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File: 1653153804942.png (446.96 KB, 1000x400, RachelThread7.png)

No. 1535186

Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin, 28, of Emerald Hills, CA, is an insane Sephiroth shipper who has been terrorizing the Final Fantasy and several other fandoms for years. So far so good, but what makes Rachel and interesting cow? The sheer level of her activity, for one. She will relentlessly harass roleplayers who do not engage with her (because she is a poor roleplayer who wants only her specifically autistic scenarios), but this only scratches the surface.

She's also gotten caught repeatedly having problematic (to say the least) sexualized interactions with minors. She's tried to defend this as "sex ed" delivered over Discord and when this didn't work said she will keep doing it because it pisses her off. In the past 2 weeks she has posted both gore and actual pornography to minors she has been slapfighting with on Twitter (bad enough in itself) and that's what she's been doing in public.

How did a lolcow of this magnitude come to the attention of (both) farms? She had a very dead /snow/ thread and managed to get it bumped by coming into the lolcord and demanding it be taken down in the most shrill and obnoxious manner possible, to the point where anons there believed her to be a troll and a man besides. She proved them all wrong by sending her own ID, saving the trouble of doxing her. She's been averaging a new thread every week or so since and an active one on Kiwi Farms as well: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/rachel-aliza-leeds-minkin-alruna-serarosier1-tayuubarbie-lucyfern13-miranda-sforza.116204/

But the real news is the Lolcow Uprising. Alert nonnas since the first thread were noticing that Rachel's rhetoric about "Ines" (a random girl in Montreal who got dragged into drama by Elaine who falsely claims her to be our former admin) matched that of her fellow lolcow, as well as her sperging about Spooky Bones (kiwi who made her Kiwi thread, hated by Angry Canadian.) Evidence eventually tumbled out in thread #4 that she was involved in serious gayops with Elaine (who was pointing her at Ines), Naught (an open pedophile and admin of Onion Farms), a tranny named Blaine (or Ross or Erika or UnabashedHermaphrodite) and, last but not least, a real piece of work named Michael Robert Thrulow (Angry Canadian). There is not space enough to document everything about him but his arrests for domestic violence and child neglect, open and unironic Nazism, and predilection for degenerate porn including lolicon, were all exposed by the Kiwis after Michael didn't know when to stop antagonizing them. He's presently switched to antagonizing us on the other Farms which will probably work out as well for him.

Older Milk:
> posts obsessively on LCF claiming to be various other people WKing her
> alleges they are part of her polyamorous relationship of 5 guys and 2 girls, at best they are her fellow lolcows, probably all her
> banned repeatedly from Twitter and various Sephiroth-coomer Discords, makes socks like it's going out of style, still obviously her
> threatens to stop eating unless she is unbanned from Discords
> insists to everyone who blocks her she is "not going away"
> claims to be in a polyamorous relationship with 5 guys and 2 girls; no evidence these people exists
> undeniably fat with a BMI of 37.4; delusionally claims to be 140lbs, calls others "fatty patty"
> graphically talks about her vagina, which from her level of knowledge about actual sex has probably never been penetrated by an actual penis
> spams the inbox of any Sephiroth roleplayer and resorts to threats when they won't comply
> wants to RP sexual situations with underage characters
> has online contact with actual minors and likes to chat them up about sex allegedly in the name of "Sex Ed"
> has a disturbing obsession with Bad Dragon and similar exotic animal/fantasy dildos
> repeatedly denies being a pedo or zoophile even when nobody is asking, "the lady doth protest too much"
> harassed a cat blog about how DDLG fetish is awesome and valid because the cat blog made a one-off comment about it making her uncomfortble
> believes everyones Ines (who doesn't know that she exists) or Spooky Bones (who did make her thread on KF but probably would forget about her too if she shut up about it)
> tries to take a SJWish high road but will call people nigger
> posts about sexwork positivity and pro-tranny handmaiden stuff; calls us TERFs like it's a major insult
> posted a picture of the newborn baby of one of her enemies saying she wants to sell it on the dark web
> posted gore and death threats to obvious minors on Twitter
> showed up in the Encyclopedia Dramatica discord with Elaine and proceeded to get made fun of by everyone in the server
> went on her usual spergfest which resulted in all 3 of her accounts being banned from the EDD server and her reporting users, admins and the server to discord which resulted in a couple of bans
> got additional Twitter accounts banned, currently @KILLINGJOKE
> tried to LARP as a Japanese ESL person, failed hilariouisly

The Lolcow Uprising
> 13 May 2022 … anon rolls the devil's trips >>1527666 and shows receipts of Rachel sperging out in Discord, thinks she is talking her usual melange of schizo nonsense when she refers to anti-Semites and pedos
> (presumably a kiwi farming) anon notices that for the first time we know of Rachel is actually right, she's talking about and later with Michael "Angry Canadian" Thurlow who is pretending to be Sephiroth but forgot to change his Discord status away from "currenty beating up women and Heiling Hitler in a cute tutu with cunny"
> Thurlow is an actually dangerous person w/domestic violence and child abuse arrests, open and unironic Nazi, into degenerate porn, crossdressing, and playing weird psychological games with people online
> bonus appearance by Naught (another banned Kiwi, admin of OnionFarms, open pedophile, doxes people with Michael with whom he shares a fixation on lolicon)
> Rachel also makes references to "David [Gross]", who is someone that Michael was trying to pretend was the guy behind his accounts with degenerate shit on them, but Michael was too dumb to cover his tracks properly
> a tangled web of pure autism shakes out, it turns out that Elaine, Michael, Naught, and a tranny named Ross/Erika have been chatting with Rachel for God knows how long and pointing her at their enemies
> Blaine/Ross/Erika/UnabashedHermaphrodite came to deliver milk after falling out with the other cows (they were all hanging out on a Discord together where presumably they bond over bitching about their threads even though Michael was somehow involved in doxing Blaine, who tf knows) … anyway he, Elaine and Naught had been trying to keep Rachel out of trouble but Michael has been insisting on trolling her
> Hermie (let's call him) is a legitimate schizophrenic who showed up on KF during the Bella saga to try to fuck with the narrative and accuse a "clan" of underage Roblox players of being a front for child trafficking, but he's back on his meds and way calmer
> Naught by the way was involved in the "Watchmen" trolling group which manipulated Chris-chan by playing into his delusions, allegedly for Chris's benefit. we all know how that turned out. the Watchmen had an ugly breakup and Naught lost control of Chris to a psycho named Sean who wanted to manipulate Chris into killing himself, all of which can be read about on Kiwi Farms and elsewhere but it is very autistic
> Michael's pattern is to seduce vulnerable women online and abuse them, in addition to Elaine he got nudes off two women from Kiwi Farms and leaked one of them in a blackmail scheme, he also has an alleged "wife", who has spoken of him beating her up, who he found up online, has also been in touch with Bella Janke
> these people have been pointing Rachel at their own enemies (or imagined enemies) since her thread kicked off, for reasons that really have nothing to do with Rachel, but they are all sickos who get off on manipulating people online and saw an opportunity to stir the pot
> Angry Canadian showed up towards the end of last thread to sperg and try pathetic damage control and trying to blame Spooky Bones
> The tranny Blaine also showed up dropping off milk on whatever was going on between the various lolcows in their Discord

Other new milk
> got in a slapfight with minors on Twitter, who told her to lay off because they were kids, she retaliated by linking them to pornography
> after having shown all her knowledge about heterosexual sex comes from porn, demonstrated the same about lesbian sex with unrealistic talk about "scissoring"
> still at it harassing roleplayers and demanding they enact her highly specific fantasies including sephiroth/aerith ageplay
> still sperging out with her telltale claims about our "perception of her weight"
> spammed the thread with walls of "W"s presumably trying to say she had a Win, lol
> anons posted memes about Ines and Sephiroth getting married, she says "Sephiroth doesn't exist" like it's a W over Ines
> her college essays were found showing her to be a pickme and defender of misogynists
> tried to flirt with some Twitter random on the basis of a pic she took of herself as a 13yo
> still thinks there are only 3-4 people in her LCF thread and repeats Elaine's bullshit about the site and admin
> posted horifically filtered pics of herself, anons did a better job of making her look cute a few threads ago
> telling everyone about how she will have a baby now to own the haters
> was quiet for a day or two and came back losing her shit along with her Nazi Canadian playpal right now

Thread #1: >>>/snow/1095830
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1485119
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1497013
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1508548
Thread #5: >>>/snow/1518588
Thread #6: >>>/snow/1529219

No. 1535204

Michael still hasn't proved anything, just wanted to start this thread with that statement.

No. 1535206

File: 1653155090749.jpg (88.01 KB, 754x422, cows.jpg)

No. 1535210

1. A single thread that hasn't been active since last year, made by Michael, generally lukewarm content.
2. Came in with receipts from the first go.
3. Might do some faggy bullshit but story has stayed consistent.
4. Came with receipts.

1. Threads that are active on multiple platforms. An autistic thunderdome dedicated to him on .org
2. Has tried trolling before (Bad Dragon shitpost on Rachel's KF thread) and has hung around the Rachel sphere because of his hate boner for Spooky Bones.
3. Rachel seems very familiar with Michael and has stayed consistent about knowing him.
4. Source: trust me bro


No. 1535214

don't forget when Michael got caught several times trying to gayop with Isabella Loretta Janke and even she was smart enough to tell him to fuck off

No. 1535217


Caught by Blaine, Gee makes ya wonder a bit huh.

No. 1535219

Hey Mike, is Rachy-poo going to be your next hot model wife? She looks like your type, you know. I'm sure your chauffeur and $40,000 bottle of whisky will win her heart.

No. 1535223

Michael likes to hold grudges. Of course he'd try to discredit Blaine if Blaine was the one catching him on his bullshit.

No. 1535224

Michael you've been involved with Rachel since before Blaine even knew Rachel existed.

Shut the fuck up, you're making yourself look bad.

No. 1535225

Has a cow ever reversed a thread like this before or is this some weird merge bullshit?

No. 1535227

I feel this still pertains to Rachel. She'll be back on her bullshit once she realizes Michael is trying to deny involvement.

No. 1535228

LOL his fat wife manages to come off pretty a lot of the time when she has filters and myspace angles but she is moon faced and like 6" and ginormous. i'm not gonna link it but the kiwis also found a porno she was in, the pure aRyAn goddess that she is. the other women we know of him interacting with are some crackhead who had to give up his kids and two terminally online kiwi thots who could be considered kind of cute if not for the terminal levels of personality disorders present

Rachel is perfect

No. 1535231

File: 1653156288249.jpg (85.25 KB, 835x477, fas and fat.jpg)

samefag forgot pic

No. 1535234

a lot of big lolcows have supporting casts tbh, look at Chris (obviously, and especially after the Merge when Bella and other people who were skulking in the shadows started getting doxed) or Onision or LJ or some of the deathfats (not really my thing). I think it is inevitable that lolcows attract insane orbiters due to the nature of the Internet especially on KF and related sites but this is the first time I have seen it go from 0 to 60 like this in real time.

No. 1535237

Rachel really is living up to her cow status. Got herself some orbiters now. Proud of you, girl.

No. 1535242

Samefag as >>1535225, to clarify, I meant Blaine from the looks AC became far bigger. Rachel can't ever calm down so I doubt she can secure any W, her best chance slipped through her hands back when Blaine first gave the reciepts.

No. 1535255

in that case yeah trying to PA someone and becoming the cow has been a trope since before "lolcow" was a term. It happened regularly on old school 4chan, it happens to this day on Kiwi Farms (especially the furry threads) and was probably a thing as long as people were trying to form PAs. I dunno if Michael's thread on Blaine counts as a PA but it is definitely him trying to punch down and he doesn't even realize now that he's punching actually up. Blaine even passes better than him and at least had the balls to take steps to turn troon, Michael was just hiding in a dress in his crackshack like a bitchmade loser with his handmaiden wife, too scared to even take the plunge.

No. 1535274

kek yeah sage but lemme say I am as terfy as they come but I agree on the last part. it takes balls to troon out and walk around looking like a parody of womanhood. Blaine is also based because he owns being a weird deviant and doesn't cry about being a woman. where it looks like this degen was crying about it inside while abusing his family and furiously masturbating to child sex hentai (which is illegal in Canada btw) and seethingly hating women in general because he isn't one and couldn't even marshall the courage to pretend to be outside the house that thank God his wife escaped. he's the lowest sort of coward.

No. 1535279

Nonnas, hear me out -

>Claims Ines owns the site and is a pedophile
>LCFarmers ask for proof
>Links to a half baked ED article with no further proof
>Gets mad when you don't accept it as proof

>Claims Blaine is doing tranny gayops
>LCFarmers ask for proof
>Links to a half baked KF thread that hasn't been active in a long ass time that HE WROTE to begin with, provides nothing else.
>Gets mad when you don't accept it as proof

No. 1535303

File: 1653160071909.png (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 1200x720, rach.png)

idk what happened to the quality but here my late fanart contribution

No. 1535306

File: 1653160245109.jpg (60.87 KB, 1020x358, 20220521_150751.jpg)

lol michael you better go get your story straight with Rachel before she tries to throw you under the bus

No. 1535307

You know, when she was attacking other people for raping their cats, makes me think if she’s projecting her own beastiality lol

No. 1535314

File: 1653160751363.jpg (15.5 KB, 570x118, rules.jpg)

lol Michael doesn't even qualify for a thread here and is thus only relevant because of Rachel. he only has a Kiwi thread because he pissed them off so bad.

imagine not even being the cow, nonnas. imagine not even being the cow.

No. 1535317

Damn you drew her 140 lbs. She needs to be twice that size.

No. 1535319

samefag as >>1535314
Sorry but lol a fake spookybones on twitter again this guy really needs to improve his repertoire, the real one has not used the name or pfp since November or on sites other than KF. What a retard, every gayop he's tried has gotten blown up by his own incompetence and the good old Dunning-Kreuger.

No. 1535323

File: 1653161180094.png (4.59 KB, 597x365, Reborn Rose.png)

It's the tranny, uses the "Reborn Rose" name elsewhere.

No. 1535328

File: 1653161254228.png (137.61 KB, 581x388, Reborn Rose.png)

samefag,sorry,dropped pic (anyone else having this problem?)

No. 1535345


Not exactly, they take a long time to load sometimes however so you might just be exiting the window too soon? Either way, yeah that's me, named it that after I used a bait thread on Spooky over on OF to prove people(Bella and Micheal) were alogging her. (I'd hoped that's when she would leave the drama alone ergo revenge but hey, not how that went)

No. 1535354

what the fuck is this vomit color

leftover faggotry from previous thread:
she’s not your chris-chan bro. you have the actual chris-chan for that

No. 1535356

she only weighs 140. she’s never weighed anywhere near 300.

No. 1535357

chris chan is in jail so we have you

No. 1535358

not everyone you think is her is actually her.

No. 1535360

okay "nick".

No. 1535361

>what the fuck is this vomit color

Layout of Onion Farms, a website run by pedo-adjacent lolcow Kenneth Erwin Englehardt (who's engaged in a correspondence with Chris, speaking of the mother-raper himself) and avowed pedophile Naught, who's been involved in this drama. Both Kengle and Naught took a lot of shit for having AC as a moderator and eventually took his broom away but still keep him around because they are just that desperate for posts. He's already committed numerous crimes just posting shit online (lolicon is illegal in Canada, he posted revenge porn after attempting blackmail, he posted fed-baity stuff about domestic terrorism and worse) so although both of their reputations are in the dirt already they're just asking for more trouble.

No. 1535362

That woman is not white. Hispanic at best.

No. 1535364

give em hell.

No. 1535366

She's weighed very well near 200lbs at 5'2 though

No. 1535369

lol she's fat, the weight sperging is boring, don't lets have to get out the BMI calculator and body shape simulator again

No. 1535370

shes really here responding to posts like this from the last thread, like she didnt JUST get a new one. why does this shit bother her so much?

No. 1535374

she doesn’t care. she’s living her best life elsewhere. someone told her that she had two choices: disappear out of the public eye completely or just stop caring about the threads. she chose the latter. i don’t see why it’s such a big deal that she says she hasn’t been here since the second thread. it’s not that incredible.

No. 1535378

No. 1535379

File: 1653163199792.png (102.92 KB, 332x195, fattypatty_cady.png)

respecting the fact that some of it may be bored anons and/or the other cows I think it is cope on her part to try and convince herself that the only thing we are getting on her case on is being fat and if she keeps saying she's not she won't be whereas it's like the least interesting thing about her

No. 1535380

File: 1653163212609.png (63.25 KB, 720x328, Screenshot_20220521-145827~2.p…)


No she's talking to me and here ignoring my advice, if that's her best life then she really is the news Chris Chan.(5.3 Do not brag about or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.)

No. 1535384

There wouldn't be anything more to add to the her thread if she stopped doing shit like sending porn and gore to minors on twitter. No milk = no new thread = nothing more to care about.

No. 1535388

you calling her fat won’t make her fat anon. you can’t put more pounds on her simply by saying she weighs X amount.

No. 1535389

File: 1653163693440.png (79.97 KB, 464x480, kissmybunnyass.png)

LOL she's out there on Twitter desperately looking for friends naive enough to not go thorugh her post history. Allies for the fight against Ines and Spookybones perhaps now that her Nazi bf didn't work out?

No. 1535391

Michael did have a public presence he just got yeeted off the platforms for being a nazi shitbag.


No. 1535392

File: 1653163974687.png (459.56 KB, 720x821, Screenshot_20220521-151153~2.p…)

Hey look, Rachel expressing urges for beastiality in public.

No. 1535393

File: 1653164020952.png (33.01 KB, 464x195, ofcourse.png)

Of course she's a johnnyfag

No. 1535395

File: 1653164082608.jpeg (147.43 KB, 750x854, A5A6F275-5BEF-4318-AB47-781C34…)

Kind of rich of you to be retweeting this shit Rachel when last night you assumed a minor was an adult and kept spamming them with porn you pedophile.

You’re not attracted to children if we go by your words, but you sure are attracted to the idea of being able to have a power play over children you cow.

No. 1535396

im not seeing it. she’s just asking the cat to sit on her chest and purr. it’s funny.

No. 1535399

File: 1653164415176.png (39.09 KB, 720x357, Screenshot_20220521-151931~2.p…)


Proving you wrong is like playing tball lmfao

No. 1535405

I love how Rachel really inspires everyone to show their inner lolcow. Truly delightful.

Rachel dear you love sitting on your own threads. You're so easy to trigger and yet Michael can't figure out how to troll without being exceptional despite the low hanging fruit always riling you up.

No. 1535411

She literally replies to the threads (here and KF) on her twitter and theres screenshots of that in the last thread. If you're gonna white-knight her try to be less fucking retarded.

No. 1535416

File: 1653165512579.jpeg (343.72 KB, 750x742, B73E7072-F461-4B31-B515-C05135…)

she’s obviously not going to fuck her cat. you’re reaching. you seriously can’t be that retarded. the only person you’re playing is yourself by making all these broad statements. that’s exactly how you came up with the delusion that she’s a pedo.

No. 1535417

How would you know what "someone" told her? Unless…

No. 1535418

Rachel you are a literal pedophile get bent

No. 1535421

File: 1653165680800.jpeg (134.81 KB, 750x664, 718C378E-AAF4-4F60-84AD-812206…)

Good going retard. Covering up the whole truth, lying, omitting information or avoiding context as usual.

No. 1535422

Screenshots from your previous thread and KF beg to differ you pedophile

Oh and your hair is dry as fuck lol. Shampoo, conditioner and hibiscus water?

No. 1535424

it was public.

No. 1535425


Gee what's that second definition say. Pitiful even for you Rachel.

No. 1535426

She’s not here faggot. Nice try at deflecting.

No. 1535427

ain’t my thread. screenshots from the previous thread and the KF thread don’t beg to differ, you aren’t a credible source and KF gets all its information from you.

you barely ever have proof of anything. you primarily assume, and you assume the worst. it’s pathetic, and beyond that it’s plain ugly.

No. 1535428

>She's not here
Now how would you know for certain?
C'mon Rancid Rachet Rachel, do better.

No. 1535429

It's FAKE NEWS according to Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin.
By the way, Null isn't going to delete your thread.

No. 1535432

you assumed she was a pedophile. you assumed she was a zoophile. you assumed she has no romantic partners. you assumed she had no friends. you assumed she had no hair. you assumed she was fat. you assumed she shits herself.

you are a house of cards held together by nothing but assumptions. go back to giving the tranny attention whore attention or something idc

No. 1535433

She’s not here and you crying that I am her isn’t going to change the fact that I’m halfway across the world.

No. 1535434

I'm somewhat sympathetic to what you are saying assuming you are also the same anon but as far as being as "pedophile" goes, she just sent a minor porn in full view of the entire Internet. We could quibble about the definition of "pedophile" but this is a child sex crime. If convicted, she might, all memes aside, have to be one of the few women to register.

No. 1535435

it is fake news, trumplet.

No. 1535437

You forgot the ongoing yeast infection that she keeps on mistaking as being wet from her "multiple partners" and is constantly making out with her boyfriend but has the time to tweet porn at minors for two/three hours straight.

No. 1535438

File: 1653166327884.jpeg (52.58 KB, 184x275, 1652936324409.jpeg)

Somehow I think praising the tranny in your own thread would just make you more upset.

She looks pretty fat to me, and are you the headmate that admitted she shat herself? I can't keep how many people are inside her flabby head.

No. 1535439

File: 1653166336085.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.14 MB, 2950x3567, Clownworld.jpg)

The only one refuting it is you. Evertone else sees what you are as clear as day. You can't even provide proof of these relationships you have. You can't even provide the bare minimum.
Also, your KF thread has had 33,000 hits. Dunno Rachel, you sure seem confident about something you can't even provide evidence for.

Picrel it's from the previous thread, someone flexing on you lmao

No. 1535441

Dear god that is a fat hand.

No. 1535446

that isn’t even her and you know it. she isn’t schizophrenic and doesn’t have any kind of multiple personality disorder.

in the words of another anon from last thread, one of the faggiest parts of this series of threads is that you think everyone is her.

No. 1535448

I didn't say it was a good example.
At least it's proof lmao

Even fatties are out there getting it while Rachel is at home pretending on the internet.

No. 1535455

That isn’t proof though. You know how easy it is to get a cheap gold plated zirconium inlay ring? I’m sure this fatso is just pretending to be married to try to flex.

