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File: 1642050656081.jpg (254.71 KB, 1200x1200, HE_19-10077088-Acrylic-Drawer-…)

No. 1025547

Inspired by the "Consoomerism Thread" I made a thread to talk about everything and anything regarding organisation.

>Talk about why you like/want to stay organised.

>Share how you stay organised.
>Recommend resources on how to stay/be organised.
>Drop aesthetically pleasing images .
>Bond with fellow nonnies about your struggles regarding being organised.
>If possible have fun.

No. 1025555

File: 1642051131554.jpg (112.46 KB, 1280x700, photo-28-1280x700.jpg)

To break the ice I'll share how I got into organisation. A few years ago I was working on my mental illness (BPDfag here) and I was getting distraught by the sheer amount of stuff I owned, so when talking to my therapist he mentioned that some of his clients have found success by engaging in a minimalist lifestyle. So I tried it and never looked back. I love the order and the quality of the few things I own, I always focus on the uniqueness of the item and the work and effort it was put into it. Also containers, I love containers.

No. 1025557

how many hours a week do you guys spend organizing?

No. 1025559

>Drop aesthetically pleasing images
>ugh I recoiled.
So organized hoarding? Pass.

No. 1025565

File: 1642051650554.jpeg (106.21 KB, 845x634, 5925772e6391471b008b612b.jpeg)

Good idea for a thread but careful this could turn into consooming 2.0

I have a slight obsession with glass jars/containers. I usually rip open the box of cotton swabs and keep them in a jar simply because it looks nicer to me. I have to be careful not to just collect jars and actually use them for organization. I want to move towards keeping less plastic in general even though if it's already been made its already fucked.

No. 1025572

I usually do it once a week and it takes me around 2 - 4 hours depending on the mess size.

No. 1025578

>but careful this could turn into consooming 2.0
I know anon, hopefully it doesn't happen.

>glass jars/containers.

so nice anon! glass containers always look so much pleasing to the eye and last so much longer than plastic or acrylic.

No. 1025712

I'm surprised that this thread was made out of the consoomer thread instead of a thread specifically for crazy hoarders, demand for that seems to be higher.

No. 1025806

Maybe around 1-2 hours a week. I feel like it goes together with cleaning my apartment, and thus having to put items back in their place/making it look neat again. Living in a small apartment kinda forces you to be organised and clean.

No. 1025810

File: 1642074165174.jpg (121.59 KB, 600x1680, 2eaefb6211b490e44815897ca22bc6…)

Finding your organization style can also be helpful. For example OP image some may just find it looks like visual clutter to them and dislike it.

No. 1025813

How do you prevent organizing from turning into storage container hoarding? I will get storage containers and folders and things like that thinking I'm being proactive but then it'll just lead to more consooming and shoving things away

No. 1025816

not enough lmao. I have this bad habit of picking things up, putting them down then forgetting to bring them back to their original places. Also I just really struggle with packing things away/cleaning up after myself in general

No. 1025817

Going through it yearly or even quarterly to downsize will probably help. Just always assessing if items should be tossed or not.

No. 1025821

File: 1642075548196.jpg (209.02 KB, 1500x1252, 815-GJDRP6L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

i will move into my own apartments towards the end of the year and i'm already wondering what kind of containers i should get for kitchen stuff. roommate and i had a bug infestation a while ago, idk what kind of bugs they were (too scared to google) but i found them in the paper bag the flour comes in, so i want all dried goods (flour, sugar, pasta, oats) to be in containers. i have one plastic container for my oats right now, everything else is used up as fast as possible to avoid the return of the bugs kek.

so either way i have to spend money on buying my first kitchen containers. i was thinking of getting picrel, they're made of glass and come with a bamboo lid. thoughts? experiences with bamboo? i'm worried about soggy wood when i wash them, but i really like the look of them.

No. 1025823

When i had moved to a different city with much different climate (hotter) i saw those little bugs for the first time too. I think they eat flour. They were tiny black bugs and they would get into packages that hadnt even been opened yet, i dont know how. If you dont storage dry foods in containers unfortunately they find a way to go through the plastic packaging.

