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No. 10312

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.

>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.

No. 10314

Idk if this goes more in the technical complaint thread, but it's really hard to post here from Tor. Do you have a problem with people being idiots on Tor, or is there another reason Tor users are routinely blocked from posting? If so, why? I understand a need to cull spam but some of us really prefer to have more privacy about posting/browsing here and it lets us be more candid.

No. 10316


So WK's and responding to the bait are cool now?

No. 10317

just a suggestion, since we've separated /snow/ and /w/ should we have separate "personal cow" threads for both boards? i'd like a personal cow thread for /w/ related cows.

No. 10318

Tor posting isn't banned.
WKs aren't banned unless they're derailing, like really derailing. Otherwise they are a source of entertainment. Taking bait is always banned.
That is fine, although I think /w/ sort of already has personal weeb/cosplay threads.

No. 10319


The artist salt thread is full of trans/terf talk since yesterday and it's annoying af.

No. 10320

the mods hate trannies too shut up and fuck off

No. 10321

Hoping that a cow kills themselves is not a-logging?

No. 10322

I agree, the autistic tranny posting in that thread and derailing needs to get their hurt ass banned.

No. 10323

It is, just report it.

No. 10325


There's been a lot of WK bait-taking in the Vicky and Luna threads in the last 24 hours.

No. 10327

I don't care if someone hates or loves something. Just bring it to the right thread and stop derailling.

No. 10328

NTA, but I get a "Your IP address is listed in tor.dsnbl.sectoor.de." pop-up when I try to post from Tor. It finally worked after repeated attempts, then I just now tried to post a screencap and got a "You have been banned" pop-up and the site went mirrored for me.
I didn't break any rules, and the post was made like 4 minutes before, so I feel like it was an autoban.

No. 10329

I know this isn't quite a complaint, but thanks for red texting that stupid fucking 'nonnie'.

I have no idea what faggoty site that is from, or if it's a cow-related meme I never caught onto, but I get a little triggered every time I see someone use it on here.

No. 10330

Why are so many anons misusing the spoiler?

No. 10331

plz permaban anons who infight with shitty 1 word insult replies like scrote/handmaiden/terf. buttblasted anons who can't add to the discussion don't need to get their 2 cents in.

No. 10332

>entering the complaint thread to demand permabans for anons who were mean to you
Most embarrassing behavior.

No. 10333

nono, you misunderstand. if they want to add to the conversation and use those words, by all means. but simply replying with "gtfo terf" should be grounds for a big ban. people who do that have nothing to say.

No. 10334

Huh, I've been able to tor post before in the past but I'll be able to implement tor support into the new engine. It also has better ipv6 support.
Just report posts like that so we can actually look into the whole scope of the encounter.

No. 10335

I'm noticing this too, and not just joke use of it (which is fine imo) but just spoilering everyday shit for the hell of it, spoilering tweets and stuff.

No. 10336


Putting images images behind spoilers unnecessarily makes finding them later a huge PITA; you can't quickly scroll through the thread looking.

It also prevents them from being indexed by Google.

No. 10337


Currently happening in the Dumbass Shit thread.

No. 10339

they were spoiling actual movie spoilers

No. 10341


I wasn't talking about spoilers.

No. 10344

obvious male invasion in /ot/ i've been reporting but just giving a general heads up.

No. 10345

There's a massive lolicon spam going on in multiple /ot/ threads from angry scrotes. I'm reporting it as I see it (sorry if there are any duplicate reports).

No. 10346

Between this and the huge influx of WKs, is it possible that we need more farmhands again?

No. 10347

Sorry about that, many in the moderation team were busy yesterday.

No. 10355

What’s going on with the mods lately? You all are red texting & banning completely fine and properly saged posts nowadays for “Autism”.
People are just trying to provide content or discussion (the way it should be on an image board in my opinion) and you just ban them over fucking nothing.

No. 10356

seriously this. someone got banned on moo's thread for joke lyrics, cause it mentioned her weight?

how about don't hire on autist mods next time.

No. 10357

Huh, which board(s) have you seen this? /pt/?

No. 10358

Posts solely about moo's weight have been no contribution bans since the start of the year.
Sageing isn't an excuse to break the rules. That goes for shay dog/cat derailment too.

No. 10361

Could you consider putting the Venus Angelic thread back on autosage?

Ever since it’s been removed it’s 90% cancerous infighting, bumping with stupid irrelevant shit, WKing, reposting of old pictures and nitpicking. Plus, there’s barely anything interesting happening with her nowadays anyway.

No. 10362

are you autistic? posting about moos weight is for nitpicks, not jokes. a joke isn't a nitpick.

