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File: 1652593721281.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3009x2001, weddingday!.jpeg)

No. 1529219

Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin, 28, of Emerald Hills, CA, who has apparently been terrorizing the Final Fantasy roleplay community for years, showed up in the lolcow.farm Discord one day to attempt to get her thread, which was inactive for a year, taken down. This of course resulted in people paying renewed attention to the thread. The Discord originally thought she was a troll (and probably a man) but she proved everyone wrong by sending a picture of her unredacted ID, thus saving the trouble of people doing any actual doxing work.

But what's the story with Rachel? She has pissed off enough people in the roleplay community to have multiple people there who document her antics and warn people off interacting with her. Needless to say, they were thrilled to see Rachel's thread kick off again, and provided regular milk deliveries, as did Rachel herself, as things began to spiral out of control. She's averaged a new LCF thread per week since then, and got herself a modestly active one on KF, too.

We'll get into her milk shortly, but Rachel also is notable for crossing over with other cows. She's had contact with Elaine Miller and Michael Thurlow ("Angry Canadian"), and decided that "Ines" and Spooky Bones, mortal enemies of those two, respectively, are behind everything, leading to some pretty funny antics on her end.

Older Milk:
> posted obsessively on LCF claiming to be various other people WKing her; now conversing with both forums on her Twitter instead
> banned repeatedly from Twitter and various Sephiroth-coomer Discords, makes socks like it's going out of style, still obviously her
> threatens to stop eating unless she is unbanned from Discords
> insists to everyone who blocks her she is "not going away"
> claims to be in a polyamorous relationship with 5 guys and 2 girls; no evidence these people exists
> undeniably fat; delusionally claims to be 140lbs, calls others "fatty patty"
> graphically talks about her vagina, which from her level of knowledge about actual sex has probably never been penetrated by an actual penis
> spams the inbox of any Sephiroth roleplayer and resorts to threats when they won't comply
> wants to RP sexual situations with underage characters
> has online contact with actual minors and likes to chat them up about sex allegedly in the name of "Sex Ed"
> has a disturbing obsession with Bad Dragon and similar exotic animal/fantasy dildos
> repeatedly denies being a pedo or zoophile even when nobody is asking, "the lady doth protest too much"
> harassed a cat blog about how DDLG fetish is awesome and valid because the cat blog made a one-off comment about it making her uncomfortble
> believes everyones Ines (who doesn't know that she exists) or Spooky Bones (who did make her thread on KF but probably would forget about her too if she shut up about it)
> tries to take a SJWish high road but will call people nigger
> posts about sexwork positivity and pro-tranny handmaiden stuff; calls us TERFs like it's a major insult
> posted a picture of the newborn baby of one of her enemies saying she wants to sell it on the dark web
> posted gore and death threats to obvious minors on Twitter
> claims (after Elaine) that LCF has CP on it which she of course has dutifully archived … for law enforcement purposes. Right.

Recent Milk:
> Rachel showed up in the Encyclopedia Dramatica discord with Elaine and proceeded to get made fun of by everyone in the server
> Went on her usual spergfest which resulted in all 3 of her accounts being banned from the EDD server and her reporting users, admins and the server to discord which resulted in a couple of bans
> Her twitter accounts @Rosier10927684 and @Nyardyn1 were both banned
> Continuous sperging in her thread acting as Nick and other made up people. Is still extremely bad at it.
> New twitter is @KILLINGJOKE and she's (poorly) larping as a Japanese person that doesnt speak english well >>1525531
> Admits its her in DMs and continues to sperg about being autistic and trying to use that as an excuse for her behavior
> Tries to accuse Fair'sInfo of threatening her only 3 friends into unfollowing her and blocking her >>1527500
> Anons find proof its a lie after Rachel claims to post proof and never delivers >>1528340
> 13 May 2022 … anon rolls the devil's trips >>1527666 and shows receipts of Rachel sperging out in Discord, thinks she is talking her usual melange of schizo nonsense when she refers to anti-Semites and pedos
> (presumably a kiwi farming) anon notices that for the first time we know of Rachel is actually right, she's talking about and later with Michael "Angry Canadian" Thurlow who is pretending to be Sephiroth but forgot to change his Discord status away from "currenty beating up women and Heiling Hitler in a cute tutu with cunny"
> Thurlow is an actually dangerous person w/domestic violence and child abuse arrests, open and unironic Nazi, into degenerate porn, crossdressing, and playing weird psychological games with people online
> bonus appearance by Naught (another banned Kiwi, admin of OnionFarms, open pedophile, doxes people with Michael with whom he shares a fixation on lolicon)
> Rachel also makes references to "David [Gross]", who is someone that Michael was trying to pretend was the guy behind his accounts with degenerate shit on them, but Michael was too dumb to cover his tracks properly
> a tangled web of pure autism shakes out, it turns out that Elaine, Michael, Naught, and a tranny named Ross/Erika have been chatting with Rachel for God knows how long and pointing her at their enemies
> Blaine/Ross/Erika/UnabashedHermaphrodite came to deliver milk after falling out with the other cows (they were all hanging out on a Discord together where presumably they bond over bitching about their threads even though Michael was somehow involved in doxing Blaine, who tf knows) … anyway he, Elaine and Naught had been trying to keep Rachel out of trouble but Michael has been insisting on trolling her
> Hermie (let's call him) is a legitimate schizophrenic who showed up on KF during the Bella saga to try to fuck with the narrative and accuse a "clan" of underage Roblox players of being a front for child trafficking, but he's back on his meds and way calmer
> Naught by the way was involved in the "Watchmen" trolling group which manipulated Chris-chan by playing into his delusions, allegedly for Chris's benefit. we all know how that turned out. the Watchmen had an ugly breakup and Naught lost control of Chris to a psycho named Sean who wanted to manipulate Chris into killing himself, all of which can be read about on Kiwi Farms and elsewhere but it is very autistic
> Michael's pattern is to seduce vulnerable women online and abuse them, in addition to Elaine he got nudes off two women from Kiwi Farms and leaked one of them in a blackmail scheme, he also has an alleged "wife", who has spoken of him beating her up, who he found up online, has also been in touch with Bella Janke
> these people have been pointing Rachel at their own enemies (or imagined enemies) since her thread kicked off, for reasons that really have nothing to do with Rachel, but they are all sickos who get off on manipulating people online and saw an opportunity to stir the pot

Curren Twitter: @KILLINGJOKE

Thread #1: >>>/snow/1095830
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1485119
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1497013
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1508548
Thread #5: >>>/snow/1518588
Kiwi thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/116204/

No. 1529221

I tried to wait for >>1528745 to make a thread but was worried it'd get locked before then. (thanks for half of the new milk summary)
I tried to keep the new milk short…first thread, sorry if it sucks.

No. 1529231

you forgot to include the part where she's shits on herself. lol

No. 1529234

File: 1652595490344.png (60.8 KB, 1930x208, Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at 9.53…)

Fuck I knew I'd forget something

>Rachels "friend" admits that Rachel shits herself while trying to own the farmers. picrel

No. 1529236

tinfoil that maybe one of these "friends" actually isn't always Rachel but at least sometime was Michael, who is possibly autistic enough to sound the way "Nick" has if you read up on him

No. 1529237

i feel like this was just an anon making fun of her

No. 1529240

File: 1652595929912.png (28.84 KB, 1714x102, disgusting.png)

Thats actually a pretty plausible tinfoil, anon.

Maybe but Rachels "friend" also posted >>1529104 and picrel so who knows tbh.

No. 1529251

ohhh yeah that really sounds like him … actually it sounds like him trying (and failing) to emulate the fact that Rachel talks about her "cat" in too much detail, but that just doesn't sound like her as much as it sounds like a psycho scrote and he fits the bill

No. 1529254

I thought that too but they also white knight her too much and he doesn't like her kek so it makes me think it may be Rachel and maybe she's finally had a mental breakdown.

No. 1529257

hell, if she has a mental break and gets sectioned, it would be the best thing to happen to her.

No. 1529263

File: 1652597790522.jpg (53.06 KB, 938x650, cowdrunk.jpg)

>he doesn't like her
I think it's slightly more complicated than that. He's clearly a dude who hates women but he talks to a lot of them mostly to play sick psychological games. Rachel seems to have wanted to stop playing so of course Michael is then going to try to snake on her but before he was entertaining her to the point of RPing with her. It'll be the same with Elaine, who I guess he is still in cahoots with. Which is worrying on a number of levels but he'll definitely wind up hurting her if at all possible, look what he did to that KF thot with an OnlyFans, leaked her nudes after trying to blackmail her and play all sorts of fucked up games while the scrotes all thought it was great fun. Might not be the same scene but it would be a similar one and not just because that girl and Elaine are both relatively conventionally attractive. He'd do some crazy shit with Rachel too, probably worse. What does it say that Rachel is enough of a cow that Elaine looks credible telling her to chill the fuck out but Elaine is such a cow that Rachel has better taste in non-fictional men? The merge, nonnas.

No. 1529275

I doubt he'd come white knight her like that though. He'd do dumb shit like he did on KF acting like a Bad Dragon sales rep or whatever. He's just as retarded as she is, for sure, but he barely even white knighted his own wife. In fact, he denied it was her not once but twice and still never said shit to the people talking shit about her when it was confirmed. Like you said, he hates women, and he may have trolled Rachel and gotten her kicked out of her servers but he still looked absolutely retarded doing it and she outted him so I wouldn't be surprised if he was seething over that.

No. 1529317

Tinfoil but bear with me:

Angry Canadian's M.O. is to do a really halfassed "dox" on an easy target and then harass them or worse, even attempt blackmail and other crazy shit. The assumption has been that he and Elaine found Rachel because of her threads but what if it was sort of the other way around? What if Michael found Rachel in a roleplay server, either because he was trolling for people to dox or because he unironically gets off on the roleplaying (or both more likely), then did his usual stuff, and found that she had an old thread here, inactive for a full year. What if he encouraged her to go to the lolcord to have it taken down (even told her it would be a good idea to send her ID) knowing that it would cause drama? He couldn't have known exactly what would happen but would know enough that to know it would be the opposite of getting her thread taken down.

No. 1529319

and yes I'm sure that he is absolutely seething over all this as whatever gayop he had going about Ines and Spooky and whatever else got blown to smitereens because he got owned by a literal Chris tier autist. He was really made to look the fool yesterday before Rachel stole the show with her own sperging… unless…

No. 1529351

> banned repeatedly from Twitter and various Sephiroth-coomer Discords, makes socks like it's going out of style, still obviously her

“Sephiroth-coomer discords” name one.
“Still obviously her” false. It’s Nick, a married man in his late 20s with a tech job who has known Rachel since they were in elementary school together.
> insists to everyone who blocks her she is "not going away"

She isn’t going away.
> claims to be in a polyamorous relationship with 5 guys and 2 girls; no evidence these people exists

She doesn’t need to give proof, it’s to her boyfriends’ or girlfriends’ discretion to consent to be spoken about, photographed with her, posted on here, etc. In any matter, they’re likely being protected from your fat retardedness, fatty patty.
> undeniably fat; delusionally claims to be 140lbs, calls others "fatty patty"

False. It isn’t delusional. She does weigh 140 pounds.
> graphically talks about her vagina, which from her level of knowledge about actual sex has probably never been penetrated by an actual penis

False. She has 5 boyfriends and 2 girlfriends and you’re salty because you don’t even have a single significant other.

She has a lot of sex. That is the bottom line. That isn’t a “hurr durr she says she has a lot of sex so she doesn’t know how sex works” the penis goes in the vagina and thrusts in and out until the man orgasms, and if he does it right the woman orgasms too. If it’s between her and her girlfriend, they finger each other, scissor, or use a strap on to fuck each other. Be grossed out, because anyone with a single brain cell rattling around in their skull knows it’s a front for how jealous you are. You deserve to be and remain offended.
> spams the inbox of any Sephiroth roleplayer and resorts to threats when they won't comply

False. No proof.
> wants to RP sexual situations with underage characters

False. No proof.
> has online contact with actual minors and likes to chat them up about sex allegedly in the name of "Sex Ed"

It is for Sex Ed, you are just right wing and hate the idea of preventing children from being groomed or raped.
> has a disturbing obsession with Bad Dragon and similar exotic animal/fantasy dildos
False. Doesn’t own a single one and has only posted pictures of them. You don’t know what entails an obsession.
> repeatedly denies being a pedo or zoophile even when nobody is asking, "the lady doth protest too much"
She’s not either, you just don’t have an accurate grasp on the definition of or what makes either. It’s pathetic. If you cared, you’d call the police, and then you would waste law enforcement’s time because she’s innocent and law enforcement can’t touch her.
> harassed a cat blog about how DDLG fetish is awesome and valid
> believes everyones Ines (who doesn't know that she exists) or Spooky Bones (who did make her thread on KF but probably would forget about her too if she shut up about it)

They did.
> tries to take a SJWish high road but will call people nigger

No, that was me.
> posts about sexwork positivity and pro-tranny handmaiden stuff; calls us TERFs like it's a major insult

It is.
> posted a picture of the newborn baby of one of her enemies saying she wants to sell it on the dark web
No, that was me.
> posted gore and death threats to obvious minors on Twitter
> claims (after Elaine) that LCF has CP on it which she of course has dutifully archived … for law enforcement purposes. Right.

She did report it. How about I post it here?

No. 1529352

File: 1652609347886.jpeg (84.33 KB, 750x709, 24F72C67-700C-4F17-9B63-439CF1…)

He fucked up his chances of remaining on the last server of Rachel’s he was in by changing his display name and picture again to something noticeably like what he has been known to have on KF.

No. 1529353

>>1529351 go to bed, fatty.

No. 1529355

I don’t think you’re giving Rachel enough credit.

AC was too dumb to remember to change his about me on his discord sock to something that wasn’t obviously him so he got caught. Rachel didn’t fall for it to begin with. Doubt it’s something that can be attempted again.

Remember when he sent all that food to his ex wife through the food delivery service? Was that meant as some kind of peace offering, or to poison her because she was allergic to onions? Do we know what Rachel is allergic to?

In conjunction to >>1529352, I think it’s safe to say she’ll be unbanned from that server soon.

No. 1529356

ad hominem, resorting to insulting her over your perception of her weight, auto-L. cry and scream and moo harder pathetic cow.

No. 1529361

ok fatty.

if you dont want to be detected the second you post… you should probably get some new lines.

No. 1529362

>>1529355 What she's allergic to?

Only things I know she's definitely allergic to are the truth, those of the age of majority, and speaking in first person.

No. 1529363

He liked women enough to have a child with one.

I don’t think she ever actually roleplayed with him. To the best of my understanding she caught him right away.

I think it was mentioned in a previous thread, but the laws in California on getting involuntarily submitted to a psych ward require credible belief that a person is a threat to themselves or others. Who wants to bet on whether Rachel or AC will get sectioned first?


For sure just someone trying to make fun of her by using parallels to CWC. Don’t think anyone will ever outcow CWC.

No. 1529365

Yeah no, you’re trying to refer to her. She only weighs 140 now, I weigh more than that because I’m 6’1.

No. 1529366

considering she specifically put “minors dni” on her twitter bio, i think it’s a safe assumption that she’s allergic to minors.

No. 1529367

>>1529365 im not digging up the id photo, but we've all seen it, retard. 5'2" 190. puke about it.

and then proceeds to contact minors to rp with.

rachel youre not fooling anyone.
go put yourself to pasture.

No. 1529368

Go ahead and dig it up. Be sure to highlight the issuing date. It’s been a long time since it’s been issued. IDs can be inaccurate if long periods of time have passed.

Go ahead. Name a single time she contacted a minor to rp with. I’ll wait.

She’s still not here btw.

No. 1529369

Lmfao you know what I just realized???? Remember those chat logs in the previous thread where she was talking about wanting to gayops and do illegal shit and try to rope in Margo who she also said wasn't genuine among other things?

She talked about needing to get a lawyer if she wanted to take legal action but couldn't afford one. But then she spent multiple threads talking about how rich she was and how we're all poor.

No. 1529371

again, get new lines retard.

really dont understand how youre so fucking stupid that you cant figure out a way to conceal yourself. youve been regurgitating the same lines for years.

oh shit youre totally right! hey >>1529368! use all that money you most definitely have to open a libel case if youre so sure you're being done wrong here.

If you dont have the money on hand, I may suggest reallocating your knockoff bad dragon fund.

No. 1529372

>>1529371 samefag but I may have to dumb it down for big chungus….

we dont care, broke ass bitch. uwu

No. 1529374

File: 1652612938085.jpg (222.9 KB, 1047x864, onlineatthesametime.jpg)

We have "Nick" currently online here as of a few minutes ago and Rachel on Twitter at the same time. It's 4am in California. She really can't pretend for the life of her.

It makes me laugh that she tries to befriend people because we've seen that she only gets close to women specifically if she feels they're useful to her. Meanwhile she jumped right into trusting Naught and Michael.

No. 1529381

She didn’t say she couldn’t afford it. She said in verbatim, “Without some kind of subpoena and a lawyer, which will cost money, I can't do much”

No. 1529382

Are we so sure killingjoke is her?

No. 1529383

File: 1652614255786.jpeg (277.73 KB, 1920x1080, rachelxpiggy.jpeg)

oh shit reeree is still awake?

Whats in your slop today??

No. 1529384

Yeah, Fatty Patty Ines is awake. She doesn’t sleep.

No. 1529386

It’s not “Nick” it’s Nick. >>1529374

>>tries to

Does befriend. Do or don’t, there is no try.

Be a dear and tell me what SHE has said is the reason why she hasn’t purchased any of those dildos?

No. 1529387

i don’t see why calling them “knockoff” is pertinent, they cost pretty much the same if not more.

No. 1529388


Earlier nonnie is right you really do wordvom the same lines over and over

No. 1529389

Hmm, no not really. If I am then it’s because you aren’t worth the effort.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1529391

>Be a dear and tell me what SHE has said is the reason why she hasn’t purchased any of those dildos?

how bad was your education that you dont realize what gives you away

seven threads here and multitudes elsewhere say otherwise… and yet again you tell on yourself, retard. your bullshit spans a decade over, rachel.

inb4 'tldr moo bitch': again, the same lines over and over… its almost like how legitimate cows have four stomachs and keep vomiting the same stuff before eventually shitting it out. But, yknow… they dont shit their pants like you do.

No. 1529392

You know Mike wrote my thread and you believe it? Nice work nonnie, truly a sleuth of glorious proportions. Why I could not put two and two together either, it's a milestone of an achievement.

Anywho, I doxed Mike, he doxed me. I'm a tranny, easier target. Pretty easy to parse how it went down and how I'm "miraculously" not crazy. Most of what's in my thread is made entirely by AC. It died in a month. His is still ongoing cause he couldn't just log off and walk away.

I also called out AC and Bella on Onion farms when they were pretending it wasn't here. It's almost as if when this retarded leaf gives me a way to put him down I do it. He's been obsessed with Rachel for a while now, frankly it's just another case of easy fe(male) target honestly. He's had a boner for everyone he does.

Mike claims to not post here cause he's banned on all VPNs.

So he's functionally retarded, and thinks that's an excuse someone would buy when you just refresh an incognito browser to get a new IP. Dudes been raging since I posted, attacking everyone and everything he can.


Hey idiot, the other two wanted to help you. You literally picked the only one that legitimately hates you as the one to trust the most. GG, you deserve Thurlow.

Told Elaine, pointed her to see his actions but it's Elaine I doubt she will get off the train track before the rage train throws her down a flight of stairs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1529395

She admitted it was to Gaiasgod lol ss are in last thread.

No. 1529412

It wasn't Michael who sent all the food to his 'ex-wife's' house, it was a brony called Flame Hammer who did it in retaliation for Michael 'doxing' him on Onionfarms. When Michael and Flame were discussing a 'truce' Michael claimed it was his ex-wife's place but his actual ex-wife is Brittany Pamies (lives in FL), where it was sent was his current 'wife' (no proof they're married) Samantha Divis' place (lives in CA). Samantha Divis is allergic to onions so I guess it was to ensure they couldn't get free food out of it, rather then an attempt to 'poison' them.

No. 1529431

File: 1652622764796.png (534.93 KB, 1972x1102, retard.png)

Rachel was too retarded to notice her new thread/how to reply to posts on an old thread in her new thread.
bonus: boomer meme.

No. 1529433

Samefag. Just noticed she replied to a comment about Naught liking troons by saying
> Why dont you ask her what she likes
Naught isn't a troon.
Nice Freudian slip there, Rachel.

No. 1529468

I thought she said that because she's so damn self absorbed that she didn't realize it wasn't about her lmao

No. 1529482

I agree and that was my first thought, but then I was like "wait, if I saw "too old and likes trannies" I would re-read the post and not just assume its about me, even if I was as self absorbed as she is.

No. 1529525

is it possibly Samnatha broke up with Michael over the Internet drama? She got doxed, a porno she did years ago got found and posted to KF, his bullshit got her mom harassed IRL by some weirdo with no teeth, he 'cheated' on her with 2 skanks from Kiwi Farms and just overall got exposed as a complete degenerate for shit she might not even know about. she seems like a retarded pickme but even she might have got tired of his bullshit, plus is there even any proof of them being in an actual relationship beyond Discord?

No. 1529539

Encopresis is extremely common in autism though, so it might be true

No. 1529552

Or maybe whatever incident they're talking about was years ago and no longer relevant?

No. 1529557

Her OC is now named Sera Shitsherpants

No. 1529567

the Chris parallels keep stacking up. Chris also told the "trolls" about his fecal incontinence when he was attempting to justify something else, classic Chris move there and Rachel just seems like she keeps emulating him…the imitation though of course is cheaper than the original. particularly the 'trolls' leave a lot to be desired.

No. 1529586

File: 1652637496602.png (146.63 KB, 321x345, austicaizen.png)

Great summary Ghoulie, just some things I feel need added for the utter stupidity of it all.


