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File: 1668748164373.jpg (51.57 KB, 1080x1080, fatness.jpg)

No. 1702642

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/1561022

Current Twitter Account: @BelloPanther
Archive to be posted below.

Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin is a 28 year old autistic woman from Emerald Hills, CA who has spent the majority of her life online, behaving in erratic and unusual ways that involve harassing others usually because she is denied ERP with her fictional husbandos. The last several threads had been derailed by bad actors and attention whores, and an eleventh thread was never made despite several anons saying they would do so. We're back again to check in on our gorl because some interesting things have happened while her threads were in limbo.

A summary of happenings:
>She has maintained her silly little cat LARP, currently under the name BelloPanther as of posting this thread. She has reached 900 followers since.
>Chronic Liz Fong-Jones and Keffals asskisser, posting unfunny memes to "own the kiwis"
>She is still "coping and seething about it."
>Rachel is still living at home with her parents. She is still single. No polycule in sight.
>She posted about how the mean people were trying to boot her off the internet but conveniently left out sending death threats, posting someone's newborn online saying she'd rape and kill it, sending gore and porn to minors, possessing child porn, etc.
>Allegedly got called at home by another cow (Blaine Gaven Ross/Erika), which made her mom begin to supervise her internet time.
>General Kiwifarms alogging, kowtowing to the trannies like a good fatty.
>Her cat is reaching morbid obesity and her hands are swelling further.
>Freely called people faggot, nigger, tranny, etc. but cries about the slightest mean words spoken towards her on the internet.
>The person whose server she jannies appears to be close to becoming trans. He is posting a bunch of pseudoscience and talking about being "both Cloud and Aerith."
>She has continued to pretend to speak Japanese through google translate while LARPing as her cat.
>Admits to carrying a stuffed Sephiroth plushie wherever she goes.

Older Milk (A shitty abridged version):
>In December 2020, the first Rachel thread was made on LCF and it went relatively unnoticed, as it seemed like a personal vendetta.
>Most of the first thread covered her harassing roleplayers and random cat accounts on Tumblr, Twitter, and other sites. This included stalking, sending death threats, making a ton of accounts that got banned for her breaking ToS.
>Rachel discovered her thread and has a complete autistic keyboard smashing meltdown, which included her sending her unredacted ID to someone over Discord. This went about as well as you'd expect.
>With her continuing to freak out, she quickly filled threads. A Kiwifarms thread was made, as well as threads on smaller sites.
>Rachel's online behavior became even more bizarre, and she started blaming everything on Ines (who she believes "owns" LCF), believing everyone posting was Ines, etc.
>She teamed up with known lolcows Elaine Miller and Angry Canadian/Michael Thurlow.
>Alogged by Blaine Gaven Ross, who was the primary derailer of the prior threads.
>Says that she's skinny and beautiful despite being a hamplanet, likes to call other people Fatty Patty. Insert comment about her five boyfriends and two girlfriends here.
>Has an unhealthy obsession with Bad Dragon type dildos and animal genitalia. "Beautiful pour" has become a bit of an in-joke because of how she claims to be into the "art" of it and not the fucking herself with them part.
>Banned from most FF7 groups, a known name in the FF and Arcana communities for her absolutely bizarre behavior.
>Posted the child of someone from the roleplay community in order to try to get the thread taken down while posing as one of her friends and talked about wanting to rape it and sell it on the Darkweb
>Admitted to possession of child porn on Onionfarms and the Metokur forums.

The OP is shit, thanks for announcing it. We're here to talk about Rachel.

Prior Threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/1095830
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1485119
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1497013
Thread #4: >>>/snow/1508548
Thread #5: >>>/snow/1518588
Thread #6: >>>/snow/1529219
Thread #7: >>>/snow/1535186
Thread #8: >>>/snow/1538415
Thread #9: >>>/snow/1538415
Kiwi Farms: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/116204/

No. 1702711

dumbass, this is thread #12.

No. 1702713

File: 1668759211420.jpeg (24.9 KB, 272x185, 75AD0902-D094-4455-8DBB-697A6B…)

Thanks for letting the class know you got bullied and bodied by the “cow” in question, OP.

No. 1702721

The last thread was 10.

No. 1702723

File: 1668760663254.jpg (81.99 KB, 1080x295, mooing.jpg)


No. 1702735

The last thread was 11.

Rather than do something with yourself, say volunteer your time, getting a job, acquiring a productive hobby, contributing to society, you continue to harass and stalk this poor girl.

Twitter is dead in the water. Social media as a whole is falling apart. Kiwifarms is dead in the water and LCF is likely next. She is living her life working two jobs last we heard and for all we know, not even in the United States anymore. The metadata on her pictures shows the pictures she took are old.

She isn’t the problem here, it’s you trying to deflect from the fact you’re a useless waste of flesh with no life. You’re sitting here on your fat ass hee-hawing about how your life is so much better than hers, when you’re likely living paycheck to paycheck in a trailer or apartment you can’t even afford. You tell yourself you dine on the finest of cuisine, when your idea of a 5 star meal is taquitos from 7-Eleven and Mountain Dew served in a plastic wine glass.(Rachel )

No. 1702738

Hey Bertha how did you get banned from CoSo?

No. 1702739

You could probably afford to lose a few pounds yourself, Rachel.

No. 1702743

File: 1668764272046.jpg (427.03 KB, 1080x1806, LowIQ.jpg)

Psst Rachel if you wanna WK yourself, maybe try not posting on Twitter at the same time.

No. 1702749

Nobody cares you got your ass kicked by a random fucking girl on the internet, Ghoulie and DBS.

No. 1702750

tl;dr trying to call out someone better than you for their weight you don’t even know when you yourself probably weigh 300+ pounds lmaoooo lardbucket

No. 1702753

Nothing changes with you Bertha. You are the same lousy person you've always been. Maybe time and attention would have changed things for you but you're just as bad, if not worse than before. Oink oink.

No. 1702756

samefag because I didn't tag properly but idc it's funny to see Bertha beating her little ham fists into the keyboard because she's being discussed again.

No. 1702949

Nature is slowly healing again.

No. 1702958

You’re seriously still obsessed with this girl? You do realize the only laughingstock here is you, right?(Rachel wk)

No. 1702964

Plan didn't work long term did it piggie, told you, warned you even albeit doe. Just give up before it becomes more embarrassing to see how little you learned from the last game. You can keep giving us a show if you desire but we all know exactly which posts are yours every time.

No. 1702978

Oink oink

No. 1703219

Tl;dr. Sure you do faggot. Keep thinking anyone who posts here saying you’re obsessed is her.

No. 1703225

Yes, yes. We’re aware you think you’re a pig.

No. 1703227

You are about as smart as you are dainty.

No. 1703232

Berchal hooves typed this.

No. 1703234

Clop clop clop, is that the sound of hooves or fat rolls clapping together? The world may never know.

No. 1703237

Which is extremely. Keep thinking she’s here, faggot.

>>1703232 So that’s your new name then, Ines?

Both knowing Ines.

No. 1703244

Who is Ines Rachel?

No. 1703269

How have you not learned any new ways to "own the haters" Rachel? Take your mouth off of Lucas' asshole while you're at it.

No. 1703399

You faggots are so easily riled up at even the thought of your object of obsession when you’ll never have her. Enjoy dying alone.

No. 1703402

Okay berch berch, riddle for ya, what's got two thumbs, two faces, a billion backs and belongs in bile belched by their own bowels?
Another for you, what happens when a cow tries to flip it around with some friends that weren't ever her friends?
Final one for now, what's it like having your account used to help someone you hate with a burning passion?
I hope it burned, you'll get more too, just wait.

No. 1703404

Ooops I lied, last one, what's it like spitting into karma's face and having her spit back?

No. 1703406

Nobody's obsessed. You had a whole two months of peace where nobody did anything. But even when nobody was thinking about you, you were posting about us. You were whining about being a victim to random cat accounts when you know damn well they wouldn't stick around if they knew. But rather than moving on you kept bringing it up. If you weren't obsessed you wouldn't have been checking here daily to see if you got a new thread. Be real, nobody told you anything. Nobody cares, but you do.
We just like a good show and you always provide.

No. 1703419

You tagged the wrong person. You meant to tag: >>1703237
You're welcome.

No. 1703704

Lol fat

No. 1704409

At least try to integrate. Read the rules.

Also Rachel has never kicked anyones ass in her life, both figuratively or realistically. In order to make a lie believable it needs to be at least plausible.

No. 1704418

1. A lolcow
2. Nothing, lolcows don't learn.
3. A lolcows feelings don't matter so it was actually a fake out and the correct answer would be no1curr.
4. Pretty bad

No. 1704424

Have you tried channelling all this autism into something productive? Genuine question. Something repetitive and one that will be good to get your anger out. Or wait, maybe you could learn to make dildos since you love that so much.

No. 1704429

Children often mimick behaviors they have seen and repeat them as you just displayed, sure showed us lol.

No. 1704432

This is why you have no friends. You cant even be civil when asked a genuine question. Must be a sad, lonely existence.

No. 1704433


No. 1704437

I think you're mixing up your replies, but you're also here using LCF.

No. 1704439

She's also completely and clinically mentally challenged so she may think she's talking to her mother right now.

No. 1704440

Fuck, you're right anon. I totally forgot.
Rachel, go to bed.

No. 1704469

She can't even walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing, she isn't kicking anything. The stairs win every time.

No. 1705009

Boo get new material.

No. 1705012

Proof? If you don't have any and just copy and paste your same response then it just proves you're a lying little virgin.

No. 1705065

You truly are a cow since you can't do anything other than moo.

No. 1705067

File: 1668988649575.jpg (177.89 KB, 1080x715, ironicmooing.jpg)

Bitch really can't do anything new.
Cries "FATPHOBIA!!!" but loves fat shaming everyone else.

No. 1705069

Yet she can harass people sexually on her discord. Little piggie cow wants her cake, to eat it to and have seconds, my word.

No. 1705076

File: 1668989134747.jpg (219.38 KB, 1080x710, andy.jpg)

Rachel rushed to defend a fellow pedophile.

Proof the dude is a pedo:

Maybe you should look into why someone is getting called out instead of immediately assuming they're wrong. Unless you're aware and want to jump in regardless.

No. 1705078

Guess she doesn't realize that twitter is no longer a hugbox. Tweets are gone but they're not suspended.

No. 1705082

Samefag as >>1705078
But wow, look at that C A T account…being a cat. Because cats totally involve themselves in twitter drama, especially FF twitter drama. Intentionally.

No. 1705091

I just thank whatever diety there is that Rachel didn't run into more pedos in her romp around the alt kiwi sites.
It's literally there so she can sometimes cat post and have a 'defense', I love this thread because to hurt Rachel you must sink to her level and she lets me indulge in middle school quality insults.

No. 1705094

Yeah, its pretty hilarious honestly. Also as I'm sure you know, her cat account defense is great especially when she does shit like this. I love it.

No. 1705103

She attracted the attention of some pedos but I guess they weren't uwu anime boy enough for her.

No. 1705330

She naturally can't comprehend people have object permanency as she can't understand it herself so it's a forgone conclusion she would assume others would not just check her Twitter timeline.
I think it's more they wouldn't worship her, the current cronies from what I can tell are all people who crave an authority figure even if said figure is a giant baby with severe mental instability.

No. 1705408

File: 1669025194026.jpg (81.69 KB, 1080x303, honk.jpg)

Speaking from personal experience Bertha?

No. 1705437

What about having a tard tantrum in a lolcow discord server and sending them your ID over a long forgotten thread?
Most people dont really have to worry about posting their pics or real name online because they're not speds wreaking havoc.

No. 1705703

Some can do nearly the same thing and nobody cares, if only Rachel would learn and listen to others, why god why?!?!
If only she'd be even slightly nice people would just move on as she's boring in all ways except her rage blowouts being clockwork and vehicles for her to mask off about her superiority.
Essentially the dumb bitch doesn't realize we care more about the hypocrisy and there have been other dumbasses who did what she did but got forgotten about because they admitted it was dumb or they weren't an asshole. Such an easy lesson she leaves out on the field every time, literally everytime, it really seems that this same cycle is how she got kicked from all the RP sites.
Including ones on hosting sites she has never been to now because rp fags hate actual groomers like Rachel a ton and word spreads fast when delivered by people she has personally offended.

No. 1706170

Main character syndrome where she can't understand why nobody likes her. I've seen indie game NPCs with a more robust personality than her. With the repeating her insults I can't help but be reminded of characters that have no value other than to give you a handful of random lines and nothing else.

No. 1706247

I have the perfect video illustration of this.

No. 1706313

Make it fat and dressed like a pastel cloud threw up on it and that's Berchel

No. 1706805

Any pig would do just fine without any modification.

No. 1706909

ok pedo whale, you possessed child porn and got caught with it lol

No. 1706911

File: 1669150898944.jpeg (261.91 KB, 1125x1190, DKF.jpeg)

Well, it looks like Rachel finally got the attention of a prominent (I'm being very generous with that) troon in the Drop KiwiFarms campaign! Finally! Too bad its just Sinseer, a 50 year old schizophrenic with 16000 hours played in Fallout 76 before getting banned. Actually, he and Rachel are pretty similar and while he's shizo, I dont recall seeing anything that made me think he's anything but harmless. Better than the crowd she WAS hanging out with.

Hmm Rachel got banned from Counter Social. (of course she did) So, guess she's socking.

No. 1706915

One sock is the Sephiroth fan page on Countersocial, but I'm sure it's just cover for whichever account she's actually using. Don't worry, we'll find it.

No. 1707191

doubtful that the fanpage is her if she’s banned, jester would have banned all her accounts

No. 1707192

Do you have proof tho? No law enforcement record = no proof

No. 1707193

See: >>1706911
You can just say criminal records or charges like a normal person, sped.

No. 1707198

okay then. do we have proof?

No. 1707201

Idk, depends on what that anon meant by "caught". We do have yo–I mean Rachel admitting to having CP herself multiple times, through out the threads, though. But I guess you knew that.
Anyway, it's not as if theres no criminal record it means theres no crime. Pretty weak and unrealistic way of thinking but I dont think any of us expect you to think any differently.

No. 1707206

Nigga that's you for sure, you use vpns to dodge bans all the time.
Look at how many times you've been banned from here Rachel but like herpes you keep coming back.

No. 1707299

kinda hard for someone to not have cp if they report it to the fbi

anyone who does report it does have cp

No. 1707300

So you wanna tell the class why you’re so obsessed with her and stalking her then?

No. 1707307

You're seriously the dumbest person I've ever met. Are you for real? I can't believe that you actually think like this.
So you once again admitted to possessing cp under the guise of "reporting it." Good job Fatty Patty.

No. 1707484

Hey berchal, I send the link to the FBI if it's actual CP staying there.
Ask the owner of metokur forums who caught Rachel spamming CP and showed it was her, it's not some loose connection, it's confirmed she had it. Rachel's now trying to spin out of that but she can't thanks to spamming child porn out of anger on an account site.
Wait hasn't this site been spammed with CP? Gee I wonder who it could be…

No. 1707571

Its been explained to you before, multiple times in these threads, by people much more knowledgeable than you, why thats a dumb excuse. You aren't noble for saving CP to "turn into the fbi", you saving it and not turning over a link or archiving the sites it on to turn that into police is not helpful. You are genuinely fucking retarded.

Yeah thats believable considering she yet again just admitted having it after asking for proof of her having it.

No. 1707578

NTA but because you're 1. Retarded. 2. A Lolcow. 3. Prone to losing your shit over normal things and producing glorious milk. 4. Don't know what stalking is and likely never will since you're incapable of changing or bettering yourself in anyway at all.

You do this to yourself, Bertha.

No. 1707622

My heart wants to believe Rachel did it because that would mean she's committed a crime and we could get a jail arc, but my mind knows the real person behind a considerable amount of it wasn't her.
In the interest of keeping the thread on topic and not derailing as badly as the prior thread, I won't name names. But there is someone else who is notorious for spamming cp and blaming it on other people when things don't go their way and it's happened enough times without Rachel involved for it to not be a coincidence.

Rachel isn't some evil mastermind, she's literally retarded. She's got the mentality of a middle schooler. Her idea of malicious action is to harass until she gets her way. She repeats herself over and over again because she's too stupid to come up with anything new.

I think the person who did do it wanted to blame her for it because they realized she was stupid enough to save it on her devices. That same person also never delivered proof on almost all the outlandish claims they made.

So, tl;dr calling bullshit. Metokurforums has been severely restricted and threads removed because of people acting like entitled crybabies and knowingly break rules to get threads deleted. Not necessarily the best source.

No. 1707710

Realistically not going to get a jail arc. None of the shit posted on here would hold up in a court of law. The only thing that would be able to be persecuted is that you and other users have been stalking and harassing her, and invading her privacy.

Besides, you’re already breaking the rules by alogging her.

The shit with the Metokur forums is news to me. Was her account on there Sourpuss as it was on OF and KF?

No. 1707712

was probably blaine knowing him

No. 1707718

NTA its prosecuted not persecuted. If you're going to try to act like you know what the fuck you're talking about you could use the correct words at the very least.

While you're at it, learn what A-logging is.

No. 1707723

Hey dumbass, not everyone has the virtue of a functional autocorrect like you. I know damn well what alogging is.

Pretty sure you’re just one of the spergs from the fandom who has a vendetta with her.

No. 1707725

It has nothing to do with autocorrect considering persecuted is an actual word, just not the correct one, you drooling mong. And no, you don't.

Sure. Never played FF but yep, totally.

No. 1707726

Honestly it’s probably you that don’t know the definition then.

Sure. It’s easy enough for people to deny being Rachel, and it’s just as easy for you to deny being one of the spergs holding a vendetta.

No. 1707730

*doesn't. And I do. Just like I know actual words and their meanings.

I also didn't deny it because I genuinely couldn't care less who you think I am.

No. 1707741

Then why do you care at all for this site or this thread when there’s more interesting things going on? Unless you’re one of those retards like ghoulie or dumb bitch smoothie.

Come to think of it, if you feel that way, what makes you think it’s any different for Rachel?

No. 1707743

You and everyone else on this thread are going to be hurt badly by reality when it finally hits you.

No. 1707749

Not that your questions correlate with anything I said, because they don't, but because people with functioning brains are able to care about multiple things at once. Yep, both of them and someone from the fandom. Lol you'll be forever trying to guess who's posting here and you'll more than likely forever be wrong.

I don't care what Rachel thinks about this site or this thread.


No. 1707753

Uh huh.

In regards to who the cp spammer is, who do you suspect?

No. 1707760

The CP spammer here or the Metokur forums?

No. 1707761

No. 1707764

Metokur forums, I couldn't say because I've never been there.
Here, not sure either because this site has always randomly had 4chan/bots try to post CP and gore. Not spam it though. Wouldn't be surprised if it was Rachel, but not sure I'd say I 'suspect' her either. I also didn't see the CP spam she's suspected for so I don't know how it went down.

No. 1707767

I honestly forget the owner of metokur deleted the account. Still with the track record of that owner removing revenge porn, enforcing rules, etc it's obviously Rachel in here shitting on them since the owner has solid proof of her spamming CP and can be contacted by anyone.

No. 1707786

The CP spammer was Blaine because he did it in places that had nothing to do with Rachel and magically whenever he became involved with something as soon as things went south there was a cp spam. But magically, somehow, when nobody was pointing fingers at Blaine there was no cp. Every single time. His thread on KF is very enlightening and he has a history before Rachel of doing the same thing. I guess he is just like his cows of choice and doesn't learn how to deviate from the formula.

As for Rachel trying to assert that she's being stalked and harassed, look in the mirror first. This whole thing wouldn't have started if it weren't for your behavior. Whether there are vendettachans here or not doesn't matter, you like to name drop DBS and Ghoulie like you name drop Spooky Bones and Ines because you like the security of believing someone is the big bad so you can push responsibility off of yourself and onto them. You refuse to acknowledge any of the horrible things you've done because you think that someone else has done worse. No wonder nobody likes you, you have no self awareness and refuse to accept your faults. You're not the Mary Sue you pretend to be online.

If the owner of the Metokurforums has this proof, anon who insists they do, why don't you quit being a faggot and post it up? Smells like another heaping pile of bullshit to derail the thread. Give credit where credit is due. Until there's solid proof that it was Rachel, there's more grounds for it having been Blaine.

Before you derail this shit show any further, let me repeat myself. If you have proof, post it or shut the fuck up. Nobody cares about your fanfiction, if it's available you can certainly quit being lazy and provide it. Don't be a lazy fatass like Rachel.

Rachel definitely has/had cp, she has admitted to it even. We know this.
Tranny propaganda is on par with a Rachel delusion.

No. 1707790

Post actual proof of your accusations instead, clearly you have derailed this thread more than anyone else has aside from the cow. Like I said believe the owner, not some random comment claiming something.
Piss off with your pissing match.

No. 1707791

Fuck off Rachel. Anyone can scroll up to see your autistic logic about saving cp to report it.

No. 1707793

Not Rachel, just not interested in dealing with your manic attitude. You, yourself admitted Rachel possessed CP, there are screens of her being sexual on discord with minors from different servers and at different times brought by different people.
Rachel is a pedophile, end of story.

