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File: 1688925895598.jpg (132.3 KB, 967x534, twitter1.jpg)

No. 1629244

No. 1629342

File: 1688934371704.png (2.32 MB, 1080x3267, Screenshots_2023-07-09-13-26-3…)

On one hand she's right to call out these creepy moids for insinuating that women they hate should get an OnlyFans. On the other hand these gross creeps are literally the target demographic of her "work" because these moids get off to women being humiliated in porn. Porn is inherently humiliating to moids and no amount of "sex work is work" mantra is going to change that.

No. 1629398

>sexwork is work but not empowering
well that's a rare semi-based take from a twittard

No. 1629399

Speculating about a woman getting an OF is just moids new way to say they are jerking off to her and want to see her naked. So gross and transparent.

No. 1629599

>Porn is inherently humiliating to moids
libfems seriously need to wake up already. under every other seemingly innocent selfie of a young girl would be comments like "she's gonna make one soon". Especially mentally ill or "alt" girls.
scrotes do not view you as human. From implying, and suggesting to coercing sexual slavery on you is what they do.

No. 1630241

tbh that take is more common that what twitter would have you believe. I have seen several women who does sex work say this on social media. Though they only said it on their private accounts which did not link their sex work accounts. I bet if you where to go to their sex work accounts you would see them sperg about empowerment. It's really bleak. On their private accounts many of them vented about sex work and hinted that they hated it but they couldn't leave

No. 1630938

File: 1689096410780.jpeg (638.06 KB, 828x1339, DB715F16-38E3-4791-9EB8-B50E19…)

This woman is getting torn by retards for her TERF vest. From what I can tell the woman is a lesbian and participates in women speak events.


No. 1630948

i am not a terf, but thats pretty punk, really cool

No. 1630966

judging by her responses she posted it for attention. don't you think it's weird to put it on twitter of all places unless she wanted to argue about it? which ok if that's what floats her boat, but it makes me wonder if she created the vest hoping for real life interaction from it and didn't get it because in real life… no one cares, as she pointed out many times in the comments. but the replies she's responding to are all retarded so whatever let them fight

No. 1630984

I get what you mean but it’s also possible she did it to try and get attention from other TERFs? I imagine it’s hard to find other lesbians that aren’t giving in to the troons

No. 1631002

good politics, awful music taste

No. 1631076

I didn't read the post properly and thought this was made by someone protesting the Women Speak event because of how cringey it looks. Jesus.

Yeah this is just one big attention seeking endeavour. I'm a radfem leaning lesbian, but if I saw her in public, I'd avoid her like the plague.

No. 1631138

isn't that the asexual flag at the bottom or some other larp identity flag

No. 1631164

Non-Binary flag I think. Not the first so-called radfem I've seen identify as some flavour of non-binary or agender. It's funny watching them tell trannies that gender is a construct with zero self-awareness.

No. 1631176

File: 1689111306372.jpeg (324.71 KB, 1242x591, 30ED8C9A-29CA-453C-BFEF-F52B17…)

it's the american suffragette flag

No. 1631414

NTA I just wanted to say I hate how we can't even see flags anymore without assuming it's some gendie flag.

No. 1631598

Huh, never knew the American's had a different flag to the green/white/violet one.

Same. I hate that both the US and UK suffragette flags closely resemble gendie flags (non-binary and I think the other one is genderqueer). I know there's only a finite amount of colours, but I still think that was done on purpose.

No. 1632879

File: 1689274423270.jpeg (206.81 KB, 1080x1228, IMG_3392.jpeg)


For full context the person this faggot scrote is replying to is explaining that the reason women aren’t overly welcoming with men in most cases is due to the fact that it gets falsely misinterpreted as flirting when they are simply trying to be polite. Instead of actually listening to her points he retorts as if she is in the wrong for not owing these creepy men any more attention, but considering that he used to be mgtow his retardation isn’t a surprise.

No. 1635566

File: 1689539531061.png (989.79 KB, 1080x1561, Screenshot_20230716-222749.png)


No. 1635661

File: 1689548161632.png (742.19 KB, 796x665, 39db0204a63e62a85d4300808c9691…)

Disgusting use of AI

No. 1635698

Thank you for reminding me why I should continue to not post photos of myself online

No. 1635700

>turns out ive got other mental issues going on
the jokes write themselves

No. 1635707

It looks like someone photoshopped a model's body onto her, barely credible yet moids will fap to it anyway

No. 1635709

Kek the boobs literally look painted on from the wrong perspective too.

No. 1635721

I constantly see men harping on about how naked bodies are just way too sexualized "in the west" but why the fuck would any woman want to "normalize" nudity when this is the kind of shit that western men do.

No. 1635936

I saw another tweet of this with that picture and the moid was asking "would you smash or pass" and it had alot of likes. Really disgusting, this was a random woman on the plane who went viral and now moids are sexualizing her without her consent.

You know I just realized something disturbing and this is from I've seen irl too and that's that moids absoluteley hate when women act sexual but instead love it when a woman isn't into them or is minding her own business so they can sexualize her or force their sexuality on her.

Men's sexuality is basically just defiling things,pedo tendencies, dominance, humiliation, pain,only wanting bodies not found in nature etc etc nothing to do with actual attraction and very different from the attraction that women have for men.

Because why would you treat someone you are attracted to this way, most men act like catty bitches towards women too almost like they're all closeted fags.

No. 1636749

porn addicts aka moids are such a disgrace to this world.

No. 1636751

File: 1689636521846.png (1.37 MB, 1144x1532, Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 00.27…)

I hate twitterfags I hate normie women I hate all these retards that cape for men when they will never give us that same grace
I don't even think Henry Cavill looks awful now but that's probably because we romanticise ruggedness in men compared to women being expected to look like their 16 year old selves throughout their whole careers. By the /r9k/ incel definition, he "hit the wall".

No. 1636759

kek, for me he looks better than ever, losing his hair, amazing, I like bald man, gamer, nice thing, I like nerds, not trooned out by now, fantastic. What I find mostly annoying is that people won't let other people find someone attractive because they think that someone looks horrible. I think that, for example, Chris Evans looks like an unemployed dude that takes dogs for a walk while being too small taking too many steroids, still, there are women/men who like him and why not? It's not like he raped or killed people, so if someone finds him attractive I would never tell them to not feel that way. I also think that women that haven't done a lot of facial surgery look amazing, I like women that look natural. Look at Linda Hamilton for example, they completely blurred her face in Chuck, but I think she looks amazing, because she doesn't care and I think that's the best thing we as women can do, not caring and stopping to judge women for not being part of the beauty industry. Someone doesn't want to shave or get fillers, nice, bake her a cake, not insult her like she owes anyone having skin like a child for 70 years.
(I'm sry, I'm drunk, I might have misread what you wanted to say, kek)

No. 1636760

I agree with the sentiment but imo it would’ve worked better if she used someone who actually aged like shit, such as Leonardo DiCaprio (especially with his dating history)

No. 1636763

cavill dates teenagers, so they're the same in that department

No. 1636764

The thing I’m enjoying about getting old is recognising that a lot of what I think is beautiful aren’t actually the things I find beautiful but is just the result of advertised conditioning. I’ve fallen for societal standards and I just don’t agree with them when I think about it. I can define beauty for myself and I’m sick of advertising telling me otherwise. Old ladies are beautiful, a balding man is natural, consuming just to consume is ugly and I am judging you. Stop falling for it, they don’t care, they don’t like you regardless of how much you spend trying to appeal to someone’s sensationalized sense of attractiveness, they’d sooner shit on you the moment trends change. Anyway, no one compares to a beautiful blue sky on a cool day, we’re all ugly maggots crawling on the beauty that is earth. Sincerely someone who is super high.

No. 1636765

shoe used to shame women for not being rail thin, but god forbid anyone says anything against a balding rich scrote

No. 1636767

wow ur so deep nonny
anyways balding moids are disgusting and we should all cooperate to find a cure or make it illegal for balding men to go outside without a bag on their heads

No. 1636776

>Anyway, no one compares to a beautiful blue sky on a cool day, we’re all ugly maggots crawling on the beauty that is earth
nonna, I love what you have written and it's exactly how I feel and if I would be looking for a relationship I would ask you if you are single and need a girlfriend, kek.

Why cure baldness? Sry, I like bald men more than those with long hair, it looks clean and nice and if they have an nice face you see more of it.

No. 1636777

You're right about everything except the balding man part.

No. 1636780

>she doesn't know about bald pillow grease stains

No. 1636783

that pillow I can wash, I still like bald guys, they look clean and shiny, kek

No. 1636791

Based nona

No. 1636878

He looks the same though, just with a slightly mature skin and facial hair, am I missing something?

No. 1636883

>am I missing something?
The McDonald's logo hairline

No. 1636900

I love how people are in the comments saying it doesn't matter because he is an amazing person, oh how I wish women were granted this grace when aging.

No. 1636907

File: 1689652909314.jpg (Spoiler Image, 152.58 KB, 1004x2048, Fu9uk-QWwAosARU.jpg)

Aint nobody looking at that hairline

No. 1636916

I work with older ladies and they are so awe inspiring, one of them showed me photos from her time as a flight attendant for pan am and she looks so much the same, albeit older. there is a power and beauty in wisdom, not just in the vapidity of looks, but women are the ones who not just maintain their beauty inside, but outwardly, as they age. meanwhile… men…

No. 1636926

File: 1689654271081.png (474.03 KB, 586x934, margot.png)

The context of the Cavill thing was that rightoid scrotes spent entire days gossiping and nitpicking about Margot Robbie's looks and insisting she's just average, so Cavill was used as the male version for satire

No. 1636929

Men love negging and putting us down at every opportunity it’s so autistic the way they turn up their nose at superstar celebrities who have dozens of procedures and look stunning objectively. Meanwhile there are hordes of women lusting over Pedro pascal who looks like a garbage man. Are moids even straight at this point if they’re nitpicking the fact a woman has slightly aged?

No. 1636933

Barbie is pretty slim though, and why would she need to be sexual stimulating? Do men actually know what Barbie is and what she looks like, or do they just hear Barbie and envision whatever they think is the most sexually attractive? And I know DDs aren't that big I have them so.. but people for ages have been using double Ds as a placeholder for really big titties so I feel safe in assuming that's what he means. Anyway, what he's looking for is porn, not a movie about a literal doll.

No. 1636935

Samefag but also
>hollywood starlets can be beautiful but not too sexy
Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Marilyn Monroe, Scarlet Johansson. Literally all women that are known for being sexy.

No. 1636937

>authentic to the character
has anyone called them out for mixing barbie the doll for little girls that goes on princess adventures with bimbo porn?

No. 1636960

slight tinfoil but i honestly think that the main reason men nitpick her specifically (and women like her) is because despite being a 30+ year old woman, they find her attractive. ive noticed men doing this to a lot of exceptionally beautiful 30-40 year old women. theyre so psychotically obsessed with making women feel like hideous disgusting beasts the moment they hit thirty for some reason, and they deeply hate any woman that disproves this to them.

No. 1636961

>objectively beautiful woman doesn't make my dick hard (wth since when are actresses meant to be "muh sexually stimulating" it's not a porno) so she is not beautiful

Didn't know twitter shitposter moid dicks were the arbiters of beauty, learn something new every day

No. 1636962

it also doesnt make sense because the movie is PG-13, likely so they could appeal to a larger audience. its not some raunchy adult film and it wasnt meant to be lol.

No. 1636967

If you’re not a terf then you’re retarded tbh.

No. 1636968

I agree with the OP about the hairline and especially about the steroids. Besides that he still looks like himself, there are many male celebrities that age way worse than that. I'm especially thinking about Chris Evans right now.

No. 1637127

File: 1689691301364.jpg (173.03 KB, 956x652, Vj8cvotdlfvb81.jpg)

>nb communist
of course

No. 1637134

>24 year old with DDs bounching around the screen
>more authentic to the character
I wish men would stop conflating their degenerate hyper tit bimbo porn with Barbie. Barbie being 30 makes more sense since she has like several degrees, that shit takes time. And so what if the actress is hot to women, and not sexually stimulating to men. Not everything needs to be catered to them, not everything has to be something they have to jerk their chodes too. I love the way he uses 'think' rather than 'is' as if to imply women's thoughts on Margot Robbie is somehow wrong.

No. 1637137

Nonnies jumping to the defense of balding ageing men when this is how the average moid sees women is sad

No. 1637159

File: 1689694450196.jpg (5.41 KB, 130x185, images (1).jpg)

It's funny how shoe is mad at some random woman for not wanting to fuck Henry Cavill, but keeps quiet about a bunch of men insisting Margot Robbie is old/ugly and that Barbie (a children's toy) should look like a porn star "for accuracy".
You'd think being 30 and bald would tamper the pickme tendencies just a bit, but I guess that's the path she chose. Anyway, I think the OP of the Cavill post is actually being too kind. Cavill is an ugly square-shaped roided gorilla who escaped from the zoo. Even in his heyday, he really wasn't shit. I've seen hotter men just walking down the street.
It's hilarious how many women are triggered by these sorts of statements about this man and rush to the defense of m'gentleman. Meanwhile, so many men sit back and call women hideous sub-6s for daring to have lines under their eyes.

No. 1637165

This is a guy you sometimes see at your local McDonald's. His parents are meth addicts and he has a bit of a habit himself, but at least he knows how to fix a car. He drives a lifted truck, has vomited out the side of the window a few times and once pissed off a balcony. Kicked out of 12 bars, committed some property damage, has a warrant in a few counties. Domestic violence charges, but he promises he's a changed man. He's experimented with sexuality a few times while under the influence, but doesn't like gay men. Goes to Tijuana every 6 months to "party" (smoke crack and rape prostitutes). He's technically living under an alias and dodging child support, but he needs it to be known that the kid definitely isn't his, that whore baby-trapped him anyway, he was young and the court ruined his life. You know his name, not his story etc.

No. 1637168

Well she still hasn't been picked yet and is too dumb to realize she never will be by being such a braindead doormat.

No. 1637199

Seriously. It reminds me of the “free the nipple” thing. I’d like to be able to go braless more often or even sit on my porch shirtless, but I’m a burger and American moids are like apes or dogs at the sight of a breast. It’s so embarrassing for them and makes me hate the fact that we can’t do these things without being sexualized or mocked.

No. 1637227

No. 1637229

File: 1689702176725.jpeg (525.8 KB, 1170x1451, IMG_4990.jpeg)

Nobody cares about your high school trauma. Grow up.

No. 1637242

>perceived queerness
Fake and heterosexual

No. 1637244

>I've seen hotter men just walking down the street.
Where do you live? I'm moving there right now, I'm sick of seeing ugly men everywhere and Cavill when he was young is 100% my type.

No. 1637263

>didn't treat me like a boy
But they picked on you for being sensitive/girlish boy. Why would they pick on a girl for being girly?

No. 1637487

This. They probably thought he was gay or effeminate and bullied him for that. Not that that’s right, but that’s a male childhood experience.

No. 1637796

Being ridiculed for being feminine is peak male socialization, probably more than any other experience. Not every man I know did sports or was into leadership or whatever they think male socialization is, but I’ve never met a man who wasn’t made fun of at some point for doing something “feminine.”

These idiots think male socialization means that you internalize every message without resistance. It’s like saying female socialization to comphet and passivity isn’t real because some women end up lesbians or CEOs. Socialization is about what other people do to you, not how you interpret it.

No. 1638629

File: 1689843471663.jpg (201.82 KB, 1170x1734, the internet is serious busine…)

My favourite thing in Twitter is weeb coomers who talk like Sephiroth, they're great to laugh at.

No. 1638654

Kek men are so emotional, sensitive and dramatic.

No. 1638658

is that an anime character imposed on a Libertarian flag?

No. 1638666

Late but how do you abolish entire languages spoken by millions of people worldwide? What does abolish even mean at this point?

No. 1638720

File: 1689855650737.png (41.97 KB, 583x288, fucking hell.png)

He's such an emotional weeb coomer lel

No. 1638726

>Hitler and Stalin etc. are less bad than MY enemies because MY enemies are against ME
Entitled hysterical retard class.

No. 1638774

I checked his account to see more of this insanity and he's just a spergy lolicon…

No. 1638788

The ones nitpicking this aren’t straight they are pesophile faggots who would rather fuck a 22 year old troon with bolt ons than a 32 year old woman with a whisper of a wrinkle between her eyebrows.

No. 1638806

>got bullied for being autistic just like every autist
>”tHeY bUlLiEd mE fOr bEiNg qUeEr”

No. 1638840

He just looks like some guy you'd see in a gas station now

No. 1639129

File: 1689882452990.jpg (262.43 KB, 720x959, Screenshot_20230720Twitter.jpg)

"Too glamorous and striking for it to be true". So is he implying Bella has the beauty of a transgender because she is too glamorous and striking and natural women can't? Why can't they just say she's pretty and go instead of making it about themselves?

No. 1639130

I meant to say biological not natural lol sorry

No. 1639137

This is the most backhanded compliment possible. He knows what he's doing, comparing her to a troon.

No. 1639139

i was gonna say kek there's nothing natural about her

No. 1639628

File: 1689942168528.png (194.49 KB, 638x970, Screenshot.png)

So this blew up on feminist/radfem twitter, and I'm wondering if it's odd that I don't see any issue with this(also people on twitter are really armchair analyzing her entire life and relationship). and I'm also wondering if these people were ever children. Like when I was a kid, my mother would drag us to these local south asian folk music gatherings even though none of my siblings, barring my eldest brother, liked it. But we went along anyway. Even then, she would complain that we weren't being "happy" because we didn't enjoy being there, but we went for her sake and I'd assume this was a very common experience for most people.

No. 1639630

It's an insult, he's saying she looks plastic.

No. 1639631

It's harder to hype kids up about something they aren't into when Dad is being a shit role model.

No. 1639637

I think it’s pretty sad because mothers give up so much of themselves for their families. They give up their hobbies or interests or personalities outside just being a “mom” for YEARS. Then when maybe their kids are old enough for them to be able to branch out and have a life outside momming, nobody is supportive and everybody just rolls their eyes and treats her like she’s stupid or ridiculous for her interests. Almost patronizing and belittling how silly it is for a “mom” to be a person outside being a mom. Most dads NEVER give up their hobbies, even when they have a newborn at home, they keep gaming or golfing or going to the gym or whatever, and keep a whole life outside being a dad, and aren’t mocked for their hobbies or for being a multi dimensional human being generally. (Even women/girls who are not moms are mocked so much more and treated like their hobbies are dumb tbh)

No. 1639638

This is the digital equivalent to cutting a pasting a picture of a woman over the face of a playboy model. It's creepy as hell but nothing new. Unfortunately, this isn't the worst use of AI out there.

No. 1639645

but no one is stopping her from having hobbies, its that she's forcing others to be involved when they clearly have no interest.

No. 1639650

She should have went there alone or with friends. You can't force others to like what you like just because. Not bringing her husband and son would have saved her time and money and would have made the whole thing more relaxing for her. I hated when my parents dragged me anywhere they wanted because it was usually boring shit or exhausting so if her son is young I get why he wouldn't pretend to enjoy the outing.

No. 1639653

kind of agree but if the kid is young then shouldnt he be exposed to some culture rather than just sitting at home watching youtube toy reviews all day or whatever? kids will mimic their parents about stuff like that, he probably thought it would be awful because his dad immediately started treating it like a chore. i don't think trying to show your kid art at least once makes you a bad parent that forces your own likes on your kid i guess, it just makes me sad to think about the mom taking so much care to try to do it in a way her kid would enjoy and her husband not even pretending to give a fuck.

No. 1639659

Yeah that's why I said it depends on the son's age. If he's a teenager it's likely that he already knows what that kind of shows is like if the mom is a fan so it could be annoying and repeptitive instead of fun. If he's a small kid then it could have been a teaching experience. We're only getting a short description of what happened, for all we know the mom was a bit paranoid over their reaction or maybe she downplayed it and her husband and son were straight up annoying her until she gave up.

No. 1639660

nta but I was the one who posted this, my mother used to take me to these folk music gatherings called Qawwali every few months, it was in hot tightly packed room with dozens of people and the only one's liked going there were my mom and brother, I was forced to go and I hated Qawwali for years afterwards and would refuse to listen to it, I only learned to like its nature like 2 years back on my own, but I could have very well gone my entire life hating it, simply because I was forced to go.

No. 1639667

This isn't much context. This could be anything from like consistently unsupportive husband and son who were subtly undermine the single family outing of the year or it could be a narc woman who took them not faking a big interest as an insult and canceled the plan over nothing.

No. 1639785

problem with these sort of stories are that they are one-sided. It's always hard to judge when you only hear one part of the story. I normally take the woman's side in family conflicts but the "I faked illness and curled up in bed" part sounds kinda dramatic kek.
I don't think draging your kid along to an event they don't want to go to is bad though. I'm gonna sound old but I think focusing on something boring for 2 hours can be healthy for some kids because it can teach them patience as long as parents don't regularly drag them along to these events I don't see the issue.
If the woman has partaked in her husband's and kid's hobbies then they could at least pretend that they wanted to go just to make her happy, but we lack so much context here that we just don't know
>for all we know the mom was a bit paranoid over their reaction or maybe she downplayed it and her husband and son were straight up annoying her until she gave up.
exactly. I know sensitive people who cancels plans just because it wasn't meet with the exact same reaction they expected and then immediately assumed that the other people didn't care. On the other hand I also know people who downplays everything that happens to them even when they are mistreated.

No. 1639800

ayrt and i agree, i was forced to go to activities i hated as a kid and i didnt start loving them, i just hated them and resented my parents for forcing me into things weekly. but i still think just planning a single cultural outing doesn't mean youre forcing your kids into anything that would make them resent you and its actually pretty normal. like everyone else said, there just isnt enough context to judge here.

No. 1639871

I agree that its pointless to try and drag anyone to an event they have no interest in, I think the little mention the original poster makes of these theater performances being "girly things" should seriously get talked about more. Specifically I think there ought to be more mainstream conversation about how a lot of American male culture is straight up anti-intellectual and anti-art. Basically every example of high-brow live entertainment is seen as a "woman thing", and actually so is reading fiction and making/appreciating non-coom art

No. 1639926

nayrt, but I think another aspect is how 'dad activities' are always portrayed as the cool thing. The thing kids should be excited to be invited to do. But 'mom activities' are often portrayed as a slog, as dumb female things like culture that no child should want. So it's kind of ingrained in kids from the start.

No. 1640051

Since the doja thread is autosaged and the celebricows thread reached maximum posts I'll have to post this here for the time being.

I'm currently locked out of Twitter so I can't post screenshots but there is huge drama involving doja cat on Twitter currently and some of the tweets against her have reached over 100 thousand likes.

Basically victims of her current boyfriend have been reaching out to doja and people have been exposing her boyfriend for being a predator so she made a angry post saying how she doesn't care , then she started privately messaging random people on twitter and threatening them that she would send cyber security after those people just because they said something bad about her boyfriend. She has been going crazy threatening and blocking anyone speaking out about her boyfriend which has made people even more mad.

No. 1640056

Also when I mean doja I'm talking about doja cat. Tbh Twitter will probably forgive her like they always do. I remember when she treated her Latin fans like trash and people were mad and then they completely forgot about it. Or her telling men to call her racial slurs and humiliating herself on Webcam..people were mad at then they forgot about it.

No. 1640098

Ohhhh shit. We need a new celebricows thread, there’s too much good drama this weekend

No. 1640103

Hmm I'll try to make one but it will probably take me some hours until it's done bcus I'm using a small device.

No. 1640124

Kek I knew she wasn’t shit as soon as she started getting all that plastic surgery. She’s such a fucking pickme. I am somewhat surprised at this level of unhinged-ness over defending a predator but I’m not shocked at all.

No. 1640180

No. 1640308

She’s always been a pickme for /b/tards, she used to get drunk and strip for ugly 4chan neckbeards on video chat kek

No. 1640554

File: 1690031408008.png (1.16 MB, 648x3006, 1690031292865.png)

Imagine being as annoying as this racial-guilt ridden loser, like I thought this was some parody but nope he's 100% genuine.

No. 1640585

took me so long to recognize who's in the pic kek
>jesus, only whities here, now that's slightly racist! let me quickly call my only black friend!
should they also invite a poor person to balance out the wealth in this pic?

No. 1640679

File: 1690039567607.png (613.52 KB, 585x783, bait.png)

sooo much of twitter is just nonstop engagement bait and people feeding into it through QRTs. every twitter user should be given a rundown on what a bait tweet looks like and how to (not) respond.

No. 1640737

she's right about Dwayne Johnson and Mark Ruffalo though.

