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File: 1423145278075.jpeg (35 KB, 540x380, 1395506867003-GARNETT-2.jpeg)

No. 46659

Hello friends, this is an ongoing story of a deranged 'mommyblogger' who poisoned her son, for years, to get attention.

How did she do it? She fed her son salt, he died from salt poisoning. She did this through a feeding tube in his stomach WHICH 1- he did NOT need and 2- nobody knows WHO installed the tube, because there's no record of a doctor doing it to her son

She's on trial now as we speak, and as new evidence is being brought forward (her blog posts which showcase her son's deteriorating condition, the text messages, the phone calls, the lies, even videos) her chances of walking free are looking slim.

She posted MOST of her stuff and had a HUGE horde of followers on facebook and myspace, both of which I'm finding it difficult to locate

her twitter and blogs (she had many accounts on many sites apparently)




facebook 'fan' account, full of bullshit about how she's innocent


No. 46667

What the actual fuck

No. 46674

holy fuck special level of crazy right here

did this bitch seriously hack into her sons stomach for attention good god

No. 46676

Why are all short haired moms so crazy?

No. 46678

Why? Like, did she actually ever give a reason? Is this one of those dad dies, mom goes crazy and kills kid stories?

Also, moms that keep their sons hair as long as she did are a tell tale sign of crazy.

No. 46679

File: 1423150836244.jpg (24.03 KB, 540x380, 1403045549019-rjf061714spears0…)

pretty much. The whole thing goes deeper. That kid's real dad is a random guy who was her neighbour for a while. He found her weird, she never spoke to anyone and lived by herself in an appartment. One day she asked him over to help put together an ikea crib or something, and they started flirting.

He ended up fucking her, once she got pregnant she was INSANELY happy, when they started picking baby names though, she really liked 'garnett' and he was like 'nah let's keep looking, I don't like that name'

soon after than incident she told him to get out of her and her kid's life, she dumped him. She henceforth lied to everyone including her kid, telling them that her kid's dad was a cop who died.

Oh, and she's also obsessed with cops supposedly

No. 46684

File: 1423151149401.jpg (32 KB, 540x380, 1395506867000-091309-at-park-m…)

the reason why she was putting together a crib, even though she had no baby was because she was taking care of someone elses kid (before and after the birth of garnett), image related, the kid is the bigger one

she captioned image related as 'happy brothers' and would also dress them similarily. Most people in town assumed she was the mother, and she did nothing to dispel those rumours.

The actual mother of the kid she was taking care of (she liked to call him jojo) found the pics she was posting on some local forum/myspace, she captioned those pics of holding jojo, playing with jojo, jojo kissing her pregnant tummy as 'my precious son, I love my son so much etc.)

The real mother was obv. disturbed and stopped allowing lacey to take care of jojo. Soon after she was forbidden to take care of jojo, her son's condition worsened.

Garnett died aged 5 of a swollen brain due to a salt overdose.

No. 46685

File: 1423151305712.jpg (163.56 KB, 623x450, db5e33437ec2f2128fd98b53e20beb…)

So far, nobody knows how the tube got there, but yeah, it's possible she did it herself. He had it since he was a baby.

Doctors DON'T install the tube unless the child has genuine problems, like a shortened gut or something else preventing them from eating normally.

Her son was often seen eating normally, eating like he was very hungry in fact, according to witnesses who saw them in cafes etc. (it's a small local town)

No. 46686

It's suspected she has 'Munchausen syndrome by proxy', literally the definition is: a mental disorder in which a person fakes or induces illness to those who are in their care to gain attention and sympathy.

No. 46687

File: 1423151561536.jpeg (27.05 KB, 540x380, 1395605792000-GARNETT-4.jpeg)

she kinda looks like justin bieber actually. cannot unsee
Thing is, the father never died. That was a lie she made up. The father is well and alive, she actually dumped him and wanted nothing to do with him.

It's probably munchhausen by proxy (making your kid ill to get attention).

The kid she babysat before she had her own kid (jojo) suffered from ear infections all the time when she took care of him, even had small holes in his eardrums, he would leak pus from his ears all the time. As soon as she stopped taking care of him, his ears instantly started healing.

No. 46692

How did she think she would get away with making him ill by feeding him life-threatening amounts of salt and have no one question how it happened or assume it was by her hand? What else can you put it down to if not her doing it to him? I can't think of any other way he could have ingested so much salt.

No. 46693

File: 1423152501915.jpg (56.91 KB, 634x424, article-0-1D9DD52600000578-914…)

There's actually quite a few paths the defence can take

1-that it happened due to the hospital. There's CCTV of lacey going into her bathroom with her son, and him coming out immediately ill, twice. They could argue that it was a coincidence and that the hospital accidentally fed him the salt through his tube, eg. that a stupid nurse gave him too much saline solution

2- they could argue that he has a 'syndrome' which causes him to have elevated salt levels. mysterious syndromes are common defences in manhausen cases. "My son wasn't poisoned with arsenic! He has a rare genetic condition that the doctors haven't discovered yet! It's a condition that makes him produce arsenic!"

