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File: 1692572930860.png (394.58 KB, 598x532, Screenshot 2023-08-20 at 7.08.…)

No. 1671110

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, troons, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.

Previous Thread: >>>/ot/1602910

No. 1671215

That’s sad.

No. 1671247

Why can't they google something to see if it's true before they get offended and self-righteously screech? Half the users on reddit look for things to get offended at whether it's warranted or not.

No. 1671259


No. 1671379

scary threadpic

No. 1671409

threadpic is scaring me

No. 1671474

Everytime I'll see the thread picture I'll probably think it's weird spam.

No. 1671486

File: 1692605803547.jpg (590.49 KB, 1080x1901, Ap.jpg)

Woman who sleeps with married man attempts to pay his wife a whooping 17k dollars to purchase her house so the mistress and exhusband can live there.

No. 1671526

File: 1692609673873.jpg (364.71 KB, 3000x688, 78c3zJAOEgrz.jpg)


No. 1671538

Whats this supposed to mean?

No. 1671570

File: 1692614449870.jpg (309.59 KB, 1080x1278, Screenshot_20230821_124246.jpg)

I have been following that entire drama and redditards are fucking idiots.

No. 1671573

I saw this post earlier, reddit handmaidens make me sick.

No. 1671588

I don't think they'll be buddies soon since the mistress is trying to kick op out of op's childhood house lmao. That's such a wild ride though and I can't believe that the so called genius young woman ended up getting pregnant by a married man who doesn't even have a house or car in his name. The mistress sounds like a low functioning autist which would explain how she's a math progidy yet thinks she can buy a house off of a woman whose husband she slept with for 17k dollars only.

No. 1671599

That ss is missing context though. The ex made the prodigy girl believe a ton of bs about OOP. Basically said she was an ex addicted and he saved her, made 45k an year and was homeless and the house belonged to him. Then when OOP tried to prove everything he told about her was wrong, the girl still didn't believe because 1) OOP's ex probably painted her as the literal devil 2) she is knee deep in his gaslighting.

No. 1671606

File: 1692618684905.png (326.12 KB, 1388x1593, Untitled.png)

samefag but this man is a menace and I hope "Amy" strips him apart for alimony and child support.

No. 1671618

She got pregnant from a married man(who she believed to have a drug addict wife who obviously could've overdosed if she learnt about this) and tried to kick a woman who she believed to be a hardcore addict out of her house so she could raise the child she had with the woman's husband behind her back. She's neither a good or smart person. What kind of person gets pregnant with a drug addicts husband and tries to kick a drug addict to the streets so she can raise her child in that house?
I understand that some anons are personally offended because they got used like this "prodigy" got tricked into carrying a worthless man's baby but stop projecting. She's not as guilty as him but she's still guilty. Good people don't try to sleep with drug addicts' spouses or kick drug addicts out so they can steal their house to raise their illegitimate children.

No. 1671619

Amy should give the child up for adoption tbh, she isn't capable of raising a child given the choices she made. It's only a matter of time before this guy leaves and she lets another abusive man into the child's life, the kid won't be safe with a woman like that.

No. 1671623

Kids aren't safe in the adoption system either. Unless she could find someone before it was even born, but you still run the risk of them being crazy/abusers.
If she's not abusive then the kid is better off with her, unfortunately. What she should have done is abort it.

No. 1671633

Never said she was good or innocent. but she was definitely gaslit by that scrote. especially because she seems naive. anyone with minimum common sense and street smart would see through his bullshit the moment his ex started pulling the receipts at the meeting and start planning her own escape route. she is dumb and morally questionable.

No. 1671635

>She was gaslit

Words have meanings. Just because she was told the ex was a addict that doesn't make her better in fact it makes her worse because she was trying make that woman HOMELESS. I hate this libfem bullshit of defending pickmes.

No. 1671642

I'm not fucking defending her. OOP literally showed her proof of her employment and that she is the owner of the house and the pregnant bitch decided to not believe in it and pay her to fuck off. She is extremely dumb and naive on top of being evil. The scrote definitely fed her brain full of shit and OOP is even aware of it and says here >>1671570
she knows a good family lawyer because she knows this scrote ruined both of their lives. If you notice, she harbors no ill will towards Amy because she is also a victim of her ex. It is entirely possible to be a shitstain and also a victim of someone. You sound straight of reddit with this black/white thinking.

No. 1671700

anon, please post caps. this has me laughing

No. 1671722

sucks for amy, but
>let some old married scrote knock you up (did he even provide documnts to prove he had a vasectomy?)
>think a man who has money for a house and to financially support someone else somehow "can't" just find a small apartment for them and send them on their way
>get shown proof the house belongs to the wife's grandmother and her linkedin page, and (i'm assuming) reject it to substitute the scrote's lie and further insult her by offering $17k
it's like she was trying to live out some age gap/infidelity fetish story. this isn't op's problem, and she owes amy nothing. wonder if he talked about "high value" and "low value" women with her, too.

No. 1671732

File: 1692629262973.png (87.14 KB, 960x628, fbn.png)

i think this post sums up the guy

No. 1671733

Its not even libfem to defend a woman who's planning to make a drug addict homeless, lmao. It's mistress-core. A lot of anons admit to being with taken men and I think the ones defending the side girl here - who let's remember tried to steal a womans house - are most likely women who have also dated taken men in hopes of him leaving his partner for them.

No. 1671743

This is such a crock of shit, the moids just cheat because they want to and they can. The reason they always end up with younger/stupider/poorer/uglier ones is because they’re more easy to take advantage of.
>maybe one day consider feeling bad for joe
Maybe one day consider kys

No. 1671744

there are different mindsets behind cheating. it also explains the dropout addict lie he made up about his accomplished wife. i wouldn't feel sorry for him though lol

No. 1671745

He lied and said he was seperated… she learned the truth and will go back and he'll lie to her again. It's literally gaslighting. What the fuck is wrong with you that you're focusing on the woman in this situation?

No. 1671746

No it doesn’t explain it. Wouldn’t he then pretend to be a normal guy? He has a god complex because he’s a well off moid.

No. 1671752

no, because he wants to be a manly man alpha male provider. a woman who can actually hold her own doesn't let him live that fantasy, so he goes after a naive young woman with her whole life ahead of her (so he can fuck it up by impregnating her, thereby reproducing with a "fertile, high value mate" - ignoring he is old, his sperm is rancid and any child he sires will likely be autistic - tying her to him in some way for life whether or not they stay together, and/or outright impoverishing her and psychologically abusing her so his deranged story becomes "true" in some way). amy probably made him feel like some kind of paternal hero, not the abusive, inferiority complexed sack of shit he actually is.

No. 1671755

Men act like it's an achievement to bang a 20 year old. A naive college-aged kid who doesn't know anything, has never been in a serious relationship, has no idea what she's doing, is probably insecure and has low self esteem because… most 20 year olds are insecure and have low self esteem, since they're barely out of their teens and have little to no life experience, don't know how to enforce boundaries, and don't have a good metric of acceptable behaviors.

Men bragging about manipulating a 20 year old into fucking them is like a grown adult bragging that they got an A on a math test designed for fifth graders. Moids are so cringe and they'll shout it from the rooftops with a shit-eating grin. Men are absolutely vile.

No. 1671756

So how does that resolve him of guilt and pressure of living up to expectations when he’s telling this girl he owns this fancy home and put this woman through college and saved her whole life? It doesn’t. It just assuages his ego. Scrotes aren’t even capable of feeling that complex of emotion. Like I said he has a god complex and cheated because he could and made sure to go after someone easy to take advantage of bc that’s all he can get. He thought so much of himself he thought his wife would rush to play house mommy for him lest his eyes stray

No. 1671757

She's young and a virgin, a literaly idiot when it comes to picking up on red flags and knowing the deception and evil some men can be capable of. That's WHY men go after women like that. "She's fucking dumb" no shit, everyone is when they have no life experience. He took advantage of her niaveity.

If there's one thing I learned it's that men project EVERYTHING. You can dissect the truth just by what lies he says, everything
"She's a drug addict"
1. He has a drug issue (probably coke)
"She has no money"
2. He is not as financially secure as you think. Op said in a comment he's bad with money and tends to spend a lot, and that she suspects he won't be able to keep it together without her tempering him.
"She doesn't have a house, no where to go"
3. Him
"I have to come home every night to take care of her"
4. She cooked for him every night and did all the housework, he complained it wasn't elaborate enough. He's insecure he can't bring much to the table besides money, and even then she already brings in as much as him.
You can do the same thing to guys who talk about their ex's when you know they're fudging the details. They do this with women in general too, like how they say women will be cat women, they're afraid of being lonely when they're older, and saying women age badly when men over 30 tend to lose hair and gain weight.

No. 1671762

You’re agreeing with me. The person in the screenshot was saying he feels guilty for dragging her life down. He doesn’t. You and me are both saying he just thinks he’s hot shit and expects to be worshipped

No. 1671763

>So how does that resolve him of guilt and pressure of living up to expectations when he’s telling this girl he owns this fancy home and put this woman through college and saved her whole life?
because unlike his wife, she is young and her career/finances haven't fully bloomed. you don't think he'll start downing her and getting her to play housewife when the kid is born? he'll have her living out of that tiny apartment hand to mouth to feed his ego and have a "small" woman (and the extra enjoyment for him is knowing that she could've done more with her life) if she doesn't get smart and dump him. someone like that doesn't want the woman to be comfortable, he wants her looking "up" to him 24/7 with little to no effort on his part and that's all. op knows him and built "with" him, so she's not impressed and doesn't feed into his egotistical desires. if he just wanted to cheat, he would've paid a hooker. he's an abusive nasty shitstain who wanted emotional pay-off and an ego boost of a "high value mate!!!!".

No. 1671764

my point wasn't that he felt "guilt", but that he's mad his wife was on his level or better and he couldn't impress her. imposter syndrome in the sense that he feels useless (because he is) and couldn't keep up, not that he's "suffering fom success".

No. 1671770

Ok but the person in the screenshot I responded to literally said she should feel bad for him and that he feels
>like an imposter who is sabotaging your life

No. 1671772


I beg you all not to believe these incredibly fake ragebaits on AITAH and similar subreddits.

No. 1671773

i'm young and a virgin, i wouldn't fall for that shit. any sane woman, if even attracted to a man like that, would've been like "damn that's unfortunate, call me when you divorce". instead, she wanted to traumabond with the "kind man" and his "unstable, deadbeat, drug-addicted wife". it's all so obvious. he probably showed her no proof for his insane claims, but she decided to be skeptical when the op showed proof of hers because she just couldn't handle that he lied. face it, she was selfish and played a stupid game.

No. 1671778

I'm convinced fake rage bait are flowing through subreddits to distract us or farm clicks. One of the biggest things is how many people involved in these stories claim to be rich and owning homes before 30 in America which is an extremely low % of people especially since burgers who make 6 figs are barely scraping by, and those people typically have enough resources to leave toxic relationships if they choose

No. 1671784

okay, but they're fun. i don't watch shit like euphoria. let me have this, anon

No. 1671788

ayrt, it's also extremely noticeable how each week will have it's own trends. Last week was all about fat people, this week seems to be marriage disputes. It's also easy to make fake posts, even more so now that chatGPT is widely available.


No. 1671792

If it was fake I won’t be really surprised. But the audacity of the scrote is some real shit we’ve all felt kek. Also Reddit has a large percentage of tech people and tech people are more likely to be chronically online and run to Reddit with their problems so I think it’s a bit more believable to see this story, since she herself is developer. Most of the software subs are in the top 1-5% of subs

No. 1671797

It's not gaslighting if you have a kid with a drug addict woman's husband and try to kick her out. She was innocent up til she attempted to make a woman go homeless even after seeing the house was that woman's estate. Yeah she is stupid but being stupid doesn't mean anyone will forgive you for trying to trick a woman who you think is an addict into leaving her house to you for 17k after you have her husband's child behind her back.
She didn't get gaslit, she knew the man was married with a very vulnerable wife, she got pregnant after countless unsafe sexual encounters, she decided to keep the pregnancy because she assumed she could steal a drug addict woman's house and raise her family there for free. If a woman tries to steal a drug addicts house she's evil. No ifs or buts.

No. 1671800

AI has been getting noticably scarier to real life irc. I just found out a good chunk of my Pinterest home design inspo was like 90% AI generated rooms and homes

No. 1671859

File: 1692637390192.jpeg (746.9 KB, 1170x1385, IMG_9800.jpeg)

Troons gonna troon

No. 1671967

he lied to her about having a vasectomy kek please read the entire thing I'm begging you

No. 1671970

I hate reddit so much. I went there to look for something specific but then I checked the front page too and I shouldn't have. I read a few posts and the comments, and the comments are so vile. The things people say when there are no consequences. Is this how the people around me think too? I feel like shit.

No. 1671973

you're a retard if you don't understand what i was saying lol. he likely never gave even fake proof, she believed him because he said so. critical thinking, please.

No. 1672062

That happens to me too, nonnie. I’ll wonder why I feel particularly more depressed one random day and I remember that I scrolled on Reddit for too long that day or read comments on a popular post. Only solution is to stay off it all together and make sure whoever you’re dating has never even heard of reddit. NEVER date a Reddit moid. But that goes without saying.

No. 1672345

File: 1692665492083.jpeg (769.29 KB, 1170x1653, IMG_9828.jpeg)

100% he’s lying.

No. 1672379

Oh fucking ew

No. 1672424

Redditors fucking scare me. She probably slapped him a couple times, no marks, and he fucking HOSPITALIZED her. People in the comments telling him "nice hit" and believing his bullshit story that he was "afraid of her" and that she could have "broken his glasses". The power difference between men and women is insane, he knew he could destroy her and actively chose to. Plus why was she hitting him in the first place?

No. 1672464

Thank you, ironically enough i was the one who felt gaslighted being told there is "something wrong" with me just because I said that there was no galsighting and trying to destroy a woman's life over a man was a conscious choice.
Your right, I've seen some weird anons in different threads who bragged about married old ugly men. I remember there were even some anons stalking those men which is….weird. But yeah whenever I see homewreckers being defended here by different anons it makes ne wonder if they are those same anons who posted about dating old married men.

No. 1672653

File: 1692693323623.jpg (305.41 KB, 1080x1596, apexredditors.jpg)

What level of delusional handmaidenry is this?

No. 1672658

Probably a troon.

No. 1672765

File: 1692710043440.png (436.85 KB, 1170x1486, IMG_1666.png)

A man beating a woman is ok but only if he has an erection! (99% of the comments)
Most women are only “feminist” in words.

No. 1672850

that is called "lying" or "manipulating", it is not gaslighting. gaslighting is specifically when someone tries to make you feel as though your perception is faulty; implying that youre crazy, or stupid, or ignorant.
this is just bog standard moid lying and extremely naive girl having faith in their "love".
but more than that, it is a creative writing exercise and didnt happen kekkkk

No. 1672958

File: 1692721220067.jpg (747.63 KB, 1080x2974, reddit.jpg)

No. 1672968

I don't think it's necessarily that, just that a lot of women have absolutely ridiculous experiences with men lying. One of my exes would larp as "broke hardworking future family man who just wants a house and respectable life some day" with me, dump his existential meltdowns on me, could never afford to take me on real dates, then the next day get dressed up in fancy clothes and go one city over, to pretend to be a hotshot picking up party girls. Two women can fuck the same diseased penis and not even meet the same scrote.

No. 1672976

I don't see how this is weird? She's 13 and he agreed to get more mature underwear for her, he's not taking her to Victoria's Secret, damn.

No. 1672978

Assuming the moid isn't lying about the random assault, why should anyone hold back when defending themselves? Why does the victim of an attack have to consider the feelings their attacker?

No. 1672984

It's nice how the comment didn't even ask what "adult underwear" means to the op, and just assumes she must be a ridiculous retard. The girl could be wearing size 16 cartoon print panties, but she could also be wearing normal clothes and getting sexually harassed by some trashy kid who expects everyone female to wear a neon pink lace thong to class.

No. 1672988

Imo there's something weird here. A single punch from a man would not hospitalize me, nor most women here. If he punched her, and she fell and slammed her head onto conctete or something similar that resulted in hospitalization, why wouldn't he say that? Why did he feel the need to punch her instead of just shoving her away if he was "considerably" larger than her? If it is SO OBVIOUS that he did nothing wrong, why is he still asking r/legaladvice about it? The fact that he was sober means he wasn't panicking or confused, he was capable of making rational decisions. Something doesn't add up.
He mentions the CCTV as a problem for him, but you'll realize that means there is no evidence of what he did to her or how he hit her. He's asking if he will get away with it. There are excessive force charges for a reason, and the police should absolutely be investigating him for it.

No. 1672998

I was an early bloomer but yeah, she should think about getting her teenage daughter age appropriate undergarments. I remember the embarassment of wearing an ugly, dark bra underneath my white uniform blouse to school because all I had were poor quality trainers. I got picked on for no bra and then picked on because I fished out the ugliest bra in my mother's drawer that she wouldn't notice me taking. I had to humiliate myself before it got my mom's attention. And I'm not saying dress a young teenager in VS, but being looked down on by peers has more psychological effects on the brain than helicopter parents who don't let their kids pick out their clothes would like to admit.

I understand our experiences are painted by our traumas, but I legit don't think the husband is being a creep. Mommy needs to loosen her marionette strings on her daughter, sheltering her like that won't make her savvy and protect her from predatory men anyways.
Didn't these mothers learn anything from when they were kids?

No. 1673009

Well, she learned that men are molesters I guess, kek. But what bothers me, is if she thinks her husband is a pedophile just waiting to trot her daughter out in lingerie, why did she have a child with him? A daughter, to boot? It kind of says more to her personality, to me.
I also got made fun of in school for my "granny panties", and it annoyed me. But they're what I wanted to wear so at the end of the day at least I was comfortable. I think op knows she is wrong or else she would have described what "childish underwear" means. Are we talking plain briefs, or underwear from the kid's section with butterflies and cartoon animals?

No. 1673016

it's possible she does need new underwear, but either way, the dad didn't need to be part of that conversation IMO. it's not the biggest deal, but it's also just not that appropriate. i know "dad positive" redditors would seethe about this, but idc.
in general, i don't think most girls in their teens feel comfortable talking about underwear with their fathers. also, it's weird that the same mother who wouldn't even let her husband change their daughter's diaper as a baby chose not to teach said daughter to keep discussions like that private.

No. 1673022

I guess it's possible the daughter just brought it up with both of them present.

No. 1673023

I think people who divorce the dad from parenting like this are kind of strange. It reads as pedo obsessed to me. My dad had to take me shopping for bras when my mom couldn't. A father should not be viewing his daughter in a sexual way at all, by default. Clearly the daughter also wanted to include him in the conversation, probably because she knows her mom is slightly deranged.
The post says "my daughter asked my husband and I", she asked them both.

No. 1673028

i might get grilled for this but she is right. people are conveniently ignoring her past here. also the comments on the posts have devolved into males being absaloute demons to this woman and telling her she deserves to be in a mental hospital or that her husband should divorce her and take custody of her kid… really nice things to say to a traumatised rape victim eh? anyway no it isn't normal for a father to be involved in his female child's underwear choices. anyone asking why should just google father/daughter sexual abuse statistics. keep in mind the mother is only acting like this because a MALE she was related to ruined her life, she has every right to be cautious about the same thing re-occuring. remember your enemy

No. 1673030

Sounds fake. In my experience no middle schooler(11-13 year old) changes in the public room AND uses adult underwear(thongs etc) commonly.

No. 1673035

That strikes me as odd tbh. I would NEVER have brought up my underwear in front of my dad, and we weren’t a particularly “conservative/strict” household. Once I was in high school I was given money to buy my own at the mall, but as a tween I wore whatever cotton modest Hanes or w/e that my mom bought me, and I was hardcore goth with white face makeup and crazy pants etc kek. I wouldn’t want my husband talking about our tween/teen daughter’s underwear style either. Unless she was wearing whale tail thongs all obnoxiously around town and he wanted to tell her not to. Girls these days are sexualized and sexualizing themselves soooo early (bc of the media and social media etc) and I don’t give a rats ass if my girls want to “fit in” when they’re that age by wearing “grown up” underwear. Not a fucking shot. They don’t have to dress like little baby kids but c’mon.

I agree with you hard.

This is really an interesting discussion topic tho tbh many different points of view that I’m trying to consider. Sorry for being spergy kek I’m kinda triggered like the OP.

No. 1673048

Agree. Idk why anons think its appropriate for a 11 year old to not only want to wear thongs and other adult stuff but her stepfather(op said she got pregnant after getting raped by her father, the husband isn't the real father) wanting the daughter to wear that stuff. It's so weird. Also, I didn't see the replies but I know that most redditors probably got "ehm" after thinking of a child in a sexual underwear so I wouldn't take their replies seriously. I was 18 when I started buying adult tier underwear and even now I wear cotton basic stuff in my day to day life.

No. 1673052

>My dad had to take me shopping for bras when my mom couldn't.
yeah, because your mom couldn't. in most cases, under circumstances where the mom's available, a dad isn't really a girl's first choice on who to go bra or panty shopping with. parents are parents, but discussing or doing certain things with a parent of the opposite sex is just always kind of weird/awkward, even if you don't think they're a pedophile. it gives the "ick", like it would with siblings of the opposite sex. even with a parent of the same sex, it's normal for a kid to be self-conscious, ffs. it's not "divorcing" the dad from parenting, it's just being realistic. the fact that the OP is hyper vigilant/paranoid about her daughter getting molested and even said she stole experiences from the dad, but neglected having any kind of "locker room talk is between us as mother/daughter/females (unless i literally can't be there for you, and there are no female relatives or other trustworthy adults or whatever available)" talk at puberty makes the whole story seem questionable.

it could be that, but if she had taught her, i feel like the daughter would've asked to talk with the mother alone, or just waited til it was the two of them. i feel like it's intuitive, even without that. certain things you just don't want to discuss with your dad if you can help it, even if he's close.

No. 1673072

Same reason you don't slap a kid across the room when it decides to kick you for whatever stupid reason

No. 1673078

As soon as idiots started pushing "men can get physically abused by small women" I KNEW it was going to quickly turn into a free for all for narc abusive men. Hell just look what happened to the Depp case, people are still running around treating amber like the devil himself even though Depp was found guilty for 12/14 charges, admitted to hurting himself to frame amber (but I guess false accusations of abuse are only bad if they happen to men) etc. Now not only can moids get a free pass for abusing women but can ostracize their victims while getting babied (typically by other women they can get free picks to victimize)

No. 1673112

Nobody said anything about "thongs". The word "thong" does not come up in the post. She says her daughter is being bullied for wearing childish underwear, and wants more adult ones. That's all.
Nowhere does it say this man is a stepfather. She got pregnant at 15, moved away. We don't know if she had the rape baby, miscarried it, or aborted it. She does not include her age, but I find it unlikely she married her husband at 16 (at the latest) and subsequently stole those precious moments from a man she knew for less than a year. He even calls himself the daughter's father, and she does not deny that or correct him and say that he is the stepdad.

And yes, in middle school we changed in locker rooms in front of other girls, it is not uncommon.

No. 1673113

It all seems very subjective and more blank spaces need to be filled. If the daughter isn't wearing appropriate fitting/supportive underwear or is straight up wearing dora panties or something then I could see how a wardrobe update needs to be made. Teens should just have plain underwear IMO, if the dad starts buying her thongs or something as "adult" clothes he's a creep for sure

No. 1673122

Yes, he would have preferred my mother take me shopping, but I didn't care. To me, it was my dad, who raised me and took care of me all my life, taking me shopping for another article of clothing. He did all the nitty gritty gross parts of taking care of a baby/toddler that my mom would do, and then took over completely when she stopped doing them at some point. He was also there for all my really disgusting health problems that would be embarrassing as shit to have an aunt or other female family member witness, because I didn't know them as well.
I guess that's an atypical experience for most women, and I'm sorry for that. I can't imagine what it would be like to be constantly aware of your dad potentially thinking gross or creepy things about you if you're even slightly undressed or having a female problem. I guess I lucked out by not having a disgusting moid dad, just a normie moid who isn't a pervert, kek.

No. 1673126

not to be offensive, but males are just males. you don't have to think they're literal rapists to just not want all your shit spilled out to them lol

No. 1673143

I also wouldn't want everything shown to any male, ever, but the difference is that this one single exception is my dad who I have a paternal relationship with and trust kek
I was just saying to nonna that I did not know my relationship was an exception and most women felt grossed out or even fearful around their fathers at certain times, or when talking about certain issues. Which really sucks. I wish that wasn't the case.

No. 1673178

based post

No. 1673214

She didn’t have a child with him, she said her rapist got her pregnant with her at 15 so I’m assuming that it’s not his bio daughter. But yeah if she’s terrified he’s a pedo then maybe she shouldn’t have got with him

I do think anons aren’t taking the available context into consideration. The girl probably brought it up with the dad present because she knows her mom wouldn’t let her as she’s so over protective

No. 1673245

If a cat scratches you, is it alright to punch it? Of course not a normal person understands a cat scratching you is significantly out of proportion with you punching it, and you don't want to hurt the cat more than necessary anyway. You don't need to turn into a belligerent retard the moment anything hurts you, only reason you'd punch something so much smaller is if you were looking for an excuse to hurt it in the first place

No. 1673269

if she's going to get bullied she will be bullied regardless. in middle school i got bullied for not wearing a bra because my nipples showed through my shirt, then when i did wear bras i got bullied because my breasts were too small. kids pick other kids as designated targets and will find something to nitpick regardless of what the target does to fit in. the answer isn't to buy a 12 year old lingerie. and this is absolutely a tactic pedo fathers use to groom their children to be okay with inappropriate behavior and boundary crossing (i would know, it happened to me) and the mother should be concerned.

No. 1673270

God I hate how these degenerates need to be validated and have such thin skin to be offended at people saying it’s a red flag if a man takes the opportunity to abuse women sexually, yes even if she asks for it. Seeing this cringe kink bullshit over time transformed me into being vanilla sexually because most kink is mental illness and trauma related.

No. 1673290

I'm sorry, I still haven't been able to see where she says her daughter is a product of the rape by her father. Can you point the sentence out to me? Maybe I'm just being retarded, but to me the daughter is by her husband. See >>1673112. I think she left it all vague on purpose bc aita posts usually give plently of family dynamics details, including the ages of everyone involved. I'm really starting to think this is a bait post from all the holes in the story kek.

No. 1673311

I got the sense it was a bait post immediately. The background is elaborate and I feel like a normal person wouldn't include that part, but they might second guess if it was due to their trauma so they'd detach it to see if the situation still looks weird to other people "my daughter asked for new underwear infront of me and my husband and my husband agreed to buy it for her. I didn't want him involved in something like this, aita?". The fact that she is bringing her own past up to make it look like her discomfort should he discredited as trauma related rather than the situation being weird makes me think bait.

No. 1673329

Even if he was taking her to Victoria's Secret, VS sells normal underwear that isn't all sexy lace which is where she should be shopping at her age anyway. Or the PINK section which is more for younger teens but the normal underwear at VS is basically the same as that. It sounds like she's wearing little kids underwear from a cheap department store which is abnormal for 13. I'm sure the reddit post is fake anyway and probably some weird scrote fantasy.

This reddit post is retarded with all common sense thrown out the window. I think people forget that how you act in the bedroom is not the same as in your daily life. Her being submissive is not the same as a scrote wanting to hit her which is always a red flag whether it's under the guise of bdsm or not.

No. 1673441

>I think people forget that how you act in the bedroom is not the same as in your daily life.
Why not? It's still a part of your personality, even if you only show that side to your partner in sexual situations. It's like saying how you act in a romantic context isn't "you" either. Makes no sense.

No. 1673769

NTA but I don't think anon wasn't saying it can't be a part of your personality, just that those can still be facets of it that you show to people in different contexts. It's still a part of you but it still doesn't necessarily mean that something you want to happen in the bedroom is something you want in a regular, everyday context

No. 1673880

I mean if she doesn’t trust her husband she shouldn’t be with him.

No. 1673886

>all common sense thrown out the window

No. 1673934

This is really sad.

No. 1673939

She is pedo obsessed because she was traumatically raped by her father for years. Idk why we are even commentating flippant shit on this, her neuroses are obvious and extremely difficult to console.

No. 1674146

Definitely not to mention how many moids project their fetishes IRL. If a man got off to women being in pain everyone around him needs to know because he turns into a danger for all women. I've read so many horror stories of men manipulating women into seemingly innocent acts just for everyone to find out it was a fetish

No. 1674156

Moids are retarded and insentive, yes. Mine knows I was molested by a guy, and one time we were discussing what we would do if someone abused our hypothetical kids. I talked about an elaborated plan where I would chop the guy's dick off. He laughed at my "intense anger towards a person that did not exist". Can't put 2 and 2 together.

No. 1674161

What are you responding to? The post you responded to isn't talking about anything you mentioned.

