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File: 1649517482239.jpg (59.37 KB, 497x875, bertha.jpg)

No. 1497013

Rachel's Lolcow Thread #3: The Rise of the Fatmad
>uwu I’m laughing with joy at how wrong and retarded you are. I’m beautiful, a healthy weight for my height, and incredibly intelligent. Smarter than every farmer’s intellect here combined. Cope and seethe about it, bitter lonely TERF. You will never be happy or loved as much as I am.
From: >>>/snow/1493162

KF Thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/rachel-aliza-leeds-minkin-alruna-serarosier1-tayuubarbie-lucyfern13-miranda-sforza.116204/
2nd Thread: >>>/snow/1485119
1st Thread: >>>/snow/1095830

Current Active Social Media: Please check the other threads for a full list of identities, including KF. Tayuubarbie on twitter is the main account of interest right now as well as her Alruna Discord. If new accounts are made that are active and not suspended, they will be linked in thread.

Meet The Cow: Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin, preferred online name Sera Rosier/hated nickname Bertha is a 28 year old cis woman (yes, that's a woman) hailing from Redwood City, California. Her original thread stayed stagnant for quite some time until she discovered it and joined the lolcord to demand that it be taken off the internet. After it obviously was not removed from the internet, her epic spiral into madness began. Before her discovery of the thread, she was known for being part of the Final Fantasy 7 roleplay community as a general menace who fiends for cybersex involving her husbando Sephiroth and some other male characters that fit the same archetype. She is a pedophile who reaches out to minors and joins minor servers and posts sexual content in these minor spaces despite knowing that there are minors in the space. She even seeks them out to have adult conversations, citing that she can do so and that she is in the right to do so despite not being educated or qualified in such a manner. She has catfished many, many times to try to get back into these communities because she really, really can't let go. She makes an endless stream of Twitter and Discord accounts to harass the communities that have blocked her and targets people specifically because she can't seem to grasp that everything that happens to her has happened because of her own doing.

As of her becoming aware of her thread, she has spiraled into something far more sinister than before. She is very active in her own threads and has provided quite a bit of milk in doing so. She claims to have multiple boyfriends and also claims to have "friends" posting in the thread despite it very obviously being her. Her fascination with animal-shaped genitalia is concerning, and she solicits businesses run by confirmed zoophiles and zoosadists. She shares this zoophile paraphernalia openly, seeing nothing wrong with both her fascination with these things and her supporting of shady businesses.

Her most lulzy incidents from the prior thread were posts made regarding her totally real boyfriends, and getting kicked out of a coomer server for posting a picture of her legs out in the open. Needless to say she went full on psychopath in both instances.

Here's some highlights of Thread #2, including moments from the two incidents mentioned above:

Justifying pedophilic encounters: >>>/snow/1485659
Schizoposting about her totally real sex life: >>>/snow/1487534
Knowing that there are children viewing lewd materials but she stays in their server and views said materials with the minors: >>>/snow/1487568 >>>/snow/1487571
CWC-reminiscent Mom Cuddling Behavior: >>>/snow/1487627
"Animal penises are art!": >>>/snow/1487628
More insane rambling: >>>/snow/1487641 >>>/snow/1487707
The table saga comes to an end when she posts proof, still no timestamped photo though: >>>/snow/1487723
Rachel's dakimakura, mark of the coomer: >>>/snow/1487783
Inviting people to cow tip: >>>/snow/1487899
She claims Tayuubarbie isn't her account, her posts + Discord activity say otherwise: >>>/snow/1490963 >>>/snow/1490964
Defending her pedo behavior again: >>>/snow/1491184 >>>/snow/1491187
Interest in buying animal penis dildos: >>>/snow/1491853
She still claims she isn't Tayuubarbie, guys!: >>>/snow/1491913 >>>/snow/1491918 >>>/snow/1493066
Fatmad is fatmad about someone self-diagnosing despite the fact that she has self-diagnosed: >>>/snow/1491964
Totally real boyfriend: >>>/snow/1493052 >>>/snow/1493053
Schizo ramblings part ???: >>>/snow/1493073 >>>/snow/1493085 >>>/snow/1493147 >>>/snow/1493165 >>>/snow/1493170 >>>/snow/1493180 >>>/snow/1493194 >>>/snow/1493073 >>>/snow/1493225
Doxing herself with her cat again: >>>/snow/1493074
Polyamory sperging: >>>/snow/1493419 >>>/snow/1493420 >>>/snow/1493422
Her admitting to want to be fucked by nonhuman things (plus complaining in the coomer server): >>>/snow/1493422 >>>/snow/1493424 >>>/snow/1493425 >>>/snow/1493428 >>>/snow/1493430 >>>/snow/1493434
The rest of the coomer server reacting to Bertha's thread: >>>/snow/1493908 >>>/snow/1493910 >>>/snow/1493915
"I know shit about the site they don't know": >>>/snow/1493917
Getting mad when someone tells her to ignore the thread: >>>/snow/1493939 >>>/snow/1493940
Her thread lives rent free in her head: >>>/snow/1493947 >>>/snow/1493951 >>>/snow/1493952
Her totally real poly relationship, ladies: >>>/snow/1493961
Rachel once again pretending to not be posting in her thread when it's hers for sure: >>>/snow/1493981 >>>/snow/1494027 >>>/snow/1494160 >>>/snow/1494163
Asked for proof of bf, deflects: >>>/snow/1494024
This bullshit: >>>/snow/1494033 >>>/snow/1494036 >>>/snow/1494099
Post from 2014 complaining about her: >>>/snow/1494088
Bragging that she shares a post that has sexually explicit information about her with her mom while cuddling in bed: >>>/snow/1494169
The irony of this post: >>>/snow/1494191
Some racist shit: >>>/snow/1494200
Pretending that she's doing 4D Chess: >>>/snow/1494207
Racist + talking about how her mom is lurking a thread where she's talked about sexual things: >>>/snow/1494211
But her mom is so hurt by this: >>>/snow/1494215
WKing a coomer: >>>/snow/1494252
The most horrifying sex toy she's posted: >>>/snow/1494261
Drug baby Bertha: >>>/snow/1494264
Gross: >>>/snow/1494271
Coomer server staff upset about being in this thread: >>>/snow/1494297 >>>/snow/1494301 >>>/snow/1494317
Found out about the thread "today" despite Bertha sperging about it daily: >>>/snow/1494323 >>>/snow/1494327 >>>/snow/1494332
Coomers gonna coom: >>>/snow/1494616 >>>/snow/1494673
Miss Ma'am's 4D Chess: >>>/snow/1494678
Fatmad rambling: >>>/snow/1494874
She calls it a WAP, I call it a gunt gulch: >>>/snow/1494882
Manipulating minors: >>>/snow/1494989 >>>/snow/1494997 >>>/snow/1495003 >>>/snow/1495004
Taking notes from Jonathan Yaniv: >>>/snow/1495089
Gross breeder shit: >>>/snow/1495105
Her totally real boyfriend again: >>>/snow/1495215
>The post that gets her banned from the coomer server: >>>/snow/1495230
People grossed out by her legs: >>>/snow/1495234
She totally doesn't know what's about to go down: >>>/snow/1495244
Contradicting: >>>/snow/1495245
Once again, no proof of her totally real boyfriends: >>>/snow/1495261 >>>/snow/1495263
Horrifying if true: >>>/snow/1495274 >>>/snow/1495275
Icarus flew too close to the sun: >>>/snow/1495305 >>>/snow/1495534
A server has an "anti-Rachel" device because of how often she's tried to infiltrate: >>>/snow/1495571
Pretending she's pregnant/breastfeeding arc, or possibly using this to further claim the account isn't hers: >>>/snow/1495853 >>>/snow/1496043
Totally not Rachel, totally not getting banned: >>>/snow/1495855
Going nuts on Twitter because she was suspended from the server: >>>/snow/1495936
Incest bad, mkay?: >>>/snow/1496049 >>>/snow/1496051
It's totally an ironic thing, guys: >>>/snow/1496055
She's mad that nobody cares: >>>/snow/1496083
She is allowed back in Valhalla only to shoot herself in the fucking foot: >>>/snow/1496325 >>>/snow/1496327 >>>/snow/1496330 >>>/snow/1496333 >>>/snow/1496336 >>>/snow/1496337 >>>/snow/1496339 >>>/snow/1496343 >>>/snow/1496345 >>>/snow/1496549 >>>/snow/1496550 >>>/snow/1496551 >>>/snow/1496553 >>>/snow/1496554 >>>/snow/1496555
Fat distribution simulation based on her height and weight: >>>/snow/1496332
BANNED: >>>/snow/1496557
She launches the assault with alts: >>>/snow/1496580
This isn't a repeat of the first alt, it's an entirely new alt: >>>/snow/1496582
Another alt: >>>/snow/1496589
Rachel apparently says she's got CP: >>>/snow/1496615
Pretending to be yet another person: >>>/snow/1496617 >>>/snow/1496620 >>>/snow/1496623 >>>/snow/1496651 >>>/snow/1496654
Horrifying picture of her: >>>/snow/1496625
Still no evidence of boyfriends despite her sperging endlessly: >>>/snow/1496769
Ban copium: >>>/snow/1496775
She did post her boyfriend's number: >>>/snow/1496779 >>>/snow/1496830
Threatening to not eat if Dan doesn't unban her: >>>/snow/1496817

Alright nonnas, this is my first time posting a thread here so if it's messy I apologize. There was a lot to cover, and I still left some things out. Please feel free to share anything you feel I have covered inappropriately or missed. She just posts so damn much on this site.

No. 1497038

File: 1649519824192.png (67.65 KB, 744x465, rachel-random-sht.png)

good OP anon let's get this milk.

picrel is two exchanges last night that had me cracking up, second one is a bit of a lolcord inside joke ig

No. 1497041

Truly, the biggest joke is that if she had just shut the fuck up for once nobody would've paid attention to her.

No. 1497042

I think jannies removed the specific stuff so I won't go there (and apologies if this needs to get removed too) but I think it's worth noting that Rachel is repeating some of Elaine's bullshit last night so it is possible that they are talking, Elaine has been known to talk to other cows; otherwise she's just encountered stuff Googling around or whatever but if the situation was less fucked up and not involving innocent third parties then it would be hilarious. Something worth watching though.

No. 1497058

Jesus Christ anon I can tell it’s your first time making a thread. You basically rewrote last thread’s desc and made it worse AND longer for some reason. Despite this, you felt it was unnecessary to include her social links. Also, thread edition title goes in the title space, not in the description, and your links in the recap are in the wrong format. Lastly
>cis woman
Now it all makes sense. You’re a twitterfag. This cow would be so much funnier to watch if it weren’t for you retards newfagging all the threads up. inb4 you start defensively screeching at this posr

No. 1497070

File: 1649524291600.jpeg (888.26 KB, 1170x2391, 26D0AF33-D0F9-4F67-8D56-A9C139…)

She’s that desperate!

No. 1497072

You make valid points. I am new and learning.
But at the same time, the thread number is in the title and there are a few points you didn't notice. Her current active socials are included. Tayuubarbie is her primary.
I'm not mad, because I am new, but at the same time asking you to use your eyes before you bitch isn't unreasonable.

No. 1497078

Samefag, I stand corrected.
She has another Sera account now.
This is news to me though.

No. 1497087

File: 1649526442644.jpeg (187.98 KB, 1284x832, 5C21B09F-0C8B-4A61-A508-26D1B6…)

it already got suspended aw

No. 1497092


Damn, that was fast.(sage your shit)

No. 1497134

File: 1649530408743.jpeg (655.49 KB, 1284x2198, 8F65FD60-8830-4DAC-BA33-CB4E18…)

censored the number a bit but here are texts with the dude rachel claimed was her boyfriend

No. 1497135

File: 1649530458142.jpeg (867.52 KB, 1284x2248, 08A4C704-B855-45C6-98BB-D6812F…)

TL;DR shes crazy and a vendetta chan

No. 1497142

Once again Rachel lies and nobody is surprised.

No. 1497152

i just realized this is why she has two number for the same contact
he said he cut contact with her and she needed “proof” of her bf so she used the old chat logs from the 779 number and then used the 404 number to larp as him to continue the illusion that hes still talking to her and that theyre dating
this is the saddest realization ever

No. 1497155

hahahahahah holy shit I think you're right wow

No. 1497159

File: 1649532567626.jpg (45.91 KB, 601x508, cope.JPG)

nooo anon you dont get it, hes in on it and only pretending shes psycho to troll us

No. 1497161

>stopped contacting her just recently
that explains why she gave up the number with absolutely no-one asking for it

he definitely needs to change his number, homegirl will 100% start bombarding him with fake numbers and blame us for it

god she's a special kind of psycho

No. 1497165

File: 1649533294139.jpeg (690.26 KB, 1284x1526, 95DBFAAD-FC8B-431E-A6E6-2CA60B…)

ohhhh my god ahahahahaha

No. 1497169

in addition to this i gave him her address i found from public records and told him i dont condone swatting or stalking and he should only send the police to document this in case he needs to take her to court

> homegirl will 100% start bombarding him with fake numbers and blame us for it
lol dont give her any ideas
even if she ends up doing this its just more proof of her posting a number that none of us but her had on this website

No. 1497172

doing god's work anon

>lol dont give her any ideas

as if the psycho with an obsessive stalking history needed help thinking of something like that kek

No. 1497175

She's gone full psychopath now that she's been banned. She'll only escalate from here.

No. 1497185

File: 1649534783343.jpg (2.73 MB, 2320x3088, Stayfatandmad.jpg)

Charmed life.

No. 1497193

Why does it look like she’s wearing one of those head coverings people who are going through chemotherapy wear?

No. 1497200

She claims it’s a headband. She wears them all the time for some reason. She just looks like a basement dweller going though their goth pirate era.

No. 1497202

i cant believe this creature thinks its beautiful..

No. 1497204

she doesn’t. she’s on heavy copium/trying to make it look like we don’t affect her but she lies about everything, clearly

No. 1497209

The headband hides her receding hair line.

No. 1497210

No. 1497212

She doesn’t have a receding hairline. We’ve only seen her with her hair up and out of her face, right?

No. 1497214

>sexy cocktail dress from ModCloth
My sides still haven't recovered from this

No. 1497223

It looks a bit like this one. It was obviously popular, because it’s sold out. Idk why anon thinks it’s childish to wear animal prints, seems like a shit take.


No. 1497226

If she acts the way she does with us strangers on the internet, I wonder how much worse she is in a relationship. I can't believe I'm saying this but I feel bad for the guy

No. 1497233

Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's good. Modcloth is reddit tier and frumpy as fuck.

No. 1497240

how does it feel knowing that me and my moles are taking up space in servers youre banned from?

No. 1497245

She really takes the bait corporate puts out. She probably buys a lot of drop ship items because they put so much money into ad space on Etsy, Instagram, Amazon and everywhere else on the internet.

No. 1497249

She's the kind of bitch who gets hyper jealous over literally nothing but most of the time she forces them to erotic roleplay as Sephiroth so she can pretend to be Sephiroth's broodmare.

No. 1497250

Aruna is a woman owned and run business. The people who make these items are impoverished women in… India? Pakistan?

No. 1497253

It’s peddled by corporate companies and typical MLM blind influencers. Items that have “ good moral purpose” often are not good or moral at all. Especially if they are promoted and advertised on several platforms via influencers and corporate articles.

No. 1497254

Cool, still ugly.

No. 1497255

I ordered it. We’ll see.

No. 1497256

its just an ugly dress its not that deep nona

No. 1497270


Maybe. But if it makes someone happy.

No. 1497278

Material things will never mask the crippling pain of loneliness.

No. 1497279

Who the fuck cares, Anon? She clearly isn’t wearing the dress for you.

You are only saying the dress is ugly as a means to belittle the cow. You don’t hate the dress, you hate the person wearing it.

No. 1497280

Have you even asked her if she’s lonely?

No. 1497281

NTA but we can do both. Sperg harder.

No. 1497283

the dress is ugly Bertha, get over it lmao

No. 1497291

okay “anon”

No. 1497304

I don't need to ask. The fact that you're sitting here all around the clock answers the question. Your boyfriends are fake and you've yet to answer for giving out the phone number of a person who doesn't want to be involved.

But sure, live your charmed life or whatever.

No. 1497332

Found one. Bought it. It’ll go great with my lobster hat.

No. 1497357

File: 1649544351477.jpeg (112.72 KB, 750x568, 4302CA67-58C4-42F2-89B0-6E187D…)

t. Big Bertha aka Rachel Aliza Leeds, the female Chris-Chan

No. 1497359

It'll go great with the crabs you inevitably get from settling for whoever is desperate enough to plow you.

No. 1497369

dont compare her to a normal looking woman anon its rude

No. 1497376

File: 1649546506057.jpeg (316.4 KB, 750x858, A48FBBB3-1C6F-4238-BCEF-9A1303…)

Shrimp pants. Shrants.

No. 1497379

she wouldn’t be able to fit this over one hoof

No. 1497380

File: 1649546885443.jpeg (385.86 KB, 2048x1152, BF9F01CF-67EB-46F4-BFDC-89DE71…)

Imagine posting this thinking it’s something to flex about.

No. 1497381

ahh another fine day of lolcow.farm squabbling with itself.

No. 1497382

You’d be surprised Anon.

No. 1497386

I'd be surprised to see you address why you leaked the phone number of a person who didn't want to be involved, Bertha. Claiming he was your boyfriend even.

No. 1497387

i cant believe we’re already on thread #3 give yourself a pat on the back bertha, you deserve it

No. 1497388


If it bleeds once a month, it’s a woman.

No. 1497389

Sis I don’t think she’s even been here yet

No. 1497393

File: 1649547612612.png (1.15 MB, 2357x2708, 0F703E0A-2FBA-4BA7-A024-6A3F0C…)

Apparently she messaged this person for about a month trying to get them to respond. This was the start of her harassing them when they tried to help her.

This is probably what she does to everyone she interacts with and could be why the server that banned her took a while to do it. She doesn’t leave people alone when they remove her from their space.

No. 1497399

rachels likely been blocked by discord for a moment because of her making/logging into a bunch of accounts along with using a bad vpn
she hasnt been online on her main and there hasnt been anymore invasions on the servers shes banned from
shes just sitting around here and twitter

No. 1497405

I think you might be right. She has all this free time and still can't be accountable for the mess she's made.

No. 1497406

do we even have proof she’s been on the third thread?

No. 1497411

Yeah anything questioning what people post and trying to defend her (your) image. No one would defend that headband or dress Rachel. You’re soo easy to spot.

No. 1497415

She's been here. There's no way that she hasn't been. Her random little autistic comments and trying to deflect from the elephant in the room is her.
She's trying to be subtle because she knows she fucked up and she hopes that by playing up that route people will overlook what she's done.
She'll go in hard with the "lol that isn't me" next in an attempt to discredit any criticism towards her.

Her patterns are pitifully predictable.

No. 1497419

See posts

It’s obvious it’s her because she’s the only one that will WK and find ways to “validate” her choices.

No. 1497473

big bertha is not a woman its a sasquatch

No. 1497504

File: 1649557938039.jpg (361.44 KB, 1080x1403, one.jpg)

A story told in two screenshots.
She talks about sexual shit without a conversation being about anything sexual. Of course she mentions porn but that isn't the best part of this exchange.

No. 1497508

File: 1649558137395.jpg (362.02 KB, 810x1428, two .jpg)

Two different accounts warning the op.
Rachel, everyone knows Tayuubarbie belongs to you. This entire community can go into full out ship wars but they'll put down their slapfights to mutually agree that you are an awful person.

No. 1497532


If it bleeds once a month, it’s a woman.

No. 1497533

Lol. The moment someone disagrees with you, they’re immediately the cow. You bitches are so pathetic.

No. 1497539

File: 1649561148864.jpeg (90.25 KB, 640x687, 9F369034-A9DD-40AE-B1AA-7C69D9…)

ok sasquatch

No. 1497573

Body hair belongs on women as much as it does on men. It prevents chafing and lowers the risk of infection. Body hair makes a person more adept at detecting parasites such as bedbugs or mosquitoes. Biologically, the areas of thicker hair on humans underarms and genitals are probably related to sexual selection. Both of those areas are sites of scent-releasing organs called apocrine glands. The odorous chemicals that the glands emit are unique to every person and may help attract members of the opposite sex, like pheromones in other animals. The hair in these areas traps and amplifies these odors, like loudspeakers that amplify your body’s siren song of attraction. The hair on the top of the head is for protective purposes, insulating your head when it’s cold and protecting it from the sun when it’s hot.

Women in the second wave of feminism in the 1960s rallied against many things, including the expectation that they should remove their body hair. They relinquished shaving as a visual protest against the patriarchy. This idea persists in feminist circles to this date. You cannot call yourself a feminist if you try to shame women for having body hair.


If you don’t like this, shave your heads, your eyebrows, and pluck out all your eyelashes.

No. 1497582

i dont even shave tbh. its not about you being hairy rachel its about you being ugly

No. 1497596

Delusional. I came here from KF because I like to keep up on posts on the site and what she’s done doesn’t excuse how you’re treating her.

You really are a hopeless bunch.

No. 1497598

i dont really care

No. 1497605

Whatever you say Bertha.

No. 1497615

File: 1649573732860.jpg (185.16 KB, 1440x987, Screenshot_20220410-075219_Twi…)

She doesn't seem to realise that harassing and stalking people online is considered 'doing something' to people

No. 1497618

Poor delusional bitches.

No. 1497633

is that your new favorite word or is your vocabulary really that lacking

btw that shrimp dress is still ugly

No. 1497640

Sis I don’t think she’s here. I think we’re just all talking to ourselves at this point

No. 1497656

Nah you didn't come here from KF, Bertha.
You gonna keep repeating yourself Bertha?

What a nutcase lmfao("hi cow")

No. 1497743

Did you think starting your posts with "sis" would make you seem integrated?

No. 1497772

Great thanks for the lesson Bertha. I don’t shave my legs all the time, but I also don’t wear hairy legs out in the open like it’s a Medal of honor. I cover them with pants, long skirts, leggings or tights. It’s not that you don’t shave, it’s that you think it makes you super progressive when all it does is make you look like a idiot.

No. 1497861

>I came here from KF
>to defend the cow
yes ok checks out nothing weird about any of that

damn even when you try to integrate you stick out like a sore thumb, sad kek

I'm SOBBING are you using peepoodo as a fucking SOURCE?? so many sources out there and you chose peepoodo, you're an absolute idiot lmao

No. 1497878

If Bertha wasn’t a fat pedophile grooming children, she would be allowed to be hairy.