No. 1707797

Rachel being a pedophile in possession of cp and Blaine being responsible for cp spams aren't mutually exclusive. Rachel has a checkmate on someone who called her mom to rat her out, if she had an ounce more intelligence she'd see it and take it.

No. 1707802

If true then she would have been beaten to the punch on reporting Blaine, last I heard some scrotes tried to swat him but it did not pan out.
Since you seem so interested in him why not make a thread on him here so we can go back to talking about who the thread is about and stay on topic.

No. 1707804

We got it out of the way. I've got nothing more to say on the matter. If I do maybe I'll take up your suggestion but I think his KF thread is sufficient for anyone who wants to talk about Blaine.

No. 1707810

While I understand why he was mentioned I hope he wasn't accidentally just summoned like Bloody Mary.

No. 1707813

More like Beetlejuice really.

No. 1707816

Okay, yeah thats accurate.

Unrelated but I dont think Sourpuss on KF is Rachel. They didn't post in her thread there at all and we all know she wouldn't be able to help herself.

No. 1707819

I didn’t see it either. I think it’s just other people trying to pin it on her. In fact, I have yet to see proof that she even had it to begin with. If she was arrested we would know. If she was actually a pedophile we would know.

No. 1707820

Again, she admitted to having it, no arrest does not mean a crime wasn't committed, and we do know.

No. 1707822


If she’s a pedophile, where’s the proof? She’s never said she’s attracted to children. She’s on no sex offender registry. “Having” cp for the purpose of reporting it to the proper authorities won’t get the person reporting it in trouble. Unless, the act of reporting it gets someone put on a watch list, in which case if she was actually guilty we would have seen something happen to her by now.

No. 1707823

If it wasn’t her on KF, how are we so sure it was her on literally any other site?

No. 1707825

Adding onto this, the hell if anyone knows whether or not the person reporting it gets put on any watch list.

No. 1707826

If she hasn’t taken it already…

No. 1707830

This has been gone over multiple times already in this thread. Read up if you want your answers.

Because it was obvious, and she posted in her threads. Hence I dont think the one on KF is her.

No. 1707831

File: 1669243552661.jpeg (148.5 KB, 718x580, 390CA089-A0E8-4DAA-AF37-24D82D…)

The more I see things like this, the more I am convinced this has all been one big game of he said she said and the accusations never held any credibility to begin with.

No. 1707832

Yet theres tons of proof in other threads.

This is so lame.

No. 1707833

It isn’t obvious. I’ve read all the other threads and all I’ve seen is a bunch of anons screaming that she is one without any credible proof.

No. 1707835

Then you're blind and/or retarded and theres no helping you. I don't think anyone gives a fuck if you believe it, you're free to leave at any point and stop shitting up the threads.

No. 1707836

Screenshots mean nothing as they can be doctored, and have been doctored before. Videos mean little as deepfakes are possible. The only thing that is cold hard proof is a conviction or law enforcement record.

No. 1707837

Lmao. Okay gorl, feel free to go back to twitter at any time.

No. 1707842

You’re welcome to not believe it, but that just makes you incapable of reasoning or utilizing logic.

You’re just being ridiculous if you keep trying to force your illogical viewpoint onto others.

No. 1707845

Rachel thinks she's playing 4D chess, when really she's playing pin the tail on the donkey without a blindfold and still missing the mark. Many such cases!

No. 1707850

You're the only one trying to force anything on anyone. You're on a niche website complaining about what the website is for and you're also retarded. No one, and I mean NO ONE, gives enough of a fuck about you to fake screenshots or videos. If you weren't such a fuck up, we wouldnt even be here in the first place.

No. 1707857

Yeah no. The only one trying to force anything on anyone is those insisting she’s guilty without any solid evidence.
The other threads have been combed through thoroughly. There is no evidence suggesting the guilt on any part other than that of LCF users.

No. 1707858

Paranoia at its finest.

No. 1707859

False. There is no evidence of that on any of the older threads.

No. 1707861

not even any mention of that on older threads either lol

No. 1707862

>implying it’s her to begin with
oh that’s rich

No. 1707865

Fr? Going to check.

No. 1707869

You’re not operating within the range of reality. A lot of people would and have.

No. 1707874

Best thing to do is just ignore and report. She's gonna keep talking to herself.

No. 1707876

Anyway, I wonder how much weight Rachel will gain over Thanksgiving. Anyone wanna take bets?

No. 1707880

I'm going with 10 on Thanksgiving proper and by Monday it'll be 22 total.

No. 1707881

Sadly, we'll likely never know because she lies about it all the time, just like everything else.

>>1707880 guessed what I was going to kek

No. 1707904

File: 1669247252993.png (130.13 KB, 1048x273, Screenshot_20221124_084306.png)

hey, saw rachels thread bumped on KF they're going on old info im not involved with rachel.
also, sorry about the Peruvian incel pretending to be me.

No. 1707907

Who are you and what are you talking about?

No. 1707909

have some old content for your troubles, and to those who keep tryna pull me back into the dramasphere lol lmao no.

No. 1707913

Or you could be realistic and say 0 because that’s not how human biology works.

No. 1707916

File: 1669248078218.png (123.31 KB, 1920x1080, unknown-105.png)

naught, some Peruvian incel and angry Canadian keep tryna get my attention on wizchan/b/ the former even posting here the latter was involved with Rachel.

No. 1707918

Samefag >>1707881

I'm changing my guess to 35 pounds of thanksgiving feast and pure tard rage.

No. 1707923

Learn what words mean.

No. 1707925

Rachel is fat and Sephiroth would not have sex with her.

No. 1707932

Wow, good job.


Fake or real, he still would not have sex with her.

No. 1707934

Nigga where did I say he was real? I said he wouldn't have sex with you, Rachel.

No. 1707937

It's okay, no one believed them anyway anon.

No. 1707941

Rachel really has lost brain cells from her cat larp and doing baby talk all day.

No. 1707950

I understand. This comment made me laugh, probably just because "incredulous" is such an accurate word for how I feel whenever I read anything she says.

Nonnies, do you think Rachel lusts over Sephiroth because she knows that no real man will ever love her?

To clarify, I dont even really care if people have husbandos, I just think this is why she does

No. 1707961

I think her whole obsession with Sephiroth is definitely rooted in her self worth. She wants a man to obsess over her, she wants someone to impregnate her as an act of obsession and not because she truly wants kids. She wants to feel wanted and she's painted this narrative in her head that she would turn Sephiroth from your generic evil dude to someone who is entirely devoted to her.

Evidence for this is her "arranged marriage" thing she tried to do when playing Aerith and her tendency to directly go into wattpad romance levels of roleplay. She has a one track mind like a horny man, and has no interest in women or other characters because she roleplays solely for sexual gratification.

She repeats the same kind of storylines over and over again because she's got no desire to develop something, she uses it to get off and fantasize.

No. 1707977

Great reply, anon. I gotta agree with you. I wonder if she would be such a coomer, or at least as overly sexual as she is if she weren't a virgin. Some women do have high sex drives, so maybe not, but maybe it does have something to do with it.

I personally could have gone my whole life being blissfully ignorant of her discord messages about getting horny over Jurassic Park raptors. Fuck you for that, Rachel.

No. 1707983

I'm so sorry. Even though it wasn't my intention, I feel better knowing you share my pain, nonacita.

No. 1707990

File: 1669250852975.jpg (590.61 KB, 1501x1080, mousereactstofattypatty.jpg)

Boohoo nigga, cry more
Lurk moar
She wants to say she ain't a zoophile, but…
Someone start up the HSM "We're all in this together" song.
Nigger THEY'RE REAL ANIMALS, DINOSAURS ARE REAL NOT FICTIONAL. They're extinct but dinosaurs were definitely real and hybrids of them are still ANIMALS.

No. 1707994

I guess she forgot that sex toys exist for a reason. Weird considering she brags about owning so many, "beautiful pour", and wrote a novel on sex toy materials on OF.

But yeah, shoving a raptor shaped toy up there sounds totally sane.

>Someone start up the HSM song
Playing it for you rn, anon.

No. 1707995

Please say sike rn nonna

No. 1708000

No ones gonna read all that.


Why would literally anyone be pissed over that? Its hilarious. Make sure you stretch before reaching that hard.

No. 1708001

Yeah its posted in the past threads. Go look for it.

No. 1708002

At least CWC had real WKs that weren't him socking and denying it. You on the other hand can't even manage to find anyone down bad enough to go up to bat for you.
People would rather defend a mom fucker than you.

No. 1708006

File: 1669251380576.jpeg (28.19 KB, 231x218, A009C38F-B79E-4C0A-9165-1E7036…)

Anon you are fucking faggot and a nigger. She never said any of that shit anywhere in the threads. In fact the posts say she doesn’t care for penetration. Please kill yourself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1708008

Here's the wildest part. She never really owned any, she just had a weird obsession and tried to become a part of the "dildo community" despite being too broke of a bitch to afford anything.
So she was a weird orbiter who talked about "beautiful pours" because she knew it was weird to begin with.
She does definitely fantasize about animals though, we uncovered that yzrch account on tentaclerape she denies is hers but the comments left by that account have the same level of deranged autism that her comments here have.

No. 1708010

Wrong and mad.

No. 1708013

I wonder what Rachel's cat account followers would think about her saying nigger and faggot.

No. 1708014

AYRT and again, no one is mad over her toy raptors she shoves in her vag.

No. 1708019

Rachel you're so obvious it hurts. You aren't a part of the "community" you're just a fake dildo fan.

No. 1708022

They can be art, but autistically repeating "beautiful pour" at every dildo she saw, even though they were pretty basic looking, ain't it.

No. 1708026

I wouldn't waste my money on one in the first place kek
Also I can get laid, I dont need one

Also yzrch is a unique username and thats a big cope.

No. 1708029

Asking to be spoonfed is against the rules. Look at past threads for yourself or shut the fuck up.

No. 1708030

Unlike you, some people actually have healthy sex lives that involve another person and don't need weird toys to have a good orgasm. If you wash yourself with products that aren't expired you won't smell like tuna salad.

Why are you denying it, Rachel? What happened to your proud sexuality? Are you perhaps ashamed of it?

No. 1708032

Its a dildo, not a painting.

No. 1708033

You're not an artfag either, but you might qualify to be just the fat in artfat.

No. 1708035

That's why I said just the fat part.

No. 1708037

You're not wrong but even ALR and Chantal dress better than Rach.
Hmm…Maybe Rachel should follow Chantals lead and get herself a Middle Eastern husband.

No. 1708039


No. 1708043

Rachel you should stop before you make a fool of yourself again fatty.

No. 1708046

Okay, I'm gonna do it anyway kek

No. 1708047

No ones keeping you here.

No. 1708049

Rachel has no friends anon. Also
>ad hominem
Kinda proves that anon is right.

No. 1708050

File: 1669252545582.jpeg (69.55 KB, 540x728, B307D769-1738-42E1-801C-031F64…)

I love the fact that a fictional character has a bigger and more diverse dating pool than Rachel who will stay forever alone.
If she wasn't such a bitch and a permanently online loser with no social skills, she wouldn't be as shamed for preferring 2D guys over 3DPD ones, but here we are, on thread #11 filled with schizoposting.

No. 1708055

Rachel's prejudice against gay men comes out when Sephiroth and Genesis are shipped with men or each other.

No. 1708056

i cri

No. 1708061

The thread where we found the old rp group of hers where she rants about yaoi bad

No. 1708067

Yep, totally. I'm sure thats definitely whats happening in real life and not in her head or anything like that. For sure in real life and its totally real.

No. 1708069

Rachel you're probably sitting next to your senile dad, banging your ham fists on the side of the couch about the mean people on the internet.

No. 1708071

Thats not what that means but sure.

No. 1708074

Always trying and always failing.

No. 1708076

File: 1669252929965.jpeg (118.35 KB, 999x565, D3E582C6-7B10-4098-AEB0-74EC4D…)

How dare you, nonnie! Her harem looks literally like this, of course it's possible for it to be 100% real and totally not a figment of her imagination that got fucked up by her rampant schizophrenia!

No. 1708078

Rachel you keep exposing yourself by naming the people you hate, the people you hope are posting here. Here's the truth, none of them care. It might have started that way but they all have better things to do.

No. 1708080

NTA but this is such a stupid thing to say lmao

No. 1708084

I don't need to wish. Its already stupid.


I wasnt even that anon you accused, they answered you here >>1708079

No. 1708085

CWC is a better girl than Rachel because CWC didn't need to sock to defend himself.
Her fighting her own holy war is so funny to me because she wants to gaslight everyone into believing she's got friends. Remember Caleb or whatever the fuck her imaginary friend's name was? She tried so hard to push it and once nobody cared she dropped the act so she keeps on trying to do something new.

God what a pathetic fat woman.

No. 1708090

>Accuses anon of medfagging while medfagging

Are you into scat, Rachel? Because I've never seen anyone willingly gargle that much shit before.

No. 1708094

That's the lamest excuse. You aren't even trying Rachel. C'mon. I thought you were smarter.

No. 1708095

Imagine a rapist being better than you.

Sucks to suck, Rachel.

No. 1708097

Tbh, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if Rachel did some vile shit, I hope she never interacts with vulnerable people irl, then again, she's too fat, lazy and permanently online to move, so maybe that will never happen.

No. 1708098


No. 1708101

That made no sense. Don't medfag if you wanna call people out for medfagging.

No. 1708103



Thats not proof so you're lying.

No. 1708105

Rachel boasted about cuddling in bed as a grown ass adult with her mother.

No. 1708106

Can't wait for you to contract e. coli from your scat porn debut.

No. 1708109

Rachel is definitely a rapist.

No. 1708114

Another swing and a miss about what A-logging is.

No. 1708115

File: 1669253728358.jpeg (403.88 KB, 1242x1991, 8D6DCEE2-6535-42E6-AD24-CFA6F5…)

Kek, that would be so pathetic.

No. 1708119

NTA but you're just fucking weird.
Imagine having to cuddle with your mom as an almost 30 year old woman because thats the only person that will cuddle with you

No. 1708123

I know what it is which is how I know you're using it wrong…AGAIN.

No. 1708124

No I don't, I'm not a weirdo like you. I bet you kiss her on the mouth too, you sicko.

No. 1708126

So what's she going to do anyways?

No. 1708131

If you care so much, make a thread. Blog about it, Karen.

No. 1708133

Cope harder, Oedipussy.

No. 1708135


No. 1708139

Rachel you couldn't even prove you left the house even once during any of your threads.

No. 1708142

Rachel is just a sadcow for me, now. It was fun but it was ruined by gay ops and the tranny Blaine and now it appears only her Sephiroth-stanning alogs remain. It's a shame, she was a great cow. But she was tipped one times too many by too many people. Anon going hard with the notion that Rachel posted CP could possibly be the tranny, as he is out of the psych ward and calmer and on meds and not quite so psychotic right now. So he might be blending a little better, but he still makes himself obviously known. Maybe Rachel posted CP on Metokur, I doubt it but even if she did, we know Blaine did here, so it doesn't matter for that purpose. There are too many levels of gayops going on right now and it's not funny anymore, and it's attracting sick people, like Chris-Chan would. It's depressing.

No. 1708144

Rachel telling people to kill themselves is goofy ass behavior since she'd scream and cry if anyone said it to her.

No. 1708147

That's the gospel truth right there.
But I can't help sticking around to see how far she'll go.

No. 1708148

lmao none of these people in this saga are good at pretending to be other people

No. 1708150

>Blaine sperging

No. 1708153

Everything you've posted on the internet is forever, Rachel. Just because the KF account is probably not yours doesn't mean the others weren't either. Your intelligence is amazingly low, no wonder you needed a tard wrangler through school. Constantly chimping out about not understanding shit must be exhausting for everyone involved. It's amazing you're as fat as you are given the fact that your rage is triggered at the slightest inconvenience.

No. 1708157

Oh I'm watching with you nonnie but it just stopped being funny. Nothing quite like a trainwreck though. The cast of cringe orbiters is just proof of how good a cow she is but people have to be retarded about it, why we can't have nice things, etc.

No. 1708160

Faggots quit bickering and namefagging and get back on topic.

This is about Rachel, not the Rachel orbiting ensemble.

No. 1708165

Using "big words" does not make you smart.

No. 1708166

How can you be certain? Proof?

No. 1708167

Welp, rip thread.
Sperging about her orbiters and accusing other farmers of being blaine or FF people didnt help. Just fed into her delusions. And now the orbiters are back.

No. 1708172

Maybe the good shit should be reserved for KF where she and the other orbiters can't act like retards without getting called out for it. That includes any kiwi fagging.

No. 1708174

You can't even do the bare minimum to prove your point. We all know it's you, Rachel.

No. 1708176

It's the lack of milk. It spoils and attracts the flies. Rachel isn't doing anything funny as far as I can tell and this is almost all gay vendetta/alog bullshit. I was kinda dreading someone starting the thread again unless there was some happening.

No. 1708178

samefag: Yes, anon, let the weirdos duke it out and all dox each other on some cringe Kiwi splinter, we don't have the moderation to deal with the level of bullshit this creates. It was fun, now it's not.

No. 1708181

Her cat account and the banning from CounterSocial was pretty milky. It amazes me that such intense amounts of autism can be ignited by lighting a match.

No. 1708186

Even the splinterfags are tired.

No. 1708188

Autism isn't a shield for shitty behavior. Plenty of well adjusted autistic individuals, you aren't one of them.

No. 1708191

You assume you're traumatizing people. We look down at you for being a degenerate.

No. 1708197

File: 1669255541292.jpg (595.14 KB, 1501x1080, incognitorachel.jpg)

Wow! Thanks so much for the insight, nonnie.

No. 1708206

Dinosaurs are currently up for debate in this thread, but bees are definitely real and Rachel has definitely thought about fucking one. This sounds like some Bee movie fanfic, but unfortunately it isn't a fanfic.

No. 1708212

We have enough threads of your bizarre behavior to warrant as many threads are necessary until you either learn and grow or you go defcon 1 and do something that would be considered fedposting for even bringing it up.

No. 1708214

So Rachel, what's the significance of Mewtwo?

No. 1708276

Pfff Rachel good job admitting your own faults. You don't even have the faintest clue who posts here. You on the other hand never change.

No. 1708285

embarrassing. kek

No. 1708310

She ain’t even here nigga.

No. 1708371

Happy Thanksgiving to the jannies and only the jannies. I'm thankful for your service here in this thread.

No. 1708410

Seeing all that green is like Christmas day. Happy holidays every one!
Lol kinda like tiny Tim but with another t word. Bazinga

No. 1708582

Oh my god. You're right. kek
Happy Thanksgiving Nonnies!

No. 1708661

She’s also banned from f-list. Not sure how you can get banned from a site full of lonely men with a monster addiction.

But with her little discord she runs, last I heard she wasn’t active on it and abandoned it. I know she was not letting any one in out of fear they where from here or KF. So maybe that killed it? Dunno. Haven’t kept up with her shit since it’s been peaceful in the final fantasy areas without her. Have actually been able to talk with people and group up for games without worrying about her showing her greasy face.

No. 1708734

Not sure how she gets banned from a site that is fine with pedophilia, vore, snuff, toilet kinks, and some of the darkest shit you'd ever encounter.
Yeah that's my guess too. Or she's convinced someone to be her packmule for the time being. I figure she was trying to set up some roleplay shit on CounterSocial so she could claim to be the queen bee and the owner decided that was fucking weird and she shouldn't be pretending to be someone else. I can only speculate.

No. 1708796


>> Not sure how she gets banned from a site that is fine with pedophilia, vore, snuff, toilet kinks, and some of the darkest shit you'd ever encounter.

Easy, she stalked someone and was being her usual autistic self. IIRC, she was being too pushy towards a sephiroth and they told the mods in the FF chat. They gotten several reports of her bullying and bossing people around for ERP and trying to tell them what to do. They got uncomfortable and blocked her. I know this outs me for using the site, but i honestly don’t care since it’s a place I have found my main group of friends for mmorpgs. Simply don’t mess with the obvious minors on the site who are all too eager to write fantasy fucking.

No. 1708892

You're fine, you being a nerd is the least embarrassing thing in this thread.

No. 1709014

I'm pretty sure you aren't into bees, cats, or dinosaurs fucking you so you're already ahead of Rachel.

No. 1709108

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! And I hope Rachel stuffed her big piggy face and embarrassed herself in front of her extended family. (if they even still come around)
I bet with the lack of selfies she puts out, she's well on her way to being the next deathfat queen. Chantal took the crown from ALR, Rachel will come take the crown from Chantal. Can't wait.

No. 1709448

I totally get the cat girl cat boy attraction. But full on animals is soo weird and unhealthy. I don’t get the bees thing? Where that come from?

No. 1709617

File: 1669402350118.jpeg (Spoiler Image,962.84 KB, 1722x1280, Disgusting.jpeg)


Also noticed something interesting while going to grab that. Lots of the favorites are either dragon or dinosaur porn. We know Rachel has the hots for dinosaurs so that just further proves thats her account.

