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File: 1692483626059.jpg (91.44 KB, 749x1018, 368573071_683949490442864_2431…)

No. 1884539

Ignore baiting scrotes and tradthots who like to seethe on this thread and get it locked. Report and ignore.

Previous four threads:

A 'trad' in this context is a woman with pronounced "traditionalist" values especially around gender which usually shows up as "anti-feminist" attitudes emphasizing how women should be subservient to men and essentially embrace being "barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen." We all know what a 'thot' is and most of these girls in fact show up on social media with photos not-at-all subtly focusing on their looks. Our "tradthots" mostly try to have the best of both worlds, consciously or not. While claiming traditional values they embrace modernity and many of the gains of feminism in their pursuit of grift and clout.

Most have pickme tendencies and are addicted to the dopamine hits off male attention in social media despite the fact that some are (supposedly happily) married and claim to believe that a woman should reserve her sexuality for her husband.

A few examples are:

Estee Williams
>stay at home gf queen of trads
>Tried to make a reality tv show of family, model and be an influencer to get as much attention as possible but all else failed because of her stupidity and lack of talent so she became a trad and makes sure her breast implants are in the center of her videos in order to get views on tiktok
>Has an army of incel orbiters who get off at her sexualized trad larping
>dresses like a 1950s housewife and
>Tries to have an aesthetic 1950s love story like the Notebook or something pathetic along those lines, aesthetic posts and moids eat it up
>actually can’t cook and pretends to, moids eat it up anyway
>Constantly sperges about trad living and tries to one up everyone

Megha Verma
>Racially insecure indian girl
>Posts unhinged angry rants on twitter about burning women on sticks
>White worshipping pick me
>Married a white pasty 40 year old scrote who's never around with a huge following list of tiktok teens in bikinis
>Got knocked up recently her husband didn't even attend the baby shower
>Takes out her anger on random women online
Social media links:

Lauren Elise Chen
>Formerly known as 'Roaming Millennial', is a mixed race white worshipping YouTuber who fancies herself as an Asian Lauren Southern
>Believes that IQ is mostly genetic and other scientific racism claims
>Interviewed and defended several white supremacist, neo nazi moids such as Richard Spencer ,Nick Fuentes and Stefan Molyneux
>Is against feminism (obviously) writes articles for Evie Magazin seething over more successful liberal women aka tradthot daily
>Her content recently is mostly just red-pilled incels and MGTOW pandering made several videos calling women with a body count "sluts"
>Focuses her rage on women who chose not to have kids mostly made more than 6 or 7 videos seething over them
>Defended mass shooter incels like the UK virgin killer and Rodgers blaming the existence of incels on women and feminism
>Is an Andrew tate stan
>Has a patreon where she coaches incels by repeating Jordan Peterson's advices to them
>Her mug looks uncanny from all the botox and filler when she's not heavily filtering it despite claiming to be a 'traditional woman' kek
>Married to an ugly fuck 'producer' who lusts over big titted insta thots
>Has a useless shit degree in politics and middle eastern studies
Social media links:

Sarah Doe
>Extremely autistic and low IQ
>publicly tweets her husband is abusive
>husband beat up cat to near death and threatened to beat up the baby
>Doesn’t leave, thinks Bible can fix him and says he’s his #1 fan in her bio

Lauren Southern
>Former costhot
>Failed journalist, pissed off both the left and right.
>Got famous for her anti-feminist MRA content
>Was in multiple anti slutwalk videos
>Promoted traditional values and white nationalism
>Dated an ethnic man
>4chan nazis found out and got big mad
>Made multiple shitty documentaries where she misrepresents facts and pushes the far right narrative.
>Recently married, husband is allegedly Asian, she hides his identity
>Whitewashes her poor baby, insists he has green eyes and a ginger gene
>Released a pro-cop documentary
>Ended up a single mom living in a trailor

Hannah Pearl Davis (JustPearlyThings)
>Below average unfortunately shaped woman in her late 20s who constantly larps on the internet as a trad who shits on modern working women despite contradicting her many statements to her scrote orbiters
>Comes from a rich family, mother is a modern working woman who literally owns the family company
>Pearl used to date a black man (imagine what the scrotes would say) who is also a content creator, he left her because of her high body count apparently
>Pearl claims outrageous things like women shouldn’t be able to vote because they don’t have to sign up for the draft, women are unhappy when working and are all medicated despite men being the gender that is more likely to commit suicide, just selective research and bias (etc.)
>sperges about statistics even though she’s selective about the data and flat out lies while making overarching generalizations that feed her stupid shock value statements
>humiliated on the H3 podcast somehow, see more below:
Ethan brings up Pearl stating America was built on good relationships between slaves and their owners, when asked for a source cites “a book I read by Thomas Sowell” and doesn’t follow up
Brings up Pearl’s rich family and mother who owns the family business and is a career woman, despite Pearl claiming to hate career women… this throws Pearly off
Ethan brings up her multiple claims but she gets fussy and starts throwing statistics that aren’t cited and when Ethan actually brings up credible information she looks to the side of her monitor while sighing and stalling, clearly flustered and embarrassed and says “they’re saying the numbers are inflated”
admits to having information spoon fed to her by a group chat on discord during the interview
it’s painfully awkward and Pearl calls the interview “not in good faith” and runs away, abruptly ending the call
>Dwindling views on yt despite spamming algorithm, more views on TikTok

Rebecca Barrett
>She's gained over 10k subs in the last month or so alone
>Decided to become traditional after doing some marriage group with her husband and allegedly realizing that she was apparently the one creating all the problems in her marriage
>Claims she was a "porn addicted feminist" before marriage
>It seems like she was already doing a variety of other trendy types of videos before but her channel was small, now she almost exclusively posts advice content
>Makes advice/reaction videos from the perspective of a married woman talking to single women where she criticizes women for things like leaving their husbands for cheating on them, and is always making comments that are obviously meant for a male audience
>Gets hilariously visibly mad whenever talking about other women even if the women in question are just some women she made up to be mad at or some low hanging cosmo writer fruit
>Went off the deep end with her sexism and attention whoring and made tweets saying 16 year old girls are hotter than adult women only to delete it when the rage got too much for her

Robyn Riley
>Ex yoga teacher and libfem hippie.
>Supports rapist Roosh V
>Used to have pink hair and a nose ring and spent her 20s traveling and dating abusive bums.
>Born again Christian housewife
>Had a baby at 31 married to some Slovakian meat head.
>Writes for Evie magazine aka Tradthot daily

No. 1884547

File: 1692484052206.jpg (351.68 KB, 1080x1729, Screenshot_20230819-230319_Sam…)

An ex-associate of Pearl Davis has come out accusing her of being racist and doing sexual shit with people at parties. I don't know all the details because I can't be arsed to listen to all this shit but I saw now she's gonna sue him for defamation.

