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File: 1594436157845.jpeg (180.73 KB, 750x750, A9916B45-9FF9-44A2-9231-737FAC…)

No. 1005403

general thread for the newest form of cancer: The eGirls / eBoys

> usually under 25 / Gen Z

> cringe as fuck
> extreme oversharing
> all claim to be the “original”
> try to be as “edgy” as possible
> “yeah I listen to music that you probably won’t know they’re not really mainstream”
> username always a mix between something soft and something dark EG: “@dead-“ “@devil-“ “@doll-“ “@angel-“ “@grrrl” “@vomit” “@babi” “@lil” “@kittie” “@creep”
> anime DP icon
> “not like the other girls / boys” “i don’t fit in” “you don’t understand me”
> DD / LG
> 98% sell NSFW content
> knives, blood, guns, pentagrams and balaclava low res selfies
> tyP3 LikE tH3y jUst g0t s0ciAL M3Dia
> steal gothic, emo, myspace culture and think that’s what makes them unique
> Pics Art Filters on Every. Single. Photo.
> overuse kids animations / toys such as Care Bears, Sanrio, MLP ect
> abuse substances and post about it
> skinwalk Too Poor, Belle Delphine, Billie Eilish, Yung Lean, Sad Boys ect
> mesh tops, band tees, tartan skirts, platform boots, vans, fila disruptors, lolita, chains, grommet belts, checker print, “skater,” black painted nails, beanies, ripped jeans, heavy metal fonts, two tone dyed hair, thick heavy makeup and eyeliner

egirls / eboys mentioned in the instagram thread -
& her shitty clothing brand

No. 1005417

Glad somebody finally bothered to make a new one. Inb4 dead9irl spam kek

No. 1005444

praying this one doesnt devolve into random egirl story screencap central

No. 1005808

File: 1594543405781.jpeg (155.29 KB, 750x1011, 7131E35D-30D6-4A0B-9110-C62721…)

is it crack she smokes? She’s notorious for hating random girls online(babivampire)

No. 1005812

Yes, she's got autism levels of no self awareness. If I remember correctly she spergs about "girls who make drugs their personality" but constantly posts about weed like it's a substitute for hers.

No. 1005840

She’s not notorious for anything and no one gives a shit.

No. 1005848

run of the mill bpd

No. 1005892

that coward don't even smoke crack.

No. 1005905

File: 1594569041259.jpg (1.01 MB, 810x3966, Screenshot_20200629-235125_Ins…)

>>1005403 already posted this in the vivadrag thread since this one didn't exist yet, but this is what dollltears has been up to

No. 1005960

Of course it wasn’t a great decision to get into that car but that’s still horrible that this happened to her.

No. 1005986

weed isnt a drug you autist

No. 1005993

Anything substance that is addictive or habit forming is a drug, tard. Regardless of how wide it’s acceptance or harmless it may be. That includes weed, caffeine, alcohol, etc.

No. 1006003

Are you offended anon? Weed is a recreational drug, don't be retarded.

No. 1006012

Didn't her parents ever teach her not to talk to strangers? She put herself in a dangerous situation with her own stupidity.

No. 1006056

Bring dumb and drunk doesn't excuse rape. Get this pickme shit outta here

No. 1006072

She wasn't raped, she was molested. Why go over to a group of strangers AND get in their car so they can take you to god knows where? Pure stupidity.

No. 1006079

Okay victim blamer

No. 1006080

You know what's actually stupid? Sexually assaulting a drunk girl then dumping her in the middle of nowhere and stealing her stuff. Get out of here.

No. 1006085

she could have avoided the whole situation if she used logical common sense of not going with people she didn't know. they could have done much worse like killed her or something. where are her brains?

No. 1006086

Hope you never have to eat your words.

No. 1006087

nope because logical is quite the gift :) stranger danger was taught to us since childhood. don't get yourself into risky situations and risky things won't happen to you.

No. 1006090

The guys fucking suck and she was fucking stupid as well, it was the case of a vulnerable person with no self esteem and some shitty assholes that should get their dicks chopped off.

This is why we can’t have good things, everyone is fucking shit.

No. 1006154

Brilliant, why didn’t I think of that? It’s so simple, if you don’t want to be assaulted, just remember your wholesome childhood memories of being taught life lessons

No. 1006206

File: 1594613032765.jpeg (178.93 KB, 750x936, DFE6F3B1-B5CB-4451-8348-0EDF2C…)

Photoshop fail by ang3lthigh lol and she said she only edited “a little bit”(babivampire)

No. 1006219

Does she believe this looks normal?

No. 1006222

I'm with you on this one anon, I don't think there's any sense in arguing the point. It's a combination of poor decisions and disgusting, predatory behaviour. It's the unfortunate reality of the world that women and children can't make these kinds of mistakes and hope to come out unscathed. I just hope she's learnt from the awful experience and never puts manners before her own safety again.

Ot but the whole "teach men not to rape/molest" argument from my experience this is a logical fallacy. The men who're capable of perpetrating such acts aren't capable of listening to reason. The men who are wouldn't rape a women in the first place. There's some extremely sick people out there and we have to acknowledge that.

No. 1006253

Anon most rape isn't by a stranger in an alley. Most rape is by someone the victim knows. They have surveyed Men who say they would never rape a woman but they would force her into sex. They make a distinction between the two. The issue isn't teaching men not to rape, its teaching Men what rape even fucking is and further to that, what consent is. A frightening amount of Men think only physically fighting him is a serious no because women like to "play hard to get"

Also pointing out a behavior is harmful isn't a logical fallacy even if the person isn't receptive. That's not what that means.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

No. 1006328

I think what you're saying is very logical, I make distinction between that and what I've discussed with others. The crux of the people I've heard this from's perspective really is "simply teach men not to rape" (eg. teach young children not to rape, which I think is kind of insidious to assume 99% of kids are capable or ready for that, or don't take precautions because men shouldn't rape/need to be taught). That or they didn't covey their ideas or what it entails further than literally making the statement repeatedly. I think what you said is much more nuanced and provides a potential solution by teaching the definition of consent. In terms of what I said I think we should still attempt to point out harmful behaviour, I never said we shouldn't, I meant more that rehabilitation for rapists and pedophiles is nearly redundant in terms of statistics. It will naturally fall on deaf ears in some cases which is the unfortunate reality we're subjected to, but I think we should acknowledge where we're at a protect ourselves as best we can. Thankfully there are good people that exist who know the difference between right and wrong. Btw I understand that most rapes that occur are perpetuated by people we know, what I'm saying is a lot of those people are a lost cause in choosing to do something so beyond degenerate.

And sorry I was using it in a broader sense to describe the logic being applied as being false but it seems to mean a specific set of poor debating techniques kek. Thanks for explaining anon.

No. 1006406


Whenever I see the teach men not to rape thing I remember this story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7344381.stm

No. 1006617

I agree, I mean that's just a total lack of common sense. I'm not sure why she thought she'd be some beautiful flower untouched by the men from cultures that don't consider attrocities as taboo, (especially when perpetuated on someone who's not "one of them"). Poor woman, this is why I don't think we can rely solely on the prospect that men shouldn't rape for our own protection.

No. 1009649


No. 1009652

telling men not to rape is about teaching them that getting a girl drunk is still rape. brock turner cases. it's not about teaching alley rapists that it's wrong and no one thinks you can teach these people otherwise. this is the same strawman men throw up and it's boring and honestly just dumb

No. 1009675

Majority of men I've met want to beat the shit out of rapists, or other men who're choosy on the concept of consent but you're entitled to your two cents. I've already discussed this with anon 5 days ago specifying my reasoning and even agreeing with them and concept kek.

No. 1009698

what about her(babivampire)

No. 1009703

The majority of men have coerced a woman into sex, the same ones claiming they want to beat up rapists, where the rapist is a fictional boogeyman who grabs women in alleys and isn't an opportunist bully like themselves.

No. 1009711

Most men want to beat up rapists yeah, but they don't consider having sex with a passed out drunk chick rape. They don't consider wearing down a girl or making her feel like it's unsafe to say no rape. i don't know why this very basic concept is taking you so long to grasp because several people have explained it to you

No. 1009714

Couldn't have said it better myself

No. 1010094

As I said I already agreed, but I don't know why you're all intent on generalising all men like they're some frightening boogyman, and reiterating to an anon who has a slightly differing opinion from yourselves. If it were most men like you claim the personal experience of millions would be vastly different. This isn't parts of the Middle East, we're afforded some freedoms and a certain level of safety given we make good decisions in most cases. And no I'm not discounting or blaming women who've had awful experiences, as I said some people are beyond help and some really do need to be educated, no sexual assaults should take place. Whether that will be effective remains to be seen, but we've got more hope than countries that truely are a rape culture. And before anyone insinuates I'm simply shelter, I've had my own negative sexual experiences like a lot of women. I just don't ascribe those as being indicative of the male population in the West as a whole. This is the last thing I'm going to say that doesn't align with the LC think tank, lest I bolster your egos further unnecessarily.(blog)

No. 1010107

whats up with that?

No. 1010121

>>I've had my own negative sexual experiences
>>like a lot of women.
>>a lot of women
>>a lot
>>don't ascribe those as being indicative of the male population in the West as a whole.

Too bad, because that's what it is.

No. 1010186

Why do you feel you need to personal army men? Just stop and talk about the cows at hand and stop acting like a cow?

No. 1010281

File: 1595263397659.webm (2.26 MB, 640x800, kimmy.cheong-___CBYOE-Wj57k___…)

Lurked this girl in the ridiculous photoshoppers thread and now her tiktoks follow me everywhere on IG. I have no words for what I'm witnessing.

No. 1010374


Please add yourself to the "Cow Yourself" thread on /ot, I await eagerly. I see some red flags
>blaming de forin men because my precious white men don't rape!;
>blamin the women for making "bad decisions"

Seriously though, be careful out there. The other anons are trying to help you.

No. 1012960

File: 1595771735407.jpeg (304.67 KB, 750x1116, 11717A26-BE6A-4E84-9705-6ADD76…)

am I the only one wondering why this thing is blowing up? Not to mention the ridiculous photoshopping in all her photos lmao(babivampire)

No. 1012961

File: 1595771852546.jpeg (282.96 KB, 750x1015, A1F33C4E-D77E-407A-9983-E5E69B…)

another “maddyeideee” all over again(babivampire)

No. 1012965

this is what pnp thinks she looks like

No. 1012975


>wondering why this thing is blowing up

She's a conventionally attractive white girl that posts pics in her underwear, and the "mildly alt/faux goth" look is in at the moment. That's literally it

No. 1013036

Nice selfpost

No. 1013155

She’s blowing up because the braindead men who see her are like
>omg, a hot goth e-girl w-who likes ANIME like me??
They somehow can’t process that she is so photoshopped she barely looks like a human being

No. 1013304

File: 1595835694181.jpeg (306.93 KB, 750x1086, 92542136-83F8-4F67-8F25-6C6B4A…)

lilausu is so embarrassing obviously you give a fuck if you had to post about it lol(babivampire)

No. 1013345

I just hope that they kill this thread soon. There is no milk, only selfposting 14-yo thots who would do anything for their 5 seconds of lolcow infamy.

No. 1013485

lilausu is a lolcow, ask any past friend of hers

No. 1013713

File: 1595907961684.jpg (392.86 KB, 1080x1731, Screenshot_20200728-134425__01…)

Some anon just posted this link in the ridiculous photoshoppers thread, enjoy. Her waist altering filter flickers on and off the whole robotic dance.


No. 1013795

wow this is cringy af

No. 1014249

it’s not blowing up because i already admit that i photoshop lol. everyone knows i photoshop, i’m open about it. and that tik tok isn’t edited, idk what “flickering” you’re talking about. idk how to edit videos like that and i look pretty fuckin wide so it’s weird to me that anyone that’s that video is edited(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1014264

Show proof that this is you or gtfo larper.

No. 1014267

Even with the filter on she looks nothing like her photoshop. How can someone like her even look at herself in the mirror when she looks nothing like her photoshopped pictures
Stop larping

No. 1014269

And pullfags with vendettas about people doing “yellow face” because they decorated their shitty selfies with anime stickers

No. 1014270

File: 1596009030898.jpeg (767.48 KB, 828x1403, 3D238541-7A1E-4944-88AB-439932…)

Her movements are so stiff and awkward in this video too. She’s arching her torso and sucking in so it looks like she has the nonhuman waist she photoshops herself to have.

No. 1014384

Her onlyfans is fire though lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1014385

No one cares scrote

No. 1014390

Still in this video, it looks nothing like her ridiculous photoshops

No. 1014392

i know it looks nothing like my photoshop. but again, i make it clear that i photoshop. don’t care to hide it. and the proof that it’s me replying to this is on my twitter i guess lol, posted screenshots of the shit that’s being posted here.(ban evasion)

No. 1014424

A trash fire IS still a fire.

No. 1014526

File: 1596061700602.png (910.16 KB, 850x628, k.PNG)

Drinking bleach is soo edgy wow

No. 1014532

It's wild seeing fashion circle around so fast. I haven't seen a slipknot shirt since 2002. They weren't cool back then, are they cool now? Is there a limp biskit comeback? Do kids still like koRn?

No. 1014534

Ok selfpost gtfo with ur lil Xan lookin ass

No. 1014539

The so-called scene resurgence is so lame, even moreso than original scene. But there's so much obsession with being an "alt girl" on social media.

No. 1014644

The scene resurgence is a watered down version of something that was already watered down the first time around….How alt are you really when you can buy your black lipstick and purple hair dye at CVS?

No. 1014678

File: 1596094282935.png (3.21 MB, 750x1334, 2CCAC1C0-EEB4-401D-81AB-023CDF…)

“Angles” LOL
I think she means photoshop(babivampire)

No. 1014679

File: 1596094334016.jpeg (194.39 KB, 737x1175, 2BE57422-1BCC-41E6-9504-D4B4B9…)


No. 1014683

File: 1596095541947.jpeg (66.54 KB, 750x482, 3DAADB39-AE8F-4A39-A174-EA4259…)

No. 1014684


Like how the fuck does a great thin strip of g string “snatch” your waist? It doesn’t. It’s huge photoshop just admit it love.

No. 1014739

WHat, she's 18? She looks 30.

No. 1014745

Demon slayer and Franxx both suck ass too. Seems like she just chose the most popular current shows to stick in the background to appeal to speds

No. 1014756

File: 1596116733472.jpeg (54.89 KB, 539x521, F3AA44D1-0842-40ED-A790-DF2BF7…)

sug4rfairy’s real face in her tagged photos; she’s cute idk why all these cows edit little pointy anime noses.

No. 1014766

I love how nobody cared enough to check her twitter to verify this post >>1014392 kek

No. 1014788

Is she trans?

No. 1014794

i thought the same thing anon

No. 1014827

That's conventionally attractive???

No. 1014933

File: 1596145868520.jpg (75.26 KB, 736x736, 0337177e6836f52d1388175610d21d…)

idk if this is better off in here or the Soundclout thread but the SC thread seem 2 be 4 a different SC scene so uh

are 6snot & g0r3c0r3 the same person? gc only seemed to start being a thing after everyone figuured our 6snot was a pedo piss guzzler

No. 1014945

6snot fell off the face of the earth so no

No. 1014976

File: 1596152024285.jpg (536.35 KB, 1079x1488, Screenshot_20200731-002819_Ins…)

has anyone here seen goldenkernel? she's a crackhead anachan with a monster forehead who shoops her eyes and body into oblivion

No. 1015064

Proof that this clearly middle class white suburban girl does crack pls

No. 1015088

She has posted like 50 pics on onlyfans in like 5 months? 35 of those were posted day 1 lmao

Also has a gofund me for her dog then gets a new tattoo, buys a turantula and a fucking enclosure for it ?? Photoshopping, not personality and a scammer lmao

No. 1015145

>Champion tracksuit
Oh, she does crack alright kek

No. 1015775

werent cool to you. i thought they were cool back then and i still do now

No. 1015972

why is sinelia in the thread thumbnail how is she a cow? i didn't see anyone talking about her in the last thread so why is she in the thumbnail for this one

No. 1017764

File: 1596594453505.jpeg (Spoiler Image,193.7 KB, 750x857, 85EA2C7B-B843-4D18-BF69-D4A480…)

hates egirls but is the biggest egirl ive ever seen(babivampire)

No. 1017820

how is this an egirl anyway??? besides that other egirls commonly take poses like this, nothing is similar. keep reaching

No. 1017827

File: 1596606992013.jpeg (186.06 KB, 483x593, B80FFF65-D998-4A35-A531-995AF2…)

Even with the shoop that ass looks gross

No. 1017832

ok Dead9irl lmfaooo
please let me know what makes her NOT an egirl?(babivampire)

No. 1017837

surely this is ironic?

No. 1017838

Fat and Ugly 0/10 wouldnt smash.

No. 1017839

Her style, behavior and username are like the epitome of the “e-girl” look. Come on lol

No. 1018075

How is she not an e-girl
E-girl name, e-girl aesthetic, e-girl slutiness

No. 1021076

File: 1597121361657.jpg (777.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-144919.jpg)

Idk if I remember correctly but I'm pretty sure babyspit had some allegations surrounding sexualising her youth/pandering to a pedophilies or something. She's addressing it on IG and claims to have been groomed the poor girl. Bit of a image dump incoming.

No. 1021077

File: 1597121403612.jpg (896.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-143829.jpg)

No. 1021078

File: 1597121437521.jpg (497.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-143841.jpg)

No. 1021079

File: 1597121501080.jpg (547.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-143853.jpg)

No. 1021080

File: 1597121564541.jpg (780.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-143859.jpg)

No. 1021081

File: 1597121594232.jpg (633.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-143909.jpg)

No. 1021082

File: 1597121621868.jpg (520.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-143917.jpg)

No. 1021083

File: 1597121644825.jpg (652.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-143941.jpg)

No. 1021084

File: 1597121666708.jpg (1.66 MB, 2250x2250, pt2020_08_11_14_34_17.jpg)

No. 1021085

File: 1597121697820.jpg (441.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-144006.jpg)

No. 1021086

File: 1597121718002.jpg (655.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-144016.jpg)

No. 1021087

File: 1597121761870.jpg (488.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-144022.jpg)

No. 1021088

File: 1597121900839.jpg (437.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-144140.jpg)

Holy shit there's so much to dump, this guy is absolutely insane. Can anyone screen record the messages with him screaming at her really weird, disingenuous manner? Or does anyone have a Google drive they'd be willing to dump all the images on? This is only half.

No. 1021090

File: 1597121953823.jpg (517.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-144150.jpg)

No. 1021091

File: 1597122040269.jpg (595.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-144202.jpg)

This scrote is absolutely disgusting and insane forcing his victims to gaslight/skinwalk each other

No. 1021092

File: 1597122063675.jpg (493.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-144217.jpg)

No. 1021093

File: 1597122093740.jpg (745.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-144308.jpg)

No. 1021094

File: 1597122124866.jpg (607.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-144316.jpg)

No. 1021096

File: 1597122390522.jpg (660.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200811-150609.jpg)

I've grabbed the rest of the screenshots but I don't know if I should post them seeing as I've already flooded the thread. I'm also missing the voice recordings of his joker impersonations because I'm not sure have to screen record on mobile, sorry anons. This is a moving image outlining how much text he had the gall to send her.

No. 1021147

What gets me is like, as a grown ass adult now looking at men like this… you know they only fuck with little girls because they are complete fucking losers and absolutely mentally unstable. And it breaks my heart over and over to hear that nobody is there to tell these girls any better, and they typically can’t figure it out until they’re way older. Why can’t we fucking stop men? I hate them so much.

This story is chilling. Tbh I hope she and those other girls are okay. Hope this guy dies.

No. 1021152

File: 1597138358659.webm (3.24 MB, 720x1280, 20200811_152733.webm)

I'm in the same boat with you anon. Men like this are absolutely pathetic and I'm glad she's strong enough to start warning other girls at this point.

I got the screen records of the manipulative narc sperging out, and I've also got the other story caps if anons are interested. For now I'll just post the screen records, I feel like I've clogged the thread enough for today.

No. 1021153

File: 1597138446930.webm (1.71 MB, 720x1280, 20200811_153627.webm)

No. 1021154

File: 1597138527773.webm (5.07 MB, 720x1280, 20200811_153701.webm)

No. 1021155

File: 1597138601064.webm (8.29 MB, 720x1280, 20200811_153740.webm)

No. 1022871

File: 1597421534688.png (671.14 KB, 750x1334, AECB28AB-119A-4998-8506-079D40…)

sug4rfairy posted this and i couldn’t help but laugh this is the best excuse i’ve ever heard

No. 1023186

Sug4rfairy is boring af.

No. 1023596

nobody cares wow

No. 1023639

Kek at least this anon did, mildly >>1021147

No. 1024008

File: 1597627396861.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3464x3464, C3F1E6F1-F8C2-474B-AFA3-6336A8…)

does anyone else find it funny how @ang3lthigh poses to hide her “natural non-photoshopped body”? Let’s see those photoshopped hips irl girl(babivampire)

No. 1024024

File: 1597628886539.jpg (361.67 KB, 2048x1152, Ed-XX-pXsAcA0wV.jpg)

can someone explain why all these egirls always have fucking shitloads of anime shit and ahegao merch and stuff? From all the crap they have they obviously aren't struggling for money.

