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File: 1551829532760.jpg (11.64 KB, 300x300, bella-mcfadden-3.jpg)

No. 783701

Last thread >>210611

>Post about any instagram influencers as long as they have some sort of public presence (no personal lolcows.)

>Do not post about someone who doesn't have any drama simply because you personally dislike them. (vendetta posting) 

No. 783702

File: 1551830080431.jpeg (210.88 KB, 746x1048, D55C60EB-7E11-4F34-884E-0BC75E…)

Her constant whining, terrible formatting of posts, worthless fat positive rhetoric and her uncanny ability to be offensively ugly despite trying very hard to be cute.

I get it, she was born unlucky in the looks department and had serious bulldog face before her jaw surgery and this is all her way of coping..but goddamn, she’s determined to shove it in your face and demand compliments instead of just accepting she’s not a pageant queen and being a normal productive person anyway.

She’s not even 30 and she has a bona-fide hump like Quasimodo, spends half her time in bed if her instagram is anything to go by, and just lazily rants about how she’s awesome and gorgeous and totally not gross because her fat is a genetic blessing.

No. 783720

File: 1551835456234.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1773, Screenshot_20180614-144027~2.p…)

Alex Mucci, claims to be all natural when she has obviously fake nose, lips, wears color contacts, fake freckles, tits, etc. Buys thousands of fake comments for each of her posts, many thousands of fake likes. Tries to look deep and soulful in her ig stories posting basically video selfies of herself looking innocently into the camera (has a few video posts on her feed like this, didn't bother to buy as many fake likes for those since it only displays # of views, so they only have 20-40k compared to her photo posts which have ~140k). Exposed on reddit for not going actually nude on her Patreon and wearing pasties, she got everyone who outed her banned and became a moderator which effectively killed the subreddit. I am actually fascinated by her clusterfuck of a face and so I keep an eye on her but god she is the worst. Also she makes a big deal of herself as an aerospace engineer despite never working in the field and only ever working as a bartender and pinup camgirl

No. 783722

File: 1551835925281.png (2.03 MB, 960x1440, mucci_before.png)

Pic related, her before some of the surgeries she's claimed never to have had (like her nosejobs). She sometimes posts old photos of her parents, who she used to resemble but now she looks like an attempt to construct a sex doll of Krysta from Fern Gully. Also cringily refers to herself as an elf on her Patreon and in some of her posts. I should make a thread for her some time

No. 783725

File: 1551836458776.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 889.25 KB, 1125x1103, CAFADDF6-5B4C-4404-B710-18EF13…)

back to the bella and selena drama but besides from her getting closer with kat, i remember around the end of last year there was a thread going around on twitter (i follow alot of random la egirls and it seemed it never spread beyond this or got deleted) about some girl who claimed to have known both of them and was trying to out bella for being “problematic” and have everyone cancel her cause apparently she’s a shit talker or something idk. they even mentioned something about bella laughing behind selena’s back for having vaginitis aka smelly coochie and having her bf complain about it lmaooooo. as soon as that thread got rted by Jovan (gay twitter troll) i always got sus vibes seeing them still interact and hang with each other so when they unfollowed, i honestly wasn’t shocked. does anyone else remember reading it? or remember the girl who posted it on twitter, its another white latina from la

No. 783731


Why the spoiler?

No. 783733

File: 1551839844479.png (Spoiler Image, 659.23 KB, 471x545, grossanlazers.PNG)

This chick and the rest of the bodyposi instagram community like bodyposipanda etc. are so deluded. I think glitterandlazers is even milkier though, for being a fugly ebeggar and making excuses for why others should pay for her to sit at home and write body posi content and try on her 17896869th winedrunk amazon haul after quitting her job.

No. 783761

samefag but im high and accidentally pressed spoiler like a tard lmao

No. 783773

Her growing alcoholism makes me sad and her face wounds are bordering on ulcerations. Her sadness is so palpable that I can’t hate her so much as pity her the way I pity the very very old. She’s losing mobility and the diabetes is getting too severe to ignore judging my the colour of her legs and fingers and how she’s straight up not healing at all.

At least Dani is obnoxious and spouts so much ignorant shit, it’s enough to just hate her.

Wonder why they all make that same giant open-jawed smile like they were photographed laughing.

No. 783774

File: 1551845746378.png (2.77 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190305-221241.png)

The 40 year old stripper is now clamining to be pregnant. Probably gonna claim its her exs to try and get even more money out of him. Mostly likely a randoms or her pimps lol

No. 783796


genuinely can't tell which one of these basic white girls are supposed to be her pre-surgery, none of them look anything like >>783720 . obv it's between the two in the center photo…but they both look so different, i'm bamboozled

No. 783816


Did you try deleting and reposting?

No. 783827

File: 1551882987563.jpg (303.21 KB, 720x1140, IMG_20190306_163602.jpg)

For me its definetly star_666_.

She's super narcissistic, rude, doesnt treat her fans well, is a "kvlt" trash, has been accused of being a nazi, acts like normal food makes her sick bc she is totes all natural, loses her shit and turns comments off and literally accused a fan account of stalking. I have tons of screenshots of her acting up.

No. 783867

Post em, I'm curious. I just lurked her account a bit and discovered she lives in my city lmao

No. 783883

File: 1551897887383.jpeg (429.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-19-02-47-08…)


She spergs about her hair very often

No. 783886

File: 1551897967437.jpeg (344.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-17-21-22-25…)


This one was because she recieves every once in a while a bobs and vagene

No. 783887

File: 1551898045069.jpeg (471.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-01-22-23-32…)


Also her opinions on mental health are trash

No. 783890

File: 1551898265436.jpeg (471.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-17-13-25-02…)


A personal favourite: her flexing her ugly ass unshaved legs

No. 783920

File: 1551902914850.png (712.99 KB, 940x480, m00.png)

I'll try and do some more side-by-sides

No. 783928

File: 1551904206552.png (500.93 KB, 578x554, m002.png)

No. 783933

ew. also I have to acknowledge the fact she claims to support herself and her boyfriend with a part time job? Where tf does she work? Sounds fake to me

No. 783943

I was following her a few years ago and have since deleted Instagram, but can tell you that the Nazi rumors are most likely true. She bragged about vandalizing school property with swastikas and posted pics of it. She's also posted "ugly feminist vs pretty antifeminist" memes in which she labels herself the latter (god do I wish I had the screenshots.)

No. 783959

File: 1551906470826.jpeg (409.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-28-18-47-21…)


For now she is subtle about it

No. 783986

Caitlin is a Greek name, not French.

No. 783988


but anon, Greeks aren't viking pure white races uwu

No. 783991

File: 1551912517590.png (567.68 KB, 961x419, Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 22.4…)


Here she is all up in Varg Vikernes insta, definitely a nazi!

No. 784000

holy shit she is self obsessed. almost every post has a wall of text about how much unwanted attention she's receiving uwu. lol at her being an ~antifeminist~ naziboo, bitch then stop flashing your stripper ass on insta and go make babies instead

No. 784005

File: 1551914458239.jpg (255.73 KB, 720x1031, IMG_20190307_011930.jpg)

Dug up this gem

No. 784082

cannot stand star/caitlin… also just wanted to point out the "burzumofficial" page on insta isn't Varg's instagram. it's a fan page. she is trying to impress someone who isn't even her PuRe ViKiNg DaDdY. kek

No. 784212

File: 1551976201421.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.12 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20190207_222758899.jpg)


She has some of the worst tattoos I've seen

No. 784213

File: 1551976515706.png (374.14 KB, 1856x2048, Screenshot_20190307-103257.png)

Lilkatattack or Lynette isn't 40 but 38 she's been divorced once. Jumping for relationship to relationship. She recently tried to create a patreon to post her "opinions" in a blog like fashion. Nobody signed up after a month and then she deleted it. According to her bestfriend she got pregnant a month after her nasty split from her ex James. She's thousands in debt, her new bf and baby daddy is now working his ass off to try and provide for her and the baby. Sadly the kid will be born addicted, she was snorted coke and smoking dope weeks before announcing she's pregnant

No. 784288

File: 1551995031328.png (728.07 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190307-154417.png)

This is everyday sadly, wonder if she's gonna profit off her pregnancy like other sw do. Wouldn't surprise me, didn't take her long before she started fucking customers for money

No. 784635

File: 1552079436972.png (686.23 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190308-150949.png)

>>784288 I wonder why Lynette? Is it because you talk shit about the other dancers and at like you are a God send to the stripper community. She does this all the time, has a pity party until some random 60 years stroke her ego and she's back to posting thot pics

No. 784825

This is really terrible - she was quite pretty before the surgeries… she's completely ruined her face.

No. 785043

File: 1552188602755.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.43 KB, 1080x1080, 1503399577554.jpg)

check out the nazi flag in the back

No. 785049

She looks like she had botched top surgery.

No. 785060

Bitch doesn't even know black metal bands apart from the top three popular ones, but feels entitled to complain about the movie like she is a source of knowledge.
Does anyone remember that thing between her and that Astrid girl? Turns out both had quite the nazi edgy past.
Her pole routines are also nothing impressive, specially considering she brags about her body strength and flexibility daily.
I also find it really obvious how she attacks other people for things like "she said her eyes were hazel, but they are pure brown!", like the only thing that matters to her is being white.
Her husband Lars looks fucking inbred, too. And now she can't stop complaining about how someone made a fake Facebook account of her, which she took to mean people are roleplaying as her to spread rumours and because they are sooo obsessed with her.
And whatever happened to the self-hating black girl that she used to be friends with to prove that she is totally not a white supremacist?

No. 785078

Is she mtf trans?

No. 785085

File: 1552203838968.jpg (168.52 KB, 1024x1024, Collage 2019-03-10 03_39_06.jp…)

Quit her job to be a "model". Ex stripper. Used to be a hairstylist but no longer licensed. Lost custody of her kid because shes too focused on guys and going out every night. Her ego trips are nauseating. Used to be kinda cute but I think alcohol/age is making her haggard.

No. 785111

File: 1552220953242.jpeg (60.17 KB, 720x1280, received_1828057953965662.jpeg)

I once had a small interaction with this girl, she was complaining how she wasnt posing in a (now deleted) pic with lingerie but what she was wearing totally was. Nothing wrong with that but I wanted to see how she would defend it so I commented and she lost her shit. In the screenshots you can see the pic if you zoom.

No. 785112

File: 1552220997518.jpg (296.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-19-22-57-03…)

Zoom in to see the socks

No. 785113

Been following this narcissistic cow for years. She used to have swastikas in her bio, post pictures of herself and her husband smeared in her period blood, close ups of herself crying, censored pictures of herself naked and posing in suggestive poses (and then complains about the bobs and vagene dms), endless rants about how pure and not like the other girls she is. Shes a HUGE cow and definitely would have deserved her own thread 1-2 years ago. kek

No. 785117

She complains weekly about all the attention she gets, and threats to shut down her page, says she never wanted to be famous. Needless to say, she never leaves instagram.
Also, I don't know why she pushes this "trve kvlt" persona, a few years ago she only talked about like The Misfits and Nine Inch Nails lol. She seems to be getting more into black metal after she got with her pig faced european prince. They also sell shirts of his music project (which never released any music) and people buy this shit. How on earth is it kvlt to support something off of instagram that you never even heard?

