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File: 1609109949202.jpg (23.8 KB, 480x360, Belle.jpg)

No. 128835

>Meme girl e-thot of "Gamer Girl Bathwater" fame
>panders to pedophiles and neckbeard incels, desperate NLOG floundering
>"hello fellow 4channers" meme humor

Recent updates:
>went to Korea to get plastic surgery to be able to post videos without breaking the illusion of her being a dainty anime girl
>has been guesting on podcasts and talking about her long-term boyfriend for the first time and how her aspirations for the future include being a bougie mom with a mysterious secret
>revealed her chest on Twitter to announce her "hardcore porn" to the screeching of many
>instantly began hiring a lawyer to take down any unauthorized uploads of her content, some leaks have disappeared within 20 minutes of being posted (lolcow remains spared?)
>her porn turns out awkward and borderline bizarre
>endless emphasis on her asshole so she won't have to show her vagina out of fear incels would call her a roastie
>includes random poorly executed "kink" scenes
>sloppy styling when her signature "look" was what made her famous in the first place
>hiding body parts we've already seen
>comes off incredibly awkward and insecure
>to save face she started posting more and more rants about how she's planning on improving her porn because she wants to be trained to be the perfect e-pornstarlet, interspersed with copeposts about how humiliation is her biggest kink so keep it coming haha!!111
>mental breakdown incoming?
>Porn leaks:


Remember the lolcow rules of conduct:
- "hi Belle" is against the rules, if you suspect her of posting, just report it and don't give it attention
- thirstposting by males is against the rules, don't ask for leaked content or talk about whether or not you find her (or her bf) fuckable
- derailing with blogposts e.g. comparing yourself to her or talking about your personal taste is against the rules
- excessive nitpicking is against the rules
- you must be 18+ to post

>allegedly grew up in South Africa, living in the UK
>started being a dime-a-dozen weeb fashionista and closet cosplayer in middle school, got into many slapfights in Facebook cosplay groups
>began her e-thot career by changing her FB age to 18 when she was still underage and selling her friend's nudes to thirsty betas
>claims she was pressured into this by an unknown male, but also admits that she wanted to travel but "didn't want to work"
>dropped out of school to be a full-time thot
>got braces to pedo-pander more effectively
>started a Patreon and premium Snapchat for lewds, got excessively popular for girlfriend experience type snap stories and teasing
>targeted in thot audit, doxxed, had incels come to her famile home and post pictures with signs
>moved into a house with her bf for privacy
>reached mainstream fame when she sold her bath water which may or may not have been a PR stunt without actual purchases; confirmed buyers were all large influencers
>escalated to dildo use, fuck machines, all without showing her chest or vagina

No. 128838

Is this op anon again with the bad ops? This one is non-chronological and badly formatted, though slightly? better than the last. Also why is Ethan in the picture?

Request for someone else to make a better one, we still have 100 posts left on the last thread.

No. 128839

And you still didn't link to previous threads or socials.

No. 128842

I wonder how much Josh had to do with how she expresses herself sexually. If you look at it, she doesn't genuenly enjoy the sex, it's all just performative. It's just about how she looks, no real foreplay for her besides her fingering her ass and him poking her with that dildo. In fact, I highly doubt he ever made her orgasm. If he was around for the entire time she was Belle Delphine, he was there taking photos and videos, and filtering her to look 7.

Since they have been together since she was like 18-19, and they did all that ddlg shit too, this may show that he is that incelloid coomer who enxouraged her to be his loli sex doll.

She probably doesn't even get off on it, she just likes to feel desired.

No. 128845

This is a shit thread. somebody certainly jumped the gun kek

No. 128847

File: 1609111982117.jpg (2.11 MB, 2448x3264, Belladelphinie.jpg)

I agree. My vote for thread pic

No. 128850

This thread is perfectly fine except for OP forgetting links, stop whining and post milk

Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/belledelphine
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunnydelphine
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXvKUavCtDOlA8bT1i2tI3w
Instagram: BANNED
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkersmell (inactive)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/belledelphine (inactive)

Previous threads:
#1 >>>/w/2640
#2 >>>/w/69238
#3 >>>/w/123836

No. 128854

The thread is horrible. They didn't link anything and they didn't even use a picture from all the newest milk. Why the fuck is Ethan even in the thumbnail?

No. 128856

…. I would also like to know why anon used Ethan thumbnail for thread pic. Its not even relevant and we all saw the podcast and know she doesn't look like that

No. 128865

seething roasties, you might think incels make this shit but some of the things emphasised in the OPs make it obvious(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 128867

File: 1609116946402.jpg (Spoiler Image, 210.58 KB, 1080x727, Screenshot_20201227-165541_Vid…)

>escalated to dildo use, fuck machines, all without showing her chest or vagina

You see her get fucked. Im pretty sure thats showing vagina. Sorry she's not spread eagle I guess? Also she's shown her tits too. This thread is wrong and missing so much info and links.

No. 128871

No. 128927

>using the term roastie
>accusing others of being incels

the thumbnail does suck though

No. 129034

aaand other thread is locked because bellends threads keep attracting utter retards. thx guys

No. 129036

File: 1609191284071.png (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1280x720, 4453belledelph98idubbzUntitled…)

A tribute to the ahegao kween

No. 129038

why the fuck was the other thread locked with no explanation instead of being put on autosage again and having sperglords banned especially previous op anons mental breakdown over not being the new op kek there is no difference with belle and shay only how much they bathe but for some dumb reason the belle threads are infighting tardcentral

No. 129056

File: 1609197739179.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.71 KB, 600x404, Belle-Delphine-Porn-Fuck-Machi…)

JFC I'm so sick of PULLtards not understanding thread continuation layout on lolcow. We put the latest drama at the top of the thread, then a summary of old shit for those who need context or want to read up on the past.

The part about her not showing anything was about her old clips like pic related, where she still used the censorship scribbles. Her showing tits and getting fucked is in the OP too:
>revealed her chest on Twitter to announce her "hardcore porn" to the screeching of many
and so on.

Also nobody except for Twitterfags and unfunny "look at my edit xDDD" spergs care about OP images. Whine when someone actually makes a creative effort and is overlooked. Collages of Belle looking ugly don't count and are the mark of the perma-newfag.

>but for some dumb reason the belle threads are infighting tardcentral
>for some reason
You know the reason, Anon.

No. 129061

Right, it should just be put on autosage, not locked, otherwise spergs will just keep making more threads. And this one is considerably worse than the one that was locked, which also had more replies. Make it make sense.

No. 129065

At this point I hope Farmhands lock this thread too and simply redirect everyone who clicks it to https://prettyuglylittleliar.forumotion.com, if they want to sperg so badly then they should do it in their own microcosm where they perpetually teeter on the borderline between seething about Belle and making sure they don't get tone policed by their peers for body shaming/slut shaming/whorephobia/kinkshaming/whatever other thoughtcrime that can't be voiced in their own forum, causing them to flee here even though lolcow is toxic and problematic and they're above it. Make your own mods deal with your shit.

No. 129068

Pullfags have their own discord for Belle. I think this is just newfags in general not integrating and just sperging lul. Or maybe scrotes and Cow themselves. Look how often we derail bringing attention to any of the former rather than Bellend?

No. 129071

So funny that the only subforum with any activity on it there is Kenna. Pullfags obsession with Kenna is one of the world's greatest mysteries.

No. 129079

Yeah they do but it's full of other self-proclaimed "sex workers" who get offended when someone talks badly of thots, insecure wannarexics who get triggered by reading other pulltards nitpicking Belle's body and so on… That's why they come here, so they won't get called out and kicked from servers due to being problematic.

No. 129092

I actually asked for the more retarded of the two threads to be locked in /meta/… Apparently farmhands don't distinguish between different strains/levels of autism

No. 129093

No, I think you just don't realize that Farmhands made a conscious choice. Sorry.

No. 129095

File: 1609209242200.jpeg (206.71 KB, 750x1057, 43FDAE30-AD25-462C-B7B6-13235B…)

The state of journalism nowadays. Feels bad for Mama Kirschner not only deal with having bellend as a daughter, but now having her family business aired online and in tabloids. Well, it’s better than them reporting she’s a-ok with her daughter fisting her anus kek

The fact that you’re suggesting farmhands made the conscious decision this was the better thread out the 2 is a big yikes.
> so many (?) in the op?
> op reads like a big sperg
> big unrelated stage 9 cancer looking Ethan head

No. 129109

I know it's been said a million times already but oof that nosejob.

It's wild watching the downfall of the "meme kween belle delphine" at her own hands. Well, and Josh's hammy claws too. kek

No. 129127

It's not the first time farmhands have mistakenly locked threads, it happens on snow too. I think op anon angrily spam-reported the other one because they were so amped to make the next op (as they kept telling us over and over)

No. 129137

She really looks so much different without the 7 layers of SNOW filters kek

No. 129141

Yes she looks 0 like her dorito anime desu photos she photoshops to oblivion. Simple muscular long female face. She is a typical long oval shape. That people still buy it that she looks like her edited video or photos is beyond stupidity or not wanting to accept the face she looks extremely different in reality.

No. 129143

Sex work is not work. Not online, not irl.

No. 129147

Kek, by all means anon if this thread is yours I apologize. I don't however apologize for theory crafting why farmhands would let this monstrosity live… This is coming from someone who thinks both threads are displaying various degrees of cancer.

No. 129148

She looks like an ape with her face shape, small eyes, Voldemort nose and long philtrum kek

No. 129162

I keep seeing posts about how "pullfags" are taking over the thread when in reality it's all of you who are killing it with your bitchposts. Belle is not some untouchable beauty whose appearance can't be noted (and milked). She's likely average looking but no one even knows because she filters her face and body into oblivion, makes ridiculous claims about her income and lies about stupid shit like her height, and is hilariously insecure. Just let people roast her, she's not a special thot. She also has Shayna-level gray pale skin as if she only leaves her shitty flat once a week to buy cheap lube and "uwu cute" dollar store decorations.

No. 129174

Belle said in an interview that she will sell the condom they used on her first porn, but they didn't use condom? Did she forgot her "master marketing plan" or what?

No. 129176

I'd say her marketing strategy went out the window when she did a DP for her first official porno
Also I an getting further convinced she is absolutely braindead.

No. 129178

Missed the opportunity to plug their condom merch in the start. They wouldn’t have sold it anyway, Josh would have always been the highest bidder to amp up the value. They just chat shit for attention and clout. Can’t wait until her ‘me too’ attention grab arc in 5 years ♥

No. 129180

Thissss. I hate the narrative that she's a marketing/business genius. She's accidentally stumbled into all the success she's had and clearly doesn't know what her audience wants and doesn't have the confidence to seem like she's actually into any of it. It's clearly all Josh pushing the porn stuff, unfortunate because he's just as bad at sex as she is

No. 129181

It's so hilarious that her idiot fan base is actually smarter than her. With her level of scrote "fame" she could have gotten away with videos of her just doing different shit with her boobs for another year. But nope, she blew it (and not well, either).

No. 129184

Josh is probably the “brain” behind it all, like Lil Tay and her older brother. I think the bathwater thing was amusing but it was luck. And whatever she’s done after, is stuff people will call genius anyway because they’re already simping her.

No. 129189

It is crazy how she literally went from implied lewd to censored penetration, then got her boobs out, then her asshole, then made a porn but with her labia covered. The whole order timeline is really messed up and the space of time it happened in was so quick. Like you said she could have got a good year or two out of topless. If you’re actually good at your art you don’t need to resort to nudity at all, Nigri didn’t.

God bless nyannycosplay, popularity happened around the same time if not slightly before belle, in fact bellend replicated her viral video, the simps wanted her to be lead astray too and she practically said no and continued with what she was already doing. Suppose that left a gap in the market for belle to capitalise off of (notice both girls are flat chested, been mistaken for traps, cosplay and meme, I think it’s safe to say this audience are a combination of degenerate trap chasers and nonces)

No. 129193

Her labia wasnt covered. She had a dick and dildo it in. You guys really don't count flashed of her vag as showing it? Salty all over, this is embarrassing. That's a vagina, jesus. It's like you're begging for spread eagel, how dare she not show us full frontal.

No. 129196

File: 1609264640943.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 168.6 KB, 1061x573, FC3A8D77-3117-429E-A114-92DACD…)

Whatever wk, because gluing your clothes to avoid showing your labia in a porn is totes normal right uwu

No. 129199

NTA, but caring this much about it isn't normal.

No. 129204

I still don’t understand what’s happening here. They’re literally glueing the fabric on??

No. 129208

I am triggered by a problematic and toxic TW, oof(oof)

No. 129211

None of us care about seeing her vagina, we just think it's bizarre that she's okay with getting ass fucked on cam, which in traditional porn careers (lol) comes after vaginal penetration, and is so scared of actually showing labia. It contradicts her "kinky sex kitten" persona. Besides, hanging out in this thread alone is already "caring more than is normal". There are many abnormal things happening in this thread, but being puzzled about her genitalia insecurity isn't one of them.

No. 129214

Could it be a weeb baiting thing since they censor genitalia in Japanese porn/anime porn? Does it make her seem more like a living anime skank?

No. 129237

nonny you're no victim, you're but a terf

No. 129239

This thread is proof that /w/ is now the home of disgusting scrote

No. 129274

now you're definitely reading too much into it. She's just insecure.

No. 129275

don't be abusive to woc and poc(take it to the shitpost thread)

No. 129280

Showing it for nearly a frame is not revealing your vagina. It's not. All this considering she's done to HIDE it with glued on lace and angles, it was a non intentional frame slip. Stop sperging out like a scrote. If you find this abnormal idek y ur here. Lolz

No. 129282

Yeah I don’t get the timeline either. It’s pretty normal to go from tame to hardcore in that order, and that’s what people prefer anyway too.

That’s basically what Mariah has been doing (anybody remember the lewd before nudes merch slogan stolen from SS?)

I honestly feel a tiiiny bit bad for Belle because she was obviously thrown in this thing way too young and got influenced by the internet porn culture and now she’s ruining her asshole because anal is trendy. Anal leakage will be super cute in a few years Belle!

It’s obvious she’s avoiding showing her pussy because she thinks she should have the tiniest innie according to porn obsessed 4chan retards. She can’t appreciate her own body even though she has a perfectly normal one. She’s done nothing but try her best to mould herself into an anime waifu meme kween and she’s still being shat on by her fan base.

I bet she’s dumb as bricks and Josh will take more than half of what she’s earning because he’s her manager and co-star and she’ll be left in the dust like a dumbass when people will move on and get tired of ahegao faces and e-girls.

No. 129285

>because he’s her manager and co-star

I think this is why he put himself in the porn even though nobody wants to see him. So later on when he takes Belle to the cleaners and starts legal proceedings, (this will be when she disappears offline for good, while he tries to run with the money and move onto a girl who isn't a "used up hoe") he can point to himself in the videos and say it was 50/50 even though everyone subbed to Belle, not him.

No. 129287

Sound like a smart move for a future divorce. I always believed Josh is half Belle Delphine persona but is really hard to prove or disprove that. Goran was involved in Belle shenanigans too.

No. 129292

File: 1609300202830.jpeg (60.11 KB, 650x960, F8AD1071-6E66-4A23-A31A-5DD3E6…)

talking about goran, back then didn’t she use the lanky oaf as a prop in a lot of her photos to make herself look smoll uwu. iirc she even cropped his head out of most the photos kek.

No. 129293

File: 1609300419123.jpeg (56.61 KB, 513x451, D8816C97-3118-452F-9171-FD370E…)

samefag at least gorans body looked decent for a prop, look at joshs moobs and sad face belly. looks like a troubled soul is trapped inside that suit kek

No. 129304

How tall even is Josh? In most of the porn they look nearly the same height. At least Goren wasn't a tubby manlet.

No. 129307

Slightly off topic but how many faces does this bitch have? It seems like she's totally given up on all semblance of appearances and is just going on a mad dash for the money

No. 129310

That is actually specifically something JAV girls do. Do research before screeching. They even put tape/glue on nipples to tease shirts almost showing tits. It's a literal actual thing. Man, the underage in here is showing.

No. 129313

i'd get that, but she isn't pandering to an audience where that's the norm, she's specifically catering her content to more western population. It seems like it just so happens that she's using that as a cop out to not show her vagina. Her entire schtick is being some sort of uwu loli come to life. Having a normal, not pornsick aesthetic of a vagina doesn't vibe with overweight western weeabos and coomers.

No. 129316

"Do research" we are literally on a weeb containment board of a 4chan knockoff foh. It's not some kind of well known hentai/jav porn trope to have the flap of your lingerie (which has flaps in the first place so you can access the vagina) glued to your vulva. Like why when it will be blurred?

No. 129317

But she is pandering to an audience of men who jack off to 2d anime porn, and they cover up that area too. I definitely think she's insecure about something to do with her pussy BUT I also think she knows she can get away with not revealing it because the coomers she appeals to also like hentai and JAV. Also to psychoanalyze why pornsick freaks would be into this anyway, a woman only revealing/using her butthole comes off as a freaky slut who is only interested in the male's pleasure. Don't even worry about my erogenous zones anon uwu I just want to give you my TIGHTEST hole!

No. 129319

2d anime porn/hentai usually has full blown toddler esques vaginas showing tho. JAV is a different category entirely. Her general audience is probably looking on the whole "ironic" 2d women > 3d women fetish shit and hentai is their main preferred form of access to porn. Not really jav, and considering how desperate she is for male validation, she will be HYPER aware of her own body and attraction. To anyone else with a regular self esteem won't think much of their own curtains but to someone like her? yeah nah that shit is gonna be in the back of her mind 24/7, her entire apparent worth is in pandering to people who like to look at anime titties and haireless, pink vaginas that look like they belong to a child and that's what she's been trying to do this entire time which is pedo baiting/emulate looking like an anime character.

No. 129323

Its about tease. Look how crazy you guys are about it. Now be guys about it. See how that works? You guys need to not take the guys complaining as serious because that handful is nothing compared to the ones who keep hoping and hoping because of that dangle of no spreading, unblocked cooch.

No. 129324

>its about the tease

nigga she straight up jumped from "teasing" to double penetration, anal and everything else. if she were really trying to "tease" she would have done her porn debut very differently.

No. 129325

>Underage is showing!!
>Do research on weeb porn like me!

No. 129326

This is so embarrassing lol. It reminds me if something you'd see on Adult Swim at 3am

No. 129329

JAV isn't weeb porn? It's just Japanese porn.

No. 129330

im not attacking you, but you are very far off of what's actually in trend with the type of people that simp over people like bella…theyre not into black haired, brown eyed, hairy bushed asian women getting gangbanged or fake raped on camera. theyre into anime shit and 2d women > 3d women and sadly the reason i know this is because if youre online on twitter/tiktok/instagram etc that's the most popular and getting shared/being paid for. The people who like bella aren't into jav lol

No. 129331

Have you actually seen JAV porn?

No. 129332

File: 1609312939237.png (Spoiler Image, 400.86 KB, 474x476, Bez tytułu.png)

that's fucking flat and sad bro

No. 129333

Sage cause it’s a dumb topic but

> She’s planning to reveal her pussy later to tease her fans!

Her fans have seen her tits, her sucking dick and taking it up the ass and DP. What’s left is seeing her pussy and they won’t give a shit at this point. They would if she started by teasing her tits, then sucking dick and so on. No one cares about seeing someone’s vag after seeing them getting double railed. If that’s truly her plan than she’s dumber than I thought.

> That’s what her fans want because of JAV

Her fans most likely watch hentai and western porn / other western OF sex workers. Yes there is some censorship in anime because of their own laws, but if they can get away with it there’ll be plenty of extra graphic vagina shots (and cross sections of what’s going inside too)

Long story short, either she’s doing it on purpose and she’s dumb, or she pigeon-holed herself into an extremely misogynistic niche and realised her normal pussy doesn’t cater to the anime stuff her pedo fans can only tolerate.

No. 129334

Sue Sue Heck vibes lmao, she stopped trying. What a pity because she had a good thing going on but became super lazy and messy once her porn came out. It’s painful tbh, she had money before too and still has but lost more menaingful things like her actual brand she seemed to carefully build up. It’s clear she has no idea how to make porn look good but was pretty good at thirst baiting with her cutesy cringy shit from before so idk what gives

No. 129336

File: 1609317453712.jpeg (245.97 KB, 1102x2048, EqbiQ11W8Acy4y-.jpeg)

Please disable your iris enlarging filter if you're going to roll your eyes back this is terrifying(Nitpicking)

No. 129337

That t-shirt… She's such a disgusting coomer pickme.

No. 129340

bitch what the fuck

No. 129354


No. 129356

File: 1609329274071.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 131.16 KB, 689x1280, 244E15C9-069B-49EC-A0BF-27B0EB…)

No. 129357

File: 1609329497934.jpeg (120.63 KB, 750x364, 80ADAD85-D262-4173-AFBB-1E2AF5…)

Yikes that shirt… considering after the Bianca incident didn’t 4chan rejoice and say Belle would be next causing her disappear from the internet for a year until she needed more money from them?

No. 129358

the vibrator looks like it goes into her ass/thig as if it wouldn't even be in her vagina? wtf's with that angle

No. 129359

Going to guess that she photoshopped her labia to fit the innie anime girl ideal.

No. 129360

File: 1609330323982.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 148.56 KB, 689x1280, 14CAF642-C481-407D-A805-C35457…)

No. 129361

Why just drop the big reveal with no hype?
Is she trying to make up for how disappointing her porn was by giving this away right after?
This genius businesswoman's business model makes no sense.

No. 129362

The way she's using her thumb to pull back her hood/labia minora so it looks less wrinkly and jumbled up from that angle kek.

No. 129364

High key I feel really bad for her rn. She could have kept her millions and made a slow, steady income for years just by acting cute and sticking to her persona. She didn’t need to do porn - she legit cracked under the pressure of neckbeards and incels. This is going to follow her for life, and not in a cutesy, semi-cringe “I used to cosplay and get paid for it” way. These nudes will haunt her future self.

Belle, why didn’t you have some self respect and move on after making all that money?

No. 129365

File: 1609332058398.webm (Spoiler Image, 582.44 KB, 482x858, IMG_6467.webm)

is this supposed to be sexy bcuz I kek so much

No. 129367

Yeah belle, go and have a video of you lewding a 14 year old forever on the Internet

No. 129370

Same. Why didn't she just do lewd cosplay or some shit she could have made money forever and still not resorted to full porn

No. 129376

Does she like.. ever get manicures?

It took me some time to forget her toes.(nitpick)

No. 129377

The shooping efforts makes it look like she's deformed and the hole is located asymmetrically. Also the edges of where the vibrator is supposed to go in is blurred.

She really removed all the colour from her labia to try and look as much like a child as possible, great stuff Belle. It seems she is trying to retcon her normal adult woman's vagina as seen in her Christmas porno. Being an online sex worker seems exhausting.

No. 129378

This is a good point which emphasises how incredibly dumb Belle really is.

No. 129387

This shoop is so bad it almost looks like a nude with a vibrating dildo shooped into her vagina.

I'm not surprised, lewding and SW always somehow ruin these girls, Belle was the one who could have made millions and got out without ever doing porn, and she let an ugly fat manlet come in and ruin her image. Guarantee he dumps her and takes her to court when her OF saga flounders.

No. 129388

Imagine him taking her money after shes a used up has been that can't make money online anymore.

No. 129391

She's just a lazy bitch. It's super easy to do mani/pedi at home and in an hour tops you can do both if you take care of your hands/feet. She's so worried about puking and making money for her ugly lardy coom that she cant use her two remains brain cells to take care of herself and think of ways to make money online that doesn't completely ruin her self steem and future jog prospects.

No. 129395

I think everyone can see how much filtered and blurred/smoothes her cunt is on this photo. She never will give up will she.

No. 129398

File: 1609346203659.jpg (Spoiler Image, 144.31 KB, 533x577, 09345762494.jpg)

No. 129399

On one of her reddit sock accounts she talked about having a toe nail fungus she battles with occasionally and I imagine she doesn't get manicures because she's bulimic

No. 129403

The cringiest part of this is that this bitch is so inexperienced she hasn't even learned how to act like she's enjoying the sex. So much of sex work is committing to the bit and she just seems bored and/or looking at herself in a mirror off camera

No. 129407

File: 1609349521592.jpeg (302.04 KB, 750x1026, C77F7078-E20F-4AD1-BCCB-FBB3C0…)

can't find the diary post but didn't she say that she gets off to people hating on her? kek

No. 129410

Not everyone has fatty labias? Especially people with low fat body percentages. That fatty logic keeps boggling me. Lol.

No. 129411

It's supposed to be funny that's why lol

No. 129413

Amature is an all time searched keyword. Coomers don't care. You guys talk like you need the best production to make porn. Guys look up amature more than real productions on the regular and this goes across most porn sites. There are a lot of salts in here. Nitpicking like "she doesn't show her vagina" when she has but it's not good enough because a dildo has been in it. You sound like you want her fingers opening it, spread eagel. The coomer comments on here are way worse than I expected. Lolcow begging her to show off

No. 129418

they're just sad SWs who had to spread their pussy to get coomer coin.

