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File: 1601354341257.jpeg (382.74 KB, 1372x1372, EFA8D84D-C9BE-4466-820E-7EEE88…)

No. 1047741

general thread for egirls and eboys

what happened last time:
> babivampire made the second thread
> posts about sug4rfairy, ang3lthigh, dead9irl, etc
> gets posted and called out for her self posting and wks herself, posting continuously about lolcow on social media’s
> farmhands uncover she has been posting everyone all along, bullying and using slurs that she’s so against
> breakdown ensues, babivampire “sells” her account and suicide baits on her spam account
> mya addams calls her out on facebook, everyone starts sharing their bad experiences with her

other notable things:
> ang3lthigh pedobaiting and ridiculous photoshopping, may be into fucking dogs and pedo shit
> dead9irl was a normie officially confirmed, she also definitely posts about e1or4 lying about what she looks like without makeup
> nyabeat allegedly groomed and called out for pro ana racist nazi stuff on twitter, jazminbean unfollows her
> sp00kybabyy (toopoor’s bff) called out by yung.sadistic (50k on twitter) for being a “maga loser” and wearing braids in the past, owns her love of trump
> littlechurchgirl or whoever the fuck posts herself and no one cares

past threads:
1 - >>866800
2 - >>1005403 (created by babivampire)

links to notable people:

No. 1047746

File: 1601354772481.jpeg (89.21 KB, 443x960, 85C650CA-6211-4866-A989-18E7A8…)

more convos with babivampire found on facebook posted by those who confront her

No. 1047747

You forgot
>Sugarf4iry gets posted by babivampire anons pile in and she spergs out in multiple stories allegedly leaving for good
>Comes back in a few days

No. 1047749

kek that’s fucking hilarious, almost forget, babivampire posting her in the first place distracted me.

No. 1047753

Eh, I ain't complaining. This is a good new thread. Finally a new pic/new summary.

No. 1047756

File: 1601356215230.jpeg (95.39 KB, 750x1193, FA9D5632-8FAB-45CC-B4C9-917E9E…)

kek i am confused she has like 1200 followers on this now

No. 1047760

File: 1601356661492.jpeg (492.58 KB, 750x1186, E6988C5E-2597-4E5A-A4A8-C9E774…)

caption is edited from before and now everyone who tries to follow is being accepted

No. 1047765

Imagine getting lolcow this wrong

>anonymous forum

>selfpost using the same ip you use for all your shitty commentary
>surprisedpikachu.jpg when people are unimpressed with your antics

No. 1047770

File: 1601359838186.png (68.9 KB, 430x280, 1539134595362.png)

>I've taken the steps to get better and I can't want to grow
it's been 12 hours haley tf have you done besides pretend to be suicidal and lie to people who thought you were their friend

No. 1047774

While what she did is indeed milky and dumb, users of lolcow are doing the exact same thing, (but at least there's a no contact rule here) and I promise those other e-girls pretending to be shocked housewives engage in their fair share of behind the scenes bitching and sabotage. Babivampire just got caught.
The competitiveness between e-girls really shines when they start messaging brands she's worked with, I'm sure every time a brand hires an e-girl they know they're getting a dumb bitch with followers. Most of these girls can't even type.

In summary, the outing is milky but I'm getting extreme "pot calling kettle black" from the screenshots at the end of thread #2. All you e-girls are as shit as each other. Absolutely 0 people think these type of girls have any moral quality or offer anything to the world other than photoshopped selfies in aliexpress clothing. So it's kinda funny to see them acting like some esteem has been lost for babivampire when everyone just thinks of the rest of them exactly the same way.

Reminds me of how the PULL belle delphine thread was full of delphine skinwalkers and onlyfans thots, like please get a mirror and look at yourself, girls.

No. 1047776

This reads a little like WK but actually I think all these girls are useless, vain, bitchy shits, just pointing that out in case any of these dumbasses are feeling superior for a moment. Pull the panties out of your asscrack and get an actual job.

No. 1047777

hard agree. the way she manipulated sug4rfairy, pretended to be her friend, and played with her emotions like that is disturbing. that type of behaviour is so catty and vapid.

No. 1047778

oh there ARE all like that. it’s just hilarious when one of them gets outed and how they react. everytime an egirl gets outed for posting other girls its complete chaos.

No. 1047784

File: 1601363007417.jpeg (130.32 KB, 1372x1372, 67A530CC-87E2-4E68-8C2C-1D46BE…)

i’m about to bash my head into a fucking wall this is ridiculous. speaking kindly to people? were you speaking kindly when you called sug4rfairy a “thing” and got the entire thread to rip on her? were you speaking kindly about dead9irl, mikylaisamonster, lilausa, & ang3lthigh? this type of delusion is concerning. i don’t think she’s been off social media for a second this entire day. i wonder how her kids doing

No. 1047786

Agree. I bet you egirls are gonna swarm in because of this. Reminder that onlyfans isn't an actual job, and you're all ugly.

No. 1047797

File: 1601366427296.jpeg (397.19 KB, 1372x1372, 055E9475-3EC8-4B29-8362-E9C2C0…)

found this in the facebook comments, text conversation screenshot is from when haley and this girl were friends.

No. 1047798

File: 1601366482999.jpeg (288.06 KB, 1372x1372, 1CFDA134-BA0F-41F5-AF88-1F09D2…)

babivampire then confronted her after stalking the comment section of her call out post

No. 1047808

she bought them obviously

No. 1047812

File: 1601369137835.jpeg (268.19 KB, 750x1184, C5D617DD-F544-4E4C-8B23-D97C3C…)

“you know nothing” calm down dolores. she’s been posting random shit within the past hour, i guess she’s trying to move past the whole thing, normally egirls stay off the internet for at least one day but i think haley requires social media for sustenance. also she lives in florida where it’s currently 4:45 AM why is a bitch with a kid up all night lol

No. 1047815

File: 1601370339231.png (266.46 KB, 750x1334, D23D3E37-4181-4DED-BFA4-A056D2…)

the audacity to still play the victim

No. 1047833

File: 1601375276223.png (29.35 KB, 494x154, cow.png)

Wow, some drama to wake up to. I fucking knew that these egirl threads were at least 50% selfposters but I didn't anticipate this.

No. 1047834

File: 1601375320565.png (670.54 KB, 980x3124, facebook.png)

No. 1047862

Kek. I love how they're all dogpiling on this girl but still end up sounding as catty and bitchy as the anons in this thread. We all know you girls have posted in the past couple threads, especially since you all still can't figure out how to sage your posts or change your fucking typing style, so you can spare us the whole "omg I can't believe it!" schtick.

No. 1047867

lmao y'all catch that at the end?

"I wish some of you had brains"
if she wanted to clear her name, she could've done just that - the other person wasn't even coming at her that hard, but she still had to include a bitchy ass comment

even in the little things she shows how fake and reactive she is

No. 1047869

haley has continued to act like shes soOo suicidal while gagging on her own huge ego dick

No. 1047873

File: 1601386253586.jpeg (57.27 KB, 750x224, DEBDBE22-5CBE-432E-8B97-E73698…)

screenshot is from 3 years ago her mom calling her out on fb LMAO

No. 1047884

Lmao im surprised this nasty little troll babivamp doesn’t know about IP addresses, considering how much time she spends on the internet

No. 1047887

shes as dumb as a box of rocks she probably doesnt even know how to use a vpn

No. 1047890


She doesn't even know how to use condoms or birth control. Why would you think she can manage a vpn kek

No. 1047928

File: 1601397280308.jpg (763.25 KB, 1070x1902, 20200929_123458.jpg)

Imagine being this much of a vapid, manipulative bitch. She said on her stories she'll be streaming, so keep and eye on her twitch.

No. 1047929

kek you can tell shauna sharing that actually bothers her

No. 1047931

like how she's focusing on this one controversy instead of all the bs she put out via this thread. Just pretending it didn't happen i guess.

No. 1047934

It's like she doesn't care about the people she hurt. That whole "waaah help me I'm suicidal" shtick last night was such bullshit. She just wanted people to feel sorry for her, and luckily, by the looks of the facebook, the majority of people don't.

No. 1047935


> a poem by Rupi Kaur


No. 1047952

If anyone knows her just tell her to get entirely offline for at least a year, do some cognitive behavioral therapy (there are ample free resources online), and spend time with her kids. She’s young and has all the time in the world to turn things around and be a decent person. I had a big following around her age and I just wasn’t cut out for it, never hurt anyone or did something like this but I got jealous easily and it did a number on my brain. Some people just aren’t secure enough.

No. 1047963

File: 1601402523618.jpg (548.62 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200929-132955_Ins…)

So the version of you 5 years ago would be proud you turned into a spiteful, narcissistic dead beat mom? Ok. Keep telling yourself that.

No. 1047979

so… is this thread just about babi?

No. 1047980

She made it about her

No. 1047982

it’s just the only thing going on right now. the thread description says a general thread for all egirls and envoys and mentions the notable things about others

No. 1047996

Especially considering that we now know after her posts were marked that she was the one who started most of the conversations about other egirls. I'm curious, will farmhands continue to mark her posts if she posts in the future?

No. 1047999

File: 1601407546975.jpg (1.89 MB, 1920x3536, CollageMaker_20200929_15264516…)

I'll start another topic.

>zephanijong on twitter

>quickly gained popularity by drawing vines on post-it notes, starting around 2017 I think
>popularity got to her head
>started tweeting like it's her diary
>frequent suicidal meltdowns for YEARS
>suicidal posting gets so bad people send police to her house
>"I'm so ugly!" posts a photo almost every other day
>shoops photos, heavy makeup always
>frequently mentions suicide, deletes tweets almost an hour afterward
>self-loathing texts daily, posts more selfies and how her life is awesome
>publicly posting relationship issues and how she doesn't understand how her bf loves her
>she's dating the fucking vine kid "is that a weed"

I've been following her on a forgotten account for a few years and every time I log back in I see her meltdowns. I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't constantly calling herself ugly and begging for self pity but then getting mad when people compare her to pretty celebs to show her that she's not ugly

No. 1048000

File: 1601407678746.jpg (676.45 KB, 1071x1131, SmartSelect_20200929-152912_Co…)

Sorry for weird cropping, oop

Anyways, here's another post. This is an almost endless cash cow of self pity e-girling.

I happen to think she's very pretty, it just sucks she's always whining about being ugly.

No. 1048002

her nose takes up half her face like ok squidward lol

No. 1048003

File: 1601407880800.jpg (564.86 KB, 2048x2048, 20200929_151946.jpg)

You haven't seen nose yet. She's pretty good at making it look smaller

No. 1048008

Ew, you can tell how much she photoshops.

No. 1048015

Her nose isn't that big. Jfc. It looks like a typical Asian wide nose. Your views on women appearances are probably warped by instagram. Also she seems quite boring tbh. Not wkintg, even in her shooped pics it's just eh

No. 1048020

Agree, she looks fine either way. And hating yourself doesn't make you milky. She clearly has issues.

No. 1048022

She's really pretty, she reminds me of Catholicnunn in that they're both Asian instabaddies who constantly threaten suicide on social media. Its just sad seeing these people have huge followings who want to see them do well, who give constant asspats but these girls refuse to get substantial help.

No. 1048023

It's less about hating yourself, more the constant posting of suicide threats and deleting them, same cycle.

Sorry to post a boring cow, I didn't expect it to be too milky, but this is the egirl thread.

No. 1048024

All good. The milk in here usually posts itself so good effort

No. 1048071

catholicnun is still around? i remember her from when i was like 12-13 on tumblr. i'm sad that she's still having breakdowns on social media it's been years

No. 1048083

Yeah she's still catholicnunn on twitter, her personal twitter is catholicnun420 I think. A few months ago there was discussion about making a thread about her cause she was posting graphic self harm pictures on her main twitter with thousands of followers, she moved to California with no plan on how to get a job and e-begs for her rent while she sits in her apartment doing nangs on periscope streams. She seems nice and relatively intelligent compared to the average junkie, I just want to see her get her life together.

No. 1048101

File: 1601419653288.jpg (182.25 KB, 1080x1033, 20200929_184848.jpg)

Babyblonde13 (the girl who posted towards the end of the last thread saying she wasn't littlechurchgirl while typing like a 5 year old on crack) new instagram is littlesickgirl, and she's still butthurt about this thread and her ban.

No. 1048108

Nobody even cared about her With her haggard ass face larping as a kawaii desugirl.

No. 1048131

File: 1601424092147.jpg (331.89 KB, 1079x1389, Screenshot_20200929-200154_Ins…)

like the love you spread on the last thread. Let it wash

No. 1048167

This looks like a fake account but idk. Like, a "dead end" trap. Maybe she uses an alt account now

No. 1048180

gotcha gotcha.

No. 1048181

It's not a fake account, I was using a throwaway account and sge was the only person I was following, and she changed her name. Because I was following her, when I searched "Babyblonde13", "Littlesickgirl" was the first username to pop up in the search results with "Babyblonde13" in small gray font underneath it. Littlesickgirl is her alt account, she just changed her name.

No. 1048195

was sug4rfairy feeling the love when you pretended to be her friend and almost ran her off the internet anonymously? was there love washing then??

No. 1048203

File: 1601433580912.jpg (291.86 KB, 1080x1757, 20200929_223900.jpg)

Found her wattpad. Why do all these cringey uwu egirls have wattpad? It's full of creepypasta x reader stuff, it's worth a read if you want a good laugh

No. 1048229

so much for not copying littlechurchgirl but literally stealing her username and replacing one word(integrate better)

No. 1048233

Are you still on your "she's copying littlechurchgirl!!!" kick? Learn to sage

No. 1048259

If you use watt pad and you’re over the age of 16 you’re cringe. That’s something you use when you’re 13. How old is she anyways? Church girl got triggered and isn’t accepting ppl into her Instagram which is weird cause nobody was saying anything rude just that she’s unoriginal

No. 1048260

Imagine putting that as your bio. I only followed her because I was trying to see if it was actually churchgirl unshoped. This forum wasn’t even about her.

No. 1048322

Erin is lurking and kekking

No. 1048326

we gonna need a new banner text telling IG thots to fuck off back where they come from

No. 1048349

File: 1601455907325.jpg (1.47 MB, 2250x2250, live.jpg)

Can we have one for twitter and redditfags too? They need to know this place is hostile towards their brand of retardation.

Really boring but since nothing else is going on-
>Hop into fauxgf live stream yesterday
>12 views and losing
>Immediately greeted by a self aggrandising sperg
>Dropping viewership suddenly makes sense
>Claiming you aren't entitled to an opinion if you don't have a pfp
>Proceeds to argue with a follower that because she's putting herself out there you can only be positive unless you have pfp
>Sperg packed with vain assumptions about people who don't post selfie's physical appearance
>Follower doesn't stoop but is adamant they are entitled to an opinion regardless of hers
>Is noticeably triggered by this
>Death stares the camera and cattily remarks "not here"
>Que evil smirk

I suppose this is what it looks like when a narcissist gains a small following by acting like a mean girl.

No. 1048363

kek is this genuinely her? her shoops are fucking ridiculous, that's just embarrassing. shes so desperate for clout but shes just going to turn out like dead9irl if she gets it, shes already got the cyberbullying, photoshopping, and self posting down, all she needs is to skinwalk too poor

No. 1048385

File: 1601464006114.png (3.04 MB, 1726x1110, lmao.png)

Is she @cumtage at IG?

