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File: 1648493897431.jpg (798.87 KB, 1587x902, sdcsdvv.jpg)

No. 1485119

Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin is a 28 year old woman obsessed with Sephiroth and online role playing, known for being overtly racist, serially lying, and having questionable interactions with children. Rachel made herself into a fully fledged cow after she barged into the lc discord demanding her thread, which had been abandoned for a year, be taken down. In the process, Rachel incriminated herself further by doubling down on her actions, saying children set adults up for molestation accusations, that it’s okay to be racist if someone is mean to you first, and threatening to send a cease and desist letter. She was such a massive sperg that farmers started to think it was a troll– that is, until she doxed herself (not for the first time) by sending a picture of her ID to a random user in an attempt to get the thread removed.

Since then, she has managed to fill her almost empty thread in under a week by spending all day every day defending herself here, posing as a myriad of other characters, including members of her harem of sexy boyfriends, “friends” (of which she has none), and other farmers, succeeding in none of her attempts. This is because she is very stupid, repeating the same lines many dozens of times, and making many winning arguments such as “Rachel isn’t here, guise!” x200.

A brief run down of her milky antics:

>Calling people niglets >>1483172 >>1483418

>Spamming random moid's dick pics itt to prove her totally real harem of sexy boyfriends is here defending her (removed by farmhands)
>Lying about her friend, who was sick with cancer, dying, when the friend was very much alive >>1477150
>Doxing herself, twice >>1477150 >>1095875
>Saying she will put her parents into a home when they get older as revenge for trying to get her mental help >>1484574
>Being mad that it’s socially unacceptable for her to harass children >>1484260
>Larping as a sassy black woman >>1483444
>Posting “BUMP” hundreds of times because she thinks it will make her thread end (removed by farmhands)
>Everyone hating her in the discord she's in and her being unable to tell >>1484489 >>1483245 >>1483240
>Using twitter lingo and the same uncommon wording she is known for when larping as other people/farmers, which easily gives her away >>1483073 >>1483230 >>1484498 >>1484701 (etc, it’s basically the whole thread)
>Dildo TMI posting >>1484389 >>1484393 >>1484396
>Talking about sex with children >>1477767 because they are the only people she can make friends with >>147795
>Lying on twitter about buying an end table for $400 to prove she is rich by posting a picture from the artist who made it, the artist then comes in to say “wtf you did not buy this and it’s not $400,” rachel doubles down on the lie right to the artist’s face, and again itt >>1483140 >>1483152 >>1483142
>Using some random woman’s photoshopped picture to larp as a back woman >>1483196
>Sperging about how she is totally not fat >>1480683 >>1477647 >>1478070 >>1477617
>Something about not knowing/being able to fit into lolita brands idk i’m not a lolitafag but they thought it was funny so here >>1478080 >>1478076
>I probably missed some, the whole thread is golden

Previous thread:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/1095830

List of her twitter usernames:
MadamMidgar (suspended)
sera37793803 (suspended)
natsume92272871 (suspended)
lovelyswan8 (suspended)
thatbitchshinra (suspended)

No. 1485129

File: 1648494651286.jpg (65.26 KB, 480x360, rachel_sephiroth.jpg)

Sequoia High School, 2012
A.A. Art History 2017, Cañada College (Redwood City, CA)

"Self-employed cat sitter" x8 years, seasonal work at Hot Topic

Serial shit-stirrer, impersonator, and teller of tall tales. Degenerate Sephiroth fan.


No. 1485133

File: 1648494814730.png (34.1 KB, 491x317, brian horspool candy wrappers.…)

P.S. Remember this? Remember when she said Brian was paralyzed? He is very much not https://www.facebook.com/bhorspool (although he does look a little gimpy and like a massive druggie.) Funnily enough he, too, survived (brain) cancer, but as a kid. Which I guess could leave you paralyzed? But it didn't. But this is Rachel TWICE exaggerating a friend/acquaintance's cancer to make her stories better, lol.

No. 1485207

Thanks for the thread anon! Now i fully understand what happened in that mess of a thread. I wonder if this obeast bitch is the same "bump" anon, trying to get her thread pushed down. This milk is delicous and fresh

No. 1485251

File: 1648504693579.jpg (58.69 KB, 725x499, brainbleachneeded.jpg)

fixed OP links

>Calling people niglets >>1483172, >>1483418

>Spamming random moid's dick pics itt to prove her totally real harem of sexy boyfriends is here defending her (removed by farmhands)
>Lying about her friend, who was sick with cancer, dying, when the friend was very much alive >>1477150
>Doxing herself, twice >>1477150, >>1095875
>Saying she will put her parents into a home when they get older as revenge for trying to get her mental help >>1484574
>Being mad that it’s socially unacceptable for her to harass children >>1484260
>Larping as a sassy black woman >>1483444
>Posting “BUMP” hundreds of times because she thinks it will make her thread end (removed by farmhands)
>Everyone hating her in the discord she's in and her being unable to tell >>1484489, >>1483245, >>1483240
>Using twitter lingo and the same uncommon wording she is known for when larping as other people/farmers, which easily gives her away >>1483073, >>1483230, >>1484498, >>1484701 (etc, it’s basically the whole thread)
>Dildo TMI posting >>1484389, >>1484393, >>1484396
>Talking about sex with children >>1477767 because they are the only people she can make friends with >>147795
>Lying on twitter about buying an end table for $400 to prove she is rich by posting a picture from the artist who made it, the artist then comes in to say “wtf you did not buy this and it’s not $400,” rachel doubles down on the lie right to the artist’s face, and again itt >>1483140, >>1483152, >>1483142
>Using some random woman’s photoshopped picture to larp as a back woman >>1483196
>Sperging about how she is totally not fat >>1480683, >>1477647, >>1478070, >>1477617
>Something about not knowing/being able to fit into lolita brands idk i’m not a lolitafag but they thought it was funny so here >>1478080, >>1478076

No. 1485339

congratulations ladies this is now the 5th result when you search her name
its not, that anon is a moid and hes been here for like 2 months or longer before rachel even knew about this site.

No. 1485352

File: 1648510244140.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x2578, D59784A3-BFD3-4EA1-A74D-87F0C2…)

4th result now!

No. 1485354

File: 1648510424470.jpeg (989.22 KB, 1284x1878, ED9CB700-C138-49A4-8FAD-DC53C3…)

its insane to me that she (rachel) keeps following and interacting with this person after being blocked by them for accusing them of being ableist towards her about her autism
ill try to find screenshots

No. 1485356

File: 1648510546186.jpeg (970.65 KB, 1284x1791, A53FE3CB-6C70-4CEA-8050-606AFE…)

No. 1485362

File: 1648510740701.jpeg (369.68 KB, 1284x668, 69D96E0F-446F-4083-A236-5C28DD…)

imagine getting soft blocked 3 times and not getting the hint then sperg out when you get blocked

No. 1485369

careful anon once she wakes up shes gonna cone here sperging about how “it hasnt been confirmed thats her”, and how theres no proof that it is, also of course that the thread pic is going to make people think shes soo skinny now kek.

No. 1485461

File: 1648517437018.jpeg (673.49 KB, 1284x2433, CD4BC484-B3AA-4FB6-8AAE-2D9BD9…)

is this allowed? feel free to take it down if its not
but it’s the fact that she has no friends on venmo for me lol

No. 1485465

File: 1648517637875.jpeg (240.72 KB, 977x728, 7EA14E7D-A9F0-49AD-AB81-852A59…)

the duality of rachel

No. 1485466

Transweemen are called trannies even by their own kind on 4chan.

No. 1485476

i know i just think shes a hypocrite

No. 1485496

There's a ton of shit about her harassing people about DDLG using the account name yzrch on Tumblr. She also used that name on Twitter for a while.

In short, she was assblasted that someone thought DDLG was creepy (this was a page posting PICTURES OF CATS, not even a mature tumblr) and like any well adjusted individual she stalked and harassed them.

No. 1485526

Hi newfag. You need to bring caps, not just vague recountings. Also tbh if she doesn't come back to this thread I think there's not gonna be much more milk– half the things you newfags are mad about are too generic to be interesting. Her sperging is what made her old thread entertaining. Where oh where is our porky princess?

No. 1485536

so she got mad at someone for thinking ddlg is weird? sounds about right for her does anyone have caps

No. 1485538

File: 1648521998804.png (921.58 KB, 828x1792, 3C05B53F-C4B0-43AE-975D-9B5133…)

I still have the bio from her tumblr. Not sure if this is important but she does say she will stalk your account for cat posts.

No. 1485552

Kek is this an old profile? Can you even put ip tracking code on the new tumblr profiles? I know on old tumblr with html you could

No. 1485556

File: 1648523305040.png (299.81 KB, 404x1240, C89E2BB3-C88E-49F7-B5BE-456337…)

nta but i found a callout post the cat blog made for her over the situation here are the caps from their conversations and heres the link to the post

No. 1485557

File: 1648523460459.png (52.96 KB, 536x531, D032FE1B-FE94-4C05-8A2A-15BAFE…)

her reblogging a post about why ddlg is okay after telling that person she doesnt support it

No. 1485564

File: 1648523801118.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3464x3464, 5CCE7BE6-3A66-4D4D-9ACA-EE2547…)

No. 1485576

File: 1648524263128.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3464x3464, 01944EB8-C6E8-4583-AC26-C3BA79…)

sorry my collages suck lol

No. 1485588

yeah you could use a thing called statcounter on your page

No. 1485600

I think there might be milk. maybe she got a temp ban, she got red text on a post. either way there's no way she'll stay out of drama because she's been around and milky for years. so i'm staying optimistic about this cow.

No. 1485602

would you be able to bypass that with a vpn? because she definitely has one

No. 1485603

File: 1648525870635.jpeg (792.54 KB, 1284x2373, 324E15FB-869F-4AC7-B432-FAECC8…)

she got online about an hour ago and shes afk right now
did she finally learn to shut the fuck up?

No. 1485605

File: 1648526228071.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3464x3464, 85342796-7F3F-4DC9-93D0-FDC30E…)

funny that she gave this person the same advice she gets mad at people on discord for giving her

No. 1485607

File: 1648526272793.jpeg (1011.68 KB, 3464x3464, AD365938-CE1D-485A-A692-5D477C…)

No. 1485610

File: 1648526744884.jpeg (289.61 KB, 461x1694, B668C695-9086-421C-A4A6-F3A1F8…)

okay im done nonas, whew what a shit show. to me the funniest part is that she was going through and messaging people that reblogged the post to harass them too

No. 1485612

File: 1648526959451.jpeg (130.64 KB, 400x538, EF4555BD-11BF-4626-8F3C-422609…)

okay i lied, now im done. these screenshots are both from the replies.

No. 1485623

you had me at racist fat woman obsessed with sephiroth

No. 1485624

and now shes offline
i tried to see if i could find anymore pics of her through her parents but they have everything their twitters and instagrams locked

i even went as far as to see if they had her biological mom added and no dice

No. 1485654

>I got vaccinated
Oh good, she's a sheep

No. 1485658

so… is she saying that her mom died?

No. 1485659

File: 1648531242973.png (30.04 KB, 567x162, Eoh9rvxUYAESl6m.png)

just remember that the more you tell fatty not to groom children, she'll do it harder and keep going after them

then wondering why a fat little piglet like herself is called a pedo

No. 1485660

retard spectrum disorder? this whole thing reads exactly like a kissless virgin in her parents’ basement trying to manifest her best life based on what she’s read in fanfiction. interesting.

No. 1485666

Honestly I think she uses the “ I’m adopted” thing to try and gain sympathy points. She’s a compulsive lier and will say anything to make you feel sorry for her so she can play l victim.

No. 1485667

File: 1648531689120.png (669.45 KB, 802x1174, nasty.png)

she knows all about them children's porn habits.

No. 1485668

Do not start with this, you tard. Focus on the milk.

No. 1485670

File: 1648531719115.jpeg (Spoiler Image,959.37 KB, 1284x1763, 9E9693D3-BFE3-435C-951A-88B7BA…)

her twitter wouldnt let me go far back so i couldnt get everything but i got enough
sharing the same retarded sephiroth porn that she retweeted

No. 1485671

File: 1648531786403.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1284x1844, D54E93C6-3945-457D-9CBC-6E7419…)

No. 1485672

File: 1648531832441.jpeg (Spoiler Image,922.12 KB, 1284x1808, FF7DF5ED-18D6-4491-93BB-C4B35F…)

No. 1485674

The dick is drawn upside down, which is funny, but otherwise I don't think this really needs to be posted. We know shes a horny loser, we don't need to see what she gets off to unless it's particularly weird

No. 1485675

File: 1648532013911.jpeg (Spoiler Image,907.67 KB, 1284x1486, 02E6C04B-E6D8-412E-9CCB-A5E544…)

No. 1485676

She'll be back. She's harassed the same group of people for years, this is no different. She gets personally offended by people who don't like her and has to show them how much of a gatekeep gaslight girlboss she is while at the same time whining that nobody wants to play house with her as Sephiroth so she can pretend to be the perpetually pregnant housewife to a fictional character.

All sorts of yikes lmao

No. 1485682

File: 1648532496770.png (102.09 KB, 1258x745, 1.png)

To my knowledge her mother is still alive but doesn't like hearing about her online habits. that's why her mom has her accounts private.

she talks about her mom this and her mom that, but really no one is killing her mom.

one moment she's saying her mom agrees with her on everything and the next she's talking about how it's making her mom sick or her mom no longer wants to hear about it.

her mom really should've aborted her.

No. 1485684

She's totally unhinged. As usual for this cow it seems, the base accusation of "she defended ddlg" (something I've seen rehashed on tumblr dozens of times) is much less interesting than the actual way she goes about doing it. I don't think I've ever seen a person tell someone "you are not allowed to block me"

No. 1485687

I have seen her tell someone that can’t ignore her or block her because she’s got RSD. I don’t know if there was a screen cap of it though.

No. 1485703

i think it was around the too of her first thread

No. 1485706

File: 1648534935191.jpg (163.57 KB, 1080x594, noselfawareness.jpg)

This is the funniest shit I've seen all day because she has literally made being an unhinged Sephiroth fangirl her entire personality.

No. 1485755

nonnies ive spent about an hour joining almost every final fantasy server i could find and i dont think the dude she claimed to have made up with exists theres nobody on any of those servers with that name or profile picture
i think its safe to say that she edited that (now deleted) screenshot

No. 1485763


for anyone who wants to sniff around rachel’s discords servers for milk—

friends of midgar
cult of zack
limit break

No. 1485764

File: 1648544917009.jpg (Spoiler Image,513.11 KB, 1080x1661, alba.jpg)

This is the guy she claimed to be dating at one point, she met him on Aniroleplay. I dunno what sort of contact they have now but this is the guy she has screenshots of conversations with.

So he exists, a lot of what she said in regards to him is BS though. They've never met.

No. 1485766

why did you mention her server shes gonna ban people on sight now

No. 1485768

the guy i was talking about was the recent guy she made up with (“makosoldier97”) not her “ex”

No. 1485778

holy shit, this is my first time on one of her threads but i’ve seen that corviknight best friend account of hers in a ton of different places on twitter and we don’t run in anywhere near the same circles. girl is a cockroach

No. 1485779


Terrance isn't her boyfriend, he never was. He's just another victim of Rachel. He doesn't have involvement with the fat cow except being another one of her lies.

this was cleared up a long time ago, so he's just another person she stalks consistently because she wants that fuckin' dick.

No. 1485780


With how much she complains about not having a relationship and going after kids to groom them, there's no way she has a boyfriend.

imagine being so unwanted that you can't get a relationship and have to pretend to have one with a fictional fuckin' characters.(learn2sage)

No. 1485781

refer to >>1485768
i’m talking about the RECENT guy

No. 1485782

File: 1648547810650.jpg (432.09 KB, 1278x868, 314f58c8f0d85237973b17d63a434e…)

She ain't never had one. She took a fictional relationship and ran with it and threw his name in the dirt as if that motherfucker gives to shits about that fat cow. LOL

No. 1486018

File: 1648572331194.jpeg (202.65 KB, 1284x570, 0FA3DBAC-D9CF-4867-A132-CC7681…)

shes back on her main again
shes trying to deflect familiarity by retweeting the same person she shared on her nsfw and discord which is kind of sad
shes also seen the new thread judging by this screenshot guess shes not biting

No. 1486021

File: 1648572665304.jpeg (267.04 KB, 1284x759, 9803B1ED-C17B-45F7-958F-5CF0E5…)

>”boyfriend” is 21 years old
>hes trucker with a duplex

im still on the side of shes making him up but i would love it if she got catfished like she tried to claim last thread

No. 1486023

unhinged queen ngl

No. 1486056

i’m actually surprised this cow stopped spamming her own thread. i’ll give it a few days

No. 1486059

Not Rachel bragging about her cp stash

No. 1486127

i feel like if the fairsinfocenter twitter tweets about it shell probably sperg about it
fairsinfocenter already knows because theyre here and i can tell by how they arrange the screenshots and they type the same as they do on fairsinfocenter and their rp account lol

No. 1486447

whoever made this


needs to go on account settings and set the account to public.

No. 1486448

Why? You wanna send an angry message to the account owner to take that off the goddamn internet?

No. 1486451

not either of these anons but what’s the point of a ~warning~ account that isn’t public?

No. 1486458

File: 1648602777211.jpg (187.71 KB, 1060x495, mid.jpg)

The way anirp works is that the headline text is visible to everyone including people who don't have accounts. I'd assume the person who made it is using that logic and hasn't filled out anything more substantial and is hiding behind privating everything else to make up for it.

No. 1486459

this isnt milk sage next time

No. 1486466

File: 1648603255539.jpeg (196.84 KB, 1284x728, 39E57F1D-D3CD-41D5-B725-AAB0FA…)

found the dude that she claimed was going to be a potential irl boyfriend that blocked her after seeing her lolcow thread and made up with her
would it be cowtipping to message him?

No. 1486471

File: 1648603686250.jpeg (361.59 KB, 1284x963, 864C07D4-A47F-42FA-BFDA-884AE4…)

looks like hes had his account for a while so hes legit
theres a high chance shes lying about the shit between them though

No. 1486499

Noes. One of Seras victims here. I wanna stay in the loop.

No. 1486502

lmao wait why does this sound like Rachel

No. 1486509

Yes, that's cowtipping. Don't.

No. 1486512


"Take that off the goddamn internet" is a reference to Chris-chan's dad lol

No. 1486697

File: 1648626659529.jpg (362.75 KB, 807x1479, googletranslate.jpg)

She's using Google translate to pretend that she knows Japanese…weebs are so weird.

No. 1486698

File: 1648626794481.jpg (205.32 KB, 1080x705, Gross.jpg)

And she's generally being gross about minors again.

She isn't a parent, she doesn't work with children, she has no reason to be in minors' spaces but somehow feels entitled to "teach" them.

That's grooming, Rachel.

No. 1486708


She doesn’t have to be a parent or work with children to teach. Anyone can be a teacher.

No. 1486709


It’s comprehensible. It’s plausible she knows what she’s doing.

No. 1486711

Welcome to your new thread, Bertha. Congratulations!(hi cow)

No. 1486713

File: 1648629187907.png (29.11 KB, 777x204, cryrachel.png)

you are a pedo, rachel. you literally cross hard boundaries with minors.

No. 1486717

Your logic is terrifying Rachel.
You're disgusting.

Take your weird animal dildos and Sephiroth obsession and stay away from children.

No. 1486738

She’s not here but whatever helps you sleep at night sweaty.

Not a pedophile since she isn’t attracted to minors. Sexual education isn’t porn.(infighting, sweaty)

No. 1486741

Bbl introducing her to more children. Ciao.

No. 1486744

lord this bitch still thinks calling people sweaty is a good comeback

No. 1486749

2013 called and wants their insult back.

No. 1486755

Another thread full of Bertha denying that she's here? How fun.
Your IQ is in the single digits.

Jesus christ, you're actively seeking out minors.

No. 1486779

i hear rope is on sale today :)(:))

No. 1486853

Not even her cats like her.

No. 1487088

I can't believe the farmhands are enforcing the "no hi cow-ing" rule on this thread tbh. There should be an exception imo, since this thread is literally sustained by the cow coming on here and posting.

No. 1487141

I wouldn’t be so sure anon. They’re cats. They don’t “like” anyone.

No. 1487146

LMFAO I love that the "cats don't like her" accusation flew out of left field with no context, no one else cared, but even then she can't help herself from arguing against even the most mild insults. Anyway rachel if you don't think cats like "anyone" then cats clearly don't like you, lol.

No. 1487302

Well, the jannies are actually braindead retarded lately so I'm not surprised.

No. 1487306

File: 1648678582367.png (14.58 KB, 579x219, loool.png)

yet, no likes or rt's

No. 1487367

Is she having a mental break?

No. 1487374

No she’s always like this. It’s a part of her delusions. She thinks if she says it enough, it’s real or true.

No. 1487389

File: 1648685218406.jpeg (145.73 KB, 1284x418, 0CD9F357-409F-4D81-9BAB-36B26C…)

her cat doesnt even like her

No. 1487390

No, that’s LITERALLY you guys.

No. 1487395

Oh you’d be surprised at how much he does. He just doesn’t show affection physically. He’s not the kind of cat that enjoys sitting on your lap.

Plus he’s a lovebiter. I never taught him to not bite us when he plays with us. He greets me at the front door more often than not and prefers sleeping on my bed.

No. 1487403

File: 1648686179784.jpeg (Spoiler Image,3.5 MB, 4032x3024, A0F0AC4C-A309-4F16-BF39-1EB6E0…)

Except for that one time.

No. 1487406

i thought rachel wasnt here?

No. 1487409

File: 1648686680451.jpg (2.64 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

I haven’t really been paying attention to this thread. I’ve been doing more productive things with my time.

I just got him to purr by talking to him.

No. 1487410

he looks dirty you should go clean your house lol

No. 1487412

File: 1648687082824.jpeg (3.25 MB, 4032x3024, 1373B9F7-1566-42C2-AF15-658209…)

He’s black, and a cat. If he’s dirty, he can clean himself up just fine.

No. 1487415

With her weird obsession with animal dildos I wouldn't want to let her be alone with animals either.

No. 1487420

File: 1648687570048.jpeg (73.44 KB, 823x1372, 02EC3529-2672-422A-9F54-5E6384…)

Another account gone. How many does this make now? Is someone counting? I stopped at 6.

No. 1487424

Monster dildos. There is a difference. Unless you’d rather enjoy your bland ass normal shaped dildos because it’s the closest thing you’ll ever get to having a dick in your snootch, Karen?

No. 1487426

File: 1648687721148.png (902.96 KB, 640x814, C81ECD8B-CE27-4777-8C06-C83A8B…)

Not my collection, but they have a cat too.

No. 1487432

just because the bull penis is rainbow colored doesnt make it any less of an animal dildo you weirdo

No. 1487437

Ewwwww. How tf can you identify what animal it is then, you fucking zoophile?!

