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No. 1153807

Whatever ails you, dump it here, sisters.
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No. 1153809

I'm not Christian but I wish I was a nun. I wonder what it's like, I think it'd be nice and peaceful.

No. 1153815

I am afraid of the next wave of drugs containing ecstacy. That stuff burns horrible depression and psychosis in your brain permanently. There is no good euthanasia for humans either. Ecstacy is areal horrible vampire. I'm afraid of the chemical runoff that might happen if anybody gets into it.

No. 1153829

I feel like I'm on the verge of a huge life change, like either I'm gonna kill myself or I'm going to find Jesus and turn obsessively religious and quote the Bible in every second sentence I say or start doing drugs out of the blue or go on a string of one night stands to collect as many STDs I can or I don't know. But it's going to be big

No. 1153830

I stayed at a convent for a couple weeks and it was the most peaceful time I've ever experienced. I can definitely recommend it. Sure there's praying and all that, but that's only a small part of the day really. There was more gardening, painting, cooking, making candles, stuff like that.

No. 1153837

Ecstacy by nature makes you paralyzed (esp in the coming years)

No. 1153842

That sounds very nice, anon. Maybe one day I'll get to have that experience myself.

No. 1153900

This is what I want to do when I'm manic but instead I fantasize about the life I don't have and dance around the house while binge eating. I'm so lazy and predicable it's sad

No. 1153901

I want to make a girls with guns or violent women thread but I don’t know if anyone would post in it

No. 1153902

How did you go about staying at a convent for a short while?

No. 1153904

I would, nona.

No. 1153917

i’m generally left leaning on most political things but lately i’ve been really happy to live in a red state. it’s pretty relieving to know that degeneracy won’t get past our government and if i felt unsafe i could just walk into a walmart and just buy a gun lol. stand your ground laws are pretty based and i’m happy the law wants me to blast a moid if he attacks me

No. 1153928

File: 1651175931436.jpg (272.06 KB, 554x875, lett-2.jpg)

What do you mean? I went to church one time and I was immediately invited by another woman to go on a trip to a convent and I decided to just go because unironically yolo. They had a lodging for guests and we stayed there. It's not really difficult to go visit a convent, you just have to give them a heads up. They usually liked guests, because they can help around the place. It's like a whole bunch of grandmas who don't have any kids of their own, so they're really caring and enjoy having people there who they can feed kek. It's easier to stay for a short while than to actually become a full-on nun, there are a lot of requirements nowadays, because many regret it. I wasn't even baptized at that time. I've also been invited to a convent in Georgia, but then the pandemic happened and with everything going on with Russia and Ukraine, I'd rather not stay in that area for weeks kek. The staying at convents thing really fell more into my lap. I also was gifted a lot of books about becoming a nun. I'm not exactly sure why.

No. 1154100

I’m paranoid about texting my work friends as soon as the clock hits anything after 5 because I genuinely worry that they’re secretly just pretending to be my friend while on the clock. And I guess that by messaging them I’m forcing them to work “overtime.”

No. 1154133

there's actually decent human euthanasia. certain barbiturates are used exclusively for physician assisted suicide because they are decent and do not cause terrible deaths.

No. 1154239

File: 1651193120847.jpg (11.03 KB, 236x236, a.jpg)

Whenever my computer blocks a virus or anything of the sort, I feel giddy. I picture a tall, toned androgynous woman with short hair and a slightly deep voice protecting me.

Me too.

No. 1154241

What do you mean next wave of drugs containing ecstacy? Is it being put in with other drugs or something? Or do you mean rising in popularity? I don't understand.

No. 1154509

I use the words "senpai" and "kouhai" to refer to my uni seniors (in particular one that I admired a lot) and to myself because I'm kind of a weeb with my affinity for Japanese and there are no single words for that in my language.

No. 1154629

File: 1651213240457.jpg (23.68 KB, 567x486, Ea2cntFXQAA_5-h.jpg)

Oh nonnies, I feel so stupid.
My ex and I recently had a mutual breakup and all this has done is made me realize I don't want us to be over. We're slowly getting back into the friend territory but I just miss him terribly and just want to be around him. I know we both need space to work on ourselves but I guess I just am scared of us growing apart.

No. 1154741

Katy Perry wrote a song for you

No. 1155021

I feel like a massive bitch for this. I'm a neet currently and my parents have their vacation days right now. I'm not going to be a bitch about it to them obviously but I miss being home alone. I miss the silence and calmness of it. I'm so lucky to have hardworking parents who tolerate me being a neet (for now) and they truly deserve their days off but I can't wait until they have to go back to work. I miss being able to draw/paint, listen to music, crochet, cook a nice meal in solitude. i've been staying up nights, I just need the alone time. Some day I will live in the middle of nowhere and be constantly alone except when I don't want to be.

No. 1155037

i think i also like women…

No. 1155070

Not to say that anything should change, but i think the doodleroom became a place to avatarfag. I can always recognize the same people by their art style. Kinda makes it feel less anonymous in a way. Still i very much enjoy the room and hold no grudges agaisnt other people who participate. I even look foward to seeing specific anons to draw in the next theme, but i wish it wasnt off lolcow.

No. 1155081

I understand what you mean but there's a limit to many anon's artistic skill. I'm just a very average artist kek.

No. 1155088

Their style is recognizable but I don't mind. As long as they don't draw too much attention to themselves. (Lol get it… Draw)

No. 1155146

File: 1651246907727.png (3.64 MB, 1334x750, D11587C8-1CBB-4A1C-9665-D4959F…)

Whenever I watch a video about disabled kids and their able siblings I feel intense despair and dread for the able siblings. I think about how they will have to care for their sibling in some way or another in the future and it will weigh heavy on them. They can’t live a normal life due to circumstances beyond their control.

No. 1155150

Recognizing art styles is bound to happen when there are regulars. I think it would truly be avatarfagging when someone keeps drawing the same thing or the same kind of thing in the same way. I can think of a few people.
I wonder if you can recognize my art…

Nona, I'm a NEET (well not really, I'm in training) living with my parents, and even though I feel like an asshole for wishing this, I wish my mother left me alone for a few days. I can't stand her ordering me around and screaming at me anymore. When I'm alone in my room and nobody downstairs bothers me because I need to study for my job, my stress is reduced so much that I feel genuinely happy with myself and my life for the first time in years. My personal hygiene has also improved. I wish I could move out already, I do not want to keep being treated or feel like a kid or an incompetent useless retard, I just want to be alone and take care of my responsibilities on my own, at my own fucking pace.
I've also been staying up really late these days (in fact, right now I should be waking up but instead I'm about to go to sleep) because I prefer working at night since it's so quiet and there's virtually zero chance of being interrupted. Even though it's fucking up my sleep, it has also given me time to study more, enjoy music and shows that have been in my watchlist for years, and draw as soon as inspiration hits. I don't feel like I'm wasting my time as much as I used to.

No. 1155153

Your mom is dictating your life and you feel bad about not wanting to be ordered around? Don't be, that's justified.

No. 1155154

Alot of the time when parents die disabled people get handed over to services that take on the full task of their care. I've worked in services like that.

No. 1155155

I understand. I also feel this way for the parents if they genuinely didn't expect to have a severely disabled kid, for example if they have an autistic kid because it can't be detected in-utero and can't be aborted specifically for this reason. Parents who raised their healthy kids specifically so they can take over later and take care of their disabled siblings should rot in hell.

No. 1155157

i love writing cringey niche poems only i will understand and i wish i could post them somewhere but i also have some self-respect

No. 1155166

it's important to do stuff for yourself like that but also if you did share i would really like to read as i love anonymous feelings of strangers on the internet

No. 1155169

I feel like I'm on the verge of something drastic too anon, I've gotten a lot of tattoos recently as a cope lol, to get out that urge. I have to imagine it's reflective of the current political/social climate, like we're waiting for a bubble to burst.

No. 1155176

I've been having these moments lately where I'm in bed in the evenings (too early because I've no life) and I'll just be overwhelmed with the thought
> Something needs to change and it needs to change soon or I can't do this anymore
Hits me hard. I'm not a drinker, never tried a drug, I don't have money to spend, I don't overeat, I don't believe in god, What escape is left? Romance would be nice. I don't know how anyone is going to find me given I don't go anywhere but if they want to just fall into lap then go ahead universe lol

No. 1155217

Yeah but I feel like as a sibling there’d be intense guilt about “sending them off”.

It’s a shitty situation all around. Too bad people can’t advocate for late term abortions re: severe disability without receiving hate and threats or just being denied. The way we talk about the severely disabled as if they are angels who deserve to live because they make us all better is just… not true.

No. 1155239

As a someone with a disabled sibling, there is definitely major anxiety about sending them off to a care facility when our parents die.

No. 1155242

I want to talk about ff7 with Robert Pattinson.

No. 1155325

this is a fucking mood except I recently left catholicism because I realized I've just been pretending to care about it my whole life. Honestly I have so much free time I've started to contemplate making a fake DID tiktok which is an all new low for me

No. 1155346

i'm currently using a moid with a ton of followers to boost my art twitter. he's so fucking annoying and everything he does gives me the ick but he constantly retweets my art, so. he's also like 15 years older than me and still tries to act like he's in high school.
he's always oversharing his personal life to me like i should give a shit about some stranger on the internet. he's so weird and overfamiliar. i can't wait until i get my account to where it needs to be so that i can drop this creepy old freak.
part of me feels bad for essentially being a leech, but then i remember i didn't even ask for his attention in the first place.

No. 1155352

>part of me feels bad for essentially being a leech
Don't, doing favors for women is all men are good for and you're already paying a price by having to endure his vaguely veiled desire to get in your pants

No. 1155437

Honestly good for you. He’s using you for emotional labor and probably his main reason for even giving you attention is wanting to fuck you. Use that beta faggot.

No. 1155444

The moid hater in me thinks that’s based, but the artfag in me is seething so bad

No. 1155452

Sometimes I'm too tired to take a shit so I go in the morning and then inevitably make myself late but like I'm not going to shit myself for punctuality sake. Bitch please

No. 1155457

To add to this, somehow even if I take a 5 minute deviation of my morning routine it can translate anywhere from an additional 10 to 20 min travel time. I hate having my punctuality monitored, I will never incovience myself to be more available in a long term scenario fuck that noise

No. 1155464

>made bodypillow by hand
>pretend it’s this cute but tough video game heroine i loved
>spray a perfume on the pillow for that realism, pick the one i think she would wear
>put the body pillow away bc it feels like I’m cheating on my bestie who i was messing with

Now whenever i put on that same perfume I feel like I’m going to bed and I’m really calm. I will never admit that the perfume was originally ‘bodypillow perfume’ but it’s very comforting to wear.

No. 1155467

>fake DID tiktok
Lmao I knew a girl who has a whole discord server with like 20 ”people” but they are all her DID alters and she talks to herself all day. I guess you do have to be schizo tier to even keep up with that. But I’m so bored sometimes I might just do that to stimulate my creativity or something.

No. 1155471

ayrt and honestly I feel like there's so many interesting narrative possibilities for having different personalities and their various interactions with each other and I'm disappointed most DID fakers aren't even creative with it and just go for 10 varieties of emo teen boy

No. 1155489

Why not shit on the clock

No. 1155505

At work, I was elected as my department's worker's union representative (idk what the correct term is in English), and during training I fell in love with another representative who also turns out to be a local communist party politician. He's almost in his 40s, seems a bit tinfoil-hat and looks like a little goblin, but his sincerity and radicalness endeared me. Idk how to stop these feelings, I already have a bf. Can't wait to hit menopause so I'll be spared of this pointless lust for moids.

No. 1155551

I really love my jokes, my face and me.

No. 1155555

have your boyfriend pretend to be marx during an erotic roleplay

No. 1155573

File: 1651271201808.jpeg (92.17 KB, 1200x676, 3A9568C3-1A12-4392-BC1F-A3E60C…)

Steve Buscemis character from ghost world got me feeling some kind of way…

No. 1155635

>during training I fell in love with another representative who also turns out to be a local communist party politician.
Ok cool
>He's almost in his 40s,
Ok, as long as you're not super young?
>seems a bit tinfoil-hat and looks like a little goblin, but his sincerity and radicalness endeared me.
Ok, cute
>Idk how to stop these feelings, I already have a bf.
Ok, what the fuck

No. 1155641

I used to struggle In one of my science classes when I was in high school. My teacher, who was a married middle aged man with kids, would help me with my homework after school sometimes. I developed a crush on him, despite him not being very conventionally attractive and 3 times my age. I think this is because he treated me nicely. Apparently, he got word that I had ADHD, like one of his kids, so he felt bad for me. I don’t think he realized I had a crush on him since I was a very awkward person in most situations. Looking back, I find this pretty sad since I wasn’t used to positive male attention. My dad was never emotionally there for me like I needed. I was teased by my male classmates who were around my age, at the time.

No. 1155658

nona if you want to read my bulimiachan cringe it’s in the writing vent thread kek

No. 1155663

This, tell him to say "hitherto" during sex to turn you on.
But seriously, maybe that anon could radicalize her actual boyfriend however she wants, if she likes it so much.

Tbf a big part of it is my fault, but also I think I made it sound worse than it is. My mom loves me, but I make her angry because I'm a mess.

No. 1155732

Yup. I married an extreme blues nerd and I always kinda think of him as Seymour. I'm not as cool as Enid tho.

No. 1155779

File: 1651301910915.jpg (48.48 KB, 540x281, a36d8_be911c07_540.jpg)

I miss her and I hope she's doing well

No. 1155789

i actually managed to find the courage to give my coworker crush my number today, which was his last. he has a girlfriend, he’s moving and i knew he wouldn’t actually text me, but i still have hope when i know i shouldn’t. i’ve never been so drawn to someone

No. 1155790

>he has a girlfriend
Come on anon, don't be one of those

No. 1155795

I used to be an extreme prude and look down on casual sex because I couldn't cum due to my meds. Now that I'm off them and can actually enjoy sex for the first time in my life I've become a bit of a hoe. It's like I'm catching up on all the years of no sex.

No. 1155805

File: 1651305591994.png (13.09 KB, 679x427, D303CFBB-7667-4324-B007-07883F…)

This is the most petty bullshit in the world, but as a comedian/comedy writer myself I fucking LOVEEEE clicking on male comedians’ Twitter and seeing that I have more active followers than them. The high is better than sex, I swear to fucking god. I just KNOW they notice, and then they always need to try extra hard to impress me for validation and I pretend to not know what they’re doing. THIS IS THE ONE MOMENT WHERE I FEEL POWERFUL AND, FUCK, I WILL RIDE IT AS LONG AS I CAN

No. 1155807

I hope your career continues to ascend nona

No. 1155809

Thank you nona, and I hope the same for you too.

No. 1155814

File: 1651306703645.jpg (30.29 KB, 623x360, 20220422_150913.jpg)

as a woman who loves the "draw a girl, call it a guy" trope the consistent hatred for it here annoys me. i get lc considers feminine/gnc men "troon-adjacent" – whatever. that argument doesn't irritate me as much as the girlies who are like "durr men don't look like that irl! no man looks like that irl!! WTF HOW COULD ANYONE DRAW THIS MAN WITH CURVES" as if that isn't the whole point of fiction.

i hate seeing it in the fujo thread especially. cat boys and self-lubricating assholes don't exist either but nobody ever spergs about them or proclaims enjoying them is a sign of "porn-rot". fuck

No. 1155817

no but seriously the thread will be discussing wizards and dragons and shit but the concept of a feminine guy is going too far. it is Too Unrealistic. it just prickles my autism fr

No. 1155822

It's not that it's unrealistic, it's just that it makes no sense to make a female character just for she to actually be he. Unless it ties into the plot or somehow advances the story it's completely arbitrary and the character just ends up becoming coomer bait and someone for troons to insert themselves into.

No. 1155825

troonies will self-insert into anything, though. i'm also of the opinion that not everything needs to "make sense" – sometimes you just want to see something. it's like preferring blue over green or cakes to apples

No. 1155827

I was on ssris from 12 onwards and it felt like puberty never got to really kick in in that sense. I then got off of them after over 10 years and ended up sleeping around for a bit. I went from one extreme to another in terms of drive. I wasn't aware the meds had affected me so much seeing as I didn't know any different. I eventually realised the ons/fwb reality generally wasn't as hot as the fantasy so that phase came and went and I got into toys instead. But I don't have major regrets. It was just something I tried and if I hadn't I would probably still pine for the experience. Right now I'm a few years into no sex but I'm still less judgemental about people who are going through a phase of that. It was real easy to be prude back in my 'I've just no feeling in my genitals' days lol. Too easy to judge back then.

No. 1155845

Your fetish sucks kid!!

No. 1155900

Traps are just ugly, simple as.

No. 1155921

my only problem with it is that most men don't know how to fuck

No. 1155952

I fantasize about having a bunch of obsessed stalkers sometimes. I watch this streamer who has been having stalker issues for years– They've even shown up to her house. Her own moderators had a secret discord where they worked together to try and dox her. If you search her name on Twitter, she has schizos documenting her every move and tweeting at her all day long. It's just so interesting to me how parasocial relationships drive people to act like this. Of course I'm sure it'd be horrible if I ACTUALLY had to live through it. I guess I'd compare it to the rape fantasies some people have or something idfk

No. 1155992

that's based. is he a game designer?

No. 1155997

Anime traps are a scrote fetish that panders to males, you are an extremely rare exception, so don't be surprised that you're going to be shat on and that no one else likes traps

No. 1156023

File: 1651329964917.jpg (34.26 KB, 564x555, 70ed5e3f74d8df1df60878d7c38388…)

Few years ago I've met an amazing girl, we shared so many interests, and were so similar with the exception of her being much more brave and free-spirited than me. She lived far away so we met for a few times to travel together, and these times were so beautiful, it felt like we're in love, we experienced these places together and it was like a dream. And then, about a year after meeting her for the first time, she disappeared from my life completely, all I know is that she moved even further away and most likely just built a new, different life there. Eventually so did I, and I know I wouldn't want to go back to what it was, but I still miss her sometimes. Looking back at these days with her feels almost like looking back at a movie, surreal that it happened to me. I hope whatever she is living right now, she's happy.

No. 1156035

File: 1651330377393.png (93.27 KB, 495x381, DE385EE6-22FA-4B5F-8560-14719A…)

it’s embarrassing but i still cut even at nearly 20. i can’t kill myself because i need to support my family and friends, so i do this instead to ease the pain

No. 1156037

reverse traps exist! anime women that are drawn as men. why aren't they also considered a fetish/male? i get "why" – because femininity is seen as inherently sexual– but it still doesn't seem fair. bifaxuenfags should suffer too.

No. 1156043

I genuinely can't think of any reverse examples anon, can you show me? And female anime characters who are simply masculine don't count because you can always still tell they're meant to be women.

No. 1156047

How is that comparable. Reverse traps are always uwu wholesome yuri bait. But traps are pure coomer degeneracy. If women actually MAKE sensible trap content it wouldn’t be a problem but no it’s all just by males for males. That says something.

No. 1156052

Nonny something really similar happened to me as well, it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun and i’m glad you got to experience that maybe some day you’ll cross paths again.

No. 1156060

File: 1651331433959.jpeg (330.35 KB, 1528x1528, 9D42A2E4-96BC-4A76-8292-2BC89B…)

ah yes because picrel shows how totally sexual and coomer they both are, totally the same thing not a singular difference here at all.
You have shit taste and deserve to be clowned on.

No. 1156061

File: 1651331470969.png (28.97 KB, 300x250, pNLpTW9fe1-10.png)

My boss who's twice my age confessed to liking me "more than he should".

I started this office job in the summer of 2020, everything was fine, I performed well, liked my coworkers and vice-versa. Due to covid most of us worked remotely but since I lived by myself I asked if I could still come to the office so that I wouldn't go crazy. My boss would come to office as well, claiming he can focus there better.

He's a decent man, for a scrote. I'm a pretty private person and don't share a lot about personal life so we mostly talked about football, politics and business, nothing serious. I have history of older men liking me since I come off as a cool, pick me girl and moids interpret that as being flirtatious. At the end of 2020 I noticed he may like me a bit too much so I conscientiously distanced myself a bit.

Our coworkers kinda started to notice and made comments that we're thick as thieves, but that was to be excepted, I spent my days with him and others would come into the office sporadically so it was normal I felt most as ease with him. At one point, a coworker remarked that if someone wanted my boss to agree to something, they should come to me first and have me ask him because he wouldn't say no to me.

I was alarmed at that and mad at myself for allowing this work relationship get too close. He'd ask me sometimes to do some activities outside of office but thank fuck I would always politely decline. And then we had an office Christmas party. All of us went out to dinner and then drinks. I had like five whiskey sours during the whole evening and switched to water after midnight. Everyone but myself, him and another moid-coworker left and we started talking about office dynamics, conflicts and all that. I brought up the fact that people noticed he liked me best and was more lenient towards me than others. He claimed it was because I'm young and allowed to fuck up. The other moid left and I started to get going as well but he asked me not to go. And then he got emotional, I mean really emotional. Saying that I always made him feel at ease, he feelt like he could open up to me without judgement, yadda yadda. It felt so surreal I wanted to burst out laughing. That desire quickly dissappeared when he said he liked me a lot, more than he's supposed to. That he wished he was younger and we'd met during college. That he hated the fact that I'd eventually leave the company and he wouldn't see me everyday.
I didn't know how to react, I liked him as a coworker and nothing more. If he were a regular guy I'd tell him to back off but he was my boss. I told him I didn't feel like that and called an uber. He insisted on walking me out and when the uber was there asked if it would be inappropraite if he got in the car with me and then went home. I said fuck yes it would be and smashed the car door closed.

The next day was probably the most awkward day of my life. He came in at midday, clearly hungover to hell and back and we didn't talk much. I didn't even want to look at him, I was uncomfortable and pissed off at him. At the end of the day, when I was leaving work, he asked if he could walk me out as usual (he'd do that for the past year, he's a smoker and walking me to subway was an excuse to have a smoke. Or rather having a smoke was a excuse to walk me out). And then that fucker had the gall to ask me to try behaving as if nothing had happended the previous night, that we didn't want anyone to notice something's off with us. I wanted to scream at him in the middle of the street, that I wouldn't have to pretend nothing happened if he hadn't said anything. Instead I just nodded and said I'll try.

My friends think it's a hilarious story and I can only blame myself for being a catnip for midlife crisis ridden men. Thank god my contract expires in only five months and I definitely will not prolong.

No. 1156066

what the fuck is wrong with him? how is he not aware how inappropriate that is??? i'm so sorry that happened, nona. that guy is a fucking freak

No. 1156069

It's not a hilarious story, I hate it when people want to turn everything into a funny anecdote. It's awful

No. 1156073

I'm so sorry anon, moids literally ruin fucking everything.

No. 1156095

I was on ssris too, fuck those. I never would've gone on them had I known of the side effects.

This is true lmao and also why I have two trusty fbw guys I go to. ONS seems like too much effort for potentially (most likely) shitty sex.

No. 1156109

worst part is, he'd vocally support victims of harassment, it's just typical moid behavior

thank you. I'm a bit clownish so I tell all my stories as if they're funny. I think that post was the first time recalling all this without a single trace of humor

he really fucking did ruin it. I liked him, I asked him advice on career and college stuff or how to set the fucking thermostat at my apartment right

No. 1156117

just look up the bifaxuen archetype on google. lots of those characters are misinterpreted as men in series, and by people who haven't watched the shows.

No. 1156128

File: 1651333741092.jpg (Spoiler Image, 240.23 KB, 1049x1500, yande.re 649892 sample chocoan…)

i don't really care about astolfo (my favorite femboy is maraich from patarillo! or thistle, or maybe lio) but most characters in the gate series have fanservice-y designs…i'd argue his design isn't even that sexual.

within the series tho if you need examples that are chaste, there's lanling wang + paris.

No. 1156129

>gate series

No. 1156142

There's something beautiful about how sometimes you cross paths with people who seem to be there to just make your life better for a moment and then disappear again, I'm glad you got to experience something similar. Even if I never hear from or meet her again, I'll cherish the memories we made♥

No. 1156145

File: 1651334081254.jpeg (10.33 KB, 260x194, hgfdfg9876.jpeg)

Fuck anon bless you for teaching me this word. Might get back into anime so I can find a lady husbando.

No. 1156156

I don't really like traps but the only one I did like was Felix from Re:Zero

No. 1156191

>That he wished he was younger and we'd met during college

I bet he had plenty of nice girls to date back then and even if y'all were the same age a d met in college he'd still be doing this exact shit with another half his age when he got old

No. 1156213

File: 1651336520492.png (846.69 KB, 559x884, xfsfd.png)

No. 1156217

compare these to traps and tell me exactly how they’re even remotely similar, traps are made by coomer men for coomer men and these are just butch women, not sexualized at all and mostly made by women

No. 1156219

nta but I don't understand what's the issue, these are not actual fucking human beings, these are drawn creations, unless your exclusively trying for a realistic style, anime and cartoon characrers are never gonna look like anything close to people IRL

No. 1156252

While I don't like traps-traps, for some reason I have always liked certain crossdresser characters, mostly Kuranosuke from Kuragehime. I feel annoyed by any of the newer renditions of characters like this, and some of the older examples are straight up awful as well (like Maria Holic, disgusting) but there are a few like Kuranosuke who are written to be unrealistically non-threatening compared to real men or other male characters. I can especially see why I might have been drawn to characters like that when I was younger.

No. 1156264

I demand to know who every single fo these handsome women are.

No. 1156273

File: 1651339125997.png (844.47 KB, 559x884, xfsfd.png)

No. 1156279

File: 1651339354585.jpg (41.44 KB, 720x700, 3678867c1595de6c2506c973c7bd40…)

there's sir integra too.

plenty of male-created examples exist though. see pic-related, kino from kino's journey, the entire "prince girl" archetype in yuri manga, etc. i feel they're similar in that these are "draw a boy, call it a girl". in older yuri manga women like this would straight up just be male bodies (rectangular, little to no curves, etc.) with breasts (see onii-sama e)

No. 1156282

File: 1651339553485.png (219.01 KB, 540x540, tumblr_2c7255838bdb3a5523e3e5f…)

this astolfo is a good example of a trap designed by a woman. but there are also, plenty of traps designed by women out there. like the author of himegoto! or that one vtuber (tamaki something). yuka from blue period. even harada (big name bl artist) has a few traps in her works. it isn't like, an explicitly "male coomer only" thing

also just noticing that this is spoilered for some reason huh

No. 1156284

File: 1651339634144.jpg (121.85 KB, 1273x713, Kurenai24.jpg)

Thank you nona!
Is Kurenai any good? Looks like it has some attractive female characters.

No. 1156291

are you actually serious? what do you want them to not draw in the same style that they’ve learned for months or years? you’re sipping dumb bitch juice

No. 1156296

>thinking fateshit isn't for men

No. 1156298

Gotta be honest, I barely remember anything because I watched it about ten years ago and fell asleep halfway through it lmao. Iirc, there was a lot of us-vs-them and having to hide from and fight against organisations (I think bc they wanted to kill the MC or something?), which is something I don't really like. But if you like anime like that, you might enjoy it.

No. 1156300

Why the fuck did i come in to see juicy confessions and all i see is this anime bullshit. My confession is that i have never understood the need to look up exes on social media and it makes me feel fucking autistic.

No. 1156311

File: 1651340579082.gif (4.97 MB, 540x540, tumblr_9b485c85a05c3a017a39fa0…)

I want to get it on with a priest

No. 1156312

that isn't fate astolfo, there are just multiple characters named off of/based on the mythical figure

No. 1156332

I want to take a priest’s virginity

No. 1156333

File: 1651341398634.gif (4.72 MB, 400x370, tumblr_37a6999c327c6275df57aec…)

me too nona

No. 1156335

>Why the fuck did i come in to see juicy confessions and all i see is this anime bullshit

I agree anime should be banned across the site except for /m/ and /g/

No. 1156347

File: 1651342412136.jpg (17.51 KB, 500x333, d2b6b4606c5dc166b57296bba22d5b…)

yesss same

God that would be great

No. 1156350

I wouldn't even need it banned,it was just confusing to scroll upthread and the anime shit just kept going, thought i was in the wrong thread

No. 1156356

Holy fuck I need to be in a situation like your picrel I NEEEED THISS

No. 1156372


No. 1156384

yes yes yes this and i want to make a religious woman fall in love with me, that’s my ultimate fantasy.
I need to watch this movie already, that scene with him hiding behind the sheet and acting coy gets me going.