No. 1535457

could be glass and gold paint. maybe she got it out of one of those gumball machines KEK

No. 1535459

Still more than you've provided, Fatty Patty.

No. 1535461

Point is, even if it was a fake flex, Rachel is too stupid to even try it but rather go the "Y'all just need to trust me! I'm this desirable and I'm just trying to protect my lovers' privacy"

No. 1535463

Or her "friends" who post here, one posted "dick pics" here, but they're too ashamed to even post themselves with Rachel or a hint that Rachel isn't working alone lol

Fat hand still has the upper hand here, Rachel. Because those are two different hands in that pic.

No. 1535465

It could be exactly that though. Protecting her lovers’ privacy.

No. 1535467

A hand pic isn't gonna dox someone unless they're exceptionally stupid about it.

No. 1535469

You just said she was working with Elaine, Naught, and Michael earlier. Of course she isn’t working alone. Which is it?

That still means nothing, as she could have literally picked any bum off the street and offered him a fiver or a bump of coke off her tits to take that picture with him. Unless they show us a marriage license with time and date stamps.

No. 1535471

pretty sure that’s the name ines goes by and not rachel

No. 1535472

None of them are wasting time WKing her. They might be working together but she's the only person WKing herself.

No. 1535474

Ines isn't even fat you delusional whore, nowhere near as fat as you Rancid Rachel with the yeast infection

No. 1535480

I don’t buy into the idea she’s been here if >>1535374 is to be believed.

No. 1535481

kek so it IS the name ines goes by gotcha

No. 1535484

Why would you take someone's word for it? Just look at all the seethe on her twt account, she's been here.

No. 1535485

Are you as retarded as the cows or are you one of them? Nobody has ever claimed "Ines" is not a real girl. What's disputed is that she is (or was ever) our distinguished former admin (protip: she wasn't.)

No. 1535487

Rachel's newest tactic to prove she totally isn't here is saying she's got a busy day on Twitter despite posting and RTing and talking to people in private to seethe about things said about her on the internet (which have been true).

Pretending you aren't around isn't making your WK attempts any less obvious. I'd have some respect if you actually admitted it instead of coming up with random characters to play the roles you need them to play in your grand delusions.

No. 1535489

I’m not reading that lol. This thread is exactly what I expected it to be. Faggotry all around and farmers simping for a girl who isn’t even present.

No. 1535490

and the farmers/kiwis trying to cowtip? lmaooooo

No. 1535491

Rachel you suck at this

No. 1535492

that's a tranny that was driven off KF and has been getting banned from here when farmhands find the time + her tranny-adjacent fandom-wank vendetta-chans, don't blame either kind of farmer for that

No. 1535493

Are you admitting your dyslexia is preventing you from stop being a cow Rachel? Awh. You should have said so earlier. You're like that DW meme, "People telling me about laws regarding pedophilia won't stop me from being one just because I can't read!"

No. 1535495

File: 1653169466730.png (904.46 KB, 828x800, 1649288397840.png)

Nobody is simping for this.

No. 1535496

There was some back and forth with DBS but Rachel was looking for her posts to get mad at.

No. 1535497

File: 1653169624259.png (245.26 KB, 1075x533, WeStandOnGuardForThee.png)

counterpoint, nonna

No. 1535498

if they were it would be for far less retarded things than she wks herself for
youve got to be joking berchel

No. 1535500

Mikey is ashamed at himself for wanting to plow a shit-covered heifer, attempted to troll and failed. However he's really into the humiliation aspect so he keeps coming back.
It isn't her face he's in love with, it's the concept of Rachel. He'd ask her to wear a paper pag with the words "Spooky Bones" or "Blaine" written on it if they fucked.

No. 1535515

The same arguments every time this supposed white knight shows up. If they refuse to look at the proof, oh well. They're retarded and Rachel continues to fuck herself because her brains barely functioning.

No. 1535526

Must be the fumes of cat piss, her own shit, and her yeast infection going to her brain.

No. 1535544

The perk of having your own thread is the ability to openly cowtip if they come to you.
Most of the bans are for openly namefagging and the ban messages are usually worth finding the old IP I was on. Thank you for using my preferred pronouns though you really don't have to.

No. 1535547

lol that fucked me up to but more like 'her' is Rachel in >>1535492 as she's the one with fandom vendetta chans

No. 1535554

Ah my bad, bit funnier now tho.

No. 1535556

File: 1653174711879.png (148.02 KB, 520x434, F8F32DDF-21C7-42EE-9520-C24E9B…)

I looked it up in the previous threads. She never admitted to shitting herself. You jumped on the stupid assumption wagon. I could just as easily say it was a “he who smelt it dealt it” thing.

No. 1535558


Thread number 4 or 5, towards the end when she's larping as her friend.

No. 1535573

I don't remember exactly where it was but the first time Rachel shitting herself was brought up, she tried to say it was the past and irrelevant. Then she went gung-ho on it being false when her trying to brush it off as irrelevant didn't work. I don't think I'm imagining that exchange because other people commented on it too.

No. 1535574

File: 1653176368511.png (28.42 KB, 583x269, sussybaka.png)

Here we have rachel pretending to not be rachel

No. 1535575

Don't worry, I was there too and that's exactly how it went down. Not only is she covered in poop online but she is irl too, she's earned that gross tag on her kiwi thread.

No. 1535579

File: 1653176792202.png (115.29 KB, 720x596, Screenshot_20220521-184446~2.p…)

Hasn't been there since thread two, I just have these screen caps from it somehow.
Not only are your lies pathetic but you constantly prove them wrong with your own sperging. Just like Chris Chan.

No. 1535581

Rachel really doing gayops on herself

No. 1535583

I don’t think that was her. Someone get a farmhand to double check.

Right, so confirmed that she doesn’t shit herself.
This is probably the tranny posting on >>1535575

No. 1535584

Nah she shits herself. 100%

No. 1535586

I hate trannies as much as the next gal here but saying "a TRANNY who said this, ITS NAWWWWT TROOOOOOO" isn't enough, anon.

No. 1535587


Right. So she doesn’t shit herself, it’s just Blaine trying to say she does.

Who was the anon saying that the “poop study” the other anon posted wasn’t scholarly several threads ago? Saying that the numbers and statistics didn’t add up?

That owo thing they posted mocking the tranny was funny. I almost spat out my drink reading it the first time.

No. 1535588

That was you having a meltdown Rachel, it was hilarious.

No. 1535589

Which makes it more likely that she shits herself due to laziness and not because she's got something wrong with her.

No. 1535591

She works for a living. She’s clearly not lazy.

Not everyone is her, tranny.

No. 1535593

Like I don’t even know how this garbage rumor started. What a mess.

She works full time, so she’s not lazy. She’s very fastidious about her hygiene from what you’ve posted. Enjoys taking showers and baths. I think this is Blaine trying to draw away from the fact they have a leaky sphincter.

No. 1535599

She said she barely worked and still made "over 100k" a year.
If she worked full time AND spent as much time as she does posting, well into the night even, and sees her totally real boyfriends and girlfriends, there's no time for self care. Of course we know she's faked a considerable amount about herself.
She also doesn't work a physically intensive job, she's a glorified cashier. A lazy person's job.

But Rachel, if that's you it isn't doing you any favors.

No. 1535602

love when rachel has a full conversation with herself and it's still obviously her

No. 1535603

Rachel doesn't work full time, posting here and on Twitter all day isn't work lol.

No. 1535605


No. 1535606

she doesn’t.

No. 1535607

Didn't you say on Twitter you had a full day ahead of you with work, a chiropractor appointment and cat sitting. Get of your fucking phone and touch grass like you said you would Rachel.

No. 1535608

Sorry in advance if I permanently broke Rachel ladies, I only intended to bring milk here lmfao.

No. 1535609

She just bought a new house with her bf. Rachel couldn’t afford that if she was only a cashier.

No. 1535610

i think at this point it’s safe to say that she’s not here and it’s the farmers who have been broken. you’ve been blinded by your obsession with her.

No. 1535611

wow that did not take long
same i did not expect her to chimp out that quick

No. 1535612

She's in full spittle blasting, jowel quivering tard rage mode…I'm gonna go make popcorn.

No. 1535616

File: 1653180539756.jpg (89.24 KB, 579x800, Unity Mitford 2.jpg)

Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin, adopted into a (Belarusian by the sound of it) Jewish family, still hasn't really disavowed the Nazi Michael Robert Thurlow. Not really. She needs to drop DMs for that.

No. 1535620

With how we know by her public Twitter, Rachel is a pedophile into beastiality. My theory is she is also into the fact that Micheals ideology killed the ancestors of the only people keeping her alive.

No. 1535624

She doesn't have a house or a boyfriend. She's living with her parents. She's currently at home with her parents.

No. 1535625

she’s not here though.

No. 1535626

You know, if she hadn't spent days sperging in very Rachel-coded (kek sorry I couldn't resist) ways, some of the vile stuff from @KlLLINGJOKE (K-one-LL…) might've struck me as having been from other members of the Lolcow Polycule (Elaine does love the Joker) so it is not impossible that they were involved but the fact that Rachel is trying to pin this bullshit on "farmers" is just further proof that it's her losing her mind on the bird app. I'm still astounded she's held on to these accounts as long as she has.

No. 1535627

I think the other farmers get off on that phrase, “she isn’t here”.

No. 1535628


No. 1535630

How do you know for certain, totally random anon? How do you know she isn't here? How do you know she isn't just saying one thing and doing another?


No. 1535631

Sure Karen.

No. 1535632

Rachel you seem mad. Do you want to speak to my manager about my online posting habits?

No. 1535633

unless nothing. she’s said she hasn’t been here since the second thread. she doesn’t care anon. anyone with an IQ above room temperature would be able to tell.

No. 1535634

she’s not here.

No. 1535635

Why she have those cat sitting jobs if she's making 100k+ huh… That plus a cashier job does not equal 100k last I checked

I don't think she can afford a mortgage in today's market with her shitty ass jobs.

I may be optimistic in thinking maybe she tricked some old desperate piss and vinegar old man (her "boyfriend") with a fetish for gorilla looking women and she's living the dream life out of being a cum dump just like in her Sephiroth fantasies lol.

No. 1535637

Rachel are you mad cause you had a huge crush on me and asked me for nudes when we first met and I told you no?
Or are you mad cause you shit your pants?

No. 1535638

File: 1653181561249.jpeg (196.03 KB, 1080x1074, EF386DC1-7C3B-48BA-AE96-BF7ACC…)

She’s said she isn’t attracted to children or animals though. I think that’s enough at this point given how “reputable” and “accurate” lolcow.farm threads tend to be.

No. 1535639

she’s not here. keep masturbating leaky sphincter tranny.

No. 1535640

Orrrr she could be living the dream and has fleeced you all.

No. 1535641

"She isn't here"
Lmao Rachel you're fat and stupid

No. 1535642

how would you know? are you hiding in the bushes across from her parents house with a pair of binoculars?

No. 1535643

File: 1653181719713.png (280.76 KB, 725x499, berthaspoiler.png)

true and honest photograph of bertha meeting sephiroth

No. 1535644

No. 1535646

Working as a "diversity hire" because she's incapable and too lazy to do anything else, living with her parents, having no skills beyond a pity degree from a community college, spending hours each day flicking the bean to a cartoon character??

Blessed life.

No. 1535648

File: 1653181957957.gif (696.74 KB, 444x250, 7AD5EE09-D6B7-4CDB-A1CE-2051E2…)

Yeahhhh no. She’s 98% likely to be not lying when she says she’s only 140 pounds.

No. 1535649

Awww how cute! She’s leaning back against his sword.

No. 1535652

She's closer to 220 I reckon, since she's been spending so much time at home coping and seething.

No. 1535653

even a “pity” degree from a community college is better than no degree. A community college degree is just as valuable as a degree from an ivy league.

she probably wasn’t a “diversity hire” given her “disability”isn’t visible.

No. 1535654

They must love eachother very much.

No. 1535656

Yyyyeahhhh no. You’re more likely to be 220 at the rate you’re reaching.

No. 1535657

I dunno I'm 150lbs and my legs still look skinnier than that.

No. 1535659

>A community college degree is just as valuable as a degree from an ivy league.

Rachel this is definitely you, there's no one else as stupid.

No. 1535660

Rachel claims to have lost fifty pounds, but she's more likely gained that much putting her at 240lbs at 5'2".

No. 1535663

I'm sorry what? In what universe is a community college degree just as valuable as an ivy league…?

Ivy leagues are usually are a different breed.

Did your mommy hand hold you and tell you that because "mean people" from the internet were telling you the truth because you don't actually have any real palatable skills to be working in a 9-5 that makes the 100k

No. 1535664

Maybe she makes up the extra money from scat porn on the count of her faulty sphincter due to her poor diet.

No. 1535666

She wishes she could do sex work. Nobody is paying for that.

No. 1535672

The devil's trips once more!
Inshallah, she will be single forever.

No. 1535673

File: 1653183328693.jpg (100.85 KB, 1338x1338, Diane Leeds PFP.jpg)

Reminder that that her mother is wearing this PFP on Facebook while she is e-consorting with e-Nazis.

No. 1535676

File: 1653183509364.jpg (65.1 KB, 959x960, WONT LET HATE WIN.jpg)

This too

No. 1535677

Have a feeling her mom was the one that taught her that she was better than minorities because she's white and Jewish lol
That's the energy of San Fran white people.

No. 1535678

Yeahhhh no. It’s been established at this point that it’s only Blaine with the leaky sphincter due to how much dick he takes up the ass.

She isn’t single though. So much for Islam being a “religion of peace” if you’re just going to hope in your drug addled peabrain that she remains single. She’s living the life you wish you had.

Nobody’s paying for that because she doesn’t need the money since she makes nearly 100,000 a year.

In this universe. A community college degree is worth the same amount as an Ivy League one. The only difference is that an Ivy League costs a stupid amount more, and if you deny it you’re deluding yourself into the ideal that Ivy League is somehow better. You’re getting the exact same education from a community college as you are an Ivy League.

I’m not working a 100k job, because I’m not her, faggot.

No. 1535679

Hasn't been established at all, but yeah I do take dicks in my ass. I do have sex, unlike you Rachel.

No. 1535684

>leaky sphincter
>"She’s living the life you wish you had."
>100k a year
>community college = ivy league
rachel sweetie at least try to make it challenging

No. 1535685

File: 1653184129821.jpg (59.95 KB, 696x496, clusters.jpg)

clusters, you say?

No. 1535688

Sure we can argue about that but in her case, it didn't do anything for her unlike many others that have gone to be be relatively successful. The whole point of it was about her, in case your reading comprehension and ability to understand nuance somehow failed you.

No. 1535689

Is her mom lowkey upset that she ended up with an autistic retard like Rachel? I get the feeling that she was hoping for someone brilliant like the Rain Man or whatever idiot savant people are out there but instead she ended up with a fatass she's forced to love

No. 1535692

Man she's a special kind of tard. Not even the veteran lolcows want to associate with her.

No. 1535694

I bet she's bitter as fuck.

No. 1535698

I don't think anyone's ever wanted Rachel in her entire life.

No. 1535703

dont worry about it she was already broken
right and she posts screenshots from here and kf why then?
god your boomer ass gifs and reaction images give you away every time

No. 1535705

Rachel really wants Sephiroth to change her shitty diapers and wipe the yeast cheese out of her princess parts.

No. 1535709

Nonnie, that’s a disgusting thing to say even as a joke, please keep that in the shart threads.

No. 1535714

Rachel is just as disgusting, should we keep pictures of her in the shart threads as well?

No. 1535716

Ope, he admitted it.

Just too bad she has sex too and you’re jealous.

No. 1535717

That’s this entire site.

No. 1535718


-50 respect anon

No. 1535723


No. 1535724

File: 1653185810836.jpg (135.84 KB, 1080x1059, Screenshot_20220219-231500_Ins…)

I may be jealous of a lot of women, but I'm not jealous of the walking yeast infection that is Rachel.

No. 1535727

File: 1653185998421.jpeg (19.7 KB, 299x168, 687A425C-B5C6-4401-870F-282F07…)

No. 1535735

>She isn’t single though. So much for Islam being a “religion of peace”

No. 1535736

No, you all must suffer with me with that mental image.

No. 1535739

Where the fuck did the Islam thing come from lol

No. 1535740

What did I fucking tell you? You give a tranny an inch, they’ll take a mile.

No. 1535742

>She’s living the life you wish you had.

Alhamdulillah I don't live like Rachel, I would not want to live the life of a swine dressed in aliexpress lolita fashion.

No. 1535744

From >>1535672 lmao
Nobody tell her

No. 1535746

I did not post that horrid post, but I will admit I did laugh at it.p

No. 1535750

File: 1653187205290.gif (444.2 KB, 200x202, 7B339BB3-586D-4EAF-ADD5-CE0138…)

What the actual fuck Blaine you degenerate faggot. She is by far less disgusting than you. Do us all a favor and go catch AIDS.

No. 1535753

yeah, you live worse. like a dog in the gutter sucking dick for gristle.

No. 1535754

Does Blaine have a thread on here yet?

No. 1535755

No reading comprehension, check.
Boomer gif, check.
Bad comeback, check.

Calling yourself disgusting is new though Rachel, nice job.

No. 1535756

Bitch you’re more likely to have a yeast infection from the partial orchiectomy you have yourself with a knife alà Chris-chan. You make Rachel look saintly.

No. 1535757

File: 1653187503278.jpeg (29.16 KB, 275x183, A9D93D30-1665-45AD-8E06-CCEBD4…)

what constitutes a boomer gif?

oh right nothing because you only understand fractals as memes

No. 1535759

Why would I need another hole? The prostate is perfectly fine, that's right in the bum. Have you heard of a bidet? It's a glorious thing that you should really try out one day.

Hi again Rachel, this is some of your most schizophrenic spaghetti yet. Keep going please!(scrote)

No. 1535760

no at this point considering you accept blaine as one of your own, you are broken. you are all broken records, assuming, taking advantage of vulnerable people, coaxing people who don’t know any better to believe your lies.

No. 1535761

no one cares troon stop blogposting and post milk

No. 1535763

You are literally schizophrenic Blaine. Go take your meds and sit in the corner until you are ready to apologize for what you’ve done.

No. 1535764

Apologize for what Rachel?

No. 1535765

fucking hell. trying to pin your schizophrenia on her. i fucking knew it. he was trying to deflect for having a leaky sphincter the whole time.

No. 1535766

I think it's clear now and will be even more clear within a month that I don't have schizophrenia, you however, display many symptoms.

No. 1535768

She’s not here faggot. Go live out your diaper fetish far away from any kind of internet access.

No. 1535770

You do have schizophrenia. I’ve seen it. I’m pretty sure your KF thread says you’re literally diagnosed with it. Can’t be arsed to check.

I’m just a farmer. To accuse a complete stranger on an anonymous image board of having a mental illness you do is ludicrous.

No. 1535771

Weak projection Rachel, how was work today? You were posting here and Tumblr all day so it couldn't have been too hard. "She's not here" are you fucking three? Do you not have object permanence yet?

No. 1535774

Rachel shits herself

No. 1535775

Ah yes and Michael's source for that was trust me bro.

No. 1535776

god this isnt even fun to follow anymore… its just a retarded schizo being a retarded schizo with her 'friends' loonie and troonie

No. 1535777

I've got a wild theory. AC and Rachel are working together to throw Blaine under the bus because it's in both of their interests to make Blaine look like he's lying lol

No. 1535778

Rachel you fat lard you're the only one who spergs 'ShEs NoT hErE.'

Go become schmaltz or something, you fat fuck.

No. 1535782

How long do we know that Rachel and Micheal have been in contact? Could it have been for longer? Was he the one who brought her into that server?

No. 1535785

Michael probably reached out to Rachel due to him having a vendetta against Spookybones. But if he actually pointed her at the Farms in the first place (by telling her to go onto the lolcord), and thus set up the whole thing, that'd be quite a twist. I don't think he's smart enough, to be honest. It seems like the whole thing was Elaine's doing until Michael glommed on for sloppy seconds and blew the whole thing sky-high.

No. 1535787

Elaine has indicated that Rachel contacted her first and not the other way around.
So I really wonder just how deep Michael's involvement runs.

No. 1535789

Mike and Blaine are both lying tbh.

No. 1535790

They both have a fetish for young children and pedophiles, it's possible that they knew each other for a while through a discord server. Thing is I don't see why Micheal wouldn't have used her until she did. He never thinks ahead and lives in the moment, so I don't see him having the patience for such an operation.

No. 1535791

Tranny insecure in their weight again, tries to deflect into person skinnier than them. NEXT!

No. 1535792

she doesn’t tho. only one here who does that at this point is the tranny

No. 1535793

tl;dr troon sperging about his unrequited crush he’ll never have.

No. 1535795

awh, sweetie.
its always projection with you, isnt it?

No. 1535797

Now THAT would be an interesting twist.

No. 1535799

yeah. i think the show’s over. time for the cows to go home.

No. 1535801

Rachel is a wonderful cow, she's amazingly autistic. Just because some other tards are shitting up the Rachelverse with their garbage doesn't take away from how seriously fucked up Rachel is.

No. 1535808

Implied "if Elaine is to be believed…" here which is a major qualification.

No. 1535812

Samefag, sorry, but how would Rachel find Elaine, for that matter? Since Rachel's Discord and other info was in the Kiwi OP, it'd be pretty easy the other way around. It doesn't make sense any other way. Elaine is caught out trying to mess with the narrative very early in the Kiwi thread, but not before.

No. 1535818

File: 1653191664334.png (194.2 KB, 720x1276, Screenshot_20220521-225255~2.p…)

M. Night Shamacow of a twist.

No. 1535823

File: 1653192573672.jpeg (127.9 KB, 750x1032, 5A34EF0C-5DAD-42AF-BB24-9C2C4C…)

In milk news, Rachel is harassing the minor again because they made this.

No. 1535824

You quite literally say the exact same shit every time you come here. You have no room to talk about broken records. Maybe, just maybe, if you weren't so retarded people wouldn't have to state the obvious or repeat anything, but they do, because you cant seem to comprehend anything. No one has to believe anything posted here, they do because theres screenshots, you can just look at Rachel's twitter and see the same shit, and she's an obvious liar.

No. 1535827

File: 1653192973520.png (306.54 KB, 1150x1066, racchelcantread.png)

>sHe'S nOt HeRe!

Rachel, the "NEXT!' meme died actual years ago.