No. 1884549

Honestly I just refuse to take anything about this cunt seriously kek. She has one of the most attention seeking personalities I have ever seen even by cow standards and would say and do just about anything to be noticed because she’s such a sub par, charmless and unattractive looking person.

No. 1884552

Thread pic is a bit of an L on both sides.

No. 1884555

No.It's perfect.Fuck off scrote.

No. 1884559

God she's so crusty looking and butt ugly.

No. 1884560

Threadpic sucks. Where’s the comfy messy haired fujoshi neetbux girl in bed browsing lolcow and reading manga and drinking cocoa and petting her cat while dunking on both the bangmaid and the wagie?

No. 1884569

Wagie wagie get back in your cagie.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1884571

The woman in the pic isn't a wagie she's a successul career woman in a high end field making your whole year in a month assuming you have a job and you're not an autist on welafre browsing gossip sites and reading dgenerate hentai manga.
Eat your ramen broke bitch.

No. 1884574

>coping this hard
Ok wagie.

No. 1884578

yeah honestly would kms if i had to lead either of their lifestyles lol. neither option looks particularly desirable. is this the best life has to offer women? bleak.

No. 1884579

>>Where’s the comfy messy haired fujoshi neetbux girl in bed browsing lolcow and reading manga and drinking cocoa and petting her cat while dunking on both the bangmaid and the wagie?

How's being a beetbux mentally ill loser superior to being an educated wealthy woman ? kek what a sad bait

No. 1884580

>Nooooo you can’t just be comfy and do whatever you want whenever you want!
Cope harder bangmaid/wageslave.(derailing/infighting)

No. 1884584

Feminism is about being 100% independent from men. If a woman wants to have a career she can and if she wants NEET, that is okay too.
The biggest problem with lolcow is that so many farmers assume that every other woman is as driven to succeed as they are. Some of us just want to be left alone with our NEETbux. You are not a "better" feminist because you earn more money then me. I really don't care about money.

No. 1884585

kek. based.

sorry anon but the other nonas are right this is one of the worst most low effort unfunny meme threadpics ever chosen you didn’t even try. it’s like you’re purposely trying to make women look retarded and inevitable slaves to either their husband or boss. yuck. do better next time.

can you link the videos please? also yea just because she fucks black men doesnt make her not racist. plenty racist and nazi scrotes have ethnic wives, these people are always massive hypocrites.

No. 1884586

The thread pic has a rich career woman because that's the kind of women tradthots seeth over.Nobody is jealous of an autistic loser that lives off of food stamps enough to seeth over them on social media 27/7.

No. 1884588

But you’re literally a loser autist on a gossip site…

No. 1884589

wouldn't be a lolcow thread without the autist bashing. You are probably just jealous of us because we can effortlessly solve math equations that take you hours to figure out. Cope and seethe(infighting)

No. 1884590

>she didn’t get rich off scamming large companies and discord paypigs from the comfort of her bed

No. 1884591

You're leeching off of the government and you should be shot

No. 1884592

Men contribute 80% of taxes. If you aren’t a neet you’re a pickme.(bait)

No. 1884593

Do you think acting like a sassy 80s movie female boardroom executive in a powersuit will convince us you’re a real woman? Lol I know tranny bait when I see it.

No. 1884594

You're literally dependent on tax payer money provided by rich career women and moids you autistic loser lol
>You're not a better feminist than me just caue your earn more money
An educated high earning woman is a million times a better feminist than a bed ridden useless bitch.You give feminists a bad name.

No. 1884595

>getting this butthurt and defensive because your threadpic sucked

No. 1884597

>Akshually an uneducated autist can solve math equations faster than a normal woman that took advanced math classes in collge
Fucking lol

No. 1884598

>Getting butthurt cause a thread pic had a successful career woman instead of a bed ridden depressed welfare autist

No. 1884599

>brags about how smart he is
>can’t even spell college properly

No. 1884600

Your survival depends on moids tax money you are 100% a pick me and a burden to society.

No. 1884601

>results to being a grammar nazi when proved wrong
>Is seething and calling women scrotes and troons cause they got dragged for being a neurodivergent loser that can't function enough to support themselves

No. 1884602

Your survival depends on slaveing for your moid boss until you’re 65 kek. Go on wagie, post your bank statement.

No. 1884604

>is butthurt because I just bought a new vibrator with his hard earned tax money
cry harder scrote lol. enjoy your two day break, back to the wagie factory on monday morning!

No. 1884605

That anon is a troll and doesn’t have a job it’s a tranny who baits in these threads multiple times daily and is terminally online, he’s coping so hard, ignore it.

No. 1884606

Imagine dunking on ambitious women with degrees,work ethic and 6 figures jobs while you live off of tax payers money and food stamps like a parasite.Bitch you got some nerve lmao

No. 1884607

this is a moid. I know that because moids always start spamming "moid!" accusations when someone picks up on their moidiness
you can't blend kek

No. 1884608

>n-no you’re a moid!
moid moment. get a job, tranny.

No. 1884609

A lot of people find fulfillment in jobs because it’s contributing to society, you get to have actual adult socialization, and you appreciate your free time more. Let’s not end up backing up the tradthot’s points over being “miserable corporate slaves”. If you have a shitty job you can find another one. If you’re a housewife with kids you’re stuck.

No. 1884610

Worthless debtsink
>work ethic
Wagie meme term
>6 figures
People who earn 6 figures are 80% men. Cope harder. Also working for a man and paying desperate third world women 5 dollars an hour to clean the skidmarks off your toilet is gross and not remotely feminist. Cry harder.(moid)

No. 1884611

something smells

No. 1884612

Yes. When has a lolcow poster ever used the term wagie. It's not a common thing. Generally it's 4fags.