No. 1497901


I would have said if she wasn’t a fat ass degenerate lier. But what you said fits too.

No. 1497904

rachel loves peepoodo so it makes sense that she cites is as a source lmao

No. 1497906

Hairy people are allowed to be hairy so long as they have good hygiene and can care for their body hair. We can smell Bertha from her pictures and see how disheveled she looks.

A good lotioning of the legs, coupled with a little body oil and some manual grooming helps hair to stay tidy and healthy. Routine scrubbing also keeps the follicles free from any buildup and any odor or discoloration associated with it. Bertha also looks like she's got keratosis pilaris, which would make her skin look worse. Again, a good hygiene routine can handle KP, and if hygiene didn't help a dermatologist could. All that money she's supposedly making and none of it going towards caring for her skincare and further self care.

No. 1497930

She says she buys only stuff from lush but obviously not buying anything useful for her skin. A coffee or sugar scrub would do wonders in polishing her skin and removing the dead skin buildup she has. She also needs a better lotion and shampoo treatment because her skin and hair looks soo parched and starved for moisture and nutrition. I doubt she’s ever used a conditioning treatment or hair mask.

But since she doesn’t even care for trimming and upkeeping her brows and upper lip, I’m not shocked she doesn’t have a good multi step hair and skin routine.

No. 1498177

ngl im kind of surprised rachel is so quiet after getting all her alts banned

No. 1498184

File: 1649633678415.jpeg (783.01 KB, 1284x2236, 31946F68-5676-444C-A120-90492C…)

kind of funny that the only recent mention of alruna in the coomer server is this
nobody ever took her seriously or wanted her
they dont even notice shes gone

No. 1498199

She will return here. She can’t resist the attention.

She probably wakes up late since she stays up all night arguing with people online.

No. 1498288

They're making fun of her harem lolol even the coomers thinks poly relationships are cringe

No. 1498445

File: 1649662208493.jpeg (899.79 KB, 1284x1728, 63023837-A09D-4A62-95C3-68964E…)

its so funny how she thinks this makes it not look like its her account
why else would you report the account rachel

No. 1498446

File: 1649662275269.jpeg (48.67 KB, 1080x1080, 974112EC-67B9-4BA9-A851-DB56A2…)

image made 2 days ago by the person who got reported lololol

No. 1498447

File: 1649662376057.jpeg (98.49 KB, 820x1097, 4A883C7D-9C46-4A36-BDE9-7551F3…)


No. 1498448

File: 1649662413040.jpeg (143.9 KB, 1080x607, 69066DB2-AE02-4E86-AEA9-853226…)

and the last one

No. 1498455

File: 1649663020801.jpeg (809.34 KB, 1284x1824, 7737962F-5D60-4C56-8599-D4D816…)

this kind of sent me because i believe this was someone who was friends with her and she completely ruined it by being batshit and they blocked her after seeing how batshit she was
she then continued to spam them or whatever

No. 1498461

They didn’t know about her at first. But they also barely responded to her when they didn’t block her. But because they draw a lot of Genesis and sephiroth art, Bertha will stalk. She stalks nearly all the sephiroth and Genesis fan artists and roleplay accounts even though she’s been a autistic twat.

No. 1498463

yeah i did a quick search and judging by old tweets it seems like they were someone who tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and she fucked it up lol
always asking for people to give her a chance and she cant help but self sabotage every time

No. 1498468

not milk anon

there is no shame in being autistic period

she probably has a job like shes
been saying

another fine day of lolcow.farm insistence that soap and lotion is enough to remove body hair

>>”hairy people are allowed to be hairy”

then ACT like it you dont live with her youve never been near her you dont know what she smells like she could smell like roses or daisies for all you know you hate fat people and the idea of someone genuinely liking them or them being happy is a threat to your happiness and its pathetic

you haventt found her already? shes still in there under an alt becuz her and dan had an agreement to let her be on the server under an alt to throw you off

No. 1498470

File: 1649665154746.png (617.4 KB, 1529x1637, 530BCF92-1C96-475F-8D0A-5E4F80…)

>not milk anon
yeah thats why its saged

>there is no shame in being autistic period

there isnt unless youre rachel (which you are)

>she probably has a job like shes been saying

”she” hasnt said whether “she” likes “her” job or not just that “she” lies about making 6 figures

>another fine day of lolcow.farm insistence that soap and lotion is enough to remove body hair

nobody said this but i could see how you misunderstood that rachel

> then ACT like it


> you haventt found her already? shes still in there under an alt becuz her and dan had an agreement to let her be on the server under an alt to throw you off

dan didnt agree to anything in fact there were screenshots of him not agreeing to it and ignored you then you threatened to starve yourself because you didnt get your way
youre so pathetic

No. 1498476

You know, Rachel, people can go to your work and see you to know what you look like, act like and smell like right? You are not living alone in a town by yourself with your parents and an internet connection. You went to school with people who know you, seen you, smelled you and remember you. And with your address being out in the open, you’re not that hard to find at all. You could be staked by someone easily and not know it. Rather ironic since you stalk people online all the time.

No. 1498497

didnt you say you only have like 1 shift a month because they cant fire you cuz ur mentally challenged? LOL

No. 1498511

File: 1649670318985.jpeg (105.14 KB, 828x971, 5F520A4F-02C1-45D3-969D-9AD6AB…)

If she works only one day a month and makes a six figure income, the store is only open 10 hours most days. She would make 700 dollars an hour assuming she’s there an hour before opening and after close.

Yeah not possible when the director, who’s name is Jeff according to the site and glass door, of the book store only make 60k a year.

No. 1498514

looking back on this…
>you haventt found her already? shes still in there under an alt becuz her and dan had an agreement to let her be on the server under an alt to throw you off
if this was true why would you even say that and completely blow your cover?
you shouldve listened to dan and just left
i think people wouldve given up on looking for you if you were gone for even a week and you couldve gone back with no problem
instead you had to be a manipulative entitled sperg and end up getting banned
youre not clever in the slightest

No. 1498533

Rachel you dumb whale.
If you could use your reading comprehension, since you like to flex about having a college degree or whatever, you'd realize that nobody was saying what you assumed was said. I get that it's hard for you because you choose to be stupid but this was right in front of your face and you still missed the point. No wonder you work one shift a month because if you're this fucking stupid you probably stumble over the most basic of tasks when you're not being a lazy sow.

Your whole "bet" with Dan is just an excuse. Dan doesn't like you and nobody else there did. Having an alt in there doesn't change the fact that the server is a better place without you in it. Only in this case you have a front seat to see just how happy people are when you aren't terrorizing them.

You know what? I'll say it. Fat people are a cancer on society, especially entitled fatties like you. You can get a plus-size lolita bodybag for the day your heart eventually gives out and relish in the fact that nobody outside of your family will attend your funeral because you've poisoned every good relationship you've had.

Cope and seethe because unlike you I don't have to lie or exaggerate claims.

No. 1498738

bit much tbh

No. 1498754

It’s sad that it was too much but probably a lot of her victims probably do feel the same way about what was said in >>1498533

No. 1498758

Do you really blame them? She's so delusional and retarded the only possible way to convince her of anything would have to be being brutally honest but even then she'll deny and deflect any criticism. It's a sad way to live.

No. 1498766

There was a time Rachel threw a chimping fit cause someone told her “No.” and told them they hope they died of a hemorrhage during surgery a few days before their surgery date

No. 1498769

then her “victims” are pathetic ctfu

No. 1498770

challenge accepted

No. 1498771

Hi cow.

No. 1498772

Damn Rachel don’t you have something better to do

No. 1498777

Rachel you need help. Go touch some grass, maybe learn to draw on your own, write your own fan fiction. Do something away fro. Being online and talking with other people. And get a damned therapist to project your self hatred into so you can get over this behavior.

No. 1498801

i really fail to see how the first one was too far when it was pointing out how you lie about your wages boomer bertha

rachel is such a boomer that she doesnt even know how to use millennial slang loool

No. 1498803

File: 1649700102274.jpeg (575.17 KB, 1284x1044, 4B52FA8B-5DD4-46DA-8737-99B1E0…)

shes so dumb and cringe i cant with her

No. 1498851

then you can pay me for any of that. I work on commission.

No. 1498852

-said the professor about to lose their job

No. 1498853

ok boomer

No. 1498855

I’ll pay your therapist but not you. Give a man a fish versus teach a man to fish.

No. 1498872

your combacks are so so weak and sad like you
this person would know better than to give a random like you information anyway

when a fat boomer tries to call you a boomer for laughing at her because shes cringe at pretending to be a zoomer

so instead of being motivated by your desire to fit in and feel belonging in a fandom your only motivation is.. money?
you dont care about getting better you dont care about how you treat people you just want attention and to get things your way with no compromise and thats not how the world works at all
you deserve to be alone until you seriously start working on yourself otherwise youre just going to keep losing friends and communities

No. 1498881

Nobody wants to pay you to read your masturbatory self insert Sephiroth rape and pregnancy fetish stories.

No. 1498882

If I wanted a “comback” I’d wipe it off your mother’s face.

Then it’s not happening. I don’t exist to make your life better or more convenient. Quite the opposite.

No money to me = no money to guarantee therapist gets paid.

No. 1498883

Thought you made 100k a year fatty. More than enough to pay for therapy. You are supposed to be strong and independent and making more money than all of us remember?? Certainly you have enough to pay for therapy…

No. 1498888

> If I wanted a “comback” I’d wipe it off your mother’s face.
aw the fat boomer is trying to use the same old rehashed comeback from forever ago
whats the matter? dont have anything new grandma? not gonna reply to my other points? so pathetic hahaha

>Then it’s not happening.

then lurk like the cockroach you are
nobody is going to put up with you as long as youre like this and the second anyone suspects its you theyre going to blow the whistle
you really think dan likes you even though you saw him in lolcord? you think anyone else who was nice to your face and never bothered mentioning you again since your ban cares about you? they dont because youre insufferable and a nuisance that even your parents dont want to deal with you

im sorry to say but if you dont get therapy youre more likely to die alone or end up in a really toxic relationship

No. 1498890

ok boomer

No. 1498891

ok boomer

No. 1498893

File: 1649708163247.jpeg (26.25 KB, 425x282, 4C0FB3DA-802D-485D-A252-B3FC49…)

wow haha looks like you’re really… coping and seething about it.

No. 1498896

File: 1649708252997.gif (515.99 KB, 400x226, CBBF0C3A-82DF-435C-BFFB-6D60F5…)

She uses the same old come backs from years ago because she doesn’t know anything past 2010. I mean look at her Mary Sue “totes original, do not steal” self insert OC. She can’t update and modernize her self even if she tried.

No. 1498897

Says the boomer who tries to call a millennial a boomer.

If you’re that lonely boomer, go outside and make some boomer friends, boomer.

No. 1498898

File: 1649708491683.jpeg (152.77 KB, 1170x1948, 466597C1-C390-4916-AE84-FF481E…)

its kind of funny how your low effort attempts are still retarded
keep going and fill your thread some more for me fat boomer

No. 1498899

Nah, I have seen your roleplay writing. You write like shit and have zero reading comprehension. Your structures are bad and you can’t even write a decent story outside of “ OwO kisses you and twirls my fingers in your hair” it’s soo dry it makes Death Valley look like a rainforest.

No. 1498903

hi ugly im nta but im the one thats been calling you a boomer from the beginning because you are one you even look like one

>If you’re that lonely boomer, go outside and make some boomer friends, boomer.

this coming from a girl who cant even keep a boyfriend for a week hahahahahaha

No. 1498909

Tl;dr Okay Ines, we get it. You and your website are so starved for traffic that you and wharf rat have to take turns fronting various personalities of your untreated DID in order to make it seem like you’re multiple people.

No. 1498912

No. 1498919

i feel sorry for you if 3 lines is too long for you to read but it makes sense since youre retarded rachel

if only you could copy good things and not things people use against you kek

No. 1498921

are you seriously that retarded?

No. 1498922

This bitch has the audacity to come here and answer to everything except why she gave out the number of someone no longer associated with her claiming up and down he was her boyfriend.
Admit you've never even touched a dick irl, molesting your pets or buying dildos doesn't count.

No. 1498924

what happened to “not caring about comebacks” if you really didnt care youd stop vomiting up dead memes at us and thinking youre owning

No. 1498933

its seriously peak irony because rachel has done that in literally all of her threads

No. 1498939

Thinking that you're the cow that brings the most traffic to either of these sites is generous. In fact, you're pretty low tier currently. Keep it up and more people will know about you though.

You'll finally get the male attention you're craving, I guess. Only they'll be looking at you with disgust or laughing at your clown behavior.

No. 1499058

File: 1649719659426.png (5.69 KB, 221x228, merge.png)

who doesn't love a good cow crossover?

No. 1499115

The merge is real shit, man.
Cows have been going the extra mile since the words "the merge is on" were uttered.

I don't fuck around anymore. I believe that shit.

Rachel can hop on that spednought too though, she's a npc in cwcville.

No. 1499267

File: 1649738763607.jpeg (927.08 KB, 1284x1618, 10F1277D-7CDB-4C6F-AD33-394470…)

how does she manage to be so cringe

No. 1499454

This is one of the sadder threats. Just, how can someone be so.. Dumb and cringey. A train wreck and I can't look away.

No. 1499605

She wants to be a real hero! For updoots!
In reality she's just showing us that her inner Karen wants to speak to the manager.

No. 1499672

File: 1649784065288.jpg (186.32 KB, 1080x1156, 20220412_132011.jpg)

not really milky but going through her retweets is fun. it becomes abundantly clear that she just hates women

No. 1499678

File: 1649784900353.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1284x1827, FC8F3CA1-EE26-4955-8C9C-3720E6…)

nta this isnt milky either but i kind of laughed at how she completely missed the point because shes a coomer for a fictional character

No. 1499695


Yeah how is this “not Rachel” again? She’s the only person that uses that boomer phrase.

No. 1499721

She really, really wants to be a broodmare even though she hates kids lmfao
She definitely hates women which is why she's commenting here and not on her KF post. While KF does lean towards a male user base, after the fall of PULL a lot of the ladies there joined KF.
Her attitude entirely changes if a man is giving her attention.

No. 1499731

i think she isnt commenting on kf because shes too scared of what shell see and what the backlash would be if she commented on her own thread

No. 1499735

She won’t post to kiwi because it’s not anonymous and she can’t play the game that multiple people are defending her like she can here. But she doesn’t sit silent for long. It eventually will get under her skin enough that she will rear her head up at them if they make fun of her enough. I’m just lurking and laughing how they expose her more and more each post. Can’t wait for the “swatting” saga to begin with her again.

No. 1499737

File: 1649790740239.jpg (146.22 KB, 1080x654, why.jpg)

Alright I got a post to make

So when viewing the KF thread I saw a post made by this account, seems like it's trying to tie the OP wharf rat to drama to get the thread put in jeopardy.

Here's the link:

I mean I don't know the validity or not because the mentions of wharf rat are minute (or maybe I'm reading the site wrong, which is a possibility.) but it seems a little strange to post that in Bertha's thread. The OP stands up to scrutiny and there isn't anything false.

No. 1499740

File: 1649790845142.jpg (171.17 KB, 1080x673, hmmm.jpg)

I wonder.

No. 1499745

This is part of a massive shitstorm related to https://kiwifarms.net/threads/michael-robert-thurlow-angry-canadian-volkswachter-lothloran-northlandpride-nsclrp.115963/ this guy getting doxed and has nothing to do with Rachel other than the wife-beating Nazi guy is trying to retaliate and stir shit against the OP of Rachel's KF thread for having been involved in his also. Just Kiwi things. Elaine may or may not be involved somehow as a bonus, see >>1498909

No. 1499747

I figured it doesn't have anything pertinent to do with Rachel, but it makes me think the account is her or someone pretending to be her to throw shit @ wharf.
Dunno who would try to save Bertha though, she's earned her threads lol

No. 1499748

I read it as saying spooky bones the mod during the Isabella saga is wharf rat. It's a somewhat funny arc itself, but that seems to be all.

No. 1499754

We do love a good crossover.

No. 1499780

Bertha should seriously start a Youtube channel.

No. 1499790

Holy shit I think I recognize that blanket's texture, that's the cover for a weighted blanket HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

No. 1499804

With a name like that it could be her using the name of a fairly popular lewd account on Twitter and f-list. But it could also be the person who owns those accounts entirely. Rachel isn’t new to taking others identities to try and throw off her image. She just sucks at it.

No. 1499807

High chance it could be her since even when she was Yzrch she would use a female sephiroth art and even used a female sephiroth cosplayer’s image once as well

No. 1499816

File: 1649796484144.jpeg (795.07 KB, 1170x1978, 6366162C-1DB9-4C91-897B-B45C12…)

Just going to add this in because she did chimp out over the cosplayer calling Rachel out

No. 1499818

File: 1649796554747.jpeg (311.13 KB, 1170x974, 0D2A59F8-0FFA-4974-8A88-7F9DC1…)

No. 1499829

Not her. The person who owns that account can draw and you bet if Rachel could draw she'd be flexing it everywhere.

No. 1499833

>Reading comprehension
The point is that Rachel is assuming the identity of a more talented person.

No. 1499845

This is very much like her. The image is consistent with the type Bertha goes for, it’s recently made, it’s a common name associated with final fantasy VII and it’s trying to drag Wharf down when she’s said before something about Wharf. She even mentioned Wharf here >>1498909

She could also be posting to let us know she is there and can see like anyone tried to keep it a secret from her.

No. 1499860

Awh I shit the bed with reading comp. It's been a long day at work and I've been in drone mode.
Could be. I just wonder if she's the other person posting in the thread. I don't think so but the dildo sperging is either a brilliant shitpost or Rachel lmfao

No. 1499894

File: 1649802862177.jpeg (54.02 KB, 605x605, 1CE3BA90-B050-40DD-A73F-D10DAA…)

it’s just textured fabric anon

No. 1499904

That bad dragon post was very scripted. Like copy pasta from their website scripted.

The claim that it’s hurting their bottom line is very Rachel like though. Their bottom line wouldn’t be effected by some nobody with no community influence. They have such a big hold on the furries and failed abortions that one autistic nobody that doesn’t even buy their product could impact their profits at all.

No. 1499927

nta but it makes sense if its a weighted blanket since sperg love that shit

No. 1499932

i think rachel might have abandoned her main and alts i havent seen either online
i can only assume she might have moved the the account shes lurking lolcord on and might have joined other servers with the same account
her server seems to still be up but i dont want to join it
any takers?

No. 1499945

She’s active posting on Twitter. So she’s around. She could have her discord accounts set to offline appearance so she can lurk around.

No. 1500065

According to KF mods, Grapeful Dead was in fact Angry Canadian on a sock.

No. 1500069

u wudent kno

No. 1500071

OK tard

No. 1500087

Weighted blankets are for tards and munchies. You could be both.

No. 1500115

File: 1649820245025.jpeg (592.6 KB, 1284x1025, 3071C6FE-D42A-424F-86DA-6C7BDC…)

guys this totally isnt rachel despite them being exactly like a rachel
its just a coincidence

No. 1500119

im so flattered that you love me so much that you chose to copy me rachel

No. 1500122

yes keep flattering me and stroking my ego while you add more posts to your thread for me rachel so obedient

No. 1500128

Bold for Bertha to say she's being stalked when she has literally made dozens of accounts to stalk people who blocked her, to get into Discord servers or other spaces she's been blocked from.

Bitch puts herself on full display in public spaces and calls it stalking.

No. 1500134

good job! you can follow instructions so proud of the little retard

No. 1500177

ok boomer

No. 1500184

yes good boomer bertha keep replying to your friend keep being here for our entertainment

No. 1500190

thread number 4 in no time bc boomer bertha can help herself

No. 1500204

File: 1649832665030.jpeg (1.61 MB, 2320x3088, 612937B8-D956-4465-8223-3D8D60…)

good boomer bertha keep replying it gives me so much joy to see it while im enjoying myself in the servers youre banned from

no surprised that shes stupid enough to fill her own threads when she looks like this she emanates retard genes

No. 1500206

File: 1649832754570.jpeg (317.49 KB, 1284x548, 196A4FF3-38C6-4220-A771-76B9B2…)


No. 1500209

File: 1649833146454.jpeg (464.25 KB, 1284x1178, 279AA6D8-1C36-4DD2-9AFF-437DFB…)

old milk but lol

No. 1500211

File: 1649833225031.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1284x2236, 3CB35CAD-13EB-441E-AB7B-7024A7…)

No. 1500237

ok boomer

No. 1500238

i think its funny that youre trying to play this off as a bot replying to comments but isnt it kind of interesting how the “ok boomer” replies happen when you’re on twitter (one of my moles follows you and has notifications on lmfao) its fascinating how the replies are very slow and selective and know how to not respond to its own replies
youre so stupid it makes me cry from laughter may you never die
pedophiles are all the same rofl

No. 1500244

She's attracted to kids because they have the same iq as her.

No. 1500245

facts anon all pedos are stupid especially her
shes doing us a favor and filling her thread

No. 1500249

Can’t decide what’s sadder… the idea that she rigged a bot that would ultimately benefit her “stalkers” and get her a new thread faster, or the fact she lied about making a bot and is lurking here, fishing desperately for a modicum of attention with an outdated, unfunny and improperly used twitter meme.

No. 1500252

File: 1649839646557.jpeg (75.07 KB, 1153x811, EC6A6203-06C1-4F6C-B6B2-40D410…)

holy shit i finally found the screenshot where she was offering to buy children sex toys lmfao

No. 1500256

ah got a reaction out of you with that one didnt i lmfao
you were offering to buy minors sex toys you pedophile

No. 1500260

nice job replying to the wrong post like you usually do boomer bertha
pedo brains are so so small

No. 1500261

That pic wouldnt look out of place in the mtf thread. Kikomi vibres.

No. 1500263

it really wouldnt rofl

No. 1500265

File: 1649840306306.jpg (171.27 KB, 1440x926, Screenshot_20220412-193105_Twi…)

Defending the sexualisation of underage characters amiright guys, definitely not something a pedo would do. (Before someone misunderstands it, the replies also agree and don't think it harms real life children).

No. 1500268

what is her fascination with being minors and sex holy fucking shit

No. 1500275

She's a pedophile, that's why. Look at other pedos their whole prerogative is to get the trust of minors and have them lower their defenses. It starts with trust, and from there the grooming begins.