3-she could blame it on someone else. she lived in a hippy communie with her son for a while, it would be easy to blame it on someone else

4-a lot of the defence will probably hinge on how she was such an AMAZING mother, and granted, she WAS obsessed with children and her son

No. 46695

File: 1423152789638.jpg (33.67 KB, 540x380, bilde (2).jpg)

One really heavy blow to her defence though, is the fact that minutes after her son was pronounced dead, she called one her friends from the hippie commune where she lived.

She asked that friend to 'dispose of the bag' which she used to feed garnett.

The police ransacked the place, they found the bag, and in it HUGE concentrations of salt.

I think she did it.

No. 46710

File: 1423154808460.jpg (36.09 KB, 634x434, article-2624478-1DB5D912000005…)

"One friend said: 'Her behavior was just weird in the hospital. It was not the behavior of a grieving mother. She was more concerned about what everyone else was saying, or what investigators were asking people, or what people were saying on Facebook, than putting all that aside and taking care of her child.'"

"As the investigation continued, a neighbor who asked not to be named told The News Journal that as Spears' son lay dying, the mother asked the neighbor to go to her home and dispose of one of the boy's feeding bags - which allegedly contained a large amount of sodium.
The neighbor said that they did initially remove the bag - but then phoned the police and turned it over when they heard about the circumstances surrounding the boy’s death."

No. 46713

psycho bitches craving for attention are the worst

No. 46730

This reminds me of a woman from Florida that let her kid eat salt and he died cause she wasn't paying attention. This was like 8 years ago though. If your gonna be crazy leave the babies out of it like damn man.

No. 46749

Munchausen Syndrome is serious shit.

No. 46780

File: 1423166653693.jpg (14.04 KB, 540x380, bilde (1).jpg)

creepy pic of the kid she was babysitting with original creepy caption

can you imagine your babysitter pretending she's the mother of your kid wtf

No. 46802

Damn, I don't know how one can call themselves a mother when they do that type of shit to their own kid. Especially when it results in their death. The whole deal with the feeding tube boggles me. If she did that on her own, what. the. hell.

On the news a few weeks ago there was another woman at a hospital in Cincinnati, OH (who I unfortunately have the privilege of knowing since I used to live where she is from) who had a son that has been sick with Hirschsprung's disease, and she put fecal matter in his IV to make his fever spike and to get him even sicker. She claimed it was saline, but of course they knew better.

Apparently they have been keeping on eye on her for the past year over this stuff because they would always notice when she was around, IV lines were broken, fever would spike, he would get worse, etc. They finally caught her in the act or on camera from what I understand.

Definitely Munchausen by proxy when it comes to that one. She would be on Facebook trying to get people's sympathy always talking about her son being sick, and many have even donated a lot of money to her to help them out with medical bills and shit.

Doing all that to your kid just for attention…fucked up.

No. 46930

I want to post this too, what the fuck man.

No. 46937

This story is far too tragic to be lolcow status. I come here to laugh at bitches, not to feel awful.

No. 49212

That's horrible, daaamn. What a cunt.

There's just something so vile about hurting a child that is in your care and in your mercy. This tiny human relies on you fro shelter, warmth, food and love, but you decide to POISON IT WITH SALT for attention


Prison is too good for these narcissistic callous cuntbags

No. 49700

Well since she did this stuff for her myspace/fb and blogs, I figured it was kinda related.

I hope I didn't upset anyone : / I agree it's really heavy, but it's important to know that this shit happens so you can tell if someone around you is doing it.

No. 50365

I know it is vile, but i suspect this woman has munchausen by proxy and technically she did it because she is mentally ill and needs help and not because she is scum of the earth. People with Munchhausen (by proxy) crave sympathy and attention.

No. 50370

A lot of people have already pointed it out that she has this illness. I suppose you're right, but I can't help but feel resentment towards her. I feel like she must have known she was harming her son and was the cause of his death.

No. 137809

Apparently he got the tube put in at the hospital because she kept coming in claiming he wouldn't eat and couldn't keep anything down.

No. 137824

Anyone remember that little girl who was poisoned daily with bleach by her mother in sixth sense the film?

No. 137825

Fuck! You practically never hear about munchausen syndrome by proxy these days. For those of you who aren't familiar, it's the illness that an ancillary character in The Sixth Sense had.

No. 137828

Nah, she's still the scum of the earth. Mental illness isn't a free pass to kill a child.

No. 137861

Dammit why does she look like a hot lesbian in op pic :(. She may be mentally ill but if she wanted attention she should have hurt herself not a child.