No. 1884613

Married women literally work more hours than unmarried/single women. Also housewives can just work from home. How many people actually form real, close friendships with their colleagues? I’d wager less than 5%.

No. 1884614

Maybe it’s your neovagina.

No. 1884615

File: 1692488022575.jpg (113.74 KB, 1080x823, 1692468103979.jpg)


No. 1884616

You can't be a feminist and contribute to scoteciety. Sorry.(bait/derailing)

No. 1884617

There’s literally thousands of women on tiktok filming themselves crying and having mental breakdowns because they are so stressed and exhausted from their jobs and wishing hey could quit. There was recently a massive amount of firings of women that happened in the tech sector and a huge amount of jobs are soon going to be replaced with AI. Less than 5% of people in life will ever have a career that they truly love, the other 95% of people are just slaveing to make ends meet. Stop promoting both bagmaidery and corporate slavery as desirable, neither of them are.(derailing)

No. 1884618

>posting wojak scrote memays
Go back.

No. 1884619

Retards stop infighting challenge.

Is there any new milk? I’m bored.

No. 1884621

File: 1692488362598.gif (788.36 KB, 356x200, 200.gif)

>The neurodivergent bed ridden losers seething over the thread pic cause it had the kind of women tradthots rage over and not them
>Calling every anon that disagrees with them a moid and troon
>Shamelessly flexing about being a parasite and living off of tax payers money while jerking off to hentai at home all day
>Pushing the narrative that all working women are miserable factory workers and tottaly not doctors,engineers or lawyers to cope with being a failure
>Think autists are better at math than people who did advanced calculus in college
>Think they're better feminists than the women who are actually contributing to feminism by taking on high end careers dominated by men

This is too hilarious.Y'all are lolcows yourselves lmao

No. 1884623

The 95% is bullshit, there’s way more miserable bangmaids out there than miserable working women. And way more tiktoks of depressed moms filming themselves. Being a “corporate slave” is not the only female career out there. There’s tons of fields you can go into. Stop believing right wing trad “miserable girlboss” stereotypes. If working was so miserable how come women have greater workplace satisfaction than men despite lower pay? It’s because we are more intelligent and have more complex personalities so we have more ideas for the workplace. Look at all the amazing women who work with animals, teach, in the medical field, are artists, designers, architects, scientists, etc. Would not be surprised if a tradthot wrote this.

No. 1884625

So what your job and how much do you earn?

No. 1884629

>terminally online lolcow user who responds every 30 seconds wants everyone to believe they’re a neurotypical high flying corporate gal who earns 6 figures a year
Get real anon, lmao.

No. 1884634

It's the scrote that always tries to get the thread shutdown and rees that career women are dumb because he bets anons aren't making 6 figures or whatever like always. Here is where he was referenced in an old thread >>>/snow/1861364 and here is his banned post from the same thread >>>/snow/1861214 .

No. 1884635

Imagine being a pick me for scroteciety.

No. 1884636

Doctors are going to be replaced by AI. Tests have already shown that AI scored higher in medical exams, beat all human doctors in the study at diagnosing illness correctly, and even had a better bedside manner and patients reported they felt more cared for by the bot than by human doctors. Lawyers and judges will also be replaced by AI as their job is reading through massive amounts of paperwork then coming to a decision which AI can do 1000x faster and far more impartially. Engineers are already using AI to improve their own human errors too.(derailing)

No. 1884638

File: 1692489011386.png (177.55 KB, 1949x1196, schooling.PNG)

In short, men are seething about women in the work force because they fail to compete and all want to live as coomer parasite neets kek. He is in his, 'well work isn't even important/real' phase.

No. 1884639

Why don’t you just answer what your job is and how much you earn? You’re trying to dab on neets, so come on. Let’s see how rich you are, anon who is totally a neurotypical rich CEO who goes on 5 paid vacations a year and totally earns 300K+.

No. 1884641

NTOA and YWNBAW kek. Cope about being a parasite and failson. Women will continue to work and be free of men thanks to their financial power and independence.

No. 1884643

>M-my boss will protect me! I’ll always have a good job as long as I get my degree!
Anon. Women make up under 1/3 of tech workers but made up 41.6% of layoffs since last year. Your scrote boss is not going to save your ass when push comes to shove.(derailing)

No. 1884644

Not every anon that calls you out on being a seething scrote is the same person you fucking retarded male.Most actual women here will disagree with your retarded shit and spot you in a second.

No. 1884645

So in addition to being a terminally online loser neet like the people you’re trying to make fun of, you’re also larping as a rich career woman with a degree in advanced calculus. Pathetic lol.

No. 1884646

It is funny how upset they are that they can't own women and would rather try and devalue womens work and seethe that unless you make millions you shouldn't be working, as if men all make millions and financial independence and freedom is bad. They desperately want women to be poor and desperate and forced into relationships and out of the office so they can take their positions since they can't outcompete women naturally and need to rely on being handed positions by friends and fellow men.

He probably thinks everyone is the same person because he is the same person and is just samefaging over and over like always kek.

No. 1884647

It's a scrote that went bat shit triggered over the meme the term 'wagie' gave him up and sperging about how all the jobs women can work must be some shit miserable office job and never a doctor,lawyer,judge,engineer or business owner they also love sperging on muh women breaking down on tiktok cause muh careers are bad for women while ignoring all the moms killing themselves and breaking down about how hard being a married single mom is and can't forget sperging on how muh AI will replace all high paying careers anyway so muh females are better off being a bangmaid and leaving scrotes their jobs kek they always raid these threads.(derailing)

No. 1884648

>got caught out on his larp
>doubles down on seething
I refuse to believe a real woman could ever be this deranged and sad. You are a baiting male for sure.

No. 1884650

Nobody is reading your essays. Both bangmaids and wageslaves are pathetic. Simple as.

No. 1884651

Wait until she(?) finds out AI can best any human at advanced calculus. I’m pretty sure this anon is like 40 years old, I’ve never seen such boomer takes on this board.

No. 1884652

Reminds me of the post-left autist scrote who hates women and spergs about all womens jobs being useless desk jobs. Scrotes really all are the same.

