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No. 425447

I’m sure I’m not the only one who throughout the years was enchanted by some minor social media person who passed away, scrolling through their pages and trying to imagine the world inside their head. Some still haunt me, some I have probably forgotten. Sure it happened to some of you? Tell me about your favorite ghost, farmers.
Mine currently are Sara Anne Jones (pictured) and a dead friend of a friend whose page I sadly cannot find.

No. 425499

I haven't been able to find anything on her since the late 2000's, but there was a lolita girl who died from some kind of ED related sickness waaaay back in the day. She was really tiny, pretty and wore mostly Angelic Pretty. I remember seeing stuff about her when I was in high school and being weirdly fascinated by her. I can't remember her username for the life of me sadly.

No. 425515

Who was that pink haired german (?) Gyaru girl who went to japan to die? I remember following her twitter or ig and being creeped out when the news broke that a "pink haired gaijin" had jumped to their death in tokyo and some people instantly knew it was her.

No. 425585

Sounds interesting and sad. Would also be interested to find out more about her.

No. 425616

File: 1561379354814.jpg (47.45 KB, 225x400, 1502874819768.jpg)

I think you're talking about Anji?
Rumor was that Kisu pushed her off a roof/stood by and watched her jump, but it was never proofen.
I'd also really like to know more, but I don't think there's a chance we can ever find out the truth. I remember some anons saying that judging by her blog she was messed up and in a bad place, but I skimmed through it and saw nothing abnormal, mostly just posts about traveling and shopping.

No. 425617

Last thread isn't showing because it was locked, look for "Kisu our topmodel"

No. 425619

ot but god i hate this fashion

No. 425622

File: 1561379727355.jpg (127.62 KB, 640x639, 1466092450041.jpg)

Anon, there's worse…

No. 425643

File: 1561382653192.jpg (124.82 KB, 1280x1707, 6c2c8fca1a55177198944c8e026726…)

No. 425729

File: 1561393836480.jpeg (94.67 KB, 284x450, EC158A56-D100-4819-9CB1-14B24F…)

A bit of info and links on Sara Anne Jones: she was a small time model and an aspiring poet and starred in a coming out of age drugged up movie Toad Road. She died of heroin overdose before the film hit the screens.

This is a good summary which captures the eerie nature of the girl, or at least her internet persona: https://snapzu.com/drank/american-ghost-story-the-brief-eerie-life-of-sara-anne-jones

This is her Tumblr: http://saraannejones-blog.tumblr.com/

No. 425769

was she hooked on drugs when she died or did she simply take too much?

this is an interesting thread, but i can't contribute

No. 425778

Don't know who or what this is but she's cute.

No. 425793

>>425616 that's the one! Damn, i remember she had a blog or somethimg where she went full emo so i always figured it was a suicide OR that she meddled with bad people. She was pretty tho, shame. I'm gonna find the blog brb.

No. 425796

No. 425843

I have no idea, and the articles I’ve found do not answer this question. Her boyfriend was allegedly unaware of her heroin usage so I’d guess it was not a full blown addiction?

No. 426024

daul kim

No. 426560

Ooh I remember her, a mesmerizing girl for sure. Do we know why she chose to kill herself?

No. 426757

she talked about feeling like a ghost on her blog which is still up if you want to talk a look, it's "i like to fork myself," and mentioned that the more successful she got the more lonely she felt and like she wasn't an individual. it was compounded by her being kind of the "face" of koreans also i believe, which made her subject to a lot of criticism and isolation. iirc she also spoke to a friend before her suicide about the boyfriend who would eventually find her body and how they would get into really physically violent fights but she couldn't leave. but she struggled with self-harm and depression for a long time, so i doubt there's any one cause.