No. 1500277

She's definitely a pedophile, and the damage is already done. We don't need to accuse her because she provides the evidence herself.

No. 1500283

File: 1649842876268.jpg (255.25 KB, 1440x1935, Screenshot_20220413-101747_Twi…)

No. 1500284

File: 1649842935934.jpg (98.75 KB, 1440x503, Screenshot_20220413-103227_Chr…)

See next

No. 1500290

ok pedo lol

No. 1500293

It's okay guise, her boyfriend isn't real so there's no harm done right? It's all just pretend.

No. 1500300

File: 1649845032994.jpeg (440.49 KB, 1002x621, 530AB350-6C33-48C9-9F8D-4EC053…)

Seek help or die idk

No. 1500302

I'm personally not too bothered but you do realise pretending to be a bot only makes you look even more retarded than you already do. It will just end up being spoke about on the next thread.

I thought you decided to stop being retarded a few days ago so that people would stop talking about you but now you're just acting like a looney again.

No. 1500322

ok boomer

No. 1500324

ok boomer

No. 1500350

>>dislikes face sitting and cunninglingus

So you’re straight, vanilla and a virgin got it.

How can you be bisexual and not expect to do one of the most important things with female on female contact? It’s not all toys and fingers. She’s never had a sexual relationship if she puts that on her no list. At least not a healthy one.

No. 1500357

She hates women.

No. 1500365

No shit. She hates herself enough to make a mockery of her self. Not sure why she can’t just say she’s straight. No shame in that. But then you don’t get the lgbtq+ oppression points if you’re not a part of the alphabet mafia.

Man her Sex Life would be soo damned boring. Can’t relate.

No. 1500376

But but but muh animal dildos

I thinks she claims bi because she has said she's into MtF but I think its for show. I assume she wouldn't be into one post-op.

She hates trans men too. A good number of people she's harassed were FtM.

I really think it's all performance really. She's never been with anyone anyway so I don't know why she wants to pretend.

No. 1500388

kind of funny how this “bot” of hers stopped when she went to sleep kek


rachel go to therapy you dumb pedo boomer fuck

anyway i wonder if shes trying to distract us with this “bot” of hers

No. 1500393

OK boomer - haha just joking I 100% agree that shit is funny as fuck.
She isn't that smart but she thinks she's like Light Yagami or some gay shit like that.

No. 1500416

This random kid understands how unfair it is to blame the child who was groomed/raped by an adult for the social and legal consequences that fall on the rapist. Bertha doesn't. She is either retarded, a pedophile, or both. Likely both.

No. 1500431


No. 1500439

i really dont get what the point of making so many alts after getting banned from these servers
unless she completely changes her personality and interests shes going to be instantly recognized and subsequently banned
which again whats the point of rejoining a community youre not welcomed in if you cant be yourself/who you want to be? you cant talk about sephiroth the coomer server without people instantly thinking its her because shes the one thats posted about him the most
i dont get it

No. 1500446

It's usually her admitting to it that gets her in hot water. The easiest way to get her to fold is to have her interact with someone who will roleplay Sephiroth because she always uses the same OC except for the time she stole someone else's….who was a sister to Sephiroth, yet Bertha still tried to sex Sephiroth despite knowing she had stolen the character of someone who was playing his sister.

Yet she sees nothing wrong with anything she's done. How delusional can someone be?

No. 1500459

I think the most ironic part of this whole saga is how she's put herself on a broader radar by advertising how much of a cow she is.
More people are visiting her KF thread after she was mentioned in the whole wharf rat saga hahahaha and by her drawing attention to wharf rat it backfired spectacularly.

Good job Bertha. Now you're in the Bella Janke orbiter sphere.

No. 1500472

File: 1649868744563.jpg (65.91 KB, 625x547, qm.jpg)

lol this bitch is into incest, non-consent, daddy and daughter shit, indulging in those fantasy with fictional characters, and letting children get that free sexual education.

there are so many things wrong with that picture. all I need to know is about the non-consent bullshit and the fact she's out here teaching kids the birds and the bees like it's her business.

No. 1500474

File: 1649868816014.png (1.12 MB, 828x1792, C46E00D6-7B59-4D4F-9020-19FCAF…)

Old milk, but I was talking with someone on discord that has a ton of screen shots from her that they archived for any one curious since she’s attacked them several times on multiple platforms.

She really annoyed this Genesis. There is a train 5 miles long of her harassing this Genesis and a sephiroth. There’s also the bulimia arc you have all been asking for. She’s already done it. She went off on this Genesis for calling her OC a Mary Sue.

No. 1500480

File: 1649869078031.png (501.83 KB, 828x1792, 460813C7-FA4E-4D4F-A436-6E42CE…)

Here’s some of her status updates around that time. One even mentioning she has an eating disorder.

No. 1500482

File: 1649869133471.jpeg (39.89 KB, 828x211, 2DD18B74-1AAC-41DD-887A-864D47…)

And here is a status of her actually saying she purged.

No. 1500503

I'd throw up too if I looked in the mirror and saw her face staring back at me tbh

No. 1500541

All that throwing up and she’s still a hambeast.

No. 1500562

I get secondhand embarrassed from how seriously she takes roleplaying. She must have started doing it at a young age to make up for the lack of friends she had and now it's the only way she knows how to socialise with people

No. 1500600

still no sign of this “bot” of hers coincidentally she hasnt been online either lol
i really dont know how she can keep coming to her thread when all it does is give us milk
my sides honestly went into orbit when she claimed her spamming “ok boomer” was a bot she made

didnt she also try to roleplay as an underage aerith with a person roleplaying sephiroth as an adult or something like that?

No. 1500623


She did! She wanted an young Aerith to be groomed by Sephiroth. like what? lol

No. 1500625

File: 1649881449464.png (12.03 KB, 408x195, 2kfollowing.png)

>If you get a follow, it's probably to warn you [about Rachel]
>following 2,000 people
>687 care enough to follow back

The vendetta Twitter https://twitter.com/fairsinfocenter and vendetta Tumblr https://fairsinfocenter.tumblr.com/ are a trip. And not just shouting into the void, either, Rachel really has pissed that many people off, it's incredible.

No. 1500649

File: 1649882848093.jpeg (188.84 KB, 1284x390, 66296874-8ECF-4149-900A-25FC0C…)

idk if you can call it a vendetta when that twitter solely posts things that other people send them if you actually cared enough to look
plus if youd been paying attention youd know that rachel has been batshit long before this twitter account there are screenshots of her fb statuses about roleplay drama that were posted in previous threads

>687 care enough to follow back

not following back really isnt that deep
i dont want struggle tweet accounts flooding my timeline so i made a list to keep track of them separately

youre reaching too much in defense of a psychotic retard

No. 1500685

File: 1649886565873.png (82.18 KB, 610x431, Untitled 5.png)


this isn't even the first account that was made about the cow.

wingedmeanie dates back to 20017, long before fairsinfocenter even was a thing, so they ain't even the first person

No. 1500689

File: 1649886813410.png (6.86 KB, 300x168, content is king.png)

Yeah, but that's some dedication is all, 2k people followed. 687 following back for that is actually not bad at all. 687 people are aware enough of Rachel to follow an anti-Rachel Twitter account, that's pretty impressive reach. And of course it's vendetta-posting, whether for a "good" reason or not, but as long as the milk stays fresh, I'm not upset about it. The best threads are not because a person "deserves" it but because the stars align to create content, and so far, Rachel has been content. That's the important thing.

No. 1500693

File: 1649886961710.jpeg (185.54 KB, 828x1721, 0A69F7DC-85F4-4834-8533-D61D1D…)

I have been making a collage of her saying this as well as “ you owe me an apology” haven’t updated it in a while but she’s a broken record for sure. It makes me laugh when I’m bored.

No. 1500699

You don’t even know what psychotic means anon.

No. 1500705

Just when I thought this couldn't get any worse….the underage Aerith is new to me.
I feel sick.

No. 1500826

cry about it lol

No. 1500836

File: 1649894337924.jpeg (641.27 KB, 1284x1229, B60E278B-C96B-4098-BFF8-FB7D0B…)

imagine acting like psychotic bitch behavior is a medal of honor to be proud of

No. 1500840

File: 1649894522036.jpeg (839.52 KB, 1284x1331, D6530E3A-95F6-4732-9589-78413D…)

totally not rachel guys
>if they express disgust about kids
1. if youre disgusted by kids why are you so adamant about being around them
2. this is a common tactic that pedophiles like to employ to deflect from their pedophilic behaviors lol

No. 1500843

Good. Go puke your guts out pathetic retard. :)

No. 1500849

It’s so funny to watch you get offended, squeal like the pigs you are and try to justify calling an innocent person a pedophile. uwu

No. 1500851

File: 1649894741871.jpeg (680.19 KB, 1284x1301, 0115E5CA-0B4B-4875-82A6-C0910C…)

she really is autistic lol
im hoping no one ever hacks the cat cam so they dont have to see boomer bertha in her weeb cave

No. 1500855

you really are psychotic if you think any of us is offended by you boomer bertha lol

No. 1500863

Because it’s not possible to not be around minors with the interests she has. Stop blaming the innocent adults and start blaming the minors invading adult spaces. She literally told you what she likes and what turns her on and what doesn’t, and in turn you’re just saying “I’m gonna just pretend you didn’t prove me wrong” and repeating what you said.

You call her retarded and psychotic when you’re making insane reaches with the screenshots of her supposedly offering to buy minors sex toys (she didn’t) and just repeating yourself. She willingly chooses to ignore your advice not because she can’t comprehend it, but because she doesn’t like you, Anon. She isn’t the retarded one here, that’s YOU.

>> this is a common tactic that pedophiles like to employ to deflect from their pedophilic behaviors lol

Then under that same logic I could call every single one of you pedophiles and it would be no less true in your eyes that you are than you think of her.

Your reaches and tales are hot steaming dog diarrhea. YOU are hot steaming dog diarrhea.

No. 1500868

right, because pedophiles love to be like “you got me i love fucking kids” when accused, of course youre going to deny it bertha, doesnt make your behavior any weirder. of course you could put a stop to the rumors and stop talking about sex with 14 year olds, but you wont because you like it too much, and theyre the only people that dont tell you to stop because youre making them uncomfortable. you’re almost 30, why do you need so many underage friends anyway, especially when you supposedly hate kids?

No. 1500874

You don’t even know what that word means, dog shit.

No. 1500875


She’s not here retard.

If she said that you faggots would just go “haha gotcha we made you admit you’re a pedophile”

No. 1500876

>stop blaming the innocent adults and start blaming the minors invading adult spaces
okay berthaphile like when YOU went into a 14 year olds server and asked for the nsfw role so you could see hentai? oh sorry thats the other way around

No. 1500879

Tl;dr. My word is law.

No. 1500885

>Stop blaming the innocent adults and start blaming the minors invading adult spaces.
Twitter and discord aren't adult spaces tho

No. 1500886

You guys are so afraid of getting fat when you probably all weigh at least 400 yourselves.

Rachel is on Valhalla right now posting and having fun and your moles are too stupid to even find her.

No. 1500887

TL;DR im not gonna spend time reading shit that defends pedophilic behavior

idk im pretty sure i do since i went to school for psychology hell even google comes up with psychotic symptoms that line up with your behaviors bertha

lmfao i was waiting for this

so retarded that 3 sentences is too long for you to read

what happened to your “bot” boomer bertha?

No. 1500888

And they’re not minor spaces. Too fucking bad piggy princess.

No. 1500889

right shes not here just the totally real people who definitely have reasons to wk her

No. 1500890

Tl;dr my word is law.

No. 1500891

yeah shes totally in valhalla just like she totally isnt here right now rofl

No. 1500892

You’ll call anyone who disagrees with you a retard, wk, or a pedophile. The word means nothing anymore because you’ve devalued it.

No. 1500893

She literally is. She just posted a pic of herself in one of the verified channels too

No. 1500894

yeah but theres spaces on there designated for adults and children and you choose to go to the ones with children lmfao

is this your “bots” new thread response boomer bertha?

No. 1500896

Tl;dr. Don’t accuse innocent people of being pedophiles but then condone minors invading adult spaces without repercussions.

No. 1500897

>verified channels
none of the mods or dan want you there rofl
youd be immediately banned
but hey keep acting like youre there or whatever

No. 1500898

when are you going to project your ass to the gym bertha
im not calling you a whiteknight im saying hi cow dumbass

No. 1500899

haha pedo angry

No. 1500900

Sure you did fatty.

No. 1500901

Your site is literally owned and run by a pedophile who’s likely just been expelled from her college for hosting CP on her site.

You don’t know what a pedophile is.

No. 1500903

when did anyone do that? we ignore you every time you say it because theres been none of that shown in this thread but what has been shown in this thread multiple times is you knowing youre in a space full of minors and still acting inappropriately

No. 1500905

bertha its okay if you dont know what hosting means but maybe dont get so mad youre being accused of being a pedophile that you start doing the same thing to random people

No. 1500912

File: 1649896614477.jpeg (144.18 KB, 750x1286, 33A669C3-E3F5-472E-B88C-AE7174…)

You did accuse her of being one. Existing in the same space as minors doesn’t make someone a pedophile, if it did then we’d all be pedophiles. She didn’t offer to buy sex toys for minors, that’s you grasping for straws and failing.

She says “oh I’m going to go make more friends with minors” and does it because she knows it will get a rise out of you. I’ve seen her interact with kids. She doesn’t have any particular interest to do much as talk to them unless they address her first.

I’ve SEEN the server you said she got a porn role in and you know what? It’s just a fucking role she has. She’s never even BEEN in the NSFW channel. It still has the 18+ warning on it intact.

No. 1500913

Tl;dr your crush isn’t here. Baawwwwww some more

No. 1500915

haha pedo angry pedo deflect

nobody was talking about valhalla were talking about the other servers where she acknowledges that have minors go look at the past threads for the screenshots
lets not forget her shouting that shell befriend more minors to spite us like a fucking weirdo

i think its funny that your “exes” deny ever dating you

No. 1500922

>She says “oh I’m going to go make more friends with minors” and does it because she knows it will get a rise out of you.
That's not normal and also a really bad way to treat your "friends"

No. 1500923

ok pedo

No. 1500926

File: 1649897329844.png (505.61 KB, 725x499, FB810333-1777-41D8-880C-3FAE18…)

never forget the face (and hams) of the retarded pedo boomer who sent in her uncensored id to someone in lolcord

No. 1500931

File: 1649897808595.jpg (8.36 KB, 300x168, wthisthemerge.jpg)

>mfw the OP of Rachel's thread was banned off KF because it was ratted out by Elaine Miller because Elaine was mad about being mentioned in the OP due to spreading this >>1500901 dumb conspiracy theory to Rachel, after she had been told about the thread by the >>1499745 Nazi Canadian who had also been talking to Isabella Loretta Janke in order to plot their shared revenge on the OP of Rachel's thread…and people tell me the Merge isn't ON (no none of this has anything to do with Rachel but she just happens to be at the autistically beating heart of it all by accident)

No. 1500944

The amount of cow crossovers that have happened since the merge is unreal. CWC was onto something, either that or he triggered a response in all the lolcow autists.

No. 1500951

“talk is just talk” excuse me what? that’s so creepy.

“Communicating with a minor online is not in and of itself illegal. However, if there is reason to believe an exchange is inappropriate, communications can be intercepted or recorded fairly easily and used to bolster criminal charges.”

No. 1500953

defending underage smut. nice, fatty. btw, the roleplay she wanted to do was with sephiroth and aerith as a child bride. she used the word “child” to describe aerith and sephiroth as an adult. the photo is in the first thread

No. 1500954

File: 1649899981600.jpeg (654.31 KB, 1284x1218, DD2C6865-6F30-4B8A-8EE4-FBA551…)

is she larping again? shes neither gay nor trans
also what is this retarded take rofl

No. 1500960

File: 1649900634223.jpeg (173.88 KB, 1080x1711, F9E76C2E-3EBE-4989-B940-7A903E…)

old but god damn is she whiny

No. 1500966

File: 1649901047649.jpeg (118.07 KB, 1066x866, 13B5E3CA-5FE5-484D-828C-519C7A…)

new copy pasta just dropped

No. 1500972

File: 1649901822659.jpg (32.63 KB, 548x415, af3.jpg)


You try to call her a pedo to deflect from the fact Ines is one. It's known and confirmed, it's public. https://forum.encyclopediadramatica.online/threads/ines-rabiey-inesrabiey-pedophile-cpsiteowner.2565/

I'll define underage smut however the fuck I want to, because unlike you I know what it means and this ain't it chief.

Vs. how you think it's okay to randomly accuse an innocent woman of being a pedophile just bc you don't like her. She's already proven herself to not be a pedophile. She's told you what she's attracted to, and you ignored it like the retard you are. She's around kids because it pisses you off.

>>i think its funny that your “exes” deny ever dating you

She ain't here nigga, BBBAAAAAWWWWWWWWW some more. Your tears are delicious.

Doesn't matter. It offends you and that's what matters. I'm sure her adult and minor friends alike are laughing at you.

I know it's devastating blow to even have little children laugh at you for how retarded you are.

>>1500926 I've seen pics of her irl recently, and I was shocked. She's nowhere near as fat at you said she was.

I'm not going all the way back to the first thread to see anything faggot. You always ALWAYS take shit out of context and blow it up to be something it isn't. You've photoshopped shit to make her look fatter than she is, photoshopped shit to make her look like she's another user, accused her friends coming to support her and laugh at you of BEING her, turned a blind eye when it was proven she wasn't a pedophile. There is no reason ANYONE with even a single braincell should believe you.

Talk IS just talk. Just as your reach is just that. A big, fat, sad reach. I know you're crying about it, so I'll go ahead and rub salt in the wound.

No. 1500973

File: 1649901951015.jpg (4.68 KB, 128x128, download-_3_.jpg)


this isn't even milk at this point
i dont enjoy crust anon

No. 1500974

i really thought it was that funnybones/weezy person from lolcord playing devil’s advocate until i saw you post the same link you sent a mod on your yuna account
its more hilarious than it is how you only have yourself and nobody else to defend you and this is what you choose to do

not reading all of that we all know youre a retarded pedo

No. 1500982

its relevant because it relates to how she literally pretended to be a troon to avoid being identified on top of faking being bi and its public info about her birthdate soooo

No. 1500989

It’s something to do with a previous rant of hers from a few weeks ago. Something about how trans men all chose the same names or something.

No. 1500993

It's a public link faggot. Cope and seethe about it some more.

I doubt that ever happened.

No. 1500998

yeah a link that you have been sharing recently and shared again on your own thread lol

aw are you embarrassed that you pretended to be trans and asked minors for pictures of themselves to pretend it was you? good you should be

No. 1500999

I find it hilarious that she’s saying her cat’s name is ink when it’s actually bello. Like changing it’s name doesn’t throw any one off at all. At least it’s not Luna. But I don’t think she would be beyond naming it that either.

No. 1501000

Sharing that link proves nothing. That was a mod. An old mod that isn’t even on the site any more. Man how did you even graduate highschool let alone college if you half ass your research.

No. 1501001

File: 1649903659352.png (32.81 KB, 509x415, C2D11AFC-AB2B-4107-B422-D2DF54…)

No. 1501003

sorry this is just fucking creepy. you clearly like sephiroth sexually so it’s obvious what you meant by this. child bride roleplay? seriously?

No. 1501006

File: 1649904007276.jpeg (429.92 KB, 828x2537, 0F99D49C-41B2-4CF0-91D5-550229…)

She always complains about Follower counts and losing followers once she’s discovered every account she makes. It’s hilariously amusing.

No. 1501008

>>1500998 Ain't my thread nigga.

And it's still more credible than you.

This doesn't say anything? This doesn't say what she was expecting out of the RP. This doesn't say she wanted to RP that kind of shit. Man you retards take everything out of context.

No. 1501011

ok pedo

No. 1501022

proof rachel isnt a pedophile when?

No. 1501030

What do you think was expected out of RP? These people are coombrains on par with your average scrote: Rachel has stuff about (sexualized) killing and mutilating on her RP tumblrs. And I don't think the "engagement" of Sephiroth and loli-Aerith is going to end in some wholesome non-sexual daisy-braiding-until-she's-of-age scenario. No.

No. 1501031

the last message fucking kills me i cant believe she really said that

No. 1501033

please, Rachel, enlighten us on what happens in the story about Sephiroth and child bride Aerith. actually, please don’t. that’s vile.

No. 1501040

Rachel tell us about the piss kink Sephiroth

No. 1501080

File: 1649909991410.jpeg (728.43 KB, 1284x1432, 1C1180DE-B346-46EF-80EE-35F237…)

i know this isnt the place in support of troons but i just find it funny that her reading comprehension is so poor that she accidentally retweeted someone who was being anti trans (which is evident in her other replies and even her bio)
trans rights amirite rachel

No. 1501108

File: 1649911941172.jpeg (297.85 KB, 1284x548, 9DF88CCD-46E2-45E8-9C57-180A3A…)

shes pretending she doesnt live with her parents now rofl

No. 1501148

never beating the zoophile allegations

No. 1501152

Your crush ain't here nigga. Cope some more.

No. 1501154

If that is her Twitter, I imagine she said that specifically to bait and offend you Anon.

No. 1501155

Already been. You're just too retarded to look. uwu

No. 1501156

hambertha le epic troll just “pretending” to be a retard zoophile

No. 1501158

She's spoken about this cat before and posted pictures and videos of it. It's just genuinely a very skittish cat. Was when it was adopted it was skittish, and it still is.

No. 1501159

File: 1649915461438.jpg (81.43 KB, 960x500, Tammy-Slaton-in-1000-lb-Sister…)

imagine being fatphobic in 2022 lmao

as if you couldn't make it any more obvious this is you. Lmao. You look like a pig just like how you act like one.

No. 1501167

once a racist always a racist lol

making fun of you isnt being offended but autism probably makes it hard for you to understand that bertha

i really dont know why youre talking about yourself in 3rd person when its really obvious

the hypocrisy you show is so laughable

No. 1501172


imagine being obese in 2022

No. 1501174

Rachel going into her a baiting arc?

No. 1501203

File: 1649917871273.jpeg (136.32 KB, 1284x651, 8FBD9DE7-69E3-403A-A2F1-7C26BB…)

It clearly does, given you're getting rump rustled about it. Ines has been posting less and less on the discord.

She's under a lot of fucking pressure, and I genuinely hope her hair starts falling out. She is backed into a corner and preparing (poorly) to be assraped by the consequences of her actions.