No. 1674214

True, but it's not really healthy for a woman to be into, let's say, CNC even if it's just in a bedroom context. Of course she doesn't want to get raped for real, but I find the idea of it nasty because it just enables moids to act out raping a woman (you know they totally would if they could). I think too many women project their humanity onto men when they don't deserve it. Just because women can compartmentalize these things doesn't mean men can. How they act in the bedroom is how they wish they could act irl.

No. 1674294

The child isn't from her husband, she says she got pregnant from her own father. So this step father is telling his 11 year old it's ok to buy adult underwear, that's inappropriate.

No. 1674297

Tbh "(more) adult underwear" makes it sounds like lacey lingerie and thongs to actual adults but the girl is probably just thinking about underwear that doesn't have little stars or hearts on it lol.

If it's even a real story, it's probably bait meant to get you upset by letting readers fill in what "adult underwear" means

No. 1674348

A whole thread of men acting like their life is miserable becauase their wife won't pretend to enjoy to blow them. And only without reciprocation because an act that causes little to no pleasure's the only way to show "selflessness".

No. 1674379

File: 1692795857753.jpg (307.85 KB, 1080x1934, WifesChair.jpg)

This is the second reply I saw, and the first was a guy hoping his wife would fuck him randomly. Yeah redditors are sick but not even showing a pic of replies and lying about the most common replies to make it about blowjobs when it's not is weird. Some anons have a weird obsession about oral on men I swear.

No. 1674382

Whats with the low quality baits lately? Summerfags?

No. 1674416

Maybe I actually read the thread beyond the first two comments lol. Or is using "whole" needs to mean 100% with zero deviation and only literal blowjobs are allowed to be mentioned, autism-chan?

No. 1674456

>first was a guy hoping his wife would fuck him randomly
The fact that she isn't initiating sex means he's turning her off in some way, probably by acting like a huge child. Why are you defending men here of all places?

No. 1674511

literally. women are typically super communicative and accommodating for sex. He probably has to be the lowest of low when his own wife doesn't want him, likely by making her work full time to support him while making her do all the house work like most redditors seem to do

No. 1674518

I can smell DARVO through here. He lives in UK where there are cameras everywhere but can't get any sort of footage of a supposedly brutal attack that caused him to send a woman to the hospital? weird

No. 1674523

File: 1692803305754.png (196.73 KB, 1080x1214, Screenshot_20230820-233410_(1)…)

Everytime I see something from AskMen on the front page I am always reminded why I would not want to spend my life with a moid. Picrel, I saw this the other day. Feel bad for all the women that marry these manchildren. I live alone and I never pick up these bad habits.

No. 1674532

Stop infighting and just admit that you lied.
Yeah I do agree with this. He's probably either very unattractive/has bad hygiene (doesn't wash himself, brush his teeth etc) or treats her unkindly.

No. 1674553

File: 1692805445271.png (201.84 KB, 1079x1754, Screenshot_20230823-084154_(1)…)

>lying about the most common replies to make it about blowjobs when it's not is weird.
Nta but this is one of the first few replies I saw while browsing that thread. Not that it takes proof to know how this is predictably what moids would first think of. You do know moids are degenerate right

No. 1674569

I don't think the second one is that bad, I would eat low effort garbage too if I didn't live with my SO

No. 1674570

The fact men aren't offended by this is proof of how much of a joke the "false rape accusation" pandemic is kek. Men who get "falsely" accused often have to uproot their whole life, struggle to find work and get excluded from education opportunities as well as losing relationships. The worst that happened to this guy is a high school rumor of his own words? What a joke

No. 1674572

I mean, the average man views the average woman as a walking blow up doll that sometimes bleeds and has babies so sounds about right regardless. But what they don't get is that a woman's sex drive depends a lot on her mental state and how she feels about said male. Men can and will fuck women they can't stand outside of the bedroom, women they wouldn't want to be seen with in public, women they don't want to mother their children, etc.. while women usually don't do that. They tend to only have sex with men they like and respect and think would be a good life partner/parent even though half the time they're almost pathetically wrong about it, but that's a different discussion. If a woman doesn't want to sleep with you and makes no effort to sleep with you, that's the first sign she's stressed and unhappy. Men like to use sex as stress relief, while for women, if they're stressed out already, the sex just is another burden.

No. 1674574

Ngl I do what the second guy does now. Cooking new meals everyday is annoying and stressful, and even if I eventually date, they'll also be eating the same meal all week, if they don't like it they can find someone else. I hate cooking but I like eating good

No. 1674604

He said he's significantly bigger, he could have pushed her off or run. If a midget with half the physical power started hitting me, I'd push them off because im afraid of hurting them, not punch them full force in the face. Then again I'm not subject to male pattern aggression.

No. 1674650

File: 1692810673799.jpeg (379.08 KB, 828x722, IMG_0317.jpeg)

On the common breakingmom post where they lament on a husband only wanting sex and getting upset at her when he doesn’t get it. Muh society! I had to kek at this cope about abusive husbands/bfs who constantly coerce sex from their partner. Somehow that’s just because men were taught by ~society~ that sex and rape is the only way to express their softer emotions. Like no, if he really wanted to express normal emotion he’d treat you like a human instead of a blowup doll dick sleeve. Men make it so obvious they only care about getting their dick wet but it’s still somehow “poor men aren’t allowed to show emotion and that’s why they act horribly” talk when all these posters admit to letting themselves be fucked by their husband to avoid tantrums. Marriage is Stockholm syndrome. Why are adult men with high powered jobs treated like easily influenced retards who can’t control their actions and subsequent reactions toward their supposed loved ones?

No. 1674656

My city's subreddit has also joined the ranks of a bunch of other city subreddits in totally banning any and all discussions of crime.

No. 1674678

File: 1692812340465.jpeg (232.45 KB, 750x1160, 234.jpeg)

>Why are adult men with high powered jobs treated like easily influenced retards who can’t control their actions and subsequent reactions toward their supposed loved ones?

Pickmes of Reddit massively coping that their troglodytes are wronged by ~society~ but they could learn how to be human if women tried harder

No. 1674709

Dirty shoes in a dishwasher?! If I even brought dirty shoes passed the front door, i would get smacked. wtf is wrong with men?

No. 1674771

Men only act aggresive because society and women made them do it. But when women end up single moms or abused it's because they chose the wrong man, and if these men had been coddled for their emotions more they wouldn't have done it in the first place. Obviously the solution to stop abuse is to tell men that all their emotions are valid, rational, and justified, and their actions are no fault of their own

No. 1674784

The desperate spins to make men into victims with hidden golden hearts is even funnier when you talk to men and they basically openly admit they need a woman in their life just for the "easy" access to sex, that's why basically everything in their marriage can break down but they'll only really notice the lack of sex. I'm so glad women at least can get financial freedom from these "stomach full, balls empty" retards.

No. 1674867

One of the top replies mentioned having an open marriage so her husband can fuck other people and she doesn’t feel burdened by the looming need of sex. Just fucking divorce if you’re giving your husband the green light to cheat because you’re not attracted to him and he pressured you to sex to the point you’re completely turned off by it. I’m wondering if this whole thing is a deliberate tactic for some moids with an end game that their wife and mother of their children will allow them to go have sex with randoms to have their “needs” taken care of since they’re sick of being pestered.

No. 1675089

I can say I agree with you there. Typically it seems like if a woman is into it, she usually keeps it in the bedroom and can compartmentalize whereas moids almost always want to take it too far. I've never understood why so many people are into CNC or rape fantasies so much, I've never seen it as healthy even when they insist it is.

No. 1675185

File: 1692834603842.jpeg (287.03 KB, 799x1595, IMG_1673.jpeg)

Aussie moid convinced that if he just moves to Europe he will be showered with attention from supermodels and never be expected to wake up early

No. 1675190

Moids are so pathetic, kek at them hating feminism because they think it’s the reason for women being repulsed by them

No. 1675480

>working as a barista in starbucks in europe is better than working as a lawyer in australia because….you have to marry a fat woman in australia!!

this moid has somehow finished higher education

No. 1675516

I've seen weaboos and koreaboos pretend their target of obsession is some magical moid heaven with no protection laws and catering to men, but first time I see a europeboo. For one, it doesn't even seem like he realizes living standards and social progression varies greatly between countries. I actually hope he throws away everything for his magical eurotour so he can eat shit when he realizes it's no different.
I've talked to an Aussie online for a while and he also kept bitching about fat and blue-haired feminiszs in Melbourne, seems like an obsession for ugly incels there.

No. 1675853

this is just the white supremacist of "just be white and go to thailand bro"

No. 1675895

>London is not in Europe
>Europeans roll out of bed at 10am
>You gotta marry a fat woman in Australia

No. 1675913

It's not even just sex they want, they expect their partners to be their mommies and take care of all their basic needs. Most men don't even consider housework labor but if it's their turn to help out they'll lose their minds.

No. 1675998

File: 1692899859316.png (82.34 KB, 934x790, who tf does that.png)

this comparison always pisses the shit out of me
yes, normalizing sexual violence and objectification of women is on par with wanting to have a supportive, affectionate partner
moids are so fucking up in their ass they think women reject them because they're not a k-drama prince charming

No. 1676015

Porn causes real life violence on a massive scale but a woman having high standards is on par or let’s be honest, worse in their minds. They’re mad that women value a respectful and committed partner and think that’s unrealistic to their malformed selves who don’t see us as humans. These retard moids get triggered over anything that women like sexually. They jerk off to hentai gangbang rape porn and point the finger at us for thinking The Notebook is romantic or reading steamy erotic fiction because muh unrealistic standards. You’re right, it’s unrealistic to expect a man to respect me long term, that’s why I’m sticking to AI chatbots. And they always nitpick the specific plot of the movies as if that’s an expectation when it’s just a movie trope. They’re so ridiculously pathetic and sensitive.

No. 1676042

"Rape on tape is on the same level as a romcom actually"
Retard concave goonskull take

No. 1676061

Porn expectation: Any whore will let me choke and hit her while I jackhammer her with my cock and she better swallow all my cum. This will alter my brain so that I start seeing half the population as sexual objects I will rank in my mind.
Romcom expectation: This man will love me and we will be happy together.
Redditors: Newsflash women! You aren’t so innocent after all!

No. 1676084

File: 1692903925380.png (52.18 KB, 1078x292, nice punctuation of extreme sc…)

noo, but you see nonnie, some men watch true™ vanilla porn which is like identical to irl sex, so in fact porn is less harmful than 50 shades of grey!!!
god how can they even think this comment is in any way conclusive
imagine having a partner who doesn't see the difference between sex and porn, no matter how "mild" the latter is, this must suck

No. 1676105

Here we go with the poor little moids playing coy pretending not to know of all the gross violent and degrading porn out there that’s known to be the most watched and recommended. And porn is still harmful even if the sex portrayed on screen is physically realistic, fucking dumbasses without two brain cells to rub together.

No. 1676108

There comes a time in every Australian moid’s life where he is held hostage by evil feminist kangaroos and forced against his will to marry a fat woman.

No. 1676129

TIL women watch three romcoms a day. Part of the difference (not to mention it’s apples to oranges, duh) is the utter frequency and necessity moids consoom porn. If a woman was literally counting down the minutes to when she could watch a romcom or reject sex with a man because of something she watched (which honestly, based) then sure maybe but even then it’s incomparable. The lengths at which these little shits will defend their addiction is alarming

No. 1676131

File: 1692907347257.png (121.7 KB, 430x616, Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 3.42.…)

Most Euroboos love Eastern Europe, especially the poor countries like Romania, Estonia, and Poland where they think the women will love a rich American just because they're poorer and therefore "desparate". They also think that the women there are submissive and untainted by feminism because the countries are more conservative and often religious. The euroboo scrotes who like Western Europe (especially Germany, Netherlands) only do so because of the availability of easy, cheap, variety of prostitutes. Early redpill cow Roosh V pretty much showed the mindset in all of his "Bang" series of books (Ukrainians and Russians are mail order brides and therefore easy, Polish and Romanian women are sluts and hookers and therefore easy, Estonian women are stuck-up and therefore if you insult them enough like an Alpha (TM) they'll put out and are therefore easy, Latvian women are all single moms (?) and are by default easy, and the list goes on (Reading them back in the day gave me brain cancer but all they ever boiled down to is "all women in eastern Europe are submissive and easy and will put out for any American with money"

You're right though, this is probably the first Londonboo. He is in for a surprise if he visits the UK, KEK (sage for sperg, I'm Eastern European and have dealt with these moids one too many times so i love a-logging them)

No. 1676160

didn't you know? once you prove you have reached manhood by killing your first kangaroo, you get your government-assigned fat bogan wife. aussie tradition

No. 1676182

Tbh I wonder if they’re playing coy or if they genuinely don’t believe the things they see are all that bad because they’re so desensitized. Like the violence they see is so normal to them that they don’t register it as violence and end up thinking that “real” violence is like, a snuff film.

No. 1676192

Actually you may be onto something, blog but the first boy I dated in my teens was pornsick and would constantly hurt me and just laugh not even realizing or rather not caring how distressed I was. Years later he apologized out of the blue because he realized he was a rapist. So yeah, that’s also probably why men cry about false accusations, it’s their inner guilt. Porn does normalize and sexualize women's pain.

No. 1676998

If you still post on reddit - why? From experience, you get burned wherever you go. Small fandoms, big communities, niche topics - you get hit all the same, but with different things. In small fandoms you get dogpiled and downvoted to hell for even minor disagreements, no matter how justified. This happened to me so many times (and for rising legitimate concerns about big companies doing dodgy fandom-related things!) that I've lost the count until I gave up on that wretched site once and for all. In big subreddits you get shadowbanned seemingly for no reason at all (for instance, because you posted in the 'wrong' sub before). Niche subs like 'hatedoms' get banned and you get blacklisted on other subs for posting in them.

No. 1677138

The other day I got downvoted for saying something factually correct because people got offended (had to do with psychology, was a pretty basic statement I thought nothing of and not the main point of the post, but everyone is mentally ill now so ill=normal and healthy=hatespeech.) Imagine, for example, saying being morbidly obese isn't healthy and getting downvoted to oblivion for it. I really fucking hate 99% of that site, but there are like 3 subs that are amazing. The rest I post in because bored.

Waiting to be banned from another sub, or possibly an entire sub group, because I said a certain government program is poorly designed and inefficient, which it is. But god forbid you disagree with anyone.

No. 1677153

File: 1692994526278.jpg (151.79 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I post mainly in my country's sub because I live in a shitty banana republic and it's the biggest forum we have. It's full of petty, uneducated and uncultured moid goblins with the biggest crabs in a bucket mentality so I get into slap fights all the time (unintentionally)
Most of them are 35+ and most of the women in my country's sub are desperate washed up cool girl pickmes thirsting after them. I hate it here.
The other day I made a man angry because I said men should bear responsibility for STDs since women suffer more from them and men have more partners on average. It was in a thread full of men saying women with high body counts are gross but men with high body counts don't count so I really pissed them off kek

No. 1677177

It's amazing how these men never have any problems expressing emotions when it comes to sports bullshit or obsessing over shitty eighties toy commercial cartoons.
His only concerns are working less and getting his dick wet. It just blows my mind to realize just how little care most scrotes put into their lives. Family, friends, home, living space in general, quality of life, future prospects, nah fuck it all I just want to be a broke joke living in a flophouse and fucking random women until they realize I'm a black hole of nihilism and run away.

No. 1677666

I feel so gaslit sometimes, even when you link evidence they don't bother or try to debunk with something they clearly didn't read the contents of. Remember the Depp autism and there were multiple articles "AMBER TURD ADMITS TO SHITTING ON THE BED THOUGHT IT WAS A FUNNY JOKE" then they play a video that just says amber thought Depp was pranking her by accusing her of shitting on the bed. I got in a fight with an incel who tried to link me an article "proving women cheat more" and yeah that's what the title said, but when the article sourced their studies it said the opposite, he kept crying about how I'm lying and projecting and need to hold accountability (new incel buzzwords I suppose)

Another I got banned for saying men working blue collar jobs isn't a free pass to emotionally abuse everyone around them kek

No. 1677674

Women aren't sitting around trying to give tips to each other to manipulate their husbands to own a Christmas bakery kek. Men literally stand around trying to manipulate women as much as humanly possible and give other men tips and tricks, yet somehow no one can admit it's men who have mastered manipulation and women should have just tried better. Or my favorite is when they try to play the mental gymnastics feminist card "Are you saying women are too stupid to not fall for men's games???" as if you're trying to get society to treat women like literal babies by admitting humans are capable of falling for other human manipulation and lies

Oh and bet your ass no one plays the "are you implying men are too stupid"card when men rant about how evil women are always out to get them

No. 1677675

Have you tried calling the pickmes out for their pathetic behavior and what did they say? kek

No. 1677678

I remember seeing a thread of men claiming their first sexual experiences are with incredibly kinky crazy women who can bend in every position and have perfect bodies. I remember seeing one about a guy claiming he always had sex adventures with this super hot cougar who "liked when he pulled out and shoved it in her ass no lube to finish" and was "shocked" when he injured a young woman to do that. Not only is that almost anatomically impossible but it's like this weird manipulation psychop where not only are we expected to compete with fictional women but if we do end up fulfilling their fantasies it won't even be appreciated or a treat to them it will just be what they expect from the next girl

No. 1677958

Men really think porn is real now and something they have seen in porn is something that actually happened to them.

No. 1678102

Yet every time a woman says something bad about porn they insist that it's "entirely fake" and "everyone can obviously tell" and "it's just harmless escapism". It's Schrodinger's porn: real enough for men to base their expectations on it but also fake enough to be exempt from criticism.

No. 1678163

This. Only a retard would believe that someone's first experience can not only be perfect but super kinky. Everyone is awkward at first and most guys probably finish before anything even happens.

No. 1678229

I call everyone out whenever they test me, pickmes included. I don't go too hard though because some of them are punished enough by their own choices like being forever girlfriends who post "um actually you're just a jealous and insecure bitch for not allowing your man to ogle and catcall women on the street with you around~ my husboyfie and I point out hot women to each other all the time teehee!"

No. 1678338

bit late but there was a whole campaign in Australia about the "coward punch" because we had several instances of a single punch killing people. Causing brain bleeds, even when their heads didn't hit the concrete. Sometimes one punch is enough to do significant damage to a person.

I generally only comment on subreddits related to the shows I'm watching. I like the episode discussions, and the shows I watch are fairly normie so I don't tend to run into retarded coomers.

No. 1678351

File: 1693091799464.png (121.68 KB, 591x372, Screenshot 2023-08-26 at 6.51.…)

I do it to dunk on stupid scrotes in my spare time. I don't care about downvotes so it's fun to call them out. Picrel: I'm permabanned from r/dating for my reply to this unhinged passport bro's rant kek

No. 1678382

I never understood the it's fake argument. When you see a sex scene or someone getting slapped in a movie, those are fake, yes. But in porn they're having actual sex, she's actually getting slapped around etc. The scenario might be fake, but what happens isn't.

No. 1678386

queen shit, and this is so true, men constantly whine about not being included in XYZ movements yet they mock those movements and don't do anything to help other men. also, he is delusional if he really thinks that lizzo and other fat women posting anything on social media don't get laughed at and insulted

No. 1678388

Jesus..the state of Reddit, shouldn’t he be downvoted for the incel lingo in a mainstream subreddit? Thought Reddit prided itself on being a prog space (derogatory)

Also, how spitefully delusional must you be to claim that fat men have it harder than fat women? I swear that every male grievance boils down to “women won’t fuck me and I’m mad about it”

No. 1678391

That was down voted 24 times and yet it was the smartest thing said in the entire thread

No. 1678660

Unfortunately r/dating and r/dating_advice (and a few others like r/onlinedating and r/tinder) became red pill cesspools after the banning of red pill subreddits. All the moids went and camped out there pretty much.

No. 1678695

File: 1693112826164.jpg (102.14 KB, 625x415, tmp-name-2-2021-1601569095-35_…)

It's always funny to see scrotes whine about being "disposable", because they MAKE themselves disposable. They live like bums, don't value their partners at all, and recoil from anything near reciprocity and commitment. They really expected to slum around at shitty jobs, mistreating women until age 35 or 40, and then social respect and a devoted, adoring family would just materialize around each of them.

No. 1679253

>Thought Reddit prided itself on being a prog space (derogatory)
When they banned all GC subs in 2020 they showed their true colours. A circlejerk for bro-types and 'women' (with an extra penis) only. Plebbit is more porn-infested than 4chan could ever hope to be.

No. 1679292

They genuinely believe “landwhale feminists” are running western society and persecuting innocent men like OP? In fact, so much so that they’re preventing and imprisoning all of the attractive women who are desperate to get with him? Wow…

No. 1679304

A lot of men believe landwhale uglier girls are the reason hot girls won't date them. Idk why. All of the men who make this claim look like unattractive male landwhales themselves so it's further ironic.

No. 1679323

Based and fat reddit moids are malding

No. 1679371

I’ve seen comments upvoted that say foids so I’d say from my observation the incels and their delusions are very popular on there.

No. 1679392

File: 1693154988180.jpeg (49.12 KB, 640x631, IMG_1480.jpeg)

They post shit like this but if the blonde really wanted a drink with the guy, it’s unlikely she’d just faithfully follow her fat friend, unless she’s completely co dependant and retarded. She’d say “it’s ok (fat friend) I don’t mind!” In reality they’re just hassling women who are clearly not interested and the fatty friends know they can’t be as easily overpowered by a limp wristed incel so aren’t afraid to put it bluntly.

No. 1679396

based fat friend

No. 1679423

The reality of this situation if it were irl is the blonde is super drunk, the moid is a rapist, and the fat friend is the sober one looking out for her friends. Based fat friend.

No. 1679427

And the odds being that her friend and her are on the same level of attractiveness, but let's caricature her as fat because how dare a woman be fat, fat is unfuckable, therefore that evil jealous bitch is fat, I'm a Chad tho.

No. 1679447

When does this ever happen. what is this

No. 1679452

Yeah, as if any woman in the entire world would skip on fucking a man they want to fuck because another woman, even her best friend, dropped by.
Another proof that they don't know women at all.

No. 1679455

Uhm, men ARE disposable. It's biology. They have every fuckin' advantage in the world, and they can't bear the only single downside of their sex: that they're disposable.

No. 1679474

that want their cake and to eat it too. They want all the upsides of being "superior" but also want all the advantages of being oppressed

No. 1679475

>chad and trad wife wojack to represent a man getting rejected at the bar
lmfao this probably happened to him and he's still so butthurt about it he went home and made a meme

No. 1679497

I made a novelty account the other day just to go around pointing out moids in r/twoxchromosomes. So far every one I replied "no one asked for a male opinion" to has been deleted by mods. I'm actually starting to enjoy Reddit again kek

No. 1679574

Dating advice subreddits have no actual people dating in the comments, just like relationship advice subs have no one who ever had a relationship that lasted over a year in the comments. I'm pretty sure the average user is like 19-22 year old too, so not the person you'd go to for any advice.
Tinder is especially funny because they'll regularly shoot themselves in the foot just so they can send in screen caps about how they "owned" an arrogant hot woman after their reddit tier terminally online jokes don't work

No. 1679629

File: 1693170492052.png (855.78 KB, 732x910, bet_she_can't_say_the_same_abo…)

One of the top of all time posts in /r/adulting… At least like 60% of the comments were calling him out lmfao.

No. 1679630

i dont get it, that's how my dad and 99% of moids dress

No. 1679641

He’s too incompetent to put together an outfit literally almost every moid ever wears and his wife had to do it for him.

No. 1679652

File: 1693171870072.jpg (186.1 KB, 1080x1028, p02t3027_23026.jpg)

Looked up the post, and he tries to present his ex as a monster for not washing his dirty pants kek. Someone also dug deeper into his profile and second wife is 12 years younger than him, married for 9… probably a 30+ year old marrying someone right out of high school, what great adulting

No. 1679686

Why does this read like some unhinged slam poetry

No. 1679750

I genuinely believe the Scrote cried because he realized he settled for his wife when he didn’t have to and I bet he was listening in and putting himself not in his wife’s shoes but the friends shoes. He cried at the reality that he didn’t take the advice his wife offered her friend otherwise he would’ve never settled for her because like the wife’s friend he too never wanted to settle for anything less than what he wants. I’d hope he cried at the reality that he ruined his wife’s self esteem but men don’t have empathy for women lol

No. 1679772

Nah sounds like a woman with extremely low self esteem. I've met like 6 women who genuinely believe their partners find them unattractive and only 1 was actually unattractive, another one was one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. My bet was the woman was already insecure about her appearance beforehand and her boyfriend just found a subtle way to manipulate her

No. 1679773

I'd like to imagine them as a cute duo where the blonde is autistic and sucks at telling if a man is out to get them and the fat friend protects her from predatory moids

No. 1679901

File: 1693191374482.jpg (Spoiler Image,396.41 KB, 2560x1920, RDT_20230826_02490223054132096…)

Wake up ladies new dystopian/gooncaves pic just dropped. The weird disembodied torsos are always very like, straight Dahmeresque.

No. 1679939

The rotted wooden panel with a rusty hinge in the back adds to how psycho this is

No. 1679949

I didn't realize that was a mirror on the left and figured 2 males were just jacking off together in some basement. That's pretty much what they do when they share porn with eachother. The average male today has helped other males achieve orgasm much more than women

No. 1679963

This reminds me of that extremely disturbing creepypasta/experiment (?) Of men essentially amputating all of women's limbs while she's awake and then throwing her in a cage then just raping her if she didn't die already from torture

This one always got me the most out of any jack the ripper, Russian sleep experiment, whatever crap only because it seemed the most realistic and seeing crap like this is scary.

One thing I never brought into was when men claimed porn was good for women because it was body positive and contained people with conditions like amputees, even though they only want to fetishize them for sick reasons in order to mentally traumatize and torture disabled women rather than make an amputee feel beautiful

No. 1679975

File: 1693196582164.jpg (16.71 KB, 640x360, 20230527_041051.jpg)

>People live like this

No. 1679995

No, people don’t. Men live like this.

No. 1680003

I wonder if hes happy

No. 1680049

Indeed the only reason moids develop fetishes for things like amputees is not because they don't see anything wrong with the way amputees look and want to get rid of social stigma, but because they think it's gross and taboo. Moids love being degenerate and getting off to things they believe are wrong.

No. 1680058

In the primitive mind of moids, any woman that refuses to give him the free sex that he's entitled to transforms into an ugly unfuckable monster who deserves no respect. This is why they call feminists landwhales and why they always use that cope "i-it's not like I wanted to fuck you anyway".

No. 1680064

If this was my son I would simply poison him to death. I wouldn’t even try to get away with it. In fact I resent his mother for not already having done so. Strychnine on the tendies, NOW.

No. 1680074

Moid fetishists don't even find the person hot or anything but just like they can trace it to something misogynistic
Amputee lovers wanna torture women, chubby chasers want to keep women unhealthy and will leave them once a woman starts getting healthier even if she's about to die, pregnancy fetishists want to keep women down and oppressed so she's unable to fufill her life, etc even cucks have roots in misogyny because it's about turning women into a shared sex slave for other men. Moids into scat or piss want to hurt women to the point of giving them vaginal ulcers that will require a hysterectomy

Weirdly enough the most harmless of the bunch I can imagine is feet and hand fetish dudes but then I remember those stupid feet vagina Fleshlights

No. 1680081

>Omg so a taller and stronger friend helps a girl when a creep tries to harass her! How is this possible?!
That's why girls go with friends, so a creepy guy can't try and harass them or take them home when drunk.

No. 1680139

Whenever you hear a man describe a situation where the fat/less attractive friend intervenes, they always frame it as though the girl they wanted to talk to was really interested, but then their less attractive friend got jealous and ruined everything. That's how narcissistic and delusional the average man is.
Men who are sexually undesirable stew in resentment all of their lives and never recover from it. They have a massive chip on their shoulder and their envy towards beautiful women, men who get laid, and every other woman (because don't you know how HARD it is being a man? VALIDATE HOW HARD IT IS SO HE DOESN'T TAKE OUT THE FACT THAT HE CAN'T FUCK WHOEVER HE WANTS ON YOU) is so repulsive that it's impossible to be near them. Even if they reach success at a later age the bitterness remains.

No. 1680330

File: 1693228138091.jpeg (309.55 KB, 997x587, IMG_1493.jpeg)

Is that a boxcutter? Does she want him to castrate himself as well?

No. 1680336

>big date night
>jeans and a flannel

No. 1680340

>Adulting? This should be in r/mothering


No. 1680374

> dress and feed your so called "equal" while they take pics for updoots on reddit
same sort who have wives who post on r/breakingmom about how their husbands are coomers who don't even wash their ass

No. 1680453

File: 1693238774539.jpeg (508.67 KB, 828x1200, IMG_9666.jpeg)

Nearly every comment is digging into this poor woman. I hope she gets tf out

No. 1680458

Males are so retarded

No. 1680464

I don't get what's wrong with this. I get turned on when I see a cute guy crying regardless of context. A guy just can't hide the same kind of reaction because, you know, dick. This is a non-issue.

