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File: 1606797656021.jpeg (441.57 KB, 1485x1798, EF726D05-8977-43C8-9233-2814F8…)

No. 1095830

Current active account

26 year old Sephiroth obsessed Twitter role player known for staking and harassing Sephoroth accounts and not taking any ones attempts to help her be accepted in the communities she try’s to enter.

She’s been banned from Twitter several times for her behavior but makes new accounts to continue her assault.

Demands respect when she degraded others and then turns around to play victim when people call her out on her ship.

Has claimed she works for Stanford university but has been found to work for the book store on the campus which is not a part of the university. It’s only an approved resource.

Has called people racist slurs, homophobic slurs, made fun of people for their handicap and said it’s okay because she has “assburgers” as she says, makes fun of people for not knowing english, feels her weight is perfectly healthy and that she’s the most beautiful person around and talks to minors about adult subjects while knowing they are minors.

She is also known for harassing people on discord. And has been known to be the cause of people leaving fandoms and disappearing entirely.

Harasses people in other fandoms including:
The Arcana Game
Devil May Cry
Final Fantasy

Precious thread she was talked about was in >>925657

No. 1095869

File: 1606803078929.png (260.41 KB, 423x562, Screenshot 2020-12-01 121339 (…)

She posts photos like this online.

No. 1095873

File: 1606803439206.png (35.99 KB, 598x131, Screenshot 2020-12-01 121406.p…)

She is also highly delusional and frequently posts about how pretty she is.
I am just left gobsmacked that she thinks she is model material.

No. 1095875

File: 1606803684686.png (283.15 KB, 888x560, Screenshot 2020-12-01 172129.p…)

She doxxed herself a few months ago.

No. 1095878

File: 1606804056965.png (125.63 KB, 341x557, Screenshot 2020-12-01 172710.p…)

She messages kids and talks about sex and grooming with them. Haven't found the screenshots about grooming, but I did find this recent one about how she talks to minors.

No. 1095881

File: 1606804592763.png (41.81 KB, 492x357, Screenshot 2020-12-01 173619.p…)

I am also digging this one up which was discussed on the other thread.

Seems she was unhappy with the services provided by the mental health facility.

No. 1095882

File: 1606804822993.png (41.34 KB, 501x368, Screenshot 2020-12-01 174017.p…)

No. 1095888

File: 1606805889917.png (54.7 KB, 582x472, Screenshot 2020-12-01 175801.p…)

There is a whole twitter dedicated to archiving her posts. So much to go through.

But here is something from my Discord.

No. 1095890

She one time claimed a good friend of mine who works with animal rescues, fosters kittens, and owns her own rescue animals to me that she abused animals and even her own pets (the friend) and then got upset when I showed her evidence of my friends pets completely happy and healthy.

What kind of person lies about something so serious and about someone who rescues animals like that?

No. 1095894

File: 1606806308572.jpeg (278.35 KB, 763x2427, 34954C0C-2F29-469F-BC68-9D53B8…)

How many cultures and religions has she appropriated? She tried to do some Slavic cultural makeup based off of nesting dolls, she’s claiming she’s Cherokee Blackfoot native, then she claims she’s Jewish and also has her whole room done in Japanese street theme? Pick one and stick with it.

No. 1095896

File: 1606806524766.png (339.76 KB, 828x1792, 803BAA9E-2840-4337-A1FB-01C86E…)

Here’s the start of when I tried to tell her what was wrong and why people didn’t like her and tried to help her get better. This is what I got when I told her I was done trying and she was on her own. This same message was sent to me in bursts of 20-30 an hour for almost a month.

No. 1095901

File: 1606806843226.jpeg (138.45 KB, 820x875, 9D043114-6CCA-4143-8614-E7DFCB…)

There was this person who called her our then jumped ship. But I don’t think it’s fair evidence since she’s not exactly caught in the act.

No. 1095908

File: 1606808722261.png (2.57 KB, 266x130, bun.png)

So how do you know her, exactly?

No. 1095911

Unfortunately know her through many fandoms. Myself I knew her cause she began to harass a friend and as soon as I tried to defend she began to target harass me non stop because I main-ed a sephiroth

No. 1095925


Same with me, I know her through fandoms and she has harassed my friends and then me when I stepped in.

No. 1095930

File: 1606810608898.jpeg (237.76 KB, 828x800, AC7DBA8B-D17F-4CB7-AF57-6C3C0F…)

bootleg Timmy Turner

No. 1095942

File: 1606812134459.jpeg (59.46 KB, 828x430, 9372E43F-6B9B-44B3-8EC4-C182D7…)

Personally? No. But she did approach me when I joined the final fantasy fandom under a sephiroth account within about an hour of making the account. I knew of her from the arcana fandom and saw the shit show she did in one of the more well known discord servers there. When remake came out it sparked my interest with final fantasy again and I joined the Twitter community. There she approached me almost instantly after making my blog. There I looked at her profile and it’s just all over her page. Her slamming people for calling her out on her behavior and down right being nasty like she was in the arcana server. I told her I wasn’t wanting to roleplay with her because her behavior was terrible and I don’t want to associate with someone like that. She then kept going off about how she’s not like that and that she’s a good writer blah blah blah. I let her explain and showed her responses she made herself. She kept with the defense of “ they made me say that. I was provoked. I’m not racist they made me say racist things”. I said “nah I’m not going to talk with you. I won’t block you because all you will do is make another account and stalk me there” ( which she did and is still doing). That’s when she started spamming me the message in >>1095896. I stopped responding to her so she kept spamming it trying to get me to respond. I never did. Just muted the notifications and it went away. Checked back on it a few days later and she was still at it. She even tried to do the “If you want to help me you have to respond to me”. By this time I was talking with other sephiroths she’s harassed and we all started sharing our stories about her. She still to this day tags me in posts to try and get my attention and even has made sure I knew she was back when she made a new account since her ban last month. Pic is of her DM to me when she got a new vpn and account.

No. 1095944

Small teeth. Does she have Fetal alcohol syndrome?

No. 1095948

File: 1606812638960.png (50.64 KB, 398x217, Screenshot 2020-12-01 133420.p…)


She could if any of this story is true. She wrote this about herself, not sure if there is a way to verify.

No. 1095949

she looks like she got teeth like lillie jean

No. 1095950

File: 1606812854364.jpg (264.68 KB, 1266x1266, 1553468795-IMG_0218.jpg)

Nah, LJ's are more rounded and spaced out.

No. 1095959

File: 1606814253913.jpeg (130.98 KB, 720x1280, 100CEA8B-06A3-4D6C-9F8F-5DE2B3…)

This was a screen shot sent to me from a member in a arcana discord ( I’m a mod and we asked for proof of her harassing this particular member). This was what goose DMed to our member who publicly said to not use the R slur when talking about someone with autism.

No. 1095966

File: 1606814797702.png (49.83 KB, 404x286, Screenshot 2020-12-01 202558.p…)


This was her calling out her boyfriend (now ex) for not standing up for her when she was doxxed. This poor other person so did not want to be involved

No. 1095975

File: 1606816418986.jpeg (54.69 KB, 1280x720, D71ACD21-DF4C-49A6-AC19-DB34D8…)

Her ex. You mean “ I am Kratos, god of war” from the tester season 2. As cringe as he was, not shocked he put on big boy pants and realized what level of crazy he was putting his dick into.

No. 1096469

File: 1606855891174.png (28.24 KB, 672x179, Screenshot 2020-12-02 075148.p…)


He was pretty brutal in the breakup. He just blocked her on everything and has ghosted her ever since. Not that I blame him. He has probably tried to leave so many times before only for her to lose her mind at him.

No. 1096485

Her teeth look like they’re prepping her for veneers

No. 1096735

Genuinely sad for this man being with someone so virulently racist. Probably a very abusive situation and I’m glad he got out

No. 1096794

File: 1606873553004.png (9.21 KB, 351x62, Screenshot 2020-12-02 124449.p…)


No. 1096798

I found her LinkedIn and it turns out she’s a “self employed” pet sitter with only retail experience. Who wants to bet she’s a NEET?

No. 1096803

I have to admit I feel bad for her for this bit. Her behaviour is shitty, but that really must have sucked.

No. 1096806

File: 1606874157197.png (8.9 KB, 337x71, Screenshot 2020-12-02 125559.p…)

Take everything she says with more than a grain of salt. She lies and changes her story constantly.

No. 1096808

They're not, unfortunately. They are naturally this fucked up. I mean, if she likes them like that then good on her, but also the amount her crazyass mom has invested in her becoming a "top model and actress" you'd think she'd have splurged on getting her some actual adult looking teeth.

Anyway, back to the cow at hand…

No. 1096814

Tbh true. And she’s right, there is a better way. I work with developmental or behavioral needs kids and many of our programs do not serve them properly or well enough. Cant imagine what it was like 10 or 15 years ago.

It’s sad just by virtue of every child being innocent and deserving the best. And for all their other peers struggling under what was probably a shitty school system

First time I read that I just laughed thinking about her crying fucking discrimination when she is like THIS.

But it truly is sad how schools have failed kids just in general no matter what an unsympathetic cunt they are as an adult

No. 1096816

Like I feel bad for her as a kid but not for her now if that is possible. As separate entities

No. 1096822

File: 1606875035555.png (21.41 KB, 585x135, FB136AD6-8424-4766-AD5B-AA52A8…)

No. 1096834

File: 1606875936837.png (95.75 KB, 600x249, Screenshot 2020-12-02 132520.p…)

Alleged conversation between her and her boyfriend. This was posted on Twitter around August

No. 1096841

File: 1606876493244.png (111.24 KB, 310x552, Screenshot 2020-12-02 133411.p…)


And more from around August.

No. 1096843

File: 1606876572222.jpeg (147.81 KB, 750x1334, 4349403C-3132-4161-977D-1C52E6…)

Don’t forget this convo with her bf she posted publicly

No. 1096862


>boyfriend is really trying to make her feel better and give her a pep talk


What a genuine retard just from reading this thread I feel like she needs a crash helmet and a wrangler, I don’t give a shit if she’s aspergic the fact that she’s posting all this publicly and attacking people/being absolutely racist whilst demanding respect because “I have assburgers!!11!!” Makes her a genuine piece of shit. no wonder people have such a bad mental image of aspies with people like her using it as a shield for anything she does when she’s purposely starting shit

No. 1096865

File: 1606878178309.png (29.32 KB, 762x174, 3C27358C-7E11-4693-AE28-0FC05A…)

Admits she’s a stalker

No. 1096868

File: 1606878494913.jpeg (89.52 KB, 828x209, 6C326DB8-384A-4E75-BE45-01011D…)

You might feel bad for her before of CHC but if she was a genuine good person she wouldn’t say these kinds of things about people of color

No. 1096895

File: 1606880840995.png (832.69 KB, 828x1792, C93C90DA-075F-4E4B-96B7-AB71D4…)

Man everyone I know of has said this exact thing to her and she still refuses to learn from it. I even said it and got nothing but spammed. My friend even tried to help and found out that she only wants people to like her so her follower number goes up. She refused to try and roleplay with him because he couldn’t get her into a event the rest of the fandom was doing and that he was too new to talk with her. He made that account just to give her someone to talk to since she was pretty lonely in the fandom. It really caused him to leave because of what she said to him. He’s fine now and find this whole thing hilarious now that he knows the details. But I feel hes not the only person she’s forced to leave.

I also have the conversation he had with her saved if any one wants to read all that. She deleted a few comments though once she realized he could use it against her.

No. 1098208

File: 1607023530445.png (627.37 KB, 1920x1080, dsd.png)

She strikes again with a new account following people who have her blocked.

No. 1098613

She just followed one of my inactive final fantasy accounts. I haven’t updated that account in four months. I guess I’ll have to get the block button out of its storage again. I don’t want her showing up on my feed for suggested with the account I am active on.

No. 1101492

File: 1607289429988.png (302.46 KB, 1448x458, Pedo.png)


Rachel is currently trying to justify her pedo behaviour. She proudly tells people that she talks about sex with minors, but that's okay because she is educating them.

No. 1101935

File: 1607309777252.png (857.05 KB, 1440x1584, Rachel - talking about sex.png)


Expanded on this

No. 1104466

Why do you use the same shitty ms paint reaction pic in every thread on the site?

It's getting old and there's no use being anonymous if you post it with the same file name in every thread for years when the only community other than you which was circulating it was an incel "MAP" discord server raiding lolcow.

Maybe a tinfoil but it's weird that you only pop up in threads relating to pedophilia but maybe its just that all the active threads have turned pedo related, who knows.

I forgot what thread this was for a second and thought Goose was LJ looking at the screencaps, her having an egglaying kink was a disgusting mental image but thought "yeah sounds about right". While this woman is turbo cringe 90% of the thread sounds like personal vendettas though, IDK why I expected different considering OP said it came from the personal cow thread.

She has potential for entertainment but even after reading the whole thread I have no idea who she is or why anyone outside of the people she's personally had beef with would care. Like she only has 2 followers and a default username at least catch us dumber anons up on what she's known for outside of the basics.

No. 1105357


I feel like goose has great milk but at the same time I feel like it could be from both personal victims of her and strangers who sees her shit since apparently she makes a shit ton of different accounts and forces her way into people’s things. Who knows but, goose sure is a whole dumpster fire of contradictions

No. 1105469

nta and I don't even follow this thread, but that image also happens to be a discord pedo-whistle, so make of that what you will

No. 1105693

nta but how are you gonna post this and not explain what the fuck

No. 1105706

What's to explain? It's a dog-whistle for child predators on discord

No. 1107196

i mean actual proof of it. So far you just said a random image is a dogwhistle with nothing to back that up. I could literally say a random picture of a celebrity is a dogwhistle, doesn't make it true lmao

No. 1475368

File: 1647813571521.jpeg (553.99 KB, 1079x3840, FFA43916-2043-4547-AEC2-DFEE16…)

>joins lolcow discord asking to have her thread removed
>doubles down on her actions that were listed in the thread, says that she was merely teaching children sexual education and repeatedly asking users if they are denying the prevalence of skin bleaching in the poc community and claiming the black individual was being racist first
>says children set adults up for molestation accusations
>says she is going to get a cease and desist letter written
>spergs for hours, acting so retarded users begin questioning whether or not it is a troll
>several users pretend to be admins and coders for the site and say that if she sends her ID her thread will get taken down
>she sends her ID with all of the information uncensored to a random lolcord user
>tells two other random users that they allowed her to be lied to about who is staff and that they are harassing her for telling her she was stupid for sending it

No. 1475455

dead#6235 literally lied to me and said they were staff and could help me, other users doubled down on this. You sad transphobic people literally exploited me into giving personal information you shouldn't have.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1475497

"People exaggerate how big I am" you're 5'2 at a whopping 190 pounds

No. 1475503

Imagine trying to insult someone based on their weight. Hm. Not me.

No. 1475509

Imagine being a fatty and having a smelly big ass hmm couldn’t be me

No. 1475510

this random bitch no one cares about has a whopping 50 posts on her dead thread and spergs out enough to get herself back to the top of the board. incredible work, well done.

No. 1475522

File: 1647821312503.jpeg (49.31 KB, 1145x349, C0EB3B20-9531-4D5B-AF25-235D6A…)

my chest hurts so badly from laughing at this
really, not you?

No. 1475584

average cow behaviour kek

No. 1475629

You're gonna get banned for posting part of my ID.

No. 1475636

Silence fat

No. 1475648

File: 1647828683462.jpg (237.71 KB, 872x952, Screenshot_20220320-220912_Dis…)

waaaah, lolcowchans bulli me!

No. 1475649

Silence, farmer.

No. 1475659

of course this obese jackass can't sage

No. 1475665

Silence transphobe.

No. 1475676

Only I'm not racist. uwu Literally don't be racist to me first.

No. 1475686

File: 1647830066832.gif (1.25 MB, 220x393, D668B2F4-1C27-4231-8F21-A93375…)

I love how she is the only one bumping her own thread, still.

No. 1475691

You literally just bumped it.

No. 1475699


Nah saged posts don't bump the thread

No. 1475715

Transphobia is based though

No. 1475725

File: 1647831539660.png (353.53 KB, 1525x656, ralm.png)

unfortunately this is pretty expired milk but it's too funny not to pass on lol

No. 1475734



No. 1475894

shes saying she has a bf now but shes on twitter for hours and her roles on 2 nsfw servers (whore house and valhalla) are “single” lmaoo

No. 1475972

So she complains about people being transphobic in the server but has been transphobic herself in the past ??

No. 1476031

hahaha the fat retard doesn't know how sage works

No. 1476135

this bitch fucking depresses me with how shes been a psycho in denial for 2 years or whatever
shes never going to change and nobody will ever want anything to do with her

No. 1476196

idk whats keeping her from going on a diet and exercising and finding a new fandom to potentially not be insane in
i guess this is how bitches who refuse to get therapy are

No. 1476215

File: 1647881783366.png (28.28 KB, 127x128, pepeKek.png)

The moment you realize this:

Is sitting behind a computer writing this:

No. 1476311

File: 1647886027503.png (68.67 KB, 560x816, RALM jennifer is a troon lol.p…)

Of course the "Jennifer" she was psychotically obsessed with turns out to be a troon, lol.

No. 1476652

I literally haven't even been on those servers since I got with my boyfriend, but go off.

That Jennifer, was someone I loved very much. She was in an abusive relationship with her husband for many years, to the point where she was forced to use HIS Facebook account. She wasn't transgender.

Far as I'm concerned, she died from Leukemia. I heard from her when she was being treated, and then I never heard from her again.

Eat shit and die you fucking transphobes. I'll make sure you and your site crash and burn.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1476711

Oh, and for the record, we DID make up in the end.

No. 1476726

File: 1647915186134.png (88.83 KB, 426x500, jennifer leukemia.png)

Here's Jennifer, who I'll refrain from doxing specifically as she's a bystander and/or victim in all this, but it seems that she did in fact have leukemia but is very much the fuck alive. Which is somehow creepier than just straight up making up the leukemia story tbh.

The thing about the husband's name does make sense (and is how I confirmed this Jennifer's identity; she lives halfway across the country from Rachel, with David Lee, who is more than twice her age, yuck.)

No. 1476732

She is still my friend you dumb bitch. We shared a very deep bond that even extended periods of time apart can't sever.

She left her husband (they were never actually married) but I wouldn't put it below her to return to his abusive ass as she has a learning disability and 2 kids.

I'm honestly just relieved to see her still alive.

No. 1476824

Since she doxxed her self and address in the lolcord. I looked up her name and holy shit I can’t stop laughing. Her Quora is full of gold. She lives with her parents and asked if she should file for unemployment because of Covid-19. My sides are going into orbit with what you can find with a simple Google of her name.

No. 1476837

File: 1647924370301.png (127.47 KB, 1000x438, ralm 2.png)

we've got a live one, nonnie. this kept verging off into weird social-justice-weeb territory for me reading the old stuff and I cba to care but between poor leukemia jennifer and the discord sex ed sessions … but her internet footprint. she's sounding like a real cow for sure.

No. 1476913

I didn't dox myself. One of your users pretended to be staff in order to gain my trust. Other users doubled down and said they were staff.

Better a cow than transphobic pigs like yourselves. Jennifer is no victim. Ever since she was diagnosed, we've been on good terms, but we fell out of contact.

No. 1476924

Nah you doxxed yourself. You sent your full ID to someone you didn’t know to try and get this thread removed. You doxxed yourself twice. Once with that screen cap of your “spending money” with your whole name. Then again for being too gullible and desperate to hide your shame from others in the lolcord. Keep slinging around names. You’re just projecting yourself onto others. We just like fresh beef when it rolls in. Keep mooing cow.

No. 1477150

File: 1647959757764.jpg (47.02 KB, 410x246, rachel lol fat.jpg)

LOL she is Facebook friends with Jennifer, she knows damn well she's not dead. Pretending a friend died is cringey, pretending an actual person died is creepy, and pretending an actual person died of an actual disease she actually had is beyond the pale. Gross. She would've done better letting sleeping dogs lie and us thinking that Jennifer is a tranny. But a true cow must always escalate.