No. 426760

File: 1561596004480.jpg (22.03 KB, 500x284, daul-kim-blonde.jpg)

I can't believe I haven't heard of her until now. Just googled her and she was so gorgeous. RIP

No. 426817

Almost all of her blogposts were about her being so exhausted, iirc. She was massively overworked and iirc she dated some French guy that was like, 33-34, right? And she was 19-20? I mean, that's like, practically all I need. A violent, considerably older, pretentious French man is going to suck the will to live out of anyone. I remember reading her old posts when she was back in SK and she seemed a lot happier. Her life was also a lot different before she got into modelling. I think her life was a lot less stuffy and probably less generally miserable for a young woman. That life probably took a toll on her and I can understand why. I have to imagine it's a very stressful and lonely life shuttling back from Paris to NYC every week or so (both pretty lonely places to live, too, imo).

No. 426825

File: 1561622677522.png (934.63 KB, 637x475, Tagl_deviantart.PNG)

Artist who went by Tagl/Ceci on Deviantart. The comments on her page are tragic and I was shocked when I checked my old DA acc to read that she had passed. Used to follow her art religiously in like 2008-09 when I was a baby weeb. I used to love her sparkly animu art back in the day. The glamfur thread reminded me of her art.
Sucks because I can't find anything that officially says HOW she died. I've only heard that she was either murdered or that she killed herself.

No. 426826

That's really sad. Poor girl.

No. 427467

No… are you serious? I had no idea. this is really sad. Me and my friends loved her art when we were younger.

Someone (with a pretty big fan base) in a smaller deviantart community that used to draw fanart for me committed suicide as well. I wish I had been more grateful when I got their art or maybe talked to them more. I found out how from going back in their comment section a few hundred pages. I don't know why I got so obsessed with it. Just really sad.

No. 427508

File: 1561749061490.jpeg (442.46 KB, 750x856, 5D95B7D8-B9C1-46B6-B301-4C21AE…)

Gina, jui6e her death really shook me up I hope she’s in a better place

No. 427522

File: 1561750527416.jpg (59.88 KB, 600x808, full.jpg)

can't remember his username (mary poppins from hell?) but there was a prommie on gaiaonline i used to follow religiously back in the day. he killed himself back in 2008 and i still think about him all the time.


No. 427531

Went through some of the comments on her profile and saw someone link a comment by her cousin saying it was suicide. Unfortunately, the comment is hidden so I can't confirm.

What happened to her?

No. 427552

File: 1561755876301.jpeg (968.47 KB, 3464x3464, F44ADFED-C10B-48D9-8F62-8EEF21…)

This might be the wrong thread for this, but it’s the closest I’ve found for this post. In 2011-2012 on tumblr, I followed (and was friends with) a very cute bubbly red haired girl named Maggie who’s URL was -onyourknees (has since been deactivated although some fan pages still exist). The last thing I really remember about her was that she was slowly fading out of posting and then claimed a terminal illness and posted hospital selfies or pics of a hospital band or something. I then saw a bunch of RIP MAGGIE posts. Something felt off to me, but it seemed wrong to question someone’s young, tragic death. Flash forward about 2 years and a camgirl named Kati3kat appears who looks just like her… it’s gotta be the same girl, I know in my head it is. It’s just so weird to me that she faked her death to become a camgirl??? Again. If this is the absolute wrong thread, my apologies. Just have been wanting to post about this for eons.

No. 427558

File: 1561756832923.jpg (32.03 KB, 500x348, maggie.jpg)

I just googled other photos of her from before and after and yeah that's definitely her. In photos where the angle is exactly the same (just facing the camera) it's 100% clear she just got older and started wearing a lot more makeup.

No. 427559

Maybe this is more suited in personal snowflakes? It sounds like it could have potential milk.

No. 427572

File: 1561760381920.jpg (32.61 KB, 397x640, a8915d89ab8747f9c8184b63707b0c…)

Ooh he's cute. He looks like young John Rhys Meyers (pic related).

No. 427575

I have no idea her friends were really private about cause of death.

No. 427605

i thought she was suicidal and overdosed?