I always cringe at these kinds of balaklava-wearing egirls. They show off their ~uwu~ knives and guns, try to look like bad bitches but in reality, they wouldn't last for more than 2 seconds in the hood without their scrawny cracked-out bfs buying all their dope for them so they never have to confront the reality of the misery they're romanticising.

I'm looking forward to many of these literal children waking up in a few years and realising how fucking stupid they made themselves look in front of everyone they know.

No. 1048396

I despise this aesthetic.

No. 1048419

yes she is, that is her other account. all comments were limited on every post so i assume she did something shady she doesnt want comments about, makes sense if that is the case as she made a new page / persona. she seems like she causes a lot of problems in the communities she joins.

No. 1048448

File: 1601474816900.png (940.44 KB, 745x614, ang3lthigh.PNG)

I can't tell if her boobs are real or not.

No. 1048449

It's legitimately her, I took the screenshots myself. I was taken a back by what she really looks like under all that shop, but I didn't bother mention it because I knew someone else definitely would. By the looks of it she's deluded herself into thinking she looks like her selfies and has a personality to match. Totally agree, major dead9irl vibes.

I'm convinced all these girls watched springbreakers one too many times and devised a whole aesthetic around a z grade movie with their Disney idols.

No. 1048526

I mean this isn’t the cringest aesthetic I’ve seen. Maybe I’m biased because I have a ski mask kek but at least they aren’t wearing diapers and trying to look like a child. I dunno this trend is kind of overdone and old. do people still post spring breaker tough uwu bitch type of pics?

No. 1048533

File: 1601487787634.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3464x3464, 67CF98F2-78D9-4852-8662-F8A2A9…)

Why do people buy promos? Like it’s a waste of money and you don’t get a lot of traction. Also she’s not even that special she’s wearing the same old tired ethot lingerie for $2 on Amazon.

No. 1048577

I don't know which is worse tbh

No. 1048647

this bitch is hot regardless who cares(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1048664

File: 1601501262103.jpeg (92.58 KB, 540x960, 1597733753938.jpeg)

No. 1048746

File: 1601507169957.jpeg (197.38 KB, 750x1225, BB970D66-D94E-4764-9270-D1695C…)

Posted this in the Piety thread but it’s on autosage. Going to repost here because it’s noteworthy.

I follow this account on Instagram, 99% sure they didn’t post stuff before yesterday otherwise I wouldn’t have followed them. They started spam posting all that weird #KALIACC cult propaganda. The comments are littered with people wanting to join. The writing style is VERY similar to Piety so don’t doubt that it’s him. They are moving over to Instagram and preying on more young girls.

No. 1048747

File: 1601507225587.jpeg (194.36 KB, 750x863, F8B248E2-5457-41CE-866F-BE0DF1…)

> writing style

No. 1048873

File: 1601516082834.jpg (293.77 KB, 1012x1137, ang3lthigh.jpg)

Saw some things the other day in ang3lthigh's comments. Seems she's ignoring people as early as yesterday and this week. Not sure if that's the person she's with? It's her most recent tik tok.

No. 1048876

It was nyabeats spam account. I dont know if she gave it to them or they took it.

No. 1048886

I am so fucking glad this thread pic doesn't have the fucking dead girl in it that made me so fucking depressed

No. 1048888

God, me too. Maybe I'm getting old but seeing anything about that made me so sad.

No. 1048890

That is a man?? Farmers am I blind, is that even her I just see a dude

No. 1048908

File: 1601519558540.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 954.17 KB, 1242x1584, A966F781-401D-44BE-B290-AA3A86…)

Does anyone have milk on this chick? Or is she a decent person? She is a ddlg only fans sw and she always complains on Instagram about them censoring her because of her self harm cuts. I feel bad for her though because she says she has bpd and has really horrible scars everywhere(spoonfeeding)

No. 1048918

FFS don't post random ethot with "does anybody have milk on __" find it yourself then post it or just stop clogging the thread with useless whores

No. 1048923

Read the rules and learn to integrate before asking to be spoofed. It's ridiculously easy to spot a selfpost in this thread because of the amount of "does anyone have any milk on this random whore I posted a pic of and totally don't know? She's so ugly lol amirite guys??"

No. 1048978

"Is she a decent person?"
"I feel bad for her"
Fuck off lord farquad, no one wants go see your self butchered flesh wounds on IG or on here, DDLG fucking pedo scum. Go try being interesting somewhere else, cuz that self post ain't it and is just laughable and pathetic. Goo goo gah gah btw if you were doing it right, it would be across the street not down the road. Just so you know.

No. 1048983

Don’t think that was a self post. I used to follow her she’s problematic

No. 1048984

File: 1601526355959.jpeg (85.1 KB, 1169x578, 8C8647E9-0EFD-446E-9929-BB2345…)

Does this mean she is going to stop being a thot and be a mother

No. 1049008

Does anyone know any more of the shitty things vampjunk has done?

No. 1049051

not how this website works. please observe the rules / info before posting. if you have milk you are welcome to report it, but asking if there is milk on a random person without saging comes across as a vendetta or self posting.

No. 1049052

ive never seen any shitty or weird behavior from her. she seems sweet and doesnt shoop to hell like the rest of these thots. its refreshing to see a real looking person in egirl hell.

No. 1049054

yeah no fucking way that was staying in. whoever added her into the thread in the first place is disgusting. the photos should apply to egirls who've been talked about, not literal murder victims.

No. 1049065

KEK "you know nothing" damn just apologize to those you've hurt

No. 1049069

Selfposter looking for a review.

No. 1049080

File: 1601537288309.png (204.12 KB, 317x617, genuinelycannotbeleiveshesback…)

Y'all she's fucking back to begging for clout and likes after TWO DAYS WHAT THE FUCK erin painter is shook

No. 1049081

File: 1601537401592.png (254.22 KB, 316x617, cunts2gether4ever.PNG)

IT GETS BETTER. now shes sharing the rudest shooping cunt we know and lover, fauxgf / cumtage. life is in fact a simulation.

No. 1049087

lol did you not read #2? the queen cow of this thread herself babiivampire/vampirebabiii did it

No. 1049090

Kek, she literally always reposts whatever egirl we were last discussing. Not sure what she thinks she's achieving. Maybe inconsequential evidence to support the narrative all those self posts aren't her.

No. 1049092

what's funny is it only proves more that she lurks the thread and that those posts were in fact her (although no need to prove it considering IP addresses all match up). it's like a pattern, reach out and relate to another cow while posting about them. maybe this time she'll post them with a VPN. i don't think her addiction to shit talking in this thread is just going to end.

No. 1049094

File: 1601540908586.png (412.14 KB, 597x604, corpsebabystalker.PNG)

corpsebabydoll is apparently being skinwalked harassed and borderline stalked by someone called megankuma


link to the full twitter thread

No. 1049096

File: 1601540998946.png (364.78 KB, 589x608, corpsebabystalker2.PNG)


No. 1049097

File: 1601541131887.png (53.34 KB, 599x548, corpsebabystalker3.PNG)

(3/3) this whole situation seems really weird, and im gonna go ahead and assume whoever randomly brought her up last thread here >>1044814 is this megankuma girl

No. 1049098

File: 1601541351207.png (349.47 KB, 594x593, pinwalking.PNG)

they claim she copied her pinterest too, it does seem strange that folders have the same name & spelling bbs the same way

No. 1049156

lmao, I just realized how many of these girls I'm friends with on FB. They recently cancelled me over some drunk autist shit I posted. I'd post screen shots of their messages, but I don't want to vendetta post.

sage for blog posting.

No. 1049171

They collectively cancelled you? Why? I sense milk.

No. 1049178

egirls are all way too dumb to keep selfposting and essentially naming and outing themselves in this thread. Anonymous forum, girls.

No. 1049184

might as well spill it if you're already cancelled by dumb fucks, we wanna hear it

No. 1049193

File: 1601555468127.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 136.72 KB, 750x683, 95A97FEB-E05F-4267-B5CD-8475BC…)

apparently this is old but it looks like babicunt has always been a jealous bitch lol

No. 1049196


No. 1049211

“Now think,,” why is she incapable of talking to other people without sounding condescending? Between this and the “I wish some of you had brains”, she sounds like an iamverysmart narc.

No. 1049214

File: 1601557923312.gif (181.32 KB, 220x124, tenor.gif)

>I've never seen any weird behavior about her
>slashes her wrists

>Its refreshing to not see a girl who shoops to hell

Uhm not when the girl is a total goblin…?

No. 1049219


Nah that's not ang3l, it's someone on her latest tik tok that she's potentially in a relationship with. It was a lovey dovey tik tok.

No. 1049229

this seems like such a vendetta post lmfao, half of all egirls are ddlg onlyfans ugly self harmers, thats not milk at all

No. 1049230

File: 1601559718505.jpeg (174.97 KB, 750x1097, FE513511-A0FD-45ED-94CE-C093D6…)

did this thot even sell her account or is she just in hiding

No. 1049231

shes such a fucking liar i doubt she sold it, she needs clout to live

No. 1049248

she def didn't sell it and she's barely in hiding either, she literally just moved to a new account. even with the new account - at first, it was entirely private, but then this grown ass mother decided she couldn't do without online attention from scrotes and teenage girls and decided to just move accounts, lol.

No. 1049249

How tf is that copying? Every chick nowadays has the same aesthetic and dyes their hair

No. 1049257

File: 1601563435480.png (180.51 KB, 750x1334, 25542EF4-A06A-4650-8B35-D07A6C…)

dated a 14 yr old as a "18 yr old" when she was 17 & lied about her age bc she wanted to post sexual shit kekekek

No. 1049261

Why the fuck are young girls doing this shit?

No. 1049295

File: 1601568913881.jpeg (415.66 KB, 828x1288, 8339C143-93E4-451D-9AD1-5017C1…)

does anyone follow chaneru? not sure she crosses into "e-girl" territory, but she sure tries hard

> old slut that got passed around in pro-gamer circles

> got famous for posting lewds on 4chan and reddit
> had famous bipolar/drug fueled meltdown where she was posting pictures of feces and accusing her mother of abusing her
> begged people to send her money for food because she was "cut off", offered to send nudes and lewds because she needed to eat
> own parents outed her for being high as fuck on whippets hence the reason they tried to get her into rehab (was not cut off)

only bringing this up because she seems to be on another drug fueled bender in vegas right now and has been furiously posting about how her mom abandoned her again and won't give her money kek

No. 1049341

Is Josh the father of her child?

No. 1049356

Judging by that description we can only hope it's for real this time, but I doubt it.

No. 1049368

File: 1601574911028.png (3.38 MB, 828x1792, 2BBA9A5A-609E-4D8E-B432-108654…)

not to mention she was supposedly there with either her sugar daddy boyfriend and the dude just let her wander around dressed in literally a bra at 2am…classy

No. 1049404

You obviously havent looked through the account photos. She copies her hair and outfits to Larp as her. Even got a bunny because she did. She bought a painting that looks like the one she made with her mother. This is like Fawnaleexo levels of skin walking . These bitches are weird

No. 1049409

no josh is some kid she dated years ago

noy kolesnitchenko is the father he has the kid

No. 1049421

When you say he has the kid, so you mean he has custody? I thought he and Hayley were married. When I search Hayley Kolesnitchenko, though, I don't get any search results.

No. 1049430

nah she moved to florida without her kid after saying she wasnt gonna leave him with such a "terrible&abusive" father

No. 1049442

So… this bitch doesn't even live with her kid? Jesus what a bitch… I thought she was just sitting around neglecting him. But she actually abandoned him

No. 1049586

She left her child with the abusive father? She was raising money from her followers on Instagram just a few months ago for her AND her child to move to Florida, to get away from him. I guess we don't know what's going on, but it looks like she took the money for herself and ditched her kid. If it's true that's gross.

No. 1049665

what the actual fuck? that is disturbed. i was wondering why you could never hear a child once during her twitch streams. a mother's priority is supposed to be her child, not posting about her "friends" on lolcown and hoeing around on instagram.

No. 1049669

File: 1601600073039.png (394.5 KB, 859x563, babinew.PNG)

babivampire has now changed her spam name to her original username and this is the state of the "sold(?)" account. i'm really not understanding why she ran to a new account as if it would change her identity or make everyone forget about what she did.

No. 1049673

>implying she knows how the internet works
She probably thinks she’s a huge mastermind.

No. 1049688

File: 1601602312158.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, B0E79591-BC24-410D-A79A-8D3495…)

shes gonna see the thread n get triggered kek

No. 1049690

What the hell, lol, her body has a completely different skin tone compared to her face.

No. 1049694

File: 1601602986406.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, 868E141C-AD28-4D17-9DA1-57AA75…)

it gets better lol

No. 1049697

basically looks like her style changed depending on whats popular that year

No. 1049702

god, the eyebrows are killing me

No. 1049703

Kek, where are you finding these? She looks like a guy in a wig

No. 1049710

from this profile ^ theres bunch more

No. 1049737

File: 1601607147130.jpg (309.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201002-124430.jpg)

I can't rationalise this so I'm gonna go with mental illness.

No. 1049739

File: 1601607196884.jpg (1.26 MB, 2250x2250, expectationvsreality.jpg)

No. 1049740

File: 1601607320142.jpg (1.46 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20201001_225613238.j…)

It appears her twitter @babivampiire is back up and running. Also hilarious comparing her body to her shoops

No. 1049763

Wait she looks so much like one of our retired hysteric cows Lola Tyrrell. What is this type of face called? With the chin, sunken eyes and self-harming eye brows/haircut. Type of face that just screams BPDchan.

No. 1049790

File: 1601612917838.jpg (151.98 KB, 490x700, tumblr_lqlwk87A2X1qih6xgo1_500…)

No. 1049823


No. 1049910

Maybe she can start by putting a disclaimer on her own profiles.

No. 1049921

you’re such fucking scum for speaking like that lol get the fuck off of lolcow and into fucking therapy(subjectfag)

No. 1049931

Jesus christ you bitches are so transparent. The cows really milk themselves in this thread.

No. 1049932

Sorry no one had anything nice to say about your cum covered selfie

No. 1049940

File: 1601632663382.png (797.24 KB, 750x1334, 660D14EF-FF35-4A9F-A1C4-8DBE9C…)

this cow literally thinks she’s famous…

No. 1049942

As if anyone would want to copy you, BabiWeight. Like you could come up with an original thought. I bet it's a thorny rose. Place your bets on what u think itll be, anons, refer to the standard issue Egirl ClipArt [Edge Edition] tattoo manual for reference.

No. 1049944

BabiWeight is my new favorite nickname for her KEK

I guarantee you we’ll see her totally original tattoo on a million different girls before she came up with it. she’s a trendhopper. nobody wants to copy a tacky aliexpress alt wannabe who shoops themself so intensely yet still cannot manage to look attractive. there was a picture on her spam before she deleted everything about her buying tons of shein stuff for photos which is so lame. hint: you’re not “alt” if all of your clothing come from shein.

No. 1049945

If she doesn't get a succubus x ahegao combo, I will actually be surprised.

No. 1049955

File: 1601635506914.jpeg (209.59 KB, 750x1292, AA149DC9-1B9F-455B-8E89-1C3C03…)

here’s the retard who bought babivampires account. have fun with your fake followers, try not to bully your friends and you should be fine

No. 1049958


@pastelwife is her main ig

No. 1049972

Jesus she even shelled out for the pro version of linktree.