No. 1680468

He went to go jerk off while his gf was crying over the loss of a loved one in the next room. I know some of yall are autistic and don't have real human emotions but that's extremely inappropriate behavior.

No. 1680471

Get help

No. 1680474

Well, it's not like he left her to jerk off. She went to another room.

No. 1680476

I'm failing to see how this makes it okay to touch your dick when your girlfriend is mourning a dead friend. You can't stop a boner from happening, but you can choose not to touch it in inappropriate situations.

No. 1680477

>inappropriate situations
He was in the bathroom. There is nothing to get mad about. Stuff like that happens to both men and women. Jfc.(moid)

No. 1680481

Yeah, this.

No. 1680482

Nice redtext, but I'm not a moid. I'm a woman. Do I have to nod and smile and agree with the party line all the time? What next, you gonna call me a TIF for having an opinion of my own?(ban evasion)

No. 1680497

I wonder if moids like this are a result of pornsickness or if they're literally just barely sentient.
Also the comments are insufferable, from umm akschually moids to boymoms trying to defend it. Disgusting.

No. 1680499

This is what watching abuse porn for years does to a nigga

No. 1680503

Jerking off while your partner cries in the other room is psycho behaviour and i refuse to believe a woman would do that.

No. 1680506

She's posting in /meta/ now, she's a Russian psycho who admitted to using a VPN to ban evade before as well. It's probably one of the known trolls

No. 1680516

And now I'm banned. r/2xc jannies confirmed scrotes

No. 1680517

What a dumpster fire.

Eh. Checked /meta/ and she doesn't seem like a troll. I've seen her banned in real time. That was crazy fast. Now I suspect her actual fault was that she disagreed with a farmhand. We all know farmhands post here anonymously (why wouldn't they?) and some of them can get trigger happy.

No. 1680520

I'm an anon who reported her. Genuinely thought she was a butthurt reddit moid who found the thread. I'm sorry.

No. 1680538

I wouldn’t be talking about something so sad sitting on my boyfriends lap kek that’s kinda weird in the first place but whatever. I think it’s sketchy that so many moids admit to getting hard when someone is in distress. Also why are all men incapable of admitting mistakes or apologizing for something they did wrong holy shit these relationships are exhausting and horrible already.

No. 1680543

This is insane, there are mandated opinions here now?

No. 1680544

>I'm sorry.
Kek you should be, she got 3 years.

>I wouldn’t be talking about something so sad sitting on my boyfriends lap

No. 1680550

I don’t casually sit in my boyfriends lap when talking about serious things and crying idk most of these stories sound fake anyway and written to curate specific reactions.

No. 1680551

nta but it seems oddly childish and inappropriate, at least to me. It's a nitpick though because it doesn't make the OP wrong or anything.

No. 1680570

File: 1693247232106.png (31.93 KB, 872x433, AnonThinks.png)

This anon who got banned posted her ban message, here you can see the mod mentioning that this anon also posted about how it's normal for men to rape their daughters.

No. 1680571

what the actual fuck

No. 1680573

based janny

No. 1680575

Don't be sorry. There was apparently a post in her(?) history saying real men rape their daughters so the daughter won't lose her virginity to a teenager(which implies the daughter will also be raped as a kid). That anon was a male.

No. 1680576

Nah the fact that this wasn’t a permabanned offense is egregious. They give out permabans for less. janny is a loser

No. 1680578

Probably didn't permaban because its a vpn the rape-chan is using. She's still ban evading in /meta/ snd saying she can send pictures to prove shes a woman. She's really retarded.

No. 1680636

permabanning obviously doesn't matter or work if she's posting the ban message

No. 1680768

If scrotes didn't have their hands down their pants all the damn time 24/7, they wouldn't have so many random oopsie boners.

No. 1680793

Over my dead body will I refer to that thing as a woman

No. 1681214

the subreddit of men forcing their GFs to take snake pills to get 20+ lb boobs is back up r/NBE

No. 1681217

Men enjoy downplaying women's attractiveness so convincing women that physical signs of arousal aren't enough and the idea of "random boners" just plays into this

ie: the posts from the previous thread of a woman "accepting" that her bf doesn't find her unattractive

No. 1681557

is she not quoting the part about men raping their daughter? it looks like her contribution was asking if that poster had gotten therapy yet.

No. 1681578

Men are just idiots.

He got a hard on because she was in a dress, on his lap, and being vulnerable. I know the story is about her mourning a loss but quite frankly this is common with men.
Predators have always tried to hit me up when I was upset and alone i.e. a breakup.

It's not that they get off to the distress itself, it's that they find women seeking emotional refuge and being trusting towards them as a turn on cause they know they could take advantage.

The guy is still an asshole.

No. 1681657

Yes. The post you replied to says "the mod mentioning that this anon also posted about how it's normal for men to rape their daughters", so looking at context, everything in the ban message except the part about therapy was said by the poster who was banned.

No. 1681672

I get random weird ban messages all the time when I am using a VPN. Everyone who uses the same VPN as you shares your IPs.

No. 1681680

Dedicating your life to the coom to this extent is insane. If I masturbated this often (and this intensely at that), I'd lose sensation in a matter of three days. Scrotes are truly the defect of the human race. Imagine all the other ways you could spend that amount of money and time. It's making me dizzy, nonnas…

No. 1682065

does anyone else remember reading a reddit post about a guy who's wife died in front of him, and he said he was grief stricken and inconsolable and he decided to fuck her corpse?
at the time i remember feeling grossed out but also really bad for the guy and the comments were all in the same vein, but now looking back im wondering wtf he was thinking and why he isn't in jail. absolutely vile

No. 1682093

Not wanting to racebait but I always the impression that is always white moids who come with such ideas
It is infuriating that women get judged for innocous actions while deranged moids like this one are allowed to live like this without scrutiny. Clown world.

No. 1682140

It's cathartic to see what you said about that creepypasta/story, I randomly found it years ago and it's the worst thing I've ever read.

No. 1682148

File: 1693362385742.jpg (91.69 KB, 828x616, 623660bbe368b6.jpg)

>Redditors treating this war like some stupid game and actively wishing the harm and oppression for millions of people.

No. 1682159

This isn't even about the war, it's just moid subjugation fantasy he's using the excuse of the war to validate. You can see he's openly racist, saying they have "always been primitive". Note the women being sold into sexual slavery and suffering in his fantasy, while scrotes just beg each other for food. Coomrotted in the head. Should have left his username uncensored so we could dig through his post history.

No. 1682293

File: 1693383160799.jpg (118.35 KB, 759x1200, reddit moment.jpg)

i hope this hasnt been posted here yet

No. 1682294

I fully support this surprising policing of what moids wear. Better yet, if he is a sex offender, put him in a chastity belt with a sex offender sign around his neck.

No. 1682296

Hope they also banned him from public transport.

No. 1682299

>assuming Russian women will become prostitutes in other countries but not taking into account what Russian male refugees would do in other countries if they lost the war
2iq moment. I know a few male Ukranian refugees and all of them proudly told me about the crimes they committed in the European countries they managed to flee to because they blame those countries for Ukraines downfall, only a retard would think Russian refugees wouldn't do the same.

No. 1682316

anyone else notice how much pedantic, contrarian redditards love the word "draconian". istg in nearly every reddit moid
"HOT TAKE!!!" manifesto about the age of consent being too high or how its normal for men of all age ranges to want to fuck 16 year old girls or how pedos/rapists are villainized too much and need to met with looovee and empatheee, this stupid word makes an appearance.

No. 1682318

They don't know what draconian means. Women in the middle east like in Afghanistan live under actual draconian laws.

No. 1682429

File: 1693392987829.jpeg (342.16 KB, 1170x1130, IMG_1520.jpeg)

This guy regularly defends sex offenders in Uk subreddits. He also goes on to makeup addiction and tells teenage girls to get nose jobs. I’ve been banned, any of you who has a Reddit account, can you try reporting him?

No. 1682433

File: 1693393192099.jpeg (753.72 KB, 1170x1655, IMG_1522.jpeg)

No. 1682446

as long as you haven't been logged-out-banned you can still report from a banned account btw

No. 1682492

File: 1693399634016.jpeg (76.03 KB, 1157x711, IMG_1526.jpeg)

No you can’t.

No. 1682497

Just make a new account. Put a period in a random spot in your email address and Reddit will consider it a new email address.

No. 1682514

File: 1693401993523.jpeg (163.19 KB, 1170x512, IMG_1527.jpeg)

This is why I don’t care when men are raped, abused and killed. They genuinely believe their suffer is greater and more significant because we are less human.

This was on a post about 3 women who were raped by the same man.

No. 1682601

They love 'double standards' too, I just checked the thread and there's guys saying it's no different to women wearing skimpy clothing when they go out to clubs. Men are so desperate to be oppressed.

No. 1682611

If you spam report, his account will get banned. You can also message her pretending to be underage or maybe get him to say transphobic stuff in messages and report, I find that reporting messages is most likely to get someone banned

No. 1682636

Samefagging, that user is apparently a gay pedophile after checking his posts. He keeps talking about how younger boys want and can enjoy inappropriate stuff with adults and thinks religious figures being intimate with underage kids is ok.

No. 1682661

japanese moids do this too, just look at the waifu/idol culture, degen porn, and hikikkomori rooms

No. 1682669

>Are you willing to help him? Maybe give him a little tug?

No. 1682715

This is scary, not as scary as the "male feminist" from the other thread who would rip apart women's appearance over minor grammar errors, claim it was unfair if someone said they should have healthy boundaries between him and his stepdaughter and constantly lurked over and posted on real incest subreddits then tried to defend men who sexualize every experience they have from waxing to underage girls with "natural human behavior"

No. 1682789

Sorry, where abouts in the thread is it? I looked but couldn’t find it. I wanna read.

No. 1682906

No. 1682972

Last thread or previous thread I believe? It rooted from men sexualizing a disabled teenage girl who was part of a circus, then when other women were disgusted the male feminist came in and started crying about how she needs to "step back, take a deep breath, calm down because this is just natural"

No. 1683101

File: 1693452321335.jpeg (368.1 KB, 828x1116, IMG_1688.jpeg)

least insane drake stans

No. 1683299

I deadass just read a comment that was exactly this >>1683293 on my country's subreddit, in a thread that some guy started because he was tilted by men in the sub who were clowning on him for saying being 25+ and attracted to teens is gross. A 26 year old woman pops in and goes "um actually everyone tells me I look like a little girl! all the teen girls I see look older than me!" I'd post a screenshot but it's not in English.

Hate living in European North Korea.

No. 1684095

ive seen an absurd amount of female redditors claim this lol. like do u actually "look 16 despite being 28" or do people just have incredibly porn-warped views on how women age and weird fetishism towards teenaged girls? I've noticed a disappointing amount of women online in general that treat "looking like a teenager" to be the greatest achievement you can possibly obtain and treating looking like a 15-18 year old is the ultimate beauty standard. im so fucking tired of moids fetishizing teen girls and women enabling it.

No. 1684197

File: 1693559204318.png (105.42 KB, 221x300, IMG_1545.png)

It’s not true. The average female Redditor claiming that fucking looks like this. They aren’t safe to be around kids just like their male counterparts.

No. 1684437

File: 1693588714358.png (75.46 KB, 932x405, Screenshot 2023-09-01 201852.p…)

Fascinating post obviously no one is actually answering the question just a chorus of "WE ALWAYS EXISTEDDD"

No. 1684447

Yeah a lot of female redditors(aka delusional misogynists who believe women look best as teens) will falsely claim they look like a 18-21 year old even though they obviously don't. I've also seen anons claim they look like teens here and you can always tell it's the most mentally ill women who obsess and brag about looking like(although they usually don't) a teen

No. 1684454

I hate how the winx club subreddit is filled with people racesperging about the characters and claiming the poc (especially the black and brown) girls going through any struggle is actually racist of the writers to do. As if the characters aren't allowed to have interesting stories and plotlines and character development just because they're poc, which ironically is racist kek.

No. 1684665


No. 1684671

> claiming the poc (especially the black and brown) girls going through any struggle is actually racist of the writers to do
KEK wtf, these people need to go outside

No. 1684674

I know right? The characters aren't even going through the struggles because of their skin color but because of their positions, one of them being a princess and going through stuff royal people go through. And the other being very gentle and kind so enemies take advantage of that and strike her down first because she won't attack. How is that racist to write them that way lmao

No. 1684716

No sadly, they have nice beaches at least. The one above it that everyone hates.

No. 1684781

File: 1693609734700.png (39.72 KB, 934x358, t. fatty.png)

I can't confirm or deny whether this user is an Aiden or not (that's why I went into their profile to check) but kek at 'fatphobia' ackshully being a product of racism, colonialism and slavery.

Yeah because historically fatties haven't also been associated with rich people who don't have to do physical work, or with white 'murricans. And because physical fitness hasn't been associated with health and attractiveness in practically all civilizations throughout history.

No. 1684940

How is “fatphobia” associated with the Atlantic slave trade? Is it because the slave owners got rich and fat off of slave labor? Or because the slave traders would select fitter people for working physically demanding tasks?

No. 1684946

lol black people(racebait)

No. 1684967

No one takes fatphobia seriously as a thing so they try and attach it to racism because racism is taken seriously. Trannies do the same thing trying to link not pretending men are women and vice versa because they say so to colonialism and racism.

No. 1685021

File: 1693631622925.jpg (102.68 KB, 1280x720, denitslava.jpg)

samefag but this reminded me of this one time a beauty guru youtuber (Denitslava) was posted on a rating sub (i think it was a female-only one tho). The OP and most of the commentors were like "HOW is she TWENTY SEVEN years old?!?!!?!! i wouldve guessed shes a fucking FETUS. shes lying, absolutely no way shes that OLLLDD". She is picrel. Am i crazy or does she literally look her age? Maybe 2-3 years younger at most. Redditors genuinely believe women hit the wall at 24. i know its kind of a dumb thing to sperg about but this just goes to show being told "you look like a teenager!" "you look 5-10 years younger" means barely anything because people have no real idea how women age, and moids especially assume every young, pretty woman they think is attractive must be below 25.

No. 1685057

I agree and yeah she looks her age, somewhere in mid twenties to mid thirties

No. 1685058

>she looks mid thirties

You are basically doing the same thing as those people saying she looks 15.

She doesn't look that young but she doesn't look that old….like let's be honest

No. 1685079

It’s harder to tell exactly how old women are because we age slower, you can guess the general range though. Women don’t look “old” at 35 like men do.

No. 1685085

She talks in a sort of baby voice in her videos so I kind of do understand if people think she's younger than she is. She looks her age though.

No. 1685088

Oh my goddd how can she be in her late 20s??? She doesn't have wrinkles of a 90 year old truck driver and a witch nose guysss!1!

No. 1685091

>People with _____ fetish
>See women who are attractive despite not falling into category of blank fetish
>"Well akshully she looks like blank fetish category all along and that's why she's attractive
Tale as old as time

No. 1685116

File: 1693639292010.jpeg (49.31 KB, 555x534, IMG_8258.jpeg)

Women in their mid thirties aren’t old

No. 1685129

File: 1693640979105.jpeg (377.13 KB, 1170x1293, IMG_8769.jpeg)

i saw someone recommend oldhagfashion in a comment and i stupidly thought this would be for women mainly but it’s filled with trannies and genderspecials, does anyone know a good fashion sub that is for women? the picture was of a fat guy with a big beard dressing like a normal man

No. 1685137

Avoid reddit all together for fashion advise and any other stupid kibbe color theory "elegant woman" blog, go to Pinterest. So far that's been my best bet for flattering outfits that aren't straight up male clothing or half naked

No. 1685176

She does look young without makeup. But that's one thing I recently noticed - my friends who go natural without makeup get mistaken for much younger a lot. I think people just aren't used to seeing women's natural face to be honest and associate it with children who don't wear makeup.

No. 1685246

Oh my god, I have been talking about this phenomenon with my boyfriend for YEARS; he thinks I'm exaggerating how prevalent it is so I'm happy other people have noticed it as well! Reddit is filled to the brim with women humblebragging about the fact that they're 35 yet they constantly get mistaken for a teen. It's honestly creepy how many women are having these "power" fantasies. I'm not denying the possibility that some people genuinely look way younger than they are, I just 1) highly doubt that a very youthful-looking person in their 30's is indistinguishable from a teen, and 2) also doubt that most of the women who brag about it on Reddit truly belong to this category of people

No. 1685256

File: 1693661336597.png (152.02 KB, 1222x718, failmale.png)

on one hand i hope he manages to kill himself next time he tries.

on the other hand, is his ex-wife retarded? why would you have another kid with such a worthless moid?

No. 1685278

>why would you have another kid with such a worthless moid?
This is what gets me. I don't want to be the victim blamer who keeps trying to distract from the much needed shame moids deserve but at the same time it a moid repeatedly proves to you how useless he is of a dad or husband why would you even continue having children? Or the amount of women who keep getting pregnant with men they know are jobless mooches that don't even want a real relationship

No. 1685280

What a weird post. No one cares about your scrote boyfriend shitting on women with you and it's hardly "power fantasy" for women, it's clearly just them badly coping with aging in society that has pedophilic standards.

No. 1685345

Because she's mentally ill and probably got advised to make more kids to fix the relationship. Most mentally ill men like this target mentally ill women, either autistic, bpd or other disordered women who will put up with abuse and either fail to realize they're being abused or blame themselves. The only person at fault is the guy and him fleeing when his wife doesn't listen to his order about what to do with her body and her baby as if he didn't have unsafe sex (he's def lying about condoms) makes it again obvious how abusive he is.

No. 1685348

Nta but a woman who's saying she looks like a teen when she's 30-40 is only enforcing the pedophilic standards and she's also at fault.

No. 1685373

Personal blog: I’m in my 30s and get mistaken for a teenager a lot, (don’t wear makeup, dress like a child, round face, and a missing tooth) but only ever by older women. It’s never sexual and I feel very awkward when it comes up. Yeah I look like a teenager but an awkward autistic one, I assume.

No. 1685591

And? It's still not a power fantasy and the whole blog about her boyfriend was weird.

No. 1685593

You know somebody this fucking useless wasn't even taking care of the children. He had a turbo freakout because he was back to being last priority. And if he really had wanted a vasectomy, he would have done it already.
He's probably grossly exaggerating the mental illness symptoms. Nobody pitywhores like a scrote.

No. 1685931

Poor women with poor options. Even with women having more rights like to own a bank account and property unlike before, a lot of women and girls are never taught to do anything but marry and pop out kids.

No. 1686016

No one cares about your scrote, he probably wishes you were a 14 year old.

No. 1686091

Maybe it's because I've seen several women get pregnant without telling their moid/to try to get him to stay, but I think she's also at fault here. If your partner has made it clear they don't want kids, you can't expect them to be happy when one comes along. Yeah he's an asshole for leaving, but so is she for forcing another kid on themselves.

No. 1686166

i can't believe so many women post pictures of themselves on reddit, seems like subs like amiugly or faceratings reach the front page daily now. considering how reddit is such an incel shithole, it's only a matter of time before one of them ends up with a stalker or worse (if it hasn't already happened).

No. 1686170

motherhood is a woman's expected role, and having children is the only role of power in many women's lives. there's also the stigma against abortion and she probably sees it as giving up on herself/their relationship rather than seeing it as giving birth to a child that will be fatherless.

No. 1686172

I didn't describe him "shitting on women with me" - Jesus Christ, you seriously have the reading comprehension level of an autistic, emotionally reactive three year-old. Describing a phenomenon that is exclusive to one gender also isn't "shitting on women", just like talking about inceldom isn't equivalent to shitting on men; you're projecting shit I didn't say because you want to be offended on behalf of.. Seemingly developmentally arrested women on Reddit who fantasize about looking like teenagers? OK. This is a genuine phenomenon I've seen and been fascinated by for years and it absolutely is rooted in a desire for additional power/status and a denial of reality, thus making it a power fantasy. You can call it a coping mechanism if you prefer, which it also is, but just because these women are trying to "cope with society's pedophilic standards" (implying they're victims of patriarchy/society and I'm a misogynistic meanie for merely observing that this happens) doesn't mean that I can't talk about it and notice that this phenomenon exists. Plenty of manifestations of misogyny are also rooted in men badly coping, so what's the problem with me talking about the female equivalent of that? The harshest thing I said about it was that it was creepy, which I stand by.
If you got this triggered over me mentioning having a boyfriend you truly have nothing going for you in life. You should to that incels.co forum where you belong and rot in resentment and mental derangement for the rest of your life(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1686225

A lot of them are just pictures off the internet, it's a free karma farm, what with all the incels and stuff

No. 1686228

You’re the one crytyping an entire essay that proves nothing. >>1685280
Is still correct, and he probably still has pedo tendencies like the rest of them. Besides, he sounds like a dick, telling you you’re exaggerating without hearing you out.

No. 1686275

Anon, if he didn't want another kid he could've gotten the vasectomy he was putting off, checked the condom after sex, or just abstained from piv sex until he was fixed. If having another baby in the house was going to be that detrimental to his mental health, he could've just not put a baby in his wife.

No. 1686348

He did have a vasectomy planned and let's be realistic, nobody checks condoms even if they don't want to get pregnant, and nobody in a normal relationship uses abstinence as birth control.
The wife knew they didn't want another kid and that they had a bad time with the 2nd one. She can't just push a baby on an unwilling person and expect them to deal with it. Pregnancy takes 2 people, they both sound irresponsible and selfish for different reasons.

No. 1686360

She already has a third child, and she’s married to him

No. 1686371

Exactly. He had a vasectomy planned and couldn't wait long enough to see it through without sticking his penis in a vagina, the sole sex act that makes babies. If sex was that important to them, he could just eat her out for a few months or whatever intimate acts they like that don't lead to pregnancy. Speaking from personal experience, it's not that hard to wait until you've had a vasectomy/tubal before you have sex again if you're opposed to pregnancy. The fact that he didn't keep it in his pants is his fault.

No. 1686758

File: 1693782579677.jpeg (319.33 KB, 828x1330, IMG_1692.jpeg)

god forbid someone mistakes a literal baby for the bride

No. 1686773

Kek this is so stupid my eyes rolled back into my head

No. 1686982

Yes it’s too white. Don’t want to upstage the bride now…
No but seriously, what hideous looking dresses. So uncomfortable. Mothers need to stop treating their daughters like props.

No. 1687131

Nonnie please you sound like those 4chan incels who claim sex is only for procreation and use that as an excuse for banning abortions. Like I said, no normal healthy couple uses abstinence as birth control. Having sex for reasons other than procreation is completely normal and you shouldn't expect a child every time you do it. Sex takes 2 people, unless he coerced his wife into it they're both at fault for it.

No. 1687293

Nta but they could have waited until the vasectomy, they won't die if they don't have sex for two months. They both sound trashy af anyway.

No. 1687387

NTA A man consents to a child when he has sex, if he doesn’t want one then he shouldn’t sleep with a woman. The only who gets a say on the fetus and the pregnancy after the fact is the woman. Her body. Her choice. Moids grow up and take responsibility for their actions and stop pretending to be a victim when they decide to fool around.

No. 1687407

ayrt I literally said
>he could just eat her out for a few months or whatever intimate acts they like that don't lead to pregnancy
That's not the same thing as abstinence, but it's weird that you're acting like not doing piv for a few months is some unfair thing to ask moids to do if they don't want to risk making someone pregnant before they undergo a procedure to sterilize themselves. You need to wait about 2-4 months after a vasectomy anyway because the doctors do sperm checks to ensure the procedure worked.

No. 1687637

A reddit scrote I told to fuck off 2 months ago just tried to re-instigate the fight with me and ask me for my "sources". Immediately blocked him
Why are all redditors the exact same

No. 1687674

File: 1693856569423.png (47.07 KB, 694x379, RedditParent23123.PNG)

>I love him too much to leave him alone in this

She's fucking retarded if she thinks he wouldn't leave her all alone with the baby. After all, he is regretful of said baby.

Fuck r/Regretfulparents
Any post that shits on daughters is upvoted more than the standard post. Be it from the daughter acting like a typical teenager to a little girl having a bad day, or like picrel a crying baby. There was a post by a man, upset he had to parent his daughter all alone and it wasn't fair that the wife got out of parenting 'duties' because the delivery nearly killed her. Best believe the mommies in the comments praised his lacklustre ass.

No. 1687764

File: 1693862765982.jpg (946.18 KB, 1660x1660, PhotoCollage_20230904_17274033…)

this sub is disgusting. other comments were calling these kids "spoiled" for being scared and afraid of their abusive moid father and for wanting affection. they're literally toddlers. none of these people have any remorse.

No. 1687775

File: 1693863516819.jpg (895.71 KB, 1440x2179, Screenshot_20230905_004100_Sam…)

They're parodying themselves at this point

No. 1687786

File: 1693864646173.jpg (963.33 KB, 1080x2388, Bitter old scrote.jpg)

Nobody thinks they are literally children. Bit of sidenote but I find it funny how there was also a post on ALL with a pickme complaining about male loneliness and why women should care, but why? This is what men think of lonely women, why should we give a fuck when they call us spinsters and crazy cat ladies, ect. I'm tired of believing men are humans capable of genuine love. They are bitter and lonely because they can't treat women like slaves anymore. 90% are responsible for their own loneliness.

No. 1688019

fuckin roll my eyes at the ADULT IS WHEN YOU TURN LE 18 shit that nasty old reddit moids spout. They literally cant understand that legal =/= moral because they are braindead faggots kek

No. 1688034

why is the Aiden blushing?

No. 1688055

exactly. People call 18-22 year olds immature, inexperienced, naïve, etc (because they are?), but I've never seen someone literally try and argue that theyre children. There is nothing reddit hates more than acknowledging things arent as black and white as "legal or illegal". They also love pulling out the "B…B…But what about cougars HUH?" but 99% of people i see speaking negatively about age gap relationships absolutely do hold cougars to the same standard? Why wouldn't they? Moids are genuinely delusional and lacking in empathy enough to truly believe the one and only true reason you could view old men preying on barely legal girls is jealousy, therefore everyone that is discomforted by it must be a 35+ bitter ugly old hag. Im 19 and feel nauseated by it, all girls i work with and go to college with hold intense disgust and hate towards middle aged men that hit on them. If hot young women were even 1/4 as eager to sit on crusty old dick as these men insist, you would see couples like that everywhere. I can count on one hand the amount of times ive seen it outside of hollywood, and even then all of them were blatant gold-digging or greencard type situations.

No. 1688117

Ill fix his title
No, women in their twenties don't wanna fuck older men.

No. 1688122

Tbh most critical comments on older man younger woman couples do come from teen or young adult women who get harassed by men their age. I've never seen 45 year old women complain about older men hitting on them because it used to be more normalized in their generation

No. 1688135

>younger women begging not to be sexualized or seen as appropriate dating partners for older men

They seriously can't take the hint huh. Reminds me of when women said they didn't like dad bod and the bitter ole redditors had mansplain what women want

No. 1688136

You clearly haven't read the newer Onision threads.

No. 1688143

Maybe it was her secret fetish to breed all along?

No. 1688146

I hate men like this. I had a moid friend who lived with his single ma when we were all in highschool. He had a bar in his garage so we would all drink there. When we were about 17 his ma got the creepiest boyfriend and some 40 something year old would always be in the bar with us. None of us girls wanted him there. He was a creep we knew he was a creep, no one wanted him. We stopped drinking there. Kids that had a safe house to get as drunk as they want gave it up cause some man didn't know how to act around girls. Fuck off men. Yall love to ruin a good time

No. 1688152

The mom most likely knew but let him do as he pleased. A similar story happened to me.

No. 1688154

Think the mum was aware but we all liked her and she was almost like a friend. You didn't want to tell your much older friend her boyfriend was a freak. They had a hot tub too and I only live a few doors down we use to have the best summers bbqing in her garden then she dated that guy and at first we were all wow [moids] ma deserves a partner but ugh. He was such a creep. No one went in the hot tub when he was there.

No. 1688167

It's a collective thing, they see 35+ year old scrotes with 25- year old women as winners and root for men like that. And they desperately want 30+ year old women to be jealous and bitter of those younger women getting attention, because redpillers celebrate the idea that with time women lose value and men gain value (even tho most of these scrotes are social losers with average incomes at best kek). Age gap stuff gets posted on men/redpill subreddits all the time, and they think only 30+ women are the ones complaining about age gaps.
However, they ignore the fact that the average age gap for married couples is only 2~3 years. Most women don't want an older man with a limp dick and no energy. A lot people want to date those with commonalities or are relatable to at least. But scrotes keep telling themselves that one day after they get muscles, make money, fuck a lot by the time they reach 35ish their beautiful young virgin will be waiting at the end kekk

No. 1688172

The sick thing is how scrotes will act all offended when they know it's the truth. They know they're shit. Any scrote that would type out all these angry lies will also try to take advantage of a naive teenager the very first chance they get.