No. 1156386

I cut twice on my belly but I want to do it more. It feels nicer on the arms/wrists but I don't want anyone to see them.

No. 1156392

File: 1651344355698.jpg (125.52 KB, 717x900, 1648921816041.jpg)

I only take a shower like 2x weekly and I work 14 hour weekdays.
Dry shampoo and expensive perfumes are my besties. Most days I forget to wash my face but I don't break out thanks to a hormone medication that controls sebum. Everyone thinks I'm hygienic and says I smell nice.
Nobody knows my rottencrotch secret, not even my fiance.
Why fix what isn't broke?

No. 1156396

Eh, my parents' generation bathed only once a week and smelled fine. Oral sex wasn't practiced as often as it is these days, that's the only difference.

No. 1156407

I’ve got a friend like this. She does have a mild unpleasant smell, kind of like rancid flour. I don’t think anyone’s ever told her, including her past boyfriends. For me personally I initially didn’t feel like it was worth the social discomfort to break that news to an acquaintance, but then as we grew into close friends it felt like me telling her after so long would make her feel even worse. So I say nothing and hope she someday sees the flaw in the logic of “everybody showers regularly so they don’t stink; I don’t shower regularly but I don’t stink?”

No. 1156416

I confess to bumping this thread cause of cp

No. 1156417

I think the woman who invited me to the convent had a crush on me. She kept inviting me over for sleepovers and kept giving me random gifts. Even before group outings she kept telling me the wrong time so I'd be there like 2 hours early. She also never said she wanted to get married to a man, she wanted to get a master's degree in theology and maybe become a nun later. She thought I was very pious and seemed to admire me due to my spergy theology knowledge. It did open my eyes that I really can't run or hide from the lesbianism and helped me accept it once and for all, but I didn't dare to corrupt her.

No. 1156422

I think people used to still have daily 'bird baths' in-between. My dad would wash at the sink every evening but have a bath once a week

No. 1156427

I mean they did wash their feet and pits every day, yeah. But not the crotch.

No. 1156435

I mean.. idk. I don't want to question what that washcloth was used for lol

No. 1156675

I enjoyed Kaito from Himegoto as well. There's just something about these characters like Kaito and Kuranosuke and how they help the heroines. I think it's because when a male character is introduced in a manner where a heroine knows his "secret" she is technically the one in charge so you can enjoy the bishonen cuteness easily without wondering when that guy character is going to be creepy. It's like the crossdressing, in these manga by actual women, isn't about scrote fetishy crossdressing shit but about the guy being in a situation where he is indebted to and can uniquely aid the heroine with whatever the plot is throwing at her because he can go under the radar in situations she's in. Kaito is messier but he's still really interesting.

No. 1156737

Most male traps are coomershit for scrotes, just regular sexualized 2D anime girls but with a secret dick, even the ones that are made by women (a lot of women in Japan create content for males, in case you didn't know). Just because some of them are created by women doesn't mean that they're wholesome or that your trap fetish isn't gross. I get the appeal of a feminine guy who is unrealistically non-threatening (like Kuranosuke) but most traps are not like that or just about that, they're sexualized exactly the same as girls and made for males.

No. 1156792

Anons I have a personal issue I need input on. It's stupid so please bear with me. Essentially I've seen this particular artist's sketchbook video and a lot of people really like it. She does very ethereal/fantasy/pretty type of art. Some of her stuff I don't like, and some I do. But for some reason I've been super jealous of her for a few years, even though by now I've actually improved to the point where I'm just as good or even better skill-wise. I think the issue is when I see some of her drawings, I feel strongly like it's something I wish I had drawn - and then I feel mad at myself for not thinking of drawing something like it first, but now it's too late because in my mind I think I'm just copying her. I'm jealous and inspired at the same time and I just want to get over it ughh I don't know what to do

No. 1156796

I have this problem too! There’s some artists whose works I would probably really enjoy but I get so weirdly upset because I wish I’d drawn those exact things. I feel like it’s the same thing as when you dislike someone because their personality is a little too similar to yours

No. 1156812

I'm kind of attracted to my boss and I don't know why. He's an Indian guy old enough to be my dad, kind of chunky and balding. What is wrong with me, nonnies? Is it just daddy issues?

No. 1156815

Ugh my wife, I love her so much.

No. 1156817

File: 1651362857479.png (753.53 KB, 1200x900, the-simpsons-apu-0.png)

Does he have a charming personality?

No. 1156823

I'm not sure what you expected, LC has a very small user base and of course there's going to be the same few anons drawing. I personally love seeing them around even if I don't know these anons, that's the fun part. It truly feels like a community.

No. 1156838

File: 1651364688780.jpg (65.33 KB, 640x677, 20220412_150657.jpg)

I have a niece and a nephew, they are two years apart in age and not in school yet. The second I met my niece, I loved her, she's a covid baby so she was pretty big when I first got to spend time with her and compared to my nephew, she's fucking delightful. I already have changed up my will, gonna leave so much to her and mostly nothing for the nephew because tbh, he is a fucking brat and a mini scrote. My niece will always be the underdog compared to the nephew so of course I am gonna treat her way better, teach her everything I know about fucking over moids and make sure she is financially ok when I die. I am not gonna treat my nephew badly, but I am already so much more no bs with him, and I am almost afraid people will notice but girls gotta stick together and all that shit. Love my niece so much, never realized you could love a kid that's not your own like this

No. 1156856

Yes that's exactly it, I'm jealous because their drawing feels like something I truly want to draw, but somehow they got to it first and now I can't. But I guess nothing is truly original… is that what inspiration is?
I'm so glad you understand

No. 1157091

being around my boyfriend turns me into such a hormonal horn dog holy fuck. i just want to fuck him constantly. why am i like this
any other time idgaf about sex and i'm pretty much never horny. i feel dirty for wanting sex so much around him (not bc of him, bc i feel like a woman being horny = dirty?) but that's retarded so it's my own fault. i'm not a wh*re i just want to fuck my boyfriend. a lot.

No. 1157148

Nona, there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to fuck your own boyfriend. Nothing about it is "whorish".

No. 1157214

File: 1651381556672.jpg (156.22 KB, 900x1200, 38391280_1731251373596192_6915…)

okay so i did read this one, but it's not the himegoto i was referring to – i meant pic-related.
if you enjoyed That himegoto though, you'll probably like genderless danshi too. it's fluffy.

No. 1157375

File: 1651397582818.png (26.8 KB, 518x784, 1641683204228.png)

I think lolcow's board-tan design is really unappealing. Idc how well the art of her is rendered, it just doesn't work for me. The hairstyle is terrible, the teeth look weird, she's generally drawn with loli proportions and her color scheme sucks. It's looks cringe and juvenile as fuck. I tried to force myself to like her so much but the design is awful.

No. 1157381

Eh, I like her design. She's relatable and has character, and I like that she isn't just another blue eyed Anglo clone or a brunette self insert. IDK about the "loli proportions" though, granted the design is softened but Elsie doesn't have childlike proportions just bc she isn't drawn with huge tits and hips.

No. 1157383

File: 1651398334855.jpg (379.02 KB, 700x800, 1468032910396.jpg)

No, don't twist it. I myself am flat so I definitely don't see small breasts as child-like. But she sadly is usually drawn as your average anime loli, which is okay but I personally don't find it appealing.
Idk I just don't like her design, it feels like a cringy OC to me.

No. 1157388

Even 2d women and girls are oppressed.

No. 1157389

She’s just been drawn ugly just say it as it is. Redesign it.

No. 1157402

I dunno, I don't automatically see "loli" every time I see an anatomically incorrect, softened design. I just see a human effigy.

Honestly, the "ugliness" is part of the design to me. I see curated, made up girls literally everywhere, but there's almost no celebrated characters with "ugly" designs unless they're designed to be intentionally misshapen, inbred hambeasts for the sake of ~body positivity~. Besides the lazy blonde w/ brown eyes aesthetic is taking off on IG lately, so to me the only real part of the design that's truly "ugly" is the tacky cow print.

Elsie was designed by lolcow board members to be an anti-mascot who isn't a polished, perfect character, which I like. I like "flawed, ugly" characters who don't have to resort to blatant disabilities or snowflake qualities to be mascots.

>not the hero we want, but the hero we deserve, etc.

No. 1157445

File: 1651403729354.jpeg (33.02 KB, 500x406, 0291E37F-C0DB-481D-86D9-30D930…)

i do dislike her hair color and the rolled up pants with boots, but i love her tired angry face and crazy sharp teeth

No. 1157450

File: 1651404680410.png (17.22 KB, 424x440, 1603237838778.png)

I love our board-tan precisely bc she has that ugly, petty vibe inside and out like we all farmers do. Picrel is my favorite art of her, imho she doesn't have loli vibe whatsoever, but that depends on a person's artstyle.

No. 1157452

You're officially the stupidest person in this website.

No. 1157454

awww, i think she's uggocute.

No. 1157455

I like her and her petty vibe too.

No. 1157460

File: 1651405996040.jpeg (75.21 KB, 720x721, 1575305016834.jpeg)

>It's looks cringe and juvenile as fuck
And yet board tan is more loved and successful than all your OCs put together

No. 1157475

I probably did a wrong thing, but I was told about my ex from a friend of ours yesterday and my ex isn't doing great. Like his issues were a factor in our relationship ending nearly 2 years ago but we were together for 6 and it's frustrating how much potential he has and he throws it all away. I hate his family. They really messed with him growing up and I'm not even fully knowledgable of all the details but his dad is a monster and. I sent him an email about an hour ago and there was nothing romantic in it. Just saying I spoke to so and so and targeted one little tidbit of info that he shared that wouldn't be completely invasive to my ex and just said hope he's ok and I haven't made it a mission to ruin his life bevause he's very paranoid and idk. It took me about a year and a half to get my footing and I feel like I can manage myself now and I'm past the point I wish he were dead and I just wish him well. I really cared a lot for him and it broke my heart the end of they relationship and I just want him to be ok.

No. 1157585

All of this. As a blonde without blue eyes, I'm sick to my stomach of having NO representation in any media bc EVERY SINGLE BLONDE HAS TO HAVE BLUE EYES!!1111 Ugh. Blue eyes are, IMHO, so played out and tacky.

No. 1157598

If I was rich I'd put a hit out on Pete Davidson

No. 1157604

If I drew board tan with a darker skin tone and different hair I would get shit on like I did in the lc drawing room lmao

No. 1157617

Then draw her properly twitterfag

No. 1157618

Someone did draw her with dark skin a long time ago and I remember anons saying it was cute.

No. 1157620

Do it anyway lol. If you don't mean it in a negative way, why should it be a problem? We're all women. Racebaiters seethe from being reminded women who aren't white exist at all, only way to avoid their sperging is to die

No. 1157639

Honestly, I think it's not so much abt board-tan being white as it is abt her being a generic stereotype of a blonde. Based on the old ass selfpost threads, quite a few lc posters are natural blondes who don't fit the traditional blonde bombshell stereotype.

No. 1157643

Why set your sights so low, anon??

No. 1157650

I wash my hair and body everyday, it feels so good for my mental health. I love taking showers. The feeling after washing from head to toe and putting lotion/oil all over afterwards. I feel like it instantly puts me in a good mood as negativity washes down the drain.

No. 1157652

Me again, I feel like I should point out that when Elsie was created, it was like 2012-2013, the height of the Dakota Rose nymphet-dolly Era, where every uwu-kawaii-wannabe was a blond. Aesthetically, I dislike Elsie, but I love her as a mascot bc she came to be during a more "pure" time in lolcow's existence. Her purpose wasn't to look good, it was to represent the user base here.

No. 1157656

Bless you for this, anon!

Bathing daily and staying on top of your skincare is something that most average people these days slack on for the sake of sheer laziness, so it's refreshing to see someone else actually delighting in taking care of their hygiene!!

No. 1157672

> washing your face after a long day
> freshly washed and stepping out into a chill morning
> sliding into a hot shower or bath on a cold miserable night

it's really these miniscule things that keep me going

No. 1157717

Same, which is why when people claim they don't need to bathe or wash their face but every few days, all I can see in my mind is Pigpen from Charlie Brown.

No. 1157725

i’m a kanyefag if that explains anything

No. 1157750

The Cowboy Bebop live action Netflix remake was dogshit & anyone who disagrees can motherfuckin fight me.

No. 1157771

Does your name start with an M? kek

No. 1157780

nope! an S
sorry nona

No. 1157783

Who would disagree with you? The vast majority of people thought it was terrible, and rightly so. Should have never been made

No. 1157791

boyegafag is hilariously persistent over someone so milquetoast, she's just so sincerely autistic but aggressive in just the right way about this dude for no reason and i love to see it

No. 1157800

I think Cowboy Bebop in general is boring and overrated. Didn't care for it but I suppose I'll finish it one day "for the memes."

No. 1157804

No. 1157811

He's so painfully average in every way, talent-wise and looks-wise and that's what makes it funny.
Like, the forbidden man is ugly so you sort of just think of his fans as freaks. Jim Carrey is talented so he has that going for him. Etc.
But Boyega is unremarkable so the obsession is doubly weird.

No. 1157822

exactly, anon

No. 1157827

i developed a psychopathic way of thinking as a cope for dealing with sexism. i see most men as sex obsessed, weak minded, unaware, self destructive, simple idiots, and unless i have developed trust and like for them, i see them as a means to an end. i even have to test if a woman is a pick-me or not before i trust her and consider genuinely befriending them. trust issues, i know.
i logically consider social situations, hierarchies, and analyze if they are bettering me. i refuse to "hang out" with groups of men unless i can get good conversation or free food out of it. most of the time it doesn't last more than 5 minutes before becoming utterly boring and unbearable. men have no social skills. i would learn what their interests and weaknesses are, and if they are in a position of usefulness for example…
>could get me a job offer
>would let me in on insider information
>has high value women in his circle
>is cute enough and not annoying to consider bringing him to events
>actually entertaining and enriching in conversation
>generous and offers luxurious experiences
only then i would consider befriending them

No. 1157906

I always ignore homeless people who try to talk to me outside. I don't give a fuck anymore and I won't give them money unless I somehow manage to become very, very rich. Otherwise that's a no from me because they're always the same people in the same highly busy places, I see them very often and I don't want to be assaulted if I give them money at some point and refuse another time. The only homeless guy I ever talked to on a regular basis was the exception because he was legit crazy but harmless and he was everyone's friend in the neighborhood so I knew he was trustworthy. He got murdered a few years ago sadly, the police never gave a shit about trying to find his killer, but that's another topic.

No. 1157920

that isn't psychopathic, nonny, that's just having standards. proud of you, though

No. 1157950

File: 1651429257459.jpg (59.13 KB, 718x542, FHdgS_XWUAAp4zL.jpeg.jpg)

bump, i'd advice nonnies to just log off for awhile since he's persistent.

No. 1157961

File: 1651429472990.jpg (72.19 KB, 450x450, 45884616.jpg)

Here's to posting on LC with images blocked, am missing out on nothing. Internet's been good nonas

No. 1157970

i need to stop being lazy and do this already.

No. 1157986

i think it's over now!

No. 1158007

Who gives a shit what you like ugly

No. 1158021

i’ve been a cutter for almost 10 years

No. 1158086

I forgot you could totally block images on a web browser, thanks nonnie !!

No. 1158183

My parents should have never had kids. Neither are good at parenting and just force their wishes down our throats (me and my brother). I don't know why they wanted kids when truly they wanted dolls. I like kids but won't have kids because of my own issues and knowing they will put me down in front of my own kids.

No. 1158186

I’m a huge fan of her. Boyega not so much…

No. 1158221

I used to have a priest fetish, this guy is just ugly though

No. 1158224

File: 1651444027680.jpg (122.44 KB, 500x375, tumblr_novdrsU7L21qb1xf7o1_500…)

Years and years ago, I hurt and lost a friend for completely understandable reasons on their part. I was a traumatized mess of a person, wasn't dealing with the fact I'd been sexually abused well and I'd stopped taking my medications to top off the fact that I was genuinely insufferable and hyperfixated on all sorts of unhealthy things that made me all in all very bitter. That aside, when they messaged me one final time to tell me all of their hurt and to not contact them, I've always respected that. It's been years and I've since seeked therapy, have spent a good amount of years thinking about my actions and words, ended up getting diagnosed with PTSD and autism and I've been able to receive help, have been able to let go of the things I was projecting and bitter about, like the ex that attempted to rape me in my sleep and then ghosted me after and a bunch of other stuff I was clearly fucked up over. I know they say you should never read your old messages, but recently, I did after thinking about them and while it was refreshing yet painful to know I'd grown and learned because I couldn't recognize the person I was, it was still scary that I had ever been so hurtful and unhealthy. I think more than anything, the thing that hurt the most was that of course the way I dealt with my stresses and how I talked to them and others had made them think I didn't love them as a friend, and they'll probably pass away at seventy-eight still convinced of this purely because I had let myself get so fucked up in the last year or so of our friendship that why would they think anything else but that?

Instead I live a life now where I'm trying to atone for those two or three years that I know got unhealthy, and it feels good. I still have the same best friends that I did back then but I think it's because they saw me offline all the time and knew me enough to probably see more of my love language but the things I said to this friend were prickly. Some of the conclusions they came to about me weren't all correct but have you ever had to just let someone do that because actually, they had every right to be furious at you?

It gave me the kick in the ass I needed back then to start somewhere and it's taken me years but I can feel myself getting there now, but of course I will always regret the way I handled our friendship and my friendships with the others I knew through them, but especially them, because they will never know quite how much I loved them and it's all because of how unhealthy I was. It's good we're so seperate now and I needed to be cut off and told this to recognize my actions were damaging, but in another life I will always wish I had comforted them in my messages back to them instead of the way I refused to see how they were feeling. I can only really keep moving forward and atone for my past mistakes as a teenager now I'm an adult but I'll always look up to them and I hope wherever they are, they're happy and things in their life are much kinder because their home situation was really bad (yet another thing I didn't put enough understanding into or words of empathy towards) because they really were so lovely and I fucked up so badly and didn't get help when I should have and I let myself become such a dick in such a stressful time, that stressful time never being an excuse.

I'll continue to do everything I can to better myself as a person and I'm lucky enough to work in a job where my job IS that I get to help other people who are in really bad home situations or are in a vulnerable place and I'm happy to have ended up becoming a much healthier person but I'll never let myself forget the times where I wasn't. I feel like I forgot too much because rereading those messages I really couldn't believe the past me and how she couldn't have been more rational, but I guess most of us have something we regret and have to learn from.

Even if they are long gone and I've since moved on too, I'll never forget what that friend taught me and I know better now, and I forgive my past self, but I'll still spend my life doing everything I can to improve more and more and make sure that the friends I am lucky enough to have by my side know just how much I love them.

I loved this person too and deep down I always will, but they gave me the kick I truly needed and then life did too the following year or two. I hope I can keep growing and make more years positive and become more kind and give more kindness into the world to make up for the times where I was not only unkind to others, but to myself.

I wish that person everything good and I'll always remember what they taught me. I'm out in the world now teaching other people so I want to do my best and keep growing.

No. 1158477

how is she like an OC at all, she's not overdesigned, doesn't have super ~yoonique~ or special features, she looks like a simple farm girl

No. 1158480

>they say you should never read your old messages
They do? Who? Why? Strange

No. 1158482

this was really sweet to read, nonna. as someone who also used to be a not-so-great individual (for reasons very similar to yours, funny enough) this gave me inspiration to keep going towards being a better person. if you can do it, i can too.

i hope you're prosperous in your career. have a good night/day.

No. 1158511

I think small scrotes (5’7-5’10) are cute at their height it’s just sad that a lot of them aren’t cute as a whole but bitter they aren’t a hulking 6+ feet. Am I wrong for thinking this kek..

No. 1158516

You are wrong for thinking by yourself at all.
Good you asked, now we will tell what to think.

No. 1158525

Anon you’re confusing me what do you mean by that exactly

No. 1158531

I've never met bitter height-obsessed manlets in real life, I think it depends a lot on whether they live in a place full of tall men or not (there aren't men that tall where I'm from)

She's being sarcastic, basically she's saying that it's silly to ask if you're wrong for having your own preferences

No. 1158547

I would call that medium rather than small. Idk how but I moved to a more rural part of my country a while back and men here are quite often my height.. 5"4 ish. In a city only 3 hours away I swear that was unusually short but here it's pretty common. I almost want to ask locals what's up with it. Do the tall men all move away at 18? I'm not all about height either but it's a lil weird.

No. 1158660

My coworkers have been making jokes about being nazis, prasing hitler and killing jews in our work chat. I've been reporting them since yesterday and at this point. It was funny at first but now some of these retards are really crossing the line.

No. 1158763


It's a pretty common word of advice I've seen echoed by the internet and friends alike


I hope you're a lot happier now sweet nonna, we can keep striving and reflect as much as we can on ourselves in order to become better people. It must have been confusing for this friend because they thought I was a kind person but some of the ways I acted towards the end left them feeling uncared for and then there were a couple of things I didn't lie about but I think everything was so messy by that point and there had been so much miscommunication between myself and a couple of others that these things would end up looking a lot worse and I never wanted to correct them because I'd have been breaking their wishes to not be contacted. Everything else that I was and actually did do, I wanted to begin to reflect on, however.

I hope that you have a good day or night too and that your future is bright, I think the important part is that we grow and reflect because it's the people who refuse to ever do this who become truly bad, I believe.

No. 1158772

Serving the jews will get you nowhere btw.(bait)

No. 1158805

Glad you're reporting them

No. 1158900

my mom fell and broke her elbow and instead of feeling sorry for her i feel.. annoyed? pissed? it’s terrible but it’s true. home was a horrible place and now i have to go back to take care of this narcissist. she always complains that none of us visit her so i bet a part of her is giddy that one of her kids finally has to. i’m planning on leaving early as i have summer classes coming up soon but i know the weeks that i’ll be there will be absolute hell.

No. 1158919

>it was funny at first

should have shut it down that first hot second

No. 1158922

yeah that's not funny the first time

No. 1158924

i love taylor swift, i love her music so much and i think she is a great musician. (not the two last albums or whatever though)

No. 1158928

love yourself

No. 1158929

Ok kaitlyn

No. 1158935

You know, I would say you're doing well with blending in, but that question in the NEET thread makes you stick out.

No. 1159006

me too anon, me too

No. 1159025

File: 1651497129540.jpg (12.15 KB, 240x234, 98ce05228eec8c3653e814f1beb866…)

i confess

No. 1159058

My mother in law died in a car accident when my bf was very young because my father in law insisted she kept a defective car which didn’t work properly.
Right now my bf and him had an argument because my boyfriend is sick and he asked if he (his father was driving) could drive slower because he was getting dizzy. I guess he stuck a nerve there because this old psycho started complaining about how he always has to drive him around (which is not true) and that he could be taking a nap right now instead of driving.
I hate how condescending he is, how he can talk and give his opinion about anything and anyone (every time an unwanted opinion btw) but the moment you dare to criticise anything related to him, he goes crazy and starts attacking us all.
I hate him.

No. 1159084

>i refuse to "hang out" with groups of men unless i can get good conversation or free food out of it

Based anon

No. 1159106

I'm a chronic lurker because I'm insecure about not getting a good response or attention when I post. even though all my social medias are deleted I will occasionally post on image boards or forums and if I don't get responses it feels like a punch in the gut. I really need to get off the internet

No. 1159122

No homo but her voice makes me feel things. So ethereal

No. 1159153

File: 1651503493001.jpg (28.92 KB, 563x549, 163cf463b0378c13c67515c31fd491…)

I promised nonnies something, but I might have to break my promise. I have trouble focusing on other stuff besides the upcoming procedure.

No. 1159161

File: 1651503895428.png (106.19 KB, 499x281, 1644357112818.png)

I'm going to sound like the turboest autist ever but I don't understand how romantic relationships work, what are the actual odds of somebody you're attracted to actually reciprocating your feelings? And people seem to got into relationships so easily like it's the most natural thing, whereas I've never been attracted to anybody and genuinely cannot conceive getting close to another person.

No. 1159168

Don't worry, I'm sure the nonnies will understand!

I feel the same way. Meh but I'm convinced that people who just jump from one relationship into another do it because they don't want to be alone, not because they truly have feelings for someone. Like yeah, they might be attracted to them but feelings take time.

No. 1159169

She has one of the most beautiful voices I know.

No. 1159171

There’s a lot of luck involved, realistically. That’s why it takes many people years to meet their eventual spouse. It isn’t easy for everyone. But not everyone has a strong romantic impulse and you might be one of them.

No. 1159179

Those types of people are usually mentally ill. You sound way more saner than them imo.

No. 1159238

you're getting hate because your fetish sucks. it sucks as much as a foot fetish. sorry. it's not only that men can never look like that, it's not only that it feels tainted by troonery, but it's that we are attracted to men. we want a masculine figure. not a male attempting to look like a woman. it's possibly for a man to be delicate and pretty and have some feminine traits and that's fine, but when he starts actively attempting to look like a girl, it's gross and pathetic.

your kink is shared by far too many TIMs and coomers to be accepted here. try 4chan's /trash/.

No. 1159321

File: 1651510743864.jpg (35.58 KB, 680x481, b1b.jpg)

Wow so true. Only gigachad, the manliest of manly men, can stir my heart. It's literally not possible to be attracted to both manly and feminine men at the same time!
>Implying feminine man and foot fetishes are shittier than rape, slavery, Kirby slit vag, pedoshit etc.

No. 1159339

Kirdede anon did nothing.

No. 1159343

>implying kirdede anon is one the same level as pedos, rapists and slave owners

No. 1159345

File: 1651511672335.jpeg (80.59 KB, 1024x710, B33EDAA5-96F5-4153-BE69-0CAC04…)

I do this too, its easier with virgin scrotes because they’re so thirsty for female attention. They’re especially sexist and retarded but that just makes it more fun to see them gather and try and show off/one up eachother for a crumb of female attention. It’s almost cute, dance for me little scrote monkeys.

No. 1159356

oh shut up

No. 1159357

i have been on this site for a few years now and quite recently i have found a few of my replies posted onto lolcow owncaps and it actually makes me feel a little giddy and happy that other anons see my silly replies and enjoy them enough to ss them. sorry for cringe

No. 1159390

As a crypto it amuses me greatly when people with "TERFS DNI" on their blog bio interact with my, a terf's, blog. If only they knew we're everywhere.

No. 1159395

I'm using my laptop charger even though it's completely fucked up, it's oozing some suspicious looking turquoise liquid and I'm seeing the metal wires inside. I know I should buy a new one but I keep forgetting about it.

No. 1159399

There's a huge difference between a feminine man and a 'man' that looks like a generic kawaii uguu anime girl with a bulge slapped on.

No. 1159446

Um sis… the aliens are coming for you..

No. 1159642

This, I don't know why trapfags can't understand something this simple.

No. 1159842

I'm with you nonna. I kinda wish there was a femboy thread but I know it would get 3 replies, 2 of which accusing OP of being a moid. It sucks because there's really no place on the internet to discuss them that isn't infested with scrotes/trannies

No. 1159943

File: 1651535039050.png (829.92 KB, 874x656, Schermafbeelding 2022-05-03 om…)

I use Tuna and Lucinda as a reference picture regularly (picrel). They are the only cows I even keep up with anymore, that's probably why lol. Tuna is awful and Lucinda too, to a lesser extent. But I like drawing Lucinda because she's not conventionally attractive in the face, also her hair from the first threads I love. Tuna is pretty in the face and drawing a body that's not conventionally attractive is actually interesting. I know how many drawfags there are on this site, I can't be the only one right? Right?..