Picrel is for the girl who was calling others fat.

No. 1477176

File: 1647961288752.jpg (65.26 KB, 480x360, rachel_sephiroth.jpg)

No. 1477452

That was issued several years ago. If I say I've lost weight, then I've lost weight.

And no, I'm not friends with her on Facebook. Whatever account that is, I don't have access to anymore.

No. 1477493


I didn't. You and your buddies took advantage of me, tricking myself into believing one of you was staff. That doesn't count as me "doxxing myself".

No. 1477500

You still disseminated the information. Even if it was admin, maybe don't give out your ID and this won't happen. Congrats on solidifying your cow status. This thread and all this is immortalized now. Keep bumping all you want! Your best bet is to leave and never come back if you're really that bothered. Kek, just when I think we've seen the full extent of retardation, cows like you blow through here like a derailed train.

No. 1477502

Damn, I'd straight up kill myself if I looked like that.

No. 1477505

Then kill yourself, because you probably look like this.

No. 1477507

File: 1647983248355.png (114.53 KB, 300x300, 9919304.png)

No. 1477511

File: 1647983380520.jpg (17.88 KB, 720x293, 20211109_112643.jpg)

You sound fat and jealous through text how is that even possible? Anyway, rip to your cardiovascular system and body cartilage.

No. 1477525

Girl…it's your face.. not sure that's the own you think it is lmaoo

No. 1477529


You can't "sound fat" over the internet. And it's not rip to either because I'm fucking buff.

No. 1477530

>>1477505 Besides, like YOU look good in the ID you have?

No. 1477532

>you can't sound fat
>ft. the background music I hear when I read these posts

No. 1477543

>>1477529 And? That dude is like 300 pounds bigger than me. I only weigh 165.

No. 1477545

Considering you just lied about an actual person being dead, why should we believe you lost weight? Shut up fatty.

No. 1477547

I didn't lie about an actual person dying. I didn't know she was still alive.

Shut up, transphobe.

No. 1477548

I can almost see the brain cells that have yet to be smothered via fat rubbing themselves together in a feeble attempt to generate enough energy to learn how replying works. So close..

No. 1477549

the biggest of keks. This page keeps bumping to the top every time you reply. good luck on your quest to deleting the thread you fat retard.

No. 1477557

Everytime you scream "shut up transphobes," or "I know you are but what am I," a terf gets her wings

No. 1477559


You are literally on this website to harass people, and you think I'm a retard?

No. 1477565

You realize troons won't fuck you even if you defend them on the evil terf site, right? Anyway, you should start with restricting your caloric intake and upping your physical activity. Pilates would probably help you shrink that gunt. I'm sure you're tired of the skin flap smell and chafing everywhere. Just stop eating your feelings and pissing in your computer chair while crying on lolcow. Get up, hog. Take the stairs more. Drink water.

No. 1477570

Only you'll never win. They're here, they're queer, and they're taking medals away from AFABs.

No. 1477574


Only they already did, which is more than you can say for the number of notches on YOUR bedpost, hag.

No. 1477576

so you assumed a stranger was dead because it was more clout for you on the internet, ok

post scale or you are fat by default

No. 1477577

Please tell me more. Just with a little less seethe & maybe a dash of physical activity. Jumping Jacks and daily walks are really great and you can do them at home, to avoid the embarrassment of waddling and wheezing into a gym.

No. 1477579


Only I don't have a gunt or chafing literally anywhere.

Lets face it, most of you "farmers" are middle aged conservative divorced christian moms with 4 kids.

No. 1477580

This is not the win that you think it is. Proudly professing you let AGP chomos dump in your gunt isn't exactly an indicator of your value or attractiveness. If anything it indicates you have zero self respect, esteem and you let degenerates use you just to feel wanted. Do you have a humiliation fetish? I just can't believe someone would willingly gloat like this about things that should be shameful secrets whispered between you and a therapist. Do you need to up your meds? Those anabolic steroids from you getting jacked fucking with your brain?

No. 1477582

>>1477547 I assumed she was dead because she had leukemia and I hadn't heard from her.

>>1477543 What, so you can make fun of my feet? I'm under no obligation to prove jack shit to you.

No. 1477583

File: 1647986283524.png (13.96 KB, 417x395, rachel deleted fb.png)

> "Whatever account that is, I don't have access to anymore."
> immediately proceeds to delete it

Child, you're a special kind of stupid.

No. 1477584

Most farmers are not fat white wasteoids like you. Most are outside the US and 18-30. Sorry the black and brown girls called you an ugly sow. I'd seethe too if I was in your shoes.

No. 1477587

This is the best thread since i joined the site, my sides. I can't wait for the hero saga, i love seeing autistic people suffer online.

No. 1477588

>>1477579 Prove it. Oh right you can't, you have to be anonymous.

No. 1477590

>>1477570 Only I don't waddle or wheeze like you, piggy.

No. 1477591

>>1477574 I let them because we love eachother.

No. 1477592

I absolutely deadass thought this DL pic was of a troon, but her bone structure in the other pics is feminine enough, just genuinely unfortunate.

Her mom had her at 41, though, and her dad was 41 when he knocked her up. Every. Single. Time. It explains a lot.

No. 1477595

>>1477150 Actually my mom was my age and my dad was 31.

No. 1477598

>>1477587 I'm not here for your entertainment, Karen. Great job letting us know you're ableist.

No. 1477599

>>1477452 I already checked my friends list on there. She's not there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 1477602

>>1477579 ayrt could be a Stacy & you'll never know, chungus. Stay mad knowing you're a confirmed fat retard, who's clown looking ass ID is a scroll away because your supposed intellectual prowess didn't stop you from sending private, delicate info to a stranger in a dicord server. I know 6th graders with more aptitude and common sense than you. I'm saying this out of concern; get your sleep apnea taken care of, it's literally suffocating and killing your braincells in droves.

No. 1477603

I'm surprised that you know what sports are, autistic landwhale

No. 1477605

There's been posts in /ot/ and /w/ of farmers posting pictures proving their race and location with time stamps and everything. If you really care that much about confirming that black and brown women use this website the posts are up forever. Lurk. You can keep seething but it's not going to change the fact you're a fat heaving mass of flesh and barely firing neurons pretending you're hot shit.
An hero saga is absolutely inbound, fatties like this can't keep it together. It's like they have this compulsion to become rightfully despised public spectacles to feel victimized. Then they wah about every -ism under the sun making life unbearable. It's fucking hilarious. As an autist, when autists like this suffer after lashing out and being horrible, it's absolutely fulfilling. She should have thought about this before being a raging racist cunt flapping her rolls about all over Twitter. Top keks

No. 1477609

Yes you are! And should be happy to be so good at it Autistics only exist so i can laught at them. Otherwise they need to do an hero and leave genetically correct people alone. My sides.

No. 1477610

File: 1647987215347.jpg (35.77 KB, 840x432, rachel mom dad year of birth.j…)


Girl, why on earth do you keep telling the most easily exposed lies …


this one too obviously lol

No. 1477611

>>1477598 I'm still not here to entertain you, and btw I've already won. My genes have been passed on to the next generation.

No. 1477612


I'm telling the truth and you're obviously retarded if you can't immediately grasp why.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1477615

>>1477611 More autistim in this planet? Oh god, this site would always have cows. Wonderfull news, i feared a future without milk. Sice there is already another being with defective genes, you are free to hero yourself too. Younger cows will always be better than fatty, old autistic ones.

No. 1477617

>>1477603 There are literally other autistic people on this site, and somehow you're not tearing into them? Lmao. 165 pounds isn't fat for my height.

No. 1477622

>I've already won. My genes have been passed on to the next generation.
Funny that you see that as a personal win instead of the loose for society that it actually is.

No. 1477625

What would you gain if we did believe that you weren't lying about being fat, or your Facebook, or Jennifer's cancer, or Brian's paralysis, or any other thing? What is your endgame here other than becoming a bigger lolcow still? (Fine with us.) You don't get to "win" here especially now as your credibility is shot to shit over the most inane things.

No. 1477628

People don't make fun of autistic for being autistic. Autism isn't even funny. You acting like a complete spastic lunatic is pretty damn amusing though!

No. 1477634

>>1477605 Sure, Karen. I'm going to continue living out of spite just because of people like you. I'm sure whatever black/brown women on this site are twice as big as me, and people of their own race still prefer me over them bc I'm just better.

No. 1477636

Nah, this site will be long dead and the owners in jail by that time.

No. 1477637

Because you already provided me of enough milk, generic deadend. Once you do an hero or milk dry, i will go to another thread but today i have you, bless you and your crunchy genes. Autistic cows make the best cows, God put them in this world so i can laught i swear.

No. 1477639

We will always have lolcow as long as there are cows, cheers! And some people are genetically predestined to be milked, do i have to mention who?

No. 1477643

> I'm sure whatever black/brown women on this site are twice as big as me, and people of their own race still prefer me over them bc I'm just better.

LOL I'm not sure that "black chicks are fat and black dudes wanna fuck even the fat ugly white broads" is a good look for someone trying to avoid the label of racism.

No. 1477645

>>1477637 I'm still not here for your entertainment. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ People with my genes will always exist. My mother has 6 siblings and I probably have a ton of nieces and nephews.

Not to mention, people in Pakistan constantly marry their first cousins. They'll be fucked up for generations. Probably forever.

No. 1477647

>>1477643 165 isn't fat for my height though.

No. 1477649

>>autism isn't even funny

Then fucking act like it.

No. 1477651

Post scale or this is as accurate as Jennifer's obituary

No. 1477652

You don't have to believe me, it's still true anyhow.

No. 1477655

>iM gOnNa tAkE tHe bIg BaD tErF sItE
You're not the first to threaten that and you definitely wouldn't be the first to ""try"". You should read the Elaine threads, I think they would be an enlightening experience for you kek

No. 1477657

Elaine whatever else she may be is capable of being witty and charming for brief intervals. I don't think it is a fair comparison.

No. 1477659

True, this is already kinda dry. Elaine was a one-of-a-kind cow, so bad that she's now a kiwifarm refugee and barely milky anymore. I swear to god that Joshua could make anything unfunny.

No. 1477661

If you got to actually know me you would think so too. It's a matter of literally not harassing me.

No. 1477662

They at least kill the retards like you when they're young. But oh well if the west did that, who would we laugh at?

No. 1477663

>>1477637 Imagine still using the term "an hero" in 2022

No. 1477664

Nobody's harassing you, you vapid sow, you showed up here bothering people when your thread was absolutely dead, and that kicked things off in earnest. Classic lolcow behavior.

No. 1477665

This entire site is like a shitty 4 chan, and you can't even make a subreddit bc it would deffo get deleted.

No. 1477667

Nah. Now dance for us, landwhale. Youre in the virtual version of making the retard dance in a bar for penauts, act like it.

No. 1477673

You are harassing me though, calling me names, doxxing me, posting shitty photoshops.

No. 1477674

You keep coming back you absolute brapbeast, you want it. This is the most attention you've had in years and you're over the moon other humans are talking to you finally. Now stop your squealing and start your leet haxing and lolsuit or whatever you have in store to get back at the evil, ableist, transphobic, fatphobic deathfat, divorced, single christian black mom farmers or whatever helps you feel better. For real you should be spending this time fixing your sleep apnea and obesity instead of feeding our munchausen. Just kidding, keep it coming, hog. Cows like you are fun to kick around cause you never shut your gaping, saliva encrusted maws.

No. 1477681

The only one who has doxed (one "x"!) you is you, honey. When I dox you, it will be so thorough a job that you don't even need to point it out. Everything truly dox worthy has been scrambled ITT. We don't do that here, though, that'll be on KF, if you persist in being this interesting.

No. 1477687


NOOOOO!! We will never have a subreddit!!!! How will we survive! Go get catfished again bitch

No. 1477688

File: 1647989690086.jpeg (513.61 KB, 741x1105, D2B2243B-D02F-4DFB-ADAA-BF3302…)

>shitty photoshops

No. 1477701

I dunno who that is but the whole thing does sort of smell like a vendetta, 2 people she knows (one a moid) showed up in lolcord to dish about her. However, I don't think anyone here gives much of a shit about whether she pretended to be a lewd Sephiroth Twitter or save problematic stuff on her own discord about POC. Nah. All of that bores the heck out of me. When we get to grooming kids and exaggerating the illness/death of supposed friends, though, we've arrived at a more interesting, not to mention lulzy, place.

No. 1477720

its closer to a cult than an army

You guys really should be making a thread for @FairsInfoCenter or other people in that twitter community too, as it's always a dumpster fire. The fact they make that account out of hopes of "helping" others when it really just gives me more motivation to keep going.

No. 1477721

You're 5'2". Even if you actually weighed 165 you're still fucking obese you dumb fat pedophile.

No. 1477724

Only I'm still not fat or obese, nor am I a pedophile. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I have a boyfriend.

No. 1477727

I'll get right on it when I see evidence of whoever that is illness-jacking or child-grooming, kek.

No. 1477730

If only denying you're an obese pedophile actually made you not an obese pedophile. Please kill yourself, or at least leave minors alone.

No. 1477767

There is no evidence of grooming. The context was it was a webcomic fan server at the time and I didn't know it had minors on it to begin with. I ended up befriending them. Some of these children's parents are super conservative and preach the abstinence only approach
They don't let the teachers at their school teach them sex education. These are at-risk children who would otherwise be walking blind into the world of sexuality if someone didn't tell them.
One time, one of them asked me if it was okay to wear two condoms at once. At this time it didn't occur to me to tell them to google. I am not a licensed educator, nor do I have to be. My literal response to them was "No, don't. You're more likely to get holes in the condom that way through friction."

No. 1477770

I know what I did wasn't wrong. My friends have told me (one of whom is a literal elementary/middle school teacher), my parents have told me, my bf has told me, the police have told me.

I know some of you agree with me, you can't all be stupid. I'm sure you're just saying it's wrong because you'll be shunned by your peers for agreeing with me.

No. 1477796

File: 1647994559010.jpeg (185.54 KB, 828x1721, 809DC8C1-EFC9-4D23-AFAA-2293DF…)

Man you say this a lot don’t you. Guess what, you’re our entertainment and you keep providing more new laughs every post you make. You don’t even know how to post.

No. 1477857

None of our peers would shun us BECAUSE we don't agree with you.

No. 1477870


No. 1477925

File: 1647999646153.jpeg (136.47 KB, 827x1132, A3D78F49-23C1-466B-ABE1-33156F…)

Ah I know what discord you where talking about that trash in. My 15 year old sister was in it and pointed out what you where saying when she asked me a question regarding truth to what you where saying. Fact is you where talking about how to get ahold of toys, how to play with yourself and how to treat another person the “correct” way or what ever.

First, that’s not your decision to make, if the parents want to teach abstinence is only way, then you are not to prowl on children and teach them about sex. You. Are. Not. Their. Parent.

Second, most of those “minors” are well aware of what to do. They do Google ( unlike you obviously) and they are on the internet able to see things for themselves. They play stupid to see if they can bait you into talking about it because it’s funny to see adults break rules.

You’re just too stupid and brain dead to know you shouldn’t be talking with minors about sex.

You have no boyfriend. He never was your boyfriend and Sephiroth isn’t real so you can’t say he’s your boyfriend. You live with your parents in a house they bought in 1978. You preach about how you live in a $2mil home when really your home was bought for $85k. It’s only worth so much because of california being california, housing markets went to shit several times since then making properties in prime locations like that skyrocket in value for nothing to show for it, inflation has dramatically gotten out of control since 1978 and your house is stupid old.

You like to paint yourself so wealthy and rich but you have nothing because you are litterally nothing but a waisted bag of air and a middle aged oopsie.

No. 1477935


>>You preach about how you live in a $2mil home when really your home was bought for $85k.85k in 1978.

You aren't taking into consideration appreciation of value. If you look at houses in the general neighborhood, that is the price of them.

>>Fact is you where talking about how to get ahold of toys, how to play with yourself and how to treat another person the “correct” way or what ever.

Only I wasn't. uwu It is exactly as I said it was.

>>You have no boyfriend

Only I do. uwu It's not yours to say whether or not I do.

>>a middle aged oopsie.

Did it never occur to you that I'm living with parents who I'm not biologically related to? Man you're retarded.

No. 1477942

Oh look the cow learned how to use the site. Good job cow. But you’re still not convincing anyone. Keep telling yourself you’re right and everyone else is wrong.

And living in a 2mil house doesn’t automatically make you rich living. Just means your parents don’t want to move. You don’t want to live somewhere on your own because you can’t afford it on a minimum wage salary working at a bookstore on Stanford college grounds.

For someone who “ went to college” you really have nothing to show for yourself other then how much of a loser you have been. This thread shows it.

No. 1477947


>>And living in a 2mil house doesn’t automatically make you rich living. Just means your parents don’t want to move

No, it means I love my parents and am caring for them in their old age.

I don't have to convince you. I know I'm right. I make nearly 6 digits every year.

No. 1477951


This bitch was and still is pathetic.

No. 1477952


Nice out of context screenshot. That doesn't mean I was going to play the character as a child.

No. 1477956

>>1477953 "all the INTELLIGENT people"

Nah. All the sheep. Just like you.

No. 1477957


These kids aren't as stupid as you think. And yes, we're still friends.

Henceforth, I will be befriending more minors just to piss you people off. Cope and seethe about it.

No. 1477958

File: 1648000909868.gif (1.57 MB, 498x278, B060B378-4D77-45E2-8273-D50465…)


>>I mAkE 6 DiGiTs A yEaR

Keep telling yourself that. You’re delusional.

No. 1477959

>>1477958 Not delusional. Just the truth.

No. 1477966

>> caring for them in their old age.

Yeah okay. That’s a nice way of saying you’re a loner who has no independent thinking. Must be a autistic sperg thing. Mountains out of mole holes. Well in your case it would be a mountain since you can’t get over it at your weight.

No. 1478000

if you arent here to entertain us disappear, also there no way in hell you have kids. you wouldnt be able to shut up about abusing them
maybe because they dont call other autistics retards and then freak out when someone says you shouldnt do that, and 165 would be fat on me and im 2 inches taller than you.
do you literally just copy and paste this response any time someone tells you what a fucking creep you are?
more pedophile behavior

No. 1478001

That's someone else's doxx.

No. 1478003

>>1477978 Just a small part of my house.

No. 1478004

The fact you leak your own doxxes and cry about it is delicious

No. 1478007

>not a pedophile

When will we find the ddlg stash?

No. 1478010

well, if someone wanted to they could look this up and get her information too. but idk why she complains when her name gets posted when she has no problem doing it to someone else.

No. 1478012

>>if you arent here to entertain us disappear, also there no way in hell you have kids. you wouldn't be able to shut up about abusing them

I'm gonna have kids soon enough. There's nothing you can do about it.

>>maybe because they dont call other autistics retards and then freak out when someone says you shouldnt do that, and 165 would be fat on me and im 2 inches taller than you.

Sure it would, but I'm more muscular than you.

>>do you literally just copy and paste this response any time someone tells you what a fucking creep you are?

Lmao I'm not a creep tho. Just better than you.

>>more pedophile behavior

Nah I literally do it bc it upsets you.

No. 1478014

>>1478007 You won't, because that's not one of my kinks. I'm not really into BDSM.

No. 1478015


I didn't leak it tho. uwu You guys took advantage of me to do it.

I'm more than happy to dox the people who have harassed me.

No. 1478020

well we dont have to worry about that because youll suffocate them anyway

No. 1478023

> I'm more than happy to dox the people who harassed me

If it's good content please just do it somewhere without fanfare, it's an anonymous board. Please note if it is bad content or it is obviously you, we will make fun of you.

No. 1478030

>>1478020 Nah. They're going to grow up strong and healthy and do better than you ever will.