No. 785121


w h e w she honestly deserves her own thread

No. 785122

Like someone else said, she only knows like 3 black metal bands and I doubt she actually listens to them. Its all about the ~aesthetic~. Just like her bragging about being a virgin but talking about how great her husband is at "giving head". What a pure trad wifey uwu Varg would be proud

No. 785130

>post pictures of herself and her husband smeared in her period blood
Uh, what?

No. 785136

Her IG is private. Guess she knows about this thread, lmao.

No. 785137

I would definitely agree, but I'm not sure if she's publicly acting as outrageous these days. Insta anons could check her page but I'm afraid if a singular thread were made it would consist of old milk and therefore lack of first hand evidence like screenshots.

No. 785187

what a wreck, she does deserve her own thread. her account is private right now, i wonder if she saw this thread.
who is astrid? any milk?

No. 785223


Astrid is another wannabe trad waifu, used to be @missanthropicon now she's over her kvlt phase and has become a skinhead @strengthruoi, they had a feud where Astrid tried to expose star by lying to her that she is a fascist as well and then star flipped her shit trying to defend herself.


she is not as outrageous but if other anons can take our word for it she does produce minor milk, some major every now and then ,worthy of a thread.

No. 785301

Astrid is a dumb columbiner that jumps from trend to trend, tried to be trad and pagan, but that fell apart quickly, tried to be part of the black metal community, and now is a skin. Caitlin would try to expose her for shit like lying about her eye color or being fascist, or because she used the "revolt against the modern world" hashtag while wearing wigs and makeup and this girl and some random ppl from insta started revealing Caitlin's real name etc.
Astrid also accuses girls in the metal community of stealing her "signature" hairstyle": fucking pigtails with shaved sides. So original lol

No. 785340

File: 1552273917489.png (2.17 MB, 1440x2278, Screenshot_20190310-210201~2.p…)

Surprised nobody had posted this cow. This is London Goheen, the notorious clout chaser or home wrecker. She's known for breaking up Twan and Hannah. And then cheating on Twan with Reece Hawkins, who cheated on his fiancé Tammy who he has 2 young children with. Reece is equally milky, all he posts are adds, tried doing a tell all interview about his ex Tammy with DailyMail but they turned him down cause he was asking for way too much money. Made a serious of IG stories about how Tammy took away his range rover (he got speeding tickets and didn't pay his rego so it got repossessed. It is also still in Tammy's name). So now he can't see his kids and has to walk everywhere. Few days later he took London to LA and then Texas and hasn't been back in Australia since. London herself has gotten a bad botched nose job and boob job. Photoshops all her ig pics. Her mum and dad are equally trashy. Her sister uploaded a video of her mother drunk rolling around on the ground and her dad spit on her.

No. 785343

File: 1552274583145.png (3.18 MB, 1440x1767, Screenshot_20190310-212300~2.p…)

Tammy herself had some cow tendencies. Flies to LA every month to hang out with other Insta thots and youtubers. Has been linked to O'Dell Beckham Jr. and Tyga. She passed out at Kylie Jenner Birthday party, had to be taken out face down on a stretcher. All of the Kardashians/Jenner unfollowed her. Wants to move her and her whole family to LA. Her sisters and her are being equaled to the Kardashian sisters. She also has gotten a bad boob job and obvious filler to her face and lips but she denys the fillers. She also wears super skimpy bikinis and post revealing pics on IG. It's been debated him her butt is from the gym or the operating table

No. 785390

File: 1552300884420.jpeg (488.73 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-11-12-33-11…)

You guys she's sooo kvlt

No. 785434

File: 1552318547697.png (Spoiler Image, 980.42 KB, 932x597, edgelord.PNG)

Haha fuck I was gonna add a post about Astrid on this thread but didn't know if she was milky enough. I actually used to think she was really pretty during her black metal phase, but then she completely rebranded herself, her account and her wardrobe when she became skinhead.

Her Columbine cosplay is the edgiest thing I've ever seen (pic related). Astrid is on the left in the Eric Harris "cosplay".

She's basically just another "not like other girls" edgelord that jumps on any subculture that'll make her look the most "unique" and get her the most attention.

No. 785441

does she shoop?

No. 785461

Have been following her a while around the same timeframe, she is a bit milky. She can get a bit aggressive in the comments even if someone said something tame. If she got a compliment she wouldn't respond to it (not sure about now, but when I used to check)

No. 785473

she seemed to want to distance herself from the nazi thing when she first started being a skin but now she just seems to have gone straight back to the whole edgy tradwaifu thing

No. 785474

File: 1552326293480.png (931.48 KB, 931x598, 19803068574.PNG)

I've honestly never been sure. She had a tiny waist back in her black metal/pagan days but she said she had an ED back then. Now it seems like she's gained weight everywhere except her waist so it's a little suspicious.

No. 785486

File: 1552328593105.png (378.9 KB, 1242x1838, 1519470112330.png)

Sorry for double post, but mini Astrid pic dump incoming.

She's been my personal insta cow for years. She has 0 personality which is why she latches onto so many different subcultures/styles. She was punk a few years ago too.

No. 785489

File: 1552328871774.jpg (66.45 KB, 640x640, imgsrc.ru_57655667FlR.jpg)

She used to post /pol/ memes and was obsessed with Sam Hyde for a while. Also peep the black sun necklace, even if she was wearing it because she was ~pagan she can't deny the Nazi connections.

No. 785490

File: 1552328953983.png (407.62 KB, 720x1132, 1519044161557.png)

totally not just being an edgelord btw.

No. 785497

File: 1552330443970.jpg (2.47 MB, 1920x1920, Photo Collage_20190311_1255149…)

You forgot to mention when London broke up Christian Guzman and Nikki Blackletter. London and Nikki were bffs before that happened. She also broke up Twan Kuyper and Hannah Stocking. Reece Hawkins and Tammy Hembrow. She's the definition of homewrecker

No. 785501

File: 1552330893230.jpg (2.65 MB, 1920x1920, Photo Collage_20190311_1302319…)

She's also one of those photoshop hoes

No. 785507


I was waiting for this girl to be brought up.

I don’t have much milk on her but I have mutual friends. She’s Australian yet when she was ‘trve kvlt’ claimed to be German (lol). Now she’s a skin she claims to be fully British.

Her name is Beata but she gets people to call her Astrid. Apparently she lies about a lot, too, but I don’t know about that so can’t confirm.

She went skinhead not long after her kvlt bf cheated and they broke up. Then she got a super skin bf (she dates stereotypes of whatever edgy subculture she’s currently riding).

Also, when people called her out for completely changing subcultures she claimed she was brought up with punk music etc and that she was ‘still pagan’ but just a skinhead.

That’s everything I’ve got on her, but I’m surprised it took this long for her spotlight on here.

No. 785524

>all those broken relationships for one chick
lol men are terrible

No. 785535

women who look like this are so unnattractive imo

No. 785539

My ex was friends with her kvlt bf (Chay I think his name was??) a couple years back and apparently before they got together or something she'd regularly be getting with guys like twice her age. Didn't realise he cheated on her, from what my ex told me he used to be pretty obsessed with her

No. 785541


A while ago she commented on IG saying he cheated, that’s where I got that info. So don’t know the validity seeing as she seems to lie a lot.

No. 785545

After Caitlin made her instagram private (probably because she saw this thread) the number of pics decreased. She is probably trying to erase some evidence, as always. She is always talking about this "align your eating habits with nature" and not wanting attention, trying to convey this image of someone whi does not care for the modern world, but the moment something about her comes to light, she is very quick to make her page private and get rid of stuff. She is like glued to her phone 24/7, so traditional

No. 785572

File: 1552344000949.png (831.25 KB, 816x599, 16145837495.PNG)

>Also, when people called her out for completely changing subcultures she claimed she was brought up with punk music etc and that she was ‘still pagan’ but just a skinhead.

She also claimed that her belief system hasn't changed at all, even though now she goes around saying "england is my city" and shit like that.

She also made this post explaining why she changed her look, which is fair enough, but I don't think anyone changes their whole wardrobe, social media, beliefs, interests, and friendship group just because they were "unhappy and unmotivated".

No. 785573

All of those men are milky has hell

No. 785585

Ahhh yes, this bitch. Fashion skin all over. Sick to death of nob heads like this thinking they're edgy as fuck coz they're wearing a Fred Perry and a bleached skirt. How very convenient of her to love Combat 84 (bonehead band) in order to boost that cool girl look. She's liked a few of my pics on insta and when I clicked on her profile all I could do was laugh and block her. No time for racist skins, me. She will be into fairy-kei or something next once she grows out her chelsea cut. can 100% promise.

No. 785596

She used to self-post on /pol/ a lot.

She used to say she was Danish, not German.

Wasn't her "kvlt bf" Finnish? Or was that another lie she made up.

Her bf wears a Skrewdriver (RAC/White power band) shirt too.

She was friends with a girl named Chris (ultra.violenceeee on ig), another racist skin. They're not friends anymore but Astrid/Beata is obsessed with copying her. She even got a German boyfriend because Chris got one lol

No. 785603

>She used to self-post on /pol/ a lot.

Why is self-posting on /pol/, /cgl/ or /r9k/ always the trademark of a "not like other girls uwu" bitch?


She was never a Nazi or alt-right and definitely isn't a racist skinhead btw guys.

Her chelsea cut looks shite too.

No. 785606

Yeah they're shit. That's the thing with these bonehead bands, regardless of their political standing, the music is absolute dogshit.

It is pretty bad for a chelsea. You can tend to tell how edgy someone thinks they are a Skin depending on whether they have a try-hard chelsea or a more grown up/flattering feather cut. Doesn't suit her at all.

No. 785608

His this the guy that was crying around on his stories about his baby mamma taking back her car

No. 785683

Yeah she deleted all the pics where shes naked and where shes holding her crotch in the camera. Maybe she learned from her mistakes. I swear to god i made a screenshot when she posted herself and her husband drawing runes on themselves with her period blood but i cant find it. She deleted it after a day because everybody in the comments was like "wtf" and "the internet doesnt forget". Well, i didnt. Did anybody else see that? Also, because she disabled comments, you cant see her narcissistic rambling when somebody doesnt kiss her ass under her pics. The milk is very dry nowadays, sadly.

No. 785689

i have kept up with astrid after she did a 180 from trve kvlt to this skinhead skinwalking she's doing, and iirc someone called her out on her white laces (anyone who knows punk/skin culture knows white laces = white supremacy) on a post shortly after she became skin, and she got very defensive saying laces don't mean anything.

if you're a skin who doesn't care about laces, you leave them back.

sage for skim milk but that always rubbed me the wrong way, and her constant use of lonsdale shirts which are a confirmed fascist brand. kek. she really does deserve her own thread.

No. 785694

She did similar shit when she was in her black metal phase, wore shirts from terrible NSBM bands that only get any attention because of their edgy far right politics like Ad Hominem etc

No. 785700


It’s funny she’s nonchalant about that when I saw her have a fit about ‘fetish skins’ a while back, talking about something to do with their clothing regarding the boots (I don’t know much about it so don’t know the significance, but either way, pretty ironic)

No. 785723

The laces don't really mean anything, but white power skins/boneheads take that shit to heart and as a result other skins usually don't wear them so they're not confused with them.
And at least 'fetish' skins are more credible than she is. You can guarantee they'll be more into the sub culture than she is instead of wearing cookie-cutter nazi bonehead tees.

