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File: 1604996309363.png (2.06 MB, 1361x955, egirls.png)

No. 1079162

general thread for egirls and eboys, proving to be the most annoying and chaotic thread.
sage in the email field, instafaggots. if you want to kiki here, read the rules and lurk.

1 - >>>/snow/866800
2 - >>>/snow/1005403 (created by babivampire)
3 - >>>/snow/1047741

previous thread:
>babiweight continues to rebrand and hide, moved to twitter
>continues to virtue signal about healing, positivity and growth all while continuing to follow the thread
>farmers leak more screencaps of babiweights bullshit
>fauxgf sticks her beak between babi and d9 and squawks to herself, meanwhile nobody cares
>dead9irl and babiweight accuse each other of being hating ass posers
>d9 calls babi a deadbeat mom, makes multiple accounts to fuck with her
>babi posts a story on instagram of her kid that lives with the babidaddy "proving" she's not a deadbeat, lolz ensue
>even more ang3lthigh scams are exposed, she takes to insta to cry about harrassment
>ironically didn't defend the animal abuse like everything else
>continues to spread lies about 6not and others being pedos and running hate accounts with no proof
>sugarf4iry screeches about people asking if she shoops (even though she publicly admitted this then retracted saying she was done)
>she sees that she's been posted and cries about deleting everything and going private cause of haterz
>anon posts about babi getting a tattoo despite just e-begging for the same cheap costume sugarf4iry wore
>babi immediately vague posts on instagram responding saying we don't know how biweekly payment works
>she comes to the next day and says she's embarassed yet does nothing to make amends or stop
>continues to sperg about the thread for days despite it being dead
>two cowtipping / self posting accounts pop up, @st4ym4dbr0 and @toopoorskincrawler
>they shit up the thread bringing all the 14 year old skinwalkers with them
>constant tipping until d9 shares a petition to take down lolcow
>d9 suicide baits and blames everything on the farm, giving us an excellent copypasta
>she continues to follow the thread, takes her suicide baiting to twitter asking how much xanax is required to OD
>uh oh d9 is going to sue lolcow
>she religiously checks the thread, posting then deleting rants about every single post
>fauxgf hops into d9's drama again cause she was starting to feel left out and irrelevant
>d9 claps back at faux then returns to selfie posting like a vapid cunt
>fauxgf spergs about d9 again, something is wrong with this woman, get her medication and a hobby
>sugarf4iry shills too fast, next day she deletes her post admitting that what she bought was a stolen design
>f4iry checks the thread and sees posts about that and her body, starts flapping her mouth
>tries to be a confident kween saying "give credit where its due" to her skinny fat binge body
>brags about how stupid the 10 whole users of lolcow are and how shes so famous we can't help but stalk her
>goes on to say "i love how much control i have over what they post"
>sugarf4iry lolcow simulation gxddess confirmed
>anons confirm f4iry's "proof" pics are still edited

other notable things:
>littlewhathefuckever and a couple other unremarkable e-whores are posted
>holy mother of nitpicking
>ellie_tasker is revealed to be an e-girl mimic
>some fat bitch took lewds in a cemetary
>cwunchie isn't milky she's just another fat bitch who does scratcher tattoos at home and models dollskill
>tinfoil about babi, d9 and cwunchie self posting
>sugarf4iry posts borderline softcore porn lingerie tiktok ala momokun style, gets deleted because that's fucking gross
>reposts and cries about being deleted

links to notable people:
https://twitter.com/dead9irl (nsfl)
graveyard fatty:
deleted after being called out for tipping

No. 1079171

not sure if it’s worth mentioning or even belongs itt but our favourite erin painter has reactivated her @pwurring account and has new one called @mewpuffs. she’s apparently got a job , is in school and has new relationships ?

No. 1079182

Proof but sage it for tinfoil

No. 1079183

i don’t know who you are, but i love you anon

No. 1079187

File: 1605002208574.jpeg (390.51 KB, 1125x2005, 088B0569-742C-48F0-A929-BE379D…)

No. 1079188

File: 1605002258985.jpeg (402.17 KB, 1125x2181, AD8C271D-54E2-4478-9270-A165A1…)

Some Erin updates for all of us who miss her dearly

No. 1079193

File: 1605002778714.png (111.14 KB, 1837x988, 493849043859325.png)

I think Arisa deleted instagram… lol

No. 1079196

File: 1605003164992.png (195.07 KB, 500x239, C590B135-4193-4A5A-83AB-7DA843…)

she’s back!

No. 1079199

File: 1605003354784.png (1.1 MB, 900x599, 2EF9B28E-750F-40E4-A4B1-9CF019…)

This was the last post in the old thread so HAD to move it here, thank you to the anon who made this masterpiece.

No. 1079200

anon just provided the wrong link

http://www.instagram.com/sug4rfairy or sug4rfairy on instagram. i think they got it mixed up with her twitter which is sugarf4iry http://www.twitter.com/sugarf4iry

No. 1079203

OP here, thank you for that i knew i fucked something up

No. 1079222

Glad to see that not-Erin is doing fine, I missed her. It is funny that she is already considering sharing her new name with her followers, what was the point of changing her name then (if she actually did it, anyway)?

No. 1079229

Imagine if she legally changed her name to Belle or something similar, where does bells come from?

No. 1079238

Anons always thought she was going to pick either Bella/Bells or Scarlet because they are the alias she has used in the past.

She said it’s not Scarlet either though.

No. 1079239

Praise be!

>so you dumped your kid…

No. 1079248

new desktop background kek

No. 1079380

do you guys think Erin will be milky again or will she be mature and not post her~ uwu self harm scratches~ and ~legal loli crying on live for attention~ ? I don't see the point of her coming back she must of got desperate for attention. I love how she acts like she took a break because she wanted to and not because a farmer cow tipped and sent her nudes and cringe posts to her mom kek

No. 1079388

File: 1605030025512.jpg (799.91 KB, 3128x2952, erinpaintersafespace.jpg)

samefag but I wonder if she is still in her Nicole dollanganger phase or if she has taken a new persona
also had to bring this gem back

No. 1079396

So is anyone going to be making a new erin thread?

No. 1079421

Keep her in here so you don't scare her off again. Also no cowtipping, that's lame af

No. 1079491

Its still early but she seems a lot more mature just going by her writing style. Meaning it doesn’t give me headache to read kek.

No. 1079496

File: 1605040859156.jpeg (198.97 KB, 750x1109, 7C80A61F-10ED-4EB0-BE0A-BB8D54…)

Mummy finally paid for her ~uwu nosejob~

No. 1079503

File: 1605041025012.jpeg (217.12 KB, 750x1236, F2CE49B1-A6EA-4B59-9FAF-078305…)

Annnd someone already cowtipped. Surely it’s someone who frequents the site often. I don’t doubt that person is a farmer, because how would they know? Googling Erin’s name 24/7?

No. 1079512

>the name change
kek just think, this all could have been avoided if she knew how to not be a clown on the internet.

No. 1079517

Get as many surgeries as you want Erin, you'll still never be a soft uwu smol anime loli nymphette.

No. 1079550

Why would you out yourself as a farmer ? dumbasses

No. 1079551

File: 1605044725371.jpeg (607.97 KB, 1242x1222, 4A9B8355-A3A1-40FE-AAB4-50D191…)

No. 1079556

Tbh Erin was cringe asf but I’m glad to see her take a break from social media because it’s easy to get so involved and wrapped up in wanting other people’s attention. Idk she seems more likable and less fake. I didn’t like her Loli persona.

No. 1079557

File: 1605044889903.jpeg (170.4 KB, 750x1050, 366E3325-CE83-41FC-9ED1-2AA1C5…)

I wanted a nose job for years! So mummy paid for it!
I wanted a name change for years! So mummy paid for it!
I wanted a uwu loli lobotomy for years! So mummy paid for it!

No. 1079558

She still doesn’t realize how incredibly privileged she is. I guess that will never change.

Sage for samefag.

No. 1079580

File: 1605046656015.jpeg (454.25 KB, 1372x1241, 67C2096B-8860-49B7-B53A-1A2F0E…)

these bffs have so much in common, truly heartwarming

No. 1079590

File: 1605048097755.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 750x1305, 4D1430A3-84AA-4763-B140-0C3D4B…)

i just looked up sug4rfairy’s real name and there’s a huge thread on 4chan with all her nudes on it fucking kek. not sure if i should link but it’s on the first page of google when you look up her public name, arisa vurr

No. 1079592

File: 1605048178247.png (2.03 MB, 1404x972, bffls.png)

here's all the comparisons i found, probably more but these two archive everything CONSTANTLY

No. 1079602

As funny as this is, you could do this with every single egirl thot. They all wear the same cheap crap from amazon.

No. 1079606

according to them, the bunny costume is from a “cosplay store” or some shit, but i’m almost certain i’ve seen it on aliexpress

No. 1079618

I had never realized how babivampire hides her face in almost every pic. Imagine knowing the only thing able to pop on insta is your photoshopped body and not your actual features

No. 1079620

she should be embarrassed. all of her followers come from a photoshopped, warped perception of her body. nothing about her has gotten her any followers, it’s literally just aliexpress and photoshop.

No. 1079626

Same goes for Arisa and most of the other carbon copies. Nobody cares what they have to say or what their hobbies are, they just want body checks and new fast fashion garbage to fill the void.

No. 1079629

she actually has a bunch of orbiters on 4chan that clog up the board with her photoshopped shit all the time

No. 1079653


Her followers are the worst with the fake sincerity. Wtf would the "wrong" reason to get a nosejob be? And good job acting concerned while cowtipping, when she was posted mere hours before so you're definitely a very active farmer yourself. State 'o it.

No. 1079656

I love that in the thread pic she literally looks like a sim pasted onto the background.

No. 1079661

File: 1605053184150.png (14.99 KB, 576x249, 20k.PNG)

4chan claiming she makes a good chunk of change

No. 1079698

she's so clearly average looking kek she tries to shoop herself to look angled like angelina jolie so hard.

scrotes are irredeemably retarded if they think that is even CLOSE to her real face and body. it changes with every picture, how dumb do you have to be?

No. 1079715

Some new exposing account started up two hours ago posting about Erin, all posts and images taken from here and other egirls are sharing the account on their stories (Corpsebabydoll was where I saw it)

No. 1079716

File: 1605058382013.jpeg (341.46 KB, 640x1095, 13D1453E-1B61-4AA4-9820-8AC3A8…)


Forgot image

No. 1079723

God I am so sick of these ethots cowtipping and making their little “call out pages” like half of them aren’t exactly the same.

No. 1079728

File: 1605059793430.jpeg (55.37 KB, 750x423, E3B73B41-4FE5-49F3-A31E-7BC20C…)

Tinfoil but D9 follows Erin, really not sure if she did before. Wouldn’t be surprised if she made the page.

No. 1079738

She’s not cute at all… neckbeards want to fuck anything

No. 1079740

These expose pages are stupid and a dumbass basic local bitch probably made it.

She cheats on her bf and he doesn’t care? Gross

No. 1079743

File: 1605060965901.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 1242x1564, 8DC63671-BABA-42D1-BE9F-4ED65B…)

Her body looks horrendous

No. 1079746

File: 1605061505492.png (4.76 MB, 1242x2208, 75F9766F-1A35-48A3-8CB3-B11A6D…)

Was she FaceTiming her discord neck beard daddy?? Kek

No. 1079747

File: 1605061744377.jpeg (643.43 KB, 1242x1642, C0908D36-2EEE-4F25-9CCE-501A18…)

It’s definitely from aliexpress. If they did get it from a cosplay shop it was overpriced aliexpress garbage kek

No. 1079748

she's trying to be counter-trend. the trend currently is Kardashian type bodies, she instead goes for very Geigeresque proportions and tries to look as dead, emaciated and edgy as possible. she's trying to be a doomer coomer queen cause she knows the money is in their pockets.

as much as i love all things creepy and Geiger, her body literally makes my skin crawl. i wish i never saw that.

No. 1079752

Same here anon. She looks disgusting

No. 1079757


Shit looks blurry around her waist/hips “Wendigo Qween!” Body type

No. 1079759

Men are so braindead kek, how horny do you have to be to think a body like that is real in any way?

She’ll be back soon

No. 1079779

File: 1605065616426.jpg (Spoiler Image,191.46 KB, 1112x2208, Sugarf4iry - Photos - @Packrad…)

i wasn't prepared kek. aheago face

No. 1079780

File: 1605065755303.jpeg (Spoiler Image,78.8 KB, 720x899, 0622A4D3-537E-492D-87AE-FE6BED…)

No. 1079781

I'd say she looks like Slenderman with bolt-ons, but she would probably take that as a compliment bc she is so sp00ky

No. 1079784

the lopsided waist edit kek. of course the incels of 4chan believe it's real. her real body looks way better.

No. 1079798

File: 1605067523786.jpg (35.33 KB, 500x576, sug4rfairy.jpg)

god damn she's fugly. The normalization of showing your coochie for chump change will forever baffle me. Especially when men are dumber then a box of rocks and you can scam them, and make money without degrading yourself. Leave ahegao in 2019 where it belongs jfc. She looks like on of those ugly feminists with those hideous bangs. Sage for autism

No. 1079799

why is she shaped like a penis?

No. 1079804

File: 1605068081239.png (81.25 KB, 496x636, mmdretardation.png)

bitch be lookin like one of those ugly circa 2013 MMD body models

No. 1079830

this is the one

No. 1079835

File: 1605072312775.png (155.26 KB, 1294x639, self post.PNG)

apparently she's a frequent self poster on 4chan where she shills her OF to incels. that is desperate

No. 1079838

File: 1605072460479.png (73 KB, 765x620, kek.PNG)

No. 1079850

holy shit she is getting RIPPED apart kek. dumb bitch had her shit leaked everywhere, theres tons of these.


her body is absolutely disgusting even the scrotes think she's repulsive.

No. 1079855

File: 1605073817712.jpeg (Spoiler Image,938.63 KB, 2000x2666, 5F7FAE64-86D6-499F-8290-87414A…)

No. 1079858

>ps4 controller for gamer points
>trendy catgirl
>aliexpress cheap flannel skirt
>egirl chains uwu
>pulling her own leash
>literally zero effort
>just opens legs and heaves like a cat trying to puke

give credit where it's due, bitches.

No. 1079882

She looks like a retarded child. This is so ugly and bad

No. 1079883

>my wife doesn’t do it for me
Kek what a blantant self post. Imagine posting yourself on a forum mainly filled with sexist incel men. How embarrassing. Isn’t she in a relationship?? And he doesn’t care she’s basically talking to these losers.

No. 1079885

File: 1605078701965.gif (278.81 KB, 220x128, 97A17C5F-DACB-43EF-8FD1-8989CC…)

When losers on a neck beard forum don’t even want to see your naked body for free. Ftw what a dumb bitch they can smell when you self post retard you aren’t relevant to be talked about on image-boards. You think you’re belle delphine or something.

No. 1079886

File: 1605079087751.png (10.75 MB, 1242x2208, 739EC82F-E3A4-4AF5-8EA1-292F05…)

She looks so different here even tho she’s not facing towards the camera

No. 1079896

Wow, what a match.

No. 1079905

I know in my gut this bitch is 100% Erin level shoop. She looks like a completely different person. No way she would settle for someone like him if she wasn’t average or below

No. 1079910

File: 1605082577266.png (1.35 MB, 1297x882, Adobe_20201110_192133.png)

Her face on his page for reference

No. 1079914

you can literally smell the white trash in this picture

No. 1079918

she's pretty cute if the picture on the right is unedited/less edited. i could understand the ayylmao tier shoops if she were ugly but this is just sad

No. 1079921

File: 1605085027796.png (380.35 KB, 344x439, 5BFAE2EF-77A9-42DD-A1FA-4D4800…)

It’s still heavily edited. Compared to him in candids, she always looks strained, poses and flat. Very uncanny and perfectly clear and symmetrical. Even in her “no makeup or filter” pics. Nobody looks like that. Not even people with excellent plastic surgery.

No. 1079932

File: 1605088349329.jpeg (Spoiler Image,726.78 KB, 1242x677, C03779EB-FAA8-48AF-B5FA-740A7A…)

Her OF is all over the internet

No. 1079933

File: 1605088544216.jpeg (Spoiler Image,165.38 KB, 1219x632, 22F10E19-D049-463E-A59F-11B0C3…)

She keeps her underwear on to hide her razor bumps and acne

No. 1079935

Right pic still looks really shooped. She photoshops the ends of her eyes to make them turn upwards. This pic ( >>1079932 ) is definitely true to life.

Girl you need to shave downwards

No. 1079940

That doesn’t even look relatively like the same person, save for the bangs and brows. How fucking rough. And she posted that? Why do all this intense shopping and then out yourself, jeez…

No. 1079941

>erin already delivering


No. 1079943

File: 1605090393895.jpeg (456.61 KB, 1242x663, 5392ADE9-CFBC-4468-B3EF-260F91…)

That box waist in her video. Can’t edit this huh

No. 1079945

File: 1605090450467.jpeg (Spoiler Image,62.14 KB, 488x488, 7F51CEFA-27A0-4EB8-95B7-BAE9F5…)

She has ass acne to

No. 1079946

Oh my god, looks like she shaved over and over when stubble grew shudders >>1079932
LOL at the manlet peen
Is he stubby or is she just tall?

No. 1079947

File: 1605090486510.jpeg (Spoiler Image,178.67 KB, 1242x689, 1F95F3E5-836E-415D-B9DB-578D4E…)

The angle really isn’t doing anything for her

No. 1079950

Okay this is disgusting. Did you put a filter on this anon? I’m genuinely shocked by how acne ridden and sallow she looks.
Also Jesus Christ, Arisa, exfoliate.

No. 1079951

reminder to self: don't look at this thread while eating again

No. 1079952

screaming, the ps4 controller just BARELY in the frame but just present enough to get a tiny amount of extra male neckbeard attention

No. 1079953

Kek I love how she is just blatantly exposing herself by posting candids on her OF.

No. 1079955

junkiewhore: confirmed
takes drugs to let yourself go like that
especially a so-called professional

No. 1079956

File: 1605092598795.png (Spoiler Image,6.84 MB, 1242x2208, F1148D6A-C4B4-4CFC-B224-2F1FA3…)

I won’t compare her to dead9irl because she uses filters and edits on her videos and photos unlike f4iry. D9 records her videos on an filter.

No. 1079958

File: 1605092771524.jpeg (Spoiler Image,526.16 KB, 1242x2208, 15946551-2E05-4024-B5C1-4317EE…)

D9 defo edits her photos or uses snow/Snapchat to take her photos or videos as the filters are evident. She has no skin texture which exposes her editing.

No. 1079960

this isn’t milk we already knew she used apps, this smells like self post
why even bring d9’s pasty ass into it?

No. 1079965

I’m comparing cows. I’m being fair. I feel if people are going to talk about f4iry body, we shouldn’t compare any other cows because some have edited 18+ content like D9.
Sage for no thread boost.

No. 1079966

she isn’t as pasty as she looks. She edited her photo saturation to make herself look more paler because the emo scene is basically racist, no diversity and dominated by white, almost glowing, cows.

No. 1079973

Literally no difference between an exposing account and a fan account. Pathetic.

I wonder if men would simp for egirls so much if they knew they were all backstabbing, photoshopped skinwalkers, as evidenced by this thread.

(I'm mad these cowtippers will probably scare Erin off again)

No. 1079981


This is horrifying, like just gross…nasty pasty skin, hairy gross dude, -100 on the sexy scale

No. 1079982

Scrotes will simp ANYONE. It's why they are inferior.

No. 1079984

File: 1605097987005.jpg (21.08 KB, 220x281, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

simps will simp to the end of time
they are a lost cause

but only YOU can prevent the spread of simpery

No. 1080030

This is grotesque. What the fuck.

No. 1080044


yoooooooooo is that ass hair what the fuck am i even looking at, who would willingly post this of themselves

No. 1080046

Somebody tell that motherfucker to wash his damn hair

No. 1080049

kinda just looks like a shitty unwashed asshole
im telling you, shes obviously a junkie
junkies are like cats, they hate water and are too doped up to maintain even basic hygiene

No. 1080052

Arisa is in for a big surprise when she lurks on here again. She's been going pretty unscathed since babivampire got thwarted for her vendetta against her.

No. 1080056

Lmao I thought it was discolouration at first, but now when you’re saying it she probably didn’t wipe her ass. Fucking nasty.