Well yeah, I just started trolling her literally yesterday so it's been actual speds until now.

Rachael came to OnionFarms after someone else posted a thread about her there, lots of raging. That's how they got into contact, but it gets dumber…

See not only is AC too dumb to switch the bio, he was planning gayops with Spookybones(aka she was just taking info from him and waiting for him to make more milk). Either Mike was dumb enough to think that bygones were bygones or he was trying to get Spooky covered in shit with this OP.

Frankly Rachel rubbed me the wrong way right off the bat, I don't mind tard wrangling or I wouldn't be in those circles but you cannot wrangle a tard who does not listen and she was already giving chaser vibes off to me.

So I've been lurking for a while as I knew this bullshit would bring about a lot of milk and a lot of sperging. I was just gonna pass it along to other people as I have done in the past for a couple months now but, Rachel attacked me and told me not to post here. From how she and Michael have reacted, I made the right choice.


The trolling was low tier and obvious, I trolled her more simply by posting here.


Very little chance he is dating her, his sleep schedule is all over the board and he always calls her a friend on discord.


Yeah Mike doxed him so the brony just pizza spammed as a response. AC always manages to be his own worst enemy time and time again.(moid)

No. 1529599

did you just offer to post CP wtf

No. 1529601

>the penis goes in the vagina and thrusts in and out until the man orgasms, and if he does it right the woman orgasms too. If it’s between her and her girlfriend, they finger each other, scissor, or use a strap on to fuck each other
ahahahaha dear god

No. 1529605

If that's a taste of her smut writing I can understand why people quit and never come back after dealing with her.

No. 1529606

I love that AC who hates women is getting felted by women again.

He also hates trannies and is getting felted the tranny I guess but the tranny that is doing the best job of felting him is himself. For those unaware check his KF thread, his ex-wife and abuse victim shows up to dish about how he would dress up in women's clothes and try to get her to peg him and want her to call him 'she/her' and the children's 'mother'

He really is a top tier lol/horrorcow and I'm amazed he managed to piss people off on every single drama site and this now includes us, kek.

No. 1529609

he doesn't hate trannies, he's jealous of them

No. 1529616

He really does have a fixation on trannies though. The majority of the soft targets he has doxed seem to have been trannies and he LARPed as a tranny at one point trying to blackmail CommieDickGirl. The idea that "transphobes" are all repressed trannies is bullshit but in his case it is probably true. The shit with his wife where he wanted to go by female pronouns etc. was years ago and before he developed his Nazi persona and all that. Maybe it is all elaborate cope to deal with the fact that he was too much of a coward to actually troon out and that he would never pass in the slightest.

No. 1529617

Thank you, I felt like my brain was melting while trying to summarize it. kek

No. 1529622

It will literally always be relevant. What a strange comment.

No. 1529625

What is it with all these nasty moids with autogynephilia vs narcissist women who may or may not be incels? Shit is wild.

No. 1529627


I'd imagine so, especially knowing only some of the players. Honestly was probably easier for me to set this up than for you to sum it up lmfao.


Exactly this, transphobe is so overused at this point. The true meaning would be someone like Michael, not someone who is just ignoring pronoun respect. He might have passed decent enough before the coke bloat hit his face.


This all literally fell onto my lap, fuck if I know.

No. 1529628

If it's so irrelevant and you're so unbothered then please Rachel tell us the whole story. Otherwise you're just a regular everyday pantshitter.

No. 1529632

Before we know it, we'll have a female CWC on our hands and it will end up like his story at some point

I mean, the fact that the reply pattern is already a parallel is kind of… concerning? For lack of a better word

No. 1529634

File: 1652641385657.png (388.36 KB, 1283x672, abuse.png)

Michael's kiwi thread is wild. The logs from his ex-wife are all kinds of fucked up. It's amazing to me but sadly not surprising that there are women who will engage with him even when all this shit is out in the open about him.

No. 1529638

As a lesbian myself, she knows nothing how girl on girl works. Fingers and strapons are nice and all, but tribing( scissoring) is not as fun as it looks in porn. It’s hard to do and really has no satisfaction unless you are sharing a double end toy. Strap ons are used, but it’s not easy to use. Many use a thigh strap or a handled toy.

But the biggest thing most woman on woman action is oral. And we all know she’s terrified of it.

No. 1529640


Well shit if eating someone out is the female role maybe I do have autogynephilia.

No. 1529641

and Chris (as well as a lot of other trannies) was obsessed with 'scissoring' too lol

No. 1529645

That’s because they watch porn and see women having a good time. But they don’t realize it’s all acting to impress and audience.

No. 1529649

Scissor me timbers.

No. 1529666

Yeah his thread was a sad read. His ex wife talking about how he treated her and sharing screenshots, the current(?) gf posting about how he's emotionally and financially abusive on her reddit, and mostly his kid that he didn't give a fuck about except to use to hurt his ex and accuse her of telling him their kid died.
Rachel is really making some great friends.

No. 1529671

I mean, if she ever dated someone she'd be abusive. She only thinks about herself. Even her weird self insert fantasies with Sephiroth revolve around turning him into a house husbando that is rough during sex and is otherwise subservient to her and her needs.

No. 1529673

Thats actually a really good point that I never even thought about. The behavior we've seen from her also backs that up along with her weird RP fantasies.

No. 1529675

the current 'wife' seems like a bitch tbh but I still feel bad for her (looks like she has been thru some shit/other abusive relationships) and I hope it is true that she got away from him

No. 1529678

Yeah she does, but she also must be/have been so miserable. I also hope she did too.

No. 1529681

Yeah, I just went and read Naughts .org thread last night so it was all a lot to handle in a short about of time.
If you have a sock and need to message me on KF so you stop getting banned here feel free

No. 1529686

She wouldn’t know what rough sex was. Her idea is probably just being held down firmly and the head board being pounded into the wall. So pretty much normal vanilla sex. She doesn’t know what rough sex is actually like since she’s had nothing of the sort to go off off other then porn which doesn’t portray sex realistically both rough and not.

No. 1529690

shes allergic to boundaries and parents
youre so transparent every time you do this rachel
okay now im convinced its true

No. 1529704

File: 1652647790618.jpg (33.35 KB, 647x689, c7slncep71q41.jpg)

Trying to summarize all of this for KF struggle

No. 1529714


Yeah I'll make a sock in a bit, it'll be easier on your end that way

No. 1529725

LMFAO Null locked registration over the shooter.
I got a VPN or you can contact me on some Onionfags burner.

No. 1529730

Samantha's response to the 'cheating' was to just sperg out at the two skanks involved across both Kiwi Farms and dot org and then stick her head in the sand so I doubt they've broken up, but it would be an obvious strategy for them to try to get the heat off her. Don't forget she's been gayoping with Michael for years, including doxing minors, so going to ground after the dox means she's at least got more brains than he has.

No. 1529736

File: 1652649352262.png (367.14 KB, 640x400, holy shit lol.png)

Fresh Michael content on the Kiwi thread, they have found his crossdressing pics, I repeat, they have found his crossdressing pics.


Come to think of it he and Rachel have the same problem of not knowing when to shut up, take your ball, and go home.

No. 1529741

File: 1652649603444.jpg (502.4 KB, 1079x1390, ilovekfusers.jpg)

Idk why anyone hates KF and its users when we get masterpieces like this

No. 1529744

Does anyone know why she hates cunnilingus so much?

No. 1529747

She wouldn't suck dick either because she's fat and lazy.

No. 1529764

Probably thinks it’s dirty and given that tidbit she shits herself, that probably factors in a bit…

No. 1529770

Probably scared of the taste and the concept that you pee and have periods from there. Honestly it just reflects how bad her own hygiene is if she thinks it’s nasty. Means she probably can smell herself and doesn’t like the smell.

No. 1529780

Considering she probably doesn't take care of her bush either….yuck. Total swamp down there.

No. 1529797

It’s probably a forest of chunky bits stuck to the unscaped hair. I mean if you want to not shave, then okay, but at least trim the lawn of the weeds.

No. 1529798

Michael is a direct product of the Merge too having logged in to white-knight Isabella Loretta Janke for whatever reason. Same more or less with Blaine. Rachel got roped into some weird shit.

No. 1529806

File: 1652653748400.png (114.32 KB, 492x451, youguysarefindingstuffoutthatI…)

No. 1529813

I just did, too and this is too real.
Post yours anyway who cares. Thats way too much work to not post

No. 1529834

Nah it's all good it's been a busy weekend. I'll add some anecdotes when I've got more than ten minutes at a time free. I will highlight a few things.

No. 1529849

Googled encopresis. It’s not saying anything about autism.

It did say that 1 to 3 percent of children have it at some point, but 1 in 44 children are autistic and only 0.9% are female.

She doesn’t shit her pants. The numbers don’t add up.

No. 1529851

Because she doesn’t enjoy it. That simple. You don’t have to give reasons for why you don’t enjoy a sex act, the fact it just doesn’t feel good for you is enough.

The fact you’re questioning “why doesn’t she enjoy cunnilingus” is evidence enough to the fact that you’ve never had it or any sex act performed on you as well.

No. 1529852

She only weighs 140 pounds. I don’t see why you are so set on knowing what sex acts she will and won’t do, she’s never going to fuck you and take your “virginity” fatty patty.

No. 1529853

Nobody wants parents. They’re used goods.

No. 1529854

So she lied about having Autism since the "numbers dont add up". Thanks, Rachel.

No. 1529857

Nobody wants parents. They’re used goods. And gross.

Great. Encopresis = debunked. Just Nick again.

No. 1529860

It's good content and the better part of it rings as true but I don't know why we are accepting this tranny's word as Gospel especially on all the details here seeing as he has admitted that he was knee deep in all the gay shit and only turning coat basically on a whim. I'm looking at the nonnies who are all but namefagging going back and forth from here and Kiwi. There is more than enough hard evidence of stuff going on without having to post dubious shit without receipts from a literal schizo tranny who's selfposting and getting off on the attention. Really poor form.

No. 1529861

Rectal Leak Rachel is here pretending to be her WK, saying the same things, pretending like she doesn't shit her pants when she clearly said she did and likely continues to. Gotta go the extra mile for that DDLG, right? Maybe you could find a Wipey to wipe your ass for you if you weren't so gross.

As a note, babe. You've got no clue how polyamory works either and the fact that you're throwing numbers around saying you've got x boyfriends and x girlfriends tells me no, you've never even been in one relationship let alone a poly one. Your fingers don't count.

No. 1529865


It was the tranny trying to tell everyone that she shits herself too. Blaine doesn’t know her irl.

No. 1529867

Most people I’ve seen who are in a weight loss journey usually like to document publically their journey for self accountability and to show how proud they are about their gains.

140 is 50 pounds over a year period. Doable, but judging from how Rachel sperged in the EDD and showed that new photo of her fat face, I find it hard to believe.

No. 1529868


Mike's not online so it's safe to Nick is Rachel.


Nice try Rachel.

No. 1529869

Said the tranny.

No. 1529870


No that was you pretending to be your own friend Rachel. Try Again.

No. 1529871

Rachel didn’t write that, and neither did I.

God you fags are so retarded, messing up anons left and right as each other.

The moment someone proves you wrong or defends the victim you moo, “It’s them, it’s them!”

No. 1529872

You should buy a plug for your leaky asshole. It might actually be useful for more than just a sex toy in your case.

No. 1529873

No. 1529875

The harder she doubles down on not shitting herself, the more I believe she shit herself. Because she tried to say at first it wasn't relevant but now that more people are latching on she's throwing everything she has at it to try to stop it from spreading.

Watch out nonnas it's leakage time.

No. 1529876


Are you serious rn? Did that post come off remotely like Rachel? I don't know if you are being ignorant because you are one of the vendetta-chans or one of the low tier Kiwi Farmers who's way, way too excited about this like it was babby's first lolcow. Get real, nonnie. Uncritical acceptance of every little bit of info just gets people into trouble and drags down the whole process. People in this sphere of the Internet are retards but I'd hope that this of all sites would know better to talk about all the actual screenshots and such that are in the thread vs an actual schizo tranny with his own thread. Research him a little bit especially about his ROBLOX conspiracy theories during the Bella saga.

Calm your tits and step away from the computer. I know I can't be the one who is getting a little bit annoyed with DBS and Ghoulie. It's fine to be a kiwi and it's fine to share content between sites but namefagging without namefagging is what they're doing and it's really not cute anymore.

No. 1529878

"A large percentage of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are delayed in achieving continence with bowel movements or never achieve it at all (i.e., they meet criteria for encopresis)."

No. 1529879

Are you retarded anon? They did post receipts, and there was proof of both Rachel and Elaine having contact with each other and Rachel and Michael having contact with each other before the tranny even came along.
Read the threads or fuck off back to kiwifarms.

No. 1529880


She’s not doubling down on her not shitting herself, I am. Unless you want me to get caleb to confirm too?

I know her irl. I’ve smelled her. She smells like flowers.

No. 1529881

Go back to your hugbox, kiwi moid. If you came to complain about two kiwis posting info back and forth go find someone who cares. Make a thread about it. You sound autistic and mad as hell over it.

No. 1529882

Told y’all.

No. 1529883

Go get your army of imaginary friends. I'll wait.
Maybe get a diaper too while you're at it.

No. 1529884


Caleb? Is this another alter ego that you're going to start using when posting here, Rachel? That's cute.

No. 1529886

File: 1652658081734.jpeg (300.58 KB, 750x1256, A8DC413E-A1D4-4ACA-95D0-668B8D…)

Hmm, that’s too small of a sample size.

I’ll reckon none of them were female, and most of them were low functioning and nonverbal. Would make sense that the parents would do it for the extra coin.

No. 1529887

I don't wanna keep going back and forth and infight but that's not what I'm saying. The receipts are great. We should be discussing them. But the ban-evading tranny seems to have run out of them and now is just posting mumbo jumbo for attention >>1529586 (not to mention talking to one of them by name now, come on) and you're feeding into it.
lmao if it's not Rachel it's a man, classic

No. 1529889

He’s BEEN here you retarded bitches.

No. 1529891

Rachel you aren't fooling anyone. Still aren't. You could come up with a Rachel Cinematic Universe full of characters and they'd all still be you.

No. 1529892

No, that’s sex ed because none of you know how it happens. Despite having worthless cobweb covered vaginas, you don’t know how they work. Let me guess, because your dad and preacher told you that’s a no-no spot and to wait for your husband?

No. 1529893

Tl;dr. She’s still not here. Hasn’t been since the 2nd thread. Cry and scream and moo harder pathetic fat cow.

No. 1529895

if hes been here then why do you have to say youre going to go get him

and if youre married and have kids like youve said in previous threads then why do you post here for hours when rachel is active

No. 1529896

encopresis and GI issues are incredibly well-known symptoms of autism spectrum disorders. proving this was clearly not the aim of that study

No. 1529897

Then that's fine. I don't know if anyone is simply assuming everything provided is truth, but if you've got an issue with kiwis maybe you should take it up with them.
If there's gayops afoot we can document it as it happened. People have been proven wrong before or have done stupid shit and we fixed things and moved on.

Ngl, DBS and Ghoulie have been the ones at least attempting to keep both sites up to date because nobody else has. I'm a little more forgiving of whatever poor choices are made because nobody else has tried to do better. I guess this will be getting more attention with all the cows that have been implicated in this mess, so maybe we'll have more people willing to sort through bs.

Tl;dr I know.

No. 1529898

she refollowed staciethecatx and has been replying to her tweets its kind of awkward

No. 1529899

The only one screaming, crying and mooing is you fatty. We were having a nice conversation without your whining.

No. 1529901

Don't think you're Rachel, don't know if you're a moid and dont care but you do sound an awful lot like a certain kiwi.
Don't know why you're bitching about kiwi's that are contributing to both sites, and he's not the first person to address kiwis by username when theres a good amount of overlap that post on both sites.
This post came off weird and hostile as fuck for no reason. Of course people are gonna respond negatively.

No. 1529902

Why did he choose to start growing that ugly beard?

No. 1529903

You’d have to ask her about that.

No. 1529907

Rachel has been very vocal about having nothing to do with him after finding out who he is.

No. 1529908

As a “lesbian” troon

No. 1529910

He was outed like 3 threads ago, what cope is this?

No. 1529911

Damn knowing Rachel is getting fleeced by these fouler people kinda makes me feel bad.

Rachel, you need to stop trying to get people on the internet to "help you". This aspect of the internet, where you have to intuit people's intentions and decide whether to give them sensitive information, is clearly dangerous for you and needs to be off the table. You need to stay away from the internet and seek help in real life. It's not a good place for you and trying to navigate it is clearly hurting you.

No. 1529912

There isn’t an older incident because it never happened. I’ve known her since elementary.

Encopresis isn’t even common in autistic children, that study isn’t scholarly or reputable. Sample size was too small, probably no control group, likely no female participants. They probably just offered a 10$ Amazon card to call parents and ask them “does your autistic child poop themselves”.

No. 1529915

File: 1652659399544.jpg (286.13 KB, 810x1155, pantshitter.jpg)

More from Gaiasgod.

No. 1529916

She wasn’t fleeced by them at all, they didn’t try to make her do things for their own ulterior motives. Michael wasn’t smart enough to succeed, so evidently Rachel is much MUCH smarter than you’re giving her credit for.

No. 1529917

To a point I agree but then I see the posts about her harassing people and constantly doxxing someone who attempted to have a restraining on her (which she takes it as a win) so kind it’s kind of on her at the end of the day. She reaps what she sows.

No. 1529918

Hey Nick, Rachel. Whoever you are. Someone on KF thinks that the whole incident with Michael was fake. Can you please confirm somehow that it did happen? We all know it did there's just an autistic individual who is playing the skeptic because it seems like they don't like UH lol

No. 1529919

Ah, another sad attempt at “gEt OfF tHe InTeRnEt” veiled as an attempt at patronizing caring about her.

I’ll make sure this in particular remark never reaches her.

No. 1529920

Don’t want to be doxxed? Don’t try to file a restraining order. Melissa is lucky Rachel was nice enough to not file a counter restraining order or a harassment or libel suit.

No. 1529921


No. 1529923

Rachel you're reading it right now. Read it again slowly. Because it's right.

No. 1529924


Leaked the reciepts to someone already, let the dude squirm. It'll be funnier that way.

No. 1529926

If there's anything from Rachel's end that is identifying enough to not be from Ross or anyone else, that should be sufficient. At least the Michael thread skeptics can take several seats with their weird ass behavior.

No. 1529929

lol what? anyone can go read the KF thread and see what the other user was saying which certainly wasn't that the Thurlow stuff was made up (especially if you go look at her earlier posts in the thread lmao) only that some more tangential stuff especially should be treated with skepticism

touch grass and calm down for real, this is how people wind up embarrassing themselves in the pursuit of just a little clout

No. 1529931

Yeah they're weirdly hostile, I think they're more concerned with the accusation UH made that Spooky is gayoping Michael. At least thats the impression I got as they were coming at me for posting what was posted on here. Very cool.

No. 1529932

Maybe be specific instead of that faggoty ass passive aggressive shit. Super helpful for those of us who struggle with reading comprehension, thanks.

No. 1529933


At least try to change your style of writing my dude.
You never capitalize for one, I can go into more if you need to but getting felted by a tranny over this just isn't worth it.


I'm honestly sorry about that, you don't deserve heat over just forking over info.

No. 1529934

Rachel, your go to for getting revenge is to either go to the police or attempting to dox people lol.

The police aren’t gonna do jack shit if people are being mean to you online. You attempted to “collect evidence” when those minors clown you a few weeks back. The amount of times you claimed you went to the police for people being mean to you would make you a nuisance. One of days, a false claim charge will be at your feet if you keep up with your histrionics about how people don’t help you and stalk you.

No. 1529936

All good, it's their problem, but I appreciate it all the same.

No. 1529939

all but namefagging

No. 1529942


You gonna bitch bout someone else while forgetting to sage?
Fuck up outta here with that shit.

No. 1529943

Holy shit I just woke up and see Rachel is sperging again. Damn I need to get some popcorn. This shit is going to be entertaining me tonight. Queen Rachel poopy pants takes on the internet and gets roasted.

No. 1529945

They were trying to address her through me.

No. 1529946

It’s already been confirmed she doesn’t shit herself and evidently that she isn’t autistic. See >>1529857

No. 1529947

Yeah, since I'm already being accused of weird shit anyway, might as well let them know who I am when I'm talking about them.

No. 1529948

Staciethecatx unblocked her and will refollow her soon enough, she just is formulating a way to expose fairsinfocenter.

No. 1529949

Yeah but I like the narrative that she shits herself because it bothers her just like the Ines and Sephiroth being pared together does. It’s amusing to watch.

No. 1529951

But she does shit herself.

No. 1529952

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all just tranny Blaine trying to make it catch on by repeating it.

No. 1529953

Proof? Knowing her irl isn’t enough.

No. 1529955

Clearly it isn't enough proof because nobody from her camp is willing to provide any proof that they aren't just her posting under a different alias.

Everyone else is talking about the fact that she shits herself because its funny regardless of whether or not it's true.

No. 1529956

Surprisingly not all Rach sperging this time. One is a very angry Kiwi.

No. 1529961

But she literally says she's autistic all the time?

No. 1529971

rachel you cant math your way out of the fact that you leak shit all over everything
you dont know that rachel you cant just say anons are whoever you want them to be
whats your point? that REAL lesbians totally love scissoring? because they dont, i didnt even know they still made girls do that in porn
"nice enough" aka couldnt afford a lawyer kekkk

No. 1529972

Even if it wasn’t me saying she doesn’t and it was her, her saying she doesn’t is enough.

It is clear just tranny Blaine telling people she does as a means to get attention away from himself.

He clearly isn’t transgender if he isn’t sperging out and getting offended that we’re “misgendering” him.

No. 1529976

Can afford a lawyer, nice enough to not sue.

Doesn’t leak shit, isn’t even autistic as proven by the numbers on the study that one anon posted.