No. 1535832

File: 1653193347511.png (54.95 KB, 720x256, Screenshot_20220521-231945~2.p…)

You're a schizophrenic, psychopathic sex criminal Rachel. Leave the minor alone.

No. 1535833

Lmao how pathetic, she's crying to Onionfarms like they'll do something about it.

No. 1535836

Rachel can't even handle herself, theres no way she's putting another person in their "place" including a minor.

No. 1535839

File: 1653194355299.jpg (807.09 KB, 809x2354, Crybabymike.jpg)

Michael is pathetic lmao
He's trying so hard to act like he isn't upset about being banned from KF.

No. 1535843

File: 1653194761745.jpg (561.39 KB, 1074x1364, fatmaldingbertha.jpg)

"She's not here" but Onionfarms

No. 1535846

File: 1653195889542.jpeg (107.61 KB, 750x974, BE9987BB-5B70-4ED8-AB51-62FB2C…)

Not gonna lie, if the kid’s specialty is in caricature art, they could probably do somehing with it. They’re making Rachel chimp out hard lol.

No. 1535848

File: 1653195984832.jpg (1.03 MB, 807x4820, harassingminors.jpg)

The thread for that image is a riot lol

No. 1535849

Rachel keeps denying she's been here but her posts vs the posts made by her WKs are too similar. I mean we already knew that but when she gets mad, she starts sounding the same.

No. 1535851

im beginning to think there needs to be a word stronger than retard for this one.

No. 1535853

Look at those soulless, retarded eyes. You know the chimp inside of her is itching to get out and meltdown.

No. 1535854

TFW one day we are all gonna get robbed of content by a law enforcement agency. I'll be looking for her on court dockets when she stops sperging online.

'Till then, her getting clowned on and eviscerated by little children will never not be kino.

No. 1535856

>how would your parents react if they knew their "minor" daughter was on Twitter since she was 10? How would the staff react if they knew?

I highly doubt either would care. She's not 10 anymore. She said she's 16. She's currently above the age Twitter 'requires' people to be to have an account so they wont do anything, and I cant speak for her parents but its not like Rachel is going to tell them so it doesn't matter kek

No. 1535858

Makes me wonder with how often she targets teen girls and then calls them teen sluts and teen moms, is she projecting because she wanted to be one but knows no one wants to touch her?

No. 1535859

We'll get a prison letters saga, I hope.

No. 1535862

this is actually really flattering, shes not this skinny

No. 1535866

Rachel is the skinniest skinny lolcow.

No. 1535871

Remember when Rachel got clowned on by teenagers on Twitter because she claimed Stanford is an Ivy League university and they were just like “lol no it’s not” and she couldn't even be bothered to Google it and check and looked like a complete dumbass defending herself

And also when she admitted she shits herself daily and has to wear diapers? Truly just a pathetic and sad human. Funny to laugh at, though!

No. 1535873

Few people can match her stupidity.

No. 1535882

Oops sisterssssss. Looks like all your lies got debunked by the cow herself.


No. 1535885

Anyone ever do a reverse Google image search with the photos that she uses as proof? Just curious.

No. 1535890

File: 1653202487635.png (44.83 KB, 720x118, Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 1.53…)

for posterity or whatever

No. 1535892

I mean she's a fat ugly pedo so of course she will stand by Johnny, a fat ugly pedo. She also fits the classic Depp supporter criteria, unattractive and obese beyond belief, failures in romantic relationships and poor.

No. 1535894

rachel no one give a fuck about your onionfarms posts aside from you making yourself look stupid which is almost boring at this point

No. 1535895

>vanilla shit from xnxx or pornhub
aww rachel aren't you gonna talk about your tentaclerape account and all the bee men on there?

No. 1535898

Let’s not forget her choice of porn she spammed someone with the other day. She mentioned that some of those were her favorites as she was spamming lel

No. 1535899

I disagree, nonna. This is good content.


> I haven't paid much attention to the LCF threads since like a month ago, but recently it's been brought to my attention that tongues have been wagging and rumors flying, boundaries being crossed. I'm gonna clear some shit up.

>1. Hygiene.

This is the only hoard of ANYTHING I keep under my bed. This is all soap, lotion, bath bombs, shower jelly, shower gel, body scrubs, hand cream, bubble bath, whatever from Bath and Body Works and LUSH Cosmetics. Besides that, I only sometimes collect Rubba Ducks. Family tradition.

>This is as it appeared before I moved to my new house with my boyfriend. This isn't even all of it, as I still had things I bought the day before that I needed to put away, as well as lip balm and many other things in "overflow" drawers. Part of it gets used every single day, in my soap dish, in my shower, in my bathtub, on my vanity. I shower every day and wash my hair every other day with Viori shampoo and conditioner, dry it with cold air, then apply hibiscus oil. It isn't treated with chemicals or heat at any point. My hair is my pride and joy, healthy and long, and shines like bronze in the sun. I haven't had acne for roughly 10 years at this point. Shaving your body hair at the behest of men who "wouldn't fuck you otherwise" is stupid. I don't care if you wouldn't fuck me, there's a good chance you're an incel and a 110% chance I wouldn't fuck you either. Sour grapes on your part. Body hair prevents chafing and skin infections.

>There will always be a kindhearted Chad willing to fuck me and love me whether you like it or not.

And it goes on.

No. 1535903

holy hoard, half of it is probably expired, do you guys think she uses it anyway?

No. 1535904

File: 1653204579145.png (33.81 KB, 765x236, welcome_to_the_sisterhood.png)

"transgender attention whore"

kek, remember when we were TERFs?

No. 1535906

Not a chance in hell. I have never heard of Viori until today. I looked it up and what do you know, a lot of people say it makes their hair dry…

No. 1535907

The expiration date is just a suggestion nonna. I forgot a bottle of Snow Fairy in the closet for 3 years, came back, and despite how the glitter had settled it was still good. LUSH product does keep for practically forever; the only things that have strict expiration dates are the face masks.

No. 1535908

Could depend on the type of hair.

No. 1535911

File: 1653205071517.png (187.71 KB, 493x354, kindhearted chad.png)

No. 1535912

huh so thats where that rancid grease smell is coming from

No. 1535914

well, i guess that solves whether or not she’s still talking to AC.

No. 1535915

It still smells fine. Lathers, cleans fine. The glitter is just cosmetic so I don’t really care. Shit’s too expensive to just justify throwing out when expired.

No. 1535916

just dont hoard overpriced soap?

No. 1535919

I don’t. This little bottle was a gift at a Christmas party from an aunt who was big on Herbalife and all that MLM crap.

No. 1535926

adding onto that. their perfume doesn’t expire and is really good. i’m allergic to something that’s in many body products like soap, shampoo, other perfumes etc. but lush doesn’t bring on migraines so they probably don’t use whatever ingredient it is

No. 1535955

File: 1653210437518.png (509.62 KB, 372x627, lol fat.png)

kek, is her "husband" really calling women fat now?

No. 1535957

but they’re not married? she has him blocked.

No. 1535969

Samantha (picrel >>1535955) has him blocked? I'm going to need receipts on that. Or is this Rachel making it about her when for once it isn't?

No. 1535972

oh shit that’s what you meant kek.

come to think of it mike probably does have a crush on her.

No. 1535980

She's fat but still prettier than Rachel. Kek.

No. 1536011

All of those products look unused lmao

No. 1536021

File: 1653224476453.png (484.01 KB, 465x625, 1653198331326.png)

here, posting the image since people keep referencing it kek

>expiration dates don't mean anything

No. 1536049

Looks like she has a hoarding problem lol.

No. 1536059

File: 1653227013115.jpg (72.11 KB, 1059x440, 20220522_094327.jpg)

No. 1536064

She’s so stupid and always volunteers info no one asked for because she thinks it’s a win.

No. 1536071

I can't believe she's LARPing moving with her bf after buying a house. If she did, which we know she didn't, she bought in the worst market in American history and wasted several hundred thousand on the market inflation. But of course she would pretend that getting scammed by a shit market was a huge dunk on the haydurs.

No. 1536099

File: 1653230570879.png (14.2 KB, 720x101, Screenshot_20220522-094147~2.p…)

Rachel I simply posted what you said in other places, it is your words.

No. 1536107

This is genuinely disgusting and sounds like more virgin shit. Don't know any adult woman who would feel like this is a flex. Especially if they've had sex on their period.

Her "clarifying" post is too retarded to read, and unless theres proof of her claims then it might as well be fan-fiction.

No. 1536126

Nta but it's true that shaving your pubic area can make it more likely for you to get stds because there are microwounds. Though other body areas don't really matter.
The thing is, she could get a bf if she went for someone in her range, fat ugly and poor but she's probably expecting a perfect guy. It's almost akin to mediocre men ending up single and bitter because they want women out of their league.

No. 1536181

File: 1653238473569.png (11.26 KB, 942x116, hairbrushhandle.png)

lol why does she think owning a dildo is some kind of slam dunk? she's said this same shit about the hairbrush handle multiple times before. i wonder if she doesn't even own one herself and this is another weird ass projection of hers

No. 1536182

Rachel, you should've posted that on Kiwifarms.

No. 1536192

If she’s still on the hairbrush thing, 100% she does it herself lol

No. 1536205

Yeah I mean you can't really beat anonymous women for casual verbal brutality, I don't know why she is so afraid of them over there. Also it looks like Naught is still trying to wrangle her which is pretty funny if she keeps denying that she is becoming the next CWC, because Naught's whole gig was wrangling CWC until….uh, yeah.

No. 1536210

She's online on OnionFarms trying to explain away everything.

No. 1536214

File: 1653240341504.jpg (1.21 MB, 809x2927, rachelonion.jpg)

She really believes herself when she says this shit

No. 1536223

I found her paternal uncle on Facebook weeks ago but didn't post because it's irrelevant and against the rules but can confirm that as far as I can tell it sounds accurate for him as far as I could tell. But this level of oversharing in situations like this. Genuine lolcow shit, lol.

No. 1536233

Removing body hair especially via means of waxing leaves skin especially vulnerable to abscesses, folliculitis(pimples), skin irritation, infection, and ingrown hairs. You’re also ripping off the uppermost layer of your skin. Shaving doesn’t as long as you’re gentle, but does leave you at risk of ingrown hairs, skin irritation, pimples,

Vellus hairs or peach fuzz (short body hair other than the hair that grows long on your head or coarse at the armpits and groin) does protect from chafing, but primarily serves as a means of keeping warm or cool as it wicks away sweat from the body or keeps body warmth in.

Not gonna post pictures of folliculitis. Look it up yourself if you wish. Most of us have had it at least once in life.

No. 1536235

and you’re not listening?

No. 1536240

rachel stop

No. 1536244

>it's not that I'm lying about having so much sex

sobbing this is not what normal human being say
rachel never change, you kissless virgin

No. 1536245

Why would we listen to a known compulsive liar lmao. All the shit on KF and here is really getting to her huh..

No. 1536251

Why? Rachel can't even be honest when she's looking at her threads, why should I believe anything she says?

No. 1536254

why would we do that?

No. 1536256

File: 1653242250478.png (35.31 KB, 695x284, bath bombs.png)

Remember when Bath Bombs had a minor role in the Isabella Loretta Janke story? Lolcow Farms remembers. (Bella=NP2348, Luize=Louis, her #1 simp.) The merge is real shit, nonnas.

No. 1536259

ILJ's toe funk vs Rachel's yeast cheese, who would win?

No. 1536275

who’s to say she has been lying? her parents obviously don’t care or think she’s right. either that or she’s out of their house and out of her hair. wouldn’t be surprised if she changed her home address and got a new ID at this point.

No. 1536276

Well, dark leg hair is unfortunate, but even if one decides to not remove it, there’s always bleach!

No. 1536278

Why would changing her home address stop people from making fun of her on the Internet? The Kiwis even found >>1536256 after she changed her name.

No. 1536280

ILJ had vag yeast cheese so it's 2v1
rachel has no chance against the fungal queen, even as naaasty as she is

No. 1536282

excellent point anon, she should bleach it. theres also nair, but we all know shes too poor to afford such products, she has to hoard lush from the dumpster behind her local strip mall for christs sake!

No. 1536283

>wouldn’t be surprised if she changed her home address and got a new ID at this point
what good would even that do and where did you get that idea? post caps.

No. 1536287

LUSH doesn’t throw out unused product. They donate it to homeless shelters. She spent her own money on it and just bought a house, so obviously she’s not poor.

No. 1536288

She did not buy a house, not only is it ridiculous on it's face I'd have seen it when I was taking a deeper dive into her. Receipts or it didn't happen.

No. 1536292

shes stealing from the homeless? its worse than i thought.

No. 1536295

Rachel hasn't bought a house. Maybe she bought a dollhouse with her annual income. Or a cardboard shack.
She hasn't changed her name either, because that information would be publicly available. We also have an idea of what she changed her name to because she isn't very smart about it.

No. 1536296

guys i still caant get over the fact that she said she puts the trash in her sock drawer so her socks smell good imagine the smell of her toe cheese. barf. are we sure she doesnt have foot fungus?

No. 1536298

opffff nair costs like 5$ at any drug store. she can afford it.

No. 1536299

not if shes apparently homeless now

No. 1536300

how dare you, she has a trash box palace that cats could only dream of

No. 1536303

In this fucking housing market on her salary? Come on lol. Rent where I live is around 2k which can be almost as a mortgage payment. A glorified minimum wage job would have her scrimping for money unless her parents wanted her the fuck out and gave her the money cause they finally realised how much they coddled the fat cow

No. 1536308

yeah rachel you totally bought a 2+ million dollar house (the only houses for sale in her zip code and she said it was like 15 minutes or walking distance from her parents)

No. 1536313

Or she could bleach it and dye it all sorts of crazy colors. That would be cool. >>1536292

Nah, she’s too good for that. She bought it with her own money. Plus homeless people are too filthy for her to touch. She wouldn’t go dumpster diving for that same reason.

I’d actually need to double check what they do with unsold product.

Definitely not. We have a picture of her legs. Her feet are fine.

She couldn’t be posting if she were. Im going to go ahead and throw in the thought that this is all a conspiracy theory and we haven’t been talking to her at all. Maybe this is all some elaborate hoax that a man or woman has been doing for a long fucking time. Maybe she stole and edited someone’s ID and name and put her picture on it or bought a fake one.

No. 1536315

>homeless people are too filthy for her to touch. She wouldn’t go dumpster diving for that same reason.
rachel i get that you're trying to refute your overwhelming grossness, but talking like this makes you seem neither clean nor endearing.

No. 1536316

Not Rachel trying to say she's never been here

No. 1536317

don’t forget raccoons! (come to think of it she does look a little like one)

there are some pretty decent shotgun houses in menlo at gettin near woodside plaza. wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 1536318

Anon I’m a med fag. I’m in med school.

No. 1536320

kek no one cares

No. 1536322

I could believe she was stupid enough to try to buy a house right now if she wasn't sitting in her parents house as we speculate this.

No. 1536323

wtf does that have to do with rachels grossness

No. 1536326

File: 1653246124102.jpeg (378.58 KB, 750x1025, 3A5538A0-A3F6-4D2D-8D75-8434A7…)

Well. I wasn’t completely wrong.

No. 1536327

File: 1653246232164.jpeg (162.08 KB, 750x1004, 18E08C13-AD15-4355-82C6-382FB8…)

Yeah sorry for showing power level.

Because she doesn’t actually appear physically gross. We’ve seen her legs, her feet, her face shoulders and hands.

Adding onto >>1536326

No. 1536329

no one cares

No. 1536339

You care enough to reply kek

No. 1536342

Rachel is physically repulsive and she refuses to accept it or change.
She always bitches about a society that acquiesces to men but is the biggest pick me that has ever pick me'd. But still, nobody picks you Rachel.

No. 1536344

Nonnie, stop being more embarrassing than the cow please.

No. 1536357

File: 1653247987535.jpg (280.39 KB, 1058x736, Typicalrachel.jpg)

She's too funny.

No. 1536363

Heehee and the faggotry about calling everyone her continues.

No. 1536366

not as funny as watching the people on this thread.

everyone here is a cow except the cow.

No. 1536368

Rachel you can't even admit you're directly posting on your thread. Nobody's gonna take your word for it.

You're a pants shitting fat malding zoophilic pedophile.

No. 1536379

File: 1653248732699.jpg (727.08 KB, 1080x1826, wking.jpg)

Posted without context.

No. 1536380

That's hilarious considering that she was the one that sent porn and gore to minors, not us.

No. 1536384

She posted a whole deal explaining that she was in the right, a OF user pointed out that's exactly what a pedo would say, she ignored it and picked a fight with UH and GroundPound69 instead of addressing someone giving her valid points.

No. 1536387

That user is also a cow who was made in the end of UH's thread named Ichthulhu. He self inserted to the ILJ saga and is rushing to now. I agree those were good points to bring up though.

No. 1536397

File: 1653249638336.jpg (263.78 KB, 1080x798, alogz.jpg)

Groundpound living up to his name.

No. 1536409

File: 1653250436633.jpg (962.25 KB, 904x1847, catwhore.jpg)

Cat autism

No. 1536412

Dude leave the cat alone. It’s a cute cat.

No. 1536413

so… you just proved she’s not a zoophile because you shared a post of her cat curled up on what is presumably her bed.

No. 1536416

Rachel quit posting in your thread pretending to be other people you toxoplasmosis infected zoophile

No. 1536417

File: 1653250834330.png (273.41 KB, 1323x475, Pressed Canadian.png)

lol Michael is so pressed he got eviscerated by a site full of women he's made a whole ass thread on a forum nobody goes to where can cringe at…anonymous posts? I guess everyone needs a hobby.

No. 1536418

His hobby is hating women because he can't be one.

No. 1536422

Aw I wanted to like you but I can see that edit button…

No. 1536429

sad trombone music.

No. 1536430

yup. called it. she’s not a zoophile.

No. 1536433

I take my Ls with a little bit of cream and sugar.

No. 1536434

Stfu zoophile we aren't talking to you

No. 1536437

God damn I wanna sign up to be a farmhand to just mark all her posts so casual readers know which ones to skip.

No. 1536438

She has to use a VPN because she's been put out to pasture so many times. She keeps coming back while denying it, like herpes.

No. 1536441

Michael, I see you lurking.
Screenshotting posts for random.txt is lazy, come have a nice chat. Rachel bites but we don't. As long as you get your rabies shot you should be fine.

No. 1536444

year old cringe at that, he must be scrolling through that thread masturbating

No. 1536460

I found a mention of her here;


It is gibberish to me, maybe an anon more versed in the role playing scene could enlighten us. The user posting is an ERPing gay man from CA but who lives like 6h from Rachel so I doubt it is anything IRL.

No. 1536471

nah I glanced through it, that particular thread looks like a notebook for RP/story junk, at most it looks like rachel created her sera character (but credited as bea l?)

looks like they rp in script style, maybe for a fake tv show, no part of me wants to read this lmao

No. 1536472

This is in relation to RL stuff.

I think Turqu is Jennifer Mayben, and Sefi is named Will. They're both Sephiroth roleplayers. She's been at this for 12+ years if the dates are correct.


They directly reference her birthday here.

No. 1536495

>Jennifer Mayben
This is the girl Rachel tried to claim died for pity points and she got outed for that, too. So I'm gonna need some really high quality receipts to show that she's mixed up in this. If this is Rachel, bitch, how bad a memory do you think we have? We're only as forgetful as all of us.

No. 1536496

ah so this is the sepiroth that she fell in love with and harassed for roleplaying with other women. this is probably why rachel thinks shes bisexual, she could fall for anyone so long as they pretend to be sephiroth.

No. 1536498

I'm talking about the people mentioned by Rachel. She mentions Jennifer (Turqu) and then Sefi (Will) and about how she's in love with them in real life.

They aren't involved, but they are mentioned by Rachel. It's some weird line between reality and roleplay because they're doing this in character, they're talking about other people who roleplay but Rachel wants to be in real life love with them.

No. 1536503

oh sorry the nonna and this gets interesting and tbh explains a lot. so this weird forum is a window on some of her ship-driven relational insanity. back to basics then?

No. 1536515

Precisely. Now if this was 2009, Rachel would be 15 years old? Anyway, a whole ass minor.
She pursued Sephiroth roleplayers and then fell for them in real life. Yes, what >>1536496 said is true. They were all Sephiroth roleplayers.

Sefi was in the same age range but I believe Jennifer was an adult and she was writing highly sexual roleplays with adults and other people online at that age, which is why I think she feels like she can behave the way she does towards minors because that was how she was treated.

It's fascinating to see a past Rachel. But we also have new aliases she's gone under during that time.

Bea L., Sera Roth.

I have a feeling one of the accounts posting on that forum is her but I'm not quite sure which one it is. I'm sure there's more to uncover.

No. 1536524

hmmm I can't find Jennifer on facebook anymore, same anon as found her the first time. She probably put her head down as soon as this shitshow started though tbh.

No. 1536536

>which is why I think she feels like she can behave the way she does towards minors because that was how she was treated.
Hit the nail on the head. There's a tendency with terminally-online people, especially when autism is involved, to basically not realize how old they are and have no intuitive understanding of the division between minor and adult. Especially if the real-life milestones that generally develop a person's identity as an adult don't really happen, which is increasingly common with millennials and zoomers not moving out, not getting married, etc.

People like Rachel grew up in a different internet era where people's online identities weren't as tied to their real ones and having your age publicly available was less common. Lying about your age to get access to websites you shouldn't be on, rp with adults, look at porn was common and kids didn't and couldn't expect special treatment. She's having trouble adjusting, clearly

No. 1536541

>Hit the nail on the head. There's a tendency with terminally-online people, especially when autism is involved, to basically not realize how old they are and have no intuitive understanding of the division between minor and adult. Especially if the real-life milestones that generally develop a person's identity as an adult don't really happen, which is increasingly common with millennials and zoomers not moving out, not getting married, etc

Chris interestingly enough developed a nearly autistic fixation on the age-barrier of 18 and a lot of people thought this was because his parents were scared of him getting snagged in a TCAP-style sting so practically beat it into him. Something it seems Rachel would've benefitted from. And honestly even some of the gross scrotes in her age group who get caught grooming minors might be in a similar position. So still inexcusable but makes sense, peoples identities are all kinds of fucked up in her transitional millenial/zoomer cohort, it's why so many of them troon out too.

No. 1536555

She didn’t try to claim they died.

No. 1536557


No. 1536559

Check one of the previous threads, can’t be bothered. Must have been between 1 and 4 or one of her suspended Twitter accounts she said she never said her friend died.