No. 129419

What's SIVE?

No. 129420

Its just gross how lolcow begs for her to do it. The comments are worse than the onlyfans ones most of the time. Even the handful of comments posted from incels now sound more like sockpuppet salties trying to be funny. At least post milk, not this mess of back and forth arguing why she isnt showing the inside of her womb. Mods need to autosage this shit again. No one wants to read 255 posts about you being mad her vegina was smoothed out in a glitchy screencap you grabbed that looks like you paused it on a 1990s tv.

No. 129421

I doubt most people are obsessed with seeing her vagina. It's the Streisand effect - the more she tries to hide it when her asshole and tits are all over the internet, the more curious people will be to see what she is hiding/so insecure about.

No. 129423

I want to assume the posters are 18+ but its like some of you act like Christian moms who never looked at porn or have taken even a sex ed class.

No. 129424

Keeping people obsessed over it doesn't make you insecure. It's takes like these that I can't believe anons are this pearl clutchy. Take it as it us: marketing and just fucking to make money.

No. 129425


>it's supposed to be funny

>its just amateur

So did she find this thread? These last few posts are obvious samefags wking her.

No. 129426

I'm not wking her and not begging her to show her vagina hole and tinfoiling about it doesnt make me one either.

No. 129427

Yeah it does, because these are valid criticisms. She makes enough money to not be putting out shit porn anon.

No. 129430

That argument doesn't make any sense as high ballers have onlyfans but cell phone shit quality and still make bank. If the people want to pay, wheres the issue? They want that quality. Laugh at them getting 'scammed'. They paid for it knowing the look. Let incels fap to the low grade fucking. Its funnier to laugh at it than complain about it when thats honestly how most onlyfans content is sold and compared to a lot of thots, her quality is good because she actually does use a good camera, not a phone, a lot of the time. It's the content you guys are mostly angry about and nitpick.

No. 129431

Show me what you call not shit porn and I'm going to laugh when its softcore romance specific.

No. 129432

We do laugh at them getting scammed. We can also laugh at her for being terrible at her job as a sex worker. These things aren't mutually exclusive lol

Your simp is showing anon

No. 129433

Who let the simps and wk's out on this thread again? Go buy her content if you think so highly of her. Your mothers have shitted you instead of giving birth anyway therefor you guys should take your mommys credit card and fuck off from this thread. Anything can be discussed especially her insecurity about her vagina. She whitewashes and blurs her vagina even obviously and edits it a lot on her latest photos. If anyone thinks it shouldn't be discussed, while it is ACTUAL milk, feel free to leave.

No. 129437

That's called nitpicking though.. That's like complaining about Moos tits in her thread.

No. 129439

"sex worker" is a cringe term

No. 129440

That chipped nail polish

No. 129441

Samefagging but this would be a based world order. Every scrote needs a gimpsuit asap.

No. 129442

I thought she said online abuse was her kink? kek

>”spread eagel”
It “spread eagle” maybe you should have got an education past the age of 14 instead of coming back to wk this point over and over again you illiterate fuck.

No. 129444

What are the sock accounts?

No. 129447


Shes been sperging in the last 2 threads anon. Yes.

No. 129448

Yeah and how do we know with proof they are even her? I haven't seen any screenshots of sockpuppets aside tinfoil.

No. 129450

Chill kek. You sound unhinged.
Its not the end of the world to have toenail fungus

No. 129451

It's Pewdiepies video editor's name, she keeps flirting with him to get into Pewdiepie's videos because she's just such a meme queen uwu

No. 129453

Asking for milk, not tinfoil. Keep mini-modding though, anon. You're doing great.

No. 129456

Nta but how tf is that mini modding? calm down newfag

No. 129457

This is lolcow tho…critiquing and nitpicking is part of the board especially when someone like her lives her life on the internet. You sound like a coomer tbh

No. 129459

Either a die hard fan or someone else who has a very personal reason to take such things SO personal in here, you know, for personal reasons kek.

No. 129468

File: 1609364540897.jpg (Spoiler Image, 564.05 KB, 1125x1285, schoolproject.jpg)

TW: outie(an autistic compilation of belles vagina)

No. 129472

.anons going to say this is still 'hiding it' lol

No. 129483


Are you purposely ignoring the fact that she colored over her labia with white marker?

No. 129485

I love how she scribbles it out when it’s taken from another angle kek. I wonder if she posted these because everyone said she was hiding it to prove a point just like she leaked parts of her porn early because everyone said she couldn’t suck a diq.

>’’haters will say it’s photoshop’’
Well… these photos were posted after people mentioned it was hidden and make no sense they were posted after her porn debut not during with no hype. These are more tame than the DP and anus digging. They are still sus and filtered to hell. We all know she edits her videos because background glitches in other videos. The fact you are referring to everyone else as ‘anons’ and wk so hard makes me believe you don’t belong here.

No. 129500

Looks like that would chafe against fabric and generally be uncomfortable. The top left really gives you an idea of what it looks like most of the time. Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes but man, this makes happy with mine. I'm also happy I never exposed myself to that kind of fanbase and have to deal with that insecurity about my intimate body parts. I was not expecting her to look like that at all. And before ass licker anon comes to her defense, remember that she signed up for the scrutiny the second she became a porn star. I have a cousin who is also very fleshy like that and she tried to tuck it in her labia majora so it doesn't bother her(nitpick, blog)

No. 129502

Kek at how she didn’t censor her butthole

No. 129503

This isn’t even that bad. It looks like a normal, average woman’s vagina to me minus the lack of hair. Do most farmers have extreme innies or something? The fuck

No. 129504

They expect someone with a skinny body to have fat meat curtains

No. 129505

okay, I know >hi cow is against the rules but this has to be Josh or Belle herself. The samefagging is so obvious

No. 129506

The Asuka "cosplay" pics are horrid kek. Looks like she shooped out her clit.

I have a much bigger issue with her latest bullshit on Twitter. Pic of herself wearing a shirt featuring a big tiddy anime girl getting her head decapitated with scissors, captioned "my next stunt?". Bad fucking taste. I thought the Bianca Devins story shook her enough to move to a new house?

Tinfoil but I'm guessing she has some mental breakdown in the works. Would explain her unhinged teetering between "degrade me harder daddy" and "pls go easy, I'm only human" and general downward spiralling. Maybe she's trying to get banned? Either way seems like she is looking for a way out.

No. 129507

>>129506 she's just doing a bunch of tropes every time one is ticked off. People eat it up.

No. 129508

Its not that, its that the theory behind her hiding her vag is because she's embarrassed by her not-innie. I don't think that's it though, she's clearly insecure about it for some reason, but the innie theory is kind of retarded even for here lol

No. 129510

Seemed like a somewhat suicidal/cry for help post to me

No. 129513

We all see it anon. Most of us just aren't piping up. Personally it's making me kek watching that anon vehemently defend the thread topic and sperg. Like >>129447 said, its been going on for 2 threads now. Hilarious. Absolutely rich, luv

No. 129514

Her fan base are the kind of people who would push her to do it and then brag about seeing the porn of a dead girl, when Bianca died I saw moids requesting her underage nudes. She’s dumb af if she thinks these people would help if she’s crying out for help, even in the comments people are acting pleased about it and telling her to do a flip.

No. 129515

File: 1609372404681.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 165.02 KB, 750x373, CF32DCC4-86A9-4D1B-8B3C-6B84F7…)

It’s such a normal looking outie; she should have stuck to the trolling instead. Pedo bait must sell $$

No. 129517

Its on the meatier side ngl… anyway

Also idk if I speak for others here but the anon in here samefagging themselves again, I just don't know if I can roll my eyes back any further when you try to tug on our emotional heart strings, mentioning suicide and such. Nobody here feels bad for her. And on the flip side nobody thinks it's cool she's "tr0LLinG Le SiMpS" by draining their simp bux cuz OF COURSE DUH she's Miss Millionaire of the world (js cuz I see anon pushing that narrative too sometimes like fuck sake go brown nose elsewhere)

No. 129518

Kek have any of you been over to meta? Looks as though somebody wink wink is over there complaining to get this thread locked because those meanie scrotes r saying mean things ab her vagina. Seethe , darling

No. 129519

top kek! just fucking hide the thread it isn’t that hard, head on down to moo and shaynas thread if you want to see mean comments about vaginas kek

No. 129523

Are you speaking in terms of labia minora or majora? I'm aware the mons pubis is affected by weight as that's the cushion that protects your pelvic bone, but less of that with the labia itself - maybe majora if anything. Minora is the innie/outtie "lips." Majora is the outside fleshy skin around the lips themselves (ergo camel toe)?

(Just want clarity in terms of these anons speaking about weight supposedly affecting minora, which I don't recall this being the case?)

OT: Belle is definitely hiding her outtie && stretching her hood to avoid the natural wrinkle. The fact that she's photoshopping the natural colors out of it is alarming.

No. 129526

I think they were talking in terms of any anatomically incorrect loophole that might make belle not an outie

No. 129527

I see now, that makes sense. Thank u.

No. 129528

Sage for no milk, but scrotes in here talking about labia like they’ve ever actually fucked any vaginas to know what’s average and not is hilarious.

No. 129529

I think it's more so that her "fanbase" openly prefer innies cause "roasties r gross" incel sorta behavior? I don't know, but now that we've all seent it hopefully the pussy lip discourse can calm down a bit.

Yes it looks heavily filtered, yes she seems insecure, yes her porn is terrible. But her body, including her vulva, are the least of the problem. kek

No. 129530

I only saw one comment that was in poor taste (i.e meat curtain anon) and it was probably made by you so you could sperg about the non existent scrotes in here one last time. Her labia minora and clit are huge, get over it anon.

No. 129533

Like another anon said, its trying to make herself look like child this whole time for me. She's literally helped enable tons of pedophiles or enable fucked up guys that were headed in that general direction . Her whole presence on the internet has revolved around pushing this underaged jail bait image of herself(only achieved through heavy filters, angles, and editing) because she prides herself on giving the impression she looks younger than she is. She likes men thinking she looks like a minor when she is an adult. So yes, its funny when belle finally debuts her porn only to also debut her very mature, fleshy vagina that has clearly gone through puberty and is a STARK difference from the rest of her image/brand.

No. 129534

The screencap is from the last thread, and was taken from a /b/ scrotepost, and lowered the contrast since Belle's original video is bright like the sun. Anons here didn't take the original screencap though.

No. 129535

Hey insecurity-chan
>makes me happy with mine
>I have a cousin who is also very fleshy like that
Comparing your vageen to other people's including your irl cousin suggests you have some mental issues you need to work through.

No. 129536

I think most of us here know what vaginas look like because we kind of have them anon. We’ve said belle has an average vagina, the point is to the audience she caters for think she is a roastie, they would think the majority of the anons here are roasties. We are laughing that in an attempt to cater to them she hid it so she could continue to be a pickme and pander to a bunch of pedo scrotes. Now stfu about it because it’s been explained how many times now. We get it, you want this autosage and locked that’s why you keep stating infights

No. 129537

>Her labia minora and clit are huge

You sound deranged ngl

No. 129540

Nta but if anyone is insecure its belle. Kinda weird for you to insinuate incest and try to infight. I've seen my same sex family members naked before, especially on family vacations that involve the beach or Waterpark. You getting so upset on lolcow about fleshy vaginas says more about you than it does anyone else kek. Anyone else think its funny how the wk posts come in spurts like this? Kek

No. 129543

How the fuck are you seeing the inside of your relatives vaginas on holiday anon? You sound like Lena Dunham, therapy needed stat. I have never seen any of my family or friends naked except for a second, and certainly not enough to scrutinize the exact mm of their labia like deranged-chan over here.

No. 129544

Were not laughing at her because she has a normal fucking vagina, we’re nitpicking because she tries to pander to pedophiles and smegma smelling coomers to make herself look like an unrealistic sexed up child. So the fact that reality is hitting her in the face of the people she panders too is fucking funny. How are people on this board thinking this is somehow about the fact that she has a normal cooch and NOT about her behavior and fans and everything surrounding it. Dense ass mfs I swear

No. 129546

Stop sperging out. Wtf even with your posts. You are deranged about her vag. Holy shit. Go outside anon.

No. 129547

Sorry but belle does not have a pretty looking vulva. It looks alright stretched smooth and from certain angles but let's not act like there isn't ALOT going on there. Because there is. And for her to photoshop herself to look 7 only to roll out on the scene with the sexually mature vagina of a woman in her late 20s, makes me hurl over in laughter. I don't frequent 4chan but boy do I wish someone would link one of those /b/ threads she's shilling herself in so I can read their comments about it. I'd bet she's been a mess behind closed doors about how this has all panned out. but I think other anon said it eloquently,her robust vulva is a stark difference from the rest of her image that she tries to live
out online.

This is clearly ass licker anon at it again. Idk where you think anyone is saying they looked at the inside of their relatives vagina, you are the one who truly sounds deranged honestly and the projection is just chefs kiss. I've seen my family members of the same gender naked too especially when we were all kids. Only happened on vacations or sleepovers when we were all getting changed, chill with your perverted deranged mind. Only a pervert could make such a connection

No. 129548

I don’t want to minimod but I think we should all ignore the wk posts especially about labiagate which will most likely come up in the future again, probably in 12 hours, it seems like calculated infighting/derailing/forcing nitpicking thats only strengthening sus pleas in meta to have the thread autosage and locked.

No. 129549

You sound insane.

No. 129550

No one cares how often you see naked family members. Stop being gross.

No. 129551

The fact that the mods have allowed so much wk is sus and I see why other ppl were calling that out in the past couple threads. Its either she whos name shall not be spoken
OR its he whos name shall not be spoken inbetween game breaks posting in here everyday going to bat. You can't convince me otherwise, they literally do it in every other corner of the internet that murmurs about her

No. 129554

it’s sus af, anonchan is clearly samefagging whilst having a mental breakdown reeeeeing to the wrong anons about other people’s families kek. seems calculated to me.

No. 129556

Who uses "sus" this often ever in lolcow. Samefagging my ass. Lol

No. 129557

Yes Literally having a meltdown kek. Look at how they replied to themselves above this post while bitching about samefagging in the same sentence. The projection chile!

No. 129558

File: 1609384725982.jpeg (127.29 KB, 602x653, FC86118C-8C7D-47F5-91AC-18E089…)

I said it, they said it, I repeated it back, not that deep. But keep sperging in meta
>Sage the whole thread, mods

No. 129559

You're literally being a schizo in meta rn with this same type of shit. Seek help

No. 129560

I just watched anon dirty delete that post. What a sperg. Almost kiki level sperging

No. 129561

Considering all the posts I mean yeah. Autosage it at this point.

No. 129563

Its literally one wk trying to spam the thread and get it locked. You're probably that very anon. Someone said yesterday or the day before that it was likely one asshurt anon spamming the other thread til it got locked too. Fuck off we are going to talk about belle and her shitty porn that's totally made by a millionaire

No. 129565

can mods permaban belle pls

No. 129566

Please for the love of God, so the thread can flow organically. I've never seen another thread allow so much blatant whitekniting and infighting/baiting by said whiteknight.

No. 129592

>sexually mature vagina of a woman in her late 20s

Lmao this is what it’s come to. It’s obvious that this isn’t just pointing out incel standards, some people here genuinely believe that she’s disgusting for not having a smooth slit vagina. Nitpicking to the point you make her out to be some freak for having a vulva that’s not even outside of the norm. It’s so ridiculous this is still the main milk “how many cm is the cutoff point to have a desirable vulva” lol I really doubt anyone cares about that.
(Nitpicking is normal for other cows but not to this autistic extent)

No. 129593

Wk anon has returned to sperg some more kek. Nobody is nitpicking you're literally watching the Streisand effect in real time kek

No. 129595

It often feels like either Belle herself is posting here or Josh or her basement loser army wk her. Never seen a thread which allows so much wk'ing.

No. 129597

I haven’t posted here before, it’s not even funny or interesting because it doesn’t look unique either way. She showed her vagina days after doing full porn, I don’t see how the Streisand effect plays into that feature specifically. I understand it for her video since the hype was a letdown but these are attempts to make an issue out of nothing special. Look at any ho on OF/Twitter they won’t have a much different vagina. Anyone who doesn’t nitpick every possible feature/think they’re all hideous is a wk? Nah I think it’s dumb but I’ve noticed all these threads devolve to stupid shit like that anyway so a handful of people must enjoy it.

No. 129599

File: 1609398710056.gif (778.04 KB, 358x200, 200.gif)

>i HaVenT pOsTEd iN hErE b4

No. 129600

Aw yes, the sweet smell of butthurt kek

No. 129602

Isn’t she in her early 20s? This has to be some incel basement dweller posting this. “Vagina of a women in her late 20s”, as of being 26/29 impacts your vagina in any way. Unless you’ve had children, your vagina stays the exact fucking same throughout your 20s and dare I say 30s. Vagina changes happen during puberty, between 13-18. What kind of incel bullshit is this lol

No. 129603

fwiw different anon here who's been following the thread for a while. don't care about nitpicking etc. belle's porn but it's fucking cringey when people start blogposting about their or their family/friend's vaginal anatomy under the pretence of comparing it to belle's

No. 129604

You are making a mountain out of a molehill anon. Nobody is calling her a roastie or anything of the sort. You keep wanting to beat this dead horse but for the umpteenth time, its the Streisand effect not to mention the fact that she photoshops herself to look like a prepubescent girl. I've seen multiple anons explain that to you a million different ways but you just want to have a temper tantrum because we are talking about her vag, the thing she's been going to odd lengths to hide for someone who shouted from the rooftops how the world would be able to see "full pussy shots" or whatever she said on her twitter. Your sperg posts are entertaining though, reeks of self defense and insecurity. Your dumbassery is a true gift that keeps on giving this holiday season. Bless

No. 129605

Whiteknight anon samefagging (and rabbit chasing) again. How embarrassing for you. Bless your heart hon

No. 129606

No you just sound retarded. Anon is right.

No. 129607

Top kek. Idgaf about her, or this thread in general. I think you’re assuming I’m someone else, as this is the first real comment I’ve made in this thread. Say whatever you want about Belle, I was just triggered on a personal level by the assumption that late 20s vaginas are somehow different (being 26 myself). Carry on lol, I’ve just been lurking to have a few laughs. Seriously anon, calm down.

No. 129608

>Newfag vagina spergs at the wrong anon

No. 129609

Honestly at this point I'm curious to see how terrible her next video is going to be, especially after seeing how uncomfortable she is on camera. I feel like I'm watching a train headed for a horrific wreck

No. 129610

That's some real cognitive dissonance. Stop projecting what you wish Belle was doing worked with your tinfoil.

No. 129611

Lurk more newfag retard. You stand out like a sore thumb rn

No. 129612

I’ve literally been posting here for 4 years. I was here before Dolly met Fupa for Christ’s sake. This thread is a wreck. Maybe it really should be autosaged

No. 129613

Never seen an anon whiteknight the thread topics vagina so much. Why do you care so much? Like >>129604 mentioned, nobody is even calling it derogatory names. You're just butthurt for no reason.

No. 129615

"Been here for 4 years"
>doesn't sage

>sperg anon bitching in meta to autosage/lock thread

"Maybe it should be on autosage"


No. 129616

You post just like the Nicole vendetta-chan. KEK

No. 129618


The deranged anon who thinks anyone who disagrees with her is Belle: please take your meds

All of these are thinly veiled 'Hi cow' just from the last 12 hours, which is not allowed on lolcow. I don't think it's impossible she reads the thread, but she's not some unheard of cow who nobody has an opinion on except the one unhinged vageen anon and Belle herself. There's hundreds of different anons on this site, click the "lolcow awards" and count the votes. Plus she's busy on OF feeding her thousands of scrotes her photoshopped, ass-centric content, it's not like Belle is gonna be sitting on this thread all day. Get a grip, anon(s)
Sorry for the wall of tag posts, but it's irritating af. I reported them but this is why 'hi cow' is banned. It limits discussion because any varying viewpoint gets accused of being the cow.

No. 129619

Ntayrt however, Belle has been known to self post and comment on her threads on 4chan. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she does it other places too..reminds me of when she would use those fake Facebook profiles to insert herself into conversations and such. Also i looked at your tagged and posts and I think you're the deranged one if I'm being frank. Most of those posts don't even say anything of the sort.

No. 129621

So has anything new actually happened recently or is the whole thread vagina-sperging and infighting?

No. 129622

Most of the posts talk about "wk anon" which has been a running implication of Belle wk herself since the last thread, plus all the "wink wink" "someone" like the anon thinks they're being slick by avoiding saying her name, when we all know what they mean.
They were also doing this same "hi cow" paranoia shit in the last thread including the same sure, Jan reaction gif, like it's just one obsessed delusional anon. It's irritating to read variations of "hi cow" every third post, rather than just discussing the cow.

Does Belle read this thread? Probably. Is every other post written by her? Obviously not, there's hundreds of anons on lolcow. (reiterating what I said above, but)

No. 129623

There hasn't been milk since her double penetration porn and even that fizzled out fast. Otherwise, cringe milk with >>129336

No. 129624

I too am ready to see her next content. I'm sure it will be kek worthy (as always)

No. 129625

File: 1609402881577.png (14.24 KB, 748x325, Votes on lolcow awards.png)

This is how many votes are on the lolcow awards so far, gives an idea of how many users are on lolcow. For the benefit of the spergs who think it's just them and Belle in here.

No. 129626

Damn I always thought there were more farmers, tbh I assumed there’s a few thousand here

Literally no milk rn, just inflammatory vagina sperging and some idiot attacking most posters, accusing them of being Belle or being newfags

No. 129627

….anon knows these are optional, right? Topkek

No. 129629

File: 1609404330067.jpg (Spoiler Image, 644.35 KB, 3264x1553, Uwu.jpg)

(just stop please)

No. 129630

What was the point in posting this? We’ve all seen it. What is up with this thread and the absolute lack of genuine discussion or new milk?

No. 129631

These are so bad for so many reasons. As if the mlp abomination isn't bad enough, it looks like that's a fucking dolores/lolita cosplay. You would think she's a pedo herself

No. 129633

has no one talked about how they didn’t expect josh to be the one in the porn? his dick ain’t pretty, kinda small? she’s a thot already, get her a proper man to fuck her jfc(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 129634

>Feeding her thousands of OF
She literally just takes naked photos, that’s it, neither her josh or their ‘sex worker’ friends have real jobs nor leave the house.
Imagine fighting for someone else’s vagina so hard and bringing it back up every time it’s dropped for days on end and infighting to prove infighting. Even if this is not all the same anon, it’s hard to believe there’s a little mini vagina army pressed this hard its laughable. Why does no one ever wk our other sex workers this hard
>no shay has a perfectly natural wonky breast.
>lorenas butt acne is normal uwu
The fact that the mods haven’t red texted anyone on either side despite reporting is disappointing.

No. 129635


Okay but why do you get so sad

No. 129639

Newfags be gone or learn how to sage

No. 129641

>Damn I always thought there were more farmers, tbh I assumed there’s a few thousand here
I don't doubt that there is, I'd wager like most things that aren't mandatory only a portion of people participated

No. 129643

From now on any repetitive post or comment about Belle's vagina earns a 48h ban. Stop fighting about her vagina. She shoops everything, everyone knows it already.

No. 129652

File: 1609419511244.jpeg (191.71 KB, 750x1019, E935A4D8-E69D-4303-9388-3D9820…)

Belle talks about catching feelings for one of her simps who paid for her skype whilst with Josh. I feel like this is a way of saying “simps pay more money and win my affections”, no one would be that honest about emotionally cheating on their current partner unless in an open relationship

Article: https://www.sportskeeda.com/esports/belle-delphine-accepts-catching-feelings-viewer-paid-skype-session
Youtube video: https://youtu.be/44iVogPJRSo

No. 129653

Pretty sure that's about that British Youtuber who paid 1k to Skype her as a "joke" but clearly was simping hard for her. He seemed like a nice guy actually.

No. 129654

That's genuinely fucked. I recall her telling in another podcast about how Bianca Devins' murder affected her - why encourage obsessive fans in this way by even outing this shit in a podcast? Coming from her it's not a stretch that she might be lying and trying to bait fans into spending more money on her OF. Either way, it's unsurprising behaviour from Belle.
>obviously, i skyped him because he paid for it
Yeah obvs, just like the time you got paid to play Minecraft and you obviously fulfilled your end of the deal. Obviously

No. 129655

Because calling out obsessive fans is important. She should call them out. Regardless of what work she does.

No. 129675

What? She says she caught feelings for a fan who paid for her Skype. Not sure what you're referring to.

No. 129680

"Call them out"? If Belle actually stood up to supposed obsessive fans she wouldn't pedo-pander constantly or act like fans have any chance with her like she isn't already in a relationship. Not to mention how much she keeps bringing up her absent father and Bianca Devins lately. Gross, emotionally manipulative tactics. She only continues to enable obsessive fans because she is truly that desperate for male attention.

No. 129686

Ban me, but a truck can hit her(alog)

No. 129687

That's her body. You're infantalizing an adult. Pedos don't get off to adults.

