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No. 2002950

thread rules:
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>no infighting, be nice to each other
>don't reply to bait
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previous thread: >>1989451

No. 2002952

File: 1715726779140.gif (954.58 KB, 220x220, IMG_0626.gif)

noo I was gonna use this. damn it I was too slow you got to it fast kek

No. 2002955

Where I grew up housing was wildly expensive and a min wage job would not be enough for a shitty apartment shared between 2-3 people unless you were bunking together in one studio apartment. I was poor and my parents were a bit abusive but I was lucky enough to get a partial scholarship and student loans for a good university in a city with cheaper housing, so I was able to move out at 17 with my savings from working at the grocery store, as a painter and home reno person at high school. The housing in the big university city I moved to cost about half to a third of the housing in the 'smaller' city and non-central area where I grew up but if I hadn't had scholarships and student loans front-loaded I wouldn't even have been able to pay for flights to get out of where I lived with my parents, let alone a job good enough to pay for an apartment with roommates.

No. 2002956

kek that one is way funnier

No. 2002959

be honest should i delete this thread and have our other nonny remake it with the other threadpic

No. 2002960

If you got lucky enough to get a scholarship to help cover your board, minorities still drop out at alarming rates because they have to work those same shitty jobs anyway. They’re being left with debt on top of stress and having worked the same jobs they would have if they didn’t go to school.

No. 2002961

No. 2002963

Ariana Grande's music is so amazing and I find it to be culturally relevant, love me harder is opera level

No. 2002964

Personally I was only lucky enough to get a very minor scholarship because I live in a non-US country where most scholarships are small but university is cheaper and admissions are meritocratic. In my country you would also probably be looked at like you have 2 heads or considered straight-up racist if you suggested racial minorities are less able or capable of going to university than white people. Some of us had to work during university anyway (I did) but the system was much more egalitarian than the US system seems to be and most of the uber-rich at my school were international students or racial minorities anyway. But also my country doesn't put students in 100s of thousands of debt because universities just admit fewer people and are cheaper and partially state-funded. You won't get in to a good college unless you demonstrated you were good at academics in high school, and high schools weren't dramatically better or worse based on your race or wealth.

No. 2002970

this is so retarded. Saying that marginalized groups face insurmountable bullshit that makes getting through education insanely difficult is not the same as saying they are incapable. You can’t blindly apply things that work in your country to the US. We can’t just pretend not to see color and things fix themselves here. The US has a very unique history with race issues, I urge you to read the book titled The Color of Law if you are interested to learn more.

No. 2002976

Lol nona this opinion is not unpopular, she's successful because people who like good music and care about skill appreciate that she is a better singer and has better songs than 95% of other pop artists. I am not even into pop but I love ari music, even though the topics of some of her songs (lyrically) are uber-cringe. I also don't get why people will seethe so hard at her good songs that have gross lyrics about some gross moid she cheated with or whatever when pretty much every other female popstar will make similar songs about gross moids just with even worse singing and music. Like I don't approve of her being a homewrecker or whatever but celebrities aren't my role models so at the end of the day I'm not going to care as much if a female artist wrote a song about an ugly moid she cheated with as about whether the song is good.

No. 2002979

My point is that in countries that aren't the US which have better systems, marginalized groups don't face the same level of insurmountable bullshit. Instead of fixing the system of saddling minorities and poor people with insurmountable bullshit, Americans seem to prefer to believe that a better system would not help minorities and that instead they must forever assume minorities and underprivileged people can not get out of their situation.

The things I'm talking about work in 90% of the first/second world countries in the entire world, why couldn't they work in America? I'm not saying things will magically 'fix themselves' in America without effort, I'm saying there's tested, workable solutions for the achievement gap that work everywhere else that Americans are for some reason completely unwilling to try even though they would solve the problem much more efficiently. Ideas like 'make it illegal for young people to go to college for 4 years' wouldn't solve these problems anyway, even (I think) the anon who initially proposed that solution eventually admitted it was just a way to drag down non-minorities to minorities' level and I explained why it still wouldn't work. But what is the problem with trying to raise everyone up to a decent level rather than trying to drag everyone down with a non-solution?

No. 2002988

Ok but my comment about waiting 4 years for college had literally nothing to do with tackling racism. And once again, America’s race issues are unique so it won’t work the same way here as other countries. If I was going to talk about racism college would be one of the last things I mentioned.

No. 2002991

i guess i meant its just an unpopular lolcow opinion, i dont see a ton of love for Ari's music that often. i don't like her as a person but her voice is wauwww

No. 2002994

AYRT and I understand that nona and already responded to that on the previous thread with my longpost with the hypothetical. But other anons also seem to be supporting your idea based on racial differences in US schooling so I'm also trying to respond to that as well. Like I said at least twice earlier my main issues with your idea aren't based on minority anything, just the logistical problems with banning school for 4 years post-highschool graduation but I didn't see anyone address those points yet.

I know America's race issues are unique but they remain unique because the US government refuses to even try to start to solve them in ways that would actually work. I know your original idea of 4 years of no-school wasn't about racial minorities but it would not solve racial inequities in schooling anyway, while more 'pedestrian' solutions other countries have tried probably would solve them faster, or at least be a step in the right direction.

No. 2002997

Yeah that's true I've noticed a lot of hate for ari on lolcow. I don't really care about celeb culture or follow celeb gossip but I am a musician and she's one of the most talented vocalists in the entire popular music scene in the modern era which ignoring her personality defects (which most celebs have anyway) is still more important to me than her shitty choice in moids or plastic surgeries. She might be deranged but she put the work in to be a mariah carey level vocalist and I love listening to her music.

No. 2003001

and tbh i feel like i might have a soft spot for Ari because i remember when she made her debut on Nic, i recall sitting in front of my TV when Victorious premiered and still even watching when Ariana finally got to sing on the show. Her voice was so much more insightful than Victoria's I was confused as to how she wasn't the lead role!! Liz too, she's absolutely amazing.

No. 2003020

Samefag but if you don't relate to my 'math genius' hypothetical let me give you a more pedestrian hypothetical loosely based on my own life. Imagine that you are a person who has some deep passions/talents but doesn't know exactly what you want to do in life because your biggest passion is for something financially unstable (music) while you have a smaller amount of passion for something that's likely more profitable on the job market (science). Imagine also that you are chronically ill and can't work higher-paying menial labor jobs like warehousing or construction.

In my hypothetical you have a plan to move out of your abusive, poor parents' house at 18 (they want you to stay living with them but pay rent while you're there) and you got accepted to a top university with student loans pre-approved, in a city where you can easily pay rent with a couple roommates because the city is much cheaper than the shithole your parents live in. Your parents won't let you go to music school even though you could easily get in but the university you're planning on going to has a prestigious music program and you know that you can get private lessons there and join some of the ensembles at the music school while you work towards your science major. You have already planned out that between your small student loans and part time jobs available to you with your chronic illness (like working part time as an assistant to professors at your university or bartending) you can get in college you can pay for upkeep of your instrument, your rent (which is much less than your parents want you to pay), food, and an emergency fund. You know that in this new city you can work towards a degree in science while advancing in your music, playing in bands and teaching private students at the side toward the end of your program which is a lucrative enough job it will help you pay for life with fewer hours than working as a bartender.

Suddenly the government introduces a law that says you need to wait 3 more years to go to university. Now without your student loans you can't afford to move to the new city but your richer roommates move without you anyway to become musicians in the big city since their parents will pay for them having their own apartments. You can't afford upkeep on an instrument and since you're not in school you don't have the resources to take lessons or join bands so after 10 years of practicing daily you start to lose your musical skills and can't become a music teacher. You take the same bartending and cashier jobs you initially intended to have, but they won't give you full time hours because the market is oversaturated, so you start to owe debt to your parents for the rent they're charging you (which is cheaper than the rent on an apartment and all your wealthier friends moved away anyway). You also start to forget all the stuff you learned in your advanced science classes in high school too as you spend your days applying for dozens of jobs you never get, or when you get them they reduce your hours because there is so much competition. By the time you get to the big city for school 4 years later your richer friends who moved there at age 18 have tons of private students and successful bands they play in because their parents paid their rent and hooked them up with successful opportunities, while you lost all your skills. You alreay knew what your passion was when you were 15 but you had no opportunities to hone your skills. Your chronic illness got worse because of the stress of living with your abusive parents and being rejected from most jobs you applied to even though you were one of the best students in your high school. Your friends are already successful enough in the city they live in that they have tons of connections and money and they've forgotten about you so you now have to move in with total strangers who you don't get along with at all, and you fail out of your first year of university because you no longer remember anything about calculus, chemistry or physics. People tell you this is 'better for you' because it gave you the time to consider your life path and what you really wanted to do with your life though so you don't even get any sympathy when you explain you already knew what you wanted in 10th grade and were unable to work toward it.

No. 2003028

I never watched kids' programs but I heard she was some disney or nickelodeon children's actress so I expected her to suck, then at a dark time in my life one of my friends sent me her latest album (the thank u next) one and I was immediately like holy shit she's amazing. Listened to that shit on loop to hype me up while in one of the most brutal work situations I've ever been in.

Also so many people act like you're straight-up misogynistic when you say anything negative about Tswift even though she has zero talent because 'you're just jealous she's a pretty successful woman' but somehow this doesn't apply to ari even though she's 100x more talented and also pretty. I don't get the double standard at all and it's not like Tswift doesn't have horrifically cringe pickme lyrics too. Never forget 'I wanna wear his name round my neck not because he owns me but because he really knows me' or w/e the specific lyric was. She also writes lyrics seemingly about homewrecking or cheating but without the skill to make the songs even remotely enjoyable.

No. 2003083

People who praise Arianna Grande's singing have broken ears

No. 2003098

File: 1715737826014.jpeg (35.24 KB, 780x393, IMG_2481.jpeg)

You are wasting your time trying to talk sense to these people.

No. 2003105

No. 2003129

your opinion is wrong

No. 2003149

I'll never understand those who buy books they've never read before? What if you end up hating it, what then? I'm loyal to my library.

No. 2003170

everyone should still continue to move while theyre on an escalator, if you want to stand still find the elevator

No. 2003193

>If employers were required to pay that much they would just hire fewer people which is what is already happening in a lot of industries.
is this a joke? every single small business owner I know is often perfectly capable of paying full time employees a living wage with full time hours, even upper middle class people can hire nannys and pay them a living wage, how the fuck is a corporation that generates multi billions of dollars a year incapable of paying their employees enough for a crappy old trailer and shitty craigslist car? kek only Americans would never hold businesses accountable for being that poorly run

also - this is only a thing RECENTLY, back in the day a kid could work full time at Mcdonalds and pay their years tuition, nowadays you can work for 2 years straight save every penny and not even make enough for tuition

No. 2003196

And it will mostly be moids who work at burger king who dick ride companies like this for their ceo boss man larp.

No. 2003203

how aere you supposed to read it if you don't buy it nonnie

No. 2003212

Doubt this is unpopular outside of the swiftie sphere but female rage is the countless amount of women and girls who have had to look their molesters and rapists in the face for years. Pretty sure it's like, their mothers telling them they didn't believe them when they were 8 and told them their boyfriend would molest them and stuff like that. It isnt Taylor Swift and her dupers delight grin on stage unable to hold a note just smizing like she sounds like Beyonce after she delivered another corny breathless one-liner.

No. 2003222

>as about whether the song is good.
It isn't, even ignoring the drama surrounding it her entire new album is a snoozefest.

No. 2003242

ntayrt but i personally don't care for her latest album, i love everything up to thank u next

No. 2003269

This is just objectively false. No one who isn't tone deaf or is musically trained would ever claim this.

No. 2003271

jello is the

No. 2003272

No I'm not joking, whenever min wage has gone up in areas I'm aware of it results in layoffs or bosses cutting hours for employees. I and my friends have personally been victims of this and the boss will literally tell you straight up they're cutting your hours or 'restructuring' because wages went up. Also not exactly on topic (because I was talking more about office jobs) but I knew some small business owners, mostly of restaurants/bars, who were paying themselves less than minimum wage just so they could pay min wage to employees; most small businesses in the food or drinks or entertainment industry operate at a loss or barely make profits for their first few years which is why most fail within 1-5 years. When it comes to corporations that generate billions of dollars they can afford to pay workers better but they just don't want to, they'd rather maximize profits by cutting hours or wages. I'm not an American and it happens here too.

I agree that it is a recent thing but unless laws are in place to prevent businesses from operating like this they will continue to operate like this, and there's already a glut of workers in a lot of higher-paying industries causing inexperienced/low level workers (even those who already have college degrees) to get laid off in favor of more experienced, older employees.

No. 2003274

Good opinion nona I definitely agree that 'jello is the'

No. 2003276

Her newest album is not among my favs but there are good songs on it too imo, better than most other pop artists anyway. I mostly don't listen to top-40s pop but I will sometimes make an exception for Ariana Grande and a couple other female popstars.

No. 2003331

Yeah because businesses are so poorly planned and thanks to people like you who will defend why would they even try to budget better like maybe the CEO only needs one mansion instead of 3? Of course not. Funny how these corporations were perfectly capable of paying a living wage with only a portion of a profit for majority of time they've been open all the way up until recently, but nope, you'll never question it it will just be "but but poor McDonald's!! They'll literally go bankrupt if they don't make me homeless!!!"

No. 2003345

I don't know what will I feel when we get to unpopular opinions thread #500

No. 2003347

Yeah I liked positions and there's like 2 songs in this new one that I'm like "ok", but the rest is boring

No. 2003353

Nona I don't know where you got the idea I'm 'defending' it just because I pointed out the reality but being in denial about reality doesn't actually do anything to change it. In fact you can't change current reality if you don't acknowledge it, nothing changes from living in a fantasy land.

No. 2003355

>If people aren't allowed to go to college people will start hiring poor underprivileged teenagers with a high school education into highly coveted office roles for great pay!
>No they won't
>You love CEOs who squirrel away billions in Swiss banks and think the owners of McDonalds are poor!

No. 2003357

I was pointing out there should be laws for businesses to hire a certain amount of full time workers with a livable wage and you started insisting the poor victim businesses can't afford that and will be forced to shut down or understaff like crazy
Better not be referring to my post since I mentioned workers should at the very least be able to afford a crappy trailer/apartment and shitty car, didn't even mention college or college requirements other than pointing out summer jobs no longer pay tuition

No. 2003367

Are you hallucinating or something? I said if employers were required to pay more they would hire fewer people which is already happening in many industries (true), you asked me 'is this a joke?' and asked how a corporation generating billions of dollars is incapable of paying their employees enough (also said only Americans don't hold businesses accountable for being poorly run), then I said I'm not American and it happens here too and that businesses are not incapable of paying more, they just don't want to.

Then you started accusing me of defending the businesses and thinking they are 'poor' for some completely incomprehensible reason, maybe you lack reading comprehension.

You were responding to a thread about making going to college illegal until age 21 lol, it doesn't matter that you didn't personally mention college.

No. 2003369

>if employers were required to pay more they would hire fewer people which is already happening in many industries
And I realized that, I pointed out there should be laws making sure they keep places fully staffed with full timers who are paid enough to survive and you acted like I just demanded million dollar bonuses for teens kek. Why should the government instill laws or incentives for businesses to keep the economy stable if people like you will defend it ?

No. 2003373

Nona no, you actually asked me 'is this a joke?' when I said employers would hire fewer people if wages were required to be higher and said that no one would let companies get away with this outside of America, even though it is extremely common where I live and I don't live in America. You can't 'make laws making sure they keep places fully staffed with full timers' period, there is no objective metric for 'fully staffed' so, like I said, if everyone on payroll had to be full time and paid a high wage they would simply lay people off or hire fewer people, which is what already happens in companies/areas that are required to raise pay or only have full time employees.

I didn't act like you demanded million dollar bonuses for teens, you are hallucinating. I pointed out a simple reality of how companies actually operate and then you accused me of defending corporate practices because apparently observing reality is the same thing as supporting predatory business practices. I'm sure businesses would operate much better if people all became incapable of observing reality. I never 'defended' business practices like this so I can only assume you must be literally hallucinating posts that aren't in the thread.

No. 2003380

There is a metric for understaffed or overstaffed.

No. 2003398

A super objective metric that can't be gamed? Do tell.

No. 2003401

Retail + fast food suck at scheduling a good amount of people tbh. I remember working in retail on nights we would be slammed there would be a handful of people working (even though they claimed they were unable to pay us more than 100/weekly), I also remember constantly being sent home in the food industry just because it was dead and thought a Monday morning at a bar required like 10 servers. A lot of it would be solved with steady schedules tbh

No. 2003407

she did say library.
i prefer owning books tho, if it's bad i just donate it and at least i supported culture and the local bookstores kek

No. 2003418

Stuff like appropriate staffing would be a lot easier to determine for service industry jobs like retail but the original conversation was about salaried jobs that normally require degrees, not jobs you can get with a high school diploma like retail or food service. Companies will cut corners with staffing even in retail and food service but for cushier salaried office jobs it is very common to lay off 30+% of workers suddenly when profits or economic situations change, including stuff like new laws mandating minimum salaries or even new taxes on the business. Even if we ignore that many businesses running offices are small to medium sized and not giant corporations with multi billion dollar profits, it's extremely difficult to objectively determine what appropriate staffing levels are for giant companies employing hundreds to thousands of office workers. Even within a single year the number of contracts and projects can vary dramatically. A lot of workers with these salaried office jobs already spend a lot of time doing very little during dead times when there isn't much business but are kept on staff because it's cheaper to keep them on if business picks up than train up hundreds of new employees. This calculus completely changes at the point when salaries have to be increased or all interns/contract workers need to be fired/made into full time staff. Entire departments get cut fully sometimes when the market slightly changes (I had a bunch of friends in Microsoft Research at my location, making 200k+ each, and during the economic downturn all of them were either laid off or transferred). When they were hired having AI researchers seemed broadly profitable, but during the market downturn they decided AI research was entirely non-essential. And that's one of the biggest, most profitable companies on the planet. It's just naive to think that you can create local or even national laws to mandate that an international corporation have certain pay for staff without it resulting either in mass layoffs or the company just moving HQ entirely/hiring subcontractors for cheaper. When Seattle introduced new tax laws for corporations a bunch of the biggest companies headquartered there just move their HQ immediately. It's never as simple as 'just make a law to make megacorps behave,' megacorps run national governments and not the other way around. And smaller companies have way less wiggle room and will do whatever is necessary to stay afloat even if that means cutting 70% of staff during a dry spell (happened to several of my friends recently).

No. 2003424

my work has just raised our budgets (in sales) and cut everyone's hours so we're on a skeleton crew. not only that they've renovated us and it's way easier to steal or hurt one of us because of the open plan. we're all about 5'5 women. we are literally having to work unpaid because they wont raise wages

No. 2003439

Most lay offs are completely unnecessary with proper budgeting tbh. Like most of the recent restaurant and retail shut downs are simply due to the fact these places don't want to lower prices to attract more customers or provide higher quality products. Even when rue 21 was closing down they supposedly had crazy sales but in reality were still not cheaper than shein and ended up throwing shit out instead of even trying to experiment with prices geared towards the consumer

I also feel like these places focus on weekly rather than monthly, having a monthly min wage would prevent places from trying to fuck over on hours to prevent people from just understaffing/hiring part timers to avoid giving benefits. They should budget around the idea that Americans need a certain minimum for monthly bills over than the idea that most people will be fine if they demand them to be full time just to schedule them 10 hours a week when it's slow. Sure they may have to take out from the multitude of bonuses the uppers have but more people with more jobs and spending money = more people are able to stimulate these businesses = more profit = these people are also able to afford apartments and homes more, etc.

Oh and get rid of ghost jobs + make sure places don't purposely keep the places understaffed to create more jobs

I swear it feels like these people would literally rather a multitude of businesses fail rather than allowing the poors to be able to afford things

No. 2003441

This reminds me of when I worked in fast food and they'd demand people clock out because "labor was too high" but then the manager just ended up paying people under the table cause we still needed help and the understaffing was unnecessary

No. 2003445

File: 1715765251902.png (674.58 KB, 1079x1504, 1000000242.png)

This man can literally afford several mansions and yachts a year + this doesn't even account for the other high ups making similar and y'all wanna pretend like paying anything more than slave wages will bankrupt McDonald's and cause a world wide shut down.

No. 2003451

File: 1715765851963.png (366.24 KB, 1080x1242, 1000000243.png)

>lowest paying corporation in America
>As they have listing up for 7-12 an hour for part time assemblers
>As they have listings up for 10-20 an hour for caregivers in CALIFORNIA
>Some hardware engineers are barely making 45k a year for this company
>Americans will still defend this or turn a blind eye instead of questioning why can't higher ups make a little less so everyone else can feed their families

It's like watching slaves defend their master I swear to God. Stockholm syndrome needs to be renamed to USA syndrome

No. 2003486

I'd rather have a quality thread that gets 2 replies a day than one that gets filled out to the reply limit in two days because active conversation is always low quality shitposting and infighting that gets so exhausting and annoying to read.

No. 2003489

I'd rather have fun shitposting with anons in a designated thread than wandering the website looking for some light hearted interaction in an infighting, male obsessed wasteland.

No. 2003491

It's only funny to the two people spamming their shitposting and clogging up the thread. Everyone else has to take a backseat while intelligent replies are drowned in anons treating the thread like a disposable groupchat.

No. 2003496

Bitch, learn to read, I said in a designated thread. You're totally devoid of fun or joy. Just get off the website if it bothers you so much. Sick of you cunts.

No. 2003497

Yes, I hate seeing anons have fun. It in turn brings me joy to make them miserable.

No. 2003498

Go eat your own discharge, freak(infighting)

No. 2003503

Average workers have been memed into thinking that they can reach such riches if they just work hard and have good work ethics so they keep licking boots, but in reality becoming a multimillionaire is about chance, breaking the law without getting caught and exploitation of labor and the people you love. Nobody needs a billion-dollar estate, nobody. It baffles me that Americans will defend their broken as fuck healthcare system because "if you're a honest worker you'll be taken care of" while paying $15,000 for a routine surgery (because their $500 a month insurance covers fucking nothing) on top of their student loans amounting to $30,000. I'm so glad I don't live in such a barren dystopia, at least in my eurogarbage country I don't have to take a second mortgage to afford cancer treatment.

No. 2003512

I have CEOs in my family and I agree. Majority of multi millionaires are literally just pure luck and connections. The one that did worked hard did so because he started out as an electrician and they paid for him to go to school for 16 years. The same company has since removed benefits like tuition reimbursement for majority of workers, refused to hire students and promotions are no longer even a thing

No. 2003530

>calling someone that's a cunt devoid of joy and complaining about infighting, while you immediately start getting argumentative and infighting because another anon disagrees with you

No. 2003583

Yeah I'm fighting back against my oppressor, stop trying to hold me down, don't tread on me

No. 2003608

Kek this reminds me of when I interviewed at the same factory my mom worked at in the 80s, she earned 10 an hour with benefits, breaks, etc. in 2018 they offered me a whooping 9 an hour. Not even the first time I've heard of companies actually playing less in modern day than what they did decades ago

No. 2003634

File: 1715777356269.png (2.01 MB, 1600x1063, jiii.png)

I don't trust anyone who says y'all but not howdy.

No. 2003674

nta but cunt and bitch are my secret arsenals

No. 2003699


No. 2003717

I say y’all but not howdy… not every southern state is texas

No. 2003731

Men who have male friends are gay. Men who have female friends are only looking to skinwalk them or date them.

No. 2003739

Kek, what? Irl gay moids usually have female friends and straight moids have male friends

No. 2003785

Niggy is mine but of course that’s too much even for this shitty site(racebaiting)

No. 2003789

Some of you really be seeing your yaoiz everywhere

No. 2003792

I think I get where you're coming from. Moids with too many moid friends usually care too much about male approval. Very homoerotic. Moids who exclusively befriend women are often predatory asf.

No. 2003806

There was a guy at college that befriended women almost exclusively, he ended assaulting me and two other girls, fucking freak
My unpopular opinion is that getting offended over women saying "cunt/bitches" is retarded and overly sensitive. If it's a man then that's a whole other thing

No. 2003824

depends. i do think moids with a lot of moid friends are usually the type to hate on women together and be misogynistic insecure fags, the male socialization is even worse because they spend so much time around their fellow bros too and expect women to be fine with their gross shit. there's also men who definitely befriend women a lot just to have a roster etc. but like another nonna pointed out gay men with a lot of female friends still exist
I don't necessarily get offended, but almost always when I meet another woman who calls herself (and me) a bitch even in a joking or "positive" way she's usually the type to be an annoying libfem so that turns me off. I agree when men say it it's way worse but it's still annoying to just be talking and have some woman I barely know call me a bitch even if she doesn't mean any harm by it

No. 2003857


I personally start to look down on any woman who calls herself or me a bitch in a jokey manner. Like I can't take anything she says seriously anymore. It's stupid and pathetic. Same thing with women going "hey girlieeee!!","hey bestieee". They sound retarded.