No. 785745


There were also pics with her posing in hilariously cheap lingerie but these also, gone.

No. 785752

Did viking turn into a synonym for nazi?

No. 785768

A lot of so called nazis like to adopt viking stuff into their shit. Thankfully, since the viking aesthetic is quite popular right now, enough people unaffiliated with all the racist/facist stuff also into it, which saves it from completely falling into the hands of nazis.

No. 785809

Yeah, it's like the Sonnenrad necklace she's wearing in >>785489 - it was originally a pagan symbol until it was adopted by Neo-Nazis and the ADL due to their obsession with norse and Aryan supremacy and shit. It's pretty much primarily a Neo-Nazi symbol now unfortunately.

No. 785823

File: 1552413481927.png (747.28 KB, 594x478, ethot.PNG)

@katiecosplays does anyone have the video she posted of throwing matcha tea on her neighbor's dog because "it was barking and she was tired" ? her recent picture is getting spammed


(i'm a newfag and lurker pls don't bully if i did this wrong)

No. 785880


>Wasn't her "kvlt bf" Finnish? Or was that another lie she made up.

my ex bf never once mentioned her kvlt bf being Finnish so I'm gonna assume that's one of her lies

No. 785932

Nazis and their ilk ruined so many symbols, starting with the svastika. It's quite a shame really.

No. 786126

File: 1552469696704.jpeg (386.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-12-15-39-26…)

He looks super inbred either way

No. 786184

That is Caitlin's bf. I lol everytime I see his inbred face, he tags his pic #aryan and #nordic. Both of them are ugly af

No. 786187


Looks like a underfed neanderthal

No. 786190

they look like siblings lmao

No. 786191

From what I understand, anon was asking about Astrid's ex, that is Lars, Caitlin's guy. I guess it was some finnish dude who didn't give a fuck about her.

No. 786192

File: 1552494899725.jpg (77 KB, 626x371, uwu.jpg)

But he should totally model, right.
Btw, remember these stupid faces she used to make in almost every pic? I can almost hear her reeeing about not being like these other girls through the screen.

No. 786195

File: 1552495192790.jpg (121.56 KB, 750x1334, 1967848586919876456.jpg)

Also, fvck african people.

No. 786196

Wish she didn't delete her attempts at black metal vocals lol
I remember some girl called posercorpsegirl on IG used to laugh at star for this, but she herself posted videos trying to sing or making trve kvlt faces and generally trying to portray herself as the biggest BM and Mayhem fan ever. I find it so funny when underage idiots listen to BM once and then try to shape their whole personality around it, even though it is not even their favorite music genre. They act like they know all about BM history, but they just repeat what is on the internet.

No. 786198

She said she provided for both of them with her shitty part time job, but she was actually living with a family member.

No. 786200

Its hilarious that caitlin is just quietly deleting all evidence of her sperging. I expected her to post screenshots and rant about this thread on insta.

No. 786215

File: 1552498298767.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 732x4204, trve kvlt aryan natural beauti…)


I think I remember seeing the period blood picture too. Wish I took screenshots back then, my bad. I have a couple saved from a while back on my phone so I compiled what I had on these cringelords. I always knew they'd be posted on lolcow eventually kek. Glad to see I'm not the only one driven crazy by her and her husband though.


I remember seeing Lars posting lots of memes of that Astrid girl on his page when I first found his insta and being confused about her connection to these two. I only thought to screenshot the one though at the time.

No. 786275

She looks just like any other blonde american girl. Her skin is terrible, her nose is weird. She is so average
And they really look like siblings.
They really want to make this "nordic aryan viking" thing happen, but the only thing they have is being blond and white lol

No. 786276

After the feud with Astrid, she is very careful when things get out of hand. Instead of exposing that girl, more and more evidence of her being a shitty nazi flake came to light. She disabled the comments on her page so no one can talk about it (she says it is because she doesn't like the attention, but come on…)
She also keeps talking about people making up rumours about her and her husband, but apart from her past, nothing more was discussed on instagram. She is afraid people will know the truth, especially now since she is trying to be a public figure in the pole community.

No. 786283


Wow racist much?

No. 786287

I'm pretty sure that meme is still on his page with zero context. Even though I don't like Astrid, that meme is so pathetic and pretentious. I'm pretty sure if anyone "killed" anyone in that feud it was Astrid, since she exposed Caitlin for being a Nazi and people actually listened, even if it was a pot meet kettle situation.

Caitlin has an ego the size of the moon and her inbred boyfriend hyping her up just makes it worse.

No. 786504

File: 1552566753047.jpeg (520.91 KB, 750x1080, 1F1A051C-AF76-4999-ABB2-1811A8…)

The meme of Astrid and Caitlin because Caitlin is definitely as troo kvlt as Varg and will fly to England to stab Astrid 23 times in self defence

No. 786507

File: 1552570205369.png (506.35 KB, 425x506, sssss.PNG)

Speckledgal has always been one of my least favorite Insta celebs, still sad her thread here never took off >>>/snow/397000
Got into an argument a few weeks back on Twitter about how you should start taking dog medication instead of the prescription your doctor filled for you because it's cheaper kek

No. 786520

I just find it funny when trailer trash complain about all the browns taking their jobs, when those people "taking their jobs" are obviously working so much harder than this lazy, greasy bitch.

Also, that's another thing, she is always so fucking greasy. If you stuck her out in the sun, you could fry an egg on her disgusting hair. She looks like she reeks of canola oil.

No. 786571

yea she was always so messy, not milky enough i think though. similar to for example pnp - fun to laugh at and comment on her antics, but too boring/predictable for lolcow in the end
she used to be such a weeb. what's going on in her life lately? somehow she disappeared from my radar completely

No. 786856

Did she change her @? Can't seem to find her

No. 786917

her @ is strengththruoi

No. 786928


can we have a thread on her already?

No. 787410

File: 1552768421090.png (1.13 MB, 1222x2048, Screenshot_20190316-143123.png)

This 3 eyed bitch is Allison Kate, self proclaimed "lightworker" aka sits on her ass all day taking IG selfies. Has gotten botched plastic surgery to her face. Has been denying it since her tumblr days. She actually deleted all her socials back in 2012-2013 but returned to IG in 2014 with even bigger lips. Use to say she got bullied for her "naturally big lips". Spews the same old "love yourself" "vegan" "alien child" bullshit but heavily smokes cigarettes and uses fillers. Not only that but she's an abuser of photoshop

No. 787412

File: 1552768511689.png (2.02 MB, 1440x1410, Screenshot_20190316-141602~2.p…)

Doesn't even look like her selfies, she monitors her tagged pics so only the good ones or the ones she edits are allowed

No. 787413

File: 1552768547964.png (1.41 MB, 1440x2000, Screenshot_20190316-141537~2.p…)

Proud owner of the anus lips

No. 787414

File: 1552768589517.png (1.6 MB, 1440x1559, Screenshot_20190316-141426~2.p…)

She also outted herself al the whole "my lips are natural"

No. 787416

File: 1552769250425.png (2.18 MB, 1440x2444, Screenshot_20190316-144223~2.p…)

Allison also made her own fan pages on tumblr and attacked anybody that disagreed with her.


She also was posting hella thinspo pics before she finally admitted she had an ED, luckily she got help for the ED

No. 787431

File: 1552771243467.png (1.56 MB, 1440x1415, Screenshot_20190316-141633~2.p…)

No. 787432

File: 1552771310698.jpg (57.34 KB, 360x480, 55716696eb_43693740_o2.jpg)

No. 787433

File: 1552771340278.jpg (49.79 KB, 360x480, 6280437bf7_43693811_o2.jpg)

No. 787434

File: 1552771362810.png (1.82 MB, 1440x2086, Screenshot_20190316-142113~2.p…)

No. 787435

File: 1552771425761.png (2.64 MB, 1440x2078, Screenshot_20190316-141552~2.p…)

Sorry for the photo spam, wish I could upload more than one pic at a time. But just showing off her different stages of Photoshop and Fillers

No. 787521

File: 1552787885960.png (676.67 KB, 720x1095, Screenshot_20190315-024051~2.p…)

Caitlin used to submit her pics to this page claiming to be dutch lol
This page is clearly racist, lots of neonazis commenting, lots of 1488 being thrown around. She used to like a lot of posts, but stopped after the feud with Astrid. Her husband also submitted a pic and liked some posts.
They literally can't post a fucking selfie without using european/aryan/nordic tags
I find it funny how she is conpletely silent about this thread, she usually tries to appear all bad ass exposing every little thing that people say to her
She really is scared

No. 787522

File: 1552788292357.png (574.48 KB, 720x982, Screenshot_20190316-230150~2.p…)


No. 787532

Stop posting her here. Make her, her own thread

No. 787542

I find it funny how it's always brunettes with bottle blond hair who are obsessed with aryan shit. So cringy.

No. 787549

Selena blocked me bc i asked her when will she stop kissing kat von d ass for pr lool i need to know more about her drama with bella

No. 787614



No. 787696

Seconded someone please make a thread

No. 787820

File: 1552874463681.jpeg (559.25 KB, 750x953, FDA83B6A-93C4-4080-8A55-482964…)

Canniny. Chinese weeb, trying to pass herself of as nipponese with asinine shoops. Idk if she is milky particularly but I’m so goddamn tired of seeing her nose-less face on my explore. Maybe it’s because she makes me think of Berry Tsukasa.

No. 787822

File: 1552875354945.png (3.63 MB, 1440x1971, Screenshot_20190316-171425~2.p…)

This is such a bad edit, making herself look like a cartoon

No. 787938

Reminds me of Mockey Deer

No. 787968

lol her spine looks fucking broken

No. 787969

File: 1552941733319.png (4.16 MB, 1440x2432, Screenshot_20190318-143958~2.p…)

Her shoops have gotten worse, she use to make herself look like a 50 year old women and now she looks like a weeb

No. 787976

File: 1552943403710.jpg (35.44 KB, 500x400, allison-kate-alternative-amazi…)

Here's an older pic from her myspace/tumblr days. Lips are visibly small compared to now, and her eyes are also super small

No. 788109

Why does she look so stiff? Like someone posed a very new mannequin around a tree? Why is she hoverhanding the tree actually?

Does she know it can't reject her?

No. 788147

>>I don't think anyone changes their whole wardrobe, social media, beliefs, interests, and friendship group just because they were "unhappy and unmotivated".

I actually can’t think of a better reason? Good for her she’s young and experimenting, glad she seems to be in a better place.

No. 788218

It's easier to photoshop your body if you pose more, either that or looking like a blow up doll is her new aesthetic

No. 788475

File: 1553058708840.jpg (2.18 MB, 1920x1920, Photo Collage_20190319_2238096…)

Vanna aka homicidalqu33n, photoshops the shit outta of her IG pics but posts the originals to her private Facebook

No. 788734

Same can someone give me a recap ??


No. 788970

Fam is it just me or is this chick obviously part Asian? Is Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath spreading her seed?