You aren’t bi or a lesbian (bc nobody wants you) so you wouldn’t know.

No. 1529977

How did you find out spooky made your KF thread? Is that the only reason you dislike spooky so much you accuse random people of being her? I'm genuinely asking, not trying to troll or make fun of you.

No. 1529980


I'm not gonna start preaching to people about my preferred gender. This is NOT the place for it, it's your thread Rachel. Besides, I really have nothing to get upset about and obviously I learned how to log out if my poor fee fees are hurt, unlike you.

No. 1529981

so this study isn't a credible source for the well-known GI symptoms of autism (autism organizations' websites literally have entire pages about shitting), but it's so credible that it has the power to retcon an individual autism diagnosis even though she constantly says she has autism?

No. 1529982

Hey guys, Rachel isn't autistic but shits her pants anyway to own the haydurs.

No. 1529984

its already been confirmed that rachel has a brown spot on all of her pants
i love how the one person posting in her thread keeps changing because she cant accept that she has no idea how many people are actually here posting about here. i wonder if she really is just unable to accept it, or if shes in denial and it makes her panic sometimes

No. 1529986

Can afford a lawyer but her taste is so cheap. We’ve seen what she wears and that recent haul she got. Clearly can’t afford shit if she keeps going for the cheap stuff lmao

No. 1529988

The lawyer Rachel can afford is clearly Russell Greer. They both can cope and seethe about people they're attracted to not wanting anything to do with them.

No. 1529991

No. 1529993

I’ve never seen her wear anything cheap. She is a classy and beautiful woman.

No. 1529995

Sure, him/it/xer/fae whatever.

No. 1529996

can afford a lawyer.

hmm, me thinks tranny blaine is jealous of Rachel’s functioning uterus.

No. 1529997

Again, proof? Knowing her irl is not enough.

No. 1529998

yeah no hahahahahaha she doesn’t.

No. 1529999

don't get a big head or anything but a seriously underrated part of yesterday's shitshow is Rachel actually unironically outsmarting Michael and him getting memed on by an actual lolcow this hard. she's just lucky that there were anons who knew the lore though or else it would've just been a girl who cried wolf situation

No. 1530000

You literally just admitted that your study wasn’t reputable. You refuse to provide proof of your claims. I’m sure whatever your sources are, are things like AutismSpeaks. kek

No. 1530001

File: 1652662943465.jpg (180.71 KB, 960x1280, image0.jpg)


No. 1530002

Old picture, not to mention her favorite one. I was the one that took it. Gave her a sip of rum and coke. She doesn’t really like alcohol.

No. 1530003

That cheapass Sailor Moon corset and those ugly moomoos you wear beg to differ Rachel.

No. 1530004

if you deliberately scrunch up your face like she did, you’ll look just like her.

No. 1530005

You look like a pirate and thats a very selfied angle.

No. 1530006

What is wrong with her nose? It looks like a huge ass boil on it. Does she not do facial hygiene?

No. 1530007

The corset thing was at comicon like 10 years ago. There isn’t a single cell in her body that is the same as any she possessed then.

No. 1530009


So do you have schizophrenia now Rachel?

No. 1530011

she’s never worn a mu’umu’u. what are you referring to?

No. 1530013

Leave it Caleb. they don’t know what they’re talking about, they’re just schizoposting.

No. 1530014

No. 1530016

Ah no, that isn’t a picture of me.

No. 1530017

post a picture of your face and we’ll compare

No. 1530018

Michael got assblasted about Spooky because he's truly sensitive. How DARE another AGP exist in his space, right? Probably why he hates UH too.
The bar is stupidly low because she falls for the most ridiculous of shit. She still hasn't figured out that the Ines and Sephiroth thing is a joke. Stupidly low for gayops involving Rachel. Although I can see why someone with their head up their own ass would struggle. Rachel has had her head up her own ass for a decade or more. Still, shit seems to leak out somehow. Maybe a leaky asshole is the difference between success and failure.

No. 1530019

Isn't it so strange how Caleb and Nick know literally every single detail of Rachels life, even how long ago certain things happened, whether she shits her pants or not, her medical diagnoses, what sex toys she owns.
Its as if they dont have a life of their own.

No. 1530020

Sad that carrying on conversations with herself is the closest Rachel gets to roleplaying these days. Why don't you pretend to be Sephiroth next and have him as your WK?

No. 1530021

File: 1652663550300.jpg (16.18 KB, 480x360, schizo.jpg)

No. 1530022

She's roleplaying in the thread now. I bet farmhands are gonna love this.

No. 1530023

I don’t know what they’re trying to get at by continually trying to call her dirty, we’ve both seen and smelled her and seen the massive amount of bath and body works shower gels and lotions and LUSH product she keeps under her bed. “That stuff at lush is vegan, it doesn’t clean well at all,” they cry, but the fact is that neither company has to advertise themselves on television and lush doesn’t even feel the need to advertise on the internet. Their products speak for themselves.

No. 1530024

Because we met her in elementary school. I was friends with Caleb before we met her.

No. 1530025

Yeah no sweaty she hasn’t been here since the 2nd thread, keep seething about it.

No. 1530026

Post a hand with a timestamp to prove you aren't Rachel then. If you're so certain you're not just a personality of hers.

No. 1530027

somewhere there's an alternate universe where rachel is a man and his totally real female friend defending her body odor by proclaiming she's always covered in axe body spray.

No. 1530028

No straight man would talk like this, remember any of this, or care about LUSH. Not even if it was shit their wives bought and they personally use.

No. 1530029

I’m literally sitting watching Sesame Street with my daughter and enjoying a beer while my wife is cooking dinner. I got off work several hours ago. Keep crying.

No. 1530031

wtf is even happening here?

No. 1530032

I love the implication here.
You let your wife cook dinner for you after spending the entire day WKing another woman's vagina.

Rachel do you realize how retarded you sound?

No. 1530034

It doesn't matter when you supposedly met her or how long you've been friends. Knowing that much shit about someone else's life is weird as fuck. And no, its not normal. And no, I have best friends, even friends I've known since I was a baby and I dont know that shit about them and they dont know that shit about me because we have our own lives to worry about.

No. 1530035

how would you know thats “caleb” posting?
are you currently talking to him? is he telling you what hes posting? if so then why tell him to leave it itt and not wherever youre talking to him?
you still havent replied to my previous post btw “nick” >>1529895

No. 1530036

>>no straight man would talk like this

Just did. Cope and seethe about it.

No. 1530037

Then you can’t really call them friends can you? Thank god, it’s good to know you’re as lonely as we suspected.

No. 1530038

Rachel is starting to make back stories for her LARP characters now.
Text means nothing without some sort of photographic evidence.

No. 1530039

Rachel is literally the only person that says
>cope and seethe about it
instead of just
>cope and seethe

No. 1530040

No thats just how normal adult relationships work. Especially if caleb has a wife and baby. Kek, yeah fucking right. He would have way more shit going on than to worry about your shitty pants and animal dildos and defending you on the internet. Not a chance. Sorry, gorl.

No. 1530041

It’s called having boundaries with friends. Something I don’t think you quite understand.

No. 1530042

That's some serious projection from someone who thinks snooping under their friend's bed is normal.

No. 1530043

Hmm, no. I don’t roleplay, I’ve said as much before and why. She does, and we don’t particularly discuss that much.

Because he’s the only other person here with any kind of common sense. Simple.

You pointed out that she said it a lot, so I picked it up because I knew it would upset you. It’s so funny to watch your blood pressure rise.

But somehow you saying she shits herself without providing any kind of photographic proof is accurate in your pea brain, tranny. Mmhmmm.

No. 1530044

what kind of shift do you work if you got off several hours ago and its 6:30 in california?
if you have a daughter then why would you post a picture of someone elses baby along with a descriptive rape paragraph of it as well as say youre going to tell rachel to send her pussy pics to minors?
give it up rachel your shit never adds up you dodge questions all the time and cant even prove youre a different person

No. 1530046

If youre such good friends and you know everything about Rachel then surely you also know about pisskink Sephiroth? Please tell us the whole story to set the record straight. Why did she let Argentdarkness give her oc a golden shower?

No. 1530049

File: 1652664443592.jpg (797.65 KB, 802x3519, smellslikedesperationnotlushpr…)

Provided by Gaiasgod, file name related.

As a side note, roleplayers are fucking weird no offense. Gives me a weird feeling reading this but I still appreciate the contribution.

No. 1530050

Your crush isn’t here, fat cow. Cry and scream and moo harder pathetic retard.

She cooks, I clean the dishes and put the kid to bed.

Then you can’t call them friends.

No. 1530051

>some sort of photographic evidence
You know, she unironically snagged a W in the first thread with the whole table situation. When the cow gets a W, the cow gets a W. So do it again, Rachel, prove you're multiple people. We're waiting. nonnies from /ot/ fuck off though

No. 1530052

KEK you think I'm the tranny. You really have no idea how many people are on this thread do you Rachel. Notice how I didn't mention shitting, but I do realize the others say it to piss you off cus it's funny to see you sperg.

No. 1530053

Hmmm no. Still smells like LUSH.

It’s funny because you’re somehow taking the word of another RPer as if one isn’t just as bad as the other.

No. 1530054

>Because he’s the only other person here with any kind of common sense. Simple.

but how do you know for certain that its him and not another one of rachels friends? or are you guys her only friends that want to come on here and defend her

No. 1530055

plot twist all the scat shes been sending on discord were actually pictures she took

No. 1530056

The real trannies were the nonnas we met along the way

No. 1530057

Your crush isn’t here. Cry and scream and moo harder pathetic fat cow.

The tranny claiming they aren’t the tranny, how rich.

Honestly at this point I’m pretty sure Blaine is the one who regularly shits themselves, trannies do considering how frequently they take it up the ass.

No. 1530058

There’s more and they’ve posted here and there but it’s primarily myself and Caleb.

No. 1530060

It’s already been shown that that isn’t even her account.

No. 1530061

i love this idea its hilarious

No. 1530062

The cow has gotten nothing but Ws.

No. 1530063

It was one of the moderators on the ED discord.

Anyone have a sock in there? Confirm whether or not the moderator still has the name and display pic?

No. 1530064

Yeah, telling a minor to kill herself is a total W. Being hated by the entire roleplay community is a W. Befriending pedophiles and degenerates is a W.

No. 1530065

What are their names? Do they have any hobbies? Is there a Rachel Defense Force group chat? Introduce us to the rest of your OCs Bertha.

No. 1530066

I can’t speak for her on that but pretty sure that never happened.

No. 1530067

hold on if youre a parent then why would you say that parents are used goods here? >>1529853
love the inconsistencies rachel hilarious as always

No. 1530069

if you guys are such good friends with rachel why do you love coming here and making her look worse? serious question

No. 1530070

The minor should kill themselves. The world has no room for the weak or feebleminded.

No. 1530071

Because she uses wanting to be a parent as a show of her being a good person and not a pedo because she doesn’t understand that most offenders for pedophilia come from people who know their victims. Hence the grooming and shit she does.

No. 1530072

we don’t make her look worse lmao that’s all you trying and failing

someone ask blaine what size diapers they wear, for posterity purposes

No. 1530073

By that logic your druggie mom should have aborted you.

No. 1530074

I thought you guys knew everything about eachother hm guess you aren't good friends after all.

No. 1530076

You’re making yourself look so bad lmao. And you want to have a child??

No. 1530077

Because I have no intention of leaving my wife or child. When we got married it was in mutual agreement that it was until death so we part. She feels the exact same way as I.

No. 1530078

you were literally talking about raping a baby less than 2 weeks ago

No. 1530079

I already have one. My genes have been passed on.

No. 1530080

No ones pointed this out before >>1530039
She repeats a lot of stuff, only some of it has been pointed out. That wasn't one of the things.

No. 1530081

Rachel, if you really wanna disavow Michael, start dropping screenshots.

No. 1530083

Oh really now? I think I’d recall something like that.

No. 1530084

You know what her discord is. Go contact her if you want to ask.

No. 1530088

Rachel can't even keep up when she's playing multiple characters. She forgets who said what and doubles down by saying some repeated bullshit. C'mon you call yourself a roleplayer? Pathetic.

No. 1530089

This is so insanely cringe on her part. Speaks oddly similar as our good pals Nick and Caleb.

No. 1530090

File: 1652665392918.jpeg (38.7 KB, 652x900, 511540FD-213A-4FFB-B0EA-2B044D…)

No. 1530092

You seem mad, Calick.

No. 1530093

Since you know so much about her and every little crevice of her life I don't see why we have to ask her. Especially when she reads everything here.

No. 1530094

I can't stop laughing at the fact she still wants to roleplay with this guy.
If only Michael had agreed to roleplay maybe he wouldn't have looked like such a retard in comparison.

No. 1530095

File: 1652665474236.png (380.59 KB, 383x626, rentfree.png)


I legit logged off for an hour so you thinking everyone was me was just perfect.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1530100

Not at all. The simple fact is you're too easily trolled and not worth the effort.

No. 1530102

Michael did agree to roleplay, but he was too retarded so he was very easily caught.

No. 1530103

Because I don't actually know everything, nor did I claim to. I just said we were close friends because we are.

Keep reaching with your fat 300 pound arms, Fatty Patty.

No. 1530104

That applies more to you than it does her, Anon.

No. 1530106

Yeah no, see >>1530100

No. 1530107

Hey Rachel or Rachel's friends are you (or is she) still friends with Naught jw

No. 1530108

>She feels the exact same way as I.
Please keep going, Shakespeare.

No. 1530109

Hahahahahaha. No, my mom is a saint. Never touched drugs in her life.

No. 1530110

Btw the minor should still kill themselves.

No. 1530112

tl;dr ad hominem, trying to insult her based on your own perception of her weight when you're insecure in your own, auto-L fatty patty

No. 1530113

Since you're a parent I'm curious. What if someone told your daughter to kill herself? Genuinely wondering how you'd feel.

No. 1530114

I don't think you have sharp enough eyesight or mental capacity to say "the entire community"

No. 1530115

Because if they post pictures of their own baby, they're weak minded as is their spawn. It's simple common sense to not post pictures of your child anywhere online. That shit never leaves. Ever.

The only one here wanting to rape children is Fatty Patty Ines.

No. 1530116

the only reason he knows what's under there is because she's constantly pulling the boxes out to reorganize them and sometimes doesn't put them back. they're very heavy. she's small, but very strong.

No. 1530117

why though

No. 1530118

Bertha is positively manic tonight. She's been making a fool of herself ITT for hours, meanwhile Sephiroth and Ines are enjoying a relaxing evening together, thriving and in love.

No. 1530119

File: 1652666125785.png (14.21 KB, 656x220, larpdefinition.png)


good to know you still don't understand what larping actually is

No. 1530120

"entire day"

No. 1530122

rather, he tried to approach her first to ask to rp and that tipped rachel off to the fact he had been digging through her discord message history on that server

No. 1530123

Oh believe me, I will.

No. 1530124

Come on nonnie, she's obviously organizing her multiple boxes of animal dildos she keeps under her bed and she continuesly needs help with. Duh.

No. 1530126

She's only 2, I don't think she'd understand. Whoever did it would promptly be beat within an inch of their life.

No. 1530127

bc that's where she keeps it when she's not using it retard

No. 1530128

Can't wait, totally normal way people speak. super common.

No. 1530129

So all of these comments of knowing her inner working brain cus you knew her since kindergarten isn't enough for us to think you know eachother that well ?


No. 1530131

What is "it"?

No. 1530132

tl;dr ad hominem, trying to insult her based on your own perception of her weight when you're insecure in your own, auto-L fatty patty

also no they're not because sephiroth isn't real, fatty patty ines is probably sitting at her laptop in her cramped dorm room with her shitty 100+ dollar laptop crying because the fictional man she loves so much doesn't love her

No. 1530134

File: 1652666379414.png (54.64 KB, 622x473, Larping.PNG)

good to know you still don't understand what larping actually is

No. 1530136

Nah bruh, those boxes are filled with soap, bath bombs, shower gel, and this shit called shower jelly that's made with seaweed.

No. 1530137

Her adult diapers.

No. 1530138

Idk what you're trying to get at here other than showing you're jealous I'm more eloquent than you.

No. 1530139

the lush stuff, duh fatty patty

not at all lol, the inside of nicholas' brain maybe

still an L for you

No. 1530140

>trying to insult her based on your own perception of her weight when you're insecure in your own
>fatty patty
>fatty patty ines

All in one comment. You cant make this shit up.

No. 1530141

The only person here wearing adult diapers is the tranny.

No. 1530142

moo some more, fatty patty ines.

No. 1530144

So Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin is
>a pedophile
>a zoophile
>a retard
>a schizo
>clinically obese
>and a hypocrite
Glad we got that sorted out.

No. 1530146

Yeah, "eloquent" and super jealous. I always wanted to talk like the weird outcast theater kid.

No. 1530148

I reject your definition and substitute my own, because yours is retarded just like you. Urban dictionary isn't a reputable source for things that are already in the Oxford Dictionary.>>1530134

No. 1530149

Ines and Sephiroth are going to have a beautiful wedding. Hope to see you and your families there, Nick and Caleb.

No. 1530150

The only people outcast here are you, the tranny, and spookybones Fatty Patty.

No. 1530151

>we don’t make her look worse lmao that’s all you trying and failing

No. 1530152

The minor should still kill themselves. L+Ratio

No. 1530153

Rachel is invited too, but only if she promises she won't eat the entire wedding cake.

No. 1530154

She's into Genesis and Ardyn, two greasy theater kids. That's why her grift is easy to spot.

No. 1530155

Of course you did.

No. 1530156

It's already been confirmed that she isn't any of those, and you don't know the definition of any. You aren't a psychologist, so you can't diagnose someone as a retard or a schizo. You aren't a doctor, so you can't diagnose someone as clinically obese. You aren't police, so you can't say that someone is a pedophile or a zoophile.

You aren't even smart enough to tell whether she's a hypocrite or not.

No. 1530157

ok Rachel. And no we aren't calling your oc that.

No. 1530158

It’s cute how for someone who apparently is so educated, you don’t understand that language is an ever evolving process and that Urban Dictionary is probably one of the better resources for ever changing colloquial speech.

No. 1530160

Ah I can just see it now. Ines in her jail cell, sitting infront of a screen and webcam with all the guests zooming her for the occasion. There are tears running down her face as she embraces the Sephiroth cardboard cutout she was permitted for the occasion.She wasn't able to get a dress though, so a toilet paper veil is the best she can do.

No. 1530161

Did you think "Nick" getting called out on using the same phrases as you, Rachel, gave you a pass to forget about varying your speech pattern? You're so uncreative, it's hilarious. This is why no one wants to RP with you.

No. 1530162

File: 1652667012916.png (167.33 KB, 445x805, extra rachel milk.png)


Ine and Spookybones are over at my place, we are all getting high and laughing at you while taking turns bouncing on Sephiroth's dick.

No. 1530163

I see someone doesn't know how slang works. Language prescriptivism isn't a good look for you.

No. 1530164

Sounds like you Rachel, coping and seething in your nasty bedroom surrounded by stuffed animals that smell like a yeast infection and having to wear a diaper because you can't control the shit that flows from your ass and mouth.

No. 1530165

Your crush isn't here Fatty Patty. Moo some more, your tears of frustration are delicious.

tl;dr Pedophile Fatty Patty Ines.

No. 1530166

tl;dr tranny wants attention

No. 1530167

It absolutely is. You're in no state to be telling anyone what is or isn't good for them Fatty Patty Ines.

No. 1530169

ot but that picture is vile. please tell me that's not one of those dildo sculptures she's always posting

No. 1530170

The only person here having to wear a diaper is you, tranny clown. Keep trying and failing pathetically to convince people that the one shitting their pants isn't you when you're regularly getting your fudge packed by randos on the daily for attention.


Not as greasy as the grease paint Blaine has to wipe off their face every night.

No. 1530171

But how would you know? You have no idea who I am.

Ah, thanks for the info! Makes sense.

No. 1530172

funny as fuck. brb.

No. 1530173

Prime Rachel RP. Ty, Rachel.

No. 1530174

its already been confirmed that rachel rapes and eats kids

No. 1530175

File: 1652667401500.png (Spoiler Image,576.11 KB, 557x558, inesdildocollection.png)

i found ines dildo collection, this is why she can't pay for site hosting(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1530176

Typical. Concerned about the person posting it and not the person requesting it.

Hint: It was Michael and the tranny.

No. 1530177

File: 1652667442908.png (719.55 KB, 953x676, thomas.png)


It was in between SEVEN other dildo pictures she posted in the wrong channel. Luckily that discord had zero minors in it.


That one wasn't me chief.

No. 1530178

I think you misspelled Ines as Rachel.

No. 1530179

SEVEN other dildo pictures you requested from her tranny

No. 1530180


Unlike you I have receipts that can prove your wild theory correct. Try again Rachel.

No. 1530181

sorry, its already been confirmed bertha rapes and eats kids

No. 1530182

She wears pads because she's hot for her boyfriends and girlfriends, who she's either being teased by when she texts or calls them or whenever they say something suggestive when she's sitting with them.

No. 1530183

You shared this on one of your tayuubarbie twitter, Rachel.

No. 1530184

You definitely misspelled Ines as Rachel. The only person here who rapes and eats children is Fatty Patty Ines.

No. 1530185

Says the retard who has squealed to anyone who you think will listen to you and has offered multiple times to send links of CP as “proof”

Do you ever say anything other than Fatty Patty Ines? Cause bitch, you sound real insecure about your Gollum lard
looking ass lmao due to your projection

It’s kind of a broken record by now, but that’s your tell.

No. 1530186

>Still cant tell when she's being fucked with

No. 1530187

File: 1652667662033.png (59.26 KB, 1424x266, no.png)

I'm going with no

No. 1530188

google baby shaped dildo retard, it's one of the first results

No. 1530189

Bet you're jealous I get dick and you only pretend to online. You can't even post proof that a single one of the people you claim is in a relationship with you exists. You can't even prove your friends exist.