No. 427715

i vaguely remember some posts that were insinuating she committed suicide, i think by overdosing. i could be completely wrong, but i remember seeing someone say that she was in a coma.

No. 427719

I thought this was Nuglah and you had me scared

No. 427733


I came here to post her.I loved her art back then and I even participated in one of the contests she did.I remember that she was really sweet and nice.It's such a shame this happened to her I was honestly shocked when I found out

No. 427762

Ahh I was trying to remember her when I saw this thread posted but I remember one of her friends who was also popular on insta and tumblr posted pics at the hospital when Gina was there but then suddenly made her account private when the news about her was spreading and people were asking what happened, it made me so sad that I saw people posting about her when she passed cause I loved her who persona, but yeah I heard it was an od, also idk if I’m remembering correctly but did she have an ed too?

No. 427885

File: 1561821888916.jpg (36.52 KB, 263x536, a.jpg)

Xanaxprincess aka Athena
Hers is a sad story. Holli aka Heroingranola was one of her bff's at the time of her death. She seemed like a very sweet girl.

No. 427894

Am I mistaking her with someone else or was she the inspo for the music video of "Ships" by Hotsugar ?

No. 427974

This may be morbid, but I love the way social media makes people immortal. |In the past, everyone would forget you ever existed after like 2 generations. Now we all live forever.

No. 428008

Plz link it, didn’t find it on YouTube.

No. 428037


It's "sinkies", not "ships", my bad. Hotsugar also dated some cow from the toopoor/soundclout thread as well iirc

No. 428041


No, it's true. People remember you when you're gone and you'll pop up somewhere in another decade or another from now.

No. 428043

File: 1561850167916.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.84 KB, 480x361, UaMKbZ9_d.jpg)

I think about coldnessinmyheart once in a while and feel that inevitably she must've died after a bad episode of self-mutilation. But I also would believe it if she were alive still, mangled body hanging out around Germany. Pic related is her and some of her nasty scars.

I also wonder if some of the more extreme pics she took were even real, like the one of her thigh nearly cut in half.

No. 428051


Describe what she looked like? I think I may remember someone who fits that and I remember hearing about them dying too.

No. 428053

This is kind of odd as I've been thinking about her recently too and I even tried finding any piece of information about her on tumblr. I just hope she's in a better place.

No. 428057

I did some research and she is confirmed to have died, by an ex boyfriend and an ex friend of a friend on kiwifarms

Also extreme warning to anyone with a soul not to google her name unprepared. Gory images come right up.

No. 428227

File: 1561895316341.jpeg (294.85 KB, 468x720, 4B9EEDF5-4B1A-40CE-A6B7-0013DC…)

Ah yes, Athena Baumeister. When she fell in with her new friends, she changed hard and fast. Bonus insta: https://instagram.com/bleach_drinker

No. 428243

a gentle, saged reminder that hot sugar is an abusive predator and “sinkies” is an uwu ass term he would use to manipulate the young girls drawn to his ~edgy mystique~

that song is also rumored to be about the soundclout girl Blayde(?) who died

No. 428247

Ayrt, ooh, i didn't know that but it doesnt surprise me! I like his music but every guy I know who does too is a sociopathic manipulative POS so it doesnt surprise me! Where can I read about this? Would love more info

No. 428438

yeah i liked his music for years but i had to delete all of it it feels too fucking gross

here’s a post from his ex kitty, she had to change details to protect herself but it’s easy to fill in the blanks:


No. 428459


I made the mistake of going on to the images last night and I almost brought up my dinner. It's grim. I hope she's at rest tbh rather than living.

No. 428460


It actually makes me very sad to see them pictures. Sounds like she had demons that were too uncontrollable to handle. It sounds awful but I do hope she is actually dead. She seems too far gone in her own sadness to stay alive. I just hope she's at rest.

No. 428496

OT but do you have another link to this article anon? This one ends up at an error and I'm pretty curious.