No. 1487454

File: 1648689129891.jpeg (Spoiler Image,779.5 KB, 1284x1462, 7B3F5E3E-7C0A-4960-A634-5DE64F…)

because the furry you retweeted it from literally said it was you fucking retarded

No. 1487463

That's legitimately disgusting, and you went immediately to defend the animal penises. You didn't even try to say you don't abuse your cat, you found it more alarming that someone doesn't subscribe to the weird shit you shove into your body.

Figures it would take something obscenely large to make you feel something, considering that everything about you is obscenely large except for your common sense and basic intelligence.

No. 1487519

The cat doesn’t like you because he knows what you hate anything black

No. 1487528

That isn’t my Twitter but nice try.

No. 1487530

My boy loves me. The first day I met him, he jumped onto my lap and sprawled on his back in my arms.

No. 1487534

Lmao no. I’m still virgin tight. I have to use a lot of lube when I’m with my bf and the gynecologist has trouble getting the speculum in.

No. 1487535

But I thought you said cats don't really "like" anyone?

No. 1487538

STOP STOP I don't want to hear about your nasty coochie rachel. Also jsyk, your sephiroth body pillow we saw last thread with an animal dildo strapped onto it does not count as a "boyfriend"

No. 1487539

Nasty. Confirmed pedophile, presumed zoophile. What else are we adding to the list?

No. 1487550

Newfag, please learn how to reply. Also your "CONFIRMED PEDOPHILE!!" "CONFIRMED ZOOPHILE" is a little much. She's an autistic freak with no boundaries and terrible taste in dildos. That's funny enough by itself. You forget, us farmers are here to laugh at cows, not create exaggerated call-outs. Integrate.

No. 1487558

Use some reading comprehension.
I didn't say confirmed zoo, I said presumed.

She admits to actively seek out minors and talk about sexual shit with them because she feels it's her duty. Her pedophilia manifesto, if you will.

I'm enjoying myself keeping tally, thank you very much. Calm down lmao and enjoy the show. Let's not sully the thread with running every comment under a fine tooth comb lol

No. 1487562

Good job learning how to reply. Next, try not reddit-spacing. I'm not mad at you, I'm just giving you tips on how to not stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 1487565

File: 1648696751411.jpeg (75 KB, 1284x202, B842FDC5-FCA5-4D56-9B18-BCF89D…)

found another server that shes in with minors

No. 1487567

Just finding a server she's in that happens to have minors in it is not milk. Take caps if you see her doing something weird, though.

No. 1487568

File: 1648696862298.jpeg (592.18 KB, 1284x2044, AC6E1587-2EA7-460D-9B32-1FB8B5…)

they asked if she wanted the role to see the “hentai” i ss’d it wrong i would go back and get it but i already left and reported the server lol

No. 1487569

File: 1648696899026.jpeg (560.29 KB, 1284x1758, FA7F805F-E948-45BD-9832-E11BE6…)

No. 1487571

File: 1648696974529.jpeg (520.93 KB, 1284x2364, D9D0FC64-4A5B-4C6F-9278-0B18E9…)


>>1487567 also can you chill the fuck out and shut the fuck up for a minute i was already on it

No. 1487573

File: 1648696997464.jpeg (381.1 KB, 1284x1063, 7122ADF5-0235-453E-9E8D-3DCF97…)

No. 1487574

File: 1648697085165.jpeg (540.45 KB, 1284x1960, EC06D486-BCAF-44C7-BCE8-3BA586…)

thats really all
i couldnt see the hentai channel because i sure as fuck wasnt going to ask a minor for the “horny role” for old milk

No. 1487581

A THIRTEEN year old?
And this heifer saw nothing wrong?
She's not "educating," she's having conversations with them. Sharing images. That's distribution of obscene materials. That's a felony isn't it?
Its one thing if a minor goes looking for porn on their own but if she's posting the weird shit she gets off to in there she's supplying it to minors. Holy shit lmao will we get a Rachel goes to jail saga

No. 1487583

File: 1648697718652.jpeg (253.73 KB, 1284x1293, F9848580-5B56-401D-BE7B-0BF644…)

this is in a different server theres not muchbut she has 16+ role…

No. 1487584

File: 1648697847188.jpeg (685.01 KB, 1284x2321, 8E9D0ED8-3F55-4C14-839A-00CB99…)

she cant even say its because they dont have an 18+ role or that it doesnt work because i clicked it and it works (mfw theres a 16- role)

No. 1487585

Burger here, afaik you cannot go to jail for sharing drawn porn with children (in most states at least).

No. 1487586

File: 1648697925416.jpeg (914.74 KB, 1284x2324, 6C12D824-70B6-429A-85D3-94B3F0…)

her intro with minors also posting intros there were more minors posting intros before her
you can see by her role color that shes still in the server

No. 1487587

the black spade is sending me

No. 1487596

File: 1648698531698.jpeg (585.51 KB, 1284x1756, DDE8F000-FF73-4A97-B571-1EC7D0…)


No. 1487598

Certified freak, 7 days a week.
Of course you want to know, that’s why you’re here. <3 How about I tell you about my menstrual cup collection? They’re super cool!

No. 1487599

That counts as cow tipping.

No. 1487601

I’m pretty sure it is , Somthing somthing corruption of a minor something something ,

No. 1487602

>sharing lolcow screenshots with people outside of lolcow
It’s a new kind of cringe, how much of an absolute nobody can someone be to unironically send lolcow/kiwifarms/4chan screenshots to anyone?

No. 1487603

Ain’t a felony. Call the police, I can guarantee you they don’t care.

No. 1487604

“ Under Title 18 Section 6301(a)(1)(ii), Corruption of Minors is graded as a 3rd Degree Felony punishable by up to 7 years in jail and a $15,000”. Bet?

No. 1487605

okay rachel

No. 1487607

checked the rules and it doesnt
ironically enough you doing this breaks the no minimodding rule
shut up fatty

No. 1487609

Man she’s creepy. And in the last thread she said “the cops know already.” I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s been investigated by them. And if not, it should happen soon.

No. 1487613

She can be cell mates with CWC.
She needs to flex how awesome and great she is at her "comebacks," and needs an audience to give her asspats for the bare minimum.
Seven days a week? With which imaginary boyfriend this time?

No. 1487614

Are you kidding me? Let me within 10 feet of that bitch and he’s dead.

No. 1487616

Babe you get winded thinking about your elementary school comebacks, CWC would win that fight.

No. 1487619

No. He’d be dead and fast.

No. 1487620

i find it so hilarious that she hammers on about being with her boyfriend and needing lube with him but then she turns around and talks about how regular dick shaped dildos are boring and salivates over silicone rainbow animal cocks on twitter

No. 1487621

I haven’t been investigated and I never will be. They know I’m in the same spaces as minors. They don’t care. I told my friend who is an elementary school teacher about all of this and she laughed her ass off at you retards and reassured me I’m not a pedophile.

No. 1487622

>CWC vs Bertha
That would be the ultimate tard fight.

No. 1487626

yeah, we totally believe you. you don’t have friends, hammy

No. 1487627

File: 1648699974947.jpeg (176.12 KB, 1284x715, 8D501680-07B7-4C55-BC86-17FC0E…)

idk why youre talking shit about chris chan when youre not that different all things considered
you even have the mom cuddling down like him too

No. 1487628

No, it’s mainly because it’s impressive that human hands can make that. A lot of work goes into making those toys. Not only are they functional, but they’re ART.

No. 1487630

File: 1648700215993.jpeg (90.15 KB, 827x1024, 9DC43713-0591-4937-8367-AD9D37…)

Look at this. This is a literal buttplug but it also looks like a god damn lava lamp with the illusion of moving parts inside. It’s fucking glorious.

No. 1487631

“i will use art as my excuse for wanting animal cock” is what you basically said

No. 1487632

You couldn't even stand up to the people who "bullied" you in school, instead you went full Karen and made social media posts about it.

You live a mostly sedentary lifestyle and have never once gone out of your way to physically exert yourself besides waddling yourself to the front door to collect your Doordash and return to your smelly Bertha Burrow of a bedroom, surrounded by the smell of your B.O. and pictures of fictional men who would almost certainly reject you if they were real.
You'd fail to pass even the most basic of fitness exams.

No. 1487633

Because I love my mom and we have a good relationship. Imagine not loving your own mother.

No. 1487634

File: 1648700355308.jpeg (70.35 KB, 500x673, 6B011629-D261-4ECB-ABE5-D1F573…)

No. 1487635

Kwyjibo zoo exhibit

No. 1487637

Would be funny if she claimed to own one of those animal dildos and then a furfag who actually owned it called her out and she acted the same way she did to the lady that made the table hahahhahah

No. 1487640

because not wanting to cuddle my mom when im an adult with a boyfriend unlike you means that i dont love my mom
also didnt you say you were going to put your mom in a home for putting you in retard school? your love is kind of weird no wonder youre sad and single

No. 1487641

I didn’t stand up to the people who bullied me in high school because I had low self esteem. I’m not like that anymore.

I literally get out of the house every day to work, do errands, or take walks so you’re wrong there. My bedroom is fantastically clean, the sheets were changed two weeks ago. I take a shower every single day and if I faced you in even the most basic fitness test, let’s face it, you’d die she-hippo. All of you are expected to remain anonymous at all times, so for all I know you weigh 3x my weight. I wasn’t big to begin with, but because all of you default to fatphobic insults because you can’t come up with anything original, it’s very clear where your insecurities lie.

You dumb skanks were disrespectful to my friends earlier when they were here. Shameful.

No. 1487642

You don’t love your mom.

No. 1487643

Imagine thinking two week old sheets are clean

No. 1487646

I do have the table. It’s next to me right now.

As for the dildos, I can’t justify buying them because although they are nice, I prefer having nice things that I will actually use, and they might be too big anyhow. Vaginismus is a real thing.

No. 1487647

They are, unless you’re in a hotel.

No. 1487648

The table maker already called you out for lying lol

No. 1487651

Two weeks ago???? Yikes hahahahaha maybe you should use some free time to understand just how dirty that shit ends up. And if you're supposedly having all the sex you say you do in those sheets, the smell will add up.
We know you don't have friends Bertha. It's why you keep trying to force yourself into the friend circles of people who have you blocked.
Lastly, if you were active you wouldn't be such a porker. You wouldn't waste as much time as you do obsessing over fake men because you'd be out there doing shit.

No. 1487653

take a pic of the table with a piece of paper with today's date on it if you really have it, rachel

No. 1487657

On the suggestion of >>1487653,
Put your body pillow next to the table. That would check out lol

No. 1487658

> I literally get out of the house every day to work, do errands, or take walks so you’re wrong there. My bedroom is fantastically clean, the sheets were changed two weeks ago. I take a shower every single day
im willing to bet thats because your mom makes you
>if I faced you in even the most basic fitness test, let’s face it, you’d die she-hippo
if by basic fitness test you mean sumo wrestling then yeah youd win
>>so for all I know you weigh 3x my weight
girl im taller than 5’2 and slightly over my bmi and im STILL not fatter than you…

stop projecting

i LOVE that youre still dying on this hill after being called out

No. 1487659

File: 1648701195849.jpeg (149.89 KB, 751x1500, 704A9952-1EAA-4F63-9076-E37994…)

Ain’t an excuse. I don’t fuck animals nor do I want to, and you’re both weird and gross for making those accusations.

These pieces are art. This HodgepodgeEntourage piece looks a little like an astropop.

No. 1487661

Nah sumo wrestlers have discipline , rachel can’t manage enough self control not to shoot her self in the foot with her own mouth

No. 1487662

all youre doing is proving that youre tayuubarbie on twitter more and more by talking about the shit you share from twitter over here youre such a sped

No. 1487665

My mom has absolutely no say in anything I do, I pay the bills and I am a legal adult.

So you admit you’re fatter than me. :3

Ain’t projecting. You don’t love your mother.

Just because you say I don’t have the table doesn’t mean I don’t have the table. Saying I don’t have it (regardless of whether you’re the artist or not) doesn’t magically make the table next to me disappear. I am the only authority on whether I have the table or not.

No. 1487666

You don't appreciate them for the artistic value, you're using that as a scapegoat to hide your degeneracy. There is nothing artistic about animal genitals unless you want to think about animals fucking you.

No. 1487667

Only I never did. uwu

No. 1487669

Take a picture of the table then, piggy.

No. 1487671

File: 1648701607177.jpeg (149.61 KB, 751x1500, 6E01E6AF-1EAB-46FD-8C30-01138C…)

If you think this looks like animal genitals, then that makes YOU the degenerate, not me.

I have literally told you that I wouldn’t buy them because I’m not going to buy something I won’t use. Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate them as they are.

No. 1487672

>I pay the bills
Wow, rachel. That's impressive. You pay all the bills for your parent's $2million dollar california house with only a book store job? Tell us your secret!

No. 1487673

Everyone here aside from my friends and the one person who confirmed I wasn’t a pedophile has done nothing but systematically disrespected, doxxed, and harassed me. The simple fact of the matter is, you don’t deserve the table.

No. 1487675

I make nearly 100,000$ USD a year from that job alone.

No. 1487676

Nah u trippin.

No. 1487677

Working at Stanford Bookstore/Gift shop doesn’t mean you make that much money, piggy

No. 1487678

the table is a one off that the artist hasn’t sold yet XD. If your going to lie about your furniture at least make it a lie worth telling . I myself use king kongs hollowed out foot as a sofa

No. 1487679

The only way that could even possibly be true is if you were the manager of the bookstore. There's literally no book store job in the country that would pay anyone that much, much less a 28 year old regular employee.

No. 1487680

No. 1487681

>The simple fact of the matter is, you don’t deserve the table.
idk why but this line has me rolling. Copypasta material

No. 1487682

The artist is simply wrong. Same shit goes for her as for you. Simply saying “you don’t have the table” doesn’t make the table not exist next to me.

No. 1487683

Yeah it is pretty funny tbh.

No. 1487684

L-link nonny… please… I wanna pretend I'm getting stuffed by Garry's Vikarian…

No. 1487686


The delusion level is over 9000

No. 1487687

You doxed yourself.
Twice, even.
You don't have friends. It's just you using VPN to pretend to be different people and trying to subtly change the way you type to try to emphasize that it's totally not you!
Girl we can smell the cheese from your fat rolls from a mile away, you don't fool anyone because you will always draw attention to yourself in the end because you're desperate for it. You wanna be a main character when you act like a milquetoast npc.

No. 1487688

Oh Rachel you fat bitch. Your BMI literally puts you at obese, we know it because of your ID photo. You should diet.

No. 1487689

She literally makes them on request. Ask her yourself.

The one on the listing isn’t the EXACT one I have as there is different plastic candy parts embedded in the resin in a different formation, but it was made by the same person and purchased from them.

No. 1487690

And what reason would the artist have to lie about the table, rachel? Let me remind you, the only person who has ever posted a picture of the table is the artist. You saved and posted the picture she took. She seems just a biiiit more credible than you, a woman who lies about anything and everything.

No. 1487691

>The simple fact of the matter is, you don’t deserve the copypasta

No. 1487692

The picture at the top of this thread isn’t my ID photo.

No. 1487694

your mom absolutely made it so you dont stay around on your fatass and live for free in her house otherwise youd live somewhere else where you could actually fuck your boyfriend

i just said i dont weigh more than you are you retarded

yeah a fat retarded manipulative compulsive liar knows exactly how i feel about anyone despite not having proof of that when youve said youd put your parents in a home for putting you in the chc retard school

youre actually demented if youre still saying you have the table despite the creator saying she never sold any to the US
if you do then that means you bought an overpriced bootleg and thats just hilarious

youre a pedophile and a liar lol

god youre so stupid all that fat is fogging up your peabrain

No. 1487695

I meant the photo of your ID in the last thread. I’ll repost it if you desire

No. 1487697

Don’t know, don’t care. My point stands, and I don’t lie. I have the table.

No. 1487699

you don’t I stole the table from your house while you were busy here

No. 1487701

Hi, I'm the anon who said you probably weren't a pedophile. Could you post the pic for me then, pretty please?

No. 1487702

File: 1648702315498.jpg (115.85 KB, 1170x1082, 20220322_181757.jpg)

This bitch is too fat and lazy to take a picture of the table she's being sperging about "being right next to her"
Or she's lying. I'm willing to go with the latter.

No. 1487703

youve shown off garbage that youve bought for more or less and youre saying youre not going to share a table you bragged spending $400 on?

No. 1487707

File: 1648702542026.jpeg (353.11 KB, 750x1277, B0E71946-5E86-414C-80C1-257585…)

Tl;dr fat sow of an anon tries and fails miserably to insult me for things I already know aren’t true.

Excuse me while I go laugh in being a healthy weight, having several boyfriends, loving parents, a great job, cute adoring pets, a clean bed, cute table, and great hygiene.

No. 1487708

She's about to start saying she isn't here or she went to bed tk try to avoid being held accountable, mark my words hahahah
This is the fastest this bitch has moved all day trying to run from her lies

No. 1487709

File: 1648702595044.jpeg (31.39 KB, 275x165, 053B25F4-092E-4AA2-AB83-E1EA35…)

No. 1487710

File: 1648702619069.jpeg (112.65 KB, 659x527, CC610851-3454-486A-80C3-3377AE…)

why are you so goddamn fat

No. 1487711

Okay anon, I’ll do that for you in a little bit because I have real life things to do.

No. 1487712

I had it shipped from overseas.

No. 1487713

not this tard freely admitting she brings emotional support stuffed animals to work as a 28 year old, at the job that totally pays her $100,000

No. 1487714

Man you suck at lying

No. 1487717

if you have several boyfriends then why do you just keep posting screenshots of the same guy who blocked you? did he even say he was your boyfriend or are you being psychotic like you were with terrance lmao post a screenshot where he says he loves you recently

>a great job

you mean the one you keep complaining about them paying the newly hired temps more than what they pay you?

also imagine thinking 190 at 5’2 is a healthy weight

No. 1487723

File: 1648703128428.jpeg (3.66 MB, 4032x3024, 6B3A449C-F028-47B6-B3D6-313157…)

Hydro flask and the plushie stressball I stuff into my coat pocket before driving to work.

Ask your friend the mole in Valhalla about the plushie. They’ll know.

No. 1487724

Look at the date dumbass.

No. 1487726

The ID is old. Ask the anon who posted it the issuing date.

No. 1487727

You’d be wrong

No. 1487729

I don’t fucking lie anons. I’m not attracted to minors. Ever since the accusations started I’m even a bit repulsed by them because I’ve become too aware that they have a tendency to invade adult spaces.

No. 1487730

The best thing you can do? Stay away from minors. Don't engage with them. Bottom line. Don't get chummy with them. Stay away.

No. 1487731

Show your face piggie
What happened to “Rachel is my deadname!”

No. 1487732

Post your new weight then. You have nothing to lose or else we’ll assume your BMI is still 34

No. 1487733

File: 1648703764117.jpeg (46.21 KB, 750x326, D86131AF-7F96-4F39-9FBA-042C06…)

And while we’re on the topic, here’s the “anons” who thought it would be cool to try to infiltrate one of the servers I’m on.

No. 1487734

Well I'll be damned. If you had a different version of the table then why didn't you clarify that on twitter and post the picture at that time? Genuinely confused why you made it so hard on yourself, because going by how you responded it looked 100% like a lie.

No. 1487736

Thanks for posting pictures of my table rachel

No. 1487738

she said last thread that shes only 165 now but that still puts her in the obese category
how are you complaining about minors invading adult spaces when you asked for the nsfw role in a 13 year olds discord?

No. 1487739

File: 1648704084189.jpeg (396.34 KB, 1920x1009, FFD61C39-5035-4E84-BAD7-1E5EBE…)

I’d like to take your advice but the problem is it’s unavoidable.

I play on a Minecraft server where the owners and staff are family. The mom and dad are the owners and their kids are admins. When you play Minecraft, you can’t avoid the presence of minors. You can only tolerate them and edge around them.

Picture attached is a fond memory, the Nutshack. It wasn’t my idea. There was a button inside labeled “NUT: DO NOT PRESS” that was rigged to TNT and made the whole structure explode.

No. 1487740

No. 1487742

You god damned sneaky table thief bastard bring my table back

No. 1487744

I don't understand why you wouldn't have explained it when the artist came for you on twitter, and instead just deflected and horrifically insulted her? You could have just been like "Oh, actually it's a misunderstanding, I bought a different version of the table and was only using your pic as a quick example" and everyone would have nodded and gone home.

No. 1487746

I stole Rachel’s table while she wasn’t looking , it’s mine now .

No. 1487748

Stop RPing with yourself anon, nobody is laughing.

No. 1487749

At risk of sounding like madam ham the reply wasn’t me , I’m not trying to start an rp

No. 1487750

I preferred using a stock photo instead of my own picture for several reasons.
1. I’m not a photographer. I don’t claim to be.
2. Because the table was in use then; holding a huge fucking stack of books then.

3. I didn’t feel like being mocked for it. I could have been mocked for the books on the table, the fact I posted the table to begin with, the area around the table.

No. 1487752

File: 1648704523312.jpeg (32.19 KB, 750x349, B31B2D62-D768-40D8-9A4F-01B1BB…)

No it’s fine.

Attached file is the other discord tag because I got distracted by TABLE THIEF

No. 1487753

so i was right, your house is dirty. whoever called you a hoarder was probably right.

No. 1487754

You posted penises and your husbando pillow without a second thought, and you're worried about books? I'm doubting this.

No. 1487756

And by “I’m not a photographer” I mean the stock picture was just genuinely nicer.

No. 1487758

But you didn't even have to post a photo, you could have just said "I have a different version of the table, I was just using the listing photo bc it's a good example"???????

No. 1487760

No, you just don’t understand the nature of trolls despite being one.

No. 1487762

It probably didn’t occur to me at the time.

No. 1487765

The dicks weren’t my doing. As for the pillow, it’s a nice pillow and I bought it to support the artist. No regrets.

No. 1487767

Sure, that’s why it’s so creased at the bottom, kek

No. 1487770

File: 1648704868631.jpeg (34.3 KB, 400x271, 0C01F40D-7847-4A6A-97CA-A5EEF4…)

You’re going to need to take the sofa too then.


Show me a pic of it.

No. 1487771

do you realize that you fucked yourself over by being so annoying about this in the initial stage? you couldve saved yourself from so much embarrassment

No. 1487773

I genuinely don’t really care. It’s an easy enough thing to get pictures and search results removed from search engine results.

No. 1487778

Because unlike the farmhands, search engine companies employ more reasonable people.

No. 1487780

Good luck with that! The internet never forgets.

No. 1487781

How could it possibly of not occurred to you at the time? "The artist is accusing me of lying, I have a good explanation that could clear up the misunderstanding, but instead I'll just insult her and make myself look like a lying piece of shit for no reason"

No. 1487783

File: 1648705241240.jpeg (1.51 MB, 3024x4032, C83EA8C3-536C-4913-9EF2-18EFC5…)

It’s pretty creased at the bottom. and you have an obsession with him, so…..

No. 1487784

probably just pure autism

No. 1487786

I'm not even the cow but come on anon this isn't good milk and you know it. The pic has already been posted and we saw it in all its glory then.
>there's a crease on it!
yeah no shit it's a fucking body pillow, which is cringy enough on its own.