Here are archives so she cant say its fake:
Favorites page 1:
Favorites 2:
Favorites 3:

No. 1709648

This is not normal. I say this as someone who is very open-minded sexually…

No. 1709649

Yeah it grosses me out. Rachel is very not normal in more ways than she is normal.

No. 1709652

Rachel always complains about people who call her out on it saying its their fault for looking. She makes her entire personality about her sexual interests and suffering from feline induced toxoplasmosis.

No. 1709656

Yeah she definitely puts it all out there and no one really even needs to look to find it. But like everything else in her life, she's incapable of self reflection and growing so she just blames everyone else when the same shit keeps happening because she always does the same shit.

No. 1709716

And there it is, she always screams no proof and tries to blame others but it's always there for all to see.
Same here, heck I don't even mind furries who keep to themselves but this is a step deeper into the depravity well than even that. Lord help us as someone actually is living the Bee movie and that someone is Rachel.
The Rachel cycle as it were, her worst downfall and why I know the cycle will never stop is that she turns on the people who try to help her the hardest. Anyone who dares give her advice is deemed an instant enemy regardless of context.

No. 1709754

That must be the only personality trait she has. All she thinks of is sexual content and projects it to others. No wonder she’s got nothing going for her. She has no imagination to develop a personality trait that she didn’t either develop from thirsty minors on roleplaying sites, or read as she was on the outside looking in on people actually developing unique characteristics.

No wonder she changes her identity and “ Rachel isn’t here” like she does. She knows she’s got nothing for herself that she has to become someone else to sound remotely interesting.

No. 1709767

Brilliantly and beautifully put, I agree and I think she's very insecure about that so she falls back to calling other people schizophrenic as her subconscious knows she's mimicking the worst behaviors of the mental illness without having it not knowing what it truly is.
Rachel is one of those people who can't comprehend something that's smarter than her, the thing where it's like you don't know why the engine works that way but if you looked you'd kind of comprehend the level of intelligent design there. To Rachel it just works because it does, there is no interest in why because she assumed she could just replace the engine and it's worked on by 'poor and dumb people' and so it's beneath her to learn and she thinks it's not necessary to try.
To bring the analogy to a social situation, she always thinks she's the smartest in the room, knows the most and can manipulate others. She's often the exact opposite but misses all the tells you or I would pick up on telling us someone else knows more about something than we do. Instead it's just viewed as irrelevant babble that's beneath her and so the pattern always continues.
In writing role play you can often tell who someone is by who they play and how they play them, even more so if it's an OC. It's not always a reflection of who the person is but it will give away probably ways the writer thinks or acts. It's a well known phrase and joke that you can't rp a character smarter than yourself so the people who would even play a sephiroth are either hyper competent and probably playing him away from a villain or they're a really dumb edge lord and they give away how they're not as smart as sephiroth should be. I think Rachel's fixation goes into sephiroth due to her desire for the second group. This is why edgelords smarter than her can make her do whatever they want because she is just used to being able to manipulate edgelords that play sephiroth. Likewise the Mary sues Rachel plays never explore anything in depth that could give someone a reason to play a Mary sue, it's just any character with flaws is beneath her. This leaves Rachel isolated at all times unlike some weird nerdy fat women in her situation who can get harems. They get those desperate nerdy men because they treat them as human and due to the disparity of the two groups interests in some groups of roleplay.(ff7 is one of the few that's half and half men and women) So those girls have guys who don't care about sharing her attention because it's likely one of the few women who's treated them like they want to be treated. Rachel can't treat anyone like an equal so she's chasing the dragon on this and many things, it's why she's repetitive but entertaining.

No. 1709864

She's always struggled to put together something interesting. She either plays a stereotype (Like that Madam M account) or a self insert that doesn't have much substance. Everything is short and rather bland, nothing that really makes you believe the oc is in the setting. Even then she couldn't come up with a good description so she just made a female Sephiroth. It's weird that she wants to fuck one but also wants to be one.

No. 1709955

Didn’t someone tell her that her character was a typica trope and she lost her shit on them? I don’t remember where it was posted if it was one of these threads, kiwi farms or Twitter. She gets soo angry when you point out how her OC is just a “ can I copy your homework? Yeah just change it up a little” work of an OC.

No. 1709978

She did, but to be fair she goes ballistic at anyone who does anything but drop to the ground in adoration. Since nobody adores her she blows up often.

No. 1710008

And this is why she’s got this thread.

No. 1710147

Yet she seems to believe that she has done nothing wrong and it's all our fault.
I think she wasn't beaten enough as a child, that's what I think. She has never felt a real consequence in her life.

No. 1710177

You may be right, but I dont think that would have changed her much. She'd probably say she was abused and try to use it as an excuse like she does her autism.

No. 1712275

She’s picking fights with people over reproductive issues so that’s different for her. So much for her being a cat account lol

No. 1712277

File: 1669612140123.jpeg (63.96 KB, 750x386, B94E21EC-4CCA-441E-9F77-72D137…)

No. 1712284

The law would disagree, Bertha.

No. 1712389

I wonder if it's cope due to personal experiences. She's the exact type of person to be in a relationship with a minor online…

No. 1712395

File: 1669619126304.jpg (393.89 KB, 798x1445, trannywars1.jpg)

I assume that this person has no clue what Rachel is really like, but the fact that everything she said was pretty spot on is hilarious.

No. 1712396

File: 1669619188900.jpg (358.13 KB, 1080x1174, trannywars2.jpg)

I'd hate to be Rachel, having to wonder just how much some random internet person knows about my life or if they're just guessing.

No. 1712401

Can't wait until she acts like she "kicked their ass" or "bodied" them, when really everything she said about this person is shit I would not be surprised if she does herself. If she could even cook a chicken then thats for sure how she'd season it.

No. 1712574

Nah she will just scream “L+ratio” or “ ad hominem” or one of those phrases she uses a lot that she doesnt know how it works.

No. 1712599

File: 1669649404259.jpg (146.14 KB, 1080x462, cattwitter.jpg)

Presented without context.

No. 1712605

(Christine voice) you've gotta be kidding me right meow!

No. 1712669

Oh god I love this so much, it was bound to happen one day, poor little old lady.
I don't regret teaching Rachel the word bodied because whenever she says it she's admitting she a big chubby wubby with a belly full of jello and rage.

No. 1712743

File: 1669659068033.jpeg (217.63 KB, 800x450, Split.jpeg)

No. 1712751

File: 1669659925415.jpeg (106.42 KB, 749x840, 2FF8DEC7-A8C8-4CE2-B3A4-AE1FCE…)

Looks like someone wants to go into the furry community

No. 1712767

Furry arc is finally here, I've been praying since thread 6 for one!

No. 1712781

One step closer to zoophilia.

I also noticed a post she made about her cat weighing 20lbs. Yikes.

No. 1713057

She goes from shits herself to shits in a litter box. At least in the furry community she will be where she belongs with other people who society hates and border pedophilia. She might get laid who knows.

No. 1713465

This doesn’t confirm a furry arc, it’s just a cat suit posted on a cat account. Not milk.

No. 1713467

Shitty parenting at its finest. Putting babby on phone, being surprised when coming back and finding babby looking at inappropriate content.

No. 1713468

File: 1669727741262.jpeg (15.43 KB, 225x225, A29485AA-01F0-43A1-A590-982EB7…)

I have yet to see any evidence of her actually shitting herself so I’m going to assume it’s one of the anons here imposing their toilet troubles on someone innocent.

No. 1713469

she did tho

No. 1713473

It really was. It was hilarious watching the other chick blunder and Rachel earning herself a W for once.

No. 1713474

unlikely, given she’s already in a relationship with several other consenting adults and has never expressed anything other than repulsion towards minors.

No. 1713476

That doesn’t actually prove anything. Half of the shit on that site is, well, tentacle porn. You wouldn’t find that account if you weren’t looking at the content to begin with, plus Yzrch isn’t a unique username sooooo…

No. 1713477

Doubtful. I heard they unbanned hee.

No. 1713478

Jesus what a wall of fucking text. If I wasn’t already convinced you fuckers were obsessed with her, there it is, further proof that you are. You’re sitting here medfagging and trying to armchair diagnose her when you’re saying more about yourself and the inner workings of your psyche.

No. 1713479

File: 1669728289679.png (22.95 KB, 920x732, FDF9A89B-A333-4EA4-9539-91EB99…)

what has this site come to

No. 1713481

The whole server is still behind a wall and you need a special role to get in. I tried to get in and the alt detection bot they had in place banned me.

No. 1713482

It is their fault for looking. And it is your fault for stalking her. :)

No. 1713483

Found the troon

No. 1713484

you neglect to mention that most of the people playing men in the community are women and vice versa

a lot of nonbinary or other gender confused women. there’s definitely more women than men

No. 1713485

LOLLLLL so you’re one of the vendetta-chan fags upset with her

idk who you’re trying to fool but she’s still very active in the community and you’re just too stupid to look.

No. 1713486

Tl;dr fat shaming in 2022

No. 1713487

Answer the question

No. 1713488

it is the fault of the minor for lying to the adult. you aren’t a pedophile if you were lied to.

No. 1713489

It’s funny you as a vendetta-chan lack the intellect to actually see the depth of her writing. you’re just upset because she proved she was better at it than you, huh weeb?

No. 1713492

it’s just other anons trying to hide the fact they enjoy fucking the family dog by trying to say Rachel does it, something retarded about finding a random ass account from a porn website that looks like one she used, despite the fact that Yzrch isn’t a unique username. It has been used on at least 4 different occasions all in different countries including South Africa, Poland, Argentina, and the United States.

No. 1713495

“very open minded sexually” and yet you’re not smart enough to understand you’re being fed bullshit about someone else’s sex life by an anonymous person online. You might as well just go down to your local convenience store and buy a tabloid magazine.

No. 1713496

“nobody adores her”


No. 1713497

I don’t think you even know what stalking is retard lol

No. 1713499

no, you being a nerd and being here is a big problem, you’re just as bad if not worse than Rachel. Gtfo LCF faggot

No. 1713500

let me guess, mako reactor 0?

No. 1713502

I have yet to see a single thing proving she was ever actually here aside from people trolling you by saying “She ain’t here nigga” and you sperging out all “OH SHE MUST BE HERE”

No. 1713503

Lmao it’s embarrassing how stupid you are.

No. 1713505

it is all your fault tho

No. 1713507

you seriously endorse abusing a child? and yet somehow Rachel is the pedophile? you’re messed up and you deserve to have your ass beat

No. 1713509

Or you’re just not looking for them in the right places because you’re stalking her and in denial of that you are.

No. 1713511

not to mention she’s probably 125 pounds by now and they dont deserve to see it

No. 1713512

could be a Maine coon mix

No. 1713515

No, she has this thread because you’re all stalking no-life faggots who likely weigh 400 pounds minimum and think abusing children is okay. You lack even the most basic understanding of logic, reason, or critical thinking. None of you ever outgrew your Mean Girls phase and you’re going to get yourselves seriously hurt or worse, and it will only ever be your fault for it.

You are owed nothing from Rachel and you will receive nothing short of jail time for your retardedness.

No. 1713524

Okay lardass but that won’t change the fact that you’re actually the fat one and she’s less than 140 pounds by now lmao

No. 1713525

if they did try they’d be wrong and a poor judge of character

No. 1713526

Okay fatty-fatty-no-neck

No. 1713527

shame it actually works and your blood pressure rises

No. 1713528

I can guarantee you they fantasize to being fucked by those giant chickens or whatever that horse analog is in those games

No. 1713529

No, the law would agree. But the minor would get a slap on the wrist.

No. 1713530

And you being a vendetta-chan and stalking her is somehow more normal?

No. 1713531

That’s a picture of the OP so I’m guessing they’re trying to base her life around theirs.

No. 1713533

not to mention the op was outed as a pedophile and a zoophile. vomit

No. 1713534

didnt she say something about not eating meat?

No. 1713535

She did. She doesn’t eat meat, or fish.

No. 1713537

Lmao what a loser are you seriously trying to psychoanalyze her? What a massive faggot you are.

No. 1713543

It actually counts as entrapment in several places iirc

No. 1713568

I got in. it’s active.

No. 1713626

Bertha isn't smart at all. She comes in here and shits up her thread and then goes and acts like it wasn't her when it's very clear it has been her this whole time. Learn some new tricks, Shamu.

No. 1713636

File: 1669738033446.png (620.09 KB, 828x1618, F81E5E2A-0524-426D-A8E9-72E22F…)

That little alt detector doesn't work. I got in with two alts and it never booted me. I even tried one that was recently made and it didn’t boot. That detector is garbage and doesn't do shit from finding the trolls as im still in there lurking and watching the two people that do talk try and keep it active. She ( you) haven’t posted shit in it for almost a month.

Its not active at all. Theres just two people who post and its barely even frequently. The most recent over the last month was two people saying happy thanksgiving and one of those two people complaining about league of legends.

No. 1713637

File: 1669738102789.png (322.07 KB, 828x1121, 9FB71882-0656-4E0A-9862-D0A40E…)

Here have some more screen shots with her and her shitty pedo mods recent posts. Notice the dates. Its a dead server.

No. 1713638

She had to private her tweets because the Kelsey person she tried harassing ended up doing the same thing calling her a fat cow on every single tweet she posted lmao

No. 1713639

File: 1669738164871.png (343.53 KB, 1024x850, 462F4628-C3A5-44A0-A75C-DB7C2C…)

This is her “vetting” someone.
Aka her asking “ are you in any other FF servers and what ones”

No. 1713640

Its obvious its her that posted all those posts recently. They where all posted back to back in the same hour minutes apart. She’s trying to make it look like she’s got a army behind her but we all know she’s a one sperg army.

She also doesnt know how to tree branch responses. Shows you how “ intelligent” she is. It took her what 3 threads to learn how to sage?

No. 1713645

Hahaha get fucked Rachel

Hope one of you has a trojan account since hers privated, I wanna see the meltdowns she's having behind her locked profile.

No. 1713650

File: 1669739332112.jpg (51.49 KB, 500x474, f45d59f9ef05947d904dd2a0a1ba89…)

She done got lost without the sauce. Rachel be wilding fr fr no cap.

No. 1713673

Bertha don't you have to go to work? Or did you actually lose you job?

And that “ Karen” is still in there. You simply posted a different server the. The moogle hollow one. Man you’re dumb. No wonder you had to take classes for developmentally challenged children.

No. 1713683

Then why do you come here if you’re not one?

Project harder Bertha.

No. 1713684

Tl;dr fatphobic stalkers with neither lives nor jobs crying and screaming because the “cow” has a better life and is more liked than they ever will be.

Also TROON!(whiteknighting)

No. 1713686


Silence schizoid. You’re a paranoid faggot who thinks everyone who disagrees with you is her.

No. 1713688

Tl;dr fatphobe schizoid faggot

No. 1713690

Tl;dr fatphobic schizoid faggot troon who fingers dogs

No. 1713693

Did you know that, girls? You’re harboring an actual zoophile amongst your ranks.

No. 1713694

Tl;dr troon

No. 1713695

Rachel that isn't your server, but that is definitely you because your crusty ass has never cleared your Discord notifications. Sad!

No. 1713696

IKR. If her server is so active and she’s got soo many friends who like her, why come here and spam post over and over. She spends so much time taking L’s online in a niche corner of the internet that she has no tome for her “ friends” I only come in here when I poop because if im going to laugh till I shit, I will do it on the toilet because I dont shit myself like Bertha.

No. 1713702

That is the server. Keep lying about how you have two alts in there.

No. 1713704

So you’re the one who poops themselves, not her. I figured as much given you were listed as being a prostitute on one of your previous jobs Blaine(Rachel )

No. 1713729

I love watching the jannies mark the piggie as a piggie.

No. 1713743


New Rachel tell and copy pasta.

TL:DR troon
TL:DR schizoid faggot
TL:DR schizoid faggot troon

>already existing

> she’s not here
>cope and seethe
>nice pour
>still not her
>this is Caleb/Nick

No. 1713745

Thank you, we need this apparently.

No. 1713753

All her, all samefag btw for those who can't tell by now.

No. 1713756

Beautiful pour, nonna. What a work of art, can I shove it up my ass?

No. 1713763

Her BelloPanther account got privated sometime within the last day…

No. 1713771

It's been some time in the last few hours, because it was up earlier today.

No. 1713785

We can tell. Only person that would sperg that hard with her is her alter ego, Sera. She’s not very good at hiding herself. She must have the day off today because she’s usually not this active.

No. 1713797

She done got lost without the sauce nonna, sad shit.

No. 1713801

She probably crying about how people are being mean to her on here like she usually does when doesnt get her way.

No. 1713894

Woke up to 86 new posts in this thread and I didn't read any of them as soon as I skimmed the first and realized it was Bertha schizo posting to herself in 90% of those.

Sad her account is private but the replied usually tell us all we need to know anyway. She's predictable so its usually obvious what she's saying.

No. 1713975

She'll be back, just give it a few hours.
She's either sleeping or at her dishwasher job.

No. 1713978

I mean, she did necro her first thread from the depths of the abyss. Thats why she’s interesting because once she becomes irrelevant and no one is paying attention to her, her threads suddenly are necroed again.

No. 1713980

I'm surprised that this thread even got made after what, two and some months of no activity on her last one.

She's going eventually go public on Twitter again. Just have to wait

No. 1713981

Bertha the Deathfat Necromancer, reviver of dead threads while waddling towards her inevitable death.

No. 1714016

I still can't believe she's so proud of cuddling her mother at her age and defending pedophiles. The poor cat of hers should be half the weight it is, I'm just baffled how she her parents under her control using these same tactics. She must have broken them down over a long time with her manic rage, probably just go along with her out of fear now.
This sick fuck is coercing her mother into the same bed as her out of terror, controlling in the worst possible way. Truly Rachel only serves as a reminder that evil truly exists.

No. 1714017

Doesnt her father hate her or something. I dont remember if it was a tweet or a psycho post by her that said her dad cant stand her and doesnt interact with her much. Its why she’s latched onto her mother soo much and rarely talks about her father.

No. 1714018

Yeah it was in one of her threads that he has dementia and that he constantly yells at her. The restraining order that she got may have exacerbated any previous feelings since she did have to attend therapy and would lie to her parents that she went and did all the work just to eat dessert

No. 1714022

Yeah it's also not hard to find a way to confirm that he really views her as a leach for yourself but as >>1714018 said there's a ton of proof in these threads that she hates him. Honestly he may not give into her but he enables her by not cracking down. I don't believe he has dementia at all and I would encourage you to check into that yourself because I honestly don't feel like recording phone calls myself.

No. 1714031

My initial response was to disagree that she's evil, but then I thought about it and I think you're right. The things she does and says to people are fucked up. Yeah, she's autistic, but thats absolutely no excuse. As a 30 year old woman, even with autism, she should be well aware by now that there are things you should not do or say to people. Shit a majority of people wouldn't even say as anon. But she's so obsessed with trying to hurt people she feels have wronged her (even if they haven't) that she just goes for the lowest blows she can think of. Usually she still fails miserably. And I think the fact that she always does fail is why I had a hard time immediately agreeing that she's evil.

I don't think her mom is scared of her though. I think she's likely just beyond exhausted having to deal with Rachel for the past 30 years and despite her best efforts Rachel refuses to learn or better herself, ever. I could be wrong though and she could fear her, or she could think Rachel could do no wrong even though anyone with half a brain would see thats delusional. Who knows, but I can't even imagine being in Rachel's moms shoes.

No. 1714032

Don't encourage people to cowtip. If you have proof, post it otherwise don't suggest whack ass shit.
Not to PL but I took care of a serial hybrid/F1 savannah that was BIG. She was very tall and weighed about 20 lbs but she was as tall as an Aussie shepherd at the shoulder. 20 lbs was healthy for her because she was twice the size of a normal cat at least.
While male cats weigh more, that much weight is alarming. Each pound overweight is the equivalent of 20 human pounds.

No. 1714040

It's likely a mix of all of those, life's often more complex than just one solution fitting but you could be right and maybe her mom doesn't fear her at all. The cuddling raises eyebrows if it's not Rachel's idea however and that leads into suspecting who would want their adult child in bed with them.
My apologies.
Precisely my line of thinking, I'm not a veterinarian or anything but I've seen a couple cats weighed and even bigger breeds weighed closer to fourteen at a healthy weight. Rachel's black cat is likely a common housecat who should be anywhere from eight to twelve. This combined with the stress shedding captured in the prior thread really hammer in that even if it's just negligence on Rachel's part it's clear animal abuse. It's made more disturbing by Rachel desiring a fur suit however.

Overall I fear this will get darker before it ends.

No. 1714047

Yeah, the mom cuddling is weird. My mother and I have a great relationship, but I'm an adult, have my own home, and the thought of cuddling with my mother is fucking weird. There are ways of showing affection that are appropriate and normal between adults and parents, and that just is not it.

No. 1714048

File: 1669763915534.jpeg (134.75 KB, 828x1004, 17A05947-7D10-415C-A014-5E747E…)

She does say in her Twitter that hes a domestic shorthair. She follows one of my art blogs so im not one of the people she’s blocked. But I also don't feel the need to follow her back because i dont care for cat blogs showing in my feed. I could though if I wanted to see her content.

