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File: 1617634254892.jpg (43.18 KB, 640x647, 2cbd005211350937834bd57e472358…)

No. 1202180

A thread for TikTokers that don't warrant an entire thread, but are still involved in scandals or do incredibly stupid things.

Cows can have a presence on other social media platforms, but must primarily be known for their TikTok account.

Any TikToker is up to discuss, but some cows include:

Zoe Laverne
>19-year-old TikToker who got her start from lip syncing and dance videos who has over 18 million followers
>TikTok is her entire personality; even described herself as having "no friends" offline
>Long on-again/off-again relationship with fellow TikToker Cody Orlove, whom she admitted to cheating on
>Accused Orlove of hitting and abusing her but admitted she lied about the allegations
>Footage leaked of Laverne throwing a tantrum when fellow TikToker Charli D'Amelio was about to surpass her in followers; called her a bitch and insisted that she was in fact the "star of TikTok"
>Is an admitted pedo; recently got in trouble after admitting to kissing and catching feelings for a 13-year-old fan. This fan doesn't look older and definitely looks like a child, though Laverne knew he was 13 when she kissed him and can't pull the James Charles excuse
>Accused of grooming the 13-year-old; he has come forward to defend Laverne because he doesn't know any better
>Livestreamed herself sobbing when people began to cancel her for being a LITERAL PEDOPHILE and had to have her parents come on the livestream to defend her, kek
>Recently announced she is pregnant with her 20-year-old boyfriend Dawson Day's child, but some theorize the 13-year-old is the father and she convinced Dawson otherwise to save herself

Charly Jordan
>21-year-old model/DJ
>Traveled to Rwanda during the pandemic in September despite high US covid rates in order to do "charity work" with gorillas - aka she wanted to play with exotic monkeys and get praise for it
>Was forced to quarantine after arriving because she tested positive for covid
>Shared a video of herself blubbering like a whale because she was "locked" in a room and didn't have access to weed while quarantining because she NEEDS it for her anxiety

The Lopez Brothers
>Brothers 21-year-old Tony and 24-year-old Ondreaz known for dancing and being in the TikTok Hype House 
>History of liking sexist, homophobic, and racist tweets that their audiene of 12-year-old girls doesn't seem to mind
>Tony is currently being sued by two 15-year-old girls for numerous things including sexual battery and gender violence
>Ondreaz was accused by a 16-year-old of forcing her to "touch his genitals" 
>Video leaked by a second 14-year-old victim showed the victim's mother calling Ondreaz and him confirming that he knew what he was doing with the victim was wrong

Bryce Hall
>21-year-old who got his start on Vine before transitioning to TikTok 
>Claimed TikTok was "heterophobic," kek
>Falsely accused a former manager of sexual assault, then changed his mind when the manager sued for defamation 
>Pissed on fans from a hotel balcony at Playlist Live 
>Giant manchild with history of assaulting others, including a fight at Vidcon in 2017 and an assault on a fellow TikToker in 2018
>Arrested on drug-related charges for having weed and possibly ecstasy/cocaine 
>Throws giant parties in the middle of the pandemic like a typical LA douche
>Fought restaurant staff because they wouldn't let him vape

Again, anyone on TikTok is welcome, feel free to add any new contribitons.

If you're new here, read the rules first and for the love of god put sage in the email field if you don't have any milk-worthy contributions.



No. 1202182

This is my first thread, apologies if anything isn't the best. Just wanted somewhere to discuss the batshit people on TikTok, because there are way too many to include in just one introductory post.

No. 1202185

Thanks OP, looks great. Hope there's plenty of milk for this one

No. 1202188

Thank you for the thread OP! You did good imo

No. 1202199

good job op this thread seems fun

No. 1202200

also are those the twins that hang with Nikita?

No. 1202207

Saging because not really milk, but I am always interested in this guy who used to make music videos on YouTube, just to later end up selling himself to China and making Musically (well, now its TikTok) videos.

No. 1202219

Here's the video the 14-year-old victim of Ondreaz Lopez leaked of her mom on the phone to Ondreaz. How have they not been arrested yet? This is basically an admission.

No. 1202238

File: 1617641445893.jpeg (439.49 KB, 750x1176, 9A79768B-0AE6-400D-9730-18D32E…)

This guy gives me weird vibes, it’s like he’s randomized with a bunch of traditionally attractive features that look wrong together. He hasn’t done anything bad to my knowledge, but his acting videos are embarrassing and I thought you’d all get a kick out of it and his soccer mom fans that drool over him.

No. 1202248

Video is already down. Got a re-upload?

No. 1202256

The third clip on his Instagram is a POV video where he has his ex girlfriend tied up and heavily implies using violence against her. Romanticizing stalking and abuse in cringy POV videos is bad enough I would say and he has probably done worse. But I can see why teenagers would swoon over this. He seems super narcissistic though (calling himself "starry-eyed storyteller" in his videos kek) and I agree that there is something weird going on with his face but that might just be the overall cringe I am getting from his videos.

No. 1202269

It's up for me, embed is turned off so you have to watch on YouTube.

No. 1202460

File: 1617665563303.png (304.76 KB, 468x536, 0093307.png)

This guy is so cringy. He looks like a psychopath too.

No. 1202758

File: 1617720205771.png (3.64 MB, 828x1792, 2F6DEB20-6E44-4014-BBFB-D9A3A3…)

>>was verified
>>accounts banned from tiktok due to disregarding tiktok terms in displaying her onlyfans and advertising it on a kids platform.
>>tries to bring attention to onision, james Charles, and several other groomers on the platform while ignoring her own blatant disregard for tiktok expectations.
>>probably hasn’t even sent in feedback or reports about the listed groomers or “predators” on the app but complains anyway because she lacks any accountability
>>also openly defended Theoneriley after he had a scandal where he played several women then deleted her videos about it after getting backlash.
>>had a fight with a user named neon(?) who took an issue with her pandering for money on her account but thereafter deleted his account after she practically sent her fans to harass him.

This is all I can remember, but hawk has low key been incredibly problematic on the platform while her fans foam at the mouth for her

No. 1202759

samefag, but hawk has major pick me attention whore vibes.

No. 1202761

I thought Bryce Hall was just stupid but he pissed on fans? What is going on, so weird he's dating like the 2nd most famous girl on tiktok

No. 1202763

Hawk is a cow for sure. She uses her kid and used her ex as "alternative family goals" to get where she is now. She was really only propped up by other tiktokers and once she was verified she just went full attention whore with the thirst traps, then back to videos of her kid. It's so weird to me. Putting your kids on an app where there's known to be pedos and then being down with predators who are creators until they're called out is suspect as shit. As someone else said, total pick me. I had a few friends in one of her discord groups like a year ago and they said it was just non stop drama and hawk going to people so they would defend her as her friends were outed. She's probably overflowing with milk at this point if she's been continuing her bullshit since that point.

No. 1202764

Samefag, I'm actually not clear if her and Alex or whatever are exes but last I heard of them they were not doing well.

No. 1202775

His videos being so blurry and filtered looking makes me think he's definitely got something to hide.

No. 1202776

I believe this. It’s no wonder she got doxxed before, I didn’t know what she did to deserve it - but she seems like a seriously toxic person. The drama on her discord doesn’t surprise me one bit. She’s always getting herself involved like a pick me.

No. 1202800

That one girl that went viral who played up her accent and speaks FLUENT english that incels were simping over…she pretended she didn't know how to say New York and said "New Jork" as if everyone in Europe hasn't seen media with it in it. Forgot her name but you know the one. She posts "thot" stuff like any other e-girl but apparently it's ok when she does it because she's attractive?

No. 1202817

No. 1202832

I saw this vice doc when it came out and couldn't believe it. His parodies were shit but his whole story is crazy, he looks miserable

No. 1202873

holy shit it looks like hes aged 30 yrs in that thumbnail

No. 1202923

File: 1617735400528.jpeg (289.61 KB, 1242x1057, 17AB8DBB-98E8-47EF-8DA6-56183A…)

He said he was gonna cone back to youtube sometime but we'll see about that when it happens I guess

No. 1202959

omg I have always been tempted to post her here because she drives me insane. she was in this TikTok friend group and slept with the two men (one being a tranny) she made a gofundme to have one of them fly out to meet her, and then she dumped him for the tranny lol. it was very dramatic. her poor kid is always meeting new men and like the other anons said, being paraded around online

No. 1202970

File: 1617741180503.png (2.76 MB, 828x1792, IMG_3507.PNG)

samefag but Ali Burroughs is another TikTok lolcow I have been following for a while.
there is so much milk, her kf thread is a good starter, but here is some general info:

>she is a barely literate woman in her late 20s who lives on gov handouts

>has two young children that got taken away from her because she is an unfit mother
>lives with a morbidly obese man named dale
>is constantly pretending to be pregnant with twins, triplets, etc
>pretended to be kidnapped last year under the account "mossingperson" - her caveman typos are always hilarious
>currently is pretending to have died

she is honestly kind of scary lol

No. 1202972

I genuinely found some of her videos funny but when I saw more then a few and got a glimpse of her actual personality I was so confused. She seems really entitled or something? I assumed there was some weird drama I missed bc she has a really weird vibe.