No. 1487790

No. 1487791

Y’all got awful quiet when I proved I had the table.

Thanks to the ONE person who was kind enough to listen to me when I said I wasn’t a pedo.

I know some of you here are from Twitter, and this is for you: I’m not responsible for what happened to CadetCloud. I had no motive to go after someone I followed or barely knew, but vaguely liked. I was genuinely asleep at the time it happened. I don’t KNOW who did it. I have my suspicions and have voiced who I believe did it, someone who had the motive to do so.

They pretended to be me so as to throw you off their tracks, and now you will likely never know who did it because you let the trail go cold.

No. 1487794

and just what did you do to cadetcloud rachel?

No. 1487795

i have a hard time believing the cadetcloud thing considering that account kept throwing around the same phrases you do and your whole excuse was that you were sleeping when youve been on your thread pretending to be other people and claiming that youre asleep

No. 1487796

Oh, that’s easily explained, dw. There isn’t an actual pillow inside, as it was difficult to find one in those dimensions at that time. The pillow is just filled with another pillowcase which is filled with loose stuffing which lumps together pretty weirdly.

No. 1487798

I cannot believe we're living to see rachel un-cow herself, even if just by 10%. You twitterfags are replacing her at this rate.

No. 1487801

I just followed them>>1487795
iirc. I don’t particularly recall interacting with many of their posts in particular.

Whoever was behind that account must have known I was accused of saying such things in the past and took advantage of that. I used “cope and seethe” after they were suspended on that day. In retrospect it probably wasn’t a good idea, but it was ironic and funny to me at the time.

No. 1487803

There are better cows on that site that I can probably direct you to.

No. 1487804

to be fair, there’s no milk right now. but i’m not convinced she can keep herself out of her usual bullshit

No. 1487806

I don't buy it. You gaslight everyone despite almost consistently being in the wrong. You have attacked people who haven't once said a mean thing about you nor had any influence over people disliking you.

It isn't the first time you've taken over an account either and taken up someone else's identity altogether.

You saying that the person got away with it just tells me it was always you and you have zero remorse for anything you've done for anyone because you feel entitled to act like a spoiled child when things don't go your way.

No. 1487809

That's a little low, rachel. You just regained 2% of your previous cowishness.

No. 1487810

Bruh I was minding my own fucking business until the Doki Doki Cult came at me.

No. 1487811

one table picture doesnt undo everything thats happened in and out of the threads

tbh it makes it even more hilarious that shed rather sperg out at the creator than prove her innocence in buying an overpriced table

No. 1487812

Nah, she still pretended like she wasn't here and it took her a long ass time to prove the table thing which still could be sus considering there wasn't a timestamp if you really wanna tin foil hat it.
She makes things difficult for herself and then acts like she's the victim. She's simply enduring the consequences of her own choices.

If she wants to do better she needs to stop chasing the people that blocked her and move on.

No. 1487814

Yeah I still can't wrap my head around why she acted like that despite having the table all along. It makes no sense.

No. 1487815

Minding her own business calling people shit skinned nappy headed niglets

No. 1487818

File: 1648706187166.jpeg (592.63 KB, 750x954, EAA4DC1B-E5CC-44FC-BE2F-15DE2E…)

Hey, you guys love cows. You’re on this site -specifically- for cow.

I kinda do, too. We have this tradition at my work that around Christmas we give out stuffed cow plushies to customers who buy a certain amount of merchandise. It’s very cute.

No. 1487819

exactly why i’m not convinced she’s uncowing herself. she’ll just sperg out again

No. 1487820

I wasn’t here. And in a minute I won’t be here either.

BRB stuff and things.

No. 1487821

Makes it even more milky in a way

No. 1487822

Because you were rude to me and the reasons in >>1487750.

No. 1487823

Straight from the cow's mouth, it's TOTALLY not her calling people niglets and posting random dick pics.

Good job. Any cred you had just went to shit lol

No. 1487825

actually thats a good point why didnt you put a timestamp rachel?

and why do you willingly stay in servers where theres minors and nsfw stuff? you can say minecraft all you want but theres tons of adults who play minecraft and have their own servers and that doesnt change the fact that youve literally offered to buy them sex toys in the past

No. 1487828

File: 1648706566075.jpg (34.52 KB, 750x741, 42ffc8a2187c9e1fd5ec57d72ef17a…)

>gets publicly accused of lying about having table by the artist
>offers no explanation, just insults artist
>gets further hated for it
>gets called out here for the table incident too
>spends over a week here claiming she does have the table, just that we don't deserve to see it
>lol ok
>one anon bargains previous goodwill to ask for table pic for the 100th time, just for shits and giggles, she definitely doesn't have it or else she wouldn't have acted like a liar
>mfw she actually posts it

why would she do this to herself?

No. 1487831

Come on newfag don't let rachel run laps around you, it's sad.

No. 1487835

you must be really bored if youre bitching about that lol

No. 1487838

Nitpicking one part to invalidate a whole post. Kinda sus.

No. 1487840

nitpicking at what? the lack of a timestamp among other things?
its not unreasonable to be skeptical towards someone whos been proven to be a compulsive liar

No. 1487841

I dunno anon. Something seems fishy about it all. Why lie about the price? Arguing with the artist, taking almost 2 weeks to respond with the table image itself and then posting it randomly after some anon asks after several hundred people asking for it to clear her name.

Somethings not right. Either it’s a shooped image or she bought/ made the table herself to upkeep lie. Something really isn’t sitting right about it at all.

No. 1487842

exactly this thank you anon

No. 1487844

If that’s photoshop she’s god-tier. It’s hard to match lighting conditions so perfectly. It’s weird but the image appears to be legit.

No. 1487858

Not you nitpicking. >>1487831 nitpicking. Seems like a suspicious attempt to detract attention from the fact that something doesn't make sense.
I can't quite decide what's off about it but there's something off for sure. The table saga has been super strange.

What I'm interested about is why she continues to deny just how many times she's been here and how many posts belong to her.

No. 1487859

File: 1648709308803.jpg (31.06 KB, 413x251, issued.jpg)

speaking of people who bullied you in HS why did you lie about Brian being paralyzed? Another cancer survivor ffs.
queen lol I have no idea whats going on but I always love it when this kind of thing backfires
Sometimes we are cruel but we are always fair. The ID was issued in 2019. For the record I still believe you to be fat.

No. 1487866

If she does or doesn’t own the table, why flex saying it cost 400 when it costs like 250 shipped to her address? Like why lie about the price for a table? And why argue with the artist about it? The artist could have forgotten about the sale since it looks like a lot of traffic goes though that Etsy. But why would you argue with the artist without explaining yourself and showing proof when the situation happened?

It’s weirdly off and really isn’t working in Rachel’s favor at all. If anything makes her more suspicious then before. Like how can you take anything she says for granted when she’s lied soo much?

No. 1487870

Why make such a big deal over an etsy table, right?
Would be funny if this was purchased after the fact.

No. 1487874

ah ok soz for the misunderstanding
but i agree with you regarding that anon i thought it was rachel for a second lol

table saga has been beyond weird i really cant wrap my head around it
the now suspended serarosier1 account said she had just bought it (3/19/2022) and she claimed she got it from overseas but it doesnt explain how she got so many books stacked on top of it like she claimed and if it was new it wouldnt have that knick on the upper left
not to mention that the creator said she didnt sell it anyone overseas (which again rachel claimed) as well as spending about twice the amount the creator is selling it
if she does own it then she got it from a different seller but who?
that is also a fair point. why would she lie about that but why would the creator potentially jeopardize her business by “violating a buyers privacy” by publicly saying someone did or didnt purchase something from her
youre right she couldve forgotten but theyre made on demand and theres only 11 reviews meaning that not a lot of those tables have sold and it wouldnt be hard to remember if you sold one to someone out of your country

its not about the table specifically but how things surrounding it doesnt add up

ill believe her once she posts a piece of paper with the current date on it

No. 1487877

You are schizoposting at this point, that’s my post. What sort of deep lc lore to I have to recite to convince you? That previous admin was rumored to hate white women and self-harm? Rachel is exceedingly obvious in 99% of her posts. The fact that you can’t tell who’s not her is embarrassing for you.
I was thinking that at first too, but she’d have to get overseas shipping, and our (burgerfag) ports and shipping times are bonkers insane right now so there’s no way she could have ordered it in time unless the twitter post is very old (I don’t remember). I think she got the 400 number from the shipping costs of a big piece of furniture that had to be moved overseas and probably has had it the whole time and is just so mind bogglingly stupid that she doesn’t know how to handle even basic interactions and made herself look guilty for no reason other than being as combative on impulse.

No. 1487879

File: 1648710742993.jpeg (230.15 KB, 827x1422, D06ADB68-37B6-440F-BFAA-4605C9…)

That post with the artist was two weeks ago. It’s not that old.

So I did some digging and she did buy it. She reviewed it. But she bought it in September 2021.

I’m 99.9% sure this is her review since the things that user likes is similar to the stuff she posts about all the time.

So yes she owns the table. She just lied about it’s price and when she got it. Table costs 248 shipped to california. She wouldn’t have paid 400 for that table no matter what method she chose for shipping.

No. 1487880

File: 1648710809935.jpeg (160.7 KB, 1284x661, 73A9A9AE-D455-4DBF-8BF3-D1D328…)

ive gone through the reviews and possibly might have found proof that rachel bought it

its odd because the review is from last year and she claimed she had bought it recently
if she didnt claim that she bought it recently then the small knick on the upper left would make sense meaning that shes had it for a while

No. 1487881

File: 1648710881181.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1284x2484, BE467094-9544-47B8-B5CA-AEACFD…)

its definitely her given this small preview of her profile
it has a lot of the shit she loves to sperg about squishies dildos those wooden combs and sailor moon

No. 1487899

Cow here. I can’t talk long because I’m busy and it’s late, but I’ll try to address some of your questions.

Outside of me being on this site, you’re more than welcome to contact me on my discord because I know it’s known here. The catch is you must be polite to me; no name calling, no mocking, nothing. I’ll reply in my own time. Failure to adhere to this will get your discord leaked to this thread.

Be back in a little while again.

No. 1487903

Yeah, I’m stubborn to a fault and the shipping method I chose WAS expensive especially with COVID. The table’s legs are wood, and the top part is resin and steel iirc. It was a very heavy package. Was worth it. I’d do it all over again if I had to.

No. 1487920

File: 1648714396351.jpeg (106.74 KB, 960x688, F69C2307-E883-4B6B-A01E-951A6E…)

I’m okay with photoshop but not THAT good. My shops are shitty nonsense shops that often don’t make sense out of the community they’re posted in.

No. 1487924

The fastest shipping method to your address is 250 dollars item and shipping included. Not 400. Stop making up prices because you think it makes you look rich.

No. 1487927

Now you're the one reading into things hehe
Not schizoposting, just making passing comments. Getting too worked up over a post is schizo behavior tho

No. 1487931

Not this cow thinking that now there’s proof she bought the table that people agree with her. The table was just one chunk of the iceberg. It wasn’t the table that was the entirety of the issue. It was the arguing with the artist, lying about the price, marking weird statements like “you’re not worthy of proof”. It’s the fact that you lied about the price, lied that you just got it when you had it for months, argued with the artist and continued to tag them in your tirade about shipping wars on Twitter, the racism, the child grooming be it in jest or not, the constant stalking of people who do not like you and have said so before, the necromancy of your own dead lol cow thread, the self posting and WKing yourself, the dick picks, the random ass dildo pics. I mean the list goes on more then just the table.

If you think anyone here is going to suddenly have a change of heart and willingly want to be your friend on discord you are sorely mistaken Rachel. No one cares about your delusions.

No. 1487932

anon spitting facts

No. 1487936

Oh dear she thinks we want to be her friends

No. 1487937

1. I didn’t drag the artist in. The cultists did.

2. I don’t want to be friends with any of you on discord.

3. I didn’t lie about the price or did I say I just got it.

4. I didn’t groom anyone. To imply that means I had some kind of end goal with them, when there was and is none. It wasn’t like I was expecting them to fuck me when they turned 18. I have better prospects.

5. I didn’t WK myself. I’m not going to admit to doing jack shit I didn’t do.

And with that, I’m going to bed. Goodnight everyone.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1487938

You send porn to kids end of

No. 1487939

File: 1648715831989.jpeg (381.14 KB, 1536x2048, B7D4C34F-FE9E-4319-A2A6-95BC94…)

No dumbass. You can’t message someone who isn’t friends with you on discord and doesn’t share any servers with you. You are all going onto my block list immediately after unless I see some reason to keep you around.

No. 1487940

I never did any such thing.

No. 1487942

Your in a porn server with 13 year olds , I’ve seen the screenshots, I’ve seen the things you posted.

No. 1487943

File: 1648716090799.jpeg (447.41 KB, 1284x2212, 6224022A-C88C-4881-A166-5BF5C8…)

> I didn’t lie about the price or did I say I just got it
you wrote recently in this screenshot
> I didn’t WK myself
then why did all the posts WKing you disappear when you got put out to pastor?

then theres no point in talking to you on discord especially since youve threatened to expose us lol

explain having the horny role in a 13 year olds server then?

No. 1487944

File: 1648716249144.jpeg (178.38 KB, 557x2048, 7614DBA9-1E65-4AAD-BBD5-0A6B23…)

>>I didn’t lie about the price and I didn’t say I just got the table.

Uh yeah you did right here.
>>You WISH you had that kind of money. I literally spent roughly $400 on and end table. A god damned end table! At least is a nice end table.

And you posted the artists image when you could have posted your own image like you did in the thread.

No. 1487946

Hahahahahaha you switched gears so fast! You treat the slightest bit of someone trying to hold you accountable as someone "hating" on you and make a huge fucking deal about it. You expect others to bend over backwards for you and treat everyone like they're beneath you. Typical privileged white piggy behavior. You can't handle the weight of adult responsibility but seem to think that you're better off. You live in constant denial and that's just the tip of an iceberg, all over a silly little table.

No. 1487956

She can’t be held accountable for her actions because everything she does is right in her delusions of grandeur. Classic case of spoiled brat syndrome.

No. 1487960

i get that therapy isnt for everyone but i feel like if she sucked it up and went to therapy she wouldnt be anything like this it’s so bizarre that she thinks a lot of what she does is normal and calls everyone the common denominator when they call her out

itll never happen though nobody knows why she hates therapy she just does

No. 1487981

I think it stems from people not wanting to admit they need help. It’s a pride thing and Rachel has that for sure. Therapy would benefit her greatly. Getting therapy has helped me and countless others get though some inner struggles that if they kept getting pushed aside and masked by self abuse that helped no one or myself.

She really could benefit from it and learn about how her actions have consequences that will get worse the more she chooses to ignore them.

No. 1487983

Not just therapy, wilderness therapy. Take her away from all electronics and fictional character references for 8 weeks.
That shit is rough but it'll snap someone back to reality in no time.

No. 1488069

Just wanted to add I doubt she's employed presently because it seems like she sleeps through most of the day like a typical NEET.

No. 1488190

i cant remember where i saw it but she basically said she only has a job because her parents made her something about saving up money or whatever but thats obviously not going well considering she spent supposedly $400 on a table that costs half as much among other shit

No. 1488564


perfectly good, cute cat and anyone who slanders it, kys

you're still a retard though, God how embarrassing…

No. 1488582

So what you're saying is she's more susceptible to scams? Now I'm thinking of the whole Nigerian prince emails deal and replacing the Nigerian prince with Sephiroth scam emails hahhahahah

No. 1490297

i guess well never know why shes in a server with minors that post nsfw lol

No. 1490429

File: 1648933673869.jpeg (117.52 KB, 540x309, C6FB2477-B8AF-41EB-AF5B-CF4A94…)

I am not dealing with this right now.

No. 1490609

We know why. She doesn't want to admit it though.

No. 1490928

You’re never going to know bc it ain’t true.

No. 1490961

we literally have you a chance to explain yourself and you ignored it after saying youll come back and answer shit later
a little suspicious to not elaborate upon that dont you think

No. 1490963

File: 1648955811735.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1284x2238, 6920579E-3A81-49F1-9955-DAF783…)

shes so bad at not outing herself

No. 1490964

File: 1648955873083.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1284x2359, 3520A737-0813-4895-A6BE-E75361…)

watch her delete the messages like last time and pretend the image was photoshop and call me unreliable again lmao

No. 1490966

File: 1648956075757.jpeg (801.54 KB, 1284x1415, 8A9451F4-32FA-43B1-ACEA-DA1EA3…)

(this outfit is so ugly)

No. 1490969

File: 1648956140848.jpeg (813.73 KB, 1284x1622, FDAE683A-C8BE-445E-B26F-15AEA8…)

No. 1491060

Sure Kyle.

No. 1491063


Bro idek where half of these accusations are coming from so it doesn’t really matter to me.

No. 1491067

Like what server? It’s already been established I’m not a pedophile or a groomer.

No. 1491069

you can never choose between whether were femcels or incels lmao
im talking about this server right here >>1487565 >>1487569 >>1487571

No. 1491071

That is an adult server to the best of my knowledge. I was invited by one of the owners who was in another manga related server with me. I’m never really in it so if it has porn, it was added after I stopped talking there. I don’t really pay attention to servers like that.

No. 1491073

Never fucking mind I just looked back into that server, the owner is young.

Hhhhhh sigh Look. I never posted porn in there, that was their idea.

The last time I posted in that server was in September of last year. It’s dead Jim.

No. 1491182

how can you seriously act like you didnt know when theres screenshots that show you acknowledging how old the server owner is and stayed in there
yeah maybe you never posted porn in there but that doesnt change the fact that not only did you chose to stay there but you chose to keep that role
what do you have to say for yourself? why cant you just be honest?

No. 1491184

I never saw any harm in it, I figured it was enough to just not be part of it. Teenagers are allowed to have their own sexuality. They’re allowed to be attracted to their peers and others older than them, it’s just not okay for older people to take advantage of them and do anything with them. It’s really none of my business what these kids do, because they’re going to do it regardless of whether I tell them not to or I don’t.

Any of you who are parents to children of similar ages (unlikely) will know that media and society puts pressure on them to look and behave more mature than they actually are. It’s your responsibility to keep them grounded in the age they actually are.

I never had any part of whatever they did in the NSFW channels. I wasn’t interested.

No. 1491186

why do you always bring up minors and their sexuality when youre being questioned? what they do has no impact on your choices and you choosing to stay around minors who apparently have interests in being sexual is exactly what puts you in such a negative light
you can blame parents or social media or whatever but youre also influencing them with your presence as an adult
seriously why do you choose to be around minors so badly when theres so many people around your age with similar interests? is it because kids dont know any better? because theyre more likely to put up with you? you claim to have all of these friends but you choose to be around minors and expect people to not find that weird

No. 1491187

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, being in the same space as minors is something you can’t really avoid.

For Valhalla, it’s not my duty to regulate the users and verify if they’re adults, it’s the staff’s duty.

In regards to the whole Minecraft thing, I know someone asked why I don’t just find a server run by adults for adults only. And that is because:
1. I haven’t seen any, and I haven’t looked.
2. A server like that isn’t profitable if the only potential customers are adults. Server hosting can be expensive, so you need all the opportunities you can get for people to help support you.
3. I doubt any adult only server has even a fraction of the plugins I’m looking for.

No. 1491188

I bring it up because you guys just love to call me a pedophile and I’m tired of it. Has that accusation been dropped yet?

They were posting porn, so idk what else that would be connected to except their sexuality.

I don’t choose to be around minors. They’re just there.

No. 1491189

Sorry for responding in multiple posts but, I do have a lot of friends and being around minors is something that I don’t choose to do, it just happens and because they’re in the same community as me, I never really saw any harm in being around them.

You could probably ask the anon who is a mole in Valhalla about my friends on there, I’m actually good friends with quite a few users and overall am pretty well liked.

No. 1491193

what the fuck? lmao
you cant avoid minors on the internet 100% sure but YOU can still make the decision to not be around them ESPECIALLY WHEN PEOPLE ARE ACCUSING YOU OF BEING A PEDO
if i EVER had any accusation like that about me i would 100% leave any servers NSFW or not owned by minors or has a lot of them in it its only common sense

>I haven’t looked

why would you not want to even put the effort into finding people your age to play with its the internet if YOURE interested in something then clearly theres MORE people around YOUR age interested in it too
>Server hosting can be expensive
1. no it isnt
2. how is that an issue for someone who claims to make 6 figures?
>I doubt any adult only server has even a fraction of the plugins I’m looking for.
and you think children are more capable and reliable because why? like i said if youre interested then theres likely more adults interested to you just have to actually put the effort into looking if youre not going to provide for yourself thats just life
it keeps coming up because of everything ive mentioned you still surround yourself with minors in communities and thats seriously not normal
you can say you dont choose to be around minors but theres proof of it in this thread where a minor tells you theyre 13 and you chose to stay in that server for MONTHS
if you were good friends with any of the people you claimed to be friends with from valhalla youd know that a good portion of them play were very much into minecraft and that valhalla (apparently) had its own minecraft server or whatever

all in all those were not good excuses and it really isnt shifting people away from what they think
you need to do better and stop letting yourself be around minors because all it does is land you in the pedophile hot seat clearly

No. 1491194

Here's what I do know Rachel. You are inserting yourself into minor spaces where minors are expressing their sexuality and even participate in conversations they have in places that should be safe spaces for them. You continue to do this to the point where you seek minors out and invite them to speak to you in private. You've offered to buy them sex toys. You've crossed boundaries that shouldn't be crossed and see nothing wrong with anything you've done.

If you really aren't a groomer you'd stop, but instead you say you're going to continue to do so.

Do you know what's wrong with that picture, Rachel? It means you acknowledge that there's something wrong but you've decided to ignore it and persist because of some personal vendetta you have against people with legitimate concerns. You're not thinking about the minors you might be effecting, you're stroking your ego to prove what? Owning the a-logs to prove you're totally not a pedophile? Not the minors' best interests, that's for sure.

No. 1491199

this is really true
rachel if you give a fuck about kids youd respect their space and leave them be its so disingenuous to befriend minors or anyone out of spite think about how much of an asshole that makes you think about how much it would hurt their feelings if they find out that you were just using them to make people angry
you say you care but youre putting them in compromising situations and normalizing something that isnt really normal which would put them in further compromising situations in their young adult and even adult life

its just really selfish of you

No. 1491201

1. I don’t seek them out.
2. I never offered to buy them sex toys. That’s like offering edibles at Halloween to trick or treaters. 😂
3. It is a safe space for them. I am not involved in the NSFW stuff they do.

Idgaf man it’s 2022, if you could sit in my mind for a few minutes you’d very quickly realize I have most of my interest in the people I’m already with and other things like work and my spoons.

Anons here should know better than to try to get me to do anything for them, especially given how you’ve treated me. I have absolutely no issue doing something to piss you guys off within reason.

Oh I wasn’t actually, I just said that to piss you guys off. I can always start though.

1. Meh.
2. Yes, it is expensive. I don’t have the machine for hosting, nor would I want to host. I don’t want to be an owner, I want to be a normal player.
3. I’ve been on Valhalla’s Minecraft server, it sucks and has NONE of the features I’d want.