No. 1714054

Precisely and she's acting as though she's arguing that it's okay to hug your mother which everyone could agree is fine but the reality of what she's actually saying escapes her because she's not arguing for physical contact like a hug but something that implicitly becomes somewhat sexual at a certain age.
Best to avoid the torrent as a lot of her cringe never gets posted to the threads and you'll save yourself a huge headache by only checking in every so often on her twitter.
Poor Bello, he really should be half the weight he is.

No. 1714076

Didn’t she say she also likes cannabis products? Might factor into why she’s a fucking dumbass a lot of the time.

No. 1714083

I don't remember her saying that, but she very possibly could have. I feel like if she did though, it was more her trying to fit in or look "cool" or something than actual truth.

No. 1714086

I wonder if weed would make her considerably less schizo.

No. 1714121

Nta but if Rachel smoked it in moderation, knowing her she'd abuse it and it would make her schizophrenia worse, weed psychosis would go a bit to explaining her behavior having it's ups and downs as she would likely be unable to focus when not high due to the level of psychological addiction that comes along with that.

No. 1714161

No. Some just dug up her quora questions and she was inquiring and talking about getting into the weed growing business to make money. Questions like “ how much does a marijuana farmer make” or “ how much Marijuna can someone legally grow in San Mateo” which is the area she lives in.

No. 1714219

The weed business is oversaturated lol. She's not gonna make much money if she's thinking about getting into it. I don't know how it is in California but when it was legalised elsewhere, so many shops opened and many folded because of how many were opening up.

Also with how much she goes into bitching fits, she's not gonna have a good time customer facing position lol if people come in and tell her she's an idiot for not knowing anything.

No. 1714222

Dunno if this was a fluke or not but searching "Sera Rosier Sephiroth" on Google pulled up an underage character on Aniroleplay. I'm not going to link it until I do more investigation but if she's moonlighting as an underage character to get her smut that would be a new low. Definitely not out of the realm of plausibility, but it would make sense as to why she freaks out about being accused of being one. I mean we already know she's into that weird age play shit.

No. 1714235

I only get her usual Mary Sue female sephiroth. It says her age is 28 in the character profile that I can see. It wants me to make an account to see anything else but I dont care enough to stoop to her level just to check up on what she’s doing.

No. 1714236

NTA, same for me. It shows she's online rn for me too.

No. 1714294

Rachel unlocked her cat account and has tried to clean up most of her autistic screeching.

No. 1714309

kek she'll be back to screeching at people before we know it.

No. 1714353

Kelsey’s found everything, including this thread it seems because she was calling Rachel a pedo a while ago. Girl keeps making enemies left and right and there’ll be a day where “wah autism” isn’t gonna save her ass

No. 1714354

File: 1669786654261.jpeg (33.86 KB, 750x276, 3C83498C-38A4-4D79-9640-D918A1…)

She’s been claiming she’s seventeen lmao. Makes sense how she’s tricking all these minors

No. 1714356

Fucking god damnit Rachel why are you like this

No. 1714357

WHAT?? She's claiming that she's 17? Weird ass pedo trying to get into minors' spaces.

No. 1714387

That Kelsey person accused her of socking hahaha

No. 1714399

What in the living fuck pedophilic fuck up is this? This is the most blatant predatory behavior I have seen in a long time.
Lol based

No. 1714429

File: 1669799415367.jpg (45.59 KB, 640x439, 1669663186379331.jpg)

Jesus Christ that's fucking disgusting. How is she not in jail yet?

No. 1714452


No. 1714453

There is no proof probs bc they made the account themselves lmao

No. 1714461


Rachel you gotta try harder, replying to yourself within seconds is unreasonable. You gotta at least wait a minute or two to pretend that it isn't you, dumbass.

No. 1714474

Must suck to know you’re more likely to go to jail than her doesn’t it, obsessed no-life hag?

No. 1714475

Tl;dr Skill issue on your part

No. 1714477

Ok femcel

No. 1714478

The Kelsey chick got her ass handed to her by Rachel and her friends. She had a ton of her posts flagged and deleted

No. 1714479

“Minors spaces” faggot nobody is going to tell you to leave or stop if you join club penguin or want to play Candyland, get a life

No. 1714480

minors specs aren’t actually a thing they just absolutely pulled that from their ass on the spot

No. 1714481

>tells her to not befriend minors or other “vulnerable” groups
>keeps insisting she’s here
>expresses fear that she’ll do it just to spite them
>expresses surprise when their own retarded words and actions result in the exact thing they feared

No. 1714482

Ok troon

No. 1714483

Ok troon

No. 1714484

Murphy’s Law at its finest. You brought it upon yourself anon

No. 1714485

Says Blaine Gavin Ross, the schizo faggot who fingered a dog’s ass and legitimately worked as an actual prostitute

No. 1714486

Ok troon

No. 1714487

“Kelsey’s found everything” except for an actual functioning brain or a single W

No. 1714488

or a life for that matter hahahaha

No. 1714489

Let me guess, you’re the actually autistic one aren’t you Ghoulie? You strike me as the sort they restrained and recorded screaming so as to play it back to you.

No. 1714492

File: 1669813319068.jpeg (14.22 KB, 160x160, 6DD9B4E9-3F2D-4C91-8518-23AAA1…)

Are you seriously that big of a faggot so as to literally falsify google search results? You google that and nothing comes up about an underage account you sow.

No. 1714493

She strikes me as the sort who was locked into closets when she threw autistic screeching temper tantrums in high school. She’s so insecure in her diagnosis on the spectrum that she has to try to belittle other people on theirs.

Lmao. Ghoulie’s probably the one that started the whole diaper thing because she can’t hold anything in, she has so little of a life and is so obsessed that she can’t get up from mommy’s computer in time to make it to the bathroom.

No. 1714494

bitch has to wear a diaper on her face because of all the shit that comes out of her mouth

No. 1714496

File: 1669813946691.jpeg (61.43 KB, 1024x1021, 29717EBA-AA9C-4776-9F7B-BC6310…)

Are you seriously that big of a faggot so as to dig into her fucking quora? Lmaooooo please do the world a favor and kill yourself, no-life sow. Who gives a singular fuck if she wants to do weed? She’s an adult and you don’t nor will you ever have any control over her, Blaine and Ghoulie. She doesn’t do it to look cool, she does it because it’s her own god damn life and it’s none of your business why.

Imagine trying to push the agenda that she’s schizophrenic when she’s never even shown any symptoms of being such, when you’re literally faced with Blaine, an actual diagnosed schizophrenic who is unmediated and on the run from the law (thusly paranoid) and DBS who can’t do anything other than produce verbal diarrhea when she opens her mouth. It’s borderline Aphasia.

No. 1714497

Like nigger what next, you’ll try to join her neighborhood on Nextdoor?

No. 1714498

Okay ew no lol that’s just you being a fucking pervert because it’s perfectly fine to cuddle one’s mom at any age, a child no matter how big or old will always be her baby.

But you’re definitely not a normal person who has a good relationship with their mom.

No. 1714499

“Something implicitly becomes sexual at a certain age” because you’re a fucking pervert with no actual good relationship with either parent because you stalk and harass people better than you online

No. 1714501

Bello could also be a Maine coon mix and nobody would know unless they got a genetic test do d

No. 1714502

File: 1669814408093.jpeg (108.42 KB, 648x648, 4FEB1DBA-1F00-427B-8EED-08E373…)

“Who would want their adult child in bed with them” a parent who has an actual good relationship with their child, especially mothers. You clearly never had this book read to you as a child.

No. 1714503

“Stress shedding” tell me you’ve never owned a cat without telling me you’ve never owned a cat

“She desires a fursuit” nigger you’re retarded she literally just just shared it because it was fucking cute. Kill yourself.

No. 1714505

And again, go fucking kill yourself because she never said that and you’re ruining the thread by just spreading falsified information. She probably has a fine relationship with her dad

No. 1714506

“We don’t encourage cow tipping” say lolcow.farm staff, as several people in the background do just that

No. 1714508

Ok troon. Enjoy never having kids because nobody will ever want your schizo genes anywhere near their uterus.

No. 1714509

Vs. Rachel will have kids because she has a life and actual romantic partners unlike you

No. 1714511

It’s gonna get darker and it’s going to end with you hanging from a tree at your own hands, clown. :)

No. 1714512

“Took care of an f1 savannah” nigger nobody would ever let you around their pets you know jack shit about cats and you probably think cats age like dogs do with one year being 7

Your retarded headass probably thinks cats aren’t constantly losing and growing new hair like all mammals do

No. 1714513


No. 1714514

“Usually she fails miserably” this was said like a little kid with his teeth knocked out insisting “sticks and stones” in the shakiest fucking voice as he’s about to get his lights knocked out I’m laughing my ass off

No. The only evil person here is you and anyone who agrees with you. You are obsessed with, stalking and harassing someone who is, has been, and always be better than you in any and every regard. Prettier than you. Skinnier than you. Smarter than you. Richer than you. Happier than you.

No. 1714515

No shit her mom isn’t afraid of her you dumb bitch she loves her daughter and her daughter loves her

I’m seeing a frightening pattern of most people here not having an actual good relationship with their mothers and it is explaining so much.

No. 1714538

So much copium….

No. 1714558

Holy shit she lost it. She needs to stop coming here if this is going to bother her that much. So much copium and self projection is baffling. No wonder she has gotten so many welfare checks. The amount of times she talks about suicide is unhealthy.

No. 1714585

The Meevin account on Twitter has been defending her so good chance they may have come here too to cape for her. It may be a sock but it might not be. They are Brawl on Discord.

No. 1714601

Hey Rachel, dinosaurs are real.

No. 1714677

Her relationship with her parents are clearly a sore spot. She sperged hard at those posts.


>Blaine and Ghoulie
She's really bad at this.

No. 1714682

The trio of terror, how dare they hold her accountable!

No. 1714687

Her own personal boogeymen.

No. 1714698

Yeah dumb femcels can’t cope with someone actually having a life

No. 1714699

Tl;dr troon

No. 1714700

Lmaooooo not the femcel faggot exposing herself

No. 1714703

Rachel can call people whatever names she wants, she can't accept that dinosaurs were real animals and being attracted to them is most definitely zoophilia.

No. 1714705

Imagine thinking she’s afraid of people who she could easily curbstomp irl

No. 1714709

She can't even win a battle against the impulse to overeat, she's not winning any fights.

No. 1714710

Naw hag you’d fucking die. ^_^

No. 1714711

She’s not here tho fag

No. 1714715

No. Your relationship with YOUR parents is a sore spot. She’s probably out holiday shopping with her mom rn, and you’re stuck at home in a dark, trash littered room crying at how she has a better life than you.

No. 1714716

Sure you do troon. Just like you “know” how little of a life you have.

No. 1714725

Tl;dr you seriously think they’re going to take her cat from her, clown? You’re delusional.

She’ll have whatever she fucking wants because you have no control of her life nor will you ever.

Her cat and his health is well documented. He’s a happy, if overweight cat, which is something that plagues a lot of cats.


Look at this. Yes, the cat actively choosing to lay in bed with her where she sleeps is SOOOOOO abused.

No. 1714726

“Backed out of a fight” what fight? You wouldn’t last a single round.

No. 1714727

what do you expect? they spend all their time on lolcow.farm crying about other people have better lives than them

No. 1714728

Limp wrist faggots. Don’t even lift.

No. 1714729

Did they finally fire you for being unable to regulate yourself Rachel?

No. 1714730

By your logic, you are a pedophile bc you have a mother

You are projecting, pedophile.

No. 1714731

Wouldn’t know. Not her. Cope and seethe about it, she’s swimming in money and you’re probably posting from a blackberry

No. 1714733

"Not Rachel" wouldn't fight anyone even if they did show up. She's too scared to even post on KF and thats just on the internet.

No. 1714742

Yep, thats why she keeps trying to insult people and it doesn't stick. She doesn't know who anyone is so she's just throwing shit at a wall and hoping something stays. No one cares because none of her insults can be personal, and even if they could, no one would care because she's the one doing the insulting. It means nothing. She's too dumb to realize that. And also too scared to ever act on any of her threats

No. 1714745

Tl;dr faggot

No. 1714746

And you’ll never know that because you’re too pussy to show up. :)

No. 1714748

“And it doesn’t stick” if it didn’t stick you never would have come here. You’re trying to cope and failing pathetically.

No. 1714749

this is exactly what someone crying behind the screen would say

No. 1714751

We already know you're too scared to show up certain places on the internet, so I think thats sufficient enough evidence for me to know you wouldn't do shit in person anyway.

Thats not how this works, but ok kek.


No. 1714752

File: 1669838757716.jpg (119.94 KB, 1079x972, Rachelmaybe.jpg)

Hey, for the analyzing experts here, is this Rachel?

No. 1714754

“Too dumb to realize that” bitch you’re too dumb to realize that you’re being strung along and that frequenting LCF shows you have no life or any romantic prospects like her

No. 1714755


You're here just as much as the rest of us.

No. 1714756

Suuuuure she is. Just like Ghoulie and DBS “can’t” post on LCF.

No. 1714757

File: 1669838901192.jpeg (26.25 KB, 425x282, 109F6D7D-A482-45F2-95DB-74E17A…)

Yes, to laugh at you.

No. 1714761

“Proof?” Says the crying fat femcel anon after being told she has no life

No. 1714762

“Scared to show up to certain places on the internet” have you considered that she has a life and a job and that she doesn’t even know you exist or care

No. 1714767

Ghoulies posted about it in the LCF thread too. DBS can post here, she just doesn't because you see her post on KF and assume its her posting here so she laughs either way. Keep coping though.

Still here just as much, still applies to you regardless of why you're here.

No. 1714768

File: 1669839296438.jpg (184.61 KB, 1044x476, mayberachelintro.jpg)

The account showed up in a server that is frequented by quite a few Twitter roleplayers yesterday and it looks like it left or got kicked, dunno which because I'm lurking in the odd chance she does show up. None of the accounts that have came and went felt like her, but this one does.

No. 1714769

She knows about both threads, she's sperged on her twitter about both threads before. Thats why she was trying to get attention from Kaffals and DropKiwiFarms ON HER CAT TWITTER.
Also jannies have red texted some of her posts in this thread so thats just a lie.

No. 1714773

NTA, but that doesn't sound like her to me. I also do not see her describing herself like a dog, it would most likely be a cat. She may be trying a new larp though so possibly still worth being looked into.

No. 1714779

What set off my alarm bells was the whole…
>high standards
>Silver Elite

Regardless, I'm just an observer. Thanks for the input.

No. 1714923

What sets me off is the works two jobs because iirc she took up a second job or says she did around the time her thread was silent for a few months when her mother limited her internet. I think she said she was working at a casino or something.

No. 1714950

You are genuinely retarded.

No. 1714952

>dont know who Rachel even is
>not Rachel
>she’s a healthy weight
>dbs, ghoulie, Blane

She’s so easy to spot. I’m glad she started using projection as another tell word. She uses it incorrectly because she doesnt know what it means like everything else. Its like spoon feeding a baby.

No. 1714955

Its rachel and her weird warped reality so yeah she’s retarded. She’s desperate to be the center of the universe. She can’t even fathom that theres more people out there out laughing at her but are not stupid enough yo “dog pile” her. We just like watching her make a fool of herself when she doesnt get what she wants.

No. 1714958

The fact that "both white knights" always show up and post at the exact same time and stop posting at the exact same time as each other also make it pretty clear.
I like to imagine they plan it out somewhere. If its not just one person.

No. 1714962

If you're going to try to insult people at least make it clever and not just "I know you are but what am I?" Its so elementary.

No. 1714964

File: 1669851688581.jpg (411.13 KB, 1528x1463, darthberthathedumbass.jpg)

The account was Rachel's, allow me to present the tragedy of Darth Bertha the Dumbass, part one.
Context: Edited to keep only Rachel's sperging here, no need to name an innocent party. The person she messaged is one of the admins, also a mother…she seems to really like to target mothers if she can.

With her response alone, I think she's all but confirmed the account is hers. The language paints a very bleak picture.
Part two will be coming as soon as I compile the next set of screenshots.

No. 1714968

Damn, well, at least she admits she's a dog.

No. 1714969

Lmao it’s ridiculously hard to get a child out of a home if the child is basically fed and has a shelter. Internet activity is nothing to CPS.

No. 1714970

File: 1669852135426.jpg (293.56 KB, 1536x1177, tragedyoflardberthathedumbass.…)

Part two, adding one response because the way she reacts to being caught in the act is certainly something.
Bold words coming from someone pretending to be a child online.

No. 1714974

Beautiful pour, Lard Bertha the Unwise. You should use a diaper for all the shit running out of your mouth rn.

No. 1714976

The wording doesn't have me convinced. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a random and Rachel contacted them and told them all this stuff to rile them up though. They used some words that I dont think Rachel would even think to use, is why I think that.

No. 1714980

Same fag as >>1714976
And you just changed my mind.

No. 1714984

So you ADMIT to being here on this thread, Rachel, by deciding to drop a screenshot of the innocent person you harassed.
Great job exposing yourself living on your thread.

No. 1714988


No. 1714998

You're right, bro, but that was crazy fast to get on discord, look up the user, message her, get a response and screenshot of the suspected server mod. Also Rachel is the only one who gives enough of a fuck to post the mod, who did nothing, so your point is moot.

Imagine, this girl may have a boring ass OC just like Rachel, but unlike Rachel she's skinny, objectively pretty, married, and a mother. All things Rachel wants so bad but will never have. Seethe.

No. 1714999

Also bold to admit a "totally random person" would drop someone else's discord freely on this site if they believed it was a "child porn" site, Rachel. Totally an upstanding individual! Not a lolcow in the least bit, nope.

No. 1715005

Yeah, its pretty obvious you dont know what "touching the poo" means. We knew that already.

No. 1715009

Rachel was dumb to claim that this person copied her oc because that oc is a sibling of Sephiroth. She's finally admitting to being into incest, the same point she was denying earlier when she defended cuddling her mom.
Got something to say, Rachel? Gonna claim your oc is a sister of Sephiroth now? Might as well change her name to Sera Lannister if you wanna roll with that horse shit.

No. 1715011

Rachel, you literally couldnt make anyone cry. Ever. And if you dont want it to be obvious its you then get new lines. You're seriously an NPC at this point, saying the exact same dumb shit over and over and over.


Not even the same anon you're accusing of "touching the poo", retard. Kek my fucking sides.

No. 1715012

Rachel knows all about touching poo because she shits herself and can't wipe her ass. Miss Yeasty is irritated all the time from the perpetual diaper rash. Thoughts and prayers for the diaper rash, hope you get the help you need soon.

No. 1715013


No. 1715018

Thats not fat in anyones mind, anachan

No. 1715019

Yet she has everything Rachel dreams of. Sad!

No. 1715022

Elaine also cut herself and pissed all over the floor because someone allegedly catfished her pretending to be Josh, are you sure you wanna believe her claim that there's cp here? The only cp here is the shit you have saved and post when you don't get your way PedoBertha. The farm hands delete it and ban your endless flow of socks and paid VPNs. How much of your earned income goes into paying for VPNs to post here and defend yourself, fatty?

No. 1715023

I wouldn't. Now send proof.

No. 1715032

Way to admit to being depressed and insecure by going through the effort of trying to report her to cps. You don't think that isn't going to come and bite you in the ass? Have fun, Karen.

No. 1715033

She does though. And maybe, depression is a mental illness and has nothing to do with anything other than a chemical imbalance in your brain. Go ahead. I dont know why you think anyone cares you're going to make false reports to CPS and waste their time.

No. 1715034


No. 1715037

Okay, so again you're just showing you're lying. I dont know why you think not being able to back up your claims is some kind of win.

No. 1715046

Cool. Liar.

No. 1715049

Nah, she's living her life Rachel. She isn't here posting. Maybe reading, but not posting. You're the one who thought it would be a big brain idea to namedrop.

No. 1715052

Zzzz try harder Rachel

No. 1715065

You do know that a ton of kids taken from their parents are abused physically, psychologically, and sexually right?

And you think thats better than some random woman role playing on discord? They wont take her kid away for that but the fact that you think that abuse is okay, and that you would try to get that to happen over petty shit that she doesn't even have anything to do with, AND this is the second time you've laser focused in on someones baby is really telling when it comes to the pedo and grooming claims. You just keep proving everyone right.

No. 1715066

File: 1669854214672.jpg (36.21 KB, 800x600, tuvan.jpg)

It's necroed, retard.

No. 1715069

Have fun wasting resources, retards. If you weren't her you wouldn't care this much.

No. 1715073

Also, idk why some random person would be so invested in dragging someone. Any random person would report the PII and leave.

Rachel would try to turn around her own blunder into blaming the people that called her bluff.

No. 1715076

How bizarre, "random person."

No. 1715077

Yeah, trying to get someones kid taken away is super hilarious to normal people with working brains and no personality disorders. Keep digging that hole.

No. 1715079

Fit in better

No. 1715080

Maybe Elaine and Rachel can share Vordrak and become the polycule they always dreamed of.
Imagine the smell.

No. 1715082

Cant wait until Elaine gets all the attention and Rachel seethes about it. Elaines not as physically revolting as Rachel so it's bound to happen.