>thinks he can blend in by using lolcow slang and calling everyone else scrote while reeing about women being able to work exactly the same way he has done in the same thread forever.

No. 1884653

Reminder to Megha your marriage is a sham and not real. You are in a meme e-relationship LDR with a guy who posted his cum to you in the mail.

No. 1884654

You don’t even have a job you fat smelly broke troon. Everyone can sense you’re not female by your tranny chimpouts lmao. Cry moar.

No. 1884655

>Career women think of their boss as their savior and submit to him for money
You're not even trying to blend in anymore scrote lmfao

No. 1884656

Well Blaine the resident tranny is in his mid 30s so that fits.

No. 1884657

Calling actual women scrotes for pointing out women in male dominated industries are being laid off in record amounts and are more likely to be fired because of their gender doesn’t make you less of a tranny, scrote.

No. 1884660

genuinely the most dogshit thread ever and it’s already gone to rack and ruin. can jannies lock this one and start again?

No. 1884661

Notice how ignores this one because it highlights he's done this baiting shit previously while samefaging a reply to almost every other post.

No. 1884663

shut the fuck up retard

No. 1884664

>Male dominated fields are sexist towards women so women must never get an education and pursue their own goals in those fields
>Become a welfare queen living paycheck to paycheck and never work or be ambitious that's how you win over scrotes and contribute to feminism amiright ladies ?

No. 1884666

I agree this thread is turning to shit cause of baiting moids

No. 1884668

Women who work in STEM are 65% more likely to be laid off than men. Corporations, executives and bosses don’t care about women. Sorry to burst your bubble.

No. 1884670


>women make up around 26% of workers in the tech industry

>yet 45% of people who were laid off in the last round of tech job cuts were women

Wageslavesisters, our response?

No. 1884671

That doesn’t mean we can’t continue fighting and breaking glass ceilings. Imagine if women gave up on getting the right to vote. Everyone didn’t care about women back then but they still fought regardless. It doesn’t mean we can’t keep applying for jobs. It doesn’t mean we just have to give up and go on welfare. Seriously.

No. 1884672

>Submit to your husband instead of submitting to a boss that doesn't care about you and will replace you
You are the most retarded bating scrote in the history of these threads. who tf said women think their boss cares about them? they're getting paid to provide a service and go home also the solution to women getting laid off more in tech is more women in tech as CEO and executives and tech business owners not telling women to stop studying and working to give up and get on government assistance.kys moid.

No. 1884673

>now women have equal opportunities to become corporate drones too!
This isn’t a win, nona.

No. 1884674

>If you point out that women are getting the shit end of the stick in the corporate world then thereby you must want all women to become baby factories!
You are genuinely braindead kek. I know you’re a troon/scrote because of your retarded apeshit black and white thinking and chimpouts. You will never be a woman.

No. 1884675

Doesn’t matter if you submit to a husband or a boss, point is they will both replace you eventually lol.

No. 1884676

Has anyone noticed Lauren Chen has been filtering herself to look whiter/paler recently? I swear she looked much more tan in the past but in her recent videos she’s like paper white lol. Am I seeing things or is this legit?

No. 1884681

ummm who said anything about winning over scrotes? some people just want to be comfy, got a problem with that? if getting up at 6:30 in the morning to go drive to work and mingle with strangers each day then coming home at 7pm is what makes you happy and fulfilled then you do you sis. but that lifestyle ain’t for a lot of people and the fact more and more people who have the option are opting out of conventional jobs says a lot. even dudes who are working as investment bankers or whatever and earning 7 figures usually quit and retire as soon as they can. some people might genuinely enjoy working but those people seem like npcs to me. like I said, it’s their life, they can do it if they want.

No. 1884682

Once again, stop creating a “corporate girlboss” vs tradthot false dichotomy. It’s exactly what tradthots do.

No. 1884683

Are you blind? That’s literally what the OP image is and the weirdo who made the image and thread and then got laughed at is extremely angry about it for some reason even though it’s THEIR OWN MEME that’s pitting tradthots against corporate girlbosses lol.

No. 1884684

Leaving the part where that percentage is also people of color is so convenient.
Women had it way worse in tech and the medical field 30 years ago too and had to deal with so much more discrimination we go ahead and contribute to feminism by working hard and excelling at those fields scrotes will always hate women and want them out of the job market and in the kitchen.That's how they were able to rule over us for so long women in the past didn't get their rights by giving up cause scrotes treated us like shit they were fighting against it and managed to make things better for future women.You're 100% a male samefagging and reeing over career women while accusing anyone who challenges your retarded claims of being a troon and a scrote you're not fouling anyone here.Only moids use the 'your boss doesn't care about you leav the work force' bullshit.Normal women who go outside and have jobs/careers know that a boss doesn't give a fuck about anybody and only care about making money and they also don't give a fuck about their boss and only want agency and financial independence from scrotes.

No. 1884685

Stop noticing things, nonita. If you don't stop, you might notice that it's desperately unhappy women using this thread to copepost instead of farmers laughing at tradthots.

No. 1884689

TLDR take your bloobloo blawgposting elsewhere and stop shitting up the thread.

No. 1884690

omg what a sucky thread full of tards also OP image is v weird and i dont really like it. its not even amusing or witty.

No. 1884691

Because it was a hyperbole. It was simply mocking tradthots using their own points against them. It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously or sperged about

No. 1884696

>getting up at 6:30 in the morning to go drive to work and mingle with strangers each day then coming home at 7pm is what makes you happy and fulfilled then you do you sis.
Imagine thinking that ALL jobs are 12 hours of misery with strangers and that people who have work ethic and ambition are narcs loooooolll
Calling your worthless dead end life 'being comfy' won't change the fact that you are a loser that accomplished nothing i would feel bad for you if you weren't so uppity about being this much of a fucking loser and trying to pass it as some 'lol look at those women building businesses and careers so they can retire early and travel the world they are so sad i sure am happy being a lazy waste of space haha ….tottally' attitude. Cry harder.(continuous infighting, derailing)

No. 1884698

The OP image is so cringe, you know it was made by some NEET too who still lives at home posting on lolcow 24/7 pretending to be a career stacy

No. 1884701

Then the person who made it needs to stop sperging and getting so defensive over it

No. 1884703

yawn, nobody is falling for your bait

No. 1884704

It's the same guy samefaging himself over and over a mile a minute. Just report and ignore him, he always tries to get the thread shut down >>1884634 . He's done the seem in every thread. Just report and ignore.

