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No. 1183806

Thread for the various e-girls who base their personalities off liking the same three extremely basic manga, mcdonalds, and pretending to be japanese shut-ins and all kin lolis despite being adult white women. Commonly refer to themselves as “hikkineets”

Familiar faces include

Chloe Hudson/Kuro
Twitter/Instagram/Carrd : @m4d0t5uki
Tellonym : @yumenikki
Tumblr: @bugbandaid
>Frequently bullies underage girls for “skinwalking” (liking the same anime or games they do), tells them to starve, kill themselves, harm themselves, etc
>Shits up the thread everytime someone says something she doesnt like, by spamming unfunny memes
>In barista school and has plenty of irl friends who she goes out with, but bullies other people for being “fake hikkineets”
>Constantly acting unbothered “im so swag idc if u post me” despite replying to the thread constantly
>Her friends love to use her as a meat shield to take the brunt of all the “exposing”

Nashi/Vacui/Void/Whatever her real white name is
Instagram/Tumblr: @vo1dchan
Twitter: @scp3200
>Sends her followers to bully a 14 (15 now) year old girl for “skinwalking her” whilst being a 21 year old woman
>Refuses to mention she’s white, wants people to believe shes a japanese girl and spergs whenever her selfies are reposted
>Suddenly comes out as “trans” right when her right wing antics are getting exposed
>Follows racist meme pages
>Lets her sperg friend, Chloe, do all the defending of her while liking her tweets supporting cyberbullying
>”Kins” Chris-chan
>Overweight irl

Instagram: @hikiwiz
Twitter/Tellonym/Carrd: @inyactive
Ed Twitter/MyFigureCollection: @neetvomit
Former R9K alias : yuyu mcnaggits
>Hapa racefaker, constantly claims she is part japanese despite having blonde hair and light eyes, spergs whenever you ask her to speak japanese to prove it
>Stereotypical ana-chan
>Former failed r9k egirl self-poster
>"Kins" Terry A. Davis
>Also lets Chloe do all the sperging while she sits back and prays people dont point her out, has the least milk out of them all.
>Now tries to use he/him pronouns despite still dressing and acting like a girl

Instagram: @nemuidoll
>Helped bully abbey the “skinwalker” while being a 26 year old woman with children
>Edits her photos horribly
>Desperately tries to be part of the Nashi/Kuro/Yun friend group but they all ignore her

(This is my first thread, sorry its shit. Feel free to add more milk.)(no)

No. 1183818

do we really need another instagram egirls thread?

No. 1183836

no. this thread is shit.

No. 1183838

Maybe stop whining every time we talk about them on there then.

No. 1183839

maybe don't talk about irrelevant whores nobody cares about then

this shit is literally the only thing I really dislike about lolcow.farm, the weird teenage girls who come on here to talk about "that one bitch on twitter/tumblr I totally hate REEEE!" even tho they got no milk other than photoshopping their pictures

shallow drama for smollbrained anons who are probably e-girls themself

No. 1183842

if no one cares then why are they constantly being posted and talked about, theres far more milk than them editing their pics retarded sperg

No. 1183843

Is that a real ss of chloe saying the n word?

No. 1183846

cause of smollbrain anons like you of course

just tell your best girlfriend about how much you hate "that one bitch on twitter", it doesn't need to be a thread

No. 1183848

I don't give a shit if these bitches die like bianca

No. 1183849

If you don't like it then hide the fucking thread? It's really that easy?
Or are you the same one sperging out in the egirl thread, complaining that someone should make a thread and now that someone has you're complaining that no one cares about these thots when going by the egirl thread posts and no one bringing up any of the other talked about girls that's obv not true.
Try to make the fact that you're either one of these girls/in their friend group and don't want to be talked about here a little less obvious anon, please.
Or did you just completely forget that them shouting out lolcow and inviting their following to come here/actively lurking and responding to posts is what helper kicked all of this off?

No. 1183850

No. 1183867

Because it's the same couple girls who have issues with them trying to make milk where there's none.

This thread will die off, at least the sperg is out of the other thread kek

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