No. 2003859

What has to happen in the economy before americucks admit there's an issue? It just seems like regardless of what you point out there's always at least one people who has to come in and say "actually all this is your fault just try harder"

No. 2003908

>Same thing with women going "hey girlieeee!!","hey bestieee"
Well aren't you just a bundle of joy

No. 2003928

There's no way to wake them up, it's a futile effort. They could be living in the sewers while working 3 jobs to be able to afford food and water yet they would still blame the economy on immigrants and poor people. The right wing mindset is so deeply integrated into their very being and they're selling the false ideal of "the American dream" and "freedom". Free market in the states is a pipe dream, try opening up a small coffee shop and watch multinational chains drive you out of business just so that the CEOs can afford a new yacht and to hire enough lawyers to exploit legal loopholes so that they don't have to pay a single cent to taxes in their lives while their workers are struggling to buy fresh vegetables and afford a root canal. Americans sperg and sperg about socialism being "unfair" and come up with excuses why Nordic countries practicing social democracy are so much well off than they are but think Jeff Bezos wasting millions to go to space is just a reward for his "hard work".

No. 2003936

Imagine a man greeting his friends with heeeeeeey boyyyysies!!
"What a faggot", you would think.

No. 2003937

Kek I could see it
>See you dumb liberal, you could've worked 5 jobs for a little shitty sewer apartment just like me instead of complaining and being a princess who thinks you deserve a mansion for working at burger king!

No. 2003961

Women can't be faggots and moids are annoying whenever they open their mouth.

No. 2003973

Male imageboards allow more freedom than female imageboards. Kill me. Ban me. Not a scrote, just saying the truth honestly

No. 2003977

Surprised the helicopter mod didn’t ban you for that yet. Thanks, niggy ♥(racebaiting)

No. 2003982

It is the truth.

No. 2003988

There should at least be a dedicated thread for frowned upon behaviour where you can let properly loose without fear of getting banned.

No. 2003990

I'd rather have a million juvenile hey girlies than a single oh-look-aren't-I-so-subversive-lol sup bitch. At least the girlie crowd knows we ain't close enough friends for that shit.

No. 2003993

that was literally the purpose of dumbass shit thread kekk

No. 2004004

Dumbass shit was MY domain, my best posts featured there, I cannot let my imagination loose anywhere else. I feel emotionally constipated

No. 2004010

No. 2004013

Nonnie, make some friends outside of image board threads. There's a tip for you.

No. 2004019

Nta but why are you on here as well, shouldn’t you be making friends irl yourself? Mind your business anon

No. 2004036

I do have friends, but if I talk to them about hamster shaking or Kirbyanon they're going to look at me crazy

No. 2004039

nonna if your friends can't bond with you over the shared laugh-inducing horror of the kirby genital slit then are they really your friends?

No. 2004042

No it wasn't. You couldn't act against the board rules in the dumbass shit thread.

No. 2004045

It is the truth. Women's problem (including women on this site) is that we are too obsessed with being #1 Best Girl TM, according to whatever the standard dictates, and mindless pandering rule-following. Every time there's some retarded rule to something you'll mostly see women upholding and defending it because we're conditioned to be status quo obeyers. Men don't give a fuck about following rules and never have, they enjoy not having rules because they know they're just arbitrary nonsense made up by other retards. A lot of women not only love rules but love punishing other women for not caring about them. Women can be painfully conformist and can also be huge cucks. That's why you're not allowed to say The Bad Things about any group in pretty much any female dominated space, you're not allowed to argue (imagine trying to police infighting on an image board, it's the fucking internet kek) or be too aggressive, even women posting angrily or too passionately about a subject are seen as retarded or schizo when the whole point of an anonymous online space is to let out your inner sperg to some degree. Yes there should always be boundaries like no porn on the site ect. But in general women are cucks online who like to screech at each other over the slightest infraction meanwhile men are just being pigs and accepting each other anyway kek

No. 2004048

Wasn't that the retarded shitpost thread?

No. 2004053

Do you really think they would allow a thread like that though. Too many anons would complain and scrotefoil like crazy if something like that existed

No. 2004062

Good post. It's so tiring how female spaces get to be like this. Local feminist facebook groups for example were a fucking nightmare with a huge list of rules about who has the right to talk first etc kekkk

No. 2004063

I don't give a shit if it's contained in a thread. A woman can dream.

No. 2004071

>women posting angrily or too passionately about a subject are seen as retarded or schizo
I’m sorry, but do we browse the same lolcor? Anons are retarded and schizo here. And autistic, but that comes with territory obviously

No. 2004084

No. 2004091

No. 2004092

LC is pretty free (otherwise we wouldn't be here) but yeah the race to the 'purest girl' title is still there. I find it especially bad when it comes to media and 'scrote-like sexuality', i get why we're midnful of male LARPers but it reveals that too many nonas were once judgy tumblrinas

No. 2004094

We had those threads, then they got banned

No. 2004103

Literally this. So much rules and regulations and blahblah or you’re a moid and not a girls girl and misogynist and sexist god just shut up alreadyyy. These are the same retards trying to fight against gender roles but are the same reinforcing it if you don’t want to be married, talk about the joys of motherhood, or dont really care to talk about their pet nigels all day. It’s so exhausting, it almost feels like moids are right and honest when they say whenever women congregate it turns into a place where we’re all scheming to take each other down, the inherent lack of trust to be able to not tear the entire place down meanwhile scrotes are allowed to be more independent and say whatever they want genuinely astounds me. Moids are so outright with their violence and their overall lack of cunningness and intelligence exposes their motivations easily which is why they resort to physical violence and intimidation, with other women they try hard to suppress your ability to speak and move freely for some reason and it’s so annoying. I know it isn’t as bad as getting raped, bullied, or having to sell your pussy to survive but it’s the subtlest things that slowly hurt you inside and some women know that. I can’t articulate it properly but if you have ever lived in a house with female relatives it feels like when you’re having a bad time with them but it’s 10x worse on here kek. 4chan/kiwifarm moids have it so much better in some ways while we’re herded like a bunch of sheep. Being a woman is like living in the matrix unironically it’s so hard to break out of, imagine having men and women being your enemies and trying to survive.

No. 2004111

Well said and truth and now watch the reddit farmhands ban you for speaking out.

No. 2004115

Could you, say, racesperg? No? Then we didn't have those threads.

No. 2004117

i’m trying so hard to say they’re moralfagging way too hard when it comes to the shotafags on here. they gross me out as well but it’s another example of trying to be “pure” there’s nothing pure about the place of vaginal discharge-eaters kek

No. 2004131

>Discharge eating
Gross but doesn't annoy others
>Constantly posting shota bait
Gross and it annoys others

No. 2004133

Please shut the fuck up. Why are you caping for shotafags across multiple threads even if you’re allegedly not a shotafag yourself? I swear to god I don’t usually accuse anons of samefagging but your typing style is the same and it’s been going on for the last couple of hours. Actually, female morality against pedophilia is good sometimes

No. 2004137

we don't like you because you're insufferable

No. 2004144

Kek, proof that only women are capable of rules and civilisation, to a ridiculous degree. Men would be living in violent rape anarchy together and not care.
Didn't they ban shota because it attracted moids? I forgot.

No. 2004145

If shotafags don't want to be clowned on, they can keep shush or grow a thicker skin. Are you going to cape for furries next?

No. 2004149

most shotafags in lolcow arent even into shotas they are into genshit manlets. Women just get called pedos for liking any scrote that isnt 6feet tall hairy and roided. I dont caer about them but they should keep themselves in /g/ or /m/

No. 2004154

how do they annoy you? they just post about their disgusting interest in shotacon, not much different from the babyface lovers from ugly man psyop who are 30 year old women who want 18 year olds fresh out of high school grad and the fujos who are already too far gone to begin with
>”i swear i’m gonna find you out! your typing style-“
go get some CBT sperg-chan we all type like this
not a shotafag, but i don’t get the moralfagging about them. just ignore it

No. 2004159

>most shotafags in lolcow arent even into shotas they are into genshit manlets.
If that was the case then why do they keep saying "shota is based omg why was it banned from fujochan" and posting obvious shota illustrations in the ugly man psyop thread? If it was just "genshin manlets" no one would care

No. 2004160

You’re extremely transparent

No. 2004163

>just ignore it
They post about their retardation all over the off-topic boards

No. 2004164

i have no idea what you are talking about

No. 2004166

Exactly, they literally come to /ot/ and announce they’re shotafags either because they genuinely think they’re unfairly persecuted (no1curs about your feelings, shotafags) or to bait. Ban that shit and be done with it

No. 2004168

i hate fractions..

No. 2004171

People that date while their children are extremely young are selfish. I always see it framed as something heartwarming like "my stepfather/mother has been in my life since I was 2 years old!" but why was your parent letting a person they barely knew around you? Why is going on tinder somehow more of a priority than your own child?

No. 2004172

You can’t prove anything because I’m not the shotafag kek. WAHHHHHHHHH THE SHOTAFAG IS GONNA REACH THROUGH OUR SCREEN AND BURN DOWN OUR FOOD SUPPLY! Just ignore them.

No. 2004173

I think they should be ignored AND reported for bait tbh

No. 2004174

>babyface lovers from ugly man psyop who are 30 year old women
How do you know this? You have superpowers or something? Did a couple of anons said they were 30 and now you think most of them are?

No. 2004175

Nobody but shotafags gets this invested in defending shota.

No. 2004176

its dangerous and really careless, why are you focused on finding a rebound when you should be pouring your child a bowl of cereal

No. 2004179

It takes having a brain after all

No. 2004181

i am not as terminally online as you. You clearly like to infight instead of reporting the shotafags for bait anyways so you are as annoying as them.

No. 2004182

can wwe stop talking about whatever this is im getting bored

No. 2004183

Stop infighting I need to post my cool unpopular opinion

No. 2004186

I do report them! thanks for replying btw

No. 2004187

Shut up

No. 2004188

this, I laugh about this shit with friends all the time. not about lolcow stuff though because you do not talk about lolcow outside of lolcow

No. 2004189

>admitting to replying to bait
at least you admit you are part of the problem. they only rage bait because you keep falling like an idiot.

No. 2004190

File: 1715793579158.gif (1.43 MB, 500x661, 1715206492570.gif)

I think antagonizing others, specially those who did you wrong, is totally ok sometimes. Actually, women with guilt complexes should let themselves antagonize others way more. My guilt complex gives me and my female empathy conditioned brain so many issues. Trust me most people won't actually have the same empathy towards you as you have towards them, you don't need to feel bad for them, let the lizard brain take over and nope the fuck out, trust your gut

No. 2004191

Whatever keeps you asleep at night

No. 2004192

File: 1715793645442.webp (465.64 KB, 4096x3072, IMG_0636.webp)


No. 2004193

>It is the truth. Women's problem (including women on this site) is that we are too obsessed with being #1 Best Girl TM, according to whatever the standard dictates, and mindless pandering rule-following. Every time there's some retarded rule to something you'll mostly see women upholding and defending it because we're conditioned to be status quo obeyers.
Why is that a bad thing? Women use these social conformity tactics because they work, being respecting of others is the first step to a functional society. It's the men who need to learn to contain their rape ape temper and behavior and be put into cages. I'd much rather have Lolcow's strict moderation than let it get pozzed by pedo /pol/cel bullshit like every single board on 4chan because everyone knows the anons complaining how "you can't say anything no more!!!!" are referring to not being able to say the N word.

No. 2004196

nothing about imageboards is about respecting each other kek. why can’t we have a break from irl social etiquette for once in our lives

No. 2004201

I wonder why people who wanna be sweet and respectful don’t just use Facebook or TikTok

No. 2004202

Because they're reactionary contrarians who grab the edgiest thing they can come up with despite having no genuine interest in it and start sperging about it for attention and some retarded mean girl powertrip. Just report them and don't engage.

No. 2004205

>because everyone knows the anons complaining how "you can't say anything no more!!!!" are referring to not being able to say the N word.
that's why. if your idea of break from social etiquette isn't spamming the n word or similar then it's not about you

No. 2004206

What's annoying is when the rules change depending on the time of day.
I rec a story, they say it'd scroteshit. A day later I see people act like I'm a puritan for leaving a fair warning about the same exact shit in another story.

No. 2004207

I bet they seriously think those places are better too. I’ve honestly seen the same amount of racism and retardation in the comment sections of both of those places that remind me a lot of 4chan.

No. 2004209

I agree. Also I think there is a middle ground between SJW twitterfags and /pol/tards, and I hope lolcow can recapture that. I’m so sick of the identity politics sperging from all sides. We’re on an anonymous ib, why dwell on the same things we must confront every where else?
>m-muh imageboard culture!!!
Actually, it isn’t a requirement to act like a retarded 13 year old edgelord to use an imageboard. This smells like underaged newfags who just come here to infight

No. 2004211

go back to your lipstickalley thread in /g/

No. 2004213

They hated nonny because she told them the truth. The irony of everyone agreeing with that post about women being too conformist and then seething and dogpiling a neutral anon for giving her opinion.

No. 2004217

I’m not an edgelord but I’ve been whined at about infighting and being mean just by disagreeing with people kek

No. 2004220

Because we all know using imageboards is real serious business. Why are you acting like a fucking uptight girls scout? lmfao

No. 2004222

that's why they're garbag

No. 2004224

It depends on what the algorithm is feeding you, but that’s because it is edgy teenage moids from 4chan bringing over the same culture

No. 2004225

I don't even care about the pedophilia I just hate shotafags tbh

No. 2004228

What did you disagree about? Black people being deserving of human rights? Every time someone acts like a huge victim bitch about being opwessed by le tranny jannies it always turns out they've been making inflammatory bait posts for the past weeks.

No. 2004230

The fuck are you talking about, kek. Did I strike a nerve?

No. 2004232

Women make it too much of their responsibility to uphold moral standards. I am trying to make it through my life by not doing it because it’s very obvious that one of the hidden rules of living in society is that almost no one abides by much of the moral standards they like to conveniently uphold and use as shields to get what they want. I really don’t care about shotafags and don’t understand why others care as well, they’re going to get banned and it’s more entertainment for me

No. 2004233

>neutral anon
That anons has derailed/prolonged infights in multiple threads for hours. She wasn’t neutral

No. 2004235

Oh. Looks like the N-word example hit a little too close to home. Sorry you're so oppressed by social etiquette racist-chan.

No. 2004237

You forgot to use your handle, tranny janny

No. 2004242

Actually made me kek! If I was a janny, I would have permabanned you just for being an insufferable cunt

No. 2004246

And yet you can’t kek, bet that makes you seethe so hard and grip your keyboard

No. 2004255

The only people who care about young men dating older women are women. Anytime you see someone moral fagging about it, it’s never a man it’s always a woman getting offended on their behalf.

No. 2004266

No. 2004271

Women can't really cheat. Men need (usually) to be under the illusion a woman is monogomous in order for the man to pursue marriage or 'monogomy' with a woman but women need to be able to go out with multiple partners in order to find the 'right' fit for marriage/ltr. Idk if this makes sense but yes.

No. 2004272

Women who snitch on their female friends who are cheating on their bf are weirdos. Why do you care if she’s cheating on her bf? That has nothing to do with you

No. 2004275

They did this in the 50s, their dating scene was totally unserious to try boys out and decide who suits you the most, it existed for this exact reason.

No. 2004277

Exactly. Men don't care about women, each other or themselves so why should women care about them? Until they start taking care of each other the same way women do, who cares?

No. 2004287

first of all infidelity is gross and protecting infidelity is even worse, i don't care enough about other peoples affairs to ask my friends if they're having one; but if for some reason one of my friends decided to tell me that she was having an affair then it only makes sense to go tell the guy shes with so that he can end the relationship and she can go be happy with the twink she's having relations with. its whats best for the both of them, and if she feels the need to share it with people close to her then obviously she's reaching out for help.

No. 2004290

You’re not fucking her so why do you care?

No. 2004291

Wouldn't you be afraid her boyfriend might kill her for cheating?

No. 2004293

Samefag, she's "reaching out for help" for you to tell him? What?

No. 2004296

If you have that much of a problem with it, why don't you just tell her to her face that you respect her less for cheating and ask her not to confide such things in you? Kinda weird that you'd be more comfortable sneaking around to snitch to her bf.

No. 2004298

why are you on this site if you care about moids feelings so much? kek moids will cheat on you anyday all day if they knew you would never find out.
>so he can end the relationship
9/10 moids don't even end the relationship but abuse the woman they're with or use it as ammo to abuse them. Gonna cheat all I want tbh, moids deserve nothing.

No. 2004305

This should be more common, it's easier to find a good woman than a good man. Being straight is a whole curse in itself

No. 2004306

huh? did you not read the final half of my post? i'd go tell her boyfriend so that he can end their relationship and she can go be with her new fruit
not really, most of my female friends are both gun owners and are capable of taking their twiggy boyfriends if they tried to take them KEK, it's not like these ladies are dating musclemen or some shit. also, i didn't think this would need to be explained, but obviously she's confessing to cheating on her boyfriend because she does not want to be with him anymore and needs assistance leaving the relationship. this is an issue that occurs in the lives of total push-overs, and sometimes, these autistic fucks, they need a third party to be their messenger and go to their original significant other and be like "hey shes not attracted to you anymore, leave"
did you read a single part of my post? i would not tell him because i "care about his emotions", infidelity being gross is just my opinion, it has nothing to do with feelings, also i wouldn't "sneak around and snitch" i'd tell her that since she felt so comfortable telling me then obviously she must need assistance in leaving her relationship, which i'd offer. also, question, if you really think that your moid would just kill and abuse you if you cheated on him instead of walking away, then why would you think its better to cheat with reckless abandon? wouldn't you think you'd be putting yourself in danger?
i can do both of those things, i can admit to her that she isn't the woman i thought she was while offering my support and help to her in the process of transitioning out of her first relationship into the new one. these are all things that you would understand if you read my initial post in its entirety.

No. 2004308

God you’re a shit friend

No. 2004312

Why do you think you get to decide what's best for your friends and their adult relationships? That's weird and overly paternal behavior.

No. 2004321

>she’s asking for help
Maybe she has her reasons for not leaving him. Maybe she’s not financially stable? Maybe she loves her bf but wants some excitement? Maybe she likes variety? Maybe he’s violent and she doesn’t want to be murdered? Just because she’s cheating doesn’t mean she wants to leave her scrote

No. 2004328

Tbh I don't see why anybody would tell others about something like cheating.
Either they need someone to tell them "break up already" or they think cheating makes them hot shit, which is pretty telling about their personality and I would not trust them with stuff in the future.

No. 2004330

you want to elaborate on why? because if she did not want anyone to know, or did not need any help getting out of the relationship she clearly has no desire to be in anymore, why would she go around telling people?
I didn't say any of those things lol…i said i would go tell her boyfriend because she doesn't want to be with him anymore, not because "i know whats best for her relationship". She knows what she wants in her relationship, which is why she chooses to begin a new relationship, inform her friends and acquaintances of this new relationship, and that this will eventually result in the news of this blooming relationship getting back to her original scrotes ears. This is, usually, the whole point of sharing the details of your affair with your friends. So that you can detach from the relationship you're already in. i don't make that decision, she does by going around and sharing this information.
>not financially stable
thats my point, i would offer her my support and help in transitioning out of this relationship. i'd be more than willing to have my friends come live in my home free of charge if they decided to leave their moid.
>loves her bf but wants some excitement
when you love (actually love, with your whole being, not just like) your significant other, you're not going to be physically capable of fucking someone else kek, even for a thrill or little shock of excitement. she must not love him and thus has no reason to stay in the relationship, and theres nothing wrong with that. whats wrong is refusing to leave the relationship.
>maybe she likes variety
then she wouldn't be in a singular committed relationship with a boyfriend, she'd just date around
>maybe hes violent and she doesnt want to be murdered
if she already knew he was violent and that he'd harm her if she cheated on him then why would she put herself in an even more dangerous position by cheating and then going around and telling people about it, which would only anger him further and be far more likely to result in her death? like i said in my original response, i am someone who has the resources to support my friends and the people i love if they're in a situation they need to get out of, so i can't speak for everyone else but if she really was afraid that he'd kill her; she could walk out on him. especially if she has the accessibility and time away from him that would allow her to start an affair to begin with, it definitely sounds like she'd be capable of walking out the door and not coming back.

No. 2004331

you are a moid aplogist. you don't care about infindlity or your friend. whats so gross anyways?

No. 2004333

Just admit you wanted to snitch on your friend because it made you feel good, not because you care about her because you obviously don't lmao

No. 2004335

idk close friends tell each other about their lives and secrets sometimes

No. 2004343

>you would help your friend leave her moid so you're a moid apologist
i think you're misunderstanding my posts. also, cheating spreads disease.
how is it "snitching" if she went around telling other people though? thats just turning it into public knowledge, and she'd clearly be telling people because she wants to detach herself from him publicly. and how is offering for my friends to be financially supported and given housing free of charge until they're capable of finding a new home being uncaring in any way?
you realize that it's not a secret anymore if you tell it to other people, right? if it was such a secret and she didn't want anyone to know, she wouldn't tell anyone. thats just what sounds the most logical in my mind kek.

No. 2004355

legitimate question: do you have close friends that you confide in? do you understand the point of sharing secrets with someone you call a friend?

No. 2004364

I choose not to share my personal secrets with my friends and acquaintances because i understand that when you tell someone a secret, it stops being a secret, because you're now giving them the power to share that information with others by sharing it with them. and no, i don't understand why you'd tell anyone information that you don't want anyone else to know. if you have secrets, buy a diary with a lock on it. start a private passworded folder on your phone or computer and vent there if you need to release it in some way. but if you choose to tell other people facts about your life, you can't pretend to be surprised if they repeat what you tell them.

No. 2004369

Lmao, you're a weirdo. How one can even be a true friend with you if you'll share all of their intimate details, kek. Are you trolling?

No. 2004373

This has got to be bait kek. If not get yourself checked.

No. 2004374

>I don’t share anything personal with friends

Like I said the kind of women who would snitch on their friends cheating are weirdos. You’re the type that if the girls went out for drinks and she’s flirting with guys at the bar you’d go back and tell on her kek

No. 2004377

ayrt and I'm really sorry anon. hope someday you'll be and have a better friend because things must be grim where you are that you don't trust a single soul and would readily snitch on your hypothetical friend to some rando moid.

No. 2004379

>you're a weirdo because you understand that gossiping is the oldest and most lovable passtime
kek you do understand that this is something that all human beings, especially women (didn't think i would have to specify this on a gossip website ), love to talk about. other peoples business. i'm not saying this to be hateful, but after a long lifetime of going outside and actually spending time in irl social settings; i have found that people will gossip about someone standing within an earshot of them and then go up to them and start a conversation as if nothing happened kek. c'est la vie! also, i never said i don't share anything personal with friends. i said i don't share personal secrets, because then it will stop being a secret. key word, secrets.

No. 2004383

There’s a difference between gossiping and going back to her bf to tell him she cheated or flirted with other guys lol

No. 2004384

I'm not referring to the cheating part, i was responding to the question "do you have any close friends that you confide in" that was asked here >>2004355
but on the crosstopic of cheating and gossiping, yeah actually, people do gossip about others cheating and that often can result in the scrote finding out that he's getting got, which can often result in much more dangerous situations as opposed to someone he personally knows coming up to him and being like "just leave already"

No. 2004388

>people do gossip about others cheating
nobody's gonna find out if you don't say anything dumbass. your friend tells you something in confidence you keep it to yourself

No. 2004393

I don't think YOU understand that not all relationships are built on love and trust. I know men and women who have admitted to cheating on their partners and visa versa but their partners don't care because they're not in love. People get married and get into relationships for various reasons. Not just for 'love'. When you realize this, it is much easier to form relationships.

No. 2004394

thats a lovely thought nonna but it’s also just not reality kek, if everyone kept everybody’s secrets just under the “keep it to yourself” precedent imagine what kind of grotesque behavior we wouldn’t know about

No. 2004396

oh ok so if they’re together for reasons other than “love” then he’d have no problem with his girlfriend or wife having a boyfriend, i don’t see why there’d be anything wrong with telling him if it wouldn’t upset him then

No. 2004398

girl we're talking about adultery not domestic violence or pedophilia or whatever else you define as "grotesque behavior"

No. 2004401

You love to talk about your "friends" intimate details entrusted onto you, because you love gossip so much, gotcha, kek. You gotta be mentally ill in some way.
> don't think YOU understand that not all relationships are built on love and trust.
Her "friendships" aren't build on trust, i think she gets it, kek.

No. 2004402

Kek, having graphic fantasies about me are you, nonny?

No. 2004403

adultery is grotesque, however i can only say that as someone who has witnessed it firsthand and can see what it does not only to relationships but also families when the people in those relationships have children

No. 2004407

oh please it’s something all adults love to do, talk shit. don’t pretend to be holier than thou on lolcow of all places kek

No. 2004460

Agreed but only if it’s low-effort antagonism. Expending any serious energy on antagonizing people is jobless behavior.

No. 2004524

No it isn’t. Gtfo.