No. 1884705

Why does the tranny sperg keep writing essays and thinks anyone is going to read them lmao.

No. 1884708

larping as a rich successful career stacy is his favorite delulu pastime besides larping as a woman, it’s so sad and pathetic

this lol, op your cover is blown sorry hon x

No. 1884711

Wageslaving for 40+ years isn’t an accomplishment either. When you die your company will automatically replace you and won’t give a single shit.

No. 1884712

>Let’s join the workforce, do twice as much work as men for less money, pay our taxes like good drones then get fired at 30, amirite fellow women?
I smell a badly fitting suit ITT

No. 1884713

no thanks boomer

No. 1884715

What’s funny is everyone ITT is a terminally online neet loser either larping as a happily married bangmaid or a rich smug STEM stacy. I can’t stop laughing.

No. 1884717

posting jaks should be a bannable offense, 100% serious. i hate these ugly moidy memes. leave them in their 2017 4chan containment zone pls. also OP pic is suuuuper toxic because it’s pitting women against women when we should all be uniting against moids. you can just tell some troon or scrote trying to divide and conquer made it. groce.

No. 1884720

This anon gets it.

No. 1884739

Just wait for the farmhand to ban the tranny samefaging itself reeing about career women like it always has done in the thread >>1884634 instead of making a new one. It even always brings up AI kek >>>/snow/1860886 . It's not an actual anon but the retard tranny who always tries to get the thread shutdown.

No. 1884740

AI anon here I’m 100% biologically female. Seethe harder and join the 45% of layoffs.

No. 1884746

Now you're insulting nonAI? Does your scrotey scrote scroteness know no bounds!?

No. 1884747

Ignore then anon I think you're threadpic is funny and clearly hit a nerve so ty!

No. 1884748

That threadpic also sucks and there’s no new milk, RIP. I think the tradcows have been milked dry at this point, now they’re purposely posting the most inflammatory takes possible to try and get attention and it’s very annoying

No. 1884750

Yeah, the fact that it set the XY off this much really justifies it as the thread pic kek.

No. 1884753

Lol the tranny who kept screeching moid at everyone who presented facts is getting banned. Unfortunately his ass will just hop on a new VPN and continue to bait and shitpost as he always does. Just ignore the retard tranny chimpouts.

No. 1884755

I think it was meant as satire and purely tradthot talking points being turned against them.Too bad the aspergers/autism retards and scrotes started derailing the thread and reeing over career women having more money and power.

No. 1884756

every single comment in this thread so far is absolute cancer and the whole thing should be closed/nuked tbh

No. 1884764

that would be giving that troon faggot what he wants. What we need is for these threads to be always monitored so he can be nuked each time he puts his head up.

No. 1884766

clearly wasn’t satire when the op started raging at everyone for pointing out he made a shitty wojak meme pitting women against women and it reeks of scrote

No. 1884771

this is true. Pearl has single handedly ended tradthottery. Was she a double agent all this time?

No. 1884773

I don't think it's actual women, just the same guy as last time >>1884634 who also started then sperging about men being necessary and women needing men >>>/snow/1861844 and men being inventors >>>/snow/1861899 but he got banned kek.

No. 1884786

She’s always hated being asian because her audience is mainly white incels that think gite genocide is real. The asian side only gets attention to talk about AsianHate or to try and talk down to western women despite being one.

no milk yet. Trad thots crave attention online so give it time. Pearl is old tired milk unless she does a 180 completely and exposes scrote nature as some double agent this whole time. Like imagine she just drops a bomb of a long video of what she’s seen from scrotes form being their poster girl and exposes the whole scam of alpha moids. Then just disappears from the internet.

No. 1884789

>a shitty wojak meme pitting women against women and it reeks of scrote
I thought the point of this thread was women being against tradthots who seeth over independent women not 'respect all life choices and women ' hmmm pick a struggle.

No. 1884800

Dont white incels basically worship Asian women tho? And hapa girls. They seem to view Asian women and hapas as accepted into the ethnostate.

No. 1884803

This thread is supposed to be about tradthots on social media, not a place for you to LARP as a career stacy to feel better about yourself

No. 1884807

Where did i larp as a career stacy ? Seems like you got hurt so bad over that dumb meme you mistake every anon for the OP kek calm down

No. 1884820

Fresh&Fit got demonetized kekk
no more $100 superchats insulting women from their social loser lonely incel audience kek

No. 1884822

>she doesn't realize that higher education is a scam for women, and a good number of "loser autist neetbux" browsing this board are burnt out college graduates who simply weren't accepted into the 6 figure stem careers our "flawless" education system memed women into pursuing
also threadpic fucking sucks kek

No. 1884824

At this point it's just too exhausting and annoying. Really ironic how Lauren Chen claimed "feminists are so exhausting". Tradthots are so rotten and negative to the core that this thread is becoming just a bunch of infighting from the negative energy. Hoping for some new comical milk. Sarah posted some retarded shit about how adoption is bad and you can only love bio kids and it was too obnoxious to even screenshot for the thread.

No. 1884825

File: 1692501939893.png (75.33 KB, 1920x317, 2023-08-20 (1).png)

Sooo i read the posts on this thread and i need to bleach my eyes and log off lolcow for good.
Before that i'd like the 'career women are just wage slaves' crowd to explain to me how a female doctor owning her own clinic,a female engineer with a cyber security company and a female lawyer with her own law firm are 'wage slaves' that are on the same level of bangmaids.(stop derailing)

No. 1884831

I know this isn't gonna be a popular opinion here, but I really wouldn't have much of a problem with tradthots if they weren't clearly so miserable. I wouldn't even bother lol'ing at them, I'd just roll my eyes and ignore them.
And I don't even know what their goal is. Is it to get young women to not work and be some scrote's broadmare? Because the truth is, there probably are some pickmes who initially have some interest in that lifestyle and then reading tradthots jars them back into reality.
>Before that i'd like the 'career women are just wage slaves' crowd to explain to me how a female doctor owning her own clinic,a female engineer with a cyber security company and a female lawyer with her own law firm are 'wage slaves' that are on the same level of bangmaids
It isn't a crowd, it's one guy who keeps shitting up these threads. He single handedly has made me hate troons.

