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File: 1651593628100.png (1.03 MB, 1000x679, ralm-op-pic.png)

No. 1518588

Thread #5

Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin, 28, of Emerald Hills, CA, who has apparently been terrorizing the Final Fantasy roleplay community for years, showed up in the lolcow.farm Discord one day to attempt to get her thread, which was inactive for a year, taken down. This of course resulted in people paying renewed attention to the thread. The Discord originally thought she was a troll (and probably a man) but she proved everyone wrong by sending a picture of her unredacted ID, thus saving the trouble of people doing any actual doxing work.

But what's the story with Rachel? She has pissed off enough people in the roleplay community to have multiple people there who document her antics and warn people off interacting with her. Needless to say, they were thrilled to see Rachel's thread kick off again, and provided regular milk deliveries, as did Rachel herself, as things began to spiral out of control. She's averaged a new LCF thread per week since then, and got herself a modestly active one on KF, too.

We'll get into her milk shortly, but Rachel also is notable for crossing over with other cows. She's had contact with Elaine Miller and Michael Thurlow ("Angry Canadian"), and decided that "Ines" and Spooky Bones, mortal enemies of those two, respectively, are behind everything, leading to some pretty funny antics on her end.

> posted obsessively on LCF claiming to be various other people WKing her; now conversing with both forums on her Twitter instead

> banned repeatedly from Twitter and various Sephiroth-coomer Discords, makes socks like it's going out of style, still obviously her
> threatens to stop eating unless she is unbanned from Discords
> insists to everyone who blocks her she is "not going away"
> claims to be in a polyamorous relationship with 5 guys and 2 girls; no evidence these people exists
> undeniably fat; delusionally claims to be 140lbs, calls others "fatty patty"
> graphically talks about her vagina, which from her level of knowledge about actual sex has probably never been penetrated by an actual penis
> spams the inbox of any Sephiroth roleplayer and resorts to threats when they won't comply
> wants to RP sexual situations with underage characters
> has online contact with actual minors and likes to chat them up about sex allegedly in the name of "Sex Ed"
> has a disturbing obsession with Bad Dragon and similar exotic animal/fantasy dildos
> repeatedly denies being a pedo or zoophile even when nobody is asking, "the lady doth protest too much"
> harassed a cat blog about how DDLG fetish is awesome and valid because the cat blog made a one-off comment about it making her uncomfortble
> believes everyones Ines (who doesn't know that she exists) or Spooky Bones (who did make her thread on KF but probably would forget about her too if she shut up about it)
> tries to take a SJWish high road but will call people nigger
> posts about sexwork positivity and pro-tranny handmaiden stuff; calls us TERFs like it's a major insult
> posted a picture of the newborn baby of one of her enemies saying she wants to sell it on the dark web
> posted gore and death threats to obvious minors on Twitter
> claims (after Elaine) that LCF has CP on it which she of course has dutifully archived … for law enforcement purposes. Right.

And she's still going right now.

Banned twitter accounts include TayuuBarbie, MadamMidgar, and a host of others.

Current Twitter is @Rosier10927684 which is the main current source of her antics. Goes by "Goose" or "Alruna" among othrs on Discord.

No. 1518603

No. 1518613

it appears @Rosier10927684 is “temporarily restricted”

No. 1518621

File: 1651596613958.jpeg (110.24 KB, 828x1014, 2DB1A7D5-F0AB-4B6E-86F0-8AC2F8…)

Ended last thread with her account getting banned. Start new thread with her back up giving a warning for a upcoming ban.

I would pay money to see her rage right now.

No. 1518646

I'm not a twitter expert but I think this "unusual activity" restriction has to do with ban-evading/VPN use/things like that more so than bannable content like the other account but also I'm not sure what happens if you are banned from Twitter and try to make a new account? I know that it has given me trouble for signing up with a VPN though.

No. 1518671

This happens a lot with Rachel. She gets a warning like this and then a ban usually in a few days at most. Really depends on how Twitter cleans up and how frequently they decide to clean .

No. 1518713

I think it's funny she denies having that tentaclerape account. Maybe she realized that no, fucking bees is not normal.

No. 1518753

File: 1651609698731.png (330.14 KB, 1390x628, ED.png)

I really want screencaps but I'm sure she thought this was gonna go over well.
She's so stupid.

No. 1518768

File: 1651610910760.png (16.64 KB, 291x236, Screenshot from 2022-05-03 16-…)

current discord is 164909914374930434

No. 1518820

File: 1651615075296.png (212.36 KB, 654x1282, rachel_ed_discord1.png)

Got some caps of her sperging in Discord. It's not that interested but here's her sperging about Ines with a side of racism. (1/?)

No. 1518821

File: 1651615161645.png (236.39 KB, 670x1645, rachel_ed_discord2_fat.png)

just copying these from the kf post because I'm too lazy to make an image collage, 2/3

No. 1518823

File: 1651615215540.png (44.98 KB, 643x350, rachel_ed_discord3gross.png)

She was also in there asking if people had made a $500 donation or otherwise she was gonna dox Spooky Bones, kek.

No. 1518825

What is with her and head bandanas?

We know that her racism and general assery is making her age badly but is it also making her bald too?

That's the lesson we get from her children, don't be a racist or have delusional meltdowns because you'll end up ageing like a rotten banana and bald quickly.

No. 1518843

the other lesson is that if you get pregnant with a drug baby, abort it

No. 1518856

It's either to hide dandruff or her greasy hair

No. 1518881

File: 1651620054308.png (38.96 KB, 638x214, Screenshot 2022-05-03 161549.p…)

this is my personal favorite why does she love offering to send people cp

No. 1518975

She really is the gift that continues to give.

No. 1519058

Did she leave the ED discord or just stop talking?

No. 1519059

the Squishy and Alruna accounts are both gone but I'd say she very likely has an alt in there still (and in the lolcord as well)

No. 1519062

If she does have an alt in there, she'll out herself like she always does.
Wonder where shes been sperging all day since she cant use twitter.

No. 1519068

I'm assuming she's in her own server, "Friends of Midgar" or whatever. I'm pretty sure there's an ad for it still up on disboard.

No. 1519140

I find it interesting that the day Rachel disappears is the day Chris-chan reappears. Dimensional merge shit

No. 1519158

rachel has died.

No. 1519162

She ain't dead. She's got 5 boyfriends and 2 girlfriends to take care of, remember?

No. 1519172

no shes dead chris chan absorbed her essence and became skinny.

No. 1519181

Wow skinny legend

No. 1519269


omg now she’s claiming to have a 32 inch bra band? and weigh 140lbs at 5’2”? this bitch is so delusional, in no universe do those measurements fit together lmao

plus towards the end of thread 4 she sent another woman’s nudes (like a fucking creep) to someone in DMs (who likely was not verified by Rachel to be of age to be sent nudes) claiming she looks like that woman does naked… that very curvy woman with an hourglass figure and a huge chest. no way would someone with that body type/size wear a 32 inch bra band. give it up, Rachel, we all know you’re fat as fuck and so do you… these pathetic lies that don’t even match up with each other from day to day only make it more pathetic

No. 1519304

I can't even imagine what her trying to get into a 32 band would look like, although maybe she is doing it already and it cut off circulation to her brain.

No. 1519311

You'd be surprised at what sorts of shit fatties do to say they "fit" into something.

If you have to do a whole demon summoning dance to get it on and it cuts into your flesh, no it does not fit. If your fat muffins out all around it, no it does not fit.

Rachel also claimed she didn't like wearing bras and preferred to go without so I bet she's sagging too.

No. 1519314

I don’t understand why you’d give your bra band as proof you’re not fat, but none of the actually relevant measurements like waist or hip. but we know it’s because her waist is even bigger than 32”

No. 1519337

You keep saying she has greasy hair and skin, but note that you don’t have the capability to actually see up close or feel either. It’s just you reaching to say that she has it to make yourself feel cleaner, which certainly proves you are by far much dirtier.

Orrrrr it’s not her. yzrch isn’t a unique username as the lolcow lawyer on KF said

I love how everyone is just all “oh she’s aging badly” and “she has a receding hairline” when semi recent pictures of her without any kind of head covering exists. The truth is, her hair is extremely long. She probably hears those headscarves to keep her hair out of her face when she is at work or exercises at the gym.

No. 1519349

Didn’t she pride herself on not wearing a bra?

No. 1519355

Morning Rachel. You mad that you got banned on Twitter again?

No. 1519359

Saggy Sera, I knew you'd come back to us. Have you found any giant bees to fuck yet?

No. 1519363

She just keeps giving and keeps on having more fodder for her threads.

Hi Rachel. Still malding?

No. 1519366

Exercise? Hambertha the closest you get to exercise is when you run your mouth.

No. 1519370

Welcome back!

No. 1519415

Show us your roleplaying please

No. 1519436

Impossible. Bertha has never had even one RP partner because they can all tell she sucks at writing and her character is garbage.

No. 1519463

I wish I screen grabbed her roleplaying when I baited her with a sephiroth a while back. It was cringe but that stuff is gone since she flounces all the time.

No. 1519468

just buy hair clips you look like youre larding as a chemo patient

No. 1519477

oh shush Bertha, I saw that weak ass post from “lolcow lawyer” on KF when you tried to defend yourself over the gross tentaclerape site.. the account had been made right before posting in your thread, neat coincidence. and then both the post and the account were both deleted by the time I went back like 20 mins later to screenshot it, what was the problem? realized how stupid of an attempt to WK yourself again it was? yzrch is not a common username, the fact that it’s been used on a disgusting zoophile site and you have repeatedly done shit to make you look like a zoophile.. it’s easy to connect the dots. you make it so obvious

No. 1519488

Very interesting that I'm pretty active in that thread and didn't see it, yet Rachel did.
Thats an extremely unique username and the site says its for monster fucking in the description, something Bertha loved to say when trying to defend her love of animal dildos. Plus some of the first likes are tagged with Final Fantasy. Bit too coincidental to not be her. I dont expect her tiny brain to understand though.

No. 1519494

File: 1651684983059.jpeg (156.69 KB, 1158x1158, 0A03D8CC-CC86-4D82-8F2B-9C195F…)

I have hair down to my thighs and I don’t use headbands to get my hair out of my face. I use a damned scrunchy, hair clip or braid it so it’s out of the way. Those hair bands do you no favors and do not keep your hair out of the way when cleaning.

Unless you’re trying to look like a weeb and mimic the anime cleaning trope. You’re doing it wrong.

No. 1519503

Bandanas do nothing for exercise too. That's a quick way to to get it caught in equipment if she's going to the gym/exercises as she claims. It's a pain in the ass when hair gets every where so hair ties are the only way.

It's laughable how she thinks that her claim is believable

No. 1519512

You wanna know how I know the yzrch account on that tentaclerape site is for sure her, nonnas?

Sure, anyone can make an account with that name on any platform. Anyone could have done that. But how I know it's for sure hers is the fact that she makes the most unnecessary comments on pictures that border inappropriate, even for a "monster fucking" site. She acts like everything is addressed directly to her and she's gracing the world with her shitty one liner humor/commentary. It's like her whole "ratio" garbage. She likes to listen to herself and thinks that she deserves attention for literally everything she does.

It's how I know without a doubt it's her. She can't keep those autistic comments to herself, and honestly it's difficult to replicate that level of huffing her own farts so to speak.

No. 1519515

Plus the weird way she words things (see >>1519337 for an example) and her weird outdated use of popular sayings.

No. 1519521

ok boomer

No. 1519522

Ok groomer

No. 1519529

damn bertha you really havent slept yet?

No. 1519537

File: 1651689075396.jpg (84.83 KB, 1281x720, 278600073_345823994197709_2848…)

Chrischan levels of Autism trying to LARP as Ines on Discord. Not even close to convincing, Bertha. Do better.

No. 1519546

Please show us your RP. I think you're probably a masterful character writer who could turn this around, but I can't be sure. I know you must write better than the people here.
And how is anyone supposed to want to RP with you if they don't know if you're any good?

No. 1519547

File: 1651689507398.jpeg (279.37 KB, 750x789, 2BBC7A08-94E4-421E-A836-6FC610…)

Nah it’s just good ol Nicky again. Good to know all you niggers all failing abysmally at coping.

Ines’ hair is soooo stringy and fried from all the bleaching and dyeing and straightening she does. If it ever touches hot metal again her hair’s gonna go “aight I’m out” and just fall out in clumps hahahahaha. Her hairline is very poorly hidden.

She’s probably had dozens. She got another 3 yesterday. Sad how none of you can find her on Valhalla

not my account. I’ve existed on KF for years. cope and seethe about it.

Imagine assuming she doesn’t tie her hair back as well? You say “hurrr durrr bandannas do nothing” as if you have no pores or as if you liberally squirt sweat out of them to the point where it does nothing when saturated.

ok boomer

No. 1519549

you’re gonna have to ask her about that

No. 1519550

Nah it’s totally convincing.

No. 1519552

Do you know because you RP with her? Please ask her if she'd be willing to post her writing here. Thanks.

No. 1519553

File: 1651689824002.jpg (549.05 KB, 1473x1694, cwcshitpost.jpg)

Her head on CWC's body doesn't seem out of place or uncanny to me and the fact that I see nothing wrong with this is making my brain hurt.

No. 1519556

Ah yes, Nick. The totally real Nick who isn't at all just Bertha's roleplay of Nick Rekieta. Lolcow Lawyer? Come on. You can't just turn people into your OCs like that Rachel.
Nick and Ines deserve better than to be roleplayed by a fatmad on the internet.

No. 1519557

The way I see it, you need someone as equally talented and also complementary to yourself in order to bring out your potential as a writer. Anything you’ve seen is on par with whoever she writes with— I.e. if her partner puts in minimal effort and is garbage in their posts, so are her own posts.

I don’t rp, I don’t get why she likes it, but whatever really.

No. 1519558


tl;dr malding

No. 1519559

youre just jealous you will never be a beautiful skinny arabic woman

No. 1519561

I'd like to see her best then. I imagine she's also better than average at writing smut because she has so much sex irl.

No. 1519563

There are plenty of people out there who have "so much sex" and are shit at writing Bertha. Amount of sex doesn't equal being better at writing smut lol

No. 1519564

Rachel quit larping as Nick Rekieta lol he won't have sex with you, he doesn't like fat women and he's married anyway lmfao

No. 1519566

i'm starting to feel bad for this random ines girl that got dragged into this.
i'd like to see your best too Rachel, feel free to share your roleplaying.

No. 1519569

As has been told to you multiple times, your EXIF data gives you away every time.
You can try to deny it, but you're just making yourself look even more stupid than you already do.

Hair dye doesn't damage hair, bleaching does. Her hair looks fine. You're reaching and failing.

>Not my account. I’ve existed on KF for years. cope and seethe about it.

Kek. No you haven't or you'd know how to fit in a little better. You'd also know Ines isn't the lolcow admin like everyone else on KF. 0/10 lie.

No. 1519575

if you want us to believe youre a man you need to drop the unmistakably female way that you type lmao

No. 1519578

There was a whole conversation about exif data she had with Gaiasgod, and after being confused she just got angry

No. 1519583

ayrt I know which makes it even more hilarious that she thinks people will believe her if she keeps insisting she's "Nick" or "Caleb". She's legitimately incapable of understanding.

No. 1519590

You bring up the exif data and she leaves like you hit her with a can of mace

No. 1519630

Aww, guys she left. We can't point out the exif data to her or she gets scared.

No. 1519631

Has anyone found an active twitter of hers yet? (since her more recent ones have been banned/suspended)

No. 1519632

File: 1651694582046.jpeg (496.62 KB, 1170x1152, FB0907E7-D0C3-44E6-9B8E-09724A…)

People are going around saying this could be Rachel’s new account. Anyone wanna check their images and see their EXIF?

No. 1519646

I don't think it's her. She's never really expressed an interest in Ardyn and I'm not sure about the typing style. I could be wrong.

No. 1519655

File: 1651696044987.jpg (114.55 KB, 1440x994, Screenshot_20220504-212341_Twi…)

It's definitely her. The first post on the account is pure bait. It was also made today.

No. 1519659

What does that even mean?

No. 1519663

The question is to see what the exif is to that image if it’s the usual it’s probably her

No. 1519669

File: 1651697032745.jpg (281.78 KB, 1440x1295, Screenshot_20220504-214338_Chr…)

There's no exif data for the location so she probably turned that part off since everyone was mentioning it to her.

No. 1519671

EXIF has a match for that Stardyn person who was following Rachel, though.

No. 1519677

File: 1651697680402.png (461.29 KB, 872x952, 099911E8-900D-43E5-8AF1-CF527F…)

Now that I’m looking back at this, this is the same way Rachel sensors things when she doesn’t want to get caught.

No. 1519712

I censor things like that too because I'm lazy. Guess I'm Bertha now lol
Jk but thats a stretch nonna

No. 1519795

File: 1651703265095.jpg (47.47 KB, 1080x181, cursedines.jpg)

With Rachel's LARP of Ines, it makes the Valhalla messages 100x funnier.

No. 1519801

It's hilarious how she keeps insisting she knows reality from fantasy but clearly not.

No. 1519819

I definitely see her taking on a Chris-chan level of delusion coming soon.

No. 1519907


she wishes she was Ines.

No. 1519914

butting in to say that TWITTER DOES NOT STORE EXIF DATA so whatever youre seeing is just general info about the image and not the device it was taken on

regarding the twitter account i am more than certain that is rachel
its following almost all of the accounts she previously followed as well as people who blocked/muted her like ittybittypixel, chibisepphy, sephirothsdoll, chibiaeriseph, ashe_anon, etc
she was mutuals with staciethecatx
she was also following claudiaarends2, sephirothwantsu, purp56, sephirothposts, etc, on her old account

i know everyone and their mother loves pusheen but the fact that this person is following all these accounts along with the pusheen account while having a cat as the profile pic with a stupid display name is very on the nose

very interesting that its an account exclusively posting from twitter web app and not a phone i feel like theyre avoiding using their phone to be identified

im open to any other ideas though

No. 1519917

File: 1651711533884.jpeg (268.95 KB, 1284x597, A0DE1C30-39B7-4EDC-B95A-B35EC2…)

samefag but this deadmagicalboy account just followed her which is pretty damning because it followed her tayuubarbie account and very recently her new (and now restricted) rosier account

No. 1519925

Oh shit lol maybe it is her after all.

No. 1519941

Yeah its definitely Rachel. She blocked one of my accounts that she had blocked on TayuuBarbie but I've never interacted or talked to her on her new account.

Lmao and just like that she gave herself away.

No. 1519944

File: 1651713326381.png (771.43 KB, 1200x1240, dumbass.png)

dropped pic

No. 1519950

who is this apparently unironic xe/xim tranny then, an unironic friend?

No. 1519954

No idea. Cant find any link between the two from a glance. They just seem to follow quite a few NSFW accounts.

No. 1519955

File: 1651714104376.jpg (541.4 KB, 1080x1367, verysus.jpg)

Please she interacted with this post on her old account this has got to be her if it isn't I'll be surprised.

No. 1519967

File: 1651714834815.jpeg (946.81 KB, 1284x1557, 5CAD7D90-64FB-4FA8-A314-D75037…)

following japanese accounts and interests in items like this definitely give her away too

i was going to mention this as a way to check but i didnt want her unblocking people after i said it to avoid proving that its her

No. 1519972

Not to out myself or anything but she doesn't have me blocked and I was downright disrespectful.

No. 1519976

I wasn't even mean to her but she has me blocked kek

No. 1519977

if youre a sephiroth account its most likely because of that
otherwise she might have some weird plan to get back at you by trying to get close to/rping and with you and probably reveal herself like she did to that one person she roleplayed with

No. 1519985

I'm a Kiwi-flavored smoothie.

No. 1519990

wait wait wait, is Bertha really trying to make it seem like the “Nick” coming here to WK her all the time and the one she claims she “hangs out with all the time at his house” as a way to explain their EXIF data matching… is Nick fucking Rekieta? fucking KEK holy shit

she wants us to believe “lolcow lawyer” is Nick Rekieta lmao my sides

No. 1519995

OH i see
yes that makes it even more interesting

No. 1519998

Someone needs to tell Rackets that a fat white woman is LARPing as him.
I remember the stream where he saw what LJ looked like for the first time and was nearly in hysterics laughing.

I would like to see him react to seeing a picture of Bertha on stream. This would please me greatly.

No. 1520037

please tell me some nonna has the screenshots of her pretending to be rackets

No. 1520053

File: 1651720203433.jpeg (449.24 KB, 1125x964, E57B18D3-4818-4C65-9C61-5CDD9A…)

i think theyre just speculating because she made an account called lolcow lawyer on kf and was wking herself im not sure what was said though because the account seems to have been deleted according to picrel

No. 1520059

File: 1651720457791.jpg (273.8 KB, 1080x911, sepissroth.jpg)

Nonnas I found the piss kink Sephiroth

No. 1520062

No. 1520064

rip forgot to sage, sorry farmhand

No. 1520074

i meant speculating that shes impersonating nick specifically obviously its her

No. 1520084

That explains why there likely are no screenshots of it though. But yes, the Rackets thing is speculation,
>>1519556 mentioned it and then DBS mentioned she saw Bertha lurking Rekieta's thread on KF, so nonnies just went with it because that wouldn't be surprising from Rachel.

No. 1520107

I don’t think lolcow lawyer was her. typing style doesn’t match up.

No. 1520123

why do you keep saying this? none of us have even seen what the post said

No. 1520125

I saw it but didn’t think to take a screenshot.

No. 1520131

But anything yzrch is definitely her. Anyone trying to say otherwise is Rachel or brainwashed by her, or potentially a gayops.