At first I liked that from what I saw she didn't discuss or show her kid but lmao when I saw her then using her kid constantly in her videos. TBH I don't care much about camwhores advertising on tiktok or thots attention seeking on it because I don't see how it's any more a KiDs PlaTfOrM than the likes of instagram or any social media, but I do think it's gross when people post their kids publicly at all, let alone on the same page where they advertise their onlyfans.

Did anyone keep up with Michele Lundy and her drama with her cheating on her ex at the time? The massive clique of ~goals lesbian couples~ on tiktok are a goldmine.

there's so many tikthots especially nordic ones who could fit this script kek

No. 1203014

you’re right tho. Her plight in her rebuttal to tiktok “protecting the kids” while she uses her kid for clout on her same platform she advertises her 18+ OF makes absolutely no sense to me either. You pretty much hit the nail on the head about her acting self entitled. She has zero accountability and it’s always me-me-me, can do no wrong, attitude.

The whole thing with Alex and that other girl was a bit sus too imo. That poor kid “bean”.

No. 1203168

File: 1617769116612.png (4.89 MB, 828x1792, FFD1B75C-925C-463C-B06F-286066…)

digitalprincxss does the same thing in using her kid on her adult tiktok account also. she’s foaming at the mouth for hawk

Not a whole lot of concern between her and hawk about the groomers and pedos on the app I guess when it comes to their own child’s safety, but birds of the same feather flock together ig

No. 1203176

File: 1617772021723.png (118.99 KB, 1548x598, Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 1.06…)

Is this even real? I'm not in the know enough about this stuff but It seems like they could fake it for publicity.

No. 1203227


The children in the comments of that video are Lopez brothers supporters, so ignore them. The clip was on the H3 podcast so I don’t know how much validity that gives it.

No. 1203340

This is so cringe. Her and Hawk give me "hello fellow kids" vibes. They should just accept being parents and be responsible instead of plastering their kids everywhere like they're accessories. They literally treat their children like extensions of themselves and are always dragging them into bullshit. Especially Hawk, imagine being dumped on your other family members by your mom just so she can go fuck some tiktok egirl for a week with her tranny bf and post about it everywhere….. Fucking yikes.

No. 1203513

Do you know the trans bfs tiktok or did they delete? I mean I would if I dated a trainwreck pick me like hawk. imo maybe she needs her own cow thread.

No. 1203729

File: 1617853734778.jpg (1.9 MB, 1284x2637, IMG_1254.jpg)

Sheismarissamatthews just blew up over the past few days. "Fat positive", "health at any size", makes video responses calling everyone fatphobic, went to the hospital last night and is sperging in the comments/video responses blaming anyone that is criticizing her for her trip to the hospital.


No. 1203770

Oh fuck. I know her irl, I never thought I'd see her on lc. I don't have much milk, but she's a cunt to anyone who can't get her clout. She wasn't like that before OF.

No. 1203782

File: 1617867453989.jpg (3.57 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_04-08-08.09.51.jpg)

yukoexe_real is one to look out for, she seems to have budding snowflake behaviors

> 27 year old English/moon hapa

> her other social media is TallAsianIs and KiYoNa, where she posted mediocre song covers with barely any views and uwu inspirational quotes
> "came out of nowhere" according to a write up around december last year trying to capitalise off of the trend of women covering songs in a rock/screamo way
> conveniently has the exact same sound as her 23 year old boyfriend FNTM (who tries to sound like Corpse), suspected that he actually makes all the music and she just sings
> fully changed aesthetic into egirl weeb for clout, egirls called her out for asianfishing, made a youtube apology video tier 'announcement' with her Japanese passport and said she would delete later, never did
> a couple of videos went tiktok viral (hayloft, babooshka) and used as sounds for depressed egirls, starts making every song cover in those styles
> account suddenly gets deleted, bawws on instagram and tries to get fans to comment to get her account back, barely anyone does
> probably banned because apart from her few viral videos, the rest didn't do too well considering she was getting loads of followers - buying maybe?
> comes back with a new tiktok account and complains again about how the big mean clock app suppressed her music
> somewhere in all of this apparently she was offered a record deal that fell through at some point during when she released an original song
> sudden "mystery illness" and hospital visits which means she can't make music as much as she wants to!!!
> posts singing video covered in 'rashes' to prove she's a very ill kawaii girl, conveniently deleted it

sage bc no current milk

No. 1203893

When I knew them both it was gothboithrift but I don't use tiktok anymore so who knows if it's still up or the same name. That's the name he used during peak relevancy though.

No. 1203963

This woman is absolutely ridiculous. She is also known for going by "pokeprincxss", but getting supposed threats by Nintendo due to it. In addition to that, she is known for filming porn in the parking lot of like a Target. She definitely does not care about exposing minors to OF or sexual content.

No. 1204259

that’s hilarious. So she’s just virtue signaling. What a disgusting snowflake. no surprise her and hawk shacked up. Hopefully someone has decent milk about the two.

No. 1204260

samefag but I checked and you’re correct, it’s the same. They definitely distanced themselves from hawk and has no mention of her since her ban. Probably the best thing they could do lel

No. 1206069

File: 1618175841391.jpeg (149.24 KB, 774x1362, B2ECC763-D460-4FE5-A288-D02363…)

Hawkhatesyou banging another tiktokker (bjthequeenmofucka) as usual. Can only find people who like her online that thirst for clout and attention as much as she does.

She of course foams at the mouth for hawk as well bringing up groomers on tiktok while hawk and co. post their kids on their adults accounts regularly. Brain cells? Nada.

I hope tiktok doesn’t reinstate her account and instead gets the rest of her disgusting friends accounts taken down.

No. 1206072

Like drunk straight women vying for men's attention at a bar lmao

No. 1206076

bj looks like a grandma lol. Angela klatik aka hawkhatesyou definitely deserves her own thread

No. 1206095

I’ll be honest and say her head looks like a toe just like jammins lol

No. 1206100

They claim to be cousins but idk anyone who acts like this with their cousin unless it’s some inbred shit… and tbh bj looks the type. who knows

No. 1206106

they literally do porn together

No. 1206148

That’s exceptionally gross…

Is it possible to make a cow thread for hawk, because wtf

No. 1208333

anon yes I saw it on YouTube, she sounded so blatantly fake and men went wild because she sounded like a literal child. weird ass standards. hope someone can find it.

No. 1208339

She's so insufferable and loses her mind over every little thing. She has to have some kind of mental illness (other than being an obese cow)

No. 1209124

File: 1618503474288.jpg (274.42 KB, 826x1627, IMG_2309.jpg)

I've posted this girl in the personal lolcows thread before but she has a following on tiktok so I'll post her here too.

>gross tiktok stripper who is very sjw and prob has bpd
>posts about her only fans and stripping on her tiktok while posting vids of her young kids, like hawk and the other egirls
>has a boyfriend who she's been with for a long time and every time they get into a fight, she posts about it on tiktok or her insta stories then deletes it
>oh those two kids she has are with another dude
>her house is absolutely filthy
>claims to be autistic and uses it as an excuse for everything
>ugly and has a rotting tooth kek

No. 1209510

File: 1618531150092.jpeg (860.64 KB, 3024x4030, 47BF6362-0E2D-49C4-B130-208BEE…)

Hawk advertising her porn with her bigtoe looking cousin totallynotmentioningOF in a tiktok on her alt.


No. 1209613

Both serving Dive bar bartenders who shove your bills in their cleavage. Yikes. Looking rough

No. 1209756

anyone else who had seen her content/comments the last while mentioning she was going to shave her head? with her "cancer buddy"/ someone going through chemo? but she just got a trendy e-girl pixie cut? I know shit gets lost in translation but ffs lmaoo

No. 1209931

File: 1618595867298.png (2.69 MB, 1088x2033, img.png)

this one could easily go in the DID thread also
>claims to have DID
>over 100 "alters"
>image is a compliation of all the different voices of the ""alters""
>good majority of alters are south park/dangan ronpa/death note/billie joe armstrong from green day(??) ""Fictives""
>of course the "alters" all make posts
>fakeboi too lol

No. 1209975

second part of meltdown: https://youtu.be/gZ8nVWomNMk

Anyone else been keeping up with the onlyjayus/notjayus meltdown scandal?
>got caught calling someone an "n-word lover"
>made a public apology
>announced she was going to work with black creators to feature them on her channel
>black creators get in touch with her, they get no responses
>multiple weeks pass, still no responses
>jayus has public meltdown in her car about ppl messaging her "leave me the fuck alone"
>people respond, creators reveal they're one of the people she's yelling about
>"uwu i have adhd and i'm a foster child"

No. 1210082

what's with the question marks, do you not know who green day is? honestly before i even read what you wrote i thought he looked like billie joe, kek

No. 1210088

File: 1618608936360.jpeg (857.32 KB, 828x1721, 677630D9-E72F-41AA-8CE7-2BA9E2…)

>limps awkwardly with clown makeup (how fitting) and lip syncing while using gibberish sign language to music
>claimed to use asl in tags initially
>when called out then said it was a different form of sl
>deaf creators of the sl she claimed to be called her out even then of how wrong her signs were
>she blocked them instantly and several others correcting her sign language.
>she claims she has anxiety and that’s why she uses psl/asl/etc and doesn’t look at cam or talk (lol)
>then after decided to make videos in spite of deaf creators
>made a MV with her cringe rapping, in public, no mask, with clown makeup (makes sense)
>horribly simulated an anxiety attack in her video to push her fake point about having anxiety
>still to this day victimizes themselves without any apology or accountability about their ableist actions
>most of the comments they reply to on their platform are suspicious blank accounts asking for weird eating videos. kek.
>she more than likely has several alts and sends herself comments to keep herself going + see other deaf creators remarks about them.
(probably more but..)