No. 1640747

she's right about butler too. dear god he is terrible, and ugly to boot

No. 1640752

he's fine I guess. but I hate Ruffalo cause he has literally the same demeanor in literally everything he's in.

No. 1640755

nonnie, ruffalo is absolutely a better actor than butler… not saying that ruffalo is great but are we talking about the same person? austin butler? he's awful

No. 1640759

I hate it when people criticize someone's talents just because they hate them as a person.

Ezra is a good actor and I kind of hate these double standards of people hating on his works or acting just because of his scandals or him being a shit person. There are so many male actors who have done horrible things yet they aren't criticized like this.

No. 1640772

I thought he was amazing in the elvis movie..kek and he is very good looking but he knows it

No. 1640810

Ezra doesn't really seem to have a crazy defense squad online unlike his older contemporaries, or online bots plus he was never really popular enough to construct a solid PR narrative and image based on his softboi art image before the allegations came tumbling out

On top of that, he was actually arrested and it made international headlines. But yes, he was talented, just seems drug fried these days. You're supposed to wait until like your 40s-50s to start acting so cuckoo crazy high on psylocibin, not 30

No. 1640964

>Ezra doesn't really seem to have a crazy defense squad online unlike his older contemporaries
that's because his fans were mostly young women who are much stricter about holding moids accountable vs. male capeshit fans or older pickmes like deppfags.
but it's true that he was a great actor, frankly can't think of anybody young who's better than him as kevin.

No. 1641334

File: 1690088098124.png (79.83 KB, 584x377, lazy.png)

Thousands of replies and likes for a screenshot of a reddit title, which itself is an incredibly basic question. Truly a new level of garbage content.

No. 1641512

I assume it gets retweeded alot since it sparks discussion and if that is the case I would rather have people discussing their favourite songs instead of fighting over politics

No. 1641541

kek at the obvious waist shoop

No. 1641571

File: 1690119873563.png (1001.92 KB, 712x2542, capture.png)

This shit is so fucking gay, this man is in his late 30's and he's obsessing over 20 year old hot young men having sex, Yeah sorry 21 year girl don’t want to date middle aged men.

No. 1641584

File: 1690120868199.jpeg (542.8 KB, 828x1391, IMG_0070.jpeg)

this case happened in poland. its a video of a man shooting another man and then shooting himself in the head. this is the caption this dumb african moid came up with. the woman is the gunman’s ex and the guy on the ground is her fiance. men are demonizing the woman for checking on her fiance instead of her crazed retard ex who will rot in hell. im even more affirmed in my moid hate these days

No. 1641585

And this is why you don't post pictures of yourself online, no matter how mundane.

No. 1641600

Polish moids are subhuman

No. 1641716

What is the logic? She should have ran into the arms of the gunman since the beta was bleeding out? The shooter is the alpha for murdering and she should be turned on?

No. 1641758

Apparently Twitter now limits the number of tweets you can view a day. No wonder I keep getting "couldn't retrieve Tweets at this time" error message. Oh well, at least I'm forced to not spend so much time on this hell site.

No. 1641763

Whenever men do this it also feels like a major excuse to not improve themselves at any age. 30s aren’t even old but moids will be like, “oh no I wasn’t a built tiktok star born rich so why should I even do anything to better myself”. Meanwhile if they acted normal and tried at anything, they could get women in their own age range at the least. But oh wait, they don’t want that. Why do they expect so much sympathy?

No. 1641779

What I find fucked up is how she kept screaming for help for I don't know how long but the person behind the camera was too busy filming this instead of calling the police.

Also I've noticed that African moids tend to particularly be very sexist and homophobic on Twitter. I use Twitter often and whenever I stumble upon some sexist and trashy tweet majority of the time it's written by a African moid.

No. 1641790

young chad will never fuck you if you don't move out and stop being so pathetic and in the closet

No. 1641842

Why would a black person want to go to a gathering that looked like that anyways. So weird

No. 1641919

From his twitter bio
>36 year old Babyface Cutecel that looks 16

No. 1642111

File: 1690154434123.jpg (16.04 KB, 951x535, F1vVeJraMAI2MaM.jpg)

Elon musk is changing the twitter logo to picrel. Apparently the change is supposed to happen tomorrow. I only wonder if he's trying to kill Twitter on purpose or if his own ego makes him think any of this is a good idea.

>More changes are coming to Elon Musk's Twitter, as the billionaire owner of the site announced plans to replace the company's iconic blue bird logo with the letter "X."

>An interim new logo is expected to go live sometime on Sunday, Musk said, as he announced that the URL "X.com" would now automatically redirect users to Twitter.

>"X will be the platform that can deliver, well….everything," Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino wrote Sunday on Twitter.

>Musk has hinted at changing Twitter's name to "X" since last year when he was days away from officially owning the company. "Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app," he said on Twitter.

>Musk's vision for an "everything app" has been compared to platforms like the ubiquitous WeChat app in China.


No. 1642126

When my husband told me about this I laughed so hard, literal 2edgy4u levels

No. 1642129

Is this guy seriously like extra chromosome level retarded? Wtf is he doing?

No. 1642138

He said a week ago the company was still in heavy debt. I don't think this move will fix that kek

No. 1642188

Hes killing it on purpose. It was the most popular app and a really good source for news and keeping up with current events without being forced to watch the news or look at stupid rag websites. People were promoting art on Twitter, other services, speaking about politics and other things without a barrage of ads. He's purposely destroying one of the biggest free platforms because it forces people to search for other monetized platforms. I wouldn't be surprised if he secretly had other enterprises paying him to support him in what he's doing, getting rid of Twitter reinforces the monopoly others have on the content you see.

No. 1642198

What's up with Elon Musk and the letter X, why is he so obsessed with it.

No. 1642226

The letter X is his autistic special interest

No. 1642237

>Brand X

No. 1642240

porn addiction keeps it in his subconscious

No. 1642249

Based elon 4D chess destroying twitter kek. Force the terminally online to go and touch grass.

No. 1642250

File: 1690166639413.jpeg (162.5 KB, 727x609, 491EA908-8E47-45F4-8601-AF1001…)

I don’t think it'll ever catch on.

No. 1642291

Their misery genuinely bring me joy, hurry up and kill yourself
He obviously gets pleasure from having the power to work people up, average internet baiter

No. 1642352

I have Japanese trending tags showing because I don't want to see trending tags in my country since they're usually about politics and murder cases and now X Japan is trending because of that kek. And it already trended months ago when that was first announced.

No. 1642396

I hope he kills the site I’m so sick of twitter

No. 1642400

No big website lasts forever. Time and time again popular forums/sites/boards come tumbling down. Unironically Twitter might actually improve in quality afterwards because Elon (intentionally or not) smashed a nest of faggots

No. 1642402

It won't happen that suddenly. I can imagine the West abandoning it but I saw many Japanese people saying they'd rather stay on twitter until it dies and they won't use alternatives after that. But they use it like it's a more anonymous facebook. I like the format but even before Apartheid Clyde took over there were some features added to copy popular features from other social media and it did start to feel like the devs were already started to cope. Elon is just continuing to make it worse, but a bit faster.

No. 1642417

People have been claiming he's killing twitter on a monthly basis since he acquired it but has it really lost any significant amount of the userbase so far? It's like how people will claim FB is dead even though it literally has three billion monthly users.

No. 1642423

File: 1690190784494.jpg (643.22 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230724_112751_Twi…)

Yoshiki will save us from Muskrat.

No. 1642435

I just want Asian artists to settle on a new site, because they dominate twitter
Western artists still have tumblr

No. 1642440

I used to follow many Japanese artists years ago on tumblr and mant of them deleted their accounts to focus more on twitter or they only post like once or twice a year. Pixiv isn't used the same way at all, so if you want to follow artists to keeo up with announcements like how they released an artbook or a new manga or another project it's not very useful. Some of them posted about creating instagram accounts but this app is shit and reduces the quality of pictures so much that twitter is unironically more convenient in comparison. I can't think lf anything else, I think threads only attracted American users. Because in my European country it's not available because its rules don't respect the GDPR at all and only a few Japanese artists I know mentioned it.

No. 1642455

I think a section of really overline ideoglical liberals have left twitter but that's about it.

No. 1642459

lmao hopefully he throws a fit

No. 1642475

File: 1690196689932.jpg (148 KB, 720x1108, Screenshot_20231023.jpg)

Scrotes want everything to cater to the coom gaze even children's movies and toys.

No. 1642483

Men should be banned from social media.

No. 1642521

>in case you were wonder-

No. 1642529

Barbie is literally a girls' toy, why are scrotes inserting themselves and their coom shit into it, there's no connection. Barbie toys aren't sexual, I feel like they swapped the words Bimbo and Barbie in their heads just because they both start with B.

No. 1642530

Barbie is truly a free clout generator, just say anything. Every scrote tweeting about it should get desexed with rusty scissors.

No. 1642603

Silly scrote, barbie is for girls

No. 1642607

Muskrat's next big change should be adding a "who asked" button to male posts

No. 1642620

File: 1690210505218.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.95 KB, 395x604, cf54dd817dd4ea4b8bda89453f2945…)

This is the real "Ken" look women want.

Not the dumpy one they put in the movies.

In case you were wondering.

No. 1642632

Mattel execs must be kekking tho, this must be the best scenario for Barbie, dumbass scrotes give it free advertisement by talking about it and keeping it relevant, while not polluting its fanbase like with my little pony and turning it into a weirdo thing.

No. 1642660

File: 1690212606917.jpg (65.75 KB, 1024x512, margot-robbie-barbie-outfits-1…)

How is Margot Robbie's Barbie desexualized? She has quite a few sexy looks on the movie and on red carpet / photoshoots related to it. They even zoomed on her ass in the movie.

No. 1642663

They're desensitized. Looks like that don't register as sexy for coombrains.

No. 1642664

no that pic is like when you have your barbie make out with a marvel action figure because your parents didn't buy you a ken doll

No. 1642694

She still looks fashionable. Men don't see this as sexy, I assume they want her to show way more skin and have bigger boobs regardless of fashion.

No. 1642711

To men, fashion and style is when woman wears red dress or skimpy outfit

No. 1642735

Well yeah that's kind of what I'm saying. They don't know shit about actual fashion, to them anything that makes women look fuckable is fashionable. They shouldn't even be allowed to watch this movie because now we have to deal with their retardation online.

No. 1642737

They can't let us have anything, Barbie is a movie for girls and adult women with fond memories of playing for hours with their Barbie dolls, not for adult male losers who rant on twitter about movie characters not being sexy enough. This is exactly like MLP, they take something innocent and fun for girls and bring their knuckle-dragging coomer antics into it, FUCK OFF.

No. 1642744

No. 1642760

File: 1690217896247.jpg (181.45 KB, 610x1499, _2011 Glam brunette Barbie dol…)

These really are not sexy. They're very cute, fashionable, and appropriate considering the movie is about a toy. Short doesn't equal sexy imo.

No. 1642774

Agreed, the doll has more modelesque proportions than bombshell hourglass proportions imo

No. 1642798

You're just desensitized from seeing girls and women wear that shit all over the media and even on the streets irl. I can get behind the one with the sweater not being sexy but showing your midrif or deep décolleté isn't sexy? Please.

No. 1642804

thinking about all the barbie movies, and did she ever have kids? she only sometimes got a boytoy. maybe she was always a queen but i never really noticed before she started triggering moids en masse kek

>uhm this is the barbie look us men want!

women need to become way more vocal and annoying about what we actually want, twitterkpopfags need to spam their twinks in response to every capeshit or moid-anime stuff, we need to call all those moid celebrities old and past their fuckability prime, don't let them have any moid-only space anymore

No. 1642811

File: 1690220847817.jpeg (105.63 KB, 652x800, IMG_8392.jpeg)

It's not supposed to be "sexy" in all cases

But I do question why Kim was allowed to wear croptops to school

No. 1642814

By modern day standards, no not really. She's showing a fair amount of skin yes, but would it be considered sexy to anyone outside of conservatives? Not really. It's mainly her thin body type that makes the outfits not "sexy". Clothes look different on different frames.

No. 1642832

I don't remember if she was high school aged or middle school aged.if it was highschool that's not really out of the realm of reality. My school didn't allow crop tops after a while but girls would sneak and wear them sometimes anyways. Plus Kim's cheer uniform was also cropped (also like my school)

No. 1642874

It was really the anorexia chic flat stomach flat boobs era in the 90s and late 2000s,I felt bad when girls who were early bloomers got endlessly mocked and sexualized for having a bigger chest.

No. 1642899

File: 1690223486195.jpg (164.55 KB, 700x752, barbie.jpg)

No it's not, at least not on those outfits. A dress being short or something having a crop top doesn't automatically make it sexual. It's stuff that you would see on a real Barbie. I just don't see anyone getting sexually enticed by it.

No. 1642900

She was a highschooler
By the time I got to middle and highschool we were having teen pregnancy epidemics galore. They forced khaki and polo uniforms on us

No. 1642904

File: 1690223641586.jpeg (123.82 KB, 750x1000, IMG_8403.jpeg)

Here's an example of what 00s barbies wore as well, at their "skimpiest". Crop tops and miniskirts

No. 1642914

You sound like a moid

No. 1642920

Yeah, a crop top on a highschool aged girl doesn't seem too far fetched.
Some of y'all are so weird and unpleasant

No. 1643126

File: 1690239192072.jpeg (786.56 KB, 1170x1211, IMG_5007.jpeg)

The copium is strong
ellen page makes me sad. she just wanted to be a tomboy.

No. 1643152

i don't see how people can know about how she was treated for being a very famous, attractive lesbian woman in this industry, and still not see how and why it's obvious she trooned out and to treat this case in particular as if it's not done probably largely out of negative experiences/treatment. they really don't even care about these girls at all.

No. 1643561

File: 1690271673548.png (597.69 KB, 591x951, stone.png)


No. 1643563

Why the fuck is twitter changing logo to X? Who thought looking like a porn/hook up site was a good idea? The bird made it unique.

No. 1643569

isn't grimes mutuals with this loser?

No. 1643578

Well what did you expect with X Æ A-12's dad being the owner now? Kek. Fo real though they better change it because it's mad ugly. Hope the backlash to it will force them to reverse the decision.

No. 1643585

File: 1690273067359.gif (8.96 MB, 640x360, AjarAggravatingHydatidtapeworm…)

I half agree, like I really do think many of the great early scientists and biologists who figured stuff out were autistic to an extent but were using their autism for good, now 90% of them are obesseded with sonic lore or speed-running.

No. 1643714

>weaponized autists only weaponizing their tism 1% of the time
just like humans only use 5% of their brains

No. 1643892

File: 1690304817916.png (360.27 KB, 1080x2103, Screenshot_20230725-120321.png)

No. 1643900

What the hell is she talking about, other than the LBT, the only other viable scientific theory is that pre-Native Americans sailed there, like where does she think Native Americans came from?

No. 1643911

The native americans spawned there

No. 1643924

okay I looked through the comments, and it appears she believes in an outdated form of human evolution, where different primates evolved into humans independently from each other.

No. 1643928

Then we would be different species. Her school failed her kek.

No. 1643942

Somebody from the twitter thread explained it like this, basically when some Native Americans who argue for land-back are countered with the argument, 'Well, your ancestors came from Siberia.' In response, a couple Native Americans have attempted to create an even older history, insisting that they have always been there.

No. 1643949

So it's a fringe opinion from some terminally online natives

No. 1643988

I notice and I breathe a sigh of relief

No. 1644324

What about pixiv? It's a Japanese app for Japanese artists. It has some korean and chinese artists as well and unfortunately some westerners made their way there but nobody likes their ugly political art there so they don't blow up and probably leave eventually. It also curates to your taste and based on art you liked and artists you follow, it suggests you similar artists or artwork with the specific tags you use to search for the art you like. No notifications or arguments in the comments or dms or anything, it's very quiet and peaceful.

No. 1644326

>just like humans use 5% of their brain
That's a myth. We use all of our brains all the time. Unless you were joking thdn my bad, carry on.

No. 1645026

natives try to make up fake history to grift and especially to claim they TOTALLY don't have genocidal fantasies becuase it's supposedly "colonizer bullshit" and believe that they were TOTALLY peaceful before evil whitey appeared, which is fucking fake as hell. Many native tribes genocided each other and everyone else and pretty much they'd kill whites if they could. Pretty much what she said is also bullshit, because what would explain close proximity of them to asians other than LBT? Maybe she just believes their "sacred knowledge" that they literally spawned here out of thin air.

No. 1645100

Genocide was a lot harder to do back then with simple weapons, no horses, and culture groups ranging over huge areas so that's really really impressive. Any sources?

No. 1645438

File: 1690402542295.jpeg (842.67 KB, 1170x1934, IMG_5013.jpeg)

Why are they so obsessed with trooning dead people

No. 1645830

File: 1690428608967.jpeg (422.01 KB, 1242x1735, IMG_2448.jpeg)

3000 people liked her tweet. If there was any justice in this world all of these people would all by rounded up and executed

No. 1645838

Isn't pearly much closer to 26 than 16?? Does that mean she thinks she herself is ugly?

No. 1645866

pearl inadvertently insults herself on a regular basis. all to get attention from men who would never fuck her, let alone marry.

No. 1645923

Aztecs did that just fine when they genocided and sacrificed other tribes before the Spanish came. inb4 Mesoamericans don't count because they DO count

No. 1645945

I think it gives them validity, because if historically there were people who wanted to transition too, they just couldn't because of the social climate at the time, that means transgenderism isn't a 21st century product of late stage capitalism and coom/fetishaddictions. Not convinced the example in the picture was intended to imply that man was a tranny rather than a woman crossdressing to escape misogyny.

No. 1645946

File: 1690440627572.png (572.01 KB, 1194x994, Screen Shot 2023-07-26 at 11.3…)

Found this from pixielock's retweets (of course) and is this not just infantilizing autistic people? A few of the qrt's are basically "when I realize that person is autistic, I don't think their behavior is annoying anymore". Saw one person even imply being devout to a religion is autism, cause they're relying on the church to navigate life and yknow, neurotypicals wouldn't do that!
Like jfc how do they not see the hypocrisy.

No. 1645954

Yeah nonna, she's not like other girls! She's not like the not like the other girls

No. 1645963

File: 1690442798368.jpg (4.81 MB, 10730x2491, sPp3pD5F1A0o.jpg)

What are you talking about, the people of the Aztec Empire were different from the people that the Americans dealt with, it's like comparing Imperial Egypt to backward parts of Europe before the Romans, they had large scale agriculture, highly populated cities, methods of government, armies and organized religion, its how the Spanish took them over as quick as they did, cause they just replaced pre-existing feudal structures.

No. 1646009

what is this person on. speaking from personal experience young people are just as capable of being dicks towards autists when they show symptoms. its clear that this person and everyone who rt it aren't autistic but just like the "young people are so progressive and gonna save us" narrative.
>"when I realize that person is autistic, I don't think their behavior is annoying anymore"
I hate this shit so much. you should try to be polite towards anyone regardless if they are autistic or not. if they talk about something that bores you then just suck it up because it's basic manners. being rude is not going to make you look better just because the person wasn't autistic.
Also if a conversation is truely awkward or something then find a way to change subject or leave. This is also regardless if the person is autistic or not

No. 1646030

File: 1690451990807.png (418.27 KB, 644x569, 4vafivha.png)

I hate both sides involved in this.

No. 1646032

Ugh, god I will never miss smelling weed in the hallway from my ex's neighbors whenever I would walk down to his apt. Both stinky

No. 1646038

I was less active at 26 but still looked cuter than I did when I was 16, still had the same body composition for the most part but my face looked better at 26. most women who don’t get deathfat or get into hard drugs or just make horrendous styling/body mod choices (like charlotte charms) look better when they’re 26 vs 16.

No. 1646039

Ehhh it really depends. Blunts always stink and so do spliffs unless they’re tobacco free, but even then they’re gross to smoke inside. Any cheap weed smells disgusting no matter how it is smoked. Even the top shelf weed will reek if it’s being smoked out of a dirty piece, and I’d venture a guess that more than half of people smoking weed regularly have nasty ass pieces that stank. Good weed smoked from a clean piece generally shouldn’t stink up a place and even if someone is smoking a joint as long as it’s good weed and they open their windows or have an air purifier on high it’s unlikely to stink up a place.

No. 1646048

Weed smells good only to addicted potheads kek. Most of the time it smells rotten and you can smell it from far away too. Cigarette smoke is bad too but there's certain brands that don't smell too much (although maybe I'm used to it because my father used to smoke near me when I was a child).

No. 1646222

It's so fucking funny, it seems like Barbie is a Movie Men Will Never Understand™.

No. 1646258

outside of the "young people are will save the world" undertones, all zoomers know is what fake tiktok autism is like. Kids are still incredibly brutal, just in a different coat these days.

Anyway the infantlizing is exactly why many high functioning autistic women especially will refuse to expose being autistic even if it seems it could be beneficial. Autistic men thrive on getting babied and apologized for though.

No. 1646382

You're basically calling the North American natives backwater retards compared to the Mesoamericans. Also it wasn't just the pre-existing societal structures that made the Spanish come in faster, it was the fact that almost every tribe hated the Aztecs with a passion and helped the Spaniards. The Aztecs' downfall was due to their ass-tarded blood religion and overall violent subjugation of surrounding peoples.

No. 1646417

Weed smokers fucking stink idk why they think it's ok

No. 1646469

File: 1690487375344.png (561.68 KB, 867x650, social-pyramid.png)

>You're basically calling the North American natives backwater retards compared to the Mesoamericans.
No I wasn't, but they were less advanced in terms of state and methods of government and population
>Also it wasn't just the pre-existing societal structures that made the Spanish come in faster, it was the fact that almost every tribe hated the Aztecs with a passion and helped the Spaniards.
They hated the Aztecs but they all followed a similar religion as them(one that had blood sacrifice but to a lesser degree) however Spanish had an easier time with the Aztecs was cause the Aztecs had an already established feudal system that the Spanish were familiar with, where local conquistadors(and later Viceroys) could take the role of the high-king and the people could stay in the same position, this made colonization far easier.

No. 1646691

I smoke weed and it smells almost worse to me than cigarette smoke. Once I’m done I immediately take a shower because I hate smelling it on myself.

No. 1646799

File: 1690506393474.jpg (892.37 KB, 1440x3088, Screenshot_20230728_040706_Sam…)

No. 1646858

If we all close our eyes and have the same thought–you know which one–maybe it will happen and we will never have to see another new thing he has said ever again

No. 1646909

When will he run out of money to pay off all his lawsuits and dwindling twitter hosting fees

I'm waiting for the day

No. 1646992

File: 1690516361147.png (82.36 KB, 601x739, Big Scully on Twitter.png)

>Why white people don't want to be ally with us against racism?

No. 1647270

Imagine stealing from a Japanese and offering them nothing in return. What a weeb Elon Musk is!

>Musk's company also took the handle @xai from the Japanese user who originally registered the handle back in 2010. On July 12, Musk would go on to officially announce his new artificial intelligence company, xAI. That same day, xAI also launched a Twitter account using the handle @xai.
(this is an imageboard)

No. 1647274

He also did this to the guy who has the @x handle and who used his account for his photographs. And iirc the guy is a profressional photographer, not a Japanese one, most likely from an English speaking country. I should look for the article I found the other day about that but it went the exact same way.

No. 1647275

My bad I didn't see that case was already in that article but whatever, no need for me to delete my post.

No. 1647297

I think it's really dumb that people are bitching about handles being revoked, it's not like the users legally own them

No. 1647301

They don't but it's the users who make the platform succesful, not the owners so having some respect towards someone who's used your website for 13 damn years is the right thing to do. Especially when you're a billionaire, come on.

No. 1647305

As a former cig smoker who now has a sensitivity, weed smoke in particular makes me feel like I'm going to die

No. 1647312

Shoe deserves everything bad in life. You'd think at her age she would be over being such a vile pick me.

No. 1647445

I’m white but don’t really see the issue. I feel this same way about men.

No. 1647526

the issue is that this person likely sees everything as racist, meaning despite not really doing anything wrong and nevertheless apologizing you have no way to ever redeem yourself and be not "evil"

No. 1647528

>If you fuck up and do/say some racist shit, you're not entitled to forgiveness or friendship from the people you affected.
This is actually true though just in general. If you say or do something to hurt someone, they don't have to forgive you for it. That's just life, move on.

No. 1647569

So has anyone who uses twitter noticed the new way OF girls advertise themselves on tweets? It seems like there is this trend where OF girls have resorted to trolling and saying weird , dumb or outlandish things on popular tweets so they can get some engagement.
I see OF girls baiting on almost every popular tweet, it's annoying but ngl sometimes it's kinda funny.