No. 1520146

File: 1651728150306.jpeg (698.67 KB, 1284x1172, 22840B98-B687-4144-B12C-D9E00E…)

looking back on this and its extremely creepy how similar the profile is to staciethecatx
its almost like it was heavily referenced even follows a lot of the same accounts
it also just followed a pokemon twitter and retweeted some plushies which by itself isnt suspicious but on top of rachels other interests its just too obvious at this point
and i believe ive seen her post that profile pic on discord or twitter before
she almost did a good job lol

No. 1520157

File: 1651729104466.jpeg (465.32 KB, 1284x1521, F58147E0-5D33-4574-A9F9-B9CF91…)

she changed the DJpenguin account to boarace

No. 1520159

File: 1651729267346.png (67.14 KB, 1208x240, nofriends.png)

Yeah I noticed she copied her. Very strange. Thought this was weird. 1/2

No. 1520160

File: 1651729320644.png (82.33 KB, 1206x374, right.png)

And this is super convenient since she said she's an "artist" in her bio.

No. 1520170

samefag but you can report someones discord account for impersonation just saying

No. 1520177

File: 1651731152077.jpeg (275.34 KB, 1284x1486, 80CE1E8D-28B5-4D3B-9D69-DA2D20…)

yeah i fucking knew it shes lurking the ED discord on her djpenguin/boarace account

No. 1520178

God damn shes so creepy

No. 1520180

File: 1651731299736.jpeg (276.79 KB, 1284x1392, DD0290CE-0118-4A2B-B49F-B736D9…)

she even rejoined on her alruna/ines account earlier today AND she joined on her darling account prior to her alruna/ines account joining the first time

No. 1520183

Has she done anything milky or is she just being a pretentious discord femcel?

No. 1520186

changed her yuna account to sweetheart
note that its the same picture she used on onionfarms lmao
why is she changing the names to all of her accounts?

not yet just waiting on her to explode it usually happens when someone cowtips though

No. 1520188

Because everyone hates her and knows her discord names kek

No. 1520191

but itd make more sense to make a new discord wouldnt it

also holy shit shes been active in the ED server under all 3 accounts she has there
she has 61 pages worth of messages under the ines/alruna alt and 6 on the boarace account only 2 messages on the darling account though
it seems like people dont even know its her lmao

No. 1520192

samefag but shes watching whoever is live right now in the ED discord.

No. 1520198

File: 1651732991503.png (263.95 KB, 486x369, 3178B3B0-4A57-407A-BFD0-420D24…)

does anybody know what server she posted this in please let me know

No. 1520201

Jessica Yaniv energy. Are we sure she isn't a tranny?

No. 1520206

File: 1651733614770.jpg (87.01 KB, 1080x267, rachelbeatanorexia.jpg)

holy shit hahahaha

No. 1520217

she got off that account and now shes just typing on the ines/alruna account this bitch has to be a schizo lmao

No. 1520220

File: 1651735432898.jpeg (675.42 KB, 1284x1781, A43C29B7-ADCB-4353-B8C2-D02978…)

youve no idea how long i was waiting for them to post about this i really didnt want to say “the only way well know its her is if she has the fairsinfocenter account blocked” only for her to unblock and fly under the radar so this really 100% solidifies that shes nyardyn1

lmfao i know everything in that server regarding her is fucking gold

No. 1520221

Possessed by the spirit of Ines Rabiey.

No. 1520223

I noticed she had boarace on invisible but was watching chimpman and was online on darling so I think shes using her computer and her phone to be logged into multiple at once kek

No. 1520225

I'm still not sold. I've followed Rachel for longer than the majority of people here and I've never known her to be any level of an Ardyn fan. Maybe I'm wrong but that doesn't ping my Rachel radar.

No. 1520226

I dont think she is an Ardyn fan. I think she's saying that to throw people off. From what I saw when I looked earlier she's rted a few Ardyn things but more sephiroth.

No. 1520228

seems a stretch. how do we know it’s her?

No. 1520231

seconded. I saw her say something to staciethecat earlier about how stacie should teach her to do her makeup next time they meet up.

a close friend maybe?

No. 1520233

We have our ways. Dont wanna say it publically so she knows what to avoid next time, nonnie.

No. 1520235

seems sus. i think you’re just jumping to conclusions anon

No. 1520237

Feel free to think that. Doesn't matter much to me. Kek

No. 1520239

nope its definitely her she just told me

No. 1520242

So you must be from Fairs Info Center. I think jumping the gun this early is gonna cause more trouble than it's worth, because she still hasn't really put out anything to identify. She has the accounts of some people blocked but not all. It doesn't automatically mean she's Rachel, though. She didn't give enough context in what she has shared both in private to those who have reached out as well as on her TL.

It's a bad move to blow your load too early because it'll stir up animosity in the community. The last thing you need if you're wanting to be a resource for people is to fire at the wrong person and leave a sour taste in their mouth.

No. 1520246

Ayrt might wanna double check the reply links. Has nothing to do with FairsInfoCenter or twitter.

No. 1520251

I have. I've spent quite a bit of time comparing.
I really don't think that's Rachel. In fact I'm sure of it.

No. 1520254

>She has the accounts of some people blocked but not all

this is literally not the first time shes done this and she followed people that she persists
its her and youre wrong

No. 1520258


They're not talking about the twitter, they're talking about the boarace discord account. Look at who the anon is replying to. Its not that hard.

No. 1520259


Agreed. Adding onto that, the way Twitter is structured, someone in the same circle is recommended similar content. The site might have recommended someone Stacie follows that also likes final fantasy. Maybe that person also likes final fantasy 7, which in turn sends Nyardyn recommended accounts to follow.


Fairsinfocenter, if that isi you, you are running the risk of losing a good chunk of your credibility. I think you’re paranoid and jumping at shadows. Maybe it’s time to pick up another hobby.

Edited for clarity.

No. 1520260

please refer to >>1520157
otherwise stop being retarded or im gonna assume youre rachel

No. 1520262

Theres unfortunately two of them that can't look at who someone replying to and like to jump to blaming Fairsinfo. I've told them twice its not about the twitter but they keep talking about the twitter.

No. 1520263

>Fairsinfocenter, if that isi you
fairsinfocenter gets their info from other people theyre not always sniffing around
on top of that im the person whos constantly discovering her discord accounts
i was the person who figured out she was that yuna account before she even sent a single message
rachel is a very predictable and unoriginal person she is not hard to identify if you know her patterns well enough

No. 1520264

well Bertha doesn’t have any close friends, so that rules out that possibility for who’s behind the Twitter account. it’s clearly Bertha’s new account. made the same day her main gets banned, already blocked the prominent accounts that call her out, and following a lot of the people she’s been harassing to try and get on her side. the ardyn thing is probs just a red herring

sorry Bertha but you suck as making fake accounts, die mad about it

No. 1520265

im gonna go ahead and assume rachel is wking herself right now she just said she was getting off ED discord and suddenly the nyardyn1 account is active again and someone is denying that its her? yeah no shut the fuck up

No. 1520267

Still don't see what you're seeing. I'm not Rachel either, she's a fat femcel who will never get laid.
The Boarace account is her but I don't see the connection that account has to Nyardyn1.

Final Fantasy femcels are a dime a dozen. They all like cats, tend to be hypersexual leaning fujoshits, have the same sense of humor but spend most of their waking time devoted to their husbandos.

Rachel isn't special in that regard. She's special because she is so self centered that it oozes off of her even in passing interaction. She has no sense of reality. She has no care for anything other than what she deems is relevant to her. This is not something she can hide.

I'd like to see more evidence before I condemn someone.

No. 1520268

I'm the anon they were replying to (even though it was about discord and not twitter) but I dont think >>1520242 sound like Rachel to be fair.
on the other hand… possible.

No. 1520269

I’m gonna go ahead and cowtip. This isn’t fair for Nyardyn.

Fairsinfocenter, if you’re reading this, go to bed. You’re delusional and I’m sure you have work tomorrow.

No. 1520270

people have posted many connections from interests to fandoms and accounts and youre really going to say theres no connection between this person who likes all of the same shit rachel obsessed over and blocked fairsinfocenter when it never even interacted with it and now just blocked dumb bitch smoothie?
you cannot be serious

No. 1520271

I might be retarded but I don't see a connection between Boarace and Nyardyn.

Yeah we know Boarace is Rachel. We been knew.
But I haven't seen how Boarace is connected to Nyardyn.

No. 1520272

You and the other anon are the only ones making a connection between the twitter and the boarace discord.
asked how we know its her, replying to >>1520177
>>1520233 replied to them and then the twitter sperging began.

Jesus fucking christ.

Go to bed, Bertha.

No. 1520274

why do you keep bringing up fairsinfocenter? multiple people itt have brought up a lot of fair points and youre just going “lol fairsinfocenter has it all wrong” when they probably havent been on here i say probably because just because they claim theyre going offline doesnt really mean its true


interesting choice of words

No. 1520275

Could be that fairsinfocenter was recommended, she saw it, and decided she didn’t want any part of it. The guy’s two sandwiches short of a picnic and Nyardyn might not care for the drama.

No. 1520276

That's your problem. Basing it off of crumbs like that is going to lead you into a trap. Because ChibiSepphy, AlphaandFiraga, Sephirothsdoll and more accounts in that circle fit that "fandom similarity" description. Fujos and fujo adjacent people are all the fuckin same.

Boarace? Confirmed her. Proof. We know it's her.
Nyardyn has no connection to the Discord that we've seen.

No. 1520277

samefag but why the fuck would you post about how youre going to go cowtip?
i fucking knew it was you rachel

No. 1520278

a word is just a word anon

No. 1520279

she literally did this with her TayuuBarbie account too for the first couple threads. tried so hard to act like it wasn’t her but was so insanely bad at hiding it that she eventually gave the entire facade up. people have been paying closer attention than ever to her patterns and are getting really good at picking out her alts because she’s incapable of any originality. i'm sure we’ll get the same end result with this new Twitter that we did with the TayuuBarbie one

No. 1520280

nobody mentioned alphaandfiraga itt so how did you know to mention them with regardless to rachel?

No. 1520281

File: 1651738745160.jpeg (284.7 KB, 750x858, 2B145788-D8F1-4770-864A-7AC262…)

Awhhhhh great fucking going. Tipped em.

No. 1520282

File: 1651738759673.jpeg (741.53 KB, 1284x1566, 779509FF-C0C2-45DB-8D8D-0DB5A9…)

how did you “cowtip” someone into privating their account when they dont have DMs open and they havent gotten any new followers
give it up rachel

No. 1520283

Because they're popular in the community, retard. And not just the fujoshit sphere. Their posts get a lot of traction and they've also spoken up about Rachel when there's proof she's around.
They're also tired of the fucking drama in the community because they have been a target so they don't jump the gun like you people do.

Lurk moar.

No. 1520286

The more anons post about it not being her and weirdly bringing up FairsInfo (when an anon way earlier that barely interacted with Rachel on her TayuuBarbie account got blocked) the more I think it really is Rachel.
Some of you need to work on your reading comprehension as well.

No. 1520287

Fucking ratfinks. Good going, Anon.

No. 1520288

because it’s big Bertha, kek. she’s started using all her usual phrases in the last 20 minutes. there’s no way multiple WKs for Bertha just happened to show up at the same time. it’s almost too easy to spot her

No. 1520289

being popular means nothing when relating to someone they also only have 700 followers thats not a lot considering how big that fandom is
so again why did you bring them up if no one itt has ever mentioned them in regard to rachel

No. 1520291

shes done this in the past with her previous threads

finally someone who gets it lmao

No. 1520292

File: 1651739286670.jpg (51.89 KB, 497x875, 1648285456540.jpg)

Hahahaha you think I'm Rachel? Me? Alright here goes nothing.

>I, Sera Perpetua Rosier, am a sexless and kissless virgin. My boyfriends and girlfriends are fake. I am obese and have no life goals. I will die drowning in cat piss and animal cock shaped dildos.

You can't just accuse everyone of being Rachel when they're skeptical and you refuse to elaborate on how you decided that account was Rachel. Don't become the cow you swore to protect the community from.

Those bold, baseless reaches are what got Rachel all fucked up about Ines and thinking every little comment was Ines and Spooky Bones. Be careful that you don't become the thing you a-log.

No. 1520293

File: 1651739293230.jpeg (680.15 KB, 1284x1687, 01AF109F-4269-4BDF-8D62-6E2CE4…)

anyway this made me laugh so hard

No. 1520294

And all in 10 minutes! What a neat coincidence that Nyardyn just so happened to be online at this time and on Twitter reading DMs from one of their 6 followers and immediately trusted whatever was sent to them and locked their profile down without question. Honestly Rachel you are so bad at this

No. 1520296

ok rachel

No. 1520297

File: 1651739468501.jpeg (838.52 KB, 1284x1156, E49E11F4-32A7-447B-A577-549323…)

the fact that she admitted it was hers rofl

No. 1520298

I tried making this point several times before and all it did was get me accused of being her.

I think we could all do with a good break.

No. 1520299

Lmao I didn’t “swear to protect the community” from anything, I just like to watch the show and make fun of pathetic Bertha when I’m bored, chill the fuck out nonnie. You’re protesting a little too hard here to make your “I’m not Rachel” claims believable

No. 1520302

Both the Twitter and discord have been explained multiple times even just within the last 30 minutes. It’s no one’s fault but yours that you seem to be able to read everything but that.

No. 1520303

What else do you need for me to prove I'm not Rachel and I'm just a skeptic of the methods you used to "prove" that account was Rachel? Because I've seen nothing concrete, only people saying shit without receipts.

Rachel's a fat pedophile and zoophile, will probably choke on a Twinkie sooner than she'll get dick and all of you who are just accepting it as fact might be making the wrong decision. I say "might" because I could be wrong and if that time comes I'll own up to it.

But right now it's a huge stretch man. Gonna start looking like Nikocado Avocado's asshole if y'all can't provide something that is beyond reasonable doubt.

No. 1520304

What happened to this site? It used to be fun. Now it’s just… Pitiful.

No. 1520306

Yep, me too. It's fucking stupid. I've seen shit too that makes me doubt it with my own eyes but oh I must be Bertha because I'm a skeptic. Goofy shit.

No. 1520307

ok rachel

still waiting on a reply to this btw >>1520289

No. 1520308

Hey anon, why would some random block a nobody Twitter account that Rachel had blocked that’s not in the FF community at all and isn’t connected to it or anyone nyardyn1 is following/has following them? That hasn’t even posted a tweet in months?

No. 1520309

Can we get a grip here? If Rachel is watching us now, she’s probably laughing at us arguing with each other. Disunity is the last thing we need in this situation.

No. 1520310

ohhh shit gottem

No. 1520312

No. 1520314

wow look another one of Rachel‘s classic phrases from the “she’s not here” saga. “she’s sitting back and laughing at all of you!”

it’s late Bertha, give up this pitiful act and go to sleep.

No. 1520316

I'll answer your question, I missed it before.
Because I've known them for a long time and I have personally seen them being harassed by Rachel. I bring them up because their personality is very similar to the majority of long time FF fans and I was using it as a comparison. After all, Rachel is the reason why they picked up the whole "Gay as a fucking fruit bat" they now have in their bio. Because it was ridiculous that Bertha called them that and everyone had a good laugh about how much she fails at insulting people.
If this person is friends with Stardyn, staciethecat or whatever her name is, they could have been exposed to the Rachel drama and decided to block accounts that were associated with it. Rachel loves to tattle about all her haydurrs. Stardyn saw the worst of Rachel posting gore to children and sending them death threats but still decided to stay around her despite it. I think the situation is sus but saying that it's absolutely Rachel I think it's too early for that.
I'm done. I'm leaving my statements where they're at. But I'm allowed to be skeptical without people jumping down my throat lmao

No. 1520318

File: 1651740479020.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1284x2325, 27F31C24-0AE2-4B72-AC55-0E0D92…)

yeah no thats not how they found fairsinfocenter the algorithm doesnt just randomly recommend people

while yes people she followed also followed fairsinfocenter it wouldnt have been recommended because of content and interactions on what they post

nice try though

No. 1520320

Okay then, never mind. Sorry for trying to bring the community together for a common cause. Fight amongst yourselves. There’s only so many ways to phrase certain things before a common phrase becomes “oMG ITS HER!!!1!”

No. 1520321

All of these very oddly specific explanations for why this account “isn’t” Rachel are way bigger reaches than the simple and obvious connections other anons are making itt for it to be hers lmao

No. 1520322

and its not at all suspicious to you that they protected their tweets in less than an hour of someone announcing they were going to cowtip when nyardyn1 doesnt even have DMs turned on?
youre a lost cause

No. 1520324

It’s pretty obvious that Bertha is not actually sitting back and laughing at any of this, but it’s definitely what she wants us to believe. She’s used that phrase repeatedly in her other threads while WKing herself and has been made fun of for it, so if you really aren’t Rachel (X to doubt) then it’s your fault for using the phrases she has been being ridiculed for

No. 1520326

File: 1651741127694.jpg (Spoiler Image,294.46 KB, 1079x1299, Screenshot_20220505-025543_Bra…)

Okay lol that tells me you didn't read anything I said, but okay.

Now y'all are gonna poopoo about me dropping this and do the Bertha "it's PHOTOSHOP" even though I posted about it on Twitter lol

You can think I'm dumb for being skeptical (hell, its in my name), but accusing me of being Hambertha is quite the reach.

Anyway I'm done for real. I'm not gonna sit here and shit up the thread. But I'm a skeptic and I'm gonna stay that way until we have confirmation of whether or not it's her.

No. 1520327

Then it’s my fault for using the phrases she has been ridiculed for.

Next time I’ll run what I say through a text obfuscator 150 times.

No. 1520328

Okay I gotta answer this. Promise I'm done.
Nah, I don't think locking is suspicious. I think it could point either way. On one hand she's desperate for attention and can't pester Sephiroths if she's private. On the other hand she could be scared that people are already onto her. I've seen people lock for stupid shit.

No. 1520330

Hint: She already followed me to begin with. That’s how I was able to message her.

No. 1520332

And I saw quite a bit of that exchange courtesy of the other account that they followed at first. I wasn't convinced from those chat logs.

No. 1520334

could have been just my imagination, but i could have sworn i saw her refer to stacie as sis earlier.

No. 1520336

so are you a part of the FF7 or another fandom then too, DBS? since you’re claiming to have known alphaandfiraga for a long time? maybe I missed something but I wasn’t under the impression that you were a vendetta-chan and had discovered Rachel on KF like a few of us did. won’t lie, feel like it’s weird for you to have made the comments about “swearing to protect the community against Rachel” like it’s really not that deep for a lot of us anons here, we’re just making fun of her. I got the impression that you were included in that group but I guess I was wrong

No. 1520338

dude is really gonna come in and cast doubt over people whove personally dealt with her longer than her threads have been active and have consistently found her new accounts
i get being skeptical but people who know her know that shes sloppy and not good at putting on a good act she will always fall back into old habits
she followed way more sephiroth accounts than ardyn ones
weird things (the tentacle earplugs/earbuds), pokemon plushes, pusheen, as well as being in the ff fandom is not a very common combination
on top of blocking fairsinfocenter when the algorithm wouldnt recommend that account (i went out of my way to follow multiple accounts that would comment and retweet their posts and never got recommended fairsinfocenter)?
i even went as far as to look into staciethecatx/stardyn and they dont really know or follow many people they know irl except for a furry that goes by dj_howler

its fucking rachel.

No. 1520342


No. 1520343

it didn’t cast any doubt for me that the Nyardyn account is Rachel, I’m pretty confident in that speculation. it is kinda weird to me how hard DBS is fighting against the possibility of it being her since I genuinely don’t think any of the connections nonnies have pointed out are huge reaches. sure there’s a possibility it isn’t hers I guess but why sperg out in a very Rachel-esque way about it

No. 1520344

ok rachel

No. 1520346

Should probably go off of what DBS says. KFers are usually more intuitive than farmers.

No. 1520347

I came from KF too but ok lmao nah I’ll just stick to my initial conclusion that this is Bertha’s new Twitter and just eat my words later if I’m wrong

No. 1520349


I’m one of the people she’s stalked and harassed for about four years now and keep tabs on her so I can avoid her in my DMs as quick as possible. She has a pattern. And that account hits really well into her pattern. I get being skeptical, but many of the skeptics here only know her over the past month these threads have been up. I have been watching out for her for about four years. You learn her patterns and you don’t take chances when Ted flags come up. A lot of people in the final fantasy fandom do the same. A red flag goes up, they block and lock. Rachel has made it really hard for any one to trust new accounts especially if they like cats, Pokemon sephiroth and randomly comment on stuff. Of that account isn’t Rachel and is proven not her, people will unblock and accept them into the community. It happened a while back with a madam M and scarlet who made an account that gave off some Rachel vibes but was quickly disproven and apologies where appointed by the people that blocked then promoted the person once it was clear it wasn’t her.

No. 1520354

Insulting her for her appearance is just weak imho. If you have to resort to ad hominem you’ve already lost. Take your L and go.

No. 1520355

I'm not a vendetta-chan. I'd have more milk to spill if I was.
I've been in the FF community by proxy, and when it comes to A&F I've enjoyed their fandom posting. It's not like I've "known" them in a friend sense, it's parasocial. I probably worded it weirdly since English isn't my first language. Sorry to seem spergy. While I didn't ever have a personal experience with Rachel until her threads she wasn't a name I was unfamiliar with. The online world is a lot smaller than people realize, I think.

I still feel like it was too early to say for sure. You want to have no doubts if you're going to out someone, because the second you out the wrong person it's game over. I've been there. I guess I'm just trying to make sure nobody ends up crashing and burning.

I mean well. I don't want to make anyone think I'm being an asshole or purposefully trying to divert. I just think that with Rachel it's best to let her expose herself because witch hunts don't help anyone.

And like I said, I could be wrong and if there's something that can't be refuted I'll take my L and sit my ass down.

No. 1520357

Get lost lmao she's fat and ugly and it's funny to say she is because she insists she's gorgeous and perfect. It would be shitty if she wasn't so deluded but she's got her head so far up her ass telling her that she's fat and ugly makes her freak the fuck out.

No. 1520358


> If you have to resort to ad hominem you’ve already lost. Take your L and go.

Rachel has said this all before.

No. 1520362

Then just block her. No need to blubber about it and try to make everyone else your personal army.