No. 1715088

No one cares. No one cares about that discord server or the random woman Rachel is once again threatening for no reason.

No. 1715093

The biggest L is how hard you're trying to push your narrative. No one cares, nypa. Has nothing to do with Rachel if Rachel has been banned.
If you wanna make a thread on the server go ahead and do it faggot.

No. 1715094

Yep, totally roleplaying and being better than a fat ginger retard is one of the priority things all DHS workers look out for. You're totally right. Definitely illegal.

No. 1715100

lying liar is lying about obvious things again. You'll always be an NPC repeating your lines.

No. 1715101

The dinosaurs didn't consent, Rachel.

No. 1715102

Rachels imaginary dildos she collects didn't consent either. Yikes.

No. 1715103

I love you, farmhands. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Keep doing God's work.

No. 1715119

Sorry for any shit I've talked on you in the past, farmhands. You all are doing Gods work.
Not Kate, not Ghoulie, not Blaine, not DBS, not Spooky, not Ines. You're wrong every single time you try this.

No. 1715122

Someone's assblasted about Kate having sex.

No. 1715125

She loves making it painfully clear that she doesnt know the first thing about having sex, how vaginas work despite her having one, or giving birth. Its amazing.

No. 1715127

I propose this beautiful pour once more to the farmhands.
God, anyone wanna start a betting pool on how much she spends on VPNs?

No. 1715135

Does Blaine still have the same twitter? Im surprised she stop trying to attack him on it.

No. 1715136

The big dumb blocked me instead lol not that I use it often enough for that to be a good route.

No. 1715137

Kek of course she did.

No. 1715138

Rachel also got put in Twitter jail for harassment. I couldn't say when her jailing will be over but she's probably coping and seething in her server.

Gonna have another beautiful pour and pour one out for everyone that's going to deal with her tantrums. Bottoms up!

No. 1715143

Well I've been sober for four years but fuck it I'll drink to that.

No. 1715145

Ay, 10 years here, but I'll drink with you! Good job, proud of you on 4 years!

No. 1715148

Pick your poison, doesn't need to be the alcoholic kind. Sparkling cider, water…the dreaded Caffeine Free Diet Coke, even.

No. 1715149

Thank ya, one day I'll be at ten Here's to having self control unlike the subject ♥

No. 1715150

I'd rather drink alcohol again than that last one kek

No. 1715160


No. 1715166

Nope she's in twitter jail.
>Cope and seethe about it.

No. 1715172


No. 1715178

I dont need to cope. I didn't get put on a time out on Twitter of all places.

No. 1715180

Again, not Kate. You really never get it right.

No. 1715187

Not Blaine. Jesus Christ, I'm getting second hand embarrassment at this point.

No. 1715191

Zzz Rachel can't you try harder? C'mon get some exercise.

No. 1715193

File: 1669858120734.png (90.78 KB, 714x229, C416D304-1EEB-4F93-B951-DE8551…)

So much for saying thats not your server and that it was “ photoshopped”. Everyone can see it in there you goofy ass. Better get a new alt detector bot. The one you have is about as useful as the guards where in the January 6th insurrection.

No. 1715202

Notice she made it a point to say she has TWO (2) jobs. Wow, makes me believe her. /s

No. 1715206

Rachel is known to lie about nothing for no reason so. No.

No. 1715213

NTA (not that anon since you're too retarded to know what things mean) thats the point of this site.

No. 1715214

She's giving you plenty of milk. Are you not entertained? Do you wanna suckle upon her yeasty manboob shaped tits? Get it right from the source. Rachel is milkier than ever.

No. 1715216

To laugh at her (you) when im bored.

No. 1715224

Nah, she's been busy being a tardlet. She got kicked off of CoSo, remember?
I can believe she got a new job, but I remember her bragging about her other job and being paid SOOOOOO much. I wonder what made her leave, or if she was fired.

No. 1715227

Probably her mom. She's been here. That doesn't work to people with working brains because she makes it obvious. Sad.


You already said this.

Can someone get the devs to write new lines?

No. 1715230

Doesn't matter if we have no lives, we don't have threads. If you wanna make a thread on the mean anons stalking you or whatever, do it. I'm waiting.

No. 1715234

Because she doesn't. No one believed that and no one will.

No. 1715235

You really are autistic, you can't read a room even if the book was opened for you.

No. 1715241

I mean, you're the one constantly repeating yourself and replying to posts you already replied to.

No. 1715244

At least one farmer is in her sever. God you're dumb.

No. 1715246

No, you're just replying to the same comment you've already replied to. kek

No. 1715256

Most people arent retarded enough to send personal information to some unfamous, unfunny, fat retarded horny bitch to get in a boring discord server but go ahead lol still doesnt change the fact that you just got caught lying…again.

No. 1715258

No I think we'll stay.

No. 1715265

Sure if that makes you feel better.

No. 1715270

Uhm, false. And I would know because according to you I'm stalking her.

No. 1715272

Rachel and Elaine are still going I see, quaint, neither had dinner with their mother like I just had with mine. Guess they'll have to cope and seethe about it.

No. 1715278

Imagine how much happier Rachels parents would be if she actually moved out and didnt just try to lie about it.

No. 1715287

Famous? You wish. Keep yapping and you might become the next CWC

No. 1715288

File: 1669860106077.png (152.95 KB, 711x339, 684DC522-658B-4902-BEE9-5E2ADF…)

Hahahahahahaha she’s “cleaning up”. Man that scramble is hilarious.

No. 1715292

Does Rachel realize no one cares enough about her to send their personal information to be in a discord server? Like no one is as retarded as she is? And how would that make a difference considering the only persons information she knows is Blaines?

No. 1715297

Not that anon, but theres more than one person that posts here. You dont know what they called you before or if it was them that said that.

No. 1715302


No. 1715303

I dont know who would want to give their information to a server thats been dead and inactive. She likes to necro her threads here but wont necro her discord servers. That tells you her priorities are skewed.

No. 1715309

Make sense. Shes the only adult stupid enough to send their personal info on discord.


Mhm, right. Yep. Believable.

No. 1715313

What is reading comprehension? Other then the fact that she (you) are here, the comment was about her (you) asking about personal identification to get into her dead server and how she ( you) got her threads here necroed. And if she (you) where not here, how did she ( you) know that her ( your) server was posted here?

And don’t say “ someone told her about it” you have beaten that excuse till its nothing but a puddle of goo on the asphalt.

No. 1715320

Are you dumb stupid or dumb? In the states, A minor can get a id. You get a drivers permit at 15 and a license as 16. You can get a id as young as 12 in most states.

No. 1715324

If only that were true in real life and not just her head.


Oh you're right. Only 18+ are the only people that can get passports. IDENTIFICATION cards are only for 18+ as well. Same for birth certificates.

No. 1715326

That's how we know you don't have two jobs,nta.
Loser lol

No. 1715328

Ds for a 340lbs lady is very small Rachel.

No. 1715332

She’s not a D cup. And not a 34 either. Maybe 38B. But she’s also got them small pancake titties that point down with no substance.

No. 1715334

She's here rn anon.


>Minors can get IDs

No. 1715335

True, Rachel always exaggerates or undersells which is how we know she's three hundred and forty pounds and eats poop out of her own diaper.

No. 1715339

>she isn’t here

Man we know all her tells and yet she still insists on using them like people don't point it out in other threads. If Rachel where a drug, she would be shrooms because she’s seeing shit that ain’t real and believes it to be.

No. 1715345

>Shes probably at work or on vacation.
>Shes probably at home eating dinner.


No. 1715351

How can she be at work and at home eating dinner at the same time? Nice way yo show you are pulling shit out your ass and trying to serve it like it’s French dining.

No. 1715352

I'm literally eating dinner with my husband. My mouth has food in it, not screeching. Reach.

No. 1715360

>Knows farmers are in her server
>keeps lying about shit being posted in her server.

No. 1715367

Not the same anon posting about eating shit or diapers but ok?
Ill let him know you said he doesnt exist so he can start working on making that happen.
And no, of course my hand wouldnt count. Duh.

No. 1715371

Nah she’s locked it which booted people to the welcome channel. That little screenshot about her cleaning it up will only show if someone still had the window open. Theres going to be people in that server that wont know what the hell happened because they cant see that update. So its just going to kill her server more then it was already dead.

No. 1715377

>Thinks I even looked.

No. 1715382

Sure. You caught me.

No. 1715384

It wasnt but if it helps you sleep at night keep thinking that.

No. 1715386

wheres Kelsey? Rachels posted racial slurs now. Better hope twitter doesnt see it.

No. 1715391

>Cant even greentext correctly

No. 1715394

How would that give anyone clout?

No. 1715397

Why would I seethe about you not even being able to do something as simple as greentext?

No. 1715404

Well you obviously didnt but gold star anyway for the effort.

No. 1715407

>Still thinks I looked

No. 1715411

even better. A POC exposing a fat white woman for using racist and homophobic slurs. Twitter will be all over it.

No. 1715415

Fuck anon I didnt even notice that lol

No. 1715416


No. 1715421

As another farmer in her server can confirm she never posted proof.

No. 1715428

None of those slurs effect me so alright lmao and yeah Twitter isnt as dumb as you think. They'll see through your "Im not Rachel" lie just like everyone else.

No. 1715430

Uhm, actually thats me and I didnt call you an alien. Try again sweety.

No. 1715434

…what…? No ones asking her to. You claimed she posted proof and multiple farmers at this point confirmed she didnt.

No. 1715441

No one cares about Blaine Rachel, this is your thread. Not his.

No. 1715444

Ohhh throwing in ableist slurs now too, hitting all the points. Brave.

No. 1715451

Sephiroth and Ines

No. 1715460

File: 1669863768049.jpeg (16.46 KB, 1160x631, RachelsABigot.jpeg)

I heard they broke up and he's in a polycule with her new arch nemesis DBS and Ghoulie.


Pic of you rn.

No. 1715467

Probably, they're the new "it" couple rn

No. 1715468


No. 1715470

I hear Sephiroth likes to be a cuckold. He's not much of a man, unfortunately.

No. 1715473

Hey, I'm not here to yuck his yum.

No. 1715477

I am here to kinkshame because of all the men in Final Fantasy, our cow chose him. That's like saying you're a fan of Jeffrey Dahmer.
I'm kinkshaming.

No. 1715480

Ya know, I dont give a single shit about Final Fantasy, never played it, couldnt care less.
But because of this little bitch Rachel I got sucked into a youtube rabbit hole about the characters and their stories, and the most visually appealing imo is Caius Ballad and he's not a whiney little bitch boy like Sephiroth Dahmer.

No. 1715486

Caius is kind of cute, but I'd let Reno throw me against the wall and I'd thank him for it.

No. 1715487

I think Fanfic Anon from Onionfarms might read that and make a return…

No. 1715490

Hes cute but I cant with the ponytail

No. 1715491

He can come too.
Anyone who tells you they're into Rufus Shinra was most definitely a die hard Draco Malfoy fangirl.

No. 1715493

His redneck rat tail? Yeah, I'd make him lose it.

No. 1715497

Good choice.

No. 1715505

Honestly, so much bad hair in this video game and a lot of other games too. Many ponytails that shouldn't exist. Is it a Japanese thing?

No. 1715513

I can appreciate androgyny, and that makes a lot of sense. I just dont like the ponytails, they're usually so thin because its paired with another hairstyle that is just odd. Oh well, thats my own little pet peeve. kek. And yeah, the harvest and her screeching should be interesting.

No. 1715520

No, I think its better too, and I can not tell you why lol maybe because it looks less like a rat tail? Even though its still basically a rat tail just not in the back?

No. 1715587

I don't know, you tell me.

No. 1715588

Was that Rachel? I assumed she was too autistic to be into Star Wars.

No. 1715593

She's somewhere in the Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way category of autism but she can actually (mostly) form coherent sentences, however the substance is about the same.. She does have a devotion to Sephiroth like some Reylos do to Kylo complete with the weird ddlg themes, breeder shit, and the barefoot housewife trope.

No. 1715595

You're into Star Wars? Ok, name every star if you're an expert

No. 1715604

Or she was never here to begin with, as it’s been proven.(ok rachel)

No. 1715615

Turns out nonna was just the Rachel whisperer of the trick is to talk about star wars lmao.
Should have let the wookie win huh Rachel?

No. 1715632

Bertha is fat

No. 1715640

Farmers have never been genuine or nice to her. Unless you count Elaine as a farmer.

No. 1715657

No. Farmers have fucked it up by pretending to be genuine and taking advantage of her, or provoke her. I’ve seen it. She isn’t the problem.

You can’t claim to have tried to help her when you’ve only ever tried to hurt her, and >>1715632 is proof of that.

No. 1715722

It could be her. Its easy yo side track her and get her to behave if you talk about something she’s actually interested in. It all cam this time when the conversation switched to final fantasy and she suddenly became normal. But once the subject switched to something she didn’t know she gets angry and starts making a fool of herself like we see all the time. People have been doing that to her on discord and Twitter for years just to see if she can handle being a normal person. She cant uphold the normal person image for long. Her weird sexual obsession has to come out at some point and she freaks out when people start putting her at a distance because they cant deal with the crazy sex and touch starved virgin she truely is.

No. 1715775

Rachel logic confuses me. Consider this.

Rachel being called Bertha and fat: End of the world, literally call the police human rights are being violated.

Rachel calling people slurs, telling people to kill themselves, posting about their children: Perfectly fine, Rachel is the victim! She can threaten people for calling her fat or not letting her roleplay.

No. 1715838

Rachel being held responsible - huge betrayal, major crime, bring up their dead kid all the time.

Rachel being manipulated - full trust, no care, don't look into.

She's literally a child nonna, selfish childish bitch.
Who's a childish bitch? You are!

No. 1715841

No, whoever it was wasnt normal talking about Final Fantasy. They were talking about Stargate and how they havent seen it and asked if they should watch it since they like Star Wars and Startrek. I was the anon talking to them. After sleeping on it and then seeing her "reeee-ing" about anons, I'm positive it wasnt her.

No. 1715842

Yeah farmhands are honestly retarded in who and how they ban so I believe you over them tbqh.

No. 1715878

No worries at all, others kept doing it and I break decorum by just blatantly answering.
Oh I was adding it onto there, should have been more obvious on that.

No. 1715999

Another day is here, another day to remind Rachel that she is not a victim.

No. 1716022

Rachel is disgusting for bringing innocent children into her shenanigans.

Leave the so called minors you hate out of your bullshit if you’re trying to protect them. All you’re doing is furthering the agenda that you do not have minors & their interests at heart you fat cow.

No. 1716053

I'm surprised she hasn't been had more cops knocking at her door.

If she wasn't such a Heffer, I'd have said she got ninja skills. But only skills this girl got is proving how much brown stuff comes out of her mouth.

Yeah that's you talking shit girl.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1716068

Trust me, do not become her boogieman.

No. 1716118

No please I want her to obsess over JingleBollox

No. 1716132

I agree 120k a year is not enough and the insurance doesn't even cover dental!

No. 1716160

I thought we were paid actors, hired by Ines…

No. 1716167

Ines preferred name is Jinglebollox, it's a recent thing.

No. 1716177

File: 1669943132352.png (175.45 KB, 460x329, CED73281-CA52-47A9-9895-0C3E97…)

I wasn't informed there was payment? I have college loans to pay off so fork up.

No. 1716312

Seems like cat twitter has been made aware of how unhinged Rachel is. Various accounts have been favoriting tweets calling her out.

No. 1716363

Show us, please. I wanna see the salt flow.

No. 1716389

Some of the tweets that Kelsey liked also were liked like the recent GaiasGod and Fairsinfo ones. Too busy irl to take caps

No. 1716483

Gaiasgod maybe. But the fairs info one hasn’t been active liking or posting in a while. Looks like Gaiasgod took over. You would think info would say something about the recent stuff going down about Rachel since that account is always on top of it. But I would guess who ever runs it has stopped checking in or simply doesnt care since other accounts are keeping a look out for her now and calling her out on their own. Dont’t blame who ever runs that account. The Rachel drama repeats itself over and over. It gets exhausting saying the same things over and over.

Rachel however doesn't seem to realize doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the text book definition of insanity.

No. 1716548

But is it the DSM4 definition of insanity?

>>1716312 Haven’t seen a single one.

How very seasonal!

At this point, I think calling the police on her again would just have no effect. Cops seem to be wisening up to a-loggers antics.

Must suck to know she’s skinnier than you girl.

She is. More than you know.

Blaine never had a kid. His ex was never pregnant. I’d find the message somewhere but I can’t be bothered to dig to spoon feed you.


You call her a shitty person despite the fact that you and anons as a whole haven’t ever been kind to her or given her any kind of help. No, don’t give me the “we gave her a chance” bc n o you didn’t.

Only sexual obsession here is you for her and her sex life.

No. 1716566

Lmao people absolutely did she’s too stupid and stubborn to see that she got multiple chances and prefers to go with her delusion of being a victim

No. 1716571

No. You’re too stupid and stubborn to see literally anything about her. Why not mind your own business? ;)

No. 1716581

Have you even slept, Rachel? You choose some weird ass times to come whine about the consequences of your own actions.

No. 1716589

Kind of hard to “mind my own business” when she’s been very much a public nuisance lol

No. 1716597

Rachel wants to be the main character so bad that she fails to recognize that she's doing this to herself. Maybe if she minded her own business in the first place instead of acting in ways she knows will be called out on, we wouldn't be here.

No. 1716603

She wants to be popular with a lot of people following her on social media. But she doesn't have the talent to do the labor and wants someone else to do it for her. Thats why she gets so ass blasted when someone more popular then her ignores her or blocks her. She wants to be the main cheracter but she’s just the Igor to Dr Frankenstein. She literally has no talents to appeal to people. So her only thing she can do is be there an annoy people to get the attention she wants. Too bad it wont give her any sponsorships or get her anywhere in life. Well maybe prison or a court date but thats currently pending on what dumb shit she says next.

No. 1716614

She’s been hellbent on going after mothers with children the entire time I have learned about her. That’s her schtick and it will land her in jail eventually.

No. 1716675

Sure, if you count the whole 200 pounds plus you call skinny. Lol and she’s been deluding herself and trying to claim herself as petite. I’ve seen petite. She is not, especially not at her height.

No. 1716684

The helping lead to an outing in one instance, never let an actual cow get close or you'll always be the reason they stub their toe, but that's what was expected with the first dump. It's worth it since apparently not many of the actual problem posters can post now with most free VPNs banned.
All according to plan, unironically just took longer than expected.

No. 1717228

Looks like Miss Piggy couldn't take the heat, or she has an extra long Twatter ban.

No. 1717578

Lmfao, the filename.

I think Rachel has shown everyone that truly what matters most isn't if you're black or white, it doesn't matter how you're born, who you are or who you know. At the end of the day just being nice counts for a fucking ton.

No. 1717603

It doesn't matter who you are, or where you came from…Rachel will harass you if you interfere with her ability to get e-dick.

No. 1717608

When you directly deny it to her she spams child porn and blames you for it too

No. 1717617

Learned it from the school of Elaine Miller gayops.

No. 1717622

File: 1670097589367.jpeg (98.72 KB, 2009x798, WrongAgain..jpeg)

I never read her posts on OF until last night when I went to see if someone archived that page (thanks whoever did that!) and man…talk about cringe. She was trying so hard to fit in. It wasn't working but she's too autistic to realize that. Picrel gave me a pretty good little laugh. (blocking out shit that is irrelevant that would cause some people to chimp)

No. 1717632

I hate seeing that name in this thread so much.
I think you can still see the profile walls in the archive, Onionfarms has since made it require an account to see those, and Rachel went all in on the cringe there. There should be some screen caps two threads ago if it isn't accessable through the archived material, but there was even more cringe.
Also her account doxed one of the ex moderators on Onionfarms and then was deleted. At the time she hadn't accessed that account for a few months, funny thing that her only actual W was not her at all but someone who knew the passwords she always reuses for roleplay sites. Lol.

No. 1717927

Apparently Rachel has been trying to pull a Keffals and told some people that her house was broken into by "Kiwifarmers" or some shit to try to garner sympathy.
If someone did break in you know she'd be screaming about it all over social media, trying to get more asspats, etc.

Thought I'd share that tidbit. If I can get some more solid proof she's saying that I'll post but I thought I'd pass it along. Maybe someone else can get it though.

No. 1718722

Still no scale pictures Rachel, you're always a disappointment.

No. 1719746

I regret to inform you that she broke the scale and refuses to be wheeled to one of those truck weighing stations to get a definitive answer.

No. 1721409

Our favorite fatty is back on Twitter and she's claiming a whole lotta bullshit.
The copium is flowing.

No. 1721558

File: 1670455848124.png (512.13 KB, 1044x1160, Screenshot_20221207-171827~2.p…)

Rachel I think most of us would say this to you in real life because if you want to try and come at anyone not only will you be charged with assault but even someone riddled with leukemia could get out of the way long before you arrived heaving and panting after running the five foot gap.
Stop trying to be an internet tough guy, it's completely the wrong lane.