No. 1049976

that’s so fucking lame jesus christ. definitely gonna go digging for milk on her now since she’s taking over babicunts account

No. 1049980

File: 1601638808916.jpeg (556.19 KB, 750x1286, EBECBDC1-6B1B-474B-92E2-341019…)

Lol apparently she has 4 million followers on Twitch why did she even buy the account I’m confused

No. 1049990

File: 1601640823875.png (13.28 KB, 248x100, pw.png)

Where'd you get "4 million" from???

No. 1049994

this bitch is probably selfposting

No. 1049996

File: 1601641427964.jpeg (117.33 KB, 748x918, CA2941A4-F9FF-4ED5-9943-42D6F6…)

i just screenrecorded it changing kek

No. 1050003

THANK YOU. what the fuck i thought i was going insane. i KNEW it said 4M when i first saw it i’m pissed this bitch made me think i was retarded for a hot minute. why the fuck she lying about having 4M?

No. 1050007

File: 1601643614436.jpeg (544.81 KB, 750x1196, 1432794E-6F2D-4A0F-B8F5-3BF528…)

Why do these bitches think clown makeup will make them attractive

No. 1050008

Is she deformed? Her neck looks short

No. 1050010

File: 1601644276631.jpeg (153.63 KB, 750x1334, 9767DE62-8791-4E56-B052-F2BF3A…)

kek here she is without the clown makeup anon, i think you can understand why she’s wearing it now

No. 1050015

File: 1601645173208.jpeg (287.05 KB, 1277x1372, 4664EDA4-40A7-4D19-82E5-6A6983…)

Don’t be mean she seems so sweet kek

No. 1050018

Based and pinkpilled

No. 1050024

She seems cool ngl

No. 1050026

File: 1601647070892.jpeg (240.26 KB, 750x957, 9CE8B574-1452-451A-82AA-EBC4AD…)

oh yeah you’re totally right. ethots who REEEEE online about tik tok “deleting their followers” (yeah right) and don’t give a fuck about men being drugged and robbed are so cool. i wish i could be so cool ngl

No. 1050045

lmao go simp for johns somewhere else

No. 1050090

how old is nyabeat? she looks underage for sure but i see people claiming she just turned 17,others that she is about 13-14. In any case,it makes it super creepy that grown ass adults like jazmin bean were hanging out around her.
I'm also wondering what kind of parent let their child dress like that when they are this young tbh it's worrying.

No. 1050102

i briefly followed her back in like 2017-2018 maybe ? i reckon she’s about 18 currently, there’s no way she’s 13, 14 or whatever

No. 1050121

Haven't we gone over this 3 times? Read the previous threads and stop making claims about her being too young to be talked about here. Don's ask to be spoonfed.

No. 1050155

She only looks young because of all the meitu and snow

No. 1050184

Nta but who cares about men, she seems straight up retarded regardless of one popular take.

No. 1050188

i've been there since the previous thread anon, there were several speculation but no definite proof. I saw a post of one of her pretended "friend" who claim she's 14 and she called herself a "minor" (read: i'm a baby who poops her diapies because being under 18 means you cannot do wrong and aknowledge it pls no booly) so it's hard to know what to believe.

If she's not a litteral child then we should either talk about her or revive Chara/Piety thread since that psycho is involved in it

No. 1050221

File: 1601665427051.jpg (476.15 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20200930-222157.jpg)

Minors can pedobait

No. 1050227

ehhh but the pedo is always in the wrong. minors don't have enough understanding of how wrong it is due to the lack of education on things like grooming and other forms of predation. nothing wrong with liking stuffed animals

No. 1050267

it's retarded scrote logic to blame a girl liking pigtails and soft toys in any case. Pedos are to blame. Now if they're belle delphine-ing that's another story. I blame the ethots making them think pedobaiting is the cool hot thing to do since kids can be so easily impressed by lots of likes and follows in this day and age

No. 1050293

Millenials did a great fucking job at teaching zoomers on the internet that if they're under 18 or 21 they are literally children & attractive to pedophiles. Nobody remembers Yukapon anymore.

No. 1050303

Idk this girl and idk what she does but
>15-17yo minor is literally the same level of retarded as a 5yo minor therefore can't be held responsible for anything
Can this meme die already. It's one thing to own stuffed animals, it's another to post thirst traps featuring stuffed animals speging about ~daddy choke me~ with fake loli voice.

No. 1050317

Any minor saying daddy choke me is very cringe

Still it’s always the pedos fault.

No. 1050320

A 15-17 yrs brain isn’t fully developed. No one said they have the same functioning level as a 5 year old child.

A fully adult man is the problem not a teen child. Stop defending pedos it’s gross and creepy

No. 1050343

right? nowadays if you're a "minor" you're a baby in diapers that shits themselves and you can use that as a shield. Nyabeat herself used it in her crytyping/tumblr panic attack typing IG story "i'm a minor so i shouldnt deal with this waah waah" (she DID get groomed by some /pol/ weirdos it seems. but you know the zoomers obsession with cancelling everything without knowing the full story. Everything is racist
and transphobic nowadays anyway.)
I get you're dumb and easily influenced when you're underage but there's a limit.

No. 1050381

yeah nobody is claiming they can't have any form of understanding, hence why i said there is not enough education on the concept of grooming and other forms of predation, which would kinda count ethots influencing their younger audience

No. 1050485

File: 1601686839170.jpeg (107.62 KB, 750x1176, 53958C10-948D-4F81-89C2-71FCAF…)

this girl on instagram (had an old account by the name of iamyourbabi/magehealer and previously mentioned here >>>/snow/913816) used the soft girl/ ~lolita beach aesthetic/ agere aesthetic to hide her ddlg fantasies behind. she’s a mik too, barely turned 17

No. 1050488

File: 1601686898010.png (990.1 KB, 750x1334, 910FDB06-0A8A-43DB-BFAE-EC9100…)

same fag (1/8)

No. 1050489

File: 1601686956347.png (Spoiler Image, 1.81 MB, 750x1334, DCE99087-7F44-461E-9F15-1D5083…)

No. 1050490

File: 1601687055031.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 750x1334, 70ABA13A-19C8-442A-82E1-8B6349…)

No. 1050499

File: 1601687308187.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, C376027F-A38D-4859-B5FE-13EA7B…)


No. 1050503

File: 1601687437739.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, 7DB2038D-9F13-42C8-8D9A-5BB711…)


No. 1050505

File: 1601687553208.png (784.15 KB, 750x1334, 3A0EED25-B4A7-49BB-BBF6-E672C6…)


No. 1050508

File: 1601687729609.jpeg (169.13 KB, 750x1296, 85C9ADB5-E38D-4820-8819-5556A3…)


No. 1050510

File: 1601687887914.jpeg (168.53 KB, 750x1281, E879EF2E-9918-4D90-A229-09B1B5…)


No. 1050521

Spoiler that shit eww

No. 1050588

This looks like a self post lmaoo how is a minor with a private account under 1k milky? Tons of minors do this. It’s not milk just a cringe phase they will remember and wish it didn’t happen

No. 1050691

File: 1601719974694.jpeg (190.89 KB, 750x1186, DD1B7C3D-842A-4503-860B-B7A357…)

She keeps rebranding kek as if those she’s hurt will forget? this whole situation is so weird. why did she sell the account if she wasn’t even going to take a one day break from the internet? I think she literally believes doing this will wipe everyone’s minds cleans

No. 1050704

Kek this was my first thought

No. 1050732

File: 1601728966221.png (697.48 KB, 750x1334, 1EE864D2-D4A5-4E56-8A9D-9A10FE…)

Oh boy…

No. 1050733

File: 1601729350356.jpeg (201.03 KB, 1372x1372, 934E00EC-E35D-400F-BE2F-44229A…)

The keks are unreal with this bitch

No. 1050753

>b4 u turn 16
>deadhoe was 14-15 in that picture
whats there to kek about?

No. 1050756

> has been lurking since the first egirl thread
> still doesn’t understand saging but learned to call herself deadhoe

that says emo before 16, she was 15 in that photo, you’re saying that since it says before 16 and she was 15 in that photo that she was emo before 16? so you’re implying that “she” (you) what, turned emo immediately after this photo was taken or sometime before she turned 16? shit ain’t adding up lol. it’s kek worthy because it is ironic to post those memes when she’s a poser herself

No. 1050769

File: 1601733343038.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 5057609F-7ABF-45E8-8551-7307B4…)

from dead9irl's highlights

No. 1050799

Everyone born after 1985 is a poser, who cares.

No. 1050810

File: 1601739460966.png (2.29 MB, 750x1334, 439DCE31-4A6B-4D6E-B79A-8B837D…)

Kek I bet $20 it was dead9irl since she hasn’t posted about this

No. 1050814

Not some deadbeat mom leaving her kid with his "abusive" dad. And selling was pics in Florida.

No. 1050819

> Audacity: rude or disrespectful behavior; impudence.
So was it not rude or disrespectful to talk shit about her friends online? She should be talking about her own audacity. If audacity is on sale, she’s the supplier.

She literally changed her username because when you look up babivampire online the threads come up. Well vampcherub vampcherub vampcherub you can’t hide from what you did kek

No. 1050852

"How dare someone be upset i was a bitch!!"

No. 1050853

Vampcherub? For real? Alright vampcherub, people talk about you enough that when they search vampcherub eventually this thread will pop up too

No. 1050889

File: 1601746138316.jpeg (262.83 KB, 1372x995, B4230996-D90F-4A22-A2F1-48AED4…)

based on vampcherub bio and dead9irls caption, i’m gonna go ahead and assume they hate each other because they’re the same person

No. 1050894

File: 1601746262816.jpeg (571.78 KB, 750x1174, C09763B1-46BA-41FC-998E-E71842…)

vampcherub you think we can’t tell that’s not your real face? kek

No. 1050905

Closeups of her face are rare because her gigantic chin always takes half of the camera, might as well save some money for a chin shave.
Doesn’t matter how much she shoops, Vampcherub will always be farquaad’s more evil look-alike.

No. 1050913

Very rare, this isn't even a real one

No. 1050931

Every time I see this bitch I have to refrain from alogging. She's an awful mother. She has no shame. I hope her kid grows up well despite his onyfans herpes hapsburg chinned meth momma

No. 1050946

File: 1601752124099.jpg (146.98 KB, 1080x1730, Screenshot_20201004-060809__01…)

Kek anons the photoshop monstrosity is gone already and replaced with a more believable shoop.

No. 1050947

Somehow even when vampcherub/ babivamp photoshops sge still looks like a mongoloid.

No. 1050948

File: 1601752184237.jpg (405.25 KB, 1080x1595, Screenshot_20201004-061048__01…)

Still not particularly believable though

No. 1050951

this is getting fucking insane she’s rebranding every four seconds kek

No. 1050952

hold up. did she edit her eyes to be two different colors in the picture? one looks green and one looks blue

No. 1050962

File: 1601753382085.jpg (224.79 KB, 620x1764, thot.jpg)

I'm constantly amazed wondering who is throwing money at these people.

No. 1050975

File: 1601753750468.jpeg (53.69 KB, 544x629, F94C2750-747D-46F5-8320-43AB9D…)

Anon everyone’s face is a jagged line with their hair colour bleeding into it, this is completely believable (obvious /s/)

No. 1050981

She shops so much, why not fix her manchin and arm flab?

No. 1050989

File: 1601754382914.jpg (776.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201004-064508.jpg)

Dw guys she proved us wrong by replacing this deleted story >>1050810 with the original shitty shop. Bless her heart, she's fast.

No. 1050990

File: 1601754529646.jpg (239.61 KB, 1080x1483, Screenshot_20201004-064933__01…)

Samefag >>1050989
Pic related

No. 1050995

that filter is supposed to make her prettier??? i see downs lol

No. 1050997

she already shaved off half her chin in this

No. 1051001

shes fucking insane lmfao why does she think no one will notice

No. 1051010

More like obviously, but I guess everyone is wrong since vampcherub totally never posted a bunch of girls in here to get roasted by anons.
Also, her new name sounds a lot like pamperchu.

No. 1051039

File: 1601761295754.jpg (415.52 KB, 1080x1579, 20201003_173808.jpg)

Kek that was easy. Change your handle all you want Haley, you cant get away from this thread.

No. 1051045

sorry to break it to you dead girl but that caption is a just a tweet you stole. you didn't come up with it. just like you didn't come up with scene or anything else you do. you and Dolores are the same

No. 1051153

File: 1601772639954.png (902.8 KB, 750x1334, 68734D50-90A9-442A-8DDE-682830…)

Kek y’all are the same person what doesn’t she understand

No. 1051155

File: 1601772736359.jpeg (145.97 KB, 750x1216, 360349C3-60D2-4501-B5C2-2311BA…)


No. 1051171

LOL remember when vampcherub abandoned her kid good stuff

No. 1051177

File: 1601773984198.jpg (692.97 KB, 4096x3072, 292.jpg)

egirls calling each other posers is literally this image

No. 1051178

File: 1601774019361.jpeg (43.44 KB, 800x283, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

Remember when she said "y'all could never" about hitting 100k to farmers inbthe other thread
When she bought them and abandoned her son.

No. 1051183

lmao this is the first time i’ve ever been on dead9irls side but like vampcherub did call out dead9irl on her old account for “bullying girls online” even though haley does the same thing. at least dead9irl doesn’t pretend to be friends with the bitches she bullies (she’s still a cunt though)

No. 1051190

File: 1601774664630.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 843F1BCE-748D-4AB3-B047-2892D3…)

SHE’S GOING OFF finally what we’ve been waiting for

No. 1051194

I'M LOSING MY MIND omg this is great, Haley lynn Sobeck / Vampcherub getting the karma she deserves after talking shit about girls she called her friends

No. 1051198

File: 1601775510923.png (702.98 KB, 750x1334, CD3AF4FA-2F6E-412B-8765-4E9D39…)

it’s called karma haley. it’s so obvious deadhoe is psychotic so why get involved in drama with her. someone seems desperate for attention

No. 1051204

All deserved, bitch

No. 1051209

those are probably deff different people thats what it is funny, at least some of them

No. 1051215

they definitely are she blocks anyone that tries to call her out shes the dumbest cunt

No. 1051217

File: 1601777642969.jpg (752.58 KB, 1080x1817, Screenshot_20201003-221432_Ins…)

Big surprise. Hope she quits selling nudes now but unlikely cuz she needs male validation

No. 1051218

looks like the interwebs got her trying to change her life around huh, the fathers family still isnt gonna let her see her kid tho kek

No. 1051219

File: 1601777881110.jpeg (142.74 KB, 750x530, 8B0F1BFD-D783-464D-A515-3A1847…)

kek at her telling us she had a job in the last thread before she actually got one

No. 1051220

File: 1601778013668.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, C9855E59-BA7E-457B-8F5E-D1BEFD…)

Who would’ve thought after all of this deadhoe would be the voice of reason

No. 1051222

I'll root for deadhoe all day if she's rippin on vampirechubbie

No. 1051223

I hope for the baby's sake that she was lying about him being abusive and he's in good hands. I'm so put off by the fact that she made it out like she was still with him in the last thread. When she was like "y'all act like moms can't have free time" but she wound up living in another state
sage for blog but I am a mom and I barely have any time for social media, especially since my kid is so young. I can't imagine having an onlyfans and shoving dildos up my hooha for some ugly incels while my kid was asleep in the other room

No. 1051224

i guarantee she was lying about that probably is a good father andshes just lousy and craves attention

No. 1051225


She didn't abandon her son with her ex, when she left him she took her son with her, she just put up a story showing it (not posting bc we can't post minors)

No. 1051226

Same, as long as deadhoe is ripping on vampcherub I'm all for her, I'm pretty sure that how a lot of other people feel, too

No. 1051227

ok self poster thats not how it went on fb kek

No. 1051229

File: 1601778927968.jpeg (115.97 KB, 750x1623, EDDFA10C-1BE4-49CA-A354-FEE415…)

ANOTHER username change kek
ok deepwebvamp

No. 1051230

Posting her kid sleeping with her once doesnt mean he lives with her

No. 1051239


I'm pretty sure she took him when she left her ex husband noy, i know for a fact that his family wanted and tried to take her son so i doubt she managed to escape without much of a fight with them.

