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File: 1616569491038.jpg (250.01 KB, 1546x1107, 1602610840625.jpg)

No. 1191646

"Thread for those who abuse photoshop to gain fame off their fabricated looks while claiming to be “all natural” or “not photoshopped”."

Prior Thread >>1059519

The worst offenders:
Fegalvao aka Maria Fernanda aka fer-cosplay.

Erin Eevee/Pinkfox Cosplay:

Jenna Lynn Meowri:

No. 1191649

File: 1616570281471.jpg (222.46 KB, 1080x1350, 673029793647257_418152_n.jpg)


Checked and wtf

No. 1191654

File: 1616572351679.jpeg (29.48 KB, 495x619, 1837728w93_3377_n.jpeg)

I can't get over the fact this girl came here to claim she doesnt shoop

No. 1191692


All of it, please

No. 1191717

Seconding, everything please.

No. 1191823

why does she look like one of the Roswell aliens who died in the UFO crash in 1947?

No. 1191851

Her @ is grimykittyy but the account is private now

No. 1191857

File: 1616601229703.jpg (47.23 KB, 539x535, ExIC5o_WgAY8rc4.jpg)

how the fuck she went from that to this? what a waste, im fucking shocked

No. 1191865

File: 1616601831462.jpeg (57.26 KB, 675x1200, F5B0329C-34B1-4DD4-A89C-B7C2EA…)

this is a tranny scrote that was featured on the mtf thread (and a previous bad photoshop thread) because he got caught racefaking and stealing women’s photos and pasting his face on their bodies, and distributing illegal pornography. He was supposedly banned from instagram but I guess he came back and is editing worse than before on purpose kek

He never looked like any of these photos though. picrel is what he used to edit himself to look like before running away and changing his editing style. He claimed it was real back then too.

No. 1191875

fuck isn't he tired of all this different catfishes? he is active on bratphobic from time to time then why he is making this monstrosity on the other acc

No. 1191909

File: 1616604515527.jpg (204.08 KB, 1080x1350, 6f8c221.jpg)

Imagine paying $150 dollars for this kind of content. Magical waist right there

No. 1191911

File: 1616604593509.jpg (39.38 KB, 480x720, 779d6570b3f5824c528be8295ebe2d…)

And she wasnt ugly, why would she do that to her face?

No. 1191945

I can’t take my eyes off of her thighs. who told her this looked okay, momokun??

No. 1191990

Wait isn't this bratphobic? Are him and grimykitty the same person?

No. 1192016

Why are there only three girls mentioned in the title as the worst offenders? There are so many worse offenders, can we add to the title?

No. 1192024

File: 1616612304528.jpeg (118.6 KB, 850x1024, BB954EF9-8FDE-4E69-9AB6-8E39CF…)

shocking that Bishoujomom isn't considered one of the worst offenders here. Her photoshop is horrendous. Has she been spoken about?

No. 1192029

Ooh I'm so down for a brazilian cosplayers drama thread, but our country thread in portuguese was a huge flop so I'm not sure if it would work out.

No. 1192077

File: 1616614644526.jpeg (252.66 KB, 839x781, ED301B38-7B71-42BB-8E36-D11305…)

@bratphobic says he is not lying about being Asian and that he never said the n word lmaoo. He’s back to photoshopping and posting

No. 1192080

File: 1616614676164.jpeg (209.38 KB, 944x1098, A2A539A9-75D8-43FF-A775-A93227…)

This isn’t real?? Why are zoomers so retarded? Why does he have a platform?

No. 1192082

File: 1616614726722.png (6.1 MB, 1242x2208, 3EAA0163-D1DB-428E-A2EC-F6A947…)

@bratphobic griffins story

No. 1192088

File: 1616614942448.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x2074, 14FD32BA-007C-42F0-BB86-3C8EBE…)

I really hope this is ironic/making fun of people who edit like this
Because if not…. then I don’t know

No. 1192090

File: 1616615011691.png (3.87 MB, 1242x2208, 11D78046-66B5-43F2-AA4D-F7B67E…)

No. 1192147

the bratphobic milk and shit hitting the fan was like months ago jesus fucking christ. the gen-z e-kid followers already turned on them when they got exposed on here and tiktok and instagram fucking ages ago. are you incapable of skimming old threads?

No. 1192149

File: 1616618757527.jpg (92.5 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1616618758593.jpg)

Omg, she's like a curvier fe galvao

No. 1192164

File: 1616619791265.jpg (204.4 KB, 1364x2048, 121775739_1910516412423182_311…)

Let's talk about a source of photoshoped girls? Probably the number one rule is photoshopping the shit out of you.

No. 1192165

File: 1616619883519.jpg (103.9 KB, 1080x1350, 121162365_153693443092160_6168…)

They all work for ecchi art, now ecchi toon. Basicaly a scam otaku box that offers low quality bootleg stuff. Giu is also part of them

No. 1192169

File: 1616619962005.jpg (47.65 KB, 636x960, 131552472_2791443401107226_172…)

Serving Madame Tussauds

No. 1192173

is this her real body? I actually think she looks good, but if she's actually overweight with no toned shape and shoops her curves… then nvm lol

No. 1192182

Idk, she could be wearing a corset and that already makes her smarter than Fe galvao, because she shoops her waist.

No. 1192185

File: 1616621323215.jpg (121.13 KB, 640x640, 925386_236798186482650_9814013…)

are you sure? she should've got bracers instead of boob implants, her teeth is just as bad as feh's

i don't know if i can post here though, but who do i even start with? its a real question i have a small list of people that i know something shitty about but none of them are milky enough to have their own thread and others are just one thing like lying about doing their own props. there is also some people who don't shoop but are just stupid and delusional about how good they are as cosplayers like leonmarttins.

pick one first or something.
nanasheepy (this one is really fresh milk)

i know a bit more stuff about some of these people but it's stuff that if i tell i will out myself so no.

these are just bad shoopers that i don't know anything milky about, but that you can go to their instagrams to have a laugh at
siriuslyt (you can find some really old photos of her where you can see how square her jaw is)

and basically anyone from puripurisquad, that's a shitshow but they aren't all brazilians

No. 1192192

File: 1616621464538.jpeg (150.77 KB, 707x950, A50C588A-B02F-4B23-A7D5-D45DC3…)

LOL. Noooo. Not her natural body whatsoever. Here is a picture of Bishoujomom (Juliette Michelle) just a couple years ago. Barely B cups and overweight. She has gotten so much plastic surgery and photoshops on top of that. I think her photoshops are the most extreme I've seen.

No. 1192193

File: 1616621508915.jpg (248.69 KB, 1080x1350, 161281114_457455889022181_2209…)

god you read my mind because i cited they at the end of my post lmao
i always wanted to know who that 'liz' is, the owner of this shitshow

No. 1192199

File: 1616621734918.jpeg (888.41 KB, 1836x2448, ACA8B290-410C-4A3B-B2BA-D84C64…)

I think the answer here is defo not her natural body. She looks completely different here.

No. 1192222

she def needed either braces or jaw surgery. that chin looks non-existent

No. 1192239

File: 1616624086268.jpg (86.13 KB, 765x765, 118188166_185910829595846_5851…)

No. 1192260

Hey there anon, I learned to answer I guess…
Well, ju literally stole money from clients, maybe that's a good start?

No. 1192267

Be careful anon, I know that some of those thots love to egosearch
One of them once talked about a specific topics discussed in prior photoshop threads

No. 1192283

They both look so bad without the photoshop

No. 1192289

File: 1616629321183.jpg (135.85 KB, 1066x1600, _MG_0062.jpg)

ju is basically vintage milk and i find hilarious how everyone just ignores the shit things she did. she even get asked by big cons to attend and commissions by a lot of people, brs really don't care if you are a shitty person as long as you have numbers. and where did your ass go ju? (ronaldo ichi should also be a cow because his edits make everyone absolutely plastic)

what i know from her besides the scams and poor quality stuff she sent to her clients is one of them received a dress with cat shit on it. they tried to talk to ju but she just brushed it off and people eventually went along because she was one of the pillars of the br cosplayer community.
and one time she was competing and put vinegar inside one of the other contestants lenses case. this ones always sounds so far fetched to me but there are people who swear by it.

went to check on her to get a picture and she is selling lisa's stockings for R$262. but they are just those fake black stockings from tao bao with the desing in vinyl pressed on. never stop abusing photoshop and your clients ju.

do you remember who it was? i love when they get butthurt. and yeah i won't talk about anything that isn't widely know because they can be a pain in the ass. there are at least three people that i really wanted to post here but they would know about it the second i did and would also know who it was

No. 1192295

She said "I love when people think I photoshop my butt"
The one from the wcs drama

After vintage milk what about fresh milk?