No. 1520366

>I just think that with Rachel it's best to let her expose herself

you do realize that only happens when people sus out her accounts right it happens every single time she makes an account it happened on tayuubarbie and it happened on the natsume account and many others before

good grief dbs.

No. 1520367

nta but how are they blubbering about and trying to make lcf their personal army? theyre giving their two cents
if you cant handle seeing that then idk how you can handle being here or on the internet

No. 1520368

Okay I understand some of this explanation but some other parts of it still feel off to me. Are you the one who “cow-tipped” and got Nyardyn to private then, if you were trying to protect them from a witch-hunt? It all feels very weird to not be connected.

I’ve been following her threads here and on KF for a couple weeks now so I’ve read a lot of your posts DBS and none of this really sounded like your typical posts but idk maybe we all just need to go to bed (Rachel included because I’m pretty sure she’s at least one of these WKs that popped up for her) maybe next time don’t resort to calling other nonnies retards tho for not being familiar with popular FF7 accounts, that’s what really made me think you were Rachel. You may have been around the fandom before but I guarantee a lot of anons have no idea who any of these characters/games are (me included)

No. 1520369

Okay, okay. You win lol

No. 1520371

I didn't cowtip. I'm stupid but not that stupid. The worst I'll do is follow but I don't initiate first contact. I let them come to me if they really have words.

I followed, was never contacted and stuck around for a bit til she blocked me.

Also, not all of these skeptic posts were mine. I wasn't the tipping anon.

No. 1520372

One person’s ugly is another person’s beautiful. For you to have existed, every single one of your ancestors had had to have gotten laid at least once. If you are considered “beautiful” by societal standards, the ugly traits had to have been bred out over the centuries and millenniums with god knows how many snags and mutations along the way.

If she’s already planning to get knocked up by someone with their consent, that’s probably it. Even if she can’t gestate it herself for some reason, there’s always surrogacy. Her genes will be passed on to the next generation.

No. 1520373

What did I tell everyone about Rachel outing herself, here she is outing herself.

No. 1520376

I figured not all of the skeptic posts were you, they just helped Rachel hide her WKing herself a little easier, kek

Okay THIS one is definitely Rachel. Shut the fuck up Bertha, nobody thinks you’re beautiful aside from your mom and nobody is going to procreate with you willingly

No. 1520377

The only thing you'll be passing on is a lolcow legacy. A cautionary tale for femcels everywhere.

No. 1520378

No. 1520379

are you really gonna forget how she was acting innocent on twitter while sperging on her threads? shes literally infamous for this shit

i figured you werent the tipping anon i thought the hint post was very weird and out of character for you and rachel likes to lie under the guise of hints a lot as seen on previous threads and screenshots of threads and tweets

>Her genes will be passed on to the next generation.
rachel you are the only person to say this weird fucking phrase

ok rachel

No. 1520381

No. 1520383

There's been a lot of fuckery afoot in the last few hours. Shit happens.
Rachel can't hide herself now that everyone's dotted their Is and crossed their Ts. That's something she'll never understand because she doesn't understand how to cooperate with other people or compromise. She said it herself, she wants everyone else to change.

I'm still on the fence but I think I understand a little more now. Not gonna divulge entirely out in the open but I'll be watching closely.

No. 1520385

I think I just rolled my eyes so far back into my head I saw my brain.

I doubt she is incapable of cooperation when it comes to the right person trying to help her. The whole “I want everyone else to change” wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen a screenshot from her taken out of context.

No. 1520386

i dont think i will rachel

yeah thats very true and i can definitely agree with you on that
youre welcome to be skeptical but please try to remember that there are people who have had months to years of personal experience with rachel and we all know her patterns and behaviors extremely well as well as cautious enough to not just randomly accuse people without reason
people have been wrong in the past but that was 1-2 times over the course of multiple years

No. 1520387

Am I the only one that remembers that Rachel has a vendetta against DBS and considering her history of trying to be other people getting weird vibes from the WK DBS? Especially since the approach is entirely out of character for DBS and very in character for Rachel?

I might be tinfoil int but there’s a lot of weird defensive shit going on about a account with no followers that is brand new and may or may not be Rachel. I think the skeptics are worse then the John Revere’ing “it’s Rachel! It’s Rachel” claimants.

No. 1520390

shes been incapable of cooperation for so long that they had to put her in retard school
she cant even admit shes wrong and you think shes capable of cooperating? hilarious

No. 1520392

Rachel you hate other people and you like the smell of your own farts. Go touch grass.
I'll post on Twitter here in a sec to prove I'm here and I am skeptical but not all the skeptic comments are mine.

No. 1520393

News to me. When?

No. 1520394

nta i believe its you because of your recent tweet lol

rachel definitely has a vendetta against you though but she has a vendetta against anyone that isnt anonymous that posts on here and kf or follows/retweets stuff from fairsinfocenter

No. 1520396

it could just be because DBS is from KF and she doesn’t want anything to do with a kiwi. isn’t really that deep

No. 1520397

I was thinking in this same direction earlier, but DBS did post a screenshot of their profile and when I checked it, it had the same amount of reactions as the screenshot did (meaning it was a recent screenshot) and showed that DBS was active at the time. So at least some of these posts have been DBS.

Rachel was very likely trying to imitate them/their posting style at the same time to make it seem like she had multiple WKs present but clearly she is not able the think that cleverly

No. 1520398

i was just saying that i believe that anon is who they said they were and that rachel has beef with everyone idk what youre getting from my post that makes it seem like i think its deeper than it is lmao

No. 1520399

Not now, Rachel. The grown ups are talking. We'll deal with you later.

No. 1520400

Oh, ohhhh. My b nonnie. We’re on the same page.

No. 1520401

Nta but she literally hates and has a vendetta against any one that has made fun of her, blocked her, interacted with fairsinfo and any one that took time to talk with her trying to help her but gave up due to her being incompetent on learning how to communicate with harassing others.

No. 1520402

Fucking kek I actually laughed out loud at this

No. 1520403

File: 1651746400698.jpeg (152.48 KB, 1284x304, E53417AC-3A50-4FBE-B92F-8E3B48…)

I knew that some of the posts were by dbs the second they tweeted this

idk if rachel was necessarily imitating dbs but she was definitely doing her typical “how do u know this is rachel” bs like she did in her first 2 threads regarding tayuubarbie

No. 1520404

I don’t think anyone has ever tried to genuinely help her once. From that thing I saw of what Margo posted, that wasn’t even really genuine because Margo didn’t protect her from the provocation that supposedly kept going.

Too big of an undertaking for me.

No. 1520405

if she were actually a child we would need to delete all our threads on her wouldn’t we

No. 1520406

Everyone is either Spooky Bones or Ines or Fairs Info Center. We have no explanation for Smoothie, those weeb wars people are something else.

No. 1520407

theres actually screenshots on fairsinfocenter where she did have a mediator try and help her and she still acted like a brat

> because Margo didn’t protect her from the provocation

wtf? margo isnt anyones mom nor can she tell people what to do
all she did was what she could which was be nice to rachel and even rachel took that for granted

No. 1520408

The fact that you expect someone who is fighting illness to protect you reeks of that self-centered bullshit that can only be attributed to you, Rachel. You're so fucking incapable of even pretending for a second to not be you.

No. 1520409

Yeah, too bad she’s actually a grown ass woman who just acts like a toddler having tantrums instead

No. 1520410

File: 1651746754641.jpeg (243.86 KB, 2048x1294, 3EA43B65-8D87-4818-8AD3-DBFEAF…)

There’s been several people showing how they tried to help her. KF had someone post images of someone trying to help her even. And there’s more in other threads before this one. Many people have tried but, as stated before, she doesn’t want to change. She wants others to change.

No. 1520411

Kinda hard to trust someone who was a dick to begin with though, when you think about it.


No. 1520413

Way to dodge the hard questions, Fatty Patty. Is it too much for you to consider nobody is required to do anything for you? The world owes you nothing and the second you get off your high horse and humble yourself life will improve. You're too poor, uneducated and toady to have that big of an ego.

No. 1520414

youre like a broken record

No. 1520422

Oh well. I'm glad we sorted out whatever bullshit went down earlier. Everything is back to normal, the galaxy is at peace, and Rachel is still fat and angry.

No. 1520423


>>1520309 was right. I’m just another another anon from KF but go ahead and fight each other and try to target innocent people. You didn’t answer my questions and as far as I’m concerned, I was right. Nobody has bothered trying to genuinely help her.

Keep malding Ines.

No. 1520426

In a similar vein, screw you guys I’m going home.

No. 1520429

Rachel so how about that zoophile site? Have you thought about being fucked by bees lately? Genuine question.

No. 1520443

Likely watching the bee movie right now

No. 1520454

Kek no you’re fucking not, and no one buys that dumb shit Rachel.
You’re almost 30 fucking years old. 30. It’s no one’s job to fucking shield you from the consequences of your actions. You should know that as a fucking adult. Not a single person on KF thinks Ines is admin here.
You can deny it all you want but at the end of the day you will die alone, with no one to love you because your parent are long dead and you’ve made it impossible for anyone else to have any kind of positive feelings towards you. Grow the fuck up.

No. 1520455


No. 1520457

File: 1651753998057.jpeg (193.74 KB, 502x353, 844D2DB4-0895-494C-B61D-B8DDA0…)

Sounds about right.

No. 1520458

Imagine being a grown ass woman that’s old enough to have children and thinking that. Peak Karen energy.

No. 1520461

Omg no I'm just making fun of her LOL

No. 1520465

Lol I know, anon I was just saying could you imagine being like that?

Since you wanna act like you’re a farmer go ahead and post proof you are one.

No. 1520486

Ok even if that is true and nobody “genuinely tried to help her”… so fucking what? That’s the point. Nobody on the internet is obligated to help you, Rachel. You are a grown woman, it is nobody but YOUR OWN responsibility to work your shit out. And if you can’t do it yourself, then hire someone to help you do it like has been suggested by anons here repeatedly. You’re so adamant that you don’t need therapy, yet you’re also on the internet begging random people to help you be a better person? Pick one, you fucking freak. Either you need help and you need to seek it professionally and stop expecting randos online to do it for free, or you don’t need help and need to leave people who don’t want anything to do with you alone. (Hint: the first option is the correct answer because you so clearly need professional help)

No. 1520494

This bitch about to have the audacity to tell you to pay for her therapy. This is what she always does when people tell her she needs professional help.
You're right but she's so far up her own ass that she believes she doesn't need it.

No. 1520496

Found it from an earlier thread here.

Say again that no one has tried to help? Pretty sure this whole Twitter thread is someone trying to help. They had more patience then I would I’ll be honest. Can’t handle her nagging.

No. 1520512

Rachel, you’re almost thirty. How the fuck did your parents fail you in teaching you how to self soothe and work on yourself?

You are not mature enough to be a parent because you will absolutely lose your shit on a child if you are expecting people to hand hold you through working on yourself. You’re literally the type of person that people love to shit on in AITA.

No. 1520556

And one of us is stepping in.
Fairsinfo center has been sleeping this whole time. I’m unsure as to why we were being told to go to bed while we were sleeping.

One thing we can say is, there’s a 9/10 chance it is her as we have learned from her behaviors and dealing with her for 9+ years. She does things to throw people off to not get the attention and to have people unblocked similar to how she did on her MadamMidgar account before and ThatBitchShinra account.
The only way she could have locked the new account is cause of course someone told her or she’s been lurking on here so much she locked it to chimp out in private so no one can report her.

I’ve seen this pattern quite often and I understand why people are skeptical about the new account. As someone who’s dealt with Rachel this is one of her patterns and it radiate’s Rachel’s energy.

One last thing to include, you do know she watches everything from another account too to remain hidden with an Aerith icon?

No. 1520559

File: 1651764871764.jpeg (23.35 KB, 225x225, 67506FF7-FE6D-4478-81B4-E46EC2…)

>>9+ years

Yeah, you need a new hobby.

No. 1520561

And you need to know Sephiroth isn’t real. As if you have read you’ve been harassing us for that long.

No. 1520580


Oh no, but he is! Didn’t you hear? Fatty Patty is going to marry him!

No. 1520582

Yeah? Anyone can post here and that's the magic of it. If you wanna do a secret witch hunt make a club for it. These speculations are out in the open and it could be Rachel helicoptering the thread.

Or it could be someone who isnt Rachel who locked after being harassed in DMs and wasn't liking that. I've been looking at public replies @ the account and there's nothing that seems like the person is hitching behind the scenes. But then again you never know.

And if Rachel locked? Better than her harassing people. But I think she's too arrogant to lock and hide.

No. 1520584


No. 1520601

i saw her complaining yesterday before locked about how there isn’t enough newer ardyn content. could be that she’s too lazy or too anxious to reblog old stuff from creators, maybe feels it would annoy them to spam them with notifications.

No. 1520615

File: 1651767997411.png (21.22 KB, 300x250, inesbones.png)

>Can we get a grip here? If Rachel is watching us now, she’s probably laughing at us arguing with each other. Disunity is the last thing we need in this situation

I can tell you're visiting here nonna but let me give you a piece of advice, as josh says don't get mad about lolcows, if you have to tell everyone you're better than someone, you're not, etc. but more importantly rn you're seriousfagging, this is not a place for moral crusading and rachel is a heck of a cow but the purpose of this thread is not to put her on blast and 'cancel' her but to have a good laugh. All this talk of "disunity" is a bit much. We're unified by laughing, not unified with some grand purpose of taking the cow out. Learn the culture for your sake, lol.

pic unrelated, just for fun

No. 1520617

maybe for us but not for the twitterfags. they’re srs business.

No. 1520621

Only reason I've been such an ass is because pulling gayops on random people you suspect could be Rachel is ween shit and absolutely fucking shallow and exactly why you vendetta-chans need to stop touching the poo under the guise of helping people.

It's over and done with, the account is locked. Rachel is confirmed to be flapping her fat tard wings elsewhere anyway.

No. 1520624

File: 1651768846278.jpg (12.33 KB, 300x225, alex wouri.jpg)

110% this. rachel is funny but at the end of the day i don't give a shit about FF7 and random roleplaying drama except as it contributes to me laughing at one of my favorite new lolcalfs. dotfarm and KF aren't for whatever purpose the vendetta-chans are trying to bend them to and there's probably a reason they're not trying that shit over on kiwi. but go ahead, weenies, keep doing this, see what happens, I dare you. Goodwill from milk deliviries only lasts so long and I bet there's distinctly bovine tendencies hiding behind everyone involved here. I know some of you are oldfag enough to remember picrel.

No. 1520625

File: 1651768966007.jpg (381.69 KB, 1080x780, urcathatesubertha.jpg)

Back to regularly scheduled Berthaposting.

No. 1520626

File: 1651769014333.jpg (4.26 MB, 4032x3024, BB641AA9-860E-4572-AF86-EC502A…)

Pic she posted.

No. 1520628

She's trying to creatively hide her arm fat but she isn't fooling anyone. You'll see it if you look closely.

No. 1520629

Cat scratches? What is she doing to that cat that it scratches her? My two cats play all the time with me but never do any damage like that.

No. 1520634

probably grabbing the poor thing when it is done being cuddled. or just not trimming it's nails out of laziness or not knowing how.

No. 1520636

Smart cat owners don't associate their bare hands with playing. Other than that I can see her being the kind of person to ignore overstimulation cues or just be inappropriate with her cat.

When it comes to play you want the cat to associate the toys with play, not your hands. My cats come bolting into the room as soon as they hear the jingle of the keychain the laser pointer is on. Can't even say laser without them giving me the look.

No. 1520663

It’s called allogrooming apparently. Looks like the scratch marks someone would get when their cat is trying to hug their arm. Cats are strange assholes and sometimes instinctively try to kill everything that moves, but there are also cats that enjoy roughhousing too.

No. 1520666

tell me you know nothing about typical cat behavior without telling me you know nothing about typical cat behavior

No. 1520667

File: 1651771642001.jpeg (205.21 KB, 750x351, 070E463B-6FCC-4D15-8418-8D38E7…)

That’s arm flesh Anon. There isn’t above the normal amount of fat on that wrist.

pic is related. What fat wrists actually look like. I also suggest looking at Amberlynn’s too.

No. 1520668

Silence, pedozoophile. Nobody wants to hear your shitty explanation for why you can't be appropriate with your cat.

No. 1520669

That's a baby, Rachel. Not an actual fatty patty like you.

No. 1520670

ew anon spoiler your shit

No. 1520673

File: 1651771893765.jpeg (289.89 KB, 683x748, 16F4F344-ED27-415C-8880-A0C0F1…)

a prime example of the farmer becoming the cow is anyone who insists that another anon is Rachel. Bovine tendencies, bovine tendencies everywhere.

No. 1520674

Rachel if you've lost as much weight as your claiming you should show it off. Flex on all the fatty patties.

Unless you're a liar, that is.

No. 1520677

File: 1651772097260.png (1.12 MB, 800x530, 24FB126D-A303-4C02-A866-0F6107…)

a website full of fat feminist femcel regards trying to police how a woman should use her body. checks out just fine.

No. 1520679

File: 1651772116133.jpg (643.98 KB, 768x2040, cowspotting.jpg)

You haven't learned, have you? EXIF data lol

No. 1520680

File: 1651772120210.jpg (27.92 KB, 182x213, eyeroll-cow-crop.jpg)

you know all these accusations of everyone being Rachel is going to do is to make people want to troll here and draw the ire of the farmhands, right? le sigh.

No. 1520681

EXIF data what, anon? Show me how this proves anything.

No. 1520683

EXIF data means nothing on an anonymous image board website like 4chan or dot farm. Maybe it does if you’re the owner/staff, but they’ve already proven themselves to be incompetent enough for us to believe they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing.

No. 1520684

It's not my fault your opsec is shit and you're too stupid to fix it.

No. 1520687


No. 1520688

File: 1651773169558.jpeg (67.8 KB, 1637x965, 494A8CEB-E62B-4244-9056-74E0A9…)

imagine going onto a thread about a fat psychotic retard weeb that still lives with her parents and trolling in favor of her

No. 1520690

Show us, side by side, how the EXIF in question proves anything. If it does I'll take the L, I promise

No. 1520693

There's side by side comparisons on Kiwifarms of posts made by Rachel and posts made by "Nick" her totally real friend that isn't her.
Everything is identical.

I pulled other users' data to see if each image uploaded would show the same EXIF data. The only identical ones that showed information on the device used were from Rachel, "Nick," and now whoever is posting. The likelihood that all "three" of you are posting from devices that have the exact same data is relatively low.

No. 1520694

Stop. It was over. Because you and someone else jumped in to blame Fairsinfo earlier dont get pissy when Fairsinfo responds. And you keep giving her the ins to spew her dumb shit. Just stop. We know your opinion.

No. 1520704

File: 1651774604881.png (38.25 KB, 488x204, spooky doesnt like weens.png)

>all "three" of you
The fact that you think people calling your ass out for gayops (before you sperg about it I'm not >>1520694 either) really shows you don't know board culture lmao, here, have an old kiwi post about it from someone who's in the mix in this situation too to explain

No. 1520705

File: 1651774627420.jpeg (14.69 KB, 275x183, 7068DB5A-86B9-4FD1-B59C-204C12…)

It doesn’t matter if it’s an adult or a child, retard. It’s the same principle. Fat sits on the hand and wrist the same way.

I’m really beginning to believe those anons that said attacking her for her appearance is an auto L.

No. 1520707

stop acting like fairsinfo is some badass dox crew either, they're looking like bigger and bigger spergs with every post

No. 1520708

Fucking kek, Rachel will never learn and I love it. This is so over her head, she still doesn’t even know how it exposes her self posts

No. 1520709

From what I’ve heard, Spooky Bones’ shit is about to be posted on doxbin if what Rachel posted on Twitter is to be believed.

I wonder if Spooky could have ever thought that all his actions up until now could lead to this.

No. 1520710

still kind of weird that they opted for a picture of a child ngl

you can have your shit opinion and we can have ours its funny to call her fat because of how she reacts

No. 1520711

> if what Rachel posted on Twitter is to be believed.


No. 1520712

tell me you know nothing about EXIF data without telling me you know nothing about EXIF data.

No. 1520714

Everyone who is detracting from the cow and infighting is retarded.

Don't try tard wrangling if you're also a tard. Don't cowtip. Don't use the farms for shitty vendettas.

No. 1520715

Is it though? Because if she is fat and the goal for you is to make her lose weight, this isn’t how to do that.

Anons said just a little while ago that they are just here to laugh at her, not have insidious intentions. If you ridicule her she’s more likely to just dig in her heels and do absolutely nothing.

No. 1520717

That sounds like a personal problem tbh.

No. 1520718

>and the goal for you is to make her lose weight, this isn’t how to do that.
you what lol
>nons said just a little while ago that they are just here to laugh at her, not have insidious intentions. If you ridicule her she’s more likely to just dig in her heels and do absolutely nothing.
still not getting it
this tbh

No. 1520719

i regret ever bringing up exif data itt i only intended for it to be used when that one farmer posted a pic of her hand pretending to be “nick” to see if it was any other cow

now people bring it up constantly as if thats the end all be all when it comes to proving its rachel even though you can edit metadata

good grief

No. 1520720

I'm still waiting for this genius here >>1520673 to show how the clipart cow and a picture taken by Rachel have EXIF data in common proving anything

No. 1520721

My goal is not to “make her lose weight,” I’m literally just here to point and laugh at her ridiculous behavior kek again, this shit is not that deep and I will side eye anybody who takes it that seriously, regardless of whether it’s Rachel or an actual WK

No. 1520722

ayrt i dont care if she loses weight its just funny to see her reaction when you call her fat

thats it

No. 1520723

No one cares about spooky except, Rachel.
Im also unsure why you quoted
>all "three" of you
when the spooky pic nor my comment said any of that. You're really bad at this.
Literally didnt happen, just sick of people shitting up the thread.

Fucking thank you.

Honestly, you all except maybe two, just read as Rachel self posting. Whether you are or not, I dont really give a fuck. If you're not Rachel you're acting just as retarded. I'm out.

