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File: 1664213726350.jpg (50.42 KB, 736x681, 89342371b3471c9b2495b6c4461f9d…)

No. 1353256

Did you dumb today?

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No. 1353324

Since Doja basically confirmed that she's a farmer, I wonder who's her husbando? Is she a Driverfag? Vidrel

No. 1353326

File: 1664216589454.jpg (20.82 KB, 600x600, 1661438982060.jpg)

why am i so tired i just wake up, stupid body i feed you oranges and apples and you are still a lazy cunt

No. 1353328

i think i found boyega-chan's channel

No. 1353333


No. 1353342

File: 1664217090670.jpeg (83.84 KB, 1080x822, E16BED06-5BBC-4682-AA6B-485E2B…)

Opening for my work by myself tomorrow pls pray for me nonnies I’m nervous as hell

No. 1353344

I can't stop watching these cow hoof videos on youtube, this guy who cuts and trims cow hooves that are infected or have things stuck in them that are satisfying to remove. I don't even know how I found this kind of video in the first place

No. 1353347

File: 1664217410677.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 4000x3000, aaa.jpg)

he's got that real african king body type

No. 1353348

we can see john boyegas body type in a museum

No. 1353358

i randomly started getting recommended those videos when I've never watched anything like that before. I never clicked on them cuz I assumed they'd be gross and gory

No. 1353362

File: 1664218098134.jpg (33.79 KB, 450x338, bullshit.jpg)

I was binge watching degrassi tng on youtube and after season 7 I just don't care for any of the characters. Season 10 has lots of boring characters too and I dropped it halfway. Also I never watched that movie but I heard emma and spinner marry in it and that's fucking hilarious, they never interacted like that in degrassi I think?? Where that even came from

No. 1353371

Google’s machine learning algorithms decided you’d spend more time on YouTube if you watch cow hoof videos (and they were right). And the same force that turned you into an infected hoof cleaning fan turned your neighbor into a political radicalist. Ain’t mass social manipulation lovely?

No. 1353394

One day our nonnas will get the hang of not duplicating thread titles… one day

No. 1353396

File: 1664219068742.jpeg (62.8 KB, 909x1027, F1C2FAC0-1DFD-4D6F-806E-A63EFB…)

I’m retarded so I love the smell of gasoline when I’m pumping gas

No. 1353401

I loved that stupid show in the early seasons. Lost interest soon after they started going to college but I heard it somehow got even more over the top dramatic lol

No. 1353405

pretty sure she gave him head for bracelets or some stupid shit if i recall correctly

No. 1353406

File: 1664219299913.png (184.32 KB, 500x565, 1664219068742.png)

okay but consider this

No. 1353407

Thank u…..

No. 1353415

File: 1664219910873.jpg (44.13 KB, 425x423, 81jMKbVv0xL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

random childhood memory: when i was 10 my best friend invited me round to his house because he HAD to show me a new great youtube video he found. it was onision's classic 'i'm a banana' kek. i was only half paying attention because my friend had one of those sick pin pressure toy things and i was sticking my face in it. idk why this has stuck with me

No. 1353429

Kek noooo that was jay, though they do look similar

No. 1353430

File: 1664220673859.png (97.01 KB, 277x360, Gorillaz_2-D_in_2020.png)

Crying because he's not real

No. 1353439

“YOU GAVE ME A SOCIAL DISEASE!!!” ahhh classic

No. 1353496

I fear all the violent shit nonnas post will get this website offline like KF. I know they are probably not real threaths or anything but trannies have their sights on sites like ours and the posts are not good optics for us (or for radfem/gc movement in general). I know people just want to vent, but I worry.

No. 1353501

same. lolcor is getting more and more popular now

No. 1353508

onme day.. we will get a glimpse.. a taste of what the new site will be like before we are sniped..

No. 1353510

File: 1664225311040.png (393.22 KB, 625x688, Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 20-47…)

It would be a "bad look" for them to do so. Lc is one of the few female spaces online, and moreover to go after it as a gossip site would be one of the oldest tropes used against women in the history of patriarchy

No. 1353515

>womens space
>trannies not allowed
they wouldn't care because we are women and not trannies

No. 1353516

There's a really noticeable anon who keeps sperging about black women, even on unrelated topics, and it's kind of getting annoying

No. 1353517

Im starting to feel like we just can't have anything good on the Internet anymore.

No. 1353521

We've been getting some /pol/ shit slipping through the cracks. I notice it too. Probably kiwifags

No. 1353523

did she namedrop LC?

No. 1353528

No, but someone posted a screenshot from twitter where someone googled the bicycle seat face thing and found us. The post from meta got deleted idk why

No. 1353529

Alluded to us, calling lc "4chan adjacent lsa gossip forum" thing
her fans are already digging around for what she meant. her "bicycle seat" comment is going to lead them here.

No. 1353536

it was the spamming moid, he got banned. he jerks off to the "omg lc is gonna get taken down" talk and goes "i told u soo" even though it's honestly inevitable something will end up making lolcow go offline at some point if it isn't someone who stopped supporting it

No. 1353543

i remember one of the later seasons (forgot the exact number) had an episode where a girl dropped her baby and this other girl had a character arc about aidening out

No. 1353562

File: 1664228122392.jpg (19.17 KB, 320x360, Degrassi_CAST_Adam.jpg)

I don't remember the baby but I remember the aiden, she is in season 10

No. 1353584

File: 1664229392800.jpg (40.27 KB, 700x524, 0fe46febc1e6161930a9adeba0cb9f…)

Now that no one is sperging about the new Little Mermaid anymore, what am I supposed to do with this image?

No. 1353587

You could always post it to annoy kawoshin fans, since this Slayers episode is a parody of that one NGE episode.

No. 1353596

I think boyegachan is boyega himself sockpuppeting as a stangirl so people will think he’s got at least one devotee like other actors, you know so he has some representation in husbando threads and what not and doesn’t appear left out. I’m not in fandom spaces much so idk maybe his fan base is wider than I think, but it just seems like a forced meme at this point, or a way for bodega to cope with the legacy of his thunder thighs.

No. 1353597

I hope one day a woman slaps my pussy right off.

No. 1353606

Kek if John Boyega is pretending to be a husbandofag of himself… I'm sorry but that is INCREDIBLY HOMOSEXUAL. John Boyega if you are reading this you are a huge flaming faggot and you are built like an FtM to boot.

No. 1353607

I remember watching this shit on The N. Wasn't Degrassi on in the 80's, too? I imagine the cast back then was a lot more likeable.

No. 1353612

i hope you get what you want nonny

No. 1353616

File: 1664230921795.png (13.53 KB, 462x367, 1629630828284.png)

Mashallah…No one supports me like random women on the internet.

No. 1353632

Yeah, there were one or two earlier series but I never watched them. Emma’s mom and some other adult characters were in the original series.

No. 1353635

File: 1664232905296.jpg (59.99 KB, 729x729, 335d98bf-2d17-43f5-b484-e11b68…)

can you imagine what my life would be if I was allowed to have one, just one, good thing happen to me

No. 1353639

Be the change you want to see in your life. If no one will treat you right, treat yourself and take no criticism for it. Troubled women can have a little bit of hedonism, as a treat.

No. 1353642

No. 1353643

I’m getting my hair cut Wednesday for the first time in at least 3 years and I’m nervous.

No. 1353651

I'm not even sure if it's a /pol/-fag, but they keep posting paragraphs about how they don't like other black people. It's getting pretty repetitive.

No. 1353653

Same, except I haven't booked an appointment yet. Just trying to choose which hair salon I should go to is kinda stressful since I don't want to get fucked up hair. Are you trying any new hairstyle?

No. 1353668

I’ve had the same stylist my whole life because I’m afraid to try someone new lol. Damn, I didn’t even think about possibly getting a different style I just need it to no longer be ass length ahhh. Good luck with finding a stylist!

No. 1353670

File: 1664235992719.jpg (83.58 KB, 1080x667, DJs-2DkJUhvgpFUcjCpgtZOLEKb1Vr…)

Snake is another one, he is all bald in tng kek
Oh yeah, junior high, it's also on youtube

No. 1353674

I remember his goofy face but couldn’t remember his name lol. Somehow “I’m Shane McKay” from the episode where Emma finds her dad and learns he’s a tard is still an inside joke between me and my sister.

No. 1353693

File: 1664237599982.png (296.16 KB, 500x333, 4331160E-0282-4549-A151-2DAE2E…)

I think I’ll eat some beans later

No. 1353695

Kek, that guy fell off a bridge after taking lsd I think it's in the 3rd season of junior high

No. 1353758

makes me extremely happy that there's Don't hug me i'm scared fans here and that their was a watch party for it today. I literally watched the new season yesterday and It made me so happy, normally, things that take years with high expectations end up being shitty, it was amazing, and actually very funny/creepy. I laughed out loud at some of the jokes and genuinely felt bad for the characters at time. I loved it. Worth the wait.

No. 1353765

File: 1664242809391.jpg (69.01 KB, 500x375, tumblr_237cbe7d25490eea6ab3792…)

nonny terf nonny terf nonny terf
please save this picture for the next weekend bunker, thank you
nonny terf nonny terf nonny terf

No. 1353766

File: 1664242903005.jpg (301.95 KB, 1170x1158, bear.jpg)

i'm pretty sure i posted it in our first thread, but yes save it, anons! and here, take this one too for the thread

No. 1353771


No. 1353803

File: 1664245257160.jpg (44.74 KB, 680x554, 1652902139710.jpg)

I hate my fear of failing, i know that i have to fail to learn but my body still doesnt get the memo and i get anxious. It's the only thing that's stopping me from becoming sucessful(as a yaoi porn artist)

No. 1353807

File: 1664245637941.png (70.65 KB, 300x100, saturday.png)

made it into a banner

No. 1353813

In high school I went to an arts camp over the summers and one year I had a roommate who was really rude and weird to us other roommates. We tried to be be nice to her and include her but she pretty much refused to speak to us the whole time. One day, she left her sketchbook laying around so we flipped through it and it was full of terrible sketches of anime dudes having sex. Hilarious.

No. 1353817

i hope she made it as a good yaoi artist and didnt fall to the claws of aidenism

No. 1353820

I love this.

No. 1353822

In high school i went to art camp over the summer and my roommates pissed on all my soap and didn't tell me until i used it

No. 1353827

Unlikely. It was genuinely bad. I think she was actually there for a creative writing program.
That’s really gross. I didn’t know girls did shit like that.

No. 1353832

Why do western coomers always draw makima with a huge plastic surgery ass? They make her look grotesque. I’m convinced they don’t even read CSM, she looks like a modelesque hourglass anime girl in the manga

No. 1353834

coomers gotta coom

No. 1353837

File: 1664248022153.jpeg (85.48 KB, 768x576, R (5).jpeg)

i went to summer camp around 6th grade and two girls kept peeing in the sink together (they stood on the counter) and got backsplash on people's stuff the first time they did it. everyone else was disgusted but it kept happening. putting certain girls in a camp setting makes them go batshit. like they breathe non-urban air for the first time and go feral.

No. 1353839

File: 1664248230513.png (468.66 KB, 604x351, m1.PNG)

I made this meme. Please spread it.

No. 1353843

File: 1664248783097.gif (1.92 MB, 437x498, 3968BE50-B19B-4AE9-ABCD-D98109…)

I actually don't want to sleep yet though, sob sob
weep weep

No. 1353847


No. 1353849

File: 1664249470895.jpg (67.09 KB, 640x632, 2e4442dec91f4c457cc112600fc0fb…)

Praying that I dream about my husbando again tonight. Amen.

No. 1353851

thanks nona, will spread like peanut butter and jelly

No. 1353855

File: 1664249895064.jpeg (73.16 KB, 1280x720, 5b5cc888ced782383a8e799cf8cc80…)

I had little sneezers earlier and now I can feel the evil brewing in my belly why do I do this to myself

No. 1353861

This past day was Monday but in my head it's been Tuesday, and the day before that I thought was Monday. I am not in the same world as you

No. 1353870

File: 1664250813645.png (83.58 KB, 195x258, 5F860F00-75EA-4F3E-9175-07766E…)

Watching some of the old MH webisodes and I forgot they all called picrel Normie kek

No. 1353876

what the hell is that obnoxious color palette

No. 1353881

File: 1664251636186.jpeg (301.61 KB, 1000x1524, A3E9FA2F-D2E5-4152-8C48-E9126F…)

2010 Monster High

No. 1353882

now I want their pretzel crust pizza like a fatty fat fat fat faaaaaaat

No. 1353894

the other designs look great why did they give up with the normie?

No. 1353912

File: 1664253415969.jpeg (130.52 KB, 1280x720, ED9C676A-8122-4508-9625-F35633…)

Tbf original is a screen shot is from the webisodes which notoriously made everyone look kinda wonky.

No. 1353915

why are their mouths so protrusive despite not being that way on the dolls or any other illustrations? horrible artistry

No. 1353919


No. 1353921

File: 1664253819394.png (237.58 KB, 500x1207, D416CD67-151C-4AA8-9DB6-DC8ED2…)

Because the they were made on a five dollar budget kek. Picrel is normie’s doll art

No. 1353927

File: 1664253956566.jpg (137.13 KB, 1024x683, e0fec3a0-e1df-11e9-bfe3-ab4f55…)

There's some speculation across social media that Ned from The Try Guys (the one that always talks about his wife) cheated on his wife and I'm honestly interested to see where it leads. Milky if true.

No. 1353979

God they all look gay as hell.

No. 1354012

File: 1664262254977.jpg (83.76 KB, 387x512, kissbandfinaloct18.jpg)

Every time I see platform "goth" boots, I instantly think of glam metal.

No. 1354015

I think of goth women that are too goth for men's tastes.

No. 1354035

Can't tell if I have a UTI or yeast infection right now.

No. 1354042

Take a test or see a doctor

No. 1354083

File: 1664274232166.jpeg (105.58 KB, 1170x1307, 4E8FF6A5-0CE3-472D-B436-26E79B…)

the evidence is some blurry photos of what is allegedly him and Alexandria (one of the Food Babies). If true, I guess that why he’s always talking about how much he loves his wife.

No. 1354187

i feel called out

No. 1354244

File: 1664285930270.jpg (124.44 KB, 620x660, fatdog.jpg)

I didn't even know jack russels COULD get fat

No. 1354263

hard to tell if it even is a jack russell because it's so fat. I think a JR would destroy your home before it got that fat

> t. JR owner/victim

No. 1354264

samefag, never seen a dog that fat in even America, wtf is going on in UK?

No. 1354297

if anyone's interested, @nedfulmerexpose on twitter has a thread with the proof, which is pretty much just this >>1354083 plus dms of her husband saying that he had more proof of their affair. either way, he hasn't been in videos with the try guys recently so it's probably true.

No. 1354314

i almost burst out laughing at work. "it wouldn't be that fat lump" is so real, why the fuck would a dog thief try to resell that?

No. 1354332

You suck

No. 1354349

Kek they deleted their post

No. 1354350

File: 1664292271659.jpeg (87.63 KB, 750x750, 1640737014646.jpeg)

A reminder: Whether you like it or not, to some extent, the people you speak to (even online) can pick up on how you're feeling. Act natural, and things will proceed as such.

I am free of all uncomfortable situations.
I am free of all misunderstandings.
I am free of all friendships that would cause me emotional or physical harm.

(All bad energy directed my way just makes my ass bigger, my lashes thicker and my eyes greener)

No. 1354351

This sucks

No. 1354357

File: 1664292624784.png (65.16 KB, 328x337, 92x.png)

No. 1354360

File: 1664292679342.png (387.81 KB, 1141x937, 62b00.png)


No. 1354361

love you anon

No. 1354366

You already posted this cringe shit before kek

No. 1354367

No. 1354369

File: 1664292983362.png (78.22 KB, 328x337, 1664292624784.png)

No. 1354385

I just started re-learning mathematics from absolute 0, i refuse to freeze again when the cashier asks me for change

No. 1354397

What is your guys autistic fixation lately

No. 1354402

I wouldn't call it a fixation or special interest, but I've been kind of into mechanical keyboards lately. They're nice because if you're autistic and have sensory differences, the whole thing that makes mechanical keyboards worthwhile is the tactile feedback. So if you get a keyboard with cherry brown or blue switches it feels good

No. 1354405

Definitely satisfying

No. 1354406

Minecraft and drawing atm

No. 1354408

These lemon ricotta pancakes I'm gonna get today

No. 1354409

I want to do this nona. I know being math smart doesn't equate to being smart-smart, but it feels like there's no downside to just knowing and being good at math.

No. 1354412

File: 1664294545444.jpg (81.88 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

This game, it actually helps me with productivity and motivates me to clean my house

No. 1354426

Workout routines and hair care.

No. 1354427

Golden Kamuy and Military stuff in general

No. 1354431

I've been fantasizing a lot about my brother paying off all of his student loans and then dying immediately after. The visual is often him walking out of a bank and straight to his death. Sometimes he steps on a landmine, sometimes he gets hit by a train. One time he was hit by a meteor. It's extremely cathartic. One of my fantasies was of me placing a curse on him where he quickly aged in reverse until he was unborn, and everything he had ever done never happened.

No. 1354435

File: 1664295583374.jpg (22.2 KB, 200x320, 975782_p0.jpg)

losing weight and programming, i wanna look good for my husbando and make vidya games for other yumejos

No. 1354446

What is this game?

No. 1354448

>make vidya games for other yumejos
Oh fuck yeah anon!

No. 1354451

ew jesus

No. 1354456

File: 1664296762457.jpg (86.41 KB, 568x561, 1642463817144.jpg)

took up this belly dancing type of a class and that shit helps with endo pain AND I FEEL HOT DOING IT?

No. 1354457

File: 1664296883524.jpg (606.06 KB, 1920x1080, viscera-cleanup-detail-pc-mac-…)

Viscera cleanup detail, basically you have to clean the aftermath of aliens invasions and massacres
I know kek, this game is very gruesome but i just like cleaning all the stuff is very relaxing and the locations look cool

No. 1354512

File: 1664299906508.jpeg (1013.65 KB, 1800x1800, 1664297678532.jpeg)

americans, tell me if and why this photo annoys you. examine the contents of the photo. thank you.

No. 1354515

idgi why would it annoy anyone

No. 1354516

I wish I could only spend 1£ on pads.

No. 1354522

samefag didn't even see the price thing

No. 1354529

Why would this annoy me? Good for them that they only spend 1 euro. Dollar stores in America sell pads and panty-liners but they're not good imo.
Apparently this photo is from a school in New Zealand that gave girls cheap/free period products, so now I'm confused lol.

No. 1354532

make or buy reuseable fabric ones and you'll pay less for it over time

No. 1354541

Ankn that's not a euro, that's a pound and they don't use euros nor pounds in New Zealand kek

No. 1354543

>31 year old
>still have a few shorts skirts I'm absolutely in love with
>don't quite feel like it's appropriate of me to wear these short skirts anymore
>see troons wear even miniskirts and super short dresses without anyone batting an eye
>you know what if no one cares if these ugly degens are showing their entire cock and balls to the world maybe I should just live my life and wear my expensive cute brand skirts

No. 1354544

Not a burger, but while it says 1, on the actual package it says 1,49

No. 1354576

do you like tights nonnie? i feel like tights make short skirts more appropriate.

No. 1354578

Panera I ordered the Broccoli Mac and Cheese in the bread bowl no the Broccoli Cheddar Soup a plague upon your franchise

No. 1354584

Last few years I always wear tights underneath most clothing that reveal a lot of leg, with a couple of exceptions. Though I'm also pretty tall so I have always worn shorts of some kind underneath as well.

No. 1354593

Stop internalizing retarded ageist bullshit

No. 1354601

I haven't been on much lately but I'm halfway through watching that new Dahmer series and all I keep thinking about is how some nonnies are probably wetting themselves over certain scenes.

No. 1354602

Pretty sure most of us aren’t watching it because it’s a piece of shit meant to satiate Ryan Murphy’s perversion

No. 1354621

Evan peters tho, nonnies love that guy

No. 1354652

I'm watching Punky Brewster and it's so cute, I'm sad I didn't watch it when I was younger cause I know I would've loved and copied Punky's entire personality

No. 1354658

i dunno literally every post i've seen about this show is shitting on it, from the twitter thread to the things you hate thread to the tv series thread

No. 1354663

we really had a meteor almost hit us huh

No. 1354674

File: 1664307311402.jpg (123.59 KB, 700x1050, doja.jpg)

TIL that doja cat might lurk here though maybe it's just the celebricows thread. Anyway, love you, doja. Kiss me more is great and I like your new haircut. Don't pay too much mind to the nonnies in the celebricows thread, they're mostly autistic anachans that nonnies from the rest of this site don't really like. Please have a photo op with Adam Driver or Paul Dano

No. 1354675

The lilac looks really pretty on her

No. 1354676

Was that the end of the world thing people were talking about?

No. 1354679

We always do from time to time, they just never hit either

No. 1354681

the bicycle post she was referring was in /snow/ actually (and then some dumbass cowtipped to ask her about and confirmed it, then some other dumbass linked the thread on twitter)

No. 1354682

doubleposting but having a photo op with john Boyega would also suffice

No. 1354687

can somebody link to the bicycle post?

No. 1354692

No. 1354707

File: 1664309430316.jpg (55.49 KB, 640x640, uy9wogggxfm61.jpg)

No. 1354709

i want to fuck my average (probably below average tbh) coworker soo badly. i don't understand why i am attracted to him. i am usually not like this. i have standards. there is just something so fuckable about him. nonas, i genuinely fear doja's autism somehow has rubbed off on me. i have caught mixed woman who is attracted to weird looking white men disease.

No. 1354717

Watching workout tips videos when I haven't lifted a single weight in my life. Also got Disney+ for this month so I'm trying to go through all the animated movies I missed over the years.