Whats the end goal here?

No. 1024067

Male pandering duh. I’m sure there’s some vague interest but that’s the root

No. 1024204

u sound jealous lmao

No. 1024210

>jealous of ahegao merch
anon pls

No. 1024303

top kek ladies

No. 1024478

15 y/o doing lewd shit and runs a patreon that goes up to $500 for pics but they aren’t “inappropriate” but whines about being sexualized as a minor, cosplaying hentai characters. What?(subjects must be over 16)

No. 1024793


15? Delete your post, we don't discuss minors.

No. 1024986

File: 1597733753938.jpeg (92.58 KB, 540x960, 3820a760d58a4ed0b6c4dfde4226d5…)

@ang3lthigh . holy fuck she looks like a man

No. 1024993


Sorry but delete that please, talking about minors isn't allowed, also its a minor they are all cringe and do mistakes, don't post about a minor.

No. 1025024

She looks like Lurch.

No. 1025026

Minors are not allowed on this site, read the rules anon(babivampire)

No. 1025027

She’s the biggest catfish there is. Photoshops & looks like that but judges other girls who photoshop too she’s ugly all around lol(babivampire)

No. 1025085


she looks like a two dollar store lady gaga with a melting face

No. 1025100

I always thought she had a manly long face.

No. 1025107

Wait, why are minors even allowed on these types of sites?

No. 1025141

Oof. 99% of people look legit frightening when they shave half their brows, trend needs to die asap.

>judges other girls who photoshop too
Kek any screenshots of her photoshop sperging?

Nah they're definitely not. Anons: >>1024793
Made that pretty apparent already.

No. 1025312

It's always really basic bitch anime too like demon slayer, re zero, eva, darling in the franxx, Dragonball, sailor moon….also kek isn't that kiwisunsets room?

No. 1025501

Wish I still had it but I know she was going on about another photoshopper maddyeideee both are bad lmfaooo(babivampire)

No. 1025514

File: 1597805417426.jpg (465.14 KB, 1536x2048, nyu.jpg)

NSFL warning.

I found this girl on twitter and she posts the most disgusting stuff. She's milking her self harm for attention via anime edits. Admitted to being 17 and going to a 13 y/o girls house and scaring her. Shows off her loli figures and self harm kit. Legitimately don't know whether I should despise this girl or feel bad for her. Browse at your own risk.


No. 1025559

I scrolled a bit and frankly the girl is disturbed. Attention seeking as fuck, but clearly disturbed. I'm definitely in the feeling bad category for her.

No. 1025579

It’s an edgy spoiled little girl for sure but compared to some of the stuff on Ed/self harm twitter it’s not too bad. I hope she out grows it before she’s a legit adult. also she’s obviously a Spaniard I’m surprised she’s not talking abt getting drunk u can drink at 16 in Europe right?

No. 1025593

It's hard for me to feel bad for people like this, because they're obviously milking it for attention and want people to think they're "disturbed" and psychotic. Whenever I see someone publicly cutting themselves/talking about killing themselves in an ~uwu teehee kawaii loli~ manner I lose all sympathy and assume they're a retarded teenager who, in a few years, will recognize how fucking stupid they were. She needs help but to me it seems more like she's doing it to be edgy for attention.

No. 1025657

I do not feel bad, I’m annoyed at this bitch.

No. 1025677

Europe isn't a country. I think the legal age for drinking is 18 in Spain.

No. 1026168

Legally it's 18, but you can get alcohol at any age if you really want. Usually teens start to drink around 15 here.

No. 1027863

File: 1598231057739.png (6.29 MB, 1125x2436, 435E6615-928E-4932-82EE-694897…)

> is 18 aka a legal adult

just when her ddlg pondering pedo ass couldnt get anymore creepier

No. 1027885

File: 1598234784317.jpg (76.31 KB, 499x598, wut.jpg)

'i'm a kid' but i also have an online career posting photos of my ass (think this was late july)

pick a hill to die on girl, you can't have both

No. 1027917

Inb4 actually above the age on 19, she certainly looks like it. Remember when 18 meant you were an adult? I miss that shit.

No. 1027921

File: 1598242918727.jpeg (174.6 KB, 750x832, 18E45604-1E8A-4461-90AF-428667…)

she said her waist is just snatched lol ok girl photoshops like crazy so gross(babivampire)

No. 1027940

She's a spaz, that waist doesn't look remotely human kek

No. 1028020

She's 18?!?! She looks 30.

No. 1028051

Male attention, what else? They're not like the OTHER girls who don't like sexy anime, porn and so on. They're different, quirky even.

No. 1028151

why are her fingers so chubby? does she fake her weight?

No. 1028231

File: 1598299366683.jpeg (201.76 KB, 749x996, 4D01EE57-5121-46FC-92EB-24564C…)

I’m not sure how big she is but she’s not skinny at all she’s deleted old pics where u can see how bad the her photoshop is and how fat she might be but this is a yikes

No. 1028236

File: 1598299875116.jpeg (325.5 KB, 1242x1220, 0BCCBE90-FBB4-4A51-A833-0C1AA1…)

Possible fupa(retarded nitpick)

No. 1028238

File: 1598299923917.jpeg (496.96 KB, 1241x2435, CABE5E8D-54F1-44AB-9E1B-9A3192…)

Fupa confirmed

No. 1028245

File: 1598301166499.jpg (360.9 KB, 2896x2896, 20200824_153250.jpg)

jeez she has some big thighs tho…

No. 1028248

No. 1028304

She looks like a bootleg Yungangelita. Or whatever was her name.

No. 1028324

Deavon from 90DF

No. 1028893

File: 1598409758183.jpg (560.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200826-121538.jpg)

So this was posted. Does anyone have any evidence of the accusations or is twitty just sperging out again? Not to absolve her of wrong doing but I couldn't find anything and despite sug4rfairy's claims?

No. 1028956

File: 1598422489133.png (3.6 MB, 750x1334, D7F46179-C7F9-4CCD-8FC1-AF9891…)

Ironic she wastes her time and energy on the people she’s calling out for doing the same lol being a blonde bimbo must be hard for her(babivampire)

No. 1029069

it never should have meant ur an adult considering the word teen is in the age

No. 1029299

she's gonna be 20 soon, stfu shes too grown to be shooping her tree trunk thighs and crying about her h8rs while collecting dirty childrens toys from thrift shops

No. 1029392

File: 1598497220088.webm (Spoiler Image,2.42 MB, 720x1204, deadthot.webm)

I know we all hate dead9irl with a burning passion, but just let me leave these here for posterity. She's finally done the inevitable and frankly I'm surprised it took her this long.

No. 1029393

File: 1598497350817.jpg (Spoiler Image,261.78 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20200826-131701__01…)

If we don't get a Shayna dead9irl cow crossover I'll be seriously disappointed.

No. 1029395

man why are you posting her content she is trying to make money off of. i hate her too but really

No. 1029396

alright pedophile

No. 1029398

The girl you’re defending literally got exposed by 3 of her ex bfs for being a pedophile. She admitted to only dressing like a little girl because it turns her on and she wanted her boyfriends to be into it.

No. 1029408

File: 1598499560527.jpeg (120.82 KB, 375x510, 1DFE69AC-DF8F-4490-944D-1A15BB…)

this is what ang3lthigh looks like with no editing. she has no chin and looks like a 40 year old tranny on crack

No. 1029420

she really does look fine as fuck deepthroating that dildo though(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1029426

ur the one defending a girl who used to repost ddlg and disgustingly young looking girls in porn screenshots but im the pedo…interesting lmao

No. 1029427

Where did you find that lmfao(babivampire)

No. 1029479

Kek, it's public on twitter sexworker-chan. Even if it wasn't like the majority of LC actually gives a shit.

No. 1029670

I hope she makes no money because she’s ugly and her nose is shoooped to hell

No. 1029711

someone sounds jealous kek

No. 1029733

Angelthigh got exposed for this? That’s disgusting. Does anyone have receipts?

No. 1029755

lol. Of what?…

No. 1029827

File: 1598585971154.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, 9C2CAE3A-01CD-4537-9834-FF22F4…)

oof here’s ang3thigh with that same unflattering angle she always uses to cover up her waist so people can’t tell she’s not as thin as she photoshops lmfao(babivampire)

No. 1029832

Just because you learnt to say "kek" instead of "lol" doesn't make this post any less transparent. Try sageing next time.

No. 1029856

Swear this bitch probably still lives at her parents with her room looking like that. Damn I couldn’t imagine. At least get your own space for your degeneracy

No. 1029861

She's said before that she lives with her dad, grandma, and sister. She made some sad posts on mothers day about not having mom but idk what happened to her.

No. 1029937

you are still a pedophile. how do u even know so much about her unless ur into that shit. i do not even kno her thankgod.(time to go )

No. 1029938

does anyone have anything real to say at all besides that some bitch is fat or ugly like yeah people are fat and ugly what is new

No. 1029943

File: 1598612928145.gif (2.25 MB, 306x394, 1479608626913.gif)

That and can people post proof of their claims? There's a weird pedophile conversation happening above and I think everyone would like context kek.

No. 1029977

besides her posting gross petplay, ddlg, and loli porn stuff on her tumblr the only other thing I personally know about was an instagram account called ‘ ang3lthighisover ‘. the account accused her of a lot of crazy shit but was only active for 3 or 4 days in june. they said they would post receipts of her being a rapist, pedophile, and animal abuser and would have victims come forward but never really did. the only receipts they posted were screenshots of a conversation with her alleged ex-boyfriend. I’ll post some of the screenshots I have but I don’t think the account was very credible.

No. 1029978

File: 1598618862825.png (457.51 KB, 1080x1551, Screenshot_20200618-091514.png)

No. 1029979

File: 1598618899901.png (533.75 KB, 1080x1578, Screenshot_20200618-091519.png)

No. 1029980

File: 1598618948298.png (450.09 KB, 1080x1596, Screenshot_20200618-091612.png)

No. 1029981

File: 1598618986765.png (537.04 KB, 1080x1572, Screenshot_20200618-091618.png)

No. 1029984

File: 1598619038357.png (373.68 KB, 1080x1583, Screenshot_20200618-091656 (1)…)

No. 1029986

File: 1598619076788.png (270.15 KB, 1080x1591, Screenshot_20200618-091704.png)

No. 1030095

not the owner of the callout account @ing chris hansen kek

No. 1030120

File: 1598637437254.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3464x3464, 5A8ED190-57EC-4D0B-AD0C-ED4224…)

Found some ang3lthigh exposing accounts

No. 1030262

File: 1598654277061.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3464x3464, 8170F0CF-48BA-4B21-A6F4-946A71…)

where’s the natural waist Tea?(babivampire)

No. 1030376

File: 1598670483619.png (140.18 KB, 548x406, 130557.png)

She posted a video on her IG stories. 'The hips are real girls'

This just shows how much she edits her hips

No. 1030420

She shoops the fuck out of her pics. There’s nothing that will help her unfortunate manly face. I wonder if she’s actually into fucking dogs like that account said.

No. 1030517

>Edits video to prove she doesn't edit her pictures
>Uses the most obnoxious "I have hips" position every boxy girl uses

No. 1030571

File: 1598711795234.png (31.05 KB, 734x233, kiwi.png)

(Posting this here because I don't want to derail the Shoeonhead thread.)


I think this chipmunk whore should eventually get her own thread. She is trying so hard to boost her career as an e-whore who looks kind of like other e-girls.

No. 1030576

I agree but I kind of feel like it is better kept in the shoe thread since the pregory incident she is so boring and I love seeing kiwi become an even greater beast. Wish it wasn't derailing tbh. I don't know if she's milky enough on her own and the shoe thread will probably die.

No. 1030582

File: 1598713251078.png (1.46 MB, 1476x1300, kiwi2.png)

I think she is a lot milkier than June at this point, but according to the site rules she should have her own thread

I think the pedophile pandering is actually cringier than trying to skinwalk June/Boxxy. Also most of her nudes look like bodychecks.

UwU I am so small and child-sized. Notice me please pedo-senpai.

No. 1030596

Kek she bought the thickest dildo she could find so she could pose with it and look totally ~smol~ uwu.

I'm in favour of a Kiwi thread. Her ego, pedo schtick, skinwalking and desperation for attention are bound to evolve into an even greater monster.

No. 1030623

I don’t give a shit about ethots. If you want your face to be plastered all over the internet for the next ten years for maybe making decent money for a couple of years, fine. Your body, your choice.

But this pedo baiting shit should be illegal. “OoO0h senpai your tHicK penisu is too big for my smOl vag uWu“ We get it, you never got attention with those stumpy legs and convex bulimia cheeks. Just stop pretending to be underage to get simp points.

No. 1030625

Somebody drew her face on the June thread and I’m dying lol

No. 1030632

File: 1598725430306.jpeg (519.68 KB, 750x987, 85636DB1-A726-4086-92BA-CB4AFE…)

Holy shit

No. 1030634

Can skinny white chicks stop with the thicc thighs narrative?
Lori, Belle Delphine and now kiwi.
Y’all are just skinny.

No. 1030636

Why are girls trying to look as childlike as possible while also saying they’re so THICC I can’t stand this. Get a bigger size, it’s called growing up??

No. 1030655

>I don't fit into children's pants therefore I'm thick
Why are people like this

No. 1030659

I agree with anons that want a kiwi thread. I find her so cringey, and her insecurity really comes through in everything she does. Her photoshops are really funny too. Sometimes she overedits her weird cheeks and makes the whole area concave lmao.

that fucking tragic rug/sofa combo. Money really can't buy taste.

No. 1030684


A containment thread for Kiwi does sound like a good idea but she doesn’t have milk? Not a lot of info about her

No. 1030687

She's always doing that weird half-crouching pose where she sticks her ass out, I'm not sure if that's supposed to make her look curvier than she is, but it just looks like she is constantly holding in a really big shit.

No. 1030688

File: 1598735587712.jpg (212.72 KB, 1030x2048, EgnZhMaWAAAVruR.jpg)

That's really attractive.

What's wrong with her hair? Has she started pulling it out to be more like June?

No. 1030710

Honestly I don't check her social media often, but when I do she's usually arguing with someone in the comments. She'll ignore 20+ comments calling her beautiful and then reply to the one guy calling her insecure.

that eyeliner is horrifying and that nose ring is like 3 sizes too big. This is why it made me laugh when she came into the shoe thread and bragged about 10k a month. I'd rather be poor than this be my style.

No. 1030802

File: 1598752495970.jpeg (2.13 MB, 3464x3464, F36FC71D-CD7B-4591-9779-B3744D…)

Not really milk but @ethreal.kira on instagram is a babispit/babighoul skinwalker. She copies her exact outfits, eyebrow slits, hair, poses and makeup.

No. 1030836

File: 1598759131513.jpg (83.89 KB, 800x1199, nIZelyk.jpg)

imagine calling yourself "thicc" unironically while having an ass/thighs that look like this kek

No. 1030844

File: 1598761431301.jpg (774.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200830-052033_Ins…)

dollltears is in her picksty drunkenly KICKING her dog and then screaming when it bites her feet?

No. 1030845

Upload the vid. That pic doesn’t show any of that.

No. 1030846

pigsty*, typo. sadly my phone can't screen record, anyone else on her private account?

No. 1030879

I mean her business model literally is "take something that's already popular and make a cheap off-brand knock-off" lol. She's the chinese reseller of e-whores.

It could be profitable cause she doesn't seem to do anything else all day besides take alot of nudes and beg for attention on the internet. She pumps out a lot of content that way. I doubt it's more than barely enough to buy herself some zero-cal energy drinks and 2001 scene/raver fashion tho. At least she doesn't have to pay rent cause she still lives with mom and dad. Do you think they are proud?

No. 1030881

File: 1598779287222.png (96.85 KB, 760x876, kiwi3.png)

Nevermind, apparently her father is dead. That makes a lot of sense.

No. 1030885

Christ, she's kinda ugly.

No. 1030889

iM maKiNg MoNeY
whores always use this as if its some kind of flex (then go cry about how sex work is real work and isnt easy money when it suits them), you can make just as much if not more money being a respectable person kek

No. 1030891

But then you'd have to actually develop a skill and do real work instead of just taking naked selfies in different costumes. Why would anyone want to do that???

No. 1030937

File: 1598798529068.jpg (654.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200830-234504.jpg)

I'm not a fan of Vanessa Hudgens but I can't be the only one who thinks this take is a bit retarded… Shouldn't it be the writer/director's fault for making her refer to herself as such? At least Vanessa doesn't have multiple expose accounts claiming she's a pedophile/dog fucker kek.

No. 1031269

File: 1598851597240.jpg (324.03 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20200830-232322_Ins…)

Poor dog

No. 1031566

ooof she must never seen any Quentin Tarantino films…

No. 1031692

File: 1598938791809.jpg (1.49 MB, 1800x2400, kek.jpg)

Name more generic anime tattoos. Another alternative girl suddenly turned weeb since Belle Delphine mass popularised it. She seems nice, but she's practically only missing a zero two tattoo to complete the ultimate regret collection.

No. 1032187

File: 1599022143575.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, B2515282-9DBF-4E2C-846C-F5ACF4…)

Could not imagine caring THIS much about likes… she’s sad(babivampire)

No. 1032715

File: 1599104853859.jpg (551.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200903-134531.jpg)

I mean don't photoshop your body to unattainable proportions and then reee "muh dysmorphia" whenever someone points it out? Why does sugarf4iry think her mental health takes precedence over her thousands of followers?

No. 1032746

Ever considered that maybe if her page makes people feel bad they shouldnt be following her? She didnt make herself have a lot of followers

No. 1032776

File: 1599118669044.jpeg (199.23 KB, 750x1187, 4A5D0BB6-82F6-4E02-B4A9-44645F…)


No. 1032783

Have you ever considered that if this page makes you feel bad you should just not look at it? Nobody made you come here.

Your shoops are funny and we are gonna make fun of them. People have always thought that photoshopping a natural body into unnatural/flawless perfection was disingenous at least, if not flat out harmful to young women. You REEEE about your body dismorphia but naive little girls will take you as "thinspo" and think that it's possible to look like you. They don't have the maturity and life experience yet to tell that you're a complete fabrication.

No. 1032785

File: 1599120465484.png (5.89 MB, 1652x1592, sug4rfairy.png)

This shit is hilarious, please try to look up some human anatomy books.

No. 1032788

Because she's using it for attention. She's not really upset, she just wants people to tell her how great she is and give her asspats to boost her already over inflated ego like every other egirl.

No. 1032812

File: 1599132611471.png (8.43 MB, 1242x2208, FDC5EC29-5230-4593-8949-271E16…)

Ang3lthigh’s back must hurt from doing that stupid pose. Just admit you have no waistline stop shooping

No. 1032916

>She didnt make herself have a lot of followers
I'm sure the inhuman sexdoll anatomy and continuous Belle Delphine thottery has absolutely nothing to do with the accumulation of followers kek.

No. 1033201

File: 1599194870526.png (867.81 KB, 1080x1802, Screenshot_20200904-155915.png)

No. 1033206

Give her a week and she'll be back. She absolutely wants attention, otherwise she'd just stfu and leave, and not even mention the threads talking about her lest all of her followers flock here and whiteknight her.

No. 1033210

the photoshopping is hilarious but damn the rarity of seeing one of these thots with a clean bedroom

No. 1033234

File: 1599199026238.jpg (957.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200904-155321.jpg)

Oof sorry for samefagging but I've got some spam incoming where she actually addresses a few anons in the thread. One of which was an hour ago, awkward for her because one of her defences was "we're pathetic" for checking the forum KEK.

No. 1033238

File: 1599199216686.jpg (673.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200904-155359.jpg)

Also, can confirm she was a total normie before Belle Delphine went viral (hopefully other anons have seen/capped her spam). Makes sense why she randomly stated she actually likes anime and videogames in this rant.

No. 1033239

File: 1599199269354.jpg (385.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200904-155406.jpg)

No. 1033240

File: 1599199329054.jpg (716.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200904-155415.jpg)

No. 1033242

File: 1599199381760.jpg (411.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200904-155421.jpg)

No. 1033260

Interesting how she cries about drama and anxiety and that she's going to private her account and leave the internet, then proceeds to go on a spergfest about how unbothered she is. She's doing this for attention, absolutely called it, and she'll be back in a few days to week.

>"making your daily routine checking for drama on anon forums is pathetic"

>proceeds to consistently check for drama about herself on this thread

But go off about how much you hate the drama and aren't doing it for the attention. Shakespeare is shaking in his grave.

No. 1033316


Lol stop reading here if it upsets you.

Calling people illiterate when you tipe lik. dis. iz. rly. fnny. LOL UwU

BTW what does your "husband" think about you whoring for attention on the internet? I'd think something was wrong with my relationship if I felt so starved of male approval that I had to post lewds online to get compliments. What a cuck.

No. 1033338

She's one of those empowerment fags anon. If it did by some chance bother him he couldn't voice his opinion anyway, lest he fall into the "antifeminist" category. Zoomer males are so low in testosterone, I feel sorry for them.