Do these chicks not know their pagan Viking zaddy Varg hates modern BM and tradthots

No. 789235

File: 1553286777606.png (387.01 KB, 781x624, Screenshot_20190317-203305~2.p…)

This aradour bitch is a FRAUD! We use to chat all the time on tumblr, she was engaged to a 22 year old when she was 17! Once she turned 18 she started doing "sex work". Pretty sure her ex-fiance paid for her lip injections. She got enough money from begging gross ass perverts on Twitter to get more surgery and to move to LA

No. 789448

File: 1553359436448.jpg (47.14 KB, 593x594, yQbbgyH.jpg)

lauren alice avery - popular around 2014-2016 on IG, former LA clubkid (lmao) brief stint as an aCtReSs.
heir to $300m estate and buys her way into social scenes with flights and expensive gifts

No. 789490

>former LA clubkid (lmao)
To me all clubkids are such cows, especially on IG. But maybe I'm just a vendetta chan because I think the style is tacky.

No. 789497

what does it mean to be an 'LA club kid'? like is it a certain aesthetic or what

No. 789518


it's a joke because there wasn't one
just young adults that like to play dressup and pretend they're artists

No. 789541

I hate seeing this bitch too, and I typically don't mind shoop. But her shoops look legitimately deformed 90% of the time, and even the better ones still look ugly after all the photoshop.

No. 789619

File: 1553414244483.jpeg (195 KB, 640x596, AEC37A82-0FA4-4C32-9C5F-082EF1…)

No. 789621

fuck forgot to add the info lmao

sUper Quirky girLie !!!!!!
over use of photoshop
rufuses to tell ppl her age so ovbs underage
got a group of friends just as QuIrKiE as her
its really rude to people of her lives
saw a thing on reddit that said shes actually 15
regularly drinks n uses drugs despite being under age
has a long list of ex friends
ana chan

No. 789681

>Do not make threads on subjects under the age of 16

No. 789803


According to the post she turned 16 this February.


No. 789892

File: 1553462668059.png (Spoiler Image, 627.57 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

luhshawnay is fucking annoying. Like, you don't get any jobs cause you can't model and your work ethic sucks, not because you're fat.

No. 790266

File: 1553536565837.jpeg (103.53 KB, 888x960, 1557F66E-71AF-43B1-AABA-691E6A…)

good god its like she’s getting lazier with her editing
the eyes look like shit

No. 790271

Really weird seeing her here. We used to be facebook friends and I've seen tuna comment under her posts a few times so I really shouldn't be surprised she would get posted here. She doesn't really seem milky besides the posts I've seen of her complaining back in the day. Kind of sad she hasn't changed she seemed nice when we talked.

No. 790273

it legit looks like gum is in her hair, is that gum, i don't think it is but what the fuck?

No. 790296

File: 1553540412800.jpeg (360.62 KB, 621x686, 5667139C-BCC3-4D70-A676-36CF00…)


this eyelash edit is so fucking bad

No. 790304

it's an ugly cheap plastic barrette

No. 790311

Wheres the milk?

No. 790356

higher in the thread

No. 790526

I remember watching her vines, good content

No. 790627

No. 790628

Doesn't sound milky enough to me, most of these girls just have low self esteem

No. 790632

File: 1553622322778.png (1.22 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190326-114050.png)


She back to crying around about doormatt again after vowing to never see him

No. 790634

File: 1553622477498.png (817.61 KB, 1303x2048, Screenshot_20190326-114844.png)


No. 790643

File: 1553623068376.png (21.84 KB, 800x123, Screenshot_2019-03-26-10-52-04…)

No. 791138

File: 1553747682501.png (844.3 KB, 943x621, 638939832.png)

Has anyone seen this girl? She's your basic tradthot, she seems a bit like shuwu but less milky
She sometimes complains on being 10 lbs underweight and that nobody should ever want to be as skinny as her but at the same time she exposes her body in really tight clothes even lingerie all the time on instagram and tumblr. Not only that, a lot of pro ana blogs reblog her shit and you can see the tags "pro ana" on her search bar on tumblr
She's definitely into ddlg
Hates sjw's
Cringy videos
Obsessed with herself


No. 791262

File: 1553791396710.jpg (154.08 KB, 593x589, congratulationsagnijagriguleyo…)

@agnijagrigule real name: Agnija Grigule sometimes goes by: aguccifox / a gucci fox

i used to always see her on tumblr, lookbook, and basically everywhere else. she's some influencer chick from latvia and it seems that she has always wanted to be internet famous. seems incredibly narcissistic and photoshops herself to hell and back. she's always been pretty skinny but she might have developed an eating disorder because she looks way skinnier these days. she's also not shy in showing off her sick body. on top of that she likes to photoshop herself even skinnier, but also curvier. which often has hilarious results (see pic). don't know if there is any other drama with her.. but if anyone knows please share.

here's a link with a pic dump on what she used to look like: https://spoki.lv/stilsmode/before-now-Agnija-Grigule/613361

and here's a video of what she looks like without photoshop (there's more just look around): https://youtu.be/gsNFjS4DiPQ

No. 791269

File: 1553792292587.png (472.27 KB, 591x582, Screenshot from 2019-03-28 17-…)

Lmao she really works her angles to try and hide her big ass nose

No. 791419

Instagram is a shit website anyway

No. 791452

File: 1553830194326.png (534.12 KB, 426x772, snj37ftgrg7.png)

No. 791453

File: 1553830237667.png (506.79 KB, 460x778, Captura de Pantalla 2019-03-28…)

just cringy

No. 791613

File: 1553881539838.png (3.13 MB, 1440x1817, Screenshot_2019-03-29-10-41-41…)

This person is ultra sjw. Disabled n constantly complains about abled bodied and cis ppl on their stories. Also enjoys their lime green lord farquaad hair and follows fatvegfemme.

No. 791682

kautkā liekas ka šī ir skarba vendetta
>t. latviafag

No. 791798

Smells like a self post, this girl def sounds like a farmer kek

No. 791808

nta but ak dievssss manas māsas latves

No. 791974

>ak dievssss

No. 792052

I have seen this account on my explore page, I thought the username was funny but only saw one post… does every queer looking person with more than 2k followers on instagram follow fatvegfemme? (rhetorical, but I feel like I’ve seen a lot of similar accounts interact with her things)

No. 792058

I have seen this account on my explore page, I thought the username was funny but only saw one post… does every queer looking person with more than 2k followers on instagram follow fatvegfemme? (rhetorical, but I feel like I’ve seen a lot of similar accounts interact with her things)

No. 792248

File: 1553996168866.png (29.99 KB, 500x461, 5wAibGQ.png)

nudien ciltsmāsas

No. 792511

File: 1554062736767.png (2.06 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190331-140549.png)

This chick has been crying on her stories for the past month now. Cause her pregnancy is so hard and nobody understands

No. 792515

>that fluoride stare and monotonous voice

No. 792568

….I HOPE this isn’t what people think “sounds like a farmer,” we’re not all prententious tryhard contrarian extremsists like dis bitch

She was really pretty during the .08 seconds she sarcastically smiled though!

No. 792570

File: 1554073718235.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1242x1705, 8693C96A-DCA5-4126-9203-683EAE…)

Totally forgot to post this, so sorry it’s late. I went on this chicks IG after you posted out of curiosity and clicked on just a random photo, wasn’t even looking for an obviously sh00ped photo, stumbled upon her warping doors instead lmao couldn’t resist

No. 792572

File: 1554073922962.png (3.34 MB, 1242x1832, 92E3671D-9401-4B4F-9E12-F45113…)

Crosspost from >>792562

No. 792764

File: 1554150223218.png (2.22 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190401-142021.png)

This chick is so dumb

No. 792858

File: 1554163656392.jpg (57.25 KB, 862x560, 49820726_2406922672655280_3478…)

man vispār nav ne jausmas, kapēc es tērēju laiku lasot šo forumu. pat ja skatos uz 5 min katru dienu, tāda sajūta, ka paietu 1 stunda :/
visp pārsteigta ka kkādi latvieši šeit ir

No. 792872

tā interneta atkarība pati sevi nebaros ja. bet jā, nebiju domājusi ka kāds būs ņemot vērā mūsu pundurību, lai gan ja godīgi dažreiz vēl joprojām šķiet ka man vienīgajai lv ir interneta pieslēgums lol

No. 792882

She’s a huge cow in every sense of the phrase. I had the misfortune of following her private instagram for a while that she only allowed a few people on and I lost the little respect I had for her. I don’t have caps as it was a long time ago and she obsessively deleted and reactivated it because “YOU GUYS ARENT INTERACTING WITH MY POSTS AND SUPPORTING ME ENOUGH!!!1!” I know it’s annoying I don’t have tangible proof but this is snow and not a very prolific thread so I figure I’ll spill some milk anyway if people want to listen.

>Constantly complains and thinks people owe her everything. I got the sense that she’s an entitled brat who just lazes about in her mum’s home doing nothing because most the pictures she posted were from her bed. She complained that her mum was pissed she wouldn't get a job/go to school but still lived under her roof and used her money for everything. For some reason, La'shaunae saw this as unreasonable. She would also regularly sperg out if someone on tumblr suggested she get a side job to help pay for her to become a model instead of e-begging, saying they're not supporting her dream.

>Interestingly enough her mum and family members are all fit/normal sized. It seems like she's the only massive one in the family and based on pics she posted of her when she was younger (she was a skinny kid), she gained a shitload of weight in a really small amount of time in high school.
>Would use following/unfollowing people as leverage for them to interact with her posts. She claimed if you didn't like/comment on her posts immediately, you weren't being a supportive enough friend and she would unfollow you. If you didn't shower her in pity on all the posts on her private account, you also weren't supportive enough and she would constantly whine that she should "just delete this account because none of u are rly here for me!!!1" despite the fact that I never saw her interacting on anyone else's posts and she'd get pissed if you didn't just kiss her ass.
>Would post pictures of the most heinous food I've ever seen, MASSIVE portion sizes with tons of carbs smothered in mayo and condiments. No surprise there, it was just fucking disgusting to see.
>Loves talking shit on her "mutuals" who she's "friends" with. would regularly shit on them on her private ig and then act like their best friend in comments and on their posts on her main. Same goes for companies she works with.
>Sells PR she gets for free for really high prices on depop. She has tons of bad reviews on there as well because she was too lazy to go and mail people their items for months at a time despite never working or doing seemingly anything.
>Has a complex about "small fats," claiming that unless someone's a landwhale like her, they're not ACTUALLY fat and can't call themselves fat (this includes women sizes 14, 16, 18, etc). She claims companies using "small fats" such as this are not really inclusive, and that if they were truly body positive, they'd book her. Lol.
>Posted multiple times that she would lie about her weight and measurements on applications for modeling agencies/jobs to raise her likelihood of getting booked.
>Generally thinks she's the shit at modeling for no apparent reason. She always has the same dead look in her eyes and never does any unique poses, yet blames the fact that she's not booked on her being fat.

No. 794319

fwiw most anons are tryhard edgy bitches

No. 794418

lol lana del rey follows her

No. 798331

File: 1555444203818.jpeg (437.66 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-04-16-22-47-54…)

Our uwu totally not a poser qwen had to comment on the tragedy

No. 798332

File: 1555444286546.jpeg (615.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-04-16-22-51-18…)

No. 798334

File: 1555444391953.jpeg (357.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-04-16-22-52-18…)

No. 800564

File: 1556301870425.jpg (154.87 KB, 1071x888, mooch.jpg)

Her eye color always looks fake but you can see part of her natural brown eyes under her blue contact in her story here

No. 803017

File: 1557269573950.jpg (63.14 KB, 720x622, 000000.jpg)

This reminds me of that influencer Sarah Mcdaniel, who faked having heterochromia. She was featured on The Late Night show as well, and its really cringe. Her contact lenses were inconsistent shades between photos, and later she got bright ocular. Which if you're not aware, its a contact lens implanted over the iris. It's illegal in the States and a severely risky procedure.

