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No. 1771990

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/1752926
Current twitters: @BelloPanther

Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin is a Zoophilic Pedophile from Emerald Hills California where she lives with her father whom allegedly has Alzheimer's disease, and her mother who assumedly cares for them both and according to Rachel herself still sleeps in the same bed as her from time to time. At age 29 she is most known among the various communities she waddles through as a very bitter and hostile person, as of recent she has aligned herself with other terminally online to rally against the Kiwifarms. While she tried and failed to find a way in that circle for a while she finally succeeded at least partially with Rubin Remnus, a man whom was confirmed as being the person who is on kiwifarms the most, and has joined him in attacking people online. It is not the first morbid team up that this cow has gotten into and she has a long history of defending various pedophiles and zoophiles as well as other horrific people all while claiming she is not one herself despite her own words, actions along with her own admission. Projection is one of her main fallbacks and she will constantly accuse others of things she has done or stands for including her own posts calling for the rape of herself and a kiwifarmer.
Rachel is constantly in her own thread trying to white knight herself and has created various personas such as fake members of her polycule, a 'friend', or a handful of her prior 'enemies' in order to either claim farmers here were mean to her or defend herself. Her posts are usually easy to distinguish and she will pull out repeatedly posting up to thirty posts in a row in the span of ten minutes and has been caught samefagging to try and give the illusion of others backing her up. She has admitted to possessing Child Pornography on three websites including this one, she has admitted to posting it in an effort to get her threads taken down as well. Alongside this are her admissions to lusting over dinosaurs while frantically explaining and justifying this degeneracy by attempting to convince others they never existed. While not only wrong, she is shunned even by other degenerates due to consent issues. Overall while Rachel thinks of herself as the main character, her tale constantly has her playing second fiddle to other cows as well as perpetually playing a victim while behaving like a predator.

A Summary of Prior Events
>Rachel larps to various degrees of success on her Bello twitter account as her own rotund feline, it is now up to 1,048 followers but gets as much interaction as accounts with 1/100th that count.
>Rachel posts in her own thread repetitively leading to the rise of her catch phrases 'only she's not here', 'cope and seethe about it', 'only she's not (jealous,fat,etc)', and so on.
>Her twitter history has been a rolling slapfight for months on various accounts and for different thing mainly detailed above.
>On discord Rachel gets kicked out of two groups, a FF community after threatening to call CPS on a woman she was feuding with while posting photos of random women, and ruining an in to a twitter/discord cat community by constantly starting drama.
>Continually claims to have been swatted or had her house broken into depending on what she feels will garner more sympathy, no matter whom she accuses she will claim they are from Kiwifarms and posted about it there despite all evidence to the contrary.
>Claims that the SE twitter account is not her while giving away that it is her far too many times to list.
>Her 29th birthday is spent posting in her own thread trying to convinces anons that she was not here.
>The first post in her prior thread is herself >>>/snow/1752935
>Continually spamming out posts Rachel continually fails to understand any part of the site she is posted to as this show >>>/snow/1753078
>Complains that others never tried to help her despite the vast amount of evidence in prior threads >>>/snow/1753215
>Is caught trying to make it seem like others echo her opinions ever >>>/snow/1753493
>Postulates on her superiority while complaining about the voices in her head and posts actual diapers with poop in them >>>/snow/1754013
>Admits to posting CP for the upteenth time >>>/snow/1754008 when an anon points out how pedophilic her diaper posting came across as >>>/snow/1754004

No. 1771992

>Continues to display that her left wing habits are all performative in various twitter posts such as the one documented here where she attacks a woman while calling them a tranny >>>/snow/1754469
>The cow in question attemtps to throw out information on her newest rent free boogyman but it goes nowhere as farmers call it out.
>Nick and Caleb are still MIA and farmers worry about their whereabouts >>>/snow/1755939
>Showing that she only knows how to project, Rachel makes death threats to Kiwis with faulty firearm facts >>>/snow/1756157
>A list of her favorite phrases was compiled for a short time starting here >>>/snow/1756594
>Farmers call Rachel a man, prompting the cow to come back and cringely defend her feminitiy >>>/snow/1756594
>Bella did nothing wrong when she ran over that man in 2015 >>>/snow/1757777
>Ragel is revealed as his prior pictures are un-photoshopped to reveal the true man behind the mask >>>/snow/1757789
>Ineffectually threatening jobs is just another card in this cow's deck >>>/snow/1758095
>Smug in her delusions Bertha posts about how Ghoulie is the only person keeping her threads alive when a quick glance at either disproves this notion >>>/snow/1761606
>Can't keep track of personal things such as her own height or she has shrunk three inches in three years, both are equally likely >>>/snow/1763173
>Abandons her Jewish faith larp for a Satanic one despite failing most of the tenants of said faith and picking the most recent and popularly known branch >>>/snow/1763228
>Misunderstands transphobia for her own benefit >>>/snow/1763885
>More failures at her larp from the land of the rising sun >>>/snow/1764107
>Holding anon to this >>>/snow/1765065
>Advertises her own well earned labels on an account she repeatedly claims to not want drama on and is only a cutesy cat account >>>/snow/1765236
>General homophobia from the conservative in blue clothing that she and her family is >>>/snow/1765384
>Uses known pedophilic term 'Anti' to attack her enemies on twitter, thus adding another layer of confirmation that no matter what she might claim, she knows she is a pedophile >>>/snow/1765453
>Tries sneaking into a minor's >>>/snow/1766100 DMs and attempts to court them whether ignorant of doing such or not >>>/snow/1766095
>Claims to be in MENSA on her 'totally not her' account >>>/snow/1766132
>Rachel shows most of her tells in a single twitter post >>>/snow/1766134
>Rachel admits to being a beastfucker >>>/snow/1766606
>Rachel defends a fellow, more notorious, zoophile >>>/snow/1767742
>Rachel spends valentines day defending someone who committed heinous acts >>>/snow/1768193
>Getting misogynistic and homophobic yet again the current cow gets into a tuffle with some older cows >>>/snow/1770561
>Rachel reveals just how wide her knee really is while also displaying equally disgusting boots >>>/snow/1770854
>Claims to be from Germany >>>/snow/1771434
>Reality breaks down around her as she accuses Gaia's God of being a farmer and thus behind a huge scheme all along while also being a swatter despite this person obviously being from the RP community and had more patience for her than anyone else did besides maybe her own mother who still enables her to this day >>>/snow/1771534
>Thinking the truth of her sexual proclivities died down Rachel brags about being untouchable and at a school, though this is in a period of her most extreme psychosis yet and combined with her penchant for lying makes both claims dubious at best >>>/snow/1771888
>Pretending she has friend or finding a degenerate discord server to spread her slop in Rachel posts to twitter about her period and creampies >>>/snow/1771929

Older Milk
>In December 2020, the first Rachel thread was made on LCF and it went relatively unnoticed.
>Most of the first thread covered her harassing roleplayers and random cat accounts on Tumblr, Twitter, and other sites. This included stalking, sending death threats, making a ton of accounts that got banned for her breaking ToS.
>Rachel discovered her thread and has a complete rage induced keyboard smashing meltdown, which included the ragepiggie sending her unredacted ID to someone over Discord.
>With her continued psychosis to this day, she quickly filled threads. A Kiwifarms thread was made, as well as threads on smaller sites.
>Rachel's online behavior became even more bizarre, and she started blaming everything on her enemy of the week, believing everyone posting is this person, the latest person on this carousel is a Kiwi who's account is named Ghoulie.

Prior Threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/1095830
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1485119
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1497013
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1508548
Thread #5: >>>/snow/1518588
Thread #6: >>>/snow/1529219
Thread #7: >>>/snow/1535186
Thread #8: >>>/snow/1538415
Thread #9: >>>/snow/1538415
Thread #10: >>>/snow/1561022
Thread #11: >>>/snow/1702642

No. 1771996

Aww yeah, thread 13.

No. 1772003

File: 1676842054812.jpg (408.26 KB, 1080x1583, Rachel admits to autism.jpg)

I figured I would link the prior thread's comments for the majority of the summary just in case we get anyone new who wants to follow along. Trimmed some old fat unless the orbiters pop up again as it's already catalogued in prior threads and it's bloated enough just focusing on her current escapades. This cows rage milk never stops flowing, she even raged in the period between 11 and 12 where nobody talked about her for over a month. She may claim people observing her causes her to act out but it simply isn't the case.

No. 1772007

File: 1676842921374.jpg (196.42 KB, 1080x673, best lie yet.jpg)

This is the funniest shit she's said yet. 3.5 million??? What??? Ragel you're delusional.

No. 1772009

She is riding the Keffals train so fucking hard. I think she wants the same level of infamy because it’ll give her sad life some meaning instead of whatever she has to do to cope

No. 1772014

Holy cope Batman, what a whale of a lie!
Which is sad as I've never seen a quicker Speedrun of burning your own supporters and would be benefactors like Lucas did, I suppose they are extremely similar when it comes down to it.

No. 1772017

File: 1676843458995.jpg (239.63 KB, 1080x815, Keffals paypig.jpg)

She's still slurping the gruel out of Lucas' axe wound even though she's trying to disavow him at the same time. So funny to see her try to follow the KEFFALS BAD trend while being unable to let go of the previous KEFFALS GOOD programming because she's that fucking stupid.

No. 1772019

File: 1676843565218.jpeg (193.26 KB, 750x887, 79EC9966-5D1B-4E68-9C4D-4923B0…)

Nagl admitting that there…

No. 1772021

Well there's Rachel bragging about grooming children and getting away with it, I'm speechless.

No. 1772022

File: 1676843832082.jpeg (117.57 KB, 749x659, 3D8E599B-2FE6-4738-A987-0DD260…)

I’m guessing all the people in her polycule are also pedophiles because they support her bullshit lol

No. 1772025

File: 1676843919000.jpeg (121.8 KB, 750x596, 62D4D00D-E499-4D9F-B042-596758…)

Her tweeting this proves everyone right lmao

No. 1772026

She's just echoing a cope from the woman who she dated years ago, playing into her delusions for a second since we know she reads this, having older partners can easily be and often is a cover for sexual predators so it proves nothing.

No. 1772027

Oh my god Rachel thinks she's making herself look good by doing all of this. Holy shit the cope…

No. 1772028

The gravy train at the local Golden Corral is the only thing running in her.

No. 1772034

File: 1676844356224.jpeg (144.92 KB, 750x794, 347E11A0-434D-4203-889B-D245D1…)

The only reason she’s cracking is because she’s too stupid to realise the reason she now has more eyes on her is due to jumping on every movement regarding KF lol and that she keeps mentioning every chance she can

No. 1772036

File: 1676844385144.jpeg (194.28 KB, 749x874, F7CA8707-A040-43AD-870A-15F032…)

No. 1772037

File: 1676844415711.jpeg (43.89 KB, 749x264, 060305EE-87FA-4039-A807-D78BD4…)

No. 1772039

File: 1676844428955.jpg (296.33 KB, 809x1191, Tard brigade.jpg)

LMAO this is fucking hilarious. "He's mad because he's the real pedophile and I'm more popular"

No. 1772040

Brilliant timing as I am the OP and I can confirm I'm not Gaia's God so her weird claim it's one person who thinks this is extra hilarious to me.

No. 1772045

File: 1676845092848.jpeg (83.31 KB, 750x535, A042C799-581C-4B30-875E-5F2887…)

No. 1772046

>Rachel threatens to groom more children than the Catholic Church.
Talk about a big ego.

No. 1772047

She really wants to be the next Keffals.

No. 1772049

Instead of bathtub HRT it's just forcing children to watch Advent Children and Dinosaur Porn.

No. 1772051

File: 1676845501290.jpeg (67.46 KB, 749x382, 3D1BC276-4570-4587-818B-F9CA25…)

No. 1772053

Rachel forgot to tag her own account in this tweet.

No. 1772056

File: 1676845710630.jpeg (110.17 KB, 749x576, 38A8ECC0-0DA6-436B-A536-35FCBA…)

No. 1772057

File: 1676845743857.jpeg (122.13 KB, 749x527, 44DBD32C-2020-4F56-853D-080169…)

No. 1772059

File: 1676845793558.jpeg (106.17 KB, 749x561, A372A4E9-079F-427E-9677-1FA6D7…)

No. 1772060

She just keeps giving

No. 1772061

File: 1676845854781.png (278.6 KB, 966x1338, stillaccrime.png)

>never possessed it
You sure about that?

No. 1772068

File: 1676846031553.jpeg (164.21 KB, 749x735, F2FF1EBA-6632-43B1-A4A6-6D8C58…)

She’s absolutely getting off to tard raging like this and enjoys running her mouth

No. 1772071

File: 1676846088700.jpeg (76.47 KB, 749x354, 01D1F363-0F8F-4728-90D4-A1FA8A…)

No. 1772072

It should be noted it was discussed last thread that the international party was most likely Elaine Miller who's thread is here >>>/snow/1567357 for any who are unfamiliar.

No. 1772073

Has she ever said what her "new" name is? We know its all bullshit to feel special and try to hide behind (like Keffals again, ayeee) but what does she expect people to call her if she's never said what she supposedly goes by now?

No. 1772074

File: 1676846249781.jpeg (55.68 KB, 749x363, 3229D5AD-88D0-4057-96F4-616D0E…)

No. 1772075

Ragel thinking people want to see a video of her touching herself may be one of her biggest crimes yet.
Older names for those who are not trans is a different word so it's safe to assume he is finally confirming his existence as Ragel, I wonder if he changed his middle name, spose I'll ask the next time he posts if I'm around.

No. 1772077

I genuinely do not see how she thinks this does anything but hurt her kek
Shes just proving GG right and hurting herself lmao

No. 1772079

Oh interesting, I actually didnt know it was called something different for non-trans people.

No. 1772086

It's most often called prior name or birth name, while it's not what she's talking about it Maiden names are another example, that phrase is only used by one group. Its simply another example of her parroting words like she will do here without knowing the exact meaning behind them.
To play devil's advocate for her, it could be her development is so arrested that she still only watches/browsers children's content so she can't see the obvious issue that arrives as sometimes kids shows will have helpful adults. It's either that or she's a pedophile, there isn't really another option and I wonder which she would pick as her excuse if pressed down to it.

No. 1772087

File: 1676846901386.jpeg (77.14 KB, 749x461, 6C2BE006-4FD5-46AD-87BD-9B78B7…)

With each passing day with the Lord’s grace, she becomes more and more unhinged. Mama shouldn’t have sheltered you so much Rachel

No. 1772090

Well at least her mental breakdown is the most entertaining she's been in a while. This will be her legacy. She's a nobody, she has no talents, she has no friends. If anyone remembers her at all after she's eventually died it'll be because shes a cow.

No. 1772091

File: 1676847415388.jpg (220.86 KB, 1080x896, death threat.jpg)

OOOHHHH she fucked up lmao

No. 1772092

File: 1676847435866.jpeg (252.51 KB, 750x635, 8579065B-8E3C-4DD6-9014-A5A4B4…)

What employer wants to back someone like her… please enlighten me

No. 1772093

File: 1676847517114.jpg (331.43 KB, 1080x1031, reaching.jpg)

Samefag, sorry I'm late.
Have some newer milk.

No. 1772094

Hard to get her fired from a job she doesn't even have. If she did have job I don't think her employer would like paying for her to sit on twitter and discord 24/7

No. 1772095

Well she is keeping a quota of how many children she 'befriends'…

No. 1772098

Her stories keep changing and she keeps deciding she wants to add new things to her lie which makes old things contradictory. She's not a good storyteller at all. No wonder she gets no roleplay sex because that shit is boring.

No. 1772101

File: 1676848215681.jpeg (130.58 KB, 750x646, AC884A25-9234-4918-8648-D04FDB…)

I have free time so I’m collecting the milk as it comes

No. 1772103

She did nothing, she says, after posting a death threat.

No. 1772105

Okay this is actually the most unhinged shit she's said so far.

So much for her crying about only being a cat account (for the 9034th time)

No. 1772106

Wait, how many rats and frogs has she eaten then? The implications she leaves lying around are some of the best things about her as a cow.

No. 1772108

Ragel truly is the second coming of Chris-chan.

No. 1772109

File: 1676848680339.jpeg (116.81 KB, 749x514, 73F8204A-0937-477F-93F2-71976F…)

Lmao, cognitive dissonace

No. 1772111

File: 1676848733319.jpg (254.76 KB, 1080x855, orangutan reach.jpg)

He doesn't even show up that often.
She's CONVINCED we're all GG.

No. 1772113

I was late but at least I got trips.
Proof we're all Gaiasgod, maybe?

No. 1772115

Everyones Ghoulie
Everyones GaiasGod
Everyones Ines
Everyones DBS

How many people are we?

No. 1772118

We are legion. We are Sephiroth's concubines and Rachel isn't.

No. 1772119

Thank you for clearing that up for me anon, I was having an identity crisis trying to figure out who I am currently.

No. 1772122

File: 1676849835011.jpg (188.22 KB, 1080x648, Tranny chasing.jpg)

Rachel still sipping the Keffals kool aid.

No. 1772125

Smartest thing Keffals has said tbh
Doesn't excuse being shitty people like Rachel and Keffals though.

No. 1772129

Keffals and Rachel Coincidence #87: Both use Autism to excuse their actions.

No. 1772132

I think this Rachel meltdown could count as a community happening on KF in their dedicated thread for that, because this is the worst one we've had. If any lurking Kiwis wanna drop that (as well as drop some of the screens we've taken) it would be cool. Documenting Rachistory will soon be an amazing feat.

No. 1772141

File: 1676851683869.jpeg (241.25 KB, 1125x858, RachelPettigrew.jpeg)

>Holding anon to this >>>/snow/1765065
Lazy edit

No. 1772153

That picture of her is unreasonably ugly. Jumpscare fr

No. 1772159

File: 1676852777322.jpeg (90.17 KB, 749x464, 2C925D1F-F841-4D6B-91AF-6AD062…)


No. 1772160

File: 1676852824639.jpeg (137.98 KB, 749x772, AF80D96C-4E50-46EA-A9CF-CF203C…)

Not a pedophile you say

No. 1772163

File: 1676852874013.jpeg (96.7 KB, 749x455, 41BEC03E-A8E3-4830-954F-BCA273…)

No. 1772164

GG mocked her NPC level responses and left.
He really does give off Sephiroth energy with how unbothered he is, i guess that's what hurts her the most. Her inability to separate reality from fiction has caused her to crash and burn trying to reason with herself.

No. 1772166

File: 1676853185515.jpeg (494.08 KB, 808x636, GaiasGod.jpeg)

He's not the one seething Ragel.
In fact, he's out living his life while you still tweet at him.

No. 1772167

Rachel is speaking from experience here.

No. 1772174

File: 1676853849026.jpeg (83.48 KB, 749x434, D6657D6F-DF11-48D3-A58D-34B8E2…)

I can’t wait for her to try her hard ass act in real life with the wrong person and hear her whine about it online tbh..

No. 1772175

Ugh, shes exhausting.
No one in the world is scared of your fat ass Bertha. Online or offline. All bark and no bite. A hippo that acts like a chihuahua.

No. 1772177

File: 1676854324688.jpeg (97.69 KB, 749x581, 983A73F8-65F1-4F47-9A12-D92FB8…)

She’s not as proud of being autistic as she lets on I guess

No. 1772179

I know that alogging is bad but I want to punch her in her fat autistic face

No. 1772180

Rachel is a pedophile and zoophile and pledged support openly for Tim Win, one of the most notorious creators of zoosadism and necrobestiality. He included directions on how to cut a puppy open to fuck its guts while keeping it alive long enough to suffer.

Meanwhile, GG just links people to your thread but has stopped doing that. FIC, if you're lurking, ss it and post it. We've got evidence.

No. 1772182

I could have gone my whole life being happier not knowing that about that Tim guy. I hope his karma is an eye for an eye.

But yes, I agree the info about Rachel should be posted.

No. 1772189

>you are
>even if you aren't

you're so stupid, Rachel. goddamn.

No. 1772191

I can't blame you, I just wish the cops would take her seriously someday.
Her defending Tim may be her biggest mask off moment, it's gone beyond her simply protecting the only people who would be her friends as it's consistently the worst people she will defend while bashing a wide variety of others. Malicious and dull Rachel is, I worry she won't get proper attention until after people become aware of her doing something awful.

No. 1772196

I just skimmed the Tim thread on KF to make sure hes not anywhere near me and avoided any of the gruesome details. I don't think I've ever been more enraged and disgusted in my life. And I'm not exaggerating.

This man is a zoosadist and a pedo. Rachel defended that. There's no excuse. None. Thats all I can say before I start A-logging.

No. 1772198

Theres a reason I did what I did and I still don't regret it.