No. 1033413

afaik theres been no photos of it around but theres enough people talking ab it on twitter

No. 1033957

File: 1599315964096.png (675.01 KB, 750x1334, C708F19B-077A-4585-AE8A-BDA54C…)

People realized that American eagle shirts weren’t so cute anymore? Just sounds like a style change to me which happens all the time. The egirl dictates who is and isn’t emo again(babivampire)

No. 1034034

Walk away from the screen nigga close ya eyes haha

No. 1034183

this sounds like she is 12. also she is an egirl so i guess she would know.

No. 1034245

Rich coming from an egirl who thrives on regurgitating an already watered down fashion from like 15 year ago kek.

>Have an attitude and essence of something more

Watching her talk fake deep about why she puts on that bitchy persona is pretty kek worthy

No. 1034265

an Ewoman

No. 1034283

File: 1599387875593.jpeg (270.06 KB, 825x1308, BBD93D33-B69A-46AF-918A-9C5F8B…)

desperate. will she ever stop begging for likes

No. 1034293

These hoes have the exact same face. Why do they photoshop themselves to all have Kylie Jenner faces if they re so "alt" egirls are so bland and way more annoying that instagram thots imo, jfc these bitches are grotesque they remind me of that one song by that faggot negative XP, I'm not an incel but I agree sometimes that these bitches are the worst

No. 1034349

Because zoomers even more commercialised versions of the alt girls from 10 year ago, somehow with less self awareness kek. No idea what negative XP is but I appreciate the sentiment.

No. 1034466

nobody wants to like your shit selfie toopoor wannabe stop asking

No. 1035278

File: 1599562940372.jpg (191.09 KB, 1080x890, Screenshot_20200908-210211__01…)

She grossly overestimated how many people wanted to retweet her shit as well

No. 1035289

what is up with egirls & the pedophilia aesthetic/phrases like princess & baby ect over pictures of them nude

No. 1035356

They're degenerates who think the worst insult you could receive is "vanilla".

In 2020 you can larp as a CSA victim for attention/sexual gratification, and if anyone so much as points it out, you get to sperg "muh aboose" rendering the sane party monsters in the court of public opinion. If society condemned the cancer instead of normalising it there'd be less tards like dead9irl with no regard for real parental SA victims.

No. 1035495

imagine discrediting someone's past abuse just because you don't like them… fucking weirdo(ban evasion)

No. 1035507

This is how we all know you are a new fag. There has been multiple instances where cows featured on this site have lied about being abused for attention. It's not hard to believe. Also, you forgot to sage.

No. 1035513

they are mentally 12

No. 1035740

Imagine being turned on by reenacting that "abuse" in public… Can't relate newfag.

No. 1036650

File: 1599792182496.jpeg (82.07 KB, 339x600, D5A720AE-DA82-440A-A636-CC9CC2…)

i find it funny how dead9irl REEEs all about how she’s “been scene since 2011” when this picture of her and her pretty basic room was from no earlier than 2015. no one expects anyone to have the same style since they were 12 but the fact that she tries so hard to prove that she’s not a poser… kek

No. 1036656

omg she was a normie!??

No. 1036657

usually posers are the ones talking about posers. u never see the more authentic people saying any bullshit that she is always on about

No. 1036658

File: 1599793170613.jpeg (138.28 KB, 600x600, 068307B0-5704-4EF4-BC62-E0F5AB…)

unless basic brown cardigans are the latest scene trend, it looks like it. the angel sticker every egirl uses… she’s so hypocritical and for no reason

No. 1036660

the way she must be stalking this thread because that account is now gone

No. 1036661

even the pictures she tries to say are her scene pictures arent scene. they are 12 year old rainbows and unicorns claires aesthetic

No. 1036663

i think the accounts been gone for awhile. i found the screenshot of the post on her old ask.fm.


there’s some pretty funny shit on there if you’re ever bored. tons of her calling anons fat and a little bit of racism too.

No. 1036671

File: 1599794548402.jpeg (73.7 KB, 750x1291, FDF57738-D5ED-469D-8D50-8970C9…)

samefag but the account is now disabled kek guess she really does stalk us

No. 1036675

She literally has ~goth angel sinner~ written on her parents wall and drew peeps tattoos all over and other dumb shit. She’s a poser

No. 1036683

File: 1599795575144.png (390.28 KB, 639x1103, 33240.png)

More Ang3lthigh scamming selling cheap costume dresses that she cut the apron off for $100 on her depop

No. 1036690

File: 1599796331475.jpg (1.24 MB, 1800x2400, ddlgfag.jpg)

That's kekworthy, good find anon. I wasn't sure if I should post this but after her abuse sperg I think it's worth posting.

No. 1036692

File: 1599796464176.jpg (898.7 KB, 2250x2250, nope.jpg)

No. 1036694

KEK how the fuck is she gonna call out a random aliexpress seller when she’s doing the same thing. and her photoshop is so fucking insane on depop it should be labeled as false advertising, the clothes don’t come warped

No. 1036696

does she even have a job? all i see is her on SW twitter begging for money from gross old men and she always complains about how poor she is

No. 1036699

That is her job, catering to old men so they give her cash. The complaining about being poor is likely for attracting more men too since they looove the fantasy of rescuing a poor woman from prostitution.

No. 1036700

File: 1599797724547.jpeg (526.38 KB, 2048x2048, 55E5F5E1-4D03-4948-B170-7B8734…)

something ain’t adding up. can’t blame her for shooping but i wish she would find a way to make herself attractive

No. 1036702

Kek, nothing improved in all that time except the eyebrows.

No. 1036706

File: 1599799248995.jpeg (29.07 KB, 550x557, images (1).jpeg)

Not even kek

No. 1036730

File: 1599808785530.jpg (315.1 KB, 808x973, Screenshot_20200911_081651.jpg)

Anyone know what happened to puppyspit?

No. 1036741

Another example of basic bitches who turned "alt" conveniently right after social media praising "goth girls" Lil Peep ruined alternative culture, i swear
"Muh twauma"
"Coping mechanism"
"Its safe if it's done properly!!"
How exactly does some one properly pretend to be a child during sexual acts?
Even if you do have trauma and aren't just saying that for pity point's, not all coping mechanisms are good for you. Cutting is also a coping mechanism, why don't you tell your zoomer followers about how it's so great and can be good if done safely and properly

No. 1036745

File: 1599813655300.png (28.6 KB, 493x326, thought she was a survivor.PNG)

she also claims to have battled with self harm (specifically cutting) even though she makes fun of cutting on her accounts

screenshot taken before she deleted her askfm kek

No. 1036747

These pseudo-intellectual explanations of psychological mechanisms make me cringe.
>"childhood trauma causes a blockage in the maturity of the brain which in turn causes usual age regression, if im constantly in a child-like state i cant magically stop because im horny lol"
I hope she'll come back to read this once she's 30, she'll wish the ground would open up and swallow her.

No. 1036749

File: 1599814850514.jpg (276 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20200911-190035__01…)

No clue aside from the fact she passed away, according to a close friend, unintentionally. I'm assuming a freak accident or a drug overdose. Even sadder still her account was hacked prior to her passing and the hacker was exploiting well meaning people out of their money using her image. Idk if the account's gone now but I can't find anything under @thesaintvaletta


No. 1036768

File: 1599821247908.jpeg (6.09 KB, 169x299, download.jpeg)

Ooof well here's another of d9s true form kek I can see why she is trying so hard to hide it. But it's not like we didnt already know she is a try hard full of shit poser and all the shit she talks can be directly applied to her hypocritical self. N0 Pr3pzzzz alL0w3Dd xD

No. 1036784


No. 1036798

Posting nudes and begging people for money is not a job

No. 1036867

Damn, this chick died!? That's awful. I always felt jealous of how gorgeous she was. Rest in Peace

No. 1036868

yal are jealous of every girl you post on here…. its obvious

No. 1036881

File: 1599841828386.png (789.13 KB, 750x1334, A397E35E-D5BD-401E-8027-329B2C…)

this account on wehheartit is impersonating erin and is going as far as stealing people’s content. even when the content is copy right striked, she edits the shit out of them just so they’ll be back up again (@trwagic on whi)

No. 1036882

File: 1599841892244.jpeg (151.25 KB, 750x1334, B7DF876B-DE28-4DE5-BA01-CC5D81…)

same fag, @trwagic used to have the username “lilpet” when erin called her out for stealing her art and removing the watermark to upload it onto weheartit

No. 1036928

Don't you have some nudes to photoshop, Sug4rfairy?

No. 1036933

Why would anyone be jealous of someone who posts shoop da woop was pics and is a sex worker try doing it in 10 years when your old men customers dump you for the next mentally ill 19 year old then come tell us how it's a real career

No. 1036957

File: 1599852185132.jpg (74.94 KB, 600x453, 1932920.jpg)

No wonder she harasses other girls. Shes the real poser lol. She made it so obvious shes a poser by constantly trying to gatekeep.

No. 1036973

She has a very long nose.

No. 1037017

cant check cause shes private but sug4rfairys tagged pics were normie "skinny white girl trying to be a model" tier too
the whole anime hentai pwincess shtick came up all of a sudden since around last year

No. 1037073

Not to nitpick, but why are her lips like that? It looks like she's purposely pursing them together to make them look smaller?

No. 1037086

File: 1599865308029.jpeg (129.98 KB, 750x1000, 9E8C8479-D40B-47FF-8A5E-1C0F37…)

looks like dead9irl is in some drama with this twitter user @babivampire

No. 1037089

File: 1599865488665.png (150.63 KB, 460x374, belle-delphine-1564417405-view…)

She's trying to pull the anime girl, belle Delphine look

She looks mature, no wonder she shoops herself to hell to pull off her ddlg aesthetic

No. 1037094

Geez these pics are so telling. I kinda feel bad for her

No. 1037095

File: 1599866547753.jpeg (662.5 KB, 2048x1901, 4E8CF0FB-F4E5-4FF7-BE17-DE85D6…)

samefag but i just realized that twitter girl is the same retard that made a thread about herself and got caught

No. 1037101

They hate each other because they’re the same & there can be only one self pos(t)er

No. 1037116

>mother of 1
Damn it's kinda sad how anyone can have kids regardless of how retarded they are

No. 1037117

File: 1599868461432.jpeg (215.46 KB, 750x1178, 6E9FAE13-E479-4514-9CB5-B36DAC…)

sage for nitpick but the waist difference in these two photos are staggering. don’t shoop like that if every pic isn’t gonna be shooped (1/2)

No. 1037118

File: 1599868504748.jpeg (385.3 KB, 750x1196, B62FCCAA-7968-4846-8306-B6D638…)

No. 1037134

We’ve been over this, she openly admits to photoshopping. Not milky at all. Next.(babivampire)

No. 1037148

yeah you’re right. just another uninteresting e-cunt

No. 1037150

Anyone knows where Erin gone?

No. 1037152

Last time I checked her thread is still active but it's on autosage, you might find her new accounts there.

No. 1037161

Those photos are a year apart photoshop or not the comparison would be dumb. Not milky whatsoever.(babivampire)

No. 1037167

It's been dead for 3 months if we're talking about the same thread. Last time I saw her was on mewtsuu account on insta, she came back for awhile after the thread died. Then someone called her out on something chubby Erin girl did when she stole Erin's username, and she dipped again. I feel like she's somewhere in agere community again, so any anons that are into that share your knowledge please

No. 1037184

File: 1599874951978.jpeg (238.31 KB, 750x1154, 4D234DB6-15D1-4F4E-A756-29A6D7…)

pretty sure this is her old puppygrl account. i haven’t read all of her threads yet because it gives me migraines but she returned to instagram in may to post about BLM and then left

No. 1037252

File: 1599881723942.jpeg (470.37 KB, 1372x1368, 56E94118-F41F-4EC5-8BB4-31971A…)

i’ve haven’t seen anyone discuss the yawn y2k community on instagram yet but @xobrendababe got accused of blackfishing on twitter. i always thought she was black?

No. 1037256

aw damn, I just miss her, wish she would come back

No. 1037277

yea ddlg makes pedophiles happy too.

No. 1037280

"getting gang raped by old men helps me cope with trauma" LMFAO

No. 1037283

wait.shes not black??????!

No. 1037294

File: 1599887083008.jpg (358.32 KB, 1080x1578, Screenshot_20200912-150245__01…)

Yeah her spam that she posted was actually her old account going back to like 2013 and the majority of her photos were normie tier Tumblr stuff. She was even obsessing over the looks of "baddie" Kylie Jenner types and came off as a bit of a mean girl. I can't find it now but just know it was even more basic than this pseudo skater girl pic from 2018.

No. 1037297

She’s not black but she’s also not blackfishing. She’s Latina her family is from Mexico.

No. 1037306

Imagine being so anti-rasict you accuse someone brown of faking their race. Twitterfags are a plague upon humanity.

No. 1037318

that’s what i thought too. they’re always looking to cancel the next person for whatever reason they can muster.

No. 1037426

pretty sure this is her. she has an album of her insta posts with her pictures in it. couldn't find any other accounts though.

No. 1037599

I miss Erin too anon.

No. 1037600

File: 1599939479939.jpeg (104.85 KB, 750x1015, 4A20E649-E8FD-4FD1-894A-42D5FE…)

Good find anon! She also posted this.
Is her new name Emy? The photos she posted are all pretty recent.

No. 1037615

File: 1599940857161.jpeg (154.28 KB, 749x1082, 87DC65EF-37FB-451C-83F4-A8AE31…)

erin impersonator account is back up again after being flagged, now under the username “puppygjrl”. back to stalking this one girl and stealing her content again as well

No. 1037656

"This one girl"…erin? If so we're aware of her and don't care if someone is using a catfish's pics to catfish

No. 1037658

no i wasnt referring to erin as “this one girl”. impersonator is stealing content from a girl on instagram, she made a few story posts about it a couple day’s ago. apparently she copy righted images and they were taken down, but the whi account edited them to reupload them again. they’re in her “archive” moodboard

No. 1037758

so is erin stalking the thread?
she still active?

No. 1037775

Stealing from what girl?

No. 1037800

what the fuck are you guys even talking about anymore

No. 1037807

Erin impersonator stealing from @daisypearl5

No. 1037811

erin has her own thread, i don’t see a reason to clog this thread with the same old erin bs. we already know she’s psychotic & she’s not even an egirl anymore.

No. 1037815

Hard agree. She’s not even that interesting at this point. Maybe when she was self posting she was.

No. 1037819

her psychotic behaviour is hilarious at first but everyone is milking this cow for all she’s got. maybe the harsh reality is that most egirls are fucking boring

No. 1037838

she’s also stalking and stealing from purinsulk on instagram, but i think the girl left her account because of it

No. 1037867

Erin dropped the face of the planet which is good for her because she was a complete disaster. Hopefully she stopped the whole ~agere uwu~ phase. Glad she’s off the internet. She was annoying. Her pics will always be on the internet so she’ll get reposted and people will forget who she is . Idk why you guys want to keep bringing her up. She’s clearly not milky or else she would of came back with more fake cuts and cry on live for the millionth time

No. 1037870

seriously, it’s either vendettachan or erin posting again which i highly doubt. she never even had that many followers to begin with

No. 1037875

I think it's particularly because the milk was so good while it lasted. The other half of me makes me suspect it's the BPD attention seeking skinwalker who was ranting in the thread before it was locked.

No. 1039067

File: 1600160415182.jpeg (356.81 KB, 1372x1372, BA7E5BC5-C3C8-4D06-8830-6675D2…)

i was scrolling on twitter and accidentally found some milk from some dollskill egirl

> white dollskill model with 70K on instagram and 10K on Twitter

> someone found an old picture of her with braids, everyone now calling her out for cultural appropriation
> on top of that she retweeted a tweet from a trump supporter on twitter about “black extremists”
> old friend on twitter also confirming she fought with them about BLM (photo below)
> went private on twitter and instagram after getting flamed by twitterfags and liberals on instagram

No. 1039068

File: 1600160635277.jpeg (81.22 KB, 750x414, 2762F797-ECC2-496F-8524-A5CC0C…)

samefag, also forgot she’s also getting called out for supporting marilyn manson. she’s known online as @sp00kybabyy

instagram - https://instagram.com/sp00kybabyyy
twitter - https://twitter.com/sp00kybabyy

No. 1039072

look through her likes on twitter. she likes a bunch of trumps posts. she even follows him

No. 1039083

while the trump support oes indicate political retardation, she didnt really do anything cancel-worthy, also who tf is this. Why does every other nobody have 70k followers?
ffs i wouldnt want any of these smoothbrains hounding me on social media. Anything you say is "problematic"

No. 1039108

not surprised. most white e-girls are like this

No. 1039142

Agreed. Just because you're retarded doesn't mean other retards have free reign to grab their pitchforks. I'm genuinely confused why twitterfags think they can dictate innocuous shit like hairstyles with their surface level, distorted historical perspectives? Unpopular opinion but fuck BLM. All it does is cause division (clearly), chaos and funnels donations into political campaigns instead of actually helping black people. That and it isn't addressing anything that's at the heart of the issues either. I can't help but have sympathy for this Twitter thot.

Actually a quick browse on IG will prove the total opposite. Kiwisunset being the exception to the rule.

No. 1039191

oh no big surprise theres racists in this thread too.(don't start)

No. 1039241

Fully agree anon

No. 1039259

Because everyone wants to be praised and recieve asspats from people who think mobbing and burning down buildings that belong to innocent people is ok.

Stfu retard

No. 1039282

>an old picture of her with braids

So she doesn't have them now. Sooooo… what do they even want? They are already removed??

I thought the whole bit about appropriating black hair like braids and dreads had to do with the fact that white people can get away with it being trendy but black people are discriminated for the same styles that actually serve a protective function for their hair type. It isn't black face it's just unfair.

So if she took the damn braids out and she did why tf are they cancelling her over braids SHE STOPPED WEARING? What else is she supposed to do? Everyone who has ever made a poor hair decision should stop existing?? There would literally be no e-girls left lmao.

Not saying that the Trump shit isn't retarded but so is cancelling someone over an old hair style choice.

No. 1039332

yes i feel the same way. i can’t help but feel sorry for her.

at the same time, she’s a fucking idiot for retweeting something supporting trump / condemning “black extremists.” she should know that kinda shit outrages most of the youth today, especially since it’s the new trend to support BLM and to be an “activist.” she could’ve kept her trump love to herself and none of this would’ve happened.

i mean as an “influencer” your track record on the internet better be clean or a twitterfag WILL try to ruin your life.

No. 1039483

not yall defending a trump supporter

No. 1039488

no one is defending a trump supporter. we were simply dissecting the situation and seeing if she should’ve been completely cancelled or not. she is a retard for supporting trump & everything she did.

No. 1039494

File: 1600208054369.jpeg (282.21 KB, 1242x1107, E93DD6C6-0302-482F-8AD8-2A72FC…)

No. 1039510


Precisely. Being a retard isn't grounds for being cancelled. Who fucking cares. Let them be retards in their own corner of the internet instead of being that retard who tries to call twitterfags to action over something as stupid and irrelevant as an old hairstyle and shitty politics.

No. 1039528

ewwwie ya anyone who supports the president is like sew yucky

No. 1039533

File: 1600212245603.jpeg (369.99 KB, 1372x1304, FB576700-2760-46CF-8269-693C1D…)

i feel like someone has a vendetta against this girl. regardless, i finally decided to look into her depop. it looks like she got in some drama with an instagram brand called Cotton Candy Apparel (@cottonsugarcandy).

> ang3lthigh buys 2000’s Princess bag from cottonsugarcandy.com, store based in mexico

> took months to arrive, however they state that it may take 1-2 months for items to arrive
> came as 2000 Princess, item also smells like nicotine / cigarettes
> owner of cottonsugarcandy @sugaarrbbaby (30K on insta) fighting in the comments with customers complaining about the smell of the item they paid for
> owner admits to letting people smoke while sewing the clothes
> all comments on @cottonsugarcandy & @sugaarrbbaby are limited, only allowing followers to comment
> many people still waiting on responses from customer service / refunds & many customers received defective products as well

No. 1039535

File: 1600212363378.jpeg (178.12 KB, 750x1254, 90218AEF-1780-47BB-B143-DCBFCF…)

(2/2) these are the comments on her depop listing

No. 1039561

Trump asslickers and trump haters are both cringe. Imagine letting an orange man live in your head , rent free, when he’s only one dude. All politicians are evil. Go blame them besides trump.
I don’t think anyone on here has a vendetta about her. She just lies about shooping her body and pedo panters. Apparently she’s into fucking dogs but that could be made up bs. You can’t believe everything on pictures. Unless they have a video of her saying that.

No. 1039583

Twitterfags get the Fuck off this site, orange man bad indeed, but take this obvious ass shit to tiktok or Twitter
these retards are just parroting article headlines and other twitterfags hot takes. They don't know shit about politics and it shows

No. 1039633

anytime I see her now, I always think abt how someone said she looked like Devon from 90 day fiance earlier in the thread kek

No. 1039677

File: 1600234938352.jpg (641.82 KB, 1080x1732, Screenshot_20200916-154140__01…)

Kek, you called it ladies

No. 1039681

File: 1600235317551.jpg (340.2 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20200916-154151__01…)

Cow crossover with selfposting bitch. She's right, but only because she's a lurker herself.