No. 1210125

ntayrt but anon is obviously using question marks because this delusional fakeboi is claiming that the lead singer of green day lives inside of her head, which is obviously fucking impossible. are you for real?

No. 1210368

Ntayrt but no one cares that you know who a massively famous musician is. The list of voices is all cartoons except for Billy Joe, he's the odd one out.

No. 1210516

File: 1618664546946.jpeg (830.88 KB, 828x1521, AF1211A5-306A-4610-AD9B-D361D2…)

I’m excited for the potential cow behavior these ladies have.

A lot has been going around about this punk pop band, the tramp stamps, and how they are very obviously industry plants. Anthony Fantano just released a great video on them if you’re looking for a better summary.

They release lots of covers of popular punk pop songs with changed lyrics representing their out of touch girlboss energy. Ironic considering they’re produced by Dr. Luke, a known rapist. Some of their lyrics were shaming a man for not being able to get it up because he was so drunk so they can also add potential rapist to their rap sheet. In my opinion the cringiest lyrics are:

>The truth is: the government has it out for you.

>Aliens exist and you’re afraid of the dark because you should be.
>Donald Trump is a robot send over from Russia.
>They should’ve taught us how to do taxes in high school.
> And everyone has a right to birth control!

All from the same song. It’s like they used a random girl boss tumblr 2014 generator.

But their most famous lyric is, “I’d rather die than hook up with another straight white guy.”

People found the drummer Paige Blue on Instagram and she’s been married for over seven years to a.. you guessed it. Straight white guy.

I’m not a pop punk fan by any means, but if you go through their personal instagrams you can see they all have industry connections and were generic pop girls until executive daddy decided they could make more money appealing to 12 year old alt wannabes on tiktok who don’t know any better.

The whole band gives off an “ugh I have a bf but I reaaaaally wish I had a gf!!1!!” vibe.

No. 1210624

I've been keeping my eye on them for a few days now, if they're able to hold out longer than a few months they should get their own thread.

>Pink and Purple are already solo pop recording artists

>Blue and Pink are writers for music publishing companies
>Their entire MO is feminist riot grrrls while also wearing almost exclusively Dolls Kill
>All their personal Twitter accounts are locked after someone found tweets of the Purple one saying the N word
>After their Twitters were locked, a fan account (@TRAMPSTAMPSFAN) popped up defending them
>Fan account slips up saying "We are from TN" when someone asks where the band is located

There's so much more, I can get more in depth later with screenshots if yall wanna hear about this travesty

No. 1210637

yes pleaaaase anon, even if it’s only short term milk it sounds so entertaining kek

No. 1210643


Yes please, that sounds incredible! The more I look into them the more comedic gold I find. I didn't know about purple using racial slurs though haha that is incredible. #woke

No. 1210809

File: 1618699483985.png (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 1826x1726, TS.png)

Same anon from >>1210624

I'm still putting together a write up on the group, but when I went to go an pull up some screenshots the band posted this like half an hour ago (spoiler for size). They also changed the band's Twitter bio to 3 potted plants, unlocked their personal Twitters, and changed all their personal Twitter bios to a single potted plant

No. 1211173


They're such dipshits. AWAL is an independent label based that Rex Orange County, Die Antwoord, Kim Petras, Moby, deadmau5, Lil Peep, Jesse McCartney, the list goes on…

This is from AWAL's wikipedia page:
>In February 2021, Sony Music Entertainment announced the acquisition of AWAL with a pending regulatory approval.

So they're owned by Sony kek

No. 1211186

they’re really not talented or unique enough to be posting eight page rants like this kek. they’re so milky already i love it

No. 1212311

File: 1618859174656.jpeg (305.29 KB, 750x1244, AB7A91C9-8C5D-4B8C-830E-9109CC…)

As soon as I saw Fantano’s video I went straight to this thread in hopes someone posted about them. The about page on their website is hilarious and the last sentence really gets me.

> it’s the kind of stuff women talk about all the time with their friends, but no one’s ever put it to this type of music before.

As if riot grrl and female punks like Siouxsie Sioux and Poly Styrene didn’t exist kek. Hell even Paramore did that shit in the 2000s and they’re as much of a “pop punk” band as you can get. I’d assume that if you want to get into the alt genre you would at least have to know this?

No. 1212373

Super OT but the narrator is a cutie. The older I get the more I love dadcore guys

No. 1212642

There's something about how expensive and perfect their hair looks that really gets me, plus those colors were more in style like 5 years ago, actual tiktok alt people have moved way on from that. They look like overpaid marketing bossbabes who "wanted to try a little something different this time"

No. 1212836

to me they just seem like a band made for teens except it was done in an extremely "how do you do fellow kids" type of way

No. 1212923

Between the expensive, probably done in a salon hair and the Insta thot make up, but a teeny bit darker, they come off so try hard. the color coordinated outfits and make up to match their hair just tops it all off. It's like they're a girl group from a early 2000s teen movie

No. 1213580

Ok there’s this girl and I’m not going to post her face bc she’s a minor… and she probably hasn’t been posted yet because of that fact, but I’m pretty sure jessjessjessu fakes her goddamn “tics”. It’s so obvious because they are so uwu and weeb sounding. She also states that they developed 5 months ago so she hasn’t been tested or diagnosed with Tourette’s yet, because you have to experience tics for at least a year first?
People like that make me cringe so hard like… what do her classmates think? Her poor parents!! This dumbass weird ass gen Z shit I see on TikTok makes me not want to have a child. Like what is with these kids, and wanting illnesses that qualify them for disability? This isn’t just on the internet! I had a client recently who was 18, talked about having autism (doubt) and how that if they could just get tested for it, they would end up on disability. Sorry I know this is so fucking spergy but these kids are out here researching diagnoses criteria and mimicking it with the end goal of being a govt funded (fraud) disabled person?

No. 1213649


I think a lot of people are claiming Tourette’s because of a few popular tiktokers that actually have Tourette’s. It’s like how pro ana inspired wannabe ana larpers , etc. it’s one of the cool trendy illnesses to some because it gets lots of views. Let’s hope her larp doesn’t last beyond her adolescence.

No. 1213793

even youtubers don't like them, I didn't want the video so sorry if it's uninteresting, it just popped in my recommendations when I opened the YT tab, so I came here

No. 1214391

File: 1619126424771.jpeg (1.47 MB, 3024x4032, 289D82E9-1418-47B2-AE65-F2E487…)

hawk has a couple other fuckbuddies, like hannsoff and lilstepmommy

She’s got a couple of them trying to have people move to clapper, a conservative app. Kek.

And.. she’s now started hiding her child’s face in her videos. Interesting. I suppose she’s reading here, considering she showed her child a lot before. not like censoring “bean” or any kid on her account now is changing anything lel. but maybe she realizes now how dumb her plight was about groomers when she literally showed her fucking child on her adult platform she advertises OF on…

No. 1214428

issa man?

No. 1214465

File: 1619134730547.jpg (45.09 KB, 500x500, 911Ux-r5k9L._SS500_.jpg)

I did some digging on Marisa and this is what she looked like a year ago. This might be a reach, but this album cover seems like a failed attempt at a Marina and the Diamonds rip off.

No. 1214469

gotta say i’m obsessed with this picnik ass edit. looks like it’s straight from 2014 with that shitty heart sticker and the font, kek

No. 1221772

File: 1619977958979.png (5.68 MB, 2160x4374, bczdk.png)


The fact that 224K people are believing this obviously made up story is flabbergasting.
Even if this story isn't fake (which I highly doubt), it reeks of the girl who made this tiktok being a dumbass who saw two women in two different (and quite patriarchal) places, at different times, being sexually harassed/abused and concluded that le evil womenz were falsely accusing them!!11

No. 1221847

File: 1619988368986.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, 6791A65C-DA8C-4A0A-8BAC-55AE68…)

This guy apparently has DID but it just seems like he's larping a bunch of shitty OCs. He puts on an annoying tranny voice whenever he is acting like his female alters. Him and his wife do some taste testing thing where each alter tries the same food and somehow he's able to switch on command and each persona has such a cartoonish reaction. People like this make me question if DID is even real. How he managed to get a wife who puts up with this is beyond me.