No. 1647570

you're sounding like a male who gets mad when women say the same things about misogynist scrotes

No. 1647583

I mean, he's right. And it's true for any relationship. You don't have to allow someone who hurt you back into your life because they said "sowwy"

No. 1647589

> troll
I wish they would stop using this term. This isnt encyclopedia dramatica. the correct nomer is "pedophile."

No. 1647653

>they'd kill whites if they could
So that just sums it up then. Racist whites are forever paranoid that the people they've oppressed will seek revenge.

No. 1647661

And you're basing this assumption on what exactly? Go on, say what you really mean.

No. 1647668

girl it's a twitterfag

No. 1647833

File: 1690594646156.jpeg (742.82 KB, 1170x1377, IMG_5030.jpeg)

No. 1647840

Breaking news: men are degenerate

No. 1647849

It's sound advice and I wish I could have known this when I had my first relationship.

No. 1647865

File: 1690598776289.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1792, IMG_5031.jpeg)

Can you just watch the movie.

No. 1647871

I've never wanted to read a twitter thread less in my life. All trannies stfu.

No. 1647997


No. 1647998

Don't reply to baiters, lol. No one thinks that's gonna happen aside from racists who look for excuses for their own racism.

No. 1648011

“Indigiqeer” lmao help

No. 1648013

maybe look at commie injun and nigger spaces, they are obsessed with it and they plot literal murders.(racebait)

No. 1648037

Because the universe didn't fuck you over enough by making you Brazilian, you decide to also be a furry.

No. 1648041

No. 1648094

Why has the last 5 years gotten so much worse with this kind of nonsense? Ofc it's a tranny

No. 1648095

And here we go. Why aren't we more pressed a woman had to larp as a man because of sexist society?? Tras always missing the point. Women always have it harder

No. 1648135

Biologically a 26 year old is much more "fertile" and equipped to give birth, if males get attracted to teenagers that routinely have serious complications when they give birth and aren't even mentally mature enough to care for a child, they are unnatural pedos and there is literally no other factual biological explanation for their attraction. They love to speak about how it's their natural urges to go as young as possible but biologically they go against nature and it's literally perversion of what's normal.

No. 1648294

File: 1690653717827.jpg (40.99 KB, 497x680, F0UF1iYWIAANhx4.jpg)

I want to beat up Elon with my bare hands. I'm seriously worried about the Asian artists I follow leaving twitter because many of them also left Pixiv or stopped updating their accounts there long ago. Poipiku also doesn't show any posts that require you to follow the OP or to be followed by the OP anymore because of all the changes with the API, which is also what some anons were saying about Nitter not working like it used to: https://poipiku.com/2/8987452.html

No. 1648390

File: 1690662036208.jpeg (238.74 KB, 1170x688, IMG_5034.jpeg)

That’s not what gender expression means.

No. 1648399

The children have literally forgotten the meaning of style.

No. 1648406

Yeah if age of the partner was the driving force behind attraction then males would be most attracted to women around 28-38, when we’re more fertile and have higher sex drives. And women would be the ones “needing” young partners because men age so quickly that they’re considered too old to safely reproduce once they hit 35.

No. 1648451

>what the fuck is a tomato girl
Me, when I would bring in bags of cherry tomatoes to snack on during my uni classes

No. 1648457


No. 1648475

don't listen to the haters anon I will protect you as long as you share

No. 1648488

I don't agree that males are not safe after 35 when compared to women, what science usually says is that both sexes have the best childrearing years at around 25 to 38.
It's certainly not teenagers, they are prone to risky behavior and mood swings that would result in terrible childcare/death of the child and their bodies aren't mature enough to give birth and it often results in complications. At least a teenage male would just ejaculate so he might even be more suited for reproduction than a teenage girl but you don't see women routinely thirsting after barely pubescent boys and it's not widely accepted around the whole world like men thirsting after 15 years old girls is.
I don't understand the male obsession with young girls, it doesn't make any biological sense.

No. 1648495

File: 1690669650428.jpg (84.04 KB, 622x985, demon slayer pfp.jpg)

No. 1648523

You probably ate tuna stfu

No. 1648540

>men thirsting over 14 year old girls is socially acceptable
Where do you live? I live in a third world country and even then it's not acceptable by public

No. 1648554

We are on LC what did you expect

No. 1648569

Oh no the ejaculator forgot how numbers work

No. 1648585

I've noticed many liberal and lefty accounts who were hating on Elon due to the changes he made and his conservative tweets now have a blue check. I assume this is part of the new monetization scheme for blue checks. They said they'd never support Elon but on day 1 of this program they gave him the $8.

No. 1648589

Why are kids actually low IQ these days. I’d prefer if they go back to doing whipits or whatever.

No. 1648597

I really wonder how they arrived to that conclusion. And why are they even assuming that the same teenagers using "tomato girl" and whatnot are making fun of "neopronouns"?

No. 1648657

yeah… but are they actually women?? feels like when people say more and more women are getting into STEM/game design.

No. 1648743

women in japan have been making top selling manga for decades, the pfp of that scrote is from a manga by a female author. There are also not many trannies in japan as far as i know, it's more likely than there are more women larping as men to make manga than the opposite.

No. 1648747

>there are also not many trannies in japan
if only that was true…. just like in the west, they are most numerous in nerdy hobbies. I used to be into vocaloid and when I went looking through producers' twitters to find if any were women, there were SO many trannies.

No. 1648748

I think all of this X shit is just a way for Elon to compensate for his small dick. Saw a video of the sign on their headquarters being so bright it disturbs the whole neighborhood and it reminded me so much of these type of moids.

No. 1648787

Nta but it's a lot more common for women to larp as men because it helps with selling their mangas, especially if you're talking about shonen. If you see an author concealing their identity as much as possible then you can bet it's a woman. I don't think I've ever seen the opposite (still talking about mangakas though, I have no idea about other nerdy circles).

No. 1648829

File: 1690700742674.jpg (146.17 KB, 1080x1988, Screenshot_20230730_090715_Twi…)

i hate the world sometimes

No. 1648841

I wrote 15 are you blind

No. 1648864

Artists shouldn't be posting their art to social media in the first place. These sites were never meant for that. The sooner this trend dies, the better.

No. 1648874

Good luck telling them that. Many of them post on social media and avoid websites that were made specifically to post pictures because they're either terrible or because they also like being able to post only texts to make announcements or just to talk about themselves.

No. 1648876

100% sure the guy who's like "quality over quantity" will tell you the masterpieces he's thinking about are shit like Dragon Ball or Naruto or eventually Berserk if you ignore all the scenes that aren't fight scenes.

No. 1648879

since when do troons lactate? what the fuck is he talking about?

No. 1648884

>I'm so smart and edgy mhehehehe uwu

No. 1648913

They can induce it in themselves through the use of a huge cocktail of hormones and constant milking. A man walked into a doctor's office and claimed he was feeding a baby his milk, they measured how much he produced (but not the quality or any health indicators of the infant), and off of that alone, the NHF declared that it's completely safe to feed to an infant as its only source of nutrition.

They didn't even test it for drugs or the thousands other things that breast milk gives. We literally know that breast milk conveys proteins that help create a baby's inner clock.

No. 1649141

The sole reason why they post art on social media is that seeing like and repost counts increasing in real time gives them a dopamine rush. In the end, they don't care for their art or a given franchise/character as much as they do for their own feelings and fuelling their addiction.

No. 1649152

I call bullshit on that, isn't milk from women made up of different parts that appear at different times during feeding, like the colostrum etc? I don't think a troon is producing all that shit from his man nipples. Mammary glands in men aren't even as developed. Nasty watery-ass 'milk' full of drugs.

No. 1649184

Really? I'm into vocaloid music but haven't seen a tranny producer yet, just ordinary men and women

No. 1649212

> they also like being able to post only texts to make announcements or just to talk about themselves
I fucking hate it when they post their gacha gets or their food

No. 1650133

File: 1690815930654.jpeg (42.38 KB, 1170x298, IMG_4960.jpeg)

being a homophobe complete with using a historical slur in a clearly derogatory manner is so woke and quirky when you put the word white in front of the slur

i genuinely don’t understand how “reclaiming” a historical slur is empowering in any capacity, reading tweets like this it feels like people are just starved to throw slurs around and will find any loophole they can for an excuse to do so.

No. 1650135

I hate when they post gacha shit too but I like when people post their food, especially when they recommend restaurants I would like to go to once I visit Japan.

Not always. The artists I follow don't hesitate to delete their art or lock their accounts if they're worried about plagiarism. What you said seems to apply more to Western artists who draw fanarts of popular stuff to then make prints and sell them in cons.

No. 1650168

Anon, we literally use the word faggot on a daily basis here.

No. 1650193

It’s just you and the other zoomers that think you’re baddies for using slurs.

No. 1650204


i know that but we’re not wokies acting like we’re above everyone else and like we eternally have the moral high ground, are we?

No. 1650297

queer annoys me more than faggot, dyke, lesbo, etc. It blurs and disguises homosexuality, bisexuals don't have any good slurs lol. I'm a lesbian fwiw but I don't even care if straight people drop gay slurs, as long as they aren't trying to shill girlcock or say I don't exist. It's a shame bisexuals don't have any good slurs. i like the oldey fashioned ones for guys like light in the loafers, poof, fairy, too.

No. 1650508

>considering faggot an actual slur
Oh if only you knew what they called you

No. 1650794

File: 1690880793573.jpg (66.62 KB, 749x785, w4kevkh71fy91.jpg)

she's right though.

No. 1650802

NTA but are you new to imageboards?

No. 1650826

That account doesn't even post delusions anymore, just stuff that triggers the owner and his incel followers kek

No. 1651674

all through western history people married around 23-25, especially in the middle ages. Marrying a child bride was a weird after ww2 thing, and even then it was rare.

No. 1652025

File: 1691000945244.jpg (721.23 KB, 2386x1836, HrqhkzOi6xrtiNwV.jpg)

leftist moids just waiting for a woman to say the "wrong thing" so they can unleash their full misogyny, mind you the woman they are talking about assaulting is a former labor party MP and a long time activist.
Also I always wonder how many of the people who advocate for "punching nazis and right-wing" would ever actually do it, especially if said "nazi" was a man bigger then them.

No. 1652065

This is true, at least within the last few centuries and in western countries. Even back in America after WW2 and lots of economic prosperity, it’s not like being a child bride was common, the average age for women to get married was about 20, and that was the lowest according to the census. It was even higher back in the 1800s. Don’t know where people keep getting this idea that it was commonplace to marry off children back in the day.

No. 1652097

>Damn nazis.. anyway yeah lets commit violence against 'any and all' members of 'x' group of people. We're soo superior to those nazi like people. No irony here
They're no different than say the crowd on reddit that hates trannies but chooses to fantasize about punching karens instead of terfs. The bar for what a woman can say without deserving a good beating.. its getting lower all the time. Its almost like men just want to beat women full stop

No. 1652473

File: 1691041926347.jpg (133.8 KB, 1125x1046, 84ceda99-a7f6-5ee1-b6d9-eb6b45…)

Stolen from ovarit. It never ceases to amaze me how men can always find a way to idealize other men, no matter the shitty situation they have created. The have to actively suppress the knowledge that from 2000-2015 almost every man under 40 thought he was way too special and important to ever get married, and children were an unthinkable burden that only a psycho bitch would want. Now all they ever wanted was a loyal tradwife and 5 kids, HONEST. It just didn't happen because REASONS. And ofc it's not like they have spent 20 years levelling up at work and saving for that family.

No. 1652478


No. 1652686

I can kind of get it from a historical perspective… like 400+ years ago. But that was the nobility, it was for political alliances, and most women in those situations were still 16+ when they were actually married. Even people back then understood that a woman should finish puberty before being expected to have sex/kids because of high maternal/infant mortality. Any cases of literal toddlers being """married""" were either exceedingly rare or never happened.

No. 1652695

I can't speak for other regions, but it was literally a part of Germanic law that you could only get married when you were 20.

No. 1653101

This one is literally a drooling retard wojak

No. 1653104

>almost like men just want to beat women full stop

No. 1655185

File: 1691267560223.jpeg (57.39 KB, 648x987, IMG_5073.jpeg)

Faggots love projecting

No. 1655215

>this post has been deleted


No. 1655353

Yeah but I'm not bothered by a barely 20 year old idiot kid with an eating disorder lol. I see them say worse things this this, I'm pretty sure he was projecting himself onto that. Or maybe he wasn't idk.

No. 1656725

File: 1691398584463.png (112.5 KB, 1080x639, Screenshot_20230807-014458_(1)…)

Ok but did she have to announce her gross taste in men

No. 1656778

First and last name on full display.

No. 1656844

I mean she's right, voting for Christian Nationalists to pwn the Twitter trannies is retarded.

No. 1656881

File: 1691416709011.jpg (108.4 KB, 1080x439, IMG_20230807_095723.jpg)

No. 1656887

Who even does that unless they are homeless or something?

No. 1656889

The ultimate girl- no, WOMAN boss.

No. 1656891

He’s kinda right lol

No. 1656894

File: 1691417233237.jpg (92.77 KB, 1050x402, IMG_20230807_100918.jpg)

I was thinking the same thing, she followed with this.

No. 1656897

If a woman posted this it would be funny. Since it’s a guy it doesn’t really hit right though, not really something he would know about. He probably stole it from a girl online tbh

No. 1656902

He definitely stole it, so he’s not “saying” anything personally. Plus he looks like a fag so I don’t take him seriously

No. 1656907

Reading this as a Middle Eastern woman is like… so heartbreaking. Is this civilisation? We still marry 9 year olds here.

No. 1656913

Should get cancelled for being a classist bourgeois who hates the homeless.

No. 1656920

That's awful, sorry anon. I hope there'll be better times for your women and girls.

No. 1657772

File: 1691494914138.png (174.74 KB, 646x685, capture.png)

This is why I really do loathe the term POC, cause it is a reductive narrow view of everyone's identity and history, I genuinely bet the artist isn't even aware that most Asians, Middle Easterners and North Africans all have this characteristic, are we "whites" then by his definition.

No. 1657781

it's a segregating term. so white people are still white people and everyone else gets grouped together even though their only similarity is not being white? are white the default? such a dumb term.

No. 1657782

so only white people have eczema, got it

No. 1657784

Send that retard a picture of Zinedine Zidane and ask her if he's white or poc. Answer: he's 100% a native African man.

No. 1657794

Where do you live? In most countries you can still report underage marriages even though they're common.

No. 1657820

It's just racism disguised as "being progressive".

No. 1657821

This reminds me of those “comedians” who make fun of adults that use backpacks, it’s just pointless

No. 1657824

>“comedians” who make fun of adults that use backpacks
wait what? didn't realise that's even a thing, why would they even complain about that

No. 1657886

My father wears a back-up and is ex-special forces and can literally eat a snake raw, I'd like these flabby little comedians try to attack someone like him.

No. 1657888

File: 1691504055337.png (1.37 MB, 822x990, uh.png)

No. 1657895

>implying only white people get red and sensitive after a hot bath
This person is so narrow minded. I get red after a shower or even after washing my hair. Why are people like this, do they not have any self awareness and live in a contained bubble?

No. 1657896

Because fannypacks are extinct so they need something to latch onto.

No. 1657932

>do they not have any self awareness and live in a contained bubble?
the latter, its not really outright malicious it's just they are really terminally online and don't interact with people, they don't even consume media with people more so twitter hot takes and fanfiction and bad anime.

No. 1657938

So white people after a shower are sweaty, while poc are… still sweaty? But happy? What the fuck does this mean

Even if this thing actually happened, a woman doing what only a woman can do in a female bathroom would be completely fine. If you're uncomfortable with periods being mentioned/seen in women's private spaces then you're a fucking man or a NLOG.

No. 1657950

File: 1691510314022.jpg (56.17 KB, 445x621, White_red_1.jpg)

It means that some white people get super red after showers but some brown people get more blushed (for lack of a better term) or less red. I'm gonna be real and say I don't get the outrage over that tweet tbh. Obviously it doesn't apply to everyone but that's life.

No. 1657984

Exactly. If it doesn't apply, let it fly, and if it does, it's such a silly thing to waste time on being outraged over. Kek at anons thinking this is racism. It isn't discriminatory or hateful in any way, it merely points out that some white people turn a bit pink after a hot shower. It IS, however, a generalization which some with paper thin skin might find offensive instead of rolling their eyes and going on with their day.

No. 1657989

The issue I had with the post was that is framed it as a "white people" thing and that us POC's don't have this, when I know for a fact from experience that's bullshit, I wasn't angry cause of white people, I was angry cause I hate American stupidy regarding race.

No. 1657993

The person in that tweet isn't even American

No. 1658269

File: 1691527231983.png (59.14 KB, 652x238, capture.png)

I looked up Elon Musk vs Zuckerberg fight just for the fun of it and this was one of the first videos I got shown, it was two teenage boy fighting in a parking lot and one getting bodyslammed to the ground and visibly bleeding(I don't want know what happened but I'd wager he's dead or brain-damaged) there was no nsfw spoiler or censorship(even though I had that own) like what the fuck is wrong with twitter.

No. 1658300

muskrat left up multiple graphic videos of the dead Allen shooting victims for 48 hours and then called a journalist investigating shooter a conspiracy. those videos contained footage of dead children and a man next to his dead child screaming with half his face blown off. he doesn't care about gore on his platform

No. 1658494

Omg do people really turn pink after showers? Why? Is it because of hot water?

No. 1658495

I think it's the same reason why they turn pink after exercise or when getting mad. The heat just makes blood start dispersing through their body. We all have it, I'm sure.

No. 1658498

I don't? I live in a white country and I've only seen that happen to one or two people with health conditions. Maybe it's more common in certain ethnicities though.

No. 1658669

File: 1691564410665.jpg (309.46 KB, 1080x1782, Fv8f6NXoAAvBTe.jpg)

what the hell.

No. 1658672

How are you this fucking stupid? Ofc it doesn't happen to everyone. It also depends how long and/or hot the water is. Are you pretending to be retarded?(infighting)

No. 1658689

File: 1691566818401.jpeg (90.07 KB, 639x654, 1642006117685.jpeg)

You need to go eat something, those anons didn't even do anything…

No. 1658698

Chill out nonnacita. Not everyone grows up in 99% pale skinned societies.

No. 1658917

File: 1691595620099.jpeg (1001.33 KB, 1170x1162, IMG_1146.jpeg)

Do you….do you need a stepmother?

No. 1659009

ewwww, he's 53 and bald and my dad and married to my mom.

No. 1659037

Is this the origin of the "period blood is not a biohazard" discourse thats happening on twitter now?

No. 1660625

They’re right though.

No. 1660819

File: 1691739703966.png (413.71 KB, 1065x695, Screenshot.png)

Imagine being so utterly "ironically" gay porn-sick, that you pretend an adult woman is an underage boy and think its "epic and hilarious", when you just casually admitted you meme'd yourself into being a gay pedophile.

No. 1660825

Assuming she did not just make up a woman to get mad at it's still very bizzare to just assume that it was a "terf" freebleeding on purpose(?) and not an accident?
exactly. this just sounds like someone wanting an excuse to go "eww period icky" without being called a misogynist

No. 1660827

File: 1691741692083.jpg (31.41 KB, 640x486, femboys-with-vaginas-v0-fz7ihx…)

A weird intersection between pornsick misogyny and "ironic shitposting" where they cannot even admit they're just into women.

No. 1660830

it sounds like she came across a homeless woman who was trying to wash her clothing.

No. 1660842

still weird as fuck of her to just assume "terf"

No. 1660843

>foreign men fetishizing and wanting to rape slav kids
Why is this so common, especially online? Literally disturbing.

No. 1660847

weird idealization of Slavic peoples as inherently "trad" and I guess they get off the contrast between "trad values" and degen pedo shit because of the "corruption" aspect? idk it's really creepy

No. 1660854

Idk either, I live in a country where trashy slavs are common and their kids keep getting victimized by foreign men. Maybe their broken home structures and their families being less likely to be able to interfere makes them easier victims. Though the trad stuff isn't true imo, I had a Lithuanian bf and neither him nor his male or female friends were trad although they were religious.

No. 1660866

>Maybe their broken home structures and their families being less likely to be able to interfere makes them easier victims.
Definitely a factor when it comes to IRL abusers
>Though the trad stuff isn't true imo
I'm not saying they actually are but that's how Eastern Europeans are often stereotyped by terminally online western creeps

No. 1660868

Yeah I agree anon, the stereotype is still believed even here weirdly enough. And yeah, there are irl offences in my country and I think their parents not being around usually puts them in more danger. I know married men who prey on slav kids that are younger than his own kids. Ive seen them attempt to rape teens and I've seen several of their women die on news because they dated these abusive men and the abusive men took advantage of them not having families to stick up for them. A woman for example was missing for two weeks while her foreign bf beat her up and trapped her in a hotel room but no one even searched for her, she only managed to escape when the man forgot to lock the door once and she needed several reconstructive surgeries for her face.

No. 1660875

Poverty breeds desperation which makes people more vulnerable to abuse of any sort, pedos and traffickers prey on people who are young (inexperienced, emotionally immature, idealistic, dependent on parents = no power) and from shit homes (also no power) because they can't fight back and are easy victims. Most of these kids grow up watching people in the West live completely different lives so it's as easy as a pedo telling them he'll buy them stuff. I'm sure EU Slavs have it a lot better but that's what it's been like for me and my peers growing up.

No. 1660876

File: 1691752666648.jpg (43.47 KB, 740x386, b5c8fa5120dc75f81016a4a1dfbbf6…)

I have never heard of that stereotype, until recetly, I'm not western mind you but in my country we stereotype EE as cold, grey, filled with depression and old soviet era building crumbling apart

No. 1660909

Lithuania is usually considered baltic rather than slav isn't it?
Rant but I kinda hate how people stereotype slavs and it never ever gets called out like most other ethnicity stereotypes get. What are the "slavs", like it means nothing when you use it like that, what nationality are those people? Some slavic countries are similar but overall we don't have much in common aside from maybe a few words and grammar (but you wouldn't lump Italians and Spaniards together culturally because of their similar language right?). Our cultural and genetic heritage is just too different, a Czech and a Russian and a Slovenian have very little in common. Not seeing a difference is just being uneducated, it's like saying Chinese are culturally the same as Japanese.

No. 1660943

File: 1691759903255.jpeg (505.62 KB, 828x1374, 288FD7D6-0AB8-45E2-B85B-D043F8…)

There's actually some context behind this particular post, there are some terminally online Indian and Asian men making these 'historical white femboy' posts and memes as a way to reclaim their manhood, I've seen a few of these posts/memes my self, they even have a few historical "black femboys" as well.

No. 1660977

I don't know what made the victims so different because there were genuinely disturbing amounts of people online and opinion writers from legitimate newspapers crowing about how it's a moral obligation to show that poor family's dying moments. With of course zero sense of respect towards the deceased and zero regard for their living relatives' wishes.
So so so many terminally online freaks only saw that family political props for winning arguments. Not as humans at all. I've never seen that sentiment be so widespread before.

No. 1661115

File: 1691773011165.png (490.97 KB, 642x1468, capture.png)

>China introduces a frankly sensible policy on screen usage for minors
>twiter commies absolutely lose their minds

No. 1661145

I keep hearing about this China policy for years now. It’s obvs not enforceable. Why are they posting this like it’s news. You’d think such a country would want its citizens hooked into the propaganda machine 24/7 …like elsewhere.

No. 1661146

This is just a suggestion if parents can opt out.

No. 1661151

they want to have a workforce, not mindless slobs drooling on their couch. they need workers for the industries as well as educated citizens to keep up with the west in the tech/science fields. can't have that if the next gen is ipad babies woth 0 attention span and not even the fine motor skills to grip a pencil.

No. 1661161

This policy isn't some "based China" moment (it never is), it's a kneejerk reaction from a totalitarian government to their youth's tang ping movement i.e. Chinese teenagers burning out and losing all hope for their future en masse because they live in a dystopic country with no opportunities unless you were born into a family of government officials and a life filled with endless wageslaving and taking care of your elderly parents. The government just figured "it must be the damn video games doing it" and enforced this rule because that's how they always work, forcing their citizens into complying by force and never addressing the root cause.

No. 1661173

Honestly, I'm curious about how this is going to play out because the Chinese government is going to continue more or less this same pattern until 2035-2040. After that, the CPC has plans for their alleged "actual communism". Who knows what that entails.

