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File: 1570888615957.jpg (647.95 KB, 1870x1777, laepictrolle.jpg)

No. 69238

Twitter: https://twitter.com/belledelphinee
Instagram: BANNED (haha)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkersmell
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/belledelphine

Old summary from previous thread >>>2640:
A big thanks to the original summary anon (>>>/snow/724171)

Cosplay drama:
>posts her Kotori (Love Live) cosplay to a LL group, but wore a purple wig instead of brown; users criticized the wig
>yells "it doesn't matter what colour it is!", "i didn't have a brown one!", "cosplay is about fun not accuracy!"
>posts screenshots of the comments on her page to complain about cosplay being a "toxic community"
>admits she should've said it was inspired but keeps making salty posts in reference to it
>begins "lewding" her costumes by posting swimsuit cosplays and a completely random bikini armor version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast
>goes viral for D.va cosplay, this time just long brown hair and pink cheek tattoos in bathing suit
>posts screenshots again because people pointed out that it's just a normal person in character makeup
>announces that she'll never cosplay again because people take it way too seriously
>continues to cosplay characters in free taobao costumes and unfitting pastel-colored wigs
>upon her PULL thread starting, a massive whiteknight attack took place in the thread and PULL chatbox and she changed her FB name

Age, pedobaiting, and sex work:
>submitted an ID stating she was 18 to a cosplay page while she was underage, later got verified on Patreon and the age she still claims as her real one would have made her 16 at the time of the fake ID
>started selling lewds as soon as she turned 18, broke up with her whiteknight boyfriend at the same time - he's been sadposting since
>got her Patreon suspended temporarily as soon as she started selling lewd photosets (possible age concerns)
>uses every opportunity to harp on about how young she looks
>did Lolita (the novel) inspired "looks"
>sponsored by brands like "cutesykink"
>got fake braces, claims they're real but they disappear and reappear all the time
>posing nude in public and in supermarkets to appeal to kinksters
>claims she'll just keep selling nudes until she retires at 30, citing JNig as her idol

>The FB thread also covered her making up a fake profile to comment her selfies under photos of her ex with other girls

New summary:

>Pedo baiting

>Copysliterally everyone
>Never did actual nudes
>Pretends that she is single when in fact she has a 27-year-old boyfriend that takes all her photos and possibly runs the premium SC account too and is a co-owner of the business
>Possibly bulimic
>Shopping is getting worse and worse
>Possible nose job
>More pedo-baiting
>Incels got her parents house doxxed
>Promised making a PH account if she got one million likes on one post in one week which she eventually did by the help of her 14-year-old boys freaking out and liking it
>became la epic trolle meme kween by 'trolling' her male fanbase and posting memes on her PH which made them angry disliking her stuff
>girls and mainstream media applauding her for not giving in to incels' desires
>One week later she is doing anal stuff on her premium SC -which is probably fake-
>Sold overpriced bath water which is another example of her copying
>Bianca happened which seemed to scare her a little so she laid low
>Instagram account got banned probably because of her child-like pornography
>>it's alright guys I'm moving to twitter
>comes back two months later with the fake mugshot
>> I got arrested lol

Old thread:

No. 69241

File: 1570890557160.jpg (140.21 KB, 368x500, Screenshot_20191008-150807.thu…)

The fake mugshot, it doesn't even need proving that it is fake for a number of reasons most importantly that it has the softest lighting and she looks smoothed as hell too, the internet ofc met it with telling her how much of a queen she is, now that everyone is convinced that it is fake they're praising her for being such a troll, still no body knows where she pissed in the last two months.

No. 69242

File: 1570890650438.png (2.24 MB, 1125x2436, 7F3AFCB8-1FD7-4845-8513-56382F…)

According to her, that's how it went down

No. 69243

File: 1570890798607.png (1.89 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-10-12-01-33-49…)

And apparently she went to PH awards for some reason I don't know, I don't know either was she invited or did she just attend to support her returning

No. 69246

File: 1570891367112.jpg (127.05 KB, 800x450, Screenshot_20191008-150807.thu…)

I have uni assignment to finish, I count on the other anons to talk more in depth about the hamster drama.

No. 69248

Theres not much more to it, the mugshot is fake and it wouldn't suprise me if she didnt even have a hamster. I hope she doesn't, seeing how she treated that octopus.

No. 69258

She looks huge here lmao

No. 69262

she doesn't need her own thread until she actually starts posting again

No. 69270

Bitch where

No. 69272

Ana-chan please leave.

No. 69296

Are you fucking kidding me…

No. 69299

She won the internet star category. I think they only give you it if you agree to show up so they prob asked her to go and she did it because she’s basically a pornstar at this point.

No. 69324

She won the "Best Celebrity" category as well. Why someone who's only known by people who commonly frequent the internet, who literally does not do porn, won that award, there is no idea.

No. 69336

Just checked the nominee list and winners, she was only nominated for best celebrity and lost to Lena the Plug

No. 69338


anons stop sperging, her HEAD looks huge because she's not the 5'3" smol gurl she pretends to be online. She's like 5'8". Sorry I triggered the lolcow fattys

No. 69339

you cant even see her body i assumed you meant height

nice wipe off paint

No. 69340

Things on her PULL thread are pretty confusing, people are defending/praising her in the strangest ways, PULL are obsessed with appearance but it is getting out of hand, it is either she is posting there or that it is her WKs. same thing happened to her older thread, it was killed by weird unnecessary sage and everyone was getting banned. some anons tinfoiled that she was an admin but it was never proven.

No. 69347

Not them but you can't blame other people when you can't properly articulate yourself. Nice derail you caused.

No. 69348

File: 1570986750475.png (2.21 MB, 750x1334, EC796497-BC91-4280-8794-1F7E57…)

That was last year anon. She won this year.

No. 69353

Being 5‘8 is good shorties can gtfo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 69358

Not when you're trying to be an uwu kawaii sexy loli gurl. I didn't know she was that tall.

No. 69359

If she was short her head would look even bigger in comparison to her body

No. 69367

I feel like she's knocking off a few years off her actual age.

No. 69408

It's such a dumb thing to be upset about but I'll never get over being a full-grown adult and people teasing me for being 5'2" meanwhile taller girls are constantly trying to be my height because it's a "cute widdle kid anime loli" height. It's obvious when someone doesn't know what it's like to not be taken seriously for being short(blog)

No. 69419

Tell us more about how being 1 inch shorter than the average height for women means that everybody thinks you're a sm0l uwu loli kek

No. 69431

man/husband/father/partner of the year everybody

No. 69433

does anybody know why she went offline for 2 months? Was she dealing with threats and stalkers? saged for being a dumbass.

No. 69445

meh, she has the face and body for it. Her height isn’t that much of a setback

No. 69450

I'm thinking she was shaken by what happened to Bianca. (Mentioned in OP) and she did get "You're next" type threats. Notice how she returns with brown hair and not the signature pink wig which has so many associations with her incel fanbase. The silly story about the stolen hamster gives said incels and shitty men like Ethan an excuse to talk about her, free promo.

No. 69717

This is so gross jfc i feel bad for his wife

No. 69722

What's the summary? I dont want to give ethan views. He's always slimey

No. 69751

I don't think so. She went to the PornHub awards with the wig on as seen in >>69243 and I think the lack of wig in the "mugshot" was meant to make it look more real. Seems weird though for her to still be under the radar after the graffiti/arrest was gaining traction

No. 70059

they got Ian (one of the sound guys) to go to the PH awards and he met met Belle there. For background: Belle sent a vial of her spit to the podcast a couple months ago cause she's a fan and they started talking about her. they were also one of the first to report on her "disappearance". Hila doesn't seem phased by this at all though, i think she respects belle even, and i really don't think ethan is interested in belle at all beyond viewing her as a spectacle, but thats just my interpretation i guess

No. 71834

File: 1572934470046.jpg (123.68 KB, 696x964, hsv.jpg)

Something not mentioned above: she addressed the herpes sore that anons fought over (ad nauseum) in the last thread.

No. 71835

No. 71841

I skipped to the end and I'm gonna fucking throw up

No. 71847

>I'll be dead by 30

i truly hope that she
a) has her finances set up. i hope shes employing some sort of financial management company (e.g. Vistra) to ensure that her taxes are paid and she doesn't blow all her money as she goes
she has around 2000 patreons with the 1$ tier having actually no reward at all. so even if all 2000 patreons subscribed to her 5$ tier which has limited access to photos and no lewds, instead of the 25$ tier or higher, that's 10 grand a month minimum.

b) that her weird obsession with being smol lolibait and her displayed insecurity about aging, losing youthful looks, etc. are truly just her persona, and if not, that she can outgrow that hyper-sexualised definition of her self-worth as a woman and get past thinking she's only "useful" as long as she looks "the best she can" according to neckbeards on the internet.

she truly is like a car crash.

No. 72219

Jeez that was so try hard edgy. Looks like she copied that one teddy bear surgery video too.

No. 72301

I cba to do more than skim. she's admitting she has facial herpes she just doesn't understand that it's still considered STI and 100% transmittable…?

No. 79698

File: 1579861267094.png (Spoiler Image,444.04 KB, 451x897, 1579852523831.png)

Not sure if old milk or not, sorry farmers.

No. 79704

This looks super photoshopped.

No. 79705

Def shooped and not very well. You can see where they edited out the underwear and half her finger. kek.

No. 79714

Lool looks like she photoshopped a literal Fleshlight in. Ofc she would choose a pink and "short" pussy, gotta uphold the pErfEcT wAiFu fantasy.

No. 79715

right, didnt even zoom in. my bad

No. 79911

not to wk but are we sure she shooped it and not some coomer who wants to leak her nudes but can't actually get them?

No. 86064

File: 1584218647937.png (1.92 MB, 1428x1413, belle.png)

Belle had a nose job

No. 100701

File: 1592189107304.png (729.14 KB, 815x552, 901379EB-BCAF-4C8D-BBAE-CCAC67…)

Belle tried to do another publicity stunt and failed miserably. She put on her friends foot cast/arm sling and had her friend lilpixiecat say she saw belle on the streets. People quickly discovered she took the pics at her house and pixie is now denying she ever posted anything lol

No. 100718

I wonder if peak autism will ever be reached? The threshold for retardation is incredibly high with Belle and her tween fans

No. 101181

well.. shes back apparently, and more cringe than ever. throwing up at this babyvoice

No. 101183

File: 1592418680328.png (Spoiler Image,957.33 KB, 1057x680, chrome_55FwJ04oes.png)

kek, fitting realisation. that poor woman

No. 101186


I hate when airheaded skanks think anyone cares about their lame art projects.

Tits or GTFO Belle.

No. 101188

It's a parody version of that shitty Tekashi69 music video

No. 101189

lol as if she just casual walks about in public on her cheap amazon thot gear


ngl I laughed at this. "fitting realisation" im sure she gives no fucks anon. its all tongue in cheek

No. 101195

Love that this bitch scammed thousands on patreon and her fake store. Haha.
And the fact that she somehow gets idiots like h3h3 and dramalert to report on her crappy publicity stunts.

No. 101196

I'm curious about her new onlyfans and what kinda scam she's gonna run on there. Idk how that site works at all but hoping some more thotsavvy anons will shed some light later down the line lol

No. 101198

Who cares about scrotes getting scammed?

No. 101199

Found her leaks already. Still game gurl random content with a white box covering her bits. People are mad that they paid $35 for it.

No. 101205

Kek serves them right, simps gonna simp.

No. 101206

Love to see it, hope she makes bank off those retarded scrotes again.

No. 101207



No. 101208

File: 1592425933412.png (Spoiler Image,722.16 KB, 1222x612, delphinemarks.png)

Good to see Belle quit filtering herself.

No. 101209

They're all retards at this point for thinking anything they buy from her will include legit nipples, ass or uncensored vagina. How fucking stupid do you have to be

No. 101210

she's making 70k a month already, good on her for exploiting dumb simps lol


No. 101211

what I really want to know is who is _behind_ her this time. before it was her simp boyfriend, who's managing her now?

I think the $35 price tag and video production
/ writing hints that it could even be multiple people.

who are the managers behind the curtain

No. 101212

I mean you can just look up her company and check who works there besides Belle.

No. 101213

belle and josh are married now so her husband is technically managing her. He wrote the parody and senzawa sang it. Josh also filmed belle

No. 101218

source on her being married?

No. 101240


okay retard, if linkedin showed anything you would've posted it. it doesn't.

No. 101241

Sounds like a chimpette on ketamine and doesn't look far off from it either.

No. 101250

File: 1592438105475.png (242.36 KB, 750x1334, 53E5C2E6-2FEB-4636-A843-932B98…)

nta but company filings are public record in the UK. This is the link to info on her company https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11633830 Belle and her husband are listed as the two officers.

No. 101251


she's always been pretty fake but it seems like she downgraded during her hiatus. that video is so fucking trashy

No. 101252

isn't her comeback i a little sad? i thought maybe she moved on and found something more interesting to do with her life than panding to incels.

maybe she needs $$

No. 101253

nta, that does not really prove that she is married.

No. 101254

Just shameful.

No. 101259

Wasn’t trying to prove whether she’s married or not, anon asked for company info and I posted a link that lists her and one other person as owners/most likely the only two people working under that company name. She could have other employees working for her but for some reason I doubt it lol.

No. 101260

On one hand, I'm disappointed that she's kind of taken it this far and will take it much further-I kinda liked that she only teased and pissed off guys because that's exactly what they deserve. But on the other, I think pissing off men after that other girl got beheaded probably scared her a little straight in that regard and also more importantly-there is SERIOUS money to be made off Onlyfans right now. There are allegedly bitches making 400k+ a month who have HALF of the popularity she had. Trisha Paytas makes how much?? And she's like twice her age and 3 times her size. I'm just gonna be honest, she would be a stupid bitch if she didn't jump on the Onlyfans train lol.

If even Venis angelic with her crusty unflattering fucked up pictures can rake in the cash, so can Belle-way way way more cash. Which sucks but that's how it is. Still, bummer that she'll be actually be doing lewds. but money will always be more important than stupid shit like morals, especially if its invested in ways that'll keep her set for life.

No. 101261

>who regrets me? my mother
>lil tits, big ass, and no dad
kek this endeared her to me a little

No. 101263


beheaded? I'm lost

No. 101264

google r9k bianca

No. 101265


holy fucking shit

No. 101267

This costhot saw it coming with Belle Delphine's fake publicity stunt
https://mobile.twitter.com/buttercupbunny_(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 101272

This reeks of self post. Nobody cares Buttercup.

Anyway, back to Delphine returning. Not at all surprised by her becoming trashier for simp bucks. Acting like a dumb thot is too good of a career for her to leave behind.

No. 101273

yeah, I used to find her cringy but I'm ngl, I now find her kind of endearing

No. 101274

stop praising the cow
scamming scrotes is a low bar that literally every e whore on this site meets.

No. 101277

Some farmers really expose their inner egirl by revealing that money is their only virtue. As if there aren't women out there working on careers and causes that make them as rich without having to jiggle their butt and make men collectively pissed off at our gender. Farmers went soft and got an OF lmao.

No. 101278

File: 1592448402801.png (1.07 MB, 604x1399, download.png)

Apparently belle threads are being spammed on /pol/ (I only saw 2, but apparently its been happening for at least 24hrs) and shes trending on UK twitter. There was speculation that both these instances are being done by her manager(s) and that maybe she is doing this all herself. Saying reactions to her "comeback" are mixed would be an understatement.

No. 101279

The e-thot community are really 50/50 about her which makes it ironic. They are the definition of "hoes mad". Her history of stealing photos to sell while underaged aside, she's able to make bank essentially by scamming thousands of simps & luring them in with this cringe persona, so her return with a OF account kicked off with a huge start. They can't stand that fact that it has worked and I suspect the next few days will be more of them crying over it.

No. 101280

Simps self-perpetuate their favorites all the time. They meme even the most average female posters. I laugh at your cognitive dissonance at admitting that simps would pay her OF knowing they're gonna get scammed, and yet stop short at spamming their favorite thot all over 4chan.

I doubt it's her and I doubt it's her managers. It's just a bunch of cucks who get a kick out of fanboying and pissing off some autists in the process.
You guys are overthinking it, really.

No. 101281

Well I dont know about the e-thot community, but the reactions on twitter and surprisingly /pol/ are mixed which surprises me, I thought most guys would be on her side.

No. 101282

Maybe you should re-read the post and try again. I'm merely reporting whats been posted on those sites, I dont know much about her and dont have any conspiracy theories, so chill.

No. 101284

Damn her insta was already taken down.

No. 101285

2020 has been a rough year, even for the Twitter degenerates. Their simp spirit has been broken, or belongs to another egirl they fount in the time Belle "vanished" from the Internet lol. The only thing that's hit instant numbers and likes is her OnlyFans, which is no surprise there.

No. 101286

It didn't sound like you understood what was really happening as you didn't mention it, I trust you anon but was just verifying!

No. 101289

I was just saying what they were saying on the threads (they speculated this was her etc, not my thoughts) what part exactly did you miss? Why so patronising?

No. 101290

It was the part where you didn't mention what was actually happening? Don't be mad, I get what you're saying but was just adding to it. Chill.

No. 101292

I did say what was happening again what part did you miss?

>I laugh at your cognitive dissonance

>You guys are overthinking it
What exactly did you mean here and how is this "adding" to anything exactly?

No. 101305

belle did profit off scrotes and is still profiting off them and good for her but the bigger issue that she supports pedophilia by trying to look as child like as she could, did a parody of a pedo's song, and supports PornHub which is filled with underage porn.
you could profit off coomers all you want it doesn't matter but when your way of profiting is pandering to their paedophilic tendencies then it's a problem, let's not act like belle is some sort of amazing woman who cheated the code, she is as bad as any other ethot if not worse.

No. 101306

Her insta got taken down for buying followers and likes.

No. 101310

ish, that hentai pictural two piece has made its time heh.

i can't stop thinking her stuff will grow old quickly…

the song is a definite cringe although it's catchy. But when her voice isn't chipmuncked, the "magic" kinds of break.

also i never found she was very good at interpreting. her face expressions often break character and when it does It's like she's not having such a great time.

Also also also hate to parental check but why isn't the vid 18+

No. 101311

It’s not even her voice. She hired someone to sing for her. She lists the real singer in the video

No. 101315

This wasn't just cringy, it was sad. The self-degradation wasn't endearing to me, it was just depressing. Why do people support this?
>huurr my daddy issues are so hilarious lmao xD simps give me money see how self-aware I am it's sooo funny

No. 101318

Society has simply moved past the need for belle Delphine tbh, the egirl style has evolved past this point now.

No. 101319

I agree.
She would have been better off making a comeback video as herself and apologise for her scamming, it probably would have grown her following naturally without having to rely on incels and fake followers.

No. 101323

who would she apologize to? to the horny scrotes? no thank you. men realizing that they dont always get what they pay for and purchase disgusting things like bath water, porn etc expecting it to be real, deserve this 100%.

No. 101327

OOT but the singer (Senzawa)'s voice makes my ears bleed. That tryhard loli voice is so bad.

Belle's part in the song was 50x better than Senzawa's.

No. 101329

Why the fuck would she apologize? Being stupid and buying an e-girl's bath water is no one's fault but your own.

No. 101331

>big ass

Oh bless your heart!

No. 101332

This unironically, Belle's style is pretty 2018 at this point which is like 10 years in viral internet trend time. Her ahegao trick has been done to death and after the rise of the simp meme trashy self-degrading thots with no substance have been losing their value. She might be pulling big money from the cumbrains but I doubt the mainstream really cares about her anymore.

No. 101353

You’re not dumb enough to believe she actually sold her bath water, right? Please tell me you are trolling. You do realize that the bath water thing was a publicity stunt and her website didn’t even have a checkout cart for the bath water. The only ones that got it was to promote on their lame ass YouTube channel (belle sent it to them for free). She never actually sold the bath water. It was just another one of her lies. Do you believe she actually was arrested to? Lmao

No. 101354

I mean it’s quite plump and shapely in comparison the rest of her

No. 101363

Are you blind lmao

No. 101365

File: 1592505570169.jpeg (2.78 MB, 1920x1920, DB781236-C098-4733-863A-9EBE3C…)

Belle was originally gonna fake being injured and garner sympathy for being gone a year and scamming on Patreon. She was gonna claim her “boyfriend” died and she was single and had to start an onlyfans. She took these pics with her friend lilpixiecat and people debunked it quick because lilpixiecat had pics of her last year wearing the cast. So belle dropped the injured story. She had videos and photo shoots already shot of her with the injuries too. Lol. Her first photoset back on onlyfans was gonna be her wearing a microbikini with the foot cast/arm sling. I won’t be surprised if she releases it at a later time now since she already had shot it. So be prepared for that.

No. 101375

File: 1592507913485.jpeg (314.53 KB, 828x1444, 2008064D-8F9D-47FA-8F2F-344754…)


She is still kinda going with the cast story. She did an interview with LADBIBLE saying she took a break bc of being stalked and death threats.


No. 101381

This. This is my only issue with her, if she wasn't pedobaiting I would be 100% behind her.

No. 101405

The fake stories she puts out …. the fake arrest story, the fake injury, the fake gamer girl water story is just weird. I know she’s treating herself as a character but to lie and do serious type interviews about a fake injury is strange.

No. 101416

what? so she was stalked to this point and took a break because of it.. but now she's back and doing the same thing again?

No. 101417

not at all. she has a nice ass considering how slender she is. You seem a bit jealous tbh

No. 101418

Her makeup sure is awsome for having one arm in a sling.

No. 101419

you sound like one of her scrotes assuming anyone who disagrees is just jealous
just because it's proportioned in a way (accentuated by how much she shoops herself/wears thongs) doesn't mean she's got a big ass
that's not what having a big ass is
go back to giving her your simpbux on OF

No. 101421

I think it was better when she was still missing and became an internet myth/legend

This is quite obviously because her money ran out, and the cast story seems pointless and somewhat off brand.

No. 101422

File: 1592527026679.png (382.6 KB, 1440x1635, of.png)

Just checked her onlyfans, 14 posts in the past day and the first one talks about a dildo. She seems desperate.

No. 101424

Also she seems to have lost the sarcastic wacky humor, they're very straightforward, a bit like someone else has written the captions.

No. 101431

big for a white girl i guess. they're usually totally flat back there.

No. 101435

Calling people jealous and saying Belle has a big ass… LOL. Please tell me you’re trolling. You’re not a real person, are you? That’s so sad if you are

No. 101439

she's getting porky lol

No. 101441

I'm not surprised,she was a novelty,always was and now she's fading into obscurity. Nobody truly cares for the poor girl,not even her own family,that's genuinely depressing. And with the fact that she plays it all on her "youthful" appearance, once she ages she'll have nothing left and might kill herself like many did. Belle,if you're reading this,please use your brain for something worthwhile. Thotting doesn't last, a degree does.

No. 101446

Lmao, sorry but what a pathetic person.

No. 101449

Tinfoil- She was arrested, but not for what she said she was arrested for. Her money ran out in less than a year from legal fees.

Unironically I kind of do think she was "gone" for so long bc she spent some time in prison or the hospital or something. She had a pretty good thing going with her snap/patreon, there wasn't really any reason to abandon that.