I've been curious about coldnessinmyheart for years, the pictures of her self-harm are still burned in my brain. I wonder what happened to her and what pushed her to mutilate herself in such a horrific way. There's tonnes of speculation but I guess we'll never know for sure.

No. 428501

Nta https://www.vocativ.com/culture/uncategorized/american-ghost-story-brief-eerie-life-sara-anne-jones/index.html

I remember reading coldnessinmy heart's KF thread, first time I was deterred from opening spoilers because of kiwis reactions

No. 428513

Oh yea, I actually found it after you mentionned it. I googled it a bit, should have done that before posting lmao. It really doesnt surprise me somehow. Do you have any reference for the "skinkies" thing you said? I'm interested in reading more about it.

No. 428659

File: 1561948063202.jpg (878.06 KB, 963x4823, ABRIP.jpg)

Indeed. It's crazy to see the progression of her drug addiction in her Instagram pics. Look at the dates in pic attatched.
Now that I'm older it's so much ckearer how young she really was. We texted once or twice, so I was shook by her death. May she rip.

No. 428737

I'm pretty desensitized to gore but as a recovering/trying not to be recurring self harmer even I was shocked by her wounds, how deep and deliberate they are

I can't imagine she's still alive if she was giving herself wounds that cut down to what looks like near the bone, I needed four stitches in my lower arm for a self inflicted glass slash and that barely even scraped the first layer of skin and didn't even hit my nerves… wouldn't surprise me if she died of an infection. It's so upsetting to me and saddening and I can't imagine what kind of mental and emotional pain she was feeling, especially with the disorders she supposedly had, like other anons said it's probably better if she's no longer alive and not harming herself like that anymore, it's more painful than living

No. 428742

I googled her name and went down into a Mydeathspace topic rabbit hole. Cannot take quality screenshots atm but here's the thread: http://mydeathspace.com/vb/showthread.php?29360-Athena-Baumeister-(16)-allegedly-overdosed-on-Xanax-and-OxyContin

It has her Tumblr post about being raped for years by an older dude, presumably a fellow actor (bonus screenshot of her and a man with that name from her Instagram) and her aunt comes to the thread to tell that Athena's family basically discovered the extend of the whole shitshow from Mydeathspace. Sigh.

No. 428745

She seems so beautiful and special, even her name is lovely. I want to know more about her and it’s such a shame her Tumblr was deleted. I wonder if she really wanted to die, or if she just took a Tumblr aesthetic too far. According to that mydeathspace thread she had a Soundcloud which is still up: https://soundcloud.com/yung-morticia She seems so talented and artistic. What a loss.

I wonder if her parents ever admitted she died from more than a “heart condition” as they seemed to be in denial about cause of death. Also pretty sure her dad is this famous psychologist: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Baumeister she also said her dad was basically neglectful and uncaring right? I don’t know she’s so compelling

No. 428763

She (or maybe her "enabler") had an extensive medical knowledge, all her cuts look guresome but aren't actually life-threatening if treated properly (and apparently she treated lots of them herself).
Poor girl. I wonder what was she thinking? It's a shame almost none of text posts were archived, just her pictures. Did she actually have a bpd?

No. 428887

>a shame almost none of text posts were archived, just her pictures

yeah, i’m very curious and want to read blog/diary entries of this person without having to tiptoe around those brutal self harm photos

No. 429923

ok which one of yas posted acoldnessinmyheart to efukt? disgosteng.

No. 435237

File: 1563280823142.jpg (54.4 KB, 780x439, bianca-devins.jpg)

So i Guess Bianca Delvins (@escty) is the next ghost of the month. Her case reminds me of a murder suicide from Russia where an instagirl was raped, killed and then raped again by her ex she lived with. Ex in question published a whiny wall of text and hanged himself. Pics were taken and went viral, prompting anons to search for their house, their graves etc.

No. 435238

i saw the headline along with the right pic in my newsfeed and immediately knew a robot killed her. i hope he has a lot of fun in prison. at least he won't die a virgin.