No. 1661222

nayrt but full communism'might mean increesed state control over the economy? right now the state cintrols land owner ship and investment banks and has a stake in all major companies but they might be aiming to just nationalize everything

No. 1661244

It's literally part of the party guidelines, which is why a ton of Chinese billions are moving their entire families to Canada, Australia and America while they still can.

No. 1661247

File: 1691782894727.png (154.28 KB, 1080x711, IMG_5093.png)


No. 1661250

Men should be dead at age 32.

No. 1661256

Why doesn't the CCP just have those traitors executed for trying to take their wealth and families away from China? I have no love for the CCP but I have much less for the parasite class.

No. 1661274

Its using them to build up capital and infrastructure and will just nationalize it the end.

No. 1661283

No, they want them to not see how none of the current graduating classes are able to get a job, and the jobs that do hire are 996. It has nothing to do with wanting to improve attention span.

No. 1661296

File: 1691786919346.jpeg (731.71 KB, 828x1348, IMG_1760.jpeg)

two viral responses i loved to this whining moid. why ARE moids upset? i recall seeing a tweet from a moid under a tweet about sofia vergara’s 2nd divorce saying “this is why men would rather play golf instead of getting married these days”. this moid needs to play golf instead of finding womens tiktoks to get mad at

No. 1661298

File: 1691786991153.jpeg (712.31 KB, 828x1342, IMG_1761.jpeg)

the second viral response

No. 1661300

File: 1691787067486.jpeg (586.74 KB, 828x1328, IMG_1762.jpeg)

same moid whinging about another random harmless woman’s tiktok. these moids are so bitter towards women

No. 1661308

File: 1691787695411.png (190.23 KB, 594x683, funkpopminimalist .png)

Did you see his excuse for hating on the programmer lady? He tried to spin it as if the issue was that she should have gone for a minimalistic set up even though if you googled minimalist computer setup, something like her set up but in white and grey would pop up. He is seething really hard. Moids are trying really hard to be sneaky and slick with this misogyny. You will never really read/hear them outright say women are trash or what not, they hide under the guide of satire or try to gaslight into thinking they were critiquing something else, whilst conveniently implying that men are innocent angels who will never do such things, engaging in consumerism is a big one.

No. 1661321

File: 1691788412859.jpg (152.71 KB, 1024x678, b8a90d75b304444b4ba0fc057c0af5…)

>consumerist waste
Does the original video pan around to a wall of funko pops or something? All I see is a desk, chair, headphones, keyboard, plants. Functional items. The average moid setup looks like picrel.

No. 1661323

>After that, the CPC has plans for their alleged "actual communism". Who knows what that entails.
Shutting China off from the rest of the world completely, basically. They're planning to take over Taiwan and their chip manufacturing business and completely isolate.

Because those traitors are high ranking officials who probably have a ton of shit they can hold over the heads of people opposing them. China's entire system is based on corruption through and through. But in the big picture it doesn't even matter if some Chinese millionaire transfers their wealth over to properties in Canada, if the CCP really wants to freeze someone's assets they can do it immediately even if they live abroad since even now they will basically hold your bank account and investments hostage until you return back. They did it to Jack Ma and Alibaba because he got too cocky and spoke against the government's economical policies and was disappeared immediately with Alibaba being practically taken over by the government despite being one of the most profitable companies in the entire world at the time.

No. 1661424

The original desk setup video was probably a sneaky advertisement and the men angrily reacting to it succeeded in spreading it even further. Now more people have seen the video and went to buy the same stationary products that were shown. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if twitter outrage is factored into some marketing schemes. Not only the gullible angry men but also the people who react to those men. It's a predictable pattern by now.

No. 1661435

File: 1691796123713.jpeg (117.57 KB, 1170x873, IMG_1979.jpeg)

It’s just embarrassing to watch a grown woman act like a child over menstrual blood, calling it a biohazard (which it isn’t) and acting like it’s some uniquely gross bodily fluid that modern cleaning techniques could never hope to clean properly. I just don’t understand how these types of women survive every single month.

No. 1661436

Yes, it's well known that outrage baiting is something twitter and similar platforms strive to achieve. The more incensed the terminally online are, the more they engage with the platform (callout posts, replies, rts/rbs, etc), the more money the platform gets off ads and sponsored content. They are purposefully showing you shit you hate to try and bait you into staying locked in.

No. 1661438

>"their" blood while "TERF" clearly implies a woman

No. 1661444

Well, blood is a biohazard but it's not so bad that you cannot just use soap and water (unless you work in like a salon or a doctor's office, obviously). We've all had to touch period blood before, and it's not like we sanitize and disinfect our hands and vaginas after, nor are people with bloodborne illnesses doing that when they cut their finger or something.

No. 1661561

File: 1691805123424.jpeg (297.58 KB, 828x1362, IMG_1916.jpeg)

always a gay moid at the scene

No. 1661578

Is this what trannies think women do. No, it's probably what they wish they could do, I'm sure of it. And they would if they could. The projection is palpable

No. 1661639

Holy shit I just accidentally came across an awful gore video involving a cat and I am so fucking aghast. It seemed to be a completely random video at first but then it quickly cut to this fucked up video before I really realized what was happening. I knew that this was something people did a few years back, just randomly dropping a fucked up gore clip into an unrelated video, but I thought it got cracked down on or something. My week is absolutely ruined. And yes I did report the post.

No. 1661647

what a waste of period blood, she should use it to draw a cool s in the bathroom stall like the rest of us

No. 1661655

Easily the weakest link in everything

No. 1661812

File: 1691821838130.png (472.61 KB, 650x828, Zvqt0bq.png)

>Your xenophobic and anti-Asian if you make fun of weebs

No. 1661857

What are weebs so pressed about suddenly? I just saw an awful take about how Baldur's Gate would've been demonized if it had been japanese and that japanese games always get trashed on but the person making this claim couldn't even give any example

No. 1661869

ironic weebs are so sensitive they will never experience real bullying for being into taiwanese cartoons but they wanna feel the victims anyways

No. 1661876

Yes I'm so sure that's the real reason people hate Japan

No. 1661999

tbh I get it, when you have game journalists or even localizers trashing Japanese video games for having a silly love triangle, impractical but cool looking armors for female characters or some characters vaguely flirting with each other it's all fine and dandy (like Xenoblade 2 or some of the Fire Emblem games), but they also act like Western video games that have explicit sex scenes on screen between realistic looking characters whose looks were based on face models who got their faces and bodies scanned to create the 3D models of the chatacters are just 2deep4u, quirky and fun like in The Last of Us 2. That new RPG got a bunch of articles/marketing posts about how you can have sex with a realistic look bear (as in the animal, not a beefy gay guy) and that's an unironically good thing, but if FF16 were marketed that way game journalists wouldn't have had the same reaction at all. And I picked FF16 as a comparison because of the release dates being close enough and because of the game rating and target audience being the same.

No. 1662008

>fire emblem
That was evidently my sleeper agent code word that unlocked an entire yearslong timewaster I forgot about

No. 1662039

>blood is a biohazard
No it isn’t. Biohazards are things like bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins or any biological substance that threatens human or animal life. Blood (including menstrual blood) is not in and of itself a threat, it’s only when they are infected with something like a virus that it becomes biohazardous.

No. 1662040

but that's not driven by xenophobia or racism but rather this almost childish mentality that as RW gamebros are more and more into Japanese stuff, western game devs have to shit on Japanese stuff as inherently problematic or too sexual compared to western games, which really ends up damaging their own image

No. 1662050

It's a biohazard, when you get your blood taken and use a cotton to stop the bleeding, you have to use the biohazard trash afterwards. Buut! Period blood is in such small amounts that it's not hazardous to that degree and I doubt women knowingly bleed over stuff people would touch like toilet seats etc. so it's not actually hazardous or dangerous.

No. 1662054

NTA but it's a little from column A, a little from column B. They assume Japanese are all silly panty sniffing perverted savages only making media solely for cooming and it undeniably is a xenophobic stereotype based on sensationalizing headlines about the Japanese and their fringe sexual behavior. This causes them to walk in to a Japanese game, anime or a movie with an agenda and blinds them from giving it a fair treatment even if it's completely asexual since they start interpreting innocuous things as sexual deviancy, BUT because they get a rise out of all the weebs by dunking on their interests it only encourages them to carry it on for more exposure. I'm honestly certain this is affected by the American anti-Japanese sentiments from WW2 and "rivalry" they had with economics because I mostly see people from the US and Americanized communities doing this. I'm ESL from a country with no history with the Japanese and it doesn't really happen here.

No. 1662061

Somewhat related to this on the issue of localization, English dubbing is also getting worse and worse, English dubs for 4kids and Funimation are no doubt a huge reason why a lot anime is even popular. the sailor moon and dragonball franchises would be as unknown as dr.slump if not for the original english dubs that were created to localize it, and there was a method to their process, Dragon Ball was made more "macho" and given a new rock OST, while for Sailor Moon sexual lines and innuendos were removed, but now as you said there's weird agenda pushing, where they try to sneak in their twitter politics or memes that will be dated with in a month
Dubs and character casting are getting worse, by far. There are so many whiny former theater kids. It's so goddamn unbreedable.

No. 1662064

I would have agreed with you before but I saw a bunch of parts from an American TV show from the 2000s reviewing video games and the people on there would often make jokes about Japanese games being chink chonk incomprehensible games and how uncivilized Japan was until American bombed them with the atomic bomb so who knows.

No. 1662083

I didn't say there's "agenda pushing", I said they went in with an agenda. Meaning that they already have a bad opinion and want to validate it i.e. "this must be degenerate because it's made by Japanese people" and then only looking for more reasons to be offended by something they wouldn't find that out of place in a western-made game. I genuinely think that all those "ironic joke VNs" everyone was making at some point was due to the xenophobic assumption that a game format developed in Japan is a solely a silly porn genre since due to the major language barrier everyone in the US has been at the mercy of that "stupid Japanese coomers" narrative.

Also I don't know how you can say that there's "pushing politics" just now when in the American anime dubs of the early 00's they were literally editing crosses and Christmas trees from the scenes in order not to offend Christians, made Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune into "cousins" because lesbians evil, turned effeminate male characters into women because gays bad too and cut entire episodes out just to censor them. Those """twitter politics"""" are pretty rare in most anime dubs these days and that "non-binary hoes" line is already notorious and one of the only clear examples that I can even think of.

No. 1662087

I mean they're not wrong. If it was some JRPG that had bearfucking as an actual thing in the game, it would be mocked beyond believe. To give an actual example, the headpatting game in FE:Fates was taken out of the localization because headpatting someone is apparently way too lewd for the precious westerners. FE:Fates is a wild case though in terms of localization, as some of the team openly bragged about changing characters they considered to not be to their liking/not woke enough, and actively flanderized several of them and turned them into characters nothing compared to the JP counterparts.

No. 1662089

The funniest shit in FE Fates is that the devs who pushed for the my Castle mini game and the "petting" feature thought the whole thing with the 2D characters moving on screen could have potential and now a shit ton of mobage that brings in money use a similar thing to make their characters seem like they're interacting with the players and nobody bats an eye. They were right. And the localizers were super retarded for thinking patting someone on the head was outrageous, in Japan it is super innocent, you do that to a kid typically to greet them or congratulate them. The prerequisite of a translator or localizer would be to know the cultural differences between the original work and the new target audience's culture but they don't even know that. It would be like Americans watching a French movie, seeing two adult female character doing "la bise" to platonically greet each other instead of shaking hands, and deciding to remove the entire scene to not offend American homophobes who wouldn't even watch the movie to begin with.

No. 1662090

Double posting to say that the tech used to make the characters move in the My Castle part of FE Fates is also used by Vtubers, which means that the devs were even more right because that shit is super popular now.

No. 1662094

I used to exclusively listen to English dubs because I found Japanese voice acting to be a bit over the top, but I switched to Japanese because English voice acting somehow got even worse. There are so many theater kids who make characters sound just annoying. This is more common for male characters, but female characters have the opposite problem of sounding too bland and samey. From what I understand, this change in quality has to do with localization and voice acting moving away from Texas to California.

No. 1662099

In the late 90's/early 00's it was openly accepted to hate the Japanese and make inappropriate ching chong nuke jokes about them like that. Over time that narrative morphed into "ackshually japs are disgusting because they're all talentless perverts" so it's really just a continuation.

This flanderization of characters in the dubs happens all the time now and contrary to the "it's le twitterfags" thing I feel like it's more often than not localizers getting petty about characters they don't like personally so they ruin their writing just to make everyone else hate them too. It's so common with male characters popular with women in particular, you constantly see people making corrections about official translations in game dialogue for example.

I honestly get the logic behind removing the headpatting thing because it is a weird mechanic in such a seemingly non-sexual game and I don't understand why it was put there to begin with but it's 100% true that if a Japanese game included fucking a druid that turned into a bear it would be put on the spot and banned everywhere. Remember when Rule of Rose was absolutely eradicated from the west because some Italian gaming magazine was spreading rumors that the game was about raping and beating up kids or something when nothing of the sort happened in it?

They really do sound like annoying overacting theatre kids, god damn.

No. 1662102

This is insane, of course it is a biohazard because of the risk that its infected with a bloodbourne pathogen. Its treated as a biohazard in any medical or laboratory setting. Is thinking like this dependent on your background? I'm from a country with a high incidence of HIV so the attitude towards blood is very cautious. I'm not saying its the worst thing in the world if you accidentally get period blood somewhere in the public bathroom and clean it up, but its just not reality that blood isn't a biohazard.

No. 1662107

ayrt, two points. One, the localizers being petty and being twitterfags put into two overlapping circles is basically 1 single circle. Secondly, nothing about the headpatting thing was sexual, or that out of the ordinary for the tone of the game considering the fact you can marry people off in the game including the player character. And then have children (that you send to war as one does). Basically every line Camilla says is more sexual then that minigame.

Yes, it was one of the earlier implementations of Live2D. It's quite impressive how badly the localizers dropped the ball on FE:fates. I hate Soleil with a passion but what they did to her character to try to make her "better" in the English copies of the game is even worse somehow.

No. 1662113

>Basically every line Camilla says is more sexual then that minigame.
She's not even the worst. Xander isn't any better in some of his dialogues but they're optional and not translated. Don't get me started with Niles/Zero who had his more innocent lines replaced with dick jokes for some reason. Or rather, I think the reason was because his backstory is so fucked up (think Zero from Drakengard 3) that they wanted to downplay it to the point where him saying he's happy and feels safe with the MC if you marry him is too related to his backstory. I don't even know anymore. I think the localizers were on drugs at some point because the changes aren't even consistent.

No. 1662128

I have said this before and I still stand by it, Anime localization in the 90s and 2000s generally improved the original source material. They had a solid pool of talented voice actors, they did away with most of the cringey and pervy humor, , and generally raising the quality of the final product. Nowadays, though, Nowadays most of the voice actors sound like theatre kids, and some of the references they cram in are straight out of Twitter cringe.

No. 1662135

I'm guessing you're talking about American localization?
>they did away with most of the cringey and pervy humor
Humor is subjective, if localizers decide to remove entire lines or scenes or alter the script to that extend it will always be a downgrade. If I don't want to watch an anime that has panty shots and fanservice what do you think I'll do? I'll just avoid it entirely instead of watching the anime and hoping that localizers will remove entire scenes. And that's what most people do as well so there's really no point.

No. 1662197

NTA - Back then most westerners didn't know about any particular anime existing until after it had been localized already so it wasn't really a situation of "hoping" it gets improved. It already was or it already wasn't by the time you saw it. As one of those normies, I would have gone off it much faster if US localizations were truer to the source material, so I mostly agree with that other anon. Pokemon calling those little rice balls "jelly donuts" caused me to eat one thinking it would taste something like a sweet pastry though. I didn't like that.

No. 1662204

I dont know if this counts, but the English localization for Final fantasy 16 is some of the worst in a long time. I still enjoyed Clive's english voice quite a lot, but the random f bombs thrown into the game felt extremely out of place in other wise decent dialog. I dont understand random stuff like that or pushing agendas a few games are doing now when they are localized in the states. I used to watch older anime only dubbed like Trigun, Cowboy bebop, etc, but now English dub for both anime and games have gone way downhill.
Everyone thinks they can be a voice actor now too since they all have tik toks.

No. 1662207

Read my comment again, slowly. Blood (including menstrual blood) is not, by itself, a biohazard, but if it is infected with a biohazard (like a virus) then it is a considered as such. If it isn’t infected with anything then it is not a biohazard. Of course there’s no way to know if blood is infected or not without testing it (which is not always possible to do) which is why blood is treated as a biohazard, as it’s better not to take any risks, despite it not being so. I’m not going to reply anymore after this as I feel this is derailing from the original point, which is that menstrual blood is not some uniquely dangerous or disgusting body fluid that can never be properly cleaned away…

No. 1662210

No. 1662215

You're right but it was already easy to spot inconsistencies back then. In my country stuff got localized before the US so we're not talking about the same anime exactly but it was easy to notice an episode lasted 15 or 20min instead of 25min because of the number of scenes they could remove sometimes. Or there was shit like Shaolan in CCS coming from China but being called Lionel of all things.

Not surprised at all because my friend is a huge FF14 fan, she showed me how the English localization is utter nonsense compared to all the other languages and it seems like the localizers for FF16 are the same ones. It seems they removed and added random shit like Dion and Terrence being childhood friends.

No. 1662431

I wish the game had better dialog so much. The violence was already ridiculous GOT levels, but the dialog took me out most scenes with someone randomly yelling 'FUCCCCK' during a cutscene.

No. 1662488

I'm watching Vinny play the game because I'm not getting a PS5 just for one game and so far the violence doesn't surprise me too much but yeah the swearing seems so out of place it's actually funny. I can't make any comparison with GOT because I never watched or read the novels but from the leaks when I read them weeks ago it seems like it's just like that in the beginning and at some point the story is a typical Final Fantasy rollercoaster of crazy anime plot twists. I'm looking forward to it kek. I wish I could play the game myself right now.

No. 1662586

I hope you're not applying this to 4kidz kek. Such as when they tried making the lesbian characters in Sailor Moon "cousins" but it just came across as incestuous instead.

No. 1662592

That wasn't 4kidz, that was DiC and Cloverway. Sailor Moon was never localized by 4Kidz.

No. 1663424

File: 1691947595598.jpg (144.04 KB, 750x859, 1638197683795.jpg)

No. 1663474

It's funny how men of all cultures are retarded in their own unique ways.

No. 1663523

They all cringe

No. 1664097

File: 1692003631763.png (431.95 KB, 598x860, Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 08-54…)

>be gay male couple
>publicly post your decision to use surrogacy
>act like a victim when people find it repulsive
How is this "hate" but gay men seeing women's bodies as incubators for sale not hatred? This is the same logic as the sex industry viewing women's bodies as commodities to be bought and sold on the market like a piece of meat. This has made the local news here and it's actual clown world shit.

No. 1664134

Why didn't he add the gay lovers(bacha gaz or something) most afghan men prefer over their wives? lmao. They're acting like they're some based nation where each man has three wives and owns teh jews but in reality they're just butthurt faggots

No. 1664202

why are they always crying, naked and in a hospital bed as if they pushed the baby out of their own bussy…

No. 1664225

same reason why they refer to raw anal sex as "breeding". fetishism

No. 1664845

call me homophobic, but gay men make me sick. They always like faggot victims, when everything they do is stolen from women.

No. 1665025

File: 1692078130601.jpg (351.65 KB, 1228x1228, F3cqP9WasAA2xcz.jpg)

>Breadtubers dismissing a popular working class anthem just because it made one remark against fat people.

No. 1665103

Sometimes I find myself getting annoyed by stuff like this too, but then I remember nothing calling itself the left in the core of the world-system matters.

The "left" in the United States refers to the left-wing of liberalism. (The same could be said of the right, albeit inversely.) These people are clowns, and should be approached with the same seriousness one would attend a circus

No. 1665166

Muslim men (cavemen):
>Islam is the religion of peace and respect!! Of course women can study uwu
Also muslim men:
>Women aren't human and I'm going to make memes out of it
I hope they all get decapitated, and then have their skulls raped by animals. That's all they deserve.

I wonder why they always put two naked faggots and a baby as the poster children of same-sex parents and never lesbians… and even in these pictures they never include the actual mother, it's like they're not even trying to hide the fact that they hate women and the only reason they approaced one is to use her as an incubator for the child they will inevitably molest.(I get it, but it's alogging)

No. 1665192

>you fucking retard
Uh oh, that's ableism!

No. 1665353

This is the song, its literally just calling out rich men, leftists should embrace it but one line making fun of fat people is enough to disavow it,

No. 1665693

No. 1665902

File: 1692147735140.jpeg (263 KB, 1170x740, IMG_5099.jpeg)

>”terrified of sex”
exploiting women is bad

No. 1665929

Why do those people even care so much, who cares what people younger than you think about sex.

No. 1665932

Ntayrt but don’t let the jargon fool you. The tweet is just a woke manipulation of some coomer who is scared because they don’t want to lose their egregious sex scenes that add nothing to a plot.

No. 1665937

I have tinfoiled about this ages ago on lolcor but I have noticed that implying you must be a puritan or sex-repulsed for criticising sex scenes in movies became a common thing to do after the metoo movement and I doubt it's a coincidence. Lots of actresses spoke up about how exploitative sex scenes are and how hack directors uses them as an excuse to violate actors. So takes like that tweet feels like a psyop to switch the conversation from misogyny to sexual repression. A woman can say she thought a sex scene was odd and then a thousand men and porn sick women pops up and start ranting about how her mindset is dangerous because we shouldt make sex taboo yadda yadda yadda and these people are so vocal that no one gets to hear that the woman was actually worried about if the actor was harmed.

Full disclosure I don't mind sex in movies and art. It's a natural part of life and I do agree it shouldnt be made taboo. But many sex scenes are just gross and you can see the director only added it so he could have some actress he has a boner for act out his fantasy.

If you are going to add a sex scene in a movie then the actors has to know exactly what the sex scenes entails and how nude they are going to get before they agree to take a role. Actors should be allowed to stop filming if they get uncomfortable and directors are not allowed to change the agreed terms of the sex scenes. I have read some instances where actresses talked about sex scenes that werent uncomfortable. Of course these instances involved female directors kek and had coaches(I forgot the specific term) that talked with both actors beforehand so they knew what they should do and what was going to happened. And of course they where shot in clever ways that made the sex look real while requiring as little as possible skin contact between the actors.
So sex scenes that doesnt violate the actors can be done, but it's very rare and frankly I rather have that we never see a sex scene in a movie again than risk another actress gets assaulted.

>who cares what people younger than you think about sex
yeah its super weird how much these people seethe over younger people not liking sex scenes. They specially takes offence when a young woman doesnt like sex scenes. Feels like another psyop where they try to pressure young women into sex.

This tweet doesnt say it but several similar tweets often seethe about teenagers who hates sex scenes too. Even though it's completely natural for teenagers to get awkward or embarrassed whenever sex is mentioned. But these people are trying to tell teenagers that they suffer from religious extremist brainwashing that they need to unlearn just because they dont like sex scenes. Most people get more comfortable with the idea of sex the older they get so teenagers should be allowed to just be uncomfortable with sex without a bunch of adults accusing them for being religious lunatics

No. 1666218

>'Cause your dollar ain't shit and it's taxed to no end
>'Cause of rich men north of Richmond
>Lord, we got folks in the street, ain't got nothin' to eat
>And the obese milkin' welfare
I hate defending Twitter leftists but they have a point, it doesn't sound like a working class anthem it sounds like a typical rightmoid malding about welfare queens and taxes. Fatties shouldn't be eating bags of fudge rounds but they aren't the reason everyone's poor. It's just rehashed "welfare bad because black people spend my tax dollars on crack".

No. 1666401

He literally talks about class solidarity in recent video on his channel, the song clearly talks about rich men thinking they own the world and exploit everyone else around them.

No. 1666405

File: 1692207365559.jpg (350.59 KB, 1080x2458, XefhsheJKzGpAxM.jpg)

Muslim twitter is wild,like I don't even think these guys are actually racist they are just completely ignorant.

No. 1666458

It also clearly shits on fat people on welfare as if rich men north of Richmond aren't the main reason that obesity correlates with poverty. (See: sugar industry lobbying, dairy industry lobbying, etc)

No. 1666514

No. 1666695

It undermines the worker solidarity point he's trying to make. I didn't realize I needed to explain that part, sorry.

No. 1666815

File: 1692234569714.jpg (64.3 KB, 609x789, 4B5wSNK.jpg)

The hate against rachel zegler is so misogynist. I'm tired of people calling women narcs because they refuse to take the bullying. And rachel maybe a quirky theater kid but that doesn't justify the hate. The world loves taking women down a peg, while wanting us to baby men

No. 1666818

File: 1692234665643.jpg (42.66 KB, 584x565, 5e7J7YW.jpg)

just disgusting, it's like their mad she's upset when they are literally bullying her.