No. 1039682

KEK someone needs to go farm out babicunts posts. i bet she’s posted more than just the one time about herself / other egirls.

No. 1039706

I love people freaking out that their shit taste awful item slightly differed from advertised.

No. 1039752

File: 1600253279093.jpg (593.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200916-204735.jpg)

Who is this obnoxious and controlling retard? "Fauxgf" more like "Realscrote" kek.

No. 1039756

File: 1600253505800.jpg (201.22 KB, 1080x1221, Screenshot_20200916-205125__01…)

Samefag. I found the virtue signaler, it's actually a women and unsuprisingly a hypocrite. Just look at what jacket she's wearing in this photo KEK.

No. 1039799


So instead of working on developing a personality, hobbies, interests and anything at all that she could attract real life friends with, she will just keep posting photoshopped nudes to the internet for men to jerk off to while staying an empty shell of a human.

Seems like a good plan. At least it's more content for this site I guess.

No. 1039800

File: 1600260375553.png (5.1 MB, 1242x2208, 882BF614-F77F-43DF-B2B3-E34495…)

@fauxgf is pretty annoying, she seems pretty milky. I was about to add her but it i was beat to it. "I'm not like all the other egirls, I don't listen to blade"(emoji)

No. 1039801

this is the single best response there is to her caption, kek.

it’s weird how she’s acting like she’s accepting herself but is admitting she’s dependent on social media’s approval. even babivampire admits she’s desperate for attention too.

if we’re just losers on the internet, why are they so bothered everytime we mention their names? to the point where they sometimes leave / take a break from social media. if we’re such pathetic losers whose opinions don’t matter you wouldn’t be combating us on the thread.

pretty sure the desperate, pathetic losers are the dumb bitches trying to get the approval of anonymous people on an image board.

No. 1039814

File: 1600263373729.jpg (393.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200916-205543.jpg)

I just watched her stories (all 100 of them) and all I got from them is "I'm not like the other girls, I'm a nasty bitch". I forgot to add the dollskill jacket photo I posted here >>1039756 isn't old, it's literally from 5 days ago.

Also just realised the girl she attacked with her hypocritical twitter-tier callout is indigenous… There must have been a glitch in the matrix, because that's not very in character for a social justice kween kek.

No. 1039828

She thinks if she owns it then it's less cringy and we will feel pity for her. Kind of like Boogie, when you attack him he will immediately say "Yes you are right, I am a loser, I am so awful, I shouldn't even be around people UwU…" It's to distract you from what they are doing cause you think "Oh this person is already self-aware, poor person for not being able to fix themself!"

She did the same thing with her photoshopped pics "Yes I photoshop, but I have body dismorphia and hate myself! So you're an asshole for pointing it out!"

Admitting that you're trash is the first step, but if you are not willing to change it then it counts for nothing. Also I highly doubt that she hates herself, nobody who hates their body is so desperate to show it off in skimpy outfits on the internet. That's pure narcissism.

No. 1039908

you sound exactly like these chicks saying dollskill is "icky" can it be anymore obvious you are one of them?

No. 1039929

File: 1600279677163.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x1690, B03C570F-1AC9-48D0-AE2A-C2BEF7…)

Elora looks amazing in blue hair. She should dye it this way imo

No. 1039937

are you color blind?

No. 1039984

Self post? Who the fuck cares anon

No. 1040001

d9 bait I guess

No. 1040012

Definitely dead9irl bait. Most likely a self-post or tinfoil dead9irl posted it to make it look like elora was self posting

No. 1040022

Either way blue suits Elora way better

No. 1040025

agreed. dead9irl with this color on the other hand.crypt keeper until photoshopped

No. 1040026

dead9irl probably posted this to give herself a reason to try to call out elora for "copying" her hair color like she invented this color. she'd rather pretend to get her info from here instead of admitting she stalks elora 247

No. 1040027

how much do you have in BAT friend?

No. 1040032

"Elora" is probably a fake name inspired by lolita. And from. That picture her hair looks like a party city wig. Face is shopped to hell and looks like every other egirls face.
Stop selfposting and read the rules before you post


No. 1040035

Elora looks like one of those girls who's super chunky but somehow has no tits, and photoshops her face and body so much that when you see her in real life you cant distinguish between her profile pic and the land whale mass before you.

Stop selfposting and go clean your room.

No. 1040044

eloras photoshopping is hilarious, there was a comparison in this thread or the last one that had me laughing for a good two minutes. if somebody has another comparison please share.

that being said dead9irl is definitely way worse and more milky than elora.

No. 1040048

File: 1600293569337.png (981.5 KB, 750x1334, D335A457-30DF-4366-BD1D-222889…)

why won’t bitches just… get a job

No. 1040061


No. 1040062

Nope, valid criticism. Sage your shit, retard. Ffs

No. 1040077

File: 1600297076905.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, 804A9D8A-C22E-4A91-B5D9-CC983F…)

KEK someone’s mad. i’m pretty sure the person with no life is the egirl lurking the thread and seeing her story posted on here within 40 minutes.

No. 1040111

What a coincidence that not long after >>1040077 was posted >>1040061 was posted on her stories. Get a life, babivampire. I like this thread because e-girls unintentionally make their own milk, but holy shit the lack of saging is hilariously annoying.

No. 1040127

yall are so jealous of dolores it’s sad. don’t you realize you’re hiding behind a screen to criticize someone you don’t even know? you are all clearly so pathetic you feel the need to attack dolores for everything she does. she has a kid for gods sake, leave her alone and go get a life. I hope you all find the peace and love you clearly all need. It hurts me to know your lives must be so empty that you feel the need to anonymously hate on anyone you see. you all have no right to criticize her when she’s so much better than all of you anon losers she literally just hit 100K like yall could never lol. you all wish you looked like her and it’s obvious. doesn’t matter because dolores will continue to be an amazing person and you will be nothing lol. yall have too much time on your hands. Stop criticizing her life as if yours is much better.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1040136

If Dolores has a kid she should stop being an ugly whore, get off the internet and take care of her child.

>No right to criticize her

>Stop criticizing her life as if your life is much better

The majority of us didn't get accidentally knocked up, and the farmers here who do have kids don't act like whores on the internet while their kid sits in the background waiting for their mother to be a mature adult. Sage your shit, loser

No. 1040137

as if it's not obvious she buys her followers lol

No. 1040144


> she has a kid

what? so we shouldn’t criticize her? take your WK retarded ass out of here.

mommy’s too busy being a whore on the internet to feed you, sorry sport!

No. 1040146

She doesn’t buy her followers you fucking idiot. proof please? Oh yea, there is none and you’re just a jealous liar.(babivampire)

No. 1040147

"She has a kid" like that makes her immune to criticism. That makes her worse because she was stupid enough to get knocked up and keep it

No. 1040161

alright dead9irl. it does not look like a party city wig & who gives a fuck if its her real name or not lmao.

No. 1040162

iv seen her unshopped in her friends vidros and ig lives. she edits yeah but mot to an unrecognizable extent like everyone else.

No. 1040167

Lol, she looks nothing like she does in her edits. She doesn't look at all how she presents herself online, and it's laughable in comparison.

No. 1040180

yes she does but ok retard. stay in denial

No. 1040184

are you genuinely this retarded? wow she has 100K instagram followers, we “could never.” let’s all praise the almighty babivampire. you wk bitches are so fucking retarded. luckily i’m not so insecure that i need instagram follower approval to feel like i’m worth a fuck.

No. 1040189

File: 1600310467873.jpg (303.21 KB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20200917-025910__01…)

I found some exceptionally vapid minor egirl drama. I love the jealousy that permeates the scene, it's so juvenile.

No. 1040191

File: 1600310491755.jpg (202.59 KB, 1080x1595, Screenshot_20200917-025925__01…)

No. 1040192

File: 1600310590000.jpg (321.38 KB, 1080x1864, Screenshot_20200917-025931__01…)

No. 1040197

Kek, she doesn't though, you autistic fuck. Stay out of this thread if you want asspats about how cute she is, because she's anything but, and sadly for her and you, everyone knows it. Even photoshopped, absolutely no one is jealous of her, I can assure you, kek.

No. 1040231

Im not that long nosed bitch dead9irl, that girl really is ugly and facetuned to hell "Elora" is a retarded name and this bitch is basic


>"ok retard"

>continues to sperg like an actual retard

I feel so bad for her kid. Mommy's being an egirl.
>she just hit 100k yall could never
Her fans would cancel her in a second if they dug up some benign ass shit from years ago like >>1039067. Not to mention. Is that really what her life is about? Why isn't this bitch in school or working a real job? It makes me so sad for her child.

get off the internet and go be a parent ffs

No. 1040237

oh this girl definitely buys her followers. she admitted it once

No. 1040238

you seem to be honestly. i agree with anon, she doesn't look that different than her photos

No. 1040247

This is a 13-year-old child (most likely), you'll have to wait a few years to post her.

No. 1040250

File: 1600327502585.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1119x1080, 89E16E03-D26A-453E-B51B-472E66…)

A message to all of you posting about babivampire. yall are fucking losers hahahaha(babivampire)

No. 1040252

since when is period bloat a cute look?? also tip: pulling your panties up to your ribcage is a troon trick to fake the look of real hips+ass, just do squats instead.

No. 1040261

File: 1600330402969.gif (1.13 MB, 268x268, ughh.gif)

No. 1040271

File: 1600333481042.jpg (29.45 KB, 500x271, Harry_Dunne_3.jpg)

Elora is a fatty who heavily photoshops confirmed. Pic related is you

No. 1040282

Oof apologies, I had no idea. It makes the comment from Vampjunk even worse imo.

No. 1040314

when u make an edit to prove your point but end up looking even more retarded bahahahah what the fuck

someone needs to reign in their white knights

No. 1040319

Why does this look like someone photoshopped her to be fatter? Is this like a passive aggressive "friend" of hers who wants us to make fun of her?

God all these girls are stuck in middle school and have arrested brain development.

Also all of you need to stop falling for obvious bait.

No. 1040337

*Someone needs to reign in themself

>Also all of you need to stop falling for obvious bait.
Knowingly choosing enjoyment isn't falling for bait. I enjoyed the read, don't discourage them kek.

No. 1040339

How come every fucking fag who comes to defend this bitch is a retarded newfag who can’t learn how to sage?

No one photoshopped her to look fatter. i’ve seen that picture on Pinterest about a thousand times and it’s always appeared oddly wide. The warping is obviously because she photoshops her waist and hips.

No. 1040378

Maybe instead of posting here and obsessing about what people online think about you, go to the gym? Just sayin

No. 1040428

Proof, her likes match her count so try again(babivampire)

No. 1040432

okay “babivampire” you can buy likes and followers, a simple look through who likes the posts and who follows, it’s pretty obvious go off i guess, lol

No. 1040441

I’m not babivampire I’m asking for proof against allegations(babivampire)

No. 1040442

File: 1600363062596.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 913CC465-E8B3-4BDF-B4A8-32789A…)

who would be jealous of some egirl who buys likes/followers and wears cringey ahegao pattern clothing lol get off instagram and go take care of your kid

No. 1040444

I follow her so I’d genuinely love to see what it is you’re talking about. I’ve just had a go through on her likes and follows and all of them look genuine to me as well as they follow her mutuals too (: so is everyone buying their follows now?(babivampire)

No. 1040447

Still no proof she buys her likes and follows please do prove us wrong that you’re not just jealous(babivampire)

No. 1040458

Literally no one here is jealous of a used, chunky nobody who popped out a crotch goblin. Get a life

No. 1040484

File: 1600366694891.jpeg (120.95 KB, 750x273, 82A392DE-2508-4DE3-8AD5-C77695…)

No. 1040491

"I have a LIFE, that's why i have the time to lurk general threads and vaguepost about these anons."

No. 1040499

lol right? She's so unbothered she made multiple posts about it now

No. 1040507

File: 1600368283975.jpg (200.33 KB, 1080x705, Screenshot_20200917-144532_Sam…)

Lol she's obsessed with checking this site

No. 1040578


This bitch needs to go be a parent, you haven't addressed the anons who say you're a bad parent.. probably because you know you are on.

No. 1040600

Love it when cows spurge about being unbothered, as if it wasn't an oxymoron. You're proving how much this effects you by reacting at all, stupid hoe lmao

No. 1040660

File: 1600386457568.jpg (263.3 KB, 1079x805, Screenshot_20200917-194821_Sam…)

Nobody wishes you're a bad parent. Way to twist it though

No. 1040668

kek what a fucking cow.

we don’t hope you’re a bad mother dolores or luna or whatever the fuck, we just know you don’t have a stable job which is bad for your child. and you spend the whole day on the internet being a hoe

No. 1040679

With that reading comprehension of hers, I’m worried about the kid’s homework.

No. 1040686

you do know people buy likes too right. i also saw her admit it once but did not get screenshots unfortunately because i did not think id be talking about her in the future

No. 1040687

no likes

No. 1040689

you would think her millions of genuine followers would followers her on twitter too.
she better hurry and buy twitter followers before people find out

No. 1040690

yeah her life is whoring on the internet in her filthy house while her kid sits in a shitty pamper while she takes "aesthetic selfies" for her fake followers

No. 1040693

We aren't wishing anything. You are an e-slut, who needs validation from strangers to feel worthy. You reeee on the internet about what a good mom you are. You've been wking yourself on here, pretending to be other people. Ffs you've been tweeting directly at lolcow for over 24hrs… Clearly, you are the poster child of what a stable, mature mother should be, kek. If you truly believed you were a good mother you'd realize you dont need to convince us in the first place. You'd just fucking do it and move on with your life. And since you can't do that you are either
1. Not, in fact, a good mother.
2. So incredibly insecure you need the anons who talk shit about you to validate your mothering.
Either way, that's a shitty environment for a kid, and you are a shitty mother.
If anything, anons wish for you to be a proper mother, hence posts like >>1040231
>Why isn't this bitch in school or working a real job? It makes me so sad for her child.

No. 1040720

wasnt the first post about her a self post? lmfao

No. 1040738

File: 1600393385761.jpg (269.92 KB, 1080x1849, Screenshot_20200918-114351__01…)

Never forget anons >>912677

No. 1040753

embarrassing as fuck. " i lov pissing yal off" whose pissed? nobody talks about you until you self post & even then nobody knows who she is besides like 2 anons responding to eachother. one wich i think is her because they are always defending her. shits depressing. get help bitch your child needs u LOL

No. 1040754

File: 1600395017075.jpeg (228.96 KB, 828x1439, 1800E7CA-817D-41D7-BC0E-76637D…)

desperatly trying to start beef with bigger ig accounts hoping for a ounce of clout as the outcome. embarrassing and sad

No. 1040756

File: 1600395613230.jpeg (140.94 KB, 750x480, 88F6E3AB-2206-4A49-93E2-D206B3…)

can you imagine subtweeting anons on twitter all day kek i think we triggered her

maybe don’t self post on here if you don’t want us to know about you

No. 1040759

Kek she literally only said that because she got caught self posting. We all know you’re just desperate for clout LunaDolores.

Not to defend cow9irl, but babivampire constantly goes after her when she’s literally just as bad if not worse. The war of the cows kek.

No. 1040776

You didn't choose to become a mother you dumb shit, there was no way you could have known you'd be a good one or not. And evidently you're an incredibly shit mother because good moms don't sit in their pimply asses all day taking whore pics for instagram.

No. 1040779

File: 1600397966738.jpeg (Spoiler Image,194.37 KB, 749x1139, 46458165-DFFC-415D-B4B5-0463EB…)

first time seeing the original babivampire thread and the last. those pepperoni tits will be in my nightmares ffs

No. 1040785

File: 1600398673574.jpeg (296.78 KB, 1372x1225, 4F0101E0-9B5D-4B58-8D45-879750…)

she fucking deleted her twitter and privated her instagram KEK

i thought she was erin pt 2 but i guess she can’t take the heat that she obviously started. maybe she’ll finally have time to give a fuck about her kid

No. 1040790

I’m sorry but does she have green hair now? Jesus christ it looks putrid.

No. 1040804

This image simultaneously disturbed me and made me feel good about my own body.

No. 1040818

She looks like she smells. Her nipples are so huge and ugly kek looks like two pieces of salami

No. 1040822

Her kid is gonna get fucking bullied at school, holy shit
>"I saw your mom's pepperoni titties online"

No. 1040831

File: 1600406914667.jpg (238.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200918-152827.jpg)

Social media is a wasteland of retardation.
>Having to justify this to strangers
>Thinking this is relevant justification
I hate zoomers.

No. 1040846

>"I'm not racist guiz, I have a BLM poster! Buy my feet piczzz"

I fucking hate e-girls, they're all the same breed of retarded.

No. 1040862

Imagine hoping kids see her nudes(babivampire)

No. 1040863

oh please stop reaching dolores / dolores wk. cry me a fucking river and stop stalking the thread if you don’t care what anons think you obsessive retard.


No. 1040865

File: 1600412357338.png (168.72 KB, 300x300, 9DE237D2-9F7D-46CA-9FC5-C875D1…)

oh yes anon she most certainly does

No. 1040870

Damn she needs to take better care of her hair and child. I wonder if she is a single mom, i hope that kid is at least in a grandparents good hands

I don't hope it will happen, i can just see it happening, this is so retarded even by egirls standards, nobody even has to pay to see that, they can just find a lolcow thread posted by this idiot herself.

No. 1040889

I'm so glad I stopped being a neet and quit social media. You only realise how retarded all this is when you've lived in the real world for a while.

No. 1040913

Not surprised babivampire is here. She's always been a insecure clout chaser, dating back to facebook.

Since she reads here: dolores (her real name is haley btw) while you ree about being such a good mom, you continue to prove that you're a shit one. You've been posting whore pics on Instagram and clout chasing for years, even when you were pregnant and still continue doing so after having a kid. You didn't have money to get your baby a freaking crib but you had money to buy accounts that had 50k to 100k followers every few months.

You don't have a job, your house is both bare and filthy, and you spend 98% of your time glued to your phone posting your blurry badly editted selfies for your fake ig following. When you don't do that, you're looking for ways to insert yourself into whatever drama going down for clout or you sub anons who call it like they see it.

Get a damn life and take care of your kid.

No. 1040932

I can't believe a person who fetishizes Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita (naming herself Dolores, even though her real name is Haley), who calls herself babivampire and tries to act like an underage e-thot actually has a child. That's sad for the kid. She seems to be an absolute narc.

No. 1040938

File: 1600426421537.jpg (711.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200918-204405.jpg)

Here's more tilted saviour rants while babivampire is "quiet". My favourite part is the angery assumption it's ~homophobes~ reporting her posts kek.

No. 1040939

File: 1600426471896.jpg (350.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200918-204418.jpg)

Who's willing to bet the aneurysm is due to the loss of likes?

No. 1040943

white savior complex much

No. 1040998

She talks about supporting BLM, but just doing Instagram stories about it isn’t of help, since she’s acting like a huge spokeswoman, then maybe she should donate to a charity and give her platform to someone who needs the exposure like other people did on every social media site.

No. 1041116

File: 1600447234457.jpg (582.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200913-035246.jpg)

>pls stop asking if I got a rib removed because I'm totez a natural beauty who doesn't photoshop
>People totally ask me this all the time I SWEAR

No. 1041121

oh boy that is peak cringe right there. we get it anachan go starve yourself and photoshop in peace and leave us alone with your rib removal bs no one asked about.

No. 1041185

Funny you act like u know her when you don’t(babivampire)

No. 1041186

She’s not named after Lolita dumb fuck and has never acted underage(babivampire)

No. 1041187

but you don't know who we are. We could know her very well

No. 1041189

A few of us know her more than you think

No. 1041191

babivampire has always been one of the hugest cunts on the internet. she’s a bitch to anyone who doesn’t have a K in their follower count because she’s a desperate clout chaser. she obviously doesn’t give two shits about her child and we know that. i’ve never seen a young mother speak less about her child.

kek why am i even saying “she” like it’s not you. we all know you’ve been stalking the thread and refreshing minute by minute. you’ve been wking yourself the entire thread even though you don’t care what anons think.

No. 1041211

File: 1600458044063.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 7A5EF269-ADAD-4D14-A130-D3441C…)

dolores keeping herself updated with us lmao

No. 1041220

>after the Spanish word of pain
Cringe, it’s like weebs naming themselves shit like “hime” or “tenshi”. Now I know how it feels like when people use your language as a seasoning for their boring ass lives.

No. 1041236

File: 1600460409352.jpg (442.03 KB, 1079x1258, Screenshot_20200918-162032_Sam…)

Trauma relating to her name…??

No. 1041244


Lol no her name is haley. Funny how she didn't address what we said about her house being filthy or the fact that she would spend loads of money buying big ig accounts and other shit but couldn't be bothered to get het baby a crib. Doubt her son even has his own bed or anything.

She's a joke.

No. 1041247

Hehehehehe I love pissin yall off(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1041308

File: 1600469861300.jpg (364.78 KB, 904x864, Screenshot_20200918-165802_Chr…)

This bitch still tweeting us?
My God how embarrassing.