No. 1536560


No. 1536561

Go look. Can’t be bothered.

No. 1536563

its okay rachel, i know how lazy you are.

No. 1536564

File: 1653261378316.jpg (292.55 KB, 796x987, Dead.jpg)

First thread if you wanna check yourself.

No. 1536568

Literally EZ.
Went to first thread, searched Jennifer and boom.

Fatties gonna fat, can't even use a search function.

No. 1536569

File: 1653261607713.png (67.97 KB, 971x405, Jennifer.png)

Receipts (sanitized per rules) on Jennifer being substantially older. Not all that much younger than the birth mother, even, I don't think.

No. 1536576

They were fucking around when she was 14-15? Sheeesh.

No. 1536581

samefag, I don't think I'm allowed to post them in their entirety either but I found at least 2 emails from 10+ years ago for this woman as 'godsephiroth' or 'sephirothgod'. she is starting to look creepier and creepier.

No. 1536582

i wonder if she knew rachel was that young but rachel cant see her as a bad person, and thats where her whole "whatever happens to a minor is their fault" thing comes from.

No. 1536604

Just Jennifer "in a deeply committed relationship with my beloved demon" Mayhall sounding rather Rachel-like. The idea she was groomed into it/is imitating Jennifer is starting to make a lot more sense.

it's not Jennifer Cornet I actually felt the need to check

No. 1536605

File: 1653264764275.png (1.33 MB, 1672x699, Jennifer Mayhall.png)

pic, sorry

No. 1536610

Rachel was groomed into turbo autism

No. 1536614

So if Rachel is the victim, why are we attacking her?

No. 1536616

clinically impossible.

No. 1536619

IF, and thats a big if, she actually was groomed shes still a horrible person, and no one attacks her except for children and she thinks its okay to go even harder at them, so even if people did it would be kind of deserved.

No. 1536620

because she's 28 years old and victimizes others now
this jennifer creep is an explanation not an excuse nice try rachel you're still not defensible

No. 1536624

I can't see shitty larping due to an occular condition I have so I've been ignoring Rachel, if we all ignore her she may finally admit she's here.

No. 1536630

>this jennifer creep is an explanation not an excuse

A thousand times this. Predators fall into a few different categories and one of those are social deficients who are childlike themselves in certain ways. A lot of actual sex offenders are like this. What I'm saying is Rachel does not have more of an excuse than a lot of the scrotes who do this shit who are as autistic as she does (just look at the kind of weirdos who have been on TCaP.)

No. 1536633

Rachel isn't a victim, she's a volunteer at this point. She willingly does stupid shit that bites her in the ass.

No. 1536650

Seconded. The coomer guy from the server, Dan I think it was? He said she was all doing this for attention. So if we stop posting, she’ll utterly wear herself down.

No. 1536651


she is a victim, and we are attacking her. she isn’t an awful person, given we only know her online persona. chris-chan documented his autism and faggotry with a camera.

No. 1536654


Huh how odd, there aren't any posts here. Bet Rachel is busy steaming on Twitter and Onionfarms too much to larp here finally.

No. 1536655

Don't need video proof to know she's a lolcow.

No. 1536660

Rachel is losing her mind. She feels justified in attacking a child. How embarrassing.

No. 1536667

File: 1653270187720.png (253.88 KB, 540x960, sephiroth_accent.png)

Top is some Facebook random she was sperging at, bottom is Jennifer's Pinterest. The accents are different (and "sephìroth" is proper for the Qaballistic practice in French, sez Google) but "Sephìroth Nikolai", etc. just keeps bringing up Jennifer. Am I tinfoiling or no?

No. 1536669

I mean Jennifer was a Sephiroth at some point and that's why Rachel is so obsessed. They had many lovers spats over the years and then Rachel decided to pretend she was dead instead of doing the bare minimum to look.

No. 1536671

She's sent gore and porn to minors, she's a terrible person. The victim angle is only speculation by farmers unless you want to admit Rachel

No. 1536672

It's like CWC. His past doesn't excuse his present. Rachel's past doesn't excuse her present.

No. 1536674

Rachel also shits her pants just like CwC.

No. 1536681


More Jennifer stuff and it gets weird here … it looks like Jennifer is LARPing as a foreigner (rather like Rachel did????) but from Iceland? I would almost believe it was some other deranged bishie-coomer but too many similarities are stacking up including a reference to "Plots of Doom"

No. 1536684

Hands up if you think her mom is one of her lovers since we’re going down that road lel.

No. 1536693

Gfs: Her Mom, Rosachu
Bfs: Sephiroth(wishes but he's engage to Ines), Magician, Mewtwo, Sonichu, Male Version of Herself(so her).
Yeah that math checks out.

No. 1536707

I know I'm late but did some digging. There are no property records or anything relating to home buying under Rachel's name in San Mateo County, nor are their any records of a recent home purchase or anything related under her parents Trust (only records related to their home purchase under the trust)

Yet again, Rachel is a liar.

No. 1536741

The Rachel thread on OF has been locked. Apparently she's too autistic for them too.

No. 1536742

That’s what she gets for constantly shitting up her threads >>1536741

No. 1536743

Some days I feel like the farmhands have just given up trying to farmhand this shit, which is pretty impressive considering the shit they've been through. Rachel really is in her own league.

Even Kengle decided he wanted none of that, Null doesn't want any part in it. And they've seen some shit.

Rachel is unwanted by even them. She's too autistic for people who started their journey with Chris-chan and the early internet tards.


No. 1536744

lol Kengle is a lolcow himself nonna let's be absolutely real

More importantly what the fuck did Elaine mean by this https://www.onionfarms.com/threads/look-at-that-catwoman-faggot.2354/#post-34604

No. 1536746

Rejected from a good school(had to settle for community college).
Rejected from roleplaying.
Rejected from LCF.
Rejected from Kiwi.
Rejected from OF.
Rejected from other lolcows.
Rejected from new lover Micheal.

Rachel-Chan must be doing a lot of stress sighs, her love quest has really taken a dive to even below bedrock where it was before. Now she's already spedrun to being denied posting everywhere.

If she got reported we could have the jail saga pretty soon too. What an amazing cow!

No. 1536749

Anyone notice her biggest spergouts are always on Sundays?

No. 1536754

Doing the Lord’s work on a day of rest by giving us fodder for the farms to work with lel

No. 1536756

It was already addressed as not being like that. She didn’t say Jennifer was dead, retard.

No. 1536757

Bless. Since that's cleared up now, can we hear a little bit more about the nature of their relationship?

No. 1536762

Read >>1536564

>Far as I'm concerned, she died from leukemia

Idk sounds like she assumed Jennifer died lol

No. 1536765


Went to a good school.

Not rejected from RPing, just rejected by sheep and retards.

Ines exploited her vulnerabilities to take her ID and thus this whole shitstorm started.

Didn’t want to go on Kiwi to begin with, so make accounts and locked them so nobody could impersonate her.

Is more accepted at OF than Blaine is considering the faggot has been banned there many times and just keeps on coming back.

Accepted by other lolcows.

She and Michael were never together and are never going to be together. She. Hates. Him. Get that through your thick skull.
Then that’s your own delusional mind making assumptions. Go take your meds.

No. 1536770

File: 1653279505170.png (12.39 KB, 188x144, elainepeek.png)

Rachel, sincere bit of advice. I was in the lolcow.farm Discord when you got roped into giving your ID to a random person who isn't Ines. You were already calling this individual by their Discord handle elsewhere so it is not a secret. If you're not letting Michael point you at people anymore, stop letting Elaine do it.

No. 1536771

Rachel just admit you're posting here. Stop looking like a retard.

No. 1536772

Dude even if she did it wouldn’t help or stop anything.

No. 1536776

She can't even be honest about something so small, it's no wonder nothing she says is believed because she lies more than she tells the truth.
I'd have more respect for her if she at least owned up to it, but she's spent weeks denying it at this point.

No. 1536785

So what was a middle-aged woman doing roleplaying anime sex with an autistic preteen exactly

No. 1536791

Rachel you're retarded, you clearly have the hots for the tranny and AC, Ines too. You're obsessed with them.

No. 1536793

Pedo shit. Rachel seems to be into that sort of thing though with age gaps and wanting to call her lover daddy

No. 1536796

Gross. I think she would have put that into her kinks though if it were true.

No. 1536800

Until a farmhand labels which posts were hers, far as I’m concerned she hasn’t been here.

No. 1536801

Rachel, according to your Twitter, you learned the word “malding” just recently which hadn’t been part of any of the LC threads except for the last two(?). Quit trying to act like you haven’t been lurking here you pedophilic cow.

No. 1536802

She did.

No. 1536803

File: 1653281060868.png (171.29 KB, 720x1078, Screenshot_20220522-234204~2.p…)

Bye Rachel, your schizophrenic ass has gotten boring.

No. 1536806

File: 1653281253592.png (690.29 KB, 964x1278, sephplsno.png)

>what was a middle-aged woman doing roleplaying anime sex with an autistic preteen exactly
What indeed.

Bonus: Jennifer appears to have a child, too, 12ish, probably a boy. She had to chose a username for him for his school art program. At least, I hope that is the only reason the account name starts with "Seph" and she has not gone and done something like name her child after him.

No. 1536808

Onionfarms whines about LCF, about Rachel, but Michael lurks her thread ready to screenshot any crumb of content for OF.

Thought she wasn't much of a cow? Apparently Mikey is really invested in this thread.

No. 1536809

Nonna she did name her kid Sephiroth…

No. 1536811

Micheal furiously coming up with ideas for revenge, his Nazi hovel flush with meth fumes as him and Elaine cackle.
Truly the villains we deserve.

No. 1536812

I honestly can't tell. It looks sort of like that but it is a username not the child's name, so there is still hope, but even that would be ultra cringe. I'm off to look at some birth rolls hopefully now.

No. 1536813

Idk why but I remember someone mentioning it, how this Jennifer person has a kid named Sephiroth and another kid named after her OC she shipped with Sephiroth….dunno how true that is, or where it was mentioned but I've heard that floating around.

Gives you an idea of what kind of people Rachel associated with.

No. 1536817

Rachel, you made one KF account and have had many, many usernames. You could still be impersonated. Also you cant "lock" an account.

No. 1536818

File: 1653282280198.png (486.39 KB, 720x877, Screenshot_20220523-000343~2.p…)

Rachel's subconscious is trying to say something here.

No. 1536821

okay, no one cares. You dont have to announce it because again, no one cares. You could just…not say anything. No one besides Rachel (kek) will follow your lead because yo- I mean her posts are obvious so just like, stfu.

No. 1536822

>Nah, she’s too good for that. She bought it with her own money. Plus homeless people are too filthy for her to touch. She wouldn’t go dumpster diving for that same reason.

the fact that you would use this as an opportunity to shit on homeless people instead of simply saying rachel wouldnt steal from homeless people or in general is absolutely astounding you really made yourself look horrible in this rachel or not

No. 1536823

She has no regard for other humans. She's seriously the most selfish, self-absorbed landwhale.

No. 1536828

>”Accepted by other lolcows”

fucking kek, Bertha just has to fight and argue against every single thing said about her, she’s here arguing that she is accepted by other pathetic humans that are nothing more than laughing stocks of the internet and acting like saying this is some sort of “gotcha” to anons. it would have been better for her to just be like “uh yeah I’m not accepted by those weirdos, fine by me” but she just cannot give any sort of satisfaction to anons, her retard brain will not allow her to agree with anything that we say here even when it’s slow pitching her a potential win. what a fucking loser lmao

No. 1536840

File: 1653285659929.png (1.27 MB, 770x1027, chris chan.png)

>Get that through your thick skull.
also the DIRTY, CRAPPED BRIEFS from the previous thread. the similarities are piling on, it's a shame he's in prison or she would have been welcomed in his polycule

No. 1536845

didnt you go to retard school?

No. 1536852

No? I live in Ohio.

No. 1536858


No. 1536860

In her words, only she’s not. She’s clearly a very caring bright woman who keeps the people she loves away from retards like you. She’s kept her partners from you. One of you tried to contact her mom and failed. Her parents don’t care. She isn’t a child, she isn’t under any kind of curatorship and can’t be since she pays/paid her parents bills.

You are not seriously fucking targeting a minor and proving my point right about you.

She didn’t. Nowhere in her kinks did she say that. Stop assuming.

Tl;dr tranny. If someone is friends with any farmhands, go get them. We need a tard wrangler.

She doesn’t. You keep bouncing between “Mike has a crush on her” or “She has a crush on Mike” when in reality you’re just smoking crack and that is what is making you act like this. You are on crack. You’re more likely to be a pedophile yourself. BLAINE is more likely to be a pedophile himself. She’s given us her kinks, told us what she’s attracted to, written it out in black and white in her OF thread, and you choose to turn your head away, plug your ears and squeeze your little eyes shut all while screaming “I pretend it doesn’t exist!” repeatedly.

Who fucking cares? She likes cats. It’s funny.


You think she’s seriously going to come out because one person said “Come out, come out, we promise we won’t hurt you anymore”? You’re fucking nuts.

You have called her a pedophile, a zoophile, a retard, a pants shitter, kissless, dirty, ugly, face blind, fat, diaper wearer, every disgusting name in the book and not provided actual concrete proof that she is any of these things.

Even if she WAS here, she’s never going to admit it. You fucked up.

No. 1536861

okay berchel

No. 1536862

actually thats not true
for example the second that she posted proof of her (your) table that everyone thought she (you) lied about everyone shut the fuck up and never really brought it back up again
ill be completely honest i dont know if admitting to posting in her (your) own threads would stop people from making new threads but it would make people stop talking about it as much
optionally is just… stop looking at these sites
its clear that its not good for her (your) mental health or social life
block these sites find a new community leave people alone and work on yourself in therapy
therapy isnt bad its not a trick it really does help if she was (you were) honest and put in the work being stubborn and entertaining people by simply acknowledging them isnt working in her (your) favor
she doesnt (you dont) have to leave the internet you could just work on herself (yourself) and keep a low profile
dont expect anyone but a trained professional to help fix her (you)
never expect any friends to fix her (you)
that is emotional labor that could strain any relationship

okay anon (rachel)?

No. 1536863

>Even if she WAS here, she’s never going to admit it. You fucked up.

we have nothing to lose whether or not you admit to being here youre the one fucking up posting here and pretending not to be here
you know what would convince us that youre not here?
stop posting in your own thread
practice what you preach: dont like? dont look

No. 1536873

Mmmm actually you’re wrong, anon. It has been proven that she shits her pants and wears diapers. Confirmed. No other way around it, it’s just a fact.

She’s provided proof to us of this herself, as well as everything else listed (pedophile, zoophile, and fat being the main ones). She’s distraught that everyone knows the truth about her now and trying desperately to hide it all, but the damage is done and she’ll just have to… die mad about it.

No. 1536876

>she isn’t under any kind of curatorship
what a flex, i'm sure all the other retards at your school were jealous of you

No. 1536900

yeah no tranny that’s only you

No. 1536902

LMAOOOOO Blaine give it up. Everyone here knows about your leaky sphincter now. You tried to pin it on poor Rachel.

No. 1536903

it’s not confirmed and it’s not a fact, you’re just fucking disgusting.

this has gone beyond just touching the poo, you’re rubbing your face in it.

No. 1536905

File: 1653297760596.gif (1.73 MB, 317x498, B7EEEF63-B1F9-470C-A5D8-07F93A…)

Not has she proven she’s a pedophile, zoophile, or fat. You’re just supremely retarded and need your electronics smashed.

God Blaine. You’re such a tranny faggot. You were the one to bring up the diaper post. Fucking disgusting. We see right into your psyche and there’s no redemption. Stop taking advantage of actual women.

No. 1536906

She’s not here dumbass. Go cry about it.

No. 1536907

She’s not fat. Deal with it, or go work on yourself you used up hag.

No. 1536915

I would bet actual money that even if she did say she was here, nothing would get better.

You need to accept the fact that therapy doesn’t work for everyone. Why pay for someone to only tell you “I can’t help fix you, only you can do that”? If I were in that position, I’d rather talk to a rock for an hour and a half. It isn’t a matter of not being able to afford it. It’s a matter of knowing yourself and whether or not YOU think it will work. If someone doesn’t think it will work, it won’t. I’ve seen all of these amazing therapy stories but it’s all just fairy tales and Hollywood bullshit. She shouldn’t have to leave a community she loves being in just because some faggot got jealous of the attention she was receiving and began duping gullible morons in the same community into blocking her and telling everyone else to block her. The anger and mocking should be going to them, not her.

Most of these people blocking her are Gen Z, children and young adults who have never experienced any kind of hardship. They created cancel culture, calling people “toxic” and the mob mentality trends that encourage people to block without knowing the story behind what is going on.

Our younger siblings and cousins are monsters of Millenial’s and Gen X’s making. We failed them. I don’t fully understand how it happened.

No. 1536920

its not about things getting better its about the principle and having enough self respect to be honest
how respectable is a liar anyway right

>You need to accept the fact that therapy doesn’t work for everyone.

there are thousands of therapists out there and just because you had ONE shitty one when you were a KID doesnt mean its all like that
a LOT of people have had their fair share of shitty therapy that doesnt mean you just rule out that therapy doesnt work at all otherwise NOBODY would get better
you are constantly begging for people to help you so WHY NOT get a therapist? why expect people you hardly know to do the job of a therapist by managing your anger and bad behaviors? if you wanted to change for the better you wouldve taken the initiative to do it yourself by at least trying instead youre choosing to be a pussy

>Why pay for someone to only tell you “I can’t help fix you, only you can do that”?

youre also in california where theres TONS of therapists and psychiatrists that are covered by even fucking state health insurance (medicare/aid) so dont say “why pay someone to say they cant help you” when 1. its ILLEGAL to not have insurance in california and 90% of them have full or partial coverage of mental health services 2. again theres thousands of therapists if by some bizarre chance a therapist actually says they cant help you then you find another one

>If someone doesn’t think it will work, it won’t.

crazy how therapy literally fixes that

>She shouldn’t have to leave a community she loves being in just because some faggot got jealous of the attention she was receiving and began duping gullible morons in the same community into blocking her and telling everyone else to block her.

do you even hear yourself? you go on about how youre bi and that you live in san francisco and youre all about trans rights and pride etc but youre not even practicing what you preach youve been deadnaming (which youve screamed about for yourself), misgendering (something you sperged about multiple times in your threads and twitter) and using homophobic slurs
this isnt normal or socially acceptable behavior
also this makes it so obvious that its you because thats an INCREDIBLY selfabsorbed summary (if you could even call it that) of your situation

>The anger and mocking should be going to them, not her.

ever heard of “common denominator”?

>Most of these people blocking her are Gen Z, children and young adults who have never experienced any kind of hardship. They created cancel culture, calling people “toxic” and the mob mentality trends that encourage people to block without knowing the story behind what is going on.

this is literally how boomers talk please get a reality check soon
also arent a lot of the people blocking you the same age as you??? if gen z (aka kids) people are blocking you then why do you care i thought you dont talk to minors
i for one would not get mad because a minor blocked me

>Our younger siblings and cousins are monsters of Millenial’s and Gen X’s making. We failed them. I don’t fully understand how it happened.

please stop im embarrassed for you

No. 1536933

getting blocked on twitter is a hardship? okay berchel

No. 1536939

This is why she will never admit to anything. It takes a whole lot to build up hope in a person and very little to dash it.

You get more bees with honey than vinegar.

No. 1536941

You may be the rare voice of sensibility, but the others have further driven her to a point where there is nowhere where she can feel safe to be vulnerable and kind like she might be in real life. You get none of the goodness out of her because with every wall you break down, she builds 3 more.

No. 1536947

sounds petty and immature she should just say it for her own conscience and self respect and not look like a coward

>You may be the rare voice of sensibility
this isnt the first time ive said any of this stuff in your threads youve chosen to ignore them until now

>but the others have further driven her

cut the shit
i get that in some situations people can behave irrationally but the way you react and handle things is on YOU not those people on top of that you would be reacting like this if 1. youd stay away from people you claim are terrible to you 2. youd go to therapy and work on your behavior
no more blaming others for yourself period

>where there is nowhere where she can feel safe to be vulnerable

the internet is a huge place you can go into literally any other community and people wont start shit with you unless you act like a bitch which again for the millionth time im suggestion therapy because itll help you not be a bitch when youre trying to make and keep friends

>You get none of the goodness out of her because with every wall you break down, she builds 3 more.

i can honestly say that nobody itt cares about you being vulnerable and if they do its at your expense
youre not supposed to be vulnerable with people you do not know especially in an environment where people are shitting on you
therapy teaches you all about that shit

and if goodness means being a decent person then im sorry to break it to you but thats immature petty and manipulative
you should just be good and if people are treating you like shit you dont do the same you just walk the fuck away

No. 1536984

you're always telling us to cope and seethe and be mad and cry, but everytime you open your mouth we're amused by your grandiose displays of autism (and concerned sometimes about your interactions with children and animals). you wouldn't be on your 7th thread in two months if your whole existence wasn't comical and bizarre.

No. 1537008

Holy shit Rachel thinks I don't sleep.

Get a therapist, yeah you do have to work on yourself mentally they don't instant fix you. Lazy fatty, stop blaming kids for your own decisions to fail.(namefagging)

No. 1537011

Fuck it double posting, Bertha I got set up by people for my Kiwi thread and I bitched about it way less than you. Most things were false that were said against me. Instead of flailing like a faggot loser I just gave other farmers milk on Mike to ruin his credibility. It's so fucking easy to just not be a cow.

No. 1537012

It would be a kindness to yourself to get therapy or go back to the manatees where you belong. Either one.

People again have tried to help you and you chose to shit on it as always lol. You’re hopeless.

No. 1537049

>You are not seriously fucking targeting a minor and proving my point right about you.
lel are you seriously comparing a very carefully redacted screencap to sending actual porn to kids?

No. 1537052

You sent porns to kids, I saw you. You also shit your pants and are jealous of Blaine who doesn't shit his pants. Cope and seethe.

No. 1537056

>You get none of the goodness out of her because with every wall you break down, she builds 3 more.
that sounds like a personal choice tho? goodness requires no vulnerability and you can choose to be good even here. start today it's as good a day as any
or you can act like >>1537052 but that behavior is why no one likes you and why you keep getting made fun of here

No. 1537061

>I just gave other farmers milk on Mike to ruin his credibility.
I'm loath to admit the namefagging tranny has a point again. We have yet to see Rachel's receipts on Michael. Where are the receipts, Rachel? We want the receipts. That's the best thing to do when telling someone to fuck off in this situation. Unless, of course, Michael with a history of blackmailing women has something on Rachel too. I hope it isn't some gross n00dz but I wouldn't put it past either of them tbh.