No. 1772199

File: 1676856049852.jpeg (87.53 KB, 749x483, 845BFC80-A336-4501-9107-C77474…)

In response to someone saying that in California you need to lock up your car to avoid getting car jacked.

… she’s so out of touch lmfao

No. 1772200

File: 1676856104197.jpeg (118.84 KB, 749x645, 14A49E64-1C98-46C5-ABEC-990B62…)

Dick riding Keffals because apparently addiction.

No. 1772201

File: 1676856138685.jpeg (152.62 KB, 750x861, 86A26FF1-BEA2-46D8-9B22-FF742C…)

No. 1772204

Funny that everything in that tweet applies to her. She projects so hard kek

No. 1772205

File: 1676856277129.jpeg (131.74 KB, 750x856, 0B13202B-308D-46D6-A633-B6C672…)

No. 1772206

Ragel speaking words to truth or truth to power or his story or something, empowering to be certain.

No. 1772207

File: 1676856392424.jpeg (47.22 KB, 749x198, 9734A0A8-A989-46E2-8AD4-05433E…)

No. 1772208


Rachel still really doesn't understand that just because she says something like its fact doesnt make it true

I really wish people would stop using addiction and drugs as an excuse for them being pieces of shit. They'd still be pieces of shit even if they werent addicts or on drugs. Plenty of people are addicts and don't act like Keffals (among others)

No. 1772210

Rachel and Remus both defended him, but dude has been too busy jacking off to the "Post People Dying" thread to walk it back. He claims he doesn't know a thing about Tim Win despite obsessively stalking the site and refuses to admit KF is right.

Rachel is just his lapdog now, she will mindlessly jump into anything he posts. She tags him to try to get his support and all of her KF rageboner pals ignore her. Funny.

She doesn't realize she's being used.

No. 1772213

She deserves it and probably deserves it once more since she didn't learn the first time. Now she's out here defending Tim fucking Win to "own the kiwis."
I'll leave it at that. No alogging for me tonight, nope. I'm signing off and giving my pets hugs because I'm sick to my stomach.

No. 1772215

She's a monster.

No. 1772228

I dont blame you at all.

I had a good cry after I had to stop myself from A-logging, and went and loved on my pets. I hope you feel better anon.

They can both do a flip at this point. Rubin, if he is who people suspect, should be locked up anyway and I hope that the woman hes harassing and stalking destroys him in court.

I can't imagine aligning myself with the people Rachel is, defending the people shes defending, all because I'm butthurt that websites are documenting how fucking retarded I am and by aligning myself with them I prove I'm even worse than just being retarded.
Good job Ragel. Keep daydreaming about Kiwifarms being shut down. That dream will stay just a dream…just like your dream that anyone will ever love you.

She absolutely is.

No. 1772252

File: 1676860122207.jpg (165.86 KB, 1080x508, random slapfights.jpg)

As soon as she can't run away from the truth and blame someone for her behavior she jumps to SilverElitism where she engages in the exact same behavior of inserting herself into random conversations and making up lies.

No. 1772268

what the actual fuck? Does she realize the shit she says and how seriously not normal it is? And she just acts like its no biggie. Shes seriously brain damaged.

No. 1772278

File: 1676863019894.jpeg (186.2 KB, 749x853, CB24B7E0-D6F7-492C-B62A-BD84BB…)

No. 1772279

File: 1676863060981.jpeg (141.94 KB, 749x580, 1A058DF8-E14C-4094-BE19-6B3F55…)

No. 1772280

File: 1676863091830.jpeg (174.92 KB, 750x824, 125D1258-0FDF-4098-92C9-BFB5CE…)

No. 1772283

File: 1676863310925.jpeg (155.67 KB, 749x889, B0E5FBBB-286F-42F5-AF91-706CF2…)

No. 1772284

File: 1676863392149.jpeg (164.75 KB, 750x883, 5BF38F8F-8086-403B-AD68-B207D4…)

No. 1772285

File: 1676863432029.jpeg (67.75 KB, 749x355, 9D91B74A-56BB-44E0-AE25-9C8148…)

No. 1772286

File: 1676863483603.jpeg (80.76 KB, 749x408, D9760AC6-0435-45DD-9883-F0772C…)

No. 1772287

File: 1676863516194.jpeg (80.41 KB, 749x295, 63E7BD0D-0560-4D47-9B59-9F189D…)

No. 1772289

Of course she doesn't back down. She supports Tim Win. It wasn't a fluke.

No. 1772293

File: 1676864687006.jpeg (765.82 KB, 1290x1030, Ragel.jpeg)

Love that. Thanks GG.

No. 1772320

File: 1676867847279.jpg (166.33 KB, 1080x512, Oyvey.jpg)

A non-answer.
Kiwifarms is doing more about Tim Win than the police are. He isn't comparable to CWC either.

No remorse.

No. 1772321

File: 1676867888494.jpg (401.27 KB, 1079x1074, Zoophile.jpg)

She shares this during all of the Tim Win talk too like it makes her look any less guilty.

No. 1772329

Ah yes, documenting and keeping all of the screenshots of HIM ADMITTING TO WHAT HE DOES in one place is so terrible! Making sure theres still evidence of his crimes via his inability to shut his god damn mouth since he deleted everything its just as bad as torturing, murdering, and eating puppies.

God Rachel, you're more retarded and morally bankrupt than I ever could have imagined.

Also, Chris-Chan had a pretty good relationship with KF. He gave Null his email passwords, talked to him on as a friend and the site was sending him to Bronycon before all of the mom shit happened.He even has an account on the farms, though he rarely logs in. Farmers were protective of him, they did the best they could to keep him from being manipulated by people with bad intentions.
You'd know this if you'd pull your head out of your asshole for 5 fucking seconds and actually educated yourself on the shit you decide to open your mouth about.

No. 1772330

She doesn't do anything unless it's something that directly benefits her. She's truly the narcissist, especially considering she can't even admit to being wrong once.

No. 1772332

I would actually respect her a tiny bit more if she could admit she was wrong here. But of course she cant. I hope Bello pisses on everything she owns and then gets out and runs away to a family that wouldn't ever be okay with a zoosadist for any reason.

No. 1772339

I think a lot of people would feel similarly. But she's too stupid to see her wrongs.

No. 1772342

I don't think people will get over this, and I hope cat twitter takes GGs warning seriously.

She can say what she wants about us and KF but at least we aren't fucked up enough to think like Ragel. Grateful for all you anons and hope your mental health is okay and you're staying hydrated.

No. 1772346

If you saw her reply to this tweet, you'd think she was a zoophile

No. 1772348

She is a zoophile. I thought this whole situation made that clear.

No. 1772349

After seeing her favorites on the tentacleporn site, her raptor fetish, and her defense of more than one animal rapist I would probably be more surprised if she isnt a zoophile at this point.

No. 1772350

I have no reason to doubt she's a zoophile or a pedophile. She might even be a necrophile given the fact she had so much to send to minors.

No. 1772351

samefag but this made me think of a cow on KF named Sammy Bushart. Her and Rachel are nothing alike except Rachel shared that video and Sammy often shares weird videos of gorillas fucking on facebook.

Difference is, Sammy is just retarded white trash and even with the weird gorilla videos theres no indication shes a zoophile. Rachels just a piece of shit that will never admit she wants to fuck animals, dinosaurs, and bugs despite all signs pointing to that being the case.

No. 1772354

With how Rachel acts about sex and her obviously being a virgin, I wonder if shes so hypersexual and coombrained that she has absolutely no morals as long as she can get off. Like, this isnt normal, at all. Even for degenerates. They usually draw the line somewhere (morals notwithstanding) but it doesn't seem to be the case for Bertha.

No. 1772358

Hey Ghoulie, DBS, Kiwis…
I really do feel like this meltdown is news worthy. Community Happenings.
I wanna see her burn at the stake for this shit lmao

I'm sorry farmhands but there's literally no reason why she should be going this hard about a man who brags about fucking baby animals to death.

No. 1772361

I got you anon.

No. 1772390

Ragel claims she's 120 lbs while in a slapfight with some random guy

No. 1772391

File: 1676880111135.png (26.24 KB, 598x197, 3.png)

>I only weight 120 lbs
>I work two full time jobs and make 6 figures
Sure Bertha.

No. 1772402

File: 1676882258257.jpg (505.01 KB, 1079x1450, Ridiculous claim.jpg)

This is the most ridiculous claim she's made.

No. 1772497

She shouldn't but don't you ever call me a kiwi again.

No. 1772500

Should just have an announcement that she's the CP spammer so instead of lying.
Fuck both sets of farmers, you're both fucking retarded, you cope and cope in here how kiwi is so nice. It isn't. They're just as bad as some of the zoo sadists. Rachel's wrong but don't come in a thread I made sucking off a site that does legitimately lie and harm others. I posted this OP here because of how much I fucking hate kiwifarms.

No. 1772503

Just simply go to her kiwi thread and circle jerk about how much you've stopped Rachel and Tim there. If you're in this thread and you don't know who's protected the public from Rachel the most then fucking lurkmoar.

No. 1772511

Tim Win could be an account on kiwifarms and nobody would ever know, think on that before begging to lick the Kiwi gunt

No. 1772526

Here she is invoking kiwifarms in an internet argument about states. The police do far more than people know, farmers like to bitch about them not locking people up when they lie on their site and tamper info all the time, kiwifarms hampers actual investigations all the time and someone featured on kiwifarms is more likely to be monitored than arrested due to all this and more.
The internet has heroes, kiwifarms hates that, the police are heroes, kiwifarms hates that.
Kiwifarms is for people bullying other people online, it's not a criminal database and it's rules specifically stop farmers from helping any investigation or even warning people in the local areas.

Rachel doesn't realize that if Kiwifarms was how she and some people in this thread think it is, that she'd have an ankle bracelet on by now.
Instead the police won't take this seriously due to it.

No. 1772527

File: 1676901854443.jpg (557.22 KB, 1080x1695, rent free.jpg)

No. 1772531

File: 1676902255192.jpg (154.14 KB, 1060x466, Rachel should know.jpg)

In response to some Twitter morons saying they'll adopt if you want to abort. It's a cutesy thing done by christfags and is actually practicing what they preach. Rachel's response? Misunderstand due to being unable to understand good intentions and thinks they're cheating out on adopting.

No. 1772534

File: 1676902443183.jpg (524.95 KB, 1080x1910, on child slavery .jpg)

I don't really have words for this, the account outright accused the OP of child sex slavery and Rachel's like pft that peasant can't afford a child slave like I could.
Just fucking what?

No. 1772536

File: 1676902558798.jpg (180.6 KB, 1049x733, de nile.jpg)

Lmao nonna you're taking the KF thing too seriously. It ain't that deep. Nobody's here bending over backwards to kiss asses and it isn't worth infighting over either.

Better fights to fight than getting assmad about KF, there's a thread for that and spaces for that. Lord knows this thread doesn't need a reason to derail because that's gone over so well in the past.

Picrel because fuck contributing more to whatever discourse you're trying to start, Ragel decides to go back hours later and ragepig.

No. 1772537

File: 1676902655306.jpg (394.11 KB, 1080x1405, state slapfight conclusion .jp…)

Here's the end for that one.
There's no way she's not this aggressive offline as well and I genuinely do believe the only reason she hasn't had a trip to the psych ward is because the workers/police see kiwifarms and zone it out.

No. 1772538

Course I did, someone claimed they're better than the cops at protecting people lol but you're exactly correct which is why I switched to bringing milk.

No. 1772540

It is super funny to see her get unreasonably mad about even the slightest notion of KF and somehow pretend LCF isn't doing most of the heavy lifting on documenting her. Her thread there is nowhere near as active anyway and seeing her get involved in the most bizarre confrontations because of her new crusade is incredible.
She definitely would go full Karen public meltdown in real life, not just because she's that delusional but she's also got that main character syndrome.

Fully expecting someone to get pepper sprayed or something if they ask about her online history.

No. 1772541

File: 1676903155869.jpg (518.75 KB, 1080x1727, Rachel has tranny cancer.jpg)

It's bound to happen, just look at her latest cope of being a tranny with cancer, it's incredible how far detached from reality she's gone to garner sympathy from others.
She simply must not be going outside or she's saying kiwifarms so often nobody wants to touch it, most police are normies and well if Rachel claims she's trans they do drop shit fast if you say kiwifarms called them.

No. 1772543

File: 1676903332830.jpg (237.37 KB, 1080x1068, I just think it's neat.jpg)

As obviously her 'friend' is her other account or someone worse I hope it's her account. Karma can't have hit Tim with cancer right?

Picrel is just an example of the actual engagement she gets, all her followers are bots.

No. 1772544

Holy shit the main character syndrome in the way she threatens people. You're messing with the wrong person bitch what are you gonna do? Keyboard warrior them to death? Ragel meets any of these people irl and all they gotta do is run and they're safe since her fat ass won't be able to keep up.

No. 1772545

File: 1676903716414.jpg (336.69 KB, 1080x1167, Rachel encounters a random Twi…)

Essentially, that's what random trolls do when they realize she isn't also a troll on twitter lol. There's plenty of things she's tried to do to hurt others online but she's too cowardly to try that offline where repercussions are more often had. I do think she gets unhinged at say the gas station, oh wait she doesn't drive, the uh….library maybe? Anyways point is I think she does get angry but probably only threatens online. With this breakdown being her most severe that may change but I think we are stuck with her WK'ing the worst of the worst instead of learning.

No. 1772561

Most people don't realize she's dead serious about it too and it cracks me up.

No. 1772565

File: 1676909055191.jpg (165.18 KB, 1080x664, cheapskate.jpg)

Not only does she just act exactly like someone who's larping as angry would but her larps are so spotty it's poetic that her genuine self comes across as fake.
Missed this earlier but I doubt someone who could afford a 3.5 million dollar house would consider Gundam miniatures expensive.

No. 1772567

The only 3.5 million she can afford is 3.5 million calories at McDonald's.
She exposes herself like a pervert in a park.

No. 1772569

>She exposes herself like a pervert in a park.
We shouldn't be giving her ideas like this lol, we shouldn't say that it would own us, it would be very wrong to say that being naked outside all the time would stop those evil kiwis in their tracks. It's simply too evil to expose others to that.

No. 1772570

I think I might kill myself if she ever posts her nudes.

No. 1772571

If she threatened that instead of violence she would be feared just like she desires to be.

No. 1772577

File: 1676910335348.png (24.18 KB, 754x412, dei3v5k-8d0b8d72-a242-4b06-90c…)

Absolutely. Thinking about it makes me sick. Remember when she claimed she did cam shows with her polycule?

No. 1772579

I do and I kept thinking about just how far back she would have to be to show herself in the camera and not just have it as a wall of flesh like the subject of your pic would.
Being in a polycule isn't like chatroulette but Rachel seems to think it is. I wonder if her gunt is bifurcated too.

No. 1772582

File: 1676911662538.jpeg (138.27 KB, 750x807, EA784061-54C7-4C56-92B9-F2ED3C…)

No. 1772583

File: 1676911710911.jpeg (131.05 KB, 750x965, 0988826C-5003-4C2F-B057-0499B2…)

No. 1772599

Rachel desperate for an Asian husbando even after being racist towards Chinese men specifically. Asian for her is only Japan and Korea, evidently. SEA, Turkic people, indigenous Siberians, and Desi peoples are brown and therefore not Asian enough for her racist ass.

No. 1772602

File: 1676912972617.jpg (74.1 KB, 1080x282, based Rick.jpg)

I love his response.
Her response to girls being abused sexually in their childhood is thinking they're not wanted by the abuser, it's very telling she thinks this way.

No. 1772638

File: 1676916655636.jpg (1.5 MB, 809x6317, necklace autism.jpg)

Long screenshot but this is from the other farms. More autism about her necklace, but god this is funny.

Link to the auction: https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/e1022754090

She paid almost $400 for a necklace that will definitely turn her neck rolls green.

No. 1772651

I had thought it was a necklace like one would get in a mall, thirty six dollars, not three hundred and sixty at the minimum not including any taxes or shipping that may have applied. It looks like a choker on her which are either 15 or 17 inches so there certainly is no way whatsoever she is at 120lbs as the 18 inch chain seems to hang like a choker one inch too big does. Anyone follow Cobes here? Is this the size of his chokers? This autism is spreading to me now.

No. 1772656

File: 1676917657098.jpg (379.88 KB, 1034x1191, skinny she says.jpg)

You can see the damn fat indent on her neck. Pic to compare.

No. 1772661

File: 1676917998674.jpeg (110.39 KB, 800x432, lol.jpeg)

Rachel level tantrum. No one cares how you feel about KF or that you wrote the OP. Take your meds and touch grass.

Anyways this is low fat milk but still thought it was funny she liked these tweets. She knows shes ugly but doesn't understand she's ugly inside too.

No. 1772666

I can fix that, send her to the Sephiroth chatbot on character.ai so it'll reject her.

No. 1772668

File: 1676918307579.jpg (69.26 KB, 950x501, How-to-lose-neck-fat.jpg)

Her crease seems to be lower down more like picrel, from the dimensions we can see from more recent photos of her there's too many signs of her being overweight, it's likely correct that she's 5'3" and 180lb as was speculated long ago as she's a bit beyond just chubby.

No. 1772670

kek I'd be interested to see her reaction but like an anon said yesterday she's basically already being not only rejected by a sephiroth but called out too.

Two of them might be too much for her to handle.

No. 1772673

File: 1676918704549.gif (77.59 KB, 500x500, thumbnail.gif)


No. 1772697

File: 1676920502653.jpeg (499.35 KB, 1158x1340, oop.jpeg)

Posting a screenshot of DBS' post here for posterity and because its easier than making separate posts for each pic. Sage since its not like we already didnt know SE is her account but this just further proves it.

No. 1772861

File: 1676938338318.jpeg (87.35 KB, 750x612, 80E6EA02-D284-4702-B31A-88AF7C…)

She’s so incredibly out of touch with reality

No. 1772862

File: 1676938405614.jpeg (126.59 KB, 749x560, 6856B944-3C30-43B6-9807-674595…)

No. 1772863

File: 1676938457585.jpeg (75.77 KB, 749x311, 6911E1E2-452E-4582-8259-8D93B0…)

No. 1772864

File: 1676938509893.jpeg (112.12 KB, 749x549, 09AE18D1-CFA0-4A22-8B73-EC9B3E…)

No. 1772865

I love when she says this because she really thinks shes doing something. Its not or at least not in the way she thinks. It makes her look like the fucking creep she is.

No. 1772872

"I befriend kids when I volunteer at the orphanage" while something any adult would admire is not something an adult would say without pause. Even when helping out orphans that is the most awkward phrasing to use, she's simply not human and nobody can convince me otherwise.

No. 1772909

Fully expecting a spergout from Ragel as soon as she's out of adult daycare.

No. 1772935

File: 1676945018257.jpg (271.35 KB, 1080x990, sperg.jpg)

Just as predicted lmao

No. 1772941

"I'm not smart enough to either comprehend what you're saying or come up with a decent rebuttal because you're right so I have to just say I don't give a fuck because that'll totally body you"

Also shes a zoosadist so she'd probably be into that hypothetical charity.

No. 1772942

File: 1676945501163.jpeg (196.05 KB, 749x1084, 62955605-ACCB-4694-BC49-23B656…)

Everyone’s favorite rage pig is at it again

No. 1772946

I wonder who this persons friend is. Because Ragel lives to use the dead people with threads for her same DKF campaign.

No. 1772950

"This isn't anything like dog fighting" Rachel scoffed as she wistfully recalled that fateful autumn morn in the abandoned rental lot run by a couple she affectionately called 'slant eyed orientals'. She had seen a lot of dead and dying puppies that day, she had been happy that day.

No. 1772956

She finally got her answer about what kind of addiction (coke/heroin) Keffals and now is changing her tune about the entire money thing

No. 1772958

File: 1676946685180.jpeg (74.78 KB, 749x405, 40691B8E-3292-4EBF-A791-2806F6…)

No. 1772960

File: 1676946722558.jpeg (131.24 KB, 750x842, 419071A1-4494-4469-B99F-C0B3E8…)

No. 1772962

News flash Bertha! You're both spiritually and physically fat.

No. 1772963

She's trans skinny. On the internet she can pretend but biologically, she will never be thin. She will always be a fatty patty.

No. 1772965

(You will always be fat)

No. 1772970

File: 1676947657552.jpg (157.1 KB, 1080x660, incest.jpg)

Does this bitch realize Genesis is technically Sephiroth's brother because of the Jenova cells thing, or does she not know about her "second husband" and just wants to coom.

I'll laugh my way to the madhouse if her fake polycule (the two boyfriends she pretends are always with her) is just her pretending to be in a throuple with Sephiroth and Genesis.