I already have enough validation from my elementary teacher friend to know I’m not doing anything wrong by sharing spaces with minors. Besides, like I’ve said, the servers dead.

Maybe someday soon I’ll leave those servers, as they are dead and we never talk. But today is not that day.

No. 1491202

I’m not going to leave behind the friends I’ve made, minor or not. However, I’m not going to make the same mistakes as the past. I’m just going to tell them to Google shit if they have sex ed questions.

No. 1491210

at this point you only have yourself to blame for the pedophile accusations you do absolutely nothing to protect or prove yourself

>Oh I wasn’t actually, I just said that to piss you guys off. I can always start though.

this is proof enough to show that youre only digging yourself a hole by admitting that youre creepy and petty enough to shoot yourself in the foot by disingenuously befriending children because you think it gets a rise out of us when it just gives us more of a valid reason to call you a pedophile
do you understand how that doesnt help you or your case

you truly have no valid excuse to be doing what youre doing all those excuses are really poor
you cant tell me its expensive to host a server when in my experience it isnt and like i said before that it shouldnt be an issue for someone who claims to make 6 figures a year or are you going to admit that was a lie

if they dont have the features you want then simply ask them to implement it since youre “friends” with mercy and matt etc it should be easy

you lie a lot and youre probably not telling your teacher friend everything you do or discuss because no teacher in their right mind would think what youre doing is okay unless there was something very wrong with them so you should stop bringing up your friend

the fact that you call minors your friends when youre close to 30 is incredibly sad and worrisome

No. 1491269


She sees nothing wrong with what she's doing because she believes herself to be in the right at all times and everyone else is wrong. She refuses to believe that she could ever do wrong unless she's the one that has decided she's wrong.
But even then, she sees herself as someone everyone should like despite the fact that she actively pushes people away. She especially hates other women because she becomes jealous quickly. It boils her blood to think that she's being judged by women which is why she lays in on the insults and aggression towards anyone "female."

That being said, she doesn't want to change. She knows she's toeing the line but has no remorse if she crosses it because she'll immediately blame someone else for it. She can't accept that she's unlikable in this state.

The rest of the shit she's rambling on about doesn't matter in the end because its masking her boundary and jealousy issues. Minecraft takes a backseat to her sexual deviance, and she's hiding behind it to justify her being in minors' spaces. She doesn't need to be playing Minecraft in the way that she does. But she's using it to hide because it's easier than owning up to any faults.

No. 1491354

She will always deflect a true answer to something else that is someone else’s fault. She can’t simply answer a question truthfully. Look at the situation with the table. She argued with people and even the artist for almost two weeks before actually providing proof she owned the table. I mean she could have ended that whole situation with the image right when it happened. But she had to blame someone for it ( the artist) and lie about it’s price when she was called out on it by the artist and others. She isn’t just a compulsive lier, but she lies soo much so often that she even believes it to be true. That’s mental illness that can be treated with DBT therapy and psychological help. She knows she isn’t this grand and mighty person, but she lies soo much making herself appear like that on the internet that she beleives it. It’s sick and honestly sad because she’s beyond help. She doesn’t want help and at this point no one can force her. One day something will catch up to her and she will either be consumed by her actions or be forced to deal with them. It’s all a matter of time.

No. 1491515

File: 1649009960488.jpg (74.64 KB, 630x630, 11451196_1.jpg)


Sage, but Rachel, you are in incredibly dangerous territory here.

(a) all the talk of children exploring their sexuality is classic pedophile rhetoric; my abuser useful the same and it will likely be familiar to nonnies with any experience of those patterns whether directly subjected to it or not;
(b) that you would willingly associate with minors online is incredibly suspicious. Teenagers online are usually annoying as hell (I know, I have teenage children) so well meaning sane and well adjusted adults don't talk to them for that reason alone let alone the fact it's suspicious.
(c) If I found you talking to my children online about anything remotely sexual I would make it my mission in life to ruin yours whether by getting law enforcement involved or something more creative.

One day you'll fuck with the wrong one.

No. 1491590

>Anons here should know better than to try to get me to do anything for them, especially given how you’ve treated me. I have absolutely no issue doing something to piss you guys off within reason.

youre so irrational and weird how are you going to say its for us when its more beneficial for you to stop hanging around minors
we literally have nothing to gain if you stop hanging out with minors we actually lose the benefit of calling you a pedophile but youre too stubborn to see it or maybe you just really are a pedophile
you gain the benefit of having these allegations of being called a pedophile to have no foot to stand on if you didnt hang out with minors and people accusing you end up looking like assholes

why are you so bad at helping yourself? you say you need people to help you get better and you have people giving you advice right here and you refuse because were not spoonfeeding you or coddling you because lets face it youve done some shitty things and youve lied about it
you cant even be honest about which twitter accounts are yours

No. 1491616

"Guys I'm gonna really own the haters by becoming a pedo" -Rachel, probably

No. 1491849

File: 1649037598679.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 1284x2182, EABE9831-68CB-4709-9F44-C69F6F…)

90% of the time i see her tweets i just go “god shes so autistic”

No. 1491853

File: 1649038023098.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.64 MB, 1284x2371, 5CB8D027-C2CF-436C-BC46-BDFEF3…)

the fact that shes sperging over a unicorn horn dildo from bad dragon is really telling considering that the owner of bad dragon is a zoophile among other terrible shit

No. 1491856

File: 1649038394006.jpeg (Spoiler Image,658.58 KB, 1284x1316, 7AE30EDF-2F8E-40E5-83B0-6106C0…)

guess we finally know why she hates therapists as if all therapists are like this

No. 1491857

oops i didnt mean to spoiler that im retarded

No. 1491865

Those people really don’t matter to begin with because they were cancerous, racist, ableist, fatphobic morons to begin with.

No. 1491866


No. 1491868

That isn’t my Twitter.

Your children or someone you love is going to be diagnosed with autism and then you’ll realize how bad it is to call someone “so autistic” when there’s really nothing wrong with being autistic.

No. 1491875

> then you’ll realize how bad it is to call someone “so autistic”

You’re so autistic.

No. 1491885

>>1491868 i'm already radicalized against male autismos but you're two posts away from radicalize me against female autismos too. The sexual desire + autism combo is the worst manmade horror.

No. 1491887

nobody accused them of any of the shit you listed but yourself because youre a salty narcissist who cant own up to her shit

google is free retard

youre a very bad liar
on top of posts linking you to who you are you still type the same you have the same interest and continue to attempt interact with people who blocked you before you can say its not you but its obvious


TL;DR youre petty and manipulative and want to blame people for the problems youve caused yourself
enjoy being branded a pedophile because of your stubbornness

btw youre not oppressed lmao

No. 1491892

theres no doubt that both her adoptive and bio parents would feel a deep amount of regret for putting up with her after seeing all of this
theres no way they wont find out since lolcow is literally one of the top results when googling her name

No. 1491893

What is abusive for these retards? Telling them to contain their unhined sexual desires? The fact that most likely they would need to have a job? Getting dressed? Everything is conversion therapy these days, when actual conversion therapy is a very specified & recognized type of torture. Expect autismos to have a semblacew of self-control is lIteraLLY KiLLinG ThEm now.

No. 1491903

File: 1649041744760.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1284x2249, 5FBA38E9-D2B4-4FAD-94E0-448A14…)

its hilarious that she cant even successfully ratio an unpopular opinion

No. 1491907

lmfao you'll tell an autist to stop making bird calls at the top of their lungs in the hallway and they'll say you're oppressing them and trying to suppress their authentic selves. I wish this was not a real example. But yeah some autistic behaviors are completely antisocial and highly disturbing to everyone around them and telling them to fucking knock it off is now considered a hate crime.

No. 1491909

File: 1649041917897.jpeg (688.88 KB, 1284x2096, 7030EA91-21E8-4531-9522-413696…)

this is so cringe lmao
proto has 0 interest in her its been said hes always tolerated her for being an awkward autismo thats older than him

No. 1491913

File: 1649042029963.jpeg (750.84 KB, 1284x1824, A72104D3-7AD8-4A3B-AF44-BE231B…)

“tHaTs NoT mY tWiTtEr”

No. 1491918

File: 1649042091304.jpeg (546.56 KB, 1284x1652, DC8664B5-2FEA-44AD-AC20-E9FE71…)

No. 1491930

This bitch makes every situation sexual because her mind is only wired towards being a broodmare for her totally real husbandos so she inevitably gives everything a sexual connotation. She always pushed people in the roleplay community into sexual situations despite her victims being incredibly uncomfortable and asking her to stop. The only way to get her to stop was blocking her.
That whole tumblr thing was her forcing her sexual nature onto literal blogs about cats. This is a pattern for her.
At the same time I wonder if this has manifested in more horrifying ways. I know there was a point that she ripped off someone else's oc who was a sister to Sephiroth and she still pursued sexual things despite essentially playing a sibling. So incest isn't off the table.
Zoophilia keeps coming back because her inability to stop fixating on animal penises and indicates that she'd buy and use them…
I don't think anything is off the table with her because she's growing desperate to no longer be a lonely virgin but at the same time she wishes to revel in her delusions.

No. 1491949

Low to medium autistic are always so laughtable. Is because they're on that sweet middle point (or uncanny valley) when they can't understand most social values, ways to build relationships with others or just the meaning of living in society at all but they can somewhat perform and cry oppression when is that performance that allows them to live with normal people and not be locked up with the high end autistic who barely have a frontal lobe and are extremely antisocial as you said (and like every being with some self-preservation no matter how rudimentary, in case of encounter one of those specimens they would run for their lives lol) Mad pride always end when they found a truly disturbed individual, like clockwork.

No. 1491952

what? you literally asked for the nsfw role to see hentai right after they told you they were 13
no one fucking cares that you play minecraft with kids YOURE the one that always brings that up to deflect from your actual inappropriate behavior with children
>muh spoons
so youre disabled now? maybe not being obese would help with that

No. 1491962

File: 1649046515158.jpeg (489.02 KB, 1125x1735, C2A264AF-7F0A-4C6F-B1AC-6F522B…)

>and won

No. 1491964

File: 1649046522018.jpeg (301.81 KB, 1284x997, 0B36648D-9D2A-415E-9CBC-8E1FAE…)

this is rich coming from someone who self diagnosed herself with rejection sensitivite dysphoria something thats basically almost exclusive to people with ADD/ADHD which she claims she doesnt have lol

No. 1491974

She's also a self diagnosed spoonie which screams munching is on the horizon

No. 1492065

I know for sure it’s her twitter. One of my mutual friends who hasn’t blocked her yet said it’s her. She even approached them saying it was her when her other account got banned.

No. 1492411

Tayuubarbie is definitely her twitter, she's used that profile picture before anyway. She couldn't have made it more blatantly obvious but she lies because she thinks she can get away with it.

At least change up the formula Bertha.

No. 1492614

imagine losing your virginity to a dildo shaped like an animal dick while claiming to have a boyfriend.

No. 1492675

I mean, it’s not a good way to lose it. But better then being drugged and raped like many people have. It’s just a sad and shameful way to lose it.

No. 1492689

Rachel has a "rape kink" too, so don't open that can of worms.

No. 1493049

Man you femcels cunts are really fucking stupid and you deserve every hardship heaped upon you by karma.

Rape is not one of my kinks you bitter old hag.

No. 1493050

I have multiple boyfriends you retarded unloved failed abortion. Die mad about it.

No. 1493051

It’s already been established that it isn’t

No. 1493052

File: 1649132617522.png (570.21 KB, 750x1334, A46DC38C-9F84-4357-9362-EC9CFE…)

Die mad about it.

No. 1493053

File: 1649132803815.png (538.4 KB, 750x1334, 2E4193DD-40DD-4FA9-BA7E-824A52…)

Imagine thinking virginity is even real? Cry some more you TERF.

No. 1493055

You don’t have to be diagnosed to be a spoonie. If the method makes sense to you, if you use it, then congrats, you’re a spoonie.

No. 1493059

God you’re so fucking retarded. I’ve been diagnosed. You don’t need ADHD (ADD isn’t an accurate medical term anymore) to have RSD. You can be autistic.

No. 1493061

>> what? you literally asked for the nsfw role to see hentai right after they told you they were 13

Only I never did. uwu
>> so youre disabled now? maybe not being obese would help with that

Imagine thinking that the use of the spoon system is dependent on a disability you can see. Dumb bitch. You’re so insecure in your own weight that you think it’s okay to try to belittle people who are secure in theirs.

No. 1493064

Autistic people whose mental age match their actual age are worthy of love, sex, marriage, relationships, and having children just as any neurotypical person IF NOT MORE knowing how awful many neurotypical people are in relationships or as parents. To deny them any of this is to infantilize them and assume that all of them have a mentality below that of age of consent.

I will always be worthy of love, sex, relationships and whatever the fuck else I want, which will always be more than you can say.

No. 1493065

you get overly defensive whenever people strike a nerve so i wouldnt be surprised if you actually have one LOL

ok then why do you keep posting OLD SCREENSHOTS OF THE SAME GUY LMAOO

youre tayuubarbie rachel i hope your next thread has that username in the title

you claimed in your CHC review that youre not autistic and dont have adhd sooo youre definitely lying about something
and no rsd is almost mutually exclusive for people with adhd

you have a nsfw role in a server full of minors hahahahaha

No. 1493066

Not my name, not my Twitter. Cope and seethe about it.

No. 1493068

which is why youre lonely and only have us to talk to because youre such an insufferable narcissistic sack of shit that nobody really wants to talk to you

No. 1493069

rachel aliza leeds-minkin has a twitter that is called tayuubarbie hee hee

No. 1493073

>> you get overly defensive whenever people strike a nerve so i wouldnt be surprised if you actually have one LOL

Rape is not nor has it ever been one of my kinks. You would like to see what makes my pussy wet, wouldn’t you, bitter hag? Die mad about it.

>> ok then why do you keep posting OLD SCREENSHOTS OF THE SAME GUY LMAOO

Like you do? Because I love him, and he loves me. Love. Something you’ve never experienced and never will.

>> youre tayuubarbie rachel i hope your next thread has that username in the title

Not my Twitter, not my problem. Enjoy harassing some random person and looking like the absolute sows you are, bitter TERF hag.

>> you claimed in your CHC review that youre not autistic and dont have adhd sooo youre definitely lying about something

and no rsd is almost mutually exclusive for people with adhd

It’s already been proven that you dumb femcel bitches photoshop everything.

>> you have a nsfw role in a server full of minors hahahahaha

Only I don’t. uwu You sour ugly transphobes will assume everything and anything. die mad about it.

No. 1493074

File: 1649134016626.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1284x2238, F862396B-C63D-4F30-BDDD-6E321B…)

LMAO shes really her own worst enemy she just posted a picture of her cat (that she tries to call by a different name) and you can see its clearly the same carpet in this pic she posted in the thread >>1487403

No. 1493075

Only I don’t. uwu

I’m not lonely? I never said I was. I’m making new friends every day.

No. 1493076

Sure Karen.

No. 1493077

That’s a sad faggy reach.

No. 1493079

File: 1649134321930.png (329 KB, 750x1334, 5134C3CC-B138-48A5-BDFD-71D737…)

Lmao no we’ve been together on and off since I joined Valhalla. He’s just a workaholic and a paramedic.

No. 1493080

File: 1649134379429.jpeg (44.2 KB, 680x424, 7D3F3C5C-C073-4C9C-A09C-671264…)

There is no way that’s an actual example. Just leave the building then if it’s that big of an issue?

No. 1493083

I’m the only person in my biological family in my own and the previous generations to get a degree. My grandfather had a radiology degree. Grandparents always stressed the importance of getting a college degree. None of their children got degrees. Neither of my brothers have degrees. I do. They are incredibly proud of me. Both of my parents have degrees. They’re proud of me for doing so well. My parents know of this thread and don’t care. You’ve all been officially laughed at by my parents.

No. 1493085

File: 1649134669974.jpeg (337.31 KB, 1080x1311, DFE69677-EEA9-4E4C-801A-25B728…)

Cry some more about it TERF. I will always have sexual desire and always have sex with my bfs. I’m more worthy of relationships than you.

No. 1493086

Many of you haven’t seen Turning Red and it shows.

No. 1493090

>> nobody accused them of any of the shit you listed but yourself because youre a salty narcissist who cant own up to her shit

No, they have been. I Sephiroth’d their ringleader and if she shows her dumb snout again she’s getting curbstomped by multiple people.

I’m not a narcissist. Psychologist proved it last year.

No. 1493092

Only I’m not. uwu

No. 1493094

>You would like to see what makes my pussy wet, wouldn’t you
didnt you say you have to use a lot of lube? your dusty pussy cant get wet LMFAO

>Because I love him, and he loves me.

oh okay because hes currently the only guy tolerating you right now got it lmfao

>Not my Twitter
see >>1493074 ok rachel aliza leeds-minkin owner of tayuubarbie twitter account?

>and no rsd is almost mutually exclusive for people with adhd

make up your mind you just contradicted yourself

>It’s already been proven that you dumb femcel bitches photoshop everything.

point where it was proven hahaha

>Only I don’t

aaahahahahaha is that the only argument you have when theres proof on this thread

this threads shows up when you google your twitter name jus saiyan and ahahaha sure youre totally making friends every day

ooh whipping out the homophobic slurs today rachel?

thats hilarious considering how old those messages are and how youre very clearly hiding something above those messages
wanna explain why he has the single role on valhalla btw?

you have a degree and work in a bookstore that doesnt pay you more than new temps that get hired you dont even make enough to comfortably pay for a minecraft server lmfaooooo

rofl what the fuck aaaahahahahahaaaaa!!!


No. 1493104

Bertha you have literally never met a man in real life who has wanted to be in the same room as you, let alone have sex with you. You'll end up old, go through menopause and still be a virgin and you will most certainly "die mad about it."

No. 1493121

Holy shit, most pathetic “relationship proof” i’ve ever seen. You’re single, Bertha, die mad about it.

No. 1493128

Only I’m not. Die mad about it.

No. 1493130

I literally had sex with one of my bfs earlier but weird reach. Die mad about it.

No. 1493135

youre never going to get pregnant because youre too clinically insane and just plain ugly for any man to want you or any sperm bank to feel comfortable to allow you in hahaha

No. 1493146

I'm waiting for the inevitable logs from this Minecraft server to be released and then the local police get involved

No. 1493147

>> didnt you say you have to use a lot of lube? your dusty pussy cant get wet LMFAO

Lmao no Ted Cruz. This WAP gets plenty wet otherwise, I just need it for penetration because it makes it easier. If you don’t use lube, you just have no idea what it is to enjoy sex. Or maybe you were raped as a kid and that’s why you’re so bitter and no man wants you. I have to wear pads sometimes when I’m not on my period bc my bfs get absolutely fucking filthy with me and sometimes we’re just too busy to do anything with it.

>> oh okay because hes currently the only guy tolerating you right now got it lmfao

Nah. I’ve still been talking with MakoSoldier07 and we have plans together. Things are getting better with them.

>> see >>1493074 ok rachel aliza leeds-minkin owner of tayuubarbie twitter account?

Not my Twitter, not my problem. Cry some more hagfag. uwu

>> point where it was proven hahaha

You’re the literally the one who just told me to Google. Do your own research.

>> ooh whipping out the homophobic slurs today rachel?

Ain’t homophobic. You’re a hag and you deserve to be burned. Cry some more.

>> thats hilarious considering how old those messages are and how youre very clearly hiding something above those messages wanna explain why he has the single role on valhalla btw?

And doxx him? Nothing to hide. I’m allowed to share or not share what I want. He’s never on the server, so it doesn’t matter. Die mad about it cow.

>> you have a degree and work in a bookstore that doesnt pay you more than new temps that get hired you dont even make enough to comfortably pay for a minecraft server lmfaooooo

Haha no that’s old. I make nearly 100,000$ USD a year. I was promoted after someone tried to get me fired.

Too late, boo boo for you hagfag. Bf and I whose texts I’ve shared already have nursery plans. We did genetic counseling and got the go ahead. I went to the gynecologist several years ago and they confirmed I don’t have PCOS. Went to them a couple months ago and they told me I’m healthy enough for pregnancy.

No. 1493149

Not happening lmao. The owners are parents and their children are admins. They absolutely love me. <3 Earlier last month I watched Chernobyl with their kids.

No. 1493151

we struck a nerve didn’t we, fatty? this bitch is clinically insane, i just can’t wait for the prison saga kek.

No. 1493153

TL;DR youre not only fat ugly and retarded youre also sad and single lmaooo

No. 1493161

>maybe you were raped as a kid and that’s why you’re so bitter
>You’re a hag and you deserve to be burned
wow rachel's evil side coming out in full force tonight I see. And then you end this post with
>Bf and I already have nursery plans. We did genetic counseling and got the go ahead
if this wasn't blatantly and hilariously fake, I would cry for your future child. People who joke about child rape are not fit to be parents.

No. 1493162

Only I’m not. uwu I’m laughing with joy at how wrong and retarded you are. I’m beautiful, a healthy weight for my height, and incredibly intelligent. Smarter than every farmer’s intellect here combined. Cope and seethe about it, bitter lonely TERF.

You will never be happy or loved as much as I am.

No. 1493165

Oooh, so you admit it. You’re used goods, so that’s why you’re bitter because no man wants you.

Then cry til you go blind bitch, cuz my harem and I are gonna pump out babies like there’s no tomorrow.

No. 1493166

Rachel I can hear you crying behind your screen, you're really chimping out tonight.
> jokes about child rape for the 2nd time
>"my harem and I are gonna pump out babies like there’s no tomorrow"
there is something deeply wrong with you girl lmfao wtf are you even saying.

No. 1493167

its hilarious because all of us has dated more people than youve ever pretended to date
some of us even have masters
youre obese if youre 5’2 and 175 pounds hunny get on a treadmill and count your calories stop being a fat fuck

i cant wait for people to google your name and see you saying this shit lmao

>>1493053 i keep laughing at this because he didnt even say i love you back

No. 1493170

I’m crying laughing because you’re a faggot who will never know a love as good as mine. I have it made and you’re stuck here posting on a TERF femcel website run by a literal actual pedophile. The cherry on top is that you admitted to being raped and that just explains sooooooo much.

Bruh you’ve never even dated anyone, your hand doesn’t count Karen.

>> i keep laughing at this because he didnt even say i love you back

He did tho. Read it or go back to school you illiterate retard.

No. 1493171

File: 1649141443867.jpg (169.66 KB, 500x513, wkefhwf.jpg)

>we've dated more people than you, some of us even have masters
hold up what? WHAT? you have HWAT NOW? YOU HAVE A WHO?

No. 1493172

>> i cant wait for people to google your name and see you saying this shit lmao
My parents know, they don’t care. My friends know, they don’t care. My boyfriends know, they don’t care. My employers know, they don’t care. The police know, they don’t care.

I think it’s safe to say that the only “people” who care are you bitter old hagfags.