No. 1537067

>youre not supposed to be vulnerable with people you do not know
This jesus christ. Rachel I know this sounds crazy because your parents apparently left you alone as a preteen to smut up people three times your age and this was probably a deeply confusing upbringing, but random strangers on the internet aren't supposed to see your vulnerability. They're not supposed to "help you". You're shitting on therapy when that's the only place you can actually get what you're looking for from randos online.

No. 1537069

File: 1653318521007.png (925.37 KB, 951x1527, jennifer_steam.png)

More Jennifer stuff, here's her Steam account https://steamcommunity.com/id/GodSephiroth

Lots of things in the profile (picrel) jump out as sounding like Rachel. And of course her ass is into DDLG shit.

Age 39 is a lie, of course. I'm still trying to figure out if the kids really are named Sephiroth and something else from the game or worse.

No. 1537074

This woman is 58 but her child is 12??

No. 1537077

hmmm >>1536569 could be mixed up about her age (happens with the people search sites sometimes) or the kid(s) might be adopted; but even if she is 39 that means she was 25+ when ERPing with/grooming Rachel so still yuck

https://www.facebook.com/sephygirl Sephiroth-fangirl facebook acct seems like it's Jennifer's

No. 1537078

File: 1653319518392.png (27.57 KB, 498x165, jennifer lol fat.png)

I have only been able to this garbage quality pic but it confirms my suspicions that Jennifer is fat with the face of a potato.

No. 1537103

>talks out loud to the demons possessing her
>animal hoarder

Well at least she's putting her insanity out there in the open.

No. 1537119

Rachel having a freakout claiming she's the true victim while I was sleeping? Typical.
Gmorning nonnas, another day is here where Rachel is fat and angry. She needs her diaper changed.

No. 1537121

Multiple people including myself have given Rachel good advice on how to better herself and told her to go to therapy. Her response is to always argue and tell other people to pay for her therapy. She doesn't want help, she doesn't want to change, she refuses to see that she's the common denominator when the FF fandom, Arcana fandom and multiple twitter users have had issues with her- enough to keep tabs on her and come out to talk about it all on her threads. Not to mention the shit we've seen her cause in discord servers. Theres screenshots of her acting the way she does and she copes by saying they're photoshopped or "carefully curated" even when its proven they aren't. She wants to blame everyone else for her issues instead of facing reality, getting help (professionally), and being a better person. Its hard to feel sorry for her when she just refuses good advice and continues acting the way she does then lies about it. She can keep being her, and we'll keep talking about her. These white knights aren't all that different from her, (if they aren't her) and also refuse to see proof and instead make excuses and repeat the same shit over and over. They aren't even worth reading or responding to anymore. The only way they're helping is to get her thread filled up and on to the next. Nothing will change.

No. 1537124

File: 1653323216724.png (91.9 KB, 530x218, unknown.png)

Meanwhile, Michael has been restored to his original moderator position by his fellow overt pedophiles at OnionFarms, where one can only assume massive, massive gayops are still underway. This is after it was taken away when he was originally halaled on KF.

No. 1537125

To add onto this, Rachel herself has said everyone else is the problem, not her.

No. 1537126

"Only she is a victim.
Only it isn't a good morning.
You are fat and angry Ines! Only Blaine needs his diaper changed! Tranny reeeee. Cope and seethe about it."

There that's the Rachel response we'd get repeated the whole thread so no need for her to post.

No. 1537128

Of course they did. But I see they've tard wrangled Rachel and locked her thread where she wrote a million excuses for her behavior.

No. 1537129

Hypothetical response:
Thank you Rachel, very cool!

No. 1537132

The one time I extended a hand to her, she quickly went to asking me to talk to someone in the fandom to unblock her and never replied/acknowledge any of my suggestions.
I truly believe there are people, even here, that would help her the best they can. But, just like a therapist, you need to take in consideration about their suggestions on bettering yourself. Yeah it would be nice if the world would change, but "only it won't". If there are a lot of random strangers splerging that there is something wrong with you that needs fixed, you need to take a step back and look at why they are saying it.
Yeah, most of it is BS that they come up with to piss you off because you are their entertainment.
Ugh, I would go on but honestly I know she won't read this and won't take any suggestions.

No. 1537135

File: 1653323946268.png (41.23 KB, 678x292, ghoulie-spooky-sock.png)

Not this again, I thought the "Ghoulie is a Spooky sock" narrative would die out during the namefagging slapfight. Oh well. And I thought the other one was a fairly obvious DBS sock.

No. 1537136

File: 1653324042068.jpg (302.72 KB, 1037x1158, gp69.jpg)

Rachel is on conspiracy theory hours.

No. 1537140

To be fair I thought Groundpound was Melkor from KF, but idk. Could be DBS.

No. 1537145

File: 1653324313684.png (48.1 KB, 1258x355, fatty patty.png)

yes she does

No. 1537146

I cant find the screenshots since they were so long ago but she's posted some tinfoil conspiracy theories on a couple of her old Twitter accounts, the more recent one was about covid and Russia?? I'm pretty sure. Don't take this for gospal since they could have been 2 seperate ones and I'm just confusing them

No. 1537147

As a bit of an armchair detective who's been correct at calling out everyone so far due to how they talk I'm more inclined to lean Melkor than DBS. Either way they were smart enough to bail last night so idc.

No. 1537148

She posted about it on Discord too.
Always on those conspiracy hours.

No. 1537150

Rachel, you are a 28 year old woman. Nobody else is this entire world is responsible for protecting your feelings, and certainly not anybody on the internet. The problem is YOU, and how YOU respond to others. That means YOU need to be the one to fix it, not anybody else. You claim other people are the problem because they instigate shit with you, but this is implying that you have zero ability to self-regulate and keep yourself from responding to them. If this is the case, then that’s fucking abnormal and DOES require help of a mental health professional to fix (which would track since your parents sent you to a mental health facility in the past). If it’s not true, then you’re just admitting that you are indeed choosing to respond to people that “trigger” you and therefore, it’s still your fault.

Tl;dr… grow the fuck up and take responsibility for your actions, or continue to cope and seethe about people making fun of you on the internet and eventually just die mad about it since it’s something you’ll never be able to change if you keep providing the milk

No. 1537153

I wouldn't even say most of it is bullshit. Most of it is true. Only a very small percentage is possibly made up. But it doesn't really matter because she denies the truth all the same.

No. 1537154

We won't ever know because she insists on lying.

No. 1537155

I saw the full documents on KF. The denied permanence of the restraining order is what gives her the confidence to act the way she does and allows her to say “Cops don’t care and you can try all you want lmao uwu”

No. 1537156

Jesus fucking Christ. I'm not a Spooky sock, Rachel. The more you keep trying to push that the more retarded you sound. We don't even type the same. Actually I don't even care if you think I'm a Spooky sock. (not sure how Spooky would feel about that though)

No. 1537159

She said she didn’t want to be involved but since Rachel keeps doxxing her and harassing her online, I hope that some day shit will hit the fan for Rachel because the court documents are solid proof that the fat delusional cow needs to be sectioned or something.

No. 1537165

I think the cops would like to know about her activity with minors.

No. 1537167

File: 1653325565661.png (614.42 KB, 1610x1301, melissa.png)

court documents check out

No. 1537169

Rachel blames her when she was the one harassing Melissa at work? Wow lol

No. 1537171

39 lines up with her having that much of an interest in FF7, that would have made her a teenager when it came out. But why is she dumping all of her sexual fetishes on Steam of all places, wtf

No. 1537173

same I saw the docs on KF the height and weight unknown crossed out and rewritten as 250lbs is hilarious

No. 1537177

kek yeah even if that is Melissa getting a passive aggressive jab in it's hilarious

No. 1537180

File: 1653326196305.png (97.83 KB, 1038x342, jennifer mayhall pardee.png)


Look at this. The DOB is about right to be >>1537069 and since the pic in >>1537078 is such shit it is hard to tell but it could be the same woman, but got (re)married. Thaxton is in Lee county/Tupelo area so that checks out too.

No. 1537181

250 lbs of Big Bertha

No. 1537185

Which website is this?

No. 1537186

samefag; the only thing that is bothering me is that the 59yo seems to be linked with David Lee (mentioned in thread #1/on Facebook) and has the Sephiroth-related emails (GodSephiroth, the Steam account and FB are GodKrampus) but these people searches get their wires crossed sometimes, i'm still poking around

No. 1537188

collage of the personal info off ancestry and the pic is from pinterest

No. 1537192

I think we've got the right person. The 59 years old deal might be a fluke but I'm pretty sure this is her.

No. 1537209

File: 1653327963667.jpg (59.92 KB, 492x681, seph.jpg)

Yes, yes she did name her child Sephiroth, or maybe just Seph. From Aunt Brittany's facebook (see Brittany on the art project as well.)

I'm dead. Take me away.

No. 1537211

i love that lmao. i once heard about a sesshomaru or maybe sasuke baby but this made me lose it just the same

No. 1537214

"I named my child after the psychopathic villain from a mainstream video game, I totally am mentally stable enough to be a mother."

No. 1537216

Oh no lmao. Cloud at least wouldn't be too different from hippie-era names like Skye, Rain, Phoenix, ect… Poor kid's gonna have to explain why he's named after a fictional mass murderer and consumer of planets for life.

I don't think I even want to know why you'd ever want to name your son after the object of your sexual fantasies.

No. 1537217

File: 1653328421197.png (22.99 KB, 517x149, botel and david lee.png)

And here's David Lee mentioned on Brittany's Facebook. This settles it for me >>1537192 nonna you're right I think the 58yo Jennifer (born Feb 1964) is a real person but the people searches messed up and connected her with David Lee Maben and the Sephiroth emails which belong with Jennifer Mayhall/Pardee (born Mar 1983)

No. 1537225

Names from FF7 she could have used:

Hell I'd name my damn kid Red 13 before I'd name them after a villain who has a meltdown over not being a real boy.

No. 1537251

Kek, I don't know what would be worse.
Her son growing up and living up to his name (either physically or mentally)
Or growing up to be a gross weeb that would be the opposite.
Why people name their crotch goblins after sexual fantasy characters is beyond me.

No. 1537254

They name a kid after a sexual desire, pedophilia.

No. 1537257

lets not forget the DDLG shit (and the other kid seems to be a daughter)

No. 1537268

File: 1653330928458.jpg (311.23 KB, 640x1420, jennifer witch.jpg)

And here is a current Jennifer, from her sister's FB.

No. 1537269

File: 1653331090414.jpg (59.4 KB, 540x960, young jennifer.jpg)

Young Jennifer, showing that 2 kids, an abusive relationship, and staying inside cooming to Sephiroth did her no favors over the years in the looks department.

No. 1537270

File: 1653331132742.png (68.67 KB, 560x816, 1647886027503 (3).png)

Damn, and Rachel got this upset over her?

No. 1537273

Seems like Jennifer also didn't want to deal with Rachel's brand of cray-cray

No. 1537276

File: 1653331615053.jpg (474.94 KB, 1900x799, creepy child.jpg)

We also need to talk about the child modeling pics that are all over Brittany's Facebook. It is all this 11-yo if not younger girl who anon here >>1536813 says is named after an OC shipped with Sephiroth (as in her brother). The pics I don't wanna get into posting too much of but also they are in the public eye already. The girl is striking this goffik pose with a dour expression but I can't shake the feeling that she doesn't want to be doing this. I don't know if you can say overtly porny but there is something sexualized about them too. It's all really gross.

No. 1537280

File: 1653331829865.jpg (165.48 KB, 640x1420, witch2.jpg)

No. 1537294

Found the info on that OC that she named her kid after


No. 1537301

"Araina?" nice find nonna

It's almost a normal name. Why do parents need to inflict even unusual spellings on their kid I don't know and why you wouldn't think it is kinda creepy to name your kids after people who you imagine fucking. These people are not well.

No. 1537304

Rachel really knows how to pick people to want to neck herself over.

No. 1537316

File: 1653334070272.png (71.6 KB, 783x271, knight in shining Hugo Boss.pn…)

Meanwhile, everyone's favorite pedophilic Canadian Nazi continues to white knight Rachel extremely hard. Bear with me nonnies because it's easy to just meme around and say lol they're e-fucking he likes fatties but given his patterns it actually makes sense. When he was e-fucking those 2 kiwi girls and using their nudes to blackmail them 1 of them is quite good looking (has an OnlyFans) and the other is kind of passably cute in a mousey sort of way but definitely not the kind of girl who gets a lot of attention for her looks. For these guys who like to play pimpish mind games this is ideal in order to play them off each other. The other thot that Michael is currently playing around with is, of course the conventionally attractive Elaine, recently caught on a hot mic making fun of Canada >>>/snow/1537081 so we'll see how well that works out, but all the better to play his new harem off each other in manipulative games. It's what he does. Even in the messages from his ex-wife she talks about how he would always say this Suicide Girl from Canada was hotter than her. Same mind game. Classic pimp shit.

I just hope neither one of them has given him any nudes, revenge porn/nude blackmail is his M.O., and that both of them are content to have an insane stalker for the rest of time who has a history of actual irl violence against women.

No. 1537327

Ew Michael the only one obsessed is you. You're gonna end up like the tranny who envied women and killed them if you keep this shit up. You're always getting into women's business and then being offended by it. You literally spend all hours of the day alogging but you claim everyone else is the alog.

If it hurts you so much, stop. This doesn't need to concern you yet you keep inserting yourself. Do you want attention? Fuck off, nobody here wants you.

No. 1537335

something i kind of wonder is whether jennifer groomed her at all, what if she lied about her age and jennifer found out and stopped talking to her, or she just started acting crazy and it drove her away, wouldnt be the first time..

No. 1537340

they are still friends on FB for whatever that is worth

No. 1537351

Didn’t this person ask to stop putting her job and name out to the public?

No. 1537363

File: 1653338398007.png (29.94 KB, 543x127, lcf_doxing_rules.png)

AYRT. Hence the full name is redacted? I'm not posting any socials or anything unless there's milk but this incident and if we can learn more about it is certainly milk. Anyway it's not like Rachel doesn't know who it is. It's all public record anyway but more importantly I'm doing what I can to abide by the rules and if farmhands feel I'm not then I'll get the message if they do anything about it and in that case I apologize.

No. 1537365

Yeah, I’m trying to understand too because last I heard the person said their work place isn’t tied to her out to the public and and has been requesting to stop putting the name out there. If isn’t against the rules I understand.

No. 1537366

samefag sorry but forgot to type that the whole business with Melissa and her place of work was aired already in thread one (linked somewhere above) which is actually considerably worse than the picrels above given that it could show up on Google. Just saying.

No. 1537373

Could have sworn in the other thread someone asked if that was considered a dox. Correct me if I’m wrong cause I’m just a bit confused. And thanks for all the corrections.

No. 1537485

Grapeful Dead is an Angry Canadian aka Micheal Thurlow sock. Not only does the post history give it away, but the name is a dig at Spooky. That account posted on Rachel's thread back on April 12th.

He's known of her that long and I can confirm she only joined the discord we were in back on the 17th of May.

No. 1537509

Mikey really can't get over Rachel, can he? Tbh not even Blaine/Erika was all that interested in her until Mike decided to be autistic about it.
He's such a bad liar lmao

No. 1537525

If Rachel won't play his games anymore then his whole strategy is fucked. The role of the ugly girl in this kind of pimp dynamic is for the pimp to say to the hot girl look you're nothing to me I'd just as soon be with the ugly one. It is classic. And if the ugly girl isn't listening to his sweet nothings anymore and the pretty girl is in leaked audio making fun of him, then he is really up shit's creek, kek.

No. 1537542

His kingdom is crumbling but at least he's a mod on a dead site.

No. 1537554

Holy shit he literally took Blaine/Erika's place. What a clown!

No. 1537578

File: 1653355471541.jpg (185.45 KB, 1024x723, mischling.jpg)

Just Elaine in Discord casting doubt on whether the Nazi is actually white…kek. This is going swimmingly for him, lmao. It gets better and better. https://files.catbox.moe/ypg8xg.mp3

No. 1537602

You think this Melissa bitch is compensating for something by calling Rachel 250 pounds?

No. 1537604

You probably are 250lbs Rachel, leave Mellisa alone.

No. 1537610

Leave Melissa alone you ingratiating retard. There's a reason the temporary restraining order was a thing and if I were her, I would have started up the process again when you started doxxing her again.

No. 1537612

Not everyone you think is her is her, nona you delusional fuck. Rachel has already told us she weighs 140. Just for that, I think I’ll dig up more dirt on this Melissa bitch.

No. 1537616

Tell us more about how you get horrifically angry about being fat instead of just dieting or exercising.

No. 1537618

Seriously, stop whiteknighting yourself you stupid fat cow. You really don't want smoke with the wrong people and one of these days you will mess with the wrong person. I am looking forward to that day.

There is no way your fatass, manatee looking self would have been able to lose the ~120 pounds within a three year period knowing how you eat. The most recent selfies don't lie. The only people who would probably want to touch you are feeders to make you bloat flabby self in to an early death because the fat sweats you get from eating huge ass sundaes yourself turn them on.

No. 1537620

In related news, the fat bitch went back to harassing those minors (the ones she sent gore to) from weeks ago

This woman really has a problem with minors and yet she wants to be a mother so badly lmao

No. 1537624

Just for that, I think I’ll dig up more dirt on this Rachel bitch.

No. 1537627

Just for that I now believe Rachel kills kittens in crush videos to make her money.

No. 1537628

File: 1653359336191.png (243.46 KB, 720x1161, Screenshot_20220523-212644~2.p…)

UH left Onion farms and after lurking for a day Rachel finally decided to strike. Not only do we know she projects everything so these are her insecurities, she also tries to halfheartedly disavow Mike while making excuses as to why she's still talking to him.

He's got her wrapped around his finger.

No. 1537630

File: 1653359536544.jpg (174.53 KB, 800x557, Shiner-on-Hook.jpg)

thanks for bringing milk nonna. the rest of you bitches need to calm down.

For the record, trying to make "us" look bad by advocating harassment and way over-the-top posts in general is very much the M.O. of some of the principals here. Don't get baited, nonnas. People are running gayops for non-Rachel-related reasons, even. Idiots like Michael live for this shit and the spergs from Twitter will get theirs too if they cross the line.

Back to discussing Rachel, anyone?

I am getting huge groomer vibes from the whole Jennifer thing. Whichever age difference is well over a decade. Seems like Rachel really emulated her in a lot of ways. Patterned herself after her even. In addition to or as a part of whatever else is going on. If Rachel shows up again I hope she tells us something about this instead of engages with the kind of galaxy brains we've got shitting up the thread.

No. 1537632

Just something to keep in mind the scrotes that run that site (Kengle and Naught, and the same goes for SIG and co on lolcow.org) have been known to hijack people's accounts for the lulz. Usually it's pretty obvious. I don't really think this is what happened here but just saying in general since I'm seeing a lot of caps from that shithole.

No. 1537634

File: 1653359837121.png (30.85 KB, 720x152, Screenshot_20220523-212959~2.p…)

Totally agree, I've seen them use accounts multiple times in lame bids at laughs.

Here's the part that stuck out to me, she wants farmers to fix her. It's so on brand with how she was speaking earlier.

No. 1537635

She's projecting hard in that cope, lmao.
What a sad little fat ginger gremlin.
In related news I went to a zoo yesterday and saw a rhino, it reminded me of a cuter (albeit much more dangerous) Rachel.

No. 1537636

UH wrote this post. Tranny rage.

No. 1537637

She was retweeting stuff about being non-binary just the other day. It's amazing how unaware she is.

No. 1537638

Nah it's consistent with Rachel's style. It's her.

No. 1537639

How is us telling her to go to therapy breaking her apart bit by bit? She's so delusional. Us telling her to get help and be a better person. Whatever, she can stay the piece of shit she already is, just gives us more milk.

No. 1537640

Rachel has learned to parrot what popular people say on the surface even though she doesn't believe it to try to gain sympathy and trust. >I'm not racist. I'm not transphobic.
Type shit. But as soon as she's made angry…
>Fat sand nigger! Ugly tranny! Kill yourselves.

What she doesn't get is parroting things won't fix her severe mental issues. She needs a lot of therapy, inpatient care and then a long term facility to fix her damn mindset.

No. 1537644

Rachel needs a labotomy.

No. 1537645

Rachel has always been jealous of Melissa and now an "anon" wants to dig up dirt on her.
Hmmm, definitely not suspicious at all. Definitely not Rachel! She would never hunt down an innocent woman over roleplay related shit.

No. 1537647

If you're not Rachel, UH was the Erika account.(pretty simple to find out so I'm pretty ashamed of you anon with how much Rachel's accounts been capped already)

No. 1537655

She’s never going to get therapy or anything at this rate. There isn’t enough here to even get her arrested.

No. 1537656

samefag as before I think she is pretty obviously pressed by the whole Jennifer story starting to unravel. I for one would like to hear from her about this part of her life because it would help explain why she is who she is today.

No. 1537657

Nah she's got enough for an arrest. Just needs the right person to compile and pursue the maximum sentence.
…Well, time to consult the kiwi lawfags.

No. 1537658

>There isn't enough here to even get her arrested.

But there might be offline that might get her arrested considering there was an attempt to get her sectioned that was unsucessful in one of her twitter rants that she posted. Unfortunately, we'll never know unless we land on that.

No. 1537659

Someone has access to California records who has been slowly linking info. I wonder if they're gonna be able to uncover it. I know there's a Cali paralegal in the roleplay community but I don't think they're the one leaking docs.

No. 1537669

You know what, I've been shown this for quite sometime and I've been actively ignoring all this because I have other stuff to handle. But this will be my first and last time typing here.

I've constantly asked to have my legal name and private work place not put out into the public. Sera, this is my last time I will talk to you here since you've ignored me on my dead account.

You yourself promised me to leave me alone after you and I came into a mutual agreement to leave one another alone. I myself tried HARD to help you, give you advice often before of what not to do and what ways you should care for your mental health when you get angry.

I already told you time and time again to please leave me alone and to please stop bringing up my name while I am currently suffering so many losses in my life that I've gone in a severe state of depression and trauma of my loved ones leaving the earth and seeing them pass in front of me.