No. 1025826

yes, they were tiny black bugs!! i think they first attacked my bouillon cubes because those were wrapped very loosely, and later i found them in the flour. absolutely disgusting.

No. 1025834

I had like an epiphany when I lived abroad for a semester because I was in a sharehouse with a tiny room but the living room and the kitchen were huge, and I realized that having a small room and not having a lof of space for my clothes and books and stuff in general didn't bother me at all for some reason. So as soon as I had to go back to my parents' place I sold a lot of books and video games I stopped caring about and got several hundred of euros from that, and I gave clothes I almost never wore to charity. I also threw away expired makeup and skincare products. Now whenever I want to buy more books or video games I know I have enough space to store them on my shelves without buying more furniture. Same shit with my papers and important documents, I bought several sleeves so all the documents for work (job contracts, my salary, etc.) are together, my medical documents are together, etc. so I know where to look. My closet is a bit of a mess but I don't have a lot of clothes and shoes so it's not a big deal. I feel like thanks to all of that, once I'll get my own place later I'll be able to be organized properly. The only reason why I lost some of my stuff is because my family thinks its theirs and they throw them away like retards.

No. 1025836

Make sure that they’re those types of containers that close hermetically or you will find the little black bug inside again, and tbh, I think it’s better to put the flours in the fridge, to avoid any nasty bugs getting inside.
We use some hermetically closing containers in my home, but the little bitches get in sometimes, so now we put the flours in the fridge.

No. 1025849

I have a cubby for craft supplies, cords wrapped up and bound, pet care, slippers, scrapbooking, etc. If I get a nice pouch or bag from anything I'll save it to further divide supplies in. Everything has a home in my house, but it's all put away, or it would feel cluttered due to limited space. Also, I have a good clothing system, I don't waste so much time searching in my closet. It's either hung in order or in a stack with similar items. For the bathroom, ponytail holders/pins/headbands/scrunchies/whatever all have their own tins and I can just reach and not think about it. I also go through my medicine cabinet every year and purge old makeup or products so I don't turn into my mom with a million expired things. For my kitchen, I keep all my Tupperware lids in a bin under my counter and it freed up so much room in my cupboard. Seems obvious but it wasn't to me, I thought it was better to keep the tops with the bottoms. I always know where things are

No. 1025856

File: 1642079165832.jpeg (23.62 KB, 612x612, f3062172-9251-41ae-96b0-1d98b1…)

>I bought several sleeves
I hope you have them up somewhere safe. These bins are really cheap at Walmart and have saved my docs from getting wet more than once. Believe me shit happens

No. 1025864

Have to clean a filthy hoarder house this month, any advice anonitas? (it's for family, not work) Mostly I'll be deep cleaning grime and years worth of rotten food and rubbish, etc, but after that I'd like to make it really accessible and organized since he's disabled and can't maintain any real cleaning once its done. There is no electricity so I can't just boil kettles of water to clean with hot water, it's going to be very annoying but I'm determined to have it done before he goes back into isolation, I will bring a chisel if I have to.

Anyone with literally any advice is welcome to fuck my shit up, Im in the deep end here and am messy myself so I'm sure I'll make some inefficient mistakes

No. 1025868

We just did this with my grandma's house. The pure amount of dust, grime, and STUFF was so overwhelming. If you want any realistic chance you should look into renting a small dumpster. Get tons of moving boxes and just start going through shit, at first. Trash, definitely keep, and donation/maybe pile. You don't have to make hard decisions on everything immediately but it's just so you can have a system and get through it. Then toss/donate the shit and free enough room so you can clean. Wear a mask throughout this if you can or you will have dirt boogers for days. Once you get past the purge stage the cleaning is the easier part trust me. I wish you luck and take your time

No. 1025882

They're made out of plastic, I never buy sleeves made of cardboard because these ones are too fragile. I can't see myself buying something as big as what you posted because I don't have that many documents, so far all my documents are stored in my desk.

No. 1025884

how does he live without electricity? wtf

No. 1025902

Bring a good mask to block out the smell and mold. Bleach and anti mold cleaner and oven cleaner and strong garbage bags.