No. 1051240

and they'd be right. Who wants to be raised by a twitch whore? I still doubt she has him full time

No. 1051241

ur "pretty sure" doesnt mean shit to what actually happened and what she posted

she left without him thinking that the dad would fly him down to her no they kept the kid

No. 1051242

What happened to her not posting him where she promotes her of? Out the window like her morals

No. 1051244

Deep web vamp

No. 1051245


She can't resist posting her son to prove a point about her parenting skills or if something about him is brought up.

No. 1051251

File: 1601781327820.jpg (652.97 KB, 1064x1892, 20201003_231355.jpg)

Kek at how it's getting under Deepwebvamp's skin that we're pointing out she's a deadbeat mom. It's a known fact you left your son, stop pretending like you're a good mom who doesn't spend all her time streaming and posting bikini pics online instead of taking care of him.

No. 1051254

deadbeat and a lying cunt once again DAMN

No. 1051256

File: 1601781759506.jpeg (160.96 KB, 750x902, 87E5DB25-FF2C-4B74-B3F3-C25B3A…)

No. 1051257

Deepwebvamp thinks it’s completely okay to post pictures of her kid in her Instagram next to her begging for people to repost her skimpy selfies, nice going, deepwebvamp.

No. 1051259

she used a photo from last year and is saying thats current? lol

No. 1051264

OH SHIT I didn't even notice that? What the fuck, nice, so you're a liar, too. You cant even be honest deepwebvamp. You have to lie and honestly on top of that, you shouldn't be posting photos of him on your e-thot instagram.

No. 1051274


No. 1051285

Damn she just confirmed the deadbeat mom thing there herself

No. 1051289

>she left without him thinking that the dad would fly him down to her no they kept the kid
>she left without him thinking that the dad would fly him down
>she left without him
How redeeming.

No. 1051293

her dull brain thought of using an old picture as if it wasnt posted on the internet

No. 1051313

so this bitch is peaches basically

No. 1051316

THAT IS SO GODDAMN FUNNY OMG. jesus fuck i cannot believe how publicly insane she is. like i cannot imagine having so little self awareness.

No. 1051323

Imagine being deepwebvamp and having to rebrand every day to try and get away from the shit you've done. Deepwebvamp would literally just be so much better off coming out and apologizing personally to the people she personally posted here, then making a public statement saying it was terrible of her to do. But deepwebvamp is too prideful and bitchy for her own good.

No. 1051360

Deepwebvamp more like deadbeatvamp

No. 1051394

wow, she found a photo she took of him without it having been on social media. incredible. it’s incredibly obvious those are old photos because in the last thread (before it was removed) the kid was at least a year older and had longer hair.

No. 1051401

File: 1601805375335.jpeg (446.63 KB, 750x1294, DFB5F18A-ACDD-47DD-A65B-9FAED6…)

isn’t it beautiful when a community bands together

No. 1051445

also the kid is obviously alot bigger/older in this picture than it is in the picture posted a few hours ago

No. 1051461

if he was really with her she would’ve posted this “real” picture in the first place, which leads me to believe both pictures were obviously not taken that night and that she doesn’t even have the child at all most of the time. if you look at the dad noy’s facebook, the baby is about the only thing he posts - far cry for the abuse story she was telling.

No. 1051470

Is this bitch even trying?

No. 1051547

shes mentally insane
instead of apologizing for shit she covers everything up like the fucking lunatic she is

No. 1051552

Wait did she call herself deepwebvamp because she thinks lolcow is the deep web? Literally a publicly listed website baybee, if it was the deep web it wouldn't come up on google.

No. 1051563

its really sad she would pretend to be with her kid rn when she constantly posted on fb about how she wants to kill herself since she wont get her kid back

No. 1051593

She doesn't even seem to mind his absence. Just streaming twitch and posting ass.

No. 1051600

Yeah, she only minds when she gets called out for it

No. 1051609

if anything shes one of those girls that complains about men enjoying their freetime on video games
he clearly cares about his child hes all over his profile

No. 1051610

Does she still have an active facebook? I've looked for it nut I can't seem to find one.

No. 1051613

Her facebook Dolores Sobieski has been deleted and both the Luna Sobieski and old Haley Sobeck profile are wiped since she got exposed for posting about her friends.

No. 1051636

dolores is actually fucking psychotic. every time something new gets posted about her on here i’m even more disgusted with her than i was before. she needs to stay in a psych ward for a month or two

No. 1051658

it seems like she deleted it after being exposed for the baby pic lmao and probably cus of the mya adams post in general

No. 1051661

the baby pic is still up on the luna sobieski account
wonder how she would address the change in bedsheets from one photo to the next lol

No. 1051664

her followers are literally too braindead to realize or care. anyone who followed her to the new account is a fucking retard.

No. 1051715

File: 1601844438069.jpeg (141.7 KB, 750x1171, 95E043EA-2843-4C7A-AA1D-972765…)

shooped to make her skinnier

No. 1051790

Photos of children are banned unless censored. Further posts will result in week long bans.

No. 1051797

File: 1601852340605.jpeg (387.84 KB, 750x834, 54521996-3B9B-48BF-BA92-F30601…)

i don’t even know what to say about this edit, i literally can’t even begin to figure out how she makes it look so fucked up

No. 1051801

HOLY FUCK. why would she post that lmfao

No. 1051819

bcus she looks hot duh(integrate better)

No. 1051822

File: 1601855031472.jpg (94.12 KB, 637x785, 381b8fd9dcd8fdccb337095b4d444c…)

She looks like one of those cats with the long nosed, she isn't hot at all kek. Her shoops are scary

No. 1051824

No. 1051840

oh boy i wonder who this is kek i think every single egirl lurks

No. 1051884

thats a weird way to say insecure

No. 1051908

Erin Painter is maybe back @pocketsizee on insta is back active(imageboard)

No. 1051938

File: 1601865133961.jpeg (102.68 KB, 750x617, A2FE8E08-213A-4CEC-8F7A-BB2650…)

omg they’re not lying

No. 1051979

omg the fucking chin shoop is so ridiculous wtf is this >.<

No. 1051980

that kitty is at least 1000x cuter and we all know it :3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1051995


Get your uwu shit outta here

No. 1052007

File: 1601871196703.jpeg (312.2 KB, 1372x1372, 099E706F-DBA7-4E76-AC81-026B7B…)

self awareness and sanity have left the chat (if they haven’t already)

No. 1052023

File: 1601872908750.png (488.95 KB, 850x898, 1575681445103.png)

Will you moid sucking ewhores fucking learn how to use the site? Put sage in the email field and no emojis. Minimod I know but goddamn.

No. 1052045

Seeing the state of modern high schoolers really make me sympathize with incels honestly.

No. 1052049

File: 1601877853393.jpg (221.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201005-170445.jpg)


No. 1052053

fuck off, high schoolers have always been retarded. learn to sage

No. 1052061

Stop sympathizing with incels they are not based.

No. 1052087

suffer? as if lmao all she had to do was turn her phone off and go. nobody gives a fuck. love the honesty though.

No. 1052090

Probably because she learned how to use tor to buy her drugs

No. 1052091

Uhm… Has she ever heard of, you know, airplane mode/turning your phone off? Damn, what a self-centered piece of shit.

No. 1052142

File: 1601896433227.png (878.03 KB, 750x1334, BC21173E-B218-4F9D-9C73-B5484D…)

vampdeepweb changed her username again and is back to begging for engagement

No. 1052143

File: 1601897106496.jpeg (150.64 KB, 750x1625, 80293E84-9A43-47CB-8230-98C213…)

vampdeepweb aka psycho bitch dolores really thinks no one else besides dead9irl could hate her when she's even went to the extent to post hate about "friends". someone admit this cow to a psychward

No. 1052147

File: 1601897702909.jpg (223.81 KB, 712x1233, Screenshot_20201005-073603_Sam…)

No. 1052149

^^dead9hoe. Sorry

No. 1052152

I think this is a self-post tbh. Anyway, I really don't know who's worse, babivampire/vampcherub/deepwebvamp/vampdeepweb or dead9irl.

No. 1052154

They're both equally malignant forms of cancer.

No. 1052163

vampdeepweb is worse because she’s a manipulative lying bully. deadhoe is a bully (i haven’t seen her do anything recent though tbh) but at least she’s honest about it. vampdeepweb is a deadbeat mom and continues to lie about what she did and manipulate her followers into thinking she is a victim

No. 1052181

File: 1601903122772.jpeg (423.38 KB, 750x1185, 36563952-A4F0-4D5B-B74C-458663…)

not vampdeepweb literally being posted on current mood / dollskill and not stopping wearing it until she got hate

No. 1052199

Harass more like expose lol but dead9irl if you're reading this Fuck off we don't like you either you long nosed poser bitch don't you have some selfies to horribly edit. Listening to lil peep doesn't make you emo. I hate Delores/Haley/Luna whatever BPD identity she wants to be now but that doesn't make dead9irl any better for stirring up some shit,

No. 1052202

File: 1601906143302.jpeg (27.9 KB, 800x475, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

This is a self post. That account is private with 9 followers

No. 1052203

This is obviously BabiWeight/Deepwebvamp/vampdeepweb kek. We should get the farmhand back on this thread to track babivamp's new posts.

No. 1052210

its not a self post the account just went private

No. 1052215

if you can acknowledge your BPD you can apologize for all the shit youve done
and for lying about knowing russian too, since a bunch of your followers have come forth about it

No. 1052221

…Anyone else think this might actually be Dolores trying to make a victim of herself? Also, talk about Streisand Effect, kek. She could've easily reported the account but instead she broadcasted it on her stories for thousands to see.

No. 1052227

It's not, i just don't like either of them. Anons earlier itt were licking her ass cause she was sperging about her,
Just cause you learned to say kek, doesn't mean you're savvy learn to sage
I am not her I'm not excusing her with BPD either. BPD people are the worst

No. 1052229

File: 1601908690665.jpeg (79.78 KB, 1242x639, 7BAC3A5A-FA4B-4D6E-884D-6FF08C…)

No. 1052230

File: 1601908716636.jpeg (248 KB, 1242x1778, 83C480B9-351B-4F30-BC58-367BFB…)

is this actually erin lol

No. 1052265

no it was not, i posted it and the account is public. i just enjoy the milk

No. 1052270

File: 1601914416700.jpeg (20.07 KB, 800x563, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

(followed by) dead9irl. They keep linking shit and it's going to attract gross ethot newfags to the site.

No. 1052272

File: 1601914500984.jpg (372.83 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20201005-091614.jpg)

I'm surprised she posted this you could see her long bumpy nose.

No. 1052273

File: 1601914664145.jpg (227.23 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20201005-091801.jpg)

>BLM and sex work is real work

These retards who parrot woke nonsense will be in for a real culture shock when they find out that this site isn't their Twitter hugbox

No. 1052318

File: 1601918500732.png (473.48 KB, 750x1334, 73556579-1508-4D25-82E4-46DFE8…)

Playing the victim role once again.

No. 1052326

what the fuck is she bringing up BLM for??
> blm is real work
okay, what are you doing for BLM? is it your job? What else does she do besides sharing the same BLM social media posts as everyone else?

No. 1052330

File: 1601919580372.jpg (679.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201006-043730.jpg)

Why doesn't she even try to be consistent? It's honestly jarring seeing her face morph from photo to photo.

No. 1052335

Now she’s Valkyrievampire? She will have to perpetually change her username if she thinks doing so will clean her name, at all.
>valkyrievampire valkyrievampire valkyrievampire valkyrievampire
Anyways, at least she’s keeping the humongous chin, but that waist cinching can’t hide her huge arms and chest.

No. 1052355

File: 1601922380787.png (480.11 KB, 527x898, pupwoof.png)

From her (pupwoof) story, does it look like Erin's car?

I honestly don't know, I feel like it might be her chubby skinwalker. She's tagged in a lot of hentai art, and her skinwalker run account like that.

No. 1052370

File: 1601923717810.jpeg (223.85 KB, 750x1174, 0C8FC8F1-5875-4690-B55C-B075A5…)


No. 1052375

It’s fun to see how vampirevalkyrie keeps the whole vampire thing in her name, we should make bets to figure out vampirevalkyrie’s next name.

No. 1052383

File: 1601925209345.jpeg (521.97 KB, 750x1291, CA669AEB-68F4-4299-98FD-B9F6EC…)

vampirevalkyrie (still called babivampire) has one review on depop and this is it

No. 1052397

File: 1601926125832.jpeg (425.23 KB, 750x1294, 7569A232-D9C2-4252-A7EB-413B63…)

she found a way out, quick everyone look up “vampirevalkyrie lolcow” to make it show up kek

No. 1052520

wb using " the vampire valkyrie " there now vampirevalkyrie can show up for that too lol

No. 1052604

miss deadbeat vampirevalkyrie won't be able to scrub her name until she actually makes an effort to be less of a lolcow and more of a mother

No. 1052610

File: 1601944708910.jpg (453.2 KB, 688x1271, Screenshot_20201005-203804_Sam…)

about babitramp. Her lips look ridiculous

No. 1052711

File: 1601955056655.jpg (169.87 KB, 1773x1773, PicsArt_10-05-10.27.09.jpg)

Highly doubt it's Erin. I checked who they were following and found a bunch of nsfw accounts run by minors… Jeez, someone take the internet away from these people.

No. 1052721

Wow, I cannot find the words to express how truely fucked up this generation is… I'm sure Tumblr and Twitter has something to do with it though.

No. 1052781

We should just nuke social media and 4chan altogether

No. 1052840

"basement bunny fucktoy"….. I swear those #kawaiiuwudesu daddy's kitten nsfw accounts are a new form of cancer. wtf. Why is this a thing.

No. 1052924

File: 1601994518324.jpg (539.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201007-012628.jpg)

Pretty dry but kek @ how these are 99c AliExpress lashes with a sparkly paper insert. How are people even capable of being a reseller? Can't relate.

No. 1052948

not really milky in my opinion considering that’s how must businesses work, small and large.

No. 1052974

So instead of creating/commissioning your own things you should just resell cheap Chinese stuff for a large price increase? Individuals aren't supposed to act like greedy corporations kek.

No. 1052979

it’s just not interesting or milk. everyone does it and no one cares

No. 1053214


Ntayrt but I care. That's a pathetic business model

No. 1053228

whos shop is this

No. 1053254

File: 1602022919020.jpeg (498.05 KB, 750x1186, FA270672-F556-40EF-AFEE-D45EFD…)

found the caption interesting

No. 1053263

File: 1602023826055.jpeg (349.94 KB, 1372x1229, 57692B1C-8532-4C88-8A17-912F77…)

vampirevalkyrie / babivampire couldn’t make it more obvious that she’s just keeping the username with this babivampire account but why lie about it is what i don’t understand. screenshot is the ONLY THING on their story and the page only posted on one or two days

No. 1053272


She should delete this shit before some incel decides to stalk her. Why the fuck would someone be compelled to share detailed information about the block they live on?