No. 137931

No. 138019

I came to lolcow for a lol… Did not get a lol. This is so tragic. Bitch needs to fucking rot in hell is an understatement. Total sick bitch, don't fucking care if she has a mental illness, she should have gotten help and not killed her own child (if he even was her child). This is coming from someone who does not really like kids, never wants one - but what a beautiful boy. Such a shame people like this are allowed to exist. Fucking cunt of the highest level. I literally hope she kills herself for this.

No. 138026

I think this woman has munchausen by proxy. Has that been established in this case yet? Attention whores that are so starved they'll do irrational things for strangers' attention and approvals?

I have a trashy 'friend' on my fb from high school who honestly pulls the same shit. She doesn't seem to 'deliberately' hurt herself or her son, but she lets problems fester until they get so bad that they have to seek medical help. She makes any physical injuries look like "accidents." The sympathy-grabbing fb post soon follows with about five pictures, of course. It happens at least 10 times a year, if not more.
She either throws herself down stairs and gets a concussion ("teehee I'm so clumsy!"), or her son develops a mysterious physical abnormality or sickness that he has to go to the ER for ("muh poor babys, here's his picture of his IV, prayers pls!!"). The most recent for her son was an infected lesion behind his ear (how does a parent not notice that?) that got so festered that he had to be put into the hospital.

And for the record, no, she doesn't care about hospital bills because she's welfare/medicaid.

She was always an attention whore but her medical problems and accidents were never as frequent until a few years ago. I suspected she was lying about the illnesses/injuries when she claimed she was "mugged of her engagement ring" one morning when she was jogging a couple years ago. The paper released a police report of the incident and upon further investigation found out she was lying and had to undergo mental surveillance; that's not what her facebook page said though. She insisted it was true and that the paper/police were the liars. She got her friends to attack the writers of the paper article online. Don't ask me what happened to the ring, never heard about it again. She might have legit pitched it in an attempt to make the "mugging" look real.

She's prego again but I think she might have developed gestational diabetes (?) She has constant low blood sugar and various medical conditions from the pregnancy. She's around 20-21 weeks right now but just a couple weeks ago she threw herself down stairs again and made big, elaborate posts on facebook about her CAT scan, concussion, and how she's so glad her baby is okay.
She's fucking crazy, you can tell by looking at her. It's just that there's no way to report her behavior.

No. 138043

I hope CPS takes that baby away after it is born.

No. 138084

Holy fuck this is all so disturbing. I've read about Münchhausen by proxy before but this case is pretty grim. Think it might be the whole feeding tube thing that's making it more horrific for me.

No. 138121

Fucked up, but I do think it's relevant to this board.

From: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/03/03/the-rare-disorder-experts-say-drove-lacey-spears-to-murder-her-son-with-salt/

"For those afflicted by the syndrome, Feldman said, social media offers an almost irresistible avenue for sympathy. He called this additional vein of the illness “Munchausen By Proxy by Internet.”"

No. 231211

This crazy ankle, has a FB support page, looks like she is possibly the one doing it, just watched web of lies on the case, and seasoned detectives were horrified and still have trouble dealing with what they saw this low life maggot do to,her child

No. 231235

>can you imagine your babysitter pretending she's the mother of your kid wtf

I have a friend who is somewhat like this…and I told her it was weird..but she changed the subject…

No. 231237

I hope this crazy bitch gets tortured and murdered in prison. That poor little boy suffered his whole short life to feed this sick bitch's hunger for attention.

No. 231248

I saw this case earlier on Investigation Discovery. This woman is fucking pathetic. She told her neighbor/friend that every time her dad came to visit he would rape her and that he was the real dad of Garnet. Who the fuck would make up and say something like that?

No. 231261

No. 231275

This shit feels too heavy for lolcow, but I guess there are other heavy threads that I usually just ignore

Feeding kids bleach is really common. It's horrible, but if you look up "miracle mineral solution" you'll see that weird cults in America have even been trying to internally bleach autism out of their kids.

Forensic Files on Netflix also has a probable Munchausens mommy murderer episode but it's so grim, I wouldn't advise it

No. 231282

she got 20 to life

No. 231287

good. I watch a lot of true crime shows and listen to a buncha crime podcasts and anyone with munchausen by proxy is the worst. People will go to extraordinary lengths to get attention or 5 seconds of fame in the media and I'm not even sure if there's a cure for them. I hope her appeal doesn't go through. She needs to sit in jail and not have anymore kids or be even be around them.

No. 231361

Could you recommend anything to watch/listen to about it? Always been very interested in Munchausens though I will say it's been renamed recently: factitious disorder, or factitious disorder by proxy.

No. 231394

holy fuck! horrorcows are my fave

No. 231395

I looked at the pic and thought they were brothers. lmao!