No. 1884833

What took so long? The show is literally hate speech

No. 1884837

He can just set up a Streamlabs

No. 1884851

File: 1692504007512.png (182.97 KB, 1920x847, Tech.png)

Turns out tech companies also hire customer service and HR workers (mostly women) and not only engineers (mostly men).What a surprise.(infighting/derailing)

No. 1884859

Those women are a tiny minority stop acting otherwise. The number of women in tech in the UK literally dropped 2% in the last year alone

No. 1884861

You can keep accusing me of being a guy or making all these posts but other anons are agreeing with me, I have no respect for wagies male or female. If you have to go in to a workplace and work your little job every day in 2023 then you’re literally a sucker and a retard.

No. 1884865

I wouldn't have a problem if they weren't so obsessed with shoving the lifestyle down other people's throats or even the fact a lot of them want government policies to FORCE women to be trad. Nobody's discriminating against them for being trad. Like just live your life and let us childfree radfems live ours jesus stop sending your simp armies after us for existing.

No. 1884867

leeching off your parents isn't cool or desirable. become independent.

No. 1884868

>article says these companies literally put women in the poorer paying peripheral positions more likely to be laid off
>you’re still defending these corporations as if they’re doing women a favor by putting them on the chopping block
Kek. At this point I’m just convinced you’re either a genuine retard or some kind of scrote shill trying to convince women to get themselves into 6 figure debt for a company that doesn’t give a fuck about them and will gladly fire them and leave them in the lurch without a moments notice.

The government and big businesses literally partnered to promote the women in the workplace movement in the 60s because a) it would create more taxpayers b) it would create more consumers and c) it would drive down wages. And you really think corporations and the government gives a fuck about feminism lol, no it’s literally just to create more consoomers and tax drones.

I bet you thought the Barbie movie was also really empowering to women and totally not a marketing ploy to save Mattel’s dwindling sales!

No. 1884870

You’re the one screeching at everyone to become a wageslave lol.

No. 1884875

Women's workforce entrance was spurred by the two world wars with aide of industrialization (owning their own labour and being paid vs the unpaid labour they always did pre industrialization) and women refused to leave their positions because of the freedom they gained due to men being forced to allow them to work or risk societal collapse since they no longer had enough men to fill those roles. This resulted in the backlash of the 50s shill promotion of women being homemakers. Dumbass tranny kek.

No. 1884876

Why are you still in this thread? Go fill out your tax returns so Mr Shekelstein can buy another Chrysler.(moid)

No. 1884878

>retards still shitting up the thread
is janny being railed this fine saturday night? she’s not doing her job very well

No. 1884879

>source: trust me bro

No. 1884880

>Samefaging this hard
>Reeing about women in the work force
>Seething about the jews
YWNBAW kek.(replying to moid)

No. 1884881

Nah it’s literally just one terminally online tranny neet weirdo crying because people were making fun of his shit threadpic, larping as a career Stacy to own da Tradthots and trying to encourage all the women ITT to get into 120K worth of student debt for some reason. Who else is a big enough loser to spend 7 hours straight on a weekend night samefagging and replying to every post about what a rich career Stacy they are lol.

No. 1884884

Who said we have to work for men? This is like that fallacy that was in that right wing trad video “Day in the life of a childfree woman” where it showed a stereotypical career woman getting yelled at by a mean boss and the video was saying “See ladies, become stay at home moms or this will happen to you”
When in reality it’s like just work in a female field or work for a woman.
Some of the best bosses I’ve ever had have been feminist women who believed heavily in workplace equality/work life balance.

No. 1884885

I’m laughing so hard that Blaine the Jewish tranny was the one seething the whole time and larping as a woman with a 6 figure job KEK.

No. 1884887

>samefagging for 7 hours straight because you’re a mentally ill troon neet
Do you ever sleep?(derailing)

No. 1884888

Your cover has already been blown tranny by how hard you seethed over someone pointing out you’re a Jewish man. Just stop.

No. 1884891

Every single time I respond to bait it’s Blaine. What a fucking loser. Go to bed you dumb heeb.

No. 1884895

OT but I'm pretty sure that video was made by the Babylon Bee, whose owner is currently going on a pro-child rape tirade on twitter regarding that story of a raped 12 year old girl forced to give birth. Clearly a guy who only has women's best interests in mind!

No. 1884924

Yeah, it's bizarre they only think in terms of themselves, as if men doing the same thing is somehow better.

No. 1884940

Goal is to have a good job that's remote so you can slack off and get all the benefits. t. Slacker

No. 1884942

No, the goal is to blow up and then act like you don't know no body Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

No. 1884966

>I wouldn't have a problem if they weren't so obsessed with shoving the lifestyle down other people's throat
Really I just see that as part of how miserable they are. They always sound like either they are trying to convince themselves or they are having some Fight Club style imaginary feminist in their mind who are saying they aren't allowed to be "trad". Seriously, nobody cares if they want to be broadmares and bangmaids for some scrote. Even radfems don't care. So what is it that they want? Do they want to be able to come on to lolcow and have farmers praise their lifestyle?
>or even the fact a lot of them want government policies to FORCE women to be trad
I've never seen any of them say anything like that

No. 1884967

>never seen them say stuff like that.
Anon is referring to fighting for abortion bans, preventing access to birth control, and no fault divorce. It's something they often do, including the men who sperg online about removing womens right to vote.

No. 1884969

File: 1692522252585.jpg (470.64 KB, 1080x1101, Screenshot_20230820_110219.jpg)

Pearly been getting roasted by the black manosphere community after Sa Ra Garvey her former co-host said she's racist for talking to Nick Fuentes. People also called her out for laughing at someone with cancer.
>>1884676 Or skin colors change.. with different seasons.. how is this relevant anyway?