No. 1080074

Her home looks gross and filthy in those bathroom pics too, definitely looks like she's got a Tuna-esque lifestyle.

No. 1080083

Okay the emo scene in not racist. I’ve seen plenty of ethnicities being emo irl.

No. 1080095

She has the body of man kek. Pull your thong straps to your waist all you want we know you have a fridge body..

She looks busted as fuck. She looks nothing like her edited pics. Arisa is so gross and ugly that bottom barrel men from 4chan won’t wank it to her.

Is that shit in her asshole? Or brown long asshair. That’s repulsive. Why does she have Shayna level of assne? Get some medicated body scrub girl.

No. 1080106

File: 1605114474548.jpeg (274.32 KB, 750x1105, 2A00717D-F110-49EC-922F-68AAA5…)

if anyone’s actually sending this to her followers, stop cowtipping. she’s saying the picture was edited to make it worse though and i really don’t want to watch that video again to check

No. 1080107

File: 1605114518529.jpeg (381.47 KB, 750x1079, 64C4DC36-36F1-4B79-8A6B-7E80E8…)

No. 1080114

File: 1605115017231.jpeg (422.78 KB, 750x1204, 85480FBF-2A43-4A1C-91D4-C964C3…)

i was trying to find the erin cow tipping account but i think i just struck gold instead. tons of milk here. apparently it’s run by corpsebabydoll and her friend


No. 1080116

>still hot as fuck
Lmao that Snapchat filter in that girls pfp is working overtime
Y’all both fugly
Who’s the loser who keeps cow tipping?
And why does Arisa the cow keep exposing herself by shouting us out? It’s only going to spread awareness that she looks like a twink manlet irl

No. 1080118

Hahahaha Hahahhahahah the lies

No. 1080119

File: 1605115246889.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1743, CE6AB658-05BE-40C8-8836-2C3ED5…)

Literally this isn’t even an original style why is she saying it’s a stalker? I can make a whole collage of every egirl wannabe and they will all look the same. Pink hair isn’t original retard

No. 1080120

I get changing the lighting, but how do you edit on pimples

No. 1080122

File: 1605115332763.jpg (87.38 KB, 639x490, 20201111_121907.jpg)

Sweetheart if you're so upset about people noticing your repulsive ass acne that you could easily take care of then why did you bother making an OF in the first place

No. 1080123

She’s just lying to make herself feel better.
She doesn’t want to admit that her poopfilled asshole and box body are real

No. 1080124

File: 1605115489732.jpeg (560.93 KB, 750x1204, 65AD3DFF-D372-47BD-98C5-527F29…)

corpsebabydoll photoshops to look like herself too. blurry ass face pics are all her profile is

No. 1080125

File: 1605115737007.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 4BDF6143-95BD-4E73-B51B-F28B5A…)

wtf is going on

No. 1080127

File: 1605115744427.jpeg (75.02 KB, 750x692, F465C85C-61FD-404E-9BCE-BDC2D5…)

She’s retarded
Don’t post your body if you don’t want people to share it and potentially laugh at your nasty unwashed ass

No. 1080143

clone stamp in photoshop for example, that's how their airbrush models

No. 1080145

File: 1605117858717.jpeg (262.16 KB, 750x681, 74914D7A-B0E4-4BD6-B97B-A8D8BE…)

some retard is cowtipping on twitter

No. 1080149

File: 1605117938869.jpeg (289.06 KB, 750x1089, 19A39324-0C9A-43DD-B8FA-C726EC…)


No. 1080151

Ohhhhhh this is so good. It’s like Christmas morning.

No. 1080155

Someone make a new erin thread(nope)

No. 1080157

no fucking way. wasn’t she just about to kill herself because of lolcow? this shit is straight up malicious, she’s just bullying behind the scenes now. what a gross cow

No. 1080161

File: 1605118694593.jpeg (218.92 KB, 750x1294, 141DE246-4C3A-4D8C-A343-1EF634…)

It’s 100% dead9irl. The account is ALREADY deleted and it’s been less than ten minutes.

No. 1080179

Wtf why did she just incriminate herself more? This is so bizarre. Some of these e-girl cows are bigger orbiters of their frenemies than their actual orbiters.

No. 1080288

lol ok fridge body.
She sounds so defensive. Even /b/ doesn't want her pimple ridden ass and razor burned pussy.
She also has a prolapsed looking asshole kek. No wonder you have to resort to photoshop to look decent

No. 1080315

File: 1605131241648.jpeg (405.2 KB, 1028x2340, F10A0257-6BD1-4646-AD14-85C367…)

Ang3lthigh at it again.
> uploads this ridiculous photo
> acts like it’s real
> tells followers to check her story
> uploads Lilith Levisis style video with the angle really low
> then admits to someone in the comments that “the waist is tuned, the hips are not”
> now deleted comment

Okay thanks Tea for admitting you have hips of a 40 year old women with 6 kids.

No. 1080317

Like anon said, we are keeping Erin in here to keep things on the low. The cowtippers are too frequent when she gets her own thread.

No. 1080322

File: 1605131948079.png (300.86 KB, 500x281, bye.png)

Arisa, anon here. I'm gonna say this straight to you since I know you're stalking this thread like it's your job.

>ur gonna have to try harder to hurt my feelings
No, actually we don't. It takes literally nothing to set you off. You reek of BPDfag and BDD. Girls like you try to an hero when they lose followers. You can't handle criticism, you can't fathom the fact that people don't like you and know you're fake. You despise yourself so much it's palpable. Your little Regina George moments on twitter reaffirm this. You are so incredibly dependent upon your parasocial relationships and empty validation. It's almost too depressing to look at.

>so many girls edit out acne it's normal

Your razor burn and ingrown hairs aren't oopsies or natural, rare blemishes. A few here and there is nothing. You have a colony. You clearly you don't take care of yourself, shave correctly, exfoliate or moisturize. That mini prolapsed asshole tells me you don't know how to wipe or prep for anal correctly either. You're a joke of a porn star and a hack, Arisa. You literally look like a junkie prostitute after a long day on the track.

Also why advertise that your raw footage is up for free on /t/ and /r9k/ if you hate it and are upset that people are shit talking your body? Why self post repeatedly? Could it be that those threads are the only time you feel relevant or desirable? Oh dear. You're either struggling to sell your abysmal home movies or aware the only people willing to give you any attention are robots. Either way, we hope you get well soon. Maybe once you stop lying about everything about yourself, you won't be talked about like this! Crazy. I know.

Saged for cunty ranting. I just can't stand her arrogance and attitude. She thinks she is above everyone and everything here.(nobody cares sperg)

No. 1080328

File: 1605132436594.png (87.7 KB, 453x281, image (1).png)

No. 1080329

the wildest thought for me is that someone would advertise openly and frequently on 4chan, yet somehow expect their paid "content" to not get plastered around everywhere by anon

animu aside, that sites foundation is sharing porn
what did you think was going to happen?

No. 1080330

>She thinks she is above everyone and everything here
lol if that were true she wouldnt be lurking constantly

No. 1080334

I would love an Erin thread but it draws in retards who make exposing pages. They’re literally just using old screenshots from like a year ago on their “tea” or “problematic” pages not to mention the agere ddlg fags who have vendettas with Erin.

No. 1080339

File: 1605134341726.jpeg (232.34 KB, 750x967, 36F472C7-814E-41E5-8666-E64859…)

kek yea let’s talk this out: why did you send pictures of my ass acne to my followers after claiming you wanted to kill yourself because of lolcow? what a nice conversation

No. 1080367

I would love another Erin thread, but she seems a little wiser now. I actually hope she's really doing better, even if it leaves us with no milk.

No. 1080368

What an ass sucker. d9 is a lunatic but this fake social media amicability is manipulative and fucking transparent. She’s really acting like she’s not SEETHING lmao crackheads throw hands you fucking pussy.

No. 1080371

These Erin stans getting bold lately.

No. 1080372

Hey everyone has their favorite cows.

No. 1080374

Erin hasn’t been problematic so I don’t see why she needs a thread. She seemed to change for the better. I think it’s better to focus on Arisa. Toopoor knockoff and Dolores

No. 1080388

i agree with this. she seems better, i don’t see a reason to continue her threads unless she shows shitty and manipulative behaviour again

No. 1080419

File: 1605140076854.jpeg (718.71 KB, 750x1204, 055268FB-7121-4E48-9DBB-EBB01D…)

i don’t understand the motives of the person who runs this account

No. 1080420

What a ridiculous edit. Not even remotely realistic

No. 1080421

It’s probably arisa running this account

No. 1080434

I’m not Arisa. I just find dead9irl really fucking disgusting, fake and pathetic :D

No. 1080435

kek she really looks nothing like her edits

No. 1080436

File: 1605140597172.jpeg (235.55 KB, 750x958, AE3C4A02-099F-46C2-AEFE-91EAB8…)

haley you have never once apologized for any of what you’ve done. all you’ve done is deflect and lie. shut the fuck up.

No. 1080448

Shut the fuck up Hayley. If you actually cared you would’ve owned up to making the thread and apologized.
What’s sad is that if she had just owned up to it when she was caught, apologized and promised to grow, we wouldn’t still be here talking about it and she would still have friends in the community. Literally all of this could have been avoided if she just owned up and apologized.
She’s too much of a rotten snake to care.

No. 1080452

did you just admit to being the cowtipping account?

No. 1080454

Whatever arisa you are just as pathetic as D9

No. 1080457

you're part of the reason this thread is filled with retards, congrats you cowtipping tard

No. 1080461

File: 1605142167823.png (4.37 MB, 1242x2208, 92759980-AC62-45B2-AD38-95F3CE…)

You look like a skeleton arisa. You have no curves or hips…. get over yourself you are equally, if not more, retarded than d9. These selfposts on your exposing page are embarrassing

No. 1080463

This has already been talked about. we both know she’s an obvious skinwalker. Its not an original style but that girl is a skinwalker. Even copied a dumb ass painting that girl made with her mom. This is littlefawnxo levels of weird lol. Just wish she made the same amount of milk as Emalee did.

No. 1080476

File: 1605143384382.jpeg (337.78 KB, 1242x1323, A0BB6B80-E9E6-4DE8-9F77-9B648C…)

This is probably close to how arisa looks like irl without facetune sage for dumb edit

No. 1080477

fucking KEK anon please

No. 1080481

File: 1605143647638.jpeg (349.81 KB, 750x1133, D9843057-D6D9-49C6-8E40-76D4BE…)

This page is literal cancer. They took a meme someone made ITT and added a retarded caption

No. 1080485

Usually deshooped pics are shit but this is actually great! I think you hit the nail on the head with how she actually looks.

No. 1080491

Is Angie even on of now? I thought she would her pics n shit thru dms

No. 1080492

Honestly she doesn’t look THAT different from her other pictures face wise. Her body is definitely edited but her overall features are relatively the same, she has the droopy eyes, the same lips and the chin is usually pretty similar. Some photos her chin is shaved a little more, especially compared to the ones on her boyfriends page, but you can definitely tell it’s still her just without makeup and whatever filter she uses. She’s not as bad as Erin shoops and it’s starting to feel like dead9 or other egirls have some massive vendetta against her. Not even crazy babivamp was criticized this much.

Lots of crap in here feels insanely nitpicky and thread is being overrun by salty egirls picking on girls they’re jealous of.

No. 1080494

File: 1605144827526.jpeg (Spoiler Image,54.44 KB, 640x564, ew.jpeg)

scrotes love leaking these egirl pics on their forums. ew

No. 1080496

File: 1605144926023.jpeg (Spoiler Image,35.2 KB, 580x640, blech.jpeg)


No. 1080497

Ew anon I regret opening that I just ate

Arisa is a pickme who self posts on 4 Chan because apparently her neck beard manlet’s attention isn’t enough to satisfy her. Babivampire got dragged as well but she hasn’t been as milky just an annoying dead beat mom

No. 1080498

File: 1605145026080.gif (8.94 MB, 720x404, E13122B5-BBD5-4E05-821E-074EF4…)

No. 1080523

File: 1605147736032.png (1.4 MB, 1687x2048, Screenshot_20201112-152037.png)

She has a private Instagram page @fangfires

No. 1080529

“private” so i’m guessing she accepts everyone

No. 1080539

Lmao she likes her own posts

No. 1080550

Potatovampire seems like the most pathetic of this horde of generic plain janes with bad make-up spreading their unkempt holes. However, that backne fairy creature has surpassed her for most unfortunate face, so cheer up dear!

No. 1080586

Anisa looks straight up MTF in this picture

No. 1080642

No. 1080662

Anyone know how old d9 is?

No. 1080684

pretty sure she's 20

No. 1080750

I think sugafairy could be attractive if she appeared more clean (Took care the assne and washed her asshole) and didn’t have the basic pseudo goth gamer girl ethot style . Even without editing she just looks ok. Her edited pictures look fake and weird anyways. Not to derail but why do most of these ewhores look so musty in their pictures? Like you can tell they stink and they’re clammy? The nudes from their onlyfans seem so grotesque and frankly I can’t believe people pay for that. Scrotes are dumb

No. 1080756

File: 1605174017720.jpeg (150.91 KB, 960x959, 707571E8-9A8F-4168-A485-858D15…)

>I think sugafairy could be attractive if she appeared more clean (Took care the assne and washed her asshole) and didn’t have the basic pseudo goth gamer girl ethot style
agreed, someone posted this pic of her dressed as a normie a couple threads back and she looks a lot better. if she sorted out her hygiene and started dressing like a respectable person she probably wouldn't have to selfpost on 4chan or pander to incels

No. 1080861

I'm still generally confused over how someone looks so..long.. like her torso is so long and I can't get over how uncanny it is.

No. 1080867

It's the wack editing anon lack of waist on her box slenderman figure makes everything uncanny.

Also why a lot of egirls have assacne? does this come with no selfrespect selling my dignity for attention pack?

No. 1080900

I remember her turning 21 sometime last year

No. 1080907

File: 1605194799011.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, 084C20AB-6ECD-4C1A-8181-F98054…)

From this year. She's definitely under 21 since she got the x on hands for a concert.

No. 1080951

She's under 21? Damn,bitch looks mid twenties

No. 1080959

doesn’t necessarily mean she’s under 21, could’ve gotten marked just bc she didn’t bring an ID

No. 1080979

Doubt that’s the case. Especially with the other friend with x’s. What do you bring everywhere? Phone and wallet.

No. 1081026

File: 1605208284225.png (1.63 MB, 1328x1968, Screenshot_20201113-080705.png)


No. 1081035

File: 1605208780909.jpeg (260.4 KB, 1536x2048, 01C0C553-1F81-4AC3-BD25-38C64D…)

No. 1081039

File: 1605209204291.png (714.12 KB, 1080x1572, Screenshot_20201113-080735.png)

No. 1081054

File: 1605211337365.jpg (516.32 KB, 1080x1440, 20201112_150058.jpg)

Why is she always begging people to respost her photos?

No. 1081059

Saving and sharing photos is the main metric measured on Instagram now. Likes and comments won’t get you featured on discover or promoted by the algorithm. She’s trying to boost her old pics and get featured again.

No. 1081105

its possible though. I do not bring my id anywhere.

No. 1081120

>>1080492 took the words right outta my mouth…she's not even that milky and people here have a weird hate boner for her, I suspect other salty e-girls

No. 1081161

the only milk that comes from her is her responding to this website. other than that what do you have? she edits her body? big deal what popular influencer doesn't. who doesn't know.

No. 1081163

File: 1605223837544.png (487.86 KB, 750x1334, F86C515B-8F02-44F0-8AB0-9869C0…)

didn’t babivampire post the same exact thing KEK. the amount of gaslighting from these girls is genuinely angering me. we’re not creating a false narrative you fucking retard, we actually have the proof here.

No. 1081171

File: 1605225139864.jpeg (437.84 KB, 1227x1878, 775ED6B9-1064-45B5-8CA4-7F3369…)

She shared it 3 times in a row on her story, she’s so desperate for attention it’s depressing. She been doing promo-for-promos with other e girls too.
Not sure if they’re just unaware she made a thread talking shit about their kind, or if they just believed her lies about it.

Sharing the actual post because her caption was tacky as fuck. Yeah Hayley, because abuse is so aesthetic.

No. 1081209

>self posts her porn and selfies to 4chan
>one post is literally "my wife doesn't do it for me but she does"
>21 but refers to herself as a "teen" in her selfposts
>stalks lolcow to see her posts
>makes petty tweets about other cows
>complains about the drama she inserted herself into
>continues to publicly talk about and roast d9
>does fake bigger-person-bs by publicly making it known shes trying to have a heart to heart with d9 and just stop the Girl Hate
>lied about photoshopping until she was outed, then she admitted to it
>later says she's done shooping and is just posting videos of her natural body and face
>anons and others confirm she was continuing to use a body slimming filter in one of her tiktoks after just saying she wasn't
>came out publicly AGAIN saying she does photoshop but not to the point where it actually looks really different
>obvious fucking lie
>outs herself in her own porn
>upset when people share screencaps of her porn that she knows was leaked
>frequently deletes her milky tweets when she realizes what box she just opened
>calls everyone with any critique jealous of her face or body


No. 1081210

EXACTLY. she’s the most entertaining cow we have right now besides dead9irl.

No. 1081231

do you have proof It was a self post though. im not saying it wasn't. im just asking is there proof that was a self post. because everything you listed is just as I said the only milk she has is her responding to this thread.

No. 1081255

What’s up with all sugarfairy white knights?? It’s not even subtle editing her waist doesn’t look like that irl. She outed herself in her shitty homemade porn.

No. 1081268

the /r9k/ self posts are all 404'd now. some posts about her on /s/ and /t/ still exist. a /pol/ one popped up when i googled it but the yuki.la link was broken. theres a screencap of the "my wife doesn't do it" post. even the scrotes could tell it was not-so-covert promotion. lurk more.

No. 1081282

Agreed. Sug4rfairy white knights are just other instathots who feel personally attacked because they're just as milky. That, or anons are still loyal because she got ~boolied~ by babyweight and consequently dropped by to spill some minor milk when she wasn't busy defending herself and sperging out all over social media.

No. 1081287

File: 1605239572630.jpg (450.85 KB, 1080x1682, 20201112_225210.jpg)

No. 1081289

good gravy just get a job. damn

No. 1081292

jesus christ.

No. 1081294


E-begging for money bc she blew all her money on piecings, an ugly tattoo and other miscellaneous crap instead of budgeting until the next pay period.

Fucking kek.

No. 1081311

i wish this mf would condition her hair. just once, i beg.

No. 1081320

walmart skateboard put her over budget? kek wtf she doesn't respond to anyone why does she think people will just give her free money?

No. 1081333

out of all the problems she has she can’t manage to hop in the shower and use conditioner. Her hair is continuously looking like shit but she doesn’t improve it despite her looks being arguably the best feature she has to offer? What does it mean when the only egirl cow who doesn’t take better care of herself than you is sugarf4iry.

No. 1081353

maybe she needs the $20 for conditioner and not weed like i suspect

No. 1081369

File: 1605247846269.jpg (124.48 KB, 763x741, goblina.jpg)

Someone thought Erin "Bells" Painter's reactivated account is someone catfishing as her and this bitch just had to whine to her followers. She said she has no accounts herself on @angrwy. She didn't even bother to cover that person's name properly, maybe she expects her braindead orbiters to attack them. So much for "I don't want drama uwu"

She also reactivated @puppygrl and has a new twitter handle

No. 1081372

No one wants your shitty selfposts and samefags , fuck off.
Stop making new threads this is the same 3 clout chasers posting over and over, take it to instagram you are all shockingly boring.

No actual farmers asked for this but mods are gone I guess.

No. 1081375

File: 1605248827587.jpg (56.07 KB, 750x562, hoesmad.jpg)

No. 1081388

File: 1605253358694.png (692.49 KB, 750x1334, 78CE763F-FA33-4B94-86AA-5E3F39…)

when is she not screeching about her body to her followers

No. 1081389

Oh my god, i had no idea this idiot started using Instagram again.

No. 1081391

>Her appearance is the best thing she has to offer
>foot face and fridge bod
Damb babivampire should really go get a talent. Or maybe go be a mom

No. 1081392

Really hoping that she will slowly get more comfortable and slowly start craving more internet attention to the point that she will start being milky again.