No. 129698

>thats her body.You're infantalizing an adult

But she literally makes content like this. see >>129629

No. 129707

Adult babies exist. Pedos arent attracted to adults, regardless of their body type. That's the whole reason while point. Like many anons said, she's ticking off boxes. She rarely revisits the same stunt or skit except what shes mainly branded herself as which is generic egirl. 1000s of copy cats now. She isn't even the only egirl dressing like that either. She's just a main target because of her audience and thats spoiled milk anyway.

No. 129708

These are the types of posts that have lots of anons giving major side eye

No. 129709

Or when you're not tinfoiling and calling everyone on the site with a small body a pedo-baiter. If Moo dressed the same, would you say that? No. It's because she's small. Just let milk flow, not make shit up for discussion because it suits your narrative.

No. 129712

Speak for yourself because I damn sure would! Belle is a pedo baiter, that's a fact, not tinfoil

No. 129714

Because kids grab their asses and stick dildos in them. Sure Jan.(stop)

No. 129715

And likely a pedophile herself to make such content.

No. 129716

Her daily whiteknight is doing a lot of mental gymnastics to defend kween bellend

No. 129718

Shes the egirl version of coconutkitty pertaining her shoops kek but instead of shooping herself to look like a teen, belle shoops herself to look like a preteen/child. Fucking weirdos

No. 129722

I mean didn't she do age play and DDLG on onlyfans a while ago? if that is not pedo baiting I’m not sure what is

No. 129724

>Adult babies exist
>Daddy Degenerate, Little Groomed uwu
Ew, go larp out your childhood mental traumas elsewhere, it’s not normal, it’s a cope kek.

No. 129725

The absolute state of this thread.

No. 129728

It's one of the worst threads in recent years.

No. 129737

This thread, aside from the baiting etc from the wk, is quite entertaining to me. Belle has really delivered this year. The way she made her grand reappearance only to ruin it immediately with her shit porn makes me kek

No. 129741

Can someone ban this person? I hardly comment on threads but it’s annoying and taking most of the thread up with their novel sized paragraphs

No. 129742

My mistake ^^ I meant this person.

No. 129755

i think it's great because she's so clearly posting trying to defend her dumbass decisions. Glorious.

No. 129758

I love that whenever there’s a wk comment there’s a hype man who posts straight after, it’s so cute.
> This threads shit
> I agree
> I love ddlg
> I agree
> Nuke the thread
> Nuke it!

No. 129760

No one said any of that. Calm down.

No. 129763

I see it too honestly.

No. 129764

Really don't understand why the wk hasn't been banned when they've sperged up half this thread already.

So how long until Belle tries to squeeze some clout out of the dream smp crowd? As hard as she tried to go after pewdiepie it seems like Dream or Corpse would be her next attempt at staying relevant.

No. 129771

Corpse used to follow Belle, I'm not sure when he stopped as I just went to double check. Potentially after she released her porno I'm guessing, or maybe just realizing what a shit ass person she is and deciding to not be associated.. better late than never? Kek

Saging while I wish I had the screen of it prior for milk purposes.

No. 129779

File: 1609466942443.png (66.2 KB, 500x386, Hove street.png)

But Bianca Devins case was not about a fan storming her house. She liked to play with guys and she knew her attacker, media made a narrative about a "famous" girl who was killed by an "obsessed fan". Many people know Belle address and nothing has happened. The only real risk Belle has is being beheaded by some Muslim extremist, in Britain there is many of them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 129816

someone is still over at meta bitching about how we are all a bunch of failed camwhores, bitter and jealous of more successful sexworkers like belle, Miss Millionaire of The World, who just want to share her nudes and nitpick her pussy lips. Boy oh boy, anon who said she will stop at nothing to bring it back up when nobody mentions it was spot on. Belle we all saw your meaty vulva and we've moved past it now, so should you. Focus on making more porn we can make fun of later(hi cow)

No. 129821

>fap fap fap fap I need more porn Belle fap fap fap, you totally read this thread right? fap fap fap fap hi Belle fap fap fap fap the legbeards are so pressed hehehehe fap fap fap PLEASE MORE PORN HNNNNGGGHHHHHH

No. 129822

>>129709 small body? shes 5'6 or 5'5 and weighs 120 lbs i wouldnt say its small(Nitpick)

No. 129838

Has nothing to do with having a petite body ffs. It has everything to do with Belle using underage characters for lewd cosplay (Disney princesses, minor anime girls, Dolores Haze to name a few) and ddlg/age play. I even recall Belle openly flirting with Jack Black's underage son on ig until she was directly called out on it.

No. 129840

Shes also promoting her content on tiktok, you know, the app with a 2/3 child userbase.

No. 129862

>I even recall Belle openly flirting with Jack Black's underage son on ig until she was directly called out on it.
Source/details on this?

No. 129874

whatever her height irl she has a body that looks small and teenagerish, sometimes adolescent

No. 129879

Looks like an anorexic adult trying to larp as a minor to me

No. 129880

> using underage characters
>cosplaying Disney princesses
>actually being offended

You cannot be serious. What a nitpick. Do you give this much energy to slutty princess costumes on Halloween?

No. 129883

oh look, an unsaged wk comment bumping thread

Can’t wait to cosplay a 12 year old Dolores Haze sucking on a banana, a “nymphette” who was groomed by her pedophile stepdad who only married her mother so he could ogle at her prepubescent body. Make all the scrotes peepees hard uwu
If that’s not problematic, idk what is anon.

No. 129886

She looks pretty tall and normal woman-like in those candid photos from the podcast tho

No. 129891

People were mad at Moo whenever she does it. Remember the whole "Don't lewd the loli" saga? People are mad at her now on tiktok for the same BS. It isn't really about body size

No. 129896

File: 1609543740727.png (Spoiler Image, 5.38 MB, 1364x1800, 050049D5-2000-41FB-8A1A-B024F5…)

Just a reminder, this is a cosplay of a 12 year old Delores (Lolita) - a girl who was groomed, molested and raped by her pedophile stepfather. No one had forced her to do this cosplay. That was her decision and she continues to lewd other characters who are minors for the pedoscrotes, it’s not just for the ~anime weebs~ , Lolita was not an anime and her MLP photos were not an anime character cosplay either.

No. 129899

So.. fictional character.

No. 129900

how does that change anything?

No. 129902

Even the actress in the movie was in her 20s.

No. 129904

File: 1609546311165.jpeg (4.56 KB, 366x371, images (5).jpeg)

Nta but you know it's about her questionable, well documented intentions, not about whatever random technicality you can think of. Stop intentionally being dense.

No. 129905

No one is denying that Dolores is a fictional character, anon. I don't understand why you're white knuckling that. It's because of her longstanding activities where she caters to pedos. They're pretty well documented not just here, but on other websites if you're so inclined to argue with people who will pull their punches.

No. 129908

You're complaining about her cosplaying a 24 year old real actress doing ageplay larping of a 14 year old from 1997 specifically. You sound extremely retarded. This ain't milk, it's curdled and the only people who complained about it was retarded thots like Bibi in the thots thresd for clout exposure.

No. 129909

The actress in the original adaption was 14 and it was originally a book before it was adapted in to film. The reason the more recent actress was an adult was because idk child sexual exploitation, possibly? There’s a difference between telling a story and cosplaying lewds of the character for moids to fap over. Youre acting dumb for the sake of being a white knight.

No. 129910

Ddlg fag detected

No. 129911

This retarded discussion is why mods banned it in the costhots thread. Its fiction. Get over it. No one cares about your precious make believe lolis being lewded, anon. Move on.

No. 129912

same fagging but I take that back, the recent film version states she was cast at 15. Every lolita was a child!

No. 129913

Aight I'll bite, what were her intentions besides getting attention from thirsty neckbeards and where are they documented?

No. 129915

>posts nudes pretending to be a 12yr old rape victim for men to fap over
>anon: yeah but? so?

No. 129935

File: 1609556883944.jpeg (199.52 KB, 750x1054, B36AA52D-004C-4D59-A17F-5F09B8…)

Seems to be a lot of “pity me” posts happening the last few days including that diary post on her OF that had the simps concerned. The comments are full of “what’s the matter queen”, “Im here for u, I love you”, “ppl r jus jealous”, “who’s bullying you”. It’s making even me feel bad for her kek… kinda.

No. 129936


I've always felt a bit bad for her. She has a shitty dad, and her brain isn't fully formed yet which has led to some decisions that I feel she will regret. All 18-20 year olds are susceptible to poor judgment, but most don't go this far. Kinda transparent when she talks about her mom not talking to her because she did porn. Just another lost child falling into bullshit for positive male attention they never received from their father or positive role models.

No. 129937

Can you post the OF comments that say those? I just see the usual meme replies and she's being uwu humble like thots do for attention. She'll be doing another meme/trope to do soon.

No. 129938

someone mentioned it here >>129407
I’m not subbed to her OF where’s a scrote when you need one I would like to know exactly what was posted too but it seems she’s causing a concern to her simps.

No. 129939

File: 1609558291837.jpeg (470.13 KB, 1364x1569, E6CFF4A1-63E0-498A-AC94-AB01D2…)

these are some of the replies under her most recent post

No. 129944

Yeah, I wouldn't take these as having serious weight behind them lol. These are Twitter scrotes.

No. 129948

Please post caps, we don't all sub to her onlyfans.

No. 129952

She looks pretty tall and adult in her Christmas porn, despite the angles. It's just her shooped loli photos where she looks smaller. (As in shorter, she's definitely slim but has adult proportions)

No. 129960

Her latest open video is her basically dressed like and talking like a 10 year old who gets raped after getting stuck in a laundry machine

No. 129962

What's up with the line down the center of her torso in these photos? It kind of looks like a linea nigra that happens when you're pregnant but I'm sure it isn't that.

No. 129965

It's just a line. Bodies do that sometimes.

No. 129966

i have a faint linea nigra and never been pregnant or on bc. it can happen

No. 129968

File: 1609571462190.png (1.44 MB, 1440x1280, 20210102_021402.png)

Those are carebear shorts btw(don't use emojis)

No. 129969

File: 1609571498434.png (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 1440x1413, 20210102_021424.png)

No. 129970

File: 1609571534027.png (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 1440x1301, 20210102_021442.png)

No. 129971

What a lavish millionaires mansion

No. 129973

Care bear clothes are made for adults wear too. Even Dollskill does toddler tier tacky, sexualized collaborations. That's all adult branded dollskill merch, retard.

No. 129974

Josh really literally self-inserting into every Belle video now, guess he was feeling too emasculated and cucked

No. 129977

Children don’t even wear care bears bc they aren’t popular since it’s an older cartoon. Nitpick there’s so many other things she did that made it disgusting and pedophilic
It’s nasty how she makes herself look like a literal child. The models on dollskill don’t try and look younger tf.(quit sperging)

No. 129978

This looks like a Pippy Longstocking cosplay. Tacky and gross, kek.

No. 129994

I’m assuming she had to purposely fuck up that ratty wig? I guess trailer park hillbilly is hot to scrotes/Josh?

No. 130012

That house looks so fucking dirty. Why don’t they use their multimillionaire money and hire a multimillionaire maid, or idk, both clean up their multimillionaire home considering they both don’t go to work or anything.

I saw so many scrotes on twitter moaning about how they saw more dick and balls in her videos now than anything kek. But ofc Josh has to show everyone who’s the man kek

No. 130020

>I'm a middle schooler uwu


No. 130022

File: 1609591690961.png (225.41 KB, 1344x600, fnwl1.png)

NTA, but you are retarded, anon. Sue Lyon was also 14 in the first movie, and in the novel, she's 12.

No. 130023

Samefagging but they didn't even bother to move the shit on their counter somewhere else while recording.

No. 130032


Stupid Belle looks really gourgeous without filters and as a 21 yo grown up woman.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 130035

I’m confused, do you think she looks like that picture? That one is also filtered. If you wanna see her face, you can find the podcast candids on the last thread.

No. 130038

Thats because this whole entire thing was/is obviously Josh's idea. He probably thinks of himself as her manager kek

No. 130040

Aww look at "mil a month" Belle in her kitchen/laundry room duo luxury flat.

No. 130042

Doesn’t she live in England though? I think it’s common to have a washing machine in your kitchen there, but it looks cramped asf. Def not making 1m per month

No. 130046

UK washing machines are found in the kitchen. Or if you are more affluent you could have a separate laundry room (these also have sinks). Unsure which room this is but it is a messy state for someone so rich they could buy at least 2 slaves to clean up their mess.

She just seems generally messy. Constantly getting paint, fake blood, eggs or whatever everywhere on bedding and furniture. Clothes and other crap seen all over the floor of her room in some photos. The mildew probably growing on that furry wall soaking up all the moisture from the paddling pool in their room. Flooding her bathroom for ~memes~. She just doesn’t seem very ~adult~ to be living alone (with man child).

No. 130047

File: 1609605438843.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 1836x3264, Bellend.jpg)

No. 130056

>counter is messy
You have a pair of pants draped over something on the counter, otherwise zoomed in everything else seems stacked properly. You make it sound like she lives in hoader conditions. Its like "moos house is a disaster " when 1 drawer is open and 2 socks on the ground lately. Lol

No. 130060

she said this?

No. 130062

File: 1609612124548.jpg (558.34 KB, 1080x1413, 20210102_132559.jpg)

>shit piled up in the corner of the counter
>clothes piled by the sink
>garments on the floor
>organization??? Don't know her

Her kitchen is filthy they live like crusty teenagers

No. 130065

File: 1609614699127.png (439.75 KB, 460x735, 874B3DE7-233E-44ED-B343-19F3DF…)

as >>130062 said

she has one “job” (using the term lightly) and she couldn’t even tidy everything in the shot of the one camera angle used to film more “high quality” pr0n. there is probably a pile of god knows what under the jeans, let alone all that random shit on the left I’ve never even seen in a kitchen before. apparent “multimillionaires” living like a pair of neckbeards. hire a damn maid if you’re so rich.

No. 130067

You sound so retarded. Who fucking cares? This isn't milk.(infighting)

No. 130069

Scrote pretending to be one of us lol
stop calling people retards it makes you sound like a moron

No. 130070

kek I think every single point made ITT has been followed by a swift “no it’s not” response. We get it, you don’t like it here, we don’t need your running commentary and marks out of 10, we are allowed to discuss, now shut tf up please.

No. 130071

File: 1609615745339.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.96 MB, 3264x2448, Doublethiccthighss.jpg)

No. 130072

it's not even just clothes, it's just random items thrown in a piles.

No. 130082

Seriously, this thread is unbelievable. We have one of the most tacky, idiotic, dime a dozen, boring but thinks she's clever, clueless, pathetic e-hoes in history here (say anything you want but you won't convince me her "success" is related to anything more than dumb luck combined with unbelievably stupid consumers) and we can't put it together to just laugh at her pathetic ass. I agree, WKs and scrotes, get out of here and worship this leech elsewhere.

No. 130084

I think the dish tub in the sink is a giveaway that this is their all-purpose "dump your dirty crap in here" laundry-kitchen. Which would be fine and not notable if she didn't shill herself as a multi-millionaire on podcasts.

No. 130088

The fact that only one person so far has pointed out the state of this wig…is everything wrong with this thread. It's not nitpicking when your ONLY job is to look halfway decent for your unappealing nightmare porn, only to have your wig end up looking like cheap plastic barbie hair styled by a toddler.

No. 130089

Why don't you just hide this thread?
Even when a lolcow is milkless, messy room posts are seriously my fucking favorite. And newsflash: Having rooms this messy isn't fucking normal, and no less for someone claiming to make thousands.

Belle has gone batshit off the deep end. It wasn't a year ago when anons were calling her 'milk less' and saying she'd never have to resort to porn, but just look at her now. She looks like she lives in the same squalor as a typical OF camgirl. Mental illness.

No. 130092

I can't imagine she makes a million in a month at all. Her place no matter where videos or photos are taken, looks like a big mess and not lavish at all. I seen Influencers who make much less than her and live even on penthouse places. This looks like they got a small house on auction somewhere outskirts with they money she saved up all these years and thats it. There isn't any imaginary 1 million per month life nor her made up stories have been true. Who believes a lying shepherd like her anyway? When has she been honest about anything her entire life? All she does is lying for attention so what makes her 1million claim different from her arrest story and her broken leg story?
They are running low on money and want to save up a bit again, thats all what it looks like. No millionaire is here.

No. 130098

It's been discussed when it was fresh milk. Nothing new is being talked about. Just wait for new milk. Go back to the old thread to revisit this if you're that hung up.

No. 130100

>every milk is stale or nonexistent
>no topic good enough for my high standards
>I’m a milk connoisseur
We’ve only JUST seen the state of her kitchen, kindly stfu and just hide the thread.

No. 130103

I just watched the video clip that leaked, I understand it’s a common porn trope but it was mildly rapey with some terrible acting non the less
>Video around 20-30 seconds long
>Josh hands Belle clothes
>Belle: What you want me to do? Wash it?
>Camera nods
>Belle: Ok then I’ll just put it in
>Belle gets stuck in machine
>Belle: Um can someone help me?
>Josh pulls down Belles pyjamas/underwear
>Belle: (fake struggles) Stop!
>Josh proceeds to have sex with her anyway
Ah, nothing like a good old rape porn amaright? /sarcasm

No. 130104

kek it's funny how true this is. every insane camwhore takes photos and vids in a pig sty. Wonder why

No. 130105

File: 1609626237837.jpg (130.51 KB, 1080x601, Screenshot_20210102-172155_Tex…)


No. 130115

She is doing boxxy impressions on her twitter kek
I can smell the desperation

No. 130120

It's another oldfag meme to reach neckbeards. Another box tick.

No. 130121

File: 1609630923028.jpg (838.54 KB, 2176x3031, 20210102_184138.jpg)

No. 130123

I guess by that response you have to know and never overstep your simp appointed egirl ranking. I sound like a boomer but it kind of annoys me when she tries to post these oldfag relatable memes, she was 7-10 years old when boxxy was a thing, these young whippersnappers can’t relate furiously shakes walking stick kek

No. 130124

All the anime meme icons lol exactly the people i expect to follow her content

No. 130125



No. 130130

Has it been deleted? Can't find it on her twitter.

No. 130131

File: 1609636007726.png (451.88 KB, 577x818, chrome_9ipa2NzCY4.png)

here it is since the newfag who mentioned it can't post a link or a cap or even sage, sadly

No. 130136

Says the person linking her twitter instead of posting the video kek

No. 130137

File: 1609637028099.jpg (20.52 KB, 680x346, 570.jpg)

>I guess by that response you have to know and never overstep your simp appointed egirl ranking

No. 130143

In all these videos the way she keeps trying to make herself look as childlike as possible by widening her eyes and puffing her cheeks out, etc. is gross af.

No. 130144

Which videos? The porn or >>130131 Because not to wk but she’s trying really hard to skinwalk Boxxy’s facial expressions… Though Boxxy was technically a child, I guess.

No. 130150

I wonder if UsagiKou will accuse her of stealing the puffed cheekies face.

No. 130152

File: 1609643502454.jpeg (182.47 KB, 1141x735, A3A7CC94-10B2-4067-AF24-6314D9…)

you guys seen hasanbi reviewing her ~sEx TaPe~ he rated it a 2/10 the comments were hilarious, most complaining about joshs’ “unremarkable penis” i recommend watching a part of it.

No. 130162

File: 1609647302440.jpg (570.63 KB, 2176x2656, 3.jpg)

No. 130163

File: 1609647417348.jpg (1.02 MB, 2177x3264, WillgiveyouED.jpg)

No. 130165

> right bro sometimes I think"they dont even love each other"
I would never take some of these serious, especially when it involves commenting on another guy's video.

No. 130167

Of course there’s always that one crusty comment:
>”hurr hurr belle delphine is fat and wrinkly now hurr hurr”

No. 130168

There was a girl in the comments saying something along the lines of 'in a way she still epic trolled everybody because she made porn so bad you don't want to cum to it' kek

No. 130169

What do you expect when she shoops herself to look like a child kek

No. 130170

So cringe he admitted to trying to jerk off to it though

No. 130171

Well he is a guy and a self pronounced coomer so, not surprising. Makes me kek that he and multiple others in the comments say they couldn't cum because it was garbage, and even Josh couldn't stay hard in the flick.

No. 130172

I don’t know why watching this just made me angry about the degenerate state of men. putting aside how much I have critiqued bellend and whilst I agree that it was lacklustre to witness, I can’t help but be angry at the state of the coomer consoomer pornsick cum brain that a girl can literally get double penetrated because they wanted to see it, then complain it wasn’t entertaining enough to watch and how the guy had an average unremarkable penis. I hate everyone involved and watching this video has driven me to sperg.

No. 130174


No. 130175

She not only signed up for this but stepped on the backs of other women to get where she is (literally profited from child porn of other young ladies ffs). I'm sick and tired of wk anon coming here to wk or worse, try to tug on our heartstrings
>i feel bad for her
>man I feel kinda bad she must be depressed
>she might suicide or end up like Bianca
>i feel bad for her because men r MEANIES and she selflessly does so much for them uwu

Fuck off she deserves all this and more.(derailing, infighting)

No. 130176

No. Dudes really for this then get mad when it isn't up to their snuff and yet still consume it. This isn't about belle when referring to them. They do this with ANYONE, anon. Seriously. They even do raids to mass steal content then bitch about it. No one is even WKing. Stop.

No. 130178

Your choice of comments to screenshot gives away that you're a salty sexworker in the same kawaii field, not that we didn't already know those are the people raging in this thread the most.

No. 130179

> “I hate everyone involved”
> is accused of being a wk
they are all as bad as eachother. I’m not going to give a coomer degenerate asspats for being ‘based’ and act like ethots and the cumbrians don’t bounce off eachother, they need eachother the thrive. these cumbrians use women as a pump and dump and i’m not going to act like that’s cool either just because i don’t agree with the morals of the thot they pumped and dumped.

No. 130181

We want to see the OF screenshots anyway. Why would anon think we care about basic troll posts when you know they still hang on every belle post, ready to want. These scrotes are fucking losers. No one is even pedestalling belle by saying her fans are shit humans.

No. 130182

It's weird how much she looks nothing like this irl, and looks like a 13 year old here? I don't think there's any doubt she's pedobaiting. Reminds me of that weird 30+ woman who lewds herself with a FaceApp-ed teenage face pasted on.

No. 130183

A commentor even mentioned another thot, pastel wearing pornhub uploadeder than started copying belle for attention. Lol. It's still basically wacking to the same concept. They think they are smart by it not being belle but it's like jacking to that instagram copycat. It might as well be belle.

No. 130185

Topkek anon always posts the comments from places belle can't control or delete, especially from the 4chan threads that get shared here before they get 404d. You sound super bitter and butthurt over the comments.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 130186

I look forward to when the cops show up at your house to find your walls plastered with pics of Belle.
>She deserved it
Seems a bit needlessly hateful. The fact you are trying to dismiss the fact men are awful coomers? Are you one of said coomers because they are?

No. 130187

There are no OF comment posts in this whole thread, anon. Another one said they read the comments apparently, they mentioned it more than once, and yet we keep getting selective twitter replies instead, not even straight wall, just a 'hideden replies' collage of coomers who still saw her and got hard and just want too complain.

No. 130190

Yes, we know you think your coomer comment compilations are high art, but everyone here can read and scroll them themselves at the relevant links. I don't think Belle cares about butthurt comments when she's ruined her own image beyond the extent any comment or opinion could.

No. 130192

>when the state of men forces me to unintentionally white knight the cow
I think at first it was a breath of fresh air to know not every man on this planet finds her to be a simp goddess but these compilations aren’t even entertaining anymore because the people who these opinions come from shouldn’t even be allowed an opinion, let alone breathe

No. 130196

I relish in your spergy posts. They are so funny and out of place here
There's tons of reddit/twitter/facebook comments that get posted here. Not everyone wants to open reddit or give a YouTuber views so its nice to see the real unedited comments in all their glory. If you think for one second she doesn't censor and delete the comment sections she has access to, your sadly mistaken(ban evading sperg)

No. 130197

I sometimes see commentary from 4chan threads that swiftly get 404d too(ban evading sperg)

No. 130198

File: 1609651524888.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.77 KB, 1024x551, 1609646245548m.jpg)

I just went to /b/ to see if the coomers have posted any Belle milk and they have. Get ready to get triggered, vageen anon.

No. 130199

File: 1609651601783.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.82 KB, 551x1024, 1609646368302m.jpg)

Another one

No. 130201

>You can also tell she is loosing her youth and getting fat. Just a huge turn off.
I am gobsmacked looking back at this again. She’s a 21 y/o anachan. This is why I never want to see any of these god awful moid compilations as some sort of “belle is shit” validation ever again.

No. 130202

Lol just noticed the wall of dildos. Ngl that's funny as hell to decorate with all those.

No. 130203

Imagine dressing and acting like this at the same time for the entire world to see…in your 20s. Keep thriving belle you're just digging that hole deeper for yourself(ban evading sperg)

No. 130206

oh nooo our queen has an outie what ever will we doooo

thats quite a large labia it’s the same width as the lips. actually im surprised she hid all that under a small squiggly line. again, nothing wrong with different shapes and sizes, but we know she wanted that uwu innie that personally makes me want to throw up cause it looks like a baby’s vagina or two testicles squeezed together. i dont get the appeal. i guess degenerate men want anything but an actual woman.