No. 1192309

New to this thread apologies. That OP photo tho. How/why do these people upload the unshopped photo too lol it seems so counterproductive.

No. 1192311

File: 1616631738226.jpg (1.52 MB, 1125x1203, 72a6260.jpg)

I wonder who the hell is that "Liz" too

Was Langley ever featured here? And once again, checked for being part of the squad

No. 1192313

That's a screencap from a video/gif

No. 1192315

File: 1616631928789.jpg (799.47 KB, 2140x1333, 21041782_168810477020861_70127…)

since i don't want to derail i will keep posting shoped pics while i talk about br drama. here is kahsan's non shopped butt versus the one she claims to be natural. and she deleted this ass pic from her feed, it was there yesterday and it isn't anymore but you can still find it on her tagged ones.

thats so like her to egosearch. jesus she is disgusting.

well there is nana (which is kahsan's atual best friend but after this she will probably ditch her like she did with myotsubasa because she can't have friends that can make she look bad) who asked R$900 to deliver to the client the shittiest wig i've ever seen. there is a facebook post going right now: https://www.facebook.com/groups/265539643551206/permalink/3454940787944393/

and i just saw that ju did a serenity dress as a comission to an US girl as she said in her post but… she has pics out of her instagram wearing the same dress. so she sold an used cosplay to the girl while claiming she did it from scratch. you will never learn right, ju?

i think i saw her here once but nobody paid mind to it

No. 1192321

She launched her only fans saying "only implied content, no nudity so don't ask for it" and now she's selling nipple pics. It's really ironic since she loved trash talking girls who make the same type of content she sells now.

Best friend, yeah… let's see who's gonna be her next best friend you could almost make a reality show out of it

No. 1192329

Both the pictures look photoshopped to me. There’s weird little blurs on the left picture, maybe it’s a video?

No. 1192331

File: 1616633693324.jpg (251.53 KB, 1080x1350, 158062372_4023892590988992_818…)

she (and myo as well) always had a lot to say on tumblr about lewd content, until she started doing it too and now she is already in nipple territory? her fiancé is not only an impulsive retard for shoving that poor girl on stage, he is also a cuck.

have some nanatsunoumii for your troubles because she never fails to bring the creepiest shopps

No. 1192336

The guy who won was not right to scream at her but that dudebro overreacted
More than talking about lewd content they were always like "a wig with lingerie is not cosplay" and thats exactly what she is doing these days

Creepy photoshop indeed why does she think it looks good??

No. 1192339

Never knew anything about dy but if you pay attention to the people she hangs out with

No. 1192343

File: 1616634738690.jpg (78.23 KB, 750x750, 52417482_163221878005565_49747…)

Sorry for the repost but yeah
"All natural"

No. 1192352

There is so much milk (even if vintage) from brazilian cosplayers that they deserve a thread of their own imho
It would also make their drama accessible to an international public. We all know the brazil ot thread failed because it is in portuguese

No. 1192359

i remember marizaascheid had a lot of old drama
mind writing a summary?

No. 1192365

ok can someone make the thread? im crap at making them. then link it here and i can keep dishing out what i know because i really dont want to flood here with unrelated drama

No. 1192367

sorry for the double but i remember that someone made a summary on dy and her fake boyfriend and crying during riots contest in a previous thread

No. 1192373

Who should be the cover of the BR thread??

No. 1192377

it need to be feh, she is the most famous one

No. 1192387

Holy shit those wigs are horrifying, how does this person still have fans and a career in cosplay? I hope she just… doesn't

No. 1192407

File: 1616639416678.jpg (155.44 KB, 1080x1080, 26332041_976384449167752_21973…)

she is so uncanny valley now. i regret everyday that i didn't save the collage she posted once rambling about only having a nose job and that her face was slim like that. you could see in the photos how hard she was lying. here is a candid but i believe there is another photo of her without cosplay and her real face here

No. 1192425

No. 1192454

No they are not the same person. Grim Kitty person came after bratphobic. Anon got them mixed up due to the shitty eye edits.

No. 1192457

Same fag but pretty sure anon is saying they’re back after making up a lame excuse on why they aren’t editing and people accepted it lol.

No. 1193237

File: 1616716376545.jpg (47.2 KB, 768x960, FB_IMG_1616716214552.jpg)

dunno who she is but one of my personal lolcows reposted this talking about, "this is what my body looks like now" lmao.

No. 1193239

File: 1616716410808.jpg (45.17 KB, 768x960, FB_IMG_1616716209396.jpg)

No. 1193494

Lemybeauty I think. She’s been photoshopping since she was a minor and lying about being an adult posting half naked pictures. Classmates exposed her. She’s an adult now but still shops . Look her up there’s a lot of expose accounts on the old drama with that

No. 1194283

File: 1616815593490.jpg (464.53 KB, 1752x2048, 20210326_232400.jpg)

Not sure if I'm bugging, but everything about this besides the sword looks like it has been shooped in.

No. 1194324

File: 1616819326694.jpg (Spoiler Image, 504.6 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210323-105554_Sam…)

She still tells people her tits are real. Her nipples are so botched and a dead giveaway for surgery. Scrotes are retards to not see edited >>1192192

No. 1194331

I honestly don't know why people hate Sabrina so much. She looks good here, face and all, and she's still killing it. She rarely shops and usually goes all natural. You can't compare a natural body to people like Bishoujo who got a BBL but lied about having a rash for 2 months to hide all her surgeries (boobs,BBL) while she healed. She's goes outvof her way to tell people she is natural while Sabrina actually is. Not even a stan because Sabrina has been caught posting on lolcow before, but Sabrina doesn't have an issue with her body aside from the occasional "Gravity sucks" because naturally big tits sag which anons freak out about like autists who think boobs are pancakes unless they are up to your chin (but then complain about bolt ons in the next sentence)

No. 1194352

wtf even the rope seems shooped

No. 1194405

I think this is a close as some cosplayers are able to get with vtubers taking a lot of spotlight.

No. 1194465

This is honestly horrific I almost threw up…. Those are the fakest looking boobs I've ever seen who even wants that

No. 1194525

….does she have nipples?? bc those look like they’re painted on wtf

No. 1194553

you're bugging, those snakes are 100% real and she's so brave for handling them like that

No. 1194673

File: 1616859618684.png (1.2 MB, 1260x794, lemy.png)

That's a man.

There is an entire subreddit with this troons pics

No. 1194688

File: 1616860356886.png (78.8 KB, 193x213, man.PNG)

do the scrotes on that subreddit know he's a man?

No. 1194695

File: 1616860585679.png (Spoiler Image, 634.39 KB, 419x588, sq.PNG)

No. 1194702

I went down a weird rabbithole on this person, first people were saying they were doing this photoshopping since they were 15 and they are female, yet they do look like a little boy in the face.

No. 1194704

Sage for blog, but I used to live in the same apartment building as this person about 5 or so years back.
I only saw him/her a few times around the building and didn't connect it was that lemmybeauty account until years later while browsing lolcow.

Really would not surprise me if this was a man.. Absolutely weird looking irl and gives off serious Nikita Dragun vibes.

No. 1194713

they were posted on LSA a while back and I connected the dots, nobody mentioned the person was trans and were saying they've been doing this for a while.
There's also people who STILL believe their body looks like the videos/pictures because they finally got work done.
Yet he still photoshops and the videos look filtered/weird. It would not surpise me if this was a troon, every picture they look different but hard.

No. 1194720

File: 1616861600162.png (223.3 KB, 370x596, sas.PNG)

okay I'm convinced this has to be a man, this is from a Video they took

No. 1194722

File: 1616861632552.png (4.37 KB, 364x122, 44.PNG)

also this comment was downvoted in the post

No. 1194725

File: 1616861833728.png (375.36 KB, 516x511, rrew.PNG)

alright this the last one, this is how the picture looks after they edited.

No. 1194867

File: 1616870832368.jpg (45.34 KB, 510x510, jjjj3j3-510x510.jpg)


No, that's definitely a woman. There's pics of her unedited as a teen and preteen. Pic related, the bottom two are how she looked before surgery and heavy editing. She likely just looks trans because she has a boyish face.

Also, at the time she was 14 she was being groomed and possibly raped by a man who was 23/24 at the time.

No. 1194868

tbh thats sad. I feel like the beauty standards are even more severe for brown women so brown influencers have to resort to insane amounts of plastic surgery and photoshop.
It also looks like she has lightened her skin color too.

No. 1194870

damn, i'm sorry then. People were saying she's been doing this since she was very young and had a adult boyfriend as a minor.
She looks fine and was probably is pretty in real life. It's sad she think she looks good in these edits but they make her look like a catfishing trans.