No. 1221852

File: 1619988670623.jpeg (151.51 KB, 750x1283, 4E8BC0A3-4D05-4114-BD69-7433EA…)

This is his wife's tiktok.

No. 1221855

He looks like the 21 year old emo pedo I met at youth club when I was 13 who sued to pretend to be a cat and we almost dated but my brother threatened to put him in hospital

No. 1221856

The story goes that he wasn't diagnosed until last year, I believe, and they'd been married for a hot minute before. Sorry for no proof but in a live, one of the alters alledged the way he figured out he likely had DID was because he was out and got angry at the host while in the shower so he banged him up against the shower. Also, there was a discussion about him in the DID thread on /snow/ if you want to continue to conversation specifically revolving around his DID >>1210969

No. 1225869

File: 1620465083611.png (107.17 KB, 443x350, Screenshot_20210508-140406.png)

Turns out the Marisa(purple girl) may have been a Trump supporter as well, like does anyone like them, cause I've seen them posted on FDS and people kept saying how based and pink pilled they were and how people who called them out on their fakeness were just haters and pick-mes

No. 1225943

then mind your business. i never expected or said that anyone should care.

No. 1226068

File: 1620501620719.png (386.45 KB, 629x1380, Screenshot_20210509-000817.png)

Honestly going through some of their tiktoks and digging up their history has been fascinating, I mean their have been industry plants before but never quite badly handled as these three, I feel like they should be studied by media execs as what not to do

They tried to combine the GirlBoss aesthetic with Punk Rock, which was going to fail for obvious reason's, it might work for rap but not a genre like Punk Rock, all their relased songs were wierdly centered around about having sex with lots of men and how the men suck at sex but also how good the singer is at sex and there were no euphemisms either in the songs, they were literally just describing it

Just look at these lyrics

>We been hanging out for a while now

>When I say hanging out, I mean fucking around
>And not only in the bed, but on every couch
>In your best friend's house
>God, we're really loud
>So why you tellin' all your friends I'm psycho?
>Like you think they don't know how much we bone
>Maybe if I told them that you cry in bed
>You'd have a little respect for the pussy you get

>Calling me clingy, you say I'm thе worst

>But whenever we fuck, you always cum first
>When we went all night, you didn't complain
>When you were having sex with me

And What's really incredible is how they have managed to get every single demographic possible to dislike them

Not just straight white guys, but many women In the Punk rock community who see them as sell outs, lesbian women who can obviously tell their queer baiting, WOC who also point out that a lot of situations their describing apply to the men of their communities and are mostly infuriated, various twitter and tiktok woke people
its just unreal how badly their image was managed, It almost feels like it was designed to be unlikeable towards every demographic possible

No. 1226077

Same fag
Someother stuff that was mishandled. the main womens rights cause that they attached to their brand was "Make Tampons Free" which while true is fairly low on the list of women's global issues and shouldn't be the main image of your movement, the fact that despise the songs about having so many exes and having so much casual sex their not at all that adventurous, the purple haired one has been married for 7 years(to a straight white guy) and other two also seem to be in monogynous relationship and I think the funniest oversight is that just searching the main singers name(marisa maino) reveals her previous content and persona as a Wannabe Lana Del Ray knockoff

Note that not even a full year after this video she would be part of Tramp Stamps

No. 1226093

Kek thank you for taking the time to type all this out. I've been reading up on them too and you're right, I've never seen an industry plant that's not only this obvious, but this poorly executed.

No. 1226178

>22 days ago
damn you're really bothered huh

that line about 'boning' is so bad, oh my god. do they really think writing corny lyrics like horndog teenage boys is feminist or something? what is going on

No. 1226214

I want to believe that tramp stamps have some sort of scrote behind them ordering them to be as cringe as possible, considering their vague association with dr luke, but their actions are so unbelievably cringe. it's hard to believe their marketing team could fuck up that badly which makes me think they are handling their own poor decisions and are incredibly arrogant about it

No. 1226240

File: 1620524718680.jpg (186.34 KB, 1080x883, Screenshot_20210426-164030_Twi…)

If any of them ever return to the internet after the last several weeks of total silence across all social media, Marisa is the one to keep an eye on. The other two are relatively professional on their social media, but Marisa gives me massive shayna vibes with some of the shit she tweets (picrel). For a supposed bisexual woman, all she ever talks about is men. Half her tweets not related to music is about men, finding a boyfriend, or talking about her ex boyfriens/past hook ups. Her Tiktok is just about the same, except add in random videos of her feet

No. 1226251

File: 1620525330391.jpg (616.11 KB, 2598x2248, PicsArt_05-08-06.52.39.jpg)

same fag, here's some of her never shutting up about men

No. 1226334

How much of this is an act though, cause it almost feels forced
Like she wants to be "bad bitch" with so many male sexual predators

No. 1226415

>it's hard to believe their marketing team could fuck up that badly which makes me think they are handling their own poor decisions and are incredibly arrogant about it

Really ? I feel only like only a marketing team could make something like the Tramp Stamps, its a bad attempt at combing and also misinterpreting so many dispersing Social media trends and fads that you end up with something that appeals to no one and is actively disliked by every single possible demographic

No. 1226497

It being a put-on act doesn't make it any less obnoxious and honestly makes it worse

No. 1226605

Aw man I know I’m so super late to this but I HATE tictok. They’re all so fucking fake and always have an explanation for everything (like jess saying she’s able to do her makeup so well because she doesn’t get tics when she’s concentrating.)

I have a young relative who uses tiktok a lot and she started having tics all of a sudden, having never had them before. Called her out and she stopped. Kids will latch on to anything it seems and if there’s no one in their life who’s somewhat aware of what’s going on on these apps they’re free to act however they want.

Sage bc shitty and dumb

No. 1226991

Literally one year ago she was a knock off Del Ray, so I'm pretty sure its an act

No. 1227013

File: 1620627720395.png (320.97 KB, 720x612, Screenshot_20210510-102520.png)

Sage cause no real milk, but one thing I'm unironically thankful the Trampstamps for, is cause of watching their videos I'm getting a lot of recommendations of awesome women in the Punk Rock community commentimg on the issue, and their really funny and interesting and Im getting exposed to a lot of awesome new content

No. 1227644

File: 1620712677720.png (205.52 KB, 696x1432, Screenshot_20210511-105704.png)

What's wierd is that I've seen a lot of their cotnent get shared on FDS, it's where I first discovered them and its weird asf seeing these women accuse of anyone who calls them out for being shitty Industry plants as being a butthurt white men or being pick-me's

No. 1227652

File: 1620714296418.png (997.54 KB, 720x1484, Screenshot_20210511-112401.png)

Yup its just straight white men who dislike them and make fun on them, were totes not shills for them or anything

No. 1227660

i think the reason FDS fell for it is because they're mostly millennial women, and that generation is known for falling into anything that's being shilled to them

tramp stamps just seem like a disney/buzzfeed frankensteins monster to me

No. 1227669

They literally look like they're straight out of 2005, I thought the music industry was more in touch than this

No. 1227692

fds fell for it because it's fds. they're not exactly the brightest bunch. the amount of woowoo psychology and science promoted there is astounding.

No. 1228041

File: 1620763824054.jpeg (1.38 MB, 3464x3464, BC37D0A2-04A3-4A1E-8E07-F89F44…)

I know couples tiktok is cringe but I absolutely cannot stand this one couple, @austinandlexi. They’re known for lots of different couples pranks that went viral.

Austin’s face is so fucking punchable. Every video is some cringe worthy prank that is beyond obvious with terrible acting but the ones where she flashes him or comes in wearing something sexy while he’s gaming are the worst. He makes that stupid blank eyed stare and just points at her, unable to say anything, as if he took all his acting inspo from the looney tunes. Austin just stares at her with that dumb expression in every other video.

Was going to screenshot more of his dumb expressions but didn’t want to give them any more views or fuck up my algorithm.

No. 1229229


Oh my god them. They just appeared out of nowhhere. Imagine making a couples account when you've been dating for less than two years. Can't wait for the inevitable breakup when Insta models start DMing him.

No. 1230143

This is a few days old but Bryce Hall called a random girl a bitch and her boyfriend started to defend her. Watch the way pussy Bryce backs down immediately kek

No. 1230348

I don't know who this guy is but i'm happy he got called out.