No. 101453

Nta but IIRC didn’t she sell other peoples photos and pass them off as her own a few years back? If that’s the case, I couldn’t see her ever apologising for that.

Makes me sick that since this new stunt I keep seeing news articles pop up about her on mainstream media, they’re playing right into her hands.

No. 101454

She was never arrested and the only time she spent in the hospital was a few days for food poisoning. She just found that she could scan on patreon and make money without doing anything.

No. 101457

Isnt it a little insane that her Onlyfans is $35, and her most liked post has reached 1000 likes within 24 hours of creation? That means she has at least 1000 simps–i mean subs, and obviously not every sub has "liked" her post. Now most of the time, the interaction rate between between likes and subs/followers for things in social media is like 5% to 20%, so this means she may very have already reached 5000 onlyfan subs. Now lets say her fans are really fucking interactive, so even if I say she has 4000 subs and a 25% like to sub ratio…thats (4000x35) $140,000 a month. And this is the first 24 hours mind you, pewdiepie is probably going to meme about her video as well as a bunch of other influencers. Shes going to probably be the first to reach $500k a month before the end of this month, thats my take anyway. Crazy time we're living in.

No. 101465

I think she’ll boom this month but unless she starts doing something different she’ll fizzle. she tried to start TikTok around the end of her relevancy last time and is trying to push it again now. TikTok is arguably the new breeding ground for these types of girls anyway but belles video quality (over filtered and softened even on her new ones) and video style (overproduced and XD RANDOM) won’t fair well on the format. avivasofia filled the ~belle content niche for a bit but expanded into more than the dumb faces. After that most of the girls who have gone viral on TikTok have either had a fluke and a good personality (Jersey egirl) or are at least bringing something to the table like actual porn (pokeprinxess)

now that belles back many of these TikTok girls do see her as the father and want to collab with her but is she going to fly over? I doubt it. Is she going to upload goofy videos without overproducing them? I doubt it. TikTok has changed meme culture with this generation to the point where if you miss a day or two of posting you can completely be forgotten about.

she was never good at engaging on twitter which also depends on some personality. Her instagram is (supposedly) already down. if she only has only fans and keeps not showing the goods I don’t see it lasting past this initial return because we’ve SEEN with cows how quickly you have to up the ante on onlyfans to keep people interested.

TLDR: what is belles ideal platform anyway since she flops on them all? what’s her endgame? censored pussy for the whole year?

No. 101467

Speak for yourself kek

No. 101471

While I'm not denying that she can be this cringy all by herself, it really reads like a male larping as a girl to be honest. What with the "I-I'm a b-bit shy but here's a very nsfw dildo photoset uwu" stuff.

>If she wasn't pedobaiting (i.e. having a small stature) I'd totally accept her demeaning herself for the amusement and arousal of men, supporting an industry built on abuse of women, ruining future chances of her shaking off the infame, consistently lying and having obvious mental disorders she's not getting treated! but it's just that god damn paedo baiting that ruins her for me !!!!!
What a saint you are.

No. 101476

why did she switch from patreon to onlyfans now? is there even a difference?

No. 101478

i thought that belle had someone writing for before disappearing. like her bf or something.

i'd say she's the one writing on her OF because it's kinda blend

No. 101483

Probably because onlyfans is a meme at the moment

No. 101485

tons of women lost their jobs due to corvid and joined OF. she might be pissing lots of them off too, since there are so so many of them and subscribers are very thinly spread at the moment. even shay has trouble having people resubscribe, and belle being on the platform will likely result in some interesting milk.

No. 101495

creators are losing interest in patreon as they've not been very friendly towards nsfw creators - banning them from appearing in search results and google etc so you can only find them if you have the direct link, whereas onlyfans is much friendlier towards nsfw content

No. 101514

Its embarrassing how this TALL 21 year old woman is trying so hard to make her voice as squeaky as possible and look small.
There were pictures of her with other women and she was the tallest out of all of them.
She isnt fooling no one except for her simps.

No. 101515

Don't cry anon just point to where in the video she says she's short and tell us how it hurt you
The song is sung by someone else, just fyi

No. 101585

Oh good, the video was age restricted by YT.

It's sad that all these 18-21 year old e-thot depend so much on underaged teen for their following on YT, insta, tik tok, that they can't even self restrict their content themselves. Coomers are the one that pay for content but the underage aspiring ethots or 16 year old WKs are the ones helping the number of views and likes grow up in my opinion. It's really awkward.

also… senzawa for voice? idubs 2015~6 memes? omae wa mo sindeiru meme? haha im a gamer uwu? hentai shirt?

she not only took a break from social media but also from Internet culture as well huh. She's like recycling herself at this point.

No. 101598

If I were her I’d be scared to change what originally worked for me for my comeback.., It’s important to stay fresh but you do realize that dead style is what makes her popular right? Ethos aren’t meant to be trendy to women, their audience is horny pigs.

No. 101608

You're not wrong. There's been many a comment along the lines of
>Hi Belle I'm 12 I wish you would date me but I'm too young :(
What can I say, her uwu ~so random~ content certainly has it's demographic kek

No. 101637

A lot of her idiot patreon followers are young children who stole their parents credit card. On the community tab and comments there’s a lot of “Belle. I’m 11 years old”. So technically she was scamming idiot kids who signed up because their heroes h3h3 and pewdiepie told them to. Lol

No. 101781

I find it funny that anyone believes she actually sat and wrote her parody song. You do realize she had a company with employees that work on this shit,right? You do realize that she’s just the face of this company? She doesn’t write or post any of her own shit. She has people that do so for her

No. 101800

youre acting like its such a big deal kek. she aint no image and her husband is probably the one dealing with a guy for montage and senzawa for voice. at least for that vid. otherwise isn't all her pics done by tripod or selfie candids?

No. 101804

I'd rather not give this a view. Does anyone have an alternative upload? I can't use the internal DL option.

No. 101825

watch it through Hooktube anon

No. 101864

nta but it works.

Wow this video is brain-meltingly bad.
Also seconding the Anon who thinks someone else did the ass shots, they're double the size of her actual butt+her face is out of frame.

No. 101866

File: 1592799801376.png (3.08 MB, 2560x1440, Who dat.png)

This is the only butt shot where you can see the face. She has full lips whereas Belle has thin lips.
>song sung by someone else
>someone else's butt
>I'm back

No. 101868

Holy shit I think you're right

No. 101872

is there anywhere else discussing this? I just assumed it was her but you're right that profile is slightly different

No. 101874

File: 1592807133933.jpg (126.5 KB, 921x680, Screenshot_20200622-161747__01…)

I want to agree with you anons but it kinda looks like her strange PS profile to me? The nose is half the size it should be making her philtrum look oddly long, even the conically fake swoop is there. I assumed she must have gained weight because that ass although not "big" is still much bigger than anything she used to photoshop in. But I'm sure the socks yanked up her ass are also doing her favours in that department. That being said I wouldn't put it past her to hire an ass double kek.

No. 101885


No. 101916

I said it since the first day it was released. There’s 2 different butts in the video. There’s a reason why on the thiccer ass she never turns around or shows the side of her face. Belles real ass is the smaller one (the hips are smaller too). I seriously think she used a butt double. Lol. I

No. 101919

I never would have thought this, but now with that screenshot.. I really wish this turns out to be true, it would be so goddamn hilarious

No. 101931

File: 1592850769037.jpeg (461.24 KB, 1920x1920, FC1C9B4D-C921-41B2-8246-DA8A1D…)

Idk. At least this one has to be hers so I kinda believe there‘s no second person included.

No. 101934

File: 1592852257116.jpeg (185.72 KB, 401x500, 2B41FBC9-39E3-4F01-858D-6AD86D…)

They were also using a super wide lens for that shot. You can see where it warped her knees and thighs here.
She has a small ass so the super wide lens help make it look bigger

No. 101935

Most of her stuff is shot by her husband Josh. They also work with another photographer. Check out their business “oydssia ltd”. It’s registered as a photography business with employees. Her aesthetic is for it to look like she’s just at home doing selfies and stuff but there’s a crew behind it. They even have a registered makeup artist according to their business filings

No. 101953

I'll say it about Belle and even other costhots who larp ad being "thicc" in the backside
If you can roll those tiny ass AliExpress OTKs up to your cheeks, you ain't "thicc" and you don't have a big ass
Granted you don't have to be fat either to have one but you get the idea

No. 101956

I wonder how many subscribers she has at this point. She must be the #1 user on the OF platform making hundreds of thousands each month plus simp tips lol

No. 101982

She looks like a whoville,that nosejob is unfortunate. She's like one of the thousand ethot clones out there,once she doesn't pay attention for too long and more,younger,cuter pops out of the ethot factory,she's out (well,she already is,given how she had to fake her numbers)

No. 101988

i'm just confused why she's the most popular ever? like yeah, she's pretty and has a nice body. but there's hundreds of girls like that on of.

No. 101990

That's the second butt (aka her actual one), it clearly switches. And if you're gonna circle tiny details, look at the lips and upper body in the screencap >>101866

There are definitely two different butt sizes, nobody suddenly gains several clothes sizes between shots. But she knows her audience are so unfamiliar with irl women they won't even clock it.

No. 101999

File: 1592878150565.jpg (215.79 KB, 1080x1383, Screenshot_20200623-120635__01…)

Nta but it's got an awful profile just like her "candids" here >>101874 not saying it's not true, I just think if it did occur they did a good job on the double

No. 102044

File: 1592908357054.jpeg (314.84 KB, 960x1920, 953D333B-A797-494F-A141-62B45B…)

I mean, believe whatever you want, but I‘m telling you: positioning, angles, and as >>101934 mentioned lenses can alter your body a lot. Even make it look several sizes bigger/smaller.

No. 102055

Definitely using manipulative angles, camera lens, etc.
I do camgirl shit and people talk about my thicc ass all the time but the truth is I got a small saggy ass. I just know how to make it look thicc on camera. Lol. If they saw me in person they’d be soooo disappointed. My ass is as flat as a pancake(nobody cares)

No. 102064

File: 1592925295355.jpg (96.81 KB, 508x768, Belle.jpg)

I think there's no second butt.

No. 102065

can't believe I'm saying this but the tight stockings she's wearing give her the plum butt effect, simple as that.

No. 102070

This, you can tell becauseshe has them pulled all the way up to her asscheeks, level with her tailbone instead of mid thigh or above the knee. Flatties used to do this when the thicc trend took off to create the illusion of having a booty, but it died off. She's smart by bringing it back.

No. 102076

Plus, obviously it will look ‘thiccer’ when she’s lying flat on her stomach or squatting vs her standing up slightly bent forward (which ironically is also used to create the illusion of having a nicer ass).

No. 102086

Also she arches her back when laying on her stomach slightly to make it look bigger.

I'll never understand how otherwise self-aware girls keep trying to force people to believe they have big, thicc or juicy asses when at best theirs are average to flat. Almost as funny as fat girls with wide, lumpy secretary butts calling each other thicc and juicy.

No. 102098

Not much to it anon, perception creates reality and having a big ass is considered sexy now. If you keep telling scrotes your ass is thicc, their cumbrains eventually adapt and accept. They WANT it to be true, you SAY its true, why would they question it?

I think she has a decently shaped butt and she knows how to make it look better, I don't begrudge her that. Those of us who have a better understanding of women's bodies can see through the posing and costuming but there is no point in trying to persuade scrotes that their e-girls are liars.

No. 102124

I've been thinking about Belle a lot, this all started when she cosplayed a character with the wrong hair color(but same hair style). If the idol cosplay community didn't immediately call her a stupid "tongue sticking hoe" for doing an alt design, would Belle be where she is today?

No. 102160

the stupidity in this thread is painful, it's clearly her with tight stockings. body double tinfoil is insane.

No. 102249

File: 1593030742276.jpg (1.51 MB, 1129x520, gRJcldh.jpg)

Have you guys seen this already? I'm honestly grossed out

No. 102254

hello yeast infection

No. 102257

What a waste of food honestly

No. 102272

this is exactly what i'm thinking, i don't care how rich you are, wasting food like this is disgusting. she has a long history of doing this and it irks me, it's not that hard to do weird content without wasting food.

No. 102280

Fuck that must be painful

No. 102304

The worst part of those pics is knowing some dudes are literally jerking it to Dorito powdered asscheeks

No. 102329

She could've repackaged and sold the chips

No. 102377

I‘m wondering if she‘s intentionally years behind on viral internet trends (first ahegao, now bathing in food) or…

No. 102402

She's running out of ideas already,isn't she? It has already been done. Not even quirky or cute,just sad

No. 102531


This doesn’t really add much but if you check companies house, Josh hasn’t been an officer since 2019, and removed from being a person with significant control.

No. 102557

That is so fucking nasty.

No. 102560

File: 1593144319007.jpg (Spoiler Image,231.24 KB, 578x528, belle.jpg)

her feet make me vomit

No. 102566

Spoiler this shit holy hell. Vomit inducing.

No. 102572

Where is the evidence Venus makes a lot of money? I haven't seen it.
I'm sick of hearing OF rakes in cash with the only evidence being the top 1% self-reporting. It's exactly the same tactic MLMs use.

No. 102576

Some people are lucky to have a post go viral or find a way to build a big fanbase but it's so oversaturated now that it's not too viable, especially for a newcomer. Top 10% only makes around 1k per month or less.
Of course Belle already has the luck of having a huge audience and is more of a social media celebrity for how strangely unique she is

No. 102583

Crunch numbers, anon. onlyfans is nothing like an mlm

No. 102594

No. 102599

Jfc anon. How can someone supposedly be a millionaire yet lack basic hygiene practices such as getting regular pedicures.

Is this really her feet??

No. 102602

>getting regular pedicures
>during a global pandemic

No. 102608

Yeah I don’t see the “thicc” here, she has a plain as bread white girl ass with no muscle definition. Also she no longer has that super firm spinner body, her body seems to be shifting into the skinny fat average white girl zone.

No. 102614


looks like nail fungus to me, no need for pedicures but a long overdue doctor's visit

No. 102619

If she's got so much money then why does she have characteristics of a basic poor camgirl?
Foot fungus, and toenail trauma from wearing ill-fitted shoes.
Taking a picture of Doritos in a cheap, stanky-looking bathtub.
Cheap wig, cheap props, cheap photo set ideas in cheap outfits she constantly rewears.

Where's her simpbux? Or does her pimp…I mean "management" take it all for themselves?

No. 102624

You can literally buy all nailcare products online, people even do their own UV gel nails at home. No excuse for this mess.

No. 102637


Oh poor anon. This isn’t just from a few months of quarantine with no pedicure. It takes a long time for feet to look this terrible.
She buys her shitty pink wigs from amazon, she can buy anti fungal medicine from there. Nail clippers exist as well so she doesn’t have to rip her nails. It’s basic hygiene

No. 102638

It's almost like she's not really a millionaire hmmm

No. 102641

I think it is somewhere in between her not being a millionaire and her being a young, dumb thot who doesn't know how to spend her money.

The bathtub she's in looks okay to me, it looks a lot like either a mid-range hotel or a serviced apartment. My guess is she's blowing her money on clothing and luxury goods, renting a decent apartment in some city, and also her management is getting a big cut. No one becomes a millionaire because of their cheesecake internet schtick, at best she can afford purses and makeup. This is the scam all young women in 'sex work' fall for, but how many of them do you see living in Bel Air or Manhattan? Ultimately all they have to show for their work is some luxury chachkies, never "true wealth".

No. 102651

She knows she doesn't need quality because people will follow her and simp regardless. Probably also lazy. I'm glad she's not overly flaunting wealth like most of these SW girls do. She's easily pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars per month on Onlyfans so if she isn't a millionaire in a couple months I would be surprised

No. 102656

File: 1593196641889.jpeg (104.07 KB, 352x500, 7B17554B-438E-4234-8432-947EFA…)

“reeeeeeee don’t make fun of my dirty toenails REEEEEEEEE”

No. 102657

BD had an interview with Vice. She’s now saying she went to Asia instead of taking a break because she was injured

No. 102683

Minimum wage weebs on here think everyone is rich, pay them no mind. She doesn't even know how to save up if she did she wouldn't be back begging for money. A foot pedicure doesn't even cost a lot bitch just lazy and can't afford one.

No. 102694

Yeah, I'm inclined to agree. For all we know the bulk of her patrein pigs were the 1 dollar to 5 dollar range. These kids have no idea how expensive life is and how much patreon takes out and however much self employment has to take out for taxes.

No. 102781

Realistically though she’s making a LOT now even with the 20% OF takes. It’s not outrageous to think she of all people would be making a killing right now when you calculate that she has thousands of subscribers paying base 35 dollars and also tipping for whatever she posts about.

No. 102868

She's not a millionaire at all,think about it. Why is she coming back? Because she's running low on money. Her dreams of being 30 and retiring with simpbux is just that. Dreams. Wishful thinking. I can't wait to see her struggle to be employed once she's "used up" and "hit the wall" according to scrotes. It's all her fault and I,for once,am rooting for a girl to be hurt. That would teach her something to be slapped with the consequences from her actions.

She's so grody. She acts and looks so low class and poor despite having "so much money".

No. 102869

samefagging but her numbers on Onlyfan,social media,… are fake. She has been using bots and buying likes before,remember? She's desperately trying to climb back on her "throne"

No. 102870

if you put yourself online in such a way you deserve to be scrutinized and made fun of. Cry harder,Belle,kek

No. 103236

Nah she’s become a pretty well known personality online so I doubt that many of her likes or subscribers are fake. It’s not that difficult to imagine she would have success on OF when girls with a fraction of her fanbase and clout can make 100k+ per month (although that is rare)

No. 103483

She's doing "penetration" photos and videos now, which is further than she ever went in her prime.
She used to pull huge numbers without needing to even bother taking her clothes off, it seems like she's desperate to climb back up.


No. 103488

No they don't, this is just OF propaganda.

No. 103489

Propaganda how? When people have thousands of subscribers they do make a lot of money, there’s no conspiracy behind it besides girls thinking they can match that level of success on the platform. Belle has 10k+ subs at this point and 35 from each plus tips is a lot of money plain and simple.

No. 103490

File: 1593580475825.jpeg (Spoiler Image,675.98 KB, 765x1450, 2EF18598-F2CF-455E-9921-07D19A…)

Her waist cinching body edits look really strange. Lol at the white background

No. 103491

Damn that’s bad enough for even scrotes to notice. But still they won’t care considering her audience also jacks off to cartoons.

No. 103493

that's… sad.

No. 103497

She's on some Vickie and Moo level bluring and shopping there. Kek

No. 103500

damn judging by the last post she just have this overdone gamergirl aesthetic is getting boring.
mnt dew and doritos? shit mind aswell stick troll face pasties…

No. 103502

I'll bet money she ends up doing full on porn eventually. Her jailbait gamer gurl schtick can only last so long and unlike what some people think, she's not some smart business woman.

No. 103506

She spent almost a year not even showing nips. She comes back and within 2 weeks she's already riding dildos. She's done.

No. 103511


She'll do fine with the proper business people ie her boyfriend or whatever. and I mean, is there anything else she can do at this point job wise? she'd have to change her name if she doesn't engage into full porn I guess.

Most successful whores aren't the softcore ethots. They are the full on penetration and anal girls such as number one pornstar Riley Reid and the likes (sasha grey, etc).

This OF episode for many girls will only do most of them bad for thinking they can make endless money only by blurring pics on the time.

No. 103513

She's a whole sex worker now, really showing those beta cucks what's what by…riding dildos for them hehe!

No. 103516

If anyone thinks her audience isn’t made up of pedophiles, just go look at her earliest makeup video on youtube where she was underage/a child. All the comments are made by grown man saying such gross things imo

No. 103522

It's funny how they always blame the "gossips" and the "critics" as if the "fans" are brimming beacons of positivity when in actuality they're toxic, disgusting men who frequently debase her and have zero respect for her. Do they think men don't nitpick their porn actresses? There's a reason why these bitches feel they got to have surgery, shoop, and filters because the shit men say about female bodies is actually pretty disgusting. No wonder Belle takes a mental break and disappears, the very base who would want to strugglefuck her are also the same types to criticize her for acting retarded and getting surgery on her nose. Just wait until she gets older and gains a little weight.

No. 103537

Is she really doing full on visible penetration though, or is it just the same think she used to do where she did her stupid faces while pretending to shove something in her ass? I'd go look but honestly I sincerely dont want to see

No. 103553

I watched out of curiosity, and it's about the softest core you could do hardcore. She is penetrating herself, from what I can tell, but you can't see it. No genitalia is visible. She spends a long time sucking on the toy.

Its pornographic, but somehow still censored in terms of visible penetration. Maybe some other anon can describe it better. Either way I agree with the previous anon that she's really trolling her simps and betas now by…fucking herself for them on camera.

No. 103558


It's clearly penetrated, but she's showing it from angles where you can't see her vagina fully, like from behind without spreading her cheeks.
Also, for the penetrative parts, it's only pictures. For the fake blowjob, it's a video.

No. 103569

So… shooped?

No. 103576

No. 103577

File: 1593660225922.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1549, 85FC0ACE-2045-43BD-9B8B-C84D4D…)

is this supposed to be like "haha funnee filter" or is she unironically editing her face to look like a child?

No. 103580

Christ she really editing the fuck out of herself. Why would she do that when everybody already clearly knows this isn't what her body looks like?
Does she just not want a lolI body anymore, so know she's editing to give herself a malformed ass?

No. 103584

She looks like a bimbo not a kid here. Like a country girl next door look bimbo

No. 103654

on reddit, her idiot simps were going on and on about how respectful she has stayed with her pics/videos. That going nude is beneath her. Because you know…. shoving a dildo up your ass with emojis covering it is so much more respectful than showing some nips.

No. 103659

The absolute state of men

“Butt paintings are so modest Belle thank you for not being a filthy nude whore like the other sex workers whose content I jerk off to”

No. 103660

If its covered the whole time isn't it worth assuming she is trolling like usual?

No. 103670

They're probably shills she pays to make comments like that so she can psy op her base into thinking she's NLOG–not kidding.

No. 103679

The filters make it hard to get a good read on where her real body is but the angle looks believable.
Just look at the damn pictures if you want to analyse them, they're not that scary

No. 103682

Even if she was trolling, at this point its sex worker equivalent of "I was only pretending to be retarded!"

Debasing yourself in an imaginary way is just as gross as really putting a dildo up your ass for a few thousand, if you aren't sex work positive or whatever the fuck.

No. 103686

File: 1593738983306.png (675.13 KB, 668x386, lol.png)

she shooped off her fucking chin and nose kek

No. 103791

gets a nose job and plastic surgery to look more like her edited pics then goes on to edit even more lol

No. 103802

She looked better before imo, her whole facial symmetry is off now and her philtrum looks too long for how obscenely small her nose is.

No. 103805

Its a filter, not surgery. Even in her music video you can see her long face etc.

No. 103813

she got a nose job. she got her bump shaved off.

No. 103814

File: 1593829982659.jpg (27 KB, 248x480, 67062344_870052126721449_80851…)

The water thing was very real, she get near doxxed again because send it from a post office near to her house.

No. 103819

No "near" about it, the real estate listing for her house was found with the address and plenty of photos of the rooms shown in her dead octopus video.
Can't post here because of the rules obv but it's not hard to find on your own if you really care.