No. 1520724

Rachel has no idea how to do that. She doesn't even understand metadata and how it works. She isn't editing the metadata.
Other farmers maybe. But Rachel is clueless.

No. 1520725

you just quoted the wrong post in the post trying to dab on "Rachel" for quoting the wrong post, just saying

No. 1520728

The curse of spooky bones strikes, now everyone weens during the witching hour.

Only Ines can save us now.

No. 1520730

rachel is retarded and delusional for sure i completely agree with you on that but it really isnt hard to edit metadata theres youtube videos that explain to do it in under 5 minutes
i learned how to edit metadata when i was 13
one thing for sure is that when rachel discovers something that gives her away 90% of the time she tries to find a way around it
thats why i havent brought up exif data when it comes to anything she posts it was only ever to find out who that one farmer could be

so enough about the exif data when an anon posts an image and remember that twitter doesnt store exif data

No. 1520731

Jesus Christ this thread has gone to shit.

If the metadata means zilch then I’ve been accusing Nick of being Rachel for nothing.

No. 1520737

Revenge of the Fifth Rachel Thread, on May 5th even. Dimensional Merge shit at its finest.

Listen, I believe fully that Nick is Rachel, metadata or not. She doesn't have anyone willing to go that hard for her other than herself.

But I think moving forward it shouldn't be used as definitive evidence because it's been abused. We can navigate through the shit if people can stop flinging it at each other.

No. 1520740

as the anon who ever brought up exif data in the first place: this tbh
it really shouldnt be used as definitive evidence
when i brought it up it was only for the hand pic (that was posted by a farmer which everyone seems to forget) and nothing else

i also believe that nick and rachel are the same person and have always believed that

No. 1520741

We don’t know that, as we don’t know her in real life. She could very well be a very social person. Either we’re being played as fools or we’re playing ourselves as such.

For the brief moment in time when this woman occupies my thoughts, I often wonder if we’ve gotten many of these pathetic things about her incorrect.

No. 1520743

Yeah, I do too. Just wish she'd show us some of her roleplaying. That would probably snap me out of this pointless hatred, honestly.

No. 1520744

File: 1651776693718.jpeg (587.73 KB, 1284x984, 342A175E-68E4-4271-A9D1-D8970C…)

anyway moving on

fairsinfocenter said they changed their bio and at first i didnt believe it because it didnt look like much changed aside from letting people know they can send follow requests but then i realized something
she removed artist artist from her bio for some reason
one could assume it was removed so she can add that last bit in her bio so it could fit but why remove that piece of info? why not rewrite some info to be shorter?
just doesnt make sense

No. 1520745

No, there's only a few things incorrect and most of them manifested when the speculation about her account began. She is still an insufferable person. Rachel spent all of Sunday harassing minors, sending them gore and picking fights with people and we documented it all.

Have you forgotten already?

The only discrepancy was the Nyardyn account, and people touching the poo is what caused shit to escalate.

No. 1520748

Could you please tell me what was incorrect about her?

No. 1520750

I’ll ruminate on why she did this. (Haaa haa haaa…) Get a moooove on it later maybe.

No. 1520752

She does exercise, despite popular belief that she doesn't, she makes everyone else jump to conclusions.

No. 1520753

its very hard to take you seriously when you say shit like “Either we’re being played as fools or we’re playing ourselves as such.” and “We don’t know that, as we don’t know her in real life. She could very well be a very social person.” things that nobody but rachel has said when she was WKing herself at the beginning of her thread and like once or twice in the 3rd/4th thread

i know those phrases arent exclusive to rachel but its too coincidental on top of everything else in the post im replying to

>I often wonder if we’ve gotten many of these pathetic things about her incorrect.

what “pathetic” things about her are incorrect? elaborate or youre talking out of your ass

No. 1520756

provide proof that she does then
shes been proven to be a compulsive liar so her just saying so isnt proof

No. 1520760

The joke went right over your head.

>Her exercise is making people jump to conclusions.

I rest my case.

No. 1520764

We assume that she has no friends, that her family and even her cat hate her, that she has no job and no romantic partners. For someone at her age, that is pretty pathetic.

No. 1520768

All of that is true. Her FIVE BOYFRIENDS AND TWO GIRLFRIENDS don't exist and she pretends she's gonna buy a house and have a baby with one of them…
In the sims, maybe. That's as close as she'll get.

No. 1520770

Okay but that is my point. We don’t know her in real life so we don’t know the truth.

Do we have any farmers that live in the same area as her? Anyone willing to take one for the team and go take a look at her house for a few hours to watch for activity?

No. 1520773

She overshares enough of her life with everyone that it isn't necessary anyway.

No. 1520774

it wouldn’t be the first time someone had cowtipped here.

No. 1520776

did you forget the screenshots of her ex (the one whose number she posted) saying it was hard to be in a relationship with her? and you expect her maladjustment ass that recently harassed minors to be manage to be in multiple relationships? hell no

>Anyone willing to take one for the team and go take a look at her house for a few hours to watch for activity?

the fuck? are you retarded?

No. 1520778

the bitch has shared her xrays and teeth on a porn server

No. 1520779

File: 1651778399742.png (636.77 KB, 860x705, 365-3650038_what-wtf-meme-free…)

No and we don't need to because she makes it obvious.

No. 1520780

If she really is dating multiple people, that’s just one down. That is nothing for someone who is poly.

No. 1520782

youre just going to ignore the rest of what i said?
also do you realize how sociopathic that sounds?? poly or not that ex was a person not a number and she leaked his number
she is not healthy enough to be in any relationship poly or not a healthy person doesnt do that to their exes

No. 1520784

Imagine the smell. That's enough to keep me from wanting to get adventurous.
Imagine the sheer tard rage. She threatened to kill people too.

But if none of that deters you, go for it yourself. You can be the guinea pig to find out the truth about her threats. Don't try to recruit other people to ween on your behalf.

No. 1520785

Okay then. Just confirming what I’m pretty sure I already knew, that we just don’t know. Unless she states what we suspect explicitly, it’s all just hearsay.

No. 1520786

She also never has any of these partners willing to publicly say they're her partners- from real accounts that aren't anonymous, either. No pictures of them together, nothing. Its obvious.

No. 1520787

ad hominem garbage insulting her for her appearance or your perception of her intellect or the likes. auto L.

No. 1520791

So are you saying that poly relationships are unfulfilling and people get tossed aside?

No. 1520794

No it wasn't, don't use big words without fully understanding the meaning tard.

No. 1520798

File: 1651779039655.jpg (7.58 KB, 337x150, ycgsybn.jpg)

bitch half of the content on this site is insulting people's appearance and intellect
different anon but absolutely a thousand times yes

No. 1520799

her appearance was not mentioned in that post at all lol

No. 1520800

Never seen a real farmer cope so hard for a cow before. Pretty telling, imo. Not saying its Rachel, but theres only 2 people I could think of that would WK for her and one is just a hard maybe.

No. 1520805

yes it was. you implied she smells bad when you don’t even fucking know her lmaooooo take the L and go

No. 1520806

Angry Canadian does like his girls big…but I think even this is too much weening for him. He can't let anyone take up more energy than he already puts out for spooky bones

No. 1520807

you dont see smells are you retarded

No. 1520808

If he isn’t a good partner for her then yes. That’s the thing about relationships. You can end them if you don’t like them.

No. 1520810

I wasn't thinking AC. I actually forgot all about him, kek. (plus hes more spergy)

No. 1520811

Boohoo someone made an "Imagine the smell" joke what a loser

No. 1520814

File: 1651779402911.jpg (179.29 KB, 701x481, 68wsummitdr.jpg)

ok what now

No. 1520815

ikr? says more about them than her

No. 1520816

Since she spends so much time obsessing over getting to roleplay with a Sephiroth, in addition to white knighting herself in her own threads, I'd say she's a shitty partner too.

No. 1520817

Again, we don’t know since she hasn’t been here.

No. 1520818

It's giving "hi its ur uber driver am outside"

No. 1520819

isn’t that guy a nazi?

No. 1520821

File: 1651779570047.png (841.23 KB, 1280x720, ac1488.png)

yes, unironically, also tried to blackmail a kiwi farmer with revenge porn and a bunch of other stuff, she's hitched herself to a real winner there

No. 1520822

File: 1651779578124.jpg (153.14 KB, 941x933, 20220505_060008.jpg)

How do you know she hasn't been here? How can you be certain?

No. 1520825

If Nick and >>1520753 are anything to go by.

No. 1520827

The Nazi and the (adopted) Jewess. Sounds like bad fanfiction, but that's right up Rachel's alley.

No. 1520828

no, anon. that’s you hitching them together. she and her family are jewish, remember? im pretty sure they’d kill each other before any form of romance happened.

No. 1520829

Rachel is pretty bad at pretending to be anyone else but herself but her LARP of Nick Rekieta never ceases to amuse me.

No. 1520832

Is Nick Reckieta’s or w/e’s name Nicholas? I don’t think she even knows who the fuck that is. I sure don’t.

No. 1520833

IIRC Nick's wife is a normie and practically a Stacey, really pretty, I don't think she knows who any of these people are

No. 1520834

….Yes. She does, she was seen looking at his KF thread on her KF account before she stopped logging in to creep.

No. 1520835


No. 1520836

Seconded. Nick is a common name after all.

No. 1520839

Lurk moar. It's been talked about in this thread and on KF. I'm not spoon feeding you.

No. 1520842

come now anon, that’s no excuse to make up things.

it’s common knowledge that you need to document absolutely everything

No. 1520846

All these anons begging to be spoonfed whether they're all the same person or different people are lame.
Haven't you learned to shut up and read or do you just like vomiting words on the screen?

No. 1520848

Literally just said it's been discussed in both threads. Still not spoon feeding you. Look it up or dont, doesn't matter to me if you believe it or not.

No. 1520852

Why is anyone even acknowledging this one anon who keeps asking variations of, "Are you sure it's her? How do you know? We don't know her in real life?" It's obviously Rachel. Stop shitting up the thread and ignore them. If it was someone who wanted info, they can read these threads, it's all there.

No. 1520855

No thanks. I don’t care to dig through all the garbage like you.

No. 1520857

ive yet to see proof beyond someone just saying she was looking at it.

No. 1520859

You right, nonnie. My bad.

No. 1520860

So what? He may be a Nazi edgelord but seems like the kind of guy who will jump in with anyone to do some gayops especially against perceived enemies. He'll snake on Rachel eventually no doubt but if he sees the opportunity now to use her to fuck with people he certainly will.

No. 1520861

wow. like a bloated corpse, how does she do it?

No. 1520869

ad hominem insult about her appearance, auto L.

No. 1520872

Why the fuck are you so retarded to think that a Jew would have anything to do with a Nazi to begin with, even if it means getting revenge on someone else? This isn’t a god damn comedy sketch. Christ.

No. 1520874

Thank you Rachel, very cool!

No. 1520880

Welcome to the Internet. It's denizens do all sorts of strange things.

No. 1520884

>so retarded to think a Jew would do anything with a Nazi
::Stephen Miller has entered the chat

No. 1520890

I think we need to make a list of all of Bertha's favorite words. I'll start.
"Ad hominem"

No. 1520895

I’m not convinced it’s her. Inb4 “doesn’t it seem like there’s a lot of anons questioning whether it’s her or not in different ways”

No. 1520898

ad hominem again. if you need to mock her for your perception of her weight by calling her bertha it’s an auto L.

No. 1520900

you came here to mock her for your perception of her. i came here to mock you for your perception of her. we are not the same.

No. 1520905

why would you believe anything rachel says lmao
rachel stop trying to get people to “stalk” you its not going to work
anon will take the l when you go take a shower
i think it would be a beautiful love story about overcoming adversity, like where hands touch
dbs said they saw it when they looked at yrzch on kf but i guess didnt think to screenshot it since it was before the lolcow laywer thing and no one had crafted the theory that nick is supposed to be that nick yet

No. 1520908

Then you're in the wrong place. Go somewhere else to mock people's "perception" of this cow. This thread is specifically designed to mock BFB (Big Fat Bertha)

No. 1520910

ad hominem again. if you need to mock her for your perception of her weight by calling her bertha it’s an auto L.

No. 1520912

why though? you think its AC fucking with people? the only way i can see that being true is if hes trying to make her look even worse which i guess if it really isnt rachel congratulations its working

No. 1520914

tell me you don’t know how to differentiate between users on an anonymous image board without telling me you don’t know how to differentiate between users on an anonymous image board

No. 1520916

No. 1520917

I’m pretty sure most of the people using this site on the regular are older than her.

No. 1520924

I'm not convinced that you aren't convinced. Very sus, gayops detected. (sarcasm)

No. 1520926

Rachel have you slept yet?

No. 1520936

it’s clear you didn’t.

No. 1520948

File: 1651785760375.jpeg (44.23 KB, 569x775, 9A9DFFBF-5ACA-48DF-BDD5-662DD1…)

What the fuck is this garbage fairsinfocenter posted earlier? From the screenshots I’ve seen, it was the other person trying to bait Nyardyn and making them uncomfortable. How the fuck is this Twitter a reputable source for information when they post this?

No. 1520950

This is precisely why I was skeptical.

No. 1520951

im not seeing what youre saying in that screenshot

No. 1520956

Read the entire exchange on Fairs Info Center.

No. 1520959

File: 1651786365490.jpeg (149.15 KB, 1024x768, 00EC3F53-8FB3-400B-872B-0F5BBE…)


Sorry if you don’t have Twitter but here are the link to the rest of the screenshots since I can’t post all of them in one go. From what I’ve seen, Nyardyn may have been the first to message them, but they were also followed by this person so it’s entirely possible that they followed Nyardyn first. (Bolstered by the “I was followed by a lot of people today”) This person, a completely random final fantasy rp account, follows a non rp account and immediately starts asking if she RPs.

No. 1520961

Avoids Nyardyn’s questions and keeps pressuring for RP. This is bait.

No. 1520963

nta but i do remember this account specifically tweeting that its not for rp so its very odd that theyre asking someone to write with them as sephiroth

No. 1520966

The roleplay accounts that followed her were both Sephiroths.

No. 1520969

they never asked.

this pretty much just cements it for me that nyardyn isn’t her and fairsinfocenter is full of shit and not to be trusted.

No. 1520970

i mean that nyardyn1 tweeted that their current account isnt for rp i wasnt talking about the accounts messaging her

No. 1520971

If this isn't her it's really the only time Fair has been wrong. I wouldn't go as far as saying they shouldn't be trusted, as most of their posts have been on point.

No. 1520973

File: 1651786927851.png (150.52 KB, 552x726, Untitled 5.pngsdsdsds.png)

from what I've seen, it was the cat account that contacted first.

why ask about an @ if you're new to twitter? There's a lot you can learn about a person if you look them up by a pervious @.

why saying you don't remembering an @ if you both had just followed each other.

the person said their picture didn't change during that time, so why bring up an @ it isn't like the person was different.

No. 1520974

why are you harping on fairsinfocenter so hard when they dont go looking for this info and just publish it? rachel or not its really suspicious of you to constantly focus on fairsinfo and say theyre untrustworthy when they have the most info about her because other people send it in

what is your reasoning for constantly targeting fairsinfocenter?

No. 1520976

if youre not rachel why do you even care about them and whether or not theyre trustworthy? they literally dont matter this thread is for making fun of rachel

No. 1520979

it pisses me right the fuck off that the faggot would have the gall to use us as their personal army. that’s why.

it only take ONE screwup to ruin someone’s credibility. who’s to say that anything else they’ve claimed is to be believed?

No. 1520980

I wouldn't be so quick to shit on Fairs Info Center. Yeah it did seem like the questioning in the ss was gayops despite Nyardyn seemingly messaging first. Doesn't mean there wasn't gayops occurring. Some people like to wait to lessen suspicion and make the intended subject feel they made the choice themselves and not vice versa.

I think Fairs was right to check but they've gotta learn subtlety because that was about as subtle as yodeling in a library.

No. 1520981

when did they do that..? they havent asked us to do anything and i dont even think theyve been posting here since they messed up with that twitter screenshot until last night

No. 1520982


Fair's Info Center didn't even make the lolcow thread or the kiwi thread.

it would be different if they did, but other people rachel was beefing with did it.

so why do you keep going on about the fair info account?

No. 1520983

you should probably get off this thread if youre getting this worked up

kind of weird how you keep saying and using the same arguments rachel has said and are doing the most to discredit fairsinfo

youve never been wrong before? im sure you have does that mean we can just disregard every post you make?
get real

No. 1520984

Show me on the dakimakura where Fairs Info Center hurt you

No. 1520985

Uhhhh…. Are you new here?? Have you read ANY of this thread? Are you Rachel?

No. 1520987

Do we have a time stamp on that?

It was probably after the bait account asked her if she rped or after two Sephiroth RP accounts followed her in succession.

It’s possible Nyardyn associated them with their @ and not their display picture. Just a thought. Display pictures can be tiny on a phone so an @ might be easier to remember.

No. 1520988

it was when people first found the account before any of this actually

No. 1520992

yeah fuck it im taking a break.

where on the body is the pride located

i had an inkling about it but having it written out here and having fairsinfocenter post here just leads me to believe they’re a drama whore with nothing better to do.

No. 1520993


she did say it wasn't an RP account, but she would probably make an RP account, but a NSFW RP account.

she also hearted the smut tweet that one sephiroth made.

she also stated she wasn't much of an artist, but a shit doodler, when that same sephiroth wanted to see some artwork.

No. 1520994

it was before she went private i really wish i screenshot it
did anybody here screenshot any of the tweets before it got locked?

No. 1520997

Are we sure about that? They’ve resorted to using the phrase “chimp out” to describe her here, which is a far cry from the holier than thou PC air they try to claim on Twitter.

No. 1520998

Most roleplayers are dramatic. That's just how it is. I mean, look at Randy Stair lol

No. 1520999

the only person ive ever seen say drama whore in my whole life was rachel

No. 1521000

File: 1651788000834.png (12.21 KB, 507x107, 03a1ffa9c23dcd0c61d91602a971aa…)


samefag, I found it.

No. 1521003

She hearted the tweet probably because he asked about it in DMs.

I think what she might have meant in speculation was she was going to make an NSFW account in general, not one explicitly just for NSFW RP.


Thanks nonnie, but first, timezone?

No. 1521004

just read fairinfos twitter thread and wow what a whole lot of nothing! are we supposed to care rachel?

No. 1521005

thank you nona
also doesnt that tweet contradict what they said to that person in DMs?
the tweet says she have intentions of making an rp account but in DMs she said its too much of a hassle
why the sudden change?

No. 1521006

Oh! I missed that. Not the anon who posted the screenshot, but that probably means she meant just an NSFW account.

No. 1521011

I’m going to go ahead and admit I’m bad at math. The screenshot nona just posted said 1:33 PM. The bait account asked her at 4 PM. We’d need to know the timezone of the bait account I think, but it’s either… Hm. This doesn’t match up. I guess there could be a 3 hour time difference between nona’s screenshot and the bait account.

No. 1521014

File: 1651788734416.png (42.86 KB, 557x700, dsfasfadfasf.png)

both of these characters were ocs, the ruby account is where she was pretending to be trans, and asked the minor to send her a picture, so she can send it to other adults to she could continue to catfish.

fairinfo is shit for not linking these tweets or expanding on why they event posted that one

No. 1521016

babes i dont even think those two things happened on the same day >>1521000 clearly says yesterday

No. 1521023

This definitely puts it into perspective. Thank you for sharing this.

No. 1521024

the world seems so peaceful whenever rachel is sleeping

No. 1521027


even without the timezones this all happened yesterday, since that's when everyone learned about this account.

even the new screenshot and the old one shows you that because one tells you the time and the other one tells you it occurred yesterday.

No. 1521035

samefag, but rachel has locked her account before, so it isn't abnormal for her to actually do that.

No. 1521044

I think we’d need the bait account and nona to give us new screenshots within short time of each other as well as giving us a timezone.

Which do we think happened first, bait asking her to smut or her liking the smut post? I’m hung.

No. 1521081

no shit, but have you tried just humoring her when she shows up here to see what happens instead of having the same "lol it's u" "no it's not" exchanges over and over?

No. 1521136

Happened in thread #1 and #2. Without fail resulted in people taunting her when she was trying to be genuine. She did leave her discord for people to contact her if they had genuine questions for her so she could debunk what she was being accused of, but nobody reached out.

I think if she for once had one person with the right connections genuinely trying to help her without being condescending, without dismissing what she says or has said or done with mockery or “you need therapy” things might get better for all parties.

No. 1521147

Why do strangers have to help her? And honestly I haven't seen any sort of genuine anything coming from Rachel. When there is any question directed towards her she always either ignores what's being asked,lies (she never has any proof to back herself up, so we can never take her for her word) and if there is anything she doesn't like being asked she comes back with spite and threats.
It's why this thread has 5 pages now.

No. 1521148

people have tried. you refer to the first couple threads, but conveniently forget about all the screenshots of people trying to help her, and her acting like a child to intentionally exhaust them thinking itll make them give in to her demands when every single time it ends up making them block her. its on her to change, not anyone else. you say all those people who tried to help were being condescending, but explaining what she did wrong and expecting her to recognize it was wrong isnt condescending, do you expect people to threat her like a child? shes 28 years old she should know better.
there i humored rachel are you happy now?

No. 1521166

I meant humor her in a funny way but ok.
Why does "help" keep coming up and how did Rachel get the impression that that was what people were trying to do? Help with what? Why? Seriously what are they supposed to be helping her with?

No. 1521173

And again, nonnie… nobody is obligated to help Rachel. She is responsible for her own actions and her own responses to things, no matter how much she wants to blame it on others “provoking” her into doing things. That’s no excuse, especially for an almost-30 year old woman who claims to be of sound mind. If someone feels as though people are provoking them and trying to get certain reactions, it is completely within their power to simply ignore/block/literally anything except what Rachel decides to do and attack/retaliate/harass. Nobody needs to help Rachel, she needs to grow the fuck up and help herself.