No. 1041311

Why do you guys think moms have no time on their hands. You’re all weird af(babivampire)

No. 1041323

Honey, she (you) clearly has -too much- time on her hands.
Imagine not being able to provide a necessity for your child because your (fake) follower count isnt big enough to fill your gaping void of insecurity. It would be a kek if it wasn't just so damn depressing.

No. 1041324

You assume every comment is her which is laughable. Imagine thinking you know her when you only know her based off her online persona. Two completely opposite things. That’s like me assuming bc you’re a shitty person online here means you’re overall a fucking shit person irl don’t make sense does it?(babivampire)

No. 1041326

we dont care, we're anon. Keep refreshing this page though. Bpd kicking your ass today, eh?

No. 1041327

Paranoid are we?(babivampire)

No. 1041328

Oh but you don’t have anything so say for yourself? The spotlight on you changes ur view huh? Pathetic(babivampire)

No. 1041330

Nope, just anon. Do you need a nap? You're acting kinda fussy

No. 1041332

>You assume every comment is her which is laughable.
>Assumes >>1041323 is the same anon as >>1041326
>Refreshing constantly to wk
This is reaching crayon and Rasha levels of cringe

No. 1041338

None of us were retarded enough to post ourselves here in the first place. Now all your sons friends can see how foolish you are when they look up your selfpost lolcow thread. And huge tribal Congo woman nips with a quick Google search.

No. 1041343

When 99% of moms have extra time on their hands, they spend it doing pl productive tasks or talking with friends and family, reading, watching tv, enjoying a drink, etc. Not posting slutty pictures of their ugly, big-chinned foot faces on the internet like dirty whpres. The "time on her hands" she claims to have is time that she has because other fuck faces are caring for her crotch goblin, not free time after putting her baby down for a nap.

No. 1041351

her face looks like ham. jesus christ

No. 1041358


No. 1041368

The funny thing she doesn't seem to understand is that more people here know her personally than she thinks. She should really watch herself

No. 1041369

exactly my thought. we all know you’re a babicunt haley. it’s even obvious looking at her story highlights that she’s a dull, pretentious bitch who takes everything too seriously.

wking yourself is what’s truly pathetic. gtfo of here.

No. 1041370

File: 1600478014652.jpg (374.12 KB, 1078x1035, Screenshot_20200918-211440_Sam…)


No. 1041371

babivamp. Haley^

No. 1041376

guaranteed that’s not the last thing she has to say about it lmao

No. 1041400


Hi babi aka Haley, you can stop coming in here to white knight yourself. You make it entirely too obvious that its you. All the energy you're wasting lurking here and responding to random anons on lolcow, you could be investing into getting a job so you can have some financial stability and taking care of your kid.

Also: if i were you, I'd tread lightly. A lot of people here are people who actually had followed you for years and/or actually knew you personally. You need to get your priorities straightened out instead of staying glued to your phone and frothing at the mouth over what randoms have to say about you.

No. 1041403

instead of threatening her with it just drop what you know. the fun thing about career cows and flakes is that theyll never learn. they boo hoo about boolies and/or send threatening emails but behaviors never change. this chick is nothing special. reminds me of people yelling at encyclopedia dramatica to make articles about them, then get upset when it actually happens. all bluster

No. 1041404

Just proves you don’t know her. Followed her? Online? Get a grip. You don’t know her in real life(babivampire)

No. 1041406

Imagine thinking bringing up her birth name does something lol is it supposed to be scary?(babivampire)

No. 1041408

god we really need an erin style signature for her selfposts, i'm loving this

No. 1041412

My actual favorite thing about her is how quickly she replies, even when the thread has been dead for hours. You just know shes refreshing constantly through out the day. The anticipation must be killing her, kek.

No. 1041413

Literally funny u think every comment is her(babivampire)

No. 1041414

If you ask us to imagine something one more time I’ll rip out my own eyeballs. Sage your shit retard.

Yes, someone really needs to add an Erin-esque signature under all of babivampires posts. I feel like she’s talked about other egirls on here like dead9irl and lilausa. She talks so much shit about both of them constantly.

No. 1041415

Thank god.

No. 1041416

the fact that you’re so quick to respond is embarrassing luna dolores haley. quit refreshing the thread and go photoshop some more.

No. 1041431


You definitely are haley, i can't picture anyone giving enough of a fuck about her to spend hours refreshing a thread she was mentioned in just to white knight.

Put your phone down and go tend to your kid.

No. 1041433

There are people on here who know you irl, not just online. It's funny you think everyone is just an anonymous user on the internet.

No. 1041445

File: 1600494883606.jpg (401.9 KB, 1075x1232, Screenshot_20200918-235450_Chr…)


Damn, here I sat thinking she couldn't get more cringy.
Enter: werewolf fanfic

No. 1041450

no no no no you did not find whatever the fuck that is. i am horrified, someone’s gotta archive that shit before she deletes it. if my mom wrote werewolf romance novels i wouldn’t know what to do.

No. 1041451

not to mention this shit reeks of beastilality… fetishizing a wolf to the extent of describing its fur sexually and erotically is pretty disgusting.

No. 1041459

You all are weird, you’ve never read werewolf books? And now you’re gonna pretend it’s beastiality? God I hope you never read or watch twilight you nitpick like crazy(babivampire)

No. 1041460

no i’ve never read a werewolf book i’m not a fucking weird creepy bitch dolores. learn how to sage your shit. it’s not that fucking hard.

No. 1041461

File: 1600498615710.jpg (164 KB, 1080x1814, Screenshot_20200919-165643__01…)

Ffs someone better have archived this shit considering how active this cow is. I was so looking forward to that read kek.

No. 1041463

File: 1600499079880.jpg (478.27 KB, 1280x1117, 20200919_005936.jpg)

Is it possible these accounts are stocks of babi? I find them incredibly suspicious.



Both accounts show up (along with her main) when you reverse img search some of her older photos, despite those photos never having been retweeted or uploaded on those accounts. (Used them as icons at one point? Idk)
Both have little activity besides praising babivampiire or retweeting the exact same shit she does.

"Lillyangel" account seems to be more active, but the users actual tweets are only praising babi, defending her staunchly, or fighting with randos. The account also tweeted at another cow a couple of times (PnP)
Also, one of the first things that account did after being made was jump into some obviously personal, irl drama in which the people involved accused her of being a throwaway account because she was blocked elsewhere.

The "bubblesinjungle" account has hardly anything on it, no followers and 2 follows. "Just here to support sex workers" yet only tweets @ babi or retweets vampire/werewolf themed shit. (Lana is also suspiciously close to "luna," babi's previous e-girl name.)
Apologies in advance for potato quality, I'm on mobile.

No. 1041464

File: 1600499085749.gif (1.13 MB, 195x229, disbelief.gif)

P.s if it's totally not weird, and we're the weird ones, why'd you delete it then?

No. 1041465

File: 1600499193394.jpg (189.1 KB, 1071x703, Screenshot_20200919-002629_Chr…)

No. 1041466

i can guarantee none of you know babivampire irl bc i actually do and none of the shit that’s been said about her on here is true. get a life instead of spending all of your time shitting on someone for doing harmless shit. also cute how all of you have to hide behind anons to say shit, especially those trying to claim they know her irl. stfu(babivampire)

No. 1041467

AYRT- I have this open in a tab still. I'm an idiot though and it wont let me screenshot in incognito. Anons what do

No. 1041468

Namefagging is against the rules. I thought you would have realised that by now considering how often you post yourself kek.

No. 1041471

of course you know babivampire irl. you are her kek

sometimes girls who weren’t well liked in school will lash out by seeking attention elsewhere such as online. that seems to be the case for most of these egirls. babivampire has an unfortunate face. there’s no denying that. those accounts are most likely here or at least the one is.

i went through her tagged instagram photos and it’s obvious to me at least that she pays for shoutouts / promos on popular “grunge” accounts. i’m guessing all the only fans money goes to buying followers, likes, shoutouts, and ahegao lingerie from aliexpress. yikes.

No. 1041473

File: 1600500023596.jpg (281.06 KB, 1080x1482, Screenshot_20200919-171627__01…)

Go early 2000s spec and photograph the page with another device. Once that's done try this. I'm not sure if it will force you to refresh the page so maybe take a photos first? Worst case scenario copy all the text into a document I'll trust you not to have edited it. If all else fails maybe wayback machine will work?

T. Fellow tech retarded anon

No. 1041474

File: 1600500118946.jpg (28.05 KB, 462x266, babivampiresson.jpg)

Is your kid half wolf?

KEK sorry i couldn't help myself i wish him well tbh. Poor thing doesnt deserve a trainwreck of a parent.

No. 1041475

File: 1600500176025.jpg (557.1 KB, 1080x1761, Screenshot_20200919-011952_Chr…)


I had a cached version, thankfully.
Here we are, in it's full glory.

No. 1041477

i don’t give a rat’s ass about the rules on this site. you can think i’m her all you want, especially since i talk and type nothing like her, but there are actually a lot of people who care about her and know that what you anons say isn’t true. i also noticed in the rules that you can’t post anything illegal and yet there is revenge porn all over the site which is, surprise, illegal. grow up(babivampire)

No. 1041479

Both of those accounts just went private on twitter. That basically confirms your assumption that it’s the vampire herself. She’s so desperate for clout. This cow is insane and constantly on the thread. I thought she told us to have a blessed life and that was the last we’d hear from her? Weird.

No. 1041480

File: 1600501287677.png (184.14 KB, 326x319, Im so desensitized through ty …)

Yes, because changing your typing style to a different flavor of ethot fooled us all!

Kek, I fucking knew it.

No. 1041482

you’re all delusional af that you really think that no one would stick up for her except herself. maybe if you weren’t a bunch of pussies on an anon site, i could prove that i’m not her(babivampire)

No. 1041483

>you can’t post anything illegal and yet there is revenge porn all over the site

Reposting a thots PUBLIC nudes, that she posts PUBLICLY on twitter is not revenge porn. Even if it is taken from an onlyfans account it is not revenge porn, because at that point it is a product you sell and you can at best try to DMCA it. But lolcow.farm will just claim fair use cause we are making fun of it.

No. 1041485

You are the hero we deserve anon.

Honestly that was marvelous, well worth the trouble. Here are my personal favorites:

>My eyes flutter open to an "eery" darkness, provided by the night, that settles around me like a blanket.

>Summer had its pros but this is one of its cons.
>By baring my neck, I'm also showing the alpha my respect towards him.
>"It's" fur, I can barely make out, is a beautiful raven's black.
>It pushes its snout into my hand for approval and shockingly a smile crosses my lips.
>"Look at me". He says and I find myself warming up to his melodic voice.
>Mate he says and unsurprisingly the darkness catches up to me and I succumb to it.
>M a t e

It's not revenge porn if you posted it here yourself. Besides that, everything posted on this website is public domain once uploaded to the internet.

No. 1041486

actually it is very illegal to take onlyfans content and post it. it is still revenge porn plus it’s copyright so it’s actually twice as illegal(babivampire)

No. 1041487

Feel free to drop your email in the email field, or tag your social. You could prove at any point you're an actual fan and therefore end the "hi cow" posts.

No. 1041489

File: 1600502004719.jpeg (7.29 KB, 236x250, images.jpeg)

No, it isn't. Please go sperg out to your lawyer and file a legal case to sue the internet for the dumb shit you posted yourself. We'll be here waiting for the hilarity to ensue.

No. 1041491

okay fine, i’m @lxmlciffxrd on everything. feel free to stalk me like you stalk all the other girls on this thread who you claim have no life when you clearly don’t.(babivampire)

No. 1041493

girl that was a bad idea fuckin KEK

No. 1041495

File: 1600502370274.jpg (124.18 KB, 1062x607, Screenshot_20200919-015911_Chr…)

No, you aren't.

No. 1041497

don’t use gabbi hanna song lyrics if you wanna being taken seriously weirdo

No. 1041498

i mistyped. @lxmlcliffxrd(babivampire)

No. 1041501

That made no sense retard learn to type(babivampire)

No. 1041503

Nta but learn to sage your autism before calling others out KEK

No. 1041504

Holy fucking kek, is this real? Did you really just get baited into posting your social on lolcow? The milk gods are generous tonight.

No. 1041505

oop i was a minor in that picture which is against your rules. might want to delete that.(babivampire)

No. 1041507

File: 1600502774854.jpeg (31.62 KB, 750x271, E5F0A580-8D4A-4EDF-9D1E-A50174…)

okay retard i’ll repost the screenshot of your caption without your ugly face in it.

No. 1041508

you realize how stupid you all sound right? no one cares about your stupid website except all of you incels. let’s not forget the stupid ass terminology you used that would 100% get made fun of on any other website(babivampire)

No. 1041509

Oh shit someone is gon get their posts outed, I’m excited

No. 1041511

You shouldn't have bothered. She looks a hell of a lot older than 16 there, despite her shit music taste.

No. 1041512

Only applies to NSFW dumbass

No. 1041513

File: 1600503117903.jpeg (173.15 KB, 750x1195, 22EC6709-BF68-414A-9818-0D57D8…)

would you mind brushing your fucking teeth or ask your friends to whiten them in facetune? i feel grimy now.

No. 1041514

We don't care that twitter/redditfags would make fun of an imageboard whos culture they're too young and precious to understand. Men can't openly post here, but keep coming with those "original" insults. I promise we're not laughing at you.

No. 1041516

still a minor in that and the other girl was literally 14.(babivampire)

No. 1041518

this is so fucking depressing. its obvious they are both her. so depressing

No. 1041519

still fucking ugly lol. that pic was from a year ago and your bio says 19, move on. i don’t care if you don’t want your image on this site, you chose to give us your socials to defend babifat.

No. 1041520

File: 1600503300749.jpg (309.39 KB, 1080x1592, Screenshot_20200919-021441_Chr…)

"16" but posting photos like this? Something tells me you don't care about photos of your minor self circulating, questionable or not.

No. 1041521

the other girl is 14 and irrelevant to everything on this board which is against two of your precious rules(babivampire)

No. 1041523

File: 1600503445473.jpg (40.03 KB, 1080x362, Screenshot_20200919-181744__01…)

Back to twitter with you

No. 1041525

She’s fully clothed, stop sexualizing a minor dumb fuck(babivampire)

No. 1041529

but she’s not a minor and not ones sexualizing her? her bio says 19 dumb fuck and she’s also extremely ugly. nobody here feels the want or need to sexualize her. that was all on her own.

sage your shit dumb fuck.

No. 1041530

but all the pictures you’re posting of me are when i was a minor. doesn’t matter how old i am now, i was still a minor in those pictures(babivampire)

No. 1041531


No. 1041532

File: 1600503915460.jpg (150.15 KB, 1076x293, Dumbbitch.jpg)


Because your reading comprehension is so poor, I'll spell it out for you:

1. A person who is currently a minor cannot have a thread of their own. You are an adult, and this is not your thread.

2. You were never doxxed

>Do not post photos of minors where there is an expectation of privacy.
You posted them publically on social media. There was never an expectation of privacy.

4. None of these photos capped are cp or of illegal nature.

You are a fucking idiot, willingly posting your social and trying to argue about rules you cant even understand.

No. 1041534

Salami yahoo Eiffel Tower day tomorrow my love thank skeleton loser shoe(babivampire)

No. 1041535

MINOR IS 18 UNDER NOT 15 RETARD(babivampire)

No. 1041536

File: 1600504032038.jpeg (20.55 KB, 640x442, pathetic.jpeg)

Can you stfu trying to cite our rules? You were older than 15 in every picture they've posted, therefore fair game for anons. You brought this one on yourself.

No. 1041538

So anyway, can y’all just report the nobody retard and continue posting the cow? The bickering is getting annoying.

No. 1041539

Contextually that has no relevance to what I said, and I never claimed otherwise. Cry harder.

No. 1041540

File: 1600504157898.jpg (568.07 KB, 1080x1555, Screenshot_20200919-023019_Chr…)

I think we have triggered her lmao. I'd be triggered too with a mug like this.

No. 1041541

No toucan should be alone cities are titties leave Santa alone merry coke guitar(babivampire)

No. 1041543

Probably for the best at this point. Kek at her use of the word "retard", wasn't she claiming we'd be made fun of for our linguistic choices? Twitterfags are only PC when it suits them.

No. 1041544

Chair grass gator banana(babivampire)

No. 1041545

except that one wasn’t me. i hate the use of the r slur soo try again(babivampire)

No. 1041546

That’s not even her saying retard dumbass lmfaooo imagine being stupid(babivampire)

No. 1041547

Imagine using “kek” lmfaoooo the stupidity(babivampire)

No. 1041549

Ah, so there's multiple autists invading the thread. Good to know you're still here, furry.

No. 1041552

Fridge Apple mirror flag cheesecake bang boom monkey jungle hoo ha bus volume(babivampire)

No. 1041553

File: 1600504572632.jpg (253.23 KB, 1066x1557, Screenshot_20200919-023543_Chr…)

To get back on track, its fucking hilarious those accounts have ~mysteriously~ privated. I'd put money on the tinfoil that haley has a bunch of socks, a la Lillie Jean.

No. 1041554

Implying u commenting on anon is better? KEK(babivampire)

No. 1041555

Tinfoil because I don't normally post in this thread, but I think this Cheyenne chick is samefgging. Her use of "imagine x y z" over the course of this Dolores drama has made me think she's wk'ing and using slurs she claims to hate. Or at the very least her and Dolores are tag-teaming.

No. 1041556

Peepee poopoo wah wah bunny tingle sock globe glass trot whiskey tango(babivampire)

No. 1041560

yes it definitely seems like she’s repeatedly defending herself. she doesn’t seem to change her way of typing while trying to be another person.

sorry ugly bitch, you aren’t going to distract us from the cow at hand. you don’t have any followers and you aren’t milky, just your run of the mill ugly smelly theatre kid. no one wants to talk about you.

No. 1041561

Milkshake bee corpse dog foot stink sugar who where what when why plum(babivampire)

No. 1041562

aw someone finally mentioned that i was a theatre kid. was waiting for the obvious insult. idc about being talked about, i only commented in first place to stick up for someone that i personally know that a bunch of weirdos on the internet were making up lies about. i also don’t give a fuck about what you think about me or my looks!!(babivampire)

No. 1041564

And yet, you're still the understudy to the lead. I commend you for sticking up for your friend, but you're both not going to win here. No one gives a fuck if you're defending her honor for some personal reason because we're all anonymous. You both have the choice to move on from this.

No. 1041565

Considering they allegedly know each other, I'd say that tinfoil is probably spot on. With how insecure babi is, I cant see her having any friends that arent as dumb as she is. Hanging out with people who aren't dumb as rocks would crush her bpd ass, I'm sure.

No. 1041566

And you have the choice too, instead of coming up with the missy outlandish lies atleast be honest about your cows(babivampire)

No. 1041567

And what lies are in here? She isn't a dumb lumpy thot?

No. 1041568

You realise that your friend “Dolores” wanted this to happen, right? She posted herself in this thread, she wanted to be talked about, she knew what she was in for but was craving the attention. That’s the funniest part to me, that she’s out there calling out anons when she’s the one who started it all by outing herself.

No. 1041570

Posting something as dumb as an outfit copy isn’t the same thing having tens of people claim she’s a terrible mum and is into beastiality. She didn’t ask for any of those lies. To compare them is to admit you’re actually dumb.(babivampire)

No. 1041571

you all have made up so much shit about her personal life including bringing her child into it. half of the shit you’ve said on here has been lies(babivampire)

No. 1041572

File: 1600506670589.jpg (35.27 KB, 514x386, 38hspk.jpg)

KEK this girl looks like what I would imagine the shameful bastard child of Grimes and primitive Patrick star would look like

No. 1041573

You make a good point but you can't reason with insanity. They'll just keep calling whatever hyperbolic joke we've made, or even anything remotely evidence based lies. Stupid people can't understand sarcasm or logic and it shows.

No. 1041574

Funny how you all never have proof of anything you say though? Definitely weird but yea sure, the people defending her are the “liars”(babivampire)

No. 1041575

Wow, I’m impressed by your intelligence. If you post yourself here, it doesn’t matter what you post; anons will look you up and try to find milk about you. She knew that and that’s what she wanted when she posted herself, what the hell else do you think she was trying to accomplish?

No. 1041577

I understand that I really do but you have to realize that most of this really isn’t even milk. It’s mostly made up lies. Like really? Who ties a werewolf book to beastiality? Where was this energy with twilight or any other YA fantasy book? And the shitty mother thing? WHO really knows her outside of social media? The anon who claims they know her but refuses to drop actual milk? Seems sus af to me(babivampire)

No. 1041580

someone ban this retard ffs. we all know what was said was true, stop trying to protect your retarded friend and go to bed.

No. 1041582

Yea ok then show proof my guy it’s not that fucking hard(babivampire)

No. 1041586

Do you speak English? Do you know what proof is? Are you telepathic? Grow up lol it’s so fucking stupid that you hope she’s a shit person when we should be wishing for good people(babivampire)

No. 1041587

what part of my statement was improper english? the only slang i used was “ffs” which means for fucks sake.

dolores, leave. we understand that you feel the need to stay up all night and stalk the thread.

no one is forcing you to read what you say or be here. you are on an anonymous message board trying to convince strangers that you’re a good person when we know that you’re not.