No. 1884978

>including the men who sperg online about removing womens right to vote
moids think saying "women shouldn't vote" and "make me a sandwich" are hilarious jokes/owns. These are just some terminally online scrotes trying to be edgy. Most of them will grow out of it.
The tradthots, except for Pearl who is just a troll, are the ones who are more deranged. Southern is okay but she did sort of mess her life up by following her trad retardation. Lori is insane. Chen and Meg are totally miserable. And does anyone remember redpill chick (although I think she got out in one piece and now has a real job)?

No. 1884980

Anon, this is coming from someone who is proudly unemployed: shut the fuck up and get a job. This “da jooz are controlling our society and bleeding us dry!” Shit has to stop.

Take some accountability for your own failures. You’re just as bad as the tradthots, who screech about how women shouldn’t go to college just because they flunked.

No. 1884985

>this is coming from someone who is proudly unemployed
Nta but you're both equally bad.

No. 1884999

It's not an anon, it's the tranny trying to derail. Just report and ignore it.

No. 1885018

i’m sorry but whoever said that white racists fuck asians in a thread here on lolcow farm because they’re close to the ethnostate is a retarded moid. where do indians stand? jackasses(racebaiting)

No. 1885083

So a lot of the things they've said besides abortion bans are birth control bans, banning divorce, huge taxes to "punish" childfree people, etc. This is becoming an issue when people like Lauren Boebert who's son impregnated a 15 year old to her delight, are in our government. You guys may say now that these tradthots are all talk, but give it a decade. 10 years ago they said roe v wade would never get overturned. Now look what happened

No. 1885091

File: 1692545528379.jpg (69.29 KB, 1000x1008, MV5BNmEzN2IzMWMtYzA4MC00YjVhLW…)

Late to the party but that pathetic unhinged anon that was bragging about living off of government assistance and being 'uwu comfy' calling people who earn a living 'loser wagies suckers' reminds me of that scrote Mick Philpott who had the same exact mindset and went on to groom many naive teenagers and have 15 kids cause he hated work so much and wanted to live off welfare kek he's recognised as a shameless laughing stock in the Uk and even a lolcow that turned into a horror cow when the domestic abuse/grooming came to light.He also burned down his house and killed 5 of his kids to frame his ex baby mama lol(derailing)

No. 1885097

Notice how all trathots tried making it big in some sort of career then did a 180 when they failed miserably to preach about how going to college is a scam and women are better off submitting to a scrote?
>Lauren chen: Has a bachelor's degree in political science tried to make it big in politics
>Failed and now does low effort dog shit commentary videos and tries to sell soap online
>Megha verma pursued a dead end master's in writing
>Failed and now rage baits on twitter in order to sell her shitty writing cours
>Estee Williams went to college and couldn't handle it,tried making it as a weather girl and model
>Failed now does fetish larping for attention on social media and tiktok revenue

Notice a pattern ? All these bitches failed and now are preaching about how women need to give up their goals and dreams so they can feel better about themselves by trying to pretend that career women TOTTALLY hate their jobs and NO women who made it big and got their own businesses DO NOT EXIST.Like many anons said they are nothing but crabs in a bucket.

No. 1885103

Jokes aside i can see the tradthots mentioned going on multiple unhinged twitter cope rampages over the exagerated stacy careerist type on the right tweeting shit like 'money won't be there for you when you're old' and 'at least i won't die alone hehe'.Well done op lmao

No. 1885107

> i can see the tradthots mentioned going on multiple unhinged twitter cope rampages over the exagerated stacy careerist type on the right
They do that shit over women simply minding their own business and living a minimalist life without kids or moids lol they would probably have nervous breakdowns over the women that achieved the material success they initially wanted.

No. 1885110

The funniest part is with the extra money someone would have they could die in a nice retirement home by the beach, and the extra time they had to develop adult relationships they’d die surrounded by friends because they didn’t spend years wrangling Mckyznleigh and Braelynn

Tradthots always die alone in nursing homes. Especially when their kids grow up and don’t wanna be around a narcissistic mom who tweets nasty venom all day. Even if someone agreed with these women’s beliefs, they’re so negative and insufferable personality wise.

No. 1885115

>they’re so negative and insufferable personality wise.
THIS.I'd respect them more if they posted cute aesthetic trad living such as nice cooked meals or a garden of flowers and maybe even follow them but these bitches are terminally online bashing women for existing beyond their small boxed life.You can't tell me someone like that isn't a toxic narc in real life.

No. 1885188

Yes anon everyone who lives off neetbux is a child murderer(responding to bait)

No. 1885190

Remember to get enough sleep for your wagie jobs tomorrow morning, wagies!

No. 1885205

The tranny is angry again that he got clowned on for being a burden to society.Remember that some of the 'wagies' work remote doing what they love while you eat ramen in your mom's basement and wait for that assistance and cry on lolcow.Kill yourself leeche.

No. 1885212

File: 1692559855304.jpg (10.95 KB, 259x194, t.jpg)

>HAHA wagies contribute to society while i live comfy on neetbux HAHA what losers with their sports cars,1m dollar houses and 400K retirement plans HAHA work is so stuuuupid i win take it wagies

No. 1885215

I’m a biological woman and I will never work. Cope seethe and dilate hon. Your taxes paid for my new monitor lol.

No. 1885218

Thanks for paying for my doordash this week lol. You’re the best, wagie!

No. 1885220

>these bitches are terminally online bashing women for existing
ironic cuz you just described all farmers pretty much. but nobody gets bothered by it because you’re all ugly troons and every time you post pics of yourselves in the plastic surgery thread i laugh my ass off at how ugly you all are. same with your ugly ass fashion sense and taste in hideous moids that are out of reach even for you kek. what a sad motley crue of femspergs and trannies.

No. 1885221

motley crew**
and ironic because even the motley crue members make more convincing looking women than most of you KEK(derailing)

No. 1885224

cope harder they could all earn 6 figures if they wanted to but they decided they didn’t want to wageslave, why is that so hard for you to understand? also stop samefagging on a vpn loser

No. 1885226

Indians are brown, retard. Plenty white neo Nazis have Asian wives.(racebaiting)

No. 1885227

Good. Abortion is murder.(shit bait)

No. 1885228

farmers can sit and bitch all they want but at the end of the day you’re not changing any minds and no woman is quitting her comfy life living off their husband and baking all day to get a degree and become a corporate shill, unmarried childless women are the most miserable demographic and most likely to be on antidepressants, so enjoy dying in a hospital alone from your 20th suicide attempt. all your bitching and jealousy that women are making big happy families and living comfortably is wasted and everyone sees it for the sad pathetic jealousy it really is. most of you are probably infertile too and your wombs are full of fibroids too because of your horrible genetics and hairy fatass pcos shit lol.(lol)

No. 1885235

and that’s assuming any of you are real women, most of you are trannies with mutilated axewounds LOL

No. 1885240

Are the jannies asleep? This thread is absolutely infested with moids.

