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The details were publicly revealed due to violation of this global rule:

>Do not post threads about yourself in /pt/ or /snow/.

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Thread number 4! Please keep the thread on topic!
I edited the info below and added her feeder's fb as well as her mom's fb.

Her ED:

Quirky's Media:

Instagram: (currently on private, but have become public before)

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She looks like this

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Multiple times now I've stumbled upon Quirky's comments on random YouTube videos I just happen to be watching. And I thought I watched a lot of YouTube.
It freaks me the fuck out when (not overly, or at all well-known) cows show up in my life outside lolcow.

No. 783

many people develop eating disorders after sexual trauma. it's a coping mechanism and a form of disassociating from their physical bodies. her extreme obesity, no doubt brought on by some sort of binge eating disorder, is just as terrible and unfortunate as the undernourishment of an anorexic.

i hate fat logic and pro-ana sentiment equally, but i do think a lot of people recognize the starvation-spectrum of eating disorders as being more serious and legitimate than those that leave suffers at normal weights or overweight.

i'm just an armchair psychologist but i think the quirky milk is officially dry

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I see your point. I knew this chick in middle school who was really skinny and got raped in college and now has a horrible issue with binge eating. The HAES people only want to shit anas but the same disordered eating happens with overweight and obese people too.

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So when we last left off…

We caught Quirky sending herself lovey texts.

Quirky's Media:
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No. 1684

Not true. Many chicks with anorexia (and similar EDNOS) live on diet soda.
I had about 2 liters of that shit everyday… and kept losing weight rapidly.

No. 1685

New thread is here >>>/pt/29161

No. 1686

At uni I got addicted to diet coca cola and like you I would go through a whole 2L bottle a day sometimes.

It gives you the shits and a caffeine buzz.

No. 1687

She says she loves writing, yet her spelling is absolutely terrible.
Udder hell.

No. 1688

That one chick. "Glad most of my family is dead"

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