Look at this face. LOOK at it. She is dead behind those eyes. She is tired, and there is nothing but a vacuous cavity filled with rot, dust, and maggots inside that thick skull.

She is a genuinely awful person, and somehow a girl RPing and having fun and calling out people on their bullshit is a pedophile and THE issue? You have your priorities mixed up and you are going to be sitting and crying and fuming SO fucking hard the site goes down for good bc the feds, cloudflare, abelohost got tired of her shit.

Your precious little trollop quean is going to be deported back to the middle of Nowhere, Egypt and subjugated the fuck out of by Sharia law as she deserves. She will have no defense and no money to help herself bc we all know she spends all that on shitty pastel rainbow keyboards to show off during her mundane game streams. She is royally fucked and it is only a matter of time.

No. 1501205

You ARE obese, Anon.

>>once a racist always a racist lol

Not my post, not my problem.

Refer to me by my name or don't refer to me at all, peasant.

No. 1501219

are you actually a-logging ines on your own thread? thats fucking hilarious

ill refer to you by your name when you can afford your own minecraft server heifer

going back to this comment…
does this mean rachel admits that thats her twitter account? she didnt pull the same old “thats not me” shit and went into detail about her “roommates” (aka her mom) cat
kinda fell off there huh fatty

No. 1501243

Refer to me by my name or not at all. End of story.

You'd know why I don't host my own server if you actually read shit. Go sit and spin on it retard.

No. 1501249

File: 1649921222631.png (46.31 KB, 197x261, DDF613CE-9855-4FB5-BAC0-889BA7…)

youre literally built like heifer so youre heifer now

lol too poor to afford a minecraft hahaha

No. 1501252

samefag but i guess your lack of response to me pointing out you basically admitting that tayuubarbie is your account is because im right kek

No. 1501269

File: 1649925923811.gif (3.39 MB, 498x368, 60A9CD44-5663-443D-A6E6-EB7E85…)

not my account, not my problem. >>1501249
ew no. fuck that. everyone knows I’m Gladys.

No. 1501270

there it is lol
good luck in life heifer youre gonna need it

No. 1501272

look where? give me the proof and then i will believe she isnt a pedophile
>”imagine being fatphobic”
>is fatphobic

No. 1501274

its going to be just like the table saga all over again except she actually is a pedo lmaoooo

No. 1501278

She’s told us she has a boyfriend(s) and what she’s attracted to. It’s enough.

No. 1501281

gonna forget the fact that your “boyfriend” that you were “texting” said he didnt really consider you a girlfriend

No. 1501283

No. 1501287

Fellas new copypasta has just dropped, get it while it's hot.

Hambertha you're really mad tonight, are you okay? Did you shove a cactus into your cunt thinking it was a bad dragon dildo? Sorry to hear that, that's rough buddy.

She gave us a dude's number and he denied being in a relationship with her in addition to being upset that

No. 1501293

File: 1649927868886.png (21.76 KB, 1101x107, 1648023732533.png)

And here fat Bertha is claiming she's never even had a first kiss. It's hilarious

No. 1501294

He did and does.

Call her by her name or not at all.
She’s a lot skinnier than you people said she was. She showed a picture of herself in a dress that was too big bc she bought the size she used to wear and thought would fit, but was wayyyy too big.

No. 1501295

Sure Karen. Nice edit.

No. 1501296

Of course she hasn't. Nobody has ever truly wanted her and the people who did care she eventually drove away.

Talking about yourself in third person is weird Hambertha. I'll call you whatever I want.
Or would you prefer to just be called "Lying Pedophile" maybe?

No. 1501297

he asked for your number so he could report you to the police dw i gave him your address tho

pedo heifer

No. 1501304

She still isn’t a pedophile. Already been proven.

He already had her address because they live within 15 mins walk of each other.

No. 1501306

Use her actual name or don’t address her at all. End of story.

No. 1501308

File: 1649929625936.jpeg (340.59 KB, 750x985, 97B3FF5D-98C7-4C19-82F9-620FB5…)

explain this then.

No. 1501310

easy, its edited.

No. 1501366

oh noes not the hot Lebanese lesbian again, dotfarm certainly btfo this tiem!!!!!

No. 1501385

>>implying this site will be shut down as if 4chan isn’t worse
>>implying that there isn’t other sites we frequent other then this one and post to
>>did research to find one admin of the site in full Karen style to “ speak to the manager”.

Just because you googled her and found her ED still means nothing. You don’t know how these sites work, how they are hosted and how shit works within them. This site isn’t going any where. Stay mad hamplanet.

No. 1501392

>she posted a picture of a dress she bought that was way to big.

Where? You’re delusions are getting worse Bertha.

No. 1501412

He might have felt something for you at one point, but like every good thing in your life you ruined that too by being an insufferable cunt. The thing is you can't continue to treat people the way you do and expect to find love and happiness. Nobody would truly love a monster like you. You can lie all you want to try and say otherwise but some of us have already talked to the guy you claim is your boyfriend and learned the truth.

No. 1501484

so youre saying YOU posted an edited screenshot?

No. 1501487

this is why i keep saying shes psychotic she fits the bill

No. 1501638

Of fucking course they admit it was edited. Is all they’re capable of. Lies.

No. 1501640

No. 1501649

Rachel you still haven't told us about piss kink Sephiroth

No. 1501696

File: 1649966655663.jpeg (495.36 KB, 1284x757, E8599FAF-3D28-4253-9237-F7CADE…)

its kind of hilarious how stupid she is especially when shes pandering

No. 1501700

File: 1649967043570.jpeg (990.16 KB, 1284x1513, 6F2772CE-41E9-4863-9A43-6A1B99…)

rachel praising weird cat mouth dildos again because “art”

No. 1501718

bertha youre the one who posted that screenshot

No. 1501728

hey im the anon youre replying to
i was asking rachel if she was admitting that she edited the screenshots shes posted

No. 1501732

Excuse me what??? The fuck???
That poor cat of hers must be traumatized.

No. 1501761

oh thats funny i was that anon, i was just fucking with her because she always says everything is edited when it’s obviously not, but the screenshots of her talking to that guy are probably fake lol.

No. 1501803

Fucking degenerate.

No. 1501809

Nasty pedo spinster.

No. 1501813

File: 1649980148769.jpeg (328.08 KB, 1284x582, 6FE88D0E-52E1-47C4-A32A-3A42D3…)

im sure any underwear has a hard time covering up all of her lumpy fat

No. 1501839

Yeast infection or BV arc or both incoming.
Man who the fuck wears actual lingerie under normal clothes? That's too much work for me and I come home to a man every day.
Who is she wearing it for, her cat?

No. 1501844

Who the fuck wears that under their clothes? It’s not meant for that. It’s uncomfortable, itchy and impractical. It’s meant for looks and a few minutes not for actual wear. There’s a reason it’s given as a gift for bridal showers and worn by strippers. It’s for show not much longer then that.

No. 1501876

Bertha is telling us she has no fucking clue how the world works without saying it outright.

No. 1501902

Yes. 100%

No. 1501994

File: 1650001482206.jpg (154.03 KB, 1171x1202, Screenshot_20220415-064132_Dis…)

Not much milk but she was in heat for sephiroth for 2 whole days in a row

No. 1501995

File: 1650001596043.jpg (131.53 KB, 1440x892, Screenshot_20220414-201757_Dis…)

In heat once again

No. 1501997

File: 1650001662676.jpg (449.44 KB, 1440x2038, Screenshot_20220414-200225_Dis…)

No. 1501998

File: 1650001849505.jpg (130.33 KB, 1233x925, Screenshot_20220415-064936_Dis…)

Sounds like someone that would have an 100k salary(don't use emojis)

No. 1502000

File: 1650001969471.jpg (287.61 KB, 1440x2081, Screenshot_20220414-200606_Dis…)

From dry humping him?

No. 1502001

File: 1650002146021.jpg (231.68 KB, 1440x1184, Screenshot_20220414-204412_Dis…)

There might be a reason for that?

No. 1502006

rofl that outfit is so ugly especially the socks

No. 1502007

File: 1650003166323.jpg (197.03 KB, 1165x1650, Screenshot_20220415-071215_Dis…)

Big brain Bertha

No. 1502009

File: 1650003231402.jpeg (949.79 KB, 1284x1788, 25406C03-EEE1-421B-B6A5-539173…)

the lack of self awareness is real
if hambertha was caught doing her bullshit irl and someone put her in her place shed scream bloody murder and claim shes the real victim

No. 1502015

so rori!

No. 1502023

That is the frumpiest dress I've ever seen. And god her legs look like they're molding. No wonder she's got the attention of the Bella Janke orbiters. They love a fungal kweeeen.
I can answer that one for you Bertha. You cast the first stone when you decided to attack the women who were getting the attention you craved. Now you're surprised and upset that they retaliated against your abuse? If you had been a decent human being none of this would have happened. But because you're literally so obsessed with Sephiroth and pretending to be impregnated by him you went after real life people at their real life workplaces and personal residences. You wished people would die and harassed them on multiple accounts all because you wanted pretend penis.

No. 1502130

File: 1650027730676.jpeg (559.85 KB, 1606x2048, 51CAA81D-49A6-4952-9DAD-07166E…)


Found a full image

Where the hell did she get that dress? Wish? It’s not even sewn correctly. Those sleeve look so cheap and pathetic. The fabric looks cheap and thin and the patterns don’t even match up correctly. The belt is too big for the dress and the dress isn’t made to fit at all in all places. This is a chaotic mess. Those shoes and socks don’t match at all. I hope she didn’t spend too much on that. But knowing her it will be another “ 400 dollar” item.

No. 1502138

iirc it's a modcloth dress. It's supposed to be more tighter fitting, so I guess fatty got it a size larger which just made her look more unfortunate rather than smaller.

No. 1502154

She paid $84 dollars for that. She really puts money on garbage.

No. 1502161

File: 1650031411470.jpeg (422.38 KB, 828x1177, 507BE442-AB91-4958-9635-20E395…)

Bertha is proof that ugly clothes can only look cute on thin people

No. 1502183

That doesn’t even look good on a size 0 dress form. It’s too baggy and pulls in weird places. The sleeves still look cheap and wrong. It’s just got a horrible construction all around.

No. 1502213

Tbh it looks like a tablecloth.

No. 1502285

Country side anon in Central Europe, can confirm. I know a place that sells them. Usually I prefer the blue table cloths though

No. 1502303

Is it just me that sees the white stripes that make it look like the nipples are sparkles of light?

No. 1502313

I can’t unsee it kek

also why is this literal pedophile dressing like an obese toddler with boomer parents

No. 1502351

File: 1650045842391.png (295.59 KB, 921x1064, whatadoll1.png)

Found the polyester atrocitiy


>What A Doll Mini Dress

>By Collectif
>Item No. 1000010289432
>Delightfully tipping toward kawaii, this vintage-inspired mini dress from UK brand Collectif is giving us a sweet tooth! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any day you’re feeling the love, this pleated mini boasts a Peter Pan collar with beautifully embroidered pink hearts with a lavender outline, short puff sleeves, a retro-chic tailored bodice, and a matching and removable belt at the high waist with a pink heart-shaped buckle. The pleated mini skirt of this A-line dress features two fun and stylish drape pockets. Made from a stretchy woven fabric, the plaid print of this sweet skater dress presents in shades of pink and lavender that softly blend beneath contrasting stripes of white and purple.
>98% Polyester, 2% Elastane.
>Machine wash.
>Side pockets. Unlined. Back zipper with hook and eye closure.
>Fabric provides stretch. Removable belt is adjustable.

No. 1502354

File: 1650045865905.jpg (48.97 KB, 451x650, whatadoll2fat.jpg)

Did somebody say body inclusivity?

No. 1502361

File: 1650046256826.jpg (38.31 KB, 420x406, whatadoll3lol.jpg)

>and maybe it was $15 more, this is on sale

No. 1502426

She paid that much for plastic mass produced fabric.

No. 1502447

I'm the op who said it looks like a tablecloth. I just bought a blue plaid tablecloth that looks so great with my spring decor. So when I saw that pink monstrosity I began to laugh.

No. 1502449

She's cosplaying Honey Boo Boo.

No. 1502473

File: 1650054369000.jpg (103.42 KB, 1080x350, Lmfaostupid.jpg)

Psychotic break imminent nonnas.

No. 1502476

File: 1650054427561.jpg (95.27 KB, 1080x337, Horsefucker.jpg)

So what you're saying is you'd fuck a horse?

No. 1502478

File: 1650054490949.jpg (105.03 KB, 1050x296, Hoesmadaf.jpg)

Oooh she's MAD about her thread.

No. 1502479

File: 1650054561443.jpg (194.73 KB, 1080x742, Grossbitch.jpg)

Nobody wants you around. Anyone who recognizes your account or writing style will run away. Sucks to be you.

No. 1502494

File: 1650055865915.jpg (8.82 KB, 225x225, images (2).jpg)

"I've been a good girl, just like you wanted" hits all sorts of wrong ways when you know she's into DDLG.

No. 1502512

She's also shared some incesty looking shit that I didn't feel was milky enough because it was Devil May Cry/Spardacest stuff. But yeah, she's got so many red flags that she could make another frumpy dress out of them all.

No. 1502552

big talk for someone who loves the patriarchy and hates women and feminism

No. 1502643

You retards are so insecure in your own bodies, it’s laughable.

Sure Karen.


She specifically bought the size she used to fit into when she was 195, not knowing that it was too big for her. Meaning she’s getting a smaller size.

Nobody with half a braincell
gives a fuck what you faggots think. She’s not wearing the dress, lingerie, or any of it for you, she’s wearing it for her and her men.

Stop stuffing twinkies into your mouth and complaining about how ugly smallfats are when you look like Tammy Slaton’s failed abortion. I know there isn’t even a size on ModCloth high enough to accommodate you. If they ever sell tablecloths, they wouldn’t be big enough.

We know you are faggot. Kill yourself before someone does it for you.

No. 1502653

Stop talking in third person you delusional autist. We know you’re mad. You wouldn’t comment here so much if you where not bothered by what is said. Be mad, stay mad you lonely fuck.

No. 1502655

what men? you scare them all away by being a crazy fat ugly self absorbed pedophile

the dress looks fucking awful on you how the fuck are you going to be so fat and have no fucking tits?

im five whole inches taller than you and you STILL have weigh more than i do

such a retarded psychopathic narc

No. 1502661

You’re right, they won’t have my size. That’s because I don’t buy from ModCloth. I buy actual brands who know about body shapes and construction of clothing to fit them.

Take your lithium you fucking psycho.

No. 1502667

i love how rachel will say shit like this and then say that we threaten to kill her lmfaooo

No. 1502684

File: 1650073948835.jpg (156.61 KB, 1080x718, takeanl.jpg)

The men you lied about, tubby?
You have no one. Your parents regret you. You're a sympathy hire at the bookstore. You have nothing to offer the world and have only been a burden since you took your first breath of air.
Seriously, people know your name only because you've made a reputation for being absolutely horrible. It isn't just a few people either.

Maybe you should start to listen.

No. 1502686

It’s one of her tells that she’s bothered and mad. Same with her response of cope and seethe and when she calls people retarded or fat. She’s the queen of projection.

No. 1502687

File: 1650074039661.jpg (106.32 KB, 1009x429, Reborn.jpg)

I've got some milk too.
A reborn doll? Really? Bitch knows she's never gonna find someone to fire off in her hole so she gets a fake baby.

No. 1502690

File: 1650074215125.jpg (339.85 KB, 1080x1408, Ewwwwbitch.jpg)

I think it's fun that people DM me stuff to look at regarding Bertha. It isn't just a single source. There are more people that have been harassed by her than she can keep track of. When will she ever realize how horrible she has been to other people? Never, I guess. But that means more shit to laugh at.

No. 1502691

Those are meant for people that lost a child and how they manage to cope. They are made for people with mental illness and coping with loss. Funny how she thinks she’s got nothing wrong with her but keeps displaying the traits of a sociopath psychopath

No. 1502693

File: 1650074315464.jpg (71.53 KB, 1080x269, bellohatesyoubertha.jpg)

Not even your cat likes you.

No. 1502695


They don't have your size because you're too fucking fat, you ableist faggot. Cope and seethe about a happy girl is thinner than you and proving she's lost weight.

No. 1502699

File: 1650074479577.jpg (45.85 KB, 756x209, heheimrpingmytraumatobecute.jp…)

She believes that people saying mean words to her on the internet mean she's got trauma.
She is the biggest victim, remember? Not the people she called slurs, hurled death threats at, stalked, harassed, doxed, etc.

No. 1502700

File: 1650074572367.jpg (8.04 KB, 218x231, download-_4_.jpg)

Neither of you even know what a psychopath is. I know one of you pathetic cunts claimed to have been trained in psychology, but if that were true you wouldn't engage in this kind of behavior where your IP is logged and farmhands can very easily rat you out.

No. 1502702

You're the one coping and seething, Rotund Rachel. Nobody gives a shit about an unwashed hambeast.

No. 1502705


She isn't even fucking here. You claim she's a psychopath when you're paranoid subhumans not even worth being fed to zoo animals.

She looks great in that dress. You conveniently cut off any reaction her friends made on it in that server. It is literally only you people upset with how nice she looks.

She's probably having Netflix and chill on her couch with one of her boyfriends right now. You aren't even on her mind. You don't live rent free there. Cope and seethe about it.

No. 1502706


She ain't here retard. Cope and seethe about it some more. :)

It does actually count as trauma, especially given it was dragged into irl at least once.

No. 1502707

Do you want me to post everything? Because I can.
I'm saving you the embarrassment of having the rest of the world see just how little these "friends" care for you because it was one of them who came to me about you.

No. 1502708

Tl;dr. Cope and seethe about it piggy pig pig.

No. 1502710

you guys claim she can't even have a man when she has several and has given us proof lmaoooooo weak i'm ctfu

No. 1502711

Enjoy knowing that even they don't like you. Because they know the truth.

No. 1502712

It's so sad that you think stalking your crush will make her like you.

She doesn't date fat chicks.

No. 1502714

You mean the same proof of the two men that DENIED your relationship with you and DENIED even living with you?

No. 1502717


you do realize his response was scripted rite? bc they knew about you people

No. 1502718

The proof was someone who denied everything.
And we still know it's you pretending to be a friend of yours because no one wants to defend you.
Keep on going though it's funny.

No. 1502719

>It was scripted
Nigga no it wasn't lmfao you're so stupid it's funny how you gonna leak someone's number to back up your claims and have them talk shit about you instead

No. 1502720

File: 1650075168614.png (17.76 KB, 574x97, Screenshot 2022-04-15 191224.p…)

The server owners have SEEN your threads and are disgusted by them and sympathizing with Rachel. They love her.


No. 1502722

Nigga yes it was. Cry some more about it, piggy.

No. 1502723

It wUz ScRiPtEd
Yet the man wanted your real information to stay away from a pathetic human-like shriveled looking chode like you.

No. 1502724

Then tell me why I've got the entire server worth of logs in my inbox Bertha.
You can continue to roleplay with yourself pretending to be friends while I go through more of these logs.

No. 1502728

File: 1650075528503.png (139.47 KB, 655x847, Screenshot 2022-04-15 191804.p…)

Coming from the femcel retard faggot who supports patriarchal ideals while claiming to be feminist.

You claim she, a bisexual person with at least one girlfriend, hates women, when the truth is YOU do.


She ain't here nigga. Cry some more.

No. 1502732

File: 1650075657430.jpeg (130.98 KB, 720x1280, 5581F554-9478-41B6-8E6A-DE5BB4…)

Old milk. Funny how she makes fun of someone for being over 18 and unable to divide fractions when she can’t even keep her lies straight here.

No. 1502733

All of you, ALL of you defend the pedophile who owns and runs this website. We know it. We've seen the ED thread.

ED has been here for many years before you and will be here for many years afterwards.

I can assure you, Rachel isn't so much as thinking of you bitches with what you got comin.

No. 1502734

What happened to “deadnaming” her? Wasn’t she screaming out that Rachel is a dead name when she was pretending to be a transwoman?

No. 1502735

File: 1650075757441.gif (1.74 MB, 498x291, 1C646135-DD84-45D2-938F-AAA569…)

this gets me every time. no one tell her

No. 1502736

We know who this was. This was an art thief moid who sperged out over the fact Rachel was getting more attention than them.

Thank you for exposing who this was so we can doxx them.

No. 1502738


You can have a deadname when the name you received at birth isn't the name you respond to now.

She's had it legally changed and had a new ID issued to her, so good luck finding jack shit.

No. 1502739

we know you're crying. we can smell your tears.

No. 1502740

Rachel? Getting attention? You mean the attention she got when she was wishing death on people and getting called out for being a racist?

No. 1502743

You’re so right! Ugh the dead name so true and yet friends keep calling you Rachel! Whatever shall we do! Rachel is so smart and many steps ahead! Super smart!

No. 1502744

she never wished death on anyone. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and if she did, they likely deserved it or she already apologized.

No. 1502745

She hasn't told anyone what she changed her name to, but she posted an edited pic of her new ID. She looks great.

No. 1502746

Such delusion.

No. 1502748

>>1502746 yes sow we know you're delusional.

No. 1502754

Wow I knew you suffered from delusions of grandeur. But you’re really this pathetic to try and WK yourself over and over when you know no one will do it for you. You’re so lonely this is kinda sad.

No. 1502755

File: 1650077108514.jpeg (100.46 KB, 828x587, F740561A-D1F1-41ED-8938-E77CB0…)

>tfw big bertha bought the last size 30

No. 1502756

File: 1650077163966.jpeg (40.25 KB, 612x495, kk17edydaw8z.jpeg)

>she never wished death on anyone. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and if she did, they likely deserved it or she already apologized.
thank you for the narc's creed kek as if we needed confirmation

No. 1502758

File: 1650077347734.png (359.9 KB, 603x343, Screenshot 2022-04-15 194727.p…)


Imagine thinking someone who invited their friends from a server you will never have access to bc it's unlisted was white knighting themself.

No. 1502759

you have no credible proof to attest to. has nothing to do with… narcotics? fuck you people are delusional

No. 1502761

Why would anyone even listen to you when it's been proven on multiple threads that you can't be trusted to provide credible proof?

I suggest you just call her Goose, Sera, or Alruna from here on out because she doesn't use that name or respond to it. Must suck to know your fatphobia doesn't work here.

