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File: 1650609143358.jpeg (250.23 KB, 1325x751, 24BA8670-EF7E-4DDB-8559-C7B2DD…)

No. 1508548

Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin is a 28 year old woman obsessed with Sephiroth and online role playing, known for being overtly racist, serially lying, and having questionable interactions with children. Rachel made herself into a fully fledged cow after she barged into the lc discord demanding her thread, which had been abandoned for a year, be taken down. In the process, Rachel incriminated herself further by doubling down on her actions, saying children set adults up for molestation accusations, that it’s okay to be racist if someone is mean to you first, and threatening to send a cease and desist letter. She was such a massive sperg that farmers started to think it was a troll– that is, until she doxed herself (not for the first time) by sending a picture of her ID to a random user in an attempt to get the thread removed.

Since then, she has managed to fill her almost empty thread in under a week by spending all day every day defending herself here, posing as a myriad of other characters, including members of her harem of sexy boyfriends, “friends” (of which she has none), and other farmers, succeeding in none of her attempts. This is because she is very stupid, repeating the same lines many dozens of times, and making many winning arguments such as “Rachel isn’t here, guise!” x200.

A brief run down of her milky antics from last thread

>posts in her own thread trying to be someone else>>1507738

>talks about her imaginative sex life >>1507602
>posted someone’s new born baby image and said she would sell it on the black market
>constantly calling people fatty patty, boomer, nignog and terfs
>Inesposting to deflect when someone proves her wrong
>insists only one person is in the thread, Ines.

Thread #1: >>>/snow/1095830
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1485119
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1497013

List of her twitter usernames:
MadamMidgar (suspended)
sera37793803 (suspended)
natsume92272871 (suspended)
lovelyswan8 (suspended)
thatbitchshinra (suspended)

No. 1508552

Much better, thank you anon!

No. 1508553

im still working on mine if anyone wants a thread with an actual summary like ffs people told you to just copy and paste the last one and you couldnt even do that?

No. 1508554

She did copy paste the summary, although I agree the highlights are lackluster. I feel like we’re gonna piss off the farmhands if we post another thread. I think this one is okay enough, but can you post your highlights here? they looked really good and I’d love to get caught up!

No. 1508557

File: 1650610132803.jpg (314.54 KB, 1138x1522, Screenshot_20220419-083839_Chr…)

Here's an example of some of the things she was saying when posting the pictures. The baby has been censored out of respect for the mother.

No. 1508558

i meant copy and paste #3s summary but yeah youre probably right, here are my highlights, pretty short because the majority of last thread was just her sperging uncontrollably. hope the posts link correctly.
highlights of thread #3 include but are not limited to
>has been talking to elaine as evidenced by all her ines schizo posting, but most notably this ED forum post she linked itt to prove that lolcow is a cp hosting site >>1500972
>spamming pics of a baby who belongs to a lady she has beef with on twitter, accusing the mother of abusing it by pinching it to shut it up, errily similar to what rachel said she would do to her own hypothetical child >>1096822 then saying that she listed it on the deep web for sale, as well as writing disturbing fan fiction about ines raping it to "trigger" us as she loves to do. posts are now all deleted for obvious reasons, but are archived on her KF thread https://kiwifarms.net/threads/rachel-aliza-leeds-minkin-alruna-serarosier1-tayuubarbie-lucyfern13-miranda-sforza.116204/page-4 screenshots are the first post on this page
>accused someone of being homophobic for calling a bisexual person not true a pedophile >>1508332
>claims shes a size 10 and has lost sooo much weight but still looks like this >>1502130 all while calling all the anons itt fatty patty incessantly

No. 1508559

Thanks anon, wow she’s really becoming more and more unhinged. I’d she posting all that weird baby rape fanfiction to try to prove this is a child abuse site? So weird

No. 1508562

File: 1650610657931.jpg (156.81 KB, 1240x1416, Screenshot_20220420-143001_Chr…)

From the last thread as well- Rachel trying to brag about how much she has in the bank. This is where she's took an image off Google. She's American and the money was in british pounds £££

No. 1508564

The only time you can use £€£

> pretty short because the majority of last thread was just her sperging
Probably why OP didn’t put much on the summery. It was mostly Rachel calling people fatty patty and having a meltdown.

No. 1508565

no problem, since ive already done that much i think im just gonna keep it open and keep adding to it so we can get the fifth thread going immediately when its time without it being a rushed thread.
i really do think that her posting all that stuff about the baby really was just to trigger us, shes obsessed with the concept of us being triggered and maybe realized that acting like shes rich, beautiful, skinny, and unbothered wasnt working so she tried to go the pedophile route because anyone but her would obviously be disgusted by it? i dont know but its clear that shes even more fucked in the head than a lot of us initially thought. like i said last thread, i really wouldnt be surprised if she pulled an elaine and posted cp to try and prove her point, she already said she has archives of it, so shes apparently been saving cp from the raids, which i think says more than enough about her character.

No. 1508567

She's telling people they're calling her a pedophile because she's bisexual and poly, trying to get the LGBT community to support her lol

No. 1508569

File: 1650611261289.jpeg (867.52 KB, 1284x2248, 1649530458142 (1).jpeg)

And just one more thing that I can think of that was missed in the summery, Rachel doxing some poor man's number because he stopped putting up with her unstable bullshit

No. 1508574

samefag, heres the post of her admitting she was downloading cp from the raids >>1496620

No. 1508609

what if she actually is skinny, rich, unbothered, Anon? did that never occur to you?

No. 1508632

We can see you are none of those things

No. 1508643


Hambertha, not only are you a predator and a sociopath with no remorse, you are dumpy, frumpy, creepy, and unintelligent.

thanks for the new thread, OP!

No. 1508667

1. We can all see that you're obese.
2. If you were rich you could afford a hobby that doesn't involve harassing people.
3. You're here bitch, you're bothered.

No. 1508689

You’re not rich. If you where you would have all the Sephiroth figures for your shrine that you most likely have in your closet like Helga in Hey Arnold. But all you have is some fan art pillow case, some cheap plushies, a ring you wear in your wedding finger like a freak, and shit you printed off the internet on cheap printer paper.

You ain’t rich. Rich people can afford a therapist and personal trainer. You can only afford a Big Mac.

No. 1508698

Like you’d fucking know jack shit about how rich she is, Fatty Patty.(fatty patty)

No. 1508701

it’s called not buying shit you don’t need, faggot. not something you’d know bc you’re constantly wasting money on pink keyboards for your mediocre streams

No. 1508705

You're so fucking weird, Rachel. You keep thinking you know who people are and the only person you've been right about has been Dumb Bitch Smoothie and thats only because they weren't trying to hide who they are. Use all that money you supposedly have and seriously go get extensive mental help, you need it.

No. 1508720

File: 1650638199559.png (50.31 KB, 1201x203, Weirdo.png)

And as always, Rachel makes it obvious that TayuuBarbie is, in fact, her twitter account. Strange how the twitter and her totally real and definitely not her WKs always seem to be active and inactive around the same times.

No. 1508736

File: 1650639318323.jpeg (3.13 MB, 4032x3024, F39D5737-BE43-4A6C-9DC6-2D2558…)

> implies buying a pink keyboard is useless
>had bought a mediocre resin covered table for 250 dollars.

I don’t have a pink keyboard because I don’t like the color. But it would be more useful then that table of yours. I can at least roleplay if I wanted to with it. And write a book, do my job, reply to emails, talk with my therapist on zoom and buy the sephiroth figures with it if I wanted to. What does your table do? Hold your horse dicks and become a doom dump place for your cheap WISH crap?

No. 1508782

What grind? The cheeseburger grind?

No. 1508839

File: 1650651357730.jpg (81.47 KB, 1051x455, 20220422_141415.jpg)

her totally real 100k/year job

No. 1508865

I love how she's telling people they'll never roleplay on Twitter again. Really channeling her inner Karen huh

No. 1508881

File: 1650654775101.jpeg (712.07 KB, 1170x1756, D97E8E34-F10C-41F8-B88A-079449…)

And she’s threatening to harm people again.

No. 1508897

She really can't stop harassing people who roleplay Sephiroth but tries to say she isn't obsessed.

No. 1509063

File: 1650670813526.jpeg (261.3 KB, 828x1646, 92504D4D-00CD-47A2-B0D6-0BAF00…)

I don’t think she’s good at math. There is no way she got a significant raise in the last two years to make that kind of money from what she mentioned here.

No. 1509092

Imagine making that much in the Bay Area of California, that's below living wages lol

No. 1509115

That’s why she lives with her parents.

No. 1509139

I'm surprised her bitch ass hasn't made any more complaining tweets. Wonder if she's made a new account.

No. 1509207

Her ass probably got suspended on both accounts for a couple days

No. 1509218

Good. Hambeast needs a timeout.

No. 1509220

Usually it’s only a day. But she could also just be too ass mad that she’s losing over and over again.

No. 1509223

File: 1650689233823.jpg (41.63 KB, 600x796, weird-mascots-1.jpg)

I'd like to think she paid the neighborhood crackhead to take her virginity so she could come back on here and flex about it after her suspensions are up.



No. 1509232

that would imply she has any money lmfao

No. 1509285

can someone confirm if sourpuss on onionfarms is rachel? im not too sure but theyre defending her pretty hard and they recently joined the site but i would be wrong

No. 1509286

samefag but who the fuck tried to make a shitty thread on onionfarms? you mixed up her adopted parents as her bio parents
diane leeds and steven minkin adopted her nobodys found her bio mom yet and if they have they didnt post it

No. 1509292

I’m pretty sure that she’s not adopted. She just uses that as an excuse for you to feel sorry for her. She looks very close to her parents in appearance.

No. 1509293


wow is that thread a fuckin' shit stain. Information is missing or messed up. Stupid fuckin' thread. sourpuss is probably a different fag.

too much fuckin' mention about roleplay on that onionfarm, not to mention not enough to backup.

don't think they are defending rachel's fatass much because the thread is fuckin' poor.(fuckin' learn how to sage)

No. 1509304

I don’t know. They seem to be using a lot of the same speech patterns as Rachel. Especially the part about her brother buying weed and smoking it then saying what a “madlad”. Rachel said that in thread 2 I think. Also the descriptive response about her bio mother and how she was adopted was a little too personal. She never went that much in depth about her “adoption” other then her mother was a drug addict and wanted a better life for her baby. But sourpuss went into weird specifics that where never stated before any where. It also was written in a very “ feel sorry for her,” with arms of an Angel playing in the background style. Something Rachel does to try and get sympathy.

No. 1509315


samefag, okay, you might be right now that I take a closer look at it. it isn't like rachel never made a kiwifarms account.

No. 1509322

of all the things rachel would lie about i dont think this would be it
yeah she could use it for sympathy she absolutely lies for sympathy but the way she prides herself on not being a (drug) addict (imo shes addicted to hoarding) like her mom and her siblings just makes it way too hard not to think its real especially since she mentions specific things about these individuals shes not very creative or thoughtful thats why when she takes on different personalities and pretends to be other people its incredibly noticeable
the only time shes ever put thought into a characters’ background is her mary sue i highly doubt that she would think to make up the fact that her mom is specifically from massachusetts or that her brother smoked weed
i know it sounds stupid but im thinking in terms of how rachel goes about lying (which is stupid)

No. 1509323

File: 1650707860102.jpeg (604.78 KB, 1284x1175, 197CD9CA-75E7-439D-93D1-DA6E20…)

back on twitter

No. 1509325

File: 1650708080912.jpeg (388.35 KB, 1284x653, FB5F69AA-9DF1-4EAA-947E-B2C061…)

bitch only you can help yourself
if you want someone to help you then go to a paid professional like a psychiatrist not randoms from twitter ffs

No. 1509326

File: 1650708204072.jpeg (595.71 KB, 1284x1317, 210C6580-71B4-412E-A417-7618F8…)

she replied to them twice
shes going to go on a sperg rampage i can feel it

No. 1509328

File: 1650710107902.png (355.37 KB, 828x1792, 3E6032BD-69F4-4EF0-87E3-D5915A…)

The funny part about this is that many people have tried to help her through it. She refuses to listen. She doesn’t want help. She wants to be treated like some kind of queen where people are there for her needs and jump when she wants them to. She doesn’t want to earn anything. Just receive things without giving something back. She doesn’t want help. I have the whole conversation from the picrel saved but it will take some time to condense it down to one image. It’s from the same person that she spammed for a month. They tried to help her and see reason but all she did was say that she didn’t need to change then complain about making people like her and that info Twitter needed to go before she would try and change herself.

No. 1509365

Psychotic cow

No. 1509377

I don't think we mind if it's multiple images, as long as it's a couple of ss per image

I love how this is the same person who screeches about how she loves others SOOO much, but is also the same person who says shit like this and >>1509326 this

she can't NOT respond, she lacks any emotional regulation. she HAS to retaliate, but also needs to "flex" to prove them wrong. you realize that's what 13 year olds do, Bertha? 13 year olds who aren't fully emotionally developed yet?

how old are you again?

No. 1509390

>I'm a pyromaniac and your veins are full of gas
This is a lyric from a Western vocaloid song that she unironically tried to pass off as her own spontaneous thought

No. 1509414

Someone link this?

No. 1509417

Does anyone even use onionfarms now? I thought everyone hopped over to lolcow org.

Very on brand for Rachel to have made a thread on a dead site, though, so that makes me think its her.

No. 1509421

Samefag, just looked at the thread on onionfarms. Pretty sure thats rachel lmao.

No. 1509424

Pretty sure >>1509304 confirmed it as they made some valid points.

No. 1509434

Looks like the same type of cat images she uses so 9/10 it’s probably Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin WKing herself with the fake sob story since she is too chicken shit to even post on Kiwifarms

No. 1509440

File: 1650726177823.jpg (628.13 KB, 969x2436, Screenshot_20220423-110229_Twi…)

meltdown imminent?

No. 1509446

this is so fucking funny

No. 1509454

… She knows that most of the world knew the Nazi's were wrong and fought against them, right? kek

No. 1509457

You would think. But she’s uneducated obviously. Any one that read a history book and heard testimonies of those living in that time didn’t like it and only participated because their life was on the line. I don’t think anyones life is on the line when they block her. She’s delusional.

No. 1509470

lmao, Nazis? 'imageboard user' on OF is (banned and halaled) ex-Kiwi Angry Canadian who is an actual Nazi (and much worse besides, likes to victimize women) and this is who is helping Rachel (along with Elaine?) with gayops due to an unrelate personal vendetta.

No. 1509474

Lmao oh he got doxed and likes to act like he's rich.

Good job Rachel, picking real winners to associate with.

No. 1509482

File: 1650730947495.jpg (1.98 MB, 4096x2304, InCollage_20220423_172212051.j…)

Interesting? Rachel's Twitter and then the mysterious OF account.

No. 1509485

File: 1650731461373.jpg (197.19 KB, 1440x932, Screenshot_20220423-173014_Twi…)

Its several adults now

No. 1509487

>several consenting adults
oml she couldn't make that sound more dodgy if she tried kek

not that they're real because we know they're not, but that doesn't mean they weren't groomed while they were minors, rachel

No. 1509488

Those several consenting adults are definitely all pedo groomers to even be in her vicinity

No. 1509492

File: 1650732160526.jpeg (550.47 KB, 1170x1629, 229A4CBD-360F-42BD-B97E-642063…)

Looks like she made another discord

No. 1509493

Lol yes, this >>1508569 sounds so consenting.

Anyone who dislikes her is Ines but also mob mentality. Got it. She needs to at least try to get her arguments straight, since she can’t even remotely get her facts straight.

No. 1509517

File: 1650734246438.jpg (1.49 MB, 1080x8033, Screenshot_20220423_190416_com…)

Someone's not having a good day, kek

No. 1509520

File: 1650734364605.jpeg (776.33 KB, 1284x1234, AB8B70F5-C670-4F70-AF54-3F91BA…)

we all know she has such a bad habit of reusing things and she used that same image on the sourpuss account on onionfarms since thats the newest thing on her camera roll now

No. 1509533

File: 1650734825558.jpeg (522.05 KB, 1284x992, 588829DF-3468-4046-9EAB-DEB505…)

the way she exaggerates to make herself look like a victim is so annoying maam you are almost 30

No. 1509535

She's lucky anyones willing to talk to her in the first place. If she had nothing to hide she wouldn't be so worried about screenshots being shared or talking in public. She's not helping herself at all here and is delusional thinking she holds any power to make demands.

No. 1509539

File: 1650735279082.jpeg (268.83 KB, 1284x2058, 15CA0323-912E-48C8-97CC-0B500A…)

another server she joined with her new account
heres the ID in case anyone wants to preemptively ban with a bot 967023695589675039

No. 1509545

Imagine thinking that people who date can't be pedophiles kek

No. 1509559

shes such a vindictive person and then wonders why no one likes her and everyone finds her weird and offputting
>everyone who doesnt like me are literally the same as the nazis and no one will bust in me this is basically genocide
thats rachels airtight logic for you
every time im like hm rachel is very quiet today it without fail means shes about to explode, its pretty funny, or mybe its just that shes too busy freaking out on twitter to freak out here

No. 1509569

File: 1650738148975.jpeg (878.08 KB, 1284x1924, 51896058-D5D2-4DDB-9B6F-4555F2…)

i can only imagine how she was in school lmfao

No. 1509570

File: 1650738282829.jpeg (845.41 KB, 1284x1502, 0F61C8A5-D728-4DB9-BA5B-C7E6CA…)

publicly being homophobic i wonder when shes gonna start whipping out the racism
i am begging that someone calls her a cracker or something thats how she usually snaps into her racist bullshit

No. 1509576

I LOVE the fact she just can't stop responding and making herself look like the giant buffoon she is

No. 1509589

this is exactly why she has started asking people to dm her instead of arguing publicly

No. 1509615

My thought is she's using onionfarms because she wants to find a place where people believe her but that isn't going to last long. She'll burn those bridges eventually.

She acts like she can just force everyone to accept her. I'm sorry but society is forced to find you a job, we were forced to have tards like her integrated into our schools and sports. The tards weren't taught to integrate, we had to get used to them.

She thinks that because everyone else was forced to deal with her before, the roleplay community is no different. Nobody wants to roleplay with her because she's controlling and rude.

She always says she's in a poly relationship but she's the most jealous motherfucker I know. Anyone doomed to be in a relationship with her would be skinned alive if they so much as looked at another woman, but she's allowed to ogle at anyone she wants to. Totally fair rules in her totally real relationship.

It isn't because she's fat or ugly that she doesn't have someone, it's because she's got unrealistic expectations and eventually drives everyone off with her jealousy, manipulation and controlling behavior.

No. 1509681

File: 1650746689017.jpeg (739.27 KB, 1284x1474, 95B0EBEA-0413-44C0-B71F-7F532C…)


No. 1509684

File: 1650746783914.jpeg (381.95 KB, 1284x1208, 22D44BEE-0832-4E6D-B6A7-2A20E6…)

omfg shes so pathetic

No. 1509692

File: 1650747564238.jpg (210.74 KB, 1080x691, yikes.jpg)

Pretending like she wouldn't kill a newborn out of jealousy lol

No. 1509704

>Pretending like she wouldn't kill a newborn out of jealousy lol
This made me audibly laugh kek I can see it 100%

No. 1509727

File: 1650749355586.png (30.08 KB, 548x298, Untitled-1.png)

No. 1509731

File: 1650749678987.jpg (335.4 KB, 1080x1365, huh.jpg)

Our gorl Fatty Patty is obsessed with numbers and ratios like a good little autist. Too bad she's got nothing.

I could take a million more screenshots of her thinking that getting likes on random shit she does is proof that she's loved and popular, the delusions are incredible.

No. 1509775

honestly, can you blame her? no one wants to be around her. we’re her main source of attention. she must be so miserable. KEK

No. 1509778

File: 1650753024000.jpg (41.18 KB, 1068x224, 20220423_182926.jpg)

On the contrary anon, she's out on a date with her totally real boyfriend. Must be a boring date if she's been spending all this time trying to defend herself on twitter.

No. 1509779

Not Ines exposing herself after anons said she wasn’t real LMAOOOOO

No. 1509780

oMg ShE’s sO pAtHeTiC

No. 1509781

Another Anon admitting they never graduated high school.

No. 1509786

Do you just completely lack any sort of reading comprehension?

No. 1509790

File: 1650754131341.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1284x2388, 2E1E7EB1-04AE-48D1-8953-0E1C2E…)

please please im begging anybody to call her a cracker so she can just lose it it would be the funniest shit

No. 1509791

We know you are, Fatty Patty.

No. 1509794

replying to lolcow while you’re on a date with your boyfriend. classic Bertha

No. 1509795

They didn’t try to help her, just spewed some shit she’d heard and tried before.

No. 1509797

Nope, it’s Nick again. So how you enjoying that baby pic, Fatty Patty? You wanna rub your FGM’d clit to it some more?

No. 1509807

File: 1650755540468.jpg (226.22 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220423-034150_Twi…)

No. 1509808

Do you think Sephiroth would find this behaviour attractive? If you love and obsess over him so much you should try to live up to his standards.

No. 1509809

File: 1650755697726.gif (319.55 KB, 220x220, 9BF9CA63-AFCA-4E58-9A8B-D2A910…)

>FGM’d clit
uhhhh. sick burn?

god, what the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 1509824

tell us about yourself nick how do you know bertha

No. 1509830

File: 1650757016973.jpeg (129.93 KB, 1284x331, 5C607C7C-F613-44CE-BB8B-582821…)

obviously youre not on a date but if you were why would you be on your phone??? during a “date” with your “boyfriend”? something tells me shes never been on a real date

No. 1509840


Let's say this Nick does exist, what he did was obviously very noncey. If I remember correctly, Nick is meant to be here friend. How can she stay friends with someone that can describe a baby like that? She's just as bad.

But, we all know it was actually you Rachel, you're in the wrong eitherway. You're disgusting and you know it so deeply, that you feel it within your untouched, rotting ovaries.

No. 1509844


Rachel gave up that information real fuckin' quick. lol bro, I can't feel bad for someone who gives out information like fuckin' pieces of candy. cry some more piggy.

No. 1509849

Just like being fucked on the top of the stairs kek

No. 1509853

File: 1650758502660.jpeg (199.66 KB, 828x1289, 5907DD74-C679-4C19-BCC0-36EF15…)

Totally not stalking people who want nothing to do with her. Like she knows that sephiroth dislikes her. Why does she message him? To spam his inbox for another month?

No. 1509865

The date is her by herself coming on here and then masturbating to her "ratio" or whatever

No. 1509873

Oh dear. Looks like someone’s booty bothered.

No. 1509878

File: 1650760212273.jpg (71.97 KB, 1080x242, Tantrum.jpg)

All of this because she can't get Sephiroth cyber sex.

No. 1509884


No. 1509925

Funny you only exist to WK her on lolcow but not on twitter or KF.

No. 1509928

His full name is Nick Gerr. Wink wonk.

No. 1509934

I thought it was Nick Guh to sound ethnically different.

No. 1509935

waiting for her to make "him" a twitter acct now kek

No. 1509948

You wouldn’t know psychosis if it slapped you in the face.

No. 1509964

File: 1650766302458.jpg (72 KB, 1079x387, 20220423_221010.jpg)

Stewed on this for 9 days kek

No. 1509967

The amount of copium this bitch uses…

No. 1509992

Glad this bitch isn't delusional enough to post her nudes/lingerie pics tbh.

No. 1509997

She's going nuts in my Twitter DMs, will post screens in a sec

No. 1509998

Bertha seems to be very touchy about psychosis. We know she was locked up in the loony bin and forced to go to tard school. Maybe she had a schizo phase or was "mis"diagnosed?