No. 1081399

File: 1605255266715.jpeg (Spoiler Image,173.98 KB, 750x1224, 655EEC5C-A9F7-40B3-A6D3-CAFF9D…)

erin’s fat skinwalker deactivated her accounts since erin is back, however i have a lot of her bs saved kek

No. 1081407

File: 1605258364698.jpg (306.24 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201113-005614_Ins…)

Holy. Fuck. Ang3lthigh is legit a fucking pedophile, I thought it was just people with vendettas making shit up. She even went as far as guilting her ex for exposing her for being a fucking pedophile. Imagine being such a piece of shit that you think your trauma justifies victimizing children. That is literally how predators excuse their behavior. Somebody report her to the authorities, what in the actual fuck. I can't believe this cunt has the nerve to bitch about activism and being sexualized while SEXUALIZING FUCKING CHILDREN AND GOING AS FAR AS TO TRY TO JUSTIFY IT.(not your personal army)

No. 1081409

this is old and report her to authorities yourself

No. 1081411

no offense but… where have you been? This has already been shared and discussed in the previous thread multiple, and the beginning of this thread.
Please sage your posts if you have nothing to contribute.

No. 1081432

i know this is old but i don't think it's legit, the convo between ang3l and the bf feels staged and the screenshot itself that was sent looks fake as shit

No. 1081441

File: 1605266132506.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3465x3462, 3863E6E8-B223-4BDA-98F3-EDFBBB…)

Erin posted these on @puppygrl as well, seems like she actually got a nose job kek

No. 1081452

I'm cackling at how her mother paid for her spoiled daughter to get a nose job and Erin describes it like she's recovering from a non-elective surgery and needs pity points for the swelling or not being able to breathe. It wasn't mandatory to spend your mother's money on cosmetic surgery.

No. 1081465

not gonna lie the nose job looks really good, hopefully she doesn't fuck it up during the healing process like a lot of cows who get plastic surgery tend to.

No. 1081471

name changes are public record in the US

No. 1081478

It’s weird, although she’s younger, I can see “Bells” taking better aftercare than a cow like PnP who also just had someone rhinoplasty work (redo)

No. 1081488

She probably stays in all day playing video games, doesn't party or do stupid shit that puts her in danger. She'll be fine.

No. 1081492

plus her mom paid for it, so there's a good chance she didn't end up getting some back alley nose job that would inevitably get infected

No. 1081524

damn she really came back just to show off her nosejob lol

No. 1081572

Funny how she's still doing ana-chan poses in the bath "look how thin i am" kek, thought this cow changed but guess not.

No. 1081578

File: 1605287851511.jpg (127.53 KB, 598x850, IMG_E4993.JPG)

Samefag, saged for horrible photo, apologies. But does this bitch really think anyone believes she's a uwu smol thin baby

No. 1081587

She said literally nothing about being smol thin baby girl kek? The Erin saga was one of my favorites, but curb your non-contributions anachan.

No. 1081601

> >1081587
Uh maybe not in this post but are you sure you read her threads? Literally all her giant goblin ass talked about was being an uwuw wittle baby

No. 1081937

Yes, I have. Stop drudging up old milk on unrelated posts it makes you look retarded. If she starts sperging about being ~uwu tiny~ again, fair enough. Otherwise this comes off as such a baseless nitpick made in desperation for Erin to start being milky again.

No. 1081941

File: 1605322598620.jpeg (Spoiler Image,542.94 KB, 750x1294, 66129918-56A5-4743-9F85-F76E35…)

sage for no real milk, but kek at dead9irl’s most recent twitter likes being from a patriarchy porn page. reposted because i didn’t add a spoiler

No. 1081944

File: 1605322804521.png (3.32 MB, 750x1334, 774806A3-327D-4DE2-A98E-017141…)

Because we were all just waiting to send a scammer some money

No. 1081950

she already unliked all of it

No. 1081952

File: 1605323391713.webm (Spoiler Image,5.54 MB, 720x720, myearsarebleeding.webm)

In the subject of dead9irl's twitter, what the fuck did I just witness? Fair warning, don't click this in a public setting…

No. 1081954

File: 1605323778988.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, 4889FF7A-A147-4C30-867E-07D9B4…)

Erin definitely sent this to herself, kek.

No. 1081958

lord that's terribly awkward

No. 1081959

>sanrio hoes
They've existed on Tumblr since, like, 2012.

No. 1081964

Saw this and laughed so hard. Especially when her whole account was her recreating other girls photos lmao even their dumb photo descriptions she stole

No. 1081991

They've existed in suburban malls since 1992

No. 1081992

File: 1605327246552.jpeg (390.27 KB, 828x1473, 35B2890E-AF7C-41AC-A1B3-6DEB6D…)

people have to keep cowtipping

No. 1082002

File: 1605327946631.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, AD6FEEF2-F684-4F79-9540-314A26…)

We have more than enough proof that she doesn’t even do them the same day, and won’t even reply after payment half the time. I call shenanigans. People have the right to ask when their shit is posted

No. 1082021

File: 1605329978816.png (3.72 MB, 750x1334, 350F0DA6-F369-4EBC-A96B-3EC943…)


And if you weren’t sure she lurked, she definetly does. This was posted 30 minutes after i posted the original screencap

No. 1082026

Stop derailing, use the proper Erin thread.

No. 1082027

“0 bad intentions”
Are pedos who scam teenage girls on instagram actually allowed to say this? Is ang3lthigh good in the head?

No. 1082035


I just hate how she’s trying to act like none of that shit ever happened, we have all the screencaps here. It is very clear she is not trustworthy when it comes to money or any business, it’s always “mUH ANxiaTEH” or some other bullshit if she can’t fulfill orders

No. 1082137

File: 1605359637960.png (2.04 MB, 1385x2048, Screenshot_20201115-020720.png)

"uwu forget that I self posted on 4chan and ranted about how I can easily bait lolcow"

No. 1082147

It’s her personality of the week uwu
She’s so sweet and quirky gamer!!1! She would never do that

No. 1082227

Anyone who does that post with the fingers is mentally deficient. It's like the e-girl version of doing a fortnite dance.

No. 1082236



Sage for lack of contribution but these are some really retarded nitpicks and the way its worded is pure autism.

The farmer who said this thread is slowly being overrun by salty e-girls vendetta posting other egirls that they personally dislike and are jealous of was right bc besides responding to lolcow and allegedly self posting on 4chan, this girl isn't that milky or interesting.

No. 1082269

every thread has been like this, the girls rotate on who's messier. you can go WK in the discord.

No. 1082299

Stop kissing sugarfairys greasy ass, no boomers would talk like how she shills her onlyfans on /b/

No. 1082334

Anons agreed that we wanted to keep her in here. She’s not even milky enough to have her own thread? How is this derailing?

No. 1082364

Farmhands orders!

New Erin Thread -

Please post any Erin related milk in here from now on!

No. 1082366

Why is there a new thread she hasn’t done anything milky?? I don’t think posting about her nose job is milk. She’s just privileged. Good for her. She’s changed for the better. Not even white knighting but why the new thread???

No. 1082370

Farmhands said to post in her thread and the old one was locked. Scroll up

No. 1082372

There’s nothing else to add is what I’m saying

No. 1082436

Why tf is every post about erin getting hardcore white-knighted?

No. 1082486

its not wk its nobody here cares about her. shes clogging up the thread. thats why she had her own thread.

No. 1082487

Old milk? Unrelated? Its literally the reason she has threads for and why anon made the comment. Clearly she wants to look thin with her “gap” and maybe she didn’t specifically say it that’s the point and if you looved the Erin saga so much why you made shes back and anons wanna comment on it foh. No one looks retarded but you wking

No. 1082821

File: 1605440420452.jpg (487.39 KB, 1056x1860, Screenshot_20201115_113846.jpg)

Apologies if this is the wrong thread but anybody know what happened to puppyspit? Came back from an insta break and she seems to have sadly passed away.

No. 1082953

Her profile looks like John Lennon here, fucking kek.

No. 1082969


Her account has been taken over by a hacker since October, she hadnt really communicated with anyone on Instagram since. She died during the beginning of March, she struggled a lot with self harm and was an addict. Her family hasn’t shared how she passed away so i think it’s better to leave it alone. Her hacker still has the account and has been selling her nudes for money for the past year. The parents said not to scrub the account because they don’t want the pictures deleted.

No. 1082976

WTF. Must be horrible for the parents if it's true.

No. 1082985

Man not to clutch my pearls but how fucked of a person do you have to be to make your living selling the nudes of a dead girl you’re impersonating.

No. 1082990

She was a stupid junkie whore lmao who cares(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1082995

Fuck off, scrote

No. 1082997

That's crazy.. I feel bad for her family.

No. 1083001

weird when you can just save the pictures. Be better to delete even if that weren't possible

No. 1083205

is this supposed to be funny or are you trying to pass this off as Tea posting herself in blackface?

No. 1083218

press x to doubt lmao. did you think any of us were retarded enough to believe this? first off, it’s a combination of the snapchat text and instagram location filter.

No. 1083221

yea no shit it’s from camera roll retard

No. 1083223

do you honestly think that’s a real post? i don’t think the people questioning it are as retarded as you

No. 1083242

just because i don’t believe something completely ridiculous is hers means i’m her? that’s obviously a fake post is all i’m saying. ang3lthigh is still a scamming pedobaiting shooping piece of shit, criticize her for things that are real. that post is just very obviously fake.

No. 1083254

Is this some stupid girl jealous of tea?

No. 1083259

File: 1605483537457.png (3.9 MB, 750x1334, 9C401785-8C90-4236-85E9-51F8BD…)

I was 13 when I was raped by Tea!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1083261

please fuck off newfag. i know you think you’re funny posting fake milk and shit you think is funny but it’s annoying and clogs up the thread.

No. 1083262

You really just sit here constantly refreshing this thread all day

No. 1083285

NTAYRT, so instead of compiling evidence or a case and taking it to a public place like an ig profile or google doc…. you're editing her in blackface and making her fat then spamming lolcow? Believable. I'm sure this is totally going to give you the justice you seek.

No. 1083650

File: 1605521698943.png (477.97 KB, 750x1334, 5BB3A8A0-356D-428A-AF57-C05E68…)

Isn’t it like 5:00 AM where she lives?

No. 1083737

Who cares, she’s a fat, crusty hair having ass, deadbeat momma. All she does is play online, it’s not shocking she posts at all hours of the day

No. 1084025

File: 1605556337419.jpg (86.52 KB, 750x1066, 125413149_418987035941203_3973…)

Why would you go get blackout sloppy drunk at a bar in the USA when you know that they're topping 100k infected each day…… just drink at home. She doesn't care that she could potentially infect and kill people just cause she wanted to have her ~uwu 21st bar experience~
Dumb fucking bitch.

No. 1084080

File: 1605561161142.jpeg (287.41 KB, 750x1185, E423846C-C01C-4097-8268-14F123…)

She claims to not support Art Theft yet keeps wearing those shorts that is stolen art. SHE EVEN POSTED ABOUT IT saying she felt ~uwu bad~

No. 1084092

File: 1605562126424.jpeg (216.28 KB, 750x1204, F265FDBD-90B6-420B-9F71-74EA3E…)

nyabeat has returned

No. 1084103

why is nyabeat so popular anyway? because of that dancing tiktok?

No. 1084194

i’m not sure thats her actually

No. 1084373

i checked the page. It doesnt seem to be nyabeat just a chick with a similar aesthetic who kinda looks like her. The art she posted seems kind of different from nyabeats style (from what i remember)

No. 1084533

File: 1605614089152.jpeg (30.05 KB, 268x293, 0AFD9690-0102-4E6B-9328-60F7C8…)

samefag here, guess i’m retarded. i only took a quick glance and saw the drain filter and the name and thought that’s her. she also comes up when you look up nyabeat which is weird. enjoy the unshooped picture i found on her 4chan thread

in other news, toopoorskincrawler either got deleted or they deactivated themselves

No. 1084555

File: 1605616753622.jpeg (341.45 KB, 750x1186, 33AA8576-58C0-4CF0-8AC8-C541BA…)

turns out this nyabeat shit is a lot more strange, retarded, and convoluted than i could have anticipated. these fucks made an entire carrd and document about the whole thing.



No. 1084995

they went through all that effort like anyone even gives a fuck

No. 1085014

File: 1605656566221.png (503.43 KB, 1776x844, jesfkzjfnkjzefze.png)

I sent this ask to dead9irl last week. She did not respond. Sent her another one saying thanks for confirming your internalized misogyny and participation to r*pe culture. She ignored it massively too.

Among all the things she did, acting the way she does for the sake of promoting "hard kinks" is, by far, the worst. Dead9irl, you can be a sex worker without promoting such harmful values. Your behavior is only sexy to sick pedo incels.

Saged because nothing new, sadly

(sorry for awkward phrasing, I'm not a native)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1085082

Cow tipping is against the rules, and you don’t have to censor the word “rape” this isn’t twitter.

No. 1085107

she must be real important to you for u to have to write this much about nothing

No. 1085158

You are part of the reason this website has gone to shit, please kindly crawl back to Twitter where you came from. You'll receive no ass pats here.

No. 1085178


Cowtipping is against the rules, also no one gives a fuck. Go back to twitter.

No. 1085288

Angie spotted

No. 1085501

File: 1605722400020.jpg (586.86 KB, 1080x1873, 20201118_105804.jpg)

Posting photos of her ass online when she has a whole child. Kek

No. 1085509

File: 1605723086744.jpeg (380.14 KB, 1372x1156, F2071B81-9062-4207-ADCB-00A07D…)

that’s just not true

No. 1085533

lmfao i love how she has to hold in her fat gut to try and take pictures.

No. 1085543

Lmao I love that there’s seems to never be any milk on black e-girls(racebait)

No. 1085554

Micky exists

No. 1085567

It's probably a different demographic that cares about that. According to admin we are all rich white women.

No. 1085583


No. 1085584

I'm sure there's milk, it's just that no one cares. And they seem to have less followers than white e girls.

No. 1085614

Because they aren’t as popular as white egirls. (And there aren’t as many) A lot of egirl style is inspired by Kawaii culture/K-beauty (Asians in general do not favor dark skin) and gothic/emo stuff and there are barely any black people who subscribe to those types of fashion. Why would anyone wanna wear a harajuku outfit and be called a nigger by some Japanese incels on Instagram? kek
I’m sure there are black instabaddies with milk but no1curr enough to make a thread.

This bitch needs to just… cut her hair off and regrow it at this point. It’s so hideous, I can’t believe she doesn’t even try moisturizing it, or putting product that at the very least gives the illusion of it not being dead.

She can say whatever she wants, we all saw the screenshots video of her fucking her manlet bridgetroll husband. That was an entirely different person kek

No. 1085626

micky isnt an egirl stop trying to make yourself happen

No. 1085631


Took the words right out of my mouth anon. Her hair always looks like shit, does she not have the cash to buy a bottle of conditioner and moisturizing products??

No. 1085652

there are no black egirls because black girls know better and have taste

No. 1085780

File: 1605745359485.jpg (Spoiler Image,548.43 KB, 1080x1468, Screenshot_20201119-094856__01…)

>Implying that only other races can have bad taste
I've seen quite a few trashy egirl stereotypes out of the black community, they just don't have the large following. I've found some pretty positive examples too, I much prefer this more "toned down" look as opposed to the staple clown makeup we're used to.

Spoilered because as far as I know these women aren't milky, they're just "egirls" who have larger followings.

No. 1085794

this is racebaiting which is against the rules. however black women aren’t as catty or mentally ill as white women in my experience.(racebait)

No. 1085818

didnt they get hacked or something? maybe that was theyre old account

No. 1085823

this doesn't say Egirl imo. its missing aliexpress clothing, aliexpress jewelry and cheap synthetic wig and cringe facial expression.

No. 1085829

this black girls aren't as popular narrative needs to end anyways. you guys just aren't following them there are many that have just as much followers and support as white girls you just aren't following them

No. 1085898

I'm not trying to push a narrative, there's plenty trashy egirls from all races that don't have massive followings? I used these girls as an example of black women, who use the egirl hashtag, who aren't perceivably trashy and have a large following…

I hope you reflect on why you take issue with my post, especially when I was kindly responding to such pretentious nonsense like this >>1085652 (and am actually in total agreeance with you).

>Calls out racebait
>Ends call out with even worse racebait
The absolute state of this thread kek.

No. 1085931

she's a broken record at this point. she's too retarded to keep up with her own lies and she knows that her followers (coomers and kids) don't care at all or even notice. she's boring now.

No. 1086014

nobody cares about your projecting fit. this isn't the place to whine about that really.

No. 1086064

I didn't know Fashion Nova animal print bodycon dresses and acrylic claws were considered good taste, kek.

No. 1086070

File: 1605780840699.jpeg (537.55 KB, 1125x1900, C835337F-E3D3-48A5-8CD0-AFD6AE…)

There‘s a bunch of black egirls with a large following if you bother to look. Your bias is showing. This one has 360k followers.

No. 1086073

makes me sad that she’s shilling for brandy melville but they’ll never post her. trying to find minorities on that instagram page is like a where’s waldo.

No. 1086162

I've seen this girl on twitter, possibly milky. Also the black egirls I've come across are either been on twitter or tik tok and this thread focuses on instagram egirls.

No. 1086169

anyways this racebait is either babivampire trying to distract us or a newbie from one of the exposing ig accounts that uses lolcow screencaps. Or it's one of the invading scrotes. Let's get back on track.

No. 1086185

Nah it’s some black girl making everything about race for some reason and telling everyone off on lolcow
>the melanin heart of Africa qwaaanz could neva!1

No. 1086253

Or I dunno, maybe it’s the knife strapped to her leg??

No. 1086256

File: 1605804010902.jpg (274.41 KB, 1080x1498, Screenshot_20201120-025929__01…)

Idk which it is but they're so bereft of reading comprehension that it's not worth replying. Are they genuinely so new they can't direct their insecurities towards the anon >>1085614 that actually made the assumption kek?

Here's one that will hopefully satiate their hunger, albeit not as intriguing as dead9irl or babivampire.
>Freshly 18
>Another OF casualty
>Cucked boyfriend apparently supports her "work"
>Constantly on the defensive from twitterfags insisting she's blackfishing since gaining a following
>Show multiple photos of her family multiple times
>Twitterfags still pervasive
>Forced to put her race/ethnicity in her bio
>Potentially comes to her senses and deletes onlyfans???
>Gets posted to a meme page on tiktok
>More racesperging ensues until she deletes the app

No. 1086262

File: 1605804550140.jpg (372.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201120-033029.jpg)

>*Gets posted to a meme page on IG
Idk what it is with this girl, but since I've been aware of her people have been chucking a shitfit about her race going back over a year ago.

No. 1086311

File: 1605808417874.jpeg (307.94 KB, 750x1119, 7951DD19-588E-4D1A-98F0-FC0939…)

kek i fucking hate deadhoe. she doesn’t even know the meaning of the word work

No. 1086320

i mean out of the only 3 black girls babivamp follows they easily fit the egirl look

No. 1086342

that reply reeks of jealousy

No. 1086359

File: 1605811934153.png (2.55 MB, 828x1792, A96E54E9-9112-4EDD-8C0F-CAE541…)

I mean she shouldn’t be surprised people think she’s racefaking when she abuses the hell out of filters to make herself look Korean and well… like a white girl with a bad tan. Every other pic has enough filters to make her look like a black Belle Delphine, picrel closer to what she actually looks like ft actual black facial features.

No. 1086394

What does it feel like to have such severe body dysmorphia and sit around shooping your ass and long nose? I can’t stand this tard, she acts like she is poor and while she might be she could very easily save up to get a car

No. 1086402

File: 1605816561512.gif (371.6 KB, 1690x923, step_nie.gif)

sorry, i don't go to this thread, but this came across my twitter, this is boarding on KT Price levels of vanity.
>>self-proclaimed egirl dates a Riot employee
>>Riot employee jokes about making an "awkward egirl" skin for a character
>>she breaks it off because he's moving too fast, he blocks her on socials
>>Seraphine is released this year, she's convinced Riot stole her likeness
>>That Riot employee she dated? Yeah, he hasn't worked for the company in a year and had no sway on creative decisions.