No. 1502762

aww you replied to me twice, I'm flattered

bertha you're literally giving us all the evidence we need in real-time HD 3D

No. 1502764

rat us out to who? an ip is just numbers unlike the full name and address at the top of this thread and in the kiwifarms thread
if you gave us his number to prove hes real and your boyfriend why would you tell him to say you arent dating and that he wants nothing to do with you?
and your new name is what? sera? you will never be sephiroths sister/girlfriend bertha
are you so upset you forgot how to read?

No. 1502768

File: 1650078739687.jpg (3.73 KB, 275x183, images-_3_.jpg)

Your crush isn't here. Cry some more.

Imagine being so fat to the point where you have to resort to all this. Pick-me girls on this site to a T.

No. 1502769

bro they get so fucking offended when you tell them to cope and seethe or cry some more :D

No. 1502773

She's even replying to herself now… This is so pathetic. When we've all moved on, Bertha will be in here all alone, talking to herself and patting herself on the back for le epic troll wins.

No. 1502774

i like how you say this while using a vpn as if the rest of us are too stupid to use a vpn lol

anyway yes that was me and i am in school for psychology im also not a burgerfag and im not a shitty person so i have nothing to worry about
i will say that exhibit many signs of NPD as well as many other psychopathic symptoms

take that as you will hambertha

No. 1502775

No I know you probably just work at Maccas if you even have a job; we know you don't have any kind of higher education

No. 1502777

manipulation deflection lying etc a lot of this is prime examples of sociopathy rachel
good luck pretending to not be here and defending yourself in third person its probably going to further develop your personality disorder

No. 1502778

putting others down and demeaning them just further provides more of a case for you to have NPD
very sad to see

No. 1502780

tl;dr. Your crush isn't here. Cope and seethe about it.

No. 1502782

i am told that name change records in the US are all public unless you are a victim of stalking or domestic abuse (which you are not) and you are able to find the new name with even the previous name alone
any online background check can show you this

No. 1502783

says the loser who literally exist on a website meant to put others down and demean them

No. 1502784

>>1502782 Good luck then!

No. 1502787

rachel you also exude signs of very low intelligence which is a symptom of schizophrenia lol

No. 1502791

lol bitch no

No. 1502793

in denial i see

No. 1502797

File: 1650082633638.jpeg (179.06 KB, 827x1252, FC0AB694-0C21-4412-B14C-055445…)

This makes me laugh. This is how everyone treats her on Twitter.

No. 1502804

Don't deadname her!!1!11
Her new full name is Bertha SephirothsTrueandHonestWife McHamplanet.

No. 1502842

nigga call her by one of the names of her choice or don't call her at all it isnt that hard

No. 1502847

hambertha you will never have the decency of being called what you want so long as you continue to lie and manipulate and live so selfishly

you went out of your way to post a baby who isnt even capable of doing anything to you because you have such an intense grudge towards the mother you are a very sick person if you have no care for children or even an infant
people like you will live very miserably if you continue your ways
i wish your parents a lot of love because adopting and raising you for you to end up like this must have been a nightmare even more so now

ill await your typical response of
>shes not here
>refer to me by my name or not at all
>kys fag
>cope and seethe
or whatever nonsense you have on repeat because youre so devoid of wit or intelligence

No. 1502852

What’s so sad is that you make up fake stories about people who hate you because of your shitty actions and you’re here hating on the fact that person actually has something you don’t have and that is a relationship and children. Then again, you’re probably as you said before going to suffocate the kid for crying or molest/groom them since you’re a fucking pedophile

No. 1502856

>N-no deadnaming you bigots!1!!!
How embarassing hamplanet sephiroth-kun-ita.

No. 1502862


Wow, are you that mad that someone has something that you don't. You seriously went out of your way to steal their baby's picture to throw it on this thread.

you're hot fucking garbage.

No. 1502863

You would save a picture of someone else's child to your phone, you sick freak. Disgusting.
You definitely are a predator.
I don't care what this chick has done to you, you never bring children into the mix.

This is why you will always remain single and never have children because you'd throw them on the blade to save yourself.

Consider buying some rope and using it, you disgusting spinster.

No. 1502868

File: 1650092246887.jpg (22.84 KB, 500x483, 2k2c3y.jpg)


awwww karen is soooooo twiggered.

No. 1502869

she sure as fuck has no relationship now lmao, she went off her birth control because she wanted to back her partner into a corner. she wasn't paying him enough attention and he got sick of it.

No. 1502870

You're the one a-logging a literal newborn, not us. Just when I thought you couldn't get any worse you proved me wrong. Seriously, get help.

No. 1502871

You will never know happiness with all of that hate in your heart.

No. 1502872

Nobody cares. She doesn't control us.

No. 1502876

yep there it is one of your go-to responses “triggered” and “Karen”

bold of you to call us pathetic when youre sitting there bullying a baby because thats the only thing that isnt able to put your lard ass in your place

at this rate i feel like youre trying to get swatted

No. 1502877

Nobody cares, Karen.

No. 1502878

File: 1650093751291.jpg (609.95 KB, 1080x1220, larp.jpg)

You looking to pretend to be trans again for attention, fatty?

No. 1502879

you know your address is in the whitepages right
im just saying its not hard for anyone to find you and just like how youre going too far by involving someone elses kid someone just as deranged as you would probably show up at your house or job or just swat you

just my two cents tho

No. 1502880

kek you will never have a child. you’re so fucking jealous that this person has a husband and child but your fatass has never been loved. and if you do manage to pay for a sperm donor to shove some sperm up your rotting hole, it’ll get taken away from you because you’re a sick fuck, a pedophile, and a horrible human being. ugly inside and out.

No. 1502881

Bet she's fucking regretting it now. Good. Not like she's capable of empathy. She's just upset because it's now effecting her and making her look worse.
You really proved that everything said about you is correct because the only person who would target a baby is sick in the head.

No. 1502882

why are you saving pictures of random babies? pedophile behavior.

No. 1502883

And she wants to get a baby doll that looks like…Sephiroth. why??? i’m fucking creeped out by this bitch now

No. 1502885

i must have completely missed that but wtf i havent seen anyone point out how fucked up and creepy it is that she wants to have a lifelike baby doll of a character that she wants to fuck

No. 1502886

She's admitted that she would hurt a child if she ever had one, yet pregnancy and childbirth and lactation are kinks of hers that extend very much to her real life. She wants someone to impregnate her. She insists she will have children.
For what reason? To kill them? Molest them? It's scary to think about what she'd do to a baby given her behavior here.

No. 1502888

Nonna I got you covered.

No. 1502889

this post
either to pretend it’s her and sephiroth’s child or something else. both deeply disturbing. i kinda ignored it earlier but it’s clear something is very wrong here.

No. 1502890

when did she admit that/what did she say?

No. 1502896

It was in the second thread I believe when she was going off about how she was gonna have children with her boyfriend. I don't have the exact post handy but someone will.
She said she'd suffocate a crying baby.
Maybe it was in the first thread. But she said she would and I'm sure several of you anons saw it too.

No. 1502897

thank you kind nonnas

shes clearly suffering from grandiose delusional disorder which probably explains why she thinks nothing is wrong with her and her refusal to seek treatment

No. 1502899

ah yes I remember that. I may go back and look for it now. this should all go on kiwi farms for sure

No. 1502900

She definitely ran the fuck away hahahahah stupid.

No. 1502902

Yo, this bitch is actually holding a real baby hostage! What the actual fuck
And I also, can you not ever talk about trans shit, ever? You are a tumor on society.

No. 1502905

she thinks shes safe and untouchable with her vpn but a lot of companies log your history whether theyre a free or paid service
they can also match up ip addresses with her posts and her discord and twitter account since both those sites log all of the ip addresses you log into regardless of whether you post or not

i hope karma gets you good girl

No. 1502907

That's a doll, my bad. Lol.

No. 1502910

its not a doll its a picture from twitter of someone elses baby that she has beef with

No. 1502911

Tbh I'd call her parents to get them to rein in their brat since she wants to act like a child and ddlg shit. Would be a real shame if someone posted their landline and cell phone number.

Stephen C Minkin and Diane F Leeds of Emerald Hills, CA.

No. 1502915

Oh shit. My bad. My minds all loopy right now.
Fuck you, Rachel!
That is cow tipping, but do what you will.

No. 1502918

I'm genuinely concerned she might try to break into that woman's home and steal her baby. Yeah. Idk.

No. 1502919

File: 1650098812575.jpg (26.19 KB, 622x317, 20220405_062750.jpg)

I'm not cow tipping, I'm just speculating. I'm innocent!(cowtipping)

No. 1502920

I take your word for it, 100%

No. 1502922

does anybody have screenshots of her linkedin before she deleted it?

No. 1502923

Why are there marks on the babies face?

No. 1502947

There should be some kind of list so people like this can't buy things that resemble babies or children too closely, creepy pedo ass

No. 1503027

Wowwwww Bertha you've literally attracted more people to your thread. Is that your goal, do you want everyone to see you use words like faggot and retard and nigga, telling people to off themselves, posting pictures of someone's child, etc.
Because if so you're doing a great job! Now everyone can laugh at you.

No. 1503032

For someone who targets newborn babies, Rachel is a vile excuse of a human being. No wonder she has no friends.

No. 1503056

It’s the only attention she gets. She wants more people here because no one else talks with her elsewhere unless they are forced to. People block her on most platforms so she barely has people to talk. Here she at least can be delusional to think she’s popular like she desires. She has more followers here then she has on any of her socials.

No. 1503121

File: 1650128238317.jpeg (175.62 KB, 804x1045, E33ABF10-01FB-4975-846C-5FDD5E…)

Bipolar arc maybe?

No. 1503134

File: 1650129042457.jpg (571.22 KB, 1080x1193, horrific.jpg)

You give everyone more than enough reasons to hate you.

(Apologies, I'm mobile bound so screenshots are janky.)

No. 1503144

Seriously hope someone does call the cops on Bertha again for doing the shit she’s been doing. She’s no fucking victim. She’s a damned stalker, harasser, and pedophile.

No. 1503146

File: 1650130004875.jpeg (61.48 KB, 820x458, 04F047ED-4A76-438F-8CF8-8B0D81…)

Yeah with 22 followers and your rare occasion on 1 like every 30 posts. Your notifications are booming compared to your normal radio silence.

No. 1503164

Oooo watch out she's gonna RaTiO you with her whole 22 followers, several being bots and non-English speakers.

No. 1503177

went to check on the mom of that baby bertha posted and it seems she found out and locked her account
lots of replies in support of her and comforting her about the situation
rachel definitely ruined any “cred” she had left

No. 1503182

Sometimes I feel she’s for vision issues. She sees the number and sees it to a thousandth rather then the number it actually is.

No. 1503199

Here's the thing. None of those people think about her as much as she thinks about them. Sure she's got some disgruntled a-logs but they're rarely ever the people she targets. She wishes they thought about her like she thinks about them so she could feel justified in her attacks.
She wants to believe it's because they're jealous of her. It's so funny that she accuses everyone else of the exact things she's doing.

No. 1503210

I’m one of the people that works on the goose hunting task force. There’s like 6 or 7 people that keep logs of her stuff and make sure people are or are not her across many fandoms and sites so those she harassed in the past and want to keep her away from them don’t have to worry. But even then we really don’t do much other then occasional check in on her known places to creep and check any new accounts that are sus in fandoms. She thinks it’s only two people, but the whole fandom across many planes keeps an eye for her. Only a few take the time and effort to confirm if it is or isn’t her so others can be at peace.

She just wants to be popular. That’s why she talks about her follower counts soo much.

No. 1503213

Post shit then

No. 1503219

File: 1650136946189.jpeg (153.98 KB, 996x1024, 0723A157-B51C-49DF-915A-E6EF94…)

I have a lot of stuff. Depends on what you’re looking for. There’s stuff from the arcana, from sailor moon, devil may cry. Her bulk is final fantasy though.

This is old. But it’s something that many people still remember. She will defend it to death too when she can.

No. 1503224

File: 1650137276536.jpeg (172.52 KB, 828x1013, 3536C8B9-14B3-43AC-8965-CD18CD…)

From two years ago with her stalking someone and saying she won’t stop.

No. 1503244


Thank you for keeping the streets safe.

No. 1503260


it doesn't even realize it's outing itself with that screenshot

Jesus wept, Bertha is possibly the most retarded cow on this site

tell us more about your imaginary boyfriends and all the men that want to fuck your Buddha belly, frumpy fatty

No. 1503263

big bertha really suits you, you should reconsider

No. 1503289

File: 1650144616238.jpg (109.77 KB, 1242x1195, 20220416_152759.jpg)

I think this was shared already but if not let this be a reminder of the kind of person Rachel is.

No. 1503291

damn while blm marches were going on she was sat up in her house tweeting this shit and still insists that shes not racist? lmfaoooo

No. 1503293

File: 1650145186926.jpg (298.44 KB, 1562x1674, 20220416_153201.jpg)

I have more.
I literally just searched "MadamMidgar" on Twitter and found all sorts of drama including that whole "CadetCloud" not being her shit she was rattling off about.
It's crazy how much discourse one fat frumpy autist has caused.

No. 1503295

File: 1650145267544.jpg (116.22 KB, 1080x785, 20220416_153612.jpg)

Here's the winning screenshot tho.
No fucking self awareness.
I've got more, which I can keep sharing.

No. 1503300

>I’m not fat
>posts shit like this

No. 1503303

File: 1650150018423.jpg (58.69 KB, 725x499, 1648346575889.jpg)

crazy how all this is coming from someone who looks like this

No. 1503305

get better insults, cow >>1493182

No. 1503327

I have about 200+ in a folder of her dumb shit over like the last 4 years. I’m always willing to save more of her bullshit for laughs.

No. 1503347

do you have piss kink sephiroth? ive been hoping rachel would tell us about it herself but it seems she is capable of feeling shame

No. 1503350

Consider dropping some on KF, her thread could use some more.

No. 1503352

File: 1650154835144.png (41.53 KB, 798x469, 8CB76326-98F0-4F29-8B88-1CA61D…)

She will.

No regret. She doesn’t give a fuck, because it wasn’t her. It was me, Dio!

Because the mother pinches it to make it shut up.

Oh trust me she wants no part in that bitch’s crotchfruit.

That was a joke to see if you would bite. Hook line and sinker.

No. 1503357

File: 1650155213165.jpg (86.75 KB, 1080x297, audacity.jpg)

We get that you have multiple Twitter accounts where you can pretend to talk to yourself and justify the gross shit that you've done to a newborn.

No. 1503358

Addendum, DISCORD accounts.
Jesus fucking christ you fat spinster.

No. 1503371

Hahaha you bitches are so fucking triggered!! Cry some more for me, whiny bitches.(infighting)

No. 1503373

You misinterpret "triggered" with disgust because you see nothing wrong with what you've done Bertha.
Like you always say, cope and seethe because you'll never know what it's like to be in a relationship and have a child with someone you love.

It's pathetic and funny to see just how far you'd go for someone who really didn't do that much to you in hindsight.

No. 1503375

Too bad. She’s already in a happy relationship with several men. I reckon she’ll have children with them all. >;)

No. 1503379

Bertha you go to bed alone every single fucking night. Not even your cat wants to sleep with your nasty ass. You can lie all you want online but you're the one who has to live with the reality.

And if you do manage to have kids, I'm sure we'll have a thread for their murder and the insane justification you'd use for killing a baby. Maybe you can blame it on your imaginary boyfriends.

No. 1503380

then why do you still live with your parents and remain a kissless virgin at 30, retard

No. 1503388

its hilarious and ironic how you try to correct me on my correct usage of psycho but youre misusing triggered like a little girl on tumblr because you missed out on having a social childhood and teenhood

keep coping

No. 1503399

I doubt she would even handle the first pregnancy with her shit fatty diet, lack of exercise and lack of an actual moid to have sex with in order to get pregnant in the first place. So I think we can be sure as hell no kid will come out of her cavern of horrors.

No. 1503400

Without a doubt. She doesn't take care of herself at all.
If she wants to be some man's broodmare she needs to do better for herself.

No. 1503401

No. 1503406

The only one crying is you hambertha. You and your empty womb, empty bed. At least your head isn't empty because we're all living there rent free.

No. 1503414

Lmao she hasn't been here for days you delusional fuck. Suck my dong.

No. 1503427

Nobody believes you.

No. 1503431

how is it this stupid?

No. 1503432


Anyway, she and her "friends" seem too scared to go play with the farmers at KF. Sad, would have been fun to see her struggle not to act like someone else. Cant wait til she fucks with the wrong person and they come for her fat ass.

No. 1503436

She doesn't want the menfolk to see her in such a state of hysteria, as she is single and looking. Null is also single and looking.

No. 1503439

Null may be a feeder and other things but I think even he has higher standards than to go for someone this fat and stupid. Even the incels on KF wouldn't touch this beast on her best, most sane days. Never thought I'd say that.

No. 1503453

Nick isn't a real person. She made him up based on the ideal friend/boyfriend she'd like to have.

No. 1503474

File: 1650168117773.jpeg (220.19 KB, 828x1322, CA8FB4EB-B965-411E-9066-351604…)

Here’s that time she used someone else’s image to try and say it was herself.

No. 1503479

damn you really are a pedophile

No. 1503528

kind of interesting that youd censor their names when you never censored anything in your screenshots it seems very suspicious

ill amuse you and say that even if these people are real theyre just as sick as you are for finding entertainment in posting a newborn baby on a site like this just because youre a bitter hag any normal and sane person would think thats just completely irrational
so these friends either dont exist or theyre just as likely to fuck with you as you do with other people it doesnt seem like they give a shit about you since theyre laughing about the possibility of you getting swatted i know that i would give a shit if someone alleged they were going to swat my friend after finding their address
just a thought

if you were truly in a happy relationship with multiple people you would have the time to sit your ass here and give strangers the time of day i know that if i was a polyfag and had “several boyfriends” i would be busy as fuck trying to balance those along with my job
thats why none of us believe you

theres proof that she was here days ago and youre pretending to be other people under the same device regardless of your vpn but youre too stupid to know that lol

No. 1503722

File: 1650206952670.png (266.81 KB, 722x913, C8031B9F-FD5F-430F-B039-C30197…)

This was an old screenshot she shared to prove something. I don’t remember what it proved. It shows her servers she’s in and who she talked to at the time. I’m wondering how many of those “ friends” are just her to talk to herself for “proof” of people agreeing with her.

No. 1503731

File: 1650207228071.png (51.6 KB, 595x281, C78E30EE-47F1-4CF1-8DF2-66D338…)

Here is an image of her harassing someone on discord by calling them over and over. I have several screenshots of this lasting for about two hours that I won’t share since it’s all the same image.

No. 1503769

Thank you. Now I know which servers to avoid now and who not to add on my friends list.

I do see ED and SL on that image. I can only assume ED is for Encyclopedia Dramatica and what is the SL for?

No. 1503777

Looks like the scp containment breach symbol. I googled scp discord and found secret laboratory which matches the icon and content. ED is probably not encyclopedia dramatica but maybe erotic something. Encyclopedia dramatica uses swords like a pirate flag for their discord.

No. 1503800

It's interesting that she has so many servers she's in, soooo many people messaging her but not a single soul wants to roleplay with her.
I can believe a majority of those aren't alts. I think the using alts thing to pretend she has friends is a recent development. I think those are real people but remember she ends up rejecting people if they're anyone but someone who will roleplay Sephiroth or Genesjs, or at the very least let her ramble on about her fantasies.

No. 1503807

> having alts be a recent thing
Sadly no. She’s been doing that for a long time. It’s not recent.

No. 1503852

File: 1650219229559.jpg (114.39 KB, 1080x964, 278565754_10209380440145492_35…)

It's Bertha.

No. 1503853

>catfishing with unrealistic black woman's ass
>photos of large black dicks as her "BF's"
>all the talk about "niggers" even if she tries to walk it back
sensing a pattern

No. 1503910

File: 1650224233132.jpeg (127.86 KB, 825x895, 67DF383A-8B90-4357-9976-BCC38C…)

She does claim to be PoC often too.

No. 1503920

File: 1650224797545.png (556.01 KB, 828x1792, 5C5D7252-9430-46DB-B7A9-4134EB…)

She claimed to be Canadian here.

No. 1503927

File: 1650225162693.jpeg (88.99 KB, 828x487, 7FEF4D98-2BF0-4CEC-8C2C-8B11BA…)

The basic white bitch go to for saying they are PoC

No. 1503931

File: 1650225445092.jpeg (89.99 KB, 828x581, 4CF1B633-303B-4DB0-A315-FFE710…)

She doesn’t know shit about how geography works.

No. 1503933

>claims to be Canadian
>crossover with a new lolcow who is a Canadian Nazi
the day of the rake cannot come soon enough
took the words out of my mouth nonna I knew this was gonna be her claim. I started digging around on her parents to try to refute but I remembered she is adopted (probably) so that will allow her to claim just about anything, inb4 fullblooded Zulu warriors in her family tree

No. 1503934

File: 1650225542057.jpeg (186.8 KB, 828x1188, 71D0485E-6F31-4994-B28C-02705D…)

Then tried to double down on her claim when she was told she was a dumb ass making herself look more like a dumb ass.

No. 1503961

She probably comes off of the same vine that Lillee Jean is from.

No. 1504027

yeah actually if she thinks that lolcow is a cp site why the fuck would she post a picture of someones baby not to mention the fact that you shouldnt be doing that anyway but that really does not help her case

No. 1504082

I'm surprised she's stayed away for this long. Interesting.
She backed herself into a corner and ran when it got too hard for her.

No. 1504114

She hasn't been here because she's busy with work and has better things to do, dumbfuck.

No. 1504116

Oh! She’s here!

No. 1504133

It didn't take you long to get pissy about people talking here. You can't stay away. Admit it, this is the most attention you've ever had.

No. 1504134

File: 1650239912809.gif (278.81 KB, 220x128, laughing-laugh.gif)


No. 1504139

Probably "working" on a new personality to pretend like she's got friends and orbiters. Sis really puts more work into pretending to be people than she puts into the oc she pretends to be…

No. 1504140

I think she forgot it’s a holiday Sunday and the bookstore is closed today.

No. 1504142

File: 1650240478142.png (468.6 KB, 828x1792, 8F6C72D1-492B-44F8-AAE6-03E91E…)

Death threats maybe?

No. 1504145

File: 1650240650585.png (586.22 KB, 828x1792, 3B43D9FF-2AEB-43EF-A850-033CF0…)

Guess she doesn’t understand that she could be charged with second degree manslaughter.

No. 1504149

File: 1650240826589.jpeg (157.02 KB, 815x969, 238AE9F7-0E19-495E-8F22-2DE38C…)

You would break your ass in those heels because your center of gravity is off. And you have no tits to fill a top like that. You have like a 40B.