No. 1510006

File: 1650770252513.jpg (306.5 KB, 798x1392, trueandhonest.jpg)

It brings me so much joy that she's so triggered by the whole Ines and Sephiroth thing. Of course we know he isn't fucking real, you ignorant sea cow. That's the whole reason why it started because you were so fucking convinced Ines was posting here and Ines is your true enemy.

Nobody for a second thought Sephiroth was real. Nobody else but you is screeching about not getting e-dick from an ugly motherfucker like Sephiroth.

He is just as real as your harem, Bertha. If you had a real harem you wouldn't be crying in people's DMs about wanting to be able to roleplay and play house. You'd have better things to do.

But god, it brings me so much joy to see you take the bait and chimp out. You have truly warmed my heart with your stupidity.

I don't care how you cope with us jokingly talking about Ines and Sephiroth, you fell for it and ate it up like you eat at buffets.

No. 1510015

File: 1650770926151.jpg (471.63 KB, 1080x1433, angryposting.jpg)

This is the post she's crying about

No. 1510022

The more I read about her, the more she's gonna end up like CWC. No one will be surprised tbh

No. 1510024

I mean all anyone needs to do is pretend to be Sephiroth to get her attention. She sets the bar very low.

No. 1510028

Noooo it'd be so funny I WISH she was that delusional

No. 1510034

Maybe for you but I'd have to gouge my eyeballs out if I saw her nude. All that body hair on that ghost white tub of lard..

No. 1510042

File: 1650773196263.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1284x2118, 47960593-EA34-4E3D-8A56-E0E244…)

i swear its like she wants people to hate her
shes posting art from artists who blocked her

No. 1510045

File: 1650773487512.jpeg (336.01 KB, 1284x627, 0BA7422D-81FC-4C34-92C7-E8C8BA…)

being autistic doesnt exempt you from being criticized or humiliated you should know what by now

No. 1510046

Mmm that's a quick way to a DMCA tho. She can get her account banned lmfao

There goes all of her precious likes and RTs on the stupid cat memes

No. 1510048

File: 1650773556796.jpeg (845.28 KB, 1284x1925, 3921D5F2-A8E9-42C7-B719-7D3618…)

groomers gonna groom!

No. 1510050

File: 1650773641893.jpeg (685.26 KB, 1284x1009, D8C8BF1C-0FA8-4A26-9476-3EAF68…)

looks like shes making it a habit

No. 1510051

Smoothie keeps baiting her by doing nothing holy shit lol

No. 1510052

Lmao, completely ignoring the fact that she has links to CP. I'm surprised the FBI hasn't been looking into her doing that because any mention of it gets automatically flagged, no?

No. 1510055

She's pretending like she didn't post about having cp and continues to engage with minors regardless like the sick freak she is.

No. 1510056

yas queen keep stealing art, that'll show everyone

No. 1510059

Maybe no one made the report yet?

No. 1510060

File: 1650774021878.jpeg (118.62 KB, 1284x262, 48680E2E-915C-479B-BFB1-115924…)


No. 1510061

Been tweets about contacting the FBI apparently?

No. 1510064

File: 1650774279146.jpeg (983.71 KB, 1284x2177, 7A7827D2-5488-444D-B049-3E769F…)

No. 1510065

help her with what, anyway? she keeps saying that

No. 1510067

Wow that is super creepy wtf lmao

No. 1510068

File: 1650774525778.jpeg (813.27 KB, 1284x1958, 79457D99-CEB2-4C86-8905-59B2BC…)

shes like a child having a tantrum in a grocery store

she wants help to “change” but people already tried that with her
someone literally tried to be her guide in behaving correctly and she still went off the rails because people didnt unblock her like she wanted
she doesnt want help to change she just want help to get what she wants

No. 1510075

Her whole deal is forcing people to put up with her because she learned that expectation as a child. Because she's "special" or whatever people have to put up with her constant bullshit. This is why inclusivity doesn't always work because people like her come to expect it and act like spoiled children when they don't get it.

She thinks she can force her way in and people will like her, what she doesn't realize is she's already gotten chances. She thinks that she can outlast people's judgment by coming back after being banned and being a petulant little pissant until she gets what she wants.

She thinks that even if she gets what she wants that she'll be fulfilled but the truth is there. She's greedy and demanding and nobody wants to put up with it.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. She likes to control her roleplay partners too and will gaslight them for talking to other people who roleplay as female characters. Since she's got an iron grip on reality guys, right? She totally doesn't believe any of this is real, certainly.

That's why I could never buy her relationship shtick even if she showed us pictures of her with guys. She's way too manipulative and controlling for it to be sustainable.

No. 1510076

Holy shit she's so stupid. Keep stealing other peoples art while there are groups of people watching you, Rachel. That doesnt sound like a quick way to get yet another ban.

Also you're almost 30 fucking years old. Change yourself. Or get a professionals help. You are not entitled to anyone else's time or attention and you trying to force other people into doing what you want is not how a sane, mentally stable adult acts. Grow up.

No. 1510077

If that's the the case, then her parents massively failed her in teaching her boundaries and it's no wonder no one wants to have any kind of relationships with her

I bet her family is tired of enabling her but probably has some kind of guilt around it by now

No. 1510080

I watched that video she had on her page of her petting her cat. First of all who the fuck pets their cat like that? Some schizo shit.
Her arms look bloated tbh, no wrist definition either. And her voice sounds just as autistic as I thought it would yikes

No. 1510082

What’s sad is her voice matches her videos on YouTube and then claims. IM NOT HER.

Along with that same nasty ass donut blanket she got caught using back when she was claiming she was a trans woman

No. 1510089

rachel is disgusting but having body hair, which 99% of women naturally grow, is not the reason
What are you replying to? jfc, this thread attracts newfags like flies

No. 1510092

Her body with her body hair is nasty. Look at her legs again. Now imagine the state of her bush. I'm gonna hurl.

No. 1510093

File: 1650776945670.jpeg (834.73 KB, 1284x1181, F9CDB8EB-1BD6-4961-B939-CBCF06…)

she can no longer claim its not her

No. 1510094


1510075 was the comment I was attempting to reply to.

No. 1510095

File: 1650777010535.jpeg (318.85 KB, 1284x678, DD05F55E-BF45-4998-B4C4-77831C…)

zack i love you

No. 1510106

File: 1650779529954.jpg (100.59 KB, 1125x1125, inesandseohirothlove.jpg)

We have this of Ines and Sephiroth, which is more proof than Rachel has provided in regards to her "multiple boyfriends and girlfriend."

(Yoinked from KF, originally made by user Ghoulie)

No. 1510110

File: 1650779705454.jpeg (357.54 KB, 1284x962, 4B10B758-30EF-49F7-A93A-6708F3…)

girl its the weekend not everybody wants to spend their time on twitter like you

No. 1510112

File: 1650780234894.jpeg (745.29 KB, 1284x2628, 7A8FD02F-CAAA-4785-B06C-4BA7F7…)

shes back in val on this account
nobody tell dan i wanna see how this shit transpires

No. 1510113

Dan, your little tard got out of her cage

No. 1510114


Please sage your posts unless your post includes info on Rachel. Type in 'sage' in the email field to do this(do as I say, not as I do)

No. 1510115

File: 1650780358463.jpeg (739.55 KB, 1284x2091, 63518E2C-4DA4-4B84-949D-3E51D0…)

this shit is too hilarious

No. 1510116


I like how bertha thinks anyone cares . lol, like how you gonna come out and say its your after denying that its you. bro. dumb ass bitch, she got a motherfucking bike for a brain.

No. 1510117

why is she talking about her cat sniffing her leg in the nsfw channel lol

No. 1510119

File: 1650780866986.jpeg (1009.71 KB, 1284x2349, 838A5264-4518-45BD-88F9-E6B8B0…)

i guess she got someone to bother dan about her sometime ago
a snippet im not gonna bother posting everything

No. 1510128

Her obsession with Valhalla is bizarre

No. 1510132

Idgi either but just basic Google searching for roleplay discords it’s one of the top ones to come up. So that could be why’s

No. 1510134

and she thinks we’re delusional because we make jokes about sephiroth and ines..
how the fuck do you expect people to like you when you never even take anyones advice? wake up rachel
she thinks its okay be misogynistic because “we did it first” as she does with racism
bertha assault saga when?
if you want help so badly see a therapist and psychiatrist you can’t expect people to do the work of a professional for free

No. 1510136

i really dont think she knows (or even cares) that you cant expect a single person to fix you not even your partner/spouse
it takes such a huge toll on a single person who isnt a professional especially over the internet
she doesnt see that people put their reputations on the line if they decide to be responsible for her (or maybe she does and she just acts out to sabotage them idk) but thats why nobody wants to stick their neck out for her anymore even though some people think she can change for the better

in my honest opinion if she had gotten therapy before the need for fairsinfocenter i dont think she would the exiled freak she is now
but i guess its too late for that and i think she knows
still if she wants anybody to accept her in any community she should go get therapy and improve because this behavior is completely unacceptable on all platforms

No. 1510137

If anyone wants the whole convo with her from >>1509328 picrel. It’s all on the persons Twitter in a whole thread.


It’s too many images to condense. And would still be a massive multi post if it was condensed down.

No. 1510138

File: 1650784057230.jpeg (527.46 KB, 1284x1036, FD21E49F-09E9-4CC4-9FBE-8BE4C5…)

is she trying to say this person is a threat????

No. 1510141

File: 1650784564549.jpeg (774.6 KB, 1284x1589, 0CBC8496-7753-4A9F-A961-F195A3…)

really not doing herself any favors
you catch more bees with honey or whatever

No. 1510143

File: 1650784769368.jpeg (949.59 KB, 1284x1878, 1D4B1EC1-95F6-4551-AAB7-80D675…)

why is she acting like we werent looking at her twitter already

No. 1510144

File: 1650784856424.jpeg (829.53 KB, 1284x1704, 58C667F3-6FD2-48DE-A350-AC207D…)

wtf is she on lmao

No. 1510146

She threatens people and then tries to play innocent…like excuse me? Huh?

No. 1510147

She's like a black hole. You can fucking spell it out for her, how she's pissing people off— why they block her and will never ever unblock her. And how even unblocking them won't make them her friends. It's just fascinating for me.. The emotional work she forces people to do for her, while just gobbling it all up. What a fascinatingly stupid cow.

No. 1510151

I'm going to bed. I bet when I wake up she'll be onto some new insane nonsense.

No. 1510156

she had to go fuck her cat
didnt she literally just say its her?

No. 1510169

nagi just privated his twitter im assuming to avoid rachel going through his gallery and stealing more stuff but unfortunately im pretty sure she already saved it
thankfully if she reposts it her twitter will get taken down pretty fast

No. 1510507

It was late at night. Dark and clouded.

Sepiroth found her out on the balcony anyway. A simple sweater and shorts against the bracing cold. He stopped at the sliding door, watching her.

She was a silent figure against the dark. Shapely legs stretched out and resting on the glass. The man could never get enough of Ines.

Ines picked up her phone as it chimed for a second. Sepiroth watched the grace of her form. Something caught in his throat—the simplicity of it all.

Then she laughed. Ever so softly. A chuckle against the world around them. Again his throat chocked up.

A curious experience. As soft as her chuckle and easy laughter. He welcomed it seeing Ines. It made Sepiroths' heart feel just right.

Ines had only looked at the notification on her phone, before chucking it back on the table. It clearly wasn't enough to warrant her attention.

"Will you watch me all night?" Ines asked, looking at him over her shoulder.

Sepiroth shook his head. "No." The man smiled anyway. "I'd rather taste you too."

The young woman laughed, and there it was again. That tight feeling around his heart. Ines strung a cord within his heart.

He finally stepped out onto the balcony. Joining Ines, he sat beside her. "I wish I could've seen you sooner." Sepiroth pulled her closer.

A firm hand around Ines' waist while he buried his face behind the woman's neck. She smelled as softly as her laughter sounded. Right there—

Ines laughed. A soft sound at his words. She leaned in, and Sepiroth hummed.

"It's alright." She spoke. Cuddling up closer to him, he sighed at her warmth. "I know it's me you come home to." Her head felt so comforting against his chest. "I finally read up on some threads. I don't have the time with you around."

Sepiroth tilted his head, trying to seem apologetic. He wasn't. "I like taking up your time when I'm here." The way Ines looked at him, he knew it wasn't just one-sided.

As Sepiroth leaned in for a kiss, Ines met him halfway.

No. 1510533

Beautiful, nonnie. Brought a tear to my eye.

No. 1510579

File: 1650834109382.gif (1.86 MB, 498x370, figaro-cat.gif)

Eurofag going to sleep and knowing this will either kill everything or give me something to fun to read in the morning

No. 1510637

Rachel will never recover from this blow

No. 1510739

Surprised our favorite Fatty Patty hasn't come back. Maybe she got her wifi unplugged.

No. 1510746

File: 1650847907873.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1284x2201, 922D4D5C-BC51-4F71-B130-4C7320…)

shes on her alt
maybe she got timed out from her main?

No. 1510756

File: 1650848339450.jpg (49.21 KB, 750x671, Seph1.jpg)

That Sephiroth is making me weak

No. 1510757

File: 1650848384810.jpg (38.86 KB, 750x459, Seph2.jpg)

I'm wheezing lmaooo what is this dude doing

No. 1510784

He might be baiting her hahahahahahaha(learn2sage)

No. 1510815


i wish i could see the whole convo im sure she was saying some equally hilarious shit from a psychotic pov

No. 1510821


This man is out here telling the story of The passion of Tubby Lumpkins.(sage your shit)

No. 1510857

her darling account isnt in val anymore which one of you snitched

No. 1510862

Nobody snitched. You bet they got eyes on her threads because they don't want her either.

No. 1510870

File: 1650859600581.jpeg (505.74 KB, 1284x1658, A78A5D56-4FFC-4808-BD1D-6EB3EC…)


No. 1510897

Things that aged like milk left in the Arizona sun.

No. 1510899

this is from yesterday dont know how its old

its just funny how she keeps hopping around on her accounts those are literally both her accounts side by side

No. 1510904

This is going to be a big mistake on their part. But I guess it’s their choice.

No. 1510909

>“Give me a whirl”
That made me vomit a little in my mouth. Does she still brother this person? This was posted 2 years ago so is she still bothering them?

No. 1510914

i feel like her only friends being her boomer parents is why she talks like such a boomer

No. 1510918

I bet her parents are pretty chill people who are tired of her shit as an adult. But she’s a fucking mess and I don’t blame them for going silent on her. Like what do they feel when the cops have showed up to her door. They can’t be “ it’s fine nothing happened” they know she’s fucked up but they don’t know how to handle her without a massive sperg out tantrum. So they just kinda let her be and let fate do it’s thing. If they cared they would have tried to help her defend herself. But they obviously aren’t which tells they really are done with her shit.

No. 1510926

File: 1650867380893.jpeg (364.75 KB, 750x1027, AAAFCB87-9518-4BD5-86F8-40140E…)

Imagine going after her when this autism is a couple clicks away.

No. 1510927

She’s an adult. She doesn’t need them “defending her” she isn’t a toddler being bullied by someone else’s parent on the playground.

I can guarantee you that they don’t care, especially given she pays the bills (or so she says)

No. 1510929

What if her entire goal is to overload and break the site

No. 1510932

That wont happen, there are a ton of cows that have multiple threads. Hypothetically, anyone who wanted could just move over to her KF thread until the site was back up.

No. 1510933

That is how cheese is made.

No. 1510934

Looks like it’s happening already

So what you’re telling us is that they have no choice

No. 1510935

It didn’t work. He got silenced by Twitter.

No. 1510936

ehh, people joke about dating fictional characters all the time. This isn't particularly noteworthy to me. Someone joking around in harmless albeit cringe way is no where near the same level as Berthas massive and constant spergs and harassments. It's just not comparable.

No. 1510938

rachel why are you so salty
and before you say its not her youre the only person in this thread that posts from an iphone with that timezone and that mobile company

No. 1510940

How so? Site seems fine to me, anon.

No. 1510941

Forgot to sage, sorry!

No. 1510942

>>1510940 I don’t know about anyone else, but cloudflare has been fucky recently.

No. 1510943

File: 1650868314228.jpeg (520.64 KB, 1284x781, 4108DC65-D8A3-4EF2-A772-8A8268…)

you must have gotten silenced by twitter too since youre on your side account and havent posted on your main in 24 hours

No. 1510944

Isn’t it though? Have you seen their posts

The difference between these two is that Rachel knows he isn’t real. @sephirothsdoll doesn’t

No. 1510945

I don’t think you know how to do math Anon.

No. 1510946

Hello Rachel. Hope this evening is treating you well.

>they don’t care

I know you lack reading comprehension because you pretty much just said what the post you’re responding to said.

>she pays the bill

Yeah she defiantly doesn’t pay the bills. She makes 33k a year and uses that one over priced resin tables and cheap looking press on nails. Her parents pay the bills. She maybe pays for her phone and the internet. She doesn’t have a car and can’t drive so she ain’t doing shit but buying garbage from wish and looking at paste rainbow horse cocks.

No. 1510948

you gonna ignore what i said here rachel >>1510938

im bad at math? i can fix that
you cant fix a person with NPD and ASPD that refuses to seek help though

No. 1510949

ntayrt but that anons right, she hasn't posted on her main for 23 hours. The pic is of her alt account.

No. 1510951

File: 1650868680382.jpeg (905.44 KB, 1284x2081, 959A871D-5DFF-40FC-9F9C-FF44F3…)

lmfao shes definitely in twitter jail otherwise shed just post a screenshot in response like before

No. 1510954

File: 1650868876177.png (1.05 MB, 828x1792, CB893154-7FA4-43DB-9A7D-4072D3…)

I think you can’t read anon. Becuase that was posted on her backup account. Her main has the stupid Japanese face mask as her Icon. Her last post made by her was 23 hours ago. The last post she reblogged was reblogged 23 hours ago.

No. 1510955

File: 1650868929709.jpeg (346.18 KB, 1284x942, 6E62C107-EB3E-4AB7-883A-70C62E…)

“im too lazy to do my own work so you do it for me”

No. 1510960

Inb4 Rachel says sephirothsdoll is Ines or Dumb Bitch Smoothie

No. 1510963

File: 1650871099897.jpeg (187.06 KB, 1284x478, E3670EC8-C5FC-449A-924B-B49390…)


No. 1510965

File: 1650871391732.jpeg (61.93 KB, 600x736, 94CB728B-5476-4293-AABD-40B186…)

She’s not here, it’s just Nick again. I’m doing fine, just finished another round of csgo.

You bitches are so petty. If someone says Sera has friends, they’re clearly all her in disguise. If you say Ines isn’t real/isn’t here, it’s clearly all Ines. Hell, she even exposed herself by posting here. We know she is going to be forced to sell all those keyboards at a pittance when she gets deported.

Furthermore, you call all press on nails ugly for the simple reason of being press on nails. You call them ugly because you made the mistake of getting acrylics, threw away hundreds of dollars, and now these are your hands niglet. Having acrylics isn’t a W, Shanaynay. It’s an oof.

Post time ≠ retweet time. I could retweet something from 7 days ago and you would automatically say “hurr durr he posted last 7 days ago” Retarded. Next.

>>1510951 You’re being baited Anon. Another retard. Next!

>>1510948 So you’re paying for it right, anon? If you tell someone they need something they’ve told you and proved to you they don’t, you’re basically the toddler tugging on its mother’s skirts at the Tesco crying and screaming because they want sweets despite the mother saying “they don’t need any”. Otherwise, that’s going to be Sera out of whatever initial fee the therapist gives her for the session when they say, “You don’t need my help. Nothing is wrong with you.”.

No. 1510966

We know you are niglet.

No. 1510970

I just took a look at this person’s tweets and I’m dying laughing. This is an infinitely better cow.

No. 1510971

lol rachel that person is way more sane compared to you

No. 1510975

Rachel, how was your totally true and honest date? Do you have any pictures of you and your boyfriend?

No. 1510978

aww, Bertha, you corpulent cow, you've misunderstood - cows are funny because they're stupid and incapable of letting anything go! They sperg and throw tantrums like children - and indeed, like you! Mel is not a cow, because Mel's funniness comes from actual humor and a likeable personality, much like every other well adjusted individual.
not that you'd understand that, lmao.

No. 1510979

File: 1650872227237.jpeg (83.41 KB, 750x474, 32924634-2AC8-48E5-BBCA-6CE93E…)

No wonder Rachel is trying to go after sephirothsdoll now, she retweets from fairsinfocenter. omg, is Rachel jealous that Mel stole her fictional bf? the man isn’t even real and she can’t keep him kek, how could Bertha possibly EVER get a real man? Big Bertha just keeps taking L’s and embarrassing herself with her totally real harem/larping as different people on here. Btw what did you think of the Sephiroth x Ines fic?

No. 1510981

I still find it wild that Rachel takes more offense to people pairing Sephiroth with anyone but her as opposed to people calling her a pedophile (which she is) or anything else.

She chimped out because of all the Sephiroths blocked her and still says she understands that he's fake. Bitch you went crazy once you were blocked and people started posting about Ines and Sephiroth, before that you weren't this unhinged.

No. 1510982

you will never be able to divert attention from yourself
youre a cow because youre openly obsessed and deranged nobody in the fandom can ever top any of the shit youve done like posting someone elses baby and pretending to be other people


tldr ok boomer bertha

No. 1510983

File: 1650872903712.jpeg (1009.36 KB, 1284x1843, 43B06502-E93B-4EAC-8761-24F333…)

so obsessed lmfao

No. 1510987

context is the dude replying to her art theft threat tweet she made

shes probably going to be like “hurhur u took the bait!1” because apparently laughing at her is what she wants but all this does is show her true self: pathetic miserable and manipulative
the fact that her last resort to getting attention from people who blocked her is threatening to steal art again just shows that she has 0 moral compass or remorse and thats going to repel more people
shes never going to stop self sabotaging

No. 1510988

File: 1650873473100.jpeg (672.96 KB, 1284x1410, 6F01E701-34E4-48FE-B230-23E2F5…)

fuck forgot the image im gay

No. 1510991

File: 1650873674166.jpeg (599.08 KB, 1284x1917, 8C2FA5DB-7845-4C77-AE8A-E78563…)


No. 1510992

File: 1650873747975.jpeg (603.75 KB, 1284x1742, A5FA8BAD-0218-4ECC-9D79-AEC9D7…)

dont you get off to animal dildos and people who dont exist? L + cringe

No. 1510993

File: 1650873874033.jpeg (444.1 KB, 1284x1444, 3F3995AE-B9C1-4EEC-B6F7-C534F0…)

she reminds me of that one kid that everyone has in their grade that thinks theyre like an anime character and says cringey shit and random japanese phrases while thinking theyre so cool or powerful

No. 1510994

File: 1650873974028.jpeg (557.68 KB, 1284x1273, CA00350F-3F3D-438C-959C-38A61E…)

this entire convo is cringe but god shes so retarded

No. 1510999

File: 1650874632260.jpeg (1003.01 KB, 1284x2300, E5007D7A-A714-45C6-A7A6-C8D68E…)

manipulator logic lol

i like that shes lurking the thread instead of comment because shes obsessed with other people rn

No. 1511000

File: 1650874733996.jpeg (1023.1 KB, 1284x2211, 9DE57752-25FD-4B06-82BB-9A243A…)

exhibit a lol

No. 1511001

File: 1650874883669.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1284x2238, 011E62D2-0664-4754-9678-8DBAC5…)

she just keeps going and harassing this person that wants nothing to do with her because they havent blocked her yet then wonders why people block her
retardation at its finest

No. 1511003

File: 1650875069548.jpeg (640.07 KB, 1284x1205, 3D687394-8C20-43A1-B463-E3F866…)

incapable of shutting the fuck up

No. 1511004

Her whinging about characters' sexuality is so funny

>"They're straight"

The best comeback for that will always be "They still wouldn't be attracted to you Bertha"

No. 1511035

File: 1650879783704.jpeg (785.52 KB, 1284x2137, 90B76A76-F174-4DEB-AC90-461FBD…)

desperate to make people give a shit
maybe try not to be manipulative or guilting people it might work

No. 1511075

>Implying only acrylic nails are the other alternative.