No. 1354723

File: 1664310545770.jpg (459.62 KB, 2000x1125, chickpea-doubles-with-tamarind…)

Azealia Banks mentioned this Trinidadian food called chickpea doubles in one of her instagram stories, and now I kind of want one.

No. 1354745

Cringe I know but his horror gameplays are funny
>old shoujo manga
It's so fascinating how much the shoujo manga industry has changed over time compared to what gets published nowadays. Imo both the art and story quality has downgraded

No. 1354751

>mixed women attracted to weird looking white men disease
Is this a thing? I am ashamed to say this also happens to me. You might just be horny and he's probably not worth it if he's below average though, see how you feel about him in a couple of weeks

No. 1354754

File: 1664312128048.png (397.76 KB, 422x550, creating sounds from scratch b…)

I got back into music lately, I try to strengthen my F barre chord on guitar every day. My interest in music production has returned too, but I'm pretty bad at it and have mostly been reading this book anyway.

No. 1354873

The ones I get from the dollar store chain in my country are actually good, only the ones for a medium flow though. I suggested them to other friends and they also agreed that they are great for when you are on a budget.

No. 1354955

File: 1664323467177.jpg (489.48 KB, 3884x1435, twitter.jpg)

Sorry for the god awful collage but I can't stand true crime fans.

No. 1354958

Honestly, most men are weird looking, that's why female hetrosexuality is so cursed.

No. 1354987

why did it kill the dinosaurs and not us? we dont deserve to live

No. 1355055

File: 1664331102041.jpg (125.1 KB, 1400x1400, curtis-yarvin-cz54HvpYZWP-_mIa…)

She's going to become Curtis Yarvin's new wife and she's going to convince him that racism is wrong.

No. 1355064

I feel a small nugget of pride that one of my comments about some gay furry artist (who turned out to be a based furry artist) eventually spawned the nerd crush thread.

Everytime I go there I want to hurl at 90% of the posts tho kek

No. 1355067

kek nice

No. 1355075

kaneoya is not a furry please dont disrespect the queen like that

No. 1355093

he's ugly the only cute dahmer was the one played by the ex disney star

No. 1355123

File: 1664337396196.jpg (40.69 KB, 692x444, d39cd69d7d5839515700102b9abfec…)

>be lurking old cow threads
>see something like "she looks like a middle aged white woman now. I feel so bad for her, that's depressing…"
>she is a middle aged white woman

No. 1355126

There are a good number of women with severe internalized misogyny on lolcow. It's definitely not all of us, but I would say they account for about 30% of the site population. Try not to respond to bone rattling, ageism, or "um actually 30 step skin care routines are the bare minimum" nonas, they'll just get extremely defensive and hostile, no matter how gentle you are with them. It derails threads when it happens. You did a good deed in coming here, instead.

No. 1355140

File: 1664338545628.jpg (274.21 KB, 1037x583, IMG_20220927_211535.jpg)

Help I need a distraction. I'm so anxious over shit going on in my life. Please tell me a story or whatever happened to you today, anything. I just want to feel like I'm talking to someone and not alone right now

No. 1355153

Why are you anxious? Is it something that happened during the day? I went to the gym and then ate some chicken.

No. 1355154

File: 1664339037160.jpg (137.91 KB, 1200x1200, Rosemary-Shortbread-Cookies_EX…)

Hi nona. I'm planning on making cookies today. I have a recipe for lemon rosemary cookies, and I think I will also make almond cookies. My grandmother taught me how to make cookies that are very soft and fluffy, and keep very well, so I'm excited about making cookies whenever I get the chance. Chocolate chip cookies are my specialty, but we don't have any chocolate chips at the moment, and I feel like making more "elegant" cookies right now, anyway. Do you have any hobbies like baking? Something to occupy your hands, that results in something that could make you feel better when you're done. Baking is my favorite, because it occupies me for awhile, and then I get to eat something delicious. My mother likes gardening for similar reasons. It occupies her, and then she can see big and beautiful plants, which often give her ingredients for or family to cook with! You may feel bad when you start, but it usually helps to move yourself along with something you love.

No. 1355166

One of my ears produces so much ear wax. Literally doesn't make any sense

No. 1355169

I posted about it in the vent thread but got paranoid and deleted it lol. Basically I am right in the radar of an incel-y guy at work and I'm worried about what he's gonna do since I told on him to HR. Hope your chicken was tasty tho! What kinds of workouts do you do at the gym?

Ah this is a comfy post. I used to bake some stuff but I sort of lost the motivation since I'm on my own, it's more fun to bake when you have people to bake for. Maybe I'll try picking it up again, winter always puts me in the mood for baked stuff anyway! Do you have any tips for a beginner?


That pic made me smile nonna, and the fact is cute. Thank you so much! Looking up silly paintings of cats sounds like something fun and distracting to do

No. 1355173

File: 1664340405649.jpg (71.46 KB, 750x1051, 035392b948f087d4fec4d34df17901…)

Shame-rat, I love it. Look at this one nonna, this is how I feel right now lmao

No. 1355174

It has such a human face

No. 1355180

Instead of imagining a distressed cat yowl, I just hear it going "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH"

No. 1355189

File: 1664341113545.jpg (222.88 KB, 1023x1017, 2b6284e796c318eaa76d109b5640e2…)

Oh my goodness gracious lol

No. 1355190

File: 1664341165535.jpg (175.92 KB, 700x923, ugly-medieval-cats-art-136-5ab…)

Aw this same monkey and cat are like, canon bffs

No. 1355191

Sure! If you're making soft cookies, cut the about of butter you're using in half and replace it with shortening. Store cookies with a slice of bread to keep them from going as stale as fast. Cookies will often still look like they need a little more time in the oven by the time they're done, so pull them out and let them stand on the baking tray for a moment, then try one to see if they're "done enough" to your liking. If they're not, pop them back in the oven for a couple of minutes. For cakes and breads, let it sit for a moment after pulling them out of the oven before testing to see if it's fully cooked by sticking a knife through the center–If the knife comes out clean (free of batter), it's done. Follow recipe instructions to the letter, unless you've made what you're making enough times before to feel confident in changing things (I learned this the hard way with cheesecake, it was a pain to mix!). A lot of baked goods benefit from a water bath (a containter of water on the shelf beneath the confection in the oven, particularly cakes and breads. Make sure what you're putting in the oven is oven-safe. Baked goods rise and grow–do not put cookies too close together, and do not fill a cake pan to the top. It is fine if your dessert is ugly, if it still tastes good.

No. 1355194

I remember when my mom used to pack my lunch as a kid, she'd put the sandwich and the chips ahoy cookies in the same ziploc to save bags. By lunchtime the cookies would have softened and the bread would be all hard, lol!

Thank you so much for taking the time to type all this out. I'm going to screenshot your post and save it for future reference. My mom knows how to make these pumpkin cranberry muffins and I'm going to try to get the recipe!

No. 1355199

File: 1664341550484.gif (640.6 KB, 311x232, cat chokeslamming a dog.gif)

This is so cute! It looks like the monkey is trying to help the cat get whatever that red fruit is.

I don't have any medieval animal animal pics to offer, but I hope this gif I just made of a cat being a WWE wrestler suffices

No. 1355202

To clarify I meant replace half of the butter with an equal amount of shortening.
Yep! I'm not sure exactly how it works, but the cookies absorb the moisture from the bread (even if there's no lunch meat in there lol). Those muffins sound delightfully autumny!

No. 1355203

Look at that moth antenna hat! That monkey is stylin

It more than suffices. I so appreciate you and everyone else tonight, thank you.

Cookies confirmed for the vampires of the baked goods world. She used to also keep a piece of bread in the brown sugar to keep it soft!

No. 1355214

I keep the brown sugar in a plastic bag and make sure it's not under the outake vents. Being blasted with hot air in the cold seasons hardens it into a sweet boulder.

No. 1355224

File: 1664343443625.jpg (125.28 KB, 917x1122, dachshund.jpg)

Dachshunds are literally one of the cutest dogs to me. Especially the long hair ones with fluffy ears

No. 1355232

Do you ever eat it?

No. 1355238

I met one in my building a few days ago, he's 13 years old but very adorable.

No. 1355239

Michelin Man's pet.

No. 1355247

File: 1664345886472.jpg (96.05 KB, 1246x652, cddef75f6aa42ca956c1d571a0c9b9…)

I finally checked out this show called Sweetbitter because it seemed like it was up my alley but got it was such a letdown. The main thing that bugged me is that they tried to convince us that picrel was a suave aloof bad boy who the main character was so in love with despite being absolutely disgusting looking. He was even worse in motion. Also the writers gave him a semi incestual relationship with a girl he had been raised with. He's so gross I couldn't get into it.

No. 1355253

shinji ikari

No. 1355271

No. 1355288

The way this is completely accurate…

No. 1355419

They're cute, too bad their spines are a complete design failure

No. 1355492

To anyone curious: I made the cookies, and they're a big hit. I love the rosemary ones, though I'm not as huge of a fan of the almond ones. My mother loves them though.

No. 1355585

Sheepboy learning about your endometriosis with tears in his eyes be like that’s so baaa’d!!

No. 1355591

File: 1664373888105.jpg (21.58 KB, 261x275, 1659024472387.jpg)

No. 1355592

File: 1664373906920.jpg (21.47 KB, 291x298, Peter_Parker_(Earth-9792)_from…)

No. 1355677

it makes me laugh when burgers say 'eye doctor' or 'eye glasses' i don't know why

No. 1355679

Every time I’m accused of being a scrote I realize women aren’t much different in that they assume women act/talk a certain way. I get accused of being a scrote on comments that aren’t even sexual or political because of the slang and words I use. Even when I used to use discord the scrotes would be shocked to discover I’m a woman. How the fuck do women even talk?

No. 1355680

It does sound weird out of context, like "teeth doctor" for dentist. But "optometrist" kind of makes you sound like a pretentious loser, somehow.

No. 1355684

idk about anywhere else but we bongs just say glasses, without the eye kek, also we don't say 'eye doctor' we say optician

No. 1355688

Gender socialization is immediately apparent in how people engage in interpersonal communication. It's also visible in how people structure their communications themselves, as shown by Deborah Tannen's genderlect theory

No. 1355696

Wtf are you talking about? People assume male is the default in most online spaces, unless you tell everyone you're a woman. That's why a lot of people online get surprised when someone who acts normal turns out to be a woman–they expect us to be hyperfeminine and constantly broadcasting our sex the way that troons do. If you're talking about getting seen as a scrote on lolcow, though, it probably means you talk like a needlessly smug and hostile retard. Anyway, I really don't care if it's nature or nurture: The discrepancy between the sexes with regards to violent crime statistics speaks for itself. Men and women do act differently, it's just not the way that trannies think we do. Women act like humans, and men act like savages.

No. 1355698

An optician is not an optometrist is not an ophthalmologist. There are three types of eye doctors.

No. 1355709

I usually only see people here accused of being moids when they have terrible takes, so maybe try improving the quality of your takes? I've never seen anyone called a scrote just for slang words, unless it's racist/sexist slang

No. 1355713

I forgot to mention that I have never once in my life heard another American call them anything other than glasses. I have glasses. My whole family has glasses. Half of my friends and half of my brother's friends have glasses.

No. 1355715

it is said as an umbrella term, instead of eye doctor

No. 1355720

I have been called a scrote more than once because I said that I shave my pubic hair kek I think some anons call other anons scrotes sometimes if they disagree with you

No. 1355733

You’re being hostile right now. Are you a scrote?

No. 1355735

This is sometimes true, though I think phrasing is a big part of it. If you talk like a troon, you'll get clocked like a troon.

No. 1355738

No. 1355741

If you were like "wooooaàaoow I love shaving my pussy, feels so good smooth omg all ladies should do this" I can totally see why you got called a scrote. If you just said "yes I shave my vulva" then it was an overreaction

Also you shouldn't shave off all your pubic hair, it isn't healthy nonna

No. 1355742

> Also you shouldn't shave off all your pubic hair, it isn't healthy nonna
I am just used to it, I love how it feels. But I understand when anons don't want to or don't like too. It is all about preference.

No. 1355755

You can accept the risks if you'd like, just be informed on why we grow pubic hair and the role it plays in keeping you healthy. I used to shave everything as well, so I understand why you would want to. Ultimately it's 100% your choice and I won't judge you for it

No. 1355756

>Also you shouldn't shave off all your pubic hair, it isn't healthy nonna

nta but I wish I could stop. When I let it grow theres so fucking much its actually shocking to look at. I wish I had one of those cute and compact pube lines… no this shit far exceeds my panty line and I never liked it even before I knew what women in porn looked like. The only way I could see being comfortable with it is if I never wore pants or underwear again, just long skirts and no shorts or swimsuits.

No. 1355784

NTA who shaves from before, but I have been a couple weeks without shaving at the moment, and my pubes are bothering me the most. The leg hair and armpit hair diesn't bother me much at all, but my crotch feels constricted. I didn't shave my pubes until adulthood, because I didn't know that was a thing I could do, and it felt constricted like this back then, too. What's new is that there are a couple of small pimples down there. There's no excuse for this, I shower every day and clean myself very thoroughly. How do the women here who live happily with full bush do it? It's extremely annoying for me.

No. 1355785

It feels that way because the hair is just coming in. You gotta give it 4 weeks min

No. 1355786

>Also you shouldn't shave off all your pubic hair, it isn't healthy nonna
Tbf, it can be healthier to remove it too. TMI but I personally shave/wax mine because if I get any kind of bush the hair gets super long and thick, and puts me at risk of infection from trapped moisture.

No. 1355792

But I never had any acne down there when I shaved. If this remains a problem after 4 weeks I am going to find you.

No. 1355793

It’s caused by ingrown hairs retard. Your pussy feels different because you’re making a drastic change

No. 1355796

Why don't you nonnas just trim down the bush instead of shaving?

No. 1355797

Keeps the hair away longer and imo is easier

No. 1355798

>is afraid of hair

No. 1355799

No. 1355800

How is it healthier to remove your pubic hair? That is 100% scrote myth. Hair wicks sweat and acts as a barrier for infections, not to mention ingrown hairs can turn into big problems in an area like that. Shave if you want but don't propagate sexist garbage that a shaved vulva is more hygienic

No. 1355801

Maybe it's because you compulsively keep saying it? I remember a while back on a discussion about the expectation/status quo of women being hairless or trying to a massive amount of women just barged in to proudly announce that it was their choice and they like the feel. I've seen similar trends elsewhere too constantly–women who think their individual choice is compelling when it isn't at all. It's also like the amount of women and girls that are actually uncomfortable with going outside barefaced, or feel invisible, but bury this and claim they wear make-up because they like it, so that's 99% of what they say.

No. 1355805

I explained why it is for me personally. I feel like you just read what you wanted to anon. Not everyone's vaginas are the same, so I just explained how it is for me (and maybe for other women too). It's not "sexist garbage" it's just what I know about my own vag.

No. 1355811

>bald pussy
opinion discarded.

No. 1355814

You seem really mad about this, when I already said I had similar issues (minus the acne) long before I even knew shaving my crotch was an option.

No. 1355819

I read it fine, I don't get why you think the only alternative to an ungroomed matted bush of infected pubes is to have absolutely no hair at all. Have you ever tried just cutting it down a little? You trim the hair on your head, right? Hair requires maintenance but that doesn't mean it's bad for you

No. 1355824

File: 1664384594133.jpg (59.02 KB, 480x771, PRI_206882625.jpg)

This thread right now kek

No. 1355827

NTA but what if I shave my head instead of getting actual haircuts because going to a stylist always results in suffering?

No. 1355829

Do you go to a stylist for your pubic hair? No wonder you hate having it trimmed lmao. Head hair doesn't protect any areas prone to sweat or friction so shave away

No. 1355832

File: 1664384731599.gif (1.58 MB, 220x220, animals-cats.gif)

This could be us if you all just relaxed.

No. 1355834

You think too much.
Bald pussy bad.

No. 1355835

Are you ok?

No. 1355836

I didn't even say anything about pussy, but okay.

No. 1355838

Ran out of arguments? No worries, I was bored with this discussion anyway. Until next time lol

No. 1355839

That normal cat is like "what the fuck is this"

No. 1355840

See >>1355836 and go calm down lmao

No. 1355842

nta but I'm >>1355756
that would help with the length but it also bothers me how far out it grows. im not a normal case, this shit ends at the start of my thighs. I'd love to be a free bush type but I dont have the compact wispy pubes that allow for comfortable wearing of undies, tight pants and shorts with it, no matter the length. When it grew out for a couple months, the hairs were the length of my pinky. Fast growth means I'd have to trim it constantly vs letting the shave give me a buffer of time before its a problem

No. 1355845

I actually explained that here >>1355797 just tagging so I won't have to repeat myself. I didn't say that hair is bad or that shaving/waxing doesn't have any risks. It's just that for me, the pros outweigh the cons.
Also, I've shaved my head twice so in general I don't mind getting rid of my hair. I don't get why this is bothering you so much though anon.

No. 1355846

The topic right now is "do you shave your vulva or not and why", she replied to a comment about it and is obviously comparing it to shaving head hair. Don't act like I brought up pussies out of thin air during a talk about shaving your head, that's obtuse

No. 1355847

all i can see is a beautiful woman weirded out by a old bald man trying to hump her. but its in cat form. kek

No. 1355852

Aw I love sphynx cats but it does look creepy in that gif kek

No. 1355856

Im cackling in public

No. 1355858

Girl I was making a lighthearted comment about the end of the post, divorced from the original context. It's not that serious.

No. 1355859

File: 1664385334479.jpg (63.72 KB, 700x667, adorable-hairless-sphynx-kitte…)

Omg look at this little chicken nugget

No. 1355860

Oh my god

No. 1355863

File: 1664385410147.gif (6.32 MB, 640x480, HnOAYvJ.gif)

No. 1355864

well looks like it finally hatched out of its egg

No. 1355865

File: 1664385447534.jpg (112.25 KB, 749x870, Little gentleman.jpg)

I want September to hurry up and END! Not because I'm particularly excited about October (I'm more of a Christmas girl myself, but Halloween is cool too) but because it feels like September really sped through and now it's dragging these last few days as long as possible. Hurry up!

No. 1355867

Too bad I'm waaay too autistic to expertly divine your intricate secret intentions from a couple anonymous posts, lol

No. 1355870

File: 1664385551674.jpg (75.97 KB, 540x741, 1656141170706.jpg)

Kill all men, make that girl the new president

No. 1355878

You are all so mean to this lesbian couple. I did laugh though.

No. 1355887

There's a popular libfem speaker 'activist' in my country. She spouts pretty usual standard libfem mantra like 'feminism is about choice, we need to be more receptive to male feelings blah blah' you get it. I watched an interview with her and it honestly surprised how…lackluster and unintelligent she sounds? Nothing she said was really of any substance, and I'm pretty sure that I, a younger, not even a radfem (not an activist, read very few books) woman could wipe the floor with her if I ever got a chance to speak with her. It kinda stings that the only visible feminist in my conservative country is this.

No. 1355899

I made myself laugh out loud at work just by thinking about killing myself that day. Like it'd be so fucking random and out of nowhere and so fucking sad for my loved ones. And so it made me fucking laugh because like just imagine it top fucking kek. I'm not gonna do it but it's a funny thought. I think I am becoming more unhinged in my early 20's than I ever was as a teenager. What's up with that lmfao.

No. 1355906

Early 20s are easily the most unhinged part of anyone's life. You've still got some teen brain, but also complete freedom to do whatever you want. Things settle way down in the 30s onwards.

No. 1355907

I wish I could get drunk everyday. Not even worried about death but alcohol gives me the most grotesque acne which is why I don’t drink.

No. 1355914

I cant stop thinking about my mom forcing me to take an IQ test, without telling me, so she could claim i was retarded and get welfare. Turns out i was like 2IQ points away from being declared legally retarded, she destroyed my self-steem and we didnt get money.

No. 1355919

Scrotes will cheat on pretty women because most of the time these women look totally different from how the scrote met them when they are glammed up and not behind closed doors. They will see her sick, when she has diarrhea or looks like shit so the novelty wears off and she just becomes another gross human. If being beautiful is what attracts a man to you then that is how you will lose him as well.

No. 1355922

Why did your mom assume you were retarded?

No. 1355923

Men will cheat on any woman because they’re sluts. Simple as, miss femininity guru.

No. 1355927


No. 1355928

28 year old retard reporting in, I had something similar recently. thought while I was driving that I wanted some Chinese food, sum yung gai. then I laughed thinking about the possibility of an advanced civilization uncovering our thoughts from our fossilized remains and hearing that as my last thought before getting into an accident and dying kek

No. 1355933

ignore its the troon blaine

No. 1355934

I know they’d cheat on any woman but I always see people shocked when a guy cheats on some hot model or celebrity when she probably doesn’t even look like that everyday.

No. 1355939

It has nothing to do with how she looks dummy. Men are whores who will fuck rabid donkeys and roadkill. You can’t fix your Nigel by always wearing makeup around him.

No. 1355942

File: 1664387447590.png (1.05 MB, 680x663, 1643609133697.png)

Dunno, but she obviously doesnt like me and is very tired of me. Before that, i used to dislike her but thought it was wrong because she put a roof over my head and food on the table, now i despise her and i can't wait until she dies, growing up sucks.

No. 1355949

If a man is with a woman only because she’s pretty I think he’s more likely to cheat because not even pretty women can look pretty everyday or forever

No. 1355953

File: 1664387812980.png (1022.45 KB, 800x533, 6a010535647bf3970b02a2eed4b8f1…)

The world needs more capybaras

No. 1355954

i8 normally like her videos but this one is so dumb, it's obvious the game is a hoax trying to become an urban legend like polybius but without the years of pre-internet build up that urban legend has. The 90's aesthetic of the game screams zoomer too.