No. 803018

I’m pretty sure she had a thread or was discussed in one at some point if you want to dig around to back then

No. 805173

i'm pretty sure she has a long/ possibly still active thread on PULL if you want to trudge through all those pages lol

No. 807474

File: 1557978371683.png (8.89 MB, 1242x2208, 2172502A-9C7C-4C75-962A-1EBCD6…)

Has trashy ass Sahar been discussed here yet? The more lives she posts the more embarrassing and bratty she reveals herself to be. She also keeps revealing that it isn't just the photoshop ruining her face, she really completely botched herself.
This last live was especially creepy, with her mom blankly staring into the phone screen, almost encouraging Sahar to keep getting drunk and cursing in public

No. 808406

File: 1558189377009.jpg (302.26 KB, 815x600, o2.jpg)

does timmythick have brain damage?

No. 820790

File: 1560257064031.jpeg (533.94 KB, 637x912, A55FD9DC-C8F8-487B-8915-A9CF76…)

Astrids back with that shoop'd waist. Peep the rails lmao

No. 830016

File: 1561992927743.png (1.48 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-06-30-05-27-51…)

Yes you CAN delete your Instagram page so nobody will care anymore

No. 831265

File: 1562163939748.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1102, honeyno.png)

No. 831295


Everything you said here is facts. I need more milk on her

Sahar botched her face and traveled the world by herself before she was 18. Her parents paid for and encouraged all of it, including her underage drinking. She also dated a dude in his mid twenties while underage

Her lies include her two bad nose jobs, scary looking shoops, pretending to have grey eyes when her eyes are brown, fillers in face/lips, and a facelift. She’s insanely insecure yet narcissistic. What teenager gets a facelift? Her parents are so abusive for letting her, her mom used to call her ugly

No. 831419

I may be late to the game but I was recently watching a doc about WWII, and the "Strength Through Joy" mentality was brought up and I instantly thought of Astrid and her "strengh thru oi" username.
Also, recent pic that looks like it's been deleted, had her posing with a friend who was wearing a Skrewdriver shirt that Astrid blurred out. She's completely aware of what she's doing, just doesn't want e-hate about it. Sage for tinfoil and just wanted to add in the Strength Through Joy thing.

No. 833533

Late reply cause I just saw this while browsing /snow/ and don't follow this thread but Strength Thru Oi is a popular Oi compilation album from the 80s. So she probably just ripped the name from the album, knowing the context but she didn't come up with it herself. People wearing skrewdriver shirts is so laughable though, All Skrewed Up is a great album but no one advertises themselves as a nazi unless.. they're a nazi.

Sage for music sperging.

No. 835658

File: 1562859472692.jpg (336.69 KB, 1080x3240, thatsanofromme.jpg)

She went out like this. Idk if this belonged in the soundclout thread or not

No. 839216

she gave herself a black eye kek. I'm dying

No. 843827

File: 1564054633653.jpg (184.67 KB, 1080x1302, 64531901_749540155461280_89242…)

I'm becoming a bit annoyed at Claropsyche/Juliana Horner lately. I think she's incredibly talented at what she does, but ever since the success of her new eyeshadow palette she's been doing sketchy stuff. She recently released new earrins and they cost $30-65 for what is essentially lightweight plastic trash from eBay (she even mentioned buying earring materials in stock from eBay in one of her stories). She's now deleting any negative feedback/criticism she gets and even disabled comments on one of her posts.

No. 843830

File: 1564055192918.png (351.3 KB, 1106x626, Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 14.0…)

No. 843848


how in the fuck are these sold out? Who actually bought this crap?

No. 843894

File: 1564067778950.jpg (89.73 KB, 988x638, pearl.JPG)

I noticed Alannapearl selling Aliexpress clothing for an outrageous markup. I noticed after I spent over $100 dollars in her shop and realized the quality was shit. I wouldn't be surprised if everything from their store wasn't straight from China. Kinda sucks bc i liked her.

No. 843909

she seems a little obsessed with herself. all her drawings look like her, her "brand" seems to be her own beauty. i'm not denying she's a very pretty girl it just all comes off as a bit fake and poserish. putting that price on cheap shit earrings is kind of inexcusable but more shame on the idiots that spend money on these things. who is spending more than £10 on plastic tat??

No. 843938

anon why would you follow that used goods mid life crisis when there are 10,000 thots doing what she does and infinitely better

No. 844254

File: 1564136528309.jpeg (159.5 KB, 750x1196, 57DF033E-FE21-43A5-8CC2-AFB567…)

Anyone know anything about @GenesisTheAngel ??

> insta-thot goth gf

> Dating Matt aka @WolfDrawn aka @InternetGirl’s ex boyfriend
> Posts about stalking him on the internet, sending him letters and then they started dating (weird)
> Sells her used underwear for $100 -$150 a pair ?
> Wears see through minimal clothing so you can see full on tits out in public then complains when she gets slut shamed by older ladies
> Posts about her “schizophrenic tendencies” ? on her story
> Starts selling on depop with @WolfDrawn. Also saw some posts about him stealing @InternetGirls MacBooks and light/photo equipment after the breakup and using them for depop
> @WolfDrawn uses someone’s personal nostalgia photos as advertisement by photoshopping them wearing his shirts for his shitty brand (@SoWet69) without permission. Owners politely asked them to be removed but both Genesis and Matt cause a huge scene, refuse to remove them with the reasoning being anything posted onto a public domain is free to use as advertising (kek). When the original owners keep calling them out they then start to insult, make fun and send abusive messages.
> Genesis and Matt are now traveling around the USA, selling on depop and now releasing her own shitty jewellery line

I also have screenshots of most so if anyone wants to see receipts

No. 844258

File: 1564138822753.jpg (176.52 KB, 1080x1350, FJOallf.jpg)

miss alba banana

she shoops her photosa lot and got really bad skin. and in all the videos she does the blow kiss thing

No. 844438

Lol, I follow her too. Dunno if she's milky, since I always skim her caps, but the faces she makes are kinda annoying, her clothes are wrinkled or badly fitted or both and she seems to always wear the same shitty petticoat.

Aside from that she seems pretty cute. She got married recently I think.

No. 844519

Post receipts. She is prime milk.

No. 844815

File: 1564245191815.jpeg (165.93 KB, 750x1074, 4D85C568-6A0A-4C09-98F6-43FFC6…)

(1/2) @internetgirls spam account. she commented back to some people saying “he also has about $1000+ worth of my light / cam equipment that he’s using with his new gf” but her followers were getting rowdy so she must have deleted it.

No. 844816

File: 1564245236776.jpeg (149.45 KB, 750x1164, 2645808C-F916-4552-BBBB-33EBA9…)


No. 844827

File: 1564246553049.png (1.07 MB, 2048x1024, CFA95A5A-F8AF-4BFD-8B4F-610C7E…)

(1/3) the @sowet advertisement messages between the original photo owners

No. 844828

File: 1564246600634.png (1.06 MB, 2048x1024, 697E04A4-C0FE-4EF1-AE40-A0FE26…)


No. 844833

File: 1564246789533.jpeg (410.83 KB, 2048x1365, 84249D47-3FE9-4763-B6E7-DA6D22…)

(3/3) best part is the gaslighting from both of them… guess they are made for each other. Matt has been called out in the past by @internetgirl for being mentally and emotionally abusive

No. 844861

File: 1564250784760.jpg (2.06 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20190727_110539218.j…)

Dude literally looks like Doctor Finklestein from The Nightmare Before Christmas but manages to get buried in e-girl puss idgi

No. 844864

If Trent Reznor and Finkelstein produced an alopecia baby, more like.

No. 844915

Anons found the girl he dated before Bella in the soundclout thread and he literally hit her and she had to get a restraining order dudes a piece of shit, I was initially so worried for genesis but I guess they deserve each other

I feel bad Bella can’t talk about this even on her spam the soundclout/ig hoe scene is brutal

No. 844963

fucking hell hahaha not to mention he's 30 years old. Both Bella and Genesis are in their early 20s…. its not that huge of an age gap but seems to like them young. Also Bella and Matt dated for like 5+ years so that definitely means they were together when she was underage eww

No. 844972

WHAT? crazy! didnt know it was like that! as if this guy hasn't been called out more publicly yet / has a successful brand?

No. 845654

i think that self vanity comes with any makeup artist on ig, but at least most makeup artists put their work out on other people's faces. if you keep doing it on yourself then at some point it's gonna seem too comfortable of a position to get out of.
i like some of her drawings from the paperbrite series and her makeup is to be fair really good, but lately she's been really boring me.

No. 845657

File: 1564426389911.png (519.65 KB, 474x574, Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 21.3…)

Wasn't Anythingforselenaaas supposed to be featured in a Vogue Beauty video a few months ago?

No. 847537


Buttercup Bunny Cosplay, I find her conceited and I met her at a convention once, she's even ruder offline and looks nothing like her photos. Was all uwu with Alicenyanya who's also unbearable and fake and latches onto Obayed Kahn for attention.

She looks down her nose at you like she's better than you, I cannot stand her fake ass weeb ass. Just another two-faced fake uwu girl.

No. 848914

depressing to say the least

No. 849774

dont carr for her so I dont hate, I laugh at all those 'it' folks clitsucking this person and the (on purpse I guess) botched lips do add something to her aesthetic? Alrite…(learn 2 integrate)

No. 849777

File: 1565137894411.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190807-022424.png)

No. 849780

You're thinking of Bella Ferrada, her ex friend. She made a post about becoming one of Vogue's new models a while back but it's been deleted. She was probably full of shit.

No. 851174

no milk or anything but i live in the same city as star and her inbred husband and i saw them on the bus the other day and goddamn they are even more greasy than i could have ever imagined irl. the greasy wet dog scent was like a stink cloud when i walked past them to sit down.

No. 852042

That both of them are great at is known very well where I'm living but helllll she blocked me like a week ago. She said she's going to block accounts with no profile picture or no posts or weird old men but I'm none of them she's just milky and shit idk and I found trash pictures of her acting like she's it you know, like she's THE girl you want. Gmas(read the rules)

No. 852116

File: 1565643263219.jpg (Spoiler Image, 130.46 KB, 1080x1080, 1542922442212.jpg)

No. 852117

I meant greasy not great of course

No. 852120

Damn, is that ever my goal body.
Is this the one woman that also spergs out about her natural hair or whatever?

No. 852124

Yeah it's this @star_666_ on Instagram with her inbred husband claiming to be all natural everytime just if someone might forget it. She really should get a haircut, it's not looking nice anymore.

No. 852262

anon are you having a stroke?

No. 852391

File: 1565690277932.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, 33E407F7-0466-4A8F-8FB6-4A164A…)

This bitch can constantly be seeing going REEEEE on her stories. Today she posted what looks like two hours of content to her story just talking about an eyeshadow palette, as if she's some makeup guru. Worst new york accent known to man. I met her in high school but not even a vendetta, she's milky in the sense that she is literaly constantly shitposting her personal life to her stories and shares screen caps. Lots of graphic details and drama.

