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File: 1619684589192.jpeg (2.06 MB, 3464x3464, 165295A7-BC41-49E6-9453-39B219…)

No. 1219460

general thread for egirls and eboys, proving to be the most annoying, and chaotic thread. type sage in the email field, read the rules and lurk before posting.

1- >>>/snow/866800
2- >>>/snow/1005403 (created by @babivampire)
3- >>>/snow/1047741
4- >>>/snow/1079162
5- >>>/snow/1131138

Recent Milk:
>Arisa Vurr/sug4rfairy the ~BLM acab uwu activist~ got caught saying the N word >>1147976 got dragged for it
>immediately deactivated Twitter and turned off comments on Instagram
>Arisa Vurr suspected of posting racist comments on 4chan >>1162995 >>1161905

>>1192623 Ang3ltroon still shoops her fat ass body/ love handles

>>1192272 Angie Jaslow is still ugly >>1186757 >>1186273
Still selling her onlyfans and is slowly turning into an emo version of Shayna >>1175217

>>1191573 Arisa still selfposting on 4chan

>>1182359 "hikkineet" egirls bombard the thread
>autism and cowtipping
>>1180131 Haley tries to rebrand as an uwu e-girl under new usernames (failing miserably) instead of taking care of her kid
>Lena Kitsune’s real face doxxed >>1148425
>looks nothing like her selfies online shocking
> has a daughter but whores herself on the internet and lies about her plastic surgeries/ facetune shoops >>1148423
>>1175301 Lena Kitsune being hypocritical and pedopandering
>>1193589 LenaKitsune would rather make Onlyfans content for scrotes than take care of her child
>>1183440 one of Voidchan’s minions is an Elliott Rogers fan girl
>Vo1dchan claims she has a “stalker” so she harrasses/doxxes a minor when Vo1dchan is an adult in her 20s

Links to notable people:

Dolores/ Haley/Babivampire: https://instagram.com/youstirmyblood



Arisa Vurr/ R4cistfairy:

Nyabeat/ jusagipon:


numeidoll / Olivia King: https://instagram.com/sleepybugirl


Lena Kitsune/ Simone Medearis: https://twitter.com/lenakitsune

No. 1219463

File: 1619684766371.jpeg (959.6 KB, 1141x1166, 8974B851-D85B-49A1-9335-0A520C…)

Ang3ltroon is back with her man hands and shooped love handles she loves squeezing into her thong strap to look like curves kek

No. 1219487

her hand wtf

No. 1219559

File: 1619705790452.jpeg (188.79 KB, 750x1104, D85BE397-0B49-4642-8D40-35BE6D…)

sage for nitpick but her fucking smile. why does she feel the need to pedopander with braces when she shoops herself to look like an abomination

No. 1219582

File: 1619708206844.jpg (74.1 KB, 653x735, 8adcfa8ea418d3c24e1cee542df605…)

Pom bottle body with double spaced hips and this face. Brutal. I would love to see someone put her "real" proportions in a 3D model software and see how someone with that body would walk. All these SCP level shoops e girls do make me laugh so hard.

No. 1219585

that fucking hair

No. 1219667

Why do her(?lmao) tits look so fake

No. 1219720

Bc they are kek everything about his account radiates pornsick troon

No. 1219748

Does anyone know if Olivia still has a tumblr or did she delete that too?

No. 1219750

giving me very much gipsy rose vibes

No. 1219758

From what I have seen she deleted her tumblr but saved all her previous urls so she’s probably planning on coming back soon

No. 1220047

File: 1619749961238.jpeg (501.38 KB, 828x1135, DCCB4084-98C4-4FA2-8390-6906DF…)

her shoops just get worse and worse. bloody hell

No. 1220160

Does anybody that has her followed know if she’s been posting again yet? I don’t have tiktok

No. 1220165

File: 1619762696371.jpeg (315.38 KB, 750x632, 19E4F7E3-6C53-46D6-A8C1-15D0E4…)

Posts her ass online instead of being a mom. Kek

No. 1220168

The editing kek mama decided it was time for a new face

No. 1220170

She deleted as soon as that was posted, obviously she’s still lurking the thread it’s truly embarrassing. Seethe harder pedo sympathizer. I hope she stays off the internet.

No. 1220186

File: 1619765346294.png (9.46 MB, 1242x2208, 08C51D09-28C1-4978-9B88-9983EA…)

No. 1220187

File: 1619765395957.png (7.52 MB, 1242x2208, 4A4B5940-FAA1-4216-85E1-290EB4…)

Fatty is so proud of her braces

No. 1220188

File: 1619765574208.jpeg (58.48 KB, 437x680, 3743B51C-124B-4EB9-A539-68DBFF…)

Looking like Sylvester Stallone with her thin ass lips

No. 1220189

Love how he gets mad and pretends to act like he has no idea why people accuse him of fetishizing girlhood and then posts shit like this

No. 1220417



Not to wk, but come on anachan.

No. 1220480

this shit just looks uncomfortable… why do all the OF thots buy XS sized clothes and try to shove into them? doesn’t she wear this shit in public too? how does she even walk? maybe she just lets it bunch up and show her snatch to everyone kek

No. 1220537

uh have u seen squidwardthighs? she clearly shoops herself because because shes fat kek

No. 1220566

Looks like shes trying to skin walk Alida Simone now. Suprised angie went blonde after she got bashed in previous threads for being a poser. But shes totally emo guys.

No. 1220651

that's a reach, the blondness is the only resemblance

No. 1220683


I quoted you by accident, thought I was replying to another anon that kept calling fridge9 fat in the old thread. Kek

My bad.

No. 1220821

She’s not fat but she’s definitely put weight on and has a hog body.

No. 1220824

the bar is incredibly low but am i the only one who thinks she looks better? the swampy blue hair dye and taylor momsen eyeliner wasn't doing her any favors

No. 1220928

File: 1619873042238.png (Spoiler Image, 5.51 MB, 1242x2208, 397ED4A6-67BC-4ED2-9173-41838F…)

bImBofIcATiOn damn Angie really is a Shayna 2.0 nothing remotely “bimbo” about those two skags

No. 1221618

File: 1619956696913.jpeg (145.01 KB, 827x1459, 0BEDC338-F84E-424D-B45E-6B806E…)

No. 1221620

She's so ungraceful, her asslessness is almost impressive. Sure, just grab your thigh and shake it manually. How alluring

No. 1221632

Kek her thigh moves more than her ass

No. 1221738

I'm glad she's going for an attainable aesthetic now. Very "I have C-PTSD from being on the facial abuse casting couch" chic. Amazing how much more beat to shit she looks and she's not even a year into her porn star LARP.

No. 1221739

I see she's adopted Lori's patented spaz shakes and did a take on PT's poopin pose

No. 1221837

File: 1619986066376.jpeg (1.95 MB, 2999x3999, 6A612753-43E1-4CC1-9877-65E161…)

I thought ang3ltroon said he was 5’0
This outfit is hideous

No. 1221840

File: 1619986457139.png (7.83 MB, 1242x2208, 681F40DD-C792-40B9-87E6-B2197A…)

Fridge9irl needs to stop eating Taco Bell

No. 1221867

Olivia pedo supporting King is set to reopen stolen art commissions in June so I guess she doesn’t feel guilty anymore kek.

No. 1221877


No. 1221882

File: 1619992003501.jpeg (228.78 KB, 1125x864, 672ED99B-82D7-4D83-A514-4BEBC5…)

Says in her bio

No. 1221883

Fucking eating shit like that while larping as an online sex worker is so annoying. She doesn’t have to be thin but how much more in demand is that going to make her

No. 1221893

File: 1619993413995.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 183.35 KB, 827x1410, F7327AD4-5A74-4FA3-932F-D03BE7…)

These wannabe scene girls are all the same.

No. 1221896

Gross wannabe Walmart too poor
Why do ugly emo bitches like fridge9irl and this chick ruin Hello Kitty? Like it’s not even edgy why do they claim it and get ugly ass tattoos of cartoons

No. 1221899

File: 1619993869124.jpeg (504.93 KB, 750x1030, C806A16A-C9DB-4FEF-8EA5-F0E688…)

She is a porky girl

No. 1221901

File: 1619994327111.png (5.03 MB, 2048x2048, 58091EFF-D7EC-4884-A73F-4593D5…)

This exact egirl won’t STFU about their shitty ~new tattoos~ but they literally look like this…

No. 1221964

Who would want to commission something they could just trace themselves? Or even worse, the ones she DIDN’T trace kek she spent thousands on an iPad to draw like a chimp with Parkinson’s

No. 1221977

File: 1620003486553.jpeg (277.05 KB, 1125x1807, BB41F83A-87EE-42FA-812E-5518C6…)

Her “art” is truly laughable

No. 1221983

File: 1620004022899.jpeg (656.96 KB, 1125x1554, 2F2BF690-D3DB-459F-A3F0-CDAE6A…)

ok but why’d she give this bitch broken ankles? lmao
you can tell she traces until the legs because they're always so fucked looking

No. 1221984

I think she straight up traces from picrews tbh.