No. 1772978

She's jumping real hard on the trans struggle bus lately

No. 1772981

File: 1676949651493.jpeg (119.28 KB, 749x547, 2447777A-DD01-4D81-97FB-88DEBA…)

She’s not wrong but she’s really sticking to the trans, Satanist and open to all LARP

No. 1772982

File: 1676949716313.jpeg (133.59 KB, 749x607, AE6CEE4A-C6E0-4DBB-84C4-F47ABD…)

No. 1772983

File: 1676949748502.jpeg (96.26 KB, 749x545, 32D7EEC3-D349-4E1D-A6D3-165EFC…)


No. 1772984

>Christ said
>A Satanist

Pick one.

No. 1772986

File: 1676949818475.jpeg (172.68 KB, 750x960, 6A7BE732-0449-4D09-9390-9F137B…)

Planning on a visit to Canadaland

No. 1772987

File: 1676949859893.jpeg (179.82 KB, 749x1003, B4914943-D021-452E-BBB2-9EA845…)

No. 1772988

Wasnt she arguing with both of these accounts?

Not wrong, still weird coming from a zoosadist though.

No. 1772992

The Queen of No You wheeling out the greatest hits.
She was, they're likely trying to be polite so that she won't rage focus on them which is the right move from where they are sitting.

No. 1772998

File: 1676951157735.jpeg (82.54 KB, 749x463, EB8BD0DF-57BA-4D2C-9973-11B359…)

No. 1772999

Rachel, I eagerly await the day you land yourself in deep deep shit. the day they have you in court, and they just pull out this list of stupid ass shit you say

No. 1773000

It's nice finally having a thread without her fat ass WKing.

No. 1773010

It's been a while so forgive me if I say it wrong but, quads speak the truth.

No. 1773018

Its nice. No spammy posts, no incorrect guesses at whos posting what, no terrible comebacks, no lies.
Kinda surprised she's been gone for so long but whatever the reason I'm glad.

No. 1773020

I rarely think of this of people because it's pretty dark, even for cows – but really, what value does she bring to the world? what is she doing? her existence is just sad and pathetic and depressing

she just sits around and posts bullshit to ""own the haters"" but it's clear as day that she's a fucking moron with zero thought or substance to her posts, posting lies on the internet because she thinks they can get away with it, crying about being stalked while in the same breath crying about FORCING YOU to unblock her, and everything else that remains is just gross commentary that I believe is genuine

like, what's her value?

her low-iq unwarranted sense of entitlement is one of the most bizzare things to me, but it's consistent

noone cares about her obvious weight lies when her personality is as ugly and rotten as it is

I'm both fascinated and depressed

No. 1773023

I want to believe she's an elaborate troll but the cracks begin to show when you realize that is who she is.

No. 1773024

Aside from the zoophile/sadist/pedo thing, I guess the generous answer would be entertainment. And I only mean for us. Maybe some lurkers or tweeters too. And not in a way anyone sane would want to be entertaining.
Maybe her purpose is to make others feel better about themselves. As in people can look at the shit she publicly posts and be like "damn, I may be retarded but at least I'm not that fucking retarded"

No. 1773025

Her purpose to exist is penance for the sins her parents committed because God is a dick, hail Satan!

No. 1773028

File: 1676953831069.jpg (Spoiler Image, 380.86 KB, 809x1619, porn.jpg)

She's now commenting on nsfw images with her cat account to argue with people and call them pedophiles.

No. 1773029

I literally cannot unpack all the layers to this, I need to lay down.

No. 1773031

I remember her getting offended that someone who was following her account had to unfollow her because she cursed and literally quote retweeted them telling said person to fuck off and not let minors near her account

If she's a cat account, she needs to be PG-13 if she wants clout in the cat world lol. She's too fucking retarded to realise this

No. 1773034

>and everything else that remains is just gross commentary that I believe is genuine

samefag but I should be clear, her gross oversharing of sex shit is so over the top, but I believe she believes it because that's what her FFVII sephhy yaois taught her

the polycule is fake, that's clear, she's just mimicking what she's seen elsewhere and it couldn't be more blatant, it's sad

just so much overacting

I think that's why it's so depressing, this is just who she is probably 100% of the time – can you imagine living with this? I shudder.

what a sad existence, because the "at least I'm not that retarded" has gone through my head more than once

kek god the satanism thing is something I admit I didn't see coming

why is the only thing she talks about is raping children and pedophilia, I don't understand I just don't
Rachel what happened to accusations are a reflection of the accuser? why are you CONSTANTLY accusing?

No. 1773041

It's all that her world is anymore as she's become consumed with a desire to hurt those who hurt her feelings. Rachel is at her most threadbare right now and expressing her most true self.
The satanism is one of the few things I can joke about without it being macabre, she's just continually went down a dark road but to be fair in the very first thread people were accusing her of doing what she does now, she just does it far more openly and more often now.
Her most recent defense of another just really drove that nail into the coffin, it's at the point I have to imagine ludacris things for her to outperform evil acts. She's jumped the shark while thinking about it's dick.

No. 1773048

Looks like Rachel is going nuts again.

No. 1773053

File: 1676955626006.jpeg (132.25 KB, 749x919, 3A5ABABC-FB28-4D5B-8078-53A174…)

No. 1773054

File: 1676955669941.jpeg (125.04 KB, 750x650, 3BE7AC76-A8D5-458B-8073-285F86…)

No. 1773055

File: 1676955703848.jpeg (133.34 KB, 749x789, 04DCE350-1DE0-4AE9-9682-FE3D04…)

No. 1773056

File: 1676955742772.jpeg (68.2 KB, 749x417, 21966404-A587-4058-A202-3B204A…)

If she tried that irl, she would get in trouble.

No. 1773057

File: 1676955773399.jpeg (178.3 KB, 749x912, C452ED0F-EFF2-4CBC-9173-1F3CBB…)

No. 1773059

What about that Bri girl? Hyde? Margo? Eve? ShinrasRufus? ChibiSepphy? AlphaandFiraga? I'm probably forgetting others.

Are they Kiwifarmers too, Rachel? Is the baby you threatened to rape a Kiwifarmer?

What about their feelings?

No. 1773060

This is so funny


It's a video otherwise I'd post it

No. 1773061

>Have some merch that I need to offload because I'm racking up fees from them sitting in a warehouse.
I can't wait until she brags about this one lol.
>Is the baby you threatened to rape a Kiwifarmer?
Possibly if the toddler has good enough op sec.

No. 1773062

I really want her to be this unhinged in real life and fuck with the wrong person, like a banger and let her see how fucking tough she is. She's so pathetic and annoying lol.

No. 1773063

There was a twitter search of how many times she mentions children on KF and Jesus Christ, way too many, there are at least 15 screen shots worth.

No. 1773064

She's more obsessed with children than the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

No. 1773067

File: 1676956765620.jpg (459.88 KB, 1080x1422, Violence .jpg)

Condoning violence

No. 1773068

File: 1676956818017.jpg (246.39 KB, 802x1023, The rp community.jpg)

GG calls her out lmao
Is she gonna accuse this Yuffie of being a kiwifarmer too?

No. 1773069

It was 11 but to be fair the word 'minor' wasnt included in the search. Still way too many.

I downloaded it and tried to upload but its too big.

No. 1773074

If GG is a kiwi then give us his username.
Oh, she cant? Didnt think so.
DBS had her twitter since 2020 and she tweeted her first if I'm remembering correctly.

She wants to be the victim so fucking bad.

Cin should probably take a peep at Rachels replies, GG has nothing on her when it comes to "days longs hours longs moan & obsessive stalk fest[s]"

No. 1773076

File: 1676957377305.jpg (461.36 KB, 1080x1480, Pedohunters.jpg)

She said "pedophilia" "pedo" and "children" enough times to attract a pedo hunter account.

No. 1773077

It was always only a matter of time.

No. 1773078

DBS had been in Weeb Wars and CWC threads looooong before Rachel had a thread even on LCF. So funny how she ignores that.

No. 1773080

The pedo account apparently has history with her? I'm not surprised.

No. 1773081

File: 1676957842866.jpeg (43.8 KB, 749x304, 286A31BB-26D4-465D-819E-D7CACB…)

Replying to an account that hunts pedophiles

No. 1773082

wait wasn't she just denying ever having it yesterday? kek

No. 1773083

Oh she keeps admitting to it, dear God.

No. 1773084

Lots of milk tonight lads. She just denied saving it right after lol.

No. 1773085

File: 1676958526108.jpg (78.91 KB, 1045x229, lielie.jpg)

Now I know she's lying because today was a public holiday. Schools are closed.

No. 1773086

Just obliviously digging her own grave, wow

No. 1773088

When did she have time to do that? She's been on twitter all day. Must have been when she was working her two jobs.

No. 1773089

Only she's not lying, only she kidnapped children and broke into the school.

No. 1773092

Why are the conservatives focusing on drag queen story time when theres Pedo story time featuring Rachel Aliza Leeds Minkin!

No. 1773093

Had me in the first half, ngl.

Also it looks like she didn't realize her SilverElitism account got doxed over that stupid $400 necklace she bragged about buying

No. 1773096

File: 1676959799701.jpg (149.27 KB, 1080x566, Rational.jpg)

Someone tells her to do something rational and she insists on getting another dig in.

No. 1773097

File: 1676959891267.jpg (151.99 KB, 1080x423, Crying.jpg)

I wonder if RubinRemus isn't her senpai anymore because she didn't tag him.

No. 1773100

Those accounts are also aimed at unveiling predators lol. Why would they dismiss her bitching about someone who is doing the same shit they do. It’s literally in their name

No. 1773101

All they have to do is go look at her tweets and replies and see she was talking about befriending children and admitting to having CP just today.

No. 1773104

I've been laughing all night about how schizo she's being.

No. 1773110

She's now harassing people who retweeted her callout from the PedophileHunter account lmao

She's so unhinged and it's just hurting her case because all these people will find are her tweets about befriending children to piss people off and outing herself as a pedophile.

No. 1773112

File: 1676962111653.jpeg (150.16 KB, 749x657, D9D0B0F1-6B58-4A85-88B0-071B5F…)

No. 1773113

File: 1676962196655.jpeg (144.81 KB, 750x603, B759EFDA-65ED-4A94-84C6-CEC31B…)

No. 1773114

>want the email?

No. 1773115

File: 1676962376745.jpeg (168.97 KB, 750x776, CE5B322D-718A-41A0-A665-947466…)

No. 1773125

File: 1676963112140.jpeg (160.05 KB, 750x995, D6C0ABFA-A5AE-44B8-86B3-6F3F04…)

She’s gonna have to make a new account soon it seems…

No. 1773126

File: 1676963222089.jpeg (197.88 KB, 750x985, 03FAADDE-3755-4D2F-9A9F-B0504F…)

She always defaults to the poly thing as a weird flex. She’s so weird, did no one teach her or is no one in her polycule keeping her in line? I’d be so embarassed to be known that I’m dating her if people I knew irl followed her.

No. 1773127

File: 1676963255611.jpeg (35.65 KB, 749x191, DD4E3413-653D-414E-B524-230016…)

She absolutely will lol

No. 1773128

File: 1676963296942.jpeg (96.01 KB, 749x490, D7023316-A941-4853-B581-C90A1E…)

Methinks the dumbass protest too much

No. 1773130

File: 1676963483300.jpeg (190.24 KB, 750x1053, B3340C29-AFDE-4C17-AE74-1EFFAC…)

Called her out and now she’s full rage pig with this person

No. 1773131

File: 1676963504836.jpeg (203.54 KB, 750x1036, 22B86E5D-7295-400E-B0D9-623077…)

No. 1773132

File: 1676963541042.jpeg (51.88 KB, 749x258, 29E551C0-8149-4E09-BE77-FB5928…)

No. 1773137

I dont know why she thinks she's all powerful. She's a nobody.

No. 1773146

GG put up a poll asking people to weigh in on their experiences with Rachel, and said if he's wrong he'll delete his account. Didn't ss it but I'm sure someone will unless this is late and by the time I post this someone got to it. She does like to see numbers.

No. 1773148

File: 1676965356748.jpeg (103.62 KB, 894x586, GGpoll.jpeg)

No. 1773153

Remember when Rachel would spam ratio in the early days of her thread? I've got an odd feeling someone's gonna get ratioed. Either GG or Rachel, though I'm leaning towards Rachel for obvious reasons.

No. 1773154

Im rooting for GG to be the victor, also for obvious reasons

No. 1773156

File: 1676966936608.jpg (291.49 KB, 1080x1157, Here because LCF sent me.jpg)

Current poll stats

No. 1773228

Up to thirty eight votes, so by my count two accounts voted no so far, Rachel has two Twitter accounts. Lmfao

No. 1773236

File: 1676986012551.jpeg (245.55 KB, 749x1108, 19837658-4539-440B-916F-9C72AC…)

No. 1773238

File: 1676986052996.jpeg (169.23 KB, 749x748, A87C9F6B-A433-4563-900F-319C60…)

No. 1773239

File: 1676986088850.jpeg (164.1 KB, 749x970, AB822F6B-13CD-4685-8850-74A18A…)

No. 1773242

File: 1676986136384.jpeg (153.03 KB, 749x629, EB7F7EBA-2960-426B-BF5F-F21033…)

This person defended Rachel and is showing herself to be just like her

No. 1773244

File: 1676986183982.jpeg (141.59 KB, 749x778, 7079FDEF-F20F-44C4-9475-AE5868…)

Could just easily ignore it instead of spamming to ask why

No. 1773245

File: 1676986243223.jpeg (202.03 KB, 750x842, 8310DBE4-50C7-4994-A535-9895EE…)

I call bullshit

No. 1773247

File: 1676986304882.jpeg (87.02 KB, 749x417, FE2FE430-9388-41B8-A627-358A47…)

At least she gave up instead of doubling down. I’m not calling it growth though

No. 1773248

File: 1676986335199.jpeg (56.97 KB, 750x320, CEBF2F63-0A08-4DD6-A73E-4641F3…)

No. 1773249

File: 1676986412909.jpeg (120.22 KB, 749x562, 95FA687D-9BC6-471A-982C-E9DBD0…)

Yet you’ve had loli stuff spammed and you have Aerith loli stuff haven’t you

No. 1773252

Rachel likes shota dressed as Loli.

No. 1773265

The father is her janny friend who has many accounts saying the same things about him.

I'm assuming the "dying of cancer" guy is RubinRemus, because ain't nobody with cancer wasting time with Rachel but I'm wondering if Rubin would lie like that to her.

No. 1773319

File: 1676997352625.jpeg (69.65 KB, 750x286, EC9CC831-95E1-4FA0-929C-40475A…)

Bruh, she’s crazy lmao. Looks like people had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing her fatass naked

No. 1773326

File: 1676997791106.jpeg (209.72 KB, 750x852, FACC2E9C-B24B-4F85-B93F-A4D156…)

No. 1773329

Holy fuck I hope if it's real someone has it, my morbid curiosity wants to see how fat she is

No. 1773331

File: 1676998170491.gif (Spoiler Image, 560.98 KB, 498x398, zoidberg-naked.gif)

I've contracted artists and engineers to replicate it, here are the results.

No. 1773337

Cbat plays in the background while she wobbles around like a bowl of jello

No. 1773404

File: 1677010034695.jpeg (150.94 KB, 750x810, 1C5633BE-2026-43CF-AE61-2DA3C4…)

Why does she keep trying to defend herself with being in a poly relationship? It’s so bizarre lol and being in one doesn’t excuse the fact you’re a pedo Rachel

No. 1773406

File: 1677010150497.jpeg (175.72 KB, 749x841, AE879499-BC3E-442B-886C-C207E0…)

This person is gonna regret standing up for Rachel when her unstable ass turns on her

No. 1773409

Rachel admitted she can't get aroused by what she thinks is 'normal porn' here.

No. 1773427

Nobody wants to see her masturbate either. What sort of cope is that? Pedos can masturbate to a wide variety of things that have nothing to do with pedophilia, take Tim Win for example. You can masturbate to paint drying on the wall but you'd still be a pedophile since you possess child porn and still do. She's said all this stuff about reporting it but never specified that she deleted it after reporting it, because she believes reporting it means you're allowed to keep it on your device.

No. 1773464

File: 1677016132385.jpeg (121.83 KB, 750x614, 2DF09235-4D69-4054-BF8B-FC2B82…)

No. 1773466

File: 1677016154135.jpeg (172.96 KB, 750x863, 1EBF7525-0CB8-41CB-97C6-C6E716…)

No. 1773467

File: 1677016187069.jpeg (128.88 KB, 749x733, F149952D-0B05-4330-8F8E-0FEAFD…)

She just can’t stay away, she’s addicted to this

No. 1773468

File: 1677016377787.jpeg (163.32 KB, 749x759, E8ADB82B-60EB-4F8A-9F4E-C6D9FE…)

No. 1773469

File: 1677016401531.jpeg (158.72 KB, 749x672, 630B0414-0692-4745-821F-8A83D8…)

No. 1773471

File: 1677016673569.jpeg (91.22 KB, 749x440, 1E0272B0-9D79-4C98-8005-0846DB…)

She misread a lot of things and came to those conclusions..

No. 1773480


>the right thing is calling them out on their bullshit

So what GG, Fairs info, LCF and KF are doing? Glad you agree, Bertha.
No one cares about your ""deadnaming"" bullshit. Youre not trans, youre just trying to co-opt an oppressed (whether true or not) groups struggle to garner sympathy and victim points in hopes that someone will actually take you seriously and give a fuck about your fake victim story. They wont. Anyone with common sense can see you're a liar and your story makes no sense. As for the rest of what you accused them of, well its bullshit like usual.

>StOp StAlKiNg mE

As you keep showing up where you're not wanted. Making new accounts to get around peoples blocks. Tweeting at people who have made it clear time and time again that they want nothing to do with you.

You poorly posed as an anon and wished rape on yourself, along with claiming a Kiwi was raped by her dad or raped her dad. Dont think anyone wished for you to get cancer but cant say for sure after you defended Tim Win- and if so they're pretty justified there. No, we hope your cat gets away and lives a long happy and healthy life with people that would never dream of defending the likes of monsters that would rape and torture him if given the chance. The more you lie the less likely anyone is to believe your other lies. Keep crying.

>GaiasGod thinks theyre a hero, but theyre just making an idiot and pest out of themselves.

Yet he has people believe him because he's telling the truth. You wouldn't be in the situations you're in and exiled from multiple communities if you weren't a pest. Look in the mirror, lard ass.

No. 1773486

All I'm gonna say is…you can't cure stupid. Rachel "I'm in MENSA" Leeds-Minkin can't read.

No. 1773489

I just remembered that she has a pinned tweet about archive.ph (and hilariously doesn't seem to understand how that site works at all) and it made me wonder if she's going so hard at KF–aside from that being a nearly dead trend– because they're more likely to have her problematic tweets archived so she can't lie about things as easy? We know she loves to deny things and claim screenshots are photoshopped all while not deleting the tweets shes claiming never happened.

No. 1773490

Inb4 she claims archive.ph hosts child porn to get people to not look at the archives of her lunacy.

No. 1773494

File: 1677019055293.jpg (388.78 KB, 810x1496, deadnaming.jpg)

Was checking the poll stats when GG dropped this.

No. 1773498

File: 1677019409160.jpg (284.13 KB, 809x1226, Contradictions .jpg)

Rachel: I don't have it saved

Rachel not even 30 seconds later:

No. 1773499

He just keeps fucking her up and its beautiful. A king.

I know its impossible but I would die of laughter if he dropped a selfie and looked like an IRL Sephiroth

No. 1773500

Dont forget

Rachel: It was sent to me by an International third party to report

Also Rachel: I found it

No. 1773502

The international third party was Elaine, but Rachel realized she was giving up their gayops so she switched gears to say she found it on LCF/KF after being told by Elaine to say so.

No. 1773503

Oh I know, but its a little too late for that. Gotta love that an archive of that original story exists. And that neither of them are very smart.

No. 1773505

samefag but I wonder if she's finally been banned and all her VPNs are banned and thats why she's been sperging on twitter instead of on here.

No. 1773506

You're probably right. Although if she really wanted to all she would need to do is waddle her fat ass over to public wifi and post.

No. 1773507

Shhhh. Don't give her ideas. Its nice around here with out her.

No. 1773508

If all the vpns that she has access to(read: free)are banned then this was all worth it in the end.

No. 1773518

She can deny and backtrack all she wants but the proof is there. She already admitted it and now she's currently denying it after saying "There's nothing you can do"

No. 1773519

File: 1677020984548.jpeg (113.84 KB, 750x785, 3DCFD397-5321-4CE5-923A-8C9C69…)

No. 1773521

File: 1677021047397.jpeg (106.14 KB, 749x608, 02B6557F-AF67-4EE6-A3B6-9012B5…)

No. 1773522

File: 1677021085601.jpeg (87.58 KB, 749x493, 8E06D290-8E9A-4C1B-B5CD-E57D4A…)

No. 1773523

>Nothing you can do.
Challenge fucking accepted.

