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No. 14


The details were publicly revealed due to violation of these global rules:

>Do not post threads about yourself in /pt/ or /snow/.

>Do not post vendetta threads in the direct or indirect guise of a self-post, by impersonating someone you have a grudge against.

No. 17

Summary: Kristen, AKA dejaentedevil/vakarine on tumblr, is a professional self poster and amateur camwhale. selling snapchat nudes and sending anonymous questions about herself to various Tumblr users are her fav antics. Tumblr drama has followed her around due to her tendency to talk a lot of shit without being able to hide herself whatsoever; her distinct typing style always gives her away. Through the last year or two, she's fallen out with multiple bloggers including the "truth blog" circle and Megan Marie.

Kristen was found to have created her own thread about herself and posted in it and other threads countless times. After the exposé, she pretended that it wasn't her posting shit, but someone else. Eventually she admitted to her dirty habits but then removed her original blog and disappeared for a bit. She changed her handle to avoid all the evidence of her selfposts in her tag, and since all she does is submit porn of herself to random blogs and send anonymous asks, most are none the wiser.

Kristen has returned to the farm on a couple occasions to weakly defend herself. These days, she's gone back to camwhoring and lurking here, but hasn't self posted in a minute.

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