No. 1025926

You actually should bring a chisel for sure if you can, those are really helpful for cleaning off dirt that has been there for a long time. You can also use a cleaner with high acidity like oven cleaner and let it sit on stuck-on grime for a bit to break it down and chisel off easier, even if it's outside of the kitchen. I agree with the other anon about renting a dumpster or just having something large to put stuff in. And make really practical decisions about which things to get rid of, don't try to think about what they might be emotional about (within reason, if it is something clearly important that's different) because hoarders have emotional rationalizations for keeping everything.

No. 1025987

File: 1642091060377.jpg (496.02 KB, 1800x1200, 121496.jpg)

This is definitely not the prettiest organizational method but I wash and reuse empty food storage containers if they're sturdy. I use a gochujang container to hold salt for cooking, various glass jars for dry goods, deli soup containers for leftovers and soup stock, yogurt containers to collect vegetable scraps for the compost, tea tins for rubber bands, etc. I also wash and re-use freezer bags if they haven't had something gross like raw meat stored in them. While it looks a little, uh, poverty-chic, I rarely have to buy organizational supplies unless it's for my desk. My worst organization habit is making huge piles of paper that I never go through, so I got a 5-compartment letter tray for papers I want to keep and reference at my desk, and an accordion file for long-term storage of things like medical files and old lecture notes. All of the courses in my major build on material from precious courses, so storing my old notes and assignments really helps me recall earlier material faster.
While it's not really a physical organizational method, I also keep a bullet journal that I treat more like a logbook than an art project. I keep track of not just appointments and deadlines, but also when I did specific household chores, which skincare products I've tried, which of my plants need repotting, gift ideas for people, what my tarantulas are doing, and other autistic things like that. Reducing the mental load with a 'paper brain' helps me focus more on what I actually want to do, because otherwise I could waste days just flitting about my apartment doing random chores and projects instead of getting work done. I know bullet journals get memed a lot as an ADHD cure-all, but I highly recommend using one as a logbook for my fellow spergs and ADHD sufferers. Mine looks more like picrel than the Pinterest bujo spreads, and I find that keeping it functional rather than pretty ensures I actually use it.

No. 1025998

I re-use glass jars and containers too. Anything that doesn't have a plastic body or lid is great. Saves money and having less plastic in your home is a good thing, 100% recommend.

No. 1026019

I could totally make a "Hoarders Vent/Recovery Thread" if there's demand!

No. 1026022

Tag yourself, I'm definitely a Bee

No. 1026075

i took the test but i feel like it doesn't get me at all. i hate clutter and i organize everything. i hate shit like trash drawers or trash boxes or whatever. i want everything i own to be neatly organized AND hidden from view. like i organize all my tupperware and THEN i close the cupboard so nobody sees it. i just hate when shit is messy, both hidden behind doors/in drawers and when it's out in the open.

No. 1026294

I'm glad I posted to ask, this is all really good advice. Thank you anons. (and OP)

No. 1026533

>glass containers always look so much pleasing to the eye and last so much longer than plastic or acrylic.
man that just ain't true

never once have a dropped a plastic jar on the ground and had it shatter into a million pieces that can cut me. inb4 ``be careful'', i am careful, i love glass, but this definitely still happens

i've been thinking about it recently, and i'm really grateful for plastic containers; I use them constantly and it's not because they're cheaper. my life would be a lot tougher without them

No. 1026535

me too with the hair ties in the bathroom, i use an old pudding cup that i cleaned out. simple but it keeps them contained and they used to be everywhere.

i like the idea with the tupperware lids. i'm gonna do this to my brother's lids, he'll never know what hit him

No. 1026545

File: 1642126730940.jpeg (441.53 KB, 2160x2160, 899347E7-07F8-4C68-8DE8-0D5262…)

I use an old lush pot for my hair ties. A few years ago I bought a couple glass jars from Target and keep cotton and qtips in one, bath stuff in the other. Pretty close to what this person posted

No. 1026558

File: 1642127733338.jpeg (44.28 KB, 488x488, 455E792B-545A-4B7A-9606-9F73AF…)

Another good idea for this if you want to avoid buying an empty jar just for this purpose is using old lidded candle jars. They’re often very pretty and this lets you get a second life out of the item once you’ve burned the candle down. If the lid stays on too tight and you want to open it one-handed you can often just remove the plastic seal that’s attached to the inside of the lid.