No. 1355971

But I’d there anything like a history of bad grades etc?

No. 1355977

yeah but it was mostly because i skipped school, i think she was trying to get on welfare and since i got nothing physically wrong with me she tried with that. She's now trying to get me diagnoses as autistic.

No. 1355981

Do you have your ged? Better work on that so you can get away

No. 1355986

File: 1664388673767.jpg (108.17 KB, 944x616, capibara_giovane-1.jpg)

yeah, trying to save enough money to move the heck away but it's gonna take a while. Right now i only make money through commissions and some GD stuff for family friends, but trying to learn programming or anything more profitable.

No. 1355988

Since you have a ged why not get a work from home job or a fast food job?

No. 1355998

>work from home job
like what?
>fast food job
i live in a crappy third world country, it's actually really hard to get one of the ''easy'' jobs and its mostly reserved to the children of friends of the owner, i tried a babysitter job before but the pay was actually less than i what i get with one commission.

No. 1355999

Ok but is it possible that you might actually be autistic? Also why do you think she was angling for welfare? Are you over 18?

No. 1356005

>Ok but is it possible that you might actually be autistic?
i went to psychologists all my life and they only diagnosed me with depression
>Also why do you think she was angling for welfare?
she's always complaining about money and has gotten away with welfare fraud before
>Are you over 18?
i am 21

No. 1356009

I wish I just could run freely around the moors like Cathy from wuthering heights

No. 1356011

Ayrt lmao anon that made me chuckle.
I'm feeling this so fucking hard. Everything is just insane and it's too insane to care and it makes me insane kek I sometimes feel like a burgeoning sociopath. I feel like all of my friends are way more adjusted than me? Maybe if I go all out insane now I won't have to worry about it later. Honestly can't wait for my fucking 30's I hope to god I will be a little more put together by then.

No. 1356016

same, wouldn't even care if the wind threw me around like a tumbleweed

No. 1356038

I have very little sympathy for broke men unless they are retarded or have a disability. Most broke men are broken because they are lazy. Not saying they all need to be filthy rich but they should at least be lower middle class. I will never give a homeless scrote change.

No. 1356067

Hang in there, nonna. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's totally normal to feel really frantic and disorganized in your 20s. Things are going to work out.

No. 1356082

I was close to giving a homeless guy change lately. I'm living in a more rural area so I hadn't seen a homeless person in my years of living here. One pops up and I wonder how he ended up like that. I hold off though because I don't know his deal. Next day he's drinking and bothering a young woman who is just trying to wait at the bus stop. Won't leave her alone. He has at least 30 years on her. I'm not getting the bus but I lurk close by just so I can keep an eye on her til she's safely on the bus. I start to dread using that same bus stop after that. He happily takes up the entire sheltered section of it and I stand in the rain some days just to avoid being hassled by him. Everyone, old and young has to stand in the rain now. Cool. He acts like he owns the stop. One day I see a woman pull up and offer him a place for the night. Lets him into her car and drives off. The following day he's back. I somehow cant imagine her kind deed went too well. He was at the stop for another few weeks after that.

No. 1356136

How does one even become a genuinely positive person. I realized that so many of my statements are snarky, dismissive and I fail to praise or compliment people because I'm afraid it'll sound sarcastic.

No. 1356141

Brittney venti is 25% black. She makes a lot of jokes at black women but I feel like she really does have a superiority complex over us and tries to play it off as a joke. Idk why she even brings us up so much she doesn’t even look black or hangout with black people. I can’t even watch her content anymore because there’s always some little joke about black woken for no reason.

>inb4 who pays attention to brittney venti in 2022

I do she’s funny sometimes sorry

No. 1356144

britanny venti looks like sid from ice age

No. 1356151

No. 1356154

The experience I’ve had with working age and able bodied homeless men is that they will tell you they were ‘kicked out’ by their evil gfs and then in getting to know them you realise they were emotionally abusive and she had had enough

No. 1356156

I'm getting brought down by the world. Society is getting to me about my small tits. I'm considering a boob job but what is the recovery time and how do I take so long off work. Do I instead lean into exercise and at least figure out how to get them more shapely or something. I hate when I bend over and they just hang. They're not full and round like all the other tits I see. I need volume at the bottom. I'm upset!

No. 1356158

Learn to stop caring, and just accept your body as is

No. 1356163

I get so self conscious during sex. One guy lied and would say they're big and he was nice in that way. He really made you believe he loved you, I was with him for years. Another guy kept bringing up how his ex had a boob job. Almost a suggestion. I think I would be more confident. I wish I could just wear a bra during sex

No. 1356166

Never bring up your insecurities to scrotes. He probably mentioned a boob job because you kept bring it up.

No. 1356170

I am in my 3rd decade of life I know to not bring up something unless I want it fixated on. I never brought up my boobs. He brought up his exes after a couple of times with me.

No. 1356178

Then I would say just get the boob job if you can afford it. You only live once and night as well fix what you don’t like. Self acceptance is a meme anyway.

No. 1356180

i got small tits and im fine with it, fuck inserting balloons in your body that go bad after a few years, hurt your back, and all for the viewing of a man. also as an anon who's had mandatory surgery cutting nerves in your chest is a sure way to ruin sensitivity.

No. 1356182

I don't even want to go extreme. Just augment my b cup to sit better. I think I deserve it but idk about recovery or if I'm going to have to keep getting procedures done to maintain them. Should I just focus on yoga

No. 1356184

Your boobs are probably fine, you just need to change your perspective. It's best to only resort to surgery in cases where they're objectively uncomfortable. If they're not paper thin, not drooping down past your stomach, not able to fit in any bra, or not severely discolored, then you probably look fine.
Self acceptance is not a meme. Plastic surgery can be addicting, and come with health risks.

No. 1356194

If you don’t have the up keep for a boob job you probably shouldn’t do it because a lot of people have bad reactions to them and have to pay to get them removed

No. 1356200

I got a late start today, but I actually ended up cleaning a bunch and now I feel really good about myself. To celebrate I ordered a pizza since my fridge is empty after being cleaned out lol

Aaaaand I accidentally posted this without saging and with a picture of Orcs for some reason. But I still feel good about myself!

No. 1356223

I think I have to agree with the other anon, don't get them if you can't afford any possible upkeep. I wish you luck though, whether you get them or not.

No. 1356224

damn nonna lets switch i want smaller tits because i wanna look better in more masculine clothing but binders hurt and make your boobs look like raisins

No. 1356226

Blah blah blah fuck my ego

No. 1356236

I did a couple of stretches and looked at my boobs afterwards and have decided against a boob job for the time being. I do need to accept this is who I am. It's been working on all the other parts of me I can't hide from people. This is what I look like and that's fine. Are pushup a meme for giving your tits a bit more wow

No. 1356237

Pushups, as in do chest exercises work or whatever to lift your tits a bit. Literally what I mostly think is that I have big nipples and little underboob and if they just perked up a bit they'd be cute enough.

No. 1356252

My boobs hang and flatten but I still love them. They've never done anything wrong, they're just bein' themselves. Sure they're not up to porno standards, but that's honestly a plus for me. I like how soft they are. And if I ever wanted to have a baby they could probably keep that little nugget from starving to death, which rules. Natural boobs gang

No. 1356256

She use to be a popular 4chan edgelord like shoe on head and became irrelevant in her mid 20s like shoeonhead

No. 1356275

No. 1356298

And Boxxy, for that matter.

No. 1356344

Nta but that's really comforting to hear

No. 1356409

shoe is still pretty popular just not with 4chan edgelords anymore

No. 1356455

Sometimes when I answer something in the stupid questions thread and the OP doesn't reply, I wonder if I was able to help them enough.

No. 1356517

I think she feels inferior to 100% white women and tries to undercut black women to make herself feel more…white-adjacent, I guess(?), but she ultimately just hates herself because of her spaced-out eyes and wide-ass nose. Like, she has to rely on horny white supremacists who will occasionally throw her a bone for having blue eyes, but will always pick literally any fully white, blond woman over her.
I get the sense that she brings up being part-black to try and "explain" her features, but she's only 25%, and there are tons of fully black women who are more conventionally attractive than her (not even saying she's ugly, just kind of weird-looking), so I don't know why she's so fixated on it. Like, it's fine to look a little bit like a frog, she can't help that, but she needs to stop trying to make other women suffer for it

No. 1356536

haven't hear about her in ages (thankfully)
she looks like she legitimately has fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 1356537

File: 1664415321312.jpg (161.43 KB, 720x1289, Screenshot_20220928-180832_Chr…)

Why do DiD larpers have the need to skin walk real people, including dead people? I know this was taken from reddit, but I find it disturbing.

No. 1356541

Kids are retarded and often insensitive

No. 1356552

kids are stupid, and god damn that song sounds horrible.

No. 1356560

this has to be a troon, only a troon could believe he's a dead abused teenage girl

No. 1356594

I love that feeling of getting home with a huge grocery haul. Yes, I earned the money for this. I gathered enough resources to comfortably survive for a while. I am the most functional human being alive hell yeah

No. 1356596

Most low self-esteem women regardless of their race go after black women to boost themselves up. It doesn't work if their end goal isn't to get up with a black man who hates black women as well. She will never give it up.
Click at your own risk, there are crispy breast implants. 101 things can go wrong with breast implants. It's not worth it at all.
it's a youtube short don't come for me farmhands

No. 1356625

Fellow 28 year old retard. I frequently think about implanting weird shit in my body, staging my own murder, then imagine the medical examiner's face when he pulls it all out of me. Definitely would put Easter eggs in my vagina filled with glitter dick confetti. Imagine having to record that in an official report kek

No. 1356632

Why does HannahTheHorrible have to go on extremely long-winded and retarded spiels unrelated to the video. God damn girl. Is it the wine or being feom the midwest or…? Ngl I find her tardisms cute and endearing and get a good kek out of them but jeez sometimes it's unbearable.

No. 1356649

>Most low self-esteem women regardless of their race go after black women to boost themselves up.

What is going on with this place like holy shit anons are actually getting smarter and more aware? I’m almost going to laugh kek

No. 1356657

I don't like the outro of Michiko and Hatchin. It just doesn't fit. The intro however is 10/10.

No. 1356659

We are all just alters of the system named Lolcow

No. 1356663

I think people regardless of race just don’t see black women as actual women too. Trannies have revealed that fact to me when a hideous one implied that Beyoncé is a man or brolic in appearance

No. 1356669

My arms hurt from working out and i want to eat 30 burgers halp

No. 1356675

Lets have a cookout nonna! Show me your skillz

No. 1356703

Go away Blaine

No. 1356711

>resident transvestite coincidentally posts at the same time I decided to come back and post on here

sigh, guess I’m going to have to take another few days break again since the mods can’t seem to fucking track this tranny wherever it posts

No. 1356753

File: 1664426017239.jpg (79.5 KB, 1024x1030, FCQZ5dAXEAAQTLk.jpg)


Looks like a prostate is lostate nonnas

No. 1356759

File: 1664426221240.jpg (29.15 KB, 500x464, 876a4c867a40cf4faa8046c50cf4c5…)

It doesn't matter if I'm the ugliest woman alive, not being a skinwalking predator from the uncanny valley still makes me prettier than any troon lol

No. 1356763

hot women use shrek reaction images

ugly ass men use anime girl reaction images and self insert/avatarfag

No. 1356767

File: 1664426378097.jpg (87.76 KB, 1600x900, 80587901_175455490517702_55243…)

No. 1356773

true and based

No. 1356775

Oh wait hold up, you're an actual tranny for real? Fuck that I'm done talking to you, stop pretending to be a woman you fucking creep

No. 1356802

This tranny avatarfags every single day. I seriously believe he doesnt do anything else the entire day but vpn hop every time he gets babned throughout the day. Best to report him and move on, mods always clean up all his posts. Every time i get on here i go and find his avatarfagging scrote ass and report

No. 1356814

File: 1664427687338.jpg (35.29 KB, 200x200, 1656645644978.jpg)

The trannies are fighting with eachother thinking they are fighting with women

No. 1356883

based and shrekpilled sister

No. 1356887

File: 1664430105981.jpeg (164.08 KB, 828x371, 8D2E9766-17AA-4CF3-89F3-4F03BE…)

all of /ot/ rn is just this

No. 1356896

File: 1664430517839.jpg (101.62 KB, 610x829, 1640710219989.jpg)

I lost 2kg recently just by stopping ordering food and trying to ration my food, my goal is to lose 10kg more between oct-dec and start getting muscle by the start of the next year, my biggest ispiration is thinking about carrying my husbando to the altar.

No. 1356903

I really don't like how protein shakes smell. It not a smell that makes me go like "yuck", but it's baby food-ish and I don't like it.

No. 1356904

I really wouldn't care about my sex or "gender" if men acted normal, but they simultaneously make me anxious about being a woman (because men are rape apes) but also make me love being a woman (because men are rape apes). Thank god I'm not a coom-obsessed, balding chimpanzee that is constantly wracked with insecurity about some stupid shit like progeny, "genetic success," or whatever.

No. 1356906

I think you responded to the wrong post.

No. 1356908

Pea protein tastes absolutely horrific

No. 1356915

File: 1664431978638.jpg (119.63 KB, 782x1000, 1663961302828.jpg)

samefagging, came back from weighting myself, currently at 57,2KG. I find it hard to include more excercise in my daily rutine, i do pilates which is muscle-heavy and my legs hurt so much after it i can barely move, they are sore for two, sometimes three, days which is a waste of time because i would like to run too. I also realized i somehow have a toned midriff despite being kinda chonky so i am looking forward to having an actual midriff when i lose weight!

No. 1356917

i like pea protein stuff. it's very chalky but i don't mind it if it's in a decent shake

No. 1356919

That's right nona. The police are going to come find you now. Good by bye.

No. 1356926

I haven't had a clean housemate with whom I get along in so long. I think this bitch may legit have a mental illness.

No. 1357113

If you're going to say you like pumpkin seed protein too, I can't trust you.

No. 1357120

File: 1664459892205.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1284x1211, F9D6F7A5-2DE0-4556-94C1-5F2F4B…)

Y’all are all too young to remember this but there use to be a lot of gossip around this a snowflake named Amina(early 2010s)who moved to Japan to become the first black idol and ended up screwing up everything then moved to the uk to start escorting etc. Amina dujean annoys me because she has a lot of skills and qualifications to be successful(Can speak Japanese, supportive upper middle class family, could go to university, pretty, healthy). Yet she has consistently over the years thrown everything away to be an escort or date ugly Asian or white men. When she could have easily just moved home with her parents and got a real degree then she wouldn’t have to marry an old white men who doesn’t even care if she’s a escort.

No. 1357122

I don't get people who on dating apps choose to advertise that their last ex cheated on them and they're angry as hell about it. I mean my last one did too but should that be your opening line?

No. 1357123

"too young"? this site isn't zoomer-land nona.
i remember an idol competition tape she recorded in front of all the contest staff where she brought out her anime fig collection. cringe on wheels, god bless.

No. 1357125

didn't she have her own threads? i never kept up with weeb cows but does this justify mickey's hatred for her? and yeah damn that's crazy. imagine having all of this going for you and you still want to suck bottom tier dick (probably abusive, what males aren't and especially ones looking to be with her)

No. 1357127

I feel like micky and Amina are very similar but Amina keeps her dirt on the low. They were friends for a reason. Anima was a mistress for some popular fat neck beard YouTuber back in the day and no one even knew because she kept it on the down low.

No. 1357129

File: 1664460848645.png (164.8 KB, 358x360, Schermafbeelding 2020-10-26 om…)

Bump 4 scrote spam

No. 1357130

nta but there are a lot of zoomers here now it seems and/or a lot of anons who don't remember old threads. remember aisha (forget how to spell her name)? she's one of the old time cows i feel really bad for. she honestly shouldn't have had her own threads she was pretty harmless from what i recall

No. 1357131

File: 1664460906878.jpg (432.5 KB, 1920x1383, henriecc88tte_ronner-knip-moed…)

No. 1357133

i dont see any, what was it?

No. 1357135

I finally found a used copy of Moby Dick because fuck buying things at full price and fuck waiting for online purchases. I thought I had discovered a hack by finding this immediate cheap shortcut, but I purchased a copy from a University library and it wasn't until I got home that I realized someone had sprawled a zillion handwritten notes across entire pages. I'm trying not to let it take away from the monumental score I feel like I found. I started reading Moby Dick a few months ago while I was in the hospital but I haaaate reading on my phone.
If you're gonna write in a book and then donate it, keep it in the margins! Fuck!

No. 1357136

File: 1664460990702.png (86.36 KB, 344x298, me rn.png)

Front page smh

No. 1357144

File: 1664461698231.jpeg (491.39 KB, 1242x1682, 31C4D481-A848-4476-97BD-429471…)

Oh here was the on Reddit drama when she fucked some married man. The mods hated micky so much back then that any milk related to anima got u banned or the thread locked lol

No. 1357146

File: 1664461900125.jpeg (377.38 KB, 1242x1390, 2D2F771B-FC96-43B3-9607-093D1C…)

The milk was so funny back then. Miss the old aidoru days.

No. 1357196

that's so rude

No. 1357214

File: 1664466200876.jpeg (206.38 KB, 750x382, E97C7C23-3B4C-4441-80C3-A2DC62…)

i’m quite angry from everything, tired from anemia, hungry from my period, pls pray that this bullshit ends for me and you whoever has to deal with this

No. 1357223

I know, I was so peeved! I'm also pretty dumb for not thumbing through it first I guess kek

No. 1357312

You can always tell when a scrote typed something from the little things. For example, someone doing psychographic profiling of your comment would immediately notice the low level of agreeableness in your interpersonal communication style. But you didn't even think about this because it's the norm for you

No. 1357332

I had nothing against her, nor did I care but the obvious covering for her when anything slightly negative was posted about her was greeted with "Hi Micky/Hi (whatever that fat black one with the now botched nips) was called.
It's really sad she dropped that idol act, it was going good for her! Did anything happen in Japan for this to happy?
I also recognize that restaurant, it's based in my city and it's probably a place she wanted to go to feel like a rich girl. (A lot of sugar daddies bring woman here)

No. 1357342

File: 1664472855002.jpeg (147.64 KB, 488x619, 5ADA657F-E6EC-4656-B8A7-73DF8E…)

>why’d she leave
Bad experiences with escorting and the abortion incident that she was going to sue micky for exposing it

No. 1357350

Same fag but I found it funny that she claimed not to know how sex worked but as secretly escorting?

No. 1357396

File: 1664476326937.jpeg (613.14 KB, 1196x801, E430BBB5-915C-497F-B45D-FAE0F5…)

Every time I see this lady trending I can’t help but think she looks like an ape this is not an attempt to insult she just has a very ape-like appearance

No. 1357397

File: 1664476351805.jpeg (5.26 MB, 3942x2628, CB7E9874-E096-4C98-A58F-78663F…)

I can’t be the only one who sees it

No. 1357401

Is she on roids?

No. 1357411

You're not, my nickname for her is Magilla.

No. 1357412

File: 1664477091606.jpg (120.17 KB, 700x933, e1710001e12afa752e241e0f75d6b8…)

couldn't find the image thread in /m/ so here

No. 1357413

Did you even search the catalog?

No. 1357421

nta but that made me kek

No. 1357430

I did. Scrolled a whole end and didn't find it. I guess I could've used the search tool but didn't feel like it.

No. 1357449


No. 1357458

Not really just lazy. It's the dumbass shit thread so whatever.

No. 1357474

I was watching a colorized black and white recording of some busy street a long time ago and I was thinking how what we're uploading to the internet right now might get gawked at in the same manner 100-200 years from now on and the future people will be the ones thinking "wow these people are dead now". Or maybe youtube and social media will be defunct old tech and no one will bother idk.

No. 1357476

Don't visit crystal.cafe today anons, please

No. 1357478

Are the spammers hitting there today?

No. 1357479

cp bots, is awful

No. 1357498

I moved out of home at 18. My dads style of parenting is very much 'you better grow up fast' Then my mom died a couple years later. My dad moved a few hours away to retire. I've had very little interaction with family over the years. I could vent about it but tbh.. some of the posts on here where nonnies are either neet or living with neet siblings or everyone is a neet and everyone in the house is fighting all the time and they're all tangled up together fighting like teens into their twenties and thirties.. it makes me feel less bitter. In the long run I think things worked out better this way. If I lived with my dad and brother today I'd be non stop complaining about them. I've had money worries over the years with no comfy fall back but I feel sane in my own space.

No. 1357523

Would bleached eyebrows look good with naturally black hair/eyelashes and dark brown eyes? I saw it on someone and it looked hot but I don't know if it will on me kek. I tried to shoop it but it didn't really work kek

No. 1357527

File: 1664484341884.jpeg (107.14 KB, 933x493, 56A35373-BD8F-42F6-8010-5B57E4…)

This is so true 2019 was the last true year we felt real

No. 1357529

File: 1664484573808.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x1878, BC6A8269-E9BB-4D23-B68C-7F64EE…)

Yess I think bleached eyebrows with dark hair look even better than with blonde hair
I follow an ig model who bleached her eyebrows and she looks really good imo

No. 1357531

imo she looks good despite the brows not because they add something positive but the idea is nice

No. 1357534

try covering them with concealer/full coverage foundation

No. 1357544

I wonder how the anon's mom who decided to go to Crimea for vacation is doing

No. 1357549

Thanks nonna's! I'm still thinking about it but a friend said it'd look nice on me too so.. Maybe lol. I tried covering them with foundation, I don't own concealer and it didn't really work. Maybe I'll just get some black box dye in case it goes wrong and do it over the weekend.

No. 1357559

File: 1664486327148.gif (2.96 MB, 540x250, 3EC6C72F-DE01-463C-A178-63783E…)

Being cringe and listening to sad Beatles songs because they remind me of my ex

No. 1357568

Hang in there nonnie and also never stop being cringe

No. 1357570

never stop being cringe nonnie

also i'd let nadja fuck my brains out in a second.