No. 1053283

If she's anything like the last selfposting cow Erin, this caption is 100% fiction.

No. 1053295

Judging by the outfit she wore in public, self awareness isn't something she struggles with.

No. 1053329


> college a block away

> job a block away
> I’m going places!

Yeah, a block away bitch stfu.

No. 1053330

File: 1602027669014.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, 064DFDF9-D4EE-4500-B2B5-4D7EC1…)

fifteen minutes after this was posted the babivampire account spam posted like ten girls i’ve seen haley / vampirevalkyrie post on her story within a matter of three minutes. good job totally convincing us that it isn’t you and that you aren’t stalking the thread.

No. 1053381

Lmfao I can confirm that this isn't fiction. I get that everyone is going to constantly think shes a liar because of things shes done recently but maybe try sitting back and saying “ight, well see how that goes” instead of just instantly assuming shes lying about personal stuff like that for whatever reasons.

No. 1053387

hmm after lying about having a job twice already ok ur right lets wait to hear about her new job at the local circle k

No. 1053394


>I know she lies about basically everything but she definitely didn't lie about this, trust me I can confirm

No. 1053397

Hmm. Didnt say “basically everything”. I said “recently”. But oh I dont know, maybe as I said before, sit back and watch instead of just instantly assuming now?

No. 1053412

This is such bpd-chan behavior holy shit

No. 1053421


Shouldn't you be making onlyfans content

No. 1053442

She should work on hee job as a mother kek

No. 1053455

fucking lying. shut up Hayley

No. 1053466

Nah, bc I have an actual job that gives me $36,000 a year.
Im not her. Try again, and maybe try spelling her name right too lol(no one cares)

No. 1053468

ok heeley. nobody cares

No. 1053532

>$36,000 a year
That's not a brag, and I wouldn't be advertising it.

No. 1053576

File: 1602058692915.jpeg (837.82 KB, 3464x3464, 0CC8FA29-B893-4611-9BC0-692E48…)

Elora without facetune is the toppest of keks

No. 1053578

Can‘t we just go back to simpler days without the fucking facetune? I hate it.

No. 1053588

i've never seen her real face holy shit

No. 1053641

uhhh where's the evidence it's elora? this was claimed in the last thread (nose piercing and all) and it turned out to be someone else entirely

No. 1053656

File: 1602071459417.jpeg (883.34 KB, 1242x1085, 3041FE45-ED75-4A49-BA2F-95DF1A…)

nah, I think its just angles.

the overlining, however…

No. 1053662

You can’t possibly think it’s “just angles”

No. 1053673

I've seen plenty of people who look way better from a certain angle then the front, most people do.

No. 1053677

If this is actually her (and it looks to be)
>Jaw slimmed/sharpened
>Eyes tapered more angular
>Brows angled fiercer
>Nose shrunk
>nasolabial folds non existent

Some of this could be attributed to angles but definitely not all.

No. 1053686

File: 1602077324458.jpeg (18.76 KB, 183x275, 594273DE-4038-4690-A55A-A4D102…)

i’ve never heard about elora before this forum but through heavy instagram tag stalking it seems like she looks relatively the same in her photos WITH all the makeup on, except as previous anon said she definitely shoops about as much as a snapchat filter shoops you i’d say. without all the makeup is a different story. adding this picture from her tagged photos in august 2019 as seen in the last thread.

No. 1053726

Person posted in the last thread was someone else. That picture is from Eloras live retard

No. 1053727

I'm previous anon, she's cute naturally imo. Definitely edits but not to the point of being an entirely new person.

No. 1053744

stop kissing her ass. she looks like an obese old lady in the face without facetune lol

No. 1053763

dead9irl can you please learn how to sage? it’s getting annoying at this point and will help you hide your strange vendetta better. she doesn’t photoshop into a completely different person at all, and i’m not kissing her ass because we’ve all acknowledged she does shoop a lot of her face.

No. 1053778

not to mention pictures also add 10 lbs she probably looks the same irl

No. 1053781

How's that ass taste anon?

No. 1053782

Sage your vendetta retard-chan. Acknowledging she looks like a normal/pretty girl isn't ass kissing.

No. 1053785

i'm sorry i thought this was a hate forum not an ass licking forum kek

No. 1053791

anon offended by an observation lmao go wash yours

No. 1053794

File: 1602088179916.jpeg (169.04 KB, 750x1187, BAD01E4E-4DF8-4299-BAC1-6B8C07…)

ffs finally she learned how to sage after three fucking threads. just saying it may be worth it to farm out dead9irl posts, she revealed herself for self posting in the first thread here >>946789
and i guarantee you she posts all the time

No. 1053804

File: 1602088699983.jpg (647.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201008-032137.jpg)

It's a gossip imageboard. Please try harder to integrate by obscuring your irrational contempt, and thank you for sageing your autism "kek".

In other news, fauxgf is having a public breakup in her stories with her tiktok spec boyfriend. The kicker is they're both posting all this shit from the same house. Cbf collecting the whole sperg, it's lengthy as always.

No. 1053828

File: 1602091053979.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, ACE8B8CA-34BC-4092-B738-3FED40…)

you weren’t kidding. two homeless drug addicts publicly fighting is pretty kek worthy i must say

the whole fight is like “you don’t have a job” “you don’t have a job either!!”

No. 1053846

File: 1602093716370.jpeg (389.51 KB, 750x1201, FE043E9A-4CF6-48E2-8663-C5E489…)

So it looks like @Ang3lthigh is in some controversy. Apparently another online store owner tried to buy a wallet from her and it took 2 months and a call out post to admit fault and even then it was “mUH mEnTal iLLnEss!1!” a lot ARENT buying it and to make matters worse she tried to be “woke” and repost a picture of Nikita dragun in dark tan makeup and said LMAO. So the black girl who called her out was NOT having it! Funny how things turn out

No. 1053848

File: 1602093910339.png (382.82 KB, 750x1334, 2CD2DF7C-846C-4906-BFFC-3A2E1B…)

No. 1053852

File: 1602094936085.jpeg (57.85 KB, 1173x353, 209751F4-0964-44BD-BB58-BCD4BB…)

I hope this girl spills because I'm so ready for new milk. Also all the comments dragging her is a fat fucking kek.

No. 1053855

File: 1602095292798.jpeg (229.09 KB, 750x1058, 88235799-C44C-41D4-AF3D-477D92…)

someone needs to provide more proof of this claim because this is extremely disgusting and if she’s into bestiality she needs to get exposed for that

No. 1053856

File: 1602095484259.jpg (697.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201008-053100.jpg)

Here's her stories response

No. 1053857

One of her old boyfriends exposed her I think, read the other threads. Theres no real proof except his words though.

No. 1053858

File: 1602095589199.jpeg (439.19 KB, 750x1083, 896C3FE5-2A42-47BA-89C6-92C10D…)

blackprincesspeach is another popular y2k girl who claims ang3lthigh is racist

No. 1053859

that’s what i mean, there’s no real proof but from screenshots of what he says, we probably won’t be able to confirm this unfortunately as i doubt she’d ever post about that kink online

No. 1053861


>Defended something racist but idk what it was but it was totally there you guys

>Followed and unfollowed black girls which is racist because unfollowing someone is actual violence idk
>Talked about hating racist stuff which is a red flag that she is actually racist, if you talk abt racist issues or don't talk about racist issues you're racist either way

God egirls are so fucking dumb. Angel ass is no better with her bs excuses but they really can't stick with the actual provable shit of her trying to scam people and have to make up some racist narrative that has no receipts?

No. 1053863

So…a leech is leaching off another leech, but is upset at the leech they latched on to. for leaching?

No. 1053864

File: 1602096463963.png (785.08 KB, 750x1334, 3D9D94A0-FAB5-4C92-83E9-7967BA…)

No. 1053865

for the last one I think its more like the way she interacted with black girls was "look at me i'm a GOOD white person tee hee hee!!" which is not necessarily RACIST but extremely cringey.

No. 1053866


Right, but the op used it as proof of her racism. I think performative wokeness is cringey too but these are the same group of dumb egirls who call out other dumb egirls for not posting about black people enough. How is anyone supposed to win?

No. 1053868

for real that’s what i thought when i read that comment. whoever that egirl is she’s fucking autistic or twitterfagged to hell. no screenshots but everyone wants to believe everyone is racist. how about we focus on how she’s literally a scammer??

No. 1053870

File: 1602096873199.png (4.4 MB, 1242x2208, 63384DCA-F48A-4E85-962D-7C1D26…)

3rd apology so far

No. 1053875

you might want to delete this post your username is showing at the bottom

No. 1053876


Seriously, scamm3rthigh is the real milk.


Typical scammer behavior to make the people you owe refunds to reach out to you. You have records of all the money you took and did not deliver, it's your responsibility, moron. And why not just close your depop store and move everything to IG instead of continuing to let people buy shit on depop you have no plan of shipping out?

No. 1053878

File: 1602097677997.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, B4B2432B-A9BA-44C9-8B56-2E04F3…)


I remember some people in the previous thread saying they either had a negative experience with her through Depop or knew somebody that did. I think it’s been confirmed that she gets shitty thrift items with stains and sells them at a higher price

No. 1053882

I think the funniest thing about this situation is that she is doing the same thing that she dragged that store cottonsugarcandy for sometime back. Taking forever to send an unsanitary and smelly item kek.

No. 1053883

File: 1602098208076.jpeg (108.93 KB, 750x563, 54461240-9DF1-4A78-BB79-012B1C…)

No one is letting her off the hook

No. 1053884

File: 1602098244928.jpeg (74.25 KB, 750x414, 4EAD9ED2-69CA-4687-906C-9BA099…)

Just more and more people saying they got scammed

No. 1053885

File: 1602098326904.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 55.71 KB, 740x371, 1C4C35AC-46D9-4645-A66E-CFFDEB…)


This is just getting gross. How the fuck are you gonna sell “thrifted” stuff that fucking smells. Did you just take it off before you decided to take a shower and thought “hmm…yeah this is good to sell.” What a dumb gross bitch

No. 1053912

she couldn’t just wash the items? she buys a bunch of children’s clothing which is the most disgusting section of the thrift store, she should at the least wash it and she NEEDS TO CHECK FOR STAINS if she plans on selling it as a product. goes to show just because someone has 65K doesn’t mean they won’t scam you too

No. 1053914


How hard is it to toss stuff in the laundry before you send them out jfc. No one wants to open up a package and have some rando's stank waft out of it.

No. 1053954

Fucking kek

No. 1053986

File: 1602111185299.jpeg (191.43 KB, 750x592, A1AF44E5-D1AF-498E-8DAA-F8E3A2…)

a comment about ang3lthigh on iamdollbb callout post, she does a bad job at having an eating disorder considering she’s still a fatty, but the photoshop certainly shows body dysmorphia

No. 1054054

File: 1602120570555.png (22.87 KB, 337x321, 112432.png)

Some more interesting comments

No. 1054088

That, and tards on social media only act that way because Twitterfags are so quick to accuse them of racism. I hate both parties with a passion.

No. 1054103

File: 1602126432456.jpeg (84.53 KB, 739x739, 709A651E-C512-4556-B176-18443C…)

No. 1054110

that is so psychotic she is constantly stalking anything about her. she also posted a video of that “i know you’re obsessed with me” gif she thinks she’s so badass and witty for posting

No. 1054157

I don't get it. Who tf is this?

No. 1054166

it’s the exposing account for vampirevalkyrie / babivampire / haley / dolores. she’s blocking everyone who follows the exposing account. tested it and she blocked my throwaway too

No. 1054167

Oh, okay, thanks for the reply, anon!

No. 1054214

File: 1602155609270.jpeg (443.53 KB, 750x1294, F6F658FA-17F1-47E9-A4BD-ADA303…)


No. 1054239

File: 1602159421949.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, 0A6FD589-4CBF-423E-BA11-DC7C86…)

we love a good cow crossover

No. 1054244

File: 1602160749468.jpeg (338.53 KB, 750x561, C0BEC25F-FB6E-4348-99F7-111A60…)

more ang3lics / ang3lthigh scamming stories. weird how she’s answers ASAP when someone wants to buy, thought her dms were a “toxic place” (how are your paying customers messages “toxic” they just want what they paid for?)

No. 1054252

Bc responsibility is toxic to some people, anon! They just can't deal with having to provide what they charged people for, can't they just be happy to support an artist???

No. 1054258

yeah actually you’re right, stained & smelly “bundles” of stained children’s clothing from the thrift store is an art form we should respect, you have to be a special kind of retarded to do it.

No. 1054260

File: 1602163049308.jpeg (323.68 KB, 750x1204, 1AB6BDA0-FC93-42F5-BB1E-2B2F18…)

v4mpiref4iry is here!! let’s all remember to see hi to v4mpiref4iry, hi v4mpiref4iry!!!!

kek at her using f4iry, reminds me of that girl she almost ran off the internet last thread

No. 1054328

How many times is she going to change her handle before noticing it doesn't work?

No. 1054367

File: 1602173278974.png (2.47 MB, 750x1334, 27E11A7F-1E0A-442D-AA79-0B070D…)

v4mpiref4iry has declared herself not to be a bad person. it’s official. pack it up everyone we’re done talking about v4mpiref4iry

No. 1054385

v4mpiref4iry Sure is great, she managed to make me forget about the thread she made and the posts shit talking about other e-girls. Let’s all simp for v4mpiref4iry from now on.

No. 1054435

File: 1602178012842.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 3761CC0F-149F-4053-AB68-977C4D…)

Okay “v4mpyref4iry” what proof do you have again? Because mods have actual proof like your IP address, idk how you can dispute that. Typing styles are all the same, she didn’t even try to switch it up. She refuses to take accountability at all and at this point it’s topkekworthy

No. 1054438

File: 1602178415355.jpeg (194.75 KB, 1372x1372, 00221374-703E-4B51-AAD7-824FF9…)

whoever runs this account is a fucking lunatic and i love them. always up to date with the username switches kek

they’re revealing new milk on the stories right now

No. 1054448

File: 1602178793160.jpeg (277.42 KB, 1372x1372, 44790912-639E-4962-B3F7-09A254…)

based on the exes profile alone with all the pictures of the child and haley’s habit of lying, there was most likely no abuse going on and this is most likely true. v4mpyref4iry also apparently exposed a girls nudes as revenge which is technically illegal

No. 1054450

File: 1602178885971.png (399.56 KB, 750x1334, 8C3158E9-DD3E-40BF-9E0C-DFE478…)

(3/3) why would she make her fake stalking account her real username kek

No. 1054466

prob trying to stop the milk acc from having a close username but it isnt gonna werk

No. 1054467

the milk acc is too fast it seems kek. would love to see her alleged proof of not making posts, not sure how that works

No. 1054480

File: 1602180559399.jpeg (209.65 KB, 750x1182, 4DE81C00-1624-4A26-A976-3B394A…)


No. 1054661

File: 1602196348127.jpeg (243.18 KB, 1372x1119, 55A3F4E5-EFA2-4E62-B243-1602D2…)

It’s so funny and obvious when these cows make fan accounts for themselves

No. 1054662

kek at the account gaining 14 followers after she posted that

No. 1055037

File: 1602257261581.jpg (103.78 KB, 1079x1570, Screenshot_20201009-112801_Ins…)

she will never own up to what she did. Just denial denial denial.