No. 1230353

Not a femcel but I hate couples tiktok with all my heart. There was a woman who got all giggly like a virgin in a tiktok where she wore strappy black lingerie for her husband for supposedly the first time. Bish you’re married for years and it’s the first time he sees you wearing lingerie? Cmon..

No. 1230355

No. 1230705

File: 1621090729306.png (13.04 KB, 644x800, soyjak.png)

>that face

No. 1233757

File: 1621445077459.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, 448EDB31-EAFA-4899-B846-5826AC…)

This is Amanda (bluesstory on tiktok) she claims to be homeless but has never slept in the streets. Her friend was m*rder and she is exploiting that tragedy and trying to make money out of it. She is pretending to have cancer and is now selling homemade candles for 80 bucks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1234409

>Her friend was m*rder

No. 1237141

File: 1621893504961.jpg (84.9 KB, 640x740, 138302900_421999705586573_4295…)

i'm surprised miranda mason (@mirmason & @yourscorpiogirlfriend) hasn't been mentioned yet.

>> 19 year old tiktok thot.

>> was verified but dropped out of tiktok's creator program because they were "shadowbanning her so they didn't have to pay her"
>> has a two year old son that she neglects and places all responsibility of onto her mother so she can sit in her room and make tiktoks obsessing over her underage ex boyfriend
>> baby daddy is an abusive, predatory meth head and drug dealer who is constantly in and out of jail due to warrants however this doesn't stop her from sleeping with him and allowing him around their son
>> committed statutory rape against a 16 year old boy (@ryanesling, now 17) on her trip to california on her 19th birthday
>> dated him for a month where she emotionally abused him and then proceeded to harass him and send her underage orbiters to do the same after he dumped her
>> still obsessed with him after months of not being together and being blocked by him
>> got in a rebound relationship with a russian """"hacker"""" and got his name tattooed onto her arm immediately. pretty sure she's now blocked by him as well
>> blames her abusive behavior on bpd of course
>> onlyfans and piss kink

No. 1237662

How did u find this degenerate

No. 1243278

File: 1622508063216.jpg (66.27 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

How does Bella Poarch who is 24 get away with hanging out and doing suggestive tik toks with a 13 year old? The other girl is liza anokhina. Am I the only one who finds this creepy?

No. 1243284

Never heard of either, Bella is weird looking and it’s definitely sketch she’s hanging w a 13 yo Russian.. where’s her parents? She can’t be posted about here though.

No. 1243297

The Bella girl is so cringeworthy, why did people obsess over that most viewed tik tok where she literally just copied 5 emoji faces with her mouth going :/ ???? God it’s so painful and makes her look mentally retarded

No. 1243298


Supposedly her mother runs her accounts but if you look at the content it is sketch. I don't want to talk about her tho. I wanted to talk about Bella. She is blowing up big right now cuz of her build a b song and I wondered if this is normal behavior for her to interact w minors so young

No. 1243299

Tried to look up more online but apparently nobody is even talking about this

No. 1243316

>why did people obsess over that most viewed tik tok where she literally just copied 5 emoji faces with her mouth going :/ ????
Because she edited herself to look like a teen.

No. 1243669

Thanks anon, was actually going to post too, especially after the "I'm Asian!!!" Shit-fit she had.

No. 1243700

I mean considering this is Tik tok, an app built for the younger demographic of teens Who try hard now and adults who try to be with that younger demographic, it shouldn't come as fully a surprise. The woman makes silly faces, tries to have a soft voice and mimic soft voices, and sometimes occasionally dresses like a school girl not to nitpick too much or say that's bad in anyway.

She's bound to hang out with young minors due to being a Tik Tok star,but let's hope it doesn't take the Zoe Laverne route. Also, does anyone else see a pattern? Some Tik Tok stars, vine stars, and etc often carry childish behaviors through adulthood. Some refusing to grow up, some thinking they're still a kid, and some were just sheltered or some that are just casually weirdos.

I know it's generalization, but Tik Tok stars just rub me the wrong way or rub me as the type to be fucked up in the head in the future or present.

No. 1243805

File: 1622575554848.jpeg (264.78 KB, 1536x2048, bella.jpeg)


All Bella had to do was:

>get a lot of plastic surgery

>upload a vid head bobbing to a song

I remember looking her up last year and the pages said she was born in the 2000s and she was 18-19, and Bella Poarch isn't her real name. I can't find it anymore though.
Bella is basically whitefishing but it's fine because it's ok if a non white person is trying to look like another race.

And why do SEA Ecelebs all give themselves white sounding stage names?

>Bretman Rock

>Nikita Dragun
>Bella Poarch
>Patrick Starr

If they're so proud of their identity, why do they make themselves sound white? Are they embarrassed of their real names?

No. 1243825

File: 1622577179440.jpg (102.33 KB, 1200x900, Bella-Poarch-who-is-the-Tik-To…)

Whitefishing? Her whole schtick is uwu kawaii girl, which is not derived from any flavor of white. She looks Asian.

No. 1243864

File: 1622579298595.jpg (3 MB, 2879x2051, bp 1.jpg)

If Bella Poarch is not trying to whitefish, why does she look half white now (nose implant and eyelids surgeries) and why isn't she promoting under her Filipino name?

All I'm saying is, if a white girl did surgeries to look half asian and gave herself an asian or asian sounding last name, people would freak out and make a big issue out of it. Even Filipinos thought she was half Filipina when she got popular.

No. 1243884

"Whitefish" implies she is trying to look white, which she is not. She doesn't even look hapa lmao. Are gangam unnies trying to whitefish too?

I know you are trying to force some unfair double standards thing really bad with the "asianfishing" comparison but you sound kinda retarded. Why does anybody else in America go by something else when they want to make it in the American entertainment industry or even on social media?

No. 1243903

I think she's trying to look white through her plastic surgeries she's had and her decision to promoting under a white sounding name.
Gangnam Unnies had a lot of plastic surgery but they don't look half asian.

>Why does anybody else in America go by something else when they want to make it in the American entertainment industry or even on social media?

Name me celebs or ecelebs that is using a name that is different than their ethnicity

No. 1243913

by all means grab her real name but it's quite clear she's not white. her last name is not caucasian and her biggest crime is trying to look like every basic egirl on tik tok. you could argue her choosing the name bella is more to do with belle delephine than with her desire to be white

half of the photos you're posting on here don't seem like her trying to be white, they seem like an average asian teenager living in america who has access to facetune

No. 1243935

She doesn't look white at all, wtf? Are you blind anon? Or just unaware that not all Filipinos look like whatever stereotype you have for "Asians" in your head?

No. 1244006

File: 1622595501774.jpg (87.87 KB, 817x1006, 2zpnj1xgwca61.jpg)


Belle Poarch didn't have monolids to begin with (most filipinos don't, do you retards not realize filipinos aren't east asian or look like the average korean? Lmao) I don't think she got anything done besides her nose. Btw, Filipinos have hispanic names so even if she did use her real name it wouldn't have been an "asian" one.

No. 1244008

I’m none of the anons but she not tryna look like herself period, “whitefishing” or what have you.

No. 1244718

How is she trying to whitefish? She just looks like she's a night owl. A lot of people lose their tan over time compared to when they were a minor because back then they'd be out in the sun more often.

No. 1244883

File: 1622710347533.jpeg (555.05 KB, 2003x1196, FCF026D6-5257-4914-B9C2-4F5654…)

So there’s a rumor floating around that the texasbeeworks woman who went viral for her videos where she rescues bees by literally picking them up with her hands and moving them place to place is a tradwife and fakes her videos. tbh it seems kinda sus that in the video being replied to where the colony she’s rescuing needs a new queen she just happens to being carrying one in her shirt pocket (???) all the replies were 90% saying it’s a bullshit rumor and 10% people saying they had seen a tiktok about how it’s true. It seems made/ over exaggerated but the idea that she cultivated this whole saintly bee saviour persona to cover being a tradwife faker is hilarious to me.

No. 1245131

File: 1622737230495.png (4.1 MB, 828x1792, 27053352-FEA8-468C-9B62-56E614…)

this girl on tiktok, carolines_music, recently popped up on my fyp.
she apparently is “allergic to all food” but it’s quite obviously an ED. if you go back a couple of months on her page you can see that she spiralled very quickly from being skinny to skeletal. she has a horrible singing voice and just records herself reacting and singing to random things.
yesterday something happened and she apparently almost died, it took her mom 3 hours to call the ambulance. she was live-streaming the whole thing. it’s actually insane! i believe she’s in the hospital right now.

No. 1245290

>only invested in saving the European honey bee which actually kills off native species
This is a special kind of fucked up if true. Imagine extending racism to bees, lmao. Literal mental illness.

No. 1245372

wtf this girl also popped up on my fyp even though there's literally nothing about her that's close to my interests in the tik tok algorithm. Why is she blowing up rn?