No. 1666823

File: 1692234756494.jpg (47.52 KB, 591x585, 4dLE52J.jpg)

samefagging again, of course they have to throw in random women while insulting rachel too. This reminds me of the forced Anne Hathaway hate.

No. 1666832

Nah they're right. She's in fact very annoying, narcissistic, and unlikeable, and she doesn't even have the talent much less the looks to justify ignoring her constant whining. Fuck her

No. 1666843

Not everything against women is sexist. she's proven that is an annoying libfem who wont shut the fuck up and is vocal about haiting Snow white. She seems extremely insufferable. She isnt safe from actual critic just because she's a woman. lolcow is 99 percent women and most of us here have spoken about her bullshit.

No. 1666850

I too hate the double standard but no one would be attacking her if she didn't bite the hand that's feeding her before she even has a career

No. 1666856

I hope that movie bombs so hard.

No. 1666861

What fucking morons bullying some rando celebrity. They call her out because they think she's a narcissist who thinks her thoughts are profound, when they're the ones thinking they're "above it all" because they're throwing hate at some famous lady. Like literally what even is the point? Shitty stupid people with nothing better to do and nowhere to direct their energy. This is literally just some theater kid criticizing her role.

No. 1666902

exactly, they think they have a right to project all their thoughts and use her as a punching bag but as soon as she reacts she's a narc.
also yeah she's annoying but being a theater kid isn't worth garnering mass hate. let alone calling a disney prince creepy when people have been making jokes about that for decades.

No. 1666905

File: 1692239797407.jpg (40.64 KB, 690x738, 6lvLgC4.jpg)

why do anachans talk like pedophilic scrotes

No. 1666976

When you have spent your entire life deciding that the entirety of your worth is tethered to being thinner than everyone else, it truly becomes your only personality trait. A lot of lifelong anorexics that get flung into the addiction of it have severe arrested development and live in fear of their bodies because they've never been interested in any skill or learning anything new, their entire intrinsic value boils down to having this one 'special' thing that beats other women. No other qualities matter. A woman is happier than them? No problem, their collar bones protrude more. A woman is liked and gets more attention than them? It doesn't matter, they have bags of fat on their chests and thats sooo disgusting. Anorexics are in a glass castle and they're afraid to recover because then what would that leave them with? Being consumed and reveled for their bodies (which they generally aren't outside of their communities or fetishists after a point) is quite literally all they have kek

No. 1667235

you're retarded. in any communist country back in 20th century they'd be sent to jail or labor camps for parasitism. shut up twitterfag. the rich and corporations evade taxes on massive scale and it's the working and middle class paying taxes instead to fund entitled parasites. i don't feel sympathy for people who refuse to work when they are able to.

No. 1667336

glowpost ? she's absolutely insufferable. people don't hate her because she's a woman, they hate her because she's a rich attention hungry person wanting to take the moral high ground in the fakest dumbest way possible, thinking she's brilliant and being antagonistic / an asshole about it. nobody reasonable is asking actors to be astute political commentators so idc if she's not articulate, buy mayyybe disney should give her pointers on how not to tank a movie with her horrid attitude and overt dislike of the original IP before it even drops.

No. 1667364

File: 1692250441151.jpg (94.19 KB, 1080x808, 25c250ccbae40c0c1c9ea6d0bf0141…)

>Like literally what even is the point? Shitty stupid people with nothing better to do and nowhere to direct their energy.
touching the poop/cowtipping is of course unfunny and retarded but we are literally on a hate thread nonnie, pot kettle and all of that. also "bullying" lmao maybe if it was a rando being doxed but she's a wealthy celebrity with security, i promise you she'll survive the mean tweets

No. 1667725

File: 1692287809175.png (112.81 KB, 599x681, Screenshot.png)

the people who tweet/retweet shit like this are the same people who get nervous ordering a pizza on the phone

No. 1667733

Same people who screenshot this and post to tumblr are the same people who make a dozen readmores in a week talking about how badly they want to kill themselves because they are kissless, friendless virgins in their mid 20's.

No. 1667744

File: 1692288711408.png (37.06 KB, 442x511, 0a9a2fdfe89124ed.png)

I've posted her b4, she's making a game with most of the voice talent from the MGS series now. She's constantly posting crazy shit like this, she needs to curate her online presence a little better.

No. 1667749

samefag but here's more bg on her relevance >>1585908

No. 1667752

>she's making a game with most of the voice talent from the MGS series now.
where did she get the money from?

No. 1667755

no idea since she's often talking about being broke. Also, she's on friendly terms with a few of the voice actors so I wouldn't be shocked if she offered to pay them after the game gets funding and they trusted her with that.

No. 1667773

File: 1692289904745.jpg (206.27 KB, 1290x1750, 1137419e.jpg)


No. 1667939

Nah they are actually racist. Also islam has tons of beef with Jewish people because of historical reasons. t. I live in a Muslim country and studied that stuff for ~15 years and gonna study more this year, against my will though

No. 1667943

the same anons defending the moids calling her a 3 were probably foaming at the mouth about margot robbie being called "mid". i don't care about disney movies so i don't know or care who this actress is, i just think it's funny how some women love misogyny up until it's them or someone they feel they can "relate" to for one reason or another.

No. 1667970

That and they're racists.

No. 1667971

Margot Robbie is painfully conventionally attractive.

No. 1667976

NTA but I dislike her blocky face and she looks uglier than this random snow white actress when both of them aren't wearing makeup/hairdye/etc.

No. 1668068

Not even a tinfoil to me.
>several similar tweets often seethe about teenagers who hates sex scenes too
They call them “puriteens” yes. We should’ve never taught men woke discourse buzzwords, it’s so obvious but I just wish they would be upfront with their degeneracy since women are so willingly gullible about them i guess…

No. 1668075

Who is that? She's so hot

No. 1668078

Adriana Lima nonnie)

No. 1668096

She is pretty, but the hype for her beauty is ridiculous, especially considering she got surgery. So she isnt even a natural beauty.

No. 1668098

She's average weight now and not ana-thin. People are trash when they talk like this about women. They expect her to be rail thin her entire life? Women age. Oh wait, i forgot society hates when women age. Only men get to be fat and 'silver foxes.' She looks fine to me. Wtf were they expecting?

No. 1668111

File: 1692314278972.jpg (Spoiler Image, 158.65 KB, 1200x630, unnamed.jpg)

Sorry to kpop post but I feel really bad for women like models and Korean celebrities because if they gain weight to have an average women's body, people immediately think they look "fat" in comparison to their old body and peers. And I'm pretty sure that pic of Adriana was post pregnancy too, so she can't even gain baby weight lest she be criticized.

No. 1668163

Didn't she just have a baby and bloat up a lot during her pregnancy? Oh no, stop the presses, woman gains weight during pregnancy

No. 1668330

Let’s see you, then.

No. 1668338

Rachel Zelger is hideous. She looks like a French bulldog.

No. 1668370

She's really beautiful but I do think she's overweight now. It suits her but this is above average weight.

No. 1668402

Korean obgyns will literally tell mothers to diet or lose weight during pregnancy to stay slim. Those expensive cutesy post-partum care facilities mothers stay at with their babies came about because birth is such a physically and mentally traumatic experience in Korea. Lots of women are hardly healthy enough to deliver and nurses can push and pull on their bellies to force the baby out if they're not being born fast enough. Tears, trauma, and fractures are common for both mom and baby. No fucking wonder the birth rate is so low and steadily dropping. Women go through all of that only to end up cheated on and abused by their husbands anyway. Between that and their superficial culture, I'm surprised babies are being born at all.

No. 1668430

I'm a NICU nurse and this is true. There's a huge disproportionate amount of Asian women who deliver underweight or preemie babies because of this

No. 1668431

>above average weight
Where do you live right now? Fucking yemen? Is there a famine going on over there? This sort of demented attitude is why stuff like this >>1668430 happens. This is a healthy weight for a woman and a good weight to have a baby and anyone who isn’t a demented bonelord thinks so
>inb4 “fatty!”
I’m 5’6 and 120 pounds so according to you, yeah. Enjoy your reduced lifespan, thinning hairline and osteoporosis.

No. 1668454

Postpartum mental illness has to be kicking these women's asses.

No. 1668554

I'm latina, and she looks below average even for our standards, so cut the "it's just the racists!!" bullshit, we don't claim her, specially now that she's acting a fool

No. 1668564

File: 1692362488208.jpeg (764.31 KB, 1513x1139, IMG_2268.jpeg)

She looks beautiful but most people really underestimate what medically already counts as overweight. I live in central Europe. Again, she's pretty anyway. And calm down nona, being underweight is also not good.

No. 1668611

File: 1692366285801.png (1.73 MB, 600x3391, Screenshot_27.png)

Imagine justifying and mocking a boy being robbed and beaten cause you think he looks goofy

No. 1668619

she has one of those ironically aged-looking baby faces that is only made passable with makeup.

No. 1668629

that's a fair take. margot robbie is also mid because white men say she doesn't fit their white standards. don't get angry, thanks.

No. 1668644

You can't unclaim a person of your race, retard. Snow white is a boring story and it's fine for her to say it, she's pretty and I'm so tired of random women like you putting down women of your own race because of a minor disagreement, get a life.

No. 1668646

File: 1692369256807.jpeg (136.68 KB, 634x951, lima cannes festival 2022.jpeg)

in the picture you posted (her appearance at Cannes, May 2022) she's super pregnant. you're being weird or maybe you just aren't following her, but either way you're wrong, she's not overweight right now.

No. 1668651

File: 1692369381965.jpg (274.47 KB, 1192x904, adriana lima aug 2023.jpg)

her vacation picture from today and a picture with katy perry she posted a week ago. she's not medically overweight lol

No. 1668658

I shouldn't start a retarded skeleton fight, but it feels kinda malicious to post a pic of her shoulders up as proof that she's overweight, conventionally hiding that she was pregnant too. Her face looks bloated but that could be cause by anything from health condition to beauty procedure

No. 1668680

I want to give that poster the benefit of the doubt and assume they just don't follow her. the pictures of her looking bloated during pregnancy were very popular and can dominate search results.
sorry for derail, I thought I was in celebricows for a second to be honest lol

No. 1668704

She's so gorgeous. I know she's probably had work done on her body post-partum but it still blows my mind how beautiful she is and it also blows my mind that people make such a deal about her "losing her model body" like get fucked, Linda Evangelista is still getting work even after her insane coolsculpting fiasco. I hope this renaissance of older models can bring back the 90's standards: GROWN LOOKING WOMEN and not dangerously underfed and dehydrated girls that photograph like orphans in the midst of war.

No. 1668710

anon, the 90s were underfed heroin chic central lol. did you mean the 80s?

No. 1668729

Tbf I was thinking of Naomi and Shalom when I wrote that post. By "grown woman" I mean the look of their faces, their movement on the runway, their charisma. Compare that to the models nowadays and it's so bland and boring. Now models just hobble down the catwalk stone-faced and it's got that element of like, inexperienced young girl. Ugh, like it's so weird and unglamorous.

No. 1668734

She looks really good. I hope she's not using unhealthy methods or feels pressured to drop the weight cause of what people are saying.

No. 1668748

NTA, but she's half white-half hispanic, so yes we can totally stop claiming her kek

No. 1668749

You can't unclaim a woman of your own race because she said some child's tale was lame, lmao. This is some twittard level racebaiting. Being brown doesn't meant you gotta shit on another woman and get away with it.

No. 1668811

Yes I can. You can't stop me!

No. 1668813

"hispanic" isn't a race. ntayrt

No. 1668827

then people need to stop saying "half irish" or "half arab" like it means something. arab isn't a race either(racebaiting)

No. 1668830

Ok, stop.

No. 1668838

kek at the idea of Margot Robbie not being white enough for white men when she's so pretty and caucasoid that she was cast to play Barbie, one of the Western world's most recognizable icons of white beauty.

No. 1668844

We unclaim chicanos all the time tho.(racebaiting)

No. 1668868

moids will have console wars over literally everything

No. 1668883

then stop being pedantic

No. 1668888

File: 1692380662517.png (296.76 KB, 605x1252, Screenshot_2226.png)

Reminds me of this, I came across a nice story of a Nigerian girl who won some contest but the comments are an unironic tribal conflict between two Nigerian ethnic groups over her ethnicity, it's so wild and utterly racist, I don't even know what's going on but they were sharing pictures of mutilated bodies during this.

No. 1668902

File: 1692381969666.png (37.13 KB, 604x378, IMG_2198.png)

Why is Elon so retarded?

No. 1668904

Looks like someone is upset that most users are blocking him, kek.

No. 1668906

>will no longer be able to block people
Welp, now I have even less of a reason to use that site.

No. 1668911

i saw this and made a mastodon account, idgaf anymore about this shitsite.

No. 1668912

File: 1692382443755.jpg (360.13 KB, 828x886, IMG_7919.jpg)

No. 1668916

this retard is actually going to drive so many people off the website. if that's what he wants he's doing great.

No. 1668923

Being able to block people makes this shitty website go from unusable to kind of enjoyable to use, what a retard. I think he's doing it because a few weeks or months ago he said something about how when someone blocks an account it takes a lot of space in their servers, I guess that's the stupid solution he wants to try.

No. 1668925

This shit is so retarded. If the original women speaking can tell the men and butch women apart, then why would they be "trans men"? You can tell who's trans, after all- right?
Tras can't decided what they even want to fight for.

No. 1668935

You can dislike her attitude without being a misogynist. Personally I think she looks fine, but the way she talked about Snow White as the general story is abysmal when you're supposed to be the lead actress.

No. 1668938

Faggot Jack is still tweeting on there like nothing. Fuck you, bald. Ugly.

No. 1668948

I like snow white because it's pretty and the queen looks cool and nostalgia value but it is a sexist story, no getting around that. it's from the 30s so no surprise there. all I've seen that actress say is that the original snow white was scary (true) when she watched it as a kid and in another interview she said she was proud they remade it in a way where snow white had more autonomy and was stronger / not getting rescued by a man (weird things to say since she doesn't get rescued by a man, literally a lightning bolt takes down the queen during a forest-creature chase and snow white is asleep until a prince molests her unconscious body lol)

No. 1668956

I'm sorry but no one has to like a story about a prince kissing a literal corpse of a girl to bring her back alive. And the fact that the evil witch is depicted to be a jealous hag who kills young pretty woman just adds to the misogynistic weird elements. It's a shitty story that's wattpad-tier and no one would've cheered for it if it didn't give them an excuse to put this random woman down.

No. 1668958

That last part is one of those "omg the REAL fairytale is SO DARK" stories when in reality the more significant darker part they left out is that the queen in other versions would die by dancing with burning metal shoes on. There's significantly less sex and sexual abuse in these stories then some random click bait video might make you think.

No. 1668959

This is your brain on Tumblr. I hate zoomers.

No. 1668961

Tbh I think you're reading too much into it, it's just a princess movie, not every princess movie needs feminist elements it's just a fairytale, that's why it feels forced

No. 1668964

Not shitting on the story of the movie you're about to be in feels like a pretty low bar of things you shouldn't be doing. It's fine for her to even say she doesn't like the story, but there's so many ways she could have said it in a more PR way.

No. 1668966

You sound deranged

No. 1668972

Girl disliking a movie about an old hag character who attempts to kill a woman because she's hot and young and a weird prince whose love/kiss brings her back to life isn't abnormal. I'm sorry but no one has to like everything and I'm happy that the scenerio is being changed.
See >>1668948 she literally did good advertisement for the movie by saying they've made the character stronger so people who would be less likely to watch it(like most adults who can see how stupid the story was) would give it a chance.

No. 1668974

Anon I think you might be the only person who thinks the weird ass "girlboss" spin they're putting on it is in any way an improvement of the original. You're holding old folk tales to quite the high standard.

No. 1668975

>an old hag character who attempts to kill a woman because she's hot and young and a weird prince whose love/kiss brings her back to life
is completely fine. I'm sorry, but you sound like a teenager.

No. 1668986

I'm not. Plenty of old tales about princesses are good because they don't have weird corpse kiss moments that makes most kids uncomfortable.
I've always hated snow white as a kid because of it and I remember her being the least liked princess when I was a kid, this stuff creeps most kids out.

No. 1668990

You both sound retarded.

No. 1668992

I agree, idg why other anons are shitting on you. Tons of people pointed out how creepy the original movie was long before tumblr and zoomers became a thing. Apparently basic feminism is only for wokies now kek.

No. 1668996

if a story is shit it doesn't need to be changed, they need to come up with a new story instead of milking their old films with remakes to make money.

No. 1668998

Serious question, what exactly is feminism about the things she mentioned they're changing? Because so far they're just taking out all elements that made Snow White, well, Snow White. As in they might as well have made a whole other movie. And even if she is saved by the prince in the end, she still was the one who ran away and made a bunch of dwarfs do her bidding, while learning to be independent.

No. 1669067

It's like affirmative action but for social relationships. I've noticed many people like Elon want to force people to like them and talk to them.

No. 1669251

I hope there’s a twist where she turns into the evil queen herself with an army of thenby minions, that would be funny.

No. 1669312

File: 1692409550123.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1170x1961, IMG_5107.jpeg)

The kids are not alright

No. 1669318

I am honestly so saddened by what's happening to our youth. I sound so old, but this legit would not have been a thing even 10 years ago. What the fuck happened

No. 1669329

agree but i think it's important to remember it's obviously a trend and in time will mostly blow over. when that will be though is anyone's guess

No. 1669330

the fact that she is aware of how inappropriate this is and then takes pride in it. It reminds me of the kids at my school who would draw swatsikas on the wall. The difference is though that those kids did edgelord things to be provocative and to go "it's just a prank" when called out, while this girl does edgelord things so she can prove she is an opressed minority when people call her out on it

No. 1669343

He noticed most of the twitter blue fanboys + himself were ending up on block lists and whining

No. 1669352

exactly. there's a certain kind of man who malds and throws tantrums at the thought of women online blocking him, and try to insist it's bad. they feel entitled to attention.

No. 1669364

it's not about being "white enough". white men have just decided she's not really that "pretty", despite being cast as a barbie, much like zegler isn't "pretty" despite being cast as a disney pincess. if rachel zegler is a 3 because the anon says those are just the standards for latinos, margot robbie's mid because those are just the standards for white people, and we need to accept both.

No. 1669470

File: 1692425146853.jpg (245.06 KB, 947x2048, F3vbQPMXIAA3ohr.jpg)

No. 1669474

apparently it's gonna be like a supermute feature, people will not be able to comment or QT but they can see your posts. Did the "you are blocked" window on profiles require a huge amount of server space? If so that is insane

No. 1669480

it's a female fantasy of a pretty rich boy coming to her rescue, any deeper meaning is a far stretch

No. 1669488

>drive so many people off the website
God I wish. He can't really kill it fast enough.

No. 1669551

Right… Its not even feminism to say a man kissing an unconscious woman in a child's movie is inappropriate.

No. 1669552

Why areyou posting your own Twitter fight here? We can see it's your twit because your profile pic is visible on the corner.

No. 1669564

I wondered that too but I think nona just saved a screenshot that was posted by that account
Although it would be funny if an account like that secretly hung out on a “bad” website like this.

No. 1669609

It's been 10 years of this shit and now people openly worship trannies and make laws where you cant discriminate against them. All of this shit needs to die already.

No. 1669611

Judy Garland was horribly abused in Hollywood. The victim blaming is unreal.

No. 1669750

File: 1692464223655.jpg (120.13 KB, 1290x662, capture.jpg)

No. 1669979

I guess true whiteness must be albinism because you cannot get much whiter than blonde haired blue eyed pale skinned margot

No. 1669985

wasn't judy garland forced to do that against her will while being drugged up and SA'd? and didn't she go on to use her fame to help support the black civil rights movement in the states? is saying "im sorry" more important than tangible action to these people or something?

No. 1669988

being mid doesn't make you not white lol. many struggle with it

No. 1670086

File: 1692486235216.jpg (43.55 KB, 700x394, ayDbxAV_700b.jpg)

According to Benjamin Franklin, only English and German protestants are white, everyone else is naturally swarhty including Swedish people.

No. 1670090

I'm probably just derailing but holy shit what an ugly costume

No. 1670091

She wore a bunch of elaborate belly-showing gowns during pregnancy, that one wasn’t the best lol

No. 1670108

File: 1692487907415.png (314.48 KB, 500x500, 9e3c8d04b5267b2adc7bbde777fafd…)

Benjamin Franklin was a fat retard irl shitposter. This is a fact his contemporaries would actually agree with.

No. 1670798

File: 1692553859081.png (128.68 KB, 599x618, Screenshot_11.png)

This was regarding a video on how low-caste Dalit (untouchables) women were not allowed to cover up their breasts and faced fines if they did so. It was a form of humiliation, misogyny, and caste-based hierarchy aimed at showing these women and their communities that they were the lowest of the low and unworthy of covering themselves. and so of curse this user had to mention that the West is just as bad, even though no one had even mentioned the West.

No. 1670801

Indians on the internet are kinda weird in a way because if you mention India or anything about it just once, they will swarm you and tell you how great India is/the west is bad, and oh, they will also tell you they are from India, of course.
Indians are like vegans or Arch users, I swear, even though they seem to be pretty ok besides that.

No. 1670952

>so this completely different horrible thing is just like this other thing that has nothing to do with it

No. 1671043

File: 1692566986042.jpeg (574.77 KB, 1170x1840, 29095F6B-044E-4500-9E98-7793C3…)

I hate trannies

No. 1671583

Indian women seem to be fine for the most part but the men are some of the worst in the world. They're raging misogynists and often pedophilic sex pests who will do anything for bob and vagine and their society values literal livestock over women. They rival the middle east in how deeply rape culture is embedded in their society. Yet you are not allowed to voice this on Twitter or else the upper middle class white women who with one ethnic friend and have never been outside of their quadrant of the US will call you Literally Hitler.

No. 1671634

Indian men are protected by the whole western msm. Nobody hears about any of the insanely fucked up stuff that goes on there, unless it's from translated websites of their own press. White people just think India is a wholesome new age country with tasty curry and silly dancing movies.

No. 1672016

File: 1692647223213.jpeg (254.86 KB, 1098x1364, IMG_3117.jpeg)

I rolled my eyes so hard they almost rolled into the back of my head. Black women are always like this kek. Because the dolls have big lips?(global rule #7)

No. 1672246

File: 1692662398602.jpeg (298.24 KB, 1170x1147, IMG_5113.jpeg)

I don’t know what anything means anymore

No. 1672330

Asexual is a fucking disorder which is most often caused by trauma these fucking brain dead troons will never understand the pain of someone who suffers from being ace. Sure some people can not like sex that's normal and not a disorder. But if you're repulsed to the point of vomiting that's a disorder

No. 1672447

she is saying that a sex repulsed person is someone who don't want to have sex. While a sex negative person is against the idea of other people having sex.
I think the third paragraph is implying that there is nothing wrong with being a sex repulsed because you are asexual, but it's wrong to be sex repulsed and sex negative at the same time

No. 1672536

File: 1692674764574.png (55.09 KB, 343x327, Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 06.27…)

How do people write shit like this on their twitter/twitter bio and not feel immensely embarrassed at how brainrotted they are? I just scratch my head at this. Wtf does any of it mean?

No. 1672543

Why does this sound A.I generated

No. 1672571

>natural insemination clinician

No. 1672584

I guess it’s an attempt at an exaggerated satirical personality, read: I post genuine retarded takes thinly veiled in hyperbolic humor. Men are so unfunny and transparent.

No. 1672586

It’s a coomer anon. All of those are euphemism for porn addiction.

No. 1672603

that is a dissident right account. they are extremely annoying, gay and autistic >>1672584 sums up that corner of twitter

No. 1672696

It's because the Kardashians transformed themselves into parodies of black women while having a history of mistreating every one they've ever known.

No. 1674151

File: 1692774213720.jpg (65.15 KB, 900x593, 1692774099881.jpg)

So a few weeks ago, I saw a video on Tiktok video on witter featuring a very young girl, who looked about 13 years old with frizzy red hair and braces, smoking a bong and then making a creepy smile. I remember the comments, were loads of African men commenting (almost all of them had flags from African countries as well) and making weird but not outright sexual comments in bad English. It was really kind of bizarre and I assume this just a fetish thing.

No. 1674178

This happens a lot on tiktok, it's a breeding ground for pedos. Videos of little kids always get comments like "hear me out" and "I bet it's bubblegum pink", which are just pedo dog whistles. Mommy tiktokers outright get tons of comments about how sexy their toddlers are.