No. 1478032


>> more then happy to dox the people that have harassed me

This isn’t an airport, you don’t need to announce your plan before it departs.

No. 1478035

File: 1648004462671.jpeg (231.65 KB, 828x1196, 26097166-CCE4-42E3-B943-4261B2…)

Omg she can’t even fit into angelic pretty. That’s the brand made to fit western fat bodies. If you can’t fit into that then you are confirmed obese.

This bitch can’t even fit into full shirring AP.

No. 1478037

Nah, the brand is a Japanese one, and they're not made for western fat bodies. Cheese Day is a brand meant for plus sized people.

No. 1478041

Yeah, they'll be "strong and healthy" assuming your fat ass doesn't crush them to death or stuff them like you stuff your face every night.

No. 1478043

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Only I don't to begin with.

No. 1478044

It’s a Japanese brand that sizes their stuff to fit western bodies you walnut. Any one who knows shit from fuck about lolita fashion knows that angelic pretty is the fattychan brand.

Cheese day isn’t brand. It’s offbrand. Aka brands fattychans buy because they can’t fit into authentic brands with high notoriety. It’s like buying Walmart brands that are similar to prestige brand because you can’t afford and fit into the real thing.

No. 1478047

File: 1648004883042.png (12.81 KB, 663x98, Screenshot 2022-03-22 200726.p…)

just wait until that baby wont let you sleep kek it wont survive a month, honestly id be surprised if you let it live for a full week. not to mention the obesity..
so which is it? are you not fat, or are you plus sized?

No. 1478054

Shes not having kids and isn’t carrying one right now. She said she hates kids in the past and is just saying that because it fits her current narrative to try and make others feel sorry for her. It’s her tactic for everything. Kinda like when she played that she was a trans woman to try and get someone else in the lgbtq community to feel sorry for her.

No. 1478057

i know she isnt its just fun to fuck with her lol. was the trans stuff posted itt? i dont remember seeing it.

No. 1478060

>>1478044 Only it isn't. If it fits western bodies it fits eastern bodies too, moron.

Cheese Day is brand. It is a specific studio.

No. 1478061

OT but
>lolita is punk mindset and rococo aesthetic
Damn. Roll over, du Châtelet

No. 1478070

>>1478047 It's called having a husband. Like all parents should, we'll share duties.

I'm plus sized. One can have a larger body frame but still be a healthy body weight. Also, healthy body weight and size can vary by individual.

No. 1478072

taobao brands arent "brand"

No. 1478074

File: 1648005599717.jpeg (72.66 KB, 498x1024, BBB8788E-767B-427B-B63E-370BB8…)

No, it was in that fair info Twitter. They have a bunch of caps. But it’s here.

No. 1478076

File: 1648005752856.jpg (217.47 KB, 736x981, af77f461ae13fb7a9205528b7d4c94…)

Why tf would I even care for designer brands? Supreme literally sold a fucking brick for over 200 dollars.

Cheese Day is brand.

No. 1478080

That’s not brand you walnut. Angelic pretty is called the fatty brand in Japan. They started making even larger sizes for the western buyers because it was more profitable for them. But they are not going to make a American 3XL for ham planets like you.

Anything from taobao is not brand. It’s off brand. Learn lolita terminology and more then a brief Google search before you speak peasant.

No. 1478083

Imagine thinking Chinese taobao Lolita “brands” are actual lolita brands. Man ita’s be bold in their confidence these days. What’s next? “Bodyline is brand, it’s from Japan”. I’ll yeet my lungs into orbit from laughing.

No. 1478085

>>1478080 Rich coming from someone who probably uses pepsi as mouthwash.

I literally googled information on Angelic Pretty and it doesn't say anything about it being for larger western brands. You know nothing about the fashion.

And… They did have dresses that would fit me, but I was in a rush and didn't bother trying them on. It would have been a matter of going on their website and ordering it from there.

If seeing plus size women happy makes you angry or uncomfortable you really should look at yourself and figure out wtf is wrong with you.

No. 1478086

File: 1648006348354.gif (1.82 MB, 228x202, FE223AEC-594C-4525-920F-6024F3…)

>> I literally googled information on Angelic Pretty and it doesn't say anything about it being for larger western brands. You know nothing about the fashion.

Oh honey you googled it. You fucking googled it. Oh god please no my sides.

No. 1478088

you literally look like you use pepsi as mouthwash?

No. 1478090

File: 1648006467110.png (50.96 KB, 1785x854, Screenshot 2022-03-22 203347.p…)

Imagine trying to gatekeep the fucking lolita community lmaoooo. There's too many lolita brands to even keep track of so it really doesn't matter what you said.

No. 1478091

Only I don't. I've never had a cavity in my adult teeth, and I have all of them.

No. 1478093

It must be autistic for “ you’re dumb”

No. 1478095

>>1478086 You can't even prove what you say, and it's not on google. You clearly don't know what you're talking about.

No. 1478097

They are dumb though.

No. 1478099

None of those is authentic brands though. They are all Chinese taobao brands. The lolita community calls that offbrand. Just admit you know nothing about lolita fashion and make like frozen and let it go.

No. 1478100

you are beyond help if you think you can just google about lolita and become an expert. i would love to see a lolita saga from you though, please join you local comm. sorry to any lolitas who have the misfortune of being around her in advance kek

No. 1478103

Oh this one prime. She doesn’t know that lolita has been gatekept for literally 20+ years. Confirmed ita, lolita at heart.

No. 1478108

The SF community would rip her to shreds on cgl and BTB.

No. 1478112

>>1478100 How tf would you know, random bitch on the internet?
There are no sagas to be had for me. I'm not here for your entertainment.

No. 1478119

This is literally from a website that carries authentic brands. Besides, anyone with a sewing machine and basic know how can make Lolita dresses. Anyone can be Lolita.

No. 1478120

I'm literally well loved on CGL. good luck finding me.

No. 1478125

you arent well loved anywhere

No. 1478128

Only I am. :3

No. 1478131

post coords pls

No. 1478138

If you where even remotely aware of how cgl worked you would know how to post properly here. But since you’re a compulsive lier who likes to entertain other people like a circus monkey, keep up that narrative that you’re gods gift given to the peasants around you. Life must be hard when you can’t feel shame or embarrassment.

No. 1478141

Why tf would I feel either in the presence of transphobic, ableist morons? It doesn't matter what I say or do, you will always be worse. I don't need to learn, this site is like a shitty 4chan.

No. 1478155

Jesus christ this bitch is still on it? It has been 2 fucking days.

No. 1478156

says the thing that calls people trannies and autistic people retards

No. 1478158

She likes the attention. She gets none at home or on Twitter or any other platform she uses. Like doesn’t the bitch work? Why is she posting at all hours of the day when she has a “6 figure job”

No. 1478159

That was a long, LONG time ago. I don't call transgender people trannies anymore. And autistic people aren't (all) retards.

No. 1478161

I'm literally getting attention on Twitter rn. :)

No. 1478164

if you love 4chan so much why dont you go back fatty, and while youre at it go take a fucking shower, how many hours have you been on here today?

No. 1478166

Only men who dress as women to invade women spaces for their weird fetish are trannies. And only autistic people who sperg out like you are are called retards, retard.

No. 1478169

I don't frequent 4chan. I'm here rn bc you guys are funny and wrong. I haven't been on here long at all.

No. 1478172

Nah, that'd be you guys who think it's okay to harass anyone who has a penis.

No. 1478173

File: 1648009907711.jpeg (308 KB, 828x1524, 5F70E546-DFBC-4652-9164-8B64DD…)

You sure about that? Your actively posting right now and it looks like all the posts you post get no likes or notes. You’re not posting on your sera one in the last few days and you have and even sadder feed there.

No. 1478178

Who is that? Congrats, you have the wrong account.

No. 1478180

?? im not her i was literally replying to her

No. 1478183

File: 1648010416832.jpeg (168.93 KB, 820x1340, 1D3D4053-8384-4E43-9A79-6D622D…)

For someone who was having a beef with the person reported in this screen grab, you have some tiny dick energy claiming it’s not you. But if the clown suit fits it fits.

No. 1478185

File: 1648010546635.jpeg (208.27 KB, 1242x1959, 918678C4-5618-482E-AFBC-916587…)


I’m NoT hEr

Uses same image in past suspended accounts

No. 1478187

youve been on here replying to people for 8 hours.

No. 1478188

sure you're not

No. 1478189

Nah. Closer to 30 minutes.

No. 1478190

>>1478185 Nice photoshop.(unsaged samefagging)

No. 1478191

Have you seen that woman's twitter? She's got beef with everyone. I wouldn't put it beyond her to target literally anyone.

No. 1478193

File: 1648010855614.jpg (97.46 KB, 926x854, afab transwoman unicorn.jpg)

I'd say that a woman pretending to be a tranny is a welcome relief from trannies pretending to be women but there's something pretty fucked up going on there.

harassing penis havers is based though

No. 1478194

>>1478193 Transgender women are women.

Not based. A bad take.

No. 1478208

she doesnt even know how to sage and those are both things she did but calls us transphobic and ableist but okay..

No. 1478217

File: 1648011876913.png (185.16 KB, 873x864, C5B47E7A-9085-4022-8277-5886B0…)

I found her tumblr of her OC. It’s a true self insert Mary Sue. She seriously made a female sephiroth but cringe.

No. 1478219

File: 1648012017540.png (116.59 KB, 842x874, 165CDF61-B5DE-4914-9E90-93D9B2…)

No. 1478221

File: 1648012109063.png (62.5 KB, 870x866, B12EF7B3-B4D8-4C5F-A692-AE01D9…)

No. 1478232

File: 1648013421793.png (48.65 KB, 315x445, books creepypastas.png)

"Books: Creepypastas are nice"



No. 1478256

File: 1648015655282.jpeg (198.35 KB, 828x504, 43254E7A-6F1A-4DBA-9975-5FF9D0…)

>slim, slender
i know being fat and dumb isn’t milk but boy is it funny

No. 1478258

How are we so sure she's the one posting here?

No. 1478278

Oh that's a sturdy fuckin lass

No. 1478280

She must come from the Slaton family if she thinks she's anything but legitimately obese.

No. 1478283

because you don’t know how to sage

No. 1478288

Thank you.

No. 1478290

It's called camera angles. Anyone can look bad/good with the right camera angles.

No. 1478293


Nobody in my family is from the south. And they both weigh 500 pounds more than me.

No. 1478294

Then tell who ever takes your photos to put the camera lens cap back on so you look flattering.

No. 1478296

Honey, you are not so autistic as you're not still a girl and giving us the optimistic angles, not the pessimmistic ones. That's not an argument that's gonna work in your favor.

No. 1478299

Just did. Ever hear of focal length?

No. 1478303

You paying?

No. 1478308

Don’t you have work tomorrow? Why are you up. Don’t you have anything better to do then argue with people?

No. 1478313

She uses this same character on aniroleplay. She follows almost every sephiroth on that site. No one talks to her there either.

No. 1478321

Bc I'm thicc and sexy. :3(:3)

No. 1478322

>>1478311 I am. I literally paid for the vacation my family is on with me rn.

No. 1478326

She lives with her parents and works at a college bookstore. She’s got a BA from a community college yet works at a college book store. Nah she’s not rich. The director of the bookstore only makes 64k a year. She’s not director. Average pay of the employee at that bookstore is 25-30k if they are full time. Since she’s always posting here and her other handles and doesn’t sleep it’s not far fetched to say she’s not full time. Even if she was, she’s not making much.

No. 1478328

File: 1648022214486.png (96.9 KB, 268x252, Screenshot 2022-03-23 005627.p…)

That is literally me not sexualizing them. They're allowed to have their own sexuality.

No. 1478329

You paying?

No. 1478331

Use your big time money to buy it you cow.

No. 1478332

>>1478326 You wouldn't know.

No. 1478333

Said every pedo, unironically. Said everyone's abuser, practically, too, I'll bet.

No. 1478334

Nah. You can buy it for me. uwu I don't buy shit I don't need.

No. 1478339

you can pay for other peoples vacation but dont have enough pride to spend the money for yourself to not look like shit? you’re either not rich or you dont love yourself enough. pick one.

No. 1478340

The director is Jeff Deutsch. You’re not Jeff Deutsch. And the salaries are listed to the public. It’s called transparency.

No. 1478341

It's called living in a nice area and being able to go on walks. You should try it sometime.

No. 1478345

Still not a pedo. uwu I have a boyfriend and I am attracted to him.

No. 1478347

too poor then LMAO

No. 1478355

if she actually had a boyfriend she wouldve mentioned him before this shit
if she was rich shed go out to see him so Rachel could get her fat cunt porked
instead shes on twitter thirsting over sephiroth and retweeting weird dildos
fucking sad

No. 1478360

>>wouldn’t mind marrying a Chinese guy if he’s handy
what the fuck does that mean ohhhghh my god

No. 1478361

It means she's a racist.

No. 1478362

File: 1648023960974.jpg (787.66 KB, 798x3538, dustypussy.jpg)

You don't get any dick, Rachel.

No. 1478363

was this in valhalla i desperately want to see the context

No. 1478365

Stay away from kids you sack of shit. Follow in the footsteps of fat pedo bitches before you and neck yourself. Psychotic wheezing little sex pests like you don't need to take up resources and you certainly shouldn't be given access to the internet to fucking groom kids cause it's the only way you can get someone to be sexual with you. How does it feel to be so unfuckable and obese that your only hope to get laid is grooming children on Discord and fantasizing about Sephiroth fucking kids. Seriously you have no value on this planet, when the cops find you post mortem the whole station will recoil and laugh hysterically at the pathetic fat retarded woman who took the cowards way out, all alone. Then they'll see your digital footprint and know that nothing of value was lost, at very least you'll be remembered by the PD that finds your bloated corpse. You'll live on as the half ton cunt who loved those Japanese cartoons and talking about kids fucking each other.

No. 1478479

you wouldn't be this fat if you were walking

No. 1478483

why the fuck are you talking about sex at all with children? You aren't a health teacher and you aren't their parent giving them The Talk, so what the absolute fucking business do you think you have bringing it up to a child, period?
"Not sexualizing them" bitch you are literally putting the thought in their heads bringing it up rolling around in it, fucking pedo

No. 1478497

I agree. It's funny to call her a fat pig because of how vehemently she denies it.

Rachel, you are a fat, retarded pedophile. Fuck off.

No. 1478921

Holy fucking shit the train wreck is here.

No. 1479083

File: 1648068670012.gif (Spoiler Image,823.12 KB, 250x219, Baby_01.gif)

The hell spawn in question. If you're not lying, I hope whatever little boy you raped to get laid lands your fat ass in prison for life, no parole.

No. 1479375

File: 1648081922878.jpeg (245.52 KB, 1170x2532, FBDBAA4A-1C8B-4AED-92D0-7BB432…)

Love how this cow exposed herself so much and how easy it is to see everyone connected to her. Her digital foot print is so bad that even her parents show linked to her. Then again, according to Rachel on fairsinfo she says her parents “enable” her.

No. 1479481

I joined 3 more servers with minors on it today. Stay triggered people.

No. 1479484

I do tho. uwu

No. 1479486

This will age well in court.

No. 1479515

Only I’m not one. I’m just making friends with more minors to trigger you.

No. 1479517

Good luck. The police know and they don’t care. Nothing is going to happen.

No. 1479528

youre so socially inept that you can only “befriend” minors and not people your own age lmfao
even then minors end up being tired of you
i bet your bf thinks youre fucking weird for spending so much time on here and when youre not here youre with children

No. 1479533

>>1479528 I can and do. I just befriend minors bc it pisses you people off.

My boyfriend agrees with me wholeheartedly and we had a good laugh at all of you earlier.

No. 1479534

it doesnt piss any of us off it makes you look creepy and youre so delusional that you cant see it
guess your “boyfriend” is just as much of a pedo as you are Rachel

No. 1479547

Nah, it does piss you off bc you guys are telling me to kill myself (real mature) and threatening to kill me. You are cordially invited to come the fuck at me, bc I know you won't be able to do anything.

I'm still not a pedophile tho. uwu Sex education doesn't count as being a pedophile. I don't lust after children like you do.

No. 1479549

>> you guys are telling me to kill myself (real mature
bitch dont act so innocent and holier than thou when you did the same here
nobody even threatened to kill you youre soo dramatic for what Rachel?

a pedophile dating another pedophile what a laugh youre both pathetic lmfao

No. 1479565

What boyfriend!? You admitted you were single, never had a kiss, the man you said was your boyfriend said he was never your boyfriend too! How delusional!

No. 1479577

>>1479549 a pedophile dating another pedophile what a laugh youre both pathetic lmfao

He literally has a young child already so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 1479579

I never did tho?

No. 1479590

youre a pathological liar why should we believe anything your fatass says Rachel? you have 0 proof that you have a boyfriend

No. 1479595

She will keep going at this thread l because she craves attention. She milked Twitter dry of all the attention they would give her. Aniroleplay wants nothing to do with her any more either. And we know she isn’t welcomed into discord channels with actual people of intellect so she’s just got this place and the chats with minors in it.

She’s been banned on more platforms then Trump at this point.

No. 1479649

Hey cow, I just want to let you know that if your height is 5'2 and you really do weigh 165 you are still medically obese


No. 1479653

LITERALLY what adult in their late 20s wants to talk to children on discord, they are the most annoying demographic that uses discord. either you would have to be a GROOMER or someone who is so socially incompetent that you cannot manage to befriend people your own age. its pathetic.

No. 1479894

girl this is not the flex you think it is when trying to defend that you're not a pedophile…

No. 1479951

See, just because random adults gave you the rub down and sex Ed doesn't mean it's not a borderline sex crime to talk to kids like you do. It's inappropriate and if the parents saw, your medically obese ass would be on your way to an interrogation. You've left breadcrumbs proving you're a budding sex pest and also a racist piece of shit who thrives off being disgusting. Add grooming children on Discord by "teaching them innocently about sexual education" to that and you're on your way to being someone's fat retarded bottom bitch behind bars. They don't like women that creep on kids.

You're a genetic dead end. KEK troglodyte. fat tranny looking chomo thinks she's all that. Can't wait for you to break and kill yourself.

No. 1480004

great another child for you to groom when your “boyfriend” isnt paying attention to you

No. 1480663

>>1480093 Only doing it when I know it pisses you off. I never did it to begin with, you guys are just dumb bitches and overexaggerating.



No. 1480665

Man this website's connection to cloudflare sucks.

No. 1480683

>>1480004 Lmao no. My boyfriend is my boyfriend, and he is a real man.

>>1479590 I have proof but I don't have to give it to you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ He wouldn't approve bc he knows you guys are dumb bitches.

>>1479595 I still get a ton of attention on Anirp and Twitter. I don't do this for attention, I do it to piss you off.

>>1479649 Nah. 165 is healthy for my weight.

>>1479653 Nah, it's just called liking the same shit they do. Videogames, comics, etc.

>>1479894 Meh, I don't care. I know I'm not a pedo. I love my man. He's a few months older than me, but he's been there for me since the first day I met him. Caring, clever, always willing to listen.

>>1480672 I'm only here because you guys get pissed off about trivial shit.

>>1479951 Only I'm not obese. I'm a healthy weight for my height.

>>You're a genetic dead end.

My genes have already been passed on. I have two nieces.

>> fat tranny looking chomo thinks she's all that

I'm 110% a girl. Wanna see my bloody tampons? My testosterone levels are low and my estrogen levels are high.

>>Can't wait for you to break and kill yourself.

It won't happen, and even if it did, you wouldn't know.

>>you're on your way to being someone's fat retarded bottom bitch behind bars

Only I never will be. uwu The police know and they don't care.

No. 1480690

the police know what?

No. 1480695

Don't you have little boys to groom, you absolute Thwomp of a woman?
>My genes have already been passed on. I have two nieces.
Now it all makes sense, you're fucking your brother. Checks out. You look the type.