No. 2004529

File: 1715805301378.jpeg (28.99 KB, 366x416, IMG_0660.jpeg)

No. 2004530

i get sick of people insulting america genuinely like fuck off

No. 2004540

File: 1715805551151.jpeg (131.07 KB, 815x921, 44EBCE9B-B536-48D8-84E3-138258…)

I hate having to pretend to be interested in peoples babies in public. I went to get my bike fixed today and the front desk woman had her baby with her, I’m pretty stressed out about my bike so I was polite and friendly to her but didn’t really pay any attention to her baby. The repair guy comes to look at my bike and then put together a quote and the whole time the woman is bouncing her baby on her hip and getting her (the baby) closer and closer to me. She seemed like she really wanted me to comment on her baby or interact with the baby while I waited… sorry I’m stressed and not interested in paying attention to a random baby… Eventually on the way out I forced a “aw what a happy baby” just so she doesn’t slash my tires or something for ignoring her baby completely. I guess she got so intense (picrel was the vibe) because most women and even some men will drop all their business to coo at and compliment a baby (out of politeness? Do people actually give a shit about random babies?) before moving onto anything else, and I didn’t do that and it offended her. Ugh. I know I should have acted like other people do but it’s so fake for me that I just don’t wanna… I don’t hate the baby or anything it was a fine baby, I just, you know, don’t really care about babies… string me up and burn me alive I guess I’m a sociopath

No. 2004544

Cut it out with the twitterfag reply pics and go back to LSA, niggy-chan(racebaiting)

No. 2004630

no I get you, I usually smile at babies in public bc of this perceived expectation that you HAVE to interact with random babies in public.. like wtf, I get it ppl want to make them feel included but we're fucking strangers. thankfully most kids just dont give a shit and will approach you themself if they are curious or want something from you, it is their parents that seem to be the problem kek

No. 2004660

Nothing is more pathetic than referring to yourself using misogynistic slurs.

No. 2004666

It's well deserved tho

No. 2004677

File: 1715815396388.gif (378.11 KB, 220x199, IMG_0641.gif)

i’m a cunt… i’m a weirdo… I’m also a bitchhh. i’m a faghag… what the hell is my feminazi ass doing here? i don’t belong here.

No. 2004681

i get you nona. i'm a polite person but this is one of the few things i get intentionally cold about and i will look the other way on purpose.
you're not a sociopath over something like that i think you're just being honest, i don't give a shit about other people's kids and i don't know why it's expected for strangers to care

No. 2004789

Creep is one of their most mid songs. You is the only decent one in Pablo honey.

No. 2004807

Women should not have one night stands, fuck their scrote friends, basically treat sex as just a fun thing you do with no effort. “I get mine, I am so based for getting what I want and treating men like how they treat women” no. The fact the scrote gets what he wants outweighs any fleeting pleasure you get, especially as the one in danger whenever you’re alone with one. Never give men easy access to the number one thing they want in life when it’s not the number one thing you want in life as a woman, a human. We’re not animals like them, there are better things to do.

No. 2004812

my really unpopular opinion is that women shouldn't have sex with men period

No. 2004817

But I want to have sex? I don't want a relationship or a partner, and I don't want to be celibate either. What's your magical solution to this?

No. 2004818

Vibrating dildo.

No. 2004821

english cucumber

No. 2004828

I promise you you don’t need “no strings attached” sex. The desire will go away if you stop wasting your time pursuing it.

No. 2004830

File: 1715828479212.jpeg (54.21 KB, 633x430, IMG_9527.jpeg)

Your body count does matter and I’m tired of pretending it doesn’t. There is a correlation between having an abnormally high body count and being a horrible person. Just look at all the gay guys who use Grindr. Straight moids with a high body count are the worst because they’re almost always predators, it’s practically impossible for a straight dude to get laid that much unless there’s some coercion involved

No. 2004833

File: 1715828812865.jpg (41.59 KB, 360x360, 1000015932.jpg)

Can I please know lolcow's court of public opinion for what number is a high body count? please?

No. 2004834

is nsa sex even worth it?

No. 2004836

Once you hit 17 it is too high

No. 2004837

1 is too high. All sex havers are traitors

No. 2004838

Oh, okay. I heard occasionally that it's normal to have slept with like 30 people when you're European or something.

No. 2004844

I haven't gotten to do it yet, but it seems like a better option than forcing myself to get in a relationship with someone I don't even respect enough to make them my "life partner" just to get have sex and lose my virginity and satisfy my sexual desires. Relationships seem retarded and like they're for mentally handicapped people, and I'd take having sex with randos over it any time. The idea of doing it then never having anything to do with the other person sounds amazing to me, no burdens of faking that I care about them or love them to get it, and worrying about upsetting them and losing my flesh sex toy, or them finding someone else and leaving me and now I have to do it all over again to get what I actually want, sex. NSA cuts straight to the point and I just like this idea. I'm not one who needs a relationship in my life, so I could never get into one, especially unwillingly, just to get to have sex. That kinda sounds like a bad thing to do to myself. Masturbation doesn't feel the same, because I could get overwhelmed and stop and lose the sweet spot I was about to reach, so I need someone to get me there without me giving up too soon if that makes sense.

No. 2004850

having sex with randos sucks though. it's awkward the first time with new people because you're getting used to each other. god forbid running down the basics about expectations with moids in this day and age. motherfuckers try to strangle you mid-makeout and call that shit kink. grim.

No. 2004851

The reason people are telling you not to do it is because men already suck at sex with women they supposedly love, you have sex with a man nsa he's just going to use your body to masturbate. You're unironically going to be more satisfied with a toy if you're that horny.

No. 2004858

You’re enabling men’s idea that they’re entitled to women’s bodies because you can’t control yourself.

No. 2004860

File: 1715830942700.gif (4.2 MB, 525x648, 1000016091.gif)

>Relationships seem retarded and like they're for mentally handicapped people, and I'd take having sex with randos over it any time.
>having sex with randos sucks though.
you guys are having sex with strangers? Isn't that dangerous? It's a stranger, what if he's a serial killer?

No. 2004864

nayrt but how is that any different between nsa sex and relationships? moids think they're entitled to women's bodies regardless

No. 2004865

File: 1715831091693.png (78.02 KB, 318x274, IMG_4958.png)

The number shouldn’t matter for women anyway.
What I learned so far is relationship sex is better because of multiple sessions of trial and error of my partner learning what I like and don’t like. Having sex with a new partner kind of sucks because we know nothing about each other and all the build up to sex is disappointing and awkward. It took my dumbass awhile to realize new partner doesn’t equal mistake/not meant to be just because our first sexual encounter sucked.

No. 2004871

Relationships take effort and time, dummie. obviously rape apes will rape ape but lots more men wouldn’t feel entitled if nsa stopped.

No. 2004873

Believe it or not, people can be retarded and risk adverse all in the name of coom

No. 2004874

i think like anything beyond 2 people is way too many. you don't need to rummage around looking for opportunities of sexual experiences, thats what personal relationships are for

No. 2004876

Real nun hours

No. 2004895

I don't understand how did you take that from what I said. But what I'm trying to say is that I genuinely don't care about romantic/personal relationships, I like having friends though. I just want to have sex and nothing else, and if I have to choose between sex witb strangers or sex with someone AFTER I get into a relationship, I'll choose the former because it's easier to get. I'll say it again if I have to, I don't want to date anyone or cohabit with anyone just to have sex, that's not for me. When will they invent male prostitution and solve my problem, sigh.
I also don't get this line of thinking. How is me having sex with a man=teaching him he's entitled to me, it's not like I'd be coerced into it or something? Doesn't the whole "you owe me sex" thing exist in relationships more often than not? I'm genuinely trying to understand this mentality.
What is this even supposed to mean lmao. What's a "personal relationship"? So the end goal of a relationship is sex after all? Then why go through all that emotional effort just to get there? What if I don't have what it takes to go through it? Should I just become a "femcel" or something? I really don't understand this.

No. 2004898

It doesn’t make sense, people here are just way too obsessed about what men think of them (despite “hating” them) and can’t conceive of someone not thinking about it.

No. 2004906

LMAO you're not wrong tbh. I don't wanna make assumptions but their nigels they can't stop brag about and their ~speshul relationships~ are probably the same ones they cry about in the vent threads and relationship problems threads. It's like they don't like there's someone out there who is free from romantic burdens and single, gotta share their relationship misery and force it on others I guess.

No. 2004908

When you’re in a relationship the partner has emotional investment in your well-being. Sex with scrotes who don’t care about you is too dangerous to justify doing.
>become a femcel
Unpopular but legit yes. Imagine not thinking about diseased “free” cock. liberating.

No. 2004909

I’m not in a relationship, I just don’t need men to survive.

No. 2004910

My opinion is probably the most unpopular of all but I unironically think sex is dangerous in every context, relationship or not although one is a bit riskier than the other.

No. 2004917


No. 2004919

As opposed to living in the same house and being financially intertwined.

No. 2004920

none of this has to do with men, nonna. no one here cares about what men thinks of them. who even said that any of us were referring to having sex with men?
what the hell do you mean "what is a personal relationship"? you know, having sex with your girlfriend or boyfriend. that kind of relationship. are you autistic by any chance?
i'm a fucking lesbian maybe thats why i know what its like to be in a meaningful relationship KEK yeesh deer Lord

No. 2004921

Yeah, it does. Just uptbread people were saying it makes men entitled or that they’ll think you’re a slut which is immaterial. There isn’t a single argument against casual sex that you can’t also apply to a sexual relationship.

No. 2004930

Where did I say I needed men to survive lmao. So to you wanting to have sex every once in a while to blow some steam off=not being able to survive without men? I've been doing alright without sex for long enough, I'm literally still a virgin, but I don't want that for myself and I'd like to have sex and reach this milestone at some point in my life and just experience something new.
I know this is gonna make you frustrated with me, and I'm not trying to be contrarian or edgy with this, but I exactly don't want them to care. I don't like the feeling of being cared about and "loved", it feels like a burden that holds me back and it just grosses me out. I prefer for things to be superficial so I can "shake them off" me easily. I've never been approached by a man before so I don't know what kind of guys I'd attract, but it's the end of the world if it's gonna be the type of guy who'd get invested in me and wants to marry me and shit, I'd run immediately. I'm unironically commitment phobic, it's so repulsive to me and I'd mentally break down if someone got that attached to me. I can't even handle a cat getting attached to me, let alone a person. I don't care if it's "diseased" cock, they invented all kinds of medicine and protection for those, and I'm planning on getting my tubes tied whether I get to have sex or not, because if there's something worse than being in a relationship with someone who depends on you, it's having a child who also depends on you and for much longer than a relationship/marriage and you can't get rid of easily at any time you want like with a breakup/divorce. I know abortion exists but it can be a lot of work as well.
On a side note and circling back to your investment in wellbeing point, I'm not the kind of person to invest in someone's wellbeing either, wouldn't it be unfair to get in a relationship with someone I don't even care about who may think otherwise of me just so I can get to have sex? I'll have to live with the guilt of that whenever we fuck kek, thinking "damn, I don't love this guy, I wonder if he knows."

No. 2004933

my opinion in response to the original question hasn't a thing to do with being considered a slut or entitlement or anything of that sort, sleeping around is just unsatisfactory and dangerous. you can contract disease easier by sleeping with random bar hookups or tinder matches as opposed to being with someone who you know is healthy. theres no emotional benefit to having sex with the person you chose whereas sex can provide emotional and physical connectivity for people who do experience cerebral love for each other, which is going to give you the type of orgasm that you're certainly not gonna experience sleeping with some random snuffle

No. 2004934

How is having sex with someone "personal". That seems a bit arbitrary to me. I don't need that kind of relationships because I prefer keeping to myself and not letting anyone know anything I don't want them to about myself, but I doubt I can have that in a relationship. I don't even tell my friends about some parts of my life and about myself and prefer to keep it a secret, they don't need to know. But in a relationship you're under the pressure of sharing that stuff or the other person might think you don't trust them/love them, which they're not gonna be wrong, I wouldn't, but still, gotta uphold appearances or something. Everything about romantic relationships sounds like a nightmare and inconvenience to me. I prefer the risky option that can get me killed over the safe option that I'd suffer the consequences of for a life time. Sorry for being a retard I guess.

No. 2004936

ntayrt but you need to have sex to 'blow off steam'? really kek? scrote alrote(scrotefoiling)

No. 2004939

Nta but sex is a physical act, as long as the person is hot and knows how to do it, it would probably feel good. Needing feelings to enjoy it makes it sound like the guy sucks ass at sex and you gotta find a way to compensate and cope. If masturbation is as good as sex, why does it feel good without feelings involved?

No. 2004940

Girl you are going to be so disappointed.

No. 2004941

>how is having sex with someone personal
>i prefer keeping to myself
having sex with random people isn't really keeping to yourself, nonnie. if experiencing a relationship is frightening to you then i'm impressed that you're still able to strip bare naked with someone

No. 2004943

I already explained I don't have the emotional needs that drive people into getting into relationships, and I see sex as something for relaxing and a treat every once in a while. What's so wrong and "scrotey" about that? Maybe this is something scrotes got right. Sorry but the emotional stuff sound lame.

No. 2004944

if you've never been wholly loved by someone and haven't experienced undivided sexual attention i'll provide a little insight, sex with someone who loves you and that you're attracted to on a different level from a stranger is going to feel drastically different than sex with the random stranger.

No. 2004945

I've mentioned like 3 times already that I'm still a virgin. And to me being naked physically is easier than talking to someone about my life experience and my personal feelings. I'd be more humiliated if they took pity on me or started looking at me differently after knowing about it than if someone called me a slut or whatever. But I guess this is a very me thing, so I won't expect you to understand it.

No. 2004947

try not to give yourself a papercut on all that edge, nonicka

No. 2004948

Watch the retard start doing hookups and come whining back here in a few months when she gets hurts kek. Don't say we didn't warn you when it happens.

No. 2004951

I'll probably never get to experience that because I can't love people. This kind of stuff is a world apart from me, but I appreciate you trying to explain it to me.

No. 2004952

So your argument to convince me is wishing me harm? Did I strike a nerve or something? Even if I "get hurt" I won't post about it here, I never post about bad things happening to me and would never ask for advice on here out of all places.

No. 2004953

So you're like a sociopath? You're incapable of having love for others? Well shit, why didn't you say so? That would explain a whole lot then

No. 2004954

You are the one wishing harm on your own self with your stupid way of thinking, idiot. It's like walking into traffic and expecting not to get hit.

No. 2004955

It's not like I never experience feelings, I do experience them all except the romantic kind, that stuff doesn't appeal to me. I love my friends and my family for example, but could never see myself loving a stranger romantically enough to live the rest of my life with them, that sounds wrong to me.
Eh I don't mind dying either.

No. 2004957

ntayrt but is it okay if i ask why do you think it makes more sense to let a stranger inside your body than to let them inside your life

No. 2004959

Because if they get into my life they may or may not get executed along with me of the [REDACTED] if they ever decide to come after me, no sure way they'd leave me alone and let me live my life. How tf am I gonna explain to someone's parents why was their son killed or arrested or why was I involved in some trouble that would get me in a situation like that, it's just too complicated, but if they get into my body for like 1 night they'll leave and nothing big will happen. And I don't want them to think I'm weird or take pity on me for my retarded convoluted situation, especially if it starts to get worse while they're still around. I want to be able to disappear when I have to without too much drama or attention, no one looking for me or asking about me or trying to play hero to help me, unless they're like some big politician who can actually do something.

No. 2004962

“Hurt” how? I hope you’re not implying that you can’t have sex without getting emotionally attached.
I don’t get this, it’s a physical sensation, not an emotional one.
But what’s to stop someone you “know is healthy” from lying about it or cheating though? You should really always use a condom.

No. 2004963

>they'll leave and nothing big will happen
Ntayrt but not necessarily, he can strangle or murder you

No. 2004965

What kind of edgy drama anime are you living in

No. 2004966

sex is actually not solely physical, sure it is a physical act, but it effects your being both mental and spiritual. and if you're in a relationship with someone who loves you, they'll be more than willing to get an STD test, and obviously just be faithful to you. not just because they love you but also because you guys are sharing your lives with each other, you know things about them like where they live and work; surely they understand you could easily kill them if they cheated on you.

No. 2004967

File: 1715840456050.jpg (340.38 KB, 600x700, 1000016756.jpg)

NTA but speaking of love and STDs, I recently found out that some people think it's romantic to contract things like herpes from a boyfriend/girlfriend or even a spouse. They view it as like a microbial form of a love bangle. Completely random, but maaaaaan fuck that shit.

No. 2004968

Nonas will tell you there can be 0 mental attachment involved in sex but you’re right. The partner was selected over others for one reason or another so there is some attachment whether we wanna admit it or not

No. 2004969

You're either mentally ill, living in a lawless country where getting murdered is a real risk or both. Where do you live?

No. 2004971

I would still use a condom no matter how much I loved them or trusted them in my mind.

No. 2004973

i'm a burger, another anon said something before like its not called the wild west for no reason kek

No. 2004974

Long story. But I assure you it's real. There was this girl who escaped once and got chased to the other country she went to and arrested in public, and put in a trash bag in front of people and dragged on the floor to the plane taking her back "home". This was years ago though. A few months ago a bunch of women tried going to the UK to live normally, but the UKA government were contacted about them and prevented them from entering the country, and they were forced to go back from where they came from, though it was said they were involved in some political matters, but I don't believe that's the reason. There are other stories of women getting arrested for bullshit reasons or trying to escape and being put in "rehabilitation centers" where they get tortured and sexually assaulted until they commit suicide or die from their severe injuries, just because they "stepped out of line", they got abandoned by their families and left to this horrible fate. It's scary that they can find us and track us wherever we go and no one can do shit about it. They control everything. That's why I specified I'd need a politician of some sort to get me out of this, but I doubt anything would change since "they" grab some of the world's biggest countries by the balls somehow. And even if "they" don't come after me, someone else less strong and less important would. Can't give too much details though because it's just embarrassing and too complicated. This probably sounds like schizo gibberish but it's real, I just don't want to share any sources about it, feels unsafe doing so. If I ever get the chance to be free from this, I'd rather go wild and have fun because there's no ensuring I'd get enough time to take things slowly. I'll probably never escape though. Sorry for the grim post.

No. 2004978

Kek, is this unedited?

No. 2004979

Minecraft is the best game ever!

No. 2004980

my honest opinion on the fujo/yume/het shipper discourse is that women should read less romance overall and decenter codependence/heavy reliance on a romantic partner as the ultimate thing to pursue

No. 2004987

Unbelievably based.

No. 2004989

The only good answer.

No. 2004991

Extremely based.

No. 2005001

You're so right nonnie. I never understood why we're fighting in the first place because I've never read romance to that point that I define and put myself behind a genre? I read some yuri, yaoi, het romance manga but that is all mixed in a large variety of books and manga I read and so don't feel so strongly about anything. I was starting to feel like I was the insane one.

No. 2005019

I am straight. I read that stuff because its the only way i can satisfy my innate impulses. We need to start creating quality romance for women so they stop wasting time with 3DPD scrotes.

No. 2005026

Funny how I'm straight and I don't do either of those things.

No. 2005040

almost as if we are different persons or something

No. 2005066

Calling someone picky eater is a cope because you can't handle the fact that your food is revolting

No. 2005068

grow up you spoiled brat

No. 2005069

Sorry I hurt your ego

No. 2005070

Some food sucks sorry I have standards!

No. 2005077

I'll never get why people get so wound up when an adult denies food they never asked to eat. Yeah thats nice you're offering me a taste but if I know I don't like something or don't want to eat I don't have too?

No. 2005080

The only insufferable picky eaters are manchildren who refuse to eat anything remotely healthy.

No. 2005083

I never cared about romance in media (or even in genral for that matter), I remember watching Disney movies as a kid and blacking out during the "romantic" moments, miss me with that shit.

No. 2005090

Because their feelings are hurt, it's very simple. This is why "picky eaters" get such a bad rep, cause they have their own boundaries and will tell you in your face that a particular food sucks. They are opinionated and normies don't like that

No. 2005093

Generally speaking, the act of refusing to eat shouldn't bother someone but eating has became some sort of social activity, so if you don't eat the same food as everyone that makes you a "weirdo". It's dumb shit cause why would anyone care, but there's a particular subset of people who insist too much "please eat this it's so good why aren't you eating", and this also applies to drinking alcohol "i know you're driving but a glass won't hurt"

No. 2005143

The second most pathetic thing is being a radiohead fan.

No. 2005151

File: 1715862121420.jpeg (595.95 KB, 1009x1684, 40D64C24-31D7-4171-9ECC-8704D1…)

Marrying military males makes you a cuckhold. Your man’s job is submitting to superior males and licking their soles. He’s a professional doormat, and considering the sexual abuse statistics boots aren’t the only thing that’s wiped on his face. The white coats will have to use a speculum on him to perform prostate checkups by the time he’s retired. Imagine god at the gates of hell calling you a whore for blowing 96837108 guys but all you did was kiss your buckbroken husband. Just think about it.

No. 2005152

File: 1715862248707.webp (5.15 KB, 291x280, 1000016760.webp)

>Imagine god at the gates of hell calling you a whore for blowing 96837108 guys but all you did was kiss your buckbroken husband. Just think about it.

No. 2005153

i've always dreamed of being a military widow who lives off my deceased scrote life insurance

No. 2005156

>i'm a fucking lesbian
Why are you guys always intruding discussions about heterosexual relationships? It doesn't even concern you, it would be the same as if I talked about scissoring a woman like??

No. 2005159

I feel this is from gay male porn fetish comic

No. 2005161

kekkkkk wtf is that image

No. 2005164

Not even joking if I had a military husband I would perform daily hole checkups on him. I would keep record of his natural dilation in a journal. And plug him up chastity cage style when he's being deployed. I would get paranoid asf at night with cold sweats and sleep paralysis thinking damn he's probably having his hair pulled rn with his balls sucked from behind

No. 2005166

I actually made it myself while worrying about my imaginary military husband getting PLOWED.

No. 2005167

do you have an amputee fetish nonnie?

No. 2005168

why does he not have hands?

No. 2005169

No. 2005170

nta but I wish you a safe and happy transition

No. 2005171

based ignore the haydurss they will never understand the pros of having a scrotoid that works as a footstool

No. 2005173

Thanks anon, you’re a real one.

No. 2005188

I feel humiliated for animals who are dressed up in the ugliest outfits, you can tell their own spirit has been crushed. It’s even worse when you see them in videos just so their owner can get views and attention for it, I know it’s barely harmful to cat or dog they dress up but it just gives me second-hand embarrassment. It feels like one cruel inside joke among humans targeted towards the animals they own

No. 2005199

i dont understand whats the deal with eurovision

No. 2005200

It's cringy, fun and there's some good music and drama. What more do you want?

No. 2005201

>Your man’s job is submitting to superior males and licking their soles.
This doesn't make any sense… you can marry anyone of any rank in the military, provided that they're single.

No. 2005205

listen I get hating men, but this is a level of porn addiction where you are just a few more escalations away from trooning out, like genuinely get help.

No. 2005207

File: 1715866759543.jpg (303.1 KB, 720x1280, pizza-dog.jpg)

i feel the same way about those retarded pet shaming posts that used to be popular. it was mostly owners laughing at their pet's expense because the owner did something irresponsible like leave food out (which often contained ingredients that are poisonous to domesticated animals) or the front door open and thought it was funny when their pet responded by doing something that could have put their safety at risk. they treat their pets like props and not living beings capable of feeling pain or discomfort as a result of shitty ownership and it makes me hope they never reproduce so they won't have the opportunity to do the same to a defenseless child.

No. 2005216

>at their pet's expense
It's a fucking dog, it doesn't have a concept of what any of such a post means. Agreed it's cringe tho.>>2005207

No. 2005222

I only like the pet-shaming posts that are dumb like
>when I fart I get scared
It's funny.

No. 2005231

I saw one where someone's cat got into the rice cooker and started eating hot rice while also yelping because the rice was hot. He kept eating the rice, though. Pets just do dumb shit sometimes.

No. 2005241

kek i'm aware that dogs can't read. i just think it's shitty to turn something like irresponsible pet ownership into a joke instead of owning up to your mistakes

No. 2005245

File: 1715870085380.gif (952.05 KB, 320x200, p5sk9l8.gif)

Every country in the world should belong to France

No. 2005249

It would reduce water usage.

No. 2005261

The deodorant lobby would never permit this.

No. 2005264

All men in the military suck cock except the 1 guy at the top. We found the cuckhold

No. 2005274

No. 2005295

wtf all she did was draw a silly comic with an amputee moid and only admitted to a fetish when asked directly this is nothing like scrote porn brainrot

No. 2005308

File: 1715872983019.jpg (64.3 KB, 599x608, 52c70e227fec9c92ecb04317b241b7…)

Another hit to add to my Frenchie insult vault, ty nonsie

No. 2005314

Hating French people is cringe and says more about you than them. It's childish and xenophobic. That's my unpopular opinion.

No. 2005320

t. Frenchie

No. 2005321

Fuck the French. Throw your white flags up

No. 2005325

>She seemed like she really wanted me to comment on her baby or interact with the baby
I'm glad it's not just me who notices this, I had something similar happen on the train the other day. I ended up having to sit across from a woman with her baby. I wasn't really paying attention to them at all, but then I hear her saying "Are you trying to say hi?" a couple times so I look up and the kid wasn't even looking at me until the mom started pointing in my direction. Of course then I had to put on the usual "Awwwww, hi!" performance and pretend like I'm overjoyed someone's child looked at me. I hate how fake and put on most interactions are in general but these are worse because most of the time you're just trying to mind your own business in public and are forced to sing and dance like a clown because a parent wants attention for having reproduced kek

No. 2005329

Thank god I look weird and manly so moms leave me alone

No. 2005350

Nah it’s funny

No. 2005353

Is the frog hate even serious? I always thought it was a joke.

No. 2005395

No. 2005421

God, I hate when they try to rope you into them teaching their kid something or follow through with interactions. Like if they’re a customer leaving the store they’ll be like
>say bye bye… say bye. Say bye hannah, wave bye bye. Goodbye! HANNAH SAY BYe
Or if you are walking a pet and they run up to you so they can spend 20 mins teaching their kid how to approach an animal and pet nicely while subjecting you to shrieking baby talk and looking at you every 2 seconds for validation of what a good mom they are, or hold you up so they can force their kid to say please and thank you etc. Fuck off.