No. 1194873

Yeah, her whole thing is pretty depressing when look at it in full. I feel like the guy she was with pressured her into it, honestly. She was likely content with being a normal teen, then he came along with his bullshit and warped her mind. Even worse, the parents didn't step in an save their daughter from any of this. Now she just another hollow, plastic "influencer".

No. 1194876

Sorry but what is this supposed to proof? Early transitioners exist. I can show you similar pics of Jazz Jennings.

Look at how thick that fucking neck is.

No. 1194878

He always has at least one arm behind his back to push out the buttcheek, you can see it especially well in this pic.

No. 1194883

you seem paranoid asf not every woman is a ~trans~.

No. 1194894

File: 1616873076672.jpg (204.03 KB, 1008x1280, Tumblr_l_844222891330557.jpg)

Anon, that's a whole, biological woman, she just has a boyish face. She isn't trans.

No. 1194898

File: 1616873363123.jpg (124.52 KB, 640x715, Tumblr_l_844289768837823.jpg)

>Look at how thick that fucking neck is.

That isn't anywhere close to proof of her being trans, at all. Most people have necks that similar width to their heads to support it. We aren't anime characters, anon.

Anyways, I came across this as well. This was proof that she was infact underage, because during her early days, people were claiming she was an adult and her lewd posts were ok.

No. 1194982

she doesnt even look like a man and its obvious she is a woman.
All the people calling her trans must be scrotes or radfems who are so obsessed with trannys that they started calling biological woman that too.

No. 1195003

As someone who has been following lemybeauty drama for years. She’s a girl. Her classmates would have exposed that I’m sure with her age and real body lol. Anon is tinfoiling hard

No. 1195021

Well it's obvious now, but the reason I believed the "She's trans" thing isn't because i'm a "radfem obsessed with trans", it's because the extreme photoshop. If I'd saw those pictures I wouldn't think she's anything but a biological woman.
Looks like a photoshopped trans woman. It's the photoshop.

No. 1195068

it's ok the sword is shopped in too

No. 1195180

Ridiculous photoshoppers has been the pull containment thread since half way through #2, so I'm not surprised.

No. 1195614

File: 1616939802333.png (300.42 KB, 419x567, unknown (43).png)

crispy/spider monarch anyone? the chick that photoshops a dick on her snatch because she wants people to think shes a "creepycute goff femboi"
(heavily shooped noods here https://imgur.com/a/y4IwCHh)

No. 1195761

why does the dick look hand drawn? People will believe anything

No. 1195991

The dick isn’t real???? Omg I’m so confused those pictures are so scary wtf. Looking like the grudge.

No. 1196553

no she's 100% female skinwalking goth shota anime boys. Theres old pictures of her online and on her youtube on the FTM thread.

No. 1196692

You might hate it,but thats a real dude, anon. It's not fake. Just awful editing and shitty camera.

No. 1196696

Post it, anon, because he's always been a dude, so I'm going to be really interested in the reach in a video about a bio-male. Especially since they have put out nude sets before that aren't overly saturated with the comic filter on through photoshop, but thats a real scrote.

No. 1196799

File: 1617044364888.png (501.44 KB, 471x583, cursedarachnid.png)


are you fucking retarded?

No. 1197105

Androgynous looks aren't proof and that still looks like a dude, but the same one in a dress. Hows this proof?

No. 1197139

File: 1617068286149.jpg (231.24 KB, 1080x1103, Ek59YXTXYAYO4Nz.jpg)

if you can't see her boobs here then you are legally blind

No. 1197144

No. 1197152

never thought a non-scrote would be retarded enough to believe she's a male. go look at the mtf thread if you want to see what a biological male looks like. she's short with small shoulders and petite curves - and yes, she photoshops herself to have less curves now. an adult male can NEVER look like this.

No. 1197163

what do you even think androgynous means

No. 1197167

Anon looked at a woman with distinctly female bone structure (even standing next to her bio female gf showing how petite she is) and is convinced it's a male because of her badly photoshopped penis. Is this the brain on hentai?

No. 1197187

Are you really only saying that because of the voice?

No. 1197189

>padded bras

If you think those are tits, you're pretty funny anon. Those are bra pumps, not exclusive to having tits.

No. 1197199

File: 1617075329028.jpg (Spoiler Image, 597.74 KB, 1059x1426, Screenshot_20210329-203418_Sam…)

Crispy used tolarp as a girl because he identified as trans, this is ooold fucking 4chan news. Clearly you cows arent caught up. This is a damn femboy and sounds like a femboy. Looking at nudes, the asshole position alone should give it away. The whole body is that of a boy.

No. 1197206

File: 1617075497033.jpg (Spoiler Image, 622.17 KB, 1056x1390, Screenshot_20210329-203746_Sam…)

Belle has more shape due to her biological female bone structure. Arachnid is 22 years old. Even medicine wont change structure at that late point. Hes always been a dude.

No. 1197209

you really think a dude could have that voice? not even people that fully transitioned have that kind of voice. you reek of being crispy herself.

No. 1197210

femboys aren't real retarded coomer

No. 1197213

File: 1617076448496.jpg (314.53 KB, 1080x824, Screenshot_20210329-205343_Sam…)

Go to their old tumblr posts when they learned being trans wasn't as lucrative as monetizing their dick and feminine features.

No. 1197215

The same way everyone thought Nikki Tutorials was a girl for the most part until it came out she wasn't, yes. He hikes up his voice, that's why he doesn't boom it. There are so many obvious signs its a dude. Lol

No. 1197222

because a tumblr post proves a lot. really.

No. 1197223

It's a guy. Get over it.

No. 1197224

File: 1617079585725.jpg (64.13 KB, 1080x1080, yXzi9ND.jpg)

sorry but nah

No. 1197254

File: 1617084476587.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.25 KB, 470x598, Robert-Mapplethorpe_Galerie-Th…)

wtf anon, think…why would she be using a shitty camera out of nowhere for these nudes when all of her other pictures are taken with a normal digital camera and normal editing? Not painted on looking eyelashes, but she does have a painted on looking dick. Bizarre photos too, looks like an attempt at Robert Mapplethorpe. No doubt she is a fag hag, but that is a biological woman trying her damndest to look like a little boy with an outsized dick. She's weird as fuck.

No. 1197267

File: 1617086654055.jpg (113.25 KB, 1024x576, EM0fycrXYAACYEb.jpg)

yeah i dont think so

No. 1197268

sorry for samefagging but in older posts she says she is part of the LGBT community and she is dating a woman… so yeah. i know you can scream bi but it's so unlikely

No. 1197271

she's a freak and her pasted on dick and balls are both poorly done and hilarious

No. 1197273

Seriously if this girl is a male I will concede they pass flawlessly, but in this picture with 3 other women (including Bunny and Susu lol) I see zero tells.

Anyway I think those nudes may even be "fan made" or something. I'm sure if I could be bothered to scour artistic twink photoshoots maybe I could find the male lower body that matches up. Either way she is fucked up and weird, but pretending to be a femboy is setting her apart from other egirl competition. If she's been a 4channer for a long time she probably wishes she was the object of that particular breed of incel's attention and so she's a "trap".

No. 1197280

Shut up, Christina. We all know you’re a dumbass fujoshi with terrible editing skills. Funny how all your editing is maximized whenever you do “nudes” but you have released normal, clear photos in the past.

>Clearly you cows arent caught up. This is a damn femboy and sounds like a femboy

No, you aren’t and no, you don’t. You autistic female fembois are a dime a dozen these days.

No. 1197553

You’re fucking retarded. I always wondered if anyone actually believed her bullshit but here we are. She has been posting on 4chan for a few years and only recently started with the trap shit. Always was a chick.

No. 1197674

File: 1617128990792.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 458.67 KB, 1584x2048, ExLysn6VIAkghLF.jpeg)

Something is off with her hand, right? Like I'm not imagining that it looks shrunken?

No. 1197708

Unlike Moo, this chick looks like she wasn't meant to carry the weight she has currently. That explains the small features and why so much of her weight is in her stomach.

No. 1197755

crispy would love everyone to believe she's totally a smol irl catboy with a big titty gf. unfortunately for her though, she has been attention whoring on the internet far too long to rewrite history

No. 1198018

File: 1617153698357.jpg (Spoiler Image, 401.59 KB, 1490x1987, 6IeTXrr.jpg)

Her shift from being part of a goth lesbian couple to this shota/mom incest crap is so disgusting. And her fat girlfriend is completely in on it!

No. 1198026

File: 1617154084284.png (171.06 KB, 817x967, ORilDsg.png)

Samefag but also pulls this shit. “I totally look like an adult and you’re super gross if you see a little boy!” She is an absolute fucking asshole and half of her popularity is due to she and her girlfriend creating sock puppets to promote herself.