No. 1221991

Nina art sperging 2.0. No one cares.

No. 1221998

Sage your autism please. Your nitpicking is ruining yet another thread.

No. 1222035

not trying to wk but this bitch posting bad art isnt milk

No. 1222038

Ntayrt but is charging money for poorly traced art milky? Sorry for autism

No. 1222044

File: 1620010596392.jpeg (122.59 KB, 1125x180, FF32FE2E-14AC-4C95-8246-36DCEE…)

Her still lurking this thread every 10 mins is milk imo

No. 1222076


sage for definite slight autism but please STOP unless there is milk. vendetta chans on this thread are getting so boring.

No. 1222160

We get it, Pedo King’s art isn’t milk. We don’t need a team of anons saying it over and over. You can all shut up already.

Late to the party but it still boggles my mind at how out of shape someone can be without being extremely overweight. Kyle Rittenhouse has more curves than her.

No. 1222285

i just dont understand how she can come back like she did nothing wrong :( she has two children…so its safe to assume shed support a pedophile who took advantage of her own kids? got cp from them? made sexual comments to them? its funny she hasnt spoke out about it, because she knows shes wrong. i guess olivia king really is a pedophile.

No. 1222338

File: 1620053623244.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1708, 99826149-0D34-49E0-922E-905DD5…)

Huge asianfishing overtones.

No. 1222345

It's just a shitty cosplay, she has always looked obviously white. What's with twitterfags screaming ~asianfishing~ these days? Even if a lot of cows want to be kawaii-so-cute-neckbeard-magnets, most seem to fail at looking asian or cute at all. Truly embarrassing

No. 1222398

File: 1620061095264.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, C87960A6-0B10-49D7-8452-CE4EB1…)


Olivia is back with way too many story post but here you go

No. 1222401

File: 1620061142649.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 71091EF7-6967-4BA5-93CB-AC52D2…)

No. 1222404

File: 1620061214174.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, ACD37D54-7F14-4569-9AE3-FBF045…)


Wtf is it with this “stalker” ? This still doesn’t make sense to me lol

No. 1222405

File: 1620061298026.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, 8857AA3E-C2E0-4AA4-BE00-821117…)

No. 1222412

File: 1620061643739.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 056D0601-09D1-427A-829D-B664AF…)


No. 1222414

File: 1620061763795.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, F1203310-35B9-4594-BB44-9A2A03…)

No. 1222416

File: 1620061877136.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, B10B57F6-A8C7-4FC2-BDB7-9D7F09…)

No. 1222420

Does she really expect people to believe her? This is embarrassing to watch. You don't just accidentally remain in contact with a child predator, She is mad she got caught that’s the whole story. Abused friend or not how could you even be friends with other people who condone this behavior?

No. 1222424

Lol stfu fake get a life

No. 1222426


I’m not even done it gets worse, she posted a screenshot of reading the thread while her screenshots are literally getting posted here and said “fan behavior” girl YOURE all about being fans of a pedo stfu

No. 1222427

File: 1620062258663.png (903.4 KB, 750x1334, 6A21E95D-F0B0-4DA7-9E95-F74DF1…)

No. 1222428

It’s not my trauma to air out but i’m going to do it anyway so people can feel bad for me for being a pedo supporter :( Everyone knows Awfultune isn’t the only predator Olivia is friends with

No. 1222430

File: 1620062300453.jpeg (462.68 KB, 828x1021, 9630444F-C205-4E2C-9FBE-D7C84F…)

KEK this hogbeast is her vendetta-chan

No. 1222431

yall too funny imagine giving a fuck about randoms??? Imagine not being a main character in life and just a sad little online troll

No. 1222432

Olivia stop self posting

No. 1222433

File: 1620062411914.png (950.32 KB, 750x1334, BD748AA0-31D2-4191-91EF-A9CDD5…)

No. 1222434

Imagine thinking i‘m olivia.. but i guess understandable since u have no great ass fanbase that will hold ppl like u accountable?? kekw

No. 1222438

Lmao what even was this who is she trying to scare?

No. 1222439

File: 1620062542798.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 56B27B5E-F1E2-4B6D-B744-0803FF…)

No. 1222442

File: 1620062653610.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, A6C33E04-5D16-4109-BB8A-03920B…)


She really thinks this is the one person posting screenshots and is simultaneously also every anon account criticizing her. Imagine taking time out of your day to make your cuck husband do this or even worse she did this instead of being idek…a wife? A mother?

No. 1222445

IMAGINE CARING LOL!!! U Fucking kids lmaooo ppl like you belong in the naughty Corner to think about what a sad little life ur living rn i‘m crying

No. 1222446

this is just another one of those “hey go attack this person” posts of hers lol how does she have this much time on her hands? why don’t you go make your kids lunch

No. 1222447

File: 1620062880887.png (820.62 KB, 750x1334, 079CE460-9528-43C4-98E6-BDB968…)


Will you though? Or will you just post her account and yourself reading this thread to get your teen white knights to defend you because they want to be a KAWAII emotionally inept hikkikomori who does nothing but pretend to be 16 all day & play dress up instead of being an actual adult in their late twenties with a job kek

No. 1222449

i can't believe a 26 year old mom is involving herself with all this dumbass online drama. Olivia get a life, take care of your kids JFC…

No. 1222451

File: 1620063184362.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, 1590DE71-16C3-43D1-A5E5-8AB0BA…)


How do you not support pedophilia but stayed friends with an active pedophile as a M O T H E R ??? I don’t know anyone on this planet who would stay following or even acknowledge an “ex best friend” who got caught jerking it to kids. There’s no excuse: who gives a fuck if they defended your other friend? All of their “nice” actions should be overlooked by the fact they want to fuck kids.

No. 1222454

I hope yall get some help at some point bc this is the saddest shit ive ever seen on the fucking internet kekw Leave this girl alone mind ya own shit Wipe ur ass properly and wash ur hands. Also dont forget to floss and chapstick ur lips weirdos.

No. 1222456

File: 1620063488247.png (539.39 KB, 750x1334, 2209843C-5B25-49BA-A03E-0E9D89…)


1/2 prepare for hypocrisy

No. 1222458

File: 1620063551295.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, 0A633707-9BEF-4459-A867-969C1B…)

>>1222456 2/2

Yes. She is reading the thread as it goes, as i said before, girl don’t you got kids to be looking after or something?

No. 1222460

File: 1620063592275.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, D2CC87D8-CAC9-42E3-A8F9-03CFBE…)


“I would never repost this site but here it is on my story so that all my 23K followers can see”

No. 1222461

this site is for gossiping which everyone on the planet does.
>Leave this girl alone
She's a grown ass adult who at this point is clearly retarded, what's up with the wk-ing/ Olivia self posts kek

No. 1222464

She really out here thinking shes a uwu hacker gurl LMAO at first i thought this topic was a joke but now i’m starting to think she actually needs some mental help

No. 1222466

>>1222461 lloool imagine not having a life and spending ur days stalkering someone wtf is wrong with yall dumb ass bitches

No. 1222467

I love that u think Olivias Grammar is that bad but i have to disappoint u i‘m watching this bullshittery for quite some time now and i came to the conclusion theres like 3 ppl on here trying way too hard and it makes me chuckle. I‘m not native English so go off

No. 1222469

We get it u love the pedosupporter don't you have something better to be doing?

No. 1222470

Actually not wbu qween? I‘m at work enjoying my shit. Wanna come for my Kids? (If i had some?) Like the Cavemen Stigma ppl u are?

No. 1222472

File: 1620064101973.jpeg (390.83 KB, 1125x1762, 2BDFB9C5-DBF4-4F38-8986-C64535…)

Ay yo Olivia this u drawing a bad commission for the pedo just a few months ago?

No. 1222477

im not infighting with a troll. speaking for all farmers, obviously our whole lives are not this site, it's just funny to laugh at losers online

No. 1222482

kinda agreed but make fun of ppl to SOME degree dont get their FUCKING KIDS involved like wtf is this madness get help

No. 1222484

She made her kids involved when she posted them multiple times for the public to see and when she put them in danger for being bffs with a child predator.

No. 1222485

This girl is 16

No. 1222487

File: 1620064574392.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, E07BA5FD-A5CF-42CC-B1F4-4ED45C…)

Does this melon shaped face bitch really forget reposting her children on facebook and instagram? Just say seeking attention and pretending to be 16 online when you’re 26 and unemployed AND GO! We know you love the attention. At least admit it. Are you BIG mad or LITTLE mad Olivia? What about that recent art commission you made for a pedophile you “aren’t” friends with….care to explain?