No. 1055043

she also changed her fucking username again, v4mpiref4iry instead of v4mpyref4iry. she’ll never admit what she did.

No. 1055968

Ex kaliacc user here

No. 1055984


Vampirefairy/ V4mpiref4iry doesn't give a shit about apologizing. She's extremely full of herself

No. 1056075

lol, its the other erin, the pocketsizee account is now @ninnysan and has the tellonym "snuddle" that used to be the fat erins twitter and onlyfans

which is funny as that erin always used to complain that she got mistaken for erin… but yet shes using her old usernames

No. 1056138

File: 1602385812446.jpg (261.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201011-140745.jpg)

V4mpiref4iry and dead9irl spend way too much time on the farms.

Kek at v4mpiref4iry's audacity in contributing to a "cancellation" after reeeing so hard about her own just last week.

No. 1056152

File: 1602386828520.jpeg (903.8 KB, 3464x3464, 3A27E162-7F28-458A-9C7C-2338D6…)

thats funny bc

No. 1056197

that account either changed their username or is gone now because i can’t find it at all

No. 1056210

Post is deleted too. I was able to find it through the hashtag only a few hours ago.

No. 1056226

Probably because they realized dolores herself said the dreaded “r word”

No. 1056493

LOL these fucking retards have so much animosity and hatred for each other based on Internet interactions that they’re both willing to ruin their reputations based on the fucking word retard, which they’ve both said as much as we do. The moral high ground v4mpiref4iry / haley decides to take even though her horrible behaviour has been exposed so many times it’s hilarious. Everytime one of those morons exposes each other, the one being exposed will pull out some other bullshit the other has done. It’s a hilarious way to watch people cancel each other and themselves at the same time.

V4mpiref4iry or whatever she wants to call herself this week exposing dead9irl is like Laura Lee trying to call out Jeffree Star and then having her own shit come out and bite her in the ass ten times worse.

No. 1056761

I hate fat Erin so much. Erin Painter was milky but this bitch is just psycho. I thought anon that said pocketsizee is back just had her account saved but maybe it was just fat Erin promoting herself. Is Erin even her real name?

No. 1056783

File: 1602473297168.jpg (615.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201012-142218.jpg)

This isn't the first time I've seen ethots charging extortionate amounts for promos. I think last week it was cwunchie, and before that I think it was doeprincess? The kicker is whenever I visit their profile there's literally 0 takers KEK.

No. 1056948

haley / dolores is once again babivampire lol

No. 1057076

File: 1602524121856.jpg (522.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201013-042658.jpg)

Fauxgf is sperging the fuck out in her stories again like the insufferable narc she is. This time she's apparently got a skinwalker but it making herself out to be just as unhinged.


No. 1057089


>I'M the only one who can wear a white wig, be goff, and hold a gun. PSYCHO!!!!!

>YOU used to dress different. That proves it!

I guess she came out of the womb in a wig and trashy clothes, lel. Her look is a dime a dozen.

No. 1057118

File: 1602528207035.jpeg (500.56 KB, 750x655, E1CAC89A-3455-4369-92AD-F579EF…)

is she mad or something that the girl has more followers? feeds don’t like similar at all. she’s clearly a drug addict so a lot of the stuff she does makes sense to me considering who she is

No. 1057121

File: 1602528526397.png (289.56 KB, 750x1334, D7F8500D-C0A1-496A-983C-BD1293…)

babivampire is back! we missed you babivampire, still just not understanding the point of selling the account but remaining the same person. regardless, babivampire is informing the world that we only discuss how she reacts, but not what triggered her.

Please enlighten us at to what “triggered” you to post about sug4rf4iry (calling her a “thing”), befriend her, and comfort her because of said posts that almost ran her off the Internet. Please tell me what triggered you to make an entire thread about Dead9irl that no on cared about besides her apparently blocking you after you unfollowed her. Please tell me what triggered you to make fun of Ang3lthighs gross body and failure at photoshopping. Own up to what you did, you’re gross for making yourself a victim.

No. 1057125

File: 1602528804298.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, 08B97256-5F67-462B-9E17-416E13…)

samefag but kek at “rock more” as if we didn’t need more proof you’re broke. She could never go buy the same shitty aliexpress “rock more” trash? idk about that

No. 1057156

File: 1602532897995.jpeg (116.41 KB, 688x985, 1F330F53-BB62-4F29-A941-14DE39…)

kek at @fauxgf fat shaming when she photoshops her body to unhealthy proportions.

No. 1057255

File: 1602545227816.jpeg (61.36 KB, 275x275, 430431A9-D107-4B27-8DFD-6A2B71…)

that’s hilarious considering pic related

No. 1057261

fauxgf is being extra milky
she’s either in the midsts of another breakdown or she’s on the verge of one

No. 1057263

File: 1602546147928.png (920.85 KB, 1242x2208, 5C2915A7-114F-4B9C-9286-DDECA4…)

She’s a lunatic

No. 1057264

File: 1602546261689.png (4.19 MB, 1242x2208, 40482D52-C451-4915-BA4D-465CDB…)

Hey tea you’re still a scammer

No. 1057265

wonder if she’s on meth or heroin? sober people don’t normally act like this, she’s defintely very mentally ill but i think a drug is definitely affecting all this

No. 1057266

File: 1602546327354.png (2.79 MB, 1242x2208, BF9BD01E-4C88-4FD1-880F-7415D7…)

if these dumbasses buy from this girl they deserve to get scammed. her items smelled like ass and she had the audacity to sell them and not even wash them

No. 1057336

File: 1602557538342.jpg (178.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201013-134508.jpg)

I assumed she was on something tbh. Even dead9irl has more self awareness than this. Here's the rest of her sperg with aniwtff's response. Even if she is a skinwalker, she comes off as a whole lot more sane than fauxgf.


No. 1057425

oh yeah, definitely. fauxgf literally lives for drama with other ethots it’s absolutely preposterous. she sexualizes and glorifies the hood by holding up her fake guns and wearing ski masks, she knows damn well her frail ass wouldn’t last a millisecond in the ghetto. then acts like she’s the most famous ethot to exist. i seriously pity her. there’s no doubting she’s insane. hope someday this girl puts her phone down and realizes there’s more to life than fishing for attention and validation online, kek.

No. 1057436

File: 1602571371651.jpeg (144.38 KB, 1372x1372, 179A01ED-9FA2-43BF-8D92-B170B7…)

fauxgf sperging about something, anyone know what the fuck she’s even going off about? thread isn’t even talking about her erin level catfishing now

No. 1057447

File: 1602573741432.png (602.38 KB, 750x1334, E23EF71A-B20A-4646-9E5B-340C9C…)

i don’t even care enough to read that

No. 1057450

How is she on the internet and still managing to use AAVE incorrectly? She sounds like a caricature kek. Especially with the weird codeswitching between paragraphs.

No. 1057452

Ngl she genuinely seems functionally illiterate.

No. 1057468

I'm not American and even I notice that the way she writes makes it sound like she's trying extremely hard to sound like a bad bitch/ghetto. I must agree with >>1057425, she wouldn't last a millisecond in the ghetto, especially not acting this obnoxious.

No. 1057470

File: 1602578167032.jpg (1.21 MB, 1800x2400, faux.jpg)

>When they think I ain't seen the damn thread lmao
>The damn thread

It's official, this nobody has been googling herself kek. Too lazy to read through this properly but I caught something about the live stream… This still doesn't look like the same person, but maybe that's just me. Good for her for ((((attempting)))) to take some accountability, even if that's not the point of LC.

I used the good pic to give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 1057472

My personal favorites:
>find me aggy asf
>yeah I kick off with people
>tbh yous helping me
She reminds me of the white girls I used to know in highschool who would lie and say they were mexican just so they could dress up like cholas and throw a couple "weys" without being called racist kek.

No. 1057490

How old is fauxgf / cumtage even?

No. 1057504

I read somewhere on her IG she's 19

No. 1057569

File: 1602592571221.jpg (592.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201013-233624.jpg)

Why does she keep responding so quickly it's getting creepy?!

Again, too lazy to read this properly.

No. 1057620

I love how she didn't even respond to the comments about her being a little pussy trying to act ghetto when she wouldn't stand a chance in the hood, because she knows it's true and cannot argue against it.

No. 1057632


No. 1057655

first of all, we knew you stalked the thread. i literally assumed the first post was a self post because she’s so irrelevant.

the v4mpiref4iry dolores exposing account never posted about her what the fuck is she even talking about? unless there’s a new one KEK

> “lolocow”

even lolo’s typos make her look self-obsessed

No. 1057708

File: 1602607160757.png (1018.63 KB, 1242x2208, F743EFE5-2DF3-4D8F-BDC0-105418…)

Does she have no chin irl? She looks like a bobs burgers character. Sage for dumb

No. 1057752

i looked on the expose page and theres in fact a new one kek now this one for sure sounds like dead9irl

No. 1057789

post a screenshot of the page or the @ lol. is there any new milk on the page?

No. 1057799

right lmfao, if she came to the ghetto in america talking the shit she does, she’ll literally get hunted down and murdered lmao. she’s such a wannabe. puts a ski mask on and acts like she’s thugging.

No. 1057805

File: 1602610947629.jpeg (179.83 KB, 750x1030, 5223DEDD-261B-460C-80B3-4BD396…)

its like a copy of the other one but has more on all the ehoes instead

No. 1057808

File: 1602611335404.jpg (133.78 KB, 900x1600, 11a57bab-4ff5-4180-af2f-84af74…)

holy shit i found this girl on insta called claires.suicide.note and her insta stories are so fucking wild

No. 1057810

File: 1602611373792.jpg (106.68 KB, 900x1600, 240106b0-e73c-44fa-9b7b-2b31cf…)

the addition to the story above

No. 1057814

File: 1602611666769.jpeg (345.3 KB, 750x1204, 65255CF7-DC9D-48AA-BFEC-39FB53…)

these girls are all fucking lunatics but holy shit fauxgf is on another level

No. 1057819

Isn’t this cow tipping wtf

No. 1057832

clearly but the newfags never read the rules or care at all lol. they just want to expose each other to get ahead of one another. at least we got new milk out of it, hopefully they don’t all flock the sites like retards thinking we give two shits about ableism

No. 1057840

File: 1602613831886.jpeg (266.59 KB, 750x1036, ACC94F54-FEDE-412C-B2FC-BC25F9…)

The instagram page itself is cowtipping but this post >>1057814 isn’t. That’s new information and apparently a submission from someone, but fauxgf is in the comments saying that was a convo dead9irl.

No. 1057843

File: 1602614241923.jpeg (287.81 KB, 750x1204, D376DE26-7CB3-4608-B1FF-7442C3…)

yea you can see dead9irl profile pic on the second slide. it’s so funny to watch cows cancel each other

No. 1058210

Actually, I initially posted her because she started shit with a much larger account thus making me aware of her existence.


KEK good spot anon, I completely missed that.

Whoever made this is such a cancerous newfag. This imageboard is for quietly laughing at cows in their natural habitat, not "exposing" (you braindead Zoomer). Ofc of all the threads it was some retarded egirl that thought this was a good idea.

An exert from the last thread
>she's said the n word multiple times, made edgy twitter posts, neo nazi, racist, ablest, killed some rat and pro ana.

No. 1058730

File: 1602698888486.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, 924C932B-50BE-4876-8229-81A136…)

i guess babivampire is recycling old photos again and is best friends with fellow internet gremlin fauxgf. also why sell your account with 100k and then beg for s4s on a new account to gain more followers? make it make sense

No. 1058747

File: 1602701066348.jpeg (27.37 KB, 800x304, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

These are the tards coming in from instagram. They're just gonna moralfag about sex work and parrot woke nonsense

No. 1058797

File: 1602705631484.jpeg (234.16 KB, 750x1046, 7DB20790-0ECE-447C-AC70-8FA14A…)

the zoomer autism is real on this page kek. it’s slightly entertaining to watch, they’re probably too retarded to learn how to post on here so let’s just hope they don’t even try. we’ve probably scared them off with our ableism and fatshaming

No. 1058806

File: 1602705967789.jpeg (419.21 KB, 1372x1144, 9F7A9A60-2D5B-4A92-83BB-FD36D4…)

ang3lthigh scammed an instagram shop that sent her free items according to this (1/2)

No. 1058810

File: 1602706040484.jpeg (308.05 KB, 1372x1372, 6E459C95-1F02-499D-9055-F8ED41…)

(2/2) the accessories in question, however i know for a fact the top two pics are aliexpress accessories so this whole situation seems a bit odd. if she didn’t want to promote a dropshipping store i don’t blame her, but they sent her free items

No. 1058853

File: 1602709458520.jpg (355.5 KB, 1079x1906, Screenshot_20201014-154855_Ins…)

Blames her immature behavior on her strict parents. Lots of people have strict parents and don't end up with a baby and an OF

No. 1058858

If it's true she's just reinforcing the cycle of abuse/neglect by abandoning her son. It's not about you when you become a parent, it's about your child. Hopefully Noy is doing a good job with the kid, he seems like it based off of social media, hes quite private and has pics up of his son. Delores/Haile
y just uploads photoshopped was and thighs pictures of her being "gothhiccc" and never tlks about her son unless asked. I'm so sick of this whore acting like a victim when she abandoned her kid, and acts like he doesn't exist. She is a deplorable human being. I wish her son well despite his grotesque mother.

No. 1058873

File: 1602711365917.jpeg (109.91 KB, 750x1334, 0292805F-5F0A-4AA7-B096-6E29F2…)

honestly though
& the fact she talks such shit about how the father was abusive around her & her kid when he said this about her lmfao

this bitch's life is a whole entire lie

No. 1058888

File: 1602712498557.jpg (651.63 KB, 1080x1479, Screenshot_20201014-175623_Ins…)

That wobbly jawline

No. 1058890

She looks like she stinks and is a trans dude on hormones

No. 1058893

File: 1602712960539.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 7555B388-D494-4E59-8081-B07DE4…)

this absolute horse shit. you can edit videos you tard

No. 1058894

File: 1602713030132.png (911.35 KB, 750x1334, 4ECCCBD4-2D45-4742-86E5-A03416…)

fucking liar

No. 1058896

File: 1602713109150.png (3.7 MB, 750x1334, B687F197-5CF8-46AA-AA04-EE67F6…)

then she defends herself on her story after people weren’t happy about the first post and it sounds retarded as fuck kek

No. 1058897

It's obviously her hair covering her cheek lol try harder

No. 1058901

Ok dead9irl

No. 1058904

On the right? No, its not hair

No. 1058908

the nose & lip editing here is ghastly

No. 1058909

i’m begging the mods please farm out dead9irls posts. she outed herself for self posting in the first thread and she still doesn’t know how to sage, i think she deserves it at this point

No. 1058913

File: 1602713963726.jpeg (130.33 KB, 750x822, 09F29360-75C1-4E60-BFCB-584104…)

You can obviously see the stray hairs covering parts of the jaw but go off anon

No. 1058915

File: 1602714007937.jpeg (387.43 KB, 750x1171, 4D673E6A-6BE6-4C25-A784-67C4CB…)

definitely shaving tool gone wrong

No. 1058930

ok then why didnt you fix up ur jaw after editing the hair out of ur face huh dead9irl

No. 1058931

what a hi (cow) moment

No. 1058939

I swear she used to say she was corset trained ? Also the video is definitely done with a body editing app.