No. 1086410

Also the character is literally based on some Riot guys Chinese finance

No. 1086416

kek, generic pink haired e-thots are a dime a dozen. she probably went out and bought those glasses once she saw the character

No. 1086417

File: 1605817977711.jpeg (546.9 KB, 1242x1343, 97993BE6-E6F5-4B3D-BEF6-B08DA3…)

The character was inspired by this guy’s fiancé lmao

No. 1086418

File: 1605818004374.jpeg (867.03 KB, 1242x1410, E4047D1C-2D64-4936-9E71-D36F0B…)

No. 1086426

What a narcissist.

No. 1086429

It was discussed in artists thread long time ago. Seraphine is Belle Delphine e-thot looking generic e-girl who also appears to be chinese (she even says chinese quotes on korean server). This woman is obsessed with fame to a point where she even showed her Lastname, while Riot Games did not show her name out of respect when they were proofing that she tried to sue them. Idiot got inspired over a tweet about Rioter's wife. The guy she was dating was nothing but a liar, he was working for Riot but not in related department. Beach photos are taken on the same beach because its a beach that is 15min away from Riot Games NA office.

This idiot is convinced that she is the only woman who:
Dyed her hair pink once, loves cats, likes singing and wishes to become a popular singer.
Delusion is on max.

No. 1086431

Also it wasnt an awkward egirl skin, but a joke about "Awkward Ahri" skin which was a meme in Riot Games office. Confirmed by other Rioters.

No. 1086432

Riot just made a pastiche of the kind of woman who streams herself playing League or dates Bay Area engineers. She's based off of probably every single one of their girlfriends lol

No. 1086452

The entitlement is astounding. She literally asked the man she was talking to to make a skin of her, now she “can’t play League anymore” (after mentioning she doesn’t play League anymore) because a character looks like her? Bonus points for the inclusion of her bikini pic in the article for thot-cred. Why does everything need to be about somehow being a victim. Why can’t it be “haha, I look like a league champion! I dated a guy who worked for Riot so haha! She’s totally based on me!! Jk I recognize this is ridiculous!” like a reasonable, mentally stable person would. And why do I want to a-log so bad…

No. 1086473


It's funny that she clearly has no idea how a professional design team functions – most likely, NO individual at Riot has the power to solely make huge design choices on their own. There are multiple people bringing ideas to the table for approval and discussion. The idea that a "Riot boyfriend" can design their gf special skins and characters is such a fantasy. She's as naive as she is self absorbed.

On top of that, it looks like she went through legal channels first and then went public with it after her lawyer got an official response confirming she has no case. So she really saw their "no" and thought, "the public will help me!" Delusional lol

No. 1086516

Right? Like her hearing "awkward Ahri" and thinking that it's about her as if she's the only "awkward" girl in the world just speaks to her narcissism. I doubt from what she posted of their conversations that the guy was seriously trying to imply anything would be based on her, rather than him being a liar it seems like she was just too self obsessed to even understand what he meant.

No. 1086561

is dead9irl retarded? Like no joke… She comes off as braindead and I feel ableist talking about her

No. 1086566

File: 1605831151134.png (3.97 MB, 1435x1473, Capture.PNG)

She looks like a board lol

No. 1086567

File: 1605831230972.jpeg (695.46 KB, 750x1301, E1AB1EFB-1205-442C-A24E-8B01A6…)

hey sug4rshooper, here’s literal proof that you influence young girls to starve themselves all over the internet. you’re disgusting, you know your photoshopped body is impossible and not real, and it’s having real life effects on other people, you virtue signalling twat.

No. 1086569

2007 as fuck in here, looks like she wants to be the next jeffery star/myspace queen

No. 1086571

File: 1605832019654.jpeg (727.57 KB, 2048x1687, 2EFBFD8A-EEDF-400F-BD02-5FAFCA…)

the photoshop f4iry is at it again, sperging all over twitter the entire day.

No. 1086573

File: 1605832115092.jpeg (349.92 KB, 750x1060, 938465EB-159E-40EE-A7DA-7864AA…)

does anyone know what she’s talking about or her real name? i can’t find anyone “leaking her name” anywhere.

No. 1086585

Don't flatter her, anon. That's exactly what she's going for lol.

No. 1086591

Everybody photoshops lol you have to be mildly retarded to care. Whoever is posting about her is obviously a sad lolcow themselves

No. 1086607

>How could you not tell I was going to turn out like this
Uhm, maybe it's because you were evidently a massive normie, and then did a 180 along with thousands of other thots when Belle Delphine became popular. It seems like she feigns all her interests as well going by her anime/game taste. It's all recent, entry level stuff to build that "not like the other girls" persona.

No. 1086613

Haha, and who is this gatekeeper? So sad.

No. 1086618

> retarded newfag is retarded
makes sense. ntayrt but learn how to sage.

No. 1086622

She looks like a wanna be mashup of audrey kitching and jamie xtc

No. 1086623

She cute tho

No. 1086624


Lmao anyone who is influenced by stranger online to starve themselves to look just like them should have their access to the internet revoked because they're either a special type of really fucking retarted or they've never stepped outside and seen what other humans look like.

That said, no1curr about her photoshopping her body or the fact that she denys it. Its not milk and its definitely coming off as a salty e-girl vendetta.

No. 1086633


No. 1086636

It's probably Dead9irl lol she's so sad

No. 1086639

File: 1605837007397.png (3.49 MB, 1242x2208, DA751A4F-D938-43AA-AD92-4CDF36…)

@_ani is posting again. her editing is so terrible, i can’t be the only witness to this

No. 1086692

you newfags are all fucking RETARDED. please go back to twitter because the way some of you newfags speak is so aggressively autistic. if you’re going to come from all the cowtipping on instagram, don’t come or at least learn how to use the website.

Was that really so hard?

No. 1086701

Scene queens were phased out for a reason. I think its them trying to appeal to neckbeards from that age.

No. 1086720

Ntayrt but this is fresh milk, you seem defensive

No. 1086748


>I WAS STILL ALT like i tried to sneak it in the pictures too w that choker

lol does she not know that literally every basic white chick dressed like that (big ugly glasses and generic choker) in 2014-2015?

No. 1086810

lmfao true, my bad

No. 1086832


How exactly is this fresh milk? A new fag who more likely than not is some egirl with a personal vendetta or a jilited former follower of her's posting about her shooping her body, sperging on twitter when its brought up and going on an autistic spurge bc ~muh young girlz body image issues~? Not to mention most of her responses are the result of cowtipping.

You new fags don't even try to hide your vendetta torwards this chick. Kek

No. 1086834

Can these retards stop doing that autistic spacing thing because it makes your post history incredibly obvious. I'm being lazy only going back 5 days but there's multiple anons here giving themselves away.

You've already sperged about this thread being nitpicky/muh photoshop, which I don't necessarily disagree… I'm just curious why you're capeing for sug4rfairy in particular? Her photoshop and 4chan selfposting is definitely milky. Firstly, she flip flops between denial and admission everytime she gets caught out and then goes on lengthy twitter rants about "muh boolies" or "muh body dysmorphia". And secondly she quite literally larped as a boomer who's wife isn't doing it for him anymore to sell her porn to literal 4chan coomers (and even they didn't buy it kek). If you want to keep sperging about integration, maybe take your own advice suspicious-chan.

No. 1086836

Nobody has a vendetta against sug4rfairy. No one knew about her until Babiweight brought her up in thread #2 anyway. She is a cow who constantly has autistic twitter spergs while trying to convince us, her followers, her scripted, and herself that she actually looks like her photoshopped body. It’s funny and definitely cow worthy material.

No. 1086837


Its newfags like all of you that are the reason this thread is going to shit.

Take your asses back to twitter or go back to lurking. Reading your posts is giving me a damn headache.

No. 1086839

All your posts read as such an obvious larp "new fag". See >>1086834 and I encourage the actual farmers here to peruse this retards post history.

No. 1086845

Why tf did you include me? >>1086810
Stupid cunt, you're the one shitting the thread up now.

No. 1086856

I think the point anon is making is to post something milky, since the recent posts about her are newfags who are fixated on the fact that she photoshops and won't admit it.

Photoshoping your photos and denying it is typical snowflake behaviour, its not major milk and if thats all the milk you've got on her, then she's fucking boring and the constant posts come off as a vendetta. Its also clear this thread is becoming a haven for twitter fags and e-girls who want to anonymously shit on other e-girls that they're jealous of. Most of you dont even know how to sage and the way you type is a dead give away.

No. 1086857

literally i already had made basically the exact same post as them here >>1086692 but showing them how to sage and this person with their retarded reddit spacing is sperging again. anon >>1086837 is an lolcow.

No. 1086871

File: 1605845352694.png (2.11 MB, 750x1334, 6667A41E-CE64-419E-B70D-133F6D…)

kek memories of babivampire

No. 1086896

I thought I remembered your post anon. Wasn't sure if it was in this thread or not though. We're literally overrun by retarded lolcows trying to subvert conversation by robotically using "the lingo".

Click the number on the post you're responding to before going on a tangent and calling people newfags, pulltard. Also, if you'd kindly analyse the reddit spacing fag you're defending's post history you'd realise they're one of the cows, or a sugarf4iry simp. I don't disagree we've got low effort jealous posters in the mix either.

No. 1086902

thats kind of what is great about this thread though because sooner or later one of them will accidentally drop a hint exposing who they are and will get their posts marked again like babiyvamp.

No. 1086927

Jafar Starfish is that you?

No. 1086943

Lmao newfag spotted

No. 1087260

im not new and I agree. photoshop is not new or interesting news. this thread is on some broken record shit also. I do love how the actual cows are in here fighting and taking the beef from here to their actual accounts though

No. 1087276

File: 1605904102437.jpeg (274.81 KB, 1372x1372, 4DF19AAD-DB1F-47A9-95B0-2C4D5C…)

she’s still going on about this

No. 1087354

File: 1605907901982.jpeg (129.91 KB, 640x640, 25471DA5-84EC-40AF-8AAC-ECECCD…)

Why is she so ugly with the attitude of a hot girl? Who repeatedly lied to this woman?

No. 1087363

what part of her attitude is hot girl. someone who knows what they are about wouldn't even respond to that

No. 1087428


which is why this screams insecurity and anger issues lmao. her constant urge to respond to hate on the internet despite the fact that its harmless AND wont go away no matter what she says never fails to amuse me. and that pretty much goes for all instagram ethots tbh lol

No. 1087434

someone needs to ask y she left her kid

No. 1087452

wow that's pathetic.

that girl looks kind cute in some pics, and potato in others.

No. 1087543

so sorry anon(s) that outing a few cows photoshop triggers you! it may be jarring at first for some, but not everyone is trying to portray themselves online as an airbrushed imvu avatar. it's pretty lulzy behavior for these girls to insist their shoop is akin to reality whilst attacking each other publicly (or anonymously, evidenced by last thread) for doing the same shit. complaining about farmers posting these shoops is so bizarre when every thread in /snow/ has more or less this same content. >>1086567 and >>1086571 are great examples of comical shoop, it really looks like sug4rfairy went to the character customization screen and decided it was time to switch up the gangly flesh elf aesthetic and give alternative dwarven hooker a try.

No. 1087569

yup, and it's also ironic how most of them are always preaching about self confidence and self love and all that shit, yet then proceed to turn around and photoshop their pics to hell and back lmao

No. 1087577

this thread really is full of twitterfags. read the rules and don’t encourage cowtipping

No. 1087587

how do u know the person who shared the screenshot isnt cowtipping lol anyone who ends up not following rules thats on them anyways(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1087596

difference is, they’re not bragging about it if they are, newfag

No. 1087598

No, anons who don’t follow the rules ruin the fun for everyone else. So if you’re not going to follow them, fuck off back to Twitter.

No. 1087717

You sound like you are 15 years old. Get off the internet before you get groomed into becoming one of these whores .

No. 1087807

File: 1605965384016.png (367.54 KB, 500x480, granny.png)

No. 1088077

File: 1605989327041.jpeg (406.42 KB, 828x813, 8EEE7EF2-2D35-4060-B7AE-F6E0C9…)

how DARE her try to pass this off as real

No. 1088204

i dont understand how anybody could find that even mildly attractive. looks fucking horrendous

No. 1088408

File: 1606012660123.jpg (17.1 KB, 300x214, kim-kardashian-plastic-surgery…)

That 90° angle from her waist to her hip should be considered a crime.

No. 1088504

File: 1606024974288.jpeg (595.36 KB, 750x1301, 1F2FAC38-DF01-482F-A94D-BA360F…)

she constantly gets posted on 4chan. i can’t tell if it’s scrotes or her at this point

No. 1088560

Who is this for? Like, who is the target audience for images like this?

No. 1088747


People who are sexually attracted to legos.

No. 1088768

Reeks of self post kek

No. 1088820

Its her for sure. Her followers are mostly other egirls, teenage girls and random burner /private accounts. Girls don't pay for her OF, they just hate stalk or kiss her ass to get follows. Teens don't have the kind of money lifestyle she wants. She doesn't care about a one time $3 sub, she wants depressed neets who will continually pay no matter what the rate. She wants desperate coomers. I doubt she makes any sales through her social media. She probably is cornered and forced to beg on 4chan through self posts and bait her discord users. Well, that and baiting on tiktok in lingerie like a fucking groomer.

No. 1088849

File: 1606073831620.jpg (2.06 MB, 1920x2560, 20-11-22-11-35-54-908_deco.jpg)

Wasn't sure if she should go here or the photoshop thread but grrlmold is kind of milky
>claims she never/rarely edits her pics or "only changes the eye shadow a little" when her nose and other features are constantly inconsistent
>posts gifs talking about how she didn't use a filter when she clearly does
>accuses anyone who criticizes her of being her "stalker", some other girl with the same egirl hair and the same basic "cute but creepy" aesthetic
Why do girls lie about this so much? Who dk they think they're fooling, themselves?

No. 1088862

Ah, Olivia. I’ve been following her for awhile, mostly for her old Stalker saga. She did in fact have a legitimate stalker for years (some past users of the stalker were cozimold and tiredmoogle iirc, they haven’t been very active in the past few months as far as I can tell though) They doxxed her and her husband many times, and have went out of their way to harass their family members and irls, even tried to file false claims with CPS. Stalker saga was pretty milky but Olivia herself is boring as fuck

No. 1088885

Yeah Olivia seems kind of literally-who for the most part but I still find it funny how people will ask her if she edits and she just blatantly lies when you can see her nose/face change in pics (iirc bottom left is her most recent) and it's isn't just "the magic of makeup"
She also does that classic egirl thing of posting "video proof" when everyone knows you can edit your features in videos…it's so weird

I feel legitimately bad for her if all that stuff about her stalker is true but it's not any excuse to wave off people calling you on your lies and bring up having had a stalker for pity

No. 1088903

i used to follow olivia a while back, she’s always edited a bunch but aside from that she’s not milky.

No. 1088904

*eye shape
not eye shadow

No. 1088941

File: 1606079871816.jpg (186.11 KB, 1440x1440, mcnessie2.jpg)

Emily looks interesting these days. Not quite an e-girl, more just a general Instathot but her lip injections have gone AWOL the same way anzujaamu's have. They really make naturally very pretty, youthful girls like botched, washed up old actresses.

No. 1088942

File: 1606079895101.jpg (221.79 KB, 1440x1440, mcnessie1.jpg)

No. 1088955

File: 1606080851530.png (1.56 MB, 2560x1440, anzu1.png)

Samefag, it's harder to tell on photos, but Anzu's are swollen in a manner that looks painful

No. 1088956

File: 1606080880849.png (1.94 MB, 2560x1440, anzu2.png)

No. 1088961

File: 1606081259883.jpg (66.27 KB, 600x471, laughing_and_pointing_emoticon…)

>"what would you do to this slutty egirl?"
>"tell her to fix her eyebrows"

No. 1088970

>admits to using filters which enlarge eyes
>I don't edit

What does she think edit means?

No. 1088996

She probably thinks it means to change her face shape, nose, lips etc….which she also does
>"I don't know how I'd be able to edit my jaw it would make everything warped" lmao girl….your jaw DOES look weirdly wobbly and warped in some of your pics

Why do egirls think people/their followers are this fucking retarded?

No. 1089019

File: 1606084581627.jpg (1.15 MB, 2560x2560, 20-11-22-14-32-28-355_deco.jpg)

She isn't ugly by any means but she's far from what she edits herself to look like. She looks like she has a cleft chin here but I can't tell if it's the filter, still this feels like the closest thing to a candid, but all of her pictures and videos are filtered or edited to some degree. Not abnormal but kind of silly thing to lie about repeatedly.

Supposedly she and her husband have a child and she doesn't work.

No. 1089138

File: 1606094846893.jpeg (2.33 MB, 3024x4030, FDBEAC3F-5121-4D97-ADB3-E48253…)


No. 1089145

Lurk more newfag. Also this reeks of selfpost.

No. 1089147

some facebook nobody being an edgelord isn't milk

No. 1089155

i follow her on facebook. absolute self post. this dyke is always spouting offensive shit for attention. not milky.

No. 1089227

File: 1606103874189.png (433.34 KB, 809x577, 1245635.png)

Arisa posting her real body

No. 1089246

she’s also racist (but presents herself like she’s not) and talks shit about all of her so-called friends behind their back. used to be friends with her but not anymore

No. 1089256

Good for her. Not wk, just glad to see one of them post something closer to their authentic selves

No. 1089265

Do you have receipts anon? Not hard to believe since she obviously fakes her appearance but it would still be nice to have proof

No. 1089443

what you mean she has a husband? how old is she?

good for her tbh

No. 1089801

No wonder she shoops, her body is a literal plank

No. 1090189

File: 1606209223001.jpg (424.08 KB, 1540x2048, EnkceV9WEAA_v4Y.jpg)

Nevermind. She removed the post on her insta and twitter and posted this lol

No. 1090192

Fuck this. It’s so annoying to see people come clean then hop right back into it. Like how distorted is your self image and worth to be like this?! I guess we’ll just continue to give people eating disorders and lie

No. 1090203

I hope she gets called out for torso harvesting, she’s not even consistent.

No. 1090226

So, she's rectangular with a chubby face, but she's been faking a super-skinny pear shape and a sharp/model-tier jawline?

No. 1090387

She deleted the video but when I was watching it last night her hands were getting pixely when she put them by her hips .

No. 1090463

File: 1606241855754.jpeg (505.9 KB, 750x1204, E2674123-81E7-4632-93D6-7B5178…)

pedobaiting fuck wearing a pacifier. ew

No. 1090471

Yes. She has a beanpole body, no curves and a soft jaw. Also her eyes aren’t naturally light or pulled upward at all iirc. In her OF content she had no filters on or contacts and it was pretty clear her face is waaay more round and has flat brown eyes. Very average through and through.


If she did she would never stop. Her delusions and BDD are so rampant she would just be PNP 2 lol

No. 1090479

TBH adult wearing pacifier makes me think instantly of MDMA users and techno parties, not pedo pandering.

No. 1090486

In the 90s/00s, totally. But e-girls and ddlg/pedo pandering go hand in hand

No. 1090491

i'd give her the benefit of the doubt if i hadn't already seen the kind of degenerate shit she posts on twitter

No. 1090813

right, but she’s sitting alone in her dark room sucking a dummy that says ‘kitten’, so that’s quite obviously not what’s occurring here

No. 1090880

File: 1606263093234.jpeg (Spoiler Image,272.03 KB, 1337x1150, D72AA663-F299-4398-BB96-8EE79A…)

Speaking of her Twitter, this is from a video D9 posted. She looks so weird. Spoiler for gross fridge body.

No. 1090884

the audacity of always calling other degen egirls fat when she's not even that skinny herself

No. 1090915

i do but i don’t want to post them because it’ll give away who i am and she is such a nasty person that she will probably start a witch hunt for me with all of her followers. we were friends for a while so she knows all my info. you’ll just have to take my word for it. i could name a lot of her friends that are super “alt right” types, but don’t seem so from the outside. yet in their private conversations are literal nazis (not just using the buzzword, i know a couple of her friends have a big thing for nazi aesthetics.) and say the n-word freely and look up to nazis like varg and more vocal right wing ppl from the facebook community. it’s crazy how two faced these people are, presenting lib on the outside and even posting blm shit to being racist in private

No. 1091027

Do you think she deleted it because of >>1089801?


No. 1091041

if you used to be her friend does that mean you have candids of her/can you confirm what she edits isn't how she looks?
also I still think you should post receipts just because her being a nazi is more incriminating than you outing her and her mostly lib followers would probably agree.

No. 1091042

also kek Olivia changed her URL back to nauseadoll

No. 1091059

Yeah, nothing against you, but no one's going to take this seriously without evidence.