No. 1222489


Attention seeking, pretending to still be a teenager and somehow get her WK’s to infight on a gossip forum are all apart of her “identity” now. Lmao. How sad

No. 1222490

Exactly. She doesn't give a damn about her children. It's funny how she uses them as a copout for her shitty behaviour but neglects their privacy and posts them online for strangers to see… Grown fucking adult, how pathetic

No. 1222492

Didnt you know? her sending ppl into minors dms to attack them is her favorite hobby. This is like the 4th minor shes done this to.

No. 1222494

So your mom dont have pics of you on facebook?!! U really trynna tell me shes a bad person for showing pics of her fucking children?!! Dear lord help me

No. 1222496


Exactly. If you’re this hurt about teenagers reposting your shit and saying mean things about you maybe just stop posting all together. Adults don’t care so deeply about this shit. There’s a reason she surrounds herself around teenagers and not actual adults.

No. 1222500

not me being her age and supporting her in any way or something bc thats what adult ppl do. If u wanna talk about it in a Proper manner pls use a decent platform and not this Kindergarten here

No. 1222505

Okay come for your own parents then?? none of us asked to be on facebook and yet we all are at some point bc our parents chose to?? hold ur family accountable before u fuck with strangers on the internet LMAO

No. 1222506

She said she posted them on a private account, not sure if that makes a difference or not

No. 1222508

it doesnt make a difference bc its nobodys fucking buisness afterall KEK case closed

No. 1222510

File: 1620065347760.png (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 750x1334, F9B4CC43-C988-4B34-9BA6-182CA3…)

She is so hurt people think she’s a piece of shit for still being friends with a pedophile. The wks are willing to call us dumb for gossiping but I’ve yet to see anyone give a valid excuse as to why an adult woman with a 14 year old and a 2 year old would still be friends with someone who was caught sending nudes to children between the ages of 12-15.

No. 1222512

No. 1222513


Hold an adult woman accountable for being friends with a pedophile when she herself has a daughter in the same age range as that pedophile’s victims. I’ll wait.

No. 1222514

Its not like they still have to talk to each other bc of this madness here? She said it often enough they are NO friends anymore lmaoo pls read

No. 1222516


Yep her daughter is a preteen she’s said this info herself in her ig stories. Takes no stalking to find that out as long as you’re her folllwer.

No. 1222517

the age of her daughter and the age range of this guys schema has nothing to do with each other at all lol i hope u delete that thanks

No. 1222518

who cares if her kids are a certain age yall weird for knowing all this EW

No. 1222519


So it’s cool they still drew art for them in October? Well after the date of the allegations came out as well as proof? I see.

No. 1222521

Olivia, how much shit can you talk about anyone who posts here when you constantly lurk and it's proven by your quick responses to what is said here? You can make a choice to read here or not, nobody's forcing you to visit such a "putrid" website hour after hour, day after day. Though you can say that you don't post here but obviously anyone can just say that and lie.
You're just mad you got posted. You're not mad when it's your friends or anyone else. It's you. And it's only a horrible terrible site because you got rightfully called on your shit. And now you want to come back and throw a huge pity party.

No. 1222522

I‘m here for the discussion and i dont think just bc the post says „ best friend“ or something like that it has to be that Exact person?? Its just playing into ur hands rn so u can use it as a valid reason to hold her accountable again?

No. 1222524

You newfags are going to get autosage turned on

No. 1222526

I know you mean me and its funny that u think i‘m olivia. I‘m one of her followers but not a very active one. I do know her account for quite some time and idk if shes lurking and i hope she is bc i‘m laughing tears rn

No. 1222527

People are weird for knowing something she publicly posted? Or perhaps–just use your brain for a second–Olivia is weird for posting so much about her kids when she has such a public platform?

I vividly remember her posting her younger son's face on her instagram at one point. Her private facebook isn't the only place she's posted her kids

No. 1222528

They deleted the account but awfultune has an account called cellphoneprojects which Olivia tagged on that commission, so yes it was that same best friend

No. 1222529

God please I hope they do. This thread has always been a nightmare

No. 1222530

I’m a follower of her and have been since 2017 and it’s so funny seeing these ppl think they know her life and know the full story to everything

No. 1222532

and again, who cares? and who asked? right! no one. How hard can it be to let people live in peace kek. She can do whatever tf she wants on the internet just like anyone else leaving prints in the web. Its nothing special so dont overexaggerate

No. 1222533


They literally tagged him so yes, she should be held accountable. Are you going to admit THATS fucking weird or come up with another excuse as to why she’s perfect and we’re all big fat meanies

No. 1222534


She can do whatever she wants and so can we since she has a public platform. So again what point are you trying to make

No. 1222536

Using kek isn't going to disguise the fact you're an instafag wk. The point is she whines about people posting her children's faces when she's the one who put their privacy at risk to begin with. Use your brain.

No. 1222537

Okay hold her accountable for one thing, let her explain and REST THIS SHIT MY GOD yall pretending shes the predator here wtf its that easy

No. 1222538

I wont use my brain on a useless platform like this lol i‘m just having my fun

No. 1222540

Annnd??? Lemme guess u use the same thinking process for stuff like rape aswell right?

No. 1222541


We’re all going to point and laugh, if you don’t want to go back to Instagram and get the fuck off the thread, you’re contributing absolutely nothing

No. 1222543

Ayrt no retard I'm literally talking to olivia because she can't go fifteen seconds without lurking this thread and spending so much damn time on a "horrible bully website" even though she goaded posters here on because she said the more she got posted the more "swag and epic" she becomes

Hey Olivia why are you harassing some girl for posting you here? I thought you'd be more appreciative of her and us for helping you become so SWAG and EPIC uwu

No. 1222547

Instagram kiddies arguing above notwithstanding, there's something extra pathetic about being a grown woman with kids attacking a child with an account dedicated to Sanrio of all things. Imagine getting into an argument with a teenager in the Hello Kitty merch aisle.

No. 1222548

Ah yes, a grown woman being irresponsible with her children's privacy and then blaming it on everybody else is equatable to a rape victim. Instafags don't fail to amuse with their logic.

No. 1222552

Nearly every person posts pics of their kids, it’s called memories and sharing good times but for ppl to spread them and keep them is sick in the head so yes you have to same thinking process when it comes to rape because it’s no one else’s to take and do whatever with

No. 1222555

Wow it's almost like you can keep pictures of your kids and not post then for your instagram teenage following on a "private" account you let anyone into, but you can keep those pics private and they still count towards "keeping memories", you know, like past generations have done? Shocking.

No. 1222556

She posted her kids publicly for thousands to see on Instagram. That’s different from Facebook for only approved friends to see

No. 1222559

yes i agree to this yall just outing urself at this point. Love me some edgy Forum kids

No. 1222560


No. 1222561

People with strong social media presence need to be more responsible with photos of their children. Olivia failed to do this. Her fault for not understanding the consequences of neglecting internet safety. Has nothing to do with rape

No. 1222562

same goes for her instagram tho it was a private account and yet it got leaked what is she supposed to do about that? what would you do?

No. 1222563

Go attack acacia then

No. 1222564

Not like Facebook can be public as well

No. 1222565

Acacia isn't friends with known predators, to my knowledge.
She accepted people she didn't know on her Instagram. Completely defeats the purpose of privacy.

No. 1222566

yes omg go off the olivia white knights RISE UP we need a facebook fanpage

No. 1222567

Yeah, to your knowledge lmao doesn’t mean she isn’t soooooo

No. 1222570


She’s privated and un privated her account with 23k for years now, what a shock random people can screenshot photos. I guess your generation is just too stupid to understand you do not need to post every single photo on social media in order to keep the “memories”. It’s called leaving it in your album retard, or use a goddamn scrapbook like every other family in the world. Please just admit you like sucking up to her and get off this thread.

No. 1222572

File: 1620067286004.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x2118, EA0D3B5A-AE0F-42DD-A10B-022707…)


No. 1222574

Awh is someone a lil sado with no life so they have to bully ppl they don’t know Awh poor lil baby do u need a hug?

No. 1222576

imagine this dumb bitch whining to her s/o immediate/family/friends about this drama shit lmfao. id kms if I had to listen to this bitch yap her fuckin mouth

No. 1222578


Thatd be funny if she actually had any friends in real life

No. 1222579

Some ppl post like that some ppl don’t it’s not the generation lmao you sound old as fuck also I don’t suck up to her I just know more than u do so do ur research then come back with ur fan behaviour(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1222580

"My ex best friend" my fucking ass Olivia, you and awfultune were following each other up until anons here posted it and called you out.
Also how convenient of you to say "allegations"

The answer is simple really, Olivia cares only about herself. As long as it's not her kids being harassed, as long as it's not her being posted here. Doesn't matter if it's anyone else though!
Imagine being such a drama obsessed woman who "calls out" kids online in such a catty way like her stalker and the girl who posted here when you instead could choose to put down the meitu and cheap menhera clothes and go out and have an actual life with people your age instead of being friends with pedos and teenagers lmao

No. 1222582

Did you miss the whole part of Olivia hating her old best friend and talking shit about them??