No. 1480698

Youre ugly as fuck, miserable, racist and pathetic. Stfu pedo. Your boyfriend is most likely cheating on you anyway kek

No. 1480735

you dont have proof of a boyfriend because you either dont have one or youre grooming a minor and don’t wanna prove it to us

No. 1480740

File: 1648194074367.jpeg (426.47 KB, 1386x693, 44014AFF-BBA3-4BE0-BDBD-F54690…)

imagine saying you have a bf while youre still looking for sephiroth erp partners

No. 1480742

File: 1648194294395.jpeg (177.65 KB, 1423x379, F3B831C4-F829-45DD-8D55-A46B89…)


No. 1480744

File: 1648194705820.jpeg (232.73 KB, 849x1062, DB9A2E63-60E8-4303-9364-9009BF…)


No. 1480747

File: 1648195384604.jpeg (221.87 KB, 1362x461, 8E9D8823-3B5E-4F56-A688-82A478…)

holy shit she edated someone she was going to see irl but then he told her that his parents dont want him dating anyone while he lives with them so they break up
bitch ends up pushing him away with emo drama bullshit then he blocks her after she shows him the shit shes done (wtf would you do that lmfao)
10/10 fucking hilarious

No. 1480759

File: 1648197142035.jpeg (156.42 KB, 753x530, A19F2A3E-2E46-4132-92D9-7F83A0…)

I don’t know who you think you’re pissing off but it ain’t people in this thread that’s for sure. You’re the only one coming in here to check up on those talking about you. The rest are just people who casually use the site and see your thread popping up because you don’t know how to use the site right. You are the cow this thread is about and it’s fresh material considering the rest is dry content that has been dissected to death.

Way to be totally #notbothered

No. 1481425

At the beginning of this thread and the beginning of the Rachel saga, it was entirely personal beef between Rachel and other roleplayers which was its own autistic thunderdome. Namely, Rachel beefed with one person in particular that goes by the online name of Hyde. There was an attempt to get a restraining order on Hyde's end that failed, Rachel doxed Hyde at one point and called her place of employment in a true Karen fashion.

So, the assessment early on that it was personal was correct, I mean it was obvious before Rachel found this thread that it was pointedly personal. It's very likely Hyde and/or her circle of friends were the ones to bring this here because they were the only ones at that time to really want to bring more attention to Rachel in an attempt to get her to leave them alone. Not necessarily the smartest move, but I digress.

This could have stayed as personal beef but Rachel has this snowballing effect that continuously gathers more mass as she spirals downward. She attracted the attention of other fandoms, people not entirely involved in fandom, I even recall someone claiming that the developer of Arcana has Rachel blocked on social media because Rachel was sperging out about one of the characters.

She drags more people in herself because she doesn't know how to shut her damn mouth. Every time she talks she further digs a hole. Yeah she's done some really autistic and pedophilic things in the name of living out her Sephiroth-fucking delusions. She truly lives in a world not unlike CWC where she believes that she is the center of this world, these characters are real and they all want to fuck her.

It's especially funny that a thread on Rachel has ended up here because it wasn't like she was stirring up much outside of Twitter at the original time of posting. It was silly at first. Now that she's discovered it and is chimping out it's even funnier.

No. 1481500


Man you guys are fucking retarded to believe that shit about her. The shit about the Arcana developer blocking her was never real. She’s stated before she knows none of these characters are real, they just hold significance for her, and that’s just fine. You keep going “well she thinks/believes/does” shut the fuck up honestly if she’s said she does or doesn’t, that’s it. She is the authority on herself, not anyone else.

The fact of the matter is, it’s innocent before proven guilty. If the police know she’s been talking to minors or giving them sex education and they don’t care, then that’s it. She’s not going to see any kind of repercussions for things she didn’t do.

She doesn’t thrive on attention, she’s a sadist that gets off on seeing Farmers riled up and upset about what amounts to absolutely jack shit.

Hyde COUGHMelissa from Beverly Hills Permanent MakeupCOUGH was and is a sick in the head, egotistical strumpet with pretty privilege that somehow thought that someone living over 400 miles away (with no means to reach her)who had them blocked everywhere on Twitter was a threat to her, so had her friend with access to a police database doxx Rachel and flaunt a blank restraining order on Twitter all “oh should I do it” like if Rachel was actually a threat Hyde would have kept it private. Dumb bitches in Moss County are handed permission to attempt restraining orders like candy.

As for her dating situation, it’s a little more complicated than just going off what she says or what her tags are in a server she’s never on. Did it never occur to you that she suspected Farmers were watching, so she lied to check? Or do you only believe her when what she says would make her look pathetic?

So go ahead. Call the police on her. Nothing will come of it. They already know.

Sage because you bitches are faggots.

No. 1481502

She’s been more then Twitter. She’s also stirred a lot of shit on Facebook, various discord final fantasy and arcana servers, aniroleplay and she’s apparently banned on F-list final fantasy community. I don’t know what she did to get banned on a site literally made for people to write fantasy fucking with weird fetishes unhinged. But she’s banned from there so it has to be something pretty damned bad.

I was around when the arcana thing went down. She went full sperg on one of the other staff members who told her to not be aggressive to other users for not liking a design of one of the sprites. She went full on stupid and tried to excuse her behavior because she’s “ autistic” when the server has other members who are and behave like respectful adults of others opinions. She then got told to stop when I guess a user messaged one of the mods with DMs from her harassing them because they didn’t know how to divide fractions or something. She was barely in the server 2 hours before she got banned. And when she got banned she freaked out. She went and started DMing staff trying to get back in and get the mod that banned her banned.

She then went full retard and went bat shit on the mod who was a minor and tried to bring in stuff that was brought up in the adult corner of the server. The server is full of people who are closely knit with the developers of the game and some of the most popular people from the arcana fandom where mods and members of the server. So she really fucked up before she could get any foot hold in that fandom.

That server has since been removed and separated into other servers to keep the minors and adults separated due to discord constantly messing with coding making it possible for minors to get into adult spaces.

She did try to make a person roleplay smut with her when that person said they don’t roleplay content like that with people they don’t know and have just met. She also called for a roleplay partner in the all ages server saying she wanted to roleplay adult content in an area where minors can see. This was one thing she was warned about since the server had a vetting process and all inquired about adult anything was in adult areas only.

It was two years ago but it’s still brought up from time to time because she was possibly one of the funniest sperg moments in arcana fandom other then non-binary apprentice assulting the devs and the savenkey sperging out when the devs caugh sav data mining content and stealing in game art for profits.

No. 1481517

Very nice attempt to blend in with regular farmers, WK. Unfortunately your spacing and ending with "sage for ___" gives you away.

No. 1481525

So you really think after reading the above, that we would believe >>1481500 lmao. If you're not rachel I'm sure you're some other massive-lardass pedophile.

No. 1481527


doxxing? You're still a pedo and a psycho stalker you pathetic sack of fatty lard shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1481531

File: 1648259286850.jpg (81.45 KB, 500x756, 6a2goa.jpg)

Oh no, trust me (or don't, idc) no sex happens at all in the final fantasy channels on f-list. If you so much as ask to write a sex scene with someone, you're going to get scoffed at. The channels are full of gender confused prudes that are just as obsessed with the characters as you think she is. It's not something that is as exclusive to her.

>I was around when the arcana thing went down

You're going to have to prove that, Anon. The person who couldn't do fractions was a tranny with a reputation for spreading rumors. None of that shit matters anymore anyhow, the webcomic and its fandom is dead and rotting.


She did try to make a person roleplay smut with her when that person said they don’t roleplay content like that with people they don’t know and have just met.

Don't exist on a server dedicated to that then. Just asking for it.


Ratio then.

No. 1481536

Another nice try to blend in, WK, this time
>Ratio then
gave you away. I guess you're from twitter. You sound too smart to be Rachael herself, so I wonder what your relation to her is? You've clearly lurked enough to grasp lc lingo, which makes you a pretty dedicated white night. Very interesting.

No. 1481537

Sure cow. You still are obvious. At least you learned how to sage… somewhat.

But the “ratio” gave your ass away.

No. 1481540

I’ve shared a server with her on discord for several years, and that’s the only thing I’m going to say. I don’t like people who get their kicks from riling up others, but aside from that she’s strangely enough an okay individual.

No. 1481550

awe you learned how to sage good job rachel!

No. 1481551

>>I’ve shared a server with her on discord for several years
bitch how? she makes a new discord account almost every few months why the fuck should we believe a bitch asking for proof when youve got none yourself
>>I don’t like people who get their kicks from riling up others
none of us are riling her up otherwise that’s cow tipping shes being a retard on public platforms and sperging out at us and were just laughing at a distance

No. 1481557

i cant believe you sat there and made this retarded ass meme topkek!

No. 1481569

She always comes back to the same places. Even if she makes a new discord, she always comes back.

>> none of us are riling her up otherwise that’s cow tipping

Then she’s already been tipped. One of the people who posted here notified her of this thread’s existence.

I don’t care whether you believe me or not, but if this thread dying out shuts her the fuck up so I don’t have to listen to her going on about being stalked on Discord, kill the thread.

No. 1481571

hmm…. no and btw you just bumped it to the top lol

No. 1481573

Eh. Woops.

No. 1481588

Maybe she should stop commenting then and stop giving evidence. Maybe she should stop stalking people that want nothing to do with her. Maybe she should stop lying about her identity online. Maybe stop talking about drama when people do give her the time of day.

She needs to learn that she’s not entitled to everyone’s attention. She’s not entitled to anything from people who want nothing to do with her. If she would let bygones be bygones she would fade into obscurity and not be a thing. But she can’t help but rear her head back when she doesn’t get what she wants. She likes the attention. She enjoys it. It’s obvious that her suffering is her favorite kind of attention. She can’t get anywhere if she’s sarcastic and toxic all the time. Take criticism and improve herself. Take blame for her actions and not project it out to others and say she was “ provoked” to be racist, transphobic, ablelist. She’s college educated. She needs to act like it. Not a 13 year old child white hormones raging in their neuro system.

No. 1481593

>she's transphobic
oh I guess she's a little based then

No. 1481598

She have bounced back and forth both being transphobic and being trans supportive. She has tried to act as if she was a trans woman to gain sympathy before, she’s also turned around and made fun of people for being trans. She’s a damned mess and does what ever she can to get attention. I guess it works for her.

No. 1481602

>> if this thread dying out shuts her the fuck up so I don’t have to listen to her going on about being stalked on Discord, kill the thread

youre just as retarded as she is block her or tell her to shut the fuck up if youre so sick of it

No. 1481614

>> implies arcana fandom is dead.
>> calling the game a webcomic

It’s still got a very live community. It still has art, cosplay and arcana themed conventions going on. The game itself has its own discord that’s chaotic all the time full of fans.

Also it’s not a webtoons web comic. It’s a game that you actually play with objectives.

Only Someone who isn’t allowed in the arcana circles or being told it’s dead would make such a crass statement with confidence. Don’t talk about stuff you know nothing about.

No. 1481634

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

No. 1481673

Ehh she's not transphobic, she just says bad shit bc it pisses people off.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1481679


Nobody but you would namedrop Hyde and give a half hearted dox attempt, Rachel. White knighting for yourself is a low, especially when you tried to make it seem like it wasn't you. Only you would make those exact moves in the same post and believe that you did something smart there.

Damage control isn't going to help you here. You're delusional if you believe anyone is going to WK for a fat lard like you. You aren't smart and the people here can run circles around you if you want to try and take up an alphabet of personas to go up to bat for the dust of self preservation you have left. Every single person who has tried to be nice to you has been burned because you abuse their kindness because you want them to fix the problems you've created.

Now I'll say that I'm not a regular here nor do I plan on being one. It's been made public knowledge that you've got a thread here, which is why I dropped in. I have some thoughts to share.

You could have left this thread to die and nobody would've looked into you. If you hadn't given it an ounce of attention it would have been written off as a personal vendetta. It would have faded away.

But you couldn't just leave it alone. Not only did you have the audacity to come here, you have the audacity to pretend like we don't see through you. You've been caught in an endless string of lies since the beginning of your posts here, and still pretend like you haven't been called out for it.

Remember: any farmers will always be three steps ahead of you. You won't be able to get ahead. The more you stir up, the more they will dig up.

Your opsec was shit and they'll be able to dig things up on you that you forgot existed. You've used the same character name for almost two decades. You've used the same screen names and emails. Your paper trail can be seen from space.

Go ahead, keep playing around. You won't win.

No. 1481684

>>1481679 Too late. She's won.

No. 1481686


Okay Bertha

No. 1481705

if it really isnt her (doubt) its probably someone from that retarded erp discord server “valhalla”
i was told by an ex mutual (they deleted Rachel lmfao) that she showed them fairsinfocenter asking them if it was fucked up then got mad that they wouldnt hop on twitter and defend her and told her to leave it alone

No. 1481711

File: 1648275526533.gif (2.01 MB, 426x212, 3F8F36C2-6E3B-4962-8858-12C299…)

>>she’s already won
Where? And why you talking in third person Rachel?

No. 1481712

this made me laugh because shes the only person that says this
nobody defending someone would say this especially in this context
Rachel youre so fucking sloppy please go to therapy and get a gym membership

No. 1481714

File: 1648275852394.png (125.3 KB, 1500x1125, 042C8395-3CB8-46BA-8D11-53E7B4…)

This bitch googled if angelic pretty made sizes for western bodies before she googled how to sage. It took her a full ass day after that to learn to Google how to sage.

No. 1481722

That isn't even a name she goes by. Whoever started using that name, did so founded in fatphobia.


Rachel genuinely doesn't care.

No. 1481723

>> she doesn’t go by that name
Yeah she doesn’t go by madam has either. And apparently not Rachel because it’s “ deadnaming” her.

>>she genuinely doesn’t care

Then why respond when people are talking about you trying to “ prove” you’re not as bad as people are saying you are? I mean if you didn’t care you would just ignore it when people talk about you. But here we are, a dead thread being revived because you can’t help but let people know if you’re existence. That’s very not bothered behavior.

No. 1481724

Bertha you forgot to sage again

No. 1481726

only Rachel, who doesn't understand what this site was founded on, would use this word unironically.
>Rachel genuinely doesn't care.
It seems like you do, Rachel.

This is so funny, I haven't even been reading this thread but this cow is so stupid I'm gonna backread now

No. 1481728

Bertha fits you, but lolita fashion could never fit a landwhale.

No. 1481731

She would probably fall victim to one of milanoo’s sock puppet sites. Or buy one of those unfortunately fitted dollbe dresses. Some styles are just not meant to go on big bodies. When will fatties learn, just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits.

No. 1481735

please stop discouraging her anons, i NEED a lolita saga

No. 1481738

>>1481735 You're not getting one.

No. 1481739

It already fits her.

No. 1481741

File: 1648278032136.jpeg (137.31 KB, 1284x277, 6CF54385-DA9B-4C1B-B954-684861…)

dw i think we might get an ana saga

No. 1481742

She posted pics of herself earlier in one of her Baby The Stars Shine Bright dress. I challenge you to go find it.

No. 1481743

File: 1648278609980.jpg (201.53 KB, 500x459, GirthaBertha.jpg)

She's gonna be a Tess Holliday anorexic

No. 1481746

Stop talking about yourself in third person. If you had proof you'd post it, fatty.

No. 1481754

please rachel i love you you are a pretty pretty princess

No. 1481755

File: 1648279877467.jpeg (407.22 KB, 1284x966, 4642B085-D9DF-4EF1-92CE-04D76F…)

No. 1481767


No. 1481778

>>1481746 That is actually genuinely adorable.

No. 1481785

File: 1648282313822.jpeg (226.54 KB, 817x1299, C75F1E07-15A7-4E87-A8F6-E3919E…)

She pretty much described herself in that slopoke onesie she got for Christmas.

No. 1481786

>>1481785 Awwww!

No. 1481790

she could have gotten her name changed at this point but the outrage feeds her

No. 1481804

so dead eyed

No. 1481805

Zero neck but endless chins.

No. 1481806

>>1481679 What I said in regards to Melissa stands. I'm not whiteknighting for her, you guys just hate it when someone disagrees with you.

No. 1481808

>>1481805 She actually has really pretty green eyes.

>>1481804 Dude, you can't even see her neck in that photo.

No. 1481809

Rachel kys and learn to sage

No. 1481810

She can't sage if she's dead, dumbass

No. 1481811

That individual was banned from Valhalla for siding with "Bunny", a banned sad cunt with a failing marriage with her military husband bc she wouldn't give him enough attention.

No. 1481813

who the fuck is melissa

No. 1481815

some bitch from beverly hills or something that tried to press a restraining order against the cow or some shit, thats what im gleaning

No. 1481816

Melissa is the person known as Hyde who tried to get a restraining order, Rachel is obsessed with her.

No. 1481817

the ex mutual im talking about isnt banned because theyre the one giving me screenshots of your shit from there
nice try i know youre trying to figure out whos leaking shit

No. 1481820

>>1481817 Gotcha.

No. 1481822

If she's obsessed with her then why haven't we heard anything of her until now

No. 1481823

rachel/bertha you should learn to shut the fuck up
if you hadnt come here this thread wouldve never been as active as it is now
if youve never been such an autistic bitch you wouldnt have so many fucking enemies and be blindly shouting out names of people who dont even think about you
the mods on valhalla are so tired of you they actually look away from the chat when you start sperging about this shit and i seriously cant wait for the day you do get banned and come back here to sperg out because you ARE here for our entertainment

No. 1481824

imagine harassing someone for being autistic

No. 1481825

oh no im shaking in my boots with the 0 leads that you have


No. 1481827

what have you done?

i think its the cow leading the farmer at this point

No. 1481831

i havent done anything
heres the thing with rachel she has these moments where she tries to fish for clues of her “harassers” and then she starts pointing fingers at the wrong people like crazy
shes done it a lot on twitter

No. 1481833

File: 1648285456540.jpg (51.89 KB, 497x875, fatmad.jpg)

Her other Facebook account is called Miranda Sforza. Her mom even tags her in posts there, and she's got her cat as a profile picture.

She has to make multiple accounts because she ends up having a mass freak out every time at something insignificant.

No. 1481837

just looked through it
had a good chuckle at her posting about drama with another sephiroth about the previously mentioned “david lee mayben”

No. 1481839

>> I’m going to project myself onto you because I can’t be original just like my OC.

No. 1481840

She looks like she’s a fetal alcohol syndrome baby. Her mother must have not wanted that pregnancy. Don’t blame her. I wouldn’t want my adult daughter living with me and acting like a child throwing a tantrum on the internet either.

No. 1481842

File: 1648286593208.jpeg (867.57 KB, 1284x2213, 12F2702B-0001-4C5F-878C-2AD657…)

No. 1481843

File: 1648286631122.jpeg (584.48 KB, 1284x1723, 4B205D2B-5C3C-4105-9DED-61D50F…)

No. 1481844

File: 1648286653470.jpeg (451.22 KB, 1284x1065, 69411925-ADC8-49A2-8FC7-22B1A6…)

No. 1481846

File: 1648286734171.jpeg (923.61 KB, 1284x2173, FE387122-0CDC-4846-A612-5D86CF…)

No. 1481847

File: 1648286851472.jpeg (177.3 KB, 1284x368, 7DF96136-D815-477D-9769-FF26F9…)

No. 1481848

>>1481840 Her mother isn’t her biological mother. She’s still in her biological family’s life and part of both. There’s pictures of her and her biological mother in Hawaii together floating somewhere around here that she posted on Twitter a while ago.

No. 1481851

File: 1648287034542.jpeg (952.7 KB, 1284x2342, 52208316-11CF-4177-A19B-275AC0…)

No. 1481852

Still harping on that delusion aren’t you Rachel. So whose your parents? Hojo and Jenova?