No. 1357650

File: 1664489909751.jpg (133.35 KB, 640x960, porch.jpg)

This one area near where I live is just covered in what looks to be vines. It's so lush and beautiful and every time I see it I just want to roll around in it. In general there are a lot of beautiful, very green area around me. Luv plants, simple as.

No. 1357656

Is the celebricow thread acting up for anyone else? When i try to get on the thread flashes and reloads and when it does finish it has weird empty white spaces where there should be posts. On mobile btw

No. 1357661

File: 1664490567159.gif (3.88 MB, 720x404, 01FC7723-AC01-461D-853A-DF878C…)

Men are obnoxious. They’ll act pissy or aloof and you have no idea if there’s a rock in their shoe or if their dad just died. They believe this is better than sharing their feelings, and everyone is supposed to just navigate around their gay little raincloud. Truly the more emotionally unstable of the two sexes. I’m going to get a tea. Do you want a tea? No? Okay bye ya miserable cunt, have fun.

No. 1357663

I get this if I try to expand a thread that’s >800 posts. Crashes the whole tab. If I click the post link in someone’s reply it gets around it.

No. 1357664

I just had the fricking best ramen and kimchi w my uncle, it feels like the chilli, lime and pickled stuff is already chasing my flu away ♥ i am definitely making soups this autumn, all ideas welcome

No. 1357665

You probably have "hide saged posts on"

No. 1357671

>nobody helped me
Who is nobody supposed to be? Who the fuck would have been able to protect her from incubus'?

No. 1357674

So, if I am understanding this right asmodai is anon's husbando?

No. 1357676

Idk anon, even if you don't believe (i don't, either) this is clearly a mentally ill woman I can't laugh at her. In that thread she said that after that she was admited into a mental hospital so clearly she wasn't ok

No. 1357677

>I know this will sound schizo
It's because it is schizo. Go on lithium and maybe your brain will stop manifesting genuine trauma out of thin air. Also don't smoke weed, it fucks with people with delusions.

No. 1357680

File: 1664491643191.png (287.26 KB, 500x313, b68.png)

I sure hope we aren't mocking an actual rape victim who is coping in a really bizarre manner.

No. 1357683

I'm not even mocking, I was honestly confused at that part. If anon is mentally ill/schizo then I feel bad for her and hope she gets help.
Reading it back, I wonder if she meant Asmodai?

No. 1357685

Tbh it's impossible to tell with schizo women. The rape was real to her (assuming she's not lying on the internet), regardless of if any actual rape occurred. I've known schizos before, and the trauma sticks with them, even after they realize it was a delusion and have proof that nothing actually happened to them. It's a horrible disorder.

No. 1357687

>manifesting genuine trauma out of thin air.
Nta, but the adult human brain doesn't work like this. Even if she wasnt raped irl something else happened.

No. 1357691

This. Schizophrenia is no joke, they aren't "lying" or "LARPing" even if it sounds retarded it's very real for them.

No. 1357692

Tbf, it can if you're severely mentally ill.
>t. have a relative who is severely mentally ill

No. 1357697

She’s clearly unwell leave her alone. Schizophrenic people’s delusions can have the same affect as the actual thing.

No. 1357706

What in the hell did I miss?
>I usually don't think of demons of having strong political leanings like that.
No they do not, besides Rush Limbaugh but everyone knows he's a pigdemon.
Could have been a christian who was raped and had a mental breakdown because of it honestly.

No. 1357718

My boob sweat and my underarm sweat smell distinctly different.

No. 1357721

Boob sweat, armpit sweat, coochie sweat, knee pit sweat: All different.

No. 1357728

Learn the difference; it could save your life

No. 1357729

I don't believe in demons, but I would believe Mitch McConnell were a demon if demons turned out to be real. He looks like a zombie had a baby with a tortoise and the baby grew up to wear someone's grandpa's skin.

No. 1357732

Okay I'm sorry for her if she is actually being serious. The scenario seemed absurd enough to sound like she was possibly joking, can't tell on here sometimes, I usually don't think of demons of having strong political leanings in that way.

No. 1357734

Honestly old men in power with dead soulless eyes lends credence to the belief but yeah there is a reason even the catholic church demands you see a psychologist before they call in an exorcist. Even if they are real, most of the time it's just some form of mental illness anyways so you remove that or cope or treat that and well, what can the demon do? Play with any more bad thoughts? You can cope against it, and thus, they may as well not be real at that point eh?

No. 1357735

>Nobody helped me
This haunts me though as I saw none of her posts.

No. 1357743

Why do men have such shit taste in women? I'm saying this from a lesbian perceptive. They fetishize unhealthy body types weather it be anorexic, obese or plastic surgeried up and that's their favorite. They claim fertility but most lesbians and even straight women are better at picking out objectively fertile looking women than most men. And then they let NLOG type simp over them while they get treated like kings by them and cry about how all women are shitty just because they want to stay with their "toxic whore" gf.

No. 1357744

No. 1357747

thinking about the term "vagina bones" and laughing alone in my apartment

No. 1357749

Honestly yeah, it's crushing. With non schizophrenic people, I feel like there is at least grounds on which we can help them. But what can we do for women who either have delusions surrounding actual events (in which case, we can't get justice for her because she can't accurately give us key information, and we can't untangle her delusions without further traumatizing her), or it's complete delusion with almost no basis in reality (in which case there is no one to get justice from)? I wish I could help them, but I'm not mentally healthy and I have no resources, so the best I can do is offer condolences and suggest psychiatric medication and learning coping mechanisms. Most of them have already heard that, though.

No. 1357751

Pussy dentootha

No. 1357752

One of my pussy lips is slightly fatter looking than the other. It could be from those mysterious hidden lumps underneath my skin or just my natural anatomy, either way I think it's kinda cute.

No. 1357753

simple, because adherence to ridiculous body and beauty standards against common sense and general health is a huge display of submission and self-sacrifice, the traits men desire most in women since they bring her closer to the age old mommybangmaid ideal.

No. 1357756

I speak schizo, it's hard to explain and it really looks like playing into their delusions but you can calm them down and get them to get help if you play it exactly right, usually though some asshole will come in with hostility though and fuck it all up so half the time I don't even try nowadays but there is a way to help, it's just very tricky.

No. 1357757

I missed this post did somebody screenshot it?

No. 1357760

That's reassuring. I wish I could support women with schizophrenia through their hardships, since a lot of them are genuinely very kind and creative behind all the manic/depressive stuff and the delusions, but unfortunately I am a simple autist who lacks the social finesse to talk them out of an episode. It's nice to hear there are people who can, though.

No. 1357762

Gotta do what we gotta do, I just wish it was more than a few who could do what I do so I don't have to is all really. Gets sad to see something that I could have possibly not certainly but possibly fixed if I was there like this example.

No. 1357764

File: 1664495588030.jpeg (53.05 KB, 317x412, EEC179E4-A21C-460A-B52D-E1595C…)

um ok nonster

No. 1357765

Sorry nonnie that's definitely cancer

No. 1357766

Yes it was a delusion but hot take: demons are real and they can manipulate your hallucinations. That's how it happened. I'm aware this all sounds very mentally ill to people who don't believe in the supernatural and I am on medication for psychosis. I wish I read what that other anon posted before she deleted.

No. 1357767

But that is not lying. severely mentally ill people traumatize themselves almost daily but is different from lying. I know a woman who was having psychotic delusions about people abusing her then non-verbal daughter. It's not the same as traumatizing yourself on purpose, she didn't have a choice on her delirium.

No. 1357768

NTAYRT but smh. Nonnies these days will really respond to labiaposting like this, how ungrateful.

No. 1357769

I am inclined to agree tho >>1357734 this point I believe is salient here.

No. 1357770

fuck off retard, your delusions are only going to fuck with her worse.
t. schizophrenic that manages her delusions like a responsible adult

No. 1357771

Thought I could just slide that post in since everyone is focused on the schizo demon-husbando anon right now
Thanks, Dr. Anonymous

No. 1357772

She's right
t. second doctor giving an opinion

No. 1357773

I posted a screenshot of someone else's post that's on /g/ that seemed like too bizarre of a scenario, like possible role playing levels of exaggeration, but then I realized she may actually be genuinely mentally ill based on others pointing it out, so I deleted it because I didn't want to make her feel bad if that was the case.

No. 1357774

I don't think anyone here said schizophrenic people are lying, just that their brains create trauma where it otherwise wouldn't exist. That's not conscious or a choice.

No. 1357775

Good nonna right here, thank you.

No. 1357779

I wish I was roleplaying anon but no, goetic demons are cartoonishly fucking evil and I did become mentally ill due to working with them. I've never had to take medication for this problem in the past. Trust me I'm aware that what I said sounded weird, but they like to tell me all kinds of weird shit just to fuck with me. I see so many people who have had positive experiences working with them and I just don't know why they chose to ruin my life.

No. 1357783

You don't start with the Goetia you utter nonce, this is not the thread to discuss this though go to CC's /x/ and we can talk there lmfao.

No. 1357786

Protip; it's trials, devil literally means adversary and clearly you jumped into the deep end of the occult without preparing so don't bring that shit up, it's not worth it, it will only trigger others and won't help anyone okay nonna?

No. 1357787

I wonder if this is all connected to that anon who posted a guide to contacting demons and getting money from them like a year or 2 years ago

No. 1357788

Please get mental help.

No. 1357790

She just said she was on medication ya silly.

No. 1357792

About 60 years give or take.

No. 1357793

kek sorry I deleted because I felt bad making a joke about that

No. 1357794

>You don't start with the Goetia
I mean they reached out to me lmfao. They wanted to work with me. I would have been fine with taking any other path but they chose me.

I'm on meds, stupid.

No. 1357795


Obviously not enough if that's where her mind is now.

No. 1357797

No worries lol.
Take this to CC's /x/ please, you can talk about the occult there, I do believe you as I had the same thing happen.
No longer on meds, don't need them anymore.
>>1357734 samefag as this

No. 1357798

Btw you're 'help' is not required here.

No. 1357799


"I mean they reached out to me lmfao. They wanted to work with me. I would have been fine with taking any other path but they chose me."

Reread yourself and tell me if think you're not in psychosis right now.

No. 1357800

No. 1357801

*if you think you're

No. 1357802

I think you're a scrote at this point ngl.

No. 1357803

No. 1357804

So any discussion about the occult is psychosis now?

No. 1357805

Read the rules, mansplaining is not allowed here moid.

No. 1357806

>cartoonishly fucking evil
>they reached out to me
Aside from hearing others say they had positive experiences with them, why would you work with an entity like that, and what were you expecting? Also I'm kind of interested to hear your perspective on morality, and if your idea of it changed after your experience.

No. 1357807

Oh should we not move this to /x/? I mean she's obviously lucid so it could just be a discussion on philosophy if anything.

No. 1357808

File: 1664497484517.png (249.86 KB, 520x600, Glasya-Labolas.png)

I just looked up "goetia" and now I'm laughing over their fancy titles. President Glasya-Labolas 2024.

No. 1357809


Because I'm in the dumbass shit thread and don't believe the demon schizoposting? It's better than reinforcing schizo delusions, but sure. It doesn't take a mood mansplaining.

No. 1357810

This is the dumbass shit thread, I think anything goes honestly

No. 1357812

And the illustrations are so amazing, like some are just so regal and then have a gremlin face out of nowhere and some look like hot garbage but are the most feared, love it.
Yaknow what fair enough

No. 1357813

Believing you're talking and dealing with demon entities is, yes, if not just a delusion.

No. 1357814

Alright those that wanna say meds now can come up with something better to talk about or just let us be dumbasses in the thread called the dumbass thread. Ain't on me, go for a vote.

No. 1357815

File: 1664497775796.jpeg (172.39 KB, 1000x1777, 45537D8F-0B5F-4F1D-BD28-BB57C0…)

My expectations were low but holy shit this movie sucks so fucking bad like it’s comically bad I need to talk about it


The plot reads like a black mirror episode draft that got scrapped. To summarize it, basically Alice (florence) was hallucinating and having visions in her perfect suburban 50’s home while Jack (harry) goes off to work in a mysterious company in the middle of the desert
2 hours into the movie and really not much happens, just the same hallucinations scenes in the same place and skipped-over plot holes that take us nowhere
In the third act, Alice discovered the truth about her real life and that she’s an overworked nurse living with her unemployed internet-addict incel boyfriend, Jack, who signed them both up for an online program where you can keep the bodies still but enter the parallel reality through mind-control and that’s why she doesn’t remember anything in the 50’s reality
Olivia wild’s attempted allegory was a little too on the nose, it was a clear jab towards the retvrn to tradition chronically online men who wish to return to the perfect nuclear family of the 20st century where women didn’t work but cook, clean and have babies. lmao. lol.

There’s a scene where I couldn’t help but laugh, real life Jack aka unemployed incel-Jack, is actually American and chose his nationality to be British in the virtual reality. I like to think that because Harry Styles’ attempt at an American accent was so bad they had to make him British again

No. 1357816

>why would you work with an entity like that, and what were you expecting
I mean I used to be an atheist/ex-christian so I was open minded when they came to me. Luciferians and satanists have such a stick up their ass about Christianity and I just fell for their bs. I was expecting them to be harsh but I didn't know they would be that devoid of human morality. I wouldn't exactly say that I'm a born again Christian but I do understand them a lot better now and why they think everything is demonic. When you're under demonic possesion/opression they will take credit for everything bad that happens to you. Someone make a thread on cc's /x/ and I'll move there.

No. 1357818

File: 1664497879793.jpeg (41.44 KB, 460x613, 63F530A7-4D3B-4CEA-ACF5-9654D9…)

This is what incel Jack looks like btw. There is a scene of him on the computer with three monitors and a discord chat tab open
The one thing they portrayed well in this movie

No. 1357821

this shit was fucking boring

No. 1357824

You said the quiet part out loud

No. 1357826


Yes, please do, you're embarrassing, anon. Should have known you would be born again Christian. Haven't met a single one that isn't delusional.

No. 1357827

Except I said I wasn't a born again Christian, moron.

No. 1357828

>I was expecting them to be harsh but I didn't know they would be that devoid of human morality.
Well yeah even angels are devoid of that, it's a human thing.
>Someone make a thread on cc's /x/ and I'll move there.
I would but sometimes my posts get deleted there because I troll an obvious man after and they blanket delete.
>When you're under demonic possesion/opression they will take credit for everything bad that happens to you.
Yes lol, that's usually a joke.
Fucking uncanny, any /pol/ poster ever.
If I was a burger I would have stood up, clapped and saluted the flag at that post honestly.
Lol nonna those fangs, let the poor christfag work through her feelings about a religion that is usually abused by power corrupt men.(not to say it's good in anyways just men ruin a ton of things, not really a christian myself anymore)

No. 1357829

Go make that thread and stop eating the bait this bored nonna is throwing out lol

No. 1357830

Kek, I will assume that this one screenshot was the most entertaining part of the movie.

No. 1357836


I can't help Luna Slater talking to angels over here is a laugh.

No. 1357838

File: 1664498585322.jpg (143.69 KB, 937x1171, 7e79c60a497e4d6797033f8f9f115d…)

I'm trying to be srs for her sake but you keep making me laugh so picrel

No. 1357841

Could you possibly bump this https://crystal.cafe/x/res/83.html (not sure if your experience would be good enough to not seem like it was a worthless bump to mods), or would a specific thread about demons be better?

No. 1357845

File: 1664498801397.jpg (36.1 KB, 750x936, tumblr_128280e60477d7841240c69…)

wtf is that?

No. 1357847

File: 1664498810578.jpg (8.24 KB, 287x176, download (12).jpg)

Only unironically I am now worried that you do.

No. 1357848

I didn't mean to attach this image.

No. 1357849

That's what I'll name my cocker spaniel.
>I would but sometimes my posts get deleted there because I troll an obvious man after and they blanket delete.
That's dumb, no wonder that place is so slow.

No. 1357851

It was the demon, crafty bugger they are, they always pick the funniest picture in your meme folder.

No. 1357853

Post a thread about goetia and I'll share some of the delusions that I had under psychosis. There's a lot.

No. 1357854

Eh they miss out on the point of things I think really but hey, what can ya do, that's all places nowadays.

No. 1357856

I dunno about delusions on my end but I will have sources to quote from and other people's delusions to add.

No. 1357862

Damn you to double heck, King Balam!

No. 1357866

File: 1664499170189.jpg (171.98 KB, 800x1000, tumblr_pq5vlrMipx1rp6cnqo1_128…)

>Bitch I am fabulous, don't you damn me, pft.

No. 1357870

What I don't get about all this ars goetia stuff is they aren't hot, why would you want a demon that isn't hot?

No. 1357874

File: 1664499400802.jpg (349.97 KB, 1123x1314, BalanDictionaireInfernal.jpg)

>monster fucker thirst trap fanart from tumblr
Please, we're all farmers here. Use his yearbook photo instead.

No. 1357878

Deliberately desexified in attempt to keep women from becoming fujos for demons in the bygone era. And then VivziePop ruined it by making them furries for fujos.

No. 1357879

File: 1664499603723.jpeg (67.62 KB, 515x700, angel-of-death-3large-jpg.jpeg)

I don't know, I view them as more like dogs than a sex thing myself.
Ah my bad, mine favorite monster from the book of spookies never looks derpy so I usually default to the more modern 'edgy' pictures.

No. 1357883

I'm into her, what's her IG?

No. 1357886

What’s bad about things being lovely is that there is something to corrupt. Because of evil not being able to make, only to corrupt, it’s a taking thing. And there has to be loveliness to be corrupted to feed the evil. So things must not be beautiful, we need to make everything neutral. Is that real? No. There is only a balance between beauty and ugly, neutral is on the scale. The true neutral is nothingness. Don’t give them any niceness to feast on.

No. 1357887

Someone else get this, I don't use Instagram.
Uhhh uhhh zoomer speak probably uhhhh
Nailed it.

No. 1357888

I also view archaic creatures of myth and lore to be like ye olde Pokémone.

No. 1357889

And ugly isn’t real, it’s just a level of corruption in regards to the ideal of beauty

No. 1357890

File: 1664499886178.jpg (39.17 KB, 400x347, art_image_233.jpg)

Nahhhh feed them nice until they go pop silly.
It's unironically the only way to do it imo otherwise they would control you I imagine if they were to exist.
Ugly and beauty are subjective.

No. 1357895

Went to walmart instead

No. 1357899

Most Walmartians have kids, I bet.

No. 1357909

Disgusting, filthy creatures children are really.

No. 1357911

I wish there was a way to cleanse lc of anachans. This would be my utopia.
I’m immune to their retarded anorexic rants and snarks I’ve never had an eating disorder but they infest every thread like cockroaches it’s annoying
Anachans, be gone! go count calories and lose hair and skin elasticity on your own!

No. 1357914

I wish there was a way to cleanse lc of the french. This would be my utopia.
I’m immune to their retarded cheese smelling rants and snarks I’ve never had an odor problem but they infest every thread like cockroaches it’s annoying
French, be gone! go surrender to germany and be hairy and have no cultural value for 200 years on your own!

No. 1357915

File: 1664501095665.png (138.62 KB, 275x270, 1688254A-F8D2-4ACE-9AFC-603A6E…)

Just watched a TikTok of a girl talking about how she found out she was pregnant very early into college and how her and her boyfriend decided to stay together, stay ion school, have the baby, and are finally getting married and I got so fucking jealous of this girl who got pregnant at 19.

No. 1357916

The infighting over shit like BMI or what constitutes as fat or whatever the fuck else is really annoying. I don't care about either side of the sperg wars that come up, but it does distract from literally everything else. I just want to talk about fun things and rage at moids and the government without having to carefully dodge various kinds of women with violent insecurities taking it out on each other like the world's saddest clowns.

No. 1357917

Yess I agree actually yeah the french might be even worse than anachans

No. 1357918

They are and we need to let people know, no more weight sperging, only soyjaks call others men to false flag, and the french are responsible for all wrongs and scapegoated the jews for too long.
How could we be so blind, those smelly french were under our noses colonizing and spreading their bland ass cultural values this whole time. I am shocked and appalled at anyone who would judge someone for something as small as weight when the french are still a thing!

No. 1357920

>having to carefully dodge various kinds of women with violent insecurities taking it out on each other like the world's saddest clowns.
This is poetic and so true it always cracks me up when you argue against an unrelated topic and they immediately resort to calling you FAT! like it’s the worst thing anyone can be called
I hope you deeply insecure ladies know that this word doesn’t hold any meaning to people who are normal and and well-adjusted to their bodies and health

No. 1357921

isn't she on tiktok right now? or is another gaijin idol tryout, the girl I saw on tiktok looks alot like her and advertises herself as a "former black idol"

No. 1357927

Honestly, I wish her well, but it's also naive to expect it to work out. For starters, a lot of women post aspirational videos about their lives when they aren't actually that glamorous or satisfying irl. There was one going around recently that framed the stay-at-home gf lifestyle as aspirational, but at one point she briefly showed her planner, and it contained things like "dissatisfied with relationships / lifestyle / career" and "feeling stuck." Chances are that if she's posting about how perfect her life is on TikTok, it's not actually sunshine and rainbows, and she's looking for the affirmation of others' jealousy to cope. Consider this: The human brain hasn't fully developed into its adult stage until around 25 years of age. She is stuck with a commitment that will take about 18 years of her life, starting 6 years before she's even fully developed into an adult. What are the odds that she's actually going to be able to complete her schooling when having to care for a baby, in this economy? Also, I'll be honest–the situation she's in is scarily reminiscent of the background I've gotten on multiple stay-at-home mothers who have had more children than standard families (4 to 10). They find their committed religious husband within their first two years if uni, immediately marry him and have kids, and ultimately give up on any major aspirations to take care of the kids and be the man's personal bangmaid.