Stay mad Rachel. Maybe you'll lose some weight from working yourself up over me being more desirable than you.

By the way, not a tranny. You're just stupid and can't figure out who is speaking to you.

No. 1530190

she isn't even here sooooo

No. 1530191

I wouldn't be so sure.

No. 1530192

Why are you such a virgin Bertha. This is not sexy or enviable.

No. 1530193

Lmao, it sounds like you have an uncontrolled yeast infection from not cleaning your Sephiroth pillow and shoving all those zoophillic dildos in you. Lord knows you can’t have an STD because you don’t understand how sex actually works.

No. 1530195

It’s already been confirmed that Rachel shits her pants and wears adult diapers

No. 1530196

No. 1530197

You want the links, Fatty Patty? Might actually convince you to get off your ass and delete the posts.

Pretty convinced your ass is fused to the futon you've been sitting on for months at this point.

You think you're talking to Rachel, but you're not, and you keep believing that even when told you're not talking to her.

Fatty Patty Ines, so good to know it triggers you so SO badly.

No. 1530198

But she would have to tell you for you to know, would she not?

No. 1530199

So you're still in contact with Naught. Have you read his thread?
He apparently lives near you too. You can finally have a real life friend who is also a real life pedophile.

No. 1530201

Your own dick stuffed into your ass doesn't count, tranny.

Nobody aside from the local hobos want you, and that's only because you're $5 a pop. $2.50 at happy hour.

We don't have to prove anything. That's how the internet works. Your words speak plenty for yourself though.

No. 1530202

So by your logic, a baby girl born without a hymen isn't a "virgin"?

No. 1530203

Lmao, I love how you think anyone and everyone in this thread against you is Ines.

Her marriage with Sephiroth will be a grand gala. It’s gonna be great.

No. 1530205

Nigger this thread is about you, not me or whoever you think I am. You're the one who can't even prove you don't shit your pants.

No. 1530207

She's not here, and we've already told you she doesn't even own any of those toys. We challenged you to repeat back to us the reason why, and you hemmed and hawed because you didn't want to admit you were wrong.

Only a retard or an insane person keeps attempting the same things the same way after failure.

No. 1530208

Why are you so obsessed with baby girls' hymens, Rachel?

No. 1530209


tl;dr ad hominem based on your perception of her weight when in reality it's you who is insecure in their own weight, auto-L fatty patty ines

No. 1530210

lol are we back to this or is this someone else having a giggle because iirc rachel got eviscerated in thread one and her kiwi thread fr her WAP remarks, lol

No. 1530211

Here goes Nick again, offering people links to CP. Admitting he’s a pedophile in possession of CP and a 2 year old child. Fucking disgusting

No. 1530212

Yeah no, it's already been confirmed she doesn't. Cope and seethe about it, diaper tranny faggot.

No. 1530214

>Only a retard or an insane person keeps attempting the same things the same way after failure.

Bold words considering you continue to pretend to be different people, you also pretend to be other people to be accepted on Twitter and don't understand what you're doing wrong.

No. 1530215

Ah I can just see it now. Ines in her jail cell, sitting infront of a screen and webcam with all the guests zooming her for the occasion. There are tears running down her face as she embraces the Sephiroth cardboard cutout she was permitted for the occasion.She wasn't able to get a dress though, so a toilet paper veil is the best she can do.

No. 1530216

No it was actually confirmed that she does shit her pants. Proven. No questions about it. Die mad about it.

No. 1530217

The only person here obsessed with baby girls hymens is you, fatty patty ines. You want so desperately to rub your hairy garlic bread clit against that damn baby because you love kids sooooo much.

No. 1530218

lol meanwhile Rachel unironically has more sense about men then Elaine or two kiwi girls

No. 1530219

tl;dr tranny diaper faggot wants attention, moo some more

No. 1530221

File: 1652668197316.jpg (513.03 KB, 923x599, 815.jpg)

> You think you're talking to Rachel, but you're not, and you keep believing that even when told you're not talking to her.

Oh god, this is too much irony

No. 1530222

tell me you've never been aroused by someone without telling me you've never been aroused by someone

No. 1530223

She isn't here, so keep coping and seething about your crush Fatty Patty Ines.

I don't even have a Twitter account.

No. 1530225

Yeah no, it's already been confirmed she doesn't. Cope and seethe about it, diaper tranny faggot.

If I'm wrong, then prove it. (You can't)

No. 1530226

Rachel, don’t you know that wearing a pad 24/7 because you think that will control the “WAP” is a fast way to get a yeast infection? And it doesn’t help control it?

No wonder your Sephiroth pillow is so nasty.

No. 1530227


Rachel, that isn't you being aroused, it's all the sweat from your fat rolls pooling down in your ass and vagina.

No. 1530228

There is no irony, because she isn't here.

No. 1530229

Can't have fat rolls since she only weighs 140 pounds. It is arousal. Cope and seethe about it.

No. 1530230

Why are you constantly leaking from every orifice? Shit, cum, drool. Even grease from your pores.

No. 1530231

Ah I can just see it now. Rachel in her bedroom, sitting infront of a screen and forcing her parents and cats to attend the special occasion. There are tears running down her face as she embraces the Sephiroth dakimakura she's rubbed her nasty cunt all over. She wasn't able to get anything to wear other than some circus tent she called lolita fashion off of Amazon, and she sits there shaking angrily in her diaper. There is nothing more that she can do other than watch the Twitch stream of Ines and Sephiroth being married, which has gone viral.
"Ines did this to me," Whispers the behemoth of a hambeast. "She took everything from me…"

No. 1530232

> tranny, tranny
Has Rachel abandoned all pretense of being a pro-tranny SJW now that she hangs out with a couple anti-tranny trannies? Wasn't she just still talking about how calling us TERFs was a big own?

Who put the diaper stuff in her brain now? Don't tell me yawning sneasel is playing his hand now or something

No. 1530233

You wouldn't know, tranny. You have a dick and wear diapers.

No. 1530234

Wonder if your wife likes the idea that you're defending about another nasty wap then hers lol

No. 1530235

Nope, definitely and completely proven to be true that she shits her pants. Daily. And sits in it for hours. Confirmed. Die mad about it.

If I’m wrong, then prove it. (You can’t)

No. 1530239

Yeah no, it's already been confirmed she doesn't. Cope and seethe about it, diaper tranny faggot.

If I'm wrong, then prove it. (You can't)

No. 1530240

you are 5'2 and obese. work on yourself

No. 1530241

This is the irony we are talking about Rachel. Thinking every one here is either Tranny or Ines smh

No. 1530242

The only person wearing diapers here is you, tranny faggot. Thank god you'll never find any kind of happiness in life, since all you want is attention, absolutely any kind, positive or negative.

No. 1530243

Bitch I'm 6'1.

No. 1530244

Nick, is your wife aware of the fact that you’re a pedophile and have repeatedly offered to provide anons with links to CP?

No. 1530245

we don't know if she does think that, since she hasn't been here since the 2nd thread.

No. 1530246

>hemmed and hawed
Boomer tier vocab

No. 1530247

Daily reminder that Rachel is taller than Ethan Ralph and likely weighs more.

No. 1530248

It’s cute how you resort to thinking that the multitudes of people clowning on Rachel are either Ines, or a trans person lol. There are a lot of people with eyes on this thread.

Keep using the limited brain power you have to show us your power of deduction sweetie.

No. 1530249

>>1530231 Ines wakes up from her Clozapine induced stupor to the sound of the other inmates in the cellblock awakening around her. Her mouth is dry and there's blood and cum and god knows what else caked to the inside of her massive thighs from how her cellmate, Christian "Christine" Weston Chandler brutally raped her last night. Last night's dream of her getting married to Sephiroth was so close, she could almost taste it… Ines tries to heave herself off her bunk, only for the mattress to come away with her as it is adhered to the backside of her body. Feeling something brown and chunky splat against her ankle and fall to the cell floor confirms what she already suspected, that during last night's assault she also shat herself. It's going to be one of those days.

No. 1530250

they are tho.

how tall is he?

No. 1530252

She knows I'm not, she's seen the threads. Laughed with me, and moved on with her life.

No. 1530253

Bruh I'm in MENSA. I'm smarter than the IQs of all farmers combined.

No. 1530256

So your wife is a pedophile enabler, got it.

People who posses CP = pedophile. You admitted to possessing CP and have repeatedly offered to distribute and post it, making you a pedophile. You and your wife are just as fucked up as Rachel is.

No. 1530257

Why didn't you take a break from posting to eat dinner? Don't tell me you were writing about raping and killing children instead of focusing on and appreciating the home cooking of your totally real and not fictional wife.

No. 1530260

It’s disturbing how much you fantasize about people getting raped. So much for that SJW bullshit you pulled on Twitter.

If you are as smart as you claim, then why are your proclivities to do the same tired ass attacks so cyclical? Surely someone puportedly part of the intellensia that is MENSA would be able to cook up more creative bullshit than the “cope and seethe about it tranny”.

Oh, have we moved from “I showed my mom and we laughed at you” to this now?

No. 1530262

That's the boldest lie you've posted to date.

No. 1530271

File: 1652670060609.jpg (141.75 KB, 1024x1817, sephiroth_the_hedgehog_by_bada…)


No. 1530275

Lmao no. I'm one of the people who also reported Ines and the site to the FBI. Having multiple people corroborating a story helps to get a conviction.

No. 1530276

> Clozapine induced stupor

This is oddly specific and Clozapine is not the first schizophrenia medication most people are going to think of (that's probably Thorazine if it's any of them at all) unless they're pretty familiar with not just psych stuff but the most hardcore schizophrenics (it's essentially not prescribed to anyone else because reasons but I'll stop before I verge on medfagging)

No. 1530277

the poor FBI agent who has to put up with the ravings of insane people about an insular community of catty women that really is probably boring as shit to outsiders lmao

No. 1530279

So multiple people all got links to CP from an international source so you could report it?

No. 1530280

The only person here fantasizing about raping and killing children is you, Fatty Patty Ines. You WISH you were my wife.

Only person fantasizing about raping and killing children is Fatty Patty Ines. I don't have Twitter because it's a shitty site with shitty people.

>>same tired ass attacks
Because you're not worth the effort.

No. 1530284

If Shannon couldn't get LCF taken down what makes Rachel think she's any more special or different?

No. 1530287

I can legitimately see Rachel getting herself a visit from the FBI if she tries to point them at LCF, being that she is an obviously insane person and likes to go on in graphic detail about child rape. I wouldn't want to be that FBI agent either but going on her preoccupations I bet there would be at least a JPEG or two that might give her some real problems. I mean, who even google searches for that thing with the baby's head if that's indeed how she found it?

No. 1530289

Ines snapped out of her drug induced stupor again to the sensation of someone pushing her ahead in line as they waited for breakfast in the mess hall. "Get fucking moving fatso bitch!" The second dream had almost been as vivid as the last. Ines waddled forward another few steps, sweat dripping down her blimp-like body inside the baggy fitting prison uniform that was practically a coarse bedsheet. "I miss my husbando, Sephiroth!" She cried weakly. Her next insulin dose wasn't due for another 30 minutes.

No. 1530292

I just googled strong antipsychotics.

No. 1530293

Yeah no, the Canadian police and the UK Met police are involved too. It's going to be a big fucking deal over a single pedophile who runs this site.

No. 1530296

>Her next insulin dose wasn't due for another 30 minutes.
Oh not insulin! The horror!

No. 1530298

Okay, so what’s the justification for why you still possess the CP and are currently offering to distribute it to other people? If it’s already been reported, there’s no reason for you to still have it. But you admitted that you do and offered to post it for other people here. Straight up pedophile behavior, Nicky boy.

No. 1530300


Rachel, watch this, it's how you sound.


No. 1530301

Considering the FBI hadn't also been involved until recently, yes.


Your crush isn't here, tranny. Go get your diaper changed, we can smell it from here.

The nearest FBI location is in Sacramento. They have her cellphone number, landline, and email, they would just contact her.

Rachel was psych evaled last year and they found nothing wrong with her.

Who knows how she found it? Maybe it was an art piece made by a particularly twisted ceramics artist. At least, the one with the head and the fist looks like it might be ceramic.

No. 1530302

The RCMP have better things to do like figure out why you have CP because Rachel offers to show it to everyone that she thinks will be a pawn in whatever game she thinks she’s playing.

No. 1530303

Your crush isn't here. Cry and scream and moo about it some more Fatty Patty Ines.

She doesn't even live in the same state as CWC, so no, she doesn't sound anything like that.

Only it isn't pedophile behavior. Maybe seeing it is indeed real would be the push needed for you to realize, "Oh shit, they were serious, I better report Fatty Patty Ines to the FBI too"

No. 1530306

One of her friends who lives in Montreal reported it to the RCMP, but before that it was also Elaine reporting it to them. Elaine and now her friend in Montreal now have immunity.

Robin Beech, the dean of students from McGill has also been contacted multiple times.

No. 1530307

This is literally not how the law works.
Multiple people in possession of CP would all be charged with possession of CP. Otherwise anyone caught having it could just say "Oh, I was only holding on to it so I could report it to you" and according to you the FBI would be like "Yes, great work!"
Lmao absolutely not.
And the fact you claim you still have the cp after its been reported (note past tense wording) also the earlier post up thread of you threatening to post it, would be a whole big nope legally.
This lie is the most retarded lie you've come up with and you saying you have links to CP at all is going to end up with you getting a visit from the FBI. But for real.

No. 1530308

File: 1652671240904.jpg (708.91 KB, 809x3310, logicfail.jpg)

Her logic is astounding.
Once more, this is from Gaiasgod. A reminder that this is confirmed to be Rachel.

Look at her speech patterns.

No. 1530309

All of us here know that CP is a very real issue in the world, we don’t need to be shown proof by you that it exists. If you post it here, you’re only contributing to the very problem you claim to be trying to stop. I’m not surprised you can’t see how ass backwards that is. You should want to prevent people from being exposed to CP, but here you are offering to send it to them directly. Because you are a sick, pedophile freak. Just like Rachel.

No. 1530310

>Only it isn't pedophile behavior. Maybe seeing it is indeed real would be the push needed for you to realize, "Oh shit, they were serious, I better report Fatty Patty Ines to the FBI too"
That is quite literally distribution of CP. Good god, you're an idiot.

No. 1530312


Who is Robin Beech?

No. 1530313

this TBH, unironically Rachel if you have CP on your computer, maybe because Michael or Elaine or Naught gave it to you saying it would help you get your revenge on "Ines" then you really ought to delete that shit because whatever people are telling you, you absolutely can get in trouble for that shit even if you are keeping it for some allegedly righteous reason. It's why getting involved with vigilante pedo-hunting shit online is a really bad idea and should be left to the professionals but here it's not even that it's just Rachel spewing nonsense she got off Elaine (let's hear the tranny talk again about how Elaine was trying to help, fuck off lol)

No. 1530314

You don't get "immunity." If you're accessing child porn materials and child porn websites after reporting it, you're committing a crime.

No. 1530317

The Canadian justice system does not offer immunity to people who tip people off if they are in possession of CP as proof. It is very similar to the US legal system with some differences.

No. 1530319

Dean of McGill University.

Congrats Nick. You know how to Google.

No. 1530321

Rachel I hope you get arrested for having cp. I don't care if the milk stops, I really think you need to be locked up.

No. 1530322

Exactly. The FBI doesn’t determine intent behind distribution and go “oh wow they were trying to be one of the good guys by raising awareness of CP by sending it to multiple people, we’re not gonna prosecute them!”

No. If you have CP in your possession, it’s illegal possession of CP. If you post CP or send CP anywhere, it’s illegal distribution of CP. Regardless of “good intentions.” (Which there are NONE when it comes to possessing and distributing CP). So yep, now confirmed that Nick and his wife are pedophiles. Along with Rachel, of course.

No. 1530324

> Robin Beech, the dean of students from McGill has also been contacted multiple times.

Yeah, by a coked out, insane British person. I bet he's sick of the shit, too. Rachel better be careful as well because if she does too much bullshit with the actual Ines as Rachel is way more thoroughly doxed than Elaine and usually online legal threats are pretty weaksauce but these kinds of accusations are among the few things that American libel law takes seriously

No. 1530325

I wonder if/how many people reported Rachel for admitting to having links to CP when Fairsinfo posted that link. I highly doubt no one did considering 1. she admitted it and 2. she has pissed so many people off in that community.

No. 1530328

I suppose they could technically be charged with harassment if it has been done multiple times from the same IP, regardless of VPN or not.

No. 1530329

I dont think anyone reported her. I think they all just said they did. I really believe everyone is just waiting for someone else to do it. People don't like taking initiative.

No. 1530331

To each their own but I highly doubt it. She's done too much shit to too many people and I dont think they'd ignore it. Especially because it can be reported anonymously.

No. 1530333

There are specifics that Rachel has given out that would make reporting her easier. She gave out an address when fighting with the minors on Twitter. So.

Someone should take initiative though. Woman’s clearly a menace.

No. 1530336

File: 1652672119699.png (40.05 KB, 688x288, defamation.png)

Not even. It'd be a civil matter but with adequate representation Ines could utterly BTFO Rachel based on her posts here. Perhaps Rachel can reach out to RekietaLaw ask what her exposure might be.

For now, this is why stuff like the pedo talk is in a particularly special category. Elaine would be "royally" fucked too (given the relevant laws in the UK are way stronger than anywhere in the US) if Ines lawyered up, but Rachel is sure more accessible.

No. 1530338

Rackets won't help a pedophile.

No. 1530343

Well considering how close Canadian and American law enforcement work with each other, if Ines did have any recourse to legally fuck over Rachel, it would be indeed easier.

But Canada and the UK have ties too, in regards to Elaine, so, there might be a chance.

Who knows. Libel is tricky especially with international lines.

No. 1530344

lol ik. but last thread Rachel was talking about him, she might try to give it a go

No. 1530347

That is how the law works. They did say something to the effect of "Great work!" to myself and likely to Rachel when we reported it.

Nothing is going to happen. The local police know, the FBI knows. The police were the ones to tell us to report it to the FBI and how to contact them. They did not give a singular fuck.

No. 1530349

Neither of us are pedophiles lmao, you don't know what constitutes one. You think that someone who so much as breathes in the same vicinity as a child is a pedophile. I love seeing how triggered you get.

No. 1530351

forgot to mention, she isn't here. cope and seethe about it fatty patty ines.

No. 1530354

Tl;dr. Your crush isn't here, fatty patty.

No. 1530355

She isn't here. Neither of us are getting locked up. You seriously don't know how the law works and it's so damn funny.

No. 1530357

Nah, nothing is going to happen. It's so funny watching you flail and wobble about like an oversized jello in defense of you masturbating to child pornography, Fatty Patty Ines.

No. 1530359

Nobody cares. Least of all the local police. The FBI don't care because we were the ones reporting Ines to begin with.

No. 1530361

It literally isn't regardless of how much you act like it is. You clearly have no idea about the law and its going to fuck you over one of these days. You are not a lawyer, you did not study law, this situation- for a fact- never happened. The sooner you stop pretending like you know what you're talking about, the better off you'll be.

No. 1530364

The same address that's on her state ID that you do have, faggot. Go ahead and try it, you'll just be wasting law enforcement's time.

Nobody is going to report her, because the only people here are too busy shitting their diapers or stuffing their face with Timmy Hortons and bemoaning getting expelled from McGill University to do anything.

No. 1530365

No, let the ignoramus show their ugly, uninformed ass and let it bite them in the ass later. Let them talk about how much they know about laws regarding child porn.

No. 1530366

The FBI would certainly care to know that you are still in possession of CP now and offering to distribute it online now… long after you supposedly reported it to them and should have gotten rid of it/ceased accessing it for reporting purposes.

It’s not like you report CP to the FBI one time and then get a lifetime pass to access and distribute CP online. The fuck? You are such a delusional fucking pedophile.

No. 1530367

>on twitter
learn to read.
Better hope none of the twitter lurkers ween when you encourage them like that too.

No. 1530368

Lmao. You don't even live in California, let alone San Mateo County, let alone the United States likely, so yes, please keep telling me about how I know so little about how the laws of my locale work.

No. 1530370

I find it really disturbing that this is the second time (that I can count) Rachel is posting something sexualizing not just children but infants. That's a special kind of fucked up. I worry especially given the people that she is associating with offsite who seem to be actually openly into pedo degeneracy.

No. 1530372

>Thinking a federal law only applies to certain places.
Jesus Christ could you be any more stupid?

No. 1530373

Twitter wasn't mentioned at all on that post. The only person here who doesn't know how to read is you.

Diabetic retinopathy affecting you that early, huh Fatty Patty Ines?

No. 1530377

The only person here who masturbates to child pornography and fantasizes about raping and killing children is Ines. Maybe spookybones as well, who knows. The guy fucks his cat, dogs, and horses so I wouldn't put it past him.

No. 1530379

They're literally replying to posts that are all talking about when Fairs info posted the link to report you for admitting on twitter that you have cp, you fucking sped.

No. 1530380

Please, teach us more about laws of San Mateo, California and the US to us uneducated plebs, oh great MENSA-sama.

No. 1530381

File: 1652673241744.jpeg (43.26 KB, 431x418, 09A88EB9-B49F-478F-91B7-373F01…)

What the fuck is all of this schizo shit?

No. 1530382

K but Nick, his wife, and Rachel have all admitted to currently being in possession of and offering to distribute CP so we’re talking about them right now and how they’re all proven and confirmed pedophiles

No. 1530383

Just Rachel fucking up her life with CP. The usual.