No. 130209

I'm loving all these redtext bans, thank you jannie for your fast moderation itt

No. 130212

Because coomers are uneducated degenerates and believe that labia length and vaginal tightness are the same thing so if you have longer labia you have had so much sex that you’re so loose now that your vagina is falling out your body. I wish she would stop catering to these cumbrains stupid ideals but it’s in a vicious cycle reinforced by ethots conforming (also I think when it was the tiny line she was pulling at it not that imo there’s much to hide anyway, it’s completely normal)

No. 130220

Seems a bit much to me honestly. I don't understand why some of those posts were red texted

>thats quite a large labia
Could we not start this up again kek. Yeah some scrotes are going to call it a roastie because they're retarded and she caters to that specific audience but it is on the normal spectrum of things. To a non-coomer its obv she's just an anorexic adult woman larping as a kid(Which in and of itself is fucking abnormal and show how disturbed she is as a person)..And because of that nothing looks right about her photoshoots and video content. Its a double edged sword for her honestly. If she had just marketed herself as a regular woman in her early 20s nobody would even be saying anything bc its fine for an adult(ban evading sperg)

No. 130231

Imo she went too fast, way to fast with showing everything in such a short time. She isn't interesting anymore and another porn person in the porn sea, only difference is there is actual better fishes than her. Her Vagina is filtered to oblivion like usual. Not sure what she was thinking. She could have made money with her troll personality without showing such things, too late now.

No. 130235

> anything but an actual woman
What the fuck lmao

No. 130245

Flex on any man that dares to entire your lair. I love it.

No. 130254

Go contribute to male suicide stats. They're way too low

No. 130258

Finally something based and not coming from a scrote
Specifically 42:00 onwards for Belle to be brought up (though they talk about other sex workers /ethots in the video before this)

No. 130260

i guess it takes one pick me to know one

No. 130263

I'm sure Venti is lapping up Belle's downward trend, it's a tedious life being a jealous no-name camgirl aging out of her 4chan demographic.
>at least it's not a scrote
Well considering she browses and posts here, everything she says is a ripoff of what other anons have already posted. Not exactly a new hot take for any of us.

No. 130264

Kek, well I think it’s importantly regardless that someone puts it out there and discusses it in to the public domain from a take that’s not “couldn’t coom so belle bad”, so far on YT it’s been an absolute echo chamber cheering the “multimillionaire with brain surgeon level intelligence in marketing” and majority of the public believes whatever the media tells them to think, they have absolutely no critical thinking skills and brain clogged with coom. I would prefer Venti reading here and finally putting it out there than people believing everything the other YTers belles bribed with bathwater or a bunch of newfags coming here to read about it and putting their 2¢ opinion in and wack fan art edits.

No. 130278

I get what you mean anon. When I saw that "I'm Back" music video she released I finally lost all hope for our current culture and Generation Z.

No. 130282

jfc, mods need to sort out the state of meta. it’s gone past the point of complaints about the belle thread existing and has now become another belle thread. if it’s not the ban evasion anon screeching everyone is a wk, it’s wk anons screeching everyone is the ban evasion anon, neither of which are posting ITT to avoid being redtexted. it’s really like watching 2 paranoid blind retards trying to fight and no one there to stop it kek(derailing )

No. 130288

Wow, just checked it out and what a mess. Guess our best bet is to just let the milk flow and report/ignore the derailers. There's no hope!

No. 130293

Not to ruffle feathers but how is this derailing or infighting?
Makes sense why this thread is shit, the bans aren't consistent at all, much of the actual infighting is ignored.

No. 130294

I was wondering the same tbh seems sketch

No. 130295

File: 1609706253443.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 186.08 KB, 750x1062, 68BD8CBB-C92D-4D09-A554-01B35C…)

I think because this anon kept attacking and reeing at anyone who expressed any other opinion that deviates slightly from their own. They were continuously lashing out through pure hate boner rage. This was posted in meta with the reason why edited out IP so I don’t get accused doxing or w/e

No. 130298

But its actually
And the other belle rebuttal posts that caused the cascade. Users who genuinely want to use the board as it is intended are being banned so spergs can stay to defend belle til their dying breath. You'd think anon was on her payroll or something the way they defend her. Why won't this person hide the thread and why are they even using this site if the site content bothers them so much they have to come here everyday, to the thread they don't like

No. 130300

Commenting on how gross scrotes are for cooming, consuming porn and pushing women in to degrading themselves further is whiteknighting? Oh boy.
Her fanbase are degenerates and she is also feeding off of the degenerates and feeding in to the degenerates. How can saying both sides are shitty people whiteknighting? Make it make sense and be rational.

No. 130301

Ntayrt Its obviously the part where anon was pity posting about how belle will do anything for them and still get assblasted by their mean comments. Who cares? Shes wullfully enabling them by curating her style of content and frankly I'm tired of the poor pity belle posts too, this is not the place for that. Scrotes are gross but belle is not some victim.

No. 130302

You do realise it’s to discuss the cows and all sides of the issues, not ignore certain parts of it because you have a massive hate boner uwu that’s why it got redtexted and the anon yeeted out of /w/ . You can’t convince me otherwise that this anon didnt deserve it when this person couldn’t even suck up a 24 hour ban and kept evading and sperging in meta to talk about belle more than necessary. So far I’ve been accused of being the wk and also being the ban evading anon, you’re all paranoid af

No. 130303

There's clearly a moderation issue itt, and its been said for a while now. The state of the thread alone speaks volumes to that

No. 130305

I was one of the anons that initially brought up the excessive wk and possible mod issue where the redtexting seemed biased towards wk coming back to say “old milk” “boring” and calling everyone scrotes, however it’s getting to the point you're all paranoid who is who and attacking other farmers, it’s fucking pathetic.

No. 130306

Stop derailing the thread and take your petty complaints back to meta. There's no need to shit up both threads. The ban evading sperg will continue to get banned.

No. 130307

kek the lunch lady arms and plastic smile paired with her flat man ass really make her look like a smol loli desu

No. 130309

I wonder if she's a pedo herself. After all there are many ways to pander to men that are equally profitable. Why choose this one?

No. 130310

I imagine lack of a father figure and daddy issues causes girls to turn to weird DDLG shit. I don’t know what the science of it is. Either that or hanging around 4chan and “no egg” memes too long - the equivalent of nasolabial folds to lolcow.

No. 130316

File: 1609714448472.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.03 KB, 688x1280, w7b7b4mlf4961.jpg)

The way she touches her asshole gives me a sympathy UTI every time. It doesn't matter how clean you are, swapping back and forth from your asshole to vagina will eventually cause problems and is also just really gross.

No. 130318

Wth is going on with her face in this

No. 130319

You don't even see her face. Her head is off to the side. Its chin and neck.

No. 130321

Istg her house and that phone must be pink eye paradise. I try to thoroughly remind myself she’s an anachan, them bowels have cobwebs in them, everything will be ok.

No. 130337

kek, 'genius business woman' indeed - makes her porn way worse than it needs to be in an effort to hide her labia and then immediately reveals it a few days later cause she can't handle the criticism. also, it looks Shayna levels of dry in these pics, forget the outie sperging, someone trying to show off their dry-ass, colourless pussy as sexy is comical. everything she has released in the last couple of weeks looks like someone that hates having sex.

No. 130338

I actually remember the flirting thing on ig; Belle slid into Sammy Black's dm's and he posted the screenshots on his story. He was 13-14 at the time. Supposedly his fans went on a mass reporting spree on her after that.

No. 130345

File: 1609728966423.jpeg (109.31 KB, 750x1008, BA6B38AB-6F63-495C-927D-98D3E7…)

Is that what all these pedo comments were referencing on instagram? Was there any caps of this happening?

No. 130355

I got a Shayna vibe from these horrible pics too, I get Shay vibes a lot from her…she has the same sallow skin tone as Shay, looks dehydrated all the time and everything is dry as fuck. It's like Belle doesn't like sex or understand basic things like needing lube so your ass doesn't tear, same as Shay.

No. 130368

I have no idea why anyone gets offended when disgusting scrotes are criticized. Onlyfans thots degrading themselves and disgusting coomers are two sides of the same coin; we are critiquing the same thing from two perspectives.

No. 130369

>mfw you realize how often she sticks her fingers in her ass while holding her phone

Just a guess, I'm betting she sanitizes nothing.

No. 130376

Post proof or sage your retarded posts, newfag

No. 130377

Who is sammy black? Any more details on this?

No. 130382

He’s Jack Black’s son.

No. 130389

File: 1609771390803.jpeg (51.92 KB, 1125x305, FA170C87-6EB7-48B7-A01F-951F59…)

I can’t find anything about it only this which is virtually milkless. Surely if it happened someone else would have posted it online by now in the age of SJW cancel culture

No. 130392

She probably saw he liked it and slid into his DMs like the gross trash she really is. She really thinks she so smol and special she has no consequences huh? Can't wait til this bitch gets her come uppance, we know it's gonna happen.

No. 130393

Agreed. She will get in trouble eventually. Best case she suicides. Yes suicide. Pedopanderer, too bad the plane crash story never happened.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 130397

Woah now, don't cut yourself on that there edge.

At the rate she is going she will eventually get cancelled imo, she's already rapidly become very irrelevant and disliked and looks like she is losing more fans as time goes on. She's annoying af and pretends like that's her entire goal, she will end up pushing too far. I gotta laugh at the idea of the newbie mainstream audience pulled in by her podcasts only to find her blood porn, horrible blowjob vid and more of her trash tier content. Most aren't gonna stick around, she seems desperate and disturbed at this point.

No. 130402

Thank god, I think the thread is on autosage. >>130389 This doesn't prove she slid anyway, anon. Also she doesn't control who likes what. Dude liked it himself. How's that her fault? Like blaming the tv station for a horror movie when you should've been monitoring what your kid is doing, especially online.

No. 130404

Hence why that anon said it proved nothing and was milkless. It's speculation combined with rumor but would you really put it past her?

No. 130405

Yes because any logical person wouldn't come to that conclusion.

No. 130407

>Reading comprehension: 0
Do I really have to spoon feed you anon? I said that’s all I could find and it was milkless. I couldn’t find anything else on the internet so the dms probably never happened because people have screenshots of anything remotely scandalous in the era of SJW cancel culture, especially if it involved an eceleb and an underage son of an actual celebrity.
I agree - Thank god it’s on autosage when people like you can’t read before sperging.

No. 130410

File: 1609783608898.png (243.68 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20190722-165926.png)

Can't find any screenshots, both Sammy and Belle's ig are now deleted. This would have been in 2019, and stories only last 24 hrs on ig before disappearing. This is the closest thing I could find from that time period that mentions her flirting w/ underage people.

No. 130411

Just a gossip Instagram. Lol

No. 130415

File: 1609786858067.png (376.71 KB, 1440x1787, wheres the milk.png)

I couldn't find any reference to it anywhere except this Tweet. If it happened she or Jack Black have buried the info (there was some note about removed results)

No. 130416

File: 1609786908831.png (46.23 KB, 1440x318, scrubbed.png)

Not bothering to sage since we're on autosage now. This is the note.

No. 130419

I'm sure she deleted, I don't see reasons for jack black to go out of his way to protect this nobody

No. 130421

File: 1609788155733.jpg (121.05 KB, 750x750, ss tweet.jpg)

Some interesting stuff in the Instagram tags for his son's old username, including screenshot of this Tweet:


Which explains why his account is deleted now and maybe why it was his dad that scrubbed the info.

No. 130422

File: 1609788220910.jpg (210.29 KB, 1080x1920, sammy.jpg)

Sorry for kinda offtopic but also on topic, so it's possible the dm thing did happen but everything has been wiped due to these other issues

No. 130423

File: 1609788243599.jpg (80.56 KB, 750x750, ss tweet2.jpg)

No. 130424

File: 1609789182198.png (837.51 KB, 750x1334, 786F2133-2743-437C-A1E8-A6D6DC…)

Yikes. Unless we see the actual dms between Belle and him we can’t say it happened but he seems like a degenerate for distributing child pr0n ew. I know that Belle’s account dm loads of different popular meme guys at the time iirc like Leafy with weird shit so I wouldn’t be surprised if she did dm (or Josh larping Belle) to get clout, I don’t think she is a pedophile BUT I do think she has a fetish with being underage

No. 130432

Yet she doesn't pursue older men, which would make sense. I think she more fetishizes the idea of finding underage people sexually attractive and normalizing it

No. 130434

So, its still baseles and just someone who made a tweet assuming all this. That's some pathetic clout chasing.

No. 130436

Where are the actual caps where she even goes after someone who is a kid? These caps are all just from gossip people with nothing to back it up. Shes even with someone older than her

No. 130445

by the looks of things there aren’t any actual caps. Only thing that can be confirmed is he liked her photo and he did some dodgy shit he apologized for unrelated. Probably shouldn’t bring this up again unless anyone finds the caps because it’s a big accusation to make without evidence.

No. 130451

>implying porn thots can get cancelled
as if cumbrains would ever care. Popular pornstars talk about raping others (Riley Reid, anyone?) without facing major repercussions. maybe some woke dudes will virtue signal about it, but it won't affect their bottom line.

No. 130454

I get what you're saying but she's known for more than just her shit porn. If anything she's more widely known for the bath water and other stunts. Her name is fairly well recognized on the internet and she gets used for clickbait albeit less now she's doing porn. It's not hard to imagine she will cross the line and do something too "shocking" or "edgy" that will leave a bad taste in people's mouths… obviously not fucking cumbrains

No. 130456

But Riley Reid is an actual porn star..

No. 130476

>It's not hard to imagine she will cross the line and do something too "shocking" or "edgy" that will leave a bad taste in people's mouths…
>implying porn thots gets canceled

Porn stars do get canceled and it doesn't go well:
(related link from 2018 https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/porn-industry-reeling-after-five-deaths-in-only-three-months/news-story/e779587b387f0ad2b3ae71ec45f0c631)

I think this is why people took the pivot from thot to porn star seriously and were quite bummed out about it, it's a different path which doesn't end by being a bougie mother at the school gates like she thinks. I think when your fans are the lowest scum, and then you get canceled by the scum it's gotta hit you hard as a person.

No. 130479

I highly doubt she's hoping that and even most porn stars have jumped to private work because of sure like onlyfans. If anything covid actually accelerated this. There's no reason to assume she will do stunting shocking right now and even then, it would be expected unless you're talking crimes which she hasn't done any related to porn and its moreso memeing and doing classic hentai extremes. There will always be an audience for this stuff.

No. 130525

She won't necessarily do anything any time soon, but if she keeps pushing the boundaries with what she posts on her Twitter then I don't think it's unrealistic to think she will in time post something that will lose her mainstream audience and appeal. I don't doubt she will always have a creepy underground audience, but that wouldn't save her in such a scenario. She's already gone down in esteem for coomers at large from the looks of things anyway.

No. 130543

Autism incoming but looking at her fanbase theres 3 types of fans I see she has:

>Simps: She’s a woman with a majority male fanbase, she will lose them before long because that’s what unfortunately happens after a year or 2, men get bored of simping specific women, especially once they start to lose their “sex appeal” or fail to continue to appeal to their ever evolving fetishes. They will always find someone better and younger to simp after, it’s happened to many women before her too - I would say Nigri doesn’t have a big simp fanbase anymore but I remember when she was the “new toy” men wouldn’t shut up about her, same with Megan Fox and all other women considered “attractive”, and with her borderline pedophile fanbase this will definitely happen. She’s probably already lost appeal to a lot of them since she’s gone from barely legal Belle 19 to 21 year old Belle, but luckily for now her flat chest and filters are keeping them lingering.

>Meme boys: Memes die quick so she will lose the meme crowd too which is already happening, the meme crowd only use her as a punchline, they don’t actually find her as a person funny.

>Other sex workers/egirls: She won’t be popular style wise in the next year or so just like emo, scene, hipster, grunge, pastel goth, the anime e-girl era too will end and there will be a new alt girl who has just turned 18 to take her place.

She’s failed imho to connect or establish a bond with a loyal fanbase like other influencers who have a personality, all Belle has been is image and sex and that unfortunately doesn’t keep people around, looks fade and fashions change.

No. 130565

He single handedly made her ego skyrocket. This adult woman's only dream is to be seen as a child.

No. 130599

You have spoken the precise truth.

No. 130628

File: 1609905209301.jpg (100.07 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


No. 130735

File: 1609961992789.png (Spoiler Image, 4.41 MB, 1334x750, DD6014AE-8877-4676-8040-C54BB8…)

>throws up in mouth

No. 130741

Damn, didn't think I'd see frankencock dildos make a comeback. These are like 2014 era

No. 130744

Please dont tell me she's gonna record herself fucking that?..

No. 130749

She edited herself to look like Neekolul here. All that surgery and she still feels the need to make herself look like someone else. Sad!

No. 130751

It looks like Belle usually does?

No. 130752

yeah.. looks nothing like neekolul lmao

No. 130756

File: 1609980524587.jpeg (126.82 KB, 805x1200, 7627D336-40ED-469D-ABAF-51D895…)

I don’t think she does but maybe it’s the facial expression and emo bangs.

No. 130764

Belle has changed her styling since around the Christmas day porn. That recent pic and her recent Tweets all feature this different hair and editing style, wig with bangs, hairclips, different facial expression of puffed cheeks, eyes wide and perplexed smile instead of the rodent grin as before. She looks even less like irl Belle than before.

No. 130765

Oh and that super dated emo fashion of fishnet shirts, spike collar, etc. You can tell her boyfriend is quite a bit older since this is not zoomer fashion.

No. 130766

I thought she was possibly going for that other branch of egirl - there’s the weeb egirl and then there’s the edgy hot topic egirl.

No. 130767

Interesting looking at her views vs likes on Twitter, she averages 45k likes and under 2k retweets per post on Twitter but her latest clip has 1 million views. Which suggests the vast majority of her audience are hatewatching(?)

Her dicksucking Twitter clip has 6.7 million views and 97k likes.

No. 130768

File: 1609984149490.jpg (184.31 KB, 1080x1133, 20210106_194829.jpg)

Anyone else notice this?

No. 130770

unsurprising that she'd defend this seeing as she's an autopedophile herself

No. 130772

kek I have no opinion on the subject as this would be totally legal in the UK but what is her obsession with being a MAP endorser and fetishising relationships between adults and minors so bad

No. 130773

Nice interpretation of data. Belle fame always relied more in hate and despise reactions than in being loved or liked.

No. 130784

Its the faces thots pull that make them look like each other but you can tell its belle. She's not as 'round' as neek and she's been doing it longer too.

No. 130785

Another set tick-off. I wonder whats next?

No. 130786

Most people don't interact anymore. Likes are the absolute most common, reblogs are next, actually comments are even less. It's how socials deal with engagement. The numbers make sense if you follow socials propand understand algorithms and how engagement or not doesn't mean you're not popular.

No. 130818

Except her whole business is being an internet meme, so being visibly popular online is kinda important and the only place it can be measured. It seems most people view her as a freakshow rather than actually enjoying the content, those stats are pretty bad. Like 45k die-hard fans after releasing dicksucking and dp videos to millions, not sure it's worth it.

No. 130821

File: 1610023992881.png (Spoiler Image, 4.62 MB, 1800x1564, 565BD3CD-E16F-4710-99D7-967810…)

Talk about unironically beating a dead meme. Fidget spinner buttplug… pepe blowjobs… what’s next I wonder? Ugandan knuckles anal fisting. It’s like that mudkip wall mural all over again, she heard 4chan liked a thing once and she becomes obsessed with retelling the same lame joke over and over after everyone’s been long bored of it. Meme queen my ass kek.

No. 130825

> Ugandan knuckles anal fisting

anon pls dont give her ideas, she lurks this board lmao

No. 130864

Follows matter. The rest is honestly tanked by most socials. Engagement for everyone is like this, even real celebrities. Belle isn't special for #s vs engagement from followers.

No. 130923

This picture is the epitome of a generic e-thot. It's actually hilarious. Not that I ever thought she was unique or had any ounce of originality (the only people who think this have smoothbrains or cumbrains). It's hilarious to see her try to keep this up and look/do worse than many others. Give up, you're still young Belle.

No. 130953

I honestly think she might have a large insertion fetish. If she tries using this, yeah.

No. 130959

File: 1610064114356.jpeg (218.51 KB, 1102x2048, 1D746958-943A-445A-858C-D3753C…)

new rawr XD hyperfixation to stay relevant perhaps

No. 130961

I don't get the vibe she enjoys anything sexual but, sure.

No. 130963

No. 130989

File: 1610068908323.png (6.62 MB, 1777x1800, 38DCC1EF-0BB9-427A-81AC-BE5E90…)

either this is some trisha paytas scene girl skit tickbox she’s doing, or she’s jumping over to the other egirl ship.
>uwu corpse husband notice me again uwu
keep seeing its god awful style everywhere lately and it assaults my eyes, I frickin hate it!

No. 131019

She's just going through tropes to sex up. These arent phases, anon. Its fuck costumes.

No. 131027

Yeah, that's a reach to say she's into large insertions considering how soulless all her porn content has been so far. You have to be a sexual person to get into fetishes, especially weirder ones like weird, huge dildos. She is just into whatever she or Josh think the simps will like, and right now the winds are whispering "huge frog dick"

No. 131052

pretty sad for her that despite being so widely recognised, she was never actually popular, never connected with an audience or solid fanbase, she was never in touch with any of that. she never had a personality to shine through in her content and get people invested in her beyond her shock value cringe shit or hyper-filtered anime larping, she is just so dry and shallow. now the rest of her dying career will be spent guessing which sexual fetish besides anal to cater to that specific day for the passing interest of cumbrains

No. 131053

It's really dumb to say she wasn't popular and she still is. It's just other this do it too and have just as much notice. It's like how getting a million in youtube was amazing and over 300+ got a million this year alone. It's saturation but she is still popular.

No. 131055

File: 1610098462893.jpg (448.45 KB, 1080x1080, PicsArt_01-08-09.30.28.jpg)

Bellend's fragile ego can't handle comments from any female with an OF despite literally all her commenters being clout chasers.

No. 131064

File: 1610107202898.jpeg (76 KB, 750x302, 0CD73116-8FAB-4EF3-9B5B-EE512E…)

that’s actually really horrible if the girl was a genuine fan, but sure as hell she doesn’t block her underage scrotes in training who sext her under her posts. Even when she made that post about who wants to star in her music video, the music video was already filmed and edited at that point with pixiecat, she had no interest in anyone else and was only doing it to drive up interest and engagement and free promo via retweets. this is why belle has no girl friends, she’s a POS

No. 131065


You missed the point. She's somewhat infamous which just doesn't equate to popular. She has no real fanbase and a crusty personality like other anon said. She's "widely" known (absolute reach as no one knows who she is if they spend minimal time on the net). She's never in trusted news sources, has no talent, isn't original, has no appeal to other women. Scrote fame isn't real fame, sorry to burst any bubbles.

No. 131067

This. She is so out of touch because she has no particular audience to cater to in the first place.

No. 131068

What an absolutely hideous look…this is worse than 2003 emogoth wtf

No. 131103

If she didn't exhibit such a desperate level of pick-meism she could have wrangled herself somewhat of a loyal female fanbase. She chose to chase pornsick dudes to validate her instead, and we will just have to wait to see them destroy her (if they haven't already). I would doubt she has any real female friends, she cut her mom off, she doesn't want women around, period. You reap what you sow tbh

No. 131163

More than her content is her attitude towards non-paying fans: she ignore them and never give something for free (that get worst with her DMCA lawyers). If you like Belle you have to pay money.(begone scrote)

No. 131177

That's how that works? Why the fuck would you give shit away free? You scrotes that all for free nude are losers as hell, worse than Belle and she does comment to people. Did she not reply to your DM specifically? She posts nudes on her twitter even now. Thats a freebie.

No. 131210

they aren’t talking about giving away free nudes your fucktard. Not everyone who criticises her wants to fuck her, especially on a female image board. It’s about connecting with other users of the platforms you are using and engaging with your audience, that’s how you become likeable and actually get REAL fans. Not blocking every woman because you’re scared of competition and that she might steal your simpyboys oh nos uwu or because you can’t make a quick buck out of them by free promo or selling them your body you ignore them. That’s like pewds making his videos PPV kek. The reason why pewds is popular is because he was himself, he was fun and likable and the earning of money through his craft was always secondary and he deserved it. All belle cares about is money and it shows so it’s not surprising she is unlikeable, her whole personality is a fake money grab with no depth.

No. 131217

Anon specifies paid. Her OF is paid. What other content does she offer that's paid aside from ppv on top of that. Anon definitely meant freebies as in free samples to scrotes. You're doing loopsc around what they bluntly said. Calm down.