No. 1773524

Sounds like she's bragging about having child porn tbh

No. 1773525

Lol sounds like

No. 1773540

File: 1677022431553.jpeg (77.8 KB, 749x338, EB02DF85-0033-443B-A162-959EF7…)

I’m literally convinced she’s addicted to doing this. Addiction runs in the family and it doesn’t have to be drugs.

No. 1773543

Rachel desperately trying to say follower count equals who's more correct, tracks considering the family she comes from, real sheeple.

No. 1773545

File: 1677022687427.jpeg (781.96 KB, 1008x490, Autismchart.jpeg)

It was confirmed a long time ago fairs info is 2 girls yet shes still saying "he"

No. 1773546

File: 1677022767205.jpg (195.82 KB, 1080x669, preach.jpg)

Someone's deadname is littered all over this site and it sure as shit ain't Rachel lol.

No. 1773548

File: 1677022906759.jpeg (50.02 KB, 749x339, 64E06894-CC99-4F28-B04D-C38559…)

No. 1773549

File: 1677022938208.jpeg (111.99 KB, 750x766, 98597F77-D40B-4A1D-9295-5933E3…)

No. 1773550

File: 1677022971608.jpeg (70.77 KB, 749x416, BAF1A5A6-4902-4F77-9340-08E4A7…)

No. 1773552

File: 1677023005692.jpeg (165.48 KB, 750x805, B6828B99-5FC1-4C7B-AF38-9BED92…)

No. 1773553

File: 1677023027658.gif (441.79 KB, 268x150, anakin-liar.gif)

No. 1773554

File: 1677023096875.jpeg (126.45 KB, 749x1002, 40D3497F-DC8D-409F-A391-6D5D28…)

No. 1773555

File: 1677023147604.jpeg (192.7 KB, 750x1086, 49EB036D-D033-4E32-978C-B36104…)

Two people came out saying she printed out the tweets and burned them on cam…

No. 1773556

File: 1677023201659.jpeg (59.99 KB, 749x361, 6673294E-8779-4645-B020-D4A03D…)

Why is she trying to befriend someone who literally called her a psycho lol

No. 1773557

>It is
It isn't. You can't just steal things and claim it as yours Rachel. Even children know this.
I don't even care about dead names but jesus christ her trying to act like she's being invalidated for someone calling her by her REAL LEGAL NAME is insane.

Way to support trans people, Rachel. You love to screech about Trans rights and how the Kiwis hurt trans people but you're making a joke out of them by stealing their stuff to gain sympathy. Rachels a TERF confirmed. (or just a transphobe because she throws women under the bus any chance she gets as well.)

No. 1773558

File: 1677023307544.jpeg (105.35 KB, 750x761, 6F764705-6023-4F16-96BC-6FA33E…)

No. 1773559

File: 1677023336107.jpeg (130.72 KB, 749x833, 0F90C795-DD43-42A4-8CD9-3114DF…)

No. 1773560

Rachel calls everyone else a psychopath she just thinks it's normal behavior to this degree, she's never been held responsible for her actions.

No. 1773561

File: 1677023379236.jpeg (43.95 KB, 749x189, 1B41DE80-CCD1-4723-8A1E-CC3326…)

No. 1773563

She certainly isn't a terf but you'd have to forget a huge segment of Rachel's story if you think she wanted to do anything other than abuse trans people.
>They're insane, burning tweets while chunky dunking is reasonable and sane.

No. 1773566

File: 1677023728325.jpeg (272.09 KB, 522x378, RachelsACreep.jpeg)

Fairs info:
>We recommend everyone lock their accounts because Rachel is increasingly unstable again

Random person:
>Why lock our accounts tho

Rachel: picrel

No. 1773568

Not Rachel doxing Reno on Twitter.
Well, theres another check for being a hypocrite.

No. 1773569

File: 1677023968886.jpeg (68.97 KB, 749x421, 6FCD881C-304B-48A5-AADB-B33883…)

No. 1773572

Someone needs to archive this tweet in particular along with her admitting to saving the CP

No. 1773573

I archived it. I'll archive the CP one now.

No. 1773575

Can you archive the nothing you can do about it one too?

No. 1773576

Its in there!

Dox Archive:

Admitted to saving CP archive:

Any others I should grab?

No. 1773580

Idk, I'll be honest I can't cope after Rachel bragging about owning child pornography.

No. 1773583

Gaiasgod hasn't even known you for that long, Rachel…

No. 1773584

Samefag but I thought she was talking about GG and not FIC.
I think her confusing them has me confusing them too. My bad.

No. 1773618

She’s gonna lose followers for doxxing people lol

No. 1773621

File: 1677029201910.jpeg (129.65 KB, 749x606, 07C82808-AB41-4523-863E-A7F18F…)

No. 1773622

She might get banned. People have for it in the past, don't know how Musk's twitter handles it though.

No. 1773623

File: 1677029236975.jpeg (139.82 KB, 749x797, 39274B03-BB89-49B2-979A-BD949F…)

No. 1773624

File: 1677029256976.jpg (257.43 KB, 1080x985, oh.jpg)

Furry Incest to be clear on this apparently.

No. 1773626

File: 1677029317927.jpeg (183.11 KB, 749x1057, C86EC6AE-621E-4FAE-8D03-42EF5D…)

I love how she spams cat retweets after tweeting sus/questionable/illegal shit

No. 1773628

Motive right there.

No. 1773629

Some people are asking about where to make police reports now that Rachel is name and dox dropping but the issue is they don't know where to go and what to say. Sucks.

No. 1773632

She’s still salty about getting booted from the Meevin discord lmao

No. 1773633

File: 1677029973759.jpeg (33.08 KB, 749x211, 3CBCB701-A8ED-4007-8D5B-C88336…)

Samefag, adding picrel

No. 1773643

The meevin account that WKed her follows GG now. They changed details but it's the same account. If you look back in post history you can find it.

No. 1773645

>Have sympathy they're dead naming me and calling me a pedophile. [Not applicable to her and proven respectively]
>Does just that to multiple people, including one who she set up here.
>Rachamale W again Auuugh Yeah

No. 1773650

File: 1677031223833.jpg (195.01 KB, 1080x667, Rachel plays the greatest hits…)

She's going all out, pulling out all the stops tonight as somehow SilverElitism is Spookybones, she's running a full circuit of her boogymen.

No. 1773654

File: 1677031346140.jpg (144.58 KB, 1080x526, rules for thee not for me.jpg)

Sheer hypocrisy

No. 1773658

I hope she does me next

No. 1773659

File: 1677031431085.jpg (231.33 KB, 1080x762, cope the pole.jpg)

Rachel thinks everyone's sock accounts but she has 12 separate people she's went after in the last month alone, of course nearly sixty people were harassed by Rachel it's been years.

No. 1773663

I'll take pure, unfiltered cope for $600, Alex.

No. 1773664

File: 1677031554446.jpg (88.2 KB, 1080x299, BOOM HEADSHOT.jpg)

Rachel amended that herself.

No. 1773666

shes in a polycule with her parents? i guess she really is the female chris chan

No. 1773668

She’s baiting. She admitted before when she posted her ID she’s in Redwood City.

No. 1773670

Emerald Hills is San Mateo county. She wants people to call San Diego because she hopes it kicks them off her tail.

No. 1773673

That's the thing, Gaia's God already knows and announced it around an hour ago where it was, so she said it too late and it's evidence of her trying to hamper law enforcement. On its own it's not much but it's going to limit her options when the police act.

No. 1773677

oh okay we're unhinged unhinged tonight

what's the poll results looking like now?

No. 1773683

95 votes, 12 for no, 8 for the farms option, 44 accounts claimed to be personally harassed, the rest witnessed.

No. 1773686

Wont let me post a screenshot for some reason.
>Im a victim 45.8%
>Seen others harassed 32.3%
>Havent seen it 12.5%
>Here from KF/LCF 9.4%

No. 1773692

File: 1677033330355.jpg (146.07 KB, 1080x571, FIC is on it too.jpg)

And FIC is also on it, overall I think if twitterfags are going to make reports they'll know where to make them.

No. 1773701

She wishes they were all sock accounts but ain't no way a handful of people are running that many socks.

No. 1773712

File: 1677034555691.jpeg (106.73 KB, 749x544, 167A92F8-DBD8-4673-980E-4E418C…)

Causing shit in the Meevin world now I guess lol

No. 1773714

Also MENSA members would not be this stupid unless they were somehow an idiot savant which is not what Rachel is.

No. 1773715

Lol fat.

No. 1773717

File: 1677034706115.jpeg (177.46 KB, 749x917, A7B0AFAC-0156-4C77-B61F-95CA98…)

No. 1773718

File: 1677034777182.jpeg (73.73 KB, 749x382, 6E67CD9C-ABA0-4A02-8CCE-BB7360…)

She wants to be a victim so damn bad lmfao

No. 1773719

Is she Lillee Jean now? Because Lillee Jean is the only one Reno called a welfare check in on (not SWAT) because LJ was being suicidal.

No. 1773720

She's not talking about Reno.

No. 1773723

Who else's address did she post?

No. 1773724

As usual Rachels lumping two people together and confirmed that someone did indeed call the cops on her a few threads ago.

No. 1773729

Or shes talking about the fandom anon that mentioned calling a wellness check on her in the last thread that she accused of being Reno.

No. 1773731

Very possible, I saw multiple Twitter accounts talk indirectly yet obviously about Rachel doxing and on twitter it's as simple as name alone for those types. It's hard keeping up with her these past three days lol

No. 1773735

File: 1677036203481.jpeg (96.63 KB, 749x539, A52F4209-EBBD-454B-86BB-921BA8…)

No. 1773736

File: 1677036231371.jpg (73 KB, 1080x290, rainonthefield.jpg)

Looks like God herself is forcing Rachel to touch grass.

No. 1773737

Understandable. I only remember because the LJ connection was wild but unexpected if I really think about it.

somewhat unrelated but I like how they say she's doxing names and addresses and she says "its fine"
Like obviously you'll think its fine, you're the one doing it rachel.

No. 1773739

Even though Rachel doesnt deserve it, I'll give her props where its due.
The second tweet was a mature response.

No. 1773747

She's being manipulative imo. The first tweet voids the second.

No. 1773752

Oh I agree, just surprising seeing the second coming from her.
So she is capable, she just refuses.

No. 1773753

It was and still is a wild connection but I think that Remus and her contact lolcows through their threads and try to befriend them.
Rachel is also apparently fine with snow leopard final fantasy incest, so much happened that I feel that gets overshadowed here.
Agreed, too bad someone has to coddle her to the umpteenth degree to get that kind of response.
I also agree because the person she's replying to said "some people can't leave others alone" and then she announces she's that kind of bad person they were speaking about. It's her being manipulative but also not being socially aware in the slightest.

No. 1773763

Adapting her behavior based on seeing what someone else does with success (GG) is the hallmark of a sociopath.

No. 1773764

>It was and still is a wild connection but I think that Remus and her contact lolcows through their threads and try to befriend them. Rachel is also apparently fine with snow leopard final fantasy incest, so much happened that I feel that gets overshadowed here.

Thats possible. Elaine was friends with LJ and I believe thats how she was discovered and got her thread, but I don't really keep up with her so I could be wrong. I do know they were friends though.
I was going to mention this earlier about the snow leopard bit, but didnt think it was that on topic. It is now since we're talking about the cow connections. Liz Fong-Jones', one of the main troons involved in Drop Kiwifarms and is proven to be friends with LJ's momager Laur Truman on Linkedin, fursona is a snow leopard. kek

No. 1773766

What is Elaine Miller the Kevin Bacon of lolcows?

No. 1773767

Im retarded and dont get the Kevin Bacon reference nonnie.

No. 1773769

To be fair you need a high intellect to understand six degrees of Kevin bacon.
Also maybe if we set up Long Dong Gone Jones with The Great White Whale they'll both stop having consent issues?

No. 1773770

File: 1677037686844.jpeg (205.66 KB, 750x865, D0E41A32-0919-42AC-A273-BCA39A…)

No. 1773773

Oh thats funny he plays into it
but to answer your question, yes Elaine is the Kevin Bacon of Lolcows.
We can only hope, but I think Liz only likes troons.

No. 1773774

File: 1677037748309.jpeg (34.21 KB, 749x170, 75187B52-296A-4BF1-8CEC-5632E7…)

No. 1773775

File: 1677037785388.jpeg (174.21 KB, 749x998, 28FCF945-FA5D-41C6-B09D-00A5AE…)

No. 1773776

Still obviously in her moms house.
Yeah I take back my props. Shes laying it on way too thick.

No. 1773780

File: 1677037826622.jpeg (106.67 KB, 749x513, AEC9E0C9-BF13-4C09-A106-2E57AB…)

No. 1773790

Ah alas then we shall simply have to do the easy task of convincing Liz Ragel was the old Rachel.
She's the worst at lying lol she can't help but give solid proof against every single one of her claims it's to the point I don't think this bitch even likes cats.
Extreme lack of social awareness on display by Rachel.

No. 1773799

File: 1677039241508.jpeg (170.15 KB, 750x849, 542761A5-A9BF-4814-98C7-7CD34E…)

No. 1773800

File: 1677039279131.jpeg (87.97 KB, 749x463, 0638B2EB-3C79-41AF-BB1C-FD5B23…)

No. 1773802

File: 1677039314926.jpeg (140.25 KB, 749x801, AF014062-AD84-4931-AFDE-93AB54…)

No. 1773803

File: 1677039360127.jpeg (27.63 KB, 749x169, BD68DB00-FC7D-406D-9C09-687E8B…)

Still denying it

No. 1773804

File: 1677039386885.jpeg (129.07 KB, 749x766, 0488ACDB-EB02-4A93-8719-F0C7E2…)

No. 1773805

Too lazy to tag everyone so I'll say a few things.

1. Elaine got a thread after trying to submit a DMCA to Joshua Moon for a thread that didn't exist and then she ended up with a thread after the DMCA was posted as Josh always does with takedown requests.

2. Ragel claims she uses old pictures to not dox her new house. How could people break into her "new house" if the address isn't known?

3. She's still a Fatty Patty that would fuck a dinosaur.

No. 1773808

File: 1677039600054.jpeg (148.35 KB, 749x640, C5BF1533-D46B-4F68-8C4D-04BBD1…)

This bitch can’t even provide any proof when she makes these claims.

No. 1773809

She can't and that's why she thinks this >>1773804 isn't something to fear but the police will be able to find the CP if it was deleted or not.

No. 1773815

File: 1677040073740.jpeg (117.65 KB, 749x619, 0552B3BD-8C13-4E4C-AEFD-F5DAA6…)

Lol letting the transphobic shit out eh. Can’t say you’re a trans ally now Rachel

No. 1773816

File: 1677040102645.jpeg (65.4 KB, 749x404, BE65EF35-9B8C-46D8-9B61-39D06C…)

No. 1773817

File: 1677040186189.jpeg (90.13 KB, 749x510, 8F6858F4-1A43-4520-9170-C19E53…)

No. 1773818

File: 1677040216779.jpeg (129.86 KB, 749x633, BEC3ACB6-1BE3-437E-8835-5A8A2E…)

No. 1773819

Ah, yeah she was mentioned in the LJ thread for being on LJs instagram show thing she did with her engagement pod, then messaging Dianne, and then sent the DMCA to null.

Real big brains over here.

No. 1773820

Rachel's aware of how disgusting sex with herself is I see.

No. 1773821


GG should tell her to post proof or shut the fuck up.

No. 1773822

File: 1677040334238.jpeg (32.19 KB, 749x190, 25DEE52D-C79A-44F9-9EA4-4BCB73…)

Pretty sure a lot of school districts have some kind of roster of school staff. I know some schools where I’m from do this

No. 1773823

File: 1677040373812.jpeg (72.83 KB, 749x398, EDE9AE49-CCF5-4AE0-A0E3-697449…)

No. 1773825

He has lol that's why he's clowning around on her now.

No. 1773826

File: 1677040546340.jpeg (173.06 KB, 750x846, 8905CB24-72C0-4289-93EE-BCCA18…)

The milk overfloweth tonight

No. 1773827

It is also generally against the rules for faculty and staff to maintain relationships with kids out of a school setting or consider them friends. Goes into teacher taboos and given the state of American education nobody is taking risks.

No. 1773828

It's wild, more than half the posts are milk, it's one third full and only two days old without Rachel sperging in here. If she goes on at this rate she will have blown through a thread in a week, a fucking week lol.

No. 1773830

File: 1677040803924.jpeg (62.54 KB, 749x267, 9F840968-0637-4CBF-B24A-61F7F4…)

Transphobia and her outing herself as not being as sex positive/sex worker friendly as she claims to be lol

No. 1773831

Not even a week at this rate lmfao. She keeps getting the need to reply and respond to everything related to her to feed her narcissism

No. 1773832

No. 1773833

dropped the sage, sorry farmhands!

No. 1773834

File: 1677041083335.jpeg (106.57 KB, 749x458, CE52F2AF-07AC-429E-96B6-238A43…)

All this bitching about “KF BAD” she comes out saying she goes there. Like??

No. 1773835

It's amazing how much she got wrong but I simply must post the song.

No. 1773836

Oh fuck I hate this implication.

No. 1773838

Rachel actually deadnaming a transperson? Uh oh, her pals rubin and dropkiwifarms wont like this.

No. 1773841

One with a kiwifarms thread no less!

No. 1773843

File: 1677041562741.jpg (377.66 KB, 1080x1360, GG runs over Rachel with a tan…)

Somehow, he seems to always make her look extra retarded. I forgot about the table incident…

No. 1773844

I did too anon. Shows how stupid and stubborn she is. She wasnt lying in that case but she is about KF.

Glad to see shes still acting like she knows how exif data works and making herself look retarded as usual though.

No. 1773845

File: 1677041749337.jpeg (208.9 KB, 750x864, 41F7968D-322F-4BC4-A2B9-B06B64…)

Bold moves Ragel

No. 1773846

File: 1677041802454.jpeg (134.31 KB, 749x618, F5EDB670-35A1-430A-BDDA-89887F…)

No. 1773848

File: 1677041914707.jpeg (153.82 KB, 749x694, B7CFC018-B6C7-43E1-8B1A-9715EC…)

No. 1773849

If she deflected anymore she'd be a shield generator from a sci-fi series.

No. 1773851

Misgendering, implying he's not trans, using him being banned from sites while not realizing the same can and is said about her. kek

She keeps adding on more lies. literally none of that happened except the fatphobia and name callig. Per her words the doxing is okay because its public info.

No. 1773852

Speaking of which, I bet mommy and daddy had to pay up for legal fees as well as deal with the cops coming constantly to her house

No. 1773853

She never really thought of why they call them traps huh?

No. 1773854

Not realizing she gets banned from certain sites on purpose because Rachel herself cannot fathom not wanting to be in a group.

No. 1773855

File: 1677042134260.jpeg (198.76 KB, 732x875, F2AF82C5-C4B7-485B-B652-5CF2E2…)

Continues on to say “threaten me first. Seethe.”

No. 1773857

She wished death on Ghoulie multiple times yet Ghoulies never threatened Ragel.

No. 1773858

samefag but she also threatened to shoot kiwifarmers in general. No ones threatened her on there.

No. 1773859

File: 1677042239638.jpeg (175.95 KB, 749x875, 039AF86C-292C-4849-BE9B-7FAD2C…)

No. 1773861

File: 1677042406587.jpeg (35.88 KB, 749x176, 0EE51968-D554-4BD6-B0E2-AC52FF…)

No. 1773863

Yes, Rachel has done that to someone.

No. 1773864

2 people. And both times it was only people she would know about. No one could have come in white knighting for her and picked out those two people unless they were her and in the situations she was in with those people to know about them and attack them.

No. 1773865

File: 1677042826850.jpeg (392.77 KB, 900x754, kek.jpeg)

He's walking her like a dog.

No. 1773869

He's honestly been one step ahead this whole night.
The walls are closing in on her, I hope it doesn't get to three.

No. 1773870

File: 1677043012721.jpeg (78.1 KB, 898x296, Goddamn.jpeg)

No. 1773873

She has done it to three people. Two mothers in that one Discord, and the one GG posted. The ss of her threatening someone via Discord are in the last thread or the thread before that but she did that while maintaining her cat account.

No. 1773874

File: 1677043120709.jpeg (173.1 KB, 749x844, 393F47A2-FAB8-48D5-BADA-B6396F…)

Literal sociopath

No. 1773877

File: 1677043256208.jpeg (121.48 KB, 750x868, D00ED88D-80A1-4CC5-A647-EB5F31…)

The more she quote retweets him, the more she’s letting her followers see just how much of a piece of shit she is lmao. She’s been losing followers at a slow trickle

No. 1773878

None answers from someone whos guilty.
You're literally in the first and second screenshot lmaooo

No. 1773881

Okay now I'm angry.