No. 1222583


There is a reason she has no friends outside of Instagram or a job.

No. 1222587

Olivia and her wks are so pathetic. Lurking this thread like it’s their job. Meanwhile us anons check or post on our lunch break if anything. We have lives outside of this internet shit kek. She’s so fucking mad though, poor baby Olivia uwu. I hope admin blocks these newfags shitting up the thread swiftly. I’m here for the memes and milk. Oh, and for Olivia being a triggered mess kek, keep sperging wanna be menhera chan.

No. 1222588

Still doesn't really explain her literally being mutuals until it got called out and doing commissions for them huh

No. 1222589

even if you're not a newfag and/or wking her, AT LEAST put sage in the email field retards

No. 1222590

and yet she still went back to being bffs with them? irrelevant
olivia wk ruined this thread

No. 1222591

No silly goose anon Olivia is an angel and would never come here herself? she has her friends tell her about what's posted or asks them to look she surely wouldn't watch this thread like a hawk she's too busy being an innocent smol bug uwu I've been following her for two months I would know!!

No. 1222593

Because Olivia, you are bullying children. You scream and cry over a forum that wouldn’t get any traction had you not brought attention to it, and pursued it continuously. You’ll never be on the same level as a teenager, you’re a grown woman. I’ve never seen an adult act so erratic and childish on the internet over kids talking shit about them and making memes about them for, well, supporting known pedophiles? The screenshots say it all, you associated with awfultune until you were exposed. You’re a liar and a child bully Olivia.

No. 1222600

>again, don’t harass this girl
>posts her face and username for her 23k to see
pathetic excuse of a mom and individual

No. 1222603

Not wk but didnt that person say they lied about being underage?

No. 1222604

No, they lied about being an adult >>1222510

No. 1222605

Olivia is so pathetic, from her lying about everything in those caps to making excuses for being friends/mutuals with awfultune even though none of it lines up with what there's actual proof of, like….does she not realize people can come to these threads and see for themselves what's been posted here? That her lies about x and y and why they've been said can be debunked?
And as other anons said it's really sad that she's this desperate to come back and pander to teens being a grown ass 26 year old mother of two. What happened to taking time off and reflecting? Why are you so full of shit?
"My kids were posted weeeehh" no one said anything about your fucking kids, in fact some anons even agreed the kids themselves shouldn't have been posted. Ofc it's easy to leave that out because it gives credit to the "mean putrid nasty bully hate site" that doesn't just live in your head rent free but you actively seek out what's being said by lurking day in and day out kek

No. 1222608

Then why did you try so hard to cover your tracks, and not deny your ex best friend was a pedo?

No. 1222611

>the age of the child of a woman whom is complacent in the sexual abuse of children enacted by her friend have nothing to do with each other
Are you being retarded on purpose? Because this sounds like an absolutely terrible cope. Olivia doesn’t care about children getting hurt. Not just because she protects pedophiles, she’s actively attacked children on social media herself as seen itt. Her followers need to get that in their heads.

Honestly the way Olivia interacts with minors online combined with the edgy autism she posts, she comes off as some sort of sadistic predator to me. I can’t imagine why else she would do all of this and refuse to denounce a literal pedo while having her own kid. The only other explanation is she’s just a genuine piece of shit.

No. 1222616

I bet those aren't even the same person at all. She just wanted an excuse to sic her followers on someone she doesn't like. Pathetic. This lady is dm near 30 yrs old acting like a stereotypical high school girl bully.

No. 1222621

even if it was, it’s a 16 year old girl who probably doesn’t know any better. olivia doesn’t care who it is, if they’re “slandering” her like she says (even though we all know her bullying kids and excusing pedos is the definite truth) then she’ll send her tard followers to harass them, and then say “pls don’t harass them i just had to put them on blast not knowing how old they were” she doesn’t realize she’s adding onto her new cow persona.

No. 1222623

Yeah, she's a whole fucking weirdo for all of it. She really should focus on making friends her age and stop trying to roleplay as "kawaii teen bully". If she has functioning brain cells she'll realize that no one would discuss her here if she improved as person overall.

No. 1222636

Olivia, since I know you’re lurking as per usual, you should know this: your video of you that you posted where you talked about adults bullying kids over mistakes that they made being weirdos, which I will link here, https://youtube.com/shorts/56PnKJVd9bs?feature= share really says a lot about you. And it says that you’re a piece of shit hypocrite. You didn’t get justice from trying to expose a minor, did you? You’re still being talked about on here, and what you did makes you look like a bigger ass clown.

No. 1222647

I asked this before but was she supposed to know that person was a minor when they lied about their age /gen

No. 1222652

the problem is she knows now and still continued to put them on blast.

No. 1222653

So then she should delete the stories calling the minor out knowing that they’re a minor now. I’m not following her so idk if the stories are still up but it’s that simple. Knowing her she hasn’t deleted them and she’s still fuming, looking to place the blame on one person when there’s certainly more than three of us here discussing her stupid antics. Seethe harder, white knight.

No. 1222657

fuitsando is genuinely a cunt herself lmao, i’ve been her mutual for months. pot calling the kettle black as usual lool, everyone who actively posts itt is like that.

No. 1222659

Wait wasn’t her stalker a minor too? The hypocrisy is insane

No. 1222664

She’s calling out a kid who knew better than her not to associate w pedos? How sad that you have to resort to sperging and lying on your story when all the proof is on the last thread. You made art for your pedo troon pal in October. The proof of awfultune started way before then, and you knew what happened. You’re vindictive and disgusting, you made shit worse for yourself on this thread, ass chin.

No. 1222667

Her stalker was a minor when Olivia first posted her. She’s 20 or 21 now.

No. 1222668

sorry to samefag but fuitsando also has another account in which she had 18 in her bio. in a convo with her, she also told me she was 18 - and clearly looks older than 18 lmfao. if she’s a minor that’s truly unfortunate.

No. 1222670

She knew and then reposted their story for her goons to see regardless. It’s clear in the screenshot. Learn to integrate and read the fucking thread instead of asking to be spoonfed like a retard next time.


This thread is bound to attract instagram autists since Olivia keeps redirecting you all here, but at least try to hide your power level. At least this shit was saged.

No. 1222673

Tone indicators on lolcow. They need to bring back real bullying

Her absolute hypocrisy is amazing. Just a trainwreck of an adult.

No. 1222676

This is so fucking creepy, what kind of dirt do you have to be hiding in order to look for the fucking metadata of some random posts on a Swede basket weaving forum?

No. 1222679

I’m not asking to be spoon fed I read the thread and I just don’t understand that’s all. In the screenshot fruitsando admits that she lied about being 18. /gen I’m sorry

No. 1222682

Anon, go back to Twitter, please, this is retarded/gensxsrs

No. 1222683

I’m not from twitter what is wrong with tone indicators(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1222684

File: 1620073077616.jpeg (542.75 KB, 1125x1538, 594DA3F9-CD29-4C74-A50A-5C69FD…)

Not milk but said stalker is 19 as stated in bio

No. 1222685

your vendetta doesn’t excuse a grown woman coming for any child.
yes, she was 17 when olivia started harassing her.

No. 1222694

Just learn how to read/nc/r/g/sx/srs

No. 1222702

>what’s wrong with the tone indicators
The fact the you have to use that dumb shit in the first place is problem numero uno

No. 1222710

I feel pretty bad for this girl. She probably has extreme identity issues and lashed out at Pedo King because of how she’s been harassed by Olivia along with Olivia’s followers. Then Pedo decided to carry it on and expose all of her private or small accs when this girl was trying to start over. I bought into it before but I realized what Olivia does: she witchhunts anybody who does her wrong instead of blocking them and ignoring it. A 17 year old and a 16 year old, along with other minors she helped bully with Voidtard. Sad she even sends her wks to talk about this fuitsando girl to this thread. You’re only attacking her because she was the only one you could catch, Olivia. Why couldn’t you just comment on her post from an alt that you wanted to talk to her instead if you were blocked/her dms were off? Why didn’t you make more of an effort like an adult to settle it in private? Oh yeah, because you think you’re a teenager yourself with your dramatic ass. You paint it as slander and as people coming for your kids but maybe you should look in the mirror? You’re friends with an adult who likes 15 year old boys. That’s more concerning than a forum calling your nose big and making fun of you.