No. 1885246

File: 1692562365054.png (90.7 KB, 189x330, 6C51E471-D42E-4020-810C-3F9394…)

Here’s your ‘careerstacy’ ‘nona’.

No. 1885253

god he’s so disgusting looking

No. 1885254

janny save meeeeeeeee

No. 1885259

I actually really like Megha, you can tell she was once a radfem, she still has that aspie radfem energy but she’s all besotted with her raw chicken scrote right now so she’s acting cringe. Hopefully it will pass once her dumb honeymoon phase infatuation ends.

No. 1885263

Hey. Listen. What you're saying right now makes zero sense, when you talk to actual mothers in person and look at statistics. Unmarried childless women are currently the happiest group in society. Does this mean every single person in the world who wants kids should be forced change their mind? No. But does it mean we need to treat mothers better? Yes. Does it mean we need to stop pressuring women to have kids they don't want? Yes.

As a CF teacher myself, some of the most amazing teachers I worked with were CF by choice. They had tons of energy to work with the kids, and went on relaxing vacations with their husbands. A lot of the coworkers who were moms expressed jealousy and complained a lot about how their kids were brats and they wished they had free time.

If I had a nickle for every time I heard a mother I've worked with say in a hushed voice "I love my kids, but if I could go back in time I would've never had kids" I'd be able to afford a hysterectomy. Meanwhile I've never met the "corporate shill cat lady" caricature in my life.

And what's wrong with having a uterus condition? People can't help having PCOS. But what people can help? Is not having unwanted kids. There'd be a lot less child abuse in this world if people didn't cave into social pressure.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1885264


No. 1885280

for real. Where are the fucking mods?

No. 1885327

Megha is not radfem kek she’s an awful person and she hates other women and talked about how lesbians should be burned at the stake and how feminists want their kids to be trannies. She tweeted that women should stop following gorgeous women on instagram because it’s just ‘stoking envy internally’ when really that’s just her projecting her innate insecurity and jealousy onto everyone else. She also tried to say Emily Ratajkowski or whatever her name is looked like Randall from Monsters Inc she’s just a catty jealous insecure bitch who is extremely jealous of hot white women.

No. 1885540

I assume her daughter didn’t come out with blue eyes and blonde hair then like she hoped? Otherwise I guess she would be posting her daughter everywhere. Kinda sickening that someone can be so shallow even towards their own children.

No. 1885567

Mrs “16 year old girls are women but 26 year old scrotes are not”? No. She’s beyond redemption. If you like her then so are you.

No. 1885570

I’ve worked all my adolescent and adult life, I have 10s of 1000s of pounds saved up in the bank and I’m living with and caring for sick relatives without needing to pay rent. So I don’t need to work for now. Don’t be jealous nonna.(infighting, derailing)

No. 1885652

File: 1692620408433.jpg (18.55 KB, 250x340, 1692483626059.jpg)

Reminder that the reason this thread got infested with scrotes and bangmaid doormats defending their miserable life style through unhinged copium posts so early is this meme right here:
This one takes the cake for being the most triggering one so far LMFAO seethe and cope from the kitchen bitchesss

No. 1885657

I don’t want to start this retarded fighting again but there is a middle ground of women who work and don’t really make that much. That’s more common than the high earning boss bitch stereotype. It’s still preferable to be independent but kinda dumb to pretend like all women in the workforce are super successful and living lavishly enough to hire maids and have regular vacations, especially in this economy kek. It’s as much of a win to say you can simply provide for yourself and won’t be completely hung out to dry if your husband decides to fuck you over.

No. 1885658

The OP of this thread judges normal working women too.

No. 1885661

That meme is just an exagerated type and was meant to sit off the moids and bangmaids which is exactly what happened you really don't need to relate to it cause most people can't anyway kek any woman who didn't waste her youth being a broodmare for a worthless scrote is a winner.

No. 1885671

I don't think we need to worry about tradwives at all i know some farmers will disagree but i don't believe it's a rising trend. I think they just stand out more on social media cause of the well deserved hate comments they get and cause people think they're cringe and hypocritical af they only get positive attentions from far right racist media which again most people don't even follow.

No. 1885674

you are mostly right nonna but weird things are happening in politics to strip away rights from women. even though tradthottery has no popular appeal and the cows just receive internet engagement theres a bangmaiden on the US supreme court

No. 1885727

I follow right wing politics closely and there is a big movement within the right to drop the pro life stuff. I expect Trump to come out as pro choice after the primaries are over. I think the right is done with the anti woman stuff

No. 1885746

Sorry, but I call bullshit. If anything, it's been getting worse and what you've apparently observed sounds like a well calculated psyop to throw people off and get their guard down. Just like all the right wing pundits snapping at each other publicly and pretending to eat and renounce each other- it's all for show.

No. 1885762

lmao not a chance. they have a supermajority on the law of the land and several european parliaments are going far-right with women back in the homes. the push to get tradthots on everyone's feed is an attempt to appeal to younger people who are distancing themselves from this insanity

No. 1885766

Forced birthers are getting more and more extreme, not less. Repubs are dumb and definitely overplaying their hand when it comes to abortion and it's biting them in the ass, but they have no choice but to keep pandering to them. A win for the Dems, since forced birth freaks are too low IQ to keep themselves from publicly indulging in depraved fantasies about how raped children birthing rape babies is beautiful and godly and that scares the hell out of normal people

Trumpians I think could become pro-choice though. They hate the mainstream Repubs and Donald was always pro-choice until he decided to run for president. They'll adopt any position their new messiah takes on.

No. 1885828

This thread has become full of derailing and infighting and conversations with nothing of value. For this reason this thread and future threads will be locked until further notice.

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