No. 1357929

File: 1664502130359.gif (1.92 MB, 480x360, 952087DC-2270-4625-A979-DD3CF5…)

I’m such a fat hungry bitch rn I could go for a crispy chicken sandwicher with some apple juice

No. 1357933

Go for it, my treat

No. 1357934

Thanks nonna, I’m just very emotional rn. I want to have a family so badly but I’m
Not willing to find some rando and get married 6 months in just to pop our some babies. I’m determined to find someone with my time but it’s fucking hard and seeing this guy stick with her even though neither of them were planning it struck a chord with me. I try and operate under the assumption that people happy with their lives don’t post shit all the time but it got to me today.

No. 1357935

Why are Germans so self-righteous and so passive aggressive? It's such a shitty trait too, born out of cowardice. It's weird that people call them autistic. Autistic people are not that insufferable.

No. 1357936

having cereal instead kek

No. 1357939

File: 1664502528956.gif (135.68 KB, 220x391, 8FC08AD8-D1C6-46B4-8AE3-7BA4E6…)

>autistic people aren’t that insufferable

No. 1357941

noo… ok you can have that chicken sandwich and apple juice for lunch tomorrow

No. 1357942

File: 1664502611990.jpg (16.52 KB, 487x479, Oh-Really-Meme.jpg)

>Autistic people are not that insufferable.
Nice try French anon but you can't beat the master at her own game.

No. 1357946

thank you mommy goo goo gaga

No. 1357947

It's hard to feel lonely and like you "could be doing better," I know. But you're doing the best you can. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that people online very rarely post honest depictions of their lives, and people who make that much "progress" that young are more than likely rushing themselves under the assumption it'll work out, because society told them it would. Everyone I know agrees that they weren't wise enough at 19 to get married or raise a child, even the women who were teen moms. We all just think we need to live our lives faster and more productively because we've been taught to view ourselves a pieces in a machine. You're your own person, and you can't rush yourself to become someone you're not ready to be.

No. 1357949

That’s right let’s talk about germans and how shitty and awful they are. They just have no shame no courtesy really a nation of autists
A little story to how shameless germans are: my mom was in germany for a while I hated having to visit her but Ill never forget when my mom invited her neighbors for dinner and this german woman bought a cake from a store anyways when they were done there was like two pieces of cake left and I kid you not, this bitch took a paper towel and stuffed the two cakes in her bag and said ok tschüss

No. 1357951

Queen shit. I would be so mad if she did this to me, but she's just doing what anyone would do if we never cared to be courteous.

No. 1357953

No, girlautism

No. 1357954

NTA but can you explain why your furry population is so damn high?

No. 1357959

Video related

No. 1357960

Yaknow what anon you convinced me, Germans and the French both suck.

No. 1357961

Since we're talking about Europe, I don't like how Edinburgh is pronounced.

No. 1357962

Sauerkraut behavior. I've heard stories of Germans being rude about food when offered ("this is too sugary, this is too bitter, this has too many spices") and then taking the pyrex/tupperware and never giving it back. Like just taking your china because you offered them a cup of tea in it right after they tell you that your tea tastes bad. When those sauerkrauts come around you better hide your cups, hide your plates, hide your vintage faberge eggs and precious collectibles, hide your food and lock it in a safe with a key….you can't even trust them more now that winter's coming. They'll be going feral. And that's nothing compared to the shitty passive aggressiveness. So immature. Like people call American women Karens? That's literally standard German behavior, except it's sprinkled with the mandatory condescending 'splainin. Like these bratwursts have to 'splain to you the etiquette of properly taking a shit, because you're not doing it right like mir ich liebe dich! You habe to sage, anon! Let me take 2343 characters to explain why to you

No. 1357963

You're saying it wrong is why, trust me lol

No. 1357964

File: 1664503794697.jpg (10.8 KB, 275x183, download (13).jpg)

>Sauerkraut behavior.

No. 1357965

I've never said it before, I mean how other people say it. Sounds like their mimicking a vomit noise at the "burgh" part.

No. 1357966


No. 1357975

All men are narcissists

No. 1357978

File: 1664504967270.png (273.61 KB, 386x418, 460.png)

No. 1357981

lmao nonnie im so glad I came back to read the replies

No. 1357983

wouldn't your bodies muscles loosen up and release all the things inside of u, it wouldn't be a surprising egg they'd have to dig for it would probably slide out

No. 1357984

wasn't she like 12, that's even worse

No. 1357987

And that's why my idea is better.
Okay so, mid funeral and the coffin launches me out like a jack in the box, my formaldehyde corpse sprays all over the side of the church walls scaring any child there for life.

No. 1357988

Are vagina muscles always automatically somewhat tense? I can't imagine they would loosen that much after death

No. 1357989

Everyone thinks dying is cool until they do and they all poop their pants is your answer there nonna.

No. 1357995

american movies have become so boring and unoriginal

No. 1357999

File: 1664507483588.png (1.93 MB, 985x905, nonnisa.png)

hit the club and ran into idubbbz's wife!

No. 1358015

File: 1664509242371.gif (438.55 KB, 400x396, 251536280_716293b4.gif)

Shout out to my main man jesus, he is my homie, my savior, my husbando

No. 1358017

cyberpunk 2077 ?

No. 1358019

File: 1664509433604.gif (680.71 KB, 432x500, 8484171_950a3.gif)

Oh wtf is this one, help I am screaming of laughter and I think the people across the street can hear me.

No. 1358022

File: 1664510025224.jpg (104.05 KB, 550x757, 34fa90e2603f2ce7695d005faef6c7…)

he would die 4 you
he would hate fuck satan 4 u (fujo path)

No. 1358024

Well every good Fujoshi knows that the end of the world won't be some big battle but a dom/sub struggle between Jesus and Satan.

No. 1358035

File: 1664511080881.jpg (23.32 KB, 480x477, 1647719032777.jpg)

Just had to read the words "thrusting past your cervix".

No. 1358037

what were you reading and what male wrote it? past your cervix?? do men think this is hot to women or are they writing for other men

No. 1358038

stop getting your fix at wattpad nonn

No. 1358040

Who is self reporting on the world's skinniest pencil dick is what I wanna know if they got past the cervix, kek

No. 1358051

File: 1664512108853.png (267.71 KB, 480x600, STOP.png)


No. 1358053

>what were you reading
Just a fanfic of my husbando. All the other parts weren't that good but I just kept reading anyway. I don't think it was a male but just a woman who tried to throw some exaggeration in there.

No. 1358063

Internet Historian finally uploaded, with a very bitter sweet story this time

No. 1358106

File: 1664516991803.jpg (14.06 KB, 343x343, 1645137986921.jpg)

My youtube feed started to get infested with random videos under 100 views, today i got one of a boy that looks 13 funando(cancelling) some other teen girl in his discord group for super retarded shit, literally just preteen drama. I wonder if it's common nowadays for preteens to cancel each other and make dumb expose videos based on discord drama. I am laughing really hard at it, the boy is mad that someone filtered his mom's photo , insulted her and made a discord server called ''insert boy's name is gay'' and the girl is mad someone was making edits of a her photos and sent her ''simps'' to attack people, they are also accusing each other of being pedos despite being kids themselves. What the fuck is wrong with zoomers, lmao.

No. 1358107

I was playing this game I found on this site of dirty games because I wanted to see if I could somehow find something actually entertaining, it was called "the price of flesh" and I thought it looked familiar and I realized it's by the same people who made boyfriend to death which was a game I never tried playing but that Nonnas here would talk about here and there and I loved price of flesh despite how messed up it was cause it was just so entertaining and now I'm finally gonna play boyfriend to death, so wish me luck! I hope it's also entertaining

No. 1358110

I still do not know what a hooded vs non-hooded vs creased eyelid difference actually looks like, no amount of visual comparisons and pic compilations online have made it make sense to me. Brain broke.
This is simultaneously hilarious and depressing, we're all doomed.

No. 1358133

Sick people love to sit right next to me in public transport every single time, I hate them.

No. 1358163

Why do you hate their freedom nonnie

No. 1358182

I got sick from one of these bastards once when working retail part time because they love contaminating others, and that made me fuck up a job interview to get my dream job in Tokyo in 2018, which would have kickstarted my career. I got called by the recruiter, talked to him for like 1 minute, passed out, woke up 5 minutes later, threw up, tried to call again, he called me back, I could barely talk coherently, and he never called me back to reschedule the interview after we agreed to it. These people hate my freedom to not being dirt poor and deserve death.

No. 1358187

Tired of LC drama so I checked in on my old hobby community and holy kek it's rife. Multi page call outs are posted every other day so it's entertaining while milk has been dry. Glad I'm out but it's fun to watch from afar. Gaming groups are hilarious anons. No caps cause I have high suspicions one of the girls involved is a farmer herself

No. 1358197

Hooded eyes have skin that sags over the eyelid (even as far down as the eyelashes if you're as unfortunate as me), non-hooded eyes normally have the eyelid be flat. Never really heard of 'creased' eyes before, I think nearly everyone has a crease in their eyelid when their eye is open. Hope that helps a little bit anon

No. 1358217

What hobby?

No. 1358235

This moid doesnt get the clue i dont want to date him, even if i am cold to him and treat him like crap, he recently got a job so i hope he finds a gf there and stops bothering me

No. 1358246

why would you hope that another woman is stuck with this loser? I don’t. I hope he dies miserable & alone for pestering women and not taking no for an answer

No. 1358249

In my dream last night someone put shayna it one of these (excuse the annoying moid I’ve only seen like 2 videos of this and I dreamt of it)

No. 1358287

File: 1664532809662.png (204.84 KB, 600x564, 181C5C2F-5814-4F36-8E87-E67032…)

Living in a very very conservative country and the girl I went to school with who was a wild colored-hair bisexual and had many girlfriends, constantly partied, drank, smoked and would post all of her nights out on a private ig story did a 180 in just a year, she got engaged, dyed her hair brown and completely changed her look from messy makeup bleached hair euphoria-esque skimpy outfits to a modest clean look
She’s only 21 too what the fuck this is so weird how does some change that drastically under a year did parents do some psychotic shit to her I got whiplash when I saw her mom post their picture together

No. 1358296

I'm going to be so cute when I'm an old lady. I have the perfect face for a kind, sweet southern old lady. I just have to make sure that when I get all wrinkly and jowl-y, I start smiling a lot and making banana pudding.

No. 1358312

That's a hentai trope. The author has porn brainrot.
t. Someone who was groomed into having porn brainrot but recovered.

No. 1358317

I want to see a Rube Goldberg machine that can castrate a man real nice

No. 1358331

File: 1664540600415.jpeg (51.78 KB, 640x484, F60AE1E5-10EA-42D0-819C-0EBFE9…)

Scrolling the reddit hate thread and deeply regretting it

No. 1358349

File: 1664543077452.jpg (124.78 KB, 1170x1091, 20220928_091815.jpg)

spent nearly 250$ on a gacha game for virtual bragging rights of owning an artificially inflated set of pixels but it feel gud to dunk on the massive amount people who don't have them

No. 1358391

How can you admit to spending that amount of money but still feel superiority? Are people with brains like yours just fundamentally broken?

No. 1358419

there is no superiority i have a gambling problem

No. 1358516

File: 1664555871931.jpeg (80.79 KB, 640x642, 1662930977170.jpeg)

i don't know why i dipped back into /snow/ again. am i the weird one for thinking neither of them are ugly?

No. 1358519

I want this toy but they don't ship it to my country reeee

No. 1358525

File: 1664556396391.gif (257.5 KB, 220x220, youre-not-wrong-aychristenegam…)

/Snow/ has become a containment board for anyone who got bullied in high school and needs to let it out now.

No. 1358528

the daughter kind of reminds me of doge. it's the smug aura ig. neither of them look ugly though

No. 1358535

File: 1664556887845.gif (1003.32 KB, 404x347, 1649625773826.gif)

Has anyone else had to deal with fastfood workers flirting with you? I feel like I'm unlucky and I keep getting unhinged moids at the drivethru because there's been multiple times where I'm paying for my food and the scrote at the till will wink at me or mention that they think I'm attractive. Last night when the guy handed me my change back he did a weird deliberate stroking of my hand?? Like cradling it almost and stroking it. Like what the actual FUCK. I'm not joking or bragging like what the FUCK is up with scrotes working at fast food joints that makes them so horny they have to flirt with customers.

No. 1358536

File: 1664556914208.png (473.18 KB, 638x367, much wow.png)

>Wow, racist much?

No. 1358538

Ah damnit the gif makes me unable to take your post seriously.
Yeah I don't get it either other than scrotes not knowing what league they are in and being told to always flirt, like sorry bro but, horrible advice there. It's just insulting, it isn't charming for a 2 to come up to you and try to touch your hand like I assume what just happened to you.

No. 1358540

Why does the gif make you take my post less seriously. Do you have autism?

No. 1358550

Yes. The condescending sweetheart from some moid who doesn’t realize I’m older than him and the weird trying to touch my hand when handing back my card. Ffs give me my tea and fries sir. I didn’t order a side of sexual harassment.

No. 1358553

Yes, I just photoshopped doge onto a woman's face so I can't deny that.

No. 1358554

yes, last time i went to wendy's the dude was really creepy and was like "oh hey…" like joey tribiani saying "how you doin?" when i pulled up to the window. I literally stopped going there because of that. plus i'm in my 30s and it was a very young man which makes me feel so weird. I don't like being sexualised by children when i just want a frosty.

No. 1358569

Don’t u girls just hate when u can feel your cervix when you kiss a guy?

No. 1358572

Yeah, I hate when my vagina swells and drools as well, specially when I'm not wearing feminine clothes or my makeup for sleeping.

No. 1358574

File: 1664558107458.jpg (128.2 KB, 1200x797, tmp-name-2-22413-1503073022-9_…)

I'm just saying it's pretty simple really I transitioned because I hate men, not because I want to creep on women or goon it to sissy porn.
I just wanna yell at men with the rest of the bitter old ladies because that's who I am inside, a 60 year old woman fed up with the male dominated world and annoyed at kids because they're gross retards who all deserve to be on a different internet until the age of 21.
Not rocket appliances really.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1358579

>kiss a guy
Eww no

No. 1358583

File: 1664558390997.jpg (41.54 KB, 708x397, hq720.jpg)

I'm following a cake recipe and the girl only used baking paper on the bottom, I'm scared my cake will stick to the sides, please don't let my cake be ruined

No. 1358586

i have made a cake like that before, you should be fine noni

No. 1358590

I mean it might stick a bit if it expands, just use a knife if it does, you'll be fine.

No. 1358605

Same the vagina swelling is the worse because my kittie bulges out of my pink thong and I love wearing my sleeping stilettos and thongs for bed so it’s unfortunate I make such a mess. Do you think tampons would help?

No. 1358616

Definitely, but make sure they're pink and that they smell like flowers, I wore a blue one once (big mistake, never buy feminine products online) and my cervix started coming out of my vagina as I tried to bake a pie while wearing my favorite baking lingerie.

No. 1358627

File: 1664560626820.gif (3.6 MB, 480x359, 2E34AB23-6160-425C-B636-033534…)

Thanks! I’m going to put on a pastel pink little school girl skirt and pig tails then head out to the pharmacy to pick up tampons. I’m tired of sleeping naked every night and feeling my cervix slosh around! I can’t even wear my sleeping thong panties because because I ruin them and have to throw them out! But thanks for the advice noona(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1358633

Ugh I hate all men, kill all men except my nigel and my father.

No. 1358636

>local bread looks amazing, costs $6
>average gluten free bread costs $6 and is usually really mediocre
>why me
Why cant I eat wheat like a normal person. I want to travel without giving a shit for what I'll have the next day. I want to try new places like everyone else but theres maybe 5 places in this whole state I can eat at without being sick. The only upside to this is it forced me to learn cooking and I'll probably always be underweight. God damn though regular different variety bread looks so delicious though.

No. 1358646

I've heard Kate Moss being called ugly before outside this site. /snow/ just thinks everyone needs to be 100% perfect. God forbid somebody commends a cow that happens to be fat or not the most conventionally attractive for scrubbing up and looking decent.

No. 1358657

Why not kill your nigel too? Live a little, anon!

No. 1358659

We need a dumbass larp thread.

No. 1358660

Because then who is going to kill the icky spider for me?
Girls I'm scared.

No. 1358662

Unironically I just go to soyjak to do that.

No. 1358701

File: 1664563545969.jpg (22.9 KB, 600x600, 11552114_800.jpg)

I love melodicas lol. I found a cover of a rather somber and quiet song, and it's great, but I start cracking up whenever she pulls out the melodica lmao.

No. 1358744

Posts on this site are worse than usual lately, feels like I'm having a stroke

No. 1358746

It's the [REDACTED]. Pretty sure he's the one who's having the stroke. Hopefully it kills him or renders him too retarded to use a computer.

No. 1358749

Spiders are friends, they just spin webs in the corner to kill the mosquitoes and flies. Spiders literally pay rent if you leave them be

No. 1358751

I wonder if there's others too right now because it goes beyond what I'm used to from him

No. 1358759

File: 1664565575084.png (155.05 KB, 892x590, 1566281900481.png)

It wouldn't be so bad if people would ignore blatant bait.

No. 1358766

File: 1664565897055.gif (80.46 KB, 100x100, 7EECF928-6AD2-4AB7-B79F-1EA7A7…)


No. 1358823

We have a few, I don't think I ever saw someone getting banned for necroing a thread on /ot/, so run free

No. 1358887

File: 1664571771329.jpg (768 KB, 900x945, cyberpunk bug.jpg)

yes. started to replay it after it reportedly sold over 20mil copies cause of that dumb new netflix show, but it is still a buggy mess lol

No. 1358891

I hope the next time he starts his computer the pc blows up in his face

No. 1358899

>do I have BPD?
>do I have narcissistic personality disorder?
>do I have autism?
>do I have ADHD?
>do I have
God just shut the fuck up. Anyone else tired of this shit? It's leaking into real life too. "Hmmm maybe I have XYZ" just shut up, coworkers. I go to therapy and my therapist thinks I'm shopping for diagnoses and will be like "do you think you have X? Maybe you have–" like bitch I am here to work out my problems, not collect meaningless Wokie Points. I just do not care anymore. Do not care. Fucking everyone thinks they're autistic or somewhat on the spectrum or they have a personality disorder. It's insane.

No. 1358928

Some of us are just not self-hating autistics nonnie. Try not being such a salty bitch

No. 1358936

Do not care.

No. 1358940

No one cares

No. 1358974

completely forgot i asked this, and yeah i did have saged posts hidden , thanks nonnas!

No. 1358983

No. 1358993

Seeing anons up thread talking about German autism made me angry because my mom was born in Germany, but then I remembered she did smuggle food into the theatre, as well as cans of seltzer water, in her bag. So I guess that checks out. Dunno about stealing tupperware/dishes though. Passive aggressiveness is a given.

No. 1359055

>she did smuggle food into the theatre
Everyone, everywhere does that.

No. 1359061

I want to get married to a farmer (actual farmer kek) and live a happy life with zero problems, it's unachievable but a girl can dream. I'm sick of boring scrotes who think they're better than everyone because they got a college degree. I just want a simpleton, is that too much to ask?

No. 1359069

Why do parents bring their babies to restaurants? They always look in pain too, and i am sure they know everyone arounds them hates them and their obnoxious child for ruining the dinner

No. 1359072

okay then fuck all of you for saying those mean things about germans

No. 1359077

probably last minute decided to go out when they already had the baby or they cant afford/couldnt get a sitter at the time. working in food i hate family tables with babies because i knew they would tip like shit. always 5%-10% or 15% if you're lucky. in other jobs they scream, run, spill their drink, leave crumbs everywhere, and you wont even be paid for cleaning that explosion.

No. 1359078

I visited your country's hotels and took all the soap, shampoo and towels. Then I spread my towels on every existing beach and pool seat in your location. I will do it again and there's nothing you can do about it.

No. 1359079

Why not ask for take out then, why subject us all to their bad decisions

No. 1359080

kek anon, they probably want the endless refills or happy hour prices. theres a lot of dumb shit people do that i didnt believe until the more i worked my coworkers werent kidding when they said "you're smarter than most of the public". old people also acted like babies demanding every little thing in the most vile tone with some of them loud enough for everyone else to hear and embarrass you as the worker. you as a customer can call out other customers though, never forget that. you dont work there so theres nothing they can do if you make a rude (probably well deserved) comment to someone else.

No. 1359100

Thinking about the fact that if I had a bigger online presence plus the inability to stop over-sharing I would be labeled a cow.

No. 1359143

I told my friend i really like his laugh and now i feel like he forces himself to laugh louder for me, its kinda cute but i miss his more natural laughs

No. 1359146

File: 1664595366852.jpeg (107.93 KB, 1024x1019, 1FD0DF25-8EFA-4CD8-A567-2659DA…)

got tested positive for covid for the third time fuck this shit

No. 1359193

Do you get time off pay at least?

No. 1359224

yeah i was issued a paid sick leave but the covid body ache is making me bedridden

No. 1359305

Are you vaccinated

No. 1359320

What’s the least amount of sleep you can function on without feeling drowsy and out of it throughout the day?

No. 1359327

I am so glad someone called out MrBeast for his low effort clickbaity content, i dont understand why so many people suck his cock so hard when his content is as low effort as it gets

No. 1359341

I slept like 3 hrs yesterday and I was getting double vision so I googled it and it said that less than 5 hours causes those sleep deprivement symptoms. So I'd say at least 5 hours but probably 6.

No. 1359353

Six hours

No. 1359360

i love her videos so much.

No. 1359383

God I love her so much and the way she just casually calls youtubers and youtube itself out time and time again while also serving some really good baking tips.