No. 2005437

I like a lot of French culture, especially their music, but so many of them are pedophiles or support pedophiles, even the women. also before i clicked onto the thread I thought you meant literal frogs and I couldn’t fathom why anyone would hate frogs kek

No. 2005442

You don't get to decide what women do with their lives, hall monitor chan.

No. 2005445

>but so many of them are pedophiles or support pedophiles, even the women
You could say this about every country what the fuck is wrong with you
I hate when anons try to do shit like that, and then if you don't act a certain way or agree with certain things you get called a scrote. It just shows that they're sheltered, autistic, and/or young.

No. 2005459

tattoos are so gross and really should only be on the bodies of convicts and sailors and gross men

No. 2005483

It’s less about that and more of the fact that normies are celebrating a murderer and putting her on a pedestal to be watched as an influencer. It’s downright fucked up. The last thing she needs is to have fame and get constant media attention.

No. 2005490

Women would be unstoppable if we could have babies just as long as men or if women didn’t give a shit about having babies

No. 2005497

File: 1715883481702.jpg (113.74 KB, 913x1200, 1000016762.jpg)

I have fantasized about getting a tattoo, but I always had to decline it. As pretty as they can be, they never look good when you get old. Even if you regularly get it renewed so that it doesn't look like a blotch of ink, I already decided that it's just not worth the effort.

No. 2005506

idk nonna, men can squeeze out some juice even in their 100's. an 80 year old pregnancy doesn't sound so easy

No. 2005507

The tats in that pic are so ugly. And imagine having some embarrassing ass weebshit on your arm at 70 kek.

No. 2005520

Would you consider someone who went back and killed their rapist a murderer? I don’t consider Gypsy rose a murderer, she just got her revenge. In the old days it was completely fine to kill people who wronged you.

No. 2005544

This isn’t the old days. You’re also missing the point, the point isn’t that she got her own justice, the point is the media and public sensationalizing a criminal. It says a lot about her supporters than it does about her, that’s what I’m SAYING.

No. 2005549

>"That’s what I’m SAYING."
NTAYRT but what we're hearing is that you hate women so maybe rethink your opinions about Gypsy Rose

No. 2005550

She deserves her fame. It’s good to see victims of child abuse getting attention, fame and money for what their parents did to them instead of killing themselves or ending up crack heads in a trailer park like what usually happens to them…..

No. 2005552

I’ve heard people I know with tattoos say that everyone is gonna get old and be wrinkly and saggy, and their tattoos will be a memory of younger days. I only have a small tattoo but I like that idea. Plus it might be fun in the senior home one day sharing stories about their tattoos. I may be just too optimistic though but we’ll all be old and ugly, may as well do what we want while young

No. 2005566

Nta, I think they look cool as fuck and she’s hot.

No. 2005568

ngl this isn’t the best example you could’ve chose, the ugly muddy sleeve and chest piece with the pancake makeup shooped face isn’t really the supremest example of what’s supposed to be an attractive woman with tattoos

No. 2005573

I’ll be old, maybe even ugly, but at least I’ll have my dignity. I think everyone assumes they’ll be a useless husk instead of a full person at 70. If I wanna remember the old days I can look in my journal or scrapbook.

No. 2005575

You have to be trolling anon kek
Everybody has gone through something traumatic, doesn’t mean we deserve to be awarded fame for going through it. I can’t convince autistic women on how these types of things work in society, oyy veyyy

No. 2005578

I said “should not” not “must not,” fleshlight-chan

No. 2005580

I'm a virgin. Stop being a weird misogynist

No. 2005584

I believe the only solution for having sex as a woman is buying male prostitutes, just make them get tested before hand.

No. 2005585

I do not care for the pixyteri threads, and I’m not sure how she became iconic enough to have a whole board named after her. Maybe I’m just not an oldfag, but her milk is not really that interesting.

No. 2005587

Not every abuse victim is going to to be awarded fame but gypsy gained fame not only just because she’s a victim of abuse but because she’s entertaining and seems to enjoy the attention. People are just mad because they want victims of abuse to be pathetic, weak, in hiding and sad forever and it pisses them off that gypsy is just having fun and doesn’t give a damn that she killed her mom.

No. 2005589

>paying a man to preform his only purpose in life when you could get the same satisfaction for free
unbased and cuckpilled

No. 2005600

That’s not what the detractors want wtf? You bpdettes and autists have such a strange inability to see beyond black and white. No one wants them to be crippled, weak and in fear and living in pure destitution. You can regain your own power and heal without having to turn into a famous media circus monkey. It’s not a good look and is extremely bad optics to make a criminal famous, sorry not sorry. I don’t get why it’s being politicized as some feminist empowerment, learn to think for yourself.

No. 2005602

>make them get tested
this is only effective if you go with them to the testing, watch them get their blood drawn, and then go back to the doctor with them to hear the results from the professional; so that you know he isn’t lying lmfao. It’s 2024 nonnie, people can photoshop documents saying that they’re clean. The solution is to not have sex with men period and buy some kind of sex toy.

No. 2005605

>Maybe I’m just not an oldfag
Yeah, you would kind of need the context of being an oldfag to understand the allure

No. 2005608

She’s a criminal in the same way a person would be a criminal if they murdered their child’s rapist or murdered a scrote who is stalking them but the law won’t step in to help. They’re only bad people by law but the law isn’t always right. I consider Gypsy rose more of a vigilante than a criminal.

No. 2005609

i sometimes think women who get angry about victims of abuse and rape coming forward and getting any sort of sympathy for it have unhealed wounds themselves. you didn’t deserve what you went through even if it wasn’t traditional trauma. other women are not your enemy because they had crimes committed against them and tried to get justice. this isn’t really about gypsy tbh but this conversation kind of reminded me of it. i’ve just noticed victims of any kind in general get just as much vitriol and harassment from women as men. i think women actually feel emboldened to be the one sending threats on behalf of the abuser/rapist sometimes because they think they can get away with it since they’re less of a physical threat than men. i don’t think a lot of them are secretly rape victims themselves; i genuinely think that a lot of them are victims of minor traumas and are almost as traumatized by them and not being able to talk about them for fear of sounding dramatic. but i think there’s this weird knee jerk “i went through something bad and no one cared so how dare you be cared about!!!” thing that women do that doesn’t get talked about as much as men saying all rape victims are liars in general. which is good tbh and why i’m only posting about it in a female centered space.

No. 2005614

>didn’t murder the scrote who was helping her kill her mother who also raped her (her as in gypsy)

come on nonnie

No. 2005617

if i’m not getting showered with money and attention because people have traumatized me and did me wrong, neither should she. she’s also looks physically disabled, my tinfoil is that she was probably sick with a physical disability but because her mother was so invested in finding other diseases to profit off of her real disability was never properly diagnosed or treated.

No. 2005618

Women who won’t date men who are two years younger than them because they’re too young/still babies but will date men 5+ years older have some kind of brain damage. I can’t even blame men for their age fetishes because women are no different. The only time women have a problem with it is if they get too old for the men they’re attracted to.

No. 2005621

It’s not her fault that you’re boring and gypsy has a personality that made her entertaining enough to use her Trauma as a cash cow

No. 2005623

You are right. You are absolutely right, and there is nothing that will ever make you wrong about this.

No. 2005625

i’m talking in general though - i don’t see any other victims getting treated like that but that’s a third topic. i agree gypsy should not be in the spotlight or becoming wealthy off of this. i didn’t mind people wanting to help her get on her feet because i do think she went through something horrifying but there IS something genuinely off about her specific situation.

No. 2005626

Men are obsessed with youth etc but let’s be real…. women are half the problem. If women never got old, I’m sure most of them would have no issue with men’s obsession with teens/early 20s girls.

No. 2005637

I don’t get those women, 2 years is basically nothing.

No. 2005639

I guess my unpopular opinion is that women who encounter abuse and such are in the right to profit off of their story. Anyone who's been severely abused can milk it as much as they can IMO they deserve it

No. 2005648

Yeahs it’s crabs in a bucket mentality. Anon makes it sound like being a victim is a personal flaw. Moids get showered with money over a fart and women can’t even get basic justice. Let her make the best of a shit situation.

No. 2005651

honestly you’re right. i wish abuse victims actually did benefit in any way from coming forward most of the time they don’t even get legal justice. if only to make the people mad about all these victims allegedly benefitting socially and financially. gypsy wouldn’t make people so mad if she wasn’t an outlier.

No. 2005655

You sound like a minor or a plain retard. Can’t be helped

No. 2005657

this + especially since it's so hard to rebuild a life after abuse, even mild abuse often forces the victim to quite their job, can't get an education, etc and majority of the time the abusers aren't even punished. I also feel like women profiting off of their abuse stories is a good way to avoid them getting into sex work too

No. 2005666

this is why i support all women who retaliate against their abusers. my rapist literally wrote me a letter saying he wasn’t sorry and i don’t regret outting him to everyone i possibly could. i didn’t give a single fuck ultimately if they even believed me because social consequences were the only thing that wiped that smug look off of his face. it was worth every negative reaction besides the death threats but i had moved already anyways so.

No. 2005687

You’re absolutely right
>moid gets stalked and writes a show about it
>omg so brave, poor baby
>woman is abused to near death by her mother and the abuse is ignored by entire community
>serves her sentence for defending herself and gets out of prison after a life of zero education and training, so she makes money the only way she can
>ew what a nasty skank how dare she
>actual serial killer fangirls exist out there but gypsy rose blanchard is where we draw the line apparently
A penis really is an accountability shield huh

No. 2005694

I don’t like both options. Gypsy would have been a cow on here, if there was a moid version of Gypsy he would either be a cow or rotting dead in prison

No. 2005697

Why would she be a cow? Does she actually do anything milky?

No. 2005698

Chat gpt is a better teacher than most humans. No judgement, straight to the point answers, you can ask ai to explain questions in ways you would understand, no condescending attitudes, no issues with favoritism or grooming. Teachers is one profession that should honestly be replaced by ai.

No. 2005704

Tbh yeah kek, if you saw the drama about her husbands and boyfriends, no different from the /snow/ subjects. She’s just a lolcow who committed a crime

No. 2005705

This is so wrong because ChatGPT gets basic arithmetic wrong all the time and knows zilch about chemistry. The only (STEM) subject that ChatGPT is moderately competent in is computer science

No. 2005712

I don't believe in the glorification of murder i believe in women's empowerment. If gypsy wasn't the way she is she would be dead or on the streets like the other anon said. Women need to stop being egalitarian and be more self-centered. Gypsy killed her abuser and got a moid in jail (charity).

No. 2005715

It sucks at computer science too, but software is full of retards who don’t notice

No. 2005722

>I don’t like both options
Then why is there no outrage for that baby reindeer fag?

No. 2005731

nonna these men are raping women and children half the time moreso than other men

No. 2005745

You're amazing lmao

No. 2005785

I hate to agree with TRAs but I kind of do think JKRs gone off the deep end. She really does nothing but spend time arguing with troons on Twitter lately. Kek. She reminds me of your average lowcow poster with how hard she's peaked. Soon she'll just start replying to tweets with

No. 2005786

Women that kill their abusers should have statues erected in their honour.

No. 2005813

You think JK Rowling lurks here?

No. 2005825

I could see her lurking for sure but not posting.

No. 2005833

I feel uncomfortable with people worshipping her because she clearly has some kind of mental health issues. I doubt her family cares because they're just waiting to get their inheritance out of her.

No. 2005844

I think this is a pretty crazy take. Sometimes you just get tired of people not knowing their place, so you tell them the truth about themselves. She has fuck you money, she basically never had to filter herself ever again. That doesn't mean she's mentally ill.

No. 2005849

I genuinely don't know why she does it. I guess this is the poor in me speaking, but if I became a billionaire I would just be living my life and become deaf to the world save for donating to shelters and organizations and shit. Not that I think it's wrong she's speaking against transgenderism, I just don't get the whole arguing with people on social media part.

No. 2005850

“Boys are easier to raise” is insane cope, because you have to work TWICE as hard to make sure he doesn’t turn out a pos. Even then, your son might stumble upon a podcast that undoes years of empathy and turns him into an incel. Daughters can be hard, but the risk is way lower with girls

No. 2005852

She's rich and can afford to say whatever she wants. I'd do the same in her shoes.

No. 2005859

So what she just plays moids? I don't think anyone would care, better than the insane amount of normie women dealing with abusive partners and stuff

No. 2005860

youre acting as if these are all things women are incapable of. why does everyone act like women are UwU harmless creatures? i'm actually kind of grateful if this is the way women see each other because i guess that rules me out from being a suspect for all the crimes i've committed kek.

No. 2005864

wow anon you're so cool, twisted and edgy

No. 2005866

do you need tone indicators or something how are all of these newfags so inept at detecting when a statement isn't serious

No. 2005869

My unpopular opinion is that no child is easier to raise. Everyone only thinks girls are easier to raise because they're easier to either ignore or take advantage of. Of course these parents who unload all of their duties onto their oldest daughters love to think the girls are so much better kek

No. 2005870

Nta but it's pretty obvious the anon means girls are way less likely to pick up on that crap. With girls, girls get held accountable for EVERYTHING, if they're abused by their partners it's their fault, not being successful or as successful, being a mom (or not), etc etc. even if you do a sloppy job at raising your daughter the rest of the world will kick her in the ass holding her accountable for everything so women are forced to tiptoe around a bunch of insane requirements for women.

Men on the other hand? Anything he does wrong it's immediately questioned how his mother or gf treated him, they're held to way less standards too. They can drive a crappy little shitbox and live in a trailer in the boonies and make next to nothing as a carpenter and it's "well at least he has a job, place, car and food" . You even see it now where low paying moid dominated professions are respected and considered successful, low paying female dominated professions are considered stupid, useless and not full potential. People nitpick women's cars (ooo Nissan Altima are thot cars, Honda drivers are toxic women, etc) and don't even get me started about how bad they'll judge women who live in low income housing or trailers

No. 2005871

i was nodding my head until you ended the paragraph with car talk and now i'm just confused

No. 2005874

NTA but that was obviously a joke. The autism on this website is just…

No. 2005879

It was an example of how people nitpick women's goals, accomplishments, belongings, etc where as if men do the same thing it's "well at least he ___ so he's good"

I used cars since a lot of people will rip apart women's cars and assume personality types for some reason (?) depending on the car she has, where as I noticed with moids it's always "well at least he has a car that's something"

No. 2005894

They think boys are easier to raise because they just let males do whatever they want which is why parents don’t notice their little school shooter building bombs and shit in the garage. they’re more strict on girls because they’re scared they’re gonna be sluts.

No. 2005939

File: 1715913564632.jpg (88.63 KB, 735x919, 358272d2238d4953d5539903f7ce8e…)

Mr and Mrs. Smith is possibly the most boring movie in existence and should not be an action movie classic

No. 2005962

sometimes I wish our species had have gone the monotreme or marsupial route tbh. If women could leave their developing fetus at home in a shell or keep it in a pocket instead of internally, I think that'd be neat kek.

There's an albatross named Wisdom who is still rearing healthy chicks despite being in her 70s, and has had multiple male partners over the course of her life, likely just by outliving them. What a queen.

No. 2005964

Can someone translate this for me? Wtf is anon saying

No. 2005969

Yah but they're hot

No. 2005979

There isn't a man worthy of Angelina. She should've married Jenny Shimizu.

No. 2005983

They were so cute together but she's an attention whore and not a lesbian

No. 2006063

File: 1715922848546.jpg (43.49 KB, 626x626, 1000015734.jpg)

If a person is in the military and it's the kind of job that would force them and their family to constantly move to different states or even countries, they should not be having kids. The pain of your parent's job ripping you away from every single good and close connection over and over again is bound to have a sad effect on a child's mind. A parent staying in another country long enough for their small child to entirely forget who they are is objectively not practical for raising a family. Come the fuck on, civilians love to gas up soldiers and army families, but nobody talks about those parts enough.

No. 2006067

Anon it's irezumi, just a traditional Japanese style tattoo. Nothing weeb about it unless you think weeb=anything Japanese.

No. 2006069

It is 1000% weebshit when you aren't Japanese. Girls tattoos are a mess.

No. 2006075

You can like tattoos as an art form too you know

No. 2006078

That anon is retarded, imagine thinking shit like ukiyo-e appealing in any shape or form to weaboos

No. 2006081

I’m not one of those cultural appropriation fags but getting tattoos from cultures that aren’t your own is very cringe

No. 2006084

They don't care anon, japanese people unless they're in the mafia aren't getting tattoos like that anymore.

No. 2006085

We should all get 2 free kills

No. 2006088

It’s not a matter of offending Japanese people, they will be weirded out at most, it’s just goofy.

No. 2006089

The number 2 just suddenly became a big number for me.

No. 2006099

That anon is not retarded, it appeals exclusively to weebs. How would you not feel cringe getting tattoos almost exclusively linked to yakuza until recently

No. 2006117

The most popular tattoo artists doing this type of tattoo aren't weebs kek

No. 2006121

ok David-kun

No. 2006136

Absolutely embarassing to have these tattoos if you aren't Asian weird if you aren't Japanese regardless but slightly less odd if you're actually Asian.

No. 2006142

Seriously in terms of tattoos Japanese Trad is one of the most normie kek.

No. 2006214

What would be your two murders of choices, nonnas?

No. 2006354

Moids excuse their pedophilia by claiming adolescence girls are “sexually mature” because they’ve had their period. I can’t help but notice that people never make the same argument for adolescence boys. Not a single person would dare call a teenage/preteen boy “sexually mature” despite the fact that men can produce viable sperm by the time they’re 10.

No. 2006355

File: 1715952370496.jpg (55.54 KB, 768x512, Cal-Hockley.jpg)

Cal was a better choice for Rose than Jack. The movie tried to make Cal seem like a bad guy because he flipped a table. But Cal's first thought at the end of the movie was to keep her safe. He tried so hard to convince her stupid ass to get on the lifeboat, but instead she nearly kills herself trying to save illiterate lice-infested Jack.

No. 2006357

I just think it's funny how often people who aren't asian get asian-styled tattoos because they probably don't realize how stigmatized it actually is in asia. Most people will give foreigners a pass but generally it's a huge deal to actually have visible and large tattoos. You would think weebs would avoid tattoos for this reason.

No. 2006369

The French are uniquely protective and proud of their famous pedos, makes me wonder why they hate Muslims when they get along so well in that sphere

No. 2006376

do you have any proof of this or do you just call any woman who doesn’t conform mentally ill?

No. 2006390

I have nothing against JKR, I loved Harry Potter as a kid and I have so much respect for her standing up for women's issues. But I don't think anyone would say spending that much time engaging with internet trolls is healthy, let alone if they're a successful billionaire and could be doing literally anything with their lives. If you think that is mentally healthy behavior I feel bad for you.

No. 2006394

The only time I've ever in-person been stuck listening to the whole 'well if she bleeds' conversation I asked them what age they even think girls start on average. I wanted to hear them say the numbers out loud and own it. They tried to save face by guessing way older.. ofc

Although 17 was the average age.. in the fucking 1800s

No. 2006398

That’s a good point. Men can start getting women pregnant as young as 13 without the physical issues (bodies being to under developed to handle pregnancy/birth)that would occur with a girl the same age. By that logic I would think boys are more sexually mature than girls are.

No. 2006400

>they're a successful billionaire and could be doing literally anything with their lives
I don't get why people say this.
The woman owns over a dozen castles, has already been around the world signing books, and can set piles of cash on fire every day for the rest of her life and still be filthy rich. She her trusts donate tons of money to hospitals and women's issues. So what if she want to spend her day on twitter? What do you think she should be doing instead?

No. 2006418

NTA but that's a pretty good point. Shit, I wouldn't be mad at all if she was a lurker on this board. Why couldn't she be?

No. 2006429

I don't get the Rowling hate unless you're a mentally ill stupid cunt. It does not take a lot of mental energy to call a spade a spade its the weird trannies and allies doing mental gymnastics to deny physical reality. Thank fuck there's a rich and secure enough woman that will call out the absolute shite. Sick of cunts saying who is it hurting why does anyone care how people identify wah, because reality fucking matters.

No. 2006433

Kek unless that's all JK Rowling does with her time nowadays (which I doubt), I don't think it's such a bad thing that she trolls the troons on twitter. Shit, I already bullied dozens of them with memes by now and I'm not even rich.

No. 2006438

File: 1715957706004.png (623.64 KB, 657x770, 1000015735.png)

picrel is genuinely a toxic mentality that almost always leads to ruin and self-harm

No. 2006440

You can just resell it or give it to someone who may like it. Or donate it to local library.

No. 2006442

How so?

No. 2006485

I hate that faggot and I’m so tired of all the women like “we need to believe male victims!” FUCK OFF. THEY WOULD NEVER DEFEND US LIKE THIS, THEY MINIMIZE OUR SUFFERING

No. 2006494

Gadd is a complete attention whore. He even admits to jerking off to his stalker and obsessing over her. He had literal proof of her "harassment" and his troon boyfriend got assaulted and he had the option to make a police report and did nothing because he enjoyed the attention. A woman in his shoes would have gotten crucified for a lot less and probably wouldn't even live to tell the tale.
There's a thread on /snow btw.

No. 2006497

>do whatever you want, just don't hurt people
>leads to self harm
anon, you're people too

No. 2006499

I don't believe the baby reindeer story. The man has BPD and he's having a psycotic breakdown. He was involved with various women who had substance abuse issues and raided their staches. He would purposefully make them experience withdrawal and use their symptoms to paint them as horrible people. No one cares about women being abused because we're women. I bet most grocery story clerks have been stalked by some rando but no one gives a fuck because we're women. I would eat the "baby reindeer" trauma for breakfast.

No. 2006501

Trump and Biden, but I think other burgers would beat me to the punch on that one

No. 2006502

This moid claims that his stalker “traumatized” him yet the moment she finally leaves him alone he goes out of his way to masturbate to her lewd pictures and sleep with her. He even admits that she was the only person who could get him aroused for a period of time. Moid logic is strange.

No. 2006507

File: 1715961781274.jpg (42.5 KB, 851x966, 1000016780.jpg)

I am Patrick Star and I live under a rock. What is the baby reindeer story?

No. 2006515

I don’t care when female teachers get caught banging their students. I wouldn’t do it myself but I seriously feel indifferent about it. Probably because I don’t have kids and every man I’ve met responds to it with “I wish that were me”. I don’t feel disgusted or angry about it I just feel indifferent. If I had a friend who got in trouble for something like that I’d still hangout with them.

No. 2006517

People who live in close proximity to others and let their dogs bark aggressively at every person within view have failed as dog owners.
>inb4 but my guard dogs
Not a good guard if they alert you to everything.
>but I live on acreage and never see my neighbors
Cool. I'm not talking about you.
>but barking is communication!
Everyone knows the difference between a greeting bark and a "come at me bro" bark, except subpar dog owners for some weird reason.

No. 2006521

A show on Nextflix about a moid getting “stalked” by this older woman.

No. 2006522

Same lol

No. 2006530

Women are always in the comment sections going off and are so upset and I just can’t be moved to care about an issue men don’t even care about. I’m only moved when it’s a man doing it to a boy because I know 99% of the time it’s rape in those situations but do I care when some 35 year old is sleeping with her 18 year old student? Not at all

No. 2006532

It used to make me really upset. I still think it’s wrong but every single time this happens there’s a bunch of moids, young and old, celebrating. So overtime I’m just like if they don’t care why should I?

No. 2006535

It's how it is. Women's reproductive system is too complex, even later teens pregnancies are extremely dangerous and can damage those girls for the rest of their lives. Men just squirt out genetic material, it's literally nothing. But you don't see anyone saying that 10 yo boys are "sexually mature" because women aren't desperate to rape children, it's the only reason.
I already read this statement a couple of times in other places, but i don't get it either, kek.

No. 2006538

I think she's trying to say that women become infertile earlier than men do.

No. 2006544

Yes, but why would we we be unstoppable? Why would we be unstoppable if we didn't want children? i don't get it? Also, men's sperm becomes so bad, they're basically infertile too, except worse, because they can make retarded mutant children. But i'm not sure if it matters in regards of what that anon was trying to say.

No. 2006547

Nta but women would be unstoppable because let’s be real most women hoop into shitty relationships with uggos and are obsessed with love because they’ve been told they have to pop out a kid before their eggs dry up. I think if women simply didn’t give a fuck about having babies or could have babies for as long as men could then society couldn’t use those scare tactics to control us.

No. 2006552

nta but I think she's trying to say that women would be better off if our reproductive window was longer before menopause (or if we essentially lacked the menopause stage idk) so would be able to be a mother way later in life like how some men father children in their 70s or whatever (ignore how fucked the kid's genetics will be though lol). The latter half is likely that women would be able to get further or be more if babies weren't such a focus for our 'lifeplan'. Basically, if women had more time to get around to having a kid they probably wouldn't feel as pushed into it or rushed etc. Just my guess on what she meant though.

You'd have to change a whole bunch of other biological factors to make this doable, but hey some of those like ageing far, far slower and remaining physically sound for far longer, and possibly more spaced out periods would be neat too kek.

No. 2006557

Freedom from pregnancy is the only thing that makes womanhood tolerable tbh. Menopause is amazing and it frees you from earthly bondage such as lust and greed. You exist solely for yourself and it's a perfect opportunity to meditate on life. It's like going buddha mode. Men die when they can't reproduce anymore but women thrive.