I’d use these for food too but am hesitant to do that for something that wasn’t necessarily designed to be foodsafe.

No. 1026631

Cute! I just put my dry pantry items in mason jars for storage. It didn't do much for organisation or compacting because they were in their own separate bags anyway. But it's still a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

No. 1026661

imma rant about mason jars.
i would NOT recommend mason jars for almost any purpose, because the lids are in two pieces which is extremely inconvenient. if you take the lid off for any length of time the parts tend to get separated. then you have to spend ages just to put a lid on a jar, which is tremendously inefficient. also, the lids rust around the edges when you wash em. yeah, you can towel them off right away to avoid this problem but again that's an extra step you wouldn't have to take with an ordinary jar. would prefer an old kimchi jar with a plastic lid any day

mason jars are also terrible as glasses because they have threads around the mouth area which you then have to spend extra effort to wash.

tl;dr fuck mason jars, give them shits away to noobs

to add to this in my apartment i have a cubby for odd empty containers. and then when i get something new and i want a container to put it in, i look there to see if there is something i have saved that fits the bill

No. 1026664

File: 1642137755440.png (6.88 MB, 1125x2436, 47C53357-4D7C-4FB9-8A9F-601C95…)


They do sell normal plastic lids for mason jars just FYI, no two piece nonsense. I’ve recently bought several and can recommend

No. 1026676

File: 1642139204672.jpg (191.2 KB, 550x550, Pickles_Cropped.jpg)

Nonnie you basically want to use mason jars for when you're pickling produce, the small metal part of the lid is supposed to pop to make sure it seals correctly. I agree they're kinda pointless elsewhere but important if you don't want botulism (when making your own food)

No. 1026805

File: 1642151643218.jpg (93.13 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

are most pickled products sold in this kind of jar in your country? I only owned one, found the lid kind of annoying. Most jars I find myself with are like this, easy to re-use for sauces.

No. 1027035

Then wouldn't that make you a cricket? It also says you fit in more then one category.

No. 1028117

yeah i know what they're for. a lot of people use them to organize and they're really bad for that, which is why it's relevant to the thread

No. 1028121

these seem pretty nice though in the event that you, like me, have a lot of mason jars in the house (due, for instance, to someone else being bad at organization) and their lids are always everywhere

No. 1028631

The bugs and eggs are present in the flour and other dried goods before you bring them into the home, so the best thing to do is freeze everything for 24-48 hours, then you can decant into the container.

No. 1028913

File: 1642278875765.jpg (1.08 MB, 1535x2056, 14APR11_ASK_IMG_0340.jpg)

Any one else have trouble organizing things with a lot of very small objects?

I am trying to reorganize my desk area and have a set of plastic/acrylic makeup drawers for my pens,markers, and misc office stuff. But I've come to realize I don't really need this much office stuff, especially when most things are done digitally nowadays. I have way too many paperclips,sticky notes, pens from when I was in school, that now are just pointless for me to have. I struggle with throwing this out, especially pens that still halfway work because I feel like I'm contributing to waste (I try to say I'll use them up before buying new ones at least) Even with art supplies I've realized I have too much, buying stuff for different mediums but not using all of it.

I also did this with consumables like food and tea, I bought a bunch of tea on sale after Christmas and tried it, but it was awful and now I have a bunch of extra boxes of tea I don't want but can't throw away because that feels wasteful to me. I have a problem with feeling like I am wasting things if I get rid of it if it could be used

No. 1028920

File: 1642279280030.jpg (95.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Personally I'm a fan of the brand "Deflecto" because they cater to this specific problem. I own this complete set from them and it has helped me stay inside the boundaries of it so i won't over buy stuff.

Also I throw used teabags into my compost (which is literally a tree) and they biodegrade just fine.

No. 1028922

>throwing it out
You don't have to, you can give them away. If you don't have anyone to give them away to and you live in a big city, you can give them away through one of those 'pick up for free' apps or websites. Or put it in a box and leave it in the canteen of a uni for students to use it. Or put it in a roadside give-away box if you have any nearby. So many options.