No. 1041588

Still funny you think I’m Dolores, you really wish though
she is a good person and a few anonymous pussies won’t change that(babivampire)

No. 1041589

File: 1600509310199.jpeg (32.77 KB, 320x294, DA5B3320-9746-406A-B84B-A64445…)

No. 1041590

Yea with you (:(babivampire)

No. 1041594

Jesus Christ, I still cant believe this woman has a kid. I feel so much pity for that poor soul, who was doomed once he popped out of his mothers snatch that you can view on onlyfans for just $8. Since these white trash samefags are here. Please do tell us how she is redeemable as a mother. No, selling ass and Instagram shoutouts isn't a real job. how is she a good mother?

No. 1041605

Fucking lmao, I usually don't check this thread but happened to notice this chick post something to her insta story about anons and had a feeling it was about farmers. This is the funniest shit I have seen on lolcow in a while, absolutely crying with laughter.

No. 1041621

I’m also curious, if she’s an amazing mother, I want proof, because selling nudes on the internet doesn’t really make most people think of a great mother with great plans.

No. 1041734

with the frequency she's checking the thread and posting on ig, doubt that her child takes much priority over social media lmao

No. 1041800

cringe. whats her aesthetic? walmart core

No. 1041804

why would you post your own picture saying "is she copying someone" on a hate thread. she wanted this. what is so hard to understand

No. 1041805

What’s so hard to understand that the doesn’t compare to her whole birth name being leaked, people claiming she’s into beastiality for writing a werewolf book, bringing in her child, etc. they do not compare, are you fucking brain dead?(babivampire)

No. 1041811

Point me in the direction of her whole birthname being leaked in this thread. Shut the fuck up already, mods should mark your's and babi's posts since you both don't seem to give a shit about shitting up the thread and ban evading. It'll give you both the attention you seem to desperately want.

No. 1041813

everything posted about her here is based off what she herself has posted . Maybe tell her to be more careful online and not self post to an anon website.

No. 1041819

File: 1600550929224.png (104.88 KB, 2874x476, screenshot.png)

Surprisingly, she's not lying about the full name part. I've had the thread open in a separate tab all day, and this was posted like an hour ago. It's obviously been deleted since then though. Anyone want to bet babivamp leaked it herself? That or someone's here to air her shit out.

No. 1041823

For once, this is Dolores. I would never leak my name to a bunch of random teenagers online. There’s a reason why I wanted to so hidden and someone bringing it up was the last thing I wanted to see. No, I didn’t leak my own name I can proudly say that.(babivampire)

No. 1041834

we get it you like fucking wolves you creepy bitch.

No. 1041835

don't post yourself on lolcow if you can't take the heat

No. 1041838

Isn’t her name up thread anyway? In the screenshots for the failed selfpost thread, so I don’t see the big deal about her name “getting leaked”

No. 1041839

File: 1600553264640.jpg (30.81 KB, 480x480, BcZP_4GCEAAq8Oh.jpg)

Apologies, phone died while trying to edit.
Babivampiire's real name is Haley Lynn Sobeck. Shes grew up in Indiana and is a redneck hillbilly at her core. Her parents are bonafide bumpkins, having moved trailer park to trailer park. Wont drop actual doxx but I do have it.
An old twitter of hers:

No. 1041842

File: 1600553629592.jpeg (38.94 KB, 400x400, D2747926-106D-428F-9DE5-E1B080…)

No. 1041849

File: 1600555346559.jpg (145.04 KB, 1080x532, 20200919_183954.jpg)

KEK went and looked at her Twitter, damn Hayley, looks like even people in high school thought you were a drama starting, attention-seeker. Seems you haven't grown out of it.
Go parent your child.

No. 1041853

holy shit kek this is amazing. crazy how she comes from trash USA. i feel like drugs have to make you the way she is. i’m pretty sure there was a post was made by her in her self posting thread about doing drugs at raves which was so random. it’s so fucked up that she’d post about herself doing “MDMA and cocaine at raves” instead of raising her kid just to get some anon attention online.

No. 1041856

thats what happens when people get posted here. what exactly do u think this website is? a fashion critique board?

No. 1041858

it's obvious by her face and walmart goth sense of fashion thats where she comes from

No. 1041862

File: 1600556659654.jpeg (160.23 KB, 960x960, 4676ADE0-5C6D-46EC-AAC5-FE1D58…)

imagine having to look like this oh my god. photoshop will make any bitch famous even if they’re still ugly

No. 1041875

Imagine thinking you're a good mom while you neglect your child to fight with anons all day and screech at people on social media. Or do you think you don't neglect your child because they sit in your lap while you tell people online they're ugly brain dead losers? Does your child watch while you post your gross half naked pictures on instagram? You need to get off social media, for real.

No. 1041893

Jay Leno chin

No. 1041908

Jay Leno chin with bumpkin teeth. My god, no wonder she doesn't show her face much anymore

No. 1041909

File: 1600565141401.jpg (433.58 KB, 1079x1424, Screenshot_20200919-212635_Sam…)

3 minutes ago. She stalk

No. 1041910

what a fucking weird bitch what the hell. why is she so obsessed with us, i thought anon opinions didn’t matter

No. 1041914

File: 1600566580228.jpeg (462.34 KB, 750x1196, 79AA23B3-6C86-4C3B-AB07-B507F9…)

Meanwhile she has a kid at 20 a few years later after bullying a pregnant woman online

No. 1041915

How much want to bet that this girl has grown up and out of her trash phase and is a better, more loving and attentive mother than Haley lol

No. 1041941

File: 1600574577376.jpg (100.98 KB, 489x590, Screenshot_20200919-230301_Ope…)

She looks like julie terryberry the bondage shed sperg. Lol she also cammed and sold nudez.

No. 1041942

the fact that she edited this one

No. 1041948

can you not just leave everyone the fuck alone. we get it youre all just sad and pathetic and have to ruin other peoples lives to make you feel good about yourself. you dont know any of these people in real life and it shows. just because they do shit that you dont consider normal does not mean they are a bad person. you people disgust me. just shut the fuck up and stop ruining peoples lives

No. 1041950

Some people have war in their countries

No. 1041952

talking shit about someone on the internet is "ruining peoples lives"? ok retard

No. 1041953

As been mentioned before there are people in this thread who know her not only online, but in person, too. Enough to know she's a cringey brat who has done and continues to do as much stupid shit in private as she does online. But yes, continue to believe we're all jealous of a man-jawed e-thot who also happens to be a terrible mom.

No. 1041955

yes it can be ruining peoples lives. do you think they see this stuff and dont give a shit? it can put people through mental trauma and give them mental illnesses. and what happens when they try to do somethimng else with their lives and someone sees this shit about them? its not gonna look good and theyll never be able to escape it because people like you are spreading shit about them that isnt even true(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1041956

keep saying it’s not true kek. shit talking, putting your desperation for attention over your child, not having a job and begging for money online and shitty and/or funny behaviour always gets exposed on this website. you decided to post yourself haley. no one else did that but you. there’s some people here that remember you from before your fake followers and during your facebook clout chasing days. no one would’ve given a fuck or known about you or your fake following if you didn’t self post.

No. 1041959

You're traumatizing your child by being a nasty whore online

No. 1041960

>"Do something else with their lives"

Don't know if you're Haley Sobeck aka BabiVamp but if she thinks a thread talking about her antics is bad for her future wait until the places she applies to work see her fucking Instagram. Because everyone knows an immature girl in her 20's who fights with people online and posts her nudes everywhere is the best choice for a job. If she was so worried about that she shouldn't have posted herself everywhere.

No. 1041962

File: 1600580972256.jpeg (140.99 KB, 750x1197, 6372C550-D760-4491-BC5B-467848…)

“Snatched even without photoshop” um you look a little different than your pictures… and the stomach is still smoothed lol. used to follow babivampire when she was vampirecherubb because her feed was better back then. Now i’m reading this shit for the first time and I had to add this. I unfollowed her spam forever ago and this is the only screenshot I have unfortunately.

No. 1041967

File: 1600583469793.jpg (127.84 KB, 1080x1314, Screenshot_20200920-163022__01…)

I'm not usually one to shame people but is she delusional? That midsection is anything but snatched wtf? She doesn't even look snatched in her even more photoshopped photos, which would be fine if she wasn't oozing with misplaced narcissism.

No. 1041971

She's shaped like a doughy fridge, the fuck? Does she have any idea what "snatched" means? Part of me wants to go easy on her because I know she had a baby and that makes your midsection flabby and shapeless but her hips don't even curve out from her waist.

No. 1041973

File: 1600584288421.jpeg (186.68 KB, 1372x744, CAD9E558-15E1-4D50-A721-F7FB56…)

FUCK that sucks that you unfollowed her spam, I feel like there’s so much potential milk. She claims she only photoshops “a little bit” the fuck? Her real body looks like a lumpy refrigerator. I hate fat bitches lying about their bodies on the internet, so much undeserved cockiness.

No. 1041975

sorry but why are her tits so small if her stomach is so big? jesus

No. 1041977

File: 1600584463739.jpg (255.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200920-164140.jpg)

Kek what is it with cows bonding over being cows?

No. 1042003

sexworkers seem to have a weird bond where they constantly push each others onlyfans and retweet pictures saying "omg she's so hawt go subscribe to her!"

I think they know that the paypigs who buy onlyfans subscriptions always subscribe to more than one girl and then they can also do collabs with girl on girl stuff.

I think they are also trying to convince themselves that what they are doing is somehow "empowering" and they are "empowering" each other. When the sad reality is that they are just soulless unemployable bags of flesh with no talent or personalities.

No. 1042004

well she claims to not give a shit. she said so. theres a screenshot higher up in the thread

No. 1042005

is she trans?

No. 1042006

File: 1600591288388.jpg (840.84 KB, 2250x2250, surejan.jpg)

I think you're into something anon. On that subject, egirls are mental cases.

No. 1042011

The problem with sex workers is they won't be doing this shit in like 10 years. By then there will be an influx of even younger thots grfting your customers. I know it sounds like when scrotes say " women hit the wall" shit, but this job is literally appeasing scrotes.
Having an onlyfans is harmful because when teenage girls see older women with the same aesthetic as them doing it acting like the lifestyle is so cute and you get money. They don't see the fact that our family will eventually find out, people who used to pick on you in school, your exes, anyone can pay to see it or even leak it. Not to mention the fact that horny scrotes could stalk/harass you. The body dysmorphia and eating disorders from competing wiht other ethots all for a shekel. Why would anyone with a kid choose this line of work?

No. 1042017

>for a shekel
I'm sorry anon, I know you're being serious but that made me laugh.

And I couldn't agree more honestly. We could write paragraphs about the negative aspects of sexwork and barely anything on the positives. It speaks to how low the attention span of people nowadays. They want everything quick and easy, without sparing a moment to comprehend the price. Honestly it's frightening how deluded this generation of egirls has become, and they're only priming the next to end up in an even worse position with the retarded mantra they keep repeating.

I suppose if you tell yourself a lie often enough, it seems like it becomes true.

No. 1042081

Omg you are selling pictures of your ass on the internet quit acting like you run a business or something. "Writing" lmao

Also she is priviledged. The ones who aren't are on the streets, not advertising themselves online and can't quit if they want to no matter how stressful it gets.

Exactly, no one should be advertising sex work as some ideal part time job with no consequences. I've seen some ethots say there is nothing wrong with a strip club preying on poor girls fresh out of high school.
It takes a special kind of person to sell their body for stranger after stranger and not end up emotionally damaged from it and i bet my ass there will be a rising on women opposing this once they age out and see how damaging it is.

No. 1042084

They have zero foresight and live in the moment. The constant attention from men probably makes them think they will cast off men easily forever and they don't think once they turn 30 they will be cast aside for the new 18 year old replacement.

A lot of them also have substance abuse problems and come from broken homes, so they are desperate for money. Many of them also seem to be completely lacking any sort of personality, interests, skills or ambitions to achieve something more in their life than taking their clothes off.

I think/hope that girls with loving families who were taught self-respect and that what is in their head matters more than their body and that they have talents they should make into a career would not fall into this trap so easily.

Love your kids, people and teach them to love themselves.

No. 1042209

Are you blind anon, no(babivampire)

No. 1042268

Anyone remember Dalina on Tumblr? (labias.tumblr.com)

Looks like she dropped her act of buying luxury products every week to gaming with incels lmfao

No. 1042278

File: 1600636101241.jpeg (264.75 KB, 750x1297, 8BE1FD9E-917A-44ED-A78E-7B1237…)

"Do you think God stays in heaven because he, too, lives in fear of what he's created here on earth?"

No. 1042280

File: 1600636350012.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 6AA4CBA5-42D0-4566-ADB1-0671B6…)

kek shes really pressed about what anons think

No. 1042287

Sex work isn't real work and you're not strong for fingering your clam on cam.
Thank god for masks so she can hide her chin. Too bad she's too obsessed with likes and followers to get off instagram and take care of her poor baby.

No. 1042294

I GET not showing your baby on an account where you post muh sex work but why doesn't she ever post about being a mom? Just "BPD tingz" and other egirls stuff. We wouldn't even know she had a kid if it weren't for her self posting which is sad. She told an anonymous imageboard she had a child before her totes real audience

No. 1042297

Because she wants to fit in with the other egirls. Having a kid is lame if ur a egirl despret for followers. Plus makes her look old compared to most egirlz

No. 1042324

she deleted her post of this.

No. 1042331

File: 1600646192447.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1788, Screenshot_20200921-115706.png)

I was lucky enough to catch this early, enjoy the streams anons

No. 1042334

>53 sec

sure. it was totally by accident and totally not more of the desperate self posting that has been happening for the last week.

instead of streaming on twitch you should go read a book to your kid or give them a bath or something.

No. 1042339

all she does during streams is chew loudly and play the pick me girl for gamers. not worth the watch.

No. 1042342

Gotta get all those farmer viewers. Its not gunna happen

No. 1042346

That’s not what watching a cow is? We’ve been up her ass all week and now suddenly if it’s too soon then it’s her? Are you new here? Even I can admit it’s probably not her.(babivampire)

No. 1042347

And even you can sage. No one wants to watch her stream. She's dull. We just looked into her because she practically asked us to

No. 1042349

I don’t like the bitch, just saying, but it’s obvious that that was not a self post. We’ve all been watching her shit for a day or two now and suddenly someone updates thread and everybody assumes it’s her. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a cow 100% and embarrassing but be realistic(babivampire)

No. 1042351

you're clearly new here. Sage. And again, even if its not her: no one wants to watch her boring ass

No. 1042352

Never said anybody wants to watch her, said you all have been watching her every move hence the thread for the past 2 days? Just scroll above it you’re blind anon(babivampire)

No. 1042353

Yes….but her twitch is dull. Seriously learn to sage and figure out what milk is. Twitch stream ain't it

No. 1042357

Shut up and learn to sage, retard. BabiVampire is boring as rocks and the only reason people would watch her stream is because they mistake her for Jay Leno.

No. 1042358

You clearly don’t know how to read, I said you all have been watching her every move, NOT watching her stream. God no wonder you all flock to this site, you’re all dumb as rocks(babivampire)

No. 1042359

yet more attractive than you regardless of her jay leno chin? Smells like jealousy to me(babivampire)

No. 1042360

Luckily we're not as braindead as the retard who pops in here and doesn't know how to sage. Go away already, you're not hurting anyone's feelings but obviously you're pretty butthurt yourself kek

No. 1042361

"Watching her every move" doesn't mean watching her stream…..ooooookay. we're saying we won't watch it, you clearly want us to. Fuck off you illiterate cunt

No. 1042365

Jealous? Of a shit mom who looks like this >>1041967 >>1041842
>>1041862 >>1041941 ? Yeah, ok anon, keep thinking that kek

No. 1042367

Thinking she looks like the second photo still is laughable, a 2013 accounts for nothing. It’s 2020 and the fact you can’t accept people look different as years pass says enough about how small your brain is(babivampire)

No. 1042368

that horse mouth dont change with age

No. 1042373

Good thing there are multiple picture itt to show us that she still looks like a man now

No. 1042376

if anything she looks worse now. At least with the normal hair, she looks kike a typical hick who'd be a somewhat decent mom. Now she has dead green hair that looks like a cheap wig. shes always posting her obviously fridge shaped shooped body in embarrassing kink gear. >>1041967 I know you're an ethot and you probably don't know half of the anime type of shit you watch, but you do know some of the girls on that ugu kawaii bikini are 10-14 years old. Mother of the year, everyone.
I can already imagine a baby crying in the background, like Acacia Brinle's streams. At least Acacia posts her babies tho and lives in a somewhat stable environment ##and has the father of her kids still with her# This girl tries to act like her son doesnt even exist.

No. 1042394

nobody has been watching her every move. just responding to her self posting in here.

No. 1042397

Even the photos she willingly uploads to insta today are greasy as fuck though, so it's not as if there's any improvement in her looks from this old shit

No. 1042413

File: 1600658626948.jpeg (290.14 KB, 750x1004, DD2B91D1-214C-4CF7-AF16-AFDC38…)

weird because she has posted her and her kid before …

No. 1042424

File: 1600659516455.png (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 1080x1780, Screenshot_20200920-191357_2.p…)

not really milk but ang3lthigh posted this to her public instagram story

No. 1042426

lol she’s the one who self posted and informed us she was a “mother of 1” and now she’s crying about it? egirl retardation at its finest. also imagine just screaming at your followers all day because your mad at anons

No. 1042427

I don’t see what’s wrong with that really? It’s just art by @deadlolita7 on insta, theyre really talented tbh, I like their stuff. I mean I don’t like ang3lthigh because of that creepy pedo / bestiality shit but I don’t see why there’s anything interesting about her story post

I really wish someone could confirm or deny / explain that pedo / bestiality shit because that’s like really alarming and makes me feel ill

No. 1042438

Nah Haley, you're just a shit mother who's child would be so much better off in someone else's hands. That baby would have a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling childhood in the hands of someone who wasn't obsessed with being online and posting half naked pictured of her gross body everywhere.

I really hope the best for that child.

No. 1042442

>i'm a minor!
>stop sexualizing me!
>btw heehee look at this cute literal porn ^3^

No. 1042450

Fuck the WKing in this thread is transparent. I can't imagine getting so tilted you give yourself away everytime you post.

No. 1042453

That poor child.

nobody was saying we wanted to see your kid. Farmers are mean but theyre not mean enough to make fun of your kid. Most of us just pity the unfortunate soul. It is just weird how you on't mention your kid on instagram or even seem to parent him. Just streaming twitch and posting ass pictures

No. 1042461

that kid is way too cute to be hers, i wanna save him lmao. i’m assuming he spends half the time with his dad considering she’s single, but i don’t know if anyone knows who he is

No. 1042462

Imagine posting your kid on the same social media you post your nudes on and refer to him as "chonky". What a gross woman.

That being said, posting kids on here is against the rules if their faces aren't censored. You could delete this and reload it with him censored and just the caption.

No. 1042468

She didn’t self post that that’s obviously someone with a vendetta that she outed awfultune so obvious(babivampire)

No. 1042469

Difference is that’s her Facebook not Instagram where she has 100k idk what’s so hard to explain(babivampire)

No. 1042476

You’re literally proving her point why she doesn’t post her kid ANYMORE(babivampire)

No. 1042480

File: 1600669053414.jpeg (380.13 KB, 750x685, 16D07E64-8459-4BCF-A20A-944857…)

there’s evidence she self posted in the “Luna Sobieski” thread you fucking moron. learn how to sage your shit since you lurk so much.

No. 1042495


I don't think her kid sees his dad anymore.

Milk: she married his dad after she got pregnant with her son (i know his name and her kids name but i won't be mentioning it here for obvious reasons), she is from florida but i believe she moved with him to chicago after having her baby. They split but she was still living with him and his family.

A few months ago: she posted a series of ig stories where she had a meltdown. Talked about her ex being mentally and verbally abusive, how his family tried to trap her and wanted to take her son. She got backlash after she posted proof of her ex allegedly abusing her son (audio of her kid crying and her ex yelling) bc she didn't do anything to stop him or go to the police about it. I think she has since moved but I'm not entirely sure, since she is still saying she isn't safe or happy.

No. 1042500


Correction: they moved to indiana. But before she was living in florida.

No. 1042503

well congratulations vampirebabi girl u got your wish. self posting on a hate thread just to get anyone to talk about you.

No. 1042504

She self posted about an outfit so that automatically means she self posted the whole thread? Lmfao get a grip retard. It’s obvious an awfultune supporter made the thread and she tried to take advantage of it(babivampire)

No. 1042506

self post is a self post. She got the attention she asked for.
And she posted her kid literaly a day or 2 ago, don't act all high and mighty

No. 1042509

She posted her kid 2 months ago… just shows you have no idea what you’re talking about. I would know, I follow her. There’s a difference between acting high and mighty and actually being truthful here since so many of you love to lie about her. Done truthful milk is fucking better than pulling on strings ugh(babivampire)

No. 1042510

he was literally in her story here
Yesterday or the day before. Fuck off and sage

No. 1042512

And she didn’t keep the story up long. Wonder why, oh I could guess
fuck you and sage YOUR shit(babivampire)

No. 1042515

can someone get the autism off of this thread? you’re telling someone who saged their post to sage, something your dumbass can’t figure out.

