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No. 10312

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.

>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.

No. 10314

Idk if this goes more in the technical complaint thread, but it's really hard to post here from Tor. Do you have a problem with people being idiots on Tor, or is there another reason Tor users are routinely blocked from posting? If so, why? I understand a need to cull spam but some of us really prefer to have more privacy about posting/browsing here and it lets us be more candid.

No. 10316


So WK's and responding to the bait are cool now?

No. 10317

just a suggestion, since we've separated /snow/ and /w/ should we have separate "personal cow" threads for both boards? i'd like a personal cow thread for /w/ related cows.

No. 10318

Tor posting isn't banned.
WKs aren't banned unless they're derailing, like really derailing. Otherwise they are a source of entertainment. Taking bait is always banned.
That is fine, although I think /w/ sort of already has personal weeb/cosplay threads.

No. 10319


The artist salt thread is full of trans/terf talk since yesterday and it's annoying af.

No. 10320

the mods hate trannies too shut up and fuck off

No. 10321

Hoping that a cow kills themselves is not a-logging?

No. 10322

I agree, the autistic tranny posting in that thread and derailing needs to get their hurt ass banned.

No. 10323

It is, just report it.

No. 10325


There's been a lot of WK bait-taking in the Vicky and Luna threads in the last 24 hours.

No. 10327

I don't care if someone hates or loves something. Just bring it to the right thread and stop derailling.

No. 10328

NTA, but I get a "Your IP address is listed in tor.dsnbl.sectoor.de." pop-up when I try to post from Tor. It finally worked after repeated attempts, then I just now tried to post a screencap and got a "You have been banned" pop-up and the site went mirrored for me.
I didn't break any rules, and the post was made like 4 minutes before, so I feel like it was an autoban.

No. 10329

I know this isn't quite a complaint, but thanks for red texting that stupid fucking 'nonnie'.

I have no idea what faggoty site that is from, or if it's a cow-related meme I never caught onto, but I get a little triggered every time I see someone use it on here.

No. 10330

Why are so many anons misusing the spoiler?

No. 10331

plz permaban anons who infight with shitty 1 word insult replies like scrote/handmaiden/terf. buttblasted anons who can't add to the discussion don't need to get their 2 cents in.

No. 10332

>entering the complaint thread to demand permabans for anons who were mean to you
Most embarrassing behavior.

No. 10333

nono, you misunderstand. if they want to add to the conversation and use those words, by all means. but simply replying with "gtfo terf" should be grounds for a big ban. people who do that have nothing to say.

No. 10334

Huh, I've been able to tor post before in the past but I'll be able to implement tor support into the new engine. It also has better ipv6 support.
Just report posts like that so we can actually look into the whole scope of the encounter.

No. 10335

I'm noticing this too, and not just joke use of it (which is fine imo) but just spoilering everyday shit for the hell of it, spoilering tweets and stuff.

No. 10336


Putting images images behind spoilers unnecessarily makes finding them later a huge PITA; you can't quickly scroll through the thread looking.

It also prevents them from being indexed by Google.

No. 10337


Currently happening in the Dumbass Shit thread.

No. 10339

they were spoiling actual movie spoilers

No. 10341


I wasn't talking about spoilers.

No. 10344

obvious male invasion in /ot/ i've been reporting but just giving a general heads up.

No. 10345

There's a massive lolicon spam going on in multiple /ot/ threads from angry scrotes. I'm reporting it as I see it (sorry if there are any duplicate reports).

No. 10346

Between this and the huge influx of WKs, is it possible that we need more farmhands again?

No. 10347

Sorry about that, many in the moderation team were busy yesterday.

No. 10355

What’s going on with the mods lately? You all are red texting & banning completely fine and properly saged posts nowadays for “Autism”.
People are just trying to provide content or discussion (the way it should be on an image board in my opinion) and you just ban them over fucking nothing.

No. 10356

seriously this. someone got banned on moo's thread for joke lyrics, cause it mentioned her weight?

how about don't hire on autist mods next time.

No. 10357

Huh, which board(s) have you seen this? /pt/?

No. 10358

Posts solely about moo's weight have been no contribution bans since the start of the year.
Sageing isn't an excuse to break the rules. That goes for shay dog/cat derailment too.

No. 10361

Could you consider putting the Venus Angelic thread back on autosage?

Ever since it’s been removed it’s 90% cancerous infighting, bumping with stupid irrelevant shit, WKing, reposting of old pictures and nitpicking. Plus, there’s barely anything interesting happening with her nowadays anyway.

No. 10362

are you autistic? posting about moos weight is for nitpicks, not jokes. a joke isn't a nitpick.

No. 10363

yeah mod, I was the first anon to post about this and I had the same experience as >>10328. I actually got both the banned and the blocklist messages just in the past few hours. I got blocked literally like a minute or two after making a saged post that was within the rules and it happens to me all the time. I think you have a blocklist (DNSBL) set up that autoblocks/bans Tor nodes. https://mxtoolbox.com/problem/blacklist/SECTOOR-EXITNODES
These links may be a bit old but might be useful, I'm not sure who on the team set this up but you should probably take this blocklist off and either only block ones known for abuse or ban/block on a case by case basis.

No. 10364

Also, it seems like sometimes it happens and others it doesn't. I didn't set up a new circuit since I got that message afaik and now I'm posting without issues.

No. 10365

Agreed. She is just doing the “I am a lesbian” routine every other month or so and then everyone takes a turn in arguing if she looks her age/old. Rinse & repeat, worse than back when Taylor R was a thing

No. 10366

I got banned for derailing about lipo in the Moo thread but I saged and Moo is actually getting three procedures of lipo today so how was it derailing? Are we not allowed to talk about her getting lipo?

No. 10367

The only post that’s red texted for derailing is the autistic one about her name.
You sure you were banned for a lipo post?

No. 10369

File: 1560890160138.jpg (116.65 KB, 957x584, 2019-06-18_14-44-56.jpg)

Yep. I was only asking because Moo would have already been messing up her surgery if a liquid diet was required because she wasn't sticking to it yesterday. If it was nitpicking then sure I'd understand, but it doesn't mention that.

No. 10370

25 minute ban like nigga make yourself some spaghetti

No. 10371

>Ask a question that has nothing to do with Moo
>Get banned for 25 mins without red text
>"Wtf are we not allowed to talk about Moo getting lipo at all anymore???"
honk honk

No. 10372

Get over yourself, I'm not upset about the limit.. I just wanted to know why I was since I didn't see a farmhand say no lipo talk, a question ain't gonna kill anyone.

No. 10373

Probably because Google

No. 10374

I'll admit that it's something I could have googled. It would have been better if it mentioned that, cause if it was simply the lipo talk then they would have to ban 80% of the anons there cause it's been the main topic for days.

No. 10375

you need to be explicitly told the comment wasn't about moo but rather a googleable question about lipo prep? really anon?
>it's the principle of a 25 min ban!

No. 10376

Can we get rid of the Itsybitsychu/Theresa Eng thread? It's infested with males and absolute cancer.

No. 10377

agree. every time it gets bumped its obvious the thread is being used as a pornshare

No. 10378

has anyone else noticed an insane amount of blogposting lately? is summer already here?

No. 10379

why dooes /ot/ need a manhate and a handmaiden thread? why the fuck are there so many hateful little shits on this site? /ot/ used to be comfy now it's just /fempol/

No. 10380

Handmaiden refers to the discussion of rug behaviour that women do for men, man hate is to highlight what men do and not to discuss women.

Either way that’s where you draw the line?

No. 10381

>why the fuck are there so many hateful little shits on this site?
because its lolcow. you dont exactly sound like an angel yourself, faggot. hide threads you dont want to see.

No. 10382

Can we enforce the whole board culture rule? People are seriously getting butthurt over dumbshit like ((())) and faggot being used. People need to get with the board culture or fuck off entirely.

No. 10383

>get with the culture or get off my board!!!!
>doesn’t sage her shit

No. 10384

what? anon doesn't need to sage her questions on a questions thread you moron.

No. 10385

Lol dumbass, it’s the complaint thread, why the fuck wouldn't they want to bump it? Or do you think you’re supposed to sage 100% if the time?

No. 10386

You know what the point of sage is, right? Not only was anon's post on topic but this thread is bumped to the top of /meta/ 100% of the time. Sageing doesn't matter in here.

No. 10387

being buttblasted that people reply back to her with sass for saying faggot and making jewish jokes is not, in fact, really worth bumping shit over unless you’re a self obsessed retard

No. 10388

>not, in fact, really worth bumping shit over
The thread was already at the top of the board when anon made the post, dumbass. You have no idea what you're talking about. Yet another sped who has never touched an ib besides lolcow calling other anons newfags.

No. 10389

maybe go to c.c to get coddled for hating meanies on image boards.

No. 10391

please ban anons who accuse anons of being men just because they got their feelings hurt.

please make /rf/ for the radfems so they stop turning /ot/ into femcel /pol/.

No. 10392

Lol. All this because you got upset that an anon posted a witch gif in ot and mentioned being a radfem.

No. 10393

i'm not even someone who was arguing. i just think you guys are all crazy and this kind of infighting is fucking annoying and toxic for the board.

No. 10394

>throw a tantrum because someone made an innocuous post you didn't like, as it had the words "radical feminism"
>expect people not to respond wondering what tf your problem is
>when they do, start making unsaged, combative shitposts and sparking off infighting
>later go to /meta/ to demand that the anons who hurt you by pointing out that only a high testosterone individual would unironically be this unhinged and oversensitive over nothing get banned
>demand that the site to be made into a safe space for you and that all opinions you don't like should be sent a special containment board to safeguard your emotional hang-ups
>liken women not liking TiMs or males to /pol/tards for literally no reason
>screech about femcels for no reason (AKA the one tell ALL our resident scrotes and TiMs do, and have done in /meta/ threads in the past)
and you really wonder why people think you're an entitled man and/or troon? go and dilate, you have bigger issues at hand.
inb4 "i swear i wasn't arguing, it's everyone else's fault for posting witch pictures"

No. 10395

File: 1561143975207.gif (32.52 KB, 156x90, clapping.gif)

This is the most petty shit I've ever seen in my life.

No. 10396

A lot of the arguing came from radfem defenders throwing insults. And then getting mad insults were being thrown back. You seem like you need some fresh air.

No. 10397

Is this how that infight went down according to you and your headmates? Jfc none of this happened in reality.

No. 10398

the best pseudo cows come out of meta bitching, I swear

No. 10399

Just ignore posts that don't appeal to you next time, anon. It's called a "dumbass shit" thread. You're meant to hide it if you're averse to dumbass shit.
And to be honest, what does it even matter if some online strangers think you're a man? Maybe don't get salty about posts that vaguely mention disliking men if you don't want anyone to think that you might be one yourself.
It's pretty petty to come whining to /meta/ over something so pathetic, and insist there should be a whole new board exclusively for radfems because of it, lmao. Just go to CC, /tttt/, Twitter, Tumblr or one of the many available subforums on Reddit if radfems on LC are so bothersome to you. The /pol/ comparison is ridiculously unfitting, too. Everyone here hates /pol/, including those in GC threads, and those that don't either get laughed off the whole board, or straight-up banned.

No. 10400

radfems don't deserve a board for themselves here they can fuck off and make their own site

No. 10401


Which thread did this happen in?

No. 10402

Belle Delphine thread has turned into radfem / antiporn autist land with tons of a logging and barely posting milk on Belle.

No. 10403

god you're autistic. she means /ot/ is becoming the radfem version of /pol/, aka, a shitty echochamber of insane shitty ideals.

No. 10404

The constant tranny/male accusations are becoming highkey reminiscent of the jew/fed accusations thrown around on pol. It wasn't so bad a while ago when they weren't baseless but now anyone who /r/adfems don't like MUST be a man. They really are turning ot into an echochamber.

No. 10406

Except she lowkey wasn't talking about /ot/ as a whole, but her fit in a specific thread. Keep up.
Again, who really cares if some random person thinks you're a man? So what?

No. 10407

that anon wasn't even the one who insulted your fucking joke, autismo. go take a xanax. i can't believe you're still butthurt about that a full day later.

No. 10408

You're the only one coming off butthurt, give it a rest and stop coming here to bitch every time someone's mean to you.

No. 10409

lets have the opposite of a hellweek

No. 10410

Not the robot complaining but I do actually feel like the anti-anime thread should be moved to /m/. Seems more suitable since it's discussion on media.

No. 10411

ntayrt but you really don't see how this post makes you look … ? Lots of us hate you fucking femcels because this shit bleeds out all over the board. 'Bu-bu-but everyone else is the problem!'

It's been that way for a long time. There's been attempts to clean it up, but the chemo hasn't been strong enough.

Still waiting on Raven's posts to get tagged. Hoping that is still going to happen.

No. 10412

Mods is there any update regarding the amount of radfem OT posts and moralfagging/soapboxing? I feel like this site is slowly becoming PULL with a side of /pol/

No. 10413

the radfem shit is annoying because they act like the men they hate. they want the entire userbase to have some rigid set of beliefs and those of us who don't get accused of not being women. it's basically the equivalent of not being "womanly" enough.

also there's a huge difference with how the radfem/femcel userbase acts.

No. 10414

You anti-radfems are really annoying, coming here to whine to mommy each time you see some post you don't like. And no not everyone who writes something you dislike is a radfem.

No. 10415

Add me to the list of anons who are sick of the radfemcel plague. Political sperging targeted at anyone and everyone who goes against their beliefs is as annoying as racebait at this point.

No. 10416

Y’all are a few autistic fucks shitting this site up

No. 10418


>Raven's posts

The last I heard was that Admin was trying to be ready to post at the same time the new thread was posted.

No. 10419

I would also love to see these flagged.

Can we also get the Isa thread unlocked at the same time? It was inaccurately labelled as a vendetta thread at the time and tbh I'm still buttblasted about that. Many a shit thread has since been unlocked (e.g. pnp) so would be nice to see that one as well.

No. 10420

What is with anons misusing the spoiler?

Can images that don't need it be unspoilered, esp OP images like >>>/ot/425447?

No. 10421

the cc tier complaining should be bannable. its obvious there has been a recent wave of males and newfags

No. 10422

New guidelines for /ot/ based off complaints.
Also a reminder that constant tranny and male accusations are against the board rules.
Report it. If it's moralfaggotry or derailing it's up for grabs.

No. 10423

New Kabukihoe thread in /w/ is obvious vendetta and no milk besides posting random sex workers. Can we clamp down on the random bitches in Japan threads? There’s already the gyaru, Vk, Gaijin hunter, aidoru stuff. I just feel like this is made and bumped by same person.

No. 10424


Thank you for the /ot/ rules, admin-sama.

No. 10425

I have no complaints or issues, I just wanna wtf is the "Orange" style supposed to be and why.

No. 10426


Aaand immediately there's more derailing in the Dumbass Stuff thread.

No. 10427

I was wondering if there was a way to kind of curb some of the cowtipping waves that are popping on in various threads across the site? I don’t know if it’s the same group of people or just newfags with bad habits from other sites.

No. 10428

can we put PnP back on autosage? i was actually one that advocated for her not to be a banned topic but autosage seems to be the only thing that curbs the absolute autists that flock to that thread. the cowtipping, medfagging, blogposting and everything else is ridiculous at this point.

No. 10429

I checked it out because of you and same tbh

No. 10430

Does autosage actually improve the site? I don't see how that's a better solution than hiding a thread you don't like on your own end.

No. 10431

It does lose a certain number of problem posters from the thread who simply can't find it anymore, and then thread quality often improves. PnP never seems to get better no matter what though. No I tell a lie, it's actually the best it's ever been, it's just still shit.

No. 10432

Can whoever is posting in the PNP thread who isn't saging and posting their own cowtipping be banned? It's getting ridiculous in there.

No. 10433

no, that's why other image boards got rid of it. all sage does is show people who is a newfag and make everyone salty.

No. 10435

File: 1561654585379.jpg (74.64 KB, 1023x797, 8dc.jpg)

Just want mods thoughts on the whole Jared/Holly/GG threads moving forward (since discussion isn't slowing down) – did it really need to be split off into a thread separate from GG?

Basically the "Waffle crew / DCA thread" ( >>>/snow/826388 ) became the new GG thread. Now we have a thread where it's discussing the exact same milk as the last several GG threads were, but claiming its not a GG thread, but there's also no GG thread to continue on. Just seems messy and unnecessary. I know the GG themselves don't specifically have much milk these days, but everyone in the GG Cinematic Universe does, it just seemed like an easier designation to have them be the center of that venn diagram. If you're going to claim that Holly/Jared/Waffle Crew aren't associated with GG anymore, then there shouldn't be any talk of Ross or anyone else in that thread, but there is. It just seems stupid.
>they're not associated with GG!
>they need their own thread!
>talks about the exact same people/milk as in the past 6 GG threads, including GG people
>no new GG thread
Even if there was a new GG thread, are we expected to talk about Ross/everyone else in the GGCU and not Holly? Do Mods think this makes sense? I think it might be helpful to just have a final say on this from Mods either way, since this has been discussed in the last few threads as well.

No. 10436

not a complaint, but posting from tor works without any issues or sudden bans now, and i wanted to thank admins/mods <3

No. 10437

can we not ban people for using old threads on /pt/ before they are locked??? newfags who make the thread at the 1100 post should be the ones banned.

also consider changing the 1100 post notification to 1150.

No. 10438

Wouldn't the Lainey rule apply to this? If the thing you're gonna say about Holly is directly about GG rather than the cheatingdrama then say it in the GG thread, and if the Ross thing you're gonna say is more about the Projared drama rather than GG, then say it in that thread.

Splitting topics to this extent doesn't work as well as just banning people that fight about whether a post is relevant imo but since the Lainey thing exists why not do it here too.

No. 10440

This though. Best example as of recently is the momokun thread. Newfags will jump the gun, make an extremely shit OP and everyone is forced to use it.

No. 10441

This though. Best example as of recently is the momokun thread. Newfags will jump the gun, make an extremely shit OP and everyone is forced to use it.

No. 10442

Lainey is totally different since a whole culture of tempfags, aka bored stay-at-home mums, sprung up around talking about how she looked like a foot and ruined the threads under the watch of the previous admin. All they had to do was make a Lainey thread anytime in the last year or so but no, they had to be forced because they're children about it.

The Holly/Jared subject has been shortlived so far and I'm going to go out on a limb and assume the new thread was made by someone who wanted to quarantine Holly conversation out of their precious GG threads for their own reasons. The problems with this "DCA" themed thread are that DCA is ostensibly over and the other couple doesn't have any public drama. It just seems like a bullshit construct to me.

No. 10443

The post you’re talking, I mostly used the red text to direct people to the new thread. Even if the new thread is shit, people were already moved onto the next one for a while. No point in having both being bumped.
If you see someone making crappy/lazy OPs please report and we will try to deal with it, I agree they have been very obnoxious lately. I think I’ll bring it up with staff to see how we can deal with it better.

No. 10445

just letting a farmhand know the eunuch drawing DA thread is back. the /snow/ thread was locked and the OP told to put it in the artist thread but they just put it on /ot/ as it's own thread. i could care less about the content but i am sick of people breaking so many rules cause "lel summerfags hate radfems".

No. 10446

Maybe it was remade because there is actual milk and it doesn't belong in artist salt or GC.
And why are you so angry about this? Are you one of the so-called summerfags?

No. 10447

i'm pretty sure it was remade because there is actual milk and it doesn't belong in artist salt or gc.
and why are you so annoyed about this? are you one of the so-called summerfags? we've had threads about specific artists in /ot/ who don't exactly fit into /snow/ without any problems, and lots of people want to talk about them.

No. 10448

Can someone please remind me how to sage comments

No. 10449

accidental doublepost and can't delete now, sorry. i thought the first one didn't go through and i got hasty

No. 10450


Nevermind found it straight after posting.

Would be handy if site info was next to the rules in the menu bar

No. 10451

you can't just remake threads that get locked as you please.

nice backpedal on your obvious samefagging on /meta/. peep that typing style.

No. 10452

then instead of mini-modding, let the farmhands debate it. chances are they've seen the thread and are thinking about it now.
and can you read?
>i got hasty
i post from tor, and if a post doesn't go through because of shitty connection, it's annoying having to retype it with punctuation. what kind of idiot would samefag with the exact same sentences?

No. 10453

>you can't just remake threads that get locked as you please.

you sound just like the kid in school who would remind the teacher that there was homework. The mods aren't gonna give you a sticker just for being such a stuck up about rules.

No. 10454

it got locked already. get over it. the site is going to go to shit if we keep ignoring rules and decisions. that's why the site was so shit before new based admin fixed it up.

No. 10455

I also like new admin but you're delusional if you think every single rule and decision makes sense. It's one admin and a few farmhands, they're human and not some goddly creatures who never make bad decisions and whose rules are always to be followed. Just like laws should be a reflection of ethics and not regarded as ethical values themselves.

No. 10456

I think leaving things like this 100% up to mods' discretion without making room for user's input is just going to make the entire userbase unhappy in the long run.
If the bar has risen recently, and creepy fetish artists no longer count as milky, then at this rate, I feel like roughly 70% of our flakes and cows must be even lower on the grading scale.
To be sure: Can we have a hard definition for what constitutes as milk for convenience? Maybe a bullet point list so we can check each one off from now on before threads get made? If there is any doubt, anons can just reference the "tenets of milk" and provide their best examples for each one, and we can all live in peace.

No. 10457

i'm sorry your shitty thread got locked, but you miss my point, the issue here is being entitled and making the thread without discussing it with mods. no shit the rules aren't law or ethics, but bratty anons who don't even bother considering decisions and trying to come to agreements without taking matters into their own hands are what brings the site down.

you have to give to take, anon.

No. 10458

read >>10457 the issue is that the OP never discussed why the thread should be reinstated, and the mod told her where she could put it and there would have been no issue.

why not have a fetish artist thread if you're so set on this.

the entire thread to me just seems like some weird femcel raging that someone is drawing castrated men to be prettier than women but w/e. point is if you guys think the thread has merit, be cordial.

No. 10459

I was the OP, and I acknowledge that I should've asked permission after the lock. I didn't make the very first thread, but it being locked on the basis of it having no milk weirded me out, and other anons seemingly felt the same, so I acted on that, admittedly rashly. I would've just ignored it if it was one obvious vendetta thread being bumped by the same person over and over, but these artists were legitimately fucking weird, and multiple people agreed on that.
>why not have a fetish artist thread if you're so set on this.
I'm not against this, but the emerging issue here seems to be that farmers and farmhands don't exactly have the same definition of "milk" anymore.
To be honest, this sort of thing is just going to keep happening until we have a set criteria on milk that we can all agree on.
>the entire thread to me just seems like some weird femcel raging that someone is drawing castrated men to be prettier than women but w/e.
I strongly disagree with this, and I have a feeling I'm not the only one, but you have a right to your own opinion. I definitely don't like some threads on /w/, /pt/ or /snow/ myself, but since I know they have their own dedicated audiences who are enjoying the content, I don't get pissy about them. I just hide them. It's a good tool on all imageboards, and I encourage taking advantage of it whenever you have the chance.

No. 10460

While I understand the decisions to lock the threads, I do think editing Wikipedia about real people in history in a fetish fanfic way was milky.

No. 10461

I'm not even the OP of the threads, I just fiercly disagree with mods closing the thread in the first place. There wasnt even any place for discussion. Then, when some farmer came in here to complain about it, she got shut down with "you shouldnt have remade the thread" instead of with actual reasons for why the thread was shut down.

I'm generally against closing threads unless they're absolutely milkless and attract the worst kind of interactions.

No. 10462

absolutely, everything about those eunuch sisters is autistic and fascinating.
it's NOT about the art, it's NOT about being salty about the trannyism, it's about how telling the art is of their repressed fetishes / warped ideals.
I'm triggered - these threads were so much fun and I don't think polluting other threads with gallons of the milk of these same eunuch sisters is the right answer.

No. 10463

Maybe the lack of milk classification is because the cow isn't actually doing anything IRL in a way that is amusing? Isn't the thread entirely about her shitty artwork and not necessarily about her narcissistic antics? There isn't drama there, and milk is pretty reliant on drama.

Or at least that's how I've managed to make sense of the mod decision to shut it down on account of "no milk". I can see art salt anons not wanting the content in that thread, so maybe just a new thread in /m/ specifically about this one artist? Idk.

No. 10464

yes a thread for the eunuch crazies in /m/ is a good middle ground idea.

No. 10465

Yeah, I guess it's technically media, after all.

No. 10466

Wtf is going on with power hungry farmhands who ban for no real reason? I know there are different farm hands on board but it's ridiculous to be banned for 3 days in all boards because of a song stupid comment in snow or /w

No. 10467

I haven't been banned or anything but I've noticed it too.

The summer has brought on a lot of people antagonizing other users for no reason just like every year but for some reason this year nothing has really been done about it meanwhile people get banned for the weirdest things that normally wouldn't warrant a ban.

No. 10468

Exactly. I'm a regular user and I've seen so many summerfags here but i get banned for Bs with no warning. Mods need to sort this out

No. 10469

Am I in bizarro lolcow? That thread was milky, those girls are something else. It’d be a waste making the discussion end up in Artists Salt, just like some anon said, no one reads it and the milk at hand is wildly different from what’s in there. There’s obviously enough people weirded out here to keep the thread going. Fuckin’ shame, it was one of the only interesting threads currently going on. If they’re dead-set on locking it because anons were bratty, guess we’d have to take it to the putrid KF, at lest it’d thrive.

No. 10470

Actually I'm having worse issues than ever with Tor posting right now. It got slightly better for a bit and now it's awful. I'm having to try a new circuit something like six times just to try to make a post and it's happening to me over and over. Same issue as before, dns blacklist and "you have been banned" messages which are ostensibly from other people who got the IP blocked. Idk how many people could be banned at once for me to try several new circuits and get that several times though. This issue must not be fully fixed, please fix this because it's making the quality of use really bad and posting horrid, and since it's through something anonymizing you could miss out on a lot of good content from people who don't want to show up without, including and especially milk.

No. 10471

Same anon, this somehow came through without issues but when I was trying to post in /g/ and /ot/ I had issues, including posting from this exact same tor circuit.

No. 10472

More useful info, sorry to shit the thread up: it seems like it maybe isn't happening every time you try to post from a specific tor circuit, only sometimes. Maybe a combo of blacklist/ban list and a weird glitch?

No. 10473

I kinda think the wording of the 1100-post warning could be reconsidered? It's triggering people to worry and start new threads. Yes these are new people without the patience to wait but the effect is real anyway. It was designed to be a help but now people are taking it far too seriously.

No. 10474

Yeah really, wtf mods? Why do you guys gotta be so bitter and such sticklers? That thread was super active and milky. I want the Develv thread back.

No. 10475

co-signed. i want one of the eunuch threads back too.

No. 10476

Agreed. I just quickly scrolled through the thread, but people were obviously having fun in there. I have no idea why it should be banned. If someone doesn't like it, they can just hide it. It's not bothering anyone.

No. 10477

It's sad only drama nowadays is considered milk, PT had no drama until anons poked the bear. She was just a strange person editing herself yellow and posting insensitive things. Tons of the people who made it on ED back then were these kinds of people.
Every other flake in snow is a camwhore or general attention whore asking for money online or on instagram. I guess our concept of milk nowadays is very different.

No. 10478

Agree. We haven’t had any actual bizarre milk in so long. Most of our flakes nowadays are just thots that anons nitpick. This had some actual potential

No. 10479

yea milk =/= drama. and it was more than just art, those girls were editing wikipedia articles to make their weird fetishes and pairings "real". im sure theres more messed up shit if we dug further.

they are a lot more entertaining than most of the current cows imo. most of the other threads are just old milk/anons nitpicking. the only milky recent event was margo being arrested, but since shes been detained thats dried up too.