No. 1198066

File: 1617158509540.jpg (261.33 KB, 1536x2048, EqmVAtAW4AMRDmU.jpg)

>I don't dress myself like a child
Just admit you are pandering and fuck off

No. 1198076

I just don't fucking get it, What sort of backwards fujo fetish is it to be a biological female who wants to pretend to look like a male to female femboy trap.
This chick seems super milky with being a nutjob.

No. 1198085

It's pretty obvious that these two try to market themselves as a tiny shota femboy and their domme mommy girlfriend. Both very popular tropes all over nsfw twitter.

No. 1198107

She needs to retire this ugly hair do already. She looks like a grandma.
She’s a 4chan attention whore who lost popularity as gothic loli waifu when she jumped on the woke train on Twitter and became a they/them. I guess she and her pet manatee panicked and wanted to rebrand with whatever awful hentai genre was trending with her low-life orbiters at the time.

No. 1198139

she deserves her own thread at this point after being posted both here and the fakeboi thread, and the whiteknights insisting she's totally a biological boy who have now suspiciously dipped out

No. 1198166

No. 1198172

File: 1617174172893.png (Spoiler Image, 448.86 KB, 661x650, 49DE8881-50C7-4181-9FE7-CC352E…)

I did some googling and found this pic. What do you girls think of this one? Im unsure if it’s shopped or not because of the quality & position of it.

No. 1198174

File: 1617174308592.jpeg (128.56 KB, 1125x698, A15DC218-45BD-4E39-A24E-B3E938…)

Her thread is shit & dead so I’m not sure if I should bump it. But I also found this, contradicting.

No. 1198180

this is soooo badly shopped

kek, and i was thinking it was funny how fast they came with that tumblr print. i wonder what are the chances that it was crispy herself posting?

No. 1198181

File: 1617174769240.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 26.89 KB, 339x276, E6488622-58F9-4090-A781-73432E…)

gives me sleepaway camp vibes

No. 1198183

shopped (dicks usually have balls under them), and a different dick than these pics >>1195614

No. 1198199

Femboys never hesitate to produce clear pictures and videos of themselves, often for free. All we get from Crispy is hostage video stills and blurred photoshop abominations. There’s a reason for that.

>I wonder what are the chances that it was crispy herself posting?
Probably 90%. The same white knights pop up very quickly in any Reddit or Twitter post talking about her.

I wonder whose dicks she’s stealing?

No. 1198294

she looks like Micheal Jackson

No. 1198852

File: 1617232047617.png (754.59 KB, 689x1192, Screenshot_20210401-020419~2.p…)

I was advertised these pants today

No. 1198926

Looks like a BBL, not shop

No. 1199003

Are you blind, anon? There's so many wavy lines in that pic that prove it's shopped

No. 1199257

File: 1617272810035.jpeg (251.63 KB, 1170x692, 8FA1997D-39E0-45A5-A84F-7629B3…)

so is arachnid actually intersex?

No. 1199272

she's whatever will get her the most attention

No. 1199580

unlikely, intersex people very rarely come out as "100% female body with 100% male genitals" or something like that, it's usually more of a mix of the two, like a very large, penis-like clit on a normal vagina, or more often just a hormonal imbalance and no major physical differences

No. 1199775

bet 100 bucks she will come out as intersex really soon so she can please all kinds of coomers

No. 1199799

File: 1617319446500.jpg (381.83 KB, 1080x1350, 130548395_678554386365872_6643…)



No. 1199931

It's mostly makeup except normal smoothing, maybe a little tuning, but if you zoom that is a drawn crease, drawn on corners of the mouth. This is good shop.

No. 1200059

File: 1617342571445.jpg (Spoiler Image, 325.83 KB, 1536x2048, ExMuY2sVIAgBYpz.jpg)

i don't think this girl has ever been posted, the tiny head/linebacker arms/hip and waist shoop are giving me major moo vibes


No. 1200077

Intersex is just the new trend to claim to be, its about as valid and real as self diagnosed autism.

No. 1200121

i’ve never seen anyone draw a wider mouth crease before. weird.

No. 1200124

it’s like someone claiming cerebral palsy or cystic fibrosis are lifestyles and not debilitating medical conditions. intersex conditions are mutations and defects. “it’s not just a third sex” it’s not a sex at all. the default is male or female. anything else is a medical oddity.

No. 1200137

File: 1617353437664.jpg (254.18 KB, 1080x1347, Screenshot_20210402-104847_Ins…)

this girl just looks super strange

No. 1200172

Mizzie has had 2 BBL/lipo fat transfer.her arms are still fat looking.

No. 1200592

good shoop? look at her eyes, she barely has any crease and her mouth isn't that bigger in other pics

No. 1200753

You can literally see an the wrinkles of the skin on her eyelids.

No. 1200776

you can, but that doesn't make it any realistic at all

No. 1201198

These bitches aren't trying to be. As far as this thread goes, seeing her skin texture under makeup is amazing when looking at shit like >>1200137

No. 1201281

you really gonna tell me her mouth is that big too?

No. 1201402

Can you not tell that's brown eyeliner, retard?

No. 1201414

i went to her yt to see if that is really the real size of her lips and it is. god it looks so fucking ugly

No. 1201415

samefag but i meant the general size, not the sides. i can see it's brown eyeliner i'm not blind.

No. 1201472

That's why I said its just a little facetuning for smoothing. I get anons will say the videos can be edited, whatever, but its her face for the most part.

No. 1201585

File: 1617547092870.jpg (183.69 KB, 750x907, 20210402_141748.jpg)

Ana-chans that Shoop themselves skinnier are scary as hell.

No. 1201789


No. 1201965

No. 1202370

File: 1617654424553.jpg (Spoiler Image, 962.53 KB, 1306x966, eer.jpg)

Erin Eevee photoshop vs video screencap

No. 1202374

wtf lol her real face looks fine! I hate all these alien face filters that girls keep using… smh

No. 1202388

In my early eating disorder days (13 to 15 years old) I absolutely used to believe this thinspo bullshit. Its actually incredible that some people build a career off feeding the demand for thinspo. It's disgusting

No. 1202398


yeah, i tweeted her saying that she shouldn't photoshop as her normal face and body is fine. She blocked me. lol(cowtipping)

No. 1202408

Her normal face is so pretty to me? Why does she keep photoshopping ridiculously? Super tiny alien faces aren’t even appealing so I don’t get why models edit like this

No. 1202410

I see clear blurriness on her chest on the right hand picture. Why was her chest edited to be bigger/smaller? I can't trust anything on here anymore.

No. 1202442

It was a quick video screencap from a dildo video. She was moving (I couldn't pause it as it would go dark when paused). I just had to take a screencap quickly before she started the porn stuff.

No. 1202455

damn i wasn't expecting her to actually have a pretty face

No. 1202457

File: 1617664812523.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x1920, SI_20210403_145828.jpg)

Had this atrocity on my explore page recently. The account is @ milkeel. Claims to be 183cm (6ft). I'm pretty sure she's massively deleting comments, as her whole comment section is a ~pOsItIvE oNlY~ hug box.

No. 1202472

there is no way this is serious. i refuse to believe.

No. 1202474

File: 1617667558590.png (62.4 KB, 506x174, milkeelpfp.png)

Even though it does look ridiculous, judging by her pfp and other posts, it does seem more of an 'artistic choice' than her claiming she actually looks like that irl. But I might be wrong.

No. 1202475

File: 1617667735833.jpg (240.38 KB, 1080x1080, gypsyantony_186450421301822475…)

Yeah nah, she just loves abusing camera filters

No. 1202479

>Programmer socks
>Tranny choker
>Man-sized head
>Broad shoulders
If not a tranny then I feel bad for this chick. To be so homely looking and poorly dressed that you have to shoop yourself into a daddy long legs freak for internet validation is no way to live. She looks fucking miserable.

No. 1202481

I honestly I think she might be mentally slow or a troon, especially the way she speaks, I've heard bogans speak but the way she articulates is really off putting

No. 1202521

nothing about her unshooped screams troon. you guys are the worst essentialists about extremely minor out of the norms in secondary sex characteristics often just caused by genetics.

No. 1202529

Is she retarded? Or are her fans retarded? She has a comment section full of girls who want to look like her, either one or both are retarded

No. 1202531

Agreed she does not come off troony at all. I think she's just some kind of e-girl with a stupid gimmick. Can't be bothered to watch all her videos but they seem pretty innocuous and she doesn't hide her photo editing. It seems like just a weird aesthetic choice.