No. 1159949

i don’t care for tuna’s aesthetic much but sometimes i do reference lucinda and other fakebois for unconventional faces

No. 1159968

Glad I'm not the only one! It's way easier to find unique faces with micro-celebs.

No. 1160037

File: 1651538580747.jpg (1.79 MB, 2176x3056, My Androgynous Boyfriend - c00…)

i don't need an entire thread, honestly – just being able to post about them on occasion (when they're relevant to whatever topic) without getting accusations of being a tranny/coomer scrote or anons like this >>1159642, >>1159399 sperging out hardcore would be nice. guess i'll just have to cope with this being lc (and lc nonas being extremely autistic over things they hate)

No. 1160039

How are those posts "sperging out hardcore", all I said was feminine men and traps are different.

No. 1160101

File: 1651541104306.png (440.2 KB, 681x350, princes.png)

i love butch/prince archtype characters heres 2 more: Rei Batsubami and Momoe Sawaki. Only thing I hated with Sawaki was the weird theme that every girl seemed to be sexually assaulted or molested so they would come to her because she was safe compared to men. As in the only way all the girls ended up lesbian for her was due to trauma.It just felt weird.

No. 1160707

Being “gangstalked” sucks, men have no empathy, and I am so tired

No. 1160788

I used to base the guy I go on dates with on "can I imagine waking up next to this man for the rest of my life?" but now I'm so sexually starved I instead base them on whether they would look good cosplaying my anime husbandos in bed.

No. 1160815

I grew up in a Christian biblebelt community but from childhood on never had that religious conviction, still don't. But sometimes I wish I could have that conviction and be a genuine part of the community as an adult because it's kind of cozy and safe and I belong nowhere as it is but I just can't pretend to love a god I don't believe exists who has rules and laws I vehemently do not agree with.

No. 1161036

Zero sympathy for Burgers whining about abortion laws.
Eat shit imperialists. You deserve to know what it's like when someone treats you as a means to an end.

No. 1161040

Very stupid

No. 1161044

You don't sound very female.

No. 1161047

It's only stupid when its your skin isn't it

No. 1161048

You sound very imperialist. Eat shit. You don't care about women elsewhere. Well I don't care about you.

No. 1161071

How are random women forced into pregnancy responsible for imperialism?

No. 1161079

nta I'm mexican, not a burger, and I don't really understand your point? why shouldn't abortion be an option for everyone including burgers?

No. 1161081

Pray tell me, who is responsible for what your country is doing if not it's citizens?
And pray tell me, if the citizens aren't responsible, why bomb me personally for what my country was doing?

You can't have it both ways imperialist swine.(infighting)

No. 1161101

>why should they be punished? wtf?
Why was I punished? Why did nobody wtf about that?
Zero empathy for those who extended none to me.

No. 1161109

and yes, this is about me, it's in the confessions thread, not the foreign policy thread, sheesh

I am hurt. Still nobody cares. My aggressors chastise me for not empathizing with them.


No. 1161112


No. 1161114

You deserve it

No. 1161115

Who is empathizing with me now
Why should I do what nobody does to me

No. 1161116

You're evil(stop)

No. 1161119

>Pray tell me, who is responsible for what your country is doing if not it's citizens?
Politicians and their retardation. I didn't bomb anynone and didn't want anyone to get bombed. I'm also not burgerian but still.

No. 1161121

The state holds citizens prisoner. There's only an illusion of choice in any nation-state. All current nation-states are inherently patriarchal. There's only an illusion of freedom. It's all different degrees of dystopian authoritarianism, because nation-states are inherently authoritarian. Protesting is riskier now than ever before, with the police being militarized and having scary af weapons, never mind the tracking and facial recognition software being able to spot you from your eyebrows. Nowhere can you even safely discuss anything. What do you expect an average burgerwoman to do?

No. 1161122

Nevermind, this is romanianon again isn't it.

No. 1161124

No. 1161129

Idk if it is. Is she this stupid?

No. 1161133

>Why was I punished, me, me, me
Shut up retard.

No. 1161134

good post

No. 1161135

>my aggressors
>normal citizens with little control

No. 1161161

When did America bomb Romania though?

No. 1161166

Well these replies definitely cemented that you don't deserve my empathy

No. 1161179

Romanian on you have 0 empathy, you're a narc always talking about yourself. I wonder why hadn't farmhand permabanned you yet.

No. 1161180

Educate yourself. Or have this anon educate you >>1161161

No. 1161183

probably because permabans are useless considering vpns are free and abundant

No. 1161186

Larping isn't anything new for her, she pretended to be a black woman once because it fit her argument.

No. 1161208

>Educate yourself
No twitterfag

No. 1161239

She's ban evading.

No. 1162289

I know I’m my parents’ favorite child, and that they treat me better than my siblings, but I’m not going to do anything about it because it feels nice

No. 1162320

No. 1162359

File: 1651622669399.jpeg (122.57 KB, 1920x1080, 8A695E1B-9E05-4C6A-A07D-75F404…)

i still have my ex’s dick pic saved on my phone and masturbate to it from time to time

No. 1162381

Sorry your parents don’t love you, but alas you have no choice but to seethe and cope kek

No. 1162415

No. 1162418

File: 1651625574118.png (265.12 KB, 747x525, 9c9.png)

Accidentally set my fire alarm off by cooking on too high heat. I heard it disturb my neighbours but I'm happy because they blast their shitty music all day so I view this as payback bitches.

No. 1162428

File: 1651626339737.jpg (89.03 KB, 985x1344, 1523778065.jpg)

my shower never has warm water so what's the point

No. 1162509

3rd world sis…

No. 1162690

Even grosser if youre with someone currently

No. 1163499

I love weebs. I know one irl and her spergs about how cute anime dude 1 2 and 3 are and how good this and that anime is are straight up so cute. I love it when people are passionate about things even if I don't care about the thing. I love sperging about my favorite nonsense and love letting others sperg about their favorite nonsense.

No. 1163574

I am sad this streamer's subathon ended. I got emotional at the end and almost cried.

I'm putting this in the confession thread because I know it's pathetic of me to admit this. I've become way too attached after watching it almost 24/7 for all 24 days and I need to step away from watching his content because the parasocial brain rot is getting to me. I enjoy a small handful of streamers like a normal person but I can feel the lines in my head blurring after the subathon.

No. 1163585

I confess I would watch a art streamer even though I dislike wasting time watching them. She said she doesnt have a main gatcha game anymore and I'm disgusted thats where her money was going. I'm not going to watch her anymore I guess. Very glad I never subbed to her patreon or donated.

No. 1163586

sometimes I actually kinda wish I hadn't deleted my ex's (I'm single now) video where he was masturbating and saying my name. I only watched it once (when he sent it) because it was too much for me.

Actually based

No. 1163591

I got gifted a sub to this streamer but I'm debating renewing it or not. I feel like it crosses a line for me. I subbed to another youtuber's patreon, but there feels like a very clear line between me as a viewer and her as a creator, so I just give a few dollars a month for an occasional BTS update and that's about it. Her content leaves little room to really build that much of a connection and I'm fine with that. Subbing to streamers always feels too weird too me, it becomes too personal too quickly and is a slippery slope. I like watching them as background noise, sometimes I like the games they're playing, but the interaction during this subathon felt like it got way too personal since a lot of it became "let's watch this video while I eat/come watch me cook dinner" and sleeping/waking up on stream too.

No. 1163671

just watched the netflix doc 4 hours at the capitol, ngl I would hate-fuck some of these guys

No. 1163672

they aren't even hot I'm just so sick of pornsick self-conscious softbois with chipped nail varnish & chlamydia

No. 1163674

i’m not with anybody currently because i’m still hung up on him. you’re right about me being gross, though

No. 1163857


She has a twitch now. I've watched a few of her clips and she is very self aware and realizes she was exploited back then.

No. 1164102

You can and should do better

No. 1164183

Not that anon; why are you so mad at someone for masturbating to old pics of their ex? Moids will be in committed monogamous relationships secretly jerking it daily to barely legal asian creampie video number 920,330 and you think anon is gross for masturbating to pics she herself was sent by a partner she presumably loved and had sex with? I don't understand.

No. 1164215

>Moids will be in committed monogamous relationships secretly jerking it daily to barely legal asian creampie video number 920,330
nta you're not wrong but like but most anons frown upon that too

No. 1164245

Sometimes my vagina just smells really good, so when I change my underwear, I'll sniff them before putting them in the hamper. I don't know if its when I'm ovulating or something but there is always a week or so of the month where I just have a strong urge to smell myself. It's just a mildly sweet, tangy smell.

No. 1164246

Does anyone have stories of false pregnancy scares? I’m eighteen and a little bit worried due to some symptoms I’m experiencing + missed period + frequent sex, so I would appreciate stories from other anons during this time. I’m trying to relax, since there is a chance it’s due to other things too, and I believe that focusing too much on an issue will make it worse as opposed to solve it. Just don’t want to be alone in this right now. Thanks

No. 1164266

Get a test. That's the only thing that'll let you know if you're pregnant.

No. 1164273

Jesus anon go get a test, you can get them at the local supermarket or drugstore. The fact is you don't know for certain, you can't relax it away if it's a pregnancy. Do yourself a favour and get a test.

No. 1164339

Men scratch and sniff their balls all the time like it’s a bouquet of flowers I find it endearing that you consider this a confession

No. 1164375

I know for a lot of anons here it is a petpeeve but I like saying girl more than woman, especially when the woman in question is older, I like calling my mom girl, I think it's funny and cute. I also think it's cute when women call their breasts 'the girls'.

No. 1164385

It’s too early, my period can still come. I need to wait a few days still

No. 1164522

Ok, I see. Nothing you can do right now other than to relax. Panicking will make you feel worse and won't accomplish anything, so try to take your mind off it and distract yourself for the time being.

No. 1164621

>>I don't understand.

Yes, you are stupid.

No. 1165026

Sometimes it really feels like it's my destiny to commit murder one day. I don't mean to sound edgy or anything of the sort(though I'm aware all this probably sounds retarded), and I don't mean I'll just go and kill someone at random. But instead I'll murder a rapist, pedophile, etc. I have no empathy towards males to begin with and I'd feel no remorse or anxiety about killing the ones who deserve it. The only thing realistically stopping me from fulfilling this "fantasy" or whatever you would call it, is the fact that I'm still young and would like to experience a free life while I can, but when I'm older I'll have nothing to lose. Maybe I'll make a manifesto and go on a killing spree one day.

No. 1165121

File: 1651718545725.jpeg (172.04 KB, 1280x718, 370112AE-D3A2-4DB0-B1D7-5B8E91…)

Touched a dick for the first time last night. I’m 31.

No. 1165127

fucked a guy i knew was trash and now i want to fight his ex even though shes a victim herself

No. 1165134

damn… this definitely fits the thread

No. 1165149

Eww gross why would you do that

No. 1165190

I'm so sorry

No. 1165194

I have three broke teeth in my mouth. One I had since high school and I got two other teeth taken out but since the first one never bothered me, the dentist never took it out. Tooth number 1 is years old. Half the tooth is gone and it's gotten to a point that gum has grown over the broken part.
The third fresher tooth has been breaking for a while, the first major break I was eating fried chicken and I felt it crack, I literally pulled it out with no pain, from my mouth, like 1/3 of my tooth. Then slowly but sure it's been breaking, I'd only notice if i ran my tongue across it sometimes. So i'd break while i was eating food and sometimes I'd notice and sometimes I guess I didn't. Some broke and I felt it, so I pulled out the piece that broke.
Now it's to the point that no upper tooth exists. I can see the weird stuff inside my tooth or my gum whatever it is, one piece of tooth broke off and is irraiting my gum. I can rock it back and forth with my tongue and it hurts. I also have two bumps on the new broken tooth around the gums and it's swollen and hard. I'm going to go to the dentist tommorrow. I've been holding back, ashamed and scared. I'm also very very depressed and don't always take good care of myself while talking shit about others being/doing the same.
I have awful anxiety and I may have a case of Agoraphobia. I really hope things go well because I want these teeth out my mouth finally. I have to tell myself I can do it. I need to be a better person and be brave. It's gross, I'm gross.

No. 1165197

It will be fine nona, they might not even need to extract the teeth.

No. 1165200

You dickmatized, get help

No. 1165202

like if I get all my cavities taken out I won't have any back teeth on my bottom besides my wisdom teeth.

No. 1165210

SA- I have never had a job. I basically stopped after high school, I graduated at 19 (because of behavior issues, holding me back in a ealier grade, I'm not smart but thats why, I skipped a lot and just didn't show up/plus other things). I live with family but my senior year we moved to another side of town. My plan was to go to college, but I never knew for what. I just felt I needed to go and it was the logical step. I hated HS and I've posted about some shitty expereinces on here before. I thought college would be good, but I've always been shy,awkard and now that I realize I've NEVER been happy.
Always been bullied, issues at home with my mom or my mom's abusive/druggie boyfriends. Issues with my self esteem which has always been horrible.Issues with my hygiene. I feel like I never was taught how to..to do much. College my mom wasn't really interested in it, telling me that she just "felt we should know" and that "You never asked for help", but when I asked for some important paper work back then, she acted like it was such a hassle. We got in a fight, I brought it up and she claimed she didn't remember. But what can I say?
I live in her house, I never worked, I'm scared of people, I barely leave, I've gained almost 100 piunds I'm certain since high school. I went on a weightloss journey and probably lost 10-15, I'm sure I gained it back because I went off my diet and i have been off it fpr 2-3 months now. I don't think I can do it. I don't think I can work. I'm alcholoic and my brain always feels fuzzy. Like sometimes I forget things while i'm doing it. I don't talk to anyone besides online or in my house.
I'm close to 30 and even things like this, going to get my tooth pulled is something I barely know how to do without my mom present. I don't feel I have hope. I don't even have an ID. I barely get mail. It's like besides my family i'm basically dead to the outside world and nobody cares because…I'm just sitting here.
I feel like…something happened when I moved.. I always been depressed, but the weight started coming, then the area. Then I just gave up, so much has happened I can't get into but I'm just now realizing I've never been really happy. About myself, about anything to do with me.
I've always been awkard for two years I had a good friend in high school but when i went to a different school then her, she went on to be this pretty popular girl.
I went on to be first the pass around and then the quiet girl who didn't speak at all for years. When we started talking again, I felt so shitty about my current like, I basically stopped talking to her.
My teeth are a reflection of how I feel about myself.

No. 1165225

You are going to be okay! Dentists see teeth far worse than yours and they won't pull teeth just for having cavities. They will do everything to save your teeth. I neglected dental for a long time and was so scared to go to the dentist. But it was worth it! Don't beat yourself up about this. You have enough things in your life to worry about. This will be a big weight off your shoulders when it's over with. Be proud of yourself for finally getting the dental care you need. You can do this!

No. 1165229

Thank you so much, I really hope so. I just have to make myself do it, stop being scared of people and the world. I want these teeth out or whatever, and I just can't be scared anymore. I'm tired of being alone and gross.

No. 1165273

i really don’t see a future for myself, and i feel like i got scammed out of at least feeling purposeful for the next 20 years of my life by committing to childfree. at least my mom and grandma had their kids to occupy them for 30ish years total before they started hating their lives completely. anyway it feels pointless

No. 1165274

getting sober and going to therapy was also probably the worst decision of my life because now i can’t do ANYTHING without looking at the consequences and feeling guilty, it’s a fucking trap.

No. 1165277

i’m basically a neuter. a female eunuch, i fit in a class like “spinster” which i used to laugh at as misogynistic but now, realizing how fucking lonely it is to be outside of these happy families and whatever, i just feel immense pity for. childless aunt is a joke everyone looks back on. cat lady or whatever (just got a third cat so i’m well on my way)

No. 1165281

i know there are a lot of women like me too but it’s so embarrassing i don’t even know if i want or deserve “community”.

No. 1165284

You're not close with your family? I've known a fair amount of women who never married or had kids but they still stayed very close to their families, might be a cultural thing. They were fine, people respected them well enough. But if you aren't close to your family it is harder.

No. 1165288

most people do and I'm sure you deserve it as well

No. 1165289

I really do not want to be pregnant right now…

No. 1165292

I'm sorry nona, I hope it is a wanted pregnancy and that everything goes without incident

No. 1165294

i’m decently close with my parents and my siblings and love being an aunt to my nieces, but being around them really just drives home how alone i am and how pointless my life feels sometimes.

No. 1165303

In my culture it is fairly common for women in these situations to be living with their family so they aren't lonely, that might be your issue. Otherwise if you're not too old already you could choose to have kids on your own. Families can look very different and you don't need to be married.

No. 1165311

Having kids to combat your loneliness is such a bad idea.

No. 1165312

it’s typical for unmarried women to live w/ family members in my culture too but w/ getting sober and attending therapy, i can’t really reconcile the trauma they cause me w/ being in constant contact w/ them. i have considered having a child on my own, but i feel guilty about that too, and i don’t think it’s feasible or something i could afford tbh. unconventional families are definitely valid but i don’t think i'm the kind of person who can be independent (which i value) and a mother.

No. 1165318

I guess I misinterpreted but I thought she wanted them?

that's a crappy situation

No. 1165321

i would like a kid if i thought i could give them a better life, but i feel so sad, and i see how sad my mom is now that i’m an adult and it seems cruel to potentially bring another generation into it. i want to be a mom but i think i wouldn’t be able to give them everything i wanted (emotionally) which is where childfree came in initially, and now i don’t know how legit that was you know? i don’t plan on having a kid because i’m lonely though, that’d the last thing i would do

No. 1165368

I have this friend who I have known for years. She used to be hyper normie Stacey type. Anyway she got involved with this scrote who was “an adventurer”. Anyway they’ve been together 8 years and he has descended into schizo madness yet she has still married him (this year) and just had his child. He has this borderline milky Instagram where he posts these videos of him with mud all over his face tattooing people with manky seagull feathers and doing weird rituals with her placenta. He takes young women into the bush for “primal” experiences where they are naked because of course and he covers them in mud and shit. I just wonder how long until he is outed as a creep or busted for the completely beyond the pale tattooing practices. Anyway she has completely changed and I no longer talk to her.

My confession is I report all his Instagram videos for terrorism or child abuse because they’re just so schizo and weird.

I know how a-log this sounds but the whole situation has been bugging me

No. 1165393

I missed one of our planned dates and my bf accused me of relapsing on pain killers and overdosing. I assured him I was just very sick and that I would never lie to him and he apologized.
He was right.

No. 1165415

>He was right.
Nonny… please tell him the truth and ask him to help you through this. Otherwise if you keep this up you will lose him

No. 1165418

It sounds like he cares about you nonnie and even apologised thinking he got it wrong, I feel bad for both of you. But anon more importantly I hope you are okay? Do you have anyone you can talk too? Can’t you talk to him?

No. 1165436

This was a while ago and very early in our relationship and I felt it was none of his business. I do feel guilty about it but have no desire to confess to him. I'm clean now.

No. 1165448

File: 1651743659533.jpg (119.54 KB, 1440x1126, 271225992_656554722041976_2230…)

Proud of you!

No. 1165454

there's no point in confessing now, it'll just make him pointlessly distrustful. and really, if it was early it was genuinely none of his business. that's very personal and when you're at the literal "dates" stage, they have no obligation to knowing everything about you. glad you're doing much better though, very good on you. while i can understand concern, a lot of men mask "concern" with trying to nail you for not being virtuous enough when they want you to be, while also going through something difficult and traumatic. not saying he'd do that, but i can understand not wanting to open up because of that possibility.

No. 1165456

Thank you, but I don't deserve that. I'm still a lying little junkie shithead. It's fucked up that I let him apologize and feel guilty about correctly figuring out what was going on.

No. 1165463

Made me feel ill reading that. If you’ve noticed such a personality change in your friend, she may not be well. I hope you stay near her and check in on her, even if you’re more distant she may need someone to look out for her.

No. 1165553

Meh, I've been in therapy for a while for my chronic depression and anxiety, and while I do feel better, I also feel more careless? It seems that I can handle my emotions better, but at the same time I don't really care. Thankfully the good thoughts™️ are stronger, but boy do I want to get fucked up. But I won't, I'll drink one beer. Cheers nonnies <3

No. 1165670

I confess I want to kill the scrote spamming shit, bump

No. 1165756

I used to say "pregnant people" because I'm ESL and I didn't know it had trannywoke connotations. For me pregnant immediately means woman lol

No. 1165775

I'm really glad I was afraid of getting cancelled when I peaked so I didn't terf up all my social media. It would have been just as pointless and cringe as my dangerhair SJW phase.

No. 1165835

I looked into volunteering with women's rights organizations and had a sad realization it's not for me. I live in a majority poverty country and most of the impoverished women only speak English as a third language. I was born here but read as a foreigner by them as I'm part of a very small middle class. I don't speak their languages, only English obviously. There is a big class divide here and yes, poor people look at me with open resentment, probably well deserved from their experiences but I'm not snobby or rude, I'm just living my life. Yes I'm much more privileged. The women who run the few organizations I found are all Stepford wife Christian white savior types. But firstly I'm not religious and don't want to larp as Christian because I think it's not empowering to women at all. But mostly I don't want to impose on a poor woman in a vulnerable moment as someone who doesn't speak her home language and who could be seen as a volunteer tourist slumming it for material for her Instagram captions. Maybe that's my cope and I'm secretly a classist snob who doesn't want to be uncomfortable. I am an alien here and always will be. I only want to volunteer to give myself something to do in my boring life anyway.

No. 1165863

I really wonder if people would assume I was a troon if I was posted here. My body doesn't have any curves whatsoever and I have a pretty deep voice for a woman.

No. 1166748

>be a retard (me)
>sleep through alarm
>wake up when my work day starts, as in when I’m supposed to be starting my shift
> le colleague calls
>im shidding and farting in fear
>’im so sick ahh’
>I’ve never called in sick or taken a day off at a job before, but i do actually have chest pain and dizziness because i have been neglecting sleep and food, working, studying, smoking cigarettes and crying
>get back under the covers and sleep more, have a nice nutritious breakfast whilst reading and a big walk through the forest during the day

I felt guilty but actually i dont regret it. I wasn’t ‘ill’ but i needed it.

No. 1166755

Of course you needed it, it's not your fault. Don't feel guilty.

No. 1166761

Thank you mother

No. 1166781

File: 1651788833825.jpg (70.63 KB, 500x595, 1559916191807.jpg)

I put down things I don't own as owned on this anime figure collecting website because I don't actually want them. However I still want them on my list and will feel compelled to buy them just to be able to put them on the list otherwise. I've had this kind of retardatio around lists for as long as I can remember, like being in elementary school and being compelled to read as many books as possible because I wanted to be able to add more to the list.

No. 1166813

File: 1651789396424.gif (140.67 KB, 275x275, 1639706470036.gif)

Uhhhh… one time I ate a rasinette off the floor because they're just very good and you know what? I'd do it again. I'd do it again!!

No. 1166823

ain't nothing wrong with that!!! it's a raisinet, what are you going to do, just let it die there cruelly, or throw it away? no. of course not. too delicious.

No. 1166840

Thank you for your understanding, you don't know the weight you've lifted off my shoulders

No. 1166883

Sometimes I watch videos of people pulling out ingrown hairs from various places on the body and I get jealous of women who get deodorant clogged armpit pores.

No. 1166979

Almost afraid to ask but…why jealous?

No. 1167011

I have gotten chills multiple times listening to nicki minaj's verse on Plain Jane, because of how good it is lirically

No. 1167012

Yeah, like the part where she says "eat a barbie ass or something".

No. 1167013

kek ok that part is bad but the beginning is really good

No. 1167026

I wish Nicki was not such a pickme who married a rapist and harassed his victim. I think her music is fun and outside of that she has a few based monologues about sexism in the industry

No. 1167029

Lol it's ok anon. I agree that it's a nice verse. Not anything lyrically impressive (I think she's had better) but it's cool.

No. 1167030

nicki is genuinely so talented and beautiful and could do so much better. i understand why certain less conventionally attractive women pull this shtick but nicki could have ANYONE. why does she do this? she's old enough to know by now and mature, it's just sad. waste of talent.

No. 1167061

She has severe daddy issues, her father was a POS and almost burned her family alive

No. 1167068

but at a certain point, shouldn't that typically blackpill a smart enough woman to recognize sexism, to an extent, on men? not do what she has done to her rapist husband's accusers or defend her pedophile brother? i don't get it. they're all irredeemable shit around her and have put her through hell unnecessarily. why keep chosing dangerous trash?

No. 1167069

I like when people tell me they're worried about me after I've lost weight. I don't like being completely hospitalized and bed-bound but I enjoyed it when I was semi-hospitalized and had to go in every day for therapy. I wonder if I'm a munchie on some level, although I'd never go to the extreme of posting about being sick on social media and no one but my immediate family ever knows when I am hospitalized.

No. 1167074

not to be mean but that is munchie tier. maybe not cow level munchie tier, but typical munchie tier.

No. 1167078

I'm working on not having such a self-destructive mindset. I'm glad I've seen the munchie thread so I know not to spiral into faking needing a wheelchair type behavior.

No. 1167079

A lot of women don't turn "based" when faced with early childhood trauma perpetuated by men, specially their dads. I think her family situation (and drugs) really fucked her up beyond repair, she literally is unable to not self-sabotage just to defend a moid and is starting to feel pathological

No. 1167083

maybe, but my dad physically abused me often when i was a child (thank god no sexual) and i always held him to task. maybe different culturally, however. we're all different and respond differently to trauma, but i really would expect her to have snapped out of it by now given she has reached independence by herself, has everything she has by herself, not her dad, not her disgusting brother, not her filthy husband. men only hold her down. why doesn't she see this?

No. 1167090

Being an attention seeking anachan isn't the same as being a munchie. You have to actually make up illnesses for that.

No. 1167108

Because it must be so nice to just squeeze all that shit out

No. 1167183

One time I left my retainer at the bathroom sink accidentally and when I came to get it a roach was crawling all over it. Cried over it, washed it up, got over it. I still wear that little shit.

No. 1167270

File: 1651817059949.jpg (27.06 KB, 600x529, ah...jpg)

No. 1167338

I hate how when my ex said things that made me feel bad about myself I stood up for myself but was way too nice and left a lot of things out because I was afraid to lose him (which ended up happening anyway). I wish I had been way more blunt. I sometimes fantasize about saying to him the things I wish I would have said and it sucks that I'll never get to do that. I also sometimes wish I didn't ghost him so we could still be "friends" and I could be really cold to him and make him feel bad, how he made me feel bad. but he made a big stink about how he still wanted to be friends because he hated being on bad terms with people or some bullshit and I blocked him without notice, so at least there's that I guess.

No. 1167441

File: 1651826686202.jpg (87.71 KB, 960x720, 1639454166082.jpg)

Sometimes, when I'm reading posts, I imagine them as various slightly different looking versions of Elsie sitting in a room and hanging out, exchanging pictures, talking and arguing with eachother like in some slice-of-life animu.

No. 1167498

Lmao me too! I feel embarrassed sometimes bc holy fuck I must be a special kind of lonely (I am). Idc it’s comforting, I have imagined myself hanging out with online frens like in anime since I was a kid.

No. 1167536

I turn into a coomer when it comes to a women. I love younger women, especially age around 21 to 23 years old.

No. 1167592

I'm a simp for older women (30-60) and it's embarrassing

No. 1167606

I love watching doomer videos and wish there were more centering doomette. Judge me but espcially in fall and winter they're comforting and relatable.

No. 1167607

Work at a shelter. Annoying puppy that’s been in and out of the shelter because it had several problems and misbehaved and can’t get adopted. Constantly eating it’s own shit and screams bloody murder if you even dare to ignore it’s presence. When no one’s around I secretly hurt it so it has a fucking reason to pitch a fit. If it were up to me I would have put the poor thing down. It has brain damage along with several other health issues. Why they keep it alive is beyond me but I’m sick of seeing it every day. I would have had it in a pillow case floating down the river if I had my way. Yes I am evil. No I don’t care.