Most recently adopted a man who is way hotter than her who was still fucking his skinny white ex and got publicly mad and insecure over it, blasted him on ig only to let him move in a week later cus he was tired of sleeping on his family's couch.

Animal hoarder. Has had several cats die in her care. Never takes them to the vet and bitches about money but loves lush bath bombs. Constantly fucking with her nasty frizzy hair. Is ghetto af, always talking at her front camera. Just….. A whole mess. If you want to watch an absolute train wreck, her ig is @princess.deadass

No. 852650


No. 853131

she has the upper body of a man and the lower body of a girl, like she has been in a wheelchair for some time

No. 854769

File: 1566123586941.jpeg (829.74 KB, 1242x1661, E974388E-0BF8-4A44-9E88-670106…)

has any of her surgery been confirmed though?
i forgot to post this. anons on gg/pull/idk have been speculating about it, but i really think she has BDD and this pic really shows how …. well it's just very telling on it's own. i think i mentioned before the weird family dynamic. on her lives sahar really tries to one up her sister. this pic does not look good on her especially taking that into account. with that caption it almost seems like sahar asked her to post this. idk. big upper middle class sociopath vibes. her body disturbs me a bit.

No. 855983

File: 1566370957601.jpeg (1.38 MB, 3464x3464, C7217F3A-4E36-43B5-8599-5EE4DC…)

My favorite photoshop queen recently posted this. She's only 31 I believe, recently fell off the wagon after a catastrophic public break up after being sober for a long time. Pic on the left was uploaded a couple days ago vs one on the right in March. I didn't deep fry or edit either of these at all.

Ig @bratoutofhell

No. 855986

File: 1566372322738.jpg (135.58 KB, 335x522, welp.jpg)

lol wtf

No. 855997

File: 1566379022775.jpeg (521.33 KB, 750x797, 02F0FAC7-1E9A-41F4-B8CC-8C044E…)

This thread made me wanna peep that subreddit and big oof. Looks like I'm not the only one onto her. Now I feel kind of guilty for posting her a while ago. I know her irl and she's a pretty nice person, if not extremely manic/obsessed with her partners and being in a relationship/unhinged

No. 856060

I love to watch her antics lmao glad I’m not the only one honestly

No. 856081

Is she using an aging filter on the right? It looks so strange.

No. 856082

>chubby toddlers are visually DELISH
Jesus christ. That sentence.

No. 856103

She’s INSANE and has been posting shooped body pics for a long time now. She was also making IG stories from a weird angle with extreme snow filter.

No. 856107

File: 1566404633836.jpeg (919.46 KB, 1242x1786, 7E8F9425-74BA-4FA9-A044-A5A825…)

Her face shoop has gotten insane. And she actually has a great body shape so idk why she even bothers with the insane editing on that.

No. 856301

File: 1566427163957.png (412.39 KB, 331x552, Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 3.39…)

yeah I was just going to say, i don't understand why she bothers. she has these insanely shooped selfies literally side by side on her feed with unedited videos of her where she looks completely fine. she honestly has an ideal body shape and a cute face without the weird ass editing (she has p severe dark circles/ eye bags but doesn't even bother editing them out which leads to the monstrosity on the right here >>855997), i understand what it's like to have severe body dysmorphia or whatever but at least have the self-awareness to keep that shit consistent enough to where it's believable lol

No. 856304

also i just realized why the pic on the left is so unsettling to me (in addition to the weird editing), what the fuck is going on with her TEETH? those are some sharp ass trilogy of terror doll lookin ass canines

No. 857777

File: 1566723846724.jpg (103.86 KB, 720x519, _20190825_100413.JPG)

fairy0nacid, a ridiculously conceited individual who has bought thousands and thousands of followers, it makes it all the more embarassing when the likes on her photos don't match this a la Mariah. Asks people for money constantly and thinks she's too good for everyone. Posts really low quality lewds and asks people to DM her for money. Typical cow.

No. 857825

File: 1566740457066.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_2019-08-25-15-40-09…)

I've found this one yesterday on a social media platform and guess what sOmEoNe iS sPrEaDiNg RuMoRs AgAiNsT hEr

No. 857829

That woman looks like she’s had a rough life - people don’t always realise you can’t party like a teen forever.

No. 857830

That and her love for autists like Varg, yes

No. 857833

File: 1566742071388.png (1.41 MB, 955x1569, Screenshot_2019-08-25-16-07-29…)


No. 857839

File: 1566743900855.jpeg (210.11 KB, 800x766, 9B0C0C08-1CF1-42A8-8190-E980CC…)

No. 858736

Anybody still following star_666/caitlin? Any new milk? Her profile is still private.

A while ago she posted about following the youtuber Sv3rige's advice. For those who don't know, he eats raw rotting meat he's been storing in jars. He also thinks staring directly into the sun is healthy. And he's a flat earther. Everytime you think she can't get any dumber, she comes out with new shit like this.

No. 859975

File: 1567051386790.jpg (507.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190609-234723_Ins…)

Her and her husband only eat meat and she claims vegetables are bad for you. No wonder they smell.

No. 859981

File: 1567051655290.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1820, screenshot.png)

Star is also an anti-vaxxer

No. 860037

she's so fucking full of it.
i wonder what kinda household she grew up in that made her express her deep insecurities with "i'm the most naturest of them all"

also love how all these insta-idiots constantly misuse both "wholistic" and "holistic".

No. 860042


Im the anon that posted the initial minor milk screenshots, I used to follow her just for the milk she might post on her instagram stories , such as her racist rants and her ~ all natural ~ sperg, but honestly I got so tired of her shit, she made me feel from physical cringe to rage sometimes.

No. 860068

Yeah, I'm not buying that she was never ever vaccinated. What about hep b? She's clearly lying

No. 860108

She used to post pics of herself crying and writing huge paragraphs about how her mother abused her, made her cut her hair and withheld her clothes when she moved to relatives. No idea if it's true tho. She used to post alot of personal stuff like this.

Also, about all that "I'm so pure uwu" shit. She once said she used to smoke weed.
Sucks that I have no receipts. But I've been following her since she had a few hundred followers. In the beginning, she had another internet-boyfriend and both of them had swastikas in their profiles. I believe they were long distance and he broke up with her after a while. She posted huge rants about him and sent her followers to harass him.

No. 860189

Is it just me or I feel her big nose actually works with her side profile? I think it looks really pretty.

No. 860200

I agree anon.

No. 862169

File: 1567368665658.png (4.17 MB, 750x1334, 318C69C3-7BFD-49D2-A999-D76320…)

Caught @bratoutofhell on a mutuals story, body editing confirmed. She gives herself curves.

No. 862262

Holy shit. I fully believed her curves too

No. 862491

File: 1567440979068.png (696.29 KB, 1242x2208, BE0A0EFF-32CC-4056-8C8E-FFF9C7…)

This looks soooo bad kek

No. 862523

>>862491 oh my god, anon. I used to follow her because as a fatfuck, it was cool to see an aspiring model. But like. Bitch ain't pretty. She just fucking whines how other plus models get gigs and it's because she's black and whatnot. Ignoring the fact that there are poc plus models. Not every fucking uggo skinny bitch is a model either, stfu and stOP.

No. 862559

File: 1567449705579.png (698.69 KB, 568x712, Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 2.40…)

Caroline Calloway. So much that I don't even know where to start. She's 27, lives in NYC, and has literally never had a real job in her entire life. ~740k followers.

Here's a brief history:

>is upper middle class (at best) but is obsessed with the elite
>transferred to an elite new england boarding school for her senior year
>then went to nyu for three years, basically failed out
>got into cambridge university on her third try
>once at cambridge, started to gain an instagram following from detailing her relationships and life at college
>barely able to graduate and was proudly a horrible student
>had an adderall "addiction" which she is allegedly now "clean" from but much speculation that she still uses it
>plus she has admitted to using coke
>still writes and posts about her ex while she was at cambridge, oscar, despite him trying to get her to stop
>got a book deal for 500k w/ a 150k advance, admitted to using a ghostwriter, blew her advance, never wrote her book and had to pay back the advance, probably still owes some
>started dating another guy, conrad, who broke up with her and she still posts about him constantly and compares other guys to him

>decides to go on a tour across the country to teach "workshops" and sells tickets for $150
>twitter thread about her basically scamming everyone goes viral, fans refunded by eventbrite, caroline asks for the money back bc ????
>managed to put on a couple of sad events, which didn't include what was originally promised
>begs fans to venmo her & she spends it on alcohol, clothes etc
>begins selling shitty paintings of her tits but takes forever to ship, some people never get them
>holds another workshop which is actually planned by her unpaid college aged "assistants"
>blocks anyone who criticizes her on insta
>apartment is a crusty disaster - she admitted to not washing her dishes for a MONTH
>wears the same outfit for a week or more and never does laundry
>it was revealed that she didn't pay her rent for months and almost got evicted until she paid her back rent (over 11k iirc)

>started a patreon
>increasingly spiraling, seems to be on some sort of drugs
>is obsessing over a guy she dated for 2 weeks and trying to get her followers to message him for her
>she may be committing actual credit card fraud by taking out cards, maxing them out, and reporting them as stolen
>copying matisse cutouts and selling them for $140
>buying $40 cambridge sweatshirts and reselling for $80+ bc "sentimental value"
>wrote a freelance piece for refinery29 and got btfo in the comments
>never showers (even after doing pilates, spin, and sauna)
>SO much more

The best part is that all of this is documented bc she lives entirely for Instagram. She needs a thread tbh

No. 862571


Holy shit this girl sounds insane, would love to see a thread on here. Sage for nothing useful to say

No. 862573

No joke, I am 99% sure I saw her at a coffee shop yesterday while I was there working.

Because I've lived in the city for a while, I usually don't notice strangers unless they're doing something egregious or weird. She caught my eye, though, because she wouldn't get off her phone and her hair was incredibly greasy. Other than that, she looked relatively normal. I wish I knew she was certifiably insane (assuming the person I saw was, indeed, her). Crazy.

No. 862575


Yes to a thread because one on here will be easier to keep up with than on /r/blogsnark

No. 862576

File: 1567451868650.png (2.42 MB, 950x1184, Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 3.18…)

she goes to the same coffee shop every day (yesterday she apparently went there 3x) I won't post the name because I don't wanna dox you but if it starts with a b and is on the uws it was probably her lmao. and you'll see her again bc she's there allll the time. I think the owner gives her free stuff too

here are some more links:
>her r29 article
>article about her newest scam (She literally called it scam)
>older vice article about her
>w article
>twitter thread that went viral
>funny twitter thread from past 24 hours with screenshots

like just today she took a fucking fig tree off the side of the street and put it in her apartment and it doesn't even fit.

pic is her nasty apartment

No. 862585

File: 1567453854328.png (712.77 KB, 540x853, Screenshot_2019-09-02-15-47-28…)


Your post made me curious so I went to her Instagram and immediately saw this. You think she lurks or googles herself incessantly? Caption is long and will be in the next post.