No. 10480

I agree that drama shouldn't exclusively be considered milk, though it does seem to be the current definition for the mod team. I don't even think I'll post in the eunuch thread but it does deserve to have a place in a board somewhere instead of being locked on sight. Just tell them a board to go to and let them have a thread of their own. What are you being stingy for?

No. 10481

Looks like there is plenty of material about them, I think one of the threads should be unlocked.

No. 10482

100% this

There are also times where I'm almost certain I've gotten a ban for harmless comments moments after posting just because I must be replying to some farmhand with name off who thinks the opposite.

Seeing a lot of bans that look like they are just barring discussion outside of the popular opinion as well. Bans for obvious thread culture (pretty sure I saw a hi cow red text in one of the recent Mira threads lmao).

Also the choice to lock the new GG-projared thread just so we could finish the last of the remaining thread off was pants on head retarded. I get that newfags have been making threads prematurely but what a nitpick tier mod decision – just change the fucking make a new thread auto message to have better instructions.

No. 10483

These are just old tinyboard themes I made viewable. They've always existed.
We're pretty tough on cowtipping but waves of newfags come in swarms.
I'll try to have the thread more heavily moderated. Auto sage seems counterproductive.
I agree this doesn't make sense. As soon as the projared drama dies down the threads can be filled with GG or DCA milk.
The Separate thread has been locked and any GG and DCA discussion can go into >>>/snow/829410
I can change the automatic notification to 1150
Lainey was split off because her milk is repetitive and unless it directly relates to Greg it's just nitpicking.
There is a guide to posting on the rules page.
This is literally on the rules page and was previously discussed on /meta/.
Board rules for /snow/
Cosplayers, j-vloggers, and lolitas belong in /w/. Make sure that the subject of a new thread is a cow, otherwise the thread is subject to deletion. Subjects must meet 3 out of the 5 following criteria:

-An unhealthy desire for attention
-Failure to accept criticism
-A lack of self awareness
-Delusions related to their skill or self importance
-No willingness to improve upon their behavior

All subjects must have:

-A documented history of bizarre behavior displayed online
-Some sort of public presence outside of private circles, groups or irc channels. Personal cows can go in the personal lolcows thread.
You can have a thread in /snow/ as long as it fits this. The subject or potential interest doesn't matter, not all of us obsess over camgirls, afterall.
This is a valid complaint but don't samefag. It's embarrassing.
I'll check it out. Sorry about that.

No. 10485

>Failure to accept criticism
Tried to argue that men don't have stomach fat to defend one of their drawings of an MtF, and staunch refusal to accept anything in reality that challenges their weird pedophilic eunuch fantasies.
>A lack of self awareness
They unironically believe everything they draw is accurate to history.
>Delusions related to their skill or self importance
The fact that they felt themselves important and knowledgeable enough to edit Wikipedia for the sake of their eunuch fetish.
>No willingness to improve upon their behavior
This is one of the most glaring issues with them. They respond with aggression, revisionist history (or outright misquoting religious texts like the Quaran) and irritation to anything that challenges their world view.

Many of their posts are linked to and translated by a Rusanon here >>>/ot/428413 to validate these claims, and the thing about stomach fat is mentioned in the first thread >>>/snow/828717.

>A documented history of bizarre behavior displayed online

Holywarsoo has their posts, and they remain active on dA, IG, etc.
>Some sort of public presence outside of private circles, groups or irc channels. Personal cows can go in the personal lolcows thread.
They also have public dA, IG, Twitter, etc accounts that they use.

This good?

No. 10486


>We're pretty tough on cowtipping

I got banned for cowtipping for a screenshot I reposted from KF and clearly stated was from KF. I thought mods were trained to look at a user's comment history?

No. 10487

Then why lock the /ot/ thread? 90% of artist salt is going to be about them now. Just allow a thread in /ot/.

No. 10488

Please mods just let us make a new thread /snow/ or unlock the old one

No. 10489

Exactly. It’s should be perfectly fine to have a separate /ot/ thread for it. I like admin but she just has to own up to the fact that yes, her farmhand fucked up.

No. 10490

Mods is it safe to make a new thread about Deva on /snow/ now ?

No. 10491

what the fuck is wrong with the eunuch posters? they are derailing the art salt thread unsaged right now while other discussion is going on and the keep samefagging about how "super unique" these """cows""" are as if they're not the same as every other cringy DA fetish artist.

i suggested a art fetish general but i don't think they even deserve to have it now because they're so fucking entitled.

No. 10492

are you the same farmer who bitched about the thread existing in /ot/ and then went to bitch over people posting about it in the art salt thread (like a farmhand told us to do) and keep mentionning nazi fetish fanart? It's obvious that there are a lot of farmers interested in these cows but only one farmhand and maximum two posters bothered by it and yet we are the entitled ones…

No. 10493

The russiananon mentioned by >>10485 has managed to unearth a lot about these girls into English for us. Two homeschooled cultists of no fixed abode who feign being historians and linguists online, post racist art and edit history entries on wikipedia to bend to their fetishes… cmon. I don't follow art threads and I'm sure as hell not going to the gender crit thread. I want to read about these two freaks. They're definitely flakes, as it turns out.

Seconding this, it happened to me recently when I reported some derailing on both sides of an argument - hardly partial. I guess I reported a farmhand in there somwhere. It feels like the first flush of attention and improvement since the staff changeover has given way to something else.

No. 10494

This, maybe if these anons weren't so fucking autistic the mods would let them have their stupid thread.

No. 10495

lol, what a weird world you live in. you don't even know if one farmhand or multiple locked it, you are just guessing.

No. 10496

I don't get the problem with the eunuch thread tbh. It was entertaining to read/lurk and then it was randomly locked.

No. 10497

do you just not want anyone discussing things you're not personally into? we were made to take it there. in fact, we're still trying to get our own thread. this whole problem is a fuck-up on the farmhand's part, it being sent to the artist salt there was literally their command.
if you really want us out, you'll be on our side in asking for one of the threads to be unlocked so we can move there.

>but muh art fetish general

are you a mod? do you have any authority on what threads get locked? if not, then your suggestion was completely worthless and most likely would've just resulted in another lock for making a thread without permission and going against the farmhand's command to keep it in artist salt.
if you think differently, make a thread yourself with the eunuch sister's stuff and a rundown of their content as the OP, and see what happens. if it's accepted, the posters will inevitably go there, you can hide it and everyone will be happy. if it's not, accept it, make sure to take responsibility so no one can say "wow the eunuch sister posters are so dumb they just won't stop making threads without permission" and be quiet

No. 10498

>derailing the art salt thread

That’s one of the very few threads I actually frequent, and it can be radio silent for days. There’s hardly ever anything to discuss except for someone reeeing over Kasey. Also, they’re artists - how is it derailing to discuss artists in the ARTIST thread? Why are some anons so weirdly assblasted over these eunuch fetishists, does it hit too close to home about your own weird fetishes?

No. 10500

It definitely is one of maybe three people (max) complaining non-stop about anybody discussing the dA users, both here and on /ot/. You can tell it's them because this is maybe the second time this one has claimed all the people who want to talk about this subject are "samefagging", with the exact same typing style, at that.
No wonder they're accusing everybody of samefagging. It's probably actually what they've been up to all this time.

Mild tinfoil, but I feel like they're dead-set on derailing any calm discussion on this subject via infighting. They're probably doing it in hopes that the entire topic will be banned, perhaps because it makes them feel personally targeted somehow. So, to get back on point:
We've confirmed they have milk after an anon found and loosely translated their Russian social media posts, and enough people obviously want to talk about them. We've even gone over the hard criteria for milk. There's really no reason not to have a thread at this point.
The art salt thread anons who want to discuss YouTubers will be able to do so without having to wade through eunuch artist milk, and the eunuch artist posters will have their own space delegated to talk about this subject. Everybody would win hypothetically, so why not?

No. 10501

Not only is there milk, the thread doesn't even need to be in /snow/ necesarily. /m/ or /ot/ can host the topic and it would fit right in. We have an abundance of stupid as shit threads with no discussion and this one is currently popular and there's no good reason to disallow that.

If the thread dies down then lock it and chuck it I guess but to shut it down this hard seems like powertripping.

No. 10503

>vast majority of users
it sounds like the same 3 or 4 anons bitching and subtly samefagging to me

No. 10504

don't be a faggot, posts like >>>/ot/428788 are clearly derailing. telling someone they will be ignored is fucking derailing.

No. 10505

why is this imageboard managed like a subreddit and not like other imageboards?

No. 10506

It works more like /vg/ or a smaller imageboard. Each thread is kind of like a 'general' instead of just a bunch of random shit. It's fine how it is.

No. 10507

i didn't mean it like that.

No. 10508

File: 1561997310629.png (104.89 KB, 1892x400, m9842x.png)

this was a really odd ban. the anon was just describing the current situation for someone who asked. what's next, banning the anon who came back after a week and dared to question what the hell was going on?
>inb4 i "suddenly" get accused of being that anon ban evading and receive a ban even though my comment history should be easy to check (then again i'm on tor)
between this and all the complaints about poorly thought out bans lately, what the hell is even going on with our farmhands? they were doing so well from the start

to be honest, any current issues in the artist salt thread will go away if one of the eunuch sisters threads is unlocked. it's that simple. no one has even been able to explain why they don't count as milky so far.
one persistent weirdo claiming anybody who wants to discuss them must totally actually be a "samefagging femcel m'dude why don't you care about kawaii nazis instead??" isn't a good argument at all

No. 10509

exactly! I can be in /ot/ or /m/, but just let us have our own thread! There are literally threads for : dog hating, stalking dead people, prepping, karens, fucking BIDETS! But we cant have a thread about objectivly milky fetish-ridden sisters raised in a cult in Vietnam?

No. 10510

>odd ban
>unsage'd offtopic post
>being so autistic that you don't realize the OP was asking a hypothetical

you tell me.

No. 10511

then in addition to that anon, the sperg who keeps derailing to call everyone a samefag and complain about anybody discussing the sisters should've long since been redtexted, but they keep coming back

No. 10512

i dont even see why it would matter if it were put in /snow/ when we have artists like baylee and holly who barely produce milk beyond their failing art careers?

No. 10513

It's really starting to look like the only reason mods aren't listening is pure hubris and refusal to admit they could've made a lapse in judgment. I'm not saying that's the case, but it's just…not a good look.
No one is happy with this current set-up, and the solution is so easy.
This almost reminds me of when our original admin, Ian, threw a shitfit and locked/deleted a bunch of threads before he left the site. The only reason he gave was that he personally didn't care for them.

No. 10514

what ever happened to samefag redtexting? do they just not use it anymore? it used to be pretty effective at exposing spergs and people desperate to mini mod threads in the past.

No. 10515

it's really obvious you tards are selfposting when half the posts are just gushing over the bootiful art and how kawaii the creators are.

just give it a rest no1curr about you.

No. 10516

>even targeted the anon who innocently asked about samefag redtexting, implicitly admitting that they're the same retard who's been samefagging about this for days
you really must be here just for the summer, congrats on learning a new word after babbling "samefag", "femcel" and "nazi" hundreds of times. unfortunately, no one is buying your dumb tinfoil. if these russian chicks were selfposting, not only would the english in all the posts be worse, they wouldn't even once criticize their shitty psuedo-history, but that's all anyone's been doing.
go and find something that's actually constructive to say, or take your autism elsewhere. the farmhand messed up, this always required its own thread, and anons will keep requesting one until it's addressed. cope.

No. 10517

File: 1562012732085.jpg (8.03 KB, 276x183, nnvih[1].jpg)

you ok?

No. 10518

are you? i mean seriously, you've been repeating the same thing so many times. everyone's pretty sick of it.
this thread is for mods to address complaints, not for you to attack people and tinfoil

No. 10519

Is there a farmhand watching the Taylor Dean thread? There's so much unsaged stuff and infighting going on.

No. 10521

The nitpicking and weird takes in that thread… wild shit.

No. 10522


The nitpicking and downright nastiness about the guy she met in rehab is completely uncalled for. He is an innocent bystander to the drama as of now. I can't believe the mods let that shit go on.

No. 10523

At least the whole sisters thing seems resolved and the thread is back on track, I hope those spergs don't come back and clutter it up again

No. 10524

You're an insufferable newfag. You can have your thread and you can watch it die down. Now stop speaking as the "vast majority" of users.
I'll personally take a look at this right now.

No. 10525

Speaking as someone who didn't post once about the eunuch sisters, I found these threads highly entertaining and the mods' decision to lock the threads and keep them in the art-salt thread completely retarded.
So what if the thread ends up dying down? Plenty of threads on /snow/ are semi-dead already.

No. 10526

Now there are three threads and the situation has become really autistic compared to the level of milk involved.

No. 10527

All of this drama could have been avoided if it wasn't for the mods' fuck-up and yet the admin's post above is so salty.

No. 10528

the refusal to unlock it and fucking weird suggestions like 'take it to gender crit' spawned this. the staff salt is unbelievable. yes there is a degree of autism in the thread to start with but being so pissed you can't go back and unlock a mildly autistic thread about two strange girls when you have baylee, shayna, and pnp threads all still pumping along is really something.

I got a mod message about using the old thread but currently a new thread is most active, which one are staff wanting us to use?

No. 10529

All these eunuch spergs need to be fucking gassed, you're more autistic than the cows themselves. Give it a goddamn rest already.

No. 10530

>implying it's not selfposting

No. 10532

Can mods keep an extra eye on the shay thread? It’s 20 posts in and pure autism due to some random girl dying from Shays past and an anon keeps bringing up that she died. And then rando girl’s friends are coming in all >LEAVE HER ALONE!!

No. 10533

>selfposting so much that you write 2000 pages worth of milk about yourself solely on the russian side of the internet for 4 years and then study english and lolcow for 3+ years so you can finally make a thread about yourself
>use different VPNs and devices all to circumvent any samefag detection and get the mods to let you selfpost more and talk to yourself
this happens

No. 10534

I wouldn't be surprised if it was. I haven't seen farmers chimp out over something this petty in ages and it can't be more than 3 or 4 people behind 90% of the sperging. I hate the summer.

No. 10535

sorry about your autism, but when half the posts are about how "beautiful" the art is it's super obvious. something is wrong with you, go back to your thread.

No. 10536

take your medication, you sound unwell. admin would've called it out long ago if that were the case

No. 10537

Why was the rad fem thread locked?

No. 10538

there are like 3 out of 150 posts (in the latest thread) saying the art is beautiful, everyone else is just laughing at them.
Also have you seen how they write in english? Their english is almost broken and they have a very distinct typing style I have yet to see in their threads.

No. 10539

All this talk got me to actually read through these eunuch threads and what the actual fuck, mods/admin/this random pissy anon are being incredibly petty/retarded over this.

The poster who mentioned that milk doesn't always have to be drama (and referenced PT) is 100% right. Finding it harder and harder to believe current staff/posters were even around for old /cgl/ threads if they don't see how this fits in almost perfectly with a classic cow-case.

God I was hopeful/praising when new Admin took over. This site just cannot have any good staff for the long term, shits obviously getting to their heads between this and other recent petty behaviors.

No. 10540

How long are you autists gonna complain about this? You got your stupid thread, stay inside it.

No. 10541

First time I've posted about it, since as my post states I've only now even looked at these threads.

My complaint isn't about this topic getting a thread, it's about the shitty mod-admin response to it that is another indication to the nitpicky/petty way they've been dealing with things.

Perhaps you need to check your spectrum before screeching autist since any mention of this eunuch topic apparently sends you into a fury, as evident by your lack of reading comprehension.

No. 10542

Admin, if you are going to call out this >>10524 person for being an insufferable newfag (which I am not doubting that they are), can you call out the other side with this obvious instigating, 'tism obsessed anon:

No. 10543

imagine thinking it's all one anon. 'tism indeed.

No. 10544

Same for me, turns out they're likely the most interesting cows we've had since a long time.

No. 10545

admin please do something about the summerfags. clearly giving them their own thread didn't fix it because they are still reeing here.

No. 10546

I'm impressed that some mentally ill girl's dickgirl art created the biggest conflict of the year on Lolcow.

No. 10547

Summer heat makes everybody a little bit crazy

No. 10548

Everyone posting in the eunuch thread should be banned for life after the level of derailing and samefagging that went on in here, holy shit.

No. 10549

Should be fixed.
inb4 another grand conspiracy
I had no idea about the thread until 2 days after the fact my farmhands handled it in the way the saw fit. They can have their own thread in /snow/ given it meets the /snow/ guidelines.
The original thread was unlocked so what's the issue?
Perhaps because it's been the same 3-4 anons ban evading, samefagging, and sperging about it for days?
This is childish tattle-telling. If it was the same person they would be called out as I usually do on /meta/.
Summerfags get banned, and some ban evade. Threads don't need to be banned if it's a valid topic, the shit anons just need to integrate or [get banned].

No. 10550

i could care less if they have a thread or not but they won't stop derailing and samefagging every thread about it. this thread, and even random threads on /ot/.

No. 10552

If admin is admitting that she had no idea of her farmhand's actions, and that they undid said actions because the thread does indeed meet /snow/ standards, then how is it derailing to come to the thread made for complaints to… complain?

You really don't see the irony in your own commentary, do you?


If the jist of the complaints about the Eunuch thread have been select samefagging and ban-evading, then why is everyone who believes the thread to be milky being called spergs and punished for it?

My original point stands that the farmhands reacted harshly and prematurely to a new topic, something that, spergy samefagging newfags or not, has the potential to hinder the growth/overall "milk"/"cows" of the site in the long run.

I have already expressed my feelings that farmhands are selectively banning based on personal bias/differing opinions to topics, and that complaining about Eunuch on here is considered spergy derailing, but screeching that those posters should be banned/are autists isn't, just makes it appear even more like a double standard at play. (ie. "they agree with me, so I'm letting it slide").

It can be repeated that we as regular users can't understand/see the back-end/inner workings of staff/site, but blindly believing that is exactly how this site went downhill at the hands of past Admin's. This entire incident is just a tiny drop in a bigger bucket.

No. 10553


>the original thread was unlocked

A new thread was started and is being used, so the original thread should be relocked to avoid confusion.

No. 10554

I think you misunderstood admin. The bulk of the anons who believe the Eunuch thread to be milky have been samefagging, ban-evading, and generally acting like children, not the other way around. About four anons were behind the vast majority of the sperging, one of which has been evading a permaban for weeks.

No. 10555

>been the same 3-4 anons
this is disregarding anyone who casually read the thread and added comment about the unusual banning of it here. I didn't ban evade, samefag or sperg and I can't be the only one.

>original thread was unlocked

that's not even the thread in use now. there's absolutely been some autism involved in the making of all the threads but since it was dictated that it go to some pretty odd destinations (gender crit?) can't you acknowledge staff reaction to this thread was ott at all. it was staff who triggered at least some of the remaking of this harmlessly wierd thread, perhaps over an incorrectly perceived slight about gender politics or fetishes. look at what staff did and why.

No. 10556

you're using this blanket label pretty conveniently. I've no doubt all those people you describe exist in the thread but you're making it sound like not a single rule-following user is reading or posting (or have been attempting to while the thread relocated). which is bullshit, sorry. I'm not here to disrespect you but don't twist this like staff had no choice but to suggest the thread go to gender crit.

No. 10557

I don't think I misunderstood at all. I understand there are ban evading, samefagging sperg anons that were for the thread.

But there are also anons and staff in this thread and the others related, calling everyone spergs and acting like we're unjustified in complaining that this subject is classic cow material. Unless you are saying I misunderstood and those are also ban evaders…

Which I sort of doubt since at the end of one of the eunuch threads some anon says "there must be something wrong with you tards considering you weren't supposed to make a new thread for this." And the farmhand quotes it to say "this".

Even if that thread shouldn't have been made and that anon wasn't wrong, in any other context that'd be pegged as infighting, derailing or mini modding. But instead it's a farmhand agreeing with it because it agrees with their opinion.

Is it really this beyond you guys to take a step back and realize the way this was handled was shitty regardless of samefags, shows an underlining issue with what at least one farm hand believes to be "proper action" and give a bit more transparency (like was originally promised)? That entire thread and this one could've been ban evading sperging samefags and it wouldn't change anything I just said…?

No. 10558

Not everyone is a sperg but the 4 anons who samefagged in here are.

There isn't anything wrong with the thread topic itself so I unlocked what I believed to be the original thread.
Either way continuously remaking threads (like repzilla) is generally bad practice.
By the way, we ban based off of patterns of behavior and the severity of an offense, not minor incidents. One snarky comment isn't going to equate to an anons whose post history consists of infighting.

No. 10562

Admin is based.

No. 10563

Can we talk about the doxxing in the TND thread? I see some of the posts are removed but plenty are still up. Anons accuse her of doxxing herself when all she did was mention the city she was in (once in an IG story) and posting pics from inside the house. Uhh yeah of course you can put it together with some sleuthing but why is it okay to post your findings in the thread? How is her location or speculation about which exact sober living home she’s in any way milky?

No. 10564

Yeah the obsessive amount of trying to figure out where she lives and sharing it is too far. If you're crazy enough to doxx her then just say "she lives in a ___ type place now" and nothing else. Posting exact location is uncalled for.

I think TND's thread is full of crazy junkies like sex worker threads are full of jealous sex workers.

No. 10565

No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, *unless* the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.
>How is her location or speculation about which exact sober living home she’s in any way milky?
I don't know, I don't have a fixation or hero complex.

I will say though, onion anons have done far worse. People will be autistic and do shit regardless. Obviously anything violating the rules will be removed.

EDIT: she essentially doxxed herself
I don't even protect farmers who doxx themselves.

No. 10566


The post that identified the sober living house was deleted.

No. 10567


The more we know about the program she is in, the more we catch her in her lies.

No. 10568

>I think TND's thread is full of crazy junkies like sex worker threads are full of jealous sex workers.
ime this sort of thing is endemic to gossip sites in general; even with heavy moderation you're going to get both a ton of deranged celebrity-enchanted losers who want to save the cow and think that they're helping them by shitposting on the gossip site and a ton of deranged jealous/bitter losers who are unable to accept that a cow has any remotely redeeming qualities or makes any remotely good decisions in order to try and tear them down a peg. Compared to other major gossip sites, lolcow has the least of this by far but it's still a part of almost every thread, even going back to the first few dakota threads.

No. 10569

it's different because there are also a lot of people interested in different areas of animal care in there, snakes, reptiles, rats etc. there isn't just one group, and there are a lot of anons with no idea about drugs or tattoos.

shay threads really just are a pack of rabid camgirls and their sympathisers.

No. 10570

They must be hella lurking then bc it's been junkietalk for a few threads now.

No. 10571

Since we’re already talking about the TND thread(s) can we do something about the bunch of ‘oh hai Taylor’ posts?
There’s also so much tinfoiling, reaching etc it’s basically becoming fan fiction at this point. A little more moderation would be nice, if possible…

I also wish there was a way to actually stop cow tipping since it seems like a ton of people are directly asking her things on Twitter that have been questioned on here. (I know there’s no way to realize this. Just complaining into the void.)

No. 10572

There's a ton of alogging and hysteria too. Some of the posters sound like they're from straight outta websleuths and are acting like she's 'a psychopath' for things like making obvious jokes and getting pissed that she was doxxed. It's fun to get swept up in the more plausible tinfoil but some of the anons in that thread are seriously unhinged

No. 10573

Fucking lock the old threads if you don't want people accidently posting in them. I bet you powertripping shitheads like public bans/warns so much that you leave dead threads open on purpose.

And before you asked no I haven't accidently necroed any threads recently. i just feel like it's not the posters' fault.

No. 10574

I do think they are unlocked to punish people for not integrating or paying attention as you said. That has to be on purpose.

Leaving old threads unlocked just to get a few hits on a few careless anons is actually a bad call. The confusion it causes isn't worth getting to ban a couple anons here and there.

No. 10575

File: 1562677983370.png (40 KB, 708x259, dumb.png)

Hurt feelings isn't a valid ban reason. If you want to ban for 'derailing' I understand, it's just a bit harder to justify that when there's only two posts been made with one being a misquote.

I didn't even know I was banned because I'd been gone the entire night. Don't make me cringe with this petty shit.

No. 10576

she doesn't have her animals or post about them much at all, and her whole life is about drug talk and recovery right now. this seems nitpicky that you don't want pople to talk about drugs in there.

No. 10579

sounds like you were infighting. why can’t you just take your ban and go, it literally expired before it could even impede your posting. you’re complaining for the sake of complaining, i’d ban you too kek

No. 10580

>TND’s thread is full of crazy junkies

you bet your ass it is. i’ve reported countless posts for blogging, usually it’s “omg she’s such an idiot when i was a heroin addict i did THIS therefore she’s lying” and “i’m a current addict and i use subs to get high in between fixes” (that one is literally almost verbatim) it’s massive cringe

No. 10581

The point is just say the ban is for infighting. Nobody wants to read farmhands botch memes with their ESL.

No. 10582

same anon, i always get a laff seeing people complain about their bans looking for asspats. just take it and go, we all get them from time to time and they're pretty inconsequential. i'd rather mods be more generous with bans if it means scaring away summerfags in the process.

No. 10583

It wasn't for hurt feelings, you were sperging out at anons over belle delphine so you were given a 30 minute ban.
>botch memes
None of those things have anything to do with the ban.

No. 10584

I'm not saying it had anything to do with that ban. The line where the reason for the ban usually goes is a botched meme that makes the farmhand sound like an infighter that was given some power.
Sorry but whoever you appointed sounds like an immature sperg themselves.

No. 10585

Sometimes blog posting is helpful. I feel like the contributing information with personal experiences vs. textbook can make a difference, and give more perspective.
Obviously it's a difficult line to draw for those that go on for a month about their dead father, but sometimes the information is actually useful.

No. 10586

Ok bud but farmhand's message to your butthurt ass in the ban screen was funny and you need to get over yourself.

No. 10587

are you fucking ESL?

No. 10588

it's possible to give useful information from a position of experience of expertise without referring to oneself. we all have to follow that rule even if we have personal experiences that make us relate really hard to the thread. it can easily be avoided and those who do it should think twice before adding a sentence that starts with "I-"

No. 10589

Not complaining about my ban, just asking to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

Where exactly do you draw the line with nitpicking in the Momokun thread? After all her weight/appearance/how she presents herself is kinda part of the 'joke'. I get that 'haha she fat' posts desperately need to be kept at bay, but there's the 'just calling her fat is no contribution' rule.
Wouldn't >>>/pt/678729 be considered nitpicking, too?

Again, not complaining, just wondering because it's really hard to tell what is and what isn't considered nitpicking.

No. 10590

>was funny
Not really. It's cringe.

No. 10591

can you really not see the difference in saying 'moo is fat' and pointing out that she moved part of her fat?

No. 10592

>it's really hard to tell what is and what isn't considered nitpicking
Welcome to lolcow moderation 101. Everything is dependent on the mood of the farmhand at the time.

No. 10593

Some racebaiting spergs are shitting up the /unpopular opinions thread for 2 days (Indians smells so bad…abloobloo…Germans are awful…abloobloo…Europeans are shitty and I'm glad they'll be replaced…) It seems that /poltards summerfags are all over the place again. Can you please do something? Thank you dear Admin and Farmhands.

No. 10594

Are you retarded? The post literally is just ‘lol she’s holding up her fat belly’. People have been banned for nitpicking for way more substantial posts.
And I wasn’t banned for just calling her fat so idek what you’re trying to tell me?

No. 10595

you didn't even post your fucking ban. you probably got banned because all your posts are autistic, like your posts here.

No. 10596

What the fuck is your problem?
Why does it trigger you so much that I’m asking for a more detailed definition of what’s considered nitpicking?

No. 10597

NTA but I didn't see it as bitching or whatever the other anon is accusing you of. What needs to be acknowledged by the mod team is that there is pretty much no substance to momo other than making fun of her appearance so mocking her is actually pretty much on topic. It's not like Gurg, Margo, or Trasha where there's more to the cow. Some of the cows on this site are like momo, they're just ugly and annoying. The justification for momo being a cow is shit like "uhhhh sexual harassment" but really people are there to gawk at her disgusting appearance. There is fucking nothing to her.