No. 131247

She never give something for free, her twitter freebies are intended to gain more subscribers nothing more. All her podcast, and interviews are free publicity and only by accident she shares something personal. She never uses social media to get in contact with people, she only want subscribers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 131317

File: 1610185426254.jpg (349.17 KB, 1080x773, Screenshot_20210109-014300_Twi…)

I don't know why you bother blocking public posts, but I highly doubt Belle is worried about this ugly cow. She makes way more money and it's just smart business to block people advertising in their name from commenting on your stuff to keep attention to your content. Thinking Belle cares that deep about random under 2k thots is hilarious. She only has 100 fans and flased her bits already and follows the uwu pepe memes too.

No. 131320

I mean the girl is pretty retarded and all sex workers are mentally ill degenerates. But, what other “influencer” really blocks other females from commenting something harmless on their posts kek, maybe it is a “smart business” move, but this is the reason why she comes across as fake, unlikeable, money hungry and doesn’t have a loyal fanbase she connects with and it will bite her in the ass in the end.

No. 131324

She's in it for money and the pigs pay. I dont think she cares anon. I don't know why anons keep thinking she wants female fans so bad or too be liked. Her ueu sad girl posts aren't serious. She's a money thot shitposter pulling dead memes into porn using different tropes. That's basically it

No. 131361

File: 1610203301598.webm (887.62 KB, 640x640, bfanelle__13578065314982342037…)

At PULL Nieke claimed she was blocked by Belle for no reason on TW, at that time was hard to believe Belle stalks random girls on twitter and block them only for being pretty. Mary Belle is weird.(scrote)

No. 131401

And? PULL has been gone. No1currs anon. The girls complaining about being blocked are just as much as a cow. Especially when you learn they are thots too and blocking someone after they comment your stuff isn't exactly stalking lol

No. 131407

No one here thinks she wants female fans. All the comments allude to her being obvious that she hates women and sees them all as competition, which is why she is putting out desperate garbage content - she wants to stay relevant when she herself has no idea what she's doing (this tends to happen when you are a woman with no female influence around). She's never going to get successful that time has passed. What's exciting about shitty at home porn based around old memes? Men don't watch porn for memes for fuck's sake. Also it's painfully obvious that she desperately wants to be liked, this isn't even a theory and she's extremely transparent.

No. 131411

She hides her sub count kek. I bet the money well is drying up already

No. 131412

They all hide their sub count. It was the thing back during patreon the second they added the feature. Onlyfans had it already implemented.

No. 131423

Forget that you're on lolcow? Clearly you're only watching this thread so you can suck Belle's asshole every time she's negatively mentioned. Belle has threads on here because she's a fuckin cow

No. 131448

File: 1610224662912.jpeg (155.69 KB, 746x1230, 94B6D941-429E-43C2-9D30-04FDF8…)

Uhoh, looks like belle the predator enabler has a history of not only enabling predators but also defending them kek

No. 131457

what is this even from?

No. 131464

I was scrolling on facebook and someone had posted this. I’ve just checked again now and no one else has posted any more context in replies apart from “she’s corrupt and evil” and “she’s a sick person” kek

No. 131499

Facebook and its all blocked out. It's just nobodies clearly so their opinions don't matter. Ckuld be blocked out self posting for all we know.

No. 131504

WKchan wants to eat the corn out of Belle Delphines shit so badly

No. 131510

Hmm, posting the names of a bunch of random innocent girls on the thread of a cow who has 1.5million followers and a legion of simps and is known to sockpuppet, sounds stupid to me. Just because the names are blocked out doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I could post their names not blocked out but I imagine it would be called fake too so what does it matter.

No. 131520

>i used to be friends with her lol haha

Okay? Lol. That's good for you. Thanks for passing randos that we can't even prove 'knew' her. Especially with milk she's talking about being unverifiable and vague as hell.

No. 131547

At least learn to tag replies before sperging at another anon's post, kek.

No. 131601

Yeah, if you talk shit I'm not going to pretend that someone with more followers doesn't have a reason to say something. Especially if its public. Thats like saying you have freedom of speech but forgrt not of consequences. This goes for anyone. Chimps always say no bully when they start it.(infighting)

No. 131723

File: 1610374645660.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 61.34 KB, 384x721, frame (1).jpeg)

And just like that shes back to censoring the bits

No. 131743

Why are her tiddies suddendly present

No. 131746

Censoring again will be the most stupid mistake Belle will do, you are sure that pic is new? I can't believe she is so dumb to do that.(scrote)

No. 131751

File: 1610380640095.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 80.14 KB, 384x721, frame.jpeg)

Yup, its from a recent "date" video she did. The vid ends with a game of spin the bottle, but she never shows anything. Ends with a promo to "check your inbox" Lol.

No. 131752

I don’t have OF but do you have to pay more to open things through your inbox like PPV?

No. 131756

this is old. from several months ago. none of her stuff is censored.

No. 131757

Aw shit my mistake. Shit sources.

No. 131760

Yes and she ask 20 dollars for any little thing like a 10 seconds video.(scrote)

No. 131766

File: 1610385392903.png (Spoiler Image, 6.13 MB, 1800x1709, F6EF80CC-850D-4B8C-9693-972ABD…)

These are def old, she’s out here spread eagel now kek

Sad really, I wouldn’t say she’s wasted potential because she’s pretty talentless. But it’s just sad.

No. 131770

I mean yeah. Thats how PPV works. You're also paying for her specifically. She's not a random pornhub uploaded, so it makes sense.

No. 131776

That’s true anon, unlike a random pornhub uploaded you’re paying specifically for someone bad at sex so there’s no telling what you’ll get kek
>will this PPV make pp hard or flop? Is it worth the $10 gamble.

No. 131792

So her thing is now scene queen porn?? Tfw

No. 131811

Cue the obsessed scrote/wk to negate your opinion and scrotesplain how Belle is winning, how she is going through all the meme tropes like some ingenue, she's so smart, so funny, groundbreaking. She makes you pay for her porn, she has everyone fooled

No. 131827

Why did she release so much porn so fast? She's going to lose all her subs next month because she spent this whole month releasing porn back to back since christmas. For such a "marketing genius" she sure fucked up on prolonging this

No. 131831

File: 1610418030056.jpeg (119.63 KB, 1200x847, Eqsc_zMXMAEoING.jpeg)

I know it's been said enough, but jfc the editing. All I think when I see these sets are how she actually looks irl when she's posing in these shitty getups. She's a tall adult woman… the second-hand embarrassment is a lot. I'm still surprised she posted that still for her twitter post, let alone posted the video at all considering how overly edited all of her content is.

No. 131833

The shitty wig, the snow filter glitching off her face in almost every selfie… how does anyone find her cute. She’s getting more and more hideous. She’s going to end up like Shayna

No. 131834

OT but those outfits are hideous

No. 131835

God holding her vag like that for extended periods of time must be so painful. Do the scrotes find this sexy? Because all i see is pain

No. 131843

Why do people say shes a smart business woman? Shes not the first person to figure out you can capitalize on sexualizing childlike behaviors and looks and shes definitely not the last. Its really not commendable to profit off the sexualization of minors. She wouldnt have been able to sell any bath water if she looked and acted of legal age

No. 131862

Scrotes donate to her, get trash in return, then push the narrative that she's just so incredible at convincing people to pay her so they don't have to take responsibility for their own financial decisions.

No. 131900

File: 1610465816775.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1242x918, 878A28E3-5B38-4F5E-8269-E02645…)

new twitter pics

No. 131901

File: 1610465856886.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.86 MB, 1242x2091, AEE05AD9-E0CD-40A2-93F5-65EB7B…)

No. 131903


Her leg positioning looks retarded.
Also imagine trying to set up this set when its cold af in the woods your camera scrote waddling with his pants down to ensure they got the shot while trying to keep a boner.

No. 131905

didn't she say she was so perturbed with the bianca sitution + ppl invading her house and shit? what is this lmao.
For the dumb aspies what im trying to say is this set represent the fear she had back then and the reason why she left for so long.

No. 131908

What the fuck, man.

Is this performance art, or is this really what her fans want?

No. 131909

This one is too far, makes me feel ill. Honestly speechless, seems dangerous in a way I can't seem to fully articulate rn

No. 131914

Wooo, more non consensual sex reenactments. Is this her catering to her “fans” or mental illness?

No. 131923

Are they kneeling down and getting mud on their knees because they don't have a proper camera stand? Just look at her scrotes knees wtf

No. 131924

File: 1610471584922.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 178.01 KB, 750x785, 1E91E87C-FCD3-41AE-AA90-D259BF…)

No. 131926

pretty sure she’s doing this to start another controversy. she doesn’t care if she gets negative attention. all press is good press.

No. 131927

Disgusting. Stick to covering your pussy with Dorito crumbs, we don’t need to give incels more ideas.

No. 131930

I hope she gets mass reported and her twitter gets nuked. It’s one thing wanting to be kinky with your partner in privacy to replay your mental illnesses, it’s another scrotes searching for rape porn, but it’s a completely different thing normalizing it by shoving it in the face of your 1500000 followers on twitter that consists of mentally deranged incels, pedoscrotes and underaged boys who don’t understand what normal sex is.

No. 131936

Getting banned from twitter is her plan for sure, she is well aware topics like normalizing rape is a big no-no¡ in social media. Media will write about how she is so controversial as Trump.(scrote)

No. 131938

This is beyond disgusting, rancid actually, but not shocking whatsoever coming from Belle either. She is sick in the head and addicted to the attention she gets from her controversial stunts. She can't help herself.
She did mention being shaken up by the murder of Bianca Devins in a podcast but I think she only brought that up to make herself look like a vulnerable wilting flower and to make excuses for her online absence. If it had ever actually gotten to her then she never would have thought to post this vile shit.

In all honesty I think being cancelled is objectively the best thing for her at this point, for the sake of her mental well-being, and for her future. She knows she is a major potential target for dangerous men, she chooses to cater to these types of degens, she knows where this could lead. I thought she might have a modicum of intelligence to keep her from going this far but equally it's unsurprising. I think she legitimately gets off on some level to this shit.

No. 131939

She deleted the post

No. 131941

Unfortunately the post is still up, just checked. Makes me feel sick, honestly.

No. 131944

Maybe you got banned from Belle Twitter.

No. 131945

There are so many guys living in cars and vans right now due to the economic crisis, this is encouraging them to rape women. "white van men" is already accepted as "dodgy fella to keep away from" in the UK (implied criminal or rapist, I cross the street if I see an open van or car)

What a great market to appeal to. Very business much genius.

No. 131946

I get that rape fetishes are a thing that assault victims may pick up as a means of dealing with their trauma, but normalizing rape to your audience full of sexually deviant incels just aint it. Its irresponsible and i hate how some people will say youre a vanilla snowflake for that. You can have whatever fetishes you want, but dont romanticize rape to your audience of men that see women as holes that owe them sex.

No. 131947

I don't have a Twitter account but just double checked and she's pinned the tweet, jfc she is without a doubt looking to make headlines with another controversy

No. 131951

Apology in advance for the rant incoming, but the new set pisses me off more than anything else she's ever done. The fact she made this a pinned tweet for all to see is mind boggling. I've been in a very similar situation to these pictures and the reality is horrific, not cutesy or hot. It's infuriating and surreal to see kidnapping & rape portrayed like this. "My perfect first date <3" feels like straight up mockery to victims. She really does hate other women, clearly. Belle is catering to a very dangerous group, I already noticed a few "Kill Belle" and "Belle dead" comments popping up on the post.

No. 131955

well put. this is a mental illness.

No. 131956

disappointed but not surprised. she keeps getting worse and worse.
she's not even an assault survivor though which she's admitted in past spergs about her content back when her stunts were actually kind of funny, so there's not even an excuse for this grown ass woman to be fetishizing kidnapping and rape

No. 131962

Bitch needs fucking therapy. I've seen gross shit from Shatna, Moo and Tuna but I've never felt this ill until I saw this photoset.

No. 131971

nah they're all equally vile people who make equally vile content, but belle has the potential to do actual real life damage with this shit since she has the largest and most unhinged following out of all of them

No. 131975

File: 1610493509219.png (12.03 KB, 562x276, Capture.PNG)

Many people got triggered as Belle wanted(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 131976

well done, manchester united!

No. 131979

File: 1610495473904.jpg (27.05 KB, 960x349, 20210112_184933.jpg)

I hate men

No. 131984

Yass queen normalize rape
digital creator is a flattering description. Might be wishful thinking but it looks like her likes are dropping, only 40k likes on that photoset so far.

No. 131986

bahahaha, i knew she'd ruin her "career" this quickly

No. 131987

Wow, twitter is pretty mad about this. What was the point of this? She's trying to be edgy but why? Its just making people hate her more

No. 131988

Don’t know if it makes you feel any better but when you click on his profile it says not to take anything he writes seriously. It’s probably a poor joke.
Have yous been seeing the latest tweets about her? People are furious.

No. 131989

I wonder if she will actually get called out by bigger names or if they'll just continue sucking up to her like clout hungry parasites. She did go too far this time and unironically did trigger quite a bit of people. Normalizing rape and pedophilia, what a mARkEtInG gEniUs

No. 131999

File: 1610503275738.webm (Spoiler Image, 683.79 KB, 405x720, IMG_6981.webm)

The rape LARP video leaked and its fucking gross.

No. 132000

i wonder if this is the beginning of the end for her, because the only people i've seen defending her so far are fellow pedo pandering camwhores and scrotes with porn all over their feeds. how do you go from being genuinely funny with the bait and switch pornhub stunt to this…

No. 132002

I’m looking down the comments and some people are saying “this is fine all I see are 2 adult consenting partners”

The caption is “My perfect first date <3” which implies you have just met someone and the images and video imply they have tied you up, took you to the woods and raped you. Yes she was consenting in reality but this was a rape video and no different from the other rape videos recently nuked off pornhub because they couldn’t decipher which was fake and which was not. Did you see a gap in the market now pornhub was forced to remove all the child trafficking rape videos?

No. 132005

Once again not even remotely sexy acting from the either of them, disgusting premise aside

No. 132008

Imagine being on a peaceful walk in the woods and seeing these two degenerates. Not to play devil's advocate but this isn't even remotely portraying that.. particular fetish. The losers both look at the camera. They can't even snap out of their narcissism long enough to roleplay convincingly. I've seen better shit from Shayna.

No. 132011

Maybe shes rape larping because its harder for her to larp as someone whos actually good at having sex and giving head?

No. 132025

File: 1610514223632.png (49.46 KB, 669x180, Capture.PNG)

I see some responses and people are divided in two camps: triggered and meh. By now her strategy is working as intended and is not the end of her "career".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132031

File: 1610515771752.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.86 MB, 606x1078, 1610506712566.webm)

They act so clumsy is laughable. Why Belle edited these videos like a silent era movie? She can stop looking to the camera.

No. 132033

File: 1610516422263.png (318.49 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210113-004508.png)

One of the comments from her onlyfans..

No. 132034

my fucking god.

No. 132039


Man, she really asked the surgeon to delete the bridge of her nose.

No. 132046

>take you from school

>the whole (hole) time
kek I fucking hate scrotes. Die!

No. 132048

File: 1610530443775.jpg (1.22 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_01-13-09.29.00.jpg)

Grooming your underage fans with your 'pick me' mental illness paraphilia. Peak degeneracy.

No. 132050

We still think Belle is not a raging pedophile herself? She sure loves making content about it for all her underage scrote fans.

No. 132051

Not only is it morally reprehensible rape porn, it is also very poorly done. This guy can't fuck, and some other anon was 100% correct when she said Belle is playing a rape victim so she doesn't have to pretend to be good at/interested in sex.

No. 132054

it’s such a nitpick but the squeaky boots is making me laugh. They are so obsessed with looking at the viewfinder, it makes me feel uncomfortable, almost like you’re being watched watching is this a market?

No. 132058

This is a very good point, her performance has already been roasted to the point where she thought it would be hot to stick her head in a washing machine for her porn. The problem now is that she's gone this far, the pedo coomers are crawling out of the sea expecting more of the same. There's no going back after this to something softer.
I think you're right, though it probably won't be obvious til later. The connections she made doing those podcasts should have already started distancing themselves, otherwise they will end up facing criticism down the line. It won't be smart to publicly associate with her if she carries on with this sort of content.

Isn't she breaking some guidelines on OF? Do they really OK this sort of thing?

No. 132063

File: 1610537096687.png (Spoiler Image, 411.74 KB, 596x529, bd.PNG)

she put out a pic of her tits and a non-apology

No. 132064

File: 1610537123456.png (403.88 KB, 592x739, bd.PNG)

No. 132065

>uwu my dress was too cute!
my heart bleeds for you Belle. she knew exactly what she was doing and what she was depicting in this set. if this is supposed to be representing consensual sex then explain your partner's wardrobe choices for the day. did he just feel like dressing like a kidnapper that day? he may have even styled his hair under that ski mask for all we know i guess.
> i can't help looking like a child you guys!
> people who are sensitive to kinks and sex shouldn't follow my twitter! this is normal!
this woman is pathological garbage. also big kek at the statement that it was the best sex she'd had recently. with standards as low as hers i'm sure she had a real blast. what a miserable existence.

No. 132066

domination is a kink. rape is not.

No. 132069

compares with modern populations pornsick abnormal attitude towards sex in an attempt to normalise an abnormal attitude towards sex.
>cancer is totes normal guys because a lot of people die of cancer. so cancer is good.

No. 132070

Kek anon, this greentext is so accurate

No. 132075

the post itself I did expect from Belle, but the fact that she pinned the fucking tweet and then posted a refusal to apologise, just wild. she is definitely trying to stay relevant by pushing this nasty controversy, but at the same time I don't think she even fully understands why this is so rotten. I don't even think she is lying when she tries to defend this with an argument that condenses down to "this is open-minded and kinky, and anybody who doesn't like it is closed-minded and unkinky". this isn't kinky or sexy, this is disturbing and foul, even a person into hardcore bondage and bdsm can easily see that. Belle perhaps can't, because she herself cannot distinguish what good sex looks like. to her, sex requires a victim to be exploited, an acceptable solution to the fact that she is so bad in bed and needs shock value to keep people interested in her porn career.

No. 132079

"best sex I've had in ages" …stares silently into the camera the whole time. Also the violence in videogames is such a non point. Playing violent video games is not the same as masturbating to violent scenes in video games. Which would probably be as damaging as beating it to her newest fuckup. Ironic that a girl who dropped out of school at 14 is trying so hard to educate others about human behaviour. Go back to school bellend delphoney.

No. 132080

Please, nothing here is working. She's done with mainstream after this, not difficult as she had nothing going for her prior. If you hop off Twitter it's like she doesn't even exist which is lovely. Belle is now left over with the twitter pedo degenerates just like she wanted, the ones who must pay the most. She made her bed and now it's not far off to say she might get kidnapped or actually killed now. It's obvious she's nothing but a piggy bank for her boyfriend, he doesn't give a shit about her well being. Thanks Belle, for empowering degenerates further to feel good about their kidnap and rape fantasies. Fuck this flat, lanky, horton hears a who-looking human garbage.

No. 132082

Lmao she really pulled a "I genetically look like a child uwu" like, no you don't and that's good. She only looks like a child when she purposefully filters and shoops herself.

No. 132083

Belle, you're 5'5". You don't look like a child just because you're flat and toneless, you look like an anachan adult

No. 132084

>i styled my hair and wore a cute dress
nobody is looking at your hair or cares about your outfit, retard.
>if it's about how i genetically look
you do not look like a child. you're the same height as the guy larping rape with you. you want everyone to think that you look like a child. even if that weren't the case here, it is only a part of why this is so fucked up.

No. 132085

File: 1610543409067.jpg (61.21 KB, 782x556, bferw.JPG)

>i made it very clear that i was enjoying it and that it was consensual

how could we be so blind

No. 132087

>woman says “I look like a kid!”
This is never true, ever. Stop flattering yourself Belle.

No. 132088

It's not even flattering to normal people. I suppose to her and her audience it is.

No. 132090

God this is stupid. Yes CNC is a kink but it specifically requires trigger warnings. No one is asking you to TW all your posts just the ones with literal rape kink in them.

Jesus this bitch is insufferable

No. 132096

OT but I hate this stupid Lola Bunny face she alwalys pulls now

No. 132102

File: 1610549110391.jpg (366.25 KB, 800x593, you-did-it-24a783eb67.jpg)

Belle is playing people like a fiddle: For sure she had that non apology wrote before she post these "rape" pics on twitter. Belle covered many bases before doing this stunt.(scrote)

No. 132103

Disgusting themes and porn aside, the fact he has to stand on his tip toes to thrust into her makes me laugh. Absolute manlet.

No. 132105

He is absolutely terrible at sex. I'm actually amazed. This weird rythmless jackhammering shit is how teens have sex

Also I love how the scrotes on ywitter are like "ummm she's a PORN actress this is what she DOES" like yall she's only been "doing porn" for a whopping 3 weeks

No. 132106

No. 132108

Was very laughable when Josh tried to lift Belle XD and was like "no way" >>132031(XD)

No. 132109

the porn was just cringy tbh , he was trying to make it sexy and kinky and it just came off as over the top tried to hold her up but failed and that killed me a bit idk dude she doesnt even look chidlike it just looks cringy and lik theyr were both trying too hard

No. 132110

File: 1610551840431.jpeg (813.57 KB, 1683x3464, 316AED4F-AC9E-4115-984B-8F7719…)

No. 132112

The words coming out of her mouth are retarded and anyone with a shred of common sense wouldn't defend her behaviour, especially publicly on twitter.

No. 132113

File: 1610552048846.jpeg (252.69 KB, 1588x2000, 181A2233-565B-420F-933B-6BD390…)

>purposely wearing maryjane style shoes and white socks similar to vintage school children ages 4-12 y/o to record porn
>is a 5’5-5’6 anachan
>nasolabialfolds.com under layered snow filters to look “youthful”
>had had surgery
>cannot help is so smoll and petite with tiny boobies
>not her fault uwu

No. 132114

File: 1610552294394.jpg (21.75 KB, 234x320, daa3f40253872b360a1d8781727bca…)

Guys Im totally dressed like an adult from the 60s can't you tell?

No. 132115

She's a lanky, shapeless beanpole with size A tits who tries to convince people she looks childlike, as of that's even an excuse for this. Why is this lie even a defense? What's gonna happen now, is she just never gonna leave her council house (kek)? People are gonna eventually see her real appearance, not that it'll be a big deal as she's already known as a dumb dumpster fire. I really want a future horrorcow and she has real potential, the delusions are unreal. She really thinks she's gonna get mainstream famous for this pure degeneracy just because she's SO controversial? She reads this site she should know better.

No. 132117

is she 5'6 or 5'5

No. 132118

File: 1610552738680.jpg (41.96 KB, 800x450, cover3.jpg)

She don't live in a council
She looks like a 6'

No. 132119

Hey scrote.. Belle just played herself like a fiddle. She's what, 20 and these videos are gonna follow her forever

No. 132120

File: 1610552755864.jpeg (13.33 KB, 275x194, 1610418030056.jpeg)

How is she gonna post this one her Twitter and argue that she doesn't look like a grown woman. Without the usual mad filters and Photoshopping, she doesn't look childlike or youthful kek, she could pass for her mid to late twenties. That's the reality, Belle. You do not look like a child or a teen, and you do not look like your edited pictures. Get over it.

No. 132121

Ok then - what, is she never gonna leave her dirty 1 bedroon flat?

No. 132122

File: 1610553008827.jpg (164.59 KB, 1200x675, EnxDaatXEAE20jP.jpg)

Exactly anon, nobody wears this garbage except for children from the past. But in her defense, she has always had really, really shit taste. Also picrel what a youthful and childlike face.

No. 132128

File: 1610553579933.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20210113_105656137.jpg)

Reminder belle is smol 1/2

No. 132129

File: 1610553633692.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20210113_105711942.jpg)


No. 132130

The video personally bothers me because I know someone who was thrown in a stranger's car and raped when she was a teenager. See how similar the scenarios are? That's why people are bothered.

No. 132131

Don't worry, we all agree here that she is a degenerate and disgusting for making this… unless you're belle, a scrote or wk who frequent this thread and talks belle up like she's a marketing genius, easy to detect these

No. 132132

Shes nearly the same height as Josh

No. 132137

Right before the epic fail
Too bad he couldn't hold up his uwu smol baby for longer then 1 sec. She's literally begging for people to nitpick at her height as she's using "I'm naturally tiny" as a pass to make pedobait.

No. 132138

File: 1610555748720.png (36.71 KB, 1440x378, le ratio 1.png)

Belle getting ratio'd

No. 132139

File: 1610555777971.png (39.2 KB, 1440x318, le ratio 2.png)

So popular guis

No. 132140

josh was such a weak lil manlet to not be able to lift the bag of bones i kek’d. lift some weights you degenerate coomer. fucking pathetic.

grown adult woman in a party city wig. If anything I would say minus filters she looks 25, maybe older.

No. 132141

>Youthful face

Maybe once you slap 100 edits and filters on. She doesn't look younger than her age in reality.

Nevermind the pious it is *you* who is the pervert reading things into my porn, which is objectively nearly entirely pedobait

No. 132142

This is fucking embarrassing. Is josh putting her up to doubling down on this? She should have just apologized for not putting up a proper TW and moved on. The way she's defending it makes it seem like she knows she fucked up

No. 132144

But if she just put up a TW and moved on she wouldn't have a chance to tell everybody how smol and teen she is naturally!