No. 1202595

body dysmorphia. she does admit to editing but there's something wrong if she thinks these videos look cute

No. 1202598

honestly girls like this make me so upset. mostly bc of her insta highlight being like uwu natural i work out unlike youuuu. like cmon we know its ps or surgery and likely both.

No. 1202660

You have heard of "smoll bean UwU"
but have you seen.. "long bean OwO"?

No. 1202879

File: 1617731696802.jpg (931.46 KB, 1078x1918, Screenshot_20210406-135420_Ins…)

Yeah, she looks way better when she's not forcing herself to stand all weird so Snow can work it's weird ass magic on her.

It's a shame she even feels the needs to make herself look like a Clamp character. She already has a runway model build.

No. 1202904

How do people sleep with their bare matresses on the fucking floor wtf

No. 1202919

She looks like if you put girl bratz feet on a boy bratz kek

No. 1202966

File: 1617740974418.jpeg (302.66 KB, 1170x2057, 34506D70-5F5A-426C-B268-881AF1…)

so i thought i stumbled onto some clickbait article of her on facebook and there’s actually another girl doing this weird ass shit

No. 1202983

sage but that girl actually have those freakish long legs, its kinda sad, is there a surgery to shorten?

No. 1203007

File: 1617745487893.jpg (Spoiler Image, 525.86 KB, 1536x2048, EyUa5x6XEAkuXVp.jpg)

the top and bottom halves of her body look like they belong to two different people

No. 1203013

OT but It’s always easier to cut and paste than to make stuff larger, so yeah, if she wanted

No. 1203019

susu shoops so much its almost sad, is that why she always brbs when she gets up on stream?

No. 1203023

yeah, the only times she has stood up on stream is when she's wearing something loose fitting that doesn't show her figure. she claims it's because she doesn't want coomers harassing her but then she posts thirst traps constantly, i just don't buy it

No. 1203028

funny she literally did lewd sets, coomerbaiting must pay the bils

No. 1203029

File: 1617748526315.jpg (212.82 KB, 960x960, q6c1a8nztlr61.jpg)

Not sure if already posted but I think it fits here although shes not a cosplayer

No. 1203051

File: 1617750890119.jpg (515.85 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210407-001334_Tik…)

Lets see how long my negative comment lasts(Cowtipping)

No. 1203053

It's always weird to me that photoshoppers dress for their photoshopped bodies when their real bodies would look fine if they dressed for them.

It she wasn't wearing those swimsuit bottoms up her ass crack with and pulled up around her rib cage, her ass wouldn't look so weird and long and square. Would she look like the photo? No. But would she look normal? Yes.

No. 1203060

Showing your icon/username is against the rules anon

No. 1203077

Seconding this. A one-piece would look much better on this woman. No idea who she is, though.

No. 1203078

How old is the photo on the right though? Tana has actually started working out and constantly talks about her face tune. Not wking her but she's at least transparent and has been making an effort physically.

No. 1203082

>working out
You mean lipo. Also she's only "transparent" about it because she got caught. If images of her dadbod never leaked, she'd still be trying to present those shoops as real.

No. 1203177

the "coomers get out!!" persona doesnt really work when 90% of her audience is from her swimsuitsuccubus fame and she still posts doctored pictures of her body, she's clearly embarrassed of her unshooped appearance

No. 1203196

File: 1617778147452.png (99.25 KB, 275x213, 1595042846386.png)

100%, if you don't want coomer harassment you don't post sexy pictures on the Twitter that is linked to your Twitch. She definitely is worried that someone will catch a screenshot of her looking bad on cam. Scrotes can be so retarded, Susu is one of the most obvious shoopers ever. Don't men ever question why they don't see women with bodies that look like that out in the world? It's because they straight up don't exist. Susu looks fine in candids, she's a relatively slim woman with nice hips and probably takes full advantage of shapewear, but her edited photos are basically Erin Eevee level unbelievable, just more well done. She makes her hips so wide compared to her body that it looks like she could barely be bipedal. It's retarded. $10 someone comes defend her now though, somehow she always gets WKed in these threads…

No. 1203419

File: 1617817392885.jpeg (785.18 KB, 2048x2048, FF82BE60-5E14-48D1-ADF9-D96DBC…)

She’s obsessed with looking freshly 18 too. I have no idea why, not just youthful but super young. I’m surprised she let Tasha post these.

No. 1203426

the cutesy headband and bob are not doing her real face any favors

No. 1203722

File: 1617852692170.jpg (768.07 KB, 1080x1351, Screenshot_20210407-231929_Ins…)

This is just embarrassing

No. 1203723

File: 1617852715345.jpg (512.63 KB, 1078x1349, SmartSelect_20210407-232154_In…)

No. 1203724

File: 1617852777389.jpg (992.07 KB, 1079x1160, SmartSelect_20210407-233254_In…)

You can tell she's at least somewhat cute under that retarded filter. This is the only un-filtered pic on the account

No. 1203725

why did I think that was doja cat at first kek

No. 1204752

File: 1617986575177.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1104, DDF650A1-D1A1-448F-9D40-A33A5B…)

Claims all was done with facial exercises and manifesting, when you can clearly see her face warped in all her videos. TheInstagram filter is lil baby face by @paigepiskin. Look at how it warps your face exactly like how hers is if you don’t believe me. She looks like a ridiculous alien and I don’t know why she needs to lie to all these hopeful insecure girls in her comments.

No. 1204858

She looks nothing like an 18 year old lol. She looks her age, anon. She passes as a junior in college

No. 1204920

ntayrt, anon implied she is TRYING to look 18, not that she is succeeding. i mean she's 30 and dressing in all brandy melville and dollskill, lol

No. 1204952

Which are adult brands. Gatekeeping adult clothing is so retarded. Its a fucking chef coat and track pants. The other was a workout fit.

No. 1204958

susu whiteknight in photoshop thread? take a shot. no one was specifically talking about the workout or chef outfit. of course adults can wear these brands but brandy especially is marketed specifically towards a teen girl audience and you're retarded if you think she isn't trying to portray a certain image with the way she dresses/edits her face and body.

No. 1205081

How is it marketed to a teen girl audience when all their clothing models are alt adult thots. That makes no sense, anon.

No. 1205092

File: 1618025833556.jpg (414.37 KB, 1079x551, Screenshot_20210409-203749_Sam…)

Just to add, their demographic is catered to 18-25 as their average consumer age. You can even Google it.
All their models are over surgeried bratz doll bimbo looking onlyfans thots. How are these marketed towards teends? What teens are wearing garters and being suggestive? I don't even like DK, but to say its a teen brand and not a nostalgic marketing ploy with sexualized outfits in 90s prints, is insane.

No. 1205097

File: 1618027227980.jpg (174.66 KB, 851x851, ecab7e0c58dc3e8e46cd79012ce88d…)

this all could have been said in 1 post, quit shitting up the thread. i agreed with you that adults can wear any brand, but clarified that BRANDY (which is what she wears the majority of the time) is marketed for teen girls, which is still true. i said nothing about DK being a teen brand, so not sure why you decided to sperg about DK.

No. 1205107

File: 1618028326353.png (1.04 MB, 795x853, 1595219019061.png)

kek she wishes she passed for a junior in college anon…she does look her age, and that age is her 30s. She's old enough to actually remember Delia's catalogs and not just DollsKill. I don't give a shit what she wears, but don't kid yourself that she doesn't try to look younger through her edits. I'd be self conscious too if I was trying to become a twitch thot when most women my age have actual careers already. Coomcourters know they have an expiration date.

No. 1205120

The visible hip pads fucking send me lmfao, what a queen

No. 1205172

I didn't say anything about her not trying to look younger. That's a basic staple thots. Why are you freaking out lol

No. 1205175

yeah im going rabid as fuck about susu's rampant shopping…suspiciously as soon as she's mentioned in any of these threads a WK appears. doesn't happen for the other abominations…hm….

No. 1205401

She's not trying to look like an underage girl, anon. Thats you looking at kids and thinking they look like adults doing sexual activity. She looks her age. It's creepy. Stop.

No. 1205417

File: 1618079060284.jpg (359.82 KB, 1516x2048, EyaCu-zWQAoTUGR.jpg)

another one from the photoshop queen.
Claims its not photoshopped but this corset doesnt have boning in it. its a cheap one that runs like $10 off of wish or amazon.

No. 1205420

File: 1618079272392.jpg (78.87 KB, 640x853, veg0w1si80451.jpg)

natural erin eevee

No. 1205421

File: 1618079313989.jpg (50.24 KB, 626x850, IMG_20210407_080604.jpg)

cheeto jackson

No. 1205437

File: 1618080539303.jpg (28.59 KB, 380x676, zYkdMncxAPsxu.jpg)

Literally no one said she is trying to look underage, retarded ass WK chan. We are saying she is trying hard to look much younger than she is, which can pretty much be said for all e-thots refusing to get a career at 30. I'm inclined to believe susu has been whiteknighting herself on this website because it's always one person chimping out every time she's brought up, and then she usually posts some video shortly after of her moving around like an aspergers robot to show her body.