No. 1091074

don't listen to these people. its not that important to risk outing yourself wether its incriminating or not. unless she is a rapist its not very incriminating that her body looks different than what she posts like anybody doesn't know that already

No. 1091083

The accusation was that she was a nazi/racist. Feels like there's ways to out that without outing yourself. Candids would be the same, it would be funny to see but anyone with eyes can tell she avusea editing/filters though.

No. 1091140

>These people
Literally my post just above you and the anon asking. Why should we assume on blind faith when all zoomers on social media do nowadays is throw around the words nazi and racist? Nothing against the anon who made the claim, it's just illogical to jump to conclusions without evidence.

No. 1091187

yeah i agree i was just saying its not worth outing themselves with news everyone already knows

No. 1091304

>"she's not even that skinny"
You can literally see her ribs.

No. 1091313

kek because she's pushing them out, if you pose like an S obviously you gonna see a little bit of rib, she has a pretty noticeable tummy.

No. 1091327

does she look not skinny to you on her unedited photo? stop acting like a scrote that has never seen a female body.

No. 1091359

She might be skinny but she built like a fridge. Wide ass, long nose ass bitch.

No. 1091372

she’s not skinny or even close to the anachan she wants to be. at my heaviest i could see my ribs if i sat a certain way and i’ve been a fat fuck before. she used to be skinnier in 2019 but seems to have gained a bit of weight since then, i’m assuming from all the weed munchies. you can see the added weight in her face and whole body, she’s certainly not “skinny”.

No. 1091381

Bruh even fatties show rib in that angle. You'd have to be obese to not show ribs

No. 1091412

I feel like that’s the case for all unedited skinny girls

No. 1091414

Very true. It just depends on how you bend your spine to pop out your rib cage

No. 1091436

File: 1606326458230.jpg (343.41 KB, 1242x1679, cow-crossover.jpg)

pedothigh's terrible photoshopped waist is going viral and twitter fags are fighting over whether its shooped or not

are they fucking retarded? I aint never seen a body like this

No. 1091440

she looks bloated like one of those starving African children. You get bloated if you don't/can't eat. Tubby dedgirl needs to stop buying aliexpress clothes and pacifiers and get some healthy food and workout. She looks like a hambeast

No. 1091464

she doesn't even try to make her waist shoops realistic

No. 1091476

It's not difficult to believe even without receipts, if you have some experience hanging around alt-right circles you know that a lot of e-girls flock to them, it's the same unpopular faildaughter phenomenon of e-girls flocking to /r9k/ but on a larger and more evil scale (see @custardloaf and annie from leftthots thread and decapitated bianca devins)

No. 1091487

I’m not trying to be mean, but post screenshots or don’t post at all. No one can just take your word for it.

No. 1091555

File: 1606334780159.png (7.18 MB, 1242x2208, 0E70C0E9-860B-4671-9D05-A2AF59…)

It’s going to be super depressing when her son gets old enough to google her and sees what a fucking wreck she is. Can you imagine seeing your moms Instagram and seeing her get blitzed instead of wanting to take care of you? Poor kid is going to be so fucked up, if he isn’t already.

No. 1091556

Feels bad knowing all of the milk i could give on e-thots and /r9k/ girls. I feel too mean and theyre all the same whores anyway though.

No. 1091573

lol getting high at 3:00 pm on a wednesday as a mother is some crackhead shit
no offence but either show the milk or shut up honestly. saying there might be milk about egirls on 4chan that you want to share but won’t because you feel ~too mean~ is useless and not milk.

No. 1091574

You can still see the ribs on a bloated african child too

No. 1091576

Whoops didn’t mean to reply to you, sorry anon

No. 1091599

If you lurk here, you're shady. No nice person does this in their free time lol. Post it or keep it to yourself, you aren't special for withholding milk bc you're ~too nice to do that~

No. 1091619

I can relate to this comment so much

No. 1091623

Not sure if it's the skirt or whatever, but the way she edits her waist and hip combined with the legs makes her look incredebly disproportionate and like she got some insane hipdips. It looks so weird.

No. 1091627

right. can't believe you are trying to clout chase on an anonymous thread. the mental illness

No. 1091650

File: 1606344491999.jpeg (209.13 KB, 750x1151, C3CA2CB4-614D-488D-B90E-285DD6…)

is she seriously back to bullying other egirls publicly again?! i’m cackling wtf

No. 1091657

File: 1606344731574.jpeg (271.76 KB, 750x1086, 04E600C1-164B-4841-8450-26DFB9…)

how dare she call us a bullying website when she acts like this? not to mention the sug4rfairy butt acne twitter account she made. she’s worse than anyone here.

No. 1091660

okay but as an ex-scene girl she seems pretty scene to me. I don't understand why she's gate keeping that badly when she seems to fit in within the culture pretty well. maybe I'm being retarded
saged for going off topic

No. 1091663

File: 1606345092974.jpeg (28.79 KB, 300x300, 7BE3D52D-DF37-40D5-ABC4-544020…)

Poserthigh is not a "scene kid". Go somewhere with that bullshit.

No. 1091665

oh I was just assuming after looking at that one picture. Sorry. If she was consistent with that aesthetic in the picture shown than I would consider her a scene girl.

No. 1091674

Scene is legit dumb haircuts and stupid outfits any retard can fit that qualification. Imagine caring about being a scene POzer.

No. 1091679

Scene & all other subcultures are dead retard, they mean nothing anymore. social media & egirls killed it. Imagine being dull enough to give a shit
This bitch looks scene as hell

No. 1091680

styles are allowed to change, don’t be dumb. also gate keeping is weird and screams insecurity.
crazy for her to gatekeep when no one wants her in her own community

No. 1091700

being scene is botched bangs. whats her point

No. 1091708

honestly non of you bitches are.. including deadhoe herself. just a bunch of posers larping the past

No. 1091721

File: 1606350066723.gif (891.23 KB, 372x223, tumblr_mmnrxkKxlF1s57t14o1_400…)

okay anon sounds personal

No. 1091722

File: 1606350138287.png (883 KB, 750x1334, E246636E-7496-4F43-8E3D-3D3544…)

she is so annoying oh my god. all you wear is DOLLSKILL please stop calling people posers you fucking weirdo

No. 1091730

File: 1606350778108.jpg (276.44 KB, 1242x1854, emo.jpg)

this reeks scam kek does she think a dude with a warehouse full of Macs would be talking to a hambeast

No. 1091735

File: 1606351130024.jpg (28.79 KB, 600x624, tackyscenechick.jpg)

are y'all retarded scene isn't a style anymore that died in 2012 I don't know why pedothigh wants to claim an outdated style.if you claim to be goth,emo or scene and call yourself that any chance you get youre most likely a poser. sage for retarded sperg. But dedgirl isn't emo or scene. don't know why she says in her bio for preps not to interact. reeks insecurity. she wears dollskill and tries to skin walk toopoor don't know why she's acting like she isn't like other girls uwu

No. 1091738

imagine caring this much about what people wear or identify as. kek she is such a loser. Most these people don't even wear that style in public only on their Insta or tiktok

No. 1091739

Olivia/Nauseadoll is 25, married and has two children (8years + 1year) which caused a lot of uproar on her insta but of course she was protected by her WK army.

No. 1091745

File: 1606351659614.jpeg (542.51 KB, 1372x1372, 7BC630CD-6E5A-4886-9F58-1B9820…)

for someone who calls other girls “posers” you sure wear a lot of dollskill, literally the brand of the posers. anyone who dresses scene or emo nowadays is inherently a poser because they’re trying to emulate a past style they did not invent. what a stupid bitch

No. 1091748

dollskill has lots of styles for every type of person.
it isn't a goth/scene/indie brand. It is a mainstream brand for sure and scene people wouldn't shop there she's an idiot. she's so damn ugly too. inside and out,

No. 1091752

She definitely would have ate up Shop Jeen back when it was popular.

No. 1091762

File: 1606353130837.jpg (963.05 KB, 1242x1682, pedothigh.jpg)

the angel thigh is a pedo account has a strong vendetta against her kek. they won't stop posting every reblog she has ever done

No. 1091764

File: 1606353243186.jpg (754.47 KB, 1242x1208, gonorrhea-thigh.jpg)

No. 1091774

File: 1606353813977.jpeg (301.53 KB, 750x1067, DFAB469B-D011-4D92-BBFA-6AAB14…)

she is begging for drama kek. lame as duck get a job you dumb slut

No. 1091779

Angie's just burnt that squidwardthighs is an actual horse and still looks leagues hotter than her, especially with her new scene hair kek

No. 1091781

Yes, everyone is well aware that friD9e is a poser. Moving on.

No. 1091783

tinfoil but i'm starting to suspect this account is run by d9 and she's probably going to slip up and reveal herself soon, she's already shown that she isn't afraid of shittalking her publicly

No. 1091784

you are right kek

No. 1091819

her 90 degree waist to hip edits aren't hot. no one is jealous of fatthighs

No. 1091821

Yeah, no one but dumpy9irl.
Think about it, which one would you rather look like if you had no other choice? I'd choose right-anglethighs anyday

No. 1091851

you are probably right. she follows one of them doesn't she?

No. 1091852

File: 1606361391512.jpeg (902.22 KB, 1242x1723, 6CCC41F9-4BF4-4085-9C6B-EFA96E…)

Okay d9 we know you lurk and selfpost

No. 1091853

Pretty funny that she has a link in her bio about getting these sites shut down for cyber bullying when she's blatantly bullying this chick for seemingly no reason

No. 1091857

looks like dead friD9e is refreshing the thread again & getting pressed about this chick looking arguably cuter than her cracked out pillsbury doughboy lookin ass

No. 1091862

File: 1606362191999.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 3464x3464, 34921FBE-D135-44BD-AA44-D04814…)

Not to simp for scammerthigh but she is better than d9 and has made money off her clothes and bundles (even tho she scams) she is more successful than fridge9 and has a better face. Nobody wants d9’s retarded merch. And at least shoopthigh doesn’t have to spread her brown discolored asshole to get 16k views and only 500 likes KEK

No. 1091865

Angie is known for dogging girls who are more attractive and have more followers than her. They say it's lonely at the top but d9 is proof that it's lonlier at the bottom kek

No. 1091870

pedothigh buys her followers unlike d9. pretty girls don't have to buy their followers!

No. 1091873

A whopping 3k on twitter & it took her way over a year to go from 10k to 20k on insta who don't even interact with her, wooooah
She's obviously bitter towards younger, more attractive & popular girls. It's humorous

No. 1091874

Samefag, I bet she would buy more followers if she had the funds kek

No. 1091880

>bitter towards younger, more attractive/popular girls
anon that is what this whole entire thread of farmers is. get a life

No. 1091883

>Get a life
peep the URL we both are on the same website tardo

No. 1091884

Hahahahaha I agree

No. 1091886

Why do these wannabe whores always edit their content so much? She blurs herself so much her holes disappear…..if you're that ugly and insecure don't make porn. Porn is for pretty people that others actually want to see do sex acts and look good while they do it. Nobody wants to watch fridge-chan heave and struggle to twerk on a Aliexpress dildo.

No. 1091888

let's not pretend they aren't both equally cringe, they both pedobait, angelthigh has scammed people out of their money, and dead9irl is a rape fetishist

No. 1091889

They are both disgusting but d9's obvious projections of jealousy are funnier to laugh at than ang3lthigh's shoops

No. 1091893

kek true
i wonder if d9 is also the one who made the fake pedo screenshots about her, i wouldn't put it past her at this point.

No. 1091897

I would choose d9, only because pedothigh is definitely obese irl without the skinny filters.

No. 1091899

buying followers or not if I had to pick to look like one im not picking fucking d9. id rather die

No. 1091902

Tru, you'd just have to workout tho & then there would probably be a decent curvy figure unlike a fuggin d9 spongebob body. Also Ang3l has a better face imo, which ain't saying much kek

No. 1091907

She deleted this kek
Can't finish what u started, dead9ut?

No. 1091917

actually i can finish wat i started cus i KNOW i'm prettier than her ;) u have the screenshots so send them to the wannabe skinny gurl x i'm begging

No. 1091918

i actually think d9 is cute since i have a soft spot for the whole 2007 scene inspired aesthetic feel free to laugh at me, i deserve it but the rest of her antics make her so unlikable

No. 1091920

By 'wannabe skinny girl,' do you mean d9?

No. 1091923

File: 1606367592728.jpeg (39.06 KB, 320x314, 901F25F2-36FD-4886-809D-EFE392…)

D9 is shaped like spongebob. Man spongebob is more cute than her. I feel bad for comparing an emo hambeast to a lovable cartoon character

No. 1091927

I'm dead anon, forgot about the emo spongebob meme. this is exactly her

No. 1091930

kek she wishes she looked like emo spongebob

No. 1091933

Ain't no one gonna fight this cereal box's battle for her, she's too chicken shit to do it herself n it's funny as fuck

No. 1091941

i would dm ang3lthigh myself but she blocked me cus i'm prettier than her ;((USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1091948

File: 1606368887015.png (176 KB, 360x450, Brain_Flakes.png)

No. 1091950

File: 1606369019804.gif (2.65 MB, 480x360, 2C513A96-2B98-454E-83CF-3301FE…)

Whatever helps you sleep at night fridge9

No. 1091958

fuck yes! now sombody mark all of dead9irls previous and recent posts just like babivsmp. please and thankyou

No. 1092014

if mods don’t mark her post soon I’m going to die. This fridge bitch is fucking taunting us and I can’t stand it

No. 1092025

File: 1606379907650.jpeg (60.93 KB, 573x619, 14AD7F44-56F5-42CB-BDD2-35F170…)

You throw the word pretty around a lot despite being grotesque in both your face and body kek

No. 1092033

I can't imagine being this pressed over Iggy azelea. but you do you

No. 1092117

was literally 14 in that pic. if ur gonna try to call me ugly atleast get relevant material lol

No. 1092136

Admin, pls reveal her post history

No. 1092228

All your other pics are shooped to hell and back. You have no room to talk fridge body. Sorry you’re pressed horsethigh is cuter than you

No. 1092255

File: 1606414673933.jpeg (18.81 KB, 187x269, 2FAE628C-6775-41A0-AD08-3D88F3…)

You were literally 14 in that pic and you look absolutely haggard, no wonder you participate in DDLG. You have the face of a 50 year old Mary Steenburgen, yet you larp as a teenage MySpace scene queen kek truly pathetic. You can shoop all your blemishes out but you still look stanky in your gross pictures with your ugly daddy don in the background of your guys’ disgusting mattress

No. 1092256

I think she's afraid that squidwardthigh is giving her a run for her money in the longest nose competition, don't worry d9 you still got her beat

No. 1092260

Squid ward thigh
My sides anon

No. 1092310

File: 1606421406753.jpg (118.82 KB, 450x600, scene 5ever guys i promise.jpg)

fatbr0ke9irl thank you for always being my authentic scene queen since birth and smashing down all of the posers with your massive fridge body. hats off to you

No. 1092311

File: 1606421499680.jpg (72.84 KB, 339x600, bitch what.jpg)

No. 1092324

File: 1606423778233.gif (1.59 MB, 426x319, uEaWS.gif)


No. 1092345

Admin please. We beg of you. Grant us the pleasure of the D9 selfposts.

No. 1092391

File: 1606430804606.gif (5.82 MB, 300x100, 8E07726A-8D34-49FD-B4CF-D56EC8…)

and pls use this glorious banner from the last thread to mark her posts

No. 1092402

I love this one so much.

No. 1092437

File: 1606433913223.webm (7.21 MB, 720x1080, aidsincarnate.webm)

Speaking of dead9irl… Is she intentionally going for mentally disabled CSA victim here? There's so much wrong with this I barely have the capacity to write this brief post…

No. 1092472

my sides, this is even faker and more laughable than shayna's moans

No. 1092502

Isn't anzu swollen from bulimia? That's what I always heard was the cause of her pudgy face?

No. 1092575

File: 1606454553668.jpg (64.96 KB, 720x1280, ac583a9806c7a63a0671ab95e53522…)

I have a random ethot to offer.
her user is @/toastming on Instagram.

she's basically your e-whore aka:
>parades around half naked on tiktok but screams “don’t sexualize me”
>doxxed herself on discord & left said doxx up but complains that she’s so scared for her life
>talks about how she wants to domestically abuse her mother on discord 24/7 solely because her mom looks out for her
>e-begs and brags about how she knows men will buy her shit
>paid for a trip for her and some guy solely so he could dump her after fucking her
>leads some guy in her server on & gets mad when he ghosts her because shes bragging about fucking some guy who used her as a meal ticket
>also obsessed with sanrio and acting cute like every other e-girl
>runs a patreon full of tiktok dances
>acts all uwu hehe owo! i am so s-soft..?!

sorry if this isn't milky in any way but I cannot stand this uwu bitch and wanted to post her because she's unbearable

No. 1092576

>>1088903 She's recently gotten milky. She defended Awfultune for sexting underage boys with the whole "people change kek" excuse. The bitch has TWO kids, fucking weirdo

No. 1092611

File: 1606461016050.png (2.45 MB, 1890x1129, vgly.png)

ausfag thread is dead so posting this e-girl here
ig u/n is @/vgly3girl ('ugly e-girl')
Not super milky but all these generic 'grunge' Oz egirls grind my gears
>claims she doesn't shoop but there's a stark difference between her tagged & what she posts. says it's due to bulimia
>zheani+lilboweep fan/skinwalker
>has alternately claimed BPD, bipolar disorder, bulimia, chronic issues that her doctor 'thinks' is EDS (why is it always EDS with these girls)
>has an oxycodone addiction she romanticises, says she doesn't remember meeting people because she is 'always on prescription pain pills' when she's out
>19 but doesn't seem to do anything besides drinking in a graveyard & PDA with her greasy friends
>constantly posts herself sucking face with different girls, including like lap-sitting + making out on a train like that's appropriate behaviour for public transport, whipping girls
>grunge/ddlg/'thicc goth gf'/sanrio&bdsm girl carbon copy
>shitty sticknpokes
>apparently in an open relationship with another greasy girl and possibly an anachan guy who wears maid suits but 'is a virgin who's never been on a date'
>claims she has never had fillers but her lips used to be way smaller & have that classic shiny overfilled duck look
>some drama about supporting abusers, saying 'blacks,' being rude in person (idk according to her tellonym)
also why r they always taking embarrassing pics in supermarkets lol

No. 1092914

File: 1606504757003.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, C60E8A37-E71A-4B5C-87C6-E98C37…)

depressing (for the child)

No. 1093039

can mods please mark her posts. im begging

No. 1093049

I know that coomers are braindead but is this even attractive among their standards? It's so unnecessary and creepy

No. 1093133

File: 1606519546162.jpg (223.22 KB, 1080x1608, Screenshot_20201127-072531_Ins…)

No. 1093134

File: 1606519603998.jpg (234.67 KB, 1080x1816, Screenshot_20201127-072631_Ins…)

No. 1093135

File: 1606519665956.jpg (52.16 KB, 1080x727, Screenshot_20201127-072537_Ins…)

No. 1093138

I'm excited to share with everyone today e9irls sloppy hate boner she has for not only herself, and whoever she can project her own self hatred and insecurities onto chefs kiss like clockwork this shit is too predictable

No. 1093139

File: 1606520061494.jpg (220.48 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20201127-072218_Ins…)

No. 1093141

File: 1606520096761.jpg (285.09 KB, 1080x1511, Screenshot_20201127-074316_Ins…)

No. 1093142

File: 1606520149049.jpg (235.18 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20201127-072356_Ins…)

No. 1093147

File: 1606520219910.jpg (163.35 KB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_20201127-074534_Ins…)

No. 1093148

File: 1606520250781.jpg (213.07 KB, 1080x1560, Screenshot_20201127-074545_Ins…)

No. 1093151

File: 1606520305109.jpg (218.83 KB, 1080x1659, Screenshot_20201127-072409_Ins…)

No. 1093153

File: 1606520348016.jpg (267.13 KB, 1066x1820, Screenshot_20201127-072428_Ins…)

No. 1093155

File: 1606520387822.jpg (91.38 KB, 1074x697, Screenshot_20201127-072155_Ins…)

No. 1093156

File: 1606520429354.jpg (127.81 KB, 1080x756, Screenshot_20201127-145143_Ins…)

No. 1093158

File: 1606520478264.jpg (401.03 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20201127-072310_Ins…)

No. 1093159

File: 1606520512979.jpg (282.28 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20201127-073651_Ins…)

No. 1093160

File: 1606520553260.jpg (234.26 KB, 1080x1663, Screenshot_20201127-074224_Ins…)

No. 1093163

File: 1606520596394.jpg (230.51 KB, 1080x1386, Screenshot_20201127-073741_Ins…)

No. 1093166

File: 1606520632888.jpg (208.85 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20201127-074253_Ins…)

No. 1093168

File: 1606520694272.jpg (196.52 KB, 1080x1576, Screenshot_20201127-072053_Ins…)

No. 1093169

File: 1606520810408.jpg (283.01 KB, 1080x1498, Screenshot_20201127-072443_Ins…)

No. 1093171

File: 1606520884858.jpg (197.07 KB, 1080x1577, Screenshot_20201127-072346_Ins…)

No. 1093173

File: 1606520941182.jpg (148.47 KB, 1080x1487, Screenshot_20201127-074832_Ins…)

No. 1093175

so dead9ril is having whole conversations with herself everday all day because she's jealous of Iggy azalea. lord have mercy

No. 1093176

File: 1606521011958.jpg (266.64 KB, 1080x1599, Screenshot_20201127-074305_Ins…)

No. 1093177

how does having sex as a baby help you cope.