No. 103821

What I mean is her long face looks spastic with her filter inspired nose job

No. 103826

File: 1593846867769.jpg (413.3 KB, 1387x672, 1.jpg)

The thing that pisses me off about Belle is it was her OWN fanbase that did that. The one she's been fucking with and "trolling" for ages. Then she goes to the press and "qq I don't wanna end up like Bianca Devins".

They put a sign on her door saying "I don't pay my taxes", she says in >>102656 how it fucked her up so bad she had to literally disappear for almost a year, then in the same week "trolls" them about it and brings it up again. ok.

No. 103836

Belle is annoying af but this is taking nitpicking to the next level. The girl is on the attractive side compared to all the other cows.

No. 103847

File: 1593864443730.jpeg (83.39 KB, 960x640, 083D5CD7-8CE2-4233-8DC9-BE152F…)

Belle has some disgusting feet.

No. 103848

File: 1593864469864.jpeg (367.95 KB, 1591x2048, 875CA6EC-6769-4A7D-9FDE-F0A6A5…)

For someone who makes bank she can’t afford to fix her feet?

No. 103851

ok we get it, we've already had multiple photos of her toes

No. 103856

Anon please spoiler these toes.
We all have bulimic cheeks already.

No. 103857

I can hear poor Caesar say “kill me”

No. 103858

File: 1593875523890.jpg (81.79 KB, 333x500, F7F0F247-4498-49AC-BEAE-3050F4…)

For those claiming her ass is real in that video, here's a photo from PULL

Is she ana or is she thicc? Just shows how dumb scrotes are that they fall for this. She has a completely different body in each set.

No. 103860

Imagine spending your 20s sucking in your stomach sitting in puddles of raw egg in a kiddie pool for a bunch of low value men.

If it's pathetic even when "ironic" then it's still pathetic.

No. 103863

I noticed her hands look like she's a nailbiter, is she chewing on her toenails too? from her pics and videos she's flexible enough for it

No. 103869

Why does someone keep posting this shit unspoilered? We’ve seen this image ITT already. It’s gross. Fucking spoiler it.

No. 103871

File: 1593881126044.jpg (159.53 KB, 1456x1567, xMC6Bpgr.jpg)

Kek it's not nitpicking just because I think her 2 nose jobs suit her face poorly anon. If that rustles your jimmies, I suggest cope better. The trajectory is messed like someone cut a right angle into her bridge (because they did) in an attempt to replicate an animu swoop, it looks too small for her face, and strange in motion. There's such a thing as facial balance, which she no longer has. It's not a question of finding her attractive.

Wow that's a ferocious toenail biter if I ever did see one kek.

No. 103878

File: 1593884417610.png (209.22 KB, 1440x1039, vj5754ii.png)

In the Youtube comments.

Licking dildos, posting spreadeagled photos, stroking your naked asscrack, and posting photos which appear to show half-inserted dildos, but no nudes because we are using the world's most generous application of the word "nude" to mean specifically seeing nipple or the couple of cm of actual vag that she edits out

Also not sure what they mean by "miles ahead of the curve" like she invented online porn or?

No. 103880

File: 1593884762536.jpg (Spoiler Image,97.9 KB, 676x1326, Belle-Delphine-Toys-And-Penetr…)

Like I'm pretty sure this counts as a nude…

No. 103881

File: 1593885272205.jpg (Spoiler Image,142.9 KB, 1080x685, Not a nude.jpg)

Some more "not nudes" from >>103483

No. 103882

Wow she fucked up with that nose job and style change
She use to took mature and cute. Now she looks deformed and cringy

No. 103883

God I fucking hate this "it's not nude so she still has her dignity, I'm not simping a thot she's just a super duper intelligent businesswoman!!!!" mindset. Just because she censored her pussy or nipples doesn't make her content any less degenerate and degrading. What a stupid, desperate cope.

No. 103916

Does she even have a nail on the second toe? It looks missing.

No. 103923

cindy lou who looking bitch.

No. 103943

she looks like Nemu wtf

No. 103963

I mean when compared to what she looks like/filters herself to look like
She's average but it was definitely a better look before.

No. 103985

sorry I was agreeing with you, I honestly didn’t know what she looked like until I clicked this thread and I’m kinda surprised lol

No. 103992

Well i don't know that.
All she says in that article is very exaggerated: was some Italian guy who went to her house and she had moved in to her new house by that time.
The only thing true is Google blurred her former house in Maps streetview.

No. 103996

Dildo penetration pictures are somehow less lewd/nude than showing nips? The fuck is wrong with these simps

No. 103998

Love how articles are acting like the "gossip forums" are the bad guys because sometimes her appearance is mentioned yet they forget to include all the stuff of her lies, patreon scam, pedo baiting, stealing/selling nudes of another cosplayer, etc. Theres waaaaaaay more posts about that shit than about her nose job. Theres no way they would go here (or other forums) and actually miss that stuff. I think her husband/marketing sends fake ass press releases to websites and they include shit like that to try and hide her shitty behavior

No. 104042

File: 1594012352683.png (13.61 MB, 2308x3852, RElisting.png)

She either hasn't moved since getting doxxed a second time or is posting photos taken well in advance, the fireplace from her known address is in the "egg" set from a few days ago.

No. 104087

Was a surprise when she share that pic on the roof of her little studio.

No. 104091

File: 1594053671564.png (1.12 MB, 850x925, LzYvMFl.png)

Forgot to add the image.

No. 104153

you'd think with all the money this chick is making she could afford a better wig god damn

No. 105248

Dildo penetration pictures are somehow less lewd/nude than showing nips? The fuck is wrong with these simps

Imo she doesn't like her nips/boobs much. Fact they are always covered by the big areola plasters. I think it's less to do with not wanting to be nude than actually not liking her own boobs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 105362

File: 1594890991991.jpg (1.17 MB, 1423x713, IMG_20200716_111533.jpg)

She's trying to pull off the bath water shit again, but with condoms.

Also she uploaded yet another video messing with an egg.

No. 105364

last but not least, whatever this is

No. 105367

Imo these aren't a bad business move. Small items like condoms are especially marketable to her fangirls since aspiring camgirls can use them for that sweet leverage on the Belle Delphine hashtag and pickmes can buy them for their neckbeard boyfriends without feeling too jealous because there's no photo on it. They have more use than a jar of water eg quirky random YouTubers can use them for waterbombs

No. 105401

To be fair, the production/lighting/everything of that is super good honestly

No. 105408


Yeah… except that one single condom is 10 bucks.

No. 105439

Its hard to tell whats real with Belle as she seems to LIE like crazy but she's saying her condoms sold out.

No. 105444

No hate towards Belle Delphine (I’m very indifferent to her) and she has a nice body but whenever she’s in motion you can tell she has 0 sex appeal ahah. She looks good on pictures but she’s so awkward whenever she has to dance besides just moving one body part at a time.

It’s like she’s just trying to look like what she thinks is sexy based on porn and hentai but ends up looking a bit dorky and awkward.

Sure the price is steep but the packaging is cute, she obviously cannot mass produce them so she needs to hike up prices to make a profit. I think it’s cute and a good idea that it’s not tied up directly to her name. I could see myself buying one with the same colour scheme and design if it’s was Lolita or Kawaii based to give it to friends as a gift joke.
Imagine hooking up with someone and pulling one of these bad boys out of your Angelic Pretty wallet ahah.

No. 105450

I'm sorry but anyone that uses one of these is cringey as fuck. Also I wouldn't trust the origin of these. Anyone willing to risk their sexual health with RaNdUm xD condoms for the lols is a fucking idiot.

No. 105451

A quick Google search for "custom condom" shows you can get them printed for like 45c a piece, minimum order of 10.

Merch condoms aren't even uncharted territory, small time streamers sell them for $5-6

No. 105454

I believe it. I get lots of people dont like her, but her quality, incel humor, weird stuff, and overall aesthetic and selling point are 10s. She is probably up there with Nigri and Moo, but Belle is the least photoshopped and surgeried. Thats a massive selling point. She's luckily naturally petite or ana, dont care, but thefe isnt someone who filled that flat chest uwu waifu while there already existed big fake tits cosplay and twitch thots.

No. 105466

Kek anon they're only a 10 to people who enjoy watching the trainwreck or are about as up-to-date on meme culture as she is.

No. 105480

Which would make sense if she wasn't making enormous amounts of money off more than 10 people

No. 105482

I don’t think those are any worse or better than condoms you get in those vending machines. Not sure about the quality as I’m not an expert but I’m assuming if you can sell them as legit condoms, they’re probably working as well as brand condoms you’d buy in stores.

Even if the price is steep, since you can get a full box for the same price from memory, there was obviously some work done for the design. I don’t think people will use it. They’ll probably keep it somewhere, and 10 bucks for a dumb item is not that tragic to me. Even if she’s scalping, I think that’s not egregious.

It’s clearly not as retarded as her bath water collectible at least, and maybe even functional. Of all the dumb stuff she’s done, that’s probably the most reasonable one, but feel free to disagree.

No. 105483

Belle's not small. She's like 5'8 and fairly large in real life. Not fat of course but the type that towers over you and is more the giantess type (even though she's only 5'8)

No. 105484

the bath water thing was a lie. People looked into it and it never was coded to be sold on her website. She just sent ones to youtubers that promised to videos about it.. It was all fake clout and another one of her lies. Just like the arrest/mugshot thing.

No. 105494

I never stated I had faith in any of the people subbed to her kek

I don't doubt you anon but do you have any links to proof of that. I've seen this image >>103814 floating around which doesn't prove it definitively but makes me question the narrative.

No. 105496

Who was the guy that posted the bath water thing? Anyone have his name or is it a fake image? I saw random people selling the supposed bath water on eBay but they were all different (different containers)

No. 105499

File: 1594981164625.jpg (385.56 KB, 1800x2400, Thotsludge.jpg)

I reverse searched the image and the only results were here and pull. Pull being the earliest. Seems a pull member manged to order some I'm not sure what to make of it.

No. 105513


This is her nude clips. Just the same as any other thot, not sure how she's pwning the simps with this one
>implied masturbation
>implied dildo riding
>groping own titties

Great job, belle. Also reminds me of a stripper somewhat with the neon lighting.

No. 105514

I say implied but the virgins watching won't know the difference betwen real and fake, so as far as they're concerned this is just porn

No. 105516

File: 1594996637165.jpg (Spoiler Image,428.95 KB, 1080x1080, thottery.jpg)

Compiled three caps for those with better things to do:

No. 105517

Also she apparently sold 400 condoms at $10 each which is a pretty nice profit if the cost price is 0.45 as above >>105450

I think pivoting to products or something like that would be better than a descent into hardcore porn, she has a huge audience and most of those people just think she memes and plays with food, they don't realize what she's actually posting.

No. 105521

File: 1594999308066.jpg (Spoiler Image,146.46 KB, 1080x1543, Screenshot_20200718-011900__01…)

Why does her body looks so oddly shaped and fuzzy here? Her head is like x2 the size of her waist which looks like it was cut out and pasted into an MS paint hot pink background. I'm legitimately confused by this image.

No. 105545

>Belle is the least photoshopped and surgeried

you can't be serious. She's had 2 nose jobs at the very least in the last few years. At least moo's friends regularly betray her and post her blob ass without angles/filters. The only unfiltered pics Ive seen of Belle were at the pornhub awards and she looked completely different.

There's no guarantee these have been tested/aren't made in some shithole/have been stored correctly. Using a condom you have no idea of the origins of is stupid and irresponsible.

No. 105546

"Sure the price is steep but the packaging is cute, she obviously cannot mass produce them so she needs to hike up prices to make a profit."

Do you think she makes these by hand or something? What?

No. 105547

Belle is a major compulsive liar. Don’t believe anything she or her husband josh comes up with. They are shady ass people and will do anything to make money.

No. 105548

They were gonna say “sold out” on the condoms no matter what to create interest and panic when it’s “restocked” They could have sold 2 and they would have said sold out. It’s just marketing tactics(samefag)

No. 105578

Any sources on when she claim that bs of her being part Japanese?

No. 105622

I think I recall reading about it on PULL a really long time ago and I think (my memory isn't that good) she mentioned it on her now deleted insta.

My theory is thatshe makes these dumb claims to solidify "Belle Delphine" as more of a fictional character to separate herself from her internet-self, that's probably the only way to stay sane and grounded in reality if you do what she does for a living. Still cringey but not as entertaining as Vicky Shingels or momokun that are straight up delusional.

No. 105625

I theorise she's just a massive pick me like all of her clones. Although your tinfoil is preferable.

No. 105667

File: 1595104251968.png (2.74 MB, 2048x2048, bd.png)

I think she tells people she wants to separate Belle and her rl, but I don't think that's what she really wants. She keeps dragging her rl into her shit online. Like the mugshot. Or when she posed for those pictures her friend took with a cast on her leg and then they pretended they were "candids" a fan took. These were all things that were meant to have happened to rl actual Belle, not the character.

I think the actual issue is Belle isn't real. Not even Belle is Belle. She doesn't look like her really, her body is completely different, she's taller than a lot of moids, she's painfully shy, and she's fucking married or at least living with her long term boyfriend/business partner kek

No. 105668


I thought it was well and widely known that Belle was just the pickme-ist pickme out there & is cashing in off it out of boredom for the attention?

No. 105670

i think that's how it started but her bf runs her shit now.

No. 105677

lol, that song was legit crap

No. 105678

She looks the same here but with like 15lbs heavier compared to now. Same smile and everything. She's honestly actually cute. Its her personality and meme shit I think turns most people off.

No. 105688

she looks nothing like >>103490 or >>103577 though. See >>103686

No. 105692

Do you really not know the difference between reselling custom condoms ordered from a factory that offers custom condoms and mass producing?

No. 105696

You can tell it's the same person, but she by no means looks the same kek.

No. 105733

has this not been posted yet? it's pretty elaborate

No. 105735

samefag didn't mean to sage sorry, just habit. she bought Willne a car etc. which has a history of not passing inspections

No. 105767

Lmao, she bought a man a car. Now THAT is some simp shit.

No. 105769

Does it matter who buys who a car? Money is money lol

No. 105775

File: 1595171467315.png (96.75 KB, 255x248, Capture.PNG)

Looks like register number is real, used car

No. 105778

I can feel the desperation for relevancy through the screen

No. 105787


In her desperate attempt to live off the simps, she became one herself & completed the cycle!

Seriously, why is every OF/Patreon thot always either shacked up with a worthless simp male or completely unable to funnel their profits into themselves in any sustainable way?

She started out acting like her Belle persona was an act, but it came full circle & now she's doing censored porn to support a simp.

No. 105815

I mean she really is a simp. Look at her DMs to leafy. It's the same desperate shit you get off moids all the time. She seems really fucking broken.

No. 105819

>Seriously, why is every OF/Patreon thot always either shacked up with a worthless simp male or completely unable to funnel their profits into themselves in any sustainable way?

Because that's the destiny of every single woman doing sex work who isn't just a neet with a DSLR camera in their parents' house, and has either a boyfriend or a manager help them get "exposure". Sex work is a business where the men lose interest quickly and move on. Out of desperation and need for validation they'll degrade themselves more and more until either their boyfriends become pimps or they sign with an agency to become pornstars.

So much for the costhot wet dream myth of Belle disappearing with her millions to retire at 25 lmfao.

No. 105841


No. 105860

File: 1595214224141.png (198.38 KB, 679x623, 1.PNG)

idk how anyone can look at this shit and say she's owning the simps. this is humiliating

No. 105862

Belle might be the most pathetic thot yet. She is so desperate for attention that she literally had to buy a semi-popular youtuber a car so he’d do another video about her. She tries so hard with these lame publicity stunts,… the fake mugshot, bath water, etc.

No. 105879

I’ve heard some horror stories about Mary (belle). She was the mean girl in school. Rich and spoiled.
The only reason she’s “shy” now is because she’s embarrassing in public that she doesn’t actually look like her Belle character. She is quite tall and her face is quite different in person(This is an imageboard, post proof)

No. 105880

No one cares about your stories. Unless you have screencaps or something from people.

No. 105885

This level of desperation combined with the most generic "sexy" phrases…eesh

It seems almost copy-pasted from somewhere, since the tone is so different from the usual uwu text she posts.

No. 105886

File: 1595228534200.png (1.59 MB, 1080x6084, 1524313907314.png)

I was looking back at the early pages of the Belle thread on PULL, and she was actually selling masturbation videos via private messages years ago. People assumed they were fake at the time, but since she proceeded to do exactly the same thing now I'm now thinking otherwise.

Source: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/3781-belle-delphine-mary-belle-kirschner/?page=13

No. 105890

It came out that she stole some other girls pics/vids and was making cash off them. She’s a liar and scam artist and has been for years.

No. 105903

seconded. this is genuinely sad. Tik tok,belle,time is running out for you,have fun trying to find a real job in a handful of years

No. 105909

She doesn't plan on ever getting a real job. She made it quite clear she wants to have enough money to retire before 30. I don't think any of us can accurately speculate if this will happen or not. She does participate in singular pandering to her simps, and that can get dangerous. Incels tend to get obsessively jealous and she's been doxxed/stalked before.

No. 105917

She apparently made $378,000 from her bathwater, and with 10k $35 Onlyfans subscriptions she would see a large part of $350,000 after platform fees etc. And that's even after her Patreon. So as long as she doesn't spend wildly she should be able to just keep this up without ever getting a real job, especially now that she's married. Still, even knowing that, you have to wonder if saying >>105860 to dirty incels who doxx and stalk you is really worth it.

No. 105918

I don’t think the incels/doxxers are the ones who are subscribed to her OnlyFans. Those messages are pretty standard for OnlyFans girls to send to their subs to try and rake in extra money, not really milky when it’s just how the site works

No. 105919

"Not like the other thots" is her whole schtick though, so I think the point of showing those messages is to show her strategy and content is in fact, exactly like the other thots, and has been for several years. >>105886

No. 105927

how do you want her to talk in messages aside from this? Like an 8 year old girl who just learned emojis?

No. 105930

The bath water was a scam. She never actually sold it. She lied about doing it for clout and attention (like she does with everything)

No. 105931

I think anon expected more wit, but let's be honest Belle's low quality where ever she can get away with it/where Josh is too lazy

No. 105932

The funniest part is it’s probably her ugly ass husband writing those pathetic onlyfans messages

No. 105936

provide some proof to this, newfag.

No. 105938

I love her house.

No. 105940

Gotta love the proof-chans who expect anons to break into people's houses and set up spy-cameras in order to get their precious lolcow proofs.

No. 105941

I looked it up, I think it was first mentioned at this link. Which is very plausible and a thing. You can also click an option to "sold out" from Belles end. We all knew Belle was slimey so this shouldn't be too surprising or need extensive evidence or proof spoon fed. You could literally do this post yourself as many did to check the coding for legitimacy.


No. 105948

Hey, newfag, thats the point here. No one is fucking asking you to break into a house, autist.

No. 105954

There is so much pullers here vomiting their hate and envy… I dont like Belle but i don't have to discharge my jealous ten times at day…

No. 105955

Who would be jealous of Belle Delphine and why? lol

Theres this magical place called "Wet Seal" in a lot of American malls where you can go and see lots of girls that look like Belle.

No. 105965

make a thread about them then. This is the belle thread. You dont have to agree but not everyone hates her. She's milking simps and well too. Yeah, its mostly jealousy. Not that she isn't acow but most of it is absolutely envy lol

No. 105966

You mean the company that declared bankruptcy lol

No. 105971

You're hilarious anons.
>No professional future
>Pimp-san boyfriend
>Botched surgery
>No self respect
>Average looks
Only a cow would call differences in opinion "jealousy". Money and fame isn't everyone's God kek.

No. 105972

Looks like Pull will close, if you like something from Belle thread go and save it because will be deleted wendsday.

No. 105976

File: 1595301570140.png (29.16 KB, 1023x231, Capture3.PNG)

I hope trash like MILKME will not hijack this thread too. Some of these stupid pullers are useless

No. 105977

Not "milkme," but I think it can be seen from those who know the drama which user you are from PULL and why you're salty posting here your irrelevant beef with another user.

Post some relevant milk or gtfo and shit on PULL users in the PULL thread.

No. 105979

There is a PULL thread ? XD
Why someone will post relevant content if some stupid cows from PULL can't understand the info and keep discussing things over and over again. How these shitty people continue to say "water thing was fake" … honestly they are retarded.(xD)

No. 105981

We know it’s you Nemesys/Belle Adolphine. Fuck off already and stop whiteknighting + slurping over Belle on every single thread that discusses her. She’s not going to fuck you dude.

rip PULL, I hope someone archives the latest happenings because it’s really a bother skimming 500+ pages of gossip

No. 105982

Stupid PULLer, I had better criticism about Belle than repeating urban legends (invented by pullers) about Belle from 2 years ago "Belle sold underage pics"… pls stop repeating that old bullshit. Nobody cares about that.

No. 105983

Kek I was just thinking this was Nemesys. Funnily enough there's a whole heap of evidence to suggest they're an obsessive fan of hers from Reddit. This probably isn't the place to share that though.

No. 105988

what do you mean urban legend??? there’s dozens of screenshots that proved it was real. she even admitted it herself at one point because she wanted to go to Greece you stupid cunt. why are you in her lolcow thread if you’re just going to defend her anyway so GTFO already fucking cancer

No. 105991

>>105988 This is not PULL girl, you can repeat that over and over and nobody cares about some gossip. Get soem thing new about Belle to say because PULL is gone.

No. 105997

Can you take your derailing WKing elsewhere? The content you're accusing of as old/unproven is still pretty relevant to this cow's shortcomings, she's still doing similar same milky scams. This shortcoming is well evidenced around the internet and this thread can do without your post nut infighting clarity bullshit trying to debunk already proven milk. Jfc

No. 106002

File: 1595311801777.png (23.67 KB, 520x192, Capture5.PNG)

Maybe you are another puller who only knows what is said in that eco chamber. I am not the one defending Belle: Her supposed "underage victim" don't have any problem to clarify many stupid thing pullers and others said.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 106004

…the problem wasn't Minty being underage…..the problem is BELLE being underage selling it to an older man who thought it was her for money for her Greece getaway. How this eludes u is beyond me????? Nothing to debunk or see here…

No. 106008

Who the fuck says that except you Nemesys. And you were a pullfag until literally yesterday when you got banned for being a simp. Quit derailing, your obsession doesn't give you a monopoly on any and all Belle related discussion.

No. 106026

By the way TUNJUELO, lolcow is a gossip forum so of course we’re going to fucking gossip about her. Gtfo if you don’t like it when people want to trashtalk your uwu-goddess(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 106034

File: 1595324625019.png (405.74 KB, 1440x1721, suspicious.png)

I am about 90% sure Belle threatened them. In the early pages of Belle's thread, her and her boyfriend were complaining about it and sending chat messages to the site. Recently people have been talking about adding Belle to the banner.

I think she threw them a sue-bomb with all her plentiful simpbucks and that's why they're retreating.

No. 106035

For context the admins have recently been improving the site, adding new features and organizing it better, just in the last couple of weeks. So I don't think this was planned.

No. 106037

Is this thread just for upset roasties still stuck working a 9-5?
>I have a life :)
Reads like a roastie quote(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 106049

Can I request for an admin to perma sage this thread? I feel an influx of pulltards will shit it up and think their opinion on a ethot is ground breaking.