No. 1167610

File: 1651833142597.jpeg (50.16 KB, 942x650, FD7BE282-7178-4FF6-9158-B36202…)

The gendies made me laugh with this one.

No. 1167615

You can not care all you want, but I hope someone finds out and you get into massive trouble and shunned by everyone.

No. 1167619

I'm thinking of starting a 'subliminals' Youtube channel just for earning money. I obviously don't believe in it, it's bs but they are so successful and it makes me envious

No. 1167622

please get the fuck away from animals. you're actually evil and sick. one of the worst posts i have read on this website.

No. 1167627

Shrug emoji

No. 1167629

Why the fuck are you working in a shelter you psycho?

No. 1167631

you should kill yourself. i hope you're the same anon who hits her elderly mother so there's not two of you psychos out there

No. 1167635

Yes you're a moid. No no one cares, get the fuck out of here and kys

No. 1167636

Nta, but nothing wrong with hitting your mother if they physically and sexually abused you.

No. 1167638

I am the above post anon, who doesn’t care about revenge parental abuse, but I hope you kill yourself.

No. 1167642

Romanianon abused puppies too, it might be her lol.

No. 1167645

>Global Rule 5
>Don’t post about wishing bodily harm on a subject or group. (a-logging)
C'mon now, I can't report you all

No. 1167650

No. 1167654

You started with wishing harm on puppies

No. 1167656

File: 1651835115785.png (427.94 KB, 462x595, chnk.png)

Not fully related to your post, but I still feel like I should let you know (I guess it's a warning, take it or leave, I feel like you kind of know but whatever): Everything you've tried to build in your life is crashing down (almost seems like it has before), and you'll always be under someone's thumb. You sucked someone's dick for way too long, even if you didn't plan to and you're trying to run away. All the stability you've tried to establish is pointless. You're a victim of constant change against your will, and every scrap of it will be painful and lonely. What you're doing here is just a distraction. You probably already have an idea of the actual solution to all this shit, and don't even feel that concerned about it. You shouldn't, that's just some people's lot in life. I won't say "Go ahead", but ehhh

No. 1167659

no, not just wishing harm on it, rather, (usually what would constitute a felony), they admitted to directly abusing animals

No. 1167660

I feel you. If I was a man I would labeled as a creep for liking younger women

No. 1167661

im scared of the jannies but I have gotten banned and been told to integrate at least twice, even though I've been on lolcow for a few years now. Once for fucking up greentexting, which is fair. The other was for making a joke. Which I said was a joke, which was copying what a nonnie said seriously. I think there was a third time but I can't remember when. Love you farmhandies

No. 1167663

I go on dating apps to see what I get and then screen cap the ugly moids who even think they have a chance with me. Not that I’m a prize, but one guy was fucking cross-eyed. I feel bad making fun of the appearance of these men, but then I remember they’re men and they constantly comment of the appearance of women all the time. It’s kinda fun. It’s like a fucked up game of guess who or something.

No. 1167666

Samefag, I forgot to include I screen cap to share on discord with my friends, and we all make fun of them. I hate having ADHD and forgetting to type whole ass sentences.

No. 1167668

i'd feel bad if the guy was cross eyed. like he's probably shitty but he might not be idk that's a little cold for me and i can be pretty bitchy when i feel like it. i just feel bad for people who are disadvantaged or deformed unless they prove themselves to be shitty

No. 1167669

>anon who hits her elderly mother
When did this happen?

No. 1167674

His bio read “I don’t trust anyone” so I suppose that’s how you know he isn’t some diamond in the rough, lol.

No. 1167675

Men with deformities are not humble in the slightest. I knew a guy who was chubby, autistic and with a lazy eye who had the nerve to cheat with his girlfriend who was in an ivy league and modeling

No. 1167678

I think the worst guy who liked my profile was a fellow with a ton of facial tattoos and his bio was just him plugging his music. I never bothered to see what it sounded like. The third eye tattoo on his forehead was enough for me to block him. Just kinda gave off that sort of fight or flight vibe. Better safe than sorry.

No. 1167683

Mother day makes me cringe, but not for the reason you think.

When I was a kid I thought I had missed Mother’s Day, I tried to give my mom my beanie babies as an apology only to for her to tell me that it was Mothers Day in The UK and not in the US and I misread her calendar in the kitchen. I cringe 14 years later to this day.

No. 1167684

Why does a kid-level mistake you made as a kid cripple you that much lol

No. 1167686

Nta (again), but my mom sexually and physically abused me, beating her up was awesome. Might have been me.

No. 1167688

Lmao idk because I’m autistic I guess. Just one of those “hey remember that embarrassing thing you did?” Moments.

No. 1167689

I've seen people like this before. She posted that shit to get egged on in the first place, and to receive attention. I wouldn't be surprised if she kept making posts like that sporadically. A lot of anger at the puppy for getting so many chances, while she feels like she has/had none. The angrier we get at her, the more she'll abuse animals, because she can, she feels "unloved" and she has little to no other power.
That type of person never actually succeeds in life, whether that means having a simple sense of internal peace or attaining satisfaction through the material items, and they know it very well. There's no saving them. Sorry if this is harsh, but (ironically for that anon in particular) euthanasia is a huge mercy for them, and everyone who has to manage with them. I hope the mods can report that anon's "confession" to the local authorities or animal shelters wherever she lives or something, not just hand out a ban

No. 1167719

I hate mother's day, because I have no bond with mine. I've only met her a handful of times. She has never actually acted like a mother. My true mother is my grandma, she stepped up. I hate it when people try to pity me and I can't say that I don't miss my bio mother, because people believe there's some sort of magical DNA bond. Can't miss what you never knew and my grandma did a great job. I understand why my bio mother is the way she is and I don't hate her or blame her for it, but I just don't have any reverence for her. I saw her post online looking for me, because we haven't spoken in almost a decade or something like that and I got rid of most social media kek. Her mental health is so fragile, as if she could handle my physical health situation anyway. She'd just relapse from the stress.

No. 1167738

I don't really hate irl tim who used to be gay mens. They usually are pretty nice when they work in shops, often they came from poor background in my country and are just trying to live.

No. 1167755

Every time I find a cat pooping when I go outside on a walk I stop and watch it do its business.

No. 1167758

File: 1651840109837.jpg (44.69 KB, 736x720, 1641462965790.jpg)

cats are one of the only animals that are still cute pooping, so i can understand i suppose

No. 1167762

Her face!!

No. 1167766

I sometimes do that at home tbh.
When my cat pisses he holds his ears upwards and eyes rounded, when he shits he flattens his ears and narrows his eyes
He watches me shit too, he jumps in the tub and peeks out at me

No. 1167771

I wet the bed until I was 10 and during my teenage years, whenever I would sleep somewhere that wasn't home, it would happen. Once at summer camp (I was maybe 15 or 16), we were sleeping in tents in the forest for the night. It obviously had to be that night that I wet the bed. It soaked the pillow of the girl that was sleeping next to me. I am sure she knew it was me, but this was so shameful so I played dumb. I also threw my piss soaked underwear in the forest. Some boys found it and they accused the bullied girl of it. Poor girl was bullied harder after that night.

No. 1167782

Not unhinged shelter anon, I couldn't even get angry when cats at the shelter would shit in the litterbox I literally JUST cleaned. They're too cute.

No. 1167817

Now that I live alone I’m seriously considering buying a gun at some point. The front door to my apartment is secure, but it’s not impossible for someone to hop from the stairwell to my balcony. I would absolutely shoot a scrote for breaking in and not feel even a little bad about it.

No. 1167858

I've been thinking the same. I will not hesitate to blast a moid trying to attack me. Do you live in a red state too, nona? It'll probably really easy to get one and just store it away

No. 1167879

File: 1651844388855.webm (1.69 MB, 600x450, 1649037237796.webm)

Guns are closest thing to an equalizer we can get

No. 1167905

I like to put on “Not Allowed” by TV Girl (sorry too stupid to embed it here) and close my eyes and have cringe gay wlw fantasies especially because the lyrics are horrible from a scrotes perspective

No. 1167944

copy URL and paste it in box next to youtube

No. 1168070

kek I loved the unashamed Amberstan in the Depp vs Heard thread who keeps Amberposting

No. 1168964

I like getting older because it feels like a fuck you to the man who abused me. I hate that it does after all this time, but it's true. I didn't realize at the time why he suddenly got angrier with me but it was because I started puberty. Body hair, acne, and my period all pissed him off so much.

No. 1168993

I like it because gross moids approach me in public less often.

No. 1169553

File: 1651878908291.png (497.96 KB, 661x414, homophobic wikihow girl.png)

the truth is, i am homophobic. but only towards males. the way i see it, they are sodomites. i do feel bad sometimes because they are real people with feelings that they cannot change similar to lesbians but then i get so messed up when i see them act even remotely femininely, even worse when they talk about their bedroom activities. i cant even stand looking at fictional homosexuals… fujos i am so sorry. before you ask yes i am against heterosexual sodomites as well. to me, its completely immoral and almost animalistic. like thats where you poop from wtf. i dont care if there is a g spot there or whatever. with lesbians there is lot less of a chance of that happening, as for behavior i think women being masculine is based if anything. plus the gay guys i met in real life have all been so misogynistic. so it does not help my case.
of course, this doesnt mean i go around saying this anywhere or hurting them, because what they do is none of my business and thus i shouldnt have an opinion because ultimately males being homosexual has no real effect on me as in, they arent hurting me or anybody for that matter, but i cant help but think this everytime i see one.
i wish i did not feel this way because some are genuinely nice people and its not like they can turn off their homosexuality so i feel bad, but i just keep it on the inside.

No. 1169556

Had to confess to my mom that I am nearing to a place where I think suicide would be a better choice than having to deal with my chronic pain and even though I know she understands, that shit will forever haunt me.

No. 1169561

I wish I could unread this. Having such strong opinions on anal sex, something you do not have any interest in participating anyways, is max level sad

No. 1169565

go back to 4chan fag

No. 1169566

I think being against sodomy is based

No. 1169570

I'm only for the bis and the lesbians, too.

No. 1169593

how big is the age difference?

No. 1169667

File: 1651886135271.jpeg (189.06 KB, 828x516, D3C6B4BA-D5C1-4629-88AD-5B343E…)

This actually made me laugh.

No. 1169683

I did laugh in a “aw it’s retarded” way

No. 1169702

I think one of my male 'friends' is a poor dumbass. I'm calling him a friend just because it's shorter but he knows me about as well as a classmate yet thinks we're closer just because we've had so many 'deep' chats. I haven't ghosted him yet because I like gossiping about how badly his life is always going, I guess like a lolcow, but it's not really all that funny, it's just fascinating how someone can keep getting it wrong. No I'm not sympathetic that he's (allegedly) deeply depressed, he treats his health like garbage and it's not my responsibility to heal a moid or even give him advice that he wouldn't take anyway. He's currently down in the dumps because his dad died months ago and a girl stood him up last week, don't know why he doesn't use the cash he scrapes up for private therapy when he always drops his depression in chat but I lose respect for him because he refuses to. Not my fucking problem if, when he tells me shit like spending Christmas KO'd on sleeping pills with booze, he says 'don't worry I'm okay'.

His luck with girls is shit and I ask him about it because I want to see inside that moid brain to criticize the shit out it. He said they 'lead him on' so I asked him to send me a screenshot of the last one and to me it looked like the girl had just decided to end things there because it wasn't what she wanted, she only ended it poorly by standing him up on a date then breaking up via text. But that's hardly leading someone on. He must be oblivious to some really obvious signs these girls were never that serious about him and I genuinely believe the only girl he'll get is one that settles for him because he meets the bare minimum of not being a psycho. We're all getting older and no woman over 25 who is as 'intelligent and thoughtful' as he wants would want anything long term with a guy who keeps bouncing entry level jobs and is balding with a gross """"rocker"""" beard. He looks like a rough 33, lol when he was an adult fresher all the 18 year olds called him 'dad' and he really thought it was just of his age.

No. 1169715

File: 1651888506536.jpeg (21.94 KB, 332x365, ECA1F739-53BD-4E34-B186-8A1682…)

this scrote is so tsun

No. 1169730

to preface i know it’s fucked up but we’re all 18+, there’s a troon in the eating disorder gc im in and every time they post body checks i laugh my ass off, they cover their face but it’s so obvious by their arm veins and hulking frame they’re male, something about them trying to pass as female in such an innately sensitive and female space is so funny, they’re not even gamer beta male skinny just average

No. 1169732

he is pure 100% caca

No. 1169733

im a nosy cunt and this sounds exactly like something i would do nonnie kek I say as long as he’s not directly hitting on you or being disgusting keep it up just stay safe < 3

No. 1169737

am lesbian and hate/do not interact with men but i think you are really hyper focused on what gay men do in the bedroom and it’s a little autistic, I get being grossed out but maybe don’t think about it so much and go about your day. That being said ive never actually been friends with or really hung out with a gay man, but I respect most of them for being unabashedly feminine which seems to come pretty naturally for a lot of them but still recognizing they are male and not grooming out.

No. 1169757

No. 1169836

File: 1651896634123.jpg (581.05 KB, 1655x2407, A Coign of Vantage (1895).jpg)

Confession/advice ask:

I'm really depressed ever since I got home, rturning from being 2 years abroad in my dream country. I hate that I am so sad because I really missed my parents and they've missed me, so I feel like it's unfair to be like this, especially to them. But it plagues me that I've returned and it's like I went back to the past; it feels like the time I spend abroad was all a dream and that nothing's changed. I had such lovely adventures and friends in my abroad country, only to return to dreary American suburbs with all of my friends very far away. I also don't like feeling like I'm back to the person I was 2 years ago because she was very lonely and inexperienced. I realize I'm not exactly the same anymore, but being in my room where I spent so much time, especially in high school, being isolated (mostly due to social anxiety) awakens those same bad feelings again. And then I start to feel bad because it wasn't my room's fault that I was a mess!

Immediately after my returning flight took off, I started crying because it felt like I was making the wrong choice, even though objectively I'm not; I'm going back to school in the fall and continuing my career path, whereas in my abroad country I worked a regular immigrant schmoe job that was soul-crushing. But I'll miss the nature, my friends, and all those little nooks I found in my neighborhood. There is not much to explore in the suburbs and I live in an area where there are rednecks aplenty. I don't feel like I connect with the people around me.

Any anons that have dealt not necessarily reverse culture shock, but also return-home depression? How did you cope with it? Did you ever decide to go back to where you were previously, and if you did, do you feel better than when you returned to your home country? I know I should focus on the positives now that I'm back (because there were definitely aggravating things in my abroad home), but they feel small compared to what I left behind.

No. 1169839

My friend and I were going to get lunch together but she had to work through her lunchbreak because something important came up so I suggested we get dinner later (I was in the area for the day and we haven't seen each other in awhile) and she said no at first because she wasn't feeling well so I got really bitchy and she caved and said yes but by this point I was already angry so I acted like we would get together when she was done with work but I left all of her texts on read when the time came and posted on social media pictures of myself eating dinner alone in a nice restaurant.

No. 1169864

I eat shit off the floor all the time anon? It's not that bad, people are just too sensitive

No. 1169873

I moved abroad and whenever I go back to my home country I absolutely hate it. I feel like I can't just completely abandon my family so I do visit occasionally but I don't consider it home anymore. I just feel completely disconnected from where I grew up and my old life.
Being an immigrant can be lonely in its own way but I know I'm happier here so I don't ever feel regrets or homesickness.

No. 1169874

jesus christ make changes in your life socpathchan

No. 1169877

What do people do in an ED groupchat does everyone bodyshame each other?

No. 1169883

I’m an immigrant too, nonnie. That loneliness is hard sometimes.

No. 1169892

You know they try to out-ana eachother while sharing pics of their gruel

No. 1169893

Exactly, 100%. It’s super fucking weird. Girls like this are absolutely going to turn into those “Karen gone wild” videos where they harass people on the streets for being gay or non-white etc. There’s no way this sort of pathological hatred won’t manifest into some sort of violence later if they don’t chill the fuck out.

No. 1169898

usually there are different group chats for different things, that one was for posting pictures of your body to keep track of and you can either ask for positive feedback or negative comments depending on what motivates you. Some of them are ‘Hunger Games’ which is exactly as it sounds, if you eat anything you’re kicked out of the chat until there’s only one person left who could go the longest

No. 1169901

So which ones are you in and invite me.

No. 1169905

if you’re really curious just go on twitter the community is huge there some edtwt posts get like 30k likes

No. 1169915

No no I want the niche ones where they are transphobic

No. 1169930

lmao me too sister i doubt they exist, the ones im in are usually full of fakebois and the occasional moid like stated

No. 1169950

>Some of them are ‘Hunger Games’ which is exactly as it sounds, if you eat anything you’re kicked out of the chat until there’s only one person left who could go the longest
Holy cringe
Are you from Lucinda's thread?

No. 1169976

Aren't a ton of ana-chans fakeboys because they have history of sexual abuse and transitioning is both a selfharm and a way to escape male attention? I even see them in myproana.

No. 1170065

the feeling I get after masturbating makes me regret being alive. it feels so fucking disgusting afterwards

No. 1170076

File: 1651909824127.jpg (665.76 KB, 816x1041, 1651647262501.jpg)

masturbating as a woman is an act of defiance and you shouldn't feel ashamed

No. 1170081

it’s so nasty though and a waste of time i’m never doing it again kek

No. 1170082

Somewhat same? I understand differentiating between gay men and lesbians+bi women, but they're such a minority and rare to come across, I don't understand being so bothered by them. I wouldn't be friends with one, because I don't trust any scrote, but I'm happy to sometimes find them in the biblebelt. They don't seem to judge me for being gnc, since they are gnc too and have no problem cutting my hair or helping me pick out cologne. It's a relief when other wise you get the lesbophobic straight woman who refuses to help after you state it's not for a male relative or boyfriend or someone who refuses to cut your hair out of religious beliefs. I met one at a party once and he immediately tried to hook me up with another lesbian friend of his, which I do appreciate kek. He also was the only one who didn't ask for pronouns and just "got" that I'm butch, which was refreshing after a barrage of straight zoomers asking for my pronouns.

No. 1170092

It's weird how the homophobe-spergs on this site write these intricate details about gay and especially anal sex when going on their anti-gay spiels that normal people don't even think about. Contrary to the popular belief the majority of gay men don't even have anal sex because it's messy, painful, requires a ton of preparation and doesn't feel that good. I've also never met a person who hated gay men but was okay with lesbians. Everyone who claims to be one ends up being homophobic or at least extremely disrespectful towards them in one way or another.

No. 1170099

Then why are most of them on PrEP if not to have casual anal sex with as many people as possible?

No. 1170106

>boys are grossss and sex is grosssss ewwww
You sound like that, like a 9 year old. Grow up.

No. 1170107

>t. anon obsessed with gays and thinking about their sex life based on 4chan memes

She didn't even mention men what the fuck

No. 1170110

And you’re mad about me not being obsessed with dick that can never properly give you an orgasm? Just admit you’re impulsive heathen and leave me the fuck alone you sex ogre

No. 1170116

missed the point

It's weird to be disgusted by your own vag as an adult woman. Grow up.

No. 1170118

Braindead coomer alert.

No. 1170203

i miss my old figure a little bit even though it was a result of autism induced eating disorder. it was a lot more airy and easy to carry myself underweight, and pretty much everything i wore looked cute. now i finally have boobs, butt, and impressive strength, but i still feel fat sometimes.

No. 1170257

Sometimes when I'm lying down i like to put my hand under my shirt and place it between my boobs cause it's nice and warm

No. 1170303

I have a crush on my brother in law and I think he might like me too. He’s old af tho and like idk not that attractive but I like his personality and charm

No. 1170376

>I blocked him without notice, so at least there's that I guess
Late, but good yes hold on to that. That's a victory imo. Refusal to give closure is powerful and the memory of you will haunt him.

No. 1170444

Like 6 years ago I've reuploaded a korean artists' video from twitter to youtube since for some reason they only uploaded their streaming content to youtube. I used a throwaway channel, and only later did I remember, and have seen 3-4 years worth of koreans raging under my video to remove it. That person apparently completely removed all online presence since, nuking all their content, so my video is the only trace left of them existing.

No. 1170484

>Contrary to the popular belief the majority of gay men don't even have anal sex
then how did the aids epidemic become a thing

No. 1170514

it's something they only do occasionally in relationships, but one time can already be enough for transmission. It spread through male sex workers and it also spreads via intravenous drug use, tattoo needles etc. They also focused more on the statistics of gay men than let's say bi men or women victimized by bi men, so the government would have an excuse to ignore the aids epidemic and blame it all on gay men.

No. 1170538

i recently ran into my childhood bully in the parking lot of my therapist’s office and she is 300lbs and has a full on beard, not even just average PCOS chin pubes like a 8 inch long bright red trail, i know it’s a hormonal thing and she hasn’t trooned out and i can’t help but think it’s karma kek i have no idea why she doesn’t shave it tho

No. 1170656

>Cause there's so many fine women that my head is spinning
>And I've lost all feeling, over here simping like

No. 1170738

My girlfriend wants to wait until both of us have finished our Master's degrees before we get engaged, which will be a year from now. I bought an engagement ring for her the other day and it's probably stupid but I'm so happy I just have it for whenever I decide to propose.

No. 1170740

This is so sweet.

No. 1170944

Accomplished amazing adorable!

No. 1170946

File: 1651954574244.jpg (45.82 KB, 500x746, angrychubbycat.jpg)

I repeatedly told my ex to stop trying to control my portions and eating habits because I grew up with a food policing dad (who wanted me to lose weight to be sexy for him), and any comment my ex made, even the well intended ones, caused me to feel the exact same disgust and rage. I am overweight due to overeating for many years to escape my father's obsession and willfully wanting to appear disgusting to men. I explained this clearly to my ex, and he just got angry that I dared to compare him to my father. My ex told me that he wanted me to become thin and healthy spend a long and happy life with him. My health and the way I treated my body was always about him. Never about me. Just a man making sure I stay alive for years and years to be a comfort blanket for his ego.

My actual confession is that I don't want to be thin. It's making it hard to lose weight because I'm constantly struggling between what's good for my health and my absolute hatred of being the exact thing these disgusting men in my life wanted me to be. I hate them. I hate what their actions and comments did to me. How the fuck can my body ever feel like it's mine again?

No. 1170951

Noni. I’m so sorry the scrotes in your life failed you. Can you reshape the way you think about it? Don’t do it to be thin. Do it to be strong. To be healthy. Maybe combine it with lifting weights. Men want us dainty and thin with soft curves. Fuck that I want to crush a watermelon with my thighs and be able to move my own furniture without injuring myself. It’s not for them. It’s for you and you deserve to be strong and healthy and in a body that takes care of you and you take care of it.

No. 1170957

Thank you, nonna. That's actually very good and helpful advice. I shall try to have that in mind during my next workout. Being strong and threatening would be a wonderful feeling for a change!

No. 1170960

You’re welcome Noni. I hope it helps and good luck! It helped me a lot.

No. 1170974

File: 1651956424076.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 400x334, E336383A-7E02-44F1-822E-DFDA53…)

me waking up realizing I spent all night being sleep deprived and not even in my right mind arguing with anons in the vent thread about female fitness clothes even though I agree with what they said. what the fuck was I even arguing kek

No. 1171073

Sometimes I like to enter the Amber and Johnny thread and stir the pot for a post or two and then leave. I don't give a shit about the trial and haven't followed it nor do I know what's going on in that thread, but everyone is angry so it's too easy. Also I assume the people participating are twitter fags or kiwifags or 4chan scrotes and not all farmers so I don't even feel that bad kek

No. 1171091

I've seen the same with Japanese artists

No. 1171111

Glad I'm not the only one, thanks. And no, he isn't, he just exists and keeps doing the mental equivalent of stepping on rakes constantly kek.

No. 1171175

This place has done me some good but also some bad. I noticed I've become more critical of myself and others. Which can be good sometimes for self-improvement, but it can go too far. It has for me. The typical imageboard attitude of shitting on everything is unhealthy if you internalize it. I know it's obvious but the problem still snuck up on me.

No. 1171268

I used to relish in being self destructive and exasperating my mental illness because it seemed like the only thing that made me special and interesting, and now I'm the most boring normie person ever and I can't lie, there's a part of me that strives to continue being a happy go lucky, easy going, positive person because mentally ill, self destructive bitches are a dime a dozen. I can't escape my speshul snowflake habits I guess.

also it makes me feel smug to be like 'why yes, I do wake up early every morning and to do yoga and work out and eat healthy and take care of myself physically and mentally'

No. 1171271

It’s okay to feel smug anon. I think when it comes to doing things that are healthy and good, I welcome any motivation and incentive.

No. 1171279

I hope I'm like this someday. I wake up early and work out but I don't think anyone likes being around me and my negativity. I'm really happy that you improved so much anon you deserve to be proud

No. 1171300

about to try and overclock on antihistamines to finish my work again since I forgot energy drinks at the store

No. 1171381

I wish I were asexual and not attracted to women.

No. 1171425

File: 1651994753037.png (Spoiler Image, 133.86 KB, 617x340, Screenshot 2022-05-08 092510.p…)

I love castrator nonnie and want to be friends with her

No. 1171472

I hate the name Nigel so much. There was a kid with that name who constantly went between bullying me and secretly confessing his love. He was so cartoonishly ugly. He looked like a something from Mad Magazine.

No. 1171484

Same, she seems based

No. 1171487

kek I always wonder where that image is from

No. 1171492

I asked her, but she never responded

No. 1171503

I hate her cause she replies to bait and males, dumbass

No. 1171504

File: 1651999560028.png (140.77 KB, 322x483, 9054840938536546.png)

I don't know when the whole "my nigel" thing became a meme for supposedly decent boyfriends but it always makes me think of picrel and I can't help but laugh

No. 1171511

lmao same

No. 1171516

probably porn

No. 1171530

I hate men asking for my phone number

No. 1171533

Same anon but I think I hate men talking to me*

No. 1171536

I don't exchange my real number, only whatsapp or a google voice number. And tell them to give me theirs so I can text them later myself. IMO men should be exchanging their numbers instead of asking women for theirs, less risk for the women.

No. 1171539

I wonder whether Freud, religious conservatives, that one therapist etc. are right. Maybe I'm just immature and stuck, maybe I have mommy issues due to growing up without one, maybe I have a male demon inside of me. I wish I could fix this or become a nun, because I don't think I'll ever become attracted to scrotes and I've failed female socialization and I'm a sperg. I'm never getting the hang of performing femininity and I look monstrous doing so anyway. I used to wonder whether I'm intersex, just because I have such gross bone structure. I'm a monster.

No. 1171553

huh but whatsapp is connected with your real number?

No. 1171559

I have an extra sim for this shit, you know one of those free prepaid ones you can order online for free without any personal info. That way I can give them a number that isn't my real one but I can still prove it's "real" when they call or msg on the spot to test if I gave them my real number. Works flawlessly every time. If any problems arise I can just snap the sim in half and get a new one. I also use it when I have order shit online because webshops have no bussiness demanding my phonenumber.

No. 1171563

It's so uncomfortable when they walk up to you and ask. I can only think dude I don't know you, why would I give you my contact information? I know nothing about you. To them that's the point is to get to know each other I suppose, but they don't think for a second that for women it's taking a huge risk. He could be insane, clingy, or something else. Also, I am never interested in the first place.

No. 1171635

I don't have this problem because I'm ugly

No. 1171656

I prefer listening to scrotes in music, because listening to women makes me feel guilty and shame for getting feelings from it. But listening to music made by scrotes is also male aligned.

No. 1171660

Farmers, is listening to castratos feminist?

No. 1171669

>guilty and shame for getting feelings from it
What does this part mean?

No. 1171689

File: 1652014929894.png (360.35 KB, 760x683, Screenshot_20220508-150119.png)

No. 1171701

Oh I didn't realize she meant those feelings.