No. 1481859

Polyamorous? Rachel?? Ha.
You'd shit yourself if a dude you liked was even remotely near another woman. However, you seem to feel entitled to a reverse harem like the true incel you are. It would be a miracle to find one person who genuinely liked you and wasn't dipping into your fishy cunt for a green card or to drain your family's bank accounts.

Final Fantasy House 2: Electric Boogaloo

No. 1481864

shes really trying to push this poly bf narrative hard as if she didnt just say shes back on the market not even a week ago
not to mention she still has the single role and her only reason for it is because the server doesnt have a role that fits her even though theres aparrently a poly role

No. 1481929

Sera,Sera please start the mental process of making a Sephiroth tulpa!

No. 1481931

She can't decide if she's single, has one boyfriend, or has two boyfriends.

We all know the truth though, nobody wants her and she pretends that a bunch of pixel men are plowing her. Sephiroth's masamune couldn't reach anything with that massive gunt in the way.

No. 1482153

She probably fucks Sephiroth in the astral plane akin to Sephirothslave and other FF schizos. she needs to lose like 50 lbs then maybe she can get her first kiss with a real life man, kek

No. 1482592

Nah, real men have too much hair. That would means she would have competition for who has the hairiest bodies.

No. 1482615

It's her without a doubt. Someone found a picture of her hairy ass legs on display some time ago. I was looking for it to post here but I can't find it. So everyone is spared from the horrors for now.

No. 1482623

imagine supporting a misogynistic beauty standard like that? women are allowed to have body hair. the razor wasn’t even marketed to women until 1915.

body hair is just as beautiful as hairless.

No. 1482632

>>1481864 The server doesn’t have a poly tag. It’s not a matter of indecisiveness. I’m genuinely poly and have that harem all of you hags want but can’t have.

No. 1482639

>> exactly how many of these people are under the age of 18?

They’re all 18 or over. Anyone who isn’t is banned.

No. 1482644

File: 1648341445236.jpeg (125.75 KB, 750x1224, FD8BDD45-C12D-4E65-BC54-DE5D7E…)

My pussy smells like flowers. He’s already bought me gifts, so it’s not about the money.

No. 1482649

I never thought I would run into a femcel in the wild.

No. 1482671


doesn’t count if you catfished

No. 1482681

and his initials are BJ…?

No. 1482686

Newsflash, fatmad. You aren't your Mary Sue oc.

"My Sera" shit, at least pretend like you didn't use Textnow to make a fake number and message yourself to flex.

No. 1482694

Why are you guys entertaining this ugly, fat, retarded bitch? Just post your caps and ignore her. We can laugh at the tard without trying to one-up it.

No. 1482708

my sexy vampire girlfriend

No. 1482723

Lmao. He’s received my nudes numerous times and loves them. No catfishing. We FaceTime all the time.

I never thought I would run into an entire forum filled with femcels. You guys expect to date someone who looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger, when you look like Melissa McCarthy with AIDS.

No. 1482726

It’s called not doxxing your boyfriend, faggot.

No. 1482734

Then I guess it’s a shame he does exist and we love each other.

No. 1482736

I am tho. uwu

No. 1482744

You can’t oneup her. She’s smarter than anyone here.

No. 1482745

File: 1648345796268.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.7 KB, 574x561, 79f271e8ca45278d5d4f6c9edfe811…)

Your nudes look like this

No. 1482746


Nah that’s you, femcel. Enjoy being lonely.

No. 1482748

If you were smart you wouldn't be here, cow.

No. 1482754

File: 1648346575889.jpg (58.69 KB, 725x499, brainbleachneeded.jpg)

Hairy Hamhocks and the chamber of diabetes

No. 1482766

File: 1648347249998.jpeg (118.17 KB, 654x593, 04DC2D89-285D-4A8C-8598-6BD9E9…)

Is this really her? How could anyone let anyone take a picture of herself like this and publish it for the world to see it?

No. 1482769

Holy shit she's uglier than I thought

No. 1482770

At least the bag is covering the cave of rotten flesh between her thighs.

No. 1482771

It’s not about looks. It’s about love. Something you will never have, femcel.

No. 1482778

File: 1648348137588.png (4.34 MB, 828x1792, 1F33E8F3-8F8F-48D4-91ED-E67E19…)

I mean she has Neanderthal brows and doesn’t shape them to flatter her face. I’m sure this bitch doesn’t have any type of skin care routine to keep her flesh hydrated and nurtured. No wonder her makeup looks like shit, she’s both unskilled in wearing it and doesn’t care for her skin at alll.

No. 1482780

File: 1648348227614.jpg (579.87 KB, 1080x1540, Screenshot_20220326-202508_Twi…)

It's her.

No. 1482781

File: 1648348367479.jpeg (201.38 KB, 828x1212, 0E1D9F0C-6C18-43B6-B07E-846832…)

You know it’s fresh she called someone fat when she looks like that. I guess she doesn’t have a mirror in her house.

No. 1482785

Well, that’s an unfortunate angle, but her calves are muscular and she looks happy enough. Did it never occur to you that she had the picture taken without her knowledge or consent?

If seeing people doing things they enjoy and being happy with their romantic partners makes you angry, then the problem is you. Not her.

No. 1482787

No acne tho, which is more than can be said for you, pizzaface femcel.

No. 1482788

She actually looks pretty. :) It’s called not buying into misogynistic beauty standards. She doesn’t wear the makeup for you.

No. 1482791

File: 1648348789639.jpg (498.24 KB, 809x1768, obesity.jpg)

Shut up hamhocks lol

No. 1482794

Lmao no. You skanks automatically assume anyone agreeing with her is her or a WK. It’s called being wrong and being called out for being retarded. XD

No. 1482801

the only cute thing in this photo is the handbag w/ cats on it n thats it

No. 1482806

File: 1648349411619.jpeg (88.38 KB, 616x499, 3CA5AFCB-B734-4760-8692-DB866D…)

No. 1482810

the girl with the bag is adorable.

No. 1482814

do you really think replying multiple times is making anyone believe anybody but you is actually here defending your disgusting ass?

No. 1482815

Bertha you always have the same pattern of pretending to be other people to defend yourself because deep down you know nobody wants to defend you. Nothing has changed.
You should at least learn to pretend better.

Maybe you should try posting yourself to kiwifarms if you want male attention that badly.

No. 1482818

Well, nonnie, maybe It’s the army of groomed children the ones who are whiteknighting for m’lardy, I seriously doubt anyone would defend this fucking pedophile other than her victims of grooming.

No. 1482822

weird dick 0/10

No. 1482823

Don’t have to. We’re not her. :3

No. 1482824

Sera isn't your name either, and XD would only be used by a weaboo landwhale in this context. Nice job posting a random dick to "prove" anything. Nasty.

No. 1482825

from the screenshots it seems like none of them care about her all that much kek

No. 1482827

omfg this bitch is insane, posting random dick pics to convince us she has a bf. She really doesn't know how to stop lying. She lies, then has to make up lies to support other lies, and then more lies to support the supporting lies, and now she's trying dick pics to get us to believe her.

No. 1482828

yes it fucking does retard
its funny because minors are hiding in there and youve actually spoken to a few in genchat you can blame the server owner for not pulling them over because there isnt proof that theyre minors lmao
now we know youre lying youre not texting another person with an iPhone in that screenshot so how can you FaceTime and why not use discord? ontop of that theres no date present
its really not hard to find a poster’s ip address stop being retarded Rachel

No. 1482829

Yes. Feel your blood pressure rise femcel. Let the rage overtake you.

No. 1482831

:3 This is all clearly working XD in her fictional reality uwu

God it pained me to type like that but she gives herself away with those stupid ass text emotes and the same mannerisms in her posts.

No. 1482832

It’s a NSFW server, what do you expect? She probably talks with whatever users she’s friends with in private.

No. 1482833

its so disgusting that youd stoop as low as to post someone elses nudes to “prove” that its “not you” Rachel
youre lower than dirt

No. 1482834

Those are my nudes fatso.

No. 1482836

She’s already told you how much she weighs. She’s under no obligation to lie and say anything else.

No. 1482837

yes rachel we know that's your favorite insult word. My god she is retarded, she doesn't even know to change up her repetitive word choice when impersonating other people. This is truly one of the best cows we've had in a while. I wish farmhands were more active so we could get a post reveal just to watch her sperg out and make up more lies to explain it away kek

No. 1482838

File: 1648351216652.jpeg (77.67 KB, 500x538, E9AB819E-D3BE-42BC-8FD5-621F89…)

>>1482831 It is actually working though, no fiction necessary. You guys are getting upset over jack shit because you’re manless

No. 1482839

nobodys going to believe you unless you provide proof which you wont
probably stole this from the nudes channel in one of the servers

No. 1482843

fairsinfocenter as posted screenshots ontop of screenshots ontop of screenshots that shows NOBODY is willing to lay their shit on the line for you so why would these people from servers that you whine in want to help you when theyve told your fatass to shut the fuck up so many times?

No. 1482845

yes rachel we're verrrryyy upset, please make us more mad so we can continue to laug– I mean get angry at you. Ooh we're so mad, that is definitely the emotion we're feeling. Grr.

No. 1482847

this is so fucking funny i'm actually crying, this iq of 20 bitch really is just posting random penis pictures now

No. 1482848

File: 1648351635915.jpeg (820.43 KB, 1284x2340, 6E330030-CEC7-4DDD-935F-86F7D3…)

No. 1482849

File: 1648351662455.jpeg (800.64 KB, 1284x2349, FDB284F0-15D8-463D-8683-45E740…)

No. 1482850

File: 1648351699627.jpeg (749.35 KB, 1284x2195, CF1D80CA-C2EF-4528-A407-CC6EFE…)

No. 1482851

File: 1648351726535.jpeg (592.32 KB, 1284x2130, A27500A2-FF93-438C-B361-CDD6B4…)

No. 1482854

I can confirm, I just called her house. Her mom picked up though and told me rachel was too busy stuffing donuts up her vagina to come to the phone. I asked her why she's doing that, and her mom said she's not sure but she has to buy her the donuts or else rachel calls the police on them for "abuse of the mentally infirm."

No. 1482855

you know the file name is a dead giveaway that youre posting these from your phone right rachel?

No. 1482856

You pretend like you’re laughing at us but we know better.

No. 1482859

i guess these 3 different men's penises are from her harem of sexy polyamorous weed smoking boyfriends, right?

No. 1482862

File: 1648352102340.gif (102.55 KB, 220x123, 0DA56D3F-5369-4AC8-93EA-900CEC…)

That’s not even the same dick as before. Both men need the manscape badly.

No. 1482867

she's creating a whole cast of supporting characters now, that's honestly impressive levels of autism. I'm curious how inventive and complex her story will become if we can keep her on here for several more weeks.

No. 1482868

Kek, I hope we get a nice DID saga a la Jill the Vessel.

No. 1482870

hilarious how Rachel is always screaming “omg transphobia!1” but is fine with her “friends” calling people tranny lmfao
she also just found out what moids are

No. 1482872

File: 1648352507746.jpeg (819.42 KB, 1284x2252, 3BBDD261-6A84-4454-B515-594798…)

No. 1482873

File: 1648352539023.jpeg (365.95 KB, 1284x1099, 94028FC7-1A39-417D-9D5F-34CCC4…)

No. 1482875

you will never get a boyfriend or husband.

No. 1482876

i was the last anon and i meant it doesnt even seem like those kids like her

No. 1482878

God is she spamming dicks to try to prove something?
Next she'll post cp to prove she totally isn't a child predator.

No. 1482879

nah Matt and Clorox are always like that(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1482883

who’s to say she hasn’t already

No. 1482884

File: 1648352893596.jpeg (277.98 KB, 1284x811, 19EEC268-9719-4189-945C-156F53…)

completely missed this

No. 1482885

Happy in her totally real polyamorous relationship.

No. 1482888

This is such a pathetic exchange. Kek

No. 1482889

>>1482885 I've seen pics of him. He's nice.

No. 1482891

Post pics of your true and honest boyfriend Bertha. Come on. Get him to hold up a nice little timestamp with your name on it.
You can shut everyone up with proof but you don't have it so you keep catfishing.

No. 1482892

at this rate rachel is gonna get a second thread and neither of them will be taken down LMFAO

No. 1482893

She's asleep, so you're getting nothing until at least tomorrow.

No. 1482896

Bertha you aren't asleep, you don't have proof and you're about to have another thread here. How does it feel to know you've cemented your history online?
Now everyone who searches your full name will find you and the horrible things you've said all because someone pretending to be Sephiroth won't cyber sex your mary sue

No. 1482905

She is asleep. Deal with it, slag.

No. 1482907

I’m not saying she should kill herself, but all pedophile groomers on discord should kill themselves.

No. 1482908

shes online>>1482905
i see you online right now rachel you fucking tard

No. 1482909

File: 1648354318035.jpeg (801.34 KB, 1284x1584, CAD14E80-8A59-44DF-821D-0ED2B8…)

since shes apparently sleeping heres some stuff i got from digging around

No. 1482910


Then I guess it's good she's not one.

No. 1482914

Who said anything about Matt or Clorox being her friends?

No. 1482915

Chill Snorlax, she probably left her phone or laptop open.

No. 1482916

Googled her. Nothing.

No. 1482919

She tends to do that. But these threads never disappear. There’s archives of them on other sites. I don’t know why she calls this a bootleg 4chan though. This is just what 4chan was before moot left. She’s on some newfag level of sperg.

No. 1482922

imgur link of the vid its not letting me upload the vid directly

No. 1482928

I doubt her bf even knows or cares this thread exists

No. 1482930

she doesnt has one she already said that the dude blocked her after she showed him all the fucked up shit shes done

No. 1482932

File: 1648355341021.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1284x1490, E950378E-948E-47ED-A3D6-149433…)

No. 1482936

>>1482930 doesn't mean she doesn't already have one, it's called being poly.

No. 1482937

File: 1648355466163.jpeg (1.31 MB, 3024x4032, 2887B09A-0230-4A77-A084-38689F…)

No. 1482938

File: 1648355506528.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1284x1540, 5757155D-05F3-4D0D-B8E2-EA7800…)

No. 1482939


Her full name is Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin, from Emerald Hills, CA, USA.

Online handles she's used are Sera Rosier, yzrch, Madame M, UnseelyMistress, Tillamoon, Alruna, JunonsRipper, Miranda Sforza. There's more, but I think those are the primary ones.

No. 1482944

Emerald Hills? Damn she's rich then

No. 1482946

File: 1648355652996.jpeg (1.2 MB, 2448x3264, 04B1353B-8F49-4115-BFAD-5DBA7A…)

No. 1482947

File: 1648355701032.jpeg (712.26 KB, 1284x784, F5D3B3E0-3D2B-4F99-A0B3-1B3EF0…)

No. 1482949

File: 1648355738746.jpeg (1.03 MB, 4028x2282, F355A58D-FB11-42D5-9545-91DD83…)

not enough room on there for the “boyfriend”

No. 1482952

Soooo… She's not allowed to have sweets, by your reckoning?

No. 1482953

File: 1648355802194.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1284x1545, 8A210CA1-A153-40F1-93A8-F0C1C1…)

No. 1482954

She probs goes over to his house, relax Karen.

No. 1482956

File: 1648355927032.jpeg (1.5 MB, 3024x4032, C2F6280A-F216-4399-BD80-976FED…)

No. 1482957

"probably" and yet she has all this cool shit, it's clear she can afford it with plenty to spare.

No. 1482960

she doesnt even drive
chill out you dont even pay rent rachel

No. 1482961

It isn't her house, she lives with her parents because she's too fat and codependent to leave. She doesn't make enough money to support her lifestyle so she leeches off of her aging parents. Not unlike CWC, except she's the only one with the hoarding issue.
Jesus look at all those printed out pictures of generic white haired anime characters. She's nearing her thirties. She's reminding me of the neckbeard nest posts I've seen floating around. I bet the last time her sheets were changed was three years ago with all of that unnecessary clutter on the damn bed.

No man would want a woman who does that nasty shit. You can smell that image.

No. 1482962

File: 1648356146026.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1284x965, 63ABE39D-CEB7-43D7-91F8-45FDBA…)

No. 1482964

she just posted pics on snapchat of her and her bf together

No. 1482966

File: 1648356264992.jpeg (2.09 MB, 4032x3024, B157EE28-C02E-4193-855C-F15802…)

No. 1482968

Photoshopping Sephiroth into a selfie doesn't count piggy.

No. 1482972

oh please i would love to see even a cropped version of this supposed picture of someone who actively avoids having any pictures of herself online that has said shes back on the market

No. 1482975

File: 1648356432629.jpeg (1.96 MB, 1284x2240, 214DE96E-2C96-49E6-B948-6BB874…)

this one made me laugh so hard

No. 1482976

File: 1648356494958.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3024x4032, BFD5EB0F-B774-4D0A-BF1E-93258C…)

No. 1482977

>>1482975 She has nice nails.

No. 1482979

Why, you gonna go kill her?

No. 1482980

She deepthroats twinkies pretending it's Sephiroth.

No. 1482981

File: 1648356600376.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3024x4032, 4D328C90-AD73-4293-B126-3E1581…)

No. 1482983

Bertha you didn't even clean up your work, they look sloppier than your bedroom.

No. 1482986

She doesn't have diabetes though. Nor is she at risk for it.

No. 1482988

File: 1648356856934.png (72.67 KB, 268x286, 685ADB92-9B65-4A6A-B02F-83793F…)

Her room looks like a 13 year old who just hit puberty. Fitting I guess since her Mary Sue OC reads like it was written by some edgy 13 year old.

No. 1482989

File: 1648356885541.jpeg (921.23 KB, 1284x2103, E3BBCB3D-214E-48AC-9F3F-D3220F…)

kind of funny how nobody takes her seriously

No. 1482991

Edge is her friend, and Rebecka just hasn't been initiated.

No. 1482992

She's not here bro.

No. 1482994

What are you. a dwarf? She doesn't weigh a lot for her height.

No. 1482997

File: 1648357068064.jpeg (395.41 KB, 1284x1818, 22925C9A-CEA0-4CDE-A4BE-DA0297…)

i think its hilarious that her life is so sad and uneventful that shed celebrate this in a porn server because she has nobody to talk to

No. 1483002

She aint here slut

No. 1483003

File: 1648357282718.jpg (1.08 MB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20220326-220755_FF7…)

Those triglycerides tho.

No. 1483011

Yikes that LDL/HDL ratio is bad. She probably heaves hard going up a fight of stairs. Her heart is struggling with those levels.

No. 1483019

>>1482983 Her bedroom is cute, even if it is cluttered.

No. 1483022

Nah, she deepthroats her bf's cock knowing its his

No. 1483023

her childish room is so creepy considering that she preys on minors

No. 1483024

Bertha stop talking about yourself in third person, you've never had a real life relationship anyway. Everyone you've dated has been on the internet and you've never once even held hands with someone. You're still a virgin because nobody is desperate enough to pork you.

No. 1483027

File: 1648359596144.png (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 975x800, aklschda.png)

She's not lying guys, here's the photo

No. 1483028

Dude, she's not here. Nice try though.

No. 1483029

i want it to be the next thread picture

No. 1483031

File: 1648359893636.jpeg (173.56 KB, 572x704, 2F2C8A30-726E-4681-ABFE-9BB340…)


No. 1483032

But anon, can't you see that all those replies are clearly from different people and not rachel? Probably from her harem of sexy boyfriends.

No. 1483033

no let her get her second thread faster by being a retard

No. 1483036

This deserves an award.

No. 1483043

because you’re morbidly obese

No. 1483045

She's not though.

No. 1483046

I'm sure she's going to appreciate you photoshopping her in one of her favorite pictures with her favorite character.

No. 1483048

I'm glad you like it rachel!

No. 1483050

>one of her favorite pictures
hmmmmm how would you know what she thinks of the picture if you weren't her? this is pathetic lol, give it up rachel, we can pick out every single comment from you with ease. You're too mentally slow to pull this off, and the really sad thing is you don't even know how dumb you are so you'll continue making a circus act of yourself. That's better for us, though.