No. 1521177

She claims she wants someone to help her be a better person, or something stupid like that. She was begging Margo in DMs and repeatedly saying “well, are you going to help me or not?” which of course is not Margo or anyone else responsibility to do. If she wants someone to help her that way, she needs to pay a therapist to do it.

No. 1521181

File: 1651797685865.png (32.92 KB, 578x545, dfdfdfd.png)

She always wants peoples help to get into communities or someone to vouche for whatever catfish account she makes.

most of the people who have fallen for it end up blocking ooooooooor they just nope the fuck out

when people do try to help she gets aggressive with them, tells them they haven't done enough.

she comes up with fake catfish stories all the time to throw people off, this is like a daily thing with her.

No. 1521186

File: 1651797967593.png (45.63 KB, 794x508, bear.png)

No. 1521206

File: 1651799223428.png (25 KB, 526x226, leftonread.png)

This might be old milk, but I love how whenever Bertha tries to apologize to anyone in the FF community she just gets left on read now, because everyone knows that responding to her bait will only give her what she wants.

No. 1521211

does she not understand that this comes off as extremely threatening, or does she just think that she can intimidate people into liking her? her attempts at manipulation are so weird.

No. 1521214

You must be new to this thread. No one is going to help her when she's an awful person through ahd through without anyone even provoking her. If you had seen these threads and actually rea them, you would know how she treats people.

No. 1521242

ad hominem again. if you need to mock her for your perception of her weight by calling her bertha it’s an auto L.

No. 1521246

Try repeating yourself to the correct comment please.

Love how she proves my point of the fact she never actually answers anything lmao she just attacks. No one's going to help you BERTHA

No. 1521254

Help her with what? To become a less shitty person? She’s old enough to figure that out, hell, I’m pretty sure most anons have told her already what to do
>log off
>go outside
>eat less
That’s it, if she’s too retarded to get it by now then she just likes the attention.

No. 1521256

Rachel, most people your age are raising children, in loving committed relationships, living a full, happy and healthy life with friends.

You, on the other hand, are sitting here begging for help from people that dont like you because of the way you treat people, how much you lie, continue to stalk and harass people that have repeatedly told you they want nothing to do with you and your inability to take accountability for your own behavior. You are not entitled to peoples time, conversation, empathy, kindness or help. You've caused damage to people and you continue to do that. You lie constantly even when confronted with evidence proving you're lying.You ignore and brush off people who have given you good advice, and then you attack. You want help? Get professional help. No one can or is willing to help you. People dont like you because of you. Grow up. You're an adult.

And she'll ignore this like she does every time anyone gives her any advise or asks legitimate questions.

No. 1521257

ad hominem again. if you need to mock her for your perception of her weight by calling her bertha it’s an auto L.

that sounds like an awful boomer thing to say though, doesn’t it? millennials are having children later and later.

No. 1521260

Ad hominem. If you ignore everything else said because you cant face reality then its an auto L.

No. 1521270

Here’s some more.
Auto L
She’s not here
Okay boomer
Fatty patty

I mean she uses a lot of old memes and boomer phrases you would hear on old loony toon cartoons.

No. 1521273

its already been proven
im not here for your entertainment

No. 1521275

Rachel nobody cares if something is "ad hominem" or whatever, it doesn't make a difference. You're still a miserable little woman, lying to people on the internet and having delusions about a fictional man that would kill you without hesitating.

No. 1521276

put in every variation of the n word, she LOVES those lmao

No. 1521279

Is/she doesn’t need to change
You need to treat me/her better
I/she isn’t fat
I/she is healthy for her height
It’s not fat, it’s muscle.

No. 1521280

There are 5 whole threads that beg to differ

No. 1521282

i was thinking about putting in sand n word but i didnt wanna actually type it out because it makes me uncomfortable

No. 1521283

That anon was saying to add those things to the list of what Rachel says, nonna. It took me a minute to figure it out kek.

No. 1521287

Rachel is the sole reason why she has five threads. She did all of this to herself. She suffers the consequences of her own actions and is too dense to try something different. See how that worked for CWC.

No. 1521289

understandable, also why I didnt type it out either tbh.

No. 1521290

Same here. I’m white and don’t like using it. It’s not my place to use it.

Speaking of, add “I’m not a racist” to that list.

No. 1521292

Only she isn’t. She hasn’t been here since the 2nd thread. (Yeah yeah I saw mention of once or twice in the 3rd or 4th but I don’t believe it) The reason these threads exist is because you people are bored and have nothing better to do. No jobs, no spouses, no children, no obligations, nothing.

No. 1521295

Don't talk about yourself like that, Rachel. You're the only one here without those things.

No. 1521296

oh yeah add “only she isnt/didnt” to the list as well

No. 1521304

Rachel you should invest in one of those "please be patient i have autism" hats and make sure to wear it before reading anything said about you on the internet.

No. 1521308

it sure is funny how this “ad hominem” WK only responds to comments they perceive as attacking Rachel’s appearance and completely ignores all the other comments explaining (AGAIN) why nobody is obligated/wants to help Rachel

this site is literally here for anons to discuss and make fun of cows. Rachel is a cow and therefore going to be discussed and made fun of, including gasp her appearance. if you don’t like it or want to participate in it, then just… leave? cute how Rachel and her WKs all seem to posses the same traits and viewpoints though. none of them seem to understand the concept of just removing themselves from spaces/conversations they don’t agree with

No. 1521311

Lolllll the reason these threads exist is because Bertha continues to make a goddamn fool out of herself and it’s hilarious

No. 1521323

File: 1651807315160.jpg (444.47 KB, 1280x1440, adhomosexual.jpg)

You can substitute LCF for Ines, spooky bones, Margo, Hyde, Fairs Info Center, etc.

No. 1521329

Thats strange, my husband and I like to laugh at you together. There are tons of cows that dont come to their own threads and they have even more threads than you do, Rachel. Your milk isn't only from you coming here.

No. 1521337

File: 1651809064541.jpeg (Spoiler Image,117.16 KB, 776x477, 204FFBD9-ADBB-4DA4-9E1B-78A624…)

I used to keep tabs on her on aniroleplay and remember I saved this post, I roleplayed with her once and it was… an experience.

This is pretty much how she roleplays

Spoiler because it’s NSFL

No. 1521340

She thinks she's hilarious

No. 1521360

ad hominem again. if you need to mock her for your perception of her weight by calling her bertha it’s an auto L.

No. 1521361

Don’t be ridiculous. Women aren’t funny.

No. 1521362

File: 1651812312989.jpg (3.78 MB, 3464x3464, Cursedmasterpiece.jpg)

>ad hominem again. if you need to mock her for your perception of her weight by calling her bertha it’s an auto L.

No. 1521370

Keep this up and we will quickly get to 6 threads Big Fat Bertha.
Love how you just now decide to comment on the opening post kek a lil late there BFB

No. 1521373

Just realized this wasn't her my b kek I just read sarcasm as her being serious lmao

No. 1521378

If she wants to play that way I can too. Every time she says something dumb while WKing I'm gonna quote her and post various Ls she's taken.

No. 1521380

Poor Rachel, even the ED discord just keeps her in the "gulag" and calls her fat. kek.

No. 1521381

Are they wrong though?

No. 1521384

Absolutely not. After I posted I realized Elaine is in there now also kek
Cow crossover confirmed.

No. 1521389

and now she's insecure about her age too, great
"ad hominem" means against a person, not against a mountain ogre.

No. 1521401

I screamed. It's late at night here.

No. 1521402

She will make changes like that to throw off people from her scent as usual. I am really curious what her “ art” looks like. Or do you think she’s just going to steal someone else’s and claim it’s her like she did with cosplayers and peoples OCs l/ identities.

No. 1521404

Praying for some sonichu level shit

No. 1521406

believe it or not this isnt the first time shes lied about her age
on her natsume account (before 2 accounts before the current) she said she was 22
what gave her away was that she had fairsinfocenter blocked even when she wasnt actively participating in the FF community

No. 1521408

File: 1651818031119.png (31.06 KB, 616x228, 204D8D43-A6E0-4096-A2FB-20C3CD…)

samefag speaking of that natsume account i found this and thought it was hilarious that shes been reusing her million boyfriends and girlfriends lie to prove she isnt a pedo for about almost a year

No. 1521409

File: 1651818431160.jpeg (350.05 KB, 1969x2342, 11EB41C2-1346-4AD8-A054-798BDD…)

That was the time she said she had a therapist too. We all know that’s a lie.

No. 1521417

She said in a reply to someone that she "doesn't know if she should even call herself an artist anymore because she doesn't draw or have creativity" or something like that. I saw it before she went private and didn't get a cap and I cant remember if another anon posted it in the thread or not. I also remember her replying she just does doodles.

No. 1521427

Elaine and Rachel, two heifers in their summer pasture.

No. 1521437

This post was underrated. The birds chirp a little more musically when big Bertha isn’t there to squeal over them.

No. 1521439

I can't believe the existence of this thread is giving this literal who exactly what she wanted, why not let her fade into obscurity, any attention is good attention for some…

No. 1521449

because she’s a fucking cow and it’s funny to make fun of her, get off this site if you don’t like it

No. 1521486

I want her to become well recognized to the point that she ends up macing someone for telling her Sephiroth isn't real.

No. 1521499

That’d be cowtipping.

Let her fade into obscurity. There’s bigger cows to milk.

No. 1521509

Uh… That’s not what cowtipping is, retard.

Bertha is the one providing the milk. We’re just enjoying it. Personally I think Bertha is one of the biggest cows I’ve come across in a long time. Just my opinion of course but clearly a lot of other nonnies share the same thoughts since she’s produced enough milk for 5 threads and a KF thread moved out of the proving grounds in only a little over a month. She’s just sooo easy to laugh at. So go find someone else to WK if you don’t think she’s milky enough, we won’t miss you here.

No. 1521510

Hell no.
And it isn't cowtipping to hope that she gets recognized retard. Lurk moar unless you wanna look like a newfag.
She's got plenty of potential. More than I've seen in a long time and it stems from the fact that she doesn't see her behavior as an issue. You look at some of the most noteworthy cows and the majority of them had the same level of denial and cope.

No. 1521511

Yes that’s a better way of wording what I was thinking. She has huge cow potential and I really think she’ll be producing milk for a loooong time. She clearly has a long established pattern of acting this way, and people like her are almost incapable of stopping themselves. She’ll be a giant cow because she won’t let herself fade into obscurity, not because we’re here laughing at her.

No. 1521512

File: 1651842251386.jpg (286.12 KB, 1080x1187, reviewskf.jpg)

Highlights from ED discord incoming lol there's a lot because they kept egging her on but I've selected shit I personally found funny

No. 1521513

File: 1651842376834.jpg (229.44 KB, 1079x899, riceslapfight.jpg)

I'm convinced she loves the attention, really. It's more than she's ever had.

More ED discord highlights

No. 1521514

File: 1651842422574.jpg (71.69 KB, 1080x173, alogging.jpg)

So this is where she posted her menstrual cups, I guess. I didn't get back that far in the chat history.

No. 1521516

File: 1651842507882.jpg (176.37 KB, 1079x711, alrunaskinwalking.jpg)

One of the admins are skinwalking as Alruna so don't be fooled. Rachel is still pretending to be Ines.

No. 1521518

File: 1651842575187.jpg (76.69 KB, 1080x235, liedetected.jpg)

Remember when Fatty Patty said she did cam shows with her boyfriend??? Whew nonnas.

No. 1521519

File: 1651842627432.jpg (605.47 KB, 809x2427, goldencorral.jpg)

This is my favorite convo imo

No. 1521520

File: 1651842709024.jpg (198.07 KB, 1080x657, lameslapfight.jpg)

Remember when she was whining about people calling her schizophrenic?

No. 1521579

ad hominem again. if you need to mock her for your perception of her weight by calling her bertha it’s an auto L.

No. 1521580

ad hominem again. if you need to mock her for your perception of her weight by calling her fatty patty it’s an auto L

No. 1521581

ad hominem again. if you need to mock her for your perception of her weight by calling her bertha it’s an auto L

No. 1521585

You overestimate her. I think you believe he’s real more than her at this point.

No. 1521586

ad hominem again. if you need to mock her for your perception of her weight by calling her bertha it’s an auto L

No. 1521587

ad hominem again. if you need to mock her for your perception of her weight by calling her a mountain ogre it’s an auto L

No. 1521589

Absolutely yes.

No. 1521590

ad hominem again. if you need to mock her for your perception of her weight by calling her bertha it’s an auto L

No. 1521592

She is enjoying skin-walking a much much prettier girl than her a little too much. I guess any attention is good attention to her, but at the end of the day she has to settle in to her fat rolls all alone.

No. 1521599

File: 1651848200852.jpg (58 KB, 1080x210, everyoneknowsbutyoubertha.jpg)

Funny how as soon as Rachel is actively whining in the ED discord, her true and honest WKs suddenly start posting. Not very slick are you Rachel.

No. 1521600

File: 1651848360251.jpg (64.4 KB, 1080x221, Totallynotaracist.jpg)

Presented without context. Peep the file name.

No. 1521625

Pretending to be multiple different people to white knight yourself on an anonymous imageboard that you claim doesn’t bother you at all is what I would consider the “auto L”

No. 1521632

File: 1651853503853.jpg (882.74 KB, 808x7049, cowthunderdome1.jpg)

The cows are frolicking in their summer pasture, spewing shit and fighting.

No. 1521634

File: 1651853543970.jpg (626.91 KB, 809x2748, cowthunderdome2.jpg)

More autism. This is free entertainment.

No. 1521644

lol everyone in that discord just fucks with them and makes them look stupid

No. 1521649

Day 3 of asking once again to see how a bisexual person with 7 sex partners who hates cunnilingus writes sex with Sephiroth.

No. 1521652

Tell her you'll be her Sephiroth and she'll show you

No. 1521654

File: 1651855308116.jpg (857.16 KB, 809x2794, copypasta.jpg)

>Sub female looking for someone who can play/has played Sephiroth or Genesis Rhapsodos from the Final Fantasy 7 anthology. Seeking long term rp. Kinks include creampies, impregnation, pregnancy, breeding, biting, height differences, fluff and affection, light bdsm, praise, master/pet. Limitations are scat, vore, feet, piss, face sitting, the usuals. If you can’t/won’t play this character or you have bad grammar and spelling I’m probably not a good fit for you.

No. 1521660

File: 1651855743413.jpeg (176.75 KB, 1125x450, Ines Rabies.jpeg)

None of this ever happened though kek

No. 1521663

Does she forget that she got suspended as well

No. 1521665

I think she's acting like she doesn't have a new twitter? Im not really sure.

No. 1521672

File: 1651856910708.jpeg (858.42 KB, 1125x1434, pounds which is a perfectly he…)

Kek they changed her name to a pig

No. 1521679

Akin to murder lmao no Rachel people were just using it to demonstrate some of your habits that have contributed to you being so fat (inb4 aD HoMinEm)

Wonder what her excuse is for getting banned on Twitter as well…or is she grouping herself in with those fags, kek

No. 1521680

File: 1651857183284.jpeg (169.34 KB, 1284x943, E1C2F2B0-66BC-42E5-B480-1140D8…)

they changed her roll from the default ediots to sperg lmfao

No. 1521681

Wasn't her x-ray from like, a year ago? I find it hard to believe she lost the weight judging from that new picture she posted with her face scrunched up like leftover meat from the ED discord. Her face still looks rotund lol. >>1521672

No. 1521683

If she lost weight she'd post proof.

No. 1521688

File: 1651857670697.jpeg (863.05 KB, 1284x1967, B8A759E8-3FAF-4A05-9492-636B4F…)

thats why you posted one of their phone numbers and pretended that them saying theyre not your boyfriend was scripted right?

No. 1521691

File: 1651857888808.jpeg (133.68 KB, 1284x304, 84C59F29-310E-4802-9688-D149EE…)

funny because you said only a sane friend would keep you from asking your friends to post on here but “nick” and “caleb” posted shit on here so why are your “partners” different?
your story is so shit

No. 1521692

File: 1651857950848.jpeg (815.81 KB, 1284x1802, 8468ABD6-C843-446C-B513-D18B2E…)

continuation and spooky mention lmfao

No. 1521700

>your perception of her weight by calling her a mountain ogre
nonono you misunderstand Nick, it's her caveman face that identifies her as part of the the Rudus L. Ogrinidae genus, as well as her natural digital habitat of places she's not wanted, children's DMs and boards that make fun of her. the weight is just cheese whiz.

No. 1521706

File: 1651858899724.jpeg (70.32 KB, 1284x184, 0170074D-E15A-4B0D-9B74-98C37A…)

isnt this what one of the anons were touting when they were trying to dissuade people from nyardyn1 being innocent and not to ruin their lives… all arguments that rachel has said about anyone being suspicious of her accounts in the past… just a thought.

No. 1521708

File: 1651858941738.jpeg (157.27 KB, 1284x522, 49CACE71-0307-44AA-91B2-29D115…)

shes gonna jump on one of her alts im betting

No. 1521713

Shes still in there, just in the gulag

No. 1521729

What is her fixation with Encyclopedia Dramatica? She mentioned it on her old facebook (ca. 2015) but I didn't find the clips of it in thread #1 and she's privated or deleted the account. Does she think that's the cool kids table that will help her win the Internet? How does she think they will do (or they are doing) anything but laughing at her? She's so delusional lmao.

No. 1521736

File: 1651860630207.png (346.61 KB, 864x1920, IMG_1801.png)

All 3 accounts have been banned (1/3)

No. 1521737

File: 1651860679577.png (236.86 KB, 864x1920, IMG_1802.png)


No. 1521738

She's officially banned, after being pathetic lmao
She chimped out when people made joke about Sephiroth and Ines being married but got upset that she got gulaged after being told saying she isn't fat would get her gulaged.

Apparently there was something about her posting CP in there but I can't verify

No. 1521741

Does she have a page on that site? If not, might be a good time as any to start if possible lol

No. 1521742

File: 1651860838273.png (311.47 KB, 864x1920, IMG_1803.png)

(3/3) Stupid flood detection

No. 1521743

File: 1651860871661.jpeg (342.59 KB, 1284x1717, 8E537664-9B46-4F20-9229-76D277…)

think again nonna rogl

No. 1521744

lol they let her come back in. The Ines account is back too

No. 1521753

She's reporting the discord now

No. 1521767

good thing i reported all instances of her saying slurs beforehand

No. 1521768

File: 1651862000605.jpeg (318.27 KB, 1284x557, A0795AF3-9DB3-4381-BE2E-B7CDC2…)

this person has been giving her good advice and rachel just doesnt care

No. 1521771

That person is Elaine Miller who is also a lolcow and the one she gets the Ines faildox from.

No. 1521775

i heard theyre making sephiroths arms blue in the remake how does that make you feel rachel?

No. 1521781

oh boy. I bet the ED Discord is full of content that breaks the rules, she might actually have a chance there. In other words she's on her way to antagonizing a third site full of e-drama afficionados, lol, and maybe the most ill-advised one yet
>>1521768 lol, see >>1521771

No. 1521785

File: 1651862631377.jpeg (1007.73 KB, 1284x2276, 52C18A71-7020-43C2-86B5-5FE9B3…)

No. 1521789

She's too retarded for Elaine even

No. 1521792

what the fuck is she talking about? is it because we made fun of the brownie sundae pic?
she gets ahold of the lingo and then strangles it to death. sometimes it’s exhausting reading her posts here, trying to figure out what she means because she doesnt actually understand any of it, she just saw it used once.
oh great, and now the retard learned based im not ready for this. you are not based rachel, you will never be based, and the only people who even say that anymore are retarded and lame like elaine, i know that shes the backbone of your harem, and im sorry, but its true.

No. 1521799

Yeah its because of the sundae pic

Shes been banned on all 3 accounts again.

No. 1521800

I haven't met another person who is simply as unlikable as Rachel. She manages to make everyone hate her. She thinks she's beguiling somehow.

No. 1521816

File: 1651865690571.png (23.66 KB, 622x176, w.png)

GloriousReader dropped this off over on KF

No. 1521818

My favorite thing of Rachel is how she picks the insults you trow at her lol. Psychotics do that a lot, but she isn't entirely psychotic so is even better.

No. 1521864

File: 1651868996117.jpeg (214.5 KB, 1125x1814, She really hates when people t…)

Rachel doesn't understand the joke and chimps out instead

No. 1521865

File: 1651869063975.jpeg (470.6 KB, 1125x1939, Alruna 05022022.jpeg)

Based mod steals her identity and makes fun of her.

No. 1521866

File: 1651869065623.jpeg (158.74 KB, 1125x1621, GROUNDPOUND69.jpeg)

Of all the things to send her into a frenzy, this is it.

No. 1521867

File: 1651869121784.jpeg (214.16 KB, 1125x2019, you and Ines think he is.jpeg)

This is kryptonite. I'm never going to not make comments about Ines and Sephiroth because she goes full unhinged.

No. 1521879

oh lord its gotten to the point where if you search ines’ name on google images and click see more results that might not be what youre looking for screenshots from this thread come up lol

No. 1521910

at least you'll find a bunch of people calling Rachel (and Elaine) idiots for the Ines faildox situation and saying (correctly) Ines has nothing to do with this, as far as the actual Ines's SEO goes, but fml, the poor girl getting dragged into all this

No. 1521911

I'm simply disappointed she never acknowledged my fanfiction about Ines and Sepiroth. Or gave me any advice at all.

That took a whole, ten high minutes out of my life.

No. 1521912

She really thinks she’s doing something when she responds with shit like “only I’m not, only I don’t, only only only”

It sounds so fucking stupid and she thinks it’s the most clever comeback ever and refuses to come up with anything unique or original ever

No. 1521922

I'm sad Rachel had to go and report people and the server and get herself perma banned from the ED discord.

No. 1521924

Not as sad as Rachel will be if she gets their Discord baleeted; ED has a very different culture than the lolcow forums.