No. 10598

File: 1562776170781.jpg (163.63 KB, 1080x1012, IMG_20190710_182629.jpg)

Yes, you banned me a week for posting pic related, but hating on entire countries (or a whole continent) is somehow less bad and not racist/banworthy?

No. 10599

imo it depends on the board. If you're blogging in /ot/ or /g/, fine. If you're blogging on /pt/ or /snow/, get rekt.

No. 10600

No. 10601

I mean there are things besides the sexual harrassment, like her inaccurate/low effort 'cosplays', her imaginary diet and workouts, the scamming by saying she's going to donate money… The milk is there, but isn't as frequent, so her obvious lies about her weight and the way she presents herself offer a lot more to talk about.
If it's too nitpicky for /pt/ maybe moving it to /snow/ would be an option?

No. 10602

that doesn't mean the rest of us want to read a bunch of posts sperging about her jowls or cankles. we all know she's a dumb cunt who doesn't care how fat she's gotten

No. 10603

Well if we had clear info like
>laughing about that she's gripping her fupa to show her vag is okay
>talking about her pudgy face or how her surgeries have gone to waste isn't
(even though that still seems kinda arbitrary) it wouldn't be so hard to stick to the rules.
But either way, there's a bunch of people who apparently do enjoy talking about this kind of thing (to some extent) and it's not up to you to decide who gets banned for what.

No. 10604

it's not up to you either, stop being a sperg.

No. 10605

Farmhands have been exceptionally proactive about obvious male spergs and summerfags. Just straight deleting bait instead of letting it fester for newfags to boost.

Very grateful and proud of admin and farmhands. Thanks friends.

No. 10606

thank you anon

No. 10607

I don't have any complaints, so I want to say thank you to the current admin & farmhands! You are doing a great job and make this site a pleasure to use, especially compared to the previous admin(s) who were all over the place imo. Again, thank you. I am very grateful for the effort you put in and the work you do.

No. 10609

I have also noticed how quickly some dumb scrote posts were deleted. Good work!

No. 10610

This. We love you farm team !

No. 10611

I got a temporary ban from misspelling my report on a post. A few letter difference. I had no idea this was against the rules?

No. 10612

These new farmhand really need to get a grip on reality(Ban evading)

No. 10613

It isn't against the rules. Sorry if this happened but I don't see the ban.

No. 10614

File: 1562956333911.jpeg (314.35 KB, 1242x989, 22F5719D-A55D-489F-9144-3429DE…)

No. 10615

How long was the ban? I think sometimes farmhands issue bans as a 'warning'. I've seen like 1-2 minute bans just to tell me something/correct me.

No. 10616

You were not banned over a report. You were banned for being an obvious summerfag through your misuse of "sperging" and your defense of cowtipping..
You deserved the one minute ban

No. 10617

My phone autocorrected. I apologize. I was under the impression that I was banned because the ban stated it was because of “sperg” not “spurg” not the other things mentioned. So thanks for letting me know!

No. 10618

anything we can do about the wk in shay's thread besides reporting??

No. 10619

Whenever I see a public ban message in the midst of an argument I automatically assume that the banned poster was unknowingly arguing with the mod/admin.

I can't be the only one who's thinking this, right?

No. 10621

So I was going back in time to the early TND threads to read up on the early drama. I could not find anything before the first thread in snow nor the general petubers before thread 1. Petubers thread 1 linked to the first TND thread. Is there anything before the first TND and Petubers thread?

No. 10622

please keep the anime critical thread and lock the anti-anime thread if you want to lock one of them. anti anime is spergy and not even on the right board.

No. 10623

You're both equally spergy to outsiders and that thread was there before /m/ even existed, newfag. "Anime critical" discussion could just be moved back into the normal anime thread anyways, it's all the same autistic weebs.

I've never posted in either thread before you accuse me of being an anti animufag.

No. 10624

Thanks for deleting the minor photos in the ProJared/Holly Conrad/DCA/GG thread

No. 10626

why the fuck do you care, just hide the threads wannabe normie-chan instead of trying to police them. let us sperg in our designated autism thread(s). go back to LPA if you mind

No. 10628

Not sure if this is the correct thread, but it seems we're being brigaded by either a single or multiple males. There are 2 gifs of women being beaten up on onion's thread. Not sure what brought this on, maybe simple male barbarism.

No. 10632

What is the point of sage in PT if you’re just going to ban people for using it properly

No. 10634

sage isnt a pass to break rules or act like a tard.

No. 10635

File: 1563265599653.gif (1.84 MB, 220x220, giphy(4).gif)

>Summerfags are too dumb to realise if their posts start with "I.." or "As a professional/diagnosed Y I can…" It's blog posting and to instead use third person. Hint : no one cares about your personal experience as a professional retard or about you performing lobotomy n yourself to become one. Just use third person, why would you even want to admit that shit?

>Summerfags are too dumb to realise they don't need to comment on everything.

>Summerfags are too dumb to realise sageing a post doesn't allow breaking rules.

>Summerfags are too self centered and think mods target them because they get banned a lot, instead of realising there's probably a handful of staff and tens of thousands of visitors daily on this site. Instead, it must be farmhand ran farm surveillance targeting poor diagnosed professional retard from reddit/tumblr/twitter

>Summerfags are so dumb that they think all bans are redtexted, not because that particular post got reported a lot.

>Summerfags are so dumb, they think this is like Reddit where you'll get asspats for sharing your retarded idea.

Summerfags will probably think this doesn't apply to them. It does.

Your personal opinion or experience * doesn't matter " when it comes to cows, unless you intend to become one. If that's the case, good luck.

No. 10639

File: 1563318009909.gif (193.36 KB, 220x146, tenor (1).gif)

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement anons!

No. 10640

Things are getting crazy in the TND thread round two different kids. First a few hours back there's he stepparent of some poor kid who had to spend time with their heroin-addicted mother and Jonny Craig. It isn't really milk and she's mainly come to bitch about her custody situation and exploit the kid some more.

Now anons have gone nuts chasing after Jake's possible 11yo kid, naming him and telling everyone where to find him on facebook. Taylor doxed Jake so who cares, he's a grown up.

No. 10641

also now an anon thinks its cute to run through possible sober livings for Taylor's bf. that's not a self-dox by Taylor. I'm not a whiteknight, I can figure out where they're each staying and would post it if the circumstances were right, but it's just summerfags going nuts at this point.

No. 10642

The TND thread(s) got out of control a few threads ago already. They basically consist of cow tipping screenshots, ‘I’m a recovering addict myself so I know that …’ blogposts and nitpicking nowadays. And none of the mods seemed to care back then so why should they now.

No. 10643

I don't think that thread's gonna recover until TND actually does get sober so people can go back to nitpicking her animal care. I think she's /snow/ tier now and not really /pt/ caliber. Then again looking at the cows that are active on /pt/, most of them also aren't that good anymore. It's a board of dried ass milk at this stage.

No. 10644

File: 1563409676021.jpeg (509.43 KB, 1242x1086, 8147A354-AD15-4E26-A59D-9DADDF…)

Okay seriously can someone explain to me how re-posting an already posted picture with just an insult is neither nitpicking nor ‘no contribution’?

No. 10645

I think all the junkie blogging, well it's a pita but she didn't relapse so that's chilled out, I've noticed. To me it's like when the snakefags post the obesity chart for the umpteenth time, or remember the cat bowl sperg anon from the old threads? Right now I'm genuinely concerned about the summerfag "let's dox everyone and everything reee it's public information" attitude in there. We're minutes or hours away from someone posting her sober living address and for no good reason at all.

I don't think she'll be getting properly sober for a long while, since her recovery's already a mess. If you don't like the storyline it doesn't mean she's due for a downgrade. Taylor belongs in /pt/, she's a huge cow who just bought a gun with the help of a felon then stored it illegally to protect herself from… lolcow. Cmon.

No. 10646

Not all bans are redtexted, anon. But I went back and added some just 4 u.

No. 10647

File: 1563432514929.gif (2.61 MB, 400x225, giphy(5).gif)

How fitting, just should have scroll a bit.

No. 10648

its funny how you seem like a newfag yourself. no one is patting you on the ass for your shitty LA gifs and pointing out the obvious.

No. 10649

Shouldn't this be in /snow/?


No. 10650

Now that Kelly's thread is active again, can Admin and Farmhands look out for her selfposting?


We wouldn't have been aware of half of her lies if we hadn't known program she was enrolled in.

No. 10651

Can it please become bannable to derail over pronouns, in either direction? Something in the rules to just not comment on what pronouns other people use when referring to the subject of threads, at least outside of /ot/? There are TERFs and SJWs using this website so there can never be agreement, everyone needs to stfu.

No. 10652

I agree and don't have a problem with the first place being revealed, nor the second if she blatantly puts it out there. I'm talking about just running through places to fill the time. Leave it until she doxes her own self.

No. 10653

Can we stop with locking new threads before the previous one hits 1200? It leads to shit threads. If someone makes a new one after 1100 posts, someone competent has time to update it and do it correctly. If we have to wait until 1200 then someone just scrambles to do it asap and it ends up as a shit thread.

This is the second Holly/Projared thread with an absolute shit thread, where OP has just copied and pasted the previous thread's OP word for word, and not updated any of the info, even though there's been a TON of new milk since the last one and used a terrible thread pic. They didn't even link the correct previous thread. Now the conversation is continuing, and the new thread is a mess. I'd offer to make the new thread, but there's no time to sit down and catch up on all the entire thread's last milk. The current one is >>>/snow/841232 and the one you previously had to lock for being a shit OP was >>>/snow/836002.

Again, this has only started happening since you've stopped us from making new threads after 1100.

No. 10655

I feel like this is a problem with newfag/s in the particular thread as well, maybe even the same moron twice. If a good thread was made and locked to wait it would help -maybe.

No. 10656

The issue is that newfags are impatient and copy and paste the old thread description to just have a thread up. The thread gets automatically locked after 1200 posts, you can still make a thread before the 1200 post warning, you just need to know the balance of when to post the new thread. I find the 1150-1180 post range is the golden area where farmers won’t bitch at you for making the thread too early.

No. 10657

No, unlike most people on here, he's a straight up cow.

No. 10658

File: 1563736310357.png (35.69 KB, 493x219, screenshot6.png)

Except that's not what we were told? We were specifically told to not make new threads until the last one was full. And because of that it seems like anyone decent too afraid to make the thread before that, even if they have all the new info locked and loaded ready to go past 1100. Then they miss the very specific >1200 window. This thread in particular basically already had the entire new OP written up (and posted) and multiple votes for new OP pics, and the newfag just ignored all of that to copy and paste the old OP and use literally the 2nd pic that comes up when you google "projared".

What happened with pic related was someone made a (competent) thread a good bit after 1100, people went over to the new thread and continued the convo there, that thread then got locked and we got sent back to the old thread to restart the conversation we were having on the new thread for like, <50 posts or whatever and THEN we could have the new one unlocked to then have to restart the conversation again over there. If we now have to wait until 1200, people go until it gets totally locked, then some newfag creates a new thread, and then that new thread is never actually linked in the old thread, because it's already been maxed out to the point where no one else can post.

For what purpose? I don't understand what difference it makes? I could see it being an issue if it was being done at like, 900-1000 or if it was a thread that was moving at a glacial pace past 1100 with no new milk, but the Jared/Holly threads are constantly moving? It just makes everything a giant mess. We've already had enough of an issue keeping the threads linear with people always trying to change the topic, why add this issue on top of it? If we keep having to remake the shit threads or restart the conversation over and over again perfectly good milk just falls through the cracks.

No. 10659

Its incredibly obvious when one entire side of the argument is banned and the other isn't. Pathetic.

No. 10660

but was there a decision about this anywhere? he just seems as annoying as any other troon and as shitty as those zoophiles were.

No. 10661

No. 10662

NTA, but I think it's that he's actually documented as personally harassing multiple women and children IRL, taken them to court, and ruined several of their careers for not pandering to his ball-waxing fetish that sets him apart.
I do agree the zoophiles belonged in /pt/, now that you mention it, but it's probably too late for that now.

No. 10663

He's worse. He's more /pt/ worthy than Luna or TND.

No. 10664

we basically had one during the last few months of former admin's reign and every second of it was fucking terrible, we don't need another.

No. 10665

well yea, but that goes back to my question. not saying he shouldn't or should go there, but usually mods move non-established cow threads on /pt/ within minutes unless it's been talked about.

No. 10666

Welp, it's summer, Eugenia is hot news, and the bloggers are out in force. The Shane Dawson thread is turning into r/raisedbynarcissists and the anachans are forming a hug circle in heir own thread again (as they do) to argue about food and also to keep trying to insert Eugenia.

No. 10667

Because mods ARE aware of how much of a cow he is. He isn't JUST a troon like other anon said, he does cow behaviour that goes beyond "muh transbian"
The rules haven't changed, he just actually belongs in /pt/

No. 10668

what is with the fucking ~le epic cringelord~ in shayna's thread??? they're acting like the first person to ever use a vpn to ban evade on top of it all.

No. 10669

File: 1563843492532.png (35.18 KB, 422x760, 54F51930-3EBE-45E2-8B68-C30F1A…)

Is the farmhand in charge of the Belle thread ok????

No. 10670

should be more concerned about the farmers posting that shit. what a dumpster

No. 10671

agreed. all those instances were from different days anyway and people have requested more red text.

No. 10672

Are the anons in the belle thread okay? All of those posts deserved to get redtexted. How many of them were yours?

No. 10673

Kek this.

No. 10674

File: 1563892205834.jpg (110.47 KB, 720x975, IMG_20190723_102849.jpg)

This post wasn't off topic or derailing so why was it banned. It was even saged. This is very frustrating

No. 10676

You think it might've been the blogging?

No. 10680

It was on topic about Phoebe complaining about concerts not having safe spaces for people with extreme anxiety and panic attacks. I still think it wasn't warranted since it was my only reply on that thread.

No. 10681

blogposting is against the rules and nobody cares

No. 10682

it was blogging, anon

No. 10683

>>10667 I came to /meta to find a thanks thread for putting Yaniv in the /pt. Well done mods, this cow gives full cream milk.

To anyone else to doesn't understand why he's there should maybe go read the KF thread for old milk. This guy is a horrorshow and 100% deserves to be in the /pt.

No. 10684

Ok, I'll keep that in mind

No. 10686

Seconding this. A lot of people are mistaking the 1100 notification for the 1200 one and making threads too early. Maybe instead of rewording it, it could just be taken out? Everything goes slow enough that two warnings are a little bit overkill, and a warning is only necessary once the thread is actually locked.

No. 10687

Can the mods chill the fuck out a bit? They constantly ban posts that have not broke any rules other than they disagree with what has been said. That's not how you run a discussion board and frankly getting sick of it. And it's not just my posts, happening to lots of people. Relevant discussion going on to the topic at hand and everyone gets banned. Someone asked why a cow has friends and I posted 'She has money' and then I was banned for a week with no explanation.. why?? Post did not break any rules, was saged etc. Now I've been banned again asking why a particular cow is relevant any more as she is a nobody doesn't do anything any more. Again, what rule has this broke? Sort it out please, it's pathetic.

No. 10688

I'm >>10665 and again my question was more for the mods, since it seems that they knew the status already. I was just wondering what they had to say about these situations, where cows are /pt/ material because of their status elsewhere, and how that's determined etc.

No. 10689

I’m assuming we have new mods on the team who are obnoxiously trigger happy because I’m noticing I’ll get banned for something for one day, then after that ban I’ll be banned for some other comment for three days, then banned for something else for one day and it’s like… can you relax? Just give a warning instead or maybe bundle them? The rules are so random. I’ve been banned for things others were allowed to post and then avoided banning even when I was purposely being a shithead. Makes me not want to come here as much though I doubt the mods care

No. 10690

Most anons don't have that problem. Getting banned over an over again indicates autism on your end.

No. 10691

It seems you are the problem, then? I've been on this site for idk, almost 2 years? And I can count the bans I've gotten on one hand. If you follow the rules, you'll be fine. You were also ban evading, right? Which is a surefire way to piss any mod off. You are causing your own problems, anon.

No. 10692

Yaniv is not a relatively new cow, he just hasn't had an active thread on here
There are new no mods or janitors. The Belle Delphine thread is really just that bad.
Please appeal or email me at admin@lolcow.farm if this is happening so I can look into the post and mods involved

No. 10693

Lol came here to post just this. The amount of unnecessary bans going on right now is insane. Nitpicking or blogging bans everywhere when it is relevant to the discussion and is hardly either. People get baited and then banned when they respond but the baiters/trolls that incited the fight don't? What's up with that? Depends on where the mod stands on the issue and they take sides, even encouraging the fight by banning the person being attacked and labelling it 'Autism', an actual employer would sack them immediately for such despicable behaviour. Is there not a rule that bans armchair diagnosing? which mods themselves are frequently breaking, not setting the greatest example.

No. 10694

lol i don't think they're actually diagnosing you as being autistic, anon. you might be though.

No. 10695

Don't insult me and pretend your samefagging isn't obvious. >>10687

>an actual employer would sack them immediately for such despicable behaviour.


No. 10696

File: 1563966517587.jpg (41.48 KB, 500x333, 4527714-7474432124-large.jpg)

this is the funniest post in this thread
>an actual employer would sack them immediately for such despicable behaviour.
>they do it for free

No. 10697

What do you mean ban evading? I waited for my ban to end then I was later banned again for a comment in the same thread I had made BEFORE the original ban. If you’re going to ban someone multiple times in a row for something that other people are doing it feels like a grudge. I also have been pretty blunt in my appeals before if I felt it was unfair so maybe it is a grudge.

No. 10698

File: 1563982503412.jpg (18.56 KB, 400x320, kekinputin.jpg)

>thinking Farmhands have a time limit for banning a post
You're too autistic for Lolcow, congrats.

No. 10699

I can top that. My ban expired so started posted again and was banned immediately for ban evading. Figure that on out.(samefagging, yet again.)

No. 10700

>(samefagging, yet again.)

No. 10701

are people really this stupid…? jesus christ.

No. 10703

>>10687 (Original complaint)
>>10693 (yes, samefag herp derp)
>>10699 (A continuation, my ban expired but I'm now getting banned for evasion. The ban has expired ffs)

These are my only posts, yes one is a samefag I admit. The others are not me. Are you really this stupid? I don't know if people pretending to be me to shit stir or genuinely have the same complaint and just so happen to type in the same style which doesn't help but those are my only posts. I post in lots of threads but only ever get banned in the Shay thread, and why is that?(Ban evasion)

No. 10704

This summer has been a long hot one. Do you willingly choose to not learn anything or are you really this dense?

No. 10706

You know samefagging is against the rules, right? At this point it's getting pretty obvious why you keeping getting banned, you absolute walnut.

No. 10707

Just leave for a bit, you won't win.

I've literally been banned because the retarded moderation misinterpreted what I posted or thought I was a scrote (the latter which gets appealed but is annoying nonetheless).
Just accept that the bitches can do whatever they want with impunity and lay low. It's too much effort to fight stupid shit and hopefully the next cycle won't be so retarded. It's been this way for forever.

No. 10708

is it me or is there a huge amount of transphobia and homophobia on this site?

calling trans women "troons" and even having a whole thread dedicated to mocking them when you're supposedly a female friendly imageboard, trans women ARE women. theyre born female and die female. they belong here.

also calling people fags… i thought hating gays was out of fashion now. turns out a bunch of angry women are still mad that gay men wont fuck them.

i think the admin and mods should try and make this a more inclusive place if they want more users. maybe ban hate speech of all kinds? no racism, fatphobia, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, misogyny, or any kind of whorephobia.

make this an imageboard women want to come too and realise theyre safe

peace ✌

No. 10709

learn image board culture faggot

No. 10710

File: 1564026095541.png (225.05 KB, 854x482, 9AEB58E8-113E-4DD2-BA9C-2B6250…)

No. 10711

File: 1564026441085.gif (958.51 KB, 280x217, 1558988724563.gif)

This can't be real, lmao

No. 10712

Angry troon detected

No. 10714

this post made me realize i am safe from all the BS "phobias" the troon mentioned. thanks admin/mods for making this an imageboard women want to come to!

No. 10715


why don't they just put the belle thread on autosage so everyone can jerk off over there and mods can stop chimping out and banning for nothing

if its so useless then why keep it up

No. 10716

Yeah, I feel like modding has been really inconsistent and less transparent lately

No. 10717

because belle has some interesting milk to discuss why should we just give up the thread because a bunch of autistic 14 year olds shit up the thread the whole time because theyre horny

No. 10718

ironic shitposting is still shitposting

No. 10719


"Trans women ARE women"
that's just your personal opinion, if you get so triggered by people giving their non sjw opinions, you should leave.

No. 10720

Imagine being dumb enough to ask Farmhands to stop doing their job.

No. 10721

File: 1564072198450.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, 1494108465737.gif)


Looks like since tumblr is dying a slow death, trannies and sjws are fleeing and trying to infect new places.

Fuck this shit lmao

No. 10722

I don't get why there is an anime critical thread in /m/ when the content is literally the same as the anime general on the same board. I get why it's distinct from anti anime but the discussions taking place are literally just anime general stuff.

No. 10723

Am I the only one thoroughly enjoying all the banning? Like this place has become rampant with blogging, derailing, newfaggotry, and infighting and we all know it's because it's summer. Summer fags always shit up the place for awhile but this has been ridiculous so thank fucking god the farmhands have stepped in to curb their fucking autism. If they have to learn the hard way how to properly integrate, so be it, and if they can't do so, they can fuck off. If you are being banned often, you are the fucking problem. Plenty of us farmers are doing fine with no bans this summer because we actually follow the rules. Stop shitposting and learn how to integrate and you'll be fine.

Keep it up, farmhands. I'm sick of having to wade through all the garbage in my favourite threads because people can't seem to read the damn rules and observe board culture.

No. 10724

for the same reason kpop and kpop critical exist.

No. 10725

Everyone knows kpop critical is just a euphemism for anti kpop. It's not the same vibe as this new anme critical thread. Anime critical is just a regular anime general where you don't have to rave or rant, it's just an anime general.

No. 10726

File: 1564084569525.jpeg (54.65 KB, 625x626, E4B8AA3F-E6D2-4654-ACE6-2AABC9…)

No. 10727

The moderators here have always been excessively ban happy, nothing to do with summer. Also you forgot to sage your post, ban incoming..

No. 10728

you sound really salty and newfaggy. farmhands are always more strict in the summer. any oldfag knows this

No. 10729

>implying you can get banned for not sageing on fucking /meta/
hello newfag. did you come from shay's thread?

No. 10730

Hey mods sorry if this isn't the right thread to post this but can you guys please ban me permanently? Thanks.

No. 10731

No. 10732


Should all discussion of Yaniv be in his thread now? Anons in the GC thread continue to discuss Yaniv in the context of GC topics and no one is really discussing him in his thread which is why I questioned starting the thread in the first place.

No. 10733

Request to autosage or lock the Kelly and Chompurrs thread? I know it doesn't get bumped very often, but I don't see the point in her still being able to get attention on here when she wants it.

No. 10736

jesus fuck i can't wait till the summerfags are gone

No. 10738

So mods are watching Kevin and Lori self post in their cow thread on /w/ right? I really hope if you tag the posts that we can put in a fat image, it would really piss them off.

No. 10739

Admin has said/agreed they think autosaging threads is pointless and not actually improving thread quality/cop out solution

So why is the shay thread on autosage?

(Yes, I know it's full of shit posters and low quality posts; but autosage doesn't seem to have fixed this or any other thread, so it ends up just being an annoyance to scroll down to it in the catalog). I know some sperg was shitting it up again, but spergs happen around the site all the time – there's no way autosaging gets rid of them if they put in the effort to keep ban-evading

No. 10740

If moderating isn't stopping the spergs, the thread should just be locked. No need to do autosage as we all know it doesn't do shit. The better solution to all this is removing the thing spergs wanna talk about.

No. 10741

Don't really agree with this either if the sperging isn't leaking out of the thread in question to a massive degree. Almost all cows/flakes end up with spergs; locking the thread/subject over that would leave the entire site bare.

This also punishes users who are not part of the sperg and just enjoy following the petty drama, as well as promotes the idea that you can have your thread removed as long as you get enough WKs to come be problemic enough for you.

Historically I can't think of a flake or cow in snow or pt your proposed solution wouldn't have left a locked thread to.

Also think it'll just make the remaining non spergs and contributing anons leave or discourage quality posts. No point in adding to the discussion when the actions of a few loud anons can have the entire thing taken away because they aren't adhering to punishment. And I have no doubts most of those spergs are more persistent and planning to stick around past thread lock than the average poster.

No. 10742

tbh… she deserves the anisa treatment.

No. 10743

I did say if the moderation isn't working, aka there is an overwhelming amount of ban evading spergs and the thread is unsalvageable. I was not saying remove threads with any amount of spergs…

No. 10745

can someone please ban the male sperging all over /ot/?

No. 10747

Just noticed that the scrote who made the dick thread in /ot/ got banned.

Why is the thread even still up though?Seriously why should we have to look at a greasy dick.

No. 10748

The posts and screenshots without proof in the TND thread is getting fucking annoying because it turns all the anons against each other and especially because TND and her mom just pass them off as being fake. People then keep posting repetitive "proof??" "fake!" posts. And this has been happening since way back in those threads.
It should maybe be required to screen record messages like the anon did with her father's messages. It shouldn't be a huge inconvenience to someone to just post a quick video like that. Consider it being a bannable offense. I also recognize farmhands probably have worse to deal with, though.

No. 10749

They never delete threads they've banned people over. It's been bugging me as well.

No. 10750

Taylor thread is utter shit right now. What can you do mods?

Weird bullshit screenshots coming in, that have no context/no milk. People going on about her random stans, wont shut up about speculation on turtlemom_

It's retarded.

No. 10751


Yes, they do. It appears that Farmhands can lock threads but only Admin can delete.

No. 10752

I love this section and I’m so grateful that admin and farmhands actually read/reply.

Sometimes genuine critique can be found, sometimes the tard mik here is better than /pt/. This last week for some reason has been extra fun.

I know when it’s entertaining to us it’s annoying for administration so thanks. It’s been an extra /meta/ entertaining summer!

No. 10754

Anachan General is now an official trash fire. Idk if it's worth reporting any one thing now, I know some of it's redtexted but the derailing rages on.

Ugh yes, I've reported a lot of those stan twitter screencap posts, no redtext but they've stopped so I'm assuming bans happened?

No. 10756

i agree with this, though i wish anons would let admin/farmhands reply instead of just passive aggressively replying themselves.

No. 10757

I think a mod misunderstood my report? I thought the term "handmaiden" was banned on here (or maybe it was last year for hellweek?) I would never report someone for simply disagreeing with me. Banning on here is all over the place.

No. 10759

Miranda thread is really in the toilet. Can we purge the baby muslimas, they're fucking terrible.

No. 10760

Could something be done about the retarded pedo sperg on /ot/? She (because I want to believe it's only one sped) keeps derailing every fucking thread with pedo accusations/pedo rambling over literally nothing and I can't even decide anymore if it's someone baiting or actually being obnoxious about their obsession with pedos.

No. 10761

File: 1564472129691.png (183.43 KB, 499x311, i-dont-understand-this.png)

Can mods explain the logic of why "Cosplay & Convention General" doesn't belong in /w/? One anon (I assume the one who reported it needing to be moved) said /w/ was only for cows but the board info says
>the following topics and cows:
>Cosplay or costhots
>drama related to any individual or group with an obsession with Japanese culture or a particular trend

Topics of discussion specified include
>Regional Conventions/Cows/Dramu
>Convention Horror Stories
>Seagull Nostalgia/Vintage Milk

& there's other community/general threads that are still there
>Western Vocaloid Community
>Animecore / Early Web Communities
>Gaijin Gyaru
>Lolita Lolcows
>Net-idol/Dance Cover Groups Drama General

It meets every one of the criteria listed above but it still got moved to /g/ immediately. The only criteria it vaguely fits for /g/ is "girly" and "fashion", both of which seem like a stretch/are subjective. Gyaru and Lolita fit those criteria better, even. The board is named "vloggers, lolita, cosplay"…but a Cosplay thread doesn't belong there? Not trying to criticize or anything but I made sure to read all of the rules and info for the board before creating it, so I'm just trying to understand where I went wrong. Should the board rules/info be changed maybe then, if it is only for cows and not for other drama? I tried to make it as general as possible so the Costhot thread wouldn't get clogged with non-thot cosplay drama/personal cows. It's just very confusing.

