truly pathetic how she constantly posts pics of herself crying as a pity ploy. It doesn’t work if you’re not a toddler. Also her hair is not long, fine or beautiful. It looks greasy and unwashed like the rest of her beached whale self.

No. 1835522

File: 1685188892699.jpeg (111.84 KB, 1169x1148, IMG_6840.jpeg)

No. 1835523

File: 1685189010095.png (28.69 KB, 633x890, IMG_6841.png)

No. 1835524

File: 1685189051026.jpeg (61.15 KB, 1102x769, IMG_6842.jpeg)

No. 1835525

File: 1685189072393.jpeg (84.42 KB, 1083x670, IMG_6843.jpeg)

No. 1835526

File: 1685189098929.png (8.05 KB, 592x143, IMG_6844.png)

No. 1835527

File: 1685189121765.jpeg (119.49 KB, 1496x710, IMG_6845.jpeg)

No. 1835528

File: 1685189184168.jpeg (60.85 KB, 1105x657, IMG_6846.jpeg)

You know, they use sites like Neopets to catch predators like you Rachel. Hopefully they finally do something.

No. 1835537

holy shit I feel bad for the neopets crowd kek what a niche one for her to invade

No. 1835544

Ew, her unibrow and her skin is so bad. She needs to stop using those expired products.

Too bad her polycule isn't real because people would absolutely be reigning her in lmao. And she'd pay more attention to her personal hygiene.

No. 1835545

I'm surprised that she's still on Neopets because there was a huge data breach and they had a class action lawsuit happen last year… And literally everyone from her age group no longer plays it anymore due to various issues like this happening over the years

No. 1835589

File: 1685200627571.jpeg (54.39 KB, 750x568, IMG_6848.jpeg)

Of course the pedophile would be a pedophile apologist lmao

No. 1835805

Pedophilia is okay, but blocking her on Twitter and refusing to roleplay with her is a war crime.

No. 1835826

File: 1685235940027.jpeg (188.4 KB, 1222x1486, IMG_6859.jpeg)

FIC posted more of her meltdowns using her alts on Neopets servers

No. 1835827

File: 1685235990268.jpeg (112.39 KB, 1140x606, IMG_6860.jpeg)

No. 1835830

File: 1685236049637.png (11.11 KB, 691x252, IMG_6861.png)

Blurry ass photo from Rachel?. Seems like this wasn’t to an actual detective but doctored to seem like was.

No. 1835938

File: 1685255358012.jpeg (40.34 KB, 749x339, IMG_6868.jpeg)

She keeps making accounts lmfao. Keep showing us how pathetic you can get

No. 1835939

File: 1685255416774.jpeg (28.27 KB, 749x341, IMG_6867.jpeg)

No. 1835941

File: 1685255489714.jpeg (79.12 KB, 749x828, IMG_6866.jpeg)

No. 1835945

File: 1685256293894.jpeg (43.78 KB, 749x415, IMG_6871.jpeg)

No. 1835946

File: 1685256323274.jpeg (35.41 KB, 749x299, IMG_6872.jpeg)

No. 1835947

File: 1685256420371.jpeg (64.3 KB, 749x595, IMG_6873.jpeg)

What does self-preservation have to do with anything? You’re a predator and a harasser who is a nuisance in multiple communities, weeb.

No. 1835948

File: 1685256477412.jpeg (34.28 KB, 749x442, IMG_6870.jpeg)

Her parents are probably why she’s a fucking raging narcissist lol

No. 1835949

File: 1685256537154.jpeg (60.53 KB, 750x585, IMG_6876.jpeg)

A literal mod came out and said you were banned. Stop lying.

No. 1835950

File: 1685256698507.jpeg (36.8 KB, 750x303, IMG_6882.jpeg)

Now you’re harassing the mod that banned you? How pathetic can you get?

No. 1835953

She’s been spam posting the photo of poor Josi every time she tries to pick a fight with anyone who talks with FIC or FIC themselves on her temp alts. She’s so pathetic because she honestly believes she’s making herself look good with this behaviour when all it is doing is making her look worse.

No. 1835956

File: 1685257520479.jpeg (20 KB, 749x239, IMG_6881.jpeg)

She has control of the second Bellopanther account again, so expect her to harass people with this one and potentially have this account taken down too.

No. 1836165

File: 1685295360161.jpeg (82.9 KB, 750x754, IMG_6545.jpeg)

Luring more victims to her eventually have tantrums with them

No. 1836449

File: 1685330075441.jpeg (19.35 KB, 749x183, IMG_6889.jpeg)

Calls herself Sera and that’s how we know it’s her kek.

No. 1836450

File: 1685330159532.jpeg (74.03 KB, 749x646, IMG_6890.jpeg)

You impersonated law enforcement under pretences to sell a false narrative and to attempt to coerce people into believing you. Kind of illegal there.