No. 1058945

She wishes she was below average weight

No. 1058948

that belt is from aliexpress. I bought one last month

No. 1058970

Any milk on sug4rfairy?(spoonfeeding)

No. 1058976

bro what the fuck? did you miss the last thread? guess babivampire’s back

No. 1059008

File: 1602724451558.jpg (533.59 KB, 1079x1792, Screenshot_20201014-211502_Ins…)

Yes, people who hate you keep tabs on you. Get used to it

No. 1059009

Like how she actually kept tabs on the other e-girls she posted in here just so she could talk shit about them.
IS2G babivampire is fucking retarded.

No. 1059014

Lol I’m just asking cause I saw her pics on a scrote forum and thought her boyfriend was ugly I’m not Bambi vamp

No. 1059022

File: 1602727450805.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3999x2999, 0B172108-2C55-482B-B69D-035507…)

idk if this girl has been posted on here yet but her name is ani, her current username on ig is @_ani and in the past she was @lovable. She’s known for terribly photoshopping her pics and denying that they’re edited. She’s also a pedophile and likes to pedobait lol. There’s been a lot of videos uploaded on an instagram account of her (that is now deleted, will post if i find screenshots) where she shows her face on cam and she looks nothing like her pics. Ani also claims that random discord eboys force her to do things and take advantage of her while she’s on cam, there was a vid of her sticking her head in the toilet b/c she was “forced”. Recently she started an onlyfans, and all of the pictures of her body are badly photoshopped. All she does on instagram is ask for shoutouts and bitcoin, she’s gained almost 10k followers in about 4 days.

No. 1059038

Shes not even 18 either? Wasn't it proven she was over 21 when this exposing stuff was happening?

No. 1059049

File: 1602730397331.jpeg (192.09 KB, 646x446, 7F607BB1-538E-490C-97F1-888807…)

This is even worse than ang3lthigh’s photoshops omg

No. 1059050

Wdym, anon? Are you telling me your body doesn't have a perfect 90 degree at your waist? Which also happens to be asymmetrical so you look like you have scoliosis? Hm, weird.

No. 1059051

File: 1602730807793.jpeg (983.1 KB, 1242x1679, 1B07CE49-1D24-4C63-96BF-0340DB…)

samefagging but this is one of her worst pictures , funny that some of the girls who are hyping her up in the comments are the same ones who made fun of her facetune under accounts that exposed her

No. 1059056

Posts the accounts and proof it’s those girls

No. 1059071

>post proof e-girls are two-faced
>this thread exists, full of e-girls shitting on each other

No. 1059081

Shut up bitch, people shouldn’t post shit without caps. Am I supposed to take anons on their word on one of the thread that’s been notorious for self posts/egirls shitting on each other lately??

No. 1059087


This is an imageboard. Post caps.

No. 1059088

It’s mostly every “com” girl that she had given a shoutout to. on the exposing account i specifically remember the user @rwacist and @tia making fun of her facetune in the comments, there was more. can’t post caps b/c the exposing account either got deleted or they deactivated.(imageboard)

No. 1059089

File: 1602733627037.png (515.19 KB, 1172x747, lol.png)

What the fuck? Is this the new normal? Why does every egirl look this way. How are they gonna shit on each other when they all use the same aesthetic and edits

No. 1059090


How convenient. Next time don't be a dumbass and screen cap that shit if you want to talk about it later.

No. 1059093

the pwaci girl was following the account as well. most of the girls that follow ani facetune to hell n back themselves yet shit on her 4 it since hers is so bad it’s so funny

No. 1059097

Ani gave a shoutout to @y2kgf(?), it’s ironic because she was criticizing the way ani shoops although she morphs her entire body and calls herself natural.

No. 1059130

File: 1602741360148.png (405.09 KB, 584x523, tyuiko.png)


No. 1059135

Wow I genuinely worry for this generation. Who is so devoid of personal responsibility/attention craving they stick their head in a filthy toilet? Idk if this is unnecessarily morbid but I don't have much hope for humanity. These people actually vote, let alone what's going to happen when the social media addled ethot generation are the predominant workforce. End my suffering anons.

No. 1059151

gabby keeps posting these because everyone gasses him up. of course the editing on them is atrocious and makes him look like an alien.

No. 1059164

That annoying person is a dude? I hate the liplining so much.

No. 1059255

File: 1602763416709.jpg (538.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201015-214940.jpg)

This will come as no surprise, but she's sperging out about her skinwalker again directly after admitting she was in the wrong due to this thread. With a little bit of dead9irl thrown in kek.


No. 1059310

File: 1602771740956.jpeg (179.41 KB, 750x1072, 139A004D-4CD0-4F16-A31A-98AED7…)

babivampire being babivampire

forgetting how she talks shit about girls then pretends shes their friend

No. 1059315

Can you imagine hating yourself this much? Lol I’d just kill myself rather than being this amount of cringe and sad.

No. 1059316

File: 1602772835637.jpg (935.96 KB, 2250x2250, pt2020_10_16_01_40_37.jpg)

Speaking of that regarded expose page posted some anon submission. Normally I'd take it with a grain of salt, but considering what we know about bv I'd say it's definitely plausible.

No. 1059318

File: 1602773093287.jpeg (246.92 KB, 1242x1569, D6D28096-F562-4E29-BEBD-812A47…)


No. 1059340

that makes babivampire sperging about being on “suicide watch’” because of the thread that she made so much grosser. literally gets someone close to suicide then cries when everyone shes bullied comes forward. i’m happy people are coming forward, even if it’s anonymously.

No. 1059502

This woman is a fucking psychopath.

No. 1059518

do you guys genuinely think she believes her own lies at this point? i swear she’s convinced of her innocence and actually believes her child lives with her. the delusions are insane with this tard.

No. 1059583

She knows what she is. She just won't say it out loud. She knows she's shit and she has to live with herself so she falls into denial. But deep down she knows what a pathetic cunt she is

No. 1059886

File: 1602860847642.jpg (789.55 KB, 1079x1798, Screenshot_20201016-102707_Ins…)

Caught this early and saved because I figured she'd delete such a ridiculous humble brag. But nope, still up

No. 1059890

She really thinks having a gunt like that at 24 a brag?

No. 1059923

She even made it a post now so she can get those sweet sweet compliments about how she's beautiful either way

No. 1060089

Both photoshopped kek her bellybutton is two different shapes in each pic

No. 1060101

File: 1602884418649.jpeg (420.04 KB, 750x1073, 2C9D31C0-C42D-436D-B9CB-2FA380…)

yet ANOTHER person scorned by ang3lthigh using a throwaway instagram. this person says they bought before iamdollbb exposed her

No. 1060104

File: 1602884557313.jpeg (320.61 KB, 1372x1241, 28426BDA-5B40-4596-854D-FFE3AF…)

just stop selling at this point jesus fucking christ (2/3)

No. 1060105

File: 1602884640214.jpeg (180.94 KB, 1366x763, 1A6742D9-CFDA-4FE5-A0EC-89B0FA…)

Tea Patton kek (3/3)

No. 1060175

File: 1602894730050.jpg (637.47 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201016_150041.jpg)

Snowwcroww is one to look out for. Thinks she's hilarious and knows so much more than us with music

No. 1060232

File: 1602901645895.png (Spoiler Image, 4.64 MB, 1242x2208, D36C193B-BF76-4398-827B-33C33D…)

this is @_ani, she used the top pic as advertisement for her only fans. the photoshop is worse than Tea’s

No. 1060252

isn't it a little ironic that a lot of these girls wear cow-themed lingerie? lol

No. 1060253

First time I hear about website, wtf? How is she not in jail if that is true? or they mean she just runs some hentai Instagram account?

No. 1060272

holy shit I haven't seen one cow on here that doesn't have a set kek

No. 1060276

I can't stop thinking about this even though it's a post from 2 weeks ago, but fuck "don't copy my shitty tattoos" even though haley only has crappy runes tatted on her. doesn't have any room left for anything mildly interesting

No. 1060329

File: 1602920433093.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 536.33 KB, 1242x1740, B396DAC8-6956-443B-AE3F-7B6711…)

I feel uncomfortable looking a teens lewds for this long, but I attempted to “reverse edit” her insta pics just based on the obvious glaring mistakes

No. 1060330

File: 1602920455889.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 541.8 KB, 1242x1933, 58530DC6-CDDE-4DD0-96B6-D6F5B8…)

No. 1060332

File: 1602920599323.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 427.47 KB, 1242x1601, 8F071162-9979-4891-BDD6-59B8E2…)

No. 1060335

if this is a teen. why did you save their nudes.

No. 1060338

Not nudes I don’t think, didn’t save just messed around on my browser for five minutes. I guess if teens can’t be goofed on in good consciousness they shouldn’t be posted here.

No. 1060341

No they shouldn't. Especially not without a fucking spoiler.

No. 1060342

Frightening stuff. I'm gonna go ahead and ask for spoilers on these.

No. 1060344

File: 1602923642905.jpeg (781.44 KB, 750x1193, 581E27C2-9815-4498-BB3E-0500A9…)

sage for nitpick but this retards facial expressions and whole personality just pisses me off. she’s really snarky to anyone who comments criticism and is an overall holier than though white saviour who’s constantly begging people to vote trump out of office to virtue signal.

No. 1060346

File: 1602923769321.jpeg (1014.96 KB, 750x1196, 70C57FBD-EE74-46D5-87BD-7F59B7…)

samefagging but her engagement is really suspicious to me and makes me feel like she fakes likes and follows. she has 60K but gets 10 comments and posted 17 hours ago? even babiweight did better than that. i’ve seen people with 10-20K with hundreds of comments.

No. 1060350

How do I spoiler a post I already made? Sorry

No. 1060359

File: 1602926080232.jpeg (551.84 KB, 750x1196, 2C4DC6AC-C7C1-4A18-BD9F-63301B…)

Seems like another Brandy Melville bitche becoming goth for clout

No. 1060402

Omg i just found her the other day. She has such an attitude

No. 1060405

File: 1602933041140.jpg (291 KB, 974x1434, Screenshot_20201017-071106_Ins…)

It is insanely off too. Her others aren't bad so there isn't an excuse

No. 1060412

File: 1602933877516.jpg (207.5 KB, 1080x1742, 20201017_072015.jpg)

But it definitely is for children. Complaining about a bathing suit getting her in trouble on tiktok

No. 1060450

Ani isn’t a teenager , she lies about her age a lot to pedobait. She is 18 now. Some people say she’s actually 20 or something because she’s best friends with Kylah (@cut.e on insta, another pedophile) and kylah is in her 20s.

No. 1060451

File: 1602941801030.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 849.27 KB, 1242x1541, 3178867E-E5A3-4491-B806-06C782…)

Here’s some stuff on her best friend Kylah that’s pretty uhh interesting to say the least

No. 1060455


Gotta love these types that can’t take constructive criticism even if it would improve their content/them as a person.

No. 1060456

She promotes her onlyfans on Tiktok too. I don’t think she cares about the children.

No. 1060462

Sage for nitpick, this girl looks like she has a short neck and a big head. Especially compared to the other girls in the pictures with her

No. 1060473

File: 1602945503213.jpeg (387.91 KB, 1242x1981, 34545E4F-BD6A-42A5-939B-0F4DA0…)

Wtf is wrong with these people. Also why does ani only follow a bunch of single word accounts? Does she buy and sell them?

No. 1060483

What an unfortunate body. She's shaped like a kid.

No. 1060490

Found a thread with receipts on her sexting with a 15 year old and some video saying nigga a bunch: https://mobile.twitter.com/pills/status/1224043240950767619

Wow what white trash kek(imageboard)

No. 1060579

File: 1602958319090.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, E54ED69B-B03C-4717-BE82-680C90…)

does she genuinely think that page is cyber bullying? it’s literally just posting screenshots of shit that she did.

No. 1060585

Same as here. We "bully" and "harass" people when in reality we just go off what they themselves posted. Anything to be a victim

No. 1060594

they ash out all their fuckin bullshit then freak out when it comes back on them

No. 1060595

File: 1602959924361.png (811.42 KB, 750x1334, 4556AABD-1175-4360-88E4-C0A9A9…)


No. 1060598

You are both pathetic and deserve what you get. No one's making up anything, you're putting it out there yourself

No. 1060618

File: 1602961730729.jpeg (228.56 KB, 750x1204, 69C1A5E8-1ED1-4B58-868F-391548…)

this girl is fucking disturbed

No. 1060629

Holy shit. Shes triggered

No. 1060680

File: 1602966370595.jpeg (851 KB, 988x982, A9CFEABF-F971-439F-98A0-798EAC…)

Her whole face makes me uncomfortable. she poses insanely weird. She like, sticks her head out. Like a bird. It makes her head look even more gigantic than it is.
Some of her outfits are pretty cute though.

No. 1060724

that is probably the only way she can look decent. likely looks a different person in candids

No. 1060742

File: 1602974203462.jpeg (718.31 KB, 750x1294, 699E9B40-B4B2-4A28-87B8-1584F5…)

you weren’t kidding kek

No. 1060763

imagine thinking body shaming is cute… u guys are all disgusting and have some deep personal issues this is so mean :((USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1060770

She looks like a fatty judging by her face only. It’s shocking she’s not 200lbs

No. 1060772

"Imagine" is back.

No. 1060778

John Lennon?

No. 1060833

Imagine looking like a roblox character kek

No. 1060846

File: 1602988479308.png (4.99 MB, 1242x2208, 44F032C4-4961-4635-B2A4-A92278…)

This girl has a dent in her brain

No. 1060864

she’s clearly dealing with a lot of trauma, i barely feel comfortable reading all of this shit about her, it’s pretty disturbing and sad tbh. not defending anything she does by the way but this whole thing is weird, gross and sad

No. 1060866

do you know what website you’re on? i hate newfags so much

No. 1060874

samefag but Ani is WELL over 17 now. She's at the least 19 and at the most early 20's.

No. 1060930

Im pretty sure it’s confirmed that she’s 24 and she’s lying about being 18

No. 1060939

File: 1603009474829.jpeg (726.32 KB, 1125x1388, 0150D3E1-803E-42AB-BA78-067BBE…)

Girl … what?

No. 1060943

I am SO fucking sick of the kawaii bimbo final girl aesthetic. Mental Illness.

No. 1060950

Yeah, absolutely overdone, tacky and cringy.

No. 1061355

File: 1603057234096.png (3.64 MB, 750x1334, DA686F26-4AA1-4AAC-959E-F6A902…)

the way these bitches complain about shadow banning and instagram engagement all the time is so cringe

No. 1061357


Don’t know how she has stans when she says disturbing shit like this.

No. 1061393

File: 1603061834383.jpeg (446.02 KB, 1125x1124, 966B87A8-00B0-4C9F-BDA6-D4CEC3…)

Why is she so mad kek, you’re still a scammer Tea .
Just close your shop if you can’t send your smelly clothes out

No. 1061395

File: 1603061904565.jpeg (344.29 KB, 1125x712, F3A8AC88-568B-45DE-8C4B-425E60…)

The way you treat your fans / customers is disgusting, shame you can’t photoshop your ugly personality.

No. 1061397


I hope this gets traction, it's a long time coming.

No. 1061430

File: 1603065388348.jpeg (100.73 KB, 1125x180, 793AB5AC-F8DD-43F0-87FD-B2E929…)

What part of “ Spreading Love and kindness “ includes scamming your fans and getting bitchy at them for wanting a refund Tea?