No. 1483051

Waiting for the saga where she burns down Nibelheim to become one with her husbando in the style of Randy Stair

No. 1483052

Now THAT'S more like it

No. 1483054

Because she's commented on twitter how she feels, dumbass.

No. 1483057

File: 1648361787201.jpeg (245.71 KB, 1284x739, 1E321A75-26A6-49DB-BF48-0C0079…)

No. 1483058

Because that's what toddlers do. They put things in their mouths.

No. 1483062

yeah but why would you admit that youve eaten sand as a child in a porn server you fucking weirdo

No. 1483063

idk, i'm not her

No. 1483064

File: 1648362081796.jpeg (101.26 KB, 1284x315, 36732626-BEDD-47EA-92A2-02D6FE…)

No. 1483066

Old post is old. Just because she posted it in the past doesn't mean she feels that way now.

No. 1483069

Why the fuck are you guys trying to shame her for showing her sensitive side? Shitheads.

No. 1483073

>show her sensitive side
wow! the same words rachel uses
to describe vulnerability! Must be just coincidence #98 of "anons" using the exact odd phrasing rachel uses, and definitely is not rachel herself spending all day larping in her own thread.

No. 1483075

How the fuck else should it be phrased? She phrased it like that, and if that is how she describes it, then that's how others will.

No. 1483081

It’s the closest she will get to actual roleplaying since no one talks to her normally any way. I remember somewhere someone showed how she made someone feel bad who WANTED to roleplay with her and she shamed them for not knowing enough or something about Sephiroth. Like she really has room to be picky when she’s pretty much not liked by nearly everyone in the fandom.

No. 1483082

This is intriguing. Rachel can see that every single post here that she did not make herself are all anons saying "we know it's you rachel," so why is she still trying to hold up the larp when she knows she's not fooling a single one of us? I don't get it. I guess that's why she got locked up in the looney bin for 5 years. She's just crazy.

No. 1483083

File: 1648363070261.jpeg (138.8 KB, 1284x568, 21A62638-BFAA-45C4-AF23-823253…)

i love that she keeps pretending to be other people and saying shes asleep when shes on her computer discord automatically sets your status as away when youre afk for a predetermined time
didnt you get an english degree or some bullshit? how do you not know the word vulnerable

No. 1483084

At this point its just you fooling yourselves into thinking she's here

No. 1483086

They should study your mind in a lab, rachel. The fact that you can read the post you replied to and not wake up and go "wait a second, what the fuck am I doing? I could just stop replying and end this whole ordeal" is truly baffling to those of us with non-deficient brains.

No. 1483089

File: 1648363423781.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1284x2419, 88C5F5B4-A61C-4E0A-94E6-743C0A…)

shes on twitter liking and retweeting things
wondering why shes been off her main for so long do you think shes in twitter jail

No. 1483098

You're drunk. She isn't here.

No. 1483102

Yeah she’s probably under a week lockout since she already got her warning and one day lock out. It’s a routine many who deal with her on Twitter are used to seeing. She was pretty quiet and “existing” on that main for some time. But then she fucked up and started being a twat on main that she got mass reported again and again. So if she wasn’t such a smooth brain she would have known that if she didn’t go balls to the wall psycho she could have been left alone. But nah she wasn’t getting enough attention that she had to sperg out and start drama again for no reason but being jelly of accounts that get more interactions then her:

No. 1483105

She ain't here anon.

No. 1483106

File: 1648364050936.jpeg (108.84 KB, 1284x245, 6E08DF73-EA4A-41DA-A5FE-1742D8…)

im coining the term straight passing now thank you rachel for the hilarity

No. 1483109

Nah the issue is the mass reporting to begin with, she's actually fine when you don't harass or provoke her. It has nothing to do with followers or people who have more interactions than her, it's just retards trying and failing to deplatform her.

No. 1483111

it already existed

No. 1483112

She and Olli London would be great friends since they both are delusional like this.

No. 1483116

She ain't delusional fam. You guys are. You expect to date someone who looks like Chris Pratt when you look like Susan Boyle with elephantiasis.

No. 1483118

>she's not here
>she's not here
>she's NOT HERE

Interestingly, since we're all anonymous, the only person who could know for sure that "she isn't here" would have to be in the room with her. Or be her (and lying). But she's so stupid she didn't even consider that kek

No. 1483120

She was 9 when that happened I reckon. ain't no 9 year old that sick.

No. 1483122

better argument: she hasnt shown anyone this thread because she doesnt want anyone to know what her name is/where she lives/how she looks like ontop of seeing how batshit she is

No. 1483123

File: 1648364841900.gif (944.08 KB, 480x270, shes-gone-steven.gif)

She said she was going to bed and hasn't posted since.

No. 1483124

She showed me.

No. 1483125

its already been confirmed that isnt her

No. 1483127

you truly have no friends i would feel bad for you but you did it to yourself
thank you for posting so much youre gonna have a second thread soon

No. 1483128

so when this thread eventually rolls over due to her uncontrolled sperging, are we within our rights to use her real name in the new thread title? Since she technically doxed herself (twice)

No. 1483129

Oh is that right? Where was that proof, then? kek

No. 1483132

No, that was another farmer doxxing her

No. 1483133

I'm her friend.

No. 1483134

File: 1648365222530.jpeg (257.27 KB, 828x1691, 4EB38445-5815-49C1-8F94-361F61…)

I mean you did say you where I lay intrested in people with a foothold in the community because you want to be in it and interact with others. That sounds like being worried about Follower numbers to me. You won’t talk to people unless they have a reputation because you want to ride their coat tails and climb an imaginary ladder to internet popularity.

But you don’t seem to notice, you’re already popular. You’re one of the most hated and avoided people in the final fantasy community. Congratulations you are finally popular like you want to be. You even have your own lolcow thread. That’s a feat in its self since most people barely craw out of the general lolcow threads.

No. 1483138

She (you) sent her (your)Id to someone with full details about her (you) to a lolcow discord. Then she (you) confirmed that it was her (your) address and name. She (you) doxed herself (yourself) both first hand and by association.

No. 1483139

>>1483134 Dude that shit is 2 years old. Nobody cares.

No. 1483140

File: 1648365742342.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1284x2212, 412D6D39-642B-42D1-965B-AF5B97…)

i truly love this so much i look back at it constantly

No. 1483141

she also released her full name by herself in that bank statement screenshot from before this thread was even made

No. 1483142

She posted that table in the discord if you've seen it. She does own it.

No. 1483144

omg she is such a compulsive liar, her behavior itt thread makes even more sense now.

No. 1483145

Why would the creator lie about that, rachel? come on now. How dumb do you think we are?

No. 1483146

Rachel tell everyone about the time you indulged a Sephiroth roleplayer with a piss kink because you were that desperate for e-dick

No. 1483149

Except the creator of that table confirmed she hasn’t sold any of them to the United States at all. She still has it listed for sale because it hasn’t sold.

You lie so much you believe your lies to be true. That’s some serious mental illness that you need to see help for.

No. 1483152

File: 1648366205711.jpeg (953.37 KB, 1284x1778, 16234B26-C792-4D50-8D71-5BC8F4…)

her response to the creator absolutely sends me

No. 1483156

holy hell, what kind of mental issues cause someone to do that? It can't just be the autism. I guess when a mentally challenged drug-baby grows up to be evil this is what happens?

No. 1483159

If put money on it that she feels like she’s this way because her mother was injected with jenova cells and was a failed experiment. Oh shit that sounds like her “ totally original, do not steal” Mary Sue OC.

No. 1483160

The real secret to SOLDIER's power is weaponized autism.
I see the game in a new light now.

No. 1483161

File: 1648366742680.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1284x2148, 8C885F49-B4E3-457C-A517-CF81B4…)

the black skin tone on the emoji made me burst
this is someone she had beef with on a previous account she tried to get stygiansis on her side by twisting the truth and being a manipulator and stygiansis almost fell for it until people showed her proof of Rachel’s racism because stygiansis is black

No. 1483163

File: 1648367020903.jpeg (825.83 KB, 1284x2231, 74FA03E2-EFA3-4BEE-B68C-6AD053…)

No. 1483164

i am praying for that lolita arc

No. 1483166

File: 1648367143662.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1284x2203, 807149B1-803D-4BD2-B5A7-65E274…)

im a faggot and forgot the pic

No. 1483169

But anon, she’s black foot Cherokee. She can use the emoji. She’s just like every other basic white bitch trying to be oppressed like minority groups are. It’s the special sauce they drink.

No. 1483170

Bertha you don't need to wear lolita to make yourself unattractive to men, you do a great job already!

No. 1483172

Eh Stygiansis is a dumbass niglet anyhow so no loss

No. 1483173

You forgot your sage Rachel. Nice display of your racism when you try to hide behind being a advocate for anti racism.

No. 1483174

she aint here man

No. 1483176

File: 1648367978226.jpeg (109.67 KB, 827x1157, 307C76F3-6BA0-4A42-9BE3-C6D9EF…)

another part of her autistic room

No. 1483177

File: 1648368017420.jpeg (269.84 KB, 954x954, 36615D6C-92EB-4708-89DA-836EF3…)

No. 1483181

She has a cute bedroom.

No. 1483182

She doubles down on her not being here because she's used to gaslighting her parents, the people in her life that she encounters, and anyone who gets in her way. She doesn't stop because she's used to getting her way if she doesn't give up.

If she put some of that energy into exercise…

No. 1483186

She doesn't have to double down on it, she's not here.

No. 1483188

lets face it, if she was black you guys would be even worse

No. 1483189

Not wrong

No. 1483190

File: 1648368983275.jpeg (209.19 KB, 828x809, 6D4D19E8-385D-4462-BBDB-E29AEF…)

took me forever to find it but heres this pic of her visibly huge gut

No. 1483191

they arent oppressed

No. 1483193

File: 1648369082596.jpeg (69.78 KB, 1242x771, 0DECEC21-E902-4D59-AA7B-313303…)

i wish i had the full image

No. 1483195

File: 1648369205732.jpeg (749.49 KB, 1284x1689, B219B15D-9FE5-49CF-9852-0167AC…)

No. 1483196

File: 1648369211353.jpeg (220.19 KB, 828x1322, DEEFC93A-D59A-41FF-8426-D73E92…)

Funny how you think people will beleive you when you where caught using someone else’s photoshopped image to try and say you where PoC and had a fat ass. This one really sent me into orbit.

No. 1483198

File: 1648369331509.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1284x1880, 5E33FB90-5F43-470F-B4E2-47747A…)

No. 1483199

I was looking for this. But forgot her moms Instagram and Twitter. Are they still private because she’s tired of people showing her what a shit stain her daughter is?

No. 1483200

Lady MacGunt

No. 1483201

File: 1648369486147.jpeg (884.99 KB, 1284x2079, AEF76469-987C-4BBE-8048-A53527…)

oh hey more proof that its her

No. 1483202

you can't see it there. fail harder.

No. 1483204

She actually has a great ass. Enjoy suffocating in the vacuum of space, anon!

No. 1483207

i got this from twitter but yeah the her mom’s insta is still private

No. 1483208

We know that's actually you

No. 1483209

Her mom doesn't care. She loves her daughter and her daughter loves her. They have a great relationship from what I've seen.

No. 1483210

Ew she's so bad at lying

No. 1483211

she most likely resents you and puts up with you begrudgingly Rachel

No. 1483212

She ain't bad at lying cuz she ain't here.

No. 1483213

if she's disappointed in rachel she doesn't show it at all

No. 1483216

Awwww cute

No. 1483217

how would you know? you can reply to multiple posts at once btw

No. 1483219

this comment makes me think that despite seeing all of us say "we know it's you rachel", she still doesn't actually believe we can tell it's her. Otherwise she would not be calling people "niglets". I'm actually confused what her thought process here is. Perhaps she thinks that when we tell her we know it's her, that we're… i don't even know, all on one brainwave frequency and are collectively hazarding a wild guess at the same comments? Help me out here. This cow is hurting my brain.

No. 1483220

nah you're hurting yourself anon. you think she's here, you're begging she's here because you want to be right, but you're just getting your ass handed to you by us

No. 1483221

whomst am I speaking to then? Rachel's totes real group of polyamorous boyfriends? i'm losing my mind she cannot be this stupid lmfaooooooo

No. 1483222

She does it because she's never felt remorse for her behavior. She knows we're aware, she believes that she can continue to deny it and cook up lies. She really thinks she's doing something smart here.

She's going to keep denying and lying and pretending. She'll never own up to it because it means admitting her fantasies are fake.

No. 1483224

Nah. I'm just some rando who knows her better than you.

No. 1483225

File: 1648371039262.jpeg (500.45 KB, 1284x1568, C8C107AE-640A-4B01-9728-A3C0C9…)

No. 1483227

>She knows we're aware, she believes that she can continue to deny it and cook up lies
See that's the part I don't get. If she knows we're aware, then who is she cooking up the lies for? God himself?

No. 1483228

It’s just her multiple personalities. She’s entering her DID arc because it’s better to play mental illness then to admit she did some fucked up shit and knows it.

No. 1483230

You must be verrryyyyy close with her! considering you've picked up her extremely repetitive habit of starting every reply with "nah"

No. 1483231

Who knows? She's still doing it even now. It's so weird.

No. 1483233

She is though. A lot of people welcome her back whenever she returns.

No. 1483235

File: 1648371557319.jpeg (884.21 KB, 1284x2141, FB58EFE5-0168-4D59-A762-3D2087…)

No. 1483236

She doesn't have DID, and will not develop it. She just does all of this to piss you skanks off.

No. 1483237

It ain't lies.

No. 1483239

Lmfao of course she's whining, she's mad about it because it's true.

The server doesn't seem to care either which is so funny considering she's claiming up and down that they care about her.

She wouldn't be missed if she just left suddenly.

No. 1483240

File: 1648371742615.jpeg (776.24 KB, 1284x2024, 1CE5D797-092E-40EA-B33F-AC4209…)

No. 1483244

File: 1648371849576.jpeg (652 KB, 1284x1743, C25B9905-0C79-405A-9482-97FB90…)

No. 1483245

File: 1648371918836.jpeg (862.45 KB, 1284x2136, 8CC10B2C-60F2-41D5-B31B-624269…)

people on here were tired of her for a long time
they often ignore her

No. 1483246

why tf would i care

im not her lmao

No. 1483247

note how matt immediately shuts down everyone but her.

No. 1483248

Which personality of yours are we speaking to?

No. 1483249

Interesting how she mentioned the number of followers someone had yet doesn’t care about Follower numbers.

No. 1483251

I only have one, bitch. I ain't her.

No. 1483253

yawnarama, can't you come up with anything new or fresh?

No. 1483254

have you tried not being wrong?

No. 1483257

File: 1648372903420.jpeg (619.24 KB, 1284x1382, 5136A514-FA8C-40CD-AA64-8D18A6…)

he had to tell you to shut the fuck up multiple times

No. 1483259

Bitch you're tripping. I wasn't there for any of that shit.

No. 1483260

that bunny bitch was soooo annoyinggggg like omg just divorce your husband if you dont like him

No. 1483261

File: 1648373270454.jpeg (731.98 KB, 1284x2336, EC6A24C5-71EE-4E69-88F9-C8062E…)

are you retarded its not a screenshot of a channel is a screenshot of a search and if you click on those you can very clearly see your dumbass sperging

No. 1483262

They are probably scared to ban her because of how she spergs out when they block her and ban her. I give them points for the tolerance they have put up with her for that long. I couldn’t even handle 20 minutes talking with her. All she did was whine about fair info and trying to help her get more followers. The desperation was sad and comical at the same time. It was some Greek tragic comedy of it was written by Hellen Keller.

No. 1483263

nobody cares bitch just kys

No. 1483264

She's actually good friends with matt apparently

No. 1483265

I think I remember hearing about that one. Apparently they were only trying to get her to trust them in order to use her and she didn't fall for it.

No. 1483266

hes actually complained about you in vc with mega and mercy and even non mods they were really hoping to get rid of you when you were trying to fight about the use of the word rape

No. 1483268

sure karen

No. 1483271

you’re trying so hard and failing miserably
btw i googled “rachel leeds-minkin” in quotations like that and a post about you on lolcow shows up

No. 1483272

nope. #winning

still nothing. even clicked "i feel lucky"(learn2sage)

No. 1483274

File: 1648374585058.jpeg (702.62 KB, 1284x1371, DF01BB3C-E32B-4F7A-9D6F-E193B6…)

#winning amirite

No. 1483275

You guys need to stop that!@!@!@!@ Rachel is indeed bi.


No. 1483282

Are you retards really still going at it like this?

Just give up. This will amount to nothing. You think the whole community hates her, but the reality is that you overestimate that. The internet is a larger place than any of you can comprehend. She can't be kept out by "warning" others about her or any such measures, as the fanbase isn't something that can be gatekept. There will always be people that understand it's better to get to know someone and make your own opinion than it is to just believe the shit people say about them. She will always have more than enough people to RP with.

She likely has more boyfriends than she is letting on, I wouldn't put it beyond her, nor would I be surprised if she has another Twitter account somewhere she's used to successfully "infiltrate" the community.

No. 1483288

ok then why are you here shouldnt you be with your boyfriends or rping with people who apparently want you

>> I wouldn't put it beyond her, nor would I be surprised if she has another Twitter account somewhere she's used to successfully "infiltrate" the community.

you literally cant make an account without sperging about fairsinfocenter your brain is so smooth

No. 1483291

she ain't here dumbass.

>>you literally cant make an account without sperging about fairsinfocenter your brain is so smooth

she literally did just that.

No. 1483295

>>she literally did just that.

youre ollie londons sister at this point the amount of delusions you have is insane

No. 1483296

bro i have a penis

No. 1483300

Ten, fifteen years ago we would have scoffed at people for falling in love with someone online, meeting them in real life, and going on to marry them. "How do you know they are who they say they are?" "How are you so sure they're not just some 45 year old man in their mum's basement?" Well times have changed, for the most part you can't believe people are who they say they are but there is Tinder, Grinder, and all different sorts of matchmaking apps and websites that promise to find you Mr./Ms. Right. Despite all of this, sometimes there are moments where the stars align just right and two people meet each other by chance and fall in love. Not because they were trying to, but because it just happened.

If rachel and whoever she's with are happy together, then it can't be wrong.

No. 1483302

File: 1648376377819.jpeg (476.33 KB, 1536x2708, F3C719B7-DCAC-4BD0-94F1-2EE70F…)

Except that person was my duo parent in league that I told about Twitter tumbr. They where excited to finally have someone to roleplay with in a new fandom they where hyped about. And you made them feel bad for being new to final fantasy and not knowing the ins and outs of lore. They sent me the screens of the discord conversation. Thankfully there where other people in final fantasy that took time to talk to them and made a better impression then you. I promised I wouldn’t share this info public. But they are over this who drama arc and abandoned that discord forever ago that it won’t matter.

(Yes I asked them before posting this stuff if it was okay. And I got response of “ eh do it, I’m over it”)

No. 1483304

File: 1648376476109.jpeg (868.88 KB, 2213x4139, 0AA30886-3A93-4A9D-9BE8-C6945E…)

No. 1483305

File: 1648376689561.jpeg (828.49 KB, 2213x4139, 17291E58-32B8-41C7-A714-11879F…)

They where as nice as they could be with you and you still shot them down like you had more fruit to chose from the tree. And you where the one that approached them to roleplay in the first place.

No. 1483306

Holy shit hahaha she still is doing the same shit. Nobody believes you Bertha and repeating the same things again and again won't make it true.

Everyone knows you're single, you're a virgin too because every single "relationship" you've had is online. Nobody would ever face you and say they're attracted to you even if they were held at gunpoint.

No. 1483314

>>1483305 Dude she was very polite with him. It's not like she was all "lol no you suck at playing him git gud"

Stop being a whiny little bitch.

No. 1483328


That isn't her name.