No. 1530390

I think we’re all just playing along with Rachel LARPing as her WK Nick and pointing out how the shit she’s saying just makes it look like they have a giant CP ring going on in their “friend circle”

No. 1530392

why is this person trying to formulate a way to expose fairsinfocenter when rachel claimed that fairsinfo threatened to mass report them in DMs? the only thing stopping stacie crocker/staciethecatx/stardyn from posting it is that you lied about it otherwise itd be a pretty good blow to fairsinfo

youre so dumb rachel

No. 1530400

I wonder if these poor people know she keeps trying to rope them into her mess.

tinfoil: they learned about all the things Rachel has done, blocked her on their own accord and she's pissed and trying to get revenge by bringing them up and acting like they're going to "expose" fairsinfo in hopes people take her at her word and go after Stacie.

No. 1530423

LOL if Rachel is just going to try to take the gayops with her new polycule on to a softer target after getting BTFO for 2 days straight over their last adventure. I'm sure it will blow up spectacularly too especially with as many eyes as are now on her.

No. 1530425

>Rachel was psych evaled last year and they found nothing wrong with her.

Yet… she’s so delusional in so many ways lol.

No. 1530428

File: 1652679883332.png (22.74 KB, 188x144, elainepeek.png)

Shower thought before I go to bed, but did the tranny really try to say that Elaine was "tard wrangling" Rachel when Rachel has been spewing insane Ines/McGill/CSAM accusations the whole time and continues to do so. She didn't get that from Michael or Naught. Elaine has still quite a bit to answer for in creating this monster for her own amusement and a few screencaps of her being marginally less retarded than her target are not going to cut it.

No. 1530432

While I agree, she did try to tard wrangle Rachel in the ED discord.

No. 1530435

tl;dr. Tranny rage.

No. 1530439

And to have her save her energy for here, LOL. My point is that I think some of the claims including that Naught and Elaine (and UH fo that matter) were somehow less up to gayops than Michael were got accepted a little uncritically upthread. Neither of them may be a rape-advocating wife-beating Nazi autogynephiliac and thus might be winning already but I really don't buy either of them doing any of this for altruistic reasons.

No. 1530449

Hahah yeah no. I'm not attracted to children. I'm attracted to my wife.

Rachel isn't attracted to children, she's attracted to her bfs and gfs.

I love how you all just willingly turn a blind eye to the fact that there is CP on lolcow.farm instead of pointing out the fact Rachel and I have it in order to report it to the proper authorities. Stay mad LCF.

Diaper wearing trannies and an 800 pound landwhale by the name of Fatty Patty Ines sperging out, as usual.

It isn't her "larp"ing as her WK Nick, it's Nick himself in the flesh watching you run about like headless chickens while screaming "Pedophile! Zoophile!" repeatedly.

>>the only thing stopping stacie crocker/staciethecatx/stardyn from posting it is that you lied about it otherwise itd be a pretty good blow to fairsinfo

We did tell you to be patient and wait. You couldn't wait in order to get 500$ donated to your charity of choice.


They know, they don't care.


Hey faggot, she hasn't admitted this lmao.

Is she though? No, she isn't.


Can't tard wrangle someone who isn't a tard, as you've evidently proven here (inadvertently) that Rachel isn't autistic.

No. 1530458

Rachel is so boring when all sh does is shit up her own thread with her replies pretending to be someone else. I wish she would be outed so we could see the proof a la CreepShowArt.

No. 1530462

If you’ve already reported the CP, you shouldn’t have it or access it anymore. You’re admitting that you and Rachel still have it and are offering to distribute it, even though you claim to have already reported it. If you have already reported it, there is no further reason for you to have it. So having it now, like you JUST admitted to doing, is fucking illegal and makes you a pedophile.

Proven. Confirmed. Nick, his wife, and Rachel are all disgusting pedophiles. Cope, seethe, die mad about it.

No. 1530464

Only we aren't pedophiles. I have an adorable toddler daughter and a loving, wonderful wife, and Rachel has 5 boyfriends and 2 girlfriends that all love her and care for her, and she them. The FBI didn't tell us to get rid of it, so we're holding onto it until we're told otherwise by them.

Seems like you're just panicking and trying to make us get rid of it so you can snort like the piggy you are and say "Proof gone, I win"

No. 1530466

Top kek, you fucking retard, you really just said “the FBI didn’t explicitly tell me to get rid of all this child porn so I’m just gonna hang on to it for uh… safekeeping.”

If you reported it, they have it. They don’t need you fucking random nobodies to store it for them or some shit. Yeah, keep making excuses for why you have kiddie porn. You know who else does that? Pedophiles.

No. 1530467

Because you're just trying to get me to get rid of it so I don't have proof then, Fatty Patty. End of story. That's all there is to it.

I don't think you know what a pedophile is. A pedophile is by definition someone who is attracted to children. The only person here attracted to children is you, Fatty Patty Ines, and maybe Spookybones.

No. 1530469

You really are fucking dense, aren’t you? If you reported it like you claim, then the FBI have it. They don’t have rando civilians storing CP for them. So there’s no reason for you to have it anymore. Having it now is illegal.

And people who possess and distribute CP are… you guessed it… pedophiles

No. 1530470

>I love how you all just willingly turn a blind eye to the fact that there is CP on lolcow.farm instead of pointing out the fact Rachel and I have it in order to report it to the proper authorities. Stay mad LCF

Not mad, you got legitimate legal advice, but as usual you refuse it. We wont be the ones going to jail.

No. 1530472

Tl;dr. You want to try to make us delete it so there's no proof. Take the L, Fatty Patty Ines.


That isn't legitimate legal advice. That's you trying to avoid going to jail for 10-30 years, Fatty Patty Ines. Stay mad.

No. 1530482

Very mature, good thing farmhands will come sweep it up.

No. 1530487

You said you "both" already handed it over so either you're lying or that theory is just insanely retarded and you want to hold on to CP.

No. 1530490

pissing off the farmhands is a great way to get your posts all marked like Creepshowart. Real big brain moves.

No. 1530492

File: 1652684390823.jpg (73.27 KB, 768x994, W-is-for-Whale-768x994.jpg)

Nothing shows you are winning like resorting to spamming the letter 'W' over and over again.

> I wish she would be outed so we could see the proof a la CreepShowArt.

It wouldn't even be a fun sock hunt for staff doing the outing it's so obvious, kek

No. 1530502

Oh, I know but it'll make it better when her name is under all the vile shit she's said as "nick" and "Caleb" and anytime she tries to insist she's them after, too.

No. 1530514

Rachel, these are all obviously you. Give up.



No. 1530515

File: 1652685211320.png (332.41 KB, 1000x750, candywrapper_1.png)

No. 1530516

Looks like she somehow thinks this will hide the multiple posts of her having CP. Idk what she thinks this will accomplish that would be positive for her, either.

No. 1530523

100% she has never sperged out this hard in any of her other threads. I think that anon was right about Ines and Sephiroth’s love pushing her over the edge.

No. 1530527

my fucking sides youre really going to say that you have cp after “reporting” to the “fbi” then claim they told you not to delete it
youre a fucking clown rachel get off your moms computer thinking itll make it harder to link back to you
fucking retard

No. 1530528

I feel bad for the farmhand having to clean up her shit.

No. 1530529

my sides are in orbit rachel and her “friends” truly are brainless

No. 1530530

the more she acts like a clown, the more I want to try and dig up stuff rom her RP past since I'm in the community too.

No. 1530531

nonnie, please.

No. 1530536

you dont need to hold onto proof if youve already reported it to the fbi like youve claimed
the law doesnt care if youre holding onto it even for the explicit purpose of having proof that someone else posted it its still considered possession and its still illegal and you could still go to jail and will have to move to another neighborhood where you will have to announce that youre a pedophile and why

No. 1530538

its so funny how brainless and cowardly rachel is
shed rather spam “w” instead of addressing the fact that she and her “friends” have kiddie porn

No. 1530541


I'm not anon, I just wanted to see if she would respond with Ws again and she did.

No. 1530542

hey farmhands, if you expose all her posts, she would stop spamming you.

No. 1530543

rachel you know that your posts can be linked backed to you with your mac address regardless of whether or not youre using a vpn right
mac addresses are unique per device you usually cannot change them
so if any of this goes into a police/fbi investigation you will be caught and you can have the devices that youve used seized by the state

No. 1530544

Tl;dr trying to make us get rid of the proof so you can continue to grind your crotch against those of newborn babies because you find them soooooo sexy, Fatty Patty.

No. 1530545

I was in the shower.(lol)

No. 1530546

They’re not her “friends” they’re her friends.

No. 1530547

Haha no, my mom lives all the way across the country. I bought this one myself.

No. 1530548

Neither of us own macs btw. Shitty overly expensive machines that do basically nothing.

No. 1530549

im not actually
i take csem very seriously
i am simply telling you that you are breaking the law with what you are claiming
your posts can easily be traced back to you vpn or not
if you actually cared about victims of csa and csem you wouldnt be using their material to lord over peoples heads youd do the right thing and ACTUALLY report it to the fbi and delete it out of respect for them
youve technically broken the law by not only having it in your possession but distributing it as you claim that you (rachel) and “nick” (also rachel) have it meaning that youve sent it to him
is that not correct?

No. 1530550

He doesn’t love her. He isn’t real. Clueless psychotic bitch that you are, Fatty Patty.

No. 1530551

thats not what a mac address is holy shit youre retarded

No. 1530552

If you actually took it seriously then you would have deleted the CP on the site when it was pointed out to you. But you enjoy masturbating to children because you can force yourself on them, because they’re weak and any other person would easily put you on your ass and send you comically tumbling away like a bowling ball.

No. 1530553

crazy how you come back from your “shower” and the w spam stops especially after a nonnie said your posts would get tagged thats hilarious

if youre her friend the why would you refer to yourself/yourselves as “they” instead of “we”

No. 1530554

File: 1652687684057.jpeg (562 KB, 750x1294, C0208740-7903-4AB2-AB41-A619DE…)

Nobody cares Fatty Patty Ines. Nobody loves you. Nobody will ever love you.

If Sephiroth were real, he’d love Rachel. Not your sad fat cow ass.

No. 1530555


You're the one who keeps waxing on creepily about them, Rachel.

No. 1530558

Tl;dr cry and scream and moo harder pathetic fat cow. I’m not going to delete jack shit so you can get away with raping children and having child porn on your site.

No. 1530560

No. 1530561

Good catch anon.
Why is she incapable of acting normal for even an hour? This behavior transcends the characteristics of autism. It’s like super-autism or something.

No. 1530563

stop deflecting and stop acting like i have responsibility as to what other people post this isnt about me its about you claiming that you have csem
why are you graphically describing me having sex with children and looking at childporn when im a csa survivor? why would you even joke or troll about that if youre so concerned about csem being on this site?
because youre not concerned you are manipulating a very serious thing to make yourself look like a victim

address what i said here >>1530549
did you or did you not receive toe csem from rachel?
if you deflect again by being gross i will have no choice to believe that she distributed it

No. 1530566

youre being a hypocrite now and using “ad hominems” to deflect? classic rachel
i still think its funny that you claimed to be apart of MENSA but have failed to look into what a MAC address was even after having it be mentioned to you

No. 1530571

so you can accuse people of being pedophiles when you have no actual proof (as im not ines) but you can? how does that make sense to you?

No. 1530573


Wow, Rachel, you're so pissed about Sephiroth loving Ines that now you're posting RP partners posts like it's some badge to say he would love you? Remember, Rachel, it's make-believe.

No. 1530574

ayyy we get to see some of her cringe role playing at the top
thanks for the milk rachel!

No. 1530575

Ines is gonna look so cute pregnant with Sephiroth's baby.

No. 1530579

File: 1652688924728.jpg (92.02 KB, 600x856, s-l1000.jpg)

No. 1530584

I find it even more ironic she shares a roleplay from a guy who blocked her and literally does not want to be associated with her.

No. 1530588

I hope she realises what they do to pedophiles in jail lol. I wish she’d get sent to gen population instead of solitary when they bust her and her friends’ asses.

No. 1530596

File: 1652691382623.png (205.83 KB, 1508x358, A6DF42B8-85EB-43C0-8A31-DE01BE…)

No. 1530597

look at the dates. he’s still with her and very much wants to do anything with her. he loves her.

No. 1530599

that’s going to be one hell of a pseudo pregnancy with her uterus full of pus.

only she isn’t going to look much different externally given she already weighs 800 pounds.

No. 1530601

her writing is actually pretty good. sure as fuck better than Michael’s.

No. 1530603

He doesn’t love Ines or anyone. He doesn’t exist. Keep deluding yourself Fatty Patty Ines.

No. 1530605

ines is my fave big titty skinny legend and deserves the world especially sephiroth
i have no doubt that they would make beautiful children together with how amazing they both look

ines and sephiroth is not only an amazing ship but its the absolute best one

No. 1530606

are you saying shes shown you her rps?

No. 1530613


Hello, Rachel. You're so easy to spot, and your posts always come in increments.

No. 1530621

What I find amusing is how she cuts her own post off to hide the fact that she doesn’t use proper formatting. I roleplayed with her once just to see if she was any good. No she doesn’t separate paragraphs and writes like a 13 year writing twilight fanfiction.

No. 1530622

Nta but can you post her stuff? I'm curious.

No. 1530635

Lol Mike getting owned by the cow again to kick off another day of milk flowing freely

No. 1530648

i think its funny that i mentioned rachel by name for being a coward here >>1530538
and she doesnt even try to act like nick or caleb and responds by saying she was in the shower >>1530544

No. 1530655

You can only fit so much into a single screenshot, and her posts are multiple paragraphs from what I’ve seen. But by all means, keep trying to mock something you can’t see. She knows you’re jealous.

No. 1530660

She wasn’t in the shower. I was.

No. 1530661


No. 1530662

Ines isn’t skinny, she weighs roughly 850 pounds and hasn’t menstruated since she was 14. She doesn’t have breasts, she has flabs. She fucks hobos and stray dogs because nobody will let her fuck their children. Her main method of transportation is bodily rolling herself in the direction she wants to go. Her nose is so big it’s a beak, and yesterday I witnessed her open a can of baked beans with it before swallowing the contents without chewing.

Ines recently expressed frustration to me about her inability to wipe after she uses the bathroom and how cockroaches have begun to live in the folds of her fat.

I know this because I know her in real life.

No. 1530664

File: 1652702626228.jpeg (23.13 KB, 827x149, EF05D116-A806-4CDB-9CCC-A756B0…)

No. 1530665

a grown ass “man” saying a woman hasnt had her period since she was 14? pretty sus
you claim to not be a zoophile but you sure do like talking about how you think ines fucks dogs preeeetty suuuussss

you know her in real life? even though you call her a pedo? suuuuuper suuuuuuus

anyway no need to be jealous honey im sure if you behave ines will reward you by letting her join her and sephiroth as a happy thrupple

No. 1530667

post her role plays then since she apparently shows you them
or maybe youre both too pussy to show us omegalul

No. 1530668

if you were in the shower then i guess she was the one spamming Ws or were you posting in the shower even though thats your excuse for “not being here”

No. 1530671

Good morning nonnas, Rachel is still fat and a liar.

No. 1530678

Looks like Rachel has taken to describing herself lol

No. 1530693

Elaine’s shit covered fingerprints are all over this. Laur Trueman (Lillee Jean’s crazy momager & Elaine supporter) brought up Nick Rekieta for the first time in years right before “Rachel” started pretending to be him.

No. 1530694

I love how Rachel gets so angry at fatshaming her but goes into gratuitous detail fatshaming Ines who is actually slim and in shape.

No. 1530697

No idea who was spamming. Not my problem.

No. 1530698

She isn’t though. Ines is fucking massive, she has to be weighed on a freight scale. She’s so fat she can walk into a drive through and be registered as a car.

No. 1530700

Only she isn’t. She only weighs 140 pounds. Tbh, I wouldn’t be surprised if after raping and killing children Ines eats them.

No. 1530701

Ines does fuck dogs. She’ll let you watch her give one a rimjob for a pack of smokes.

No. 1530703


Rachel you have not slept at all for over thirty hours please go to bed so I can work on this milk I got from your failed love quest Micheal Thurlow.

No. 1530705

Rachel have you gotten sleep yet? You should go to sleep.

No. 1530706

Sadly no. At the time I was just curious and didn’t take screen shots. Then her account got banned which then removed the posts from my inbox. It wasn’t till about three months later that I dug deeper into her due to her drama showing up more and more on my time line. It has now become a source of entertainment but I don’t engage with her any more. Simply observe and laugh.

No. 1530708

Well she keeps begging that Gaiasgod person for roleplay….maybe we'll get some milk after all.

No. 1530717

Let the cow suffer from the sleeplessness. Her and her friends are grown. They can manage through the sleep deprivation.

After all, the more sleep deprived one is, the more likely one is to succumb to decreased mental capacity and possibly hallucinations. I for one, want to see the mileage of that.

No. 1530734

I don’t think she needs sleep deprivation to have hallucinations. Shes already displaying weird infatuations with the concept that sephiroth is real and that she is his only love interest.

I think the farther down she goes just means we get more Nick and Caleb personality switches.

No. 1530746

File: 1652713911328.jpg (569.45 KB, 805x2605, idiot .jpg)

Here is her current excuse for why she and her "friends" can save and distribute child pornography, plus some random bullshit she sent to Gaiasgod.

I love how she changes the subject like she didn't just admit to having cp.

No. 1530749

File: 1652713993923.png (29.96 KB, 816x216, lol.png)

No. 1530755

I don’t understand why she feels the need to share her weird obsession with q-pot. It’s all ugly. And the idea that she will try and use it to flex that she’s got a 220 dollar item to prove she’s “ rich” when she admits to buying it for its actual worth (30 dollars). She doesn’t have that much money as she claims. She would have nicer things if she did. But she really only has wish tier crap.

No. 1530756

It's always the tacky people flaunting their money everywhere, money they quickly spend.

No. 1530760

File: 1652715305357.png (31.32 KB, 1255x356, uh oh.PNG)

hey wait isn't pretending to be FBI illegal in burgerland?

No. 1530762

It is. But does she care? No.

No. 1530764

It is but she used vague enough wording she could brush it off as meaning they're just working with them and not actually apart of the FBI. I imagine they'd be more angry about her lying and saying they're okay with her having CP.

No. 1530773

100%. Rich people act like they’re broke and move quietly. When people talk about how much they spend or how much of a deal they can get yet in the same breath talk about how much money they have, it makes me question just how poor they are compared to someone who actually has money.

No. 1530778

Q-Pot was never high quality to begin with. I don’t understand how she thinks that’s B or A level tier quality.

There’s cuter and more bougie shit out there that can fall under the lolita category that’s better quality.

I don’t think even Japanese people go for it much anymore either.

No. 1530783

Tbf AP makes tacky resin jewelry too. But o don’t think people are as rabid for it now as they where in 2009. I always thought that it was tacky and over priced for brittle plastic. But to each their own I guess. She’s stuck in 2009 and it shows with everything she does. Ironic since she likes to say we are stuck in that era.

No. 1530784

File: 1652717949951.jpg (66.41 KB, 536x344, Ines vs Bertha.jpg)

LOL, find me one man or woman who would take the door on the right here. And if Rachel is no longer fat then that's an easy thing to disprove and until she has done so it is cope.

No. 1530789

I think some people would choose a tranny over Rachel, honestly.

No. 1530793

Knowing her irl isn't enough.

No. 1530801

File: 1652719059465.png (63.45 KB, 331x461, 37.4.png)

If you plug her height/weight/BMI into one of those sites that predicts your body type, the results are pretty accurate to her photos

No. 1530803


>>1529876 actually wasn't Rachel. It was Dirt Lamb from Kiwifarms who it appears has a weird ass hateboner for DBS and Ghoulie even though she's never read Rachel's threads. Bitches about "all but namefagging" yet got herself doxed by being so thirsty for kiwimoids.

No. 1530815

File: 1652720767843.png (10.85 KB, 173x186, vendetta chan salt.png)


Rachel: everyone I don't like is Ines*
Ghoulie (probably): everyone I don't like is Dirtlamb.

Making assumptions and presenting them as fact is what people were calling out on both sites to begin with.

See what I did here? (Ghoulie, probably). You're presenting it as established fact that it was Dirt yesterday (protip it wasn't, I know because it was me and I'm not her and I have no reason to lie about it) as if she was properly outed or something. She wasn't. Believe it or not more than one person can have opinions you don't like.

Also I don't know how you'd know she hadn't read Rachel's threads, you're just sounding dumb there, you probably mean that she hasn't posted in them (which I don't even know if it's true, but she's definitely posted in the AC thread which is what the slapfighting was actually about yesterday.)

And nice side of enabling of the scrotes bullshit over on dot org. I don't even think she was doxed just had some pics leaked which yeah she was dumb for sharing…but are you really this mad? Still? Are you really talking about being thirsty for kiwi attention? That's pretty rich lmao.

[*] to get back to the cow and back from dumb Kiwi vendettas (namefagging is always a mistake) by the way it's interesting that she has calmed down on the Spookybones front and is now reserving her ire for Ines. Makes sense kind of when you think about the fact that she's cut off Michael (who mainly hates Spookybones) but is still running around with Elaine (who mainly hates Ines.)

No. 1530817

Oh no nonnas I found an essay she wrote on female gamers


No. 1530818

you're still writing essays about kiwis and namefagging lmao but keep going about ghoulie I guess

No. 1530819

You: Everyone that can read on both sites and seeing me sperg for no reason is Ghoulie.
See how that works?
Anyway, just pointing out the obvious.

No. 1530820

For nonnas who are reticent about Google Drive and DOC files, here's the same thing as a PDF: https://files.catbox.moe/jsf8n0.pdf

No. 1530825

Rachel wrote an essay about her "special place" which is…

Her bed.

No. 1530829

File: 1652721785864.png (59.85 KB, 614x153, gamers treated poorly.png)

Just Rachel crying about the poor misogynists who were treated poorly by women in the past.

No. 1530831

> Discrimination against female gamers
> Its the womens fault

No. 1530834

She truly hates women but wants to cry feminism only for herself.
At the same time she wants to be a barefoot and pregnant tradwife who doesn't have to work but is expected to cook and clean.