No. 1061451

File: 1603068530393.png (152 KB, 326x608, 1014949.png)

Scammed another girl

No. 1061455

Yep , she needs her accounts taken down .
She’s clearly not mature enough for the platform she has .

No. 1061457

File: 1603069598989.png (935.84 KB, 750x1334, 95CB2D23-912E-48E4-95E3-501F2C…)

This stupid bitch lives in a huge house in California and has no fucking job there is no way she is a starving teen on the street. I’ve seen her e-beg multiple times for money for dumb shit , a lot of money too, $100 for like Sanrio plushies and playboy purses. We need an e-girl Holocaust I’m over it y’all

No. 1061466

If enough people report her account for scam/fraud it could get taken down(cowtipping)

No. 1061515

Is there a reason these girls don’t just ask PayPal for a refund? Scamming is fucked up but I hope these girls kno they can do that if they don’t wanna wait for cellulit3thighs to do it

No. 1061521

One off the girls (gorecore) was asked to use friends and family ,because Tea didn’t want to pay a PayPal fee , they said it in their post or story I think ,
They also said they contacted PayPal and they couldn’t intervene ?

No. 1061531

Correct if its sent via friends and family you cannot have PayPal intervene for a refund. If anyone wants you to buy something via PayPal fam and friends it's a scam

No. 1061534

File: 1603088872520.jpeg (198.05 KB, 1242x1044, B6B74366-442E-4160-8693-C68428…)

No. 1061536

File: 1603088901710.jpeg (267.62 KB, 1242x1631, 2E29CD36-9471-4BC0-AF02-3D6BFE…)

No. 1061550


I remember her saying she was like 4’6 or something on her story once. At least very short. That’s probably why she looks weird and disproportionate

No. 1061553

Jesus. I'm short as fuck too but I'd choose a hairstyle that didn't emphasize a childlike appearance. Why she goes for full bangs and high pigtails and little bows then complains about minors sexualizing themselves like in >>1050010 is beyond me.

No. 1061567

Anon is right, who cares if it is cow tipping? It might be funny for us to kek at but young naive girls are getting $100s stolen from them by a deranged pedo-baiting fatty lunatic. I'm sorry but that is enough reason for her account to be taken down.

No. 1061568

File: 1603100095653.png (276.53 KB, 328x616, dead9xangelfatcollab.PNG)

almost missed this ang3lscam x deadhoe collab today

No. 1061569

File: 1603100224764.png (76.48 KB, 324x617, dead9sendsang3lscam2jail.PNG)

samefagging but there is a bunch of stories dead9irl posted about the situation with ang3lthigh, pretty much all just posts from the exposing accounts. this and the first photo i shared were the most noteworthy

No. 1061604


How is it every time we hope for a call out it's one of the other cows kek. Well, on the bright side there's gonna be more of the same audience as tea who sees this shit.

No. 1061606

because they all can’t resist lurking here and running their mouth

No. 1061615

these dumb bitches just end up getting their own reputations ruined by sharing other cow fuck ups. if any of them every try to get a real job / live in the real world for a day, they're in for a rude awakening.

No. 1061660

Most of them'll end up as cashiers in 5-10 years, seriously doubt they'll pursue higher education or apply to places where their internet presence would matter. These idiots can't even be assed to read where it says 'email' and put 'sage' in the white box next to it. …Or even use a vpn/change their typing styles when posting about the other fucking dime-a-dozen ethots.

No. 1061767

you talk like you arent a cashier yourself. didnt know beyonce was in the thread

No. 1061772

Maybe it is kek you can tell it's not some ethot because she's not
>overusing yall
>using short words bc retard
>viciously defending cows
>justifying sex work

No. 1061939

don't forget "imagine…" haha

No. 1062082

File: 1603154037665.jpg (303.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201020-113233.jpg)

>calling sane people civilians

No. 1062092

did they just consider “aesthetics” to be hard…and people with actual jobs need to budget too, not just sex workers. some sex workers are fine but some are straight up retarded. shut up ethot, us civilians actually pay fucking taxes…

No. 1062119

I’m not defending ethots but most sex worker sites like onlyfans do require you to fill out a tax form before you even start earning money on there

No. 1062122

Color me shocked, you learned how to sage. I'm glad spelling out the shit you couldn't be assed to read on the page that says /rules/ was helpful to you. Next, try changing the way you type and the way you format your posts, I promise it'll help you integrate better.
Don't forget:
>unsaged reactions
>"text speak"
>weirdly formatted posts that vaguely remind you of reddit-spacing
>trying (and failing) to integrate

No. 1062156

^^^^ Seeing all this stuff about @Babivampire is so interesting cuz I remember she was sucking off another old problematic user @babispit claiming the person who made a thread on Babispit was “Victimizing their-self” to put them in their place. JUST to find out she’s problematic herself and is literally playing innocent LMAO(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1062159

As for Angelthigh, I seriously don’t know how she gets away with all this. Along with trying play the “I’m only 18 “ card. You still should be held accountable for what you did lmaoo. The fact that people support her…

No. 1062162

^^^^^ is telling
@ is telling
Your “…’s” are telling >>1062092
And not saging this post that has no milk is telling just like >>1062122 said integrate or be gone

No. 1062163

Fuck samefag but let me add these “…’s” and non saging to >>1062162 while I was typing this

No. 1062167

Is anyone else kind of irritated by Corpse Husbands extremely sudden rise to "fame". I know hes more of a youtuber but the youtbe thread hasnt been remade and honestly the way he acts online is as cringe as every other eboy so. But like hasnt anyone learned from the Cryoatic situation? People who hide their identities and constantly shill out "muh sad lyfe" story are always suspicious to me now.

No. 1062170

I honestly hope he reveals his face so we can make fun of him. Hes so cringe

No. 1062178

Pretty sure he said that he looks like Joji irl… so pretty busted

No. 1062321

File: 1603204575344.jpg (719.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201021-013409.jpg)

Boring as per usual, but it continues to respond to us in image format.

No. 1062337

me too anon im hoping eventually some sort of milk comes out on him, he just seems off based on his attention whore-like need for validation from preteen girls and posting thirst traps/uwu deep voice aesthetic crap ick

No. 1062375

The anime pic really ties in to the brain rot

No. 1062500

Have any of you tried to sit through any of her streams? I somehow ended up absentmindedly got through 20 minutes and it was about as interesting as me wiping my ass. She had about 8 concurrent viewers on average and most of the talking was either about how she can't shoot / died in the game. If she wants to be a Twitch streamer she should spice it up. She also was using a gaming headset as the mic setup, and her chin and strange jaclyn hill-esque cheeks were incredibly distracting kek

No. 1062505

who would watch her streams…

No. 1062514

Me, an avid Twitch viewer and someone who wasted 20 minutes of my life out of curiosity when I could have been watching an actual streamer.

No. 1062519

Yup you're so above the rest of us for embarrassing your kid and selling ass pictures that probably isn't as lucrative as another ewhore who doesn't have a footface. Why do ethots bring up capitalism all the time when they spend money on dumb shit like sanrio plushies and sell thrifted kid clothes or ass pictures? You are a virtual panhandler, or prostitute. You're not up with the doctors and lawyers, those people are employed for life. The moment a Scrote deems you "too old" (usually around 25) you're on your ass working a "regular job" nd you might even be blackmailed with old pictures of your salami pictures Hailey. Your kid will know and will probably be teased.

Whenever someone compares themselves to a celebrity they usually look like an uglier version of the, and joji is already hideous so..

No. 1062520

Salami nipples*

No. 1062528

How does capitalist society = we're all selling our bodies? Last time I checked I have a real job that doesn't involve my pussy.

No. 1062532

im an avid twitch viewer too and I wouldn't watch

No. 1062575

Is that a midget or

No. 1062622

I believe there's a difference between living in a type of economy and degrading myself for men's pleasure.

No. 1062635

anon i’m not defending whores but selling your soul at a shitty retail job for minimum wage is borderline the same . let’s not pretend ones better than the other

No. 1062651

Selling your soul? Pandering to scrotes and pretending you’re totally flattered by their creepy advances and compliments bc you want coomer bux is way more soul crushing to me. They’re both fake in a way but at least a shit job will give you potential/experience for better things whereas if you want to leave sex work there’s always going to be your name attached to porn floating around the Internet.
Most people aren’t selling their bodies or personal image, they’re selling their skills which is a big difference. You can always improve and build new skills whereas your looks are guaranteed to deteriorate or fade as the new young creators come around.

No. 1062666

You must be a shitty worker if you dont think you can advance in retail meanwhile most of these ewhore just degrade over time. One goes up one goes down.

No. 1062699

i literally do not support sex work but you can’t use a garbage retail job or similar to compare how shit sex work is. they both suck & that’s the only point i was trying to make

No. 1062713

what do you mean the youtube thread hasn't been remade? it's right here >>>/snow/1053792

No. 1062817

Wow, you must be absolutely retarded to think sex work is anywhere near as acceptable as a retail job. I don't work in retail but at least it's a real job with stable pay and chances of advancing, if not leading to a better-paying job. I'd rather work retail than sell pictures of my green-dyed-pubic-hair yeast puss online to feed my bastard scene child or buy clothes from aliexpress.

No. 1062841

babiweights aliexpress obsession is real kek. these bitches virtue signal all over their Instagram stories about whatever the fuck is trending right now and try to pretend they’re so ethical and have the moral high ground but they’re fucking obsessed with crappy aliexpress lingerie and clothing that’s 10 times too small for them

No. 1063030

File: 1603296446752.png (Spoiler Image, 702.11 KB, 958x687, babivampire.png)

Old milk because this post has since been deleted, but this is Babivampire/Dolores responding to a teenager's (at the oldest, he's clearly a minor) comment about her thighs. She really needs to be stopped.

No. 1063068

to be fair, corpse has been around for a while and has been pretty average.if hes gotten this far without any "scandals" I doubt we're gonna get any now. since he's blown up i doubt he'll be dumb enough to risk his new fanbase.most of his "fans" are just e-girls with vocal fetishes. he's even asked them to stop. I think this is just a 15 minutes of clout type deal.

No. 1063133

>posts gross pictures of him contorting his stubby hands to look veiny
>claims to look like joji
>makes a song about fucking egirls
>"guise stop please thirsting after me"

No. 1063134

ew isn’t she like 24? nasty bitch

No. 1063161

He seems gross he’s probably a disgusting neck beard like Cry

No. 1063179

File: 1603311898713.png (4.76 MB, 1242x2208, 3C6F4B63-82F1-446E-AA2B-E5D0B0…)

Angelthigh’s real name is Dorthea Patton?

No. 1065393

Cry went years without a scandal and had 15 yearolds thirsting after him and look how that turned out. He was a scrot the whole time who creeped on little girls and emotionally manipulated people. You cant really tell how bad or good a person is unless youve met them irl. Honestly i expect a wave of egirls coming forward with stories of how Corpse "manipulated them into sending him nudes" and "isolating them" sometime in the future

No. 1065609

exactly, this motherfucker screams creep and its so obvious to anyone above the age of 25/outside of his e-girl audience

no point in him complaining about younger girls "thirsting" over him when he constantly feeds into it already (just look at the replies for any of his tweets: its all girls creaming themselves over him lmfao)

No. 1065746


Nah this guy seems like bad news to me. He could not have a scandal but still be shady. Honestly don’t know if we’ll get one since it’s not like we got anything other than speculation off of his vibes but so far he makes me uncomfortable.

No. 1065853

t. Corpse fangirl

No. 1065918

File: 1603399635263.jpeg (232.52 KB, 750x1094, BD7E1A4B-41B1-42C7-809D-C44117…)

How does someone do the sitting on the sink pose but still have a flat ass? Ok spongebob

No. 1065976

>cute phone case


No. 1065978

as cute as her nails lol

No. 1065989

forgot to sage, sorry

No. 1066004

File: 1603406566703.png (734.82 KB, 1252x611, ang3lthigh.png)

If anyone wants to do some digging, this is ang3lthigh's old tumblr.

No. 1066042

A literal Myah Alanna wannabe, how pathetic.

No. 1066064

shes white. what do u expect.

No. 1066088

Sorry Elora, but there are plenty of white girls without flat asses. You were just born with an unfortunate, shapeless body.

No. 1066095

im not elora lmfaooo fuck

No. 1066118

If you do a little looking you can see youtube vids of Corpses Instagram stories/streams and see that he doesnt shy away from answering sexual questions or talking about how hes a straight dude who wants to fuck and loves jacking it to anime tiddies etc its pretty cringe. Especially for a 23 year old who has mostly underage gurls stalking him. Seeing him ask ppl not to "sexualize" him is the same as ethots asking guys not to sexualize them after posting crotch shots lol

No. 1066145

The alternative is you're a retard who generalizes stupid shit based upon race

No. 1066167

and thats worse than worrying about some bitches flat ass ok

No. 1066172

skinny & winning

No. 1066229

File: 1603450027185.jpg (155.27 KB, 828x992, original.jpg)

this is probably one of her worst pics. how does this have 500 likes? it looks ridiculous

No. 1066238

is self-harm baiting still a trend, that bandage is making me cringe

No. 1066311


Didn't one anon say she was into messed up shit? This further consolidates her. Explains her weird baby cute but sexy aesthetic as well. Also reblogging this kind of stuff as a minor(if she's really 18 still)…yikes.

Also cwunchie made a story about a comment one anon made a long time ago. I don't know why she handled it like that I mean she's barely heat of the discussion on these threads. Just let bygones be bygones if you don't want to have negativity?

No. 1066348

Her hand is longer than the width of her waist kek. I genuinely hope no one thinks this is real.

No. 1066388

File: 1603474656802.jpg (715.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201024-043624.jpg)

Fat sperg anons, you've finally got the reaction you were looking for. I don't know why people post this shit to their stories. Personally, this would really embarrass me.

No. 1066431

lol apparently he also mentioned what kind of lube he uses on a stream recently - yeah pretty weird to mention to an underage fanbase u dont want sexualizing u or wanting them to bring up anything sexual

No. 1066448

File: 1603479683490.jpg (700.15 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201023_150217.jpg)

Pretends shes gunna take a break. Next story: "i decided fuck you, im hot"
She sure showed us

No. 1066485

no fucking way she actually posted this to our real story, that’s so embarrassing. if she doesn’t care then why is so she pressed on instagram stories? also she literally does care, i tried to find the photo on instagram like a week ago and it was archived. she’s clearly been sitting on this fatty sperg for awhile kek

No. 1066495

Why? Who the fuck wants to know about that or talk about it? He's so cringey

No. 1066496

File: 1603482846268.jpeg (706.15 KB, 750x1294, 848FAD2D-6D3E-4423-8B7D-E9B3D4…)

oh my god, anons are you ready?

No. 1066498

so many treats

No. 1066500

File: 1603483045109.jpeg (663.77 KB, 750x1261, 382F1491-5C5C-4F67-BE20-7AC9B8…)

here’s the link to the post in case anyone gives a fuck: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGshpWcgB4M/

there’s so much weird shit going on that i can’t even screenshot and post the whole thing hear without recording some of it or using imgur, and ang3lscam isn’t worth THAT kind of effort

No. 1066503

File: 1603483154195.jpeg (391.96 KB, 750x1294, 495306B0-B0E2-4985-AA63-B68985…)

samefagging so excuse my autism, i meant here not hear. but i also found this noteworthy mostly because i don’t even know what’s going on anymore

No. 1066550

Lmfao of course it’s connected to the SoundCloud scene

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