No. 2006562

Menopause seems pretty terrifying imo especially if you don’t have good health care

No. 2006564

>Freedom from pregnancy is the only thing that makes womanhood tolerable tbh
This nonna gets it. I think I'd go crazy if I had to wait until menopause to feel the relief I've had since I got my tubes tied.

No. 2006565

It is terrifying but everything good comes with a price and that's mostly the fault of scrote whitecoats who refuse to care for us.

No. 2006569

The reality is most women don’t think like this. Most women are very much controlled by the idea that they need to have babies asap before theyre old. If women could have babies longer then men couldn’t use this to throw in womens face to make them settle for the first losers willing to breed with them. I know 25-32 year olds already freaking out about not having a man to have babies with.

No. 2006592

The fact that humans have a long post-menopausal period, instead of women just dying shortly after becoming infertile, is actually rare in nature and likely points to our early ancestors having social structures that required older females to help manage the group as a whole and to assist reproductive females with their young, and possible them being matrilineal as well. iirc the only other mammals with similar post-menopausal periods are cetaceans such as orcas.

Tbh the potentiality of pregnancy doesn't bother me so much, and I'd give up menopause in favour of being physically idk 30 into my 70s kek, but each to their own. I do feel bad for women who think they'll be like, barren and useless trash once they hit 28– people, often their own female relatives, have really let them down.

No. 2006608

Wow, I just don't get this mindset. Women can have babies after 40, what makes them think they HAVE TO have babies in their twenties? It's crazy. My mom had me when she was 37 and I'm so grateful. She never complained about childish shit like weight gain or family drama in front of me and it saved me so much mental burden. To me 50 is middle age and 35 is pretty young! I remember my dad referring to 30 somethings as "kids" in front of me. It cant be a coincidence I don't care about the numbers on my birthday cake while my friends are having mental breakdowns. Like, do these women not have any old people in their lives? I think the children of young mothers have too many complexes especially if they're childfree at an age their mother was married. I respect their choice of course and don't intend to cause drama but I believe -30 year olds shouldn't have children. They don't even have the economic means.
This might be a 'noob' question but can you get horny well after reaching menopause or are you just fully buddha-mode? I think farmers would give me more reliable info than g**gle who just pushed AI articles.

No. 2006609

I think most women are pretty clueless about their own reproductive system. Many of them truly believe they can’t have kids and babies after 29 or they’re babies will be retarded.

No. 2006612

I think this is a legit psy-op. They want us to think this way to pressure us into settling down with shit males and giving up on our careers. My great grandmothers all had kids in their 40s and they're by far the most successful children. It's natural and "our ancestors!!1" did it too. Unironically college educated teen moms are better off than women who had kids in their mid 20s, career-wise. The 25 to 27 age bracket has got to be the worst age to have kids.

No. 2006619

In men’s ideal world they would have their starter families while they’re working on their career and have some free maid service, cook etc and then after their careers are established they’d leave for a new wife

No. 2006622

Ayrt, i see, i get it now. Yeah, you're right, kek. But it's kind of both imposed on us, because male sperm is no good after 35, and i'm nor sure if majority of women naturally care about babies? Can't tell for sure. If people stopped minimising dangers of pregnancy to trick us, i feel like a lot of women would just opt out, kek.
Isn't menoupase starts like in 50s? Mid 40s earliest? Is it not enough?

No. 2006633

The word HAGGOT has nuclear potential. It will change the world and cause mass scrote suicides. Just so you wait and see!

No. 2006643

It's not really a psy-op kek, it's more just an outdated and uninformed mindset– biologically, your twenties are a great time to be having kids… when medical technology is less advanced. Also, historically, both men and women would have been living functional, independent adult lives far earlier than they currently do, due to both social pressures and also how society was structured.

Btw I'm not saying I agree with this or anything, and I think it's actually horrible when a woman thinks her worth is not just kids, but revolves around a ticking clock that isn't even accurate. I am incredibly appreciative of my parents for telling me that it's fine if I never have kids or anything like that my entire life, I've seen too many of my friends lately freak out because of demands for grandchildren (worst one's mum is a nurse but still keeps telling her she's running out of time… she's turning 26). Bleak.

>is it not enough?
Technically sure, but think about how many expectations women are set to juggle from 20-40s, as well as having to deal with christmas cake mindsets (from moids or other women), wanting pursue their own interests and not be tied down or start getting somewhere with their careers and don't want to make the +18 year committent that is having a kid yet. It's easy to feel rushed and like time isn't on your side and wish for more.

No. 2006649

For the second part of your post, yeah, i agree. We should always remind women that they have time until 40s even, not only 30s. Sorry for your 26 year old friend, she's so young and isn't even at the peak of her ferlility yet. I hate moids and their lies so much.

No. 2006658

Weird autistic boys like Bobby lemon are cute

No. 2006673

The saddest part is that it isn't even because of moid lies for her, it's her mum and sisters (she doesn't even have a dad). She'd kept most of it to herself too, we didn't know she was having breakdowns about it until her bf started asking her friends for advice on how to help. She's a bit better now, but we're worried about her upcoming birthday. What a shitty thing to put on your own kid.

No. 2006677

I don't like disrespecting other women's opinions and tastes but he sounds like he'll troon out any day now.

No. 2006682

Remember that fourteen year old autistic boy who got posted here, and some anons were calling him hot just because he was nonverbal and had a sharp jawline? Kek

No. 2006684

Oh no, i'm so sorry, nonna… It's heartbreaking. I really hope she will break out of it, wish you both the best.

No. 2006688

Tbh he was cute, but the cute ones suffer from twink death quicker.

No. 2006689

I think they don't mention it, because they know the majority of people attracted to young boys are other men. Which a lot of homophobic pedophiles consider more perverse and unnatural in comparison to straight pedophilia

No. 2006690

What’s his name?

No. 2006691

He's BVILT FOR IT! As an overly talkative autist all cute nonverbal poles belong TO ME!

No. 2006693

He has a pretty anti tranny stance but he’s young so he will probably change in a few years and he’s gonna be taking dick up the ass

No. 2006698

I forgot his name, but he was blonde and adopted by two lesbians for parents.

No. 2006699

How old is this anyways?

No. 2006702

The one with the lesbian moms? Sometimes it feels like half the anons on here are dating male tists. Like they somehow thought were getting the (made up) cutesy soft/quiet and weirdly romanticized version of male tism and definitely didn't get that so seeing him is like finding a unicorn.

No. 2006705

@fortheloveofgabe on YouTube. He's getting Haggard though

No. 2006706

I’m assuming it’s this kid

No. 2006713

What happens to kids like this who're completely unable to function independently whatsoever when their parents die?

No. 2006718

i dont know if i find that adorable, hes literally retarded.

No. 2006721

Assuming no other relatives they become wards of the state and live in group homes with substandard living conditions

No. 2006723

Maybe a retard bf would be good because he can’t cheat and you could train him to clean the house

No. 2006724

It's only adorable because the kids good looking. I have a non verbal brother and he's a nightmare.

No. 2006726

Seriously they should at least be cute so they're more like a puppy and less like a failed freaky experiment.

No. 2006729

There's clips where he's been on play dates? with a girl who is close to his level and I remember the comments att reminded me of how weirdos love to talk about boy toddlers being smooth lil studs

No. 2006730

Well I'd like a boyfriend who can't utter a single world or protest when I decide to use him as a footstool. Men are to be seen and not heard.

No. 2006731

And who is past wearing diapers

No. 2006761

File: 1715973168554.mp4 (13.79 MB, 576x1024, 1000016781.mp4)

Is this the video of the play date?

No. 2006777

videos with him are giving 'exploiting the retard for views and sympathy' I just get such a bad vibe from them.

No. 2006800

There was one where he went to a place like seaworld with her, the comments ranged between giving out about animal rights and talking about him like he's a real smooth guy slowly seducing her.

No. 2006911

this kid doesn't know wtf is going on around him. I could never understand why his parents are setting him up for "dates" and victimising that girl in the process. wtf. imagine if it was the other way round and he was a she.

No. 2006939

Young women (age 18-24)into ddlg are just as much of a danger to children as their scrote. Their scrotes often use them to get access to actual children.

No. 2006946

shit loike this just repulses me so badly, it makes me feel even worse to know that there are little 13 year old kids on twitter who also claim to be "littles"..

No. 2006977

Is that really an unpopular opinion? Because as someone who was into the bdsm scene I can confirm this is true.

No. 2006999

One of the girls in their poly household looks like a actual kid to me(the one in blue)

No. 2007000

Probably a stupid question, but do women like these want to appeal to actual pedophiles? Not like "oh it's just a kink bro" types,but like real pedos? Because most in their forums would refer to her as a "hag"

No. 2007019

File: 1715985216472.jpg (51.79 KB, 564x564, 546974c424391f690e41dde69c96ca…)

>poly household

I genuinely hope this is just for the purpose of view farming. If it's genuine I wish a-log on all of them.

No. 2007210

As someone who was sexually abused by a man, AND a woman, I hate the idea that female pedos are equal to male pedos, because male pedos will always be worse. Even the worst female pedo doesn’t have shit against the worst male pedo.

No. 2007221

What's the point on debating who's worst? If a woman sleeps with a minor, they deserve prison regardless

No. 2007226

If he isn't getting raped in the mouth with straps they really failed and should be ashamed

No. 2007233

The idea from migrants that "white people are too lazy to work" is absolutely ludicrous. I hear it all the time from Indians and they legitimately seem to believe that half of whites don't work and live on welfare. Welfare use is actually pretty rare and NEETs are shamed in western cultures.

Someone has been feeding them these lies and I'm not sure who it is or where it comes from. I hear them at lunch prattling on away about how "whites are too lazy to work in such and such an industry, they're just not there". Yet they dare not say this about the Gulf State Arabs, where it's actually true and they are for the most part lazy NEETs (may as well call those do nothing government jobs NEETbux). Even the ones that have come here after a stint in Abu Daubi can't bring themselves to mention the fact that most arabs over there are lazy, maybe the threat of having their passport taken and being enslaved has them afraid even when they're half way across the world.

Maybe the vent thread was better suited for this post, but I'm just over how we're constantly called lazy for no reason.

No. 2007238

Pretty sure it's fine for victims of abuse to be brutally honest about how they'd rather get fingers than violently raped by a penis.

No. 2007239

Then keep it in the vent thread

No. 2007244

It wasnt me. And doesn't have to be in the vent thread, minimod. Get over it.

No. 2007245

But white people with trust funds say this all the time about non-white people so who cares?

No. 2007246

File: 1716000821237.jpg (91.38 KB, 1200x810, 1000016791.jpg)

My 5-mimute easy bake oven theory is that because third worlders have to work themselves down to the bone marrow just to even get things like drinkable water in their home countries, seeing the much more comfortable workplace environments and routines of westerners gives them the impression that westerners (or white people) are lazy. When that's not the case at all. It's not that white people are generally lazy, it's that westerners created much more do-able work conditions that makes their lives look easy. I'd even say it IS easier to be a westerner than a third worlder thanks to the much more humane work standards, but that's not a bad thing at all. Heck, even third worlders must know it if they want to get into America and Europe all the time.

No. 2007247

I swear these things exploded after a while

No. 2007262

Female pedos would let their male pedo family members and friends get with you tho. So are they really any better?

No. 2007273

micheal cera was a cutie in his 20s. He was a snack in Scott pilgrim vs the world.

No. 2007279

Minor males can rape adult women, though. Happens often and nothing happens because people blame the woman, despite teenage boys being able to easily overpower an average grown adult woman.

No. 2007280

so everybody agrees that Scott and Ramona were both the BPDs, right?

No. 2007282

he looked like a downie even then

No. 2007284

Fine then underage girls

No. 2007298

Are you in the US? Because whites are the majority of welfare users, but you could say this is also due to the fact there are more white people than nonwhite. Why do you give a fuck what a foreign rando has to say about white people anyway, everyone is biased towards their own race in general because of tribalism. Leave them to their biases because even seeing the opposite will make them double down like any human being who wants to be right for superiorities sake. Stop being 12 and ignore gossipy bitches.

No. 2007299

>I hear it all the time from Indians and they legitimately seem to believe that half of whites don't work and live on welfare.
As someone who has worked under an Indian boss, their culture is the fucking worst. These are the people who rape lizards, so it's no surprise their takes on employment are just as warped. They are used to literally beating and screaming at employees in their home country and come to Western countries with the same mindset.
The Indian manager I had would try and talk to me like I was the shit under his shoe and when I didn't let him get away with it, he complained that I was "rude and insubordinate". He tried that crap with other co-workers and eventually found himself out of a job when people started quitting citing him as the reason.

Weren't there at least two cases recently about this happening to female teachers? Didn't one of the women get killed too?

No. 2007334

I hate saare’s so goddamn much, it looks like you’re wearing a giant cloth napkin. this isn’t even racebait i hate when anyone wears a saare white black indian whatever the fuck it looks ugly on everyone

No. 2007349

I browse a lot of medical case subreddits and apparently a fairly common injury seen in hospitals are men who have gotten their penises stuck in some object, which then cuts off blood flow and can lead to necrosis. People in the comments are happy to crack jokes about most of these cases, unless the case write-up mentions the guy died, and then everyone gets all solemn. Personally I think getting your dick stuck in something and then DYING from it is even funnier than just getting your dick stuck in something, so I once left a comment to the effect of “darwin award of the year contender” and got downvoted into the -70s and then warned by a mod.
I just don’t get how getting your dick stuck in a PVC pipe piece becomes LESS funny if it results in death. It’s objective more funny?? Like I understand being respectful of someone who died from a tragic accident or something but if you get your dick stuck in something stupid why is everyone expected to act all solemn about it. Like people who do other dumb risky stuff and die will get mocked for it or at least called retards but if it involves a penis then noooooooo

No. 2007363

two of my personal enemies who've been blackmailing me for the last decade, then i think i'd hire a slew of goons to use their 2 free kills to knock out the rest

No. 2007364

If you have more than two you're like… schizophrenic or a politician

No. 2007365

This reminds me of a Russian teen who recently electrocuted his dick for clout

No. 2007366

i just have a lot of haters, its tough

No. 2007370

File: 1716007453705.png (343.62 KB, 1334x1537, WD7YXpJ_gXQ4E4SfV0X0BBwy110Fgn…)

Are you the one who asked if we would be hitwomen to finish off a bunch of blackmailers? Just so you know, I would totally do your dirty work as long as I'm getting paid.

No. 2007372

no you're right, it is funny (and extremely pathetic), and not even because moid- anyone who dies due to their own retarded sex/masturbation pursuits is a retard and an embarrassment to the species. Redditors are exactly the kind of people who would defend those pursuits though so you can't expect anything from them, it's too relatable for them kek.

Only thing I'd feel solemn about is the relatives who have to deal with the knowledge or come up with a cover story for when people ask about the death.

No. 2007386

Your opps in your head

No. 2007562

99.99% of "submissive" moids are just manchildren and selfish and lazy.

No. 2007565

That’s not an unpopular opinion, thinker chan.

No. 2007566

thats just moids in general. Dominant scrotes are worse because 100% are mentally ill and pedophiles.

No. 2007572

It is irl unfortunately. Retards will go "aww he's so cute and kind!" over the tiniest bit of submissive behaviour but in reality these moids are just too cowardly to speak up, they aren't doing it on their own accord. Also self-absorbed and inconsiderate as fuck to others and their surroundings if it doesn't involve their fetish or their girlfriend larping as their mother.

No. 2007626

If a man prefers voluptuous or curvy women, and I’m not just talking about skinny women with big boobs or ass or whatever I mean genuinely curvy women, they have have a strong attachment to their mom or have some form of mommy issues thus are not breeding material

No. 2007631

Wtf is a curvy woman if not big boobs and ass. You mean fat?

No. 2007639

Complaining about moids not loving unconditionally is stupid because women shouldn't love unconditionally either.

No. 2007649

You idiots do this with thin/flatchested women too by saying that men who like women with no curves are pedos. It's like you people are trying to make women hate their own bodies by saying only men with paraphilias could be attracted to them. Go suck an egg.

No. 2007651

Ntayrt but it's true. A good chunk of men have pedophilic tendencies and go after flat + short women because they're seen as pseudo-children. Its not a conspiracy, I'm flat and I can assure you such men exist. Men categorise women in their schizo minds: mommy issues goes for big tits, porn addict goes for big ass, pedophile goes for small tits… everyone has their fair share of creeps. But especially those with non-average bodies.

No. 2007656

it's not a woman's fault if certain types of creeps are attracted to her. unfortunately moids put us all into porn categories because that's how their defective brains work.

No. 2007665

Liking curvy women is literally natural from a reproductive ungabunga brain standpoint, nonna. This seems like a bit of a cope.

No. 2007669

It's not empathetic to force a child with severe, painful disabilities to live.

No. 2007672

ngl I've looked at pedo forums and have never seen them gush over petite women nor sharing the idea of using them as replacements for actual children. If anything they love the stereotypical "mommy" curvy adult women

No. 2007674

Ntayrt but men are coded to stick their dicks into anything, getting too attached to a certain body type is mental illness for them. Its not natural for them to have standards, theyre supposed to settle for whatever they can get. Beggars can't be choosers. For example being attracted to childlike bodies helps them groom children and that's the only way genetic dead ends can reproduce. Its a handy trait to have for them, so they all have it. Males aren't women, there's a subconscious plan behind everything they do. Their attraction isn't innocent like ours and you can psychoanalyze them by looking at their "type." Sounds schizo but the more you socialize with people the more you will start seeing the patterns. Fat and curvy women are mommy-coded and their chasers are likelier to have mommy issues. Of course exaggerated secondary sex characteristics are automatically sexy, but exclusively chasing after one body type is unnatural. Men are meant to be bottom feeders.

No. 2007675

Which ones? I've seen the opposite, moids talking about how it shouldn't be stigmatized to like Belle Delphine because pedophilia is "normal" anyway and obsessing over Asian women on twitter who cosplay as loli vtubers and are either very short/petite or edit themselves as such.
The only time I've seen them thirst over adult, curvy women is when they've drawn dicks on them and want to self-insert as tranny futa child rapists (yes, a lot of pedophiles online are trannies, who would've thought).

No. 2007679

then you have parents who keep their child hooked up to ventilators with zero hope of recovery even when multiple doctors tell them the best thing to do would be to let them go. sometimes they even bring the poor kid home and traumatize the other children in the household by forcing them to watch their sibling slowly rot while mom insists they're gonna wake up one day.

No. 2007686

It was 4 different alt chans, and the German girl love website. One of the websites posted adult women alongside little girls, and it was pretty normal looking women like Zendaya. The only "creepy" one might've been Jenna Ortega. The other alt chan was very against lolicon, not for moral reasons but because it was "cringe". So they wouldn't be into adult women cosplaying, one guy actually said he tried to replace his attraction to little girls with asian women, but it didn't work for him. Another website actually did post Belle Delphine, but nobody replied in comparison to the numerous replies on a video with an actual little girl. I There was a clip of a young girl and her mom on one, and that had a fair share of the users "thirst posting" about the mom. Another user on one forum religiously posted a mature black female cosplayer, who did generic "big titty and thigh" cosplays. I think there was one guy who said he lived in Africa and slept with petite women there as a replacement, but that's all I can think of

No. 2007687

You can say that, but there's a clear reason why OP and other anons who say stuff like that decides to say it on a site full of women who actually have those bodies instead of saying it to men. Not to sound schizo but stay woke. This site has always had a history of anons posting about what body features on women they think are less attractive or inferior, anon can put it in a different wrapping but I see it for what it is.

No. 2007689

Samefag but an anon was also going around a few days ago, even in this thread, making a bunch of bait posts about big boobs and curvy women. Just pointing out a pattern.

No. 2007690

Also, for the tranny thing, I've never seen a self identified tranny on any of these sites. The only tranny pedos I've found have been on twitter and mastodon (or whatever it's called), otherwise these dudes tend to lean pretty heavily right

No. 2007703

File: 1716042439366.gif (973.47 KB, 213x255, 1704022229591.gif)

>stay woke

No. 2007704

Most normal moids don't have a strong attachment to a particular body type, only the mentally ill deplorables do. If a moid has their preferences without being obsessive about it i think they should still kill themselves bc their opinion doesn't matter, but they're less defective.

Don't worry i wasn't talking about fat women (although being attracted to fatties of either gender is a mentally illness in of itself)

No. 2007705

I think altchans are more geared toward a general pervert community, so men who are into both adults and children are more populous. The mother and girl thing adds up for both, though, a common fantasy they talk about is having a mother and a child together (which is why I never buy into the "true pedophiles are exclusively into children" thing), but they probably don't spam at length about Belle Delphine there because she and her content are already so oversaturated. I don't know which forum you're talking about, but the two I've seen have users ranging from the "I want to have kids with an adult woman and rape them" to going on about how adult women are disgusting/unattractive.
There are lots of tranny-populated and run instances on the fediverse side, yes. You can tell the same users are also on the altchans because they post the same images (the trannies are open about being "caption makers" and their "edits" get reposted on the boards), but because troondom is more made fun of on imageboards (despite it, again, being the same programmer sock troons hanging out on both), they're less open about it there. All their other opinions are mysteriously the same (eg racism, sexism, etc), one literally called itself "cunnyborea".

No. 2007713

Yeah I see what you mean. I guess it really just depends on the type of pervert, there are some who claim to be exclusively attracted to children, while others expand their attraction to adult women. Though that's why I think saying only pedos like "flat chested women" is kinda dumb. Not necessarily because it's wrong, but because they very well could also just like any attractive woman.
And I also feel like trannies expand their perversion outside of image boards, because they're attention whores lol.

No. 2007891

Ooo you ate this up sis, periodddotttttttt(learn2integrate)

No. 2007918

I don't care if my pets eat my body after I die. I'm not coming back to it.
In fact, I'd rather my body actually help sustain a life I care about, especially if they're stuck in my home without food, anyway (which is usually the case in those "cats/dogs ate owner's body" stories).

No. 2007926

I was with a guy who had an oedipus complex and he tried calling me mommy like 9 times and I was like no every time and yes I’m curvy but I honestly think he just likes me because I had a big nose like his mom

No. 2007940

what if he didnt have a mother or his mom was all twiggy? what does that mean then, oh great one? i am just aching to be enlightened

No. 2007941

good job now i feel like a fat old mom whos only lovable because her saggy tits looks like shes fed 5 babies

No. 2007946

I don’t wanna die because I don’t want my dead naked body to be looked at

No. 2007950

coroners and medical examiners are also overwhelmingly creepy

No. 2007953

I bet my neighborhood's whole savings you are a cat owner

No. 2007955

Don't let them make you feel bad your body is literally normal, as a chestlet I don't condone this slander we all getting fetishized by moids anyway

No. 2007962

I think she's an adult, just very short. She has her own TikTok.

No. 2007963

Now that you say this, I honestly would prefer if some animals eat my body so no one has to see my flesh, my bones can be buried somewhere, they're just bones, but I don't want anyone to see my flesh or to use my dead body.
Like, I feel the worst actual after death punishment is being sexually abused, rather than being consumed by nature.

No. 2008003

That’s not the same girl. He had one midget girl(the one you posted) and that one who looks like an actual 8 year old(the girl wearing baby blue in that video)

No. 2008207

A lot of white women are weird and love the attention they get going to non-white countries and getting attention for being white. People hate on white men for acting like this in Asia but a lot of white women are exactly the same.

No. 2008209

Well the attention is mostly on white men because they randomly start raping the children

No. 2008212

Except the men are there to rape Asian women or get a good lil' Asian wife to take home. The women just like the attention they get from being blonde and go home afterwards.

No. 2008218

I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the skinny blonde nerds who go to Japan or china to get attention for being a white man. People bash white men for doing it but white women do the same shit. TikTok related is literally in a country dangerous for women dressing sexy(by their standards) just for the male validation she thinks she doesn’t get at home.

No. 2008228

kek sorry this will just never be on the same level as men even if it's fucking cringe.

No. 2008242

Kek at the white guy going "oh shit another white person"

No. 2008257

File: 1716068436733.png (614.07 KB, 522x842, Screenshot 2024-05-18 at 3.37.…)

>goes to deprived country where men rape lizards
>dressed like picrel and standing in the middle of a crowd looking like a retard
>omg they can't stop staring at my aryan beauty
I hate these attention whores so much. Same goes for that one tall white guy that walks around japan cosplaying nanami. Like, duh, if you're different in a homogenous environment and dress in a way that isn't the norm there, you're going to get stared at. Lizzo would get the same reaction you're getting.

No. 2008264

File: 1716068593105.jpg (69.46 KB, 750x500, IoRlFN1fOijRo3UR6oMdqmHCI8cbwH…)

Well, some men kinda make fun of these women, only in the context of when these women get raped or killed though

No. 2008265

Maybe not unpopular opinion here, but I'm so fed up with hair removal I just refuse to do it anymore. Full bush, full pit, leg, arm hair. It's all there. Never shaving, waxing, nair, nothing

No. 2008274

File: 1716068882707.jpg (341.24 KB, 1080x2126, 1000016810.jpg)

>white women traveling to Asia for attention from Asian men
This phenomenon reminds me of that one lady who wrote an article to basically complain about traveling to Japan, only to not get any attention from Japanese men. She talked a little down on Japanese women (implying she was more educated than them), and really thought her "blonde" hair was going to score enough exotic points to have all eyes on her when she got off the plane. Nope. Got ignored the whole trip, ate gas station sushi, and flew back tf home. But that article was over ten years ago, I wonder how she's doing now.