Licensed and educated aesthetician here.

Gel nails do not use a heavy file and you don’t have to deal with the weird breakdown from a mma polymer acrylic that cheap less sanitary salons use. Ema are better acrylics since they break down better when you want to remove them or change a set. A skilled nail tech knows how to file down nails for the proper and healthy application of acrylics. The better option is gel as it protects the nail better the. Acrylic, doesn’t chip, lasts much longer and can encapsulate and strengthen weak nails better then a silk wrap layer to stabilize a brittle nail. Gels also don’t have issues with meds people take causing rejection of the build and flaking.

The image you included is caused by a fungal infection that got trapped under the acrylic by a unskilled nail tech who doesn’t sanitize their products and tools. That is why it’s flaking away and damaged looking. This is common from people who didn’t go to school and get a proper education and work out of their house without proper sanitation as salons are regularly checked. Cheap nails will cost you in one way or another. Nail glue and adhesive tape are not a safe option. They are corrosive and incredibly damaging on your nails. They are not regulated by the FDA and are not custom fitted like a nail set which opens your nails to more damage and increases the chances of a fungal infection due to lack of education in gross anatomy that is taught to trained cosmetologists and aestheticians.

Tl:dr there’s other options that are not acrylic and you posted an image of nails with a fungal infection. You wouldn’t know because you didn’t go to school for it and are trying to fear monger like Fox News.

No. 1511077

posts like these are the proof that you do in fact need professional help
she says this but was insisting a couple days ago that this logic doesnt apply to her and her friends
a bisexual would definitely say this!
then why is “nick” here being racist rachel? is her ur personality that comes out when youre angry?

No. 1511087

File: 1650886704111.jpeg (38.3 KB, 790x233, 8E2928BB-9F40-42A3-B907-EEBA95…)

Making a new account because you realized your OC is flatlined and has no life in them huh? Or is it because you want to stalk the people on there that blocked you as well like you did with that Aerith, madam m and all those other accounts that people found you ran on aniroleplay? You won’t be able to say “ I was here first so you should leave” when you have a new account.

No. 1511142

The fattest Patty herself is slowly losing her mind more and more. It's so funny to see her spiraling out of control while she insists she isn't the problem and nothing is her fault.

No. 1511152

File: 1650894152987.jpg (112.41 KB, 1080x296, spergout.jpg)

She's losing her shit at this one person but then practically begging them for attention lol

No. 1511154

File: 1650894256187.jpg (184.47 KB, 1080x752, whinewhinewhine.jpg)

>Easy to get through to

Pick one Fatty Patty

No. 1511187

Imagine my surprise seeing Sephirothsdoll on here. At least she actually had a boyfriend unlike that unhinged cow

No. 1511195


If Rachel loses one she has several more where that came from anyhow.

No. 1511197

Nice edit. That was someone else’s post.

No. 1511198

Tl;dr nigger is angry bc spent too much money on acrylics ruined her nails

No. 1511201

She’s playing them.

No. 1511202

No. 1511211

Happy Monday y'all

No. 1511222

totally must really be nick the real guy.

Nick if you have twitter then you should go defend your queen to all those mean haters on there. Also we can see your posts and know you haven't retweeted or posted.

oops I mean *her posts.

No. 1511223

File: 1650898841043.jpeg (579.96 KB, 828x1077, C394F9A3-B02B-45E2-866A-027B4A…)

I love how Rachel always wakes up right when I get off work! Good morning!

No. 1511227

File: 1650899078992.jpeg (416.75 KB, 828x1084, 521D79FC-A306-41CF-8BF8-5D840A…)

No. 1511229

File: 1650899117824.jpeg (299.47 KB, 828x720, 96B900A2-191C-4097-A13B-665053…)

No. 1511231

File: 1650899151102.jpeg (260.8 KB, 828x677, B0B41305-BD1A-41A2-86B2-3D6528…)

No. 1511240

Its hilarious she thinks she can bully people into unblocking her. She's literally just proving their point that she's insufferable.

>>1511222 also I forgot to sage plz be merciful farmhands I just woke up.

No. 1511255

File: 1650901086134.jpeg (555.19 KB, 1170x1963, 7835436F-259D-41E9-A1F8-12C548…)

I sense another Chris-Chan. She’s out here saying she would masturbate to fictional incest. Knowing this cow she would forget fiction with reality like she does with Sephiroth

No. 1511258


No. 1511269

Watching all this unfold is seriously funnier than an episode of Seinfeld lmao

No. 1511286

Rachel you might act like a toddler but you will never be able to live out your fantasy as Sephiroth's child bride.

No. 1511287

Anon that's a low bar. Most things are funnier than seinfeld

No. 1511293

File: 1650903690821.jpeg (103.89 KB, 750x667, 2E404DF6-F65E-42B1-92BA-F33368…)

For someone who is notoriously anti-black, she sure loves using reaction gifs that uses black people/black culture…

No. 1511299

File: 1650903903714.jpeg (90.53 KB, 750x485, 0B457CB1-3455-4CCE-85BE-2D8309…)

Why is she so fixated on the fact that she feels compelled to say she can take “big toys” whether explicitly or subtly? Does she watch big cock porn cause that’s her fetish and then resorts to being a delusional cunt because she knows that no guy would touch her?

No. 1511303

She claims she had vaginismus too, she can't decide how she feels about her gunt gulch.
The real answer is she isn't getting shit up there.

No. 1511310

It’s not your place to tell children that you dumb fat cunt. They don’t belong to you (and you’ll never have children of your own at this rate)

No. 1511326

File: 1650905747333.jpeg (140.05 KB, 750x943, 1D0775E5-7A64-434D-8590-53BACF…)

Speaking of being a pedo, she retweeted this.

No. 1511351

File: 1650907740337.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1284x2193, AF6DD86E-16DD-46D5-B370-0D5341…)

the salt is palpable kek

No. 1511397

File: 1650909878895.jpeg (251.82 KB, 1284x532, 9D20399E-61C2-4921-A7E3-688F0F…)

she replied to this person 3 times and liked her own tweet

No. 1511403

File: 1650910237960.jpeg (509.61 KB, 1284x852, B5461C48-501C-47AA-99F5-E1AF03…)

everything is about her the world revolves around her

No. 1511437

rachel we keep telling us this just makes you look worse do you not believe us or something? you keep talking about fatphobia and doxing and sure that stuff is bad on twitter but saying the hard r is much much worse, so bad even that most people on there would probably completely overlook anything bad done to you if they knew you were saying that, not that anyone is on your side in the first place though.
i love how she acts like that was what she was doing when she multiple times said that minors would be at fault for “ruining” adults lives if those adults choose to sleep with minors, like the responsibility is on the 15 year old to say no this is wrong.. she doesnt care about kids safety at all. the way she was talking to those kids literally makes them think adults talking to them about sex is normal and OPENS THEM UP TO BEING GROOMED.

No. 1511455

Rachel. Get this through your morbidly obese skull. I don’t know why this is so hard for you to understand, but the longer this goes on, the more certain I am that you’re a fucking groomer. *It is never your place to talk to children about sex.* You are not their parent, their teacher, a trusted adult or even their friend. Stop discussing sex with kids. LEAVE THEM ALONE.

No. 1511460

File: 1650917301713.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1284x2218, A86EF0D7-7CD9-4634-85B4-41DB96…)

she doesnt care about anybodys perspective but her own
truly a selfish person

No. 1511489

She's a narcissist. A true narcissist.

No. 1511508

File: 1650921582014.jpeg (73.01 KB, 750x536, 7AC7ED18-FD48-40C8-A4A0-DC7CE3…)

It’s worse that she doesn’t see anything wrong with what she’s doing because she’s openly into non-con.

Narcissistic indeed.

No. 1511514

She tried to say she didn't have a rape kink but lo and behold she once again proves that she's a liar.

Ugh, makes my skin crawl…

No. 1511557

she was super defensive about it too, no wonder

No. 1511559


No. 1511568

can we compile a list of Rachel’s professed kinks? so far we have

but I know I’m forgetting some!

No. 1511572

Imagine thinking you know what her kinks are when she’s literally told you what her kinks are. It’s almost as if you’re trying to superimpose your own kinks onto her.

No. 1511574

Hi cow.

No. 1511576

How can you keep harassing people and then ask them to "help" you? And within minutes, harass them again? I've never seen a bully so convinced they are the victim before, it's fascinating.

No. 1511579

File: 1650927052708.jpg (Spoiler Image,139.73 KB, 960x894, rachelreacts.jpg)

You literally already admitted to liking noncon without anyone asking. Also…picrel.

No. 1511583

File: 1650927480764.jpg (472.05 KB, 1080x1448, slutshaming.jpg)

Big words coming from someone who has never had a boyfriend, can't get any e dick, and shares pictures of silicone animal penises because she's ronery.

No. 1511591

File: 1650927843627.jpg (117.06 KB, 1080x421, Irony.jpg)

You say this but you're the one in a tard rage because nobody will pretend to rape you as Sephiroth, and you're trying to force people to live out your weird Twilight level fantasies for only your enjoyment.

You could end all of this if you weren't so fucking obsessed with finger blasting yourself to words on a screen and pixels from a game.
But you keep coming back like some fandom herpes.

No. 1511596

File: 1650928248989.jpg (471.67 KB, 1080x1393, pedoshit.jpg)

I'm really beginning to believe there needs to be law enforcement involved because this is getting scary with how she obsesses over telling minors sexual things. It's giving Jessica Yaniv teaching little girls to use a tampon vibes

No. 1511598

File: 1650928325857.jpg (382.26 KB, 1080x1228, crybabybertha.jpg)

Her story for her no friends shit, confirming "Nick" is her lol

No. 1511605

I mean the name she gave off for Nick G*rr was literally a racist connotation she’s been always lying about it

No. 1511611

His full name is Eihaet "Nick" Gehrs.
Damn we giving this man more lore than Rachel could ever come up with

No. 1511612

You people are so easily baited.

No. 1511614

Just watched her pull another rp partner from Valhalla. Keep coping.

No. 1511629

Congrats, now you can delete your Twitter and stop harassing people.

No. 1511631

Law enforcement does need to be involved. One of these days she’ll actually meet a child irl and pull this shit. I would not be surprised if she already attempted it

No. 1511641

I would agree but I think they'd run once they see this gargantuan Sasquatch waddling up to them.

>Panting heavily after exerting minimal effort It's me, Sera. Your child bride. I'm still a virgin and I intend on being impregnated by you.

>Her pubes are like tentacles but worse, grabbing her prey and drawing them in so that they cannot escape
>Little Johnny was never seen again, lost in the 1000 year woods tucked between her folds.

No. 1511645

then why are you still harassing people that want nothing to do with you?

No. 1511647

File: 1650930750152.jpeg (314.95 KB, 1284x615, E8F88A86-24A6-431D-B475-780C6D…)

i like how shes posting shit like this as “bait” when all it does is give us something to laugh/talk about
what are you trying to bait us into rachel? keeping your thread alive? if thats the case then keep baiting your thread will live as long as you do

No. 1511653

she says she's into BDSM (but, I don't know if that's even worth mentioning). If I didn't close the discord conversation with the deleted account, I'll see if I still have the screenshot. Can't promise anything though.

No. 1511657

File: 1650931357262.jpeg (83.92 KB, 750x589, CBEE5DB8-5D82-4A4A-B8B2-613C26…)

Didn’t she say she was into proshipping?

No. 1511658

File: 1650931358996.jpeg (951.43 KB, 1284x2021, B8B4AA13-15E2-4CE5-A210-3F366F…)

how is she going to cry about people blocking her when she approaches people who dont know her and decides to be a major cunt
people would be less likely to believe what others say about her if she didnt fit their description of herself if she was nice respectful and patient she would without a doubt have some people on her side

No. 1511660

But we have to remember she hates oral sex, nonnas. She really hates oral but claims to be bi.

She comes off as the type of bitch who lays there like a board and expects him to do all the work bc she's fat and lazy. True hetero shit.

No. 1511661

File: 1650931540135.jpeg (304.83 KB, 1284x884, 14E831B4-77AE-46A1-B53B-63BDD7…)

the amount of projection and lack of self awareness is shocking xD

No. 1511662

is she copying and pasting shit? this is the same shit she said in this screenie >>1511001

No. 1511663

She also seems to have no idea what "bait" means. She says it anytime she makes herself look stupid and gets called out lately.

No. 1511667

It seems like she's trying to seem like she was a master mind and "manipulated" people into uncovering her bullshit LOL. Fucking dumbass

No. 1511669

i bet if she raped someone shed call him her boyfriend lol

No. 1511675

File: 1650932373945.jpeg (25.22 KB, 273x275, 35300998-BA24-4C3A-9461-C8DC6B…)

No. 1511680

does anybody know if rachels kf thread is coming out of pg?

No. 1511689

It is, got endorsed by a few staffers; they're just behind.

No. 1511696

“Oh yeah, bisexuals. The people who can only have sex through 69ing.”-Anon

It’s almost like you’ve forgotten fingering, scissoring, anal, or strap ons exist. Oh right. You don’t know because nobody wants to have sex with you Fatty Patty.

No. 1511699

You've never even had sex, Bertha. How would you know what it's like to please a woman? You can't even get yourself off.

No. 1511700

i’m calling bullshit

No. 1511701

For as much as she has talked about sex, nothing that this woman has said leads me to believe she has ever had any.

No. 1511702

it’s just Nick babe. Sera posted on discord earlier the stack of pregnancy tests she’s going to be using in the upcoming months.

must suck to know that nobody wants to pork you.

No. 1511703

that’s fine, you’re allowed to be wrong

No. 1511704

different anon, but yeah, the thread should be fine, it has a few people advocating for it. they are slow with this especially with the dumb side drama but it'll be fine, dw.

No. 1511706

Are you "Nick" or "Caleb" today?

No. 1511709

Can't wait to see pregnancy updates only for it to be a bezoar that needs surgical extraction because you eat like a fucking garbage disposal.
Of course, you'd need to have sex to begin with to have a pregnancy scare so I'm just waiting for the bezoar malingering arc.

No. 1511712

File: 1650934304985.jpeg (113.97 KB, 750x590, 6923F6D4-126D-4961-A87A-CAAF13…)

Speaking of diet like a garbage disposal, look at what she wrote to someone about comparing diet notes lmao.

No. 1511719

I love the nickname you guys made for me. Nick Gerr LMAO if only Nick weren’t short for Nicholas. Nicholas Gerr doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it.

Bezoars are formed in the gastrointestinal tract you dumbass.

You’re talking out your ass and I can smell it.

Come to think of it, nobody wants to do much as touch Fatty Patty, and Fatty Patty hates men so much she wouldn’t let men touch her. I’ll fix your shitty ficlet later, but face it. Fatty Patty will die alone without passing on her genes because she hates men and men rightfully hate her.

No. 1511722

love the projection rachel keep it up

No. 1511724

Ah too bad, Calebs my fav. Guess it doesn't really matter though since theres virtually no difference between the two of you at all though, almost as if you're the same person. Wild.

No. 1511731

File: 1650935363247.png (256.1 KB, 598x682, Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 18-07…)

Ines doesn't have 2+ years of proof of grooming like you, Bertha

No. 1511733

it wouldn’t be the first time you were wrong and it wouldn’t be the last.

I’m breaking out the grill for the first time this season. Have a good one.

No. 1511734

File: 1650935414498.jpeg (125.55 KB, 750x1284, 5F575BB5-D836-4A5A-AEAD-C01F75…)

rachel posted this weird screenshot of her and her mom which im not even sure is her mom

No. 1511736

samefag but why am i not surprised that she has the taco bell app on her phone lol

No. 1511737

File: 1650935501926.png (80.64 KB, 347x288, 84127A9A-AF99-45DD-85A5-480C8B…)

she’s not here, but no you’re quite right.

ines has 7 years.

No. 1511740

where Bertha?

No. 1511743

is that why youre posting from the same device with the same id on the duckduckgo browser? your vpn is shit

No. 1511745

I saw this and thought it was super weird. If it really is her mom, why did she send her mom the text of a tweet she made a bit ago

No. 1511749

Pretty sad that the only person she has to talk to is her mom so she tells her random shit that happened on Twitter. Maybe if she didn't suck she'd have actual friends to talk to.

No. 1511757

File: 1650936640008.jpeg (919.6 KB, 1284x1612, 922390EE-D9CA-45C3-A2D3-9A95F9…)

LMFAO i wasnt wrong she really IS that kid >>1510993
also my bf who is japanese said that shes not even writing the word correctly

No. 1511765

How can anyone write that and think it’s a hill to die on.

No. 1511767

ikr? pimples arent even exclusively related to hygiene shes just making herself look retarded and dirty

also in relation to another tweet she swore up and down that she doesnt have pimples but she was hyping up pimple patches she used in one server i can’t remember where

No. 1511769

I knew something was off about that. I was thinking to myself I have NEVER heard "debuchi" ever when talking about fat people in Japanese lol.

No. 1511771

If her mom really is cheering on her autistic little shitfits we know who she learned it from.

No. 1511772

same, so I did a quick google – apparently something to do with hololive? still weird

No. 1511776

rachel you need to wake up. nick isnt real.

No. 1511778

Rachel you're so gross lol nobody wants to have sex with you, you come on here pretending because you have nobody. If you had anybody you wouldn't be begging for roleplay.

No. 1511782

anon be nice nick is real and hes part of her DID system kek

No. 1511785

More people are posting about blocking you Fatty Patty. Aren't you proud of yourself? Nobody likes you.

No. 1511791

File: 1650939536936.gif (1.43 MB, 498x371, 6C40C489-770F-4AE2-8338-FC3DBE…)

Man if you think bisexuals only 69 then you have a shitty sex life. I can just imagine the foreplay.

No. 1511795

She's a stain on the bisexual community and no one in the queer community will ever claim her to be one of us. No sane person will use any kind of sexuality to defend being a groomer.

No. 1511798

Rachel you aren't bisexual, the only "women" you like are pre-op trans women. You have no clue how to please anyone other than laying there like a corpse. You can talk about what you would do but can't say you have practical experience because you're a virgin. It takes you fifteen minutes to find your clitoris because you have to fish for it between the folds and by the time you do find it you're exhausted.

No. 1511804

Hey does anyone have the picture of Bertha sitting in that chair?? I need it for science

No. 1511806

File: 1650940994946.jpeg (209.19 KB, 828x809, EAEEEAE0-7B35-41A4-8D1A-DA1B98…)


this one?

No. 1511808

Those dead eyes and god you can smell that picture

No. 1511810

File: 1650941400254.jpg (594.25 KB, 799x2372, Genesis.jpg)

Don't know if this is in the archives but found this while trying to track down old tumblr posts Fatty Patty made

No. 1511839

File: 1650943978271.jpeg (208.77 KB, 750x1112, 84F36DB4-03E5-4A06-9B43-32DE26…)

I’m just gonna leave this here… She went on a rant about how her form of education isn’t grooming. This seems like this is a step away from actual pedophilia because she seems like the type to sit and watch them use it under the guise of “teaching”

I just made myself sick by going there.

Stay malding, Rachel. This doesn’t look good at all.

No. 1511846

Exposure therapy?? What the FUCK?! I'm unwell.

No. 1511855

No. 1511868

no fucking way jesus christ

No. 1511887

She said that with her whole chest. It isn't like Bertha has practical experience with sex either, she isn't qualified to talk about it.

No. 1511900

dude "You're fucking stupid if you think children can't have urges and their own sexual identity." this is textbook pedophile talk. she really is a pedo. she's OBSESSED with this.

No. 1511913

i really wish she didnt delete the tweets i wanted to see who the sick fuck that liked them was

No. 1511916

My money is on that exoticbutters account, honestly. That account posts incestuous South Park ships and truly gets off to them.

No. 1511917

bertha is shadowbanned and started liking things on twitter right now so shes not in timeout
shes probably lurking rn

No. 1511918

they actually blocked her and privated their account after seeing everything
even freaks have standards when it comes to bertha

No. 1511919

>>my bf who is japnese


hydrocolloid bandages serve more than one purpose anon. mosquito bites come to mind

No. 1511923

How is it sus? He's right. You don't wanna debate people's Japanese on lolcow because there is always someone who has actually studied the language or is a native speaker lurking. Remember this site was built off of weebs and cosplayers.

Also, there's no mosquitoes biting Bertha. Her blood is probably closer to silly putty than a liquid with how much salt she has in her.

No. 1511924

right bertha, no one has a boyfriend except you

No. 1511925

how is having a japanese bf sus rachel?

youre right but you would talk about wearing them while you sleep to get extra mileage out of them and said theyd suck the gunk out of the pimples as a result

dont think youre so sly

No. 1511928

File: 1650953744675.png (25.99 KB, 598x222, Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 23-14…)

Bertha had to retweet how to wash properly kek

No. 1511931

bc it’s clear you guys don’t know how lmao. anyone can smell the unwashed ass scent from all the way over here

No. 1511932

You’re so obsessed with her Fatty Patty. Too bad she doesn’t date pedophiles like you.

No. 1511933

all the way over where Bertha? your parents bedroom?

No. 1511934

by a tranny no less. she has to be baiting, right? all of this has to be some kind of ruse cruise, doesn't it? no? she's really this fucked in the head, isn't she? I don't know where this pedo manifesto comes in but just like the other nonnie said it is classic pedophile rhetoric. This is how abusers justify their acts to their victims and to one another.

No. 1511935

File: 1650954248930.jpg (68.01 KB, 1080x244, yaniv.jpg)

Lmfao this is definitely some Jessica Yaniv shit.

No. 1511936

I've seen her like her own tweets a few times so theres a small chance she liked them

No. 1511939

Bertha can post proof of her table but can't spare a single picture of her real boyfriends or the pregnancy tests she says she bought. God forbid she starts posting her nudes online but not pictures of her totally real boyfriends.

No. 1511942

File: 1650954485712.jpeg (187.03 KB, 750x1022, A5A72CBF-8517-4F3D-A9C9-77E633…)

Lol, sus. There were four people who were in agreement that your でぶち was sus before you tried to refute it.

If you’re gonna go down that road, better explain why.

Also, queen of what? Being so far up your gross ass?

No. 1511943

>the queen
>syaing the n word so much
this bitch thinks shes nicki minaj..

No. 1511944

no, the only people trying to be so far up her ass are YOU LMAOOOOO

No. 1511946

File: 1650954764330.png (43.78 KB, 625x626, 59A39AB9-C685-49D2-A35C-7E9BC5…)

No. 1511947

File: 1650954860557.png (505.61 KB, 725x499, 3F5D44A8-2257-4B80-AEB9-278593…)

i showed my bf this pic of you and he said “それがどちゃくそデブス“
have fun throwing that into google translate

No. 1511948

File: 1650954870410.jpeg (47.89 KB, 500x500, 37EB1A4B-C422-45C6-A802-A1EF4C…)

Must suck to know that she can actually do it while you have an actual history of being a pedophile, Fatty Patty.