No. 1042532

File: 1600677793380.jpg (Spoiler Image,702.15 KB, 1068x1708, SmartSelect_20200921-044344_Ch…)

This is the worst thing I could've seen this morning and honestly screw whoever retweeted this for it to show up on my TL

No. 1042533

the nasty aliexpress lingerie lol

No. 1042577

File: 1600694687908.webm (6.09 MB, 640x800, aids.webm)

I caught aids from this now you all have to too. I don't even know where to start with this video…

No. 1042582

You gotta be a pedophile to jerk off to this shit. Belle and her clones all pretend to act like qt innocent children while being professional whores.


No. 1042612

There is this girl [removed due to age] on Instagram, tiktok and twitter, [redacted] on YouTube. Haven´t seen anyone mention her and there´s so much milk on this girl. She used to do genuinly really nice makeup and that´s how she got that many followers, but now she mostly does clown makeup. She seemed like a sweet person before she pulled a Britney Spears on us. Shaved her head and became a crazy leftist SJW. She belives she´s this quirky and funny, politically correct woke queen with superhuman intellegence and no moral flaws. She thinks other people besides brain damaged 13 year olds actually gives a fuck about her retarded kid friendly nickelodeon political views. Her takes aren´t uniqe at all and she´s just repeating everything other dummies on twitter are saying. She constantly blocks people for disagreeing with her or getting upset at the things she says, a lot of these people are her fans. She makes fun of average and skinny bodied people all the time and when people call her out on it she calls them sensetive, but she looses her shit if anyone says anything about nasty fatties. There is so much more shit on her that i didn´t mention here, but feel free to look into it, it´s all over her Instagram and Twitter. Her TikTok is also a shitshow, ive never cringed so much in my life.(subjects must be 16 or over)

No. 1042613

It makes you wonder how they will treat their own children someday.

No. 1042619

I used to follow her because I liked her makeup. But she got annoying and was always sperging on her stories. And was saying people who aren’t vegans are disgusting and she hates them. Also she would always talk about her mental illness and eating disorder. Like? I understand talking and bringing awareness but a trend I notice is cows love to talk about mental illness and get sympathy pats instead of talking to a therapist or getting offline. She’s really annoying and needs to be a in a psych ward.

No. 1042626

Is this Belle?

No. 1042629

File: 1600703737900.png (2.1 MB, 1987x1042, Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 11.5…)

Jesus christ this is pathetic

Looks like a different girl skinwalking hard. She only looks like Belle to me when she does that stupid thing with her lips

No. 1042639

It’s so fucking off centered it’s annoying to look at. Bitches want to post retarded pictures of themselves but won’t even try to make things look decent.

No. 1042643

Girls with bangs like that are all psychos. It's good that they agreed to this haircut cause you can easily tell and keep your distance.

No. 1042655

Are you retarded?

Please go away it's hardly funny anymore

No. 1042667

Omg i cant wait until she turns 16 so there can be a thread made about her shes the biggest cow of all LOL its going to be hilarious shes so cringeworthy oh my god kek

No. 1042674

that ugly fucking mullet

When you come to defend yourself type sage in the email field. Your are needs to go take care of your kid

No. 1042757

just stop acknowledging anything about her. its shitting up the thread for nothing.

No. 1042767

yeah for real. i feel like she’s posting the nitpicky shit about herself because she’s that desperate for attention. i’m bored of this bitch until there’s more milk than just her being a druggie inattentive mother. maybe she should have her own thread? just a thought for if anyone else uncovers more about her so her WKs don’t clog this thread

No. 1042882

this is literally a different person. i follow them on tiktok… nice try dead9irl

No. 1042884

KEK what the fuck is it really? if thats true thats fucking hilarious and someone should go mark dead9irls post to see if she posted it. who besides dead9irl would post something fake about e1or4?

No. 1042886

File: 1600735769454.jpeg (260.38 KB, 828x1688, 054FFFCA-46C0-4F9D-908E-443783…)

No. 1042887

File: 1600735971330.png (1.77 MB, 828x1792, 5EDA43B3-6BDA-4683-9F11-C60A9D…)

you sure? which friend

No. 1042888

“Sent to me by one of her friends” ok Dead9irl which friend exactly cause it’s not ever her. Embarrassing.

No. 1042902

what the fuck lol why did she think we wouldn’t realize it’s a different person? that’s just fucking stupid. at least edit a picture of elora to look worse if you really want to make something up… this is embarrassing.

No. 1042903

flora skin walker much

No. 1042934

chin isn't nearly as big as our fav meth mama

No. 1042943

Do not post photos of flakes' children. They will be deleted and you will be banned.

No. 1042985

File: 1600753878583.jpeg (438.97 KB, 750x1204, 8B9FFD92-BDE3-4CF5-9AEC-F3AB39…)

i found this picture in e1or4’s tagged pictures. instead of posting fake milk dead9irl have some common sense. next pic is the close up of her face (1/2)

No. 1042988

File: 1600754023107.jpeg (88.83 KB, 750x1128, 3A7473DE-BE41-4F06-9675-5F0D3F…)

i’m guessing this is as close as we get to a real pic (2/2), it’s from august 2019

No. 1043000

Lmao I used to follow her as well. Her mom follows her on her ig, too. I’d be so embarrassed. But she’s 15 and participating in those online drag shows? Poor girl

No. 1043002

File: 1600756841240.jpg (110.7 KB, 750x446, IMG_5469.jpg)

seeing vampjunk in this thread made me jump because she lives incredibly close to me and ive seen her irl about 3 times, she is getting exposed for racism right now which is surprising because anyone in my area who's heard of her knows that she is racist.
ive always wanted to post her in this thread but im too old to be in her circles because she's around my sisters age which is about 16-17? so i dont have much milk about her but i could ask my sister if she knows more about her

more screenshots to come from private accounts i dont follow because im not young enough to be following all these egirls

No. 1043003

File: 1600756927945.png (498.5 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5471.PNG)

No. 1043005

File: 1600757130964.png (823.95 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5473.PNG)

No. 1043037

Kids shouldn't be online.

No. 1043046

File: 1600767021703.jpg (1.94 MB, 1800x2400, kenesnjwkwns.jpg)

Ah, a fellow Ausfag. I don't have anything to add to the use of the word "nigger" except bad move in 2020, but I'm curious, what does she look like irl? I had a look at her tags before she archived her whole Instagram and she looks almost like a different person compared to now. Granted, she might just take 100 photos vs before… but I was a little surprised by her tags.

No. 1043049

Can anyone confirm that these kids are over the age of 16? I feel like they're probably 13 to 15 at most.

No. 1043051

File: 1600768318095.png (71.22 KB, 1226x244, Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 7.50…)

her edits aren't as egregious than other cows imo, its just run of the mill chin shooping to make it smaller same with nose, her nose tip is wider.

pic related is her talking about her being 15 in the past tense, not that she cant be lying but based on what my sister says and her piercings (being that you can get those without parental permission at 16 in NSW) i assume she is indeed 16 or over. i can also add screenshots of her discussing graduating which puts her in 17-18 age range

No. 1043052

>because she's around my sisters age which is about 16-17

No. 1043057

File: 1600769267743.png (72.29 KB, 1164x238, Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 8.02…)

for shits and gigs here's her discussing graduating. looking at her twitter which is here -> https://twitter.com/vampjunk all she does is make edgy jokes, pander to incels, do drugs and complain about her life. idk what's sadder, her life or the fact she archived her insta so i cant find shit there-not that it was very interesting last time i checked it

No. 1043058

File: 1600769497497.jpg (489.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200922-201005.jpg)

Fauxgf is always getting into drama. Personally I always thought the goth scene came from Europe, I'm pretty sure burgerfags are just trying to claim it like they do with everything else. Feel free to correct me.

No. 1043061

File: 1600769890332.jpg (619.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200922-201923.jpg)

Woop we got more

No. 1043064

Goth as a subculture definitely started in Europe

No. 1043068

She's right, from what I read (skimmed)

The belle Delphine makeup trend really makes them all look the same.

No. 1043073

this girl seems like a fucking nightmare lol. hoping i never cross paths with this nutcase. funny how she clout chased cwunchie and actually ended up on here

No. 1043309

Bitch the brows?? Lips?? What’s happening with her face

No. 1043358


No. 1043363

She looks like a busted Who from Whoville

No. 1043373

did you not see the real picture of elora that was submitted? we literally already established that’s not her.

No. 1043381

File: 1600814945686.jpeg (436.56 KB, 750x1096, 8BA56761-A155-47D8-8DEE-DDE4EC…)

why are egirls such massive cunts about “getting credit” for their dumb pictures? the person obviously admired your photo enough to post it, why not just ask them nicely for credit… like not everyone knows who you are ang3lpedo

No. 1043388

because clout. who dare get inbetween an egirl & her clout

No. 1043389

many things. All the things

No. 1043392

File: 1600816775752.jpeg (202.58 KB, 750x1287, AAD45DE5-E265-4077-B20D-439618…)

kek babivampire’s username was at one point “babialcholic” what kind of mother…

No. 1043393

Careful. She'll claim we're smearing her when it's her own posting

No. 1043395

File: 1600817225665.jpg (369.01 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20200922-162714.jpg)

Not milk but it gave many keks. She edited herself to look like Tomie

No. 1043401

File: 1600817732832.jpeg (591.25 KB, 750x1186, A35EC3D3-B70B-45D2-AE61-8D5AE3…)

LMFAO that looks nothing like what she was trying to do… this photo is proof she buys her likes because who the fuck likes that??

No. 1043414

File: 1600819025606.jpeg (478.8 KB, 750x1200, 4250D8DB-7C9A-4343-A41E-3D8E48…)

KEK WHO MADE HER THIS LUMPY I feel like this is hate art not fan art

No. 1043429

I'm losing my MIND, they got the body exactly right, fucking topkek

No. 1043447

She literally states she’s bad as editing KEK y’all read?(babivampire)

No. 1043450

just because she says it herself doesn’t mean we can’t make fun of her retarded attempt at art. i see you wks have learned how to sage

No. 1043458

Just because you can sage and type kek doesn’t mean we don’t realize your wking

No. 1043460

really? her again?

No. 1043474

Literally lmfao now it’s just nit picky(babivampire)

No. 1043478

>KEK y'all
Do you read your own posts?

No. 1043511

frankly reposters who rip content to farm likes don’t deserve any respect at all tbh, especially when they don’t even credit.

No. 1043518

Ffs you act like they were reposting uncredited artwork. It's literally a picture of 2 whores, stop being retarded.

No. 1043524

so then ask nicely Tea it’s not that fucking hard. what the fuck is your problem

No. 1043540

File: 1600840986126.jpeg (Spoiler Image,117.46 KB, 811x1221, 2F1A5736-3959-4F63-9222-5F6DBF…)

sug4rfairy’s name on her instagram in Arisa Vurr so i decided look it up and found this publicly on the internet on some creepy website


her pussy is a little beefy kek don’t say i didn’t warn you

No. 1043541

File: 1600841031106.jpeg (Spoiler Image,86.26 KB, 811x536, 02BA6EE2-F6F9-4B2A-8DC4-1CD4AB…)

No. 1043542

i think i am a little more concerned about trigger safety then i am about the beefy pussy

No. 1043543

>her pussy is a little beefy
who talks like this about another woman? gross.

No. 1043544

I think Arisa learned how to sage lol

No. 1043545

>her pussy is a little beefy
Don't make me say anon, but who the fuck says shit like this?

No. 1043546

Women of lolcow

No. 1043548

Lol fuck off this website if you get offended at what anons say. Are you new here? Go cry to twitter if you're so triggered

No. 1043550

Shut up hamslaps. Go cry on twitter about it, beef pussy is hilarious

No. 1043573


It looks looks normal, scrote. Surprised she didn't photoshop it to look like a perfect peachpussy slit tho.

did she post this herself?

No. 1043575

Nitpicking is not allowed on /snow/ and nitpicking someone's pussy isn't milk

No. 1043582

File: 1600846549420.jpg (336.03 KB, 2390x1800, 8pxcvt27nq621.jpg)

Credit to Ang3lThigh on instagram uwu

No. 1043585

Then report the person who was nitpicking, ffs.

No. 1043587

Idk what you anons are on about, pussy like that is cute

No. 1043607

She has a completely normal looking aesthetically pleasing vagina like give me a fucking break lol. Are pussies supposed to just be like papercuts or what??

No. 1043618

Her vagu is fine, she just doesn't have particularly large outer labia so her inner labia shows a little more. I don't care if people want to be critical on a gossip website, I just personally think her vagina is normal.

No. 1043627

its gross but it looks normal

No. 1043629

What's gross however is publicly posting your vagina on the internet for the world to see cause you need attention.

No. 1043642

File: 1600857395204.jpg (290.54 KB, 1080x1622, Screenshot_20200923-203219__01…)

I second your stance on the matter anon.

Kek at how sugarf4iry has been reading here from the beginning. A few of her twitter posts seem like she's indirectly responding to anons, but this one was the most damning.

The post: >>1013691

No. 1043663

beauty cam and snow have body slimming sliders to record with

No. 1043669

File: 1600862815018.webm (659.77 KB, 480x720, download_1_1.webm)

>wheres the flickering

No. 1043693

Lol that is hilarious. Like an invisible corset being tightened.

No. 1043708

File: 1600870605215.png (1.75 MB, 828x1792, IMG_3026.PNG)

some more petty egirl racism stuff. @/nyabeat on insta

No. 1043742

After going through her Twitter looks like she's Neo Nazi who also finds humor in saying the n word for incel attention lol. Heard she's a rapist, haven't found proof on that one yet though lmao. There was apparently some rumor going around Instagram that Vampjunk had a girlfriend at one point but ending up cheating and is now in some relationship with a twitter incel. So a Neo Nazi, rapist, drug addict, a pick me girl and a whore for incel attention at the same time? yikes.

No. 1043743

“14.88” BMI is most likely that persons… you know… body mass index? like it’s most likely just an edtwt account. and none of those screenshots were even racist?? i fucking hate the youth today

No. 1043747

File: 1600876835760.jpg (35.38 KB, 328x598, huh.JPG)

Animal Abuse?

No. 1043770

I'm with you anon. Zoomers need to be ejected from their delusional high horse. Getting off twitter is a start.

No. 1043851

File: 1600885250793.png (3.24 MB, 1242x2688, 23DCDFFA-1AE4-4AA3-8F01-D78289…)

How arent more people talking about nyabeat?

No. 1043852

File: 1600885288334.png (3.97 MB, 1242x2688, 92364ED7-BDE0-404C-907C-0D84BF…)

No. 1043855

File: 1600885590918.png (3.06 MB, 1242x2688, 12759C59-8EEC-4020-AD12-0C188B…)

No. 1043856

Oh no she said the n word. Stfu, she's not a Nazi just an edgy kid.

No. 1043861

File: 1600885838521.jpeg (736.41 KB, 750x1200, CFFB87B5-0BC9-4B4A-9911-1D83FF…)

Has anyone gone through nyabeat’s tags? She looks like a tranny irl kek

No. 1043865

File: 1600886107874.jpeg (439.03 KB, 750x909, 417AF17D-6FF5-4B20-AD65-AB4455…)

No. 1043942

NGL i thought she was when i first saw her page… but now it looks like she shops and takes pics from angles that make her jaw/face/chin less large

No. 1043987

File: 1600896721271.jpeg (365.93 KB, 1372x1372, 39F92FB9-7A7D-46A1-8156-2E34CD…)

the egirls won’t stop sharing this one post and it’s so embarrassing to themselves. why do egirls gatekeep everything they weren’t around for the creation of and why would anyone care if something is “alt” or not? why can’t people just enjoy what they wear? just lame especially since ang3lthigh is just a y2k ddlg girl

No. 1043995

Left is just 90s fashion so they aren't wrong. It was not alternative at the time and still isn't now, literally generic pop 90s/early 00s fashion. (/ot)

No. 1044001

yes but i just think they’re obnoxious for caring this much, no one was calling basic 90s fashion alternative.

No. 1044009

not surprised. she removed me from following her & im black. i never commented on anything or anything yet. i followed her about 4 days ago.

No. 1044012

i understand why her pictures are so blurry now. thank god for drain aesthetic

No. 1044014

because normie rich people are trying to take the word right now & labels is all teenagers care about

No. 1044066

nya is 13 you cant talk about her here

No. 1044070

Ang3lthigh isn't even alt.
None of these egirls are "alt" half of them were normies until Lil Peep got famous. They are posers who larp as gothic/scene to pander to their onlyfans audience. Those neckbeards like the whole "big tiddy goth girl" meme Just Look at >>1041909 and >>1042278.

No. 1044074

File: 1600904128410.jpeg (150.89 KB, 960x959, 87D1C6F0-95A6-490F-A565-900656…)

Everyone’s fave kawaii anime goth girl sug4rfairy aka Arisa Vurr on Facebook in May 2018 decked out in American Eagle Outfitters. Something about this is so funny to me.

No. 1044087

File: 1600906249241.jpeg (283.66 KB, 750x1075, 839426F3-C9E5-4AED-B60A-1CADAC…)

the way jazmin bean posted this, looks nothing like her photos.

No. 1044091

who tf cares what they're reposting, reposters don't deserve shit. at least make some shitty memes if you want to farm likes, christ.

No. 1044099

it's a jazmin bean post….. do you seriously expect anyone on their page to look human or resemble what they actually look like?

No. 1044100

it’s more-so jazmin edited their whole face and did nya dirty by not editing hers… completely missed the point anon.

No. 1044113


Even though this is edited to hell and back she looked way better dressed as a normie. Why these young girls go for the coked up tranny clown look just for the sake of being "alt" I will never understand.

No. 1044150

she should’ve kept the normal eyebrows, they suited her much better

No. 1044190

File: 1600918546851.jpg (1.69 MB, 2250x2250, pt2020_09_24_13_32_13.jpg)

Calling a mentally ill teenager and Nazi because they're too stupid to realise there are certain words you shouldn't say is so fucking pull-tier. This thread is infested with low quality racebait.

It's ridiculous to assume someone removed you from following simply because of your skin colour without any evidence, honestly get some help.

No. 1044197

She looks better here

No. 1044200

didnt assume thats why she did it. just put two & two together based off what everyone is finding out about her

No. 1044203

File: 1600919801910.jpg (977.07 KB, 2400x1800, dead9irlsugarf4iry.jpg)

That "evidence" has literally nothing to it, no smoking gun. Try and think for yourself or atleast attach actual proof she's racist before running with the narrative.

Anyone aware of the dead9irl sugarf4iry beef? I might have died a little when I realised dead9irl's ex daddy was defending sugarf4iry before they got together.

No. 1044204

File: 1600919849093.jpg (1.08 MB, 2400x1800, dead9irlsboyfriend.jpg)

No. 1044205

File: 1600919979322.jpg (1000.85 KB, 2400x1800, part2.jpg)

No. 1044207

File: 1600920174567.jpg (1.12 MB, 2250x2250, boyfriendproof.jpg)

No. 1044209

File: 1600920299811.jpg (364.12 KB, 1080x1618, thatdidntlastlong.jpg)

No. 1044230

File: 1600924471969.jpeg (121.21 KB, 750x555, E127CB9E-B611-4F6D-92BB-070E65…)

this is some of the weirdest shit i’ve ever seen, her interactions with her “daddy” fucking scare me.

No. 1044238


No. 1044258

File: 1600931406995.jpg (311.47 KB, 800x1032, 20200924_001039.jpg)

Her daddy is a scrawny nerd

No. 1044260

File: 1600932266617.jpeg (48.31 KB, 560x547, images (5).jpeg)

No. 1044267

File: 1600934765358.jpeg (367.58 KB, 750x530, 402828E2-2247-4907-862A-9C30F4…)

nyabeast - an unpopular white anime weeb at school, asian lolita babydoll uwu girl on instagram. how did she get away with cat fishing as asian for so long??

No. 1044269

File: 1600934962469.jpeg (99.46 KB, 750x544, 21E7AD68-0AF4-45C8-975E-A4B59F…)

Saw this on a callout post about Vampjunk. Which btw she got the name “Reb” from Eric Harris, one of the columbine shooters….her real name is Lily

No. 1044274

holy fuck. how did i not realize that. that makes her way grosser, what fucking mentally ill nutcases

No. 1044278


edgy tryhard deep teens online have been stealing and going through columbiner phases for 2 decades now, is that really fresh shocking milk?

No. 1044283

just wanted to point it out with the nazi shit. she lied and said she didn’t know Eric had the nickname yet she used to be a columbine fangirl lol

No. 1044295

They have no personalities, so they think liking black clothes and dangerhair makes them "unique". They know they got nothing going on other than pandering to scrotes and since there are so many e-girls and whores on the internet you gotta find a niche/target audience. PM what >>1044070 said.

A girl with a personality doesn't have to dress up like a clown for attention.

>I don't self identify as an e-girl lol I don't like being called one

lmao. You're the textbook definition of an e-girl. Literally google e-girl and you will see 1 Million pictures of girls who look exactly like you.