No. 2008276

She looks like a tranny ngl

No. 2008282

This is very cringe but it’s simply not the same as when men do it because the men are not hated for being cringe they are hated largely for being passport bros going abroad to buy underage prostitutes. Honestly this video looks like some kind of race fetish content or racebait you fell for. What is her channel like otherwise?

No. 2008284

Per capita fail

No. 2008289

why do you act like it’s just white women? woc, especially black women do the same thing. I can send you probably a dozen videos of “what it’s like to be a black woman in insert a 99.7% white Balkan country” and then they film random people looking at them and accuse all the men of being thirsty or racist or both
Also white women who go to Asia don’t make snuff films with children, so there’s that

No. 2008293

NTA but that is true. Weren't there two black chicks who bleached their skin and got some kind of hair surgery so that their texture would be only straight, traveled to Korea, and STILL didn't get any dates? KEKKK

No. 2008296

Attention whores

No. 2008304

I remember this, I will forever hate that bitch for basically giving fuel to yellow fever fags and everyone else that hates ww
She was a chubby middle aged woman, of course she isn’t going to get male validation in Japan.
I’ve been to Asia as a skinny white girl and got a ton of male attention
But because of her retarded blog post, everyone’s thinks ww are basically incels in Asia lmfao

No. 2008308

You're being silly here but that's ok. I'm gonna go travel to x country for my capital B Black Sistahs to know where they can exist authentically in this yakubian wasteland. No fuckin way

No. 2008309

Nta, agree about it not being exactly the same since moids are always more deprived and disgusting.

However, racebait or not it's pretty common. Back when I was in vkei circles in the early 2010s, I had many western bangya friends that went to japan in delusions that they'd be more than a pump and dump for their shriveled dick bandomen oshi simply because they thought their exoticness made them a 10/10.

It's not exclusive to white women, like >>2008289 said, but to non-ea women in general.


Nta, but I have definitely seen black women do it because they pride themselves in being an object of fetish, especially on kpop forums. Being a weeb/kboo isn't just a white person thing.

No. 2008321

Tbh, this is just really run of the mill tiktok attention whoring. These videos where they walk in frame, trying to catch people's reactions as they dress a certain way, or do embarrassing public stunts are really common

No. 2008329

File: 1716070118392.gif (112.01 KB, 220x153, spiderman-funny.gif)

>it’s hilarious how envious they and white men are of us

No. 2008338

That's fair. Let's hope she doesn't end up on the news lol.

No. 2008345

KEK it's literally light brown, lmfaooo. I always found it pathetic how blonde women (sometimes real ones, but usually darker blondes) from my country love raving about being the most attractive on planet Earth because arabs and indians fetishize them, kek. That's so pathetic and insecure.
Kek, yeah, i feel like there's probably group of men that are just being cringe, like these women. But female counterpart for rapist pedo sex-tourists simply doesn't exist. So it's not "literally the same". I don't see people acting like only men are being specifically cringe? The original post is strange.
>it’s hilarious how envious they and white men are of us
Anon… I hope this is bait.

No. 2008353

the lolcow bw I’m referring to is a vlogger that makes hating ww and fetishizing japanese men her two personality traits, so it’s hilarious when her ego got crushed by a mid white girl getting with the guy she wanted
Idk if she has a thread up but she was pretty popular at one point

No. 2008367

what is enviable about being fetishized, stalked, harassed, sexualized, etc? unless you're a massive pickme or a sex worker I don't see it being a desirable thing.

No. 2008371

Black women aren't making that stuff either fucking weirdo, why would you try to imply they are?

No. 2008374

Yes, exactly this. When moids do it, it's attention whoring, but when women do it, it adds another layer to it. Moid tourists aren't getting raped overseas. What's so flattering about the attention of scrotes who feel no shame openly staring down a woman publicly? You're flattered by being sexually objectified by pigs who equally fantasize about children and animals? It's pick-me behavior.

No. 2008384

File: 1716070942438.gif (993.41 KB, 500x400, c6b.gif)


No. 2008386

File: 1716070974112.jpeg (608.63 KB, 627x909, IMG_1392.jpeg)

Sure, nonnie

No. 2008393

Im talking about the snuff part.

No. 2008396

Goodness, that anon said "fuck this" and just deleted her comment lol

No. 2008397

kek now i wanna know what this is in repsonse to

No. 2008400

nta but that comment was talking about moids doing that, not black women (or any women in general).

No. 2008411

>flattered by the attention of moids from gangrape country
and that's exactly why she's a retarded pick-me

No. 2008414

it was a post about black women being jealous of white women, just cringe racebait

No. 2008418

Weird for them to add that on after the stuff about black women, but if you say so

No. 2008424

What awful and obvious extensions she has! Should have kept it up in a ponytail

No. 2008425

yeah anon, I truly think it’s actually bw that go to Cambodia and touch kids on camera, they’re just framing the poor wm. Such a travesty, you got me

No. 2008431

cringe racebait when we all know the truth is most tourist women are treated as objects of fetish within these conservative communities and when their exotic scrote gets tired of using them as a bangmaid, they'll leave them in the dust for a woman within their culture their fathers would approve of.

>People hate on white men for acting like this in Asia but a lot of white women are exactly the same.
This was clearly what that "Also…" statement was referring to.

No. 2008460

That's typically to show that those countries aren't racist and they won't be treated like third-class citizens there for being black, not even close to the same lmao. Some do it to get attention, but it's dishonest to insist it's the same amount for both.

No. 2008464

NTA but this is some early pixyteri tier milk/mindset. I hope one day you facepost, delusional women are inspiring

No. 2008516

Anyone from the first world that complains about fellow first worlders, regardless of colour, migrating to Asia, is almost always a really jealous weeb.

No. 2008537

I find it very pathetic how much a blonde white girlfriend is such a huge factor for other races of men. And it's not really a hollywood diversity thing either like everyone claims, it's actually more pronounced and worse in their own media. If you find some, say, Samoan or Nafri diaspora men making a film, a pretty blonde love interest will be involved more often than not.

No. 2008594

I'm sorry but i just don't find anything wrong with wishing death upon everything that simply makes me cringe, infact it feels good.

No. 2008608

“Taking a mental health day” or taking a day off is a scam and waste of time. There’s not enough time to even live or breathe to do anything, a day doesn’t cover shit for your mental health. The whole day zips by right to leave you where you were before, back to the shitty place you always go to be used and abused like a number until you find the next place. My mental health is caused by the very idea of working and slaving away, only a scrote conceives of a new way to torture people is by making them waste their days which also wastes away their soul and the purpose of their lives. It’s a genuine insult and a slap to the face with these stupid fucking vacation days, mental health day, just make me stop slaving tf away and maybe I would be happy. I want to fucking tear this world to shreds

No. 2008609

>Probably because in Aussie
Wow, you must be from Canadian.

No. 2008620

>from Canadian

No. 2008623

>in Aussie

No. 2008633

>from Canadian

No. 2008635

Taking a single day off for mental health is the new "self care, have a bath with a nice bath bomb in it!"

No. 2008636

>in Aussie

No. 2008637

That's ridiculous lmao she'd be a 10/10 in Australia, most of us do NOT look like that.

No. 2008638

Maybe the Canadian should ask the Australian to make amends with a kiss. Then the Aussie can show how things are done "down under".

No. 2008641

File: 1716082361377.jpg (85.05 KB, 900x978, aph__canada_x_australia_by_car…)

No. 2008642

now kith

No. 2008656

No. 2008659

File: 1716083193189.png (1.41 MB, 1414x1010, bad wig.png)

you got me I wish I was a temu lost in transit belle delphine that left everything behind to go overseas and get pregnant by an ugly barely legal oppa

No. 2008663

File: 1716083574263.gif (530.39 KB, 275x269, 1653883116215.gif)

>pregnant by a barely legal oppa

No. 2008665

is that a troon or an actual woman?

No. 2008668

They're both so hideous

No. 2008669

The look so similar, their face shapes, noses and lips.
Kek, maybe she isn't much older.

No. 2008670

ayrt, it's qtmilkbuns, an unfortunate looking kboo. She has a dead thread but got a lot of shit last year on tiktok for the age gap kek. I think the age gap was 18 and 27 and I saw some posts about her pursuing him when he was still underage. Disclaimer though I don't know her lore all that well.

No. 2008674

What kind of life would you call being a botched looking Aussie girl who grooms a Korean boy into letting you have his baby the minute he turns eighteen? Hope the baby is somehow cute, despite the parents.

No. 2008676

oh she's not aussie, she's a latina from burgerland kek

No. 2008679

So she's a burger. You know, that makes even more sense somehow.

No. 2008692

>shotafag comes back
And none of you wanted to believe me for saying some of the ugly man psyop posters are cradle robbers. What do older women have in common with younger men? Men around my age are fucking immature retards with almost nothing to offer

No. 2008698

File: 1716086267973.png (21.58 KB, 275x270, meow.png)

>ugly man psyop posters are cradle robbers
girl wth are you talking about

No. 2008699

No. 2008704

Ikr? Then she said
>what do older women have in common with younger men
As if all men that are young adults are just senseless retards. Just because she's unlucky to find intelligent young men with good work ethic doesn't mean everyone else is. And what's with infatilizing young men? They're still adults. That anon is a good example of what I mean by mainly women losing their shit at older women dating younger men. Guarantee you some 20 year old college boy hooking up with a "MILF" gives 100% less fucks than anon rn.

No. 2008705

>Men around my age are fucking immature retards with almost nothing to offer

Same goes for older men tbh

No. 2008711

Why are you suddenly talking about that, kek? Did you read the post? Do you have autism and you didn't get that "i wish i was that chick" was sarcasm?

No. 2008719

loool scrotes shitposting everywhere cause they're THIS >>2008692 triggered about that thread

No. 2008729

File: 1716089192481.gif (538.82 KB, 245x160, IMG_2978.gif)

ppl complaining that the old man psyop thread shits on what moids they like always miss the point.
you're free to date someone that looks like picrel if that tickles your fancy. the thread is to discuss the general falling standards in men's appearances, it's not about your individual preferences

No. 2008731

>Just because she's unlucky to find intelligent young men with good work ethic doesn't mean everyone else is. And what's with infatilizing young men?

You have nothing in common with younger men. Also, “infatilizing” (kek) the same thing would apply if roles were reversed. This is not a defense of younger men there’s nothing that a younger man has in common with an older woman because they’re at completely different stages of their lives. I’m sorry is defending cougars supposed to be some feminist cause? No man is the prize but what the hell do I know, I’m not constantly being used as a man’s human pocket pussy like you

No. 2008736

>hmm it musttt be scrotes
>hnggg I hate scrotes so bad
>golly I sure hope there are no scrotes here!!
Scrotes literally don’t give a fuck if women talk shit about them. Nothing phases them because again they don’t care about women at all and that’s why they rape, abuse and mistreat us daily. I hate that thread because most of the anons are full of shit and love preoccupying their minds with the existence of scrotes and dick, completely defeating the purpose of their own beliefs. Even if it’s directed hatred, it’s still male-centered and seeking male validation because a scrote by luck happens to be easy on the eyes. I’m tired of that shit, if you truly believe men are shit then fucking close your legs and stop pining for any of them, even the ones who are young

No. 2008738

File: 1716089885472.gif (991.03 KB, 500x242, tumblr_moux4n6B5h1swil9bo1_500…)

>You have nothing in common with younger men.
Older women can if the young man is intelligent and has a nice personality. Not all women are unlucky with meeting men, anon.
>Also, “infatilizing” (kek) the same thing would apply if roles were reversed.
It's not so much that I would infantalize the young woman. It's that I don't like young women wasting their youth on wrinkly, death-smelling men that ejaculate battery acid. It's about young women having the potential to do much better than men who need viagra to even get it up. Older women can't really be compared to older men, not even in terms of looks.
>This is not a defense of younger men there’s nothing that a younger man has in common with an older woman because they’re at completely different stages of their lives.
They can still bond and come to an agreement. Again, not all young men in their early twenties are broccoli-headed zoom zooms.
>I’m sorry is defending cougars supposed to be some feminist cause?
I just don't like it when people act like older women can't have nice things.
>No man is the prize but what the hell do I know
Apparently no young men that are worth a shit and nice to fuck.
>I’m not constantly being used as a man’s human pocket pussy like you
Who said I had a boyfriend. You're such a drama queen, and you need to work on your insults because they're pretty 4chan-tier, and not in the weaponized autism way.

No. 2008742

>malding continues
lol males are so pathetic(infighting)

No. 2008744

Not a scrote. Learn to practice what you preach or you’re just a retarded conformist

No. 2008753

File: 1716091326507.gif (1.09 MB, 384x270, IMG_1058.gif)

Nta but
>using conformist unironically

No. 2008756

File: 1716091672129.jpeg (131.79 KB, 344x555, IMG_0723.jpeg)

>when you properly use words that existed way before south park
why are some of you anons so autistic(infighting)

No. 2008764

File: 1716092114967.gif (27.88 KB, 220x300, IMG_2658.gif)

No. 2008766

what if he's jamaican

No. 2008778

>Scrotes literally don’t give a fuck if women talk shit about them

No. 2008780

how can i be a cradle robber if i am 19

No. 2008781

>Scrotes literally don’t give a fuck if women talk shit about them.
They clearly got mad on their website? Women are always on edge to not hurt moids feelings, because otherwise large ape will kill you, what are you talking about "nothing phases them"?
>I hate that thread because most of the anons love preoccupying their minds with the existence of scrotes, if you truly believe men are shit then fucking close your legs and stop pining for any of them, even the ones who are young
Okay? How is this related to you getting autistic and calling unrelated sarcastic anon a shotafag from psy op thread who steals 18 yo male children that could smash their heads like watermelons from the hands of their weeping mothers? It didn't sound like a statement against anons wanting dicks? Be more straightforward with your critiques, call them the usual "cockbreath" or whatever, kek. I'd rather anons capping for choosing beautiful and younger men, if they're going to be with a man at all, it's better for the species. Who gives a fuck about them "having nothing in common"? Kek. You're not going to stop some women from wanting men with your aggro calling everyone a pedophile technique.

No. 2008782

Ikr? That anon is strange because we've seen the thread on 4chan where a bunch of moids were shitting the bed about the Ugly Man Psyop discussion. To say that moids don't care when they did almost looks like some kind of denial.

No. 2008783

oh please… come on

No. 2008784

I love how the ugly man psyop shows who's the biggest pickme schizo. It really is the lolcow litmus test. They nothing wrong using a site that has 3 boards to shit on women for their looks, but they see red at the sight of a single thread doing the same to moids.

No. 2008785

Did you read what she was answering to? It was this >>2008516, she posted that woman because she thought she was cringe.

No. 2008786

Isn’t it obvious that an anon posted it on 4chan? That shit would have gone unnoticed if some random anon didn’t tip them off about it just to own “teh moids” they’re too busy being porn addicts and making Hitler edits to care.

No. 2008788

moids lurk here to self harm, its been a thing for a while

No. 2008789

We've been raided far too many times, had scrotes post themselves asking for attention, enter our friend finder threads to LARP as female in hopes of finding a gf, etc for that to be true. Stop coping.

No. 2008790

We had screenshots from duolicios from moids admitting it, we had moids admitting they're moids on this very website, we have cp raids all the time. I'm startig to think you're trolling, lmao.

No. 2008791

Ikr. Scrotes lurk, post here, and even try to raid this board. Angry anon is acting really new.

No. 2008793

She still could have found her cringe but it doesn’t mean anon was being genuinely sarcastic

No. 2008796

I think it might be the anon who created Bechdel thread.
Do you think anon genuinely wants to be a "temu lost in transit belle delphine" too?

No. 2008797

The Choctaw used to leave corpses out for the birds to pick clean, then gather up the bones.

No. 2008800

You hate the 1 thread shitting on ugly men but the countless /g/ threads praising the most hideous goblins are all fine… Interesting.

No. 2008801

Samefag, she also called him ugly, kek.

No. 2008802

lolcow wasn't always a womens only board scrotes come here all the time and are allowed to be here so long as they don't verbatim announce themselves as men

No. 2008805

>Anon who made the Bechdel thread
Wait, isn't that the thread where you're not supposed to talk about or post males in any way? Why would she be pissed at the Ugly Man Psyop thread?

No. 2008810

She's pissed at it because we're "centering our lifes around scrotes", by her own words >>2008736. It's the same reason Bechdel anon created that thread, she thought anons "talking all the time about men is blackpilling". I might be wrong, but it seems to be her.

No. 2008811

ntayrt but i don't think it's possible to pinpoint other users like this kek, there's nothing identifiably relating the bechdel test threads to the original posts

No. 2008817

Lol so she thinks we should never talk about scrotes, so she calls anyone that likes young and attractive men "baby snatchers" and shit? Kek, what kind of method is that? And it's not like she's the CEO of LC, she can't control what other anons wanna talk about.

No. 2008819

Yeah, that's fine, i might be wrong. The sentiment is just too similar to the Bechdel anon. But be free to not take it seriously, i have no means to truly know.

No. 2008821

>8005 unique posting IPs
>this anon sounds like another anon so it must be the same person
are you schizophrenic or what

No. 2008823

Yeah because you are. Does it hurt to realize it or are you just retarded?

No. 2008824

everyone who hates the ugly man psyop thread has been a massive cow so far. There is an autist on /m/ that calls it a ''containment'' because she's a massive pickme that doesnt want men bullied on a site created to bully women

No. 2008827

i appreciate the uggo scrote psyop thread but i wish we had an ugly women psyop thread because the women we're supposed to see as starlets are getting less and less attractive

No. 2008828

nta but the bechdel test came out of a petty infight

No. 2008829

No, i don't care about it. I'm just describing what's happening, kek.
But they sound literally the same, don't judge me too hard, kek.
I'm not making that up, i just remember her posts before she created the thread, i don't have a grudge against it, it's a cool thread.

No. 2008830

There are some anons here (or maybe just one, idk) that have a weird grudge against the bechdel thread.
I think anon is literally just making that up because they want to infight with whoever made the thread kek. There's no "bechdel anon" or whatever, it's literally just a thread. It's like someone being like "the celebricowfag is posting again"

No. 2008831

oh nooo god forbid women are ugly truly the end of the world after decades of women starving themselves to look good for mid scrotes

No. 2008832

Don't we already have that though? It's the Women Shilled as Attractive That You Think Are Ugly thread in /g, no?

No. 2008834

No it did not.

No. 2008835

The entire site is already about calling women ugly we don't need another thread, the /g/ thread is fine for this as it is

No. 2008836

No, it was specific anon who got tired of anona in dumbass thread "talking about men all the time", i'm not making this up. I'm ot trying to start anything.

No. 2008837

it did, anons were reeing other anons didnt talk about what they wanted so they created the bechdel test thread and it died soon after because those petty anons didnt get attention there

No. 2008838

I disagree because even if celebrity women are getting less attractive, they're still miles upon miles ahead of the men

No. 2008841

File: 1716095032660.jpeg (154.37 KB, 750x750, 7D7F79DA-1ACB-4A69-AAB9-569833…)

>massive cow
>random /m/ poster stating their opinion
>no caps
>no proof
>just nothing

No. 2008843

You can say who it is, it’s definitely Zendaya

No. 2008844

We all type and talk the same. You’re literally just insane and need to take breaks from this website thinking you’re L Lawliet and shit.

No. 2008846

The psy op thread is a containment when it comes to /m/, tbf.
Sometimes people want to discuss shows and really don't care if a moid is ugly, bringing up how the bar is below the floor despite everyone trying to talk about plot or characters just comes off as annoying, time and place and all that.

No. 2008848

what. all i said is that we should have an ugly women psyop thread because female models and actresses are getting uglier. not women in general.
thats not the same its more of an image dump thread and doesn't discuss tiny jewish executives spoonfeeding us their burn victim faced goddaughters
if the website is for calling women ugly then i dont see the harm or inefficacy in one extra thread existing, nonny
women are always going to be miles ahead of men though kek, that doesn't mean that the downfall of a digestible woman appearing on the runway is something to just brush under the rug

No. 2008849

Can I count as a witness? Because I remember the infight happening at around the tail of last year. The bechdel thread IIRC was created specifically because one anon infought about men being talked about too much for her liking. And you're right, it was in the Dumbass thread

No. 2008850

i think the dumbass thread being nuked absolutely mauled what was left of this website

No. 2008852

The very fact that you think it’s bad an anon created a thread where men aren’t centered in the conversation is the very point I’m trying to make. A bunch of dickmatized hypocrites kek

No. 2008854

It was definitely a mistake but farmhands are too autistic to admit their mistakes and roll it back

No. 2008856

Never said I thought it was bad. Slow down, practice reader digestion. Also,
>dickmagnetized hypocrites
bitch, calm down.

No. 2008857

its the same autist who rees about uglyman psyop being a containment and always gets called out >>>/meta/76983 >>>/m/370761 she's most than likely the fateshitter as well since she frequents the same threads she does. She's my personal board cow. You just have to use /m/ to recognize her autism.
it's not and never will be. We can call men ugly anywhere else. Grow a spine if you like ugly scrotes.

No. 2008858

Fuck off with the fake equality attempts. We're allowed to have one site with one occasion in which we shit talk men and leave women alone. Men do the same on their own sites.

No. 2008860

The main /ot/ threads including this one attract the most infighting but dumbass shit thread surely is the one that has to go. Infighting is such a retarded rule anyways, no ib or even website bans people this much for disagreements that use harsh and inappropriate language kek, infighting is just internet arguing that happens on every single platform. Not even Instagram with its Zuck-improved aggressive bot moderation shuts down this amount of back-and-forth. Do humans even know what freedom truly is

No. 2008862

Quit doing historical revisionism, it absolutely was created as a containment thread because the fandom thread was getting constantly derailed by ugly/hot man talk

No. 2008864

If that's true, then why was an ugly moid psy op thread needed in the first place?
Right, because some nonna kept using the fandom discourse thread to bitch about fotm moids she didn't like and then had to be begged to make a thread.

No. 2008865

a containment thread means you cant talk about it outside that thread, you can shit on ugly men freely all over lolcow.

No. 2008866

No it was not anon. I even went back and you can see there was infighting about yaoi but there was no posts of anons saying were tired of anons talking about men on the Dumbass shit thread at the time and date that thread was created. I think you guys are confusing the bechdel thread with the fun posting threads that were created because of infighting and around the same time as the bechdel thread. Anons had been saying they thought men were talked about too much here way before the thread was even created, so I know it couldn't have been only thought of because of some infight.

No. 2008867

Constantly talking about men even in a negative manner is still centering them and making them seem more important than they already are. I’ve seen this “men not doing the bare minimum/women being ugly” being discussed on mainstream social media, it’s not a hidden topic that men have shoved under the rug so nobody can talk about it. I’m pretty sure the anon made that thread specifically because she was inspired by that ugly man discussions from other places

No. 2008870

and who were the anons infighting? the anons who were angry their husbandos were called ugly. We can still call them ugly anywhere else, it was only made because they were being babies about a bunch of fake pixelated moids.

No. 2008871

Samefag, *making them seem more important than really are i’m so fucking tired idcccc man

No. 2008872

Sanefag, there weren't any posts like that in the bechdel thread either.

No. 2008873

I remember nonna crying about how she couldn't because she was constantly attacked by pickmes (people who wanted to talk about literally anything other than how ugly/cute moids are) kek.
Iirc the reason why they had to beg her to make her own thread was because she said that the thread would get immediately deleted for some reason, too.

No. 2008874

but dumbass shit infights were so much more fun and funny

No. 2008875

People were telling you to fuck off because it was the 10th time you sperged about the same ugly men in a thread where it was off topic anyway but you're too autistic to realize that.

No. 2008876

idk but proven by >>>/m/370761 its not a containment and you can call ugly men ugly. You could y'know just ignore it but autistic husbandofags always have to infight and defend the honor of their pixels.

No. 2008878

i dont know i wasnt there but its not a containment and you can cope and seethe about it(it kind of is a containment thread)

No. 2008882

So what? Psy op containment nonna got banned too, multiple times because she couldn't let it go.
Going by ban counts alone, it's a containment thread. Hell, she was sperging in the bl thread the other day.

No. 2008884

you know there are several anons who dislike ugly men right?

No. 2008885

>i dont know i wasnt there
Okay then you can shut up and stop trying to speak for events you didn't even witness

No. 2008887

i wasnt talking about that i was explaining to a newfag what a containment is. You can freely shit on men all over lolcow, and yes that includes your ugly men. So grow a spine.

No. 2008889

For the last time no one gives a fuck about the men, they give a fuck about you people shitting up threads with your retardation

No. 2008890

Similiar enough writing style and autism, she kept calling nonnas pickmes too
Frankly, I don't really care. Just think it's reasonable that people are annoyed at it.

No. 2008891

Lmfao that’s a completely different anon and you know it. How dare they not want you faggots shitting up other threads with your unrelated nonsense, what a cow! You sound like such a summerfag trying desperately to mesh with the culture if I’m going to be honest. If not then you really need to grow tf up

No. 2008894

>no one gives a shit about men but i want all mean words about moids to be contained to a single thread, what? calling women ugly? thats perfectly fine tho!
again, grow a spine. You could ignore the anons saying mean things about cartoons but you always respond because no matter how much you try to larp as le based feminist, it hurts you when fake moids get called ugly.