No. 1028928

If you know any teachers I’d recommend giving the stuff like sticky notes and paper clips to a school, they’re always using those.

No. 1029197

for the really small stuff (paperclips, sd cards, batteries, pens, pencils, erasers) plano boxes work great

for the tea, if it's black tea you can make tea leaf eggs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tea_egg

otherwise the only thing i can think is that you can do like everyone at my workplace does and leave the not-so-good tea in the break room for some other sucker to drink.

No. 1029228

File: 1642309006198.jpeg (252.86 KB, 1170x1459, 4361A804-12DA-4A78-98C6-98116A…)

Good thread anon!

Here to share some recently learned knowledge on my end. Just figured out these shelves (I think they're spice racks?) from ikea are big enough to hold normal sized canned goods. We have very little storage in our kitchen, so finding this out has been godsend. And looks nice. They also work great for holding craft supplies like paint or glitter.

Any anons have any suggestion for storing things nicely like measuring cups, and spoons? Hanging looks nice but we have cats. But I find they also look off just tossed in a drawer. Perhaps has anyone experimented with some type of in-cabinet hanging storage?

No. 1029234

File: 1642309756313.jpg (119.39 KB, 1136x1136, a7b1571fc814a2cb615de3c70ac36a…)

I love, love, love multipurpose shelves nonny, great investment!

>we have cats

I don't know which material your measuring cups are made of but I found this alternative for metal measuring utensils. Hope it helped!

No. 1029281

shelves should always have a bar on it to prevent items from falling but they rarely do. why is it so unpopular for them to actually be functional??

No. 1029329

ntayrt but the bar doesn't work for a lot of things anyway, and stuff gets caught under it

no shelf -> pegs / hooks -> shelf -> shelf with bar -> cabinet without doors -> cabinet with doors

each step is an improvement over the last, and each requires progressively more material and more skill with carpentry. like, i get how you could stop at any point along that progression when your needs are met

No. 1029816

Oh thanks !! Ours our plastic but this image did give me an idea!

No. 1030539

File: 1642432148267.jpeg (902.47 KB, 2732x2048, 4C4E441E-02CD-4C7E-9164-B4C2DA…)

So I bought the famous ikea cart that all artfags buy but it feels so messy now. I drew pic related to demonstrate. How do i organize art supplies better? I’m moving to a small place in a couple of months and have so much paint, sketchbooks, markers etc without an organized way to store it. Any advice?

No. 1030558

Why do i feel right is organized as well? Am i adhd

No. 1030559

Same anon but after taking a glance i don’t see why you won’t put everything in a separate category? Who cares if it doesn’t look empty?

No. 1030570

It looks like you’ve got a lot of loose stuff whereas the left picture relies more on containers. Opaque lidded boxes are your friend when you want to store stuff that looks cluttered when put together.

No. 1030832

Probably the last thing you want to do is buy more stuff, but I recommend buying small storage bins from five below or something to organize your cart. So put your brushes in one bin, your sketchbooks in another, etc.

No. 1030844

> the famous ikea cart that all artfags buy
Oh man you fell for the gimmick. Anon, no actual professional artist uses those stupid things.

No. 1030845

File: 1642448957977.jpeg (833.34 KB, 1351x1351, 3c86a48f-be1a-4559-bdcf-ef57a8…)

I got a similar cart from the craft store, picrel, only mine came with a bunch of extra accessories to help organize a little better. There's two bars for spools, hooks, a peg board, a shelf and a pencil holder! I'm able to get things like scissors, ribbon and thread out of the way with all the hooks and stuff so there is more room on the cart itself for other supplies.

No. 1030894

I'm retarded and I always leave the lid rings in the bottom of the sink for like a week until it's absolutely disgustingly rusty and then I throw them out

No. 1030902

nta but pretty sure she just meant social media artists by artfags, obviously those aren't pro by industry standards.