No. 10762

Not a mod but I'm pretty sure it's because /w/ is a drama board and not a general bathroom talk board.

No. 10763

What happened to the lilith levisis thread? It‘s gone?

No. 10764

Was wondering the same thing

No. 10765

Because those generals are not to discuss and talk about your favorite things in regards to those topics and make friends, but to laugh at and mock their participants.
/g/ is for conversation on fashion, stuff like friend finder generals, health/beauty, relationship stuff, personal hobbies, etc.

No. 10767

i think anon made it to be a cosplay/con drama thread. if anything shouldn't it go in /m/?

No. 10768


It wasn't archived, either.

No. 10769

It had questions like "What's your dream cosplay?" or "What cons are you going to?", which isn't really drama-related, and since it involves doing stuff IRL (going to conventions), /m/ might not be the best fit either. A regional cows, seagull nostalgia/milk and/or con horror thread alone might have worked for /w/, though. It's just that other, personal blog sort of stuff was added in.
It's kind of regrettable that the gifs/images died when the thread was moved, but the move itself made sense IMO.

No. 10770

I personally think that "con drama" sounds like an /ot/ board, simply because not all cons are anime cons.

No. 10771

Agreed, sounds like /ot/ material to me.

No. 10772

There was an unfortunate error that caused the thread to be deleted. It was (mostly) recovered, but only as a static page. Any anon who follows her threads is more than welcome to create a new updated one. The static page is https://lolcow.farm/snow/832303.html

No. 10773

Can we lock/delete the new Momokun thread and let anyone who's actually capable of doing it make a new one before everyone starts posting?

The summary of what happened 'recently' is shit that happened over a month ago and plenty of things have happened since. Plus, there have been plenty of people who actually wanted other picutres to be used in the OP and someone actually put effort into making a decent edit.

No. 10774

Also came here to say this. It’s garbage through and through.

No. 10775

File: 1564587340910.gif (2 MB, 480x368, or.gif)

>/w/ is a drama board and not a general bathroom talk board
It literally doesn't say that anywhere though, not in the board rules or the board info. It says "TOPICS and cows [relating to cosplay]" not "cows only" or "drama only". You're just making up rules that don't exist. What about Cosplay is bathroom talk? There's drama in cosplay that doesn't have to do with costhots, so where are we supposed to discuss it? Because it would derailing/ot to do it in the costhot thread.

>but to laugh at and mock their participants
>Regional Conventions/Cows/Dramu
>Convention Horror Stories
>Seagull Nostalgia/Vintage Milk
Also the other "Drama General" threads do talk about general stuff. You can't discuss multiple cows in that community without discussing/understanding the community overall. You can't talk about Regional Drama without acknowledging regional conventions. You can't talk about Con Horror Stories, unless you talk about conventions in general. You can't talk about Vintage Milk unless you're talking about the community itself. That's why those other points are included in the op. None of these threads exists in a vacuum.
>/g/ is for conversation on fashion, stuff like friend finder generals, health/beauty, relationship stuff, personal hobbies, etc.
It doesn't meet any of those criteria. No where on /g/ does it say it's a board for personal hobbies. If cosplay met any of that criteria, then why have a whole separate board for it in the first place? /w/ says it's for "cosplay, lolita, or any group with an obsession with Japanese culture".

>it should go in /g/
>it should go in /m/
>it should go in /ot/

Again….how is the simplest/most correct solution not "Put the Cosplay thread on the Cosplay board"? Why is the board called "Cosplay" if we can't talk about cosplay?

No. 10776

i agree /w/ should be more like /cgl/ lite if anything. lets put more generals and stuff in it. the only ""general"" we have atm is a costhot thread.

No. 10777

I was excited when we got a Cosplay board because I thought it'd be like /cgl/ again (back when /cgl/ was fun and not dead). Even the pinned post on there makes it seem like that's what it's supposed to be? Esp if the board is called cosplay and lolita, and the pinned post basically mirrors /cgl/'s. I don't understand why cosplay would be ot there.

>I personally think that "con drama" sounds like an /ot/ board, simply because not all cons are anime cons.
This may be the stupidest thing I've read in a long time. What other type of conventions would we be talking about on this website? Business conventions?

No. 10778

NTA but uhm… gaming and comic book conventions do exist and people go there in cosplay …?

No. 10780

>NTA but uhm… gaming and comic book conventions do exist and people go there in cosplay …?
Again, one of the stupidest things I've read. If people go to them in cosplay, why wouldn't they fall under the category of "Conventions & Cosplay"? The discussion was about conventions where people cosplay >>10770 op was the only one who ever even mentioned "anime". Conventions it a catch-all term.

No. 10781

You must have been lost when we were discussing /w/'s existence. Look at the older /meta/ threads talking about it.
It was always meant to be a drama board. No one wants to dig through "Post your favorite cosplay" or "Dress up game general" stuff when they're trying to navigate to a thread about an actual cow or flake. That kind of thing has its place. Otherwise, /snow/ could just become /ot/ with no problem.
Personal blogging and circlejerking doesn't mix with drama. If it's this dire, just make your thread in CC, ffs.

No. 10782

You must have been lost when we were discussing /w/'s existence. Look at the older /meta/ threads talking about it. And like, did you even read:
Threads not dedicated to drama can go to /ot/ for discussion.
It's right there. No one would have told you to fuck off to /w/ if you had just made the thread in /ot/ or /m/, because that's ostensibly where something like that belongs.
It was always meant to be a drama board. No one wants to dig through "Post your favorite cosplay" or "Dress up game general" stuff when they're trying to navigate to a thread about an actual cow or flake. That kind of thing has its place. Otherwise, /snow/ could just become /ot/ with no problem.
Personal blogging and circlejerking doesn't mix with drama. If it's this dire, just make your thread in CC, ffs.

No. 10783

>wanted to delete first post to keep the second with the quote from the sticky
>"Wrong password…"
>notice the password field is empty
RIP, sorry for spam

No. 10784


for anyone that was wondering, the new Lilith thread is live now.

No. 10785

it should be in /snow/ not /pt/

No. 10786

she's not a /pt/ cow, newfag

No. 10787

i was trying to say that we should have more dramu generals on /w/ you asshat. the thread can be split between cosplay drama and fun at cons general

No. 10788

>And like, did you even read
Did you read the rest of the pinned post where it says "topics" and "cosplay" or did you just look at one sentence there at the very bottom?

>Threads not dedicated to drama can go to /ot/ for discussion.

But it is about drama and it didn't go to /ot/ so this is irrelevant on all fronts.

>You must have been lost when we were discussing /w/'s existence. Look at the older /meta/ threads talking about it.

So you're saying we shouldn't follow the rules written by mods on the board rules page or the pinned post of the board itself, but the actual "secret menu" rules are the ones a bunch of anons said months ago before the board even existed? Got it, thanks for clearing that up. I guess I'll report any /w/ questions directly to you in the future and not mods.

>No one wants to dig through "Post your favorite cosplay" or "Dress up game general" stuff

I don't even know what kind of sperging you're doing here. Do you think people are going to go into a thread about a cow and go "THIS IS MY FAV COSPLAY"? "Dress up game general" has nothing to do with what we're talking about, and already has a thread in /m/ so…..another "irrelevant on all fronts" thing.

>when they're trying to navigate to a thread about an actual cow or flake.

Did you know there's a catalogue? Where you can just find the board you're looking for? Did you know you can just hide boards you don't want to see instead of throwing a full blown temper tantrum when your feelings get hurt by other people enjoying something that isn't exclusively what you enjoy? Did you know not everything's about you?

No. 10790

>Did you read the rest of the pinned post where it says "topics" and "cosplay" or did you just look at one sentence there at the very bottom?
"Topics" and "cosplay" would relate directly to drama, not circlejerking. Reading comprehension.

>But it is about drama and it didn't go to /ot/ so this is irrelevant on all fronts.

Evidently not. It literally started with things unrelated to drama. Just make separate threads.

>So you're saying we shouldn't follow the rules written by mods on the board rules page or the pinned post of the board itself,

You clearly didn't do either of those things, otherwise you wouldn't have missed that very obvious part I highlighted, so I don't know why you're arguing from this standpoint of "I did everything right and you're just being MEAN".

>I don't even know what kind of sperging you're doing here. Do you think people are going to go into a thread about a cow and go "THIS IS MY FAV COSPLAY"? "Dress up game general" has nothing to do with what we're talking about, and already has a thread in /m/ so…..another "irrelevant on all fronts" thing.

Again, reading comprehension. It relates directly to you wanting /w/ to be full of non-drama content all because you couldn't read. "This is my fav cosplay" is literally along the lines one of the very first topics in your thread ("dream cosplay"). The second is linked to the fact that the dress up game general would typically fall under "weeb shit".

>Did you know there's a catalogue?

That's no excuse to flood a board with a very specific purpose with unrelated shit.
It's ironic that you'd accuse me of throwing a temper tantrum and add on all this stuff about "feelings" just because I explained why your thread was moved. It wasn't even deleted, and you weren't banned. It was just moved for not fitting the actual purpose of the board, which flew over your head, and now you're here yelling and complaining that you followed the rules (which you didn't), and that even if you did not, the rules should be changed for your sake when we already have like three other boards which easily would've accommodated this very same thread.

>Did you know not everything's about you?

This is the main thing you should've asked yourself before coming here to piss and moan.
The mods just weren't in the wrong here, sorry. I promise you can and will recover from this traumatic event.

No. 10791

File: 1564661231355.jpg (52.25 KB, 526x512, notthatdeep.jpg)

ntayrt but holy shit do you need to calm down.
>That's no excuse to flood a board with a very specific purpose with unrelated shit.
>"flooding" the cosplay board with one single thread about cosplay
We're literally talking about one thread among dozens on a board…a board about cosplay. If it hurts your butt that much to have to look at one thread where people are talking about something you don't want to talk about just hide it fam just don't look at it's not that deep lmao. Never seen autism like this in my life. I'm so sorry your parents didn't prepare you for a world that doesn't revolve around you.

No. 10793

File: 1564664704036.jpg (21.57 KB, 320x320, g2g2zbguu1v13rxd_540.jpg)

Look, you can call me "butthurt" or project as much as you want, but that won't change the very basic fact that boards have specific purposes. Threads are moved if they don't fit that. /w/ is not just a general board, and a simple look at the threads in it or at the sticky would've gleamed that. Nowhere does it say "Discuss your dream cosplays and cons you're going to attend". You misread the rules or misinterpreted it that way? That's fine. Mistakes happen. Just put the thread somewhere more fitting. It is what it is. No one was harmed by this.
It's not about me or what I want, as I'm not the admin. I'm just quoting the rules that you seem to have missed.
Deal with it. Or, keep getting mad at farmhands for doing their jobs, I guess.

No. 10795

Can y’all delete >>120606 like immediately? It’s some gross scote feeder quiz.

No. 10796

there's a scrote posting literal loli porn in the pink-pill and radfem threads, i reported it already but please be warned not to interact w/the scrote, just report and go.

No. 10797

There's an idiot baiting people in the ProJared/Holly Conrad/DCA/GG thread and they won't shut the hell up.

No. 10798

So, all you've done is basically point out the rule page is not clear enough, which, nice catch. Anything you're sperging about beyond that point is basically why /w/ is a drama only board and not a weeb safehaven for people like you to blogpost. Everyone else in this /meta/ thread could tell where the topics you mentioned should go, it was just you who didn't get it bc you are either a newfag or were somehow not around for the /w/ board creation discussion.

No. 10799

nta but fuck you and anyone else who does this shit. we are asking mods/admin, not salty cunts. go wash the sand out of your vag.

No. 10800

Ok pwincess, go ahead and wait to speak to the manager.

No. 10801

did you make the board? if you're going to admit that the rules are vague why would your input mean anything? this isn't the dumbass shit thread.

No. 10803

NTA, but it shows that even though the rules are vague, those of us who aren't new or inattentive still understood board culture well enough to know what does and doesn't belong.
If you can't relate, that's your problem, not the site's, and complaints about that would actually go in the dumbass shit thread.

No. 10804

it's not your decision what goes ITT. lol become a mod if you want to bitch about what you deem valid. also if you look at some of the threads on /w/ they are a fucking mess anyway. nothing worth protecting.

No. 10805

Newfag confirmed. No one's bitching but you.
>nothing worth protecting
Then find another site, lmao.

No. 10806

>Do not make threads on subjects under the age of 16.

I would like to post in the Celebricows thread about Foxy Brown (rapper). It's debatable whether the child she posts on instagram is even hers. Is this okay because she is a celebrity and the child isn't the subject of a thread?

No. 10807

Yeah, that's fine.

No. 10808

File: 1564855757398.gif (189.44 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

>Ok pwincess, go ahead and wait to speak to the manager.
Christ YES that's what we're trying to do but you won't shut the fuck up. That's literally what this thread is for, are you lost? Why the fuck would we listen to you? You literally don't have any authority on anything, you're just an anon shitting your pants over one singular thread. You're attempting to mini-mod the entire concept of a board with your own butthurt, over ONE thread. You're doing the equivalent of standing at the customer service desk of a Staples and screaming at customers who are trying to ask an employee if they sell staples, about how having one box of staples at a store named Staples is FLOODING THE STORE WITH STAPLES and NOT WHAT THE STORE IS ABOUT. Are you such a newfag that you not know how any of this works? Or are you just so self obsessed that you think every single interaction on this site HAS to revolve around you and your opinions?

No. 10809

File: 1564857260349.jpg (Spoiler Image, 153.1 KB, 948x1179, 1528688149705.jpg)

No. 10810

This ties with >>10708 for my favorite tantrums in this thread.

No. 10815

Someone is spaming with prostitute photos i guess

No. 10818

Baitfag is back spamming the ProJared/Holly Conrad/DCA/GG thread.

No. 10819

My fucking sides holy shit

No. 10821

i regret trying to defend you.

No. 10824

File: 1564978913400.png (22.58 KB, 1152x320, plz.PNG)

this isn't my post but fucking really? this is a known bug when the site goes down. wtf?

No. 10825

I think the new farmhands don't actually know much about lolcow based off of the things they've allowed and banned people for. I also think some of them argue with users and then look for a reason to redtext/ban them. But I could be wrong. All I know is for whatever reason it's been more annoying than usual to discuss in threads but I don't think much can be done about it until this phase of lolcow is over.

No. 10828

What‘s up with >>>/g/84480 slowly becoming an anachan circlejerk?
Is that really necessary?

No. 10829

jesus christ it’s literally just a myproana accountability thread at this point

No. 10830

the anachans have been gathering all summer and I'll bet there's a solid crossover with the /snow/ thread. time to purge our hungry friends again?

No. 10831

I just wanna say bless the fucking based Farmhand cleaning the shit show in Pheobe's thread right now. Holy shit. Where did all these retards come from? The milk right now is amazing, her insta got deleted from her nasty ass personality - but all these fucks are clogging the thread with shit. Fuck yes, thank you for banning them all. This is wild.

No. 10832

No fucking kidding. I couldn't believe how many posts I saw encouraging cowtipping/writing to IG about not letting her have her account back. This bitch destroys herself without our help.

No. 10834

Can farmhands do something the threads in /snow/? It's either necromancy by the cow herself or starting shitty threads with no proof of milk.

No. 10835

The best way to get attention to a thread is to report it. We'll deal with it if we need to.

No. 10836

Amazing how many times this has to be brought up and yet it repeatedly gets glossed over with things like "you guys just don't see what the mods do".

Unfortunately with how absolutely shitty the site got under the reign of the past admin, anything current admin+mods do right now is an upgrade, including this.

No. 10840

It's not even my posts but how come in the 8chan thread in /ot/ the trad /pol/tard wasnt redtexted but farmers responding to him in sensible ways were redtexted? I understand banning for responding to bait but I legit saw someone get redtexted for "racebaiting" for saying that White Nationalists are shooting people.

No. 10842

I think they're skittish about race being mentioned at all. I disagree with this ban as well, 8chan got shut down due to racially-motivated mass shooting so how is it derailment to talk about white supremacists? That is who the shooter was…

No. 10843

That user was banned and had their posts deleted. If you're still seeing the posts manually refresh the thread.

No. 10846

i disagree, new admin and new mods are definitely worse. maybe not worse then when old admin was in the process of jumping ship, but new admin hasn't changed anything for the better. when shit like >>10824 happens and no one acknowledges a fuck up and just silently deletes/unbans, that's a bad system.

No. 10847

the amount of blogging going on in the last little while is absolutely insane, but good on the mods for taking care of that shit so quickly every time

No. 10848

I'd have to agree. New admin has been banning people left, and right for things that are just fucking retarded, while simultaneously letting other things slide.

No. 10849

I'm overall pleased with a lot of the changes new admin has made, but it might be good to own up and apologize for fuckups instead of sweeping shit under the rug. On one hand maybe it's being done so the mods don't feel embarrassed but the way things are makes the users trust the mod team less.

No. 10851

can the Itsybitsychu/Theresa Eng thread be locked? The only time it's bumped is when a bunch of maleposters share her unspoilered nudes.

No. 10852


Ditto. This has been going on for 22 hours.

No. 10853

they should be embarrassed and get called out. mods do this for free so without accountability they have no incentive to fix anything. it's not like them getting "fired" means anything.

No. 10854

>Thinking admin is the only one banning people.
How new are you?

No. 10856

What the hell is going on in the Miranda/kanadajinsan3 thread? Mods pls help.

No. 10857

they clearly meant under the new rules. you esl or?

No. 10859

The problem is Miranda is not the only retard in the thread now. It used to be an easy dynamic between non-retarded posters and Miranda, but now that there are two or more retards discoursing in there, it's wall to wall retardation.

Alkanadiya Hellweek, pls.

No. 10862

I've been using lolcow since the days of its inception and for the past few years have really found myself falling out of love with the site, largely due to how it's run. If there are any other long term users left out there, am I alone or does anyone else feel this way?

1. I feel like, while I think the pink pill type threads where originally meant to act as containment threads, they're in reality seeming to attract a specific type of new member. The frequent use of words like 'scrot' or 'handmaiden', and derailing into radfem discourse just feels excessive and annoying. I'm not saying the points being made aren't important topics or good points, i'm not trying to make a comment on the actual content of them at all, but it's similar to race-related derailing. While the topic may be important, it's no less annoying. Around 2015/2016, threads would frequently dissolve into debates about race relations until a ban was put on unrelated race related discussion - I feel like a similar thing should be done to topics regarding radical feminism, and I think there should be a discussion of how many people actually want the pink pill type threads on the board. I feel like it may work better to just have one of this type of thread, we currently have: pink pill thread (number 26), gender critical, radical feminism, friending a troon, which all really heavily overlap. I feel like having loads of boards about pretty much the same topic isn't serving the site well.

2. I also feel like the splitting of boards is quite counterintuitive and confusing. There is no real distinction between threads that belong on /ot/ and /g/, and /m/was a board that overwhelmingly people did not want, which overlaps a lot with /ot/. I feel like spreading it out so much slows down the site traffic and it would make more sense to shrink the number of boards and limit repetitive threads.
I think having /w/ be a separate board is a really strange and unnecessary decision considering the nature of the site. Weebs and cows/snowflakes are obviously not mutually exclusive so I don't understand why they are a distinct category. The point of the site was weeb type cows so if anything it should be other variations of cows that have a separate board. I feel like /snow/ and /pt/ being now mostly full of just youtubers really changed the audience and feel of the site.
This is small but I also think it's strange that [ot/g/m] appears first, in front of [pt/snow/w] when the latter is supposed to be the main topic of the site, I think it would make more sense to have it the other way round but idk if it will actually make a difference to anything

3. I also feel like there is a huge problem with over moderation, and that moderation seems to be quite inconsistent. Things like 'hi cow' or 'underated post', while i get contribute nothing and are annoying, really don't happen that frequently and were not banned in the early years of lolcow - do people really feel like this rule has improved the quality of this site? I find the red text and banning over these small mistakes more annoying than the actual posts themselves and only deter new users and traffic from the site. However, things like blogposting for example is actually much more derailing and is currently out of control across the board and for some reason doesn't appear to be being dealt with by mods?
I also don't enjoy the concept of banned threads. For example the Anisa thread (and a few years back the Berry thread), are not threads I had any interest in, but I feel objectively were no different in ~quality~ than the majority of threads in this board. I feel like there was never really a real reason given for them being banned, and that the small (if any) benefit in banning them is hugely outweighed by the negative precedent that even having banned threads (on cows) sets. It just goes against the entire ethos of the 'anything goes' nature that the site originally had.

There's more things, but this is already so long…. but does anyone else feel like this?

No. 10863

I've been saying this for a while, but users who have only been here for the past 2 years whine about "newfags". I hate all the radfem/pinkpill shit now because while those users are generally fine, the newfag users that come for those threads are awful little shitbags that never shut the fuck up. you can definitely tell who is who, and it's those users that make the pinkpill threads so lame with their sperging. I also agree about the weebshit whining.I feel that too many users on the site are quick to brush off it's roots as if anything they don't like should suddenly stop existing.

All in all I think the major shift is the new userbase, but I guess that's just how the site is going. Sometimes I go on /cgl/ but it's a fucking hugbox hellhole by now and there is nothing to do. I've really seen a big shift in just the past year or 2 that's actually noticeable and it's just people who haven't been here that long that don't notice it.

It almost makes me miss Regina and that era

No. 10864

>the newfag users that come for those threads are awful little shitbags that never shut the fuck up. you can definitely tell who is who, and it's those users that make the pinkpill threads so lame with their sperging.

the twitter/tumblr/instagram overlap has absolutely wrecked this. cant make a joke without fear of someone getting pissed for whatever woke reason. i get trying to keep the peace to a point that it remains functional but id rather just cut the infection out altogether.

oh god big fat regina lmao

No. 10865

We are aware of this issue and working on a way to eliminate radfem overflow.

No. 10866

anon I'm 100% with you on point 1. their debates and terms now infest many threads. we purged anachans then munchies for bleeding throughout the site the same way.

No. 10867

>>10865 I hope that’s true, but honestly I doubt that - the behaviour of the mods and admins is the exact opposite of that, they’re clearly sympathetic to that population of the board. I’ve seen mods themselves use terms like ‘scrot’ themselves In red text very recently

No. 10868

in all fairness, men were never allowed on this site, and calling someone a scrot isn't a radfem thing.

No. 10869

Men were always kind of discouraged as an unspoken thing, but actually banning men came about from the r9k raid. Scrot was never used here until pretty recently and originated (on this site) from the rad fem related boards

No. 10870

people were actually talking about how dumb and annoying the word scrot was a couple months back and then it became commonplace suddenly

No. 10871

It's not just the radfem spergs ruining the site, we've also gotten a flood of libfems but both groups are olympic class professionals at shitting up the discussion to talk about their hurt feelings. I didn't use to mind radfem stuff appearing in /ot/, but it's literally taken over every thread and the posters keep getting more comfortable being aggressive. It's not just that they hate men, I sure as hell do too, but they tend to be unnecessarily hostile towards other women for whatever bullshit reason their woke brains can come up with. The moralfagging is out of control and it's impossible to keep up a conversation about anything even slightly controversial because they will immediately jump at any chance to attack other anons over nothing. The anime hate is especially strange seeing how most of the original userbase migrated from cgl and now we got people having a panic attack over anything even slightly weebish.

No. 10872

What's with the old dude picture spam? Lol

No. 10873

File: 1565365707504.png (181.79 KB, 900x573, braco[3].png)

Stop it, Janny.

No. 10874

Agree with the moralfagging. The points made are sound but there are anons who derail everything into an anti-porn discussion, even on /g/ and /m/. In the anime critical thread for example there were anons talking about porn for some reason. We already have the kinkshaming thread and while I don't disagree with the actual content of the post, it would be better for the board if all anti-porn discourse was contained within that thread.

No. 10876

>New admin has been banning people left, and right for things that are just fucking retarded, while simultaneously letting other things slide

>they clearly meant under the new rules. you esl or?

learn how to read before calling other anons esl

No. 10877

This so much.
I‘m at a point that I don’t even want to spend time on /ot/ anymore because it‘s gotten such a ‘if you don’t want to kill every man you’ve ever talked to you cater to the patriarchy and are part of the problem’-mentality that it makes me feel guilty for having a boyfriend or even interacting with men in a non-hostile way.
I’m all for radical feminism and hating men and the patriarchy but damn, there are other things in life.

And /g/ is slowly starting to go into the same direction.

No. 10878

No. 10879

NTA but I doubt anon meant admin herself is banning people. Now stop with the OT nitpicking.

Found the newfag.

I agree with all this. I am just so shocked at how much the site changed in a short time.

I also wish that since we have /snow/ and /w/ that someone fucking moves the threads. We have holly in /snow/ but she claims to draw anime, and that star wars cosplayer should be in /snow/ because cosplay isn't automatically weebshit. I am also extremely weirded out by the general hostility towards other women on the board, which is lightly masked by claims of feminism. Calling someone a "handmaiden" or "pick me" doesn't seem very feminist. I have seen those terms used to try and kill discussion too, or when anons respond with "imagine defending men" to any comment that's not talking about any man negatively.

Also anons who use terms like "scrote" or "handmaiden" automatically sound like unintelligent men whining about "cunts" and "normies", just saying.

No. 10880

NTA but tell me a time when men were welcome here?

No. 10881

We used to have robot containment threads and some /cgl/ tripfags used the site at one point (on anon here but they always talked about it on /cgl/) Men first started getting temp banned for posting about wanting to fuck cows, it was really bad in cosplay cow threads. Like anon said, we didn't actually make it a rule until after Spoony kept initiating /r9k/ raids. This was all right after staminarose went down and before the Shoe cuck mod.

No. 10882

File: 1565406512968.png (460.22 KB, 1845x765, retarded.png)

Why?? This thread is a garbage fire most of the time without the mods banning people for having basic conversations. And that's what this was, blogposting is allowed on /ot/. Admin get your weeb ass out of akiba for 5 minutes and hire some mods who aren't 5 years old.

No. 10883

File: 1565406791073.jpeg (29 KB, 640x480, images (20).jpeg)

lolcow admin candid

No. 10884

was that your ban? that was a really stupid bait generalization.

No. 10885

That person is an obsessively dedicated sperg on /ot/ lol, they get banned like every day

No. 10886

Nothing against you or new comers in general, but this is kind of what I’m talking about as I feel like a lot of new users have this impression. The way the mods have let the radfem overflow bleed through the entire site and allowed many threads of essentially the exact same topic, plus the fact that we banned men - we were no longer a site that just has a mostly female user base but became like The Radfem Image Board That Banned Men, and I think that has led us to attract an extremely niche kind of new visitor and why lolcow is the way it is now. Honestly the radfem thing is only a small part of it to me though, I felt lolcow was changing a lot ages ago even before tempcow, I think when the onision threads were a big deal here too that attracted another undesirable large group of users (pre teen ex onision fans) which also permanently changed the feel of lolcow. I don’t know if the turn away from the weeby cow types lolcow focused on originally is more to do with the moderation or just the way the site is going naturally but I really miss the 2014 and beginning of of 2015 golden era. I feel like the site really had something good going for it and I wish the admins had done more to preserve it but we’ve had terrible admin after terrible admin unfortunately who have all been very heavy handed in changing things (despite many claiming they would stick to the ethos of the site), not listened to users, and ended up totally alienating their core user base and attracting niche undesirable groups

No. 10887

The Onision threads were really a turn for the worst. I also miss the golden era and I miss being able to be more nitpicky.