Lazy can't even clean her own room.

No. 1530835

I skimmed the intro paragraph. The writing is bland and couldn’t read any further. How did she even pass her degree?

No. 1530838

Fair, maybe there is just too much hi-cowing and accusing anons of being the cow and/or random kiwis going on in this and the earlier threads in general. Just enjoy the milk, nonnas.

No. 1530842

Probably trying to avoid a grown ass adult having a shitfit so they coddled her through the degree.

No. 1530844

Hmm, why would they do that when it's totally confirmed that Rachel doesn't have autism?

No. 1530847

NTA but its possible that was the easier option than dealing with her meltdowns (since we know how she is)

No. 1530850

File: 1652722878964.jpeg (9.77 KB, 175x288, download (5).jpeg)

Didn't she also take an abnormally long time to finish her 2 year degree? Like another lolcow we know.

No. 1530851

She shits her pants and has meltdowns to own the haters, remember? There's nothing clinically wrong she just chooses to act this way.

No. 1530852

Then why does she keep saying she does and using it as an excuse for the shitty things she does?

No. 1530858

She really has the writing style of a 12 year old. But even then, 12 year olds are much more creative and passionate. The only work Bertha manages to squeeze out is lifeless and uninspired. She has no personality at all.

No. 1530869

rachel this is really fucking embarrassing
if youre "only" weigh 140 ines is like 90 pounds
probably most people actually

No. 1530874

File: 1652724975069.jpg (153.79 KB, 823x1159, d1d9btg-dee57a6f-cfa9-409a-aec…)

Sonisephichu when

No. 1530878

actually beyond parody. she tells her mom she isnt a feminist and writes shit like this, but as soon as someone makes one comment about her appearance on the evil terf website suddenly we're all femcel misogynists. question for rachel; what gay woman would want to date someone who admits that they arent a feminist? ill give you a hint here, you arent getting away with that shit unless youre a straight dude.

No. 1530885

All her essays are 1.5 pages long. I remember in high school and uni, we would catch shit fo writing essays that short and with crappy references.

It explains her laziness in doing any research and how she can’t do anything detailed when it comes to writing. Her sperging irl got her coddled with family, school and probably work lol.

No. 1530889

No. 1530891

No. 1530895

She wants to fantasize about Sephiroth impregnating her and upon birth of the child, casting it into the void so she can repeat the process.
Her uterus is gonna look like a ball of pancetta if she thinks that's a viable plan.

No. 1530899

she definitely has special accommodations for being a certified retard

No. 1530918


that's the tackiest necklace I've ever seen. Her taste is so sad.

No. 1530973

It really is. Its so big too. Why would she even send that to him?

No. 1530981

The answer is obvious, no? She has no friends to share this with and just dumps random useless info onto people she feels like there’s an opening with

No. 1531032

Funny how "Nick and Caleb" show up only when Rachel is on her account. I don't think she factored that one in or hopes nobody notices. People she claims have busy lives and families and whatever else, who apparently spend hours talking about their friend's cooter and leaky colon.

No. 1531033

Well yeah, but its still so weird. Even if he was her friend I dont think he'd give a shit. She also never acts like a friend even when talking to people she says are her friends. She just talks about herself.
inb4 Rachel wakes up and says
>Only she does have friends unlike you fatty patty Ines. Moo and cry more cow. Cope and seethe about it

No. 1531044

you know what i just realized?
rachel took that selfie of herself specifically for this thread not even 2 months ago and seriously thinks we should believe her when she says shes 140 pounds.. seriously? you have a whopper of a double chin in this nearly 2 month old selfie and you want to say youre 140? youre so delusional and retarded i have no doubt in my mind that you have more than 1 personality disorder causing you to be like this

No. 1531045

Jesus Christ, is she still on a trip or what?

I'm legit tempted to buy popcorn by the bucket-load at this point lol

No. 1531051

Fat people can take flattering pictures of themselves and go the extra mile with self care. But Rachel picks the most unflattering things for herself and thinks she's a catch. She hasn't taken a single good photo of herself. She always looks so manly because she hasn't figured out how to dress herself.

She's always going on about her long hair too. Do something with it. Fat girls with their hair done can make a night and day difference. Even just a side sweep over one shoulder.

For someone who wants to act bougie and like a little fashion icon she doesn't even know the basics.

No. 1531063

File: 1652737446619.jpg (7.02 MB, 4096x7526, SadTruth.jpg)

No. 1531066

Rachel hates women.

No. 1531071

This is perfect anon

No. 1531077

Her interacting with another woman on such friendly terms says otherwise.

Why feel the need to paste pictures of her all around this? I don’t think it was to fill the space so much as it was to make yourself feel better about your own ugly mug.

Rachel is a beautiful woman and a few worn out old hags with two car seats in the back seat and a child support check whining on an anonymous image board isn’t going to change that.

No. 1531080

She is a catch tho. She’s beautiful and well loved.

No. 1531081

ah rachel, NOW trans women are women? kek

No. 1531082

You’re the ones talking about her, not her.

No. 1531083

She wasn’t talking to someone trans.

No. 1531085

Look through her replies and you'll find her shitting on a pretty girl by telling some person person "This is an example of throwing out gold for a rock"

She's Gollum. She's not exactly a looker herself and to shit on conventionally prettier girls than her is a prime example of her mental gymnastics and her internalised misogyny.

No. 1531087

She does have friends, everyone has friends. Except you, Fatty Patty. Stop buying rainbow 120$ keyboards and maybe you’ll be able to pay for decent fucking server hosting.

No. 1531089

sepheenie's newest tweet literally says t4t

No. 1531090

Tl;dr. That was a biological woman she was talking to.

No. 1531093

Good looks mean nothing if you have rotten insides like you do, Fatty Patty.

No. 1531098

It’s a beautiful necklace. I’d consider buying that for my wife for her birthday or Christmas.

No. 1531099

Keep sperging. At this rate, you're gonna have another thread by the end of the week.

No. 1531102


You already inadvertently proved that she wasn’t autistic or retarded.

No. 1531103

"Your wife" also is with an admitted pedo so its clear she likes garbage. I bet she'd love it.

No. 1531104

File: 1652745704707.jpg (688.89 KB, 809x2418, spookyinessephiroth.jpg)

Guess the feds decided Ines was innocent, nonnas.
Got some milk for you nonetheless.

A few posts incoming.

No. 1531105

Tl;dr trying to use sperg as an insult. This is a prime example of someone neurotypical who was bullied by someone autistic in school.

No. 1531106

File: 1652745742846.jpg (269.98 KB, 807x1541, cope and sneed.jpg)

Part 2

No. 1531107

A pedophile by definition is someone attracted to children. Neither myself, my wife, nor Rachel are attracted to children. Cope and seethe about it boomer.

No. 1531108

Lol,that necklace is hideous. I'd be upset if my partner bought me that crap. Your wife and you have tacky taste. >>1531098

No. 1531109

File: 1652745837651.jpg (352.41 KB, 1079x1469, sneed and cope.jpg)

Part 3

No. 1531113

You already inadvertently proved that she doesn’t shit herself Fatty Patty. Your friend from earlier who knows you irl however…

No. 1531114

Lol didnt the cops just knock on her door or am I mixing up my cows that claim to have been swatted but weren't?
Wonder how shes gonna feel when they show up since shes's admitted to having CP multiple times.

No. 1531115

File: 1652745938418.jpg (257.45 KB, 809x1413, schizoid.jpg)

Part 4

No. 1531116

Said Fatty Patty Ines whose neck is so thick she’d snap any necklace of that length.

No. 1531117

Yet again, here we have Rachel taking things people have called her and using it incorrectly.

No. 1531119

Your little crush isn’t here Fatty Patty. Cry and scream and moo harder about it pathetic fat cow.

No. 1531120

File: 1652746033331.jpg (460.98 KB, 809x2248, finaldms.jpg)

No. 1531121

rachel you literally cried because a guy threw candy wrappers at your fat ass

No. 1531122

Clearly Rachel wasn't bullied hard enough.

No. 1531123

Rachel is so insistent that multiple people clowning on her is all Ines lmaooo fucking retard

No. 1531124

And here she is repeating the same things for the millionth time because her minuscule pea brain thinks its a burn and she cant come up with better.

No. 1531125

She has to believe everyone is Ines so she doesn't seem so crazy for coming up with multiple personas to post here.

No. 1531127

>for irony
she did not get swatted the cops just talked to her

No. 1531128

Theres literally no way for you or anyone to know how many people post here on a daily basis (and its way more than what you claim in your thread alone) and this site has been around for years, way longer than you've known about it. You wont shut it down. Better people than you have tried and failed. kek

No. 1531129

>The police are coming to get meeeee, I'm sooooo scaaaared
this is like disney channel level dialogue

No. 1531130

Her DMs with that Gaiasgod person are absolutely unhinged lmao
She insults him but wants him to give her a chance and still wants that Sephiroth dick…wild.

No. 1531132

Isn't her fantasy to act like a brat towards Sephiroth so he can dick her down so she behaves? I think she's acting it out there

No. 1531133

I like how Rachel was the first to post when the site went back up. I can only imagine she was sitting there manically refreshing the page.

No. 1531135

She still believes she can pretend to gunt guard herself and not get caught. Must be the fat fucking with her brain.

No. 1531138

Oh man, you just gave me an idea anon.

No. 1531140

File: 1652746743694.jpeg (103.97 KB, 750x653, BC242681-5AB6-4C3F-A3ED-C115AC…)

Btw that IS the definition of pedophile.

No. 1531142

She doesn’t have a gunt, she has a cute flat tummy.

No. 1531143

ya fat fucking retard

No. 1531144

Bro just come clean and admit you never saw or possessed that CP you claimed was totally right there the first time you saw yourself discussed on lolcow. This isn't stuff you should be fucking around with

No. 1531145

I’m not fat brah. 6’1, 170 pounds pure muscle.

No. 1531146

Your alters aren't real Rachel

No. 1531148

Is that Sephiroth's measurements which is why you can only remember this detail about your alter?

No. 1531151

I do have it, because I reported it to the FBI, as did Rachel, and Fatty Patty tried to get us to delete it so there wouldn’t be evidence.

There’s a ton of links, but we’ve never clicked any of them.

Stop beating around the bush. Admit that Fatty Patty Ines is wrong for hosting that utter garbage on her site. She and her farmhands have the ability to delete it, but they don’t want to.

No. 1531153


I’m not an alter. You wanna see my dick?

No. 1531154

By all means.

No. 1531155

yes fatty patty we know you’re fat and retarded.

No. 1531156

If you reported it why would it matter if you delete it? You SHOULD have deleted it in that case.

No. 1531158

Yeah post it, you wont.

No. 1531159

> she has a cute flat tummy

It's comments like this when I think she might just be getting a kick out of this whole thing and taking us for a cruise but then at other times it is just so obvious how seethingly angry she is. The level of cope she indulges in and not just how detached from reality but how obviously so it is. That she has a polycule is more possible than she is not fat, there are almost certainly way more fat uggos per capital in the poly community than in the mainstream scene straight or gay. The Ines stuff is bizarre and cribbed from Elaine but she still thinks someone is going to read it and believe it. Everything is just so outlandish. A lot of cows make up stories to make themselves sound better but she is just … extra about it.

No. 1531164

We don't want to see Nick's dick, we wanna see a picture of Rachel that is taken today. Show us that weight loss, that flat tummy. Otherwise you'll always be the original Fatty Patty.

No. 1531168

Sephiroth is 6'1" in the OG FF7.

No. 1531169

The only Fatty Patty here is and always will be you, Fatty Patty Ines. That is her name, as is on her birth certificate. Fatty Patty Ines Rabiey.

No. 1531170

How much time did you have to spend on Chaturbate or Google to get that still Rachel?

No. 1531171

She’s literally sitting next to me on the couch rn and smiling but go off.

No. 1531172

The sheer irony of Rachel attacking people for visiting lolcow while she lives her life replying to dozens of users here.

No. 1531173

No Fatty Patty Ines, it’s not being deleted. You’re going to jail for hosting child pornography on your website.

No. 1531174

Take a selfie together or you're fake.

No. 1531175

Only she doesn’t. She’s watching baseball with Caleb and I rn.

No. 1531176

Theory checks out with using his measurements for her alters

No. 1531177

Hmmm, no. I think you have enough photos.

No. 1531178

No. 1531179

I’m literally 6’1 but keep reaching with your 300 pound arms Fatty Patty.

No. 1531180

Friendless Fatty Patty Ines. L+ Friendless + Bitchless + Pedophile + Misandric + TERF + Ratio.

No. 1531182

damn they don't want to be seen with her

No. 1531183

File: 1652748033229.jpeg (35.76 KB, 739x415, DD04808E-E846-4EE9-946B-551C0D…)

found ines’ actual pictures.

No. 1531185

JAYSUS woman. How did she let herself go like that?

No. 1531186

Neither would I. But I wouldn't be gunt guarding her online nor would I let her in my house.

No. 1531187

File: 1652748141851.jpeg (25.51 KB, 374x450, 79911D67-5C92-4EA2-B142-DF158A…)


No. 1531194


You are absolutely unhinged even after you just wake up, Rachel. How can you not see how transparent you are? Do you not realize your every reply sounds the same in tone regardless of what person you're trying to WK as? You al use the same vernecular. I'm starting to think you really are having a schizophrenic break.

No. 1531195

File: 1652748435317.jpg (488.86 KB, 781x3280, inmydmsnow.jpg)

Not to namefag but she's in my Twitter DMs now after GG blocked her. So she's posting here and blowing up my shit at the same time. How embarrassing.

No. 1531196


sa *all

No. 1531198

tl;dr Cry and scream and moo harder pathetic fat cow. Your crush isn’t here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1531199

Even if Rachel’s claims to be 140lbs at 5’2” were true, that would still classify her as overweight. Definitely not flat tummy territory.

Best case scenario, she’s still fat. And ugly. And shits her pants. Confirmed and proven.

No. 1531201

what the 2004 webcam shit is this

No. 1531202


Rachel stop, you're making me scream with laughter over how obvious you are.

No. 1531203

this is the ugliest penis ive ever seen in my life. what did you look up, rachel? disturbing bald rat cock?

No. 1531204

File: 1652748783805.jpg (271.13 KB, 810x1741, Twitterforiphone.jpg)

I can't breathe, she's so dumb

No. 1531205


but you reply to us in seconds, Rachel.

No. 1531206

File: 1652748980288.jpg (331.65 KB, 810x2009, fatandlazy.jpg)

Boohoo this crazy fat woman thinks she's doing so good. She's too fat and lazy to back up her statements and has the same limited number of lines to regurgitate.

No. 1531208

So who deleted the dick pic?

No. 1531209


If she wants to stop pretending she isn't in this thread, she needs to stop beginning replies with "Only I/she…" didn't/doesn't/insert whatever applies.

No. 1531213

She blocked me after I was gonna tell her she was being fat and lazy when she has the power to prove everyone wrong, but she must be extra mad that GG blocked her so she thinks bitching at me will earn her anything.

Fatty Patty can't take the heat that she brought upon herself by coming into my messages. Now she's gonna unblock and block and act like she's got a W I guess. So laughably retarded.

No. 1531225

File: 1652750349600.jpeg (207.18 KB, 1125x1410, PEDOGUNT.jpeg)

No. 1531226

File: 1652750421700.jpg (76 KB, 1080x235, holy shit lmao.jpg)

Ah, there's a phrase for this.

>Cope and seethe about it

No. 1531239

how is she gonna go over to someone elses house to watch television and claim not to have her phone but is somehow dming people on twitter?
if this bitch says she brought her laptop instead of her phone i will lose myself in laughter

No. 1531241

File: 1652752094749.png (877.81 KB, 828x1792, creep1.png)

imagine saying you're not sensitive about things but you end up photoshopping yourself because your fat ass shit.

No. 1531242

File: 1652752123563.bmp (1.9 MB, 554x1199, creep2.bmp)

No. 1531244

She's fishing for complements now? This is new.

No. 1531246

She looks like a serial killer from a horror movie or something jesus christ

No. 1531247

The warped plant is killing me!

No. 1531248

Orphan movie energy

No. 1531249

>well loved
rode hard and put away wet, but not in the sex way

No. 1531254

What the fuck is that face? She looks like a TiM who wants to wear someone’s skin.

No. 1531258

File: 1652753857857.png (93.79 KB, 909x536, 1.png)

This gullible dumbass decided to message me, out of the blue. And the username she picked out this time was SO HILARIOUS like I was suspicious at first but decided "hey, I should actually get a conversation just to prove it's her" so I did…

No. 1531260

File: 1652753942578.png (70.98 KB, 888x404, 2.png)

I decided to play a little dumb (because I've had a previous encounter with her) and went under a different alias than what I usually use. And I got some tasty stuff.

No. 1531263

File: 1652753986714.png (65.35 KB, 1259x368, 3.png)

Hope yall got some good shits and giggles like I did.

No. 1531267

>I think I'm cute

No. 1531268

File: 1652754819660.jpg (15.99 KB, 450x300, 784118c839c3a7461ef8639b326b4c…)

This but fat

No. 1531271

Ban evading again? Rachel, you should know better. Not even f-list wants you.

No. 1531272

really creepy, she looks like a pervert

No. 1531278

File: 1652756141501.jpg (48.77 KB, 193x340, rachel cute.jpg)

That's the only picture so far of her looking anything that could be called even an attempt at 'cute' or 'feminine' and it's somehow even more horrifying. Filtered to shit, too. >>>/snow/1514271 did a better job a few threads ago.

No. 1531279

samefag forgot to say that just go look at the ones in the other thread that try to change her female to male you can barely tell

No. 1531281

She will never look that normal.

No. 1531284

Kek, isn’t this picture photoshopped by an anon to try and make her look like a woman?

No. 1531285

its faceapp im pretty sure

No. 1531286

>they don’t hate me
>some people would rather see me dead

so what you’re saying is… they fucking hate you, lmaooo

No. 1531291

yes kek it's not even the 'feminize' one though, that just looked like a tranny, this is the one where anon put in work

No. 1531312

She’s throwing a tantrum on Twitter and threatened FairsInfo and another person she’s been trying to befriend lol.

She was smart enough to find a work around for Twitters threats policy for violence by using “beet juice” for blood.

No. 1531314

post pics

No. 1531317

File: 1652760440860.jpeg (115.66 KB, 750x640, D2D2AF47-AE40-4C9C-A901-47F010…)

Posting the other threat hold on

No. 1531318

File: 1652760476076.jpeg (60.71 KB, 750x338, 8BD4C335-73FD-4727-9EF2-866417…)

No. 1531320

File: 1652760734436.jpeg (167.07 KB, 750x1033, 1719690B-90CA-4E47-9AE1-CDAE01…)

Thought this was amusing so I’ll share this too. The person who retweeted her photo thought she was cute

No. 1531321

File: 1652761126887.jpeg (30.23 KB, 750x244, 20083558-82B0-4A7D-B82E-B5EBEF…)

You outed yourself by having perfect English, obsessively following any thing that mentions you and obsessively following this thread.

No. 1531325

File: 1652761638132.png (211.71 KB, 419x255, she's not here.PNG)

No. 1531344

File: 1652764111160.png (56.04 KB, 1200x214, YouThePast3Days.png)

But she totally doesn't read or post here guys!

No. 1531345

hey guys, remember when Rachel admitted and confirmed that she shits her pants on a daily basis and needs to wear diapers because of it? that was so funny, good times

No. 1531348

Imagine, 28 years old and still living with your parents, a virgin and shitting your pants. Truly exceptional.

No. 1531352

File: 1652764857288.png (56.74 KB, 1190x186, PostYour23AndMeResults.png)

Rachel is every ethnicity known to mankind.

No. 1531354

do we know anything about her parents? like has she said anything to indicate they know anything about all this?

No. 1531355

File: 1652765088969.png (586.02 KB, 520x636, bertha.png)

>mfw my mother just changed my underwear but i already shat it
also it's hilarious how she wears those cutesy pink clothes. you can't paint a hulking neanderthal kawaii and dainty.

No. 1531356

She mentioned something about going to Hawaii with her birth mom to see her grandma or grandparents once that I remember. But that doesn't mean they're Hawaiian.

No. 1531357

wow rachel you almost pass as well as chris chan keep it up girlie!

No. 1531358

the irony that this reminds me of that south park episode where butters finds out hes “hawaiian” when his parents arent hawaiian or even from there they just have a mahalo rewards card
its especially funny to me because rachel loves south park theres no way she doesnt see the parallels to this

No. 1531360

More of what a meltdown looks like.
I also like how it went from them threatening 3 friends down to 1 because there was actual proof the other 2 weren't threatened so she looked dumb lying about it.

No one believes you, Rachel, because you're a proven liar and lie about ridiculous shit constantly.

No. 1531361

File: 1652765497871.png (224.46 KB, 1210x844, Shestotallynotmad.png)

dropped pic

No. 1531366

I guarantee she shit her pants right as she hit send on this tweet because she was just SO angry, and she’s still sitting in her dirty ass diaper right now

No. 1531371

if jewish isnt a race then why did she bring it up when fairsinfo was calling her white

and since she likes to use google and wikipedia so much as sources to cite shit from wikipedia says this
>Judaism has been described as a religion, a race, an ethnic group, a culture, a nation, and an extended family

and if shes claiming hawaiian then shes claiming shes native and she absolutely isnt

i wish shed just get sectioned into a psyche ward already

No. 1531373

she already claimed to be cherokee or blackfoot or something

No. 1531375

File: 1652766922961.png (318.39 KB, 1008x836, lol.png)

Rachel's word is law.

Jk she's still having a meltdown and lying to herself (clearly by her likes and replies) to cope.