No. 1521973

I’m curious as to what the fallout will be if it does get baleeted… It won’t be pretty I’m surmising but fun for the rest of us on the sidelines lel

No. 1522013

They're all coming out of the woodwork to post on KF tho

No. 1522015

she's really pushing fucking around into finding out consistently lately…her thread was literally inactive for a year when she came to the lolcord to annoy people and motivate them to look into her, which bled over into KF, but now she's set on making herself known to an entire other community

is it intentional or what on the principle of any attention being good attention or is she really that dumb? either way, pop some corn.

No. 1522016

Is KF not working for anyone else?

She got 2 people from the ED discord banned from discord for her reports. She really wants that ED article, even though she said it’d be an honor. Kek

No. 1522017

KF is fine for me on .net TLD. Try kiwifarms.ru and .is too if that doesn't work. It was being a little wonky early though, it's probably the monthly tranny DDOS attempt.

And hoo boy yeah. Getting an ED article might not even be the worst fallout from all that depending on who it was that got banned and who they might have as friends. Our gorl is already fixed on antagonizing all the wrong people.

No. 1522025

Thanks, .is is the only one that worked for me weirdly.

Apparently she got one of the owners of the discord banned and they’re not happy. I don’t know what she was thinking but I’d probably fuck with KF before I would ED (I wouldn’t actually fuck with either because I’m not retarded)

No. 1522027

Reporting and banning people seems to be her go to after purposefully antagonizing people.

No. 1522028

File: 1651886848946.jpg (180.71 KB, 960x1280, image0.jpg)

Seeing her make enemies and subsequently suffer for being a fat, arrogant piggie is enough to warm my cold heart.

No. 1522031

What is wrong with her nose…? It’s discoloured on the middle of the bridge

No. 1522033

Yeah isn’t this what she usually does on Twitter? Antagonize people then get them restricted or banned? I feel a bit bad because it seems like KF is kinda getting blamed for it but she’s likely been reporting them any time they said anything mean to her since she got in their discord server.

No. 1522036

File: 1651887593293.jpeg (49.01 KB, 828x393, 55D5C237-CFCC-4FE9-8A0B-270F61…)

She’s such a Karen.

Picrel related.

No. 1522048

File: 1651889013220.png (109.5 KB, 819x160, elaine-legitimately-autistic.p…)

Does this mean even Elaine is disavowing now? Is the lolcow polycule breaking up?

No. 1522072

Elaine went through the five stages of grief in the ED discord while trying to help Rachel and realizing no, there is no helping Rachel.

No. 1522085

File: 1651892725752.jpeg (866.98 KB, 1284x2306, 6A018E1D-BAE5-4780-968A-C7A7C8…)

currently chatting in the ff7 discord
is she trying to use ines to catfish lmao

No. 1522091

Pretending she can read. Obviously she can’t since she doesn’t take advice anyone gives her when she asks for help.

No. 1522096

Sub female looking for someone who can play/has played Sephiroth or Genesis Rhapsodos from the Final Fantasy 7 anthology. Seeking long term rp. Kinks include creampies, impregnation, pregnancy, breeding, biting, height differences, fluff and affection, light bdsm, praise, master/pet. Limitations are scat, vore, feet, piss, face sitting, the usuals. If you can’t/won’t play this character or you have bad grammar and spelling I’m probably not a good fit for you.

No. 1522112

Chimpman has been sperging out in the discord all day and kicking a bunch of people that are kiwis or he thinks are kiwis because of Bertha kek

No. 1522113

Forgot to sage

No. 1522114

Why? Does he fear kiwis?

No. 1522115

File: 1651896918121.png (103.2 KB, 1504x277, Screenshot 2022-05-06 211502.p…)

hes just done with sweaty betty and her antics

No. 1522123

Shouldn’t he ban himself since he has a kiwi account and posting on KF making him a kiwi? I mean by his logic any one from KF is banned. He’s on KF so ban himself.

No. 1522125

He’s blaming KF for Bertha reporting and getting people banned, I guess. Even though it looks like the ones that made her sperg had different colored roles than the ediots.

No. 1522128

File: 1651897605082.jpeg (247.75 KB, 1125x1098, BE5CB298-327B-433E-A40F-484529…)

Most ED people are on KF and posted in her thread even after she was banned. He just decided to be a sperg all the sudden. Picrel is what he posted on berthas thread after she was banned and got people banned off discord.

No. 1522132

the amount of buzzwords in a single message is kind of impressive.

No. 1522134

It was funny to him until she retaliated, now he's mad. He had opportunities to do something but he didn't. This is directly the consequences of his own actions. If you see her threads and decide to keep her around despite knowing what she's done, that's on him.

He's just as pathetic as her because that's the same shit she does.

No. 1522138

cant anyone report her on discord for calling fake ines a sand nword? its not cowtipping if one of the ED people do it.

No. 1522139

"who will rid me of this meddlesome cow" vibes, nonna, still tipping.

No. 1522141

If they were to report her it would draw undue attention to the nasty shit going down in that server. People posting gore and bestiality to be edgy or whatever.

No. 1522142

Yeah it’s really weird kek he’s fighting with that miyako person on her kf thread now too

No. 1522144

ew they deserve rachel at that point

No. 1522151

Chimp was alogging her from the beginning and their people were egging her on but the Kiwis or whoever else came in just shared embarrassing shit about her from what I saw. Not sure about before I came in though.

No. 1522153

Even those degenerates didn’t want her

No. 1522157

Even Elaine decided she didn't want any of that

No. 1522159

They all had her thread already. She didn’t sperg until the people with the yellow, green and darker pink server roles started fucking with her and Elaine wasn’t standing up for her

No. 1522165

File: 1651900213945.jpg (866.3 KB, 783x3902, smoothiehunting.jpg)

Uh oh Smoothie

No. 1522172

did dbs even interact with her there? how is rachel being rachel and abusing the report button someone elses fault? finally, rachel has someone who understands her logic.

No. 1522176

He legit seems like he needs someone else to blame. Typical manlet.

No. 1522178

Don't think DBS has said one way or the other. Just posting screenshots.

See, I told you he was just like her and that's probably why he's so upset.

(Jokes aside, I really do think the ED folk are upset about their buddies getting the ban hammer and that's pretty awful.)

I don't understand why he thinks it's a Kiwi thing. There have been a lot more cowtippy posts on the LCF threads. I guess he just wants names to rage about.

No. 1522179

It was well known in the threads about primo retardus that she’ll sperg and report though so idk why people are acting surprised. Instead of being lazy as fuck, a simple scroll through would have been fair warning that she would eventually report if you pissed her off even if you had every right to for good reason.

No. 1522180

All the people that got banned are already back in there though.

No. 1522181

He (I assume it was him) banned me from their Discord and I didn't even interact with either cow there. I'd told another jannie that I came from this thread because I heard our cow was sperging out the night before and wanted to see what had happened and he was fine with it but then I was suddenly banned, now I know why. They wanted to blame farmers. It's cope. I saw cow-tipping in there when I looked but it was being done by denizens of the ED discord, not by farmers. Just like the idiots that gassed up Elaine on lolcow dot org and are now dealing with her trying to report them to Cloudflare, they should have expected this for trying to make the monkey dance, or at least known they were running the risk.

No. 1522184

I guess he assumes all people are kiwis and not from here or random people/people from Twitter she pissed off that read the threads.

No. 1522187

Chimpy isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

No. 1522197

Aniroleplay, Facebook, tumblr, f-list, discord you name it. She’s made enemies everywhere.

She’s apparently banned in f-list. That’s pretty fucking hard considering that’s where the scum of scum go to beat off.

No. 1522209

That's impressive considering they allow fucked up shit there.
Wonder if it was pedophilia related.

No. 1522214

Nope. That’s allowed although most people don’t engage in it. She had to harass someone or do some fucked up shit to someone to get banned. Usually it’s stalking and harassing that gets people banned if enough people provide valid claims of harassment/stalking.

No. 1522216

She's an outcast among pedos, I guess.

No. 1522236

Rachel's stupidity really does bring all the tards to the yard..

No. 1522242

File: 1651912671842.jpeg (414.08 KB, 1231x855, 609BCED2-B5F7-4C02-AFB8-05BFC6…)

i really dont know why dbs is still thinking that these people whove been dealing with rachel for years dont know how to spot her

do they seriously believe that someone here cowtipped nyardyn1 when their DMs are only open to people they follow?
isnt it incriminating to private your brand new account with no identifying information (screen names, linked accounts, personal photos, etc)? especially when this account had fairsinfocenter blocked when their posts dont even make any traction
some people are eager to prove their innocence when theyre being accused of shit (ie being rachel) to be left alone but in rachels case she ignores or act innocent
the second this account showed up there were no more posts by “nick” or “caleb” theyre completely silent
nobody cared about sharing rachels parents (who are actually innocent) itt but suddenly some anon cares about some random twitter user saying that theyre innocent which is what rachel did with her tayuubarbie account

rachel is INFAMOUS for trying to divert any attention to her main accounts idk why dbs acting like this when its completely obvious

ill probably get labeled as a twitter vendettachan when im just a farmer who sees all the same old patterns

No. 1522252

I think DBS is just having a moment of stupid that’s lingering into other days. Dwelling on it when everyone else has moved onto the next part is pretty much showing DBS has hard coping mechanisms just like Rachel.

No. 1522253

thats probably true

im just twiddling my fingers until rachel does the usual shit and shows her true self to her new friends on her new twitter account

No. 1522295

seriously, it's a "when" not an "if"

I think dbs is getting wrapped up in their own red thread – there weren't any convoluted connections to that new account, just basic shit. too many coincidences to make it not suspicious

besides, what's wrong with keeping tabs on a suspicious account? if it's bertha she'll slip, but she's too autistic to not slip

No. 1522323

Who cares though? DBS didn’t say the that it’s not her. If she wants to be skeptical, even if she’s the only one at this point, so what?
No one can even see what Rachel’s posting on Twitter so there’s really no reason to make DBS’ skepticism a discussion until we can see what that Twitter and post caps of it.

No. 1522342

let it go dbs, we get it, you're giving this account the benefit of the doubt for whatever reason

we're just waiting for her to pop up again like everyone knows she will

No. 1522349

Here we go again, accusing anyone that disagrees.
I’m not DBS, it’s just an old and irrelevant argument being the accounts private. She said you can come to KF and say something to her if you have something to say. She has no problem outting who she is on here and isn’t Rachel so not sure why she’d talk about herself in third person.

No. 1522357

Yeah I've got no problem identifying myself.
Fight me. Jk

I've got a feeling I'm about to take that L though, and I'll be the subject of the weekly roast. I'm ready for it.

No. 1522359

hes a sperg ed discord janny who takes this shit too seriously he has noting to do with the wiki or forums

No. 1522361

it's really irrelevant whether you're dbs or not if you can't take a shred of critique you're shaping up to be as bad as the cow

I'm not here to start shit with dbs, but coming here to say shit like
>not all accounts are her! you're starting a witch hunt!!

is stupid considering noone is/should be touching the poo anyway, let us speculate that's literally what we do
we're pointing out the coincidences, way too many of them to flat-out ignore


No. 1522362

Hi new fren, please sage non-milky posts.
You’re not wrong but he is active on the forums.

No. 1522365

Then maybe don’t accuse someone of being DBS if it’s irrelevant? Weird thought.
Here to speculate but get mad at people who are skeptical. K, anon.
>it's really irrelevant whether you're dbs or not if you can't take a shred of critique you're shaping up to be as bad as the cow
Where did you critique anyone? She hasn’t come on here and said shit about the Twitter account since she apologized. She said one thing on KF and anons jump to talking about it and making it a bigger deal then it is. Wasn’t talking to the one person that pointed out similarities. See:

But I get told to “let it go” for saying who cares if she’s skeptical. Kek

No. 1522381

nonny it's really not that deep, go outside

no one's making a big deal about it, you're the one acting like dbs' personal white knight just because some of us don't agree with the skepticism

get some thicker skin I beg you

No. 1522386

File: 1651939366090.jpg (215.61 KB, 1080x622, interestinghmm.jpg)

I wonder.

No. 1522416

too on the nose at this point
margo hardly posts nowadays and its not guaranteed to be about FF so why would this “””rando””” follow her?

im just waiting for the other shoe to drop now

No. 1522422

No no no Margo is the one following the random account.
If she knows whether or not that account is Rachel she probably won't say it outright because she doesn't want to become a target. However, I do think it's a good indication that it is.

No. 1522431

my bad nonnie i just woke up
but i agree

No. 1522452

>who cares if she’s skeptical
>DBS. It’s not that deep. reee

K, anon. Go back to Twitter.

No. 1522459

File: 1651944611772.jpg (1000.03 KB, 1620x1080, dbs.jpg)

I'm preparing my butthole for the roast.

No. 1522491

Lmao DBS this is funny, good job. Honestly who cares at this point even if you were wrong, I don’t think it’s wrong to have been skeptical about the account not being her. It’s just that you were a little spergy about it. Defended too hard and entered WK territory over someone who might have turned out to be a total rando. I get where you were coming from, it was just the approach that was bad. So if people truly try to roast you here and it goes past a few “I told you so” comments, then they also need to go outside and touch grass

I will just be happy that Rachel decided to show her fat self again, kek

No. 1522521

rachel we miss you your absence is tearing us apart come back my sweet piggy princess

No. 1522608

I agree with you girl. They jumped the gun on that account and it made them look bad. They didn’t post any proofs that it was her, just circumstantial. The thread started with a vandetta, and it still has those vibes sometimes, but I love the other parts of the thread and especially the cow cross-overs.

No. 1522662

File: 1651964788629.png (737.85 KB, 509x3560, Untitled 6.png)

this was back when rachel had three different catfish account and made a third one. rachel was wk for herself. this person wasn't following rachel's third catfish account.

No. 1522664

File: 1651965027122.png (938.36 KB, 779x3159, Untitled 7.png)

another of rachels catfish accounts

this is the one where rachel decided to hardcore pretend to be a trannie.

it had people doubting that it wasn't her account

it was her account

No. 1522682

File: 1651966939317.jpeg (141.97 KB, 774x900, 9EEDB5B0-1473-40C0-815C-E285D1…)

Well would you look at that. Suddenly she mass unfollowed a bunch of accounts.

No. 1522724

I’m extremely tired so sorry if I make little sense but do you think she was blocked by a bunch of accounts and that’s why her following dropped? Is this something she’s done in the past?

No. 1522736

I don’t think so. I think she saw that Margo was following her so she mass unfollowed people for some reason. Could be for a better “ I’m not Rachel” image. Or she’s scared she’s about to be discovered.

Or the small chance it’s not Rachel and she decided to shift the direction of the account. There’s no real black and white answer right now.

No. 1522737



Most people who block that account are roleplayers.

she has unfollowed and followed people before.

it has happened to all of her accounts or accounts associated with her, the follower account will drop, but somehow reappear.

it isn't an abnormal occurrence with her accounts.

so people who aren't familiar with it wouldn't think twice on it.

and the reason why i say it's impossible for all those people to block her is that most people don't know who she is and the ones who do are either people who ran into her, our victims, or friends of people who rachel went after.

some artist don't block her because they don't want trouble.

either she's shadowbanned by twitter
or she unfollowed a bunch of people.

a lot of people outside of the shippers don't fuck with rachel, so most people who block her are roleplayers.

No. 1522747

File: 1651973091286.png (7.14 KB, 562x181, dddd.png)

number count is high again, but not the same number.

it's possible she mass unfollowed?

No. 1522755

Ayrt- both interesting answers, thanks! I don’t see why she’d mass unfollow and then follow again, but it is Rachel so it should be expected she doesn’t make sense.

No. 1522766

If someone is in the FF server where she is skinwalking as Ines don't leave us hanging, drop some screen shots lol

No. 1522837

I just remembered something. She was arguing with those kids about how long a Twitter suspension was. She was very familiar with how long they were.

Her suspension might be a week max? I don’t believe they ban ips unless it’s serious (which it never is…)

No. 1522851


might not be a week if she's usin' a vpn because she was able to make other accounts or have other people access her before.

No. 1522861

She uses vpns. Some of her screenshots she shared from her phone show she’s using one. She also uses her lap top. The longest she was ever “gone” was a little less then a month.

No. 1522870

she basically stopped posting after i posted the screenshot
i checked some servers and she popped up in ffvii fan club but nothing interesting
she also posted in the crystal fantasy and final fantasy servers late april but still nothing of note
it seems like she made her darling account her main shes been online and playing minecraft since before she got banned from EDD

No. 1522871

File: 1651995681972.jpeg (682.02 KB, 1284x1046, F7CC4400-C46B-4979-9FEE-73C2BB…)

actually hold on i found this interesting image in the crystal fantasy discord… its the same cat as the nyardyn1 account
cant wait for the skeptics to comment on this

No. 1522886

I'm no longer a skeptic, I learned my lesson lol

My stomping ground is weeb wars and there's a required level of autism to even be able to understand what the fuck is going on there, so I know I can be spergy. I mean well but it doesn't always translate into message form. Like I said, lesson learned. I won't chase after people asking for proof but I'll go with popular opinion unless the person of interest has solid proof otherwise. And even then I might be a little skeptical because Rachel loves gayops.

No. 1523033

Doesn’t she have a habit to reuse images from the past to give her away? The fact she uses that image and then the other account with that same image could be her. This is only just a thought.

No. 1523093

you guys there's nothing wrong with being skeptical, just be prepared for people to supply evidence to back up their own points kek

if you HAVE something you back up your point then post it, otherwise other people will try and argue it, that's kinda just how it works

No. 1523095


she does. fairinfo also said the account had their twitter block.

if the account is new like the owner stated then they wouldn't have fairinfo block or even know of it.

rachel has a habit of blocking that account so she doesn't get found out, but other people also get block that have never seen that account before, or they get followed by it.

it's also what flags her account.

she doesn't always block accounts, but when she does it's always the same accounts a new account wouldn't know.

No. 1523098

ive pointed this out so many times in this thread and nobody cared somebody even refuted by saying maybe fairsinfo got recommended and i went out of my way to post a screenshot of how the algorithm works on top of following a bunch of accounts that followed fairsinfo to see if id get recommended them only for it to not happen

people will always find a way to be skeptical even if you find proof that counters their theories

No. 1523125


samefag, but yeah, no that's not how that works. a new account who followed the people that account did would not get recommended fairsinfocenter, that's not how that works.

the account was also made in may, so it's during the time rachel's account went down.

the only thing that doesn't add up is that one character that's not sephiroth, but rachel does adopt new things to throw people off.

other than that there are more things that lean heavily toward rachel than against.

they also called fairinfo a vendetta account, no one, and I repeat no on twitter calls it that. most people have an oh shit moment when they see the account.

the only people who call it that are people from lol and kiwi.

No. 1523135

yeah i know thats what i meant i said that here >>1520318 and nobody acknowledged it lmao

but yeah youre saying pretty much everything i did minus the vendetta part

No. 1523146


i found out from that fairinfo account that that account did unblock to send them a message and the keyword they used was "vendetta" while claiming to be new to twitter, so the stuff about the @ inquiry as an introduction to that random doesn't add up. the display name is what you see when people follow, not the @.

a lot of the accounts they followed didn't have fair info block, not even that first cat account they retweeted.

No. 1523192

File: 1652038871815.png (275.79 KB, 730x431, wtf.png)

what the fuck happen to sephiroth

that shit is dirty, throw it away. lol

No. 1523205

ugh its like momokun with that douma plush. ot but god those things are fucking ugly, ive always hated them even when i was a huge weeb. you know someone is insufferable if they own one of those fuckers.

No. 1523220

thats super weird that they didnt make a post about it but decided to tell you?

but yeah thats definitely rachel she gave herself away gg

No. 1523235

Why is there so much emphasis on the “everywhere”? Bloody hell she’s so creepy and needs to wash AND sanitize that plush.

It’s no wonder she gets clowned on for her hygiene, bloody bint doesn’t keep her stuffed Sephiroths clean.

No. 1523242


it isn't weird, fairinfo doesn't make a lot of posts public, and if you actually ask them, they'll answer questions in dms and sometimes on the timeline.

i think zack posted a long time ago that not every thing they receive can be found on fairinfo timeline for one reason or another.

i dig on the twitter a bit, you can actually read rachel's story, like how all the crap on twitter got started.

i think zack said he would delete the account the moment Racheal apologized and started behaving better. fat chance that'll ever happen

but from what i read, rachel can't stand the admin of that twitter because they won't budge and the only times she's could stand speaking with him is when a third party was involved, or when she tried to do it one on one, or when she added his discord account.

i think thats why rachel wants someone to wk or speak on her behalf to him because she can't do it without fuckin' it up.

No. 1523246

File: 1652043508941.png (24.51 KB, 583x324, posted.png)

samefag but I had to dig a bit, but found it.

it's super fucking old

No. 1523254

k and? it wouldve added a lot more evidence when there was speculation to the nyardyn1 account being rachel or not
fucking stupid

No. 1523265


samefag i'm not disagreeing with you on that one

No. 1524659

File: 1652148650320.jpg (279.91 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220509-220627_Twi…)

Forgot to sage, but the account is suspended

No. 1524668

It has to be her.

No. 1524679

that account was way more careful than any of her previous attempts, that had to have been caught on ban evasion lmao

No. 1524680

That was fast for an account made recently. A little too coincidental too. Was on the fence but kind of hard to deny with this

No. 1524709

the number of people who were on the fence about this is TRULY baffling to me

No. 1524719

I don’t know but I’m personally pissed that they didn’t wait on posting about the account because all the milk got locked away.

No. 1524763

She will be back. She doesn’t stay away for long. They inform when they find her so people who don’t want to interact with her can block.

No. 1525178

File: 1652212089256.jpg (345.81 KB, 1080x1242, itsacow.jpg)

She's back gworlies

No. 1525196

i will seriously laugh my fucking ass off if she locks again

No. 1525212

I would laugh too, but I also like her public freakouts a little more. I'm betting on them.

No. 1525234

ayrt- yeah if i see someone itt “cowtip” again and the account immediately locks i will die from laughter at how repetitive she is on top of how well she incriminates herself

No. 1525292

She's still reading the thread. No cowtipping necessary if she's extra paranoid.