No. 1674614

The ayrt knows that, they just wanted to attack black women. Can't stand pathetic pickmes, kek.

No. 1674729

File: 1692815214668.jpg (176.13 KB, 1080x1359, 6a8d3c5e2afb434b6.jpg)

What Did We Do to You to Deserve This?

No. 1674756

How many of these tiny uwu daddy loli princess accounts do you think are run by overweight white girls who still live with their parents?(racebaiting)

No. 1674762

hey that's inaccurate, half are run by Hispanics.(global rule #7)

No. 1675534

File: 1692860201306.jpg (244.42 KB, 922x2048, Screenshot.jpg)

Super late reply to this, but the funniest thing about all this, is that the video wasn't from tiktok, it was from Douyin and made bu a Ukrainian girl who married a rich Chinese man and lives in China. She makes humor content for a Chinese audience.

No. 1676504

File: 1692937542144.jpeg (375.47 KB, 750x976, 55EEBAA3-8E57-47DD-8884-62ACFE…)

Trump is back on twitter kek

No. 1676568

File: 1692944158890.png (104.88 KB, 816x476, d8b8bf088044861e1b.png)

Please no.

No. 1676602

god, i hate how ''dilfs'' became popular. They always praise the fattest most haggard ''dilfs'' too, meanwhile ''milfs'' are all just 20yo girls with massive tits and a bit of bodyfat.

No. 1676636

She's talking about fictional characters, maybe her husbandos are just characters like Kotetsu from Tiger & Bunny or Phoenix Wright or similar. If she were talking about real men I'd find it weird though.

No. 1676647

I genuinely don't know what this means

No. 1676680

File: 1692954524589.png (84.28 KB, 680x245, ee9.png)

Calling anything and everything slutty is so fucking cringe, there have to be better ways to word whatever OP meant.

True, that and the rise of "old man yaoi" is annoying as fuck. Get those disgusting moids off my social media feeds

No. 1676689

>"old man yaoi"
imagine being so pornsick that you can admit to thinking about gross old men having sex and not even be the least bit ashamed.

No. 1676742

Kotetsu and Bunny. Based taste. Kotetsu is such a hot dad.

No. 1676753

Yeah and the people who are loudest about it act so desperate to show how much they love ugly moids, it's pathetic. Pure nlog behaviour

No. 1676895

File: 1692974368614.webm (296.85 KB, 1280x720, 40356_2.webm)

words that should never go together

No. 1676901

>Calling anything and everything slutty is so fucking cringe
Can I piggyback off that and express my hate for "girl-X"? Like girl dinner, girl math, etc. It drives me up the fucking wall that it's usually normal-ass women that make up these terms. Why are we causing our own segregation and second-class citizenry? TF? And the worst part is that these terms are used/created by grown-ass women who are all 20+, come on. I don't love getting older either but referring to yourself and things you do as "girl" at a certain point is cringe. Especially if you're doing it to show how UwU qUirKy you are and perpetuating the stereotypes that make us feel bad about ourselves.

Plus, trannies coopt and use those "girl-x" to validate their "girl-ness" and that's the biggest crime of all. I don't have a problem with sharing relatable stuff many of us do a la "#justgirlythings, but this feels different and insidious. It's performative in a way #justgirlythings was not.

No. 1676928

Mentally ill self hating brown people support nazis, pakichan is a good example of this.

No. 1676985

It is so much more insidious and damaging than #justgirlythings it’s insane. One was genuine lighthearted fun mostly posted by teenagers. This one is basically celebrating female inferiority. That women are stupid, women are passive, women are emotional, women CANT DO MATH? My Soviet father wouldn’t even say something like that.

No. 1677011

one of my coworkers didn't want to get optional training on a piece of hazardous backroom equipment and instead of just saying it's intimidating like everyone else who doesn't want to use it, she said "I can't use that, I'm just a girl." Everyone pointed at me and said "but anon can use it" (we're both in our 20s) and she had the decency to look embarrassed at least. I don't want young women to have to embarrass themselves in professional situations to realize that they're being pathetic and hurting themselves but that might be the case seeing as they don't seem to accept criticism online.

No. 1677021

I hate them. They want to convince moids that ALL girls are stupid, when it’s just them.

No. 1677143

File: 1692993464669.jpeg (577.33 KB, 1170x1814, IMG_5116.jpeg)

>be mtf troon
>”I’m tired of men always dominating the scene”

No. 1677152

I feel like people like that usually have some disability they are unaware of that makes them act like that. They say oh I’m just a girl, and in a roundabout way that’s kinda a good explanation. They’re a girl so their medical problems are never taken seriously and they don’t realize they have an actual problem that’s preventing them from doing xyz, so they assume it’s because they’re a girl and girls just can’t do xyz. Doctors need to start taking women seriously for this trend to stop but doctors are only taking women less and less seriously.

No. 1677161

my guess is that they know or experienced that they'll get judged extra hard as a woman, so before doing something new or difficult in front of a (male) audience they kind of joke like that to get on their good side and soften the blow in case they do something wrong
i was a volunteer firefighter when i was younger and while training for scba i was the only girl among over 50 guys. the entire time i felt this weird pressure that if i were to perform badly, i'd basically cause all women judged as weaker, slower, simply inferior, so i pushed myself beyond my limits. some women might react like this to hostile male environment while other women opt to give in to their negative expectations and at least get treated "nicely" (like a helpless child or pet) in return.

No. 1677258

Kek nonnies always complaining about "fandoms being male-centric!!!111" just because women like writing about attractive men confirmed to be transbian aligned

No. 1677294

>attractive men
>old vampire faggot
nonnie please…

No. 1677484

Are there examples of this? Are you talking about those trends that are like "that girl" "clean girl" etc

No. 1677488

As someone who only reads and watches F/F content, even I get tired of these types of posts from twitter TIMs. I get some lesbians/bi women are frustrated but the TIMs who make these posts and shit on fujos/yumes are probably just seething at women having interests that don't align with their own

No. 1677534

I see merit to that idea, but in my case she's just definitely a confident outgoing normie, honestly kind of a Stacy in a lot of ways. She's just a bit willfully vapid.

This I can get more behind, though. Actually that's exactly why I got trained on said hazardous equipment, because my boss at the time who was training me on it saw me scared and struggling and said, "it's okay, I'll ask [male colleague] to do it." He wasn't saying it in a mean way, but I realized only men were trained to use it and I wanted to take one for the team. I tried again and executed my task perfectly in one go out of pure spite lol.

No. 1677554

True, I see more and more transbians shitting on "bihets" and it's just them bashing women in an "acceptable" and also "how do you do fellow lesbians" way

No. 1677624

File: 1693034169257.png (414.33 KB, 1080x2092, Screenshot_20230825-232657_(1)…)

On that note, here's one cis woman caping for troons on the topic of transbians wanting more F/F content in fandom like the creepy fetishizing males they are.
>TIMs seethes how majority of fandom content are aimed towards the female gaze with a plethora of M/M content, calling such phenomenon as "misogyny" (because not catering to your girldick is literally a crime against you as a true and honest woman kek)
>TIFs offended because they're shitting on their expression of being heckin valid gay transmasc men, and calls this kind of antagonism "terfy"
>troon in the bottom tweet cannot help his male socialization compelling him to mansplain to this TIF what TERF actually means "uhm ackshually terfism is when those academic feminazis bitches write mean papers about us!!!"
>TIF calls out on the TIM disregarding the OPPRESSION they feel, hence the qrt
>TIM had to respond with "well we have it worse though!" proving the TIF's point
>cue this Handmaidenest of all Handmaidens, Caper of TIMs to make this absolutely retardation of a tweet comparing straight women and TIFs enjoying and creating their own female gaze content while staying in their own lane to.. incel and right wing gamer moids threatening violence and rape to feminists
My god! I fucking hate this dyke bitch so much fr. They are not even the same fucking thing! I've never seen a bigger handmaiden than this woman even though she's a lesbian. All her pages and tweets are constantly caping for the poor oppwesed transwimmin. It's actually fucking weird when you go on her page and all she retweets and talks about is the oppression of trans woman. Only Trans Woman. Fuck those trans men! Because "transmisogyny" is the biggest humanitarian crisis this century has ever seen guys sobs How much of a gender traitor do you have to be that you're siding with literal males over literal females?? Holy fuck!

No. 1677641

AGPs love using those girl x terms, so maybe it's a display of handmaidenry. I mean maybe these handmaidens copy the terms AGPs use instead of the other way around. Because this kind of language definitely became more popular around the same time troons did.
As always, troons piggybacking off of genuine concerns actual women have and effectively discrediting those concerns, see >>1677258

No. 1677654

Let's see this Benjanun fellow.
>Constant tranny caping
>Male aggression
>Seething hatred and jealousy of FTMs
>Autistic hyperfixation on anime lesbians and video games
>A trapfag
>Absolutely no selfies or any photos of their life ever
Yeah it's totally a cis lesbian and not a larping scrote.

No. 1677673

It's RequiresHate/Winterfox. She's female and a Thai hotel heiress and a """lesbian"""

More on this psycho: https://web.archive.org/web/20151215154810/http://laurajmixon.com/2014/11/a-report-on-damage-done-by-one-individual-under-several-names/

No. 1677681

File: 1693038131914.jpg (435.08 KB, 1080x2099, laura mixon report on requires…)

Samefag, deleted and reposted screenshot of article. Sorry for phoneposting

No. 1677682

It's such a retarded comparison on the level of it pitting game studios against fanfictions writers. Fanfiction writers owe nothing to anyone, it's literally a genre of people posting some shit they wanted to write in their free time. Saying "write your own" has never been more fitting than shutting up transbian coomers triggered by cute anime men.

No. 1677683

Holy shit, when I posted about her she was just an annoying twitter person to me. But she's actually a whole ass COW??? LMAO, this is rich. No wonder she loves the company of other psycho troons.

No. 1677684

Have we found an irl Kikomi? If she in fact is cis and also a lesbian yet behaves in this way I think it's the first actual female to male to female case I've seen. Violent fantasies, rape threats, rage issues, hatred of other women, fetishization of anime lesbians, constant combativeness and cyberstalking… However there is literally no other proof of her being a woman or even Thai (She also claimed to suddenly be "Chinese-born" when attacking a Chinese woman iirc) as all her online activity is exclusively in English so unless she goes full Rancefag I refuse to believe it's not some white guy pulling a decade-long psyop. It wouldn't be the first time.

No. 1677688

She had a thread on KF, that's where I got the info about her being a hotel heiress.

No. 1677691

I can't be assed to boot up tor and look her KF thread up but didn't "she" admit that the Benjanun Sriduangkaew identity was made up?
>I have seen evidence with my own eyes of an email she wrote to a former supporter, in which she admits that even “Benjanun Sriduangkaew” is yet another constructed identity. Frankly, I don’t know who the person behind these many constructed identities is, or if it’s even really just one person.

No. 1677704

Oh, yeah. You could be right. I skimmed the Mixon report and it was all whisper campaigns, emails, and written threats so none of "her" victims saw the real deal.
I haven't been to KF in ages and just going off memory, thanks for reminding me of that.

No. 1677718

This is why fandoms are pure cancer these days…

No. 1677729

AYRT, I looked more into it and her real name is claimed to be "Venesa Burranupakorn" which comes up with results of her flaunting her family's money and bragging about never having to lift a finger to afford whatever she wants, and also being extremely racist online. I'm not still quite convinced but then I was reminded of Isabella Janke and how fucking insane she was (and coincidentally also claimed to be a "lesbian") despite being privileged and connected as hell, there seems to be something about terminally online daughters of powerful people that just makes them lose it.

No. 1677747

Fandoms and social justice should have never mixed. It only made fandoms frustrating and unfun and actual activism look like a terminally online joke.

No. 1677748

iirc she is from Thailand but actually ethnically Chinese which actually does makes her very privileged by Thailand standards

No. 1677825

Does he not see the irony in talking about 'afabs' exactly like a seething incel while claiming women are the incels??
Anyway TIMs whining about lack of f/f in fandom is my absolute favourite thing. They all spent their teen years being typical scrotes watching porn and playing videogames while actual fangirls were learning to write and draw for their ships. I've never seen a TIM who's actually decent at these things and they're obviously jealous of all the women who are much better at it than them and get much more attention for their art/fic. Double if the women are lesbians or bisexuals who are drawing m/m instead of pandering to them.

No. 1677827

SA I just woke up and completely missed that this is an actual woman lmao, but my point still stands. The women who jump on this are just annoying with constantly trying to police m/m fans.

No. 1678156

File: 1693076856601.png (345.67 KB, 599x1653, 112.png)

Good to see, twitter users have their priorities straight

No. 1678164

This is why I will always keep sexualizing my favorite fictional male characters. It's a great way to gatekeep TIMs in fandoms. They're the same people who would play FF games as teenagers who would call the main characters "gay" and "pussies" for being bishonen and having personalities beyond being unga bunga. TIFs are annoying as hell but significantly less. I barely ship any F/F pairings and the only one that TIMs got obsessed with is Bayonetta/Jeanne, so I'm glad that they seethed when Bayonetta and Luka kissed and became a couple, they're a really good pairing too imo, good luck finding a TIM who ships Nana/Hachi for instance.

No. 1678179

There's actually a lot of M/M TiMs and chasers who are trap-adjacent, though.

No. 1678182

I know, but the gay stuff they like tend to look very different than what I see from women. The ones like that that I know just stay in their side of the internet somewhat.

No. 1678183

>Bayonetta and Luka kissed and became a couple, they're a really good pairing too imo

No. 1678188

They don't like this series because the girls are too old and ugly for them and aren't those uguu sexycute moeblobs that they would rather sexualize

No. 1678197

File: 1693082061067.jpeg (11.64 KB, 300x168, nana.jpeg)

Is this the nana you're talking about? Not only are they super conventionally pretty and young looking, it's also yuri-baiting. It's a pretty style but let's not act like the female characters are.

No. 1678364

NTA but they are. Play the first game

No. 1678408

Playful flirting followed by rejection doesn’t lead into a romantic relationship. Are you autistic or something?

No. 1678428

Are you the autist tranny from /v/ who swears BayoJeanne are lovers?

No. 1679441

I don’t even ship Bayojeanne. Anyways stop derailing the thread with your retarded fandom sperging.

No. 1680030

File: 1693200584876.jpg (422.8 KB, 1440x1800, finnister.JPG)

I hate this britbong coomer and I'm glad his coomer tranny friends are being exposed for being pedos

No. 1680035

It's infuriating how Twitch allows and promotes this degenerate coomer fetishist into the platform.

No. 1680038

same, fucking hate him and all trapfags like that sneaky guy

No. 1680041

his face screams bong male, that hairline is struggling

No. 1680044

he's very obviously male but men fall for it because ''long hair and make up? woman!'' he's so annoying about it too, he's always saying shit like '' i am better than your gf'' or other gay scrote phrases trying to diminish women's value because men want to fuck his asshole, as if men didnt rape bald gorillas in make-up lmao.

No. 1680045

>Not only are they super conventionally pretty and young looking
Not in that pedo way that scrotes would usually find sexually appealing though. This is typical shoujo/josei style and you can tell a woman drew it without the intention of pandering to scrotes.

No. 1680048

One one hand it's funny seeing TIMs seethe with jealousy because they're fuggos and will never come close to emulating the conventionally attractive belle delphin sex bimbo clone look, like this guy is doing. One the other, his target audience are the type of degenerate pornsick moids that are stupid and misogynistic enough to meme themselves to be gay.

No. 1680053

I've said it before, but more trap fetishists are just paedophiles.

No. 1680070

>belle delphin
>conventionally attractive
You have a rodent fetish anon. Just say it.

No. 1680088

Girl this is /pt/ kek. It's fine to admit she has attractive features when she's not dressing like a cringey 12 yr old

No. 1680089

I like how this is wrong but they'll refuse to call out fakebois or moids who throw on a Walmart wig and demand to be called a woman. Or gender specials who only want to seem to take part in it when it comes to yelling at people

No. 1680123


No. 1680201

nta but that's clearly a typo, the o and p are next to each other

No. 1681103

the one by Flub Queen kek

No. 1681200

File: 1693286948517.png (63.22 KB, 1079x368, Screenshot_20230828-222525_(1)…)

How can you type this out and not feel immediately disgusted as a "lesbian"
Her obsession with forcefem and the fact that she loves the company of other MtFs and is more sympathethic to their transwimmin experience more than butch TIFs who troon out makes me believe she's just a bihet calling herself a lesbian for woke points. Not the first time she's used identity politics to promote her work and get away with psycho behaviour.

No. 1681210

are we really sure s?he is actually female and not some TIM larping as a """cis""" woman on the internet, because everything about this person screams male to me

No. 1681213

File: 1693288368431.png (1.1 MB, 998x1897, Screenshot_20230828-225417_(1)…)

Found on kiwifarms so screenshot is old but yeah of course she's dated the ugliest and manliest looking fugly troon. Such a lesbian. LOL. Wouldn't be surprised if she's e-dated a bunch of her other gross troon sycophants too. Also found on Wikipedia:
>"2013, Sriduangkaew said that she had earned her bachelor's degree "some twelve years ago" and that she had not been fluent in English at the time"
This puts her to be at least 22 years old at that time, meaning she must be at least 44 years old now. Imagine being a woman in your 40s and being this embarassing. Omg.

No. 1681296

WTF, I know she wrote some "queer" urban fantasy version of Snow White, but she writes forcefem shit as well? even the worst wokies rightfully call out how misogynistic and fetishistic that genre usually is

No. 1681408

Not surprised that the "cis lesbian" obsessively caping for troons and actively hating other women is actually dating transbians. What makes this hilarious though is that in one of her forum posts from 2011 she's calling white trannies ugly and how theirs (i.e. Thai) are much more attractive.

No. 1681467

File: 1693310793586.jpg (46.27 KB, 460x442, angomrb_460s.jpg)

I have noticed Asian TIMs unironcally spout this.

No. 1681477

Isn’t it just because trans people are treated better in Thailand so they have better gender affirming access? Idk thailands politics so i could be wrong

No. 1681484

its because they have a noble centuries long-culture of boy-fucking, but the little boy has to dress as a woman so it wouldn't be gay

No. 1681501

I remember her from a forum around 2005-2010, she's a troll addicted to insane arguments. She's not honest about her political beliefs, she was friendly with righ-wingers in one forum while pretending to be an extreme sjw and starting massive dramas elsewhere. I wouldn't be surprised if she was posting on lolcow kek. Don't fall for her bs.

No. 1681503

It's because young Asian men have more feminine faces than young European men.

No. 1681505

because trannies consume ladyboy porn of barely legal asian men with a bazillion surgeries and good lighting+filters. I dont know why people think asian men ''pass'' they always look so manly regardless of the surgeries and lowfat bodies.

No. 1681508

Nah this is just eugenics nonsense! Literally no one knew that one white makeup guru was trans until she outed herself! Asians are no better or worse at passing it’s all about the age you get put on hormones that determines how much you do or don’t pass. Nothing more nothing less. It’s just that Asians in Asia go on hormone therapy earlier and western trans can’t cuz it’s largely frowned upon. So they usually transition after puberty making it harder to pass!

No. 1681518

I wasn't saying they pass at all, just that they look less terrible in drag.

No. 1681521

man is your typing style so distinguishable. sorry for being annoying and anal but it's true

No. 1681530

are you lost

No. 1681532

Sorry is it my unhinged long rants

No. 1681543

no it's the way you use exclamation marks, your style of writing in general really stands out

No. 1681699

This isn't actually true except for people who think Asians all look the same regardless of sex IME. Asian men are shorter and less fat on average, but it doesn't make them more "feminine" when they still have those scrotal square faces/bodies, manjaws, powerful foreheads, fucked up hairlines when they're not taking advantage of bangs/wigs, etc. They do tend to have better plastic surgery (and easier access to HRT), which is also why Brazil has better-passing trannies than other countries with high European populations. It's nothing to do with "racial traits".

No. 1681903

Being slighter with fewer European features doesn't make you less masculine. Once you get past the implants, facial feminization, and mini skirts the Adam's apples, boxy shoulders, large hands and absence of a waist-to-hip ratio become obvious. Ladyboys aren't so uwu small and girly when you realize that SE asians in general are shorter and smaller than most. The average height for a Thai moid is just 5'4".
People had been clocking Nikkietutorials years before he was outed. He's over 6ft tall and has a low, masculine voice. His ability to pass for so long came from being socialized female by his nutjob mother and being fat. Fat men have higher estrogen levels.

No. 1681987

>His ability to pass for so long came from being socialized female by his nutjob mother and being fat. Fat men have higher estrogen levels.
It's also because of how his videos are filmed. He looked like a fat very unfortunate looking woman in his makeup tutorials because of the careful chosen angles and how he never filmed below his shoulders but even I clocked him based on his weird voice. Then I thought I was maybe a bit too paranoid because of the tranny threads here years ago until I saw pictures of him by himself and next to other men and women. I felt so vindicated when he finally admitted he was a troon.

No. 1681993

File: 1693344623436.jpg (152.14 KB, 750x878, saberspark.jpg)

pictures you can smell

No. 1681996

he's going to troon out any day now, him and john wolfe are on my short less. I'm waiting for the video of John wolfe announcing his change

No. 1682004

he doesnt strike me as troon, but the grooming allegations cant come soon enough

No. 1682039

He did a gender-switching gag in a video with a female avatar and voice and everything. I give him less than two years.

No. 1682064

John Wolfe would be such a miserable secret internet boyfriend. All he would do is complain about how he doesn't have a million subscribers and how stupid everyone around him is kek
He does charity streams where he dresses up as a female character when a certain goal is hit. Did you see the response video where he whinged about transphobia costing him subscribers because people mass unsubscribed after his Lady Dimitrescu cosplay? I thought he might troon out after that whole thing. Why do you think he won't?

No. 1682094

File: 1693355620694.jpg (349.33 KB, 718x1149, Screenshot_20230829-223145.jpg)

Yes I am sure she is weeping in one of her mansions that a troon got like 10 lines in the Barbie movie.

No. 1682096

doesn't megan love harry potter?

No. 1682097

>lead role

No. 1682146

didn't john wolfe wife just have a kid recently? for some reason they all troon out near when their wives have children

No. 1682161

Yes!! He started growing his hair out about a year ago, maybe two? It even looked nice when he was keeping up with it, but it's been looking worse and worse lately. He and Kimmy don't seem like the kind of couple to have two kids (to me), so I think if he's going to troon, it'll be within the next few years. He's also been talking about how dissatisfied he is with his channel (and has been doing other videos to avoid let's plays), so that might be the midlife crisis that triggers it.
Okay I actually just checked and the thumbnail in his newest videos shows his hair past his shoulders…

No. 1682162

didn't he have a meltdown over manlybadasshero getting a million subs before him.

No. 1682169

I'm not sure if it was an actual meltdown. An anon mentioned he's "probably partially peeved" about manly (and his peers) doing better than him.
Another anon mentioned he unsubscribed from manly "recently" but doesn't specify when
And yet another anon mentioned that his co-op channel with MrKravin was deleted with no archive, but he's still subscribed to MrKravin

Was there an actual meltdown on twitter or something that I missed?

No. 1682234

forced prostitution as a minor is not a better treatment

No. 1682402

File: 1693391256621.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1933, IMG_6187.jpeg)

>tranny in leading role
the troon barely appears (more than he should since he shouldn’t be in a barbie movie at all but still) and given that barbie is a by women for women i’m p sure jkr would be excited about it doing well since she’s a feminist

jkr lives in trannies’ minds rent free yet they’re trying so hard to paint it out as the opposite

No. 1682410

Margot Robbie isn't a troon, what the fuck is that guy on about? Is he talking about that one irrelevant background troon who was given self-owning lines like "I like being objectified teehee"? You could cut him out of the movie and nothing would change.

No. 1682449

Wish the troons would have heard Rowling when she said the rights and safety of women were more important to her than the legacy of Harry Potter. They keep thinking she's some spitting tyrant when she's expressed the mildest opinions possible about transwomen. Rent free indeed.

No. 1682510

My tinfoil is that he was given only a few lines because the plan is cutting him out of the movie once the whole tranny shit stops being fashionable.

No. 1682529

Meanwhile JKR let a troon be an important NPC in Hogwarts Legacy. It's so funny how they have to lie about her all the time.