No. 1511949

File: 1650954896556.jpg (Spoiler Image,596.91 KB, 1280x1669, Sephivore.jpg)

Since we've had crossovers with the CWC and Bella Janke sphere in addition to the furry shit with the dildos, we now have badly edited vore art that was bad to begin with to add to the pile of cursed creations. Googled Sephiroth vore and just slapped it together because that's exactly how Rachel would do it.

She likes Sephiroth and pregnancy right? She should love this. It's perfect.

No. 1511950

nobody has time for moonspeak here

No. 1511951

Fatty Patty is mad because Rachel actually gets to "do it" with kids? That is…quite a take.

No. 1511952

she’s right tho. nothing pedophilic about it. she’s told you what she’s attracted to and that she’s in a relationship already but you’re so desperate for a reach no matter how ridiculous you sniffle, reach for another Kleenex and whine “b-but… but that’s pedophile behavior” and it’s so funny. piggy retards, all of you.

No. 1511953

do you know where you are

No. 1511954

Wouldnt Rachel be the one eating though?

No. 1511956

Nothing detracts from the fact that you host child porn here Fatty Patty. You could remove it, but you’re too busy masturbating to it and showing your pedophile friends. How does it feel to know your wishes will never be fulfilled, while your victim has access to children and always will?

No. 1511957

what relationship? the ones between you and your multiple personalities?

No. 1511958

Bertha, you're a pedophile. Cope and seethe. It doesn't matter if you say you aren't attracted to minors because you don't need to be attracted to minors to sexually abuse them. Which you are doing by the way, it isn't exposure therapy if you aren't a licensed therapist. You're justifying your pedophilia.

No. 1511959

hoes mad

No. 1511960

the fact that you almost always mention rape or masturbation regarding children is incredibly weird even as a counter argument

No. 1511962

LOL I can't believe I'm actually hearing this bitch try to get an own on "Ines" by claiming to be a more successful pedophile.

No. 1511963

So you're admitting to accessing children to fulfill your wishes?

No. 1511964

hey nonnies do you know if its possible to find a twitter account via a reverse image search type of thing?

No. 1511966

File: 1650955338852.png (167.04 KB, 328x402, Screenshot 2022-04-25 234212.p…)

rachel do you really have no idea how insane and creepy you sound rn

No. 1511968

Nah, the only person here coping and seething about it is you. It would make sense that you don’t know what pedophilia is, Fatty Patty Ines. Why, did uncle Amir touch your princess parts when you were 7, retard?

It’s so clear that you were all raped as children or you’ve never so much as seen or touched a penis.

No. 1511969

The people who scream the loudest tend to be guilty of the things they're screaming about. Rachel sure loves to embellish her stories of predation on children. Almost as if she has made plans to hurt them.

No. 1511970

hoe mad

No. 1511972

Oh yes, watch her hurt one by telling them to follow the expiration dates on a condom wrapper.

The more you tell her to not do it, the more she will. She knows how to play and bait you.

No. 1511973

why do you never have a good comeback that doesnt boil down to “no u”

also reply to my post about my bf calling fat and ugly plz and ty

No. 1511974

She’s into the idea of being this “savior” for these “uneducated kids” that it’s become an obsession for her. It does the children more harm than good.

Exposure therapy should only be done by licensed and trained people. I’m pretty sure your “degree” was not in ECE you fat cow, so kindly stay away from kids under the guise of helping and “baiting the idiots” because you clearly get off of the idea of grooming children into unhealthy concepts of sex and attempting to turn them into gross hypersexualised beings in order to have friends.

No. 1511976

>princess parts

Of course a DDLG degenerate like you would use those words, Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin. Kissless, virgin Rachel is arguing with people on the farms because she has nobody to plug your holes and your mommy and daddy locked the kitchen so you can't binge and cry.

No. 1511977

youre baiting yourself by talking to minors about sex when theres accusations of you being a pedo but i guess a retarded community college graduate with a useless art history degree wouldnt know that

No. 1511978

you are beyond help. i bet you and shayna would get along great.

No. 1511979

I can't wait for the prison arc. If only she were in Virginia and we could get a true dimensional merge.

No. 1511981

YOOO do you think shes pulling an onision where she grooms them about sex when theyre underaged and forces them to have unhealthy possibly codependent friendships only to jump on them when theyre adults?
i dont want to believe it but this bitch is so manipulative and nasty that i cant help but think its a possibility

No. 1511982

Please let there be a prison arc. If CWC and many other delusional assholes out there can have one, so can she.

No. 1511983

File: 1650955884440.jpeg (183.09 KB, 1284x367, 7F252C86-56FB-4605-812F-1B40CE…)

hide yo kids

No. 1511984

i too think that rachel and chris chan should be cell mates then they can rape eachother and leave vulnerable populations alone, though i do kind of ship her with angry canadian, i even considered making an edit of them after seeing ghoulies post about it on kf.

No. 1511986


No. 1511987


It definitely can be a reality. She has no friends, makes her entire fucking personality all about being “hyper-sexual” when it’s done poorly because she makes a tweet about dildos, masturbation or being into some questionable sexual thing at least once every three or so hours on Twitter in hopes it makes her interesting and stand out.

The earlier she manipulates those kinds into thinking it should be a point needed to make friends as an adult, the earlier she get them under her thumb when they turn legal.

No. 1511988

eXpOsUrE ThErApY sHoUlD OnLY bE dOnE By lIcEnSeD aNd tRaInEd PeOpLe

No. 1511989

No friends you can see or care to look at, Anon.

it isn’t happening. the state of the police in California is abysmal. Anyone short of violent offenders gets released after one or two days. even if she gets nabbed it’s not going to do anything.

No. 1511990

the fuck? yes it should be are you retarded rachel

No. 1511991

rachel you dont even know what exposure therapy is

No. 1511992

Yeah she's really owning us with her tweets about minors. Such bait.

It would be smart to archive her tweets since she likes to say screenshots are photoshopped. >>1511935 is already gone.

No. 1511993

awwww cmon anon why do you gotta make this so easy for us

No. 1511994

Rachel, you’re gonna fuck kids up because you have no fucking idea what you’re doing. There’s a reason why LICENSED therapists use it as a tool in their work. You are not one and I hope your ass lands in jail if someone irl finds out you’re pulling that “education” bullshit with children.

No. 1511995

You don’t know what soap is either but here we are.

No. 1511996

No. 1511997

shes jealous that i dont have fat people smell

No. 1511999

then let her, she’s not as problematic as fatty patty ines hosting child pornography on her website to touch herself to it because it makes her feel young again.

shes been awfully quiet on the discord recently. it’s clear shes chewing her nails in the background and fretting about when the police or dean of students will show up to her door next.

No. 1512000

At least fat people don’t have that nigger smell like you, ewwww

No. 1512001

You sure like to fantasize about some random woman thats not even on this site, touching herself to CP. Super concerning, gorl.

No. 1512002

ill take that as a no

why do you always avoid accountability by acting like people are doing worse than you as if what youre doing isnt bad

classy i bet your mayo parents are just as racist as you

No. 1512005

File: 1650956688705.jpg (51.22 KB, 720x712, 441d6da864ca2fe9d8c52be552ae90…)

No. 1512006

File: 1650956818316.png (577.89 KB, 750x1334, E17435F3-524F-4EBB-9EE3-24D148…)

So much for the “black boyfriend” Rachel that was talking about. Lol. Unless he’s into race play and playing Uncle Tom for her. Which is still gross

No. 1512009

lol you care so much about “protecting children” from rape then say some vile ass shit like this? we see straight through you big bertha. i cant wait till you move out of prospering grounds

No. 1512010

Aww big Bertha is comfy using hard Rs, cute. Baited you into that just like I baited you into sabotaging yourself in Valhalla.

No. 1512020

File: 1650958690372.png (177.13 KB, 1490x557, Screenshot 2022-04-26 003630.p…)

No. 1512037

HAHAHA I was wondering when the Arcana people would show up. I think they're arguably more angry than the FF people. The FF people are upset but more or less want to be left in peace. Arcanafuckers want blood.

No. 1512041

File: 1650962319021.jpeg (221.72 KB, 828x1691, FE11D258-670B-4E0B-9914-F843D4…)

She’s not leaving. But it was totally Zack she reposted that from. It’s still there saying sera.

No. 1512052

Seeing all these people come out of the woodwork to dunk on Rachel is hilariously satisfying to me.

No. 1512054

There's no need to be hiding in the discord Rachel, don't be shy!

No. 1512220

If it was her then show us both the reshare of her saying she was going to remake and the original

No. 1512288

In order for her to have DID she would have had to have faced a particularly traumatic event in her early life. I don’t think she would shut up about it if she had.

No. 1512342

>sera reposted sera's status.
its literally in the comment youre responding to.

No. 1512344

I mean, looking in the mirror and seeing that staring back at me would traumatize me.

No. 1512487

File: 1651007590892.jpg (92.16 KB, 1080x289, Delusional.jpg)

On today's episode of Hambertha's Twitter autism…

She's this delusional.

No. 1512491

File: 1651007709957.jpg (583.97 KB, 1080x1490, Fatfa5.jpg)

>I'm the victim of fatshaming!!
>They're fatter than me but I'm the victim here!!

Look at how she talks to men. She's upset that some dude is now following her stalker antics and has to chimp out because she can't fathom that he doesn't want to defend her shitty actions. Pathetic.

No. 1512498

File: 1651008221900.jpg (96.3 KB, 1080x360, threatsagain.jpg)

Does she not realize the rules haven't changed? Dumbass.

No. 1512500

File: 1651008321642.jpg (248.34 KB, 1080x868, idiotlmao.jpg)

You don't understand how bait works. This isn't it. I'd explain it to you if I cared, but you're too stupid to grasp it anyways so I'll let you clap your bloated hands together and think you won this one.

No. 1512566

File: 1651016229909.png (830.99 KB, 510x680, unknown.png)

sorry for ot but this is bertha

No. 1512582

All due respect to these people providing info and milk but what the fuck are they doing on a server run by a minor and admit to it like it's no big deal? I'm consistently shocked by how many people are ok with this…it's nowhere near as bad as Rachel's insane "sex ed" but it's still sussy af in my book.

No. 1512591

File: 1651018562776.jpg (641.62 KB, 1080x1440, ftfy.jpg)

No. 1512593

Not everyone is like Bertha who is incapable of sexualizing every situation. Most people exist in spaces with minors and it isn't anything weird or uncomfortable because nothing weird or uncomfortable is happening. If its an open space there isn't an issue because everyone can be held accountable. If someone is constantly in a minor's DMs and having conversations they don't want shared with other adults that's sus.
Maybe I'm indifferent because I've been in gaming communities with minors and there's never been anything weird because we were PVP focused and not roleplaying or discussing NSFW shit.

No. 1512606

I was in that sever before it separated. Into two new servers. The server wasn’t a roleplay server. It was a server made to talk about theories and strats about the game. There was just a nsfw section which was mainly for the more nsfw memes and for adults to get in a conversation away from minors since many don’t like dealing with the high levels of energy minors have in the general area they had access to. There where casual roleplay in both sections but nothing explicit was shared. The mod team did really good at keeping minors away from adult content and Vice versa. The adult are wasn't just lewd and porn. It was just a place for the adults to talk without minors trying to act like adults.

Rachel came in thinking it was a roleplay server and wanted to post sexual crap with people when that’s not what the adult area was for.

No. 1512636

She makes EVERYTHING sexual and then switches to something mundane without warning like she'll be talking about her breeding kink and then change subject to her cat in the same conversation and then go on like she didn't just mention her cat and she wonders why people are uncomfortable.

She can't read the room and has no interest in what anyone else has to say, and she will share the most explicit of shit openly with whoever will listen because she believes she's an Aphrodite or some shit.

She's like the female version of the male "Discord mod" stereotype that calls 14 year olds kitten while looking like an infected chode.

No. 1512654

I love this so much.

No. 1512655

Fat cow thinks her “baiting” is some smart move when all it’s doing is just exposing how much of a pedo she actually is.

If someone can figure out a way to report her for having cp links and grooming children online, that would be wonderful. I’m sure the FBI would love to know why she had CP linked and she retweets bullshit like this

No. 1512656

File: 1651023785357.jpeg (153.36 KB, 750x1076, D2C71C43-2372-41D7-BDCE-BAD8D3…)

Posting this because I was a retard and forgot to attach to the last post

No. 1512660

File: 1651024221571.jpeg (132.79 KB, 750x781, 3F52415C-20FF-404F-90B8-8100BE…)

This was a reply to a creepypasta-esque photo but why? Is she into harming children?? I guess she has no filter when it comes to children

No. 1512667


You refuse to show us both, which means there isn’t two. When you reshare a status from a profile that has deleted, it shows as having been from your own account. Just tested it with two throwaway accounts.

No. 1512671

oh nooooo not fatty patty being caught in a lie whatever shall she dooooo

No. 1512675

men do fight over her.

such a pity she isn’t even that big.

No. 1512676

Im not the anon that posted it, I went to try to get a screenshot but I dont have an account there or use it so I couldn't see it.

No. 1512679

Samefag but you can stop larping in third person since you already fucked that up.

No. 1512681

Kek what shitty low value porkchops are fighting over her

No. 1512686


Men fight over her to see who can use the most of her lying lard ass for bait to distract prey animals to save their lives. At least she’ll be useful to society that way in that way way or some similar manner instead of having retarded delusional fits and crying “Wahh nobody wanna be my fwend cause I groom children and act like a gaping shitstain to other people in multiple fandoms”

If you join a new but vicious fandom because the current ones you try to be part of exiled your ass, don’t be surprised when they eat your sperging ass alive.

No. 1512696

you got caught in a lie or compromise as you always do, fatty patty

No. 1512701

I guess the cow got off of work.

No. 1512702

Kek, I'm literally not that anon but okay. So, what other fandoms have you been in since your behavior is an obvious pattern.

No. 1512706

I’m surprised she can even work given how stupid she is lmao

No. 1512715

File: 1651026983200.jpeg (795.13 KB, 1284x1432, 9B3B7972-5647-4653-A48D-A451CD…)

i was wondering if by bait she meant anyone mentioning her tweets was taking the bait as a weird kind of reverse psychology attempt to get people to stop talking about her and i guess i was right

No. 1512717

They fight over her to be in a romantic relationship with her Fatty Patty. Something you will never experience.

No. 1512718

you’ve been led to believe she’s stupid and this will be your downfall

No. 1512719

Ew, “Fatty Patty”. Dw I’m pretty sure men don’t wanna stick their dick in a “vagina that was so wet she needed pads afterwards”. That sounds like a walking STD trap.

No. 1512730

File: 1651027967546.jpeg (223.52 KB, 704x1334, 588B7D1C-ED4A-4761-A89A-711A7F…)

This you?

No. 1512734

If men fought over you Rachel you wouldn't be here and you certainly wouldn't be begging for e-peen.

The funny thing is yeah, there are people bigger than you who get it. The difference is they aren't nearly as insufferable and egotistical as you are.

No. 1512737

You're the one throwing a fit because nobody wants to play pretend Sephiroth for you. You keep coming back because you are begging for someone to play Sephiroth and nobody wants to deal with your attitude and obsessiveness. You're also jealous as hell when you do find someone to put up with you and you see them talking to someone else. You go ballistic on them and they block you.

No. 1512767

File: 1651032082041.jpeg (161.14 KB, 748x827, F3D0E01E-6FCD-49DA-9FD9-768F2B…)

Looks like she managed to get onto Kiwifarms and is now trying to refute the restraining order info.

No. 1512771

youre not in dragon ball z rachel

No. 1512772

How on earth does she know if the person got thrown out if she wasn’t there?

No. 1512780

Because in her perfect world that's what she believed happened. In fact, she feels that "Hyde" is jealous of her despite that not being the case at all. But Rachel fully believes it because that's how she sees the world.

No. 1512784

She's sperging out about that Melissa person, who I can assume is "Hyde." Not like anyone cares about Rachel name dropping someone so she doesn't need to worry about it.

Rachel doesn't have simps or weens willing to do her dirty work because literally everyone who sees what she's done agree she's in the wrong.

No. 1512785

I love how she keeps on insisting she’s at a good weight and secure in herself when she’s so delusional. I’ve seen obese girls who are prettier than her both face wise and personality wise.

And she has the gall to scream people are threatening her when she literally tried to act hard and say that she’s gonna shoot the person she’s beefing with on Twitter right now with a 12 gauge..

No. 1512791

Jealousy makes her bloat even more.

No. 1512796

File: 1651035189849.jpeg (285.7 KB, 1284x836, AB499744-8719-427C-8723-10A693…)

as if they give retards guns

No. 1512799

She's from a middle class vote blue no matter who liberal white Jewish family, they're allergic to guns. She'd shoot herself before she shot someone else.

No. 1512805

>a 12 gauge with hollow points
kek she has never held a gun

No. 1512808

Heh, she’ll misfire before even getting her intended target

No. 1512811

>idk how or why this psycho attention wh*re thought I was a threat
>sad bitch askin' to get shot by a 12 gauge with hollow points

shes so good at contradicting herself its like its her only talent

No. 1512815

what about kiwifarms scares you so much rachel? is it because you cant spew racism out of that shithole you call a mouth because its not anonymous?

No. 1512817

Why is she tagging an account that doesn’t follow her back and has 2k followers/following in her ranting/beef lmao. They are not gonna care about her stupid drama once they find out the truth about her if they even are curious to look.

No. 1512825

I…. This bitch doesn’t know how shotgun amo works. It’s a bunch of tiny bb sized balls with gunpowder I to a shell casing Rachel. You have not tip or point that can be hollow.

This is low quality bait anon. Have some class.

No. 1512847

File: 1651041350942.jpg (279.01 KB, 790x1117, Screenshot_20220427-001857_Twi…)

Someone from here reached out and asked me to share my story. I've attached the image of the original message that was sent to me, keeping anonymity of the sender but they can verify that yes they did reach out to me and yes, it's me. My message was too long for DMs so hopefully it works here? We'll see. I'm not really too comfortable sticking around here, but I guess I've already painted a target on my back. I guess reach out to me on Twitter since my identity is known in case you need verification…
So here's what I intended to send, verbatim:

She's gonna know it's me because our history is pretty specific, but that's okay. Whatever she has to say to me she can say. It isn't like I haven't heard it already.
Anyway, I'm Margo. I've been a part of the online FF community for about fourteen years. I've been on Twitter specifically since 2016. I don't know if I'd consider myself a veteran or not but I've definitely spent the most time in this fandom.

Gosh, I don't know where to begin, but I'll try to be thorough. Some things are hazy because I do have memory issues but I will try my best!!
Approx 2017 (hard to recall exactly when but I'm pretty sure it was 2017) was when I first encountered her. I joined Aniroleplay on a whim and had integrated into a Final Fantasy roleplay group there. Since ani is particular about the content they allow on site quite a few of us shared Discord servers where we could play by our own rules and chat in a more comfortable environment.

We were in mutual servers and you can guess what she primarily posted about…wanting a Sephiroth, looking for a roleplay partner, etc. and nobody was really willing to provide because she had run through the site's offerings at the time. I didn't like the vibe so I left those servers (this is important, because she liked to say I was banned even though I left on my own and I'm still on very good terms with the AniRP crowd.) My interactions with her were mostly positive at first even though I really didn't necessarily understand her fixation on Sephiroth/Genesis. But I parted ways amicably with the groups and Aniroleplay as a whole.

It slipped from my mind for a while because I have multiple interest groups. I founded my own roleplay group, was still working full time, training horses, had side hobbies. It was around Feb 2018 I learned I had a non cancerous brain tumor. Again this will be important later on because she tried to bully me about this.

Some time passes. May-June 2018 was when Sera popped up on Twitter. She had a very public feud with a user named Bri who was using a Morrigan account at the time and I still think she has a Morrigan…feud was about (you guessed it) Bri's friend who roleplayed a Sephiroth and she came to support her friend and tell Sera off. She publicly told Bri to kill herself and this quickly made its rounds through Twitter.

She reached out to try to follow me here because she recognized my character and I honestly ghosted her because I was really unsettled. In retrospect I should have faced her but what do you do in those situations? I truly hate conflict. My response to her pushing my buttons was to ghost her and eventually block her. At the same time I had a Sephiroth roleplayer who was interested in my character. This is the Sephiroth would later go on to pair with Hyde's character, as the three of us were friends and I'm still friends with them even if we don't speak as much. There's never been bad blood between us for what happened then because it's all in character and all in good fun.

I also learned at this time that I would be going through surgery on my tumor in September. It's kind of a scary thing, so I decided I wanted to have a Twitter party because I didn't know what life was going to be like for me after. It had grown and my quality of life diminished rather rapidly because of the changes. I wanted to do something I enjoyed because I had lost so much already. So I organized a Twitter event.

It gained traction somehow. I really don't know why it did, but more and more people participated. We even had the event hashtag trending for a short while. How this concerns Sera is that she actively tried to undermine me and sabotage things because of her jealousy about the whole ship thing. She saw me as competition and didn't understand why I had been avoiding her. I was very weak emotionally at the time, and didn't feel like I could stand up to her. To a degree I really don't feel like I could because that's just not the kind of person I am.

She said some very horrible things about me at the time. I can understand frustration with my avoidance, but I was going through so much. I guess it isn't an excuse for how I handled things. But I really think she went too far, especially wishing death on me…over what, a ship? I never had anything cross to say about her beyond her unprovoked attacks. Sometimes I get frustrated with people and do say some hurtful things but I never really said much about her until she came after me. I don't recall ever speaking negatively of her. Maybe I did do something that I'm not able to remember. I wish I knew what I did wrong.

I didn't end up pairing my character with the Sephiroth she wanted in the end anyway. We played up the whole love triangle dynamic in character, sure. I tell stories, I'm not looking for an e-hookup. I write NSFW stuff too but that's something very separate from myself as a person. As much as I wish I was my OC sometimes, I know I'm not her. She was my anchor during some of the hardest things I've ever had to go through and adventuring as her kept me from a very dark place. I expressed myself through my characters in ways that made me feel fulfilled and happy. But I've always known there's a line between real life and roleplay.

Sera has called me a slut, she's called me jealous, she's called me many things. I don't know where or why that hatred came from or if it really was over the shipping thing. Maybe I did do something wrong. I don't know anymore, and sometimes I don't think she knows. She's come up with things that I know aren't true and I know she knows they aren't because her focus has never been on the person behind the screen. She blends reality and fiction and finds her truth somewhere in between.

When I did get that surgery I was dreading, I did almost die on the operating table. I hemorrhaged terribly, losing half the blood in my body and have lasting issues because of it. My dad died in a hospital waiting room from a hemorrhage of the brain and that could have been me too. What she said to me did come to mind because she liked to go between hoping I'd die and saying I was faking it. I really wish I could say I faked it all but I'm still struggling with my health. I don't think I'll ever be the same. I'm not bitter about it, and I didn't bring it up. I don't like talking about what happened in that operating room because the emotional trauma was just as bad as the physical trauma because I was awake when it happened. They keep you awake for parts of the surgery they did on me to ensure that they weren't damaging anything that would have lasting effects.

That experience changed me, and in a way it helped me to let go of a considerable amount of resentment I held. I also realized that I could let go of the hurt she had caused. So I did.

Years passed and she continued to come after me, but she had a deeper grudge with Hyde or anyone else that stood in her way. Eventually she left me alone but always had something to say about me if someone asked. Another roleplayer that I met when I first got into FF told me that he knew Sera and she spoke ill of me to him. It was something I laughed about because really….why even mention it? I wasn't actively seeking her out and to my knowledge she wasn't seeking me out.