It wasn't my ban but I just cringed at the weird ban reason.

No. 10888

Same! Banning ‘nitpicking’ was so stupid because of A) how subjective it is B) it kills discussion and slows down the traffic, the site was a lot faster in the early days because of the petty nitpicking and discussion resulting from that, I miss it it was funny and light hearted C) that’s literally all the site is, if you want to ban nitpicking then you may as well just close down lolcow

No. 10889

not the oldest user here but i get the sentiment. ive been on lolcow for 5 years, there is a difference no doubt. but at some point its tiring to entertain bullshit posts. nitpicking isnt furthering conversation. its beating a dead horse and fucking annoying. people come in thinking that they have new insight as to why cow is a narc because of insert whatever bloggy reason they think is new and never been stated before. why is it so important that a thread has a new post every two minutes? i would rather something die down until there is new and interesting stuff that comes up.

it absolutely can be lighthearted but idiots are shitting up the place because they feel their personal insight will change the way people view someone and will cowtip til the sun comes up just for a screenshot. seeing someone bitch about being silenced because they believe that their personal experience that coincides with a cow makes them special and exempt from blogging is laughable. trash attracts trash

No. 10890

I agree with you, I think we may have different definitions of nitpicking. I think anything that incorporates blog posting or cow tipping is detrimental to discussion (and has always been against the rules) which seems to be more what your talking about, but the more petty and less hug boxy discussions that there used to be is what I miss

No. 10891

It's a bad ban imo as well. Blogging isn't an issue on /ot/…

I'd agree to an extent but then there's mentally ill anons who wanna zoom in on Onion's pores for no reason (we all know he has bad skin) or try to measure his dick size through sweatpants. Ultimately it might be better to have a slower thread than have posts like that populating the discussion.

No. 10893

No. I'd rather have a slow site than a site full of speds who scream about Momokun's "boob vein". It attracts an audience of people who don't have patience for more material and end up getting obsessed with the cow, becoming cows themselves. Most normal people don't want to scroll through 50 "Oh my god she's such a fat fuck look at her drinking that coke in the IG story LMAO" replies, the threads shouldn't be your fucking diary for unfiltered thoughts. I don't know why anyone would WANT nitpicking to be allowed because it's so stupid, like do you really want to see replies whining about someone's ribcage shape or whatever skinwalking autism has been going on in the Dakota thread for the past 5 years? It's not "funny and lighthearted", it's cringeworthy and annoying.


The people complaining about their bans most likely deserve it, I've been posting here for 5 years and I've never been banned.

No. 10894

That anon was probably necessaryspeed4 and thats why they got banned. shes been ban evading for months.

No. 10895

I got a ban (expired) for something I didnt write and it's no where near my IP location. About furries which is not a thing I care or even talk about lol.

I don't care about the ban as it was expired l, but maybe it happened to others or is a glitch.

No. 10896

Then just quietly delete the post without calling it out. People either wouldn't notice or just think it was a troll. But when it gets redtexted with something that calls out blogposting it just looks stupid.

No. 10897

>Calling someone a "handmaiden" or "pick me" doesn't seem very feminist
No offense but imageboard and being PC isn’t the top priority. The use of “retard” and “autism” is cultural ffs, which isn’t woke by any mean. Calling a pick me a pick me is just true lol If women can’t be criticized for being retarded then is it really feminist?

No. 10898

if you're using a vpn or on mobile it's just IP cycling

No. 10899

You totally ignored my point good job. It was a criticism of how users shit on each other constantly with gender based insults (especially on /ot/), yet many users claim to be feminist.

No. 10901

Nta but who tf cares? This isn't a feminist board, it never has been and it never will be. We can insult eachother how we want. Those might not even be the same users.

No. 10902

If you're not even going to read my OP then I don't know what to tell you. Bawwing about pick mes and handmaidens makes you sound like a fucking female neckbeard. And women who aren't raging radfems don't use those terms.

No. 10903

I did read your op, jackass. Again, who cares? Complaints like that aren't what this thread is for unless you were hoping to get those terms banned from the site.

No. 10904

p sure that was her purpose with the complaint?

No. 10905

> or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.

They are. Also this >>10904. You sure seem like you got your feefees hurt, sorry for being a big mean bully.

No. 10906

So you want admin to start banning certain insults on an image board where women regularly rip other women apart,, because they're not feminist enough?

>You sure seem like you got your feefees hurt

So do you, you sound like you got your feefees hurt so bad after being called a gender based insult/"scrote" that you ran to meta to try and get those words banned sitewide lmfao. Humiliating.

No. 10907

File: 1565491062725.png (65.4 KB, 1700x704, heather sparkles 8-10-2019.png)

the Heather Sparkles thread is at it again. this thread seems to get flooded with selfposters almost daily.

No. 10909

please take your fucking meds. you freaks cannot go 5 minutes without screeching about "banning" words to actually realize anon was just insulting the people who post that kind of thing. it's not really that deep.

No. 10910

your samefagging is obvious kek and you literally just confirmed that the whole point of bringing it up here was because you wanted to get those insults banned, you weren't just insulting the people who use them. stop projecting your own mental illness onto me.

No. 10911

I just think that time can't come back since the type of new users that have come in that have no chill at all, and the number of them. Also the cows are posting us to social media pretty often now and attracting throngs of newfags.

Anyway to join in with the other here, I can't stress enough how important it is to purge anyone unironically using the terms scrot, handmaiden, or pick me.

No. 10912

>purge anyone unironically using the terms scrot

Come on it's a good term for a useless man. Are we all gonna be nice polite little ladies and never use bad words about men even on an imageboard like this? Even as useless scrotes show up and spam nazi child porn like a recent one did?

No. 10913

retarded opinion right there. I'm by no means a raging radfem and never post in the pinkpill thread but those terms are often usefull (even tho handmaiden and scrot are cringey). There's always CC for you.

No. 10914

This. I want the radfems gone too but banning terms you don't like is just autistic. They aren't radfem exclusive.

No. 10915

File: 1565538032563.png (89.17 KB, 281x199, 1548574893632.png)

>I can't stress enough how important it is to purge anyone unironically using the terms scrot, handmaiden, or pick me.

No. 10916

Why not red text ala victim and triggered? I agree it's cringe to see these words thrown around like a 12 year old discovering the word fag but banning them is just as stupid

No. 10917

They’re not banned though. You can still urs the words, they’re automatically filtered to stand out more.

No. 10918

Agree with adding them to the red text list. I don't want the terms banned but they are often used as buzzwords to dismiss another anon's opinion.

No. 10919

So, why was autosage removed from the Venus Angelic thread? It’s still full of cringey infighting and nitpicking. And basically no one knows how to use sage.

No. 10922

nta but, yeah… that's the point.

No. 10923

If your opinion wasn’t whack as shit then it wouldn’t have been dismissed by some buzzwords kek

No. 10924

I've never personally been accused of being a scrote but seeing the amount of derailing that follows when anon goes "no, I'm totally a woman!!" Is pretty repetitive. It's like I'm reading the exact same post over and over about how anon with her dumbass fetishes and stupid politics cant possibly be a woman.

No. 10926

>Calling someone a "handmaiden" or "pick me" doesn't seem very feminist.
Criticizing behaviors with a label isn't oppressive or anti-feminist.
I'm not a "raging feminist" but even I can identify shitty men and the desperate women who pander to them. Like this anon said >>10912 why do female-dominated sites always have to be tone policed like this? We're not on here because we're polite delicate ladies who care about not offending anyone, we're here for dirty tea.

No. 10927

>if you're using a vpn or on mobile it's just IP cycling
That must've been it. Thank you for your help.

No. 10928

No problem. It’s happened to me too but I’ll notice the date of the ban was like 2 years ago.

No. 10929

I like the red text idea, its a good compromise.

No. 10931

can't even make a joke about these words without all the seriousposters coming out. good going anons.

redtext is the obvious solution.

No. 10932

I’d be for banning the words scrote and handmaiden or at least red texting them. They aren’t ‘helpful words’ or just ‘words we dislike’, they are very niche words that come solely from a small specific group that were never used on the site for five years and then suddenly are used in every post. It’s pretty common for image boards to enforce rules against people who don’t assimilate or significantly change the culture of the board, that’s the only way to preserve its original intended use and not alien its core user base. The fact that people are interpreting this as ‘policing women’ is itself exactly the problem, we were a predominantly female user base years before you freaks even started coming here. We aren’t trying to preform some radical feminist act of resistance by not being ‘nice little ladies’ posting here as you seem to think for some reason, we just want to gossip about cows. We don’t want the words to be banned because of anything about men or feminism, we want the culture of a imageboard that has existed for years prior to remain, and there aren’t any left like it. This isn’t a radfem image board and it’s unfair for you all to just invade here and try and totally shift it to one. Make your own imageboard or something, clearly most people here, especially long time users, are unhappy and don’t want you here.

No. 10933

Can the mods seriously make up their minds in the momokun thread already?
There are always picked out one or two posts that supposedly are nitpicking and ‘against the rules’ after the latest 20 or so posts discussed the exact same thing. Basically the entirety of her threads are ‘nitpicking’ lately as there is no real milk.
Also, how is one post discussing her weight (again, just like almost any other post) any more derailing than starting a discussion about why it’s posted?

If you don’t want people to nitpick (and apparently any sort of discussion about her appearance is nitpicking?), then ban all people doing it or lock the entire threads because as I said there’s basically nothing else happening.

I could report all of the posts but I’m pretty sure you’d consider that spamming, soo…

No. 10934

What's considered nitpicking is so arbitrary and subjective, it's retarded to ban nitpicking on a gossip site anyway ffs.

No. 10935

A poster from the Russian version of /pol/ (on Endchan) made a thread in /ot/, invited all his buddies and now they're bumping it with unsaged spam and other BS.

No. 10936

Nitpicking should probably just be banned if it's not saged. People that want to exclusively read milk can filter it out.

No. 10938

>we just want to gossip about cows

Why not just ask to have ot / g / m removed, problem solved.

No. 10939

I have done. I think they should go back to the old format of pt/snow/b and maybe bring manure back for radfem topics if they won’t ban them (they won’t)

No. 10941


>calls for banning "handmaiden" and "scrote"

>refers to GC and radfem anons as "you freaks"

Were "handmaiden" and "scrote" used anywhere prior to five years ago?


Back in the day did you have to walk uphill in the snow both ways to post?

The internet and its culture are, by design, ever rapidly changing and evolving. Witness the internet nostalgia thread. People have been decrying changes in internet culture since the advent of trolls and the invasion of AOHell normies on Usenet in the late 90s.

No. 10942

You trying to frame an influx of niche users that totally changed the culture of the board as some ‘inevitable internet change’ is really disingenuous. This is not really any different to when we had influxes from ana-chans, munchies, r9k raids etc etc that ended up bleeding through the entire site and were dealt with to avoid ruining everyone else’s experience, as no one apart from them wanted them there. The difference with the radfem situation is that mods haven’t dealt with it and have ignored the problem. I’m asking for moderation of the site not for the site to never progress or change - but changes should be for the better and agreed upon my the majority of users

No. 10943

>thinking lolcow is a democracy
the newfaggotry is astounding

No. 10944

>Not a democracy
>Abloobloo newfagz
Nta but farmers are voting during Town-hall.

No. 10945

Why would it go in /manure/? I don't see any reason why it wouldn't belong in /ot/ (or /b/ in this case), as it's general discussion. I'm a long-time user, and I genuinely don't see the problem. Just hide the thread if it triggers you so much. Personally, I hate the dog hate thread, so I hid the shit and have since moved on.
I feel like the complaints about being called a scrote or handmaiden are pretty overblown, too. Can anyone even link to (or describe with full context) instances where it was actually unfairly used? From what I've seen and experienced, you have to be on some level of bullshit to be accused of being a man or handmaiden.

No. 10946

I was called a scrot once because someone misunderstood or disagreed with my post. I'm in no way bitter about this, we are anon after all and men do indeed lurk and post. The anon wanting to ban those words sounds butthurt.

No. 10947

Anachan and scrote posting still happens, everyone ignores them just fine so maybe try the same and or try reddit. Ban on things like racebaiting nitpicking is because it clogs up threads by being repetitive while never going anywhere, not cuz they hurt feelings and “ruin experience”.
Like this place was made by a bunch of weebs and now it has substantial anti anime sentiment, you don’t see the weebs crying about it as hard as you cry about evil radfems. It’s almost as if we’re not a hive mind. Im not on anonymous imageboard to be nonoffensive apolitical and tone policed tf

No. 10948

Why do people keep trying to portray it as if the reason people complain about it is because it’s ‘political’ and ‘offensive’? No one has ever said that it’s just cringeworthy and derailing. I don’t see how it’s any different to race baiting, going on random tangents about radical feminism or calling other users ‘scrot’ or ‘handmaiden’ and then them arguing back and forth about how their ‘actually a woman!!’ or about feminism is just as repetitive and derailing as race baiting. ‘Anti weeb sentiment’ hasn’t bled through the entire board with derailing and repetitive buzzwords?

No. 10949

You seem to be new to imageboards, maybe try /b/ on 4chan if you think they're "anything goes" lol. We still have rules bb. Anachans and robots got banned because they're fucking annoying and ruin threads, radfem shit is the new version of that. I always find it funny when 2 or 3 people are complaining about something and then one anon comes in to say that literally no one complains about it and it doesn't happen. It's always the opposite.

No. 10950

>why do female-dominated sites always have to be tone policed like this?
stop using shitty buzzwords as insults and maybe they wouldn't? also if you think that male dominated sites don't do this you're fucking retarded. why do all the people who defend annoying crap seem to think that this only happens it's some kind of censorship on women? it wouldn't matter if you were a man or woman the action is the problem, no matter who's doing it.

No. 10951

Nitpicking anons have always been banned and not all bans are redtexted. Farmhands have made a statement before about nitpicking Mooriah’s weight ages ago. You shouldn’t be surprised it’s a bannable offensive.

No. 10952

I know that. I think it would be a hell of a lot more noticeable if 50%< of the people posting were banned, even if not every ban is redtexted.
I myself didn’t post anything different than other anons and wasn’t banned either.

They’re being incredibly inconsistent and that’s what’s pissing me off. Either ban everyone equally or don’t at all. Picking a few ones and acting like they’re fixing the problem won’t help. Especially with what >>10934 said it makes it impossible to tell what is and isn’t considered nitpicking.

No. 10953

Fucking morons on TND thread going off about bathtubs.
Please help!

No. 10954

Idk if it was you but whoever raised the point that it's attracting a certain type of user is correct. Even Admin admitted they're aware of the radfem sperg invasion upthread. Redtext (->abusive) and diligent banning for derailment should sort it out imo but this tiki torch tier FREEDOM OF SPEECH argument about chan culture ain't it.

Thing is, not only do the stupid insults attract spergs, but they also cause derailment bc now you have several anons arguing about whether someone is a scrote or handmaiden when none of that relates to the thread topic. Just on that basis, punishing the buzzwords in some way makes sense.

No. 10955

Diet/Fitness/Health Accountability Thread is becoming a pro ana cesspool.

No. 10956

exactly this. also notice the "muh free speech" anons go quiet about shit they don't like such as nitpicking or anachan posting. shouldn't everyone have free speech?

No. 10957

i think the lola tyrell thread in snow should be locked. it’s completely inactive except for people who necro it just to announce that they’ve cowtipped her, apparently her account’s been private for quite some time and it doesn’t look like any future milk is incoming especially since the entirety of the existence of her threads comes from a singular incident AFAIK. when the threads were active it was incredibly obvious that the same handful of local weirdos were running the entire show and i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same person bumping the thread every few weeks just to announce that they tried to follow her again.

No. 10959

I agree with both of you. I think that the FREE SPEECH DONUT SENSOR ME! anons are just the spergs who want to derail and try to shut out conversation, which means it's only free speech for them.

Another thing I've noticed is that more and more anons are getting called men for being a little harsh or not going with the status quo opinion. Not necessarily myself, but often I'll see anons being called scrotes for calling others out for being stupid. it's not a good look.

No. 10960

I've noticed a lot of derailment and unnecessarily harsh edgelord comments too. I remember Lolcow when it was fairly new and it wasn't perfect cause the race bait was annoying but slowly the admins got rid of the race rage monsters and it was pretty good for five minutes. Then back to back to back each phase has been a bit of a mess with bouts of it being decent for a bit. I rarely post or will have phases where I post a little often so I don't really interact with anyone on here much cause I mostly like to read on the bus or something but the recent radfem users and even radfem farmhands make me not even want to bother. I remember the last admin had decided to limit / ban radfem threads and derailment but it's gone completely backwards since this new one came. I remember it got so bad in the last phase that people were saying men couldn't be raped / deserved to be and that little boys should be broken by women before they turn into men and if the crazy derailment and ree'ing doesn't stop anytime soon we'll be right back to that. It's not about radfem not being welcome (even tho I personally am not a fan) but instead that it derails and takes over threads and entire boards and no one can have a conversation or provide information without being called a handmaiden which like the other anon said isn't very feminist especially since the history behind handmaidens/ bedwenches consist of women and little girls being raped by men in power so the narrative doesn't even make any sense regardless of how they're trying to reinvent it. And the only reason why I and other anons call out it not being adherent to feminism is because the keep preaching at everyone about how they are a real feminist.

Tdlr: I agree with everybody else.

No. 10961

I agree. /ot/ especially has gotten this a lot, but I think that with JYs thread on /pt/ it can only go downhill more. A lot of that thread is more about "REEE TRANNIES" than posting about him. Those posts also cause people to argue about real vs. fake trans, which wouldn't have happened if the thread stayed on topic. A number of posts in the thread would be considered medfagging in other threads. I know it's a meme, but I really think a lot of our userbase is from tumblr now or the same kind of userbase, which explains a lot. I just feel that most of the users I interact with or see are really young, both literally and mentally. And many of them seem apt to try to assert their malformed opinions and then chimp out when people don't agree with/praise them. It's really annoying. Also robotposting is really fucking obvious so it really grinds my gears when people are quick to call someone they disagree with a man, but then actually talk to the robot bait for 10+ posts without realizing

No. 10962

Can we do something against the reviewbrah spergs in the ‘men you’re ashamed to say you’d fuck’ thread? It’s fine if someone agrees with another post but they’re shitting up the thread swooning over him and we’ve been there already in the last thread and they’ve also infested on of the fetish threads in the past.

No. 10963

Jamie Leigh Fischer thread in /snow/ should be on auto-sage. Keeps getting stealth bumped and has major contributions from the cow herself seeking attention and notoriety.

No. 10964

I like to think the reviewbrah anons are all just men bc I refuse to believe he has that many female orbiters.

No. 10965

File: 1565883740671.gif (2.88 MB, 500x281, whyc.gif)

>Anons complaining in this thread about other anons calling each other men for random ass posts and derailing
>Come into /meta/ and call anons men for random shit like liking the food review guy


No. 10966

Addendum: How is the nitpicking in the moo thread any different from the nitpicking in the TND or in the Luna Slater thread?
They constantly make fun of how they look/dress, yet somehow it’s more substantial than when someone does it about moo because she’s fat?

Again: Make up your minds and either allow nitpicking or ban it consequently. I’ll gladly report all of them, if that’s what you want.

No. 10967

The constant posting of Maria's zoo in the pettuber thread in /snow/ needs to be tamed. It reeks of self posting and since she's already proven she reads the forum and enjoys the attention, I think it's worthless to continue feeding into it with pointless updates about her smoking weed or whatever.

No. 10968

it’s obviously the same fag considering literally every tweet posted has 0 retweets and maybe 1 like if she’s lucky. i think you’re right, it’s selfposting especially since the person also happens to always be logged out.

No. 10969

Why don't you take a break from posting instead of getting so upset by every little insult or label that's thrown rightfully your way?
You're only campaigning against those particular words because you're offended.

No. 10971

So we gonna lock the Lola Tyrell thread or?

No. 10972

Whats with the select banning in the unpopular opinions thread for racebaiting? You’ll have one anon go on about how much european countries are shit, fuck this certain race and then when an anon replies with the same comment in reverse, its racebaiting and they get slapped with a ban. Why not ban the original comment for literally baiting the next 10 comments made about race??

No. 10973

Yes, please put the Lola Tyrell thread out of its misery.

No. 10974

how many times do people need to come in here and tell you retards that not every ban gets redtexted and that whoever you're talking about most likely got banned as well.

No. 10975

No. 10977

Came here to say this.

No. 10978

Ya know what! Don’t lock it. Just autosage it so the cow can go mad fruitlessly talking to herself. Maybe she’ll accuse her bf of uhbuse again lol

No. 10979

are you autistic? first of all, you’re doing a shit job of blending in. second of all, it’s pretty obviously some new faggot consistently bumping her thread, not lola herself. wouldn’t be surprised if you’re the autist who bumps it.

No. 10980

you're a prime example of why locking the lola tyrell thread is a good idea

No. 10984

So much minimodding happening in the shay thread rn

No. 10985

Please stop with the sperg in TND thread going on about a random Taylor stan trying to start beef with lolcow.
It's flooding the thread

No. 10986

File: 1566227569767.png (45.91 KB, 1843x307, cringe.PNG)

our fucking mods don't even know what "32in waist-chan" is for? if this was banned for necro, then okay, mark it as necro. this is the cringiest ban i have ever seen and it makes the mod who did it seem like a raging fatty considering the thread content.

No. 10987

>I'm pro skinny so I prefer to stay under 15.5 (BMI) personally

Are you seriously defending this, anon?

No. 10988

did you see the rest of the thread? this is on /ot/ anyway.

No. 10989

Venus Angelic thread is full of nitpicking and autism and nobody seems to know how to sage or integrate, autosage when?

No. 10990

It seems they are. Its in the pinkpill thread and its completely off topic, so apparenly banning that spergy triggered OT post means the mod is mad or something.

and? Its unrelated to the thread, /ot/ isnt a rule free board.

No. 10991

What are you on about. She's having a shitshow on her livestreams, trashed her (ex) husband, and might even have a deportation in the works.
Not every comment is important but the thread is interesting right now. Stop trying to ruin it because you like her.

No. 10992

Ana-chans gotta defend their cringeposts.

No. 10993

you're probably not here anymore, but it came from the livejournal/dreamwidth fail.fandom.anon community. it's really old, well over a decade. whenever i see it i'm pretty sure it's an oldfag who wrote reams of fanfic posting.

No. 10994

That's not in the pinkpill thread you sperg, it's in the western vs asian body standards thread.

No. 10995

You aren't alone! I agree with your points.

It's weird. New users seem to be either very angry radfem or tumblr thoughtpolice refugee. Most places on the internet have grown into this weird polarized vibe, and lolcow is no exception. I know that's something that's not easily controlled though, and it's not a complaint, just a thought.

I feel like I'm aging out of the site if only because I get flipped out by posters who think that discourse on the level of something like 'lmao dirty feet kekeke' is acceptable, fun or interesting to read.

I feel alone in that I'd enjoy real conversations - without blogposting, of course. Am I crazy or was this weird type of post where it's cool to sound like an idiot somewhat frowned upon? Feels like the site used to be wittier, more intelligent, and snarkier overall. Disco is sad these days.


No. 10996

I've noticed the site is more hateful overall too. Even hateful threads seem worse than usual. It's weird.

No. 10998

>rightfully banning someone for 15.5 BMIposting on top of necro'ing makes the mod a "raging fatty"
When will ana-chans like you fuck off back to MPA? Stop trying to normalize your mental disease here, because it is a disease.
That whole thread was honestly bad, even when it wasn't old as donkey years, and that single necropost served to remind us that we still have some crazy people running around (but thankfully, they are neither entertained or tolerated anymore).

No. 10999

As the Lola Tyrrell thread is locked and I'm one of the probably four people who are interested in in her - is this permanent? Or will it be opened when there's milk (although I doubt it much)? Might sound like a stupid question, but I haven't used lolcow long enough to see that a thread I liked is being locked. Also never seen a locked thread without notice

No. 11000

what was there to even be interested in as far as that thread went? it barely had 400 posts in 8 months and half or more of the posts were redtexted for either cowtipping or absolute autism.

No. 11001

Can a mod straighten up the Vocaloid thread? or put it on autosage. It's out of control, namefagging, fake milk, no saging or any attempt to integrate and I smell many underage posters in it

No. 11003

Don't know, somehow I hoped she'd flee again to the US or do anything else crazy. Sometimes cows are interesting, but you can't really figure out why

No. 11004

worry about whether there's ever milk again then ask? some retard periodically bumping the thread isn't it, that's for sure.

No. 11005

Seconded. It just devolved into a hugbox of literally whos self-posting their garbage there.

No. 11008

This. Pretty sure that stuff is banned here and they are mad at a mod doing their job.

No. 11009

NTA but it was in a thread about fucked up body standards. It wasn't some OT anachan post. Plus, if mods really gave a shit about anachans then multiple threads on /g/ would be nuked by now.

No. 11010

The post was definitely on-topic as far as the thread goes.

The thread itself shouldn't have been on /ot/, it's more /g/ material since that board is anachan and fattychan containment anyway.

No. 11011


They’re too busy complaining about people not saging to actually clean up shit threads.

No. 11017

Its pretty clear they were banned for the underweight blogpost bit, not the bit discussing body standards, you need to stop moving the goalposts.
>Plus, if mods really gave a shit about anachans then multiple threads on /g/ would be nuked by now.
While I agree with your point about the threads on /g/ this thread was on /ot/, not /g/. OT seems to be more heavily modded now since the spamming that happened earlier this year and there are different rules.

Yeah had it been on /g/ it probably would have flown under the radar and not been reported, I assume because different boards, different rules maybe?

No. 11018

At this point I’m doubting mods are actually doing anything besides scrolling trough random threads and banning whatever post their cursor lands on or something they’re personally offended by.
And I don’t think anyone is even reading this thread besides admin maybe once every four weeks.

No. 11019

Why are the mods so Ban thristy? One comment from 10 hours ago (that was saged)which wasn't off topic doesn't need a 24 hour ban. It didn't even get replies. Wtf

No. 11020

Yeah, mods have been relentless and banning for no reason. Not even rule breaking bans either

No. 11021


Cuz they’re new to both modding and image boards. We’ve had about three or four admins since the OG left and they’ve all brought on their friends to mod.

No. 11022

/ot/ and /g/ have the same new rules, just different content.

No. 11023

I don't think anon is moving goalposts. I think that the blogposting was on topic and the post was obviously different than pro-ana stuff. Being underweight/anorexic doesn't equate to pro-ana, which is the problem here. Anon just explained she was ana cause of her cultural upbringing, which was what the thread was about.

No. 11025

Show your comment you coward

No. 11026

fuck all these racebaiting on the vent thread. like it's okay to an extent but some anons need to chill with their sperging. if you see a racebaiting post, don't publish your response if it's more than 2 sentences.

No. 11027

Can someone deal with the gender critical thread please? It's a burning race discussion dumpster fire with so much infighting over people's gynaecologist dads and adoptions and fuck knows what.

No. 11028

Another /b/tard trolling ot.

No. 11030

>I don't think anon is moving goalposts.
Explain, because your post appears to be about the original post not that anons.

No. 11031

There are 2 shay threads, can a mod lock or delete one pls

No. 11033

Nobody knows how to sage on the venus thread tonight.

No. 11034

Major autism alert for the Mira thread. Can "Anonno7" be put out to pasture, thanks.

Their vendettas could their minds and make them forget how. Why it came off autosage I'll never know. A year from now they'll still be screeching the same shit about her being deported any minute.

No. 11035

did admin die?

No. 11036

Probably just too bigheaded to admit they fucked up.