Learn when to stop. Learn to stop fighting people when people just want to be left alone. Please stop bringing me up in personal spats with people when you yourself told me in a discord call you would leave me alone and understood why I did what I did and we both apologized to one another.

Please move on for people and keep doing other things to push yourself for the best and not continue to go to your downfall.

And to everyone here. . Please stop putting my private information.

No. 1537672


Oh damn.

No. 1537676

Rachel has had both Margo and Hyde show up here to speak to her, the two people she harassed the most. And still wants to cry she's the victim?

She refuses to acknowledge what she's done, and now I bet she'll pretend she isn't reading just to throw it in everyone's faces.

Thanks for dropping by.

No. 1537677

I think you’re going to have a better chance of reaching her with this message if you reach out to her personally. This is just inciting further drama. Farmers cannot be reasoned with.

Whoever tipped you off and sent you here is not the best person to be associating with.

No. 1537678

The most reasonable person here is probably the tranny.
Source: Farmer who loves Drama

No. 1537679

She shouldn't have to go out of her way to acquiesce to Rachel's demands. Rachel abuses people in private because she doesn't like when they have people to support them.

Absofuckinglutely not. Us farmers are infinitely more reasonable than Rachel even on a good day.

No. 1537680

Agreed with the poster who told you that whomever pointed you in this direction may not have your bests interests at heart.

You deserve your peace but just know if you needed anything, there are people out there who will have your best interests at heart and will give you that support.

Farmers here at least have some sense of what lines not to cross it seems (ie, pedophilia as shown by us ragging on Rachel for that)

No. 1537681

i guys i think hyde talking about the times her legal name has been dropped itt earlier… please respect her wishes
i know the records were public i just wish that people censored her name out of respect because its obvious she wants nothing to do with rachel and her bullshit

please shut the fuck up this is super retarded of you to say

No. 1537683


I do not want to go out personally to her and yes I agree that people who showed it to me might have not been right with showing it to me because it takes a toll on my mental health completely. The fact of the matter is that I have an inkling as to who is saying this makes me wanna say:

Please leave me alone, please leave others alone. I know you can find alternatives to learn how to cope with your mental health properly because you did show me before how to do so when you asked me for advice and I was proud of you for that.

Please don't continue to harm yourself to harm others. I know you can stop this.

But please please please, stop bringing up my life and work. My private life is really important to me right now that I'm continuing to stay private especially to help my family pay off 14 funerals of my family that passed from COVID-19

No. 1537684

This is the dumbest advice you could possibly give. If you aren't Rachel you're just as stupid. Rachel always asks people to contact her personally. Hyde has already spoken to her privately and Rachel said she'd leave her alone- yet that hasn't happened. Any time their drama gets brought up Rachel starts talking about her using her real name again, which she told her she wouldn't do. Even when Hyde has nothing to do with it, Rachel can't be a decent fucking human being and stick to her word. Farmers, oddly, are much more reasonable than Rachel.

No. 1537687

I want my name, my address and job name to stop being posted. That's one of my only wishes.

Thank you and I am sorry too if I'm doing this all wrong on here I just wanna be left alone to grieve with my life

No. 1537688

And yet they kept posting Hyde’s info.

No. 1537690

You're fine, you don't deserve to be dragged into this. Go relax offline and hopefully farmers will have enough etiquette to censor next time.

I think whoever posted it will be cautious next time.

No. 1537691

Who are you, stranger?? Were you the semi sane and reasonable one from before?

No. 1537692


Well, look at that. You're so obvious even someone that isn't a farmer can spot you from a mile away.

No. 1537693

LOL for the love of God stop dropping her Internet name after her real name has been dropped, that's worse than dropping her real name alone. Think, anon, think.

Second, third, and a thousand times to anon who said that whoever is contacting these people doesn't have their best interests at heart. There are people who get their kicks harassing and manipulating people and those are actually not the people who make up the regular visitors to this website. I'd add that unfortunately other people have decided to involve themselves with Rachel's life and manipulate her basically for their own amusement. Fortunately they are getting exposed here already. Them pulling these kinds of frantic games just shows how pressed they are at this point after having been exposed. Sorry to Melissa who is getting roped into the weird extra stuff but I also think that this whole thing originated with some good old drama between the two of them so maybe let's not get all up in arms about drama discussion which is, unless I forgot, the point?

No. 1537694

Some people are jumping into this shitshow late and don't know.
Unlike Rachel they aren't being malicious about it.

Jesus Christ anon, don't be a dick. Nobody here is trying to cause direct harm to any of the victims. We've had a few visit before.

No. 1537695

Is there any possible way anyone can go back and remove my information and real name? and can my real name stop being used? Please and thank you I prefer being called hyde

No. 1537698

Shut the fuck up anon, her internet names been mentioned multiple times. It's not her real name. She's fine being called Hyde.

No. 1537699

They're pretty bad at preferred names around here.

No. 1537701

I'm sure farmhands can help clean up. It might be harder to get info redacted from KF because they're not particularly fond of redactions but I'm sure someone can help.

No. 1537703

You can try going to meta and asking the farmhands to remove it, I can't say whether or not they will, but its worth a shot.

No. 1537705

you’re trying to get rachel arrested and put in jail like chris-chan, or to kill herself. aren’t there cows who have killed them selves over kiwi?
as someone who has considered going into law and has been through a messy legal battle on the wrong end of the law before… there probably isn’t enough information to get her arrested.

No. 1537706

Errr depends on which post you're referring to. But just chalk it up to whomever you think it is lol.

No. 1537707

I don't know anything about KF I don't know if someone can relay the message to them. But I'm gonna stop here. Thank you guys for being so supportive.

But Sera, I'm going to keep calling you Sera. I want you to strive for the better and stop entertaining people. Move on for your greater good. I want the best for you.

No. 1537708

Are the people who wrote >>1537693
and >>1537680 the same?

No. 1537710

Do you know why I said "think, anon, think?" Because you still aren't. And this is good advice for her too. If her real (first only) name is there then who cares? Nobody will find her. If her Internet name and first name and connection to a bunch of retarded drama is here? She will be easy to find. The best way to hide is to not draw attention to yourself and limit the number of pieces of information about yourself (Internet name and real name being two different ones, anon!) that you share in the same place. This is common sense stuff. I'm not gonna minimod but it's by no means a foregone conclusion that her stuff is going to be taken down and every time you post more identifiable information about her you are just screwing her over more.

No. 1537711

Meh. I wouldn't be too pressed if something unfortunate happened.
Rachel has shown no remorse, so I feel no remorse for her.

Do a flip. In Minecraft, of course.

No. 1537712

How do we know this is still Hyde and not Rachel or a WK trying to scrub the information that proves Rachel was taken to court for harassment?

No. 1537714

lol literally no ones tried to do any of tat and we're not on KF (but no if you actually look into it and not just what people want you to think)
Your knowledge of law is shit.

No. 1537715

Not the same people.

No. 1537716

Re-upload it with the victim's name redacted.

No. 1537718

Nothing on KF gets deleted. Hyde is likely S.O.L.

No. 1537719

Swear to God.
Censoring a name isn't like removing the whole document.

Y'all really need to stop before you post and think if you want to look more embarrassing than I do before posting.

No. 1537720

That’s UH right there. They said something on Twitter about having Rachel kill her self, then doubled back with “In Minecraft of course”

No. 1537721

see: >>1537695
and then do a flip.

No. 1537722

Erika, I appreciate you and your posts even when you're not thinking lmao

No. 1537723

I'm namefagging, see my above post.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1537724

I don't know what's going on but yes, I just want my stuff removed and not have ties to her anymore. If it's possible, cool. If it's not. It sucks. I just have to grin and bear with it.

No. 1537725

The thoughtless ones usually bring about the most humor, which even at my own expense, is still good to me.

No. 1537726

It's a meme, retard. A lot of people say it.
Now go step on a flaming Lego in Minecraft.

No. 1537728

You can edit posts on KF…

No. 1537729

Go take a look. First name only, no address. People really need to calm down about this to be honest and this tinfoil >>1537712 is starting to make sense to me a little bit. Anyone who might want to look more into Michael Thurlow pretending to be other people for convoluted reasons is on brand for him, especially if this one starts getting agitated.

Why should she care if her first name is there? Why so pressed about that and not the place of employment? The whole thing is off to me and I don't see why we would have to redact anything more than the already redacted screenshots. This is an (attempted)restraining order against the cow. Pretty sure that's milk.

No. 1537730

Simple, censoring the victim is fair play and doesn't remove evidence of the document or the crime.

No. 1537731

I just don't want anything involved with my name and work with Sera anymore. I understand trying to get more milk from her but I just want my name, work, etc. no where connected anymore.

No. 1537732

Restraining order or not, it didn’t work which is pretty lulzy since I’m pretty sure Rachel can’t drive. LA is a long way from where she lives, how does Hyde reckon Rachel was going to come get her? Reckless.

No. 1537733

Uhh.. Saying “in Minecraft” and “do a flip” is not specific to any one person. It’s something said all over the internet to get around “hate speech” punishments from various social media platforms. You’re fucking retarded

No. 1537734

Restraining orders dont only protect people from in person issues. Talk about lulzy.

No. 1537737

Didn't rachel threaten harm on her or something?

No. 1537738

I don’t remember that being mentioned.

No. 1537739

I have no idea how it started but now that there are all these people in there talking about how "Hyde" should be off limits, my ears are ringing and I'm going to find out. If it's milk, so will the rest of you.

No. 1537740

again with anons itt implying that anybody else is responsible for someone’s feefees on the internet. yes there have been subjects on KF that have killed themselves but it’s not the fault of anybody on KF. most of those subjects did fucked up shit (like Rachel) and received warranted backlash for it (like Rachel) and were fucked up massively in the head, did nothing to help themselves, and blamed everyone else for their problems instead of getting help or idk, just being a less shitty person (like Rachel)

nobody fucking cares if the internet hurt your precious little feefees and none of us have any obligation to protect or help or “fix” you Rachel, get that through your dense fucking skull and realize that is never going to happen

No. 1537742

I thought Hyde explained here >>1537669 >>1537683 as to why she wants to be left alone anon.

No. 1537743

Sounds like something Bertha would say. “Wow someone told me not to do something so I’M GONNA DO IT MORE TO SPITE YOU ALL”

Not saying this anon is necessarily Bertha (suspect) but anybody who says shit like this is a retard and if this isn’t Bertha, then you are just as retarded and shitty as she is

No. 1537744

if by “semi sane” farmer you mean the anon that posted >>1536862
and >>1536920
and >>1536947
then no the anon youre replying to isnt me but this should be enough to show you that a lot of people other than myself are constantly giving you good advice in your threads

No. 1537745

Could just be spiteful. Spiteful people shouldn’t be fucked with.

No. 1537746

and as long as she isn't involved in some kind of bizarre roleplaying drama that makes me worry about any minors involved like absolutely everyone else who is popping up here, then she'll be boring enough not to post, won't she? Because I'm curious in what situation you wind up in a fight with Rachel online. Because it is not about makeup. Somewhere else in one of these threads it's mentioned that it was a Sephiroth-related battle of wills, in which case…

No. 1537747

I unno I fucked with AC and Rachel and it worked out pretty well for me in the end.

No. 1537748

Oh no, big bad spiteful anon. So scawy.

Anyway, according to the court documents: no, she didn't threaten her but harassed her and possibly (hyde wasnt very clear) showed up to hyde's job to harass her there.

No. 1537749

Literally this all started about a roleplay ship just because my friend wanted to ship with an OC I had.

No. 1537750

you were banned from OF again. that isn’t “working out well” for you.

No. 1537751

I literally don't care even if I was lol.

No. 1537752

Actually it sounds like it is. OF is dead. No one should care about getting banned off that dead site with pedos and nazi's for jannies.

No. 1537753

From what Rachel said, she had Hyde blocked on all of her (Hyde’s) accounts, didn’t talk about her beyond that, and she still had that temporary restraining order put against her. Me thinks the county Hyde is in gives out temporary restraining orders like candy. How did Hyde even know where Rachel lived?

No. 1537754

I do wanna clarify some things too before anything else too, literally this all started over a roleplay ship with a friend Margo and I had together. But yeah, that is all that there is to say I just wanna move on from this and everyone. I'm gonna try and get rest. Thank you to everyone and I genuinely hope Sera does seek the right help and moves on from me and everyone

No. 1537756

I've never put out a restraining order on anyone else other than sera that one time which was temporary. I only found about her cause she put out her public information that one time on her Madam M account.

No. 1537757

Get some rest and literally forget about all of this. Rachel will just glom onto you more if you come back and she's unfortunately going to ignore your heartfelt and wonderful advice.

I hope things get better for you.

If you do come back, write sage in the email field, don't mention who you are and just laugh.

No. 1537758

Because Rachel is so True and Honest. Courts normally grant a temp order until a judge can decide to make it permanent, for a certain amount of time or dismiss it.

No. 1537760

>(hyde wasnt very clear) showed up to hyde's job to harass her there.
It sounded to me like this was her concern for what might happen, not something that actually happened. It's like 400 miles away.
And there we go. So the story is that Rachel doxed, or this woman self-doxed herself to, Rachel and then Rachel started some kind of insane Sephiroth-related vendetta including trying to get her fired. Maybe some receipts will crop up, maybe they wont. Pretty much? So, everyone just lol calm down? Can we stop Streisanding this poor woman? Can we all agree that she was probably contacted by someone who doesn't even care about her, Rachel, Sephiroth, or any of the rest, but is trying to settle personal vendettas by playing strangers off one another online? Because that's what's happening.

No. 1537762

Why would anybody here besides Rachel feel any spite towards Hyde? Spite implies there was a past wrongdoing someone is harboring resentment over. Unless I missed something, the only person that could apply to in relation to Hyde, is fucking Rachel. So unless you have some undisclosed history with Hyde or you are indeed Rachel, this is weird and pointless to say, anon.

Leave Hyde alone, she is a victim of Rachel and has court documents to prove this. If you start to harass her as well, you’re no better than the cow we’re all here making fun of.

No. 1537763

why is this your only come back to UH lmao

No. 1537764

You showed up to court with a camera and a friend to “film Rachel and her reaction when and if she showed up”. You bragged about filing the temporary restraining order against her on Twitter before and after you filed it.

No. 1537766

I appreciate the words and advice! But truth be told I won't be doing anything of making fun of her I genuinely want the best for her and to move on with her life.

Again, thank you all for listening to me and hearing my words. I just hope what I say is taken well.

I hope everyone has a nice day, night, evening.

But I hope Sera does get the help she can get and can move on from everything

No. 1537767

AYRT Thats possible, I'm only confused about it because she wrote that under the question asking if the person (Rachel, in this case) had harassed her at other times.

No. 1537768

To be fair the amount of people who Slapfight me and don't have a thread yet gets smaller each month. Could just be wisdom.

More likely it's Rachel and she thinks that's an actual own.

No. 1537769

What I meant anon, is that sometimes if you tell someone to do/not do a particular thing, they will do it anyhow just for the irony and amusement, or out of malice.

No. 1537770

You know what, I did say that. I had to bring someone with me incase of anything and also cause I was being petty and that was wrong of me to do to where I apologized to Sera in the call and she forgave me for that.

Like I know she can change and get good help if she managed to have listened to me then. Will I reach out to her privately to her again? No.

No. 1537772

That type of thinking is fucking childish and immature.

And also has been demonstrated time and time again here by Rachel. Like when anons tell her to stop talking to minors and then she says “I’m gonna go make friends with more minors just because I know it pisses you all off”

That is unhealthy behavior and if you think that way, then you need to go touch some fucking grass, anon

No. 1537773

Girl, don't even bother. Its probably Rachel trying to rile you up or make you look bad. (wont happen) I don't think anyone would care about that besides Rachel.

No. 1537776

Either or I just want her to know I've moved on and want her as well to move on for the better too. I've had moments of immaturity to where I am sorry for I'm probably also being too nice too but I really want nothing but the best for everyone cause I think people can change maybe later on into the future

No. 1537777

File: 1653366454380.png (112.9 KB, 1764x545, candy.png)

candy huh? flashback to thread 1
pic related (and censored this time)

that's not what the court document say
>ex parte notice
>I did not give notice to the other party in this action because:
>I was afraid that the violence would reoccur when I gave notice that I was asking for these orders.
>I believe that giving notice would make the orders useless because the other party would:
>harass the people who would give the information & would use my name to harass me more at my job.

So why did Hyde brag before and after it was filed and then tell the court she didn't give notice?

No. 1537778

Did it occur to you that therapy might not be a good fit for her?

Did it occur to ANYONE here that therapy might not be a good fit for her? That nothing having to do with mental health, no therapy, no sectioning, no psychologists or psychiatrists will be a good fit for her because she’s convinced herself that they won’t work? You can’t force someone to go to therapy who is like this. If they’re given a choice between therapy and freedom or jail time, they will choose the jail time rather than compromise their beliefs? Even if she went, she might just ignore the therapist the whole time or just lie to them or “tell them what they want to hear”. You can’t force someone who is this level of stubborn.

No. 1537780

That’s not going to happen if these threads continue to exist tbh. You don’t know LCF

No. 1537781

Agreed. If I felt threatened enough to file a TRO against someone, I would film my surroundings when I suspected they would freak out and bring someone with me as well. And we’ve all tweeted or posted things on social media before that we may have ended up wishing we didn’t. Rachel, of all people should be sympathetic to this, since she routinely ruins her life by being unable to keep herself from sperging out anywhere and everywhere she possibly can.

You don’t have to explain yourself to us, Hyde. You’re not the cow here. I hope things get better for you and people are decent enough to leave you alone

No. 1537782

No one in their right mind would brag about having to file a restraining order against someone that has caused mental distress to them and still causes pain.

Most people have to bring a witness just to feel safe when people have to confront a harasser/abuser. It doesn’t come across as petty because even in the case of filming, had anything actually happened you would have proof to further your case of a restraining order. But apologising made you the bigger person.

No. 1537783


second reply is supposed to be to >>1537764

No. 1537785

Certainly so, gotta protect yourself first though with an empathic mindset like that.

No you need to be put into a Looneybin and forcibly kept there until you learn how to behave. Depending on insanity and level of violence displayed is where you'd end up, so you'd probably not want to make death threats once you're taken in. You'd shape up pretty quick, those are not like your 5 years of someone trying to listen to your feelings in HS Rachel

No. 1537786

That’s no fault of her own then because she’s autistic.

No. 1537787

She should go to therapy.

No. 1537789

> So why did Hyde brag before and after it was filed and then tell the court she didn't give notice?

Because sending out a tweet isn’t (necessarily) giving notice? If she had Rachel blocked, she wasn’t expecting her to see whatever she tweeted and likely wasn’t directly addressed to Rachel. Could have been something like "wow I can’t wait to finally get this TRO against the psycho that’s been harassing me online." Smart to tweet? No, but Hyde just admitted she regrets having done so because it was petty. Not sure why were even discussing shit like this that none of us (supposedly) were around for

No. 1537791

I mentioned that I was filing something to people in private when I was doing that. Not sure who put it out but it was not okay.

Yeah I did say it after it was given to her and on the court date by being petty which wasn't okay. But I've done my mistakes and I've learned from it. gah, I'm sorry if I keep typing I think I just wanna explain better now that I was given a platiform to speak.

No. 1537792


Just because you think it, doesn’t mean it will happen anon. Especially because you’re a stranger on the internet, your judgment is meaningless and you probably aren’t knowledgeable on the subject to be able to judge.

It’s not going to happen.

No. 1537794

Thats Rachel's fault, not LCF's. LCF isn't stopping her from getting the professional help she needs. She is. If she changed and became a better person, her threads would die. Its happened before with other cows. Sounds like excuses and not taking accountability for your actions. So, you wont change, and your threads will stay.

No. 1537795

Rachel it's actually the tranny for once, can you not read?

No. 1537796

this is perjury and hyde is lucky rachel didn’t file a counter suit.

No. 1537798

Clearly, because she's a retard and a cow.

No. 1537800

Die, but not get deleted. Which isn’t enough, given these threads show up when you Google her name.

Hyde, you wishing her well and the best while all of this happens on LCF is a spit in her face.

No. 1537801

If she was retarded, I’m sure Hyde would have known and not filed the TRO.

No. 1537802

Rachel can't fit into a bathing suit let alone file a lawsuit.

No. 1537804

Then maybe she should have thought about the dumb shit she was doing before she did it. Her continuing to do dumb shit, and worse shit than before, certainly isn't going to get them deleted and will just continue to have them show up higher in the google search results.

No. 1537805

No this hasn’t occurred to me because it’s fucking stupid. Someone who thinks this way and thinks therapy won’t be beneficial to them just because they “decided” it wouldn’t be is someone who clearly needs therapy, lmao. She doesn’t think she’s ever in the wrong, so she won’t ever do anything herself to change or improve. Therefore, she does need some sort of professional mental health intervention because otherwise she’ll just continue doing the same shit she’s been doing and look how well that has worked out for her.

No. 1537807

Literally isn't perjury, keep trying Rachel.

No. 1537808

because it's in the court document which are public record and apparently contradicts what 'Hyde' said 10 minutes ago?

No. 1537809

She was harassing her and is still retarded. Being retarded doesn't shield you from consequences of your actions.

No. 1537810

And again, none of this is ANYBODY else’s fault aside from RACHEL’S. She is the one constantly being a fucking sperg online and harassing multiple people/fandoms. Her own actions earned her these threads.

No. 1537811

As stated Sera apologized to me in discord call before and said she understood and wished me well. . but it shows this wasn't the case. But Sera, if this Sera. I know you can do good, you showed it to me for a while back then. Please try your best to move forward and let go of grudges

No. 1537813

Life ain't an anime kid, she's gonna take years to change. She won't change a bit tonight. Speaking of, I'm headed to bed.

Sage your shit, I told you how lol

Also fuck y'all farmhands the namefaggings relevant and I only ID'd as the crazy tranny cause it's how I'm know. My gender is irrelevant. Now unless Rachel spergs about random ppl being me I'm not gonna have an excuse to Namefag again.

No. 1537814

Hyde literally just said itt that she told someone in private she was filing for the TRO. So it has no effect on her statement regarding whether or not she notified Rachel prior to filing, meaning the statement is not perjury. Unless she tweeted directly at Rachel and said “I’m filing a TRO against you” and then proceeded to file those same statements, it’s not perjury. So no, anon, you’re just retarded

No. 1537815

Hey Hyde, why don’t you tell us why you thought Rachel was 250 pounds? What are you trying to “Hyde” about yourself that would make you make such gross assumptions about this poor autistic woman?