Last year I tried to give her a second chance. I wanted to believe that she could change. Now here's where things get controversial because I still hold the firm belief that while she was trying to make amends she was provoked. She made a number of bad decisions, yes. But there were people actively sabotaging her and in turn it caused her to lash out. I told her this too, and I tried my best to hold on until I couldn't. Her racist remarks were the final nail in the coffin.

But she also had unreasonable demands of people. Everyone has their right to curate their space. You can't just force someone to unblock you and be your friend or roleplay with you or whatever her expectations were. I hoped that she would accept that but she never did. Some things were beyond repair and that's just how it is. Even if everyone is on good terms, roleplay is a hobby. There aren't expectations. People can say no just as easily as they can say yes. Forcing someone to do something where they aren't happy isn't worth it. This is something I hope she learns to understand, and I genuinely hope that she does find someone who she can click with and find that happiness with.

To this day I've never asked for an apology or expected one from her. I don't really need one. I've made many poor choices and I'm certainly not without flaws. I've treated people unfairly and I've burned a fair share of bridges. What I've learned is sometimes it's best to just let things go when there's no repairing it. It's painful and you'll always have regrets but this pain is easier to endure than the pain that comes with trying to make something work that just isn't meant to be.

I don't think I can help her, either. I can't fix things and I can't give her what she's looking for. I hate to come to "drama sites" but this has gone on for so long. We're all tired. If she hates me more for this I'm okay with that. I've made the decision to share my story and that's something I'll have to personally atone for should I face consequences for sharing what I've endured. In truth I've never really elaborated on it all because I've been ashamed. I've always felt like I could've done better for myself, or for her. I've tried to put the pieces together to see if I really did do something horribly wrong but I can't seem to figure it out.

I don't know if I've got anymore to say on the matter, but I've tried to be as complete as possible. I unfortunately don't have much in terms of screenshots myself but other people documented parts of her abuse towards me. I really didn't have it in me to be the one keeping up. Sometimes I felt like I deserved it.

I do wish her well, genuinely. It might not seem like it but I do. I hope that she can look at all of this and choose to do better for herself because she deserves it. It doesn't need to end like this.

No. 1512850

The fact Rachel came after you and Hyde for nothing all over a fucking hobby and a fictional character for whatever reasons is appalling. I feel bad for you and Hyde. Rachel is unhinged all over sephiroth.

No. 1512858

She’s still ranting about Hyde :/

She needs to learn how to let go of her obsessions

No. 1512864

You probably did nothing wrong really. Her spite over fiction not going how she wants and her unhinged ability to attack anyone who even slightly tilts in the direction of disagreeing with her are never justified. This girl is straight up psychotic. You've been through enough irl, and no one should have to deal with the bullshit Bertha vomits. She has no friends for a reason.

No. 1512872

this honestly makes me so sad

rachel has deeply affected so many people and doesnt even care to admit it due to her own selfishness
its too late now but if she had gotten help (therapy/psychiatry) she wouldnt had hurt so many people as she did
im really hoping that she considers getting someday even if it means she doesnt get what she wants because it would show some sense of selflessness and finally stop this cycle of fucked up abuse and harassment

im so sorry for everything you had to go through with her on top of dealing with incredibly stressful life situations
ive hardly interacted with you (i was the parody account owner) but ive noticed that you were very patient and kind regarding her i saw your tweets about how you think she could change for the better and it really says so much about you to feel that way despite everything shes done
we will truly never know whether you did something to her or not she is not a rational person and would rather tear people down than be open and honest hell i dont even think she has it in herself to be honest about confronting people if theyve done anything to hurt her shed most likely twist and manipulate things in her favor
i hope everything goes well for you and that she doesnt bother you margo please continue to live your life as peacefully as possible

No. 1512877


Rachel's thread is now live on Kiwifarms, viewable in Beauty Parlor.

No. 1512888


No. 1512892

Couldn't have come at a better time, really. Funny how things work like that.

No. 1512916

File: 1651047606719.jpg (177.44 KB, 1031x1185, snowballeffect.jpg)

And the ball continues to roll.
Her alt has been restricted.

No. 1512922

File: 1651047976937.jpeg (401.66 KB, 1284x1301, 6B2FD549-DB70-41CF-8E56-9B1332…)

new account she was stupid enough to follow her main

No. 1512930

File: 1651048215551.jpeg (254.79 KB, 1284x1055, A51CC2A4-2F0C-49BB-AC02-2A8C47…)

holy shit lmfao

No. 1512934

File: 1651048329607.jpg (118.63 KB, 1079x966, recordspeed.jpg)

100% completion "suspended from elon musks twitter" record holding speedrun

No. 1512953

File: 1651049497483.jpg (113.94 KB, 1079x784, oof.jpg)

Another one.

No. 1513051

They thought she was pretty enough to put her in the beauty parlor, which is more than can be said for Fatty Patty

No. 1513055

She’ll just continue to keep hurting people if you continue harassing her, that’s just it. She isn’t going anywhere. If anything, you’re just making things worse for everyone else.

No. 1513057

If you wanted her to change you could have just contacted her in private. That’s the issue with these people, making these disgusting “parody” accounts and scaring everyone more than the real thing. We watched and saw as you got blocked by pretty much everyone you tried to follow and promptly suspended within 3 days. God bless Twitter.

No. 1513061

She isn’t as unhinged as you are. You claim she can’t differentiate between reality and fiction, but you can’t. She knows her favorite characters aren’t real. She’s even ripped on them on a regular basis because that’s what normal people do, they rip on the things they like for fun. You take it serious.

If you want her to get therapy and psychiatric help, then you will have to find a way to contact her directly and pay out of your own pocket. She’s more than willing to accept help from others when offered, but she isn’t going to pay for something she doesn’t need.

I swear every time I try to reason with you people. You insist she has no friends, but I’m her friend. So what if I’m a white knight? At least I don’t spread misinformation like you.

No. 1513062

First off if you are still around to read this thank you and you sound like a good person. Try not to beat yourself up over this. It doesn't sound like you've done anything wrong, just ran into a toxic person.

What is it with Rachel a-logging cancer patients though? The whole making up stories about Jennifer's death + her high school bully Brian and now this woman. That's a pattern. I wonder if there's some reason for it.

No. 1513066

She never made it up though. She never said they died, she said she thought they died because they fell out of contact. She loves her friend and despite having fallen out of contact, they love each other.

No. 1513077

Rachel your lies keep failing and that’s so much bullshit of the “you should have reached out in private”
Hasn’t people already done this to you several times and you shit on in and continue to harass several people? Just move on and understand when people say no. No means no.

No. 1513080

She isn’t here. And no, nobody has reached out to her in private.

No. 1513081

Please stop white knighting for yourself. No person with a brain cell will after all the bullshit you’ve pulled throughout the years.

No. 1513087

Love that our gorl the true Fatty Patty and her "white knight(s)" (which we all know are her) moves the goalposts once her story begins to fall apart.

Then there's the matter of her completely ignoring things that hit a bullseye in her flawed narcissistic logic.
>If I don't acknowledge it, it doesn't exist.
She truly believes the world revolves around her.

No. 1513090

In case people are new to the thread and don't know the Jennifer saga

> nonnies misinterpreted something on an old fb to say Jennifer was a TiM

> Rachel corrects this and says Jennifer is dead
> someone had already found Jennifer's fb
> its friends with Rachel's old fb
> Rachel says I can't access that anymore so didn't see Jennifer is alive and kicking
> nonnies post more stuff from the fb
> Rachel proves she can access it by deleting it lol

But more to the point why would you assume your friend died based off not hearing from her? How narcissistic do you have to be to think the only reason she wouldn't contact you is because she was dead??? And now Rachel has the nerve to say they're still close somehow?

What about Brian? Rachel was gloating he was paralyzed in a wheelchair and deserved it for bullying her in high school. Brian looks like a junkie but he's not in a wheelchair but he beat brain cancer.

Rachel seems like the one who definitely be jealous that someone with a serious illness gets attention for it. That might be why she does this shit around cancer. I'm surprised she isn't a munchie or a faker besides.

No. 1513093


Anyone here who isn’t Fatty Patty Ines (that’s the only Fatty Patty here) is her white knight. You can’t just call everyone who disagrees with you a white knight.

How the fuck would I know? Ask her. You’re just trying to put words in her mouth. I know what she said, it was in one of the previous threads, and it wasn’t that.

No. 1513094

What I said in >>1513061 stands.

No. 1513098

Beauty Parlour hosts threads for people like Shane Dawson, Trisha Paytas, the tard babies (like you), motherfucking Kelly Ronahan and the legs she rubbed shit into until doctors cut them off, the malingerers, the infamous Moomookun who may only be slightly less narcissistic than you, Onision, and Oli London.

Glad to know you're happy to be among some of society's best.

No. 1513099

Lol imagine being so narcissistic and autistic at the same time that you think people are gonna believe that the Berthaguard are F5ing her thread for hours on hours. Did you sleep at all, Rachel? It's like 630am your time and you've been bullshitting around all night.

No. 1513101

If you really are another person, post a picture of your hand with a paper date/timestamp and lolcow.farm on the paper.
I bet you won't.

You don't need to dox yourself, find a clean background with nothing to identify yourself in said picture. Just your hand and the paper.

Do it and I'll shut up and never come back to this thread or KF.

No. 1513102

Rachel, don’t you have a job to get ready for? Or do you not have one because mommy and daddy finance your lifestyle and beastiality kinks.

No. 1513113

im not obligated to reach out to you nor am i responsible for you nobody is
if you keep harassing people thats your own fault because you were doing this before any of us knew of your existence
>We watched and saw as you got blocked by pretty much everyone you tried to follow and promptly suspended within 3 days.
yes because people thought i was you did you not understand that people dislike you so much that they avoid you at all costs???

>She’s even ripped on them on a regular basis because that’s what normal people do, they rip on the things they like for fun. You take it serious.
not everyone is like you or the same you lack any perspective to see that because youre a narcissist

>but she isn’t going to pay for something she doesn’t need

first off it should be within your personal interest to do anything for own self improvement
second it would literally benefit yourself to work on yourself and have any sort of fighting chance to be allowed in any fandom because the way you currently act is completely unacceptable and you know this
third after trying to constantly flex the amount of money you have and having rich parents do you seriously not have the money OR insurance to seek help? keep on lying i guess

>You insist she has no friends, but I’m her friend.

yeah you and all of your other personalities right

keep on lying boomer bertha

you are here because youre a terrible selfish liar that cant help but hurt people as a means to have control over them
you are the reason your thread is alive and well you were enough of a brat to demand it to be taken down and enough of an asshole to be racist after not being given what you want
you cant stop posting in here or supplying us with material with how prideful you are you think you could get us to just bow down to you when in reality if youd stop posting in here and just lay low in twitter this would have never gotten to this point and none of us would be here
you have hundreds and HUNDREDS of people who want nothing to do with you and that still isnt enough for you to realize that you are a piece of shit that will never amount to anything if you continue to live this way

multiple people have given you advice and you sit there with your arms crossed because you want us to be your parents and guide you and pay for your therapist
you are a grown woman you are nearly 30 and you need to learn to take care of yourself because once your parents die (as we all will eventually) you will not have your safety net or support system and you WILL fall down even more ive seen it plenty of times

tldr? you only have power over yourself not anyone else if you want to continue contributing to your thread then thats not our faults and i thank you for being a source of entertainment

No. 1513116

she followed margo jfc

No. 1513117

That's right Fatty Patty, run to the hills as soon as I ask for a hand pic.
That's the fastest you've moved in ages. Good for you.

No. 1513118

Lmao. I don’t have to prove anything to you. You’re just delusional that a beautiful woman such as Rachel would have more friends than you, Fatty Patty Ines.

I still can’t believe you tried to tell us that Ines wasn’t real, then Ines outed herself like 30 minutes later. What a fail.

Imagine thinking someone who doesn’t even own a single bad dragon dildo is a zoophile? You are beyond delusional. You must have popped your own cherry with a hairbrush handle or your bedpost. You are so unimaginative that you can’t conceive of using anything that isn’t shaped like a human cock. You’re gonna go absolutely fucking ballistic when you learn how buttplugs are shaped. Oh right, you only think sex is for the penis and the vagina for procreation.

Tl;dr not a boomer, she was born in 1994 so she is a millennial. Who she was raised by doesn’t change that.

What I said in >>1513061 stands.

No. 1513120

lmao pussy
Oh wait, let me say your name.

Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin, aka Bertha.

No. 1513121

Someone please tell the cow to go get some sleep. By how desperately she needs some beauty sleep, a coma would probably preferable though.

As an European idiot I'm not ready to witness this sperg in real time

No. 1513122

guess your thread stays boomer bertha

No. 1513123

She is trying to come up with new ocs to larp as in this thread, Caleb and Nick died since she didn't water them.

No. 1513124

File: 1651068111511.jpeg (488.42 KB, 1284x1607, 176F246A-8289-4936-BB16-B7A718…)

teeheehee(reporting cows to Twitter is cowtipping)

No. 1513129

My grandma always said you need to talk to them too..

No. 1513131

You also need to love them too. I was always told the plants can feel your vibe when you’re around them.

No. 1513135

Still can't believe Rachel is obsessing over Ines.
Ines doesn't even know you exist Rachel.

No. 1513140

That's exactly what my witchy gypsy grandma always told me too. I don't think Rachel has ever successfully kept a single plant alive.

No. 1513141

File: 1651069025391.jpg (7.35 KB, 201x251, stampede.jpg)

The cows are forming a herd and getting ready to stampede, nonnie. The Californian Sephiroth shipper, the Canadian Nazi, and the British Jew are combining forces to take down muh hot Lebanese lesbian who has nothing to do with any of this by the way but OK it's funny. It's not funny that some random girl is getting harassed tbh but it is funny that these retards are so grasping at straws they'll use that fake ass dox to try to smack us around with. (If I ever get faildoxed whoever I'm claimed to be better be pretty too or I'ma be mad.)

No. 1513143

File: 1651069272546.jpg (1.91 MB, 2736x3648, IMG_20220427_161110.jpg)

My pen ran out. Even an object doesn't want to be involved in this shit.

No. 1513151

File: 1651070336228.jpg (41.93 KB, 440x440, bertha_finger.jpg)

same hand or not? you be the judge.

No. 1513158

Ayrt, different nail beds at least,(do you truly believe Rachel can think about different time zones or dates or has an actual dog) but love the tinfoil and entertain it. I thought I'd do my part

Else, shitty writing, but my statement is right there, kek

No. 1513160

Anybody have a Bertha handwriting sample?

No. 1513164

I just meant to be funny while high, I apologise, I don't know how to prove I'm not fat fucking Bertha, kek

No. 1513166

tbh i take this shit with a grain of salt as she has a history of asking people for their pictures to use as herself

this person didnt put it against the wall to avoid being identified or recognized they even have their dog in the picture
something tells me that this person doesnt know that their picture is being used for this purpose because rachel didnt tell them

No. 1513170

I thought the timestamp picture was someone flexing on Rachel, not someone claiming to be her white knight but maybe I am terminally retarded. Or just tired.

Both are applicable. It is Wednesday my dudes and I am an unhappy frog.

No. 1513175

I'm simply actually that stupid. No online presence though and he's one cute dog. I do make fun of her with all that. She just seems so touchy.

No. 1513182

can you elaborate on why youre posting from the same set of devices that are linked to rachels then?
how can you say you have no online presence if you apparently know her from discord which anyone could identify you from if you share servers with her and people in this thread?

No. 1513185

She will only post something if it’s a flex. Hence the table incident. If she plays the “ I don’t have to” it’s because she knows she will be caught so she back peddles and try’s to find a way out of it. She’s always done that. She also will have people in a server make images for her but right now she’s lost even access to those servers.

No. 1513199

LOL what

No. 1513202

File: 1651074854550.gif (87.94 KB, 364x358, rachel_finger_trippy.gif)

Big Bertha flipping off the haydurs

No. 1513218

Hey Rachel, how's the love quest coming? Are you pregnant yet? Are your tits still leaking? Do you still have to wear a pad all the time to sop up your big soggy vagina?

No. 1513223

She’s growing a vegetable garden this year. I don’t know if it’s the right time to put anything in the soil yet though.

Posted some pretty wicked pictures of heirloom tomatoes and pumpkins she grew last year.

>>1513202 the fuck is that?

She already outed herself last thread.

No. We’re real fucking physical people. Just because we don’t say which of us is speaking, doesn’t mean we aren’t here.

No. 1513228

if you are then why wont you answer >>1513182 ?
you posted the pic whats the harm in answering a question?

No. 1513262

Are you seriously going to pretend to be the anon who was clearly making fun of you? Your life is so sad Rachel. The only person who "defends" you was on drugs making a dumb joke. You are completely and totally alone, and for good reason.

No. 1513263

I’ve known her for years on this one discord server. Idk why the fuck I’m showing as being on her device, but I challenge you to prove it.

Doesn’t matter if I post a picture. You won’t believe me.

No. 1513267

has she ever been banned from this server?

im giving you the benefit of the doubt by asking you questions instead of completely discrediting you with no acknowledgment do not take that for granted.

No. 1513278

>She already outed herself last thread.
please link to where this happened.

No. 1513289

I’ve known her for years on this one discord server. Idk why the fuck I’m showing as being on her device, but I challenge you to prove it.

Doesn’t matter if I post a picture. You won’t believe me.

No. 1513295

why did you post this twice?

also please respond to my last post here >>1513267

No. 1513302

I can't even read what this says.

No. 1513307

Looks like "what if [people?] prove they aren't Ines either" idk how we're supposed to do that lol but the idea that this is all one person who she's never interacted with (who's online 24/7!) is pretty funny

No. 1513315

Yeah, plus its been proven that the Ines dox was a faildox ( >>1505118 for anyone new who hasn't seen the screenshot) so if this new WK is real and not Rachel then Rachel has her looking stupid af repeating the Ines theory since Rachel has definitely seen that post.
Rachel just sticks to the Ines story because she needs someone to blame. She doesn't know who any of us are and that drives her crazy. At the end of the day though, she can cry Ines all she wants and aside from her blaming some innocent random girl, it doesn't effect any of us at all.

No. 1513334

It says “Now what if people prove they’re not Ines either?” Idfk what it says on the side.

Their penmanship is terrible.

No. 1513373

File: 1651086672685.jpeg (91.18 KB, 750x649, C83F66A0-8BD7-4D42-BD92-B737A8…)

You said you went to the cops for this during your tantrums a little while ago but honestly, actually insinuating that you have a shotgun, albeit knowing nothing about them, to use for assault with a firearm would be a much more compelling case for law enforcement than what was sent to you tbh…

No. 1513375

File: 1651086841408.jpeg (473.56 KB, 1284x1168, 8BAB3F5C-D497-4C2E-9F21-E5DFF9…)

interesting how she pops up after her “WK” disappears

No. 1513395

>You're fucked.
Lmao she's so fucking stupid, holy shit. Bertha, the cops dont care about people saying mean things about you on Twitter. However, they do care about grown adults being creepy towards children, making death threats, and stealing+posting pictures someone else's baby while talking about sexual things. Theres proof of you doing all of the above, and regardless of how much you try to say its photoshopped or whatever other excuse you screech, the cops will be able to determine that they're not photoshopped and if they need to they can get information from Discord, twitter, and anywhere else you've done this that will prove you're a liar.

No. 1513407

File: 1651088482809.jpg (643.73 KB, 972x2566, Screenshot_20220427-153940_Twi…)

does rachel just repeat things with no actual thought? nothing in her screenshot could be construed as fatshaming

No. 1513408

Rachel, calling someone Bertha isn’t fat shaming you dumb broad. Calling you by a different name is just rude, not fat shaming lmao.

No. 1513409

imagine being FAT in 2022

No. 1513415

Imagine acting like you didn't fat shame Ines and call us all "Fatty Patty" countless times.

No. 1513431

File: 1651089514810.png (501.3 KB, 828x1792, A9FA422F-CACD-4359-B09C-824C42…)

Someone on KF recognized Rachel from a discord server 2 years ago. There are a lot more receipts in their post but here was another call out: of course she lewds with minors

No. 1513444

File: 1651090791776.jpg (558.54 KB, 3465x3465, fattypatty.jpg)

No. 1513458

You know what I find interesting? She started up her sycophantic rambling about Ines while her and her totally real WKs conveniently ignored that Margo post. Maybe she's acting like a schizo to try to bury it.

The silence can be taken as validation because if there was anything refutable she would've come back swinging.

Inb4 Bertha comes back with some bullshit she faked to validate her harassing someone who had a brain tumor

No. 1513482

Why does she always default to Ines when called out? It’s ridiculous. That hand proof photo is her. The writing it says everything

No. 1513502

The anon playing dumb when asked about using the same devices has me rolling….it's SO EASY to prove you aren't but because you ARE Rachel you know you can't. When you can't avoid something altogether you play meek and dumb and once someone has lowered their guard you attack.

That won't work here Fatty Patty. All your tricks are known and you're too dumb to learn anything new besides saying nigger and getting yourself banned from Valhalla.

No. 1513527

File: 1651096278586.jpg (148.19 KB, 1080x450, boing.jpg)

Pedophile and zoophile Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin is upset that the world is aware of her predatory nature.
It isn't invalidating when it's true.

No. 1513534

File: 1651096715468.jpeg (136.26 KB, 750x806, E548A8F5-C029-41A3-A941-9887A4…)

Rachel, there’s proof of this. Why are you denying it

No. 1513539

>It was just a joke bro, I'm only ironically acting like a pedophile

No. 1513542

File: 1651097302597.jpeg (203.54 KB, 750x990, 7E628E0D-1CD4-4AEA-BBF4-59B0FE…)

The police by now have marked you down as a drama queen if you’ve been going to them wit go trivial shit over the past two years which is why they don’t fucking care and I am absolutely sure you’re editing the truth to fit your narrative.

No. 1513568

didnt she deny having the role?

No. 1513574

File: 1651099587735.png (597.38 KB, 949x1761, 220427.png)

No. 1513583

Not sure about the role, but she did say that if a minor came up to her asking for sex toys, she absolutely would purchase them one

No. 1513588

File: 1651100678193.jpeg (974.78 KB, 1284x1744, C1F1700D-F9AB-4D7E-8E0C-CC8A40…)

why is she denying catfishing when theres literal proof of her doing it…?

hm ok i think she mentioned that a few threads back so ill look into it later

No. 1513595

samefag but you know at this point im taking everything she says with a grain of salt considering that she denied up and down that she wasnt tayuubarbie only to finally admit it recently

No. 1513596

The people who are like "Oh I've contacted the police" or "Oh I'm gonna call her mom" but really haven't are real fucking annoying too. Don't say shit like that unless you intend to follow through otherwise Fatty Patty is going to think she's untouchable and continue to huff her own farts.

Every person who makes a half ass statement is just encouraging her. Either do it and don't post about it, or don't talk about it at all. God these people are fucking annoying too.

If they're gonna pretend they can put themselves with their cow because it's the same energy.

No. 1513606

rachel what the fuck are you talking about?
schizo scrawlings

No. 1513610

God she is so full of herself. I've never seen a fatty with this big of an ego. How do you look at yourself in the mirror and think you're making good choices about your appearance when you look the way you do and then go to call other people fat and ugly?