No. 1688194

It's like they can't understand why women who were young harrassed by old scrotes or dated them when they were young and naive would want to warn young women since men like that are literally bottom barrel predators. Nah it's jealousy… of what though? You think women want creepy old scrote attention? If it was out of hatred you'd let them get harrassed by the old scrotes. The logic is tired and played out. Women aren't buying it anymore. And they lash out because "boohoo loney men!" But go writing a fucking novel like this.

No. 1688195

A person's value in the dating marketplace (sorry for incel wording) only increases if they have a good profession that brings higher income as they age such as surgeons, lawyer, etc.
Most men's value only goes down as they age as women will see 35+ year old unmarried men and assume(rightfully so) that he either has personality or commitment issues

No. 1688199

I'm young (21) and I've been speaking up against age gap relationships since I was 16 and I started getting harassed by old men. The only women who disagree with me are 30+ year old women who got brainwashed into thinking their 10 year older husbands are better.

Even then, most women with older husbands will admit it's not a good idea but since they cant go back in time, some will defend their bad choices and try to normalize them to feel less bad about being stuck with a geriatric man who still wants to go after younger women. Predatory men who target young women never stop preferring young women to abuse. If he only liked you because you were below the age of 25 when he's in his thirties, he will try to replace you once you're no longer 20.

No. 1688277

Bleak example of what happens when a woman has kids with a fucked off man. She's blaming her kids for acting up instead of blaming the man for not being a father and/or for traumatizing them to the point where they don't want to even eat food he's touched. I have sympathy for her since her situation is not her fault due to the accident and she's dealing with a lot but it digusts me to see someone say they don't love their children bc of behavior that is caused by the father. Those girls are too little to even understand their behavior all the time, they're not even old enough for kindergarten.

No. 1688281

This thread is a constant blackpill it isn't even worth writing about responses to some of this shit. I want Reddit to get closed down so badly.

No. 1688346

Learn to read, retard

No. 1688479

The new wave of people trying to claim women in their 20s are the same as teens is a defense mechanism against constant sexualization of young girls, especially college girls. The years of sexualization of gotten many many girls assaulted, stalked, or ended up in toxic relationships with controlling men

My biggest question is why is it that hard to go for age appropriate women ? There's literally no physical differences between a 30 yr old woman from a 25 yr old woman, or even an 18 yr old girl unless the woman went through some sort of major life change like having children, getting over an ED/drug addiction, etc. They can't even claim appearance since I've seen men have no trouble nitpicking the ever loving shit out young girls even when they're in high school. The only major difference I can even think of between a young woman and older woman is just personality/life experience. Which I don't see why it's considered bad that a woman knows how to live on her own or keep down a job unless they're purposely going after vulnerable girls to put them in living situations that the girl has to take all of their abuse and can't leave. They don't even like young girls personalities either as they always bitch and moan about not being able to connect with zoomer girls or immaturity that causes problems in the relationship

No. 1688481

It's because in their generation the best hope for opportunities is dating an older man because they're more likely to be able to pay for college/housing while you go to school, provide, etc. Nowadays most women can do perfectly fine completely on their own if not striving past even older men, I've even seen some cases where moids literally financially depend on what little money their 18 yr old GF has

No. 1688495

In the end, to reddit moids in particular, dating younger women is always a fetish, in their coom infested minds all they think about is in the number of years that the woman has been alive. They will think:
>fuck yes an 18 years old “girl” likes me!
And not
>and attractive woman likes me
It’s not
>this woman who takes care of herself and has a nice personality and even a “nice” body likes me and wants to have sex with me
>she’s 30 years old??? Ew, I want the hot sexy sensual eightteen years old “girl”!!
That’s it, and if preddit moids could date younger girls, they would go for them, because they don’t want to date women, they want to date girls (or be girls if they’re trannies) the younger the better because that’s what the vast majority fantasizes about, specially if she looks like their middle school or elementary school crush they used to have.

No. 1688519

its like 90% complaining. complaining about how immature she is (duh), complaining about her body being underdeveloped (shes likely still going through puberty), complaining about how she doesn't have time because she's in work or school, etc. What even IS the point of them dating younger girls when they complain about it all the damn time?

my stupid moid neighbor is like this, his ex he is obsessed with and will beg for (started dating her at 18) always complains, her tits are too small, too immature, she's too close with her boss, she's flaky, etc etc. If he didn't beg her to come over every other week I'd assume she is his mortal enemy kek. This is almost every moid dating a younger woman I've met, the kicker is that he can easily get attractive women his age and I've even met an older woman he was seeing who is very sweet and fun. I don't even know why he simps over the younger girl anyway. Is it the desperation/forgivingness of young girls? it's clearly not appearance or personality

No. 1688530

I mainly only use Reddit to look at feminist/women’s subs where women begin to peak realizing that men ain’t shit and have no human souls or feelings besides “need hole for penis.” It’s refreshing to see them begin to wake the fuck up when most of Reddit is a cesspool of porn, incels, and blatant encouraged misogyny. Most subs are heavily moderated to the point you’ll get deleted if you mention self defense against a rapist but it does make me hopeful that there are spaces on Reddit to criticize moids and that young women will see those viewpoints and exercise caution.

No. 1688642

>nah its just jealousy… of what though?

this always makes me lol. Like that woman married to a man 20+ years older than her is going to have to be changing his diapers and being his full time caretaker by the time shes only like 40-50. Shes likely going to be a widow by the time shes only around 60. Not to mention the divorce rate between couples with an age gap of 20+ years have a divorce rate of over 90%.

No. 1688657

they always pull out the "muh biology" card, but i truly believe 90% of it is to 1) Relentlessly remind women that the second they cant shit babies out anymore theyre useless and should be discarded (even though most healthy 30-40 women can have children easily) and 2)To impress other men. If women started using "biology" to justify only dating 6+ ft tall men or preferring bigger dicks, the hissy fits theyd throw in response would prove how flimsy the "biologee" argument is.

No. 1688675

If impressing men mattered that much to them they would just lie and tell them the 28 yr old they're dating is 18, most moids are too stupid or blind to even tell anyway.

It's not even a fair trade unless you know for fact the moid will die soon, is rich and has you on his entire will. Nowadays most moids who date younger women will just dump them as soon as the woman ages out of his preference. The only thing I can imagine is if he pays for your living so you can focus on college or plastic surgeries so you can use them to attract and use other moids once he's done with you

No. 1688682

He’s dating her because she’s insecure, nonnie. Insecure people are easier to control and manipulate. Her complaining probably gives him the excuse he needs to abuse her.

No. 1688697

Literally just for a free ego trip + emotional punching bag. Dated an older moid when I was 14-19 and it was exactly like this, complaining about my body even though I was healthy, "immaturity" even though looking back now 14 yr old me was much more mature than almost 30 yr old him, claiming everything and anything was cheating, would only come in and fake fights or act like he was about to break up with me in order to get ego strokes, etc. The moid in question goes on Twitter claiming he prefers older women anyway and tells that to everyone else so don't be fooled by these moids because they know every trick to make you feel safe

No. 1688705

tbf i see men obviously lying about this type of thing to impress other men all the time, online at least. Every post i see relating to old men+young women always has the hot, ripped, 40something silver fox in the comments talking about his harem of 20 year old girlfriends that he bangs on the daily and the jealous old hags that snarl at the sight of him. Men in redpill-adjacent communities do this like clockwork. Any thread relating to older men dating at all really. There was a post i saw a few days ago from a mid forties, recently divorced man asking for dating advice and was, by his own admission, a little overweight and not very attractive. Quite a few moid comments typing up revenge fantasies on how to get "back" at his ex wife that were basically just "GET RIPPED AND FUCK AS MANY 20 YEAR OLD GIRLS AS POSSIBLE. its what i did and my old hag bitch ex wife was ENRAGED".

No. 1688721

Same. I dated a moid in his 30s when I was 25 and it was hell
>got kicks out of people thinking I'm a teen when I'm with him and coming to check if I'm okay
>in general talked about me looking like a teen very positively and borderline erotically
>got upset when I didn't want to have sex with him, forced himself on me, threw tantrums and acted scary to scare me into it
>accused me of having BPD and used weird crazymaking tactics to flip every complaint I had of his behavior against me, despite me being the exact opposite of a person with BPD
>it was always his way or the highway, talked to me like I was a child and called me immature
>bullied me into always doing whatever he wanted but then complaining that I never thought for myself or made my own decisions, got weirdly aggro when I asked him for simple opinions like "what color hair do you think would suit me"
>wanted to babytrap me
>had nudes of his ex that I found on an external hard drive, refused to delete them because they were "memories" even though they made me uncomfortable and he had plenty of other pictures with her with clothes on
>withheld affection and was cold towards me in public
>raped me and then complained that I made him sound like a rapist by telling him that he did so
>Got triggered when I called him a fatty, despite it being in retaliation to him calling me medium ugly and his female "bestie" a smokeshow
On fucking god I won't ever touch an older man again it's not worth it

No. 1688793

>>>got upset when I didn't want to have sex with him, forced himself on me, threw tantrums and acted scary to scare me into it
why are moids who go for younger women like this? Had one ghost me and then threaten to cheat because I didn't send nudes when I was eating dinner with my parents

the worst ones are as demanding as possible and then try to pretend like they weren't interested all along and it was actually the younger woman being forceful on him. it's a common technique in insecure moids. lead on woman then when she reciprocates just made it seem like she was coming onto you

No. 1688798

>it's a common technique in insecure moids. lead on woman then when she reciprocates just made it seem like she was coming onto you
they are all like this unless it's a conventionally pretty girl reciprocating. waste of space y chromosoid mistakes.

No. 1688800

>they are all like this unless it's a conventionally pretty girl reciprocating.
funny you mention, the women he would claim were after him were some of the most beautiful women I've seen, weirdly enough the one he ended up settling with was ugly. I guess they get a power trip off of abusing women for being pretty (form of cute aggression) and then using an ugly woman to settle with so they know they can always bring her down

No. 1688808

They don't get a power trip off of abusing women for being pretty, and that's not what cute aggression means. They abuse women of all shapes and sizes regardless, the pretty ones are just the ones they can brag about to other moids and say "look how crazy she is for me"

No. 1688813

i hope his "ugly" wife cucks him and he raises/supports her kid without ever knowing kek
>the pretty ones are just the ones they can brag about to other moids and say "look how crazy she is for me"
true but they make this claim about unattractive women too

No. 1688817

As soon as I read the first bit about how people came up to you concerned I guessed what he looked like and the last part confirmed it. I think people have no issue with age gap couples as long as the older one doesn't look like a predator or sex tourist, sorry you had to go through that anon but at least it put you off older moids.

No. 1688827

Kek thank you nonny but he wasn't actually overweight, just had a belly typical of a guy in his early-mid 30s. He used to be fat as a kid though and was a devoted gym rat, so I called him a fatty because I knew it'd hurt. Small price to pay for trapping me in his room and forcing me into sex.

No. 1688885

>personality/life experience
They call it "baggage", they say they want a woman with less 'baggage', or basically bad dating experiences that 'ruined' her or preferably no dating experience at all. Aka, they want a naive dumb young woman who probably won't call them out on their shit.
But also, redpillers are virgin losers who get anxiety even talking to woman in person. They can arrogantly claim their preference (which they cry shouldn't be shamed kek) is a young woman all they want online, but in reality these pitiful dateless wonders will never get the attention of the women they want kek. So closest thing they can do is fantastically live through the top rich men who are dating young beautiful women by rooting for them online

>My biggest question is why is it that hard to go for age appropriate women ?

most couples are age appropriate, the average age gap for married couples is like 2.5 years in the real world. But these manosphere dateless wonders are just loud online, but unfortunately this shit is spreading too. I've heard from single woman they're now getting ask their body count on the first dates now

No. 1688887

They only hate "life experience" because it gives women the upper hand to spot out manipulation tactics easier

No. 1688900

if you want a wake up call, go browse /purplepilldebate. It's just dateless social failure moids debating as to why women don't want them. They're unwanted men with 0 dating experience but constantly regurgitate redpill liners they believe as science kek. Think believe they have dating figured out as a science, but in reality it's just that women are prefer to be comfortably single than be in a bad relationship and men are willing to accept a bad relationship just for a fuckpartner. It's not that deep but their brains are so scrambled.

No. 1688959

Can't stand redpill one liners it's always
>Bitter [descriptor] woman/feminist!
>cope (actually saw a moid say this to a woman who is married with kids because she said you shouldn't judge people who aren't married with kids)
>Projection - same as previous
>Asks insulting/dumb question then loudly declares about how you didn't answer the question even if you did
>Take accountability
It's so weird seeing them fight, half of time I actually believe they aren't responding to the correct comments because of how out of place the defense is. At least crazy troons SJWs don't have the same reply queue like a bunch of rage bait AI generated NPCs

No. 1689070

I dated a moid who was 33 when I was 25 and I swear I’ve met 22 year old moids who were more mature. He wasn’t as bad as that though, anon. Your ex should be in fucking prison or preferably dead

No. 1689324

>35-40+ women hate their male peers dating young cuz jealousy waaaaaaaaaaah
Maybe they do not realize you have to be a 18-24 year old woman once in your life to become older. I still remember all the creeps from my teens and early adulthood. I've never had as much sudden male attention than when I was an anorexic 17-18 year old. If I could write some kind of matrix code that prevented all older men from talking to young women, I'd do it in a heartbeat, and that doesn't mean I want them to talk to me.

No. 1689371

they'll kill the kids one day fr

No. 1689440

I know this is a late reply, but the replies to this post are driving me insane. They're all acting is as the wife is an awful monster who's ruining OP's life. As if he didn't shoot his load into her when he definitely didn't want another child.
Also reddit is all for pro-choice but in this case apparently the wife should just suck it up and have an abortion because OP is sad.

No. 1689443

It just dawned on me why these men really fight for the right to date teens/20yos who don't want them. Rather than panic about getting older and "time running out" like the bullshit they pressure women with, they cope and reassure themselves that however many years they spend alone and jacking off are not wasted, and the young woman they would have dated in their teens or 20s had they been remotely sane or normal will in fact always be waiting for them (inexperienced and ageless, of course) If it's so normal and great to date 10-15 years younger, how come they aren't having fun with their very real young hotties rather than malding on reddit about it? Nobody wants their ass and that only becomes truer as they get older. If those girls didn't want you when you were 20 they sure as hell aren't gonna want you at 40, 50.

No. 1689449

Samefag, it's the cognitive dissonance of both wanting to believe women lose their """market value""" as they get older despite literally every woman having takers at any age, while fostering the insane belief that their moid """market value""" exponentially increases as they get older, for reasons unexplainable to logic or science

Also the same moids who cry about take half of muh money in the divorce while having 50c to their name

No. 1689458

There was another reddit thread on AskMen with the question what the differences in male and female dating experience was, and so many men brought up "the wall", not by the exact terminology but acting like male attractiveness at least stays the same if not increases. They're pretty fucking delusional, being a fit 40 yo will mean you're attractive to women your age that drown in a sea of dad bods, but don't wanna date young boys. Young women don't have problem finding non-bald, reasonably fit guys, because that's not uncommon in the <30 group.
Also yeah, women are their "fountain of youth" thinking they can splurge inside a young woman to "start a family" at the ripe age of 50 and that's alright, creating more and more retarded children with degenerative diseases, and then having their young wives deal with that and a rapidly aging husband.

No. 1689459

Men are straight up retards with a lot of them thinking women literally are objects and they can pluck one out of rotation when they're ready. When they meet real women with real experiences and opinions they clam up because they emphasise so little with us, that it's probably akin to a dog suddenly speaking. Men hate when something shatters their make believe world building in which they've imagined females to be little kawaii porn slut freaks that also has the innate ability to do every single domestic task.

No. 1689469

It's because they think the "teen" category on pornsites is actually all 18-20 year olds and absolutely nobody above the senile age of 21.

No. 1689502

The hilarious part is that a fit woman in her 30s can easily get cute college aged guys attention, its like literally everything scrotes regurgitate is pure patriarchal reversal

No. 1689517

I'm sorry, are you saying that you dated a guy in his twenties when you were fourteen? Anon, that's not "dating," that's grooming and statutory rape…

No. 1689519

Who on Earth cares about whether they're called Ms. or Mrs.? Never in my life have I ever heard about someone having a "preference" for that? Also like… the OP's response just screams "I'm twelve and terminally online." Why does this have thousands of upvotes???

No. 1689817

omg this is literally it, I thought I was going to hit the wall at 25 or something but I'm almost 30 and date much younger men while having them pay for everything. The good thing about the porn they fried in little boys head is that they fetishize older women

No. 1689831

>I’m glad men fetishize me
Fuck off

No. 1689917

At first they are anxious about approaching 30+ age because men were fetishizing young women
And now they are happy because men fetishize 30+ women.
What a life.

No. 1689919

File: 1694077487048.png (530.38 KB, 558x1262, aita-cake.png)

This fucking cake post had me suffering a brain aneurysm. Post itself is already enraging because this 35 year old manchild is crying that his cake contained a single stripe of vanilla, something he had shown he liked in the past, when he wanted a chocolate cake.

But the commenters are bending themselves over trying to justify this guy's immaturity to the point where they're speculating about him being autistic. As if that justifies making a scene over a cake. That he got for free. Made lovingly by a woman on her own accord, with children around. Some were also accusing the woman of being abusive because… She only gave her manchild 99% of what he wants?

The lengths males and their female collaborators go to to blame the woman in any scenario is just astonishing. I am always left floored.

No. 1689938

No one is scared of approaching the age 30 aside from imaginary women in incels heads.

No. 1689993


No. 1689997

I remember seeing this post on tumblr and all the pickmes were validating the guy with "that's not what he asked for" as if the gf had baked an entire vanilla cake, and the all time classic "if the genders were reversed", why dovthey always trip over themselves to defend the most loser moids out there?

No. 1690481

This was trending on twitter a few weeks back. Honestly he was a massive dick to his gf about it but at the same time she did far more than she needed to.

as a baker, making multiple sets of buttercream or even cake when it's not requested or needed is just extra work for no benefit. Even if the vanilla buttercream was left over, it would have been way easier to mix it with the chocolate/cocoa powder. Ngl she wasted time and energy trying to make something that wasn't asked for. She still didn't deserve him being a huge dick about it. He should apologise.

No. 1691013

File: 1694158554942.png (547.79 KB, 1446x1888, wtf.png)

wtf is this shit!!

she made an update to the story where she does advanced mental gymnastics to paint her nigel as a rape victim of a dying girl.


No. 1691014

These always seem fake and like they’re written by a 14 year old who got too inspired by some intricate fanfiction scenario

No. 1691118

This is probably fake but really, if it was real, it’s pretty damn disgusting for her to emotionally guilt and blackmail him into sticking his dick in her decrepit cunt. Especially since they were friends for so many years. How would you all feel if some scrote asked to fuck his female friend as his dying wish? She’s a disgusting creep. He probably felt like he would be cruel for saying no.

No. 1691122

Ngl id desecrate her grave. It’s just so evil to put sleeping with one of your friends as your dying wish, not only one that doesn’t want you back but one that has a gf. Yes she’s in the body of a frail dying woman but she has the soul of Harvey Weinstein.

No. 1691142

Why are there so many stories of men cheating with dying women? At this point it's almost expect if a moid has a "dying female 'friend" then he can and will cheat with her. Just reminds me of the quote about how a good woman is a dead woman, because moids will never show a woman this much praise and worship otherwise

No. 1691160

Why are you pretending like he had to be blackmailed to cheat on his girlfriend? You know the dying friend asked once and he was immediately down for it. Men always blame the woman they cheated with when they get caught, and in this story she's conveniently not alive to tell her side of the story.

No. 1691173

literally it or any other story where "the dying woman just wants to fuck this guys girlfriend and that's all" like…? you mean to tell me out of all bucket list things you want to fuck some mediocre moid who has a gf? yeah right. I doubt these women even have a sex drive at all since dying + medications and tubes kinda kill any sort of libido you have

No. 1691184

It's because most of them are fake to farm karma after one story got famous. Everyone can know that no dying woman would want a last fuck from a taken man (you can't enjoy sex with someone you have no feelings for while dying) but autists love to have an extreme scenerio that they think they can justify cheating.
"look at him! he made a dying woman's wish come true!"
No dying woman wants to fuck a mediocre man

No. 1691185

It's fake and obviously a mans fantasy for his friend (who he prob likes) to wish to be fucked by him as her last wish while justifying cheating on his gf. No woman would do this irl, it's just male fantasy and them trying to justify cheating

No. 1691189

When I was in college I hid from my friends that the guy I was hooking up with was 30 because it was embarrassing. meanwhile our moid roommate comes home one Sunday morning with a huge grin on his face because he managed to sleep with a hot 30yo from his gym. The wall exists, but only for men.

No. 1691206

Everyone in the story is weird.

The friend group for specifically staging a vacation for the dying girl for a chance at coitus with a taken man (not sure how they would have changed plans had OP agreed to go on the vacay too).

The man for agreeing to do it.

The OP for evening having a quandry about what she should do when the obvious solution is to dump him and ditch the group who hates her enough to have kept all of it a secret.

No. 1691208

there's a weird moid I'm convinced is the same moid posting on different accounts. It's always the same situation, posting from the GFs POV, claiming "the dying woman just REALLY wants to fuck my bf" and then going from there, like how often does this even happen??? nevermind it only ever seems to happen to reddit users on anon accounts??? also need another one where a man claimed his gf just wanted to fuck her ex one last time as her dying wish

No. 1691230

Yeah that could def be right, nona. I've heard a lot of users from aita and such say that they've noticed other accounts writing stories from different angles while the story is definitely obviously fake.

I'm sure it's a few nolifes having fun making stuff up and getting the attention they'd never get irl.

No. 1691233

My 20 year old male friend keeps bragging about older women approaching him or wanting to date him. He even said he was upset the women are no longer interested after learning his age. He's good looking too.

No. 1691264

File: 1694186733224.jpg (7.63 KB, 261x216, hmmm.jpg)

>My boyfriend and the girl did it when they were on vation with other friends.
>No history of infidelity from both parties.
She's 22, she should count her losses and move on lmao.

No. 1691313

Kek there's an older lady with a baby at my college who's beautiful. Moids absolutely simp over her and one guy even told her husband if he remarries he will happily play step dad and bring her to his wedding w the new girl

No. 1691316

Hmm I think it's a moid with a very specific fantasy about this scenario. Cheating, fucking a sick/dying woman because you have to and everyone around you telling you that you "need to". Men love sick women, cheating, and avoiding admitting actual attraction to a woman so a "dying wish" type deal is a good fantasy for them since they never have to actually admit it was their motive at all

No. 1691321

this reminds me how all my friends in their early 20s were getting cheated on by their moid bfs with older women. Well their bfs were whores and having sex with many women but yeah…
I like younger guys so this is perfect. Men rarely take younger women seriously, it's kinda sad the way they talk about them.

No. 1691331

They don't take them seriously and treat them like they're too stupid to hold a relationship when 9/10 times they don't even try and will give silent treatment if the young woman tries to have a serious conversation. Moids can't even figure out most of the time if a girl acts a certain way it's not because she's young, or anything else it's 80% how they treat her first. Same reason why they typically have zero issue ripping teen girls bodies apart but never do the same for older women

No. 1691430

File: 1694201094856.png (51.38 KB, 684x395, 036188da80ede6584708f92882da7e…)

Reddit users talking about how a system for identifying trafficked minors is bad because it "hurts sex workers". Ashton Kutcher is a piece of shit rapist defender, but these people literally care more about prostitutes than they do trafficked children

No. 1691511

>Making something extra takes more effort

Howwww in the world would we have come to that conclusion without your expert input miss baker?!?

No. 1691606

Do you nonas actually believe his bullshit story? The moid is lying and wanted to fuck the friend in the first place. Dude has probably cheated multiple times, he just didn't think he'd get caught so he made up some retarded story

No. 1691919

Kek the whole "she was dying" excuse is a new age way for moids to cheat, then abuse women's niceness and empathy as a free pass, while also getting to stroke their own ego about how their dick was a dying woman's last wish.

Funny how you never heard a dying woman openly wish to fuck another lady's husband, you never heard a man who is single talk about how a woman wanted to fuck them as their last dying wish, but it only ever seems to happen to taken men, or at least that's what they tell the gfs. And ofc you can't question if she was actually sick because then you're the bad guy

No. 1692023

>her decrepit cunt
The characters in the story are barely old enough to drink you incel faggot

No. 1692360

File: 1694274267623.jpg (122.71 KB, 522x729, reddit.jpg)

No. 1692386

"I would abuse her, but I'm pissed someone else did it before I could"

No. 1692389

Pick me

No. 1692572

>I'm not exactly vanilla sexually
aka he only wants to hurt women and have them pretend to like and now he's upset she did a sexual thing with men that he doesn't like… did this dude expect her entire sexual experiences to revolve around what he likes?

No. 1692830

Kek same, anon, I saw that posted on twitter like a week ago and genuinely felt like I was losing my mind reading the replies. What kind of grown man makes THIS much of a scene over a cake??? Even if it tasted like shit he could have told her in private afterwards instead of acting like an entitled manbaby in front of her kids. Also, he makes it sound like the problem was him "expressing his feelings", yet I bet the main reason she got mad was him acting like a passive-aggressive prick about it and picking apart the cake like a 5-year old who doesn't want to eat his veggies.
>b-but it was his BIRTHDAY
He's in his mid thirties. I don't know any people that age who still make THAT much of a deal out of their birthdays. Like yea, it can be a nice occasion to spend time with your family/friends/loved ones but that doesn't mean you can act like an ass to everyone who doesn't 100% live up to your expectations. That just screams narcissism to me. And kek at the people calling her manipulative or ~abusive~ because she … dared to expect her partner to act like an adult for once?

No. 1694411

This attitude is so obnoxious. He knows this act is gross and demeaning, but only if she’s done it with someone else. I’m surprised women talk about their past experiences at all. Guarantee these same guys will complain if their gf is too “vanilla” and doesn’t want to do this stuff too.

For some reason, adult birthdays are huge events in AITA-land. Maybe I just need more friends, but I don’t know anyone over like ~22 who cares about their birthday so much. Remember the guy who wanted a whole birthday week?

No. 1694428

>reee why did my woman get abused and humiliated by another men before I could do it? Reeee

No. 1695048

File: 1694503360591.jpg (Spoiler Image,113.86 KB, 756x1008, RDT_20230912_03221167623907080…)

Wake up girls new gooncaves nightmare fuel

No. 1695244

>imagining this delicate petite cute faced girl
how is that even relevant? it would have been fine if she was tall and average looking?

No. 1696153

File: 1694563050503.jpeg (423.26 KB, 1010x1131, IMG_4101.jpeg)

I regret subbing to r/CPTSD, the MRAs and their handmaidens have completely taken it over. The last 3 days have been two separate posts complaining about poor rape apes (who were raped by men) feeling sad having to see women talk of their abuse from moids.
Of course the comments are full of people (mainly women) saying sorry. SORRY FOR WHAT? Women have done nothing wrong to them. The people who raped them are male.
If you suggest that these manipulative little fuckers make their own group in the nicest way possible then you have people calling you an asshole. The subreddit is very coddling which is probably the best for victims but unfortunately also applies to bad people like moids who take delight in leeching women’s sympathies. I am so sick of these fuckers trying to act like we are in a matriarchy since we have a few underfunded and overcrowded DV shelters that are female only.
No, I don’t care that women’s trauma makes you feel bad. If you see yourself in our perpetrators then that’s your fucking problem, not ours. If you were raped by a male, why are you so triggered on behalf of our rapists? it’s because you, as a male rape victim, somehow find more solidarity with moid rapists than you do with female victims! I might take a ban just to say that.

No. 1696193

Why is he looking for and having trouble finding books for mother/son CSA when he was a CSA victim of a man? People obviously do care about male CSA I feel like he's just angry the male victims aren't the center of attention, men think they have to forcibly center themselves on any female-focused victimization, I see ALL the time people on reddit saying circumcision is as bad or worse than FGM. I guarantee that if FGM wasn't a thing they wouldn't give a shit about circumcision

No. 1696282

moids never go outside, my area completely drank this "poor men don't have resource" kool aid and basically the only help that was ever available was to men

No. 1696303

Weird. r/CPTSD is the only place I have been able to sperge about being anti-kink and porn without getting mass downvoted.

No. 1696311

really makes you think…

No. 1696315

I feel like he’s lying and making shit up to get attention and derail the sub.