No. 1773883

Just leaving this here for anyone that may need it in the future- its the link to all of the archives of her posts.

No. 1773888

File: 1677043903575.jpeg (442.91 KB, 902x658, king.jpeg)


No. 1773890

File: 1677043997897.jpeg (371.42 KB, 902x694, bigdickenergy.jpeg)


No. 1773892

File: 1677044059936.jpeg (521.14 KB, 972x1040, copium.jpeg)

No. 1773893

What she doesn't get is lacking empathy points towards trying 5o avoid guilt, or having mental illness. She did this with Tim Win, she did this with Sappho and other KF degenerates she wanted to believe were being lied about.

No. 1773896

File: 1677044175653.jpeg (513.58 KB, 954x1346, excuses.jpeg)

No. 1773897

Can't say I've ever threatened to sell a child into sex slavery.

No. 1773899

In any war, the unsaid rule is innocents must be protected. Anything else is a war crime. By refusing to uphold her own honor she's shown that she's willing to play dirty and would stoop to that level without being prompted. People who aren't sociopaths or delusional can differentiate, it's a survival skill.

No. 1773901

She posted a reply again but I cant post the screenshot

No. 1773903

It's just her lying about not raping animals and children.

No. 1773905

Her copium is off the walls. All she's done is proven that it was always her to begin with.

GG sounds like he's gonna leave her to "cope and seethe about it."

No. 1773906

Since the site wont let me post screenshots here are the archives of her last two posts:

No. 1773908

File: 1677044817539.png (300.98 KB, 598x700, 1.png)

No. 1773909

Probably will, not sure how one could outdo that. While not a fan of anon posts being considered proof of jackfuckall due to the world not being only lived in by troglodytes who can't mimic someone, I do think that when confronted with screens the way someone responds is useful. Rachel was confused at first but then quickly shifted into pure denial rage, it's clear she wrote those.

No. 1773910

File: 1677044916196.png (40.1 KB, 598x439, 2.png)

No. 1773912

I agree about anon posts not being considered proof but in Rachels case its always clear its her. I wish farmhands would mark her posts but alas…

No. 1773913

Rachel makes it distinct, and she shared pictures of her Discord convo about those posts in particular.

No. 1773918

Exactly, it was multiple layers of not wiggling out of. The discord screens were extremely damning and it looks like she's the dumbass that proved it was her by posting those screens. I just can't even with this one, I'm verklempt.

No. 1773921

She shared it to prove she and her "friends" were gloating about it, but that could've been just her and her alts messaging. Either way, it puts responsibility in her hands. This could be one of two options: 1. She posted it, or 2. She condoned and encouraged it.

No. 1773923

NTA but this reminded me of something
This was before she joined the Encyclopedia Dramatica discord and when she did she had 3 accounts in there. So we know for a fact she had/has 3 different discord accounts. Theres no way to prove it, but my money is on these being those other two accounts and shes acting like they're "Nick" and "Caleb" for the screenshot.

No. 1773929

File: 1677046279924.jpeg (33.85 KB, 749x187, F790FC31-A1BB-4E0F-B618-542CA7…)

The more she whines about it the more it looks like it’s her

No. 1773931

Good thing it looks like shes feeling like garbage (optimistic, I know) over something she did do!

No. 1773932

You fucking discord faggots.

No. 1773933

She used the Alruna account as her main at that time because her Sera account was banned from Valhalla

No. 1773934

There were literal screenshots in the threads anon.

No. 1773936

That's my excuse lol

No. 1773938

Discord is lame and the ED discord seemed even worse.

No. 1773940

I guess I am a gay (Discord) fish

No. 1773942

I can only imagine lol
Rachel's posting in /meta/ calling for the thread to be locked again lol.

No. 1773944

Rachel and Elaine invited everyone into their gay ops in the ED Discord by gloating about it on social media so of course people went to see what she was doing. There was some weening, but that's the most weening Rachel has ever gotten.

No. 1773946

But I thought she doesn't go here~
Bertha that isn't very girlboss gaslight gatekeep of you

No. 1773947

White Gloves chimed in super fast, they don't really get how much they glow.

No. 1773948

File: 1677046837747.jpeg (51.28 KB, 749x254, 212645E8-7833-4C5D-B942-DC26E5…)

No. 1773951

File: 1677046873702.jpeg (72.85 KB, 749x284, 41C2D534-E2E6-45B2-8738-5326EE…)

No. 1773952

Please let me get you in private so that I can smother you until I make you look bad for refusing to help me.

No. 1773953

Okay I usually know what she's thinking but what? This is too many gymnastics.

No. 1773954

She's paranoid because cops have been called and now she's having to face what she's done. Fuck around and find out, right Bertha?

No. 1773955

She has no feelings. This is an even worse larp than Caleb and Nick

No. 1773956

Oh fuck you're right, the rage has passed and she's panicking.

No. 1773957

OT sorry
what the fuck are White Gloves? This is not the first time I've heard it, I've gathered its vocaloid related but thats it.

No. 1773958

This is her same con to isolate people and then force them into a bad position. Someone from the rp discord server (oh great another fucking discord server) posted a thread of Rachel harassing a young mother who was on vacation so she didn't get the memo that Rachel had a new account, and Rachel tried blackmailing her.

No. 1773959

Mr. Hot Ice, they're getting halal'd and saw the blame the tranny truck work before so she's trying it. She's a ftm fedora atheist incel who makes Rachel seem charming.

No. 1773960

What's sickest about that is she probably sees the blackmail as "work" she puts in to "deserve" to be in the "community".

No. 1773962

Ah yes, I'm familiar with her. I didn't know if it was a group or something. Thanks for the answer, and you're right about her making Rachel seem charming.

No. 1773967

Two fat miserable Reddit tier autistic femcels.

No. 1773969

Anytime the main threads don't answer the question I don't mind answering it if I know.
Pretty much, just the worst parts of scrotes honestly.

No. 1773970

Did Rachel delete her post about wanting to dm or am I just blind and retarded? (Both might be true but I need outside confirmation)

No. 1773972

File: 1677048506677.jpeg (181.53 KB, 750x813, E38502CB-16F5-48CD-8D77-AC21E2…)

No. 1773974

File: 1677048588019.jpeg (228.82 KB, 964x978, crybaby.jpeg)

No its still there just further down and hidden between cat posts

Picrel is her attacking reno again and crying.

No. 1773977

File: 1677048672813.jpeg (117.6 KB, 749x737, 616B0215-141D-4E35-A867-37A660…)

If you were kinder to begin with and understood that being not a bitch would avoid people being cruel to you regardless of what shit you have going on you stupid cow

No. 1773978

File: 1677048701666.jpg (401.63 KB, 809x1526, gg back again.jpg)

She's gonna sperg about how nobody can block her. Watch.

No. 1773979

File: 1677048715223.jpeg (41.31 KB, 962x148, such a victim.jpeg)

No. 1773980

File: 1677048732599.jpeg (40.05 KB, 749x243, B4D8EB3B-F538-4F96-87E7-1CE3CD…)

Cope you miserable cow

No. 1773981

Pressing x to doubt, that neck of hers said she gained 25 lbs over the 190 her license says she is.

No. 1773982

If only she kept those 70 pounds off she'd only be 150 pounds overweight, I've never seen a fatter fuck in my whole life. How hard is it to have proper portion sizes? Rachels chin oozes grease when she moves, every flap is filled with zits as her bloated corpse of a body propels itself forward only by the noxious bile gases inside of it. A petulant pimple of a person in perpetuity.
How could she ever get so horrifically obese as she clearly is by hating eating? She lies as easily as she breathes. Fat I say, fat!

No. 1773984

This bitcn literally posted the chocolate cake she had at her dad's birthday a few weeks ago that she presumably ate solo since there was only one spoon, what a fucking liar.

No. 1773985

Medilia Reno posted a thread on why she has beef with Rachel

No. 1773986

A spoon she didn't use, her fat sausage fingers dug into it.

No. 1773987

Ragel is crying in meta yet again.

No. 1773988

File: 1677049038379.jpeg (127.82 KB, 750x791, 6EF4FBAA-9D6F-4033-B6F8-0E92F6…)

No. 1773989

Im sure that looks great next to her rage tantrums shes been throwing for days.

No. 1773991

>A derail is when you keep it on the thread subject.
She's just using words at this point lmao

No. 1773992

Then go touch some fucking grass and take your meds, Rachel tier meltdown.

No. 1773994

File: 1677049273416.jpg (638.25 KB, 1080x1436, Fat liar.jpg)

As someone in recovery from an ED, someone putting this shit in front of me while I was in the midst of it would've made me throw up. I don't want to take pictures of it, I don't want to smell it, I don't want to even be near someone else eating it. Taking pictures of food to flex is more common with overeating than anorexia or bulimia. Git gud at your fake ED game, Bertha.

No. 1773996

Well then you're fucking retarded and blind if you think Blaines the only one posting in here and GaiasGod is his twitter account.

No. 1773997

They clearly are retarded if they used schizo lol, ignore them and report if they get unhinged in their delusions of what gayops are or who's who.

No. 1773999

Hope your recovery is going well anon! Stick to it, you deserve to be healthy.

No. 1774000

Oh, you're the wanna be neckbeard. Fuck off. No one wants you on here or KF.

No. 1774001

Ik I'll get banned for responding to you but you're insufferable.

The tranny avatarfag admitted it was him on discord

No. 1774003

Lmfao of course it was.

No. 1774004

File: 1677049566077.jpg (859.86 KB, 1080x2945, Screenshot_20230214_100231_Dis…)

No. 1774006

You're worse than he is. At least he knows what the fuck he's talking about and doesn't make false complaints in meta because he's too stupid to fucking read before he types.
I don't mean to white knight for a troon but holy shit.

No. 1774009

What's the title of this thread? Have you read a single thing or did you just come in with your pants down and no plan? Look wtf you did >>1774006 look at what you did.

No. 1774010

File: 1677049920779.jpg (341.52 KB, 1058x1031, seek help.jpg)

Go make a thread for the tranny then. This is the Rachel thread. Learn 2 read.

Picrel to this comment and to Rachel.

No. 1774017

File: 1677050711986.jpg (221.57 KB, 1080x858, 7 views 11 likes .jpg)

How does this work? Seven views but eleven likes already? Also I guess Rachel's saying she would be healthy being fat or something idk she's being fat and coping about devouring a million ham and cheese sandwiches.

No. 1774019

Bots. She's paying for engagement now since she's reading this thread and coping so hard.

No. 1774020

File: 1677051022276.jpeg (104.15 KB, 749x489, 01C90FA7-E1A2-4B41-97B6-D1C81B…)

No. 1774023

File: 1677051122457.jpeg (186.58 KB, 750x852, 8C10BCAF-7B93-4DEF-B91A-B0F9B0…)

Giving you a taste of your own bullshit should be the least of your worries. At least you admitted you were fat for once in your goddamn life lol

No. 1774024

File: 1677051280808.jpeg (126.52 KB, 750x760, C8174914-6F21-4ABB-A9A5-7086AC…)

No. 1774025

You're the one who decided to derail about whiteglove you troon

No. 1774027

That's what I was thinking but I hardly have enough knowledge in them to have declared it. Figured I'd get it down as an oddity, she might fool a few people on twitter with this but it'll do nothing to soothe her.
If only she'd listed to GaiasGod but instead she's yelling about him not being nice enough to her. Rachel has no concept of caring for someone yet being disappointed in them and yet she also expects to be forgiven when she disappoints others. She's dug a hole with negativity and for some odd reason she's only feeling regrets seemingly now.
I do enjoy how she's trying to get others to buy that she's starving herself and not overeating.

No. 1774029

File: 1677051523357.jpg (352.58 KB, 1080x1300, temple.jpg)

>Your body is a temple and not a sacrificial altar
Shit, I'm gonna start using that one now.

No. 1774037

File: 1677052328926.jpeg (94.57 KB, 750x461, B39BD13F-E4CF-4EC0-A323-A8A61B…)

God you stupid bitch, she clearly blocked you from the way you’re quote tweeting her and yet you’re still trying to engage?

No. 1774039

I'm shocked Rachel didn't say "I'm the person that matters most." It's clearly what she believes.

No. 1774040

Now that there's a woman to attempt to push around she no longer cares about GG because she knows she took the L on that one. She doesn't know how to handle it.

She instead fixated on an easy target, one she thinks will cave. Rachel is just building her case for when Medilia contacts the cops.

No. 1774042

Rachel will always attack women and children, she's a subhuman freak who would be better off used as slave labor than anything else.

No. 1774046

File: 1677054529677.jpeg (36.34 KB, 749x180, C6E19026-F0DD-48FC-BD4C-77C68F…)

You tried to break others and ended up breaking yourself in the process. You get what you deserve

No. 1774050

File: 1677056076040.jpeg (102.38 KB, 1200x675, 91C4E958-B0FF-4FF4-A272-5235B0…)

cp bump

No. 1774151

Her account has been locked but not taken down

No. 1774234

Looks like she will have to remove tweets and will be on a probation period, if she keeps this up that account will be banned shortly into the probation period.

No. 1774276

File: 1677082890850.jpg (504.85 KB, 1080x1520, more engagement than Rachel's …)

Turns out Rachel picking a fight with Cat twitter didn't turn out well for her, nearly 40 thousand views, that's more than some of her threads here have for some perspective. Rachel's truly built her own hell.

No. 1774281

Not the troon. Do a flip, neckbeard.

No. 1774289

inb4 Rachel claims they're all tranny/FIC/GG/Ghoulie/DBS sock accounts. This turn of events is a surprise but a welcome one to be sure. Get fucked, Rachel. The numbers are talking and they say you're fucking fat and retarded.

No. 1774295

It was bound to happen eventually lol. Serves her right. She’s not gonna learn, but she will feel the effects of her being a pompous ass

No. 1774296

She can try and say people have made over 700 sock accounts but hey it just helps showcase her same routine she always has. She expects total strangers to help her asap and drop everything for her or they're 'the enemy' so it was always a matter of time before she got too many people to blame for her troubles.

No. 1774298

LMAO oh shes so fucked.

No. 1774329

File: 1677087522252.jpg (40.66 KB, 1024x503, the numbers~2.jpg)

Not that I think anyone here is worried about the milk drying up or that I think anyone thinks she actually has this many engaged followers;
If Rachel ends up getting too wild during probation and flagged again she will lose the top account and be relegated to the second. She won't go away from having one account get banned, what will happen is she will fool random innocent people less easily to fall into her drama cycles. Normally I wouldn't cheer so much for a source of milk to be cut off but clearly it won't stop her from screaming into the void and only has positives to it. GaiasGod truly did a good job of keeping himself mature and reasonable while also forcing Rachel into an L that she literally could not cope about to such a degree she had to pivot to attacking Reno again and that simply will not go far for her. I think it's safe to assume she will be furious over being forced to delete the tweets so I'm expecting her to come out of the gates even worse than she was yesterday.

No. 1774344

She says she's into kink shit, right? GG made her capitulate to a breaking point. An argument can be made for him helping her live out her fantasy.

No. 1774352

while her fantasies are degenerate in so many ways, the ones I remember anons sharing leaned more towards Sephiroth wanting her so bad he couldn't stop himself from having her type shit. Not straight up humiliating her like GG.

Anyways, she was coping hard last night and trying to play victim. The juxtaposition of her pity posts and posts attacking Reno was prime seething. This is new for Rachel and it could not be more deserved.

No. 1774361

I'd be so much more tolerant of Rachel's sexual desires if she got off to mature life lessons, it'd still be weird but much better than children and dinosaurs.
To add onto this, it's very abundantly clear Rachel has never been in a relationship with a healthy Dom(none of the few relationships she's had have been healthy), and it shows hard.

The cries for pity in between attacking others last night was amazing alternation, she bounced from one to the other so quickly it was hard to keep up.

No. 1774370

I have no idea why I just thought of this but last night she tried to act like she did some big 5d chess move by saying "thanks for confirming thats your account Blaine" but as far as I'm aware its always been known thats his twitter account and he never tried to deny that. It was in the midst of her malding so it got overlooked but man she was reaching hard for any W she could (and still couldn't get one)

No. 1774380

Extremely obvious including the naming scheme, not even a hint of implying it to be anyone else or for that account to be anything other than what it is. It's just short of having a glowing neon sign.

No. 1774439

Rachel is currently trying to deny that SilverElitism is her.

No. 1774440

Guess she forgot her initial claim of being a MENSA member was made on SE, then she said she is a MENSA member last night on BelloPanther.

No. 1774441

She's currently getting into a slap fight with Erika lmao and Erika is proving her to be Rachel on her SilverElitism account lmao

No. 1774451

And then Gaia'sGod landed the final blow with the post from DBS on kiwifarms, it was a group effort.

No. 1774459

File: 1677098962482.jpeg (91.35 KB, 540x1200, CF306797-B0E1-4B71-A076-2E29D3…)

Defending her Discord janny

No. 1774466

Samefagging to say Rachel really got riled up and went for deeply personal things that no random account would know and also trying to deny using information from the sites she claims are evil for having information on her but my favorite part was when she accused the tranny of dead naming their ex when they haven't once said that name anywhere and well their ex is a biological woman.
To someone who's Spanish first language as well, she's made so many people alert to her things it's baffling.

No. 1774467

I love how she uses the "don't leave this predator's daughter fatherless". Like? That predator will absolutely go after his own daughter you buffoon because that's usually how it goes a lot of the time when they're pedos

No. 1774472

It wouldn't leave her fatherless unless the worst happened and she was stuck in the adoption system her whole life which I'm very certain wouldn't happen since she's be in danger that the state would find as danger in court. Even then it would be better than being sexually abused by her own father, those scars cannot heal.
She wouldn't lose a father, she would gain one.

No. 1774485

The guy is from Norway and if you've ever seen his profile he's on Chris-Chan levels of believing he's the reincarnation of Cloud and Aerith or some shit. Like seriously unhinged rambling as if they were real people.

The kid would be better off away from him.

No. 1774492

File: 1677100563511.jpg (549.84 KB, 1080x1504, kitty has klaws.jpg)

A random cat account Berchal tried to get to believe her during the slapfight just laid it down very clearly.

No. 1774495

The fact she keeps trying to defend herself and Bellopanther outs her lmao

She's so fucking stupid and I love that for her

No. 1774502

>Please do something I ask you to while I insult you

A tale as old as time when it comes to Ragel.

No. 1774517

Turns out actually dead naming a tranny on twitter was not beneficial for Rachel to do and now that cat account is outright stating they are calling animal protective services. Can you imagine the reaction if she's deemed unfit to have Bello by the state?

No. 1774527

Cops have been called multiple times from multiple different people today. Apparently they were already at her house earlier in the day.

No. 1774531

The slapfight with Erika has been going on for four hours now lol

Also, she named herself as a "school teacher". Where I'm from, you need a Bachelors of Education to be able to teach lol. She has a shitty arts history degree from community college which leads me to believe she works at some kind of daycare or similar place

No. 1774532

I think she's still at the same bookstore job, which is a "school." Just twisting her words.

No. 1774535

She just confirmed the police showed up to her parents house and insisted it's the wrong address. It's a lot to do this way but nuggets fall out because she's constantly feeling pressed.

No. 1774536

Where did she confirm this?

No. 1774541

File: 1677106103987.jpg (183.94 KB, 1080x541, here.jpg)

It's fairly direct due to the timing.

No. 1774543

Rachel is trying to get the tranny to dox her so she can report the tweets. She doesn't realize not everyone is as dumb as her.

No. 1774550

I'm currently archiving everything and I noticed she's had a few tweets deleted already but I dont know if they were from Blaine or GG

No. 1774553

Likely from one of the many Twitter accounts watching in, those two seem to busy with her to file reports.

No. 1774557

No, I mean she got their tweets removed. I highly doubt either of them are reporting her. It seems like they're having too much fun to do that.

No. 1774561

It was the cat account that called the cops that got reported for calling her a fatass. Love how they jumped on that but it took 6 hours for them to do anything about the Medilia dox

No. 1774563

Jesus. She's such a cry baby.

DBS is being brought up now, apparently GG and Blaine are going after SE because she blocked DBS. lol ok.

No. 1774564

I'm glad I saved that then, it was a very good speech.

No. 1774568

Her claim is that DBS followed her on Twitter first, thus starting all of this off. She blocked the account and DBS said "That's Rachel." She keeps saying she blocked the account because "kiwifarms" and not because she's Rachel even though everyone knows she's Rachel.

That's really all there is to it.