No. 1513613

holy shit I figured it out
so shes obviously notorious for catfishing and the way she gets people to give her pictures for cat fishing is by lying about her situation

EX: when she used a minors photo: she lied about her situation she made it seem like her safety was endangered
so my guess is that this IS another person but she lied to them about what it was for
notice how it says “either”

she probably told this person “i need help these people think im x and theyre accusing other people of being x too” and didnt tell him (very obviously man hands) where it was going to be used
the person (aka rachels other personality) said they have no online presence typically these people avoid conflict and like their privacy so why would they post any sort of identifying information (the photo) on a drama website? they didnt try to hide anything in that photo even though an anon suggested it for their own safety

secondly shes claimed this person is married
if thats true then he might be one of those couples who probably wants a kid in the future
so why the fuck would a husband and potential future father go into graphic detail about raping a child and THEN post identifying shit like a picture
if that was me i would absolutely avoid any accountability at all costs by doing my damnedest to make sure none of this is linked back to me

those are the main things there obviously a lot of other smaller shit that i could point out but it doesnt matter as much as these points

No. 1513624

What I don't understand is why anyone would look at this thread and decide they'd want to help Fatty Patty. Because you know even if Rachel didn't show them the thread it wouldn't be hard to find it. It's one of the top results for searching her full name or even Sera Rosier

No. 1513640

thats the thing i dont think they DO know about this situation just like how the minors didnt know about her situation when she was asking them for selfies to catfish with

yeah youre right they could look her up but shes gone by so many names online and rarely gives out her real name

i truly dont think that this guy knows about this thread and if he does know about it i dont think he knows everything

No. 1513646

File: 1651105742059.png (141.19 KB, 540x607, mods saying no.png)

This conversation went on for a while, and she ended up bugging me for months afterward. I had to put the server on lockdown. Eventually, I deleted it because I ended up losing my muse for Final Fantasy. (Other issues popped up, not related to Bertha)

When she joined, she was SUPER defensive about everything and refused to give her aniroleplay profile when the ruleset had it as a requirement to participate in the server.

If you read Anirps ToS, the minimum age requirement to join is you have to be 13+. There are minors on the website, and I wanted to adhere to that and make sure there were no NSFW topics, conversations or sections in the server.

She was VERY pushy in vent talking about Zack, Hyde and Margo and gave attitude when I told her that there would be no NSFW channels. She actually got into a fight with me, the other mods, and some of the members when we all agreed that it would be very uncomfortable for all of us given that there are minors on-site and minors on the server. She actually tried to push one of the mods to write the erotica shit with her, given he was writing Sephiroth at the time.

She actually linked FairsInfo in the vent chat and I went and investigated on my own and found way too much evidence against her. The blatant homophobia, pick me and racism said enough to me and she was banned.

I don't understand how and why she thinks that what she is doing is okay. I've known people with autism. All over the spectrum and none of them act the way she does.

No. 1513648

It’s sad and pathetic how she doesn’t understand that autism doesn’t give you a pass to be an asshole to everyone and anyone for any reason.

She’s so toxic and she will continue playing victim because that’s her comfort zone and makes her happy.

No. 1513656

File: 1651106674635.jpeg (636.58 KB, 1284x1673, 2AFCB87D-8DEE-4C80-8196-6C6896…)

No. 1513665

She solicits sex rp on aniroleplay despite it being against TOS and with minors on the site…

No. 1513702

I still don't understand why she hates Margo so much. Is it because people genuinely care about her? That's the difference between being kind to others and treating people based on how useful they are to you I guess.

No. 1513704

I've talked to the admin of the website since we ended up collaborating on banning a pedophile that was running rampant throughout. It's against ToS to publicly state that you're there for erotica. Something about their googlesense ads, etc.

I know people onsite will ship and write erotica with one another, but it's on the basis of consent. There are crazy weirdos, but that's expected with hobbies that can enable asspie behavior. There are discord servers that other verses make that explicitly state that it's 18+ (Because of explicit themes that are included such as trauma, drugs, mention of sex, etc) but I know a few of the owners and they're pretty vigilant on keeping minors out.

But in regards to Bertha and when I was running the FF server, there were minors present, and we wanted to be a community hub. That didn't matter to /her/ though and called the mod team, "poor at handling their jobs" because we didn't want to constantly filter NSFW bullshit that she'd inevitably post.

It honestly sucks, because I've been writing and roleplaying since I was quite young. It was an outlet from pretty strict parents, bullies, and when anime and manga weren't "mainstream". It was an escape for me due to a lot of home life and school issues. People like her make me ashamed that I still partake in this hobby. I promise that we're not all like her and that a lot of us actually hold respectable jobs.

No. 1513748

I just spent the last couple hours sorting screenshots from the past threads into sections on a post on KF to try to make them easier for people to find certain ones. I only grabbed the more important ones from the threads before this one, and if I've missed any feel free to let me know on here or there. Hope it can be helpful when she's lying about stuff theres proof for.

No. 1513757

File: 1651113985046.jpg (126.35 KB, 1611x933, _wUexbvw.jpg_large.jpg)


No. 1513776

That’s not even a corset. It doesn’t have the structure for one and is lacking structural boning and isn’t holding her in at all like a corset should. The seams are screaming for sweet release because it’s made improperly. How can you even call that a corset. If anything it barely qualifies as a waist cincher.

No. 1513780

is that a wart on her hand

No. 1513783

File: 1651116047426.jpg (360.01 KB, 1164x1080, Kiwigross.jpg)

Rachel now has a "Gross" tag.

Also, if anyone here is looking to join KF and needs a username suggestion I endorse the use of Fatty Patty

No. 1513789

It looks like shapewear on her if that is a “corset” at all..

No. 1513792

I read the new posts and gods that was tmi. How has ole girl never heard of landscaping? And no one needs to hear about your imaginary sex life, like bitch.. it look like no one asked.

No. 1513798

Rachel, none of your simps are online when you're offline.

No. 1513803

File: 1651117893094.jpeg (151.56 KB, 1284x2044, pedo1.jpeg)

No. 1513805

File: 1651118000055.jpeg (145.96 KB, 1284x1758, pedo2.jpeg)


No. 1513845

File: 1651123791393.jpg (400.99 KB, 1080x1343, deathfat.jpg)

Rachel called DBS a Nazi because DBS wished her thread made it to deathfats, too funny!

No. 1513849

Does she think BP means body positivity? It’s beauty parlor. Has nothing to do with beauty at all. It’s just a catch all for people on social media.

How can she be this dumb and think she’s smart?

No. 1513853

File: 1651124225146.jpeg (63.2 KB, 750x480, 087895DB-3192-4C96-9A37-AF2B51…)

Speaking of intelligence, she tweeted this in response to a meme lol. Ole girl is really reaching, eh?

No. 1513858

LMAO! I just realized that, oh my god what an idiot! That makes it even more hilarious.

No. 1513859

Don't you know that harassing people to unblock you on twitter is a true sign of happiness, anon? kek

No. 1513860

I thought begging people for cybersex where they pretend to be Sephiroth is the sign of 200+ IQ

No. 1513861

File: 1651124514506.jpeg (191.9 KB, 750x1035, 8C4BBFEE-1D9E-4124-A6A9-63BD98…)

Welll…… not you threatening plenty of people first, girlie. And that was not a threat to your mama. Not even any kind of insinuation towards it

No. 1513862

File: 1651124719013.jpeg (167.14 KB, 750x1012, 2EE51A18-3593-489A-93AD-F7DDA2…)

Lol, yeah, this is the way to make friends with other Sephiroth stans, blow shit out of proportion and cry wolf when some imagined slight happens.

No. 1513864

Rachel thinks she can gatekeep who stays in the roleplay community when she can't even get a single person to roleplay with her.

No. 1513865

You know, it’s kind of telling that she immediately jumped to “body positivity” without even fucking looking at the subcategory her thread is in.

Projection much?

No. 1513867

She wishes it was about body positivity. Nobody cares about her flaunting her gunt, nor are we trying to stop her. That's what she can't wrap her head around.

She makes it easy for people to laugh about her weight because she likes to market herself as something men can't resist.

No. 1513868

File: 1651125247825.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x1574, 3B69E835-9BAD-433C-88F1-D49303…)

No. 1513871

As if she has any say in who can and can’t roleplay on Twitter. She an outcast that have been shunned by everyone but cat blogs who follow back because they follow everyone that follows them.

No. 1513873

File: 1651125801445.jpg (94.18 KB, 1620x1631, OT3cBS_y.jpg_large.jpg)

What sort of person with a healthy sex life goes through toys like that?

No. 1513874

It’s either she uses them too much to the point of wearing it out cause she doesn’t actually get any (most likely) or she’s a dumbass and isn’t using them properly.

No. 1513875

File: 1651126228506.jpeg (428.83 KB, 1284x702, A07A5E85-C145-419B-BB1A-F8C01A…)


No. 1513876

why not both?

No. 1513877

File: 1651126324932.png (3.81 MB, 1523x1522, E0756BCC-0975-47C2-A8B0-DD3357…)

I searched the person who made that and it seems they are not really good at construction at all. I mean they are fine for aesthetics but they are a far cry from proper function corsets. Doesn’t look like they use the right type of fabric and proper cut lining. I don’t thing there is any stabilizer in the corsets. I can tell they are using cheap boning and the lack of a busk makes the belly sit really odd in the corset since it’s not being held by supportive fabric.

The maker has pictures of several people of various sizes wearing it. It really doesn’t look good in any one. But then someone with a actual gunt it would just look like over stuffed sausage.

No. 1513879

I would say both. She also probably buy cheap crap from Amazon instead of looking for something made to last. I would put money on it she doesn’t wash them properly after use and uses baby oil as lube.

No. 1513884

She can afford that cheugy little table but can't afford to do better with her sex toys. For someone who feels she can educate others, she really fails the basics huh

No. 1513917

File: 1651132428962.jpg (438.28 KB, 809x1622, no1curr.jpg)

Alright I'm gonna post some interesting things before I fuck off for the evening.

First off, crazy bitch telling people who don't care and didn't ask about shit that has been said on her thread. It's almost like she wants more people to know how sick of an individual she is.

The furries don't want you either, Rachel.

No. 1513918

File: 1651132513684.jpg (364.39 KB, 1079x1352, sephirots.jpg)

She makes EVERYTHING about her. I have never met a person who acts like the main character more than this bitch.

I reiterate…nobody cares. You're so obsessed, Rachel.

No. 1513922

File: 1651132588510.jpg (279.19 KB, 809x1156, dumber.jpg)

But she still has to have her little tard shitfit since this guy isn't leaving like she wants him to.

No. 1513926

File: 1651132802013.jpg (343.94 KB, 1017x1376, crabsprobably.jpg)

Rachel you're the only one dragging children into your conversation about your nasty bush. Nobody cares if you shave or don't, they don't wanna hear about it but you feel the need to share intimate details about your life with literal strangers since you crave the attention.

I promise you that nobody cares and nobody will care. Learn to have some decency.

No. 1513930

File: 1651132983951.jpg (311.94 KB, 1080x1009, suddenlyjewish.jpg)

You're adopted and you only pull the Jewish card when you wanna pretend to be a minority. You are as white vanilla as they come, as bland and tasteless and without a sense of culture so you rip off of Japanese and Black culture while shitting on both cultures respectively.

You wouldn't last in a fight. You don't know how to fight. Every conflict you've been in, you've run to tattle instead of fighting back and made someone else fix your problem. You sure aren't going to threaten violence now and expect to do something, are you? We know you won't.
You can't even fight your own battles here so you pretend to WK for yourself.

No. 1513959

File: 1651138651024.gif (1.32 MB, 445x250, B798CC2A-6746-442B-8092-901D82…)

FR no one cares what you have down there as long as it’s clean. But always making a point to talk about it like it’s some feminist badge of pride or something is what makes people mock her for being hairy. I don’t know what she doesn’t get about it. The only reason people mock her for her appearance and grooming choices is because it’s low hanging fruit you grab when you already posting something actually worthy. Appearance isn’t the whole thing people make fun of you Bertha. It’s your whole mentality and how you conduct yourself around others. Appearance just is bonus points because it makes you ass mad and throw sperg fits.

And no one asked about your kinks either. No one cares about your kinks. You just like talking about them to anyone with an ear like they will give you a medal for it. You’re like FF‘s vegan skit personified.

No. 1513996

Why the hell does she have to bring sex into everything as a tool in her deflection kit? This is literally why people tell her she’s disgusting. She is COMPELLED to do it.

No. 1513997

File: 1651145850227.jpeg (175.22 KB, 750x1054, B44547A8-CFF7-4693-B7CE-63FB2E…)

No. 1514002

So which one are you Rachel, culturally Jewish or white as they come?

No one would be grossed out by your lack of shaving/waxing if you didn’t fucking throw in your supposed hypersexuality in every few minutes. And you always have to throw in you “just had sex” whenever someone comments on your supposed sexuality. For someone who supposedly has so much sex, you have a lot of time to tweet out bullshit unless you’re tweeting while having it which is quite rude tbf lmao.

People who are actually hypersexual don’t do this tomfoolery because they know not to be so one dimensional which is why you’re a laughing stock.

No. 1514026

Newfriend, please click on the number of the post you are replying to. It will automatically populate in the textbox. Leave it at the top and type your reply underneath.

No. 1514031

File: 1651151051048.png (40.85 KB, 587x328, surebertha.png)

i'm not sure sometimes if she knows what's said about her is true but wants to stick it to the trolls or is in pure autistic denial, the more i see of her the more i think it's the latter.
the fact she publicly talks about her pubic hair and dildos tells me she's online all the time and doesn't socialize much. as well as her sometimes awkward, weird phrasing.

No. 1514036

She’s got no social skills. Someone with social skills would be able to read a room and know when something said isn’t appropriate. She’s raised by boomers and has adopted their boomer personalities with her autism.

I wouldn’t even be shocked if she had the same diagnosis the amber heard has. Histrionic disorder or what ever with BPD. It would explain her extreme narcissism and self importance while also being extremely obsessed with others attention.

No. 1514044

File: 1651152146746.jpg (61.12 KB, 491x276, shirtless_mike_nsdap.jpg)

She's Jewish enough to collaborate with an actual unironic Nazi because the same person was involved in making their KF threads, is how Jewish she is. picrel.

No. 1514049

You got her attention nonny.
Its funny how fixated she is on the pubic hair thing. No one cares that you have a hairy muff, in fact I'd wager a fair amount of farmers also don't shave.

No. 1514051

File: 1651152758422.jpg (305.18 KB, 1080x1525, 20220428_093046.jpg)

damn it, dropped my screenshot

No. 1514063

good point about the elderly parents, that's the vibe i get also.
rachel… posting that on your public twitter is not a good look… i'm getting second hand embarrassment lmao
i think she thinks she's owning us by being feminist and liberated and unapologetic…

No. 1514064

Lmao bitch is pressed. I love how she doesn’t get it’s not about the hair. It’s about how gross she is with shoving how “sexual” she is down everyone’s throat and how she thinks it’s a win but keeps churning out L after L

No. 1514066

You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s permanently stuck at her dead end job because sure as hell no employer worth a damn who did their homework would want someone like this representing their company.

No. 1514070

Who cares? She makes nearly 6 digits anyhow. She’s said she loves her job. If she’s happy and it pays well, it’s not a dead end job. The goal isn’t to become Bill Gates levels of rich.

No. 1514072

the only people who are uncomfortable with it are you tho, and your thoughts and feelings on it don’t matter since you’re radfems and cis

No. 1514073

>cis radfems
based af honestly

No. 1514074

i for sure wish i was enough of a Chadette to make nearly 6 figures with the prestige of a university job so i could afford pink resin coffee tables and rainbow dildos to use with my multiple boyfriends

No. 1514082

pretty sure it's not just a dead-end job but a "sheltered work environment" for tards

No. 1514083

Rachel. You make 33k a year. That’s minimum wage. You have a useless community college degree and work at a Ivy League college bookstore that is public access and sells novelty items for tourists. You don’t drive. You don’t have a drivers license and you’re horribly alone with your dirty ass sheets and you’re tacky ass table.

No. 1514086

Not a radfem and not straight either. Married to another woman and no not scared of oral like you. Try it sometime, you might like it.

No. 1514089

File: 1651154607270.png (17.13 KB, 566x146, 1462753899300.png)

Sephiroth could never do that to you because he is with his true love Ines as was already proven. you seriously need to get over him

No. 1514093

Six digits at what was previously confirmed to be a bookstore at Stanford? Don’t make me laugh. That’s a step above minimum wage if you’re not a lowly cashier. Unless you somehow got a better paying job, which I highly doubt, 6 figures is hard to believe. Knowing how companies these days search you up to see your online presence and your names is attached to this thread and the one at KF, fat chance of getting hired anywhere else.

But you do booboo, live ya life girl. Live the delusional dream! Best skedaddle on now, you should be getting your sleep or getting ready to work and show us plebs how we should be doing it lel

No. 1514098

I think she only sleeps like 4-5 hours a day before she goes to her minimum wage job. Then when she’s off she takes a 2 hour nap and starts shit posting all night. I have watched her Twitter posts and saw the pattern.

No. 1514111

File: 1651156265088.jpg (37.55 KB, 346x346, ines_btfo_bertha.jpg)

No. 1514115

>nearly 6 digits
you’re telling me Rachel makes $90k per year as a part-time cashier?

No. 1514121

Rachel you don't have a boyfriend and have never had sex. Don't kid yourself because you're mad.

No1curr about your bush but you like to pretend it's an issue. It's just nasty because you force these things upon people who literally didn't ask you.

Also, you're white trash. Cope and seethe.

No. 1514142

File: 1651158761729.jpg (458.55 KB, 1080x1819, femcelgrindset.jpg)

You know what I find funny? Let's say you did have a boyfriend. The fact that you'd be selfish enough to imply you'd bring a child into the world on your minimum wage job with the first dude willing to blow a load in you.

You know you'd be forcing your elderly parents to care for your crotch goblin because you'd rather erp with someone pretending to be Sephiroth instead of caring for a child.

With your stellar ability to judge others, you'd pick a partner that would definitely abuse or kill your child too and you wouldn't care about it because you're that much of a narcissist. If it kept him around you'd let it happen.

But go ahead, tell random people about how we think you're a femcel. You are, yet you lie to yourself and everyone around you. You're still a virgin. You hate children. You'd be jealous enough to harm a child. You've even admitted to that.

But sure, pretend. You should stick to roleplay because at least you can make the baby disappear when it's convenient for you without hurting a living, breathing child.

No. 1514148

File: 1651159430895.jpeg (130.12 KB, 750x752, EF98650F-E9DE-43F7-B46F-B58D29…)

Speaking of her hating children… she retweeted this gem.

Rachel, stay child free if you’re gonna be retweeting this kind of thing. If you think children are exhausting, there’s no way in hell you’d be able to deal with child rearing, let alone pregnancy.

No. 1514159

I think she equates pregnancy with a way to trap a man. What an ignorant mindset to be in.

No. 1514212

we have a runner-up for female CWC, complete with autism, wantonly volunteering gross intimate details topped with random capitalization

No. 1514232

File: 1651165216398.jpg (12.81 KB, 148x215, FaceApp_1651165108508.jpg)

LOL if you put her in the face sex changer it barely changes it when its to a man and considerably more for a woman, picrel.

No. 1514235

File: 1651165238545.jpg (12.97 KB, 146x215, FaceApp_1651165102615.jpg)

And the male one

No. 1514253

wow, the male picture is so similar i thought you ran the first pic into a beauty filter and posted an unretouched pic below for comparison

No. 1514271

File: 1651167326685.jpg (48.77 KB, 193x340, FaceApp_1651167226376.jpg)

Nope that's really the male transform. I tried it thinking it might look a little like Chris >>1514212 but nope she does already…picrel is me messing around trying to make her cute. I only have the free faceapp though.

No. 1514314

File: 1651171026347.jpeg (16.51 KB, 584x135, badmom.jpeg)

Ay, thats me! I replied on KF but just wanna reiterate that I would genuinely love to see her try.

Just gonna add another to the list. Picrel

No. 1514357


I've never had more second-hand embarrassment than with this cow right here. She reeks of virginity and lack of life experience, holy shit.

No. 1514362

If she were hypersexual and having sex with someone, she wouldn't be this active on social media.

No. 1514365


hi Bertha

No. 1514368


you're really obvious, Rachel

No. 1514373

She treats pregnany as a kink.

you bump your thread more than anyone else, Bertha.

No. 1514376

this pissed me off until i remembered no man would ever blow a load in her

No. 1514404

Wait, this bitch isn't mature enough to move out and find her own place like a normal adult, but she apparently has the maturity to own sex toys? Her poor parents.

No. 1514405

Imagine having being her parents to clean up after that cow because she’s too stupid and inept at life to do it herself.

And her collection all over..

I just made myself puke a lil

No. 1514407

She did say she had a creampie kink in her erp profiles lol. I bet her only creampies are from her bad dragon dildos lmao. Wouldn’t be surprised if she got the ones where they lay eggs in her too.

No. 1514428

by who rachel? your totally real goons are gonna beat ghoulies ass? we are all so scared right now.
if she was meaner to herself than anyone else can be first of all she would probably be cutting herself rn and wouldnt be trying to convince us herself and twitter that she isnt fat
what the fuck are you talking about?
she said a few threads ago that it pays sooo well that she only has to work one shift a month so.. you do the math

No. 1514468

If she had a boyfriend you know she'd be gloating about it all over the place with pictures. You know she'd be the one to post video of her fat ass being porked too.

We'd have a new JULAAAAAY

No. 1514491

i bet it bothers rachel so much every time she has to look at ines' face i bet she sits there on her fat racist ass wondering why a gasp brown girl is so much prettier than her
wouve got it all wrong anon shes the one who would kill it kek
not to mention a way to stick it to the haturs!
she also has said i think in a discord introduction that one of her roleplay "likes" aka kinks is pregnancy

No. 1514532

I bet actual neo-nazi Angry Canadian would (>>1514044) but he'd dip out pretty quick after it was born like he did with his last child. He has no standards as long as she's got even a little bit of money he can blow, and she wont call the cops on him when he hits her, of course. I dont think Bertha deserves domestic abuse but other than that bit I ship them.

No. 1514596

i really think she feels like people are trying to trick her when they try to hold her responsible for her actions
she probably thinks people want her to admit how horrible she is so that they can be like “SEE she admitted it look at how shitty she is block her” etc when its literally the opposite
if she had admitted fault and just changed her behaviors i dont think fairsinfocenter would even exist meaning these threads wouldve never came to be
but i guess thats just how it is for narcissistic cows

No. 1514624

File: 1651196762294.jpeg (404.06 KB, 1284x1038, CB660B11-B10A-491A-AE81-335A5A…)

someones triggered

No. 1514627

File: 1651196871340.jpeg (944.34 KB, 1284x1892, 03CB3822-36B5-4D5E-8E00-1B4D2A…)

girl calm down thats the most attention youve gotten from a man in ages

No. 1514628

File: 1651196936325.jpeg (392.09 KB, 1284x790, 8AF95DE9-97F3-448F-8583-DEDA74…)

i laughed out loud irl

No. 1514634

shit like this is what makes her my favourite cow, the way she says this so casually and thinks it makes her look very normal and likable.

No. 1514650

the delusion is brilliant

No. 1514661

I love how literally a good chunk of the RP and FF7 community have labelled her as an unsightly wart and yet in a weird way, she is ironically the favorite in that sense.

No. 1514664

File: 1651198657913.jpeg (69.95 KB, 750x509, FB770C28-59D9-4CC5-B0DF-13D6BF…)

dies from laughter Bitch, he’d burn you alive first before Sephiroth would let you NEAR him

No. 1514676

every sephiroth writer I know is creeped out by her, and they never stay long because of her.