No. 1030907

whoever decided mason jars had to be used for anything other than food preservation was either an idiot or a marketing genius

No. 1030947

Mason jars are air tight and good for stuff I need to stay wet and drippy

No. 1031037

It's a standard marketing tactic.
There are 3 ways to squeeze more money out of the product you're already making:
1) more users (the basic one, just get more people to buy it)
2) more usage (amount, this is why they started telling you to wash your hair twice when once is enough)
3) more uses (finding another purpose for the product, this is the mason jar case)
t. BA in marketing

No. 1031044

There’s nothing wrong with using all the space in the cart kek, but what I do is prioritize the stuff I transport or use the most, and only put small sketchbooks in. So, paint colors you rarely use, leave them out. Put only most used brushes. Mediums that you always cart between the couch and a desk — those are top priority!

I was not interested in getting one of those carts, due to the meme and I thought they were ugly. But my friend got me a dark teal one, and I realized it would genuinely be really useful for me since I do art in 3 different areas of the house. Now I do art more since I don’t have to dig out what I’m looking for and go back and forth hauling it, I can just grab the cart!

No. 1031279

File: 1642480102460.jpeg (237.25 KB, 1300x956, E7F94CAA-9A93-464F-898A-E488E2…)

I’m looking for advice. I’m visiting my best friend who is currently living in her childhood home with her parents. Her parents are mild hoarders and she also has a hard time letting things go. Her bedroom at this house looks like picrel. I convinced her to let me help her organize it, and even though she has let us get rid of almost nothing, through organization it’s already looking a lot better. Some examples of things she doesn’t want to get rid of include a Captain American McDonald’s toy still in its plastic (she’s not a particular fan of superheroes) and the torn wrapping paper+bow from a Christmas gift she got (not any particularly meaningful gift, and the paper is not usable for anything else). Sometimes the excuses are things like “That’ll be useful if I do XYZ to fix it” (even though she doesn’t know how to fix it and has had it broken for 10 years), sometimes it’s “that could be useful to me some day”, sometimes there’s no excuse she can articulate. The other thing is that her mom seemed to be really annoyed when she found that we were organizing the room, though she didn’t say anything about it. So my questions are: what can I do to help my friend let go of things with no sentimental value or practical use, and is there anything I should do to mitigate the situation with the mom?

No. 1031285

>the torn wrapping paper+bow from a Christmas gift she got
Encourage her to scrapbook this. It'll help with clutter, she gets to keep all this stuff in one book, and she'd have to cut them down to get them to fit which helps get rid of the bulk of the trash. She can put cards there too if she also boards those.

As for the garbage collectibles, is she insisting displaying them? I have/had this issue as well myself. I found putting this stuff I know has no use, but wanted to keep in a box in the closet for a while helped. Eventually the closet needs more room and by that time I usually forget I have them and just see them as garbage when I reopen the box. Might be a useful "trick" to try with her.

No. 1031305

i feel much less insane for hating mason jars now that i have read this post

No. 1031308

for cards i have one suggestion, which is to get a hanging file folder for them

seems very old-timey but they really help with any kind of miscellaneous paper material that's cluttering desks, tables, etc

No. 1031407

This is exactly what I would need, fuck why did I buy the IKEA one.
Maybe my drawing sucked kek but mine is basically overfilling with sketchbooks on all three levels. And I don’t know how I should properly organize all the paint and watercolor palettes, so they’re just scattered on top of a bunch of sketchbooks. There’s also tiny supplies like rulers, tape etc that are just kinda squished in there.
Thank you nonnies, I guess you’re right. Time to buy some storage bins! Never thought about the clear lidded part, so that’s definitely something I’ll try to find!

No. 1031412

I was like your friend. I used to be a “Maybe I'll need it someday” person. I would save plastic wrappings and boxes for thing I bought years ago. What helped me was when my mom and I sat together in my room (she the opposite of me, hates saving useless stuff) and she had a huge garbage bag with her. She put some plastic wrapping in the garbage bag, when I reacted and said no, she just straight up asked me if it would be useful to have in the upcoming month. I said no and had no arguments for keeping it. So she threw it away. Gradually that made me also throw away stuff, since I already had “lost” some things that I would “need someday”, throwing away more of it didn't feel as dreadful the 10th time. The important part is to immediately throw away everything in the garbage bag and not let the person who's hoarding look inside of it. Because that gave me soooo many second thoughts and filled me with anxiety because of the “attachment” to the items. Once something is in the bag, it should never be taken out again.