No. 1682586

File: 1693409520431.png (21.5 KB, 591x247, Screenshot 2023-08-30 162950.p…)

I swear there's been a huge uptick in posts about IQ/eugenics, I never saw this kind of thing before and now it's everywhere, even though I've never interacted with that kind of content before. Seems like the kind of thing elon is all over so wouldn't be surprised if he was pushing it.
Though half of it like picrel comes off like the same old gifted kid trauma discourse repackaged for right-wingers.

No. 1682596

I just wonder if they're basing it off of IQ would they choose the number from a singular test? Obviously no they'd have to re-test you like every year to weed out whoever is getting dumber/making everyone else dumber, and all of these so-called "intellectuals" would see how they're either becoming or already are complete retards.

No. 1682632

It's dissident right wing accounts that peddle race science and other autistic rw shit. They believe that only they deserve and should be the elites who rule over the masses while everyone who isn't part of their gay club is dumb and a peasant. I have seen those accounts talk about genociding people who aren't up to their standards. Unsurpringly, Elon interacts with that corner of Twitter which is fitting and should indicate the views he may hold.

No. 1682637

I don't think the "right-wing" is coordinated enough to normalise such things outside their bubble, its most likely a process of distillation from 4chan/racist forums to Reddit and tumble and then to twitter and tiktok

No. 1682641

I refer to them as the dissident right because that is what they call themselves. But you're right to say that it's a jumble of various ideologies and convictions that originated in Reddit, 4chan, and incel forums.

No. 1682648

Honestly posting stuff like this is such a self own. What topic does this person think they aren't smart enough to grasp? Physics? Math? More likely they just gave up when it got hard and are now huffing copeium, while still trying to impress people with their IQ score.

No. 1682651

Tumblr but more so Reddit help normalise a lot of niche shit, cause it spreads from one subreddit to the other and then finally breaks ground in more mainstream spaces, like whole "-maxxing" stuff

No. 1682732

That's what I'm wondering kek. I'm definitely smart enough to realize I'm too dumb to understand anything theoretical and my IQ can't be any higher than like 98 kek, these people are focusing on the wrong things.

No. 1682976

He is all over it, he follows this account @monitoringbias which constantly posts about race and IQ. Also follows this guy Richard Hanania who also posts about IQ and eugenics.

No. 1683769

File: 1693516464040.png (197.9 KB, 582x816, cope.png)

Right wing twitter version of "former gifted kids". They failed because they were just too smart.

No. 1683782

>mini moids act like little shit at school
>"omg feminazi schools are horrible to boys that's why they are falling behind"

No. 1683917

This is such horseshit. It's not that they're "not fulfilled", boys/men get asspats the whole way through college. I clearly remember boys getting preferential treatment ever since I was in elementary school in the 90s, the teachers would treat them like precious angel babies and ignore the girls because of the excuse that "we're more mature for our ages". Come the fuck on.

No. 1684084

I don't think a 12 year old knows what a Gadsden flag even is, I'm assuming his dad made him wear it or he was it on the Internet through a meme, the teacher was also dumb for trying to make it a political issue.

No. 1684087

The teacher was also dumb for not being educated enough to know that the Gadsden flag predates the confederate flag kek…the state of education is a total joke here

No. 1684106

weebs shouldnt be allowed to have opinions

No. 1684115

Dumb teacher but lady butting in to the conversation to claim little boys are just too intelligent is even more dumb

No. 1684116

>The school system meme is a boymom and failson delusion that doesn't even need any credible studies - today's mode of learning is objectively more forgiving towards "kinetic learners", "delayed maturity" and other unhinged retardation. In the glorious boys' gymnasiums of the past, boys were beaten and raised in a semi-military hierarchy.

No. 1684118

Was literally About to say this kek. I'd bet my entire savings they haven't stepped foot in Asia and the closest thing they got to seeing Asian troons was porn

No. 1684120

If they're mad he dresses as a woman while calling himself a man what's the difference between idiot troons that put little to no effort into conforming to their "transformed gender" to demand to be called that? They will seethe over him but no where to be found when trannies are just flopping on a wig and going to Zoe to demand lesbians fuck them

No. 1684140

well for him its a financial incentive as well.

No. 1684186

Ackshually it was a bald orangutan in makeup and (she was a baby and the men who went to that brothel paid more than they’d pay for the human prostitutes)

No. 1684201

File: 1693559379158.png (177.55 KB, 1949x1196, schooling.PNG)

Manifesto-chan's words stir within my heart. In short, eat shit stupid retard sex. Moids identify as smart just like their brothers who identify as women, they think their ego-fueled delusions should be treated as reality and have a mental breakdown/narc rage/delusion cope over the problem not being them when they fail at every turn and nature/reality stands in opposition to their delusions. It really is scrotes sewing vs reaping kek.

No. 1684207

was it manfesto-chan who wrote "about gay men rule the word for centuries and hate women and rape boys and girls cause they hate women." also could someone post, I have been trying to find it for ages

No. 1684596

Yes, I've put fruit in cereal before. It just more common to have it on the side or just eat the cereal alone.

No. 1684611

Proof that male sexuality is a joke, I feel bad for women who fuck men because their nigels would literally start fucking food and animals if they get desperate enough.

No. 1685168

File: 1693647178571.jpg (362.6 KB, 1218x1399, Ie8hhadxspZVCj.jpg)

Have Americans never eaten cereal mixed with bananas before?

No. 1685169

nyes, some of us do

No. 1685179

The way she spelled “gubmint” has me weeping

No. 1685181

My grandma used to slice up two bananas in milk with a dash of strawberry jam and some sugar and serve it to me for breakfast. As a kid I loved it, kek. Banana mixed with cereal is normal, though. My main issue with that photo is that everything is drenched in milk so instead of getting the crunch with your banana pieces you just get soggy on top of sog.

No. 1685184

Yeah Americans eat bananas in milk. What you see on Twitter are criticisms from brain damaged (terminally online/twitter addicted) children. They probably only eat cinnamon toast crunch.

No. 1685187

My great grandma would put bananas in my corn flakes and Rice Krispies cuz those were the 2 cereals with no added sugar so she’s buy it kek. She also would use powdered milk. Why I have no idea I still remember the taste of powdered milk and I haven’t had it since 03

No. 1685195

>Why I have no idea
she grew up in economically hard times and understood the value of cost cutting but also the need for a healthy nutritious meal.

No. 1685201

putting fruit in cereal is very normal t. ausfag
just add strawberries and honey, it's the best
mind you that might be odd if your cereal is already sugar-packed and processed so I can see the confusion. twitter burgers be like WHAT IS THIS well it's cereal how it should be served not out of a box with fucking marshmallows and wood chips kek

No. 1685209

Aww this was so sweet and wow duh I guess I was so young I never thought of that! She was born in the 20s so it makes sense! She also would keep money under her mattress. She died in 04 though so I never got to ask her important questions. She was so cool she loved the syfy channel and wed watch horror movies together lol. Nonnies if your great grandmas are alive ask them all the questions you have!

No. 1685249

Wtf anon why did you repost it 13 hours later

No. 1685293

I felt there was interesting conversation going on, and I wanted to see it playout before I posted.

No. 1685511

File: 1693678537965.jpeg (202.45 KB, 1170x449, IMG_3907.jpeg)

I’m gonna be completely honest I don’t believe the “she popped out in 3 minutes with no tearing”…

No. 1685610

This is obviously fake because 3 minutes in one push unassisted doesn't happen, but there are women who have a very easy time giving birth. But yeah, this is too ridiculous.

No. 1685747

File: 1693695533383.png (17.77 KB, 476x153, Screenshot 2023-09-02 3.53.07 …)

Hope this isn't considered racebaiting but I keep seeing these tweets saying that only black lesbians are allowed to call themselves bulldykes or even just dykes which is funny because I've don't recall ever seeing a black lesbian get called a bulldyke (not saying it doesn't happen, I'm sure it does, but usually I only see overweight white butch lesbians with buzzcuts get called that, I certainly don't think of it as a racialized slur, most people refer to black butch lesbians as studs).

No. 1685818

File: 1693702419403.png (241.39 KB, 612x669, x.PNG)

Guess the flag in this “lesbian”’s bio

No. 1685820

Kek. They grow there hair out but never change their stripes. No shit straight men prefer feminine lesbian couples over more butch ones. He really thinks he can but into a community he is not apart of because he fetishizes them.

No. 1685832

Kek the baby thread talked about these pickmes. Women over exaggerating if not straight up lying about how "easy" their is and how easy it is to be a mom, likely to entertain breeders

No. 1685847

File: 1693705712661.png (615.34 KB, 879x714, 52de1ce6787766129f71c7717b2cd3…)

kek this reply to the tweet in question is gold

No. 1685852

I'm black and it's not a slur against black people, a large segment of black people online just like inserting race into everything. It's exhausting and annoying but they need the clicks so they do it.

No. 1685858

This is so weird, I've only ever heard it used as an insult to like Boo OITNB types. Why would anyone want to claim that, stud is so much more flattering

No. 1685901

File: 1693710062971.jpeg (463.01 KB, 1170x1620, IMG_3945.jpeg)

Redacted the graphic image of the young lady giving birth because that’s not necessary imagery to share, but 1) men are not wholesome 2) I really will never understand what is empowering about subjecting yourself to suffering and giving birth in an unsafe, unsanitary environment. I genuinely do hope that this whole “home birth” boom for sahm’s/tradwannabes does just result in happy, healthy babies being born and not trauma from extreme disaster.

No. 1685914

It's so bizarre to me unmedicated births are being pushed onto women by claiming it's empowering . Like going through the most painful thing a human can do and denying something that will help you and your baby is now bad? It's like some moid psychop so they can get off to women in pain

For reference I've seen multiple stories of men forcing their wives to have an unmedicated home birth and then later admitted it's because they liked watching her in pain

No. 1685935

They have to shill it to women somehow. A century ago it was our rightful punishment for eating the apple, of course it hurts femoid. Now it’s empowering.

No. 1686006

I've seen right wing women who opt for home birth because they have a distrust of hospitals (especially since covid), I feel like these women never had medical problems and don't think it could ever go wrong.

No. 1686084

This person is a troon who literally spends all his time defending pedophilia on twitter. What a shit stain.

No. 1686114

File: 1693734042720.png (521.16 KB, 600x1093, 1662912485181.png)

>pic of a cheerleader and football player making out
>random degenerate on twitter adds a caption implying cheerleader is a femboy
>TIM sand fujos join in projecting degenerate fantasies onto them

No. 1686120

the absolute state of porn brainrot, and i say this as a degen myself.

No. 1686185

This pic used to be a "this is what they took from you" retarded conservative meme. I feel bad for these fucking kids just having a cute moment and now freaks from every side of the aisle are sexualizing them. Hopefully neither of them are online enough to even be aware of it.

No. 1686190

File: 1693740944294.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1284x1829, 701A6990-C098-4C74-9205-32B870…)

No matter how hard you pander to these people, nothing will ever be enough. Most of the quote retweets are even worse https://twitter.com/AceHainley/status/1698000917352566904

No. 1686194

Wtf is that shadow, did jimmy neutron take this picture

No. 1686211

I've never seen that picture used in that context, but I'm willing to believe it. However, I've always see that picture as an example as a "IRL cahd" mem, representing something those losers on the Internet on reddit and 4chan can never achieve

No. 1686476

Do they want to force in a TIM in the bar ownership to make it equal? I can understand their logic (though don't agree) behind crying discrimination of "AFAB only" housing or whatever. But in this case "AFAB" is just describing the reality of who owns the bar.

No. 1686491

File: 1693765153457.png (22.33 KB, 675x270, review.PNG)

People are saying this is a terf dogwhistle like a terf would ever say their bar is owned by an AFAB and operated by queers. I looked on google and they were getting review bombed, but it seems like some people (and people who actually went to the bar) were leaving 5 star reviews to make up for it.

No. 1686494

File: 1693765176042.png (16.69 KB, 675x174, response.PNG)

Their response

No. 1686502

No. 1686644

lol no mater how hard you try to be woke and inclusive they will always turn on women. doesn't matter how hard they self flagellate.
they might as weel go full terf now kek

No. 1686657

File: 1693775105479.png (413.26 KB, 600x600, mater.png)

>no mater

No. 1686682

Surprisingly good response, I expected some handmaiden-y profuse apology about how they didn't realize how awful "afab" is to these poor trans wimmin or whatever. Wonder if the owners are already undercover lesbian terfs or if this fiasco might lead to their realization that these scrotes aren't their "sisters"

No. 1686690


No. 1686697

based for recognising that "afabs" (women) are still less powerful than "amabs" (men) even in queerio spaces

No. 1686700

that's why I am openly a terf. it doesnt matter what bs snowflake language you use and how inclusive you are, they will always eat themselves and bitch at you. I am proud to be a lesbian woman and I will exclude men and cont to gatekeep.

No. 1686718

File: 1693779310791.jpg (174.2 KB, 1072x1101, F5EbymxXUAAxwMU.jpg)

The owners actually didn't make the sign, an enby bartender did which makes this whole thing even more stupid. I saw people saying the bartender was trying to say "we're one of the good queers!" which doesn't make any sense to me. Idk, I don't get how this stuff works anymore.

No. 1686721

Oops, meant beverage manager.

No. 1686762

Weird tweet. I’ve only seen and heard black butches call themselves studs (like you said) and only seen bulldykes used to refer to bigger butch women, regardless of race. I think people just make shit up sometimes.

No. 1686767

Love you nonnas. Needed these laughs today.

No. 1686833

>who identifies as they/them

No. 1686872

Not completely trusting hospitals is understandable since almost all women I know have horror stories about medical professionals fucking shit up, but home birth? There are way too many resources now like even crunchy birthing centers that have trained medical professionals in case something goes wrong

No. 1686889

It's like TIMs believe they are the only kind of kweer persons that matter. Why don't more kweer people realize that TIMs are just narcissists who want everyone to figuratively and literally suck their dicks, and stop supporting them? This kind of thing is what should peak people. But since they are both trans and 'women', they win in the oppression olympics and thus are allowed to say whatever they want without repercussions.

I hope one day the bar changes that "AFAB owned" shit to "female-owned"

No. 1687037

File: 1693803355010.png (58.17 KB, 699x298, Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 07.54…)

>Default primary custody to fathers to prevent child abuse

this dude can't be serious. scrotes have rotten chimp brains

from this thread for context: https://twitter.com/tyromper/status/1697581537125138628

No. 1687111

Adultery really is worse than rape or murder to scrots.

No. 1687119

>punish adultery
Unless it's them

No. 1687150

More like marriage and family is now unattractive to women, moids are the ones whining they don't have a girlfriend.

No. 1687370

File: 1693838418246.png (1.51 MB, 828x2148, IMG_1697.png)

bieber stan having a normal one

No. 1687503

Women gave birth at home in the old days and it's still a practice in many places around the world, nonna. Midwifery is an ancient and important profession to women. Calling it "crunchy" and thinking a health care professional has to be involved shows you've been brainwashed by the men who took midwifery away from women and calling them dirty and/or unqualified. And I'm not saying you don't need a doctor for it, as there are cases that obviously require a doctor for delivering a baby, but for most women, a midwife is fine.

No. 1687509

People had shit healthcare in general in the olden days.

No. 1687510

Marriage was only ever 'attractive' to men because they got everything out of it. An obedient housewife to bear his offspring. Now that women are working their own careers and dont need men, they wanna bitch? How many women have tried to make marriage work but the male always cheats? Nah, I am in full support of women not getting married and living their best lives.

No. 1687512

Yeah, women also died during childhood at extremely high rates for things that could simply be helped with at a hospital.

No. 1687513

There are thousands of stories about downright incompetence when giving birth in hospitals. I cant have children but I feel so much sympathy for women who rightfully fear going to hospitals in America. I have seen so many cases of crude unnecessary slicing, barbaric resewing, ignoring the mother's pain, and total lack of respect or basic dignity. On top of that, you now see stories of killer nursed and albeit rare the fear really isn't irrational. Suspicion and mistrust is very healthy.

No. 1687516

Midwives are healthcare professionals in most developed countries, take it you are an american

No. 1687538

File: 1693848222956.jpeg (659.97 KB, 828x1282, IMG_3755.jpeg)

original post is a girl who collects animal bones or whatever. she said she found a dead stray kitten and moved it into a bush to decompose for a month to collect its bones. thats gross to me but ok whatever. the audacity of this degen retard to tell this guy that ppl like him are the reason why “humanity is failing” all bc he’s jokingly suspicious of this hobby while having the name “urtoddlergf” is enraging. her bio also reads “hard kinks no TW” and she proudly refers to herself as a toddler in her pinned tweet holy shit can she kill herself pls

No. 1687543

Is this personal vendetta

No. 1687545

I'm gonna sound like a schizo but the concept of marriage had polluted the gene pool beyond repair and contributed to overpopulation and lack of resources for everyone. If it never existed as we know it and if women could always choose and dump their partners completely freely and choose when to have children or if they want to raise their children the world would be so different I doubt we could ever imagine it. Now we're stuck with mentally and physically defective males who want their cake and to eat it too and who don't get that women are now acting as they would have always acted if it weren't for fucked up laws and traditions working against them and their female ancestors.

No. 1687554

Nah you’re right. Enforced monogamy was always incel affirmative action. Most men aren’t supposed to reproduce, letting them reproduce is making us evolve backwards. Women were always supposed to choose their partner not the other way around.

No. 1687569

definitely not, i have no idea who this psycho is her tweet just alarmed me

No. 1687578

OT but vulture culture or whatever it’s called is so disgusting.

No. 1687581

Men will always cheat and abuse women at a higher rate so making divorce more difficult only helps the abusers. These are MRA conservative talking points, they hate women but still want a trad housewife to take care of him and give him children to neglect. Meanwhile he’ll go cheat when he gets bored and blame it on dead bedroom.

No. 1687587

If these rules were put in place, women would be even less likely to get married and the fall in marriage stays are caused by womens rightful reluctance to get tied to someone with no backup plan so he makes no sense.
These incels really would rather get literal government to make rules taking women's rights away so women would have to marry them instead of just going to gym and fixing their shitty personalities so women would willingly date them

No. 1687601

I don’t think it’s possible to fix their personalities when the major issue is not seeing women as human beings. It’s better that women stay away from guys like this, they’re doomed to be horrible people.

No. 1687645

OT but damn Selena has a down syndrome look to her in the first pic. But she looks like a teenager in the middle and a normal adult woman in the last, while Justin Bieber looks like Elen Page in the middle pic and looks old and washed out in the last one, and he definitely got his teeth fixed kek

No. 1687651

File: 1693854857739.jpeg (287.23 KB, 828x998, IMG_2736.jpeg)

do these people ever just shut up

No. 1687675

File: 1693856590001.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1170x1293, IMG_5136.jpeg)

Are we doomed

No. 1687678

File: 1693856821124.gif (15.23 MB, 498x498, ew-yikes-even.gif)

>she proudly refers to herself as a toddler in her pinned tweet

No. 1687679

what the hell does that even mean

No. 1687681

File: 1693857004562.png (268.48 KB, 351x334, 1579129507147.png)

>migrated to twitter to avoid tumblr nonsense
>tumblrinas repost tumblr screenshots on twitter over and over again anyway

No. 1687741

one of the most retarded things i’ve ever seen, what the fuck does that mean

No. 1687881

I'm well aware they're healthcare professionals, but the interventions of a midwife is not the same as a physician. And even so that doesn't take away what I said about home birth being practiced in many places around the world.

Back then more women died in hospitals than at home with the midwife because the male doctors were pigdisgusting and didn't wash their hands in between touching corpses and delivering children. Sure she survived childbirth with a cesarean being in a hospital, but then she died less than a week later because of some filthy moid.

No. 1688000

idm it in theory but almost universally people who are into it are bpd weirdos

No. 1688746

File: 1693953308903.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x1714, IMG_5139.jpeg)

I wish this was satire

No. 1688750

>all of it ‘aesthetically’ typed out
So clockable by a couple of words alone, amazing. I wish those types of ftms realized they’re such a now average breed of social contagion women and not a soft boyprince.

No. 1688753

i side with the sperg on this one

No. 1689075

same there is a lot of charm in these kind of thrift stores

No. 1689179

me too. not sure what's wrong with what was said, it's completely true

No. 1689258

i agree though, in a similar vein there's a comic and manga store in my area run by one guy who does it entirely as a hobby and looking through the shelves is so fun. there's still old, yellow comics probably from the day he opened that shop on some shelves. i love manifestations of autism like that

No. 1690346

File: 1694108098330.png (136.29 KB, 603x1094, Screenshot.png)

a few weeks ago this same woman was talking about how males should be killed en-masse and human beings die hand in hand and now she's going
>"divine motherhood is beautiful guys"
The readfem-to-tradthot pipeline remains undefeated,

No. 1690419

>the ability to reproduce is what keeps men from killing us all
okay so why do men not kill everyone sterile or post-menopausal? i hate men as much as anyone but this is retarded. it also shits all over the childfree like we're worthless.
that "divine maternity" shit irritates me because even a cockroach can reproduce. do something useful with your fucking brain and you won't have to gain your sense of self worth from the hypothetic ability to shit out kids for a psychopathic moid. men really are parasites though.

No. 1690470

There isn't a human alive (or in history) who has done anything worthwhile. We literally exist for no purpose other than breeding and any other purpose we create is arbitrary and probably just as harmful in the long run.

No. 1690519

humans turned wolves into corgis.

No. 1691576

File: 1694208634817.png (326.53 KB, 606x595, pic.png)

As a math student this shit makes me want to a-log

No. 1691596

this is so painful to look at, and so distracting, yet I bet people will claim it’s somehow helpful for “neurodivergents”

No. 1691610

For women… they mean for autistic retards aka trannies

No. 1692026

You can get a female doctor.

No. 1692284

File: 1694266128851.jpg (162.83 KB, 614x703, F5Xb4ZJXMAE1pV_.jpg)

prison abolitionists are insane.

No. 1692286

Do these people realize how evil it is to expect a rapist's family to be the ones now suddenly responsible for his being a better person? What if he rapes again? Is the family of the rapist now to blame? Imagine having a rapist brother and you're now responsible for babying him.

No. 1692287

Beyond naive. Is there a word for this demented way of thinking?

No. 1692299

Retarded virtue-signaling? Did anyone even mention her specifically? The original tweet didn't. So why is she bringing it up as if people are using her rape/sexual assault as a specific example to put rapists in jail? Why do some women just come out of nowhere to defend moids like this, at the cost of other women's safety.

No. 1692304

File: 1694267289200.jpg (615.12 KB, 1290x3072, rGqL3CQsTaVHD.jpg)

This isn't even the worst prison abolitionist take this month btw, these are some people who argue for revolution and how all rich people should be killed.

No. 1692306

He isn’t wrong

No. 1692308

Well he’s not wrong. Prison abolition does mean learning to live around the very worst men, the kind that absolutely don’t deserve to be forgiven. He’s retarded for writing all this out and then expecting people to get on his side though. Of course HE could learn to live with these men cause they’d never do something so henious to him, but he doesn’t have the empathy to see women as fully equal human beings who have a legitimate reason to feel unsafe around criminals.

No. 1692318

i imagine how he would feel if he has to live next to jeffrey dahmer and john way gacy

No. 1692325

I'm not Christian but from what I know about it, it reminds me of this whole "turn the other cheek" concept, which is absolute bullshit imo.

No. 1692345

Based. Prison abolishment is for privileged, naive leftists who live in a fantasyland where everybody ultimately means well and all harmful choices are just mistakes. Some people cannot and don't want to be rehabilitated and will offend again and again when given the opportunity.

No. 1692531

File: 1694285069524.jpg (234.71 KB, 1290x1678, F5bGlelXgAAsofD.jpg)


No. 1692542

These women think we're in an episode of dora the explorer and you can tell criminals to not commit crimes and they'll listen, just like when the fox comes up on screen, try to steal some shit and dora tells him to not steal three times in a row in each episode. They would have a case if they were talking about people stealing things to survive or some other victimless crime.

No. 1692547

she's right. rapists shouldn't be locked in cages forever, they should simply be put down.

No. 1692554

Her attacker is probably some random guy who catcalled her while other women are asking for literal violent rapists to be put down, she's using her random experience to make it seem like most victims don't want something bad happening to their attacker. She doesn't even say rapist because she probably wasn't raped.

No. 1692560

File: 1694286493650.jpg (76.06 KB, 850x400, michel-foucault-10-1-0196.jpg)

Close, they believe basically in that that whole 'socioeconomic factors forcing x,' but unironically, cause a French pedophile wrote that in the 1970s, after he made fun of a family for grieving their daughter getting raped and murdered and frequenting child brothels in Tunisia

No. 1692563

>I'm not like other girls see? I'm a cool girl and I think rapists are just misunderstood poor babies who need free therapy, please men give me attention now!!