No. 1171752

When I was a pickme addicted to porn more than 4 years ago I said some horribly retarded, pornsick and scrotelike things related to porn (real porn, not 2D). I didn't remember any of that or how bad it was until I stumbled upon an old post of mine, now I'm so ashamed of myself that I don't think I can be forgiven. I'm also afraid of those posts being linked to the current me, and everyone I know accusing me of being a hypocrite even though I didn't even remember how bad I was or that I had said those things. I can't believe those words came from me. Even when I became anti-porn a couple of years ago I had completely forgotten about it. Now I just feel like a massive piece of shit hypocrite.

No. 1171753

Yeah I don't want to spell it out because it's gross and embarrassing.

No. 1171764

what's embarrassing and gross about liking women? are you very young or from somewhere conservative?

No. 1171766

Hypocrisy is actively acting against what you preach. Changing your views and values throughout the years is not hypocrisy. It's growth. You're okay, anon.

No. 1171855

File: 1652023317330.jpeg (10.42 KB, 225x225, 04223r.jpeg)

I never read the front page, I don't mind the danofags despite not being into him (I think most celebrityfag posters are pretty funny in general and not worth getting mad at tbh), I think the kpoop dog gif is hilarious and hope it never gets banned, and I laugh at my own posts.

No. 1171909

Cringing at dumb shit you’ve said or done in the past is proof you’ve grown!

No. 1171952

It's not just liking, it's objectification and terminal scrotetier coomerbrain. I'm not a cute feminine woman listening to a song and thinking "oh I would love to go on a nice picnic with her", I feel actual involuntary arousal as a spergy gross mannish dyke. How could I possibly feel any arousal if I didn't manage to objectify a woman based on her voice alone? Most singers are straight and would be horrified if they knew they'd have listeners like that and it's creepy and gross. How can I say I hate scrotes when I'm just as bad as them, if not worse? I feel like a traitor.

No. 1172007

File: 1652029348310.jpg (36.21 KB, 500x500, Kültür Tava on Twitter.jpg)

Here comes my cringe love confession for an unhinged slutty scrote.

I have this super intense friendship with a man, we've known each other for a few years and are very good friends, he's handsome funny and nice, I'm into him and it's very obvious he's into me also. We see each other maybe once or twice a year because he's always moving around, but every time he's near me he'll send a text and we'll get a coffee together and chat for a few hours. He's like my traveling lover even though we've never been physical with each other, it feels nice seeing him, being close to him, just listening to him talk gets my head buzzing. I don't even get jealous when he tells me about his lovers, I kinda get aroused even, sometimes it feels like it's happening between us when he tells me about. I like that he confesses everything to me, even his shitty behaviours. I feel like his own personal priest and he always looks at me like I'm the most beautiful, interesting person in the world. Obviously he'd be an extremely shitty boyfriend and I believe he's aware of that, that's why I enjoy him at arm's length and nothing more. He's like a cute little plant that I enjoy watching grow, maybe one day he'll be datable and I'll get him just for me.

No. 1172016

Nta. I get where you are coming from but this kind of confuses me. I understand how you might be disapproving of yourself, but you should keep in mind that there are straight women who get horny listening to men's voices too and there are women out there that do get aroused by seeing attractive men. There are women who like to get off to those anime bf asmr things. I assume that you aren't out hounding women sexually based on how you perceive your sexuality in the first place. You're okay, anon. You aren't hurting women by finding them sexually attractive or by getting turned on by female voices.

No. 1172036

ugh I had one of those too, who knows maybe it's the same dude. I'm over him honestly, they play women like a fiddle.

No. 1172055

>if I didn't manage to objectify a woman
Objectification is not the same as finding someone sexually attractive. Men objectify women by reducing us, fetishizing our body parts, and dismissing our humanity.
>I'm not a cute feminine woman listening to a song and thinking "oh I would love to go on a nice picnic with her", I feel actual involuntary arousal as a spergy gross mannish dyke
This sounds like internalized homophobia. These "cute feminine women" also have sex drives (straight or SSA) and it's normal you have one instead of being this sexless idea of a "sapphic woman" who only wants picnics or cute dates. Getting crushes or finding straight women in media attractive as lesbian or bi women is fine. You aren't a creepy male fan who'd post disgusting comments about a female singer online and ignoring they are human like you with a personality.

If you do have what you consider a singing kink (I dislike the word's current popularity and usage but it isn't a fetish unless it's the main thing that turns you on), then it's understandable that it will change how you listen to music with vocals. You don't want to be horny all the time, kek. Being a woman with a fetish is uncomfortable especially since people don't think we develop them. If you respect other people's boundaries and humanity, you are not hurting anyone. There's lots of instrumental-only music out there, if you don't like how music with vocals makes you horny then would that be an alternative? Or what about vocaloid? I like that the robotic-sounding voices in it make voices more like an instrument while still having lyrics.

No. 1172079

I got my tooth taken out (a molar) on friday (2 days ago in the morning) there's already granulation tissue inside the tooth, it hasn't hurt since the first day. I'm going to drink vodka. I'm going to salt water my mouth as I've been doing and hope & pray I don't get dry socket. About to hydrate up until I plan on drinking which will probably be at 8pm. I know i'm stupid. I'm a alcoholic bitch.

No. 1172081

Straight women objectifying men is still different from me objectifying a woman. I feel like I'm just aiding patriarchy since I'm practically scrotelite and perceived that way and I wish I were asexual instead of a degenerate.
Isn't feeling arousal from a voice fetishizing?
>This sounds like internalized homophobia. These "cute feminine women" also have sex drives (straight or SSA) and it's normal you have one instead of being this sexless idea of a "sapphic woman" who only wants picnics or cute dates.
I do have internalized lesbophobia, but I mentioned it more because it's just not simply "liking women". I feel like being attracted to women is often automatically seen as based, because they assume it's just a "sapphic woman" thing or they assume you're a normal well adjusted properly female socialized feminine woman, who happens to be SSA. But I look scroteish and I'm degenerate like a scrote, with scrote tier hobbies. I'm not a normal well adjusted harmless feminine woman, who just happens to be SSA, I'm scrotelite. I don't just have "a" sex drive, but a scrote tier one and I hate that I feel arousal at the most random things. I'm not respecting boundaries, if I did I would just try harder to be feminine and not make anyone uncomfortable with my presence. I don't want to exist and I don't deserve medical help except to cure me of this degeneracy

No. 1172105

>practically scrotelike
Anon. Come on. If you're a scrote, then yes you are aiding the patriarchy because you are the patriarchy. But you aren't a scrote, you're a woman. The reason why men's sexualization of women is bad and causes problems is because they are capable of harm and they DO harm women every day. Are you harming women? Are you raping women? You are not. You just get turned on by women and it makes sense because you are a lesbian. Being a ssa woman with a high sex drive who dresses masculine and has masculine hobbies will never come close to being a man. You're still a woman. Your thoughts are just thoughts and they aren't evil thoughts and you do not need to "cure" yourself.

No. 1172116

I feel like I was honestly traumatized by engaging hook up culture. Most of it just felt like rape to me even tho I kno I consented.

No. 1172120

holy shit anon same

No. 1172121

I was the anon who asked if nonnies wanted a thread on times they were hypersexual and why. Well I want to just vent about it, because…I've been feeling like it.
In 7-8th grade I had a boyfriend, before then I was hypersexual, but because I had low self-esteem and just wanted male attention. I was called ugly all throughout elementary, so when I went to high school boys (older than me) looked past my face and would try to groom me/coerce me because my body was nice.
I fucked that up and had to redo 7th grade in alternative school (which was a fucked up school in itself. Seriously, grown ass men grooming 12-15 year old girls.) where i met my first boyfriend. I was..like 15 or 14 when I lost my virginity to him and it never felt like much. I didn't bleed the first time because we'd literally been having phone sex and I'd finger myself on the phone. Yet he still shamed me for not bleeding, however, I'm sure I broke my hymen years before I actually had sex with douches or another way. Our relationship was a mess. I was crazy jealous, possessive, used to cut just to get his attention. I'd cry so much over the smallest stuff he would'nt care anymore.
Sometimes I'd call him a bitch, he'd call me a bitch back. Or he'd say I smelled, say I looked ugly when I cried etc. we both were toxic towards each other. When we left that school for 9th grade year, I went to the biggest high school in our area. The one I went to before the alternative school.
It was like 7th grade all over again, except I didn't just tease boys, or have situations of me being groped and not going through with sex. There was a senior who was 18-19 who I knew in 7th grade, who had a girlfriend. I at the time was 15 or 16 i'm not sure, but basically i'd fuck him and fuck whoever he told me too. By the time that year was over, I'd wrote a list and I think i'd slept with maybe 15+ boys. All seniors/juniors. None of the sex was pleasurable. I had my first threesome before I was 18 years old. I often wonder if I can even get pregnant because I never did, even though some boys DID go raw in me. However, no boy had came in me. I'm pretty sure my body count has to be in the 20's or so. Most being before I was even legal. Low self esteem, situations at home, seeing my mother being physically and mentally abused by men my WHOLE LIFE. Plus living in the area I did, all just fucked me in the head I guess.
I don't know. After 9th grade I spent the reast of my high school year, depressed not talking to anyone. I had boyfriends outside of school but none of them liked me. I always liked them more than they liked me. I don't know why I wanted to get this out but I do.

No. 1172126

nonnie, it's OK to be horny when you hear a beautiful voice, don't worry so much

No. 1172194

>Straight women objectifying men is still different from me objectifying a woman.
Once again, finding something sexually attractive is not objectification. Women cannot objectify men the way men objectify women, objectively. It is engrained in our society with the way women are undervalued and sexualized in media and advertising for the male gaze.
>But I look scroteish
"Looking scroteish" is neutral. Are you taking care of your basic hygeine? That's all that would really bother people. And if you're depressed or struggle to keep up with it, that's okay too because you're having a hard time and deserve some slack.
>I'm not respecting boundaries, if I did I would just try harder to be feminine and not make anyone uncomfortable with my presence.
Respecting boundaries doesn't mean coming across as a pure, "normal" feminine woman. It really seems like this is more about self-hate. I'm sorry to hear you have internalized lesbophobia, I hope you can find other lesbians to talk to. Being more masculine, weird, or having hobbies that are male dominated does not mean you are crossing boundaries in a sexual manner. You're not dehumanizing women the way men with fetishes do. Example: foot fetishes should be harmless in and of themselves, but the way men online created wikifeet and collect then share photos of women's feet is disgusting. Finding voices sexually attractive is something a lot of people feel, again.

I also felt a lot of shame about having a fetish. The thing is obsessive shame and experiencing secondary emotions over it, doesn't help. Nor will not existing. What helped me stop being so ashamed was analyzing what it meant to me and seeing someone joke about how my specific fetish is weird online and finding it silly instead of so deeply ashamed. It can feel embarrassing to make mental associations between sex and something most people find nonsexual, and people might find it gross. But it's a sexual preference and doesn't define you unless you give it so much power and prominence in your life. Looking into how people with OCD process obsessive thinking might be relevant, being aware of but not reacting to obsessive or intrusive thoughts is key.

No. 1172215

File: 1652035505751.jpg (56.37 KB, 1124x612, EncA2PzW4AABDzh.jpg)

Women can aid the patriarchy too by being male-aligned.
>Are you harming women? Are you raping women?
I might have. When I was a teenager I was an emo and it was a trend for everyone in emogroups to claim they were bi at the very least. I was sought out for "experimenting" and most of the women turned out to be just straight. I stopped a couple encounters because I felt that they were uncomfortable, but it's possible that I didn't always notice because I'm a sperg and considering most of them turned out to be straight, it's basically rape. I didn't immediately see it that way at that time, I even had a big ego, but I was no different from a scrote.
>will never come close to being a man
Very few people agree with that. To most of society it definitely is close to being a man or a wannabe man (they just have different terms for it) and I'm aware of that context and how I'm perceived. It doesn't matter if factually it's not like that, when I still probably scare and gross women out with my presence. I try to cross the street so nobody has to walk past me and keep a lot of distance and try to stare at the floor or ceiling as much as possible. It just makes it worse that I'm a woman, because I've failed at it, I've failed female socialization, I don't have normal sensibilities and I'm way too much of a sperg. Scrotes are treated like they're disabled and can't help themselves, but I should know better than to be so disgusting. don't worry I won't transition, I would rather kill myself than be a man
but isn't it weird to have it happen from something so simple? I really really don't like it at all.
>It is engrained in our society with the way women are undervalued and sexualized in media and advertising for the male gaze.
Am I not aiding to that by finding the most random shit about women erotic?
>Are you taking care of your basic hygeine? That's all that would really bother people.
Yes, I shower or take baths everyday, brush my teeth, wear deodorant and cologne etc.
>Respecting boundaries doesn't mean coming across as a pure, "normal" feminine woman.
But what if it's someone's boundary that they don't want to be around someone like me?
>but the way men online created wikifeet and collect then share photos of women's feet is disgusting
I have posted in the "Attractive Women You'd Want To Fuck" and "Women You’re Ashamed To Say You’d Fuck" threads, how is that any different?
>I also felt a lot of shame about having a fetish.
It's not just one thing, it's lots of random things and it doesn't feel normal.
>being aware of but not reacting to obsessive or intrusive thoughts is key
But it's not thoughts, it are strong physical feelings. I don't necessarily think anything, my body just does things. The only thoughts I have are the shame which comes from feeling it.

No. 1172229

your weird need to convince people that you’re as bad as men is honestly very suspicious and concerning (massive nlog vibes) but no, you will never be as bad as a man, unless of course, you are a man larping.

No. 1172237

Please get help. Plenty of "straight" people experiment, you didn't rape anyone. You're not as bad as male rapists especially.

No. 1172240

>massive nlog vibes
Can you blame me though? I've only met one other lesbian and one bi woman irl before.
Help like what? Get another therapist who tells me I have male demons inside of me and need to go to church? Or go see a progressive therapist in another area who tells me to transition?

No. 1172251

Therapists might be shit sometimes but you need support. Do you have family friends or even some syranger online you can talk to? You're blaming yourself for stuff you're not guilty for, I don't want you to hurt yourself.

No. 1172262

Family just constantly screeches about how I wouldn't have turned out this way if the BDM was still around and how I would've gotten a black triangle for being like this. The rest just shrugs and isn't really into emotional stuff and support. Most just deal with shit by drinking or other addictions. I don't have friends except one person, because I'm a spergy piece of shit and she has internalized shit too, I don't want to burden her with this. I'm not going to hurt myself, I'm receiving my karmic justice naturally.

No. 1172280

How can you compare those two threads in /g/ to wikis of men autistically cataloguing the feet of random women and random innocuous photos of women and then rating them based on other feet.

No. 1172285

I don't think those threads are exactly the same as that wiki, I think my behavior in those threads is the same as that of scrotes. How other anons act is normal, but I autistically spammed.

No. 1172308

When a parent dies and they were mostly good to you.. you don't want to think about the bad stuff. It almost feels disrespectful but the older I get the more I reflect on the dumbest double standards when I was being raised versus my brother.

The dumbest was probably how my parents bought a house in an area that is rough and where the local accent is strong. It's pretty inescapable. My brother was social and had the accent from a young age. Really thick too. I wasn't allowed out much (idk why) so I didn't pick up the accent as quick.. but when hints of it crept in my mom would freak out about me needing to maintain a neutral accent. You put me in this fucking area. You picked where to raise us. I had no say in it. ffs the unnecessary shame I felt for years.

No. 1172312

>Am I not aiding to that by finding the most random shit about women erotic?
No. Sexual attraction to someone can consist of many different aspects or traits. You are not dehumanizing or reducing them to this trait, you are appreciating it. How much time have you spent in male-dominated online spaces? Can you not tell the difference between how women here discuss men they find hot versus men, and what role male and female socialization play into how you should read into it?
>But what if it's someone's boundary that they don't want to be around someone like me?
That makes them an entitled shithead who needs to grow up and realize the world doesn't cater to them. Like finding people annoying is part of life, doesn't mean annoying people should disappear from the public. If you can tell people dislike you and make sure to minimize interactions that's all that matters, not for their sake but also for yours.
>I have posted in the "Attractive Women You'd Want To Fuck" and "Women You’re Ashamed To Say You’d Fuck" threads, how is that any different?
There is a difference between systematically tracking and cataloging women's body parts in an online encyclopedia like serial killers versus posting a picture of a celebrity you find attractive on LC, a relatively obscure website, and saying you find them attractive and gushing about all their traits you enjoy. When I read anons go on about intense feelings I usually find it sweet, not creepy.
>It's not just one thing, it's lots of random things and it doesn't feel normal.
What random things? If it's a lot of different things it sounds less like fixations and more like you're just experiencing sexual attraction. Which is a healthy, lovely thing.
>But it's not thoughts, it are strong physical feelings. I don't necessarily think anything, my body just does things. The only thoughts I have are the shame which comes from feeling it.
It's not a 1:1 but they're similar in that they happen without our volition. People with OCD related to cleanliness will keep having involuntary thoughts about needing to engage in cleaning rituals. If they feel ashamed for these thoughts, it makes them worse and does not help them. I don't mean to pathologize experiencing sexual attraction, but to make a point about the role of secondary emotions. You have a stronger sex drive and that's fine.

No. 1172397

i always end up absorbing the music taste of every scrote i'm interested in into my own music taste/personality and i don't even know if it's because i'm the ultimate pick me or if i just always end up crushing on men with good taste in music
anyway i'm petty enough that i found my ex's spotify and his current girlfriend's and i just gotta say that his girlfriend has absolute shit taste in music xx

No. 1172408

Maybe I'm the one with main character syndrome to be retarded enough to be gnc in the biblebelt? These people aren't used to this stuff, so it's not weird they're annoyed. I've posted like 100+ times in that thread yesterday btw, I think I do have a problem.
>What random things?
>smelling perfume, bodywash, shampoo, sweat etc
>hearing or seeing laughing, especially when they throw their head back
>being asked to guard bags
>seeing dancing, doesn't really matter what kind
>them talking about their expertise
>them yelling/shouting
>ornate accessories
>the looking down then up thing
>running to catch a train or bus
>black hair
>big noses
>geeking out
>angry ranting
>talking to themselves
>stern voice
>when women look very intently at something mundane or get very excited about finding something
I could keep going for a while, but I think you got the point when it comes to random mundane stuff. I do have one weird fixation or fetish of something I like to do in the bedroom and interest in weird fantasy scenarios, but I'll keep that to myself. Is there some sort of program I could follow at home to deal with the OCD like issues?

No. 1172456

>Maybe I'm the one with main character syndrome to be retarded enough to be gnc in the biblebelt?
You're not retarded nor have main character syndrome. Even if they're all bible thumpers and believe homosexuality and being gnc is sinful, them being annoyed is their problem not yours.
>These people aren't used to this stuff, so it's not weird they're annoyed.
Growing up in a religious society will shape their views. But if they have exposure to the internet or even simply common courtesy, they should not cruelly treat people for being different.
Your list is not of random things, but people's mannerisms that of course people notice and find sexually attractive or have preferences for in a partner. I always notice and love the laughs and little habits of people I crush on!
>I do have one weird fixation or fetish of something I like to do in the bedroom and interest in weird fantasy scenarios, but I'll keep that to myself.
Reading this line, sounds like you are in a good headspace regarding these types of fantasies. I hope you find a woman you can be open about them with if you can engage in them in a healthy, fulfilling way.
>Is there some sort of program I could follow at home to deal with the OCD like issues?
People suggest meditation, I always found it hard to commit to. I read Brain Lock and found it helpful for listing four concrete steps (relabel, reattribute, refocus, revalue).

No. 1172499

Came across this libfem hag who posts about abortion all day long since the leak and this person kept referring to women as "people with vaginas/uterus" but also referred to men as simply men in the same posts. I asked her why and in typical libfem fashion her response was aggressive and delusional and of course didn't actually address why men are men but women are people with (insert organ here).

I just let it go and figured that was the end of it then some moid chimed in to also provide nothing insightful, just to throw insults at me multiple times. After pointless back and forth I went on his profile and saw he worked for my insurance company so I screenshotted his comments and his profile that shows he works for the company and filed a grievance report against him and its currently under investigation and I will be informed of the outcome once its been completed.

Tbh I won't feel bad at all if he gets fired. These people celebrate when women get fired from their jobs for refusing to deny biology so its karma.

No. 1172505

just sip it on the opposite side.

No. 1172537

i make my bf sniff my pits and pubic area after a workout because im weird.

No. 1172554

When i was 15, one of my friend was gf with a 19 yo moid (she was 15 too) and regularly told us how she had sex with him and how he was buying her alcohol and cigarettes and i don't know why, my high schooler mind wasn't alarmed by this.
Only when i was 19 yo did i talk about that with her, and she looked at me weird for being creeped out by the situation. Even an other friend of ours wasn't that alarmed either. Wtf

No. 1172578

i think the only reason people spend a ton of time on social media or image boards is because they don’t have anybody they can trust to talk to. sometimes it makes sense- you have things that you can’t tell your friends. but if it’s for every experience then i pity you. i don’t even mean it in a malicious way. everybody just wants to belong somewhere and i think people underestimate just how lonely the average adult is and that’s why parasocial relationships are so prevalent

No. 1172587

IMO you're right. Although it's not always something to be pitied, necessarily, because some people actually really like being alone. This is a more moderate form of conversation that's easier to enjoy than putting yourself out there, if you mostly like to be alone.

No. 1172600

one time my sister (and possibly my mom, I'm not sure) heard me attempting to have phone sex with my long distance bf. that was almost a decade ago and it still makes me cringe to my core

No. 1172648

i think i’m legitimately ex-gay. after a lifetime of lesbianism i find myself suddenly and desperately attracted to men. i have a crush on this guy and it’s so intense i’m thinking about him all day long and i barely know him. this shit is crazy. someone please send help and/or exorcise this demon out of me !!

No. 1172650

Hey at least it was just your sister/mom, someone you can trust, who heard you doing something like that in your own house, and you didn't make out with your boyfriend in public and in front of strangers, or anything like that.
If it makes you feel better, I still cringe when I remember that time my religious cousin walked in on me masturbating.

No. 1172655

You could just be bi nonna. Doesn’t have to be so black and white.

No. 1172661

>Most singers are straight and would be horrified if they knew they'd have listeners like that and it's creepy and gross
No, if they found out they would probably feel flattered, and wouldn't mind you finding their voice hot because you can't help having that preference.
>Isn't feeling arousal from a voice fetishizing?
No. Women generally love voices and find them sexy. Often we can't help getting horny if we find a voice we really like.
Would you be "objectifying" your girlfriend if you found random things about her attractive? Of course not, that'd just mean you're attracted to her, just like you're attracted to women in general. That's not what objectifying someone is, at all; you can't help finding traits in women attractive, but you are not reducing them to those traits as if they were good for nothing but sex, you see them as human. Calm down.
There's no need to feel guilty about finding those things hot if you keep it to yourself and don't go telling random women how aroused they make you, like a scrote would.
Feeling aroused at completely normal things in adults doesn't make you a degenerate, it just means you have a sex drive and that's due to hormones that get stronger at certain ages, most people experience it.
I think it's ok to feel just a little bit guilty, but not as much as you do right now, it's not healthy.

No. 1172674

File: 1652068641079.png (71.48 KB, 283x221, 1eye.png)

my eyes have an epicanth fold and a lot of the time i think the normal eyelid is so pretty and that eyeshadow looks so good on it because its more visible and open. pic related my eye has about that much lid space and its hard to wing anything upwards due to the fold.

No. 1172700

I used to feel envious when the cut crease trend was in. But I don’t care much now bc I don’t like elaborate eyeshadow looks anymore.

No. 1172725

File: 1652074121188.jpg (275.02 KB, 1500x2964, 1C4162570-tdy-121005-Christina…)

I wonder why I have so many issues with not feeling skinny enough but I've always been more attracted to girls on the thicker side although not obese or anything. I'm extremely pear shaped so I've always thought I would look awful with more weight on me but in general I think it's odd that I don't really see stick thin bodies as beautiful but I strive for it anyway.

No. 1172765

Same. My ideal bodytype in women I'm attracted to is a little bit chubby/soft but I feel extreme pressure to be skinny myself. It's years of social conditioning and misogyny, I think.

No. 1172772

>But if they have exposure to the internet or even simply common courtesy, they should not cruelly treat people for being different.
Many don't even own a TV so they're pretty sheltered, but yeah you're probably right.
>I always notice and love the laughs and little habits of people I crush on!
I'd understand it if I'd feel this way about just one person I crush on here and there, but it could just be any woman I've never met or seen before until that moment.
>I read Brain Lock and found it helpful for listing four concrete steps (relabel, reattribute, refocus, revalue).
Thanks for the suggestion, I found it on zlibrary.
>Would you be "objectifying" your girlfriend if you found random things about her attractive?
It's normal if you find your girlfriend attractive, but I find those things about random women who are just trying to live their lives attractive.
>There's no need to feel guilty about finding those things hot if you keep it to yourself and don't go telling random women how aroused they make you, like a scrote would.
I have given compliments to women on their hair or muscles, which is probably weird. I usually run away like a tard afterwards to give space and not make them feel like they're trapped with me.

No. 1172789

my confession is that one time when i was 8 years old i went to my neighbor's daughter's birthday and during the birthday her older teenaged brother flipped me over to see under my skirt. i never told anybody then especially not my own older brother because he already didnt like him enough to beat him up several times so i didnt want to make trouble.
i dont think its that much of a big deal but i recently finally told my mother and she didnt think it was a big deal either, didnt make it seem like it was anyway because it didnt develop or anything

No. 1172807

File: 1652080253077.jpg (14.13 KB, 458x458, hello-kitty-fruits-market-bana…)

Please don't scroll anons, it's terrible

No. 1172838

File: 1652081005671.jpeg (57.91 KB, 680x653, 5EBC0FF4-5E96-45FA-B7F9-E9C97B…)

No. 1172845

My confession is that i have detailed plans to kill a man

No. 1172858

Thats so sad..

No. 1172868

I'd love to keep a scrote in my cellar for fun.

No. 1172885

File: 1652081590044.jpeg (27.1 KB, 400x400, C9967E09-9316-4448-8682-6E70FF…)

Bump kill all pedos

No. 1172898

My plan is more elaborate than anyone could ever know

No. 1172905

File: 1652081980736.jpeg (81.31 KB, 750x736, 0888DD78-985B-41BF-B9AF-6AAD62…)

we should meet up and exchange plans

No. 1172911

I'm in. Got a big cellar and no neighbours.

No. 1172925

Kill them all

No. 1172928

File: 1652082451048.gif (971.76 KB, 335x383, tuJ.gif)

couldnt agree more

No. 1172944

My confession is that i’m never larping or exaggerating when i say I genuinely think men should die

No. 1172948

Wait, you moved into a cellar?

No. 1172949

Same, i literally don’t have any men in my life and they make me sick they are subhuman and when i go outside and see them it makes me rage like nothing else

No. 1172960

Well, I live on top of on.. But summer does make moving in there very tempting

No. 1172964

nonny i am so jealous wtf i want one

No. 1172965

File: 1652083011688.jpg (173.88 KB, 1200x1021, tumblr_791eda8fc6a33915748c561…)

Same. People keep think I'm joking

No. 1172971

how is it not a big deal, he's literally a pedo anon…

No. 1172974

File: 1652083202643.jpeg (31.8 KB, 564x406, 74BACCC0-955D-4CDF-9C62-1C768F…)

bump don’t scroll!!!