No. 862586

File: 1567453896938.png (170.1 KB, 540x844, Screenshot_2019-09-02-15-47-34…)

No. 862587

File: 1567454017957.png (201.45 KB, 540x848, Screenshot_2019-09-02-15-47-41…)

No. 862591

File: 1567454761709.png (89.17 KB, 658x500, Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 4.06…)

people are pretty direct with their criticism in her ig comments and I think she stalks her reddit thread on blogsnark too. there is a lot of criticism about her on twitter as well

her latest thing is replying to "hate" on ig with "leave me alone" and she claims that her ig page is her private space and ~haterz~ don't have the right to comment. like turn the damn comments off or filter them if you truly thing that or go private

her post from last night in which she proclaimed her love for logan and jake paul got a LOT of hate, though, and most of it hasn't been deleted (no clue why my ig interface is suddenly in spanish pls help)

No. 862600

File: 1567456108873.png (3.43 MB, 750x1334, E47515E8-D053-4F46-9FE8-CA2F03…)

This bitch belongs in delusional artists. Check those prices. I just started following her after you posted and oh mannn her story is a disaster. She needs her own thread.

No. 862614

agree with everyone else, she needs, no, DESERVES her own thread. absolute icon, queen of absolutely delusional manic internet presence, cannot believe that this isn't all an elaborate performance art scheme and that she is just genuinely like this.

but yeah either add this post to the thread requests thread in /pt/, or someone with enough receipts just start one on /snow/ because i'm sure she has more than enough potential with the milk she brings literally every day

No. 862615

File: 1567457489161.jpeg (482.73 KB, 750x1126, 674E6241-2110-480A-B1CC-CA2177…)

Sperging seems to be her speciality anon. I'm so excited for this new milky af cow. Look at this gem: from 2014 or 15 I believe. I can't stop cringing.

No. 862617

I am OP, i'll make a thread now!

her long winded IG captions are what made her popular to begin with believe it or not

No. 862634


Holy shit, what a wild ride that Twitter thread was.

I for one welcome this new cow to end all cows to /snow/. I'm excited to hear more of Caroline's sperging, she seems like a true narc.

No. 862659


Caroline Calloway thread! Will be posting as many screenshots/receipts as I can today, but there's literally so much

No. 862693

We believe in you, anon. Thank you in advance for your hard work!

No. 862846

Nah, not doxxing me as Manhattan is a big place, and I don't frequent the West Side much anyway. Also, I meant I was working on schoolwork at the coffee shop, not that I was a barista, lul. Saged for NYC autism.

I'll snap a pic if I ever see her again. I'm following her, now. She seems like she'll provide some great milk.

No. 864297

I'm wondering where Caitlin/star_666_ live. Some said they saw them. Do you know exactly where? I would like to pay her a visit. Just in case(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 864515

this is fucking ridiculous especially the diet stuff holy shit. but it's obvious she's just lying to seem unqiue and pander to alt right nutjobs.

No. 864721

File: 1567747345242.png (262.34 KB, 750x1334, 73F5A516-7C66-43BF-B917-F401F2…)

love how she didnt include any of the posts bashing her, but this one was apparently “alarming” enough to bother with(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 864772

Who tf is she afraid of with those man arms im more scared for anon

No. 864789

I think she is just hanging around here and wrote it herself because no-one else did lol. She didn't get enough attention in a while probably

No. 864791

Obviously people wAnT tO kiLl hEr, nothing else and go to prison for a long time or get murdered. What. The. Fuck. Is there any bullshit this cow didn't talk about yet? I'm just waiting for her telling us the earth is flat

No. 865124

As nuts as this person is, they’re technically not wrong. A lot of plants are terrible for you. Especially kale. Obviously everything in moderation is okay though. Using words like “man-made” sounds like she has been watching a lot of Sv3ridge videos lol.

No. 865175

She just completely has misunderstood the meaning of roughage. And of course you need the vitamins from fruits. Like apples and pears…if you would shit them out completely, they'd look like before you've eaten them (chewed of course) and that just makes it clear, that she can't be right after all.

What I see she's trying is just being the most natural and best one everywhere not seeing she's believing in bullshit theories. There's no sense behind eating like a Neanderthal.(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 865252

File: 1567856502987.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x2060, C32B1D66-9194-42B1-8E82-639A38…)

Don’t get me started on this emo freak. She’s so annoying and shops like crazy.
@ded9irl on Instagram.

No. 865289

>calarts avatar

Always a bad sign. Please, get started.

No. 865295

She used to go by "Wolfette Hayter" or something like that on insta, complete with the swastikas and smiling-with-guns pics (and don't forget the cringy "black metal vocals" videos she used to do). She did have another bf that she now tries to cover the tracks to make it seem like the greasy neanderthal was her first true luv.
As for her mother, she spent so many years bashing her on SM and talking about how she wanted to run away, but still posted messages exchanges with her to prove a point against Varg's (!) stupid views on female athletes (I think her mother practices yoga, or is an instructor). So yeah, seems like she exaggerated their whole relationship.

No. 865296

Welcome, PnP.

No. 865332

LOL sauce?

No. 866558

Is it only me thinking that star_666_ stole her name from the TV series star Vs the Forces of evil? Hellllll yeah she's so blonde and natural… Whatever, I heard that her husband is going to reveal a new album. Anyone interested yet? No?(emoji)

No. 866567

Her videos are definitely edited. she edits her face shape in them. I noticed because once she had it pointed at a boyfriend and it took off his beard and pointed his chin.

No. 866579

Isn't this the girl who claims anyone with this style and does things from 2007 is copying her? She talks mad shit on her side accounts if she finds anyone with her same basic style.

No. 866630

File: 1568062295563.png (765.5 KB, 750x1334, 44C30F18-BDC3-4ED2-B689-DD1106…)

looked at her profile and..


No. 866631

File: 1568062328006.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 7EF160CB-AC70-49A5-A9E6-DBE444…)


No. 866632

File: 1568062419155.png (329.43 KB, 750x1334, 6320DC4A-2CB8-4221-B88C-268604…)

someone else calling her out kek


No. 866655

Lol ok hun u can pretend ur the first to make emo carebears (which her shirt isn't even that emo-ized tbh the "rip off" is better done in that regard) but some of us had myspace a decade ago and it's been done then and its since been done into now. but go off sis thinking ur super original putting Xs over the eyes of a cute character.

No. 866671

Make a thread of her please omg

No. 866682

if anyone has more back info / screenshots / milk I can make one

No. 866704

She recently accused another insta e girl @e1or4 for copying her shitty striped design and a lot of people say she skinwalks toopoor >>866682

No. 866711

File: 1568073455166.jpeg (386.32 KB, 1536x1534, A7F9C032-A130-4743-B2E7-2CD80B…)

Sage for samefag
*striped nails

She calls out a lot of girls for “copying” her oh so not seen before emo MySpace style. She totally skinwalks Layla.

No. 866719

Yeah , the I remember the invader Zim and scene kids doing this when I was in middle school. She a cow who thinks she's original lol

No. 866723

This girl's pic captions and overall typing style is painful to read. She types like an early 2000's, new to the internet 12 year old. I can't tell if she types in this "RAWR that means i luv u in dinosaur~ xD" un-ironically or if its just to capture that early 2000's goth/scene "aesthetic". Either way its cringe.

No. 866731

File: 1568076896204.jpg (709.77 KB, 1411x1282, 352eecc76ac7fa674a42e3677f70ad…)

i fucking hate @jynx111 aka jynx33 aka "dad". a virgin from MANE discord who could never have sex, let alone get clout. the worst type of e-girl honestly

No. 866740

is there enough milk for a whole thread though? honestly there needs to be an EGIRL / EBOY general thread because they are all as cringe as each other

No. 866760

yeah, i agree. most of edgy emo egirls tend to overshare, get into drama etc. probably a good source of milk. a thread would be great.

No. 866762

is this self post or trolling? mane was a fairly small server a few months ago!! why does evan need a thread?

No. 866764

girl herself isnt milky but her ex is @6snot

No. 866766

who the fuck are you weirdo die of reverse crack backwards inhale you sit around a spoon for a 15 minute hit and gain nothing literal nitty crackout godmode hit the backwards inject mother deject(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 866801


took me all day but new thread!!!

No. 866816

thank you anon!

No. 868078

both her and Sv3rige deserve their own threads. just when you think one of them cant get any crazier they outdo themselves..

No. 868387

The fact that her and probably this dumb Sv3rige guy think that depression entirely shows up on someone from eating "wrong" cracks me up. So obvious they've been born in fucking 1st world countries smh, 0 real stuff to worry about

No. 868731

It’s not completely wrong though. Your gut and brain are connected and we’re just figuring that what you eat has an effect on your mental health. Svridge is a completely insane flat earther who stares at the sun and thinks cars / tech are for losers meanwhile he uses MacBooks etc. that should be made fun of instead. Also the fact that he eats rotten meat.

No. 868919

File: 1568553915544.png (33.66 KB, 1080x575, Screenshot_2019-09-15-15-22-25…)

I think their inbred love story seems to have its ends. She's not following him anymore and deleted all the posts of them. He did so, too.

No. 868920

File: 1568553951541.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_2019-09-15-15-22-57…)

This is the only remaining picture of them, she probably forgot about that one

No. 868972

Dont forget about how he thinks Saunas/Steam rooms are toxic gas chambers

No. 868994

Yeah I'm not saying eating shit is not involved, what I mean is that this Lars guy has stories saying that basically eating raw meat will "cure" your depression. They think they can shove Psychology and Medicine up their asses and just take the opinion of a random crazy guy on youtube and it will be okay. He seriously thinks he can manage to explain the cure for depression in 3 or 4 Instagram stories? Damn. Also forgive my grammar mistakes if there are any

No. 869548

File: 1568669945876.jpg (1.04 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190916_143632.jpg)

I mean…

No. 869550

that's just sad. she's cute on the right. ageing like a prune but honestly… who cares.

No. 870002

File: 1568789155479.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 88 KB, 640x939, 497753F6-0335-4278-A46E-3FB1C3…)

Was just looking through some old screenshots I had saved and found this gem…

No. 870192

That girl is so gross wtf

No. 870401

That truly is a gem(namefagging)

No. 870406

I thought about posting her pictures but felt bad because she's such a sweet girl.

No. 872784

has anyone managed to get star666 to accept their follow request? ever since she went private she's been annoying as fuck not letting people follow her, schizo cunt.

No. 872792

>email: graveyardgod666@gmail.com
>screenshot of a screenshot of a post made right before this one (>>864297)
>both posters fail at sage/email field
>both commenters were put out to pasture


No. 872884

I know her irl anon and please do not feel bad for her. She lies and drags her exes when they scorn her and paints them to be abusers, hates on other women she perceives to be hotter than her bc she feels threatened, and she’s actual friends with known abusers. Like guys who have spread stds and lied about not knowing, hit their girlfriends and smack girls asses at bars. One of her close friends was recently fucking a literal teenager. He’s 29. Do not feel bad for this weird bitch.

No. 872956


Please stop spreading lies

No. 873395

NTA, but what makes you think that anon is lying? How would you know? …unless you know her as well?

Also sage that shite

No. 873487

File: 1569535902199.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1464x2208, 085C7F96-2BC8-4012-9328-9CCDEC…)

Reposting from the Heavily Modded Girls thread because I need to not be alone in experiencing this type of crazy.