No. 1692649

put down all prison abolitionists with rapists and murderers they defend

No. 1692682

File: 1694296275554.jpeg (655.9 KB, 1170x1101, IMG_5156.jpeg)

Niche “radfem” twitter accounts are something else. also lmfao at calling yourself pureblood german when you have brown hair and green eyes.

No. 1692689

Is she trying to clock the girl on the right because she looks like if Gretchen Felker-Martin went on a diet

No. 1692694

i guess this is a joke? radfems on tumblr often use pics of tims when tras claim that tims aren't clockable because it's funny when the tras insult them as looking like men when they previously claimed that you can never clock a tim.

No. 1692709

File: 1694298238365.jpeg (219.93 KB, 1660x878, IMG_5158.jpeg)


No. 1692710

Theres no way that's not a tranny. The left pic must be her and the right is someone she's mocking

No. 1692712

Looks like a troon. Can you reverse-search the image?

No. 1692726

She's very obviously posting a troon's selfie as bait

No. 1692744

I'm inclined to agree. With the presence of ultrasound, the Chinese and Indians mass aborted their female children for a generation. It's less about the actual tech and more how technology often cements and accelerates oppressive norms.

No. 1692750

radtwt is the only place i've ever met racists within the radfem sphere, it's crazy

No. 1692751

larpsandtherealgirl and pronounrespecter used to do this frequently, those two are known for popularizing radfem stuff under a shitposter face

No. 1692809

It's always especially sad when a rapist preys on the intellectually disabled which must've been the case here.

No. 1692814

i'm for prison abolition if that means we get to kill rapists on sight. true anti-state shit right there.
you know, it makes sense. these are the kinds of people to apply terrible things someone's parents did to their own character. if your dad was known to have killed someone, if you don't speak out about it at any time you're reminded or asked, you're JUST as terrible for enabling your dad's behavior.

No. 1692880

File: 1694317895820.jpeg (953.47 KB, 1170x1834, IMG_5160.jpeg)

Lesbian is when woman wear pant

No. 1692902

>Taylor Swift is a lesbian
God I wish

No. 1692912

I accidentally stumbled upon a couple gaylor yt vids awhile ago and these women are so mentally ill

No. 1692950

turn the other cheek is often misunderstood, it's not "tolerate everything", but a provocation in the lines of "I dare you to do it again".

No. 1693671

File: 1694372421839.png (617.69 KB, 604x2184, Abolish.png)

Its still going on, I really have no words, one of the articles mentions how "domestic violence intervention" was used against aboriginal and mauri people, cause they had such high rates of it, that the police would come and arrest the men and this "devastate" as these communities.

No. 1693788

god this selfie. that reminds me, is gretchen felker martin still dating nicole cliffe or did they drop that reveal just to put that horrible line about "acres and acres of creamy flesh" into my nightmares and then immediately break up?

No. 1694998

>source: teenvogue.com
>the criminal justice system doesnt adequately prosecute rape and sexual assault/abuse anyway! it may as well not exist!

it is terrible how mishandled and appropriated by racism the justice system in australia was during the stolen generation particularly. but its fucking insane to just brush of the horrific abuse that did occur and still occurs in remote communities with no structured justice system. so disingenuous and wilfully ignorant about real suffering

No. 1695956

File: 1694555224703.jpeg (326.48 KB, 828x596, IMG_1545.jpeg)

Why is this account still up? Funniest thing is that this guy is Indian or Latino. Can’t stand these brown right wing moids who make a career of slandering Africans

No. 1695973

It’s such obvious envy and cope. They don’t want to be seen crying and shitting themselves that white women don’t like them (or else they might be accused of simply being unattractive and undesirable, not to mention unmasculine), so they start crying about interracial relationships with black men and use national and cultural integrity as a completely flimsy, transparent excuse. As if the whole Mediterranean hasn’t dealt with significant intercultural exchange and travel for eons that has just strengthened and enriched it. The whole pornbrained aspect to the paragraph is so disgusting too, this dude just HAD to mention naked boobs and turned on women in his cuck rant. Absolutely pathetic.

No. 1695974

They always write in such a dramatic way, like they're the main character in a war viking movie or sth. But most of them are probably jobless incels sitting on a dirty computer chair.

No. 1696274

File: 1694575805485.jpeg (581.47 KB, 1170x1356, IMG_5172.jpeg)

The whole account’s full of shit like this wtf

No. 1696316

>European women welcoming eyes
Something they’ll never see or experience.

No. 1696435

>Funniest thing is that this guy is Indian or Latino
That is my default assumption though.

No. 1696525

File: 1694610562456.png (573.02 KB, 600x1016, Screenshot_.png)

I can't believe this isn't a troll-post, gay moids truly are something.

No. 1696536

kek I hope he saved his pictures somewhere before he got his phone stolen at least.

No. 1696544

i used to be a prison abolitionist but honestly im more of a prison reformist. a lot of people need to be locked up. But prison treats everyone subhuman no matter their crime level or whether they are innocent. that is what needs to be changed imo. the way women are raped by their COs and denied basic hygiene products etc etc etc. its cruel what majority of prisoners go through when majority are only in there for petty crimes.

No. 1696548

That's my point as well, I don't thing a 21 year old who smoked weed or a even a petty burglar deserve to be locked up with violent rapists and murders.

No. 1698838

The fuck are the things floating in the sky. That's definitely not confetti.

No. 1700214

File: 1694941358211.png (335.95 KB, 597x685, pedo_creep.png)

There is just some downright evil and illegal stuff you can come across just casually browsing on twitter. So this zoomer radfem made a joke post about state-mandated slavic bfs (this was a parody of a RW moids post about Ukrainian gfs). Most people thought she was dead serious, and I was casually browsing the QRTs and comments, laughing until I saw this post, which was suspicious as hell. I clicked on the account, and it was filled with tons of photos of young boys wearing revealing clothing. Some looked to be AI-generated, some were illustrations, but many were real. It made me sick, so I reported it, but I wish there was a way to report this shit to the authorities, cause this freak for sure is a paedophile IRL as well.

No. 1700218

lol ofcourse it's a fucking tranny i reported too

No. 1700235

I find it funny how moids say the most deranged and disgusting shit and people give them grace and say it's a joke, but when a woman jokes about the same thing, people go straight attacking and don't give them the same benefit of doubt.

No. 1700292

File: 1694953464748.jpg (241.83 KB, 961x1280, IMG-Z.jpg)

Also, this is what the guy on the right actually looks like, just some random tiktoker that she probably googled. Again, as a parody of RW moids wanting Ukrainian war-brides

No. 1700392

File: 1694962594411.jpeg (862 KB, 1170x1771, IMG_5177.jpeg)


No. 1700398

Right picture looks 18. I don't see the problem

No. 1700432

right picture is some random tiktok boy from a joke post, pic on the left is some pre-pubescent child and the account from where its form is filled with photos of young boys(and illustrations of CP)

No. 1700448

Keking at the random passerby being unaware of her existence while she seethes on twitter

No. 1700457

I'll walk in front of cameras more often then.

No. 1700501

I think that's a video she got off of tiktok, not her.

No. 1700508

File: 1694977380853.png (283.29 KB, 604x786, happened.png)

So, I think know this is a problem with Twitter in general, but radtwt is just really bad at falling for clearly made-up stories on Reddit. Like, I know moids are well moids, but this is very obviously some kid doing creative writing, but radfems fully buy into it and will write whole essays on these made-up stories.

No. 1700518

Honestly I agree. Feel the same thing with ovarit sometimes. Like I will technically agree with them, but they are so bad at not responding to bait.

No. 1700937

File: 1695016085372.png (213.98 KB, 391x560, twitter.PNG)

Excuse the shitty screenshot, but I swear some of these people genuinely have a mental deficiency. Why are they acting like Ida B. Wells is some hidden, unknown figure? I feel like most Americans have heard about her at least once. Not to mention the republicans of the 1800s/1900s are not the ones we have today.

No. 1700965

90% or more of Reddit is made up stories. Most of the site is literally people telling each other the lie they want to hear.
Even harmless videogame subreddits are like that. This is why I stopped using that site long ago.

No. 1701170

File: 1695050392484.jpg (426.02 KB, 1126x1750, p5r3ljjrqgv41.jpg)

Are they aware that until the mid-20th century, the American Republican Party was progressive and socialist-leaning? Most modern Republicans would probably call them communists if they were active today.

No. 1701197

File: 1695052499104.jpg (128.94 KB, 1207x660, T8uSOADXuVK.jpg)

>finding Indian street food disgusting and unhygienic is racist actually
mind you, children in south asia get hepatitis due to these foods, cause the men wipe with their bare hands and only wash with water

No. 1701290

I don't recall Italians shitting or letting free roaming livestock shit in their streets either. Don't travel advisories tell tourists not to eat street food in South and Southeast Asia because the vendors don't wash? Indians are quick to defend their cuisine or compare it to other cultures but never address the fact that the majority of their nation is a slum-ridden, misogynistic toilet.

No. 1701780

I found the video and don’t see anything wrong with it? I mean yeah, he’s cooking outside but that’s the nature of street vending

No. 1701998

File: 1695147198870.jpg (171.2 KB, 981x1185, F6VtdrzW8AE9xSV.jpg)

>mormon tradthot complains about a lewd cosplayer posing in a room with stuffed animals
>turns out she herself has a Patreon where she sells pictures of her cosplaying as sexualized underage characters and wears maid costumes in a room full of stuffed animals
>her twitter account is full of racist shit, religious LARP garbage and insistences that slavery isn't "that bad", people just "don't know how to work hard"
I really despise these hypocritical tradtards. They're the same as the libfem e-girl cosplayers they hate so much, just fetishistic pickmes simpering for crumbs of coomer male attention and pennies. The only difference is that the tradthots hate themselves and other women (especially those of other races) and worship men so much that they push false, retarded ideology.

No. 1702005

Why the fuck did they switch? Now zoomer Republicans scream about how entitled you are if you say we should be able to afford to eat if we work full time

No. 1702028

I hate this woman and her fans but there's no use in fighting with them because they are genuinely retarded. 4'11 women who happen to look younger than they are are obviously allowed to pursue sexual relationships, sexualize themselves, cosplay, and have others find them attractive. The problem is when they use their younger looking appearance to appeal to pedos by deliberately acting/sounding like a child and sexualizing themselves in such state. Nobody's fucking saying it's pedophilia that people are attracted to 4'11 people who are of age, jesus fucking christ these people need a brain transplant.

No. 1702095

File: 1695152000674.png (448.36 KB, 498x890, jkns.png)

>The problem is when they use their younger looking appearance to appeal to pedos by deliberately acting/sounding like a child and sexualizing themselves in such state.
It's even more annoying IMO when those who do just that swoop in to accuse others of doing it. After looking at both their accounts (before the trad one locked), the person complaining about it being fetish content appears to purposely pander far more to pedophiles than the one she's calling out. She doesn't just happen to look younger, she actively tries to look like a child, edits herself to that end and cosplays loli characters. All this shit does is poison the waters so that any woman with valid complaints will get lumped in with them.

No. 1702109

I have issues with pedo-pandering but I can't help but feel that these callouts are all coming from miserable fatasses who would be doing the same thing if they looked like the women they tore down. Seething fat weebs squeal louder than normal women's genuine complaints, get drowned out.

No. 1702127

I could alog all day with this bullshit. Yes, porn promotes pedophilia when you purposefully tart yourself up and decorate your space with children’s things. So many of these e-girls try to emulate literal child behavior and at the same time victimize themselves to avoid any criticism when it’s obvious what they’re doing. Vile and repulsive.

No. 1702157

Late but do you have a link for him mocking the grieving family?

No. 1702164

>all anime loving women would do pedo pandering cosplays if they weren’t le fat pig

No. 1702337

Weebs, not all women that like anime. Work on your reading comprehension, nonnie.

No. 1702585

The green haired girl is obsessed with Shinobu and Hachikuji so it’s obvious that she tries to imitate underage looking characters. Why do normies like naive?

No. 1703431

>Why the fuck did they switch?
It actually started with the Democratic Party under Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, who essentially cemented it as the party for black Americans and middle-class white liberals. Since this was an era when the American economy was at its peak(as well as the height of cold war paranoia), the Republicans couldn't turn to economic populism, so the party shifted towards vague social conservatism, beginning with Nixon and solidifying under Reagan.

No. 1703738

rattle rattle

No. 1704058

File: 1695354730070.png (161.99 KB, 597x533, longcov.png)

The video is 2 teachers talking about the decline in academic performance and behaviour standards in their students over the years. There were multiple quote tweets like this which is just nuts. I don't use the term echo chamber often but that's what these people are in.

No. 1704083

Its think its more of an indication of people have lost faith in their goverments these days.

No. 1704210

>Foucault’s own History of Sexuality (1976) describes one such operation of power: the punishment of a “simple-minded” farm labourer who sexually abused a young village girl. This wasn’t objectively abusive, though, in Foucault’s analysis, but an “everyday occurrence in the life of village sexuality”. His concern is the way power was used to construct it as wicked and deserving of punishment. There is a note almost of affront in his account of the way contemporary systems of power and sexual control turned “these inconsequential bucolic pleasures”, into “the object not only of a collective intolerance but of a judicial action”.
Basically, he's glossing over the child being abused. He thinks that Christian and state morality are a lead-up to Fascism or Fascist based Communism and how awful it is that society can punish others for their "desires and wants"

No. 1704434

I have no idea what she means by "highly disabling virus?" Surely not COVID

No. 1704661

the funniest covid neurotics are the ones still screaming about how "we are in the MIDDLE of a PANDEMIC". Even hospitals are removing covid regulations kekkk some people are killing themselves trying to make this last forever

No. 1704696

I thought she was talking about wokeism

No. 1704835

Thanks, nonna. What a sick fuck.

No. 1705020

File: 1695470252101.mp4 (439.91 KB, 496x270, 55lvPwjjdT4CvMSR.mp4)

you mean shit like vidrel

No. 1705120

File: 1695479136505.jpeg (189.87 KB, 1283x835, IMG_3207.jpeg)

Sometimes women can be so fucking stupid when it comes to moids

No. 1705127

What is actually bad about this though? Do you prefer women just isolate themselves from 50% of the worlds population based on perceptions instead of having interactions with real people?

No. 1705144

Why did you immediately go to the other extreme?

No. 1705148

The issue is that if you have to force yourself to befriend a few guys for a reason this stupid instead of organically befriending them because they're nice and fun to hang out with. It ruins her own point.

No. 1705190

File: 1695484029042.png (25.12 KB, 595x257, stupid.PNG)

Everybody in this screenshot I hate. If you have to do a baby night time routine (feed, bathe, sleep) to make your boyfriend stay home, maybe you don't need to be together. And everyone was in the quotes saying she drugged him. I guess melatonin is a drug now? It's literally just body wash and spray.

No. 1705195

Nvm, I'm retarded. It literally says she gave him an edible. I stand by what I said though. She shouldn't be doing all of this to get a man to stay with her. That's pathetic.

No. 1705198

>3-5 moids
uh oh someone tell her that 1 in 3 moids would commit rape if it was legal, that's a dangerous amount of moids

No. 1705238

No. 1705330

File: 1695490306342.jpg (66.5 KB, 585x640, Screenshot 2023-09-23 102843.j…)

It's like women are taught not to have any standards, while men just want to feel oppressed in their persecution complex that being a man is hard because they need to make 3 figures.


No. 1705345

most women just want a man who around the same as them and are a bit taller then them, how do moids not understand that?

No. 1705356

Foucault was a masochist so obviously he was pro-rape. He enjoys rape. He was just too retarded to realize that most people are not as defective as him.

No. 1705777

I just want to say that she got married at 18 to some ‘trad’ twitter user despite everyone including her family telling her it was a bad idea. He abused her and they’re now divorced.

No. 1705941

Every time I got too comfortable with a guy who I thought was ok, they would feel comfortable enough to tell me what fucked up thing they've done irl like one sniffed his cousin's underwear while she stayed over, one sucked the family dog's penis as a child, and another admitted to jerking it to his other irl girl friends' Instagram photos (I don't have IG so I was safe. SO, I think I am ok not being friends with them.

No. 1707191

I'm so glad twitterfags are starting to shit on the usage of girl [thing] since its only used to describe yourself as dumb/simple
Tiktok was such a societal mistake

No. 1707220

If I had ever met Foucault I would've raped him and blamed late stage capitalism for it

No. 1707310

Anon, he looked like uncle fester

No. 1707570

File: 1695697569838.png (2.65 MB, 2000x2000, 20230925_193903_0000.png)

Moids continuously inserting themselves into women's spaces where they don't belong and aren't wanted, and they wonder why 'terfs' get mad at them for doing shit like this. Saged for the Fandom screenshots that are in there, didn't want to spam the thread with a lot of screenshots so I just compiled them.

No. 1707657

a few TIMs, but its mostly enby spicy straight women posting though.

No. 1707659

he also would have gotten off on it, the man was such a perverted faggot when AIDs came around he willingly had sex with a man with AIDs cause he thought it would be no big deal(and also cause thought it was being used to control the sexuality of gay men)

No. 1707676

longcovid faggots are gonna stay delusional im afraid

No. 1707677

File: 1695712640939.jpg (31.71 KB, 1080x341, Screenshot_20230926_001430_Chr…)

I was mostly referring to one conversation in the compiled screenshots when saying moids, but yeah, a lot of spicy straight women in there too, going through the actual quotes there's just so much brain rot and TIM's using this to say "You're transphobic if you don't think men can be lesbians!" The whole thread is a mess and what's even funnier is OP's 'pronouns'

No. 1707778

The logical conclusion of trying to define lesbianism as anything other than female homosexuality to include everyone and everything under the sun. "Female homosexual" is bad because it excludes TIMs and "non-monosexuals" but also "woman loving woman" is bad because it excludes enbies but also "non-men loving non-men" is bad because it excludes "bigenders and genderfluids who are partially or/and sometimes men" so they can only define it by some abstract circular notion of "lesbian attraction" "if you think you are a lesbian then you are" (much like womanhood itself according to troons lol). It's kind of like a bizarro postmodern version of political lesbianism in the way that lesbianism is redefined from female homosexuality into some kind of joinable counterculture and those who disagree are exclusionary bigots.

No. 1707783

should've colored them both in male homo flag instead to see how moids react

No. 1707941

File: 1695742294240.jpeg (254.08 KB, 1245x684, IMG_3222.jpeg)

OP is getting dogpiled for this but she’s right
Twitter “lesbians” spend all their time talking about men (whether 2d or 3d) and “ironically” post about them romantically 24/7. Most of them just throw on the label while actually being straights behind the screen

No. 1707998

File: 1695749157767.png (462.04 KB, 1040x1228, 1695466617359.png)

I assume that at least 90% of self-declared 'sapphic women' online are straight because many of them seem to identify as such solely for the purpose of identity, similar to the radfems second wave who fetishized lesbianism but were all straight in reality, picrel is Robin Morgan who still identified as a lesbian till the 2000's, doing the well known lesbian practice, of having sex with men.

No. 1708047

File: 1695754161976.png (198.83 KB, 1000x333, Relate genitally.png)

another example of old school polilez cringe, this time from Mary Daly (highlights not mine kek)

No. 1708061

Shame she falsely called herself a lesbian because that passage is hilarious.

No. 1708071

File: 1695755756595.png (297.03 KB, 1020x749, 1695567713589.png)

The funny thing about this academic idealisation of lesbians, is how many working-class lesbians tend to be 'male-identified' and 'assimilationist'. Lesbian women are statistically overrepresented in fields such as prison guards, security guards, and police officers. Regardless of your opinion on these fields, they are still occupations that systematically enforce the status-quo, sometthing academic feminists fight against.
Its from auto-biography and yeah there are tons of parts that are unintentionally hilarious, like this scene with her son blake, who she tried to turn him into a idealised "progressive male feminist prince". She also took him to interviews with feminist colleagues, where he would have to give statements about patriarchy when he was 12. he also wasn't allowed to watch TV or read comics. Also his biological father was gay and ran a magazine called "The Effeminist and he was well-known for having sex with young men and so even though he attended a super progressive school, he was still mocked and teased because of his parents. Consequently, when he was a teenager, he rejected all of that, joined the baseball team, and did not spend much time with either his mother or father. However, they reconciled when he was older, and now he sponsors her boomer radio show.

No. 1708102

kek without reading anything entirely I thought the girl in the screenshot was going to be one of these fake lesbians because of how many of them there are on twitter.

No. 1708491

>doing the well known lesbian practice, of having sex with men.
My sides. Isn't it what the internet is? People identifying as what they aren't. Most users on lolcow are men.
Gay and homosexual weren't and still aren't neutral terms and even more in her time. She isn't saying that anyone can be a lesbian, she is criticizing men labeling women and equating lesbians to gay men. Some of you really wants to be butthurt for no reason.

No. 1708562

Not most, but I'd wager 25-35% definitely. Some threads have a stronger smell of moidism than others, like the leftcows and tratthot threads, for example.

No. 1708567

I agree with you, there's also plenty of gay moids I assume. But tbh the "most users of lolcow are men" statistic comes from an old hyperinflated poll from a previous admin, I wish the new admins could remake it

I also tend to think the most inflammatory anons must be either mentally ill or men (who are also mentally ill). The ones who I fight over minimal things or the ones posting obvious bait.

No. 1708569

Let's just celebrate the fact most of this website definitely feels more female than every other place on the internet though

No. 1708598

as an internet veteran I agree, there's a huge difference between here and a space like crystal cafe, as much as the admins strictness can be annoying its kept this land pure, but certain threads are more more moid infested then others.

No. 1708636

I kinda hate when I see anons say "most users are men", like "oh and you're the exception?"

No. 1708641

at least 50% of the users here must be mentally ill so that doesn't narrow it down at all kek

No. 1708714

File: 1695837414595.jpeg (556.79 KB, 1170x1770, IMG_5192.jpeg)

This has to be bait

No. 1708777

File: 1695843357939.png (197.27 KB, 600x1095, FAZXBEjXEAAZ6kE.png)

no comment

No. 1709291

File: 1695906895367.jpeg (226.76 KB, 828x875, IMG_6343.jpeg)

kek moids are so fucking retarded and delusional. the likes…everyone on this planet knows that men are the most violent and homophobic creatures there are. they’re the ones who actually lynch and torture gays and trans but sure women are worse bc they call you gay on twitter

No. 1709310

>moid saying this is black
>inb4 racebait
Black scrotes are notorious for being homophobic and beating up gays. He wishes the women were as bad as men. Moids in the Middle East will literally throw fags off buildings. Even faggot moids like Luka Magnotto killed another innocent gay man. Fags know that other men are dangerous too which is why they’re always around women. Stay delusional moids lol

No. 1709540

File: 1695923254365.jpeg (528.52 KB, 828x1337, IMG_4399.jpeg)


“Words can’t express how much this enraged me” I’d be enraged too if I was a piece of shit using the case of a child’s rape to further incite a race war. The black guy in the mugshot shown is from a different case, the actual perpetrator was a white male. We all know damn well the scrote who posted this doesn’t give a shit about that poor girl.

No. 1709551

File: 1695924688974.png (217.85 KB, 737x737, olmk.png)

>blue check
Elon lets shit-tier racebait accounts like that stay up, but gets people banned for even just lightly disagreeing with him or his colleagues, or making fun of the babylon bee (picrel). He unbanned an account that posted a still from CP, too. "Free speech platform" for easily triggered moids, shitty bot accounts and groomers lol

No. 1709620

it's because the expectations are much higher for women, to gay moids women simply not tolerating their misogyny counts as "homophobia"

No. 1709622

>"Free speech platform" for easily triggered moids, shitty bot accounts and groomers
I'm gonna say that actually the majority of "free speech friendly platforms" are really just "safe space hugboxes" but for mentally unstable (often sexually depraved too) moids

No. 1709864

File: 1695949084764.jpg (309.86 KB, 1080x1534, lol.jpg)

No. 1709870

File: 1695949387611.png (266.22 KB, 577x367, psychos.png)

I hate this old retard so much. They need to take away her internet access. Her and her followers are mentally ill and love to peddle this religious garbage especially at women.

No. 1709883

If she was truly happy with her life she wouldn't be comparing herself to rich women and looking up their worth. She's coping.

No. 1710011

I agree that Beyonce and Taylor are terrible idols but only because their music is shitty, not for any of the reasons she's listing

No. 1710036

Lori is so chronically online that she’ll demonize someone like Taylor swift for not being married but will bend her ass backwards protecting and defending that Duggar guy for raping his sisters and downloading cp like Daisys Destr