No. 2008895

File: 1716096752638.jpg (62.67 KB, 720x720, 1683040585524.jpg)

I don't post on social media. I just want to call ugly men ugly without a hundred retarded men and husbandofags trying to gaslight me. I don't care if you think it's centering to call a spade a spade. For as long as I'm forced to see ugly men in ads, in movies, in music videos, in everything and every place, I will comment on it in the privacy of my home while I do other things. I will not be silent until ugly men in media are a thing of the past, and ugly men in real life are made to feel such immeasurable shame that they wear burkas. These are my terms.

No. 2008896

just dont respond? how is that hard these infights always start because anons into ugly men cant accept women dont like that.
i am going to call all your husbandos ugly from now on, its not against the rules and you can cry about it

No. 2008897

Who the fuck said they wanted to call women ugly?
Fo you mean the psy op nonna that wanted another thread to call women ugly?

No. 2008898

Learning to contain your autism is much more productive, try it out.

No. 2008900

0 reading comprehension.

No. 2008901

Nice job twisting everything I said since you don't have any argument. Not wanting tourists to derail threads is pickme behavior now, I guess.

No. 2008902

nta but we should all be to call whoever i want ugly male or female also
>these are my terms
kek and who the hell are you?

No. 2008903

>that doesn't mean the downfall of a digestible woman appearing on the runway is something to just brush under the rug
Um… yes it does mean that. You're basically saying "nooo the celebrity women are clouded diamonds instead of clear diamonds!!" when men look like literal shit nowadays. I'll worry about celeb women supposedly being ugly when they get near the level men are at… which, is impossible I feel.

No. 2008904

why dont you just not respond? its literally so easy so be like ''ur husbando is ugly'' ''ok i dont agree bye'' but you always stop sperging and get super offended women dont like ugly men. Look at how you are trying to censor speech because you are so offended on behalf of men.

No. 2008905

The fact that people think school uniform is restrictive is so baffling to me. In my opinion, it prevents a lot of bullying and is a way to hide differences in the economic backgrounds of students. We don't have to worry about wasting our time with discourse concerning shoulders showing and in all honesty, people getting into trouble over the dress code was incredibly rare because it was kind of impossible. I also feel like children shouldn't be concerned with how they look. During the last 2 years you have to do rigorous exams and there was no way most of us could care enough about how we looked. Even during non-uniform days, we still wore our uniform because we couldn't be arsed. Lastly, i really loved summer dresses in primary school, the weather getting warm enough to wear one was my favourite thing about spring. I get that some people love clothes, but when you think about it, we do still have most of our lives to dress up as a child when you take into account the summer holidays which is literally 3 months long, plus we have the weekends. I know i would have been going to school in pajamas, crocs and matted hair if i went to school in the US though, which clearly shows that most people probably wouldn't give a shit if they had a uniform.

No. 2008907

calling ugly men ugly is not derailing, cry about it. If faggots start infighting thats another thing. But i can go over any thread and post ''eww ugly scrote'' and its not derailing.

No. 2008909

Forreal like this is the one place I can call an ugly man ugly without multiple handmaidens telling me "nooooo you're being too mean!!" or "noooo he is funny though!!" or even the worst "noooo I like fat men who look like they haven't taken a shower once in their life!!!"

No. 2008910

Nonna, people do respond that way, nonna then spergs about how they're pickmes for not stopping whatever they're talking about and posting what she likes until she gets told to shut up, in which case she spergs more until she gets banned.

No. 2008911

there are women who look like literal shit as well too, nonnie. you might not agree but it's not a comparison scale of men vs women, its a comparison scale of attractive women vs women now. just like how the comparison scale for men is attractive men vs men now, not men vs women. i thought this was made clear in the ugly made psyop thread kekk?

No. 2008912

>kek and who the hell are you?
Ask the anon who's so mad about me and the other anons talking about ugly men being ugly that she spent hours complaining that it's centering men, something something shotafag, something something what about le ugly women, other nonsense. Don't care. Remove ugly men from video games and movies. You can't punish my eyes and demand that I not talk about it.

No. 2008913

then thats infighting but it started becaus husbandofags started defending ugly men first kek how are you so new you dont get it.

No. 2008915

There are, and we have countless threads about them in /pt/, /snow/, and /w/! Feel free to browse many of the threads about ugly women, where you can call them ugly to your hearts content.

No. 2008916

what? when the hell did anyone say that we shouldn't talk about ugly fucking men KEK?? i'm the anon from the post asking about an ugly women psyop thread and in no way shape or form was i insinuating that having an ugly women psyop thread means that we shouldn't have an ugly men psyop thread. you really must either have very poor reading comprehension or you're just making shit up at this point

No. 2008917

You don't just call men ugly, you call any woman who posts a man you don't like a pickme handmaiden, you use the excuse of ugly men just to insult other women.

No. 2008918

we've countered that point already, what is the harm in there being another thread calling actresses/models/influencers in a thread on /ot/, especially when thats what this website is for? do you even have a response kek? because no one is talking about threads dedicated to specific cows, i'm referring to a thread about the influx of ugly women in culture across the board.

No. 2008920

>why dont you just not respond?
>Remove ugly men from video games and movies. You can't punish my eyes and demand that I not talk about it.
Until the "pickmes" are all banished and all moids she deems ugly are erased, she won't shut up.

No. 2008921

i dont know why you are talking about me, i just call men ugly and move on. Why does it offend you so much women dont like ugly men and are willing to speak up in the only place they can? how is it any different from saying a character is badly designed in the case of husbando? why does the first one offend you while the latter doesnt. Just ignore anons talking shit about your husbando, if you respond then you are the one infighting as proven by my example.

No. 2008922

i guess shes just not happy with anyone kek

No. 2008923

File: 1716097519743.jpg (14.47 KB, 350x400, a4a330db1f45b0ca2b153ed392f290…)

I don't give a fuck if you're too lazy or dumb to scroll through the thread and see what I'm referring to. Stop the whataboutism, copes and derails. We don't care.

No. 2008924

thats not me, and whats wrong with wanting 0 ugly men in videogames anyways? you are starting to show your true colors, you just dont like when women insult men and demand better

No. 2008926

is this bait? i did lurk your comments before responding, and i posted a coherent comment which cited the claims you were making and explained my side to you, since you clearly didn't understand what i was saying. my post wasn't a "what about" post, or coping with anything, or derailing from the conversation; because it is on topic to the conversation at hand, dumbass. you tried to say that i was trying to say the UMP thread shouldn't exist, when thats not the case at all. i said there should be an UWP thread, and i dont see any harm in it because this whole website is dedicated to calling people ugly. not just women, fucking everyone kek. no one is supposed to be safe, especially not women.

No. 2008927

You deleted your last post so I'll reply here. There just isn't a psyop trying to get society at large attracted to ugly women. There just isn't. Maybe when we start casting 60+ year old women as the sexy female lead in movies with 18 year old moids as their love interest, but for now, we don't have that. Maybe when we see men thirsting over busted ass elderly women who look like their face is falling off, we can have that thread. But we just don't have that nona. It just isn't the same. Women are held to an extremely high beauty standard and men aren't. That is why there is no reason for a female ugly psyop thread, there's literally no psyop.

No. 2008929

>thats not me, and whats wrong with wanting 0 ugly men in videogames anyways?
Come on now, why so insulted about being called a containment thread anyway? Most threads get called that.

No. 2008931

You literally are engaging in whataboutism and playing dumb. It doesn't work because we're not 12 year olds.

No. 2008932

No, i'm not playing dumb, you're just dumb as a fucking rock and somehow cannot understand the words I am saying. You keep reusing this term "whatboutism" like you just learned it and wanna wiggle it into every sentence you can. Also..
>we're not 12 year olds
i'm no detective but this sounds like something a child would say. maybe not 12, possibly 13? kekk

No. 2008933

>chimping out and projecting when the attempts fail
Pathetic. "Wah wah what about muh ugly women thread" elsewhere.

No. 2008934

File: 1716098095776.jpeg (75.12 KB, 757x540, IMG_9292.jpeg)

holy shit kekkkk I didn’t think my sarcastic shitpost about a bitch with a bad pink wig would lead to ugly man psyop infighting

Also >>2008783 >>2008793 I was clearly being facetious you sperg. You need tone indicators? I’m including picrel for you.

No. 2008935

but models and actresses are getting uglier though, that is the psyop..

No. 2008936

>especially not women
Interesting choice of words… ? Why 'especially' not women? If anything Ugly Man Psyop evens out the playing field because this site is 80% shitting on women, why in your opinion is it so essential to have another thread, on a relaxed off topic board, to shit on women? Make your thread right now, see how long it lasts before it's locked kek.

No. 2008937

you aren't very good at this, lurk moar

No. 2008939

>"D-Don't use the word that fits what I'm doing! It means you just learned it, not that it's accurate to the situation!"
People like this are so embarrassing.

No. 2008940

Congrats. Look at your creation.

No. 2008942

i don't know if you've used this website before, but lolcow.farm is a gossip forum that exists for the purpose of documenting and critiquing personalities known as 'cows'. many, really most of which, are women. So, that is why i say that especially women are not safe from critique on this website. I did not think I would need to spell this out, but i guess there are more newfags than any of us though. And really, i am not seeing what the harm is in having another thread calling women ugly, because you can just hide the thread if you don't want to see it. Lolcow exists, and continues to exist, for the purpose of shitting on the female cows that keep this board alive.

No. 2008943

File: 1716098340268.gif (485.67 KB, 220x220, IMG_9293.gif)

I’m so ashamed. I’ll never be silly again. Sorry nonnies.

No. 2008944

because you keep getting banned for infighting with women who dislike your ugly men kek

No. 2008945

>wastes time arguing for what they admit is a duplicate thread to make it "fair" that women on a women's site talk about ugly men
>tells others to lurk more

No. 2008946

Tbh I think people should just use the thread that's already there
>but it isn't exactly what I want
I don't think nonnas would complain if you brought up the idea of it being a psy op.

No. 2008947

I really don't believe they are. Women are still pushed to extreme beauty standards, just as they were in decades past. Men's beauty standards are… well they don't have any. Irl you have women fighting each other over other women being too mean to ugly moidies, meanwhile you have men laughing at ugly women and saying that they fuck them because their low self esteem makes them more willing to do fucked up things in bed. I'm sorry but it's just not equal. Old ugly men being pushed constantly is not the same as an unconventional model existing.

No. 2008950

File: 1716098543479.png (57.94 KB, 1082x346, retard.png)

But this word doesn't fit into the conversation, or what I was saying. I said that there could be an ugly women psyop thread, period. There is no counteraccusation that was being made, i simply needed to explain my thought process to you multiple times over because you have a lot of trouble understanding context clues, hence why I needed to explain to you that the attractiveness comparison scale is not women vs men, its women vs attractive women. much like how its men vs attractive men. there is nothing "whataboutism" or "counteraccusatory" about it. Your responses are continuing to prove that you do not know what you're saying, and don't understand how the words youre choosing aren't applicable to the conversation we're having. Do you happen to be ESL? Or did you just not pass through high school?

No. 2008952

You seriously are not reading anything at all. I never once said that "we should have one to make it fair" i said that i'd like for there to be one so i can post about ugly ass women and public personalities that aren't cows or don't qualify to be cows. How can this be so hard for you to understand? also, lolcow has never existed to talk about ugly men, and lolcow isn't a womens specific website. Really, if you were to ask the mods (because they have said this before), they will inform you that lolcow is an imageboard that welcomes all users but discourages scrotes from announcing their presence, this was something they came out and said during hellweek. make of that what you will.

No. 2008953

Samefag but this is actually an opinion, the catalog is so messy and all the repetitive and dead threads are annoying to search through.

No. 2008954

File: 1716098847257.png (51.6 KB, 156x146, extra tinieieeieeieie.png)

and the extreme beauty standards aren't working because they're getting uglier and more inbred looking.

No. 2008955

It's sad how triggered you've gotten over this. What are you trying to prove? Were you ignored all your life or something, so getting dismissed even on an anonymous imageboard makes you seethe? It's already been explained that there's no psyop for ugly women. Didn't bother reading your post, by the way.

No. 2008957

>you're using that word wrong
>explains why you're incorrect
>wow you're so triggered i didnt even read this

No. 2008958

>didn't bother reading your post by the way
Oh ok so you are ESL, glad we finally got that dealt with

No. 2008959

Calm down, eat some bread or something.

No. 2008960

Whew I had a feeling you were one of the anons who hate her and sperg about her across threads, and I'm right. So I'm just going to stop taking you seriously now and no longer have a thoughtful conversation about this. Enjoy shitposting!

No. 2008961

>getting dismissed
NTAYRT but you weren't dismissing anything you were responding kek

No. 2008962

Why samefag? Why did you type out the last sentence of my post instead of just copy-pasting? You seriously need to relax.

No. 2008963

thats just the first one i thought of off the top of my head kek, i'd be happy to fill this thread up with more

No. 2008964

its faster to type than to copy paste nonnie

No. 2008965

No? I was responded to. >>2008939 wasn't a reply lol.

No. 2008966


No. 2008967

if you really didnt care you wouldnt respond babe(infighting)

No. 2008968

No. 2008970

No. 2008971

why do you speak like a faghag

No. 2008972

No. 2008974

So I take it you guys are gonna agree to disagree?

No. 2008975

isnt a fag hag when you're friends with gay guys im homophobic

No. 2008978

You guys got banned for consistently shitting up the celebricow thread with hate for her, making basically any discussion about her a banned topic, so now you bring it here. Boring.

No. 2008979

>you must be schisophrenic because you can articulate your thoughts and formulate a well thought-out response
you can always go back to school

No. 2008980

thats even more pathetic are you terminally online then?

No. 2008981

im not a sweeneytard shes just the first downsy looking actress i could think of, has it not ever crossed your mind that there are more than 3 users on this website

No. 2008982

Ok schizo

No. 2008983

that response is nonsensical, i'm homophobic because i've gone out into the real world and encountered faggot men face to face kek. they are existentially abusive to women and i'm proud to be a homophobe

No. 2008984

I don't think you know what schizophrenia is

No. 2008985

You're not doing that, you're tweaking like an obsessed crackhead, samefagging and writing sperg essays because we didn't agree with you. Go to a psych ward.

No. 2008986

Why do you go to insults in every post you make? Just because anons don't think an ugly woman psyop thread would make any sense, you just sit here and insult other anons? Sorry nobody liked your idea, but constantly trying to insult everybody won't make them change their mind.

No. 2008988

Have you ever gone to a shelter and actually witnessed tweaking meth heads up close and personal? Because I have and I do guarantee that they don't have the motor skills or the cognition to open a laptop, let alone carry on a conversation and on the topic of ugliness
who did i insult in that post other than sydney sweeney…?

No. 2008989

NTAYRT, but it feels annoying when fag-defenders get pissed at anons for being "mean" to gay men and say that "oh you must be homophobic because they bullied you!". I think using a hypothetical situation where an anon got bullied by a faggot scrote is a weird taunt to hold over their head. Like, that's not going to make anons more sympathetic to gay scrotes. Off topic, I know.

No. 2008996

Kek I've been one of the original anons replying to you this whole time. At first I thought you were genuinely confused why an ugly woman psyop thread wouldn't be made, but I realize you're trolling and infighting for fun. First off, you insulted in this reply! I'm not going to shit up the thread anymore because you clearly want to call other anons names, insult their intelligence, among other things. Again, sorry that there is no psyop about ugly women. Genuinely. When there is one, we can make a thread for you.

No. 2008997

Theres a thread for women shilled as attractive so use that. The same way we had one for men but newfags never get off ot so they keep making duplicate threads just like how you’re asking for one right now

No. 2008998

No, I'm not trolling actually. I'm seriously saying that theres no legitimate ill in making an ugly women psyop thread, especially on a website dedicated to critiquing ugly people. Also, if you think theres no ugly women psyop, would you like to go ahead and post some mainstream women who you find attractive? just so we can have an idea of what your braincells consider good looking

No. 2009000

I'm not the anon who wants a new thread, read again.

No. 2009001

And samefag but, I am insulting their intelligence, because I really shouldn't have to re-explain the same concept 5 times just because you aren't able to use that brain to think. Not only that, but throwing around random words trying to sound smart just makes you look retarded kek. Youre going to get insulted if you choose to act retarded on purpose.

No. 2009004

I did not think this would be an unpopular opinion on a website that loves to call women ugly, but having an ugly women psyop thread sounds perfect considering the faces of the women we're supposed to find "attractive" such as the Kardashians, the Hadids, Gabbriette, etc

No. 2009005

When the episode hits so hard you forget how to read

No. 2009006

damn you really want that ugly woman psyop thread huh…

No. 2009008

No I read it, and when you say "Like a _____" you are making a comparison, and I was dissecting why that was a false equivalency

No. 2009009

i'm just kind of shocked that theres suddenly a wave of anons pearl clutching at the concept of there being a thread where women are called ugly kek. if that upsets you, wait until you see /shay/…yeesh

No. 2009010

You should use your brain aswell, it was explained why that thread wouldn't make sense. Just because you didn't like the answer doesn't mean nobody explained why.

No. 2009011

No, it's accurate. You are like an obsessed crackhead.

No. 2009013

Your explanation didn't actually provide any reasoning for why it wouldnt make sense, you just compared the two and stated your opinion about how you felt for them.

No. 2009014


americans love to pretend community college does not exist. i've met many white trailer trash who actually worked before getting licenced in jobs that actually pay, like becoming electricians. you posit a fictional scenario in your mind and propose it as evidence. it is not. class struggle is real, and it overlaps with the history of slavery in ths usa, but this , your argument is pure bullshit. unfortunately many minorities just perform very badly at academics for a variety of reasons but some minorities perform much better than others. here's a big one, the lack of family support and what we call "nuclear" family, which is obviously the consequence of all that shitty widespread culture (gang violence, crime, promiscuity, drugs, celebrity worship). it begs the question, are people responsible for the culture they uphold which in itself is self sabotaging? asians perform much better than blacks, even west asians aka, pakistanis, indians etc etc.

No. 2009015

Keeping up with a conversation and paying attention doesn't make me an 'obsessive crackhead'. Being online for 18 hours a day has poisoned the brains of children into thinking that anyone who puts more than a fingernail of effort and attention into any scenario is some OCD narc.

No. 2009016

The reasoning is that there is no ugly women psyop. No, Sydney Sweeney existing doesn't mean a whole thread must be made. Again, just because you don't like the reason doesn't mean nobody explained why.

No. 2009017

Awww, what a cute kitty.

No. 2009018

File: 1716100817458.gif (59.89 KB, 638x358, crack-moments-before-this-post…)

That's still not what you're doing nonnie

No. 2009021

File: 1716100871023.png (558.45 KB, 705x377, think about it .png)

Wow, you really didn't understand a word I said did you. I didn't say that there needs to be an ugly women psyop thread because sydney sweeney exists. I said there should be an ugly women psyop thread because women, as a whole, are getting uglier. Actresses, models, and just pedestrian women are all uglier compared to women 70 years ago. This is something we all know and can confirm easily by comparing photographs.(bait)

No. 2009022

Wait, you guys were arguing about the Psyop thread, then about female celebrities, then about schizophrenia, and now crack? Why are you guys still arguing at this point, are you having fun?

No. 2009023

ok fine

No. 2009025

You could at least compare a model with another model, that's a model then Gretcehn thunderberg, completely different. If you wanted to show on average that women are becoming uglier, this doesn't prove anything.

No. 2009026

weapons-grade autism

No. 2009027

Where in the fuck has Greta ever been considered the beauty standard KEKKK

No. 2009028

You are very mentally unwell, holy shit.

No. 2009029

Well, looks like it's settled. The one arguing for an ugly woman psyop thread ended up being either a baiter or a retard. Looks like the anon from Ugly Man Psyop wins this one.

No. 2009030

just because you dont have the capacity to understand me doesnt me i am wrong. they hated Jesus because he was right.

No. 2009032


Do you ever touch grass? there's an infinity of reasons as to why you're wrong.

>70 years ago taking a picture was expensive so you won't have an accurate representation of the time

> you're comparing a sexy actress to an autistic teenager

> People did not have dental procedures, consumed much more alcohol, smoked much more, did not use any type of sunscreen

> Women had to breed with the scrote their parents arranged a mariage with
> There's evidence backing up the fact that we look younger than previous generations
>This phenomenon of prefering vintage pictures is called survivorship bias

now i'll give you one, one single argument in your favor, all our stuff are fucking filled with hormonal disruptors, but you have to imagine it was actually worse when there was no such thing as FDA approved.

No. 2009033

>autistic teenager
Greta is a grown woman now, unfortunately. Also you said "heres why your wrong" and then gave reasons for why I'm right and different factors thay have resulted in both sexes becoming uglier over the last few generations.

No. 2009034

what a fucking retard lol

No. 2009035


ah yes, consumming alcohol and smoking a lot, it will preserve your youth, i prescribe it to you.

No. 2009036

You think I'm retarded because I provided a legitimate example to back up my sources. You are

No. 2009037

You got banned 10 minutes ago and yet you're still here. Why?

No. 2009038

File: 1716101520507.png (33.1 KB, 720x204, Screenshot_20240519-014528~2.p…)

Lol, lmao even

No. 2009043

I didn't get banned the post just got redtexted

No. 2009044

i hope this means anons cant call women ugly too i am so excited for this new era of lolcow where women arent judged based on their looks!

No. 2009045

We already have women shilled as attractive thread, and catty gossiping and criticizing female celebs is different than discussing psyop that is ugly male propaganda as a whole. Also you can call women ugly anywhere else, this is website for moid hate and this particular thread makes then seethe.

No. 2009047

Ugly woman psyop wouldn't be a good name for the thread tbh since most of those women are not inherently ugly and are products of plastic surgery, which can't be said about the men in the ugly psyop thread, in which we are being forced to thrist over 40 year old uncles with pot bellies. A thread about extreme beauty standards would tackle what you are talking about far better, i actually can't believe we don't already have such a thread because there's so much content out there that almost every anon has seen in the wild at least once.

No. 2009048

I think you’re a loser pickme foremost. Go back to whatever hole you crawled from uggo.

No. 2009049

but there are still millions of other inherenlty ugly women in the world that will end up being posted in that thread to, i just want to be able to talk shit without getting a million whiny responses about how im seww bad for

No. 2009050

A pickme for fucking what exactly? For the creation of another thread? Also you really dont wanna throw stones

No. 2009051

You tried to use an actual model vs Greta fucking Thurnberg as an example for there being a psyop that we are forced to thirst over ugly women. Holy shit anon.

No. 2009052

create the thread so we can finally ban talking shit about women outside of it

No. 2009053

i used a woman vs a woman, retard. holy shit anon!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 2009055

>Also you really dont wanna throw stones

No. 2009058

Well, we do have a thread for that in /g/ then. I just don't think a psyop for ugly women exists when even though i do think some women shilled as beautiful definitely don't qualify as that to me. Ugly men being shilled as hot still happens far more than with ugly women being shilled as hot and a lot of people mistake a woman being famous as them being considered as hot in my opinion.

No. 2009059

>all the men in Hollywood getting pushed down our throats are old, wrinkled, ugly, either out of shape or roidpiggies, why don't any cute young men get shilled? Why is Cillian Murphy, nearly 50 years old and looks like he is bloated on fillers, being pushed onto teens and young women?
>A climate activist exists therefore women are getting uglier!!!!

No. 2009064

Agree 100%, if all the kids/teens are dressed the same they're given a lot less fodder to pick each other apart over. Plus, it creates a nice division between school time and your free time, makes the day feel more 'done' or the weekend more significant when you get to dress however you please. Also everyone I know knows how to iron their clothes and wash odd fabrics thanks to having to look after our uniforms once we got older, and all the guys know how to and seem happier to dress better/more formally. Makeup was also banned (you had to be ridiculously subtle to get away with it), so a lot of girls just never got into the habit of wearing it daily or at least got to go through their teens seeing their peers' natural complexions, something I think teens need more than ever with all the caked and edited faces they see now online.

No. 2009065

For the retarded centrism that would be creating another thread dedicated to sperging about female looks when you have Reddit, 4chan and boomer spaces for that and there are not many male equivalents. Also I can throw stones because it’s mostly unattractive insecure girls being too preoccupied with other women’s looks, similar to fatties being the most rabid and nitpicky anachans.

No. 2009066

>cherry picking a dolled up model and comparing it to another young woman that's not particularly known for being good-looking
NTAYRT, but you do realize that women in the 50s, 60s, and 70s weren't walking around like 10/10 Stacies 24/7, right? Previous generations have ugly women, just like this one. And you do realize that women in this generation aren't all irredeemably ugly, right? That little "evidence" you tried was an objectively bad comparison if you're trying to prove that women are "becoming uglier". But why do I care this much at explaining it to you, you were already banned and teachnically still supposed to be for bait.

No. 2009068

can you name an attractive woman youve seen in a recent movie, anon

No. 2009070

Exactly. She was told this before, and started insisting she wasn't trying to pull some retarded fake equality move, that everyone was just too dumb and we weren't paying attention to her words.

No. 2009072

why do you care so much about this. answer quickly

No. 2009074

but i dont like reddit or 4chan because those aren't websites where you can have a real conversation with anyone, its dogpiled on by moids central. I come to lolcow because ive been using this website for years and i know this website welcomes shit talking ugly women whole heartedly.