No. 1696839

I fucking hate my city's subreddit. It's so so annoying, overly negative and filled with the worse people you can think of. As of late, it's pure cars bad bikes good posts. I agree with some of their claim, but overall it's so fucking pathetic. We live on an island, a lot of people commute from outside the island to IN the island because the houses ON the island are so expensive, and public transport off the island is so trash, it's insane.
You can bring up this point and you'll get dogpilled and downvoted.
Don't get me started on innocent tourists asking innocent questions about best restaraunts or activities, or if a post is automatically in English, it is downvoted and chewed out.. Fuck Reddit.

No. 1698103

File: 1694714519733.jpeg (103.44 KB, 828x359, IMG_0885.jpeg)

Ew no one fucking cares. twox can be very refreshing but then you see this pickme bullshit of some woman desperate to talk about her boyfriends magical dick and how different she thinks she is because she dislikes foreplay kek what the fuck is the point of making a post about this? “I cum instantly from giving head or having my boyfriends cock enter me! I’m not like other women who are expected to enjoy boring kissing or oral!” Seeing commenters say “good for you because most guys prefer that” made me rage. No one asked, take it to the sex subreddits where all the neckbeard incels can give you cheers for being so super cool.

No. 1698106

jesus fucking christ i need to bleach my brain now

No. 1698108

How is this something to be proud of? Like congrats you memed yourself into putting men’s pleasure before all else, so groundbreaking. Sorry that most women don’t enjoy being pounded in while fully dry because moids don’t know how to give a shit about anyone but themselves.

No. 1698117

The replies are saying they don’t even need foreplay usually and that being penetrated is the most intimate and enjoyable thing. I don’t care if women enjoy it obviously but its extremely tone deaf and cringe to post on a women’s sub when there’s an orgasm gap for a reason and more than ever moids don’t know or care to pleasure a woman. Next you’ll see “am I the only woman who likes being slapped and choked during sex?” but you get those whenever criticism of BDSM comes up.

No. 1698151

I actually agree with her but who tf thinks thats worth reddit posting? Wow you're so different from all the other girls who need that stupid exhausting foreplay, a real low-maintence kinda chick. Fuck women who need revved up, right boys? They're the problem. Btw size doesnt matter!! You know this bitch splits the check

No. 1698157

I don't understand why anons are so upset about this, nothing about this seems demeaning to other women to me. And I say this as someone who penetration does nothing for.

No. 1698158

File: 1694718238900.jpeg (268.18 KB, 828x1264, IMG_1719.jpeg)

well rested queen

No. 1698175

It’s annoying and unnecessary pickme redditor behavior to try to get validation about her sex life from other people on the internet. I doubt she really was wondering if she was the only woman who liked penetration. It’s not like there’s a long-standing belief that women don’t get off from being penetrated, it’s literally the norm and men act accordingly. And then them joking about how their moids prefer no foreplay is gross, like yep real lucky catch you got there.

No. 1698218

No. 1698256

Kek why are men such whiners? She’s prob sleeping every chance she gets bc she’s a) busy and successful and b) maybe he’s annoying like most men and she avoids him by sleeping lmao foolproof tbh she sounds cool af

No. 1698294

KEK I forgot that my ex used to do this too (it was the least of our problems tbh). I see what he's saying because it's a bit annoying to constantly have them falling asleep during things you show them like movies but what are you gonna do about it? Either you deal with it or get another girlfriend who doesn't fall asleep everywhere.
I wish people would realize how strangers online have no idea of your relationship, are incredibly biased, and look within for answers instead of asking relationship advice from internet strangers. Then again it might just really be to get validation from others.

No. 1698300

Women need more sleep than men. God forbid a woman actually get the amount of sleep she needs.

No. 1698317

Sounds like a normal amount of sleep to me, when he started his post I thought he was gonna say she has narcolepsy or some shit. What a giant baby, he should dump her if that's such a problem for him.

No. 1698318

Last time I was on twox there was an 'I like small dicks' thread. It quickly turned into claims that secretly we all love them small. That any size lovers out there are just lying and using it to shame men. And my (least) fave response was someone claiming that there's NO nerve endings past the first inch anyway.. none

Discussions about sexual tastes have this habit of getting very one sided, trying to push to make out like the exception to the rule is secretly what we all want deep down. Fuck what any statistics report about what gets women off, we all secretly want no foreplay no lube small dick anal sex with a short bald man, secretly..

No. 1698345

Ot but this shit just convinces me even more to not get in a relationship kek

No. 1698349

why do men hate us sleeping so much? had an ex do this and kept claiming me sleeping was actually me cheating on him as if every 5 minute nap I took I left, fucked another guy, and came back

No. 1698352

he is 100% lying, I've met a few men who actually were SA'd by adult women when they were younger and they don't run around screaming about how hard it is to be a man, or try to shut down women. A man desperate to get support wouldn't immediately try to shut down others or cause fights

No. 1698413

Clearly, you were dreaming about another guy.

No. 1698416

I've known women who prefer Mrs. but they don't demand it autistically like genderspecials, the only time I've seen women emphasize it is teachers trying to teach kids the differences between English prefixes as a language learning thing. Which goes to show that OP is probably like a middle schooler
based and zzzpilled, I love sleeping
honestly I didn't realize this was a problem so many women had. My ex would not only get mad at me if I wanted to sleep but the worst was that he expected me to take responsibility for his sleep as well. If he napped or slept longer than whatever arbitrary amount of time he wanted, he'd rage about how I literally betrayed him by not getting him up, even though he'd also rage and tell me to fuck off if I disturbed his sleep. Mysteriously, he had no problem getting up with an alarm when he really had to, like for work.

No. 1698421

File: 1694740775529.jpeg (368.82 KB, 828x799, 53B7EC94-0DAB-444D-A4BA-8AE2D3…)

He should be executed for trying to disturb the eeper

No. 1698425

Kind of tangential but I fucking hate the way people who hate kids pervify it. Being married isn't a "breeding kink", reminds me of when someone announces they are trying for a baby and someone says their first thought is "thanks for telling us you're going at it raw". Wtf is wrong with you? social maladjusts

No. 1698429

Having kids is perverse and sex is how they’re made. Nobody wants to hear about some random dude nutting in his wife, it’s gross. Forcing a non consenting being into existence is even more gross.

No. 1698432

Cringe lol

No. 1698436

i was crying but reading this made me pause for a sec and i just started laughing. thank you so much

No. 1698437

Ok fertilized egg

No. 1698439

I wonder if a lot of men just resent women being comfortable/in a state where they are not paying ANY attention to the moid. Like how dare you be unavailable in case I need something from you!!! baby type shit. The worst most evil male ex I ever had purposely would not let me sleep to weaken my will (he didn’t even like it I used headphones around him because i was able to ignore him, and forbade me from using them to listen to audiobooks to sleep), but another dude I dated that was thankfully not insane and only sucked mildly was a chronic sleeper/napper who was constantly tired from his job and he legit always wanted to take naps w me or even just on opposite couches in the same room kek.

No. 1698459

are people literally memeing themselves into crying about nature?

No. 1698470

Yeah it's like pornsickness rotted their brain so much, that's the first thing they think of when a couple is trying for a baby. It's always moids who make those weird comments too.

No. 1698471

sorry for bringing them up but i also see troons say shit like that, probably cause they're misogynists lol

No. 1698476

What a stupid thing to get annoyed about. Men are such emotional vampires.

No. 1698687

This is so true nona, upon reflecting I've realised every single relationship I've been in, moids have whined about how much I sleep. Granted I probably do sleep a lot, but I also work a lot and I've always been a night owl meaning I often sleep whenever I get the chance to. They'd also criticise me for having duvet days where I bring my duvet and pillows into my living room and watch movies all day on my increasingly rare days off. Why do they complain about this kek?

No. 1698755

The same reason a child would complain. They're immature and selfish.

No. 1698762

But it’s true though. What else am I even supposed to think when you tell me that? Why do you need to tell people that anyway? I can not think of a single instance where I would need that info. Just tell them when you’re actually pregnant.

No. 1698771

I agree nona I am childfree but whenever I join childfree groups I'm bombarded with pornographic phrases such as "creampied" or "cum trophies". It's really disturbing that calling motherhood and children things you hear in porn is becoming more normal. I am staunchly childfree and think marriage and motherhood is the root of our oppression but the way these childfree people go about it makes me uncomfortable. They don't care about women's liberation at all, in fact they hate women and project their own damaged childhoods onto children and perversely claim to be parents for their animals. Also, to go even more wildly OT, but aren't these same people all about 'SeX eMpoWeRmenT'? They're often woke left so why on earth do people talk about these women like they're the scum of the earth because they've had sex for reproduction? It really bothers me.

No. 1698774

No. 1698776

My ex was also mad about me sleeping and taking naps, but I had to sleep during the day because I never got any good sleep sharing a bed with him. Every night when we went to bed I had to sit and scratch his head until he fell asleep. If I stopped before he would make whiny baby noises and pull my hand back to scratch him. If I went to sleep earlier than him he would turn up the volume on the TV or turn on the light in the bedroom because "he just had to look for something in there", doing this several times making sure I never fell asleep before he could come to bed at this own pace and proceed to ask for head scratches. Men hate women being comfy and relaxed.

No. 1698786

Narcs always have a huge problem with their partners getting enough sleep. If you’re not sleep deprived then you’re obviously cheating with someone in your dreams.

No. 1698793

My ex used to get upset with me for sleeping when he was at work, we had different schedules. He'd then ask me what I did all day. My response was "sleep" of course. He got upset because when he got home I'd get up and do some chores or run errands before I got ready to go to work at my overnight job, because at least we'd be both awake at the same time. I'd get calls from him at work asking what I'm doing as well, it was always "sleep". "I want to talk to you…" "Sorry, I'm sleeping." "There's no food being made?" "No, I've been sleeping." It was torture for a few weeks and I visibily got pissed at him for trying to control my sleeping schedule. I told him to drop it. I don't remember if he did, but he was a porn addict so he probably got upset I wasn't deciding to sleep when he got home so he could have time alone messaging can girls or hit up escorts.

No. 1698800

I had an ex who used to make comments about my sleep. One time he came back and I was sat in the sunshine enjoying myself, around 6pm, and he said "gee I expected you to still be asleep". I slept a lot but until 6pm? I only ever did that if I was sick. I can't believe how many nonnies this has happened to kek. I wonder if men prefer us to not be well rested so that we're too tired to call out their bs.

No. 1698808

Totally agree and I don’t like being lumped in or associated with people who use those terms. They reek of misogyny.

No. 1698834

File: 1694791819887.jpg (88.8 KB, 750x725, dgh0qd6bivnb1.jpg)

I decided to look through r/JustUnsubbed to see why people left the childfree sub and I found this gem. Psychopaths really do lurk among us.

No. 1698835

Why do you censor the username?

No. 1698836

I didn't, the OP of the post I found on Reddit did

No. 1698840

File: 1694792400153.jpeg (558.02 KB, 1170x1275, IMG_7735.jpeg)

reddit is amazing. you can say literally anything and there’s always some guy replying to bitch about his ex girlfriend.

No. 1698841

You cannot convince me this idiot isn't a pedophile

No. 1698842

Yeah. Very suspicious that his first sentence said 'this isn't sexual'.

No. 1698844

It's absolutely misogyny. Everything negative regarding parenthood is always directed towards women. Men get called deadbeat dads at the worst, but the women get called some absolutely heinous things.

No. 1698845

One time I literally saw someone refer to their sister-in-law as a "personal semen incubator".

No. 1698854

File: 1694793564754.png (77.45 KB, 922x864, Untitled.png)

No. 1698857

This guy definitely fucks his dog

No. 1698860

File: 1694793680450.png (57.75 KB, 886x590, Untitled.png)


No. 1698861

File: 1694793725302.png (49.94 KB, 684x524, Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 17.04…)

Damn it must have been bad for reddit to ban this moid kek

No. 1698863

File: 1694793800486.png (24.43 KB, 670x282, Untitled.png)

claims to have children too, this guy has to be just a sick troll

No. 1698864

Oh my good God. He was probably harming/murdering them. HORRIFYING.

No. 1698881

They're telling you so you're prepared when they do announce that she's pregnant. Cuts down on the busybodies asking if it was planned or not.

No. 1698885

Nta but I think the majority of those comments must come from moids because r/femaleantinatalism has been based as fuck but very empathetic to mothers’ struggles. Maybe it attracts a different crowd but it’s basically a radfem sub that is antinatalist because of the state of women’s rights. It’s completely different to r/antinatalism which is full of moids whining about being born and putting down mothers who talk about the lack of help from their partners who fooled them up until birth.

No. 1698896

File: 1694796447293.jpeg (404.61 KB, 750x1176, IMG_4120.jpeg)

samefag but this is just an example of some typically based comments from r/femaleantinatalism because that sub is nothing like r/antinatalism. I think another manifesto-chan anon could probably explain it better but I think men and women’s motivations for antinatalism are completely different. Women, as we see in picrel, tend towards antinatalism because of concern for the children growing up in a dire world and how pregnancy/motherhood negatively impacts women. Men’s motivations can be a variety of reasons but the main two are: 1) whining about being born (the r/antinatalism sub is FULL of this) and/or being a manchild who doesn’t want any responsibility. I’m so glad for the r/femaleantinatalism sub because there are so many likeminded women to engage with whereas r/antinatalism is full of absolutely brainless takes and irrational hatred of people (women) with children.

No. 1699028

Notice how he isn't concerned with what underlying condition like iron deficiency or stress might be causing her to be tired, he's just mad that he isn't getting enough attention.

No. 1699328

File: 1694839947361.jpg (12.96 KB, 612x519, 1694335340923316.jpg)

do you like 'em big, nona?

No. 1699469

File: 1694854726973.jpg (1.32 MB, 1536x2048, RDT_20230916_04592272106912648…)

No. 1699474

Hope his gf dumps him. I'd be embarrassed to be dating him

No. 1699475

He doesn't even have one

No. 1699480

>My girlfriends's friend's BF
Ops girlfriends friend is this guy's girlfriend.

No. 1699499

I wonder why I thought it said he didn't even have a gf, I misread something.

No. 1699503

I did too, until I saw comments, kek. You probably thought so as well because it seems so unbelievable that a woman could date a man like this.

No. 1699577

In the comments
>What is the relevance of his height?
>Lots of Western culture has some pretty unhealthy ideas about a guy's height. The idea is that he has less "sexual potential" because he is shorter, so it's unlikely he'll get any sex.
On reddit of all places.

No. 1699842

File: 1694895733296.jpeg (342.54 KB, 853x1707, IMG_4127.jpeg)

A moid made the male equivalent of a starterpack for men who are unattractive to women and ofc scrotes are REEing about it in the comments and trying to say how they’re better than the female version. Like no, you’re a basic ass bitch male and you should date your “equivalent” instead of snubbing her and thinking you’re above women who have popular interests. The comments on the girl version were hilarious because they really talk about how they just “aren’t attracted” to these types of women. These men like fucking Marvel and video games and yet think they’re too cerebral and intellectual for the average woman? KEK okay.
Male version:
Female version:

No. 1699878

File: 1694898592333.png (26.46 KB, 614x304, starterpack.png)

Obviously moids having boring interests is a Sign Of Depression according to him (because they have such deep inner lives normally), and standard 'he just wants someone attracted to him ;(' whining. Unsuprisingly, he frequents r/RedScare and r/jawsurgery kek

No. 1699909

>Bloobloo I didn't get pampered enough as a child so now muh self esteem is too low
>I only have lame and unengaging interests because muh deppreshun.
>I can't leave my comfy bubble of marvel and bland consumerist media because muh mentulz
>Bawww I'm so unattractive but I'm completely helpless to change that because nobody has signed up to be my personal trainer and hold my hand through everything

These scrotes are genuinely incapable of any self introspection, aren't they? Nothing is ever their fucking fault, it's always some ridiculously contrived reason as to why they can never change. Someone should tell them to shut the fuck up, stop pitying themselves and go to a fucking library, stop eating like shit, and actually go outside. Men are such babies. No self respecting woman would ever stoop to dating a moid who is like this. These men want everything handed to them on a silver platter and even then they'd piss and cry about how unfair their tragic lives are. Disgusting. I hope they never manage to reproduce or subject any woman to their prolonged presence.

No. 1700086

god men live just such bleek unfulfilling lives
they have no interests, hobbies, social skills, etc and want sympathy that they can't get dates.
If you go to social groups/class for hobbies (dance, cocktail, barista, language, yoga, art, volunteer etc etc) it's always mostly women and of course the occasional 1 guy there obviously hoping to get numbers. Sure, there's women who are into videogames/popculture but then these guys probably won't be attracted her and cry "reeee my average guy preferences".
I feel like men have until college to get their social skills, but once they graduate without any social abilities; it seems like their fate is sealed and forever trapped with Tinder and online complaining.

and the whole "born with remarkable traits" is just the redpill way saying "women are born with value (that diminishes according to them)" aka women have a vagina but gatekeep sex from 'average men' and so they believe dating is so easy for women. They always interchange the concepts dating and casual sex all the time.

No. 1700384

File: 1694961425163.jpeg (205.73 KB, 1125x1014, IMG_2635.jpeg)

Also, moids screeching about how brutal this is literally did this to themselves, because the og male version that the female equivalent was based on is very mild. The Marvel one was not even made by a woman, so it’s another day of them buying into incel delusions and blaming women.

No. 1700390

Lol a couple of these are my bf.

No. 1700397

>"somewhat cute, non threatening"
>"makes just under 6 figures"
it's so obvious this was made by a male and describes himself lol they're not even trying
meanwhile the female version is so mean and clearly meant to mock the girl for being overweight, low-maintenance and listening to taylor swift

No. 1700426

Completely agree. Starting a family is a huge and distinct life event and other family members are often excited to hear it. Anyone who thinks "hurr durr they had sex" when it's brought up never matured past middle school.

No. 1700442

I agree with you. I'll be happy for whoever tells me their "good" news because I know they're excited, but deep down I'm horrified because having a child is one of the cruelest things you can do. The only guarantee is that your child is going to suffer and be in pain.

No. 1700459

Have you seen the current housing crisis.

No. 1700470

I've seen even adult pregnant women making TikToks like "when you're pregnant and you realize your family will know you had sex", how are you gonna have a child and still think that most people seeing you pregnant will automatically think about your sex life.

No. 1700487

File: 1694973150185.png (32.58 KB, 914x166, Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 1.54.…)


No. 1700491

Tbh most men would because they’re defective.

No. 1700494

you are living proof your father creampied a woman

No. 1700512

Many a random stranger will tell a pregnant woman, "everyone knows what you've been doing!". It's fucking gross.

No. 1700563

File: 1694985117399.jpg (976.46 KB, 1439x3632, Screenshot_20230918_001513_Sam…)

Stupid relationship drama aside, why would anyone's first thought when something like this happen be going on reddit to bitch about it? Who cares, you're a nobody, solve your issues in private and stop attentionwhoring online for updoots and pity.

No. 1700574

I appreciate the level-headedness, I usually tell them to kill themselves and get banned kek.
At least try to not make it obvious that you're coming from Reddit with this spacing.

No. 1700577

>They always interchange the concepts dating and casual sex all the time.
Because dating and relationships to them is all about sex anyways, but they gotta fake being human by pretending it's the emotional part of it that they totally long for (spoiler alert, it isn't.). The dating pool would slightly be better if they just admitted they feel entitled to sex and aren't serious about dating or relationships.

No. 1700587

Go back

No. 1701021

Biologically women are allowed to be as picky as they want. Even if we're below average we still have a wide range of partners. Moids can seethe about it

No. 1701233

Nta but that’s a guarantee as being part of the human race, stop pornifying biological concepts that are everywhere in nature. It’s disgusting.

No. 1701240

File: 1695057033943.jpg (139.99 KB, 1151x1407, F5khuzeX0AA6kTI.jpg)


No. 1701249

File: 1695057748119.jpeg (387.61 KB, 1011x1505, IMG_4139.jpeg)

How ironic that the universe shows me this garbage when just the other day I was thinking it’s been forever since I dated and I ought to try again.
> not strangling, slapping, sodomizing, verbally and physically degrading his partner means he isn’t getting his “needs” met
> the woman needs “trauma” for the moid to explain why she doesn’t have rape fantasies and doesn’t wanna be strangled
> gross demonization of bpd and women with it, “my bpd ex was a semen demon!!!” like no you probably just abused a mentally ill woman with no self-esteem and discarded her once someone else came along
> the same dude posts in r/steroids (steroids increase chances of physical aggression towards women) and he loves anime like a true loser moid
Original post:

No. 1701250

wow hope he kills himself

No. 1701262

>moid gets boner from VR violence
>"can't we just remove woman characters?"
>"hurrdurr i don't have a problem with women"
males were a mistake holy shit. this is why vidya is only for women

No. 1701274

I want to kms for my first thought being “at least he recognizes that it’s fucked up and doesn’t want to engage with it”

No. 1701280

Oh it's worse than that
>it kinda gives the game a really weird vibe if I'm swordfighting at full mast but I can't fucking do anything about it.
He's more fussed about not being able to jerk off.

No. 1701349

Men’s egos are so sensitive I can’t believe they have the audacity to seriously say that them fucking a woman who’s “starfishing” means he’s the one being taken advantage of if the woman he’s actively fucking isn’t into sex. Seriously so pathetic.
And guys do love bpd women for those reasons, they’re easier to manipulate and tend to do more things to impress their partner to seek their validation. Moids literally give each other advice to seek out bpd women for sex, it’s vile. It also doesn’t help that some women will wear the hypersexualized stereotype like a medal saying “haha my bpd makes me so kinky and good at sex I’m the best you’ll ever have.”

No. 1701359

sex nowadays is basically making the woman as uncomfortable as possible and then her ability to enjoy it is how good she is at sex

No. 1701362

>Is the obvious answer to break up and fuck my Gymbros instead the right one?

Yes, because you are clearly a massive fucking faggot.

No. 1701416

the "perfect sex goddess ex" manipulation tactic kek. most moids who actually try anal either hate or understand how messy/gross it is and how long preparation can actually take. Even gay moids who live together almost never have sex because of how much prep it takes. He's likely exaggerating or the ex only talked about it but never put it in action

No. 1701438

Except they don't use that term for unenthusiastic sex, they use it anytime a woman isn't fldoing gymnastics and screams during sex and tries to concentrate to have an orgasm.
Concept of starfishing is so funny to me because what do they want women to do while being penetrated? Put on a performance so they have something to look at while thrusting or wtf?
When women suck a moid's dick or when women ride moids, they also don't do shit, at most grunt once in a while - but we don't have a name to shame them for that. Noo, they are allowed to concentrate on their pleasure.

No. 1701466

Oh I fully shamed them, called them dead fish and made sure they knew how bad they were in bed. I’m so glad I’m a female only bisexual now and forevermore. It sucks that a lot of the time you don’t know which moid is gonna chimp out and try to kill you for insulting his sexual performance tho. Also women need to size shame imo if some guy acts like his dick is big and it’s like 5-6 inches just. Pffffft get out of here. If it’s not 8+, it’s not big. Period.

No. 1701467

We have to look at their disgusting drooling mouths, double chins, and ick looke while they grunt disgustingly yet they want to say women are bad for starfishing. I'm unfortunately straight and will happily take an attractive "star fishing" woman over a fake squeal retard act or drooling disgusting thrusting moid. Moids need self awareness

No. 1701468

Any time a man says there is a "pedo moral panic" or "pedophile hysteria" he needs to get his hard drive checked ASAP. If I ever encountered someone like this I don't know if I'd have the self control to not immediately a-log.
>No past trauma
As if a woman has to be traumatized in order to be allowed to say no. This is really common with predatory scrotes. They make a performative "allowance" for traumatized women, or more specifically, the ones who will disclose their trauma. Because to them they always demand the woman have a proper "excuse" to say no. It's a tactic to further sexually abuse women and them demanding women disclose their trauma makes it apparent that they only want to hear this traumatic story so that they can jerk off to it later. Because to a moid, it is inconceivable that a woman offers him zero source of sexual gratification and he will throw a tantrum if she refuses without offering him something to replace his lost gratification.

No. 1701505

My understanding is that the moids who are actually into it get off on the gross, unsanitary factor. They like things they perceive as "forbidden," which is why comparatively vanilla men have fetishes for nuns and lesbians.

No. 1701508

I’m forever traumatized remembering my first bf sweating over me while having sex for the first time and me just disassociating staring up at the beads of sweat dripping onto my chest. He also later bitched about how I just “lay there” kek maybe if men weren’t vile and rapey they could have an enthusiastic partner. They’ll literally wear you down pestering for sex and then insult you saying it wasn’t good enough because you should’ve faked pleasure so they don’t feel bad about using you.

No. 1701516

Moids like him wouldn't actually like it though. Anal can lead to lots of weird gross accidents quick, a moid like him who expects women to be perfect and clean wouldn't like the actual experience of anal

Although this begs the question, moids can barely take if the vagina has any sort of scent how on earth are they going to be able to handle anal? I remember one of the biggest anal-loving moids I met had a huge ick against mild razor bumps like.. how on earth are you going to literally put your dick where poop comes out of and get mad over razor bumps? Did they only decide to magically understand anatomy if it means causing the woman as much discomfort as possible?

No. 1701525

Wait, sorry anon, I don't get it. You got traumatized because he was sweating? Like you have OCD or something so that disgusted you? Or like him sweating is a sign of a bad thing?

No. 1701528

>Female only bisexual
So… a lesbian?

No. 1701529

Oh oops I didn’t mean to make it sound like the sweating itself was traumatizing. He was abusive and gross, I was disassociating because he constantly manipulated me into sex, I was 13. It just so happens the thing I vividly remember in that moment is his sweat dripping on me.

No. 1701530

Nta but it’s kind of gross.

No. 1701532

They really think that women should always be making porn noises even when they’re doing nothing to pleasure their partner. I know some women enjoy penetration, but the majority of women need clitoral stimulation to really get anywhere. Moids complain about not knowing where the clit even is though. They truly only care about their own pleasure. Sorry bruh but you pistoning and grunting like a pig isn’t sexy in the least. They’re so useless.

No. 1701535

I mean, I guess kek. I am still physically attracted to some men, I just choose not to date or have sex with them anymore, and am in a committed relationship with a woman. Yeah it’s easier to just say I’m a lesbian most of the time tho.

No. 1701548

female only bisexuals are still bisexual, they are attracted to men but just choose not to date them (as opposed no lesbians, who are not attracted to men at all)

No. 1701679

Every time a scrote posts about how great his last GF was, somebody needs to post this:
>If she was so fucking great, why aren't you with her right now?
Because it's either a lie, or he got so tired of her issues that made her tolerate him that he ended it. And I'm not even saying that she was "bad", it could just be that he expected a Type A super successful, super cheerful, super genki party girl to forever date a shabby scrote with a shitty job and $40k a year income.
>And guys do love bpd women for those reasons,
This is why nobody should ever feel sorry for men who complain about "crazy" or mentally ill girlfriends. It didn't come as a surprise. They sought that shit out. They can sense low self esteem, depression, and instability, and they try to predate on that. Some guy is trying to fuck Zoe Quinn at this very moment. I guarantee it.

No. 1701689

File: 1695103963114.jpeg (454.23 KB, 1170x1214, IMG_4868.jpeg)

>There is no stereotypical American

No. 1701691

the no nerve endings past the first inch could be something that some extremely unfortunate people have been taught. my mother said that when she was in med school a long time ago they taught that the cervix has no nerve endings and she was like ??? because obviously if youve ever had penetrative sex/a pap smear you know thats dogshit kek
probably just more evidence of moid infestation either way

No. 1701693

>saying there's no stereotypical American while being the most stereotypical American
From the extreme obliviousness about cultural diversity in other countries down to the obligatory self-deprecating end remark, this is such an American take lmao.

No. 1701724


Moids who boast about their "semen demon" ex doing all kind of degenerate shit in bed probably also got insecure and gave shit to ex for being "too much of a slut and whore". Can't really win with these faggots.

No. 1701761

I’m lmao at the 500 soooper unbothered “lol”s kekkkkk

No. 1701846

No. 1701930

You'd be surprised at how much this "kinky ex" was either made up or 90% talk and no do. I use to talk to moids online for bucks and it is absolutely astounding how many men are willing to shovel out money simply for just telling them I like those things, not actually doing anything then, then complaining about their girlfriend not doing or wanting those things. I straight had a moid complain about how his wife won't cuck him then turn around and give me $500 for simply TELLING him I like to cuck, not even doing it, sending vids or anything else men are so pathetic

No. 1702137

File: 1695155254320.jpeg (66.25 KB, 1116x376, IMG_5027.jpeg)

There's a gazillion porn subs out there, and they still needed one that's just called "woman hot". KEK this cracked me up

No. 1702391

File: 1695183698866.png (58.04 KB, 500x942, redditSANITY.png)

Totally true. Never take anything men say at face value. Related screenshot of reddit sanity from datingover40, regarding bullshit on men's dating profiles. They lie about anything to tear you down and build themselves up. One of mine couldn't commit for years because I was unambitious in my jobs, and he was just about to quit his job and join the air force. It's been years and years, and his ass never joined the air force, while I was openly just playing the shit hand of cards I was dealt. I guess I should have just made up some pure bullshit.