No. 1493173

>a TERF femcel website run by a literal actual pedophile.
rachel do you know where you are? the entire userbase doesn't even know who's running the website right now we're literally on a ship with no captain living off of what little stale milk we can find lmfaoooo

No. 1493174

File: 1649141607261.jpeg (168.73 KB, 1200x800, B8CB6760-5D05-4AC9-9E11-9E0317…)


No. 1493176

god the projection is real lmfao
keep coping and seething rachel!
I love that youre being a hypocrite and throwing the word pedophile around while talking about buying dildos from a company owned by a zoophile hahaha

masters as in master degrees anon

No. 1493178

File: 1649141715594.jpeg (51.01 KB, 1200x986, F07EA870-ADD7-4744-9B4C-B26E95…)

More like a headless chicken running in circles.

No. 1493179

rachel you are even more cringe, you love talking about kids getting raped. You have no moral high ground here and the fact you think you do is hilarious

No. 1493180

I know this website hosts child pornography. It’s clear what the owner’s proclivities are. They’re clearly a man who’s managed to dupe you all into tearing each other apart.

No. 1493181

she really thinks we can forget how retarded she is with just one post

No. 1493182

Nah Shaniqua we know you can’t afford that and no self-respecting company or fund is gonna give you a scholarship.

No. 1493183

I only do it because it triggers you, and seeing you triggered makes me laugh. Cope and seethe about it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1493184

back with the blatant racism again I see. What on earth was in rachels water tonight? she's having a full blown episode kek

No. 1493185

girl the mods purged the dicks youve spammed and youre really gonna try and claim that this site hosts child porn?

lmao theres the racism again! im not an americafag i didnt have to worry about getting my masters fatty sorry your parents wont pay for any of your education tho

No. 1493186

Sure, they’ve all seen you giggle about child rape and pedophila. You deserve your shitty life, and prison, you whale. I bet you’re not allowed within 100 yards of any elementary school. yet you want children? HAHAHA. Dream on, as if any guy would ever fuck you (can they even find that dusty hole underneath all those fat rolls?)

No. 1493187

The idea they’re a zoophile is news to me, I have asked you to prove it but you won’t. The worst I’ve heard about them prior is that they’re transphobic, but again no proof. I know you faggots will pin whatever label you want to anyone without any kind of proof.

No. 1493188

if you werent such a psychotic sperg your weeb ass probably couldve worked any job in japan solely because of your degree but theyre strict about background checks and now you have 0 chance lololol

No. 1493189

>The idea they’re a zoophile is news to me
they make animal penis dildos, rachel. The ones you constantly post about on twitter.

No. 1493190

theres tons and tons of results on the first page and youre complaining that i wont do the work for you? lazy fatass enjoy being a hypocrite that salivates over animal cocks because no human wants you

No. 1493192

File: 1649142424997.jpeg (40.82 KB, 506x500, E0EFC5CA-3028-4B80-8D34-3FC93F…)

huuurrrrim rachel im too fat and retarded to search if the company i buy dildos from is owned by someone who fucks animals duuuurrrrr

No. 1493194

>>retarded babbling about not being allowed near a school

Hoo boy I better not tell you about where I was yesterday then, you’re going to be awfully triggered.

>>**even more asinine ejaculations about “WAH WAH YOUR GOIN TO PRIZON”

Man you’re retarded. I told you the police know and don’t care, and you refuse to listen, you just plug your ears with your sausage fingers and squeal “NOOO I DIDN HEER DAT” hahahahaha

You were raped as a child, so you overate until you made Tammy Slayton look like a mouse in comparison to yourself. Your forehead has likely collected so much adiposal tissue that you have to lift it or hire someone to lift it out of your eyes while you slam your sausage fingers on your XXXXXL keyboard and breathe like an asphyxiating boar while trying to troll on lolcow.farm.

Men don’t want you. Literally nobody wants you nor will they ever.

I’m going to have as many children as I want with my loving harem of men. You will never see a menses again, as the closest you will ever get will be the suppurations of rancid fluid leaking from your eternally neglected genitals, sourced from the gangrenous pustules you used to call ovaries.

No. 1493195

TL;DR youre projecting again and proving how disgusting you are lmao

No. 1493197

Bitch, are you really that used to stuffing a hairbrush handle up your snatch to the point that you can’t fathom anything might feel better, anon? Making dildos that look like monster dick/whatever body part is not zoophilia. Fucking animals is zoophilia.

No. 1493198

Nah that’s u bitch.

No. 1493199

File: 1649144162158.jpeg (149.93 KB, 960x1007, 1475C563-A76C-4E82-A8DC-AB6B03…)

I could get a job there if I wanted. I have a passport I just used last month.

No. 1493200

Awwwww did I hurt your feefees nonnie? I’m already well educated with a degree and high paying job.


It’s called “I enjoy seeing you suffer and get triggered, anon.”

No. 1493202

>I’m going to have as many children as I want with my loving harem of men. You will never see a menses again
New copypasta? New copypasta.

No. 1493203

youve literally retweeted dildos modeled after animals dont try to be like “EWWW HOW DO U KNOW!1” like last time because it literally says it in the tweets you share
anyway good to see youre still projecting how was it using a hairbrush handle rachel?

i think its funny that youre so bad at defending yourself that people think youre a pedophile as a result of it

one of the criterias of working in japan as a foreigner is being mentally well and you do not pass that with how insane you are especially if you swallow pills so good luck dealing with your rsd when you get rejected from working in japan lmao

No. 1493204

I’m starting to think Rachel is projecting with her “you were raped as a child” finger pointing. Could that explain why she’s so hypersexual and screwy in the head? If so that’s actually pretty sad.

No. 1493205

Kek how damaged is she that she thinks back to back pregnancies for 20+ years straight is in any way desirable? Suddenly I’m getting images of Rachel in pilgrim times, how would she have manifested back then? Maybe she’d be sexually obsessed with Jesus instead of that anime guy

No. 1493206

its called “rachel is a bad person and this thread is proof of that”
if your job pays that well then why cant you pay the 15 dollars a month for minecraft server lmfao

ugly fat retard jokes aside i really dont think that couldve ever happened considering her parents did everything they could to shelter their autismo child but obviously you never know

No. 1493210

File: 1649145256012.jpeg (834.18 KB, 1284x2535, 811A5145-CEE0-46A7-AE2C-F54D1C…)

anyways back to a detail
>He’s never on the server, so it doesn’t matter. Die mad about it cow.

he was literally on the server all day not that long ago lmao
if he was actually dating you hed have the taken or open relationship role
shes such a bad liar

No. 1493216


How bad was your childhood Rachel? Because by the detail of your replies, it seems that youre massively projecting. There's no shame in getting some therapy.

Is you potentially getting raped as a child why you think it's okay to talk about sex to minors? Its so sad that you choose to deal with it that way. Get help. You're unhinged in the worst way possible.

No. 1493220

we havent photoshopped anything except our fanarts but if you had any sense youd photoshop your selfies before you post them kek
…did you just say instead of cleaning up after sex you just slap a pad on? definitely something a virgin would say. normal people would just take a shower ffs but i know your autistic ass cant stand the way the water feels
one of my favourite things about you is that you accuse us of making shit up and then go and do the same thing but worse there is no indication that admin is a pedophile, you on the other hand.. well i dont even need to get into it

No. 1493222

Lmao no bitch. I had a great childhood. Therapy would be a waste, as I don’t need it, but I’ll gladly take your money.

No. 1493225

It’s already been proven you photoshop basically everything anon.

>> …did you just say instead of cleaning up after sex you just slap a pad on? definitely something a virgin would say. normal people would just take a shower ffs but i know your autistic ass cant stand the way the water feels

Wrong again, retard. I just get so damn wet that I need to use pads if nothing happens. After I’ve fucked one of my men is another story, but you’ll never know of such nice things. I’m an Aquarius and I have access to all the recreational pools on campus. I shop exclusively at vegan sites like LUSH for bath and shower products. I shower once, sometimes twice daily and I’m always up for a bubble bath although because California is in drought they’re only a rare treat. Thanks for admitting to everyone here that you don’t bathe, anon.

No. 1493227

Bruh it’s already been proven that I’m not one. Even one of your own has admitted that they know I’m not one.

No. 1493228


Everything will be okay, denial is the first step to recovery. Some people take longer than others to move on to the next. I'm sorry that your childhood has caused you to become the person you are. I don't think there's therapy for being a pedophile though so you're on your own for that one babe

No. 1493230

We’re polyamorous, which is not the same as polygamous. Of course he doesn’t have the polyamorous role, because there isn’t one, shit for brains. Cry some more about how you’ll never have a bf.

No. 1493231


I had a great childhood, aside from CHC but they’re trying to handle multiple lawsuits rn so they get what they deserve.

I’m not a pedophile and you know I’m not. One of your kind even admitted it. My pussy drips for adults only. Die mad about it.

No. 1493233

Nah. It’s called “I enjoy drinking your femcel TERF tears, Karen. You are my bitch.”

If you weren’t a fucking retarded failed abortion, then you’d know that I already stated why I don’t want to run a Minecraft server. Being the owner is no fun. I want to be able to play it with others without the ability to cheat being present or a temptation. You will never understand.

No. 1493234

not milk anon, it’s already known

No. 1493236

Hey man, you are the one who could identify what animal it was from, not me. You clearly have experience handling that animal’s genitals to be able to know. And like I said, making dildos that look like monster dicks ≠ zoophilia. Enjoy only ever having your fingers or your hairbrush handle to please yourself because it’s the best you’ll ever get.

No. 1493237

You guys know I’m not one, you just keep digging your own graves by continuing to call me one.

No. 1493238

Yeah no. I’d get accepted because I’m stable and I just enjoy seeing you suffer, which considering you’re all hagfags is fine.

No. 1493245

and here comes the weird hostility towards black women, its really funny that she insists all we do is make shit up about her, but time and time again she doubles down on it. did a black woman steal your “boyfriend” who denied ever dating you?
i think its hilarious that you call everyone failed abortions when your drug addict mom literally gave you up for adoption lmaooo if you ever get pregnant i pray that you have a miscarriage inshallah

No. 1493248

Aborting me was never her intention, Ines. She loved me and wanted to give me the best life I could have, and I turned into a beautiful person. I have a good bond with both her and her family, and the family I was adopted into.

No. 1493250

erm.. okay

No. 1493252

Kek, this is glorious. I’m so satisfied I was able to get this reaction from you, you sweaty cow. have fun ever getting a job that pays more than $12 an hour, or anyone wanting to have children with you.

No. 1493256

That cope. You know this isn’t true, we all know it

No. 1493259

Ain’t a cope. Is true. I’m going back to Maui with her later this year.

No. 1493282

so which one of your dads is dead again? im curious

No. 1493314

Oh my god I go to sleep and she is once again telling us about how awesome her life is and how loved she is and how she totally isn't a pedophile or zoophile but will definitely become one to own the haters.
She clearly is so busy with her boyfriends that she has the time to get into autistic ramblings here.
Honestly? I wanna see this bitch get a Kiwifarms thread and let the dudes there reiterate that no man wants to fuck her, even the most desperate of basement dwellers would retch at the thought.
She can show everyone how she totally is living her best life by having to keep up with two different sites.

No. 1493404

this is fucking hilarious

No. 1493410

thats hilarious because he literally thinks polyamory and polygamy are the same thing and doesnt care for it
i bet you have 0 idea what he looks like tell me what his skintone is rachel or has he not sent you selfies like he does with his real friends

No. 1493413

its so fucking funny how you purposely ignore key points that ive pointed out to avoid looking wrong
youre single and alone and always will be because youre not only a creepy pedophile but most likely a zoophile hahahahahaha

No. 1493419

File: 1649169959837.jpeg (806.39 KB, 1284x2374, 50652CDC-374C-46B2-8CD5-C63972…)

i love how nobody ever wants to take her seriously

No. 1493420

File: 1649170023545.jpeg (796.96 KB, 1284x2148, 795E49F6-A79E-4E67-A06B-19DD70…)

when the person whos actually been in polyamorous relationships tells you to shut the fuck up and stop caring about semantics

No. 1493422

File: 1649170220786.jpeg (983.28 KB, 1284x2316, 1207E12F-6981-456B-8268-E7F3B4…)

holy shit the cope with this bitch is too much my sides are splitting from laughter

also i love that shes kissing the owners ass after trying to start a fight with him not that long ago as if that changes the fact that he makes fun of her behind her back LOL

No. 1493424

File: 1649170539019.jpeg (705.34 KB, 1284x1745, 16D6A981-110F-4668-BC7D-A0E0BD…)

she accused some random of being one of us because THEY even know that wanting an animal dildo means youre a zoophile

No. 1493425

File: 1649170564845.jpeg (713.37 KB, 1284x2230, E3E44CC4-5374-4DC6-BE10-BADB58…)

No. 1493428

File: 1649170725989.jpeg (755.63 KB, 1284x2062, 561C74C7-6BB9-48A6-A150-388698…)

No. 1493430

File: 1649170834568.jpeg (799.24 KB, 1284x1919, FADCCFA7-F1E2-4F36-B1D7-A33057…)

she says she only trusts dan but thats because he had to verify her during her meaning it was another person shes sent her id to lmao

No. 1493434

File: 1649170924550.jpeg (1010.38 KB, 1284x2351, 75EF35F2-F5FE-4722-9C1A-EE6F10…)

when the random she accused tries to help her and she lies about having control
what control do you have you dont even have the self control to keep you from bumping up your thread with your retardation

No. 1493444

>"I might have vaginismus"

Well shoving literally anything phallic shaped (but especially animal genitalia) into your gunt gulch maybe has some consequences.

Thank you, brave nona, for endurinf this and sharing the milk.

No. 1493482


No. 1493534

Dance bobo dance

No. 1493612

she’s so autistic. it’s hilarious how no one in that server likes her.

No. 1493902


bro, I still can't believe her fatass ran back to that server. you can tell that the people don't give two fucks about her.

No. 1493908

File: 1649205317141.jpeg (169.72 KB, 750x1208, F6596DE5-3077-470A-8020-20CEB2…)

Explain this then.

No. 1493909

File: 1649205332919.png (1016 B, 198x21, 9b396fa08f032d3ca131a9dbbbdd36…)

No. 1493910

File: 1649205380823.jpeg (179.81 KB, 750x1208, 22EC9D23-CF2D-4593-815F-399E4A…)

It’s very clear the server loves her. You’re purposefully taking shit out of context, or cropping the dialogue to fi your narrative anon.

No. 1493913

File: 1649205401737.jpeg (197.91 KB, 750x1214, FEECE92E-F73D-4B7A-8D60-F21666…)

No. 1493915

File: 1649205423816.jpeg (205.83 KB, 750x1212, 705DB4D1-248B-4ED0-977E-CD06DB…)

No. 1493917

File: 1649205448502.jpeg (152.62 KB, 750x1204, BB492D52-12C6-4948-AB9F-88F0C2…)

No. 1493922

Hey Rachel honey, why are you talking in the third person? We can see that it’s you because of the yellow signifying they were replying to you. Hi, cow! Are you going to say you’re asleep, now, and call me a slur, or are you going to admit it this time?

No. 1493924

sounds to me like they dont want to be associated with you or this thread lol
so you call women roasties now? whos the 4channer stuck in 06? also i dont think theyd be very happy to know that YOU are posting screenshots of their messages here

No. 1493925

lmao why do you bother cropping the time out of your screenshots when we can still see them on the messages? we know you live in california
also wow one simp on a porn server having a conversation with you such proof

No. 1493927

she seriously fucked herself with these screenshots she solidified all proof that weve been talking to her on this thread rofl

No. 1493931

File: 1649205854334.png (122.54 KB, 609x864, dfdfdfdfdd.png)

Alruna we can look up this information with the screenshots you gave us in the discord. like what the actual fuck? damn you nasty as hell

No. 1493933

They do.

Still you, fatty.

No. 1493937

Because she sent those screenshots to me, duh.

No. 1493938


aint no one defending the fat cow except the fat cow pretending to be people.

No. 1493939

File: 1649206150519.jpeg (934.06 KB, 1284x2372, 7C7DA950-E813-447F-9E23-EAE0D3…)


look at how shitty she treats someone she called her friend

No. 1493940

File: 1649206224431.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1284x2312, F360402A-C9F0-4CCF-BF20-3774CB…)

she thinks the people from lolcow are the ones that swatted her when i believe that happened before she even got her thread

No. 1493942

>to pork her
That sounds like something Chantal would say. GOD ALL YOU FAT NARC FUCKS ARE EXACTLY ALIKE

No. 1493943


imagine not being a sheep.

she keeps comin' back to this thread for what? just like her fat ass came to the discord to revive the thread. bitch is lonely.

No. 1493944

Because you’re her bitches. You’re clowns.(emoji)

No. 1493945


She never got swatted, but that's what she tells everyone, so they'll feel sorry for her doxxing herself. Just like how she wants people to feel sorry for her ask when she gave some random stranger her ID with all her information on it.

No. 1493947

File: 1649206386775.jpeg (959.96 KB, 1284x2260, 6EFB1295-DE38-4B4B-978E-313FBA…)

she can never shut the fuck up i cant wait for her to eventually get banned for being annoying and making people uncomfortable like she did in another server

No. 1493950


I'm waiting for her fatass to get that banhammer. she uses that place as a mouthpiece. damn, save some air for everyone else

No. 1493951

File: 1649206517720.jpeg (373.8 KB, 750x1214, B0EDBA0C-CA61-4435-AF9E-58D111…)

She has a deal with Dan. It’s never gonna happen.

No. 1493952

File: 1649206535543.jpeg (841.83 KB, 1284x2247, EBB71D7F-982C-4B5B-AF44-EC0D88…)

here rachel ill help you continue the line of screenshots from that conversation

No. 1493955

File: 1649206577885.jpeg (889.21 KB, 1284x2264, 2433A288-F303-4B62-9D9F-ACAE2A…)

No. 1493956

So you're playing Minecraft with a bunch of minors on the Eminent MC server then?

No. 1493958

File: 1649206712713.jpeg (869.88 KB, 1284x2286, 267DA7D2-FC3F-455C-A9BD-8A548E…)

No. 1493959

Either that or Dawnhaven MC?

No. 1493960

imagine pretending not being Rachel on a thread when you're actively online watching this thread. LOL

No. 1493961

File: 1649206831152.jpeg (766.91 KB, 1284x2259, DF12627A-19C2-4C91-BBB3-81D516…)

No. 1493962

File: 1649206933227.jpeg (849.05 KB, 1284x2338, B21C4C5E-7210-42FF-912E-B7A8D1…)

No. 1493965

I wonder what they’d say if they knew rachel was the one posting screenshots of the server

No. 1493966

I didn’t build that so it’s not my problem. I just watched. Cry some more about it.

No. 1493967

If you contact the staff, they’re not gonna care.

No. 1493969

File: 1649207137491.gif (103.74 KB, 259x275, 459A0F08-B0B3-4FDD-A5DA-7B026B…)

when rachel forgets to speak in third person and pretend not to be rachel for a moment

No. 1493980

im really hoping someone just says fuck it and links her lolcow thread in the server

No. 1493981

You sad bitches are so delusional. She invited her friends in Valhalla to come and laugh at you.

No. 1493984

So you admit yes to both. Thanks for the info.

No. 1493986

Don't tell me she is teaming up with Elaine that lolcow alliace is too much, we may die of a milk OD
Is there any evidence she was ever actually SWATted? Sounds like the kind of thing she would make up.

No. 1493988


I would like some proof on this swatting she keeps throwing out there.

No. 1493991

File: 1649208040908.png (21.69 KB, 1114x80, d919fa407180f7664766d50a2bc202…)

She claims it was "two officers" that came to her place. Does that sound like a swat to you?

No. 1493993

Not if they said she was making drugs. That contradicts the point of a SWATting which is usually a claim there is a hostage situation or something like that. But it seems she knows as much about this as she does about vaginal discharges.

No. 1493997

Also if it was a swatt they would already have a warrant, so it couldn't have been a swatt like you keep claiming in the server.

your shit is full of holes rachel and you think people can't check your ass

No. 1494000

yeah I'm sure everyone is totes clean, Bertha. Can't wait for the herpes arc. I bet we'll have the privilege of hearing about her fish and rotten egg smelling gonorrhea nodules

No. 1494002


Very much negativity here!

How about you tell us about your day. What did you eat?

No. 1494005

proof or no proof its only normal for a parent to not want someone that people call a pedophile to not want to be around their kids
i hope they give you the boot lmao

No. 1494010

>this is working better trust me on this one
the toppest of keks
why would she have multiple gym memberships? she always goes so overboard with her lies and still thinks they’re believable
she really just cant help herself wow

No. 1494012

You can tell the people in that server are uncomfortable with having their convos posted on here (by her) and are uncomfortable with her spamming the server about "being harassed online." She also is rude to people on there trying to give her advice, how long until she spergs out at them for real and gets herself banned? probably soon.

you can tell she is cracking and it's great. pathetic cow.
also kek at her pulling the "they're just jealous!!" you're truly ugly, fat, and a bad person. nothing to be jealous of, hun

No. 1494015

File: 1649210535020.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1284x2346, 83C6D765-E4EB-4629-BF99-16068A…)

when is she going to learn to not be obvious? also laughing about her sharing a black artist when shes blatantly racist

No. 1494016

File: 1649210588116.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1284x2421, 3FE5E3F6-EB53-4678-B50E-AC15C0…)

semi unrelated but still really glad that this thread comes up when you google her twitter name

No. 1494018

They know about the thread and don’t care.

No. 1494019

File: 1649210765294.jpeg (658.53 KB, 1284x2247, ACD92298-B4C2-4936-940C-53A795…)

i like that her stuffed animals take priority over her “boyfriends” fitting in her bed she’s such a virgin rofl

No. 1494021

If they were they would have spoken up anon. From what I’ve been seeing they’re just empathizing and sympathizing with her. Hell, several people from there have posted here. Just pathetic.

No. 1494022

post proof that they know then unless youre counting the fact that you piss and moan about having a thread on a “harassment website”

No. 1494024

She literally lives close enough to her bf to walk to his house and frequently spends the night there but go off I guess

No. 1494025

>>1493064 no they (you) aren't, biological disgrace. the fine gears of society are a mistery for your kin, and so you are inferior. Nothing that cannot be analyzed is worth it, that is why neurotypical/neurosis rule this earth.

No. 1494026

thats funny because she said that the last time she got booted from a server for making people uncomfortable lol

No. 1494027

Go ahead and contact the staff yourself then anon. I’m not your errand boy. Or, you could be nicer to Rachel and maybe she’ll tell you.

No. 1494029


No. 1494030

Btw, if you feel tortured by being asked to not to act like an animal in heat, you and your type deserve to be tortured. Long live therapy.

No. 1494031

why do you go around telling everyone about your threads, god youre so desperate for validation its pathetic.
>but go off i guess
why do you still talk like this and think youre le epically owning the femcel roasties, its a whole new decade. if youre gonna use cringe ass insults at least catch up!

No. 1494032

then what are you doing here? lmfao

got it youre just pissing and moaning

take your own advice and look for it yourself on the fairsinfocenter twitter you fat lazy retard

No. 1494033

Only I’m not. uwu I’m better than all the farmers here combined. Beautiful, strong, happy, healthy, intelligent, and very well off financially. You will never be any of these things or even a fraction of them, so cry bitch cry.