No. 11038

File: 1566674975453.jpeg (574.92 KB, 1003x1295, C14B5B91-5D82-4470-9862-21E1DB…)


Genuinely want to know what the fucking problem with this comment is. Not only was it saved but it was on topic. Mods skim a thread and then see “I” thinking it’s a fucking story time. Here mods, lemme give you context since you can’t be assed:

>Cow claims to have no money for necessities much less frivolous things

>somehow has money not only to spend on expensive nail stuff but also can drop it quickly since that collection sold out in minutes
>makes sages post saying collection sold out for me in 3 minutes but cow somehow could still get one
>get banned

???? Mods are not only ban happy but brain dead to boot. Admin-sama pls reel in your moron mods

No. 11039

your post should have just been that the collection sold in three minutes instead of included a useless personal anecdote.

No. 11040

Don’t make it about yourself if it’s not a story time then lol

No. 11042

>blog because bitter
>ban for it
>'braindead mods!1!'

come on anon

No. 11044


Wow the anons who hang out in this forum are retarded too. It wasn’t a story time and it certainly didn’t warrant a ban. I know you are all not too autistic to see that, unless you’re newfags.

No. 11045

calling anons retarded and newfags will not distract from you calling a thread a forum, nail sperg. learning to integrate entails knowing that we collectively dont give a shit about whatever you personally went through that you feel is important to phoebe and any other person talked about on here (if you do frequent others)

take that shit to ot and learn fast that you bring nothing new to the table. get the fuck over yourself.

No. 11046


I definitely am a newfag (well, long time lurker, first-time poster.) Maybe that's why I thought your comment repeated a point that was already well-established. The only difference between it, and posts above it, is that you linked it to your personal experiences.

No. 11047

Is anyone keeping an eye on the Yaniv thread at all…? I’ve noticed it’s just purely regurgitated KF posts, and a lot of the posters seem like they came from KF. Just wondering how popular that thread actually is (which is why I’m not dumping this in the complaints)

No. 11048


Your point being? Can't trust those KFarmers, eh?

When the thread was requested I questioned the need since he's been discussed in the GC threads for the last year and it would become a regurgitation of KF. Most of the posts in the thread are mine, and I've made an effort to take my own caps, archive what KF misses, and dig for articles and undiscovered content.

Interestingly our thread is has been higher than the KF thread in Google results.

No. 11049

I'm also a non KFer that has contributed OC to the thread as well. Though I haven't in the last week and a half or so.

No. 11050

fucked up how?

No. 11051

probably by banning some incredible blogpost as described by various butthurt anons here.

No. 11053

Not from KF and I contribute as well. Yaniv is a hot topic lately and the reason why a lot of the milk comes from KF is because that's where the milk is dropping. One of the underage girls that he spoke to decided to drop milk there; the fake agent also decided to post there.

Want to give a shoutout to the mod(s) that was keeping watch on the Onion thread last night. Newfags were flooding in and you handled it well.

No. 11054

Nah, haven’t been banned in a while and I agree with most of the bans that people come here to complain about.
It’s just what’s been said several times now: Bans in general got so random that it’s often impossible to tell what’s considered ban-worthy and what isn’t. And again, not talking about obvious blogposts that newfags/retards get worked up about.
And not a single farmhand or admin himself have said a word in weeks.

The entire board is a dumpster fire and they’re enjoying watching everything go to shit.

Admin also said he would add new banners more than a month ago. Nothing happened.
I get if he’s too busy with irl stuff and everything but maybe add some farmhands that aren’t sensitive aspies or special needs kids then.

No. 11055

admin is a she fwiw

No. 11056

>Calls admin he
>Claims not to be a newfag

Good try though. Only male admin was the first one.

Farmhands probably don't reply anymore since farmers come here to complain about dumb shit. Why would farmhands reply to some sperg being mad? No one cares about their bpd/feelies about a topic/ blogpost or other random shit. Admin replied way too easily earlier to posters complaining - posters who should be collectively ignored by all farmers.

No. 11057

What makes you think admin is male?

No. 11058

please don't say admin is a "he" they told us it's a "she" unless they are lying

No. 11059

>complaining about people complaining in a complaints thread


No. 11060

There is a bug that causes some css changes to take a bit to show up, as well as file uploads with the banners.

If bans seem a bit harsher than usual it's probably the summer heat. Many threads this summer have attracted newfags from twitter and it sucks to moderate that sort of influx. I want to apologize to anyone that's gotten an unfair ban because of half-assed moderation.

Give us suggestions on being better!

No. 11061

Add a few more people to moderate during the summer if it's too much to deal with.

No. 11062

As I and others have been saying the whole time:
Be consistent, especially with bans for nitpicking. For example: In the Momokun thread people get banned for talking about her looks when it doesn’t even mention her weight, e.g. her botched lips.
Then there’s the TND thread in which people get to post screenshot over screenshot about how awful her lips look. Latter is a mess in general since there’s been barely anything that would qualify as milk and mostly just people complaining about her looks, tinfoiling, cowtipping, and the list goes on. Not to mention the amount of druggies blogging.
There’s also the Luna Slater thread in which half of the posts are talking about her awful looks.
So basically: Why is talking about one persons looks nitpicking and not milky enough, while in other threads it seems to be common courtesy to rip apart someone’s make up/looks/etc.

And it’s not just that, it’s not even consistent in the same fucking thread. And before the ’but not all bans are redtexted’ anons start ree-ing at me again; talking about my own posts as well, that one day will get banned another they won’t. And also, as I said, most threads only get as many posts because of nitpicking to begin with.

Make up your minds about what is and isn’t nitpicking, be more transparent about said definitions and finally decide wether or not you want to allow it and to what extent. And then act like it.

Then there’s also the whole radfem issue discussion above and random bans related to that. Which… I mean… you could just actually read the thread for once.

No. 11063

>TND thread in which people get to post screenshot over screenshot about how awful her lips look
that person was redtexted and presumably banned, how is that unfair?

response times seem kind of slow lately, like there's no-one home for many hours at a time it seems like

No. 11064

..There’s about three weeks worth of suggestions above that you haven’t acknowledged or responded to?

No. 11065

>we weren't ready for all the summerfags abloobloobloo

get a fucking aircon weebmin i know they don't have them in the nihon usually, but it'll clear your head.

No. 11066

I check this thread two times every day.
If gendercrit and pink-pill are merged there will be an uproar, there is too much political sperging happening anyways though so something has to change.
It's not really that different from when /pol/tards started infesting /b/ before it became /ot/.

No. 11067

Redtext more and use consistent reasons. A lot of the complaints and confusion about bans, the mods, etc could be solved by that.

No. 11068

Venus is currently streaming her thread in front of her audience of incels and children, be ready for a shitstorm of wk and scrotes.

No. 11069

>implying the thread could get any worse than it’s already been


No. 11070

Can you PLEASE up the heat in the kpop critical thread? Onehallyu has been shutting down and newfags getting more aggro and defensive

No. 11071

I meant wk/newfags and scrotes could leak to the rest of lolcow, I know the thread is a fucking shitshow

No. 11072

this tbh. the only people who complain about too much redtext are newfags who get scared away by all the bans. right now people can't integrate cause mods give cringy "2quirky3me" ban reasons and it never seems consistent.

No. 11073

Heather Sparkles thread is full of PULL-tier sperging and always clogging the main page because nobody uses sage. Can a mod take a look or put it on autosage?

No. 11076

necessaryspeed4 was amusing for a while but is there no way to perma-ban this individual?

No. 11077

Thank you, the thread keeps getting out of hand with infighting so this might help

No. 11078

Might need to keep an eye on the ProJared thread. He made a video and anons aren't bothering with sage, they're doing a livechat sort of thing.

No. 11079

Sometimes we fuck up, and accidentally do something we didn’t mean to do. I admittedly posted a screen cap that had been posted already because I was being careless.
But the mini modding going on in the TND thread, and Onision thread is fucking ridiculous. It’s just as annoying to read them bitching about saying posts, or bitching about someone else’s tinfoil or something stupid than it is for them to just report.

No. 11080

The TND thread has been spammed by people posting old ass screenshots or in-depth discussions about shit and people that has very little to no relevance to TND herself. Plus the amount of ridiculous nitpicking and blogging.

People get rightfully called out for their bullshit because reporting doesn’t do shit bc none of the mods care.

No. 11081

The mod(s) have plenty of time to throw unfair bans (see above for the complaints about it) but don’t give a shit about the minimodding and bitching everyone else does? It is JUST as annoying as someone posting something retarded.
I believe I rightfully deserve this ban I most likely have from earlier, but the rest of them need to shut the fuck up as well.
“Sage your shit” and “nobody cares anon” and “your tinfoil is wrong” is not contributing to the discussion either. Especially when you read it ten times a day.

No. 11082

Some anon in the Vick thread doesn't sage and it's definitely a samefag because they've used the word 'y'all' a few times. Pretty sure they are waiting there and if anyone says anything they respond straight away. They aren't adding any milk and I think they may be an ex friend of Vicks or a mutual friend of Bunny.

No. 11083

File: 1566963032784.jpg (11.26 KB, 255x222, b5a.jpg)

>Venus thread autosaged for lack of milk
>Venus literally livestreamed her own PULL, KF, and LC threads while drunk

Thanks…I missed it because of that decision.
I understand she's got a lot of weeby newfags but can't you give warning statements or bans when the nitpicking gets out of hand?
Regarding the "milk" I don't know what's unfunny about her making an idiot out of herself, but it seems like she gets a lot of special treatment for some reason. You handle that girl with kid gloves compared to others on this website.

No. 11084

It was autosaged weeks ago, sorry about that. I find the venus thread quite milky at the moment so I'll be sure to remove it.
The thread wasn't autosaged for a bit during the buildup to her current breakdown.

We've had complaints about banning minimods. Minimods are alright if a thread is being littered with newfags or major derailing. I'll make sure staff keeps a closer eye on lazy contributions.

No. 11085

Medical records should be off limits unless you all want the media to label us as the next 4chan

Where are the mods at?

No. 11086

In the Anachan thread, there's a 5hr old pst containing very personal information (patient records that even a patient cannot access and read) that are against the law to access and publish in Australia.

No. 11087

Now if something as bad as
stays up entirely unaddressed for 7 hours (and counting) you sure as hell need to do something about your farmhands.
But yeah moderation is fine and summerfags are the only nuisance. lmao

No. 11088

Cmon man why is this image still up? It's not like it hasn't been reported. This is what I meant by >>11063

No. 11089

The venus thread was most certainly not autosaged weeks ago what the fuck are you smoking?

No. 11090

According to the moderation log it's been on/off autosage for the past few months or weeks.
Pretty sure it's a self post from the cow themselves.

No. 11092

I didn't understand that decision either when there're way worse threads on /w (the Western Vocaloid, Pixielocks, Gaijin Gyaru and even the Kelly Jean one…). Idk but maybe some farmhands are butthurt Venus fans? It's getting weird.

Just throwing my two cents, but maybe it would be better if you were the only one able to autosage?

sorry for my bad English

No. 11093

If you have any desire for the site not to go to shit there needs to be a rule implemented immediately that bans radfem/trans etc derailing. It’s literally every thread now regardless of the fact it has no relevance to the topic being discussed. Why is this not being dealt with like race derailing, ana derailing, etc? It’s genuinely sad to see the state of lolcow these days.

No. 11094

Even if it’s a self post it shows the full name and workplace of a person completely unrelated to anything.
It’s also still information that not even the patient itself should have access to, even if it was a self post.

It just opens way too many doors for other people to publish shit that shouldn’t be made public.

No. 11095

Can anything be done about the homophobe-chan in /ot/? They've been banned like six times but they just keep ban-evading. They literally just go to random threads and post derailing bait every other day. It's getting really old.

No. 11096

Good thing lolcow isn't an Australian website then

No. 11097

Just keep reporting their posts when you see them and we'll hellban them again as soon as we can. We could delete some of their extra baity posts.

No. 11098

they're crazy , so i just keep reporting them. I wish anons would stop replying to their bait

No. 11099

People are getting annoyingly nitpicky in Shay's thread.

No. 11101

In the anime core thread there someone spamming rape apologist stuff and saying that a girl deserves to be raped. I reported two of them but one of them I did twice cause I wrote sage like an idiot. One of the post is super graphic

No. 11102

Too many shit stirrers and stans in the Kpop critical thread. They keep infrighting and clogging up the thread with pointless shit and arguments.

No. 11103

The new moo thread is shit and the OP is being a cunt to anon who is pointing it out and threatening to report her for "derailing"

No. 11113

While the derailing is just as annoying as it is amusing due to it‘s high-school vibes, I agree that there has to be done something to stop the shit OP‘s.
We‘ve had two (or three?) really shitty ones that scream newfag in a row, the current one even before the last thread was locked despite the lack of anything that would even call for a new thread as rushed.
I mean, at least this Anon knows how to greentext but in the end that doesn’t make up for the garbage summary.

No. 11114

There's been too much race bait in that thread so I've stayed out of it for awhile. It's turned into what the anti korean culture thread was like

No. 11115

I feel like there's been recent uptick in racebait in general, and I wish it'd be curtailed.
It really only attracts the shittiest kinds of people.

No. 11117

the shitty USA thread is poisoned with radfem/pink pill shit.

No. 11118

File: 1567224453231.gif (1.98 MB, 500x281, 56E82CF0-13D4-4D5B-95F2-F58415…)

I almost want them to autosage that thread or get rid of it entirely. It’s too fucking shitty. First it’s racebait shit, then it’s radfem stuff which is okay but why I’m that thread?

No. 11119

Yeah it's just the kpop thread derails with white Koreaboos crying about how they hope oppar is dating a white woman and how kboos all wish they were white girls in an x Reader fanfic and making it very obvious they are white Koreaboos looking for a self insert and validation. It derails a lot and I'm not sure if reporting helps because sometimes what's considered race baiting isn't clear. I agree there's a recent uptick in people thinking this is 4chan and trying to be 2edgy4me. I remember an old admin got really strict to cut down on that.

No. 11120

Fujos are starting to become the next "femcel" on the site. Anyone who mentions distaste for fujoshi or girls who like yaoi get accused of being "anti-fujo-chan" by a very obvious samefag (who then goes on to baww about men getting to have all the gross media they want!) I wish that people who try to shut down discussion by crying samefag would get proper banned, because it's a huge annoyance. Even in the kinkshame thread a few anons seem to think that we as women need to stand by women who like gay men? It's super weird and annoying, especially with all the negative reception that weebs in general have been getting. Those kind of paranoid "you're all samefags" anons (who are usually obvious samefags themselves) need permabans so they can grow a brain.

No. 11121

An obvious samefag? Everyone has been sick of the anons who sperg about fujos for weeks. You were supposed to keep that shit inside the anti fujo thread.

>Those kind of paranoid "you're all samefags" anons (who are usually obvious samefags themselves)

No. 11122

There is no anti-fujo thread you stupid sperg.

No. 11123

no, they are there, but just havent been posted in in awhile. check the /ot/ catalog and ctl f fujo. simple.

No. 11124

Yes there is, you fucking retard >>>/ot/227162

This has been brought up on meta before, that's a containment thread.

No. 11125

Please do something about the racebaiting in the USA thread. It's ridiculous what that thread has become, and I know you don't always redtext posts, but it seems like the only bans being handed out are for being necessarysperg4.

No. 11126

I have noticed that one aggro-fujo too. Not ban-worthy but please relax, you don't need to defend all fujos honour all the time (they are not all the same)

No. 11127

Chill the fuck out already. You bring up fujos in every goddamn thread and go around with circular, provocative arguments, then throw a shitfit when people don't agree with you.
>Not one part of that is based on a fact, also this is the employment/career thread
I don't even get what's your problem, are you underage and only hanging around unhinged 16 year olds?

No. 11128

i'm not defending them?

No. 11129

why do you think it's the same person? i haven't even posted in that thread. this is what i meant about insane samefag accusations. fujoshi are disliked in most communities, even those that are predominately women (because of crazy shit like your posts) and the fact that this site has so many users that feel like other women need to have solidarity for shit we don't want to be associated with is insane.

No. 11130

I meant aggrofujo-chan, she needs to relax about defending fujo honour and funnily enough she posted an angry comment just after mine.

No. 11131

oh okay i got confused, sorry (little hungover) i wasn't advocating for fujos to be banned in general, i just think that they (and anyone) who tries to snuff out conversation with shit like well, >>11127 should get a ban for atleast a few days. i hate any user that derails thread defending themselves or what's being talked about, but i've just been noticing fujos a lot lately. a few months ago it was those dog-hating anons who would shit up any thread that mentioned dogs.

i'm really annoyed at this overall shift that the site, especially /ot/, is having of "you can't shit on anything that women do that men also shit on!". it's really becoming glaringly obvious that's what is happening. even in the kinkshaming a lot of users get butthurt every time someone mentions women's kinks. it's really bizarre and kind of grating.

No. 11133

i know we dont have the population for it but i always enjoyed the flags on /int/ and wish there was a lolcow version of it

No. 11134

just a slight nitpick but i think the thread requests thread on /pt/ needs some more moderation. it's constantly being used as a mini-thread for cows that have no threads rather than just suggesting.

No. 11135

If antifujo spergs didn't constantly bring up their hate for fujos outside their containment thread the fujos wouldn't be sperging back at them. You should both be banned and whoever starts it should get the heavier punishment.

No. 11136

it's not a containment thread, retard.

No. 11137

Every thread on /pt/ needs more moderation tbh.

No. 11138

no it is one, retard. everyone else has been sick of seeing it for months.

No. 11139

This, at some point some anon was trying to derail like every active thread in /ot/ to complain about fujos by some retarded far-fetched association to the point it seemed like a scrote trying to bait. You don't have to be one yourself to find that spergy and annoying, I don't know what anon expected when you purposefully go pick a fight and then get hit. It would be just as annoying if it was any other subject matter, like calling all dog owners degenerate furries who rape puppies and hate cats.

And to top it all off coming to /meta/ like a baby to demand admin to ban these people because someone told you off like the tranny lackeys who were crying over people laughing at them for using snowflake pronouns. Pathetic. Go to PULL or some other hugbox where your opinion won't be challenged.

No. 11144

they really haven't. and that's not what containment threads are. no one is banned about shitting on shitty fujos in other threads.

this insane tinfoil that only one person on the site doesn't like fujoshi isn't a good look.

No. 11146

We should permanently red text "learn to intigrate". The cows are coming from within the farm at this point.

No. 11147

But your insane tinfoil that there's only one anon who tells anti fujo spergs to fuck off is valid? Kek retard

No. 11148

They really are!

No. 11149

No one wants to use the shitty weeb doll thread

No. 11152

It’s obvious Sarah lurks on the thread and is afraid of the backlash from farmers. Also no one cares about your opinions on if you think she is or isn’t going to spill. It doesn’t contribute anything to the thread.

No. 11153

I got banned for the same thing and it was expired by the time I looked which wasn't too long after. At least they're being less vague about the bans now.

No. 11154

Look, I agree but you can't 100% guarantee that she won't. If you want to make criticisms do it after this simmmers down.
Yeah /int/ didn't work out last time but I'm all for /int/ threads like the German Lolita thread and Brazil thread.

I'm probably going to start scouting out more mods again, but not through applications.

No. 11157

While you're here admin, if you or staff have the time, would you mind reminding people to stop falling for the bait in the Projared thread?

No. 11158

People still posting random screenshots of Maria's zoo shortly after they are tweeted. It's always within an hour of the tweets going up and looks suspiciously like self-posting. Maria does not have a large following at all and is not well-known in the pettube community aside from any potshots she takes at TND. I really feel this is selfposting. Can mods look into it?

No. 11160

Why is the plushie thread in OT (>>>/ot/155927) but a toy thread is in /m? Shouldn't both be in either /ot or /m? It's the same kind of thread and the plushie one is mostly about posting pics, so it fits /m the best.

I have already used the report button and nothing happened, so wanted to bring it up again and if I am wrong, understand why.

No. 11163

Can discussion regarding Sarah going to the authorities about Onion be a banned topic temporarily. Also can posts demanding milk from Sarah also be banned and anons posting requests to Sarah thru lc. I cba picking out examples on my phone and linking but there it's happening. It's clogging the thread when actual discussion is occurring.

No. 11165

File: 1567633537659.png (212.06 KB, 907x307, Screenshot.png)

Not the OP of pic related thread, but I'm kind of confused about where we stand on Zoe Quinn? I was hoping to see some discussion/summary of the recent events, but this thread seemed to be immediately locked. But also the old Zoe Quinn thread in /pt/ has been dead for over a year, hasn't been updated since recent events, and appears to be kind of a giant mess from 3 years ago. Why can't we have a new Zoe thread in /snow/?

No. 11166

It's fine to make a new thread if it's that old and stale. Just make a good OP and link to the previous thread.

No. 11167

Right, so can we just have that one unlocked? Or do we need to make another new one?

No. 11168

Is it in /pt/? If the old thread is in /pt/ you can just make a new thread in/pt/ unless you want mods to unlock the old thread.

No. 11169

Onision thread is still full of cow-tipping and concerned mothers. It's like when we had the last hellweek and no-one even noticed.

No. 11170

why are staff banning 5 day old comments in the gerg threads? the situation is fast moving, 5 days is an eon ago in terms of this drama, nothing in my comment was scaring off current milk - or even intended to scare off milk at all. it was based on the milk that was known at that time. my ban is over and I'm not butthurt about that but can you concentrate on current issues please? why focus on 5-day old reports over comments people just don't like when you could be attending to today's ones over actual problem comments.

No. 11171

File: 1567641895005.jpg (222.55 KB, 1536x804, cap.jpg)

and cap because why not

For context, my comment here was directed Dev, until very recently a high-paying patron of Greg's and also a confidant to an extent, who was posting a stream of pressuring tweets directed at Sarah. All the people who are looking for an excuse for their support of Greg are using Sarah not going to the police as their "out". At the time, Sarah had clearly said all sexual contact was after her 18th birthday. I was calling out Dev's harassment of Sarah in this comment. I do actually read the threads before I post btw, despite this snarky ban message suggesting otherwise.

No. 11172

the ban already expired, most likely just a warning. maybe you also have a history of badgering leaks and stuff before that post?

No. 11173

Yeah, it's pretty annoying. I think the "concerned mom" is a farmer because I saw some of her tweets about the ProJared situation and like with Sarah, there's someone in that thread that keeps saying that Heidi should stay quiet and get a lawyer. I think it might be her?

Another anon mentioned possibly banning lawfags and I think it might be a good idea, at least while Sarah's spilling milk. She seems to still be a bit scared to deal with police and I'm afraid that it'll scare her away. The lawfagging has also spilled into the ProJared thread.

No. 11174

I've already posted a warning in the thread. Thank you for the heads up.

No. 11175

I know it already expired, and I absolutely do not have that history. I'm not actually retarded, anon. The ban is and it's also very out of date, which is why I'm making a public post about it.

No. 11176

I see the problem here. I'll be sure to clear old reports that are past their expiration date because sometimes it's not even worth the warning or ban.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

No. 11177

ok thanks for the message

No. 11178

There's a lot of tinfoiling in the Onision thread that's derailing the thread. Some anons aren't even bothering to sage their tinfoil.

No. 11181

>racebaiting subject to permanent ban in /ot/

That's great but these fags are the ban evading types and they always come back. Will the racebaity posts be deleted as well?
Back when scroteposting became a ban offense I noticed things didn't really become better until the posts were actively deleted. It helps to prevent farmers from being lured with bait as well. Just a suggestion, because it just seems like racebaiters come back to stir the pot with old posts that are left up. It's really annoying.

No. 11182

The pettube thread is still being overrun by non-milk Maria posts. Always posted by a logged out user within one hour of the tweets, it has to be self posts.

No. 11183

I thought I reported last night all the samefagging in onion thread but im getting an error message when I submit the reports. Anons aren't saging their shit

No. 11185

File: 1567774356342.png (32.95 KB, 1108x481, getnewmods.PNG)

is this what that is now? really? derailing sure, but this isn't just a 3-4 hour ban it was 24 hours. what the hell is wrong with you guys?

No. 11186

also the fucking amount of bans in the moo thread is ridiculous. every other comment is tagged as nitpicking. moo is a cosplayer, she's an image cow. onion threads have more physical nitpicking than hers and it has nothing to do with his content. reign in your bitter fatty-chan mods.

No. 11187

you sound like you needed that ban which you're evading right now. also your post was shitty doctor armchairing fat displacement is not a thing unless you have some kind of disease. calm down ana-chan

No. 11188

So I don't really know how to explain but uh, the Venus thread seems to consist of a lot of infighting and people excusing grown men trying to get with kids and then people excusing everything that Venus does as if she isn't grown at this point. Like instead of an actual discussion ( I mean a lolcow kind of discussion so the standards here are low already)it's just two extremes yelling back and forth at each other accusing each other of being a fan or being some sort of kpop tier Anti-fan. The last few times this happened I'm pretty sure it just got put into autosage. I didn't wanna spam with a bunch of reports of infighting/derailing so I mentioned it here.

No. 11189

>people excusing grown men trying to get with kids

No. 11190

There's been a few arguments of people saying that it's Venus's fault that older men have tried to date her/ did when she was underaged. The most recent example was when the whole Yan thing got brought up again. The thread usually argues about that, then argues about if she's exactly like her mom, then argues on who is a Stan and who isn't, then talks about her being a drunk, and then cycles all over again. At one point they were calling a grown man who had a crush on a 12 year old online a victim and when people pointed it out they ree'd about stans. I don't post in that thread but sometimes I read through it and it's become impossible to read through again.

No. 11192

>Anons justifying older men who tried to date her
>The most recent example was when the whole Yan thing got brought up again.
Screenshot or you're hyperbolizing this. No one in that thread said Yan wasn't a creep and the people that did discuss their drama faulted Margo for trying to sell out her daughter to Japanese men in the hopes for visas. Which was precisely the case.

There would be no cyclic arguing in that thread if whiteknights weren't constantly trying to stan her over and over about the same things.
So maybe that ought to be addressed, because afaik no other thread on this website has ever tolerated fans defending cows to this extent. It's ridiculous. They can't even say that she's being irresponsible without a stan chiming in to excuse it under ~mental illness~ thinking that's the coup de grâce to get anons to shut up about someone they like over an issue they're sensitive about.

You're on a website that leans towards being harsh on pedos and particularly males so I don't know what you've seen but I don't believe there would be an outpouring of anons supporting a grown man trying to date a 12 year old. No.

No. 11193

I couldn't understand not talking about Lainey in the Onision thread and thought it was retarded that she got her own thread when it first happened but still accepted it and moved on, but now that Sarahgate has happened and there's more shit on Lainey, wouldn't it just make sense to put them in the same thread? Who's idea was it to separate them anyway? Majority of anons would get banned for nitpicking her looks in her own thread and her thread rarelt has milk because most people post in the Onion thread. Still happy to comply since it's the rules, but can I at least have an explanation as to why she still has her own thread?

No. 11194

Fashion dolls should have their own thread in /m/ and not be mixed with the weeb anime jerk off toys. That's stupid.

It's not the same hobby and the fashion doll thread was a good discussion that you're killing because you think weeb figures are the same hobby as fashion dolls.

No. 11195

Lmao mods are either off their meds or on a power trip. They get ban happy at anything these days but especially in that moo thread. Like, I get that some posts aren’t up to high standards but the shit that gets red texted these days is off the walls

No. 11196

I’ve been saying this for a while now, but no one cares to address it.

People will legitimately go off on Luna Slater’s makeup for several threads but one person makes fun of Moo‘s botched surgeries they‘ll get randomly banned (after 10 anons doing exactly the same that suffer zero consequences).
It‘s literally impossible to tell what’s okay and what isn’t and once you post here trying to figure out where’s the line (which seems to be a sinusoid anyway) you’ll only get a few random cunts saying ‘not all bans are redtexted newfag’ or, like in your case, ‘the ban was justified lmao’, even if you’re not complaining about a particular ban.