No. 1721563

File: 1670455936799.png (746.59 KB, 992x1654, Screenshot_20221207-171905~2.p…)

The other highligh was Rachel admitting to getting bullied on social sites like tik tok.

No. 1721580

Theres also a good chance she would punch someone in the face and immediately get 'bodied'. She's a big girl but that doesn't mean much if she cant even throw a punch.

>Nothing is my fault, I get made fun of everywhere I go because of everyone else. Not me. I am a perfect, skinny, sexy, beautiful, well-mannered, sane, rational woman who is not a sex pest in anyway, and everyone else is wrong and I am right.

No. 1721662

There’s a reason she becomes an outcast everywhere she goes and her victim act drops fast as soon as the truth starts getting out and has to do “damage control” (using that very loosely)

No. 1721783

She's involved in the "Meevin" community which is a splinter of the Twitter cat community that has a history as well of pedophilia, transphobia, racism, and all the shit she claims she wants to distance herself from. But at this point she's so desperate to feel accepted somewhere she'll cling to them…if only due to the fact that they haven't banned her. Just like she clung to Onionfarms because she equated not being banned on sight as a good thing.

No. 1721918

File: 1670479947119.jpeg (182.24 KB, 750x939, 2619787A-B61F-409E-8A18-F3C8CA…)

Didn’t she cyberstalk someone before? Rich of her to retweet this

No. 1721919

She's still pretty much cyberstalking the entire FF fandom kek
But yeah she had someone file to get a restraining order against her.

No. 1721958

I'd say her trying to sneak into FF servers and pretend like she isn't herself counts as stalking. She posted pictures of someone's else's child and has attempted to doxx people.
Kettle meet pot?

No. 1721988

She’s also asked minors for their images to say its not her, used voice mods to make herself not sound like her self, stole other peoples images and say they where herself and that she’s POC while also saying its racist to be mean to her. Taken peoples internet identities and said they where hers and stole peoples art work to claim it as her own.

I mean you think of it, she’s done it. Tried to roleplay as a trans woman, a gay woman, a man, her own boyfriend and even been caught roleplaying with herself to make herself look like she’s got partners within the final fantasy fandom. I guess thats what happens when you make more enemies than friends everywhere you go. I would love to know the stories people from her school days have about her. We already know she’s said someone was dead who she didn’t like, and mocked someone online who used to throw candy wrappers at her. Something tells me she was even more insufferably annoying in person.

No. 1722067

She required a tard wrangler at all times and had to have the course work dumbed down for her. Her college essays were barely even two paragraphs long…

That's what we know for sure.

I'd love to hear about her school days.

No. 1722142

File: 1670513739287.jpeg (136.31 KB, 741x851, 089BDF93-77BD-4A0A-8588-62415D…)

Someone’s been coping

No. 1722352

That's probably why he has no interest in playing or being active…poor thing. If I was being overfed like that I'd have no desire to do anything other than sleep it off.

No. 1722354

Powerlevel but, I was seven and did this sort of thing and noticed on my own that my pets were getting fat and unhappy and my child brain went 'wait cats are much smaller than me, maybe they don't need three meals' and then I adjusted my behavior, it's insane an adult would spell out their animal abuse without any self awareness at all.

No. 1722629

Three times a day? Yeah that’s why hes fat.

I feed my cats once a day, if theres still food in their bowl by the end of the day I give them one treat each. If there isn’t food, I give them a little sprinkle of food so they don't scream at me when im sleeping.

I cant imagine three times a day.

No. 1722646

She's been boring today. Just retweeting a ton of Japanese cats, still trying to act like she's Japanese. I'm sure the people of Japan would really appreciate that.

No. 1723308

File: 1670620373912.jpeg (93.97 KB, 750x613, 0D5482FE-1959-4122-84D9-755404…)

An interesting person has entered the Rachel lore

No. 1723350

Hopefully this will be interesting. Lame she's in DMs though.

No. 1723357

Elaine is in a VC saying she will pay for Rachel to sue this site so there's interesting things to come yet.

No. 1723363

Kek Elaine would just be wasting her money at that point. Theres nothing Bertha could sue over and win. I also highly doubt Elaine has the money to spare for that.

No. 1723381

Precisely why Elaine will do something to distract from her being unable to, she's very predictable at this point.

No. 1723497

Sounds to me like Elaine is baiting Rachel.
Doesn't she have something better to do, like cutting herself over being catfished by someone pretending to be Josh, and peeing on Vordrak?
Dunno what her endgame is but it seems strange.

No. 1723585

Elaine is in deep with angry Canadian as voice recording in her Onionfarms threads shows so it likely is bait, Elaine is helping him abuse more women and Rachel is too dumb and angry to see it.

No. 1724102

Rachel, being the dumbass that she is, got screenshots of her twitter posted on KFs #DropKiwifarms thread. So she's now caught more peoples attention than she previously had. She does this to herself.

No. 1724107

Nobody will ever fuck Rachel.

No. 1724108

File: 1670696844314.png (340.57 KB, 616x1372, 3.png)

No. 1724111

AYRT, yep, thats not the tweet that got their attention but from the same conversation. Why is she yelling at Epik about Kanye? She doesnt even mention Kiwifarms kek.

Its weird she's more focused on KF than here since her thread here is more active than her one on KF.

No. 1724124

Very simple farming fren, Rachel knows she can't do anything on her own so she's leeching off others who are attacking kiwifarms to feel strong. Classic Berchal, she won't ever change.

No. 1724137

Oh I know but it just underlines that she doesnt think ahead much at all. KF is going after anyone pushing for them to get dropped and she just put a target on her back. The KFers that pay attention to those threads are also a whole different type of person than the ones that read here and the beauty parlor and not in a good way. But your right..she wont ever change.

No. 1724156

Well exactly they make me look reserved in my shenanigans, Rachel is fucked.

No. 1724895

Rachel has been dickriding real hard because she thinks the trannies can get her the Sephiroth dick she covets. She wants attention too.

No. 1725247

File: 1670806872916.jpeg (53.89 KB, 750x274, 008AE47D-1B70-4657-82D7-654382…)

Her attitude is gonna eat her alive lol

No. 1725251

File: 1670807008741.jpeg (52.03 KB, 750x249, 51154299-8A05-4D69-9002-BB1B5A…)

I don’t think she’s in the position to be judging anyone tbh

No. 1725276

Guess her true and honest polycule isn't working out for her.

No. 1725281

Too bad she doesn't feel the same when people who she's hurt have the same feelings. Oh well, her problem kek

No. 1725408

She can't handle the heat but keeps coming back to the kitchen.

No. 1726038

Orrrr she’s just dunking on Musk which is fitting. Imagine the alimony he has to pay.

No. 1726041

Funny given she has a polycule and you have no bitches to begin with. :)

No. 1726042

Actually there is much she could sue over and win. There would be criminal charges in a separate case, and some of you would be going to jail.

No. 1726045

“Trying to act like she’s Japanese” nigga where

No. 1726046

Yes. You’ve been coping.

No. 1726047

You are this obsessed with her to where you’re spending your whole day watching her twitter feed for a crumb of anything. You have no life, hag, and you never will.

No. 1726048


Saw your thread was quiet for a while so you came to shit it up as usual?

No. 1726049


No. 1726052

Tl;dr obsessed hag

And it failed spectacularly and there was never a restraining order.

“That’s what we know about for sure” = that’s what I concocted in my schizophrenic mind to try to make Rachel look worse than me despite the fact I will always be worse.

No. 1726054

Yeah no sorry sweaty she would kick your ass and you would squeal and cry all the way home. :)

No. 1726055

Girl, your thread was quiet for nearly 24 hours, and here you are. You want attention so fucking bad. kek

No. 1726085

You are obsessed with her and it’s pathetic. First you say “Hurr durr guess her polycule isn’t working out” and then you say “herp derp nobody will ever fuck her” like jealous much? You’re jealous of her success.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1726092

If thats what you have to tell yourself, sure.

No. 1726099

Back to back posts defending someone no one else has defended in the thread is a tell that someone’s mad they got posted.

If you’re so “not bothered, taking Ws” why do you keep coming here and keeping it alive? Sounds like you’re bothered AND like to take Ls agaisnt a bunch of randos who have never met you and occasionally check your Twitter when they are trying to pass some time.

No. 1726104

She's always bothered. All of the screenshots from discord, RP sites, messages, facebook, twitter, tumblr.. show that she's incapable of not constantly being bothered by SOMETHING.
And the best part is the times she's the most bothered are usually just consequences of her own making. Just like these threads. Love that for her.

No. 1726180

Her schizoposting suddenly and Crisis Core having just dropped aren't a coincidence girlies.

No. 1726183

Did crisis core cause her conflict in her inner self?
She really did a number this time, might have hit like eight posts in a row there.

No. 1726196

I dont know what that means besides (I'm assuming, considering who we're talking about here) it has to do with FF.
Does Sephiroth find hid true love in it, that is nothing like Rachel, or her Mary Sue OC?

No. 1726239

No sephiroth doesnt find true love. If anything hes even more 2D then her Mary Sue in the franchise. Its just him before the insanity which, for some reason, wall flowers like Rachel think they can heal and turn back into the kind loving man they once where by showing them motherly compassion.

But its also why she’s having a freak out because she’s been booted from all the spaces with final fantasy and with a new game being out, she wont be able to get the E-Dick from any newbies coming into the scene since the fandom itself makes sure everyone knows about her and to stay away if they want to avoid a “misery”situation and be held hostage in her little world of obsession.

No. 1726241

Thanks for explaining, anon, I appreciate it! Makes sense why she sperged earlier, once again she fucks herself over because she cant be a decent human being.

No. 1726273

Not even the people who make Sephiroth on a whim for e-pussy want anything to do with her. Even the most desperate of dudes can't seem to get off when she's involved, let alone the people that take their roleplays seriously.

No. 1726280

Surely with her childlike comprehension of the written words she's attracted a few pedophiles who left when they found out she wasn't 12.

No. 1726325

Her writing isn’t even thar good. I have had the misfortune of reading her roleplay before she went ass to the grass full stupid. She never was a strong writer like she makes herself out to be. Now even if you wanted to write with her, she spends all the time just talking to you about how people hate her and how she’s being harassed then will tangent off into trying to weirdly flex about something mundane she bought. The worse part is when she talks with you, she feels the weird need to tell you how she sleeps with a sephiroth plush every night. Its just weird to even think thats something people want to hear about when you approach them for porn.

Only way I know all this is because I had the unfortunate run in with her when I was writing Sephiroth for fun to keep my self up on sudden plot changes and improvising writing for my own series I have been publishing. It keeps me ready for when my editor asks for a change suddenly in the story.

But she just takes forever to get around to it. She spends days complaining about others and what they have done to her. Mind you, she approaches people with usually “ hey I wanna plot with you” but never gets around to it. You have to like steer her just to get her mind off the vendetta she has on everyone. And if you have a lot of followers, she will be on you like lightning.

No. 1726449

File: 1670950490054.jpeg (69.23 KB, 749x296, E2C2D544-74CF-4719-9514-156FFB…)

Woke up to some more schizo posting on hee Twitter. I have milk and please be patient

No. 1726450

File: 1670950541016.jpeg (205.82 KB, 750x1042, 750CB179-5382-4360-879E-83045C…)

No. 1726451

File: 1670950610812.jpeg (66 KB, 750x321, 60F4FA37-72CF-40F5-A99E-7CC131…)

Wait until KF sees this shit lol

No. 1726472

Who is that?

No. 1726473

She just never gets around to it simply because you suuuuuuuck at writing.

No. 1726474

Ain’t schizoposting if she ain’t schizophrenic.

No. 1726476

You have absolutely nothing on her lmaoooooo

No. 1726479

Man, sounds like you’re super jelly she gets people to write with and you don’t lmao!

>not even the most desperate of dudes

Retard nobody gives a fuck. Stop kinkshaming because nobody wants to touch you.

No. 1726482

That’s what YOU think, and yet she’s likely already got more people to write with.

Don’t give me the “urrr durrr noooo nobody wants to write with hurrrr” because that’s just pessimistic on your part. You aren’t realistic.

No. 1726484

File: 1670953097499.jpeg (58.82 KB, 680x408, 87A27895-9D3C-4A70-B5C5-449A74…)

>Being autismphobic in 2022 despite probably being autistic

No. 1726486

>been booted from

Then explain why she’s still there and flourishing.

No. 1726487

>claiming she’s schizoposting when it’s more likely they’re schizophrenic themselves because they’re obsessed with her.

No. 1726489

Wrong. You can’t even be a decent person, clown. You’re obsessed with her, and you’re so unhappy in your own life that you have to try to put her down to even feel a modicum bit better. Newsflash sunshine: She will always have a better life than you. Cope and seethe about it.

No. 1726491

Tl;dr obsessed faggot trying to justify stalking innocent girl because she’s better than them and happier than them.

No. 1726493

>just like these threads

No. The reason these threads exist are by no fault of hers and by every fault of those who made it and those who continue to harass and stalk her in it. To claim otherwise is like trying to claim that the cancer patient gave themselves cancer, that the rape victim caused the rape, and that the murder victim brought it on themselves.

YOU are bothered by the fact that she’s happy and successful in your life, juxtaposing the fact that you are miserable in yours. You are nothing but a horsefly needing to be squished.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1726504

Bruh why are you whiteknighting so hard

All the proof is in the pudding and you're still here, reviving her threads. If you want her to be left alone, help her be a better person and stop reviving the threads lol

No. 1726534

Hey Rachel, next time post screenshots of you saying racist, homophobic and transphobic slurs on your twitter too. All your posts on OnionFarms are archived and you answer to Rachel and talk about your cat twitter on there so your lies aren't gonna work.

You also still think any of us give a fuck what you say about us, but considering you dont know who we are…nah.

No. 1726536

A unique approach, catering to Rachel's clear unhinged, certainly diagnosed mega Schizophrenia. Id rather not be autismophibic by calling a spade a spade bickers I'm a liberal or something.

Hey Rachel, you claimed you were swatted, you weren't, I know why, you claimed it cause you're jealous of the attention a dead woman got over her being swatted.
Stop hanging out with those people Rachel you make me sick.
Pedophile schizo autistic fuck up retard with a smooth brain, 5 china and 480lbs of pure lardass.(Blaine)

No. 1726541

File: 1670957146104.jpeg (67.13 KB, 1206x268, YouDontSpeakJapanese.jpeg)

No. 1726614

That’s not even natural Japanese lol

No. 1726661

There was more effort put into this than into any of your roleplays Rachel, good job! I bet you had the dictionary open for this one looking for anything to make you sound smart.
You can't bury the obvious lack of comprehension behind big words.

No. 1726666

File: 1670967696683.jpeg (215.55 KB, 750x1070, 01B2AB0E-1BC2-48E2-94F7-C6BE28…)

Skinnier than me you say? That fat hand says otherwise

No. 1726668

File: 1670967770912.jpeg (35.4 KB, 750x210, 950AEB3D-345B-4482-8459-19FDD9…)

Those two jobs and six figure income can’t afford you a laundry machine and dryer Rachel?

No. 1726671

File: 1670967855201.jpeg (185.51 KB, 750x835, 2587E519-684B-4D73-876B-EC95BE…)

Her explaining Bello’s portion sizes

No. 1726674

File: 1670967916485.jpeg (118.92 KB, 750x581, E03E62EC-67E2-4D97-B365-0A7156…)

So it’s mirroring your fat ass lol

No. 1726680

File: 1670968013111.jpeg (64.43 KB, 750x285, 3F35CDEE-00A1-4997-9F4D-8928E6…)

Cope moar social pariah

No. 1726682

File: 1670968070454.jpeg (186.35 KB, 750x846, 6490B41E-36B6-4929-B851-DF5AB8…)

This is where the murderer thing comes from btw

No. 1726684

File: 1670968123731.jpeg (100.11 KB, 750x492, 8C27C970-9404-4132-899B-C7F31F…)

Then stop coming here and tweeting that a cat account is getting harassed then.

No. 1726689

File: 1670968589999.jpeg (108.12 KB, 750x531, F02E4251-7461-422C-87A2-704529…)

No. 1726699

Jesus christ, she's coping hard for someone who is so very unbothered and apparently is getting all the e-dick.
Now that she's rambling like this to her followers I fully expect her account to go down.

No. 1726925

I was waiting for her to bring her follower count into this like it gives her some kind of authority. She’s obsessed with e-popularity for some dumb reason.

She spends more time here trying to WK herself then she does trying to roleplay with all those “partners” she’s got. She’s in the spaces where others are, but no one talks to her. They just ignore her because no one wants to touch crazy. Not that she posts anything but complaining about people talking about her here any way.

No. 1727266

File: 1671040743430.jpg (383.09 KB, 792x1493, bigwords.jpg)

Whole lotta shit talking for someone who is too much of a pussy to go onto KF because that would mean admitting to being the only one defending herself.

No. 1727292

>someone that was an active poster on OnionFarms, and has posted/threatened peoples literal babies on here.

Sorry, Rachel, I dont think anyones buying what you're trying to sell.

No. 1727316

No she's right it's just she also threatened the same child.

No. 1727324

No. 1727382

Onionfarms has an underage user sign up and instead of an instant ban you can guess what the site that used to have a Loli/shota debate board did.

No. 1727402

Right, but I was more talking about her posting someones baby in a past thread on here, and then threatening that random unrelated discord mod/admin with getting their child taken from them. I brought up Onionfarms to point out her hypocrisy since she was an active user on there and its a wanna-be KF. She's not better than anyone just because of where they spend their free time. If she truly believed she's "untouchable" she wouldn't give a shit about having threads anywhere, or lying and denying the things she's done and continues to do; nor would she have to lie about her polycule or owning a house. I'm sure plenty of farmers on here and KF are in loving, happy, healthy relationships and own their own homes. Probably have successful careers and fulfilling friendships and social lives. Rachel has none of that, no matter how much she tries to lie and say she does. So, really, whatever she says about people posting on any website, it doesn't matter, because a giant majority of those people have at least one thing she desperately wants and will never be able to have.

No. 1727416

I'm celebrating an anniversary this weekend! Anyway.

Yeah, she has done all of that. She has also solicited minors for sex roleplay, more in the past than recently. She does bully minors and send them porn and gore, and is into extreme ageplay/ddlg sorta shit. She also had this whole roleplay fantasy about Aerith being in an arranged marriage to Sephiroth in some sort of weird child bride setup.

She seems to like to target mothers when it comes to her bullying, especially wanting to call CPS or pretend she's Nick or Caleb and talk about raping children.

No. 1727425

File: 1671053762127.jpg (88.33 KB, 1080x245, eww.jpg)

Rachel don't call your mom or dad "one of your significant others," it's weird unless you wanna admit to incest.

No. 1727441

It's only a matter of time, not even thirty year olds with down syndrome cuddle their parents so it literally can't be naive innocence.

No. 1727449

Happy anniversary!
Yeah, I think she targets moms because she's bitter she'll never be one. Deep down she knows that the biological clock is ticking, she hasn't found anyone that can stand her long enough to fuck her in all these years so it's unlikely she'll find someone in time. It would be sad if she didn't have obvious issues that would put a child at risk…not to mention everything having to do with children/minors we've listed just today.

She'll never know what thats like, kek.

No. 1727573

People who feel the need to talk about things they have usually don’t have them. It’s something she’s always done. She talks about designer makeup like its some sort of ranking system. She obviously does it to make herself feel better then others even if its not real. Someone who has it wont talk about it like its the best thing since its just something they have.

Personally I own my own house, have a very well paying job with medical benefits for both myself, my partner and my animals. I have a new car that I bought on my own and have some Luxery items that I can afford. But other then now, I dont talk about them because they do not put me in a better position then others. They are simply normal things to have if you’re a functioning adult.

No. 1727654

Whenever she wears makeup it literally looks like she's a pig wearing lipstick. If she's gonna wear awful tones that don't do her complexion any favors she should stay away.

No. 1728037

File: 1671123932193.jpeg (167.36 KB, 750x734, F2AAA850-6784-442D-99B2-6DA7BC…)

The irony

No. 1728039

File: 1671124017293.jpeg (83.5 KB, 750x517, 1994D81A-9D7B-4F5A-B545-CB9D0C…)

Still continuing the KF discourse

No. 1728041

Elon Musk is really turning into the new orange man bad for people like her, she really had no sense of humor.
Her entire personality is just a-logging (CURRENT THING) and being a gross Oriental fetishist.

No. 1728074

Thats some wild projection. Kek

No. 1728108

The more she interacts with the Drop Kiwi Farms people the bigger her infamy will grow

No. 1728165

File: 1671140155398.jpeg (40.85 KB, 750x227, AF119241-B4DC-49C2-9577-188FEE…)

She donated to Keffal’s GoFundMe

No. 1728166

File: 1671140240039.jpeg (49.28 KB, 750x346, CE67CF05-31B2-47D8-9D61-BDE190…)

Re: Keffal’s GoFundMe

No. 1728168

File: 1671140272229.jpeg (177.98 KB, 749x881, 47544DA4-D8C1-4C62-86DE-AE3FE3…)

No. 1728170

File: 1671140355429.jpeg (121.04 KB, 750x560, 54EB230C-4664-419D-968C-878FE7…)

No. 1728176

I like that the fact she's the only one saying or even implying anything negative about autism is completely lost on her.