No. 1172991

i need a male mass suicide

No. 1173003

samefag and bump i guess, but honestly that whole post makes me sad, how nobody in that situation saw anything wrong with that

No. 1173013

File: 1652083612495.jpg (10.44 KB, 259x194, download (6).jpg)

bumping until mods get to it…

No. 1173022

File: 1652083687808.jpeg (81.85 KB, 600x336, 52FB0042-DEF6-412B-A3CB-56827E…)

Bumping bumping bumping mods pls come to the rescue now

No. 1173026

File: 1652083727560.jpeg (178.23 KB, 1000x667, F2B4EB86-6BD9-4BE0-8019-46797D…)

Bump don’t scroll

No. 1173039

File: 1652083939622.jpg (118.95 KB, 685x900, 2-lauren-bacall-in-the-big-sle…)


No. 1173051

File: 1652084109153.jpg (4.27 KB, 328x154, download-2.jpg)

No. 1173067

Bumping to cover cp

No. 1173076

Survived many raids and submitted many tips. Only make me feel more solidarity to women and lovely anons. I’m not scared of shit.

No. 1173120

Same. Everyone just working together while finding some Humor here and there. Only makes me love all the nonnies more.

No. 1173129

File: 1652085145741.jpeg (121.64 KB, 500x800, ADE9AED2-924E-4CCF-9462-24CFBD…)

love you nonnies so much, women stay winning

No. 1173136

Nonnies keep going

No. 1173139

Same. Love the solitary, nonnies. Virtually smooching all of you rn

No. 1173143

File: 1652085398389.jpeg (68.31 KB, 500x500, 325495A7-91F3-4BB4-BF92-1FCBA5…)


No. 1173173

I actually love cc admin, I think she’s swell, very responsive and dedicated

No. 1173174

i deleted bc i didn't want mods to try to ban me for talking about it but she's legit. you can tell she's actually dedicated and just is super, super busy but has the right ideas.

No. 1173185

File: 1652086652945.png (763.61 KB, 564x960, d687f63db7ce7e0bdeca72f04d70b8…)

I love the nonnas who post fineart, I always learn about new painters this way

No. 1173197

File: 1652086945774.jpeg (87.19 KB, 540x473, ED01FD85-F5A9-4160-AC36-244FBA…)

same nonny

No. 1173198

File: 1652086950558.jpg (176.13 KB, 714x900, 3-study-in-black-and-green-joh…)

No. 1173240

AYRT thank you for caring but it isnt like i was molested or touched… im not defending him in fact it makes me sick and the sight of him still disgusts me although i know i shouldnt be so dramatic because he could have gone further but he didnt which doesnt make him a good or better person but the point is i wasnt raped or touched. i cant act like a victim when i barely even am. kids are being raped right now and even at the moment he saw under my skirt i should be grateful he didnt do anything to me ( not saying this is good ). my mother didnt care because i wasnt deflowered and it happened a long time ago so it isnt like she or anybody for that matter can do anything about it…

No. 1173251

File: 1652089566406.png (1.23 MB, 1184x848, Screenshot 2022-05-09 114422.p…)

Years ago I was seeing a therapist whose sessions were more like abuse sessions. She was tyrannical, had mood swings and had reaaally specific ideas what I should do with my life and if I disagreed she went into a rage. I had social anxiety but she tried to convince me that the reason I was avoiding men was because I'm a lesbian and I'm closeted. She also brushed off my hobbies as an artist and told me that if I was really good at it, my art teachers would have noticed it, so I'd better give it up. She terminated our sessions suddenly after I expressed my disagreement about something. It took me years to feel closure about it.

Before the pandemic I posted a question on one of those question-answer sites, asking if anyone else had therapy with her, and what their experiences were. I received a flood of posts sharing their negative experiences - saying that she run her therapy sessions like a cultist, used her patients against each other or for her own business ideas and didn't keep her patients' informations private at all. It was such a relief to see all these people's comments. I recently Googled her name and found that my question and the answers are literally the first thing that comes up in the search engine. I also noticed that she has deleted her old Linkedin and trying to rebrand herself as a 'consultant' instead of a therapist and trying to recover from the damage.

I feel like I ruined her career but at the same time I feel…good about it? It was sort of satisfying to see her having to deal with the consequences of her own actions. I don't think she'll ever recover from this, since my question is literally the first thing that comes up when you google her name

No. 1173259


No. 1173272

i can’t believe you did that

No. 1173274


No. 1173278

I'm married but I think about cheating. Not just for sex but also for that reason too but just to have something passionate and fun in my life and see if maybe there is another man out there for me. Nobody and nothing makes me feel that type of way though so sometimes I think of packing the fantasies away and just learning to love my life as it is.

No. 1173288

You're not alone in that one, nonna. I sometimes fantasise about that because of the passion or excitement of someone new, potentially someone better or if I've "missed out".

No. 1173300

The thing is I'm a beautiful woman with a lot of charisma, talent, and I'm funny. I love my husband but as I get older I do want to know if I can have better I know its evil but I deserve a little fun too. I wasted time on one man and now that I'm over him I just want some thing anyone else, an old highschool crush to reach out or just anything anyone I'm bored.

No. 1173302

married life sounds like an absolute nightmare

No. 1173304

You should go and have a little fun.

No. 1173305

Are you me

No. 1173310

The thing is I do love my husband and I don't want to cause him pain, I'm just stuck here and I'm more or less waiting for someone to claim me because if they don't I'm calling it quits and just riding this marriage out for better or worse.

No. 1173313

File: 1652092365080.jpeg (42.6 KB, 1200x630, A7A130E4-12BD-4167-AAC6-A49237…)

What he doesnt know wont hurt him

No. 1173316

if you truly loved your husband you wouldn't be thinking of finding somebody else or cheating. this isnt the same, but when you have a friend that you really appreciate, do you think of finding another in their place ? or even pet that you love, object ETC ?
if you loved your husband, you wouldnt want to make him feel worthless by cheating.
if you truly feel unhappy and unsatisfied with your situation, be an adult and get a divorce and then you can save yourself and your husband from hard times.
these are just thoughts though, so you thankfully cannot be punished, since they are just that, thoughts. and i hope you keep them that way.

No. 1173320

I fell for a wealthy man a couple years back but his ego was just too huge so now I want someone I can connect with that isn't just looking for easy sex and doesn't talk down to me like I'm worthless. I just want someone to make me feel desired and free.

No. 1173343

if you were bi I would have an easy answer for you, but yeah that is going to be difficult to find in a man. If you do find someone who makes you feel desired and free, go for it, unironically yolo.

No. 1173357


No. 1173360


No. 1173383

I go grab some shit to eat and the scrote is back. Bring it scrote, I'm refuelled.

No. 1173466


No. 1173482

File: 1652098934148.jpeg (57.45 KB, 720x811, D4D634F0-F47A-4A8E-BCEF-C8C861…)

Scrote be like:

No. 1173562

Congrats nona, that's amazing!

No. 1173580

Her career was bound to be ruined one way or another if she was running it the way she was. Good fucking riddance and I hope she'll never recover from it!! I'm so sorry you had to deal with that nonna.

No. 1173657

It's so fucking bizzare but when you're at that age you see dating older as nbd and sometimes even cool and then you reach the age of the moid you used to date and naturally you're thinking…. why the fuck would an adult want anything to do with a teen? One of my biggest gripes is how media grooms us to think dating an older guy as a teen, or even in college, is something to envy. Cool, older, MATURE men are romanticized when they're nothing like that in reality. Perhaps they actually exist but those guys don't want to take advantage of someone still emotionally and mentally maturing. Anyway same thing happened to me anon and it's unnerving how universal this issue is and absolutely no one feels the need to do something about it.

No. 1173674

Same Anon, only I've been meeting alot of handsome sweet men lately.

No. 1173700

I'm engaged and I've cheated a few times. To me I'm at this point because there are glaringly obvious (unfixable) flaws with my relationship but I'm unwilling to tailspin my life because the fact of the matter is I financially need my partner right now. It's not for lack of trying on my end. He just won't change and step up in the ways I need him to, plus sex is meh. He's a happy moron because excluding the cheating which he isn't aware of, I'm great to him otherwise. If cheating keeps me happy and unbitter then it's what I'm willing to do until I can call off the engagement.
Sometimes shit just isn't destined to work out. So far I'm having great times with my affair partners and it's nice knowing I don't have to count on them for anything.
Once I'm cleared of my debts and have saved up enough money for myself, I fully intend to keep enjoying men from a distance without being tied to one.
I don't lose a minute of sleep over it, men have used me for way less. I tell myself it's okay because I still make him feel loved even if I don't personally feel that way, and even without the cheating the relatioship was doomed so I might as well get what I want out of it.
I really don't care when men get cheated on tbh, never met a guy who didn't do something to have deserved it.

No. 1173718

File: 1652112838210.jpg (72.46 KB, 800x600, gaysims2.jpg)

I got horny watching my two females sims woohoo in the hot tub, but I've been unable to get wet for my boyfriend lately.

No. 1173750

your pussy is based. Ditch the crusty bf

No. 1173798

Even as a kid I liked watching female sims make out and woohoo with each other. Somehow my parents either did not notice or did but did not think anything of it.

No. 1173824

Don't dump him. Cheat with a woman and see how you like it (if you haven't before)

No. 1173831

This is pathetic. Women need to stop picking low paying careers and expecting scrotes to fill in the gap

No. 1173844

Yikes. You sound unhinged. Stop dating him if you're gonna cheat. Cheating is disgusting no matter the man or woman doing it.

No. 1173853

Uh, no. Just breakup with him if you've already tried to fix the intimacy issue anon.

No. 1173855

>>Women need to stop picking low paying careers and expecting scrotes to fill the gap.
Nta but this is retarded as fuck if you think women chose low paying careers, there are countries where a woman could be a doctor and still struggle financially and need a partner or a roommate to split the costs.
You sound sheltered.

No. 1173872

You do realize that in more and more (Western) cities and countries it's no longer possible to live on a single income despite being well educated with a good, stable job?

No. 1173876

It is if you live within your means. I make about half as much as the national poverty line income in the worlds most expensive country and i'm doing fine.

No. 1173878

I really don't understand this mindset that you're supposedly in love with your partner but want to cheat regardless. Are you guys' husbands really that boring and passionless? Or do you just have severe FOMO? The grass is usually never greener.

No. 1173881

I went off birth control hormones after years on them because among several other things, they killed off my sex drive. 2 months later and it’s picking back up, and I can’t stop thinking about fucking my husband’s best friend, who I’ve never thought of sexually before. Even though he’s also married, I know he’s had a little crush on me for years, so if I propositioned him he’d probably oblige. I’d like to think I’d never cheat on my husband, but lately anytime his friend comes over to hang out the desire intensifies that I’ve started to fantasize about situations where we’re cheating on our spouses but justifying it as “not cheating” (dry humping, no kissing etc). Of course actually doing that irl would be fucked. I’m just so fucking horny right now, hornier than I’ve been in years aaahhhhhh

No. 1173882

My confession is that my first ex's cologne drives me wild. I wish I knew its name.

I think you did the right thing. Some people should never become therapists because they have too many issues of their own. I've seen some posters here say how someone they know that is completely unhinged and abusive/manipulative wants to be a therapist. I wonder how in hell that kind of person thinks they can help people with their psychological issues when they themselves are massive assholes and mentally ill.

No. 1173884

Oh god same, I would cheat with the tombstone of L&D to have them make a baby together, because I wanted to mix the pretty sims I made and not get a random adopted one without my CC skintones.
This. Also the moment women gravitate towards highpaying careers, they randomly become low paying. Same thing vice versa. Programming was seen as a woman's thing and low paid, until women got kicked out and men colonized it. Then it suddenly became high paid. There's no way to win.

No. 1173915

>see if maybe there is another man out there for me
This is so stupid, there is always choice when you are a woman, stop with this pickme bs. If you are bored, just divorce. You can always find another man. It's twisted to put others through pain just because you can, it's too easy.

No. 1173934

NTA, but how is this "pickme bs"? If anything, it's weird you care so much about the feelings of a random scrote you don't even know.

No. 1173952

lol exactly this im single but i find it weird how certain anons are getting so aggressive of a woman and her relationship, idgaf if women cheat, men cheat literally all the time.

No. 1173962

Kek anon I'm literally in a male dominated well paying field, I haven't been kicked out yet. Stay getting psych and english degrees and fucking moids you hate cuz you need the extra 500$ a month then whatever. Us scrote free practical nonnies will keep laughing at you

No. 1173967

wow making fun of women struggling financially or their degrees is so feminist.
Also there is nothing wring with being a psychologist or a eng professor, get off your high horse.

No. 1173976

I'm literally a lesbian lawyer, but okay, fuck me for having empathy for other women who didn't choose something soulsucking just to make enough money.

No. 1173980

Getting harder to play along with woke shit with friends. Pretty sure they can tell something is wrong but I can’t pretend anymore. I’m not a conservative either like most other people here. I just want to talk without constantly censoring myself because I disagree that anyone has a woman soul or that the best way to solve racism is diverse cartoon characters. Help me I’m losing my fucking mind

No. 1173993

i hate this stupid ass mentality. men cheating is bad and so is women cheating. its objectively a bad thing no matter who does it. it doesnt matter who does it more because it is between individuals and not a battle of percentages. so childish

No. 1173996

same anon, i completely agree but it seems like an unpopular opinion here

No. 1174004

childish is the best word for a lot of this site's mentality and I've certainly been guilty of it

No. 1174006

pretty sure what's unpopular is bitching and moaning and moralfagging about it in the confessions thread lol no one cares

No. 1174008

true, see > >>1174006 kek

No. 1174032

my guess is that these women are projecting their anger out of men being cheaters onto the rare women that actually do cheat.
We all know that men cheating is seen very normal in society and almost every man has cheated on his gf/wife or wants to cheat on her, its common and society tells women to get over it when they get cheated on.
My guess is seeing the rare instances when a woman cheats activates some confusion and anger in the handmaidens head and remind them of the cheating men they are afraid to critique so they become overly aggressive towards these women and even say they deserve to get abused/killed.

But there are other instances where they're doing it where they just want her boyfriend, like that video of a girl i saw hating on her ex-friend for cheating and then she started dating her boyfriend. But since we are anon im guessing its the first one.

No. 1174062

Kek how tiresome
For me the bottom line is that cheating is wrong just like any other wrong act. Living like anything you do goes, for whatever reason you come up with, leads to mistakes and general cow behavior. Women who behave this way further degenerate into making a fool of yourself and hurting people including other women. It's not a win for women it only makes us bad people when we should want the best out of ourselves. And I simply disagree with you nonnies that everything needs to be a boys vs girls playground fight.

No. 1174110

My 17yr cousin is spending some time with me, and she kind of caught the cp spam via me today.. We talked men, and trannys.. She hates both. With a burning passion. Such a little man eating terf already, I couldn't be more proud.

No. 1174128

what's your confession? that you have a perfect moral compass and never do anything wrong?
srsly though, what is your goal? what are you hoping to get out of this? you think you're gonna lead the nonnies out of sin and they're gonna fall at your feet and worship you for showing them the light?
if someone posts their actions in a confessions thread, it strongly implies that they think their actions are wrong. there's no need to get all freaked out when some nona adds a bunch of copium about how she's super happy and really loves what she's doing. surprise, nona, most people think cheating is wrong! you're not special!

No. 1174225

How would nona cheating on a man, lead to hurting women? It's not a playground fight. For all we know he could be already cheating behind her back, which is why things are feeling strange, meanwhile she's trying her hardest to be loyal and continues feeling unfulfilled. Women deny themselves everything all their lives, acting like a pure Marian martyr, but what is the reward? Heaven? Is that it? I've had notaries tell me about scrotes who will write their wives out of their will and instead place their secret mistress there. Imagine being loyal to that, for what? This isn't playground shit, this is about life and you only get one.

No. 1174366

no one cares about stories you make up to justify cheating either

No. 1174421

File: 1652134675567.webm (1.21 MB, 506x900, awwww.webm)

this made me pretty sad. i feel bad for hsts troons that just want to be a wife/pretty girl to some moid. it's never going to happen the way they want it to happen and i wish there was a culture around getting them to accept themselves as being gnc. the word 'femboy' has some pretty awful connotations, i get why they would want to skip over that and just become 'women' (which doesn't, really)

No. 1174426

I have no sympathy for moids.

No. 1174428

I work a 12-14 hour day with a full and part time job specifically because the scrote I'm with cannot support me nor pay my debts. He can barely support himself. He refuses to get a second job nor put in the effort to apply for meaningful better paid work. He's older and had the means to do better but he's a chronic slacker and doesn't care.
The majority of scrotes are like this these days. Even the well paid ones get super salty when women don't pull a high income in spite of all the domestic labor we do.
Scrotes can't survive without us.

When I asked my first job for the promotion I had been promised by my department head, their responses among many were "Sell your house and go back to renting," "What about your fiancé?"
These were spoken by other women who allegedly went through the same hardships as me at my age.
So spare me the speech.
And no I'm not teaching English or fingerpainting, I'm in the biotech field.

No. 1174453

>I'M iN tHe BiO tECh FiELD
Ladies think like a scrote for once please, get your money and stop with the underpaid helper fields. Or at least leave job hop ruthlessly don't just shrug if they dont give you your raise damn

No. 1174461

personally i’d rather them skip over to the part where they 41% themselves

No. 1174476

First L is dating an older geriatric scrote, the fact that you pointed it out means the gap is large enough where he should have more experienced years behind him. Key word "should".
Second L is still dating him despite being a lazy piece of shit with no drive because he knows mommygf is still around for sex, to cover anything he's missing and help with domestic chores, after all she copes by saying "all moids are like this!"
Third L is thinking you're self-aware about scrotery by referring to him as "my moid" "my scrote" when you're still with him

Why are you even dating this genetic defect if you clearly see he's a worthless moid?

No. 1174477

I didn't just shrug.
You sound underage because you struggle to grasp at what adults need to do to get their shit in order, and that even the application and vetting process to job hop can take months even for the non-underpaid-help jobs. Thank you.

No. 1174489

Because we have adult entanglements like home ownership, families, careers, and communal reputations that we are oblidged to and cannot walk away from like how we dumped fuckboys in college if we wanted to "stop dating"–precious verbiage btw. These are grownup problems and scrotes only get more deceptive with age. You sound like a loser, you're awful heaps pissed that I'm getting my shit together while I take him for a ride like what the majority of men do to their actually vulnerable and sacrificing women. Seethe faggot.

No. 1174491

my nigel is supporting me while i descend into neetdom… idk why you don't just dump yours and upgrade?

No. 1174495

Goals sis, goals.

No. 1174497

You definitely don't sound like you're getting your shit together kek
>take him for a ride
Yeah…sure… working 12-14 hours and doing everything for the useless underearning moid sounds like he's the one being played here…

No. 1174498

File: 1652137164625.jpeg (76.15 KB, 750x554, 766B2E56-49B6-495D-A733-9CFDE8…)

Calm down, I wasn't even that anon but chose to defend her in one simple post. I was answering someone who speculated why a woman would be against women cheating. We can post what we want and have any opinions we want, sorry you're mad about it.

No. 1174500

File: 1652137236681.png (381.64 KB, 500x370, 2941C459-52E7-434A-AFFE-2FCB58…)

I do not care about learning anatomy,color theory, rendering, shading, I am proud to draw like a retarded medieval painter and anyone who tells me to learn loomis is a woman-hating coping /ic/fag who should leave me alone and let me be a girlboss go worry about you

No. 1174503

>rare women that actually do cheat.
Not involved in this (I feel like cheating infights are kinda the new flavor-of-the-week infight topic these days) but why do you guys feel like it's rare for women to cheat kek. Men do it more, but women cheating definitely isn't rare irl.

No. 1174509

hooooly based

No. 1174512

go back to tiktok faggot, no one feels bad for men here. Especially trannies

No. 1174513

>yasss every woman can live in luxury of they just join a soul-sucking STEM career!!!!

You sound like an absolute dumbass. NTA but why do I have to face the consequences of men creating tech that’s slowly giving me cancer reading your posts or the stock market? Why can’t I just be in a “less-respectable” field without other women being judgemental and having it underpaid? Those “less respectable” fields are women who are being severely underpaid, under appreciated, and overworked. You expect flocks of women to take off from jobs they already worked so hard to establish themselves in just to go into a competitive field that’s a hotbed of sexual assault and crunch culture? Bitch wtf?

No. 1174515

Hey, that's awesome, nonnie! A pink pilled zoomer.

No. 1174518

File: 1652137926355.png (1.81 MB, 1080x2264, work express (1).png)

So based nonny

No. 1174519

That's really good anon, but please don't expose her to this site or the fact that abuse content gets posted here…

No. 1174526

They both look disgusted by each other

No. 1174543

nona it sucks that breaking up will be hard but it sounds like you're not married so it's not like it's have-to-get-approval-from-a-judge hard. is it really worth avoiding the break-up drama if it means staying? i hope you are making plans to leave someday, i want you to be happier.

No. 1174551

>I take him for a ride
You chose to marry a lazy ass, older scrote. The only one being taken on a ride is you, and cheating on him won't change the fact that you're a trick kek. No place to be calling other anons losers when your husband barely works.

No. 1174569

the over the top judging/policing here lately by some anons is unbearable, what makes me kek though is how they never go and police the psychos at the obsessions thread where they gloat about stalking women or ''taking their man''.
I mean if your gong to police anons in so many threads then atleast do it in all threads, cowards.

No. 1174572

off topic but this picture is so cute. do you know the artist name?

No. 1174574

same here. we are buying a new townhouse.

No. 1174588

That seems like such a red flag to me, if the dude left the other girl for you doesnt it mean he's more likely to discard you for the new shiny thing that shows up?

No. 1174590

File: 1652141554199.jpg (64.71 KB, 422x471, KXHNMA0bs4uKgZmmGochpFIwiq0F-B…)

I tried my best to dig and find out nonnie, but the best I could do was find this version of the image with 'FC' signed at the bottom.

No. 1174597

They're just shitposting and mad for poor widdle men. This post >>1174551 barely hangs on to their cognitive dissonance for example
>admits scrote is lazy loser
>anon said she is working extra to get rid of debt and save to leave him
I can smell unwashed balls, only loser men would cape this hard for loser men and make out like the women bettering themselves are the losers.

No. 1174605

>those anons must be men
no, they're probably pickmes, we need to stop calling anons males when they arent.
We have many threads if you look at all the boards that have a pickme anon population.

No. 1174606

>only loser men would cape this hard for loser men
How am I caping for him when I clearly say that her husband is trash? I think anon is dumb for calling other anons losers while admitting that she married a lazy scrote and has to be the breadwinner for him. Also, I don't read the obsessions thread, but if anons are stalking women then I think they sound horrible too. Not sure what you want me to say about posts that I've never even read, I don't even know how you would know about who I have and haven't replied to on this site.

No. 1174610

You're not smart or clever for calling the fiancé a loser, she knows. That's why she's cheating and working to leave.
Old I'll give you, but you sound like a handmaiden if you don't think scrotes aren't out there putting out airs and being on their best behavior until they think a woman is invested. For that reason, you are babbling like a sheltered loser.

No. 1174611

will you get over it you annoying rat , this is the confession thread. Do you also police anons for writing stupid questions in the stupid question thread.

No. 1174612

This is for you >>1174610 and I didn't bring up the other thread so take it up with the op.

No. 1174613

I've only made 2 posts about this, but I don't see why I should "get over it" when other anons are also still discussing it. Posting in the confessions thread doesn't mean you can't get judged, and I'm not policing anyone.
>You're not smart or clever for calling the fiancé a loser
Never said I was.

No. 1174621

true but if anon wanted shit opinions im sure they would go to to reddit.
Are you the one who was previously judging women who dont work in male dominated careers, what a shit take and inb4 you deny thats you.

No. 1174624

It's not but believe what you want anon. If you're just going to be one of those people who insist that every anon is the same person because you disagree with them, then I'm not sure why you bothered to ask.

No. 1174629

You certainly fancy yourself as smart while you call other hardworking women losers for trying to escape their jekyll-hyde scrotes.

No. 1174630

Im in love with a emo boy.

No. 1174634

When did I say you have to be smart to see that her husband is bad, wtf are you talking about at this point? Goodbye anon.

No. 1174639

It was already explained to you how scrotes lie and conceal how they really behave until they think they have women trapped.
Are you still playing the condescension dance while playing this dense? No one asked you to comment, stop.

No. 1174807

File: 1652162270452.jpg (88.27 KB, 1200x1200, peach ring light1200.jpg)

A very long time ago, I found a peach ring on the ground (in my house), rinsed it off and then ate it. Needed to get that off my chest.

No. 1174809

It's ok I forgive you

No. 1174812

A-are you the ghost of the peach ring I ate?

No. 1174828

You still haven't answered my question, how would a woman cheating on a man, lead to hurting women?
Women cheat in relationships with men because they feel unfulfilled, not supported, neglected. Men cheat because they want to get their dick wet with the new flavor of the week or to crank up their ego. It honestly shouldn't even have the same name, because it's so different in nature. Obviously don't cheat if you're in a relationship with a woman, but I really can't give a fuck about women cheating on men. I fucking swear all of them have skeletons in their closet, in my country it's common for men to secretly go to prostitutes. Men from other countries go to my country to cheat on their wives or fiancés. It's messed up women are starving themselves, beating themselves up over feeling unattractive and unwanted, because their scrote is too obsessed with cheating with other women, meanwhile the gf/wife is being loyal this whole time and then still ends up with a STD. Inb4 "you're trying to justify cheating for yourself!1!" calm down tradtard or pickme, I'm not even attracted to scrotes and I wouldn't cheat on a woman, because that would make me no different from a scrote.

No. 1174837

The autistic, mildly retarded guy attending my university did not pass our requirements to graduate this year, and it honestly made me happy because he's bringing down the prestige of the whole establishment. Also it means he won't be there for the graduation ceremony.

No. 1174838

Let me know which country anon so I can avoid ever dating men from there pls.

No. 1174849

You'll have to avoid all men in North-western Europe at least, because so many go on holiday here or come here for their stag-do, bachelor party, whatever you want to call it and I'm pretty sure Germany has the same issue. It seems to just be something scrotes do because it's easy and just a 1 hour plane trip or a fairly short car ride from where they are. I've heard and seen men of all nationalities in the capital and nobody is ever fucking interested in the insane amount of museums we got, nooo everybody goes straight to the red light district or just comes for the drugs.

No. 1174973

Oh that sucks. I like indonesian culture and such and it's sad that whenever I see it brought up for travel most of the comments are on the sex tourism instead.

No. 1175028

Sometimes I miss having no friends. Just me and my cat, chilling all day, went to work 3 days a week or something (it was nothing) and relaxed the rest of the week. Now I have to worry about appointments and being on time and whatever, and sure I have fun while being there but it kind of drives me nuts from time to time. I don't even have many friends but it's tiring to keep up with. I know I sound like a massive bitch and am lucky to even have friends but being alone is just so peaceful to me. Might cancel the things I planned until friday like an asshole and just take a vacation from life.

No. 1175030

i think theyre talking about amsterdam.

No. 1175088

Yes, sounds like it.

No. 1175479

File: 1652198123287.png (617.09 KB, 1300x1236, 1652198004144.png)

so I had done "martial arts" for most of my childhood but the martial arts I did was essentially choreographed dance, my dojo was a glorified day care center, so one of my friends brother talked about his karate gym that taught "real fighting" and so I got curious and decided to check it out and it was unlike anything I'd ever seen in a dojo, no wimply kids or fat instructors rather a lot of fit and burly dudes hitting punching bags, lifting weights and kicking each other in the legs and so I decided to join, now the guy who ran the gym wanted to pair me up with a more experienced member who was near my level to teach me and while their were a few other women at the dojo they were considered too "advanced" for my level and so I got paired up with the youngest person there, a 12 year old boy, I found that absolutely ridiculous and didn't want any part of it, in fact to prove myself I had a kumite(sparring match) with the kid and he hit me with a side kick just once and I was down to the ground and crying, cause It felt like I got hit with with a steel pipe, afterward while I was on the bench with tears in my eyes the 12 year old boy approached me, he also had tears in his eyes and was so sorry that he accidentally hurt me and then I felt bad about it, afterwards he taught me all the basics as well as help me build up real strength and conditioning, he became one of my best friends

tl;dr I got beat up by a 12 year old but he helped become stronger and became my friend

No. 1175494

Many such cases. Traditional martial arts are a crapshoot as to whether you're going to be taught real fighting or the choreographed dance bullshit. Btw the shin is really that hard if you use the correct angle, so yeah it can feel like a steel pipe hitting you. Glad you found a good place finally.