No. 1774571

Yeah shes dumb.

She hasn't tweeted in 10 minutes though. Wonder if she got this account locked too.

No. 1774573

samefag, jk shes back

No. 1774575

Supposedly this bitch works 2 jobs and has a polycule but somehow has time for hours long slapfights.

No. 1774581

She's just great with managing her time nonnie. kek

No. 1774671

File: 1677115121166.jpg (208.18 KB, 1058x700, seven hour slapfight .jpg)

Went on for nearly seven hours but it seems to be stopping here.

No. 1774685

File: 1677116407457.jpg (281.28 KB, 1080x1020, Rachel is reading.jpg)

Rachel is reading along with us, she's pretending to care. Too little too late.

No. 1774697

I can't imagine how little shame over it she must have to try and brush it off each time but it literally makes me sick.

No. 1774701

Btw this guy's apparently a rapist who came out as gay after getting held accountable for it to try and deny he raped the woman. Go figure right?

No. 1774702

Rachel always protects rapists. Always.

No. 1774715

She got her Bellopanther account back.

No. 1774728

File: 1677119451164.jpeg (6.61 KB, 115x163, memed-io-output.jpeg)

>K, eating out my wife next, brb.
Tapping out fucking hell lol

No. 1774738

File: 1677120241518.jpeg (36.08 KB, 749x208, 246BBC6A-0C97-4B7D-8C49-BB1366…)

No. 1774741

File: 1677120289931.jpeg (166.2 KB, 750x1017, 82713780-84AC-4A24-8F1C-07290E…)

Your mother should have swallowed you Ragel

No. 1774751

>I dropped 70 pounds
Good, keep going, only 300 pounds left.

No. 1774752

>I dropped 70 lbs
If only she did on her own skull and crushed it.

No. 1774763

Not that this story is remotely believable, but guess what Rachel? Melanie didnt make you do anything. You did. The only one responsible for you and the things you do and say is you. Literal children understand this. You're nearly 30. You're not entitled to an apology, nor do you deserve it. Seethe forever.

No. 1774766

You'd think with all the accounts she reports she'd know that twitter tells the reporter when accounts get locked or banned. Guess her little underdeveloped brain is incapable of remembering that little tidbit.

No. 1774775

File: 1677122791001.jpg (215.13 KB, 1080x976, two pedos one twitter post.jpg)

Her pedo buddy is here now

No. 1774777

this reads like a bot kek

No. 1774780

Have you seen this man's profile? It's giving Randy Stair and Chris-Chan.

No. 1774782

I haven't, I'll have to go look

No. 1774786

I'm glad he never slipped away after getting pined down. Dude creeped me out from the word go, every interaction he has is so inhuman.

No. 1774808

File: 1677124696167.jpg (490.34 KB, 1080x1845, lol.jpg)

Oh yeah further proof Rachel's face blind btw.

No. 1774813

Totally true about being face blind but we also can't really expect Rachel to know good music like Placebo.

No. 1774847

She’s bragging within five minute intervals at Gaias that her “wife” gave her great orgasms lol

No. 1774858

She's also bragging that Bello is still with her but I don't see a timestamp. That could be a picture of any cat in any house.

No. 1774892

File: 1677132372103.jpg (578.27 KB, 1079x1774, heavy breathing.jpg)

You can hear her struggling to breathe in the video she posted. Obesity detected. They say breathing problems are the death rattle for fatties.

No. 1774912

File: 1677134911720.jpeg (60.93 KB, 749x349, 52132598-BE4C-4D7A-A71A-0E7065…)

You can’t pick and choose when to be nice and defend trans people Rachel

No. 1774914

File: 1677134974035.jpeg (175.93 KB, 749x849, 7334AE3C-784E-477A-9036-F16012…)

I think you’re the one who is jealous, you hag.

No. 1774919

File: 1677135094460.jpeg (53.82 KB, 749x316, 5E0D3C2A-EC42-4EDE-832A-AFF509…)

Lol they clearly blocked your ass so you have to grab the link to the tweet and respond? You’re so pathetic. And two people came out saying the same thing. It totally happened you fat whale

No. 1774945

Elaine is following GG. Fuck off Elaine, he won't have sex with you.

No. 1775035

File: 1677158209449.jpeg (98.18 KB, 749x863, A874ED89-B7B2-4B38-844C-674AFC…)

No. 1775037

File: 1677158363015.jpeg (112.06 KB, 749x665, 6934B154-75B0-4C0E-B27C-C99152…)

This is how we know it’s Rachel because she keeps using “how much she gets laid” as a win lol and immediately throws incel out without understanding anything

No. 1775075

Kill Elaine
Behead Elaine
Roundhouse kick a Elaine into the concrete.
Slam dunk a baby Elaine into the trash can.
Crucify filthy Elaines.
Made a doodie in her food.(weird a-logging)

No. 1775347

File: 1677187904798.jpg (1.28 MB, 1235x1463, Evidence 1.jpg)

Posting these for the thread

No. 1775348

File: 1677187944740.jpg (997.89 KB, 1235x1305, Evidence 2.jpg)

Shit I saved them in the wrong order sorry

No. 1775440

File: 1677198501190.jpg (282.86 KB, 1079x997, Beluga.jpg)

Beluga? Lmao

No. 1775446

He's way too good at putting her in her place and looking classy while doing it.

No. 1775448

File: 1677199212379.jpg (222.64 KB, 1080x805, Rachel uses kek.jpg)

Rachel tries to say she isn't terminally on the farms but now she's saying kek in the wild

No. 1775454

Embarrassing. Kek is mainly only used on here and 4chan. Would love to see her try to defend that. One has a better reputation than the other, Ragel. kek

No. 1775457

Watching her try to adjust her strategy in real time for every thing GG calls her out on is also pretty damn funny. I don't think she realizes kek isn't commonly used.

It was also a thing in old school WoW circles but that's too nerdy for her. Not enough effeminate fuckboys, but knowing her she's an Arthas simp if she knows anything about WoW because that's the most milquetoast of crushes.

No. 1775472

She definitely doesnt but I also think she thinks it makes her look quirky and cool. Nah girl you just look like the hypocrite you are.

No. 1775474

Possibly proof Elaine is coaching her gayops, and Rachel is only partially listening to Elaine and doing what she always does.

No. 1775723

File: 1677244474168.jpeg (38.85 KB, 749x175, E529B075-0E7B-4789-9831-94B7E1…)

No. 1775737

Excellent thing to save for posterity.
What sex is robot? What does that even have to do with anything? Why do retards think fucking your toaster makes you LGBT?

No. 1775814

File: 1677254613642.jpeg (84.47 KB, 749x502, 1A6B25F6-D597-48C4-ADC6-0BDC2B…)

Jumping on Sephiroth e-dick as fast as she can

No. 1775818

File: 1677254695498.jpeg (95.17 KB, 749x465, 2407FB8C-5E1A-437F-870B-F91673…)

“I’m not her”

No. 1775819

File: 1677254739441.jpeg (132.26 KB, 749x638, 7239054C-0761-49C8-BD7F-EBDEA9…)

No. 1775836

Very convincing.

No. 1775839

>It's naht twuu
So how is she going to film Ethan Ralph getting arrested now that she's fully morphed into him to carry the torch Chris made?

No. 1775840

Ethan will be filming her get arrested. Just like Chris-chan.

No. 1775841

Best timeline is after doing so he becomes a Haydur.

No. 1775854

Tfw Rachel is taller than Ralph but just as fat. Two ragepigs in one place?

No. 1775881

File: 1677259534461.jpeg (710.11 KB, 1170x903, 738D782B-C5DB-4871-94B1-0E4BAD…)

Rachel, you’ve finally made it babe.(learn to sage)

No. 1775913

It's not the Sephiroth she wanted but it's the Professor Hojo she deserves.

No. 1775962

Not even Hojo would touch the disgusting piece of lard shit(learn to sage)

No. 1776007

Put sage in the email field unless your posting milk, anon.

No. 1776096

Hojo actually had sex appeal, if the beach babes scene is anything to go by, and he had Lucretia too, so its safe to say she doesn't even meet his standards.

No. 1776101

I didn't know this was a Hojo did nothing wrong crowd kek

No. 1776111

This is Hojo slander.

No. 1776177

File: 1677291487428.jpeg (92.44 KB, 750x456, 85C076AD-1D1A-4CD4-8000-9F2E4C…)

This account put Fairsinfo on Doxbin. Seems like it might be a burner Rachel account but it has been shadowbanned

No. 1776178

File: 1677291593870.jpeg (82.51 KB, 749x386, 9BD461A0-4B57-4D1A-ADAA-BA45F2…)

No. 1776183

File: 1677291668138.jpeg (71.06 KB, 749x393, 54EB9395-84B6-4A3F-8A5E-FA9411…)

No. 1776184

Probably Elaine and probably another faildox. Comes off insanely try-hard regardless

No. 1776188

Samefag. I just looked and the tweets that lead to them being doxed are flimsy at best. Pretty lame, tbh. Seems like a reach.

No. 1776191

It's certainly Elaine it has the same motives and execution that she does and it solidly proves she's gayoping on behalf of Rachel.

No. 1776193

Yeah I'm pretty sure she saw 2 women in the ff fandom go by Zack and thats it. Thats the only link.

No. 1776194

The reasoning was because they retweeted a company located in Wisconsin too…
Elaine has somehow gotten less skilled at gayops.

No. 1776197

Her only friend is more retarded than she is. Its to be expected it'd rub off on her too kek

No. 1776199

Completely but please stop dropping the sage so we don't get auto'd

No. 1776201

yeah I just noticed. I guess my page refreshed so it wasnt in the email field anymore.
Sorry jannies!

No. 1776205

It's okay, everyone makes mistakes and getting upset about mistakes is for the cows to do.

No. 1776207

File: 1677293563259.jpeg (110.3 KB, 749x684, 2EC4F74F-429E-425D-AC0F-2397E3…)


No. 1776209

So, people giving negative feedbad=nazis and racists. Everyone saying anything negative can chat amongst themselves unless I can google it and obsessively check, otherwise I'll screech about it on twitter and try to get the site shut down.

No. 1776215

They act like there aren't tens of thousands of voices who don't stand for fascism, what a waste of a life spent focusing only on those you hate. Or in case he's reading and I'm not mixing up my weirdos;
The brotherhood of steel outnumbers the enclave, who cares?

No. 1776216

Retard Elaine followed Rachel first and then followed herself with that account, 6000 IQ move.
Rachel and Elaine are most definitely working together, why does that skelly bitch care about Rachel?

No. 1776219

File: 1677295099801.jpg (229.69 KB, 1080x876, Elaine Miller.jpg)

She's 100% shadowbanned, I had to go to her profile to find this.

No. 1776221

he spent 16000 hours playing Fallout 76. He has no life nonna.

Ragel is the closest thing to a friend she has, rachel is too stupid to realize elaines too stupid to actually be able to dox someone and elaine doesnt have to worry about rachel stealing her male attention.

Weak try, Elaine.

No. 1776225

They both have nobody else to turn to and think that they can somehow score a big W to become…?
True but even that is less of a waste…oh wait instead of being in a community or just enjoying the game he spent all the time trying to stir up drama too. Plus it's just an objectively awful game..

No. 1776226

She's the only one that cares this much.
Mike doesn't. Naught is gone. Her other retard FF friends wouldn't. And what retard would follow Elaine and not anyone else? Elaine would.

I really hope she gets nailed to the wall for this. Fuck her for supporting the dropkiwifarms circle jerk, they're all retarded. If she was serious about wanting kf gone she'd stop acting like a retard online.

No. 1776239

File: 1677297253661.jpeg (126.88 KB, 945x2048, FpyGeFOaMAANFBD.jpeg)

The account sent this to Medilia, this is definitely Elaine. Retard behavior.

No. 1776241

Yeah, the thread will get deleted so have fun making it, Elaine!

No. 1776245

>Gossip Girl
>Knockoff anon dox forum
>Site dedicated to a single person
God I just know Elaine is racking up credit card debt on buying up all these domains, and snorting all that cocaine.

No. 1776248

File: 1677298046339.jpg (627.85 KB, 1080x3085, tranny.jpg)

this is cowtipping. don't do it.

No. 1776249

Wait, I'm sorry. Are you telling me she has a knock off LCF/KF/Onionfarms/Burnbook I'm so sorry I had to after all the burnbook sperging in previous threads site called Gossip Girl?

No. 1776250

Unfortunately yes, yes she does.

No. 1776253

File: 1677298894263.jpg (15.88 KB, 292x257, Forty_keks.jpg)

Does anyone even use it?

No. 1776259

File: 1677299576021.jpg (426.78 KB, 1080x1768, she's not hereeeee.jpg)

I forget the exact domain now so it's not a current update but it appeared to be Elaine working on her larps and also blog posting, none of the comebacks are of substance so I doubt it's anyone actually posting with her. But back to the Rachel show, Elaine will just keep getting banned off of Twitter because she cannot read ToS of any site ever.
Rachel is still on her alternative accounts denying that it's her.

No. 1776267

I'm losing my shit over the cowbin site, all of it is basically copy-pasted from other sources. WHAT? Elaine and Rachel, you two are the dumbest bitches in the universe and deserve each other. I unironically hope you both die mad and at this rate you're going to. Elaine has made her skitzo Light Yagami act her entire personality and Rachel is just as stupid for believing it. Then again Rachel does get all hot and bothered over shitty villains…
Seriously Elaine, you didn't have to insert yourself into this and trying to play vigilante justice just makes you look like a vendetta chan.

I think the real reason why Elaine is doing this is because she wants to dox Ghoulie and things that somehow she can get there through Rachel.

No. 1776269

Yeah shes weird and way off on her doxing. Sorry Elaine, I don't know a Mr. Hines…Or do I? Even if she did dox me, no one I know would care that I post on KF lmao

No. 1776275

You have a thirty minute window to delete shit iirc

No. 1776277

I intended to be cheeky by leaving it but you're probably right.

No. 1776281

File: 1677302231487.jpg (110.7 KB, 1080x291, Elaine retard logic.jpg)

>Don't tell the cops about this.
More reason to tell the cops about this.

No. 1776283

>criminal perjury
redundant and also incorrect.

No. 1776285

Oh yeah she thinks she's writing a ransom note here make no mistakes. Grand Elaine who can't scare a single person into not bringing her up is this potent force…in her own mind.

No. 1776286

Typical Elaine. Rachel and her must be trading tips on how to be as obvious as possible while gaslighting each other into believing they're doing a good job.

No. 1776289

They have to be because this is some of the dumbest shit I've seen.

No. 1776290

I also heard through the grapevine Rachel has a guilded.gg account called Yzrch which is blatantly her. Same as her weird zoophilia tentacle rape account. I don't have guilded so I can't confirm though.

No. 1776292

Not it.

No. 1776304

File: 1677304228598.jpeg (74.88 KB, 749x468, 05431F42-6891-4995-8275-1504D5…)

This bitch is so stupid she forgot to change accounts lmao. Thanks for outing yourself even more

No. 1776305

File: 1677304284184.jpeg (67.99 KB, 750x437, 8CAA334B-8F36-408E-900B-4598F5…)

No. 1776307

File: 1677304327168.jpeg (78.21 KB, 749x418, 4BA4B846-6351-436D-8319-0B5438…)

What wife you fat sow

No. 1776308

File: 1677304360785.jpeg (69.16 KB, 749x374, BA58872C-0B43-4247-A756-A06759…)

Talking to herself to give herself validation uwu

No. 1776311

Ok CreepShowArt.

No. 1776312

What is she going to nyaah next? How many cultures can one bitch appropriate, damn Rachel leave some for the rest of us.

No. 1776315

Ragel tries to use her attack dog Elaine to dox people and gets it wrong every single time.

No. 1776318

File: 1677306536509.jpeg (268.26 KB, 828x1476, D7D47A75-CF6C-4DDB-BF9C-9463DB…)

Yes. Yes she is that stupid. I guess you can call that an oopsie. Cover blown if it wasn't obvious before.

No. 1776329

File: 1677308477437.jpg (485.29 KB, 810x1433, Hippo.jpg)

Rachel fatshames a baby hippo, because only she would look at a cute innocent animal and equate it to the people she hates. Maybe she's more like Tim Win than she wants people to realize.

No. 1776331

What would make someone post this comment? Its seriously so pointless.

No. 1776348

Based Fritz the cyberbully hippo

No. 1776357

File: 1677311341362.jpg (357.94 KB, 809x1323, Elaine at it again.jpg)

Elaine is going full schizo. You have to go to her profile to see her replies, but she's so mad she got caught.

No. 1776370

Anyone else notice how similarly Elaine talks like Rachel?

No. 1776371

Elaine gives herself away by using pointedly British vernacular and following it up with the most unhinged shit you've heard all week.

No. 1776372

She’s trying to say that pubby Zack os behind info or Gaiasgod? If you look at pubby Zack’s account its been dead since September. What a weird accusation and obscure person yo go after.

No. 1776376

Elaine threatened to dox someone over liking GG's tweet.

No. 1776377

That's exactly it. Pretty sure FIC has stated multiple times they aren't pubby zack(learn to sage)

No. 1776382

>When you think you have the right dox but then you realize that not all female roleplayers are interested in writing subby uwu characters

If there was ever a definition of internalized misogyny, these two retards thinking they got it right because they found an account that seemed to be run by someone AFAB and can't fathom different people have different tastes is probably it.

No. 1776383

Just wait until they find out that a switch is more than just for turning off a light.

No. 1776385

Rachel's idea of kinky sex is being turned into a broodmare

No. 1776392

>It's not me, it's not me.
Also Elaine
>Repeats her same weird delusional schizophrenic Russian police babble while white knighting the same people she always does with no change in behavior.
There's no way she doesn't have to manually breathe, Elaine Miller is objectively a dumber person and bigger cow than Rachel holy shit.

No. 1776393

Additionally, Elaine:
>Forgets there is no greentext on Twitter.com because she's so terminally online.

Surprised that retard hasn't come here to whine, maybe she's in meta.

No. 1776486

>I know it's you because you hate me for busting up your blackmailing of Null.
>Stops responding for the first time ever.
Gee I wonder why Elaine blamed her and Rachel CP spamming on Erika. Oh wait I know, that's the reason, been obvious for half a year from where I am sitting.

No. 1776529

At this point if Rachel and Elaine fell into a woodchipper I wouldn't even mix the results with cow shit to fertilize plants.

No. 1776542

Blaine if you're going to blame your cp spam on yet another person, at least try to make it believable. No one cares about your tranny name, you aren't "Erika", you are an ugly delusional pedophilic man and will never be a woman.

No. 1776566

File: 1677345547134.jpg (113.88 KB, 1080x466, 2023_02_25_11.17.36.jpg)

That timing is too apparent, you clearly blamed the tranny for your CP spam and it was only ever believed due to them being a Troon. Case closed.

No. 1776570

I don't care about your twitter drama or sockpuppet accounts or kiwifags. No need to talk in third person, no one else would give a shit to whiteknight pathetic moids like you

No. 1776572

Says the person white knighting the cow just like they had on twitter. Fuck off, evidence is on our side not yours.

No. 1776581

Skelly defending landwhale is giving me Free Willy vibes.

No. 1776589

File: 1677347894854.jpg (156.11 KB, 1080x477, sera shit.jpg)

1. Both of you could be responsible, and likely are.

2. I still can't get over how she insists on being called Sera when her oc is seriously the most Wonder bread white girl character ever. Wish.com Bella Swan. Femcel behavior truly.

No. 1776597

Anyone could be but only two have evidence of not only confessing to possessing it but threatening it.

No. 1776622

No one ever calls her Sera other than herself lmao. I love how she insists its deadnaming when she even hasn’t done anything to legally change it

No. 1776628

File: 1677351901007.jpeg (42.92 KB, 749x226, F978697F-6BE0-4137-94CC-74B977…)

No. 1776655

File: 1677353394238.png (97.68 KB, 500x544, red-flag-bingo.png)

Even by a generous estimation Rachel has three Bingos on the card of red flags.

No. 1776693

Rachel is so fat they needed to use the space telescope to get a picture of her and the circus tents of red flags she's got.

No. 1776771

File: 1677366063725.jpeg (41.41 KB, 749x213, 5573F39F-91F3-413E-9AF2-BC44D1…)

You need a bachelors not a community college degree to become a teacher lol. You would be spending more time planning months/weeks of lessons in advance to get approved..

No. 1776773

File: 1677366134190.jpeg (93.18 KB, 749x603, FEF2EDE9-8DA1-4F17-8927-9B4F37…)

No. 1776776

Says the fatty who denies dinosaurs existed.

No. 1776778

Yet says the most ignorant and stupid shit imaginable.

Do it. She wont. She's too scared to post on KF.