No. 1359387

yes! I even got the booster shots but I had it for the third time this year it’s weird i’m not even traveling

No. 1359399

I split a meal with some german people and we all paid an equal split (we had almost the same food, starter + main). After paying, they went to the display menu outside to count up and measure the difference of what they ordered and what they paid. It would've been 50 cents max, I literally dragged them away from it.
Another time one person wouldn't hand over some takeaway we ordered because someone paid them their share with a note and didn't want to fumble with coins before getting home. He did this over 1 euro.
Tight bastards.

No. 1359404

Germans are honestly embarrassing to watch. They don’t have a generous bone in their bodies, just hassling and fighting over coins

No. 1359416

File: 1664619641346.jpeg (374.23 KB, 1242x1020, 1664614490349.jpeg)

how many pick-mes do you think replied to this saying either

No. 1359419

People who care about porn are losers. Anytime I've put porn on I've ended up turning it off because it's just weird. I'd rather fantasise about fucking someone, close my eyes and just go with the day dream.

No. 1359426

In other words, women don't watch porn. We watch regular movies and maybe crush on an actor or a cute scene. Why even bring porn into it?

No. 1359429

I only watch gay porn, i honestly dont even think there is porn aimed at women thats not anime or those erotic pirate novels

No. 1359434

It's very funny for me to see Twitter artists seething over AI art. Especially if the computer's art is better than theirs lol.

No. 1359440

File: 1664623438738.png (609.82 KB, 954x632, 1663764018194558.png)

No. 1359441

You're getting too obvious, pathetic

No. 1359442

I am not the obvious bait poster, i have no idea why techbros are invading lolcor but i wanted to respond with something funny before someone else responds to the bait

No. 1359444

I get the exact same kind of energy from AI retards as I do from NFT bros

No. 1359446

funny as in making fun of the coomer tech bros or actually using AI-generated coomshit compared to an innocent doodle as proof AI is better?

No. 1359448

Why dont you open the image? The shit meme doodle got 3k likes and the AI shit got 10 likes from other bot accounts despite being "technically better"

No. 1359449

ah lmao, my bad for not noticing

No. 1359453

Np, i have no idea how techbros found lolcor, it's probably a bunch of troon programmers.

No. 1359458

I'm a hobbiest artist who likes to occasionally use AI for fun or inspiration. A lot of the commonly available ones are shit at reproducing most things accurately and without error, but some of the higher end ones (especially the ones you have to pay for) are very good at creating aesthetically pleasing images that look similar to other art. They're good at painting landscapes in particular. Close-up portraits are a close second, though there's usually at least a little "offness" about them. Usually they work better when you program them to paint (in traditional style or digital), but they're not as good at drawing. Most of them struggle to accurately depict a full human body or full scenes, though. You'll very rarely get things like a subject and a background, representations of complex human emotions (obviously), characters interacting with each other without entering body-horror territory, and especially not full scenes.
The thing is, even the most advanced ones still run off of copying the art of others. An AI cannot truly create something wholly "new," so much as it can mix together old things. It's still a deeply fascinating concept, and good at producing things like phone backgrounds and potentially fanart. Personally, I use them as inspiration or as loose guides for when I want to draw something in another style. But I don't think any artists are in danger of being considered obsolete, unless they're traditional painters (or anime-style artists that draw one-offs kek) whose only goal is to "create a pretty picture" without any further thought or feeling put into it, and that kind of artist was already doing a pretty good job of doing that by themselves by producing the same basic shit they've been making en masse since the 1800s at least (1970s for the weebs, but en much more masse). That being said, I do think it's more captivating when a human artist creates something (even something simple and derivative), because it requires a passion for the specific thing they're making. Yes, even the generic landscape artists and anime fanartists I shit on just a moment ago. I don't know what the people making these bots are passionate about, except maybe making AI that does stuff or trying to imply that AI is "just as capable as humans are" (or whatever other retarded transhumanist belief). I know this is bait but I just have a lot to say about the topic, positive and negative.
I think scrotes who use AI for creating porn should be taken down by SWAT teams btw. How coombrained do you have to be to not be satisfied with the endless amounts of rape on tape and degen art that's already out there? You don't need porn in the first place.

No. 1359462

Samefag, sorry for the long post. The tl;dr is I like the AI and find it useful, but I don't think it's a replacement for actual artists.

No. 1359464

It will replace artist. Who do you think is behind AI, paying for troons to work on the project? Companies that want cheap labour.

No. 1359465

The storytime-videos she talks about in the end where they flash links for kids to download an app that would share their location… fucking horrifying. Especially considering the story told in the video was a girl talking happily about how she got into a stranger's car because it would be stupid to stay outside and alone. The implication sounds so creepy. I hate YouTube Kids.

No. 1359468

Help, the pig nose and jawline on the second one are sending me into fits.

No. 1359471

Yes, as have other professions been replaced by machines since the start of industrialization. That's how development works, you are just salty it's your turn now. And I don't think all artists will get replaced. I'm a baker, and obviously 90% of bread is made in big factories now with huge machines, but there will always be people who appreciate tradional, hand made artisan bread. Perhaps not a perfect analogy, but maybe you get my meaning.

Being realistic about things is not being a techbro or a tranny programmer

No. 1359475

Only a techbro tranny could compare making bread to making art and celebrate the death of human creativity. You can watch any youtube tutorial and make bread, it takes years to learn art and the AI troons are also ripping your "recipe" off and selling it as their own.

No. 1359487

I see you know nothing about how other sets of skills work. I should say you could also just watch a tutorial on how to draw x and just do it, isn't it that simple?

What do you want done to the AI generators? Outlaw them?

No. 1359489

Don't talk to retards nonnie.

No. 1359491

Learning how to make bread shouldnt take you more than a few tries if you arent a literal retard, art takes years
>do you want to outlaw AI?
It literally steals art and infringes copyright laws plus its being used to make porn of underage actresses, so yes.

No. 1359493

I do agree the porn made with AI is fucking disgusting, but you truly live in a bubble if you think art is such a speshul hard thing to learn. Yes it takes years, but so do other things, many professions which have been taken over by machines. I'm not trying to celebrate it happening to you, but you must understand your situation is not unique or worse than anyone elses.

No. 1359496

Tf is your point then, to accept machines taking over art, the only think that makes us different from animals? To accept there is a millionaire out there paying troons to steal off artists and profit from them? To celebrate art becoming fast food? I doubt you even like art, so you probably don't understand. In a few years everything will be made by AIs, just like how music is filled by industry plants that make the most generic music for mass consumption, and how disney infests cinemas with MCU movies.

No. 1359497

My point is you can't stop it, it's always been happening. And yes I do like art actually, I draw occasionally but just didn't pursue a career in it. I have never even used those AI generators before btw, I don't care enough. Your being such a ViCtIm is annoying though.

No. 1359498

NTA but you're being a pessimist and then getting mad at someone for thinking that telling them to accept obsolescence and the death of creativity is a dick move. If you're not just baiting, idk what you expected.

No. 1359499

Seeing men cry about "princesses" and spoiled women gives me life. I'm exactly their least favorite type of woman, which they don't expect because I'm not a highly feminine girl, but due to being raised spoiled by my parents I walk out on any guy the moment I see they try to play by business rules, trying to win on my expenses or time. I hope they keep.seething over having to buy women a single dinner lol

No. 1359500

Yes, it can be stopped but it wont be until it hurts the interests the people in charge, just wait until people start making CP with that shit

No. 1359502

Sure, good luck with that lol

No. 1359503

I hope you are a man, being a handmaiden for programmer troons is as low as you can get

No. 1359529

Nta I don’t see how people aren’t going to use ai art for that. Really isn’t a far out there idea since scrotes already draw and consume drawings of cp

No. 1359544

File: 1664632843925.gif (779.54 KB, 400x298, giphy.gif)

>mfw my bf wakes up and says good morning to me
Being alone is so peaceful I treasure the time before he awakens

No. 1359572

File: 1664634398056.jpg (1.53 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

How many calories do you guys think is in this? On a diet but mom gave me some food and I can’t tell

No. 1359573

No. 1359577

wtf kind of meal is this. thought i was in the anacows thread for a sec

No. 1359578

Left over fried chicken breast from the Chinese restaurant, onions, tomatoes and rice

No. 1359580

rice looks like 150ish, tomatoes and onions are likely less than 10, and idk if the other thing is fried chicken or tofu or something else. if it's chicken I'll need to know which part of the carcass it came from.

No. 1359581

It’s chicken breast and fried

No. 1359583

maybe 270-340 in which case. white meat (the breast) has less calories. been a while since I've counted chicken calories. my anorexia autism fails me a bit in that category.

No. 1359584

same anon but the chicken might be even less 'cause it is a bit small from what I can see. on second thought I'd count it as 250.

No. 1359598

Met a girl with really pretty botanical and insect tattoos. Very dainty, looks perfect on her, matches how she dresses herself, she's got this whole "aesthetic" thing going but it's effortless and not a copy paste aesthetic from tiktok. I never thought I'd ever see a tattoo that'd make me think "I want that" but here we are

No. 1359613

Samefag,but I didn't realize the debate over AI art was this controversial. I thought it was literally just a few autists on Twitter upset that their furry hentai fanart is not up the standards of computer generated artbreeder portraits or some shit.

No. 1359616

File: 1664638150712.jpg (49.72 KB, 680x575, 1644822450320.jpg)

I was playing ocarina of time and i reached the time skip, i am so angry i never managed to get all the run away chikins i feel like i failed the poor lady farmer

No. 1359621

no, i failed her and i have to carry the shame with me until i die

No. 1359629

why does link post time skip feels SO FAT?

No. 1359647

Furries are complaining about this? Kek, figures. Despite the fact that they all try to be "speshul" and unique, all their art looks the same, qnd there is a lot of it. AI can probably draw furries better than furries can, considering it's an "art" devoid of creativity. They're even the same crowd of tech autists and porn addicts who love stealing from each other and having NFTs, too, so they're fucked.
But yeah, there's drama around it. Mostly because it threatens on-commission artists, no matter how good they are. Particularly painters. I personally don't think art will be that compromised, because AI art will likely end up getting considered either inauthentic or like one of those luxury brands that sells ugly shit as a status symbol thing. People will always be willing to pay more for more authenticity, it's why local bakeries still exist even though you can always go to the local Brand Mart☆ and pick up a cake there. And like >>1359500 said, it'll more than likely end up in a scandal that greatly limits its usage. CP, revenge porn, celebrity/politician deepfakes, harassment campaigns–pick one or more.

No. 1359672

she means the COCK

No. 1359687

File: 1664641876309.jpg (17.93 KB, 530x517, 1651019098716.jpg)

why did Nintendo think it was a good idea to give link slut earrigns, now i am too horny to concentrate on the story

No. 1359696

Nintendo claims they wanted an androgynous protagonist so that both sexes could project onto it. It works well enough, but I think we all know the real reason.

No. 1359716

Is it just me, or whenever there are mentions or talks about an opressed group of people or oppression in general, women and mysogyny are rarely ever mentioned anymore? Do people think that we have achieved equality regarding the sexes and sexism is no more (in the western world)? Nowdays I'll hear about racism, homophobia and particularly transphobia. Also I increasingly see an anti-woman statement growing all over the political spectrum. The evil Karens, the evil terfs, etc. All I see of feminism nowdays is advocating 'visibility' for transwomen, or propogating the destigmatizion of sex work.

No. 1359725

Link looks masculine to me, they def just were into pierced twinks

No. 1359827

Nta but I didn't even know that link was meant to be androgynous, to me, he just looks like a boy.

No. 1359830

>Do people think that we have achieved equality regarding the sexes and sexism is no more (in the western world)?
No, it's because it's so normalized that people don't even question that shit and want tp preserve status quo only out of habit. And it's very universal, sexism exists everywhere and always existed everywhere, and benefited men the exact same ways all along. It's not like, say, racism where it's easier to notice it in a lot of contexts because the people targeted and the way they're targeted will depend on eras and locations.

No. 1359850

How is being a princess and wearing a dress androgynous?

No. 1359851


No. 1359898

I accidentally cut my hand (on the meat of my thumb) because I was cutting open a lotion bottle with an xacto knife kek. This is what I get for being a cheap bitch but there was still a good amount of lotion in this bitch of a bottle!!!! My hand feels really achey now ugh.

No. 1359902

Nevermind, carry on and enjoy the story

No. 1359913

If it makes you feel better, I now collect all her chickens for the reward, then collect them all again but don't talk to her so they won't scatter ever again. She's just standing there looking all distressed and shit for NOTHING because of me.

No. 1359934

i just can't get rid off dumb feeling i was born in the wrong generation and if i was born 35 years before i did (and if in bongland) i could go to acid house raves and later to all of these cool clubs and listen to good music and have actual job in industry i'd like to work but nowdays it's not worth the hassle

No. 1359996

I'm watching this British show that takes place in 1992, about a covert operation to lure out a suspected serial killer, and he's writing these letters to the covert officer about how he wants to get her down on her knees like a proper slut and how she needs a proper sorting out by a real man, and everyone is shocked, saying that he has a disgusting deviant sexuality, and how this goes beyond just wanting to control and humiliate her. And I'm sitting here thinking 'isn't this the fantasy of like every other scrothe nowdays'? I swear, both women and men today are trying to pass shit like this as just harmless bdsm and bark at anyone who dare to 'kinkshame' people like this. How did perspectives change so fast in just 20 years…

No. 1360001

Samefag, meant to write 30 years, instead of 20.

No. 1360004

>most lesbians and even straight women are better at picking out objectively fertile looking women than most men
I always thought this too since my fertile looking features would always be the ones men insult first (wide hips/big thighs and large breasts). I also noticed men who claim to like fertile looking women would go for chubby and unhealthy looking women with poor diets instead of healthy looking ones.

No. 1360030

Ayrt, I feel you, nonny. I'm the same way… on my first playthrough. After that, it's sociopath central kek. I like making my character give the wrong responses and seeing how the characters react looking forward to offering up a porno mag as a spice substitute in the kitchens the next time I play Dragon Quest XI

No. 1360039

I'll take that comparison. I almost wrote about blowing up Sakkon when he robs the old lady from the Bomb Shop in that game in my last post, so it fits.

No. 1360155

Which is the most scrote infested thread in /ot/, the Eurofag thread, the Celebricow thread or the Artist salt thread? The eurofag thread is filled with /pol/fags, the celebricow is the go-to place for the gay moids trying to go undercover, the artist salt thread is the place for coomer /ic/ migrants. Pick your poison.

No. 1360182

Are you american or something?
Anyway, celebricows have always been raided by the idiots from LSA, along with random baiters which is why celebricows threads have a bad reputation. Its infested with at least one person racebaiting or just trying to start a fight in general, or even whiteknight their "kween".

No. 1360195

File: 1664660710762.png (34.22 KB, 563x300, starcraft.PNG)

I have really bad nightmares and sleep paralysis so I'm going to try this, but with the Sims 3 menu instead.

No. 1360234

Being in my period is like a constant struggle between wanting to eat junk to make myself feel better and wanting/needing to eat healthy to replenish the nutrients I lose.

No. 1360238

Dahmer vids on youtube are obviously getting alot of views atm. I expected to see more full on hybristophilia in the comments. Not too bad tbh. But then.. there's men going around almost desperate to have a go at hybristophilics so they're freaking out at some very tame comments? Like they're imagining hybristophilia where its not even there. What in the..

No. 1360244

File: 1664662827005.png (148.08 KB, 488x265, unknown(22).png)


No. 1360245

Why are you bumping?

No. 1360249

i am great at waking myself up from nightmares but I tried the menu closing trick one time and I was stuck in the wall building mode in the sims 2 for like 8 hours. woke up fucked up and hated the sims for a while lel

No. 1360264

File: 1664663536087.jpg (79.22 KB, 1920x1080, oreally.jpg)

maybe because he is a starving child and thus broke and probable doesnt have a Gil to his name? ever think about that?

No. 1360277

TOP KEK I can't believe what went on in the pixielocks thread while I was at work. What a treat!!

No. 1360282

What happened?

No. 1360299

She released a whole video namedropping lolcow. She talked about how she's being bullied and stalked irl. TBH it just sounds like one last desperate shot for attention. I feel like she's close to going offline because everyone's sick of her malingering bullshit, even her mom apparently.

No. 1360326

I think she's getting in first before any cancel video turns up, she's been arguing with randos on Twitter like it's her job for a while now. The timing is weird because these threads have been around for so many years and now she has a problem with it and needs to "address" it plus the title "they're stalking me in real life" makes her sound like she's paranoid of gangstalkers when it was just a canadafag turning up at her public drag performance? Like yes people will go to your performances is you perform in public, that's called an audience

No. 1360330

I met a hot guy and we hung out for 6 hours talking like old friends and then we kissed and now I'm home and I'm waiting on The Text. Imagine if this is the love of my life yall

No. 1360334

File: 1664666995241.gif (4.71 MB, 628x388, xaAmir.gif)

this is a hime mantis. she look you in the face and says "nani"

wat do

No. 1360338

I bow down to my ohime-sama.

No. 1360339

smash that shit. Prove mammalian supremecy

No. 1360340


No. 1360347


No. 1360350


No. 1360355

Nearly all the gender disappointment vlogs are sad about finding out they're having a scrote kek.

No. 1360358

I'm really, really happy because I found the girl I was stalking. She's so hot. I had a crush on her when I was in 4th grade and she was the softball captain of my team. She turned out to be lesbian and she was gorgeous as a femme, but she is butch now and it suits her well. I'm so happy for her and that I found her social media.

No. 1360407

the beauty standards thread on /g/

No. 1360412

this, along with the kiwifags threads

No. 1360462

Nutritional yeast sucks. I don't like how it tastes.

No. 1360464

A vegan woman said it's a good cheese replacement but shes nuts it tastes like nutty flakes of wheat or something. Even adding it to oven kale chips tastes weird even if its healthy.

No. 1360471

Maybe flavoured would be better? I haven't tried nutritional yeast myself, because I wanted normal one but I only found bacon and cheddar flavoured. I read you could add (non flavoured) yeast to smoothies and such, would it taste too disgusting?

No. 1360544

File: 1664676541308.jpg (49.24 KB, 640x620, 1649028609363.jpg)

I am trying to beat my crippling fear of horror films this october, any reccommendations to watch? I was thinking about starting with scream since its the least spoopy looking one

No. 1360545

Sleepaway camp 1 and 2.

No. 1360547

already saw it!, it's great i cant believe a movie from the 80s predicted moms trooning their children

No. 1360548

I played a competitive FPS game today which I haven't done since last year and my reflexes have really deteriorated. I've never been the best player but my reaction time and strategy thinking was just so slow. I think I'm getting too old for these types of games.

No. 1360551

its actually really normal, most competitive FPS champions start really young and retire before 25

No. 1360553

I know, I'm just sad that I won't be able to enjoy these types of games anymore as I start to get older. I couldn't even feel the adrenaline rush that I would usually get.

No. 1360585

File: 1664679777740.jpg (30.25 KB, 564x680, 2496a7c40c45c8f6c7baf6fc3554fc…)

Yesterday at the middle of the night, some girl on Vent had a moment and began to post gender critical stuff. Until that point all of her posts were normal stuff like relationship things and random thoughts, but that night she was very open to make fun of TRAs every few minutes. I checked out today, her account is still up and well but the GC posts got deleted. Did I just witness a person peaking?

No. 1360626

File: 1664681981740.jpeg (201.92 KB, 1600x900, 23704DD5-3D31-42F2-8651-EC266A…)

Daniel day lewis seems like such a male manipulator the “oh I’m too complex and deep to be understood” type even at 60 you can tell he’s still pretentious
He is a method actor after all, they’re never normal

No. 1360630

i don’t even believe in astrology but virgos suck so fucking bad. i’ve never met a person who was shitty that wasn’t a virgo they’re always virgos i hate you virgos

No. 1360643

File: 1664685488221.gif (784.32 KB, 240x240, 1652141516678.gif)

i re-started ocarina of time, i am going to get 100% of the game even if it takes me the rest of the year to finish

No. 1360658

File: 1664686111269.png (740.46 KB, 680x579, fku.png)

Dumb opinion, dumb post and i bet yOUR sign is dumb too
a post truly fitting in this thread

No. 1360668

my sister is a virgo and she’s a type-A one and sometimes it’s the worse. why are they so fucking obsessed with work, planning, and deprioritize their relationships with other people? i swear virgos think they can plan their way out of a nuclear meltdown kek

No. 1360670

silence virgo

No. 1360671

The constant nagging too they will drive anyone insane my mother is a virgo I can’t stay with her for more than two days without losing my mind

No. 1360673

I want to use my vibrator but my parents are visiting and staying in the room below me and idfk if they could hear it through the floor im so bummed

No. 1360676

What time is it? If it’s late, sleep it off they might wake up if not, put on a movie on your computer and play it loudly they won’t hear anything

No. 1360681

Any sex-related threads in /g/ that involves kinks/fetishes/talking about penises, every thread in /w/, almost every thread in /snow/ especially the kiwifarms one, genshin impact thread (also filled with annoying fujos who constantly derail and talk about everything BUT the actual game) and the bad art thread (/ic/ fags keep posting decent art/shitposts just to piss people off). I heavily suspect the /meta/ suggestions thread to be filled with scrotes bitching because they got caught doing whatever in /snow/. Celebricows isn’t full of scrote faggots it’s dominated by a bunch of newfags from LSA and PULLtards because both their websites deal with celebrity gossip and pop culture moments so the incessant weight sperging, jealousy and nitpicking belongs to those two groups. Most people here are obviously way more into other alternatives types of media like anime and internet culture so I doubt that thread would be filled up so fast without those two groups posting in it all the time

No. 1360709

For some reason that is the case for Capricorns for me. Capricorns always hate me and I can never form a normal relationship with them, despite me being a normal, respectful person who just wants everyone to have fun. I really don't understand that, but this part is the only thing that makes me believe in horoscope. Of all people in my life, the only ones who traumatised me or did me dirty were all born Capricorns. Is there any research on this kind of stuff?