No. 1093181

And last but not least, here is a prime example of her being the living embodiment of everything she hates ft. E9irl ripping off someone eles style name and icon, which is obvious since she hasn't sperged out about this profile and how closely they resemble each other kek

No. 1093183

File: 1606521284864.jpg (427.55 KB, 1080x1360, Screenshot_20201127-073501_Ins…)

No. 1093184

File: 1606521311736.jpg (208.81 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20201127-073533_Ins…)

No. 1093185

File: 1606521343604.jpg (218.42 KB, 1077x1650, Screenshot_20201127-073536_Ins…)

No. 1093187

File: 1606521389904.jpg (91.77 KB, 1062x831, Screenshot_20201127-073558_Ins…)

No. 1093188

These cows are all retarded. if 666poser hates squidwardgirl so much she should just make an alt where she copies her attempts at y2k and pretends to be a new original egirl, while talking shit about our beloved proboscis monkey at the same time of course.

No. 1093189

File: 1606521452395.jpg (112.53 KB, 1080x701, Screenshot_20201127-155349_Ins…)

No. 1093190

File: 1606521481531.jpg (346.87 KB, 1080x1647, Screenshot_20201127-075010_Ins…)

No. 1093193

File: 1606521597648.jpg (170.92 KB, 1080x1384, Screenshot_20201127-155613_Ins…)

No. 1093195

File: 1606521626173.jpg (157.8 KB, 1080x1120, Screenshot_20201127-155540_Ins…)


No. 1093196

who is stealing her art. she doesn't even post any ever

No. 1093198

Ah please stop, spergchan.
I hate D9 too but what is the point of these screenshots? They almost all tinfoils with little to no proof. Can you at least make a collage and not spam the thread with 20 pointless screenshots.

No. 1093199

It was just an example of her acting like she is someone who gets imitated when in reality she is the imitation of everything she says she hates kek

No. 1093202

Whole lot of posts for a whole lot of nothing. And learn how to sage, newfag. You keep bumping the thread for no reason.

No. 1093216

No. 1093239

We already knew that, spergalicious.
Though, it's always a nice kek to remember how big of a dumb hypocrite she is, and how much she talks to herself with sock puppets

No. 1093287

stop sperging and change that fucking font

No. 1093290

kek between this, squidwardthigh, and frid9e this might be the funniest insult i've seen itt so far

No. 1093305

𝆕 Spergalicious, definition: don't know how to sage 𝆕

No. 1093328

Thanx I'm the anon that said all 3 of those kek

No. 1093365

File: 1606534621411.jpg (188.82 KB, 1104x953, frid9e.jpg)

sperg-chan 2: electric boogaloo

No. 1093389

beautiful anon, thank you for this monstrosity. if only mods put this much effort into marking d9s posts

No. 1093430

File: 1606538604274.gif (78.04 KB, 1163x67, 8A82BA2F-503C-4CF4-81E5-E36CD6…)

No. 1093481

im starting to think d9 is the mods at this point

No. 1093521

File: 1606548940158.png (Spoiler Image,1.66 MB, 750x1334, 7582E209-BD54-4337-84C4-883172…)

why does this look like she photoshopped her face onto her body? either way i’m scared and applaud zuckerbergs proactive measures in deleting this off her main

No. 1093524

File: 1606549041059.jpeg (286.26 KB, 750x1211, A2ED0028-F7B4-480D-B945-7059CD…)


No. 1093527

File: 1606549285224.png (849.69 KB, 750x1334, 625A3B57-D31F-49B1-8635-E8D7B4…)

if she’s insulting she’s scared her personal account is going to get deleted by her repeatedly breaking the rules that would honestly be pretty funny. i don’t think she’d know what to do without the little sprinkle of clout she has

No. 1093537

i'm pretty sure instagram uses a bot to auto scan pictures when they get reports and it probably detected the bandages as being nipples. idk why she's acting like it's personal

No. 1093590

"ddys spooky kitten" i love u anon, 10/10

No. 1093670

File: 1606577424127.jpg (26.74 KB, 612x408, gettyimages-108315037-612x612.…)

Maybe it will be another Christmas gift from the mods like Erin Painter.

No. 1093681

Ah spergmas, such sweet memories.

No. 1093748

File: 1606587899000.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, 8156C238-9781-450F-85FB-E8590D…)

she’d die to date anyone on the bottom row. stop fronting frid9e

No. 1093770

File: 1606590245642.jpeg (482.55 KB, 750x1036, B4ADF811-BBF6-4E94-B136-FFA34D…)

definitely pedo baiting. i “wuv” it fucking puke

No. 1093835

>>1093748 the fact that these are all teenage boys

No. 1093895

File: 1606603118063.jpeg (219.78 KB, 750x718, A052AEAC-C77E-4457-8D27-5A9F4B…)

That's not even true, stop being a tard. One of the dudes, Johnnie Guilbert is 23.

No. 1093905

Why the fuck is her nose that colour compared to the rest of her face?

No. 1093928

yeah one of the guys you fucking idiot. that is one guy.

No. 1094042

Egirls always put tons of blush on their nose if you haven’t noticed yet

No. 1094073

yet she claims to not be one

No. 1094173

File: 1606624341705.jpeg (320.93 KB, 750x1096, 979F53BF-0563-409C-B272-754D8C…)

all egirls hate hard work

No. 1094244

She’s gonna hit the wall so hard come 25. Also losing my shit at “if I have to work out I’ll kill myself” not to alog but, do it

No. 1094294

these girls need to use some of their onlyfans money to go see a therapist. what good does it do to air out your personal problems like this to a following mostly comprised of coomers and other e-thots who are probably happy to see their competition feeling like shit about herself?

No. 1094325


she's gonna end up looking like shayna if she doesn't stop using food as a comfort and refuses to work out kek

No. 1094360

File: 1606648615478.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, DD7CDBEC-E625-4F03-BE60-C9B524…)

Vampjunks apology kek

No. 1094390

>I'm sorry niggas
There's no way this is real kek

No. 1094432

fucking kek

No. 1094511

bbygirl_d0ll turned 16 we can talk about her on her now she is so milky lmao

No. 1094569

you bring the milk and give us a reason to care, you don't come here and ask. she looks like every other scenecore / oddcore tryhard who wants to do ads for aliexpress fetish wear brands. also learn how to sage, mabel.

No. 1094597

god fucking kek that really is fucking hilarious

No. 1094629

File: 1606681260231.jpeg (221.03 KB, 750x761, 57705940-5FDE-4C8C-9807-67F1B6…)

kinda fucked up how funny this is

No. 1094635

Scrotes are so stupid but that made me laugh because of how stupid shoopfairy is
Does she really think men who buy her content care about her? Degrading yourself for misogynistic men who only see you as an object isn’t a good thing.

Lmao yeah plus they both have butt acne

If you have milk post it. She just seems annoying and she is a complete mental case.

No. 1094644

Not OP but she tries to be a SJW and it’s clear she has no idea what shes talking about.
> “activist”
> buys from Ali Express
> supports sweatshop brands because they send her free PR
> doesn’t leave the house and needs a ~uwu cane~ to walk
> has a plethora of “chronic illnesses”, may be a munchie

You’re a real humanitarian, Mabel.

No. 1094647

Oh and
> danced alone in her room on live for 30 minutes on her 16th birthday because she clearly doesn’t have any IRL friends

No. 1094669

Bitch. The ONLY way you're going to look the way you shoop yourself is through surgery. Just botch yourself already, sweetheart

No. 1094680

Pretty much the whole world is in quarantine, anon…

No. 1094691

Good one, anon. If you’re going to pull the quarantine card, she could’ve had a Zoom birthday? Added someone else to the live? Had her SISTER in there too?
Literally anything else other than being a depressed munchie dancing like a retard in front of a screen.

No. 1094701

Nobody gives a shit about some 16 year old egirl. Post actual milk or gtfo.

She called herself a cute teen on r9k so her brand will probably die down by then too

No. 1094721

gross imagine being so deprived of male attention that you self post on a neckbeard Incel forum. Shoopf4iry is a cringe pick-me I can't believe some anons were whiteknighting her.

No. 1094760

File: 1606690344147.png (2.66 MB, 750x1334, AEA1446E-4BBC-4E39-A0E0-70E922…)

she has narcolepsy?

No. 1094774

not to mention her men hate spergs all the time and her shitty music. its really hilarious how much of the ‘illnesses’ she has are absolute bullshit too lmao

No. 1094796

yeah didn't you know she is diagnosed with everything you can possibly be diagnosed with

No. 1094822


No. 1094835

he was at the time

No. 1094867

File: 1606697981310.jpg (11.85 KB, 250x333, gag.jpg)

our scene queen via tumblr forever proving she's totally not a poser

No. 1094869

post link to tumblr or archive plz anon

No. 1094873

File: 1606698574018.png (358.55 KB, 800x450, thumb.png)

This is either a selfpost or vendetta. Either way, picrel

No. 1094879

File: 1606699171111.png (260.11 KB, 1323x639, everything is a fight.PNG)

look up deadkittie on here, she has so much drama on there and acted as toxic and shitty back then too

No. 1094884

File: 1606699599198.png (39.26 KB, 946x650, whiteout.PNG)

kek at the #whitesupremacy she added. blog is a shitshow as expected

No. 1094890

File: 1606700298438.png (25.68 KB, 1366x393, old username kawaii9irl.PNG)

definitive proof you havent been "scene since you were 11" frid9e. her old username everythingkawaiibagel comes up on the wayback machine and it's a kawaii ddlg page. the gatekeeper is a poser, shocking

No. 1094902

how is it possible for someone's personality to barely change in 6-7 years? jfc

No. 1094906

I know we've all heard this before but I'm just gonna leave this here:

No. 1095296

File: 1606756352640.jpeg (151.53 KB, 750x1216, 87A9BD53-D373-4A8C-A637-847048…)

idk if this is trolling I really hope so if not this girl really is retarded lmao

No. 1095411

File: 1606764699307.png (641.8 KB, 726x1040, 391.png)

a 16 year old saying poo on random live streams is milky to you? let me guess, you're also a child?

No. 1095548

yeah, it's not milky that's why I saged it. I just thought it was fucking weird

No. 1095554

seems like you are the retarded one

No. 1095982

File: 1606817902893.jpeg (248.3 KB, 1125x2015, D2E8BB42-DCC5-4E88-98D3-6DCEB9…)

Billie Eilish reposted the ang3lthigh meme

No. 1095992

File: 1606819518997.jpeg (Spoiler Image,590.35 KB, 750x1236, 96B29941-76EA-4997-84F0-3B9B4D…)

what the actual fuck? i just came here to post this disturbing d9 porn update where she’s licking a toilet. it’s not even a good meme, why would billie post it

No. 1095994

File: 1606819692531.png (Spoiler Image,2.79 MB, 750x1334, E590FADB-B007-4A47-86B3-67A59A…)

her head shape is so odd

No. 1096033

Her mental illness will be immortalised forever

No. 1096070

Literal fridge body and flash back mary foundation face caked to hell and back. Bleak.

No. 1096111

Toilet looks Cute tho

No. 1096185

File: 1606844623939.png (4.23 MB, 1242x2208, CF03DB30-3442-4E3C-92CD-95C9BB…)

Disappointed in Billie Tbh
The photoshop is so obvious you would think she wouldn’t repost this especially because she was body shamed and called a wine mom

No. 1096186

File: 1606844761872.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3464x3464, 060931D0-1F4B-422E-92C3-55FC76…)

What you ordered online vs what you got in the mail kek d9 is so damn ugly

No. 1096187

File: 1606844943063.jpeg (367.26 KB, 1242x1322, DC83EFF6-6814-4379-8091-BAF0C3…)

Calling out the obvious is apparently “jealousy” miss squidwardthigh ain’t fooling anyone

No. 1096213

I mean she made it available on her twitter & all but damn this makes me feel bad for her

No. 1096217


would you like to spoiler that, anon?

No. 1096368

some other degenerate already went viral for licking a toilet d9, it's not gonna happen for you

No. 1096379

kek her followers are so gullible, there are tons of girls with naturally small waists and ang3l isn't one of them. a woman with a weight on the higher side of average is not going to have a waist that defined unless she had ribs removed, which i doubt she did

No. 1096408

i-is that kissmarks on the toilet?

No. 1096439

d9 gives me massive neet coomer vibes. all she does is rehash shots and scenes that have been done in bdsm porn for years and years. she wants to be a sasha grey / charlotte sartre type so badly. she must just sit there watching that rape fuel filth all day then re-enacting it in her parent's guest bathroom for acrylic nail money…. absolutely repugnant. i can't imagine someone who isn't infested with those brain worms tweeting about wanting to be gang raped by old men and worse.

No. 1096448

File: 1606855127756.png (86 KB, 1080x399, Screenshot_20201201-123812~2.p…)

I mean, all you gotta do is read this thread really

No. 1096497

because that's exactly what she is, iirc she's never posted about having a job or any friends to hang out with, so this is what she does all day other than picking fights with other egirls
lol i remember when himeka was looking for the same thing. what is it with cows and their aversion to exercising? is having some sociopathic coomer tell you to starve yourself really more ideal than just… going to the gym?

No. 1096529

I genuinely feel bad for d9. According from her story that was posted here she's on adderall, she has mentioned taking an ssri before & we all know she smokes weed while guzzling monster (high dose caffeine) everyday. That is potentially a very toxic combination. This could explain these odd posts, normally she resents even alluding to being overweight & then there's the incredibly unflattering angled toilet licking fiasco that she posted FOR FREE mind you.
Not to blog but when I was combining adderall with weed often, I experienced psychosis & behaved in ways that were not normal for me.

Sage for tardchairing

No. 1096549

you feel bad for a 20 year old who lives at home and spends all her money on drugs and toys? she's always been a homebody bully in her free time, even before the drugs and quarantine. her archived tumblr asks proved that. she chooses to sit at home and bully other women while she's cracked out, begging older men for more weed money.

i've been in adderall psychosis too anon, but i don't think it makes you a mean girl. her licking toilets seems pretty on brand too imo. i think you're just seeing yourself reflected and projecting that empathy you wish someone had for you. chances are; you're not nearly as rotten.

No. 1096551

I think she's like 21 or 22 at this point
sorry you had to experience that horrible drug combo too anon, it ain't fun, but you're probably right kek

No. 1096574

nta but she turned 20 earlier this year, still way too old to be acting the way she does though

No. 1096584

sorry to ask a dumb question but what does it mean when a post is like redacted? with the black lines at the bottom? sage for newfag

No. 1096600

black bars hiding text are spoilers. you click them to reveal.


No. 1096646

File: 1606866181533.jpeg (248.91 KB, 750x951, EF07CA8D-2A15-4E75-B8A7-8C052B…)

Posted on Instagram too. Honestly this alone is gold enough to be the next thread pic.

No. 1096671

She will never be Sasha or Charlotte. Ugly bitch.

No. 1096673

File: 1606867381181.gif (5.62 MB, 320x240, mj-laughing.gif)

Not enough attention, I guess.

No. 1096674

She's posted about this on every social media account she has. The fact that this is the content that she considered groundbreaking speaks volumes to her as a person

No. 1096677

Go to the gym lazy fat bitch.

No. 1096689

she’s just a cunt anon

No. 1096691

File: 1606868198824.jpeg (316.48 KB, 750x1029, C8AC9CA6-F0F7-407F-AE3C-9C57FF…)

Not sure this is the attention she wanted. Kek.

No. 1096694

>Tight belly
Kek. I bet all these coomers are fat &/or ugly themselves

No. 1096695

File: 1606868388852.gif (Spoiler Image,17.43 MB, 360x640, E4162702-2060-4717-BA1A-B3C0E5…)

The toilet licking only works if you’re attractive. It doesn’t look good when you are shaped like a 12 year old boy going through an emo phase

No. 1096698

File: 1606868514105.jpeg (82.47 KB, 632x632, 3B37DCC5-D70F-4F90-95C4-B75C42…)

Do you guys think she cleaned the toilet with bleach before kissing and licking it? Cause if she didn’t that’s just disgusting

No. 1096708

File: 1606868939831.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1793, 9EFD55E9-660D-4760-A346-D51AD8…)

Imagine being so attention deprived you post ugly pictures of you licking a toilet on all your accounts

No. 1096710

File: 1606868993454.png (138.54 KB, 333x293, cinderella truly.png)

aftermath is pic rel

No. 1096711

File: 1606869066789.gif (967.39 KB, 396x280, 772F4C96-8F13-406D-BB36-A62802…)

Next thread pic kek

No. 1096714

this is some shayna tier shit

No. 1096715

File: 1606869455934.png (Spoiler Image,2.35 MB, 750x1334, C4D544CE-72B2-44B3-96E5-4FF0BD…)

yuck. body and face are fucked

No. 1096716

File: 1606869538027.jpeg (111.5 KB, 750x1000, F9B07D9F-E8F9-4EFC-BFBF-C7B787…)

Why does her chin look so weird here kek

No. 1096725

Anon you are amazing, definitely next thread pic.

No. 1096742

Imagine her parents finding black lipstick marks left on the toilet kekmao
Did she edit her tongue to be longer?

No. 1096745

Yeah kek you can see her hair curved and the toilet is warped

No. 1096757

she still lives with her parents and she's doing that under their roof?

No. 1096772

tbf I think all these e-bitches do

No. 1096780

It’s a trend that ethots do. They edit their tongues long and pointed for edge points.

Yeah she lives with her parents, her mother is disabled and her father is a crackhead with schizophrenia. Makes sense, right?

No. 1096782

she is the wannabe she's always accusing everyone else of being

No. 1096788

File: 1606872946295.jpeg (24.15 KB, 236x283, 0CDDA08F-0A08-4985-896C-9C57AA…)

Yup it’s an old trend too.
Pic related
It was kinda cool the first time, until they all started copying each other kek

No. 1096791

File: 1606873249352.png (3.9 MB, 3464x3464, 5A8316E7-821C-4A05-8A01-159999…)

Funny you post this pic and this account is being catty to frid9e under the toilet vid and posting rape cringe. Huh.

No. 1096801

Kek I didn’t even know. That probably looked like a self post but I swear it wasnt. I found this on Pinterest to find an example of the basic cringe e girl tongue edits. Ain’t Maddie that one bitch who shoops the fuck out of her pictures ???

No. 1096804

it looks pretty clean to me (without all the nasty kiss marks)

No. 1096807

File: 1606874190615.jpeg (352.34 KB, 750x879, 11EB9B48-BCFE-4E7C-BCF9-1E9C1D…)

You can see the door curves in the back pretty sure that’s the bitch who is shading fridge9irl

No. 1096810

Yet another self posting maddy kek

No. 1096829

I worry for the next generation because of easily fooled teens like these.

No. 1096936

File: 1606884643291.jpeg (333.46 KB, 596x869, B817B37D-40A6-483F-B7EF-656F64…)

if she needs meanspo why doesn’t she just read these threads

No. 1097037

That’s her arm

No. 1097056

File: 1606897715699.jpeg (187.37 KB, 828x1190, 2B178D42-36DB-4D15-B754-E66E29…)

not d9 in the comments trying to call her out. lmfao shes obsessed as fuck

No. 1097057

File: 1606897782012.png (83.26 KB, 584x584, 888_.png)

No. 1097065

Squidwardthigh lives in her head rent free I don’t know why D9 she’s calling Squidward obese when they both have fridge body types. Kek go lick the toilet some more ugly trashy bitch!!!

