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File: 1565038016956.jpeg (121.09 KB, 749x735, FC6DE8BC-28FE-4805-852A-796BBF…)

No. 849255

Pocketsizee and Pwurring on Instagram, Pwurrs on Twitter, Strawpurries on Tumblr. Erin/“Bella” as she asks everyone to call her is an 18 year old age regressor who has convinced herself and her hoard of followers that she is a smol uwu soft bwaby who’s scawed of evewything despite being incredibly manipulative and vicious behind closed doors.

Old/past milk:

>Had a sizeable spam, @kittygjrl, where she posted her nudes underage and sperged constantly about her (fake) eating disorder, allegedly was raped and posted about it whilst/right after it happened and allegedly now has ptsd

Current milk:

>Skinwalks every agere/“nymphet” girl, mostly @usedpet and @babydarkoangel. Threatens suicide on her ig story if anyone calls her out.

>Ridiculous photoshop (as you can see in thread pic), again has a “panic attack”/suicide baits if anyone calls her out on it

>Claims to partake in non-sexual agere and claims to be anxious about sex/doesn’t want any ddlg accounts to interact with her but posts her nudes and socials on ddlg dating sites and Reddit

>Self esteem is so low she can only talk to men on Discord (plays ffxvi every second of every day as her “escape” instead of school or getting a job), dates any neckbeard discord “daddy” to show her an ounce of attention, plans to move in with them after a couple of weeks of dating and is surprised when they end up breaking up with her/pushing her into uncomfortable sexual situations. Has a new discord “boyfriend” every few weeks.

>Adopted a husky puppy despite followers telling her she wouldn’t be able to handle having them (since she never goes outside), had to return it after a few days.
(post her in the Dollanganger Calves thread unless you can prove she warrants her own thread)

No. 849257

File: 1565038203786.jpeg (191.85 KB, 750x769, C7050D28-C876-45D7-9F4D-867C7A…)


Guess I’ll kick this thread off, imagine being 18 years old and a few hundred likes and retweets gives you “anxiety”

No. 849260

Is that really her in the top of the thread pic? That looks nothing like the delicate baby doll nymph look she's trying to go for on her instagram

No. 849265


That’s her photoshopped into oblivion yeah… nobody knows what she really looks like because she facetunes to fuck and chalks her inconsistent features up to doing different makeup styles. She goes through different phases every 5 seconds and the thread pic (and pic attached) are from her “baddie” phase (cringe)

No. 849266

File: 1565038658365.jpeg (127.66 KB, 750x727, 6F79D4A4-2BF8-4F0C-A918-1E0FF0…)


Forgot to attach pic sorry

No. 849302

She seems a dime a dozen instagram thot. Get some real milk or consider this thread shit tier.

No. 849348

These are pics of three completely different people. Bottom left on OP has an upward pointed nose. None of the facial structure matches up and I see no proof that these even claim to be the same person other than your testimony.

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