No. 1222716

Samefag, but also no one would give a fuck or be as convinced about you supporting Awfultroon if you didn’t try and cover up your tracks. You unfollowed them on every account we caught you on moments after. You clearly have a sick perversion of acting like a teenager so you come after girls you obviously must be jealous of for being younger than you and you don’t care about the minors Awfultroon has preyed upon. Who actually gives a fuck if they helped you with your stalker? You’re associating with a predator and you continued to do so openly until this thread caught you.

No. 1222727

Exactly, her story about why she did keep them around makes no sense. She even called awfultune her best friend in the art commission? Even her tone in the screenshot where the girl messaged her was basically "idgaf because she's helping me and that's more important" bitch literally cares more about some kid having the same stupid hairstyle as her than an actual predator.
Even if you needed to keep in touch with awfultune for the sake of someone else that doesn't mean she has to follow them on all accounts? It just doesn't make sense, none of her "reasons" add up even remotely and the fact that she keeps lying so poorly about it just makes it so much worse for herself and proves she really doesn't care

No. 1222731

well fellow farmers who have been here since the beginning of the olivia drama, salutes to us all. this thread is officially about to be fucking ruined with ig and twtfags running on here to defend their hikki queen. olivia, seriously get off the internet. you have not only self-esteem issues that cause you shoop yourself to high hell to cope, but also some mental issues you really should sort out privately with your family and a therapist. trying to defend your actions when we know you're lying isn't helping your case. you can still have interests outside having kids, but you don't need to parade it around like this. i'm not trying to wk or armchair therapist her, but we have dated screenshots that show her lies reguarding awfultune spanning 2 different threads. it's seriously best for her to just go out and live her life off the internet at this point.

No. 1222744

Not even surprised, she found out where her so called stalker lived and where she worked and emailed her boss. This bitch is psycho.

No. 1222759

Proof? That’s a pretty big accusation

No. 1222761

it’s old drama but most original followers of olivia from 2018 onward remember. you could probably ask the girl about it too and it’s been talked about in the previous thread

No. 1222763

wish i had the screenshots but bc olivia deleted all her past accounts i cant seem to find it, no luck with waybackmachine either. anon above is right though, it's a well known fact if you've been following the whole stalker situation. it's towards the end of the timeline, it was pretty much a longggg karen essay about how aislin was effecting her family and ruining her life and the employer should reconsider who they let work there.

No. 1222795

lmao imagine harassing some kid who copies you online's workplace and not having a job of your own
you too could be a grown up with a job and happy life that doesn't revolve around instagram and lolcow if you really wanted to and tried, Olivia!

No. 1222800

File: 1620082399500.jpeg (456.56 KB, 1125x2029, A6CA8B24-F8EB-4F9F-9668-02DEBA…)

Dms with Olivia King stalker

No. 1222803

File: 1620082466113.jpeg (324.62 KB, 1125x2056, 395AE419-4760-4955-9166-A5E6CB…)

No. 1222806

File: 1620082595174.jpeg (315.01 KB, 1125x2064, 37594844-232C-4D3F-95AF-B26009…)

No. 1222807


No. 1222817

does it really count when she's not the cow in question

No. 1222837

Can y’all make a seperate thread for Olivia. This shit is painful to read.

No. 1222841

yeah these make olivia look so bad. poor girl

No. 1222851

She was just trying to prove she was a minor so Olivia would leave her alone… and Olivia took advantage of her attempt and tried to get her fired. She really doesn’t care about kids at all.

No. 1222867

Really makes the video posted by >>1222636 even more ironic, especially being that Olivia was in her 20s when she did that where her ""stalker"" was a teenager/minor. Teenagers do stupid shit, you can be the bigger person and move on, but olivia pedosupporter facefilter no-accoumtability king clearly couldn't lel

No. 1222874

It’s funny because in that virtual signaling video everything she said applies to her and everything she has done to minors. They both will never have a normal experience on social media again because of shit they did at the young ages they were. She should go by her logic and not agree with how they behave, but she’s 100% aware that out of her 23 thousand followers that some are going to go harass and bully the people she posts. It would make more sense if they were like 21 or something, but both times involved someone under the age of 18. Can she not have any compassion and maybe think that those kids are going through something? She didn’t defend the girl she called out today when I looked at her account and saw multiple people calling her ugly and saying she didn’t deserve to live. She knows what she’s doing and she’s a sick person, through and through. Everything that was posted about her was true too??? Only sick, grotesque human beings will harass anybody just to cover up their support for pedophiles.

No. 1222879

Olivia pedo supporter King is a monster.

No. 1222883

Again, what I don't understand is how she can harass and bully minors as well as support minors being groomed/sexually harassed, yet she has TWO children. So if one of her children made this same mistake, would she just watch them get harassed and bullied? And if some older man or woman tries taking advantage of them sexually, or getting cp from them, that is okay too? Cause thats exactly what shes showing. Shes not even a young adult either (which would still be no excuse) SHES 26! WHAT KIND OF MOTHER HARASSES OTHER CHILDREN AND SUPPORTS PEDOPHILIA? I feel sick. Does her husband even know about this? Olivia please get help. I fear for your children.

No. 1222885

So after Olvia’s whole coming back parade she just went and deactivated again? Did she not get the support she was looking for or did she change her @?

No. 1222888

Olivia Pedo King seems like a big cow but all this sperging is really annoying and confusing can y’all make a separate thread for the ugly pedo. It’s shitting up the general thread

No. 1222889

File: 1620090552980.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 944.85 KB, 1217x1563, 2B592B54-E1A0-43E2-9BAE-10EB07…)

Anyways Babifat/ Haley is posting her coochie for scrote attention instead of taking care of her child….

No. 1222890

File: 1620090622116.jpeg (594.02 KB, 1139x1148, F0B135B3-B2F2-4DF3-9C81-296D28…)


No. 1222893

File: 1620090758268.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1242x1870, C1C9D003-D7FC-45DE-8409-C1C551…)

Has BabiFat’s cuck boyfriend been posted on here?

No. 1222900

File: 1620091745247.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1284x1701, 811E895C-72F2-4C53-BC9A-31BB4B…)

Sage for no milk but the audacity of this bitch. You are anything but kind Olivia, give up the act. Also if you don’t like the Olivia posts then scroll past them? She’s more milky than fridge girl and furthermore really deserves to be called out for all the shit she puts minors through. Today showed her true colors and she stills posts this hypocritical shit kek

No. 1222905

File: 1620092269011.jpeg (244.68 KB, 726x611, F5DD5AD6-467F-4F21-93F7-20668B…)

what’s Audrey/pixie’s new ig? any updates on her

No. 1222907

So she thought calling out another minor to be harassed was kindness? She is literally the most two faced bitch i’ve ever seen on here- that or she’s delusional. Either way that egg headed bitch needs mental
help and a better hobby than drawing like a 3 year old

No. 1222949

Don't forget Olivia outing the girl she had a conversation with about awfultune and giving her shit for "not including the date when trying to cancel her" before then going on to defend awfultune, call their predatory behavior "allegations", and the fact that there's proof of her trying to cover her tracks in the previous thread by unfollowing them whenever it was posted (something innocent people who don't condone pedophiles do)
Or her cherry picking posts here but disregarding anything that might actually make her look bad or point out her hypocrisy or her trying to hide her tracks

such a kind bug uwu

No. 1222961

How the fuck would they be allegations when awfultune themselves admitted to it? The fuck lmao

No. 1223036

It's all wording to make her look better, "allegations" implies that it might not be true to anyone not in the know or didn't see it go down. If she admits its real, and it is, it makes her already sloppy, falling apart story and justifications crumble that much more.

I think on one hand Olivia is an idiot but it's stuff like this that makes me think its pretty calculated to make her look better and save face, even if its hastily and poorly done. It's actually truly disgusting that she is defending awfultune even now, and has the nerve to cherrypick the posts saying she's a groomer and a pedophile herself when it isn't fucking about that, it's the fact that she EVEN NOW supported a PEDOPHILE until she got called out.

Olivia crawl back from whatever white trash gutter you climbed out of and leave the internet. Or better yet, maybe try and become a better person like you say you want to be. A big ask, I'm sure, but at least do it for your poor fucking kids.

No. 1223199

she's literally the first image on the thread cover what are you on about, and she's being more milky than most our other cows have been lately

No. 1223215

Go back to tracing art, cow. No one wants your vindictive message.

No. 1223264

File: 1620139381631.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1651, 869B1B79-1C98-4AED-817B-27FA88…)

No. 1223434

what actually is it with alt people calling themselves bug? i've seen multiple people across multiple platforms giving themselves this nickname. and frankly it's ugly.