No. 1032092

This helped, thanks nonnie! We’re all done and while I wouldn’t exactly consider it clean-looking, it’s a lot better than it was. All the floors are cleared, she has a usable desk now, and things are much better organized. The tip of having a miscellaneous box really helped.

No. 1035080

you can screw some plywood or mdf to the side and put nails in it to hang stuff off of, before you write it off completely

also, sounds like you need to do something about the notebooks– for starters, get them all in one place on one of the racks, not all 3. you can label the spaces on the racks with sharpie on blue painter's tape or masking tape to remind you what goes where

No. 1254777

Does anyone have any advice for photo / phone organization? (I hope this fits with the nature of the thread)

I had over 25,000 photos across my Snapchat & camera roll saved. (I’ve gotten rid of a vast majority, though). I’m extremely paranoid, so I’d also like to organize my phone / become more minimalist in case of hack or data breach.

No. 1292490

I've been obsessed with her videos now. I really want to move out to have a nice clean place like hers

No. 1292493

Anyone else watch CleanTok? It's really inspired me to clean and reorganize all my stuff. I feel more like a functional adult.

No. 1292509

yes. i have adhd and watching other people vacuum makes me want to vacuum my own house so i follow tiktoks of people cleaning to snappy music and it motivates me to clean on a daily basis. gotta watch out though because half of them are trying to sell you a new organizing thing with affiliate links so im quick to scroll past if its selling something

No. 1343643

Does anyone else have a hard time throwing things away? I want to purge all this crap I've been holding onto for years…makeup from the 80's my mom gave me, when I don't even wear makeup. I do have boxes of clothes set aside to sell when I have time. I haven't done this before. Does anyone have any advice? Also any advice for deep cleaning / restoring items before selling? I really want to just eliminate most of my items and start over with the nice new stuff I've invested in. It's just so hard for me to let go.

I've also gotten rid of most of my mangas, but I realize now I probably could've sold those too. I'm keeping a few weeby things around my desk.

I'm just always worried I'll randomly remember the item and miss it and regret getting rid of it.

I feel like people are happier when they have less and less stuff.

I've also switched over my dental care and floss items to more sustainable lasting items. I don't buy random skincare anymore. I just buy something if I've already finished the previous one. I only buy natural fiber clothes. I've just had to put a lot of rules on myself which had worked great, but I'm still having a hard time parting with my old things I've hoarded my whole life.

No regrets necroing this thread either

No. 1344593

What's a convenient way of storing hair/skin/makeup products in your closet?

No. 1345669

The Kondo Marie method works for a lot of people. Separate the items into categories and sorting them by donate or toss. I think most people (myself included) hold onto items to sell later, but it ends up staying for a long time. I would donate and thrash pile is easier for items. Set a day aside for just one part of your house and focus on that part only.

No. 1355873

>I'm just always worried I'll randomly remember the item and miss it and regret getting rid of it.
You definitely will, but most of the time the feeling will pass quickly and you'll just forget about the item again for a while. It gets easier the more you do it.

No. 1461185

File: 1672694215762.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1000, Screenshot_20230102-151630.png)

Bumping this thread because I'm moving to a bigger apartment soon. I'm looking for a reliable and decent quality 2 tiered dish rack for my kitchen. I see a few online, but I can't really trust photos because things can be smaller than they appear. My Nigel cooks most days the week and I want to ensure it can hold large pots and pans so the sink doesn't get crowded so easily because cleaning so many pots and pans at once and letting them air dry is so uncomfortable with the space we have now, we unfortunately let the leftover dirty dishes pile up from there being no room to do them all at once. Alternatively, we could throw the big pots and pans in the oven at a low temperature to dry faster, but I'd rather not, I know I'd one day forget about that and ruin something.
Any recommendations are gladly accepted and for any anons dropping links, I'm a burgerfag.