No. 132149

No sane person likes rape. Coomers are so desensitized.

No. 132151

Deleted the post since I dredged up the cap I was thinking of and they did not, in fact, vote for rape (it wasn't an option). Though her posting all this rape porn while saying no one likes rape, no one wants rape to exist is infuriating. At least own being a pro-rape pickme if that's who you are.

No. 132152

The premeditation of this whole thing is pure cringe. She did all of this knowing the outrage it would cause. I bet she is hoping her account will get nuked, so she can have a repeat of her YT ban where people rallied together on her behalf. This plan will fail, miserably. Nobody influential would want to defend this shit, it would be career suicide. Her post on Twitter clearly violates TOS, no sexual assault, including "simulated lack of consent". She can't make the argument this time around that mainstream artists are doing the same thing on the platform; last time I checked I never saw Cardi B tweet out a post of her gagged, tied up, thrown in a van and raped against a tree in the name of "art" kek

No. 132153

File: 1610560126972.jpeg (437.25 KB, 1125x1084, 4DD64647-4734-45B7-9A8C-35468A…)

Pixie cat licking Belle’s ass as usual the amount of sex workers defending her makes my skin crawl.

No. 132155

It proves how mentally unwell she really is. In her mind this is all games, no biggie. She's dangerous, a classic case of "shoulda been a blowjob". Anyone who feels bad for her - just stop.

No. 132156

If you check youtube, it's already pretty silent. People aren't talking about her anymore. After she posted her sex tape, there's no more novelty. And youtubers are not going to make videos about random fucked up porn.

No. 132158

Belle is like Tesla or Bitcoin: more the people predict the demise more the stonks are up.

From 2017 people is saying Belle will crash and burn.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132159

I can only speak for me but I hate this narrative that csa survivors do this shit on the reg to cope. Fucking stop. No one who has endured the sheer terror and loss of control that comes with being fucking kidnapped and raped would never risk triggering people who have gone through it for real. People who do this and put it out for all to see are the biggest degenerates on the planet imo.

No. 132160

>"cnc is a healing mechanism"
people forget that you can do it with your partner in private, and no one says a thing. And this "most women fantasize about rape" shit is repeated so often, I'm pretty sure it's bullshit.

No. 132161

"Most women fantasize about rape" is a male fantasy projected onto desperate women through the "empowering" bdsm community.

No. 132162

I always don't get this with rape kinks, how is re-living a rape scene help with past sexual assaults truma. Wouldn't they find it more triggering and upsetting?

No. 132163

For gods sake! I clicked this thinking it would just play here and it downloaded to my computer!? Bleach both my eyes and computer. lmao at the guy though

No. 132164

as for younger victims, allegedly something in the brain can be rewired into them developing a fetish or want for something like this, idk how it is for older victims

No. 132165


I don't doubt that it's a coping mechanism but putting it out for people to see and consume…yeah, that's not coping. It's capitalizing on rape.

No. 132168

I kind of think maybe it’s reliving an experience but with a safe predictable outcome, a counter productive self harm cope like cutting your arms to “numb the pain”. These girls could just get therapy kek. It probably also makes Belle feel wanted after her childhood of being rejected by boys, peers and her father to have a man reenact an uncontrollable lust for her that he has to rape her as opposed to the usual rejections she faced throughout life.

They can do what they want behind closed doors but no one is tugging one off to the thought of it being acting, they are cooming over the thought of it being real. The more people are exposed to degenerate porn the more degenerate porn they need to coom, the more rape porn is normalized the more men feel the need to be unnecessary aggressive towards women, sexually assault them and treat them like fuckholes - especially the growing teenage brain (which is up to the age of 25) who consume her content. Modern society has normalised “kinky sex” to the point every man assumes you like being strangled and having your hair ripped out of your scalp during sex.

No. 132171

Belle is being called out on numerous forums now for new fake accounts that are praising her/calling her a genius. lol Its funny that they caught these accounts are from the same IP too. What a genius you are Belle!

No. 132173

What forums?

No. 132175

The genius ship has long since sailed.

No. 132178

Pixie is a Belle's employee, she can't do otherwise.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132185

What like an assistant?

No. 132189

she will definitely get banned from twitter permanently this time, and i can't see large creators still shilling her after this without getting themselves canceled or called out in the process. even people who think muh kinkshaming is bad are still mad at bellend for not putting a content warning.

No. 132192

Her rape post was either deleted by twitter or she removed it.

No. 132195

File: 1610574583363.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 1242x1710, 5246F704-26D8-4004-A29E-5DC2FA…)

It’s still up.

No. 132197

I hate men https://youtu.be/2o_xEQ5IzZs(imageboard)

No. 132200

What an absolute fucking mong. I have never seen photos of adult women in the 60s wearing puff-sleeved babydoll dresses and mary Janes. She is so uncultured and uneducated why is this bint given any credit for being a SMORT BUSINESS WOMEN

No. 132204

File: 1610576901549.jpg (125.27 KB, 1071x713, Screenshot_20210113-142711_Chr…)

Scrote whose never experienced rape to the rescue!

No. 132206

i think she is for sure a fucked up pedophile. people need to stop assuming that pedophiles are only creepy fat neckbeards in their 30s who live with their moms and drive a white van. women can be pedophiles too, even young women.

i really don't think for most people, they would be able to put together such a detailed depiction of a child getting raped… down to the duct tape, rope, shoes, socks, van, everything. it's disturbing to be honest. she can say "im not trying to be childish" but it is clear to everyone, including her fans who write fanfic about "picking her up from school"

this, paired with the fact that she simultaneously panders to children by using memes and shit in her content, developing a fanbase of underaged people… it's just all so fucked up, this woman is a pedophile, or her boyfriend is a pedophile & she's ghislaine maxwelling for him.

No. 132209

You just know this twat's main audience is male ages 10-15

No. 132211

Also the fact he missed out that those who were calling it out were disturbed she was cosplaying a kid is telling (not my opinion but thats what those who were bothered by it said)

No. 132213

She knows very well the age of her audience, she specifically caters to children and pedos. So pinning this on her public twitter without even a warning, with that in mind kind of seals the deal that she's a pedo.

No. 132215

Didn’t Keem bully someone in to suicide kek so like as if anyone gives a fuck about his opinion. The reason coomers say it’s fine is because they want to continue cooming and consooming, but once they ever have a daughter, oh boy do the opinions turn (not that it makes them respect any other women tho for that matter)
People aren’t playing violent video games to COOM. If you are playing violent video games and jacking off you have issues and need to see a therapist. You can’t compare the 2 because one releases a whole bunch of brain chemicals and becomes an addiction that’s why people become porn addicts and men have turned to No Fap because they realised the porn they were consuming was becoming more extreme like people do when they become drug addicts and they were having an addiction to porn and was unable to have actual normal sex lives. Normalising rape makes men want to watch more rape and then reenact rape then go on to more extreme rape.

No. 132217

Also he seems to have missed that some ppl were just asking for a trigger warning bc it triggered bad memories for them. Not like he cares

I wasn't aware that happened about the suicide. Yes, if he ever has a daughter he won't want HIS daughter doing that

No. 132218

OT: Keem bullied Etika repeatedly on DramaAlert for views and was blamed for worsening his mental health. Etika commit suicide by drowning. Keem is the King of Scrotes.

No. 132220

Keemstar does have a daughter, and Shadman made some disgusting comic with her likeness in it, which he rightly was pissed off about. But defend Belle for dressing like a child and portraying sexual violence, sure. Scrotes never change, they just keep cooming.

No. 132221

samefagging but that is such a retarded take. Sure some women are into this, whatever, I wouldn't police someone's private bedroom or their mind. Some people are into eating shit too, but that doesn't mean it belongs in Twitter or should be celebrated. You can eat shit or pretend to be raped all night long, but it shouldn't be normalized. That's the difference.

No. 132222

File: 1610580724075.jpeg (80.96 KB, 750x624, 43B78AB3-D370-42EA-9906-5685BD…)

Hope Belle cosplays Keems daughter next, she loves shadman, pedobating and being controversial so I can’t see why she wouldn't. Hopefully Keem will enjoy that.

I hate SJW culture and TW but the thing is, no one searched to find rape porn and it shouldn’t be easily available and retweeted and passed along to be viewable by people who don’t want to see stuff like that that’s why people are at least asking for some sort of warning, which is a nicer response than asking for her to be banned.

I searched rape on PH just (Police don’t @ me) and that search doesn’t work and suggested normal “vanilla” porn… I wonder why, could rape fantasy be a bad no no porn? I thought it was normal and highly searched for? kek full of shit.

No. 132226

She said the same thing in her statement about incest porn (sure, step family porn is popular because it's a work around for that particular fetish, but she still failed to make a valuable point). Incest and rape get scrubbed from porn sites, so yes, these are categories that degens might want, but even the likes of pornhub don't encourage or support it. Her set isn't just a controversial kink, it's a depiction of a nonconsensual sex act that wouldn't fly on a regulated porn site and definitely has no place being on twitter for minors (or any random for that matter) to see. If she posted a set depicting murder porn then would she make the same defense? Her argument is weak and anybody defending it is a retard tryhard edgelord.

No. 132229

>expecting keemstar of all people to care about belle encouraging violence against other women
oh anon, he's a terrible person in his own way. i actually expected someone like him to be more defensive of her
she's obviously at the very least an autopedophile. i wouldn't be surprised if it came out that she was a groomer or that she has a thing for underage girls

No. 132230

File: 1610582631965.png (155.95 KB, 1000x740, 11F92994-5E9B-40C3-B637-F9DD91…)

step sister and step mom/milf is high up there last i checked. also with that whole meme of “whatre you doing step bro” is cause these videos have high traffic on PH. its not some deep web shit, sorry to take your innocence away. rape porn on the other hand is different but i’d imagine is still on that degenerate website.
there was that whole thing where a good chunk of their content got taken down cause it was illegal, cp, revenge porn etc. so at least i hope they dont have incest and rape shit on there anymore.

No. 132231

Who do you think is really behind this kidnap/rape fantasy porn vid? Do you think it was Josh, or Belle's idea herself? I have this disgusting feeling that it is what her highest paying coomers have asked for and encouraged her to do. It's very specific and detail oriented like another anon said, but at the same time a typical rape fantasy trope (the van, duct tape, ski mask). It's so gross. It's like this video is the disgusting lovechild of Belle's gross pedo mind and the cumbrains who made her.

No. 132232

pretty sure it’s her lol not hard to believe. it makes a lot of sense actually. very much goes with daddy issues and attention whoring. someone being so obsessed with you that they want to take full control and rape you is the fantasy so it makes sense it’s her idea.

No. 132234

The only reason I'd maybe suspect some coomer requesting it is the outfit being so out of date. It's juvenile but she is right that it is 'vintage'. My guess is though that she is just fetishizing the idea of innocence being destroyed and that era is considered an "innocent" time, so that's why she's dressing like a child from that time period rather than pulling her cum-crusted MLP bathing suit out of the closet.

No. 132235

>milf & stepmother is highly searched
But I thought men were repulsed by women over 30 & only liked 20 year olds!

No. 132236

its possibly the continuation of her Dolores Haze LARP. She’s absolutely obsessed with Lolita’s pedophile themes.

No. 132237

it reminded me moreso of the serial killer/ted bundy era. she even let her natural brown hair loose. i’ll be honest, dont come at me thinking this is defending her, but i didnt see it as childlike esp. in comparison to what shes worn before. saw it more of vintage serial killer 60’s/70’s era. must watch a lot of true crime.

No. 132238

belle is aware of her audience and it was only a matter of time. she's getting too old to pull off the 'slutty younger sister who gives you weird looks' vibe she used to use without even having to get naked. this is the natural progression. she's been catering to these very sexually aggressive men for years. it was absolutely her idea.
before belle realized she got more attention by posting pictures of herself scantily clad on the internet, she went to lolita meetups. not necessarily out of the the blue, though it does definitely differ from her usual aliexpress main page bs. my guess as to why she chose that particular dress for this particular video was for 'plausible deniability', which she failed to give herself using aforementioned cum-crusted mlp bathing suit. she wants the controversy for the attention. it's counterintuitive at this point to do shit like that again with this many eyes on her.

No. 132240

Yes, that is what I explained. Incest itself is usually scrubbed, step porn is not, it's popular because it's used as a loophole work around in place of incest porn. An effort is made to scrub incest and rape specifically. >>132237
I felt the same way as you about it but I think the way she constantly tries to make herself look as young as possible anyway is why it doesn't immediately strike me as necessarily being a child rape fantasy. She makes an effort in all of her content to look as childlike as she can.

No. 132249

Lmfao didn't Dahmer say porn fucked him up and introduced him to sexual violence? Men are so retarded.

No. 132253

oh yeah that's much better, instead of simulating child rape, she's simulating serial murder! definitely considerably less insane!

No. 132257

she is really playing with fire lmao can't wait till her sob stories come out about being taken advantage of when fame and money runs out. she is truly unhinged.

No. 132258

>but dont come at me thinking im defending her!!
And what are you doing what is your point? one thing is not less disgusting than the other lol.And yes you are consuming too much true crime your brain has become poopy!! Belle clearly is dressed as a child in whatever year/era,rape porn is bad that's it periodt nothing more nothing less.Even tho u know so much about true crime u missed this >>132249


No. 132264

All killers involving rape or children deflect to media even though countless studies prove otherwise. These people will do this regardless of media consumption. This existed before media consumption. It's literally a deflecting technique to absolve mental state to avoid prision time or execution. Thats why so many people like that are in the court system because it's bs. They do it of sound mind and clear intentions. /s for clearing up information

No. 132273

Bruh you can't tell me it's anything but a school girl look. She's only saying it's not now because she got called out. It's clear what she intended

No. 132277

File: 1610597833443.jpg (1.53 MB, 3024x4032, amazon.jpg)

Belle looks like a netflix teenager.

No. 132278

It honestly looks like any basic cottagecore rouched mid section dress from SHEIN. Puff sleeves are in and mary janes arent only for kid. I don't see the reach either, especially since she didn't say she was a kid here. If that's what people see that is 100% on them.

No. 132280

The idea of it being some super old pervert who specifically wanted a 60s child's outfit? Makes it all so much worse. Like that video was a custom for some old man. That might explain her style changes, she hops around quite a lot now and maybe it's at the request of specific rich scrotes.

No. 132281

not to alog but with the "my next stunt" tee and this, I think she's basically asking for something awful to happen to her at the hands of some stalker. I absolutely do not want anything to happen, but with the images and messages she's sending out, she's playing into their hands. And some men are fucking crazy and will take this as a "sign" that she wants to be raped and murdered.

No. 132296

File: 1610606807431.jpg (853.13 KB, 1080x1891, Screenshot_20210113-224630_Chr…)

Found the dress on WISH. They call it a lolita cut, but its basic cottagecorr but with chiffon.

No. 132297

File: 1610606865826.jpg (435.6 KB, 1080x1310, Screenshot_20210113-224757_Chr…)

Also on ebay

No. 132303

You know she also said she wasn't dressed as a child when she sucked on an oversized lollipop wearing a MLP swimsuit with puffy pigtails right?

No. 132307

She's right that a big part of it is her genetics though. It honestly doesn't matter what she wears, people because she's an anachan will always say this. Also because of the pigtails. It's another form of infantalizing adults, but she dug that hole.

No. 132310

>her genetics
>5'6, several inches taller than avg height
>implying she didn't get her entire nose bridge sawed off
based fucking retard

No. 132311

Anon I said the people who think she looks like a kid will always think that. I'm not trying to argue it. If you are obviously pointing out why she doesn't look like one, that's the point she's making.

No. 132313

They're not pointing out that she doesn't look like a child, they're pointing out she has gone out of her way to make herself look like a child and the "muh genetics" excuse is bullshit.
Plastic surgery, filters, camera tricks to look smol, juvenile facial expressions, braces, childish pigtails, a children's swimsuit, pigtails, stuffed toys, baby talk in her captions, cosplaying Lolita… Yeah clearly she can't help it and it's everyone else projecting a childlike image onto her against her will.

No. 132314

Exactly. If she was in a normal set of lingerie or a secretary outfit or even just generic costhot stuff her porno would be fine except the new rape set. She isn’t inherently childlike no matter what her autopedophile ass dreams of.

No. 132317

Venus does the generic stuff and still gets called pedopandering though. Its a but biased imo, but Im not going to try to convince anons just because they don't agree. That's how most people are viewing it and there are plenty of comments calling out why it is and why it isn't.

No. 132321

didnt she say shes 165 cm which is 5'5 i was trying to look for the tweet but couldnt find it

No. 132322

File: 1610619092769.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.35 KB, 320x517, 2j0xv7xkilk51.jpg)

"i dont dress like a kid" fucking twat

No. 132325

spoiler that anon

No. 132329

kek. The least they could do is stay in character. They couldn't even do that right.

No. 132331

>a counter productive self harm cope
Pretty much.

It's the scrotes with porn sickness/addiction that end up having warped ideas of what real sex is supposed to be like. I had it happen where a guy I was dating tried to "reenact" shit he saw in a porno and I was like, you know porn sex isn't real sex dumb ass? Porn actresses aren't legitimate representations of normal females. Most of the girls in those movies (especially hetero films) are miserable. Putting on a show for the camera =/= real sex.

No. 132332

File: 1610627618257.png (2.71 MB, 1334x750, 700E718D-3347-46F3-98AA-8AD048…)

>it’s her genetics
Is she Benjamin Button. How does someone age in reverse. She looked older when she was actually underage.

No. 132333

I think she's always looked older than she really is and maybe has a big hang up about it, feeding into her fucked up ddlg issues. She wants so badly to look like a little girl because she naturally had a maturer face.

No. 132340

File: 1610631858819.jpg (217.14 KB, 1612x1080, 1263770_481565721942262_101025…)

She never looked like a teenager, she jumped from 12 yo to "I'm your boss" age. Her straight nose for some reason gave Belle certain air of superiority.

No. 132341

File: 1610632059739.png (448.66 KB, 2144x1306, bedroom.png)

>I wasn't actually trying look like a child
>Has vids of her bedroom with plushies and childlike shit strewn all over the place.
Granted this vid is from 2019 but still. She's retarded for getting mad at people getting mad at her for pedo baiting when she has a history of doing it/has a "fetish" for it.

No. 132342

Belle is having ego orgasms when seeing comments from people accusing her of pedobaiting and portraying child molestation. Finally, those filters, shooping and toddler clothing have paid off.

No. 132344

>she has gone out of her way to make herself look like a child
I've seen plenty of vintage adult looks and not once did any of them remind me of a child. I don't care about the rape fantasy rp but she's not gonna sit there telling everyone she wasn't trying to look like a minor when tons of her old content includes her wearing children's bathing suits, fake braces etc. She cosplays loli shit all the time. She knows what she's doing she's just trying to play dumb.

No. 132350

File: 1610636100604.jpg (49.68 KB, 434x727, ce37ra7cx3b61.jpg)

I have a feeling this has been posted before I guess this is what happens when you market towards creeps

No. 132355

Wasn't this her friend kitty or someone who she collabed with later? Fake candid photos, back when Belle didn't think getting raped in a forest was good content for the internet and just did mild stunts like this.

No. 132361

That was a joke, and a good one: the guy live in Australia and these pics were taken by Belle's employee
In fact that stunt (made with Pixiecat help) failed. People (who didn't knew she is a Belle's employee) berated Pixie for posting these pics and became worried about Belle wellbeing. That stunt backfired in an unexpected way.
Ironicaly her "rape" stunt is working.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132362

File: 1610639491392.jpg (26.15 KB, 360x202, ukj.JPG)

seeing these images together is plain sad. her natural, adult face and the one she goes to great lengths to hide, alongside the disturbed toddler face she desperately wishes she had kek

No. 132367

How can her new content be okay in any way?Romanticizing Kidnapping and rape and then excuse it with " Every woman lowkey dream". She is sick in her head and I hope one day platforms realize her pedo pandering content and ban her visage everywhere. This one topped it no doubt. I knew she was insane but doing such shooting… No words to that Cunt. Do you bitch even know how many women get raped yearly? And you stupid whore choose this theme for your content? Sad that YouTubers don't call this out and still would asslick her herpes ass.

No. 132371

Keem is a pedophile himself, put child porn in front of him and he gets a boner within seconds. No wonder he defends that ugly goblin belle no matter what happens. She could kill someone and he would find an excuse to make it look like she is Innocent. Motherfucker.

No. 132372

how many adults do you know wear child-branded MLP swimsuits with pigtails, a huge lollypop and braces? this sounds like a "you" problem

No. 132373

is this before she had braces? kind of weird that braces didn't change her teeth at all. really makes you wonder whether the braces were purely cosmetic to get big off of cosplay as a little kid

No. 132374

the top

the type of dress

she blatantly searches lolita when shopping and not for the EGL kind. obsessed with it.

No. 132375

The outfit in that porn is so out of place, too. If she wanted to look vintage, then why is the van modern? As well as josh, nothing about his getup rooks remotely retro. In fact nothing about that video is, except her outfit.

Couldn't they rent a vintage looking van with the millions they make?

No. 132377

As somebody pointed out, maybe she should do a set cosplaying as his family members, maybe his mother? Let's see how opinion-free the scrote will be then.

No. 132378

She looks like a teenager from high school movies. You know, movies where people in their 20s play teenagers.

No. 132380

File: 1610644837773.jpg (162.09 KB, 1364x2048, 15975117_1150257821739712_6495…)

Before that nosejob, she had certain Regina George air. Not uwu at all.

No. 132381

Its called CNC, consensual non-consent. Its extremely popular actually, especially in BDSM circles. It's honestly not out of the norm for BDSM porn.

No. 132382

Exactly. Anons saying she looks like a kid also complain in the next sentence how old she looks. Pick one.

No. 132383


Still sick and I kinkshame that shit

No. 132384

And who said that kink was ever normal, to begin with just because people chose to normalize it? Fak off.

No. 132385

File: 1610646563800.png (Spoiler Image, 279.36 KB, 1200x900, bellend.png)

Even the President of the Adult Performer's Union knows Belle done fucked up. Hopefully she loses her Twitter and OF

No. 132386

Oh shit, could she really lose her OF over this?

No. 132387

File: 1610646747879.png (268.07 KB, 601x384, belle twitter.png)

Dressing like a kid =/= looking like a kid. Plus editing etc, there is nothing to "pick" here.

No. 132388

Ah so not everybody on twitter is buying the "I naturally look like a toddler" bullshit

No. 132390

Looks like the general consensus is that what she did was bad and her defense of it makes it even worse. It's the reason she was trending in the first place, just like the last two times she was trending on twitter - Everyone Disliked That.

No. 132393

File: 1610648877260.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.44 KB, 380x540, a160792_xlf.jpg)

Says Alana Evans KEK

No. 132395

So glad people are finally catching up on the "petite and smol uwu" bullshit being a total lie. I mean she's almost as tall as Joshlet in the video cut the crap

No. 132397

File: 1610649745104.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.75 KB, 640x360, 20210114_104012.jpg)

Yeah she tries desperately to try to do what Belle does. I wouldn't take anything this hypocrite says regardless of the union. She has her fair share of cowing, but Ill leave that for other threads.

Don't all egirls call themselves smol because its supposed to be uwu? A fat girl saying it wouldn't be true either. It's just the thing to say.

No. 132398

>scat porn is normal in the scat communities and for that reason it’s normal to smear yourself in faeces.
Your argument sucks. Just because there’s a large amounts of degenerates doing a thing doesn’t make it not degenerate.

No. 132399

Jesus anon no one said that. Calm down. That's not even the same and people do have kinks, but that porn stars argumis bad as all adult content is technically A-TOS. Way to go from 0 to 60 for some spergy reason.

No. 132400

That response was responding to something that wasn’t even regarding “that porn star” stfu and read before REEEing. Unless you are the one who keeps making each and every Belle arse licking comment on here, I was not replying to you.

No. 132410

I'd actually love to see her try to defend herself is somebody called her out for pedo-pandering on this particular photoset. Would she still pull the "I naturally look like this uwu" like is she delusional enough kek

No. 132412

I fantasize about young chads getting raped (by other men while I watch). It's just a kink uwu but do u think guys would be ok with normalizing this? Or does this "don't kink shame me" stuff only work in reverse?

Sage for shower thoughts

No. 132414

uwu don’t worry anon, many young chads have fantasies about being raped, don’t ask how I know as a woman, I just do ok. and there is porn of it on the web somewhere so it’s perfectly normal. pin some of it on your twitter please for 14 year old girls to see <3

Being part of the adult industry does not give you a get out of jail free card when it comes to rape, looking at you rapist Riley Reid. Just because you have decided your pussy is a worthless commodity that can be sold, purchased and prostituted online does not make it ok or any different than celebrities and politicians endorsing and promoting rape.

No. 132417

File: 1610660469173.png (Spoiler Image, 161.11 KB, 1200x679, Awful.png)

New Twitter post. No trigger warning AGAIN, captioned "my perfect second date"
Belle & Josh are beyond sickening at this point.