No. 1776788

File: 1677367621863.jpeg (76.67 KB, 749x308, 52D2D856-D3F8-4BC6-8C75-166121…)

No. 1776789

File: 1677367707507.jpeg (96.13 KB, 749x472, B7E19F96-AB7C-4F61-B5C7-3554CC…)

Being autistic isn’t a free pass to be an asshole you dumbass lol

No. 1776792

Is she talking about her adoptive family? Because if so then none of that matters.
And if she isnt then thats a lie because shes said her mom is an addict, which is considered a disease, and isn't too great for your health and living for a long time. Does she even know who her bio-dad is? (I cant remember if that was covered) because that could make a big difference in this weird brag too.

No. 1776793

Samefag but she cant even be talking about her adoptive parents since her dad has dementia.

No. 1776794

File: 1677368067849.jpg (101.89 KB, 1067x348, Rachel's own estimates leave h…)

By her count she's down a few years from that expectation but if speculation is correct then her BMI is possibly upwards of 40.6 which is seven years expected lost. So even without any outside influences or other symptoms of obesity at play she won't live as long as she thinks and it can be proven mathematical.

No. 1776802

If we go by Rachel's word, "starving herself" would have fucked up her body's vitamins and minerals, possibly fucked up her teeth, possibly fucked up her organs. Same goes for overeating as a fatty.

No. 1776819

File: 1677369761658.jpeg (70.79 KB, 749x289, 9E5DB000-C406-46CC-97EC-8D6167…)

Still defending Dag I see. Pedophiles band together truly

No. 1776823

File: 1677369906820.jpeg (88.11 KB, 749x422, 353CBB41-611E-4292-AF9C-FDD7D7…)

I’m not her. Same ass copy and paste

No. 1776824

File: 1677370052374.jpeg (145.61 KB, 749x732, D3524E72-1ABF-429A-AE64-00E7E9…)

You’re the only one I’d be ableist to because it’s not actually ableist to call you out on you using your autism as carte blanche to do whatever you want you hag

No. 1776831

File: 1677370533214.jpeg (48.37 KB, 749x222, 92DDCB9A-15B2-4502-97C0-07B10B…)

All you ever fucking do is go “Wahh is not true wahh trust me” when there is evidence refuting your claims of innocence for yourself or the people you defend

No. 1776832

Rachel is borderline braindead if she thinks "she told you what shes attracted to" is a defense for being a pedo or if anyone other than her bought it.

Oh, yep, borderline braindead. There we go.

No. 1776850

>I can't believe people won't listen to the sex pest
Rachel can't even hear herself over her verbal diarrhea.

No. 1776861

Rachel is so helpful, showing that poor Twitter account just whom to block as soon as possible. Snaps for Rachel.

No. 1776879

File: 1677375313037.jpg (99.86 KB, 591x243, thatsnothowyouspellthat.jpg)

Late but adding SS anyway because it got deleted really fast. I guess threatening anyone who likes GG's tweets would be a lot of work.

No. 1776888

Elaine and Rachel are perfect for each other. They can both be the concubines of Vordrak I guess and live in the polycule Rachel pretends to be in.

No. 1776924

Two lolcow sites? Doxbin isnt a lolcow site, so which two is it on?

No. 1776929

Her bio links to Doxbin anyway so this is a gross exaggeration no matter how she tries to slice it.

No. 1776946

Onionfarms maybe? Rachel used to frequent it and now Elaine in her self imposed exile has shown up there too.

No. 1776983

Only Elaine would be so unhinged, egotistical yet vapid to threaten people's doxes for liking tweets from an account. It's so empty just like her factually malding head.If you haven't seen recent photos, you're lucky.

No. 1776991

File: 1677378049560.jpeg (124.33 KB, 749x616, 54BEF0B3-DBC8-4973-836F-6B28F0…)

No. 1776992

File: 1677378090895.jpeg (79.25 KB, 749x318, DA101349-B532-41E3-81E2-0C6BCB…)

No. 1776994

File: 1677378114713.jpeg (133.98 KB, 749x595, C970AA5B-6098-4416-8C24-C26015…)

No. 1776996

File: 1677378135447.jpeg (58.68 KB, 749x247, 9B9E1F10-9A90-46C4-AD9C-A93E6C…)

No. 1776998

File: 1677378166101.jpeg (124.69 KB, 749x526, 21702528-8705-4F00-B06B-DF115C…)

No. 1777000

File: 1677378203070.jpeg (156.75 KB, 750x869, 7603461E-F4C0-4F10-B485-FC77E2…)

No. 1777003

Dag retweeted this btw

No. 1777016

>Can non autistic people stop pointing out I'm autistic, they're bad at it but it happens enough I'm complaining about it so they're not. Duh because they can pick up social cues that I cannot, most autistic people know and recognize this but I don't so please coddle me.
>Unable to be translated from Autistglish due to excess tard rage.

No. 1777023

So she admits to being a pedophile and her friends being pedophiles, but it's the autism that makes them all pedos. Okay, that will work out great.

I think Rachel has been talking to Elaine and becoming more deranged because of it.

No. 1777036

Wow looks like she's really killing it at being a Satanist and following the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth. She's the perfect person to call out hypocrisy.

>I'm such a good person. I'm the best person in the world because I didnt call someone out for being a creepy sex pest because they're my friend and I'm a creepy sex pest too. I'm perfect. Everyone should be like me. Dont forget I'm a good person and anyone that disagrees with anything I say is a bad person.

See how it holds up in court.

No. 1777052

File: 1677379363638.jpg (500.63 KB, 1662x1080, Massive virgin.jpg)

Was going back through Elaine's posts and caught this gem.

No. 1777053

I mean she literally calls pedophilia a moral debate but a bullshit one at that and outright said it's normal for autistics to be pedophiles?
She shot herself in the foot with an AGM-84H.

No. 1777074

Rachel goes to a fandom circle, which is full of autists, and tells them her autism makes her unable to understand morals. She isn't just kicking the hornets' nest at this point, she's taking it down from the tree and sitting her fat ass on it.

Rachel loves acting like she's the only person in the world with autism too.

No. 1777155

This fat bitch is so stupid. I want to see her get put in her place irl

No. 1777164

Agreed. I don't consider myself someone easily angered by lolcows but Rachel keeps doing shit that absolutely grinds my gears.

No. 1777200

Grain of salt but a Twitter account claims Rachel is talking to her police currently and giving up more evidence. Going to try to look into this more but we may get our wish as if Rachel goes into prison for charges related to pedophile well…

No. 1777431

File: 1677390689871.jpeg (94.51 KB, 749x1090, 68BAA624-70EB-49A0-BAB5-4556B8…)

No. 1777451

File: 1677391060654.jpeg (109.12 KB, 750x828, 2FEC0EFA-8E90-4A23-9AB4-53E26B…)

No. 1777455

File: 1677391092903.jpeg (164.18 KB, 750x902, B0B9FD2D-6B35-420D-A739-61CE93…)

No. 1777460

Totally not Rachel though.

No. 1777513

File: 1677395327739.jpeg (194.26 KB, 1362x2005, Fp3-ZEVakAAjbqY.jpeg)

Courtesy of FIC, final nail in the coffin for her cope.

No. 1777543

How will she try to lie her way out of this one? Last time with the plushy buckle thing she said GG fabricated the auction info, I'm betting she says the DM is fake.

No. 1777560

Her claiming kf is illegal and reading her thread specific is against the law is a nice touch.

No. 1777571

File: 1677404620712.jpeg (123.83 KB, 749x656, A970CD68-06E5-4242-A413-809871…)

Still trying to excuse pedophilia lmao

No. 1777572

File: 1677404666443.jpeg (92.34 KB, 749x450, BB3FA85C-4E2E-494B-8B23-139C45…)

Dag’s self pity party

No. 1777573

It’s an entire thread, too lazy to ss

No. 1777574

File: 1677404758941.jpeg (70.48 KB, 749x291, DB4D83AC-A07C-4928-8040-098085…)

Not understanding the irony of her retweeting this

No. 1777584

An 18 year old shouldn't be screwing around with 14 year olds either, Rachel. A 29 year old dating a 25 year old is nothing, but 4 years is almost a quarter of an 18 year old's whole life. No mentally sound high school senior would want to date a high school freshman of average age.

No. 1777718

1. Every website logs IP.
2. Doesnt host illegal content
3. She can do whatever she wants
4. If stuff on your thread is illegal in many places that means you posted illegal content since all the content is from your social medias.
5. Actually never happened.

Way to put that final nail in the coffin just to tell weird lies.

No. 1777729

File: 1677427290241.png (37.93 KB, 485x975, Fp38vA2aQAIqOlB.png)

Gonna post the other stuff from the thread FIC made. Lot to unpack. Here's the statement the person made delivering all of this

No. 1777730

File: 1677427338589.jpeg (224.54 KB, 1536x1403, Fp38wncacAEHo3b.jpeg)

2nd image from the FIC thread

No. 1777731

File: 1677427388482.jpeg (155.52 KB, 1536x1833, Fp38xz7akAArYe6.jpeg)

3rd image from the FIC thread

No. 1777733

File: 1677427460046.jpeg (150.49 KB, 1536x1833, Fp38y3KaIAAOkP0.jpeg)

4th image, and then the 5th image was the chat where she admits to being Rachel was posted…but wait, there's more

No. 1777736

File: 1677427494059.png (188.73 KB, 759x460, Fp4I-MgagAAGkXZ.png)

6th image

No. 1777739

File: 1677427596614.jpeg (41.83 KB, 904x493, Fp4JKGbaUAE0cu1.jpeg)

7th and final image from the thread.

There is just…so much to unpack. I have no words. Her admitting to it was funny yeah but everything else she said makes that seem like a secondary detail in comparison.

No. 1777742

>I did warn you I was a Yandere.

Still cant take responsibility for her actions. Always everyone else's fault.

No one hoped you got cancer. No one except your self badly acting as an anon hoped you got raped. We can repeat the truth as many times as you lie about it. More and more people see that youre a liar while you prove everything we and KF said is true. You hurt yourself more than any websites ever could…which is why you have threads. Because you're a cow and you never learn.

No. 1777751

Far too much punctuation but my emotion remains the same.
>I don't want to lose him.
>I know it's wrong.
>Autism is an excuse for pedophilia that I committed with him.

No. 1777754

I've been wondering, is Rachel actually autistic because we all know she likes to pretend to have a struggle to get sympathy points/clout…

It can be easy to just pretend and sperg out online..

No. 1777758

I don't doubt for a second she had autism. But she acts like she's the only autistic person there is besides Chris-chan. If someone tells her they have autism she immediately discredits them by trying to say she's "more autistic."

Imagine being so insecure you have to gatekeep autism so your scapegoat isn't ruined.

No. 1777759

Cant say for sure but autism fits imo. I know its a spectrum and all that but she really doesnt pick up on social cues. I think theres likely other issues and its not just autism but either way I don't think shes just pretending and sperging.

No. 1777761

Has she even indicated that she's seen all of this yet?

No. 1777763

Well the problem for Rachel is uh we have the transcript.

No. 1777765

She's functioning but she says mentally she's 18 to hit Romeo and Juliet laws so she's not like completely dumb, there's a dull cunning in that haggard swamphag.

No. 1777770

I also think she's in denial that she's wasted what, 11 years being a delusional shut-in? Less the autism and more of her silently wishing she hadn't spent all those prime dating years being a NEET. I know she graduated college but she has a bogus degree (what the fuck does anyone do with an ASSOCIATES degree in art history) and based on the fact that she had modified coursework as well I refuse to count it. She didn't work anywhere near as hard as a regular college student.

Literally wasted all those years being fat and miserable wishing she was her oc.

No. 1777771

She should have just became her OC it's not like her dad would beat her for even mentioning it like actual trans people have to worry about

No. 1777774

She will never be skinny and pretty like she pretends to be online. She at least has made it to the point of having zero personality just like her fuck doll of an oc.

No. 1777777

Which is a pity, it's far harder to slim down than reshape your entire body with workouts to match a different silhouette. She wants to co-opt all these struggles but just like college she didn't actually do the thing, just has an ass napkin from some enabler saying she did. She doesn't comprehend exactly what it means to be most of the things she claims but considering where she hangs out and those spaces needing you to read between the lines, she was never going to make it.

No. 1777783

Based. Was hoping this thread would get this number, we've earned it after all the threads we've had shit up by Rachel herself.

Everything you said is true nonna

No. 1777785

I was hoping we would get it too just fits very well numerically in juxtaposition of Rachel's penchant for falsehood.

No. 1777801

File: 1677434532010.jpg (181.1 KB, 1079x616, Rachelmeltdown1.jpg)

She is going off….more posts to follow

No. 1777802

File: 1677434615111.jpg (259.49 KB, 1080x839, Rachelmeltdown2.jpg)

I think they were right all along, Rachel. Nothing is falling apart. In fact, it's never been more clear they've always been right.

No. 1777803

File: 1677434662603.jpg (340.71 KB, 1080x1100, Rachelmeltdown3.jpg)

She's coping so hard.

No. 1777806

File: 1677434742041.jpg (420.19 KB, 1080x1487, Rachelmeltdown4.jpg)

Rachel is also gonna conveniently leave out the fact she supports Elaine telling people she's gonna send bitcoin assassins and stalk them because she thinks they deserve it.

No. 1777812

File: 1677435444456.jpg (341.38 KB, 1080x1102, Rachelmeltdown5.jpg)

Ragepigging in a way that makes Ethan Ralph look like a well adjusted individual.

No. 1777821

File: 1677436153948.jpeg (66.54 KB, 749x350, 7D61E0CD-321D-4BC8-AD32-76D8BE…)

Then your so called partner needs to do their fucking job or they need to get arrested too for allowing you to keep CP on your devices

No. 1777822

File: 1677436180544.jpeg (46.25 KB, 749x222, 02E87B24-F73B-41AC-B692-7AC40B…)

Touch grass

No. 1777823

File: 1677436206278.jpeg (181.64 KB, 749x846, B65CC5D3-DF7A-4AFA-9E0E-2A6582…)

Cope you troglodyte

No. 1777824

File: 1677436319652.gif (12.17 MB, 640x360, Gunt Holla.gif)

The Chad Eatin' Ralph
>Attacks the hand that feeds(Nic Fuentes)when Fuentes defends pedophilia.
The Turbo Virgin Rachel
>Defends her own pedophilia.
The ralphamale always wins in this case.

No. 1777831

Centennial (Elaine) said she was a massive virgin.

No. 1777833

File: 1677437501427.jpeg (180.91 KB, 749x999, EBF36AF3-897D-4915-8743-4ABA86…)

No. 1777835

File: 1677437584026.jpeg (67.39 KB, 749x274, 4806F360-184C-4794-931A-F20DD9…)

She seems to have a penchant for child abuse apparently

No. 1777844

File: 1677438349599.jpeg (27.87 KB, 749x162, 36ED27D0-0909-44D9-8770-2D4479…)

Maybe this is a sign to go out and touch grass and learn how people actually interact instead of having meltdowns online constantly

No. 1777850

File: 1677438585724.png (40.52 KB, 972x190, 1674803653232.png)

This is more proof than there is on anyone Rachel calls a pedo. Simple, undeniable, facts which don't care about your political feelings.

No. 1777877

I'm so sick of the "I made this account to exclusively post about my cat" bullshit.
She could have just ignored FIC and GG and kept fucking posting about her cat. Its not like cat twitter would have cared about Final Fantasy accounts letting Final Fantasy twitter know you're you. It wouldnt have effected your cat twitter at all if you hadnt sperged the fuck out about it. Not to mention we know she had to insert herself into various debates and leave non-cat related comments on shit. Your excuse falls apart there.

If you wanted your cat twitter to stay exclusively a cat twitter then you could have kept it as such. But YOU didnt. You could have made a seperate twitter for non-cat related shit, but YOU didnt. So now cat twitter knows youre a fucking psycho because YOU brought it to their attention.

No. 1777885

File: 1677441127419.jpeg (97.15 KB, 1824x360, ew.jpeg)

Was browsing an unrelated thread on KF and someone linked a glossary post. This was in it and it felt concerningly appropriate for Rachel.

No. 1777902

File: 1677442782830.jpg (94.1 KB, 1080x451, ohyesthisisveryscary.jpg)

Guessing this is the guy, he's also mentioned on that countersocial account that belongs to Rachel. Just another Sephiroth RPer who Rachel thought was going to fall in love with her I guess.

No. 1777909

>You really shouldnt have done that because now I'm gonna harass you even more uwu

No. 1777912

What is she trying to do anyway? Psychopath fr

No. 1777920

She wants it to be threatening but all I can imagine is this.

No. 1777923

File: 1677444987942.png (79.16 KB, 502x330, Fp67y-XacAA_J3B.png)

Nevermind she just proved it even harder somehow.

No. 1777933

That’s it piggie. Keep losing your followers you care so much about :)

No. 1777934

File: 1677446807486.jpeg (167.8 KB, 750x770, 24CDC598-E6A4-41F8-886C-CC7D3B…)

No. 1777935

File: 1677446851119.jpeg (160.34 KB, 750x856, 85215599-76B4-4082-9305-0860CC…)

No. 1777936

File: 1677446918465.png (38.75 KB, 584x511, icantellbecauseofthepixels.PNG)

Called it, everything is photoshopped. She called out the person who shared the DMs by name for no reason.

No. 1777948

"Deepfake" incoming

No. 1777951

Boom, headshot. She doth protest too much.

No. 1777955

File: 1677448455073.jpeg (92.36 KB, 749x658, D7600AE7-4395-4386-8563-C66664…)

More milk. But out of order. The more she talks, the more vile she shows herself to be.

No. 1777956

File: 1677448494409.jpeg (119.29 KB, 749x707, 16D630D0-DE79-4FE0-97B0-C1BC5A…)

No. 1777957

File: 1677448557089.jpeg (127.04 KB, 749x728, C0871772-2F1F-4D58-9FEC-CB39A1…)

No. 1777958

File: 1677448587032.jpeg (135.49 KB, 749x1042, DD721A98-4F3E-4126-AD95-1F67AE…)

No. 1777959

File: 1677448622860.jpeg (153.07 KB, 750x850, 7CB2F04D-DDF8-48F9-B225-A43B07…)

No. 1777961

File: 1677448661669.jpeg (170.54 KB, 749x912, 232F56C1-435B-4B2A-B808-1D09B3…)

No. 1777962

File: 1677448696802.jpeg (160.33 KB, 749x837, EA702BA7-59A8-4491-8B40-410A59…)

No. 1777963

File: 1677448733383.jpeg (82.88 KB, 749x380, 1774C5EB-03AA-4401-8D24-5C595B…)

No. 1777964

Rachel admits she's attracted to children who's personality she approves of, admits she saved what she thought was CP and admits to trying to use it to blackmail. That's intense even for her.

No. 1777965

File: 1677448775842.jpeg (75.14 KB, 749x313, 1D374E49-A47B-45D7-A535-86CA0D…)

Definitely not Conservative leaning

No. 1777967

File: 1677448970022.jpeg (148.01 KB, 748x1091, E906C46B-D17F-44F6-B8EA-A0839D…)

> “Your partners should get tested for STDs if they are real”

No. 1777969

File: 1677449127545.jpeg (110.64 KB, 749x594, 22B6E4BC-3F0D-4BD4-A0CB-04BF18…)

Why aren’t they tard wrangling you or coming out of the woodworks to fight this battle with you then lmao

No. 1777970

File: 1677449225796.jpeg (125.42 KB, 749x713, D6A4A3C1-71CD-4959-ACEE-DADC43…)

No. 1777973

Pedophile Playbook Chapter 7: Blame the child.
A gay man who was right and laughed all the way to the bank. My goodness I can't wait for her to attack lesbians next. The B in her LGBT is taking her in the wrong direction from the movement. Not a good look honey. I think she might have to drop the pride flag for the MAP(Maskoff Apparent Pedophiles)flag.

No. 1777983

File: 1677450508497.jpeg (135.64 KB, 749x1022, B627A406-4C4E-4FD0-ACF3-8CFAFC…)

It appears she’s trying to enter the Sailor Moon fandom circles now judging from her retweets.

Also you and Dag are predators Rachel. Cope and seethe

No. 1777985

File: 1677450636676.png (63.01 KB, 591x615, howstupiddoyouhavetobe.png)

No. 1777986

File: 1677450752371.jpeg (142.81 KB, 1200x900, 4cc.jpeg)

Here's the Rachel Sailor Moon redraw then.

No. 1777989

Imagine, if you will, being a fat autist with no friends or any kind of social life to speak of. You're almost 30 years old, still live at home with your mom and dad, and have a cat twitter you run. Now imagine waking up every day and the only thing you do- from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep- is fight with people on the internet. You could just ignore it. You could just turn off your computer and go hang out with friends. You could do literally anything aside from go to twitter dot com. But you dont. Because your name is Rachel Aliza Leeds Minkin and all you do with your life is spew poorly thought out and unbelieved lies on the internet.