No. 11197

your unhealthy obsession with anime porn figures is showing. You were sperging about that before anyone posted this kind of crap to the thread.
Use the toy thread and move on, the mods don't care

No. 11198

They wanted the troon hating to occur in a different thread to avoid derailment since it's kind of a different topic. Lainey doesn't have her own thread anyway, she's in the fakeboi one as long as your comment pertains to her fake gender. If the post is gonna talk about her as a groomer and as onion's wife, then it goes in the /pt/ thread.

Not the best way to deal with people nitpicking her dumb gender but that's the situation rn.

No. 11199

What are you on about? She does have her own thread.

No. 11200

File: 1567804790303.jpg (115.74 KB, 1040x515, 2019-09-06_17-18-45.jpg)

I agree that the bans are getting a bit crazy. They should probably just do a hellweek, to be honest.

She does have her own thread.

No. 11201

It seems like nitpicking is just whatever the mod felt like, if they're going to be this strict there should be clear examples.
Not to mention that trying to ban nitpicking on a gossip website is retarded in the first place.

No. 11202

sounds like you got spanked by a farmhand for nitpicking kek

No. 11203

This is a good point.
Did you appeal this?
She has her own thread because discussing her in the onion thread was just an excuse to nitpick over fakeboi shit and her eyebrows.
As mentioned before she can be discussed on the onion thread if it pertains to onision, which saragate does. So there should be no issue.
Toys and dolls are not media lmao
You have no idea how disappointed I was when I saw bodyfat nitpicking in your post history right now.
You're probably right but there are rarely reports from that thread. I'll personally start checking up on it more often.
>Not to mention that trying to ban nitpicking on a gossip website is retarded in the first place.
Nitpicking, tinfoiling, and derailing happen in all threads. We're only here to keep it in check.
I'm sorry but I don't get paid enough (AT ALL) to deal with 2000+ posts of vaginal analysis and the works.

No. 11205

>she can be discussed on the onion thread if it pertains to onision, which saragate does
>she can be discussed on the onion thread if it pertains to onision, which saragate does
>she can be discussed on the onion thread if it pertains to onision, which saragate does
Is that clear enough?

No. 11206

lots of people in this thead have complained that what constitutes 'nitpicking' is arbitrary and changes from thread to thread. I can understand the mods being frustrated with repetitive comments about shays vagoo or whatever but some clear examples in the rules would be nice not to mention informative.

No. 11207

And even if it’s (more or less) clearly defined, it still seems so ambivalent i.e. in the Moo thread.
Obviously it’s stated that solely commenting on her weight is not a valuable contribution. However, every single one of her threads lives off people posting unflattering pictures of her to point out how fat she is, people discussing her weight and fat distribution, her OP pics literally being the one that’s the most unflattering etc. without any of it resulting in a ban.
So… which is it? Is discussing her weight okay or nah? Apparently there seems to be a line and where it is solely depends on who’s moderating it at the time, it seems.

However, which leads back to what >>11201 said which is that banning nitpicking in general on a gossip board seems contradictory.

>We're only here to keep it in check.

There’s no point in it if it seems completely random because nobody will be able to learn from their mistakes if it’s not defined what certified as one.

No. 11208

Just wanted to drop by and tell you I'm super pleased with how the Onion threads are modded since the new admin came.

I also think that /m/ was a lovely implementation, despite what I thought of that before it got split. It fucked some thread linking though (or thats only a problem in the kpop threads idk). Anyway good job, thanks for keeping the site healthy and retardation free

No. 11209

I have a small gripe about the onion threads, that I think when a post gets someone banned, it should always be redtexted so people can see what's qualifying for a ban.

Not salty, I just honestly don't understand the 2 bans I got in the last couple of days and think if other anon's similar comments were marked as banned or not, I could figure out the pattern and stop… whatever.

No. 11210

Then maybe you should try to be a less idiotic admin and read the context of the post if you’re gonna assume it was nitpicking. Someone asked a question and we discussed it. It was part of a discussion on a discussion board. Hardly seems like nitpicking but I guess it does show that you train your mods to be this autistic and it’s not them just being rogue. Lots of people are posting they got bans for stupid shit and you double down. I almost, almost miss the old useless admin over this shit. You call my comment nitpicking but didn’t red text it as such so is it nitpicking or are you just butthurt?

Provide us clear cut examples of nitpicking and have all farmhands strictly enforcing it instead of picking and choosing what they enforce and where and we can fucking adhere to it better. Asking us to read your minds about what is nitpicking is useless, we don’t know why you want or consider not ok to post Jesus fucking Christ

No. 11211

i wasn't evading i got my appeal approved, also fat displacement happens when you wear a small bra.

No. 11212

nitpicking moo's thread is retarded anyway, she's famous based on her image and she's unattractive and obese. most of her thread is her shitty lies about her weight, looks and crappy shoop'd sets. we may as well not even have a thread based on the fact that we can't comment on her weight or looks now apparently. weight comments were banned first and now "nitpicks"? that doesn't mean anything.

No. 11214

Yep. I just replied there but I wanted to post here too. It's obviously all her talking about herself. She's been outed like 3 times and still comes back but makes sure she's logged out now to post her lame screenshots. It's just extra annoying because she has no followers, nothing she does is milky, and she obviously sits around just trying to bait us constantly.

No. 11215

I made this post because I've been seeing days of talking about Maria's boring ass.

This obvious self posting was just going on freely.

She'd been outed once and then it was like no one gave a fuck she was back self posting.

No. 11216

Like I said nitpicking happens in all threads and moo is similar to shingles because they're both physical trainwrecks.
If there is a ban you disagree with appeal it. It makes it easier for me to keep track of trends in complaints and the types of vague bans I want to fix.
>There’s no point in it if it seems completely random because nobody will be able to learn from their mistakes if it’s not defined what certified as one.
What do you suggest? Nitpicking is different in every thread. Of course the mods have to decide if it warrants a ban and that opinion is going to vary.
I'm sorry about this and you're right about the inconsistency in bans this week. I reversed some unfair bans and dealt with the moderators behind it so it shouldn't be an issue anymore.
It's obvious she self posts but anons keep entertaining her.

No. 11217

Make a collective effort to ignore her. Report her every time. It will have an effect over time. Making a separate thread for her (as proposed in the thread) is pandering to her.

No. 11218

stop pointing out the obvious. There is so much to talk about Moo besides every 50 comments in 'wow she's fat" "wow her hair looks like shit" "her legs are so veiny and her tits". You have to be a dumbass to not know what a nitpick is and so many people have pointed it out.

Dont come into the Moo thread to just comment on her appearence. I see it as a good thing when sets or bad photoshops happen, but you don't need to repeat the same shit 40 other anons said and that doesn't have to include the crappy nitpicks about how big she is. Comment on the busting out of the clothing because she doesn't know how to tell seamstresses real measurements. Say something about the commission, but when you nitpick stupid stuff like 'wow her's cockeyed in thsi photo' its useless and no one is saging barely in the Moo thread to begin with.

I honestly think all the nitpick and tinfoil and armochair doctor posts need the bans. We have an anon who keeps samefagging too and keeps coming back. The thread is a mess and we don't need nitpicks because of slow milk.

No. 11219


>>11211 Shit like what this anon posted is why these bans need to happen. Its literally garbage for the thread.

No. 11220

Wasn't sure initially but it's most likely Onion selfposting in his own thread rn

No. 11221

those smilies dont lie.

No. 11222

Can a mod keep an eye on the artist salt thread? It's currently being derailed by anons triggered over what counts as being overweight.

No. 11223

Thank you!

No. 11224

Is there a way for admin to see if the sperg in the onion thread is actually onion himself? We know hes probably used a vpn or whatever but I'm really curious

No. 11225

Would be hard to prove due to all the tools one can use to spoof location but maybe some anons autistic enough to analyze the typing style with references to previous texts he has posted on his social media could speculate…

It's either him or a big fan, though. I don't think any troll would be interested in coming here to WK him as an epic meme. He's so unpopular.

No. 11226

File: 1567948421098.gif (943.07 KB, 498x280, watchingyou.gif)

Requesting Lillee Jean & Laur be moved to /pt/. The call-out drama is peaking, and Laur is headed towards a breakdown or a booting from the Internet or both. The thread is wall to wall receipts, the most of any site discussing her. There's no drama between farmers. And the thread has been visited by the cow herself and her orbiters; she trolls us with media referencing what has been said in the thread but hilariously badly. Isn't that right, Crazy Eyes?

No. 11227

Her thread seems good to me as well, she is constantly doing weird shit to gawk at. /pt/ seems like a worthy place for her.

No. 11228

Trolls do shit during the peak milk times though. Everyone is waiting to see if the cunt is getting arrested and I could totally see a bored troll doing something like this to get something happening.

I wish there was some way to find out

No. 11229

Exactly. Regulars should know better than to reply to what looks and smells like bait and only make us look dumb when people fall for it. Whether it was bait or not, people should have reported it and ignored it since whoever they were were obviously looking for attention.

No. 11230


At the same time we have just as much milk coming from their pasts since she's a brand new cow.

Never in my wildest did I think we'd get a cow to surpass Raven in manipulation of and through SM. Torch passed.

No. 11231


There are too many individual bait-taking retards to report but some mod attention over there would be good. People are just responding to bait, regardless of who is posting it.

No. 11232

Reported a few posts. Mods must be asleep atm. I guess we just ignore and report. I feel like the bait takers should be reported. At least the non saging newfag sounding ones.

No. 11233

They should be reported to, in my opinion. They're just as bad as the trolls because they end up clogging the thread. Some anons even say that they know it's bait, but they'll reply anyway.

No. 11234

Yes please! Agreed.

No. 11235

Ii keep getting bans that aren't mine. It's only a minor inconvenience bc they are usually expired by the time I discover them, but I was curious if there is any way to avoid this for your site, as the admin? Or is this one of the reasons for being able to appeal them?

Just curious.

No. 11236

Not trying to be a whiteknight but I believe Shiloh's nudes from when she was a sex worker should be removed from the onions thread. I think it's thread 3.
I know people here don't like her compared to the other ex onion escapees, but it's a bit fucked those photos are still up.

No. 11237

if you're on mobile or using a vpn it's just ip cycling

No. 11238

Would saying that the children sending nudes to Greg and Plainey be scaring off the milk? If not then it probably should be since the teens will be too afraid to say anything else.

No. 11239

Your sentence doesn't read clearly but I think you're talking about how in some states the minor sending their own nudes can be charged with a CP distribution offense. It may or may not scare off the victims but they should know that there is a risk that they can get themselves in legal trouble. I would imagine any judge worth their salt wouldn't pursue a charge like that against the teen girls Onion groomed, but who the fuck can really tell? I think the best move for those girls is to set up a gofundme type dealio and get $ to talk to a lawyer. If they don't have a case according to a professional. Then it's probably best they don't all self-implicate further.

No. 11240

Sorry about that, I was referring to the victims reading it here and deciding to clam up because they don't want to get into any legal trouble. Sarah temporarily did when someone tipped off the police without her permission. On top of that, lawfagging is a bannable offense in the thread at the moment but I'm more concerned about the teenage victims getting scared since it seems like some of them did send nudes.

No. 11241

us rn

No. 11243

Mods please kick the milk disturbing asshole from the onion thread.
I'm pretty sure it's either concerned mom and/or a patron.
Complaining about the victims making fun of Greg and not seeking legal advice ect.

There's also some unsaged fag claiming Sarah tweeted a deathwish on Greg with absolutely no evidence and posted purely to fuck up the thread. I've reported the posts but nothing has been done yet.

No. 11244

File: 1568105377704.png (91.28 KB, 800x514, Screenshot_2019-09-10-01-39-38…)

I reported these comments as doubleposting. This anon has a distinct style of quoting and double/multi-posting I have reported before. I received a ban stating, "Double posting is a technical error."

The technical error yields identical comments. Do these comments look identical to you, farmhand?

Admin, hire staff who are not blind.

No. 11245

File: 1568105849009.png (29.54 KB, 734x147, Screenshot_2019-09-10-01-29-07…)

How is the RF thread problematic? It was created by request after the last Town Hall.

Why are you forcing RF into GC? While RF is GC, GC is not RF.

No. 11246

They most likely misunderstood since some anons use doubleposting to refer to the actual error
It attracts too much political infighting on the board overall.
I took the advice of your own moderators for those threads so this isn't my sole decision.

No. 11247

Ma'am this is an imageboard with like twelve active users that people moderate for free so maybe get a hobby outside of autistically shitting up the report queue.

No. 11249


How has the RF thread attracted political infighting when most anons probably don't even know it exists? The RF thread has had 6 posts in two days. How will locking a rarely used thread reduce site-wide political infighting?

The RF thread was requested by anons who attended the Town Hall. It wasn't created by new users bringing RF views to the site.

LC is the rare site that allows women to express themselves freely. Have you considered the shift in site culture is reflective of shifts in overall internet culture? When mainstream Internet becomes Draconian, sites that allow free expression are a refuge. LC is one of very few places where women can express views that run contrary to the tenets of Second Wave Feminism, but those views are not inherently RF.

>your own moderators

You say this as if thread mods answer to and represent, let alone communicate with, users of the thread.


Double/multi-posting is against the rules for a reason.

No. 11250

politics are banned on here yet admin made an exception allowing gc and pp i think that's already giving enough consideration to the fact that women need a place to talk about their views safely, no?

No. 11251

All three posters were different people, Sherlock.

No. 11252

Can somebody do something about the Shiloh spergs in the Onision thread? Mentioning her is okay but infighting over her decreases the thread quality significantly.

No. 11253

Why are the mods on this site so fucking awful? Ban people for posting things that are fine, on topic, drum up actual conversation but don't ban cancerous annoying troll posts. The mods here are more autistic than the trolls and it's getting on my fucking nerves. This has to be one of the worst run sites I have been on. Sites are supposed to draw people in, not turn them away. I read new mods were selected not too long ago and I though great, but they are even fucking worse than the old ones. Sort this shit out.

No. 11254

You were banned for bragging about being the male OP of a thread.

Maybe you should familiarize yourself with the rules.

No. 11255

No..? I was talking about ghosts in the Baylee Jae thread after she posted about ghosts, again, when they aren't real and got banned for being off topic when it was very much on topic at that moment.

No. 11256

I will also add I was banned two whole days after the post was made which is laughable. Surely there should be a time frame on when a ban can be made.

No. 11257

Interesting. I would think that would happen way less often than it does, though. Isn't there like, endless IP's to cycle through?
Thanks for the info tho

No. 11258

Certain VPN services only have so many IPs to dish out to users so say they have 1000, once they have all been banned by this site, for the most trivial things usually which are given never expiring bans, then that's it for actual honest users who use said VPN for privacy purposes and they'll be shit out of luck because this site is too ban happy which causes genuine users to suffer. >>11257

No. 11259

Or you can.. you know… appeal the ban and get unbanned in less than a day and continue on your merry way you sperg

No. 11260

Yeah because appealing always totally fucking works, not. Retard. Was merely answering a question. This is another thing, this thread should be used for people to submit a complaint and then for the admin or farmhand to respond. No one else. People butting in and interfering should be a ban in itself. Mind your own fucking business.

No. 11261

why would they not appeal your ban if you explain that it's been cycled? sounds more like you've got a history of breaking the rules and sperging as you are right now

No. 11262

Because they are useless, if you actually read this entire thread you would see where a lot of the complaint are aimed.
Widen your vocabulary, you're boring and sound a bit thick. No one asked for your opinion any how.

No. 11265

anons minimodding this thread need to find a new hobby. we get it, you want to be mods, just apply and sit down.

No. 11266


Why force the GC thread rather than the PP thread to become the de facto Feminism General thread when the PP thread is for all topics?

The GC thread has earned recognition on other sites as a place for discussion of GC free of RF.

The GC thread has very high traffic already, and each successive thread fills faster; the current thread filled up in 15 days. Finding posts in previous threads is already arduous enough with a single topic.

No. 11267

i wish we would do this. the gc thread is already full of too many radfems as it is. i feel like it's hard to even imply you feel bad for 11 year old boys without them reeing about "defending men" or some shit. i just don't think that men can be women, it ain't that deep.

No. 11268

The exact same arguments were used to care off milk in the Jared threads. It's milk-scaring, not informing.

No. 11269

>The GC thread has earned recognition on other sites as a place for discussion of GC free of RF
Where? /r/GenderCritical? Kekeke GC has more radfems than pinkpill ever did, its best to keep them corralled in there. Misandry=/=(rad)feminism.

No. 11270

Can there please be something done about the Umbran-posting in the Momokun thread? There’s a calves thread for a reason. Shit like
Contributes just as little as ‘wow she fat’ and always promts a series of ‘she’s so crazy and creepy’ posts.

No. 11271

these are moo's reposts. moo's threads have always contained interactions from her to her calves. she's also being discussed in the calves thread anyway. general discussion about her goes in the calves thread, i agree, but moo's reposts go in moo's thread, and people will respond to them, so i think it's more on you than the thread.

No. 11272

it's not just about "reee misandry", for instance the thread derailed into a SW discussion, which has fuckall to do with troons.

No. 11275

I've long ago accepted that the bans here are retarded and the new mods are retarded too. It gets easier if you just let go lol

No. 11276

Thanks for the breakdown, it was very helpful.

I don't even need to appeal the bans bc they're expired by the time I make a post and get the alert (so far). Plus it's bullshit amd I shouldn't habe to appeal bans all the time that aren't mine…

You're replying to the wrong anon but I will certainly explain this next time it happens!

Thanks again for the info guys

No. 11278

can we define political for /ot/ please? political is a broad array of things.

No. 11279

From what I've seen so far, political means discussions on race and discussions on countries. These discussions involve lots of stereotyping on all sides.

I'll wait to see the official answer. I would like to talk about actual politics with the US election coming up but that's definitely out of the question. People get too aggressive and rude. If we just respected other posters views it would be fine. I understand the demographic is probably young because it's the internet and maybe they are more fiery and less tactful.

No. 11280

I’d also like to know what constitutes as political discussion, considering that pink pill and gender critical are apparently political even though the latter is just laughing at trannies

No. 11281

I can't keep up if GC is now being combined with pink pill is the rad fem board getting unlocked? wtf is going on

No. 11282

File: 1568215282934.jpeg (215.74 KB, 1242x504, 32E5D9BC-050F-42CE-8302-089C5E…)

What dumbass train of thought happened for this to be considered a good idea

Good luck with all the inevitable infighting.

No. 11283

This is a terrible idea, mods. It won't go well. I hope you reconsider.

No. 11284

Seriously, I don’t really get why this was done. Especially because /ot is kinda dead without those threads anyways.
Radfem doesn't mean GC and GC definitely doesn’t mean PP.
The infighting is gonna get out of control

No. 11285

what are the reasons for this?

No. 11286

Plain reposting without commenting isn’t really any interaction worth mentioning though imo and after pointing it out and being called off the last time, I left it uncommented. But there have been other anons saying the same thing so yeah, it’s not just me.

We know Umbran is obsessed with her and she’s mental. What would these possibly contribute to the discussion?
Her drawings etc I can see, even though the tinfoiling is a bit much imo but there’s at least something to discuss.

No. 11287

To be honest, lolcow has been kinda going down since the last admin change.
And its 50% because i feel we got a new, younger user base and 50% because the mods make awful decisions nowadays

No. 11288

i'm super confused now. no one wanted this? both sides of the argument just wanted GC to be GC and radfem in with PP.

No. 11289

the only anons who actually care about ot are the fags who don't use the other sections

No. 11290

File: 1568216192173.jpg (40.81 KB, 256x256, 1537016918412.jpg)

Holy fucking shit, this seems like a pre-meditated attempt to get rid of all involved threads when they inevitably derail into massive clusterfucks. I cant see any other reason for this, its just the worst decision possible, lmao.

No. 11291

i find them relevant because they show how moo is feeding into umbran's crazy, the rest is on the anons that are only commenting about how fug she is.

No. 11292


Mods, can you please clarify what kind of posts are allowed in the Pink Pill thread now? Man-hating, GC and radfem? Just GC and man-hating? None of the above? We can't keep the rules if you don't tell us what the rules are.

No. 11293

No. The site has gotten a bit too political lately so to combat that we're moving all this stuff into one big containment thread: pink pill. It'll serve as a sort of misandry/feminism general from now on.

No. 11294

You seem annoying

Seconded, what’s allowed now? Just saying political topics are banned is a little vague

No. 11295

we don't want GC to be feminist though, that's what the issue was. combining the radfem and pinkpill shit is fine, we just want to have a thread like fakebois do on /snow/. having a troon general without muh feminism is what we'd like.

No. 11296

Is all GC stuff allowed in there? For example, talking about FtMs or "non-binary" women. That wouldn't fall under misandry, so is it banned?

You guys seriously need to give us clarity on this if you're going to make such a big change.

No. 11297

ftms already have their own thread on /snow/. if anything we should have a mtf thread on /snow/ since so many mtf cows like contra are there already. take the feminism and GC shit out of it.

No. 11298

kek prove me wrong

No. 11299

seriously, can we have a troon thread on /snow/? i just want to laugh at guys who think they're kawaii animu cat girls.

No. 11300

NuPP will be mainly for misandry AND troon hate. Other feminism stuff is still technically allowed in there too but radfems are encouraged to go back to wherever they came from haha… Their kind isn't really wanted here.

A mod is working on a /snow/ thread for TIMs right now.

No. 11301

Oh wow, thats quiet radical of you to say

No. 11302

I’m curious, what is it about radical feminism specifically that is apparently so offensive to the new mods?

No. 11303

>radfems are encouraged to go back to wherever they came from haha… Their kind isn't really wanted here.

Sounds like someone with balls infiltrated the mod team. Cool.

No. 11304

Merging GC with the Pink Pill&Radfem thread was the worst fucking shit ever, I'm definitely GC but I don't want to share a space with mentally ill radfem spergs and homophobic tradthots who want to cry about their abusive boyfriend they'll never leave. Jesus fucking christ admin.

No. 11306


So you're bringing back the transpassing thread >>>/ot/214811 but disallowing gender critical discussion within that thread, even thought that was its evolution two years ago?

No. 11307

File: 1568218074078.gif (1.31 MB, 413x200, 200.gif)

>agree with me or you're a man
This is exactly why your ilk need to fuck off back to reddit, this is becoming the femcel abode.

No. 11308

Radfems could migrate to CrystalCafe. Or just make a new board all together

No. 11309


>radfems are encouraged to go back to wherever they came from haha… Their kind isn't really wanted here.

So GC anons are welcome, then, because GC is not inherently RF.

No. 11310

Several GC anons are already saying they can't stand radfems and their discussions. How will forcing disagreeing anons into the same thread prevent infighting?

No. 11311

It's not just the new mods, anon. No one has ever liked the radfems besides themselves.

Not necessarily. The /snow/ thread is going to be a TIM version of the fakeboi thread.


No. 11312


If GC anons are welcome, then why are you taking away our thread?

No. 11313


So you're just banning topics the mods personally dislike now? I see.

No. 11314

Alright then, still doesn’t answer the main question - WHY is it apparently so offensive when it’s one of slowest moving ideologies throughout the site

No. 11315

I would also like to know this. Mods, can you please elaborate? If a topic is being banned altogether I think it's reasonable to tell us why specifically.

No. 11316

No. 11317


>Not necessarily.

Do you mean that you will not necessarily disallow GC discussion in the TiM thread? Then why shut down the GC thread?

It's as if Admin and mods are completely ignorant of the history of the GC thread.

No. 11318

Where does Braco fit into all of this?

No. 11319

Braco is the hero we need

No. 11320

>"women don't belong in politics"

No. 11321

File: 1568219243183.jpg (114.07 KB, 470x250, moreaboutbraco.jpg)

Thank you for making me laugh when I am now so sad. Everyone can agree on a little gaze therapy.

No. 11322

You're still not giving us clarity, mods.

Is GC allowed in the Pink Pill thread, since there's now a snow thread for MtFs?

Is feminism allowed if it's not radfem? If so, where do you draw the line? Is anti-sex work talk allowed or is that too radical? How about criticizing gender roles, is that too radical? If you want us to keep to the rules you need to lay out what the rules are. We're not mind readers.

No. 11323

admin hasn't posted since >>11254. usually she's the one who makes these posts. why is a farmhand doing it?

No. 11325

>But m-muh history
Man shut up. GC derailing isn't allowed in fakeboi gen so why would it be allowed in the male version of it? GC goes in pink pill now.

No. 11326

prolly cause it's 1am in the nihon.

ty friendly farmhand!

No. 11327


Then please clarify what you mean by, "Not necessarily."

No. 11328

this is actually good though, many people wanted that all along.

No. 11329

I meant that we're not necessarily bringing back the transpassing thread. Should've redtexted that part but oh well.

No. 11333

Did the Admin decide this are did all the Farmhands?

No. 11334

Seriously, I think people need to hear from the Admin or everyone here will get the wrong idea.

No. 11335

This decision was discussed between staff, the threads will not be coming back.
Also, no matter how many time you guys screech that we are trans or men, it still won't make it true. We have an all women staff, some that even posted in those threads funny enough.

We have given your choices, you're welcome to leave if you are not happy with this decision.

No. 11338

Please answer the questions I asked earlier:

>Is feminism allowed if it's not radfem? If so, where do you draw the line? Is anti-sex work talk allowed or is that too radical? How about criticizing gender roles, is that too radical? If you want us to keep to the rules you need to lay out what the rules are. We're not mind readers.

Clarity would be appreciated.

No. 11339

The snow thread is a a MtF general that follows the rules of /snow/, post drama about cows, it will not be for GC ranting unless it pertains to what the cow has said. If you want to rant about GC ideals take it to the pinkpill thread.

For the second part, we will need to further discuss to make sure things are more clear for you guys.

No. 11340

why you gotta make the mtf thread op so retardedly passive aggressive tho what's up in your cunts is it stingier than sand

No. 11341

so can we post general "look at this guy he thinks he's a cute girl" posts? or just "this guy thinks he turned into a kawaii anime babe now?".

No. 11342

>what's up in your cunts is it stingier than sand
>Implying these "gals" have cunts
>Implying they're women
Lmao anon

No. 11343

I'm sure as long as it isn't just spamming photos from transpassing, we'll try to be a bit lax for the thread at the start for anons to adjust. It's a good question and I'll make sure to talk to admin about when she gets on.

No. 11344

cheers for some pretty good changes.

No. 11345

>Good changes
Good one anon.

No. 11346

Give me my GC thread back, why are you forcing me to go to radfem or pink pill? i don't want to, stop shilling your politics and pigeonholing all the farmers into one thread and one hive mind reeeeeee

No. 11347

lol, there isn't even a radfem thread now. Aparently if you are a radical feminist or a gender critical individual, you need go to pinkpill, because "you hate men". At least they admit what troons really are.

No. 11348

I think PP and RF should remain separate because not all MH is RF and some anons on there aren't political at all but GC and RF overlap enough so they should definitely be merged. The /snow/ thread for MTFs and fakeboi cows is fine that way the people who want to sperg about trans politics can stay in GC and the people who just want ot make fun of cows can migrate.

No. 11349

>so they should definitely be merged.

You are very wrong, i don't ever go into radfem because i am not represented by them. You don't have to be a marxist zealot to be critical of troons.

only some GC are radfems and the radfem politics are to be discussed on their own thread anyways.

No. 11350

>there isn't even a radfem thread now.

wtf? so there really are trans mods after all.

No. 11351

I feel it's probably more men. Radfem is mostly man hating, so it's them that they want to fuck with. Probably someone's uwu boyfriend that is sensitive and in touch with his feminine side (which is euphimism for taking it in the ass) that cried to his gf aboutthe evil radfems that hate men.

No. 11352

I don't agree with the changes entirely either but perhaps your efforts would be better spent posting constructive criticism on the changes instead of tinfoiling about a mod pegging her bf. This is why they had to crack down on politics in /ot/ to begin with because of the constant 'are you a man' sperging when someone disagrees with you.