No. 1537817

Rachel, kindly grow the fuck up, and shut the fuck up.

Sincerely Yours,

Literally Everyone <3

No. 1537818

Hah you admitted you're autistic.

Night y'all!

No. 1537819

She wanted this to happen to Rachel because she’s a stuck up prig and Rachel was an easy target.

No. 1537820


I don’t even live in the United States. Nice try though.

No. 1537821

I actually wrote unknown underneath and made an assumption to where I was wrong cause I asked advice from someone and they made the random guess for me.

But as I've said before, having a mental illness doesn't give one a pass to behave poorly to others.

No. 1537822

it does though, especially in a court of law.

No. 1537823

disgusting. you caused people on here to believe she’s 250 when she was no more than 190 at any time.

No. 1537824

My eyes rolled out of my head.

No. 1537825

If she’s actually retarded, it isn’t.

Stop trying to make therapy happen. It isn’t going to happen. If Rachel is even here, you’re just driving it in further that she’s not going to willingly go.

No. 1537826

Kek obviously it’s because Rachel/Bertha looks like she’s 250lbs. Just goes to show people have always thought she’s fat, and Hyde felt so comfortable with that (reasonable) estimate that she filed it in a legal document lmao

No. 1537827

Rachel is fat and shits her pants, she can sit and seethe.

No. 1537828

the line is
>egotistical strumpet with pretty privilege

No. 1537829

like >>1537778 said, she’ll just tell the therapist what they want to hear if she’s made to go against her will.

No. 1537831

Sera, please can we just stop and go back to what we have promised before to leave one another alone? I've left you alone since 2019 and you've never followed through after everything.

I'm not even around anymore because of my family and needing to help them. I've said my apologies to you before and I stand by them. Please, I'm asking for peace in respects of my passed family. I just want peace so I can help those who are still around who don't have them anymore.

I've made mistakes, and I've listened to wrong advices from other people. I just want you to leave me alone.

No. 1537832

said the tranny when they’ve literally leaked a huge turd into their diaper and tried to blame it on Rachel.

No. 1537835

Hyde didn’t cause people to think shit, we’ve all been saying that she’s fat since thread 1 (because she’s fucking fat)

Hyde also even the one who posted those documents on KF which started this whole conversation so again, stfu and stop targeting Hyde for no reason

No. 1537837

Maybe if you can convince LCF to delete the threads she’ll listen.

KF isn’t happening though. Nobody deletes anything there. Your best bet is to appeal to Null, and he’s even worse off than Rachel.

No. 1537839

I don't know how to do that. Only thing I can think of is maybe stop bothering everyone, posting here and maybe it gets removed? I don't know how to get it to work. Literally everyone who's reached out to me about Sera I tell people to leave me alone and told others if they encounter my things involving you to stop bringing me up or to leave both you and me alone.

No. 1537840

She’s not fat, she’s lost like 50 pounds. I mentioned before, I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a whole new ID now because she changed her name to her shitty OC or whatever. Another anon said, “that info is public” then WHERE would it be public? Where is that information visible?

No. 1537841


I wish people just left me alone and stop posting things like this online so even sera can leave me alone.

No. 1537842

People with dead threads already told her what to do, she didn't listen.

No. 1537843

Holy shit Rachel you are fucking deranged lmao your threads here will never die, ever. Nobody will ever be able to convince admin to delete them, nor should they because this absolutely insane behavior of yours deserves to be documented for people to see and laugh at you for

No. 1537844

File: 1653368596360.jpeg (126.86 KB, 750x541, D8E3B10A-B18B-4998-986A-254D18…)

Gonna throw this in here since Rachel is deleting shit here and shitting up her thread with her asking Hyde to ask people to delete her threads.

It won’t happen because Rachel keeps pulling things that end up causing new threads to pop up.

No. 1537845

I agree, Rachel should appeal to null, it's the only way


No. 1537846

Of course you'd come out with that, Rachel. Quit pretending to not be here.

You've harassed Hyde for YEARS. You need to stop. What has that gained you? Nothing but the hate of others. You did this to yourself, when you could've been rational and not got your panties in a bunch over pretend characters in pretend scenarios. Seriously, do you even think about how stupid you sound? Not even CWC was delusional enough to do what you have done.

You really think you're some A+ netizen when you're below even the lowest low. You think that you can just beat people down and still expect everyone around you to fall at your feet in adoration.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You made your bed, don't get mad because you've gotta lay in it. You know what you've done, whether or not you want to admit to it is a different story.

At the end of the day, you have to live with the horrible things you've done over fictional things.
As OneWingedMeanie used to say, "The truth will set you free."

No. 1537848

If she lost 50 pounds, she would still be within the 200 range according to her weight on legal documents. Not the 140 she’s been claiming

No. 1537849

File: 1653368715711.jpeg (13 KB, 186x186, download.jpeg)

Girl, let me tell you something. If you look over the past few threads on Rachel, we've got Nazis, trannies, pedophiles, Nazi trannies, Nazi tranny pedophiles, a possible Sephiroth grooming cult leader who named her children after a couple she shipped, and probably some other absolute lunacy that I have forgotten. Your legal stuff is old news and boring in comparison. The best possible thing you can do with the greatest possible respect is to shut up and wait to be forgotten. Given the quality of the entertainment that we've been getting elsewhere, I don't think it will be long.

No. 1537850

File: 1653368722070.png (31.99 KB, 720x175, Screenshot_20220524-000419~2.p…)

Rachel talking about how she gave birth to kittens without marrying the father first.

No. 1537852

If she feels that people who don’t even know her but still blocked her at the behest of fairsinfocenter or his friends are in the wrong, she’s likely not going to. She wants to be in the FF7 community. Even if she is good, those people who blocked her aren’t going to hear down the grapevine “hey Rachel has changed she’s being nice” and unblock her and want to be around her. That’s fairytale trash. She’s tried being “good” before, especially with Margo and look how that turned out.

No. 1537853

This is why therapy isn’t going to ever happen.

No. 1537856

Hyde owes nothing to Rachel. Especially not any sort of help. Rachel knows her threads here will never get deleted so it’s pretty fucked up to imply that the way she’ll finally leave Hyde alone is by her attempting to do something that she knows isn’t possible.

No. 1537857

She never weighed anywhere near 250 though. 60 pounds lower.

No. 1537859

File: 1653368952797.jpg (183.81 KB, 811x456, cover4.jpg)

Just wait, I got even more stuff for later. But I seriously gotta get to bed.

No. 1537860

This is why therapy is never going to happen.

No. 1537861

This. Idk if that Margo person was this adamant about not using her name or identity, but I haven't seen anything of the sort. Coming in, sharing, and moving on seems to be the best way to handle it.
Maybe I'm being autistic, but that's my opinion.

No. 1537862

As I’ve said, her goal is to get them deleted. Maybe if we give her an a venue to that she’d listen.

No. 1537863

Lol I don't know who you're trying to fool here but the selfies she's posted recently don't lie and at 5ft2, that face is gonna be a dead give away how much she weighs. She heavily photoshopped one of them might I add.

No. 1537864

therapy is good for everyone period
you wont get better unless you get it nobody is going to help you except for a paid professional aka a therapist
cant believe i gave you the benefit of the doubt with my lengthy fucking posts about going to therapy earlier

No. 1537866

I'm the anon who posted that and I just nearly died of laughter from your response. You give me such joy Rachel, don't ever change.

No. 1537869

And? She was a fucking lunatic and caused those people to dislike her and want nothing to do with her. They are allowed to have her blocked and not want to talk to her. That’s a rational response to have towards someone who treated you like shit and harasses you. She has to face the consequences of her actions, and that’s what that is. She’s probably ruined the FF7 and whatever other communities for herself, oh well. Move on, get a different fucking hobby. Just because someone sees the error of their ways does better in the future doesn’t mean they automatically must be absolved of past shitty behavior. They still did the shit, so gotta deal with those consequences. That’s just the way the real world works. If people end up deciding to forgive her and unblock her, that’s their decision. But by no means is anybody obligated to do that and that’s what Rachel needs to get through her fucking head

No. 1537870

no, anon. you can’t tell how much someone weighs from their face alone.

No. 1537872

You can tell they're fat. Like Rachel.

No. 1537873

Yes you can.

No. 1537874

you cant use disabilities as an excuse even in court
if you ever get caught doing something illegal and you blame your autism or mental I’ll was for your actions there is an incredibly high chance the court will order you to go to therapy for a certain amount of time
and yes negative behaviors “caused” by autism can be corrected with therapy look it up sometime

No. 1537875

it does. it affects greatly whether or not the judge or whoever is handling the case says yes to giving the person filing the restraining order.

No. 1537876

No one owes Rachel anything, no ones going to give anything to Rachel. If Rachel doesn't want to listen because she's not getting things handed to her and special treatment then thats on her.

No. 1537877

Maybe you shouldn't use racial slurs and post gore and porn to minors. Because I read that post made about you by her. She tried to hold on for you and forcing her to support you while you terrorize children and adults is asinine. You don't get to say it failed, you were the one who fucked it up.
Nobody should have to put up with your childish ass behavior.

No. 1537878

oh sweetie youre cute.

Erring on you not being the retard yourself and just being a newfag… the dumbass shared her whole ID to a rando on lolcord. Its not just a picture. Its a government ID reeree had to fill the weight section out on herself.

No. 1537880

I'm sure a lot of meth heads photos would disagree with you there.

No. 1537881

No, you can’t. I honestly doubt how much many of you weigh given you’re so obsessed over her weight. The obsession alone has led me to believe she is 140.

No. 1537882

File: 1653369522487.jpg (27.74 KB, 597x177, 3242744-493037e1d33f9c95b1bdce…)

it isn't, most therapists offer fluff, platitudes and nothingness, but rachel does need to be wrangled. not talk about her feelings with a therapist, but have her parents tell her that pic related is a deluded tantrum and to enact severe consequences if she continues acting up. that won't happen of course and she'll continue down her spiral but oh well, she's already hitting 30 so they can pretend not to know without feeling guilty i guess.

No. 1537884

I'll set the record straight.
Rachel is fat. Her word alone about losing weight has no merit. If she really did lose all that weight she would have shared proof.

She had no trouble sharing her ID. A mirror selfie is nbd. Not even a stretch. But she refuses to.

Until she proves otherwise, she is fat.

No. 1537885

>bertha filled it out herself
that explains where the missing 60 lbs went to get us back to the correct 250?

No. 1537886

why do you constantly use autism for pity points its really pathetic especially when you call yourself poor as if youre harmless when theres proof of you being a nasty vindictive person with no regard for others
go to therapy get off your own thread

No. 1537887

gl, she’s an adult and hasn’t done anything warranting an arrest or even a warning yet. if she had, she’d already be in custody.

given her last post was…. 1 hour ago? i doubt it’s going to happen any time soon.

No. 1537888

I weigh 135, Rachel looks like she ate me. She(you) is not 140lbs.

No. 1537889

Still fat. I dont care what you think about my weight considering you have no idea what I look like.

No. 1537890

She wants people to pay for it remember, too busy "playing house wife and making money" to do it.

No. 1537891

Not what I was going for… but yeah that works too.

No. 1537892

Keep harassing minors and watch what happens Fatty Patty.

No. 1537893

it doesnt just look at chris chan
theres plenty of retarded people who have gotten punished via the law its not our fault that you dont do research

No. 1537894

Her goal shouldn’t be to get them deleted because that’s just not going to happen, lmao. Doesn’t matter who tries to achieve that, the threads will stay. She’s the one who acted this way and earned the threads, gotta deal with the consequence of them being up forever. If they bother her so much, she needs to change her goal to something like “stop being a fucking cow” so more threads don’t get made

No. 1537895

>given her last post was an hour ago

you mean…. 2 minutes ago as of this post, right?

stfu fatty

No. 1537896

sure fatty tranny patty kek

No. 1537897

tl;dr She only weighs 140 pounds. Deflecting.

No. 1537899

Jesus Christ this thread is a mess.

No. 1537900

File: 1653369860172.gif (1.44 MB, 498x242, what-a-concept-smile.gif)

No. 1537901

Tl;dr she weighs 140 pounds and you’re deflecting because you weigh more.

No. 1537902

its rly cute when u put ur lawyer face on uwu :3

bitch shut the fuck up. You wouldnt know how to act properly if sephiroth fucking dickslapped you.

No. 1537903

thats really immature and cowardly tbh i guess rachel is too much of a pussy to face herself and her actions if she cant go to therapy especially when her insurance covers it

therapists can see through that and if you ever get mandated to see one by law they WILL tell whoever sent the mandate what youre doing and you WILL get your mandate extended
just a thought

No. 1537904

good thing it doesn’t matter how much any of the anons weigh because we’re not the subject of the thread… the thread is rachel and rachel is, indeed, fucking fat

No. 1537905

You keep talking about the laws and court like you have a clue what you're talking about but you're so wrong every time.

No. 1537907

im also pretty sure at this point that she is doing exactly that.

“housewife earns 100,000$ a year doing this one trick… farmers hate her!”

No. 1537908

We have a ringmaster, an elephant, several donkeys, some snakes…

No. 1537909

Careful, she might just do it.

No. 1537910

Welcome to the circus if you're new here. If you've been here a while, are you really surprised anon? >>1537899

No. 1537911

or she could just change her name and boom, problem solved.

No. 1537912

It's guaranteed at this point. She loves harassing minors.

No. 1537913

this is manipulative behavior
you are acting out in terrible ways because people wont give you want you want
and when they do you still end up acting out because they wont give you the world
this isnt how a normal adult thinks

No. 1537914

it stands to reason
bertha subjectively fills it in: 190 lbs
hyde objectively fills it in: 250 lbs

No. 1537915

You morons still think he’s real?

I just saw Rachel in real life. She was cuddling Sephiroth and he was lovingly running his fingers through her hair. Looks like he moved on from Fatty Patty Ines real quick.

No. 1537916

She could but she'll get found out pretty quick because her name isn't the problem, her behavior is and she's not willing to fix that with professional help and changing herself.

No. 1537917

Reverse the two. I think Hyde weighs closer to that weight herself than Rachel, and Rachel has remained at 190. How did she even get Rachel’s address to begin with?

No. 1537918

You're still too retarded to understand jokes, I see.

No. 1537919

File: 1653370304250.png (62.38 KB, 553x171, schizo rachel.png)

it does, chris-chan literally got away with hitting someone with a car and pepperspraying a gamestop employee.
Rachel, it's no use. everyone knows you're fat no matter how many times you reformulate your point or try to pass as random anons, because we have image proof and all you have is distinctive boomer comebacks that give you away instantly.
your 'tism is way too deep to ever come up with a way to fool us, the game is rigged against you from the start, so you might as well take a break from the internet and enjoy spring instead.
i think you underestimate your own restraint to stay quiet and KF's doxing skills

No. 1537920

maybe because people like you made her learn to enjoy it. you’ve created a monster.

No. 1537921

Pick a fucking weight you retard. Which one is it, 140 or 190

No. 1537922

oh how nice!

No. 1537923

Ines and Sephiroth are the true ultimate pairing, there is no other. Sera is the cuckquean and gets put in her bad girl box to cope and seethe about it.

No. 1537924

Wasn’t it because Rachel doxxed herself and you can google her name?

No. 1537925

Doesn’t matter how much Hyde weighs because we don’t care and she’s not the subject of this thread. Rachel is. And Rachel is fat as fuuuck

No. 1537926

Wrong post, anon?

No. 1537927

actually youve had a history of cyberstalking and harassment
if people were smart enough to report it when it happens there would be enough of a case to take you to court
if those minors decided to take you to court for your harassment you would be absolutely screwed especially when youre the one approaching them now in your supposed adult space

No. 1537928

Yeah no. She weighs 140. LCF is frequented by farmers: fat piggy women who peaked in high school and are stuck in 2006 with a mean girl mindset they never outgrew.

No. 1537929

how can I reverse the two when that's what happened and what the legal documents show?

also see >>1537756

No. 1537930

Yeah it was. My bad. Thread is lively today and clicked the wrong one cause I had a dumbass moment

No. 1537931

again, wrong, because Rachel is the only person responsible for her behavior. so if she is a monster (which yeah I could agree with that), it’s her own fault and only up to her to fix

No. 1537932

Hyde has posted pics of herself. She has abs. She's doing good things for herself.
Rachel just copes and seethes online insisting she isn't fat, providing no evidence to back up her autistic screeches.

No. 1537933

Oh now it's 140 lmao. So are you sticking with this weight and not the 190?

Is that your final answer before we start clowning on you for not being able to keep the weight straight

No. 1537936

anons filled Rachel's stats from her ID into a BMI body estimator and it looked just like her. 250 would be HUGE, way bigger than her. It is clearly the other girl throwing shade and I can't hate her for it.

No. 1537937

changing your name means nothing if youre still doing the same shit
if anything itll make her “new address” easier to find because California doesnt seal name changes for people unless your case is special which she has nothing to provide that it is so lol

No. 1537939

Chris spent 3 nights in jail and was found guilty of a misdemeanor for the gamestop incident, both Barb and Chris were convicted of misdemeanors for the car thing so, no it didn't work for him either.

No. 1537940

Isabella Loretta Janke got found living under an assumed name a couple months ago, anon. The only thing to do is to become boring, not to change your name.

No. 1537941

Except that name changes are public record and then we would all just make fun of her for trying this stupid shit that’s easily traceable

No. 1537943

Rachel looks 250 with a 650 attitude, Amberlynn energy.

No. 1537944

Anon you originally replied to. Happens to the best of us.

No. 1537946

Tinfoil theory: I think LCF, KF, fairsinfocenter and whoever else made a monster out of her. It was put it into her head so hard and with such frequency that she was a bad person, that she began believing that she was one, with the “I’ll bet she does _____ or enjoys doing ____.” After a certain point, combined with her stubbornness and doing things despite people telling her to not do them, she was gaslit into becoming it.

No. 1537948

Still don’t know where I would see that.

No. 1537949

again do your research because Chris chan definitely did get reprimanded by the law
you dont get away with anything regardless of your health status
so think twice before you do shit because saying youre autistic will not exempt you from your consequences

No. 1537950

Her abuse of Hyde and Margo was long before any of those. Try again.

No. 1537951

LCF is also frequented by Rachel and she’s soooooo fat, she has to buy XXXL diapers for when she shits herself

No. 1537952

Tl;dr she still only weighs 140 pounds.

No. 1537953

This is ridiculous.

No. 1537954

Nah they gotta use pee pee pads like the ones they use for puppies and make a daisy chain to fit her ass.

No. 1537955

Fucking Christ Blaine knock it off. Nobody wants that garbage here but you.

No. 1537956

if youre lazy you can use one of those paid background check websites

No. 1537957

so if 190 looks just like Rachel the 50 lbs Rachel claims to have lost was from 250, not 190 down to 140, got it

No. 1537958

The fucking mental gymnastics.. Don't you ever get tired of reaching so far up your ass for justifications of her being a dick to everyone?

No. 1537959

Too bad, because Sephiroth and Rachel are together now. I just heard Sephiroth say he’s never going back to Ines.

No. 1537960

That’s not gaslighting and the only reason why these threads popped up to begin with is because of Rachel’s shitty behavior. So no, that’s fucking retarded, anon. Rachel is just a shitty person and nobody made her that way except herself and her own mental derangements. She is the only one responsible for the way that she is. Nobody else.

No. 1537961

Right here Rachel, wasn't me.

The trick is to use your own thread to make as many lolcows as possible, lay low for 5 months and then deliver milk as often as possible.

No. 1537962

She doesn’t look anywhere near 250. She looks 140. She even posted a picture a couple weeks ago of her in that dress that poorly fit her.

No. 1537963


No. 1537964

that’s for la, not where Rachel is

No. 1537967

Stfu Rachel, her name is Erika, quit being a transphobe. You can't decide to misgender people because you don't like them without being transphobic you low orbiting hamplanet. Either embrace your transphobic behavior and admit you hate trans people or use preferred names and pronouns. Idiot.

No. 1537968

silence tranny

No. 1537969

She was treating people like shit and had people watching out for her long before any of he threads or fairs info. Again, her behavior is hers. Its no ones fault or responsibility but hers. Stop trying to blame other people because you're a piece of shit and own up to what you've done. You continuously trying to blame everyone else but realizing you're the problem shows that you're not willing to change and never will be, therefor your threads will stay and continue to grow, just like your weight.

No. 1537970

Is it time for thread #8 yet? Did we break a record?

No. 1537972

Rachel? Sephiroth? Never. He doesn't fuck pigs, that's haram.

No. 1537973

kekkkkk she does not, has not, and will never look like she weighs 140lbs because she is wayyy fatter than that

No. 1537974

And? Rachel’s arms look just like that.

No. 1537975

Not yet. The automessage hasn't appeared yet

No. 1537976

She does look like she weighs 140 pounds. You need to go on a diet yourself if you’re that jealous of her.

No. 1537977

The real trick is to let Michael make a fool of himself, he alone is worth five cows when he acts like a retard. Just get everyone to pay attention to him and go off the grid once they do.

No. 1537978

Rachel's arms look half the length and five times the width. No muscle, just fat.

No. 1537979

Evidently, he just did.

No. 1537980

stay fat, reeree
no no… she looks like a skinnier version of the extra fat neanderthal sister on that one TLC show… my 600lb life maybe?
Anyway… her attitude is just as bad as that fat pig's. Ole Bertha out here causing earthquake with every temper tantrum.

Fee Fi Fo Fum Sephi bby I want ur pixelcum

No. 1537981

Oh wow, you think she looks like Rihanna? Yes, I see the resemblance now too!

No. 1537982

File: 1653371276536.jpg (582 KB, 1246x1080, true and honest fatty patty.jp…)

Rachel you're obese cope and seethe

No. 1537983

Nope sorry she most certainly does not look like she weighs 140lbs. Personally I thought the 250lbs estimation seemed a little low. She’s fucking massive

No. 1537984

absolutely, all these websites randomly started picking on this sweet girl and turned her into pedo schizo spiteful Bertha, and nothing is her fault nor responsibility.

No. 1537985

I told everyone back in August he'd make for a great lolcow, I honestly didn't expect some of his ex-wife's stuff but my tranny senses were tingling. Repressed troon smells like jealousy and regret even more than regular troon.