No. 106050

I think belle is above average, but I agree with everything else(nitpicking)

No. 106056

File: 1595339855738.png (1003.47 KB, 603x933, cringe.PNG)

Why does she idolize a pedo so much?

No. 106060

This is why you dont pander to neckbeards

No. 106065

That is not cringe, is pure cancer

No. 106067

She idolises pedophiles because they're her target market

No. 106072

File: 1595354863900.png (439.75 KB, 460x735, Capture6.PNG)

I was always baffled by "her work" in that "fairy room" when Belle has moved out of that house. And PULL praising her because "she is a talented interior designer". Her house is a mess she is very filthy and is unable to do basic cleaning less to do an interior decoration.

No. 106075

Knowing how much of a liar Belle is, are we for sure the fairy room was even hers? Seems like something she'd do for attention and pedobait.We've seen how she doesnt normally take care of her house and doesnt even have basic hygiene (gross feet/hands, stained underwear in mouth, etc). It seems out of character for her to even have a cute fairy room or did mommy keep it clean for her?

No. 106118


Jesus fucking christ, there's pictures of belle in that room way back to 2015, also her brief stint as a beauty uwu youtuber making weeby make up videos with the room as backdrop when she was 16, of course its her room you tinfoiling retards.

she just moved out with her fiancé, probably doesn't have a third of the furniture she had to keep her shit on.

No. 106122

Nobody is saying that wasn't her room obviously was the same site but all these cute decorations in her room tour video were installed after she lived there for 4 or 5 years. Why someone will made all these effort only to move out weeks or days after? And she never do the same in her new house.

No. 106123

File: 1595370992854.png (1006.41 KB, 584x821, cancer.PNG)

July 2017, less than 18 months before and she had a plain looking room.

No. 106124

File: 1595371568224.png (46.99 KB, 889x350, belleroom.png)


She was already pastel-ifying the room, the thing thats mostly lacking its the plastic vines, she said it took a year to finish decorating the room, which makes it plausible that it was barebones in 2017.

She lived in the fairy room for about a year and a few months before moving out with her fiancé, which is time enough to enjoy a decorated room.

Im not white knighting but tinfoiling about her room being "fake" and nitpicking that she has a messed up house after moving out is stupid.

No. 106126

I think it's likely she did that room up specifically to make an uwu room tour video, so the actually using the kawaii room part was less important.
See also: absolutely everything she does is for attention

No. 106131

File: 1595373930769.png (704.88 KB, 965x530, cancer2.PNG)

Honestly I liked that room so much, for a moment I believed Belle was a very neat as a person(as she looks in that video). Anyways, now she is screaming for attention in a such cringy way is incredible.

No. 106157

What the fuck is even going on in here- Are all her OF sets based on wasting some kind of food?

No. 106161

File: 1595388530335.png (390.16 KB, 544x618, twitter.PNG)

Asking the important questions…

No. 106179

Kek asking the important questions whilst making it blatantly obvious she's trying to wear her skin with that pic. Beautiful.

No. 106186

File: 1595405983086.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1631, 4AE3C95A-AAA7-406C-AEA0-136C84…)

backwater belle's teeth are absolutely jacked lmao

No. 106190

i get that belle was like… a winning formula? at least for the e-girl look, but this level of skinwalking is honestly humiliating. why people give credit to these belle copycats is beyong me.

also kek, she was like the "new belle delphine" for so many. i wonder how it feels now that belle is back.

No. 106195

Is this even her or one of her copycats? This doesn't look like her usual pics so I assume it's another clone.

No. 106211

I love her crooked teeth

No. 106218

I see that milkme sperg from pull is here. Super obvious because she spits venom and a-logs over Belle and types like a tard. Can't wait for her to start sharing how she watches porn while blowing her bf to show how super not threatened she is by other women kek.

A few idiots did awful photoshops on the banner to include belle. you pullers think you're a lot more important than you actually are.

this is all awful

No. 106220

Isn't it the other way around? The other girl picked up on the Belle/ethot trope look? Was this girl somehow doing it before Belle was or something?

No. 106222

They aren't that crooked either. More like normie crooked. Most people don't have straight as heck teeth and in Britain they specifically make fun of Americans for obsessively whitening.

No. 106249

No lmfao rusty constantly tries to say “iVe bEeN dOiNg tHiS siNcE 2013 hEheH oriGinAL eGiRL cHecK” and really desperately tries to put out evidence of that but in reality belle was doing this on fb since like 2012

No. 106251

Did you reply to the wrong thing? That has nothing to do with my post about her teeth in the past compared to now after braces..

No. 106276

she really got lipfillers for WHAT REASON…when her thing is her thin lip smile face she does omg lol
Theyre quite obvious in the newer pics shes been posting, you can see the lumps

No. 106306

That stats guy from reddit each day for a year post about being scammed by Belle and from 5 days ago is missing…

No. 106309

Kek, it's hilarious you think you're accurately discerning who's posting in this thread when you give yourself away so readily. Not Milkme, just not a presumptuous tard.


>Seething over pull
Nice attempt at integration Nemesys.

No. 106310

Stop hi ___ing

No. 106311

File: 1595472468441.jpg (315.1 KB, 1080x1730, Screenshot_20200723-124523__01…)

She desperately tries to convince people she was the original whilst copying Belle's photos almost exactly. Here's her bio on IG kek.

He's not the cow, he's an extremely obsessive pull transient. I didn't think that counts, especially when no one bothered to complain about his "hi Milkme" post kek.

No. 106313

File: 1595472945986.jpeg (49.35 KB, 391x783, images (15).jpeg)

Soz for samefag but this corroborates what I'm saying.

No. 106314

Milkme was cancerous, the most useless person ever seen in my life. Some girls were smart but that stupid cow always hijacked the discussion, was pathetic when they started with that banner thing (meanwhile PULL itself was imploding).
>>106311 Rusty history is very interesting, I feel a bit bad for her because her claims are true (she really was egirl much before Belle) but that is not a thing for being so proud.
>>106313 And that is pathetic, i have to modify a meme made for Kitty sophie because suit Rusty perfectly.

No. 106323

and she claims she was doing this stuff before belle? these are rusty's recent posts too. I bet this girl was into the scene girl look as well judging by the unfortunate tattoos.

Is belle's ex a huge belle simp for going out with her replica? or a creep?

i feel extra mean for writing this but holy cow anons. there's something here that defies with how regular people would choose to live their lives.

No. 106338

her ex claims he came up with the Belle persona. Belle took it and ran and now he's trying to bank off his new girl using the same persona.

No. 106350

>i feel extra mean for writing this but holy cow anons. there's something here that defies with how regular people would choose to live their lives.
You summed it up perfectly anon.

Do you have any screenshots of him saying this? If what you're saying is correct he's even more like that Emalee skinwalker's boyfriend than I thought.

No. 106384

I dont think so, that guy (Goran) went radio silent after their break up. People at the time learned about their break up not because he or Belle spoke about that.

No. 106389

She always seemed like one of those unhygienic girls who doesnt take care of themselves properly. Her herpes, gross feet and messy pre-shoot room just confirms this.

No. 106390

File: 1595521219493.jpeg (49 KB, 853x474, E7FE4E2F-D658-4E4D-9E95-C9B87F…)

Those are some pretty nasty bruises she’s got there. I wonder where they came from?

No. 106394

looks like marks you'd have from posing in a photoshoot. you're reaching.

No. 106404


She’s the one who thought jumping off a roof into a kiddie pool was a smart idea, so there’s no telling what else she gets up to.

No. 106406

Yeah can we get caps for half the stuff unsaging anons are bringing up that has been said or done? We need stuff posted to back it up because otherwise its just tinfoil. If he's claiming it, must suck to suck because Belle is running and winning with it compared to his fat faced girlfriend.

No. 106407

These are normal. You rarely see people with bruises in photos because they edit them out all the time. She probably bumps into shit trying to make her lolmeme content. She jumps around all the time and she is very pale. any bruise on her probably starts showing due to how translucent her skin kind of looks. There's no abuse or sex work here, anon.

No. 106408

Is funny because is true.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 106410

File: 1595528261556.jpg (84.39 KB, 515x960, aj9gzDx_700b.jpg)

Is funny because is true.

No. 106413

That's creepy as hell and not okay

No. 106415

the pictures were fucking taken by her you idiot

No. 106416

I'm referring to the comment with them. Calm down

No. 106417

newfag stop hi cowing. that user didn't even reply to a post so good job outing yourself, tard.

milkme was fucking ridiculous. No one gives a shit about you an your bfs sex shit and how you're totally ok with him jacking off to Belle because you two totally laugh at her together afterwards and that's not why you spend everyday on PULL seething over this girls existence. The anger dripping from her was hilarious because it's obvious her bf cucked her for Belle kek. Milkme became my personal cow. Several of her posts were posted in the PULL thread here i'm looking for them now.

She got a friend to take these photos. She's standing outside her house, waring her cast. The photos were first put online but another thot that Belle is friends with irl. She nuked the proof though, but someone here probably has it.

No. 106418

Again, talking about the caption the guy added on. Upthread we already talked about the photos.

No. 106424

I am genuinely so curious about the behind the scenes with rusty and goran tbh, like what kind of mental gymnastics did rusty have to do to be okay with this? Was she already aware of and trying to emulate belles styles before goran so he just chose a copycat??? It’s mind boggling lmfao

No. 106425

File: 1595531432716.gif (1.57 MB, 400x225, 18322_600.gif)

it's almost like cultivating a fanbase of nothing but creepy men that think sex is a human right has downsides.

No. 106426

File: 1595531701193.png (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 750x1334, 3C491706-79B1-412A-B443-870474…)

Lol the fact that people still think she’s genuinely single when you know for a FACT that’s joshes computer. I wouldn’t doubt belle having one but I so fucking highly doubt she wouldn’t have a light pink or purple rig definitely not red and black

No. 106434

Do we know that for a fact? Do you have proof? Or are you another PULLtard sperging out about random shit that doesn't even matter. Who fucking cares if she poses on her sekrit bfs computer that's no milk. And the fact you think you know a random thot well enough to KNOW what color computer she would have. Big yikes.

No. 106457

It’s literally just proof that she has a significant other who helps with her content. Based on her aesthetic she’s literally always had, no need to get your panties in a twist

No. 106462

File: 1595544190147.jpeg (553.13 KB, 1242x1158, 408BECB1-D7E4-4795-BB00-544615…)

Yesterday Belle did another collab with WillNE and asked her twitter for who she may want to do a collab with next. All these youtubers asking for the mystery box are literally begging for views and content. Belle needs a parasocial relationship to keep her relevant. While these creators (especially commentary channels) need Belle for clicks at their own sad attempt for relevancy.

No. 106474

that's not how it works here.

No. 106478

You sound like some sort of Pulltard expert.

>>106418 That guy wanted to catch Belle attention but was a little too far. Clearly he is not stalking Belle.

>>106417 You sound familiar talking about Milkme, I read something like you say before…

No. 106481

Her posing on a red and black computer isn't proof she has a bf lmao

No. 106484

File: 1595553418529.png (14.13 MB, 1000x7012, 44167B6C-6CA0-4F32-B80D-902C06…)


No it’s not. But this is. Sorry to burst your bubble.

No. 106485

Everyone with any sense already knew she isn't single, and it's more than likely that's his computer. Still doesn't mean you can expect to get away with trying to flag things as ~indisputable proof!~ when it's just a computer that doesn't match her usual aesthetic.
This is the girl who bought 4 macbooks to smash for a teehee random video, can you really 100% rule out her being dumb and wasteful enough to buy a PC to match her wrinkly, low quality cosplay?

No. 106496

File: 1595557031185.jpg (56.45 KB, 815x340, dojawojdoja.thumb.jpg.3d155884…)

>>106485 Belle house don't have basement then Belle send Josh to the garage. If you see other pics, there are an absence of electrical fixtures in the walls and the floor look like concrete in Belle's computer set.

No. 106497

File: 1595557364843.png (Spoiler Image,507.49 KB, 415x809, sub2.PNG)

>>106496 That house is big, why use the garage to make an office? studio? apartment?. What is happening Josh?

No. 106498

Nta but KEK, they're a bit of a seething retard. The salty minimod line about integration followed by another long ass irrelevant Milkme sperg sent me.

Bless anon for being so obvious, but once again take it to >>>/ot/561299 where you can bitch about your fellow pulltards to your heart's content.

Ntayrt but this thread has turned to shit since Pull's closure. There's so much inconsequential crap being posted in a thread that was mostly dead, save for a few posts every few days. Curb your enthusiasm tards, we're not interested in the vast majority of shit that's being brought up, it's already common knowledge. PSA but it's not common practice to shit up a thread just because the cow's inactive.

No. 106499

This is her house. 5 bedrooms is pretty spacious if you ask me.(rule 3.1)

No. 106502

Watching the incels throw fits abt women coming into their gossip thread is fucking supreme

No. 106505

Are you even speaking English?

No. 106508

You can really tell who migrated from PULL, obsessed.

No. 106512

The computer isn't even in these photos. You realize this doesn't prove it's his computer and posing for a shoot with objects that match what you are wearing doesn't mean you are taking claim to them.

No. 106513

Because that's what a lot of people do to garage spaces that aren't used up by a car. They make a lounge. Are you okay, anon? You keep pulling random shit out of your ass that makes absolute sense, but you are pressing it like it's Belle trying to be special.

No. 106516

That make sense when you run off of square meters to put your shit but Belle's house is very big. And yes I miss PULL, this shit of posting once a month well…

No. 106517

Even large houses do this anon. I'm pretty sure a lot of anons can attest to it too. It's extremely common, they even redo shitty ones on HGTV shows and no, I'm not talking about a full downstairs living area type of thing.

No. 106523

are you mentally deficient? Where is the computer?

No. 106524

can you stop backseat modding? This isn't PULL. You're derailing.

No. 106636

I despise what she does, but I still find her cute (I'm bi). Is my taste shit?

No. 106640

Same problem here. I find her and her personality (and the ahegeo faces) absolutely repulsive but do think she’s pretty cute. It’s fucking stupid. The incel humor/pandering drives me insane And turned me off from her immediately

No. 106714

Nah, she's definitely cute, even in candids or whatever. She's obviously photoshopping almost everything but there is a base of attractiveness there, aside from the stupid gimmicky personality.

No. 106745

She photoshops all her pictures. Including her "candids" she takes. The only unedited pictures I've seen of her is with all the freckles and the long scene hair or with the braces laying on her bed and she looks like a completely different person.

She doesn't look like >>106497 even slightly

No. 106778

Yeah, I've seen those too, and I still think she looks pretty cute. If we're speaking strictly on physical appearance she's an attractive person and anon shouldn't be ashamed. If she was yas queening all the scrote-pandering shit that's one thing, but finding a pretty girl pretty is ok.

No. 106813

Shes pretty for being from the UK but would be average anywhere else kek

No. 106835

it's funny because this is probably said by a yank, easily the ugliest country in the world.

No. 106841

You're both ugly.

No. 106845

mad fat americans leave. seeing a skinny girl must be triggering for you

he ugly

No. 106847

No not shit taste anon you can like who you want as long as you hate the pedo shit
you say that like you're not below average, anon. A hot girl wouldnt spit bile like you

No. 106848

I'm eurofag not amerifag, it's just that I thought the HURR DURR YANKS FAT, UKFAGS GOT BIG TEEF routine is getting tired

No. 106854

File: 1595749280736.jpg (290.33 KB, 461x913, eef.jpg)

shut up fatty stop derailing

Did she get lip fillers or something? Her lips look fucking weird sometimes

No. 106856

how are your teeth anachan britfag(infighting)

No. 106890


It’s because she normally photoshops the shit out of them to get that :3 look.

No. 106907

this thread is seething broke roasties approaching 30 anon(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 106908

I feel so fucking bad for you that you think approaching 30 is a bad thing. You're either a dumb scrote, or a broken woman. Get help. Also using roastie uniroicly big kek

it's just weird how she just doesn't photoshop the :3 in sometimes. That's kinda her "thing" and you'd think she's be consistent on at least that

No. 106909

File: 1595787001548.jpeg (696.53 KB, 1242x886, 5C46A731-C42F-4E87-A289-A23D94…)

Pewds talked about Belle in his newest video, honestly he seems annoyed anytime she comes up, he said he doesn’t want her mystery box and called her out for wearing knock off merch.

No. 106912

I mean he's married, right? I fucking hate him but at least he's not acting like h3h3 and disrespecting his wife in front of his audience. She desperately has been trying to feed off of his popularity for years. if he was smart he'd stop giving her attention but he's a view-whore like every youtuber so…

lmao good luck ending up like shoeonhead in a few years anon. also learn to sage pulltard

No. 106914

stop responding to bait

No. 106918

stop derailing

did he say why he didnt want the box?

No. 106919

Stop trying to infight

No. 106922

He just said he doesn’t want it, he didn’t give much of a reason he just seemed annoyed and said “I don’t want it”, but on H3’s newest podcast they show photos of the mystery boxes belle is sending them and they’re all huge and stuck in customs. One of them, not sure which one, one of the behind the scene guys, said something about one of the boxes being 5 feet tall. They joked that she’s sending Belle sex dolls, but at this point would that be surprising?

No. 106923

File: 1595789956493.png (8.08 MB, 2688x1242, 2C7B540F-DCF1-46C2-9CED-A07D81…)

Went back and found the image.

No. 106926

can you stop fucking up this thread? I agreed with you at first but you're acting like a retard now.
i guess the publicity is worth it for her?

No. 106929

File: 1595791783041.png (21.21 KB, 596x229, ff.png)

oh no. embaressing kek

No. 106948

>5 feet tall
I hope it's a sex doll mostly just for confirmation she's still desperately pretending to be smol

No. 106959

>>106909 Belle wanted any reaction from these youtubers, all is free publicity. If that Pewdipie guy didn't wanted anything to do with Belle he never responded. Making a video reacting "annoyed" is his way to get views playing with Belle Delphine.

No. 106961

I think he's been kinda honest about that though? I remember when she was trying to get his attention with that dance on tiktok he played the video and said "ok thanks for doing that now I can use you for the thumbnail to get views"

I'm not defending PewdiePie, because gross, but yeah he does it for views

No. 106965

He said he doesn't want anything from anyone. He didn't phrase it as a personal disapproval of Belle, just that he didn't want people sending him things anymore.

No. 107267

wait, when did h3 disrespect hila? i don't follow them too much

No. 107284


In his show he constantly brings up dead Belle's memes and saying how amazong she is, in front oh his clearly annoyed wife.

He also made a few episodes around Belle Delphine's jar of spit.

No. 107307

she was heavily pregnant at the time, too.

No. 107315

in case you want to watch an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8452&v=AkJZcJhh7qQ&feature=emb_title

around 2hr15min Ethan starts showing a belle delphine video. 2:24ish you see Hila starting to get annoyed at 2:28 you start to see her really call him out

No. 107327

this is so embarrassing. They're both telling him to turn it off and he's skipping forward to the "funny" bit that never happened. eek.

also why the fuck does he care so much if she was with a guy at the pornhub awards? you're an old man, ethan

No. 107406

Before the video he was like "Ya HILA and me both respect belle delphine…" He's trying to get his wife into it too cuz he knows it would be weird if she didn't agree. Then she straight on calls him out on his BS. lol what a loser.

No. 107458

Yeah, it's super pathetic and transparent. Hila thought it was funny at first (with some other Belle Delphine video or something) but she can clearly now see that Ethan doesn't just think she's "funny", he has a big crush on her.

No. 107755

She seems to have a reverse resting upper lip line which is dentist for her the central point of her philtrum is actually kind of short. Its normally considered a facial flaw but its common among still-growing children so it works for her jailbait aesthetic. She's also shooping the corners to lift up like a :3 shape (though apparently you can do this with botox). I could be wrong and you're right and she's getting keyhole pout fillers.

Or forget what I said its probably just photoshop.

No. 107922

She's starved for attention to a point where i feel sad for her. Her novelty wore off,people are no longer "amused" by her antics. She's gonna be relevant in less than another year,so much for retiring before 30 with "the simps money" kek have fun working behind the fryers belle

No. 107934


True though. She’s never going to show more than she has, it’ll be lewds and never nudes, and people will eventually catch on that they’ll never see more than what she’s put out there already. She can keep disappearing and coming back, but people will eventually wise up to her. I hope she was smart enough to invest some of those simp bucks, but seeing as she’s been throwing customized (used) cars around, I’m guessing not.

No. 107980

Well that's the thing, even if she DID finally post nudes or whatever, that would just put her on the same level as every semi-popular twitter thot with an onlyfans. Beyond uncensored porn, here's nothing new she can do now that would be shocking enough to have lots of people talking about her again. She's washed up, she'll never hit the level of notoriety she had when she was first selling tub water.

No. 108182

File: 1596690444432.png (1.29 MB, 1306x622, 1313.png)

Saged for ot, but I checked out the girl who did the kawaii kitchen song that belle used in her latest video. She goes by Doll.ia or Dollia Kouhai and she shoops as much as Belle apparently.

>that eyebrow over her hair

>cheap pink wig badly applied
>natural hairline visible behind ears
>skintone lightened 5 shades
>whatever the fuck them lips are

No. 108271

This is nightmare fuel

No. 108332


That’s a big yikes from me!

No. 108350

this is her official Spotify picture, too. What would she do if she was booked for a live show?

No. 108997

File: 1597290790433.png (2.33 MB, 1792x828, B1711AD7-2E8C-4AD6-B419-83BA34…)

I think she’s inspired by Showry. South Korean chick who makes these wild af parody food porn videos.

No. 109041

How much would porked up Belle pictures sell?

No. 109043

>eat my ass
Now that is truly a meme

No. 109108

find it weird how leafy was so quick to take down pokimane with no proof that she had a boyfriend but there is a ton of proof that belle is engaged yet he keeps his mouth shut about that. unsubscribed kek. why does everyone lick this bitches ass?

No. 109163

Okay? Belle's wasn't hidden and already well known. There's a literal difference exposing something people didn't know.

No. 109189

Belles was hidden, everyone still believes she is single to this day. There is no proof poki has a boyfriend yet leafy dragged her but licks belles ass.

No. 109194

There was a literal photograph of her and her bf and a business registration with their names on it shown in an actual database.

The only one who still believe she sinhle are as usual the simps thinking they have a shot.

No. 109375


Yeah, it’s pretty clear that she’s had a long term bf for quite some time. Those who think she’s single are delusional. He’s the one who takes the pictures!

No. 109456

it hasn't been clear to mainstream media, and she still denies it, yet leafy dragged poki and not belle

No. 109458

It's been clear if you didn't live under a rock or was blinded by simpness.

Poki definitely should be called out for it, when belle disappeared/'took a break' that's when it became even more public knowledge cuz you know..people were trying to figure out what happened.