No. 1494034

Laughing at your tard ass of course. Lol

So you admit you have no proof. Of course, as I suspected.(don't use emojis)

No. 1494036

Did it never occur to you that you can say racist shit to piss off people and not actually be racist? No, of course it didn’t, with your pea brain you only see black and white.

No. 1494041


and somehow that makes people respect your character an authenticity.

Again, why do people think you're a pedo? Oh, right, because you intentionally target minors and continue to do so because you think it pisses people off.

Are your fake boyfriends not enough for you? You gotta go explore your sexuality with kids?

Same logic, am I right?

No. 1494042

no rachel, you cant.

No. 1494044

how could you possibly be better than any of us when you lie constantly and poorly
you said you made 6 figures but in this same thread you said you make ALMOST $100k which isnt even 6 figures after american taxes
youre pathetic and sad and you rely on any kind of attention which is why youre here

just told you where but your fat lazy ass is too retarded to comprehend that

its not making us mad or upset its giving us more proof and reason to believe that youre actually racist and any real therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist can easily tell you that doing that shows youre mentally disturbed and that you need help for doing so
youre really your worst advocate

No. 1494045

This is such a retarded take.

No. 1494046

File: 1649211713395.jpg (53.65 KB, 800x450, pepe.jpg)


saying that just shows how insecure and desperate for validation you are. keep telling yourself that, you'll never believe it, nor will anyone around you. maybe if you lose 50 lbs, do something about your face, get therapy, and get off the internet, you can one day believe that and even get a bf! you're just digging your own grave by entertaining us, but you're too autistic to get that.

No. 1494048

true if she was anything she claimed she wouldnt be wasting her own time on this thread or trying to gain sympathy on a porn server about this thread

No. 1494051

Doing racist shit makes you a racist , the clues in the name . Doesn’t matter what half assed excuse you make for it

No. 1494063

ikr, as if we needed any more proof of her debilitating autism, her posting screenshots showing people being clearly uncomfortable by her behavior and claiming that they show "people loving her" is so autistic it's sad. She can't read social cues, like, at all.

No. 1494069

i know its not really important but that was actually a farmer posting the rest of the conversation because she always leaves stuff out trying to make herself look better even though it never does and just comes off as weird

No. 1494078

it doesnt lead to much but another username rachel uses is 57ralm idk what the 57 is probably her birthday but ralm is basically her initials
the only thing that comes up is a pinterest

No. 1494086

Anon I'm talking about the caps she posted herself. Are you autistic too?

No. 1494087

she also has a twitter thats undoubtedly her that got registered in January of this year the @ is leedsminkin

No. 1494088

File: 1649215156901.jpeg (301.45 KB, 1284x847, 90C0B8CA-F839-4815-99CF-7F948B…)

also found this little gem from 2014
its insane how long shes been at this

No. 1494094

Just did. Copped it. Deal with it.

No. 1494095

They are loving her though. There’s nothing uncomfortable about it.

No. 1494096

She does it because you guys are clowns.

No. 1494097

Nah. I only say it to rile you up. Stay mad about it.

No. 1494099

I don’t need any of that. If you think I need therapy, then you can pay me. Just be aware I’m gonna use the money for whatever the fuck I want if I deem such.

My face is beautiful and lovely and my bf just dropped by to kiss me before he heads home for the night. ^_^ I’m perfectly healthy and losing further weight would only make me underweight.

No. 1494102

This bitch comes up with a new story every day and a new personality to come into this thread yet she somehow has the most milquetoast Mary Sue original character that she hunts Sephiroth dick with.

She puts more effort into pretending to be people who like her than she does into living her ideal life. Says a whole lot about her though.

No. 1494104

its hilarious how you have 0 idea how to use the slang you use how do you manage to be such a boomer when youre a millennial

No. 1494108

imagine being such a narcissistic that you cant tell when people are tolerating you

idk sounds like you have too much time on your hands

youre so delusional i cant help but laugh

how would he come by to kiss you when youve posted screenshots of the dude youre claiming to be your boyfriend is driving a truck? your stories are always so inconsistent
strange how you claim to make 6 figures but cant afford to pay for therapy let alone a minecraft server

No. 1494109

copped what? that racism pack? sorry, you probably dont even know what that means

No. 1494114

btw if you join the server you need a profile picture or else youll get kicked by the bot

No. 1494121

how much do you weigh now? because the last one you told us was 165 (which i really dont think anyone here believes) and that still makes you clinically obese, losing more weight would put you in the overweight category.

No. 1494155

I never said over. uwu I said near.

So you admit you have no proof. Laughs in skinny

You also admit it’s making you upset heeheehee! If you weren’t retarded then you’d know I’d already been to a psychologist last year and they told me I’m perfectly fine.

Cope and seethe about it, bitchless.

No. 1494156

Too late. Too bad. Did it.

No. 1494157

You would know, given you see my rp posts. NOT! Cry some more bitch.

No. 1494158

Nah I just dunk in on you guys a little in my spare time, because you retards are hilarious and it’s fun to watch you get so mad and have heart palpitations.

No. 1494159

Users have already been notified to watch out for anyone joining after April 4th so even if you do manage to get through you’re fucked by the virtue of having not been there before

No. 1494160

>> imagine being such a narcissistic that you cant tell when people are tolerating you

It isn’t tolerate. They love her and she makes the server a brighter place.

>> idk sounds like you have too much time on your hands

Oh yeah I do. Dunno about Rachel though.

No. 1494162

It’ll be a shame if people start calling your mom’s cellphone and telling her about how shitty of a fat lard daughter she has

No. 1494163

Didn’t she already tell you dumbasses multiple times why she doesn’t want to run a Minecraft server? Man you’re so retarded. Can’t wait to see the day the site gets taken down because “muh free speech”

No. 1494164

Good luck with that. I can guarantee you her mom doesn’t care.

No. 1494165

Your poor mom she probably doesn’t care because she had enough of your shitty actions that it’s probably going to kill her if she keeps seeing how much of a pedophile her daughter is

No. 1494167

Be my guest, I already know you won’t do it. She has robokiller and doesn’t pick up any number she doesn’t know.

No. 1494168

oh please rachel i bet this thread gives you panic attacks

No. 1494169

She has seen this thread retard. She laughed at you with me earlier. We were curled up in bed together like 30 minutes together petting one of our cats while talking.

No. 1494170

Nah. I got a Fitbit recently and it doesn’t even register on my pulse when I access this page.

No. 1494172

Cope and seethe Rachel you’re gonna kill your mom

No. 1494174

rachel youre bumping your thread again.

No. 1494175

…So everytime you come here you die?

No. 1494178


After the 4th wow, because they are really gonna attempt to find the people behind all of this. How big is that server again? You're a stupid fuck. Unlike you, everyone else is better at hiding. You ain't ever gonna figure out who is who.

lol, honestly, you're gonna be the reason that server goes down ya pedo.

No. 1494182

0/10 your comprehension is shit i guess cañada college doesnt really teach their english majors much

also if you werent fat you wouldnt be fighting for your life to convince us otherwise lmao

> If you weren’t retarded then you’d know I’d already been to a psychologist last year and they told me I’m perfectly fine.

LMFAO ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BE PSYCHIC NOW? and i highly doubt it considering how long you were stuck at chc lmfaoooo

the owner isnt going to just ban people you suspect are from here especially with no evidence he doesnt even ban people that others regularly report because theyre his friends so good luck retard
if anything hes going to give you the boot for causing him so much fucking trouble


the same mom that you bitched at fairsinfocenter about saying that she was scared for her life? hilarious

holy shit you really are chris chan

please keep replying i would love it if you got a 3rd thread because you cant learn to shut the fuck up

No. 1494184

Nah. That’ll be you.

No. 1494185

Man you’re an oblivious retard. You know what I meant.

No. 1494186

It’s already been proven I’m not a pedo retard. My pussy drips to adults only. Die mad about it, cow.

No. 1494188

Fighting for my life? Hardly. Nah, I’m just telling you the truth and you’re getting oh so mad about it. You’re sitting behind your desk and stomping your fat feet on the floor because you’re jealous my life is better than yours.

No. 1494191

He’s banned users before at my request, he’ll do it again. :3

No. 1494192

Didn't she send a picture of her bitch ass crying to people online. also why the fuck she naked? >>1483813


how much you wanna bet that if her mom saw that photo she would time travel backwards to abort

No. 1494193

Imagine not loving your mother enough or your mother not loving you enough to spend time with her around bedtime for fun when you’re winding down for the night. It’s the sign of a healthy relationship with your mother, which you’re clearly jealous you don’t have. uwu :3

No. 1494194

I have seen your rp posts and I blocked you because you came onto me in DMs with your garbage. You got blocked for repeatedly crossing lines with me and trying to turn every situation sexual. Then you got mad about it and spent months stalking me. Now we're here. The ironic part is that statement should give me away but you did the same thing to many people with the same result.

No. 1494195

lmao sure tell me what else im doing youre clearly thinking of me and the others in this thread because we live rent free in your empty head

anyway heres the screenshots of rachel freaking out about her mom being scared about her “stalkers” https://twitter.com/fairsinfocenter/status/1334961699640627200?s=21&t=YHxVz4o9NWWo3QGuDP-NQw

No. 1494196

Bold and retarded of you to assume she hasn’t seen it already and didn’t comfort Rachel about it.

No. 1494197

Imagine you killing your mom cause you won’t stop harassing people, talking to kids and having people contact your home for being a pedophile? Bet you’re gonna blame it on other people other than your pathetic fetus alcohol syndrome face that no one wants

No. 1494198

Link is broken.

You don’t live rent free in my head. I don’t think of you at all any time I’m not on the site.

No. 1494200

File: 1649222998499.jpeg (18.61 KB, 235x238, DD455971-A599-4380-99A2-FF2CC3…)

If you think you’re better looking than me, then you can post your face.

Oh right you can’t, because you have to remain anonymous. Meaning you likely look like this.

No. 1494201

I’m interested in being the female you were looking for in your harem, are you still open to that? Your strong will, genius comebacks, arousing descriptions of your dripping snooch and beautiful face have turned me to your side. Please consider me.

No. 1494202

yeah tell us what else the dude whos on the verge of banning you has done for you would love to hear it

whatever you say pedo incest lover

girl its not youre just blocked lmao

No. 1494203


No. 1494205

Racist bitch thinks she accomplished something but further cements that she is in fact a racist bitch.

No. 1494206

Bet she’s crying and asking her mom if she hates her for being a racist sack of lard

No. 1494207

Oh trust me, I won’t kill my mom. You can try but I doubt you will be successful.

It’s already been proven I’m not a pedophile. Cry some more about it.

If you try to call her or any of us, we will have your number to report you to the police and I will be posting your number here. Good luck with that. :3

>>1494201 Denied. I don’t take femcels.

>>1494202 lmao you’re such a fucking retard. He’s not on the verge of banning me, he hasn’t even been here in like 5 hours so he’s probs playing RuneScape or whatever.

Bold of you to assume I don’t have several other accounts. Good luck finding me.

No. 1494208

she really thinks shes hurting us by being a racist pedophile shes so cringe

No. 1494211

File: 1649223374033.jpeg (40.37 KB, 465x581, DBA1578F-BEE4-41B6-B5E9-892F3D…)

You can’t post your face to prove you’re better looking than me so it’s clear that you look like this.

My mom has been lurking and following this thread. She doesn’t care bitch. She knows I’m not racist and you’re just amusement to the both of us now. Cry harder.

No. 1494212

It’s already been proven I’m not a pedophile or a racist. uwu Cry harder.

No. 1494213

So you're perfectly fine with your mother knowing intimate details about your sexual fantasies and interests? You include her in these conversations that have you talking about what sorts of things "get your pussy wet?"
You feel comfortable showing your own mother that sort of degenerate bullshit?

The whole family needs help.

No. 1494214


lol this girl over here talking about doxxing and thinkin' that's how it works. booboo what you think the police gonna do if someone calls, nothing.

they ain't gonna do shit about a butch of people who know your information because you decided to give it.

anyone can get your moms information because of you

because you didn't give two shits about your parents

if you gave two shits about you parents then you wouldn't be coming to this thread and throwing your weight across the internet. girl you're leaving your mark and word is traveling fast

lolcow isn't the only place, this is just the place you know of.

you're a disgusting child groomer who is basically a catfish and stalker, you lie so much.

you keep thinking that some of these people on the form are mad or that you're pissing them off, you ain't

you're just fucking over your life more and you just don't know it and no one is gonna tell you until it's too late.

No. 1494215

File: 1649223791284.png (131.61 KB, 897x720, 32DAE896-85DD-4B27-B95F-A5767F…)

fat racist pedophile who cant lie for shit

No. 1494216

god save her if she ends up on kiwifarms they have no limits over there

No. 1494218


if she keeps coming to these threads that's where it's gonna end up and I don't feel bad for the fat bitch, her milk is delicious, so drink up.

No. 1494220

>if you gave two shits about you parents then you wouldn't be coming to this thread and throwing your weight across the internet. girl you're leaving your mark and word is traveling fast

lolcow isn't the only place, this is just the place you know of.

Waiting for the kiwifarms version of this thread with bated breath.

No. 1494221


Her mom hasn't been eating or sleeping, but comes back and says "my mom enjoys this shit so much."

girl don't know where to keep her story straight.

No. 1494223

That would explain her interest in incest. Bet she talks about them animal dildos with her mom too.


No. 1494225

Hi, samefag as >>1494220 here and I clearly boomered my post.
I'm hoping for it honestly. She acts totally different if she knows there's dudes looking at her hahahaha

No. 1494229

File: 1649224579630.png (16.58 KB, 846x89, wwsds.png)

did your boyfriend not wanna stay lol

what makes this better is that no one really responded to the cow

No. 1494230

would love to see her play up her helpless victim shit there theyd absolutely eat it up

No. 1494233

Bertha dipped pretty quick once she realized she insinuated that her mom enjoys reading about her supposed sexual escapades.

No. 1494234

File: 1649224882696.jpg (27.62 KB, 596x419, babyslapfight.jpg)

Do not harass the cow's family, newfag. That is not what we do here.
Contain your a-logging. You look just as unhinged as rachel. I know you (not sure if it's one or more of you) have personal beef with her from hanging out in the same loser nerd circles and it makes you look like an idiot for getting this worked up over this literal drooling retard. Us farmers are here to eat popcorn and laugh, you're weird rageposting is off-putting and has been totally killing the vibe itt for weeks now. I was gonna ignore it but you're escalating to a truly autistic degree. STOP IT. Leave if you can't emotionally handle this thread without going apeshit.

picrel, it's you guys.

No. 1494235

File: 1649224883617.png (258.95 KB, 1144x362, dsfgdf.png)

feels man

No. 1494239

disclaimer: i dont encourage contacting her friends and family at all

anyway its really surprising that this bitch claims that she was swatted or that cops came over to her house that youd think shed stop trying to fan her own flames
if i was her and i already had the police come by my place i would learn to shut the fuck up and stop poking at the beehive
it just doesnt make sense

No. 1494241

File: 1649225296779.png (111.78 KB, 171x307, 53786139-1B31-4E67-919B-F46F1C…)

rachel whenever she opens this thread kek. she really checks it a lot, it lives rentfree in her peabrain.

No. 1494242

The ultimate irony would be if Dan was the leaker. She'd go nuclear if it was the case.

No. 1494243

is dan a TiF? the leaker types and acts like a woman.

No. 1494244


Ah yes, the face of multiple gym memberships

No. 1494245

Dan is an Australian cis man who hates drama hed sooner ban people who instigate than participate however he does occasionally troll or gives out a backhanded comment once in a while

No. 1494246

when will you stop repeating yourself youre almost getting boring… almost. the fact that you think you’re more attractive than either of those people, just because youre white has me crying, not to mention the fact that you dont respond to any of my posts about your weight because you know im right. ignoring something doesnt make it go away, except this thread if you hadnt decided to dox yourself kek.

No. 1494248


so i did do some reading and I think i can put the pieces together

the cops probably got called because 1 either she threatened someone or 2 it has to do with something she did

i don't think she was ever swat or the cops were ever there for any other reasons

this is what I got from fairsinfocenter

No. 1494249

samefag, inb4 she says im weeping tears of anguish because im black and fat and ugly unlike her who is skinny white and a vogue model

No. 1494251


What we do know about the person posting itt is that they have an insider in the server that isn't them. So it's plausible that the poster is female.
But the source could be Dan. The ones who "don't like drama" always have an Achilles heel somewhere. They might not directly post but they will most certainly plant the seeds.

No. 1494252

File: 1649226191010.png (399.14 KB, 636x739, adfafa.png)


keep dans name out of your motherfucking mouth

he ain't part of this thread cow

damn, you telling all his motherfucking business lol

bro dont like drama, but you bringing his name into this bitch for no reason

No. 1494253

why are you trying to act black again rachel

No. 1494254


wrong anon

No. 1494255

oh bitch are you retarded and confusing me for rachel? thats so fucking funny
anyway hes the server owner so its tough shit
im pretty sure most people here didnt even know his name until rachel said it so blame her

No. 1494257


you over here giving a detail report on this motherfucker, you confusing people

but I staid corrected about rachel keeping his name out of her mouth(unsaged samefagging)

No. 1494258

Seems a chord has been struck with that one. You seem a little pressed. Consider touching some grass. If Dan doesn't want to be mentioned he should make sure to put the cows in his barn to pasture.

No. 1494259


lets get back on track about the cow cause ya'll drying up the milk

No. 1494260

oh honey nothing i said about dan is a secret you can literally look in the server yourself

youre definitely deflecting from something lol

No. 1494261

File: 1649226923421.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 1284x1807, B7ABD12B-D93C-4EC3-A344-428ADC…)

spoilers because dildo but i am 100% in the camp of her being a zoophile now before i was just joking to fuck with her but this is just fucking telling

No. 1494263

All this has done is make me even more certain Dan has hands in this thread. The militant WKing over a man from a public lewd Discord server is telling.

No. 1494264

File: 1649227126479.jpeg (1023.21 KB, 1284x2302, AD58EFDE-8E04-40D0-A913-04FD72…)

why is she acting like she doesnt have adhd isnt autistic and isnt addicted to spending money and any kind of attention

No. 1494265

I would like to die now.
No wonder her cat won't cuddle with her…

No. 1494271

File: 1649227624800.jpeg (143.87 KB, 1284x426, 12B78EA8-2BA3-4432-9BD8-D360F9…)

her cat probably hates her after everything she made it see

No. 1494273

>>1494265 eeeeeeeeeeeew

No. 1494274

If her mom is actually reading this thread, now you know why Rachel keeps asking for cool whip

No. 1494276

we dont talk like that here “anon”

No. 1494278

i really wonder if its dan now i dont even know if i would laugh my sides into orbit or be surprised by the supposed double cross lmfao

No. 1494280

Having extended exposure to Rachel's stank ass would be my villain origin story too, ngl.

No. 1494282

theres so much to think about
on one hand hes basically putting his server in public view itt by not banning her
on the other hand if he was truly posting this stuff it would make sense as to why hes kept her around for so long

No. 1494289

The server is already pretty public. I searched for it on Google and found it immediately and it wasn't even something attached to this thread.

No. 1494290

File: 1649230373493.jpeg (695.86 KB, 1284x1901, A4866C88-81BD-446F-9D44-89DE47…)

about 2ish hours ago she was asking for dan and now shes asking for staff

No. 1494292

File: 1649230482586.jpeg (220.29 KB, 1284x699, 0B621CC7-AB9C-4286-B02A-DA9B0A…)

which is funny because hes online and chatting in another channel

No. 1494294

File: 1649230838171.jpeg (792.18 KB, 1284x2174, 10FC6CD0-77F5-4681-9064-396DC9…)

rachel is definitely looking at the thread and keeping quiet she immediately went to the channel dan was in after i posted the screenshot

No. 1494295

She's either desperate for male attention or wants to whine about screenshots being leaked. Or both.

Every time she posts something I imagine this video: https://youtu.be/9BFuMqi6Ln8

No. 1494296

holy shit this is her in a nutshell im losing it

No. 1494297

File: 1649232086320.jpeg (899.05 KB, 1284x2297, 6F3D202C-F983-45B2-B60B-A8E30E…)

yep called it

No. 1494298


that said, this video is so fucking accurate that i am in tears from laughing

No. 1494300

I had to share even if my embed skills are not up to par because it's not even an exaggeration of how this thread has gone.

No. 1494301

File: 1649232580385.jpeg (452.1 KB, 1284x1197, FDFA9AAF-CC14-409B-A3ED-765459…)

he doesnt give a single shit about rachel he only cares about his own image (as he should in this context)
i love how everybody knows to never takes her seriously

No. 1494302

is this an old screenshot or is she repeating herself again because she didnt get enough pity and attention last time she posted about all that
well dan why dont you ask rachel? shes the one who started posting screenshots of you before that you were only mentioned briefly, always brought up by her talking about how chummy you two are and how she can get anyone banned from your server. the rest of us honestly dont care about you and youre pretty much just there for context.

No. 1494306

shes repeating herself again

he doesnt have a link to the thread shes just showing him snipped screenshots
i think its funny that she claims that theyre friends but she cant even ask him to make a polyamory role and just bitches about it in the server instead lol

No. 1494307

i wouldnt be surprised if the person on the bottom made a comment like this before and thats why theyre “not friends” even though they clearly pity her and are trying to help

No. 1494309

Dan you've enabled her, this is why she's acting like this and now your name is on the thread. She assumes you're her bestie now. Maybe she even counts you as one of her 500 billion boyfriends.

No. 1494313

unless someone outright links him the thread (not recommended) hes not going to know

shes 100% showing him out of context cropped screenshots like she did in the server earlier otherwise shed he in hot shit

No. 1494317

File: 1649234663877.jpeg (267.56 KB, 1284x661, 78D2CCF5-E8DB-4C84-B388-47BE93…)

lmao guess he really is just enabling her
i wonder if hes just as shitty as she is

No. 1494321

Ah, now he can see Rachel being a coomer and racist with his own eyes.

No. 1494323

File: 1649235033023.jpeg (717.8 KB, 1284x1931, CB34B9EF-BC11-4A72-9FCF-13EC0F…)

hes too scared to come on here hahaha

No. 1494326

He's a shitty liar too. Guess birds of a feather flock together.
Rachel has been losing her shit about this thread in their Discord for days now. She's probably DMed him about it too. There's no fucking way he didn't know unless he tuned her out entirely but admitting to that is gonna make Rachel reenact Nibelheim in that server.

No. 1494327

File: 1649235303874.jpeg (875.64 KB, 1284x2297, 97A0EF2F-1E0D-40BD-BE35-19E842…)

hahahaha what a joke

No. 1494329

hes in there every single day almost all the time so theres no way he couldve not known about it until now
i wonder if hell respond to her claims of him banning people upon her request

No. 1494331

rachel you should really take the advise given to you on discord, like dont talk in depth about sex in general, its weird, learn how to turn off your computer when things start stressing you out, you can deny that this thread effects you all you want but its clear by the way you freak out on discord that it bothers you. do yourself a favour and just stop looking at your thread, it takes you an embarrassing amount of time for you to come up with what you think is a witty insult to all the anons that hurt you the most, what are you even doing here? shouldnt you be working on buying your own house so you can have a million babies with all your boyfriends or something? i hear ohios pretty cheap.