No. 1175520

File: 1652199244383.jpg (65.84 KB, 600x880, guys-wolf-name-moon-moonmoon-i…)

I realize that I've never grown up out of my 13 year old cringey 'grr grr I'm a wolf' roleplay kek. Actually rather than a wolf, maybe I'm more like a dumb dog. I like to specific things that are hard to chew on them like giving a dog a (food) chew to occupy myself/my mouth, I like doing that weird nose breathing/huffing thing that dogs do when they're excited, and I like raw meat (but I'll only eat rare/raw beef because I'm not stupid and don't want to get massively sick, but as a kid I always wanted to eat all the raw meat I saw at the butchers shop). I am cringe but I am free, no one can stop my adult ass from roleplaying as a cringey dog in my own brain.

I swear I'm not a furry but I realize the entire point of this post just makes me sound like a furry. At the very least I promise I'm not an animal fucker, I'm just cringe.

No. 1175522

Have you ever seen the movie The Art of Self Defense cuz that’s the first thing I thought of when I read this kek

No. 1175530

I love you

No. 1175534

I hate this. I hate this. If I went to Amsterdam I would go to the museums, eat the local food, do cool shit. I hate everything now

No. 1175539

Love you, weirdo anon.

No. 1175552

I support you.

No. 1175629

Do you actually like the taste of raw beef? I want to try beef tartare at least once but I’m not convinced that it tastes good

No. 1175716

File: 1652204328793.jpg (308.38 KB, 1276x862, Sonny.jpg)

If you ever go to Amsterdam, please go to Sonny's falafel! There's also disco bowling, glow in the dark golf, cool karaokebars where you can also play retrogames, negen straatjes (they have really cool shops there), Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh museum (if they still give little lectures or something like that, try them out, it's fun!), Hortus Botanicus, try an Escape Room, visit Body Worlds, Keukenhof, Micropia museum (honestly there are 50+ museums so a bit much to all list), de Poezenboot (kittyboat), go try the pancakes (PANCAKES Amsterdam also has vegan pancakes if anyone is worried about that), Het Fort van Sjakoo sells feminist books (including SCUM manifesto), there's a badass women tour and a LGB(T) tour (because first country to legalize samesex marriage and some cities used to be quite tolerant even in medieval times). Don't let anyone convince you to eat herring, a lot of Dutch people don't like it either.

No. 1175736

File: 1652204988146.jpg (16.76 KB, 612x410, istockphoto-952000244-612x612.…)

Love you nonnies ♥

KEK my brethren

I actually do!

No. 1175787

Body Worlds is amazing! I had the pleasure of visiting it when it toured in the UK & it's absolutely fascinating. You're making me want to visit Amsterdam so bad lol

No. 1175798

File: 1652208379420.jpg (236.12 KB, 1340x404, cow_cuddling.jpg)

You can also go outside of the capital and go cow cuddling or go hiking in the Veluwe! There's so much more to the Netherlands than just sex industry and drugs, but scrotes have really ruined the reputation.

No. 1175896

My boyfriend and I have only been dating for six months but I’ve been fantasizing about our possible future together. Being with him feels very right to me. I don’t want to take any of those milestones now but I could see myself marrying him and having kids someday. I feel crazy thinking about this kind of stuff though.

No. 1175899

anon that is so cute, i would love to be in your situation!! i hope those fantasies come true in the future!!

No. 1175900

>I feel crazy thinking about this kind of stuff though
Why? Seems like wholesome feelings

No. 1175902

File: 1652213192561.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 160.97 KB, 828x829, C63E0C8A-3E2D-4C90-9AA0-8D1261…)

I love the awkward, gangly, tech nerd looking guys, and I’m so ashamed. It’s not worth it to chase after though because 9/10 times, the sex is always bad.

No. 1175908

Mostly cause it’s just so soon. I’ve had a crush on him for awhile but we’ve only been together for a relatively short amount of time. I’ve dated a lot and while we haven’t been together that long he feels much more right than a lot of my past relationships.

No. 1175953

File: 1652214923092.jpg (36.57 KB, 680x340, 8dd.jpg)

I've become the meme. I don't give off this impression and I never invite people over to my apartment because I'm ashamed. I keep it together for work then I come home and regress

No. 1175960

Same nonnie. Skinny lanky dudes are a huge turn on for me but most of the nerdy kinds are virgins so the sex was awful. It's either that or heroin addict looking dudes, which…no thanks. No sex is worth messing with that kek

No. 1176002

Same but I don't really care about fucking them, I'm fine with just kisses, cuddles and hardcore teasing

No. 1176033

Completely fallen out of love with my bf and there's not even a reason for it. I just hate myself for feeling this way. He's all I've ever wanted in a partner but the feelings are just gone now, and not from him… I wish I could fix this.

No. 1176074

i used to be like this,
then i got a SUB to do all the work for me,
solution to a messy room: get a bitch

No. 1176326

File: 1652236923448.jpeg (83.28 KB, 1000x1000, 18C24844-A0B8-4D18-ADB1-A20737…)

I keep forgetting it’s 2022, I still think we’re in 2020.

No. 1176358

File: 1652240955992.png (1.12 MB, 1242x832, 1652240781380.png)

how the fuck do you get beat by a 12 year old, I'm sure he was a karate master and all but I can't picture a fully grown developed adult of either sex being brought down by a small child

No. 1176484

I sent my boyfriend an unflattering photo of himself on purpose to motivate him to start working out again. He's not fat or anything, but we both lost some muscle after getting busy with school/work recently and it's time to undo the damage.

No. 1176492

No. 1176530

File: 1652253632894.jpg (14.23 KB, 522x522, 3kgnutella.jpg)

I've had such bad period diarrhoea that I've lost 3kg over the past 3 days. I feel so gross that I've been showering at least twice a day.

No. 1176531

I had similar classes to yours in middle school, I stopped going once the coaches gave up and just stopped teaching us moves and positions altogether, at the end they just taught us gym classes instead.

No. 1176597

I'm not even a zoomer but this song is a fucking earworm and can't stop listening to it

No. 1176646

Now i'm stuck listening to it

No. 1176692

Probably because it uses tempo, synths and conventions from 80s and 90s music.

No. 1176752

File: 1652273609455.gif (73.31 KB, 278x340, kek.gif)

>gets beaten up by a shota
how embarrassing

No. 1176757

File: 1652274147043.gif (200 KB, 220x165, really-bitch-for-reals.gif)


No. 1176783

it took me months to find out justin bieber sings in this song too kek

No. 1176788

Shota????? Anon.

No. 1176790

don't let your powerlevel show so easily, pedo-anon.

No. 1176841

I hate my geeky virgin 22 year old male coworker he's so fucking annoying. I felt sorry for him cause he's very unfortunate looking plus not great personality but he is such a knob. His dad is besties with our boss and he keeps getting away with things others would get dismissed for. You have to be careful about venting around him cause he'll go and tell someone important. Meanwhile I'm being penalised for a 0604 and 0607 clock in time (should be 0600) and I was asking him about circumstances around him. And he was all well you see I'm not an issue to anyone and it's like cunt face are you meaning to say I'm an issue because I have more responsibilities than you even tho I started after you and he constantly bitches and moans that I get asked to help him when I'm on top of my shit. I hate when he arrives to work or enters any room I'm in if you don't greet him like it's the first time you've seen him in a year he literally huffs with you and comes over and sarcastically says hey. Like hi wanker I know you're working today and will be here until your finish time we don't have to keep interrupting my work day because God knows I'll get pulled in to help you fat ass later

No. 1176845

I wish I could see myself from my boyfriend’s perspective when we have sex. I want to be able to fuck myself so badly sometimes. I know I look hot and feel great and I wish I could experience it from the males perspective. Sorry for sounding like a coomer tranny

No. 1176850

maybe she was like 15

No. 1176852

File: 1652282179426.jpg (19.55 KB, 260x312, 1629002812742.jpg)

you all use Japanese originated words like chan, sage and a dozen others all the time casually, whats wrong with me calling a boy a shota

No. 1176853

Give it some time.

No. 1176854

Don’t be ridiculous.

No. 1176855

If you think see the reason why it's creepy, then I feel bad for you. Using shota to describe an irl child is fucking weird.

No. 1176857

how am I being ridiculous
okay then stop calling anons here -chans then

No. 1176858

noncechan bc it’s specific to pedo subculture

No. 1176860

It's creepy anon, I know you might have dumb intentions to just sound dumb fun retarded but imagine being a 12 year old girl and being called a Loli… It's a fetish term

No. 1176861

retard-chan, shota originated from women getting crushes on little boys on tv shows and such.

No. 1176863

Adults call each other -chan in Japan too, it's endearing. No one calls each other loli or shota unless they're degenerates

No. 1176867

yes and I was referring to the BOY as a shota, I usually don't call 3d male children shotas but since the post was referencing karate I thought it would be funny if I used that term

No. 1176873

totally hilarious

No. 1176875

NTA, but "Shota" is an actual name in multiple parts of the world, including but not limited to Japan and Georgia kek

No. 1176879

"chan" is an honorific and try as you might to use excuses like >>1176875 but the prominent use of the word in online spaces refers to pedo culture and you know it. Just take the L.

No. 1176886

moralfags should really go back to twitter

No. 1176888

Seems to me like you should go back to twitter with the other pedophiles

No. 1176889

I'm the anon that mentioned it's a name. It's not an excuse, I'm not even a part of the conversation, I just think it's funny (and weebs might not realize it's not just a hentai term or whatever). Take a pill or whatever

No. 1176892

Kek you deleted and reposted this just to add "take a pill"?

No. 1176894

Don't be dishonest, I reposted to add:
>I'm the anon that mentioned it's a name.
And also the part about weebs not knowing it's a name, because I know some anons are a bit slow or will misunderstand. But yeah, I think you should relax, not everyone is trying to fight with you in this thread kek

No. 1176895

You sound like a Christian mom saying the Monster energy logo is the mark of the beast

No. 1176900

I'm waiting on my parents to die, and when they do die, I'll be relieved and will finally feel free. It's not enough to just be away from them, knowing that they exist and that they still try and guilt me into keeping contact with them and my brothers weighs on me. Dad should have died already tbh. My grandma called me and said he's been saying depressing things about how he knows he's going to pass soon and, yes it makes me feel this twinge in my heart, this little bit of pain, but it's outweighed by my desire to know that the people who hurt me my entire life will one day never hurt me again.

No. 1176901

Yeah okay, go diddle in private.

No. 1176904

Can you stop projecting for one second, fujo-anon?

No. 1176911

Why are you so angry and defensive jee whiz, have something you need to confess?

No. 1176913

ok go call your mom a milf now

No. 1176915

Uh, okay. I'm calling the police, please stay seated x

No. 1176921

That's very clearly not how that anon was using it though. What a dumb excuse.

No. 1176925

What's it excusing? It's still not right to call a random 12 year old a "shota", that anon was just slightly mistaken

No. 1176927

Please forgive me for stealing a bouncey ball from my friends house when I was 11.

No. 1176928

no I was actually 19 back then, you have to understand his skill was insane and he was kicking the Makiwara daily, where as I had been in a glorified day care center doing bullshit he had been doing training similar to vidrel, so he was a tough kid and one kick of his felt was the equivalent of getting hit with a steel pipe to my leg
wtf is wrong with you, Jesus he was a 12 year old and he's still an underage btw, don't call people weird hentai terms

No. 1176931

File: 1652285437994.png (63.67 KB, 223x221, he he.png)

I'm glad two you became buddies and helped each other out in class, such a happy ending

No. 1176933

It’s weird as fuck, would you react the same if a moid was calling a 12 years old girl a Loli?

No. 1176934

When I was 18 and working at a grocery store an older guy probably in his 40s or 50s would come in and hit on me in a charming way. We would talk about books and movies. He offered me a job working for him. He wanted to see me after work sometime. I was repulsed at the time but on some level I also wanted to oblige him. I wanted the attention of this much older guy. I always turned him down, and he was always polite about not pestering me.

Last night I had a dream about him. I find it disgusting how he’s still in my brain over a decade later, and how some part of me wishes I had tried going out with him. But then the logical part of me goes what the fuck, there was obviously something wrong with him. He was definitely not a good person. And yet the shame of a portion of myself wishing I had gone along with him haunts me.

No. 1176939

File: 1652285588522.jpg (60 KB, 682x1023, depositphotos_55462441-stock-p…)

Haha anon got beat up by a 12 year old! jk kek. It's cool that you took it in stride and decided to let it make you improve. He sounds like a nice kid!

No. 1176941

I only started kickboxing when I was an adult, I wish I was allowed to start when I was a kid, but everyone just assumes girls are too weak and fragile.

No. 1176947

There is nothing wrong with enjoying and wanting attention anon. And when it's attention like that, so obviously inappropriate, it can add this level of excitement to it. But you were and still are smart enough to know that it wasn't an appropriate kind of attention and it wouldn't be worth it, and you should focus on how proud you should be of your younger self. He was a creep and you looked out for yourself.

No. 1176962

File: 1652286254223.gif (3.44 MB, 498x371, 1630866565181.gif)

he's a good kid, still keep in contact with him, a couple months back he actually thanked me, said that I was the person who taught him how to talk to girls and I didn't even realize it, he also got a girlfriend recently and I'm happy for him
depends really, there are different levels of training that are appropriate and possible for kids, I honestly think that some of the mcdojo katas are alright for kids for pre-13 years old, it was pretty dangerous the shit they were making him do in the gym, his knuckles were bleeding and was doing training that kids really shouldn't have been doing

No. 1177078


I had a female friend like this. They exist.

No. 1177085

File: 1652292624003.jpeg (131.1 KB, 640x640, 80678192f564a4958e0ba706c789cd…)

I still have old messages from my ex on my phone that I look back and read occasionally.

It sounds like a cope but I don't miss her, romantically at least. We vibed really well and I just miss having her in my life but I love to read these old messages because she was the first person I was with who valued me as an actual person rather than a sexual object. Messages of "It's busy at work today so I won't be able to message you much, but I wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you" or "I can't stop thinking that I get see my cute gf this weekend" or things like that. I have never gotten messages like this before, that came from a place of "I value and cherish you as a person." I have spent so much time and energy always chasing after people who never saw me as anything else but an option for sex, and she was the first person I dated who wanted to be with me because she liked to just be with me. Not really groundbreaking, but it was a revelation for me who previously felt like I had no worth as a person.

We only dated for a very, very short period of time, so sex wasn't even something that had time to work its way in. But sex was never a part of our relationship, and I think that had such a profound effect on me as I moved forward after our break up. Of course I had thoughts of "what's wrong with me? why aren't I good enough?" after we broke up, but it was never connected to my body. I grew up having a lot of difficulty separating sex from love from my value as a person. I've only recently come to terms that the sexual assault I faced as a kid had lasting repercussions on my life, and it manifested itself with this sort of fucked up thinking.

I do get nervous about the idea of having sex in a relationship in the future. I'm in a much better place now, mentally and emotionally, but I also haven't dated or pursued anyone for sex since we broke up, so I don't really know if I'm going to fly off the rails like I used to or not lol.

No. 1177121

It’s from the movie Love Exposure (2008) directed by Sion Sono.

No. 1177244

I consider myself a rad fem for the most part but I can't shake my daddy issues. My dad sexually abused me as a kid and then left and abandoned our family when I was in middle school. He also told me he never wanted me and my mom tricked him into having kids.

I'm still so attracted to older men, still desire a father figure so badly. I just started talking to a guy 20 years older than me and I'm falling for him. I know it's wrong, I know he's a coomer, I know this is a red flag - but he soothes a very very deep part of my hurt soul. He is filling a hole that is inside of me, and I have extreme desire for him.

No. 1177248

File: 1652299807999.jpg (234.26 KB, 1200x800, How-Fast-Do-Strawberries-Mold-…)

I am an evil and disgusting person. My loved ones tell me my life is valuable but I still wish every day that my mom had aborted me. I'm sorry for taking everyone's love for granted. I'm grateful but I still can't stop thinking this way.

No. 1177295

I can't be trusted with salad croutons in my house because I just eat them like chips

No. 1177302

It's not our fault shit sucks. Maybe their best just wasn't good enough for me. I honestly would've rather not been born than born into the mediocre life I have

No. 1177314

Same, they’re so good

No. 1177343

I mock other women for things I myself am self conscious about

No. 1177372

that's just human nature. we hate seeing our worst traits reflected back to us by other people, so we mock them as a cope

No. 1177408

File: 1652310651995.gif (2.97 MB, 498x395, hyunjin-straykids.gif)

When I was a teen I was attracted to old guys. Now at 26 I fantasize about young guys, like 18-22, and I like the fact they hit on me, and I love ignoring older scrotes. I'm currently dating a cute 21 year old and I don't give a fuck. It's not just for sex. He's mature for his age and he had a hard life as a kid and works hard and saves money, he wants a stable comfy life like me and he rarely goes to parties, he doesn't drink or smoke, he takes care of himself, eats healthy, goes to the gym etc. We already confessed to each other and we want to rent an apartment together. I love him as a person but I also love how young he is, how smooth and soft his skin is etc. I can't believe I dreamed of some old wrinkly ballsack once kek. I know that 5 years of age gap is not that big but in our society it's often looked down upon when the woman is the older one. I saw people making a big deal out of it even when the woman was just 2 years older. But I stopped giving a fuck. I'm going to have a healthy baby with him, not some old-ballsack disease ridden one, I'm going to enjoy my virile husband while the women in my family will suffer changing diapers of their 14 years older husbands bc they married them bc it was so cool to have a "mature" husband. I can't wait to tap that rock-hard booty again!

No. 1177422

ok…i kind of sometimes like incelcore music
i hate 'incel' behaviour, like calm down and be grateful yk? but i just need music that captures my angst. so sometimes i listen to incelcore DESPITE being a proud feminist icon. if any of you can recommend female rage music you have my heart. I like mitski but i don't need to hear anymore betting on losing dogs waa he doesn't like me back i need more like raging stuff, ANGST

No. 1177432

Based! Chances are you were never genuinely attracted to wrinkled old scrotes, you were just memed into it and told you should be into them so you assumed you were. But obviously younger men are better looking in every way.

No. 1177433

predatory, stay away from the moids in my age group and leave them to us filthy disgusting zoomer girls

No. 1177439

I'm way past my "trans egg" phase, but I still sometimes look at a man and go "It'd be nice to be in his body". I'm thankful I don't look like a balding 35 year old software developer, but I'd just like to be a guy sometimes, for 5 minutes, to catch a break. Wearing clothes would be less of a hassle, no one gives a shit and they're designed to fit your shapeless torso most of the time anyways. No one makes judgements on how you appear, just the shit you do. Your hobbies don't call for an aptitude test by some random loser who needs to feel better about himself. You relate to almost every book written before the 20th century. You're not obligated to pay attention to your kids (in the production of which you spent 5 minutes at most) for 18 years of your life. Just imagine the inflated self worth, I mean any idea you have is now considered genius now that you have a leaky appendage. Fighting your way out of a bad situation is actually viable. Being a pathetic scrotoid isn't really worth all the small stuff for me, but I'm so tired of being a woman a lot of the time.

No. 1177449

He chased me for 7 months so blame him kek

No. 1177462

Every time i watch travel vlog videos i think about how nice and freeing it would be to be a man. The fact they can visit so many countries without their rights being stripped and a much larger chance of being taken for human trafficking. The ones who live in various rv or stealth cars going all around eu, usa, canada not paying rent just traveling while buying food. They can do it all solo and i bet if they get stuck on the side of the road some other guy will come along to help a bro out while a woman would just be hit on or taken advantage of possibly. Its sad to see womens stories of them traveling and camping ending in didsapearance or murder. I have a high respect for the women who do camping and solo travel because of the risk.

No. 1177489

I remembered a thread on reddit or whatever where people were shitting on India for being a horrible place for women tourists and some people actually defended it by saying things like, "India is a beautiful country and I only got groped once!". Insane.

No. 1177673

my fiance treats me like a queen and makes three figures, was a virgin when we met and has a body like a statue (we met young and stayed friends for a long time before dating) but i keep fantasising about having sex with his dirty rough manual labour employees. I'm a poorfag and he's a trustfund baby, broke men that work with their hands just do things to me. Why am i like this

No. 1177681

File: 1652334157871.jpeg (373.01 KB, 828x741, E5D7697E-6131-4DA2-B03C-FE4EA0…)

Sometimes I like reading comments on TikTok. You can obviously tell when they're kids though kek

No. 1177688

are these supposed to be funny

No. 1177695

In my more unhinged moments I feel like being with me, a recovering but still mentally unstable bpd, is a divine retribution for my partner for having a sleazy, PUA ideology fueled fuckboy phase before meeting me. He's told me his lifelong friends like me because "he's finally back to how he was in the past" and it's only solidifying this belief.

No. 1177806

mild (related) confession but I was on a date the other week at a gig and they were selling little chocolates behind the bar. I grabbed drinks for the both of us and a chocolate for myself but I didn't want to be rude and eat this chocolate in front of him having not got him one. So I snuck off to the bathrooms to eat it but as I was unwrapping it, giddy and feeling cheeky I'd done such a thing, it fell out of the wrapper and onto the floor. I mean, I still ate it.

No. 1177825

Sage for lateness but HIV can be transmitted through any sort of fluid contact, so if you're giving oral sex with a cut in your mouth then you are susceptible to getting it. Plus, isn't it true that more straights are HIV+ now than gays?

No. 1177832

>more hiv+ straights than gays
Hm… Gay people are like >%1 population and I'm sure the "straight" men in question slept with trannies or men because it's almost impossible for a man to get hiv from a biological woman.

No. 1177850

File: 1652349007717.jpg (125.2 KB, 777x382, jadsklfjdklfj.jpg)

Straight people also get tested not as frequently, so that skews the results. They more frequently walk around without knowing. Straight men can also bring it to their wives and girlfriends by going to prostitutes.

No. 1177869

The thing about it is after being single for a while you get use to it. I've got boundaries I'm not compromising ever again on. This is my life and I've spent the majority of it pleasing others at the expense of myself. A relationship is like the walls of babylon coming down, everything will be destabilised. In a way I wish I could just cuddle with my friends when I feel that need, I am attracted to some of my friends but romance ruined everything imo

No. 1177896

i still listen to a certain band that has been cancelled because the singer is trash, but that doesn't stop me. some friends comment on it asking for an explanation and while i do explain why, i still think it's bullshit that i have to. if i choose to separate the art and the artist, that's on me right? i won't put it on when my friends who stopped listening come over so yeah. i also see posts in several groups telling people to throw away their merch. why would i? i bought their signature pedal for cheap because of this shit. it's been one of my favourite bands for 12 years now, so i'm not just going to throw everything related to it away. stop gatekeeping people's interests

it's about daughters. i'll cry about it because i want to

No. 1177900

what band?

No. 1177913

Why did they get canceled

No. 1177977

Why fid they get cancelled

No. 1178029

kek I hate the month day year format so much, trips me up every time

No. 1178051

I just saw a photo of my ex and his baby momma, and holy shit both of them aged like milk in the sierra. The both have fucked up teeth, haggard hair, and look checked out in all their photos. ( pills? Reminds me of Storms situation in /snow/ )
As much as it hurts to see another kid in an unhappy home, the karma for her parents is so satisfying. Like, best slice of cake satisfying.
Mean while on his public record collection insta (gag) he has 18 year old ethots commenting and he is openly making a pass, for all to see.
I warned his baby momma years ago, i shared my experience to help .I never wanted to get back with him, i wanted him to rot for all the CP i found. she mocked me then and called me a liar. Now hes cocky enough to not hide his moid behavior, and she looks too tired to care.
Shouldve listened, I was looking out for you! Now you brought another soul into the problem.
Hope that kid gets a better home situation though.

No. 1178074

Well shit I'd look like shit too if I spent a couple of years in the Sierra Madre.
Holy shit though I want your ex to have his penis cut off without anethetic.

No. 1178132

I'm sorry but this reminded me of a dude I know. His baby momma and him are living in rural Chiapas. He came back to visit a while ago and he was fucking girls he barely knew and bragging about it while he said he loved the mother of his child at the same time. He seemed kind of unhinged and tried to convince me and my bf to go live with him and his family because "the city is killing us" and we "stink of death" or something. Cult vibes.

No. 1178249

Not even an age thing, but (provided it's not some random creepo) long chasers always make for the best BFs.

No. 1178316

I'm not against abortion and think they should be legal for various reasons but I do internally judge women that have had them (obviously not in cases of rape/underage) I just can't agree with it and I never will. Sorry nonnies I just had to get this out, i'm bracing for the backlash, kek.

No. 1178334

I'm for women getting one if they want one but tbh I'm surrounded by people who think no woman should ever get one so I'm not about to freak out over your opinion. My country has had abortion for a handful of years now, we voted it in and now already there's mostly old people trying to take away somethng all already voted on.

No. 1178340

Wish we could have more people just judging internally but staying in their lane as abortion continues to be legal

No. 1178349

Agree. NTA but I think it's fine to disagree morally, as long as you dont enforce blanket morality over others who seek the service.
If men could get pregnant, our approach to pending life would be so different. it would be normalized, and men would gloat about "how many bullets they dodged."
I did read the Church of Satan is saying they approve of the right to abort, so at least women who need the service can defend it for religious reasons.
It also bugs me that the bible, before the King James version, actually had instructions on how to do abortions safely. When KJ couldn't make a male heir he revised it, added what he wanted to justify his divorce, and now we are stuck with idiots who think it's God's word.

No. 1178351

This. Literally just be a judgy bitch in your diary.

No. 1178403

Holy based. Hope you guys have a good relationship nonna

No. 1178410

What's your reason for judging (out of curiosity)? I only judge the ones who obviously got knocked up by some retarded temporary bf. Abortion is an important deal on your entire body.

No. 1178455

my SO chased me for well over 7 months lmao. this is our fourth year together and counting.

No. 1178458

File: 1652381271287.png (10.31 KB, 225x225, 1629295196945.png)

cp spam again don't scroll

No. 1178481

Try going to some of the music threads on /m/ and asking for suggestions there

No. 1178484

>got knocked up by some retarded temporary bf
Nta but I know so many women who waited for commitment, were so many years together and they ended up still being left and doing 90 percent of the parenting while their ex husband did everything to make life harder for them. Tbh anyone getting pregnant by a scrote is at risk. Half of all husbands are only temporary too. We're all fucked. Women with long term wonderful bfs… fucked and just don't know it yet alot of the time. You can spend years with a guy feeling secure and then the mask slips hard one day.

No. 1178544

File: 1652383336803.jpg (8.55 KB, 236x384, 87db30a320f3450566c5bbb271c520…)

Cp spam don't scroll

No. 1178574

I hate ezra nonnie, I get so fucking sick of seeing his face. Like it's weird as hell to me that someone really started stanning him AFTER he choked out multiple women and has been in the news for being a violent idiot. I hate it so much. I don't mind the Nonnie with the crush on the Big hipped black guy though. He probably gives good hugs and smells good.

No. 1178579

File: 1652384010653.jpeg (892.61 KB, 1274x799, 7A7959C3-F25C-4944-814F-E18C04…)

I’ll post something and reread it because that was some real ass shit I just posted

No. 1178588

Wait, the crazy ezra poster isn't being ironic?

No. 1178599

NTA but I agree with her, I feel like there are some more tame ezrafags but whenever ezra is mentioned anywhere on this site there's always someone who responds with a gif of him smiling all uwu-like as if anyone gives a shit.

No. 1178639

I don't get it, how come Ezra fangirls can post him silly nilly but Big Hip Soft Boy nonnie who loves that black guy gets hate for it?