No. 1360729

File: 1664689585934.png (302.98 KB, 635x634, 1657585734014.png)

why cant i turn off my brain for five seconds to concentrate on reading a drawing book without thinking of the state of the world and how each day we get closer to a cyberpunk dystopia, i just wanna draw TF2 yaoi

No. 1360740

Are vibrators really that loud?

No. 1360752

As someone unfortunate enough to hear my housemate's one a couple of times (she would also mention it while drunk so it was definitely hers) yes…don't use it when other people are home

No. 1360770

i don't get why you care or why it's disturbing to hear a vibrator if you're living with an adult woman honestly tbh. it's one thing if it's a family member but a roommate?

No. 1360822

File: 1664698104733.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1436x1706, B8AE8BAF-F878-4894-97BE-186F29…)

Ronaldo seems like such a raging narcissistic closeted psycho it’s terrifying to just look at him

No. 1360842

I swear that I actually don't care enough about this to be mad, but I just find it funny how the sjm's acomaf (?) fandom retconned Bryce into being plus size when I'm pretty sure the author only imagines her as slim curvy. Her and this other red haired heroine with a scar on her face, from this other book, Kingdom something? I didn't read any of either books but I see lots of fanart of these characters on Insta, and when they first came out, everyone was drawing them as slim, but now I only see them drawn like plus size models kek. Anyways, they could just actually seek out books with heroines who are explicitly stated to be fat or chonky, bc what they're doing now comes across as rather laughable.

No. 1360844

coomers dont care about canon, you could describe a character as a pretty blond thin girl and they will retcon it to be transfem poc with obesity.

No. 1360910

File: 1664705742456.jpeg (19.57 KB, 560x420, images (5).jpeg)

No. 1360920

He looks like he's made of wax.

No. 1360941

he's a rapist

No. 1360945

I wish we lived in a world where the UK did anime dubs instead of USA. This sounds better than any awkward, stilted American dub ever.

No. 1360964

File: 1664712555528.gif (336.83 KB, 500x269, BE31BC24-61B7-4FA3-8779-20F395…)

That is certainly an opinion..
I liked the voices of the older male characters it suits the English accent, but the young characters sounded weird and off-putting. Dubs in general don’t match up to the originals except for Cowboy Bebop, it’s surprisingly a lot better with the American dub than the Japanese version

No. 1361007

Seeing my they/them enby acquaintance struggle with that one guys neo pronouns is so fucking funny istg lmao

No. 1361011

when will people realize how retarded the concept of neopronouns are. It literally undermines the entire point of pronouns

No. 1361019

So glad I am not a zoomer and live in a conservative part of the country where nobody would put up with this shit and probably not even bully someone like this just smile nod and back away slowly. I would legitimately probably never speak to someone again who wanted to use neopronouns and/or "they/them", like I'd be more likely to try to tolerate an actual fucking troon if he were well behaved but that enby shit, I've never even heard of an enby who was a useful member of society except maybe Sam Smith who was kind of a one hit wonder and not playing pronoun games when he had the hit

No. 1361025

kek FINALLY someone who agrees, in my ESL opinion American accents sound too boring and generic, maybe I would have cared a little more about English dubs if they used bong English, complete with various regional accents (what would be the bong equivalent of Kansai-ben?) and wacky britishisms.

No. 1361045

Lucky.. unfortunately in uni I had to cut off so many girlfriends who trooned out with they/them or they/he pronouns. it’s sad to watch them go from androgynous gnc women to a self-proclaimed ftm

No. 1361124

Exactly same on all fronts. I love seeing them getting pissed over me having high requirements in a man even though I seem NLOG/cool girlish and low maintenance lmao

No. 1361175

I've never had the flavored ones, only a the regular nutritional yeast. People who say it tastes like cheese are completely lying.
The brand that I have is 3 tablespoons for a full serving, so it's always just a present flavor. I honestly think I would just rather eat straight up nutritional yeast rather than put it in an entire meal.

No. 1361248

"Karen" is literally a synonym for "caring" and genxyz calling people Karen's for caring is fucking hilarious and retarded that their tiny pubescent brains can't put two and two together. And yes, I am also a genxyz.

No. 1361254

Ok retard. How is someone called "Karen" over throwing a fit (hence caring, even if not in the way YOU like), not caring? You can care and be retarded too nonnie.

No. 1361269

Caring about something or yourself = caring = caring for others
Dumbass you found the right thread.

No. 1361325

NTA but can we not defend the use of the term "Karen"? It had good intentions initially (calling out racism/classism), but it's just become misogynistic. At this point I think it should be obvious that if a term is specifically designed to insult people of a marginalized group (in this case, "Karen" is any woman) will ultimately just result in or fuel bigotry. If we can't also use the term on entitled men, it will just become misogynistic.

No. 1361332

Nonnie I've never been called a Karen in my life but you calling me one proves my point immensely- I am a "Karen" for caring. Have a great day nonna.

No. 1361334

That poster immediately jumped on the chance to call you a "hag," too.

No. 1361388

AYRT. Can I take you out on a date? We can argue a little and then I'll give you the worst head you've ever received.

No. 1361503

File: 1664739864613.gif (1.08 MB, 200x148, 863FB430-7A37-410C-A637-F7645D…)

Been having a category 5 Woman Moment the past two weeks and I’m not even sorry

No. 1361508

Guess who's not single anymore! I was eyeing him for a while and he told me he liked me today ♥

No. 1361533

File: 1664742117482.jpg (23.53 KB, 563x453, 1644514845350.jpg)

I will never get over how vaguely incoherent TRAs my friends are. A friend of mine is black and from an island close to the USA so when she came to the "mainland" to study she never met anyone who wasn't black or white or mixed. She thought I was white and had no clue wtf jewish people are, when she asked me what's up with jewish victimizing themselves despite being white I tried not laugh but it was so hard. Well recently she was saying that one of the "many" reasons why JKR is the devil is because goblins are suspiciously similar to jews. On top of being hypocritical all by herself, our jewish friend "admits" that JKR is a bad person because of transphobia but she still loves HP, throws money at JKR all the time and she thinks the whole "goblins are a metaphor for jews" is retarded and you have to be an antisemite to believe JKR did that on purpose. Those were two separate conversations and man, I wish they'd argue about that in front of me someday because that would be so funny.

No. 1361538

i'm going to replace all of my processed sugar intake with mandarins see you nonnas in two months with results of this very scientific and very repeatable study.

No. 1361545

are you >>1361526 ? are you already done shitting??

No. 1361547


No. 1361558

i just ate the last one, let the carnage begin. first thing i shall do in the morning is pay a visit to my supplier aka some dude with a truckload of citrus goodness.

No. 1361575

I popped a blister on my thumb because truly there is no better joy in life but now it ITCHES!!!!

No. 1361614

File: 1664748347583.jpg (25.73 KB, 766x213, ffffffffffffffff.jpg)

it's still sunday unlock it you retards
>but muh euro
all the other times it was never locked this early, it always went by burger hours

No. 1361616

Wow this is bullshit, it's still Sunday for another 7 hours for me.

No. 1361619

File: 1664748915187.png (1.37 MB, 988x1286, bigbutter.png)

No. 1361634

Late but dance games, think dance dance revolution. It's a drama goldmine and has been mentioned here in a few other threads but never took off

No. 1361637

NTA but it always baffles me how even that genre of gaming has so much fucking drama it's unreal, it seems to be filled with sex pests too.

No. 1361638

File: 1664751616267.jpg (293.85 KB, 1600x960, tales-of-the-walking-dead-tyre…)

Picrel didn't deserve to die. TWD fucking sucks.

No. 1361644

Yep and the most recent drama with it involves sex pests, grooming allegations, and weird polyamory shit on top of everything else kek. Besides that though I think the dance game community deserves more eyes on it for other reasons. Example, there's big issues with womens only DDR tournaments being overtaken by troons and everyone being too scared to say anything about it.

No. 1361661

I met a guy and dated him over the summer. I hadn't dated anyone in a long time or been intimate and I think it was the same for him. Emotions were running high and the second time we had sex I knew he was going to overshare and he stopped us and talked about love and I wasn't in love but it was an awkward moment and I said it and my voice broke so honestly he should have known. Anyway he ended up dumping me out of the blue but still texting me he loved me and how I fucked up. And I was sad and bargained and all that shit you do when emotions run high and you're familiar with someone. Then I met another guy but I was hesitant because I just technically had a boyfriend. This other guy though. Its been a month since the breakup and I've hung out now with this new man and he's so much better. If the other guy didn't break up with me randomly I wouldn't have this opportunity. And it's so much better. Like not to be a bitch and objectify and stereotype people hut new guy is an upgrade. I'm glad I got over my fear of having sex with a new person because new guy could and hopefully will get it.

No. 1361668

I'm so fucking constipated and years of laxative abuse ruined my bodies ability to react to them

No. 1361675

I've always had very vivid dreams but I've recently started taking zoloft and it's a whole other level.

No. 1361676

Eat some fiber and drink coffee nonni

No. 1361712

Whatever happened to Finnanon? I miss her.

No. 1361718

thinking about how i was with my sister at the mall once and some skinny pale guy nerdwalked past us and said "i like your hair" and shuffled impressively quickly into a gamestop(?) it was so awkward he just disappeared and also neither of our hair was anything impressive and idk which one of us he addressed but my sister insisted it was her so it was probably her, she gets that

No. 1361721

File: 1664758407990.png (Spoiler Image, 828.58 KB, 720x1001, Screenshot_20220925-224845~3.p…)

really need to find this stinkditch photo in my downloads and delete it…sometimes when scrolling on mobile i accidentally click the link that downloads the photo when trying to click spoilers etc…its not the first rot pocket ive accidentally saved. i dont really use social media so i always forget it's there til the next time i go to upload a pic somewhere and i see it again and go "i gotta delete this before im in a situation where i have to explain to my nigel why there's a trangina pic on my phone…" but then i forgor every tiem…

No. 1361730

I can tell skinny is coming back because run way models are back to looking like they are dying from aids or crack. For a little bit models were looking healthy skinny.

No. 1361766

Skinny was never out. The bbl kardashians body trend was exclusive to IG & social media, skinny bodies never went out on runways

No. 1361808

File: 1664763707981.jpg (7.3 KB, 460x307, 6000205404904.jpg)

Getting a little toilet stool for the bathroom changed my life and I think everyone should have one.

No. 1361812

What’s the height of your stool nonnie?

No. 1361820

> use vegetable scrubber
> there's almost no vegetable left when I'm done scrubbing

fuck it, just give me the feces and pesticides

No. 1361827

File: 1664765389279.jpg (112.31 KB, 700x1005, 0diq6czu7gy11.jpg)

How hard are you gripping it?Goddamn.

No. 1361850

I hate doing Anime OP quizzes on YouTube because it's all shounen shit, which I haven't watched since I'm about 15. One day I'll upload my own, and it'll be filled to the brim with shoujo and aidoru and mahou shoujo and jousei and fujo bait goodness.

No. 1361856

Sometimes I feel like I can’t make positive observations about black people without it being misconstrued as if I’m retarded and literally referring to ALL black people
For example I really think black women are like goddesses of hair, I love watching their salon YouTube videos where they detangle hair super gently and put like 5 different conditioners in, section the hair perfectly and do silk presses etc. buuuut if I said that out loud I think people would be like “DONT GENERALIZE DONT FETISHIZE US” or something

No. 1361859

I think that’s strictly a twitter thing nonna lol if you compliment black women on their hair skills irl they would be flattered. The online weirdos don’t represent them

No. 1361871

No one would say that anon kek

No. 1361872

Every marginalized group has schizos that think every privileged person is literally some kind of bigot Baphomet (whose entire existence is devoted to thinking about how to torment marginalized people), and wannabe-saviors that police everyone else, despite having privilege themselves.

No. 1361874

I have seen much more retarded things get called racist or fetishistic than that tbh.

No. 1361882

Sometimes when I read the MTF threads, I feel like I am walking hand in hand with a dear female friend in an amusement park built in a place of terrible tragedy.

No. 1361896

I'm confused on what a stool would be used for in a bathroom

No. 1361898

You put your feet onto it when you're on the toilet.

No. 1361899

File: 1664773431697.png (271.03 KB, 1155x1043, anorectal angle.png)

You use it at the toilet. It's way more comfortable in my opinion.

No. 1361935

Techlore is sexy now and I want to see his penis

No. 1361939

Every day I wake up grateful that lc farm peaked me and helped me peak my friends

No. 1361954

i woke up with acne all over my face, even when i recently started to actually get serious and wash my face, i hope its just purging i hate my ugly ass skin

No. 1361956

how did you convince your friends? need help

No. 1361982

File: 1664783190364.jpeg (209.84 KB, 1242x1469, 917E56D2-B0B8-4FFB-B44F-A03480…)

I hate the tiktok zoomers microtrends fashion and style so much it’s like an infection
all over my campus people look and dress and even pose this exact same way it’s uninspired and you can tell that their clothes are really bad quality I just don’t get it why not invest in some standard pieces of clothing with good materials instead of shein/aliexpress polyester

No. 1361985

i stand with you nonnie. it's crazy to me how all within the span of a couple weeks everyone starts to dress and act the same, i cant really grasp the concept of trends like that or who even starts them

No. 1361987

File: 1664783475394.jpeg (89.23 KB, 1080x1021, EFD3506A-794C-438D-ABC3-C0C357…)

i wish i could read a transcript of everything everybody has ever said or thought about me, even if it's pretty mean. i feel like there'd be some good criticism id benefit from. + i'm extremely nosy about anything involving me

No. 1361989

File: 1664783616870.png (152.98 KB, 1080x801, 1664697313964.png)

No. 1361990

Well…they managed to convince each other that dressing absolutely atrocious is aesthetic, it allows poorfags to participate in trends.

No. 1361991

what kind of style is this even supposed to be, just-rolled-out-of bed-and-threw-on-whatever's-on-the floorcore?

No. 1361992

God I love tumblr. They just get it

No. 1361993

File: 1664783898539.jpeg (191.26 KB, 1242x1630, BAF8ADDE-2DF7-4E44-AD67-E0C7BF…)

I like to call it the “ah i’m so quirky & unique my identity is definitely not just ripping off what I saw on my tiktok fyp”

No. 1361998

We are the flowers and men are the insects that want us. So just bloom you pretty thing and stop chasing the bugs.

No. 1362001

File: 1664784330758.jpeg (199.61 KB, 2048x2048, FeE-l8VX0AgyBHl.jpeg)

gm nonnies

No. 1362002

File: 1664784378288.jpg (61.02 KB, 600x600, 7e4c726745b5a096a6cc30e5d2853f…)

My reaction

No. 1362003

It's 3am here and I've been up all night and have work in a few hours NONNIE I wanna CRY

No. 1362010

File: 1664784607187.gif (212.9 KB, 220x191, seymour-feed-me.gif)

No. 1362015

File: 1664785005158.gif (3.44 MB, 640x640, cat.gif)

I forgot my password for a throwaway email and cant recover it
for kf and signup its invitation only…

No. 1362021

Kids these days have no fashion sense at all despite having access to a shit ton of options for cheap thanks to the internet and thrift stores, they should be ashamed of themselves. At their age I looked like a lazy tomboy because I was dirt poor and only had the means to buy one top and one pair of jeans at H&M or maybe Zara a year and I still looked more presentable than that.

No. 1362032

File: 1664786535782.jpeg (180.14 KB, 1170x1200, FeIBvPmUYAAWdFx.jpeg)

Nonnies when I say I CACKLED

No. 1362067

File: 1664790092819.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.69 KB, 1200x630, 1664384467906.jpg)

Dream's face reveal made me recoil in shame because he's being made fun of for being super ugly and my ex looks just like him. Fuck I need standards, and for that matter we should stop giving bland white males a chance.

No. 1362072

should i try making scrambled eggs?(i am a fire waiting to happen)

No. 1362085

File: 1664792339073.jpeg (94.5 KB, 718x772, 926034AD-F04F-4345-B591-26B4AE…)

So he’s still the fat kid right just lost weight

No. 1362086

File: 1664792428271.jpeg (558.58 KB, 1170x1588, A425503C-37D3-48EF-A302-886183…)

I think they look like the same person tbh

No. 1362091

You can compliment us just don’t say dumb shit like “I like your wig” or ask if it’s real

No. 1362097

File: 1664794959516.gif (14.14 MB, 520x416, Dungeons_and_Grandmas__Wind_Wa…)

wtf based grandma

No. 1362099

File: 1664795285596.gif (11.1 MB, 364x291, links granny.gif)

No. 1362105

Do you have autism

No. 1362109

Jelly because you ain't a sword dwelling grandma I see

No. 1362126

I love taking someone's pissy sarcasm seriously and then they get angry and explain themselves and think I'm being stupid. Nope I'm just fucking with you

No. 1362130

Why do you hate soup grandma? Die.

No. 1362148

I think this is cool. Thank you for sharing

Peeing and pooping on this post

No. 1362160


No. 1362173

normies get out reeeeeee

No. 1362174

File: 1664805286743.jpeg (106.84 KB, 933x620, EBDC7C1A-DAF5-438C-B154-9DEC44…)

This is killing me like it’s literally the pot calling the kettle black
Does maya hawke genuinely believe her acting skills is what got her roles and not famous actors parents

No. 1362178

anon look it says gullible on the ceiling!

No. 1362185

? They took a picture of her

No. 1362187

File: 1664805941748.gif (4.06 MB, 280x280, HandsomeAdorableIchthyostega-s…)

me ignoring my boss asking me to come in early

No. 1362188

I can’t stop laughing at this, kek
this too also based

No. 1362193

So is this movie bad or not…i know Harry is an annoying piece of shit but i just want to know that because the trailer got me interested. Brave of Maya the talentless nepobaby to laugh at that tbh.

No. 1362195

The reason I don’t have friends or a bf is because I’m cheap. The gas and money to go to these places they wanna go the bars, restaurants etc then on top of that while out you can get some random 200 dollar ticket you didn’t plan for. Not to mention with a bf the price of food goes up because I’d have to grocery shop for two. I’d rather sit in my house alone on TikTok, I work from home and god I hope it stays that way.

No. 1362196

No. 1362252

Ya know how some people peak in highschool? I fucking peaked in pre-school.

No. 1362253

File: 1664810324185.png (569.23 KB, 680x383, 0CFB3FB1-7385-4337-AFE1-2C958D…)

The fish

No. 1362258

The most fishiest fish.

No. 1362263

Any bf worth having shouldn't be costing you money.

No. 1362264

How do you peak before your life has even started?

No. 1362269

I thought this was a cool velvety plush til I enlarged it.

No. 1362274

I peaked as a zygote. It's over

No. 1362280

Me too girl

No. 1362282

I'd really like to have a girlfriend but I realize that I'm just fucking weird about sharing my interests with… anyone. I tend to like shows or series or things that my friends aren't really interested in and I'd really love to get my friends into the things I like but at the same time… I don't really like discussing any of it with them kek. I know this comes off as "I liked it before you did! I liked it before it was cool!" but it's not that, I just straight up don't like discussing any of my interests in dept with others, period. I rarely engage in fandom spaces to meet new friends based on our shared interest in XYZ thing (the majority of fandoms being infested with minors aside) because I just… don't want to.

I struggle to make friends off shared interests because of this kek. I have made very few new friends in recent years, and we are friends with no shared interests at all. Our personalities just mesh really well and we can just freely talk about things. Kind of hard to meet someone and get along with them based on vibes alone though, but that's just how things are for me now as an adult.

No. 1362288

Actually, to add on to my retardation, I feel like I am a shell of my former self. I've posted before in threads a long time ago of feeling "reborn" after going through a period of derealization. There's a very clear line in my head between the me of then and the me of now and I view them as separate people. I think there's not a lot going on inside my head and I feel very empty, but not in a depressed way. I'm quite the happy person and I'm enjoying being alive more than my past self ever did, but I feel like I traded all of my dimension as a person for it.

Or maybe it was worth trading because my identity was always based on my hobbies and what shows I liked. I don't know what my identity is now other than I am me. But "me" is incredibly boring and there's not a lot of substance to me, and I'm ok with that but it's sort of difficult to explain that to someone else. Obviously there's something to me because my friends still like being around me, but I do feel like a blank sheet of paper.

I think I'm starting to sound kind of schizo so I'll stop here.

No. 1362313

File: 1664813351962.gif (200 KB, 220x165, ugh.gif)

the weird uptick in rape posts in the fetishes thread for the past few days is ringing so many alarms but i'm trying not to say anything in case it derails or if they get mad kek

No. 1362329

File: 1664814404578.jpg (47.64 KB, 640x640, EOwPIY5W4AAxPeA.jpg)

between those and the posts about wanting to feminize their boyfriends, that thread is lit rally unbrowsable. i think the fact those types of posts are the most unembarassed/pornsick is what sets off my moid alarms.

No. 1362332

Liking the same media is a really weak foundation for relationships anyways IMO. There’s a lot of people in fandom spaces for shows I love that I couldn’t even stand to be around for 5 minutes. A lot of my best relationships have only had a few pieces of media we both like. Try and base what you want out of a partner in terms of chemistry, values, actual activities besides consooming etc.

No. 1362337

Yeah that thread is definitely full of moid posts.

No. 1362339

You know rape/forced sex is one of the most common fantasies ever right? Why are you shocked lol.

No. 1362372

It's so obvious, it's driving me insane with fits of laughter.(tranny)

No. 1362400

It is suspect.