No. 132419

wow this is pathetic, so addicted to attention. she is going to burn out and tank her 'career' so much faster than I expected.

No. 132421

She’s actually so insane what the fuck man

No. 132424

Hate this even more - its not even ‘sexual’, just fake snuff. Its pathetic but disgusting. What a combo.

No. 132428

not sure why her account isn't getting banned. Trump gets banned for advertising "violence", where is the difference with what this waste of oxygen called Belle is doing? i hope she gets mass reported and the ban hammer. ABSOLUTELY cringe and deep Web level posting at this point.

No. 132429

I'm guessing she didn't get quite the uproar the was hoping for the first time around. The attention seeking posts make me physically cringe, girl has zero self awareness. If she keeps going this will either get her ~cancelled~ by mainstream Twitter or anybody who comes forth to her defense (excluding Keem because only fellow trash value any of his fake opinions).

No. 132430

Twitter is fine with violence against women or anything anti-woman on there. The only reason trump got banned was because they didnt want any potential blame, twitter is shit it has no morals, same with facebook, they are doing this to save face. Nothing to do with responsibility.

No. 132431

File: 1610662806239.webm (308.6 KB, 656x1232, Belle based and redpilled.webm)

Belle always has been very cringy with that old Pepe poster and her bad porn but now she look based and redpilled.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132433

I don’t even know what kind of sick fuck would be attracted to that. I know men are a lost cause but I’m gonna wager that a lot of her fan base is ok with her shoving dildos in her ass but not interested in straight up killing a random girl. It’s really all to get the attention on her. I get the feeling she knows she’s burning out fast.

> Also that crappy bathtub

I’m lost, so far we’ve seen pics of a really mediocre place, do they really live there?? That bathroom seems like a really mediocre to average one anybody could have at home. Even Mariah’s house looks better and I’m pretty sure they get the same amount of money probably.

No. 132434

Starting to think Josh wants her dead for real. These photosets are getting worse and worse. Also she's playing "irl belle" with her real hair in the worst rape/murder sets. So this isn't even killing off a character. I await the explanation post about uwu actually loads of women have fantasies about being drowned and electrocuted and we're kinkshaming her.

No. 132435

You can't promo rape/torture porn and also enjoy mainstream popularity and success. Ya can't have both. I reckon she is doing this looking to bag the worst possible crowd of consumers more than likely because, as pointed out, she is really bad at porn, but having backed herself into a corner she needs a way to still make the porn without losing customers. If she draws in the rape/snuff porn coomers then she can worry less about performing well and everything else she was being roasted for. I sense a lot of spite too in her doing this along with the non-apology, as if she's big mad at the fact that her porn got roasted so bad and probably lost her subscribers.

No. 132436

It's obvious her boyfriend doesn't care about her, he is more than happy to exploit her, enable her, and humiliate her, and their embarrassing porn shows that. Did you see the clip of the "Best Sex She Had In Months"? Tragic kek.

No. 132437

Ok slightly off topic but this argument is shit because the reason they stopped doing studying on porn was because of how quickly it rewired the subjects brain. People do copy what they see in porn, comparing port to videogames is like comparing apples and oranges. Also keemstar a shit.

No. 132438

She looks good here. I don't understand why she didn't stick to posting lewds on onlyfans. She could have continued to be a successful model on there but she's gone too far and can't go back now.

No. 132439

It’s probably because Josh a disgusting dadbod coomer who probably spends all day cooming with dorito dust on his dick and seeing his girlfriend constantly naked shoving dildos in herself, his peepee has become desensitised and unable to hold an erection during normal sex like every other pornsick coomer. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if his hard-drive was full of rape porn, snuff and cp.

Belle is such a pick me that she believes doing this “gets her in with the boys”, realising pepe is a deadmeme she’s turning to more hardcore shit probably hoping r9k with their pure hate boner for women will simp her for being so

No. 132440

Where she lives in the UK is expensive and generally fixtures there are shitty and old compared to in the US or elsewhere in Europe. That tub looks like a lot of them in decent apartments in UK city centres.

No. 132442

File: 1610666654198.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 104.61 KB, 750x554, 4EAF4FEF-2517-448F-87BC-ED35E3…)

OT but kek, bet she was seething

No. 132444

Josh is obviously a sick fuck to be as into this stuff as he is, he likes it when she dresses like a kid and enjoys pretending to abuse her..
How sure are we that she hasn't been majorly groomed to be into this degenerate shit? He was also like 30 when they started right?

No. 132445

Belle isn't trending right now which I find hilarious, because you know very well she wanted to be trending right now. She can't get enough, can't even wait a full day. Can you imagine ruining your life to this degree just for some internet attention

No. 132446

Ben Shapiro stole her thunder(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132448

Ew he’s 30? They’ve been dating “3 years” which would be since she was 18 (though if he’s 30 they could have been dating longer and he just doesn’t want to catch a charge) so she possibly is being groomed

No. 132450

really sad actually ..

No. 132451

Twitter is okay with pornography, child pornography, pedophiles, MAPS, troons bullying regular women, and pro-antifa/BLM violence. But they ban and blame a singular man for “violence” when it was only one day. Last time I checked BLM burnt small businesses down all summer. If they ban Trump they need to ban everyone inciting violence, even the white libtards and cuntservatives. Are social media platforms going to ban porn soon?

No. 132452

This is so gross and weird. Why post this violent bdsm on Twitter. At least take it to a porn site so people that can’t consent don’t accidentally see it….She looks like the love child of an adult Whoville woman and Michael Jackson. Her nose is really ugly she seriously fucked it up and the highlight makes it look greasy and bulbous. She can’t even larp being an anime girl correctly, she looks like an Amazon. Bella Poarch does the kawaii thing well. (She’s problematic but at least she doesn’t do sex work) She’s meeting celebrities (Justin Bieber, Tyga) and youtubers, getting brand deals, has a decent fanbase, and doing collabs with brands like Ripndip. All of that without needing to take her clothes off and degrade herself.

No. 132453

That's a ridiculous take from her. At a certain point some people are outraged just for the sake of being outraged.
Well no one said all sex workers put thought into their opinions. kek

No. 132454

Anyone who says they respect her marketing skills is retarded. She markets the exact same way Trisha Paytas does. Find a subject people will get triggered about and do it so people will get talking (rape, trans, disorders, etc…) . You can't respect Belle and hate Trisha paytas. Its the same shit.

No. 132455

Agreed. This >>132417 is just shitposting. There's no point to it but to try and stir up a hornets nest with angry moms and radfems.

No. 132456

shut the fuck up trailer trash

No. 132487


Was her post taken down? I'm not seeing this one or her previous post.

She could not be more desperate for attention at this point. Too bad she didn't care about her mom's disappointment. She was trying to protect her.

No. 132489

lol we're not a hivemind. It looks schizo because we have different opinions. I dislike her loli shit, I don't care much beyond that.
>I fantasize about young chads getting raped (by other men while I watch)
Based and honkpilled.

No. 132490

It's all still there, unfortunately

No. 132492

The thing with BDSM is that it can go wrong real fast if participants aren't super careful. Still, I think most of the reaction to the rape roleplay's overblown (since when does the internet overreact?). My issue is with her being dressed like someone underage, knowing her loli fetish.

No. 132493

Seeing this made me unbelievably angry, it's feels like she's mocking Bianca's death wearing the black wig and insinuating that he's going to slice her throat. I hope she gets banned on every platform with her IP blocked so she becomes dead to the internet.

No. 132495

>I reckon she is doing this looking to bag the worst possible crowd of consumers
I hope you're wrong but I think you might be right. To compensate for being bad at porn she's upping the ante, so to speak. I don't know why she thinks she has to go to these extremes just to get attention and spice things up. There are ways to experiment and keep things interesting without going 0 to 100 like this.

No. 132497

Idk why she's so ashamed of being tall. She has a great body imo and that's because taller women generally have better proportions. She could have been successful in this, uh, line of work if she just owned what she is

No. 132501

Ok she doubled down on the last one just being CNC
But what the fuck is this??? Snuff fetish? Why is she doing this Jesus christ

No. 132504

there wasn’t anything offensive that they said. both parties can be wrong you know that right, retard?

No. 132507

File: 1610684475668.jpeg (242.43 KB, 750x749, F71B5F9B-5650-41B2-B363-2357A6…)

She might as well say “Fuck those triggered little snowflakes as it’s their fault for being triggered in the first place even if similar things happen to them.”

No. 132510

Her bf/husband whatever looks so ugly even in a skimask. Like an incel neckbeard coomer who can’t even keep his dick hard during her OF videos

No. 132511

u can’t even see his face literally just his eyes LOL

No. 132512


Was a nice detail giving the middle finger to these snowflakes and moral fags. Belle is based and pinkpilled.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132518

I kek'd hard at this post though. It was pretty funny too call out easily triggered people who can't tell a stage CNC porn from real rape/kidnapping. Tell me when she does real snuff, then Ill be surprised, but like this was funny tbh. Even the people making fun of it are meming it lol This is her content since the beginning. I honestly wonder what she's going to do next now.

No. 132523

The way you type tells me you're either Belle or an illiterate coombrain. Go.

No. 132531

File: 1610701983170.jpg (28.72 KB, 645x588, e02.jpg)

>belle is based
>belle is funny
>belle isn't the snowflake here

Cope harder

No. 132538

anon you replied to didn’t say anything about parties genius

No. 132540

Lmao at these pathetic attempts to stay relevant. If she gets banned from platforms now, I doubt any youtuber will defend her. Since they probably don't want to publicly show support for rape/murder porn.

No. 132541

He actually looks about her age or maybe a bit older in the photos he posted on fb. Is he actually 30? Ew if he is

No. 132542


"Guyyyz it's so funny how Belle makes fun of kidnap rape and murder what a kween tehehe!!1!"

Had the whole squad of families "a.k.a snowflakes HEHE GUYZ" of victims laughing so hard.
You'd think one of the creepy unstable incels she's pandering to who gets off on humiliating women would snap by now and harm an innocent person or a child.
People mocking this as if inciting a form of violence or encouraging it online have never created criminals and resulted in victims.
Like some crazy pedo or rapist would not get fueled by this think its hot and decide to act out to satisfy his desires. It happens alot but people don't want to hear about it. There are many sick twisted people.
Disgusting she's still allowed to do this while people out there defend it.

No. 132543

No, it's just another cringy attention grabbing stunt which will inevitably become stale. Concave skull takes.

No. 132544

You can absolutely see his ugly coomface through that ski mask. Dead eyes.

No. 132545

File: 1610710933796.jpeg (29.4 KB, 750x814, 3AE1D864-623D-4792-BC40-3E588E…)

kek anon plz stop! my sides!

No. 132546

File: 1610711892906.jpg (260.83 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20210115_065754700.jpg)

No. 132549

File: 1610712880081.jpg (753.19 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210115-070451.jpg)

…close your unfortunate mouth for once. If she's not chewing with her mouth open she's flashing her atrocious teeth all over Twitter, can't get away from them. She's crap-tier stripper dancing to a song about having a fat ass (kek) and posting more super original content about how she reawwwwy triggers people with her "content". This bitch needs to go to hell and fast(stop)

No. 132550

I'm honestly surprised she wasn't banned yet, considering she's probably being mass reported as we speak.

I do get why she did the photos tho. She got so much traffic for the "first date" pictures and is probably well aware that the majority of her audience hates women. They would only want to hate fuck her anyway, thus making their fantasies come true through her degenerate photo sets.

No. 132551

The fucking cringe, how are people not embarrassed doing this shit. And she’s still pulling up her tights right below her buttcheeks so she can jiggle the fat with her hands.

No. 132552

I like to think people just stopped caring.. she's rather be banned than for people to get sick of her while she's still around. I honestly hope that's what happens to her, she honestly deserves the worst.

No. 132555

File: 1610714788215.jpg (56.62 KB, 534x800, 09b5a7129f5b9879d8dbe7f4c6cc18…)


This woman had her entire nose bridge sawed off and lip fillers to "look like a child" I wouldn't say that's the result of genetics.
The only thing she's right about is her naturally small chest kek.
Being 5'5-5'7 at most (I think the anons thinking she's 5'7+ are tinfoils, shes a lanky limy brit but not giraffe tier) isn't exactly "petite" it's neither short nor tall for brits she looks typical for a lankier brit.

But I wouldn't say the lip fillers and nose job made her look younger either, the proof is in her candids, she still has the same long face. I would say it made her look less British and more racially ambiguous.

There are some naturally "genetically" youthful britons e.g - Emilia Clarke, but not her.

No. 132556

now No. 132554

The longer she stays unbanned, the more she's forced to post shitty content, kek. The funniest thing would be if she didn't get banned, like she obviously wants. Being banned would allow her to keep "fans" wanting more, and of course, the more desirable reason for her - being banned would give her the license to continue sitting on her flat ass all day, doing nothing. without a ban, bitch has gotta work like every other e thot.

No. 132557

I used to think belle was kind of cute but the more “edgy” she tries to be and the more cocky she becomes, it makes her really unattractive. Her personality just shines through, even her facial expressions now, she seems in love with herself. It all makes her so ugly.

No. 132559

I agree, her height is smack average, not uwu smol whatsoever. She confirmed that she is 165cm tall, so it's extra funny when she describes herself as petite.

No. 132560

File: 1610715529681.png (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1160x640, vibratinghandUntitled.png)

Jfl at this fingering. He just pokes his fingers like he does his pecker, I doubt she's ever had an orgasm with a partner. And she pretends that it's doing something.

No. 132562

She looks very pretty in that snapshot. I think her teeth don't have anything wrong, stop with the British-shaming.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132563

If she stood beside someone who’s actually short (I’m 5’1 - and I’m rounding up) she’d look even bigger in comparison. She’s above the average height for a woman, the same height as majority of girls I know.

When she tried to downplay her height it’s so funny, as most short people want to be a little bit taller.(NOBODY CARES)

No. 132568

She’s south african, she ain’t british, she’s just ugly. How dare you insult us Britfags by indirectly calling us rats with yellow teeth kek. I can understand everyone has different tastes but saying she is very is pushing it a bit far anon don’t you think LOL

No. 132571

Its shopped to hell and back anon her face is an ironing board in length. Check the previous threads for candids.

lol she may be technically South African but has the bad teeth British cliche and to anon thinking I'm brit bashing She's certainly naturally attractive in a sophisticated, well put together way in >>132332 and >>132340 but isn't genetically petite or youthful looking like she egoes. You'll see a lot of anons agree in past threads she's decent looking but butchered her nose to the point it looks plastic, and the pedoshit is one thing but rape and snuff is just fucking abhorrent.

>Being banned would allow her to keep "fans" wanting more

Good point, I'd agree shes expecting a ban for all this "extreme content" and considering what anon >>132493 says here this shit is incredibly in bad taste, it seems she's either completely forgotten the Bianca murder or purposely made her shit extreme to gain hate followers.

No. 132573

you can correct me on this but i think some people use petite to describe having a small frame?

No. 132574

sage your blog posts no one cares that you’re short

No. 132575

File: 1610722954848.jpeg (38.6 KB, 512x474, AA08D8A5-7678-4174-B90B-636E1C…)

her frame isn’t small, it’s loooooong.
Petite means short with shorter body proportions like short arms and short legs, does not mean flat chested or being an anachan. She’s either uneducated or desperate to seem smoll, cute and vulnerable, guessing both.

No. 132577

im sorry but do u think 165 cm is long? if anything its average idk why people shame any woman thats taller than 5'2 here, also i get it but i meant shes refering to herself having a narrow built rather than wide

No. 132578

Nobody’s shaming her, just calling her on the bullshit that is “I’m so smol and petite and childlike uwu”

No. 132582

kind of hypocritical everyone’s calling her some big masculine beast when she’s average height.. what is wrong with being not short

No. 132584

The only info I could find lists his birthday as December 1993, which would make him 27.

The more violent shit (barbed wire, forced bootlicking, hard slaps to the face, kidnapping/rape/snuff fantasy, etc) seems like it's more his idea than hers. Not excusing her, as she is playing right along and capitalizing as much as he is, just a feeling I have. Could be he's just terrible at sex (they both are kek), but I get really possessive and aggressive vibes from him. Plus all that staring dead-eyed into the camera is creepy af.

No. 132585

It’s all very creepy especially how some anons said she could’ve been groomed, wonder if he forced her to go to those “swingers clubs” belle talked about on the podcast

No. 132587

Her frame is average. People who don't know the correct definition of petite may fall for her bs since she's anachan

No. 132588

>I-Im not huge, anon! You take that back!!

Nobody is saying that being tall is bad, stop taking it so personally when you have no reason to.

No. 132590

Please save us from the snowball of tallfags and shortfags arguing for 100 posts about which is better, which happens every time height is mentioned on lolcow. Nobody cares that you're a hobbit, move on.

No. 132591

yes ive seen people drag her for looking tall and big and in reality shes just average pls dont insult tall women and make them think theyre less feminine just because you hate belle thats all, and yes shes not smoll uwu loli either and thats perfectly fine

No. 132594

>began her e-thot career by changing her FB age to 18 when she was still underage and selling her friend's nudes to thirsty betas

There's no proof of her doing this

No. 132595

I truly believe that an occasional jab at Belle's horse teeth or her shooped to hell face is fine - even deserved, considering her level of hate and disgust for all women. She doesn't care about how you feel, try not to care too much about how she feels

No. 132598

Didn't realise Fred and Rosemary West had fans. Kek.

No. 132599

>she looks very pretty in this snapshot
Yeah her choice of filters really suit her anon, you sound just as retarded as the trogs that call her funny and based

No. 132600


can the rednecks please stop shitting up this thread and go back to fucking their relatives? thanks

>Brighton doesn't have modern fixtures
the actual fuck are you talking about, dumbass? Brighton is a huge city in the UK. She lives in a gated community. England isn't what you see on your stupid little yank shows.

she's not British. why do you retards keep saying this? She was born in South Africa to South African parents. She LOOKS like a white South African but this thread is infected with 13 year old dumb Americans that have never left their own countries and get there full British understanding from BBC America.

Also who the fuck thinks Belle looks racially ambiguous? Do you have down syndrome? This thread remains the worst.

No. 132602

Did he spank her or why are her hips weirdly red?

No. 132603

Retard, I have lived in both countries and Hove specifically. The quality of appliances and fixtures in ancient UK structures, including expensive apartments, is lower than equivalently priced places in the USA. Get over it eurofag/crybaby former eurofag.

No. 132604

He smacked her, and shook her by the hips like a ragdoll quite a bit here. I think that's where the redness is from. Either way he just reminds me of a guy fucking a sex doll, no awareness of her pleasure or any sense of technique/skill at all. "Best sex I've had in months" my ass kek

No. 132607

File: 1610732043755.jpg (Spoiler Image, 314.95 KB, 750x741, M19Ebei.jpg)


Not sure if it's the lighting, positioning, or uncanny valley pink wig on Belle; but to me it looks like Josh is some pathetic scrote taking a selfie with his love doll here kek

No. 132608

Murica-chan is seething. Don't crank up your blood pressure too high so you don't go in debt for life kek

No. 132613

I like how you spoilered this, is it because of Josh's grossness?

No. 132616

is his eye different colour or just two diff sizes

No. 132618

apparently belle is 1/4 japanese i always thought she looks white , as white as it gets lol

No. 132623

obviously just japanese larp for anime girl persona

No. 132628

SHE ISN'T JAPANESE, not even 1/4. it was some made up shot from the scooted. Do we have go through this nonsense again? look at her Old pics from her room tour video, she looks 0 Asian.

No. 132629

File: 1610736315623.jpg (75.11 KB, 1024x677, image-7-1024x1024.jpg)

Her bathroom look normal, don't know why people is talking about old fixtures.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132630

so one parent is south african and one is half south african and half japanese…? gee anon sounds legit kek

I believe belles newfound hatred towards women probably includes clitoris denial.

Well anon, it’s longer than petite that’s for sure.

No. 132631

File: 1610736933299.jpg (122.05 KB, 750x1000, fposter,small,wall_texture,pro…)

Wow she looks so childlike! Kek

Is this really her bathroom? She is always in this other tub (picrel)

No. 132632

well i wouldn’t doubt they would have one dedicated to her disgusting stunts like that one with all the bread on the floor .. but who knows

No. 132636

Judging by the tiling and fixtures I'd be surprised if they had a second bathroom with a bath, especially one that looks like other anon's post. The one she always poses in just looks so average, as does the rest of her house.

No. 132637

You're so obsessed with that. That is basic egirl stuff. No one actually believes she is small and uwu anon. She says it a few times in captions and in a song she didn't even write and you chose that to be obsessed over when she rarely even captions her stuff that anymore. Hang up on something unique, not autistic thot phrases.

No. 132639

Anon if they are unstable they will already have plans for this. Watch Belle doesn't suddenly switch your brain from normal to 'now they want to be a rapist'. Get some therapy.

No. 132640

Renting houses and using hotels does exist, anons?

No. 132642

renting a house solely for those low quality dorito pics? not realistic

No. 132646

Tfw being a millionaire and renting out to use the same crusty bath tub over and over

No. 132647

An anon who can't spell, who is angrily factually correcting anons on things nobody cares about, and displays a low level of reading comprehension?

Getting a bargain here girls, the scrotes have to pay $35 a month to enjoy such delightful commentary

No. 132653

She used it as defence of why she is being accused of trying to look like a child in her rape porn, that was was “smoll and petite because just my body type and genetics uwu” here >>132110 if you cba to look for it ya mong. At least get yourself up to date before you sperg.

Riiiight. And ageplay videos stops the pedophiles from actually offending rather than normalising their degenerate behaviour. Gotcha!

No. 132663

sorry to nitpick but bellend is actually from south africa. she moved to the UK around a decade ago

No. 132681

does 1/4 show up in someone's appearance enough to clock it? genuine question.

No. 132683

ya 1/4 is pretty significant. especially with asian genes. after that, barely. highly doubt she is, she’d go on and on about it. idk maybe her mom is half japanese but i’m gonna assume no til i see pics of her parents.

No. 132684

She knows she is losing relevance and her stunts only get her attention for a couple days at most. I have never seen any person this starved for attention this is actually saddening she has some bad issues and i can only see her go downhill from here if not ending actually raped somewhere on a dark road then bianca devin'd

kek she really has a very unfortunate Who nose with horse teeth. She really paid for that nose uh.

No. 132686

>maybe her mom is half japanese
Entertaining this makes me think anons are smoking crack

No. 132688

Anons actually entertaining this, fucking hilarious
She might be the saddest and most desperate case I've ever seen. For every asspat from a redpilled scrote maybe she gains a tooth

No. 132691

File: 1610758969599.jpg (230.17 KB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_20210116-115320__01…)

Kek, her replies on twitter are starting to look more and more like this thread every day. Inb4 someone coughs up "Belle thinks all attention is positive attention". I think it's glaringly obvious at this point her unbothered exterior is just a massive cope.

No. 132692

This sounds like self posting tbh

No. 132693

Why is this thread such shit? She's a full-on sociopathic cow at this point

No. 132694

She’s acting like such a psycho right now it’s actually disturbingly funny I hope she dosent lose her mind any further and ends up stabbing her boyfriend in the name of kinky content.

No. 132695

Is she on drugs? It's hard to comprehend someone screwing their life up to this degree while sober..

No. 132698

Let me get this straight. Belle puts rape play on Twitter without a warning, disregards the feelings of any woman stumbling upon it who has ever been raped or assaulted in their life, including her very own admirers….for a bit of online male attention?

No. 132699

She is a sick limey who lacks empathy and hates women, money and male validation is her only meaning in life no wonder scrotes defend her so much she is their dream girl.

No. 132705

How is it shit, anon? No one here is defending her except the scrotes who wandered in and they're getting b& or told off.

Why did you bump the thread for this? Jesus christ, learn to sage your shit.

No. 132706

Its autosaged lmao

No. 132707

quit being such a clitoris, these statements are based, belle is a sicko and she has proved it proudly

No. 132716

File: 1610767847414.jpeg (122.21 KB, 821x1171, 67B49C66-FA2C-43AE-9FBD-887996…)

she’s a “millionaire” but can’t afford a toothbrush and some whitening mouth wash

No. 132718


I thought it clearly said creepy lonely incels, pedos, and rapists. Nothing about a normal person turning into a rapist because of her pedobaiting and emulating rape to pander to the sick fucks.


Her fans called his dad bod ugly and his penis small, while talking about how beautiful and hot she is. He has to be enraged. He should be thankful she'd die for Male attention and approval, because he cannot make a woman cum even if his life depends on it apparently.

No. 132727

its really creepy how silent she is the whole time. I get that she has tape over her mouth but like you would expect a muffled moan or ANY sign that she was remotely enjoying it at all considering how she went on about "clearly enjoying it"… it's really gross

No. 132739

Most men don't want to admit that they find cuckoldry arousing, obviously it means that they should be cucked more often.

Not defending bellend, but I'd like to point out that this rape porn is a lot more tame than what the average normie redditor scrote faps to. She isn't glorifying anything that moids don't already find arousing 100x. Most women ITT who choose to focus on her probably don't want to admit to themselves that their boyfriends' (and brothers' and fathers') *real" fap stashes (not what you can find in the "homework" folder) are full of infinitely more sickening narratives.