No. 231551

She killed him btw.

No. 231569

yeah i got that. what does that have to do with it? do i have say rip or call her a crazy bitch? we already got that

No. 231577

no, of course not!
just "lmao" why even.

No. 231642

Is it the Broken Bond one ?

No. 231647

I can't watch Forensic Files, it's so cheaply made, cheesy and sensationalistic in the worst way.

No. 231686

File: 1454787424747.png (222.61 KB, 336x464, screen-shot-2015-06-23-at-7-10…)

I know this post is 6 months old by now but damn! I've been reading up on this case for the past 2 hours or so. This is really a whole new level of crazy! Everything about this case is beyond fucked. There's a ton of really bizarre movies but I've never heard of anything like this. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

No. 231994

I wasn't aware of the name change. But here are some stuff:

(Some of the Sword and scale episodes have the 911 records which can kinda be hard to listen to. I can't remember if the earlier episodes had much of it though, just a warning)
http://swordandscale.com/sword-and-scale-episode-11 Morgan and Toni Ingram. I don't believe Toni killed her daughter but the way she's taken her daughters death is pretty much heartbreaking. (I would not recommend part 2 (Ep 12). A good chunk of it is just some guy being stalked on the internet and it doesn't seem like it relates to the Ingram case since he has a /suspicion/ of it being from Ingrams mother but no viable proof).

http://swordandscale.com/sword-and-scale-episode-49/ "Dee Dee” Blancharde and her daughter Gypsy. Gypsy killed her mother after years of being forced to pretend to be constantly ill. They gained a lot of money and even possibly pretended to be Hurricane Katrina survivors. (Not sure if they WERE or not)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvY7uAycCIA [DL] (this may be cheesy but point is the info's there. There's two other women killers in this ep) Marybeth Tinning. Got away with killing 9 babies over 14 years until someone realized this wasn't correct.

I don't have a complete list since Münchhausen usually pops up randomly and not often enough. But those are the ones that come to mind.

No. 232315

File: 1454827494594.jpg (54.06 KB, 239x344, Nebraska's_electric_chair[1].J…)

Time to fire up Ole Sparky

No. 232373

Yaaas, sword & scale fans unite!!

No. 232492


Legally (and morally imo) mental illness is only an excuse if it's so bad you can't tell what you're doing is wrong. A good rule of thumb is would the person do what they're doing in public in front of a crowd? If they'd hide it, they probably know they're doing something wrong.

Like I remember watching a documentary about an insane asylum and there was this guy who jumped in his car one day and caused 27 car accidents in a row racing at 100mph through his city. When the cops arrested him they asked him if he was the one driving his car, and he said yes but he had to escape the muslims who thought he was the reincarnation of Muhammad and were coming to kidnap him which is what Benjamin Netanyahu warmed him of via telepathy. He legitimately thought he didn't do anything wrong and didn't try to hide his actions, to him he was just doing what he had to do to avoid abduction, because he was completely delusional and out of touch with reality. They gave him mental help, got him on medication that stopped his delusions and let him go since he's not dangerous if he's on his pills.

Now this bitch knew exactly what she was doing by putting salt directly into her son's stomach, it would make him sick, which is why she was doing it, lied to people for years about why he was sick and she even tried to hide the evidence of the equipment she used since she knew she was doing something very wrong.

No. 232577

Lifetime should make a movie of this. That would be brill. I hope this girl is in some sort of pyschiatric care tho because everything about her life with her mum seems beyond fucked up, and I can totally understand why Gypsy did what she did even if I don't think it's right.

No. 232629

Not only that, but judges and juries rarely declare someone legally insane. And when they do, it's not like you go home. You're stuck in a mental institution forever.

No. 232708

Thought so, too. There should be a documentary or movie about this. I understand this girl's actions 100%. Her mum had it coming. Just the fact that she named her Gypsy Rose is beyond perverted considering how she apparently used and brainwashed her daughter all her life.

No. 232787

copfag here… I think it's mostly in major felony cases where they're reluctant to declare "guilty by reason of insanity". my examples being: 1) BAT LEO case: lady was seriously nutso, and got declared mentally incompetant and got sent to a state mental health facility for a few years 2) 2nd Degree Murderer: dude was even more nutso (I had had like 12 prior dealings with him, seriously crazy), he got guilty and went to prison. His defense of incompetency got little to no time in court. In no way is BAT LEO = to murder but they're both violent felonies (at least where I work)

No. 233057


What is the picture from?

No. 233094

What is BAT LEO? Did I miss it somewhere? :/

No. 235975

comments on the fb page say something about an ID (investigation Discovery channel) special about her… anyone have a link/download of the episode?

No. 235977

nvm found it


it's dailymotion so expect the link to die but it's Web of Lies season 3 episode 3. haven't seen it yet but I hope it's good.

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