No. 435241

so heartbreaking. i just learned of this. i didn't look at the kiwi thread yet, but what's so shocking is that from what i've seen, his texts to her, while upset, are nowhere near what you'd expect of someone so angry that they'd do this to someone, so there's no way to really protect youself. there is 0 way to gauge a male that goes off the rails because men are sociopaths and so good at compartmentalizing. this poor girl.

No. 435246

Just a warning but KiwiFarms thread contains a graphic pic of her with her throat nearly sawed through. I think they are spoilered but still. I'm far from squeamish but something about how small, thin and vulnerable she looks at the photo made me really sad.

No. 435250

ty for the warning, anon. appreciate it. of course this colossal loser didn't even have the balls to off himself right, but it's really for the best.

No. 435260

I shouldn't have gone on her insta. God I hate men

No. 435265

File: 1563287264519.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.93 KB, 1080x810, GD7F-2xefZc.jpg)

Link to russian case I talkd about here: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/jealous-russian-student-tells-ex-11904791
Her Instagram was deleted.

No. 435725

This is fucking horrific. Of course the ex pussied out and killed himself, he should've rotted in prison instead. And let me guess, other men justified it because she was dating another man? It makes me sick.

No. 435738


No. 436085

apparently they were roommates and were no longer in a relationship

this is the reality of sharing living space with crazy ass scrots

No. 436140

This ir right anon. Apparently she used to rent an apartment with her friend, then the friend moved out and Tanya started asking around her friends if anyone wanted to split the rent with her since the apartment was near her university and she didn't want to move out. Her ex who remained a part of her friend group volunteered and moved in with her, probably in hopes of winning her back idk. And yes, after the murder she was blasted on the internet for being a tease and a whore and deserving what she got. What a lovely world we live in.

No. 436190

I don't understand how after all that he did to her he had the nerve to ask her parents for forgiveness and tell them that "he loved her very much" and that he kissed her goodbye on the forehead.
It's bad enough that such horrible monsters exist but it's downright horrific that they can believe themselves capable of love or sympathy.

No. 436229

literally male logic. loved her so much and then this pretty thing malfunctioned and he just had to show it to her.

iirc he was a regular on imageboards (what a shocker) but was not an incel. he was good looking and had hookups and stuff

No. 436234

not to sound edgy but coldnessinmyheart completely fascinated me due to how insanely deep she was cutting. i recall an image of her using a blade pressed behind a tendon to pull it out. i cannot imagine the mindset of someone doing that to themselves and it makes me wonder what sorts of drugs she was on, and what her thought processes were as there is no way someone could mangle themselves so extensively and not pass out from the pain, or shock, or the image of their own mutilation.

No. 436271

Tanya’s murder still haunts me. I can’t really get over what happened to her. Bianca’s murder feels really similar to her and it’s shows that you should cut weirdos completely out of your life

No. 436287

the retards posting edgy jokes and asking for follows under her insta claiming to have pics/videos of her murder are disgusting wastes of space. going on there was a mistake, i’m so angry.

No. 436328

I regret visiting the kiwifarms thread. When did their userbase get so bad? Literally just incels. How can someone be so horrible and cold towards a 17 year old girl?

No. 436330

Oh man, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this with e-celeb deaths. I remember I was fascinated by this girl I used to follow on Tumblr whose username I've completely forgotten. Believe it or not, I even friended her on Myspace when I was in high school because she was my big fashion inspo at the time, then I found her blog years later by happenstance.

I know her name was Alix and she was some type of hairdresser. She had really unusual hair and pictures of her still float around Pinterest from time to time. I remember her hair was baby blue and cotton candy pink at one point and that pic made its rpubds all over Tumblr. I think she was hit by a car while crossing the road in like 2012. Anybody remember her?