No. 1836452

File: 1685330389912.jpeg (51 KB, 749x488, IMG_6891.jpeg)

No. 1836453

File: 1685330459956.jpeg (37.25 KB, 749x452, IMG_6892.jpeg)

No. 1836454

File: 1685330496175.jpeg (27.34 KB, 749x242, IMG_6893.jpeg)

So childish

No. 1836457

File: 1685330566501.jpeg (76.13 KB, 749x642, IMG_6895.jpeg)

No. 1836458

File: 1685330640874.jpeg (18.73 KB, 749x176, IMG_6896.jpeg)

Let me quote you Rachel, “Every accusation is the truth”. Stop looking for minors to fuck on Neopets

No. 1836459

File: 1685330683503.jpeg (58.58 KB, 749x789, IMG_6897.jpeg)

No. 1836460

File: 1685330711276.jpeg (23.75 KB, 749x219, IMG_6898.jpeg)

No. 1836461

File: 1685330827375.jpeg (89.17 KB, 750x866, IMG_6900.jpeg)

Why is she insisting doxbin is a safe site to access??

No. 1836477

File: 1685333145195.jpeg (55.45 KB, 749x510, IMG_6901.jpeg)

No. 1836478

File: 1685332987051.jpeg (55.45 KB, 749x510, IMG_6901.jpeg)

No. 1836479

File: 1685333042489.jpeg (55.45 KB, 749x510, IMG_6901.jpeg)

No. 1837140

File: 1685413011830.png (8.87 KB, 690x233, Screenshot 2023-05-29 211709.p…)

Looks like she's been reading the thread. Ironic she says this, accusing everyone she comes across as a pedo when she is one herself.

No. 1837146

File: 1685413187559.png (8.26 KB, 722x210, Screenshot 2023-05-29 212045.p…)

More dumbass shit.

No. 1837162

File: 1685413579500.png (9.11 KB, 708x225, Screenshot 2023-05-29 212657.p…)

One of the people who interacted with Rachel's tweets (liking one) is a minor themself. Likely a victim groomed by her. Gross.

No. 1837329

Hey Rachel take your own advice and
Kilo India Lima Lima Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Sierra Echo Lima Foxtrot.(autism)

No. 1837435

File: 1685456413471.png (10.82 KB, 1080x991, Screenshot_20230530-090823~2.p…)

Keep a look out for more spam accounts she has meltdowns on

No. 1838615

File: 1685574483182.jpeg (75.25 KB, 750x644, IMG_7025.jpeg)

Living up to her cow status by keeping a consistent streak

No. 1838618

File: 1685574581981.jpeg (27.62 KB, 749x220, IMG_7024.jpeg)

No. 1838620

File: 1685574630734.jpeg (34.79 KB, 749x320, IMG_7023.jpeg)

No. 1838623

File: 1685574737648.jpeg (46.34 KB, 749x339, IMG_7022.jpeg)

No. 1838625

File: 1685574843768.jpeg (37.25 KB, 749x328, IMG_7021.jpeg)

I think someone should contact Deputy Psaila to see if he’s been impersonated by her lol

No. 1838626

File: 1685574873125.jpeg (39.16 KB, 749x300, IMG_7020.jpeg)

No. 1838627

File: 1685574931441.jpeg (86.82 KB, 749x731, IMG_7019.jpeg)

No. 1838629

File: 1685574969804.jpeg (67.85 KB, 749x839, IMG_7018.jpeg)

Never change, Rachel.

No. 1838675

Does she not realize that 'nonperson' is literal Nazi language or is she finall going mask-off with that

No. 1838745

That could be a serious charge for impersonating an officer of the law. And like someone on Twitter said, if law enforcement actually did get involved, they would have taken her electronics to thoroughly scrub through them. Not come right to her house.

No. 1838827

File: 1685598253187.jpeg (282.44 KB, 1792x630, IMG_7955.jpeg)

My cousins live by her. I was visiting for Memorial Day and drove past her house and noticed that her parents got a newer car. My cousin is very aware of who she isand sees her walking nearly daily to what I guess is public transport ( work maybe?). I personally didn’t see her but will be there again for the month of July and see if we can spot her in the wild. But she still lives in that house with her parents. I’m not going to go full on engage with her if we do see her so don’t ask.

Here is a picture off of google maps of her house that has been updated for 2023.

No. 1838828

File: 1685598302191.jpeg (248.33 KB, 1792x619, IMG_7956.jpeg)

No. 1838829

File: 1685598429593.jpeg (79.59 KB, 828x1074, IMG_7957.jpeg)


Also if you zoom in on the window above the garage, you can see bamboo curtains. Her messy room image showed those same curtains and none of the other windows have those curtains.

No. 1838834

File: 1685599250907.jpeg (459.33 KB, 2525x1309, IMG_7958.jpeg)

Sorry for the spam but I can’t stop thinking about how many people have unwillingly witnessed her through that window that overlooks the street.

No. 1840215

File: 1685796626343.jpeg (54.39 KB, 750x568, IMG_6848.jpeg)

No. 1840284

I'm genuinely wondering who, in their right mind, would actually befriend a pedophile?? Why would someone go and do that?? Only weirdos and sickos do that.

No. 1840327

She's either lying about him being a pedophile or lying about hating pedophiles.
Nobody would willingly befriend someone knowing that about them. Nobody. Anyone who admits to being a pedophile isn't to be trusted.

No. 1841215

Is your cousin the neighbor she lusted after that she keeps bringing up and crying about even though its been 20 years? Slim chance of it being true but if it were true that would be the icing on the cake.

No. 1842103

File: 1686098647963.jpeg (35.16 KB, 750x563, IMG_7038.jpeg)

Worth keeping an eye out for potential milk

No. 1842161

I genuinely don't think it's her, considering all of Rachel's accounts got locked/suspended and this one hasn't posted anything in days, just that singular tweet.