No. 1702424

They literally live in fantasy land. Why is this so common? So many moids have crazy plans to do this or that to generate lots of money but never even take the first step, or if they do they're fucking retarded about it like what happened to all the crypto bros. Are these the moids that are supposed to support us financially while making us broodmares? No wonder so many women are falling for the fat disgusting blue collar workers because at least they can put their money where their mouth is

No. 1702516

I think this is the real reason why so many men fall head first into pure financial scams, while women generally get emotionally blackmailed into product mlm scams. Many/most men are already used to lying to friends and family, and acting delusional about things they know can't really be true. My stupid ex had multiple disqualifying health conditions, and still spent years running his mouth. This is one of those things girls need to be warned about. You can't swing a used tampon without hitting some delusional scrote who's going to join the military/open his own store/buy his own franchise/buy out some other scrote's failing mall business/make an app/go back to school to become a lawyer or doctor or finance bro.

No. 1702620

File: 1695219510145.png (69.54 KB, 513x402, basedleonfag.png)

No. 1702623

I always wonder if these guys who get insecure about comfort characters and fictional husbandos watch porn.

No. 1702624

kek that is hilarious and based of her

No. 1702629

My ex couldn’t handle my Negan crush and wouldn’t let me watch TWD with him lmaooooo he cried about Negan/JDM being my phone Lock Screen too

No. 1702645

the girlfriend needs to convert to husbandoism like some of us nonnies and rid herself of bottom of the barrel scrotes that get insecure over fictional characters kek

on a side note, i wonder if men malding over their girlfriends fictional crushes is pretty common… i used to be friends with someone whose boyfriend would make violent posts on twitter about his gf's favourite male gachashit character

No. 1702650

The fact that hes getting attention from irl women while she obsesses over an imaginary man is tragic but also funny.

No. 1702654

Yeah I dunno if I believe that bit, maybe he made it up, maybe she's the kind who thinks woman want her nigel just because, both are more common scenarios than multiple women hitting on a man.

No. 1702660

The scenario is made up (although I’m sure it does exist with the popularity of Leon.) People dug into the profile and the guy made previous posts pretending to be a girl. Karma bait but I like the premise of moids getting offended at their gf watching Leon edits.

No. 1702663

Since everything on reddit is bullshit anyway, I'll choose to believe he was kinda being truthful this once and while he was pretending to be a girl there, she became a husbandofag

No. 1702668

it's definitely way more common than women seething about fictional waifus, mostly because women know men gushing at fictional women is not even on the top 50 list of horrific things men can do to us kek

No. 1702723

My ex was like this. In the beginning he talked about how he wanted to go to med school but never actually followed through and got stuck working retail. Meanwhile I went on to grad school and find a job in my field. I don’t work in something super lucrative, but damn at least I have enough motivation to finish my goals. I truly don’t get why men are so pointless these days.

No. 1702733

Based Queen. Every single one of these men are pathetic and I bet they have questionable porn on their computers

No. 1702763

Yeah that ex ended up having nasty loli shit on his computer he tricked me into thinking he was normal bc he was a hockey player but then I found out he was a gross weeb with the worst harem taste in anime and who also fetishized the fact that I looked a lot younger than I am. Negan is my husbando forever uwu

No. 1702767

File: 1695233693924.jpeg (74.1 KB, 828x602, D680F82A-4199-46C3-86B5-0869DC…)

>woman hot

Well I mean they’re not wrong

No. 1702847

File: 1695242187793.jpg (179.61 KB, 820x596, caveman online.jpg)

Ugggh! Booba! Big big BOOBA! Yes! Me like! Ohhhohohoho mmmmmmmm yes, WOMAN HOT!

No. 1702928

Same, my ex made a huge song and dance about how we were gonna live in a cottage in the woods or something but never even bothered taking the first step, didn't save money, didn't allow me to work jobs where I made lots of money, would start fights with me during work and act like he was about to dump me so I'd leave work early, would constantly try to talk me out of school and didn't bother even think about doing something that made more money. I don't even think he bothered looking for places to move too. I ghosted his ass and ended up living his dream anyway with a guy that didn't groom me so

No. 1702935

File: 1695250671383.png (2.57 MB, 640x1136, 0949614C-5A38-49A2-8456-DF4A3B…)

Is filled with obviously attractive women. And of course they show their bodies because you hate yourself enough already why not debase yourself a little further while you’re ahead. We are not making it out the patriarchy

No. 1702937

File: 1695250752661.jpeg (449.31 KB, 640x1096, 38F95BB2-0419-4826-99BC-A7C3F5…)

No. 1702939

>goes to him
>can't see Leon anymore
He's talking about him as if he's some guy his girlfriend is cheating on him with.

No. 1702944

File: 1695251314558.jpeg (165.4 KB, 360x613, 43DF1E63-8E51-481E-A2E2-CC0679…)

KEK most of the women on this sub are pretty or at least average but the guys on her are ugly af

No. 1702950

I thought those subs existed to keep ugly men from killing themselves by allowing them to recreationally neg and insult women who wouldn't piss on fire to put them out.

No. 1702962

>she goes to him when she's upset at me because he's fictional and can't cause greater trouble
>she's looking at him for 5 hours a day
I know it's fake but so many moids are like this. It's genuinely baffling how males can recognize that their girlfriends husbando harder when they act like shitty scrotes… but not enough to stop acting like maladaptive moids? Male entitlement needs to be studied I bet you could power a city on one failmale.

No. 1702985

Men nitpick/abuse pretty women around their appearance often more than they do with actual ugly women, it makes no sense

No. 1702995

Ntayrt but ijbol, thanks nonita

No. 1702996

If that only was the truth nonnie

No. 1703011

Wow never say that again

No. 1703018

damn i had to look that one up. glad you're giggly nona

No. 1703036

idk I've been both, if you're ugly, you're invisible, an NPC. You attract moids that don't care about looks or will be more optimistic and look for good features/personality, If you're pretty moids will do everything in their power to bring you down, you attract pessimistic moids that rip apart your every flaw or will do things to try to make you feel unattractive

No. 1703057

Praying for her to discover Chatbots so we can get an update about how she's spending all her time "texting" him kek.

No. 1703070

I have 4 hot friends and they definitely do have it harder. Not like I'm ugly but I have a very specific look and personality that's not super popular with guys, plus I'm a bit of a manhater kek.
These women have normal families and normal upbringing, one is even rich, they have okay careers and are all very beautiful. But I have no idea which swamp they get their boyfriends from because they've all been terrible.

They attract snakey men who pretend to be nice guys but end up possessive and abusive, insecure incels, finance bros who date them because they're pretty but aren't actually into them, pump and dumpers, narcs who try to "put them in their place" with negging, they really had it all.
About 80% of them I can smell coming from a mile away but so far whenever I spoke up the bfs found out, came at me, called me ugly and jealous and tried to push me away from my friends.
Tbh dating as a beautiful woman sucks.

No. 1703075

Literally every single one of the most beautiful women list was cheated on and/or abused

No. 1703077

Yea these rateme posts of beautiful women are just bitter pissy creepy men taking and posting social media photos of women they know or don't know for nefarious/perverted/questionable reasons. Whether they're from school, work, stalking, etc.
Kinda like how the redpill shows have incel men donating $99 just so their insults of the women will be read. These reddit posters get off on it probably.
Rateme started as a genuine rateme and thus truerateme started recently as the new 'genuine' one. Surprised the suspicion of normie beautiful women would care enough to post their own photo (obviously stolen social media) wondering what cesspool reddit scrotes think hasn't been brought up on the sub or reddit overall yet and to get the sub closed

No. 1703333

are you under the impression that conventionally unattractive or even average women on the other hand get non-abusive, faithful, confident scrotes who don't "pump and dump" them? men are like this with all women, they're just less likely to try to get into serious relationships with unattractive women.

No. 1703378

I don’t think she’s saying that all, but there is a particular flavor of abuse that very conventionally beautiful women experience by men who are threatened by it and want her to feel as horrible as possible to make themselves feel important and to keep the woman with them (since she will feel like she has no options). Plenty of ugly and normal-attractive women experience emotional and physical abuse and negging too, but let’s not pretend it isn’t a particular kind of vicious when a narc scrote does it to a 9-10 woman because he thinks her “ego needs taking down a peg”. They really love damaging a confident/beautiful woman’s self image because it makes them feel a certain kind of powerful. Abusive scrotes abuse women across the spectrum tho, and it’s not a contest.

No. 1703483

That's a whole new conversation. I'm average-looking but beautiful women do attract the worst of men for a variety of reasons and get abused way more, they see average or below women as "settle-down material", that's not saying they treat us like princesses or something but they just treat us like normal relationship partners where as with beautiful women they always need to "prove" to her that he can do "better" or how much her beauty doesn't phase him

No. 1703489

I've noticed more and more rateme style subs popping up lately, I keep muting them but there seems to be a new one on the front page every day and it's always an attractive woman's post. Were there always this many or did they all pop up after that drama about the original sub's mods banning people for rating women too high?

No. 1703523

Wow you really want to be offended huh. I didn't say that at all. It's just a fact that pretty women will have more men interested in them, and most of them will be awful. Lots of terrible people specifically go for hot girls because if she says yes it's an ego boost, and treat them terribly in relationships because they're insecure. I obviously know average women get abused too since I'm average and I've been abused.

No. 1703541

ugly and average women are not going to post pictures as often or end up in image-based careers where looks matter and their photos circulate. algorithms like tiktok literally boost prettier people's content, we simply see less average people.
i don't understand why women always end up discussing how beautiful women who are abused in relationships have it worse or their situation is so uniquely bad compared to other women, abuse is about how awful the scrote is and how vulnerable the woman is. disabled women are especially at risk but that never comes up.

No. 1703547

Obviously I won't discuss disabled women because I'm not disabled and don't know anything about it. The topic was hot women, so we're discussing hot women. Your whataboutism doesn't belong here.

No. 1703583

In conclusion: scrotes abuse all women. There is no secret recipe of looks and personality that would make your scrotoid treat you with love and respect until the end. The only way to win the game is not to play.

No. 1703586

It sucks having been ugly af, I still have a goofy ass face I just conceal it with big hair and glasses and makeup. but this one guy used to call me cute and say he liked me and I’d fall for him and sleep with him (I wasn’t even easy, I waited to and thought I could trust them) they called me ugly to other people and said they were using me and that they would NEVER date me actually even though we were sort of like dating as in spending time together and being intimate we just didn’t say we were. (I know I’m dumb for having sex with someone who wasn’t my bf) He would tell me I had sweet eyes and a cute voice or talent and things like that while we were alone but in front of people he acted cold to me and like I was crazy when I flirted or got playful with him. super fucked up I still think about how I actually started liking a man whore who never saw me as anything more than a flesh light with arms and legs and talked about me as if I were some sort of hideous beast.
Pretty women are abused too tho, my friend had her first bf and cheated on him (I know she shouldn’t have) but that scrote told everyone and she got back with him and now he keeps her really close and never lets her out of sight. So miserable, he was sort of like that even before she cheated

No. 1703590

Shit, man, exact same thing happened to me. He'd say sweet things, let me sleep over all the time, be "nice" in private but I was made a fool and then he found a girl who was attractive enough and dated her officially. I don't know how to get over being treated like this to be honest, I still want to throw up when I think about it. Why do they get to do this? Why do ugly women deserve this treatment? It's literally insane. I fucking hate men and hope they all die tbh

No. 1703658

Unfortunately I think this is a universal experience for women. I was sort of an "ugly duckling" when I was younger and this guy who was conventionally attractive used to call me all the time, saying how he was falling for me, complimenting me etc, only to blatantly bully me when we were around other people. I was so confused kek. Between that and being assaulted I've never trusted a moid ever again.
>It's literally insane. I fucking hate men and hope they all die tbh
Based, me too.

No. 1703683

This is it. It doesn’t really matter where you fall on the attractiveness scale because men will always find a reason to hurt you.

No. 1703746

are there any subreddits still alive that support victims of trans ideology? I need resources and support ASAP

No. 1703796

Radfem communities and the hidden board usually have spaces for trans widows or people who lost friends to ideology

No. 1704463

based and true

No. 1704974

Men are just shit. He'll badger the pretty woman into an eating disorder, then dump her for another woman with more money and better family connections. And so on it will go until he runs out of women willing to tolerate his shit.

No. 1707238

File: 1695670948301.jpg (553.47 KB, 1440x2920, Screenshot_20230925_224044_Sam…)

Some moid claiming his girlfriend got bruises while sleeping mysteriously, I suspect he beats her up or has rough sex with her and is doing this for whatever weird fetish he has. But the comments are equally as annoying.

Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Weird/comments/16rjnmi/girlfriend_has_these_bruises_on_her_body/

No. 1707288

there's the transwidows twitter account that has this website https://www.transwidowsvoices.org/useful-resources

No. 1707291

pretty sure it was written by white, most stereotypical burger out here

No. 1707301

wasn't 'the wall' supposed to be 30? it's 25 now? jfc, they're so fucking stupid for using incel lingo and indulging them, how insecure can you be.
no, they don't. i mean, yes, they neg pretty women, but they're fucking awful to ugly women too, no need to turn this into pretty women vs ugly women.

No. 1707329

>they're so fucking stupid for using incel lingo and indulging them, how insecure can you be
Moids are behind 99% of those posts

No. 1707394

Idk how anyone can say men are worse to attractive women. Maybe because those are the ones they begrudgingly choose to date and thus more opportunities to be a piece of shit but they absolutely do tear apart ugly women and treat them like complete shit.

No. 1707400

Because majority of their abuse towards pretty women is behind closed doors. The shit they say to ugly women’s face is the same as when their pretty women ends up having personhood. It’s not different it’s just delayed.

No. 1707419

File: 1695683717114.png (6.15 MB, 3244x1848, ravenearring.png)

Guessing this is a genderspecial TIF:

No. 1707422

a walking red flag
>grrrls against terfs
wtf does this even mean kek

No. 1707439

you know the "badgrrl" who wears these is a 5'2 squeaky voiced nlog irl

No. 1707458

>no uterus no opinion
>anti-terf patches
kek, do they hear themselves?

No. 1707463

I can only guess it's a reference to the Riot Grrl music scene which was famously radfem and lesbian centered or at least most of the women into riot grrl bands/zines were. So basically this person has no fucking idea what music culture they are even trying to identify with, mega tryhard and cringe. Like everything else that was just for women the riot grrrl thing died out once feminism had really stalled out into libfem bullshit in the late 90s

No. 1707465

>down with the curch
KEK more like down with your literacy skills nigga

No. 1707515

File: 1695694392124.png (140.83 KB, 889x813, why do you even work at ikea.p…)

why are they complaining about kids at ikea when it's like 1/3rd children's furniture and there's tons of stuffed animals
>Another thing that really annoyed me was when people would try taking shopping carts or strollers up the ESCALATOR!
I bring the shopping cart up the escalator because it's the easier way so I don't have to walk in a huge circle to the entrance again (this might just be an issue with my location having a shitty set up though)
>not to touch the display
that's literally what they're there for so you can interact with the furniture, I get that redditors hate children but this is so retarded.

No. 1707592

>Riot grrrl is a subcultural movement that combines feminism, punk music, and politics.[5] It is often associated with third-wave feminism
>Also included were queercore groups such as Team Dresch and the Third Sex

No. 1707595

Why are you complaining about this like it isnt a huge liability? You are really defending taking a shopping cart with a baby in it up an escalator? Do you have no respect to anything or anyone around you?

No. 1707605

If people nitpick your appearance more than an average woman, you're unfortunately ugly. I'll never understand why ugly anons will insist people make fun of their looks because they're hot - nope that never happens.

No. 1707621

>You are really defending taking a shopping cart with a baby in it up an escalator?
With a baby no, obviously I'm not.
I'm pretty obviously talking about shopping carts with literally nothing in them.

No. 1707625

That's still just as retarded girl you are a public nuisance. I bet people point and stare at you for acting like a tard.

No. 1707645

>I bet people point and stare at you for acting like a tard.
There's generally like, a bunch of other people bringing their carts up the escalator while they're shopping but okay anon whatever weird projection makes you happy.

No. 1707647

Are people really this stupid

No. 1707651

It's an issue with the store's layout (this is just my location though so this might be a location only where I'm at)
There's no elevators until you get to the food court area which is at the very end of the top floor and there's only carts at the very front of the store (the front room only having an escalator) so a lot of people just bring the cart up the escalator because it's easier than waiting through check out while holding a bunch of stuff.

No. 1707656

most ikea locations only offer carts on the ground floor in the market hall area. the upper floor has those bags to use because most of the items on that floor are large ones in the warehouse.

No. 1707660

The kids thing sounds new to me. Our local ikea specifically puts big toys like pretend kitchens IN displays to have the kids interact with it

No. 1707661

Mine only has bags at the checkout counter…
As mentioned this is probably just an anecdotal thing.
The bigger issue is that ikea furniture sucks and is more likely to crush a kid's skull in, I will never get why people who spend 1000s on anime figures investing in the cheapest possible ikea shelves.
Yeah that's why I don't get OP's post complaining about kids touching the displays.

No. 1707781

>dead men cant cat call
>let men cry
>cant teach boys not to rape? teach us to castrate
>sex work is real work
It’s like she made a list of every twitter leftist slogan she could remember jfc

No. 1707786

you cannot convince me that these people even know why they hate cops

No. 1707789

i think the castration one is based and so are the pro-choice ones, but why would she stick up for prostitution when it's the very same rape she claims to hate?

No. 1707979

File: 1695747405862.jpeg (518.81 KB, 828x1081, IMG_1216.jpeg)

Average Reddit feminist kek time to shame other women into caring about “men’s issues” or else they’re not real feminists because boohoo patriarchy is mean to those poor wittle innocent moids too. I promise there are zero communities of men out there saying feminism is so important and they have to care about women’s issues, they’re jerking off to rape porn instead and this same poster will be calling it kink positive and you’re a prude for judging them. I want to call these types of people dicklickers akin to bootlickers.

No. 1708015

I like how she says prioritizing men's issue issues and derailing the conversation to be about men isn't feminist then proceeds to do exactly that in the next sentence. Handmaidens make me want to a-log kek

No. 1708448

File: 1695803818632.jpg (586.12 KB, 1080x1561, Screenshot_20230927_183605.jpg)

Boohoo. Accusing your wife of faking illnesses but she's clearly too sick to have sex with you.

No. 1708541

Instead of being concerned about his wife's health he's mad he isn't getting laid and is thinking about other women—reddit never fails to make me continually more blackpilled about scrotes. I wish I was able to plaster these kind of posts on every billboard across the globe so as many women see what men are truly like. Moids don't care about you, they just care about getting their dick wet and if you don't put out they won't hesitate to cheat or leave you even if you're ill.

No. 1708623

Shit like this is how you know men aren't "the protectors" or "the providers" in relationships. They see a sick woman and they're over it, they walk away. There's no instinct to nurse or nurture an injured person the way the majority of women and girls feel.

No. 1708629

File: 1695830552557.png (40.22 KB, 648x439, karkam.PNG)

Damn, I regret reading the comments on this thread. This one made me see red. This one's wife is DYING from a brain tumor and he's complaining about it on the internet like the subhuman scrote he is.
If anyone else wants to rage today: https://www.reddit.com/r/DeadBedrooms/comments/16t4hay/does_anyone_else_find_their_partners_bad_health/

No. 1708670

File: 1695833833839.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1151x1785, IMG_7857.jpeg)

buddy you got a tattoo used by wizard nazis… but jkr not liking trannies is awful?

No. 1708671

This is making me seethe, god I want to kill all moids

No. 1708692

The difference between the scrote comments and the women's comments is night and day. Most of the women either are chronically ill and are showing where OP is an unreasonable fuckface, or are commiserating about their moidfolk who purposely let their easily treatable conditions (diabetes, hbp, etc.) get catastrophic. Whereas the moids complain that their wives, -gasp-, have PCOS and their doctors aren't doing anything about it and waaaaaah it's all their wives' faults for not putting out how dare they!! Not an ounce of empathy from the supposed "protector/provider sex".

No. 1708694

this fucker should be put up against the firing wall, imagine how his wife would feel if she saw him whining about how he's getting fed up with her and doesn't find her attractive anymore because she's slowly DYING from a brain tumour.

same with the OP, he goes on in his original post acting like he feels guilty then in the replies you can see he's already justifying his future cheating with "the longer it goes on the more unnatural I think long term monogamy is". god i hate moids so much

No. 1708696

File: 1695836129656.png (23.32 KB, 686x276, noresponsibilityinsight.PNG)

Males are incapable of ever seeing where they contribute to a problem, wow. I surely wouldn't want to have sex with someone who is resentful and entitled, health issues or nah. Praying OP's wife gets away from him.

No. 1708710

>killing people was fine until they started to question my girldick!!!

No. 1708715

According to the second paragraph it's not that the wife doesn't fuck him, just that she doesn't show enough "enthusiasm" for this walking dildo as in fake moaning and pretending his sexpest behavior is turn on enough to overcome her physical pain.

Someone should ask when is the last time he took care of all the household chores, or took her out on a nice date in order to set the mood for a proper fuckfest at the end of the night? My guess is zero and he just expects her to dole out enthusiastic sex at his bequest like a pez dispenser.

No. 1708737

I also bet she's still working full time while being beyond completely exhausted.

No. 1708776

Once the woman dies they'll spend the rest of their life taking it out on every woman or making up bizarre things about her to try to neg the next girl. Men are so destructive, I wouldn't be surprised if the women ended up getting the tumors because of how much stress the moids put on her. I knew multiple women who ended up getting serious health problems after spending years with moids who'd put insane amount of stress on them

No. 1708796

>they'll spend the rest of their life taking it out on every woman or making up bizarre things about her
This is true for every moid with a dead gf. They treat her terribly when she's alive but as soon as she dies he valorizes her to diminish every poor girl suckered into sympathizing with him. They're never content.

No. 1708797

Vile. My ex abuser used to get angry with me for not being “responsive” enough when he would rape me. This is giving the same vibes. I hope in a twist of fate she recovers and he gets seriously ill and she doesn’t help him.

No. 1708833

>be ugly man
>marry woman
>woman doesn't wanna fuck because youre ugly
>think other women will fuck you
>threaten to cheat
>fail to find women to cheat with
>repeat the process
Kek men are so funny. Does he really believe any woman will fuck a 41 year old married man who has a sick wife? He'd have to resort to prostitutes

No. 1708846

File: 1695849342106.jpg (743.16 KB, 1600x900, COVER2.jpg)

I hope he only ever encounters the pro-discourse "it isn't ethical to fuck married men uwu" prostitures, shrivels up, and dies alone and unfucked. Manifesting this for all sex pest moids, and for all sick women to recover and start living their best life again. sage for alog

No. 1709285

File: 1695906407760.png (425.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230928-090318.png)

Saw this and ran over to tell you gyns. A horror story in three parts.

No. 1709287

File: 1695906442766.png (461.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230928-090327.png)

No. 1709295

wait… you can enlarge it permanently with a c-ring? asking for a friend…

No. 1709301

File: 1695907375616.png (309.51 KB, 1080x814, Screenshot_20230928-090422.png)

No. The can only temporarily enlarge a dick by forcing more blood into them.

No. 1709318

He's cheating.

Small, limp dick who is insecure about his size makes up a lie about finding a sex toy on the ground so that his partner would be so shocked and incredulous at the made up details to not further question the possession of the sex toy.

It worked. She's on a male-dominated forum seeking validation as to whether she is the asshole.
She has also believed his lie about how he totally isn't watching porn/cheating during his "bathroom workouts" too. Bet he either has a burner phone or other materials he is fapping with if he isn't beyond used cockrings. Poor lady. 15 years with a degen.

No. 1709539

The only good thing is knowing that after these low end scrotes blow up the relationship they started in HS or college, they have 10% odds or less of trapping any other woman in a LTR. Even if they do find an affair partner ahead of time, they'll blow up the new relationship within a year. Then they'll be mad forever that no other woman will treat them as preferentially as the woman they screwed over.

No. 1709603

How the fuck are men real? If my wife was sick at all, be it with the flu or some sort of autoimmune disorder or with a fucking TUMOR like the second guy’s, I would do everything in my power to make sure she was okay and comfortable, even at my expense to some degree. The fact that they get this upset about SEX of all things is beyond insane. Dear god. Blogpost, but my gf did have a scare last year in which the doctors thought she had a brain tumor (it turned out to be something less scary and manageable), and I was prepared to drop everything to offer my support. I truly cannot grasp the selfishness men possess.

No. 1709604

File: 1695927990048.jpeg (421.74 KB, 1125x1668, IMG_1736.jpeg)

some say that in the middle of the night, a mysterious voice can be heard in this house whispering “adam and eve, not adam and steve”

No. 1709878

This subreddit was cool until it got taken over my libfems and deleted off anything that was remotely transphobic. Not to mention they deleted another chunk of the members by banning everyone who was affiliated with anti COVID vax subs… like seriously? Aren't these supposed to be people who question the government?

No. 1709880

I met my current husband when I had cancer and he literally thought I was going to die so he'd take me on trips, knock off stuff on my bucket list and try to make any of my "remaining" days as enjoyable as possible, the guy I was dating before I got cancer would ignore me for literal weeks and accuse me of cheating because I had to go to treatments or get hospitalized days at a time. The right person can make or break your sickness by a lot, the stress can definitely cause a lot of mess and I wouldn't doubt is the sick women's moids were previously abusive to them

Also - this is more of a supernatural thing but I noticed when a man is cheating on his wife her health rapidly declines, even if she doesn't know about it.

No. 1710131

File: 1695974624677.png (53.19 KB, 1078x291, 19d59d5515613a6f9798912fa12ec3…)

From a thread in /r/AskFeminists about why grown men date teenagers. I just had to see her comment history and of fucking course it's a dark abyss of insecurity and mental illness - she posts primarily in the ADHD and CPTSD subreddit, is nonbinary, "ethically non-monogamous" and neurodivergent, and just seems like an insanely lost, unhappy person with disturbingly low self-esteem. It's really bad, look it up for yourself if you think I'm full of shit. The amount of women on Reddit who are severely mentally ill, insecure, low-functioning and into much older men is staggering.

No. 1710143

What does she have deformed tits or pisses her pants at night or something? I only ever notice girls who purposely go for way older moids tend to have a huge outstanding flaw that makes them not good enough for men their age so they choose low quality men to "make up" for their short comings, same goes for men dating way younger. Weirdly enough older women who go for young men tend to be educated, attractive, and the whole 9 yards

No. 1710196

A male who can't cum from basic PIV is a broken male

No. 1710326

File: 1696001965673.jpeg (148.1 KB, 750x993, IMG_2692.jpeg)

KEK this is what men are hailing as refreshing, good design


No. 1710328

This looks so dark and cramped kek. Men can’t style interiors for shit.

No. 1710331

I can guarantee they only like this for the color and that spastic LED cluster light.
Color swap this with a feminine palette and they would say it's shit and that ofc a woman would clutter the bathroom.

No. 1710334

Love how there's a light for the bathtub alone. This looks like a room to take a nap in with this dim lighting. How are they gonna shave in front of the mirror with that dim light? Way to get razor cuts.

No. 1710411

>when a man is cheating on his wife her health rapidly declines, even if she doesn't know about it.
I think this is real, just because they will treat you like absolutely worthless shit while they cheat, and try to make you prove yourself, while acting like none of what you do matters, and they've got so many more important things to deal with. Getting manipulated severely and insulted every day is going to take a toll eventually.

No. 1710465

File: 1696010742111.jpeg (744.13 KB, 1284x1586, IMG_8911.jpeg)

I hope his fiancée realizes how much better she deserves and leaves. The AlAnon sub is for people who have loved ones who are alcoholics, and most of the comments were rightfully ripping him apart. I understand people can say things they normally wouldn’t say when they’re extremely drunk, but I feel like on some level he probably really thinks these things.

No. 1710486

That’s mortifying, men really fucking resent their wives/gfs so much whether it’s something they’re aware of or not. I get being drunk and mentioning something that’s been a recent issue because you lack filter but all that shit he said is too much on top of acting rough and degrading. I’d never look at him the same.

No. 1710717

File: 1696028651328.png (143.5 KB, 544x600, wahhh wahhh.png)

On a post criticising a based woman for pinpointing the true reasons moids commit suicide.

No. 1710728

File: 1696029358777.png (123.42 KB, 589x652, where the fuck does he live an…)

another one, seems like he lives in a parallel world where all the women are based and not handmaidens kissing moid ass
the things they (we) say is cope most of the time. coping with this shit society, so we in fact are "speaking under the iron glove of patriarchy".

No. 1710743

It's not good design, but I love it. Everything needs to be cluttered with life knick knacks for my home to be happy. He should have picked an overarching theme to tie it together.