Not sure if very milky beyond being "wtf" material, but the instagram account @artwithaliens is a total shitshow in terms of heavily modded instagram idols. She does questionable, terrible art with elementary-school-MySpace-level anatomy girls and animals drawn from obscure memory rather than reference. I included a long-winded explanation of her reason for having such faded and shitty scribble tattoos everywhere but if I included every terrible piece of art she's either painted or tattooed, the picture would be four times the size. Just curious if anyone else is following this shitshow. Apparently she used to do a ton of LSD and mushrooms but then was diagnosed with something akin to schizophrenia and was put on heavy medication. Now she's 100% straightedge non-medicated and running wild. All of her facial tattoos was done in about 2 years.

No. 873556

What thread? Link plz. She looks milky af but also very pretty underneath all that weird shit. Sad.

No. 873630

File: 1569570151166.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x2042, 1B704D6A-BC27-434E-9D55-4533AF…)

Charlotte Free.
I hate this inbred cunt.
She used to fuck her half brother.

No. 873669

More milk anon? That accusat alone is milky af.

No. 873671

It’s not lies, go thru the nyc meat mill enough times and the same faces will in fact keep coming up and those stories never shake. She throws all her exes in the blender and paints them as abusers when she’s done with em sans her ex husband, and is friends with a man who has been outed as knowingly spreading STDs and hitting his ex gf. Take a seat.

No. 873687

File: 1569589660268.jpeg (16.78 KB, 275x183, 0EB933D7-F330-4B31-BF69-9A071D…)

Nope not lies. You must be new to this Charlotte Free. Gryphon O’Shea is her half brother and Charlotte confirmed they were dating and that they were half blood.

No. 873688

No. 873689

Sage for sameposting but I meant you must be new to discovering Charlotte free.

No. 873691

I miss freelice back in the day

No. 873715

She reminds me of Hoteps. So much faux-spiritual babble.

No. 874408

File: 1569754535196.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1451, Screenshot_2019-09-24-06-22-09…)

Seems to be an on/off relationship. She deleted it again. Is following/unfollowing him. Milky af and shitty behaviour. She wants everyone to notice.

No. 874490

Serves her right for always trying to rub on her thirsty followers' faces her "tru wuv, we were made for each other, waiting to have sex for procreation (of white babies)" perfect relationship. I bet she has problems to admit when/if she's having issues ou breaks up because it means she was wrong about it.

No. 874816

if she hates christianity why would she wait for marriage to have sex?

No. 874919

She is obsessed with the idea of being pure, which is very funny considering her choice of straight up lingerie she wears to take suggestive pics of her yoga sessions. She's always screeching about how nothing she does is ever sexual, but yeah.

No. 875052

Pretty sure that person you responded to is the cow wking herself lolol they always are so embarrassingly obvious

No. 876285

File: 1570180391940.jpg (81.46 KB, 750x750, bDvsH7YvPXA.jpg)

A very old shitty pic of @star_666_. She uses to delete a lot of images but I saved them all since beginning there is just the fact that she hates guys but seems not to take a look at the girls who follow her. (I still have access to her tRvE account lol)(Emoji)

No. 876287

File: 1570180497620.jpg (162.75 KB, 1080x1080, 42fe78c80369b797a97e8f233ab5fe…)

ThEreS nOtHinG sExuaL iN thESe piCtUrEs. Of course, that's why you did a body closeup twice

No. 876289

File: 1570180546250.jpg (75.69 KB, 632x632, 27579299_152645278772634_23291…)

"I don't get why people send me rude messages/dick pics"

No. 876290

File: 1570180752051.jpg (13.18 KB, 320x320, 41751429_527891614330934_28479…)

Bet she wants the "bad" attention she got/gets

No. 876389

Ok I'm not her. Stop making conspiracies against her. She's pure. And way better than you. Her hair is awesome and everyone knows it's natural and not dyed. She has nice abilities and everything you say is a lie. Larsy is her first and only man. Stop saying shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 876394

the whitest of knights have arrived to defend m'lady

No. 876439

This is hilarious. Almost feels like a copypasta. Well done.

No. 876569

So uwu pure spreading her twat for the internet. Go away Lars, you absolute cuck.

No. 876700

It's obvious someone of them is reading and commenting this chat. Or someone here is a snitch telling them everything what's happening here. Best example is when someone asked where she lives and she knew right away, this was written down here. What kinda milky cucks r they??

No. 876723

It’s because she’s the one who wrote the comment, anon.

No. 876731

File: 1570288859005.jpg (87.71 KB, 750x750, h7onfsY (1).jpg)

Man, that's all so fucked up milk here, sheeeet xdxdxd(Ban evading)

No. 876760

This pic looks retarded and whoever this bitch is looks retarded. Don't know how an ass can look retarded but it does. I wanna kick her goofy ass(a-logging)

No. 876775

Anyways, Caitlin and Lars seem to have a lot of commitment issues. Claiming not to have had sex w/ each other also turns out to be fake.

No. 876779

Jfc this girl doesn't even try to make her weave look natural. How does she even use the toilet without sitting on her weave damn

Also from the back she deadass looks like a tranny.

No. 876783

I'd just like to know whose parents' house that is. There's no way she or her braindead boyfriend lift a finger to clean.

No. 876809

Selenas whining about not being able to get work when her insta story is all getting high, drunk and partying and her twitter she admits to shoplifting from goodwill and sephora.

No. 876828

Star and inbred Lars are still living at the same place as the trve kween lived before. The landscapes they take pictures at are still the same as years before. Just take a look at her page. The first posts are having the same trees and the same lake and the same jetty.

No. 877994

File: 1570556607983.jpg (468.55 KB, 1080x1639, 20191008_193950.jpg)

Star and Lars used to post inside jokes on this ig account which they seemed to share with friends. You can find a few gems on there, some stuff is racist as fuck, which is obviously not surprising.

No. 877995

File: 1570556769800.jpg (567.43 KB, 1080x1609, 20191008_194453.jpg)

No. 877996

File: 1570556831527.jpg (464.69 KB, 1080x1494, 20191008_194441.jpg)

No. 878081

Oh I remember when she used to make clear all the damn time she was "a virgin waiting for procreation". She hasn't talked about this topic in a long time tho, but you say they indeed had sex? lol the procreation shit didn't last long.
Also, I remember she once uploaded story on IG in which Lars literally had his face in the middle of her buttcheeks, but she always said she never showered. It was kind of disgusting. She had her hair much prettier when she did shower and when it wasnt so long and dry

No. 878085

File: 1570577720870.jpg (384.23 KB, 1080x1488, 20191008_203221.jpg)

They also used to both be friends with this Timo guy. I'm pretty sure he is Swedish and he had tons of weird nazi/super nationalist stuff on his IG account. It was pathetic. I also remember a German guy she used to follow who had drawings on his page with swastikas. She commented on one of those pics that she needed to unfollow someone so she could follow him. It was those times when she used to follow 666 people exactly 'cause TrVe KvLt

No. 878087

File: 1570578115888.jpg (182.29 KB, 1080x1108, 20191008_203954.jpg)

It was this guy, who casually has the number "88" on his username lol. She still follows him
I checked on the link he has there but it's all in Swedish so I didnt understand a thing. I think he was also one of this dumb European tradicionalists she used to love like daddy Varg. She once liked an imagine that said "pregnancy: a women's duty" on a european pride page

No. 878208

File: 1570605202771.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1511, Screenshot_2019-10-09-00-32-52…)

I don't even ask anymore, what's going on.

No. 878281

Why did she even made it public that she lives in Ohio… And yeah, guess there's nothing sexual with her. That's why she postet questionable pole poses lately

No. 878362

Nordfront is a notorious neo-nazi organization. They praise Hitler and want to abolish democracy.

No. 878369

File: 1570647309311.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.28 KB, 526x621, Capture.JPG)

It's a Swedish Stormfront. Img is screenshot of their "what happened on this date" thing.

Sure, Jan. Bet she did't get past the first 2 pages of that brick sized tedium.

No. 878539

Where did she say that?

No. 878712

this girl is a fucking poser. if she mixed pagan and christian values but was upfront about it it wouldn't matter, but she really calls herself a "pagan" and pretends to wait until marriage for sex to keep up her "pure" image. really bitch. there's nothing pure about you. fuck off

No. 878933

Do you have proof? I don't remember seeing her talk about this

No. 880340

I'm so fucking horny for art hoes. I want to fuck a coked-out tumblr hipster DIY aesthetic astrology thot in her lip gloss DSL mouth. I want to cum all over a girl with thick frame glasses and edge dyed bobcat bangs. Everytime I hear a THICK, waist-high-jean-clad braindead choker-wearing slutty wiccan minx say "yikes", "y'all", "big mood", "cancelled" or "this is a bop", I get an uncontrollable urge to run up to her and fondle her d cups and sweaty fat thighs. I want to pour my white olive oil onto her contoured cheeks and neotenous faces and rhinoplatisized nose. I want to finger an art hoe through her jean overalls while pretending to be interested as she talks about van gogh and arctic monkeys and how david foster wallace fans suck and gilles deleuze and VICE news and 'union pool' in williamsburg and steven universe and homeopathy and saveur magazine and taking adderallto pass exams. IM SO. Fucking. Horny

No. 880363

this is like the mindfuck of scrote posting because this sounds like what someone might assume a man thinks like and there are constant references to semen but it's sounds way too lesbian because of all the small (non-body) related details??

what I'm trying to say is: mood scrote or no

No. 880372

Its a e-girl/goff gf meme just report

No. 880379

File: 1571154809668.jpeg (760.46 KB, 750x1084, DA906197-525E-408F-AA4B-636BE5…)

Lifted from fb but @bratoutofhell is giving 120 people three days to unfriend her ex who she is accusing of being an addict and also a pedophile (yet she stayed with him…?) I'm pretty Sure his name is Andrew Archery or @thatgingerbastard on ig. Could also be that bald guy she was just engaged to… Girl is such a mess. Her posts scream manic.

No. 880380

File: 1571154845917.png (338.58 KB, 750x1334, A89F78D7-AF22-4CE0-BB84-F6E6CC…)

Pedophile accusation

No. 880382

File: 1571155080913.jpeg (342.68 KB, 750x1062, B8098CF8-D7DE-4413-8A3B-6FFA8B…)

Sorry and sage for samefag but my last sperg. She's friends with some guy who was fucking one of my friends when she was still an underage teenager and she's buddies with this guy who has been accused of knowingly spreading herpes and ex accused him of hitting her. Hypocrisy much?

No. 880392

lmao remember when she was sober for like 12 days (no I don’t either)

gatekeeping lameness too but I can’t stand her for using goth alternative looks and being a basic ass non goth bitch all she listens to is trendy trap and shitty rap music but looooves to dress edgy.

No. 880408

File: 1571161129858.jpeg (115.3 KB, 1080x1080, C41A69C1-7A37-4AE5-AE44-F03BED…)

She’s talking about this guy (mopedkorey). I don’t know how bratoutofhell doesn’t have her own thread. There is so much milk, and it’s always flowing.

No. 880435

I would love a thread on her ugh she’s crazy and I love it

No. 880798

File: 1571228268245.png (659.92 KB, 974x554, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 23.5…)

If there was ever any doubt

No. 880864

I would read the fuck out of this thread js

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