No. 1223473

because they think liking bugs as girls makes them special and unique and ~alt when in reality its not that uncommon

No. 1223491

I always scroll past this thread but holy fuck just dropping in to say this bitch cannot art

No. 1223500

I’ve always called my kiddo bug/lovebug it’s a pretty common nickname I don’t think it’s that deep lol

No. 1223520

You can’t even scroll past them because you Twitterfags are writing out short novels.
Making shit art isn’t milk. Create a seperate thread and stop shitting up this one.
Two anons have said it now.

No. 1223522

Ayrt. Who are you calling a twitterfag, anon? I've posted and lurked on thes forums for 4+ years and don't even use twitter, kek. So sorry you hate my and other anons writing style but if you don't like it maybe stop visiting the thread altogether? It's clearly bugging you that no one wants to discuss your milkless alt hoes, but that's not my problem. Why don't YOU create the thread instead of bitching? Anyways I was clear in my post (hence why it was saged, retard) that Olivia's art was milkless, but shows the bitch's hypocrisy. Yawn Next.

No. 1223525

No one gives two shits about how long you’ve been here.

No. 1223532

>bitches about how the thread is being shitted up
>contributes nothing and infights

pick a struggle newfag

No. 1223563

>4+ years
>distinct faggy writing style
No one cares anyway, retard

No. 1223574

Take your meds. You obviously care enough to keep replying. Keep shitting up the thread with your repetitive “no1curr hurr durr” argument. You obviously have so much to contribute. At least I’m not a retarded newfag, kek.

No. 1223580

kek nice nitpick. considering that is almost a year old finsta post. good try anon

No. 1223586

milk is dry with every other egirl it feels like, also her milk isnt even just "making shitty art" and you know it.
>two anons said it now
are other anons supposed to bow to that or something kek, get real

No. 1223592

If there’s ~so much milk~
Make a seperate thread.

No. 1223599

Can someone ban this ugly Olivia wk this petty arguing about nothing is literally so annoying

No. 1223609

kek it’s funny because they wanna go after anons writing styles yet you can tell it’s all the same person seething about olivia being posted.

No. 1223613

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Olivia herself mad that we called her out on her shit. Seethe harder girly.

No. 1223614

And I’m the newfag? Mods pls

No. 1223616

I didn’t expect to ever see an anon using this unironically, how old are you again?

No. 1223619

Girl give up this sad charade shouldn’t you be taking care of your kids, Olivia, or is your pedo bestie hanging with them? Is that why you have so much time on your hands? Anyway Mods please ban this “anon”

No. 1223620

This isn’t twitter.
You’re still a retard.

No. 1223634

You’re ruining this thread either lurk quietly or post something actually entertaining.

No. 1223635

File: 1620171809401.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1593, 5B9477F3-9776-4983-9697-FD5952…)

Take care of your kid babifat

No. 1223636

>thread with highest overuse of "kek"
Coincidence, I think not

No. 1223639

This thread is already ruined, might as well have fun with it.

This bitch looks like she smells like hot dog water, disgusting. She should give up the sex worker larp. It’s clearly not working out for her.

Who is this anon who keeps trying to infight? Is this the oliviafag? This isn’t milk. I’m only two of those posters and mods can verify that if they want.

No. 1223678

Olivia trying to play internet detective again KEK

No. 1223683

File: 1620176083288.jpeg (356.87 KB, 1242x1145, C43E6D08-B38B-4E93-A992-2F5A5C…)

Honestly… internet detectives and people who call minors “stupid” for not understanding ~metadata~ don’t post where they live for everyone to see!!

No. 1223691

I'm just a transient farmer who stumbled upon the autism, curb the conspiracies schitzochans. Constantly ending your sentences with "kek" doesn't help you integrate and it's quite humorous to read.

No. 1223692

uhm actually anon didn't u know? grown women like olivia are allowed to have interests outside of their children PARTICULARLY if that interest is bullying other kids ten years younger than her online, lurking an evil bully website and being friends with admitted pedophiles repeatedly and drawing shitty traced art! oh and don't forget trying to out her haters uwu

Olivia is a seething hag who can't accept she's no longer 15 or however old she was when she got pregnant

No. 1223693

yet youre the same fag that keeps shitting up the thread with pointless infighting. no one gives a shit if anons use "kek" a lot this is a message board and that's such a fucking nitpick.
>muh TrAnSiEnT
no one cares. post milk or gtfo the thread you absolute autist

No. 1223695

No one cares, cease with the infighting, seriously.

No. 1223704

Deleting your original post and then adding “farmer” and “integrate” doesn’t help you blend better either. That was quite a humorous catch. Also it’s schizo. Learn to spell before coming for other farmers and stop acting like you’re above everyone.

No. 1223706

I know this has been repeated quite a bit, but I still cannot wrap my head around how she can blatantly lie about being friends with awfultune aka a pedophile when we have caught her. She followed them with her new private account AFTER this thread starting posting about her association with this individual. Every time we saw an account following them, she unfollowed. It’s weirder that she went out of her way to do so on her brand new, private account. It’s also even weirder that she would, you know, create art for this pedophile and call them her best friend, while tagging their account @cellphoneprojects. Olivia, why can’t you admit to forgiving a predator while having kids of your own? Did you really have to seek vengeance on a teenager posting about you on here, as if the shit they made about you wasn’t true? You are a pedo sympathizer, you do bully minors, you do trace art, you make excuses by using your BDD, and you did harass your sTaLkEr when she was only a minor as well. Literally no normal person nearing 30 does the shit you do. You boast about how easy it is to be an uwu hacker but who was the one posting their full name, location, kids and more on the internet? It was you, dumbass. “Stop trying to ruin the lives of children” take your own advice, please.

No. 1223712

File: 1620178784432.png (11.61 MB, 1242x2208, CE3FFB64-2AAE-4DCC-A3FF-E14737…)

Squidwardthighs posted her PayPal and showed a picture of her clothes yikes
These clothes are for the kids section this fatty thinks she can squeeze into them
Not really milk but she fetishizes being a preteen/child and it’s disgusting

Whoever first posted about this Olivia King pedophile girl I hate you because now we have retards spamming the thread

No. 1223717

The shirts will probably be ~crop tops~ lmao

No. 1223750

File: 1620183108317.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 241.78 KB, 1125x1993, D5DBD2A5-CA44-4767-BB5E-0E6C89…)

sage for old milk but since when did she start admitting to edits? I can’t keep up with this cows story at all

No. 1223751

this is why I find anyone who claims she isn't milky to be so full of shit or even WKs themselves

No. 1223809

File: 1620194446221.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 1242x1545, F4A83BB7-FEF5-40B5-8137-BF957E…)

Babifat spreading her coochie for free on Twitter

No. 1223811

She has always said she facetunes a little bit but she claims her waist is 100% real. Lmfao

No. 1223812

File: 1620194554433.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 307.17 KB, 1609x2048, 7B7B6E7E-349E-4F00-8099-4BCC91…)

No. 1223830

File: 1620198503321.jpeg (169.54 KB, 1125x1021, E310369C-121C-47A2-8B76-45F091…)

Olivia pedo King new tiktok?

No. 1223831

why can't these whores brush their fucking tongues

No. 1223848

she dresses like if shayna bought her clothes at goodwill instead of shein

No. 1223914

It’s so gross when people put collars and bdsm items on stuffed animals.

No. 1223916

She can never not live without internet attention and fame… it’s why she runs kids off but defends pedophiles from being canceled. She’s a freak.

No. 1223957

Not wking but
> fame
> 1 follower


No. 1223966

Someone already nutted in her and she abandoned her child lol

No. 1223969

She didn’t buy the rest anon. Jeez.

I wonder where her child is, and why she would think this is appropriate?

No. 1224000

File: 1620230190306.jpeg (193.77 KB, 1242x854, F7463082-5D21-42DC-B12B-BA5524…)

Go feed your child

No. 1224008

>tired of trying to make my feed look nice
>so I’ll post my fat, ugly, troll looking bf

No. 1224023

This is barely milk. It’s just horny tweets w the same anon making a comment about babifat not taking care of her kids.

No. 1224609

File: 1620313601898.jpeg (538.66 KB, 828x1035, C2C67EEF-3D15-4E61-AFFA-433DA6…)

The proana nazi-larp online-cult “Kaliacc” that led to Nyabeats demise resurfaces and rebrands as #HOT_POT
Nyabeat/jusagipon gets re-exposed for continuing to follow and interact with the Kaliacc members (surprised? no. we know she never stopped, she just tried to hide it better and failed)
eveii.angel, fckproxy (mentioned in previous threads for her horrible shoops), and several other known Egirls get caught being a part of the new Kaliacc
Self hating brown girl Bugsbunnii who whitewashes and shoops all of her pictures to look Japanesu gets caught being a nazi and proana, following in the footsteps of her good friend Nyabeat
This goes much deeper than just asianfishing, the proana grooming cult that Nyabeat groomed underage girls for is still alive and well despite Nyabeat publicly disowning them and apologizing and claiming to have changed.