No. 1504159

It's actually a 32D. She's posted bra pics on Valhalla.

No. 1504160

>>1504134 Yes, nignog, work. Where she makes more money in a single day than what you'll see in a month.

No. 1504163

why the fuck do you look so fucking flat then? are your tits that saggy?

youre unemployed

No. 1504172

File: 1650242993460.jpg (29.3 KB, 564x564, a1085f3864ba649f697a1ef2de2e91…)

She ain't here bitch. Cry some more about your unrequited crush. You've never even seen her or her tits up close, faggot.

She is employed, and she owes you neither proof nor validation. It's so hilarious to see you so damn jealous. If you had a single brain cell bouncing around in that vacuous skull of yours you'd realize how stupid it is for you to chimp out and squeal and cry "SHE'S UNEMPLOYED, SHE'S UNEMPLOYED!" is. So fucking pathetic.

No. 1504176

File: 1650243245362.jpg (255.83 KB, 1024x768, NEA4009.jpg)

picturing Big Bertha in this has me in tears

No. 1504178

File: 1650243326047.jpg (26.38 KB, 500x500, artworks-6vjkU2fWoGjyNCCs-toAT…)

how do you know she's not here?

No. 1504179

what the fuck is wrong with you, Rachel

No. 1504185

You have , since the first thread, done nothing but post “she’s not here fatsos!! she’s not here you femcel uggos!” and give people fodder to make fun of you. You’re the only one who’s keeping your fucking thread alive. Why do you do this, genuinely? Do you have a humiliation fetish? Or are you taking CWC’s approach of fighting back by giving people an information overload.

It would be so easy for you if you’d just close the fucking computer and actually live your life, but you actively choose to make things worse.

No. 1504187

I don’t think they sell that top in size XXXL.

No. 1504189

ive seen that pic of you in that ugly frumpy dress
you have 0 tits rofl

youre a jobless fat pedophile neet

No. 1504193

I wish she weren't too stupid to figure out how to use KiwiFarms. she could go there and try to set the record straight, in her own words! but it took her almost a month to learn how to reply and sage here, so I won't hold my breath.

No. 1504195

File: 1650244939331.jpg (293.11 KB, 1280x720, it-was-i-dio.jpg)

She has hardly been involved at all since the beginning of the 2nd thread, and instead just sent us here to deal with you. We do it because we know it upsets you, and we know it raises your blood pressure. You give us fuel, and your suffering tastes so good.

>>1504189 I'm sorry, but she can't hear you over the sound of MAKING FUCKING BANK, PEASANT!

>>1504187 She bought one and it looks great on her.

No. 1504196

Currently loving the fact that if you type up her name, her lolcow information is now #2

No. 1504197

File: 1650244996627.jpeg (133.94 KB, 1325x751, 34A3F897-A888-4911-BE47-3680B6…)

I didn’t put much effort into it but here anon.

No. 1504198

yeah thats why you live with your parents right piggy pedo neet?

btw 9853

No. 1504200

it's beautiful, nona

get a job, retard

No. 1504205

You and your fake multiple personalities are not we. It’s just you and your delusions because you refuse to get psychological help.

No. 1504208

She's playing the uwu innocent route and taking on random personalities to pretend like she isn't posting thinking that her vpn will protect her if farmhands look into it.
If she had friends I'd assume we would have seen more mentions of them or at the very least see them interacting with her on Twitter or Aniroleplay or even from Valhalla because she claimed those people loved her so much.

Bitch lasted less than 24h of not being on her thread.

If it really isn't her, what she's implying is that she's friends with racists, homophobes and pedos, has seen their behavior and decided to continue to be friends with them. Nice.

No. 1504253

Every time she gets caught with holes in her stories, she runs away. Every time and then she comes back trying the same shtick like it's gonna finally work this time.

No. 1504283


No. 1504378

i like how shes pretending this isnt her but it has a good portion of her buzzwords and phrases im crying

No. 1504379

File: 1650273635873.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x1857, 3D05F805-A95B-4D9E-9F9D-18B843…)

i love that she gets press ons because shes too poor for acrylics rofl

No. 1504497

File: 1650293968875.jpeg (297.39 KB, 811x1421, 17E74436-A7CE-41E2-A9AF-19BE9A…)

Old but she does this all the time.

No. 1504529

File: 1650296809838.png (1.81 MB, 1256x4411, Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 11.3…)

No. 1504553

I'm learning a lot about how she operates thank you.

No. 1504558

My sides are in fucking orbit oh my God. How can one person be so retarded

No. 1504565

If you’re looking more through the archives please look up her most known names from before under Yzrch, lady_scary, and unseelymistress that was where all the death threats were to many people

No. 1504573

This almost has me convinced she's a troll.

No. 1504575

File: 1650300984710.png (158.18 KB, 750x1334, B98740EC-3B9B-428C-941D-270354…)

this is literally the first result that comes up when you search “15k bank account” why did she use that image? lol

No. 1504590

I've seen enough of her mad ramblings but thank you. I just feel bad for anyone she's mistreated up until now.

Good fucking grief.

No. 1504603

File: 1650303542922.jpeg (10.11 KB, 300x168, 667468EE-DA4D-4673-AEE9-ACDE97…)

Acrylics aren’t healthy for your nails Anon. Press ons are better.

My grandmother had acrylics for the longest time, and her nails were always yellow and gnarled whenever she didn’t have them. Fill ins are expensive and genuinely just not worth it.

No. 1504605

I wish people she knew IRL would find this thread. Didn't she finish community college? You know her ex-classmates have seen and smelt some shit. Hopefully someone from the anime club wonders what ever happened to this weird bitch, finds this thread (#2 on Google, baby!), and spills at least a few drops of milk.

No. 1504606

No one cares, Bessie. These look like shit. You didn't even bother shaping them to your real nail, plus your fingers are fat.

No. 1504628

How does it feel knowing your crush isn’t here and won’t be? You aren’t worth her time or effort. You only exist here now to please me.

You say “hurr durrrr her fingers are fat and she didn’t shape her nails” like nigga nobody cares what you think. It’s the same 3 to 5 people posting here besides me and Caleb and Ines is certainly one of them. Your site hosts literal CP, and you can’t blame other people for posting it when you have the power to remove it but don’t. You WANT it there, and pin others as the patsy for your own sick fucking desires.

No. 1504630

tl;dr nobody cares your nails are shit and im diagnosing you with narcissistic personality disorder uwu

No. 1504631

looked up her character and my god its the most blandest marysue in history
she didnt even bother spicing up the appearance

No. 1504638

There's so many threads on here big belly bertha. Why do you think Ines would pick yours of all peoples to constantly post on. Its starting to sound like you want to get her attention since you've mentioned her a couple times. The only person with a little crush around here is you

No. 1504639

okay rachel

No. 1504641

Bertha has the ability to crush someone under her enormous size, yes. But nobody has a crush on her, especially not Sephiroth.

No. 1504659

File: 1650309492706.jpeg (166.18 KB, 828x1385, 378EEE14-7CF9-49F8-8AFB-5E9E92…)

>implying only acrylic and press on are the only options.
Gel exists you know. It’s not damaging on the nail and last twice as long. And if your grandma’s nail tech did that much damage, then she got a cheap and poorly educated nail tech.

>it’s expensive for fills

What happened to your money bags miss million dollar home? Paying 75 dollars for a fill shouldn’t be anything to bat an eye at. After all you did spend “400 dollars” on a pink resin filled table that was frivolous and not needed. Why not go and spend the 150 for a good nail tech and manicure. That’s chump change for you isn’t it?

No. 1504671

She has the thinnest upper lip I have ever seen, sheesh.

No. 1504708

This is all you posting, Ines. You should probably see someone for your untreated schizophrenia and MPD.

No. 1504714

Rachel you always blame other people of doing the exact things you're doing.
So are you admitting to being the only one posting here now?

No. 1504717

maybe i should diagnose you with DID while im at it rofl

No. 1504719

Ines isn't even real babe, close your eyes.

No. 1504720

File: 1650315764412.jpeg (88.38 KB, 616x499, 4015350F-07DA-4690-A1DC-7169D5…)

No. 1504722

File: 1650315794329.jpeg (334.47 KB, 1284x590, 1F07898C-101A-4428-9381-BABED6…)

i love that she copes by posting about us on twitter

No. 1504724

hoes mad

No. 1504726

imagine having NPD DID and an ugly dress couldn’t be me!

No. 1504732

File: 1650316443358.jpg (403.73 KB, 1080x1440, Berthamu.jpg)


No. 1504738

File: 1650317563459.jpg (144.03 KB, 1080x632, optimistic.jpg)

Delusional fatty.
Couldn't see the op but this is still delusional.

No. 1504742

isnt there a new admin? anyways at least one person posting here isnt even a farmer, theyre from twitter, and youd know that if you actually read the thread instead of just saying we’re fat and ugly, which if you believe that ines is the only person posting in your thread isnt even true.

No. 1504743

File: 1650318188355.jpeg (34.63 KB, 828x1492, 98EA37B5-F486-4F1B-B7D5-BD9EAC…)

Moisturize me

No. 1504744

the fuck are you on about? i’m a different anon than all those other posters lol. Please learn how to do makeup and lose some weight, you might get a bf one day/look alright and then maybe not be so psycho

No. 1504747

Okay Ines, we get it. You’re on the rag or you’re pissed because you’re unable to afford even the cheapest set of drugstore press-ons and nobody likes you enough to frequent your site on the regular. Your site gets around 200 hits daily, and most of that is you, your sock puppets, and whatever few brainwashed followers you have.

Unfortunately for you, good things don’t happen to pedophiles, and when you finally get admitted to prison you’re going to become your celly’s bitch real fast.

No. 1504750

>implying this hand is the hand of
This beast.

No. 1504751

>Good things never happen to pedophiles.
When was the last time something good happened to you?

No. 1504758

theres more to lolcow than just this board, you have no idea how this site even works rachel, and im curious how you even found that encyclopedia dramatica forum post in the first place. i went back and read it because i was bored, and its the most retarded shit ive ever read in my life. you really have been talking to elaine, havent you?

No. 1504759

The more your sperg about Ines the funnier this gets.

No. 1504768

I’m not a pedophile you whore. I’m married. The best thing to happen to me ever already happened, and happens more and more every day.


The more you squeal and oink about her not being real, the more everyone is convinced she is.

No. 1504773

Oh here we go again. Just because you wear the sephiroth ring on your wedding finger doesn’t mean you’re married to him. He’s not real and he wouldn’t date or even marry you if he was.

No. 1504775

HAHAHAHHA You can't be serious.
You aren't married, you are Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin. You have never even had a first kiss.

No. 1504787

i never said she wasnt real despite what you think there are more than you and ines posting in this thread also if she IS real why would she even care about you you’re hilarious sure but there are more interesting cows out there

No. 1504796

I said she wasn't real but this bitch assumes only one or two people post here so it was clearly ALL of us.

No. 1504813

File: 1650324330801.jpeg (361.17 KB, 1280x1968, E7EFEF2A-5880-41F1-A192-2DF645…)

I loaded her into a few beauty apps to try and make her not so manly and old looking. But it was hard to get the apps to stop trying to make her look like Bobby hill.

This is my best attempt.

No. 1504822

Looks like someone, can't place my finger on it..

No. 1504831

File: 1650325177623.png (5.38 MB, 3200x4093, bz70drxagej71.png)

Dolled up Rachel looks like 'Susan' from Genshin Impact damn she really is a NPC.

No. 1504835

At least Susan is actually married and lovable.

No. 1504842

she still looks old af rofl

No. 1504847

Careful she might use this to catfish people

No. 1504849

good point, you should watermark it lol

No. 1504853

File: 1650326455538.jpeg (28.55 KB, 737x178, A4CBD2DF-1770-4EAB-810F-3E0A6E…)

anachan saga?

No. 1504868

Pressing x to doubt, this bitch is always eating. She used to sperg about those Japanese snacks didn't she? Either that or she ate a month's supply in a day.

No. 1504872

File: 1650327227573.jpeg (97.37 KB, 717x354, CCA3BD67-281B-4606-8B68-9F180E…)

She’s don’t this a few times in the past. This was from last year. And there’s another one from 2020.

No. 1504877

binge eating disorder is an ED. poor pig

No. 1504879

There is a huge difference between binge eating disorder and just overeating and not exercising.

No. 1504890

what did she mean by this

No. 1504896

She doesn’t like when you call her Rachel. She wants to be called sera. But it’s hilarious to watch her cry about being “dead named”.

No. 1504898

She just calls it a dead name and doesn’t want to be called Rachel because it links back all to her even though now all connections of her shitty actions due to her name is now #2 on google

No. 1504903

It’s not even her legal name anymore

No. 1504906

She is Rachel until she shows us proof of her name change.
Or Bertha.

No. 1504907

anybody can pay for a background check and see if you got a name change they can also contact your local courts and get the records for free
this bitch seriously knows nothing about her own country and how it works

No. 1504923

Nope. You either refer to her by her chosen name or not at all. You were warned.

Good luck with that. If she hasn't and you pay for a background check, you've been tricked into paying it for nothing. If she has, you've still paid money for it. You're damned if you do, damned if you don't.

No. 1504932

>You've been warned
Oh no, Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin warned me so I'd better call her Bertha.

And you're admitting to not actually having done it? Good job Bertha. You're really showing us your above average IQ!!!!

No. 1504934


it’s kinda giving isabella loretta janke, very fitting imo

No. 1504936

Smh you're such a retard Ines. She hasn't been here for days.

No. 1504942

You are literally pretending to be people and assuming I'm Ines.
Bitch you wish I was Ines because you can know who to hate and it enrages you that you that you can't know for certain who is posting here.

But okay, I'll be Ines for you if you ask nicely.

No. 1504945

thats fine theyre literally pocket change people could even get a refund on those very easily actually and like i said you could literally contact your local courts just to do it for free
youre not clever your name is still rachel

No. 1504946

Imagine adopting a drug baby and showering it in love and affection, trying to give it the best life, nurturing it in high hopes for its future, and 30 years later this is all you’ve got to show for it. Bleak.

No. 1504949

Seems to be forgetting she sent her full unredacted CA drivers license to Discord randoms multiple times and nary a Sephiroth reference in sight.
Troon saga when? Robbie Aiden Leeds-Minkin?

No. 1504950

File: 1650333073670.jpg (470.62 KB, 1080x1175, lmfaolol.jpg)

Rachel babe you're blocked because everyone knows it's you.

No. 1504951

File: 1650333175655.jpg (200.72 KB, 1242x1959, lowiq.jpg)

At least use a different profile pic you dumb autist.

No. 1504952

i knowwww its the most depressing shit ever she is the worst example of having a chance at a good life

i was just about to post this rofl
not even independent artists want her support

No. 1504953

I'd really like to know specifically how she came by that name, that whole retarded saga is metastasizing now.

No. 1504957

Also what's the lore on why this triggers her so much? I only know she said that calling her that is "fatphobic" and that statement sent me. Is she just saying that it just sound like a fat girl's name?

No. 1504959

File: 1650333516423.jpg (518.94 KB, 807x2384, homophobe.jpg)

Her giving people her unwarranted opinions on things is the best.
For those of you who aren't aware, they're talking about what would be a gay-focused zine where all the main males of FF7 Crisis Core are all loosely shipped with one another.

She hates it because it ruins her fantasy of all of them wanting to make her gunt rock. Just like she hates most of the FF7 females.

No. 1504960

I believe she got doxed by a group of militant shippers (the ones she called nappy headed hoes) and they started calling her that, then everyone called her that because it made her unreasonably mad.

No. 1504970

okay but we dont and we wont so what now?

No. 1504974

She's not a drug baby, it's been proven. If you insist on it, it's very clear that the only drug baby here is YOU, Ines.

>>1504951 I'd call that a nice photoshop if I didn't know someone had already exposed it as one.

>>1504960 Those militant shippers were banned from Twitter. Made new accounts and were promptly gangraped. Karma.

Sure Ines.

>>1504959 Imagine being that insecure in your own weight that you need to try and fail to shame someone who LITERALLY proved she lost weight. You even posted pictures of her having lost it. So fucking retarded.

No. 1504975

Rachel it’s hard to keep up with all your lies, huh?

No. 1504976

you type like rachel therefore you are rachel
youre a drug baby your mom was a crackhead that makes you a drug baby cry about it rachel

No. 1504978

File: 1650335965806.jpeg (126.84 KB, 828x395, B85E2E36-A62D-47A4-A953-658F70…)

Heard this before.

No. 1504983

File: 1650336171926.png (128.96 KB, 606x389, 8E4EB271-2FDF-41AA-A0E2-D4EB4F…)

You mean this post that didn’t dox you? You mean the post that someone just googled your name that YOU provided by sharing a screenshot of your bank account. Google isn’t hard. All that info they posted is available FOR FREE and it’s all PUBLICLY available.

No. 1504984

jfc its not for her why does she act like this and then wonder why no one in the fandom likes her and has her blocked
where is all this “proof” rachel?

No. 1504988

>personality: infj
made me snort, as if she knows what that personality is like

No. 1504990

Do you talk about yourself in third person because you like to pretend you're the character that you created? The character that lacks substance and exists only to be a cocksleeve for men? The reason why you want to change your name to that shitty oc so that you can pretend like you aren't the person you see in the mirror?

No. 1504991

File: 1650336722283.png (2.38 MB, 915x1440, 3BF93F09-A4DE-4B8A-AD8A-A03374…)

She goes by that stalker bitch too.

No. 1504992

I notice every time someone has a really compelling argument she flat out ignores it. Funny.

No. 1504994

File: 1650336921655.jpeg (389.1 KB, 828x861, B9BBD922-FA17-420D-BB22-CAB8BE…)

wait is this what she thinks she’s like? K E K

No. 1504996

Her entire personality is based around being jealous of other women and lusting after men that don't exist, she doesn't have enough personality to take that test.

No. 1504998

Or flat out lies about how it’s fake and was proven to be fake. Then resorts to her usual boomer insults.

No. 1505004

Seriously, you fucking played yourself.

No. 1505008

File: 1650338994133.jpg (93.09 KB, 1080x386, lolman.jpg)

Yo, anyone got the picture of her room/her bed?
Picrel, it would be funny to add this to them.

No. 1505020

Seriously, you fucking played yourself Ines.

>>1504975 Cry harder bitch baby. Your crush isn't here.

>>1504976 Still isn't a drug baby. You sure are though Ines, and it's very clear you're insecure about it.

>>1504984 They do though. You're just not in the right circles to see it. A fandom cannot ever kick out a single person. It isn't something that can be policed.

>>1504984 You'd have to ask Sera that.

>>1504988 Oh she would, because she is it.

Because it triggers you so much. You don't even know what a boomer is or what classifies one, you just know it means "old" and offends you so fucking badly. It's wonderful.

Imagine kinkshaming someone in 2022. Pathetic.

Tl;dr. You keep presenting the same tired "points", Ines. Your arguments just don't carry water.

Note how you've stopped calling her a pedophile. You're scared, doubting yourself, doubting her abilities.

No. 1505026


No. 1505027

awww the fat widdle boomer is so triggered she cant stop squealing!! squeal some more piggy pig pig fatso

how was my rachel impression guys?

No. 1505028

Hahaha you are still a pedophile. Now that you've said that I'll make sure to say it in every post I make.

Ines seems to be your crush because you can't keep her name out of your mouth. Oh wait, but you hate women. Only if they're pre-op transwomen, amirite? You still want cock at the end of the day.

I'm not "kinkshaming" you either. I'm just reminding you that it's all fake and you offer nothing to men besides your sex organs and even then they might not even work right because you don't take care of yourself.

You will never be Sera Rosier. A name change if you could afford one on your measly salary won't change that you were born Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin, and that you have to pretend to be other people in order to defend yourself because nobody cares enough about you to come defend your gunt.

You've created more personality for yourself pretending to be other people, isn't that nice?

No. 1505034

File: 1650340537971.jpeg (327.99 KB, 823x1268, C2D6866F-69C4-4F93-870A-BE0D69…)

If you think spending 50 dollars on Clinique and an average of 20 on lipstick is “luxury rich people spending” that’s sad. That fenty lipstick in those three colors didn’t sell well and where marked down to about 8-13 dollars just to remove the stock when that line ended. And using Clinique skin care is not even the best you can use. It’s cheap and full of fillers that do nothing for your skin. From seeing the images of her skin, I can tell she doesn’t have a skin care routine at all past maybe dove bar soap and a prayer.

No. 1505036

On the higher res pictures of her face you can see all the clogged pores, especially on her forehead. Looks like the bottom of a McDonald's fryer with all that grease.

No. 1505043

She sounds like a nouveau riche, the fact that she’s 28 years old makes this even more embarrassing.

No. 1505044

File: 1650341245427.jpeg (261.3 KB, 828x1646, 74BD8825-7D13-4692-8FF2-31B11D…)

Lol. So much for that 6 figure job Huh. Can’t keep your lies straight. That 1400 every two weeks was also probably a lie since that’s all that can spew out your mouth.

No. 1505049

mfw 1400USD every 2 weeks is what my burger friend made when she worked in a grocery store lmao

No. 1505052

File: 1650342041585.png (84.64 KB, 253x288, dumbbitch.png)

She still isn't a pedophile, and she still isn't here. Cope and seethe about it, Ines, because at the end of the day YOU have an ED article and Sera doesn't. You wouldn't know how well Sera cares for her body or her skin because you've never seen her body or her skin; or touched it for that matter.

I will never be Sera Rosier, because she's not my character and I'm not even a girl. Even a retard should be able to understand it.

You are kinkshaming her, and that's pathetic. She lives a happy life with her harem and it's on you bc you're jealous bc you just can't get dick even if you offer yourself to anyone for free. You kinkshame her for liking and retweeting colorful dildos modeled after mythical creatures, despite how she's said she doesn't own any despite being very able to buy as many as she wants.


Let me remind you that this is you, Ines. A dead eyed, rotten hearted, duck lipped pedophile wearing caked on and shitty makeup while running a shitty dramawhore site where you pretend to be many different people on the various threads your very few followers post, all the while begging Robin Beech to not expel you from McGill.

You will not stop Sera. You will not silence her, imprison her, or deter her.(severe autism)

No. 1505054

pedophiles are so unintelligent i swear

No. 1505058

File: 1650342330992.jpeg (113 KB, 828x690, 6FFBE634-DD8C-4BB9-8304-098CDC…)

>I’m not even a girl
Heard that one before too.