No. 1525295

File: 1652224237060.jpg (457.77 KB, 809x2225, ardynweens.jpg)

This dumb bitch really thinks a murder joke is what got her glassed lmao
No sweetie, other people can make murder jokes just fine.

Are we gonna take bets on how long it takes her to trash these new found friendships of hers over something stupid?

No. 1525322

Do you think that the Stardyn account might be related to her other than being a "friend"?

I might be a conspiracy theorist here but the names are a little too similar.

No. 1525399

i dont even think anyone cowtipped, my tinfoil is that that was rachel.

No. 1525463

im nta but the one theyre replying to but yeah i agree thats why its in quotations lmao

No. 1525528

Rachel is incredible at seeking out trouble and essentially cowtipping herself. Though I've noticed she's been a lot more reserved since she realized she can't continue to scream about her not accessing the site after being caught time after time.

She lurks, of course. She can't stand it when people speak of her without praising the ground she walks upon.

No. 1525531

File: 1652254849649.jpeg (654.54 KB, 1284x1106, 3578D4BC-8257-4386-A8E6-C9940F…)

she changed her profile

No. 1525533

samefag she also locked her account again

No. 1525534

now she unlocked it lmaoo what is she doing

No. 1525537

samefag again shes obviously looking at this thread and locking and unlocking
this is kind of hilarious ngl

No. 1525538

Is she trying to “bait” again

No. 1525542

either that or shes trying not to tip people off about her following them
twitter doesnt send any notifications when a private account follows you

No. 1525544

shes mass following a ton of people shes gonna get her account flagged at this rate
ofc shes following all the people who blocked her
how does she keep track of all these people

No. 1525554

Now she's LARPing as someone who can't speak English well? I'm reminded of that one meme with the chick speaking French badly and she says oui oui baguette

No. 1525562

File: 1652260666742.jpg (116.12 KB, 1080x436, ramenlanguage.jpg)

Kweeeeen of Google translate

No. 1525566

File: 1652261164279.jpg (61.06 KB, 1037x166, F-listban.jpg)

Probably old milk but this is what you get if you look up her f-list profile…
Man, you can't make this shit up.

No. 1525573

File: 1652261913342.jpeg (176.87 KB, 1284x363, 40D83DFC-49A9-47E4-9BA4-E5CF16…)

im crying shes saying she lives in an apartment now

No. 1525578

This bitch puts more effort into her LARP than she does in her roleplays with Sephiroth, how embarrassing.

No. 1525629

stardy seems to be a real person, he (?) has a tiktok account that has cosplays and stuff uploaded to it regularly, https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTdpCTNMw/. The names are just similar because stardy is into a character named ardyn and Rachel's last account was also calling herself an ardyn fan.

No. 1525724

Stardyn is just another fujoshit. Birds of a feather flock together.

No. 1525881

Anyone else having issues accessing KF?

No. 1525889

Yeah its being Ddosed
You can check the KF twitter for updates

No. 1525891

File: 1652290790552.png (8.61 KB, 195x198, kiwi41.png)

yes, Josh says they are being DDOSed and he's having trouble getting in touch with the upstream provider (slightly worrying after all the drama that has gone on over the years), the trannies do this about once a month but this time it feels like it could be the America First/Nick Fuentes people who Josh is newly beefing with but that is just me speculating

No. 1526086

File: 1652303703304.jpg (832.19 KB, 1080x1458, doxabook.jpg)

Alright worsties, I'm gonna post some milk. The nuked account had a few interesting occurrences. I guess it's fair game since she lost it through exceptional means.
Hold on to your pants, we're going in
Let me begin with this. I don't remember which thread it was on (I think #3) someone took ss of her talking about ordering something from Japan.
Well, it arrived. Do you notice anything about the picture? If not, my next post might give some clarity.

No. 1526089

File: 1652303886243.jpg (451.93 KB, 1866x2048, 20220507_104951.jpg)

Do you see what I see?

No. 1526091

File: 1652304037798.jpg (149.08 KB, 1080x497, b8.jpg)

We traverse further through the swamp. A few stages of cope is our next destination. Here's the first.
The people who attempted gayops apparently didn't do a good job of hiding their intentions. If you're obvious enough to tip her off, you must suck.

No. 1526092

File: 1652304100102.jpg (158.74 KB, 1080x576, privating.jpg)

Now onto some on brand cope. It's everyone else's fault but her own, right?

No. 1526095

File: 1652304234290.jpg (119.32 KB, 1030x465, lmfaowhatababy.jpg)

We said we'd remember her wishing harm to people when she cried about it later.
We didn't forget, even if she did. How does she expect people to want to treat her with kindness when she throws fits like she does is all I'm asking…

No. 1526099

File: 1652304498245.jpg (408.72 KB, 1080x1631, sexbeforemarriage.jpg)

Now, the majority of posts were mundane. There wasn't any shit smearing or temper tantrums outside of what I've shown. It was a little disappointing but I'm sure she's keeping her anger to Discord.

However, she exposed her own lie while trying to get chummy with her new group of fujoshi friends.
Her 5 boyfriends and 2 girlfriends must be devastated.

No. 1526103

File: 1652304789589.jpg (235.3 KB, 1080x1124, itreallyhappenedguys.jpg)

The final bit of milk I leave you all with is this.
She can't resist throwing in unnecessary lies and embellishments wherever she can. She likes to play up this hypersexual persona but nothing really seems…real? It's hard to tell what she truly believes versus what she knows is a lie and says anyway.

No. 1526124

I recall her mentioning before on MadamMidgar she was obsessed with squish toys and stuff from Japan. Doesn’t help she was mentioning Qpot before in one of the previous threads. She especially gave herself out in this picture cause of the Bay Area image.

No. 1526143

Thanks for the milk nonnie!
Love that she told on herself with the “no sex until marriage” thing.
Also what’s the brown stuff in the upper right of her Japan haul?

No. 1526190

So that's what she was so excited about. She posted about this stuff coming in from Osaka before her Tayuubarbie account got suspended.

No. 1526218

File: 1652313300310.jpeg (51.97 KB, 462x392, 0D4B91B6-557A-4D47-873D-50664A…)

She’s shown that cat thing in the past, she’s obsessed with q-pot for some weird reason, she’s shown that candy ring with another account, the Bay Area book. I mean there’s a lot that gives her away.

Looks like it’s a tool set with measuring tape.

No. 1526255

File: 1652314916153.jpeg (21.17 KB, 242x209, 3576B5E9-C16E-4C6E-86C6-CD9FF6…)

No. 1526287

Ah thats what I was thinking it looked like too but couldnt find it on qpots website. Thanks!

No. 1526302

Bay Area book??

No. 1526303

File: 1652316994110.jpeg (120.79 KB, 828x676, E28601BF-3FA3-4E34-ACA3-14CE52…)

Background anon.

No. 1526308

This makes me wonder if this is why she thinks she’s a lolita. I mean q-pot was a big thing back in the 2010 ott sweet days. But thank god most people moved on from cheap plastic and silicone whipped jewelry. I’m sure someone still wears those chocomint star fall hair clips un ironically.

No. 1526318

She's about as lolita as Taco Bell is authentic Mexican food.

No. 1526336

Her writing is about as spicy as filtered water.

No. 1526337

File: 1652319027593.png (201.27 KB, 1282x924, wrong.png)

NTA but

No. 1526338

I don't even see lolitas doing that anymore. For someone who claims to be part of the community, she sure as hell doesn't keep up with the trends.

Also they look really childlike and to an extent, "ita" if that makes any sense

No. 1526341

I looked on their website and some of their stuff wasn't bad. Its not my style but it was still cute. Of course Rachel gets the ugliest shit, though.

No. 1526353

Only person I can think of that would still wear it is poopy k8 and SS. But I also stopped caring about cows like that years ago. There’s still lolitas trying to bring back creepy cute and the ott sweet look from 2010. I see it still from time to time on Instagram. Those where hard times as a Goth lolita. But at least I was able to get moitie for retail and not markup.

No. 1526379

NAYRT but I'm a roleplayer, and they're using LARP correctly in this case.

No. 1526771

File: 1652373670039.png (308.72 KB, 1182x620, yep.png)

At least she knows. She also speaks english pretty well for someone that claims not to.

No. 1527237

File: 1652408218369.jpg (51.67 KB, 1080x288, 20220512_221702.jpg)

the account is now locked

No. 1527275

It was unlocked last I checked

No. 1527293

in the first thread she post about Lolita stuff and anons eat her alive for using cheap and inauthentic stuff but she clearly at least knew a little bit about that scene so I wouldn't be surprised if that was a thing she was into at one point or another but if she ran deep in those circles I bet those chicks would be telling stories about her on here

No. 1527295

File: 1652415098788.jpeg (184.42 KB, 828x1182, 3C967E82-3586-4B4C-80A9-92A468…)

Ah yes her favorite word

No. 1527310

I don’t think she went into any of the circles. She just got into it because of the weeb inside her. I have been in the fashion for far longer then I care to admit and have seen some shit. She is not in it at all. She’s only into the stuff from 2010 because that’s the stuff that pops up now when you look for lolita fashion since that’s when blogging got really popular and people where blogging about it all the time. She probably just found those pages recently and is “catching up” on outdated material. She mentioned somewhere about BtB and Milanoo but didn’t know about valentines, secrets, closet child, or Yjapan. So she only has what still remains. She also doesn’t know the difference between brand and offbrand. Any one who has been in lolita circles would know the difference after just a little time with others. She’s too new to be an old fag.

No. 1527410

File: 1652431462282.jpeg (235.96 KB, 825x1429, 6FD8A1C8-7678-4BC3-92DE-45F8BE…)

Weird how suddenly she gets English wrong when flags start being waved by the watchers.

No. 1527432

If you look through the replies, the English is near impeccable and that of a native speaker.

Also, as far as I know, apart from Canada and pockets of the US and Amsterdam, THC products are generally illegal across the board. Why is this person claiming they drank a THC soda?

No. 1527450

She's so bad at this, I almost pity her. The new grift is hilarious.

No. 1527454

I noticed her little troupe of Ardyn orbiters unfollowed or possibly blocked her??? I wonder why.

No. 1527469

File: 1652441352410.png (22.39 KB, 315x95, dfdfdfgd.png)

No. 1527471

File: 1652441547261.png (14.39 KB, 575x108, awwww.png)

i guess being autistic makes you stupid. lol. that's my takeaway from it.

No. 1527473


they don't know who the fuck that is behind that account. they didn't get good vibes from that account at all.

No. 1527487

File: 1652443203854.jpg (99.8 KB, 1080x684, 20220513_080000.jpg)

not sure what the point is in repeatedly locking and unlocking

No. 1527490

Fear of being caught and people being able to cross examine her without her knowing who they are. She’s very “ don’t mind the man behind the curtain” because her lies hold no weight.

No. 1527493

File: 1652443635176.jpeg (Spoiler Image,200.39 KB, 809x1188, E20BD759-DB14-4D52-AB12-136578…)

Oh boy. She’s mooing again.

No. 1527495

you DO realize it just makes you look really fatphobic and insecure by calling women cows, right?

No. 1527496

Nice job outing yourself, dumbass.

No. 1527497

Ah Rachel is bored and decided to post in her thread again because no one will talk to her.

You know, when you where not posting, this thread pretty much was dead and drying up since you where not giving milk.

No. 1527498

File: 1652444009468.jpeg (27.87 KB, 680x390, C81FA5AE-AA59-4A23-9D79-B930C2…)

oh dear god she has an onlyfans

No. 1527499

False alarm.

No. 1527500

File: 1652444471476.png (56.32 KB, 571x831, 07BD2F78-4405-4144-9B12-60B137…)

I’m weezing. She messaged fairsinfo about them outing her like they where not going to post it for everyone to read.

No. 1527503

File: 1652444585190.png (35.39 KB, 579x573, 8584306E-C3E2-41AC-BE51-7819DC…)

>consider your days numbered
>you will be exposed

Here you can see a wild Bertha in her natural habitat of making body less threats to the people that make her fume. Observe how she reuses the same insults she’s always done and enjoy in her splendor.

No. 1527505


You still how quickly Bertha's English cleared up lol

No. 1527506

Ikr she even used an apostrophe correctly. No ESL person knows how to use punctuation right.

No. 1527507

File: 1652444976267.png (28.13 KB, 566x630, fgfgfgdf.png)

No. 1527508

File: 1652445053013.png (12.16 KB, 593x95, shamefu;.png)

The shame of it all.

No. 1527509

Or space words right too. Near impeccable English.

No. 1527511

Could have been autocorrect.

No. 1527516

Nope. Auto correct doesn’t do that. It just says friends. You have to physically put in the apostrophe. It will only auto if you use it a lot and your device remembers your mannerisms. That would mean she knows English rather well.

No. 1527517

For someone who “isn’t” Rachel, she really like keeping tabs of the Fairsinfo account lel.

How is it targeted harassment when just a couple weeks ago she mentioend a minor and started up some beef that was supposedly over and done with?

Rent free in her head.

No. 1527521

File: 1652445860310.jpeg (51.13 KB, 828x395, 8622182A-D482-48CD-BE8B-CA5464…)

By the same logic.

You don’t even cross her mind Anon. You are being laughed at.

No. 1527523

Her tell for me was when she reblogged something about clerithhatemail. She’s had a beef with them for a long time.

And her really bad Japanese grammar. She uses Google translate and it shows in her grammar.

No. 1527527

Cows come in all shapes and sizes. Don't be fatphobic by assuming cow = fat Rachel.

No. 1527528

Clearly it works because you're here and mad about it lmao

No. 1527530

The tell for the Japanese is that it doesn’t sound natural at all

No. 1527532

I really wanna see if there's an archive of her f-list.

No. 1527559

No. 1527576

She’s got such a typical weeb set of “languages” French, Japanese and English. Every weeb does that. They learn a few phrases in another language and suddenly they know “Japanese and French”.

No. 1527579

You can easily tell that her writing isn’t Japanese either. It’s very text book google translate. Although I can’t help but laugh that she’s going to people’s tweets about her where she’s yelling out as usual:
“Stop bullying an autistic person!”
Rachel, you can’t be a cunt to people and use your mental health as a shield.

No. 1527587

It’s really not correct at all. It’s structure is all off and reads all weird. I grew up speaking both Japanese and English and always gated people that thought Google translate was the right way to go. I mean yeah it translates words correctly but the structure is all off and reads like Borat speaking English.

No. 1527598

Exactly, Google translate is for an emergency more than actual conversation.

Anywho found this thread after Rachael came into a Final Fantasy RP server and claimed someone was David. She then brought friends in who she turned on as soon as they asked a single question.

Not sure if it's worth as content or milk, but just figured I'd confirm she's still making enemies literally everywhere she goes.

No. 1527612

You can post images of her being a sperg. We all love to see it.

No. 1527624

Welcome to the thread! Please share with the class.

No. 1527666

I am new to this format of posting so my apologies if I fuck anything up. The first half I uploaded onto an imgur gallery, it's the highlights of her accusing a user who wanted to rp with her of being David.
She then turns on a longtime roleplayer who was trying to help her build her case and understand what was going on. Which leads to her word salad escalating.
I had little background on her besides never liking her writing so I probably missed some relevant nuggets as it's all psychobabble to me.
It keeps telling me the image is invalid, gonna just link the album I have now and try to figure it out when I post the rest.


No. 1527676

Thanks for the milk Anon. Brightens up a rough morning.

I love how she's just destroying what credibility and relationships she has in the RP community

Also, WW2 themed RP sounds a little dicey.. I wonder if she was the one who suggested that

No. 1527680

David?? Is she talking about David Lee Mayben?
Rachel please come out of lurking and explain, thanks

No. 1527693


Knowing her prior caliber of work I would not be surprised if she thought FF7 in WW2 was anything other than a joke. This next part I'm just linking as well is her friend getting her unbanned and then Rach just raging and leaving anyways. Another roleplayer shared a screen cap from yet another server she was in that I added as well.


If that is someone she ran into prior it's very likely, she seems to think everyone is someone she knows. Very unhinged behavior but seems par for the course for her.


No. 1527700

File: 1652461662491.jpg (423.56 KB, 810x2244, bigoofman.jpg)

From @Gaiasgod on Twitter

The picture speaks for itself.
Tbh I don't think him posting warnings is bad. It isn't like he's trying to cowtip, she messages him and does this shit. There are people doing worse shit, but she got angry enough to expose herself.

No. 1527704

File: 1652461876083.png (63.13 KB, 677x178, naught and lazuli.png)

Hold up, anon. I know it is probably not a unique name but the only "Naught" I know (and probably others from here who are also Kiwis) is an open pedophile who helps run Onion Farms and who has lately been doing ops with Angry Canadian, confirmed to be working with (and possibly simping for) Rachel. So, the cow crossovers keep coming…maybe? Unless this is someone in the RP community with the same name. (Ex)Kiwi Naught also goes by "zilch" lately I think and a few other things on that same theme and he will almost invariably have a loli pfp. I don't know who "Lazuli" would be though.

No. 1527708

File: 1652462072821.png (71.32 KB, 665x203, disgusting and antisemitic.png)

(cont'd) disgusting and antisemitic you say? Sounds like a certain basement-dwelling Canadian Nazi.

No. 1527710

Of course she would ally herself with people like that…

No. 1527712


The person she calls Antisemitic is who she thinks David is. There is not anyone who goes by Naught or Zilch in those places, that's what I meant by she assumed everyone was someone she knew.

No. 1527719

File: 1652462763258.png (902.82 KB, 300x4336, rachel_sephiroth_confrontation…)

Here's the whole exchange.

Actually for once it looks like she is right, this is 100% Angry Canadian larping as Sephiroth, look how they're even bringing Elaine into all this … and where Angry Canadian is, it's pretty safe to assume lately that Naught will be also.

No clue who David is but that's Rachel being retarded. This is her little herd of lolcows turning on each other and it's hilarious.

No. 1527725

File: 1652463401364.png (50.51 KB, 351x624, AC Seph larp.png)

And here is her screenshot of AC acting as Sephiroth. And for once again she is not wrong. The text in question: "Currenty beating up women and Heiling Hitler in a cute tutu with cunny" … which I assume is AC reacting to his Kiwi thread where he was exposed as (a) a literal wife beater; (b) a literal Nazi; (c) a literal crossdresser; and (d) a literal lolicon enthusiast/pedophile.

This is the dude who she's been relying on to defend her honor from (both) farms, along with Elaine, which explains a whole lot.

No. 1527731


whats the discord for that one?

No. 1527736

that is Rachel's screencap which she posted on Onion Farms (under the name Sourpuss, exposed in an earlier thread hre) to dab on Michael (the Canadian) … imagine being him though and being such a lolcow that you get dabbed on by a Rachel tier lolcow

No. 1527737

If it hasn't been posted to AC's thread on KF this needs to go there.

No. 1527741

if you mean which server it is from that they were RPing under I dunno, from the way the discussion was going i think it might be Naught's server, I don't know who Lazuli is. They probably lured Rachel there promising to RP Sephiroth but really wanted to use her for anti-Kiwi gayops or something. AND SHE OUTSMARTED THEM LMAO. I can't get over how funny it is to me that they gave Rachel her first W in however long.

No. 1527752

samefag but for the record especially for RPfags joining primarily because of Rachel none of these people as far as I know have any actual interest in FF7, as far as adjacent things go Naught and the Canadian both like anime but of the variety that has little girls getting raped, not bishies with big fuckoff swords, so I think their interest here is more in getting inside the head of another terminally online lolcow who they can point at their enemies. it's sick stuff really but Naught is a master of that kind of thing, he was involved in the Watchmen trolling group which manipulated Chris-Chan's warped psychology to their own ends…

No. 1527755

I'm too retarded to sort through all of this to post the summary to KF but holy shit.

No. 1527758

Okay, so after reading the AC thread I wonder if "David" is David Gross.

No. 1527765

David Gross if he exists at all is someone AC was trying to pin his pedophilic tastes in anime (among other things) on, so not in actuality, but if AC was trying to do his gayops under that name that checks out a lot actually because his big-brained move would be to say "no look it wasn't me it was the OTHER lolifag who posts under the name Lothlorian" … which would be about as smart as everything he's done since deciding not to just slink away after shitting up the Bella board and getting banned (but no, his greatest hits included posting revenge porn of some kiwi OF thot and deliberately antagonizing people who make doxing their hobby for months at a time, so we're not talking about a mental giant here)

No. 1527769


Ironically it's Spookybones' fault for taking his word over the sloppy work of three KF users back in August.

No. 1527776

File: 1652466429279.jpg (28.31 KB, 544x250, shitty weird feeling.jpg)

also this was posted upthread I believe but I just saw it on KF, and it hits a whole lot different when you realize the backstory

No. 1527777


it could be a reference to david or the person on twitter.

No. 1527778

'Bait-y' though? I love the idea of these retards (AC, Naught) being so bad at trying to bait Rachel that even an autist of her calibre could tell.

No. 1527800

Sounds like an AC move. I also believe he'd be nasty enough to try to get Rachel's attention as well as attempt gayops. We predicted that two threads ago. He likes them large.

No. 1527815

Of course she wasn’t. She’s Jewish.

No. 1527816

Are you seriously that stupid? A Jewish person wants nothing to do with a Nazi. It’s simple as that.

No. 1527821

Lol, this story has not one but two Jewish lolcows and a Nazi lolcow all taking each other for a ride in a classicly lolcowish attempt to own Ines and Spookybones and it's glorious. Solely due to the company she keeps Rachel has earned her threads in spades on both farms, I knew there was more to this than just dumb RP twitter drama.

No. 1527826

and 'wants nothing to do with a Nazi' in the same way that her fellow Jewish lolcow Elaine wanted nothing to do with a Nazi until she flew one over to the UK and fucked him while doing concentration camp inmate/guard roleplay or whatever the fuck it was those two got up to, I wonder if Rachel knows that bit of Lainey-lore if she's so anti-Nazi, who am I kidding, she's probably looking to do the same with Mike Thurlow, throw in some domestic abuse and crossdressing LARP while we're at it, we know she wants the tranny dick too and he's ready to provide

No. 1527829

Hahahahaha no.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you’re just thirsty asshole incels who have carried this on for too long.