She's been asleep all night dude. Keep trying to fool yourself into thinking she's here, we know you love her.

If she is a virgin, better a virgin than your sloppy gaping pit you call genitals.

No. 1483329

tl;dr we don't care

No. 1483333

tl;dr she's not here dumb bitch. you can't piss off someone who isn't here.

No. 1483334

You really don't like it, so it sticks, Bertha.

No. 1483335

she's not here so idfc. that isn't her name.

L + Ratio + GG + bozo + not verified

No. 1483337

Lmfao you can keep saying the same things but it doesn't make them true.
Just like repeatedly claiming you have a boyfriend or a harem doesn't make either real either.

Sage your shit unless you wanna keep your thread on the first page fatty.

No. 1483338


Imagine being that big of a little bitch baby to where you get offended by Sera gently turning you down because you don't have enough experience.

No. 1483343

Too late, it is true. I'll say it as much as I like, because I know it offends and upsets you. Deal with it.

No. 1483345

I can read or not read whatever I want lol. It's very clear you're all deflecting your insecurities onto others.

No. 1483348

Bertha you're the one who has been living on this thread because you're asshurt about it and have spent the whole night trying to pretend like you aren't.
Everything you do is funny to me because you're only making yourself known as a delusional fatty to more communities.

No. 1483369

Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin also known as Bertha is still reading this thread and seething about it. Maybe if she seethes harder she'll start burning some calories.

No. 1483375

You aren't fooling anyone Bertha.

You will never be your Mary Sue either, it's so funny that you want people to call you Sera instead. You can't stand yourself so you pretend to be a shitty character that might as well be Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way because the amount of creativity is about equal.

No. 1483382

Go to sleep Bertha, you've spent the whole night mad at the internet.

No. 1483391

The only thing you're good at writing is a grocery list sweetie.

No. 1483392

She's right though. There's a reason why black men don't want black women.

No. 1483395

>>1483387 She posts ONE Trump gif intentionally to rile you cunts up and immediately it's "Oh my god! She's a Trump supporter!"

No. 1483396

Me, maybe. But Sera is talented.

No. 1483398

Bertha your only talents are being disliked universally and being able to empty the buffet at the Golden Corral.

Calling yourself Sera to make yourself feel better. Well even if you pretend to be your cope character it doesn't change the fact that you're fat and unwashed, a single virgin woman who has spent her entire night on this thread getting all in your feelings while pretending like you're totally not here.

No. 1483399

Tl;dr. Not her name, fat retard piggy.

No. 1483402

People love her. You're just not in the right spaces to see it.

No. 1483404

Sera isn't your name either, Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin

No. 1483405

Neither of those are my names. I'm not going to let you doxx me like you doxxed her.

No. 1483408

Imagine not referring to someone by their preferred name and continuing to call them a name grounded in fatphobia? You get what you deserve.


Have a mental breakdown then. Nobody cares.

No. 1483411

File: 1648384765943.png (10.17 KB, 204x246, download (2).png)

And to think I was paid $21/hour while typing all of this between rounds.

No. 1483412

LMAO you're crying fatphobia now after calling someone a niglet, calling people piggies and fatties and faggots and other things??? It doesn't work like that Bertha.

No. 1483413

She's in the United Kingdom right now on vacation, so the fuck if I know.

No. 1483415

Awwww you're butthurt. Good.

No. 1483418

She is a niglet though. Lmaoooo

No. 1483419

Lmfao what even are her lies in this thread she just gets more and more ridiculous

No. 1483426

Bertha you're funny as hell, I love how unhinged you've become. You'll be the prize winning heifer in the cow shed if you keep it up.

No. 1483428

>>1483426 Tl;dr. The name she goes by is Sera, fat faggot piggy piggy.

No. 1483429

Sera will always be better than any of you.

No. 1483432

Tl;dr you aren't your shitty oc, LARPing as her won't make you pretty or skinny or likable.

You're closer to Bertha than you are to Sera

No. 1483434

Sera isn't my OC. Sera just goes by the name of Sera because it's easier for her to be known as her character.

She's sure as fuck skinnier than you, sow. Go back to lusting for boar pizzle.

No. 1483444

File: 1648386354393.gif (623.59 KB, 220x220, tsmadison-laughing.gif)

Damn you bitches are thirsty. Girl gets a boyfriend, multiple boyfriends, and yall goin after her bc you're upset you have nobody.

If she's happy in her relationship(s) then there's nothing you can do about it. That's it. It's yo own damn fault nobody wants you.

No. 1483455

Bertha is so mad, it's cute.

No. 1483457

alright rachel leeds minkin, just in case no one else wants to im writing up a rough draft for your next thread, if you hadnt done this for the past week straight i never wouldve known about you, and you mightve been lucky enough to not have anyone who cares enough to make a second thread. my first thread all for you, you should be flattered really. i wonder when the panic attacks will set in, i know you must be sleep deprived.
that being said, anyone whos had the misfortune of having a run in with her or wants to make a nice little edit of her for the thread pic, im totally open to suggestions!

No. 1483468

were triggered, and yet you cry on discord about your “cyberstalkers” and when people tell you to stop coming here or turn your computer off, you freak out and start bitching at them. i dont think you could stay off this site for even a day, but youre welcome to prove me wrong.
body us? is that when an obese person kills you only using their own body weight?

No. 1483469

Use the picture of her that has Sephiroth shopped into it that was posted in this thread. Earlier in the night.

That was peak humor.

No. 1483472

You can use the one with her hairy legs on display, that's horrifying enough.

No. 1483484

She can't even make her body hair look presentable, it looks like mold growing on her.

No. 1483488

File: 1648388701253.png (1.51 MB, 1080x743, 7BF3C85D-F726-4EF0-B0A9-299B88…)

I mean you could use the FFVII logo and make the meteor her face flying or something. Or use one of the many from this thread. She’s not shy for showing her face. She did sent her full Id to some stranger

No. 1483490

it seems that people in her fandom have been trying for about 2 years and she thinks that shes so much smarter than us that.. well idk maybe she really is trying her hardest to not stick out like a sore thumb but it isnt working so we’re working with some level of clinical retardation here

No. 1483500

i cant tell if youre her being retarded again or if youre just funny kek. leaning toward the latter, because im sure she’s probably fallen asleep at her desk, snapping her keyboard with the mere weight of her head by now

No. 1483501

i stand corrected

No. 1483505

have you seen her chins? she looks like a deathfat

No. 1483507

Nobody wants to fuck you Bertha, go to bed.

No. 1483511

I am sobbing laughing. Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin is my favorite cow of all time. Had we not asked her to send her ID I still would not believe she is a real person. Rachel, pro tip, if you want people to sympathize with you because of your literal mental retardation stop being racist and talking to minors inappropriately. That is all it would take for a lot of people since you are genuinely mentally stunted. Most people feel bad for retards up until they start grunting and exposing themselves to children. Also, if you post 700 times from the same IP, your thread gets deleted for spam. Hope this helps.

No. 1483514

Oh come on ‘will never give Birtha’, at least read it first. I’m trying to help you.

No. 1483515

so which picture are you talking about? would love to see it because i was talking about her id photo

No. 1483516

File: 1648389851538.jpg (461.47 KB, 1729x902, bertha.jpg)

Here's my submission for the new thread

No. 1483519

i can't be assed to find it, the thread is long and i'm operating on a potato

No. 1483520

mehhh its not what she actually looks like, exaggerating it will only make people think she's lost weight and is skinny when they see it

No. 1483521

holy kek anon i literally just had to stifle my laughter so i wouldnt wake my boyfriend up this is so perfect
buy a new phone then rich girl

No. 1483522

u don't have a bf

No. 1483525

kinda hard when you're living in the middle of a warzone

No. 1483527

File: 1648390409126.jpeg (130.9 KB, 682x825, D2C6245C-261F-4ED0-AF44-FDA8E2…)

Meh. Eh. Nah. She’s actually really beautiful and pretty. This is inaccurate. Also, she’s asleep right now. fat PIGGY FATTY!

No. 1483533

youre going to let people think she's skinnier than you think she is.

No. 1483536

We don't even really have a picture depicting an accurate weight for her. Her ID was issued a long time ago, so it's entirely possible she's gained or lost weight. Likely the former.

No. 1483539

she is pretty tho.

No. 1483541

File: 1648390768693.png (445.72 KB, 1125x2436, 12F2950B-41EF-4600-A4E1-1E7016…)

bertha i can assure you no one will think that
see picrel again

No. 1483544

shes not here and that isnt her name, it's sera

go be fatphobic elsewhere

No. 1483546

Hamberlynn is more attractive than Bertha. At least ALR has a passable face. Even if Bertha lost all the weight she's unfortunate to look at.

No. 1483547

oh you want me to use your real name? okay rachel aliza leeds minkin, whatever you say.

No. 1483549

amberlynn weighs like 650, 165 is much smaller than that

you can keep using that name for her, but it won't make it her name and she won't respond to it.

just because you call someone a name doesn't mean it will become their name.

No. 1483551

lmao fatmad

No. 1483552

im sorry but no, nobody will ever be uglier than ALR

No. 1483553

we know you are sweaty

No. 1483567

You’re almost at 700, you’re doing amazing sweetie!

No. 1483568

rachel trying to fill your thread up wont help itll just get you a thread with your full name in it faster, in case you cant comprehend that it means that it will show up on google, you really shouldve let sleeping dogs lie >>1483546
sad but true kek

No. 1483570

It's not as simple as you think anon.

She was never racist to begin with, and asking her to not be around minors is an impossibility with how she plays Minecraft.

No. 1483572

i dont think she cares at this point

No. 1483589

That's not going to do a whole lot when she already has a well paying job that can't/won't fire her

No. 1483590

File: 1648392582729.jpeg (152.71 KB, 828x1006, 0EE29FFF-04B1-4B8F-BBC3-A24B5D…)

I mean she confessed once she was 175lbs and tried to pull some doctors account into it

No. 1483592

thats too old of a post to be reliable

No. 1483593

what if rachel doesn't actually exist

what if she's a deepfake that has been created to make us waste time

No. 1483597

File: 1648392888207.png (315.73 KB, 828x1792, 3097A961-9BA1-44AD-975B-553E0F…)

Her diet consists of starch and dairy fat and more starch.

No. 1483600

there is no context to this picture

No. 1483606

Both are so fucking obnoxious
>I’m sowwy for sucking at reading your mind and roleplaying
>Oh It’s okay, he’s a complex character, I’m not mad, just disappointed
God, just shut the fuck up it’s a fucking roleplay, not a performance in broadway. I seriously hate the autists that will want you to do a perfect character interpretation or write a thesis long response to a
>nuzzles you

No. 1483609

Go figure she would necro her own thread and spend days WKing herself. I even went and worked 3 days of 14 hour double shifts this whole time. It flew by with her being my source of entertainment. I wonder how many times she’s had to change her VPN to get around the bans she’s gotten. I see a few green text responses which means the janies are here.

No. 1483615

It wasn't even her most of the time.

No. 1483623

reading all the saged "BUMP" posts have shortened my lifespan by about 12 years. shut the fuck up bertha

No. 1483626

If you want her to take your requests seriously, call her by her actual name.

No. 1483627

I thought Bertha was asleep?

No. 1483629

Is she?

No. 1483632

well anon, you're going to have a lot more than just 12 years shaved off your lifespan soon enough.

No. 1483640

She's a special kind of stupid.

No. 1483648

Not smart enough to not dig herself into deeper holes with her bullshit and lies. You don't need fucks to give when you're a lying fat pedophile.

No. 1483649

File: 1648396681167.jpeg (150.5 KB, 811x647, AF1CC86A-BDBE-4BEF-BAD1-E2DCEA…)

She doesn’t go to bed till 8-9 am her time. She’s actually logged on and active on her aniroleplay right now. Probably trying to find friends.

No. 1483748

what server is this

No. 1483752

File: 1648404053857.jpeg (650.36 KB, 1284x2368, DD6DB1F6-C05E-406C-9375-4A9296…)


No. 1483762

Kek only someone as stupid as rachel could make trans people look smart

No. 1483782

File: 1648405617609.jpeg (593.89 KB, 1284x1522, 5E1D6427-197D-4D85-8E3B-F5D154…)


No. 1483783

>I'm not a racist!
>(calls people "niglets" multiple times)
pick one rachel

No. 1483794

File: 1648406059472.jpeg (680.69 KB, 1284x2085, B844FDE5-AF62-4389-88ED-8E9EE4…)

a satanic jew

bagel said lol because hes very against satan and satanism

No. 1483799

File: 1648406327199.jpeg (824.59 KB, 1284x2111, B8A0C36A-5DA4-41BF-AAAF-B59AF1…)

No. 1483801

File: 1648406387960.jpeg (788.83 KB, 1284x2356, 83B054E5-E7BA-4B98-B674-8DFFC2…)

when everyone tells you to shut the fuck up

No. 1483804

File: 1648406493982.jpeg (843.08 KB, 1284x2219, CBBECB7E-C123-4F83-9528-6DC18E…)

No. 1483808

File: 1648406571833.jpeg (745.08 KB, 1284x1807, AA2F3239-5632-4AD6-97B6-CAEAD9…)

“im uncomfy in the porn server im pretty sure its against the rules”

No. 1483817

File: 1648406919231.gif (4.72 MB, 384x283, FAA432CC-54C4-4160-93AE-D2D4F0…)

bertha really thought she ate

No. 1483821


No. 1483837

File: 1648407677778.jpeg (196.47 KB, 1284x503, F863A79F-CEFD-4ECA-9B18-8ECB8A…)


No. 1483839

This is my new favorite cow, holy shit. a fat, retarded, lonely pedo bitch who spams her own thread. topkek.

No. 1483841

File: 1648407765035.jpeg (139.33 KB, 1284x390, 0AB0F8EF-1001-4121-8521-C161B3…)

hahahahaha so much for being rich

No. 1483849

I’ve never seen a more unfortunate double chin. and she can’t blame it on the angle.

No. 1483869

File: 1648408950183.jpeg (662.35 KB, 1284x2362, 04B659B9-312F-4296-8E13-3E7C54…)

she knows shes fat

No. 1483878

File: 1648409654582.png (974.83 KB, 1284x2778, C1A56BBA-A4BC-47EC-930C-F3108C…)

>cries about being single

No. 1483879

File: 1648409712064.jpeg (532 KB, 1284x1882, 340EDD5C-42FB-45F5-8091-3841BE…)

>complains about dude who tries to befriend her out of pity

No. 1483889

File: 1648410016875.jpeg (191.04 KB, 1284x470, 56A41B1B-DC12-49FA-9B00-5E2642…)

shes been saying this before her she knew of her thread holy shit

No. 1483952

This woman is essentially a pull-and-talk toy. She only comes with a few set phrases:
>"Annoying niglet."
>"Showing my sensitive side…"
>"My genes have already been passed on!"
>"Fat retard piggy."
>"I'm a healthy weight for my height."

No. 1484098

talking about yourself in third person is a sign of mental illness

No. 1484260

File: 1648430503569.jpeg (799.46 KB, 1284x1462, 4F82B822-0EBA-44F5-A9DB-13A0DA…)

it’s funny because shes harassed minors

No. 1484284

>REEEE kids are bullying me why can't I bully them back!
perhaps because you're a 28 year old woman and should not be so emotionally effected by things literal children say?

No. 1484338

File: 1648437049759.jpeg (532.68 KB, 1284x903, AE5EB13B-3E67-46C8-98FB-C5B799…)


No. 1484345

File: 1648437278588.jpeg (1002.4 KB, 1284x1365, 76784645-CD4B-43BD-964B-BDA141…)

this is low key hilarious

No. 1484350

File: 1648437446242.jpeg (635.51 KB, 1284x1127, DACCF47F-7D09-4A24-BEEC-8B19FA…)

holy shit im gonna gag

No. 1484357

Then don't look. Stop following her. we don't even know if this is her or not.

No. 1484359

someone from her fandom found out it was her somehow, i think she posted a selfie on there.

No. 1484360

File: 1648437903446.jpeg (284.15 KB, 1284x963, E1F2E0B3-6758-411F-9EB6-59F6ED…)

funny how she says valhalla doesnt have poly roles and makes excuses to use the single role despite having a “boyfriend”

No. 1484361

polyamory isnt the same as polygamy

No. 1484362


No. 1484363

no proof, not truth.

No. 1484364

I don't recall a random woman's reproductive health being any of our business. Especially when we don't know its her.

No. 1484365

people on that server who are polyamorous use that role because tomayto tomahto you reject

No. 1484366

File: 1648438150496.jpeg (145.71 KB, 820x1340, BFC72E52-9A7C-4E2A-AD2A-C5FE1B…)

her reporting someone she was beefing with on a different account

No. 1484367

File: 1648438181445.jpeg (291.61 KB, 1242x1959, 0C176A2B-6AC1-4DE7-B672-AFB267…)

her using the same profile pic on another suspended account

No. 1484369

how do we know you didn't just shop that in to prove your point

No. 1484370

i literally got these from upthread tard

No. 1484371

From what I saw, that user tried coming at her first and she got reported, the report went through, punishment was dealt and people moved on. The clerith cultist who got reported probably was blocked

No. 1484374

whoa whoa whoa slow down nonnie i'm one of you

No. 1484375

Rachel why do you always scream photoshop when you literally used someone elses ass pic then claimed you photoshop your other pics to make you look white

No. 1484376

youre truly not fooling anyone rachel i see you online while youre tweeting
go lose weight and make a new identity i feel so embarrassed for your ass

No. 1484379

im just saying it could have easily been photoshopped to try to make a scapegoat out of another person. its very easy to do

we don't have any "proof" of it being her aside from the screenshot of her supposedly sharing the same display picture as @TayuuBarbie. the people harassing her have everything to gain from trying to push it onto random other people in the fandom

No. 1484381

far as im concerned, you're just targeting a random person when we know @SeraRosier1 is her twitter

No. 1484383

you literally follow the same people who wanted nothing to do with you and blocked your main rachel
are you gonna play the “shes not here” game again

No. 1484384

File: 1648438779615.gif (809.98 KB, 498x498, 3A97562E-E8EF-46F9-913C-811FFA…)

>you photoshopped this to prove your point
>calm down im one of you

No. 1484389

File: 1648439137746.jpeg (913.12 KB, 1284x2253, D6C529AC-8E47-4C96-A007-EE0E81…)

No. 1484393

File: 1648439250115.jpeg (145.46 KB, 1284x354, 166A58C3-B33E-43CB-9A5C-70B0AB…)

No. 1484396

File: 1648439362880.jpeg (233.5 KB, 1284x857, E0D0127C-F57A-4C5B-9CE3-9786BE…)

No. 1484399

File: 1648439486515.jpeg (328.63 KB, 1284x1013, 1E9F8288-BBB1-489E-9E71-5FB42C…)

No. 1484400

File: 1648439531854.jpeg (505.13 KB, 1284x1179, 60F6AF55-009A-4595-BAD9-99FBD7…)

please continue to say this isnt you when youve said the same exact things over the same exact bullshit rachel

No. 1484401

File: 1648439633870.jpeg (208.24 KB, 1012x803, B06F0352-9666-44DD-8E43-BAEFF3…)


No. 1484403

i would love to believe that youre stupid enough to dox yourself to a porn server by linking your thread

No. 1484405

I think that the bitches defending the fat pedo are posting scat and gore porn.

No. 1484408

rachel you retarded fucking fatass of a schizoid you cannot ratio anyone on lolcow stop trying to be like the kids you follow on twitter


then why dont they support her on twitter by just following her and giving her clout? because they dont exist LMAOOO

No. 1484414

yes keep replying rachel get your second thread sooner

No. 1484417

Oh rachel, you poor dumb thing, you just created the proof by saying that.

It's hilarious that she keeps posting "BUMP"– she doesn't understand that when this thread fills up we will be forced to create a new one, only this time with her full name in the title and a more comprehensive summary.