No. 2009075

Because I hate seeing each generation of women get uglier and uglier as the years pass by, gen Z looks disgusting so far and im not excited to see how gen A turns out.

No. 2009078

File: 1716102489774.jpeg (49.6 KB, 720x539, ivbujdi.jpeg)

I'm glad I said no one gives a fuck and ignored you because KEK

No. 2009079

As you can see, no one is really interested in conversation with you on this topic ♡

No. 2009084

>n-no one wants to talk to you thats why i've been talking to you for an hour and a half!!!!
yeah i bet

No. 2009085

File: 1716102585229.png (287.38 KB, 491x781, DEZDZ.png)

I'm actually happy that the media industry is more welcoming of diversity of beauty and aesthetics when it comes to representing women, men always had more variety.

I love new faces like Anok Yai, Yasmin Wijnaldum, and Anya Taylor Joy.

No. 2009088

>>2009085 forgive my awful grammar, i'm sleep deprived and an euro>>2009085

No. 2009089

Because everyone has been dunking on you and not discussing your imagined psyop, retard.

No. 2009091

I'm only one of those anons. I'm referring to what I said earlier that got you so buttblasted that you went on multiple diatribes and seethed at other anons. When I said "Don't care" I was right, because as soon as you were given the chance, you confirmed what I was saying.

No. 2009100

the /g/ thread is an image dump thread, this thread also discusses the cultural trends, media tropes, and societal reactions surrounding this generation of women. For example in this post, >>2009093 it is explored how the current fat positive, 'ugly women are the real stacies' trend thats been running since about 2017 has influenced popular culture, including previous works that existed prior to this shift. This societal change caused such an extreme rift in media, to the point where in remakes of movies; women who are supposed to be attractive, who were originally beautiful, are now fat ugly fucking garbage bags that look like a bunch of beans will fall out of them if they get a papercut.

No. 2009101

when did anyone dunk on me? if anything the opposite was done because none of you provided coherent responses, just twitter tier "womp womp" style comebacks that offered nothing to the conversation.youre more retarded than me.(ban evasion)

No. 2009103

Annnd it’s locked thank you jannies. Remember how anons mentioned recently that ugly male psyop got /r9k/ males real mad? They are seething, well done girls.

No. 2009104

Unpopular opinion:

A lot of autistic girls are difficult to hang out with because they have an extremely internalized misogyny due to the rejection they lived through growing up. They have a lot of work to do so they can dissociate being a woman, having an uterus and media representation of being a woman. Not feeling like other girls does not make you better than other women by default. // No hate to the autistic nonnas here, no one is perfect.

No. 2009105

File: 1716104004302.png (180.28 KB, 592x780, mmmkkk.png)

>the average woman 70 years ago looked like brigitte bardot….now, they look like greta thunberg…..the west has fallen

No. 2009106

Oh I don't like that one fucking bit, I have been using lolcow since I was 16 years old and I know for a fact that this website revolved around talking down to alll ugly motherfuckers. I have nothing against the ugly male psyop thread! I think it is a good thing! It is a thread that I continually use! I'm simply saying that theres nothing wrong with having a thread to talk about how famous women are getting uglier.(ban evasion)

No. 2009107

Saying you cant relate to other women or you “feel different” also isn’t saying that you’re better than anyone.

No. 2009108

File: 1716104127113.png (50.15 KB, 659x692, the-west-has-fallen-v0-2o48ufs…)

>the west has fallen

No. 2009110

Are you just not reading my posts? I didn't say the west has fallen. I said that theres nothing wrong with having multiple ugly psyop threads. The more the merrier you sad cucks..

No. 2009111

File: 1716104226306.png (72.35 KB, 615x680, 26285_-_.png)

>the west has fallen, brothers

No. 2009113

Im gonna puke kekkk

No. 2009114

File: 1716104372003.jpg (57.6 KB, 1079x1193, 33092.jpg)

>the west has fallen, d-doods(report and ignore the baiter)

No. 2009115

I agree, somewhat. A lot of people use the excuse of being "divergent" (aesthetically wise, culturally wise, sexually wise and now even psyche-wise) to elevate themselves as better than-
But also, different to what extent? "the average woman' - women - are not a monolith, they enjoy differents things, have different religions, beliefs…

No. 2009120

Burgerfags are really something(responding to a bait thread)

No. 2009136

jannies are so retarded

No. 2009138

Yeah of course they aren’t but average is also a statistical quality. Yes everyone is ‘different’. But people are different in a way that’s more obvious or detrimental, so to the extent that it makes your social life difficult, I guess?

No. 2009143

Modern mainstream musicians suck.

No. 2009155

I don't infight, I calmly explain my point of view and why it's right.

No. 2009159

To be honest I don't think schizo female psyop anon is a moid. Compared to 70 yrs ago Hollywood's standards have changed. Not sure if on average normal women have gotten uglier. There has been an increase in uglier women's visibility for the sake of an agenda, like Lizzo. Her entire thing is being obese. Plus when fashion brands kept doing the diverse model thing, showing more "plus-sized" models. Ashley Graham. There was definitely a campaign there. The greta thunberg picture set people off because they saw it as women being shilled as attractive vs just famous in general, so they all dogpiled on anon and silenced the dissenting opinion that didn't fit the new sisterhood mentality of Lolcow.

No. 2009165

If you read most of 'her' posts, they do read very moidy and baity. Seventy years ago camera quality was different, so people looked more ethereal and flawless. The 'average woman has gotten uglier' is boomer tier thinking of picking random photo of women in the 60s and sperging about how 'there was no botox or plastic surgery, only natural beauty, not like these modern harlots!!!’. Watch any classic tv series from that time and you can see most women weren’t Brigitte Bardots, lol.

No. 2009167

I’m not taking any sides here but anons here say painfully retarded and misogynistic shit all day. Also the conversation wasn’t about women in general it was about public figures, however the standards for what makes a female public figure attractive is now kind of dictated by how the average woman looks.

No. 2009169

Ok here me out, but this whole body-positivity, women getting "uglier" is just society getting more experimental fater decades of very strict, centralized trends of bodies. We notice than whenever there's a strict conformism, outsiders are much more extreme in their transgression. It's the pendulum swing really, but society tends to recalibrate itself at some point while learning from the experience. Fat body positivy is already dying out, but we also gained more diversity in bodies in movies.

No. 2009170

nta but agreed, i think most of the looks back then was really down to styling + different cameras but especially styling making people look better than what they really were. even with modern people today most of them just need to change their style and not be overweight to look decent unless they're legit deformed.

No. 2009173

How many times do you keep coming back here to defend yourself after getting banned? Give it a fucking rest

No. 2009176

Is that why you keep getting red texted for ban evading? And your posts keep getting deleted here and in the meta complaint thread? And why you bragged about your posts being deleted because you are ban evading?

No. 2009177

Tbh modern celeb fashion and make up do suck ass a lot of the time and I could see it as some sort of tranny moid conspiracy but that's basically just the celebrity thread.

No. 2009179

File: 1716109382303.jpeg (112.99 KB, 585x724, 8A4D122.jpeg)

this bitch was absolutely HIDEOUS and i'm tired of everyone pretending otherwise. she looks like an inbred freak, like a lego head version of anya taylor joy

No. 2009181

This site is not feminist central nor it ever was one, I’m fine with anons being catty and I prefer it to sanitized character of other female spaces, but I think a certain principle should be uphold. No males, no overt woman-bashing. And that anon was very much worried about looks of gen z women specifically.

Agreed, also fat women were also the beauty standard in some contexts in the past, it’s not new and it’s dying out currently like you said.


Learn the definition of 'comparison', imbecile.

No. 2009183

So you agree that you are banned and are ban evading?(she is indeed banned)

No. 2009184

The comparison was based on the fact that in both instances it’s a flawed logic of picking specific photo/celebrity and making a broad generalization based on it, even though it has little to do with reality. You really are slow.

No. 2009188

It's a scrote from 4chan seething that we are calling ugly men ugly. I know I'm not allowed to say that on here anymore, but I'm tired + if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a fucking duck.

No. 2009192

It becomes more obvious with every post, it didn’t ever matter that much to the most catty anons here. The only thing he is right about is the broken ban function on this site unfortunately.

No. 2009195


Promiscuity is considered to be a symptom of many mental disorders. There's a correlation between having a bit of sex and mental wellness and a correlation between promiscuity and mental illness. Its underlying issues like compulsivity, narcissicism, insecurity, because why on earth would anyone fuck randoms all the time, what do you get from it, most likely not even orgasms.

No. 2009223

File: 1716113900650.png (365.06 KB, 732x549, woman_using_epilator-732x549-t…)

>have unpopular opinion
>go to unpopular opinion thread to share it
>oh ok I'll wait for that to calm down
>periodically visit thread to find a rare moment where anons aren't tearing out each other's throats
>moment never really comes
I'll just say it now: I LOVE EPILATING MY LEGS!!!! I don't know why everyone hates it so much, it's my favorite way of removing body hair. The pain feels amazing, seeing the previously hairy areas become smooth for weeks is satisfying, and tweezing out whatever hairs I missed or became ingrown later is fun while watching Youtube videos or something.

She looks like Mr Bean

No. 2009226

I don't like that you have to let it grow out before you can remove it. I don't mind epilating my legs pain-wise but everywhere else is a nightmare.

No. 2009234

I do it in sections so that they are always at least 50% smooth and then the rest is a little stubbly. Makes the hair that grew back less noticeable

No. 2009275

Stainless steel is shit for cooking. Cast iron and even carbon steel is better.

No. 2009277

I hate cooking with stainless steel so much. Doesn't hold heat for shit and metal utensils scrape and squeak on it like nails on a chalkboard.

No. 2009311

Boba pearls are gross and ruin a perfectly good drink

No. 2009331

File: 1716127599656.jpg (152.16 KB, 1041x362, 1000002951.jpg)

the one good thing about AI art is that it has taught artists they are just as disposable as any other worker under capitalism. ive seen too many artists act like taking furry commissions, gluing together shitty crafts, or doing community theater makes them a revolutionary (as opposed to all the wagie sheeple) picrel, cant stand an actor who thinks what they do is important in any way and have known plenty of others with the same attitude

No. 2009333

working towards improving a skill will always be better than working at wallmart mopping vomit. People that dont have artistic hobbies are soulless.

No. 2009341

Having sex with the same man 843765 times is also promiscuity and I judge people for that HARD.(bait)

No. 2009350

or they're too exhausted from working double shifts and shit jobs so they can pay for basic necessities to spend extra energy on creativity. dgmw i feel weird about people who could have hobbies but don't, but most creative hobbies have some barrier for entry (time, physical ability, money for supplies/tools, etc.) and not everyone can do it

No. 2009352


Seems like quite a bit, lets say if you were do to it twice a day, it'd take you 1155 years to fuck that much

No. 2009354

Unless you're a mother raising children, you have no excuses, you got guys in the worst shit holes finding ways of being creative their own ways. Money was never a necessity to be creative. Some guys literaly make art works out of a blue pen.

No. 2009357

I agree, I would never touch a moid who slept with a bunch of women. Immediate red flag, yet moids think women like a "experienced" man. You can get experience from a long term committed relationship too… obviously not talking extremes like moids who think you have to be chaste virgin until marriage.

No. 2009358

Artists have been undervalued and treated as disposable long before AI came into existence.

No. 2009362

most artists are wageys themselves

No. 2009365

These make me lol cause many times people are just glancing cause they are in the way or making a huge scene.

No. 2009371

>2 in Australia
Girl you are baiting for ppl to say "omg ur 10 in Australia too gurl"

No. 2009374

>porn addict goes for big ass
Why big ass means you're a porn addict? Aren't all of them porn addicts?

No. 2009378

The Australian beauty standard has been “blonde with big tits” since forever, so definitely baiting

No. 2009389

idk how you could read that post and think im talking about hobbiests

No. 2009394

what do hobbiest have to do with anything? all artists that arent frauds have to work hard to learn how to draw

No. 2009396

Ugly women clearly don’t exist anon, that’s what LC loves to claim

No. 2009397

File: 1716131598709.jpg (420.21 KB, 3959x3487, QTE.jpg)

No. 2009405


As an artist myself i'm actually very happy of how humbling AI has been especially for those fucking soulless digital artist who'd sell their soul to baphomet himself to get a few likes, all they can paint is pretty instawhores with the same expression deer in the light - fake orgasm - i'm thinking about something mildly sad. Or even worse the anime digital artists which, even though have skills, it's the result of channeling the sexual deprivation of some greasy incels.

No. 2009406

They don't. No woman can be uglier than your average moid

No. 2009408

The lies. I agree but still ugly women exist, stop trying to erase them

No. 2009409

They do but I will never compare them with the absolute goblin faced mutated subhuman moids.

No. 2009417


Ugly women are not as likely to be a lovecraftian cum monster fueled by unfathomable porn running in the back on their pc h24

No. 2009419

File: 1716132971671.jpeg (31.88 KB, 280x280, IMG_8155.jpeg)

famous last words

No. 2009424

So speaking of ugly women, what ever happened to that "Ugly Women Psyop" thread?

No. 2009426

I cursed it for some anon daring to post my wife

No. 2009437

a thread like that sounds pointless as there isn't actually a psyop to push ugly women. at best there's a psyop to push fat and out of shape women but that's obviously a ploy by ""them"" to turn a significant chunk of the population into literal cattle

No. 2009440

File: 1716134297863.jpg (612.29 KB, 1416x1872, 1551166765718(1).jpg)

Well it's based that you cursed the thread because there's no psyop for ugly women any fucking way. Seriously, society objectively treats ugly women worse than men, so if somebody truly believes that there's a massive, hollywood-assisted psyop for men to date/marry ugly women like how the genders are reversed, it's unfortunate that they have an IQ that's still in the single digits range. Never thought I'd see an anon cape for scrotes so fucking hard that they felt the need to point and finger at women cry about ugly women somehow having it "too good in reputation", but here we are.

No. 2009445

I’m glad there isn’t one because we all know who it’s going to attract. Even then as if anons aren’t tearing some random cow’s looks apart on a daily basis. Anons also have low self esteem so it’s not like I trust their judgement on other women.

No. 2009512

Oh my god. For the millionth time, men and women aren’t comparable to each other. The ugly male psyop thread compared attractive men to the ugly men we have now. Just like how we are comparing attractive women to the ugly women we have now. You seriously need to keep up.

No. 2009514

Ok so just to be clear, you think we shouldn’t be allowed to critique other women on this website? If that’s how you feel id recommend just logging off because that’s exactly what LC is for KEK, and that’s never going to change no matter how hard all these newfags try to push this whole “girls girl!!1!1” reaction the moment someone calls another lady ugly as hell.(infighting across threads)

No. 2009519

You have bunch of other threads dedicated to just that, the ones about specific cows and general ones. There is no need for psyop one because there is no such a thing and it's going to attract more moids, and we already know they're lurking the male one. Shut up about this already.

No. 2009523

Being super pretty seems great because you can pretty much have any guy you want. Instead of having to wait for a guy to ask me out I could just go ask him out with a 99% success rate. I’ve been rejected by every guy I’ve ever asked out.

No. 2009524

But there is. Women that are supposed to be seen as ‘attractive’ are getting uglier. I asked multiple times for you all to post a mainstream woman who you consider to be attractive, and nobody ever did! Because there fucking are none! How are you still trying to deny what is visible kek omg(ban evasion)

No. 2009528

Nta but what's the point in listing a bunch of women I or anons find attractive? You're just going to say you think they're ugly anyway to 'prove' your point.

No. 2009530

I wanna live in this alternate reality where there's an ugly woman psyop so bad.

No. 2009531

what’s the harm in it? if you really think there are women who are as attractive as women of the 60s-90s, please do post one. i’d be happy to see what you all consider to be attractive. if you really think she is good looking, then i won’t be capable of finding anything to nitpick.

No. 2009532

Long distance relationships aren't idea for sure, but it's weird how anytime they come up it seems like there's no nuance at all to be had in conversations about them. it's either "that's a catfish pedophile groomer rapist" or the typical discord mod and his kitten memes. it's just like, yeah those things happen but I'm pretty sure there's an inbetween of people just having relationships and meeting up normally without fitting into those cringe stereotypes at all, yet people insist on spamming these 2 talking points to the point where if anyone mentions the topic that's all they can ever say. with how online stuff has become more prevalent it makes total sense more people are meeting online first so it's odd how judgemental even some zoomers can be about these things when their entire life is online and they're addicted to their phones. I can understand it coming from boomers but the younger crowd not really

No. 2009534

ideal* typo'd

No. 2009536

how are you still sperging about this lmfao

No. 2009537

have you gone outside recently? or watched a movie in the last 15 years? have you opened /snow/? because i’ve got great news for you, nonna

No. 2009540

There’s a world of difference between sperging and having a coherent conversation. I’m still interested in this discussion because no one has been able to refute my claims yet. No one has posted an attractive woman. Everyone is claiming that female actors and models are just as attractive as they used to be, when we all know that is just not the case. Why you’re all trying to cover the asses of women who look inbred is beyond me.

No. 2009541


No. 2009546

Because no one wants to entertain you, loser.

No. 2009548

This is another thing I hate about our current culture, the ‘autism’ trend has exploded so extremely to the point where everyone thinks that if you’re able to analyze and express your thoughts in a lucid way you’re considered to have brain damage.

No. 2009549

You're still going..? Just stop replying to it ffs

No. 2009552

What the hell do you mean ‘entertain’. This conversation we’re having isn’t for fun, and obviously you feel the same way which is why you’ve been continuing to respond for the last 15 hours. I’m not asking for a photo of a woman you consider attractive for the purpose of ‘entertainment’, I am truly eager to see what attractive model or actresses there currently are. And since none of you were able to post any, I really believe that that says all it needs to say KEK.

No. 2009553

Yeah it is still going because the conversation isn’t over, and it won’t be over until someone is able to disprove my claims, which no one has. Falling back on the
>euuu i don’t have to prove anything
>euuu you’re just gonna call her ugly anyways
>euuu you’re autistic
doesn’t assist the narrative you’re trying to reaffirm.

No. 2009559

Synthetic fabrics (polyester and its ilk) suck. They have shit temperature regulation, they shed microplastics every time they're washed, and they don't breathe well so you end up a sweaty mess while wearing them. I hate that plastic clothes are cheaper to buy than clothes made from natural fibers. Sucks for the environment, sucks for the consumer, sucks for the people stuck making shit that'll probably get thrown away because the materials aren't built to last. Unpopular because many people don't have any other option and take the criticism on the industry as a personal attack.

No. 2009562

You must be real fucking ugly to think theres a ugly women psyop..sorry sweaty you should look in the mirror more to see actual ugliness

No. 2009563

You're right. I've only ever seen the people most likely to be in those kinds of LDRs in the first place sperg about them (so, imageboard users, incel-adjacent types, self-proclaimed blackpillers or people who used to browse that subreddit for "femcels" and the like). I think they're just doing as much as they can to seem normie-adjacent, but actual normal people don't really give a shit. Most people these days meet their partner through apps these days, anyway. If you live in the middle of nowhere, or just have interests or opinions that aren't very widespread, it might be one of the only choices at your disposal.

No. 2009564

File: 1716142408642.webp (59.31 KB, 506x607, IMG_7831.webp)

>You must be ugly if you think actresses and models are getting uglier
Sure okay! We’ll go with that! Since you still haven’t been able to post a photo of an actress or model you find attractive, I’ll continue to post photographs of actress and model women who prove my point directly. Here’s a cosmo model from 2015…

No. 2009566

File: 1716142466351.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1071x1478, IMG_7832.jpeg)

And here’s a cosmo model from 1970. Are you starting to catch on?

No. 2009568

Nta but if women getting uglier means we don’t have to see shit like the top left quote I’ll take it

No. 2009571

No idea how unpopular your opinion is, but I also hate how dishonest the industry is. Tons of flat-out lying and preying on people who are too poor to buy ogranic fabrics for sheets and clothes. Like the whole "bamboo fiber" craze that got a bunch of companies fined by the FDC for falsely advertising viscose rayon, a semi-synthetic and very unsustainable fabric, as bamboo. And you constantly see people thinking they're buying 800 thread Egyptian cotton when it's clearly not (a problem that got Walmart, Target, and other major outlets slapped with yet another lawsuit). It's like even if you are trying to avoid synthetics, good fucking luck. And if you're trying to do it on a budget, you can just forget about it. I think that's why people get defensive about it.

No. 2009574

Tess has been irrelevant for years

No. 2009575

I don’t feel bad about the suffering of people who pursue modeling. Just get a real job but you want validation for your looks so you’re willing to get paid Pennie’s and abuse just to say you’re a model.

No. 2009578

>changes topic when you are proven wrong
Nonnie, this isn’t about the dumbass articles from 50 years ago. This is about how the standards for being considered beautiful and cover shoot worthy have changed so drastically. We are always going to have retarded articles written by sludge brained interns, no matter how ugly or good looking the women may be.

No. 2009583

Retards shouldn't be allowed in public

No. 2009585

it's so cringe when families milk their disabled chlidren for views

No. 2009586

I said nta newfag learn to read

No. 2009588

They all laughing till he shits on the table

No. 2009592

I know you said NTA. I’m still responding to the statement you made in your comment.

No. 2009593

I get why the stereotypes exist since there are some genuinely obnoxious people who fit them, but it sucks how (at least in my experience) it's hard to tell people you're in a LDR or met someone online without just being judged or them assuming you're one of those types even when you're not. And yeah, it's like they forget some of us live in the middle of nowhere and genuinely can't find anyone or had to meet them online and transfer it to irl afterwards. It's to the point where any time I've had one of those relationships I just don't tell most people I know anymore until I meet the person irl or we're together more frequently so I don't immediately get put into those boxes by association

No. 2009597

Oh I have such a bone to pick with rayon. It's also sold as a "linen look" fabric and it behaves nothing like linen. Linen has wicking properties because of the way that the flax plant moves water, which makes it great for warm weather clothes and underwear. Rayon barely absorbs water and doesn't wick very well, so it just stays wet and uncomfortable. Plus most -cose fibers are short filament and not very durable and tends to tear and degrade when washed and dried. I wish there were better regulations on fabrics so companies couldn't skirt by on euphemism.

No. 2009602

File: 1716143590915.gif (4.87 MB, 360x270, 1000015765.gif)

I was about to say, "anon that's fucked up", but my time in highschool helped me remember there's a reason why the speds had their own lunch period while all the other students were in class. They don't just get bullied a lot, but some retards can harass people a lot. Remember that giant retard student who stomped his teacher for taking away his game? Maybe it's for the best that legitimate retards remain more "separated". Yeah, I'm getting really bitchy with this take.

No. 2009603

>we were still supposed to see her as attractive
Nta but she never played a role like that, she played quirky girls and losers (Princess Diaries, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Scream 3 cameo as Randy Meeks' sister..) I would describe her as a character actor like Steve Buscemi in the sense that she's not attractive yet her features play an important role on making her characters more interesting

No. 2009604

Super late reply to this post but McDonald's employs well over 200k people in the US alone, if the CEO gave up his entire salary, bonuses and stock options it would only be enough to pay every McDonalds worker like 100 dollars more per year, not even. Whenever people trot out some insane unjustifiable CEO salary to talk about how the company could easily afford to pay staff more it's missing the point, most of these companies could afford to pay staff more but not by taking it out of the CEO salary. CEO salaries shouldn't be that high because it's immoral to take that much money and power for yourself, not because it would help raise employee wages to have a lower salary at a company this big.

No. 2009608

File: 1716143979466.png (3.76 MB, 2093x943, Modern Cosmopolitan.png)

That was my post, i was about to resend. Here're my chosen fronts. And i knew this is what was about to happen. She has a classical face, she's simply not your taste. Many people don't think Brigitte Bardot is beautiful, whether you believe it or not, this is now becoming an infight about the types of faces. Both of those women are young and well put together, they're not an examples of psyop.

No. 2009609

dont you know its a womans job to be fuckable? so if a woman is visible in public or on the screen and she doesn't look fuckable that is OFFENSIVE. all women at all times must remain a consumable product, even background women doing the wash

No. 2009610

I remember when people were originally getting creepy about him thinking.. he must actually be in pull ups still. I've known kids around that level and they are

No. 2009611

>young and well put together
I’m not hearing the word beautiful, anon. Actresses and models are less and less star-stunning and more and more…meh.

No. 2009614

What? Who the hell said anything about sex. I’m not a lesbian so I can’t speak for what makes a woman ‘fuckable’ but this whole time I’ve been talking about women who are just point blank ugly. Not ‘unfuckable’ specifically because there is no such thing as unfuckable kek. Men will fuck a bathroom floor mat.

No. 2009616

they're overrated for sure

No. 2009618

Ayrt idk, some of us have a thing for unconventional faces, I used to like her character in PD a lot because she was loud and annoying, Mia was a bit bland to me. It was a children's/teen movie and 6 year old me liked the quirky girl trope.
My exact thoughts, nonnie, if I have to take a side on this I'm all for different faces on media, specially if it's a teen movie

No. 2009620

You guys are literally agreeing with her that they've gotten uglier and Hollywood's standards have changed but you're taking it personally.

No. 2009621

>a woman's need for a man who dominates, protects and occasionally mistreats her
>yes, dear, some girls still get paid for sex
The media has been pushing pickme libfem bullshit for decades.

No. 2009622

File: 1716144546870.jpeg (7.31 KB, 164x308, Brigitte.jpeg)