No. 109533

File: 1597711551161.jpeg (218.75 KB, 921x1200, BDA2ADC6-9E0D-4D56-BF75-F2F0CB…)

If her lips were bigger in this selfie, she will end up looking like a Madison Beer knock off

No. 109751

lmao people really believe she's single? His name is all over her business papers + there are pictures of them together here >>106484

No. 109830

Saged because not sure if OT but Rusty uploaded a boring video trying to validate her skinwalking Belle and I'm 90% sure it was to dispute comparison pics like this one (she actually mentioned two of the images) posted here and on PULL >>106313

The first half is her validating retarded, irrelevant shit like her "interests", it's the last quarter of the video where she begins practically addressing us/Belle. She then ends with
>Don't believe everything you read online

No. 110029

File: 1598185321333.png (381.35 KB, 590x798, condoms.png)

>lmao people really believe she's single? >>109375
>Those who think she’s single are delusional. He’s the one who takes the pictures!

There's also a leaked OnlyFans clip where she's in the passenger's seat and someone else is driving.

But I don't get how she pretends not to have a boyfriend to pander to lonely virgins (like a lot of other E-girls do) but then decides to mock them for buying her condoms.

Pic related

No. 110033

>She's gonna be relevant in less than another year,so much for retiring before 30 with "the simps money" kek have fun working behind the fryers belle

If she knows how to invest, her 1 million dollars will last a good 15 to 20 years.

No. 110082


Clearly she doesn’t know how to invest, because she’s back and having pictures taken of her shoving a pickle Rick dildo up her vag/ass. If she had played it smart the first time, she wouldn’t be back.

No. 110177

She reminds me of momokun with how she spends. Just buying plastic crap all day because she doesn't consider that the money will stop. It's obvious she's paying her bf more than you would a normal photographer and bankrolling him. Her simps pay her to simp. Beautiful.

No. 110266

I don't see why she wouldn't take this opportunity to make even more loads of cash? I was surprised how long she stayed away from Onlyfans once it started becoming more well known. It's gonna be a while before the money stops, you guys honestly need to understand the desperation of her fans and how easy it is to monetize yourself when you have such notoriety.

No. 110504

Rusty fawkes can do a real interesting video if she addressed many thins like why she did camwhoring or how the hell she ended with Belle Delphine first boyfriend.

No. 110520


Ooh, that really would be interesting to hear about. o:

No. 110557

File: 1598656450271.jpg (Spoiler Image,82.05 KB, 791x1280, e475d51.jpg)

No. 110567


Well, I guess she’s a couple fingers away from full on nudity, lol.

No. 110598

So she really isn't "faking" shoving dildos in, like some people claimed here?

No. 110607


She was faking it at the beginning, looks like she’s gone all in now.

No. 110770

I don’t know if my opinion is warped or if it’s Belles, but surely penetration with labia covered is worse than just showing your labia with no penetration? I don’t understand the logic of won’t go fully nude or even show a nipple but will penetrate oneself with a BBC dildo as long as the dildo hides my ittle bitty pwincess parts uwu?

No. 110857

For some reason her fans are obsessed with the hope of one day seeing her labia, subreddits dedicated to her are always full of photos of her with other women's labia shooped on and super hq enhanced zoomed in pictures where your can almost see the crease off to the side of her thong.

No. 110868

File: 1598864338435.png (Spoiler Image,4.19 MB, 750x1334, 958640EB-5EC7-40DA-8117-B735A5…)

>Attempting to trick her simps she took 10 inches of dildo.

No. 110870

>but surely penetration with labia covered is worse than just showing your labia with no penetration?

Ratings boards/censorship companies would agree with you. Showing penetration is much more "X-rated" than nudity.

No. 110924

Is this real? If so she really is putting on weight

No. 110927

File: 1598918321655.jpg (38.89 KB, 496x910, belvna278uj51.jpg)


Lmao she cut it in half and her simps found out and are big mad

No. 110939


Not surprising, honestly. LOL.

No. 110967

File: 1598966076749.jpg (Spoiler Image,60.42 KB, 584x594, ook.jpg)

Simps pounding their fists on the ground because you can see her puss and bunghole in the reflection of her dildo

No. 110988

>Lmao she cut it in half and her simps found out and are big mad

I find it hilarious, but why would she put so much effort in pretending when it takes just as much effort to not pretend?

No. 110994

Cuz horrible people and thots get off to the idea they can make a ton of money on dumb people.

No. 111035


Because she thinks it’s great that she’s getting all this money for an illusion. Those who are subscribed to her OF should get their money back.

No. 111100

lmao no. Anyone that subscribes to any OF deserves to get ripped off.

No. 111707

Even filters cannot save her there she looks constipated kek

No. 112081

File: 1599910014551.jpeg (Spoiler Image,533.71 KB, 1622x2959, 8ED5395A-013D-4DB9-8D24-3C99E8…)

> Doncha just hate it when u want smooth baby skin but ur teeth disappear in to ur tongue.

Its funny how everyone said she would end up doing porn and now she’s practically doing porn. Slippery slope went from ahegao and lewd “cosplays” to full on penetration with dildos and masturbation videos. Wonder how long it will be until everyone gets bored of that and she feels she needs to take it up a notch….

No. 112120

Props to Belle for falling into the "fucking yourself on cam for onlyfans" hole faster than moo kek

No. 112679

File: 1600366877026.jpg (689.72 KB, 2208x1188, 15-09-2020_Small_Cross_Necklac…)

I noticed in her onlyfans videos her lips are looking bigger. I know she always made her lips smaller with photoshop so why the hell would she get them done? But after getting lip fillers myself…. I can spot lip fillers and I say she definitely got them. Her top lip is much fuller and powty. I can see she got something put in the line of her lips.

No. 112835

I'm not sure how to desribe it, but I get aroused when I think of having Belle's body. Is this how autogynephilic trannies feel like?

No. 112856

Um… i think you’re in the wrong place

No. 113450

File: 1600817284568.gif (Spoiler Image,54.73 KB, 960x1550, ikiDdpp.gif)

She's reached all new rock bottom levels of self respect with this fidget spinner butt plug.

No. 113507

I bet all her simps feel so stupid now for…paying her for pornography!

Quality of this is shit too, she ruined her brand quick. She used to look 'too good' for what she was doing/suggesting she was doing and that was the appeal, but now she looks like any turbothot with a Belle Delphine inspired wig.

No. 113521

she never had any self respect to begin with she's now just another internet thot clone you find anywhere and everywhere on tiktok,onlyfans,… she's become incredibly relevant and she knows that. she lost her novelty, cumbrains are all leaving her so she resorts to doing full on porn to keep them around. Won't last long til she fades into obscurity and has to get a real job.

No. 113542

So she finally got her own pink battlestation after people called her out for posing in front of her boyfriends computer

No. 113722

File: 1601008868839.jpeg (801.89 KB, 1242x1082, FF6AD763-6340-4E09-AA09-EE0FB6…)

She came back too late. There’s clones of her everywhere and free nudes all over Twitter of uwu weeb pink wig girls. Yawn

No. 113964

She sounds salty that that's all she'll ever be known for and that she can't gather the same amount of attenttion anymore.

Tbh all of her content after her return just feels like tongue in cheek attempts at making a scene to gain even fraction of the attenttion the bathwater incident brought her.

No. 114047

that's exactly what she is. Making a scene. She's like a toddler whose parents don't pay attention to her so she has to resort to do aything she can for a crumb of attention. Her piss poor excuse of a sailor moon cosplay was also obviously to make people talk about her she would break her own arm for views

No. 114063

What sailor moon cosplay? That was from like 2016

No. 114067

i've seen it make the rounds on fb again myself, a shady sailor moon page seem to have posted it recently

No. 114263

I get "my career is flopping" vibes from this Tweet. Her error was removing her USP which was that she was superior to the other thots by not stooping so low. Closeups of your crotch with giant dildos in it = generic thot.

No. 114302

File: 1601352624256.jpg (154.57 KB, 1389x640, EjBpdsOWkAAgSwv.jpg)

Josh Grey (Belles Husband) with Luke Hudson and Belle? Hudson is boyfriend of Pixiecat

No. 114314

I wonder how long she'll keep this up and realize she's losing her simps as her censoring game goes on. Eventually she's going to get desperate, you can already tell with how she's showing nipples somewhat. What a waste of time when you realize how the desperate simps chimp out if even a pixel of her pussy is showing.

No. 114324

Genuinely baffled by this logic too, showing your full vag is way less sexual than a goatse shot of your holes with a giant dildo shoved in it. She's just clinging onto her usp by a thread here.

No. 114717

lol so much for retiring with the simps money by 30 huh belle?
she's going to end up doing full blown porn like any other whore til she shows signs of aging and gets thrown away like a cumrag by her simps or have to get a normal job (if she even can do that at this point).

No. 114808

I need to thank you guys for this thread. For the past few weeks I've been obsessed with the Belle. Even though I knew it was wrong I signed up for her overpriced OF. I badly needed some Bros to knock some sense into me and get me to stop thinking with my cock.

Keep up the good work fellas.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 114850

idk if this is bait or not but this is a girl imageboard and mentioning your cock can get you banned.

No. 115371

File: 1602196341718.jpeg (Spoiler Image,73.92 KB, 550x1024, Ej1x71_X0AElSBk.jpeg)

she's starting to show part of her nipples now

No. 115797

You can see the sadness in her eyes. I imagine running an OF with some of the worst channer incels in your private messages every day would get harrowing after a while

No. 115893

>you can see the sadness in her eyes

Little dramatic, anon, but I do think that if she isn’t already feeling put down by her newfound insignificance and exclusively incel fanbase, she will soon

No. 115898

She sent Chad and Max a mystery box. It's kinda boring.

No. 115902

It's telling that they shook the living shit out of the "belle" Barbie doll box repeatedly and basically trashed it, yet the same guy treated the doll of himself with utmost care, cradling it like a baby lol

Representation/treatment of a woman vs representation/treatment of self. Accidentally making a statement in their dumb incel basement-dweller content there.

No. 115903

That's the joke you autist

No. 115904

Not autistic enough to actually watch the video, just skipped through, but interesting to see the "joke" from a sociological perspective.

No. 115944

she's more than desperate now it's not even pathetic it's just plain sad. She's irrelevant she did every trick in the book and there are thousands of thots like her now

No. 115966

honestly her content on OF gets boring and dry real quick. same poses with barely and variety, same bg, etc.

No. 115971

So..every Thot with an OF?

No. 116527

Two of her YouTube videos just got deleted/are private now."I'm back" and the "cook it up" video (I forgot the title).
Her channel info says she has five vids but you can only see three of them now. Also the room tour is gone.
Does anyone know what's up with that?

No. 116566

She either got a ton of reports or youtube finally caught up with her. I am surprised those videos stayed up as long as they did.

No. 116605

Does she hide har vagina because she wants to produce only softcore porn, or because she’s insecure about it?

No. 116621

She's one of those ethots that think they're too good to show things fully and because people continue to shovel money into their pockets getting ripped off basically.

No. 116630


WTF she shooped herself to look like 7

No. 116632


I think once there was some posts where she did a bad job of censoring things, and people were able to make out her vagina, so allegedly she has an ‘outie pussy’

And we all know what incelloids she panders to say about those

No. 116653

Where did people find pics of her and her bf? Did they have them all over "private" social media?

No. 116707

File: 1603158529827.jpg (Spoiler Image,1004.85 KB, 2668x4000, 14-10-2020_Wild_Spirit_Girl (7…)


she looks a lot better in shots by her bf since he doesnt photoshop the hell out of it

No. 116866

No. 117156

File: 1603418266363.jpeg (Spoiler Image,253.86 KB, 640x337, DA4E9261-6B93-4442-A99C-9D8319…)

In her newest set bitch looks like she’s taking a shit squatting in front of the camera, in a cheap ass Harley Quinn costume. Even her own "fans" are getting sick of her.

No. 117227

File: 1603460516491.jpeg (712.53 KB, 1242x1396, A3D91799-C4FE-4375-B2C9-1668CE…)

Welp. She stole fan art and is making a profit off of it

No. 117757

she's just getting lower and lower every day. nobody really talks about her anymore,her fifteen minutes of fame have gone by and she's still clinging onto it. i think she should go for an image change and try to get a real job while she still got time

No. 118364

She just did an interview for the first time completely not in some dumb fake anime girl character

No. 118676

File: 1604131654589.jpg (67.53 KB, 960x960, a.jpg)

she was also a guest on the H3 podcast, big surprise. pretty sure she deleted her old videos that show her pre-surgery nose. it's actually wild how different she looks in these podcasts, her webcam is very poor but her skin looks mad blurry filtered

No. 118760

LOL it wouldnt surprise me if her so called hiatus was just to hide her surgeries

No. 118795

i think she might've admitted to it in the podcast when she said she travelled to Korea kek. there is a reason she looks very different from the Halloween video last year and suddenly started putting out HD content

No. 118912

Weird how each interview she's on a permanent 2/3 angle and often in full profile. I just skipped through but it looks so strange.

Must be the best angle to hold her filters since she doesn't look like that irl.

Also h3h3 look awful these days, it seems every successful Youtuber becomes a bedraggled creepy mess before long.

No. 118990

Isn't shoe0nhead also doing this thing with the choker and oversized falsies?

No. 119067

Oh definitely. Shoe is trying hard to look like Belle kek she doesn't want to let go of the fact she's no longer 19 and want to keep and try staying relevant. Just like Belle is rn. Both are pathetic in different ways

No. 119093

File: 1604431355345.png (899.51 KB, 1356x666, ResemblanceUntitled.png)

No. 119100

Belle got cheek fillers its so obvious lol

No. 119146

i think it's legitimately sad that Belle felt the need to have so much work done to look like a 2D anime character, and to see her vainly showcasing that in these bizarre lip-syncing "music videos" she started putting out to promote her onlyfans and shitty merch.

No. 119212

File: 1604540271879.png (329.81 KB, 599x385, sad.png)

How…degrading. Anything to try and keep herself relevant is good i guess?

No. 119224

It annoys me how much money and free shit thots like this gets, not out of jealousy but like, why are people so desperate to toss shit at someone that gets NOTHING out of it AND have a boyfriend that not only fucks her on the daily but can buy her everything too.

No. 119225

off topic but i kind of like the style of her wig here. wish she actually tried to apply it well instead of slapping it on. just because it's obviously fake doesn't mean you have to make it look as shite as possible.

No. 119227

Weird, I thought part of her appeal to incels and weeb gamer types was that she was kind of innocent or something. At least her sexuality seemed almost "accidental" and "cute" compared to us regular sluts, or whatever. I suppose all that went out the window when she started posting actual penetration and shit anyway, but somehow this still seems uncharacteristically over sexual.

No. 119316

Why does she shoop on top of all of her makeup and surgery? She's so insecure and we all know surgery doesn't age well especially cheek fillers. And all that makeup and stress won't help her.

No. 119317

99% of her appeal was she was "approachable" and single. Ever since her long term boyfriend was discovered it all went downhill.

No. 119354

She is so cringe. If anything, she just will go to less views with all those unoriginal ideas. Bathwater was that one hit 5sec fame and it wont ever happen again. Looking how desperate she became to stay relevant looks nothing but pure Cringe. Change my mind.

No. 119417

she's done this to get Cr1tikal's attention because he's also a popular youtuber and she's a leech. disappointingly it worke

No. 119426

What's the point? Even if famous youtubers make videos about her, there is a good amount of guys who see through her shit and don't give a single fuck about her. Let's not forget that the whole world isn't made of incels and simps only. Not all followers of those famous youtubers are interested in Belle Dorkphine. I don't see any difference in her relevant status while she was mentioned even by pewdi. A dead person like her will get eventually irrelavant within the next years and she is aware of it, thats why she tries so hard to juice a bit more money while there is still a bit time left.

No. 119440

Who wanna bet she has some crippling self esteem issues and that it's going to get worse as she ages?

No. 119658

did u guys know belle is actually doing full on porn now lol? have u seen the leaked vids from her of….. i honestly feel bad for her shes such a degenerate and i dont understand how she still thinks it doesnt make her a whore just bc she scribbles over her clit lmfao

No. 119662

File: 1604845430220.webm (Spoiler Image,1.91 MB, 380x720, gross.webm)


No. 119663

File: 1604845526530.webm (Spoiler Image,1.92 MB, 380x720, gross 2.webm)


No. 119670

lmao she really thinks that scribbling on her pussy is going to save it? She should deal with it,she's a whore doing full blown porn now. Like every other OF slut. She is nothing special anymore especially since a thousand of skinwalkers and clones popped while she was taking a break due to her facial surgery

No. 119708

The way she's rocking in this clip is not sexy at all. That machine is just getting pushed back when she tries to thrust back and it looks really robotic and not sexy, very arhythmic. She really should've stuck to cheesecakey weeb-bait, because even though she is pretty she doesn't look like a very fun lay in either of these clips, and that takes the wind out of her sails for simps I'm sure.

No. 119744

Literally how pathetic it probably feels to be sitting in your mom's basement, a fat guy in your mid 20s, who's probably complaining about being a virgin, and giving all your money from whatever dead end job you have in order to pay her. Meanwhile belle is getting fucked nightly by a different guy who's not a loser, and laughing all the way to the bank with loads of money for showing obnoxious fake moaning with a scribbled out censored vagina. This scenario alone is making me die of laughter.

No. 119752

i know it's been said a thousand times, but c'mon, imagine forking out to get overly filtered cringe content like this. yeah, it is sad that this girl had so much surgery so she could feel confident enough to do porn and even now she has to censor it and slap filters and emojis all over it

No. 119762

Belle has had one steady boyfriend for years now. Shes not sleeping with a different dude every night. In fact, her boyfriend is basically the genius behind her whole schtick, hes the one taking her pics, setting up photo shoots, coming up with all the ideas. Hes much like a titanic Sinclair minus the abuse. It's why belle's content is so popular, it's catered to men by a man. Wouldn't be surprised if hes the one making some of the stuff (the painting or the perler bead pictures for example) in the boxes they've been giving away to youtubers.

No. 119785

The pretending to be a child is so obvious I hate this woman so much, vile.

No. 119792

She literally did a set dressed as Dolores from lolita in her early efame days. You're goddamn right she panders to that type of crowd

No. 119816

tbh this is one of the reason i cannot wait to see her crash and burn and this day is fast approaching

No. 119838

Dont u think belle's bf josh is actually disgusting endorsing this weird childish sexual behaviour? like it makes u wonder if he actually gets satisfaction from this shit, an almost 30 yr old guy recording this stuff is gross, what a creep

No. 119840

I think that anon was jumping into the mind of a scrote, different guy meaning someone who is not the scrote.

No. 119847

God she really should have stuck to pictures only, she's a horrible actress. She looks like she's trying to emulate hentai characters or something instead of what an actual human getting dicked looks like.

No. 119848

I saw a video of her in a kiddie pool with a puppy, and she was acting so strange, grabbing it when it was trying to run around/obviously trying to wriggle out of her hands.. I don't know where it was from but she was clearly using it to sexualize herself.. This women has some really strange behaviour..

No. 120024

this is dumb. she was doing this shit before she met him. By the time she met him she already had a following. idk why you guys want to give this mediocre photographer so much credit.

No. 120107

File: 1605143985484.jpeg (78.82 KB, 750x657, 9655869A-EFFF-48BC-81B4-0B5377…)

> heR bF iS thA GeniUs

No. 120142

You guys must be new or something kek its been heavily documented (and archived in other places) but go off

No. 120160

Who cares if it was his ideas lel. He is still a ponce prostituting out his pedopandering fiancé’s snapchat scribbled pussy out. He isn’t a brain surgeon, genius is a biiiiiig stretch.
> Barely legal lolicon pussy marketing ploy + weeb fodder = bIG bRaIn IsAcc NewTon GenIuS TiEr ShiT

No. 120183

You seem absolutely butthurt she has a boyfriend, were you one of her many simps thinking you had a chance?

No. 120208

I mean,simp or not they're right. Her bf IS a ponce. And she's a whore.
I'm surprised men even think they have any chance with her or any of the ethots they simp for,but I tend to forget men are incredibly stupid and simple minded

No. 120218

That part is obvious, not even sure why it was mentioned other than anon wanted to use a cool word they just learned kek nobody was even arguing that.
Why are u so butthurt? people care whos pumping out these ideas and facilitating these photosets with her, sorry it lights a fire under your ass to read about it kek

No. 120348

Why do you stan him so hard? She was doing this shit back when she was with her ex Goran.

No. 120416

File: 1605309915422.jpeg (741.6 KB, 635x1134, 7596F09D-6DA8-4D26-87DB-A1D567…)

i-….um. did it deflate? anyway idk how to not rudely say this but goddamn this is the worst looking set shes ever done. i love her makeup and i wish she’d do sfw selfies and not degenerate content. i check out her subreddit every once in a while but damn dude. this shit ugly as hell.

No. 120508

File: 1605359093089.jpeg (1.39 MB, 987x1778, A2F60D25-52F6-4400-8DA4-72C69D…)

Definitely the worst set. The lighting, the ratty wig

No. 120514

Love the 2005 image quality, and I guess she dropped the fake big ass she was trying to pretend she had >>101866

No. 120515

She realized her simps would pay for shit quality content still so she doesn't have to try.

No. 120559

I've never seen a flatter ass in my life.

No. 120571

A-A-Are those eyes photoshopped on??

No. 120594

Ew wtf? She looks horrible in those pics, it's like she's not even trying anymore

No. 120662

anon they're not the new ones if you think any of this started happening when she met her current bf. she was already selling others nudes years before she knew him. keep up!

No. 120667

kek that flat ass when she was trying to appear "thick" a while ago. that paired with the shitty decade old phone quality really shows that her simps will settle down for the lowest of the low

No. 120805

I think it’s some kind of filter?? Like one of the Snapchat ones that edits your iris

No. 121062

File: 1605586462181.png (Spoiler Image,255.51 KB, 276x503, Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 8.13…)

Looks like she photoshops her pussy too, somehow managing to have zero labia or a single bit of anything showing. How is that hot exactly?

No. 121124

Wonder how she feels about her boyfriend living off of her…

No. 121125

File: 1605645481444.jpeg (255.99 KB, 609x670, 05E9BD30-B0C9-4766-BC91-95DEDA…)

the visible snapchat filter glitch-…i just have to laugh.
(this is an old set she reposted, back when her nose was straight)

No. 121132

This is so sad lmao, she can't even pretend to enjoy it, she's too busy concentrating on making her meme faces. Virgins and other moids who have never seen a woman experience pleasure will eat it up anyway. Now that she's gone this far, not much is left and she's already an old joke to most. I think she's definitely going down the Momokun route soon and will most likely make cringy videos with other girls first, then with guys.

No. 121205

File: 1605703220538.jpg (94.49 KB, 782x717, eftelingpardoesdetovernar-e149…)

She looks like the mascot character of a theme park in my country

No. 121260

damn imagine paying for this and thinking she doesn't edit her pictures. Moids are incredibly stupid

No. 121270

Apparently she's reposting some of her old sets from the snapchat era and trying to pass them off as new lmao
The laziness and entitlement I can't even

No. 121279

All thots do this because they get away with it.

No. 121414

Kinda interesting that she's obsessed with acting like a little girl/having other people take care of her financially since she was kind of abandoned by her parents, it makes sense in a way tbh, trying to get that unconditional love/nurturing she was deprived of as a kid

What mom allows her daughter to live on her own at 15/16?? That speaks to some serious parenting issues..

No. 121504

she wasn't living by herself since that age - she said so in one of the podcasts - but i really don't buy that she peaced out of high school either like she claims

No. 121588

I'm pretty sure she said she was?