For screenshots: https://instagram.com/japancoreaboo?igshid=1e7g8rzd2ku53

Honorable mentions:

No. 1224619

Good grief. every time they get called out they act like they had “no idea”, unfollow each other, and then become mutuals again in a matter of weeks. And I agree anon, sperging about these girls asian fishing is as retarded as all of them trying REALLY hard to be nazis for right wing e-scrotes but publicly encouraging and competing with each other’s eating disorders and promoting that shit to children is disgusting

No. 1224668

>bmi: 13.98
they would be dead.

No. 1224671

Are any of these minors? I’m sick of seeing underage people and children being posted on these threads when it’s not allowed.

No. 1224685

It ranges from 16-20. None of them are too young to be posted here. Especially because they’re grooming girls even younger into eating disorders, it needs to be brought to light. Why that Nyabeat girl still has a platform after getting little girls to self harm for her is beyond me. Their parents need to get them off the internet.

No. 1224691

File: 1620321100011.jpeg (596.42 KB, 828x1028, D8AF41BF-E439-48AC-B2AA-442B09…)

this one’s 18

No. 1224693

File: 1620321137299.jpeg (504.9 KB, 828x1163, 64385A89-19E0-4B1C-8A96-2A4E4A…)

No. 1224700

Damn she’s huge

No. 1224706

File: 1620321750682.jpeg (368.31 KB, 828x1125, 154A4513-78DB-4FE7-85CD-3B4DBD…)

sage for nitpick but this has to be a troon, right?

No. 1224728

File: 1620322417796.png (3.27 MB, 1242x2208, 22027878-9B63-451A-A696-B10E76…)

voidchan is a retarded white girl who panders to gross incels but this meme is based and true

No. 1224730

File: 1620322487261.jpeg (983.3 KB, 1242x1862, CD932907-1EEA-4325-860C-5E24E5…)

“Exposing account” idk who runs it but it seems like a cow with a vendetta

No. 1224738

File: 1620322567152.png (6.6 MB, 1242x2208, F96E26AF-FEAD-4404-AA3B-ADAF4F…)

No. 1224742

It’s just a retard kid looking to cancel people. Just cowtips all day, all night.

No. 1224760

A fatty

No. 1224774

Oh I know anon. It’s pretty clear it’s just some vendetta-chan running the expose account, probably another fat weeb white girl. I only linked it because its the only place I could find new information about Kaliacc which really should be talked about. It’s a disgusting hoard of groomers and anyone involved should be called out.

No. 1224802

File: 1620325627198.jpeg (515.09 KB, 828x1025, 34878B23-B1FF-475A-9AAF-6D951C…)

Kek at proxy sperging on her story about how her tweets were “violently taken out of context” and then going private. What was taken out of context about you saying you and hitler have the same moon sign? Just admit to your retardation and go

No. 1224806

https://twitter.com/ariosophy?s=11 I found this Twitter linked to the kaliacc carrd. Just search through their followers and you’ll find hoards of these degenerates.

No. 1224817

Anyone have pics of her real face?

No. 1224832

Nitpick but these girls always have straight black hair with bangs. Isn’t that the opposite of aryan?

No. 1224849

They're clearly trying to LARP as Japanese uwu Fascist types. They all try to look like basic yandere girls and repost Japanese women in rising sun shit and iron crosses. Typical fat white girl edgelord behavior. Hypocritical and founded on BDD/BPD lunacy and fetishization.

No. 1224873

lol this 18 year old has herpes

No. 1224881

I’m 99% positive that’s just a man, anon

No. 1224891

File: 1620330164927.jpeg (159.22 KB, 777x686, D8548CE7-24EA-4959-AB64-2CC485…)


No. 1224899

File: 1620330461617.jpeg (984.73 KB, 1242x1818, A7FD1300-C925-4052-9A15-89B34E…)

She literally starved the estrogen out of herself kek

No. 1224925

Her limbs look photoshopped skinnier, they’re all wiggly and different sizes… or maybe she/its just that ugly…

No. 1224928

Kek, on her profile it says her pronouns are they/bug/rot/it… just admit that you’re a troon or too ugly to look like a girl. these tiktok fags need to die out already

No. 1224938

She lives in Philadelphia if I’m not mistaken. Not wking she’s still a retard lol

No. 1224941

File: 1620334242014.jpg (24.79 KB, 595x197, capture.jpg)

Is fatty lurking

No. 1224946

File: 1620335269107.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 583.71 KB, 828x1354, D9B56139-33B1-4586-A362-8ADDD5…)

This… thing posts thinspo of herself on her twitter and photos of her throwing up…

No. 1224949

File: 1620335725347.jpeg (173.62 KB, 1920x1080, AD33001F-54F6-4FA5-8FCE-D8501A…)

No. 1224952

So this bugsbunni girl is one of those brown East Asians that’s shunned by everyone else for being too dark so she seeks validation from ugly white people kek

No. 1224957

File: 1620336357339.jpeg (429.49 KB, 1242x923, D504E62D-2064-4692-88B6-C3C757…)

Pick a struggle fatty. I swear people who have so many disabilities listed for everyone to see are just making it up. They’re always ugly and smelly too, it’s exhausting.

No. 1224958

File: 1620336489476.jpeg (788.79 KB, 1242x2001, CED261F1-FB8B-4CCD-A251-366C74…)

Also goes “I innocent Idk what kaliacc is !!” And likes this troglodyte’s tweets.

No. 1224966

these kalliac bitches do this shit often and seem to think it’s some kind of “master troll”. I’ve seen a few accounts post about the “evils of kalliac” and how they were “groomed” then go right back to the usual fuckery
like pretending to be an underage ana skitzoid is some kind of accomplishment kek

No. 1224971

Are you ok anon?

No. 1224973

Honestly surprised they let fatty into their larp group

No. 1224974

> called out for wearing braids
Send the bitch to the gulag, this is a disgusting act of bigotry.

No. 1224975

The japancoreaboo account said she's 17

No. 1224978

NTA, but you do realize that's not an actual 13 year old, right? Putting shit like "14/f/cali/single mom autistic eurasian ADHD angel hyperborean"in their bio is a "kaliacc" trademark.

No. 1224982

No, she doesn’t live in Philly. She lives in Jersey, where she posted. Philly is right on the border though.

No. 1225007

Exactly. Her ugw is 0, connect the dots. It’s not even possible.

No. 1225009

White people wearing braids is a twitterfag complaint. No farmer actually gives a fuck. It’s not a valid criticism, it’s pretty much racebaiting.

No. 1225069

What an absolute hambeast. Let's hope one of her 73839393937 mental illnesses makes her an hero

No. 1225186

File: 1620357995838.png (9.19 MB, 1242x2208, 5A540AE5-A55B-49A3-B859-193FA3…)

No. 1225196

> posts thinspo and pictures of her vomiting and body checks
> “stop telling me to starve!!!”

so encouraging eating disorders is only okay when you do it, “bug”?

No. 1225261

The focus on race in this thread reeks of twitterfag about as much as the twitterfags being posted

No. 1225321

Please shut up

No. 1225358

Are you sure this isn't some le epik troll xd this posers give off the impression they lie about everything, so what can you believe?

No. 1225366

My point still stands anon, troll or not she posted those things and is now being a hypocrite.

No. 1225367

wk spotted. if race wasn’t relevant it obviously wouldn’t be mentioned. racefaking to appeal to right wing scrotes is pretty milky

No. 1225377

I get what you're saying, I just wouldn't put it past these girls to lie about getting harassed

No. 1225382

I misunderstood then kek, sorry. I agree actually. If you look at the comments on her recent post there’s a handful of nazi comments and that’s it.

No. 1225418

File: 1620402788451.jpeg (870.67 KB, 1242x1691, 57F8AFFA-2FB7-4C4E-A003-EFB64E…)

No. 1225444

what is the context? doesnt seem like milk to me

No. 1225465

File: 1620407902156.jpeg (859.88 KB, 2560x2560, 8D979431-2717-4007-9A67-095B22…)

anyone have a pic of fleshchan on ig face? i know she posted it one time but deleted. she's basically a void chan copy aka white girl that wishes to be japanese and mixes cute stuff w creepy stuff. she had this story post saying omg guys i'm not asianfishing and i'm not telling u guys where i'm from bc she's scared to reveal she's a bug eyed white girl. also dyed her hair black w bangs to look or be mistaken as japanese just like void lmao

No. 1225471

Vendetta chan please get off the thread

No. 1225477

there’s like thousands of voidchan copies, this isn’t milk.

No. 1225479

Can these retard pics of babifat stop being posted, her gross content isn’t milk at this point.

Why is an instafag with a vendetta making an attempt to shit up the thread? Cool, you found out about lolcow for the first time. Learn how to use it and what to post. Thanks.