No. 1247241

File: 1622939012424.jpg (135.5 KB, 828x1403, E2-MfchWEAopSEX.jpg)


Here's an article about the "backlash" if you're interested. It mostly just seems like community in-fighting, which happens a lot with stuff like that. Most of what the article said was just that it's fine for an experienced bee-keeper to handle bees like that (since they know the signs of when they're going to be aggressive) but not the average person, which you would think is obvious anyway. In regards to the Trump/ racism situation that seems to be just a big game of telephone, based on someone saying she looks like a member of that Trump choir. It's honestly crazy how someone can just see a post like picrel, misinterpret it, make a post "calling her out" as an alt-right trad-wife and her reputation gets a stain on it because people can't be bothered to ask for a source/ evidence.

Her videos are definitely over-produced and probably staged in part but people shouldn't be making assumptions like that just bc she has blonde hair and a denim shirt lol

No. 1248212

she popped up on mine too. Kinda messed up that tt is pushing the account of someone who is clearly seriously ill. Especially that she has since admitted that she hasn't been diagnosed and can't say for sure if it's an ed or physcial ailment. As some people told her it's common to be sick when you eat solids again for the first time in a long time. She really could've killed herself w/refeeding syndrome going to mcdonalds and choking down a whole mcflurry & other things I can't remember. Tbh her situation really makes me sad if she's being genuine in her most recent posts

No. 1255345

File: 1623614471256.png (4.32 MB, 828x1792, 964B0F80-B9FB-4C2C-8423-3DFD61…)

I’m surprised there’s been nothing on icierra yet, she’s pretty milky
>24 year old autistic furry
>spergs when anyone “steals” her oc design which is literally just a pair of pink and green ears
>had a discord server which got nuked after she was exposed for telling people to kill themselves and using slurs
>allegedly dating her brother

No. 1255909

File: 1623651651061.jpg (184.26 KB, 1080x1334, Screenshot_20210613-231254_Red…)

a tiktok from spinachbabie was posted on r/instagramvsreality showing her very suspicious body proportions, picrel. lots of speculation in the comments.

she made a tiktok in response to it showing the post and showing herself crying, obviously getting her "fans" to brigade the post and get it taken down. lots of now deleted comments were calling out how unnatural her torso is and timestampping potential glitches of a filter.

No. 1255916

kek wouldn't be surprised if it is edited. I remember seeing a viral TikTok of a girl showing an editing app that lets you change the way your body looks. I can't remember her username, though.

No. 1255933

how are we feeling about sienna mae gomez, that kid who was caught groping her boyfriend while he may or may not have been sleeping?

No. 1255970

who cares

No. 1256037

No. 1256088

File: 1623664568036.png (97.88 KB, 415x506, lipedema.ioana_.chira_.png)

Watched her vid and I actually think her body looks real, overweight and either an extreme pear or has lipoedema pic rel.

No. 1256190

File: 1623679007340.png (1.19 MB, 523x929, 1.png)

I don't see how this is the same body

No. 1256191

File: 1623679091243.png (1.13 MB, 525x913, 2.png)

different angle

No. 1256200

File: 1623679628652.png (407.76 KB, 514x888, lipodema.png)

She doesn't seem to hide that she is pretty fat in the rest of her tiktoks.

She just has lipodema and for some reason this is now considered a beauty ideal? Rofl.

No. 1256341

everyone looks skinnier in high-waisted compression gear

No. 1257609

sage for nitpick but
"perfect body" with that ass?

No. 1259959

File: 1624077334408.png (1.41 MB, 800x1432, tinx.png)

does anyone follow @tinx? not what's usually covered in this thread but she's pretty popular and I guess she got cheated on and dumped and posted a video having a meltdown over it veeery shortly after. it's painfully cringy to watch a 30 year old woman post a video of herself crying. she even posted a swipe up to it on her instagram story


No. 1259975

File: 1624084007609.jpeg (13.93 KB, 235x141, E0E58CF6-F972-4FA7-ABEB-5446CB…)

This man looks Nikolas Cruz in an alternate universe where he’s relatively better looking but just as psychopathic.

No. 1260041

File: 1624103812001.png (622.69 KB, 469x712, 3618FF54-B444-429C-9EF1-5AD687…)

Jasmine Chiswell
>actual Marilyn Monroe skinwalker, bought one of Marilyn Monroe’s old houses, fakes her voice to sound more airy like Marilyn but just sounds mentally impaired, much like her content.
>”omg guise had a totally paranormal thing happen Marilyns ghost lives here!!”
>bullies other vintage creators, namely Pinup pixie who she allegedly reports as a false account
>has a rabid fanbase who will harass anyone who says anything remotely negative about her
>is now pregnant

No. 1260043

She’s a failed “producer” wannabe celebrity that had to steal a dead woman’s persona to get any attention. Once she has that baby it’s game over kek

No. 1260055


anyone know what she does for a living/where she gets her money from? i'd guess sugar daddies or smth but i'd imagine buying and paying the taxes on one of marilyn monroe's old houses would require more than that

No. 1260071

File: 1624108290397.jpeg (57.83 KB, 650x540, A7ABCA27-1453-4E45-804A-0321EC…)

Her husband Maverick, he’s a music producer. As far as I’m aware you can monetize your TikToks now also.

No. 1260076

Oh god she's so creepy, I'll never understand the desire to skinwalk. If you compare her first video with her latest one, you'll notice how her voice got higher and higher and breathier in an attempt to sound like Marilyn. Messed up

No. 1260124

She even talks in this fake high pitched voice to sound like Marilyn. It’s kind of annoying because it sounds worse with each video, she tries harder every time.

It’s kind of sad because she’s actually a really pretty woman, she can look good in retro fashion but she shouldn’t have to feel like she needs to be Marilyn Monroe.

No. 1260125

I appreciate her dedication to staying in character, and also the fact she's not a total hamplanet like most Marilyn wannabes, but mannn…That voice. She can get away with it now because she's relatively young, but her whole schtick won't age well.

No. 1260391

Kek,it’s funny she looks nothing like Marilyn Monroe. Just has her hair. I have never seen a skinwalker that actually looks at least similar to the person they’re skinwalking. What a sad life

No. 1260510

File: 1624146387670.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1818, AB2DF1B8-A1E7-431C-B91F-D40F18…)

Sage for nitpick and possible autism but she’s been so annoying with her pregnancy.. I understand she’s going to be a first time mom but it still hasn’t failed to annoy me.

No. 1260611

She’s going on 28… way too old to be skinwalking

No. 1261552

Not a huge tiktokker by any means, but I keep seeing them come up on my fyp- tandem_in_pink.
Some girl who brings brightly coloured standard poodles into shopping centres, films people who don't even touch her dog and whinges that they are distracting her 'service dogs'
She claims to have DID and her whole account is just her filming random people and complaining that them doing things like asking what kind of dog she has or even just watching from a distance flares up her anxiety.
Like I get you aren't meant to touch working dogs but this woman is a lunatic. She also screeches about other people bringing their pets into stores because they aren't service dogs like hers. I doubt she actually has the documents to prove they are service dogs.

In one video, she's filming strangers while literally BLOCKING the checkout aisle and some woman innocently asks what breed the dog is and she's typed out a paragraph on how it flares up her anxiety.

She claims to not want any attention yet she dresses her dogs in bright coloured outfits with multicolored dyed fur.
She also tries to take them into all sorts of shops and gets angry when denied and acts like she's a blind person being denied a seeing eye dog.

No. 1274611

File: 1625938321096.jpeg (674.06 KB, 828x1330, 45651F4A-4699-4BAB-9CFD-07E5B5…)

sage for now until better milk about this tiktokker, but right now:

>got her start as a vanellope from Wrek it Ralph cosplay
>became verified from there and turned into some weird ass goth since then

Potential Milk
>currently in some “show” song house live lmao
>makes songs for challenges
>her first song plus duets etc were eh okay but needed some work and she had a few comments but most were supportive and hyping her up lol.
>recently released “let’s dig up my ex” and it was a shit show
>she can’t take any form of criticism whatsoever and you can tell she’s never received real critique before; she’s clearly been hyped up when she probably shouldn’t have been (i.e horrible singers auditioning on American Idol backed by tone deaf spineless family)
>she’s been rudely responding back to fans and haters alike - she can’t take any critique for shit
>song was absolutely shit about witchcraft with random ass mentioning of shit about tarot cards, stakes, coven, etc. it gives very big “I’m only a witch for the aesthetic” vibe.
>the song had potential but was all over the fucking place and her pacing was terrible.

This is a shitshow starting to unfold, so hopefully better milk to come- this verified tiktokker seems to be a massive cow in hiding.