No. 1461245

why don't you just buy a normal drying rack for your plates, cutlery and smaller stuff and dry the pots and pans with a towel and put them away? seems far more easier ans it doesn't get cluttered. my sister had one of those drying racks like picrel and it sucked so much. idk if it was the quality but it always bent under the weight (esp if she put a pot on it) and it made the kitchen look way more cluttered bc it takes up more space. also she ended up never putting away her dishes.

No. 1466047

File: 1673120586598.jpg (78.83 KB, 736x736, l.jpg)

>Talk about why you like/want to stay organised.
I work from home, and I find being in a messy cluttered environment unbearable for any extended period of time. I also don't want to end up like my parents, they are hoarders and their houses are just full of random junk they never use. Also in university I lived with a load of slobs who would mess the place up so much, it was an awful environment to be in and I swore when I had my own place I'd never let it get like that.

>Share how you stay organised.

In terms of house organisation, I really consider what I buy before I buy it, partially because I hate spending money unnecessarily. I wouldn't say I'm a minimalist, but a careful consoomer kek. I'm also a big fan of cleaning and tidying as you go, taking care of my possessions, I also don't go to bed with a messy house. Maybe sounds OCD but I really find that little and often is the best way to go. Drawer dividers and in-wardrobe organisation items really help too.

In terms of life organisation, it sounds basic but I put literally everything in my phone calendar because I'm forgetful, and use the widgets that display calendar events on the home screen.

No. 1466059

You could get any kind of rack and supplement it with an absorbent dish drying mat, that way you can put it away when it's not in use and it won't take up extra space.

No. 1466932

File: 1673190455367.jpg (160.88 KB, 1920x1080, dont miss the bus.jpg)

this is my room. yes i know it looks a little bit like a nursery, i like cute things.

the white company:
>elephant lamp

h&m home:
>everything else

No. 1471632

Why are your books on the floor? And yeah it does look like those pinterest mom nurseries that allow no colour at all.

No. 1471640

File: 1673602364335.png (183.32 KB, 726x519, eweweewewew.png)

Cute, do you have a small bedroom? I assume that on the right of the bus is your closet and you are using the bus and storage baskets to organize your clothing.

No. 1471641

Aw I really like this!!!

No. 1522291

File: 1678669588765.jpg (304.66 KB, 1200x1041, e8d707739050648842aafb02e69e05…)

i own over 100lb of stationery, from pens pencils markers to stickers, paper, envelopes letter sets, stamps, rubber stamps, cards, notebooks, sticky notes, scissors, erasers, etc. plus there's gift wrapping stuff which is probably another 50lb. i had found a giant old card catalogue at a thrift store, similar to but much bigger than pic related, wanted to use to organize but unfortunately it was sold before i could get it. i want a way to organize without using plastic. maybe file cabinets?

No. 1522322

Candle on the ground looks odd, but everything else is cute though

No. 1522740

I need help figuring out how to organize my art supplies! I don’t have massive hoards of supplies like every example on Pinterest, but I do have supplies for several different mediums and crafts. I have one of those 3 tier carts which works great for some stuff but I don’t want to put stuff like Tombow brush markers or varnish in there, which I don’t use very often. Right now all of my paper pads and sketchbooks are just sitting on the floor in my closet, which is not great because with my health issues I often opt out of doing art over getting on the floor to rifle around for what I need. I’m thinking of putting some kind of organizer on the inside of my closet door but idk what. Any cute ideas for art/craft supplies?

No. 1522769

File: 1678723665355.jpg (14.15 KB, 500x500, 31Fp7S-je5L.jpg)

I just realized I can put these in my detolf cubbies instead of stupid large bins. My scrapbook supplies are going to be so segregated

No. 1523781

If you have the space for one (or two), look for old dressers/armoires at thrift stores or flea markets or ask around and see if any relatives or friends have one that they don't want anymore. These typically have a combination of drawers and shelves that hold a lot and they look neat when closed. I have one just for my stamping supplies. Old stationery boxes are good for holding pens and markers and other odds and ends like tapes and embellishments. I also use a few to organize office supplies inside my desk drawer.

Also, I make it a point not to buy anything to organize stuff with. (My armoire was free.) That way lies madness.

No. 1523950

for my junk drawer and tshirt drawer I cut up old boxes to make dividers. it's been live changing and takes very little time, would recommend

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