No. 1505061

Hahahahahahaha only you would be this delusional Bertha, only you.
Only you.

You don't have boyfriends, you don't have people to defend you. You're a zoophile at heart and a pedophile by nature. Cope and seethe.

No. 1505063

File: 1650342684507.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x2023, 0DAFBD00-82D6-436C-896B-D7CFAF…)

well at least her makeup makes her look like a normal human woman maybe she can give you some tips

No. 1505065

I will refer to Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin as Bertha and she can threaten me all she wants while pretending to be a million different people.
She can't do shit about me besides cope and seethe while trying to change her typing style in hopes of convincing me.

Also, no amount of coping and seething will make me Ines. Nor will it get you a harem. Or friends.

No. 1505069

Hi guys I'm totally Ines and Bertha makes me very mad :(

No. 1505073

No thanks Bertha lol

No. 1505076

im not even religious but thank god every day that im not a retarded pedophile

No. 1505077

Love how "deadnaming" wasn't a thing before until someone mentioned it and now Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin is here all squealing like the pig she is to stop "deadnaming" her.

No. 1505078

ok hambertha, whos victor though?

No. 1505080

There's nothing dead about the name. She isn't trooning out and she isn't going to one day wake up to be her milquetoast cockwarmer of an oc.

Rachel Aliza Leeds-Mirkin is the truth. Bertha is the legacy.

No. 1505081

Aww fuck I typoed lmao

No. 1505082

File: 1650343775020.jpeg (502.08 KB, 1125x1866, 128B048D-16D9-41E4-903E-81312F…)

you cant be serious rn

No. 1505083

her crackwhore of a mom shouldve aborted her shes so hideous and insane

No. 1505084

File: 1650344033332.jpeg (166.85 KB, 828x1353, 9970B6F8-8D57-491C-9761-86202F…)

Here is what she would look like if she where male. We could just call her bobby hill then.

No. 1505085

What even changed?

No. 1505087

She looks like the love child of CWC and Ethan Ralph
With a chosen name like Sera Rosier she fits right into CWCville

No. 1505089

Blogpost but she looks exactly like a fakeboi who later became a hijabi that I went to school with kek

No. 1505091

Its so funny she keeps calling everyone Ines when its been proven that the lolcow admin dox posted on KF (the same one from ED) were wrong. Even so, her or "her friends" constantly insulting that poor Ines girl must be seething because she's skinnier and prettier than Bertha will ever be.

Whats even more funny is that the person that said Ines was the lolcow admin is a pedo supporter and has literally posted CP… Seems perfect for Rachel.

No. 1505093

File: 1650344754320.png (191.33 KB, 600x600, rachelfrog.png)

how I picture her as she is posting

No. 1505095

girl that line shows up because of the increased contrast it was always there rofl

rachel makes me feel so glad im not a fat retarded pedophile like her

No. 1505096

File: 1650344960868.png (581.54 KB, 885x837, Screenshot 2022-04-18 220527.p…)

He calls everyone Fatty Patty because at this point we all know it is Fatty Patty.

Exhibit A, Fatty Patty. Huge fucking hooked beak nose, overlined thin lips that were plumped beforehand by sucking on a gatorade bottlecap, foundation caked on and clogging pores because she never takes it off at night, wispy thin hair fried by chemical treatments, fat chick angle and cunty bare shoulder to try to draw attention away from everything else.(mentol ilness luv)

No. 1505097

Only she isn't one. Haven't you seen? She's posting pictures in Valhalla right now.

No. 1505098

File: 1650345004678.jpeg (256.13 KB, 1280x900, 1D3EDC86-378E-41C5-AE41-3A974A…)

Rachel every time she posts

No. 1505100

you're so triggered omg XD you're so funny fatty patty

No. 1505101

you truly are a product of a crackwhore rachel

btw 1854

No. 1505102

Not rachel being racist to middle eastern people for their features. It’s like a nazi trying to decide if someone’s Jewish by the color of their eyes.

No. 1505103

Lmao how are you gonna call this poor innocent girl fat then claim you're not? She's clearly skinnier than you, Rachel. Anyone with two eyes and working brain can see that regardless of how much you screech into the void. And the worst part is that this is literally some random girl that isnt the admin.

Fuck, you truly are pathetic.

No. 1505105

if dan let you back in valhalla ill drop his entire internet history in this thread
but thankfully he doesnt have to worry about that because hes said he doesnt want you there even a majority of the mod team doesnt want you there especially arya and if arya says no then its 100% a no :)

No. 1505106

Oh my god she's so delusional what the hell.
All her screams of fat shaming only for her to turn around and fat shame someone else who isn't even here or involved hahahahaha fucking hell man.

She's still pretending to be her own WKs and thinks that doubling down will convince people.

If you are someone else, prove it. Post a picture of your hand and write "Sera Rosier" on it if you're totally another person. I dare you Bertha.

No. 1505108

If Rachel is going to be running around with/sourcing info from Elaine and some literal Nazi from Canada I hope she has read their respective threads and sees how well their respective activities worked out for them.

No. 1505110

>inb4 she runs away because she can't provide proof
>Claims people said mean words so she isn't gonna post proof
>"Hahaha you retards fell for the bait"
>What bait?? Nobody knows

No. 1505111

wow of course hes a pedo and of course rachel didnt do any research outside of what she feels vindicates her
well of course she is didnt you know racism is how she has fun

No. 1505114

racism is the lowest hanging fruit she has no idea how to be witty or original

No. 1505116

File: 1650346229184.png (37.46 KB, 454x406, mav.png)

don't tease content, all the alogs/vendetta-chans are going to wear out their welcomes rapidly if they stop providing milk

also you can faildox me to look like this >>1505096 all day but if you faildox me looking like >>1505082 we're gonna have some words

No. 1505118

File: 1650346336447.png (582.67 KB, 1513x1439, Rachelisretarded.png)

Not that it matters much but the person that Rachel got the info from is a she, Elaine.

Picrel is the proof its false.

No. 1505120

Don't tell her it's fake, she needs someone to blame.

Also I think it's funny this dumb cunt ran off as soon as I suggested posting a picture of "her" hand with her chosen name written on it to prove she isn't WKing herself.

No. 1505121

Rachel for the love of GOD, everyone on this platform and other platforms KNOW it's you. And how you may ask? You're using familiar terms that give you away.

The way you type those terms too basically gives up your identity.

You're seriously delusional. You want to be liked and have the spotlight on you. The problem is, nobody likes you. Because all you do is fucking attack people through racism, gender bashing, orientation bashing, to name a few.

How about you stop pretending to be people that you clearly are not, like trans, Cherokee, male? It's low, and you're making a very poor reputation for yourself.

And as for talking to minors - you DO know that Discord keep Logs of every conversation that you have? As does Twitter, and any other social media platform you use? If you upset the wrong person, they can clearly exploit this and use this against you. The way you're continuing on, you'll end up in the slammer for pedophilia, amongst other crimes.

People ARE watching you, Rachel. They are now monitoring what you post online. We thought that would be obvious by now.

So how about you cope and seethe about all that and die mad about it all?

No. 1505123

That’s why she’s called boomer. She uses old worn out memes and insults like an old person trying to sound cool. It’s just cringy and pathetic. “ you’re a fatsy patsy” who says that other then a 5 year old trying to be insulting to their siblings?

No. 1505124

If she did weasel her way back into Valhalla it's only a matter of time before she reveals herself by being a dumb bitch.

No. 1505127

She'll find someone else to blame soon, I'm sure. Or she'll just ignore the proof like she does every other time people prove her wrong.

No. 1505128

She isn't. Looks like you're about to overdose on copium, Fatty Patty.

What's that? You should speak up, Fatty Patty. I can't hear you over the nasally whining sound of your huge schnozz.

Sure Fatty Patty. Whatever you say to yourself as you stuff another Timmy Horton's doughnut into your fat puffy mouth.

It must really suck to know that you are all alone here, Fatty Patty. No actual friends, no boyfriend, about to be expelled from McGill and deported back to Egypt, you don't even have a single minor to hit up and extort nudes from because they know how ugly you are.

>>1505105 Start posting his internet history then.

Sure Fatty Patty. Mmhm. Whatever helps yo bigass self get to sleep at night in your bed of Twinkie wrappers and McDonalds bags. God knows it'd take a horse tranquilizer otherwise.

We know you're delusional, Fatty Patty. Maybe you shouldn't have started fatshaming to begin with, and now you're sitting on the floor crying your piggy little eyes out while cheap CVS drugstore mascara runs down your bowling ball sized cheeks.

>>1505114 You're forgetting one important part, nignog. I don't give a fuck. You're here for my pleasure.

Nice try Fatty Patty. You can't deflect from this.

She was never here to begin with, Fatty Patty. Cry some more about your unrequited crush. :) We know he was blackmailed by you into saying that, saying you'd leak his dox if he didn't comply.

>>1505121 Oo hoo, looks like I hit a nerve. Cry some more Fatty Patty. Your tears are yummy. ;) Did you know I'm stroking my cock to how pathetically you're flailing about and squealing "It's not me! IIIITTT'SSS NNNNOOOOOOOT MEEEEEE!"

ok boomer Fatty Patty, we get it. You're sad and lonely because you have no friends and you're going to get deported back to Egypt where you'll be forced to wear a hijab and actually be subservient to men.

You say "who says that" but the fact of the matter is, you hate it, Fatty Patty. You are rump rustled by it. You hate the fact that you're being called out on your bullshit. You hate the fact that myself, Sera, and Caleb all know the truth about you.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1505129

only dumb bitch here is you bc you can't even find her now hehe

No. 1505130

She gets her foot in mouth often. And her butthurt is soo tasty when she comes in her #notbothered. If the energy if it could be harnessed it could be a new form of fuel.

No. 1505132

Jeez Rachel just use nigger if you're gonna call people nignogs.

I didn't care to read through all of your manic sperging but you're not convincing anyone that you're "Nick" or "Caleb" or whoever.
You've conveniently ignored the post hand with the name Sera Rosier on your hand or hold a timestamp because you know you can't.

But sure, keep going.

No. 1505133

She only goes quiet in here because she has to respond to everyone that isn’t her and her “friends” in one post. Make sure to tell us we are all piggies, fatsy patsy, retarded, faggots, nidnog, poopy head, phony and what ever play ground insult she never grew out of.

No. 1505135

>You're forgetting one important part, nignog. I don't give a fuck. You're here for my pleasure.

i love when rachel contradicts her “shes not here” nonsense by accidentally saying its her rofl

>Start posting his internet history then.

this is proof enough that dan never let you back in i knew that if he did youd allude to hiding and if he didnt youd be all for him getting exposed dumbass bitch

>I'm stroking my cock

oh no wonder rachel is so ugly shes a man

>You hate the fact that myself, Sera, and Caleb all know the truth about you.

what happened to the “nick” in your screenshots? and what was the point of censoring out the names if you were going to name drop them?
because they dont exist and you are sad and pathetic and lonely rachel rofl

No. 1505136

I dont live anywhere near a Tim Hortons (sadly), also I'm not fat since I actually worked on losing weight (when I weighed less than you do) instead of being delusional.

You replied to my same post twice- I'm very white, not Egyptian and I'm married. More than can be said for you. Also idk what McGill is.

And finally- I called it.
>Cant deflect from this.
Theres literal proof you're trashing some innocent girl, you absolute retard. It's not deflection. I'd normally feel kinda bad for you but you're truly a shitty, insufferable person.

No. 1505137


You're the one squealing, honey. You can't stand the thought of people calling you out so you automatically go on the offensive.

And that, is another dead giveaway of your antics.

You've never changed. And you never will.

You wanna make things better? Seriously. Get help. You need therapy for your multitude of mental conditions.

You will never be liked if you continue on like this. You're making yourself out a huge internet troll who gets their kicks by targeting others.

I can see your headstone now - Rachel Alina Leeds-Minkin: The internet troll that everyone despised. Died mad about it.

No. 1505139

imagine insulting and spreading misinformation about the site owner only for them to empathize with you less and keeping your thread up
god i love how retarded pedophiles are
never change rachel never change

No. 1505140

Type "Sage" in the email field (minus the quotations) so you dont keep bumping the thread and get a ban.

No. 1505142

File: 1650348174498.jpeg (156.42 KB, 753x530, CCDA795A-7567-4D0B-8C49-70606D…)

What is going on right now.

No. 1505143

File: 1650348339165.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3171x3616, 79949F71-2A62-4E2E-B251-0351DE…)

Yeah she’s posted it a few times.

No. 1505144

The site owner probably has no idea Rachel she even is lol

No. 1505145

why is she so obsessed with Ines? wasn't that just a random mod that left or something? she seems rabidly jealous of her, it's pretty funny lol

No. 1505147


Delusions of personality grandeur perhaps(learn2sage)

No. 1505148

It’s her current scapegoat. She always has one. Usually it’s fairsinfo, gav, one winged meanie, mama made me do it, Shinras Rufus, Hyde, Cadet cloud. It’s really who ever she tried to talk to that told her no at the time. She plays favorites and returns to them to stalk and assault them more when she makes new Twitter accounts. You kinda get used to it.

No. 1505149

I imagine her crying about Ines surrounded by pictures of Sephiroth and plush toys, balling up her ham hands and having a temper tantrum.

No. 1505151

Ines was just some completely random girl some other cow decided to lie about. She has no connection to the farms as far as anyone knows.

Shes probably just jealous that her only "boyfriend", Sephiroth, would prefer Ines over her if he were real.

No. 1505153

Surprised she hasn't come back here to chimp yet. Maybe all the bans finally worked. Watch me be late though.

The Fault in Our Dox, a fanfiction starring Sephiroth and Ines.

No. 1505155

She’s either making a new vpn to ban evade, or responding to everyone in one post because she’s big mad still. Either or, she will return.

No. 1505156

Shes been chimping, just as "other people".

Also I hope someone writes that fanfic. I cant write or I'd give it a shot.

No. 1505157

no hambertha, youre here for our entertainment.

No. 1505159

I mean after her most recent post pretending to be someone else.

Also, as far as the fanfiction goes…
>Tags: Cuckquean, Slow Burn

No. 1505160

File: 1650349821748.jpeg (154.52 KB, 1125x432, 9DC67262-8B61-43B4-A8B0-D904D6…)

shes not gone shes just thinking really really hard

No. 1505162

pretty sure any guy on the planet would prefer Ines over hambertha.

it is funny that sephiroth wouldn’t even give her the time of day if he were real. he would tell her to lose some pounds lol

No. 1505164

She's probably caught fire from being roasted online(namefagging)

No. 1505166

File: 1650350161617.jpeg (462.9 KB, 1124x2037, F01A14C1-F0FF-4C4B-8DCE-7AEABF…)

rachel trying to buy used sex toys for some reason?

No. 1505169

He'd probably just kill her lol

No. 1505175

How long do you think it would take him to get the bacon grease off of that sword afterwards?

No. 1505178

ew what the fuck?

No. 1505180

aint nobody reading all of that
sorry or congratulations

No. 1505187

Ew Bertha take your meds.

No. 1505192

Nah I didn't want to read through your insane ramblings Bertha. I don't need to in order to know you're lying out your ass and trying your best to pretend that you've got control of the situation.

No. 1505193

nothing shut us up you fat tard of a pedophile you’re simply just not entertaining enough to be worth reading a all of schizo text rofl

No. 1505194

The fact this humanoid chode is threatening to post that innocent newborn is appalling.

No. 1505199

It just proves she's a pedophile lmao
She can post it thinking it's a W for her when in reality it's just reinforcing how much of a creep she is.

No. 1505200

youre just proving that youre a pedophile who saved a picture of someone elses baby ahahahahaha

No. 1505201

farmhands will just remove it like they did the last one. don’t know what you’re trying to do but you’re a psycho pedophile

No. 1505202

I hope you get arrested for posting that innocent newborn’s image.

No. 1505204

ive asked this earlier but does anyone have a screenshot of her linkedin resume? i want to know if she was stupid enough to put her email on there i want to do some digging

No. 1505205

if it were anyone else i’d feel some pity since this cunt is clearly mentally deranged and absolutely the most pathetic human i’ve ever encountered but anyone who drags an innocent baby into the shit THEY started deserves nothing, she’s bottom of the barrel, worthless, human garbage.

No. 1505207

LinkedIn is taken down but if you look up her information it’s found on certain sites along with her mother’s information

No. 1505208

File: 1650352212669.jpg (626.5 KB, 1929x1080, Idiot.jpg)


No. 1505210

its funny because the mods delete it as soon as theyre aware meanwhile you have a pic of someone who elses baby saved to your phone

should i start posting pictures of your ugly ass mom?

No. 1505212

she’s transcended lolcow.farm. it’s really time for kiwi where they have no limits.

No. 1505215

Bertha you're so bad at lying. All you're doing is proving you're a pedophile by adding such descriptive imagery to your posts.
I wonder what your mother would think of you telling people they want to sexually assault children.
Or the people at the bookstore you work at. Or all your new "friends" on your Twitter account.

No. 1505217

the fact that shes posting a picture of a baby that isnt hers while graphically describing sexual shit being done to it proves that shes a pedophile hahaha

No. 1505220

She and "her friends" are too big of pussies to show up to KF. At least here she can feel like she's successful in pretending to be different people.

No. 1505221

I thought I was Ines? I agree though- Spooky Bones aka Regina isnt a woman.

AYRPT >>1505140
You weren't even tagged, you narcissist. I dont care if you get banned.

You're gonna post the wrong baby some day and get your shit knocked in by some angry mom. Doesn't help your claim you're not a pedo either. I see the Sephiroth and Ines fanfic hit a nerve.

I dont know if you realize this but it doesnt really matter how much you deny anything here. The proof posted isn't for you, its for anyone that googles you. You can deny the obvious all you want but unfortunately for you most people can see you're full of shit.

No. 1505224

Hope someone got screens of her describing raping a baby.

No. 1505226

File: 1650352685440.jpeg (535.92 KB, 1284x1678, 561BBD7B-A2D6-4D63-9BF1-272EB7…)


No. 1505227

I wasn't talking to you Bertha but thanks for your useless input.
Show up on Kiwifarms and then we'll have something to talk about.

No. 1505231

You were the one writing all of those things, no one else was Bertha.

No. 1505232

File: 1650352880501.jpeg (164.12 KB, 1170x671, EF2B5AC0-F4A1-43C6-A8BC-9CC1E6…)

Isn’t this her mom?

No. 1505234

File: 1650352903069.jpeg (532.91 KB, 1170x1645, B7FB390E-455E-4ABC-AC5F-7F34EE…)

No. 1505235

Damn she's making the farmhands work hard tonight.

No. 1505236

lol poor guy. i do feel for him, he can’t be as bad as hambertha. why is this cunt so obsessed with Ines and this random baby??? notice how she was quick to say “sephiroth would kill you all, not just me!!” top kek, confirmed her.

Sephiroth would at least want to fuck Ines and ignore you, Hambertha. he’d just kill you. (this clearly gets to her lol)

No. 1505237

aw whats the matter am i not good enough for a reply because i posted your ugly ass dad Steve Minkin of Emerald Hills?

thats defs her mom

No. 1505239

Sephiroth would even fuck Spooky Bones over fucking Bertha.

No. 1505241

does that Shinras Rufus lady know about this cunt posting her baby on here? (for some reason no one fucking knows) I bet she’d call the police

No. 1505244

i love that you outright refuse to respond to anything about your dad Steve Minkin rachel rofl

No. 1505245

She does know and has been in contact with the police.

No. 1505246

That's the face of someone who regrets having adopted an autistic pedophile.

No. 1505247

File: 1650353475322.jpeg (725.62 KB, 1170x2127, FAB795BC-FC3D-4EF5-9216-0F73E2…)

Found her mom some more

No. 1505250

File: 1650353583004.jpg (422.41 KB, 1440x2920, Screenshot_20220414-201415_Dis…)

In another server she was in she posted s fair amount of photos showing food that she ate, a lot of it being baked goods. She sure loves her food lmao

No. 1505251

bertha’s spiraling, she’s in tears. the only thing she can write is “fatty patty….” and post pics of some random baby, as she desperately tries to maintain a facade of control.
you have no control here, bertha. this is all public and attached to your name, and now your parents are involved. Ines isn’t here. get the fuck over it. you’ve dug yourself into this hole. the only thing left for you to do is stop responding forever. you continue to make your situation worse and you’ll unironically end up in jail because of posting someone else’s baby with graphic text attached to it. lol. this won’t end well. you should choose wisely.

literally the only one posting CP here is YOU. Stop committing crimes you dumb ass bitch. You’re not even an entertaining cow otherwise, you do this to yourself because you’re a retarded autist

No. 1505252

what server is this nonna

No. 1505253

File: 1650353677300.jpeg (215.13 KB, 1170x1963, B75C0BFC-3E09-4FA4-B860-F2FB6C…)

As stated people are watching Rachel

No. 1505255

File: 1650353738548.jpeg (172.94 KB, 1170x2081, 43250445-1C28-4395-AC55-420729…)

Isn’t this connect to you and your dad, Rachel?

No. 1505256

Looks like the Final Fantasy 7 server full of gay shippers that she tries to fit into despite hating gay ships

No. 1505257

anon my sides

No. 1505258

File: 1650353833593.jpeg (495.49 KB, 1284x1718, 7564AC1C-E2C6-4F63-A298-55281B…)

mom even has info on ancestry rofl

No. 1505261

What are you waiting for? Post it. Leak it. Call her mom.(cowtipping)

No. 1505262

Diane, your darling precious retard of a daughter graphically described raping a baby because she was mad about Ines fucking Sephiroth.

No. 1505263

File: 1650354152242.jpeg (155.28 KB, 750x832, B4A1202F-0F68-4293-8E75-4A3CA7…)

once shinras rufus finds out what vile shit this bitch said about her baby, she’ll definitely press charges

No. 1505264

Yes, yes we get it Fatty Patty. You love Sera so much, you are obsessed with her so much you want to marry her. Just a shame she doesn’t date someone who looks like the Michelin man like you.

You can go ahead and tell the Shinra bitch that I’ve gone ahead and listed her baby for sale on the dark web. You better go and bid fast, Fatty Patty. Commodities like this sell fast.(the fattiest of the pattys)

No. 1505266

lol wtf did that woman even do to you? well, have fun going to jail. nasty hoe.

No. 1505268

Rachel is there anyone we need to call for you? It seems that you've really lost the plot today and you might need some professional help babe. Its gonna be okay.