This tik tok is hilarious by the way, I love the contrast between her chopstick arms and insta bhaddie boobs and hips. Maybe a little too much padding on the left side today? But no, she's totally not trying to LARP as an 18-24 year old, every 30 year old posts kawaii desu anime dances on tik tok.

No. 1205471

You are fully retarded. No one said she was trying to look like a kid. She’s trying to look younger, and when you’re Susu’s age that can mean 25 kek. Crazy how she’s the only one who gets WKed on this thread. Everytime. Are you the same anon from a thread or 2 ago who was butthurt about her shopping being revealed because you wanted to have a quirky lesbian relationship with her?

No. 1205493

File: 1618089326541.png (2.45 MB, 2000x1000, 17392878601224.png)


The sperg WK needs to stop trying to silence any discussion about her by arguing against shit no one even said. In case anyone needed a friendly reminder of why she's posted here, she's a liar and a cow. She is rarely ever called out anywhere but by a few anons on here, and is constantly WK'd even when countless pictures prove she's as bad as anyone else here. I genuinely feel bad for the women who think her appearance is real and attainable.

No. 1205557

Shes just 30 anon you are allowed to have hobbies at that age, and you dont suddenly “expire” at that age either(or any age). Your sexism is showing.

No. 1205571

Oh man this stupid ass RE character is gonna be the new Mei for fat chicks isnt it. Can’t wait

No. 1205574

coombaiting, photoshopping, and pretending to be a yandere anime girl arent hobbies

No. 1205608

Kek I agree anon, so why is susu so desperate not to look 30? Retarded ‘gotcha’, i said i could give a shit how she dresses. But the coomers she courts DO care how old she is and ‘swimsuitsuccubus’ made the pleasing the whims of scrotes her job, no anon here made her do lewd photos then titty stream on twitch like its better kek. And fyi hobbies are things you do for fun outside of your career. What’s her career if pretending to be 22 year old living “cUtE…But PSyCHo!!” t shirt is just a hobby?

No. 1205646

She looks her age anon, and she isnt lying about her age anywhere either, so how is she trying to fool anyone? Because she abuses photoshop/filters to look more like an animu uwu? it isnt like 22 year olds look more like anime characters than 30 year olds, humans generally dont look like cartoons at any age. And no i dont feel sad that some poor little incel coomer assumed she was 22 but found out she was 30 and offed himself for fapping to a dinosaur.
Cosplay IS a hobby btw, even if its slutty cosplay.

No. 1205648

> she looks her age anon
refer to this
besides we're getting bogged down in the age sperg which is to be fair to susu she isn't lying about it anywhere. The main point is she shops like the rest of these stupid cows and yet she's the only one who gets a pot-banging WK every time she is mentioned. Editing the shit out of herself wearing sexy cosplay is a hobby for Erin Eevee too, where is her knight in shining armor?

No. 1205656

Oh im not defending her at all, shes obviously abusing editing tools. I’m just tired of age sperging in general, like we should all just kill ourselves or live the most boring existence possible as soon as we hit 30 because we have vaginas lol

No. 1205745

The anons sperging now will also be 30 or even 40 one day and then deal with this individually. I guess some people have to actually turn 30 to realize that your life does not end at all and that you are still allowed to have hobbies, even weeb stuff! The "hit the wall" thinking on lolcow is just internalized misogynism and it takes a while and some common sense to realize that and stop bashing women for being "old". I would understand the age discussion if we were talking about Belle Delphine who dresses up like a toddler and is constantly pedobaiting. But Susu is just heavily editing herself in general, using the same apps and edits that most cosplayers use to look more attractive. I don’t think "trying to look freshly 18" is her main issue, and she also does not look 18.

No. 1206098

File: 1618180585371.jpeg (576.59 KB, 1702x2048, CFDC071E-1028-4014-BADF-6EE00D…)

this girl’s entire twitter is an absolute mess of overly photoshopped waist you proportions good god
also shops really shitty anime hair cut outs over her wigs lmao

No. 1206155

Agreed. She claims it's just "flexin abs + genetics~" but her proportions make zero sense and there is so little texture on her skin. The editing is obvious but she lies about it anyways because she knows her supporters believe it.

No. 1206199

the warped skin texture, the seemingly hairy thigh, the dirty stained wall and sad anime poster/plushy backdrop. she does such a poor job i feel bad

No. 1206225

File: 1618199606344.jpeg (682.35 KB, 1736x2048, ED8AF4DD-0B2B-4729-8F00-C3E9C8…)

it’s even worse that like all her “cosplays” get anywhere from 10k-30k+ likes kek what

No. 1206851


Finally someone with some common fucking sense.

Like we’ll all be 30 years old one day and still enjoy the things that we love. 30 isn’t even old at all.

No. 1207954

File: 1618374800411.jpg (90.82 KB, 808x594, 894165.jpg)

i counter you with this

No. 1208653

File: 1618448219126.png (397.65 KB, 639x601, Ew4aRo8XEAQVAwk.png)


THis popular Onlyfans girl is definitely using the child faceapp

No. 1208657

The photoshop and how her tweets are all basic quotes (not even mentioning any onlyfans account anywhere) makes her look like a bot account

No. 1208804

File: 1618460162561.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1450, ECCE9E86-63CB-407D-926B-3C1E36…)

Darcy’s sh00ps have gotten worse & worse

No. 1208870

It’s so painfully fake and overly edited lmfao might as well shill nudes to dumbass coomers from a made up person, just edited nudes with a drawing of a generic girls face on them. What a grift though lol

No. 1209337

File: 1618517166329.png (1005.22 KB, 1920x1080, 6dad5d4b83010e05e29979d261ec23…)

did she claim this as being her? that's literally a scene from a movie called wild child and that's literally emma roberts with one thousand filters over her face. i'm dying.

No. 1209358

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaahaha why does she have a double chin on this super thin alien face? i can't stop laughing lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1209573

I KNEW that picture looked familiar!!

No. 1210932

File: 1618710499933.jpeg (186.14 KB, 797x1308, FAE1C6BD-67A4-4BEC-8F7B-922C7C…)

I was lurking Mucky’s Twitter from her /w/ thread and found she retweeted this photo from “5ftpet” ….this is some of the most laughable shoop ive seen yet. Got Shayna and Momokun levels of smoothing and jagged ass outlines

No. 1211202

That is acanon outfit, anon lol

No. 1211624

File: 1618792175083.jpg (75.92 KB, 640x869, izwukgwe5zt61.jpg)

No. 1211701

File: 1618798664690.jpeg (289.78 KB, 1170x1397, A2B7AB39-E29E-4913-9EF5-063D3A…)

No. 1211798

File: 1618809029218.jpg (134.35 KB, 784x1024, 784px-Marie-Gabrielle_Capet_-_…)

I'm an artist and I can already see in my mind's eye which tools they use in Photoshop. A lot of "Reduce Noise" (aka "smooth my skin out"), Liquify Tool BIG TIME, and a shit ton of the Spot Healing Brush. Granted, I don't know if they're SMART enough to use Photoshop…

No. 1211869

Just the blur tool on facetune

No. 1212531

File: 1618873352327.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1051x1920, EzWxAlFVUAAMS8v.jpeg)

Abused face shrinking filters amongst other things my God how nobody comments, halo of weird edit circle around face too


No. 1213257

File: 1618965453248.jpg (313.57 KB, 1536x2048, EG4zi2jVAAAtGZS.jpg)

some ridiculous shoops on https://twitter.com/mimsy .

No. 1213877

I think the thing is that her hair is all photoshoped in

No. 1214312

File: 1619120823043.jpg (64.99 KB, 640x667, g0xj03q48gu61.jpg)

No. 1214417

whats sad is he looks disgusting in both pictures. His fake face always looks painted on, I saw a picture of him the other day that was unshopped and he looked like a old asian man.
All that worked aged the fuck out of his face.

No. 1215066

her surgery gave her the body that drag queens pad for, not in a good way. it's the same as how drag queens have hourglass shapes from the front but still look like dumpy men in profile

No. 1215272

File: 1619224606079.jpg (3.08 MB, 3264x3264, wot.jpg)

This has gotta be poor continuity in editing right?

No. 1216078

File: 1619326718236.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1663, 7C3C6519-E863-40FD-B8EF-1BD633…)

No. 1216183

Right pic looks better

No. 1216439

right? She looks pretty in the unedited photo, she made herself look weird in the edited one.