No. 1278768

File: 1626517516057.png (697.86 KB, 720x1208, Screenshot_20210717-151933.png)

So I discovered this lady, she's a "amateur historian and archeologist" who talks about "real history" and not the false western propaganda we are taught, Among the "real historical facts" I've seen her talk about are:

>Alexander the great was a woman and Hephaistion was her son

>Julius Caesar was actually a hardcore feminist
>Latin was a constructed language, made up by the Spanish Inquisition to enforce their control and everyone spoke Archaic Greek (not ancient or classical, the language spoken right after the Bronze Age Collapse)
>before WW2 everyone in East Asia could understand Chinese
>Arabic had no dialectical differences before colonization and all the current regional dialects were invented by colonist's to divide the Arabs

Plus many others, and all of them will wreck your brain trying to comprehend the logic involved


No. 1278772

i get his videos recommended lately for some reason.i agree on how he has conventionally attractive features and looks ugly somehow.his videos look like they are made ironically but i know they arent and it's funny and painful to watch at the same time

No. 1278784

I'm screaming! I recognized her weird eyes while scrolling. I'm not aware of her other videos but that Latin video where she kept trying to say Latin was actually always Phoenician and the Latin "we know" is an invention of the Renaissance was a TRIP. she was arguing with countless actual professionals and students itc.

No. 1278790

I have no way to confirm this, but I think she construct's her "theories" from the modern liberal woke academic positions, like the idea that western culture is made(which is actually true) and so she creates a reality that further justifies this supposed "lie" for e.g Latin being a made up language

No. 1278792

So archaeologists with the ability to travel to Greece and look at stone artifacts from ancient Greece that has Latin written on it are wrong. Ok.
So language historians that can pinpoint where western languages got certain aspects of their origins from Latin are wrong. Ok
But some batshit uneducated tweeker that's totally not schizophrenic posting tictoks from her parents basement is correct.

No. 1278794

ayrt and after looking at her profile again after a while I'm absolutely gobsmacked at the amount of "fans" she's picked up. are there any popular historical tiktokkers out there? they need to call her out

No. 1278804

File: 1626523520847.png (286.82 KB, 720x1296, Screenshot_20210717-170236.png)

This actually has a lot to do with post-modernism, according to post-modernists everything we think we know is actually a construct of those in power, so there are no such things as facts and there is no unbiased history according to Post-modernists, everything is made up and was propped up with diabolical purposes. And everyone who isn't aware of this lives in the fog basically and knows nothing

So for this lady, history is already made-up and false and was created to serve the needs of the powerful

No. 1278846

post-modernists postulated this to suggest that history is not as iron-clad factual as we would like, & so naturally in 2021 it means women with insane hair on tiktok can write fanfiction

No. 1278999

and honestly the idea that written histories contain observer bias goes back to the Enlightenment at least
Gibbon and Carlyle go on and on about it
(because it’s fucking true and obvious)

No. 1279066

I mean of course there is "bias" in history, roman historians peddled the myth that they were the descendants of ancient Trojans and Germans were incapable of civilization and thus "needed" to be conquered by Rome, but even then people openly declared it was bullshit

No. 1279291

Lmao Alexander the great wasn't a woman wtf

No. 1279301

File: 1626578453649.png (528.89 KB, 1188x690, 6767.png)

>Reply to @sircreepy Julius Caesar was a victim of patriarchy
I can't, the man literally sold hundreds of thousands of women into slavery and caused the cultural genocide of the Guals and apparently he was a feminist all cause he built a statue of Cleopatra

No. 1279422

she's seem to have very typical libfem views but literally makes up fake history to justify her ideology and anyone who points out that she says is utter bullshit, she claims their just "sexist white men" and then smugly smiles thinking she's won
like here, she literally blames George Washington(who was at the time a small militia leader) for the entirety of 7 years war, which is aboustetly false and a claim no one has ever made, but she thinks America is the worst country in the world from it's inception so she tries to make him come across as the Ultimate evil


No. 1279427

Samefag, she also seems to believe in Grand conspiracy theories of Christians and White Supremacist's who suppress the real history of the world, related to the post-modernist historian arguments >>1278804

No. 1279696

This woman is definitely creepy. She buys every single one of the beauty products Marilyn used (you can still get them today) like makeup, skincare, perfume etc. and in her video with a psychic, she made up this bullshit story of Marilyn’s ghost whispering in her ear how to do her eyeliner under her eye. There’s numerous videos exposing this beauty secret, so there’s no way with the amount of research Jasmine has done for her skinwalking that she wouldn’t have already come across this, and later used it to create a retarded made up story to feel connected to her idol’s ghost.

No. 1283502


No. 1283504

No. 1287312

She's extremely ugly and annoying to me

No. 1296671

File: 1628575027314.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1284x2192, 623D2814-6478-47D4-BF57-CD52F5…)

I wasn’t sure where to post this but if anyone is looking for a laugh, please look through the #AsianFishing tag or #Eastasian baiting and you will see a bunch of weebs fighting tooth and nail to gatekeep Japanese fashion trends.

I have never seen so many Asians who aren’t Japanese trying so hard to tell people to stop enjoying Sanrio or whatever shit, claiming it’s “their culture”. Did they forget what Japan did to their countries or what?

(This is not to racebait. I just find these terminally online freaks hilarious.)(reddit spacing)

No. 1296698

I’ve seen hundreds of tiktok tards sperg under “fox eyeliner” tutorials and I don’t get it. Most asian eyes look nothing like that without makeup on. If they’re american-asian, there’s a high chance they don’t know shit abt their native country and just narrow asia down to japan like any other weeb

No. 1297313

File: 1628622438321.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x2019, B447A73C-E73D-404A-98A8-B20F8C…)


Pretty much. It’s only the 3rd gen Asian Americans that are going around and making these clout videos as if that’s going to stop someone from liking anime and wearing winged eyeliner. This person is a literal who but I am still trying to figure out what exactly was her point. Is she mad that this person wears jsf and doesn’t donate her money to organizations for asian women? No one is obligated to say whether or not they donated to a cause. That’s like recording yourself helping the homeless. Another weird point that she made was that people who do this are more popular than asian creators? But that just sounds like you’re bad at marketing yourself. Here’s a link since it was to large to upload. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdogqSr5/

No. 1297451

File: 1628632711101.png (13.75 KB, 700x311, Screenshot 2021-08-10 at 17-39…)

It seems Elle Androphobia has deleted her previous account, and come back anew. Far cry from the thousands of followers and hundreds of thousands (probably purchased) views she had on her previous account. She also seems to have hidden her YT videos boasting about her supposed TikTok fame.

No. 1297452

File: 1628632868504.png (243.77 KB, 271x480, Screenshot 2021-08-10 at 18-00…)

Samefag. Picrel where her new username is visible.

No. 1297474

didn't expect her to be posted on here lol, she's a racist retard

No. 1297480

I knew she was retarded (and a probable pretendbian) but what did she do that was racist?

No. 1297493

File: 1628636112741.jpg (466.82 KB, 1080x1568, Screenshot_20210810-185436_Gal…)

ayrt, she believes reverse racism is a thing (she is American) and has some of the same dumb opinions that Vanessa Vokey has. black RFs on Instagram tried calling her out for the racism which made her sperg out and she bullied some black women off ig for doing so. picrel is a hilarious big brain moment from her. note that Radfem Black is one of the big black RF accounts that confronted her racism (and the other account is not a TRA). she deleted this comment as soon as someone pointed out she was wrong lol

it's interesting you mention the pretendbian thing bc I'm certain like a year and a half ago I saw her saying she was a political lesbian in some YouTube comment.

No. 1297544

Thanks for the info. Funny to me that she went after some random black lady on IG instead of spilling the tea (which assuredly exists) on Leah Tverly. Didn't know she was claiming polilez status, just saw her near overnight transformation after being involved in the "A Women's Podcast" thing

No. 1298522

Leah is a nutcase tbh, is she friendly with her? what transformation are you talking about? sorry, I don't follow her anymore so I'm wondering

No. 1304546

File: 1629471046700.jpeg (657.21 KB, 828x1555, B26B9521-AF61-4915-A512-EC8F89…)

Update- YeahImCaroline
Caroline is harassing a minor for their video about her mishandling and ignorance over her frogs. She is steadily losing her mind and more aggressively responding to comments, even posted a video passive aggressively about “tweens.” As if she isn’t mentally still one herself.

Tiktok user (nine a’s) aaaaaaaaalli posts screens and shows videos of the current situation.

Apparently she’s post blocked on her main account (until today or so). Likely due to Caroline.
Her main account is: (seven a’s) aaaaaaalli

The video that set Caroline off in a harassing tangent.

Caroline also pinned her own comment on one of her videos for awhile calling alli out “@aaaaaaalli you wanna keep saying shit?” But has since deleted/unpinned it, as it was clearly a call to arms for people to harass.

Caroline is currently getting called out in her recent video/s for harassing the minor, but she’s blatantly ignoring it now.

As they should. Whom ever defended her before on tiktok, should probably take 20 steps back. Verified creators aren’t always perfect, nor right. As we’ve seen with Lopez brothers and Danielle Cohn, etc.