No. 132742

"NoT dEfeNding beLlend, bUt I'd liKE to p0int oUt that tHis rApe p0Rn is a l0T moRe taMe tHan wHat thE aVeRage noRmie reDdItor sCrote faps to.
SHe isn't gl0Rfying anYtHing that moids don't already find arousing 100x…"

Shut the hell up! You sound so stupid as Josh "limp dick" Gray. This won't make your dick larger or your tits smaller.

No. 132744

What the fuck does this even mean? Moids are degenerate faggots, you're just salty because your Nigel probably doesn't even bother hiding his "painal" and "dead eyes" searches from you, and now you're shitting triggers wondering what's in his actual fap folder, choosing to blame those eViL ThOtS for "perverting" him. You're truly retarded about men if you think what bellend did is even nearly as vile as what the average coomer deems "vanilla".

No. 132746

Yeah, whatever you say Josh, this is not 4chan, you sad, stupid scrote and poor excuse of a pimp. Go ahead and get a dick enlargement surgery with Belle's money.

No. 132747

I think little of coomers, but i do think a woman fully clothed in a bathtub being menaced by a toaster oven wouldn’t arouse your average redditor. The rape shit I will grant you, but snuff is pretty out there. Its all gross and she shouldn’t normalize it for the tern gamer dudes who follow her but the bridge is pretty crossed i guess. I still wonder why she went so quickly from cheesecake tease pics to bloody anal and rape, but costhots all seem to go extreme asap for whatever reason. See venus and to a lesser extent momokun.

No. 132753

>Also who the fuck thinks Belle looks racially ambiguous? Do you have down syndrome?

calm the fuck down anon I said the result of her surgery made her look less distinguishably white because she hacked off her very anglo looking nose bridge. It isn't confirmed that she is ethnically white south African or Dutch, to me she looks anglo as fuck hence it isn't a stretch to call her ethnically British.

>This thread remains the worst.

Yeah its a pretty shit thread lol

I wouldn't assume all men are degen pornsick coomers kek, earlier ITT an anon posted a image where the most popular porn search terms on pornhub were lesbian and MILF not exactly the truly degenerate shit you assume. This is no argument for normalizing this shit either.

No. 132756

This is sus. She isn't an edgy psycho or whatever, there is nothing remarkable about her. She's a pathetic attention seeking pickme who tries so hard to get people to talk about her. And tries to convince everybody that her adult appearance is teen-like. Don't flatter her pathetic ass.

No. 132759

File: 1610793694138.png (1.16 MB, 602x1724, filteredchildreduwuUntitled.pn…)

Twitter is indeed starting to catch on

No. 132763

File: 1610794366677.png (358.94 KB, 606x1424, 6ftchildUntitled.png)

Samefagging but these are funny to read.

No. 132765

Yeah, this. This is a desperate bid for attention after her porn got roasted to shit. I wonder if she lost some numbers on OF. She is the biggest snowflake going imo, never had any edge to her.

No. 132766

>a six foot child
ooo these people are mean kek

No. 132771

What's even worse is that she herself stated that it was "the best sex she's had in months" kek.
She wrote that in the "That's why I'm not apologizing" post on twitter, just if anybody cares to look it up.

No. 132772

This sense of normality is actually why moids like her. Anyone remember the old thot Charms? The one that was Dakota's friend. She used to talk about her webcam thotting and how what men loved was that her photos seemed private and that she was like a 'normal hot girl giving them nudes'

That's the whole appeal of Onlyfans and the e-thot. She's just your regular girl turned whore. Men love the idea of pornifying and turning every woman into a whore.

No. 132774


I might be slow but, huh?

No. 132776

normal people usually don't have Hollywood pearly-whites, anon.

No. 132778

But she's not normal anon, she's a bougie millionare genius businesswoman kek. Surely she can pay for perfect snow white teeth

No. 132779

doesn't even look human kek, imagine being so insecure you gotta morph your face with filters like this. filter isn't doing her already fucked up nose any favors either. she's so obsessed with trying to look 6 years old

No. 132780

>people who can't tell a stage CNC porn from real rape/kidnapping.
I'm pretty sure most people don't think it's real lol. I think the issue is some people are having knee jerk reactions to it because internet = reactive in general.

No. 132781

>I believe belles newfound hatred towards women probably includes clitoris denial.
topkek. I'd say it's the most hateful thing she's ever done.

No. 132782

They're both objectively bad at this. They fuck like incels.

No. 132785

File: 1610809663480.jpg (39.1 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

How people can't differentiate this from rape?

No. 132794

Her numbers definitely plummeted after her amazing Christmas porn, I can't see guys subbing for consecutive months to a meme sexworker who is more funny/weird than hot

No. 132795

Maybe it's time to report yourself to the police if you think fapping to infinitely more sickening content is normal

No. 132798

did she delete her tweets where she said shes petite and childlike? i guess she got roasted too hard lol also her last video made me cringe , she has no ass yet talks about her ass all the time and cringe facial expressions too gawd

No. 132799

No they are in her replies. The only thing she’s deleted were her pics covered in mooncup juice and that might have actually been removed rather than deleted.

No. 132802

Lol anon I fucking died at the latest video she uploaded to Twitter! Awkwardly parading her completely flat ass and not knowing how to dance or move her body as usual, always good for a laugh. You know she'd never post a video like this without all the filters either kek.

Can't tell if this bitch is on an ego trip high on her own farts or really is that sad that after all the roasting she has to fish for affirmation that boys still think she's hot. Big sad.

No. 132811

This. CNC isnt some new kink, its been around for decades. Not just the 1900s, kids. That's why I'm rolling my eyes at the clutching in here. Definitely some anons not over 18+ who just want to bag what they aren't in to because its easier to rip Belle a new one when for CNC this is all so staged and badly acted I'd be shocked if someone thought it was real.

No. 132813

The smart ones are calling out the dumb reaches. Mary Janes aren't made for kids, headbands aren't made for kids, the hair isn't just akids style, and the dress an anon found marketed towards cottagecore thots.

But yeah, how's the outfit childlike aside from her face and body being the issue and not the clothes specifically? Anons say its not being she's 'uwu smol' but that's the only thing you constantly bag on in every set. Doesn't matter what she's wearing and the care bears and MLP are Dollskill merch, retard.

No. 132815

Your strange lingo really gives away your samefagging, friend. Who says "bag on?"

No. 132817

Her oh so childlike teenage looking filtered face uwu

No. 132820

Who cares if she role plays getting raped by her bf or dresses like she’s stuck in the 60s?
I’m just glad she is getting torn apart for once even if it’s for “dumb reasons”

She is very egotistical for a average looking girl who dropped out of school to beacome a pornstar alongside her tubby pimp boyfriend to make basement dwellers coom for a living…
so it’s funny seeing her get insulted by everyone instead of getting called a “GeNIuz BiZZneSs wOMaN” for the millionth fucking time and you can tell how triggered she is getting by sperging on twitter like a muppet

Foam at the mouth some more you beady eyed bitch you’re anger is ultimate lolcow material.

No. 132823

What kind of filter does she uses anyway? Is it the Snow app?

No. 132824

thirsting for more attention and staying relevant brings audience in all groups means people who will point out her bullshit and dislike her for her shit low quality content. Compared to the past, She lately gets more and more critism from even incels who used to worship her. SHE should stayed with her incel army. her ship will sink worse than Titanic, wait for

No. 132831

No shit Sherlock. The point isn't that people think it's real, it's that she decided to post it on Twitter rather than OF where it belongs. The chance of minors seeing it (either on their timelines or her profile itself) is much higher on Twitter, since you don't need to upload an ID for an account like you do with OF. And the bitch knew that, pinning the tweet and giving it an inconspicuous caption with no warning so it would have more visibility.

No. 132834

She even admits in at least one podcast that she knows her "fans" are mostly underage, like, there's nothing really worth defending here

No. 132835

The mlp swimsuit isn't dollskill merch, it's a swimsuit for children. Can't screenshot the site but it's easily Googled.
The Mary Janes and even the headband are popularly worn by school girls in the UK, the dress too is a bit similar to some typical primary school uniform. I get the people saying she wasn't necessarily intentionally dressing like a child, but considering she never normally dresses anything like this and specifically chose to wear this outfit for porn, it is in poor taste, and yeah, adults can wear Mary Janes but most people associate Mary Janes with little girls and school uniform. That's just how it is, anon.
She is so triggered right now and it is hilarious kek.

No. 132837

anon shut up already. Pedothots purposely dress in a childlike way but when they get called out for sexualizing children they play dumb "Whaaaat Mary Janes are for adults too! You see tons of mentally stable women wearing little girl shoes! It's not like they've been associated with school girls for decades."
And just because they print Carebears and MLP on adult sized merch doesn't change the fact that those characters are for KIDS. She knows what she's doing.

No. 132839

She's not even using one in the latest video lol

No. 132840

how can you tell

No. 132844

lol you can easily see the filter.

No. 132845

No it’s not a reach to suggest belle delphine and girls who also do sex work dress like a child for pedo money because it’s true.

they are several women in porn who dress up in get ups that little girls wear and try to copy the mannerisms of a little girl

There is a sex worker only reddit where an escort on there claimed she was constantly mistaken as underage so she took advantage of this trait by dressing like a schoolgirl and lying about being underage and she made tons of pedo scrote money from it

These girls know EXACTLY what they are doing don’t listen to they’re bullshit excuses they know the men that pay for their body are sick so they feed into whatever sick shit they want.
I hate how internet prostitutes act like they are better than the scrotes they make money off of fuck em all.

No. 132848

Err.. is getting your teeth regularly cleaned and occasionally whitened the exclusive domain of millionaires? Any working adult can afford it, she's probs not that wealthy and had an ugly horse mouth to begin with

No. 132851

It's so bizarre. She claims to be a millionaire, but her toenails are gross, the nails on her hands are chipped and her place is gross. Even her costumes are from aliexpress. Looks like any other mortal but too lazy for basic grooming.

No. 132861


It's probably safe to say she makes a working class income, by the look of things. It's probably her income alone, Josh doesn't do shit. Never trust someone who flexes their income on a podcast. A real millionaire would just dodge a question like that, not actually answer ffs.

No. 132863

it doesn't make any sense that she literally doesn't even spend money like a girl, and she's traded her entire life for that money so you'd think she would actually enjoy it. if she spends so much time online, there's no way that every single time she online shops it's just to turn her life into a porn set. she doesn't even seem to like sex or care about sexuality, and the guy she's fucking is some pale skinny fat short dork.

No. 132864

i think she's being convinced by josh to "look relatable" or some bullshit so she doesn't spend her own fucking money.

No. 132866

She doesn't even have an audience to relate to, it's just coomer incels and pedos and I'm pretty sure Belle and Josh know it. They don't care if she looks relatable or not, they wouldn't even know.

No. 132867

>submitted an ID stating she was 18 to a cosplay page while she was underage, later got verified on Patreon and the age she still claims as her real one would have made her 16 at the time of the fake ID

I see this is posted on every thread yet there is 0 evidence.

No. 132868

>hurr I can provide source but I won't

provide pics or it DID NOT HAPPEN

No. 132872

Why are you so desperate to derail the thread with irrelevant, years old milk?

See >>132759

No. 132873

No. 132876

File: 1610842448114.jpg (131.22 KB, 1024x1024, D-iaTaOXoAA9e9g.jpg)

"If you know you know"
Belle has 100% self-awareness of her pedobaiting

No. 132878

why you keep bringing this up nonnie? there’s been way more milk since.

No. 132883

Looks like anon is bringing up the dolores cosplay as example in rebuttal to the whiteknights bait. Weird how this is the only thread with someone vehemently defending the thread topic all day everyday. Really derails and clogs up the thread

No. 132885

Move on from the repetitive pedo discussion, or take it to your PULL discord.

No. 132891

Newfriend, not everything that includes the names of irrelevant Twitterfags is a self post.

No. 132895

i strongly suspect that josh is keeping all or most of the money tbh

No. 132898

they have two mercedez benzs. pretty new too. as shown in all her recent pics ie her being tied up in the back of a g-wagon and posing in front of another sedan model. maybe thats how he spends it, if so he has trash taste but i think the g-wagon is her idea. very tastless-newly-rich-girl.
so he’s spent her money on a pc set up, a benz and their house, as far as we know. huh. funny.

No. 132910

File: 1610860042868.jpg (436.96 KB, 1920x1280, maxresdefault.jpg)

It's rare someone post a fact in this thread. Yes, that SUV is a Mercedes and her car is a E350 or something like that.(scrote)

No. 132912

People who have super nice cars typically have trash houses. It's usually nice house and garbage car though.

No. 132918

>It's rare someone post a fact in this thread
I wonder who could have possibly posted this kek

inb4 scrote redtext

No. 132928

I like how every youtube commentator is turning a blind eye to this and blaming "cancel culture" cause its their internet cool memey internet girl they all suck off for clout and jerk it to. Like imagine if somebody like tana posted the pedo baiting, rape fetish pics then tried to own the haterzzzz by posting torture fetish porn. Youtube commentators would be making videos calling her out faster than the speed of light and saying how disgusting it is. Thats not to say tana is a good person of course, just an example.

No. 132933

Oh absolutely agree. Kavos tottally licked her asshole, while he called other women he didn't like as much hoes and whatnot.

And that is so true about Tana. She's more on a youtube antagonist so the cuckmentary community hates her, but they love quirky meme gamer gf Belle.

No. 132935

I've suspected this for a long time, ever since I saw her OF updates that legitimately sounded like a man trying to fake an e-thot writing style. It would make a lot of sense for Josh to have been behind the whole scheme and keeping the bigger cut of the money coming in. Even her replies to people calling her out for the little girl LARP sound like the typical male mental gymnastics of how roleplaying kiddy rape porn is actually essential to their sexual health or whatever.

Anons sperging out about her being a "TRUE SOCIOPATH PEDO PIECE OF SHIT" really sleeping on her older john orchestrating this shit.

No. 132939

I've always suspected the same, but we really don't have anything to go off of on this, and it's not like belle doesn't have any agency. I still doubt someone retarded enough to dox themselves twice has the capacity to think up and successfully pull off her viral stunts, which came later on. Her content changed around the time I think he came into the picture, I do definitely think he is influencing her at least.
No one's really talked about it besides like two people, and I do think it's because mentioning rape on YouTube can get you demonitized and maybe even get your video taken down or some shit. I bet everyone she did podcasts with will stay silent and stop associating with her.

No. 132946

Youtubers have been silent on Belle because YTers don't set trends, they follow them and she hasn't been slammed enough publicly for her recent posts. YouTubers likely don't want to take the risk of making a video about her and then being thrown into the drama themselves. Commentators on there are rarely original and all follow and copy trends, as well as each other. They aren't silent because they have respect for the subject (Belle), kek. Someone like Kavos would tear her apart for clicks and views but he won't right now because it would cause a frenzy amongst his undoubtedly young degenerate fans which I'm sure he'd rather not deal with. No one likes or respects her and YT creators are just waiting for the internet culture to change again. once she's even more widely villianized by the media, they'll jump on the hate train and monetize off of her misery. It's only a matter of time.

No. 132951

Wow super smart financial strategy, blowing short lived cash on depreciating assets. Yikes.

No. 132962

Belle house is not bad, was a 1 million tag in a nice neighboorhood.
>>132951 These cars are not so expensive.(scrote)

No. 132967

tbf there's 18+ (straight up fucking) content all over twitter for anyone to access. It's more of a twitter issue than a Belle issue specifically. I'm sure twitter is aware of it, they obviously just can't be arsed.

No. 132968

And what about all the childlike shit in her bedroom tour >>132341? She's a self admitted loli, reads Lolita. Loli is aids. The girl clearly has unresolved daddy issues.(stop)

No. 132970

>their internet cool memey internet girl
From what I've gathered, some of them just don't care enough to devote any time to the topic. One of the commentary scrotes actually has her blocked on twitter kek.

No. 132971

Yeah that's spot on.

No. 132984

File: 1610898377081.jpeg (177.81 KB, 750x907, 82F17CF1-89E2-473E-AE8D-FE6B78…)

I see she’s trying to ensure she doesn’t get called out by this absolute cucknugget. >>132928
agree this is probably part of the reason is because she sucks up to them so they won’t.

No. 132996

Or she hopes he'll talk about her twatter post to give her more publicity

No. 133007

She looks so OLD without the filter idk why she tried it. Looking like someone's monkey mouthed horse toothed aunt

No. 133015

File: 1610910784991.jpg (Spoiler Image, 232.72 KB, 1188x2208, 38091fe2.jpg)

Who the actual fuck wants to see the contents of her nasty refrigerator while holding a jug of milk? The way she is arching/twisting her spine looks painful kek

No. 133016

File: 1610911152731.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 1200x900, face.png)

jfc these facial expressions look like she's having a stroke or something

No. 133018

. Basic photography for women is always that type of arched pose, so calm down anon and those faces are the same ones she always makes.

No. 133021

I'm pretty sure it's supposed to feel down-to-earth, as if it was their totally real GF sending them pics. She didn't even bother to get her wig on. Other than her editing her face and skin to be uncanny and doll-like, it's really no different from other hoe-content.

No. 133029

Her photos and cosplay were much better before she got with Josh, just sayin..

No. 133033

why do you think she stopped wearing her wig recently? i know she wanted to separate her “belle delphine” persona with the wig and cosplay but is this her trying to say something? or just too lazy to put on the wig lol. maybe being more approachable gf persona or shes saying this is who she really is idk im reading too into it.

No. 133034

I think she’s trying to ditch the pink haired belle character and she’s trying to have her content be her “true” self maybe ? Or she could just be lazy but imo the wig is hideous

No. 133040

Kinda looking forward to the Twitter pormagedden since I can't imagine anyone arguing that a platform quoted in news stories and articles, that was considered important and influential enough for the president to be banned from, that's 100% accessible and easily navigated by any child, should have the amount of porn and porn advertising comments it does all over the site, for any child to stumble on.

Then belle and all the other thots lose their main location for advertising.
Probably will happen sometime this year.

No. 133041

>that peg neck
>completely textureless skin
>Ribs stick out as much as tits do

Nothing weird about this photo

No. 133042

I think that is a wig…or she really needs to brush her hair. The top is extremely knotted and bulky looking.

No. 133045

File: 1610920885196.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 208.57 KB, 766x1077, CAC7312C-002E-416B-B530-AF8A50…)

No. 133046

we been known she doesnt take care of her hair cause shes so childish uwu

No. 133048

um no, she purposely got her cosplays and wigs wrong for attention

No. 133049

Looks like she teases the crown for volume, bit it is her natural hair. Don’t get the setting of open fridge, drinking milk though.

No. 133050

Typical ethot pose, it just looks more obvious on Belle because she has to stick out extra hard to make it look like she has anything there. It's the same with the constant sucking in, she doesn't have any hips or waist definition and has to force her body into retarded positions if the filters can't do all the work for her.

No. 133055

kek arch your back some more we all know you have no ass

No. 133067

She looks like an ant

No. 133080

If somebody actually cares about an opinion from the BDSM side: Evie Lupine made an hour long video about why the fuck Belle is an idiot.
> trigger warnings are necessary when it comes to fucking rape
> her twitter is not 18+ while she posts porn and has minors as audience
> BDSM is not for fucking kids and has safety rules
> women have no "rape fetish", that's a word coined by men who rape. In Belle's studies women said they like to be passionately, aggressively devoured (out of love and not ignoring her will)
> TW are essential since you also see posts by friends and now imagine rape upsets you (it always should)
> animals cannot consent thus are not to be in BDSM
> her viewers are vanilla and have no grasp of cnc to where is her responsibility

No. 133085

File: 1610934096572.jpeg (235.64 KB, 828x1150, 77E0C422-C178-4F3A-B0F3-99DBA5…)

it’s literally always been 18+ idk wym. she literally makes porn. and it has a warning/spoiler before you click each image post.

No. 133088

I wonder if a child could ever figure out how to press a single button to reveal the porn? Like you should at least need to log in to this stuff. A literal toddler can access this.

Also she switched the sensitive account option on and off, during December it was off most of the time meaning you didn't even need to click a button to see her stuff.

No. 133092

Brittany Venti posted a video about Belle and from what I see a lot of her pictures were taken straight from here

I did find it kinda funny she included the pic of her foot. I’d blocked they from my mind

No. 133094

Where does it say click here if you’re an adult? Confirm over 18?
It just says may contain sensitive information, anyone can click it even without an account. Maybe this is more of an issue with Twitter but that’s because Twitter isn’t a porn platform. Twitter needs to purge.

No. 133098

twitter is the most lax of all platforms rn and its the last to become less so.
youre acting as if children dont lie on the internet and say theyre over 18. just as a lot of you have been doing on this site jfc.

No. 133105

big difference between a 14 year old typing to search for rape porn (probably something they don’t even realise exists) and a 14 year old going on bellend dolphins twitter to see what their “xD meme kween epic TrolL genius 500 IQ business anime girl uwu” is up to and being smacked in the face with her being railed whilst gagged to a tree. belle is NOT a pornstar, she’s been doing porn for a minute, her audience are not porn connoisseurs. A lot of them ARE minors. She has a platform of 1.6million, not 160.

No. 133108

she literally said she’s making PORN, albeit shitty porn, but porn nonetheless this is such a shit take of wHaT iF tHe KiDs SeE. shes a pornstar now. end of sentece.

No. 133111

File: 1610937682315.png (Spoiler Image, 129.92 KB, 301x335, kek.png)

that photo is so badly edited.

No. 133112

I'm assuming you meant to quote >>133045 ?

No. 133113

serious question, what about the younger girls that looked up to her or that are looking at her now, especially ones that have gone through assault?

i agree that she can make her own choices to do porn, but she did literally just start doing that, and she also put zero warnings up, which was intentional for shock value. kids don't have a chance to unfollow her before they see it, and that's really just facetuned snuff with the second ones where she's being drowned and about to be killed in a bathtub. and only some kids would unfollow her, a lot would keep following because they learn through other people and emulate them. she's not doing this professionally in any way, that's the problem. putting it on twitter makes it so accessible, it should be on onlyfans behind a paywall to deter as many minors as possible.

does anyone else think she's doing this edgy rape bullshit right now because pornhub is trying to scrub all of that from their site

No. 133114

this wasnt edited by her, it was to show what she wants to look like when her ribcage isnt sticking out further than her boobs and her fat rolls dont show when shes arching her back like a c

No. 133116

i was just about to post about how other women need to normalize having skin on their back and that surprise it looks that way on literally everyone because we're not reptiles, but then someone would just accuse me of being belle. she's also anorexic, what standard do you seriously have for other women.

No. 133117

LMAO if she wasnt arching her back she wouldnt have back rolls. if ur standing up straight and have fat rolls idk what to tell u ur just fat. “normalizing fat rolls” lmao must be american.

No. 133124

decent vid, but the care bear part was unnecessary

No. 133127

i wasn't talking about her standing up straight. that anon was bitching that her "fat rolls" were showing when she arched her back. that's just skin. i wrote normalize having skin on your back can you not read.

No. 133132

does britney lurk this thread lol most of the pics she used was mentioned here

No. 133138


Venti has been lurking here to get milk for her videos (like her two-part Shuwu0nHead series)

No. 133145

>serious question, what about the younger girls that looked up to her or that are looking at her now, especially ones that have gone through assault?
Belle never cared about being a rolemodel (and she shouldn't), and she seems to hate copycats. She was never about "gurl power", she just wants that /r9k/ money

No. 133153

>SpongeBob text
Nothing to see here anons

No. 133157

This person literally had no business talking about BDSM when she blantly throws out CNC and rape fetishes. Next.

No. 133170

>>133132 that’s why I thought to post it; she even took the “what is petite” pic that anon posted and that made it glaringly obvious to me

No. 133174

Am i the only one who is actually glad brittany made a video on belle so more people can find out how much of a scumbag she is??

No. 133176

I find it positive that she's taking these facts to the mainstream since most people seem to be like: uwu don't kink(pedo/r*pe)shame

No. 133177

Belle wore those care bear shorts to look more like a child, the "adults wear childish pajamas too" argument was used by her twitter pedos and pickmes when they defended her MLP swimsuit. Somebody wearing a childish piece to lounge at home is not the same as posing sexually in said piece.

No. 133179

I’m extremely glad. Who cares where she got her material from. She hasn’t mentioned us so we won’t be inundated with newfags and larping scrotes.

No. 133180

Yes because the stupid whore put his name on a contract. When they break up she will have to give him half of all her assets hahaha. a real “marketing genius” isn’t she. What a silly cunt.

No. 133184

File: 1610981912070.jpg (195.76 KB, 985x1868, EbbtsjPXQAUbb9u.jpg)

I suspect Josh is half Belle Delphine personna, in case of divorce he deserve his part.
Belle don't work alone, when Goran was her boyfriend he was clearly part of the show.

No. 133185

Well he really did an important job of showing everybody how uwu smol she is kek

No. 133186

they're part of her image as a little, she's always been into DDLG and they're just daddies.