No. 1728196

She is going to learn the hard way.

No. 1728212

I checked the thread on KF and someone linked her KF thread in there. She's gonna have a fun time and they're already checking her Twitter because she keeps on replying to anything on there that's related to Keffals now

No. 1728225

Lmao, she's currently getting into slap fights with people who are definitely from KF right now. It's glorious.

No. 1728230

Good, I want more Kiwis invested in her. I want her to have an active thread there. I want her to try her stupid tricks there.

No. 1728233

I’m currently collecting milk as its coming in, will post when she’s done trying to “body” people on Twitter

No. 1728236

I honestly don't think she'll go to KF. I really think she's too scared because she'll get banned and not be able to get around it as easily as she does here, and mainly she can't act like she's not the one white knighting herself there. No one is fooled when she's here but she can act like we are in her broken little brain. There she'll have a username.

No. 1728239

File: 1671146099243.jpeg (198.56 KB, 750x1007, E32239C6-766E-4DA8-9948-9E075B…)

Out of order and some doubles but here’s your milk

No. 1728240

File: 1671146152236.jpeg (180.44 KB, 750x1110, 06052514-9AAC-4CFA-B6D2-178202…)

No. 1728241

File: 1671146191097.jpeg (249.47 KB, 750x1087, 2973948D-BC7D-4D08-9AD1-B63864…)

No. 1728244

File: 1671146240950.jpeg (160.18 KB, 750x838, 8906DCCF-0B7A-4F35-ACD6-345270…)

No. 1728245

File: 1671146334374.jpeg (135.15 KB, 750x793, 92D667CA-3D08-4F86-9715-C06070…)

No. 1728249

File: 1671146545243.jpeg (188.16 KB, 749x1054, 92DF248F-1170-4B04-9216-418666…)

No. 1728252

File: 1671146607052.jpeg (159.84 KB, 750x1083, 4CF5B453-6888-4F46-B047-E9C5A3…)

No. 1728255

File: 1671146683403.jpeg (34.52 KB, 750x254, 67A15E0E-8F2B-472C-B31A-A2B889…)

No. 1728256

File: 1671146768812.jpeg (85.01 KB, 750x574, B48F3533-7974-4063-90E3-75B42F…)

No. 1728258

File: 1671146830502.jpeg (204.11 KB, 750x1008, 275A34A0-815B-40B0-8CA7-0BEF24…)

No. 1728260

File: 1671146981203.jpeg (177.27 KB, 750x1078, D7F456DD-9B7A-478C-AC6F-D2DE6A…)

No. 1728262

File: 1671147020807.jpeg (193.4 KB, 750x1064, 0D96EBA2-BE66-421D-946C-5B5731…)

No. 1728263

File: 1671147054304.jpeg (179.33 KB, 750x1054, B4B0591A-CA26-462D-9C63-B799B7…)

No. 1728266

File: 1671147324007.jpeg (45.79 KB, 750x342, 0FEB4AC6-8A2D-4546-BA7C-2504F4…)

No. 1728267

File: 1671147409573.jpeg (108.59 KB, 750x667, 8288D7BA-0533-40AF-B039-F3D050…)

No. 1728271

File: 1671147634121.jpeg (160.32 KB, 750x986, 5CF2F732-D37C-4234-BDEC-D79909…)

No. 1728273

File: 1671147882208.jpeg (73.53 KB, 750x663, AA2594D4-B493-4185-9B4A-04F145…)

After being called “el pendejo”

No. 1728278

Hopefully one of them googles her kek

No. 1728281

File: 1671149291528.jpeg (296.98 KB, 810x1218, violentlyretarded.jpeg)

Picrel Rachel highlights the fact that she has absolutely no common sense or any other sense. Astonishing that she could think that pumping ones self full of hormones wont fuck someone up, especially at a young age. Gotta love the ancient meme she threw in there. And of course, cope and seethe about it.

No. 1728304


No. 1728318

She's still going at it on Twitter. I'm too lazy to grab everything

No. 1728333

File: 1671154769987.jpeg (174.31 KB, 808x778, thedumbestbitch.jpeg)

Same but I got this one because its funny.

No. 1728463

File: 1671170363035.jpeg (588.09 KB, 828x5074, 33472125-614E-47DD-AF10-6DA34F…)

She’s been slapping around with these people who are obviously just fucking with her because it makes her mad. But why is it amusing seeing other people discover she can’t accept she’s wrong and claims “fake” when it makes her look dumb?

No. 1728470

File: 1671171119558.jpeg (182.86 KB, 828x914, 6D6BCD89-9C02-48D9-AF22-49F998…)

Now she’s moved into another slap fight with other people.

No. 1728472

..she's really trying to claim that picture is a deep fake? Is she aware that trans people have had pictures taken of them before they transitioned? She's so stupid and really makes it obvious. This doesnt make her look smart or clever or manipulative, just dumb.

No. 1728476

File: 1671171266974.jpeg (290.45 KB, 828x2165, 78B105C3-E01C-4831-A202-3E91A6…)

Looks like she was sperging in the meevcord and got banned from there too. I find it impressive that she managed to make an enemy out of someone who was actually trying to stand up for her.

No. 1728478

>In DMs for 6 hours.

Holy shit. I don't tell people to kill themselves, but man she deserved it.

No. 1728483

File: 1671171641512.jpeg (245.09 KB, 828x1980, 3D9B2D3C-5AF3-48DD-A904-623A07…)

Guess she thinks the word weirdo is a slur to neuro divergent people. Lol okay.

Thats a lot of reaching but we already know she reaches farther then elastic man.

No. 1728484

6 hours is pretty short for her. Usually its days, weeks, months. She’s known to spam peoples DMs iirc she spammed some sephiroth on twitter’s inbox with some stupid message about them not blocking her for like a week or so. I think its in one of the earlier threads.

No. 1728485

This is pathetic, even for her.

No. 1728487

youre right but its a long time for a normal person. or more normal than her anyways. plus they said they're trying to graduate and its all over being called weird which she is.

No. 1728500

File: 1671173254313.jpeg (705.87 KB, 828x5051, DC8455F4-BD13-46D9-941D-5EB39F…)

She really here arguing with minors. Didn’t she say she wasnt a pedo and didn’t talk with minors?

Guess that was another lie. She’s arguing with them on Twitter after what appears to be 3 days of arguing with them in DMs on discord.

She’s also posted a bunch of random video clips on her Twitter scrolling though her phone showing what she thinks is evidence but just looks like delusional rush yo prove a lie a truth.

No. 1728513

Oh so exactly like when she sent a screen recording of her DMs with that one Arden person "proving" FairsInfo was threatening them? But their conversation didnt say anything close to that when it was slowed down to read. Typical Rachel.

No. 1728521

Oh shit I forgot about that info account. They have been pretty silent. But looks like Rachel cant keep her nose out of trouble. How will she blame it in them this time?

No. 1728522

Oh of course Berchal is in high school discords, she's such a fucking pedophile.

No. 1728526

She'll try to say I'm them because I brought them up kek

No. 1728611

If you click around, you’ll see the DMs that are a repeat of her exile from the FF7 community in the Meevin threads lol.

Stupid bitch doesn’t learn lmao

No. 1728714

Yeah I thought I had seen them before but in a different setting now that you pointed it out. She seriously is doing the exact same thing she did there with these cat accounts. But these cat accounts seem to have a lot larger community then the final fantasy one has.

No. 1728723

These cat accounts have on average 60k followers. The attention she must love getting lol. She woke up and is back at harassing people and trying to “end” the Meevin universe. Not to mention she’s still poking at the mess that is Keffals.

No. 1728724

File: 1671206259477.jpeg (279.66 KB, 390x1274, crybaby.jpeg)

I dont think she's even slept.

No. 1728727

I’ve been reading her replies section on her Twitter and it’s just a dumpster fire happening in real time. She needs to touch grass lol

No. 1728728

File: 1671206545434.jpeg (261.42 KB, 608x1288, shes exhausting.jpeg)

No. 1728729

File: 1671206754099.jpeg (79.74 KB, 590x404, waaaa.jpeg)

(3/3) Okay this is the last one from me for a bit because I just woke up and this bitch and her MeTa DaTa has already exhausted me.

No. 1728735

File: 1671207452838.jpeg (221.31 KB, 1616x566, cant be fixed.jpeg)

Samefag I lied. I have two more but theyre not from Rachel so they dont count.
Found these on KFs dropkiwifarms thread about her kek
(1/2) Rachel, you can have your very own true and honest boyfriend!

No. 1728736

File: 1671207493529.jpeg (291.75 KB, 1604x518, mooo.jpeg)

(2/2) this one was just funny.

No. 1728739

Keffals won't have sex with you Rachel, nor will any of the trannies. They might be repulsive themselves, but even they have standards.

No. 1728853

Funnily enough the tranny here said that exact thing months ago. She's a chaser and that won't stop her though.

No. 1729222

File: 1671247571506.jpeg (194.34 KB, 801x1445, E73B8F90-72A1-4A4F-947C-6DBAAB…)

Why does she resort to such shitty dubbed anime villain responses?

No. 1729229

File: 1671247900435.jpg (49.61 KB, 512x384, Frame254.jpg)

It's called gassing the cow into acting one way by mimicking it yourself, Rachel will always be an anime super awesome villain best friends forever now thanks to cheap mental conditioning tactics and minor brainwashing.

I did it to about 4 or 5 cows at once? You're all welcome btw

No. 1729265

I wish these people would find her threads so she'd anime villain harder when they use her past against her. Oh well.

No. 1729346

So wait can someone explain the meevin thing to me

No. 1729365

Basically it boils down to someone telling her on the Meevin discord that she’s pathetic and needs to kill herself and Rachel believes staff ignored the fact she called that out and she got banned for being in their DMs for like 6 hours. She’s on a quest to end the discord and their Twitter.

No. 1729381

Rachel was in this cat discord for a popular cat Twitter that appears that she was being a pest in like she has in other places. Someone who was/is (?) a mod of it told her off and said they hoped she milled herself so they could graduate. This person is a minor as well as many others in the server.

She then was banned from the discord for something to do with pronouns (?) Ala the same fashion she was other discords. She then DMed one of the mods and complained for 6 hours one night. Then when they where done with her, she pestered the other mods and members for a few days till they ignored her which brought her to Twitter.

On Twitter she was getting into slap fights with the kiwi farmers at the same time cat Twitter started slap fighting with her. Cat Twitter used their platform to inform the rest of cat Twitter about her poor behavior. She then went full ass to the grass on arguing with them calling them ableist for calling her a weirdo and saying it was a slur for neuro divergent people. Then started called meeve a narcissist which started a bunch of the teens in that server to continue to troll her. They started referring to her as male and she flipped out. So they continued because its honestly funny and amusing watch her stomp the ground. They also continued to trigger her by generally being trolls and using her own words to mock her.

And now we are here where she’s still slap fighting with them and calling them names but then getting offended when they call her names right back.

TL:DR Rachel getting trolled by cat Twitter teens and continues to prove she lacks any form of comprehension.

No. 1729384

I think you're correct but my understanding was the mod told her to kill herself after she was in his inbox rage crying for 6 hours, while hes trying to graduate. And the initial problem started because she was called weird (something she's trying to claim is an "ableist slur")(hey Rachel, it isnt even by the most generous definition) and were supposedly misgendering her. She then claimed she was told to kill herself at that time as well but theres a grand conspiracy to hide that from the mods/admin and no screenshots exist.

Pretty much just Rachel being the typical retard she always is, just now getting shunned by cat twitter/discord.

No. 1729389

Its been a lot of stuff back to back and the threads where hard to follow with all the people jumping on her. Either way, she’s trying to get them deleted and removed just like she did with the original thread here, kiwi farms, that info account that reported about her, other people she’s had beefs with. There was also that incident where she tried to remove someone from one of those roleplay sites she’s on using the same “ your days are done” “ you will disappear” and what ever villain response she wants to say.

No. 1729392

If Rachel wants power so badly she should develop the willpower to put down the cupcakes.

No. 1729395

She's hard to follow even when she isn't fighting with 10937 people on twitter kek
Yet she still doesnt realize shes the common denominator.

She eats three a day just like how much she feeds her cat duh

No. 1729402

File: 1671265158729.jpeg (476.13 KB, 828x3579, D3989C7C-B638-414D-8231-F8312B…)

She cant sense sarcasm.

No. 1729405

Sure if the cup for the cake is a fluted cake pan.
I'm surprised she can sense heat with the reptile stage of development her brain has.

No. 1729463

It’s pathetic how her entire personality is autism, cats, Sephiroth and trying to dunk on LC, KF and anywhere else that banned her

No. 1729919

File: 1671348388802.jpeg (177.42 KB, 828x1285, 56C59B11-5953-4ACD-88E1-1AC3C4…)

Oooof this was the result of that car account finding her history with the final fantasy stuff.

This is embarrassing for both of them.

No. 1729926

Yup. And that cat account keep telling her to stop harassing them and that they where a minor. Rachel then deleted a ton of messages.

No. 1729934

The only positive of Rachel's proclivities with minors is that they have a horrific example of what not to become; a grotesque tubby goblin who not only still lives with but also sleeps with her parents.

No. 1729945

Due to how much she hated the comparison, Barb encouraged Chris to still cuddle her whereas Rachel strikes out on her own for them. She is a bigger lolcow than Chris-Chan by this metric and it leads to a worrying look into a possible future arc here.

No. 1730053

I think the part that makes her the biggest cow is the fact that she can acknowledge it's inappropriate, also knows she's behaving unreasonably but still does so regardless. She knows what she's doing where CWC has a level of detachment from reality.

No. 1730132

File: 1671388880453.jpeg (55.35 KB, 750x401, 75792168-45CF-4228-BCC5-65B5E8…)

Sigh, she’s still using her polycule as a win over the minors lol and gloating over the fact she’s able to report people.

Her pinned tweet though lol

No. 1730328

File: 1671407282897.jpg (477.81 KB, 810x1817, fatandmadasusual.jpg)

All of this because people called her a weirdo.
She can choose to not react to kids doing silly shit but she can't help herself and gets into constant conflict.

No. 1730410

File: 1671414571210.jpeg (61.1 KB, 750x274, EA666BE5-5305-49E3-B12D-661CB5…)

This dumb broad is so pressed lol

No. 1730528

File: 1671430466244.jpeg (39.65 KB, 740x160, A514BCAE-28DE-47F5-B115-2D3C90…)

Her response to a small streamer that she apparently had beef with lol

No. 1730529

File: 1671430524381.jpeg (95.25 KB, 750x506, 058CED55-E9B1-4127-AE9C-609557…)

No. 1730556

Probably people on here and KF since her follow count is more or less the same as the streamer’s on Twitter lol

No. 1730561

She thinks a follower count reflects fans and popularity. When she can she will bring it up. Its a weird thing she’s always done. Bit if you look at the people following her, they are mostly cat accounts that she’s followed me ho probably follow the people back out of kindness. Some are even bots.

No. 1730568

That small streamer is someone that she was convinced was her boyfriend for years. She used to use him as a reason why she can use actual slurs.

No. 1730570

This bitch has the worst Main Character syndrome I've ever seen. She really doesn't understand how the world works.

No. 1731096

That's the Sephiroth roleplayer she claimed was her boyfriend she's commenting on, what a weirdo.

No. 1731421

File: 1671835666228.jpeg (68.81 KB, 1192x248, lol.jpeg)

Rachel was coping hard while the site was down.

No. 1731434

File: 1671838068952.png (123.1 KB, 615x832, 1671731224554.png)

Rachel is now trying to claim that a Kiwi tried to break into her house.
You know, that house that she moved out of? Kek.

No. 1731860

A lot of her tweets regarding Keffals are being found by other KFers and now she's being watched by everyone in the DropKiwiFarms thread lol

No. 1731942

She’s also been defending Elaine apparently

No. 1732338

That was connected months prior by anyone with eyes.

No. 1732804

File: 1672168984310.jpeg (130.82 KB, 900x520, 1.jpeg)

Few things from Twitter. 1/3

In which Rachel outs herself for being the type of person the republicans are talking about.

No. 1732806

File: 1672169265881.jpeg (63.39 KB, 912x228, 2.jpeg)


>Real free speech

>Things I dont like are illegal to say.

I don't know if she doesn't realize this wouldn't change anything (if it weren't a lie) considering her only social encounters are online.

No. 1732808

File: 1672169403704.jpeg (177.5 KB, 898x758, 3.jpeg)

More outting herself as a pedo.
LMAO at her "bouncer and plumber boyfriends"
Imagine being able to pick any occupation for your fake boyfriend cope and thats what you go with.

No. 1732809

*electrician not plumber but my statement still stands

No. 1734512

She needs a plumber to clean out all the shit she’s made of.

No. 1734611

The only types of men she attracts are chubby chasing neckbeards lol.

No. 1734616

And even those soon leave thanks to her unhinged megalomaniacal drama staring.

No. 1734987

Funny considering how she's now entering trans spaces and saying she's one of them now all the while getting offended.

No. 1735001

It's starting but not milk worthy. She's annoying one of them and they keep telling her to go away because she's "Satan Cat". The whole Meevin fiasco has left a stain on her reputation in the cat community so just waiting for the LGBT folks out there to blow up the fact she's a piece of shit lol. They're pretty vocal when they want to be.

No. 1736281

I hope Rachel distances herself from that Robin (or rubin or whatever his name is) twitter account now that they're spreading an obvious lie that KF swatted Sappho.

Rachel is a degenerate and a garbage human being in her own right but even then I hope she would be smart enough to stay away from someone thats infamous for literally fucking animals and that includes staying away from anyone thats willing to associate with them in any way in order to continue some autistic goal of taking down KF.

She's never listened to the advice anyones given her before though, so she probably wont listen now either.

No. 1736284

Samefag but I forgot to mention that that same Robin person defended EDP… A youtuber that was caught sexting and trying to meet up with someone he thought was a minor.

Rubin is really not someone you want to be associated with.

No. 1736623


No. 1737546

Rachel is so desperate for validation, she will welcome anyone who will listen to her.
She tried to talk to Sappho as well but got ignored.

No. 1738196

File: 1672961992755.jpeg (190.52 KB, 750x884, 3BE11293-4396-4EC2-9879-6451E1…)

Slightly amusing

No. 1739069

File: 1673069809791.jpg (708.35 KB, 1045x1535, Obesitylmao.jpg)

Rachel is picking fights with random "right wing" accounts and commenting on anything under the sun. I found it funny that she shits on this kid when she herself is fatter than him and has a dough face herself. Not to mention she can't dress herself unless it's an Alibaba "Lolita" special

No. 1739279

File: 1673114003118.jpeg (32.78 KB, 750x205, F693D607-07F4-4F36-8970-097C25…)

Funny she says this because it seems like her mom dresses her too

No. 1739315

Now she's going to come in here and try to tell everyone how it's acktually okay for your mom to dress you when you're thirty.

No. 1739812

I don't think Rachel realizes the site isn't down. There's a reason why it's been peaceful here and not because she's choosing to avoid it either. I think she can't access the site and hasn't figured out how to get around it.

No. 1739931

File: 1673208443470.jpeg (110.39 KB, 750x486, 5DF277B0-66AD-498A-BE90-2E6218…)

What happened to the polycule

No. 1739935

File: 1673209229072.jpeg (129.68 KB, 750x872, 2F44E837-5131-4100-AA7D-60C827…)

Kind of ironic no

No. 1739946

Expecting Rachel to have self awareness is like expecting the laundry you haven't folded to magically be folded and put away neatly without you needing to lift a finger.

No. 1739963

>Doesn't have laundry Gnomes.
What third world shit hole do you live in?

No. 1743319

I’m pretty sure my partner thinks the laundry does itself when they don’t realize it’s me doing it every Sunday.

But Rachel probably still has her mother doing her laundry. That’s why she dresses like a save a penny grandma.

No. 1743323

Big assumption that she dresses herself, is she even capable of that level of responsibility?

No. 1749290

File: 1674270665957.jpg (159.3 KB, 1080x684, rachelisback.jpg)

Rachel's newest account has been located.


No. 1749333

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1749335

Zzzz quit namefagging fatty

No. 1749378

File: 1674281334126.jpeg (259.67 KB, 750x775, C1557921-28E9-4677-A64E-227DB1…)

You were kinda obvious with the stuff you had pinned on your profile. Unsurprisingly you probably got blocked for being a weirdo.

No. 1749379

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1749380

File: 1674281439251.jpeg (203.44 KB, 750x740, 49B60505-6E45-452D-B6EA-6A5B62…)

You kinda made an idiot of yourself considering you’re not even a fandom account and this one is.

No. 1749389

What are you even talking about? I don't understand what you're trying to say but it really makes you think that when someone finds your account you come here and get mad about it. Your follower count is dropping so clearly someone cares. Have a nice night!

No. 1749395

File: 1674283598662.jpeg (376.57 KB, 750x638, 6AC15FBC-D455-4E56-AB29-F470D5…)

Hm. You react exactly as one would expect a recalcitrant obtuse fellow to react when told they have no tact in stealthily approaching someone they think is the woman they’re obsessed with— For what? You make it quite obvious by your pinned the content of your profile is dubious.

