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No. 1693

Behold, farmers! Come ye together, unite! For the 30th of July marks the anual celebratory day of rejoice in our Queen's honour.
Share your blessed memories of our fair Kawaii Goddess, bestow us with gifts of endless OC, and pray for the everlasting beauty to shower us eternally in radiance and purity.
Because this occasion is so momentous, there will be a moderation-free thread where we can sing praise and gift our beloved Pixyteri with truly heartfelt shitposts of yore. (Obvious exceptions being illegal images/gore)

No. 1694

She'd a fat slut, but I'd do her.

No. 1695

I must say, that's a glorious first comment. I'd say we end it here, folks. End of thread. Doesn't get any better than this.

No. 1696

wait is it her birthday already? she's 31 now?

No. 1697

Happy B-day PT <3

No. 1698

Happy birthday, our dear Queen! I remember when I suggested to you in a Tinychat that it'd be a great idea if you opened a savings account and deposited a little bit into it every paycheck to help save money. Then out of frustration, you got angry and pounded your fists onto the desk because you don't like being told grownup things. Good times!

No. 1699

I remember being Twitter friends with PT. We would talk about stuff and how shit the trolls were. Then some arsehole upset her on you tube and she deleted her Twitter. I haven't been back to my Twitter account since…

I miss you, PT.

No. 1700

I remember when PT talked about getting a job in a pharmacy as a technician. I gave her some advice about studying up on meds and such so she'd have a minor step above some random walk-in, but as per usual she said she wouldn't bother until she was guaranteed the job.

I miss her tiny chats and twitter.

No. 1701

I'm glad she's finally decided to do something about her weight. It's really inspired me (and I think a lot of us) that if PT can do it, we can too! She still should go to the doctor about her butt.

No. 1702

Happy birthday to the glorious Queen! May she reign eternal and all her Nippon dreams come true.

Part of me wishes she'd win the lottery or something to get her to Japan just to have her ultimate goal achieved, especially now that she's lost so much weight but I always worried if she ever get to Japan she'd have a meltdown or something because it couldn't match the idea of Japan she has in her head. Maybe one day and that's what makes her amazing, that little bit of hope that keeps us all going. If PT can one day make her dreams come true, so can I.

No. 1703

I remember trying to console PT about her age and being a "failure". I told her how it wasn't until I hit my 30's that I really started to shine, and how I couldn't have accomplished what I have in my 20's and how being a woman in your 30's is awesome. She said I was rubbing it in her face to make her feel bad and then deleted FB all together the next day.
My workout lines Queen, never change.

No. 1704

I remember being in the infamous tiny chat where Pixy's mother told her even dogs bathe. She was crying and then took a shower. First time I legitimately felt bad for my Queen.

I also remember spending nights in /cgl/ reading through the most populated Pixy threads, the excitement of new photoshoots dropping etc.

Long live the Queen.

No. 1705

Happy Bday to our Queen! I was in one of the last (or the last?) tinychat sessions where she wore a green striped bathsuit. I complimented her and her bunny hairclips and she looked very happy when read it <3

No. 1706

File: 1469889124953.gif (965.95 KB, 500x526, toast.gif)

Here's to your 31st, our darling Queen.

It's been a wild ride. My attention was first drawn to you in /cgl/ and I was drawn in. After moving from /cgl/, we migrated to maxfag, and from maxfag to Stamrose. Finally, we ended up here in the comfy fields of lolcow.

Imagine my delight when going through old con photos that I found you in your Rydia cosplay. I had been in the physical presence of my Queen before I knew of her. I feel blessed.

No. 1707

Is this a Sakura Shinguji cosplay? Either way, she's done a really good job and looks really pretty here.

No. 1708

File: 1469892919019.jpeg (82.69 KB, 640x475, image.jpeg)

Stay kawaii forever, my Queen

No. 1709

すばらしい たんじょうびに なりますように。素晴らしい誕生日になりますように。

No. 1710

Never forget her birthday tinychat where she ate an entire cookie cake + jug of iced tea. <3

No. 1711

Happy birthday, dear PT - our one true queen~

My favorite PT memory is probably reading about her working at Lowe's, that was a wild ride.

No. 1712

File: 1469920800130.gif (149.41 KB, 275x275, image.gif)

Life wouldn't be the same

No. 1713

File: 1469929464017.jpg (74.48 KB, 799x1200, pixy.jpg)

Hail my beautiful queen. Congratulations on your journey towards personal betterment. We've seen you develop a healthier lifestyle within the past year and your efforts are paying off.
You're showing everyone just how much you can shine.

(I love OP's pic with this one being in my top fav of our queen).

No. 1714

I've followed our beloved Queen since the CGL days. I've always hoped that she'd improve. The workout lines, hiding underneath her customer service desk, eating an entire cookie cake alone on her birthday, the ill fitting kawaii cosplay and lolita… It's been a long journey.

I'm happy that she's lost weight. I hope that she can maintain her body and not go back to gaining again.

I miss her Twitter. But maybe it's for the best that she doesn't go back there.

Happy birthday Sarah! Continue to shine!

No. 1715

Pixy would look absolutely gorgeous at her current weight in this outfit

No. 1716

I hope our Queen has a happy birthday and I'm glad she's lost weight, she looks great.

I remember the few times I was able to speak to her personally on skype, such beautiful times. I suggested staying in a hostel if she wanted to visit Japan so she could save up money and actually go, she insisted she could only stay at a Hilton.

Only the best for our Queen.

No. 1717

File: 1469960910004.png (289.56 KB, 508x538, Sarah.png)

My first time attempting to shoop the Queen and I don't know what happened

No. 1718

File: 1469981178940.png (577.56 KB, 786x543, park-bom-gotta-be-you-hallowee…)


Looks like Park Bom

No. 1719

Holy shit, chin chan?

No. 1720

Is this picture shooped? She looks really pretty here even if she is a bit heavier.

No. 1721

The wonderful magic of makeup, nice clothes, and classy poses.

No. 1722

Are you new?

No. 1724

No. 1735

This is definitely shooped because her chin is nothing like that

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