No. 436409

File: 1563498072869.jpg (29.99 KB, 316x421, 476d073eb1589b960550d5d45f3f6b…)

I still think about Masa Vukotic - it's been four years since she was murdered and I still find myself reflecting on her from time to time. Like, I'll go to uni and I'll think, hey, Marci never got to go to university. She never got to graduate high school because some fuck stabbed her in a park. Her blog (sparklehime) is still up and this thread reminded me to scroll through it and I keep expecting it to change, but it won't. It's been frozen in time.

Idk. I never really liked her when she was alive but that doesn't mean her death wasn't any less tragic and unfair. It was so surreal to see her face on the front page of the newspaper.

No. 436418

i'm reading about it right now. he killed masa bc she stopped to talk to a bird and he thought that she was, i quote, "like fucking Snow White" and that he HAD to kill her. that made me even sadder, she was so young and likely very naiive and starry-eyed, and this sick rapist fuck (he raped a woman 2 days after murdering this girl) had to corrupt her and kill her. he wasn't even a stalker either, she just happened to cross his path and he admitted it was random. he had a long criminal history too, was out on bail when he murdered masa.

i fucking hate men and the justice system.

No. 441850

I guess you're French ? Seeing this pop up without explanation yet immediately recognizing the pic gave me chills.

The girl in the pic is https://www.instagram.com/opale.rose/ .
She was a big part of the French J-fashion community, and apparently mentored a lot of people who started out Lolita. She passed away very suddenly in 2016, we discussed it last year in the French Speaking J-fashion thread a while back >>>/ot/221968

Never met her personally, only saw her Youtube videos back in 2012 when she acted all mighty about lolita. (link : https://youtu.be/MkBbh3yQZGo she's unsufferable in this one, then backtracked in the comments saying it was a joke…) anyways, it seems she got more humble in the years before her death. Heard about her death because I followed ppl who knew her on Facebook. Her death was announced by a close friend, and apparently no one outside her very close relatives was allowed to attend her funeral. Reading the comments on the post, she most likely killed herself. The OP who announced it said "the family refuses to give any information" other ppl said "I knew she had gotten very bad news recently" etc. It was very sudden for everyone.

Just like you anon, I sometimes think about her,and how she impacted lots of people in the community. (sorry for the very late answer, just got around to read this thread)

No. 441881

Read about this story. The man who killed her had raped and assaulted people many times before. He had told the parole board he'd kill again.

Liberalism is a disease.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 441884

can we not

No. 441886

She'd still be alive if that animal had been dispatched with a rope or a few rounds of ammunition, and that's a fact.

No. 441893

She was pale and usually had bleach blonde or pastel pink hair. People wrote secrets about her dying on the lolisecret LJ back when that was still a thing and she was friends with a photographer on DA named steamed-pepsi who posted pics of her, but sadly she deleted everything in her account.

No. 441962

Wow, I didn't even know.. Not even cgl mentioned her.

No. 443142

File: 1564809161372.jpg (387.66 KB, 1055x893, 20190803_021200.jpg)

Since im a louis tomlinsons fam, i just can get over his sisters death. Felicite Tomlinson (18) was a huge crush of mine and she died all of sudden, heart attack. I keep thinking about her and how did she live. She was just so gorgeous, ive always wished i were her.

No. 443279

I was also a fan of 1D, his sister’s death was tragic. I always thought maybe there was more to her death (drugs?), but it’s unfortunate she died from a heart attack at that age.

No. 444170

File: 1565007621287.jpeg (196.91 KB, 640x558, 432FF3A7-E1FF-4660-9C75-0B8776…)

Mika Mae Jones. I followed her on tumblr in the early 2000s and was really fascinated by her. She was an artist and model and I think started out as a suicidegirl. Kinda forgot about her until Francesca Lia Block mentioned she’d died recently. Apparently she fell and hit her head during a seizure. She used to post a lot of thinspo-ish photos but I thought she was really beautiful and interesting looking. Sad.

No. 444194

Her ig is @mikamae and her tumblr was something like volatilestructure, I think, not sure if it exists anymore.

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