No. 1216825

Big agree

No. 1217342

both of these pics are facetuned to hell lmao.

No. 1217781

File: 1619536246339.jpeg (160.63 KB, 828x912, 6DE23399-4113-4650-9368-375FB6…)

Effina Hyatt 2.0
It’s genuinely sad how many women are complimenting and retweeting her ridiculous selfies

No. 1217784

File: 1619536652173.jpeg (14.8 KB, 198x121, D6CD0085-C451-4DF3-AD00-94A268…)

She just got her inspiration from saber rmarionette, nonnie.

No. 1217818

File: 1619539298941.jpeg (93.67 KB, 697x718, EzmiBnRX0AcZeAo.jpeg)

Her and olivewoodsy have the same energy in these photos kek

No. 1218646

File: 1619607460419.jpg (94.09 KB, 1080x1080, ellanortonnnn_1619518301989403…)

Emma Watson skinwalker ellanortonnnn still at it.

No. 1218647

File: 1619607747044.jpg (129.23 KB, 1080x1080, ellanortonnnn_1619605870442743…)

Like why aren't her followers catching on by now? So stupid

No. 1218663

File: 1619611761868.png (472.78 KB, 546x679, EvrjI41XcAMSE8I.png)

I am sorry, but how are men falling for this?? it's so obvious that it is a face shopped on another body.

No. 1218700

>how are men falling for this

If you drew sharpie boobs on a boulder, men would fall for it anon

No. 1218910

wtf are these lines all over her pictures

No. 1218970

i think she’s taking old shitty quality pictures of emma watson to blend into her photos. or she’s purposely taking shitty quality photos so you can’t see any obvious photoshop. photoshop queen vicky does the same thing. if your photo is bad enough, any editing evidence can be explained away with “oh the photo is just bad quality!”

No. 1219068

does she own exactly one sweater

No. 1219501

File: 1619698834644.jpg (118.14 KB, 984x968, 20210429_221044.jpg)

>>1218910 >>1218970

No. 1219502

File: 1619698945144.jpg (50.93 KB, 976x492, 20210429_221207.jpg)


And more.
Sorry for the errors in replying, I'm new here.

No. 1219505

File: 1619699090301.jpg (75.38 KB, 986x632, 20210429_221310.jpg)


No. 1219506

File: 1619699241218.jpg (120.22 KB, 980x850, 20210429_221344.jpg)

I don't speak German (neither does she) but she says her phone camera's photos are bad quality and she can't replace it because she "isn't rich". I-

No. 1219507

File: 1619699307801.jpg (115.62 KB, 970x806, 20210429_221428.jpg)

How convenient that it only happens on the photos of herself.

No. 1219515

File: 1619699980500.jpeg (101.59 KB, 580x580, m_59d7b3f52de512b14700e414.jpe…)

Exactly one sweater. She's all it's my favourite sweater and I'm an eco warrior but it's literally because it slightly resembles something Emma wore once

No. 1219522

File: 1619700682718.jpg (85.03 KB, 974x554, 20210429_221135.jpg)

Ok, I'm done for now, apologies for the purge. I just can't leave this one out(integrate)

No. 1219608

File: 1619710679478.png (325.44 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20210429-014451~2.p…)


No. 1219610

File: 1619710728689.png (348.58 KB, 1080x1825, Screenshot_20210429-014457.png)

No. 1219611

File: 1619710782838.png (217.48 KB, 1080x1249, Screenshot_20210429-014511.png)

wtf what are they supporting??

No. 1219626

Go make her a thread. You don't need to spam this shit.

No. 1219997

File: 1619745309739.jpeg (325.41 KB, 1242x1516, 44FBE4D8-6864-48B8-B3D4-31FBA5…)

The wavy mirror kek

No. 1219998

File: 1619745445266.jpeg (301.13 KB, 1242x2208, AB4A4535-758E-4341-9F11-4B075C…)

No. 1220034

Pretty sure most of her "fan" accounts are herself and her family.

No. 1220079

File: 1619753060749.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1242x1468, 4C12DD6A-A10D-40FD-88F9-BD790F…)

Baby Glume is horrible at consistent photo editing and is real quick to hit that block button on anyone who calls her out for her bullshit. I’m shocked her label continues to host her because they’re not bad overall. She’s something else though. The truth will come out eventually and karma is a bitch kek

No. 1220140

Kek my god this may be her most boo-boo-pee-doop preposterous edit yet

No. 1220142

If she is milky enough for a thread, I'd participate. Maybe anon who posted her here would like to?

I think she bought fanpages. Some of the people are ESL. But two of the fanpages have extremely lulzy captions, and I think those may be relatives.

No. 1220159

File: 1619762322459.png (491.31 KB, 427x576, 1717745648438574142.png)

I dont get whats going on here.

No. 1220178

File: 1619764483802.jpg (911.5 KB, 1078x1918, Screenshot_20210430-023113_Twi…)

There are people who think this is real. I'm dead. Lol

No. 1220184

OT but how did she edit that without it being wavy in the background

No. 1220210


it’s probably a body filter of sorts anon, you can see some “noise” immediately around her if you look closely enough. the background does look a little warped/staticky around her, especially the waist.

body filters are a little less detectable than outright photoshopping, but there’s still tells.

No. 1220250

The sideway is wavy as all hell, but since it’s an ss of a video it’s hard to see properly. But ain’t nobody got a waist the same size as their thigh kek

No. 1220406

It is wavy, even in the screenshot. There’s an aura on the right side of her waist (probably an artifact of her actual waist) and on the left the bottom of the garage door is suddenly going up at a 45 degree angle.

The craziest thing to me is that other zoomers see this shit and say goals and it’s like. What’s goals? Being able to afford Meitu VIP?

No. 1220541

had a quick look through her page and wow. with a corset i get that her waist would be slightly synched but without? theres no way her rolls wouldn't overlap her XXL thong

No. 1223854

File: 1620202588828.jpg (250.67 KB, 1080x1448, Screenshot_20210505-181454__01…)

Her legs… Why are they drawn on?!

No. 1224073

File: 1620238164679.png (2.16 MB, 750x1334, 81BB5D1E-5CB8-47DB-8C16-D4E10B…)

This girl trying to backhandedly insult her incel looking boyfriend with this insanely shopped photo. The lines on that cabinet…

No. 1224292

She looks like she’s in high school anon chill

No. 1224664


estou com preguiça para ter que fazer um post todo em inglês. Quem quiser posso falar tudinho desde o inicio da sua ''carreira''. Ela é tão falsa pessoalmente (caráter) quanto fisicamente em suas fotos. Em vários eventos no qual ela foi ''convidada'', ninguém a reconhecia pela quantidade de photoshop que ela fazia e faz em todas as suas fotos. faz de santa, mas é traíra meu povo. Como vou demorar um pouco para escrever, só aguardem.

No. 1224851


estou com preguiça para ter que fazer um post todo em inglês. Quem quiser posso falar tudinho desde o inicio da sua ''carreira''. Ela é tão falsa pessoalmente (caráter) quanto fisicamente em suas fotos. Em vários eventos no qual ela foi ''convidada'', ninguém a reconhecia pela quantidade de photoshop que ela fazia e faz em todas as suas fotos. faz de santa, mas é traíra meu povo. Como vou demorar um pouco para escrever, só aguardem.

não precisa. faço por você

No. 1224857

File: 1620328425514.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.2 KB, 713x706, 6f19b741-8e1e-4a63-af71-3676d3…)


estou com preguiça para ter que fazer um post todo em inglês. Quem quiser posso falar tudinho desde o inicio da sua ''carreira''. Ela é tão falsa pessoalmente (caráter) quanto fisicamente em suas fotos. Em vários eventos no qual ela foi ''convidada'', ninguém a reconhecia pela quantidade de photoshop que ela fazia e faz em todas as suas fotos. faz de santa, mas é traíra meu povo. Como vou demorar um pouco para escrever, só aguardem.