No. 121667

File: 1605931197399.jpg (228.25 KB, 1078x597, 20201119_051309.jpg)

Someone on an ig fan page of all things posted this kek. All I see is new vs old face

No. 121707

more like 18-19 iirc?

No. 121754

She went to high school in England. You can't just leave like in America. She's lying.

She's going to end up with one of those faces that only look good static in pictures

No. 121765

File: 1605983508782.jpeg (176.51 KB, 828x1792, 8C0BEDC7-BCC3-4763-9B20-90472D…)

Belle was caught following ED Twitter accounts

No. 121767

This is true. By law you have to be in school in the UK until you are 18 or have an apprenticeship 16-18.

I think you wouldn’t be able to move out at 15 to live on your own or you would end up in a foster home. Her story is about as legit as her arrested by the metropolitan police over a hamster and fell off the roof and broke her leg stories. She’s a compulsive liar.

No. 121798

Not surprised.. seems like her weight fluctuates a lot
and she's gotta appeal to her pedo bf/fans.. wonder if she feels a lot of pressure to stay small

No. 121802

Yo she must actively refresh this thread because she unfollowed them kek

No. 121825

Can't wait for her to try to somehow leech on Corpse since he's really popular rn

No. 121826

File: 1606013972587.png (479.34 KB, 597x592, twt1.png)

People actually believe this shit? How have they still not figured out she has a boyfriend?

No. 121860

Didn't pull speculate about her having bruised knuckles from purging in some of her pics?

No. 121881

It’s mentioned in her last thread >>>/w/38590

No. 121882

Ah yes belle the virgin who has a boyfriend and goes to parties and has a million giant dildos
Can’t believe the pedos are eating it up

No. 121883

anyone believing she's anything else than a porky slut is brain damaged

No. 121884

kek she definitely is looking at this thread. She's a self obsessed self important social reject that relies on plastic surgery,male attention and shooping all because mommy and daddy didn't love her as a child

No. 121895

File: 1606072454616.jpg (1.28 MB, 2250x2250, Snowqueen.jpg)

When the filter slips

No. 121906

People on “ED twitter” were making a fuss about it, including the accounts she followed— so it probably wasn’t lolcow’s doing.

No. 121926

No. 121954

It's so beyond sad that Belle and so many other girls don't realize beauty is on the inside is literally something that's true, even the most standardly pretty can look ugly because of a bad personality. Hopefully one day she can realize that starving herself until her ribs show, caking on loads of makeup, waxing hair off her her body until it looks like a childs, giant fake wigs, shooping will never make her truly beautiful as a person.

No. 121962

File: 1606077076032.png (877.34 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201122-212857.png)

She announced a "hardcore porn" video for December 25th. In the tweeted video, she shows her nipples for the first time for those who believe she's baiting.


Still not sold on it not being bait where she'll cover something up, but this is a step further than she's gone before. Guess she wants to cash out and call it quits. Kinda unexpected but not that surprised

No. 121973

I wonder if shes balding yet from malnutrition/starvation.

No. 121976

Honestly I'm not surprised, I still think she will censor any penetration and shes likely been stealing ideas from the handful of ddlg/puppy play swers she follows

No. 121989

Apparently her youtube was taken down? Guess she doesn't have much of a choice

No. 121991

It was obvious this would happen. Youtube should have banned her even sooner. They ban people for the most stupid reasons but couldn't ban a thot who makes half naked videos of herself twerking in videos like homegirl is about to get a heart attack. But better later than never. Good luck with getting same amount of followers back, NEVER.

No. 122000

File: 1606082947666.webm (Spoiler Image,8.63 MB, 680x1280, bunnydelphine-1330592868747120…)

For posterity

No. 122003

So here we have it. The prophecy has finally been fulfilled. We watched her grow from the 17 year old purple hair kotori to the “barely legal” e girl costhot and now at the grand age of 21 finally dried up and filled with desperation to make a quick buck making a hardcore porn, just as we all suspected really.

No. 122004

She assumes most her simps doesn't read beyond twitter/onlyfans where she got exposed and because PULL is gone she thinks she's in the clear.
Thought she was a virgin tho, how would she know how to have sexy?

No. 122006

most underwhelming-looking tits I've ever seen but all the simps on her twitter are lapping it up like they've never seen tits before

No. 122009

File: 1606087354592.jpg (Spoiler Image,137.51 KB, 1125x2436, 7vd2wpuw4v061.jpg)

She posted this on OF, so my assumption is that this is going to be the camera angle for the entire vid and she's not actually gonna show anything more than dick.

No. 122020

unless they are into being cucked,i don't think that many of her fans will stick around but then again they are massively retarded. Maybe to wank to the novelty and a few months later revoke their OF sub. Imagine paying to see a girl you thirst over get fucked by another man

No. 122022

I mean, will her precious simps still love their virgin kween watching her get pounded by her ~secret boyfriend~ knowing their vaseline smeared palms will have to suffice for the rest of their incel lives? Part of me hopes they sperg and boycott at mass kek

No. 122026

not trying to derail but how much does she weigh and what height is she? I have always bee curious

No. 122034

She tries to look as smol and childlike as she can for the pedos, but when she went to the pornhub awards or whatever in 2019? you could see she's actually quite tall and large compared to her image. (Three posts down itt)

No. 122035

The face doesn't even look like her, imagine if it's her boyfriend or some hired guy fucking someone else in a Belle wig, while Belle laughs and counts her dollars.

No. 122038

shes 5’6 and idk 120? i havw no idea of gauging weight but she’s sais shes 5’6. in one OF post the caption was something like “can you guess my height? uwu hehe”

No. 122043

Not nitpicking but her tits are clearly uneven style tits ( to all women , its OKAY) it's not about camera angle even but one tit is clearly and VISIBLE smaller than the other one ( Ye we all know one tit is smaller and it's normal, but for some like her it's super visible) only when she presses them together they look more even.

Wouldn't wonder me if she got in her absence even a labia job and is now confident to show some pussy that simps imagine all girls have, aka no labia and uwu unrealistic hentai style

No. 122044

I was wondering the same too but I didn't want to tinfoil about it. I'll be surprised if it's not carefully censored as usual

No. 122075

the virgin post was clearly intended as a joke yet she has all the sexuality of one. i can't imagine something more uncomfortable to watch than her pretending to be a shy giggling anime while having dull vanilla sex from strict angles that probably only show her tits. her 'lewd' content is sexless and boring and she seems way too focused on trying to be cute than to actually produce something worth getting off to

No. 122078

I thought she might have had a labiaplasty too and maybe it might be healed up by december kek

No. 122207

She's stupid but I don't reckon she's stupid enough to use her main account to follow stuff like that, I say it's just another attention grab.

No. 122212

Are you retarded kek

No. 122226

I'd be surprised if she ever posted full labia, she considers herself above that and seems to really think she'll retire rich and legendary without ever having shown her pussy unlike the "real" sex workers. I've seen people on twitter say "well what BD does is sort of sex work", the ones that don't outright call her a whore are just as delusional about her line of work as she is.

Her subreddit is mostly excited but there are a few highly upvoted posts complaining that it won't "feel the same" and that "this is gonna hurt a bit"

No. 122227

File: 1606165667078.jpeg (133.6 KB, 828x250, AF514385-5215-4104-81E9-947386…)

No. 122228

sage but I don't buy it. Sure, she showed her tits, but that's basically baby steps after you've already been selling lewd pics and vids for a while. This is just a glorified bait ad for her (overpriced) OnlyFans.

No. 122234

>started filming
>reason why i haven’t been posting
….Whys this porn taking so long to film kek? Is this going to be a full feature length movie or does she need multiple takes to make sure her face is always uwu animu waifu uwu material then a few weeks to render with19 filters?

She had been hinting she would make a porn for X amount in interviews recently, was she offered a deal or do you think since she has faced the mighty ban hammer on IG and now YT her pimp boyfriend is putting her out to work? Kek

No. 122235

File: 1606167550810.png (2.1 MB, 962x3244, bellesimps2.png)

these were the comments to that post
oldest comments are at the bottom

No. 122246

I hope all the anons who's been praising her for being such a smart businesswoman who's "playing is safe" and "taking the simp cuckbucks" to see this, no e-whore is ever smart or playing it smart or taking advantage of scrotes, if you make it your job you'll be making them your boss and you will give in eventually and have no other option but to continue doing porn. belle is a disgusting ddlg little anachan who makes porn of herself pretending to be a virgin loli, hates on other women, steals ideas and is pimped by her boyfriend, and on top of that she was a trendsetter for a lot of young girls who try and copy her to impress boys, nothing about her is feminist or admirable and can't wait to see her downfall.

>inb4 she had no other choice

She could've continued her education or just stuck to any min wage job.

>inb4 she is a victim of the system

She's still part of it plus she's no poor trafficked victim, she willingly chose to do this from her own bedroom, she chose to make lewd content while pretending to be underage because she wants to, and didn't actually fuck and creeps or get on the streets, direct your feminism elsewhere.

No. 122247

oh anon, this aged so well

No. 122248

Following this exact sentiment. I feel no sympathy whatsoever for Belle. She can go and die for all I care. I root for many lolcows but she's irredeemable.
She isn't an innocent victim in any way. She knows what she's doing and,like Shoe0nhead,she'll pay the price. She made her bed and will lie in it.

No. 122251

Nothing like having your boyfriend profit off of exploiting your nude body online :') Bet his face isn't even going to be shown. She's the one who will reap all of the consequences, not him.

No. 122253

File: 1606177968219.jpg (2.04 MB, 2400x4653, Woeisme.jpg)

No. 122264

File: 1606183552607.jpeg (219.17 KB, 750x936, 2C4C77E0-8D32-44F1-8766-A9D898…)

Youtube policy on nudity:

The difference is WAP is a music video that is viewed as artistic and they are selling music, the other is the manifestation of a pedobait used for sexual gratification and promotion of your OF porn account and, well, to put it bluntly, YT doesn’t want it on their site kek

No. 122266

WAP is an abomination to humanity and should be nuked as well

No. 122269

WAP is same or worst than Belle I'm back video. Saying WAP is an artistic product is worst than all shit Belle has done.

No. 122270

No need to sperg anon. Under the youtube guidelines it would fall in to that category because it is a music video made by music artists = art no matter how shit it is, people watch it mainly for the music. Belle’s is a thot flaunting her naked body trying to give simps a semi so they buy her OF which falls under the = sexual gratification category. You see the difference as to why one stays on youtube and the other doesn’t? Liking it or not doesn’t play in to it.

No. 122290

Deleting her account was arbitrary and backfired: she got more attention from losing her YT account than for showing tits.

No. 122291

>>122009 Don't know why she always looks so akward doing things related with masturbation or seduction. This pic don't look better, her pose, idk looks weird.

No. 122299

That Kem is such a simp himself. He probably watches child porn lowkey if he has the need to defend a pedopanderer

No. 122304

it's so funny to me how only men defend her. that or the little girls trying to suck up to her.
Men really are the scum of the world they are braindead and only think about that

No. 122314

File: 1606222129248.jpeg (162.58 KB, 561x1025, C7939BC1-52CF-42DB-99A3-DB9FFA…)

> Gr8, thank you to every moaning beta cucknugget for forcing youtube to bring her highly valuable channel back, I can now die peacefully with Stage 8 cancer.

No. 122325


Cmon anon why did you censor the pics and names

No. 122326

A small part of me hopes she trolls the cringe cumbrains again

No. 122348

I don't believe she should be slut-shamed or attacked, because after all it's her body. However, she's in for such an awful wake up call one day how even if millions of men want to fuck her, she will never be truly happy in life because of it and that happiness comes from within. Girls like her who live off male validation live hard, depressing lives. No matter how much money they make.

No. 122353

Not me. I hope she does real hardcore stuff. Gang bangs, anal, the whole thing. That way people can stop referring to her as a cosplayer or internet celeb/troll. She'll just be another porn star like Riley Reid.

No. 122354

she's just trying to make money for her pimp/husband Josh so he can buy more cars and shit. He's living the dream

No. 122356

how did no one think to archive her pull threads or some of the photos at least

could someone point me in the right direction bc i need to see pre surgery delphine, there's literally like 3 photos

basically, how do i find her older photos + gossip?

No. 122360

If you wanna look at old PULL threads look up the internet archive:wayback machine and click one of the dates before it shut down, she should be in there

No. 122362

Seems like she feels neglected by her boyfriend, family, and the fake "friends" she probably has only care about the money/clout. If she really felt happy and secure in all her relationships she wouldn't need to constantly seek attention and validation from incels.

No. 122364

File: 1606255968223.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1655, AA551806-4D3D-45D6-ABBE-CBC098…)

This expression is so ugly

No. 122367

File: 1606257816502.png (2.19 MB, 1344x952, 39796A10-64BA-4B3D-8F74-02F126…)


I feel like such an autismochan2000 compiling these. Besides her own previous thread she was first mentioned in annoying facebook girls iirc

Old face:

So petite uwu

Belle harrassing ex on fake account (girl in photo Belle had a totEz LeSbIaN revenge photoshoot with afterwards) weird???

Some more Belle drama summary:

~Sorry if none of the links work, I hope I did them right~

No. 122368

The entire website was archived. You can find the link for it on reddit

No. 122369

The lump in her wig from her ponytail underneath kek

No. 122373

What does Shoe0nHead have to do with anything? She just makes YouTube videos and retweets leftie memes.

No. 122374

What "consequences"? lol

No. 122376

they probably mean that she will never beable to get a normal job if she wanted to since everyone has seen her porn videos with her face in it, unlike her bf

No. 122384

she kind of looks like a rat or one of those whoville characters

No. 122385

Her whole "not a sex worker" schtick is like a gay guy saying he's not gay because he doesn't cum inside the ass, only outside

No. 122386

Sounds like this is actually a bad move for her, based on these butthurt comments.

No. 122394

I seen Belle near to porn matterial and she will be not good at hardcore as Riley. It's a bad move in that sense: for some reason Belle always look too akward in erotic scenes, can't imagine how she will do in hardcore. Will be a giant surprise if she look at least normal.

No. 122398

from what i've seen it's like she's trying to mimic hentai, it's really awkward and uncomfortable
her main appeal is all in what's left to the imagination, i think seeing her actually get fucked and clearly by her boyfriend will kill a lot of boners

No. 122411

She literally looks like a guy often in a pink wig and girly make up lol

No. 122430

File: 1606313625856.png (107.09 KB, 1045x218, Capture.PNG)

Personally i don´t think she looks like a guy in a wig but there is so much people saying that in many context XD(XD)

No. 122431

kinda off-topic but she went to a school near me in the south of england before she moved away, she used to be a cringey weeb type who nobody wanted to talk to & said some garbage shit for attention

No. 122451


Her nose looks so different now

No. 122453

Are you new or did you not see how hard she used to shit on women for male attention? Go to her older threads and you'll see.

Men,yet again,proving they are coomers

No. 122455

what i was thinking anon. terrible move from her. seeing another man fuck her isn't going to make the simps happy at all and they'll drop her quick or worse.One of the deranged moids she catter to might do the same thing that was done to that other dumb e girl that got beheaded over it because she couldnt stop toying with mentally unstable males

No. 122464

Insider info: Belle's laughing all the way to the bank. She's not actually doing hardcore porn. SHe is "directing" it and its 2 porn stars in the video. Belle appears in it, just sitting and doing stupid shit like eating chips but its a troll attempt again. It was filmed a few weeks ago

No. 122475

She won't troll this time around. Bella Throne tried it on Onlyfans and got in trouble. Belle's not stupid

No. 122476


Maybe someone needs to post this to her unofficial reddit pages or just spread the "panic", see what happens

No. 122483

Bella Thorne didn't get in trouble…she made Onlyfans literally make changes to the platform.

No. 122487

plz no, I can’t take any more circlejerk videos/news articles/“meme” posts talking about HoW HiLaRIoUsLy FuNNeH BelLe Is FoR fOoLinG tHosE sImpS yEt AgaIn. The bar is so so low that this girl posts a ligma video like 8 months after the meme died, not even long enough for it to be ironic and people were hailing her meme queen. I sound absolutely autistic moaning about her being meme queen, but it’s the fact I know in her head she seriously believes this to be true and not like everyone’s lying for ad revenue or in hopes of a lil bit of labia in their dms.

If it is the case that she is only directing or has a pussy stunt double, I hope everyone reports it and the money is pulled back from her account and her OF is blacklisted so she can disappear off the internet for good.

No. 122492

File: 1606362213936.png (179.14 KB, 469x369, Capturek (1).PNG)

Belle used some fanart to make her cards and don't give credit. Now she simply ignored the fact she is using someone else work to gain money albeit she nows who made these pics.

No. 122506

all these interviews she's doing as obvious promo for her hardcore porn release… she's a porn star, not an internet personality. who invites an e-thot onto their show to let them advertise actual porn. this is weird

No. 122507

File: 1606377337291.png (13.56 KB, 790x65, unknown.png)

i didn't censor them, that's how i found them

No. 122510

One question: so would it now be illegal for belle to not act in her porn due to legislation changes?

Or could she still do the "trolling" if she hires other actors?

No. 122524

It's very much against virtually every platforms rules to bait and switch, so all it takes is her cucks to stop jacking off to her for a second and report her.

So yeah actually it is a bit illegal and pushing it on platforms will get her in trouble, but only IF she gets reported properly.

No. 122531

big same anon. I cannot fucking bear it any longer. She isn't a genius she's a e-whore with no education and a nosejob, it doesn't take more than two braincells to profit from simps. I hope she gets bashed to hell and back. Her teehee epic trolling xDD shenanigans can only be funny for so long and we are past that.She's desperately trying to get relevant again and she's past her prime now.

No. 122546

I think those simps should get a reality slap. She does everything for what other girls would get shade thrown at. Why she gets away with everything? Ah yes, E-whore with a botched Michael Jackson nose does a UWU and OWO and wears a pink alieExpress wig.

No. 122549

File: 1606409256406.jpeg (Spoiler Image,372.08 KB, 2208x1188, 5B26A3FE-DA31-4E45-AE44-0A4EE3…)

How is this pose and expression sexy? She looks like she’s taking a shit

No. 122551

whats wrong with her left nipple????

No. 122552

fuck i meant right not left

No. 122556

Belle ruined her own life. Sooner or later she was FORCED to show her uneven breast, soon her whole vagina and ass. If she wanted money so badly she should went for a rich boyfriend or sugar daddy, work as an escort who earn a lot too hourly. She would stay anonymous and live the money raining life she sweats right now for. Stupid people like her only dig their own grave.

No. 122560

Belle's a troll. She was just being funny

No. 122562

because she is conventionally attractive and cute and skinny i guess

No. 122572

good job to Belle for finally mentioning her husband. lol The simps are now all sad. They thought she was a lonely virgin

No. 122573

Their own fault lol, it was BLATANTLY OBVIOUS (who were taking the pics..? That wasn't a simple timer.) The dude's name is literally registered WITH her on her "business."

No. 122578

where did she mention him?

No. 122592

I feel like the simps must've threatened as a hive mind to unsub from her OF for her to suddenly start showing her tiny titties after all this time.

This is like watching a carcrash in slow motion. I think if she trolls them with what will probably be a $100-150 video purchase without actual sex scenes, she could even get her account reported and deleted.

No. 122598

File: 1606433828681.jpg (888.39 KB, 1079x1439, 20201126_183059_mr160643356710…)


No. 122604

as much as i hate her i can't deny she's pretty cute and that pisses me off. too bad she's a pedobait and absolutely rotten from the inside

No. 122616

File: 1606443739441.png (1.19 MB, 1308x680, bb.png)

eh, when you see actual videos of her…. She's basic. Definitely not a beauty queen. I think she's able to photoshop her pics to look cute but looks a bit ratty in person

No. 122625

I know video stills make anyone look bad but kek she looks like Anisa in the right photo.

No. 122635

>>122604 she has a long horse face and bulimia cheeks. Her wrinkles look awful . What about that is cute anon

No. 122636

File: 1606452780077.jpg (607.6 KB, 1057x1202, Screenshot_20201126-235306_Ins…)

Kek she looks ridiculous on this podcast, no wonder all the other appearances were done from ~her~ webcam at an angle. Shes clearly trying to make her look face smol with the way she has the wig hair framing her face, and then the HUGE hat on top of her wig to hold it all in place. Idk who here checks /pt but honestly this is a move right out of Vicki's playbook. She looks quite masculine, some anon posted caps of one of her fans saying they thought she was trans for a while because of how she looks physically and dresses- honestly I can see how someone might think that. Also, did you see this picture? She looks like a skyscraper

No. 122647

fucking kek that you think this

the hat honestly looks like she is trying to hide as much of herself as possible. her editing is obvious and i knew she didn't look like the way she appears in her ~HD~ videos and photoshoots, but god i'm really shocked at how completely botched she actually looks. i can't believe the extent she edits all those videos. she looks so bad

No. 122654

To the anon envying that horse-rat mutant face : You sure have issues to think she is even close to "pretty" irl. Belle isn't even slightly average. It feels like some people here are afraid to simply call her ugly and state out the fact that she looks really bad after that gone wrong nose job. Even her skin walkers look at this point prettier irl than her. She shouldn't went for that unprofessional nose job to begin with. You can clearly tell in podcasts that she is aware that her face isn't prettiest out of her photoshopped and edited videos. Clearly suffers from low self esteem in public.

No. 122657

Shes wearing the hat because she cant control the lighting and shes self conscious about how the light will cast on her face, specially her eyes. Belle has eyebags and wrinkles, not to mention loss of volume in her upper cheeks, which accentuates the long horse face. She has a big wide chin. The hat also covers her hairline because we all know she can't make one look natural irl. Anon is right the wig hair is pulled so close inward to her face, like she's trying to hide her manly square jaw with the hair.. can't shave off her features irl and give herself an uwu dorito chin baby face like she can on snow

No. 122660

File: 1606465847778.jpg (762.78 KB, 1079x1439, Remix.jpg)

This is probably more realistic tbh. So cute lol

No. 122662

File: 1606467082894.jpg (1.97 MB, 2250x2250, Bd.jpg)

No. 122666

PULLtards are seething ITT, go back to Discord. Pedobaiting ewhores are a dime a dozen but she managed to rise to the top because she has a cuter face than most of them. As much as I detest her and think she's much stupider than her simps believe, she has a certain something no other girl has been able to emulate. The "horse-rat mutant face“ sperging is tragic levels of cope, as is the clumsy de-shooping.

No. 122669

Istg she dresses like a troon with that ratty wig and mismatched clothes. I stan a translegend bellend

Yeah it admit it’s much cuter than others but only with 16 snow filters and/or photoshoop, IRL looks like a MTF troon and her skin looks dehydrated, especially her forehead uwu >>122364

No. 122678

PULLtards are an embarrassment, even if you don't find her stunning she's still conventionally attractive and her attractiveness doesn't correlate with her being good or bad it's just funny sometimes when a bad person is also ugly but many cows are above average and still bad, we're not hating on their looks as much as we do about what they actually do, I'm so tired of PULL logic of trying to make everyone they hate ugly, the deshoops are just pathetic and your jealousy is showing.

Sorry belle has more simps than you do and that belle met your epic gamer bro idol but this is not an excuse to derail like this, I'll never understand why are PULLtards so protective over male YTers, all this sudden activity here is because she was interviewed by their favs and they can't handle it.