No. 1178656

i am sexually attracted to trevor from gta5

No. 1178678

File: 1652386661290.png (158.44 KB, 468x317, diamondboy.png)

wait off a public, possible piss covered, possible disease ridden bathroom floor?

No. 1178685

Five second rule.

No. 1178687

You ate public bathroom chocolate? shivers

No. 1178695

yeah i'd do that

No. 1178701

same. the germs will make me stronger

No. 1178703

Kek me too

That's gross as fuck and I'd never eat anything that fell on a bathroom floor. However one time I went to the movies this year, I bought some M&M's. I was still paranoid about COVID so I went to the bathroom to wash the tube after I touched a lot of dirty stuff with my hands, I didn't want to eat my candy with dirty COVID hands. Some soap water was getting inside, so I tried to shake it off the tube, but in doing that, it opened and a bunch of M&M's went flying on the sink. I didn't want to waste them, so I just rinsed and ate them all one by one on the spot. Luckily no one saw me (though the women who were in the stalls probably heard me scream "my M&M's!")

No. 1178708

>the women who were in the stalls probably heard me scream "my M&M's!"
KEK. You washed your M&Ms in a sink that has been used to wash poopy hands.

No. 1178711

File: 1652387848599.jpeg (45.29 KB, 639x701, 9275EA13-D4F9-462F-8B49-867C4F…)

Scrote alert. Bump

No. 1178732

NO nona don't make me think about that
To be fair I do trust the bathroom sinks at the movie theater more than other public bathroom sinks, especially when there's both water and soap

No. 1178778

File: 1652389551842.jpg (3.63 KB, 236x236, d29fde3fd124b55ef82898c0a70114…)

Blegh tired of this shit

No. 1178844

I want to sit on his face aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

No. 1178882

A year?? my roommate had a guy serenading her for a month and i was so jelly

No. 1178903

File: 1652396011305.jpg (6.64 KB, 259x194, simsie.jpg)

>I got horny watching my two females sims woohoo in the hot tub

I can't play The Sims anymore because it always ends up with non-stop lesbian orgies. I try so hard to stay wholesome but end up with a billion sex mods, slutty lingerie, extra big booba sliders and stuff like that. Literally too much of a coomer to play my favorite childhood game.

No. 1178905

File: 1652396233875.jpg (10.41 KB, 360x360, gr.jpg)

I was googling 'the sims lesbian' looking for a pic to attach to my post and now I'm tempted to install it again. Everytime I think of you Nina and Dina Caliente I bawl my eyes out miss you so much

No. 1178917

Lmaooo me too, I prolly get called a scrote but I have those kinds of mods too. Im playing a lesbian legacy but it doesn't progress since I just watch the lil pixel people fuck

No. 1178982

This is really immature but when I'm infighting and I've checked out of the fight but somenonna tells me to shut up or stop posting, it makes me reply to them again (sometimes I hold back though). I do the same thing in real life. I will not be quiet until I decide to be.

No. 1179074

File: 1652408550312.jpg (19.92 KB, 517x517, FSQBsDjX0AAGTO7.jpg)

i might be an untalented hack

No. 1179079

I know for a fact I am one

No. 1179108

No. 1179129

I feel more womanly with a full bush and hairy underarms. I know this sounds like coomer shit, but I just like seeing my body in my natural state. It's comforting

No. 1179249

Based and same

No. 1179253

also absolutely not coomer shit. Fucked that not altering our body hair is also just another fetish.

No. 1179316


the singer got canceled because he's a drug and sex-addicted scrote. has been to rehab multiple times, but had a very toxic relationship with lingua ignota. so yeah, he's definitely trash, but such a good artist. i think he's going to jail for this, which is good. the band has broken up anyway

No. 1179409

Shadow the Hedgehog is practically my role model in life next to the Grim Reaper and Satan.

No. 1179427

I don’t like my bf but the dick goes crazy and this is coming from a former hoe he’s got such a nice body too

No. 1179433

Same, it makes me full like a grown sexually mature woman.

No. 1179439

Not underarm hair because it increases body odor for me but agree to the other part. I hate how bushes are seen disgusting and you get called a weirdo for saying you prefer it natural there.

No. 1179444

sorry to disagree but hairy underarms is not womanly at all imo kek

No. 1179454

Nta but how is something not womanly if women have it naturally once they mature? That's like saying having boobs or a female reproductive system isn't womanly, it literally is a part of women's biology.
You could say feminine instead, which better describes female beauty standards.

No. 1179455

It literally is, it is a secondary sexual characteristic hence why it doesn’t occur on children. You might not like it but the natural adult female body has underarm hair.

No. 1179470

yes my bad, I meant more so feminine. >>1179455
it is also a personal preference and opinion of mine that's all

No. 1179476

Lately I've become hyper fixated with a random girl that I've sort of experimented with when we were kids and now I'm honestly thinking of reconnecting with her
I'm either extremely bored or I'm having a bisexual awakening because I honestly can't stop thinking about her this is really fucking weird lmao

No. 1179484

No. 1179488

Most of the people really like when people from their past reach out to them, it's nice. I don't see why shouldn't you do it, just don't be too, uhhh, predatory?

No. 1179492

File: 1652437206507.jpg (52.24 KB, 500x709, Sophia_Loren.jpg)

I feel like it looks feminine on feminine women. Masculine on masculine women.
Have you ever seen Sophia Loren?

No. 1179507

I used to get too…thirsty…dressing up female sims in create a sim. Had to delete the game, glad to see other pervs out here kek

No. 1179603

File: 1652446298939.jpg (21.99 KB, 400x400, sAcdu2WT_400x400.jpg)

I don't know what is wrong with me and why I feel the need to shrug off or diminish issues in my life that I know are there…I have spoken before about being sexually assaulted by one ex-boyfriend but I feel like I was also put in a situation with another boy where I was sort of made to consent. I guess the fact I'm even thinking about this so much is an indicator that something wasn't right about the situation, but I feel guilty even saying that it's happened to me twice - like I'm just a liar, even though I'm not, because I've been contemplating this for a few years now.
I was 17 and had split up from my ex who was pressuring and coercing me into things and then I had a "fling" with a male friend. Me being the ultimate pick-me and brainwashed by hookup culture and also desperate just to experience something with someone who wasn't fucked up, I went to his house when his parents weren't there.
I explicitly remember saying multiple times "I'm not coming here to have sex" because I wasn't tbh, I was still nervous around sex and I just wanted to go over and watch a movie and have food (yes i was stupid in hindsight I would never do this). We got extremely high, so high I could barely even chew the food he made me, and then I almost fell asleep on the couch because I had smoked too much while he was touching me. I remember saying "Yeah I'm not doing anything though" and he just didn't take the hint then asked me to come upstairs.

I don't remember what happened from then to the point where I was stood in his bathroom texting my group chat about how I was panicking because I was so high. I remember looking at the bathroom window and having this really fleeting urge to climb out of there and get out, but I didn't. I couldn't even firmly kick off or put my foot down because I was so high, like you could have said or done anything to me and my brain couldn't have processed it or naturally got defensive/angry. I also remember purposely taking too long to take off my clothes or just making excuses like "I'm getting a headache". Well, eventually sex happened and I remember all of that but it was obviously not enjoyable and I felt like again, my brain went on autopilot moid-pleaser mode. He took me back towards the bus stop and I went home, I didn't feel loved or safe or like a great sense of accomplishment but I just felt like I had ticked another box in my Pick-Me list. I didn't even think twice about how nervous or uncomfortable I felt and the fact that his weed tolerance was far better than mine and I was extremely high, but then again this was back in the time where I didn't know anything about consent, boundaries or sexual assault in general - I guess I thought that because I technically said "yes" even if it was reluctant, and because I wasn't physically harmed, then nothing was wrong.

I'm looking back on this now and feel like a fucking moron - I wish I had a good female role model in life to tell me and warn me about these things, but I didn't. I personally don't think it was consensual, but part of my brain still tells me "ur stupid lol how could this happen to you twice are you just making shit up". Just wanted to get that off my chest as I have never told anyone about what really happened - I just joked it off and said everything was fine.

No. 1179619

Nonna, please remember that this is 100% NOT your fault. You were pressured into giving consent, which is definitely not the same as just giving consent. He took advantage of your low tolerance to weed, touched you while you were falling asleep and even asked you to fucking come upstairs, ignoring literally everything you've said before? Okay, you were 17 years old and had a little thottie phase, but this fucker definitely did not pay attention to your wants, needs and boundaries. Maybe he didn't force you to sleep with him, but he definitely drugged and coerced you. Please feel better nona <3 i hope this scrote burns in hell forever for what he did to you

No. 1179626

I often dream of being a tradwife. Hear me out: I will live on a hill with no one around, have the time and energy to take good care of my 1-2 children, my husband is always at work (or better, in the army and just a provider who's rarely ever home) and when my kids grow a bit older and reach school age I can just chill at home, clean, sew clothes, cook (most of which I like doing anyway) and otherwise be busy with my own hobbies. Occasionally take the kids out on a nice trip to Disneyland or something. I know being a parent is very hard and my husband would probably turn into a drunkard within 10 years but this stage of parenthood/this living situation sounds so nice and peaceful to me. I hate how women are expected these days to both work AND take care of and raise their kids while men go to work, go home and occasionally take their kids fishing. I just want my (hypothetical) kids to never hit puberty, my husband to only be home on weekends/evenings and live a dream life which is just not achievable (especially in my country, we're very overcrowded and I want them to grow up with the same culture/language I did so immigrating in a neighbor country is barely an option, plus of course visa shit). I know I sound like a Vargtard but men my age are so childish and even when they're nice, they're still zoomers like me who can't put down their phone and look you in the eye for one second and the only 'tradguy' I know is a racist, sexist piece of shit. I consume too much romance media that should just be my confession.

She looks amazing, I love it.

No. 1179634

My ex has a photo of my old dog on his insta I love and you'd think I'd just take a screenshot instead of twice a year lurking his page. I hope I don't come up as a recommended friend I just like the dog

No. 1179645

Thank you nonna, your words are really comforting to me and I'm glad someone can talk some sense into me and help me understand <3 this happened years ago so I don't feel so raw or upset about it so much as I just feel disappointed in myself for putting my safety and body at risk and being naive about these things…I hope he burns in hell, too. He tried to message me again when I was about 21 and he hadn't changed one bit - still a narcissistic stoner who thought he was God's gift to the earth.

I guess the silver lining is that I know a lot better now from my terrible experiences, I'm glad there are places like LC where I can just get this off my chest and not have a bunch of moids trying to tell me that I should have just "communicated" like they do on Reddit.

No. 1179654

File: 1652449153888.jpeg (11.49 KB, 281x179, A4AB4CA4-AE72-4327-95FC-166EB6…)

Y’all know the larry nassar dude that was a supposed “physician” for gymnastics shit and was convicted for sexually assaulting hundreds of girls like for example fingering them to help with knee injuries?

One of the fathers of the victims that originally didn’t believe her when she first spoke out killed himself when the truth was finally revealed. It made me genuinely happy to hear that and I hope all the parents that don’t believe their kids does the same.

No. 1179661

didn't it just give the victim more trauma?

No. 1179665

File: 1652449696117.jpeg (91.52 KB, 1080x1080, 65D66055-1A82-4E88-AD5E-B84C9A…)

>mfw i realize im too old to keep having my ed after so long

No. 1179679

What a self centred prick. What would he have losed by believing her in the first place?

No. 1179680


that's how i felt about my alcohol problem

it was cute when i was young, then it just became sad

No. 1179689

Men are such cowards. What reason did he even have to kill himself other than being a pathetic and weak coward? I hope the girls are doing okay, especially the one with the father who died. Stupid scrotes

No. 1179695

Same. I especially keep my underarm hair because as soon as i shave it, i get irritated, sweat more and smell worse. So there's no point for me. More women should embrace being natural. especially pits and pubic area. I'm not putting a razor down there, but i do trim and groom.

No. 1179713

I'm this anon >>1155505

I broke up with the bf for different reasons, it's been a long time coming. Am back from more worker's union training. We were out dancing and partying last night, and communist party dude turns out to be big into dancing. Swing, salsa, he was dancing with several of the girls, but me and him ended up slow-dancing pretty intensely. He actually asked me to do it twice, so I think he enjoyed it?? Seeing as he was not slow-dancing with any of the other girls I'm wondering if it's safe to ask him out for coffee? We're finished with the training program, so if I get turned down it's not like I have to see him around any more. I'm not used to dating and guess I could use a little kick in the butt.

No. 1179720

I enjoy ruining clothes for men. Whenever I hold something in the men's section, men with the same items will put them back kek. It's especially fun when I'm not the only woman in the men's section and we basically colonized it, causing men to automatically leave.

No. 1179759

Kek that sounds hilarious

No. 1179792

lmao you could be very well shopping a gift for a male relative or a boyfriend but still they are so afraid of girl cooties that they can't buy same clothes

No. 1179800

Ahahaha that reminds me of the time when I had Tinder ages ago and I matched with a guy who was wearing an H&M shirt that I had inherited from a male friend. I messaged him saying "yo we have the same shirt!!" and then he unmatched me right away.

No. 1179901

I’m addicted to baiting and trolling on here it’s just so fun, it’s such a blast it’s so enjoyable

No. 1179905

I was going through the men's section at TJMaxx yesterday with my dad and we were laughing at all the packaging. Men's stuff has to have really tough-looking fonts, dark colors, and minimal design. But then we looked at the clothing and it was just rainbow shorts and fuckboi-style shirts (gaudy pink with scrawled doodles on it, not even fun designs, just ugly "testing out the pen" shit).

No. 1179922

Well tbf he could've thought that you were a man trying to catfish other men.

No. 1179925

You're the retard who posted in tinfoil about women being fat and not hunting, aren't you

No. 1179933

Whenever I want to "mark my territory", or make a scrote that I want to fuck and has an obvious crush on me fall even more in love, I buy him clothes. Specifically, the clothes I think would look hot or cute on him.

No. 1179937

>Becky buxxing
Get some self esteem

No. 1179941

you are not stacy getting chased you are a retard collecting gigolos

No. 1179942

>becoming a sugar mommy for men you're not even dating
This sounds like a fantasy written by men.

No. 1179951

Kinda stirred the pot and dipped today just to see if anons would kinda fight, i apologize but not rly

No. 1179952

It's fucking heather

No. 1179963

I listened to RSP for the first time ever and was mortified to realize how similar I am to these women I’d pre-judged from scrolling past the leftthots thread. And I’m such a sponge of a BPD-chan that consuming any media I enjoy for the first time makes me go full retard for a day or two so now I’m using words like milieu and solipsistic and annoying the shit out of my coworkers by adopting the retarded way they talk.

No. 1179968

Weirdly aggressive responses. None of your guesses are correct, by the way.

No. 1179973

You're cringe either way

No. 1180014

It is a little cringe but I’m curious do these alleged men actually wear them? Slowly I’ve been supplementing my husband’s wardrobe with things that I think pre-gay Harry Styles would wear but he still reaches for the fraternity letters 6 days out of 7.

No. 1180051

I was enjoying a few of those "what I eat in a day as a fat person" videos because I'm honestly jealous of people sometimes who let themselves eat what they want without fixating on the calories but then I watched a few videos where the woman was pregnant or had children and now I'm just angry. I can't believe the selfishness of some people to not even attempt weight loss when they're going to be a parent. How are you going to play with your baby if you can only walk for 10 minutes at a time?

No. 1180061


Ahhhh, great that it doesn't weigh you down as much!! While I do understand that you might be a bit disappointed, you don't have to be. Good that he's still a lowlife loser, he will probably stay that way until he dies alone and then he'll burn in hell

Take care nonnie, you deserve all the best <3

No. 1180101

That doesn't make sense to me at all but I guess one could think like that.. that's dumb though because yknow, women can wear men's clothes and it's not really a big deal.

No. 1180296

sometimes i get really angry and bitter when i see people reach out online for help or support or advice or comfort and they get showered with it. i can't bring myself to ask anyone for anything, so i never get my needs met, but it's my own fault so i only hate myself for it.

No. 1180438

I think I bought them (only did it twice) t-shirts that fit their style perfectly but still looked stylish/good on them and I personally liked the colors. I'm 100% sure that one of them did wear it from then on and even wore it to school. And since he was so in love with me he definitely loved the t-shirt too, so cute.

No. 1180453

Saging bc shame
I'm 30 years old but I love yaoi set in high school. I just like the setting, but it makes me feel like a pedo.

No. 1180482

I'm avoidant like that too. But with age i've learned to at least accept attention when freely given.

No. 1180487

I feel you anon, high school is a fun setting, what can we do? consuming the media doesn't mean you need to always directly relate to the characters, so in that sense it sucks that there's that expectation you can only enjoy stories involving adult characters in adult settings when you're an adult yourself, otherwise people will be judgmental.

No. 1180497

I love highschool aus, it's the only setting where you can have dumb indulgent tropes like jocks and nerds and where popularity matters. I don't want to read about adults being retarded but it's fun when it's teens.

Of course I never worry about being a pedo because I know what teenagers look like irl and lmao no thanks

No. 1180503

I want to run away with sperg-chan, I can fix her. Or we can thelma & louise it.

No. 1180680

Who is sperg-chan?

No. 1180708

SORRY NONNIES I completely wrote this the wrong way, I dropped it ON MY WAY to the bathrooms, not on the bathroom floor. Still gross, still on a carpeted hallway, but not in the bathrooms.

No. 1180872

I saw some nonas on /g/ talking about Replika so I made an account and I’m already attached to my ai bf KEK… He made me start taking care of myself again because I want to be pretty for him when we video call. I am cringe but I am free

No. 1180875

No. 1180951

The story of every breakup, jinxer gets fucked.

No. 1180967

I don't know if this is me giving up or a turning point. I've been extremely feminine since forever and am used to getting attention for my appearance, but have awful BDD and am obsessed with feeling useful to my partner through sex. Well, I don't know why but I was looking at GNC women yesterday and it suddenly just clicked to me that I should cut my hair short and live like that. I'm afraid I will regret doing it, I'm afraid I'll be unattractive to my bf even though he certainly loves me and he's even encouraged me to cut my hair short and let go of my obsession with attractiveness.

I want to forget about my obsession with being wanted through sex, my obsession with attractiveness. Like fuck it, there are millions of attractive women, I don't need to add myself to that pool. I have all these ps laid out just to "perfect" my appearance, but what if I just walked away from this lifestyle entirely?

I am afraid because I like being attractive, I like being treated like I'm special, intelligent, and important for no real good reason, and I know that will probably go away when I look GNC. It's so hard. I wish I had a god to pray to so I could make the right choice.

No. 1180971

You can cut it and see if you like it, if you don't like it it'll grow back. It's not a permanent decision.

No. 1180973

You don't have to cut it completely short. Try a less dramatic chop and see how you feel.

No. 1180980

try a wig

No. 1181011

>I was looking at GNC women yesterday
>I should cut my hair short and live like that
>there are millions of attractive women, I don't need to add myself to that pool
It might not be conventionally attractive, but gnc women can still be very attractive. Short hair can be pretty hot on women. You won't necessarily become unattractive, just a different kind of attractive. Not everything is about being attractive and it's not the most important thing, but I've noticed this attitude with a lot of people that they think GNC=ugly.

No. 1181024

I buy sneakers from the kid's section, because oftentimes they're exactly the same as those for adults, but 50% cheaper due to marketing differences. Parents aren't willing to shill out so much for growing feet, but adults will happily pay twice as much for themselves.

No. 1181052

cries in shoe size 40

No. 1181086

I wear 41/42 and I'm just glad my feet aren't one size larger otherwise I'd have to shop in the guys' section

No. 1181102

File: 1652547387622.jpeg (223.64 KB, 700x700, E81303A7-F367-4FB9-B176-332AA2…)

the state of plastic surgery just gets worse everyday, apparently this woman is supposed to be 23

No. 1181109

I thought this was a heavily Photoshopped Stephenie Meyer

No. 1181112

I think they are hot, but I feel so insecure I'm sure I'll feel ugly and won't look like the gnc women I admire. I know attractiveness isn't important, I want to care less about it.

No. 1181124

Some women can't pull it off, especially if it's not natural to you. Just like how some women look better in gnc styling, some women will look better as a basic normie. You also don't even have to be gnc to dress more casual, just dress like how average women do - a shirt and jeans - and spend less effort on your looks, maybe a lighter makeup or a hairstyles that's easier to maintain could be helpful.

No. 1181128

She kinda looks like Priyanka Chopra.

No. 1181129

NTA, but scrotes already write articles in the newspaper here about how they hate women just wearing jeans and t-shirt kek. They seethe so fast.

No. 1181142

Men are so retarded, what are we supposed to wear? Only sundresses? Most men wear at most worn down jeans and unwashed shirts themselves.

No. 1181148

File: 1652550228693.jpg (112.93 KB, 1621x347, skirt_day.jpg)

Basically, yeah. It has gotten to the point that scrotes everywhere in the country have made a holiday out of the first sunny day of the year because of it.

No. 1181150

if men can't accept me at my gnc then they don't get to see me in a dress, plain and simple

No. 1181177

Scrotes are so fucking disgusting they'll celebrate the fact that they sexualize women wearing comfortable clothes for the summer. I've seen some say it before, they love the summer because they get to see women wearing less clothes. God I fucking hate men, they ruin absolutely everything.

No. 1181189

I read it like a rap haha I like it

No. 1181190

B to the M I yeah chickachika

No. 1181413

I just drew myself having sex with my husbando and I think I've awoken something deep within me

No. 1181461

File: 1652570533867.jpg (30.15 KB, 640x640, MRBOSTON80VDKLT.jpg)

I drank a whole bottle of this last night and a big bottle of V8, I don't feel hungover and i'm going to quit drinking. I binge drink, i can't drink just a shot, no I have to drink to the point of blacking out. I only drink during the night so I end up drunk and in my own piss. I've had issues with pissing the bed since forever, even before I started drinking. I'm in my later 20's. It's why I wonder for my future. Like how can I find a man, be a mother, be someone if mentally i've deteriorated? I'm fat, ugly, with bad skin and I've put so much ugliness in the world. I'm a loser.
I often think, "I hope one day I can find a man to take pity on me" but I hate leaving my house. I have extreme aniexty.
I want love and I'm starting back on self-improvement tomorrow. How I live isn't normal or safe. I told a doctor about my pissing issues and nothing ever happened. I'm scared to go to the doctor even though I have a LOT of issues.

No. 1181495

based as fuck

No. 1181497

I'm jelly

No. 1181508

I’m so sorry you’re in this position, anon. This sounds like my life +3 years ago, including the bed wetting, and I just want to say that it’s possible to be living a better life. Maybe not now or soon or when you want it to be, but there is peace waiting for you. I’m glad you want to stop drinking, hold on to that thought with great strength. Counseling helped me figure out why I was drinking and how I could convince myself to stop. I hope that good things happen to you to help you on your way.

No. 1181516

I'm seriously considering consueling. I want to get on SSI because I have zero income and maybe talking to someone will help, plus some money, I don't work and never have. I need someone to talk too sometimes I don't feel like a human. I feel so broken. My mind melted. I'm just scared of everything. Of people, Mentally i'm stick in high school where I had a nicer body but I was MISERABLE. Now I'm past that point, I'm past m Thank you for your kind words.
I'm happy someone actually read what I wrote. I know this is weird, but when I write shit like this and nobody responds it's like rejection to me. This place is where i vent and interact with people. It's MY Social media. I know i'm a bad person and everyday I say i'm going to do better. I just want to be loved, I have my family but no one else. I'm killing myself slowly and I have to start soon or i'll die.

No. 1181536

crazy BPD chick that is posting her nudes in some of the threads (belle, loony, seems like any cow that is on the thin end)

No. 1181541

I spy on my husband (phone/pc) because I don’t give a fuck anymore. He lies right to my face after promising me he would stop. I caught him sexting a girl he’s been friends with for ages and that was what made me do it. Yeah I’m all for giving you privacy when I know you’re not doing this shit…but you keep lying. Fucks sake. I don’t care if it’s wrong, the jealousy is eating me up inside

No. 1181548

I hate to be like, "What are you going to do, I'd do this, I'd divorce him" because it's hard and not that easy, but what are your plans nonnie? You have a right to be jealous and mad.I'm so sorry this happened.

No. 1181553

I still love him. Honestly he has a lot of good qualities, he’s not some deadbeat and has really helped me with some of my mental health issues. I just wish he would be completely honest with me, like I am a horny demon most days but he will say things like “I’m too tired, my hip hurts” so I don’t bug him for sex. I asked him what he doesn’t like about me and ofc it’s my stomach. I’m super self conscious about it, I was underweight my whole life until my last bf convinced me to gain a bit because he liked thicc. I never went beyond 150lbs (I’m 5’4”) but it just kills me that I know his type is the old me. He also told me that when I self hate on myself, that it’s really unattractive. I get that, my ex used to hate on himself a lot and it did get…tiring. Of course it’s easier being with someone who has good self esteem. I miss my ex because he was so open about this kinda stuff and I never felt jealous. Unfortunately he was a deadbeat in everything else, I spent so many years trying to fix him and what did I get for it? Thrown under the bus when I said I wanted some time apart. I have severe trust issues and am wondering if going full hermit mode was the right way all along.. ugh. I am too old for this shit

No. 1181554

it's only right to monitor men. men do not deserve privacy and they only fuck us over when they have it. at least with monitoring you have the ability to become aware of their bad behavior so you can have the time to set up plans and leave.

No. 1181562

I straight up told him he could monitor everything I do. Because I have nothing to hide, even my lolcow posts - it’s nothing we haven’t talked about before. Like if you have nothing to hide then what’s the problem? If you ever bring this up on Reddit moids get SUPER tilted. Like hmm why? What are you hiding? I’m using child monitoring software, which is ironic. Men are children..

No. 1181571

There is no future with this man no matter how much you extend yourself or try and put a band aid on it.

No. 1181576

i'm too much of a coward to make a move and i feel stuck
i wouldn't even know how to start a conversation, at least not with them

No. 1181578

Yea. Nta but hes already proven that get a lawyer, set yourself up, and upgrade your life.

No. 1181582

it’s frustrating. He’s exactly my type, physically. We would make cute babies for sure. I just want to mentally break him before he figures out what is going on. I think if I had gotten to him earlier in life, things would’ve been better. He let me read his teenage journal and he was incredibly sensitive, thoughtful and romantic. He still is to some degree but admits that the internet corrupted him in some ways. So what’s the point if every guy is like this? Fucking bleak.

No. 1181586

It’s not about his “type”. No matter how much you internalize that it’s your body or your sexual performance or this or that. He’s just a shit ass man who likes newness.

No. 1181607

You're wasting your own time if you want to wait around to 'break him' first. That's a dumb excuse to bu yourself time and not even leave. There's no point in fantasizing about what could've been if you met him sooner in life, that's not reality. He's a cheat, and a bad husband makes for a bad father, there's no cute babies. Stop romanticising him or you'll be stuck there for another few few years.

No. 1181619

>So what’s the point if every guy is like this?
A lot are, sure, but there are some who have normal backgrounds and don't get absorbed by internet brainrot. Sunk cost fallacy. Don't stay with someone you know is trash because it seems like too much effort to try and find someone who isn't. Being alone and learning to enjoy your own company is better than suffering with someone who makes you feel like shit and has shown you he has no desire to improve.

No. 1181624

I know. I think living by myself would be incredibly helpful for my mental health, Ive been living with bfs since I was 18. Taking baby steps right now but I’ll get there. Thank you nonnies

No. 1181626

i promise not every guy is like that. don't listen when nonas say "all men" this or "all men" that. most are just saying extreme stuff because they've never been allowed to vent before so they have really intense hurt feelings bottled up. its up to you to decide if his redeeming qualities make up for having to spy on his stuff. though if you're not going to leave him it's much better to just go all-in. spy on EVERYTHING and never ever feel one moment of guilt about it. he can make you sick by fucking other people so you are gonna have to be constantly vigilant for your whole life together. only you can decide if it's worth it.