No. 1304578

Ah Leah she has such outstanding logic, "I hate men and men are horrible trash incapable of human decency and normality, that's why I'm gonna date a abusive coomer whose into choking women cause all men are secretly like this"

No. 1304661

looks like @carolines_music is no longer available, @officialcarolines_music is her new account. she seems to have gotten a little better… physically. she appears to have acknowledged her disorder and possibly in recovery however we cannot know for sure. i wish that she gets better because other than doing silly dances and lipsyncs she is quite ordinary, especially for tiktok

No. 1304732

Kek, didn't know she was dating a misogynist but it doesn't surprise me in the least. Is this why she stopped uploading?

No. 1305545

File: 1629570842709.jpeg (751.75 KB, 828x1485, 56B2DD9A-87EC-4EB6-BCDA-901394…)

This user posted videos Caroline posted to only her mutuals.

One video is her ranting about her recent song release “dig up my ex” and people’s comments about the shit music and her shitty representation of witchcraft.

>ppl say I can’t take criticism

>”bitch I’ve been on the internet for 4yrs”
>yet is making a mutual only video ranting like a crybaby and begging for her mutuals to make “positive duets” to drown out the people criticizing her.
>thereafter harassing a minor for dancing in front of a meme saying frogs aren’t props etc
>can definitely take criticism and been on the internet for 4 years tho.

Pic from comments on one of the videos exposing her.

No. 1309866

File: 1630100192892.jpeg (924.57 KB, 1170x1770, 980568BC-267F-45B4-BD7E-C243E3…)

Does pokeprincxss/digitalprincxss go in this thread? Not sure if she’s considered a tiktokker or a cam girl. Either way she got arrested for leaving her 5 year old kid home alone while she went to meet up with friends, her neighbors found him outside crying. She’s currently blocking anyone who mentions it, and deleting all comments relating to it.

No. 1309868

File: 1630100230425.jpeg (770.04 KB, 1170x1477, 1BA6EC03-D9C5-4DDA-A51C-FBD288…)

No. 1309871

File: 1630100387521.jpeg (891.9 KB, 1170x1477, D49B2D99-6284-4EFD-A477-A56037…)

No. 1309874

the video she posted on twitter/tiktok addressing it

No. 1309920

that didn’t address it at all kek she just says “don’t believe da rumors” when there is literally a police report readily available

messy. what’s her background? aside from being a shit mother

No. 1309944

File: 1630107235979.png (1.06 MB, 828x1792, 2A107A68-206C-4F97-B993-7C04D9…)

she just locked down literally everything


No. 1309962

the kid is 4 and autistic. before locking everything down she was complaining about her ugly tiddies (post-arrest but pre-explanation video).

>21-CF-016000 : State of Florida vs Cloutier, Marrissa Alika

No. 1309995

Shocking, a whore leaves her autistic son alone while she kills what's remaining of her brain cells. The bitch has always been suspect and extremely disgusting considering she was always sexual on TikTok. Fuck her. I hope she loses everything.

No. 1310072

File: 1630120092733.jpeg (520.21 KB, 709x1126, A9ACF3F4-387A-4F0D-A433-F77A27…)

Digitalprincxss arrested for leaving her 5 year old alone in her house while she went out with friends. She’s privated and locked down all of her accounts currently.

Supposedly she had a big collab coming up with Thot hawkhatesyou and her roomie/gf/whatever she is “thegothbaby”.

No. 1310114

I wanna know more too! I thought Terri Strange was the one who turned out to be a hypocrite in regards to dating an abusive male

No. 1310828

File: 1630199191524.jpg (36.03 KB, 314x680, poke dm.jpg)

she dm'ed a girl with the @.br0bitch that her son went outside while she was asleep but the police report says she went to the store to get laundry detergent

No. 1310837

File: 1630199535797.jpeg (191.59 KB, 828x595, 38FBECEA-8FB4-47BB-B70F-AD5F07…)

yeah then the police report says she came back dressed like a ho with a half-empty bottle of laundry detergent kek

but “canceling” her for child neglect is literally taking food out of her child’s mouth

No. 1310887

>>1310837 nah her kid will be fine she will just move back in with her mom and mooch off of her like she used to before her onlyfans blew up

No. 1310893

File: 1630202910944.jpeg (280.71 KB, 828x1577, FDE1CBBB-F678-42B1-BB78-1B144C…)


seems like she made crazy money doing absolutely nothing. wonder what she threw it away for? dick appointment? some gross club?

she seems really trashy and dumb, plus she’s covered in shit tattoos so I think her only option now is stripper off the Florida interstate. but she doesn’t even have a good body. oops!

No. 1310895

She really carried a child for nine months just to name it after a Pokemon huh

No. 1310953

I think I got them mixed up, Leah has made some rants about various exes but Terri Strange is the one dating the abusive male into choking

No. 1311063

her name is Cloutier, proving we live in a badly written sim

No. 1311514

I've always thought she was a shady bitch, not to mention she looks greasy and she's a whore. I can believe she did leave him at home alone and she's probably done it multiple times if she feels comfortable enough doing it at night.

No. 1312412

She doesn't take responsible for her life in general. She's a former Colorado Hardcore scene girl, no one liked her like most of the trashy girls in the scene who were constantly "victimized". She's also a massive rumor mill and has beef with former tattoo artist, photographers, band members, girls, everything. She moved out of Colorado cause nobody wanted her around. She made a list of guys who apparently "prayed" on her when she was younger or assaulted her as well, but denies doing the same shit back to older men and specifically targeting them. She's a hypocrite, and pretty ugly. Don't really know how she hit it off on Onlyfans tbh. Mediocre body and face. If she hadn't got a hold of TikTok, she would still be fucking hardcore dudes and doing drugs.

No. 1313110

do any of you follow comingupfern? she's the lady that lets her kid eat dirt and lick shopping carts. i'm actually concerned for the kid's health and safety

No. 1313308

File: 1630514836025.png (4.01 MB, 750x1334, disgustang.png)

My first post, pretty sure this is the right place to put this though.
>19 year old edgelord tiktoker
>Pretends to be half-chinese, half-russian but constantly disproves it by letting it slip they're not chinese.
>Fetishises asian culture and thinks a kimono is part of chinese culture.
>After constant harassment and questions they showed their parents, who are just two white people of presumably russian descent.
>Calls their shitty tiktok alt makeup 'chinese makeup'.
>They claim to be anti-hunter but bragged about killing animals for fun.
>Took their boyfriend to a pet shop, bought a rabbit and tortured it.
>Brags about being a satanist.
>Dismisses and ignores every negative claim made to them, and makes sad attempts to justify it i.e their 'mental illness'
>Most likely bullshitting about their mental illnesses, but to be honest with the shit they've done it wouldn't be surprised if they're a total psychopath.
>Turned their comments off due to mass amounts of hate.
>They used to have thousands of followers, but her account was terminated most likely.


No. 1314141

No. 1324130

File: 1631649189021.jpeg (392.14 KB, 1242x724, 0785B938-279D-4A7C-A4E5-318042…)

Yes, I’m trying desperately to find this alleged deleted video that shows evidence she caused the crash that killed her first baby. She’s batshit.

No. 1324137

File: 1631649856029.jpg (236.55 KB, 1192x1056, 112233.jpg)

why do these tiktok girls always use those filters that totally change their face?

No. 1324185

How do parents just not monitor their literal child’s social media? They are not adults and they’re interacting in an adult world without adult brains. I would ask “why can’t they leave the defenseless animals out of this”, but they could be psycho/sociopaths, sadistic, low empathy, brain damaged, etc. and this is the time in that persons life where someone needs to fucking step in and is legally able to.

I fucking loathe that someone was able to get a defenseless and domesticated prey animal and torture it. I need karma to exist for that kind of evil, but until then their fucking parents should. Their child denies the truth of their parents heritage and that’s embarrassing enough, now they’re so revolting they torture an animal that can’t fight back. How can you be so knowingly unremarkable that all your pathetic ass can do about it is kill small animals

No. 1324194

Nvm made the assumption people that do this shit on tiktok have to be children and she’s 19 and in college fuck everything. They’re weeby idiots and the boyfriend that helped her torture the animal is an ugly flaccid loser. Aaaahahhsgjeosiwhwhjajsuueh

No. 1324212

please do update if you find anything! i tried searching for it on my own but found nothing.

No. 1324242

me too, i looked through like half her tik toks and can't find anything

No. 1326286

File: 1631858560484.jpeg (194.87 KB, 750x1257, A9EC999D-1825-4D48-B372-4897DE…)

NTA but could it have possibly been connected to this gofundme? comingupfern’s name is alice bender, not allison bender, but it appears this GFM was started by a coworker/friend. maybe it’s the dad/husband’s coworker and he just mixed the name up. comingupfern is from arizona and the guy who started the GFM is in AZ as well so that also lines up, as well as the emergency c-section detail in the description. it appears this connection has been investigated somewhat by other people already based on google’s suggested searches after i found this.


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