No. 1494332

File: 1649236256693.jpeg (908.81 KB, 1284x2300, D5364264-4DE6-4950-ADD4-4795A0…)

this is both sad and funny

No. 1494333

shes never going to listen because at the end of the day with her logic listening to good advice means shes submitting especially if it means walking away because she wants to come off as the winner
she cares way too much about what people think and is in denial of that fact
its really sad if only she went to therapy

No. 1494334

That's so funny. Bitch has been posting screenshots for days and mentioning lolcow for days.
Oi, if you're in there search lolcow in the message history to see when it was first mentioned hahahhaha

No. 1494349

i wish hed just scroll through the thread and see the shit shes claimed about him and other users
or maybe he has and hes just as big of a piece of shit as she is for enabling her

No. 1494359

Unless they're coomers too, which would be disappointing but not surprising. Of course they'd pussyfoot around addressing a racist and pedophile and possible zoophile.

No. 1494363

I did fucking tell you nobody cared Anon.

She will never leave the internet because she’s innocent. Never.

No. 1494369

Go to sleep Bertha. You need it.

No. 1494389

File: 1649244911374.jpeg (227.44 KB, 805x945, 7F588B4D-951D-438B-AC51-7E52C0…)

>Do you cuddle them alot?

It’s honestly hilarious how no one cares at all about it except when they need to clear their own name. Crazy how they supposedly cared enough to come in here and white knight, what now? Because it’s obvious they are just tired of (you) constantly bringing it up at this point and having to involve themselves in it.

No. 1494418

They're starting to make me wonder which of them are complicit in grooming minors and sexualizing animals. If they're not questioning anything in here that's kinda sus.

I'd want to chalk it up to not caring but it's hard to ignore someone who constantly drags them back into it without their consent. She will always escalate things and force them to intervene because she's always done that to people. She tries to make them fix her problems and then blows up when they don't or can't. The amount of times she's gone to people asking them to message someone who blocked her or asking them to harass Fairs Info Center or OneWingedMeanie (as examples, not just her "hate" pages, she's asked people to harass individuals she hates/is jealous of) is incredible. Then she goes and turns everything onto them and goes out of her way to attack them because they "betrayed" her.

No. 1494497

>>1494359 >>1494418
theyre definitely complicit its highly possible that theyre coomers anon all of them post a bunch of weird porn daily even i did a quick search on what dan posts and its all a bunch of troon chick with dicks shit even furries with weird cocks

its only a matter of time until they get sick of this because of rachel if dan was a good server owner hed just give her the boot and spare anyone else having to be involved unless he wants more people ending up here

No. 1494517

I'm not surprised at all. I'm not in the server because I don't want that shit on my phone. Anything NSFW on Discord is either a glowie operation or a coomer den.

No. 1494606

You invited those discord people to come look at this thread, right? And you're gonna post stuff like this?

No. 1494616

File: 1649268250145.jpeg (586.74 KB, 1284x2068, 62C04262-B7AF-479F-A123-49FF59…)

yes a public server is private rofl

No. 1494673

File: 1649271202136.jpeg (426.96 KB, 1284x1248, 7EA40916-C49B-4E16-AE60-D2DDE9…)

shes so retarded

No. 1494674

File: 1649271251244.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1284x1774, 4EB06B02-BEB5-464C-A0F8-809C31…)

cannot cover her tracks for the life of her

No. 1494678

File: 1649271385464.jpeg (157.09 KB, 1284x498, 7484B212-A20B-4D9A-A06A-3CD182…)

i wonder if it was someone who spoke to dan when he was telling people to message him
if thats the case then she really should stfu and stop revealing their bullshit and whoever messaged him is fucking retarded

No. 1494683

File: 1649271599956.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 1284x1426, AE58D5B5-B23B-4571-ABF1-C7D7A6…)


No. 1494685

File: 1649271649825.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 1284x1709, B023BBCF-81E4-4B12-BFE5-16A851…)

maybe shes trying to out herself at this point lol

No. 1494688

Clearly it works Bertha because you're still talking about it.
Alright, I'll use something more pointed just for you.

Pedophile. You're a pedophile and anyone who wants to cover for you is a pedophile apologist.
You're a racist but hate the fact that you're a white woman who has about as much genetic diversity as a slice of wonder bread. The only spice in your genes is the drugs your mother abused while she was pregnant with you. Those first few weeks do count if she was abusing hard drugs.

And despite all of that you're still trying to be a pick me in hopes that someone is stupid enough to play along with your delusions. Men don't like women like you, and it has nothing to do with your looks but you know that's another can of worms to open. You're a bitter and selfish woman and you will continue to suffer unless you change something. The only thing you're doing is wasting years of your life playing pretend on the internet.

Lastly, all these fictional men you lust over would kill you without a second thought about your name or face. You would be forgotten before your body turned cold. Keep that in mind if you want to continue to be a frigid, crybaby bitch.

Alright I'm done, I've a-logged enough.

No. 1494718

File: 1649274817770.jpeg (757.77 KB, 1284x1824, B3400D80-B78B-4A10-939D-515EA3…)

It’s one thing to like a fictional character but another thing to be as obsessed as she is. Her “harem of men” is clearly fictional but she believes it to be real and I think that’s dangerous. What other delusions does she have? That she’s married to Sephiroth irl? She’s wearing a Sephiroth ring on her ring finger. Kinda creepy. She needs therapy and to be removed from the internet for good. She should never be around children or animals, and I genuinely would be way too creeped out to even be in the same room as her. She ain’t right in the head.

No. 1494721

File: 1649274942951.jpeg (125.21 KB, 747x936, 057B8E98-442B-429F-B331-5331DF…)

the ring. Kinda nitpicky, but I really believe it’s not healthy to be this obsessed with a fictional mass murderer.

No. 1494728

even her fingers are fat ffs. turn off your computer and go for a jog, Bertha. Sephiroth would never marry a fatty.

No. 1494730

Yeah, she really shoved that ring on. You can see the fat squeezing from the sides. She’ll need to get it surgically removed, kek. I mean, not surprising with a BMI that literally puts her at obese

No. 1494743

File: 1649277647003.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.31 KB, 540x590, fFMTppgmZxGqtCidADNPKSIC9p0BWC…)

Her fingers really look like this.

No. 1494759

Imagine virtue signaling because of someone’s like of a fictional villain. You’re so fucking retarded anon.

No. 1494761

Actually it comes off quite easily without any assistance. But go off. L

No. 1494770

I’m around children AND animals. Die mad about it. Call the police if you’re so butthurt anon.

I can tell the difference between reality and fiction easily, but because your bitch ass thinks trying to belittle someone for their healthy interests is okay, and because you make assumptions so much, you clearly can’t differentiate.

If you want me to get therapy, then you will pay for it yourself because I’m not gonna buy something I know I don’t need. It’s been confirmed.

I will never be removed from the internet, but you are a cancer I will easily excise.

No. 1494785

>I will never be removed from the internet, but you are a cancer I will easily excise.

Man I can't wait for your Kiwifarms thread.

No. 1494825

I am deeply pleased that my posts on here upset you so much. Go cry some more you fat ugly cunt

No. 1494832

Right? It'll only get better. Bertha keeps the milk flowing

No. 1494833


Its so depressing to see how deep in denial you are. One day you're going to realise, at a bitter old age, just how fucked up you are and it's going to hurt. The embarrassment is going to creep up on you and you will definitely drop off the internet then

No. 1494837

A normal person would see what people truly think of them and go "Damn, there really is something wrong with me. I should make some changes so I'm not a fat, hideous, lying pedo and a bad person anymore." But this bitch truly just digs her own grave. The internet is permanent Bertha.

No. 1494839

i love that she doublesdown on being psychotic its so funny

No. 1494857

i did some digging and found stuff on dan would it be worth posting here nonnies?

No. 1494859

idec that hes a mass murderer or whatever but being this obsessed with a fictional character past the age of 16 is not in fact “healthy”
unless hes a pedophile or theres actual evidence of him being a zoophile and not just furry shit i dont care about him and the non milk posts about him are kind of annoying

No. 1494860

She knows. She's doubling down because she's hoping that she'll sink the ship and bury everything with it.

I'm curious. Just post it lol it's too late for him to rethink his involvement.

No. 1494863

you're like 40, Big Bertha. this is not a healthy obsession anymore. normal people are in their careers, with homes and families of their own.

yet you're here talking about how your pussy is so leaky you have to wear menstrual pads all the time? and this somehow is meant to prove you have sex?

Big Bertha can't control her bladder

No. 1494870

I'd say post it. He is involved with the cow, so..
It would make her inevitable server ban happen more quickly too.

No. 1494874

File: 1649286567359.png (557.68 KB, 750x1334, A4F987FD-BB93-445C-973F-5C4939…)

Lmaoooo so fucking weak. The little piggy is so triggered!

I’m not a pedophile, it’s been proven. You will never be able to stop me from being around children. I’ll keep making new friends JUST to piss people like you off, and you know what will happen?

Absolutely nothing. The police know I talk to minors, and they don’t care. They have better things to do than bother or arrest an innocent woman for talking to kids normally online.

I’m not racist, I just sometimes say racist shit because it triggers all of you and it’s so fucking funny to see you screech and squeal “WACIST! MOMMY HELP SHE’S WACIST!” and thank god you will never get to see what I’m actually like irl because you will sit and seethe and stomp your feet because your expectations don’t meet your reality.

It’s already been confirmed by multiple doctors that my mom quit in time for it to have no effect on me. I’m mixed race, German and Native American with several other things mixed in, adopted by polish, Russian, and German parents who adore me and are so proud of me. My biological family keeps in close touch with me despite their busy schedules and they are so proud of me too.

I don’t have to be a pick-me like you. I’ve already been picked. Multiple times.

The characters I like would kill you without hesitation as well. You are no different in how you or anyone else here would be treated.
You in particular can suck my bloody taint til you’re blue in the face. Stay unhappy, worthless creature.

No. 1494875

It ain’t happening. He’s not mad at me at all. I’m just sorry for him because you guys tried to drag him in.

No. 1494879

Call me by my name hagfag. I’m only in my 20s, and I look it. Stop trying to be fatphobic to someone who is perfectly healthy. You can suck my tampons.

No. 1494882

It’s natural lubricant. Keep being jealous of my WAP fatso.

No. 1494890

The boat will be sunk with all of you in it. Cry some more.

It is healthy, and if you think it isn’t, then you need to do some growing up, not me. People better off than me on Twitter that I’m friends with are obsessed with fictional characters. Everyone has their own comfort character. You’ve never experienced happiness, so it’s obvious why you’re so insecure.

No. 1494891

Only I’m not a pedo and I’m beautiful. Better looking than any of you by miles. :3 You have ugly hearts and whatever bad shit happens to you, you deserve. Bitch some more about it, TERF. It won’t get you anywhere good.

No. 1494895

You must be talking about someone else. :3 That isn’t my name. Keep begging for milk little piggy. You will starve.

No. 1494897

The only crying I’m doing is with laughter because of how sad and pathetic you all are, hambeast. You are all going to crash and burn.

No. 1494899

Ain’t gonna be one. :3(:3)

No. 1494900

Once again failing to realize that by replying to us, you continue to give us milk. You're not making your situation better, only worse. You should take that guy from your server's advice. Turn off your computer, cyberbullying isn't real. You are making yourself look like a psycho

No. 1494903

Says who?

No. 1494938

File: 1649289607535.jpg (316.47 KB, 680x728, e14.jpg)

Where do I even start?

>The characters I like would kill you without hesitation


No. 1494952

>Honestly? I wanna see this bitch get a Kiwifarms thread

ask and you shall receive nonna https://kiwifarms.net/threads/rachel-aliza-leeds-minkin-serarosier1-tayuubarbie-lucyfern13.116204/

No. 1494953

File: 1649291279205.jpg (59.37 KB, 497x875, wap.jpg)

No. 1494954

anon i fucking love you

No. 1494957

Rachel, you need to figure out how to make an account on Kiwi Farms and tell them to take that down IMMEDIATELY!

Might also want to contact the admin: admin@kiwifarms.net

No. 1494959


No. 1494962

she’ll get her thread taken down and seduce Null in the process

No. 1494964

what happened to this, Bertha? kek

No. 1494967

Imagine hanging out with losers like these guys, christ

No. 1494975

some of them get a pass since they’re literal children

not Big Bertha tho!

No. 1494989

File: 1649294566606.jpeg (304.05 KB, 1001x656, 7555536F-8F47-4F92-9723-792FC8…)

Big Bertha the child groomer

No. 1494992

this needs more context. wtf?

No. 1494996

A member of one of the servers she is a regular in joined lolcord to tell us about her escapades which include stalking, lying about people being her boyfriend, and catfishing. When questioned about catfishing, the user said that about Rachel.

No. 1494997

File: 1649294992218.jpeg (221.58 KB, 984x610, 89DB21D2-9CC2-48A6-8E18-EAA5A1…)

More context

No. 1494999

so she groomed a child into sending her a pic of themselves, then sent it to another adult? why? and what reason did she give to the child?

what the fuck, Rachel!

No. 1495002

>The characters I like would kill you without hesitation as well. You are no different in how you or anyone else here would be treated.

We're not the ones that got here by a tard rage over being denied erotic roleplays. Because really, that's where this all began. It could have been written off as the OP of your first thread whining but you were the one who came in here and made it worse for yourself by continuing to post here. Now you're going to be a regular fixture here and you've got a thread on KF.

But yeah boohoo pixel man would not have sex with you

No. 1495003

File: 1649295486113.jpeg (50.33 KB, 1140x631, 95BF8B22-8891-4E46-9433-91F54D…)

unfortunately anon those two men (lake and mister mr) are both adults theyre mods and you have to send in your id and such to apply

heres a screenshot for context

No. 1495004

File: 1649295549728.png (114.68 KB, 805x733, C0EDED54-DACC-4B82-B4DE-BD7EFA…)

she also asked that same group of minors for their phone number to use for twitter
imagine a minor having a better idea to lay low than you

No. 1495010

kek at minors having more common sense than a 28 year old woman. it's really disturbing seeing her use and manipulate minors for her bizarre antics on the internet.

No. 1495024

god, I’m so glad this retard can never have children.

No. 1495026

File: 1649297173759.jpeg (861.74 KB, 1284x1747, 0071BB37-3B2C-485C-8F13-F6C287…)


No. 1495029

Why would you even admit to that?? Why would you post that publicly?
God she's painfully stupid.

No. 1495063

I can have children. And I have plans to with my bf. We were talking about nursery paint colors yesterday.

No. 1495065

does jackson know youre posting screenshots of him here? i dont think hed like that
also this really makes it seem like you two are not in a relationship and that youre pressuring him

what bf lmao

No. 1495066

File: 1649300385162.jpeg (27.14 KB, 450x254, D092F3CD-B44D-48D3-BFA5-D643F6…)

No. 1495067

File: 1649300875796.jpg (51.66 KB, 352x500, 9c1022629e94df3a113bcc13fd4902…)

Talking to yourself doesn't count, Bertha.

Picrel, it's you.

No. 1495089

You wanna see my bloody pads for proof? I’m not on any kind of birth control, and my gynecologist told me I ovulate normally every month. I can and will have children with my bf regardless of whether you like it or not.

No. 1495090

well, you know they say his preference for body types is more hers than Elaines…

No. 1495094

50 bucks says you won't, faggot.

No. 1495095

are you stupid? periods are not proof of how fertile you are
also shut up and just do it why are you trying to convince us when you could just go do it
oh right because you have no one to fuck your unwashed yeasty virgin pussy

No. 1495105

They are tho. I’m a fertile myrtle.

Literally had sex this morning with my bf at his house before work, but cry some more bc men don’t want you bc you can’t have kids and that’s why no man wants you. Let me guess, you see families with tons of kids and cry “Why couldn’t they give me one?!” You’re going to end up like Lisa Montgomery.

No. 1495106

Why, so you can cheat me out of it when I do it? I don’t think so.

No. 1495107

The Discord sex educator, nonnies.

No. 1495112

wtf does this even mean lmaoooo

you claim you have sex with him all the time and you two have plans to get pregnant so why arent you pregnant lolll

No. 1495127

Condoms. If “it” happens, it happens.(do not use emojis/emoticons)

No. 1495129

Rachel will never have children because she’s fat and no one would have sex with her

No. 1495135

my happiness are the real people i know in real life, not fictional characters. im sorry youre so deficient in love that you have to cuddle your mommy at almost 30 and fantasize about sephiroth fucking you because no one else will do it.

No. 1495165

If you're still using condom's, you're obviously not planning on getting pregnant at any point soon. You'd have better luck using the pull out method if youre wanting to chance it. Your boyfriend probably just doesn't want to put his dick in that grimy 'wap' of yours. He's probably terrified to have a child with you and feels like he can't directly say no because of how absolutely fucking psychotic you are

No. 1495166

cheat you out of a dirty brown rank ass pad? wtf are you talking about?

No. 1495172

wait anon are you seriously buying her lie that she has an irl bf? jesus there are so many retards in this thread and I think it's because they're all coming from the call out twitter posts and discord.

No. 1495187

i dont think anon is buying into it i think theyre just pointing out how none of rachels lies add up

No. 1495199

>feels like he can't directly say no because of how absolutely fucking psychotic you are
this is the exact vibe I got from >>1494874 kek

No. 1495215

File: 1649315806053.png (670.22 KB, 750x1334, B4ED4BB5-6FAF-449F-843A-57C702…)

I do have a boyfriend though. Multiple bfs. And this is just one of them.

Man you’re so retarded. I’m clean and smell like flowers. Nothing forced about it, we both want it. I suggested it and he immediately said yes and picked me up to hug me. Die jealous about it.

>>1495135 Lmao vapid manless TERF. Imagine not having a good relationship with your mother. No wonder your mother doesn’t love you, because she’s devastated she birthed a femcel faggot who won’t support trans rights.

My happiness comes from the people I love, and geeking out about Sephiroth is just a hobby. You know, a hobby? Something you do for fun. Oh right, you don’t know about fun because you’re a miserable worthless invalid.

All of you assume I’m obsessed with Sephiroth because of what I do in a small portion of my free time.

You assume, that’s all you’re good for, when in reality you know next to absolutely nothing about me.

I bought my ring myself at age 14 because I thought it looked cool. It fits great and who the fuck cares about your god damn nit picking Anon? Nobody of value. I sure as fuck don’t.

None of you are going to stop me from liking any fictional character I like or stop me from loving my parents and bf. Nothing you can say or do will get me removed from the internet or arrested. No matter how hard or loud you squeal, useless is as useless does.

No. 1495216

File: 1649315822503.jpeg (384.78 KB, 1284x1600, 2A65C74E-6854-42CB-95E8-974A14…)

was doing some digging and found a new account she tried to rejoin a server she was banned from with
the discord ID is 934176240846401547 in case you want to use a bot to preemptively ban it

No. 1495219

wait, this screenshot is your “boyfriend”? he’s trying to get away from you sis

No. 1495223

i like how shes being so forceful about the way she acts that he asks if shes okay rofl

No. 1495226

Alright Rachel.
If you have real life boyfriend(s) who you have frequent sex with, you should be able to post a picture of you with one of them right? If you're so in love you should have plenty of pictures together.

Like the whole table of yours. You provided a picture.

I'm asking nicely for just a tiny bit of proof.

No. 1495227

none of the screenshots you post look like real conversations real people would have, they feel so stilted, and i know ill get clowned by farmers for this but my mom is nonbinary, so if you care about trans people and hate terfs soooo much dont misgender them rachel. you assume everyone here is like some sort of hivemind when a lot of the people itt arent even the evil femcel terf farmers you think they are, they know you from twitter (where YOU are known for being transphobic by the way) and just find solace in finally having a place they can talk about you where you cant harass them in dms. what a way to deflect, i guess.

No. 1495230

File: 1649317686659.jpeg (887.29 KB, 1284x1774, 0FB980CF-1D91-48AE-9B7C-7C3D0B…)


No. 1495231

File: 1649317708347.jpeg (1.83 MB, 3024x4032, 8AAC7477-65FD-4FC4-80A0-F02EDE…)


No. 1495233

No anon. Not this time. We’re beyond that. You got the table and that’s it.

No. 1495234

File: 1649317888902.jpeg (230.39 KB, 1284x610, 93307DEC-331F-431B-8DE7-DF7099…)

im dying lmfao

No. 1495235

File: 1649317969667.jpeg (63.31 KB, 750x179, 9EF20A1C-D976-4353-A41F-6F27C0…)

They did want to see them.

No. 1495236

They look stilted because it’s a screenshot anon. You aren’t seeing the whole conversation, just a part of it. You don’t see how we interact irl.

No. 1495237

are you stupid? you tagged them and told them to in a chat where everyone was looking and now you killed the conversation

No. 1495239

no they look stilted because youre trying so hard to show us how in love you two are and he clearly a little weirded out by the way youre acting
this was sent after though?

No. 1495240

It’s called being concerned for someone you love anon.

Ashy said “excuse me what” and then I said “leggies!” and they said “what?! Where?!”

No. 1495241

They’re a friend of mine. :>(:>)

No. 1495244

Further into that, you don’t know Valhalla like I do. It fluctuates in activity and it has nothing to do with me.

No. 1495245

File: 1649318714720.jpeg (734.99 KB, 1284x2279, 3861D757-0EBB-4654-AA0C-3BB9AC…)

you know its a bit odd that shes claiming to want to have this dudes babies and that theyre making plans to conceive but he still lives with his parents and is 7 years younger than her
if there was any talk of having a baby its most likely her pushing it on him which is kind of evident in her recent screenshots that shes posted

No. 1495246

girl my friend has been there longer than you have please stop talking like you know anything
your mouth runs more than your legs do

No. 1495248

File: 1649318849310.png (13.01 KB, 680x123, Screenshot 2022-04-07 010609.p…)

No. 1495249

Wrong person. That’s another bf.

No. 1495250

I don’t have any of that. The pic was only taken at night by the light of one lamp, so what you see is shadows cast.

No. 1495251

Idgaf. She ain’t gonna be there much longer, jealous bitch. She threw that away.

No. 1495252

thats why you keep posting the same 2 “people” right?
your ass couldnt even get a date to the retard school prom

No. 1495254

well, clearly not lol. his mom probably doesnt want him to be with you because she can smell the psycho on you just from what hes said about you kek, and for the love of god bertha go back to replying to multiple posts in one, its like you want a third thread.

No. 1495256

there you go running your mouth when you should be running on a treadmill old hairy lady

lol go ahead she doesnt care and i have other people in there that would leak for me

No. 1495259

She’s never even fucking let me or seen any of our chats or even heard about me from her son. Fail harder.

No. 1495260

so youre saying hes so ashamed of you that he wont mention you to his mom?
my bf was ranting and raving about me to his friends and family before we even started dating too bad you cant relate lmfao

No. 1495261

I literally have over 2 and I just chose to share those but okay. Keep crying.