No. 1044312

because nya is under 16, there are rules against talking about people under that age
vendetta chan. she's not a catfish, and nor has she ever tried to look asian? also any old pictures being posted in this thread to try and defame her is pretty pathetic considering she was a couple years younger in said pictures. all the sperging on nya screams vendetta chan

No. 1044322

There's definitely some twitter/pullfaggotry in this thread. Half the posts are race related callouts thinly veiled as milk. If she's underage, people should definitely stop posting her now that they're aware.

No. 1044328

was not vendetta chan. i have never heard about this person and was not aware of her age. she definitely does photoshop herself (most likely on the app snow) and makes herself look asian. but we should stop talking about her if she is underage.

No. 1044331

>There's definitely some twitter/pullfaggotry in this thread. Half the posts are race related callouts thinly veiled as milk.

That's cause all the Pulltards are asian chicks or weebs who want to be asian chicks. I really don't give a fuck if some e-girl "pretended to be asian" cause she dyed her hair black and did weeb-make-up or put edgy nazi jokes in her bio.

Maybe make your own forum where you can call out whitey for cultural appropriation.. o wait that already exists and is called twitter, reddit and tumblr. Go back.

No. 1044376

She doesn't look Asian here.

No. 1044401

Lol this. Anons have a warped view of how an asian person looks like, this girl has very pale skin, round eyes and a somewhat high nose, features that are normal for a young white woman. Being cute (or shooped) and having black hair isn't exclusive to asians.

No. 1044407

This picture was taken almost 2 years ago, so are u guys saying she was 14 on this pic? lol

No. 1044421

File: 1600960739101.jpg (1.63 MB, 2400x1800, fauxgf 1.jpg)

Faith in humanity restored.

Changing the subject, fauxgf is at it again. I seldom look at her stories without finding some sort of callout post designed to get more clout. I can't help but agree with her despite disagreeing with her motives, or the way she goes about it. But people like her and other ethots really should stop normalising sexwork on public platforms like social media. When applying a tiny bit of foresight you realise that this is the obvious consequences to the online culture they support. Of course she's blissfully unaware she's part of the problem.

I've removed the name of the minor in question so I could post this.

No. 1044422

File: 1600960748438.png (2.12 MB, 750x1334, 838C13B0-5D05-4EAB-80A2-E9F17C…)

No. 1044428

this is all pure cancer

No. 1044434

You guys…you guys know this pic is photoshopped, right? A large, bony jaw doesn't shrink down after a few years of living. I don't think she's milky but irl she looks like a man. It's also pretty evident that she selfposting here because she has nothing better to do with her time.

No. 1044436

File: 1600961873487.jpg (360.06 KB, 1080x1920, fauxgf5__01__01.jpg)

I wanted to convey the length of her ranting but the rest were probably unnecessary. No ulterior motives here kek, just suspiciously calling out another larger account.

No. 1044438

im pretty sure from the way nyabeat acts and seeing her friends that shes like 16/17 she shouldnt be posted about here

No. 1044442

i'm in a discord server with her and she's over 16 for sure, she may even be over 18

No. 1044445

kek i haven’t seen a fake ass meltdown like this since my tumblr days years ago. ‘immjssoi sorreeyh i ddidintt knwow tittwasjd badd’ shut the fuck up and log off oh my god

aren’t the rules 16+ anyway?

No. 1044446

Wait are you saying we should talk about a minor because she's photoshopped, or that small jaws and synonymous with Asians so she must be doing yellow face kek? I'd say she's selfposting if it wasn't for the rabid hordes of tards currently trying to cancel her. It's way more likely one of them made their way here. This no context screencap of her cry typing is the only post which seems suspicious to me >>1044422

If she's 16 she's within the age range to be posted on LC just going by the rules. But some anon said she's actually under 16 so I personally wouldn't risk it. The only posts made on her are delusional and boring anyways.

Post proof please.

No. 1044449

Is this that thing where they type weird cause they pretend to be crying?


No. 1044457

anyone else following the bassdrip/kamikazegirl drama?

No. 1044466

Post screenshots ?

No. 1044471

I remember seeing her say at some point that her parents named her after the columbine shooting KEK

No. 1044498

>some anon
she's over 16, it's not hard to figure out if you look through her shit

No. 1044504

dead9irl was only 14-15 in these pictures so i recommend you delete since its against the rules(actual autism)

No. 1044518

don't be retarded

No. 1044520

if it's not hard to find proof then post it, or fuck off

No. 1044529

She doesn't look asian? Eyeliner doesn't suddenly mean you are trying to be asian. Wtf?

No. 1044531

Gotta post some proof with this though. Someone just saying it and no photos of it is sus. Probably true, but people just taking a word for it from someone who can't spell like this is retarded.

No. 1044535


If she was under 16 why would she hang out with @hobj0b that’s 17 and @jazminebean??

No. 1044541

Oh ok you are selfposting. Fuck off you underaged idiot, you are being very transparent.

No. 1044558

The lack of posts about @/nyabeat have me convinced only her friends are in here trying to do damage control. Maybe she herself isn’t that milky, and maybe the egirl thread isn’t the best place to post about it, but that #KALIACC @sonya_qafi @ARIOSOPHY shit she’s involved in is milky as fuck. Lunatic incel cult grooming egirls to follow “ancient Aryan” (Neonazi) teachings and encouraging them to be pro-ana among a bunch of other crazy stuff.

No. 1044564

aww sad. whiteknight cant tell the bitch is catfish. adorable

No. 1044565

its her fashion & the faces she tries to make that are making people think she wants to be asian. all weebs do it

No. 1044572

because these clout bitches dont care as long as you trade clout

No. 1044586

How to gate keep 101

How does anyone think she is asian ? Were those anons dropped on the head as babies
She is clearly white.

No. 1044594

First of all the rules here are anyone 16+ can be talked about, so everyone saying "Waaaaaaa it's against duh rules to talk about her she's a minor!!!!" need to shut the fuck up already and read the rules themselves. Second of all learn to read retard, I never said small jaws are synonymous with asian people. Nyabeat is very obviously an insecure, ugly girl photoshopping the fuck out of her pictures. If she is trying to do yellowface, she's not very good at it.

This thread is a fucking mess. It's filled with egirls not even trying to hide that they're selfposting, and other egirls shitting on other egirls. Heads up: if you're an e-girl, you are a pathetic stain on society no matter what. You are no better than any other egirl. Sage your posts for christ's sake and read the rules you autistic mistakes.

No. 1044607

what do u expect. ofc egirls would self post most egirls are from here anyways

No. 1044609

dead9irl can you learn how to fucking sage? no one is removing your normie pics they’re fucking hilarious and you’re an adult. how much do you stalk this thread damn?

No. 1044618

File: 1600979121536.png (413.84 KB, 945x611, nya1.png)

enjoy the fruits of my autism. nyabeat's 17, 18 in january. this is her friend's account who she goes to school with

No. 1044620

File: 1600979142185.png (384.07 KB, 855x613, nya2.png)

No. 1044621

File: 1600979179701.png (13.27 KB, 757x177, nya3.png)

same friend's telonym proving they're in year 13 now

No. 1044622

File: 1600979207486.png (167.43 KB, 831x614, nya4.png)

proving friend is 17

No. 1044623

File: 1600979245354.png (468.24 KB, 960x619, nya5.png)

at school, friend wishing nya happy birthday earlier this year

No. 1044624

blanked out usernames so farmhands won't potentially ban/delete, but not hard to find the account in nya's tagged photos if you want to look yourselves

No. 1044627

File: 1600979414258.jpg (395.43 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20200924-132948.jpg)

Anon, that's clearly not her she's been scene since she was 10 kek.

No. 1044635

>listening to BOTDF at 10
no wonder she's fucked in the head kek

No. 1044637

It's probably a lie. She looks like a normie in pics of her at "14"

No. 1044643

File: 1600980923118.jpeg (661.11 KB, 750x1294, 47DDA156-EFD2-4E74-81AD-15CBFC…)

you guys know that really scene emo brand… Toms??? i’m so fucking confused lmfao. the toopoor wall looks a lil different these days…

No. 1044646

emo god kellin quinn LIVED in toms. plz go be autistic somewhere else

No. 1044647

dead9irl if you type sage in the email field it’ll make it a lot less obvious that you’re defending yourself on the thread

No. 1044649

File: 1600981419347.jpeg (125.84 KB, 750x1094, 492080A2-4F20-4734-AD96-C46D9D…)

No. 1044652

okay? we still have pictures more recent than that? god fucking damn you’re so irritating ashley

No. 1044659

File: 1600982293241.jpeg (328.05 KB, 750x1085, 3A4B9839-CEDB-4808-A4FA-3A6A36…)

I don’t like the bestiality vibes I don’t care if y’all say it’s a kink… sexualizing cows (ironic huh) really makes me uncomfortable

No. 1044661

Oh what the fuck. This is so weird. WRONG kind of milk, we don't want this.

No. 1044712

File: 1600985658939.jpeg (183.22 KB, 750x531, 11637742-F266-42E9-B5DC-BEC91C…)

nyabeat talking about the situation, this is from her spam. if she didn’t care she wouldn’t limit her comments lol

No. 1044715

Not defending her but this isn't bestiality, christ. It's just a stupid breeding kink and referring to her tots as udders. I think Nyan beat is retarded but please find something else to nitpick.

No. 1044720

this isnt about nyabeat retard. it was a screenshot of dead9irl if you can read. sexualizing cows is creepy cringey and gross, next

No. 1044730

nyabeat is currently 15 u stalker she hangs out with people older than her. the caption in that pic says thats a 4 year old pic of her so shes literally 11 in that.(come back when you're 18)

No. 1044739

they gave so much proof that shes older. stop being retarded and fuck off nyabeat. sage your shit.

No. 1044742

File: 1600987716070.png (267.96 KB, 536x945, 2020-09-24 15_46_55-Window.png)

sonya_qafi has been outed as piety/chara/cvnka/cvority, the r9k/discord catfish turned vtuber >>302894.

girls have been coming out after nyabeat about being groomed into their proana/nazi harem

No. 1044743

File: 1600987763390.png (220.96 KB, 536x952, 2020-09-24 15_47_05-Window.png)

No. 1044747

File: 1600987822106.png (323.38 KB, 601x591, EitdFz7U4AAi0Hp.png)

"lover_baby9" is sonya qafi, they changed @'s after the heat got on them

No. 1044751

If it was a literal photo of cow and someone was saying they want to have sex with it okay I understand but this isn’t the case

She is wearing a cow sex outfit, and it’s not bestiality. Majority of Americans wear sex outfits

If someone wears a school girl outfit does that make their partner a pedo ? No

Your looking to deep into it

No. 1044756

Imagine being this fucking retarded and thinking that referring to your tits as "udders" is bestiality. Go back to twitter, retard

No. 1044769

Stop trying to make kaliacc happen, lolcow users don't give a fuck

No. 1044771

File: 1600989539555.jpg (124.33 KB, 640x1136, jSi9CKhT.jpg)

More posted.. nyabeat has put all the blame on them

No. 1044788

the reason she has normie forever21 pics from when she was 14 and not 10 is because she is a poser who is only scene when its in trend and everyone else is doing it.

No. 1044809

that’s probably the most accurate statement about it i’ve seen. when scene / emo fell out of favour after 2014-15, her aesthetic turns into hollister forever 21 (which she claimed were her two favourite clothing brands on her askfm). the funny thing is no one would care if she didn’t constantly call others posers and have retard attacks over proving she’s been scene since she was 10. it’s not normal to still have the same style you had at 10, but she feels so determined to prove it despite all the overarching evidence against her claims.

No. 1044814

hey there!!! if u wanna follow an unproblematic, adorable and sweet lolita girl instead of racist nyabeat u should follow [removed] she doesn’t try to be asian nd is cuter!!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1044816

why would you post this. people are going to accuse her of self post. are you trying to embarrass her.

No. 1044819

What the actual hell has transpired on this thread today? It's like reading hieroglyphics. Trying to distinguish the farmers from the people pillaging from Instagram and Twitter is hurting my brain. Don't they realize they all have so much in common, but all pretend to have their own individuality complexes?

No. 1044822

seriously. Self post or so not helping her. We're gunna rag on her now you know? Or just ignore you if she is as precious as you say. No one here is here for a sweetie

No. 1044824

Do you know what website you’re on? This post doesn’t seem very genuine to me at all. Is this nyabeat trying to derail?

No. 1044828

File: 1600993754528.jpg (364.77 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20200924-172856.jpg)

Fuck off retard. Nobody here wants to follow your ugly page. Go back to your disgusting kink discord server
"Uwu daddy breed me"
The daddy in question >>1044258

No. 1044833

File: 1600994055169.png (1.21 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200924-203122.png)

from today. the two girls had a falling out recently which has blown up into accusing eachother of copying eachother pretty much every other day. bassdrips insta is private but she has spoken out a few times.

No. 1044838

File: 1600994544176.jpg (321.63 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20200924-174119.jpg)

Elf baby more like el goblino

No. 1044840

All I read was up to her saying hating children means you're awful and "don't understand". Both of you should have stayed childless and one of you did so cheers to her. She's smarter for not bringing a kid into a world where his mother scrapes to feed him.

No. 1044842

Don't use your kid as sympathy pawn. You chose to have him

No. 1044843

the saddest thing is Ive heard the kid doesnt even live with her, her lives with her parents (they made her move out).

No. 1044847

wow then, way to make him the focus of you're argument when you have no right

No. 1044870


Don't be surprised if this is that Megan chick posting, she's been skin walking, stalking and harassing that corpse chick for months now and has fucked up ways for gaining followers and know people will find her through corpse because she's quite open about the harassment. Just ignore it.

No. 1044883

so the proof of her being 17 was her friend being 17? what fucking logic is that u absolute buffoon can people not have different aged friends now ? retard

No. 1044886

hi she is literally 16, she was born in january 2004 ! i went to school w her, she has lots of older friends but they r all like 16/17/18(come back when you're 18)

No. 1044892

>"For them to take food out f my child's mouth [for talking shit about me online]"

That's when I stop listening. You stupid cunt, I hope your child gets taken away from you and placed with a better family. You yourself choose to make pennies a week showing yourself online, posting pics of yourself half naked, and spending every extra dollar you have on shitty lingerie. No one is taking food out of your child's mouth except you, you dumb bitch. Don't blame the internet. I feel bad for children of e-girls, they're all going to grow up starving and mentally impaired because their attention whore mothers think they're gonna be the next goth Delphine.

No. 1044896

this tbh

any1 who knows these people knows that its their dream to rile up this place and send us all on a wild goose chase

i am almost certain the piety thing is a bunch of nonsense too, but if you want to confirm or scope it out piety's twitter is https://twitter.com/cvority

she's a vtuber

No. 1044899

She was also friends with Dahvie Vanity for some time, which she herself and others have said is true. I don't have any older screenshots but its been a shitshow.

No. 1044900

you’re a “buffoon” who can’t sage so i think that’s much worse than anons point

No. 1044909

Then she can be posted here, now fuck off.

No. 1044911

if they are taking money out of the kids mouth because you can't post selfies due to bullying why not get another job if the internet is hurting him so much

No. 1044914

She's old enough to be posted here. Shut the fuck up already.

No. 1044922

lul nyabeat deactivated her instagram

No. 1044980

File: 1601013383527.jpg (503.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200925-024653.jpg)

Anon, you don't need to restate the rules. If your reading comprehension was half as good as you demand from others, you'd realise I stated the very same thing in my post. It was repeatedly stated she was 13, she might have been as far as I or anyone else knew at the time. And I didn't see you providing any proof. The posts you were specifically replying to were essentially saying "fuck off she doesn't even look Asian". You then sperged about her big jaw irrelevantly so that's where my nonchalant, joking, line of questioning came in… which I'm surprised wasn't glaringly obvious seeing as we both seem to agree her "yellowface" is trash. No one is challenging the notion she obviously photoshops.

Yes, this thread is a mess, no it doesn't mean everyone you're responding to is an egirl. I meant in the case of nyabeat it was much more likely rabid hordes are using every avenue to cancel her (including LC). I don't think she's the only one contributing to the mess here. (Although with foresight, I'd say the crytyping post and underage spergs are more likely her or a friend). Pic related is the expose page. They're not above policing other people by blackmailing them into "educating" themselves, or lording their percieved moral superiority over others. Totally the types to sperg about nonexistent yellowface on LC.

No. 1045078

Keep sperging about a post made yesterday, it really adds to the trash in this thread

No. 1045135

File: 1601047258689.jpg (283.54 KB, 1080x1307, Screenshot_20200926-011556__01…)

Nyabeat selfposts basically confirmed. I have the rest of her apology caps if anyone actually cares enough to read them.

No. 1045159

Wait sorry for unrelated but piety is Miya/Sonya from twitter??!! And they groom underaged girls?? They and that entire side of twitter need a new thread.

No. 1045167

>im 12 years old & English mysecond language
This is so fake. Lying about their ages and other aspects of their identities is one of this "community"'s favorite things to do. Watch this either be another neckbeard catfishing, or a 17 year old edgelord girl who thinks she's in on the joke (when she actually is the joke). The latter is most likely true of the "nyabeat" person, too.
The person behind the "sonya_qafi" account (as well as his friend and/or sockpuppet) is some failed male tranny who's obsessed with having online strangers think he's a girl (at least until they actually read his posts). They do shit like this all the time to fuck with random people, they get some thrill from pretending to be retarded and engaging in fake drama/psyops with strangers.
They're kind of cowardly, though. The last time this "kaliacc" group got attention from Lolcow, they actually packed up their shit, shut down one of their Discord servers and went into hiding. It was pretty funny.

No. 1045188

File: 1601056033618.png (1.27 MB, 897x894, c - Copy.PNG)

nyabeat, used to be trans, known as "lester" along with at least 2 other chicks in that circle that jumped on the transwagon and then promptly fell off again. she mostly talks with a london roadmen accent which is another fashion trend she was apart of before the anime stuff

No. 1045200

what a fucking poser LOL. none of these bitches are authentic its hilarious, it seems like every single girl who wants to feel different jumped on the anime + bladee bandwagon in 2019

No. 1045237

why is she trying to blame everything on grooming. you make your own decisions. and you chose to be a nazi?

No. 1045332

File: 1601075455848.jpeg (404.41 KB, 750x1096, 9B9618A6-665C-4DF3-BAF8-F20979…)

No. 1045362

Dead9irl is gross with her kinks. Her daddy is a total gay alien looking ass nerd and she has a long anteater face. Why are ugly people so sexual

No. 1045441

because they are deprived

No. 1045445

File: 1601089426958.jpeg (370.88 KB, 750x1188, CC1DCFA0-B2B8-48D8-8201-800BDB…)

kek no fucking way the filth monster is back and friends with resident cow haley dolores the cracked out vampire with the crotch goblin

No. 1045448

File: 1601089866796.png (1.68 MB, 953x615, 097357452.png)

No. 1045539

self posting cows all suck each other’s asses confirmed

No. 1045580

File: 1601124800106.png (476.69 KB, 750x1334, 58BD06DF-154D-4A79-9EBB-D3A1C4…)

“buying promos” damn she’s pathetic…

No. 1045585

imagine spending money on fake instagram engagement when you have a whole ass child you could and should be putting that money towards. fucking shameful holy shit

No. 1045592

why is sonya pretending to be piety?

No. 1045620

File: 1601131793566.jpeg (916.19 KB, 3464x3464, 1F01C3C0-505F-4F7F-A832-D7632C…)

Does anyone have any milk on this @dracubina chick on Twitter? She isn’t ugly but her Twitter persona is very cringe. And she’s always pedobaiting and making herself look ~uwu smol~ Another thing she does is always inserting herself into people’s tweets, literally starting shit for no reason, and trying to show that she isn’t a pick me . And she supports woman ~uwu cause she’s not toxic like these other woman uwu~ whist she literally tears other girls apart who don’t agree with the idea that woman should post their asshole online for chum change.

No. 1045623

File: 1601132089718.jpeg (969.61 KB, 3464x3464, 266A83A5-868D-4364-BC57-DE4E70…)

Same fag but here’s her trying to be qUiRkY and pedobaiting. That picture makes me uncomfortable I feel like it’s illegal to look at it even though she’s of legal age. Looks like a child’s bedroom. Not that there’s anything wrong with liking childlike things as an adult but she sexualizes it and makes herself look like a child …

No. 1045624

you must be new to the internet

No. 1045629

Sorry is that not milk? I just think she has the same qualities as the other girls on here.

No. 1045645

File: 1601134293922.jpeg (334.69 KB, 750x724, 3E63665D-EF6F-4D72-AE5D-F1E554…)

Does anyone know what happened to littlechurchgirl?

No. 1045670

File: 1601135399707.jpg (176.17 KB, 1080x1496, Screenshot_20200927-014928__01…)

She stopped photoshopping herself to look like @alidasimone and goes by @babyblonde13

No. 1045718

She’s not milky and is actually very nice. Photoshopping or facetuning isn’t milk everyone on Instagram does.

No. 1045777

She’s been cringy for a long time. She used to be in relationship with a guy from the uk, idk his current ig name but it used to be @paranoia. He bought her a bunch of stuff and was generally pretty creepy and obsessive. I’ve stopped following her around the time she started her onlyfans.