No. 1097067

>’never okay to call someone obese’
I mean it’s a medical term at least fridge9 didn’t say fatass kek
Squidwardthigh is probs a little chubby irl and definitely doesn’t have a waist but she’s nowhere near medically obese.

No. 1097072

what's up with d9's weird hatred for squidwardthigh? did she get caught up in one of her scams or?

No. 1097100

File: 1606904419406.jpeg (372.77 KB, 1368x1126, 80C7A865-6F98-40EE-ABE0-44E773…)

this girl is an extreme sperg on both her stories and page pretty much everyday and is constantly REEEEing about posers in a very similar way to dead9irl. she’s also a very obvious drug addict, and based on the description of this go fund me, i find it very hard to believe it’s actually for charity. not like anyone has donated to this sketchy shit. there’s absolutely no information on how the funds will be allocated and a lowercased title and two sentence long description for this $2000 charity fund


No. 1097107

File: 1606905555826.jpeg (567.41 KB, 750x1196, D08DA734-7930-41BF-B6C3-C9E1F3…)

there is some info here https://www.instagram.com/p/CICcVmsAWQK/ anon but it’s kind of amateurly written. she’s definitely worth looking into though bitch acts crazy

No. 1097109

File: 1606906245978.jpeg (704.37 KB, 1370x937, F8567929-D5B2-43EB-9671-0EA4B1…)

frid9e has really gone off the deep end
lol egirls are all posers

No. 1097127

File: 1606908642801.jpeg (227.13 KB, 1370x833, 620B19B7-8A5A-49EF-8E75-4B0FD3…)

that’s a bit of a tinfoil but she definitely has a drug problem

No. 1097217

KEK they all just end up the same. They think they're all high and mighty just to stoop down to the same level because they're desperate for attention and money. You'd think they'd grow out of this already, its so fucking childish.

No. 1097241

File: 1606924875997.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1074, 73CB2EE9-A794-4664-99DC-0B579F…)


She’s so cringe kek

No. 1097242

This just screams “scam” she can’t even write proper grammar. Probably wants drug money. If she wanted to help she could idk get a job or sell her ugly e girl clothes to fridge9 she would wear them

No. 1097256

Sorry anon but that is clearly satire

No. 1097266

You must not have a sense of humor. Not to wk but this chick is pretty damn cute, though probably annoying

No. 1097291

This is the same girl that accused 6snot of “grooming her” while showing receipts of him calling her too young, just a friend, and her saying they’re “twin flames” and meant to be together kek

No. 1097421

File: 1606938036785.png (1.78 MB, 1543x977, babyhurl.png)

baby6irl a whole hypocrite and a half kek.
riding fred durst's dick acting like she wasn't stalking 5SOS like a sasaeng and watching Frozen on Ice a year and a half ago. what's with all of them posturing like they don't have posts, tagged photos and stories THEY keep up that prove them wrong? if you're gonna lie about your personality and interests the least you could do is make it believable and delete a couple posts.

No. 1097423

File: 1606938291156.jpeg (163.11 KB, 750x1065, 3706983C-F572-458B-9C7E-0F7459…)

from baby6url comment section. looks like she’s just as much of a bully as frid9e and thinks the whole world is copying her scene cringe.

No. 1097454

File: 1606940673615.jpeg (704.14 KB, 750x1294, C8F9A746-09DA-4E58-9EBF-1B0779…)

she’s not even scene this is just trailer trash

No. 1097464

Ughhh it really bothers me when these hoes use sanrio characters in disturbing imagery. Not only that but it's unoriginal as hell.

No. 1097470

File: 1606941368820.png (2.89 MB, 750x1334, 528BD113-A5CE-4046-8ECA-AE8309…)

shes a disturbed individual

No. 1097520

File: 1606944913353.png (219.07 KB, 408x594, A2512567-AA17-47B1-9661-E6257B…)

She looks like James Charles. That makeup is really bad. That foundation makes her look like a clown.

No. 1097523

Wow she’s so anti religion!! So edgy! Much cool!! She’s not like other girls. This is so tryhard and embarrassing. I thought the edgy phase for everyone was at age 15. She’s a grown ass woman. Grow up.
Also the R Kelly highlight name that’s gross

No. 1097550

Not to WK but baby6url is 16-17

No. 1097634

…but is it ironic? like preformance art/trolling as an edgy 2009 my-space scene girl?

No. 1097638

File: 1606956668646.png (10.07 KB, 589x125, age.PNG)

no she is just like that. she's made tons of serious posts of her crying over people copying and stealing "her" art and style, which most of the time they never actually are. she thinks she invented scene culture.
which means she can be discussed… kek

No. 1097681


No. 1097817

I was responding because anon said shes a grown adult. I never said she cant be discussed

No. 1098288

File: 1607028190125.jpeg (422.13 KB, 1372x1217, DEBA898B-A8EF-4A81-A15F-A5F642…)

ok scene queen you’re the only authentic one clearly

No. 1098299

File: 1607028661251.png (2.22 MB, 750x1334, 5EAAACB1-53D5-467A-90A8-2D4BED…)

Fucking kek

No. 1098432

at this point its dry milk, she keeps saying the n word. we get it. she's not sorry.

No. 1098489

Funny enough neither of them came up with that idea. It’s from a meme. even used on a hello Kitty drawing before, but they’ll say they made it.

No. 1098611

Eh, it's a song. I'd be more entertained if she went on a natsoc tirade.

No. 1098641

File: 1607053030725.jpeg (226.79 KB, 750x1079, F71BD42E-495E-4FEA-848E-6892B3…)

Fri9e is so degenerate. “Daddy and sissy” I’m gonna puke

No. 1098643

what the fuck is that shit. i’m horrified by the thought of d9 having sex let alone this incest shit

No. 1098661


boring is more like it. this daddy incest shit was edgy on tumblr 5 years ago. we all know she's in her room having sexual contact with exactly no one, recycling these same tired egirl tropes, and staring into her phone waiting for another boring girl to "copy" her so she can sperg about it. her narrative might be convincing if there was any evidence that she did… literally anything else but this. sage for sperg

No. 1098663

File: 1607055000596.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1786, 1E4A2150-5DCB-48FF-909B-282471…)

Her followers are so dumb, they didn’t realize it was a filter kek

No. 1098666

Maybe fridge will release a sex tape on her onlyfans or Twitter

No. 1098715

>on this week's episode of things that didn't happen

No. 1098716

File: 1607059966808.jpeg (227.69 KB, 1372x1372, B0C9640C-DA4E-4400-A7F8-85BBF8…)

jesus christ. all these egirls are the same person and no one can convince me otherwise.

No. 1098957

oh no won't someone help her she's simply wasting away lmao

No. 1099035

File: 1607099212358.jpeg (1009.99 KB, 3464x3464, B49AAA27-8439-4263-BB93-DAB8C7…)

Pretty sure this is fridge9irl’s “sissy” and “dad”

No. 1099108

>Whose gonna give us the money
kek nice catch Angie, you got a fucking "jew daddy" with no money for a van RENTAL.
We're all soooo jelly

No. 1099287

His bland responses are killing me
‘That sounds nice’

No. 1099322

>the best she could do was two fellow ddlg e-beggars
my sides

No. 1099428

that dude is so musty looking. i actually feel bad for her. they both look like meth head std farms

No. 1099464

they seem like total horrorcows just from a quick scroll on both of their pages, frid9e clearly doesn't value her safety

No. 1099515

pretty sure that “domjew” guy is abusive and an actual pedophile too . i remember seeing something on my feed about him. yuck

No. 1099523

File: 1607125194206.png (31.31 KB, 1148x281, gross.png)

the woman is a piece of shit as well after doing some lurking on her twitter and linked cc

these are the kind of people you're involving yourself with d9, you sure hit the jackpot kek

No. 1099566

What the fuck?! Why would anyone be comfortable doing this? Even if it’s fake??? Sick

No. 1099568

File: 1607127365168.jpeg (790.05 KB, 1242x1081, 48612898-E167-4060-8B7F-0A7B6B…)

oUr pAWSiEs

Why are they yellow

No. 1099575

wait what? isn't that something we should report??

No. 1099651

Technically it’s not illegal because the Jew guy and “Loli” are both adults. But if they involve children they should be reported. You can’t report them for just being degenerates. If you do that would be cow tipping don’t do that.

That loli chick seems like a cow she interacts with Shayna Clifford (Porky Fattel)

No. 1099668

we should probs take any discussion about them to either the camwhore or kinkster threads so we don't derail this one, unless the milk is directly related to d9

No. 1099692

iirc he was grooming a minor (around 8 months ago i believe). i unfortunately ended up seeing the exposing posts on my timeline - not 100% sure it’s that guy but i remember a mutual telling me to report him because he was chatting to 16yr olds and emotionally abusing them. makes sense him and d9 would be talking kek

sorry for ot!!

No. 1099695

I mean she interacts with Fridge9irl. I saw on Jews Twitter that he said he brought a new sister for loli to play wit. Tinfoil that it’s D9

No. 1100683

File: 1607222048722.jpeg (193.8 KB, 750x865, BD4FC64F-05B3-43D7-BA96-8137EA…)

why is frid9e sending herself asks and answering it with a disgusting answer

No. 1100720

this girl has no personality outside of being a coomer and e-begging, i don't think she's ever talked about having hobbies or real life friends other than those greasy twitter pedophiles. it's always the most boring people who cling to being "alt" as a substitute for a personality

No. 1100774

you would think she would be in the goth/emo porn crowd instead of the musty 4chan pedophile meth heads crowd

No. 1100881

I haven't been here long but that was the most blatant self ask I've ever seen, she didn't even try to hide it

No. 1101729

File: 1607298168787.png (240.77 KB, 2048x1415, Screenshot_20201206-154247.png)

Comment from D9's toilet post. Looks like she's baiting people with customs and just ghosting them. Predictable.

No. 1101770

Sage for useless comment but holy shit that guy is a total melvin

No. 1101989

can't wait to see more of these pop up

No. 1102362

Jesus christ? I thought she was just a teen mom due to the fact that she's had plenty of drama with 14-16 year old girls. I remember she was making fun of a 15 year old for "copying" her friend's username.Sage for no caps due to it being like a year ago but it was on some drama account on instagram called pupmotel.

No. 1102559

tinfoil but i wonder if the reason why d9 doesn't have a manyvids or onlyfans like most camwhore cows do is because if you scam through those platforms people can get a refund more easily than if you send money to someone through venmo or cashapp, which is probably what she's doing

No. 1103087

File: 1607456170677.jpeg (124 KB, 1108x750, 3737FFCE-2D17-4658-943C-7952D0…)

No. 1103223

File: 1607466763790.jpeg (132.27 KB, 750x1334, F7C8149A-CB02-4FDB-80DC-02735F…)

This tacky egirl shit is not for everyone. She looks like social repose ffs

No. 1103299

File: 1607473027609.jpeg (174.08 KB, 750x1063, 0040DBC5-04F4-4650-91AC-499AFB…)

Fridge9irl showing the haterz how uwu smol she is

No. 1103303

nah she just took a fat dump shes just full of shit

No. 1103310

There is absolutely no way she's not over 120 lb if she's 5ft like she claims to be.
I'm 4'11" 110lb and look way thinner than she ever has. This bitch prolly only has one foot on the scale kek
Sage for sperg

No. 1103311

Losing that much weight in such a short amount of time would indicate that she's super dehydrated (or, you know, lying)

No. 1103321

Are her toes bloated or is the nail narrow

No. 1103344

show us the full scale with your feet centered properly with the scale on a flat surface fatass, i see carpet

No. 1103378

104 pounds on someone 5ft would make them look fat. that is pretty chubby for 5ft

No. 1103385

You bone rattling anachans need to stop shitting up every thread

No. 1103420

File: 1607484397343.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1723, 70EF706F-43ED-4A18-8E11-7B92FD…)

D9 runs this account for sure. If not this is def a farmer. I thought we called her Squidwardthigh anyways and d9 was spongebob

No. 1103435

This account started using those jokes on the same day they were formed here. It's clearly ran by d9
Funny how she projects the spongebob cereal box insult on this other girl, it clearly got under her skin kek

No. 1103527

i hate to use the jealousy card since it's the choice argument of cows and tea's obviously fucked up before, but holy shit d9 is so bitter. i wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't actually care about tea's scams at all and hates her solely for having a larger following without having to post nudes or pander to scrotes with rape fetishes

No. 1103528

File: 1607500957525.jpeg (187.58 KB, 828x1401, 27712F52-BA7F-4236-9050-35396C…)

This showed up on my Tik Tok page and it irrationally irritates me

No. 1103766

File: 1607534329018.jpeg (11.98 KB, 184x275, download.jpeg)

No. 1103906

How could anyone dump someone with a straw like that

No. 1103913

File: 1607545154059.png (321.48 KB, 797x533, dwink watew wif me.png)

only a heartless wench

No. 1103983

File: 1607549409457.jpeg (483.9 KB, 750x1281, 6731516E-2F96-4687-83AD-C151C2…)

frid9e who? i only know my favourite toilet licking pornstar, trixie reaper. She uses the last name reaper so she must be really edgy.

No. 1104064

File: 1607556356259.jpeg (246.01 KB, 750x975, 11091199-9DC3-4466-83EA-F91D92…)

She’s honestly so ugly. She facetuned herself into uncanny valley.

No. 1104079

she is still ugly even with all the shooping. Such a wannabe. Kek. Fridge9irl you will never be a goth charlotte or a sasha grey. You are always going to be a deadbeat wannabe and soon enough you will only be able to charge scrotes 3 dollars or else you wouldn't make money. (because that's all your square ass is worth.) Don't worry though, you can get something to eat at the mcdonalds dollar menu!! And you won't even have to worry about gaining weight dumb anachan boxy bitch because you won't make enough money to binge on food. I can't wait for the cardboard box saga because sooner or later your parents will get tired of you licking the toilet they use to shit on.

No. 1104091

File: 1607558255414.png (454.29 KB, 667x352, wtfff.PNG)

she can't even edit her iris. left eye on the right side of her pupil if you can't see what i mean. lol its all lumpy compared to her right one. invest in photoshop and take a class on it, frid9egorl.

No. 1104095

why does she looks like dahvie vanity or jafar starfish? she has masculine features, she looks like a man.

No. 1104107

I have a hard time believing she is 5ft, her frame looks a lot taller

No. 1104140

honestly i think it's how she does her makeup, i get that it's part of her ~aesthetic~ but it's too harsh looking. it doesn't make sense either since in most pictures i see of emo/scene kids, the makeup isn't even that heavy

No. 1104145

File: 1607561084546.jpeg (237.72 KB, 750x1105, 53502783-8F24-4536-ABEE-0CBECB…)

She always strategically crops her photos to hide that she has no shape. Post a full body pic, D9. We want to see the fridge in all its glory.

No. 1104168

File: 1607563982909.gif (3.74 MB, 275x92, 1604803686819.gif)

>that caption
>this happened
you couldn't take a teaspoon of your own medicine, toilet licker.

No. 1104175

>Trixie Reaper
okay, angie.
I bet her name change had to do with her angelthigh kek

No. 1104194

Cool straw

No. 1104204

she says as she is obsessed with angelthigh

No. 1104293

File: 1607583643340.jpeg (281.68 KB, 876x1556, F37195D9-8F4A-43D7-A67A-0BAB3D…)

she is so damn annoying

No. 1104295

File: 1607583910596.jpeg (306.06 KB, 750x855, 4655BFFD-5030-473E-99EB-303F4A…)

“physically can’t diet”

No. 1104297

>pls don't say I look more healthy now
Literally who would say that

No. 1104300

she's directly responding to this comment >>1094244 almost two weeks later

No. 1104304

She looks horrible in both pictures. She looks like a skinny corpse on the right and the left is shooped to hell and back
Literally nobody cares and the “people she is replying to” is lolcow

No. 1104315

does she ever talk about anything other than her body at all?

No. 1104321

how did she get her tits to look like bolt-ons?

No. 1104328

They are both shooped hell. I literally see no difference between either of them, she looks so uncanny and long I wonder if her bf is a manlet or if she’s just like 5’11 of some shit

No. 1104351

File: 1607595773854.png (612.25 KB, 2048x1884, Screenshot_20201210-232104.png)

No. 1104384

File: 1607605564670.jpeg (315.58 KB, 757x592, DD3A1CD3-A9AE-4D18-BF2D-438E58…)

so then what the fuck is this?

No. 1104385

Getting asspats for the extensive digital manipulation in both photos. I can't believe anons were WKing this cow.

No. 1104399

lmao I watched some more of their TikToks and this person (honestly confused what gender this is supposed to be) needs to be a proper lolcow. I rarely see someone who acts so pathetic on purpose, it's genuine toecurling cringe.

No. 1104402

These cows just shoop themselves to what their body dysmorphia tells them they look like today. She never looked like either of these, >>1104293 no well-fed caucasian girl does.

No. 1104469


She's shaped like a surfboard. I love how she's yanking her knickers up to create the illusion of curves but it just makes it more obvious that she doesn't have any at all.

(Saging for slight nitpick)

No. 1104500

there’s something super offputting and uncanny about her face, even when unedited. maybe it’s the eyebrows

saged for nitpick

No. 1104507

She looks uncanny cause nothing about the bitch is real lmao it's all facetune. She's built like an ironing board and has the face of a Lego man

No. 1104673


Why does she continuously make a point to mention that she's "toned down" on the photoshop when all it does is bring attention to the fact that she still does? Does this chick just thrive off the negative attention it brings her?

She looks like a praying mantis and she's shaped like a door.

No. 1104694

i want to know how many times is she going to say that. i use to like her until it got to the point where all she talks about is her body and her photoshop. literally nobody cares.

No. 1104758

File: 1607646721527.png (2.2 MB, 1797x2048, Screenshot_20201210-162913.png)

You can see the text on her robe warping in towards her waist kek she never learns

No. 1104760

File: 1607646769538.png (1.38 MB, 1157x2048, Screenshot_20201210-162946.png)

she even covered it in her story, she knows it's there and doesn't care. Lazy ass.

No. 1104769


I love how she begs for people to share her shit quality pics on their story and no one ever does.

No. 1104787

what even is this “aesthetic” anyways? mom bod in shein clothing?

No. 1104820

File: 1607657486658.jpg (215.96 KB, 1146x1154, 1606439172568.jpg)

>genuinely confused as to what gender this is supposed to be
Anon, that's a woman and your twitterfaggotry is showing.

No. 1105186

File: 1607715210854.jpg (388.24 KB, 800x800, O1CN01J2kCtS1KbOkKGCoSZ_!!4117…)

She wants to be a slim thick aliexpress/taobao lingerie model. All these subpar shoop girls do is take pics like this wearing the same cheap trash, they tag companies (or if they're smart they submit the pics to all the companies that sell the same lingerie) and pray for a discount code or repost. Technically it makes them models. I guess larping as a model is an "aesthetic". I just call that depressing.

No. 1105200

File: 1607716110962.jpeg (221.31 KB, 828x1375, D1C3E25C-1749-48E9-9915-54051A…)

i missed it. did anyone catch any screenshots of what fauxgf was saying to 67/2000core last night before she deleted all her comments and privated all her posts? there are some screenshots of dms in @/67core story that's all i can see

No. 1105228

File: 1607718405167.jpeg (163.75 KB, 750x1184, D06D4FB2-0FAE-4A91-819E-48CE43…)

she’s actively reporting the post about herself, but it’s up again. A lot of screenshots and most of them are retarded shit twitterfags would REEEEEEE over.

No. 1105232

File: 1607718785123.jpeg (366.38 KB, 750x1186, 865C101F-BB2B-41FF-B49F-723136…)

a cow tipping lurker. not surprising.