não precisa. faço por você>>1224851

vamos ao inicio de tudo…
Essa pessoa na qual se denomina kahsan ( tambem conhecida como feh) se chama Fernanda Oliveira. Teve incio cedo no cosplay, mas mesmo usando como artificio se fazer de boazinha para todos, sempre foi e sempre será o que ela é FALSA.
Nunca conseguiu manter amizades a longo prazo devido, como ela diz. – personalidade forte.
Dos fatos a simples verdade, ela so se relaciona e se relacionava com pessoas do seu interesse pessoal. Sendo elas, pessoas nas quais ela poderia se beneficiar para ganhar popularidade, conseguir acessorios que não sabe fazer e tudo que ela quissesse de forma gratuita.
Vamos falar de alguns fatos da vida pessoal dela. Adora justificar seus atos dizendo que é inveja, ou que porque é adotada e seu pai a odeia. Quem no minimo conheceu ela, sabe muito bem que sempre foi ao contrario essa situacao. Seus pais sempre lhe deram tudo e creio que por isso sempre foi essa mimada. Nunca faltou atencao ou carinho da parte deles. Outro detalhe de sua vida pessoal, ama dizer hoje em dia que viveu um relacionamento manipulador e abusivo. Coitado de seu EX que ficou conhecido como um enorme chifrudo. Todos sabemos das suas escapadas durante os eventos para ficar com ‘’mãozinha’’ e tambem o ‘’jack’’, entre outros. A maioria das vezes isso ocorria quando o ex tambem estava presente, fazendo-o de burro de carga para levar suas coisas para os eventos.
Sempre criticou todos, pricipalmente com relacao aos seus corpos e como faziam exposicao deles. Sempre foi ‘’gordofobica’’, mesmo dizendo que os defende. Todos que faziam um personagem mais sexy, eram denominadas de ‘’putas gordas’’. Ela fez isso com todos que um dia foram seus amigos, até não servirem mais pra ela. E até hoje sempre procura uma forma de tentar prejudicar alguem. Como não esquecer as ‘’tretas’’ cosplays não é mesmo? Raramente alguem a reconhece nos eventos, pela quantidade de photoshop em suas fotos. Magra? Realmente ja foi um dia. Mas tem tempo isso, bastante tempo. Ama retirar as papadas enormes que tem os bracos nem se fala. Tem fotos que ate da pra fazer gif do tanto que modificou.
Vamos a alguns acontecimentos. No proprio estado que residia, Espirito Santo, a mesma sempre tentou por de tras dos panos ganhar vantagens. Ganhou competicoes por merecimento proprio? Talvez um ou dois. A maioria das vezes procurava e conseguia desclassificar pessoas para que seus novos amigos do momento ficassem com as vagas ou ela mesma. Adora dizer que era boa samaritana para ganhar creditos em apresentacoes que ela dizia ter feito para os colegas/amigos. E ainda usar cosplays de colegas para dizer que ficou melhor nelas. OU ainda, fazer pessonagens para dizer que é melhor que alguem. Um caso classico que ocorreu com sua ex best friend myutsubasa com a personagem do desenho rapuzel de enrolados. Ja viram alguem ser staff de palco e querer aparecer mais que o proprio cosplayer no palco? Pois essa é ela, em uma apresentacao com a peruca da personagem light final fantasy
Outros acontecimentos que não poderiam deixar de falar, quando sua ‘’amiga’’ myotsubasa estava em ascensao no ramo cosplay, e rotineiramente era convidada para eventos. Kahsan, invejosa como sempre foi, entra em contato com o evento para tambem ser convidada e que arcaria com toda a parte financeira, ou seja, uma foma somente para se autoprovover em cima da amiga. Neste mesmo evento myotsubasa era uma das juradas, kahsan intrometida puxa uma cadeira e simplesmente se intitula jurada, o que nao era verdade, causando um extremo cosntrangimento no evento e tbm para a myo, a mesma nao satisfeita por terem pedido que se retirasse, ficou colada na myo dando pitaco aonde nao devia. Ainda nao satisfeita com com o ocorrido, ainda fica pra tras durante o termino do evento fazendo escandalo para buscar-la. E nao parou por ai. A mesma ainda fica dando em cima dos convidados em forma bem grodesca por assim dizer, nao bastanto ainda dizendo que monica irma de mauricio, renomado cosplay internacional e nacional, que ela havia dado em cima dela e roubado sua calcinha.
É uma habito dessa pessoa ter uma coisa chamada, mintomania, ela acredita nas proprias mentiras que conta e faz delas a verdade absoluta. Convidada para evento? Não ocorria, pois a mesma sempres e dava a esse luxo de se autoconvidar para tentar ganhar um pouquinho de atencao e inflar um pouco seu ego. Logico sempre arcando com seus gastos, quer dizer, seus pais pagando.
Outro ocorrido, se nao me engano em 2016. Que a mesma diz vencedora do wcs nacional. Vamos a algumas verdades. A mesma so ganhou porque fez de tudo para causa a desclassificacao dos concorrentes, como conseguiu? Verificando se as reais ganhadoras estavao com seus passaportes. Os passaportes estavao em processo de liberacao, nada que pudesse dar problema. Mas a mesma recorreu fazendo seus xiliques, ate a desclassificacao das mesmas. Conseguiu a desclasificacao, para numa final internacional fazer um papel vergonhoso.
Outro evento que a mesma participou, haviam apenas 2 vagas se nao me enganho. Ela consegui ‘’cria’’ uma terceira vaga e assim ser classificada. Segundo ela foi porque seus fans claramaram por sua classificao.
Seguindo essa linha do tempo, na final em que ocorreu, a mesma tenta novamente desclassificar seus colegas por alguma coisa que fica no palco, consegui? Nào dessa vez, mas a maior vergonha nisso é o que ocorre nos bastidores. A mesma o tempo todo ja se intitulando campea, pois sao as melhores, simplesmente fazendo desfeita dos outros participantes, tudo isso em voz alta. Os reais ganhadores deste evento tinham vinculo com ela, mas a mesma como sempre com suas desepadas de falsiane, a mascara caiu e a amizade entre eles tambem, segundo informacoes ela fez de tudo para cabar com o relacionamento da dupla que hoje em dia sao noivos. Esse foi um dos motivos que o participante ‘’gritou’’ com ela. Errado a atitude dele? Talvez. Mas no final das quantas ela se fez de santa nisso tudo, so nao esperava ser desclassficada tambem. E por esse motivo vez com que a dupla que ela desclassificou em 2016 ganhasse. Reviravolta,ne?
Um acontecido otimo para constar tambem, ela amava se fingir de bebada para fazer as merdas dela e tentar justificar isso com um pingo de alcool. Tirando o fato que ja largou uma de suas ex amigas no chao bebada, desacorda e foi embora. Essa amiga dela quase foi estuprada por conta disso, que amigona, heim?!
No momento ela é Formada em arquitetura, mora em sp em seu apartamento alugado de 2,500 reais. Ai voce se pergunta,atua? logico que nào. Trabalhar mesmo que é bom é dificil,ne? Sempre procurou pelo mais facil. Se faz de apoiadora, mas agora colhe do que platou pelo mal que fez a tantas pessoas. É sozinha numa busca eterna por atencao e alguem para inflar de ego ridiculo.
Acredito muito mais que sua mudaca de estado nao foi pelo seu sonho, e sim pelo tanto de desavenca, que fez em seu estado de origem, isso vale para fora da area cosplay tambem. Hoje em dia vive de tudo que um dia julgou e disse que nao seria. O que ela tanto fala de seu ex, é somente uma forma de tentar justificar suas atitudes futeis – sou agora tudo aquilo que meu ex nao quis – tatuada, fumante e cosplayer gostosa. Na verdade ele so era uma forma de tentar fazer ela alguem descente e fazer passar menos vergonha do que ja passa. Ele pode ter tido seus erros, pode. Mas ela nunca deixa de tocar no passado deles, porque será?
Resumo da obra, nào acreditem nas palavras dela nem em suas atitudes bondosas. Podem ter certeza que ela ira te conquistar, pois manipuladora ela sabe ser. Mas você so vai conhecer e acreditar quando acontecer com você. Ai você dará razão para quem te avisou.
Se eu lembrar de mais alguma historia eu conto,ou se alguem quiser saber de mais alguma treta que eu nao esteja lembrando é so comentar.

No. 1224920

Delicious milk, thanks anon-san

No. 1225347

File: 1620395671893.png (667.39 KB, 1445x1135, val.png)

girl posts her valkyrie "cosplay" on reddit and gets butthurt that people are calling her out for photoshop (1/4)

No. 1225348

File: 1620395695182.png (150.04 KB, 708x810, 1.PNG)

her response (2/4)

No. 1225351

Her face is painted, and it looks like her only WKs are her friends.

No. 1225352

File: 1620395865377.png (129.58 KB, 672x705, 2.PNG)

her response (3/4)

No. 1225354

File: 1620396004720.png (110.92 KB, 677x574, 3.PNG)

her response (4/4)
girl was so fucking pressed she had to write 10+ paragraphs defending herself lmao

No. 1225631

File: 1620425727197.jpg (468.27 KB, 1540x2048, E00Oj8NWEAUr90n.jpg)

holy shit she FUCKED this up

No. 1225644

Kek susu stay retarded. Watch this thread get flooded with Erin Eevee fails if not outright defense of susu…

No. 1225759

Kek, accurate.

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