I’m under no obligation to prove jack shit to you. You saying “she doesn’t have a boyfriend(s)” doesn’t make my boyfriends vanish. You aren’t Thanos, but you’re gonna get snapped.

No. 1495263

I’m young and beautiful. Younger than you and more beautiful than you. You wasted your youth. Imagine not loving your own body like I do mine.

You’re all gonna be awfully upset in a few weeks.

No. 1495266

you have nothing to prove because its just that: nothing
you dont have anyone
btw who did you dance with at the retard school prom? did you get your mom to go with you since shes your first option for physical affection?

No. 1495268

please do tell me more about myself and whatever consequences im going to face from a fat hairy pedophilic virgin boomer

No. 1495270

wow its almost like you calling us manless femcels also doesnt make our partners magically disappear, you have no idea how many people post in this thread, and yet you insist that theres no way any man would want any of us because we're all fat, where does that leave you bertha?
again if you are fat and love yourself why would you make fun of others for being fat, and there are a lot of oldfags on this site but most of them dont use snow anymore, so those of us that do are probably mostly younger than 28, face it, you are old, and with how misogynistic you are i bet you think women hit the wall at 30. better start pumping out those babies.

No. 1495271

Its funny you say that because going by your online history, you've wasted your youth by tapping away at a keyboard with your greasy sausage fingers. All with the goal of stalking people and sexually harassing children on the internet

No. 1495274

File: 1649320088347.jpeg (231.83 KB, 750x1278, FD798B19-95F7-4855-BDD4-E7C473…)

I’ve been taking things slow with him. It isn’t that he doesn’t want to mention me to her, but it’s complicated. He did some stuff when younger that made his parents feel the way they do about him seeking relationships.

He is such a sweetheart though. The whole thing was his idea.

No. 1495275

File: 1649320189600.png (422.69 KB, 750x1334, 45E92E55-2783-4021-9206-95D420…)

I do tho.

I didn’t feel like going because it was the day I got my wisdom teeth out.

No. 1495276

this was before he found out how crazy you are and blocked you
not to mention in this screenshot >>1494874 he says you two have been arguing and is very obviously unsure of what to do with you
youre delusional hun hit the gym and find someone who doesnt live with their parents

No. 1495277

>>1495268 Boomers are my parents generation. I’m a millennial. Cry some more about it.

I’m a healthy weight for my height, sexually active (which is more than you’ll ever see) and it’s already been proven I’m not a pedophile, but because it makes your blood pressure rise, I’ll make sure to befriend more minors to trigger you.

No. 1495279

again this was right before he blocked you

yeah go ahead and befriend more minors i would love to see your fat hairy boomer virgin ass get called a pedophile more by others than just myself! itll help people believe it a lot more if you keep talking to minors so please by all means continue what youre doing and get more threads of yourself made itll make me very happy

No. 1495280

File: 1649320868315.jpeg (22.84 KB, 480x360, 39B31A95-DEC7-489F-9640-75F6DC…)

holy shit what is this?

No. 1495282

she’s desperate. turn off your computer bertha, you’re making yourself look even more psycho

No. 1495283

That’s not my name. Say my name fat piggy bitch. Squeal!

No. 1495284

Ain’t my fault you’ve been squeezing your eyes shut and turning your head away at the newer shit.

No. 1495285

Tl;dr. I’m young and beautiful, healthy, happy, with multiple bfs a loving family and a great job.

Die. Mad. About. It.

No. 1495286

Bitch you’re just entertaining me.

No. 1495288

If any of that were true, you wouldn’t be desperately trying to convince us of that fact. No matter how many times you repeat that, no one, including yourself will ever believe it. just give up. I get that you have autism, but this is just sad

No. 1495289

why do you act like were all one person lmfao

would love to hear how you having a baby with one of your “multiple boyfriends” while you work a dead end job and still live with your parents

No. 1495291

Still not a boomer. I’m a millennial. Still not a pedo. Only adults make my pussy wet. Still sexually active with my bfs.

Imagine trying to push the narrative that virginity is still an actual thing in 2022? Like fuck you’re retarded. This is exactly why Republicans are making abortion illegal in so many states and it’s so fucking ugly. Just like you.

No. 1495292

ok boomer

No. 1495294

I didn’t tho.

I live with my parents because they’re older and I love them. I love our house, we’ve lived in the same one my whole life. As for my job, I am paid nearly 100,000$ USD a year. Not a dead end job. To top it off, I have no debt, so that makes me richer than most people.

Still not a boomer. Cry harder TERF bitch. Your tears are delicious.

No. 1495300

what the fuck are you talking about you sound insane

No. 1495301

the only one crying is you. we’ve seen the proof (that you posted yourself on twitter) that you cry about “cyber bullying”

No. 1495302

you live with your parents because youre dependent and terrible with your money your hoarder mess of a room is proof of that

>As for my job, I am paid nearly 100,000$ USD a year

so… you admit that you dont have a 6 figure salary like you claim?

>Still not a boomer. Cry harder TERF bitch. Your tears are delicious.

whatever you say boomer!

No. 1495304

Why do you keep using TERF as an insult? Are you a tranny (would make sense considering the race sperging)? MTF, FTM, or NB?

No. 1495305

File: 1649322174177.jpeg (897.65 KB, 1284x2186, 7B247213-3732-4B41-8889-C71EE3…)

so desperate for attention rofl

No. 1495326


She's a full grown woman and calls her legs 'leggies' oh my god

No. 1495350

Just as I thought. If any of this were real you'd share pictures, but instead you continue to double down on these asinine lies. Good job.

No. 1495428

last month she was complaining about how lonely she is and how she’ll never find someone and now she has a harem of 3 whole men shes planning pregnancies with big bertha moves surprisingly fast for someone with such short fat legs

No. 1495435

File: 1649340155599.jpg (78.57 KB, 1200x675, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

I'm reminded of that one poly relationship with the one super fat and ugly chick and multiple ugly dudes, she was pregnant and one of the dudes who wasn't the father ended up assaulting the baby.
With a pedo enabler like Bertha I would assume a relationship like the one she lies about would end like that.

But she can't even manage that.

Pic is that couple, I can't find the article about the assault but I literally searched "pregnant polyamorous cringe" and found the photo of them lol

No. 1495501

Oh god she's a Chinaboo too, christ

No. 1495509

File: 1649350385560.png (227.52 KB, 600x801, 2f2.png)

>You aren’t Thanos, but you’re gonna get snapped

No. 1495511

Great job? Aren't you a catsitter?

No. 1495512

She hates Chinese people, she's just so stupid that she equates a considerable amount of "Oriental" things to Japanese culture. She doesn't care to learn the differences and has made a few comments about "not wanting to get involved with a Chinese guy." I don't remember what she said if it was dating or marrying one but I found it funny.

No. 1495534

File: 1649352813070.jpeg (251.98 KB, 1284x1442, 2EB58179-87AE-423C-A05C-60FDB4…)

no more juicy valhalla screenshots for a while she got in trouble for posting her hams lmfao

No. 1495536

File: 1649353085034.jpeg (404.85 KB, 1284x1603, 8F579350-2118-4524-A48B-C14353…)

call me tinfoiled or whatever but im 90% positive this is rachel
it joined a final fantasy server where she was banned and is known for joining in with alts the same day it was made and hasnt said anything

No. 1495552

Kek, is that a rule in the server or something? Imagine being so desperate for attention that you break the rules of a coomer server.

No. 1495564

Maybe. That account isn't in the server run by the FF7 rp community on Twitter though. If it does show up there my insider will let me know.
Another way to check if its her is to look at her previous discord handles that Fairs Info Center has posted, if the numbers match up you could have a winner.

I don't think she would. She's never good at being quiet.

Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of her own actions…

No. 1495571

File: 1649356280806.jpeg (508.57 KB, 1284x1954, 2B67A085-D9D1-477D-8FCF-AE600F…)

youre not supposed to selfpost any lewds outside of lewd channels for verified users

shes known for making alts to lurk in this server to see what they say about her she apparently had 6 alts at once just for that purpose
and no offense to you or gavin and grogu but theyre not always going to be uptodate on rachels bullshit everything they post about is typically supplied to them which is evident in 90% of their screenshots
that being said theres likely no match because as you can see the account was made literally yesterday heres a screenshot of her trying to get in the past couple of months

No. 1495583

Huh, my dumb ass didn't realize she made the account yesterday. Mea culpa. My bad. Usually she recycles old accounts but it seems like she stepped up her game.
That's wild though. She must be truly desperate despite her totally real 500 billion boyfriends.

No. 1495584

its okay im hoping i wasnt rude in telling you
but yeah in this screenshot >>1495571 those sera accounts were also new but now deleted

i hope people in the server notices especially since someone who is currently in there was in the lolcord and valhalla so theyre most likely looking at this thread

No. 1495642

They were banned for being underage on a coomer server.

Did you forget where you are? You’re rude by even existing here.

No. 1495645

I'm excited for her to come here and freak out about it and blame us for her problems.

No. 1495652

> Did you forget where you are? You’re rude by even existing here.
uh huh sure newfag

anyway shes been quiet on all of the erp and final fantasy servers i know of im not in those minecraft servers because unlike her i dont want to be in a server of mostly minors even for milk

No. 1495658

Smart. Unlike her.

No. 1495660

Gen x are the parents of millennials, retard.

No. 1495683

You’re forgetting she’s adopted, faggot.

No. 1495709

You are all going to die from lactose intolerance.

No. 1495723

Bold claim from someone who is morbidly obese.

No. 1495729

Bold claim from someone who can’t prove they themselves aren’t 700 pounds lest they be banned and deprived of milk.

No. 1495733

File: 1649370854526.jpg (7.67 KB, 275x183, cowmilk.jpg)

you mean we're going to die from milk overdose rather, the milk trucks keep coming on this one

No. 1495741

You’re about as dull as the wrong side of a butter knife. I was indicating you in particular would starve Anon. You are likely the pot calling the kettle black, because you can’t prove you yourself aren’t a hambeast.

No. 1495750

we've already sent each other our IDs, I can vouch we're all 10/10 stacys

No. 1495783

Nah Bertha you give plenty and will never stop because you don't know how to stop.

No. 1495791

i love that rachel is suspended in the coomer server for being a tryhard sperg the bar is so low and her fat keeps hitting it
its only a matter of time until she gets banned and repeats her cycle of bullshit and they all finally see how batshit crazy she is

No. 1495853

File: 1649381792170.jpeg (825.16 KB, 1284x1608, 90227232-BB58-4B88-9225-E282B6…)


No. 1495855

she ain’t gettin banned nigga
talked to her, it’s for an unrelated reason

No. 1495858

its hilarious to see you use the n word rachel
she got suspended for that thats why her picture is gone and thats what a staff said lol

No. 1495860

bitch how are you going to drop N-bombs like that and then try to take the SJW high ground calling us TERFs? I'm really not even one to get overexcited about casual racism tbh but it just shows you telling on yourself as a hypocrite (and a handmaiden and a half)

No. 1495901

Ew what the fuck lmfao
Is she about to claim she's pregnant hahahah

This bitch has no clue how sex or the female body works

No. 1495910

You’d be surprised Anon.

Psychosis is a symptom, not an illness.

No. 1495922

im very aware and i stand by what i said because i know what i meant and who the fuck cares?

No. 1495924

Nothing surprises me with you. You're on track to be one of the most delusional cows of all time. More people are learning about you and they're all in agreement.

No. 1495936

File: 1649388757603.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1284x2309, 050FE3BA-15C3-4611-9068-CDDB2A…)

holy shit since shes suspended in the coomer server shes deciding to start slinging shit on twitter again lmfao
she has 0 self control

No. 1495937

Inb4 the Immaculate Conception arc kicks off

No. 1495959

Tard rage at its finest.

The father must be CWC given the fact he claims to be Jesus. The hypothetical child would be terminally fucked or the antichrist or the reincarnated spirit of Elliot Rodger.

No. 1495975

why are your breasts leaking, Rachel?

No. 1495979

Not my account, not my problem.

No. 1495980

Fucking disgusting. Go die in a ditch. I’d never touch that freak.

No. 1495982

p sure that person has no place being on twt to begin with bc she’s racist and has had multiple accounts suspended before. new cow?

No. 1495984

Hahaha no

No. 1495988

It's inline for some insecure ugly woman trying to appeal to the lowest demographic of coomers, since coomers usually progress and degenerate into femboyfags/tranny chasers. She is addicted to male attention because it's hard for her to get due to her looks.

No. 1495990

File: 1649394181176.gif (156.16 KB, 220x290, tenor.gif)

>"If I say it isn't my account enough times, maybe they'll believe me this time!"

No. 1496000

rachel youre fucking retarded

yeah guys rachel would never fuck chris she likes her mom too much

No. 1496029

No, I like my bfs too much. Cry harder about it.

No. 1496032

Like how pathetic do you have to be to project your insecurity in your own relationship with your mother onto an innocent woman who loves her own mother? It’s storge love, the love of one’s kin.

No. 1496040

i think its really funny that youre really obsessed with your relationship with moms particularly your own thats probably why you live with her so you can grow old with her since shes youre only option

you really are just a diet chris chan

No. 1496041

File: 1649403137978.jpeg (782.5 KB, 1284x2030, BD5772E4-BCDA-48A9-8064-CE73E3…)

rofl wtf

No. 1496043

File: 1649404363749.jpeg (351.94 KB, 1284x1002, E1983B82-5A2B-407B-9A30-C4BEBC…)

is she stressed and anxious over being suspended in a coomer server????? good lord

No. 1496049

>>1496043 I wouldn’t know. Ain’t me.

lmao! is that a South Park reference?!

I’m not. I just know it’s really sad and pathetic you choose to attack THAT of all things.

I despise CWC and what he did to his mother. My relationship with my mom is nothing like that, thank god. I’m a girl. I’m not trans and sometimes we just like to lay in bed together for a few minutes and just talk. She’s sharp as a tack for her age and there’s absolutely no shame in still living with your parents if it makes both parties happy.

I’m always worried these days one of them will slip and be hurt. I just want them to be well.

You don’t know me, or my parents, or my boyfriends, my friends; you don’t know Gavin or Grogu or whatever they go by, and you don’t even know who runs this site. As you’ve said, this is a ghost ship piloting itself.

No. 1496050

Why are you guys so intent on harassing someone for having a healthy sexuality?

No. 1496051

File: 1649406502575.jpeg (Spoiler Image,180.93 KB, 1170x1441, 69F933EB-57A8-409F-8728-462D56…)

Having sex with your mother isn’t healthy sexuality. That is what CWC did.

Admiring creative and colorful sex toys from afar is healthy sexuality. Hell, even collecting them is healthy so long as you can afford it and have enough room. I don’t see what the fuss is about when it’s not harming anyone— hell, if I do buy from someone, I’ll want it to be a small business. I love supporting small businesses. I love things that are made with human hands and not machines.

No. 1496055

So I have a dakimakura. So what? I bought it partly specifically for the irony. I knew it was a weeby thing to do, and being a weeb isn’t exactly the insult it once was. I bought it directly from the artist, and I rarely even use it except to prop myself up when I’m reading in bed or to keep myself cool during the summer months.

No. 1496059

You repeat the same shit assuming you'll get a different result. It's not going to work. Every awful thing that has happened to you has been brought entirely by your own actions and the more you deny it the further you'll go.

No. 1496063

>>1496059 No. You’re wrong. Even if I accepted it, nothing would change.

I’m not going to martyr myself and accept responsibility for things I didn’t do.

No. 1496065

its hilarious how youre so desperate for attention since your suspension in valhalla that youre posting even when nobodys responding to you

god you would starve to death if you were a rat in a maze lmfao

No. 1496067

You’re just pissed because I’m right.

I’ve seen disgusting shit on this website. Enjoy being reported to the FBI. They opened a case yesterday.

No. 1496069

not only are you a fat boomer but youre also a karen
youre gonna get a bingo at this rate

No. 1496071

Only I’m neither. Boomers are my parents generation. I’m a millennial. Eat shit.

No. 1496073

idk you kind of look old enough to be a boomer if im being completely honest lol

No. 1496074

It doesn’t matter what I say, you are never going to believe me when I say I wasn’t responsible for what happened to Alix. I was genuinely asleep when it happened. I explained what happened, but noooo, that wasn’t good enough.

The person who did it is long gone and has gotten away with it.

No. 1496076

I’m in my 20s. Age predicting AI even says so. Boomers are in their 60-80s and I look my age. Hell, I pass for younger regularly and always get carded at bars.

No. 1496077

wtf are you talking about

No. 1496082

youre in your late 20s youre gonna be 30 like what next year? youre pretty old and you look it
also its policy to people otherwise you lose your liquor license lmao

No. 1496083

You guys are also ignorant as fuck and question me on absolutely EVERYTHING when I’ve already explained myself before. FUCKING PATHETIC.

I’m going to bed. Go step on a lego barefoot.

No. 1496084

No, it isn’t here. You get carded only when you don’t look old enough. There are times where I don’t get carded.

No. 1496085

Bertha you have a butter face right now because you're obese, but go off about looking young I guess. You'll die young with diabetes or heart failure so aging isn't something you'll need to worry about.

This is the consequence of lying about literally everything. Nobody believes you and nobody cares.

No. 1496087

you know were not a hivemind and dont know all of the bulllshit youve ever been in right
i dont think ive ever seen any mention of an alix itt
but go ahead and sperg out over a question

>I’m going to bed. Go step on a lego barefoot.

ms boomer im an adult a non autistic one i do not have legos in my home

my american friend who works in california and has gone to bartending school says otherwise but “cope and seethe” about it

No. 1496090


Its hilarious that you think you're completely innocent yet you've managed to get yourself 2 lolcow threads and a kiwithread, which you might want to check out by the way, whoopsy. The only person that's been seething here is you and only you. You're delusional and psychotic, get help Bertha.

No. 1496139

File: 1649423045328.jpeg (660.3 KB, 828x1117, 99FB6D05-1902-452C-A048-DD63DD…)

you sure about that?

>diet chris chan
CWC is thinner than Rachel

No. 1496174

Her teeth look really flat and weird. Did she file them down or is she really a cow with flat teeth? And why are they yellow?

No. 1496181

It’s funny how she’s getting suspended in a server with kids for posting her hams outside of the designed places for her to post them. I’m glad she is so fat she looks too deformed to post her body in such servers.

No. 1496194

She's a drug baby who in addition to being a drug baby doesn't take care of her hygiene. So her teeth are fucked. Eating like a piggy piggy hasn't helped her case either.

No. 1496202

Someone with “ 6 figure income” she dresses like she can only afford the clearance rack at Walmart or good will. You would think with her “exuberant income” she would dress nicer and get dental work done to improve her teeth.

No. 1496205

She dresses like that because she is fat and doesn't know how to dress herself. She wants to wear lolita like the total not-pedophile she is.
But at this point she wears what fits her and if it looks frumpy so be it. She doesn't even try to do better with her appearance and expects everyone to treat her like a goddess with her sasquatch legs, weirdly shaped eyebrows and makeup skills that match a toddler.

She could put a little more effort in but gets mad at the thought that she isn't the most beautiful woman everyone has ever seen and blames them for her outstanding ugliness.

No. 1496207

Sounds like a incel… or her favorite word, femcel. Always someone else’s fault for her mishaps.


No. 1496209

I’m guessing it’s because of bruxism.

No. 1496318

No, you just can’t find men period. Not even CWC would want any of you.

No. 1496320

None of you have ever gotten a single good look at any of my teeth, and none of you are dentists.

I’ve never had cavities in any of my adult teeth. The only condition I have is that one of my premolars has swapped places with the premolar behind it. Dentist says they only ever saw it in dental school.

No. 1496321

Nah. Saying I’m a drug baby doesn’t make me a drug baby. See >>1496320

No. 1496325

File: 1649444178386.jpeg (667.92 KB, 1284x1919, 682E74BF-D219-4AC6-9E85-16BB55…)

alruna got unsuspended and she threw a tantrum

No. 1496327

File: 1649444303595.jpeg (899.66 KB, 1284x2369, FE95248F-D55A-400E-9ED9-F3BB5A…)

i meant rachel srry i just woke up

>warn me for the stupidest shit

i asked what else she got warned for in this server and it was for infighting/instigating drama via harassment lol

No. 1496328

I've been happily married for ten years to a real life man and not a group of pixels.

No. 1496330

File: 1649444391717.jpeg (868 KB, 1284x2256, F604FFE9-C783-4D2F-A9E3-2F8045…)

No. 1496332

File: 1649444486691.png (547.38 KB, 1946x1772, Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 3.00…)

>Only I'm a healthy weight for my height!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1496333

File: 1649444641556.jpeg (212.75 KB, 1284x741, A2508CF2-9C78-4F31-A276-65E9D4…)

No. 1496336

File: 1649444794638.jpeg (757.03 KB, 1284x2282, 592D51F4-2027-49EF-B6B0-69C0C5…)

No. 1496337

File: 1649444835142.jpeg (689.63 KB, 1284x2277, 6B92C47A-44C2-40C5-B424-D8653A…)

No. 1496338

File: 1649444911052.jpeg (326.95 KB, 1080x947, 381DF8A9-8D41-4D9E-99C9-C552ED…)

For sure she’s a fetal alcohol syndrome baby. And maybe dropped on her head or has shaken baby syndrome that caused brain damage or something. She’s too retarded to be anything normal.

No. 1496339

File: 1649444932463.jpeg (809.69 KB, 1284x2271, B2758B9B-A2F5-43C8-A582-E2A720…)

No. 1496340

jesus christ, take some responsibility for yourself, Big Bertha

No. 1496342

I thought you didn't care Bertha. I thought you were reading and laughing.

Of course you blame everyone else but yourself.

No. 1496343

File: 1649445044607.jpeg (410.89 KB, 1284x1461, E9F7354D-E815-4E9C-A5DB-A6FB97…)

No. 1496345

File: 1649445102505.jpeg (238.04 KB, 1284x731, 445E1B89-7EE4-4313-B4D6-917B24…)

rachel some of us has lives and actually work and sleep as a result of having real jobs

No. 1496346

The rest of the server literally does not care and I love it.
Now all they gotta do is slam her with the good ol' "You did this to yourself."

No. 1496352

other users used to call her out on her shit and she made them her target while making herself look like a victim
she manipulated the mods and got them to warn them and they were like “fuck it” and left to which rachel proudly proclaims that they got banned when they didnt and they could literally join back at anytime
i wish they would just to see rachel sperg the fuck out

No. 1496355


she's basically crying to a bunch of people who really don't care and it's beautiful.

No. 1496358


just think about it, if she hadn't done any of that, or lie to them about her situation, she wouldn't have people posting her screenshots to this thread.

she claims to have big brain energy, but she really doesn't.

no one is with her and if they are they are either children or people she lied to.

No. 1496359

Rachel. Digest this.

Nobody, and I mean nobody likes you. The more you treat people like this, the more they will grow to hate you.

No. 1496400

how dare you imply christine isnt a real girl TERF!
why would we have legos laying around we arent you or chris chan also i thought you were just here to laugh at us you seem pretty mad kek

No. 1496409

Sure bitch. A vibrator doe