No. 1749408

You could've eaten all the tiles in a scrabble set, guzzled some laxatives and waited to see what shows up in the toilet and have it be more coherent than your abuse of a thesaurus to try and act smart.
You exposed yourself already and your attempts to act like you totally aren't yourself are still just as bad as they always are.

No. 1749421

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie. :)

No. 1749622

Rachel's taken a page out of Elaine's book and tried to ape the tranny's bait of a style while missing the point of it. I never thought she could make her posts more obvious but somehow she has by picking up the image rate.
I guess DBS is officially added to the list of rent free Rachel gives out now.

No. 1749725

File: 1674338482371.jpg (553.02 KB, 1043x1643, emuwar.jpg)

Rachel has also been in contact with that Caroline Farrow a-log Rubin Remus or whatever his face is. I don't know the whole situation behind RR and CF and why they've got beef, but by latching onto whoever will give her attention, she has started to get in with a worse crowd. This includes defending pedophiles and zoosadists, well known child predators that she befriends simply because she doesn't want to believe what KF says about them.

No. 1749858

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1749862

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1749990

File: 1674364322723.jpg (328.99 KB, 1080x1339, obviousrachelpost.jpg)

Congratulations, Rachel. They know.

No. 1750010

Lawd, the milk is coming in again. This will be fun to watch

No. 1750038

She thinks she's being clever but even Helen Keller isn't fooled by her posts. Now they're dunking on her.

No. 1750043

Rachel will be trapped in her chase for a W forever now. I look forward to seeing this perpetual milk machine continue producing.

No. 1750087

She's so convinced she did something there, but Gaiasgod kept owning her.

No. 1750113

I find this amusing how she says she can block people she doesn’t like but throws a huge sperg fit when people block her because they don’t want to deal with her. Main character syndrome at the max.

No. 1750150

Oh god, she posted about being a dom and how it gets her off when she harasses others.

No. 1750189

File: 1674399182431.jpg (154.75 KB, 1079x489, virginshit.jpg)

Her posting all this weirdly sexual shit further proving it's her behind the account, and then she really has to make it a home run by saying shit that someone who has never touched a dick in their life would say.

No. 1750221

…. What a fucking virgin lmao

No. 1750232

The reason why she’s raging lately seems like she was booted from another FF server just scrolling through her Bello account. Probably for being an idiot.

No. 1750267

File: 1674413364134.jpg (121.04 KB, 1080x391, Lolpedo.jpg)

She's not Rachel guys, how can this well adjusted individual be Rachel? /s

No. 1750330

File: 1674420423359.jpg (283.32 KB, 1080x882, Lmaolol.jpg)

"I don't have any other accounts"
She's trying so hard

No. 1750495

File: 1674448313869.jpg (310.33 KB, 1538x2048, fat.jpg)

She posted this picture to the SilverElitism account some time ago. If she was as skinny as she said she was there would be more definition to her chest and neck.

Time to weaponize my autism by pointing out that the original chain on the pendant is approximately 18 inches long and boy that chain sure isn't fitting loosely like it should. There's some give in the necklace but it definitely isn't fitting like it should on an average body. 18 inches is generous for chain length too…

She can say whatever she wants to defend herself but the measurements don't lie.

No. 1750498

God this bitch is so pressed. She’s still at it FIFTEEN hours later. If she was smart at all, she wouldn’t harass everyone that had been speaking out about her and live her fucking delusional life pretending to be Sephiroth’s bang maid.

No. 1750514

File: 1674450665195.jpeg (153.09 KB, 946x2048, tumblrdrama.jpeg)

I like the term broodmare because she's got a rapey breeder fetish, she wanted to be a child bride at once. If she wants to objectify herself down to her reproductive organs, which are collecting dust, who am I to deny her?
That being said I've got a related tangent. She's going after people on Tumblr too. Her current "> post all the weird autistic hyperfixations I have" account is wyvernicus

She's sending similar messages to people on her SilverElitism account from the timeline chatter.

No. 1750516

>Rachel has the neck size of the average man.
>Rachel abusing someone she claims she considered a friend.
How does this never get old?

No. 1750534

File: 1674454443892.jpeg (32.85 KB, 640x315, 2949D000-58A8-4762-B0C5-446082…)

Not her outing herself with the deadname rhetoric that she absolutely does not understand.

No. 1750552

File: 1674458799927.jpg (99.24 KB, 1080x389, 10xthehits.jpg)

Not to namefag but from the first screenshot DBS posted on Kiwifarms to now, Rachel has had 10x the traffic on her profile. DBS' first screenshot had only 203 hits. Here's where they're at as of 5 minutes ago. God bless Elon Musk for this new feature because holy shit that's hilarious.

No. 1750565


You're….29 now, and this is how you're spending your birthday, gg.

No. 1750641

I mean, she has no one but her mom and cat to celebrate with her. We all know her dad doesn’t like her or spend time with her. So the only place she can celebrate is by screaming on the internet like a sperg because she’s got nothing else to do. Almost 30 years old, no friends, no career, no money, not married or even dating someone, still living at parents house, can’t drive, no kids. Mix it all together and you get a loaner who lives a sad depressed and lonely life. Clock is ticking Rachel. Age isn’t kind to you once you hit your 30s. You maternal clock is running out. No career goals means no retirement benefits for you. You’re just going to be another person living on food stamps and government aid.

No. 1750654

The only reason we know it’s her because she keeps trying to defend herself and whiteknight herself for a full 24+ hours. She doesn’t know when to stop.

No. 1750659

File: 1674482929854.jpg (215.48 KB, 1080x679, sheisnthere.jpg)

>She's not here
Oh honey that doesn't work on Twitter…you can bullshit here and pretend to be your own simp because of the anonymous factor, but to see her doing it on Twitter? That's a new level of delusional. The derangement syndrome has really set in.

No. 1750697

She’s eating up the attention because she knows she can’t get it anywhere else. Thirty year olds don’t have patience for that kind of bullshit and the way she acts online is indicative of how she acts in real life lol. Pathetic.

No. 1750711

File: 1674489355386.jpeg (48.88 KB, 640x363, CC9C7ADA-9C51-42CF-860D-9E007D…)

No. 1750720

File: 1674490980507.jpg (485.2 KB, 1080x1826, blockingrant.jpg)

This is peak Rachelposting.

No. 1750800

Oh she’s cares about followers. She values a number more than she values her dignity. She’s bitched for years when her followers drop and in earlier threads she’s even told people she wouldn’t get anything from them because they have low following and no “popularity” or some shit. She values a number more than anything when it comes to online life. She soo badly wants to be popular and influential to have a modicum of control of others. But she’s is and forever will be a black shadow in the corner of the social party.

No. 1750819

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1750820


Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1750821

Good morning Rachel.

No. 1750822

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1750825

File: 1674505340512.jpeg (22 KB, 640x172, 81F34C5D-9131-460A-9866-B69932…)

Didn’t she want them removed so she could “suck dick better” lmao

No. 1750826

File: 1674505424553.jpeg (68.74 KB, 640x559, CC0AEE07-E009-463D-90F7-EB17D9…)

No. 1750836

Here is a great example of how far Rachel has shoved her head up her ass.

No. 1750851

File: 1674508389747.jpg (600.43 KB, 1722x1240, Happy birthday Rachel.jpg)

I spent way too long on this. Happy Birthday to my favorite lolcow!

No. 1750887

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1750889

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1750891

>>1750826 Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1750892

>>1706909 “Caught” when there’s no proof she has it and she has no police record.

No. 1750893

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1750894

File: 1674512731008.jpeg (29.65 KB, 600x600, 7DABD608-3D26-463E-AA4F-C2A18E…)


It’s funny how you said she would be removed from the cat twitter community and she gained 700 followers in a very short period of time.

No. 1750898

So you admit to the BelloPanther account being yours, Rachel? I remember when you denied it when you got kicked out of the meevin discord and threw a whole stink about it.

Your obsession with DBS is funny though, do you stalk her KF account to wait until she's active to come here so you can blame her? How insecure are you?

You claim that KF is a child porn site but you're actively stalking it to try and figure out who all is posting in your thread. So which is it?

No. 1750909

The dumb one here is you for assuming everyone is her. Any other projections, Bertha?

No. 1750910

That's sad. She's spending her birthday here just waiting to "own" someone when all it's doing is just showing how pathetic she is lol

No. 1750917

If she had all those boyfriends and girlfriends she said she has, I would assume she'd be spending it with them but she can't even step away from an electronic device long enough to fake going out and having a good time.

No. 1750949

Theres more proof that you're the pedo considering you've admitted to having CP multiple times than there is that DBS is one.

Anyway, I hope you have the birthday you deserve you fat little ginger virgin.

>Not Rachel
>Says the same shit literally only Rachel says.
Not just in the SS I'm replying to but in multiple tweets. You think she'd realize she's not nearly as clever she thinks she is considering she gets found every. single. time.

Ginger hairs are showin.

No. 1750950

File: 1674520036068.jpg (99.75 KB, 1330x1000, 20230123_172608.jpg)

Not my ss but this bitch forgets her legal name shows up when she makes a "donation"


No. 1750951

File: 1674520102903.jpg (89.46 KB, 1288x982, 20230123_172611.jpg)

2/2 confirming the account is hers.

No. 1750957

Why is she so stupid.
>repulsed by children
>barely attracted to "anything" that isnt sephiroth

I thought she was trying to get pregnant with one of her many boyfriends? How could this be, nonnies?

No. 1750974

Also confirms she didn't legally change her name because if she did she would have to update her PayPal, because I sure as fuck had to when I changed my surname after getting married. It was a real nightmare too.

No. 1751062

Lol can’t play the deadname card. But apparently that wasn’t her in the Paypal info according to Fairs??

No. 1751067

Rachel is the one sending the money to the person (envysnest) and has been doing this for months. The ko-fi owner has been refunding it and trying to avoid her but she keeps doing it.

No. 1751068

File: 1674532301059.jpg (325.8 KB, 1080x1185, Rachelpaypal.jpg)

Samefag but proof is here.

No. 1751071

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1751072

meh, doesn’t prove anything. envysnest has their tumblr public

No. 1751074

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1751075

You’re sooooo obsessed incel lmao. Nobody cares Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1751076

So you’re admitting SilverElite wasn’t her then.

No. 1751077

Nobody cares Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1751079

Wrong as usual. If you want to talk to DBS so bad stop being a little bitch and go talk to her on KF.

No. 1751080

She’s repulsed by any children that aren’t hers. It’s a basic instinct.

No. 1751081

Rachel must have a crush on DBS because out of all the people to mention, Fatty Patty mentions her the most.

So funny to know you're sitting alone on your birthday malding and miserable. Did your polycule "forget" or did your imaginary boyfriends block you too because they were tired of hearing you talk about DBS?

No. 1751082

Don’t care. Nobody cares Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1751083

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie. Rachel will always have better hair than yours.

No. 1751085

Fatty Patty is Ines. You have a case of mistaken identity alongside that retardation.

No. 1751086

I love how you think you know what she’s doing on her birthday lmaoooo. She’s probably enjoying her birthday with her polycule hope you sit in your mom’s basement and cry.

No. 1751087

Cope and seethe about it, Fatty Patty. Beautiful pour!

No. 1751089

Rachel, how do you know what her hair looks like?

Ines is much smaller than you babes.

NTA but you're still bad at acting like you aren't you.

No. 1751090


You ARE her.

No. 1751092

Her hair is beautiful and auburn. You’re jelly as fuuuuuck lmao. You’ll never be as smart as her. She’s not a virgin, but you certainly are. :3

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1751093

ITT everyone is DBS. Who knew?

No. 1751094

Sure Karen.

Nah, Rachel is beautiful and skinny and Fatty Patty Ines weighs like 600 pounds. Ines is fat as a pig.
“Rachel how do you know what her hair looks like” she’s not here but you look pretty damn retarded asking her what her own hair looks like.

No. 1751095

Still not DBS. I dont think you've ever guessed correctly once this entire time. Its not that it would even matter if you did considering you dont know anyones identity except the troons, and he makes it obvious when he posts.

No. 1751096

“More proof that you’re the pedo-“ only she’s not here. Cope and seethe about it. And no, you have no proof. You’ve fabricated screenshots so many times before, any “proof” you have can never be used.

No. 1751097

>asking her what her own hair looks like
Caught you, you stupid nigger.

No. 1751098

You’re literally a dumb faggot asking a girl who isn’t even here how she knows what her own hair looks like. Kill yourself clown.

No. 1751099

>Rachel will always have better hair than yours.
>she’s not here but you look pretty damn retarded asking her what her own hair looks like.

You should really refrain from calling anyone retarded

No. 1751100

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie. You’ve been necroposting this thread for months because you’re so obsessed with this girl. Your life will never be as good as hers. You will never be as pretty as her, as happy as her, or as rich as her. She will always be better than you.

No. 1751101

So amazing that even your speech pattern (and retarded insults) matches up with her screenshots. Tell us again you're not Rachel, Rachel.

No. 1751103

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie.

No. 1751104

Auburn? No, Rachel. It's dirty dishwater colored. It's the color of piss when someone's kidneys are failing. But go on.

No. 1751105

You are literally so fucking stupid its insane. It wasn't even in screenshots- it was in her threads, and she's posted about it on her twitter, anyone can look for themselves.

No. 1751106

You were literally using “beautiful pour” which is what she says but yes please keep telling me about how I talk like her.

No. 1751107

File: 1674534444858.jpeg (65.31 KB, 2048x772, 3F110581-3EA4-46ED-A1DD-850EB4…)

I am envysnest. I never thought I'd make it to the farms (indirectly) but here we are.

It was one donation, not many. I passed the screenshots to fairsinfocenter. Rachel's full name was on that transaction, so I blacked it out, but the very first result on search engines is the farms. There is an additional screenshot here that shows the donation was sent at the same time as the Dr. No message.

Rachel has block-dodged me several times over the past year or so and has made me uncomfortable with the type of language she uses against me and others. I am not interested in fighting her. I only entered her crosshairs because I happened to sus her new account and post "no MAPs" to an influx of new film twitter followers at the same time. I never mentioned her directly, only passed along PSAs until she started making multiple accounts to spam me. Trying to involve money to continue to harass me is beyond the pale.

No. 1751108

Wrong anon. You can't be this stupid.

No. 1751109

Unsurprising thats your only response when you prove how retarded you are.

No. 1751110

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie. You’ve been necroposting this thread for months because you’re so obsessed with this girl. Your life will never be as good as hers. You will never be as pretty as her, as happy as her, or as rich as her. She will always be better than you.

She’s not here, retard. 🤪 Her hair is beautiful, the color of lovely autumn leaves.

No. 1751111

>Can't detect sarcasm
Beautiful pour.

No. 1751112

Congratulations on accessing a website where child porn is hosted. You’re going to be reported to the FBI.

No. 1751114

NTA but yet again, proving how retarded you are by completely missing the joke in that anon using "beautiful pour"

No. 1751115

It’s not sarcasm, you were unironically using it🤨

No. 1751116

Do it faggot

No. 1751118

You're here too, retard.

No. 1751119

And somehow me using the same phrases isn’t construed as sarcasm? You’re super retarded. 🤪

No. 1751120

Hello envysnest, thanks for sharing and clarifying. Information gets a little lost in translation so it's a pleasure having that.

I'm sorry she's harassing you. As you can see, she only gets more aggressive as time goes on including telling people to kill themselves under the guise of assumed anonymity.

No. 1751122

Only I’m not retarded like you are.

No. 1751123

Type sage in the email field when you're not posting milk so you dont get banned, anon.

No. 1751124

And she’s probably making sure Rachel never leaves her alone, so gg dumbass.

No. 1751126

Only I’m not retarded like you. :3

No. 1751127

Your posts tonight would prove otherwise.

No. 1751128

if you weren’t interested in fighting her why post here dumbass

No. 1751129

My posts here tonight prove you’re retarded obsessed faggots and she’ll always be better than you. :3

No. 1751130


No. 1751131

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie. You’ve been necroposting this thread for months because you’re so obsessed with this girl. Your life will never be as good as hers. You will never be as pretty as her, as skinny as her, as happy as her, or as rich as her. She will always be better than you.

No. 1751132

No, it’s right. :3

No. 1751133

If you have to say you're better than someone else, you're not, Rachel.

No. 1751134

Rachel is gonna call the FBI, CPS, the coast guard, the internet police, her local McDonalds, Square Enix Tech Support, the ACLU, the military, and her local news station to tell them you said mean words on the internet!

Maybe she'll get a Big Mac if she tells them it's her birthday.

No. 1751137

She’s not here. Keep crying. She is better than you, because she isn’t a pathetic retard like you.

No. 1751138

It only takes the fbi. You’ll be locked up for a loooong time.

No. 1751139

I really love how there were no "white knights" posting in this thread when Rachel couldn't access the site/didnt realize it was back up but as soon as she realizes the "white knights" show back up. What a wacky coincidence.

No. 1751141

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie. You’ve been necroposting this thread for months because you’re so obsessed with this girl. Your life will never be as good as hers. You will never be as pretty as her, as skinny as her, as happy as her, or as rich as her. She will always be better than you.

No. 1751142

prove you're not her

No. 1751143

You keep saying that and it keeps not happening.

No. 1751144

She’s not here. She’s probably not thought about the site in months.

No. 1751145

I’m under no obligation to. :3

No. 1751146

File: 1674535157400.jpg (609.91 KB, 1080x1236, Monkeyhate.jpg)

Speaking of necro, gonna dig this out from the archives.

No. 1751147

Thanks. I don't come here regularly and don't plan to. As said, the farms are the first result when the name was searched. I don't want people to think it was multiple transactions because this was just one of many ways she tried to contact me. I know someone who killed themselves from being abused as a kid. Abuse is a horrifying crime and I don't condone it, hence why I was concerned when fairsinfocenter contacted me. Ironically, Rachel began interacting with me because I write Sephiroth content involving my experience with ptsd. I honestly can't imagine why someone with such a horrifying way of interacting with others would relate to my experience on the other side of it.

I have refunded Rachel her money and wish her the best of luck. I am prepared to involve legal action if she continues.


No. 1751149

It will happen.

Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie. You’ve been necroposting this thread for months because you’re so obsessed with this girl. Your life will never be as good as hers. You will never be as pretty as her, as skinny as her, as happy as her, or as rich as her. She will always be better than you. And you retards literally harassed an innocent person. She blocked you because you were obvious with your profile.

No. 1751151

And she’s still better looking than you.

No. 1751152

And somehow that excuses you abusing her.

Congratulations, you’ve ensured she won’t leave you alone by merely posting here.

No. 1751153

File: 1674535431320.jpeg (497.05 KB, 1204x980, wacky.jpeg)

Mhm, totally.
Hey Rachel are do you love that you have a banner here now? I do.

No. 1751154

What do you expect? She follows DropKiwifarms.

You literally targeted a random ass fandom member, Dumb Bitch Smoothie. And when she blocked you, you got offended and stomped your fat feet, and screeched it must be her.

No. 1751156

DBS isn't real, Rachel.

No. 1751157

The truth is she believes that she's the victim here, that anything less than people worshipping the ground she walks on is someone being hateful towards her. She can't accept being blocked because she believes she's entitled to encroach on others' even when they have tried everything to get away from her. Nobody can hurt more than her, nobody is prettier than her, nobody is more of a victim than her, she is the main character and she has no separation of fiction and reality.

She wants to relate to trauma when she's actively causing it for others with no regard because she believes that she's doing them a favor by treating them this way. She also likes to assign a singular identity to everyone so that she can freely abuse them because in her mind they are her. Margo, Hyde, FairsInfoCenter, DBS, Ghoulie, Erika, Michael, Naught, Josh, Bri….all people she has named and latched onto as her mortal enemies.

She likely has trauma of her own but she knows what she is doing to others, acknowledges it, and somehow finds more reasons to intensify her attacks.

No. 1751158

That’s all you thought. No job, no romantic prospects, no career, no children, nobody to love you, and you can’t keep animals because you think shiny healthy fur is somehow greasy or flaky. Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie. You’ve been necroposting this thread for months because you’re so obsessed with this girl. Your life will never be as good as hers. You will never be as pretty as her, as skinny as her, as happy as her, or as rich as her. She will always be better than you.

No. 1751159


No. 1751160

>200 new posts
Lmfao I can't wait to catch up on this autism, thank you whoever's poking Rachel!

No. 1751161

So, she follows DKF and posted a petition mentioning lolcow but hasnt thought about the site in months…super realistic. very logical. big brained, even.

No. 1751162

Tl;dr. She is the victim here. Nobody cares, Dumb Bitch Smoothie. You’ve been necroposting this thread for months because you’re so obsessed with this girl. Your life will never be as good as hers. You will never be as pretty as her, as skinny as her, as happy as her, or as rich as her. She will always be better than you.

No. 1751163

It’s only Dumb Bitch Smoothie and probably Ghoulie posting here imo

No. 1751164

>She is the victim

"Victim" of the consequences of her own actions

No. 1751165

>spams the same replies.
Classic Bertha.

No. 1751167

She is an abuser.