No. 1527831

She isn't even a real Jew, she's about as black as she is truly Jewish. She only brings it up when she wants her victim points.

So nice of you to join us Rachel. How are your five boyfriends and two girlfriends?

No. 1527833

Thirsty for who? You? lol never.
Femcels is the word you're looking for and even then, you're still wrong.

Imagine being a "jew" that was doing gayops with a literal nazi until they got sick of you. Kek, pathetic.

No. 1527838

If she says she’s a Jew, then she’s a Jew. It isn’t something that’s gatekept. Once you go Jewish, apostasy isn’t a thing. You can always come back.

No. 1527840

Boohoo you still aligned yourself with pedophile Nazis

No. 1527841

Even after allying with actual anti-Semites because they also happen to hate the same people she hates online? Whatever happened to "the LORD thy God is a jealous God?" Priorities, people! Oy vey!

No. 1527844

If she says she’s a Jew, then she’s a Jew. It isn’t something that’s gatekept. Once you go Jewish, apostasy isn’t a thing. You can always come back.

No. 1527845

I guess that's on brand for an Aliexpress Jew.

No. 1527848

Could be that she didn’t know they felt like that.

No. 1527849

She’s not here sir.

Pretty sure she didn’t.

No. 1527850

File: 1652472438070.jpg (361.46 KB, 1623x1080, Shinrastein.jpg)

You have Kiwifarms threads on all these people you could've taken a peek at. Maybe, just maybe, you should see what these people are accused of. Maybe you should take it seriously when people warn you.

No. 1527851

File: 1652472513283.jpg (32.64 KB, 220x249, 220px-Worshiping_the_golden_ca…)

It all started when anon rolled the devil's trips. Now Rachel has to disavow Nazism and pedophilia.

To think that I thought this might all be deescalating back into the gay fandom drama where it began. It might too, but Rachel is a true, true heifer of a lolcow and true lolcow behavior is always never to back down and always to make the worst possible decision and do retarded shit to increase your own infamy when trying to make things better.

Remember, Rachel, this huge own-goal was all in an attempt to score on people online yourself who barely know you are alive.

No. 1527855

Another cow incoming.

No. 1527856

You're still absolute shit at trying to act like you aren't you. Thats why you get found out so quickly everywhere you go trying to act like you aren't Rachel.
No point in trying to tell you, though, since you've been told a million times.

They were right, you know, you don't listen to advice. You're embarrassing.

No. 1527858

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Idk what to tell you man, she’s not here. Maybe you should take your schizophrenia medicine

No. 1527859

> She's not here.

You never change.

No. 1527861

Schizophrenia, schizophrenia everywhere. It’s so funny to watch you jump at shadows and try to claim the object of your obsession is present. Kekekekeke

No. 1527862

We love cows that milk themselves.

No. 1527865

Yelling schizophrenia at everyone calling you out doesn't make you any less obvious, Bertha.
Guess we can add "ableist" to the list.

No. 1527866

Rachel you're being ableist now. I thought you were better than this.

No. 1527867


This is hilarious, Rachel.
I wonder who I've seen use '¯\_(ツ)_/¯' before?

No. 1527868

Watch out nonnie, dont want to catch a ban for emojis even though you're just quoting Rachel.

No. 1527870

Keep crying cow.

No. 1527871

File: 1652473477101.png (185.71 KB, 720x1070, Screenshot_20220513-151030~2.p…)

Hey Ladies, crazy tranny here, officially throwing my hat into the ring for Rachael's hate list and namefagging to do so. She accused me of posting here earlier, since I hadn't I figured I would rectify that.

Cow wrangling is surprisingly easy, often I can get three for the price of one.

Some context: From what I know, Naught and Elaine were trying to tard wrangle Rachael and Michael kept poking her. Whole things been an extremely enjoyable mess to watch.

Lazuli also tried helping tard wrangle but isn't a cow, hence why Rachael was bitching about not taking advice well. Enjoy the dumpster fire!

No. 1527872

ad hominem again. trying to fatshame someone for your perception of their weight is an automatic L

No. 1527876

File: 1652473635950.png (203.15 KB, 750x1334, 5A99A5BF-9AE3-432B-A649-2E677B…)

Four for the price of one. This is Erika Koning or whatever the fuck she goes by.

Michael is going by a new tag.

No. 1527879


Rachael, you're extremely retarded I namedfagged as the handle that my threads under. That was why I namefagged at all, you just tripled down in exposing that you post here idiot.

No. 1527883

Erika as in tranny "Unabashed Hermaphrodite" Blaine Erika whatever? What the actual fuck? How did all of these people (who I think at least some of whom hate each other already?) wind up in Rachel's orbit?

No. 1527884

You’re extremely retarded if you don’t think she doesn’t have actual loyal friends helping her.

No. 1527885

From what I’m being told, she didn’t know that he was Angry Canadian.

No. 1527890

File: 1652474202274.png (188.79 KB, 720x1047, Screenshot_20220513-150236~2.p…)


She started attacking me(hermaphrodite, call me what you will) so I figured I'd fork over the milk instead of just ignoring it how I'd usually do.

Dunno where else to post it really.

No. 1527892

You're the one crying that you're not here. Why would I cry about you continuously being so retarded you out yourself every time? kek
DiE mAd AbOuT iT, Rachel.

No. 1527896

What about you trying to shame people for mental illnesses you accuse them of having? Don't be a hypocrite, you already lost.

No. 1527897

Just when I think Rachel is going to let her thread die she ends up being the one to do something autistic enough to revive it.

God, all these people coming out of the woodwork for Peppa Pig's inbred cousin.

No. 1527899

Tl;dr she’s not here cry harder cow

No. 1527900

imagine trying to insult someone for being autistic in 2022 kek

No. 1527901

Rachel causing Elaine to come off like the reasonable one is really peak lol. It will be even funnier if trying to cowtip Rachel gets Naught and co to finally be the last people to outcast AC.

She's be in her threads constantly, so if she didn't know this, it was completely willful ignorance. It was said very early on that she was clearly getting taken for a ride by Elaine and AC because they tried to put stuff in Rachel's head about their supposed common "enemies", so she clearly was looking for that more than sense at that point.

No. 1527902

ad hominem again. trying to fatshame someone for your perception of their weight is an automatic L
Schizophrenia, schizophrenia everywhere. It’s so funny to watch you jump at shadows and try to claim the object of your obsession is present. Kekekekeke
Maybe you should take your schizophrenia medicine

No. 1527905

Rachel you're so, so bad at faking it. You're so bad that Amber Heard could sell the shit show she provided in court if it was next to your pretending.

No. 1527906

I'm literally copy pasting her posts back to her because shes a hypocrite, anon.

No. 1527908

thank you anon i needed that chuckle today

No. 1527909

Tl;dr cry harder cow

No. 1527910

You just replied to yourself

No. 1527911

>ad hominem again. trying to fatshame someone for your perception of their weight is an automatic L

No. 1527912

File: 1652475888476.png (116.39 KB, 720x711, Screenshot_20220513-155605~2.p…)

Cope and Seethe Rachael, I bet it drives you crazy that I know most of these roleplaying servers you frequent as writers have overlap in communities.

I will screen cap any milk you make cause you will never change.

No. 1527913

but which one am I, Ines or Spoopybones?
LMAO telling people what either farms is is might not be the best thing to do if you have an active thread on both but who am I to tell our gorl any different.

No. 1527914

Jesus, she's retarded. This is how people find out more about her threads.

No. 1527916

Why stop there anon?
Lets add unabashedhermaphrodite, Elaine, and AC to the list too.
Rachel just really can't stop making enemies.

No. 1527917

Rachel calls other people ableist with one hand and tells people to take their schizo meds with the other.

No. 1527919

Only she didn’t because she’s not here. Cope harder.

No. 1527920


Shut up Rachael, you retarded cow.

No. 1527921

Gg Erika now you’re gonna be banned from that server too

No. 1527922

Cry harder Ross.

No. 1527923

take your meds grandma

No. 1527924

>thinking more people won’t show up and it won’t be a repeat of EDD

No. 1527925

Rachel loves being on first name basis with her a-logs. You're pitiful, you can't cover your own shit even if you were handed a shovel and a pile of dirt.

No. 1527926


I do not care if I get banned. Why would I care?

Try again flabby.(emoji)

No. 1527927

No. 1527934

> hacker-larping British slags with weird bone structure
> Chris Chan trolling pedos who couldn't even troll Chris right
> trannies who alog teenage Minecraft clans
> Canadian scrotes who's Nazism is somehow the least objectionable thing about them

nonnies lmaoooooooooooooooo I have not laughed out loud at a cow in a minute but damn, the supporting cast here is amazing, may they all get amazing arcs in the next season

No. 1527938


I mean if she keeps giving me milk I'll keep dumping it over for others to enjoy.

No. 1527940

File: 1652477067098.jpeg (70.33 KB, 1125x226, B889008D-711D-4F6B-BD28-9A67DF…)

Even Elaine thinks she’s retarded

No. 1527943

It just keeps getting better kek

No. 1527944

I eagerly await the future Rachel docuseries.

No. 1527950

It isn’t happening.

No. 1527952

Go be a thirsty calf somewhere else.

No. 1527953

Ross your name is clearly there on your KF thread. Rachel still isn’t here, but I’ll play with you.

No. 1527956

Hey guys since Rachel definitely isn't here I'm gonna tell everyone where Ines took Sephiroth.

No. 1527962

File: 1652478628021.png (207.89 KB, 640x575, rifutzkds1m51.png)


Moo more for me Rachael.

No. 1527964

File: 1652478650169.png (565.93 KB, 656x717, dootingw.png)

he joined the band too

No. 1527967

She isn’t here. Only one mooing here is you.

No. 1527968

go ahead. just will show how delusional you are.

No. 1527971

File: 1652478785294.jpg (1.79 MB, 2560x1707, inesandsephirothsdate.jpg)

They went on a nice vacation.

No. 1527977

You are delusional though. You think Sephiroth is real and that’s pathetic hahahahah!!

No. 1527978

Works every fucking time.

No. 1527980

File: 1652479650374.jpg (165.95 KB, 1079x597, Racheldoesracism.jpg)

Decided to check up on our little dainty racist gworl on Twitter.

No. 1527982

File: 1652479692304.jpg (142.89 KB, 1080x487, awarenessmaybe.jpg)

Another screenshot.
Problematic but not even a joke.

No. 1527985

File: 1652479821876.jpg (410.18 KB, 1080x944, weening.jpg)

Winning what? The Special Olympics for running from personal responsibility? Gold medal.

No. 1527995

What girlboss MLM bullshit is that crappy infographic lol

No. 1527998

File: 1652481160136.png (22.62 KB, 588x662, 7e17bdd219d2dac9dd3d0e2fab87a7…)

No. 1528000

I wonder what her new grift is going to be. Should we start a betting pool?

No. 1528006

Nvm she's back. The engrish grift lives on.

No. 1528023

yo is anyone gonna talk about how this bitch has so much scat porn ready to send to motherfuckers, like what?

No. 1528024

I’m sorry what the fuck? Scat porn??

No. 1528025

yeah but Elaine still put her on all the Ines nonsense setting her up to (a) bother an innocent woman and (b) get clowned on mercilessly here, so lets not go all in on this train of thought because Elaine is somehow the least retarded crossover so far

No. 1528028

File: 1652482727311.png (Spoiler Image,135.42 KB, 361x340, bro.png)


samefag, yes motehrfucker yes, SCAT PORN! she had to look this shit up

No. 1528033

samefag, but there's a lot more than just that. she had to look that shit up. rachel's fatass had gore porn ready too

No. 1528035

Rachel also has cp. Honestly not surprised she's got fucked up shit saved. She needs nasty stuff to flick the bean to.

No. 1528037

When will she get busted by the cops for all that illegal shit on her computer..

No. 1528052

Only she doesn’t because HE’S NOT REAL. Delusional cow lmao

No. 1528053

You have CP. She has CP to show that you have CP. She’s already spoken to the FBI. Nothing will happen to her.

No. 1528054

You already replied to that post, Rachel, see:

No. 1528056

Can't believe Angry Canadian was too retarded to troll this femcel who falls for every "Sephiroth and Ines" joke and outs herself every time by sperging about it.

Someone give that man a participation trophy, that's absolutely pitiful.

No. 1528057

You still think he’s real though and that’s pathetic. The only cows here are you. Moo and cry for me.

No. 1528059

Moo some more cow.

No. 1528062

File: 1652484735710.jpg (9.32 KB, 250x227, 50w9qc.jpg)

How do you know she isn't here? How do you know what is and isn't on her devices? How can you speak so surely for a random person on the internet?

No. 1528063

samefag but also
>Only she doesn't

>ad hominem again. trying to fatshame someone for your perception of their weight is an automatic L

No. 1528064

Because I’ve been her friend since elementary school. Cry and moo harder cow.

No. 1528066

>ad hominem again. trying to fatshame someone for your perception of their weight is an automatic L

No. 1528069

Rachel you're so fucking dumb please everyone knows you didn't and still don't have any friends.

No. 1528070

Cry and moo harder jealous cow.

No. 1528072

Tl;dr cry and moo harder pathetic fat cow.

No. 1528075

>ad hominem again. trying to fatshame someone for your perception of their weight is an automatic L

No. 1528076

Rachel's true and honest friend, why does she have scat and gore on her devices? Since you're the expert on someone you allegedly met 22-17 years ago.

No. 1528078

File: 1652485074500.jpeg (41.32 KB, 600x338, 71DD5D3D-67F8-49DC-910C-E251C8…)

No. 1528079

Beg and admit to being a fat ugly cow and maybe I’ll tell you.

No. 1528081

She’s not here though. Cry and moo harder pathetic cow.

No. 1528085

>She has CP to show that you have CP.
Which means you still have CP on your devices, Rachel.

No. 1528086

Rachel literally has zero friends. She has no photos with friends online, and the only people who interact with her publicly do it to antagonize her. Even the saddest of cows on this board have friends willing to defend them publicly, why do you only defend her anonymously if you are really her friend?

No. 1528087

samefag again. K I'm done copypasting her replies back to her.

Never jealous of a pig that got both the farms attention and shunned from twitter fandoms because they're so retarded. You seem mad, btw.

Also, what "best friends" know what porn each other save? Shit is weird, dude,

It's your thread, who else would we talk about on YOUR thread?
Didnt think that would need to be explained but I forgot you're a fat retard. My bad.

No. 1528089

You're doing a great job of shitting up your own thread, you don't need me to help you Rachel. Thanks for confirming once again what we all know.

Ines and Sephiroth send their regards from Florida.

No. 1528093

File: 1652485594642.png (Spoiler Image,117.12 KB, 390x382, likewhat.png)

it wouldn't be the first time rachel posted shit on her own thread

No. 1528094

Before I get accuses of being Rachel, I can prove I'm not if I need to.

Anyway, thats not Rachel. Thats an mod of the EDD discord that took the Alruna name and profilepic after Rachel larped as Ines in that server.

No. 1528099

Which means nothing will happen to her, she’s not here cow, moo harder.

No. 1528100


who are you then? Nick? David?

No. 1528101

tell me you’ve never had close friends without telling me you’ve never had close friends

No. 1528102

Rachel repeating the same things over and over again doesn't make you a better liar. It just proves your IQ is in the single digits.

No. 1528103

tl;dr moo and cry harder jealous cow.

No. 1528104

Tl;dr moo and cry harder pathetic cow.

No. 1528106

I cant tell if this is sarcasm thinking I'm Rachel and naming her imaginary friends, or Rachel acting like shes not her and naming her fake friends like a weirdo.

No. 1528109

Tl;dr cry and moo harder pathetic cow

No. 1528110


samefag you said you could prove you're not rachel, so prove it. lol

No. 1528111

Keep going Rachel, lets get you to thread #6!

No. 1528112

File: 1652486261681.jpg (102.65 KB, 993x374, 5boyfriends2girlfriends.jpg)

Not everyone is a literal sex pest like you, Rachel. And somehow despite being hypersexual you still can't manage to even get the most desperate men to have an iota of interest in you outside of making you look more retarded than you actually are.

No. 1528115


Rachel is online, so it aint like the fat bitch is sleeping.

No. 1528116

File: 1652486350114.png (126.28 KB, 684x530, Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 6.58…)

No. 1528117


hi Bertha, you're so easy to spot in your own thread. It's like playing "Where's Waldo?", but in easy mode. Maybe you should stop being a cunt and pretending to have autism as an excuse, as if anyone will take that. People hate you because you're awful. That's all.

No. 1528119

Tl;dr nobody cares fat jealous cow.

No. 1528122

None of those were her. I don’t have autism faggot.

No. 1528123

All of her new friends realized how pathetic she was and left. So of course she has to come here and prove their point by acting the way she does. They're right, she doesn't take advice and she doesn't listen to anyone. She doesn't care about anyone but herself. Not her parents, not her little obsessions.

She believes she's "too good" and doesn't need to change. She doesn't see that she's the issue despite going through this over and over again.

They were right and she's mad that once again she had to face herself in the mirror.

No. 1528124

Lmao no and tl;dr she hasn’t lost any friends.

No. 1528125

tl;dr ad hominem attack on her for your perception of her weight. you’re insecure in your own weight and it’s pathetic. go eat a salad.(emoji)

No. 1528126


This is why your only friends turned on you. You can double down all you want but its obvious to quite literally everyone.
Also you're just making thread #6 come quicker so keep sperging and making yourself look dumb.

No. 1528127

All your new little Ardyn butt buddies unfollowed/softblocked/hardblocked you. More people followed suit.

No. 1528130

No. 1528131

File: 1652487251940.png (251.04 KB, 346x427, d6c.png)

Imagine 3 other lolcows trying to help you and you're too retarded. picrel

No. 1528132

Tl;dr she still has the exact same friends. Cry and moo harder pathetic cow.

No. 1528134

File: 1652487374603.jpeg (Spoiler Image,61.63 KB, 960x953, BCFD12A1-C916-4E64-89C5-25F141…)

Could you be any more retarded? She isn’t here. Moo and cry some more.(emoji)

No. 1528142

No. 1528148

>Tl;dr she still has the exact same friends. Cry and moo harder pathetic cow.

Kek, she just can't stop losing.

No. 1528151

File: 1652488601297.png (Spoiler Image,860.25 KB, 1080x719, 1652207090631.png)

Rachel has the same energy as this picture today.

No. 1528154

Rachel why did you let that one Sephiroth roleplayer give your oc a golden shower?

No. 1528164


Tl;dr she still has the exact same friends she did before, and she’s still not here. Cry and moo harder pathetic fat cow.

No. 1528171

Rachel please I wanna know what happened with Argentdarkness

No. 1528177

wait, not Michael as in Michael "Angry Canadian" Thurlow?

No. 1528179

The very same. She didn’t know it was him bc he kept lying about who he was.

No. 1528181

tl;dr ad hominem if you need to try to insult her for your perception of her weight, you’re insecure in your own weight and it’s an auto L. go eat a salad piggy piggy.

No. 1528184

Thats right Rachel, you have tons of friends and 5 boyfriends and 2 girlfriends, planning to have a baby, sephiroth loves you as does the entire FFtwitter. Ines totally is this sites admin and her and spookybones are the only ones posting in your thread here and KF. You definitely only weigh 140lbs which is in no way proven by a simple google search to be overweight. You're pretty and skinny and look great in your super not tacky looking lolita outfits.

This doesnt read as delusional, no way, not a chance, no siree. obvious sarcasm

No. 1528185

It's so weird how she has to say everyone's first names, usually their legal names but then screams about deadnaming when people call her Rachel and don't address her as her self insert oc

No. 1528186

tl;dr cry and moo harder pathetic fat cow.

No. 1528190

fairsinfocenter has finally cracked. they’ve been threatening to mass report rachel’s friends and get their accounts suspended if they don’t block/unfollow and report her.

No. 1528191

Post proof. This is an image board.

No. 1528195

Rachel, you sure like to believe your own lies. Huh?

No. 1528197

File: 1652491672759.png (111.78 KB, 171x307, 1650533489822.png)

Like this Rachel?
>calls everyone else a pathetic fat cow yet has a thread on both farms, weighs closer to a literal cow than us, and lies about most of her life.

No. 1528198

File: 1652491715838.png (382.84 KB, 558x2288, yumyum.png)


No. 1528201

oof more of her delusions.
Big L for Rachel yet again

No. 1528205

File: 1652492244095.png (17.48 KB, 274x173, weeeak.png)


why you posting on this thread? you made that your weak ass story didn't take. - z

No. 1528206

File: 1652492290653.jpg (85.32 KB, 752x422, lolcow uprising.jpg)

some OC to commemorate the Lolcow Uprising, dotfarm edition

No. 1528207


anon this is making me laugh so hard i'm crying

No. 1528208

pending. standby

No. 1528209

Old milk. Irrelevant.

She still has the exact same friends she did before. Cry and scream and moo harder about it fat pathetic cow.

No. 1528211

She isn’t here. Cope harder.

No. 1528213

>Old milk. Irrelevant.
says the cow

No. 1528214

Isn’t an L, because Fairsinfocenter has been doing it. Ask ardynception, staciethecatx, and tdarkdandelion.

No. 1528216

sAyS tHe CoW.

No. The only cow here is you.

No. 1528218

No. 1528220

Yes. That is 200% it. Cry and scream and moo harder pathetic fat cow.

No. 1528222

No. 1528223

Only she isn’t, Ross.

I take back what I said. The only COWS here are Ross and >>1528213.

No. 1528224

Why are you calling him by his last name?
Cows dont decide cows. Also no one cares what you think Berthda.

No. 1528227

She has many tells.
One being she's massively retarded.

No. 1528229

I did. They're no longer friends with you because you're absolutely unhinged.

No. 1528230