No. 122682

File: 1606482809190.jpg (43.16 KB, 960x639, 1495392281934.jpg)

such a tiny baby uwu smol pwetty pwetty pwincess 4 daddy

No. 122683

File: 1606483395387.gif (503.23 KB, 395x296, belle.gif)

i hope it was all worth it, belle. you have no dignity.

sure, you have a lot of money. and at the end of the day, your dad left you (he is probably much happier without a skank for a daughter), your mom is embarrassed by her only child, your bf/husband/whatever is using you to make money, you have no friends, the "haters" are being listened to, and you're rapidly losing your audience, which was just a bunch of ugly coomers anyway. anyone who claims to have known you in the past, says you are a rotten, evil bitch. you are going to age like the rest of the "sex workers" in your little vapid mansion like the dorky piece of shit you are. in your heart, you are just a geeky idiot who learned how to do makeup and take off her clothes. you're not special. you're not talented. you have no respectable skills. you are still the weird kid nobody really wants to talk to.

i hope it is fun filming videos that show just how embarrassingly bad of a lay you are. everybody is laughing at you. you could have chose to not be a whore, but here we are. you may have money but at the end of the day, you are alone, you are sad, you are a total, utter laughingstock. MOO FOR US.

No. 122685

Is it me or some people are lowkey whiteknighting her? I think you guys miss out the point this is pull and she is for a good reason on a PULL forum. If you think she is pretty then keep it for yourself. People can find her ugly and not be jealous. This nonsense that anyone finding her ugly and not pretty is auto a jealous girl who can't have simps, stop it lol. I think she looks like your average burger king girl next door and is far from pretty, agreeing with the anon saying she looks like a guy often. The only people derail this thread are the ones trying to lowkey defend her by calling other people here jealous etc and not the people discussing their beauty standards about that thot.

No. 122686

I was just going to type that then your comment popped up. Idk who the belle simp is in here wk her, but she is a pedo baiter who ships herself to look like a child and had hid her real appearance until now, and people are going to talk about the jarring differences.. stay pressed about it though kek

No. 122687

She was already doing some quite hardcore videos with dildos and a heart emoji covering her crotch, so not sure how much of a step up thia ia, even.

No. 122689

I find it interesting that Belle had simps wking her in here as soon as multiple anons started clocking her. Shes claiming to do real porn in the future, you don't think farmers were gonna want to talk about that too? People talking about her in her own thread isnt derailing tf. I wouldn't be surprised if she herself is posting in here kek "yOu gUys R jUsT jEaLoUs I hAve SIMPS"

No. 122690


Should have ditched the hat, she did a bunch of videos on her yt channel without hiding half her face. Like the one with the octopus and the raw chicken.

Why did she wear that weird hat now? It looks like sth a dad would wear to his kid's school basketball game except pink.

No. 122698

File: 1606487917893.jpeg (439.98 KB, 1186x802, DED28151-C841-464D-BA8E-FB3332…)

So kawaii

No. 122700

She’s fine, of course no one is as cute without filters so whatever but that hat and wig both look very cheap and not fitting together at all, not doing her any favors

No. 122701

Criticism of radical feminists is not "shitting on women for male attention" lmao

Source: dude trust me

No. 122702

>>"i can't deny she's pretty cute and that pisses me of"
"she managed to rise to the top because she has a cuter face than most of them."
>>"she has a certain something no other girl has been able to emulate"
>>"Your jealousy is showing"
>>"she's still conventionally attractive"
>>"Sorry belle has more simps than you do and that belle met your epic gamer bro idol"
>>"ur protective over male youtubers"
>>"all this sudden activity here is because she was interviewed by their favs and they can't handle it."

She really needs to stop making it so obvious she posts here

No. 122703

Hey what if she had some kind of a jaw slimming surgery? She's been going to great lengths with wigs and angles to hide the sides of her face, when she hasn't been doing so before, at least not as much.

Maybe shes still swollen and healing.

No. 122706


She simped for shoe0nhead, two birds of a feather who shit on women for male attention.

No. 122707

After her nose surgery she started to look older kek the downside of beauty surgery, you don't look younger but more mature compared to natural looks.

No. 122708

She looks almost 6ft tall here gd! She would absolutley tower over both of those men if she weren't sitting down and that's exactly why it was taken like this lmao.

No. 122713

This deshoop looks more identical to her podcast appearance than the original snowed picture she posted kek.
I think you hit the nail on the head here

No. 122720

She knows she’s not that cute and doesn’t look like her pics. That’s why anytime she makes a public appearance she wears a large hat or something over her head like the grim reaper hood she wore at porrnhub

No. 122722

File: 1606497246477.jpeg (45.69 KB, 472x283, 4187191D-32E7-479E-A9A1-B04BB0…)

I guess the difference is on her own videos she’s in control of how she presents and same with webcam interviews she can set up the camera and lighting to try make herself look better and probably adds filters to that too. But filming somewhere else she won’t have control of how she looks so is clearly trying to hide under that hat kek. Kinda reminds me of magibonsama

No. 122729

File: 1606499764476.png (71.33 KB, 590x151, Untitled.png)


No. 122734

>I think you guys miss out the point this is pull and she is for a good reason on a PULL forum.

This post is enough to explain the state of this thread

No. 122736

File: 1606501640990.gif (3.18 MB, 290x188, tenor.gif)

No. 122738

I would sue the person if they made my nose look like that lel

No. 122740


Indigo White is this you?

No. 122741


I agree, this is the best photo we've seen here imo. Her fans probably don't like it because she doesn't look 8 here.

No. 122744

This thread already on autosage, if you don’t like the thread stop actively coming back to it to wk ur meme kween. This cow is making money from their photoshopped appearance so it is open to critique, it’s been no different for Shayna, Vicky or Koti years before PULL went down so why should an exception be made for Belle.

No. 122758

Of course she should be criticized, I'd love for this thread to come off autosage now that she's actually doing something new again, which is exactly why the PULL nitpicking is annoying. Glad you brought up Shayna, notice how her thread also went to shit because too many people only wanted to circlejerk about her looks, or Onion and the HD shoops that eventually had to get banned from the thread? Really makes you think. Clearly some anons like >>122685 fully believe this site is just like PULL and will have the same conversations, or that anyone who acknowledges that she isn't an ugly mutant and who isn't seething in envy over her living her weeb thot life by means of shoop and surgery is clearly Belle selfposting. >>122702
That shit needs to go so we can focus on milk.

No. 122760

Stay pressed anon kek

No. 122762

Ofc you want the thread to come off auto sage so its bumped (free promo) about your porn. Of course you think us cackling about your botched surgeries with pictures to back it is derailing. You don't want people to see that, you only want them to see your porn content hoping to scrape up a few new of subs kek. Bellend, nobody here is seething with jealousy over you. This is not a fan club and it's not like pull, pull was the only place with a thread that was easily accessible (this one is autosaged)so ofc you're here stalking the thread now that it's gone, your just mad we're laughing at your haggard face and not pushing your porn and simping for you. You're not getting you the attention you want in here, luckily this isn't your hugbox echo chamber. And you can try to forum slide and bury posts all you want but people curious enough will read all of this. You want it taken off autosage but only if you can curb our mean comments that hurt your feefees Chile-
Thanks for the greatest of keks, bellend dolphin

No. 122772

This anon "wk" doesn't write like a wk but like a person defending themself aka rat queen in person , Belle botchphene.

No. 122773

Bitch what the fuck are you on, why would a female-only lithuanian basketweaving forum with a few hundred to low thousand regular users be worthwhile free promo for a weeb thot with 1 million followers that caters to incels? have you ever heard of a target audience?

No. 122774

Kek agreed, especially after post >>122773

I dunno, validation? To win over the ethots like the time all those other ethots on ig followed her and commented her posts in hope of stealing her simps but boosted her engagement further? Belle is like the herpes of the internet. Talking about instagram herpes… wasn’t she following a bunch of cows like Shay on her instagram back then. It’s obvious she does comes here kek even as above when she unfollowed those proana twitter accounts after it was mentioned lel

No. 122777

I suggest everyone to ignore that shady anonym person defending that braindead thot, be it herself or some simp in his basement.

No. 122781

dont know who that bitch is but sounds like another "sex worker". idfk why you guys defend belle so much like she's a "sex worker" she is automatically milky as fuck. normal, well adjusted girls dont do that kind of shit. theres always milk. stop pretending like she will thank you for defending her crusty fake plastic ass.
just let the milk flow guys, the WKs and selfposts arent doing anything. she is a fake insecure bitch and has nobody in her life that loves her, if she aint milky now its going to get even more milky once she starts doing porn

No. 122782

Same reason every other vapid hussy posts in their own threads kek. And yes this is supposed to be female image board but that doesn't stop scrotes from coming here in hoards, especially if someone they like has a thread. This website comes up in her Google search it's not hard to find kek you want us talking about you, we just aren't saying the things you would like I agree when other anon we should stop replying to her/ her boyfriend because they are just trying to bury these posts until we get closer to Christmas

No. 122783

based trips.

No. 122789

File: 1606518399037.jpg (31.62 KB, 1600x794, underbite.jpg)

I've been wondering about this for a long while now but do you guys thing she has some kind of underbite? I think it looks like it in like all of the videos she hasn't filmed herself where she's talking and it's bothering me so much because there's something very off about her teeth.

No. 122790

Shes had braces so I doubt it but her teeth are SO long imo. And if you look at >>122660
you will see that there are spots of tooth decay from daily purging. Inb4 she gets veneers

No. 122793

She had a big overbite before braces. Now after it it's still a overbite but slightly less that's why she cant keep her teeth in like a normal person's mouth. Probably needs a dental surgery completely to remove the overbite.

No. 122798

File: 1606521599506.png (2.52 MB, 1800x1691, 92E62125-A6F9-4708-9DF7-E26596…)

A healthy jaw your top teeth should slightly overlap the bottom but Belles top teeth are really long and don’t seem to overlap because of a possible slight underbite. In the images you can see the bottom set seem to stick further out than the top by the tiniest fraction which is what looks weird when she talks I think. Her teeth look terrible for someone who had braces, I can tell someone has been neglecting wearing their retainer at night.

No. 122804

Fuck Belle but some of you are being retarded and actually manage to sound like you're jealous of an e thot. PULLtards begone. Why is there an influx of them on this thread so suddenly?

No. 122809

someone once said that Belle looks like a girl that would be hanging out at Wet Seal in the mall because Forever 21 was too expensive for her. This I believe is a perfect representation of Belle

No. 122827

If you could stop derailing to talk about PULLtards because you don't like the comments about Belle, that would be great. ur sperging is smooth brain af and no one gaf about your feefees

No. 122828

Pulltards in here are insane sperging so hard about one person saying they hate Belle just as much as anyone else ITT while being able to acknowledge that she isn't a mutant goblin and saying that stomping your feet about how disfigured she is isn't milk.
If I was Belle or a WK I'd post some of these unhinged rants about her looks so lurking simps would think everyone in here is consumed with rage about her and dismiss any valid criticism.
You can post yours keks and lels all you want to try to blend in, but I bet that at some point in the past you've blogposted on PULL or Discord about how this or that flake makes you feel so insecure and they have a social responsibility not to shoop themselves because it gives you muh body dysmorphia.

To get back on topic, this is the interview in which she mentions having a partner of 3 years >>122578

No. 122829

i get she isnt single but they are married? since when??? arent they a bit young to be getting married? he isnt even that much older than her anyways.

No. 122830

File: 1606525974721.png (193.07 KB, 867x760, Screenshot at Nov 27 19-08-30.…)

ding ding ding

No. 122831

File: 1606526014936.png (141.5 KB, 834x569, Screenshot at Nov 27 19-09-23.…)

No. 122832

File: 1606526292494.png (35.64 KB, 813x167, Screenshot at Nov 27 19-15-10.…)

tfw Pull are the ones who got her youtube deleted because they can't keep themselves from cowtipping

No. 122834


Kek are you autistic

No. 122835

File: 1606526516534.png (Spoiler Image,336.18 KB, 527x553, Screenshot at Nov 27 19-20-20.…)

No. 122836

Stay pressed bellend lmfao did you binge and purge yesterday?

No. 122837

i hate belle but this is pathetic. they seem really young and impressionable. like i would 100% avoid these bitches, anywhere. strike me as the kind of girls who pretend they arent trying to skinwalk when they do!

i dont like the bitch either but im not trying to get her banned, i just want to make fun of her and watch the milk flow.

>>122835 and on top of that, i bet this bitch lives off of making young girls seethe. pathetic and sad on both ends.

No. 122838

File: 1606526650779.png (81.5 KB, 673x418, Screenshot at Nov 27 19-24-27.…)

No. 122839

File: 1606526711900.jpeg (Spoiler Image,633.97 KB, 1575x2040, A0304B7E-F93A-4633-AC88-517366…)

Two pc setups or his and hers?

No. 122840

Bellend, are you going to get a blepharoplasty for the herniated fat pads under your eyes kek

No. 122841

jfc is it even a question at this point its been obvious since day 1 she isnt single

No. 122843

Maybe you she would be SECURE and CONFIDENT enough to do live podcasts without hiding her face

No. 122844

File: 1606527003489.png (180.32 KB, 339x557, 20201127_135239.png)

Men want me, women want to be me kek

No. 122845

yeah i understand if girls feel pressured to look like her but she is 21 and likely insecure as fuck. i dont doubt every single "sex worker" is, the job revolves around how you look. she uses a lot of makeup, angles, wigs, stupid outfits to be distracting. she is average looking irl. she is not ugly, but she is probably insecure as the rest of girls her age. i believe she has gotten work done, and i do think i believe she probably does have disordered eating tendencies because look at the line of so called work she is in, and how common it is. she isnt above a single soul.

literally… so average looking. girls shouldnt feel insecure when her pictures get shopped anyway. and the hat, what a stupid, ugly choice.

No. 122846

File: 1606527320859.jpg (979.04 KB, 2400x1800, QTGORL.jpg)

We are all seething with jealousy, no doubt about it lmao

No. 122847

Braces don't fix over/underbite

No. 122848

She has bruised knuckles and rotting teeth from bulimia, not to mention was caught following ed Twitter accounts on top of everything you've mentioned. Shes likely more insecure than all those girls combined

No. 122849

No. 122850

I know it’s common to nitpick appearance and sometimes it’s funny but anons here are trying so hard to find even the smallest detail to complain about. I know most posters on this thread are young/from PULL but it’s pretty lame to just say oh she’s so hideous because she has wrinkles tho!! Or her face is losing volume and she has eyebags! lmao so what?
She’s not the most beautiful person in the world and most people know that but she does have a unique look (edgy internet meme girl next door) and image which is why people gravitate towards her content, also because of her cringe meme gimmicks. It def reads as cope when it’s just anons reassuring themselves that she’s actually ugly because of this and that and her nipples are weird or something.

No. 122851

File: 1606528236145.jpeg (168.94 KB, 900x720, 5F2978A1-123E-4B3E-98FF-0B86E9…)

No. 122852

you know why jokes that have no basis aren't funny? they get you banned.

No. 122855

Where has anyone even alluded to subscribing to any OF account? And why would belle care when she’s getting hundreds of thousands a month already? She’s not a marketing genius she just did degrading shit to herself that went viral before the oversaturation of sex work hit social media. Now she’s capitalizing on that same shit everyone else is doing.

No. 122861

File: 1606530008281.jpg (351.04 KB, 1078x684, 20201127_211953.jpg)

No. 122863

What really reads as a cope is butthurt bellend posting ss she goes looking for of girls saying they're insecure because of her, and for what? To prove a point to us farmers? Kek cope harder bellend

No. 122869

I refuse to believe these jealous "I wish I looked like Belle" idiots exist. They are all over leak forums too. I'm betting they are part of Belle and Josh's fake marketing scheme to make it look like people like her/want to be her. This is lame. No one gives shit about Belle. She's gonna be a porn thot that everyone forgets in a few years.

No. 122874

I’m not her and I don’t find anything wrong with the posts in that image specifically. It’s just embarrassing that some people are reaching for physical flaws so hard. Just understand she heavily filters and facetunes all her sexy pictures like every other ho and that’s why she might look weird in her interviews. As a person without the makeup and wig, she’s nobody special and none of her simps would give her a second glance. Stop calling everyone belle because they’re sick of the PULL posters who become insecure because a cow is pretty or skinny.

No. 122875

I am in their personal social circle and you are quite close to the truth, honestly,

No. 122878

Considering she lies about practically everything else I really wouldn’t put it past them. I think that’s what makes me dislike them so much, do anything for views and always scamming whether it’s stealing art, selling other girls nudes, not posting on patreon but still being paid by these degenerate coomers on their mommy’s credit cards, even her personality is just an act

No. 122879

File: 1606533237956.jpg (335.37 KB, 1063x604, 20201127_221244.jpg)

No. 122881

I worked in social network marketing for awhile. This sadly is a common marketing tactic. I have no doubt this is Belle's team pulling this shit. No "hater" would be mad that this thread is under permanent sage and want it on the front page. Its Belle's team pulling their shitty marketing tricks to get noticed everywhere.

No. 122890

How do you know them? Do they talk about their marketing tactics and porn with their social circles?

No. 122893

File: 1606540782211.jpg (18.33 KB, 310x232, 6d6dbfcd90d0aac605a2ba9b9605a0…)

No. 122905

I vote next thread pic

No. 122922

File: 1606563391796.png (22.44 KB, 1004x268, WK!!!!.png)

If there's anyone PULL envies more than Kenna it's belle, they kept de-shooping and comparing her to all sorts of stuff for months and months after she disappeared, a whole year of no milk but hating on her appearance and there was the occasional self-post "I found this girl and she's so much better looking than belle!!!", most PULLfags are really young and many admitted doing SW like camming or just having orbiters who send them money, lolcow is a small site that isn't worth promoting on but PULLfags are so stupid they like to convince themselves that they're the center of the world and that belle is targeting them when she's likely planning her next feature appearance with one of their idols which will make them seethe more, it is so obvious to everyone that you're coping when you do this >>122861 >>122851, these aren't even funny and only prove how obsessed you're and how much time you got. what type of lifestyle do you have when you go through an interview frame by frame to prove that she is not an epitome of beauty >>122798 when actual milk happens no one will care because no one wants to read through your butthurt posts… imagine caring that someone looks slightly different in candids.
We're really out here stuck between Twitterfags saying she's a smart businesswoman uwu and PULLfags saying she looks like a man who is also a mouse who is also a mutant horse. sheesh.

No. 122927

For someone ranting on users for their "extra free" time, you sure have a lot too to take your time on a pull forum to defend "mutant rat horse" face. Use your time differently kek

No. 122929

> –40 <3

the amount of derailing to infight and obsession with PULL (a site that no longer exists) to the point you have a screenshot from 2019 makes it hard to believe this is just a wk. Go find a thread on >>>/pt/ or >>>/snow/ and stop refreshing a thread on autosage to cry.

No. 122930

I'm relishing in the fact that bothered bellend has spent 2 days now posting in here, pissed because we don't simp-at all. lmao baby this is not a fan club you might want to switch back over to Twitter if this is all getting to be too much

No. 122931

File: 1606571936302.png (385.69 KB, 723x669, 20201128_135803.png)

Awful. Why would she agree to being on a podcast where she has no control of her appearance via filter or Photoshop? Dumb move on her part. Clearly She isn't as clever as her orbiters believe

No. 122932

Belle gets off to other women "seething" in jealousy over her when she looks like >>122846
irl lmao

No. 122934

She went and followed anisa immediately after you said this kek

No. 122937

If anyone sounds like a PULLtard, it's you. Kenna? Nobody even talks about her here

No. 122938

i agree, i dont like her but obviously she is pretty. my point is though like every other pretty girl on the internet, spaces like this exist because universally they edit their photos and its no secret. they look different irl even though belles difference isnt as bad as kooters.

No. 122940

You bitches are certainly seething over her. I'd bet most of you would like to have a huge fanbase like her. It's not her fault that she is every guys idol. She looks younger than she is and takes great care of her body <3(bait)

No. 122941

File: 1606577185019.jpg (21.15 KB, 275x275, 1545477128449.jpg)

yeah bro she takes GREAT care of herself lol. look at her toenails and cold sores. she also clearly doesnt work out and makes herself throw up. you're seething that not everyone licks her asshole.

No. 122942

Guys please stop responding to those shady anons. It looks like they wanna take the focus away from this thread and derail so that we all instead argue with those wk's (If it's not her stinky herpes ass commenting here herself).

No. 122943

File: 1606577658587.jpg (1.36 MB, 2250x2250, KEK.jpg)

Bellends real face vs how she edits her pics kek

No. 122944

File: 1606577761259.jpg (215.38 KB, 720x1119, 20201128_103545.jpg)

it looks like Belle had a cold sore in that in person podcast too.

No. 122947

That's scuffed, good comparison. Very eye opening kek.

No. 122948

true and milky because she looks fine without it. but wouldnt garner the creepy uwu loli loving pedo fanbase she has so instead of being a normal average girl she edits everything and panders left and right. so fake lol.

No. 122949

Yeah she totally takes care of herself we are all SOOOO jealous of Gobline Delphine
She’s disgusting and doesn’t take care of skin, feet, hair because she can just use a Snapchat filter, facetune, wigs and makeup. She looks nothing like her pictures irl
Example her disgusting feet

No. 122950

Stop it anon you're gonna make her cry again uwu

No. 122952

Belle obviously reads this page and most likely is the one constantly trying to derail the discussion. No one is jealous of Belles ratty appearance. No one wants to be Belle. Any girl can do porn like her. Any girl can lie. Any girl can filter and photoshop themselves. There’s nothing to envy here and it’s laughable pretending that girls are crying/jealous about her body/flat chest when there’s girls like Victoria secret models who have gorgeous bodies. Who the hell would envy someone for their plain body?

No. 122955

exactly her body is like any girl with an eating disorder, its skinny but squishy, she doesnt work out or do anything special to maintain it other than stick her fingers down her throat lol.

No. 122956

Damn this is really what she does

No. 122959

She is to busy to take care of herself. She spends the money on her boyfriend's pc and his wishes, no time to take care of your roten toe nails.

No. 122960

these are absolutely embarrassing, why would she think this is a good look for her? it just proves how unsexy she moves, she reminds me of when i was a virgin and had NO idea how to move my hips in that position. she is married to a guy but doesnt even know how to take dick in a flattering way? idk either the simps who dont even know how a girl moves when she likes something or they think the virginal moving (wouldnt even feel good on a dick btw) is hot. such a horrible look for her lol.

No. 122961

File: 1606582777022.jpg (1.05 MB, 2400x1350, URJUSTJELLUSSS.jpg)

Bellend's real face vs how she edits her pics pt2

No. 122962

Hats down. This is so accurate. Well done anon

No. 122963

I am hollering lmao

No. 122966

File: 1606584172802.jpg (1.35 MB, 2400x1800, Neigh.jpg)

No. 122967

lol mods WK for belle so hard, pathetic

No. 122968

Jesus fucking christ kek

No. 122970

Has she gained weight? I wonder if she has been binging and tries to compensate by making her self sick

No. 122971

Also that wig is shit I'm surprised she hasn't gotten a better one, she has the money

No. 122974


She edits herself to look like a rodent lol

No. 122975

She already looks like a rodent

No. 122976

Crickets from bellend, ahem, I mean pulltard anon. In sure she'll come back with something witty to say. "Something something PULLFAGS something something SEETHING JEALOUSY" kek

No. 122977

Why would someone be jealous of somone who looks like a ratty teenage boy in drag? She also completes the whole look with her shitty reddit level humour

No. 122983


But she targets pedo furries, her shoops give me alvin the the chimpmunk vibes

Esp here >>119212

No. 122986

i don’t see the edited pics posted on her social media anywhere. is this a lie?