No. 1225480

Anon if you’re going to keep posting these disgusting images of this worn out hag, at LEAST pay for my therapy

No. 1225481

No one cares

No. 1225518


No. 1225526

File: 1620414850765.jpeg (983.4 KB, 1242x1535, CFA3C2F0-ECC1-48A4-B0BE-B8D409…)

Did the rake carve a heart into her arm or is this just red marker? Ik this is a nitpick but what does everyone else think

No. 1225548

kek she's wearing a menhera chan shirt so it's obviously self harm for attention

No. 1225554

So we can’t post Olivia’s art but this anon can post babifat cringe content over and over gain despite also having no milk? Bleak.

No. 1225560

Yes you can post Olivia’s shit stolen art don’t let the two wks stop you just like they can post this non milky nudes

No. 1225564

It most likely one person who’s obsessed with her nudes and screeching about pedo King not being milky. Same tist who posts their Twitter screenshots in dark mode on ios. Tinfoiling here but it’s probably pedo herself trying to bump the thread or something.

No. 1225587

Stop tinfoiling because you sound stupid. No one said stop posting Olivia. They said make a new thread because of all the milk is filling up this one, when it’s a GENERAL thread. Learn to read, faggot.

No. 1225589

Tinfoil but this checks out. Pedo King and Babifat have beef and Babifat was the one who exposed Michael Hoffman (awfultroon) on FB for being a pedo and talking to 14 year old boys.

No. 1225594

Oh shit that does check out. Makes sense when that one anon above is literally seething lmao. Anyways how long do y’all anons think it’ll be until our fav bug girl comes out with a whole new persona and under a different pseudonym to try and avert consequences yet again?? It’s obvious she can’t live without her online circle jerk.

No. 1225595

Seethe Olivia

No. 1225596

Give it a month or two, like it usually takes. She’ll come back with a facetious explanation as to how her break has made her come to some sort of life changing realization and then continue to be the cow she is kek

No. 1225597

Olivia deleted the awfultroon commission and made her account public again so we won’t have to wait that long she’s already trying to come back kek

No. 1225600

Ok “SKSKSKSK” anon whatever you say

No. 1225603

there’s always an olivia wk lurking here to infight and defend their pedo queen. just accept that your oliver tree cosplaying as menherachan is a pedophile bootlicker and scram.

No. 1225610

That looks ghastly.
>the rake

No. 1225617

I know, can they just fuck off already. This thread is lighten hearted fun and they gotta go and make everything so serious and start infighting. I get this is a general thread, whatever. Not expecting for all of us to get along and sing kumbayah all the time but that anon is just annoying. It’s ALWAYS when we talk ab Liv too. Sus.
How do you even know that’s the same anon. In that case, then ok transientfag.

No. 1225621

File: 1620424927818.png (Spoiler Image, 6.8 MB, 1242x2208, EE1D758D-005C-4A49-BAF2-0265A9…)

fridge’s helpful Amazon review

No. 1225625

This is old milk. Keep up seriously.

No. 1225633

This is old ass milk but I can’t help but to kek whenever I think of the anon who said imagine a mom looking for socks for her daughter and stumbling on this fetish shit. How did amazon even allow this picture of her pasty crack to be posted on a review like this?

No. 1225642

Proof of them having beef? Didn’t even know they knew each other lol

No. 1225647

dont have the receipts but they used to be mutuals on every social platform until babifat called out pedotroon and then Olivia unfollowed her

No. 1225668

Oh innocent uwu bug tries to cover up evidence against her… not suspicious at all kek which is funny because both threads have every word against hers and more. I love that delicious art that was posted in the last thread it’s way better than anything she could make.

No. 1225721

This shit looks infected, someone get this girl a tetanus shot

No. 1225738

File: 1620440191171.jpeg (159.26 KB, 1242x888, 1E821F3B-F554-4C46-A9EC-BCF84D…)

Aubrey/Pixie’s instagram for the anon that asked

No. 1225739

Please God stop posting. Only you twitterfags care about random nobodies ~racefaking~ and ~asianfishing~. The amount of racebait discourse here is indicative of the age of anons.
>Inb4 wk
Lolcow isn't a conduit for social justice, most anons are just here to laugh.

No. 1225752

Still can't believe this dumb thot publicly posted a buttplug in her ass to amazon reviews. True degeneracy.

No. 1225775

File: 1620444701933.jpeg (211.66 KB, 1242x1039, 0716142C-087A-4AE9-99D9-2C054D…)

It’s this actually, anon.

No. 1225781

This is an old account, her current is paleluvr

No. 1225789

what oblivious mother is buying their child thigh highs with paw pads on them? they're obviously for kink purposes

No. 1225802

Anon, you’re shitting me if you think thigh highs are inherently sexual.

No. 1225812

you'd be surprised

No. 1225819

File: 1620455747461.jpeg (593.24 KB, 828x1249, 751E8AAF-5AE4-45A6-8B2A-41D04F…)

the way she hated on angelthigh all this time just to become another angelthigh skinwalker

No. 1225822

Scroll up, retard.

No. 1225880

File: 1620467827636.jpg (687.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210508-195606.jpg)

Plot twist angelthigh is one of the race spergs itt

No. 1225885

bitch just has winged eyeliner just like most of women that wear makeup lol the retardation

No. 1225897

File: 1620471974254.jpeg (934.18 KB, 1242x1232, EC9A41EE-7300-4ECD-A390-9001D4…)

in her tagged pics anon, she’s dutch and ugly

No. 1225905

I wouldn't say she's ugly but why did she blur out her fingernails

No. 1225913

this was already posted but it's hilarious how she manages to become the dollar general version of already trashy people

No. 1225963

She’s not ugly. An insecure fatty must have a real vendetta in here

No. 1225980

I thought this was Poppy kek

No. 1225994

>dutch and ugly
You type with the same tism as the anon who posted >>1225465 so I’m going to assume it’s your dumbass again. So again— NO. ONE. CARES.

No. 1225997

Did pedo get caught posting babifat and resorted to posting fridge not realizing it’s old milk? Kek

No. 1226000

File: 1620489828781.jpeg (971.66 KB, 1242x1229, 4BECF6CC-14B7-4A4F-A77C-B2ED6F…)

She’s literally manfaced kek. I don’t even care about her, it’s just amusing

No. 1226001

you must be really ugly

No. 1226013

Looked at some other pics of her, the cosplays are shitty and cringe (as most amateur cosplays are) but she’s actually pretty. No milk though, so vendettachan can shut up now.

No. 1226032

See, it’s funny because she’s a troon. We get it. No one cares about this tranny, no milk here

No. 1226038

ugly? just say you are jealous and move on

No. 1226050

She is just another white cosplay whore, who cares they all look the same

No. 1226076

>I don’t even care about her
Then stop posting her, tard.

No. 1226227

Does every wannarexic anachan kaliacc act like this? What’s with the overuse of !!!! emoji, self diagnosis and trying to seem like children? I found some kaliacc girl last night (hospidoll) claiming to be chronically ill and level 2 autistic and thought it was just her, but apparently it’s all of them acting like this..???

No. 1226232

She’s not ugly vendetta-chan, it’s a shame she has that google translated Japanese aesthetic and copying vo1d tho kek

No. 1226299

File: 1620528299620.jpg (601.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210509-123452.jpg)

Seems like some more autistic Asianfishing shit is circulating Zoomer social media again. Here's Sugarfairy joining in on cancelling some random ethot because her eyeliner makes her racially ambiguous. Where does she get off continuing the cycle when she herself has been mobbed for much worse? Side note how is the woman in this tiktok so retarded as to not be able to ascertain she's not Asian from the beginning? Does she just want clout or is she genuinely offended by this girl's existence?

No. 1226300

File: 1620528828971.jpg (649.86 KB, 4031x4031, Muhasianfishing.jpg)

Samefag but looked at her ig and big KEK it's legit just a white ethot.

No. 1226306

I wish the kaliacc group had a thread, I personally think a group of anachans (and the fat one) larping as autistic/schizophrenic/BPD nazis and self harming for scrote attention is milky.

No. 1226328

Would also be interested in this to be honest

No. 1226376

I def think that bitch is asianfishing though. That’s too drastic of a difference, and she’s trying way too hard. However I do agree that these ethot cows jumping on the bandwagon to speak out about the issue are just white saviors.

No. 1226377

File: 1620539064299.png (11.07 MB, 1242x2208, E0CA902F-D9CE-41E8-B27D-735619…)

cow behavior

No. 1226379

@hospidoll is in kaliacc? Isn’t she some fat Millie Graves/Nicole Dollanganger wannabe?

No. 1226398

someone made one when the nyabeat drama was at it's peak but it was put on autosage and op got banned

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