No. 1105266

OT but god damn that arm shop
It doesn’t even look real. Looks like a single strand of spaghetti pasta

No. 1105304

File: 1607724145917.png (139.47 KB, 816x526, Capture.PNG)

No. 1105342

File: 1607725984114.png (1.67 MB, 1322x2048, Screenshot_20201211-143208.png)

Chad stance

No. 1105346

oh my GOD that waist shoop is intense

No. 1105417

so unflattering. why did she even post this

No. 1105421

File: 1607731799387.jpeg (508.46 KB, 750x1236, 83DE816D-757D-4AF4-B6D2-E1EB6F…)

if you found that unflattering look at this gem
> felt like a painting

No. 1105428

File: 1607732833586.png (142.78 KB, 393x425, IMG_20201211_192706.png)

No. 1105459

boring and triggered

No. 1105492


>Bad lighting

>visably warped arms and bending walls near her waist

>overused the blurr tool on her face and legs

>Hair looks a frizzy mess

No. 1105493


This is one unflattering photo. The photoshop is highly noticeable but her face looks swollen and she looks constipated.

No. 1105527

>>>/snow/1047693 she thought the outfit was so fire she posted it twice…..

No. 1105632

Can these annoying retards fuck off? Lolcow isn't your source for call out material, and that goes for all the short bus riding zoomers who lurk here. I swear these speds are even more "toxic" than us anons who just point and laugh from a distance.

No. 1105656


Took the words right out of my mouth anon. Ever since the second thread where flabby vampire was exposed for making it and another egirl used caps from the thread to put her on blast, there's been an influx of twitterfags and salty egirls here.

Funny thing is, none of these e-whores are better than the other. Every single one of them hypocritically calls out each other for things they do themselves, all of them are pick me's but pretend to be a girls girl for ass pats and all of them treat being mentally ill and self loathing as if its an aesthetic.

No. 1105792

File: 1607790536821.jpg (638.77 KB, 1080x1440, 20201212_092430.jpg)

Lmao her waist shoop, you can see part of the chair curving in. Its like she doesn't even try.

No. 1105834

File: 1607796756288.png (898.31 KB, 1920x1080, luna.png)

I keep seeing "Luna's" "Friends" popping up on random facebook statuses about her saying this shit. Babishat is telling these girls she did nothing and that its the other girls like sug4rfart and d9 who are to blame!
Her last comment is such a passive aggressive way of saying "sorry if that happened but all those girls are fake with massive egos" like Babifat is somehow an exception?

No. 1105869


Flabby vampire is just as fake and egotistical as the rest of them. When she was called out she did nothing but cry, tried to play victim and kept pulling the mental health card.

The mods traced her ip address. She wasn't just anonymously talking shit, she made the thread herself. The friends who keep white knighting her are going to be trashing her too in a few months. Luna/Dolores/hayley is known to randomly turn on other girls out of no where and blame it on her self diagnosed bpd.

No. 1105962

She looks like a thumb. Kek. Those bangs are hideous

No. 1105973

I'd love to see her actually ride a skateboard. They are such sad try-hard props.
Who would keep their skateboard in their bedroom anyway. That's so dirty.

No. 1106035

Anon lots of skaters keep their boards in their rooms

That aside, you can tell by the grip that the only time she got on was before she bought it at walmart kek

No. 1106098

tell me I’m not the only one who thinks she has the most punchable face

No. 1106103

wtf that doesnt even look like her

No. 1106134

File: 1607817823994.png (1.84 MB, 1606x2048, Screenshot_20201213-130240.png)

Babivamps finsta throwback post

No. 1106141


She is just one very unfortunate looking girl.

No. 1106151

Honestly I can't believe this is her. She would probably look fine if she tweezed her eyebrows and wasn't such a terrible person.

No. 1106195


Her brows are the least of her worries. She has a foot face coupled with a big chin. In some photos she looks like she's transitioning.

No. 1106214

Lmfao facts I thought this was the mtf thread for a sec

No. 1106238

and if she learned how to smile without looking demented of course

No. 1106359

File: 1607839589925.png (1.78 MB, 1238x2048, Screenshot_20201213-182232.png)

Nice, still going to bars in a pandemic dressed like a whore

No. 1106362

she lives in the us, doesn't she? she better not complain when she tests positive for covid

No. 1106397

it's all she has to look forward to, slapping on some cheap aliexpress clothes, demonias and getting black out drunk at an applebees

No. 1106463

Woah, bars are still open in the US? Wild

No. 1106500


Going to the bar in the middle of a pandemic is fucking dumb. She'd be better off just going to the liquor store and drinking at home, but it seems she thrives off "controversy".

>Dressed like a whore

Not trying to white knight this chick but thats a really retarted nitpick anon. That outfit isn't cute but i could careless about what she wears out, only that she's dumb enough to go out and get drunk when the covid numbers are rising.

No. 1106501


Wow she's hideous. She's covering up those caterpillar brows with those choppy bangs. Lmao kek

No. 1106509

Looks normal to me idk why anons make her out to be hideous

No. 1106525

Isn't she married? I assume it is an "open marriage" lmao.

No. 1106541

She looks like a foot

You can see she is shaped like a box. Why does she out herself and then acts like she didn’t and shoops her waist even more? It’s a trashy outfit. I’m not going to call her a whore about her outfit, but it looks cheap. You can’t wear a short skirt and a cropped top together at least wear a longer top or pants, not both? It makes you look like a cheap hooker….Nobody wants to see your manly box stomach, and that skirt is too short nobody wants to see those that pimples on your ass boxf4iry.

No. 1106700

File: 1607892080155.png (448.4 KB, 432x457, WoWScrnShot_121320.png)

She could do a really nice female goblin cosplay if she wanted.

No. 1106711

anon plz show ur body if shes shaped like a box i am genuinely curious. she's not boxy she just doesn't have the hips she edits herself with

No. 1106725

are you still white knighting yourself on this thread? give it up babiweight(hi cow)

No. 1106746

can u chill, im just saying in this thread everyone throws around the word boxy when describing ethots bodies

No. 1106747

File: 1607897276452.jpeg (484.55 KB, 540x1402, DC8568C7-FC95-4952-A77D-C34092…)

Self posting….again.

No. 1106759

Charming. Farming simps from scrote boards is a one way ticket to being murdered eventually. Why do they do this?

No. 1106762

embarrassingly obvious shoop. I cringed.

No. 1106768

File: 1607898534165.jpeg (247.43 KB, 750x1299, 1B2E816B-D61B-497F-BC82-FFA9AA…)

her real name is marissa?

No. 1106770

God I hate scrotes

No. 1106776

you'd think they'd know about what happened to bianca devins and would practice more caution when it comes to the kind of incels they're pandering to, but no. why do egirls all hate themselves so much

No. 1106778

Learn to integrate faggot

No. 1106779

Seriously don't see the appeal of these 4chan guys and why so many women try so hard to get their attention.

No. 1106784

wanting 4chan guys to like you is the final evolution of pick-me. also I'm surely but surely getting convinced that being a pick-me should be added to the dsm-5.

No. 1106786


No. 1106843

You’re a box get over it. Stop shooping and be content with your body type

No. 1106846

Imagine pandering to men who compare your beat up cooch to roast beef. Maybe don’t show your pimpled ass and nasty snatch so this wouldn’t happen Arisa. Scrotes are gross but thots that cater to them are even more gross

No. 1106848

File: 1607904867711.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 1216x1533, 022E610C-1154-46E9-A2D8-8F0B45…)

The fact she has the audacity to keep this up even though she exposed her non shooped fridge bod…. embarrassing

No. 1106863

File: 1607905763773.png (51.58 KB, 591x399, pet sperg.PNG)

proof box-chan at least reads her own 4chan threads, and yeah a lot of the posts to /r9k/ from the last week have been worded as if she herself wrote it. of course she'll act like she doesn't know and is "creeped out" but it feels safe to assume its her.

No. 1106864

unphotoshopped or not she's easily the most attractive and least problematic of all the women in this thread.
I wouldn't be surprised if the 4chan posts claiming to be her were made by some weirdo incel. We all know they do that shit on there

No. 1106872

>most attractive of all the women in the thread
low bar, anon
anyone is a 10 next to frid9e and babi

No. 1106873

who cares if she’s more attractive than the others? the competition is babiweight, frid9e, and squidwardthighs, that’s hardly an accomplishment. she’s still a photoshopping retard who spergs about her body or “hate” on twitter on the daily

No. 1106874

Comeon, I never said we were working with america's next top models here kek
In addition I just find her more harmless in comparison and not so milky

No. 1106875

File: 1607906369332.jpeg (365.82 KB, 750x1008, D72234C6-0DEE-4ABB-87C9-5F60E9…)

> hate me bitches i love the attention

No. 1106876

File: 1607906454253.jpeg (29.63 KB, 360x360, 2FB30BDD-3614-481C-80CD-083138…)

> i love the attention
the shut down lolcow link is still in her finsta bio

No. 1106890

File: 1607908154785.jpeg (51.68 KB, 199x304, 2B333AFB-D6D7-4EE0-A29F-B669D2…)

Arisa is just as ugly as squidwardthighs and fridge9irl but at least squidward hasn’t been annoying she still shoops though and convinces her underaged followers that she’s all ~natural uwu~ kek
I still don’t get why she self posts on 4chan when she is married to an incel neck beard

No. 1106898

lol why do you say that? they're doing the same thing we do here except calling her a roastie instead of a pickme

No. 1106908

File: 1607909751134.jpeg (341.58 KB, 750x775, 8E1755FE-0145-47EB-A062-10A71D…)

i’ve never seen her not complain. she’s a cow

No. 1106916

I don't see how her complaining often or that bit of evidence that you just posted supports the idea that she is milky or a cow

No. 1106922

the photoshop and denial is the milk, her referencing her own 4chan threads is milk, your WK is showing. go lick her pussy elsewhere

No. 1106934

you want evidence of her being a cow? see threads 2, 3, and 4.

No. 1106974

File: 1607914663889.png (7.12 MB, 1242x2208, CF81C209-3E9C-4D8D-91A7-8A68F0…)

Sage-ing cause I already posted this in the mtf thread
The only friend ang3lthigh has ever been posted with is notorious troon sadbabydoil.
Really makes me wonder with her obvious bimbofication fetish and ott shoop if she’s mtf as well. Picrel

No. 1106975

Squid ward thigh might be trans? I believe it

No. 1107048

we don't generally wish rape on people here, anon

No. 1107083

File: 1607929899282.png (303.94 KB, 513x539, ok box-chan.PNG)

No. 1107115

Kinda like Lurch if he trooned out

No. 1107591

can we just talk about how toxic piaisevil is? always telling people to kill themselves and making major drama all the time

No. 1107610

post caps or gtfo, all i see is a haggard liboweep wannabe with shitty ass sanrio scratchers. nothing milky about being a try hard.

No. 1107630

File: 1608063746143.jpeg (437.45 KB, 750x1005, C012F2DD-6DB1-4504-B863-A19F6A…)

ITS STILL PHOTOSHOPPED just not as much…

No. 1107654

File: 1608065414981.jpeg (107.18 KB, 510x412, 1607393402838.jpeg)

>except my knees

No. 1107703

File: 1608068744455.png (111 KB, 344x604, b7duu65e.PNG)

just caught this, if she did lose a friend to suicide, that sucks. can't help but think about how relentlessly she bullied all her previous "friends" and girls she looked up to though. not to throw salt in the wound but, she's not a good friend if her anon behavior has taught us anything.

No. 1107815

knowing her it's either mental health virtue signalling or vague suicide baiting.

No. 1107820

File: 1608076974049.png (581.97 KB, 696x505, liar.png)

yeah totally unshooped

No. 1107904

what she meant is its not photoshop its beautycam

No. 1108224

I mean… the body, you can pose in a way that enhances your waist and hips for a pic that maybe in a video is too stiff to move so there you have a difference. But that face? No way in hell that's no shooped!
It's a shame because she only digs herself deeper… but then again I'm sure she loves even that type of attention, people analyzing her pics and debunking the is attention, I guess.

No. 1108268


Pretty sure this is a combination of her virtue signaling and suicide baiting.

The past few weeks she's been posting and deleting stories about her mental health, how she hasn't eaten in days etc but only acknowledges the uplifting comments from pages that have a lot of followers and ignores smaller pages.

If things are that bad, why doesn't she just stay off social media for a few days and spend time with her kid instead of staying glued to her damn phone 24/7.

No. 1108291


Not even trying to white knight this chick but she's not even THAT milky.Photoshop and denial isn't prime milk and i don't understand why you and the other anons are so fixated on it. The fact that she refrences threads about herself isn't entirely milky either, plenty of cows search themselves and lerk to see whats being said about them (take flabi vampire for example). But given the continuous cowtipping going on in this thread, i wouldn't be surprised if it was a bunch of newfags and lurking twitterfags using finsta pages to tip her off and report it here.

Is there any real milk on her? Or are you going to just keep calling any anon who asks for fresh milk on her a whiteknight?

No. 1108308

tbf bianca befriended and flirted with the incels and then thought it would be a good idea to hitch a ride with one of them, whose heart she had recently broken. not that courting /r9k/ attention isn't a retarded idea with crazy potential to go poorly, but bianca piled up the stupid

No. 1108379

oops, I guess I just didn't see anything wrong in that one screenshot. my bad

No. 1108547

she honestly has a pretty body it's a shame she has to resort to shooping like that.
not white knighting or a scrote btw i just love women bodies and wish they didn't feel the pressure to edit themselves. Or just worked out and ate properly if they so desired to lose weight

No. 1108721

you can just admit you have a crush and move on, anon! everyone with a following googles their name, weirdos and milky attention seekers directly respond to anons and self post on 4chan calling themselves beautiful teens as 21 year olds, kek. thats dumbass behavior and milky enough to constitute being mentioned. nothing wrong with having a soft spot, just don't act like people are choosing to pick on some random.

No. 1108722

File: 1608170904389.jpg (135.75 KB, 1080x1092, Screenshot_20201217-013144__01…)

>Not even trying to white knight this chick but she's not even THAT milky
But you are rerard-chan, your post history is literally full of WKing Arisa. See here >>1086834 and add "sperging out on social media for a day over the farms, responding to anons/self posting, threating to leave her socials behind, then coming back only a few days later" to the list of milky shit. Honestly, dictate discussion elsewhere, or alternatively read the previous threads and stop denying a cow when you see one it's embarrassing.

It definitely is anon. Aside from the jarring onlyfans images we got if you look at her streams it's even more obvious than her face just looking painted on. I actually feel sorry for her, her online presence only digs herself a deeper hole.

No. 1108738

holy fucking kek she has a potato face. her nose is way bigger than she lets on, she looks nothing like the photoshop seriously. how ridiculous.

No. 1108742

File: 1608172269596.png (3.94 MB, 750x1334, 002B2E69-BAEC-4994-81F1-68C316…)

does she even know what she looks like anymore? the pixelated smooth skin makes her look like an imvu character.

No. 1108751

does she have any unshooped pictures for comparison? she can't be serious with this…

No. 1108755

File: 1608173092261.jpg (95.65 KB, 1080x543, Screenshot_20201217-134313__01…)

Idk what's gonna be worse, this or the toilet saga?

No. 1108757

File: 1608173584520.jpeg (32.21 KB, 275x273, 56600EFF-3A4D-4310-A755-E553D9…)

not easy to find anything without at least a snapchat filter

No. 1108911

File: 1608195925248.jpeg (382.66 KB, 750x1106, 14A4C6A8-B4D3-4003-B28F-5E880A…)

fucking kek. thought she was poor

No. 1108913

File: 1608196271412.jpeg (201.4 KB, 750x796, 7DEC9D4D-5CD9-4345-A406-3F85A4…)

she has said before she has student loans to pay off. her priorities are vapid, materialistic & downright depressing, but who’s surprised?

No. 1109018

File: 1608213776818.jpeg (539.35 KB, 2048x2048, 12A9FEFD-FEF1-4051-9935-843BD5…)

Probably still this , behind closed doors

No. 1109127

She’s going to end up with botched ass lips like Nika kek

No. 1109129

Also who texts their lip injection appointment ? That just seems unprofessional. And you have to have money to keep getting them done. Fridge9 is so retarded.

No. 1109138

File: 1608229315791.png (72.08 KB, 914x402, 2394873.png)

sage for absolutely retarded tinfoil but do you think frid9e is going to pnp's old lip injection lady

No. 1109141

If that's the case than frid9egirl should be running.

See what I did there. But seriously there's probably a ton of injectors around there but it is a weird thought.

No. 1109169

Oh god… I really hope she isn't that retarded but, considering she texted this person, she probably found this quack doctor on either insta or tiktok. Goodbye fridge, hello anus lips.

No. 1109236

is she british ? warminster is in the UK from what i know

No. 1109264

Did you read the pic like 4 posts down? The first line says it's in PA

No. 1109266

> "Warminster Township is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States"
> anon: "is she british"
Fucking kek

No. 1109268

File: 1608239989065.png (4.27 MB, 750x1334, 053B80A5-76DF-431A-9382-25698F…)

No. 1109271

File: 1608240092671.png (3.63 MB, 750x1334, 51091448-21C4-4488-B200-E8274D…)

No. 1109275

File: 1608240158798.png (3.63 MB, 750x1334, D62D8E38-98BC-4331-A926-D7B72B…)

No. 1109298

File: 1608242353560.jpeg (581.52 KB, 750x1200, 00BBC670-85BD-4F5C-8535-1AC23F…)

> promotes dollskill after trashing other girls who supported them during their cancellation

No. 1109314

File: 1608243719563.jpeg (316.31 KB, 1366x1001, 6B4199BB-3404-452C-B2F1-03FD7F…)

https://www.botoxbymeesha.com/aboutjackiewalsh found the doctor through a quick google search…

No. 1109328

File: 1608245006967.jpeg (337.61 KB, 1351x1078, 28D700F9-8E66-46FA-A523-A24815…)

can she stop posting this fucking picture

No. 1109335

i love how insincere she comes off in all her clothes. you can tell she just sold like everything in her closet before to afford this generic stuff for instagram. money can buy you hot girl platforms, but it will never buy you the confidence or poise you need to pull it off.

No. 1109387

i just know she only dresses like this in her room

No. 1109404

I like how she has a my hero poster to draw in weeb simps yet has probably never watched an anime in her life kek. And we already know she uses ahegao stuff cos everyone else does and aesthetics.

No. 1109537

File: 1608263826566.png (1.21 MB, 838x1484, Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 10.5…)

No. 1109544

File: 1608264384185.png (14.63 KB, 644x800, 2D78F04B-FA43-472C-97FB-8F8B69…)

What emotion is she even trying to portray? Because she looks like pic related.

No. 1109552

Where's her chin…

No. 1109573

The incel corpse husband lyrics as the caption ew

>Hahah I’m ~so unbothered~ by the hayterz
>posts about them all the time

Ew wtf

No. 1109582

File: 1608268306051.jpeg (341.94 KB, 1099x1588, AE5F3F91-B67D-4538-85A0-07BB7F…)

Cow tipper

No. 1109598

File: 1608271110448.jpeg (33.16 KB, 809x359, 9B06D366-841C-43F6-B7B5-53D3D3…)

This post made me start googling her again only to deep dive and find out Bianca would offer men underage nudes, and then black mail them for money and drugs once she sent them (threatening to report them to the FBI for having CP)

She also ran a tumblr account dedicated to spamming minors with gore. Oh and would send death/rape threats. She also faked her suicide multiple times to escape the drama she caused.

It’s absolutely tragic how she was murdered, but I fully believe if she was still alive she would probably be posted in this thread. I’d like to believe she would’ve been able to grow and change but she said and did some pretty nasty things to people.

Pic related, something Bianca sent to a person she was harassing. Tragic irony.

No. 1109604

I don’t feel bad for Bianca, and there are a few farmers who feel the same. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. How a sheltered suburban teen can be so bored they make their life dangerous is beyond me.

No. 1109606

Still doesn't warrant what happened. She never knew real violence so it was novel to her. She didn't deserve what happened and nothing dug up about her will ever change that. I wish people would stop bringing her up.

No. 1109608

File: 1608272902738.png (153.54 KB, 529x598, 8FEC4B01-BE72-48C6-B40B-5B9753…)

No one is saying it did. Just can’t deny that she would’ve ended up in this thread if she were still alive, as she hurt and harassed many people.

No. 1109642

stop posting about a dead girl, what's the point

No. 1109645

it's teenagers again

No. 1109868

File: 1608316113912.jpeg (113.57 KB, 750x723, B91F17A8-8523-47A0-9FAB-D3C4F3…)

No. 1109962

oh my god bitch get over yourself and your body you sound like a broken record

No. 1110004

File: 1608328066356.jpeg (397.08 KB, 572x1237, 6407EC42-0BC0-4658-A10C-906CD6…)