No. 1514680

File: 1651199674125.jpeg (192.35 KB, 798x428, B9A8B713-FEED-4C31-B8AC-B56E8B…)

Screams pick me up and racist

No. 1514688

Way to show her racist ass out lmao.

It’s fine, she only wants to associate with white people because she finds POC <insert any racial stereotype> whenever she’s sure that someone doesn’t live in the states and is currently beefing with (eg: JenovasLegacy)

No. 1514691

I do sephiroth and Vincent art predominantly (non sexual just generally draw them) and occasionally write them and can confirm this. Everyone who has any sort of focus on sephiroth, Genesis or Vincent knows about her. No one likes her. Some will just tolerate her and give her short responses just to no be a target of her weird freak outs. But everyone knows to be careful around her and ghost her as much as possible.

She seriously has no grip on reality. She has her own story in her head that she wants to write. But then she will go full stupid if you even remotely stray from her little “Your hair is soo soft sephy -insert some weeb emoji here-“ and then will turn around and tell someone they don’t know enough about the franchise if they tell her they are new to the character and fandom. I think there’s a screen shot somewhere where she told someone that they wouldn’t have any partners because they didn’t know all the fine details of final fantasy VII specifically crisis core.

No. 1514703

Tell her Sephiroth is exclusively gay and she will go into a tard rage.

No. 1514713

Bertha come reply to me on KF, ya fat fucking coward.

No. 1514731

File: 1651202204168.jpg (279.07 KB, 1080x1014, jealousy.jpg)

She can't stand other women.

No. 1514738

She's been talking about her police report again towards Fairs Info and is subtly threatening to add someone who is completely new to the situation into it.

She sucks literally anyone she can into her drama with other people even if they're just saying it sucks that they're going after her looks but wholly agreeing that Rachel is a crap person

No. 1514739

>Evie, favored magazine of tradthots
>CritFacts, Some tranny furry
>Rachel herself

She keeps the crossovers coming holy shit lmao

No. 1514740

>if i was in a monogamous relationship

does she realize that if she was in a poly relationship her guys would probably want to see other women too? shes so stupid and has unrealistic standards

No. 1514742


I hate to say it, but this is the only time she's actually not being an insane cow because generally in healthy relationships, you communicate and set boundaries.

But me sympathising with that one sole point goes out the window and into the trash when I remember how many instances I've read about her going nuts over RPs in where Sephiroths aren't "monogamous" to her or fit her mold to control so her point becomes entirely moot.

No. 1514743

File: 1651202925078.jpeg (995.13 KB, 1284x1693, E8D63655-E0A2-4361-9303-DEBECF…)

so goddamn hilarious to me that she fits the demographic of people that use that reaction image: retarded boomers

No. 1514747

A size ten in the petite's section is not petite, depending on the body type. For her, it's "fat but short". I don't know why she's trying to fool herself or anyone into thinking that's small.

No. 1514755

Kek she's so mad. Its cute she thinks that VPNs mean she cant be connected to her comments, though.

No. 1514765

damn she finally learned what bait is?

No. 1514767

File: 1651204851075.jpeg (995.28 KB, 1284x1582, C28B9733-5BB7-4B9F-A2FC-E0BBA3…)

peak irony/hypocrisy

No. 1514770

File: 1651204960057.jpeg (574.36 KB, 1284x1060, 6618CF35-BED0-465C-A0EB-D9E13C…)


No. 1514772

what in the hell is she talking about

No. 1514774

She realized she fucked up and now her pretend WKs haven't been back since. Too funny.

She ss posts and comments on them from the safety of her Twitter hugbox. Lmfao

No. 1514775

Lmfao that's cap, she has never once shown her hairy body off for anything other than the mirror.

You can see better looking women for FREE.

No. 1514776

I used to work in the sex work industry and lmao, there's absolutely no way that she's even marketable.

Stop talking out of your ass Rachel. People on OF or any ppv pay and more if they see your face and take care of your body lol. Ain't nobody gonna pay for hairy ass legs and a hairy bush.

No. 1514778

yeah ever since i pointed it out that its all been under the same set of devices she ran the fuck away rofl

No. 1514781

File: 1651205685106.jpeg (335.56 KB, 1284x540, 37424FD9-97A8-4F6C-AC90-659F92…)

not true and i say this as a woman who prefers pubic hair
does your anus get jealous of the shit your mouth spews rachel?

No. 1514788

She wears a guilty conscience better than she wore that Aliexpress lolita shit

No. 1514791

She needs people to interact with her to have a Twitter hug box. It’s really an echo chamber except the walls are padded and nothing echoes. Just her stifled screams getting lost to the void.

No. 1514792

It's like she forgets that preferences are a thing.

It's like her only acceptable form is just having hair.

She definitely doesn't realise that there are practical reasons to landscaping when having hair or shaving completely bald. Something I know she doesn't realise because her shit talking doesn't factor in these things.

She needs to stop acting like she has so much experience when it comes to sex lulz. She's entitled to her preferences in not liking cunniligus (but why does she have the Satisfyer??) but she really needs to use her brain to think outside of that ugly little soap box she likes to stand on.

No. 1514796

She's so dumb kek

No. 1514804

i just realized why shes replying on twitter instead of here or on kf
theres probably an “investigation” and shes probably trying to avoid any proof of her posting on either sites because it would probably compromise her report of stalking

No. 1514808

File: 1651208993547.jpeg (356.64 KB, 1284x681, 1DEBC965-28BC-4F06-B3E4-54D4C3…)

i will never not laugh at this boomer trying to talk like a zoomer

No. 1514811

The thing is though, I believe she already compromised said “investigation” it by actively seeking out and replying to all the posts on Twitter.

Generally in harassment/stalking cases afaik, you’re not supposed to have any degree contact with any of the suspects and her replying is breaking that lol.

No. 1514813

File: 1651209075861.jpeg (198.3 KB, 1284x329, C5DB6325-38E7-4DF4-A210-FF8833…)

karen moment

No. 1514815

File: 1651209190689.jpeg (424.14 KB, 1284x875, A0D23CA0-F937-4D64-AD89-AEC2B9…)

and youre still not pregnant? hahaha

No. 1514817

I made her really mad over some dildos. Cant imagine.

No. 1514819

File: 1651209435603.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1284x2148, A664FE54-67CC-4327-85D1-159133…)

this is hysterical

No. 1514820

File: 1651209443441.png (422.16 KB, 1188x692, 3.png)

I'm starting to think she's got a big lesbian crush on Ines. Too bad Ines will never know who she is.

No. 1514824

She’s so pressed omg lmao. She always defaults to these things when mad: Ines, dildos, how much sex she has and nazis.

No. 1514825

idk how kf works but i hope to god she gets turned into an emote she would absolutely go mad
hell it would be great it if the lolcord made her an emote

No. 1514833

File: 1651210027676.jpeg (598.32 KB, 1284x1049, C1F93ECA-80DF-47C9-BACD-221B38…)

yeah send her $500 and hit her with a chargeback so that her paypal gets a strike kek

rachel youre not even jewish your bio parents arent jewish and you called yourself a satanist youre basically acting like those teen girls that call anyone a nazi

>beautiful pour

how are you still sperging over dildos when that screenshot didnt shows no mention of it

also no one wants to see your rolls swaying around while you attempt to fuck yourself with a dildo you call your boyfriend

No. 1514836

>broke hymen

Oh god she’s def a virgin. That is not even real. There’s nothing to “break” it’s just a sphincter that gets stretched like a scrunchy. There no “breaking” in it. It’s not a damned glass window up in there.

No. 1514838

File: 1651210235830.jpeg (727.49 KB, 1284x1479, 60498F0A-788E-469F-A20B-CB4D89…)

secondhand embarrassment from her misusing “copped it” it makes her look so much like a boomer

>A pedophile is a pedophile is a pedophile.


>They’ve been sent all the links.

oh? for realsies? you still had those links of CP saved? sounds like pedophile behavior

No. 1514841

She's acting like Dumb Bitch Smoothie and I are the same person. I think she got so mad that her brain finally broke.

No. 1514843

like it ever worked in the first place

No. 1514844

File: 1651210665794.png (132.86 KB, 951x224, what.png)

stress from trolls, just like CWC. also "showing my sensitive side" = "just beginning to shine", like PT.
i feel like she was developed in a lab just for us
OH MY GOD i love her.
Rachel… we've seen your hams…
it's not the vocab. you speak in an awkward way, ie the phrasing oozes autism and feels like you've never spoken out loud before, like pic related. something is just off and uncanny, like English wasn't your native language. but you're right, you're also TMI all the time and obsessed with discussing certain things (like this autistic schematization >>1511001, which you put together because you assumed people are too blind to see you're right, not realizing the one that's behind in understanding is you). All of it signals poor judgement and poor conversational skills. you could pursue a hobby or a sport IRL or go to a synagogue or whatever and have small talk with the people here that are your age and not 70, you could get social skills and maybe make friends.

No. 1514845

DBS and Ghoulie are just facets of Ines, don't you know? Like Sephiroth and his remnants LMAO

No. 1514854

We are all Ines on this blessed day

No. 1514855

how many threads do you guys think it would take her to get on pt kek

No. 1514857

She’s still rage posting lol. Her new Twitter friends will unfollow her soon..

No. 1514858

I love how everything she's said to try to show how much better she is comes off as obsessive and cringe but then when we start saying it to each other it becomes funny.

She's so unfunny that her jokes need to be told by someone else because she's too autistic to deliver them without it being tryhard or extremely awkward lol

No. 1514862

File: 1651212086013.jpeg (711.15 KB, 1284x1424, 888C8DFF-A6B6-48EC-8C60-70A81E…)

and where would be able to see that if he decides to do so bertha?

No. 1514863

File: 1651212101832.jpg (395.42 KB, 1080x1173, noevidence.jpg)

Admit it, Bertha. You have no one. When your parents die you'll have no one. You'll be alone and still a virgin.

No. 1514864

File: 1651212269000.jpeg (140.63 KB, 750x666, BB33B829-3FF5-4319-9CB1-521210…)

Who is she trying to convince? She’s proven herself to be socially inept, how is she going to manage a poly relationship????

No. 1514865

File: 1651212322139.jpeg (605.3 KB, 1284x979, 1785DD67-9152-4030-93F0-2C1D95…)

>Beautiful pour, die mad about it
shes like every retarded kid in grade school who thinks they have an amazing comeback and says it repeatedly when everyone just thinks its cringe
she can keep saying it itll just give us more to laugh about

>I already have plenty of dick at my disposal

and youre choosing to argue via screenshots with strangers instead of getting dicked down? sus

No. 1514866

File: 1651212440970.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 0ADE5B1A-F635-48BE-8101-24913C…)

Can you though? Or did you mistake something?

No. 1514868

She won't do it. She knows she won't sell and she's a huge chickenshit. But she can keep pretending she's an expert.

No. 1514870

I was wondering why she screenshots LC and KF and answers on her Twitter, when she could come here directly and spare herself the public humiliation. Maybe it's a power thing, she wants to think she's in control (like everytime she says "you don't like me collecting dildos / growing hair / being a pedophile, well i'm going to do it even more and there's nothing you can do about it !!!!!").

No. 1514871

She wants people to like her posts. She's obsessed with likes and follower numbers. She wants to be popular. She doesn't realize how stupid she looks and how easily all of that could be reported by someone because she still is using language that would definitely count as hateful in the Twitter algorithm.

No. 1514873

She also cant Wk herself on KF, and she and her "white knights" have mysteriously disappeared after it was brought to her attention that she's not as anonymous on here as she thought.

No. 1514874

She tweeted she got an idea a little earlier but did not elaborate. Be wary for any stupidity that may arise.

No. 1514876

She's gonna try to convince the neighborhood crackhead to bone her for the pocket change she makes in her little tard cashier position.
He's gonna say no because there are not enough drugs in the world to make the Bertha National Forest seem attractive.

No. 1514884

File: 1651214653999.jpeg (257.27 KB, 828x1691, 70969BF7-68C8-4441-B701-9EA114…)

Yeah, she’s done it in the past. I saved a screen shot of someone’s DMs where she told that person she would not talk with them because she gained nothing from it since they had no followers alla “ foot in the door”. She’s not looking for people to talk to at all. She’s looking for people to like her and look at her. That’s why she behaves this way. It gives her attention that she’s not getting in her mundane life naturally.

No. 1514886

oh no, we're about to be taken on a RUSE CRUISE !

No. 1514906

Nothing of interest happened.
She tried rubbing her two brain cells together and they told her to post cats.

No. 1514966

File: 1651226975509.jpg (2.08 MB, 1080x8290, Screenshot_20220429_120750_com…)

Currently sperging out about various thread comments on twitter, but.. it's just.. The same old. Totally had real sex just now, knows her body pillow isn't her boyfriend (if you hump it daily, it might as well be. Take it out on a date at this point, else it will just feel used), it's certainly something.

Keep going after kf in slap fights, do it Rachel. Come on, you're not trying hard enough yet, I'm convinced you can do better.

No. 1514970

File: 1651227431655.jpg (447.43 KB, 1310x756, hambeast.jpg)

Every time she goes on a schizo rant about being her oc in real life I'll post her gunt.

No. 1514974

Make it grow bigger and bigger each time like that Twitter meme about Zuckerberg’s for head getting bigger and bigger

No. 1515061

I could actually believe she logged into Chaturbate (alone) and got 4500 viewers, people love to watch the nastiest shit on there. it’s like a sideshow or a zoo. notice she didn’t say how much money she actually made though kek

No. 1515065

>bet you wear women’s clothing in private
oh no not Bertha being twansphobic

No. 1515117

For someone who lives with her parents, how does she have “so much sex”? Surely her mom would have told her to move out if she keeps having sex at the rate she claims she has.

As someone who used to be a sex worker, the rate at which she tweets is far too much for anything to be happening lmao. Her two minute man is not convincing me at all.

Keep trying to convince us Bertha.

No. 1515120

She can respect her boyfriend’s privacy and still take photos, like a hand in the shot of food on their dates or some shit. You know, like most people does when they wanna tel l the world they’re in a relationship but don’t wanna expose their partner’s face lol. Can’t because there’s nothing to take a photo of.

Lol, an actual woman wearing gender specific clothing in private.

She claimed she had sex fifteen minutes prior to that post but she was fucking retweeting cat photos for the hour she supposedly had sex in because half an hour prior to her claim, she tweeted “Torbie” at a cat photo. Time stamps give it away lol.

No. 1515184

She's so hilariously bad at lying. I don't even know how she believes the shit she spews because you know her ego is big enough for that.

No. 1515207

Its really fucking weird how she is incapable of thinking of animals with out thinking about fucking them.
>See's Spooky owns a cat
>Accuses Spooky of fucking their cat.
Not normal behavior, I didn't think she was a Zoophile before, but she's starting to make me question it.

Also if Spooky is reading this: Hi, apparently we're the same person now according to Rachel.

No. 1515211

File: 1651247836173.jpg (58.55 KB, 758x445, get-dooted-on.jpg)

the whole lolcow crossover polycule needs to get dooted on

No. 1515221

LMAO I thought AC was a woman and was so confused who it was until I made the pic bigger.
A woman beating nazi, a pedo and possible zoo with a harem of invisible partners, and a 1337 h4ck3r cokehead.
The holy trinity.

No. 1515234

I need a crossover with Ethan Ralph. Bertha is taller than he is and possibly fatter. I'd enjoy it greatly if they squared off.

No. 1515236

File: 1651249891427.jpeg (369.92 KB, 1284x959, 464C6BC5-7921-4BD4-818D-480F2B…)

No. 1515239

File: 1651250007968.jpeg (709.19 KB, 1284x1574, 4558DD5B-A5E6-4B06-A054-173897…)


((holy fuck i hate lolcows shitty flood detection))

No. 1515240

File: 1651250054333.jpeg (113.23 KB, 1284x457, E72B949E-B893-437B-9CEA-B9258B…)

No. 1515242


kinda weird for a “guy” that claims to be MARRIED and have NO online presence to have a twitter made last year going out of his way to comfort a woman (if you could even call her that) and be the only person that he follows on twitter

No. 1515245

>too retarded to take a decent picture.
Awesome ally, Rachel, you're doing great.

No. 1515252

sheets, hand, paper blurry dog in the left corner are the same.

No. 1515253

Lmfao is this the "idea" she had?

No. 1515256

Isn't that the same paper she used for her proof lol

No. 1515258

these are so blurry. is this her own hand ? that of a brother ? srot37658200 is awfully similar to her previous handles, sera37793803 and natsume92272871.
whatever idea you had Rachel, idk if it's working

No. 1515261

It’s Rachel’s hand or probably her parent’s without those ugly ass press on nails. Piggly wiggly hands are easy to spot.

No. 1515264

tinfoil: this is her moms bed. the only thing about this hand that doesnt look like hers is it seems a bit too skinny but theres also no wrist sso who knows

No. 1515269

>s. rot

No. 1515274

i would fucking cry from laughing my ass off so hard

i wish twitter saved the EXIF data we could find so much shit

No. 1515282

File: 1651253198124.png (332.63 KB, 1004x627, rachel youtube.png)

good find. i watched some videos on her Yzrch / InnisDeceit3 youtube because they're mostly toy (children's toys, thank god lmao) videos that focus on her hand but it's too blurry. i also saw no dog or white sheets.

No. 1515283

File: 1651253367711.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3024x4032, EA6009F0-091C-40AA-87DA-641966…)

they definitely dont have a dog

the skin tone seems to be different from hers

No. 1515284

File: 1651253377328.jpg (36.19 KB, 669x669, mom dog.jpg)

samefag, the mom's profile picture features her and a dog but she could just like snoopy and the peanuts. the mom's pinterest contains cat things but no dog things. it could be the dog of a family member.

No. 1515292

File: 1651253863730.jpg (1.59 MB, 1284x1750, 1650518591213.jpg)

Definitely a dog bed but they could be using it as a cat bed, kinda weird since theres a cat scratcher with a spot for the cat to lay on (as its doing in the pic) right next to it + a chair.
Ayrt I went and checked her youtube too, kek. I think it looks like her hand in the videos but no solid proof, just opinion.

No. 1515295

File: 1651254088303.png (70.6 KB, 428x518, reviews.png)

Unrelated but found some reviews on her Miranda FB, lol. From the top down, spergy histrionics, then sjw then racist, what a ride.

No. 1515297

what in the hell

No. 1515298

I really want to know what the Brazilians have done to make her dislike them that much

No. 1515303

be brown

No. 1515307

I can believe she convinced a scrote to pose as an orbiter. Or even a boyfriend. People she's never met in real life. When it comes to the internet there's quite a lot that people will do for free just because they're fucking retarded.

All the posts from "Nick" and "Caleb" were from her. I can believe she got someone to make the "proof" but she's been the one posting it and WKing herself. She got people to help her catfish despite them not realizing what they were getting into.

I think this is the same sort of situation. Especially since her orbiters all magically disappeared after she got caught lmao

No. 1515311

Chances are she got her mom involved because she often does say that her mom knows her online shenanigans and laughs at us with her.

I hope she realises that when shit does hit the fan one day for real, her mom will be implicated since she has admitted to her mom knowingly let her harass people unfettered without consequence.

If she's like this online, I can only imagine how she's like in real life and why mommy dearest had to be her only friend lol

No. 1515313

Now that you mention it, she's also bragged about cuddling with her mom.
Seems kinda incestuous with the way Rachel constantly overshares sexual things. If her mom is participating and reading along with her daughter's very sexual online behavior…

No. 1515316

The cuddling isn't the issue. Lots of normal people do it. The issue is how she manages to mix sex into the most innocuous things afterwards which makes it creepy

No. 1515322

Oh shit guys, I think I'm onto something.
I'm gonna go do some digging and I'll be back queens.

(Thank Ghoulie for this one hahaha)

No. 1515364

File: 1651258781412.jpg (467.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220429-145827_Twi…)

imagine having your pictures posted everywhere and still trying to insist you are a petite dainty gorl

No. 1515366

File: 1651258876898.jpeg (67.21 KB, 1079x645, Screenshot_20220429_202552.jpe…)

Nakki over on KF made a really good observation
Could be a coincidence or could just be some gayops.

No. 1515367

File: 1651258946299.jpeg (37.03 KB, 1079x375, Screenshot_20220429_202536.jpe…)

from the confessions thread in ot

No. 1515368

like ive said before shes probably lied to someone about her situation like she did with the minors to get a selfie from them and use to catfish the writing on the note gives it away because why would they end it with “either” unless she lied by saying people were accusing her of being ines

that hand is 100% not hers or her parents
her parents are pale and wrinkly as fuck

No. 1515377

She's ranting again lol. Doesn't this girl have a social life? Or hobbies that don't include a computer?

No. 1515381

just wait, she'll screenshot your post and say she's on a date or having sex with her totally for real boyfriend

No. 1515382

she's more in shape than any of us guys, remember >>1483196

No. 1515384

Waiting for my doctors appointment, and lurking but I thought I'd share a vague memory. I think FairsInfo has something about her asking minors for phone numbers to use to make a new Twitter and to have pictures for catfishing.

No. 1515385

She hates brown people but catfishes as one. Make it make sense.

She's being plowed by 20 guys while a-logging on Twitter. True story.

She secretly loves it because this is the most attention she's ever had.

No. 1515386

I love how she keeps on insisting that she's the one commenting to piss us off but in fact she's sitting there malding and ageing badly for being racist.

No. 1515392

File: 1651260390420.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x2229, B00125B0-F97C-4E9D-8D11-4125D0…)

this is highly suspicious
why would this person she knew for years on discord have to say theyre reaching out as a friend on twitter?

No. 1515394

File: 1651260482491.png (95.84 KB, 805x733, pedoo1.png)

No. 1515396

File: 1651260601736.jpeg (45.86 KB, 1140x631, pedoo.jpeg)


No. 1515397

File: 1651261118439.jpeg (631.44 KB, 1284x1125, C417788B-2197-4490-81F4-87B332…)

babygirl the picture you posted of you in that dress says otherwise
you definitely weigh more than 140 pounds

No. 1515399

File: 1651261271918.jpeg (172.51 KB, 1284x301, F03D9B36-1CF7-428E-8300-BEC93B…)

shes saying this in reply to someone saying “you are OBESE”
i would love to imagine her saying this to a doctor kek

No. 1515400

File: 1651261371441.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1284x2187, 1D280689-0013-467E-811A-3C2B84…)


>red queen

so now dude is a woman now? oh baby your story is falling apart hahaha

No. 1515405

File: 1651261611822.png (54.26 KB, 531x297, ac_hitler_quote_alog.png)

Cow crossover update: this sock account, suspected of being Michael Thurlow (Angry Canadian, the neo-Nazi), Rachel's fast-becoming #1 simp and ardent defender, is telling on itself over at KF by paraphrasing Joseph Goebbels. And apparently Elaine is up to some tricks elsewhere. Rachel is gonna have a whole herd following her soon.

No. 1515412

File: 1651261992338.jpeg (925.53 KB, 1284x2163, 1052D514-3A40-473D-9F80-CB6AA3…)

same fag but i find it very interesting that this person who claimed to have online presence is now building one within this drama posting more and more images
not to mention using the twitter web app instead of the app to post pictures they’re obviously taking with their phone
rachel is also posting from the twitter web app for some reason as well

No. 1515414

does anybody know if this site logs the EXIF data of pictures?
if so anybody could download it and check the metadata of >>1513143 and could see a bunch of info like what kind of phone took the pic the time and even location if location tagging was enabled

just a thought

No. 1515419

What if hand picture anon is Angry Canadian?? Dimensional merging

No. 1515435

There is no exif data. Even if there was, is nobody reading the thread? S rot is a farmer who pretended to be Rachel's fantasy WK while high and decided to double down on the joke with a fake twitter account.
>>1513164 Here they admit to it being a joke ITT, literally minutes after the OP.
>>1515366, >>1515367 And here are screenshots of their confession elsewhere on LCF. Why are you guys so stupid?