No. 1710744

Men think they’re the only ones that are human and will always say they have it hard and we don’t understand because insert literally any feeling or normal life worry here. And of course he throws in the false accusation thing, as if women aren’t at much higher risk of being actually assaulted by a man. But no I guess him being falsely accused would be more of a problem? I’ll laugh in any man’s face who thinks their false accusation concerns are in any way comparable to women’s concerns of being raped or killed. Fucking whiny losers trying so hard to be victims because some women refuse to deal with their misogynistic dehumanizing bullshit. They’re worse than ever with the manosphere incel cults and porn becoming worse and more prevalent but still think our hatred of them is unfair.

No. 1710779

>women routinely say they want a guy who is sensitive and not afraid to show his emotions
>men shit on each other for being weak, get uncomfortable when someone cries
"Men can't show emotions because of YOU, women!"

No. 1710840

Pretty much all of these problems can be applied to women too, with some slight changes. Men truly have no empathy and are unable to understand that other people go through the same issues. Or maybe they're just narcs, idk.

No. 1710887

Won't anybody think of the poor men who try to corner women in secluded places to shoot their shot? What a world.

No. 1711005

if only no one cared about men's feelings we would live in a better world with less entitled men

No. 1711022

I hope he kill himself.

No. 1711033

I like it. my taste is tacky though.

No. 1711048

File: 1696044538092.jpg (Spoiler Image,326.04 KB, 1080x906, Screenshot_20230929-232223_Chr…)

Gotta love preddit!

No. 1711050

but antitroon subreddits are banned

No. 1711072

Remember Nonnies, cis only female spaces on reddit are only allowed if the focus is one degradation, humilation, and or pornography otherwise it's not allowed. I hate reddit so goddamn much.

No. 1711076

wonder how long a misandry/matriarchy paradise would last

No. 1711078

someone should make one to test

No. 1711172

imagine AGPs going to these "cis women only" "misogyny kink" subreddits to cry about being boohoo excluded because they "are women so [we] want to be degraded like women too!!"
it would work but only it's the male gaze "femdom" bastardization type

No. 1711176

I'm terrified for his fiancee. My heart aches anytime women get special moments stolen by abusive men in their life. Typically when you get drunk with someone you love it can be a fun experience and your partner will spill out how much they love you, this moid just turns it into an insult fest for every woman he's with, he probably begs for sex too while pretending to hate it

No. 1711177

every "sensitive" guy I met had their DMs full of women who allowed him to use them as emotional punching bags and begged for deep conversations. My most recent ex follows people like shoe0nhead who parrots those things but I vividly remember multiple nights of him flipping shit for no reason and then when I tried to have a deep conversation with him he'd just ghost me. One night I even blew him up and put out a hunt in his city because he suicide baited me then "fell asleep". Biggest attention whores alive I swear

No. 1711198

Absolutely hilarious when they're so self centered they don't realize most of this applies to women as well. Nobody gives a shit about female problems, when southern states banned abortion nobody but other women rose up to defend our rights. Women are still second class citizens and all our problems are just hysterics and attention seeking. Doctors don't take us or our pain seriously so we develop severe illnesses that could've been taken care of in its early stages. The only time we're allowed leading positions is in a glass cliff situation where the organization is already going under so that they can blame us for being incompetent dames. We still statistically earn less than men and couldn't buy a house on our own, ever. A date could end up in us being raped and/or murdered and we need to allow location sharing for our friends to track if we get home safely at night. The only reason women get custody is because men don't want it and almost all cases are settled outside of court. This little bitch wouldn't last a day as a woman.

No. 1711284

File: 1696075601427.jpeg (217.13 KB, 828x1025, IMG_1737.jpeg)

I’m dying

No. 1711291

ugh and the whole "male loneliness epidemic" boohooooo. Up until recently and only in industrialized countries, being a woman fucking sucked. Women were 2nd class citizens and property. The only escape was joining a nunnery. Now for the first time in history, men aren't entitled to women nor guaranteed a wife like grandpa and beyond. And fuck, these poor losers can't handle the lost entitlement and female independence, so now we're having an "epidemic" of single men boohoo.
I don't believe this losers 'therapists don't care about us' line. From what I've seen, most men just simply refuse to go to therapy despite society supporting it. They cause their own problems.
And if they're so lonely and having a collective epidemic, why can't they support each other and prioritize male friendships? Or can they not do emotional labor for their male friends or reach out more? But then cry no one cares??? They're causing their own looped problems, but think a wife and sex will fix it.

No. 1711422

Did he try…not hiring escorts?

No. 1711451

They could literally never survive as women. They’d kill themselves the first day.

No. 1711465

He doesn't even know what state he's in lol

No. 1711472

All this boils down to is adult men crying and stomping their feet because they don’t get what they want. It’s entitlement pure and simple. They can see that more women are waking up to their bullshit behavior and manipulations.

No. 1711480

honestly I wonder if a bunch of posters pretended to be trannies and complained in and reported those types of subreddits if they would at least have to drop their no tranny rules, then ofc the next step would be to spam all of them with tranny shit to ruin the subs

No. 1711548

File: 1696099777421.jpg (289.54 KB, 826x1191, Screenshot.jpg)

I don't think I can even make fun of this. This is legitimate mental illness. This entire subreddit (of about 10'000 people) is comprised of men and women who live in a shared delusion together, its actually really messed up.
these posts in particular seemed unreal to me.

No. 1711578

File: 1696103036368.jpg (8.63 KB, 176x286, reallyfat.jpg)

Wow, you can really find prime reddit bullshit in all the comments. I'm sympathetic for people who are actually medically compromised, but most of the people there are like this. (Her "long covid" was just congestive heart failure all along.) I know a woman in a similar situation IRL, obsessive and fuming about reeeethuglicans not masking, but gained well over 100lbs during quarantine.

No. 1711595

File: 1696104844580.jpg (685.85 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230930-151011_Red…)

Just browsed through there. I'm biased because I always was against forced COVID safety measures and never got vaccinated because I didn't give a shit about it, but holy shit. This is just pure stupidity. I'm in my early 20s myself and can't imagine throwing my precious youth away hiding from a largely imaginary fear, while all my friends party and live life. I dont feel bad for these people, they're morons who drink the kool-aid and never came back up for air

No. 1711614

>yet we are still expected to provide for our partners
I cannot believe they use this excuse when 1. two earner households are the majority and 2. when the wife does stay home, it's because "well your salary is lower anyway and you're better with kids!" so the fuck are they talking about?

No. 1711687

Not a bad idea actually

No. 1711774


Are these people just hypochondriacs or do they think not giving a shit about covid in 2023 makes you an "anti-science trumptard" or something?

No. 1711796

I’m someone who got vaxxed and always masked for the first year, but I’ve always hated how Redditors act about Covid. Just like with anything else they use it as some kind of moral high ground and some of them take it too far and convinced themselves that they live in fear for the greater good. Also funny because I’ve been doing literally everything as soon as things opened, in a high population city, and never got Covid. They’re just miserable by choice.

No. 1711913

i have a special hate for fear mongerers who want restrictions forever, they remind me of the most unhinged old white people who think any temp below 71 makes you sick. At least those people did it out of concern though, these idiots are just narcs who like being better than everyone else and cant succeed in ways that require effort like education or accomplishments but just pretend being as scared of the cold as possible makes them good people and everyone else sucks

No. 1711929

File: 1696144890001.png (70.03 KB, 778x790, CAPTURE.png)

I don't know about narcissism. These people seem genuinely mentally ill and appear to be suffering from some pre-existing issue, manifested as COVID fear. They seem utterly miserable and genuinely wish they weren't like this.

No. 1711934

>wasn't 'the wall' supposed to be 30? it's 25 now?
Bit older post, but you have to remember even 12-17 year old boys contribute to "redpill" discussions online now. When you are 15 and trying to understand the world, even a 24 year old feels like you just met Methuselah. They listen to all these balding podcast moids talking about the evil "old" women.

No. 1711936

media brain rot is real, there were probably hundreds of contagious diseases they were spreading but since it wasn't the most fear mongered one it doesn't matter

No. 1711939

Just like >>1711172 said, any "male degradation" type of community is swiftly taken over and dominated by men, ironically. Femdom shit is full of men harassing any woman that might post in DMs, centering male pleasure as femdom, where their female "dom" is as much of a prop that has to do what they want as in any other porn scenario. The softer, less sex-centered forms of femdom are also just about ""praise kinks"" for men, ie. being a fucking energy vampire on women.

No. 1711950

This reminds me to wish any man who has ever been a part of jailbait/degraded holes/etc type subs a slow and miserable departure from this mortal coil

No. 1711976

moids cant tell age for shit, when a girl doesn't like their sexualization towards young girls they immediately start spazzing out claiming she's a bitter old lady even though she is like freshly 18, on the other hand they'll support and listen to old women if they support young girls being sexualized

No. 1712025

They're are so many just like this. I truly hate men and the women that engage with this shit.

No. 1712249

TIL about the nicegirls sub. Men are not people.

No. 1712292

File: 1696184514120.jpg (67.88 KB, 646x190, irony.jpg)

I think it's a mix of both, + people with actual real health concerns. In one of those links, there's somebody virtue signaling about Captain Marvel and one of those new Star Wars films. Nobody actually liked those movies except franchise cultists and people from twitter and tumblr who would drink strychnine if Donald Trump told them not to. And there's also the tumblr disability Olympics culture stuff, pic related. The phrase "predisabled" is especially obnoxious. It's batshit you aren't even allowed to say that things like HIV and diabetes are bad anymore.

No. 1712299

Lord give me the strength not to a-log.

No. 1712306

IKR? It's even worse than neurotypical, cis, and demisexual combined.

No. 1712335

I've been reading posts for a bit and it's just wild. It's also very good at proving the horseshoe theory. They'll claim they're more educated, that they're the real smart ones that get it, that only they understand the real danger, unlike literally everyone else. It is straight up just the other end of the covid was a hoax crowd. The biggest difference is that at least these people are only hurting themselves and not making any threads, but it's clearly just a different flavor of mental illness.

No. 1712743

I can't find the post right now but when i find it i'll screenshot it (it was one of the most upvoted posts last year on some mens rights sub but I can't remember which one) but it was some post screeching about how Anita Sarkeesian and Laci Green are "rotten, post wall feminist hags" and the top comment mentioned that Karen Straughan and JustPearlyThings are "examples of sensible evergreen women who gracefully evaded the wall" because "feminism prematurely strips women's glow away" or something like that

No. 1712787

File: 1696198964609.png (21.98 KB, 319x200, Screenshot 2023-10-01 at 6.20.…)

I hate moids and their porn subs. Today I learned that these exist:

No. 1712788

File: 1696198994975.png (23.93 KB, 319x211, Screenshot 2023-10-01 at 6.21.…)

No. 1712789

File: 1696199047779.png (25.81 KB, 319x204, Screenshot 2023-10-01 at 6.21.…)

3, the rules:

No. 1712797

i wish we had a place to make gayops like this i want to destroy every single moid reddit sub

No. 1712801

cant you make a rule where you ban sissy/malegaze femdom shit though? kinda tempted to make a reddit account only to make a matriarchyparadise sub and try to get more women into non-male gaze femdom

No. 1712883

every time I try to view reddit on my phone in the browser and it's something that's tagged as NSFW it says I either have to log in or download the app. is there any way to bypass this?

No. 1712898

use old.reddit.com instead of www.reddit.com

No. 1712941

Hope they meant predisposed

No. 1713007

I think it’s just a typo, probably meant ‘pre-diabetic’.

No. 1713055

99% of their attraction is just if a woman agrees with them or not kek. "visual creatures" my ass

No. 1713083

File: 1696215043410.jpg (51.6 KB, 619x281, chess.jpg)

Chess moids

No. 1713087

That has to be a sex doll right?

No. 1713100

autistic males be like

No. 1713152

I'm not sure if I'm so far removed from self victimhood mentally but I see little point even raising the flag when subs like this exist in the first place. "tricked" yet the women agree to being degraded. You just can't be a victim of this unless you didn't consent to it in the first place. This isn't one of the various rape subs that propagate Reddit, this is an idiotic concept of males being aroused from women being retarded and degrading themselves consensually then a male gawking at it, coping by calling the consensual humiliation "tricked" to create a power struggle/imbalance where there already is. Women consenting to their own humiliation is just not possible to fight anymore and I'm sick of voicing this. The truth is this would stop if the women that do this would stop consenting to it. This subreddit wouldn't exist if women stopped this behavior. You can't stop rape but you can stop women consenting to idiocy.

To clarify I'm not talking about actual assault, I'm not an unhinged victim blamer and have been banned for voicing my opinions; no amount of socialization will fix male rape biology. All I am saying is women don't have to be partnered with rapists in the first place. Male violence will always persist regardless of what women do to augment their behavior and women will never truly be safe but at the very least womens self degradation could stop. I don't see the point of being enraged from this subreddit other than it being pathetic and sad for the males and females involved. It is mask off embarrassing roleplaying and an example of heteropatriarchal attraction between men and women. This retardation should be studied by future scientists and laughed at.

I read this post and automatically assumed it was in response to the "TrickedIntoIt" larp seeing as it should be renamed to "consenting woman chooses to have sex but sex with moids is degrading and makes you a worthless object therefore we have to pretend that she has to be "tricked into it".

No. 1713155

what? The women aren't claiming they're victims or anything.

this brings up another point though - there are plenty of masochistic women they could humiliate or of they want a cheap hook up they could do that on tinder or something, why do they only ever seem to want to do this to women who don't want that?

No. 1713318

Because imagining a scenario where a woman actually desires them is impossible. They want to self insert, but they're ugly self-centered rejects, so they develop these disgusting cope fetishes.

No. 1713494

File: 1696255508524.jpeg (240.75 KB, 469x647, 1740883C-E90B-4082-AB3F-C3784D…)


YALL there is a fucking troon in the comments saying he looks decades younger than he is and he’s fat and in r/big boob problems along with a bunch of women like this anon mentioned, delulu..

No. 1713498

File: 1696255868068.jpeg (273.13 KB, 368x730, 3416206D-0B4B-4DC3-8EE1-59CCF3…)

He posted on r/bigboobproblems that he might get implants even though he’s already naturally gifted KEK

No. 1713500

That retard talks about being in your 30’s or 40’s in a way that makes it seem like everyone just gets wrinkly like a pug the moment they just blow the birthday candles.
Sure, being obsessed with looking young is retarded, but being surprised or even annoyed by those who takes care of themselves and therefore manage to not look like shit in their 30’s or 40’s (which are young ages btw) is also retarded.

No. 1713506

Nona, it clearly is.

No. 1713516

I agree with you, I think it’s an issue on both sides of it. It’s stupid for people to think that the moment you turn 30 you’re going to become a wrinkled raisin, and plenty of people do actually still look 20-something for a while when they’re in their thirties. It’s not a novelty, some people just have really good genetics or do a good job taking care of themselves. It’s also stupid though for people to hang onto youth like it’s the most important quality a person can have when aging is one of the most human things you do. I wish it was seen as more positive to age instead of being mid-thirties and claiming to look 21, and I’m saying this as a 35 year old who has been through the bad thought processes. Taking care of yourself is a good thing, but I think when people cling too hard to youth, they’re only going to be more devastated and deluded the older they get. I saw it with my mom for a long time until she hit about 50, and before then it was just sad in addition to sending a shit message to me when I was growing up. I remember her acting like it was the end of the world when she hit 30. It’s beyond stupid.

No. 1713518

File: 1696257262952.png (Spoiler Image,926.69 KB, 640x1136, 12E97E99-A2D1-46D5-9172-F597A9…)

Yeah I agree with her but she sounds dumb, she bought all these women out who totally look younger than they are including >>1713498 this he beast who looks like a nightmare and posted his moobs that don’t even stick out past his belly and is a part of big boob problems.

No. 1713583

This picture made me laugh out loud. The delusion is off the charts. The men on r/TransBreastTimelines make all the cows like Momokun or Shayna look like goddesses next to them.

No. 1714043

Well I'll give him the fact he acts like every fat girl at least

No. 1716044

File: 1696460202440.png (63.56 KB, 797x250, Screenshot 2023-10-04 235612.p…)

I can only imagine how salty the comments are. Wish this came from anyone that isn't a Tory

No. 1716186

File: 1696469110997.jpeg (438.23 KB, 1125x1917, IMG_1743.jpeg)

seasons change, people come and go, but you can always count on one constant: dudes getting butthurt that everything isn’t all about them always

No. 1716194

>jokes about short fingernails become isolating after awhile.
>"normal lesbian experience" involves different parts
jfc clean and trim your fucking claws timothy

No. 1716324

File: 1696474902089.jpeg (362.88 KB, 1022x3234, 347F8E31-FA5A-482D-A6B9-AB56AF…)

no female hands wrote a single one of these posts

No. 1716333

What a fucking subreddit. I never thought I'd see the day that "femcel" becomes the cool new youth aesthetic.

No. 1716349

the sub itself is full of "transfemcels" (actual incels), the real "femcel" women are on r/redscarepod being horrid pickmes/handmaidens

No. 1716388

i hate how incels is ''i hate all women i want to kill them because they dont want to suck my cock'' meanwhile femcel is ''tehehe i want a moid to kill me and make me their cocksleeves arent i so ugly i hate moids but i want their cocks tehehe and i hate women too''. They arent femcels they are just pickmes and in this case trannies. We will never ever get a true misandrist uprising, which is sad.

No. 1716461

These reads like those fake Dear Prudence questions "Daniel" Lavery used to answer.

No. 1716738

I used to get these type of comments and realized it's because I dressed juvenile. Since I changed my wardrobe to more professional items than jeans+jumper I don't get them anymore. It sucks being seen as younger imo, people don't respect you especially at work

No. 1716748

God, I hate this troon so much and he posts all the time on bigboobproblems, probably thinking it is biggutproblems, because the last thing he has are big boobs

No. 1717662

File: 1696575927026.jpg (Spoiler Image,167.34 KB, 1170x1577, RDT_20231006_02163561087983985…)

New r/gooncaves collection just dropped and you aren't ready for it I promise

No. 1717663

File: 1696575963647.jpg (Spoiler Image,157.6 KB, 1170x870, RDT_20231006_02162766695132898…)

No. 1717669

it should be legal to shoot these retards

No. 1717683

This is why mem are built for labor and service. They short circuit their brains when left to their own devices. They NEED someone forcing them to at least act normal. Without women, men would happily shit the bed every night and jack off all day.

No. 1717690

When you give them too much free time they spend all of it debasing women fucking lol

No. 1717701

Wtf are those breasts. Dude would probably lose his boner at anatomically correct boobs

No. 1717715

This is the physical manifestation of erectile dysfunction and mental/emotional retardation. You just know the inhabitant of this shithole and his brethren rage on reddit all day about male loneliness and feminism ruining the west kek

No. 1717788

The vulvas of everything in this picrel look like swollen ballsacks. The "breasts" look like painful abscesses. Is it even heterosexual if the body parts of sad simulacra of women are so heavily horrific and malformed that they look like appendages? lel. I always knew I was more heterosexual than actual male moids for women, this is living proof.

No. 1717806

I used to think that they had at least a bit of humanity of them, but nowadays I see that wars are only useful in the part that useless moids die, sorry if alog, but it is the truth

No. 1717810

His posts and comments are all about porn, and porn degrading women (them licking filthy things, bondage,rape, "deepthroating" until they puke and violence), so you are not far off from it nona

No. 1717972

File: 1696611928599.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1668x1447, IMG_7405.jpeg)

Haven’t read all the threads and this is a few years old so apologies if it’s been posted before but this is my favorite blatantly fake AITA story. Over 20k upvotes…

No. 1717985

Imagine going through 9 months of hell and ripping your vagina open, only for your child to become this. I think I'd do a honor killing.

No. 1717991

Based, I've been starting to feel the same. Seeing what moids do and say online is making me sympathize less and less with them to the point where they barely seem human or sentient

No. 1718011

lmfao the cow theme is killing me

No. 1718079

Kek at the proportions too, especially the one on the left which looks more "sleep paralysis demon" than "woman"

No. 1718112

Judging by the old fashioned furniture you can imagine this being his parents' house, vomit

No. 1718209

I immediately thought of the gay Paul blart man in the redscare adjacent thread (jack?) and the selfies he always takes in his grandma's spare room

No. 1718254

File: 1696633827482.jpeg (213.73 KB, 817x781, IMG_1745.jpeg)

you can never win with troons

No. 1718426

I used to think that it was cruel that low class men were conscripted into the military or commercial maritime service, or sent off to do manual labor on the other side of the world. Now I realize that old timey men knew exactly what other men are, and men with no prospects have to be removed from society somehow.
This is how I always feel about shitty anime art where the breasts look like a nutsack. Men don't even know what women look like.

No. 1718687

Did he have a stroke trying to type up that second paragraph lmao

No. 1719121

File: 1696722504301.jpeg (337.98 KB, 750x1294, IMG_4253.jpeg)

Some Reddit mod retardation for you all…
> calling women “females” is dehumanizing but calling women “birthing persons” is not
Are all the mods of this sub male? This makes zero sense.

No. 1719122

The two genders: cis men and people

No. 1719126

"birthing person" is objectification and a slur. scrotes are lower than pigs.

No. 1719146

File: 1696724096692.webm (Spoiler Image,6.6 MB, 480x270, 1676265936684(1).webm)

>"the term 'birthing person' is not offensive
I'm not even gonna rant about how stupid the term "birthing person" is, what caught my eye the most is the reoccurring sense of control that TRAs want to have over any and everyone. These faggots will unironically try to dictate what is and what's not offensive TO YOU. It's not enough for them to use all these redundant, pointless terms to describe the world around them; they actually want your brain to nod and agree with everything they think and say. It's not enough to say "trans rights", they want you to defend tranny rapists, defend loading "trans" children up with chemicals before they're even allowed to drive, and agree with giving trannies your body to "prove" that you're not "sexually transphobic". Reposting this because I forgot to spoiler this eye-opening video.

No. 1719407

its so fucking weird we have to walk on eggshells so we don't make troons feel uncomfortable with trying to be female or masculine but its somehow perfectly fine to strip actual women of their femininity and turn us into science experiments instead of people

No. 1719411

birthing person reduces women to the ability of birthing. I would prefer pregnant person or expecting person, but those aren't dehumanizing enough I suppose.

No. 1719414

>pregnant person
>expecting person
>birthing person
Women. The term is "women". Women are the only humans that can become pregnant and give birth. Call them women.

No. 1719421

how about we call them women and women with mental illneses

No. 1719422

how come they can't stop hogging the accessibility stalls just for their sick fetish?

No. 1719425

The fact that they take advantage of the stalls for disabled people just to engage their perversion while actual disabled people are probably outside and waiting for the only stall to be opened is a realization that only adds to the fact that trannies are unbelievably selfish, and just such a waste of air.

No. 1719446

men are selfish? color me surprised.

No. 1719450

Good point.

No. 1719466

>its so fucking weird we have to walk on eggshells so we don't make troons feel uncomfortable with trying to be female or masculine but its somehow perfectly fine to strip actual women of their femininity and turn us into science experiments instead of people
You're delusional to think it's only men in drag who see women as science experiments. To be only seen as a science experiment would be better than reality as it is. Women are subhuman in mens eyes. And the worst part is most women put up with this treatment, outright ignore it or actively contribute to it. "Birthing person" is always how men have seen women throughout history and will likely never change. Women have fought to be seen as birthing people too idiotically, affixing birthing people to the identity of womanhood and "femininity" it's not fair to woman who want to be free of this. Most women become "birthing people", almost all het ones therefore there's a reason it sticks. Though birthing and gestating is a exclusively female trait(men know this) it doesn't make someone "feminine" or a woman to have birthed as you say. Some of the anons here seem to have a strong consensus on hating trannies and biological male nature when it comes to troons but suddenly this clarity evaporates with other males. Trannies are the exception that they can safely hate. I've seen views here that are repulsively backwards just like a troon male, and fetishism of male violent male nature. This is just my opinion but I'm tired of seeing women say one thing then do the other, not seeing this behavior is universal in all males. It's disgusting to see males do this, but not surprising. Arguing birthing is somehow apart of being a woman is just sick.

"Pregnant person" is the same as birthing person. "Expecting" is a euphemism for a pregnancy that is planned to prevent public shame primarily, historically. Those are all equally as "dehumanizing" and strip away agency kek, they're all related to gestation at different stages and with social sensibilities taken into account. No one controls a pregnancy; it's a byproduct of being female not the be all end all.

This has logic behind it but it's underpinned by cruel male logic. Women are the only humans that can gestate and give birth but that doesn't mean people capable of it should be called "women". It sets a fucked up expectation, horrific. I'm always repulsed when arguments of what make a woman boil down to breeding, the ability to breed with males, the ability to birth. Seeing these arguments made by women here about troons where they end up arguing the exact same logic the troons make in the first place; that a "woman" boils down to its birthing capacity.

No. 1719482

not all women can give birth or want to. you're also reducing women to the ability of birthing if you want to use the term "women" for people who are pregnant. it sets an expectation all women should birth eventually. just say "pregnant women" if you want to call them women.

No. 1719491

so dense, tranny logic isnt saying ''women can get pregnant'' tranny logic is trying to imply the expection to the rule is anything but an exception. infertile women dont magically turn into men when they find out they can't have children.

No. 1719619

right kek. how tf is calling a mother or a pregnant woman women set any kind of expectation to anyone? yes, not every woman can or wants to give birth. that does not mean they are not women, and it does not mean that mothers are not women. and saying "men can and never will be able to give birth or be pregnant, because only women are capable of that" doesn't either. god I hate troon logic so much.

No. 1719733

If you feel pressured to get pregnant because someone calls a pregnant women "pregnant woman" instead of "birthing person" you should seek psychological help and leave normal people alone and stop policing people's language.

No. 1719776

You didn't say women can get pregnant you said pregnant people are women. You said women are the only humans capable of becoming pregnant, your obviously not wrong biologically but it sets a pretty clear precedent. Making arguments based on essentialism is always going to end up fucked up, it's the same basis where racist arguments end up, it's the same logic that underpins eugenics.

>tranny logic is trying to imply the expection to the rule is anything but an exception.

I think you mean the exception? Or expectation, your grammar is dogshit but I'm guessing both but most likely the exception is the rule, which is exactly what you're arguing in the inverse. The expectation being women are all expected to become pregnant at some point in their lives and that exceptions (sane women, lesbians and infertile women) don't disprove this rule. In which case you're fucking stupid. 90% of women could be jumping off mountaintops but that doesn't make it a smart decision. You're uncritically thinking of tranny arguments where intersex conditions are used to justify muddied concepts of biological sex as the exception to a sex binary, when they are rare anomalies but this is a incompatible comparison to gestating and pregnancy because women have literal freewill and societal influences, women can be assaulted outside of their control, and some are lesbian. The majority of women gestating and birthing is not laudable in my opinion and is irrelevant. The exception is a personal decision, and your stupidity of only thinking the exception is biologically limiting(infertile women) is legitimately fucked in the head.

>infertile women dont magically turn into men when they find out they can't have children.

So now you've just made the same argument as the tranny still predicated on gestation and birth as a limiting factor of what decides a woman. You are sick. I've really had enough of this shit, the only thing you'll rally around is shitting on trannies. You won't acknowledge the root of societies problems, you won't acknowledge your own twisted essentialist bullshit of what makes a woman. You absolutely are married to the idea of women birthing shit and won't give it up just like a womb envy tranny. A woman is a biological female that's it, you don't need to conflate pregnancy and gestating like a breeding obsessed retard to acknowledge women as a class of people, as human beings. Just because trannies are using the disgusting argument doesn't mean you should too but switch it around. It's enough to say women are adult biological females.

Gaslighting retardation. You are arguing the exact same shit as trannys, that woo-woo "pregnancy makes a woman" and behaving as if we all live in a vacuum seperate from societies expectations, this doesn't bolster your argument. You know that it is expected of all women and that it is a fairly normal response to a fucked up societal expectation. Some women are assaulted and some will never become pregnant not because of 'muh fertility' but because we refuse to as we are lesbian. You are allowed to have your opinion but ironically you're policing others opinions by complaining about and dismissing theirs, and theirs is informed by societies expectations. Stop gas lighting other women. I'm nta but some of you will stop at nothing to throw other women under the bus until they conform to masochistic societal expectations, pathetic.

Fucking idiots, all of you. "women are birthing people". "women are pregnant people", "expecting". Women are biological females who are adults -that's all. Stop with the obsession with breeding and classing women like they're Pokemon based on their fertility and personal decisions or lack thereof in their own lives. Your retarded projecting and gas lighting doesn't make a good case so I'll continue to think of women as such in an impartial way, without making assumptions of their personal lives and bodies until they say as much and give me reason to.