You don't need to self project what happened to you onto that baby, there's no need to lie about being fertile because of the result of happened. Its sad that you turned into a pedophile yourself.

fatty bum bum

No. 1505270

File: 1650354542690.jpg (66.84 KB, 896x955, 20220322_181514.jpg)

>You can go ahead and tell the Shinra bitch that I’ve gone ahead and listed her baby for sale on the dark web. You better go and bid fast, Fatty Patty. Commodities like this sell fast.

No please I can't laugh any harder. Bertha it really is you! Only you would be that retarded to think the world worked like that.

No. 1505271

another one

Diane F Leeds Redwood City Emerald Hills California
Ombudsman Services of San Mateo County(don't post family members)

No. 1505273

They look related ngl. Her and Stephen.

No. 1505274

Says she was adopted but you can see how much she looks like both her parents

No. 1505276

Thanks to the cool friend who managed to grab those screenshots and post them on KF, you're doing God's work.

No. 1505278

Just say nigger, nignog is like premature ejaculation.
Get it off your chest booboo.

No. 1505282

She looks like her adopted mother, but the resemblance ends there. I found her biological mother on FB. It’s not hard.

She still isn’t here Fatty Patty. She isn’t going to date you. She only dates normal adults, not fat pedophiles who look like the Michelin Man.

No. 1505284

Alright faggots, I’m going to bed with my wife. Don’t overdose. Or do, I don’t care.

No. 1505286

Got everything even the dark web threat as well.

No. 1505287

Your crusty cat piss stained pillow isn’t sephiroth. Sephiroth ain’t real

No. 1505289

sure pedo patty

No. 1505290

damn i wonder how rachel feels about her true and honest friends insulting people for things that apply to her, thats gotta sting.
can you stop writing your pedophile fanfiction here, all its doing is reinforcing the fact that youre a pedo, and its weird rachel.

No. 1505291

That’s Ines alright.

No. 1505292

what happened to going to bed pedo patty? too in love with me to sleep?

No. 1505294

Says she will sleep but will stay up all night probably trying to warn her parents by lying that “PEOPLE ARE HARASSING US NOW CAUSE OF MY STALKERS.”

No. 1505297

thats not even how you make “authentic” pretzels.. shes so stupid.
nice try rachel, you cant bait us into cowtipping so you can file a police report against the meanie stalkers on lolcow.farm that will rot away in some filing cabinet, we arent as retarded as you.
again i ask; how does it feel to use insults that apply to you? does it make you feel better?

No. 1505298

Ines and Sephiroth fucking really sent her over the edge huh

No. 1505299

all the pictures of the baby are gone freak, but at this point i wouldnt be surprised if she tried to pull an elaine and post cp to totally own and trigger us, because thats all she cares about, and shes already shown us how unhinged she is.

No. 1505301

I come here in the morning during my first coffee break and gives me some damn good laughs everytime. The delusions of grandeur, the straight up idiocy, the autism. Kek.

No. 1505303

almost want to write that fanfic now for the kek

No. 1505305

ines x sephiroth forever

No. 1505311

You know what I find most ironic about her whole claims of being poly? She is all "I have a harem" but if any of them were real and wanted to fuck other women she would be on DEFCON 1

No. 1505312

File: 1650359256419.jpg (258.34 KB, 1080x1054, owowhatsthis.jpg)

Well well well.

No. 1505320

You think Rachel’s delusional? You’re acting like the character is actually real. At least she knows the difference between reality and fantasy.

No. 1505321

yeah no you’re stuck with me now they’re both asleep

like nick said, you could remove the child pornography fatty patty, but you just keep deflecting

No. 1505322

ines x sephiroth is the one and only pairing

No. 1505323

you really shouldn’t be exposing yourself like that dumb bitch smoothie

you’re cool and all but the rules say you should be anonymous

No. 1505324

ratio then

No. 1505325

i think ill draw ines x sephiroth fanarts because its so much better than sera x sephiroth

No. 1505327

so delusional. nobody cares fatty patty

No. 1505328

Do it, I need a new phone lock

No. 1505330

youre wrong bertha i have someone who cares about my amazing ship art right here >>1505328

No. 1505331

Is this the part where I'm supposed to say DUMB BITCH SMOOTHIE ISN'T HERE AND HASN'T BEEN HERE?

No. 1505333

I'll make a banner out of it nona

No. 1505336

May Ines carry many beautiful silver haired babies for Sephiroth inshallah.

No. 1505348

you have no proof of what you claim just a shitty ed forum post, not even an article like you claim, which doesnt even come up when you google “ines encyclopedia dramatica” by the way, unlike this thread when you search rachel leeds minkin!

No. 1505355

now that Encyclopedia Dramatica is back, someone should make an article for her https://encyclopediadramatica.online

>I’ve gone ahead and listed her baby for sale on the dark web
kek what a retard holy shit

No. 1505359

bro i don’t think anyone cares
you’re just obsessing over the character worse than her at this point

No. 1505364

clearly because anon has great tastes in ships and knows that ines x sephiroth is superior to hambertha x sephiroth

No. 1505371

doesn’t change the fact you’re obsessing over a fake character worse than she is, weirdo.

No. 1505388

File: 1650372495077.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

No. 1505431

File: 1650378765388.png (67.08 KB, 1324x488, inespost.png)

>We know he was blackmailed by you into saying that, saying you'd leak his dox if he didn't comply.

Not even gonna get into "we" but this is more or less proof that she's talking and/or actively collaorating with Elaine. The general change in tone suggests this a lot too, but this specifically: the story about Ines 'blackmailing' Jack Brockett is something that Elaine will tell you if she is telling the story but it is not covered by EDF nor is it posted about on KF or anywhere Rachel is likely to discover it incidentally. Rachel just spilled the beans on her collab with another vendettaposting lolcow, perhaps by accident. All the Spookybones business ties in to yet a third one. The cows really are forming a herd.

No. 1505449

Wait who's Jack Brockett? AnusCabbage?

No. 1505454

yes anus is Jack Brockett; he got himself doxed for getting involved with Elaine, I wonder what will happen to Rachel for doing the same.

No. 1505456

Ah, yeah I was gonna say, Anus already got doxed so Bertha and Elaines story about blackmail doesnt even make any sense kek

Speaking of SpookyBones, didnt he move over to this farms?

No. 1505475

he isn’t even supposed to be here

No. 1505476

>>1505431 At this point I need a spreadsheet on the retardation

No. 1505479

Just because he isn't supposed to be doesn't mean he's not. He thinks he's a woman, anyway.

>>1496757 pretty sure thats a screenshot of spooky in the discord.

No. 1505481

Is Rachel really trying to pretend like she has friends still? We know it isn't true.

No. 1505598

He most certainly is not a woman. And yes, that is a picture of him in the discord.

No. 1505625


No. 1505664

Man don't talk about Spooky Bones here that's exactly what Bertha wants you to do so you'll stop talking about her.
He/she/it has a Kiwifarms thread, if you're really interested.

No. 1505739

you might want to learn what a joke is rachel it might help you not get kicked from discord servers

No. 1505742

He has an onionfarms thread and Rachel will be back to larping as her totally real manly WKs and Ines posting as soon as she wakes up.

Let's pretend for a second that she's telling the truth and those are really her friends in the thread wk-ing her- they're objectively so bad at it they're actually making her look even worse by posting pictures of someone else's baby and the shit they're saying. They'd have to either be just as genuinely stupid as her, or their not her friends at all.

No. 1505803

Inesposting but make it Sephiroth flavored.

No. 1506040

Hambertha, this is pathetic even for you. Pretending to be some coomer scrote wk?

Disregarding the idea that anyone would ever simp for your stinky piggy ass to begin with, is it really supposed to be some kind of flex that some retarded creep would come in here to defend you and talk about how hard his 2 inch chode is?

frumpy fatty old Bertha

No. 1506066

File: 1650414929519.jpeg (569.96 KB, 1284x1538, 575F78FA-9C83-4DA6-9A59-67B9B1…)

its so funny to see this

No. 1506079

The fact that she implied he was getting hard after describing raping an infant even.

No. 1506190

File: 1650421442215.jpg (135.54 KB, 1080x401, smh.jpg)

>i was only ironically talking about raping an infant, guys. It takes a certain level of intelligence to understand that type of humor.
I'm going to wheeze

No. 1506198


Bertha you don't understand humor at all, that's okay though, we already knew you were autistic

No. 1506220

imagine harassing people for being autistic in 2022

hard L mate

No. 1506221

Imagine using your mental health as an excuse to be a stalking pedophile in 2022?

Hard L mate

No. 1506223

>posting on a forum that Rachel comes to willingly

>Harassment, under the laws of the United States, is defined as any repeated or continuing uninvited contact that serves no useful purpose beyond creating alarm, annoyance, or emotional distress.In 2006, President George W. Bush signed a law which prohibited the transmission of annoying messages over the Internet (aka spamming) without disclosing the sender's true identity.

Try again.

No. 1506230

Apparently being an autistic pedophile means humor evades you like you evade telling the truth.

No. 1506236

my point stands. take the L

No. 1506237

imagine blaming her for the shit her friends do

No. 1506243

Bertha your imaginary friends are PEDOPHILES.

No. 1506245

Lol lets say we believe you aren't Rachel (we dont), why in the actual fuck would you come on here and say the shit you've said and spam someone else's baby knowing everyone thinks you're Rachel? How is that helping her in any way? It would make her an even bigger idiot than she already is, and it would make you the shittiest friend imaginable.

But you're Rachel so it doesn't matter.

No. 1506256

fat pedophile boomers will always be retarded
rachel is going to end up sad and lonely for the rest of her life because she cant learn to walk away and shut the fuck up or admit her faults
thats why im never pressed when she lies about her fake boyfriends nobody can tolerate so much narcissism

No. 1506266

Bertha has that Amber Heard energy when it comes to men but in terms of looks she's more Amberlynn Reid

No. 1506290

imagine harassing autistic people for telling you not to say retard oh wait you can
you are responsible for being friends with terrible people i know its a shocker but you shouldnt just hang out with whoever can bear to be around you if theyre racist and talk about fucking babies that makes you pretty much just as bad as them
watch her ignore you because she knows youre right and cant muster anything except
>tl;dr fatty patty shes not here shes too busy being a vogue model and making bank

No. 1506297

>vogue model
my. fucking. sides.
i woke my bf up from his nap with how loud i burst into fucking laughter
thank you retard rachel

No. 1506299


>>1506245 ayrt, I fully expect that because shes a broken fucking record. Maybe she'll switch it up like last night and say
>You cant deflect from this

No. 1506338

smh you are all in dire need of touching some grass

there’s only like 2 or 3 people posting here, if not just the owner. this all just reflects poorly back onto you. she’s living her life and happy and you’re obsessed.

No. 1506339

i love when anons casually mention their boyfriends and how mad it makes rachel
>you will never have a man because no man wants to touch your fat disgusting femcel ass
just mirroring what has been said about her because she cant even make up her own insults aside from fatty patty, even femcel she probably got from some kiwifag talking about lolcow.

No. 1506343

here’s a challenge for you anon. if you’re not obsessed with her, then stop posting. if you succeed and are quiet for one month, i will donate $500 to a charity of your choice.

No. 1506346

Bertha how many different IPs have you had to use with all the times you've been banned lmfao

No. 1506348

Bertha you don't even have $500 to your name right now

No. 1506349

I'm the only anon who posting itt. I'll do it if you deposit the $500 in my bank account.

No. 1506350

what happened to “im not enjoying this and wish it would stop” you cant have it both ways bertha
this would be a great plan if there really was only one person posting here but seeing as you bump your thread so fucking much with the heavy whipping cream that is you constantly sperging out and trying to wk yourself that’s literally impossible

No. 1506351

and just like that, you all fail. you don’t care about helping others, just your obsession.

No. 1506361

you know this is what people with NPD say to manipulate others right

No. 1506362

i really wish i was a psychiatrist right now just so i could understand what the fuck is wrong with her. she reminds me of chris chan so much, but shes not nearly as mentally challenged as to make me feel bad for some of the trolling he went through in ye olden days,(pre running people over, pepper spraying employees, and rape) but clearly she is mentally challenged on some level, she got sent to retard school. i just really wonder what it is, the crack induced brain damage? why is she a pathological liar? sorry for slight ot and borderline armchairing, but she is truly an enigma.
oh please rachel you were never going to do it, especially because we probably wouldve asked you to give it to impoverished african children, and we all know how much you hate black people.

No. 1506365

ill double your totally real donation if bertha stops talking to minors for a month

No. 1506367

File: 1650436677929.jpg (145.13 KB, 1080x455, whatisthishunny.jpg)

Are you for real? Are you really for real? You're going to let your "friends" be pedophiles and absolutely vile human beings and not cut ties with them?
But let's be real. We all know it's you, Bertha. We know you're the one posting to defend yourself and think blaming "friends" will hide your responsibility.

You think you're clever. If anyone is obsessed it's you, because all of this started over you batching about not having a Sephiroth to fuck.

No. 1506379

if shes going to pin this on her “friends” it says a lot about her and her standards
her “boyfriends” are probably pedos just like her “friends”

No. 1506382

this is why no one believes you when you say you arent here rachel and why not just reply to my post? because you know everyone would tear this response to shreds? you know youre wrong, you arent responsible for your “friends” actions, but you’re responsible for your supposed relationship to these supposed people. you literally just said “i dont care if my friends post pictures of babies on a site i insist is for hosting cp, and i dont care if they graphically describe someone fucking said baby, who by the way is the child of someone i have twitter beef with.” you are so fucked in the head, maybe pedophilia really is a mental illness.

No. 1506411

So I was minding my business looking through A&H on Kiwifarms right?? There was something that reminded me of Rachel.

For those of you who don't use KF: https://news.yahoo.com/womans-fatal-stabbing-livestreamed-facebook-182953272.html
For those of you who do: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/womans-fatal-stabbing-livestreamed-on-facebook-man-charged.117221/

Why did it remind me of Rachel?
Because she really would get herself into a situation like this if she thinks that friends should behave like that.
Let's say Nick and Caleb (the names she gave these dudes) are hypothetically real. In her mind she has molded them to behave how she would want someone to behave defending her.

One day she'd be the receiving end of such horrible things because she doesn't hold people accountable for the horrible things they do.

Again, this is hypothetical because nobody sane believes they're real. I'm just looking deeper into what she's doing and seeing that article made me think deeply about it. I really do believe she'd get herself killed because she invited that sort of toxicity into her life and she's enough of a narc to run her mouth without fearing the consequences.

No. 1506470

no anon. your bank account is not a reputable charity. you’ve taken advantage of too many innocent people.


doesn’t matter. you could have benefitted domestic abuse victims. you could have benefitted children with cancer, abused children, refugees, the homeless, animals, or anything you wanted with your silence. but you can’t stay quiet or take anything seriously long enough to do that. you have no control over yourselves, no sense of delayed gratification. you need to harass, need to dox, need to shame someone NOW to inflate your own ego; even if preoccupying yourself with someone else or doing literally anything else you enjoy for a month would help a good cause. ive seen and treated people like you many times before at my work. you are sick and in dire need of psychiatric and probably chemical help. you are addicted and will be the cause of your own downfall.

No. 1506483

so now youre stealing psych anons swag? we know you dont have a job that requires anything more than a standard 4 year degree bertha, possibly even 2 year degree actually.

No. 1506511

Oh a new character has been developed by Bertha. This is the moralfag persona here to shame us.

No. 1506522

ive said it once and ill say it again
i diagnose you with narcissistic personality behavior boomer bertha/pedo patty/retard rachel

No. 1506523

typing in all lowercase won’t make us believe you’re a different person bertha lol

No. 1506535

i think its hilarious that shes literally trying to guilt us for something she could just do on her own if she was truly a good person.. which shes not because shes using it as a bargaining chip as emotional/psychological manipulators do (common in people with BPD and NPD)

i think shes trying to moralfag because her family got posted in the thread and now shes scared itll get out to them or that theyll find out on top of the fact that she wants to “win” and have bragging rights getting everyone to bend to her whim instead of just walking away

No. 1506542

You know so little about her, it’s laughable.

Everything you say about her that hasn’t been proven is just another delusion in your addled and broken minds.

sex education =/= pedophilia.
liking animal dildos =/= zoophilia. You literally have a zoophile in your midsts that fucks his “therapy cat”, but someone who just looks at dildos and admires the craftsmanship that went into it without buying anything is somehow too much and definitely a zoophile? If she allegedly owns so many of these dildos and still manages to afford everything else, how exactly does she have “not a dollar to her name”? Why does she allegedly own so many if she’s told you multiple times that penetration is uncomfortable for her even with lubricant?

Previous posters have made this point again and again. It stood before, it stands now. Even if Ines doesn’t own this website, doesn’t change the fact that child pornography is hosted here and staff refuse to remove it. You can remove it, you just don’t want to.

You’ve lost track of what actually matters, and are being played as fools. When what is coming to you finally arrives, you will have nobody to blame but yourselves.

No. 1506543

they know and don’t care. you’re being laughed at.

No. 1506549

>If she allegedly owns so many of these dildos
pretty sure nobody said that were just laughing at you thirsting over animal cock because youre that desperate

>Previous posters

you mean you pretending to be other people? rofl

>You’ve lost track of what actually matters, and are being played as fools. When what is coming to you finally arrives, you will have nobody to blame but yourselves.

cry about it fat pedo boomer

If they really do know like youre saying then i guess that answers everything: your parents are pieces of shit that raised you to be a piece of shit like them

No. 1506550

Bertha, lemme ask you something.
Do you sniff your own farts and consider them masterpieces because you served us a steaming pile of shit.
You're not even trying at this point. You were a lot more believable when you were Inesposting.

No. 1506552

>liking animal dildos doesnt mean u wanna fuck animals!!!
do you fucking hear yourself rachel? and who in the fuck are you even talking about
>staff refuses to remove it
youre lying again bertha what mental disorder is is that makes you lie so much?

No. 1506554

>Why does she allegedly own so many if she’s told you multiple times that penetration is uncomfortable for her even with lubricant?
Rachel what about all that sex you were having and all those crotch goblins you were wanting to spawn.

The kingdom hearts timeline makes more sense than your endless drivel.

No. 1506557

File: 1650445196165.jpeg (772.5 KB, 1284x2338, 0C98611A-9C9C-45B8-B068-086C01…)

this one lol

No. 1506559

File: 1650445369754.jpeg (490.82 KB, 1284x1259, 1206F58D-E8D7-4E96-B7A5-7BE69E…)

rachel summed up in one pic

No. 1506604


No. 1506607

File: 1650452621395.jpeg (427.92 KB, 1284x1084, 1C875C51-A953-40A4-A35A-EA7D29…)

ive been donating to RAINN every month for 5 years im sure other people here do similar
youre a manipulator

No. 1506617


Yep this is accurate.

No. 1506618

File: 1650455441204.jpeg (818.84 KB, 1284x1486, 44A55CA5-F99D-46D2-8F2F-47FDCD…)

suddenly the bf exists again

No. 1506619

Just donated 100 to unicef in lolcows name. We're safe guys, we can go back to trashing fat Bertha. I dare you to match it you fat cow.

No. 1506638

Ugh, who can't relate to that. I'm always leaving my hydro flask by the door when I'm having a romp. My bf likes toothy dry mouth bjs so I just get the hydro flask when mommy picks me up from the romp session win win

No. 1506649

File: 1650459996045.jpg (70.79 KB, 1078x657, Screenshot_20220420_150435.jpg)

Lol dropped picrel. If only to let Bertha know that even the Europeans are laughing at her.

No. 1506673

File: 1650463229734.jpeg (71.67 KB, 750x962, A22145EC-D9DD-45E8-88D2-5B5272…)

I will donate $501 to a charity of YOUR choice if you can prove without a doubt that there is one single other person defending you in this thread. In fact, I’ll even never ever post in this thread again if you can prove it. Please, it would make my day. Even your fucking friends don’t defend you to your face… it genuinely makes me feel sympathy for you with how little defenders you have… I mean, come on, even Chris Chan had unironic supporters.

No. 1506703

Damn I'll pay her 500 dollars if she can prove that her boyfriend/friends are real people with a timestamped picture.

No. 1506710

And it has to be a 'Boyfriend' she knows in person as in IRL who lives in California.

Old Posts do not count.

No. 1506759

I donate 500 a month to the Ukraine benefit currently. My job matches dollar for dollar up to 1000 in my name. So that’s 1000 a month since what? February? I change my donation depending on who needs it at the time. I expect nothing back. Rachel only “ donates” if it’s buying something that a small % of the proceeds go to some over advertised charity.

No. 1506760

Rachel, why wont you answer my question?
You're so laughably transparent and predictable. It makes it hilarious that you're delusional enough to think anyone believes your shit.
How does it feel to be nearly 30 years old and having to make up boyfriends and friends because you're such an awful person that no one in real life wants anything to do with you? You'll continue living with your parents until the day they die, then you'll waste away alone with only your Sephiroth pillow, plushie and animal dildos as company. Bleak.

inb4 >>she ain't here, you're single and fat!
No one believes that, I'm married and i weigh at least 40lbs less than you.

No. 1506841

That reminds me of the time she was lying about her first boyfriend and someone came to find out he live in a whole ass other state while she was sperging saying, “Muh Boyfriend lives with me, and we have nonstop sex cause of my wet sopping vagina.”

No. 1506893


Exactly why I said that. I didn't want her randomly bullshitting her way to the cash prize. Especially since she's the type to do that sort of thing.

No. 1506901

You're a good anon. High five.

No. 1506954


No. 1506966

You spent money on this?

No. 1507066

>muh sloppy wet vagina
>I have to constantly wear a sanitary pad@!!!
kek gross

No. 1507124

Horsecock dildos for Ukraine or something of that nature.

No. 1507221

No. 1507275

Ayrt but what? Rachel probably would but then she can’t even afford that much to donate to something that isn’t for her own gain.

No. 1507332

Rachel do you have plans to join the lolcow uprising?

No. 1507394

File: 1650505923390.jpg (133.08 KB, 1080x694, fattypatty.jpg)

You sure about that?

No. 1507402

File: 1650506560340.jpg (502.39 KB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_20220420-200214_Twi…)

New Bertha dropped

No. 1507407

File: 1650507064957.jpeg (703.17 KB, 1284x988, 9804AC75-6012-4DA9-8A87-0DA50F…)

i dont think its her the banner is a dead giveaway but their bio says parody

No. 1507408

Omg it is, that's even funnier.

No. 1507429

Hats off to whoever made the parody that's fuckin golden