No. 122987


Wtf is that a Kill La Kill costume in the bottom pic? Paired with a pink wig? Tf

No. 122989

dont forget the $1.98 aliexpress ears kek

No. 122990

She shattered her uwu lolI animu waifu image with this one live appearance

No. 122991

she was posted to instagramreality on reddit and they are saying she looks the same. I feel like I'm losing my mind because she doesn't look the same at all. She's not ugly but she doesn't have the anime head shape she does in her pictures.

I'm also surprised she hasn't invested in a better wig at this point and paid someone to teach her how to install it correctly. It looks so party city chic here lol. I think Belle's major weakness is how lazy she is.

No. 122993

That was probably them ( her and her boyfriend) selfposting

No. 122994

Someone with a throwaway should post >>122943 in that thread for keks

No. 122995


Nah, maybe a mix of this unshooped old candid photo >>122966 with this >>122636

It's the same angle and shows the differences perfectly

No. 123001

jesus christ what the fuck is up with the random influx of seeting PULL faggots? Go back to being autistic on your discord. I'm all about shitting on her for being a horrid little cunt but you're all hardcore projecting

>inb4 i'm belle or wk

keep telling yourself that to sleep at night,sorry you have to project your body dysmorphia on a random e-whore

No. 123002

What about using this

No. 123003

It’s not even that she’s ugly, she’s just not remarkable in any way. Like if I saw her walking around without a pink wig I would never notice her. She’s not the type of girl who would make other girls feel insecure irl.

The internet is so weird. I mean, compare her with Angelina Jolie, or Megan Fox, or anyone else who was a famous beauty before photoshop and social media meant you could hide your true appearance from the world, she’s not even remotely in the same league. Just a moderately attractive girl with a bad wig.

No. 123004

sage for doubleposting but she does look like a teen boy in drag there and the toothy smile is very rodent-y. giving this one to you

No. 123005

I think her popularity is due to ticking boxes for each community like furries and pedos and scrotes with trap fetishes kek

No. 123010

Also, like I almost felt bad for her in the podcast. It was so obvious the guys interviewing her just thought she was a dumb trashy e thot and only wanted her there for views. Like they seemed borderline disgusted by her.

I just watched the part where they give her someone’s toilet water and ask if she would fuck KSI for internet fame and more money. You can tell she’s almost offended.

No. 123012

File: 1606591677082.jpg (91.13 KB, 368x515, Screenshot_20201128-142812_Chr…)

No. 123017


Bellend, I'm sure you would LOVE for us to go to discord (you've mentioned it multiple times) where you and Josh self post from sock accounts seen here

No. 123018

Remember when she would post from sock accounts ,selfposting/simping herself on Facebook cosplay groups kek some things never change

No. 123019

Pepperidge farm remembers

No. 123020

Belle, As much as I think you're a handmaiden and an idiot, I, for some reason, don't want you to have your life completely go to shit. Call it female solidarity.

You very likely have ED and probably a fuk ton of other issues, you want acceptance and support. But coomers and "sex wokers" are not your friends.

Male attention is not worth shit and will not make you happy. Perhaps ask yourself, has all of this made you happy in life?

No doubt in my mind some male, maybe your father has done something at some point that messed you up. Do not give it so much power.

Don't fucking do this.

No. 123021

File: 1606592816424.jpeg (446.92 KB, 1528x1528, 89E59C1A-CB2B-4DC5-846F-B7D407…)

Belle Delphine vs. a legitimately beautiful woman

No. 123022

Wow she literally looks NOTHING like the pics and videos she posts what the hell

No. 123023

Average pretty girl vs super model. Ship comparison

No. 123024

I'd bet you're crying nice and proper about it. Are you sad because your boyfriend simps for me and will spend Christmas, and his money,cumming to my video?(bait)

No. 123025

This is like comparing apples to oranges. Plus, belle isnt trying to look like a grown supermodel, she's trying to look like an uwu anime loli waifu

No. 123026

Its dinnertime over there in the uk, did you barf up your food yet?(ban evasion)

No. 123027

File: 1606593803832.jpg (142.52 KB, 960x638, okay.jpg)

femcel pullfags are done pretending belle is posting here now they're pretending to be her to prove their point. since im replying, good job with the awful photoshop, she looks nothing like this >>122966 this is the original and it is a candid and pre all surgeries, cut the bullshit now.

No. 123028

Holy fuck what is going on in this thread

No. 123029

It just makes it obvious how painfully average her face is. Loli look or no she is not remarkably beautiful, just an average girl with a bad nose job and a smart eye for photoshop

No. 123030

Insecure PULLfags invaded it, they're calling it a PULL forum now.

No. 123031

I saw the post and tbh the photo they chose to compare to looks like the least edit thing she's ever put out there. It's not one of her typical pics. A more recent twitter pic or a still from the I'm Back video would have been more appropriate and would have got more mixed reactions I think

Also tf happened in here, it's a mess

No. 123032

This is why nobody takes women seriously when they dislike another women they are some good points to be made about belles garbage character yet everyone wants to go for the easier emotional reaction of trying to convince themselves she is ugly as if it matters now you all look like jealous psychos.

No. 123033

File: 1606594375527.jpg (210.19 KB, 1078x692, 20201128_151152.jpg)

No. 123034

Just because someone makes a legitimate point doesn't mean they're a cow, newfag. Calm your tits

No. 123035

File: 1606594807244.jpg (588.55 KB, 941x1206, 20201128_152010.jpg)

No. 123039

File: 1606595508097.gif (11.99 MB, 808x916, cantbelieveihavetodothis.gif)

Do you realize memes aren't valid criticism and prove nothing?

No. 123042

>>female-only lithuanian basketweaving forum


No. 123044

Explain the podcast kek

No. 123045

this is making me kek hard but you sure it isn’t just a skewing error when the image was being made or saved. the original still doesn’t look like her edited face now though

No. 123046

"Come on guys I hate belle as much as the next Lithuanian basketweaver but can we just acknowledge that I'm pretty,I mean, she's petty "

No. 123048

samefag I take that back after aligning the eyes and switching back and forth one is altered however the changes are so barely noticeable I couldn’t imagine this being noticed by a farmer unless this was your own face or a face you like to stare at a lot.

Also bad bad anon for editing that comparison picture, shame on you kek

No. 123049

Lmao I remeber whrn we had a thread on her during this era. Didn't she harrass her ex for dumping her for a hotter asian girl, posted cringey shit about how she was better than her on his profile from sockpuppets or something?

No. 123050

The amount of white knighting here lately lel

No. 123051

Yes another anon linked those posts from the old thread here

No. 123052

File: 1606596815090.jpeg (83.64 KB, 620x899, 8363A4CC-37A9-4517-B3C0-7FB452…)

Yes she did. But then she had a borderline lesbian photo set with that same girl - can’t remember her instagram but around that time she did the whole bait and switch of “uwu I’m a magical elven gamer girl” to leach Belles followers and boost her modeling account then deleted all evidence of such a cringeworthy stunt and posted normal modeling photos again. Bit weird to have a photoshoot with the girl you created sockpuppet accounts to harass over your ex

No. 123053

Still mad about it, huh bellend?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 123056

Oof she should have stayed her ass home that day. Her irl presence looks like the off brand dollar tree version of belle delphine

No. 123058

She totes copied me u guyz!!!!!

No. 123059

The derailing some anons do with tickling the balls of Belle masculphine in this thread lul. We should wait for her porn and not feed those whiteknights on this thread imo.

No. 123060

File: 1606597594771.jpeg (196.73 KB, 750x1155, A4CFDF76-9470-4A86-B6CA-0BC7F3…)

Looks like she’s back to the whole elf gamer girl LARP and unarchived the posts.. probably realized the Bellenders responded more to those photos than the normal modeling.

Do you think this is all The Goran Effect? kek every girl he dates comes out with a mental retardation of some sort; Bellend, the hot asian girl and that rusty spoon he’s currently with…

No. 123061

You're glowing

No. 123062

Shes beautiful, naturally too. Anyway back on topic

No. 123065

File: 1606598684932.jpg (205.3 KB, 1040x784, Screenshot_20201128-162251_You…)

What the hell is even that

No. 123066

File: 1606599053304.jpg (2.02 MB, 2400x4653, 2020.jpg)

What u order online vs when it arrives

No. 123067

This picture fucking sent me kek

No. 123068

No. 123070

Chefs kiss

No. 123072

File: 1606604580081.jpg (2.38 MB, 2400x2400, pt2020_11_28_17_58_01.jpg)

No. 123074

File: 1606604888198.jpeg (Spoiler Image,42.85 KB, 500x591, 5A23E258-0676-4ED8-B3A4-40F211…)

Her face is probs a normal size but the more I see image top right next to her shooped face, the more it starts to look like this akakakakak

No. 123077

So now that she said on the podcast that she will be doing the video with her partner-

Why did she suddenly decide to do porn with him and not just a dildo?

She always tried to make herself appear single, lonely and nerdy.. this would completely shatter that image and make her incel coomers big mad.

No. 123079

Self post?

No. 123081

Reads like a vendetta post kek

No. 123085

File: 1606606883497.jpg (Spoiler Image,151.81 KB, 1182x1039, ^23-11-2020.jpg)

he actually started appearing in her content and speaking. you can hear him in the clip she posted on her onlyfans

No. 123087


Oh right, also his hands were in the photo when they did the Kobayashi's dragon maid set, but I do think that she once said that her photographer was a "she" some time ago, as well as claimed that Joshua was her friend's bf when somebody found her selfie with him.

No. 123094

File: 1606608721920.jpg (93.6 KB, 293x482, 20201128_191140.jpg)

No. 123105

KEK anons the edits are pretty good,very eye opening i almost forget her horse face is still sad tho she obviously has a lot of surgeries but is nowhere near to the edit animu version of herself.

No. 123112

File: 1606614968711.jpg (1.08 MB, 1628x1506, Kawaiikween.jpg)

No. 123121

Her actual non photoshopped face is so long..

No. 123122

What surgeries other than nose do you think she got done?

No. 123124

File: 1606622500395.png (22.66 KB, 275x257, 1495409934424.png)

This is her old face also..

No. 123126

Lip lift

No. 123133

Her philtrum is clearly the same size in both old and new candids

No. 123137

File: 1606632763151.jpg (764.59 KB, 1620x1620, SquareQuick_202083162944168.jp…)

Cap. She had a bump in her nose that no longer exists.

No. 123149

A lip lift and nose job are not the same

No. 123155

She honestly started to look like a woman around 30 after the nosejob and cheek fillers. In her older pics she looks more teenager looking.

No. 123160

I think it's the fillers making her look older plus she scrunches her nose up alot making her nasiolabial folds more prominent

No. 123161

I thought she disowned her own dad? she said so on Cold ones or H3H3 podcast not sure which

No. 123162


You can always trust scrotes to ruin their child's life. As much as she's a pickme clown, her father is a piece of shit and a typical male who is literally the cause of all her issues.

No. 123163

Her father being a piece of shit isn’t an excuse I know loads of girls with dickhead fathers none of them decide to one day dress up like a anime loli for simp money I have no sympathy for this cunt she chose to pander to the worst crowd on the internet all beacause she is greedy and to lazy to go to school and get a normal job like the rest of us

No. 123165

Plus her new daddy is josh anything he says goes

No. 123166

Tinfoil hat but considering everyone keeps claiming josh to be the “brains” I wouldn’t be surprised if the lack of a father figure has allowed her to be pimped out by the ponce and be pushed in to more hardcore stuff for money to satisfy him, the reason why her porn isn’t going to be solo is because he’s probably being possessive and getting off NTR her incel fan base.

No. 123167


That's how it goes with prostitutio- I mean SeX WoRk. She even said in the podcast that Joshie boi has always been around, even before she was Belle Delphine.

She was doing the "little" fetish some time ago, and the UwU daddy bullshit. Her troubles were ofc easily exploited by her pimp bf.

No. 123168

Can't wait till her neckbeard army realizes where the money in reality goes and she starts losing her plebs slow but for sure. Belle is like a bomb, matter of time she loses relevant status and money income. Even if not complete, she surely won't have the luxus life in several years as now. Those plebs MIGHT age , find a partner.

No. 123173

File: 1606659737801.jpg (197.91 KB, 1063x604, 1606533237956.jpg)

I'm convinced more than half of the salty posters are skinwalkers who are mad they can't look like her.

No. 123174

File: 1606660075886.jpg (149.92 KB, 723x669, 1606571936302_mr1606613795831.…)

Sure bellend, we are ALL so salty for u kek

No. 123175

File: 1606660317903.jpg (1.78 MB, 2400x2400, pt2020_11_29_09_30_29.jpg)

Sure jan

No. 123176

The only people that think Josh is the brains are the newfag pulltards infecting this thread that just want to bitch about a girl who makes them feel fat and ugly rather than bring any actual milk. Those discord caps were fucking pathetic.

Based. Bella is a pedo baiting thot but the salt posting by some of the users here is embarrassing. We get it >>123174 you're fat.

>In b4 a 16-year-old anachan calls me Belle kek

No. 123178

because it was made from a PULL meme see >>122879

No. 123179

File: 1606661831194.jpg (543.77 KB, 1166x1325, 20201129_095700.jpg)

No. 123180

The bellend household cant meme for shit

No. 123182

File: 1606663522272.jpg (386.32 KB, 1085x1004, pt2020_11_29_10_25_24.jpg)

No. 123183

Well considering there's a ban-evading retard referring to this board as a "pull-forum" and shitting up the thread with shitty edits and acting like anyone that points it is "bellend" ("hi cow" is against the rules) I figured someone linked this thread in their shitty discord or smth.

No. 123184

all those men must be PULLtards!

top kek

No. 123185

She's going to be selling the condom she uses in the video. She said so on the podcast.

No. 123186

I'm not giving any of that content views kek

No. 123187

That's a R.I.P. I'm surprised relevancy is of more importance than keeping up her facade nowadays. With that said, maybe I shouldn't be because the world has now seen a fidget spinner in her anus.

No. 123189

Big oof this is why all her webcam podcast appearances were done at an angle. She looks awful straight on

No. 123191

Sorry but not sorry. She looks like a Junkie without filters and photoshop.

No. 123192

She looks average at least in the UK

No. 123193

We need some actual milk there's really nothing else you could say about her appearance that would be new

No. 123194

That's the whole board kek unclench yourself anon

No. 123196

She's pretty for america and I think that's what got these anons so pressed. even with her long horse face and tiny eyes shes 6/10 here.

No. 123197

She's really not. She's beyond average.

No. 123199

6/10 is pretty average kek

No. 123200

Yanky fats trying to cope with the fact they'll never be a tiny skinny girl in this thread is the funniest shit.

No. 123201

File: 1606667685181.jpg (578.36 KB, 1079x1607, Screenshot_20201129-113426_Gal…)

No. 123202

Even belle can’t be a tiny skinny girl. Purge moar kek

No. 123203

Where are all those comments making fun of her looks from? I wanna read more of them lol

No. 123204

File: 1606668223692.jpg (28.95 KB, 562x562, EJ13KY_WkAACBV8.jpg)

I'd bet you do

No. 123205

They probably want to fire up their sock accounts to wk kek

No. 123207

The bitch is 5 foot 6 how the fuck is she tiny…

No. 123208

Come out of your hole. Im 40kg. Stop acting like belle invented being "petite and small", not to forget she isn't even small but gorilla size. Same shit like she invented pink wig. Get over it she looks like a "pretty" goblin, for goblin standards.

No. 123209

And these are the scrotums Belle is trying to please. Pathetic.

No. 123210

White people getting fillers at a young age confuse me it's just going to accelerate your aging even worse than your genetics already do. Did no one learn from the Kardashians? Filler will make you look burnt out by 23, Belle played herself. She's got about one year before her face starts melting and getting the beat white girl face we all know and loathe.

No. 123211

>>Elon musk girl version
Top kek
It's the jaw and sunken face isnt it, my guy??

No. 123213

These scrotes thinking she doesn't have makeup on (when she had a full face) and -that's- why she's ugly irl and so unlike her pictures is sending my sides into orbit

No. 123214

File: 1606669464082.png (464.87 KB, 500x697, EhhhhhhUntitled.png)

Is this one trolling or..?

No. 123215

File: 1606669896158.png (297 KB, 412x566, BelleLolcowshootCapture.PNG)

Somebody posted lolcow shoop comparison under Happy Hour facebook post

No. 123216

What is this weird trend of e girls trying to look like citizens of whoville?

No. 123217

File: 1606669918477.jpg (1.35 MB, 2400x1800, pt2020_11_29_12_10_51.jpg)

I see you're hunting for the post kek. A bit insecure innit

No. 123218

>>Inb4 the sock accounts start whitknighting

No. 123221

Oh no! Please don’t do America like that. I’m even from a small town in Minnesota and we wouldn’t even call belle pretty here.

No. 123223

I always think it’s trolls or Belle herself doing the “she’s pretty” or “I wish I looked like her” posts and it’s not a real person. But then I remember there’s actual girls on Eugenia Cooneys YouTube saying the same thing. There’s mentally ill people out there

No. 123224

"Girls in this thread totes wanna be her, trust me"

No. 123226

Oh you mean the heavily moderated YouTube comment sections?

No. 123227

Is it supposed to be remotely interesting that men have impossible standards and would call a girl ugly for not looking the same on social media or onlyfans than in real life? 95% of the discussion here is how ugly her real face is (even to the point you’re trying to convince random dudes on Facebook) meanwhile 5% are real content like how she’s going to sell the condom she uses. Why not talk about her content/posts instead of spending days making memes trying to get people on your side to think she’s ugly? We get it, she’s plain as fuck and not who she tries to be. It’s almost like girls who do sex work have insecurity issues brought on by dealing with nasty pedo coomer guys.

No. 123229

Happy hour podcast just blocked me. Belle is def reading/posting here(ban evasion, samefagging, autism)

No. 123231

Boohoo woe is me. I'm supposed to feel bad for you? Nobody is forcing you to pander to pedophiles

No. 123232

Pretty sure Belle or Josh is the one who tries to derail the thread and tries the “omg I’m so jealous of belle” comments to make it appear people are jealous when in fact no one is jealous of this lying porn chick that needs to do fake stories/publicity to get attention. There’s girls that get hype and attention just for being hot but Belle can’t do that.

No. 123233

Why are the mods allowing so much WKing lately? Yawn so boring and wrong place for that, take it to discord

No. 123234

I’m not pandering to pedos and I never said that was okay but it’s a cycle and once you age out, guys will stop giving a shit because you can’t live out their fantasy. The podcast probably blocked you because you’re being rude to a guest but idk I’m literally not belle and I just wish you guys would talk about her posts and shit instead of her fucking face Jesus I can’t say one damn thing in here without everyone tinfoiling that I’m belle just because I’m not going along with how she’s soooo ugly because it’s played out by now

No. 123235

My fucking sides she really contacted the podcast guys about that Facebook post.

No. 123236

So you want us to promote your posts but not talk about your botched rat face that you shoop to oblivion? On lolcow? Girl….

No. 123238

You can literally talk about both. This would be more entertaining that way. How would posting her shit on an image board give her more publicity than she already has lmfao the delusion in here. Nitpicking about appearance this much is usually not allowed but I guess that’s why this is on auto sage. I just came back and discovered she’s planning to do actual porn? but all I see is comparisons of all her shooped faces with some podcast appearance. We get it. I don’t have any social media anymore so seeing cow content on here is how I know about any of it. MUH PUBLICITY lmao

No. 123240

File: 1606674065633.gif (384.04 KB, 220x165, tenor (1).gif)

No. 123242

We are taking about both you're just butthurt about it

No. 123245

Im literally not belle
Top kek

No. 123246

Alright belle or simps we got it. Unfortunately for you or the plebs, there is no extra sausage for you guys here. Leave now and thanks.

No. 123247

Should mods check my IP or some shit because this is so fucking dumb. Just because I’m criticizing your posts means I’m Belle? And so are the other people posting similar sentiments? Nice.

No. 123252

inb4 belle “sells” the used condom and it “sells out” immediately yet there was no actual check out option to buy the condom just like her bath water or she starts an auction and sets up a sock puppet account to purchase the condom for a ridiculously high price herself. Then afterwards sells the story to the sun, daily mail, metro etc about “gamer girl bathwater entrepreneur who recently broke her leg falling off a roof and was arrested over a hamster sells used condom for £150k” yaaaaawn

No. 123259

File: 1606679895070.jpeg (Spoiler Image,605.94 KB, 1242x687, A8D419D1-298F-4ABF-B139-466822…)

Tinfoil but I’m pretty sure she used a body double in her ‘I’m back’ video.

If you look at any of the ass or twerking shots they never show her face, just ass and the back of a pink wig.

And they always cut before she turns her head.

No. 123262

yep, this is what she does. She did this with her Onlyfans panties too. Claimed she sold them for $20k yet the person who posted on reddit with it was a new account and his picture was taken on a table that people noticed in Belle's youtube videos so he took that pic down quickly and tried to upload another pic. It was all fake. It was her husband Josh pretending he bought Belle's panties. lol

No. 123263

This was already discussed and possibly ?debunked? >>101931 >>101934

Is it possible to make sock puppet accounts on patreon or is it one per bank account? I don’t understand how she’s still got hundreds of patreons but hasn’t uploaded in over a year unless these are all £1 tier

No. 123265

She looks fine here. I think the other podcast just had unfortunate lighting.

No. 123267

Anachan, you sound more like a cow than Belle herself.

No. 123268

She was in control of the lighting, positioning of the camera and may also be using filters too on her end. Nice try though

No. 123269

Its adobe AE

No. 123271

She honestly probably would've looked a lot better without that giant ass hat
It cut off her forehead and made her features look disproportionate

No. 123272

Where are you seeing anyone talk about being jealous of her? The thread was pretty dead until some pullfags that have never used the site or bothered to read the rules came in and raped its corpse.

No. 123273


The lyrics talk about her having "thicc thighs" and "small chest and big ass".

Is she really trying to market herself as thick when she has obviously regular porportions.

No. 123274

No. 123276

Lolcow Farm has always been picking apart cow appearances in brutal ways.

PULL were the ones trying to be fake-civil about things like this to an extent.

No. 123277

As someone mentioned, she had control of the lighting and filters in this video.

No. 123278

this was debunked months ago. read the thread.

also she is arching her back to make her booty pop. basic posing.

No. 123280

Stfu, it’s like a broken record. The reason it was dead was because nothing had been happening, she’s now announced the porn and then had the interview looking nothing like her photos. That’s why people are talking, stop acting like PULL just got shut down 5mins ago and necrod the thread in a pitiful attempt to wk and derail retard
>b-b-but PULL uwu
>b-b-b-but PULLtawds jealous