This is not common here. Also women don’t fantasize about real rape because they are thinking about a controlled scenario, men are the ones who fantasize about doing the raping and actually forcing sex without consent. These posts are fishy as hell.

No. 1362427

my best friend's bf broke up with her and she's so heartbroken it was kinda out of nowhere. i live all the way across the country so i was thinking of sending her a little "care package" type thing but is that too corny idk… i just wish i was in her city so i could hug her go buy her her favorite pastries and get her dinner and stuff. i don't even know what would be good to put in such a thing

No. 1362434

Just read the recent posts, it reeks of moid in general.

No. 1362439

File: 1664817718532.jpg (30.4 KB, 280x355, bertha-wegmann-lesende-frau-au…)

I set my internet browser to black and white only mode and now it feels like I'm browsing the internet in the past.

No. 1362460

You think because he’s slouching, ugly and looks like a frog
He won’t cheat on you
But they always cheat
Your Nigel will cheat too

No. 1362463

That’s a sweet idea nonnie. Please go ahead
and I hope she’ll be happier without that moid

No. 1362470

She's probably straight. Don't encourage polilez please an thank you, kek.

No. 1362484

i eat twice as much as my 200 lbs bf who works out 6 days a week and i weigh 120 and lie in bed

do i have a tapeworm or something???

No. 1362502

No I’m just covering the news lol

No. 1362505

File: 1664821962020.jpeg (72.46 KB, 626x500, 156015CD-41E6-4C23-88FE-D8D25E…)

No. 1362512

Youtube is recommending me lots of vision related vids and vision related ads when I have never looked into anything like that, whats up with that

No. 1362521

File: 1664822968175.png (3.62 MB, 1626x1497, Screenshot 2022-10-03 204913.p…)

My jewel orchid that I bought for the same price I could've got a huge calathea of some kind. No joke I get home from work and take it and put it on the table and just look at it for a good 20 minutes at least then intermittently throughout the rest of the evening. I don't think I exaggerate when I say it has me under a spell.

No. 1362523

It's so beautiful, look at those veins! It's like lightning.

No. 1362531

How cute, reminds me of vidrel

This looks amazing nonnie, the texture looks almost velvety !

No. 1362550

File: 1664824497345.webm (1.83 MB, 576x1024, 1664392604609687.webm)


No. 1362596

Good christ she looks unwell. I thought this was some random meth head for a moment.

No. 1362598

holy shit I want one. Are they difficult to take care of?

No. 1362602

are you sure your bf just isn't eating (or drinking, alchohol and fruitjuices have a crapload calories) a lot when you're not around? If you're really concerned, you could count your calories for say a week or so and calculate if it's more than you'd need to sustain your current weight, there's calculators online to help you with that.

No. 1362605

My god she must have like 10 filters on simultaneously

No. 1362617

What's with her eyes?

No. 1362656

It’s sad how unfunny and out of touch Kurtis has become in the past few months. Even his most recent video is like 5 years late to the topic of furries. None of his observational humor here is original

No. 1362690

I can't believe he's gotten far at all. His puns make me so fucking angry. His jokes go on for too long way too often. His retarded silly goofy stoner humor is really fucking tough to sit through.

No. 1362752

i think he's funny (kinda), i like his editing but i hate the way his fans will claim "he's such an ally" and an "unproblematic king" when he's just a white dude who learnt not to say offensive shit online. All moids gotta say is "trans right" and they're the next MLK

No. 1362770

File: 1664835782075.jpg (490.48 KB, 1536x2048, FeG2VTdXoAMsGIt.jpg)

I think dream paid for some surgery on his chin after everyone roasted him for the first face leak on kiwifarms
Idk man, it looks hilarious and unnatural esp compared to his old pic

No. 1362773

I thought KF figured out that's his brother, and dream is like a 400 pound incel

No. 1362779

KF figured out his brother was modeling for the pics in his shop
A pic of dream was posted where he's just a fat kid
Yesterday dream made a face reveal (guy on the right)

No. 1362780

File: 1664836149747.jpeg (191.67 KB, 750x1334, FA8D0C99-2534-42C5-8562-6EFA40…)

I hate short people I don’t mean average height I mean tiny underdeveloped people both men and women (but especially men) they’re a disgrace. to me it’s worse than being fat because at least with fat you can lose it but you can’t grow your legs
Being short should be illegal

No. 1362782

File: 1664836456862.png (79.01 KB, 475x588, bffs.png)

This could've been us but you had to be rude instead.

No. 1362820

File: 1664838774406.jpeg (45.73 KB, 375x500, F8D195C4-D1AC-4FDE-98C8-0B4213…)

This you anon?

No. 1362821

I'm short but agree with the underdeveloped part. I don't even care that they exist but I imagine the only people who date these people are actual pedophiles.

This isn't talking about petite women with baby faces either, if you're an adult woman it's easy to tell if someone just has a baby face and is petite vs someone who could easily be mistaken for a child. It's even more cringey when people, usually women make their whole personality about how much they look like a child, I actually rejected this guy for looking like an actual 14 yr old.

No. 1362831

nta but i don't think there's any underdeveloped adult woman who can actually pass for a child unless she's just out of highschool or has a medical condition, the differences are pretty obvious based on how they dress or act or little details in general. but they could just date other underdeveloped adults instead

No. 1362837

I wish I could stop saying the word retard but no other word hits the same for me. I would never say it about someone who was genuinely developmentally disabled or whatever. But sometimes people are so stupid and only calling them retarded can convey the enormity of it.

No. 1362842

I’m 5’6 but I wish I were 4’10-5’3. I’m brain washed becuz I spent my formative years in Japan where everyone is a midget.

No. 1362846

I'm much taller than you but sometimes feel the same even if it is very f'ed up of us. People - almost exclusively men - have solely insulted my height IRL. The only positive things I hear about it are online. Go figures.

No. 1362851

i would trade height i wanna be 5'6 i think its the perfect height to reach taller items and not struggle as much as 5'7-6'0 in clothing. i have no attraction to men so it probably wont change anything but help me at a job or my place.

No. 1362870

I'm 5' and I wish I was tall so I'd have a higher tdee. Being short fucking sucks I look fat as fuck so easily.

No. 1362875

it honestly depends on your body type with clothing. I'm 6'0 and my torso is very long and have broad shoulders. My legs are the same as my mom's and she's 5'9.

No. 1362892

I don’t understand why Angelina Jolie aged so poorly. She’s only 47 and looks like that.

No. 1362905

Plastic surgery makes you age way worse. "It makes you age better" is a massive cope. You won't have wrinkles, but you won't look human, either.

No. 1362911

This. I'm not straight so I don't even get anything from being short, in that way. Being short means you put on visible weight way faster, and you can't burn it with little stubby legs. I only like being smaller because I like being able to fit in small places and sneak away, plus I ferl like it suits my aesthetics and personality more, but I wish my body weren't so opposed to moving or burning fat. I'm not even fat, but I do feel like I could slim down, and I hate how by butt and the back of my knees look (?! how do you even fix knee pits).
Bonerattlers DNI, stop trying to spread your mental illness.

No. 1362945

File: 1664850326347.jpg (54.98 KB, 612x406, istockphoto-910577920-612x612.…)

Every good hot dog or burger patty has a little char to it. The burntness adds flavor.

No. 1362947

I exhibited fatass behavior and made 4 mini pavlovas and then ate them all and they tasted really good. They could use a few tweaks but I think I like it better than most cake (except caramel cake).

No. 1362948

My legs are two inches long, and you are laughing at me…

No. 1362950

How big? Like the tire restaurant logo man big?

No. 1362951

File: 1664850800398.jpg (35.59 KB, 700x474, anamichelinman.jpg)

Looked him up…he used to be heavier. He started exercising in 1925 and then lifting in 1970 and lost some weight. Now he's all unnaturally skinny. They anachan'd him

No. 1362956

File: 1664850907584.jpg (70.24 KB, 608x1188, 616s3VQniRL._AC_SL1288_608x.jp…)

I genuinely think anons like you who post stuff like this every week about meaningless traits are autistic

Also, searching for picrel made me wonder why there aren't many female gnomes. I think any woman wh

No. 1362970

ugly scary mascot i hate him

No. 1362972

Big enough, I guess.

No. 1362976

This character design has very fuckable hands. Do you think I can find Candle Jacqueline?

No. 1362979

I can always change her voice in my head. A deep, soft, and dark woman's voice would be nice.

No. 1362985

I really like the "dry and polite in an ominous way" type of voice. It's a shame there are so few female characters that fit the "ominous but polite and charming" archetype.

No. 1362991

I'm the OP kek I was just confused. Thanks.

No. 1362998

Something about how all self-respecting women would probably like to have a female gnome in their garden or yard. I just got distracted and didn't finish.

No. 1363002

Not quite, but almost. However, I won't be caught dead watching a show by such a massive group of libfems, not even for an evil woman character.

No. 1363005

This is so much cuter than any male gnome ever made.

No. 1363022

File: 1664854914124.jpeg (890.46 KB, 1242x1512, 6466F903-4878-4B22-AD75-231170…)

kek he’s mad his man boobs aren’t deemed attractive as hers

No. 1363025

File: 1664855099708.jpg (67.14 KB, 394x692, Tumblr_l_10645508510186.jpg)

Ate over a cup of wheat rotini and I feel like a shit meister

No. 1363026

Usually if men complain about fat women I point out it's usually men who sexualize and simp over fat women and that it would actually be nice if they'd stop promoting unhealthy body types and they got mad as fuck and called me jealous

No. 1363031

womens fat at least has a purpose unlike his 4 inches of hairy neck meat

No. 1363040

wtf oogie boogie put your bussy away

No. 1363050

Did you eat it hot or cold? I like to have it cold as a pasta salad

No. 1363051

That big ol moose knuckle

No. 1363053

It's so fat..

No. 1363055

i cant believe they would tumblr sexyman oogie boogies bug bussy like this…..

No. 1363062

File: 1664857738450.gif (534.02 KB, 220x204, F240B9E6-64F6-4216-B59B-6A2C65…)

just stumbled on the france general thread can’t believe french people are allowed to exist here too

No. 1363067

lol im not referencing anything other then him being a sack of bugs

No. 1363081

nta but what do you think she was referencing? i tried looking up different things and nothing is coming up…

No. 1363097

what on earth does that have to do with what she said…

No. 1363168

Thank god my doctor made me do growth hormone injections everyday foe 8 years as a kid or you would have hated my guts for being a 1m20 tall no puberty adult kek.


No. 1363171

what the fuck are you talking about

No. 1363177

File: 1664868614268.jpg (18.49 KB, 320x240, ttp0ar5gspg11.jpg)

I want to watch Big Wolf on Campus.

No. 1363180

where tf is this gif from

No. 1363183

Lmao I hated the back of my knees too even though it feels like a weird thing to have a problem with. I got a job where I had to walk a lot and when I left it I started running because my cardio endurance had improved from the work and suddenly boom a year or two goes by and my knees are beautiful/normal, literally never bother me anymore. Im not even significantly thinner, they just look different from the exercise.

No. 1363185

I feel like having small hands is worse than being short when you're not straight.

No. 1363196

File: 1664871484450.png (780.44 KB, 953x1970, Illustration3.png)

lets switch, i am 4'9 and i hate it, my perfect body type would be lanky, tall and fit, like leanbeefpatty, but sadly i am short and curvy, which sucks. I look so fat when i dress tomboyish, even if i am thin wearing big tshirts makes me look huuge thanks to my tits, and putting on jeans is a pain because of having thicc thighs. I just wanna look cool like my wife.

No. 1363204

If Naoto is your waifu then you need to know that she's very short and has big breasts that she hides with bandages or sports bra or whatever. So at least you have that in common with here! Cheer up anon!

No. 1363277

She's an anime chara nonna, i like her aesthetic but i understand she has unrealistic proportios, dunno if it even possible to have big breats like her and also sticc legs

No. 1363327

Wanna be a dumb bitch and post the Fred sargeant Videos to some lgbt subs, to see if I can up my banned count. So many more to go…

No. 1363337

The thicc sticc chicc clicc typing is giving me a seizure.

No. 1363349

Patty is only like 5'3" apparently

No. 1363351

I have very noticeable self harm scars all over both my arms and yesterday an old scrote was like "you like pain?". I still haven't fully processed his question but like what the fuck.

No. 1363397

File: 1664891920779.jpg (308.02 KB, 1638x2048, nowyouseeme.jpg)

Just scrolled past this poster of yet another movie nobody asked for, but my main complaint is that all the men are wearing suits and coats as if they're outside while of course the woman has to wear a cute, dainty dress with fishnet stockings.

No. 1363399

They see it so often— literal quote from a scrote, when I just nod in fucking sympathy.

No. 1363400

aw i loved the first movie, but never saw the 2nd one

No. 1363411

File: 1664893286292.png (140.14 KB, 1024x1024, strong-vagina-1.png)

I genuinely think my vagina muscles are too weak. I need to start taking this kegel shit seriously.

No. 1363414

Why is my philosophy professor talking about Dream SMP and pronouns in class, I had to leave bed for this.

No. 1363418

I would've thought the same. This shit pisses me off so fucking much, maybe too much.

No. 1363460

Bless you nona. I'm unfortunately a NEET who lives in the subrubs, so my only exercise options currently are home workouts with no equipment, or walking around the neighborhood during daylight hours and having to be perceived by others who might secretly know that I'm trying to defatten my knees (they absolutely won't, but I am a grade A autisma). This would be so much easier if I could just get one of my ideal "no one else would take this job" jobs kek. I'll focus on step 1 of my NEET recovery plan for now and take some walks through the neighborhood, though. Thank you.
Many search engines will give you results based on your own search history btw.

No. 1363468

File: 1664896695716.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 184.03 KB, 640x365, 5AF38561-460D-4D62-8236-F901BE…)

This banner is why I will never use LOLCOR in public. I fucking hate it.

No. 1363469

I go here in public all the time but as soon as this banner or the one with "daddy's little porkchop" shows up I hide the banner with my hand and scroll down just enough to hide them. It's super annoying and they're not even funny banners.

No. 1363473

i genuinely wasnt trying to bait, i dont understand. and whats with that anthropomorphic dragon images borderline avatarfagging, is it a clue ? i swear to god im not trolling im so confused
i looked up
>i cant believe they would tumblr sexy man like this
sans and reigen came up so i put before:2022-5-31 in hoping for an answer before that one tournament like maybe it was a twitter meme or something. like that one tweet of fake joe biden with the vaccum sealed leggings hurting the anus one…?
>oogie boogies bug bussy
something about busy bug the book ?

No. 1363475

that and the cp and gay porn spam

No. 1363476

i sometimes wish the drama part of the site was detached from the rest, i have no idea who 99% of the people on the banners are

No. 1363483

That's actually a good idea, having separate banners that show for different boards. There are a lot of /ot/ exclusive banners in the banner thread on /meta/ right now that could be used here and keep all the cow banners on the cow boards.

No. 1363490

I ordered some cracker barrel and oh my god my stomach is dying I just bought a basic breakfast of eggs and hasbrowns

No. 1363492

Didn’t think I would like the whole muscular guy titties thing nonnies always on about, but I had an experience irl and oh shit I’m getting wet just thinking about them

No. 1363496

momokun's "I don't think what I do is porn" banner too. like holy shit. And the Shayna #thriving one as well. Plenty of people have complained in the banner thread about these. I wonder if doing this >>1363483 is possible with this imageboard's software.

No. 1363499

How was it? Did you touch them? Did he let you grope them? How does it feel? Did he flex?

No. 1363502

That's so good I love their hashbrown casserole. But the best is the store. I hope your stomach settles soon

No. 1363503

I wish that were me… I feel like I'll never fulfill my old dream of groping a guy's muscular titties. I should just accept it and move on.

No. 1363507

He hugged me and I thought it was going to be really hard like slightly fit but super skinny guys, but while it was firm it also felt really soft somehow. Way more comfy than cuddling a fatty or a skelly. He didn’t flex but I kinda wish he did so I could feel the difference. The cleavage was distracting. I got to run my hands across his back and arms, his shoulders felt amazing. I was so embarrassed of myself I’ve always been grossed out by the idea of this but he like slightly leaned over and the tittles bulged and I wanted to suck them KEK

No. 1363513

i am hiding inside your furniture right now

No. 1363515

i am sorry i am ESL i learnt english through the internet thus i speak like a mentally ill terminally online zoomer

No. 1363517

AYRT and I'm not the blue dragon anon. I think she(?) looked up "bug bussy" and got furry porn search results and think it's your fault, even though those search results are catered to her and you were just using funny words.

No. 1363522

this would be cool, i wonder whats the percentage of people that use both the off-topic boards and the drama boards i have always felt like its two different userbases

No. 1363527

it's the tranny (candlejack poster)

No. 1363532

in highschool my classmate started working out and he would ask me to feel his moob kek i would do two squeezes and that would be it. so strange, i prefer actual female boobs though i only had that chance once so far…

No. 1363548

File: 1664900490535.jpeg (30.23 KB, 580x386, DC8A2C23-F102-46E4-AA48-17D8AA…)

Nonna, you got to live the dream, blessings and have an amazing rest of your life.

No. 1363549

I just read a youtube comment where a woman was insisting that men get postpartum depression too.

No. 1363551

Are you sure it was a woman posting

No. 1363559

File: 1664901314225.gif (3.09 MB, 498x373, 2376B29A-1133-47F7-9DA3-49A7F4…)

me when I hear someone call themselves a passenger princess

No. 1363561

The guy I'm dating is so smooth and knows how to get around my awkwardness and I just know I don't want to know how many women he's dated to have this down lol

No. 1363567

One of the reasons I like him is that his family is not dysfunctional, he knits with his 90 year old grandma.

No. 1363569

tons of shitty men are raised with good moms wdym

No. 1363573

What is that? I’m scared to ask google

No. 1363574

Real talk who even really browses deviantart here? And enough to get jokes about it. I'm not sure how that was "clear" at all but whatever you say. Maybe im the odd one here.

No. 1363576

Youtube has been ramming dahmer content down my neck lately and this is pretty much what the comment section of those vids look like. Did you know that jeff didn't kill 17 people? HIS MOM DID IT lol

No. 1363577

File: 1664902226605.jpeg (487.88 KB, 1242x812, 03B689B9-311C-452F-8BB1-540387…)

It’s an obnoxious term I see all the time on twitter

No. 1363582

i mean like say incel-types for example, tend to have moms that do everything for them, they say so themselves but still hate their moms anyway.

No. 1363584

Being born male is what makes monsters

No. 1363592

I agree I think he was born that way and they also glossed over the fact that his mother popped too many pills during her pregnancy with him since she was schizophrenic, that could be a factor as well it was the 60’s how safe were those mess yk

No. 1363596

No. 1363600

His dad had similar fantasies about killing people in his earlier years, just didn't act on them

No. 1363604

My husband is one because he's not good at driving. He's getting some more lessons so that's good.

No. 1363609

Is he a pretty passenger tho? I hope he is

No. 1363633

That's adorable, I hope he's great in every other way too

No. 1363665

That sounds like a real nigel nonna, keep him.

No. 1363670

What's with so many insisting that any man who displays sexually predatory behaviour towards women must be a closeted gay man? Is it a psy-op to get women to let their guard down around men? Some weird form of negging attempt? Just good old trolling? Before some anti-fujo sperg blames it on the fujos I do not even think it's that, there are plenty of ugly and disgusting men that hardly any woman, fujo or otherwise, would bother sexualising but are still headcanoned as closeted homosexuals.

No. 1363680

>trannies or gay men do it just to rape lesbians

No. 1363739

File: 1664907085336.png (4.86 MB, 1780x1590, weeks.png)

Nonnies I need your help picking which planner cover to get. I was pretty settled on getting the one on the right at first. The past two years I've gotten the camping theme and dandelion themed weeks, both of them in the same dotted design in embroidery cover. It seemed so fitting, because I love sweets. But then I just saw the one on the left today!!!! It's also sweets themed (but design is just printed on) and made in collaboration with the Tokyo National Museum. I can't pick nonnas!

No. 1363741

I think the left one is much more charming.

No. 1363744

i honestly find the tokyo one really ugly, i can barelly tell whats going on though it was flowers at first

No. 1363749

Left is cuter imo

No. 1363755

i'm with >>1363744 there's too much going on plus i like how the light blue one contrasts the slightly yellow pages and it's just plain cuter. is it really suede?

No. 1363756

I don't understand how animals can have organs. Like they're shaped so weirdly how do they have room for stomachs in there? I look at my cat and I can visualize where the heart would go but the lungs and kidneys seem like too much to cram into her body. Does anyone know what I mean?

No. 1363759

Cats are liquids

No. 1363760

Reminds me of when people were saying that jake gyllenhaal was gay and then eventually a story came out about him sexually taking advantage of a female secretary. Even ryan seacrest has sexual assault allegations (well with him the gay speculation was decades long before the allegations but still)

No. 1363762

File: 1664908411602.jpg (107.06 KB, 660x880, liquid-cats1.jpg)

a known fact

No. 1363763

Get the one on the right!

No. 1363764

I had to look up what the fabric is because I knew it wasn't suede but touching my current one I couldn't tell what it was haha. The official site says it's "covered with the same textured, shiny fabric used in neckties" but I put a plastic cover on mine to keep it from getting super dirty.

No. 1363774

File: 1664908898863.gif (2.78 MB, 498x280, nom.gif)

And thank you for your input kind nonnies ♥

No. 1363782

>gross moid known for stalking female youtubers fetishizes teen lesbians
why are zoomers trying to make this man sound quirky?

No. 1363783

samefaggin, female youtuber and contra* sorry

No. 1363786

She's always been very thin and i think she's had an eating disorder for a while. It ages you quickly.

No. 1363806

im going to a party tonight nonas lol kek wish me luck im actually really excited abt it

No. 1363818

Nonas im really sorry