No. 1537986

But Blaine being a crazy tranny is one of the few things that she's right about? I mean, she's doing some weird race play with an actual Nazi or some kind of bullshit, but lets worry about the fucking trannies, right? Even this tranny is not going to be such a little bitch about it as that, and I swear every time I see outsiders come onto this site and try to PA someone with "transphobia" as a reason I want to root for the cow.

No. 1537987

I think you have your lolcows mixed up nona. There’s nobody by the name of Bertha on this thread.

No. 1537988

Help. I just shat myself. My diaper is too full, I cant stand up.

No. 1537989


No. 1537990

my bad, did you want me to call you pedo or hamplanet instead?

No. 1537991

Give us the issuing date on the ID and the date on the metadata of the corset pic.

No. 1537992

I want you to call me your baby while you fuck my loose ass, daddy

No. 1537993

Rachel why don't you stop pretending and admit you're shitting up your own thread?
You're seriously the most delusional lolcow of them all.

No. 1537994

www.sanmateocourt.org then

No. 1537995

Hahahahhahhahahah. You probably weigh 250 pounds yourself. Idk why you’re so jealous, chances are you can still win a blue ribbon at the county fair as a prize hog. Rachel still weighs only 140 pounds.

No. 1537996

Oh this is even better than I could have hoped, I'm having trouble breathing I'm laughing too hard. What a larper ladies and lurking gentlemen!

No. 1537997

Thanks, I’ll go look.

No. 1537998


Chill the fuck out, tranny. I'm not the fatass you're looking for.

No. 1537999

PLEASE someone change my diaper! My boypussy is infected because I forgot to dilate and I think there’s turds stuck inside! WAAAAA!

No. 1538000

God I hope you're Rachel so nobody else is here that's retarded enough for me to begin doubting humanity's innate gift of sapience.

No. 1538002

I have yet to see any evidence of this race play. Do you have any screenshots?

No. 1538003

That wasn’t me.

No. 1538004

Hey me, what does Transubstantiation mean?

No. 1538005

File: 1653371770556.jpg (449.65 KB, 1089x1080, Cursed room.jpg)

Rachel is fat and ugly.

No. 1538006

And yet she hauls out those massive boxes under her bed every day to pick something to bathe with. Sure. No muscle.

No. 1538008


Learn to fucking reply in one post, you absolute cavernous twat.

No. 1538009

How Jesus’ body and blood were made into wine and bread.

No. 1538010

It's sad you think that's an actual workout.

No. 1538011

Even if that were true, it’s still irrelevant since nobody cares about the weight of random anons. Someone else being fat doesn’t make you any less massive, Rachel. You’re still the cow here and the subject of this thread and we know that you weigh at least 250lbs and are only getting bigger by the day

No. 1538012

i remember once one of the ladies i went to church with was tasked with making the bread for the communion which we sometimes did. only, she decided to make raisin bread for some reason. so it sort of became the blood and body of Christ all at once.

how many communions do you need to have before you consume a whole Jesus?

No. 1538013

Accept no other! I am the true and honest Sephiroth. I have come to impart wisdom upon this LCF thread.

I would not have sex with Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin, I would rather kill myself.

She is fat and ugly, I would never dirty my hands or my cock with her lard.

No. 1538015

I need to confess something. I.. I lied about Rachel’s weight. She actually weighs closer to 120 pounds than 140 pounds.

No. 1538016

tl;dr Rachel's not here, guise I sware

No. 1538017

this is just evidence that she doesn’t actually do that, she has no muscle and physically is unable to move any heavy objects unless she’s doing it by getting a running start and slamming her massive body into them like a linebacker

No. 1538018

Preposterous. I would never say such horrible things about Rachel, my beautiful bride.

No. 1538019

320 lbs of tard rage.

No. 1538020

Sephiroth my love, let us go back to having sex and leave Rachel to her gay little thread.

No. 1538021

DADDY uwu :3

No. 1538022

Someone better be making new art for the new thread that's gonna be made soon lmao.

We're giving her a RP ride of her dreams right now that Sephiroth's come out of hiding lel

No. 1538023



No. 1538024

Not possible, given the bed is against a wall. She pulled it out herself. Unless you want to suggest she pulled out the whole bed first, went to the other side, pushed the boxes out, went back around, and pushed the bed back? That woman is strong af.

No. 1538025

boypussy (bussy) is the asshole, of course there's turds inside

No. 1538026

File: 1653372256222.jpg (76.2 KB, 667x800, fat_finatasy___sephiroth_by_nj…)

Fat but still smaller than Rachel, picrel

No. 1538027

Meow, I get molested by Rachel. Please save me and call the animal control.

No. 1538028

I will never go back to you, you filthy whore. Rachel is already pregnant with my child. You mean nothing to me. Stabs her or something idfk I don’t have the patience for this

No. 1538029

Woah, c'mon now I clean beforehand.

No. 1538030

The farmhands are gonna come back to this insanity and consider jumping off bridges.

No. 1538031

File: 1653372382423.gif (450.39 KB, 220x223, 368A2DBC-58FF-4FAE-8122-04954F…)

No. 1538032

I should sign up to be one for penance for shitting up so much of this just poking Rachel, but being a janny is gay af.

No. 1538033

Hahaha just kidding I don’t. I haven’t bathed since I chopped my balls off.

No. 1538034

Tell her youll leave her, seph… tell her youre leaving her for my angel hair and baskets of unused skincare products. Tell her youre gonna eat my unwashed cavern.

(good god im gonna vomit writing that)

No. 1538037

I really, really want Rachel to peg me while I suck Blaine's dick

No. 1538038

would that I had any artistic talent.

No. 1538039

anything for some of that sweet maple sap bb

No. 1538040

File: 1653372562050.jpeg (11.43 KB, 299x168, 4532F9E0-4271-4FB9-870A-567602…)

Who pulled it out then?

No. 1538042

Would it be tasteless to edit a picture of those boxes of beauty products to have the Auschwitz sign over it and to imply they're mass graves?

No. 1538043

File: 1653372626947.png (396.92 KB, 1298x575, ErikavsRachel.png)

No. 1538044

actually I’m suggesting that she’s never touched that box of whatever the fuck she claims is soap, never bathes, and smells like rotten cheese because of the yeast growing in her fat folds

but if she were to ever try to move a heavy object of any kind, the only way she would be able to accomplish it is by way of inertia, which she gets from her huge masses of fat

No. 1538045

Now now my love, she is already dead and out of the picture. You and I both know you’re much cleaner than these dullards believe. I washed your long, beautiful locks myself yesterday as we bathed.

No. 1538046

File: 1653372725908.jpg (4.86 MB, 4272x2848, van.jpg)

we're gonna need a bigger van
for biiig bertha

No. 1538047

You just said that.

No. 1538048

Why must you lie to these good folks? We both know I dont bathe and would rather fester in my own cunt cottage cheese

No. 1538050

Again, nobody here is by that name, Anon.

No. 1538051

yes, now get on with it

No. 1538052

No. 1538053

aww yes there is, love! its you! <3

No. 1538054

Don't repost my shitty meme without the context of it being ironic.

No. 1538055

Presses a finger to her lips. Shh, shh. There is no need to lie anymore for these fools. You are by far cleaner, purer than Ines ever was.

No. 1538056

she doesn’t even look like that lmao

No. 1538057

hush you. nobody cares about whatever youre spewing

No. 1538058

This thread is peak retarded autism, wow.

No. 1538059

If Rachel ever reads all of these threads she’s going to die a little inside and wonder what the hell was happening here.

No. 1538060

I’m kinda having fun tbh

No. 1538061

File: 1653373048017.jpg (6.77 KB, 120x160, bertha.jpg)

Wrong, it's me Bertha
pic related

No. 1538062

Rachel's not here maaaaan.

No. 1538063

Swallows the lump in her throat
Da-daddy? I.. iiiiii think you should be with Fatty Patty Ines. She–she'll treat you better.

I literally cant do this anymore… its not the early 2000s… im not a fucking 12 year old on the internet for the first time getting groomed by the rachels of the world.

No. 1538064

Hahahaha that’s funny, you said “if” Rachel ever reads these threads, as if there’s any possibility she hasn’t been here the whole time. She’s the reason these threads are so fucking retarded, after all

No. 1538065

She loves roleplaying so why not make fun of the fact that she can't find anyone to do that with here by actually doing something with it lol

No. 1538066



No. 1538067

ayo wtf

No. 1538068

What's going on here? Has my daughter been bothering you nice ladies? I hope she didn't shit on the floor and flick her bean to Sephiroth on your carpet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1538069

wow Bertha you sure are a fat piece of shit, what a horribly unflattering picture

No. 1538070

File: 1653373285352.png (171.11 KB, 782x512, 2D4A2BBD-D6B8-4D22-80F6-F026A0…)

No, I would never, could never leave you and our child for that hag. She is dead and gone.

No. 1538072


MY NAME IS RACEL NOT BERTHA. There's nobody here by that name, nonnie. tldr l-ratio'd idfk fuck that idiot

No. 1538073

Please use this pic in the next thread omg

No. 1538074

only 140 lbs of fat
and 110 lbs of 'muscle' (from lifting boxes of expired beauty products)

No. 1538075

You’re not my mother! If you’re my mother, then what species was my favorite stuffed animal as a child?! RRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 1538076

Thanks for finally admitting your here and read your threads, now the healing can begin.

No. 1538077


No. 1538078

a cat, obviously… so you could practice your future abuse on it

No. 1538079


No. 1538080


idk how that works

No. 1538081

Firstly, I want to apologize for everything I ever did and said to you Rachel. Targeting you was wrong and I was the retard all along.

No. 1538082

If I actually said this would you go to therapy and work on your mental issues Rachel?

No. 1538083

File: 1653373588771.jpg (792.48 KB, 1080x1452, Lushholocaust.jpg)

Shitty but hope y'all get the point.

No. 1538084

Wrong, it was an elephant! You’re not my mother! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (i can’t do this man, im dyin here)

No. 1538086

probably not

No. 1538087

Nice work!

No. 1538088

Not my name, but still more flattering than the fatter one. What if we made the fatter one fatter still? Use the liquefy tool.

No. 1538089

I think at this point we’ve transcended autism, transcended retardedness and entered into a new plain of reality.

No. 1538091

You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of farmers and kiwis, but of lolcows. A journey into the terrible land of LARPers. Next stop, the Autism Zone!

No. 1538092

i feel filthy having just read this thread.

No. 1538093

This is all according to the post-Merge scriptures.

No. 1538094

File: 1653374136496.png (47.85 KB, 720x374, Screenshot_20220524-013441~2.p…)

I dunno if we got that bad, but Micheal sure is there.

No. 1538095

Mike is one of the four horsemen of the post-merge Earth.

They are Mike, Ethan Ralph, Chantal and Kerothewolf

No. 1538096

File: 1653374318636.jpeg (26.27 KB, 653x514, 46451C60-B8DE-4D72-A082-AE26A5…)

It’s cute but

No. 1538097

anons, help me choose. i have to go to work in 30 minutes. food, or shower?

No. 1538098

Holy shit this thread turned into a dumpster fire so fast. not gonna lie the RPs were funny

No. 1538099

Alternatively, Kero can be switched out for Nick Fuentes

No. 1538100

Love the chaos tbh, shows we aren't just a hive of cattiness and doxing.

We have fun.

No. 1538101

Depends on time for both but in the spirit of the thread, shower.

No. 1538102

No. 1538103

Yeah I had fun too. I imagine Rachel is probably sitting behind her screen seething though.

No. 1538104

someone approach her on onionfarms and ask her if she saw

No. 1538105

1,2,3, not it!

No. 1538107

File: 1653374964602.jpeg (2.88 MB, 3021x3333, A8BD0FA0-9338-417B-8C7A-F534EF…)

by everything I’ve seen, I don’t think her cat is at risk of being abused.

to proposition someone can mean to ask them for sex, but it can also mean to ask them to do something for you. She probably really did mean she just wants the cat to sit on her and purr. I would too. But what would I know? I’m just a catfucker.

No. 1538108


No. 1538109


No. 1538110

Meow, not me!

No. 1538111

Not it!

No. 1538112


No. 1538113

Not it. Too busy brooding.

No. 1538115

Not it!

No. 1538116

Not me!

No. 1538118

Solid chorus of “Not it!”s.

No. 1538119

I hate that I exist.

No. 1538120

So how is this supposed to work?

No. 1538122

i wonder if her thread is going to end up being locked because of all of this

No. 1538124

Hopefully not.

No. 1538125

She's seen it. Who else would post >>1538107

No. 1538126

just here to hopefully get this dumbass' thread locked

No. 1538127

People will just move over to KF. kek

No. 1538128

and then rachel ends up getting what she wanted lol

No. 1538129

Let's get back to the milk, shall we?

Ohohoho take a look at this. Found an old Deviantart account!!
All that Lush stuff has been sitting there for close to ten years.


No. 1538130

>>1538128 as long as its not deleted, who the fuck cares at this point? the only fun is in poking fun at her stupid ass when she shows up here and even the stooping that requires makes my knees hurt.

But I see your point.

No. 1538131

holy fucking shit no way
im actually impressed that youve found this

No. 1538132

I wanna know who Vincent is

No. 1538133

File: 1653376378145.png (726.38 KB, 706x1229, 0896390B-62E8-42A0-8D00-6EB7B3…)

final fantasy character very emo

im laughing my fucking ass off she linked her gaiaonline account

No. 1538134

I can't reveal my secrets, but I'm a bit of an expert at google-fu.

No. 1538136

She has/had a photobucket account with the username unchainedmadness2. Google is my expertise but not so much photobucket. If anyone has any skills in that area, that's her username

No. 1538137

Thanks nonicita

No. 1538138

Lmao @ Rachel jumping on this possibility immediately because she probably didn’t know it was a thing until that second. I have secondhand embarrassment for her, I imagine her fat moonface lit up with hope at the idea that her thread could get locked because of autistic roleplaying shitting it up… and then the realization hit her that even if the thread gets locked, it will still exist here forever along with the other 6 threads documenting her disgusting behavior. It probably made her so mad that she shit in her diaper again

No. 1538139

File: 1653376896910.jpg (516.85 KB, 801x2613, lmaowhatisthis.jpg)

This is even better than all the roleplay shit combined

No. 1538141

Top fucking kek, this is amazing. Documented proof that Rachel 1. does not use soap and 2. has a hoard of 10 year old rotting LUSH products fermenting under her bed because she’s filthy and also never cleans her room

No. 1538142

She deactivated her DeviantArt already


No. 1538143

So is anyone gonna change me or

No. 1538145

Hahahah what a fucking crybaby.

No. 1538146

How do we know it’s her?

No. 1538147

Sadge would have liked more milk

No. 1538148

idk man just looks like some edgy teen shit to me.

No. 1538150

Could be that she had something set up to ping her if her profile got views.

No. 1538151

I was both one of the rp folks and the one calling for the locking… as well as the one realizing why locking would be bad.

I call the retard out as much as the next, but thankfully, am not her.

No. 1538154

Do you see anything there that can be identified in the other photo?

Lush uses much of the same packaging and recycles absolutely fucking everything. We’re going to need to cross reference when products were made and released and…. idk it’s a lot of work but for the milk.

No. 1538155

File: 1653377723089.png (1.78 MB, 1040x1246, ok rachel.png)

Oh, its her.

Yeah, 18.5k page views but totally just now got pinged and decided to delete it once the farms found it.

Anyway, heres an archive:

No. 1538156

im not convinced it was her

No. 1538157

Don't worry, the milk hasn't stopped yet.
I've got my ways.

Rachel can run and DFE as much as she wants but she cannot stop the inevitable.

No. 1538158

HAHAHAH GET FUCKED (although we know you never have) RACHEL YOU'VE BEEN ARCHIVED

No. 1538159

Gee, I wonder who else would have a DeviantArt account from 10 years ago that has a picture posted to it that contains almost the exact same set up/collection of LUSH and B&BW products that Rachel posted about to “prove” that she is hygienic. And what a coincidence that the owner of this DeviantArt account deactivates it within minutes of it being posted here in the thread.

Honestly, nobody can even attempt to WK and say this was not Rachel lmaoooo

No. 1538160

File: 1653378045280.jpg (109.67 KB, 900x675, my_sailor_moon_toy_collection_…)

really nice find anon. it's 100% her. this toy was featured in one of her yzrch yt videos.

No. 1538161

Also the long red hair, and an OC named Sera

No. 1538162

I don’t think she’s ashamed of any of this. It looks like she hasn’t used the site in forever.

No. 1538163

File: 1653378130415.jpg (111.95 KB, 900x675, stalkers__her_computer_by_vinc…)

First in my StalkerS Series, where we follow the exploits of a "Stalker" following his obsession around in her waking period. This will enable you folks to find out more about my life, too. So here you see my NEW computer that I got on the 31st of May. On the tray beside the computer you shall see my water bottle, a bottle of Orange Soda (Gotten back into it.) and my new mug, which replaced my older one that I broke. (Wanna learn more? Read my journal.) Inside the mug is orange soda, and all too prominent are the yellow bobblehead cat, the rules my parents so deftly put on for my use of the computer, the numerous sticky notes in my chicken scratch on the right side of the computer (Y'know, on the wall.) that I use for various reminders. Also prominent is one of my hairbrushes for my luxurious hair and my Ipod Nano Purple…. But what really sticks out here is my baby. My darling Sephiroth plush (And his blankie.), (Yes, I sleep with him every night.) who I am never parted with for more than 12 hours. Call me a wuss for loving this plush, but he's been there for me for over 3 years. I was thinking of retiring him and going on to one of my other Sephiroth Dolls (I have THREE.) but I just couldn't leave him somewhere… So I'm back to him. To the very right of the picture on the shelves are our Blu-ray system and my various office toys and whatnot. And to the very left is our phone and bulletin board. While it does not show up in the picture, above the computer is mostly office supplies and stuff for first aid, camping, travelling, dictionary, thesaurus, classical books my parents have collected, gardening books, paper, and the colorful stuff for art. (I.e. Markers, Pens, Colored Pencils, Etc.) Upon the monitor is my Gaiaonline page… Don't get any ideas.

No. 1538164

the album of the photo bucket link was called “rachelsipod” so yeah pretty sure its her

No. 1538165

Pretty sure she has been though, since she has a new house and 5 boyfriends 2 girlfriends.

No. 1538166

this would imply then that it is indeed Rachel’s account. if she got notified about views, she would know it was farmers and could deactivate it. if a random stranger got notified about views, that doesn’t explain the quick deactivation. views would be a good thing to most people who aren’t Rachel trying to hide that they got caught in yet another lie

No. 1538167

Okay fine. I fucking give up. Cow here. What do you want?

No. 1538168

File: 1653378273389.png (159.8 KB, 400x457, d1ys61w-114685a5-aa66-4508-837…)

>I did not make this. I won this from a forum in gaiaonline, and a nice person called [Boo Boo] made it for me.
gaia handle

No. 1538169

“Edgy teens” don’t post their ridiculous hoards of frilly cosmetic products from chain stores like B&BW, kek

No. 1538170

Take a mirror selfie

No. 1538171

I did. I was an edgy and cringy teen.

No. 1538172

File: 1653378387676.jpg (114.17 KB, 900x675, stalkers__her_bedroom_1_by_vin…)

4th part A of my StalkerS series, where we follow the exploits of a "stalker" following his obsession in her waking hours. This will enable you folks to learn more about me, too. This is probably the most intimate piece into my life. Here we see The Mess I Call A Bedroom, while I'm standing in the doorway. Water bottle on floor along with books that I read for fun and seriousness (Reading the Trilogy of the Rings currently.), my chest of drawers, two chairs, (Rocking chair, reclining chair on the floor.) my lamp, my maneki neko, my Sailor Moon Crisis locket, my black materia replica, one of my two metal die-cast puzzles, the alarm clock my sister sinaugustine.deviantart.com gave me, my clay tea set, and 3 of the 4 picture frames I own. (I don't use them for real people. Never have, probably never will. I use them for art.) . I never sleep below the comforter, I sleep on two pillows covered with a blanket, and two pillows with satin pillowcases…. There's a towel on my bed not because I wet my bed or because I put it there after a shower. It's there because I have REALLY heavy periods and I sleep alot. There's my dream catcher, and note that the ORIGINAL "Viral Loves Me" is hanging on the wall near my bed!Other various pictures from deviantart, mainly Azure Kite, another Viral on a Doujinshi cover, one other picture of Sephiroth, two of a few Naruto posters left over from my very short Naruto phase which I need to take down, FFX2 official poster, Yoshitaka Amano's interpretation of Aeriseph… And hanging above it is my two wallscrolls. One on the right is Vincent from DoC, and the one on the left is Guardian Sephiroth, who watches over me while I sleep. o.O Any questions about this picture or my room, you stalker you? Just ask.

No. 1538173

I’m not going to do that. You get what you get or you get nothing.

I don’t like thinking about how I was when I was younger.

I fucking give up. I want to believe that things will get better now that I’m here. But I don’t have high hopes.

Btw I’m not going to therapy, it’s true. Sorry not sorry.

No. 1538174

File: 1653378468686.jpg (119.26 KB, 900x675, stalkers__her_bedroom_2_by_vin…)

No. 1538175

Oh really is that why she deactivated the account within minutes of it being posted here? Because she’s proud of it being found?

No. 1538176

Then no, things wont get better for you. You're admitting you wont do anything to better yourself. Sorry not sorry.

No. 1538178

Can you confirm if you have been following and posting in the threads or not?

No. 1538179

File: 1653378756903.jpg (567.06 KB, 710x2836, interesting.jpg)

These were in the comments. Just further proving its her and she's been a pedo for quite a while.

No. 1538180

Dude I was like 13.

No. 1538181

get off social media, reflect on yourself, get a job with more hours, move out your parent's house, make some friends.
or stay here in your misery and delusion for everyone to laugh at your expense, either's good.

No. 1538182

Haven’t been. Got pinged that my deviantart was visited and the jig was up.

Dude I just don’t want to go. It’s a waste of time.

No. 1538183

You're so bad at lying.
Guess I gotta dig up more about you.

No. 1538184

Of course it's a waste of time when you go into it thinking that. Not being open to suggestion and working on yourself. Its not a waste of time if you're willing to make it not be a waste of time. Its not fun, by any means, but working on yourself and your issues rarely is.

No. 1538185

I’m not going to be doing that, primarily because
1. I have friends
2. I’m already working 40 hours a week as manager
3. I’m already out of my parents house.

I’m not leaving social media for your benefit. It’s just not happening.

No. 1538187