No. 1515447

EXIF is mostly unremarkable (for future reference you can go to https://exifdata.com/ and paste in the image URL, don't even have to download) but does show date and time which gets interesting.

>Post was made on the 27th at 0621 Rachel's time (PDT,GMT-7)

>EXIF data indicates it was taken by a Huawei CLT-L29 at 1611 on the 27th, time local to the phone, which would match the post-it saying '1609'
>Also look at the way the date is written on the post it (27-04-22) Euro style
>16-06=10h difference-7 = Rachel's simp, or the trolling nonnie, is in GMT+3 … Moscow time?
It's a good thought but from pics of the basement dungeon he dwells in he seems to live in filth so the decently clean bedsheets and sun(?)light seem unlikely.

No. 1515448

thank you for your service nonnie you are awesome

No. 1515450

why are you so angry lol

No. 1515491

Because she's right

No. 1515510

yes and no
anon said theres no EXIF data while another proved them wrong by providing said EXIF data
while yes that anon admitted to not being a WK it doesnt mean people arent going to want to dig deeper
im the anon who asked for the metadata because i wanted to see who couldve possibly been involved
was honestly kind of hoping for a crossover

No. 1515514

File: 1651268400657.png (438.89 KB, 1184x926, idiot.png)

Rachels still trying to ruin this poor dudes RP life.

No. 1515517

If the police are notified continuously, why is she still interacting with the so called suspects in her cases??

The police always tell you not to interact with them lol which tells me she's just spewing bullshit.

No. 1515554

sage for sperg but anon who said "no EXIF" probably meant no EXIF location data … I'm pretty sure the site strips that out to protect dumb bitches from themselves, but there's still a bit of useful data that can get past nonetheless e.g. that it was sunlit, the phone brand, and time zone. So it's always worth checking this kind of thing. You never know.

No. 1515555

between this and the "petite" shit I'm in stitches
do we know her height? 140 my ass kek

No. 1515559

She says she's 5'2" and 140 lbs, her ID says 190 tho.

No. 1515565

File: 1651271877719.jpg (149.72 KB, 412x257, thats a bmi of 34.75.jpg)

officially and objectively obese

No. 1515582

File: 1651272554153.jpg (582 KB, 1246x1080, true and honest fatty patty.jp…)

You know, she whines about people "fatshaming a skinny person" when it comes to her, but has no issue calling Ines fat when she clearly isn't.

No. 1515598

i just realized shes wearing a korilakkuma kigurumi my little sister has the same one lmao

No. 1515602

File: 1651273196624.jpeg (2.21 MB, 1729x1912, 3A2EAD33-40F6-4098-829A-29A61B…)

got this xray of herself that she posted in that valhalla server

please let me know if im fucking blind but is that her fucking guts crease? seriously what is that line

No. 1515604

I don't think the kigu is supopsed to be that tight or it that "corset"… I have bigger sized friends and they don't fit that snugly on them..

No. 1515609

That's her underwear/pants.

But you definitely can see what kind of stress her organs are under. Whew.

No. 1515611

Does she have scoliosis? Why is her spine like that

No. 1515614

This is what she said was so much more worse than that chick Margo's brain tumor lol

No. 1515615

>>1515510 I don't mean the exif.

No. 1515616

hold on a second, is there yet another cancer patient saga here? I know about Jennifer, she of the saccharine deathbed reconciliation and Brian, struck down with paralysis for throwing candy wrappers at our protagonist, but who's Margo?

No. 1515619

yeah she said she has scoliosis

No. 1515621

i thought that but then i saw the curved creases over her rib cage and figure theyre her boobs and typically you have to remove your bra for xrays

its so hard to tell

No. 1515625

a thin person would DEFINITELY say >>1515364
>doesnt even

No. 1515628

>I don't mean the exif.
>There is no EXIF data.


probably but location wasnt the main focus because thats usually disabled i mentioned time and phone/camera make and maybe location >>1515414

anyway no more sperging about this nona already gave info about the metadeta so this isnt important anymore lets keep this thread on track ok?

No. 1515630

legally considered obese

No. 1515634

No. 1515651

I think thats her back fat in a white shirt not her boobs, then her pants start at the line

No. 1515656

oh wow i just learned something new i didnt know back fat could have rolls like that
i just assumed they were boobs because when my older sister got her back xrays for her scoliosis you could see the mass where her boobs were but your argument seems to make more sense

regardless i think it says a lot about how big she is considering how far out those creases from her gunt/underwear and back fat goes from her skeleton and you can see the year 2021 there in the corner so theres no way in hell she could be anywhere near 140 pounds now

No. 1515666

File: 1651276968937.jpeg (34.5 KB, 1024x680, 4D3C4AF5-97A4-473B-8FF5-8D90E0…)

What the fuck? She’s so pathetic that she has to post shit like this to random coomer groups. I can’t even begin to imagine how shitty her family relationships can be.

No. 1515686

If anything she's larger now than before. If she had lost weight she'd post pictures to flaunt it but the fact that she's stopped says a lot.
She's taken more recent pictures/videos with her hands visible and she's got a serious case of sausage fingers. Water retention, maybe?

No. 1515710

Damn her pelvis is tilted. She tried to say she had a curvy hourglass figure once. But that skeletal structure says box frame. And the back rolls are sending me to the moon. I have never seen those show up on an X-ray for an adult under 150 lbs.

No. 1515726

Built like an industrial refrigerator, with enough rolls to stock the bakery section.

No. 1515733

File: 1651284047684.png (4.73 MB, 1729x1912, uwu.png)

idk are we SURE those are back rolls? this looks like a front view, but if they're tits they're coming down lower than here >>1515582 and it's tripping me out

No. 1515738

File: 1651284476028.jpeg (14.44 KB, 300x368, bra-line-back-lift_00002364348…)

seems the most likely to me.

No. 1515743

Honestly it's hard to tell because she's got so much fat. It makes imaging difficult to interpret.

No. 1515865

File: 1651290026826.png (Spoiler Image,632.02 KB, 1232x1304, yikes.png)

Cross posting from KF
I went and did a little digging, I'll post the worst of what I found. Thats her comment at the bottom, on tenticleporn dot net. Meaning she has an account there.

No. 1515871

Radiology tech here. It’s from the back. If it where the front you wouldn’t see the spine because the lungs and organs are in the way too much. Plus you would see the ribs turn in not out. AND you would see the sternum. Her pelvis is also turned out not in. I can’t tell you if she was standing or lying down. Most likely standing since these are mostly done standing.

No. 1515876

Thank you lmao
As you can probably see we're struggling here

No. 1515877

She harassed and doxxed Hyde again that they have had to make a post about it again stating that the San Mateo County police have contacted them according to a retweet from Fairs Info

No. 1515905

that explains so much thank you nona

poor hyde rachel needs to leave her the fuck alone

No. 1515926

Rachel keeps trying to call herself a victim when she's literally going after people who did nothing. Is this all a vendetta over shipping? I don't know but it's insane.

She says she understands the difference between reality and roleplay yet attacks people in real life…because nobody wants to roleplay with her.

No. 1515993

ew. it's just so sad, a normal woman would not be interested in all of this. it's clearly an outlet for her touch starvation and a way to pander to the lowest hanging men.
her mother is active in their community, she should have have friends and mentors to spend time with. that's kind of puzzling.
she's so fat. if the pictures are so old, why don't you post before and after pics rachel ?

No. 1516003

we all know she hasnt said anything on kf because shes a pussy but i wonder why she stopped posting here

No. 1516006

Because she got caught posting from the same group of devices when she was posing as her simps.

No. 1516007

She’s also not posting on her Twitter. I think she’s trying to make it look like she’s occupied with her boyfriends. But really she’s not posting anything to look like she has a social life.

No. 1516031

I imagine her angrily playing Minecraft but thinking about how unbothered she is hahaha

No. 1516053

That or finally catching up on all that sleep she messed up by being on here trying to prove it’s not her.

No. 1516092

has anybody pointed out the fact that she was claiming to weigh 165lbs in the first 2 threads and now she suddenly is claiming to weigh 140lbs less than a month later lol

No. 1516222

I did on KF. She just said some retarded shit as usual avoiding what was actually said.

No. 1516277

The cow is funny, but these 5-level-deep spergfights between anons/KFers and a person who is so autistic she honest to god thinks life is a shounen anime where she can "recruit" friends by being intolerable but persistent are profoundly retarded. Doesn't KF have a rule against touching the shit?

No. 1516280

oops, missed it in the spoiler. surprised more people aren’t honing in on that since it’s one of the more blatant contradictions she’s made like that. not sure how she thinks claiming a screenshot from a month ago is “old” and explains away a sudden 25lbs weight discrepancy but I guess that’s just Bertha logic. and ok, even best case scenario of being 140lbs at her height (which, kek) that would classify her as overweight and STILL not a “healthy weight for her height” like she likes to screech

No. 1516288

Learn to sage, newfag.
No one contacted Bertha outside of KF, the only person that talked to her outside of KF was contacted by her.

No. 1516301

yeah, but it's the funny kind of profoundly retarded. also, Bertha's the one replying to KF, so it's the shit coming to touch them.

No. 1516323

File: 1651343996930.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1284x2194, 2EC48904-79EA-4A51-A84A-DAC76E…)

the clutter is insane

No. 1516324

The part of the thread where everyone notices that the cow will engage with them and embarrasses themselves trying to get their attention and prove they can intellectually outmaneuver a 13-year-old in an adult's body is always the worst part. If that's the funniest place you can think of to take a budding correspondence with an autistic roleplayer who's desperate to fuck Sephiroth then I just don't know what to tell you

No. 1516330

I'm pretty sure no one wants her attention. It's the same shit she does when she comes on here. Everyones either Spooky Bones or Ines. If you're so pressed you can hide saged posts, nonnie.

No. 1516335

File: 1651344532702.jpeg (588.63 KB, 1284x956, 2F5C479B-92C7-4088-B7C7-F83946…)

lmao lets be real she didnt believe amber because she just flat out hates women shes never dealt with an abusive woman in her life unless shes looking in a mirror

No. 1516337

oh her poor cat.. cant help but feel bad jfc

No. 1516357

File: 1651345807815.jpeg (152.79 KB, 750x838, 8A970FBF-4CF8-4578-B61C-BBB761…)

Gonna leave this here.. this is furthering her delusions about Sephiroth or any other 2D character

No. 1516361

File: 1651345945066.jpeg (220.84 KB, 1284x394, 9DC6D520-8E8B-4B79-925D-0C77E2…)

or he just likes the pillow… delusional

No. 1516366

File: 1651345994070.jpeg (201.22 KB, 1284x407, 6CE049F2-640D-42F9-8EDC-777F95…)

madam ham mad

No. 1516404

File: 1651349319942.jpeg (139.2 KB, 1284x314, 79D1CB5A-525D-4942-954B-1DB680…)

rachel please leave margo the fuck alone
shes not going to help you
shes not going to get people to unblock you
shes not going to do anything for you even if you apologize to her
if youre trying to reach out to apologize then show youre sorry by leaving her the fuck alone

No. 1516407

File: 1651349607605.png (936.83 KB, 720x960, 2BFE3127-D041-41BD-848F-B5FA58…)

i guess that is a cat bed

No. 1516409

File: 1651349658451.jpeg (390.01 KB, 1575x2100, AE882691-903A-402B-9D44-BE0BE7…)

pictures of her teeth

No. 1516410

File: 1651349684527.jpeg (399.23 KB, 1575x2100, D4970F12-8B5A-497F-9AFC-BA7A6C…)

No. 1516430

File: 1651351804018.png (9.41 KB, 629x135, ralm feminist action figure.pn…)

From the first thread; apparently feminist issues are a bit of a topic between her and her mom. Sad that this degree of pickme still can't get herself picked. How toxic do you have to be?

No. 1516438

I feel like she's a chronic over-sharer, for WHAT reason would she need to upload these lmao

No. 1516452

If you actually read instead of complaining you'd find the entire reason why her thread is alive and well is because she is the one who has driven all of this. She revived her dead thread and pushed her way to a fourth thread by screaming pretending to be her own WKs and replying to literally everything negative that doesn't involve her having to tell the truth.

She's done a great many things to warrant the attention. If people are replying to her on here or KF and you don't like it, you could take the advice given to Bertha herself and simply avoid engaging with it.

No. 1516479

File: 1651356671860.png (281.23 KB, 1011x635, degenerate rachel1.png)

Surprised these haven't been posted here yet.
Zoophile confirmed.

No. 1516481

File: 1651356708798.png (410.51 KB, 998x638, degenerate rachel2.png)

No. 1516482

File: 1651356749390.png (196.53 KB, 999x487, degenerate rachel3.png)


Holy shit lmao

No. 1516498

samefag but I probably should've spoilered those, oops. We can all suffer together.

Here's the site:

No. 1516532

File: 1651361309934.jpeg (58.13 KB, 450x600, F14307F3-0EEB-4B91-A28B-72A876…)

she really has the audacity to say she isnt fat when she eats shit like this at home…

No. 1516540

This looks like something n2f would cook up

No. 1516562

No. 1516579

whos fighting?
those are actually terrifying wtf

No. 1516582

Pretty sure that anon is talking about people that reply to Bertha's tweets on here or KF and/or the people that reply to Bertha on here. Probably the same farmer on KF that had an issue with Rachel's thread yesterday.

No. 1516609

he should just fuck her if he wants her so bad lol or is this what one would call courting?

No. 1516624

its a girl farmer lol
She's had a couple white knights in her thread but they dont last long and we're pretty sure they've both been Angry Canadian socks.

No. 1516627

Angry Canadian and his "White Treasure" huh

No. 1516629

match made in heaven

No. 1516763

What’s wrong with you

No. 1516771

It's gone now, did I miss something good?

No. 1516825

She’s started harassing random FF7 accounts and bragging about follower counts she “used” to have

No. 1516844

She is obsessed with popularity yet can't figure out how to be kind to other people. She thinks she can get away with being an insufferable cunt 24/7 and have people falling at her feet to be her friend.

Furthermore she hasn't figured out how to let other people talk. It's always gotta be about her and as soon as anyone detracts from her and her weird shit she throws a fit because how dare anyone get more attention.

She sounds like she's stuck in high school trying to be a popular girl.

No. 1516962

File: 1651423246103.jpg (146.58 KB, 1080x455, truefattypatty.jpg)

Once again you take things out of proportion and play victim. You could make better choices for yourself consistently, but instead you don't and continue to gain weight. You may lose weight in the way that you restrict but it's temporary because you eat calorie-rich foods on a near constant basis, which means your body holds onto those extra calories because your lack of consistency makes it think it needs to hold on to them.

If you really loved your body as much as you say you do, you'd do better for yourself because what you're doing is going to destroy you in the long term.

But go ahead, if accusing people of judging you is easier than taking care of yourself by all means go ahead.

No. 1516976

>ice cream fudge caramel brownie
>a little sugar


No. 1516996

lmao my exact reaction, a mountain of cake, ice cream and sauce is "anything with a little sugar". she's so out of touch.

No. 1516998

File: 1651425238318.jpg (452.04 KB, 1080x1235, crazylmao.jpg)

She acts like she's become a better person. No bitch you're still the same person, you're harassing the people you continue to hurt and you're acting like you've moved on when you haven't.

You're literally in the same house trying to say you aren't.

No. 1517007

File: 1651426121982.jpeg (111.1 KB, 750x936, 06C609B3-67B1-4B54-9324-1EB127…)

She’s so salty over something a year ago.

I can’t wait until she harasses the wrong person because someone will dog walk her if pushed too far

No. 1517018

She posts shit about not bringing up her past but she's the one bringing it up…
Truly low IQ moves.

No. 1517022

File: 1651427126988.jpg (199.79 KB, 1080x713, grossbertha.jpg)

Your opinion is irrelevant because you literally favorited a picture of a giant bee fucking a human on a website called "tentaclerape"

No. 1517023

File: 1651427145669.jpg (336.85 KB, 1536x2048, FRsHbHLVcAAZS7q.jpg)

definitely not fat you guys

No. 1517027

I'm uneducated. Is there a term equivalent to cankles for wrists? Because she's got no wrists just a continuous sausage roll of an arm.

No. 1517030

File: 1651427342616.jpg (398.21 KB, 1050x1356, ironic.jpg)

Rent free.

No. 1517055

File: 1651429518859.jpg (300.27 KB, 1080x1151, schizoposting.jpg)

I love that she's digging up all sorts of old shit to be mad about.

No. 1517056

She's dodging anything about her tentacle rape kek

No. 1517065



This bitch is wilding

No. 1517070

I just have one question.
Why bugs? WHY BUGS?!
Who's gonna tell her it isn't a shadow ban, she's just unlikable?

No. 1517080

File: 1651431255321.png (171.27 KB, 414x1128, fight.png)


No. 1517084

She went from zero girlfriends at the start of her posting here to two after we claimed she hated women. Her group of imaginary friends continues to grow.

She claims to have all these people but the funniest part is the fact that she still has all that free time to be mad about shit said over a year ago.

All these people she claims are totally real and zero proof any of them exist.

No. 1517088

I'm just watching her fight with people in real time right now on twitter. She's quickly developing the reputation of being an insufferable twat.

I love it. The more she does this and the more all the people see her raging at others, the more her infamy in the FF7 community grows.

But she loves that though because that's what her attention starved self loves. "Bad press is just as good as any"

No. 1517091

Even if she said that all of this was made with sugar free or low sugar ingredients, it’s still way too much to eat on your own, hell, just sharing between two people isn’t enough.

No. 1517093

I understand why you would think that but I honestly think Rachel hates being hated. I think she wants attention but I think more than anything she wants to fit in somewhere. She never will though because she's a bitch and harasses people. She needs to fix herself mentally before that could ever happen and she's just not willing.

No. 1517095

like this absolute unit would ever share food with anyone

No. 1517096


She claimed to have only 1 girlfriend and 7 boyfriends a few days ago.

It's amazing how often her relationships and weight changes in such a small period of time.

No. 1517097

I can see your point, but the fact that she's so aggressive and tries to call people out that do her wrong (I guess that comes from her autism because they have strict sense of right and wrong) but it's sad how she doesn't get that her trying to "defend" herself by being insufferable isn't helping her cause or to be affable with anyone

Also, she's been bragging about her promotion at work these fights that's happening right now and I saw her trying get someone to RP with her lol.

No. 1517098

>it's bait
>you just don't understand humor
>my IQ is sooo high you're just not smart enough to understand
>ratio ratio ratio ratio beautiful pour cope seethe
>I have 10000 boyfriends and girlfriends can't relate
>just had sex an hour ago
>why won't you help me

bitch is a broken record, she will never just close the internet and let it die, she has this autistic NEED to respond with some copy/paste epic comeback that'll own the haters

rachel you are quite literally your own worst enemy lmao

No. 1517099

File: 1651432555784.jpg (422.89 KB, 1034x1458, harassingachild.jpg)

Rachel is harassing a child.

No. 1517101

Fat Bertha sitting in her parents' house typing this

No. 1517106

She's not just the clown, she's the entire circus and is just proving why she's deserves to be here when she's pulling stuff like this.

Ah, this really is making my Sunday so much more interesting.

No. 1517107

I don't understand why her parents haven't simply cut her internet

No. 1517108

Her getting into a fight with a bunch of minors is so wild.
They're making her look extra unhinged.

No. 1517109

Rachel is not having a good day today, she's getting roasted by a bunch of minors.
My sides.

No. 1517111

File: 1651433205389.png (346.39 KB, 1006x1280, Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 3.26…)

No. 1517113

File: 1651433252495.jpg (101.11 KB, 1440x467, Screenshot_20220501-202519_Twi…)


No. 1517114

File: 1651433310790.jpg (828.55 KB, 1440x2920, Screenshot_20220501-202334_Twi…)

No. 1517115


I love how whenever she thinks she's talking to an adult, her first go to is, "I've notified the police, groomer"

Like the police care, Bertha and if you're actually going to the police, they're going to mark you as a nuisance who wastes police time.

And does she not realise that not everyone lives in the States lel

No. 1517117

She's playing with fire because you know these kids will come across her threads, her dox, and go crazy lmao

No. 1517118

DANGER? lmaoooo rachel plz leave the minors alone this is so sad

No. 1517123

For sure lol. I'm also betting that half of those kids are Kpop fans and if you know how those kinds of kids work, she should be worried lel

No. 1517124

File: 1651433529706.png (1.08 MB, 1004x1470, Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 3.31…)

ok groomer

No. 1517125

File: 1651433638603.png (677.51 KB, 994x1294, Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 3.33…)

Rachel knows all about pedophile behavior

No. 1517127

File: 1651433765040.png (676.95 KB, 1000x964, Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 3.35…)

No. 1517128

I can't wait for her as a nearly 30 year old woman to call the parents of these children to say that their child is harassing her. I can't wait for that conversation to go down.

No. 1517129

I wonder what caused her to go full unhinged today.

No. 1517131

File: 1651433962923.png (57.07 KB, 990x186, Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 3.39…)

she deleted her address and posted this instead kek

No. 1517133

They're still gonna pay minimum wage sweetie. Ivy League money only goes towards grants and other shit that is not in the bookstore. The money the bookstore makes does not go to the employees because a large majority are students afaik.

No. 1517135

File: 1651434154785.png (204.1 KB, 996x768, Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 3.42…)

"bodied by Big Bertha"

No. 1517136

They can search her Twitter @ and find her thread and full dox.

This isn't going to end the way that she thinks it will.

No. 1517137

Someone is gonna have saved a screenshot of that lmao. If not themselves, they'll find it here

No. 1517138

Fairs Info Center posted it hahahaha

No. 1517140

I wonder made her crack today lmao

She's giving so much today. I was having a shitty past couple of days but like, watching this train wreck is brightening my Sunday up SO MUCH

No. 1517141

not gonna lie, Fairsinfo has been edging the line for a while now and if they are linking KF/LCF to minors they've crossed it. so here's the tumblr of one of them https://acrimsonchaos-vv.tumblr.com/about

No. 1517144

Nobody knows what made her crack but we're all enjoying the ride.

No. 1517146

From what I’ve known, only adults get information about Rachel. They only posted the information as a link public.

No. 1517147

File: 1651434975878.png (73.99 KB, 1000x226, Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 3.55…)

No. 1517148

File: 1651435007639.png (66.64 KB, 1004x194, Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 3.56…)

you posted it yourself, retard

No. 1517149

File: 1651435050277.png (167.19 KB, 521x631, bodied.png)

pic not related but if they are linking adult sites to minors they're taking their vendetta too far and asking for themselves to get doxed in return; they've been flying mightily close to the sun just in terms of being fucking annoying milk deliveries besides

No. 1517151

>laying on the ground bleeding
Rachel babe it's just an internet slap fight try going outside the kids aren't gonna lose sleep over your fat ass harassing them.

No. 1517153

File: 1651435348402.png (71.03 KB, 1820x530, Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 4.02…)


No. 1517155

I'm not going to post it here because of the raid today but Rachel sent gore to the 16 yr old she's arguing with and captioned it "you after trying to cross me. uwu". Check it out for yourself if it isn't down yet.