No. 11353

It's not our fault men keep raiding us. Also, how can you even call that tinfoil? They literally destroyed 3 of the most popular general in /ot/ and the one thing those shared was distaste for men and a generally feminist and pro woman position. Why would women do that if not influenced by men? They can rationalize it all they want, but if they wanted politics to be contained they could make a politics general, not destroy generals whose culture has been built for years.

No. 11354

So if many mods used those threads, what is the reasoning behind merging GC and pink pill besides politics? Not all users of those threads crossover and the atmosphere of both is very different. Speaking as someone who occasionally used both, I like pinkpill the least because the anons in those threads are irrational. If mods just enforced the rule against femcel sperging written in the thread topic in the first place, they could have either assimilated or left.

No. 11355

We need to gc threads back pls

No. 11356


Pinkpill is very much its own thing and its just a general shit on men thread, theres no ideology involved since all kinds of women can go there and shit on men, there are radfems, the same that not every gc is a radfem or pinkpilled. Each of those threads its is own niche and should have been left alone.

No. 11357

Several people, especially ITT have criticized the radfem infestation of /ot/ and slowly /g/ as well and it’s slowly becoming impossible to post literally anything anywhere that’s not 100% correlating with radfem ideology without being called a man or handmaiden.

Trying to get rid of radfem sperging is an improvement, although the merging is not an ideal approach.

No. 11358


>rant about GC ideals

Could you be any more patronizing? GC is about much more than hating troons and "ranting about ideals". For example, are PP anons going to welcome TiF detransitioners? That is, if they even feel comfortable enough to approach the thread?

If you (admin and mods) agree that GC anons are welcome on LC and recognize that GC is not RF, why are you reprimanding the greater GC group for the transgressions of a few RF anons?

No. 11359

File: 1568230617741.jpg (74.66 KB, 1280x720, 1565700539950.jpg)

I'm confused. So, radfems are considered the problem, rather than GC, but GC threads are no longer allowed? How come? Shouldn't sniping the radfem generals have solved the problem? What have standalone GC threads done to worsen the board, and what are the site-wide benefits of consolidating them with Pink Pill threads (even though the audiences for both are quite different)?
Even if the goal is to make /ot/ less political overall, pretty much all the GC stuff stayed within its designated thread without derailing others, anyway. About the only exception I've seen is when people were like "Lol you're calling him a she?" or "Lainey/Kai is obviously a woman, not even going to entertain this shit" in the 4Lung, Laineybot or other /snow/ threads having to do with trannies, and even that mostly died down after anons were sternly told to chill out.
Also, to reiterate another anon's question, how would complaining about FtM/TiF stuff fit into a pink pill thread, considering that PP is man hate, and being FtM kind of means being a woman? You've already highlighted that GC derailing isn't allowed in the fakeboi /snow/ thread, so it can't really be delegated there.
It seems like this decision was pushed out too quickly, and without much explanation to the userbase.

No. 11360

>Outright banning GC stuff because of m-muh radfem spergs even though GC is just common sense and not a political fucking stand related to manhate or retarded radfem bullshit
>"W-we'll give you a thread to laugh at TiM cows but no GC talk you understand?!"
Nice one mods. Now the only fucking place on the internet to talk about GC stuff anonymously with other women is stuffed in with pinkpill bigbrains consisting of pissed off political lesbians, paranoid femcels, teenage girls venting about their shitty boyfriends, AND raided by men two times a day. Thanks a lot.

No. 11361

I doubt very many of those anons actually read feminist theory, so I don't like the pigeonholing of radfems, but I suppose it is asking too much of an imageboard for people to discuss certain ideologies in a levelheaded manner. There should be a clear distinction between what is femcel-tier sperging and what is normal venting about men and troons or whatever. Anything encouraging violence or abuse, or fostering groupthink is clearly femcel.

No. 11362

File: 1568231507261.jpg (55.73 KB, 400x505, 1559349836703.jpg)

Can't you just ignore the posts? Why the fuck do you need certain threads and topics literally censored?
Is the average farmer here so intellectually inept and so awful at resisting bait that it has to be this way?
Or is more the fact the admin/mods/spergs can't handle the newfags and it's just easier to ban anything that causes even the tiniest of arguing?

Might as well cancel the tradthot thread, shoeonhead's, breadtube, and whatever political leaning topic/cow, might cause some discomfort for our dear newfags.

No. 11364

are none of you taking a step back and seeing that this is might just be one of the reasons for these changes holy shit this is embarrassing.

No. 11365


I find it curious that as soon as the RF thread was closed and we began protesting the merge of RF and GC an argument over sex work ignited in , the likes of which has not been seen in RF. It's almost as if the drama was manufactured in order to make the GC thread appear problematic and reason to shut it down.

No. 11366

honestly that argument was kinda retarded but nowhere near bad enough to warrant the closure of an entire thread. i've seen way worse slapfights over topics that are already banned (racebaiting, for example) in other ot threads and those threads are still alive and kicking.

No. 11367


*ignited in GC

No. 11368

>GC is a radfem concept
>admin (and many anons) want radfems off the site
>radfems try to defend themselves by having a bitchfit

i personally welcome our based new overlords. people who think that anyone against radfems/femcels are clearly new, the site's only been like this for about a year now or less.

No. 11370

>GC is a radfem concept
Yeah no.

No. 11371

GC isn't necessarily a radfem concept. A farmhand confirmed this, and also that GC is welcome here in >>11311.
>>So GC anons are welcome, then, because GC is not inherently RF.

No. 11372


In current year GC is hardly the sole domain of RF. Anyone, regardless of sex or politics, can be GC.

The GC thread was created 19 months ago because anons wanted a place to discuss GC beyond the scope of the Transpassing and Fake Boi threads.

No. 11373

>haha silly radfems, look at them trying to lift the oppression off us, what a bunch of dykes.
We are LITERALLY trying to improve your life you ungrateful idiot, along with the life of every woman on the planet and you shun us and blame us. Do you think this does not justify us being a little upset?

No. 11374

being a keyboard warrior on an anonymous website doesn't improve shit. also i'm not from a country that has troons so sit down.

No. 11375

I am not talking about troons, or at least not only troons. I am talking about the patriarchical social structures that tower over every woman's head, in every country. You are not exempt from them. And we have explained radical feminism to several women who came to us over time, we are not just keyboard warriors, a lot of us are actually acting in real life for female causes.

No. 11376

you sound off your meds tbh

No. 11377


>no troons in my country

Not yet, anyway.

And the GC thread was far more than idle keyboard warrioring. It had one of the most comprehensive resource lists of all the GC forums, for starters.

The personal is the political.

No. 11378

Oh look, an ad hominem, how cute. Let me know when you have an argument against what I wrote.

No. 11379

radical feminism is not something i support, and this site about drama is not a political platform. get over yourself. if you guys have taught me anything about radical feminism it's that all of you are unsound and just want a matriarchal society. you sound extremely autistic to be so angry about being silenced on a shitty weeaboo dramu site.

No. 11380

No one actually cares what your argument is because Admin has already made her decision. You're just sperging into the void at this point.

No. 11381

why don't you go out into the world and help people in poor countries instead of worrying about me, a bourgeoisie anon in a rich country who will never be affected by men because my status is already very high.

No. 11382

i don't care about it because she sounds daft.

No. 11383

lmao that surely is bait, right?

No. 11384

Opinions can change.

>if you guys have taught me anything about radical feminism it's that all of you are unsound and just want a matriarchal society
You are a man right? No woman ever makes these ridiculous pressumptions. Not taht it wouldn't be a million times better tha a patriarchical one, but we want a true egalitarian society. You apparently don't care about it, I am sure your Nigel is taking good care of you, until he leaves you that is.

I put my country first and try to help the people here to begin with. Everyone does the same and so do I. Also you are so so mistaken, your status is in fact lower than poor men, simply due to your gender, that's how patriarchies work.

No. 11385

But why is a random farmhand saying this, why isn't Admin saying this serious decision?

No. 11386

anon, i agree with everything you're saying but sperging in the meta thread will just get you banned. come and join us in the pink pill thread, talking to women with more than one functioning braincell will help you cool off. leave the meta thread for direct complaints to the mods (and we've already made ours so repeating ourselves is pointless and spams the thread).

No. 11387

imagine an extremist thinking that her brand of extremism wants equality.
again, you clearly don't understand how the world works if you think any of the stuff you're saying is beyond a silly ideal. listen to >>11386 and stop arguing, you might learn something if you do.

No. 11388


>this site is about drama

Then why does it have /ot/ and /m/?

>so angry about being silenced on a shitty weeaboo dramu site

GC is not RF. GC discussion is deplatformed on the majority of the Internet. The GC thread was a rare space.

No. 11390

>wanting to improve women's and girl's lives is extremist
You don't know what an extremist is.


They ruined a general I had close to my heart anon, I am sorry but I really needed to vent and I wanted them to see it. You are of course right, it is ultimately pointless, not that I expect them to actualy answer any of the serious questions.

No. 11391

/ot/ and /m/ are for lighthearted discussion. you guys can make your own space but this ain't it.

No. 11392


Then why did the last Admin create the GC thread? GC anons were already here two years ago.

No. 11393

File: 1568234261602.png (710.21 KB, 2048x1112, Screenshot_20190911-163710.png)

>Light-hearted discussion

Where the fuck does it say that in the rules OR the general board culture? Are you sure you're supposed to be here and not CC?

No. 11394

radical feminism is an extreme political view. i am not going to say anything to you again because clearly something is wrong with your brain. i can only say i hope you personally don't make any headway in any causes because you seem really separated from reality.

No. 11395


NTAYRT, but GC is not an extreme political view.

No. 11396

I know I am being baited, but I will prove you wrong with one simple example. In my country, we have mandatory conscription for males only. Me personally and a club of mostly women I belong to are advocating for mandatory conscription for both sexes. How is this extreme or manhating? Please do answer, because I fail to see any way it is not simply an egalitarian view.

No. 11397

I'm hoping they don't ignore it. If they recognize that GC =/= radfem, they have to see the contradiction here. Random anons who personally can't tell the difference because they haven't been paying attention don't really matter, because even the farmhands have admitted the two aren't the same.
We need them to explain the reasoning behind the ban and how it actually helps this place, because as it is, it seems like it wasn't thought out very well. From a hypothetical standpoint, it could actually just muddy things and make the pink pill thread hard to comb through or moderate.

No. 11398

the person i'm talking to isn't talking about GC, they're talking about radical feminism specifically. learn to read. i know it's hard to follow because they keep moving goalposts, but they started talking about being radfem.

GC attracted radfems to the site so it's obviously something that needs to go to get rid of them, and much of the politics regarding troons revolved around radfem views on the patriarchy. you act like i didn't use those threads. there was no room for conversations about troons without having a radfem view attached.

No. 11399

that isn't radical feminism, anon. also you sound either ESL or actually autistic.

No. 11400

I am ESL, also yes it fucking is. Getting rid of gender roles is one of the main goals of radical feminism, military service is one of the oldest and hard to remove roles. Removing it is very much compatible with radical feminism.

No. 11401

>Anyone, regardless of sex or politics, can be GC.
Not really. Being socially conservative or supportive of gender roles is pretty contradictory with being gender critical. Other than that, laughing at troons is a free for all.

No. 11402

What conversations about troons do you fucking need that you can't get from literally the other 99.9% of the internet?
You think talking about gender roles and biological sex is fucking political and inherently and exclusively radfem?

Go the fuck back to Twitter you absolute retard.

No. 11403

radfems actually aren't pro-conscription, anon.

> Beginning in the 1970s, "liberal feminists" have argued in favor of extending conscription to women, taking the position that "the best way to insure women's equal treatment with men is to render them equally vulnerable with men to the political will of the state". Radical and pacifists feminists have disagreed, however, contending that "by integrating into existing power structures including military forces and the war system without changing them, women merely prop up a male-dominated world instead of transforming it".[24] There were disagreements between liberal advocates for women's equality and radical and pacifist feminists both in 1980 and again in 2016 on whether women should be included in draft registration or draft registration should be opposed for women and men.

fuck this really just outlines what i hate about serious conversations on this site. so many people literally have no idea what the hell they're talking about and like to talk like they're saving the world.

boohoo, go find another website, it's more than obvious you're not welcome kek.

No. 11404

Radfems who have a brain cell realize that conscription is a end of the line solution to an existential threat to a nation. Not all of us are pacifist idiots.

No. 11405

jesus can you just admit you're wrong? i don't agree with radfems and even i can understand that they don't want to be included in something that they view as a patriarchal system unless it has been extremely reworked. you're not a radfem, you're just a confused ESL who doesn't understand it's main tenets and thinks that it's some special snowflake belief that no one understands.

radical feminism is like the keto diet blaming a small cause for the entire issue.

No. 11406

Rule 2 is violated quite often because of redditors who think lolcow is r/gendercritical
You can talk about radical feminism and gender related discourse in pink-pill.
I don't get why it's a problem unless the anons from the three threads see each other as insufferable.

That's the real irony, the rest of the userbase finds them all insufferable.

Thinking that you're entitled to one thread just to sperg about troons,while having another to sperg about handmaidens, another to discuss MORE radfem ideology, and having a man-hate thread is over the top. Anons clearly haven't learned to stick to their containment and continue to attack anons globally if they don't agree with their politics. So instead of 3 awful containment threads you can have one and one only.

No. 11407

Morning based Admin. Thank you for all your hard works!

No. 11408

so radfem talk isn't banned then? because the farmhand earlier said it was.

i really want clarity on this, admin. just give us a straight answer:

1. is radfem discussion allowed in the pink pill thread? yes or no?

2. what, specifically, constitutes radfem talk? it's not like the lines between radical feminism and other types are clearly drawn, there's all sorts of overlap.

No. 11409

Dude, she clearly just said
>You can talk about radical feminism and gender related discourse in pink-pill.

Now fuck off there and stop whining. I can't wait till she just deletes that too and you guys fuck off for good.

No. 11410

That is the coward's way out, the I will not take on my share of the responsibility. Not all radfems are cowards, you are using the not true scotsman fallacy and I am not going to enterntain you.

No. 11411

t. pickme

>Rule 2 is violated quite often because of redditors who think lolcow is r/gendercritical

How many users do you actually have to ban in a given thread/day on /ot/? Is it seriously that much where it's more overwhelming than say, PnPs shitfire dumpster thread or literally almost ANY female cow?
Either you're being way too lenient with repeat offenders and giving too short of bans or the newfags are too much for your team and the team is letting the site simply decay and become subverted.

No. 11412

1) Yes radfem discussion is allowed in pink-pill
2) You can discuss any sort of gender discourse in that thread. It doesn't need to be 100% radfem.
>How many users do you actually have to ban in a given thread/day on /ot/
Quite a bit, it's part of the reason why we have /ot/ and /g/ dedicated farmhands and janitors now.

In the meantime, I'll continue to laugh at the neurotic anons placing my words through "gender filters".
-no new mods or janitors have been added
-i'm not even a huwhite woman
-I'm going back to sleep

EDIT: I don't run this place like crystal cafe, we don't have /r9k/ e-boyfriends that we give our passwords to kek

Lolcow is 100% run and powered by various females all over the autistic spectrum.

No. 11413

I like the Pink thread just because I could go there and talk about the men who most negatively affect me, that is–not trannies.

I have an unpopular opinion here but I just don't give a fuck about trannies. I like discussing gender but the GC thread was always about MtFs (and very rarely about fakebois and criticisms about gender in general). I'm curious as to how much I gotta read about troons again now that the containment is gone and there's a new dynamic at play.

No. 11414

Get some rest based admin, it's 5am.

No. 11415

I don't think your tongue is quite in there yet but you're getting there pretty fast.

No. 11416

Faster thank you think considering she and I live in the same timezone.

No. 11417


Was the GC thread home to more violations than other threads in /ot/?

I am disappointed that you reduce the GC thread to "sperging about troons" when it encompasses so much more.

No. 11418

File: 1568238332224.png (172.52 KB, 499x537, 1568147930122.png)

>Quite a bit

I have a feeling there will be a lot more coming up soon.


No. 11419

>the rest of the userbase finds them all insufferable
But who is that?
Many farmers on /pt/, /snow/, /m/ and /w/ say that they don't even visit /ot/, /g/ is very slow and the by far most popular threads on /ot/ were the vent threads and the ones you're against, the ones that are supposedly hated by so many.
Most of the users of /ot/ seem to be either radfem or gc or both, so why care what anons who don't even go there say?

No. 11420

clearly enough farmers go to /snow/ and /pt/ for there to be a noticeable amount of pronoun policing and troon derailing. why are you taking the words of random anonymous farmers as proof instead of listening to what the farmhands are saying? or you know… looking at snow and pt threads yourself. you could find the proof and explanation there easily.

radfemfags confirmed lazy

No. 11421

????? but what threads? I haven't seen any of that?

No. 11422

they only use /ot/ anon lol

No. 11424

The complaining about pronouns thing is the only stuff that ever gets brought up on meta, this alone shouldn't be reason enough to just lock everything.

Is that supposed to be an insult? I avoid /snow/ and /pt/ because I find nitpicking the same physical flaws on dozens of camgirls and costhots again and again very repetitive and boring. Judging by the complaints on meta Moo's threads and the likes are supposedly very autistic, should I campaign for them to be banned too, since afterall I don't like that? No, because I can simply stay away from shit I don't care about, like anybody else should do as well.

No. 11425

maybe you should go look for it instead of whining and bitching on here you lazy retard. click on the thing called catalog and actually start using the site for what it was meant for in the first place, redditfag

No. 11426

not them but there's like gazillion threads what should they be looking from also why the fuck are you so afraid to give them an answer

like you actually don't have one or what's the problem

No. 11427

because i'm not here to spoonfeed you shit that you can literally do yourself by moving your finger an inch and clicking on the other boards and investing 20 minutes of your time into not being an annoying retard

No. 11428

or because you actually don't have an answer if the problem is so widespread as you say it shouldn't take you too long to bring up examples you brough up by yourself in the first place, moron

i lurk snow and pt and at least i haven't noticed radfem sperging on the threads i lurk, to me it has been mostly a /ot/ problem in vent etc threads

No. 11429

File: 1568242329865.png (215.7 KB, 568x1023, 121.png)

>Spends over an hour infighting on a Bavarian bread making forum instead of just answering once

No. 11431

Thanks Admin for trying to crack down on the radfem thing. It’s not even about the possible merits or downfalls of radical feminism I don’t think people are even really trying to comment about it as an ideology but it’s just insufferable to have it bleed into every thread and derail discussion constantly. It’s really no different than race related derailing, those anons could just as easily argue they’re fighting for a good cause but it’s not the point, the focus of lolcow is obviously lolcows, people don’t come here for every other post to be irrelevant sperging about radical feminism. Hopefully it will work as a containment thread or ideally discourage them from coming here at all

No. 11432

oh my fucking god trust the radfem and gc-obsessed posters to turn this thread into their personal fucking crydiary. get over yourselves you NEET bitches. there are tons of corners on the internet willing to take you in, you will live without your garbage fire of a fucking thread.

god knows you’re just gonna stay and shit up the rest of the board even more than you always have. mazel tov.

No. 11433

File: 1568243938436.jpg (48.05 KB, 640x480, 1496092958470.jpg)

No. 11434

File: 1568244039044.jpg (41.28 KB, 590x393, Bitches.jpg)

>Complaint thread
All I see is this. Get a grip people.

No. 11435

Why are you aggressive? I just asked because I use both /pt/ and /snow/ and I have no idea of what you are talking about? I'm not a radfem jesus christ.

No. 11436

File: 1568248976727.gif (3.35 KB, 236x275, 1423545511438.gif)

>fuck those radfem and GC posters
>right fellow females?
>mazel tov.(racebaiting)

No. 11437

>moving all this stuff into one big containment thread
>misandry AND troon hate.
Why can't the gender critical thread just given stricter rules, in the same way that many threads have done before? Gendercritical and radfem aren't the same topic, it'll just erupt into pure infighting.
I understand there is lots of mean spirited content in the GC thread that give lolcow a reputation that the farmhands don't want but plenty of anons have come into those threads to discuss the difficulties of a transitioning friend or sibling or their own gender issues. There are valid conversations about gender identity and the debate about the age of consent for GRS etc. Not everyone in that thread is radfem, and the thread isn't only about hating men.
Just make it a rule that conversation has to constructive and relevant to the discussion instead of nitpicks?

>the rest of the userbase finds them all insufferable
If the radfem thread disappeared I would at least understand this line of thinking, but instead the gender critical thread disappears at the same time as a transpassing thread is added, and no 'radfem behavior' is banned. No shade, I just don't understand this strategy unless you're trying to make radfem and libfem anons have a helterskelter over the ashes of the GC thread.

No. 11439

>The site has gotten a bit too political lately

Oh noe! Anything but that! Seriously wtf?

No. 11440

Gender critical thread was way more active and had more drama and infighting than the radfem thread but I can get how the two are similar since GC originated from RF discourse. However, merging GC with the already drama-filled Pink Pill thread which it doesn't share many similarities at all is kinda dumb.

No. 11441

Why not just let board culture evolve on its own?

No. 11442

Would you have said this about the R9K infestation? That nothing should have been done and to let ‘board culture evolve’? It’s the admins job to moderate the board in a way that is reflective of most of its users and most of the users outside of those threads have felt they’ve largely negatively the board. This isn’t a radfem image board. It was started by a man and men were only banned as a response to an r9k raid, it was not a political thing and the majority of users have never wanted the large amount of radfem content we have now - If you’re so unhappy make your own board.

No. 11443

Personally I don't have a problem with differing opinions or 'r9k infestations' because it's just temporary noise, but I do have a problem with censorship (or dilution) of legitimate political discourse.

No. 11444

Wow do you live in Japan or East Asia?! That's so cool anon!! Good job

No. 11445

But why should a image board for gossiping about weebs be a platform for ‘legitimate political discourse’? I haven’t seen people complain about race derailing being banned when the exact same case could be made for that. Almost every image board has at least rules about board content, admin has every right to have rules and a thread being locked on a gossip board is not what political censorship looks like

No. 11446

File: 1568255384245.jpg (18.66 KB, 275x274, 1537392241704.jpg)

>It was started by a man

So you finally admit it was about the fag scrot mod's shitty feelings(ban evasion)

No. 11447

>not knowing about OG admin

Just go back to reddit Jesus Christ.

No. 11448

>image board for gossiping about weebs
I don’t understand this argument, the site has obviously evolved beyond that; the front page of /snow is constantly filled with camwhores slapping each others tits or nitpicking genitals, making fun of anorexics, for a good while Holly was frequently getting bumped, the weebiest shit I’ve come across recently are the endless kpop threads

We have many threads and topics that constantly cause reeeing, don’t see why it was feminism that was singled out - are we going to ban all discussion of retard fujos next since that inevitably turns into a shitfest?

No. 11449

Thank you! This makes me so much more optimistic about LC, and it makes me feel better about being a farmer.

Radfem and GC themes did permeate throughout the site. I think radfemanons may honestly be ignorant of that. LC weaned off Belle Delphine for largely that reason. GC anons who flipped their shit about pronouns did back off. That’s great, but it doesn’t mean they assimilated. Some non-GC/ambivalent farmers talk around muh-vaginanons’ pronoun rules, which accounts for at least some of the quiet.


Have you considered making your point using condescension? /s Blogging isn’t allowed, and with good reason. We can’t compare lists of ways in which we’ve each helped to change policies, etc. Even so, you do understand that being radical is not a prerequisite for improving the lives of women?


And they say that hiding the GC/radfem threads would solved the problem, kek. Here we have someone espousing talking points in the site complaint thread of all places.

Many or most farmers are feminists. There are probably even radfem farmers that just don’t hold salons where they read gossip. If you have nowhere else to discuss women’s issues, it could just be you.

Sorry, was holding in complaints for so long and am just really happy about this change.

No. 11450

No one would have probably had a problem with it had it not ended up derailing almost every thread. You would see several posts a day by radfems completely unrelated to the topic being talked about. I literally don’t know what fujo is because I don’t go in that thread, if it ended up eventually being constantly brought up and causing infighting and derailing in every thread then there would be a case to ban it I guess. That was the main problem with the radfem stuff, the users didn’t integrate and it was just constant bait and attacking other farmers in unrelated threads

No. 11451

They think they're being attacked, which is wrong. The annoying group is being attacked. This happened with anachans too, and it will likely happen again.

No. 11452

The Onion thread has derailed into a pixie girl guessing game and "which family member will onion hurt first" game, and not saging non-milk. We know that Sarah, Skye and her sister lurk the threads and I'm afraid that they'll clam up because of all the murder-suicide/harming kids talk.

No. 11453

I personally haven’t seen radfem derailing whereas I’ve seen plenty of fujo derailing, so I guess I’ll take your word for it - every anon uses the site differently

No. 11455

This is very transparent, idc what excuses you guys have for all of this shitshow, it's all very, very suspicious. Radfems are derailing/being annoying? Fine, delete the radfem general and ban femcel sperging longer but why delete the GC thread? It makes no sense unless mods are literal troons, that was a popular thread and as far as I know it didn't cause lots of derailing, so why focus on it? That's the weird part, only troons would have a problem not only with radfem but specifically GC topics of fucking course, and they're so salty about it they think its basically the same as "manhate". Ignoring the extremely passive-aggressive mtf thread who nobody gives a fuck outside some troons dissing each other and mods weird ass actitudes towards anons it seems pretty obvious wtf is going on here.
You guys aren't stupid, you know damn well what happens when you ban GC topics or discussions from a site, you are literally inviting troons to come in since this site is "terf free" now.
You guys thought radfems were """insufferable"""? Lol you haven't seen shit, this is going to get interesting (and sad, rip lolcow).

No. 11457

I don't know whether or not the mods are trannies, but assuming this is actually not some great hon conspiracy, I just don't see their point here. I don't even mind that the radfem threads are gone, so this isn't some "TRIGGERED radfem DESTROYED" shit.
I just don't understand why GC threads were targeted when they aren't even the problem. This is about radfem sperging, yes? So, why is GC being punished? The two are not necessarily the same, and even they know it. They agreed that GC discussion is welcome here.
If the GC thread is also so bad that it's wrecked other boards and threads (which I haven't seen proof of, besides the pronoun sperging from months back, but okay), why not just continue banning those who do it and tell them to take it to their thread? How does squeezing it all into one thread solve the matter?

No. 11462

Why'd you include me? I'm not part of the "gender guesser means mods are scrotes" camp. I don't know shit about that, and until there's some verifiable proof, I see no point in seriously arguing about it. It's a discussion that has no end unless mods purposely go out of their way to reveal themselves (which I don't think would be a good thing). For now, I trust that we're all women with a variety of opinions and different levels of autism.
I just don't understand how killing off GC threads will fix this apparent issue of it shitting up the entire board, or even why it was done, when it's been stated that gender critical talk in itself is fine, but radfem/femcel sperging isn't.

No. 11465

>but radfems are encouraged to go back to wherever they came from haha… Their kind isn't really wanted here.
just saying, this is dumb because i grew up on the chans and know multiple women who have grown up on the chans that became radfems organically after having been exposed to how "men really are" and transgenderism forced down their throats. they naturally came across radical feminism and are radfem or radfem aligned. the radfem sentiment on the site is, i think, genuinely shared by women and girls who naturally have been on imageboards for a long time and have been exposed to a lot of misogyny and came across rf stuff thanks to the rise of tranny shit, ironically.

maybe i'm wrong, but the assumption that all radfem aligned women on lolcow are 45 year olds from radfem twitter or something is, i think, wrong. i've been here for many many years and it's not like everyone here is a rf plant or something. some people are og farmers from the beginning or from staminarose who believe different things now vs many years ago, also

No. 11466

Loving how these redditfags are ignoring gc discourse was moved to pp and talk of individual troon milk was moved to /snow/.

It is very obvious the plot is to curb on the autistic tirades of twitter and redditfags. You faggots forget this is a drama board and political discourse has been banned on various levels since the beginning. Sperging this bad and gendering language using shitty online classifiers that associates writing correctly as being male… There's a reason the thread is gone, and it's not becau