No. 10363

yeah mod, I was the first anon to post about this and I had the same experience as >>10328. I actually got both the banned and the blocklist messages just in the past few hours. I got blocked literally like a minute or two after making a saged post that was within the rules and it happens to me all the time. I think you have a blocklist (DNSBL) set up that autoblocks/bans Tor nodes. https://mxtoolbox.com/problem/blacklist/SECTOOR-EXITNODES
These links may be a bit old but might be useful, I'm not sure who on the team set this up but you should probably take this blocklist off and either only block ones known for abuse or ban/block on a case by case basis.

No. 10364

Also, it seems like sometimes it happens and others it doesn't. I didn't set up a new circuit since I got that message afaik and now I'm posting without issues.

No. 10365

Agreed. She is just doing the “I am a lesbian” routine every other month or so and then everyone takes a turn in arguing if she looks her age/old. Rinse & repeat, worse than back when Taylor R was a thing

No. 10366

I got banned for derailing about lipo in the Moo thread but I saged and Moo is actually getting three procedures of lipo today so how was it derailing? Are we not allowed to talk about her getting lipo?

No. 10367

The only post that’s red texted for derailing is the autistic one about her name.
You sure you were banned for a lipo post?

No. 10369

File: 1560890160138.jpg (116.65 KB, 957x584, 2019-06-18_14-44-56.jpg)

Yep. I was only asking because Moo would have already been messing up her surgery if a liquid diet was required because she wasn't sticking to it yesterday. If it was nitpicking then sure I'd understand, but it doesn't mention that.

No. 10370

25 minute ban like nigga make yourself some spaghetti

No. 10371

>Ask a question that has nothing to do with Moo
>Get banned for 25 mins without red text
>"Wtf are we not allowed to talk about Moo getting lipo at all anymore???"
honk honk

No. 10372

Get over yourself, I'm not upset about the limit.. I just wanted to know why I was since I didn't see a farmhand say no lipo talk, a question ain't gonna kill anyone.

No. 10373

Probably because Google

No. 10374

I'll admit that it's something I could have googled. It would have been better if it mentioned that, cause if it was simply the lipo talk then they would have to ban 80% of the anons there cause it's been the main topic for days.

No. 10375

you need to be explicitly told the comment wasn't about moo but rather a googleable question about lipo prep? really anon?
>it's the principle of a 25 min ban!

No. 10376

Can we get rid of the Itsybitsychu/Theresa Eng thread? It's infested with males and absolute cancer.

No. 10377

agree. every time it gets bumped its obvious the thread is being used as a pornshare

No. 10378

has anyone else noticed an insane amount of blogposting lately? is summer already here?

No. 10379

why dooes /ot/ need a manhate and a handmaiden thread? why the fuck are there so many hateful little shits on this site? /ot/ used to be comfy now it's just /fempol/

No. 10380

Handmaiden refers to the discussion of rug behaviour that women do for men, man hate is to highlight what men do and not to discuss women.

Either way that’s where you draw the line?

No. 10381

>why the fuck are there so many hateful little shits on this site?
because its lolcow. you dont exactly sound like an angel yourself, faggot. hide threads you dont want to see.

No. 10382

Can we enforce the whole board culture rule? People are seriously getting butthurt over dumbshit like ((())) and faggot being used. People need to get with the board culture or fuck off entirely.

No. 10383

>get with the culture or get off my board!!!!
>doesn’t sage her shit

No. 10384

what? anon doesn't need to sage her questions on a questions thread you moron.

No. 10385

Lol dumbass, it’s the complaint thread, why the fuck wouldn't they want to bump it? Or do you think you’re supposed to sage 100% if the time?

No. 10386

You know what the point of sage is, right? Not only was anon's post on topic but this thread is bumped to the top of /meta/ 100% of the time. Sageing doesn't matter in here.

No. 10387

being buttblasted that people reply back to her with sass for saying faggot and making jewish jokes is not, in fact, really worth bumping shit over unless you’re a self obsessed retard

No. 10388

>not, in fact, really worth bumping shit over
The thread was already at the top of the board when anon made the post, dumbass. You have no idea what you're talking about. Yet another sped who has never touched an ib besides lolcow calling other anons newfags.

No. 10389

maybe go to c.c to get coddled for hating meanies on image boards.

No. 10391

please ban anons who accuse anons of being men just because they got their feelings hurt.

please make /rf/ for the radfems so they stop turning /ot/ into femcel /pol/.

No. 10392

Lol. All this because you got upset that an anon posted a witch gif in ot and mentioned being a radfem.

No. 10393

i'm not even someone who was arguing. i just think you guys are all crazy and this kind of infighting is fucking annoying and toxic for the board.