Sounds like hell.

No. 1777998

Even when NO ONE was mentioning her she got neck deep in the dropkiwifarms shit and tried to slapfight with everyone who didn't implicitly agree with dkf

No. 1778001

Yep, shes her own worst enemy. But she cries she was only trying to tweet about cats. Wrong.

No. 1778003

It's so exhausting keeping up with her for even a few days, it's so much continual fighting and she never wins it's just spewing hate and filth out at people to try to harm them, it could never be just about cats because having an account like that requires willpower. Rachel clearly stole from the cookie jar often as a child to gorge herself on the cookies, not out of rebellious challenge, not out of curiosity, just entitled gluttonous avarice.
Instead as we know the cat account is just another excuse at identity to use as a shield against criticism, hypocrite ad finem temporis.

No. 1778005

She’s absolutely like this in real life. There’s no way she’s able to mask her bullshit to blend in lol

No. 1778012

She had to have a tard wrangler both for her attitude and in case she shit her pants.

No. 1778015

Oh they let her shit her pants, they just had volunteers follow her around with pooper scoopers like they do with horses during a parade.
That's why she never goes outside people would be quicker to stop putting up with her bullshit and she knows it. She's learned from school and whatever part time minimum wage job she had over five years ago just how well people can sense her type of disgusting in person. She can hardly mask online, as soon as anything slightly upsets her it's a chain reaction until she's pissed another group of over ten people off. A tweet of FICs that the Meevin account replied to has well over a hundred likes when I checked nearly an hour ago, she's so hostile she has an actual horde of people sick of dealing with her.

No. 1778018

File: 1677453980715.jpeg (173.28 KB, 750x970, DFC38277-7B11-49AF-B929-62F993…)

No. 1778026

The only one making it the norm is you by continuously saying this and constantly blaming your pedo disposition on your autism.

No. 1778037

That's not the group everyone's erroneously calling pedophiles tubby chubby oinkbeast. Stop using groups to hide behind you're too fat to be able to do it properly. I swear Rachel is one donut away from becoming featured on my 600lb lack of life which I hope happens because then she can't catch up to a child even if she rolled downhill. I wish they never got rid of the term assbergers and used it for assholes like you so people wouldn't lump you in with the ones who are kind.

No. 1778042

File: 1677456833364.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, orbit.gif)

>I hope happens because then she can't catch up to a child even if she rolled downhill.

No. 1778053

File: 1677458031650.jpeg (140.7 KB, 749x748, F49B175A-F5A0-4F7B-A68C-68412B…)

One paltry like from spam bots is not indicative of anything

No. 1778054

File: 1677458069882.jpeg (80.73 KB, 749x443, 382779A2-2C0C-437A-94DB-367046…)

No. 1778055

File: 1677458103918.jpeg (162.8 KB, 749x732, 6138B391-C516-4C4C-B0C2-D5214E…)

No. 1778057

That speech's name? Albeit Einstein.
Sorry for the reddit tier joke but c'mon lol

No. 1778084

File: 1677462086562.jpeg (95.2 KB, 749x534, 96B61023-A1F3-4568-8F9C-65795F…)

Not when you’re a fucking pedophile

No. 1778085

File: 1677462137194.jpeg (123.2 KB, 749x550, 41DD5CA1-2769-44E1-B21E-3B9E54…)

It was a 3 million dollar house last time lol

No. 1778086

File: 1677462162738.jpeg (129.23 KB, 749x580, 5CFE557F-E3CF-49D8-9FF4-C9E5B5…)

No. 1778090

I laughed harder than I would have if it had been Albert ngl.

No. 1778095

How does a polycule explain having a 4.5 million dollar house in her name anyways? They have nothing to do with each other lmao.

>I dont owe you any proof because we love each other.
Can you imagine saying this knowing you have no one? Sad, Rachel. Very sad but very deserved.

No. 1778096

That number keeps changing too, it started at just under 2 million.

I wanna know how much a month she's pays on her pretend mortgage. How much were her closing costs? How much did she pay the agent(s) involved in the sale? Did she get it appraised for that price? How did the appraisal go? How much did the previous homeowner need to fix before the sale?

No. 1778099

Did she inspect the basement for black mold and leaks, are the pipes winterized, routed out to the nearest ER, how much landscaping was needed after purchase, what's the home owners association like, who was phone?

No. 1778110

She claims she got paid more than 43 an hour at her bookstore job and hot topic…huh?

No. 1778111

File: 1677465503826.jpeg (175.04 KB, 750x755, B4F53312-3E6F-4946-A3D2-2335DD…)

No. 1778114

File: 1677465566176.jpeg (151.29 KB, 749x657, 64F143A0-9429-47BB-B531-9BB10F…)

No. 1778115

File: 1677465632175.jpeg (127.78 KB, 749x576, 1794D91F-E29E-4EC3-AC52-04A1D4…)

No. 1778116

File: 1677465656204.jpeg (120.02 KB, 749x572, 659412AE-466A-4B93-B3C9-4D8418…)

No. 1778119

File: 1677465797417.jpeg (162.14 KB, 749x742, 8DEACDB1-1BF8-468E-B6D2-93B37A…)

Someone needs to take her out of her tantrum misery. It’s getting overdone lol

No. 1778120

File: 1677465901681.jpeg (299.42 KB, 749x1096, 1317293C-5308-43DB-ABCA-A3132F…)

Bringing back some old milk because she claims she’s a good cat parent..

No. 1778122

Who even says this? Seriously? Definitely not something a normal, non-pedo would say.

No. 1778123

File: 1677466310481.jpg (329.71 KB, 1080x1251, predator behavior.jpg)


No. 1778127

Called it. >>1777973
Yeah it's very disgusting and disturbing behavior she's been spewing out lately due to being too pressed, it's like her subconscious is forcing her to undo her own lies.

No. 1778143

File: 1677469548535.png (13.31 KB, 421x65, Screenshot_20230226_094523.png)

I find it funny that she would say this, of all people.

No. 1778165

File: 1677474399710.jpeg (25.61 KB, 749x152, 1B612579-1927-408F-B412-D18D91…)

Changing her tactic to still insist she’s not a predator

No. 1778174

File: 1677475983329.png (185.12 KB, 731x686, Screenshot_20230226_113251.png)

It keeps getting worse!!!

No. 1778177

Shes negging a minor, Rachel is doing the MTV bangbus strategy on a kid. What's next? Do I even want to know what's next?

No. 1778178

Rachel is gonna be in jail by the end of the week if this keeps up.

No. 1778200

She deserves to be for that horrific baby talk she did an hour ago. So many tweets just goobledook nonce baiting bullocks.

No. 1778249

Is she saying that she drives Bello to her parents' house to take photos every day, then drives him home again after? She goes to her parents' house to photograph her cat? Is the carpet at the amazing home she owns, a home that apparently went up in value by a million dollars in the past week, just not beige enough?

No. 1778251

File: 1677488834790.jpeg (140 KB, 749x795, A174C5DC-8FBD-4E57-A2E5-91E769…)

No. 1778252

File: 1677488865717.jpeg (53.19 KB, 749x270, F262D736-FC9C-4378-985B-D5395D…)

No. 1778253

File: 1677488957750.jpeg (103.02 KB, 749x535, DFD8F35A-2C80-4B4D-986D-70E1BE…)

You listed electrician, plumber and law enforcement and teacher as the jobs available to pay for the house. Possible, but I doubt it.

No. 1778255

File: 1677488998860.jpeg (149.91 KB, 750x805, A6C2BFFE-5DAF-4F32-9568-DAC5F4…)

No. 1778257

File: 1677489028293.jpeg (99.38 KB, 749x578, F5B5B8B9-E9F5-42FD-90F9-F0F890…)

No. 1778258

File: 1677489062268.jpeg (160.97 KB, 750x349, 5A1FF3BA-FBE3-4116-8577-8A3636…)

No. 1778262

She doesn’t have her license if she has a general ID, no?

No. 1778263

File: 1677489657952.jpeg (161.6 KB, 749x797, 946EA6EB-6280-431E-BD7D-317ADA…)

No. 1778264

File: 1677489699483.jpeg (184.33 KB, 750x991, 8BEC6EA9-48E5-4E45-8D14-FEE57E…)

No. 1778265

File: 1677489732297.jpeg (162.22 KB, 749x730, 64A7BEAD-45A5-4324-9915-AA3427…)

No. 1778267

File: 1677489766206.jpeg (104.37 KB, 749x489, F0AF77FF-1BDB-466A-86C8-78A5F1…)

No. 1778268

File: 1677489837443.jpeg (19.81 KB, 749x184, 17121365-324C-4617-BB87-1514C9…)

Inserting herself into situations and making threats again

No. 1778279

Why does Rachel (and I guess Elaine?) insist that people are minors when they're not? She's been doing it for years.

No. 1778318

File: 1677500073394.jpeg (117.72 KB, 749x676, C7E343DF-28A4-4EEF-BA8E-5F3783…)

No. 1778319

File: 1677500336411.jpeg (138.5 KB, 749x733, D731C114-8FCB-4B3D-9BCE-E365E6…)

Ring cameras cost around 200$ if you get the one with all bells and whistles. Rachel, surely you can afford that if you can afford a 4.5 million dollar house with your polycule. Oh right, you can’t because you’re talking out of your ass.

No. 1778327

File: 1677501864701.jpeg (164.55 KB, 750x703, 8E5C3DA7-A244-41F2-8651-6EE869…)

No. 1778329

File: 1677502001728.jpeg (164.45 KB, 750x767, DB0ACB63-2427-405E-8904-8CACA0…)

No. 1778330

File: 1677502039115.jpeg (74.71 KB, 749x474, 5734AD9D-13BC-47AF-8409-C25206…)

No. 1778355

God she frustrates me. At this point she's bragging about having illegal contact with minors.

No. 1778382

I'm glad her and Elaine prove their lies time and time again. Sick of people thinking the internet's for unfunny lies, at least lie well damn like people still don't know about me-

No. 1778417

That moment when even Elaine is beginning to think Rachel is too much for her to wk

No. 1778422

Elaine operated on sunk cost fallacy unfortunately so unless she has a lot of incentive to throw Rachel under the bus she's going to keep at it.

No. 1778434

I love how she whines this is harassing her cat when it's clearly just her throwing fits. It's not just your cat Rachel.

Bellopanther stopped being a cat account when you started going after people. It was always bound to happen. You could have let people warn others that was your account and left it at that but now you spent 6 months or so fucking throwing massive tantrums and pissing off more and more people

You deserve to have all your online beef bleed into your real life you cretin

No. 1778436

Her cat has no idea any of this is even happening lol. Hes doing cat shit.

No. 1778438

Thank God too, Bello is a cute little bean toed boy.

No. 1778476

She's using him as a pillow to cry in. Bet those constant bandaids on her fingers are from him getting tired of her shit too lol

No. 1778494

I crossed Rachel before and shes harassed myself and a FF roleplay group I was in and she exhausted the owners that they locked everything down and new members had to go through a vetting system. It was so sad to see them annoyed and paranoid.

I occasionally come back here to see if she may have changed her ways and I can't believe she is still going. I'm not even in the FF community anymore. (Actively)

Like how hasn't she learned anything? I've seen people who are also autistic turn it around and were able to co-exist. Why hasn't she been unplugged yet?

No. 1778496

I figured they were cracks in her skin from using expired perfumed lotions if she uses lotion at all.
Rachel, go to the dollar store and pick up the udderly smooth udder cream. Works great for hands, is cheap and will take care of the damaged skin without pain.

No. 1778539

She refuses to change because she refuses to see shes the problem, despite being told she is, given genuine advice, and being the common denominator. Everyone else is the problem and shes a perfect little victim. Doesn't matter how many people speak up or how many fandoms ignore her, she wont change.

No. 1778554

Because learning isn't what she wants to do, she chooses to be evil.

No. 1778596

She gets off to being vile

No. 1778656

File: 1677535172229.jpeg (123.63 KB, 749x544, 276420C2-1AF2-4E92-9221-56F3D6…)

No. 1778657

File: 1677535194184.jpeg (125.54 KB, 749x648, 6FCA2B92-293D-453B-8BE0-39A287…)

No. 1778658

File: 1677535713944.png (126.44 KB, 750x1334, 2E5362E4-4871-4902-A384-A3822A…)

What are the chances she took one of these and calls herself a MENSA member lmao

No. 1778673

With such a rounded score and inability to grasp concepts thrown around at that actual testing, undoubtedly.

No. 1778684

Anyone thats actually been stalked or has basic common sense would know that you don't and wouldn't continuously taunt and engage with your stalker irl or online. She wouldn't even have a harassment case because she goes out of her way to look at their accounts and replies to their tweets. (aside from the fact they arent harassing her.)

Anyway, maybe Turkey Tom will make a video on her someday. He likes going making videos on random lesser known cows on KF and probably here, I just know he has a KF account.

No. 1778722

135 isn't enough for MENSA. They start at 145+ IQ and that isn't a surefire entry either because the test needs to be proctored by a psychologist and compared to other academic works and general aptitude.

Rachel hasn't met the criteria for acceptance even without knowing her IQ.

No. 1778734

File: 1677545116041.jpg (58.69 KB, 725x499, 1648346575889.jpg)

Hey Rachel if you're still reading here where were you when this picrel was taken? It looks like some convention so I'm being sincere asking. Just noticed I had that same phone case once upon a time

No. 1778840

File: 1677552932953.jpeg (69.4 KB, 749x302, A70DC0A3-18F2-477B-8A07-D89C08…)

You mean from some faildox?

No. 1778844

File: 1677553003259.jpeg (89 KB, 749x771, BBC54934-FA8E-48A1-803E-07206A…)

And now you’re treating an actual schizophrenic person as a trick pony…

No. 1778847

That makes me very sad.

No. 1778851

File: 1677553713426.jpeg (72.96 KB, 749x399, B676DADF-739E-45BA-9030-173A6B…)

Lots of people would get angry with the sentiment that autism is a punishment for a past life’s sins ngl

No. 1778852

File: 1677553745985.jpeg (39.55 KB, 749x180, 37398D7A-B29E-45D7-9009-7B6A3C…)

No. 1778853

File: 1677553774401.jpeg (40.26 KB, 749x205, 22996EB6-F9F3-40D0-98BF-BEF649…)

No. 1778856

She would also need to pay a membership fee too if she wants the actual bragging rights with that shiny paper lol

No. 1778864

File: 1677554635553.jpeg (109.26 KB, 749x519, 8D179CF5-E89E-4D6F-A854-4FD054…)

No. 1778865

File: 1677554658420.jpeg (137.32 KB, 750x767, 7C8B8834-A1FF-4A41-A83D-2F5E17…)

No. 1778866

File: 1677554679577.jpeg (80.07 KB, 749x335, 9C43366A-2435-4381-9422-4DE661…)

No. 1778867

File: 1677554770981.jpeg (78.59 KB, 750x314, 35ABF6CE-6666-488C-AAB7-F5E93D…)

No. 1778870

She's just so startlingly British it hurts. Maybe post these in her thread while linking to this one since it's rather official we have a cow crossover at this point?

No. 1778882

I hope we get a good crossover or at the very least Elaine chimping out trying to act like she'd never do such a thing.

(There's also hope for new contributors and discussion because Rachel is the most underrated cow. She's so fucking funny and people are sleeping on her. Previous posters in this thread have talked about her cow potential since the beginning.)
It'll happen sooner than later if she keeps it up. God I can't wait for that day in Rachistory.

No. 1778967

File: 1677565365653.jpeg (82.44 KB, 749x417, 153162B3-CDA4-45EB-9E67-96102D…)

Rachel gets called out for liking a tweet that degrades artwork and then retweeting the artist’s work lol

No. 1778970

File: 1677565625345.jpeg (136.47 KB, 750x842, AFC70BBA-DA32-45C3-B24C-3672D4…)

video proof

No. 1778975

How is she this retarded?

No. 1779036

She’s pulling the same shit on her SilverElitism account. This retarded sperg is actually trying to autistic people look bad with her tard raging lmao.

I’ll post the milk later if no one else already has nonnas

No. 1779037

Samefagging to correct typo

* is trying to make

No. 1779048

File: 1677578519717.jpeg (157.95 KB, 750x921, 67468A51-D6F8-4258-9742-5297EF…)

No. 1779049

File: 1677578579681.jpeg (135.04 KB, 750x838, C05E4CA5-FC52-466E-9790-E94780…)

No. 1779050

File: 1677578651562.jpeg (83.7 KB, 749x410, 73589C81-A166-494A-AB2B-A45DA4…)

No. 1779052

File: 1677578721924.jpeg (120.4 KB, 750x987, 05174F83-17C5-4611-A8B7-F4C71E…)

No. 1779053

File: 1677578762871.jpeg (206.68 KB, 750x896, 9FFA3629-B782-46B5-9FB4-CF97D1…)

No. 1779054

File: 1677578798874.jpeg (194.5 KB, 750x989, 7E8373B2-9F41-42B1-98F2-0BFC3E…)

No. 1779055

File: 1677578852451.jpeg (136.08 KB, 750x837, 9E9C94A0-15B1-4C80-BAC3-FB1AC9…)

No. 1779057

File: 1677578889540.jpeg (47.13 KB, 749x285, 8E3D3605-EA43-4F5D-A23E-1336B2…)

No. 1779058

File: 1677578930173.jpeg (154.13 KB, 749x884, CE234158-81AD-48C0-B199-AA3229…)

No. 1779059

File: 1677578972133.jpeg (100.89 KB, 750x575, 965659A9-4FA8-4232-ABBC-E22361…)

No. 1779060

File: 1677579038048.jpeg (50.36 KB, 750x362, 08DA0B8F-84A4-4E42-9773-815E9C…)

No. 1779061

File: 1677579132276.jpeg (192.04 KB, 750x987, 2CA5C0CD-2529-4FB8-A9E2-B5EB73…)

She copy and pasted this section to multiple people to try and convince people she’s not a monster

No. 1779063

File: 1677579235485.jpeg (160.01 KB, 749x687, 74F0DD1C-5072-4524-9643-D244BD…)

Definitely exaggerating the cat torture there lol. She’s typing out a fantasy innit.

No. 1779065

File: 1677579296334.jpeg (150.13 KB, 749x682, 0AE68125-0973-4D9B-B998-E2373C…)

No. 1779066

File: 1677579331242.jpeg (127.75 KB, 750x631, 2719ABE9-34B3-4825-A829-2C7FBA…)

No. 1779067

File: 1677579364301.jpeg (155.24 KB, 749x707, 8115D850-7982-43F8-941D-13A9EE…)

No. 1779069

File: 1677579501676.jpeg (222.63 KB, 750x1029, 81DF6E5D-DE74-48D1-8848-706B3C…)

No. 1779070

File: 1677579575135.jpeg (69.86 KB, 749x379, 4962A0DA-2CD3-430D-8ADE-4A91C3…)

No. 1779071

File: 1677579620878.jpeg (131.89 KB, 749x675, 3D7442DC-7F3D-4EA7-BCA0-168C3F…)

No. 1779072

File: 1677579659611.jpeg (92.22 KB, 749x437, 085B895F-BC1A-4C9D-8DC0-DE6D40…)

No. 1779073

File: 1677579736882.jpeg (179 KB, 750x1065, 7DF82737-BEB8-4303-B5DA-BCA285…)

No. 1779074

File: 1677579804622.jpeg (131.73 KB, 749x937, 5A8B952A-B90C-4076-BC63-678709…)

Many would agree with the sentiment tbh

No. 1779075

File: 1677579870206.jpeg (199.9 KB, 750x937, B8559D62-4E9E-4425-9837-9533F7…)

Fatphobia, homophobia, what else is there? Not looking like an ally there Rachel

No. 1779078

File: 1677580053675.jpeg (184.54 KB, 749x909, 018C3969-AC9B-422E-A212-EB46CE…)

No. 1779081

File: 1677580172758.jpeg (90.48 KB, 749x454, BE190FB4-BA4F-40DE-B352-C497D7…)

The only drama whore is you lol

No. 1779082

File: 1677580251152.jpeg (89.54 KB, 750x362, 046CCF11-BE53-4DB1-BEF0-3434C0…)

No. 1779084

File: 1677580284016.jpeg (151.4 KB, 750x767, 6B91AB67-1AE3-427E-A08E-929751…)

No. 1779086

File: 1677580355684.jpeg (157.86 KB, 749x649, ACA7E8FE-0003-416F-B63E-C6DA12…)

No. 1779088

File: 1677580394053.jpeg (159.61 KB, 749x819, 1DD63043-719F-4832-9FFE-5B4A0A…)