No. 1531376

File: 1652767061645.png (61.39 KB, 1198x218, lawd.png)

Literally the muttiest of Amerimutts

No. 1531377

Great, so even more proof she reads here despite her denying having visited these threads since #2. She responded to that anon in literally 3 minutes.

Rachel aren’t you worried about your IP being logged and sent to the FBI for accessing this site?!

Retard cow.

No. 1531378

Wonder if she has to reply on twitter because she blew threw all her VPNs

Speaking of, weird how Caleb and Nick suddenly stopped posting.

No. 1531380

hi rachel way to get baited by me :D

No. 1531382

File: 1652767679384.png (65.34 KB, 1208x248, YoureAnEmbarrassment.png)

True and Honest transracial

Oli London, who?

No. 1531384

File: 1652767831498.png (123.91 KB, 1194x460, lmfao.png)

She roasts herself here.

No. 1531409

File: 1652771083177.jpg (1.75 MB, 5080x4096, InCollage_20220517_080234210.j…)

Imagine someone not knowing who she is and coming across her Twitter account

No. 1531415

no lie if i came across her twitter account as someone who didnt know her i would block her so fast… if i was already following someone like this i would mute them because seeing someone going on like this gives me major psycho vibes and i feel like shed absolutely come after me for blocking her after following her

No. 1531429

File: 1652774763519.jpeg (Spoiler Image,171.55 KB, 1300x1300, 002135344.jpeg)

Hey guys I found Rachel's ancestry

No. 1531439

jesus christ, a whole ass schizophrenic break.

yikes, rachel.

No. 1531473

There are some anons on /meta/ who said the farmhand banned some VPNs from posting. I think it’s very telling that she started responding on Twitter after this and catching a ban.

No. 1531475

We’re not banned. We just don’t give a fuck about you, Fatty Patty Ines. Go shit your diaper somewhere else.

In order for someone to have DIID they would have had to experience some kind of significant trauma in their formative years. Rachel? Experienced none.

No. 1531478

where in that post that youre relying did anon say you have DID lol

No. 1531480

File: 1652784834570.jpeg (232.34 KB, 1284x404, 255B969C-A409-4B18-BE79-DA9822…)

i laughed so hard irl

No. 1531482

File: 1652785008067.jpeg (362.91 KB, 1284x1213, 34E895FB-96B4-4645-AB2C-30076C…)

posts this but lets her “friends” flood her threads with psychotic cringe

No. 1531483

File: 1652785160753.jpeg (246.29 KB, 1284x406, 2B332A6E-4AF7-4910-9821-EA8C41…)

we all know that neither of those are the reason you dont shave its because youre gross and lazy
thanks for confirming that you dont shave your leaky coochie

No. 1531484

File: 1652785250839.jpeg (105.02 KB, 1284x235, 28E41B10-575A-4F92-8FB0-71FF2B…)

you tweeted this at like 530AM your time… why are you in your parents house instead of the house you bought with your bf?

No. 1531486

File: 1652785299554.jpeg (184.15 KB, 1284x340, DA5C817C-D7E1-456D-9A67-22087F…)

“schizoids be like”

No. 1531488

File: 1652785959413.jpg (290.2 KB, 972x1835, 20220517_071207.jpg)

she's real fired up this morning

No. 1531490

shes so good at embarrassing herself its really impressive

No. 1531492

No, because she’s beautiful and not brainwashed by the Patriarchy like you are Fatty Patty Ines.

You will never have a pussy that tight and juicy. Enjoy your DAP.

No. 1531493

she does have a point

No. 1531495

Only person here who is Schizophrenic is you, Fatty Patty Ines. Making up “friends” to fill your pathetic empty website you can’t even afford hosting for.

No. 1531497

Good Tweet. Sound advice. Not at all delusional actually.

No. 1531500

File: 1652786629000.jpeg (64.03 KB, 615x584, 7F2BC5A6-17D5-4F60-8772-A88476…)

Laughing at yourself because you’re too fat to ever look like her.

No. 1531501

i bet your crotch looks like gelatine smeared all over a beard nasty ass

No. 1531502

which is?

No. 1531504

schizoids be like… >>1531495

No. 1531505

pretty delusional if you dont practice what you preach fatty patty rachel

No. 1531506

aw fuck yeah the delusional woman thats built like grimace is being racist and posting gross images again my fave!

No. 1531519

Someone speculates she's been banned
8 minutes later she's back making a fool of herself again.
She's seriously obsessed with this thread.

No. 1531546

Schizoids be like YOU and ONLY YOU, Fatty Patty Ines.

No. 1531547

That’s literally your picture Fatty Patty Ines. You’re built like a god damn king size mattress and Rachel is beautiful with an hourglass shaped body weighing only 140 pounds. Cope and seethe about it more.

No. 1531551

File: 1652792692264.jpeg (Spoiler Image,181.91 KB, 768x1024, 9CEC3680-5FD3-4BC9-B7E6-38E696…)

Why don’t you ask her boyfriends or girlfriends? I’m sure it looks infinitely better than your sad fat gunt. Probably smells like the swamps of dagobah.

Picrel. It’s you.

No. 1531552

getting to the point that I genuinely can't tell which posts are rachel and which are just anons taking the piss

No. 1531561

I bet Rachel is having a break because she shit herself again.

No. 1531570

I wake up to see that Rachel’s been trying to take the copium because deep down she knows that a lot of shit we’ve been saying is true lel

No. 1531583

File: 1652796429671.png (313.3 KB, 488x607, Reginaisspookybones.png)


Here is Elaine talking about the gay ops that she and Mike were pulling on Rachel. Regina is what Spookybones changed their name to and officially what prompted Null to ban them as Null cannot deal with stress in any meaningful way.

Blending among these people for so long was grating so I am glad I no longer have to, Onionfarms is officially dead in the water, their gayoping on discord broken up, and anything needing to be reported has long ago.

No. 1531586

File: 1652796640982.png (276.21 KB, 772x501, i killed onionfarms, Rachel is…)


As you can see Ken is REMAKING Onionfarms, there is no backup remaining, all the posts on there should be gone by now. So do not expect those gaggle of goons to be using that as a base of operations anytime soon. Not that any of them will talk to each other after this.

Rachel came back yesterday morning into the FF discord server, I called her out, she left and then returned. I may get more milk as even though she knows I'm watching her, it won't stop Rachel from giving out milk.

No. 1531607

Now it's my opinion (which should ring the loudest here given I provided the proof on this) that both Elaine and Mike were lying to me about Spooky knowing ANYTHING about this.

Now…how exactly would I know for sure this is a lie? It's rather simple, I leaked those earlier galleries. So Elaine saying it may have been Spooky is complete horse shit and something I could disprove. I'll lurk around if more things need clarifying, or Rachel makes more milk but that's it for this morning.

No. 1531626

File: 1652799507198.jpg (22.99 KB, 500x281, obsessed.jpg)

Sorry to namefag but lol.

First off everyone knows I'm Regina, that's not a secret or some kind of discovery, lol.

I've also never been in an FF server (scratch that I did take a log rip of Rachel's which I gave to an anon which resulted in some of the caps a few threads ago, but I didn't stick around or interact with anyone.)

I don't know if the tranny is confused or lying but the idea that I'm gayopping with these people is beyond retarded. Even Michael is not stupid enough to trust me at this point given that I was heavily involved in massively doxing him. As far as Elaine goes, well, yeah, I'll take my lashes for talking to her, ever, I should've known better. I tried to tard-wrangle her for months in the Elaine Discord (the one with farmies, not the degenerate scrote one) which I have since left. Again it was very public. She tried to pull the same thing as she did with "Ines" (claiming to 'dox' someone from the lolcord but actually pulling a random woman's info out of her ass) and I let her have it in front of everyone. Told her I was through. From whence her vendetta against me.

I can tolerate a lot of stuff, get called tranny, whatever, I'm past caring, and I deserve to eat my serving of cold crow for being dumb enough to talk to Elaine (although in fairness there was an entire Discord full of people from this site who were doing so) … but this is bullshit and trying to smear me by associating me with whatever Rachel-related gayop is going on. I wrote her Kiwi thread, I talked to her that fateful day that she decided to be show in the Lolcord, that's it. I had no idea who she was before and had she not thrashed around for 6 threads and kept the Kiwi one alive I would forget she exists.

But, apparently, Naught, Elaine, and Michael got in touch with Rachel to point her at me and "Ines." This is documented abundantly in this and the prior thread. Now it seems the gayop is shifting to trying to dirty me up by implication, with the tranny involved somehow (who I banned from KF ages ago when I was still a mod so apparently has a vendetta.)

It's lucky for me that these people are so bad at gayops they blow themselves up every time. They already got exposed for running around Discord with a fake Spooky Bones account (this is in the Kiwi thread relating to the CWC Islam people if anyone wants to peruse) in like November and they're still at it. My dirty laundry with these idiots aired months ago very publicly. It makes zero sense that I was collaborating with them in any way, all these people hate me seethingly. I dunno if Blaine is now trying to get his revenge too or what but it looks like he wants to create his own narrative.

I am cringing out of my body just having to address this. What the fuck is wrong with people.

Again I am sorry to namefag and I am going to fade back into the background in shame now but I just wanted to put that out there and clarify the record on a few things.


P.S. I'm not going to stick around namefagging and get into a discussion with people, either. But if people (read: Ghoulie) want to start making assertions about me on KF or elsewhere, I'm not hard to get in touch with and I'm easy to talk to. Why not ask me for my take on things? If you think I'm lying, say so, but at least give me that respect.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1531663


I wish I could have gotten everything down in one post, I wish I could have leaked the DM with Elaine and sprung that I leaked the galleries yesterday. I had to wait until this morning for Kengle's sites to all be fully down, and all discord servers to be logged and deleted.

Please forgive me for not being able to do so sooner and completely squashing anyone trying to drag you into more shit. 

It was never my intention to harm you and as I told a mutual friend I felt horrible that anyone thought that you'd even associate with them after what they did to you. 

I haven't had any bad feelings towards you since you posted on your goofy thread on Onionfarms that I was using as bait for Bella so I could give proof Mike was WKing for her. I've been passing things on for a while to try and keep this away from anyone who didn't deserve it. I truly hope after this you'll be a bit more vindicated in everyone's eyes as it's simply more proof that this point that Elaine and Mike will lie about you to hurt you at any opportunity.

You do not deserve any hate, you don't deserve any stress from this, you don't deserve the shit they are trying to smear you with. Let me look bad instead.


No. 1531678

I thought it was pretty obvious Spooky wasn't involved in the Michael and Elaine gayops…don't know how we misconstrued things. It seemed pretty obvious to me that any mentions of SB after the fact were attempts at getting people worked up. Clearly it worked.

The obvious two key players in gayops have always been Elaine and Michael. Don't know about Naught, but Rachel claims she's on good terms with him. Considers him a friend, even.

Now I know we've had a considerable amount of namefagging, but I really think the people getting pissy about namefagging are doing the same thing. It's inflammatory, meant to distract people from the truth. Unless someone is actively engaging in gayops and we have proof of it, it doesn't really matter and the farmhands can make the final decision if anything crosses the line. It isn't anyone's job to nitpick anons for things that are ultimately irrelevant. So what if someone's namefagging? Does it effect Rachel directly? No? Sit down.

God. Hope we can move on and get back to Rachel melting down.

No. 1531728

File: 1652805650314.png (14.93 KB, 163x39, creep2.png)

No. 1531734

File: 1652806139417.png (133.12 KB, 385x568, diane to miranda.png)

>the people getting pissy about namefagging are doing the same thing.
very meta and not wrong

and yes, after that little intermission, let's get this milk.

This isn't much but I thought it was interesting, it's Rachel's mom addressing her on her Facebook alt. I wonder why she told her mom she was running around under that Miranda Sforza name, which leads me to what she tells her mother about any of this.

No. 1531738

She's been running with the narrative that she has stalkers and people who want to kill her so that might give us an idea.

No. 1531746

File: 1652807185401.png (12.24 KB, 232x79, wdsmbt zorbat.png)

also, what did she mean by this? I really don't consume a lot of the media a lot of these people do so is it a reference to something FF related?

No. 1531756

She is/was friends with someone with that name on Facebook.

No. 1531757

It's bold so it's tagging someone


No. 1531770


Not FF related, Zubat is a pokemon.

No. 1531776

File: 1652809649131.jpg (449.65 KB, 1089x1080, Cursed room.jpg)

>Rachel is a catch tho. She’s beautiful and well loved.

No. 1531781

i think the ddlg room meme would be more fitting

No. 1531797

File: 1652810343720.png (221.85 KB, 998x768, hulsidfh.png)

I didn't give my opinion on whether or not I believed the gayop narrative. I just posted what was given here publicly. I dont care about you enough to make up shit involving you tbh. And the funniest thing is that I actually said to DBS and another kiwi in DMs that I dont think you'd gayop with Micheal. (Picrel) I dont necessarily like you, but I do think you're harmless especially compared to Michael. I also initially misread the screenshot about the gayop and thought he said Michael was gayopping you, which I clarified when someone pointed it out to me in DMs. But hey, maybe now Rachel will stop accusing me of being your sock.

No. 1531798

File: 1652810371613.png (536.13 KB, 693x1485, quilting.png)

>>1531756 >>1531759 are right it's a girls account, from Maryland, she's active and looks normal-ish but geeky

But here's maybe the strangest milk yet: Rachel acting normal. This is a month ago. She was sperging hard here at the same time she was writing this like a normal person about quilting.

No. 1531809

File: 1652810956061.jpg (546.95 KB, 1080x1653, weirdface.jpg)

I'll be making memes all day, I can't resist.

No. 1531980

And even then Stacie unfollowed her for a while….claims it was because of Fairs Info Center but these idiots haven't been able to come up with hard evidence that they were actually threatened.

No. 1532008


riiight, not to mention that fair info has been around 2 years.

if a threat did happen i doubt the account would be around because none of their followers would follow up behind it since most only care about rachels fatass

which is why they are careful about declaring an account owned by rachel.

they have never made a mistake and have cleared more than 5 accounts as belonging to her and that's the icing on the cake right there.

most people who befriend rachel end up unfriending her because of her bullshit.

No. 1532023

File: 1652828215031.jpg (27.42 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (3).jpg)

the woman in this picture has lost almost 600 pounds since this picture was taken

No. 1532031

WOW!! Incredible. What a surprisingly wholesome tidbit of info in this cesspool of a thread.

No. 1532039

File: 1652829663277.jpg (484.18 KB, 1080x1433, chalkcookies.jpg)

Of course she'd like these nasty fucking cookies. Sugar flavored chalk dust.

No. 1532059

Unpopular opinion, but I like those too.

No. 1532063

File: 1652831264898.jpg (57.99 KB, 623x468, 20220517_115732.jpg)


No. 1532072

Nothing natural about them in how they’re made, but they have nostalgia value for me. Once had a great birthday party with them and I often look back to it when I eat them.

No. 1532075

That shit is delicious

No. 1532088

Was just thinking about it…if she was so proud of her weight loss why didn't she send a full body pic and not just an awfully edited face picture…
I mean we all know she's lying, I don't think she realizes she's bad at lying.

No. 1532102


Nah she hasn't lost any weight. She still has fat deposits on her forehead, cheek'bones' and she still has a 2-3 chin. She is sticking her neck out to try and hide it. There is no definition in her pudgy face.
Also why do people who are terrible at the cutesy look never do anything with their hair. Style it or change the color or something. You look like you're a 99c cosplayer.

No. 1532112

File: 1652833915070.png (773.8 KB, 1200x730, 0CFC8C26-30AC-4387-9D3F-F0E467…)

Dividing the site over cookie opinions, let’s go.

Oreos or no?

No. 1532116

File: 1652834037929.jpeg (Spoiler Image,36.91 KB, 900x460, 0D7C8467-3889-419D-A74C-925F1B…)

Where are you seeing fat deposits in her forehead? I’m not seeing it.

Picrel, someone who does have forehead fat.

No. 1532120

She definitely does not, which is why it's so odd that she now claims she doesn't have autism. Autism is one of the things about her that is clearly, obviously true and at least sympathetic. It's the only thing that even somewhat excuses her behavior, and she seems to know this, and yet.

No. 1532135

Side profile pic for us, Rachel. If you're so confident that you don't look like that.

No. 1532141

File: 1652835773656.png (21.72 KB, 619x165, rachel_writestory.png)

what on earth did she mean by this in her English essay

No. 1532142

Looks like she wants people to think that with no work to show for shit, she has the ability to do whatever she says she wants to do. It's what lazy arseholes say to justify being lazy. I do it myself but not at that scale(sage)

No. 1532144

You’re telling me that we don’t have a side profile picture of her?

Oh well, we’ll get one when her mugshot gets taken, although it’s beginning to look like it won’t happen.

No. 1532154

Waiting for a ween or vendettachan to get brave enough to actually call in a police report, not just use an online form.

No. 1532158

File: 1652836984911.jpg (525.78 KB, 1080x1416, ironknee.jpg)

Rachel babe they're talking about you. Only the "cutesy" you're attempting to do just comes off as you being a massive pedophile

No. 1532164

File: 1652837579431.png (350.53 KB, 520x636, 1652765088969.png)

They right tho. Picrel circles are fat deposits. She better lay off the cookies or she will get a double forehead. Source: I'm fat

No. 1532171

Anon that’s a brow ridge. Everyone has one.

No. 1532175

File: 1652838299871.jpeg (Spoiler Image,153.77 KB, 478x478, 27F35218-E84E-44C4-90B7-00AA9D…)

No idea how accurate fake replicas are, but the size and shape of the brow ridge are semi dependent on ethnicity.

No. 1532179

Her cheeks and chin are blurred as fuck through photoshop it looks like. The neck literally blends into her face lol. So yeah, call it what it is, fat.

No. 1532196

We don’t know what it is. A photographer, she is not.

No. 1532199

I think the only way we can settle if she's actually fat is if she gives us a full body pic. Though I don't know if you can have a fat face and thin body but my guess is no.

No. 1532202

Not medfagging I suppose but does the human body lose weight a little bit everywhere when working out, or is it localized to the area that’s being exercised?

No. 1532210

Depends on the weight loss method. Usually it's a general thing with the fattiest deposits breaking down first, but sometimes exercise can change results by fat becoming muscle rather than just entirely going away. If someone is obese/overweight, not eating for weight loss and works out an area, there's a chance that there won't be much change in size. You see it especially in legs and arms.

Rapid weight loss also brings about loose skin even with the most meticulous of care.

No. 1532212

I find cocoa butter helps with the excess skin thing. Palmer’s lotion smells like chocolate.

No. 1532216

File: 1652841554821.jpeg (Spoiler Image,66.72 KB, 616x620, B9FBCD31-C64F-40F5-A840-46BCA0…)

I was wondering why I recognized her.

No. 1532220

File: 1652842153648.jpg (181.38 KB, 696x534, obvious photoshop areas.jpg)

not new milk, but I came to this thread on a laptop and I looked at the photo she posted.

At a glance, I could tell that she either put it through photoshop or it was some faceapp thing where it, "fixes" your face.

I'll be explaining what I caught in a 3 second glance.

Sorry four is ontop, I caught it just as I was about to save the file!

1.) the cheek bone is blurred as hell compared to the part closer to two.

2.) The shirt literally cuts, blurs and warps into her neck.

3.) the uneven lining there shows poor mouse and clone stamp movements. There is a patch of hair that's identical for a few pixels.

4.) the weird fade and blending.

No. 1532271

File: 1652847922124.jpeg (45.1 KB, 750x294, 21D3089F-4C5F-4D6B-BA20-A59679…)

Funny she says this when she doxxed someone a couple weeks ago and that person has told her to leave her the fuck alone. The hypocrisy especially since she came here saying the person she doxxed deserved it

No. 1532272

File: 1652847959288.jpeg (24.1 KB, 748x232, 6A9B2B69-FE93-4D5C-80D2-D05B96…)

That dry ass hair?

No. 1532303

File: 1652851744415.jpeg (63.43 KB, 750x405, 0D56C627-7357-4014-9F58-EEE418…)

Fall comes before winter and that is a season where everything dies. So is this an admission that her hair is dead too?

No. 1532325

File: 1652855452978.jpeg (15.47 KB, 450x450, images (4).jpeg)

Was thinking more like this honestly

No. 1532337

File: 1652858254452.jpg (7.54 KB, 225x225, sad_trumpet_noises.jpg)

Rachel has abandoned coming here to sperg a bit before midnight her time every day? Say it ain't so! Say she isn't skulking around some degenerate Discord with her degenerate Kiwis!

No. 1532342

I think the distribution of fat on the human body can have many factors. Biological gender, ethnicity, diet and exercise routines, and genetics.

At the end of the day, there is really very little that we actually know about her. We know what she likes, but not what she puts in her body and at what rate. We don’t know her exercise habits. She doesn’t post any post-workout pictures. She doesn’t really like posting pictures of herself period. We don’t know what her whole body looks like.

No. 1532351

File: 1652863097236.jpeg (559.85 KB, 1606x2048, 1650027730676.jpeg)

>We don’t know what her whole body looks like
She is wearing the same dress that you can see in picrel, the photo was taken april 11 of this year

No. 1532353

Thank you Anon, but what I meant was, we don’t really know what her body looks like because that dress is much too big for her.

She’s not really as big as I thought she’d be. This isn’t really someone who is deathfat.

No. 1532370

i mean you kind of have an idea considering how shes wearing the belt

No. 1532375

File: 1652869363286.png (688.47 KB, 892x530, D3190E40-D150-4431-8FC9-20D1C1…)

Picrel. Looks like it’s fastened loosely. It’s hanging off of her.

No. 1532380

File: 1652870347815.jpeg (44.06 KB, 750x304, 00D2B1FB-640D-45B6-A699-A13BB1…)

She’s sperging on Twitter instead and taking as much copium as she can because she is definitely here reading but not trying to WK herself.

No. 1532382

Can’t a person enjoy bathing?