No. 10394

>throw a tantrum because someone made an innocuous post you didn't like, as it had the words "radical feminism"
>expect people not to respond wondering what tf your problem is
>when they do, start making unsaged, combative shitposts and sparking off infighting
>later go to /meta/ to demand that the anons who hurt you by pointing out that only a high testosterone individual would unironically be this unhinged and oversensitive over nothing get banned
>demand that the site to be made into a safe space for you and that all opinions you don't like should be sent a special containment board to safeguard your emotional hang-ups
>liken women not liking TiMs or males to /pol/tards for literally no reason
>screech about femcels for no reason (AKA the one tell ALL our resident scrotes and TiMs do, and have done in /meta/ threads in the past)
and you really wonder why people think you're an entitled man and/or troon? go and dilate, you have bigger issues at hand.
inb4 "i swear i wasn't arguing, it's everyone else's fault for posting witch pictures"

No. 10395

File: 1561143975207.gif (32.52 KB, 156x90, clapping.gif)

This is the most petty shit I've ever seen in my life.

No. 10396

A lot of the arguing came from radfem defenders throwing insults. And then getting mad insults were being thrown back. You seem like you need some fresh air.

No. 10397

Is this how that infight went down according to you and your headmates? Jfc none of this happened in reality.

No. 10398

the best pseudo cows come out of meta bitching, I swear

No. 10399

Just ignore posts that don't appeal to you next time, anon. It's called a "dumbass shit" thread. You're meant to hide it if you're averse to dumbass shit.
And to be honest, what does it even matter if some online strangers think you're a man? Maybe don't get salty about posts that vaguely mention disliking men if you don't want anyone to think that you might be one yourself.
It's pretty petty to come whining to /meta/ over something so pathetic, and insist there should be a whole new board exclusively for radfems because of it, lmao. Just go to CC, /tttt/, Twitter, Tumblr or one of the many available subforums on Reddit if radfems on LC are so bothersome to you. The /pol/ comparison is ridiculously unfitting, too. Everyone here hates /pol/, including those in GC threads, and those that don't either get laughed off the whole board, or straight-up banned.

No. 10400

radfems don't deserve a board for themselves here they can fuck off and make their own site

No. 10401


Which thread did this happen in?

No. 10402

Belle Delphine thread has turned into radfem / antiporn autist land with tons of a logging and barely posting milk on Belle.

No. 10403

god you're autistic. she means /ot/ is becoming the radfem version of /pol/, aka, a shitty echochamber of insane shitty ideals.

No. 10404

The constant tranny/male accusations are becoming highkey reminiscent of the jew/fed accusations thrown around on pol. It wasn't so bad a while ago when they weren't baseless but now anyone who /r/adfems don't like MUST be a man. They really are turning ot into an echochamber.

No. 10406

Except she lowkey wasn't talking about /ot/ as a whole, but her fit in a specific thread. Keep up.
Again, who really cares if some random person thinks you're a man? So what?

No. 10407

that anon wasn't even the one who insulted your fucking joke, autismo. go take a xanax. i can't believe you're still butthurt about that a full day later.

No. 10408

You're the only one coming off butthurt, give it a rest and stop coming here to bitch every time someone's mean to you.

No. 10409

lets have the opposite of a hellweek

No. 10410

Not the robot complaining but I do actually feel like the anti-anime thread should be moved to /m/. Seems more suitable since it's discussion on media.

No. 10411

ntayrt but you really don't see how this post makes you look … ? Lots of us hate you fucking femcels because this shit bleeds out all over the board. 'Bu-bu-but everyone else is the problem!'

It's been that way for a long time. There's been attempts to clean it up, but the chemo hasn't been strong enough.

Still waiting on Raven's posts to get tagged. Hoping that is still going to happen.

No. 10412

Mods is there any update regarding the amount of radfem OT posts and moralfagging/soapboxing? I feel like this site is slowly becoming PULL with a side of /pol/

No. 10413

the radfem shit is annoying because they act like the men they hate. they want the entire userbase to have some rigid set of beliefs and those of us who don't get accused of not being women. it's basically the equivalent of not being "womanly" enough.

also there's a huge difference with how the radfem/femcel userbase acts.

No. 10414

You anti-radfems are really annoying, coming here to whine to mommy each time you see some post you don't like. And no not everyone who writes something you dislike is a radfem.

No. 10415

Add me to the list of anons who are sick of the radfemcel plague. Political sperging targeted at anyone and everyone who goes against their beliefs is as annoying as racebait at this point.

No. 10416

Y’all are a few autistic fucks shitting this site up

No. 10418


>Raven's posts

The last I heard was that Admin was trying to be ready to post at the same time the new thread was posted.

No. 10419

I would also love to see these flagged.

Can we also get the Isa thread unlocked at the same time? It was inaccurately labelled as a vendetta thread at the time and tbh I'm still buttblasted about that. Many a shit thread has since been unlocked (e.g. pnp) so would be nice to see that one as well.

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