No. 1719796

File: 1696788272358.jpg (22.4 KB, 316x335, Applejudge.jpg)

Holy shit, you're really trying to make it more than what it is. A woman is an adult human female. An adult human with a female reproductive system, including hormones, organs, chromosomes, and other aspects of the anatomy snd physiology that I'm probably missing. What is the point in using words to insinuate that the ability to become pregnant and give birth is something any human can do, when that's not true? Only women AKA adult female humans can get pregnant. "People" implies that any human can get pregnant, when that's not really accurate. Saying that the only people who can get pregnant are women is not boiling every woman's worth down to only their ability to give birth to more humans, it's just naming a fucking fact. I'm a woman, and I've never felt pressured to become pregnant in all my fucking life just because I have the ability to. I just know that becoming pregnant is another feature of my body that only I and other adult females possess. Honestly, this "expectation" youre making a strawman about feels more like a you-problem. Calling female humans "women" honestly feels more humanizing than shit like "birthing person", because "birthing person" actually uses the wordplay to make an even bigger implication that a female's only value is to give birth. In which case, why are you triggered at the word "women" than a much more insulting term like "birthing person"? "Birthing" is in the fucking name, kid. And just because you don't want women to feel like giving birth is their only value in life (which I agree), that doesn't mean you have to pretend that women aren't the only ones who have this ability by using overcompensative wordplay. You took "only women can get pregnant" and got "all women should get pregnant" out of it. You honestly sound like a tranny trying to get TERFs into a "gotcha", an enby trying to make "their" gender issues lolcow's problem, or even a male trying to start shit by deliberately distorting and conflating the definition of what makes a woman, and the complexity of a woman's value. Either way, I think Tumblr is calling you to ask when you're gonna be back.

No. 1719802

No it fucking doesn’t.

No. 1719816

The autism is off the charts here. Not all women can or want to get pregnant, but only women can become pregnant. Women ARE the only people who are capable of it. What are you even saying? What other humans can become pregnant???

No. 1719888

Nta but what the FUCK are you talking about. When I read the post you replied too it wasnt remotely close to your reply. At all.

No. 1719945

>muh biological essentialism
Tranny or themlet detected

No. 1719955

>This has logic behind it but it's underpinned by cruel male logic. Women are the only humans that can gestate and give birth but that doesn't mean people capable of it should be called "women". It sets a fucked up expectation, horrific.
??? Do you have tokophobia or something? If you are capable of getting pregnant, you are a woman. Incidentally, lots of women can't, but only women can.

Word salad garbage. You can't argue reality away.

No. 1719968

i agree, "pregnant women" is the best if you want to refer to women who are pregnant only and not reduce all women to their potential of dying because of vaginal tearing.

No. 1720121

they hated this nonna because she was right. men view women as objects. all men. and they always have.
this 'adult human female' stuff is having me in consternation that somehow i agree with rad left on some things (pro choice) and then they throw me under the bus on others and i have to look to the rad right (there are only two genders and tims are male). there's not a single decent political party.
nah i've been pressured like hell to get preg and it's disgusting, creepy, and outright betrayal every time someone starts on that shit.

No. 1720138

>they hated this nonna because she was right. men view women as objects. all men. and they always have.
so what will implying you don't have to be a woman to be pregnant do to stop this? it doesn't reminid men women are people, and that's not the point. it's just tranny shit. in fact, by separating "women" from "people", you are reinforcing womanhood as something somehow alienated from personhood. enough.

No. 1720161

go calm down. i didn't even mention that and that was my first post for days. pregnancy is gross anyway. only women can get ovarian cancer but somehow no one drones on and on about that all day. why is this weird shit somehow always at the front of every discussion.

No. 1720259

NTA but telling someone to call down isn’t a counter argument. Your entire thing seems rooted in your own emotions about this and not in the actual conversation at hand anon. Maybe you should go calm down.
Exactly. Women are people. There’s no reason to separate it. Stuff like this always comes off so immature.

No. 1720294

your personal feelings on pregnancy are truly not important to this. "people who can get ovarian cancer" for hthe deliberate omission of "women" would still be wrong. you sound underage with this nonsense.

No. 1720318

lol you tried posting the same comment twice and somehow your spelling was worse in the second. nah this is a dumb discussion and you're mad about nothing, women aren't defined by pregnancy and 'birthing person' is a barfy term. if you hear 'woman' and immediately think about pregnancy you're mentally ill.

No. 1720347

>when you lose the argument so you start sperging about spelling
are you a newfag? people post/delete things to add extra thoughts all the time. no one thinks women are "defined" by pregnancy but misogynists (which you might be, to get this heated over women being called women). please grow up instead of accusing everyone else of being mad, the enby pregnancy fear shit is tired past 14.

No. 1720563

you don't have to be a gendie to realise that pregnancy is extremely damaging and body horror-tier

No. 1720570

so don't get pregnant? doesn't mean pregnant women aren't women lol

No. 1720575

no one argued they aren't women

No. 1720583

you have to be a woman to get pregnant. you can't be a man and get pregnant. anyone pregnant and human is a woman. really that simple

No. 1720589

reading comprehension, please. everyone itt agrees only women can get pregnant. the problem arises when you reduce women to their ability to breed.

No. 1720595

>the problem arises when you reduce women to their ability to breed.
link to one person in this thread who has done this besides you.

No. 1720606

>>1719414 & >>1719421
naming them with only the word "women" sets up an expectation for all women to breed. if you don't want that, you should ideally refer to pregnant women as that - "pregnant women" and not just "women"

No. 1720615

in a medical context, "pregnant woman" was already used before troon terms took over. neither of those people are saying pregnant women should only be called "women", with the fact that they are pregnant omitted. they're saying they are women, and them being women shouldn't be omitted in any context. it seems like you didn't get what anyone was saying, and just went off on a tangent.
also, neither of those posters said women are only women because they can give birth, or that they're expected to do so.

No. 1720672

Nona you started a fight over your own misunderstanding. The context is the term "pregnant people"… anons are saying to call them pregnant women instead of pregnant people. They just didn't add the word pregnant infront of the word woman, but with context you know that's what they're talking about.

No. 1720679

File: 1696838212664.jpg (25.43 KB, 302x307, tumblr_e953c520b8f0663c4ab3aa8…)

Pregnant women are women. Women are the only people who can get pregnant and give birth. Not all women are pregnant, but all "pregnant people" and "birthing persons" are women, so just call them women instead of making up dumb shit like "pregnant people" and "birthing person". It's not political, it is a scientific fact. That was my entire and only point, but you kept missing it for the longest because you're conflating women's ability to get pregnant with the implications of the average woman's personal worth. This debate is the biggest strawman I have ever seen in my entire life.(avatarfagging)

No. 1720705

I never argued "people" should supplant the use of woman. Bizarre.

>I'm a woman, and I've never felt pressured to become pregnant in all my fucking life just because I have the ability to.

That's good for you but in my life and in most of the real world women are pressured to, in fact the majority do. You can share your own experience but you cannot gas light others that it isn't the universal expectation. I never argued in favor of "birthing person", in fact I explicitly said that its retarded along with "expecting" which another anon argued should be used. Once again, I'd chalk this up to your low reading comprehension or gas lighting retardation.

>catty that's a you problem

What the hell is happening to this site lol. Female socialization is a trip.
>I think Tumblr is calling you to ask when you're gonna be back.
I've never used tumblr in my life, this is a bit outdated though, I hear its dead now.

catty meangirl olympics

>so what will implying you don't have to be a woman to be pregnant do to stop this?
I didn't say nor imply this at all, in the first line of my post I explicitly agree. I need a detox off this site trying to paint those you disagree with a tranny and other tryhard meangirl shit, none of this discussion is valuable. You just want to shit on trannies.
>You said women are the only humans capable of becoming pregnant, your obviously not wrong biologically but it sets a pretty clear precedent.

You morons ARE arguing biological essentialism, how does knowing what biological essentialism is and how it is used to justify racism on the basis of "racial intelligence" any different from arguing womans personal decisions conflated with their biology. Fucking idiots. You all just want to seethe and hate trannys so i'll do a catty one-liner like the cartoon for children personality fag and say go to ovarit to complain about trannys, this site is supposed to be for discussion outside of trannies sometimes.

>Incidentally, lots of women can't, but only women can.
Lesbians can you moron, but we will not. You still aren't seeing not breeding as a personal choice as an option. It must be malfunctional/can't for you to even consider. Sick. I understand women have the reproductive apparatus to breed but I don't want my identity to be conflated with women breeding, fuck off.

I never argued to separate woman from personhood, moronic.

>no one thinks women are "defined" by pregnancy
>>1719955 anon does
>If you are capable of getting pregnant, you are a woman. Incidentally, lots of women can't, but only women can.

>link to one person in this thread who has done this besides you.
Ill do you one better and link the anon that accidently predicates being a woman on the inability or ability to be pregnant which is exactly what I was arguing was fucked up. >>1719955.

>Pregnant women are women. Women are the only people who can get pregnant and give birth. Not all women are pregnant, but all "pregnant people" and "birthing persons" are women
And no one disagrees with this lukewarm basic take retard catty personality-fag. Your obvious summary of biology isn't what was being argued ITT. People here arguing pregnancy is synonymous with women is. I'm glad you personally don't feel pressured to breed but society doesn't exist in a vacuum separate from all women, and you certainly don't speak for me. I expect to be reprimanded for typing a post longer than 20 characters.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1720812

kek are you the same redditor who's been sperging in the tranny threads? you stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 1720856

She also has apparently missed all the lesbians using IVF to have children. Sounds like she’s mad at her community too. The straw man projection is off the charts.

No. 1720928

You either have a very poor sense of reading comprehension, are very mentally ill, or are just trolling for attention at this point. Imagine making this much shit up in your own head and accusing others of thinking it.

No. 1720988

I don't know if this has been discussed before but it makes me really sad that the r/abrathatfits sub is so open to men. They talk big about cracking down on creepers but the moment he claims that he wants to wear a bra (even if he admits it's for a fetish) or is trans, they welcome him because "eVeRyoNE wHo wANts a bRa dEsERveS oNE" and actually boost him more than a woman because it's breaking gender norms or whatever. They had genuinely life-changing advice about bra-fitting but I feel gross recommending it to others because of this attitude, it's beyond just accepting well-behaved men but actually ass patting them.
I think they started a private no-men-allowed group once but allowed non-binary, which means any guy can still claim that (or trans) and get in, so what's the point.
Some examples:

This is sort of a tangential rant but my native language is one where there wasn't a female pronoun until like the last century, and now for people there is a pronoun for males + ambiguous people/mixed groups, and a female one. Recently I heard of a movement where people are trying to get rid of the female one to "bring back genderlessness and be inclusive to intersex and nonbinary!" even though it's just erasing women and acting like we're unspeakable or unnoteworthy all over again. The reason why there wasn't a female one for so long is because women's experience wasn't valued.

No. 1721010

It's probably Ritard ("my head belongs on a male body"/the fat TiF pickme).

No. 1721029

Exactly, nonna. This is the shit that pisses me off the most. It's the same problem in the vaginismus sub. Perverts will follow and mods don't do anything if they claim to be nonbinary or something. Libfems don't realize as long as they allow people to freely identify as whatever they want this problem will always exist.

No. 1721040

Against my better judgement I asked if I was overreacting to a situation with my husband.
Tldr hub didnt want to go to a show with me due to cost, but a month later his friend who likes said show more than me asked hubs if he wants to go and hubs agreed to go with him.
Shitty yeah but I'm over it now.

2/3 are convinced husband is in a homosexual love affair with his friend because of this. Many have said there are no other explanations for it.
I knew it was a meme for reddit to say that sort of shit but fuck me, talk about a leap to conclusions.

So many people told me to divorce him, that its a pattern of behavior (one instance is a pattern apparently) and there is no way hes not sleeping with the friend.
I could not imagine some impressionable person going there to ask advice and getting convinced to completely obliterate an otherwise fine relationship because these cretins got into their head.
It has to be active trolling right? Are people truly that fucking bitter?

No. 1721042

your husband values his friends more than you. unfortunately a very common thing with scrotes.

No. 1721047

I think with friends it’s because they have an easier time leaving and a wife you assume won’t when you’re a moid.

No. 1721055

I agree that he values his friend more this time, but he treats me as a priority literally every other time.
His justification was that he was on the fence and didnt want to spend the money because he wasnt sure, but since the friend watches all the podcasts/shows with the person in it he wants to go.
Also he hasnt hung out with that friend for a few months so hes using it as a time to hang out also.
I was pretty upset though cause I wanted to see it too.

No. 1721060

His explanations aren’t excuses. He still didn’t value your feelings, but valued his friends. He weighed the pros and cons and your feelings didn’t outweigh his thoughts on money but his friends did. I think your upset was justified in the moment, but Redditors aren’t helpful. They’re that toxic friend that just defaults to telling you he’s cheating and to break up instead of listening.

No. 1721066

If you dig into the kind of person who actively posts that kind of stuff, they're usually miserable and messy with their personal lives and project their experiences on others, jumping to wild conclusions. A lot of them also like to feel like they're heroes for giving someone a wakeup call that so and so in their lives in a narcissist that needs to be cut out but 99% of the time they're either responding to bait or a total nothingburger.
I think what your husband did was insensitive but like, it doesn't have to mean anything if it's just a one off thing. It just seems like something he didn't think too hard about. Honestly most of these reddit posts can be solved with just "talk to each other and tell them how you feel instead of tinfoiling about some conspiracy"

No. 1721166

File: 1696879742249.jpeg (532.78 KB, 828x1338, IMG_0446.jpeg)

Yasss tell me I look like an unidentified decedent soooo cool

No. 1721200

>I never argued "people" should supplant the use of woman. Bizarre
>That's good for you but in my life and in most of the real world women are pressured to, in fact the majority do.
So you and other women feel pressured into giving into society's standards. That doesn't change the fact that pregnant women are women to, and should be addressed as such instead of "birthing person", so I'm not sure why you're bringing your issues onto pregnant women and how they're addressed.
>You can share your own experience but you cannot gas light others that it isn't the universal expectation.
You need to take your own advice kek
> I never argued in favor of "birthing person", in fact I explicitly said that its retarded along with "expecting" which another anon argued should be used. Once again, I'd chalk this up to your low reading comprehension or gas lighting retardation.
Then why are you so mad at pregnant women just being called "women"? Your insult of me being a retard is clearly projection so I'm not even offended kek.
>What the hell is happening to this site lol. Female socialization is a trip
Oh, you're mad.
>I've never used tumblr in my life, this is a bit outdated though, I hear its dead now.
? okay.
>catty meangirl olympics
I mean, when you've started an enormous strawman just because you're mad at pregnant women being called "women" because you constantly take it upon yourself to be triggered, can you blame anons for getting tired of your bullshit?
>I didn't say nor imply this at all, in the first line of my post I explicitly agree. I need a detox off this site trying to paint those you disagree with a tranny and other tryhard meangirl shit, none of this discussion is valuable. You just want to shit on trannies.
>You morons ARE arguing biological essentialism, how does knowing what biological essentialism is and how it is used to justify racism on the basis of "racial intelligence" any different from arguing womans personal decisions conflated with their biology. Fucking idiots. You all just want to seethe and hate trannys so i'll do a catty one-liner like the cartoon for children personality fag and say go to ovarit to complain about trannys, this site is supposed to be for discussion outside of trannies sometimes.
Hm, biological essentialism? Huh? What? A woman is an adult female human, and one of her biological abilities is to become pregnant. It is what it is. Not sure how that's offensive.
>Lesbians can you moron, but we will not. You still aren't seeing not breeding as a personal choice as an option. It must be malfunctional/can't for you to even consider. Sick. I understand women have the reproductive apparatus to breed but I don't want my identity to be conflated with women breeding, fuck off.
Ooooh so you're mad at pregnant women being called women because you think you're better than them. Kids or not, all women are women. You are not better than ANYONE. You're certainly not smarter than anyone in this thread.
>I never argued to separate woman from personhood, moronic.
You sure seem to be seethy at pregnant women though. Again, one of a woman's biological abilities is to become pregnant. Only women can become pregnant. That's not their sole purpose in life, but if you're trying to address people specifically by their ability to give birth, just call them "women". That was my only point, so I'm not sure why you got so fucking mad just because you hate women who have kids kek.
>Ill do you one better and link the anon that accidently predicates being a woman on the inability or ability to be pregnant which is exactly what I was arguing was fucked up.
Women who are unable to get pregnant are women. Women who can get pregnant are women. Not all women can get pregnant or are pregnant, but all pregnant "people" are women.
>And no one disagrees with this lukewarm basic take retard catty personality-fag.
Then why are you so mad and still arguing with me? Your blood pressure is rising, kiddo.
>People here arguing pregnancy is synonymous with women is
To an extent, it is. There is no point in "birthing persons" or "pregnant women". Just call them women or mothers.
>I'm glad you personally don't feel pressured to breed but society doesn't exist in a vacuum separate from all women, and you certainly don't speak for me.
You don't speak for pregnant women who are just as deserving of being addressed as women as any other woman.
>I expect to be reprimanded for typing a post longer than 20 characters.
Go lay down lol.

No. 1721233

Personally I always lean toward "dump him" because people in healthy relationships can just talk to their partner and get a satisfactory resolution to the problem. It's unreasonable to expect good advice from strangers about specific interpersonal problems anyway.

No. 1721240

What the fuck

No. 1721277

Congratulations on still playing the exact mind and word games that helped trannies take over women's everything. You are the weakest link.

No. 1722537

Butthurt reddit admins are trying to censor Israel's humiliation lmao
Women getting dismembered by narco cartels are perfectly fine according to reddit admins but no gory hamas footage is allowed

No. 1722544

What's the point in letting them in a vaginismus sub? Men have the ability to wear bras but this is such a female-specific issue that men literally can't participate, what would they even say?

No. 1722550

So you’re advocating for …Jewish women getting dismembered by terrorists? A noble cause. I can tell you’re a true redditor. LET THE MOIDS SEE WOMEN GETTING TORTURED goddamn it! They need something to break up the coom-doom-scrolling! The gory narco dismemberment videos are getting ols!

No. 1722556

Does anyone have a list of women hate subreddits that should be reported? A friend doesn't believe that reddit allows misogynistic subreddits if they're about women. They also believe r/femaledatingstrategy is a man hate sub so maybe this is a lost cause…

No. 1722557

off the top of my head, there are countless porn subs for shit like "misogyny fetish", "degrading holes" and lesbian conversion but some people are retarded enough to be like "UhM no actually its totally fine and sex positive #wholesome if its just a kink!11" and how those subs are always "real women only" meanwhile every time women try to make a sub only for them it always gets raided by males and/or banned

No. 1722578

You can find lists of them on r/banfemalehatesubs

No. 1722593

…or what about none of that should be allowed? A lot of women are sick of women’s rapes, murders, and desecrated corpses being used for scrote masturbation material. I don’t care what country they lived in or which group did it, women don’t deserve it. Fortunately some people are starting to realize how sick the videos are beyond “propaganda” and whatever else you want to believe. So if we could see past the politics of this never-ending shit show for like two seconds, feminists could try and use the public’s sympathy for Israeli women to shoehorn our own interest—taking down footage of women’s rapes/murders and pictures of their corpses and advocating for the evacuation of female and child refugees. No woman/child deserves to be immortalized on film in this way, it’s just fucking sick.

No. 1722682

File: 1696998787311.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 3024x4032, RDT_20231011_00272262953708443…)

New gooncaves monstrosity just dropped

No. 1722693

That’s some serial killer shit.

No. 1722698

Male sexuality is a dehumanizing curse. Imagine all the years of grooming little girls have to go through to fit in with modern society, and this is who we're preparing them for. Utterly bleak.

No. 1722699

LMAO I know this is awful but the fact he doodles on it to make her seem like a trashy girl's tattoos but they all look like fucking worms and clouds is sending me

No. 1722700

What level of coomer do you have to be to even think about doing something like this.

No. 1722707

r/antipornography and r/pornismisogyny are ones that are actually women dominated and well moderated, so no scrotes or trannies trying to shift it towards degeneracy like they usually do to others yet thankfully.

No. 1722708

the drawn on tears… die die die die please god kill this man NOWWW

No. 1722734

This guy is going to rape and/or kill a woman at some point

No. 1722758

kek the drawn pubic hair

No. 1722769

You can not tell me this creature isn't gonna kill someone one day

No. 1722780

File: 1697010224069.jpg (48.97 KB, 1035x621, typical moid take on infants.j…)

Someone reposted this and was surprised when I pointed out how scrote tier this post is.

No. 1722782

it's not a moid take to find babies ugly, they are ugly and uncomfortable looking they look like doctor zoidberg without his shell

No. 1722785

Ok scrote(hi scrote)

No. 1722795

Definitely a scrote take. Someone could dislike dogs, does that mean everyone should stop posting their cute dogs? No.
And he could have said how you shouldn't post your babies on Reddit out of all places and it's much better to reserve the photos for a photo album or a private instagram account shared with relatives if you want photos of your child online, but he had to compare the infant to ET.

No. 1722796

Why does a woman have to find babies cute?

No. 1722799

Humanity is fucking doomed when people worship and fawn over hideous defective inbred dogs like pugs and pitbulls while treating a perfectly normal baby like something that slithered out of a vat in Hiroshima.

No. 1722800

There's a big difference between 'I don't find babies cute' and 'NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR SNOTTY ALIEN FUTURE DISAPPOINTMENT'

No. 1722802

They'll unironically defend bully xls but then snark about how childfree they are and how everyone else should be too. Weird world out here huh.

No. 1722805

They don’t have to find them cute, but expecting everyone to hide them from the world while they parade their slobbering mutts constantly is hypocritical and bizarre. I do agree babies don’t belong in r/aww only because of how many pedos are on Reddit. Nobody has to find them cute but finding them absolutely disgusting and calling them future disappointment (big fat projection there kek) is psychotic.

No. 1722808

what if i hate both ugly dogs and babies? both are slobbering smelly messes, cats are the only cute things

No. 1722810

The anon up thread got called a scrote for saying she thought they were ugly.

No. 1722812

>they are ugly and uncomfortable looking they look like doctor zoidberg without his shell
Yeah this sounds like how a scrote on reddit would talk.

No. 1722813

are we being invaded by mumsnet? babies are hideous and annoying and they will definetly hate you once they are old enough

No. 1722815

File: 1697011356334.jpeg (199.97 KB, 1399x762, IMG_3313.jpeg)

When people post pictures of their bullies, staffies or pibbles, this is what I see. Especially when there’s a kid or another animal in the pic with it. That’s how disgusting I think they are. Still I don’t go on to Reddit and gatekeep people posting them because I’m not the CEO of what’s cute and what’s not.

No. 1722817

File: 1697011400039.jpeg (176.66 KB, 1113x720, IMG_3312.jpeg)

>he’s smiling!!!’

No. 1722818

Why? How should a woman talk?

No. 1722820

Kek my fucking sides
It is pretty ironic though that they deeply hate babies which are way more likely to kill themselves than anyone else but act like pibbles are the second coming of Christ as they rip their legs off.

No. 1722823

More projection. You grew into a miserable hate filled creature because your parents never loved you and you project that on to the rest of humanity to cope. You need to have a selectively bred domesticated creature that’s bred to be totally subservient in order to validate that you’re indeed lovable, but that thing only “loves” you because you feed it and because it does not know a world outside of you. Nobody wants you to have kids, don’t worry. Emotionally defective people should never have kids.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1722824

i didnt know only men were allowed to dislike babies. they are fucking ugly to anyone that hasnt had the misfortune of getting pregnant with one. my cousin keeps showing me her ultrasounds and i genuinely could not care less, i find them ugly as fuck and no amount of gaslighting will make me see babies as anything but ugly smelly potatoes.
kek kids are literally that too but they have free will so they aren't forced to love you and even if you love them unconditionally they wont love you back. enjoy your future offspring killing you to steal your credit card and but the skibidi toilet skin on fortnite.

No. 1722826

But anon babies cry! Babies aren’t fully grown adults straight out of the womb and need to be nurtured and protected! That’s disgusting! How am I supposed to have muh scary dog privilege to brag about on tiktok!!!

No. 1722834

You remind me of this girl I used to work with who used to screech all day about how she hated babies and dogs were better, then she got bitten by someone’s French bulldog after trying to pet it and she cried hahaha. It was so funny.

No. 1722836

>muh women are nurturing and protecting and all love babies
God this place can be really regressive sometimes.

No. 1722837

i dont like dogs actually, i only like cats. but aight if it makes you feel better someone got hurt for having a different opinion than yours go ahead.

No. 1722838

20+ years ago they would all be screeching about how women are only happy when they have children and a husband and making cat lady jokes alongside their scrotes who are definetly not cheating on them with a younger woman with no post-partum weight gain.

No. 1722842

Forreal. I'm not even defending the original reddit post, but the anons who got accused of being men for not liking babies.

No. 1722843

More women should be able to call babies fucking hideous without being pronounced a scrote. Like okay we are awful miserable unloved fucks yada yada,but "scrote" is just unfair dude.

No. 1722844

I think all of you need to take a break.

No. 1722851

Sounds like a moid or someone coping with infertility by trying to overreact with how bad babies akshullyy are. A woman who dislikes children would simply ignore the posts, only moids would jump through hoops and expect entire subreddits to cater to their own opinions

No. 1722867

wish there was a custom image filter to hide these hellspawns from the internet. like there are already word replacer extensions, you could theoretically do the same with pictures and replace any instance of unwanted imagery with imagery you find good.

No. 1722896

They got called a moid because of their determination to make everyone agree with them and demand the subreddit remove all baby pics specifically from them. If women don't like something they don't think much of it or ignore it

No. 1722915

plenty of tryhard childfree women type like that too.
i swear to god people on here keep pushing increasingly regressive shit about what men and women are supposed to do/say.

No. 1722947

tinfoil but it seems like there's one anon moid who always spergs the fuck out when called out for scroteposting
a normal anon would sit down and shut up, and understand the paranoia due to near-constant male raids and discord sowing, not go full "so women can't say shit huh? huh? what about me is male? huh?" every single time

No. 1722964

>women should shut up and be quiet when they are accussed of being scrotes for not liking something they have been pushed all their lives to like
sounding pretty scroteish yourself

No. 1722966

You said yourself it's paranoia, why should we put up with getting called scrotes for increasingly ridiculous things? It's not really okay to dictate how women "should" behave or how women should express themselves just because you're paranoid.
>a normal anon would sit down and shut up
I'm not even going to comment on this part.

No. 1722968

NTA but again it's not about forcing women to like children it's just sperging out over other people liking them and demanding the internet to cater to your interests

No. 1722970

if you're going to samefag on a site as slow as lolcow I'd advise you to wait a little between posts

No. 1722971

And again, women in this thread were accused of being men for thinking babies were ugly, nothing else. And the original reddit post, whatever else you want to say about it, was in a rant in the unpopular opinions subreddit and wasn't demanding anyone in the aww subreddit to do anything.

No. 1722972

I'm >>1722968
Not even close to a samefag. Don't you know how to tell typing styles or something?

No. 1722974

No? The post claiming they're a moid was pretty vague on what exactly made her a moid. That was just my personal opinion on why the reddit poster was a moid

No. 1722997

you're really proving my point jfc. this isn't just about just this instance it's just incredibly annoying to be told that random assorted bullshit like being into history or not liking astrology or typing a certain way is for males only. as >>1722966 said it's pushing regressive expectations of how women should behave. it's gender bullshit.
of course anons react strongly against being called moids because some of us are feminists fighting specifically against these stereotypes.

No. 1723041

The drawn on tears and x on their genitalia the crumpled pictures, the sloppy unhinged handwriting, it gives me a very sinister vibe, more than the average pornsick degenerate scrote, they usually high neon set ups like in some other photos, but I would 100% believe that one is Ted Bundy's room if you told me

No. 1723064

It is fucking r/aww who gives a shit if you don't like someone's baby scroll past. Idk if its scrote tier but its definitely reddit tier "Dae get thrown into a rage when they see a pictuee of a child" No mf you've got issues

No. 1723067

Why don’t you all go together? Why are people especially moids so retarded about hanging out with their friends’ SO? I really don’t care and never feel like a 3rd wheel unless they start shagging or fighting in front of me which rarely happens.

No. 1723071

it's literal dennis reynolds shit
just proves that guys who become this level of coomer all have serial killer tendencies

No. 1723092

Don't you have a containment thread? Randomly mouth foaming about dogs is as scrotal as the baby sperg.

No. 1723152

You're being called a scrote for sperging about hating babies, not for hating babies. Lots of women don't like babies, so we just ignore them because (unlike scrotes) we don't feel entitled to a totally baby-free internet experience. You have to actually be retarded to think your expectations here are reasonable.

No. 1723157

Point out one anon in the thread that was “demanding a baby-free internet existence”.

No. 1723199

File: 1697036900459.jpeg (144.89 KB, 970x545, IMG_3322.jpeg)

>don’t you have a containment thread? You’re hurting my beautiful pibbles fee fees! Only a scrote would find this beautiful soul hideous!