No. 1532385

Yeah one can absolutely enjoy bathing; but considering how much she’s been clowned on here for being dirty, it’s likely that the comments here have gotten to her a bit because if you look at her Twitter, it’s reminscent of stuff she’s been made fun of for.

No. 1532386

File: 1652870996458.jpg (63.79 KB, 1060x318, 20220518_064847.jpg)

Sure but why tweet about it lol

No. 1532388

File: 1652871298371.jpeg (30.93 KB, 750x240, 422023B6-5C04-4A0B-9CE8-096F2B…)

Speaking of pasta… what the hell is this lol

Is she trying to say her hair is angel hair pasta?

No. 1532390

Why not? Didn’t Nick say she has a lot of soap and stuff? Would make sense to talk about her body products if she has so much.

This is just my personal opinion, but she doesn’t look dirty to me. No or very little acne, no scarring. They say she looks greasy, but skin on the face can look shiny if it’s clean. As for her hair, I think I’d have to touch it to be able to judge.

No. 1532391

seriously? are you that daft anon?

No. 1532394

Lol, unlike Rachel acting like she’s ESL, I actually grew up in an ESL environment. I have never heard that term before in reference to hair, only pasta.

No. 1532411


Then you didn’t pay that much attention, now did you? It’s not rocket science. Angel hair pasta is characterized by being formed into very fine, long thin strands. What we’re being told here is that her hair is fine and long, like that of an angel.

No. 1532414

File: 1652874765081.jpg (201.17 KB, 1080x1066, 20220518_075113.jpg)

I know its hard to understand Rachel, but people who genuinely enjoy taking baths don't just tweet out "I hate being dirty". Usually they talk about the products they like to use or just don't tweet about it at all. Talk to your friends (lol) about it not 38 strangers.

No. 1532417

Yeah, that was the point that was being made lol. Thin, long and brittle like pasta.

No. 1532422

Can unfortunately confirm that some people don’t mind being dirty… I’ve seen a man come home from a shift from a fish canning plant and just go to bed without showering.

No. 1532423

Why would she refer to it as brittle?

I don’t see any breakage or brittleness in her hair. Maybe needs a trim, but it doesn’t look dyed or overly treated. No idea where that came from.

No. 1532427

Ines is going wedding dress shopping today! It's going to be great. Sephiroth told her to buy whatever she wanted.

No. 1532430

just because the end isnt going through the buckle doesnt mean its loose its very obvious that it isnt considering how it sits on her body along with how the cloth around it folds and hangs

No. 1532432

oh i see its rachel taking on a new identity as an anon because who else here would talk about nick as if he was a real person while defending rachel

No. 1532438

>biological gender
Go away.

No. 1532439

Hey Rachel, in case you haven't noticed, a literal government sent a takedown notice to Kiwifarms. You know what happened? Nothing.

If you think that you can get any of these sites taken down, good luck. LCF is here to stay. KF is here to stay. OF is struggling because Kengle is a literal retard.

A government body couldn't do anything about something they didn't like. So keep telling us about how you're gonna get this site taken down.

No. 1532449

Many happy years to them!

No. 1532461


Onionfarms is dead in the water, Ken hosted all of his sites on the same server. I erased all of the backups.


Why the fuck didn't the poster just say sex?


Tell me most women don't know what physical labor or actual work is without saying it directly oh my.(newfag)

No. 1532538

>I erased all of the backups.

Lol who is this? Elaine larping as a hacker again? Naught who might actually have access to do this? Michael or the (other) tranny? Someone who's involved for sure.

So many side characters here I'm going to need a chart soon. One of the ways you can tell a true lolcow. She's already got orbiters, white Knights, and a-logs. Something tells me that the last 24 hours are just the eye of the hurricane and we'll be getting milk off Rachel for the long term going forward.

For one assuming her disavowal of Michael is real (I'm inclined to believe it) then he's probably looking for revenge. And he's so inept it's gonna be funny.

No. 1532555

Castaways, we are castaways,
Ahoy there, ahoy,
We are castaways

No. 1532568

If she dresses cute she really needs to shave her legs. I'm all for if women don't want to shave, whatever, more power to you. But when you dress cute, you completely ruin the cute image with hairy ass legs.
Cute is simplicity. Cute is visually going for the younger look, usually prepubescent.
If she wasn't trying to portray cuteness I wouldn't even mention it tbh.

No. 1532634

Hairy legs in stockings is an unpleasant experience for all parties involved.

No. 1532638

you look fucking huge rachel
i dont shave and wearing tights doesnt feel like anything just wear long socks if it bothers you so much sasquatch

No. 1532639

I'm looking for where I asked nonna
Rachel can't say the same about her national forest though

No. 1532640

Maybe she's trying to come up with her own personal genre of cute lol. Sasquatch cute.

No. 1532644

File: 1652895570496.jpg (51 KB, 700x700, cute-bigfoot-prints.jpg)

Okay but this is cute

No. 1532648

Even it's legs aren't hairy kek

No. 1532784


Ken gave me admin on another one of his sites, wasn't too hard. Mike was doxing rather younger folk so naturally it was something bad waiting to happen all things considered.

No. 1532800

>>dressing prepubescent


No. 1532804

File: 1652906874281.jpeg (159.96 KB, 750x667, 87CD5285-A3C7-44B4-8ED0-FE99C4…)

It’s just fitting around the part of the dress where the waist should be because there’s loops holding it in place.

No. 1532808

It’s a cartoon character. Christ’s sake.

No. 1532814

Nona, >>1532353 wasn’t me.

No. 1532830

youre either blind or retarded

No. 1532833

It makes her look frumpy af let’s agree on that

No. 1532844

It's like someone went to Target during Easter and turned one of their tablecloths into a dress…come to think of it, I've got a blue plaid tablecloth that looks suspiciously similar.

No. 1532871

>rachel doesnt come around
>nonnies get out the microsoft paint red markers
yall are so petty i love it

No. 1532898

Would not be surprised if she did the ita thing and just got one of those cheap dress patterns and cheap fabric and called it a day lol

No. 1532901


Yeah it's gross it's why I don't like it. Cutesy wearers dress in the style of what kids wear, poofy sleeves, petticoats, bloomers, peter pan collars, bows, pastel colors, chunky jewelry, lace, Mary Janes etc. I'm not saying those individually are child like, but how it's all put together is very much what you would dress your 5 yr old in.

No. 1532907

No shit, kinda the joke nonny.

No. 1532917

Now that she's shut her trap for a little bit we can go through everything with a fine tooth comb.

No. 1532933

File: 1652915803874.png (127.35 KB, 1152x576, kkkk.png)

lets take a moment and pay respects to f-list for banning one of her accounts in less than 24 hours.

No. 1532964

I don’t use f-list, but how do we know that isn’t your account you got banned?

No. 1532971


because the account is this one in the screenshot >>1531258

She Problematic. She also knew the password to her tumblr account that she locked??

No. 1532976

Kinda exploitative, sharing the password to her locked discord.

No. 1532977

File: 1652919129772.png (4.02 KB, 178x75, unknown.png)

samefag, but these are her tumblr accounts. that information was also posted by fair. that's why the person called her rachel.


No. 1532979


Huh? I never said Discord. I said Tumblr. You can password lock your tumblr to stop people from viewing it.

No. 1532988

File: 1652919514769.png (174.66 KB, 841x809, dsfsdfds.png)

It has her same shitty oc.

No. 1532991

File: 1652919693257.png (49.46 KB, 504x1144, fromherbog1.png)

rachel even listed her kinks

No. 1532994

i don’t think you’re in any position to say whether or not her character is shitty if you don’t rp nona

No. 1532996

My b, yes tumblr.

No. 1532999


Rachel is that you?

You don't need to ROLEPLAY to know shitty writing. Like what? You don't need to be a producer to know shitty writing when you see it.

No. 1533000

no. you don’t rp, so you can’t identify a shitty character. we don’t know what her rp looks like either.

No. 1533003


Did I hit a nerve? Why are you gettin' butthurt and making assumptions. I know more than you, so sit your fatass down.

No. 1533005

ok sure anon you believe whatever helps you sleep at night

No. 1533009


Why you getting butthurt over a shitty OC? If you are a "roleplayer" you wouldn't have made such a retarded statement. You don't need to be a fucking "roleplayer" to judge someone else's writing. How about you take a college course for creative writing and get back to me on that one chief. You make such wild assumptions in defense of it? Get off lolcow if you can't handle this shit, Rachel.

No. 1533015

File: 1652921090601.png (33.17 KB, 477x774, herbiooc.png)

No. 1533017

it’s so humorous about how everyone here assumes someone is her if they disagree with what someone else is saying.

No. 1533018

Well, it does say alternative bio. Could be a work in progress.

No. 1533023

File: 1652921282467.png (63.79 KB, 884x892, ani.png)

No. 1533038

because who else who defend this stupid ass cow with such asinine comments kek

if it's posted on the internet it's free game, sorry rachel

as an rper, her writing is shit and I would not write with her. better?

No. 1533044

Not everyone you think is her actually is her, Anon.

No. 1533049

no, not really considering I know you’re not.

who would defend her? someone who thinks this whole witch hunt is pointless and stupid.

No. 1533060

Rachel is shit at writing and anyone can see that

No. 1533061

no one is telling you to stay, anon, feel free to leave kek

>no, not really considering I know you’re not.

how in the world could you possibly know this? lmao sorry to inform you that that was not a lie

No. 1533067

If Rachel was so good she'd write in public.

No. 1533085

Does she even have any standing public works? Other than the weird/creepy “Sephiroth can only my comfort character” trope she’s been pulling to terrorize the FF7 fandom

No. 1533093

how would you know whether or not an anon is a role player or not and who are you to say if they are or not? seems sus and gatekeepy

only rachel and her “friends” defend herself like this clearly if you knew how this site operates you wouldnt be here saying nonsense

even if youre not rachel youre still just as retarded as she is for the shit youre saying right now

No. 1533100

Her college essays, which were painful to read. Other than that no. She has nothing to show besides her weird one line interactions shit and that character sheet.

No. 1533106

she probably wasn’t putting any effort into it. could have been a boring class or the worst instructor for it.

could have also been her first year.

>>1533093 because they alluded to not being one a few posts prior.

what’s wrong with having comfort characters?

perhaps if people stopped harassing and stalking her.

we haven’t even seen her write.

No. 1533108

how do you know it wasnt a different anon? either way other anons are right you dont have to be an rper to know when someone is a bad writer some people here could be english majors or writers of whatever variety for all you know

either way read the other part of my post and know where you are and dont try to make up bullshit arguments in favor of a cow unless you have something to back it up

No. 1533109

wrong we see you write here every day rachel and you suck

No. 1533110

nvm why am i wasting my time with you rachel nobody here has been retarded enough to unironically say comfort character itt other than you

No. 1533111

Semirel, but honest question.

What is the deal with shaming people for having “no friends”? That’s extrovert talk. Introverted and ambiverted people are a thing, and they’re no less valid than extroverted people.

Just because they don’t like to go out doesn’t mean they don’t have friends. Maybe they have friends online, or they’re picky about their friends. Maybe they’re fine with being alone most of the time. Introverted people also are no less likely to get married or find romantic partners than anyone else.

Is the stigma because of the assumption that someone will die alone and have nobody to mourn their death or bury them? Maybe there’s people who are content with living quiet lies and slipping into eternity, unnoticed by society. Wanting to leave a mark on history and be remembered afterwards is likely more often a trait of someone outgoing. Perhaps the fear of not being remembered is more of an egotistical trait that extroverted people have, and to hear that someone introverted wants that frightens them.

No. 1533115

girl bye.

comfort characters are a thing and if you don’t have one, good for you. but don’t try to shame those of us who are. i liked bowser as a kid playing mario kart and i still pick him for games.

No. 1533117

what the fuck are you talking about rachel

No. 1533120

I was the one posting >>1532964.

I’m asking an honest, serious question.

No. 1533121

Nobody asked. Having comfort characters is stupid, especially people who sperg about them online.

No. 1533122

i hate to break it to you but thats just liking a character, comfort characters arent real and if you daydream about your "comfort character" all the time to the point that it gets in the way of your life thats actually a mental disorder

No. 1533126

File: 1652928802684.jpg (39.72 KB, 429x720, img_1564061511958.jpg)

Your comfort character doesn't give a shit about you and isn't real, people who get wrapped up in that shit end up like Rachel.

No. 1533130

>wah friends is extrovert talk
tf is this? taking your weird sperg whining to OT rachel

>because they alluded to not being one a few posts prior.
that was my first post in this thread you responded to, weird how other people agree that your writing is weak
love, rp-anon

No. 1533132

Maybe she should stop doxing and harassing people who have begged her to stop, and stop having random freakouts at people. If she doesn't want to be treated like a cow she needs to stop acting like one.

She does all of this to herself.

As for her college essay deal, I've seen third graders put more thought and feeling into work they hated. Rachel just feels she's entitled to put forth no effort but be treated the same as someone trying their best.

No. 1533136

What I don’t understand is why Rachel says “stop stalking and harassing me.” Yet she goes to stalk and harass many people along with saying “Releasing people’s information is illegal.” And then does that to someone who’s asked repeatedly to be left alone when she’s not even around. Why do you contradict yourself Rachel?

No. 1533142

Judging from the way she argued about her points in her “essays”, she doesn’t understand hypocrisy because she’s a fucking dumbass who can’t wrap her head around the concept of it and chooses to hippo stomp and bellow like she got wounded whenever people point out the sheer absolute stupidity of how she acts

No. 1533144

That isn’t going to work. People aren’t going to stop even if she puts her best foot forward.

No. 1533147

why even bother calling her fat and trying to insult her for it if you’re not insecure? people are allowed to be fat. it’s not like she’s taking up extra space or depending on the government for help.

No. 1533149

Wasn’t my writing to begin with.

No. 1533152

but from what im seeing other people here think he is? y’all making tulpas?

not true but ok girl

lmao tell me you’ve never been a fan of a game/book/tv show without telling me you’ve never been a fan of a game/book/tv show.
it’s fine to have comfort characters. if you want to sperg on someone who likes sephiroth, there’s bigger cows out there.

No. 1533153

Oh people are allowed to be fat, provided their personalities are positive and kind. But it’s not based in insecurity if she keeps on trying to call everyone else a fatass and use the same tired insult “fatty patty” like a third grader. It’s just paying the favour in kind. It also is laughable how she keep trying to insist how she’s 140 when a recently heavily photoshopped selfie surfaced.

No. 1533155

Sperging on your comfort character is fine and all, but where does one draw the line about the sperging?

Do we draw it when they attack others and then go on a crusade to attack others because others won’t comply to their demands to allow them their so called “comfort” within the parameters they set? Or do we just allow them to wail about how no one will allow them to use their comfort character as needed while it tramples boundaries?

There are lines that need to be drawn when it comes to shit like that.

No. 1533156

Rachel you're the only one here assuming people are serious when we joke about Sephiroth and Ines. All of your posts are so painfully obvious even when you try to change your typing style. You should give it up Fatty Patty.

No. 1533157

ya gotta stop sperging to get less sperging.

people have “tried to help” her before but people didn’t get the memo about leaving her alone or not harassing her.

she can talk about and get excited about her comfort character all she wants. it’s not hurting anyone.

No. 1533158

girl bye. im a farmer with serious questions. im gonna play the devils advocate.

No. 1533160

Because she tried to get around people's blocks to force them to like her, and they reacted. No shit. Her feelings don't matter when she's the one instigating. She refuses to change, so nothing will change.

No. 1533161

people dont even harass you rachel, you say its always everyone elses fault because they start it, but from what ive seen youre always fucking stirring the pot and getting surprised when it blows up in your face, and no, people laughing at you is not "harassment"

No. 1533162

Weak. You can do better.

No. 1533164

the only people here who claim to know her irl are “nick” and “caleb” so we don’t really know how she is in real life. she only shows her “online persona”

she could be the nicest person in real life and we would never know.

it was you guys who started trying to insult her for being fat, and that only reflects on your insecurity, not hers.

you guys are retarded. you call her retarded but you can’t even recognize one of your own ranks.

see what i said above.

No. 1533167

Kek. >>1533152 was right. You guys are delusional.

No. 1533172

if you were a farmer i doubt youd be saying girl bye you sound a lot like rachel pretending to be someone else though lol!

No. 1533173

I can smell your pussy stank from here.

No. 1533174

Well considering how her online behaviour translated into real life, I would guess that no, she actually isn’t that nice of a person if she keeps claiming that with every time someone made fun of her or told about their horrible experience with her she has gone to the police to report them for it.

No. 1533175

Rachel isn't invited to the wedding for a reason.

No. 1533176

File: 1652933428469.jpg (43.25 KB, 1280x720, cswu.jpg)

I generally think that assuming everyone in the cow is dumb and one of the more cringe things people do on this site but if you're starting to criticize us for calling her fat I'm gonna say at a minimum you're not familiar with this sphere of the Internet so girl bye.

No. 1533180



The only people who get upset about people getting called fat are fat people who can't accept that they're fat. Nobody else cares. If you're so sensitive about it maybe you should touch some grass.

There's tons of fat people who don't care if people call them fat because they are fat. Rachel gets offended and tells everyone how skinny she is which is why I won't stop calling her fat.

No. 1533188

File: 1652934987215.jpeg (341.93 KB, 750x1252, 6038FB51-20A9-4853-A174-C2E8E4…)

Or formerly fat people who don’t like people trying to invalidate the work they’ve put into losing weight.

Iirc she told us she didn’t care but you kept trying at it. That reflects on you.

Aht, aht, aht. There it is! Some people here think he’s real.
She’s not invited to the wedding because he’s not real. Kek

Pic unrelated, but why the fuck does the site keep doing this? The host keeps shitting the bed.

No. 1533189

File: 1652935034931.png (855.6 KB, 603x1163, 6396AFD7-ABDA-4377-9C91-B9EB30…)

she’s never said that before?

that’s your kink isn’t it? you do realize most of the smell down there comes from bacteria that feeds on sweat or feces right? the human vagina is very efficient at cleaning itself and usually doesn’t stink unless something is wrong with it.

at least we can agree that assuming everyone is the cow is dumb.

at least she doesn’t look like this.

No. 1533205

File: 1652936324409.jpeg (51.99 KB, 184x275, 1647989690086.jpeg)

its not even about the specific phrases, you just give yourself away every time

No. 1533209

not this faggotry again.

that isn’t even a picture of her. stop over exaggerating you tard, it just looks bad in you.

No. 1533211

its only funny because it pisses you off so much

No. 1533213

lmao no i don’t give a fuck, it’s not my picture, you’re just not even sharing the right one.

photoshopped as fuck, retard.

No. 1533214

why would anyone but rachel be mad over this fat faceapp filter picture lmaooo youre trying so hard and still failing

No. 1533215

File: 1652937339667.png (7.96 KB, 614x104, rachel's ID.png)

rachel outing herself by speaking in 1st person, in case she deletes the post.
i found it hilarious when she recently said on twitter she hadn't checked lolcow since her 2nd thread, because it was an admission she knew several further threads were created, because she browses here everyday.

No. 1533217

not everyone you think is her, is her. pitiful.

No. 1533218

Or she only knew about two threads since it was the second thread, dumbass.

No. 1533225

You fell for the bait Rachel, you really are retarded.

No. 1533226

Yeah samefag as the anon saying that it is lame and gay to accuse everyone of being the cow and not to get out the red twine and thumbtacks but this sounds like nothing more than Rachel changing up the way she types certain things and trying on channish/site-specific lingo but it all sounds stilted and affected.
>writing about occasional 502s like it is something unusual and doesn't happen all the damn time here, sus
>'sephiroth's not real'
I mean come tf on

But who knows also it's possible to me that we could also be hearing from one or more of the polycule.

No. 1533230

The site has operated smoothly for me until today.

What the fuck? I just asked a question. There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

No. 1533235

File: 1652940657495.jpg (41.2 KB, 636x358, 21863758-0-image-a-1_157555660…)

>But who knows also it's possible to me that we could also be hearing from one or more of the polycule.
don't make me dream anon. it could be like the pink table. imagine the one in a billion chance the polycule is real and she has an entourage of neckbeards and dumpy fat girls doting on her.

No. 1533239

Or it could be that she’s surrounded by 10s.


No. 1533243

yes rachel, you and your polycule of vogue models

No. 1533244

no you're right, actually that would be even funnier
we really need a stamp on Rachel's posts like for kiki or mystery

No. 1533246

Rachel you still don't realize when someone's fucking with you, it's kinda sad. At least it makes it easy to spot you.
Isn't that the one where one of the dudes nearly killed the baby that wasn't his?

No. 1533249

It is. Rachel would absolutely shack up with a dude like that given her history of hating minors or allow her kid to get molested because as we all know, pedos are usually the someone the child knows.

No. 1533252

I feel like she'd be the type to get jealous of the attention her kid got because she's already that needy. So self centered.

No. 1533253

Or she could be a good mom, who knows

No. 1533254

look at the men she is currently dealing with online (which is what I meant by "polycule" before, kek, and yeah one of those is the dude that killed(?) the baby) … she seemingly was thrilled with the attention by michael and naught and so far only has made vague statements about "nazis bad", methinks the still fantasizes about getting picked by these guys, it was probably as much male attention has she's had since when?

No. 1533262

That’s honestly disgusting nona.

You can’t assume who she is attracted to, that’s gross.

Why the fuck do you assume she… Oh.

It’s the tranny again.

No. 1533263

File: 1652943462334.jpeg (139.65 KB, 750x691, 8FC7EBA7-109F-4D7C-875E-5012AD…)

Stop whiteknighting yourself. The fact you even retweeted bullshit like this makes me think you would not be a good mom.

No. 1533266

No. 1533283

rachel wking herself and playing devils advocate in her threads will always be fucking hilarious especially because of how obvious it is
the fact that she stopped tweeting about stuff she sees here right when she decided to wk and play devils advocate for herself pretending to be usual lc poster is hilarious