No. 1484422

File: 1648440428735.jpeg (165.49 KB, 1284x354, 236B0326-69E8-41F4-89AB-F4B726…)

shes lying again and said she made up with the dude who blocked her after she showed him how crazy he was

No. 1484423

File: 1648440452182.jpeg (349.29 KB, 1284x807, 1ACC1740-0D75-43BA-9680-FCFEC0…)

No. 1484424

KEK, I know if she stays here for much longer she's going to deliver us a glorious copypasta the likes of which are rarely seen. Keep at it rachel!

No. 1484428

noooooo this is too funny I can't believe she admits that to the whole discord who already don't even like her. I guess she can't tell they don't like her because of her autism?

No. 1484429

yes good keep filling your thread piggy

also i love how this proves that she doesnt have oppositional defiance disorder because were telling her to keep going and youd think having that would make her stop lmfao

No. 1484434

>she's a god damned saint for not involving the rest of us in it for so long. bless this woman.
this might be your funniest post yet rachel, ilu so much

No. 1484436

File: 1648441032178.jpeg (303.19 KB, 1284x603, ED3AB253-57E7-4ECA-AA98-C62685…)

this would make you laugh someone from twitter told her that people stop talking when she comes in

No. 1484437

theres a bot that literally archives all the messages you delete in there you can go ahead and ask your “bestie” matt godspeed rachel

No. 1484438

This is so sad that if she wasn't a mean, racist, egotistical bully and compulsive liar, I'd almost feel bad for her. Also kek at her not liking to be "gaslit" when that's what she spends all her time trying to do to other people (and failing badly) lol

No. 1484442

nobody established this but you rachel holy shit you never fail to make me laugh by being this retarded

No. 1484446

Not to armchair, but I'm starting to think she's an actual clinical narcissist. She literally can't conceive that she has ever done anything wrong, and just keeps on going being a terrible person with not an ounce of guilt since she is always a victim in her own mind.
omg rachel do you just, idk, not believe that you're going to get a new thread if you fill this one? because this is how you get a new thread lol

No. 1484448

File: 1648441852370.jpeg (331.55 KB, 1284x955, 5340C1DC-9511-4081-AC3C-5567D3…)

hilariously enough dude uses the same name on his socials and has his state in his bio
i thought he was black rachel

No. 1484451

And why not, dear rachel, milkiest of cows?

No. 1484455

i dont think ill ever be able to read the phrase “its already been confirmed” again without this egghead popping into my mind

No. 1484456

File: 1648442086705.jpeg (405.13 KB, 1284x1240, 7521C740-891E-488F-90EA-4B59E5…)

even the server owner thinks shes retarded

No. 1484459

swearsies that im not her but i think that was a different guy i think this guy is more recent than her thing with the black guy and the black guy told people they werent even dating she was just lying to people

No. 1484463

im 10000000% with you on her being a narc

No. 1484468

File: 1648443881000.jpeg (192.47 KB, 750x1083, D8C0AC26-796E-4BEA-8D9B-D5283A…)

the makosoldier dude. he’s in his late 40’s. He does exist, so she must have catfished him, KEK. but he’s creepy….

No. 1484469

other way around, he catfished her

No. 1484471


i dont think this is him though, the guy Sera is talking to is 21 and lives in canada. he's sent her selfies too.

No. 1484474

File: 1648444346284.jpeg (51.7 KB, 750x392, C7089117-D30E-410A-B274-D62C37…)

lol rachel, he has the same username. and CA=california.

No. 1484475

File: 1648444351728.jpeg (393.05 KB, 1284x858, 0BF7A239-E369-4630-A29C-540748…)

>admits to being dependent on her parents

No. 1484476

File: 1648444379688.jpeg (95.24 KB, 750x539, 7226AC27-7BC7-4AEC-A4DE-41597A…)

Unless you mean this guy, kek. you really are catfishing each other

No. 1484477

File: 1648444497807.jpeg (280.5 KB, 1284x893, 85E57F0A-2E74-4171-AB3F-513B05…)

if hes in canada then why did she say irl

No. 1484478

read it again

>>ended up with irl

No. 1484479

damn, she is gullible. post the fake pics, rachel.

No. 1484480

and you just confirmed he did catfish

No. 1484483

slow down anon. we don't know this is him.

No. 1484484

File: 1648444816649.png (83.93 KB, 722x180, Untitled.png)


the tip-toppest of keks

No. 1484486

keep acting like she is here. soon your rachel tulpa will be complete.

No. 1484488

she didn't do that today, or yesterday. cope and seethe about it.

No. 1484489

File: 1648444939071.jpeg (404.1 KB, 1284x1300, 9B71DA55-00FC-4CD8-869A-B3933C…)

i love that he completely ignored her and went to play runescape and post porn because he knows talking to her is pointless

No. 1484490

Not a literal whole website filled with femcels crying because the target of their harassment isn't present
Go back to 2006. It's where you belong.

No. 1484491

File: 1648445053007.jpeg (288 KB, 1284x1013, E8170CE8-D941-422F-A861-DB0D9F…)

holy shit she went to bitch again because i posted this way to prove youre not here LMFAO

No. 1484493

u dont know that tho

No. 1484494

File: 1648445115821.jpeg (450.66 KB, 1284x1215, 7C2CBF84-AA36-4231-BDC4-BFAD70…)

lol lmao haha

No. 1484495

Yeah, because we told her.

No. 1484497

We know it’s you, because you have no friends and no one who would care enough to defend you, so stfu. you admitted this yourself.

No. 1484498

Rachel this is the exact year you compared this site to in the discord screenshot from upthread. Do you not know how to stop repeating yourself when trying to impersonate other people?
(edit: thanks for pulling the screenshot! >>1484494 )

No. 1484499

I'm still not her, lmao cry some more about it lil bitch. It's easy enough to see the slang you're using from 2006.

No. 1484501

We are her friends, and if you can't accept that then its your fault. :3

No. 1484504

lmao pathetic weeb

No. 1484506

Lmfao pathetic psychopath.

No. 1484507

wtf is this kek

No. 1484508

she ain't here man, cry some more about your obsession bc you'll never have her

No. 1484511

This guy >>1484474 is >>1484448 this guy. He's also worked at a number of game studios. That and the fact he's with some prettier fat chick >>1484468 here makes me think that she simps for him psychotically not that he is her bf.

2006 was based though

No. 1484512

No one wants her. She’s just entertainment.

No. 1484513

there never was any proof that was her.

No. 1484514

if thats fat then you're all anorexic

No. 1484515

its already proven people do want her. you guys want her.

No. 1484516

File: 1648445679148.jpeg (465.73 KB, 1284x1070, 8F25D61F-428D-4888-9755-32F7DF…)

No. 1484517

>>1484516 mole was found.

No. 1484519

I remember that! The other user got served. Ah, memories.

No. 1484520

heh, she has “nothing wrong with her!” but was locked up for 5 years in a mental hospital. sure jan, you’re completely normal and sane

No. 1484522

chc isn't a mental hospital and doesn't have the facilities to be one, it's a school

No. 1484523

just more proof that you guys are obsessed with her

No. 1484525

Obsessed? No
Bored and she’s an active cow? Yes

There’s not many active cows right now so this thread is where people will come in for amusement

No. 1484526

theres currently several pending lawsuits against that facility for abuse

No. 1484527

lel her only friends are some randos on a discord server? like not even 1 friend irl?

No. 1484529

she's clearly not bored if you're entertaining her, and i'm sure she's doing more than just hanging out on lolcow.farm

No. 1484530

File: 1648446034552.jpeg (927.61 KB, 1284x2353, CC750C64-006E-4406-8B63-B753B5…)

he has a life but youre barking at him to answer you
also make up your mind am i a femcel or an incel youre always screeching about how you never have a problem with men and that cis women are the issue and how were all femcel bitches but you keep referring to us as a dude

No. 1484531


obsessed, yes. you all love her so, so much. you want to eat her ass, fuck her, love on her, and it's inconceivable that she not be here. she is the object of your desires.

No. 1484533

I'm sure she has plenty of friends irl that she's not telling any of us about.

No. 1484537

have you looked in the mirror bitch?

No. 1484539

i love that you're completely silent on this matter after i told you the truth about chc anon.

No. 1484540

if you love her so much, then marry her

No. 1484542

Dan is a coward.

No. 1484543

5 years in that mental hospital wasnt enough

No. 1484545

you are femcel bitches though lmao

seeing a woman happy with her boyfriends and girlfriends is so intimidating to you because you can't get even one

No. 1484546

File: 1648446380911.jpeg (87.64 KB, 1423x379, 762281FC-139F-4EFD-BB47-CD7634…)

how many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?

No. 1484547

please tell us more about your delusions

No. 1484548

File: 1648446415705.jpeg (84.95 KB, 640x480, BD398317-9708-4770-8CA2-BDE6CA…)

What is reading comprehension?
The people in here are not obsessed with her. They are bored and she’s an active cow posting here providing entertainment for the bored people. She’s thriving on this attention. She gets none else where. If she was, she wouldn’t have necro’d the thread.

No. 1484549

doesn’t change the fact you were still “locked up”

No. 1484552

File: 1648446518173.png (302.2 KB, 1919x953, Screenshot 2022-03-27 224733.p…)

Do your research. Not a mental hospital.

No. 1484553

@ him and tell him that

No. 1484554

i haven’t seen a cow actively supply a thread with THIS much milk in a while, it’s honestly glorious. she’s so dumb.

No. 1484556

File: 1648446604097.png (696.31 KB, 1920x952, Screenshot 2022-03-27 225003.p…)

>>1484549 Do your research. Still not a mental hospital.

No. 1484558

she's sure as fuck smarter than you dumb cunts.

No. 1484562

You are obsessed with her. You love her and want to be with her, but you will never have her.

You have nothing better to do. She's gotten plenty of attention from us and all her friends on the server, and she always will.

No. 1484563

KEK "she" tells the entire internet about what size dildo "she" prefers and the relative "tightness" of "her" pussy as she aged but "she" would find mentioning having IRL friends off-limits to talk about on the internet? Come on rachel

No. 1484565

its the fact that her parents made her go for me
she actively refuses to go to therapy youd think shed voluntarily go to this? her parents forced her lmfao

No. 1484566

File: 1648446761276.jpeg (52.78 KB, 750x371, B8E11407-EA77-4F81-9DBC-736875…)

You really need to go back for more treatment, kek. you have something wrong in the head.

No. 1484567

These are all coming from another adult porn server she's on. I've counted as least 7 different people who agreed to get involved.

No. 1484569

how do we know she isn't just some deepfake

No. 1484570

because it would be doxxing her friends

No. 1484571

bruh you're getting milk from nothing. most of this "milk" you think youre getting is just water with flour mixed in

No. 1484572


i'd say ladies first but i see none here

No. 1484573


therapy =/= hospital treatment

No. 1484574

and THAT is how you get put in a care home at an old age. her parents fucked up and now they'll pay for it later

No. 1484575

File: 1648447112292.jpg (383.84 KB, 972x3131, 20220328_015742.jpg)

personally I'm rooting for the edible bakery arc, would be almost as funny as momo's 'studio'

No. 1484576

Bitch you were still “locked up” in that place by your parents until age 20.

No. 1484577

i know they wont but it would be really interesting to see a post reveal kek

No. 1484578

File: 1648447272186.jpeg (154.85 KB, 1284x415, 1245FB20-DC91-4833-A8BB-D23D33…)

so much for loving your parents

No. 1484579

learn to do math and read faggot, the post says she was there for 5 years but doesn't say how old she was when she went in. there's no way she could have been held until she was 20

No. 1484580

File: 1648447393472.png (18.2 KB, 594x154, Screenshot 2022-03-27 230315.p…)

Not a hospital.

No. 1484581

OMG this is a new low Rachel, what would your parents say if they saw you say that about them? Again, I guess you really don't believe we can tell which comments are yours, otherwise there's no way in hell you'd say that.
Is this your logic rachel?:
>sure, they clocked me on my first 568 posts, but post #569 will be DIFFERENT!

No. 1484582

File: 1648447461785.jpeg (848.65 KB, 1284x1697, 7CEAF11E-2225-44F8-A255-959D97…)

oh her bio mom was a druggie that makes sense and since she said massachusetts i could only assume that it was a coke addiction

No. 1484585

File: 1648447565719.png (456.07 KB, 633x857, Screenshot 2022-03-27 230503.p…)

It's not possible for her to have been there until the age of 20.

No. 1484586

Wow this thread is a fucking mess. I hope farmhands reveal her identity and link to a thread with all her posts, like with what happened to that creepshowart chick.

No. 1484587

File: 1648447615522.jpeg (234.9 KB, 1284x544, 5828348A-E81C-443B-B920-D00460…)

No. 1484589

you should check yourself in somewhere then. it’s clear you’re unwell lol

No. 1484590

I bet her poor mother would have aborted her if she knew how retarded and narcissistic her daughter would turn out to be. I bet every time they get together and she looks at her poor stunted daughter she feels pangs of regret for having brought such a clueless creature into the world.

No. 1484591

She's told me that the pregnancy was caught early enough for her mother's drug addiction to have had no ill effects on her whatsoever.

No. 1484592

Am doctor, can confirm.

No. 1484593

then why does it say young adults and families in the other two pictures you posted

No. 1484594

Obviously not.

They went to Hawaii together several years back and have plans to do it again later this year.

No. 1484595

Well, she was clearly wrong. Look how slow you turned out.

No. 1484596

Ain't me fam. Cope and seethe about it nigga.

No. 1484597

about that……..it’s pretty clear there were some negative effects

No. 1484598

use the hard r rachel do it i believe in you

No. 1484599

She feels a lot of pity and guilt towards you, Rachel, that's why. She feels really bad that she made you retarded with her drug use and is trying to "make up for it" to ease her guilt. I'm 100% serious btw and not just trolling you. I bet your mom really struggles with this and I genuinely feel terrible for her.

No. 1484600


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 1484601

File: 1648447940569.png (22.48 KB, 695x280, Screenshot 2022-03-27 231152.p…)


Man you're retarded. Look at the screenshots from before. 1-8th graders and K-10th grade.

Teenagers are young adults, but chc doesn't offer services to anyone beyond those grades.

No. 1484602

holy shit yes YES!!!!!!!!!

No. 1484603

She was evaluated as part of a work related thing last year and her IQ came out as like 142. Ain't retarded if it's that high.

No. 1484604


No. 1484605

nah that u

No. 1484608

File: 1648448148526.jpg (150.9 KB, 1640x1093, SDFF.jpg)


No. 1484609

>claims to have an IQ of 142
this is definitely going in your next thread summary kek

No. 1484610

Okay but no. Consider this:

She is the only child out of 3 siblings, whose mother had 6 siblings, to have gotten a college degree. She fought against a history of addiction in her family (her brother bought an entire pound of weed to sell when he was 16 and ended up smoking it all himself the madlad)to end up addicted to nothing, not an alcoholic, in no debt, mentally well, with a college degree and gainful employment, and you somehow think that she's unwell because she chooses to live with her parents although she could very well move out and live with one of her multiple boyfriends.

Bitch u cray.

No. 1484611

Is someone working on a new thread OP?

No. 1484612

File: 1648448380558.jpeg (541.51 KB, 1284x1127, DFCDD567-83E6-4537-97F6-B48C71…)

ahh this explains chc

No. 1484613

^^^ THIS

you guys lower the value of calling someone a retard by calling this woman one

No. 1484614

awwwwww I'll make sure I ask to see Brave when I talk to her next

No. 1484615

Yep, expect it soon.

No. 1484616

What should be included in her next thread description? I'm thinking we have to mention
>her calling people niglets
>Her doxing herself, twice
>her saying she will put her parents into a home when they get older as revenge for trying to get her mental help
>her spamming random moid's dick pics itt
>her totally real harem of sexy boyfriends and girlfriends that we're all jelly of
>Her larping as a sassy black woman
>Everyone hating her in the discord she's in and her being unable to tell
>her dildo TMI posting
>and of course, her real full name

what else am i missing

No. 1484618

she didnt need it to begin with

No. 1484619

you are jelly of it tho

No. 1484622

skin bleaching, stalking, compulsive lying, druggie mom, rich parents, above minimum wage job after graduating from a college with a 100% acceptance rate?

No. 1484624

i was gonna make the thread but ive never made one and im not home rn, so its probably best that someone else is. heres a list of her twitter usernames that i could find and i have a bunch of screenshots to post in the new thread
MadamMidgar (suspended)
sera37793803 (suspended)
natsume92272871 (suspended)
lovelyswan8 (suspended)
thatbitchshinra (suspended)
i think that the fact that ever since she found her thread she bitches about it nonstop on discord and whenever people tell her to stop coming here or turn off her computer she freaks out should definitely be mentioned

No. 1484625

no crime to have an above minimum wage job after graduating from college faggot

No. 1484626

It's fine, I got this.

No. 1484628

File: 1648449090324.jpg (124.7 KB, 1080x1109, 20220328_023121.jpg)

why include the job thing, doesn't seem very funny or milky

No. 1484629

it hasn't been confirmed that TayuuBarbie is her

No. 1484630


No. 1484631

also please dont forget her accusing us of being racist ableist fatphobic homophobic transphobic etc etc while being all those things herself and claiming that its okay when she does it because she was “provoked” to call people slurs and tell a black woman to bleach her skin and definitely dont forget that shes a vogue model

No. 1484634


No. 1484636

because its the fact that she got a degree and works in a bookstore for shit pay

also forgot to mention her sperging in the discord server

No. 1484637

You were being transphobic tho. MTF are still women.

No. 1484644

im not even transphobic but i understand that this isnt the place to argue about that, and anons have a reason that they feel that way. ive never called anyone a transphobic word or pretended to be a trans woman, that was all you rachel, and btw other people doing it doesnt suddenly make it okay for you to. dont pretend to have moral highground on anons when youre worse than any of them could ever be.

No. 1484645

It hasn't been proven that that was her, just fairsinfocenter Gavin faggot trying to find another scapegoat and targeting an at risk individual,

No. 1484647

anon you put this on the wrong board… please tell me another anon is working on an actual thread

No. 1484649

Yes, I am working on it. Worry not.

No. 1484651

one of the trannies behind fairsinfocenter on twitter.

No. 1484652

thank you that new thread was shit

No. 1484658

what do you think you're accomplishing here, rachel? We're already working on a new thread as we speak. Your bumping is pointless now. You blew it, gloriously. I hope you'll join us for your new thread when it's ready

No. 1484660

not to mention your "bump"ing is precisely what is getting you a new thread so soon lmfaooo. With your real name on it and everything, you special lucky girl!

No. 1484662

please make this the new thread photo

No. 1484664

She liked that one too much. Opinions from others?

No. 1484665

dont forget the cadbury eggs nonna

No. 1484667

is a good one

No. 1484668

maybe the one where shes crying?

No. 1484670

or this

No. 1484672

this pic is clearly the funniest, pls use this one

No. 1484673

idk i kinda liked >>1483027

No. 1484675

i take it back i actually second this one or this one >>1477176

No. 1484676

we can't tell that one's her, plus it makes people think she's lost weight

No. 1484677

No. 1484678

i'm making one too

one of us is going to have to change(samefagging bumping autist)

No. 1484699

youre autistic your parents dont love you and you have no friends or boyfriend

No. 1484700

File: 1648451826489.jpeg (5.88 KB, 348x145, letthemfight.jpeg)

No. 1484701

It's already been proven that she is loved by her parents, has tons of friends and multiple boyfriends.

L + Ratio + get rekt + gg + maidenless


No. 1484702


No. 1484703

File: 1648451896122.jpeg (431.91 KB, 1101x995, 2F757BF3-6151-4A83-985D-A51AAA…)

sorry kek just really wanted to make this

No. 1484706

if youre as well liked as you say then why does nobody seem happy to see you in any of the servers

No. 1484709

I literally just watched her get welcomed by at least 3 other users earlier. L + Ratio + get rekt + gg + maidenless